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'vj" i i K. D 


o; I in" 

English Language 

I »4WMMI»a »W lit«» W t»IMI»— — W»W»«*W<WMIWW»«W>Wi 

Veflag ■'- ' ' '' -■■•■•■'-'■■•■ -^ ■ ^ • -^? I 
Haonov •. I 





BMooo]. jM.|).3 


Cornell University Library 
PE 1628.M62 

Phonetic dictionary of the English langu 

3 1924 027 444 284 

Cornell University 

The original of tliis book is in 
tlie Cornell University Library. 

There are no known copyright restrictions in 
the United States on the use of the text. 




The Organs of Speech. 

Reproduction permitted hy Messrs. LA.UPP, Tubingen, rulilishers of 
Der Schlandkopf des Henscben by A. t. LUSCHKA. 































BERLIN W. 35, 
















161 — 166 WEST 86 TH. STR. 










The rapidly growing interest now being taken in English 
pronunciation has rendered imperative the production of an 
English phonetic dictionary, i. e. one in which the words appear 
as actually pronounced and are arranged accordiug to their 
sounds, the current spelling being added after each word^). 

A dictionary of this kind has many uses. In the first 
place the work constitutes an affirmation of an important 
principle, viz. the existence of the spoken language as distinct 
from the conventional written language. We are of opinion 
that in language study the ' spoken language is all-important 
— far more important than the written language. The con- 
ventional written form of English, and indeed of most other 
languages, is but a feeble and in many respects misleading 
representation of the true language, which is the spoken 

In the past the written language has been looked up to 
by many as being the only form of the language worthy of 
' respect. One result of this reverence for spelling has been 
that innumerable 'spelling -pronunciations' are creeping into 
the language. Teachers in elementary schools have to teach 
children to do dictation. Owing to our present barbarous 
system of spelling the children cannot help making innumer- 
able mistakes; the teacher is accordingly constrained, often 
quite unconsciously, to pronounce the words in such a way 
as to indicate the spelling. These spelling-pronunciations are 
naturally adopted by the children, and in course of time 
become definitely incorporated into the language. Thus Margate 
trippers now generally speak of 'ma:geit instead of 'maigit; 

1) This dictionary is parallel to the Dictidnnaire phon^ique 
de la langue frangaise by H. Michaelis and P. Passy (First 
edition 1897, second edition 1913). 

— VI — 

teachers in London elementary schools now often say ek'sept 
for ik'sept 'except', ekstrs'oidinari for iks'traidnri 'extraordinary', 
'oftan for aitn^) 'often', 'bromptan for 'brAmptan 'Brompton', 
'fa:hed for 'forid 'forehead', and pronounce the adjective 'seprit 
'separate' like the verb 'separeit. The continuation of this 
process will soon bring us to 'kwainain for kwi'ni:ii 'quinine 
(as often in America), 'griinwit/ for 'grinids 'Greenwich', Itemb 
for Isein 'lamb', 'mA.tan for 'mAtn 'mutton'. 

It is a regrettable fact that most pronouncing dictionaries 
definitely encourage many of the modern spelling -pronunci- 
ations''). "We feel that such artificialities cannot but impair 
the beauty of the language, and we hope that the present 
dictionary may do something towards convincing the educated 
public of the desirability of studying the spoken language in 
preference to the conventional written language, and so avoiding 
undesirable changes in pronunciation in the future. 

It is hoped that this work may also prove useful to 
students of linguistic science in general. Hitherto such students 
have been greatly hampered by the current orthography of 
many languages. Now, however, many important questions 
relating to English linguistic science can be studied with far 
greater ease. Such are the comparative frequency of sounds, 
rules of pronunciation depending on the positions of sounds 
relatively to other sounds, various processes of derivation^), 
distinctions of sense corresj)onding to distinctions of pronun- ' 
elation not shown in the ordinary spelling*). 

*) In spite of the fact that the form 'oftan is described as 
vulgar in the Concise Oxford Dictionary. 

*) We are glad to note, however, that the new Concise Oxford 
Dictionary is an exception. 

') E. g. the process which brought about the distinctions 
between ikg'plein 'explain' and eksple'tteijaii 'explanation', ig'zibit 
'exhibit' and eksi'bi/an 'exhibition, etc. 

*} E. g. the distinction between the adjectives a'pronpriit 
'appropriate', 'seprit 'separate', etc., and the verbs a'prouprieit, 
'separeit, etc., and between the nouns 'kamplimant 'compliment' 
iks'perimant 'experiment', etc., and the verbs 'kompliment, iks- 
'periment, etc. 

- VII — 

This dictionary is intended further for use in connexion 
with the practical study of English. Here it may be useful 
in various ways. 

1. A person hearing a word for the first time, and 
being in doubt as to how it should be spelt, may as- 
certain the current spelling by looking it out in the 
phonetic dictionary. 

2. A person meeting with an unfamiliar word in 
a phonetic text may ascertain its current spelling by 
reference to the phonetic dictionary. 

3. The dictionary may even be read with much 
profit. A foreigner, for instance, may learn much by 
simply reading down the lists of words beginning with, 
say, j- or rai-. 

The pronundaiion represented is that generally used by 
persons of culture in the South of England. This form of 
pronunciation is chosen not because it is intrinsically superior 
to any other, but because it is that generally found most 
useful by those studying the English language. Except 
where specially noted, only those variants are included which 
are undoubtedly frequent in the pronunciation of educated 

The phonetic alphabet used in this book is that of the 
International Phonetic Association, which is now the most 
widely used of any phonetic system^). A list of symbols 
employed with their values is given on p. XI. See also the 
'Brief Description of English Pronunciation', p. XVI. Further 
information with regard to the formation of the sounds will 
be found in the books on phonetic theory mentioned on p. 443. 

The fixing of a satisfactory alphabetical order of the 
sounds was a matter of no small difficulty, particularly in 
the case of the vowels. As it was not possible to arrange 
the whole of the vowels in a logically correct order depending 

^) This system is used in several hundred books. A list of 
the 200 most important is given in a booklet entitled The Principles 
of the International Phonetic Association (obtainable from D. Jones, 
University College, London, W. C, price 6d). 

- VIII - 

on their formation, we have arranged them in 5 groups, viz. 
vowels which may be roughly classed as belonging to the 
types a, e, i, o, u. The difference of sound quality between 
i: (as in 'eel') and i (as in 'ill') necessitated putting words 
containing these sounds in separate classes; so also with n: 
(as in 'ooee') and n (as in 'put'). Further, the fact that so 
many speakers make a difference in sound between simple e 
(as in 'ell') and the first element of the diphthong ei (as in 
'ale') rendered it desirable to treat the words containing ei 
as a separate class, and place ei before simple e in the 
ailphabetical order. Similarly it has been found desirable to 
place ou (as in 'old') before simple o (as in 'molest') in the 
alphabetical order. To the e group we have assigned s (as 
in 'ail'), a: (as in 'earl') and a (as in 'allow'), and to the o 
group o: (as in 'all') and o (as in 'olive'). In the a group are 
included a: (as in 'alms'), a (first element of the diphthongs ai 
in 'aisle' and an in 'owV), se (as in 'act') and a (as in 'ulster'). 
The most difficult point was the position of a, the various 
authorities being by no means agreed as to its formation. 
After much consideration we decided to assign it to the a 
group on account of its acoustic similarity to the sound a. 
The consonants i) (as in 'linff'), 5 (as in 'then'), 6 (as in 'thin'), 
S (as in 'she'), 3 (as in 'measure') come naturally after n, d, 
t, s, z respectively. As regards the semi-vowel w (as in 'will'), 
it has seemed to us preferable to put it immediately after n, 
the sequence u:, n, w thus corresponding exactly with 
the sequence i:, i, j. 

The complete order of the sounds is consequently; 

a:, a, », A b, d, 6, 

ei'),ve, e, a:, a f, g, h, 

i:, i . . . j . . k, 1, m, n, g, 

on''), 0, 0:, » P, r, g, J, t, e, 

n:, n . . . . w . . . t, z, 3. 

English words containing the French nasalized vowels 
a, i, 5 (e. g. santiim 'centime', timbr 'timbre', 5mplaiei 'em- 
ployd') are placed among the words with o:, s, a respectively. 

^) = Northern e:. 
') = Northern 0:. 

— IX — 

In order to avoid unnecessary complication in the trans- 
cription we have not indicated the special qualities of the 
short vowels as distinguished from the corresponding long 
ones (see p. XXI)*). Nor has it been considered necessary 
to distinguish by special signs the two varieties of I'J (see 
p. XVIII) or the varieties of r (see p. XIX), or to mark 
secondary stress (e. g. 'ekspla'neijan 'explanation'). 

As regards the general plan of the work we would call 
special attention to the inclusion of all the plurals of nouns, 
inflected parts of verbs, and comparatives and superlatives 
of adjectives. These inflected forms are not given in full in 
most other dictionaries, but their inclusion will be found to 
bring out several points of interest to the language student. 
The student will learn, for instance, that there are many 
adjectives which admit of a superlative but not a comparative 
(e. g. 3b'B9:d 'absurd'). Again, the distinctions between the 

inflected forms in 

fil, -z, -ill, -d 

fij, -iz, -ig, -t 

fit, -s, -ii), -id 

etc. are rarely realized or properly practised by foreigners, 
in spite of the rules which can be laid down for their guid- 
ance. We think that the continued repetition of these forms 
in this dictionary will impress them indelibly on the mind 
of any foreigner who will use the book systematically for a 
few days. 

In conclusion we desire to express our thanks to all those 
who have assisted us in the preparation of this dictionary. 
In particular we acknowledge with gratitude much help from 
Pkop. Waitee Bipfmank. At the outset he furnished us with 
many excellent suggestions regarding the plan of the work; 
he was also kind enough to revise the greater part of the 
manuscript, making innumerable corrections and suggestions 

') Some writers indicate these differences by using special 
symbols (I, U, etc.) or diacritical marks (e. g. i, u, etc.) for the 
short vowels. 

^) Some writers use 1 for 'clear' 1 and J for 'dark' 1. 

- X - 

for improvements. Our thanks are also due to Peob'. R. Weeks 
of Columbia University, New York, for information regarding 
the pronunciation of various American names, and to numerous 
other friends to whom we referred for the pronunciation of 
individual words. Further we owe a special debt of gratitude 
to Mr. G. Noel-Abmfibld, Assistant Lecturer on Phonetics 
at University College, London, for an immense amount of 
help in the preparation of the manuscript. He revised the 
whole of it with the utmost care, and supplied us with valuable 
notes on the pronunciation of thousands of words. Lastly 
we have to acknowledge our indebtedness to Messrs. Lautp 
of Tubingen for permission to reproduce the illustration of 
the Organs of Speech (frontispiece), and to our publisher for 
the care with which he has executed the work. 

Biebrich and London, February 1913. 







Explanations and Abbreviations . . 


Brief Description of English Pronunciation XVI 

Errata and Corrigenda 

• • 


Body of the Dictionary 


Hull sign 

ia pronouQced like the italic letter (c 

I letters) in the word opposite to it. 



1. a: 

. . father. ... 1 



. Jeaf .... 263 

2. a in ai dr^ . . 




. wiark 

. 277 


an how ' . 




. now 

. 298 

3. ffi 

. bad 




. kiM^ 

. 806 

4. A 

. bwd . 




. go . 

. 306 

5. b 

. 6e . . 



. molest 

. 310 

6. d 

. . day. . 




. raw. 

. 311 

7. d 

. ttat 



. not . 

. 314 

8. el 

. hay. 110 



• i'ay- 

. 318 

9. e 

. bed. . 112 



. rye. 

. 346 

10. g 

' . bare 

. . 121 




. 365 

11. a: 

. btVd 

'. 122 



. «Aow 

. 401 

12. 8 

. obout 

. 123 



. two 

. 405 

13. f 

. foot 

. 137 



. thin 

. 423 

14. g 

■ giye 

. 159 



. goose 

, 425 

15. h 

. Aurt 

. 174 



. pwt . 

. 426 

16. i: 

. beat 

. 192 



. war 

. 426 

17. i . 

. bit . 

. 194 



. real 

. 434 

18. j 

. you 

. 223 



. zea.1 

. 441 

19. k . 

. cold 

. 225 39. 


. measure 

. 442 

List of 

Books Eecommended for 


Study of English 




. 443 

Short Particulars of the International Phonetic Association 446 

Explanations and Abbreviations 

In this dictionary the words are given first in phonetic trans- 
cription (thick type) and then in their conventional spelling 
(ordinary type). Thus 

'ba:li barley 
means, "The word which is pronounced 'bo:li is written in con- 
ventional spelling 'barley'"- 

Grammatical indications (s., adj., v., etc.) are added where a 
word may be more than one part of speech [e. g. mim (s.), mi:n 
(adj.) and mi:n (v.)]; meanings are added, when necessary, to dis- 
tinguish words which are spelt alike (e. g. to distinguish 'prayer' 
meaning 'one who prays' from 'prayer' meaning 'supplication'). 

Most variants^) which are frequent in the pronunciation of 
educated Southerners are included. 

Optional sounds are given in italics. Thus the transcription 
means that the word 'civilisation' may be pronounced in any 
one of the 4 ways sivilai'zeij'an, 8171131761X0, siTlli'zelJon , 
slTili'zeiJn. The transcription 'sebssl^'u:! indicates that some 
persons pronounce the word 'sebsaljnit and others 'sebseluit. 

The use of ■ instead of : is taken to mean that the -short vowel 
is used by some speakers instead of the long vowel. Thus the 
transcription sa'ft means that some say so'.tt, while others say soft. 

Each of the other variants is placed in square brackets [ ] 
immediately after the more usual form of which it is the variant. 
The variants are also given in their proper alphabetical position, 
when this is remote from that of the more usual form, with a 
cross-reference. Thus 

'peitran ['pjet-] patron 
means that some speakers pronounce the word 'psetran, but that 
'peltrsn is more usual. The same thing is indicated by the 
reference 'psetren = 'peitran. 

^) Excluding, however, variants occasioned simply by proximity 
to other words, e. g. gn for gnd (as in 9 gn dl:l), blaln for blaind 
(as in blaln msen), Ja: for jn: (as frequently in don't you donnt ju: 
or doant Jd:). 

— XIV — 

The mark * appended to a word ending with a vowel indicates 
that most speakers insert the sound r at the end of the word 
when the following word begins with a vowel and is closely con- 
nected with the first word by the sense. Thus psa* indicates 
that the word by itself is pronounced pea, but that it is pronounced 
pear in such an expression as a 'pear 9Y 'bn:ts. It should be 
noted however that very many speakers extend this practice to 
all words ending in the vowel -a (including such words as ai'dia, 
'tjaina). Some also extend it to words ending in -a: and -o: which 
are not marked with * here (e. g. pa'pa:, sa; 'saw'). Others on 
the other hand go to the other extreme and never insert this r 
at all; such speakers generally insert a 'glottal stop' (phonetic 
symbol ') at the beginning of the second word (e. g. 'we8ininsta"2ebi 
instead of 'wesminstar 'sebi). 

The plurals of nouns, comparatives and superlatives of ad- 
jectives, inflected forms of verbs, frequently also the terminations 
-li, -Ills, -mant and other derived forms, are placed immediately 
after the head word. Thus 

hit, -8, -ig; -a*, -az hit, -s, -ting; -ter, -ters 
shows that hits is spelt 'hits', 'hitig is spelt 'hitting', etc. 

When necessary the sign | is used to mark off the part of 
a word repeated before each termination. Thus 

im'pa:t»ii{s, -t, -tli importan|ce, -t, -tly 
shows that im'pa:t9ii8 is spelt 'importance', im'paitant is spelt 
'important', im'pa:tdntli is spelt 'importantly'. 

The sign | is also sometimes used in the case of words not 
grammatically connected, for the purpose of saving space, e. g. 
'rotJIdeil, -ista* Eoch|dale, -ester. 
The sign / is sometimes used to indicate derivatives of deriv- 
atives. Thus we see from 

small, -z, -ii|/li, -d smil|e (s. v.), -es, -ing/ly, -ed 
that 'smailig is spelt 'smiling', and 'smailii)li is spelt 'smilingly'. 

Irregular derived forms (such as road from raid v.) are of 
course given in their proper alphabetical positions as well as after 
the head word. So also are any regular derived forms whose 
alphabetical positions are remote from that of the head word and 
which might not be instantly recognizable by the foreign student 
(e. g. gouz, lakt). 

When a head word consists of one syllable and a derived 
word consists of two or more syllables, it is understood throughout 
that the stress of the derived word is on the first syllable. Thus 
the word formed from naiz by addition of the termination -ill 
is pronounced 'naizili with stress on the first syllable. 

— XV — 

It is further understood throughout that all words marked 
with douhle stress are liable to have their stress modified by 
rhythm. Thus though 'fif tim pronounced by itself has normally 
double stress, yet in 'fifti.'n 'Jiligz it only has stress on the first 
syllable, while in 'dsASt fifti:ii it only has stress on the second' 

It is customary to pronounce many newly .borrowed foreign 
words (particularly French words) with the foreign sounds or an 
approximation to them. In such cases the foreign pronunciation^) 
is given in round brackets ( ). It should be noted that the plurals 
of siioh foreign nouns are formed in the English way even when 
the foreign pronunciation is adopted. Thus the plural of bobS 
is b3b3z. 

^) The following symbols are required for indicating special 
French sounds: a (gendarme), s (bain), ji (bai^ijioire), 5 (bonbon), 
e (jew), 06 (peur), ce (brww), y (brwnette), q (pjtis). 

X indicates the breathed velar fricative, as in Scotch 'loc7i' 
and German 'Uraciienfels'. The breathed palatal fricative ^ (as in 
German 'ich') is sometimes heard in English words as a substitute 
for the group hj- (see p. 69 and 187). 

Other Signs and Abbreviations 

• indicates the beginning of a new group of words. 
O , , , , , , sub-group. 

' means that the following syllable is stressed. 

^ , , , , , may be stressed or not. 

: means that the preceding sound is long. 

' , , , , » is long or short. 

, placed under a consonant symbol, as in j^, \, means that the 
consonant is syllabic. 

ac^. = adjective 
adv. = adverb 
art. = article 
compar. = comparative 
conj. = conjunction 
expr. = expression 
interj. = interjection 
p.-part. = past participle 
pers. = person 

plur. = plural 
prep. = preposition 
pres. = present 
pron. = 1) pronoun ; 

2) pronunciation 
s. = substantive 
sing. = singular 
superl. = superlative 
V. = verb 

Brief description of English Pronunciation 

I. The Organs of Speech. 

Language consists of sequences of sounds produced by the 
organs of speech. 

The essential features of the organs of speech are shown in 
the following diagram. 

B. Back of Tongue. 

Bl. Blade of Tongue. 

F. Front of Tongue. 

FP. Food passage. 

H. Hard Palate. 

Ijlj. Lips. 

P. Pharyngal cavity (Pharynx). 

S. Soft Palate. 

TE. Teeth-ridge. 

TT. Teeth. 

U. Uvula. 

Y. Position of Vocal Chords. 

W. Wind-pipe. 

larynx ^■::''_ 

Special attention is called to the meaning of the word front 
aa applied to the tongue. It is the part which lies opposite the 
hard palate when the tongue is in the position of rest. 

The vocal chords are like two horizontal lips situated in 
the larynx (the upper part of the wind-pipe). The space between 
them is known as the glottis. 

When the chords are drawn close together and air is forced 
between them by the action of the lungs, they are caused to vibrate, 
and they produce a musical sound known as Toice. When they 

— XVII — 

are held wide apart and air passes between them, they do not 
vibrate, and the very weak sound produced by the passage of the 
air is called breath. 

Sounds in which voice is present are called voiced sounds; 
those in which breath is present are called breathed (or voiceless) 

II. Classification of Speecli Sounds. 

There are two main classes of speech sounds, vowels and 

A vowel is defined as a voiced sound in which the air has 
a free passage through the mouth and does not produce audible 

All other speech sounds are called consonants. 

III. Tiie Englisti Sounds. 

There are in Standard Southern English 37 elementary sounds. 
They are represented in this dictionary by the following phonetic 
symbols: a:, a, ee, a, b, d, 9, e, e, a:, 9, f, g, h, i:, i, j, k, 1, 
m, n, 1), 0, o:, 0, p, r, s, J, t, 6, n:, n, w, v, z, 3. 

The mode of formation of these sounds is indicated in the 
following table. 


Bi- i Labio- 














t d 

k g 










f V 





Front Mixed Back 



i: u: 


i u 

Half -close 



^ 1 

Half- open 

E a: 




% 3 A a: 

— xvni — 

Sounds appearing twice on the chart haye a double articul- 
ation, the secondary articulation being shown by the symbol in 
brackets ( ). 

For key words showing the values of the sounds see p. XI. 

A. Consonants. 

The following English consonants are voiced: b, d, g, m, 
n, g, 1, r, w, v, d, z, g, j. The following are breathed: p, t, 
kj 'j % 8, J, h. 

1. Plosive Consonants. 

The air passage is completely closed and then opened, so that 
the air escapes suddenly, making a kind of explosive sound. 

(a). The bi-labial plosives p, b, are formed by the two lips, 
(b). The dental plosives t, d, are formed by the tip of the 

tongue against the teeth-ridge, 
(c). The velar plosives k, g, are formed by the back of the 
tongue against the soft palate (velum). 

2. Nasal Consonants. 

The mouth passage is completely closed but the soft palate 
is lowered so that the nasal passage is open. 

(a). The bi-labial nasal m is formed by the two lips. 

(b). The dental nasal n is formed by the tip of the tongue 

against the teeth-ridge. 
(c). The velar nasal g is formed by the back of the tongue 

against the soft palate. 

3. Lateral Consonants. 

The mouth passage is closed in the middle, but the air is 
free to pass out on both sides of the obstacle.^) 

There is only one sound of this class in English, namely 
the dental lateral 1. There are, however, with most speakers two 
very distinct varieties of this sound, viz. a 'clear' 1 used when 
a vowel follows (as in li:f, sel it), and a 'dark' 1 used finally') 
and before consonants (as in bel, ketl, fi:ld). 

^) With some speakers the mouth passage is closed in the middle 
and on one side, the air being free to pass out on the other side. 

*) By 'final' is meant final in a word pronounced by itself or final 
in a breath-group. 

— XIX - 

(a). In the 'clear' variety of I the tip of the tongue touches 
the teeth-ridge and the front of the tongue is simultan- 
eously raised slightly in the direction of the hard palate. 

(b). In the 'dark' variety of I the tip of the tongue touches 
the teeth-ridge exactly as for clear 1^) and the back of 
the tongue is simultaneously raised in the direction of 
the soft palate. 

4. Boiled Consonants. 

Formed by a rapid succession of taps of some elastic organ. 
The only consonant of this class occurring in English is rolled 
r, a sound formed by the tip of the tongue vibrating against the 
teeth-ridge. 4 

Note. Many speakers (perhaps most), however, use only a fricative 
r, in which the tip of the tongue is placed close to the teeth- 
ridge in much the same position as for rolled r, but does not 
vibrate. Even those who possess rolled r do not use is ex- 
clusively or even consistently. They generally substitute 
fricative r after dental consonants (as in tri:, dro:, 'taenri, 
Jrigk) and very often in other cases. Some speakers use a 
'semi-rolled' r (i. e. a rolled r consisting of but one single 
tap of the tongue) between vowels, and fricative r in other 

5. Fricative Consonants. 

The air passage is narrowed so that friction is heard as the 
air escapes. 

Fricative consonants are sometimes subdivided into two 
groups (1) pure fricatives, in which the friction is strong, and 
(2) semi-TOtrels, in which the friction is weak. 
Of the English fricative consonants, f, v, 6, 5, s, z, /, 5 
and h are pure fricatives, while w and j are semi -vowels. Fric- 
ative r is best treated as a pure fricative but with many speakers 
it loses much of its friction becoming semi-vocalic. 

The amount of friction in w and j is sometimes so slight 
that the sounds may be treated as vowels used in the capacity 
of consonants; they are then practically equivalent to the vowels 
n and i pronounced extremely short. 

(a). The labio-dental fricatives f, v are formed by the lower 

lip against the upper teeth, 
(b). The dental fricatives 6, 5 are formed by the tip of the 
tongue against the upper teeth, the main part of the 
tongue being more or less flat. 

') Foreigners must take care not to curl back the tip of the tongue 
in pronouncing this sound. For the purposes of practice it is well to keep 
the tip of the tongue touching the teeth. 


— XX — 

(c). The dental fricatives g, z are formed by raising the blade 
of the tongue (with many speakers also the tip) very 
close to the teeth-ridge and simultaneously raising the 
front of the tongue slightly in the direction of the hard 
palate. The teeth are very close together, much closer 
than for 9, 5. 

(d). The dental fricatives J", 3 are formed by raising the 
blade of the tongue (with many speakers also the tip) 
towards the teeth -ridge a shade further back than for 
s, z, and simultaneously raising the front of the tongue 
considerably in the direction of the hard palate. The 
teeth are close together as in the case of s, z. Many 
speakers protrude the lips in pronouncing / and 3, 

(e). The fricative r is formed by raising the tip of the tongue 
towards the teeth-ridge still further back than for J", 3. 
The teeth are not nearly so close together as in the 
case of J", 3, and the friction- is not strong. 

(f). The glottal fricative h is the sound heard when the 
breath passes through the open glottis, the mouth being 
open and the tongue in some vowel position. 

(g). The bi- labial fricative (semi -vowel) ir is formed by 
rounding and pushing forward the lips, leaving but a 
very small opening, and simultaneously raising the back 
of the tongue in the direction of the soft palate. The 
friction is very slight. 
I (h). The palatal fricative (semi-vowel) j is formed by raising 
the front of the tongue so as almost to , touch the hard 
palate. The friction is very slight. The corresponding 
breathed sound (phonetic symbol (5) is sometimes heard 
as a substitute for the group hj. 

(i). In the velar fricative x (heard in Scotch words such as 
loch) the back of the tongue is raised towards the soft 

B. Vowels. 

Vowels are classified 

(1) according to the part of the tongue which is raised, 

(2) according to the height to which it is raised. 
Thus we distinguish the classes front, back and mixed 

according as the front, back or an intermediate part of the tongue 
is raised; and we distinguish 4 degrees of height, which we call 
close, half-close, half-open and open. 

Some vowels may be distinguished as tense or lax, according 
as the tongue is in a state of considerable muscular tension or 
is held loosely. 

— XXI — 

Some vowels have lip-roundiug, others have the lips spread 
or neutral. The following English vowels are rounded: n:, n, o, 
o:, 0. Of these u: has the greatest amount of lip-rounding, u and 
a: have a little less, o still less, and o very little. 

The table on p, XVII shows the approximate tongue positions 
of the English vowels. We add here some further explanatory notes. 

(a). Long i:, u: are tense; short i, n are lax. e is lax. 

(b). tf is lax and advanced towards the mixed position. With 
many speakers it is definitely mixed, or sometimes almost 
front (resembling French and German e). The vowel o 
occurs chiefly in the diphthong ou; by itself it only 
occurs in unstressed syllables (e. g. molest). 

(c). s only occurs in the diphthong ea; a only in the 
diphthongs ai, an. 

(d). Short a has the tongue as low down and as far back as 
possible, and there is not much lip-rounding. It has a 
much deeper quality than the corresponding French and 
German sound. 

(e). Long a: has considerable lip-rounding; the tongue position 
is a shade higher than that of short a. 

(f). In A the lips are spread. The sound has considerable 
acoustic resemblance to a. 

(g). In long a: the lips are spread as for 1: and the teeth 
are close together. 

(h). The quality of short a varies somewhat according to its 
position. The tongue is lower when the sound is final '■) 
(as in 'tjaina, bia) than in other cases (such as a'baut, 
pra'tekt). Short a never occurs in a stressed syllable 
unfessit forms part of a diphthong. 

Nasalized Vowels. 

Vowels pronounced with simultaneous lowering of the soft 
palate (into the position shown in the diagram, p. XVI) so that 
the air passes through the nose as well as the mouth are said to 
be nasalized. The nasalized vowels i, a, 5 occur in many words 
recently borrowed from French. 

C. Diphthongs. 

When two consecutive vowels only form one syllable, they 
are said to constitute a diphthong. 

The following diphthongs occur in English: ei, ou, ai, an, 
ai, ia, sa, a:a, na; also as variant forms: ui, ea, oa. 

In the alphabetic arrangement of the sounds the diphthongs 
ei, ou are placed before the single sounds e, o (see p. VIII). 

1) See note 2, p. XVIII. 

— XXII — 

IV. Length. 

The principal rules of length in English are as follows. 

(1). The vowels i:, a:, a:, o;, n: are longer than the other 

vowels (with the exception of Be, see note below) under 

similar circumstances, i. e. when surrounded by the same 

sounds and pronounced with the same degree of stress. 

The vowels i:, 3:, a:, a:, u: are therefore often called 

the 'long vowels' and the others the 'short vowels'. For this 

reason too it is sufficient in practical phonetic writing to 

distinguish these sounds from the corresponding short vowels 

by using simply a length-mark (:), in spite of the fact that 

there are also certain differences in quality. 

(2). The long vowels and diphthongs are shorter when followed 
by breathed consonants than when final ') or followed by 
voiced consonants. 

Thus in fi:t the vowel is shorter than in fi:d or fi;; 
in rais the diphthong is shorter than in raiz or rai. 

(3). The long vowels and diphthongs are shorter when immedi- 
ately followed by another vowel than they are when final*). 
Thus the i;, a: in 'si:ig, 'dra:il| are shorter than the 
vowels in si:, dro:. 

(4). The long vowels and diphthongs are shorter in unstressed 
syllables than in stressed syllables. 

Thus the o: in oi'Soriti is shorter than that in 'a:6a. 
(5). The vowel a when not final is extremely short. 

Note. The vowel se, though generally called a short vowel, is fully 
lengthened by many speakers in numerous words ending in 
voiced consonants. This lengthening is however carried out 
very inconsistently, some speakers lengthening the vowel in 
some words, and others in other words. The only indication 
that can be given is that there is a strong tendency to lengthen 
8e in the adjectives ending in -ted. Thus in bffid, Sied the 
vowel is more often long, while in the substantives l»ed, kted 
it is more often short. The lengthening is not however con- 
fined to words ending in -d; it is by no means uncommon 
to hear k»b, bseg, dsaem, msn and many other words 
pronounced with a fully long vowel. Usage is, however, not 
sufficiently definite to admit of indicating in the dictionary 
these Variations in the length of the vowel w. 

') See note 2, p. XVIII. 

- XXIII — 

V. Stress. 

The force of the breath with which a syllable is pronounced 
is called stress. 

. Stress is marked in this dictionary by ' placed immediately 
before the stressed syllable^). 

It is possible to formulate certain rules of stress in English, 
but their number is so large and most of them are subject to so 
many exceptions, that the simplest course for the student of the 
English language is to learn the stress of each word individually. 

Those who prefer to study the rules are referred to the 
chapter on stress in the Outline of EngUsh Phonetics by D. Jones 
(Teubner, Leipzig). 

For double-stressed words see p. 26, 174, 372. 

VI. Intonation. 

Intonation is defined as the variations in the pitch of the 
musical note produced by the vocal chords in the pronunciation 
of voiced sounds. 

In English, intonation does not form an integral part of the 
pronunciation of any word, but only affects the general meaning 
of the sentence. Intonation is therefore not marked in the 

For information with regard to English intonation see 
D. Jones Outline of English Phonetics (Teubner, Leipzig), also 
Intonation Curves (same author and publisher). 

*) The ideal place for the stress-mark would be over the symbol of 
the stressed vowel. This arrangement has, however, the practical disadvant- 
age of necessitating the cutting of a large number of new types. 

Errata and Corrigenda 









































































































read 'a:sis arsis (without plural) 

„ a:'tikjulit (instead of ai'tilijaleit) 

, 'aiai ( , , alai) 

, 'aiadel ( , , 'aiadal) 

, 'ainja:, -z Ainu, -s 

, Isocrates (instead of Isokrates) 

, 'aut'daia* f , , 'autdoia*) 

, absonant ( , , absoiiont) 

, teks- see also aks- 

„ tekm'zij'aii, -z 
delete 'selrisfad (should be 'a-lsfad) 
read sem'bsesada* [-sida*], -z 

, An|'dn: (instead of An'dn:) 

, betterment, -s 
insert ds'reinds, etc., da'rivatlT, etc., da'rls^n, 

da'rogatari, etc. = di'r- 
read 'dreg|i, -inis 

V ay (j/es) 

, aye [ever) 

, ad'raibial [sed-, -bjal] 
insert a'limpas, etc. = on'limpas, etc. 

, a'DiiJaii, a'mit = on'm- 
read a'padasjis 
insert at'Isentik Atlantic 
read forlorn, -ness 

, 'Qn:gl|m3ii, -man 

, 'flnar|ait, -i:ii 

, general, -8 

, 'heie|fMl 

, 'i:dam, -ait/s Edom, -ite/s 

, ig'neijilas 

. kon'sAlt, -s, -Ij^ -id; -atly consult, -s, -ing, 
-ed; -ative 

, 'kimrli. -ik Cynir|ie, -ic 

, ksntra'Tai/l^l 

„ selt, -8, -ik Celt, -s, -ic 

, -fully; -or/s; -ive/ly 
delete swteg swang 
insert 'treemwei, -z tramway, -s 


a: ah 

o:* are {from be) 

a:*, »z are (s.), -a 

o:*, -z R {me letter), -'a 
• a:'bA6nat Arbuthnot 
'a:b8* Arber 
'a:ba*, -z 1) arbour, -a; 2) arbor 

{axle, arbour), -s 
'aibalest [-list], -s arbaleat, -s 
'oibalesta*, -s arbaleater, -s 
'a:b3list, -s arbalist, -s 
'azbalista*, -s arbaliater, -a 

a:b3rai'zeij'an,-s arborization, -a 

aibe'rei/ss arboraceous 

a:b3'res^n{s. -t arborescen|ce, -t 
'aibaret [-rltj, -s arboret, -a 
'aibaras arborous 

a:b8'rl:t|3iii, -amz, -a arboretjum, 

-urns, -a 
'aibarikAltJa* arboriculture 

aibarrkAltJarist, -s arboricul- 
turist, -a 
'aibarist, -s arboriat, -a 
'oiba'yaili', -z arbor vitse, -a 
'aiblta*, -9 arbiter, -a 

a:bi'tra:3 ['aibitrids] (arbi'trais) 
arbitrage (of stocks, etc.) 

a:bi'treij»n, -z arbitration, -a 
'a:bitreit, -s, -Ig, -id, -a*, -az 
arbitrat|e, -es, -ing, -ed, -or, -ora 

ai'bitramant [-tri-], -s arbitra- 
ment, -a 
'a:bitrar{i, -ill, -Inis arbitrar|y, 

-ily, -inesa 
'aibltrlds arbitrage {arhitration) 
'a:bltris, -iz arbitreaa, -ea 
'o:bjn:t arbute 
a:'bja:tas, -iz arbutua, -ea 
'aiblsest, -8 arblaat, -s 
'a:blei Arblay 

'o:b»:* arbor (tree) 
a:'ba:ri|al, -as arborejal, -ous 
'a:bra]n = 'elbram Abram 
a:'bronO [-ond] Arbroath 
a:bn:'kla* [a'bn:ka*] Aboukir 
• a:'denz (ar'den) Ardennes 
'a:da [a:'da:] Ardagh 
'a:da* ardour 

'a:dan l)Arden; 2]='eldanAden 
'aldansl ardency 
'a:ddnt, -11 ardent, -ly 
'a:dl:g Arding 

'a:dj uas, -11, -nls arduous, -ly, -ness 
'a:dll I) Ardleigh; 2)Ardley 
a:'drlj'ig Ardriahaig 
a:'drasan Ardroaaan 
'aidwik Ardwick 
'o:dTfln Ardwin 
'a:d3aiit argent 
'a:d39ntaln Argentine 
aidsan'tifaras [-dsen't-] argenti- 

'a:d3ll argil 

aidsi'leijas argillaceoua 
aidsi'llfaras argilliferous 
#a:ft aft 
'a:fta* after 

'a:ftaba:0. -s afterbirth, -a 
'a:ftaga:d, -z afterguard, -a 
'a:ftaglon, -z afterglow, -s 
'a:ftakrap, -s aftercrop, -a 
'aiftameeO, -s aftermath, -s 
a:fta'nii:n, -z afternoon, -a 
'a:ftapi:8, -iz afterpiece, -a 
'a:fta09:t, -s afterthought, -a 
'aifta^rad, -z afterward, -s 
•a:'gall, -Sia* 1) Argyle, -shire; 

2) Argyll, -ahire 
'aigsend [-gand] (ar'ga) Argand 
'aigalls Argolia 

Miohaelis & Jonei, Phonetic Sictiouarr. 

'aigand— 'a:kil 

— 2 

aiki'leias — 'aimaiK^bari 

'aigend [-geend], -z argand, -s 

'aiganazt^ -s argonaut, -s 

'aigas, -iz argus (A.), -es 

'aigasji, -iz argos|y, -ies 

'o:gj|u:, -u:z, -n-ig, -nid arg|ue, 
-ues, -ulng, -ued 

'ttigjua*, -z arguer, -s 

'aigjaabl arguable 

'a:gjnjfai, -faiz, -faiii), -faid ar- 
gu|fy, -fies, -fying, -fled 

o:gjumen'teiS9n[-m8n-], -Z argu- 
mentation, -s 

oigju'mentatiT, -li, -nis argu- 
mentative, -ly, -ness 

a:gjn'mentl argumental 

'aigjnmaiit, -s argument, -s 

a:'gjn:t, -li, -nis argute, -ly, -ness 

'a:gnas deii: Agnus Dei 

'a:gou Argo 

'a:gon (ar'go), -z argot, -s 

'a:gal argol 

'a:gan [-gan] argon 

'o:gos Argos 

'aigra Agra 

• a'ha: [a'ba:] aha 

• 'a:J3 ['aia], -z ayah, -s 

a:k, -s 1) ark, -s; 2) arc, -s 

a:'kaiti:z Archytes 
'aikair, -z archive, -s 

a:'kaiT9l archival 

a:keen'd5elik archangelic 

a:'keens38 Arkansas 

a:'keid, -z arcade, -s 

ai'keidia [-dja], -n Arcadia, -n 

a:'keiik, -ali archaic, -ally 
'aikeiizm, -z archaism, -s 

a:'keia arcane 

'a:k'eind59l, -z archangel, -s 
'aikeindsal Archangel (toien) 

a:'keiii|9m, -a arcan|um, -a 
'a:k»*, 'eika* Acre 
'aikan, -z archon, -s 
'aikansa: Arkansas (state) 
'aikanjip, -s archonship, -s 
'a:k8nteii, -s archontate, -s 

aikidai'eeksnal archidiaconal 

aikiepiskapjal [-kii'p-], -esi, -it 
archiepiscopjal, -acy, -ate 

aikia'lodsikl^l, -eli archaeolo- 
gic|al, -ally 

a:'ki'an archsean 
'a:kil Archyll 

aiki'Ieies Archelaus 
'a:kimeid3 Archimage 

a:ki']iii:dl:z Archimedes 

aiki'miidian [-djan], aikimii'dran 

aiki'agrafl arohseography 

aiki'aladslj, -ist, -ists archseo- 
log|y, -ist, -ists 

aiki'pelagou [-lig-], -z archipe- 
lago, -(e)3 
'a:kitaip, -s archetype, -s 
'a:kitaipal archetypal 
'a:kitekt, -s architect, -s 

aiki'tektjnrlal [-tjaral], -ali 

architecturjal, -ally 
'aikitreiv, -z, -d architrave, -s, -d 
'aikivlst, -s archivist, -s 
'aikivonlt [-TOlt], -s archivolt, -s 
'aikjneitid arcuated 
'aikjuit arcuate 
'aiklon Arklow 

ai'kaladsi archology 
'a:kan, etc. = 'aikan, etc. 

ai'kat Arcot 
'a:krait Arkwright 
'aikra, 'eekra Akkra 
'a:ktik arctic 

aik'tjnaras Arcturus 
'aikwibas, -iz arquebus, -es 

aikwiba'sie*, -z arquebusier, -s 

• 'ailbaig ('arlberk) Arlberg 
'a:li'ba:b8 [-ba'ba:] Ali Baba 
'a:lii)t3n Arlington 
'ailipa'J'a: Ali Pasha 

• aim, -z arm (s.), -a 

a:m, -z,-ig, -d arm(«;.),-s,-ing, -ed 

ai'ma: Armagh 

'a:mb9ri local pron, of 'aimand- 

bari Almondbury 
'a:mbr{i, -iz ambr|y, -ies 
a:'meida, -z armada, -s 
'aimed Ahmed 
'a:'mea Amen 
'a:ma*, -z armour (A.), -s 
'a:niabeara*, -z armour-bearer, -s 
'a:madeil Armadale 
aima'dilon, -z armadillo, -s 
aima'gedn Armageddon 
'aimamant, -s armament, -s 
'aimand, -z almond (A.), -s 
'aimaneJbari (locally 'aimbari) 


' aimandzbari — 'ainika 

'a:nklif— a:'tiflsa* 

'aiman^zbari Almondsbury 
'a:in3n|a*, -ri = 'selmania*, -rl 
'aims'pleit, -Sj -ig, -id armour- 
pi atje, -es, -ing, -ed 
'aimara*, -z armourer, -s 
'aimarji, -iz armourjy, -ies 
'ttimaljjna* [-tjua*], -z armature, 

aima'zKn, -z armozeen, -s 
'a:iiifl:ld Armfleld 
'a:mfal, -z armful, -s 
'aimhoul, -z armhole, -s 
'aimli, -iz armjy, -ies 
'aimidsa*, -z armiger (A.), -s 
ai'midseras armigeroas 
'aimiko:* army-corps {sing.) 
'a:mika:z army-corps {plur.) 
ai'milje, -i:, -az armill|a, -as, -as 
'aimilari, ai'milari armillary 
'a:min'a:m arm-in-arm 
a:'mi:nia [-nja], -n, >nz Armenia, 

-n, -ns 
ai'minian [-iijan], -z, -izm Armi- 

nian, -s, -ism 
ai'mipatant [-pot-] armipotent 
'aimisted [-tid] Armistead 
'aimistis, -iz armistice, -s 
'a:mitid3 Armitage 
'a:mlis armless 
'a:mlit, -s armlet, -s 
'a:mna*, -z almner, -s 
a:'mo:riel armorial 
ai'marik Armoric 
ai'marika, -n, -nz Armorica, -n, 

'aimpit, -s armpit, -s 
'a:msted [-tidj Armstead 
'a:m8trai| Armstrong 
'aim'tj'ea*, -z armchair, -s 
a:'mwa:* (ar'mwa:r), -z armoire, 

a:mz 1) alms; 2) Armes; 3) arms 

{from arm) 
'aimzbari Almesbury 
'a:mzhan|s, -ziz almshou|8e, -ses 
'armz\m9n, -man alms|-man, -men 
•a:a 1) Alne; 2) Arne; 3) Ahn 
ai'nsetou arnatto 
'a:n9ld 1) Arnald; 2) Arnold 
'ainaldsn Arnoldson 
'a:nat [-not] Arnot(t) 
'aiuika arnica 

'a:nklif Arncliffe 

'a:non ('arno) Arno 

'ainsa*, -z, -rii), -d answer {a. v.), 

-8, -ing, -ed 
'ainsalls answerless 
'ainsara*, -z answerer, -s 
'a:ns9rab|l, -11 answerab|le, -ly 

a:nt aren't 

amt, -8 aunt, -s 

a:ut = cent, -s ant, -s 
'ainwei Arnway 

• ai'asta [ei'osta] Aosta 
•a:'ped3ioa, -z arpeggio, -s 
'a:pis, 'eipis apis 
'a:pri'a:ri:, 'eiprai'airai a priori 

• 'a:ral ['o:ro:l] Aral 
'a:ria ['saria], -z aria, -8 

• ais, -iz arse, -s 

a:8 = ses, -iz ass, -es 
a:'senik, •»! arsenic {adj.), -al 
'a:s9n arson 

a:'8i:nias [-njas] arsenious 
'a:8inait [-san-] arsenite, -s 
'aisinal [-san-, -sigi^], -z arsenal, -s 
'aisinit [-san-, -sijilt, -snit, -neit], 

■s arsenate, -s 
'a:s{is, -i:z ars|is, -es 
a:sk = sesk, -s ask (s.) {newt), -s 
'a:8k, -s, -ig, -t ask {v.), -s, -ing, 

'aisnik arsenic ($.) 
'aisnit arsenate 
'a:si^]i, -z arsenal, -s 
aisp = sesp, -s asp, -s 
'aispan ^ 'eespan, -z aspen, -s 
a:st frequent colloquial form of 

a:skt {from o:sk v.) 

• a:t, -s art {s.), -s 
a:t art {from be) 
'a:tak'sa:kzi:z ['aitag'z-] Arta- 

'aitamis Artemis 
aita'raitis arteritis 
'a:tar|i, -iz arter|y, -ies 
'aitlfwl, -full [-fali], -fulnis art- 

|ful, -fully, -fulness 
ai'tiarial arterial 
ai'tiarialaiz, -iz, -ii), -d arteria- 

liz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
aitiari'atami arteriotomy 
'a:tifls, -iz artifice, -s 
oi'tiflsa*, -8 artificer, -s 

aiti'ffljgl— ai'»embik 

— 4 — 

'artJ'dAtJi— ai'deilia 

a:ti'Q.J\»l, -ali, -alnis artiflcijal, 

-ally, -alness 
a2tiflXi'«ellt|i, -iz artificialit|y, 

aitikju'lei/an, -z articulation, -s 
ai'tikjnleit, -s,-ig, -id articulat|e 

(v.) -es, -ing, -ed 
tt:'tikjaleit3*, -z articulator, -a 
ai'tikjnleit, -li, -nis articulate 

(adj.), -ly -ness 
a:'tikjiil3* articular 
'a:tikl, -z, -in. -d articl|e (s.v.), 

-es, -ing, -ea 
oi'tilarji, -iz artiller|y, -ies 
a:'til3ri|in9n, -man artillery|man, 

ai'tilarist, -s artillerist, -s 
'aitimas [a:'ti:mas] Artemus 
'aitimis Artemis 
'aitist, -s artist, -s 
a:'ti:st (ar'tist) -s artiste, -s 
az'tistik, -all artistic, ally 
'aitistri artistry 
'aititjook, -8 artichoke, -s 
aiti'zaen ['a:tiz«en], -z artisan, -s 
ai'tiizian [-zjan, -sjan] artesian 
'aitlis, -li, -nis artless, -ly, -ness 
'a:tri|um, -a atrijum, -a 
'art skn:!, -z art-school, -s 
'a:tg|m9n, -man art8|man, -men 
oitj", -iz, -ii), -t arch (s. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
aitj", -ist, -li, -nis arch (ai^.), 

-est, -ly, -ness 
a:tj"bij'8p, -s archbishop, -s 
jaitj'bijaprik, -s archbishopric, -s 
'aitj'boald [-bald] Archbold 
'a:tj"dai3sis, -iz archdiocese, -s 

'oit/'dAt/li, -iz archduch|y, -ies 

'artJ'dAtJis, -iz archduchess, -es 

'aitjdeil Archdale 

'a:tj"di:kan, -z archdeacon, -s 
a:tj"di:kanr|i, -iz archdeaconr|y, 

ait/'diikanjip, -s archdeacon- 
ship, -s 

'a:tj"djn:k, -s archduke, -s 
<i:tj"dja:kdaiii, -z archdukedom, 

'a:tj"dju:k»l archducal 

'aitja*, -z archer (A.), -s 

'aitjari archery 

'a:tj*3ri8, -iz archeress, -es 

'a:tj'fl:nd, -z arch-fiend 

'a:tj"heritik [-rat-], -s arch-here- 
tic, -8 

'oitji Archie 

'aitjiboild [-bald] Archibald 

'aitjlit, -s, archlet 

'aitj'prelit [-lat], -s arch-prelate, 


'tt:tj"pri:st, -s arch-priest, -s 
'oitj'treita*, -z arch-traitor, -s 
'aitjwaiz archwise 
'aitjwei, -z archway (A.), -s 

• 'a:6a* Arthur 
ai'Oraitis arthritis 
ai'Oritik, -s arthritic, -s 
ai'Ojnarian Arthurian 

• ttiv (arr) Arve 

'a.'Ti = 'eiri, -z ave, -s 
'oivima'ria, -z Ave Maria, -s 

• a:z 1) are3(p/M»-.o/'are,«.); 2) R's; 
3) Ars 

'o:zof ['eizof] Azof 
'oizoT ['eizoT] Azov 


ai I (pronoun) 
ai, -z I (the letter), -'s 
ai, -z ay(e) (yes), -s 
ai, -z, -ig, -d eye (s. v.) (E.), -s, 
-ing, -ed 

• aiai, -z aye-aye 

• 'aitemft, -z iamb, -s 
ai'tembas, -iz iambus, -es 
ai'tembik, -s iambic, -s 

• 'aibeks, -iz ibex, -es 
ai'bieria, -iij -nz Iberia, -n, -ns 
'aibis, -iz ibis, -es 

'aiba:i, -z eye-ball, -s 
'aibrait eye-bright 
'aibraa, -z eye-brow, -s 

• aid 1) eyed; 2) I'd (= I would 
or I had) 

ai'deilia [-Ija], -n Idalia, -n 

ai'dentifai — 'aiadeil 

5 — 

'aiadeit— ai'juika 

ai'denti{fai, -faiz, -faiii|, -faid 

identi|fy, -fies, -fying, -fied 
ai'dentlfaie% -z identifier, -g 
ai'dentifaisbl identifiable 
aidentifl'keij*?!!, -z identifica- 
tion, -s 
ai'dentik|9l, -all, -alnis identic- 

|al, -ally, -alneas 
ai'dentitji, -iz identit|y, -ies 

'aide Ida 

'aida*, -z eider, -s 

'aidadauu, -z eider-down, -s 

'aida'dik, -s eider-duck, -s 

'aidegreer [-dog-], -s eidograph, -s 

'aidshou Idaho 

'aidal, -z idol, -s 

'aidalaiz [-dol-], -iz, 'ii), -d ido- 
lizle [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 

'aidalaiza* [-dol-], -z idolizer, -s 

'aid3l|ist, -ist8,-iz]n idol|ist, -ista, 

ai'dia, -z idea, -s 
ai'di'al, -i, -izm ideal, -ly, -ism 
ai'di'alaiz, -iz, -ig, -d idealiz|e 

[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
aidralai'zeij'an [-li'z-], -z ideal- 
ization [-isa-], -s 
ai'di'alist, -s idealist, -s 
aidia'listik idealistic 

'aidil, -z idyll, -s 
ai'dilik idyllic 

'aidilist, -s idyllist, -s 

'aidju-'mi'8 Idumea 

'aidl, -z idol, -s 

'aid|l, -Iz, -lii) [-Ug], -Id id|le 
{ctdj. v.), -Ies, -ling, -led 

'aidla*, -z idler, -s 

aidl|i, -nis idl|y, -eness 

ai'dolata*, -z idolater, -s 

ai'dalatras, -li idolatrous, -ly 

ai'd9latr|i, -iz idolatr|y, -ies 

ai'dalatris, -iz idolatress, -es 

ai'daminjuis Idomeneus 

aidz Ides 

• 'aida* ['i:9a*] either 

• aiaj -z ayah, -s 
aia* ire 

'aiadaid, -z iodide 
'aiadain [-dim] iodine 
'aiadaiz, -iz, -ig, -d iodiz|e [-is{e], 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'aiadeil Iredale 

'aiadeit ['aio-], -s, -ii|, -id iodatje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'aiadal Iredell 
'aiajful, -fnii [-fali], -fulnis ire- 

|ful, -fully, -fulness 
'aialait ['aio-] iolite 
'aialand Ireland 
'aiamAiiga* Iremonger 
'aian ['alan], -z ion (I.), -s 
'aian, -z, -ig, -d iron («. «.) (I.), 

-z, -ing, -ed 
'aianbaund ironbound 
'aianfaonda*. -z iron-founder, -s 

-iz iron-foundr|y. 



'aian'grei iron-gray 
'aiani irony («<§'.) {like iron) 
'aiankleed, -z ironclad, -s 
'aianiuAiiga*, -z, -ri ironmonger 

(I.), -s, -y 
'aianmonld ironmould 
'aiansaid, -z ironside (I.), -s 
'aianstonn iron-stone 
'aiantrea* ironware 
'aianTraik, -s ironwork, -s 
'aianwnd ironwood 
aia'reinian [-njan], -z Iranian, -s 
'aiaranji, -iz iron|y (s.) (sarcasm), 

aia'riini 1) Irene; 2) Eirene 
ai9'ri:nik [-'ren-], -al irenic, -al 
aia'riinikan [-'ren-]j -z 1) Ire- 

nicon, -s; 2) Eirenicon, -s 
ai»'ridiaiii [-djam] iridium 
'aiaris, -iz iris (I.), -es 
'aiarij Irish 

'aiarijizm, -z Irishism, -s 
'aiari/jmanj-manlrishlman, -men 
'aiariJlTniman, -Trimin Irish|wo- 

man, -women 
ai9'r9nik|9l, -ali ironicjal, -ally 
'aias, -iz eyas, -es 
'aiast Ayerst 
'aiat = eit, -s eyot, -s 
'aiatn Ireton 
'aiawa Iowa 

• 'aifel EifEel 
'aiMtana*^ -z Eiffel-tower, -s 

• 'aiga* Eiger 
'aigla:s, -iz eye-glass, -es 

• 'aihonl, -z eye-hole, -s 

• ai'jnika luca 

I aik — aisakre'mtetik 


aisaleijan— 'aJTari 

•aik Eyck 

ai'kesria, -n Icaria, -n 

'aikaras ['ik-] Icarus 

'aiki Ikey 

ai'konniam [-njam] Iconium 

'aiko:* ichor 

'aikon, -z icon, -a 

ai'kanakljtest [-nok-], -seats, 
>sezm iconocl|aBt, -asts, -asm 

aikona'kliestik [-no'k-] icono- 

ai'kanik iconic 

'aik3S3'hi:dr|an [-kas-, -hed-], -a, 

• ail Fll 

ail, -z isle, -s 

ail, -z, -d aisle, -s, -d 

'ailtej, -iz eye-lash, -es 

'ailei Islay 

'aileks, -iz ilex, -es 

'ailsnd, -z, -a*, -az island, -a, -er, 

'ailid, -z eye-lid, -s 
'ailiam [-Ijam] Ilium 
'ailif Iliffe 
'ailis eyeless 

'ailit, -8 1) eyelet, -s; 2) islet, -s 
ailz 1) isles; 2) aisles; 3) Eyles 

• aim I'm 
'aimaO Eyemouth 

• 'ainju: ['einjn:], -z Ainu, -s 

• 'aion io (I.) 
'ai'on'jn:, -z I. O. U., -s 
ai'onna lona 

ai'ounia [-nja], -n, -nz Ionia, -n, 

ai'onta, -z iota, -s 
ai'ontasizm iotacism 
'aiOM;a ['aia^a] Iowa 
ai'9dafa:]n iodoform 
ai'adik iodic 
ai'anik Ionic 

• 'aipL's, -iz eye-piece, -s 

• air- = aiar- 

• ais, -iz, -ij, -t ic|e (s. v.), -es, 
-ing, -ed 

'aisait eye-sight 
'aisbannd icebound 
'aisbaig, -z iceberg, -s 
'aisbont, -s iceboat, -s 
ai8akram8Btik[-sok-,-ro'm-] iso- 

aisa'leijan [-sol] isolation 
'ai8aIeit[-sol-], -s, -ii|, -id isolat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'aisalabl [-sol-] isolable 
'ai8fa:n, -z ice-fern, -s 
'aisflild, -z ice-field, -s 
'aisflon, -z ice-floe, -s 
'aisfo:!, -z ice-fall, -s 
'aishanls, -ziz ice-hou|ae, -ses 
'ai8|i, -ia*, -ust, -ili, -inis ic|y, 

-ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
'aisidaid* Isidore 
'aisikl, -z icicle, -a 
'aisig icing («.) 
'aisis Isis 

'aisiz ices {pi. of ice) 
'aiskaep, -s ice-cap, -a 
'ais'kriim, -z ice-cream, -s 
aig'laendik Icelandic 
'aisland Iceland 

'aislanda* [-Isen-], -z Icelander, -s 
'ais|man, -man ice|man, -men 
aisou'merik isomeric 
aisou'metrik, -9I, -ali iaometric, 

-al, -ally 
ai80u'ma:f|ik, -izm, -as isomor- 

ph|ic, -ism, -ous 
aisoi«'trapik isotropic 
aisoM'Ba:m9l isothermal 
'aisa:a*, -z eye-sore, -s 
ai'sakran|l, -izm, -as isochron|al, 

-ism, -ous 
ai'sakrati:z Isokrates 
ai'sasili:z [-sal-] isosceles 
ai'8amar|izm, -as isomerjism, -ous 
'aispaek, -s ice-pack, -a 
'aispeil, -z ice-pail, -a 
'ais'spa:* ice-spar 

• 'aitam Ightham 
'aitam [-tem], -z item, -s 
ai'tinareit, -s, -ig, -d itinerat|e, 

•ea, -ing, -ed 
ai'tinaranjsi, -t, -ts itineran|cy, 

-t, -ts 
ai'tin^rarji, -iz itinerar|y, -ies 
'ai|tu:e^ -ti:e eye|-tooth, -teeth 

• 'ai'witnis, -iz eye-witness, -es 
'aiwoita* eye-water 

• aiT I've (= I have) 
'aivan Ivan 
'airanhou Ivanhoe 

'aivarli, -iz ivor|y («. a4}.) (I.), -ies 

'aiYorrblffik — 'antawfta'wei 

'aat,fl:ld— ^autma'njuiya* 

'aiyari'blsBk ivory-black 

'aivat [-Yset], -s Ivatt, -s 

'aivli, -iz, -id iv|y (I.), -ies, -ied 

'aiTibrids Ivibridge 

'aiTimi Ivimey 

aiTz Ives 

• aiz eyes {from eye) 
ai'zaia Isaiah 
'aizad Izod 

'aiz3k, -s Isaac, -s 
'aizigglais isinglass 
'aizlwaO Isleworth 

• and 1) Oude; 2) Oudh 
'aadni Oudney 
a'aaa*, -z our, -s 
'aua*, -z, 11 hour, -s, -ly 
'aasglais, -iz hour-glass, -es 
'auaheend, -z hour-hand, -s 
'anapleit, -s hour-plate, -s 
ana'seljf, -vz oursel|f, -ves 

• aul, -z owl, -8 
'aularji, -iz owler|y, -ies 
'anll^, -11, -nis owlish, -ly, -ness 
'anlit [-let], -s owlet, -s 

• aundl Onndle 

auns, -iz 1) ounc|e, -es; 2) oz. 

• 'ansli Ousley '{in America) 
aust, -s, -ii), -id, -8*, -az oust, 

-s, -ing, -ed, -er, -ers 

• aut out 

O >ant'baelans, -iz, -ifl, -t out- 

balanc|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
'antbsist, -s outburst, -s 
^aut'bid, -z, -iij outbid, -s, -ding 
'antbildlg, -z outbuilding, -s 
'antbreik, -s outbreak, -s 
Oautl'dAu, -'dAZ out|done, -does 
aut'dsa*, -z, -rii), -d outdar|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
ant'did outdid 
'ant^d»:a*, -z outdoor, -s 
antf'dn:, -'dAZ, -'du'iij, -'did, 

-'dAn out|do, -does, -doing, -did, 

ant'd3en9r|9l, -alz, -alii), -aid 

outgener|al, -als, -aling, -aled 
O'anta*, -monst [-mast] outer, 

'antay'deii out-of-date 
'autav'daia*, -z out-of-door, -s 
'antavSa'wei out-of-the-way 

O'autflild, -z, -a*, -az outfield, 

-s, -er, -ers 
'autflt, -s, -iij, -id outfit (s. v.), 

-s, -ting, -ted 
'antflta*, -z outfitter, -s 
ant'flaBijk, -s, -ig, -t outflank, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'autflou, -z outflow (s.), -s 
aut'flou, -z, -ii|, -d outflow (t;.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
0'autga:d, -z outguard, -s 
'autgou outgo (s.) 
autl'gou, -'gouz, -'gottiij, -'went, 

-'gan [-'gain] outlgo {v.), -goes, 

-going, -went, -gone 
'autgowa*, -z outgoer, -s 
'antgoMii), -z outgoing (s.), -s 
ant|'grou, -'grouz, -'grouii), 

-'gru:, -'gronn out|grow, -grows, 

-growing, -grew, -grown 
'antgronO. -s outgrowth, -s 
O'authanfs, -ziz outhou|se, -ses 
ant'herad, -z, -ii), -id outherod, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
O'autii), -z outing, -s 
O'antkaist, -s outcast, -s 
'antkAm outcome 
aut'kla:s, -iz, -ii), -t outclass, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'aatkr|ai, -aiz outcr|y, -ies 
'autkrap, -s outcrop, -s 
O aut'laist, -s, -ig, -id outlast, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'antlaia*, -z outlier, -s 
'aatlaiii) outlying 
'antlain, -z, -ig, -d outlin|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'antlsenda*, -z Outlander, -s 
ant'laendij*, -U, -nis outlandish, 

-ly, -ness 
.'autlei, -z outlay (s.), -s 
ant'lei, -z^ -ig, ant'leid outlay 

(v.), -s, -ing, outlaid 
'antlit [-let], -s outlet, -js 
ant'liv, -z, -ig, -d outliv|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'antla:, -z, -ig, -d outlaw (s. v), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'antlairi outlawry 
'autlnk, -s outlook, -s 
0,antma'njn:y|a*, -az, -arig, -ad 

outmanoeuv|re, -res, -ring, -red 

'aatmonst — 'aebdiksnt 

8 — 

ant'sel— ffib'dsAds 

'antmonst outmost 
O .ant'nAmba*, -z, -rig, -d out- 
number, -a, -ing, -ed 
Oantoudai'fei [-do'f-], -z auto- 

da-f^, -a 
'antonzdai'fei [-da'f-] autoa-da-f^ 
O ant'peis, -iz, -ig, -t outpacje, 

-es, ing, -ed 
'autpeijrfnt, -s outpatient, -s 
ant'plei, -z, -ig, -d outplay, -8, 

-ing, -ed 
'antponst, -s outpost, -s 
'aut^poia*, -z outpour (s.), s 
ant'p9:»*, -z, -rig, -d outpour 

(v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
'autpoiarig , -z outpouring («.), 

'antpnt, -s output, -a 
Oantl'raid, -'raidz, -'raidig, 

-'roud, -'ridn out|ride, -rides, 

-riding, -rode, -ridden 
'antraida*, -z outrider, -s 
'ant'rait outright 
aafraiTJal, -alz, -alig [■^g], -aid 

outriv|al, -ala, -ailing, -ailed 
ant'rAn, -z, -ig, ant'rsen outrun, 

-s, -ning, outran 
'aatrAj*, -iz outrush, -es 
aut'reidsas, -li, -nig outrageous, 

-ly, -ness 
'antrids [-refds], -iz -ig, -d 

outrag|e (a. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
aut'riitj, -iz, -ig, -t outreach, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'antriga*, -z outrigger, -a 
O'ant'said, -z outside, -s 
ant'saida*, -z outsider, -s 

^aut'sel, -z, -ig, aut'sould outsell, 

-8, -ing, outsold 
'antset, -s outset, -s 
'antska:t, -s outskirt, -8 
'ant'sponkan outspoken 
'ant'spred outspread 
ant'stsendig outstanding 
^ant'stei, -z, -ig, -d outstay, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
aut'stea*, -z, -rig, -d outstar|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
aut'stretj, -iz, -ig, -t outstretch, 

-ea, -ing, -ed 
'antstretXt outstretched (adj.) 
aut'strip, -s, -ig, -t outstrip, -s, 

-ping, -ped 
O aufjain, -z, -ig, ant'/an out- 
shin |e, -es, -ing, outshone 
Ojant'top, -s, -ig, -t outtop, -s, 

-ping, -ped 
Oaut'wei, -s, -ig, -d outweigh, 

-8, -ing, -ed 
^aut'went outwent (from outgo) 
'antwa:k, -s outwork («.), -s 
ant'waik, -s, -ig, -t outwork {v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'antwa:ka*, -z out-worker, -s 
'autwad, -z, -li, -nis outward, -a, 

-ly, -ness 
anfrnt, -z, -ig, -id outwit, -s, 

ting, -ted 
Ojant'Tai, -z, -ig, -d outvie, -s, 

-ing, -d 
^aut'Tont, -s, -ig, -id outvot|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'antvonta*, -z out-voter, -a 
• 'auzli Owsley 


9eb, -z abb, -s 

se'baiti (ab'baite), -z abbate, -a 

'sebdamen = seb'donmen 

'aebdi Abdy 

'sebdial [-djal] Abdiel 

eeb'diara Abdera 

aebdi'keij"an, -z abdication, -s 

'wbdikeit, -s, -ig, -id abdicat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'sebdikant, -s abdicant, -s 

teb'doamen [-min, 'eebdamenj, -z 

abdomen, -s 
eeb'daminas abdominous 
sebdaminjl, -ali abdomin|al,-ally 
seb'dAkJan [ab-], -z abduction, -s 
seb'dAkt, -8, ig, --id abduct, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
seb'dAkta*, -z abductor, -s 
seb'd3Ad3, -iz, -ig, -d abjudg|e, 

-ea, -ing, -ed 

BBfo'dsek/an— 'what 

'tebatsbari— 'tebsaljaitli 

teb'dsekj'dn abjection 
'tebd^ekt ['sebdsikt], -li, -nis 

abject, -ly, -ness 
ieb'd5n:dikeit, -s, -ii|, -id abju- 

dicat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
seb'dsua*, -z, -rig, -d, -ra*, -raz 

abjur|e, -es, -ing, -ed, -er, -era 
eebdsna'reijan, -z abjuration, -s 
'aebei (a'be), -z abb6, -s 
'aebei, -z abb^ye, -s 
nb'eiliaiieit [-Ijan-], -s, -ii|, -id 

abalienat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
se'beijial abbatial 
«ebed'iii:goa, a'bednigou Abed- 

wbe'reijdn [-ba'r-], -z aber- 

lation, -s 
'ffibereit, -s, -ig, -id aberrat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
8eb'er8n|s, -si, -t aberran|ce, 

-cy, -t 
'seba Abba 

wbabra'Oak Aberbiotbock 
seba'dsa* Aberdare 
sebada'vain, -z aberdevine, -s 
%ba'di:n, -Jia* Aberdeen, -sbire 
seba'donnian, -z Aberdonian, -s 
SBba'dua* Aberdour 
teba'feldi Aberfeldy 
Seba'faii Aberfoyle 
aeba'geli Abergele [name) 

'aeba'geni Abergavenny (family 
aebaga'Teni Abergavenny (place) 
aebalkas, -sal aba|cu9, -ci 
'sebakoin Abercorn 
'sBbakrAmbi AbercTombie 
sebali/dn [-bo'l-], -z abolition, -s 
aebali/anlist [-bo'l-], -ists, -izm 

abolition] ist, -ists, -ism 
seba'ni:6i Abernethy 
jeba'rei/an = sebe'r- 
SBba'reivsn Aberavon 
aeba'ridsiniiz aborigines 
9Bba'rid3in|I [-d3aii|l], -ali abo- 

rigin|al, -ally 
aeba'ristwie Aberystwyth 
'aebas A.bbas 
'sebasai plur. of 'sebakas 
{Bba'sAkan Abersycban 
'aebasli, -iz abbac|y, -iea 
aeba'siskjas, -ai abaciscjus, -i 
'sBbat, -s 1) abbot, -s; 2) Abbot(t) 

'ffibatsbari Abbotsbury 
'sebatsfad Abbotsford 
'eebatsn Abbotson 
'aebatjip, -s abbotsbip, -s 
aeba'two:* ['sebat-] (aba'twan*), -z 

abbattoir, -s 
'sebi, -z abbey (A.), -s 
'tebigeil, -z abigail (A.), -s 
'8BbiIi:n Abilene [America) 
8ebi'li:ni Abilene {Syria) 
'sebindsa* Abinger 
'sebigd^n Abingdon 
'sebigtan Abington 
sebiou'dsenisis abiogenesis 
'ffibis, -iz abbess, -es 
aebi'sinja, -n, -nz Abyssinia, -n, 

se'bij'eiai [-Jiai] Abishai 
'aeblaut ('aplant), -s ablaut, -s 
seblaek'teij'an, -z ablactation, -s 
SBb'leiJan, -z ablation, -s 
%bla'taiT9l ablatival 
'seblatiT, -z ablative (s. adj.), -s 
'sBblnant, -s abluent, -s 
'aebna* Abner 
'sebni Abney 

sebni'geij^u, -z abnegation, -s 
'sBbnigeit, -s, -ig, -id abnegatje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
eebn9''in8elit|i, -iz, abnormalit|y, 

9eb'na:iii|al [ab-J, -ali abnorm|al, 

geb'na:mit|i [ab-], -iz abnormitjy, 

eeihan'Ao (aba:'d5) abandon (s.) 
aebraka'dsBbra [-'doibra], -z abra- 
cadabra, -s 
tebra'geijau [-ro'g-] abrogation 
'sBbrageit [-rog-], -s, -ig, -id 

abrogatje, -s, -ing, -ed 
ffib'sent [ab'sent], -s, -ig, -id 

absent (v.), -a, -ing, -ed 
'sebsent (ap'se:t) 'sebsinO absinthe 
'tebsalam Absalom 
aBbsa'lj'niJan, -z absolution, -s 
'%bsalja:t, -ist, -li, -nis absolute, 

-st, -ly, -ness 
'£ebsal^a:t|ist, -ists, -izm abso- 

lut|ist, -ists, -ism 
'BBbsa'lJnitli a very emphatic form 

of '8Bbsalj'u:tIi 

'sebssnant — 'aedanaiz 

— 10 

eeda'ueiis — 'iBdskript 

'aebssnant [-son-], absonont 
'sebsans, -iz absence, -s 
'«ebs»nt, -li absent (adj.'^, -ly 
sebsan'ti: [-sen-], -z, -izm ab- 
sentee, -s, -ism 
'«ebs9nt'maindid, -li, -nis absent- 
minded, -ly, -ness 
ieb'sind = sb'sind abscind 
'eebsinO = 'sebsent absinthe 
'aehsis [-ses], -iz abscess, -es 
sebsis-, 8ebsi:3, sebsk- = ab- 
sebsn- ^ tebsan- 
sebsten-, sebsta:-, sebsti:- = ab- 
'sebstinsnls, -si, -t abstinenlce, 

-cy, -t 
aeb'strtekjdn, -z abstraction, -s 
'tebstrtekt, -s, -li, -nis abstract 

(s. adj.), -s, -ly, -ness 
eeb'strsekt, -s, -ii), -id abstract 

{v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
seb'strtektidlli, -nis abstractedjly, 

eeb'stra:s, -li, -nis abstruse, -ly, 
'aebTi'l (ab'Til) Abbeville [-nesa 
• aed, -z, -ig, -id add, -s, -ing, -ed 
eedai'nsemik adynamic 
sedsen'sounia adansonia 
sedsep'teij'^n [tedapt-], -z adap- 
fedAin 'breijan, -z adumbration, -s 
aed'Ambreit, -s, -ig, -id adum- 

brat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
'sedept, -s adept (s.l, a 
'aedept = a'dept adept {a^j.) 
'seda*, -z adder, -s 
'sedabl addable 
'sed^lbait Adalbert 
aeda'Ies<»n|s [-dol-], -t adoles- 

cen|ce, -t 
tedaleid [-dil-] Adelaide 
'iedali:n [-dil-] Adeline 
ieda'li:na [-di'l-J Adelina 
'aedam Adam 

'sedamait, -s adamite (A.), -s 
'aedamtent [-mant] adamant 
aeda'mtentain adamantine 
aedamsn Adamson 
'aedamOweit Adamthwaite 
'eedamz Adams 
aeda'naidsa [-do'n-] Adonijah 
'aedanaiz [-don-], -iz, -ii), -d 
adoniz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 

aeda'neiis [-do'n-] Adonais 

sedapt- ^ tedtept- 

aeda'rei/an [aedo'r-, seda:'r-], -z 

adoration, -s 

'sedaztAii adder's tongue 

'»dazwa:t adder's-wort 
tedhi'bijan, -z adhibition, -s 
ted'hibit, -s, -ii|, -id adhibit, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
tedhia etc., -hiia-, -Wis- = adh- 

'aedibl [-dabl] addible 

'tedid added (from add) 

'aedids, -iz adage, -s 

'aedikwasi adequacy 

'aedikwit, -li, -nis adequate, -ly, 

'aedileid, -li:n, -liiua = 'aedal- 

'aedila Adela 

aedi'naemik [-dai'n-] adynamic 

'aedinaid [-dan-], -z adenoid, -s 

'aedigtan Addington 

sedipa'sia* [-po's-] adipocere 

'aedipons adipose 

aedi'randaek Adirondack 

'aediskam Addiscombe 

'aedisn Addison 

'sedit, -s adit, -s 

aedju'leijan adulation 

'aedjuleit, -s, -iij, -id adulat|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

'aedjnleita*, -z adulator, -s 

'aedjnleitari adulatory 

'aedkak Adcock 

'aed|I, -Iz, -lig [-lig], -Id add|le, 
-les, -ling, -led 

'aedlhedid addleheaded 

'aedlmant addlement 

'aedlstan Addlestone 

'aedlpeitid addle-pated 

aedma'reijan [-mi'r-] admiration 

aedmarabjl [-mir-], -li, -Inis 
admirablle, -ly, -leness 

'aedmaral [-mir-], -z admiral, -s 

'iedniaralt{i [-mir-], -iz admi- 
rably, -ies 

aedma'ttijan [-mo'n-], -z ad- 
monition, -8 

'sedmiratiT [ad'mai»ratiT] admi- 

'aedolf [a'dolfl Adolph 

aedsi'tijas adsoititious 

'aedskript, -s adscript, -s 

iedra:n'teid33s — {efeta'ouzoa - 

11 — 

sefa'biliti — 'segneit 

8edTa:n'teid38S [-van-], -li, -nis 

advantageous, -ly, -ness 
aedran'i:, -z advowee 
'SBdyent [-Taut], -s advent (A.), -s 
aedTen'tiJsg [-van-], -li adven- 
titious, -ly 
'gedveib, -z adverb 
'sedvais, -nis, -11 [sed'Taisli] ad- 
verse, -ness, -ly 
'8BdT9'Sar|i, -iz adversarly, -ies 
sedva'keiXan [-vo'k-] advocation 
'iedvakeit [-vok-], -s^ -li), -id 

advocat|e (v.), -es, -mg, -ed 
'sedrakasi [-vok-] advocacy 
'sedvakeit [-vok-], -s advocate 

is.), -a 
'aedvataiz, -iz, -ig, -d advertis|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'sedvataiza*, -z advertiser, -s 
sed'Tiin, -z, -ii), -d adven|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
8edz adds (from add) 
aedz, -iz, -ii), -d adzje (s. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'aedsaU, -ist, -li, -nis agile, st, 

-ly, -ness 
'xA^Agkt, -8, -li [a'd3Ai)%.tli] 

adjunct, -s, -ly 
aedsek'taivlal [-djik-], -all ad- 

jectiv|al, -ally 
'»d3iktiT, -z, -li adjective (s.adj.'), 

-8, -ly 
'sedsil dialectal for 'sedsail 
'8ed3inka:t (asi'knnr) Agincourt 
'9ed3iatid3 [-dsiot-] agiotage 
'sedsion, -s agio, -s 
aed3i'ieij'aii, -z agitation, -s 
'aBd3iteit, -s, -ig, -id agitat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'sed3iteita*, -z agitator, -s 
'aedsoint (ad'sws), -z adjoint, -s 
aBd3n9'reiJaii, -z adjuration, -s 
'aed3n'tid3 [a'd3n:tid3] adjutage 
'aedsntanjsi, -t, -ts adjutan|cy, 
-t, -ts 

• 'seSastan Atherstone 
'«e5at9n Atherton 

• sefeiz- = afeiz- 
£efek'teipn [-flk't-], -z affec- 
tation, -s 

iefetn'onzon [-Ijn'onsou] affet- 

sefa'biliti affability 

'«efab|l, -li, -Inis affab|le, -ly, 

8efa'']neiJ'»n, -s affirmation, -s 
'sefanji -as aphonjy, -ous 
'sefaraiz^ -iz, -ip, -d, -a*, -az 

aphoriz|e, -es, -ing, -ed, -er, -ers 
'tefarant afferent 
'aefarist, -s aphorist, -s 
«efa'ristik [tefa'r-], -all aphorist- 
ic, -ally 
'tefarizm, -z aphorism, -s 
'setgxn, -z Afghan, -s 
tefgteiiis'teen [eef gsenistsen, -tan] 

sefl'deivit, -s affidavit, -s 
sefldian, eefls = eif- 
'aeflks, -iz affix («.), -es 
'tefliks, -iz afflux, -es 
'eeflnanls, -t, -ts, -tli affluenjce, 

-t, -ts, -tly 
eefra'daiti [-fro-] Aphrodite 
sefra'dizi|{ek [-fro-], -an aphro- 

disilac, -an 
'sefriit, -8 afreet, -s 
'sefrik Afric 

sefri'ksenda*, -z Africander, -s 
sefri'keinas Africanus 
'eefrika, -n, -nz Africa, -n, -ns 
'seftan Afton 
• se'gserik agaric (adj.) 
sega'memnan Agamemnon 
'seganaiz, -iz, ig, -igli, -d agon- 

iz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
'ieganji, -iz agon|y, -ies 
sega'nistik, -all, -s agonistic, 

-ally, -s 
'segapi', -z agape {$.), -s 
eega'pi:mani [-'pent-] agapemone 
'eegarja, -i:, -az agor|a, -ae, -as 
'iegarik [a'gserik], -s agaric (s.), -s 
'segat ['segit], -s agate (s.), -s 
'aegaOa Agatha 
'segi Agg|ie, -y 
eeg'naiz, -iz, -ig, -d agniz|e [-is|e], 

-es, -ing, -ed 
aeg'nsetik, -»1, -all agnatic, -al, 

'tegneil, -z agnail, -s 
'aegneim, -z, -d agname, -s, -d 
aeg'neijan agnation 
'aegneit agnate 

'wgnas'diiai— sekra'foaetik — 12 — 'aekrabietizm — aek'trntl 1 

'tegnas'diiai ['aignns'deii:] Agnus 

'aegnis ['segniz] Agnes 
'segnjn: Agnew 
{eg'nonmen, -z agnomen, -8 
'«egr8ndaiz[a'grsend-], -iz, -ig, -d 

aggrandizje [-i8|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
segra'nonmial [«egro-] agrono- 

aegra'TeiJan, -z aggravation, -s 
'eegrareit, -8, -ii|, -igli, -id ag- 
, gravat|e, -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
segri'geijan, -z aggregation, -s 
'segrigeit, -s, -ig, -id aggregat|e 
, (v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
.'eegrigit, -s aggregate (s. adj.), -s 
'agrikAlt/a* agriculture 
tegri'kAlt/9r|9l, -alist, -alists 

agricultur|al, -alist, -alists 
segri'kAltjfdrist, -s agriculturist, 

'aegrimani agrimony 
{•'eeksed 1) Accad; 2) Akkad 
'sekbo:* Akbar 
ieka'demik, -al, -ali academic, 

-al, -ally 
'tekalait [-kol-], -s acolyte, -s 
seka'leid [-kol-, -'laid] (ako'lad) 
, accolade 

'aekeman Ackerman(n) 
'sekanait [-kon-]. -s aconite, -s 
aekaron [-ran] Acheron 
'eekil Achil(l) 
seki'Ii-an achillean 
'%kjnrasi accuracy 
'aekjarit, -li, -nis accurate, -ly, 

sekjn-'zeij'an, -z accusation, -s 
aeklai'meij'aii, -z acclimation, -s 
sekla'meij'aii, -z acclamation, -s 
'sekland Acland 
'sekli Ackley 
'aeklin Acklin 
'aekmi, -z acme, -s 
'sekni acne 
sekag'kaigwa (-'kaegjna, -kan'k) 

'sekrei Achray 
'sekra Accra, Akkra 
'aekrabaat [-krob-], -s acrobat, -s 
aekra'beetik [-kro'b-], -all acro- 
batic, -ally 

'sekrabsetizm [-krob-] acrobatism 
tekraka'rinOas Acrocorintbus 

'tekraliO, -s acrolith, -s 
tekra'msetik [-kro'm-], -ali achro- 
matic, -ally 
sekri'bel, -z acribelle, -s 

'eekrid, -li, -nis acrid, -ly, -ness 

'sekriman|i, -iz acrimon|y, -ies 

tekri'mounias [-njas], -11, -nis 
acrimonious, -ly, -ness 

'«ekrii|tan Accringtou 

'«ekritjn:d acritude 

'sekraid 1) Ackroyd; 2) Akroyd 

'tekran Akron 

aeks, -iz ase, -a 

seks- = aks- 

sek'sept, etc. = ak'sept, etc. 

seksep'telj'dn, -z acceptation, -s 

'aekses [sek'ses] access 

tek'ses-, sek'se/- = aks- 

'seksant, -s accent (s.), -s 

'sekahovm ['seksam] Axholm(e) 

'seksi:z axes {plur. of axis) 

eeksi'dent|I,-ali accident|al, -ally 

'seksidans accidence 

'ieksidsnt, -8 accident, -s 

'seksial, -i axial, -ly 

'aeksiam, -z axiom, -s 

teksia'ntaetik [-sio'm-], -9I, -ali 
axiomatic, -al, -ally 

'seksil, -z axil, -s 

sek'silja, -i: axillja, -se 

'seksila*, -ri axillar, -y 

'teks|is, -i:z axjis, -es 

'aeksiz axes {plur. of axe) 

'seksl, -z, -d axle, -s, -d 

'eeksltri:, -z axle-tree, -s 

'eeksminsta* Axminster 

'seksnt, -s accent (s.), -s 

'sekstan Axton 

'sekjan, -z action, -s 

'sekj^abl [-Jan-] actionable 

«ekt, -s, -ig, -id act («. v.), -a, 
-ing, -ed 

'tekta acta 

'sekta*, -z actor, -s 

'sektan Acton 

'sektid acted (from act) 

sektiam ['gekjiam] Actium 

eek'tinik actinic 

'sektiT, -li, -nis active, -ly, -ness 

sek'tiTit|i, -iz activit|y, -ies 

tekljn'tBliti — aelbi'dsensia — 13 

'eelbien— sela'trapikj. 

gek1jn'sBlit|l [-tj^-], -izactualit|y, 

sektja'eijan [-tj^-] -z actuation, 


gekljueit [-tjn-], -s, -ifl, -id 
actuatle, -es, -ing, -ed 

seklju'earial [-tja-] actuarial 
'wk^nal [-tju-], -i actual, -ly 
'tek^nelaiz, -iz, -ii), -d actualizje 

[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
'nkljuarji [-tjn-], -iz actuar|y, 

'aektris, -iz actress, -es 

8Bkn:'j8:* (aku'Jflea*), -z accou- 
cheur, -s 

8eka:'j3:z (akn'Xeiz), -iz accou- 
cheuse, -s 

'aekwa'faitis aqua-fortis 

wkTrsms'ri:!!, -z aquamarine, -s 

eekna'rel, -z aquarelle, -s 

sekwa'relist, -s aquarellist, -s 

'iekw9'ri:d3i9 aquaregia 

'aekwatint ['eikwa-], -s aquatint, -s 

aekws'tinte [eikTra-] aquatinta 

'sekw8'9 Ackworth 

aekwa'vaiti: aqua-vitee 

'sekwidjikt, -s aqueduct, -s 

gekwi'es, -iz, -ig, -t acquieBc|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

9Bkm'eS9n|8, -t acquiescen|ce, -t 

'sekmas, -li aqueous, -ly 

gektri'tein Aquitaine 

aekwi'zijan, -s acquisition, -s 

0'9Bla: = '»la Allah 

selb, -z alb, -s 

8el'ba:ni Albani 

%l'ba:non Albano 

eel'bainoii, -z albino, -s 

'aelbait albite 

SBl'beinis, -n Albania, -n 

sel'beita albata 

sel'besant albescent 

ael'bsinam, -z alburnum, -s 

'aelba't. -s albert (A.), -s 

sel'foaita Alberta 

aelba Alba 

eelbam, -z album, -s 

selbari Albury {town in Australia) 

aelbarik Alberic 

aelbaspain albespine 

'selbatras, -iz albatross, -es 

selbi'dsensiiz Albigenses 

'selbian [-bjan] Albion 
'ffilbima:! [-bam-] Albemarle 
'eelbin Albin 
'selbinizm albinism 
sel'biinon, -z albino, -s 
selbju-'dsinias albugineous 
'ffilbjnle Albula 
«el'bjn:men [-min] albumen 
9Bl'bjn:miu albumen [-min] 
ferbjn:min9S albuminous 
sel'bjniminoid. -z albuminoid, -s, 
sel'debaran Aidebaran 
'ffildihaid, -z aldehyde, -s 
'seldsa* Alger 
'seldsanan Algernon 
'teldsi: algse {plvr. of alga) 
ffildsi'breiik, -al, -ali algebraic, 

-al, -ally. 
'seldsibreiist, -8 algebraist, -s 
'sBldsibra, -z algebra, -s 
sel'dsiaria, -n, -nz Algeria, -n,^ 

ael'dsiaz Algiers 
aeldsi'saiaras Algeciras 
ffile'geijan [-li'g-], -z allegation, 

atle'gorik [-li'g-], -al, -ali aUe-. 

goric, -al, -ally 
'sela ['sbIo:, selo:] Allah 
eela'baima ['«Bl3ba:m9] Alabama 
'selabaista [-bses-] alabaster 
sBla'brondsiiz = a'lobradsiiz 

aelaha'baBd Allahabad 
sela'keiXan [-lo'k-] allocation 
'aeilakeit [-lok-], -s, -ig, -id alio-. 

cat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
«el3'kja:J'an [-lo'k-], -z allocu-. 

tion, -8 
'aelam, -z alum (A.), -s 
sela'mond (ala'mad) alamode 
aela'moit (ala'moa-) alamort 
'selan l)Alan; 2) Allan; 3) AUon. 
'aelsnbi AUenby 
'aelsndeil AUandale 
'aelana'deil Allan,-a-Dale 
'ffilapwO [-lop-], -s allopath, -s^ 
sela'paeOik [-lo'p-] allopathic 
'aelarik Alaric 
tele'stea* Alastair 
'gelatin AUerton 
tela'trapili; [-lo't-] allotropiQ. 

'telawei— SBli'mentsri 

— 14 

'salimsni — 'eelmAg 

'selawei [-low-] Alloway 

'aelfa, -z alpha, -a 

selfa'betik, -al, -all alphabetic, 
-al, -ally 

'selfabit [-bet], -s alphabet, -s 

'selfabitaiz [-bet-], -iz, -ig, -d 
alphabetiz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 

selfabi'tsarian [-be't-], -z alpha- 
betarian, -s 

'eelfad Alford 

tel'fl'as Alphaeus 

serfsnsain [-nzain] alphousiue 

sel'fanzou Alfonso, Alphonso 

sel'freskon alfreaco 

serfri:d3 Alfreda 

'sBlfrid Alfred 

'telfrik 1) Alfric; 2) iElfric 

'8Bl|ga, -dsii al|ga, -gse 

'felgam algum 

'eelgaridm algorithm 

'selgarizm [-gor-] algorism 

eergona Algoa 

'telgal Algol 

sel'Iiffimbra Alhambra 

selhffim'bresk alhambresque 

'aeli, -z alley, -s 

'selibai, -z alibi, -s 

'seligeini [seli'geini] Alleghany 

'aeligeni [seli'geni] Allegheni 

eeli'geij'an allegation 

'aeligeita*, -z alligator, -s 

'seligaraiz, -iz, -ig, -d allegoriz|e 
[-is|el, -es, -ing, -ed 

'teligarji, -iz allegor|y, -ies 

'seligarist, -s allegorist, -s 

seli'garik, etc. = eele'garik, etc. 

eeli'gretou, -z allegretto, -s 

gelig'zainda* [-'z«en-] Alexander 

8elig'za:ndrain[-z%n-], -z alexan- 
drine, -s 

aelig'zamdra [-'zaen-] Alexandra 

«elig'za:adria [-zsen-], -n, -nz 
Alexandria, -n, -ns 

'selik 1) Alec(k); 2) Alick 

'%lik»ent alicant 

eeli'ksenti Alicante 

'selikwant aliquant 

'sBlikwot aliquot 

seli'lu;ja, -z alleluia, -s 

seli'maenik Alemannic 

eelimen'teiXan alimentation 

9eli'inent{ari, -1 aliment|ary, -al 

'selimaii|i, -iz alimon|y, -ies 
'selimant, -s aliment, -s 
'seliin, ge'liin Aline 
'»lin l)Allen; 2) AUeyn; 3)Allyn; 

4) Allein(e) 
'selindeil [-Ian-] Allendale 
'aelintaun [-Ian-] AUentown 
'«elii)ain Allingham 
'teligtan Alington 
'aeliped, -z aliped, -s 
'sella Alice 

seli'ssendria Alessandria 
SB'lisia [-ijia] Alicia 
'selisn Alison, Allison 
'aelista* Alister 
ailitj ('a:letj) Aletsch 
'ieljamain alumine 
seljn'miniam [-njam] aluminium 
'eeljnnait alunite 
ffil'kieza* alcazar 
iel'keiik, -s alcaic, -s 
'selkahest, -s alkahest, -s 
'ielkahal, -z alcohol, -s 
selka'halik alcoholic 
'eelkahalizm alcoholism 
aeilkah9'lainit{a*, -az, -ri alcoho- 

lomet|er, -ers, -ry 
'aslkalai, -z alkali, -(e)s 
'aelkala^in alkaline 
'ffilkalaiz, -iz, -iii, -d alkaliz|e 

[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
9elka'les9n{s, -si, -t alkales- 

cen|ce, -cy, -t 
'8elkali|fai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid 

alkali|fy, -fies, -fying, -fled 
%lka'Iimit|a*, -az, -ri alkali- 
metier, -ers, -ry 
selkaiiniti alkalinity 
'nikalaid, -z alkaloid, -s 
'selkimi alchemy 
sel'kimik [-kem-], -»1 alchemic, 

'telkimist. -s alchemist, -s 
selk'miinr Alcmene 
'lelkouT, -z, -d alcove, -s, -d 
'sBlko:* Alcor 
'8Blka:n Alcorn 
8elka:'ra:n [-ko'r-, -ka'r-] alkoran, 

'sBlkwin Alcuin 
{el'msenzo:* [-za*] Almanzor 
'felniAg almug 

'ffilma— eel'Tialas 

— 15 — 

'ielYialit— 'aembroaz 

'ffilma Alma 
'ffilmadsest Almagest 
'jelma'meits* alma-mater 
'selmsn Almou 
'aelmandain almandine 
'selmana*, -z almoner, -s 
'%lmani-|i, -iz almonrjy, -ies 
'ielma'todima Alma-Tadema 

sel'moin almoi(g)n 
'selmSnd (al'mdid), -z allemande, -s 
'selnmaO [-man6] Alnmouth 
'»lon, -z, -d aloe, -s, -d 

aBloM'etit, -s aloetic, -s 
'ieloua Alloa 

ielok-, selop- = sela- 

selp, -s alp (A.), -s 
'ielpain alpine 
'ielpainist, -s alpinist, -s 

sel'pgeka, -z alpaca, -s 

SBl'pestrian alpestrion 
'SBlpinstak. -s alpenstock, -s 
'selrisfad Alresford 

sel'saidiiz Alcides 

sel'saiani Alcyone 
'selssBS [sel'sses] Alsace 

ffil'seijid [-Xjajj •>», -nz Alsatia, 
-n, -ns, 

eel'sestis Alcestis 

gelsi'baiadiiz Alcibiades 

ael'si'as Alcseus 

sel'sinouas Alcinous 

selt alt 

aelt'aezimaO. -s altazimuth, -s 

ael'teiai [sel'tai] Altai 

ael'teiik Altaic 

selti'inetrikdl altimetrical 

sel'timitla*, -az, -ri altimet|er, 
-ers, -ry 

sertisimou altissimo 
'%Iti1jn:d, -z altitude, -s 

8elti'tjn:aiii9l altitudinal 
'aeltou, -z alto, -s 

sel'tonna Altona 
'sBltoMrili'eiTOu alto-rilievo 
'seltOMri'liiTOU alto-relievo 
'ieltra|ist, -ists, -izm altru|i8t, 
-ists, -ism 

seltru'istik, -ali altruistic, -ally 

'ael6a:p, Althorp 

'sBlyiala* [-Tiol-], -z, -ri alveolar, 

-8, -y 
sel'Tiallas, -ai alveol|us, -i 

'selvialit [-viol-] alveolate 

'selviarji, -iz, alvear|y, -ies 

'selvioul, -z alveole, -s 

•tern am 

'temaid, -z amide, -a 

'semain, -z amine, -s 

sem'bsessds* [-sida*], -s ambas- 
sador, -8 

{em'beesadajip [-sid-], -s ambas- 
sadorship, -s 

eembtesa'dairial ambassadorial 

icm'beesadris [-sid-], -iz ambas- 
sadress, -es 

'semba* amber 

'sembagri-s ambergris 

'tembari amberi 

'sembar|i, -iz ambur|y, -ies 

sembas'keid, -z, -ii), -id ambus- 
cad|e (s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 

'«embasid3, -iz ambassage, -s 

'eembi, -z ambe, -s 

'tembi'deksta*, -z ambidexter 

'«embideks'teriti ambidexterity 

'aembi'dekstras ambidextrous 

'eembid3, -iz, ambage, -s 

'eembiant ambient 

sem'bigjaas, -li, -nis ambiguous, 
-ly, -ness 

tembi'gjnitji, -iz ambiguitjy, 

sem'bij'an, -z ambition, -s 

sem'bij'as, -li, -nis ambitious, 
-ly, -ness 

'sembit, -s ambit, -s 

seinbjn''leikr|aiii, -a, -al ambu- 
lacr|um, -a, -al 

^embjaleijan, -z ambulation, -s 

'sembjnleit, -s, -ig, -id ambulatje, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

'eembjaleitar|i [-lat-], -iz ambu- 
lator|y (s. adj.), -ies 

'eembjnlans, -iz ambulance, -s 

tembjulan'sia*, -z ambulancier, -s 

'sembjulant ambulant 

'sembjl, -Iz, -lig [-Jig], -Id amb|le, 
-Ies, -ling, -led 

'SBmbla* [-fa*], -z ambler, -s 

'eemblsaid Ambleside 

'sembou, -z ambo, -s 

sem'baina Amboyna 

'eembri Ambree 

'tembrouz Ambrose 

iem'bronzia— Eemflei'ffitrikal — 16 

'wmflOistd* — jemrsBia 

tem'bronzia [-3^3], -1, -lij -n 

ambrosia, -1, -lly, -n 
'tembnj', -iz, -ij, -t ambush, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
temen'teij'as amentaceous 
'semsbel Amabel 
'semsdis Amadis 
'eemadn: amadou 
'eemaiek Amalek 
'seman 1) Ammon; 2) Aman 
tema'aaiak^l ammoniacal 
'temsnait, -s ammonite (A.), -s 
'semarait, -s Amorite, -s 
'semaraenO, -s amaranth, -s 
sema'rsenOain amaranthine 
'temaras, -11, -nis amorous, -ly, 

sema'rilis Amaryllis 
'jBmarist, -s amorist, -s 
'semasa Amasa 
'semast ['aemhaist] Amherst 
'semaXam Amersham 
«ema'ta:*['wmata:*j,-z amateur, -s 
jema'tairij" ['aematairij*], -11, -nis 

amateurish, -ly, -ness 
sema'tairlzm ['aemat-] amateurism 
'sematar|l, -Iz amator|y (s. adj.), 

'sematlT, -nis amative, -ness 
sema'tjua*, etc. = sema'ta:*, etc. 
eema'zala Amaziah 
'semazan, -z amazon (A.), -s 
«ema'zoanian amazonian 
sem'faian Amphion 
'eemfai'la, -1:, -az amphor|a, -«, -as 
sem'flball [-boll], -z amphibole 

(net), -s 
eem'flbal|i, -iz amphibol|y, -ies 
Eem'flbl|am [-bjlam], -a amphi- 

bi|um, -a 
sem'flblan [■bjanj,-z amphibian, -s 
cem'flbias [-bjas] amphibious 
semflboul amphibole {mineral) 
temfl'baladsi amphibology 
eem'flktian, -z Amphictyon, -s 
temflktl'anik amphictyonic 
eem'flpalls Amphipolis 
tem'fljian, -z amphiscian, -s 
'eemfltralti Amphitrite 
tem'fltrian Amphitryon 
eemflOi'ffitrik|9l, -all amphithe- 

atrical, -ly 

'cemflOiata*, -z amphitheatre, -s 
sem'farik amphoric 
sem'haerik Amharic 
'semha:st Amherst 
«emr«entas amiantus 
teml'tenOas amianthus 
'semldses Amidas 
'semiees 1) Amias; 2) Amyas 
'semial [-mjal] Amiel 
'semianz 1) Amiena (Shakespearian 

character); 2) = 'aemjl^i 
temika'biliti amicability 
'{emikab,!, -11, -Inls amicab|le, 

-ly, -leness 
'eemil amyl 

'semilda:*, -z amildar, -s 
semi'leiXas amylaceous 
'temllaid amiloid 
seml'laidl amiloidal 
'temls, «iz amice, -s 
'eemltl amity 
'temlOist. -s amethyst, -s 
'ieiiiJEg (a'mjg) Amiens (citt/) 
'femjullt, -8 amulet, -s 
{emjn'nlXan ammunition 
'8emlu:k ('amlnix) Amlwch 
'semnestji [-nis-], -iz amnest|y, 

'semnan [-nan] Amnon 
'tempea* (oi'peir) Ampfere 
'sempsa*, -z ampere, -s 
'eempa'seend, -z ampersand, -s 
'teinp»l, -z ampul, -s 
«empja''teij'an, -z amputation, -s 
'sempjn-telt, -s, -Ij, -Id ampu- 

tat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
'iemp{l, -la*, -list, -li, -Inis amp|le, 

-ler, -lest, -ly, -leness 
'aemplifai, -falz, -failg, -faid 

ampli|fy, -fies, -fying, -fled 
'semplifaia*, -z amplifier, -s 
templlfl'keij'an, -z amplification, 

'sempllflkeitari amplificatory 
'semplitja:d, -z amplitude, -s 
'sempiil Ampthill 
tempu'lelXas ampuUaceous 
sem'pul a», -arl ['»inpularl] am- 

pulljar, -ary 
«m'pul|a, -1: ampull|a, -£e 
'sempulit ampuUate 
'temraem Amram 

eemsta'dsem — 'eenekdout 


'eenekdoutl— 'fenanim 

^eemsta'diem Amsterdam 

'semua'propa* (amur'prapr) 

'^emzeis ambs-ace 

C 8sn 1) an {strong form); 2) Ann ; 

;-{) Anne 
se'ua: Annagh 

'8ena:k, -s anarch, -a 

'senail anile 

sensek'ssegarees [-ras] Anaxagoras 
^nsel'dsiisia [-zia] analgesia 
sensel'dsiisik [-'dsesik] analgesic 
eenselfa'betik, -al, -ali analpha- 
betic, -al, -ally 

'seneem 1) Annam; 2) Anam 

'senses Annas 

send and {strong form) 

'sendaian, -z andiron, -s 
een'deenti, -z andante, -s 
senda'lnisia [-nijia, -n:zia, -nisia) 

^senda'insen ['eendaman] Andaman 

'sendasn 1) Anderson; 2) Ander- 

'sendaTa* [-douTa*] . Andover 
aen'dran Andean 

'sendiiz Andes 
sen'da'ra Andorra 
sen'drsesi Andrassy 

'sendrei (ft'dre) Andre 
sendra'naikas [-dro'n-] Andro- 

'sendriees Andreas 

'sendria Andria 

'sendraid, -z android, -s 
sen'droidiiz androides 
sen'dramaki Andromache 
sen'dramida Andromeda 

'sendru:, -z Andrew, -s 

sen'dsaina angina 

sen'dselik, -al, -ali angelic, -al, 

sen'dselika angelica (A.) 
sendsa'lima [-dse'I-, -dsi'I-] An- 

'sendsia* Angier 

'sendsila Angela 
sendsilas, -iz angelus, -es 

'send5iliz Angeles 

'sendsilon Angfelo 

'sendsMn [-dsay-] Angevin 

'«enekdont['«enik-],-s anecdote, -s 

'aenekdontl ['senik-] anecdotal 
senek'datik [senik-], -al, -ali 

anecdotic, -al, -ally 
'seneks, -iz annex («.), -es 
%'neks ['seneks], -iz annexe, -s 
senek'seij'an [eenik-], -z annexa- 
tion, -s 
'eena, -z anna (A.), -s 
senabeep'taiz, -iz, -ig, -d anabap- 

tiz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
%na'biept|ist, -ists, -izm anabap- 

t|ist, -ists, -ism 
senabsep'tistik anabaptistic 
'senabel Annabel 
eena'bela Annabella 
'senadain [-nod-] anodyne 
'senadem, -z anadem, -s 
'senagadsi [-gagi] anagogy 
aena'gadsik, -8,-91, -ali anagogic, 

-s, -al, -ally 
'ienagrsem, -z anagram, -s 
sena'grsemataiz, -iz, -ii), -d ana- 

grammatiz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
sena'grsematjist, -ists, -izm ana- 

grammatjist, -ists, -ism 
eenagra'meetik , -al, -ali ana- 

grammatic, -al, -ally 
'senakaiz, -iz, -ig, -d anarchizje 

[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
eenaka'ljn:0|ia, -on [-an], -a ana- 

coluthjia, -on, -a 
'senakji, -ist, -ists, -izm anarch|y, 

-ist, -ists, -ism 
sena'kanda, -z anaconda, -s 
eena'kra:s|is, -i:z anacrus|is, -es 
'senalaiz, -iz, -ig, -d analys|e, -es, 

-intf, -ed 
'senalaizabl analysable 
'senalekts analects 
'senalist, -s 1) analyst, -s; 2) an- 
nalist, -s 
eena'Iitik, -s, -al, -ali analytic, 

-s, -al, -ally 
sena'ladsik, -al, -ali analogic, 

-al, -ally 
'senalag, -z analogue, -s 
%na'ma:fa8|i8 [-ma:'foa8|is], -iiz 

anamorphos|is, -es 
'eenan Annan 
eena'naias Ananias 
'senandeil Annaudale 
'senauim, -z anonym, -s 

Michaelis & Jones, Phonetic Dictionary. 

tena'nimiti— 'eeuis 

- 18 

'fenisiid — 'senta* 

eene'nimiti [-non-] anonymity 
'senapest. -s anapest, -s 
eena'pestik anapestic 
'sen3pi:st. -s anapaest, -s 
sen3'pi:stik anapeestic 
'senaraid [-nir-], -z aneroid, -s 
eena'toalia [-Ijaj, -n, -nz Anato- 
lia, -n, -na 
sena'tamik, •»!, -all anatomic, 

-al, -ally 
tenhai'maiiik anharmonic 
sen'haidraid, -z anhydride 
sen'Iiaidr|ait, -as anhydrjite, -oua 
seai:s'Oetik, -s, -all anaesthetic, 

-s, -ally 
seui:8'0etist [ee'niisOatist], -s an- 
aesthetist, -s 
«e'ni:86itaiz, -iz, -ig, -d anaesthe- 

tiz|e r-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
seni:s'Oi:zia [-3ia] anaesthesia 
'aeni Annie 
'aenik Alnwick 

'aenikdont, -s, -1 anecdot|e,-es,-al 
aenik'seijan, -z annexation, -s 
'senil 1) anil; 2) dialectical for 
'aenilain aniline ['aenail 

aeui'lektrik, -s anelectric, -s 
aeni'lektroad, -z anelectrode, -s 
aeni'maelkju'l, >z animalcule, -s 
aeni'maelkjula animalcula {plur. 

of animalcule) 
aeni'maelkjnla* animalcular 
aeni'meij'dn animation 
'aenimeit, -s, -iij, -id, -idli ani- 
m_at|e (v.), -es, -ing, -ed, -edly 
'aeuimeita*, -z animator, -s 
'aenimeit animate {adj.) 
aenimad'yaijan [-maed'T-], -z an- 
imadversion, -s 
aenimad'Ta:t, -s, -ig, -id animad- 
vert, -s, -ing, -ed 
'aenimal, -z animal, -s 
'aenimalizm, -z animalism, -s 
'aenimas animus 
'aenimit animate (adj.) 
aenimo'metrik [-ma'm-] anemo- 

aeni'mamit|a*, -az, -ri anemo- 

met|er, -ers, -ry 
aeni'maslt|i, -iz animositjy, -ies 
'aeniraid, -z aneroid, -s 
'aenis anise 

'aenisi:d aniseed 
aenis'O- = aeni:s'0- 
aeni'ra:sar|i, -iz anniversarjy, -ies 
aeni'zet (ani'zetj anisette 
'aenjnal, -i, -z annual, -ly, -s 
'aenjaarizm, -z aneurism, -s 
aenjna'rizmal aneurismal 
aenju'leiXsn, -z annulation, -s 
'aenjnleit annulate 
'aenjuleitid annulated 
'aenjula* annular 
'aenjnli = 'aenjnali 
aen'kaisiiz [aeg'k-] Anchises 
'aenlas ['aenlis], -iz aniace, -s 
aeniz annals 
'aenond, -z anode, -s 
aenou'teijan, -z annotation, -s 
'aenouteit, -s, -ig, -id annotatje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'aenonteita*, -z annotator, -a 
aen'saiara Ancyra 
'aenselm [-salm] Anselm 
'aensarAin anserine 
'aensesta*, etc. = 'aensista*, etc. 
aen'sestral ancestral 
'aensilari ancillary 
aen'sipitas ancipitous 
aen'sipitl ancipital 
'sensista*, -z ancestor, -s 
'aeusistrji, -iz ancestrfy, -ies 
'aensistris, -iz ancestress, -es 
'aensn Anson 
aen'sonnia [-nja] Ansonia 
'aensti Anstey 
'aenstid Ansted 
'aenstis Anstis 
'aenstrASa* Anstruther 
aent, -a ant, -s 
^aen'ta:ktik, -al, -ali Antarctic, 

-al, -ally 
aen'taiakas Antiochus 
aen'taeganaiz, •iz,-ig,-d antagon- 

iz|e [-isle], -es, -ing, -ed 
aen'taeganist, -s antagonist, -s 
aentaega'nistik, -ali antagonistic, 

aen'taeganizm, -z antagonism, -a 
'aent'aesid, -z antacid (s. adj.), -a 
aen'ten|a, -i: antenn|a, -ae 
aen'tenal antennal 
aen'tenari antennary 
'aenta*, -z antre, -s 

'tentanain— 'jBnti^kristjan — 19 — 'tentifa-istjanizm— een'tipata* 

'tentanain, -z Antonine, -s 
senta'nainas [-to'n-] Antoninus 
'tentansena'rvTOu Antananarivo 
'tentani 1) Antony; 2) Anthony 
'sentanim, -z antonym, -a 
sen'teari:z Antares 
'senthil, -z anthill, -s 
sen'ti'as Antaeus 
ten'tiigwa [-'tigjna] Antigua 
een'ti:k, -B, -11, -nls antique, -a, 

-ly, -ness 
'senti:ta*, -z ant-eater, -s 
'{euti'biljas antibilious 
'«ntida.rij"u:Tial, -i antediluvial, 


'sentldal'l^'niTian, -z antidilu- 

vian, -8 
'eenti'deit, -s, -ig, -Id antedat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed. 
'ientidout, -s antidote, -s 
'sentidoutal [eentl'doatal] anti- 
sen'tiaria*, -U, -nis anterior, -ly, 

'senti'fset antifat 
'sentrfedar|»l, -alist, -alizm anti- 

federjal, -alist, -alism 
'eentifan, -z antiphon, -s 
sen'tifana*, -z antiphoner, -s 
sen'tifanal, -z antiphonal, -s 
sen'tifanar |i, -iz antiphonar|y, -ies 
8ea'tifan|i, -iz antiphon{y, -ies 
'senti'flibrail [-'feb-J antifebrile 
'sentiflks, -iz antifix, -es 
eenti'fanik, -al, -aU antiphonic, 

-al, -ally 
senti'frsestlk, -al, -ali antiphrast- 

ic, -al, -ally , 
ien'tifiraslis, -i:z antiphras|is, -es 
ien'tigauas Antigonus 
een'tigani Antigone 
'£enti'hi:li|ks, -si:z, -ksiz anti- 

heli|x, -ces, -xes 
'ieutik, -s antic, -s 
'senti'keeOalik [-'ka:e-], -s anti- 
catholic, -s 
'tenti'klaimseks, -iz anticlimax,-e8 
'tenti'klainal, -z anticlinal, -s 
'eentiklo:*, -z antichlor, -s 
'sentikraist, -s antichrist, -s 
'senti^krisljan [-tjan], -z anti- 
christian, -s 

'tenti^kristjanizm [■tj'an-] anti- 

eenti'k'weijan antiquation 
'tentikweit, -s, -ig, -id antiquatje 

(v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'sentikweitid antiquated (aey.) 
eenti'ktrearian, -z, -izm anti- 
quarian, -s, -ism 
'eeiitikw9r|i, -iz antiquar|y, -ies 
'tentikwit antiquate {a^.) 
«en'tikirit|i, -iz antiquit|y, -ies 
sen'tilakas Antilochus 
ten'tiladsji, -iz antilog|y, -ies 
«en'tili:z ['sentili:z] Antilles 
'eentilonp, -s antelope, -s 
'sentimeesk [-maisk], -s antimas- 

que, -s 
sentima'keesa*,-z antimacassar, -s 
ten'timakas Antimachus 
'eentima'na:kikal [-mo'n-, -mo'u-] 

'sentimani antimony 
'tentima'ridian [-djan] antemerid- 
tenti'mouuial [-njal], -z antimon- 

ial, -s 
senti'manik antimonic 
'senti'manakist, -s anti-monar- 
chist, -s 
'senti'ncej'anal [-'nsej^ij] anti- 
'senti'nAp/al antenuptial 
'tenti'neital antenatal 
sen'tinam|i, -iz antinom|y, -ies 
een'tinouas Antinous 
sen'tiina:* [-na*] Antenor 
eenti'namik antinomic 
ientiou'ki-a [senti'oukia] Antio- 

senti'oukian, -z Antiochian, -s 
'sentiak Antioch 
senti'peeOik antipathic 
'aentipaia'retik [-pi'r-] antipy- 
'ientipe'DAlt [-pi'n-], -8 antepe- 
nult, -s 
'sentipe'nAltimit [-pi'n-], -s ante- 
penultimate, -s 
aen'tipadal [-pod-] antipodal 
ientipa'di-n [-po'd-] antipodean 
aen'tipadi:z [-pod-] antipodes 
ten'tipata* Antipater 

ientipa'Setik — sen'tounion — 20 

'eentrim — 'fegglafonb 

eentips'Oetik, -al, -ali antipar 

thetic, -al, -ally 
een'tip36|i, -iz antipatli|y, -ies 
sen'tipaOist, -s antipathist, -s 
'sentipi'n- = 'sentipe'n- 
'sentipi'r- = 'sentipaia'r- 
'eentipoul, -z antipole, -s 
'ientiponp, -8 antipope, -a 
'eentipan antipon 
'senti'prsendial [-djal] antepran- 
'sentirn-m, -z anteroom, -s 
'senti'saikioun, -z anticyclone, -s 
'%iitisai'kl9iiik anticyclonic 
'sentisaiz, -iz, -ii), -d anticiz|e 

[-i8|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
senti'septik, >s, -ali antiseptic, 

-s, -ally 
'ientisese*, -z antecessor, -s 
senti'si:dans, -i antecedenc|e, -y 
eenti'siidant, -s, -li antecedent, 

-a, -ly 

eentisi'peij'aii, -z anticipation, -s 
sen'tisipeit, -s, -ii), -id antici- 

pat|e, -es, -ing -ed 
sau'tisipeitarji, -ili anticipator|y, 

sen'tisipeitiv, -li anticipative,-ly 
sen'tisipant, -s anticipant, -s 
'%ntisk!»:'bju:tik, -s antiscorbut- 
ic, -s 
'eenti'souj'al antisocial 
'senti'sonjalist, -s antisocialist, -s 
'sentisptez'madik, -s antispasmo- 
dic, -s 
sen'tistrafl, -z antistrophe, -s 
senti'straflk antistrophic 
%n'tijfi|3n, -z, -ai antiscijan, -s, -i 
'eentitaip, -s antitype, -s 
'eenti'toksik antitoxic 
'^nti'taksin, -z antitoxin, -s 
'eenti'treid, -z antitrade, -s 
'eentitjeep^l, -z antechapel, -s 
'^entitjeimba*, -z antechamber, -s 
eenti'Oetik, -ali antithetic, -ally 
sen'tieigjis [-eas-], -i:z antithes|is, 

'eentlaian, -z ant-lion, -s 
'sentla*, -z, -d antler, -s, -ed 
fen'tounia [-nja] Antonia 
aen'tonnias [-njas] Antonius 
sen'tonniou [-njon] Antonio 

'sentrim Antrim 

sen'tJouTli ['sentJaY|i], -iz ancho- 
v|y, -ies 

tentwai'net (aitwa'nst) Antoi- 

'tentva:p Antwerp 

'sen6a*, -z anther, -s 

«en6a'lad5ik|»I, -ali anthologic|a1, 

'senOam, -z anthem, -s 

sen'Ora Anthsea 

'senOiliks, -iz anthelix, -es 

sen'OaladsJi, -iz antholog|y, -ies 

'ienOrseks anthrax 

sen'Orsesik anthracic 

8enerapa'lod3ik|al [-eropo'l-], 
-ali anthropologic|al, -ally 

fenOrapa'metrik [-Oropo'm-] an- 

%nOrapa'ma:f|ist [-Oropo'm-], 
-izm anthropomorph|ist, -ism 

senOropa'maifasis [-Oropo'm-] an- 

eenOrapamai'fonsis [-Oropom-] 

eenOra'pafadsi anthropophagy 

'senOrapaid[-erop-, een'Oronpoid], 
-z anthropoid, -s 

eenOre'paidal [-Oro'p-] anthro- 

senOra'paladsJi [-Oro'p-], -ist, 
-ists anthropologly, -ist, -ists 

eenOra'pamitri [-Oro'p-] anthro- 

'senOrasait, -s anthracite, -s 

'eenOrasi:n anthracene 

eenOra'sitik anthracitic 

'senTil, -z anvil, -s 

'senzli l)Ansley; 2) Annesley 

• 'segga*, -z, -rig, -d anger (s. v.), 
-s, -ing, -ed 

'fegga|li, -lis anger|ly, -less 

'seijgas Angus 

seggas'tjnara Angostura 

%i|gju'lserit|i, -iz angularit|y, 

'teijgjnleitid angulated 

'seiigjula* angular 

8ei)g|l, -Iz, -lig [.|ii)], -Id ang|le 
(s. v.), -Ies, -ling, -led 

'{ei)gla*, -z angler, -s 

'iegglafonb = 'segglon- 

tegglis — ^epa'goudsi 

21 — 

'sepagrsef— 'sepitaitiT 

'segglie, -n Anglia, -n 
'ieggliksn, -z Anglican, -r 
'seggUkaiiizm, -z Anglicanism, -s 
'aegglisaiz, -iz, -ig, -d angliciz|e 

[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
segglislzm, -z anglicism, -s 
'segglowfoub [-glef-], -z anglo- 

phobe, -s 
iBiigloM'foubia [-gla'f-, -bja] 

'segglOM'meim8[-nJ8] anglomania 
'tei)gloM'sseks|9u, -anz, -andsm, 

-anizm [-];iizm] Anglo -Saxjon, 

-ons, -ondom, -onism 
seil'glafabist, -s anglophobist, -s 
'eeiiglsi l)Anglesea; 2) Anglesey 
'segglz Angles 
eeg'goala Angola 
sei)'ga:r9 Angora 
eeggas'tjnara [-gas-] Angostura 
'%i|gr|i, -la*, -list, -ili, -inis 

angr|y, -ier, -iest, -ily, -ineas 
'seggwin anguine 
'seijgwiX, -t anguish, -ed 
ieiig'zalati = seii'zaiati 
seg'kaisiiz Anchises 
'segka*, -z anker, -a 
'segka*, -z, -riij, -d anchor (s. v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed 
'segkahonld, -z anchorhold, -s 
'segkarait, -s anchorite, -s 
'segkaret [-rit], -s anchoret, -s 
'segkarids, -iz anchorage, -s 
'segkaris, -iz anchoress, -es 
'segkhonm Ancholme 
'segkl, -z, -d ankle, -s, -d 
'segklit, -s anklet, -s 
'segkris, -iz ancresa, -es 
'seg&Jas, -11, -nis anxious, -ly, -ness 
seg'zalatji, -Iz anxiet|y, -iea 
• sepal'retik apyretic 
se'pserlal, -alz, -allg, -aid apparjel 

(s. v.), -els, -elling, -elled 
se'pAls ['sepAls], -iz appulse, -s 
sepe'lei/an [sepi'l-], -z appella- 
tion, -s 
sepai'sju: (aper'sy), -z aper9u, -s 
eepa-'teln, -z, -Ig, -d appertain, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'eepadl [-pod-] apodal 
'sepadsi: [-pod-], -z apogee, -s 
sepa'gondsi, -z apagoge, -s 

'sepagrsef [aepo-, -graif], -s apo- 
graph, -s 
«epa'leitjiau Appalachian 
'tepald Appold 
'«epali Apperley 
eepa'lonnia [sepo-, -nja], -n Apol- 

lonia, -n 
eepa'lounlas [sepo-, -njas] Apol- 

'tepalog, -z apologue, -s 
lepa'lanik [sepo-] apoUonic 
sepa'lanikan [sepo'l-], -z apollo- 

nicon, -s 
'iepanalnz Apennines 
'sepanids, -iz 1) apanage, -s; 

2) appanage, -s 
'sepapleks|i ['sepo-], -iz apoplex|y, 

sepa'plektik [sepo-], -al, -all apo- 
plectic, -al, -ally 
sepa'reitas, -iz apparatus, -es 
sepa'rij'an, -z apparition, -a 
sepa'rljanal [Svl] apparitional 
sepasaia'pi:s|is [-posaio'p] , -i:z 

aposiopealis, -es 
sepas'tsetik [sepos-] apoatatic 
sepas'talik [sepo-] apostolic 
sepes'talisizm [sepo-]apostolici8m 
sepas'troflk [sepo-] apostrophic 
'sepatait apatite 
'sepatait, etc. = 'sepitait, etc. 
sepa'tein = sepai'teln 
'sepaljua [-tjua], -z aperture, -s 
'sepaOem ['sepo-], -z apophthegm, -s 
sepaO|i, -iz apath|y, -ies 
sepa'Oetik, -al, -all apathetic, 

-al, -ally 

sepa'Oiasaiz [-po'Oios-], -iz,-ig,-d 

apotheosiz|e [-ia|e], -ea, -ing, -ed 

sepa'zljan [-po'z-], -z apposition, -a 

sepa'zijanal [-po'z-, -Sv]] appo- 

'sepazit [-poz-], -11, -nls apposite, 

-ly, -ness 
'septan ['sepjan] Appian 
'sepias ['sepjas] Appius 
'sepik|al, -ali apic|al, -ally 
sepi'lei/an, -z appellation, -s 
'seplnainz [-pan-] Apennines 
sepi'retlk apyretic 
'sepitait, -s appetite, -s 
'sepitaltlr = a'petltiv appetitive 

sepitaiz— te'pwi: 

22 — 

a'raian— serima'eia 

'sepitaiz, -iz, -ig, -iijli, -d appet- 
iz|e [-isle], -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
'sepitaiza , -z appetizer [-iaer], -s 
'sepitan{s,-si, -t appeten|ce, -cy,-t 
'sepjan, 'sepjas = 'a8pi- 
'sepl, -z apple, -s 
'tepibi Appleby 
'seplblait apple-blight 
'sepldoia* Appledore 
ie'pli:kei (apli'ke) appliqu^ 
sepli'teij'aii, -z application, -s 
'seplikeit applicate 
'sepliteitari [-kat-] applicatory 
eeplika'biliti applicability 
'seplikab|l, -li, -Inis applicab|le, 

-ly, -leness 
'%plikant, -s applicant, -s 
'seploi) [-plom] (a'plo) aplomb 
'eepl'pai, -z apple-pie, -s 
'sepltan Appleton 
'sepltri:, -z apple-tree, -s 
fe'ponz = a'ponz appose 
sepo- = SBpa- 

apra'beijan [-pro'b-], -z appro- 
bation, -s 
'seprabeit [-prob-], -s, -iij, -id 

approbat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

'seprabeitiT [-prob-] approbative 

8epra'pii|kweit [-pro'p], -s, -ii|, 

-id appropinquat|e, -es, -ing,-e(l 

sepra'pigkwiti [-pro'p-] appro- 

'seprapon (apra'po) apropos 
sepri'hend, -z, -i:g, -id apprehend, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'seprihensi'biliti [-sa'b-] appre- 
sepri'hensiy, -li, -nis apprehen- 
sive, -ly, -ness 
sepri'henj'an, -z apprehension, -s 
seprob- = seprab- 
eeps, -iz apse, -s 
'sepsidal apsidal 

'sepsis, sep'saidiiz apsis, apsides 
sept, -a*, -ist apt, -er, -est 
'septarl^l, -as apter|al, -ous 
sep'teridsiiz apteriges 
'septariks. -iz apterix, -es 
'septi1ja:d, -z aptitude, -s 
'sept|li, -nis apt|ly, -ness 
se'pwi: = a'pwi: (a'pqi), -z appui, 

• se'raian Arion 

sersek'noladsist [-rak-], -s arach- 
nologist, -s 

se'rAsp|eks. -isi:z arusp|ex, -ices 

se'rei (a'rs), -z arrgt, -s 

se'reit (a'rsit), -s arSte, -s 

seres'teij'an, -z arrestatlon, -b 

sere'Ojuiza [-riO-] Arethusa 

'sera arrah 

'serab, -z Arab, -s 

sera'bela Arabella 

sera'besk, -s, -t arabesque, -s, -d 

'serabli, -ik Arab|y, -ic 

'serabjist, -ists, -izm arab|i8t, 
-ists, -ism 

'aerabl arable 

sera'geiXan [-ro'g], -z arrogation, 

'serageit [-rog-], -s, -ig, -id arro- 
gat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

'seragans [-rog-], -i arroganc]e, -y 

'seragant [-rog-], -li, -nis arro- 
gant, -ly, -ness 

serak'n- = seraek'n- 

sera'iii%tik[-rom-],-s aromatic, -s 

'seragan Aiagon 

'seramait Aramite 

sera'meiik Aramaic 

sera'meiizm aramaism 

sera'mi'an, -z Aramean, -s 

'ieran 1) Arran; 2) Aran; 3) Arun 

seran'di:lian [-Ijan] Arundelian 

'serandl Arundel 

'serant, -li arrant, -ly 

'serarset Ararat 

'seraruit [-ror-] arrowroot 

'seras (a'ra:s) Arras 

'seras, -iz, -t arras, -es, -ed 

sera'siin arrasene 

ie'ri:ka = 'terika areca 

'serli, -iat, -iiJ Arr|y, -iet, -yish 

aeri'aedni Ariadne 

'serid, -li, -nis arid, -ly, -ness 

ae'riditi aridity 

seri'eta, >z arietta, -s 

'sBriea'bffin (arjer'bo), -z arrifere- 
ban, -s 

seri'fsekjan arefaction 

'serika [se'riika], -z areca, -s 

seri'kiipa Arequipa 

'seril, -z aiil, -s 

eerima'Oia Arimathsea 

teri'neijas— aesanans 


sesa'tein— 'eespadsil 

SBri'neiJas arenaceous 

aeri'agrafl areography 

8eri'Dmit|8*,-9z, -ri l)areomet|er, 
-era, -ry; 2) ar8eoinet|er, -ers, -ry 

seriopa'dsitit, -a, -s areopagitic, 
-a, -8 

ieri'opagait [-adsait], -s Areo- 
pagite, -s 

eeri'apagas Areopagus 

aeri'astou Arioato 
'83ri8ta:k Aristarch 

aeris'taikas Aristarchus 

%ris'taidi:z Aristides 
'seristakraet [oe'ristakreet], -s 
aristocrat, -a 

serista'kraBtik, -al, -ali aristo- 
cratic, -al, -ally 

seris'ti'as Ariatseus 

ieris'tafaniiz Aristophanes 

ieris'tokras|i, -iz ariatocra|cy,-ies 

ieris'takratizm aristdcratiam 

ffirista'tiilian [-tat-, -Ijan], -z 

aristotelian, -a 
'asristatl Ariatotle 

!eri'6jn:za Arethusa 
'aeriOmiensi [se'riO-] arithmancy 

feriO'metik, -al, -ali arithmetic 
{adj.), -al, -ally 

aeri'zonna Arizona 
'seron, -z, -i arrow (A.), -s, -y 
'aerouhed, -z, -id arrow-head, -s, 
'seroMSmiO Arrowsmith [-ed 

ierog- = terag- 

aero'mtetik, -g aromatic, -s 
'aerornit arrowroot 

aerai'keinia [-nja] Araucania 
• aes [a,'.s\, -iz aas, -es 

aes, -iz as {Roman coin), -es 
'aesaem [ae'saem] Assam 
'aesbari = 'aestbari Astbury 

aese'sairial aaseasorial 
'aesets ['aesits] aaseta 
'aeset|ous, -aB = 'aesitlons, -as 
'aesa'* Aaaur 

aesa'fetida [-'fl:t-] asafoetida 
'iesagai [-sig-], -z assagai, -s 

aesa'naentll [-so'n-], -ik asso- 

nantjal, -ic 
aesaneit [-son-], -s, -ii|, -id asso- 

nat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
'aesanan{s [-son-, -s^i-], -siz, -t 
aasonanlce, -ces, -t 

aesa'tein, -z, -ig, -d ascertain, 
-a, -ing, -ed 

aesa'teinabl aacertainable 

aesa'teinmant, -s ascertainment, -s 
'aesfaelt. -s asphalt {s), -s 

aes'faeli ['aesfaelt], -s, -ig, -id 
asphalt (v.), -a, -ing, -ed 

aes'faeltik asphaltic 
'aesfadel, -s asphodel (A.), -s 

aesfl- = asfl- 

'aesid, -z, -ist, -li, -uis acid ($. 
adj), -s, -est, -ly, -ness 

aBsi'djuit|i, -iz, aaaiduitly, -ies 
'aesignaet, -s [aesin'ja:] (asi'jia), -z 
assignat, -s 

aesig'neij'dn, -z assignation, -a 

aesi'metrik, -al, -ali asymmetric, 
-al, -ally 

ae'simitri asymmetry 
'aesim^tont, >s asymptote, -a 

aesimp'tatik, -»l,-ali asymptotic, 

-al, -ally 
'aesiuain asinine 

aesi'ni:, -z assignee, -a 

aesin'ja: = 'aesignaet 
'aesiteit acetate 

aesi'tijas ascititious 
'aesitjas, -ons acetjous, -ose 
'aesits assets 

aesk Aake 

aesk [a:sk], -s ask (s.) {newt), -a 

aes'keinias [-njas] Ascanius 
'aeskalan [-Ian] 1) Ascalon; 2) As- 

'aeskam Ascham 
'aeskat Ascot 
'aeskilan [-Ian] Aakelon 
'aeskjn: Aakew 

aes'kliipiaed, -z aaclepiad, -a 
'aeskrig Askrigg 
'aeskwiO 1) Asquith; 2) Aakwith 
'aesl Aatle 

aesm- = aesOm- 

aeson- = aesan- 
aesp [a:sp], -s aap, -s 
aes'paiarant, -s aspirant, -a 
aes'peisia Aspasia 
'aespekt, -s aspect, -s 
aes'pektabl aspectable 
ae8'perit|i, -iz asperit|y, -iea 

aespa:- = aspa:- 
'aespadsil, -z aspergill, -s 

) I 

'sespen— 'cejba.'n 


'eefbainam— seta'mistik 

'SBspan ['a:s-, -pen, -pin], -s as- 
pen, -s 
'sespareit, -s, -ig, -id 1) asperat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed; 2) aspirat|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'sesparit [-pir-], -s aspirate (s. 

adj), -s 
sespi'distra, -z aspidistra, -s 
'sBspik aspic 
'eespin = 'aespan aspen 
'sespinail [-pinl] Aspinall 
'%3pinwa:l Aspinwall 
sespi'reijan aspiration, -s 
'eespireit, -s, -ig. -id a8pirat|e 

(t».), -8, -ing, -ed 
'«spireita*, -z aspirator, -s 
seB'pli:niam [-njam] asplenium 
8es'ta:ti Astarte 
'sestbari Astbury 
'sesta*, -z 1) aster, -s; 2) Astor 
'sestal astel 
'eestan Aston 
'«estarisk, -s asterisk, -s 
'sestaraid, -z asteroid, -s 
sesta'raidal asteroidal 
'sesti' Asti 

sestig'msetik astigmatic 
ses'tigmatizm astigmatism 
ees'ljuarises [-rias] Asturias 
'sestli Astley 

'sestma, etc. = 'aesOma, etc. 
'sesta:*, 'sesta* Astor 
ses'tairia Astoria 
'sestragal, -z astragal, -s 
sestra'kaen Astrakhan 
'sestral astral 

'aestraleib [-trol-], -s astrolabe, -s 
sestra'lod^ik [-trol-], -a], -ali 

astrologic, -al, -ally 
aestra'namik [-tro'n-], -al, -all 

astronomic, -al, -ally 
ees'trainit|a*, -az, -ri astromet|er, 

-ers, -ry 
aes'Geuik, -al asthenic, -al 
aesOi'naia asthenia 
'%86ma ['aesfma] asthma 
sesO'maetik [aest'm-], -s, -al, -ali 

asthmatic, -s, -al, -ally 
aesa'een [-'a:n] Assouan 
•sej", -iz 1) ash (A.), -es; 2) Ashe 
seX'^i'ti' = a'jBenti: Aahantee 
'seXbain 1) Ashburne ; 2) Ashbourne 

'sej'bainam [aeX'ba:nam] Ashburn- 

'seXbaitn Ashburton 
'sBjbari Ashbury 
'asj'bi Ashby 
'sejbidela'zu:*/ Ashby -de- la- 

'sB^buan [-ba:n, -ba:n] Ashbourne 
'ae/daun Ashdown 
'ae/dad Ashdod 
'aeja* Asher 
'^ejam Asham 
'aejarli, -iz asher|y, -ies 
'aajfad Ashford 
.'SBjAild Ashfield 
'aeXhiip, -s ash-heap, -s 
'aejian, -z ascian, -a 
'aejiz ashes {pi. of ash) 
'aeXkilan Ashkelon 
'aejla*, -z ashlar, -s 
'aejlaud Ashland 
'asjli Ashley 
'selfmoul Ashmole 
aej'moulian [-Ijan] Ashmolean 
'sBjinaia* Ashmore 
'seJouTa* Ashover 
'aeXpten, -z ashpan, -s 
'SBjian 1) Ashton; 2) Assheton 
'aej"tare0 Ashtoreth 
'sBjtarae Ashteroth 
'8Bj"wednzdi, -z Ash- Wednesday, 

'aej-wel [-wal] Ashwell 
'aeXwa'© Ashworth 
• set at (strong form) 
se'tsejei (ata'Je), -z attach^, -s 
aet'baira Atbara 
'aeteljei (ata'Jje) -z atelier, a 
aetes'teijan, -z attestation, -s 
'aeta* attar 
'aetabari Atterbury 
'aetaklif Attercliffe 
aetalaenta Atalanta 
'aetam, -z atom, -s 
'aetamaiz [-torn-], -iz, -iij, -d 

atomiz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
aetamai'zeiXan atomization [-isa-] 
'aBtamli [-torn-], -iz atom|y, -ies 
'aetam|ist, -istg, -izm atomjist, -ists, 

ieta'mistik [-torn-], -al, -ali 

atomistic, -al, -ally 

'tetanbara— 'seOalig 

25 — 

'feOalni — 'sestjarait 

'ietsubsra Attenborough 

aeta'Tistik atavistic 

'aetarizm atavism 

'ietfl:ld 1) Atfield; 2) Attfleld 

'sBtik, -s attic (A.), -s 

'aetika Attica 

'ffitila Attila 

'eetimi atimy 

'setisaiz, -iz, -ig, -d atticiz|e [-is|e], 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'wtisizm, -z atticism, -s 
'8Btitja:d, -z attitude, -s 
%ti'Qu:dinaiz, -iz, -ii), -d attitu- 

dinizje [-is|ej, -es, -ing, -ed 
ieti'tjaidinaiza*, -z attitudinizer 

[■iser], -s 
eeti^a:di'nc3ri3n, -z attitudinar- 

ian, -s 
Eeti'tjuidinal attitudinal 
'ietkinsn Atkinson 
'setkinz Atkins 

aet'laentik = at'leentik Atlantic 
iet'lsentis Atlantis 
'%tl8BS ['setlas] Atlas 
'setlbAra [-bara] Attleborough 
'aetlas, -iz atlas (A.), -es 
'aetli Attlee 

aetmas'ferik, -al, -ali atmosphe- 
ric, -al, -ally 
'aetmasfla*, -z atmosphere, -s 
set'maladsli, -ist, -ists atmolog|y, 

-ist, -ists 
'aetom- = 'setam- 
'seto;! Atall 
setra'biljas atrabilious 
'8etraf|i, -iz, -iii), -id atroph|y 

(s. v.), -ies, -ying, -led 
'setrahant attrahent 
aetra'mentl atramental 
'aetrapain [-piin] atropine 
'aetrapizm atropism 
setri'bjnijan, -z attribution, -s 
'setribjnrt, -s attribute (s.), -s 
'aetriant attrahent 
'setjisan 1) Atchison; 2) Acheson 
'aetwoita* Atwater 
'setwud 1) Atwood; 2) Attwood 
• '%eal 1) Athole; 2) AthoU 
ieOa'Iaia Athaliah 
'seOalig [-6il-], -z atheling (A.), 

'eeOdlni Athelney 

'sBOalred ^thelred 

'teOalstau 1) Athelstan; 2) ^thel- 

seOa'neiJ'iaii Athanasian 
aeda'neij'ias Athanasius 
seOi'ni-am, -z Athenaeum, -s 
'aeOinz Athens 
seOletik, -s, -al, -ali athletic, 

-s, -al, -ally 
aeO'letisizm athleticism 
'aedliit, -s athlete, -s 
seO'Iouu Athlone 
'seBas Athos 
•aevaggaid [sevog'g-] (ava'gard),, 

-z avant-garde, -s 
'seva'kuria* ['sevog'k-, 'sovant'k-] 

(avaku'rje), -z avant-courier, -s 
cevada'paiz avoirdupois 
seva'keijan [-vo'k-], -z avocation, 

'SBvalainJ" [-lanS, "laj*]"] (ava'laiX), 

-iz avalanche, -s 
'sevant'kuria* = 'aeva'kuria* 
SBva'rAgkeit [-vi'r-], -s, -ig, -id 

averruncat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
'sevarids, -iz, -ig, -d averag|e (s. 

adj. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'sBvaris avarice 
aBTa'riJas, -li, -nis avaricious, 

-ly, -ness 
'sevaset I-vos-], -s avocet, -s 
'sevid avid 

seTi'siJan = eivi'eijan aviation 
'sevieita*, -z = 'eivieita*, -z 
'aevinju:, -z avenue, -s 
8Bro'keiJ"aii = seva'k- 
•sez as (adv. conj.) {strong form) 
aez'b- = az'b- 
'aezbari Asbury 
aeza'raia Azariah 
'aezima azyma 
'sezimaO, -s azimuth, -s 
8ezi'iajn:0al azimuthal 
se'zont ['8Bzont] azote 
ae'zatik azotic 
'aeztek, -s Aztec, -s 
• 'sesa* ['SBSJwa*], rarely 'ei^s* 

['eisjwa*] azure 
'segiMarait ['sesjuar-, 'aezjuar-] 


a:— 'Amba* 

— 26 

'Ambal— An'Atarabl 

a: ur, er (interj.) 

• A'breid, etc. = Ap'breid, etc. 

• 'Ada*, -z udder, -s 
C'ASa*, -z other, -s 

'Adawaiz otherwise 

• 'Agl|i, -i9*, -iist, -inis ugl|y, 
-ier, -iest, -iness 

'Aglilfai, -faiz, -faiii|, -faid ug- 

li|iy, -fies, -lying, -fied 
Aglifl'keiXan ugliflcation 

• 'Aksbrid5 Uxbridge 
'Aksita*, local pron. of A'taksita* 

• 'Alfllaes Ulfilas 
'Alids ullage 
'Alii) uUing 
Al'meijas ulmaceous 
'Almas ulmus 

'Aln|a, -!:, -az uln|a, -se, -as 
'Alsa*, -z, -d ulcer, -s, -ed 
Alsa'rei/^n ulceration, -s 
'Alsareit, -s, -ii), -id ulcerat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'Alsaras ulcerous 
'Alsta*, -z, -d ulster (U.), -s, -ed 
Al'tiaria*, -11 ulterior, -ly 
Alti'meitam, -z ultimatum, -s 
'Altimit, -11 ultimate, -ly 
'Altimou ultimo 
'Altra- ultra- 

Nv/merous compound adjecti- 
ves may he formed by prefixing 
Altra- to adjectives. It is unne- 
cessary to give these words here. 
These compounds have double 
stress, e. g. 'Altra'fsejanabl 
[-Ji^a-] ultrafashionable. 

When such adjectives are used 
as substantives they keep the 
double stress. The two loords 
Altrama'riin ultramarine 
Altra'manteln ultramontane 
are no longer felt to be com- 
'Alrastan Ulverstone 
'Alzwaita* UUswater 

• Ambe'lifar|a8, -i: umbellifer- 
[ous, -se 

'Amba*, -z, -ri umber, -s, -y 

'Ambal [-bel], -z umbel, -s 

Am'bilik, -al umbilic, -al 

Am'bilikAS [Ambi'laikas], -iz um- 
bilicus, -es 

'Ambl, -z umble, -s 

'Ambou, -z, Am'bounL'z umbo, -a, 

Am'breidsas, -11, ' -nis umbra- 
geous, -ly, -ness 

Am'breljan, -z umbration, -s 

'Ambreltld umbrated 

Am'brela, -z umbrella, -s 

Am'bret, -s umbrette, -s 

'Ambra, -z, -1 umbra, -s, -1 

'Ambrlds umbrage 

'Ambria, -n, -nz Umbria, -n, -na 

Am'brlfaras umbriferous 

'Ambrll, -z umbril, -s 

'AmfraTil- Umfreville 

'Ampaia*, -z, -rii), -d umpir|e 
~(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 

• Au- un- 

Large numbers of compounds 
may be formed by prefiamg An- 
to other words. The spelling of 
any which are not given in the 
following pages may be ascer- 
tained by referring to the simple 

The rarer loords are all pro- 
nounced with double stress, less 
commonly with single stress. The 
transcription An- indicates that 
the prefix maybe stressed or not. 

O An'a:m, -z, -ii), -d unarm, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

An'ainsad unanswered 

An'a:nsai'abl unanswerable 

An'aiskt unasked 

O'Anal'dial unideal 

O Anaeks- = Anaks- 

'An'sBktid unacted 

Ansem'bigjnas, -11 unambiguous, 


Ansesa'telnjabl, -d unascertain- 

|able, -ed 
O An'Atarab|l, -11, -Inls unutter- 

ab|le, -ly, -leness 

An'ba:* — An'dAn 

— 27 - 

'Andeit — 'AndeklonSiii 

O An'bo:* -z, -rig, -d unbar, -a, 
-ring, -red 

An'baiast unbiassed 

Anl'baind, -'baindz, -'baindii), 
-'bannd unlbind, -binds, -bind- 
ing, -bound 

'An'baund unbound (not bound) 

An'banndid unbounded 

An'bselans, -iz, -ig, -t unbalanc|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

Anbsep'taizd unbaptized 

An'bAkjl, -Iz, -^g [-lig], -Id un- 
buck|le, -les, -ling, -led 

An'bAtjn. -nz, -fig [-nig], -nd 
unbuttjon, -ons, -oning, -oned 

An'ben|d, -dz, -dig, -did, -t un- 
ben|d, -ds, -ding, -ded, -t 

^An'berid unburied 

An'bearsb |1, -li, -Inis uubearab|le, 
-ly, -leness 

An'b3:d|n, -nz, -^ig [-nig], -nd 
unburdfen, -ens, -ening, -ened 

An'bi:tn unbeaten 

An'bidn unbidden 

^Anbi'kAmig, -li, -nis unbecom- 
ing, -ly, -ness 

Anbiliif f'Anbil-] unbelief 

Anbi'lirra* ['Anbil-], -z unbeliev- 
er, -a 

Anbi'liiyabl unbelievable 

Anbi'li.'Tlg unbelieving 

Anbi'noan unbeknown 

An'biznislaik unbusiness-like 

An'blAjig, -li unblushing, -ly 

An'blemi/t unblemished 

An'bli;t/t unbleached 

An'boult, -8, -ig, -id unbolt, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

'An'b»:n unborn 

'An'bort unbought 

'AH'bsild unboiled 

AB'braidld unbridled 

An'broukan unbroken 

An'bazam, -z, -ig, -d unbosom, 
-s, -ing, -ed 

O'Andai'dsestid undigested 

Au'daiig, -li undying, -ly 

'Andai'lj'nitid undiluted 

An'dantid, -li undoubted, -ly 

'An'daemidsd undamaged 

An|'dAn, -'dAz un|done, -does 
(jfrom undo) 

'Andeit undate 
'Andeitid undated {wavy) 
'An'deitid undated (not datect) 
^Aii'dekagsn, -z undecagon, -s 
'Anda*, -z under (s. adj. adv. 

prep.), -s 
'AudaJ'bai, -'baiz, -'baiig, -'bait 

underlbuy, -buys, -buying, 

'Anda'bid, -z, -ig underbid, -s, 

'AndabrAj underbrush 
'Andabred underbred 
'Aadaj'dAn, -'dAZ, -'did under|- 

done, -does, -did (/"row underdo) 
'Anda'drest under-dressed 
'Anda'drivn under-driven 
'Audal'dra:, -'dro:z, -'dro:ig, 

-'drn:, -'dram under|draw, 

-draws, -drawing, -drew, -drawn 
'Andaj'dn:, -dAz, -'du'ig, -'did, 

-'dAn under|do, -does, -doing, 

-did, -done 
'Andal'fiid, -'fl:dz, -'flidig, -'fed 

under|f eed, -feeds, -feeding, -fed 
Anda'fut underfoot 
'Andaga:mant, -s undergarment, -s 
Andaj'gon, -'gouz, -'gortig, 

-'went, -'go'n unQer|go, -goes, 

-going, -went, -gone 
Anda'graedjnit, -s undergradu- 
ate, -8 
'Andegraund underground (s.atW.) 

^Anda'grannd underground (adv.) 
'AndagrouO undergrowth 
'Audahsend underhand 
Anda'taaandid, -li, -nis under- 
handed, -ly, -ness 
'Andahil Underbill 
'Andakaist, -s undercast, -s 
'AndakAla*. -z under-colour, -s 
'Anda'kAlad under-coloured 
'AsdakArant, -s undercurrent, -s 
'AndakAt, -s undercut («.), -s 
'Anda'kAt, -s, -ig undercut (adj. 

v.), -s, -ting 
'Anda,kla:k, -s under-clerk, -s 
'Andaklei uuderelay 
'Andaklif, -s undercliff, -s 
'Anda'klondd underclothed 
'Andaklon5ig underclothing 

'Andakloiidi! — Anda'rAn 


^Auda'reit— Anda'teikiq 

'Andakloudz underclothes 
'Andskout, -s undercoat, -s 
'Andakro'ft, -S undercroft, -s 
A.nd8|'lai, -'laiz, -'lalii), -lei, 

•'lein under|lie, -lies, -lying, 

-lay, -lain 
'Anda lain, -z underline (s.), -s 
Andalain, -z, -ii), -d underlin|e 

!>.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'Attdalei, -z underlay («.), -s 
Attda lei, -leiz, -leiig, -leid un- 
der lay (v.), -lays, -laying, -laid 
'Anda let, -s, -ii) underlet, -s, -ting 
'And3li:s, -iz underlease, -s 
'Aodaliniii underlinen 
'ABdalig, -z underling, -s 
Anda'main, -z, -ig, -d under- 

min|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
'Anda'maen, -z, ii|, -d undermau, 

-s, -ning, -ned 
^Anda'menjand ['Andsm-] under 

Anda'mestikeitid [-do'in-] 

'Audamoust undermost 
,And3'ni:6 underneath 
'Andal'pei, -'peiz, -'peiii|, 

under|pay, -pays, -paying, _ 
'Anda'peimant underpayment 
'And3'pi:pld underpeopled 
Anda'pin, -z, -ig, -d underpin, 

-s, -ning, -ned 
'Andaplei underplay (s.) 
'Anda'plei, -z, -ig, -d underplay 

(v.), -s, -ing, -ed. 
'Andaplat, -s underplot, -s 
'Auda'praiz, -iz, -ig, -d under- 
■ -ed 




-iz, ' 

■ig, -d under- 

priz|e, -es, 

prais|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
Anda'prap, -s, -ig, -t underprop, 

-s, -ping, -ped 
'Anda'raip under-ripe 
Andal'rait ['Anda|r-], -raits, 
under] - 

-'raitig, -'rout, -'ritn 

write, -writes, -writing, 

'Audaraita*, -z underwriter, -s 
'Andar'sekt, -s, -ig, .id underact, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
AndaJ'rAn, -'rAnz, -'rAnig, -'rsen 

under|run, -runs, -running, -ran 

Anda'reit, -s, -ig, -id underrat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'Andar'estimeit, -8,-ig, -idunder- 

estimat|e (v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'Andai-'estimit, -s underestimate 

(»•), -s 
'Andariks'poujz, -ziz, -zig, -zd, 

-3a* under-expo|se, -ses, -sing, 

-sed, -sure 
Anda'ritn underwritten! /V-omun- 
'Auda'rout underwrote / derwrite 
'Anda'rait underwrought 
'Andarn:f, -s under-roof, -s 
Anda'sain, -z, -ig, -d undersign, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'Andasaind undersigned (s.) 
'Anda'saizd undersized 
'Anda'sekratarji, -iz, -ij"ip, -ijips 

undersecretar|y, -ies, -yship, 

'Andal'sel, -'selz, -'selig, -'sould 

under] sell, -sells, -selling, -sold 
^Anda'skaia*, -z, -rig, -d under- 

scorje, -es, -ing, -ed 
'Andaska:t, -s underskirt, -s 
'AndasliiT, -z undersleeve, -s 
Anda| 'steend, -'stsendz, -'stsendig, 

-'stud under|stand, -stands, 

-standing, -stood 
Anda'stsendabl understandable 
Auda'stseudig understanding (s.) 
'AudastAdji, -iz, -iig, -id under- 

stud|y (s. v.), -ies, -ying, -ied 
'Anda'steit, -s^ -ig, -id under- 

stat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
'Anda'steitment, -s understate- 
ment, -s 
'Anda'stokt understocked 
'Andastrsep|a*, -az, -ig under- 

strapp|er, -ers, -ing [-a 

'Auda,8treit|am, -a under8trat|um, 
Anda'stad understood {from un- 
'Anda'/erif, -s undersheriff, -s 
'Anda/ait, -s undershirt, -s 
'Anda/at undershot 
'Anda'taim, -d undertime, -d 
Andal'teik, -.'teiks, -'teikig, -tuk, 

-'teikan under|take, -takes, 

-taking, -took, -taken 
'Andateika*, -z undertaker, -s 
Anda'teikig, -z undertaking (s.),-8 

-Anda'tenansi— An'disiplind — 29 — 'Andis'hAst— 'An'dreipt 

'Anda'tenan8|i, -iz underteijancly, 

'Anda'tenant, -s undertenant, -s 
'Andatint, -s undertint, -s 
'Andatonn, >z undertone, -s 
'Anda tjoitts, -iz undercharge (s.), 

'Anda'tjaids, -iz, -ig, -d under- 

chargje (v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
Anda'tuk un'dertook (from under- 
Anda'went underwent {from un- 
'Andawsa* underwear 
'Andawaik underwork (s.) 
'Anda'waik, -s, -ii), -t underwork 

(v.), -B, -ing, -ed 
Andawaika*, -z underworker (sm6- 

ordinate worker), -s 
'Andajyaild under-world (U.) 
'Andawii), -z underwing, -s 
'Andawud underwood (U.) 
'Anda'vsellju', -jn-z, -jn-ii), -ju-d 
underval|ue, -ues, -uing, -ued 
'AndeTseljn'eiJ'an, -z undervalua- 
tion, -8 
'AndaTest, -s underveat, -s 
An'diivieitip, -li, undeviating, -ly 
An'did undid (from undo) 
'Andi'dsestid undigested 
Andi'faild undefiled 
Andi'faind undefined 
Andi'fainabl undefinable 
An'dignifaid undignified 
'Andi'ljurtid undiluted 
Andi'mini/t undiminished 
Andi'manstratiT undemonstra- 
Andi'naiabjl, -li undeniab|le, -ly 
'Andinami'neiJIanl [-i^^], -analizm 
[-nalizm, -i^Iizm] undenomi- 
nati|onal, -onalism 
Andi'saidid, -li, -nis undecided, 

-ly, -ness 
Andi'saiforabl undecipherable 
Andi'saisiT undecisive 
Andi'seigal undecennial 
Andi'8a:nii) [-i'za:-] undiscerning 
'Aiidis'gaizd undisguised 
Andi'siiY, -z, -ig, -d undeceiv|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
An'disiplind undisciplined 

'Andis'kAst undiscussed 
'Andis'kAvad undiscovered 
Andis'kATarabjI, -li undiscover- 

ab|le, -ly 
A.]idi8'kraibabl undescribable 
'Audis'meid undismayed 
Andis'ponzd undisposed 
Andis'pju:tid undisputed 
|Andi8'ta:b{d, -idli, -idnis undig- 

turb|ed, -edly, -edness 
Andis'tii)g>riJ'ab|l, -li, -Inis un- 

distinguishab|le, -ly, -leness 
'Andis'tiggwijt undistinguished 
'Andis'tiijfctiv undistinctive 
'Andis'treektid undistracted 
Andis'tjaidsd undischarged 
Andi'ta:d undeterred 
Andi'ta:min|d, -abl undetermin- 

|ed, -able 
'Anditaimi'neiJ'an undetermina- 

Andi'taiminit, -li, -nis undeter- 

minate, -ly, -ness 
Andi'vaidid, -li, -nis undivided, 

-ly, -ness 
(Andi'velapt undeveloped 
'Andizaiara'biliti undesirability 
Andi'zaiarabll, -li, -Inis undesir- 

ab]le, -ly, -leness 
Andi'zain|d, -idli, -idnis unde- 

sign|ed, -edly, -edness 
Andi'za:nig undiscerning 
Andi'za:v{d, -idli, -idnis unde- 

serv|ed, -edly, -edness 
^Audi'zaiyig, -li undeserving, -ly 
'Andi'zolvd undissolved 
An'djn;, -nis undue, -ness 
jAndjn'leiJan, -z undulation, -s 

'An^jnlcit; '^f 'iO? 'iH^i; 'i^ un- 

dulat|e, -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
'Andjuleit|iv, -ari undulatjive, 

An'djn:li unduly 
'An'djnrti|fMl, -fnli [-fali], -f«lnis 

undutijful, -fully, -fulness 
Audo'mestikeitid undomestica- 
' ted 
An'damtid, -li, -nis undaunted, 

-ly, -ness 
An'dak, -s, -ig, -t undock, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'Au'dreipt undraped 

An'dremt — 'Ana'fektid 

— 30 

ina'fektid— An'feilig 

An'dremt [-mpt] undreain|t, -ed 

An'dres, -iz, -ij, -t undress [s.v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'Andres undress {adj) 
An'driimd undreamed {of) 
^An'dn:, -'dAz, -'du'ig, -'did, -'dAn 

un|do, -does, -doing, -did, -done 
An'do'a, -z undoer, -s 
An'du'iii undoing (s.) 
An'dsAst, -li, -nisunjust, -ly, -ness 
Au'dgAstifaiabll, -li, -Inis un- 

iustiflabjle, -ly, -leness 
An'dsenaras, -li ungenerous, -ly 
Au'dsentjl, -li, -Inis ungentjle, 

-ly, -leness 
Au'dsentlmanlji, -inis ungentle- 

manl|y, -iness 
'An'dsiinial [-nj3l] ungenial 
O An'eibl unable 
An'eidid unaided 
6 An'edifaiii) unedifying 
Au'edjakeitid uneducated 
An'endig unending 
Au'entapraizii) unenterprising 
^An'enyiabl unenviable 
O'An'amd unearned 
An'e.'rii), -li, -nis unerring, -ly, 

(An'a:0, -s. -ig, -t unearth, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
An'3:01|i, -inis unearthl|y, -iness 
O Ana'beeXt unabashed 
Ansfo'dsekjansbll [-Xijia-], -li un- 

objectionabjle, -ly 
Ana'beitid unabated 
^Ana'bridsd unabridged 
Ansb'strAktid unobstructed 
Anab'truisiv, -li, -nis unobtru- 
sive, -ly, -ness 
Anab'zaivld, -idll unobserv|ed, 

,An3b'z3:Y3n|s, -t unobservan|ce, -t 
Ans'dAltsreitid unadulterated 
Ana'doind unadorned 
Aned'vaizd unadvised 
Anadvaiza'biliti unadvisability 
Anad'raizabl, -nis unadvisable, 

Anad'vaizidli unadvisedly 
Ana'fektid unaffected (not influ- 

Ane'fektid, -li, -nis unaffected 
(without affectation), -ly, -ness 
,An3'fendig [-no'f-] unoffending 
^Ana'fensiv [-no'f-] unoffensive 
'Ana'fljal [-no'f-] unofficial 
Ana'kauntabjl, -li, -nisunaccoun- 

tab|le, -ly, -leness 
^Ano'kAmpanid unaccompanied 
^Ana'kAstamd unaccustomed 
'Anak'sentid unaccented 
'Anak'nolidsd unacknowledged 
Anok'septabl [-nsek-], -nis unac- 
ceptable, -ness 
'Ana'kweintid unacquainted 
Ana'lanabl unallowable 
^Ans'loid unalloyed 
'Ana'nannst unannounced 
An3'pi:zlobl, -d unappeas|ab]e, -ed 
Ana'plaid unapplied 
^Ano'pouzd [-no'p-] unopposed 
'An3'pri:Xi3bl unappreciable 
Ana'priijieitid unappreciated 
Ana'proupri|eitid, -it unappro- 

pri|ated, -ate 
Ana'prontjabll, -U, -Inis unap- 

proachab|le, -ly, -leness 
Ana'pront/t unapprOached 
Ana'seilabl unassailable 
Ana'sistid unassisted 
Ana'sjnimii) unassuming 
Ana'Xeimd unashamed'tsetJ't unattached 
^Ana'teinabl unattainable 
Ana'temptid unattempted 
Ana'tendid unattended 
Ana'testid unattested'trsektiT, -li, -nis unattrac- 
tive, -ly, -ness 
Ana'wsa*, -z unaware, -s 
Ana'Teilii| unavailing, -ly 
Ana'vaidabll, -li, -Inis unavoid- 

abl|e, -ly, -leness 
O ,An'fo:s|n, -nz, -niij [-^lig], -nd 
unfast|en, -ens, -ening, -ened 
An'faundid unfounded 
An'feedamab|l, -li, -Inis unfatho- 

mab|le, -ly, -leness 
An'feeOamd unfathomed 
An'feidii) unfading 
An'feilii), -li, -nis unfailing, -ly, 

An'feind— Au'frendli 

31 — An'friikwant— An'heziteitii) 

Aii'fein|d, -idli, -idnis unf eignjed, 

-edly, -ednesa 
An'feieifMl, -fuU [-feli], -tulnis 

unfaithlful, -fully, -fulness 
An'felTarabll, -li, -Inis unfavour- 

ab|le, -ly, -leness 
'An'fed unfed 
'An'felt unfelt 
An'feta*, -z, -rig, -d unfetter, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
An'fsa*, -li, -nis unfair, -ly, -neas 
An'f3:l, -z, -ii), -d unfurl, -s, -ing, 

'An'fainijt unfurnished 
Anfa'getabl [-fo'g-] unforgettable 
Anfa'giTsbl [-fo'g-] unforgiveable 
Anf3'giT{ii) [-fo'g-], -an unfor- 

giv|ing, -en 
'Anfs'gatn [-fo'g-] unforgotten 
'Anfa'mentid unfermented 
^Anfa'milja*, -li unfamiliar, -ly 
'Anfamili'ffiriti unfamiliarity 
An'flilii), -11, -nis unfeeling, -ly, 

An'flks, -iz, -ii|, -t unfix, -es, -ing, 

'Anflla'soflk^al [-a'zo-], -all, -»lnis 

unphilosophicjal, -ally, -alneas 
An'flJjal, -i unfilial, -ly 
An'ttni/t unfinished 
An'flt, -s, -ig, -id unfit (v.), -a, 

-ting, -ted 
An'flt, -li, -nis unfit (adj.), -ly, -ness 
^An'fltii|, -li unfitting (adj.), -ly 
An'flsegii) unflagging 
^An'flseterig, -li unflattering, -ly 
'An'fledsd unfledged 
An'flintJ'iil, -li, -nis unflinching, 

-ly, -ness 
^An'fonld, -z, -ii), -id unfold, -a, 

-ing, -ed 
Anfo'g- = Anfa'g- 
An'fa'ltarii), -li unfaltering, -ly 
'An'fo:md unformed 
Anf3:'si:|3bl, -ig, -n unf orsee|able, 

-ing, -n 
An'faitifaid unfortified 
An'fo.'t/anit [-t/ifit], -li, -nis un- 
fortunate, -ly, -ness 
'An'freimd unframed 
An'frendl|i, -inis unfriendljy, 


An'tri:kw3nt, -li unfrequent, -ly 
Anfri'kwentid unfrequented 
A.n'fi'ok, -s, -ig, -t unfrock, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
An'fru:t|fMl, -full [-fall], -fwlnis 

unfruit|fui, -fully, -fulnesa 
Anful'flld unfulfilled 
O An'gaidid, -li, -nis unguarded, 

-ly, -ness 
An'gaidid unguided 
An'gann, -z, -ig, >d ungown, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
An'gATand ungoverned 
An'gAV9n8b|l, -Ii, -nis ungoyer- 

nab|le, -ly, -leness 
An'geinl|i, -inis ungainl|y, -iness 
An'gaid, -z, -ig, -id, An'gait un- 

gird, -s, -ing, -ed, ungirt 
'An'glATd ungloved 
^An'gleizd unglazed 
An'gloirias unglorious 
An'glu:, -z, -ig, -d unglue, -a, 

-ing, -d 
An'g3dl|i, -ia*, -list, -inis un- 

godl|y, -ier, -ieat, -iness 
'An'gotn ungotten 
An'grAdsig, -li ungrudging, -ly 
An'greislfMl. -full [fall], -fulnis 

ungrace|ful, -fully, -fulness 
An'greijas, -li, -nis ungracious, 

-ly, -ness 
An'greitjful, -full [fall], -fulnis 

ungrate|ful, -fully, -fulness 
O An'lia:md unharmed 
An'Iia:nig, -iz, -ig, -t unharness, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
Au'hanz, -iz, -ig, -d unhous|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
An'hselond unhallowed 
An'hsempad unhampered 
An'hsend, -z, -ig, -id unhand, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
AnI'haeg, -'lisegz, -'hsegig, -'hAg 

un|hang, -hangs, -hanging, -hung 
Au'hsepli, -ia*, -list, -ill, -inis 

unhapply, -ier, -lest, -ily, -iness 
'An'hsetjt unhatched 
An'hAg unhung (not hung) 
An'helO|i, -ia*, -list, -ili, -inis 

unhealth|y, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
An'heziteitig, -li, unhesitating, 


An'haid — ^Ani'msedsinatJY 

32 — 

^Ani'msedsind — ^An'jmst 

An'haid unheard {of) 

'Aii'liaid unheard [not granted a 
hearing, etc.) 

'An'hsit unhurt 

An'hi:d|id, -ij unheed|ed, -ing 

An'hinds, -iz, -ig, -d unhing|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

'An'histarik, -al unhiatoric, -al 

An'hitJ, -iz, -ig, -t unhitch, -es, 
-ing, -ed 

An'hjuimsn [ An'cjn:-] unhuman 

,An'houl{i, -inis unholly, -iness 

An'honlsam, -li, -nis unwhole- 
some, -ly, -ness 

An'houpt unhoped {for) 

An'hais, -iz, -ig, -t unhorsje, -es, 
-ing, -ed 

An'hnk, -s, -ig, -t unhook, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

O An'iikwal, -i, -nis, -d unequal, 
-ly, -ness, -led 

^An'iitaU, -nig uneatable, -ness 

An'i:tn uneaten 

An'iivn, -11, -nis uneven, -ly,-ness 

An'i:z|i, -ia* [-ja*], -list [-jist] 
uneasly, -ier, -iest 

Ani:zi!li, -nis uneasijly, -ness 

O'Anidia'meetik [-dio'm-, -dje'm-] 

Anig'za:mpld unexampled 

Anig'zoistid unexhausted 

Anik'sepXenab;! [-/Jiia-], -li, -Inls 
unexceptionab]le, -ly, -leness 

Anik'sepjianl [-/i^J], -anall [-^all] 
unexcepti|onal, -onally 

Anik8'kjn:zabl, -nis unexcusable, 

Aniks'paiad unexpired 

Aniks'pektld, -11, -nis unexpect- 
ed, -ly, -ness 

Anlks'piarlanst unexperienced 

Anlk8'pla:»d unexplored 

^Anlks'ponzd unexposed 

Anlks'presjil)], -It unexpress|ible, 

Anrkwlvak{9l, -all, -alnls une- 
quivocal, -ly, -ness 

'Ani'lektld un elected 

,Anl'maed3inab|l, -li, -Inis uni- 
maginabl|e, -ly, -leness 

Ani'maedsinatlY, -nis unimagina- 
tive, -ness 

^Ani'meedgind unimagiued 
'Anim'biBrast unembarrassed 
Anl'monjlanl ['T^\], -anali [-^ali] 

unemoti onal, -onally 



Anim'pead unimpaired 
Anira'piitjabll, -11, -li 


Inls unim- 
le, -ly, -leness 
d, -mant unemploy|ed. 

'Anim'p9:tan|s, -t unimportan|ce, 

'Anin'dHnd unendowed 
Anln'djuarabl unendurable 
An'lndsad uninjured 
^An'lnfluanst uninfluenced 
'Anln'fa:md uninformed 
Anin'hsebltabl, -nis uninhabit- 
able, -ness 
Anin'heebltld uninhabited 
^Anin'kAmbad unencumbered 
^Anin'klonzd unenclosed 
^Anin'laitnd unenlightened 
'Anin'spaiad uninspired 
Anln'strAktld uninstructed 
Anln'/nad uninsured 
Anln'telidsant, -11 unintelligent, 


'Anlntelidsi'blliti [-dsa'b-J un- 

^Anin'telidslbjl [-dsab-], -11 un- 

intelligib|le, -ly 
Anin'ten/|anl [-^J], -anali [-^all] 

unintentilonal, -onally 
Anlnta'mitii|, -11 un intermitting, 


^Anlnta'rAptld, -11 uninterrupted, 

An'lntrlstld [-tares-] uninteres- 

An'intrlstli) [-tares-] uninteres- 

Anin'Tait|id, -ig uninvit|ed, -ing 

"An'lggliJ" un-english 

Anl'senJ'al unessential 

Anl'Tent|fMl, -full [fall], -fttlnls 
unevent|ful, -fully, -fulness 

O'Aqjan, -z, -1 onion, -s, -y 


-ly, -ness 
'An'jonk, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
^An'juist unused {not accustomed) 

-li, -nis unyielding, 
•Ig, -t unyoke, -es, 

,An'Jn;zd— ^Ankan'testabl — 33 — ^tnkan'tcstld— 'Ankrl'elt 

A]i'ju:zd 1) unused {not made use 

of); 2) less common form of 

An'juisual, -i, -nls unusual, -ly, 

O.An'kaind, -a*, -ist, -li, -nis 

unkind, -er, -est, -ly, -ness 
An'kauntid uncounted 
An'keendid, -li, -nis uncandid, 

-ly, -ness 
Aii'kien|i, -la*, -list, -Hi, -inis 

uncann|y, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
'An'kAled uncoloured 
^An'kAltireitid uncultivated 
An'kAltJad uncultured 
,AnkAm'eet3bl uncomeatable 
An'kAinfotabjl, -li, -Inis uncom- 

fortab|le, -ly, -leneas 
An'kAp|I, -Iz, -lii) [-^g], -Id un- 

coup|le, -les, -ling, -led, -Id 
'An'kAt uncut 
^An'kATa*, -z, -rig, -d uncover, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
An'kempt unkempt 
'An 'kept unkept 
^Aii'kead uncared (for) 
,An'ka:l, -z, -ig, -d uncuil, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'Anka'lektid uncollected 
'Anka'ma:Xal uncommercial 
Anka'mjuinikeitid uncommunic- 

Anka'mjninikeitir [-kat-], -nis 

uncommunicative, -ness 
Anka'ngn:nikabl uucommimic- 

Ankam'panndid uncompounded 
Ankam'pleinii), -11 uncomplain- 

' ing, -ly 

'Ankan'diXlanI [-ifl], -anal! [-^ali], 
-anfnis [-j^^nis] unconditijonal, 
-onally, -onalness 
Ankan'dsiinial [-njal] uncongen- 
'Anka'nektid unconnected 
'Ankan'fazmd unconfirmed 
^Ankan'kloisir unconclusive 
'Anka'nanikal uncanonical 
Ankan'sain, -d, -idli, -Idnis un- 
concern, -ed, -edly, -edness 
'Aokan'sidad unconsidered 
Ankan'testabl uncontestable 

^Ankan'testid uncontested 

Ankan'strein|d, -idli unconstrain- 
|ed, -edly 

^Ankan'trouIab|l, -li, -Inis un- 
controllab|le, -ly, -leness 

^Ankan'trould uncontrolled 

'AnkanTenJ'a'n«elit{i, -Iz, uncon- 
ventionalit|y, -les 

Ankan'venJ'an^ [-JvH unconven- 

Ankan'ra:tibl [-tabl] unconvert- 

'Ankan'va:tid unconverted 

Anka'rApt, -li, -nis uncorrupt, 
-ly, ness 

Anka'robareitid uncorroborated 

An'kla:sp, -8, -ii), -t unclasp, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

,An'klandid unclouded 

'An'kleimd unclaimed 

An'klenli, -nis unclean! |y, -iness 

^An'kliin, -nis unclean, -ness 

'An'klonod unclothed 

An'klouz, -iz, -ig, -d unclos|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

An'koid, -z, -ig, -id uncord, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

An'ko:k, -s, -ig, -t uncork, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

An'kaild uncalled (for) 

An'kaflnd uncoffined 

An'kail, -z, -ig, -d uncoil, -e, 
-ing, -ed 

An'kaman, -nis uncommon, -ness 

An'kamanli uncommonly 

^Ankampli'mentari uncompli- 

An'kampramaizig, -li, -nis un- 
compromising, -ly, -ness 

,An'kansikreitid uuconsecrated 

Ankonsti'tjuiJianl [-Tf-W, -anali 
[-^ali] unconstituti|onal, -onally 

An'kan^anab|l [-J^a-], -li, -Inis 
uncon8cionab|le, -ly, -leness 

An'kanjas, -li, -nis unconscious, 
-ly, -ness 

'Ankantra'diktid uncontradicted 

An'kagkad unconquered 

An'kagkarabjl, -li, -Inis uncon- 
querab|le, -ly, -leness 

'An'kraund uncrowned 

'Ankri'eit, -id uncreate, -d 

Klohaelis & Jones, Phonetic Dictionary. 

^Aii'kristjait — ^An'lak 

— 34 

An'Inis — An'mu:T9bl 

Ankrisljan [-t/en], -li unchrist- 
ian, -ly 

^An'kritik|9l, -all uncritic|al,-ally 

'An'krD'St uncrossed 

An'kuiO, -li, -nls uncouth, -ly, 

'An'knkt uncooked 

An'kwaiat, -li, -nig unquiet, -ly, 

An'kwenfjabl unquenchable 

An'kTrestJTI^nd, -anig [-i^ig] un- 
questi|oned, -oning 

An'kwest Janabll [-tji^a-], -11, -Inis 
unquestionab|le, -ly, -leness 

An'kwalifaid unqualified 

OAn'laik, -nis unlike, -ness 

An'laikl|i, -ihud, -inis unlikel|y, 
-ihood, -iness 

'An'laisanst unlicensed 

jAn'lseJ, -iz, -ig, -t unlash, -es, 
-ing, -ed 

An'lselX, -iz, -ig, -t unlatch, -es, 
-ing, -ed 

An'lAk|i, -la*, -list, -Hi, -inis 
unluckfy, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 

'An'lATig unloving 

'An'lATl|i, -inis unloveljy, -iness 

An'leid, -z, -ig, -id unlad|e, -es, 
-ing, -ed 

An'leis, -iz, -ig, -t unlac|e, -es, 
-ing, -ed 

'An'led unled 

An'les [an'les] unless 

'An'letad unlettered 

An'leynd unleavened 

'An'la:n, -z, -ig, -t [-d], -t un- 
learn, -s, -ing, -ed, -t 

'An'lainid, -li, -nis unlearned 
(adj.), -ly, -ness 

'Anla'mentid unlamented 

'Anli TJnley 

An'limba*, -z. -rig, -d unlimber, 
-s, -ing, -ed 

Anlimitid unlimited 

An'ligjk, -ks, -ktg, -Jet unlin|k, 
-ks, -king, -ked 

An'loud, -z, -ig, -id, -a*, -az un- 
load, -s, -ing, -ed, -er, -ers 

An'lo:|fMl, .full [-fali], -fwlnis 
unlaw|ful, -fully, -fulness 

An'lak, -s, -ig, -t unlock, -s, -ing, 

An'lnis, -iz, -ig, -t unloos|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
Aii'ln:s|n, -nz, -jgiig [-nig], -nd 

unloos|en, -ens, -ening, -ened 
An'lukt unlocked (for) 
O'An'maikt unniarked 
An'maisk, -s, -ig, -t unmask, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
An'maindlful, -fall [-fali], -fulnis 

unmind|ful, -fully, -fulness 
'An'manntid unmounted 
An'meen, -z, -ig, -d unman, -s, 

-ning, -ned 
An'meeualji, -inis unmannerl|y, 

An'meenidsabjl, -li, -Inis un- 

manageab|le, -ly, -leness 
A.n'meenl|i, -ia*, -list, -inis un- 

manl|y, -ier, -iest, -iness 
'An'meerid unmarried 
'An'msetXt unmatched 
An'mAfjl, -Iz, -pg [-lig], -Id un- 

muflflle, -les, -ling, -led 
An'mAzjl, -Iz, -^g [-lig], -Id un- 

muzz|le, -les, -ling, -led 
'Anl'meik, -'meiks, -'meikig, 

-'meid un|make, -makes, -mak- 
ing, -made 
An'menJiiLabl [-/na-], -z, -nis un- 
mentionable, -s, -ness 
An'meritid unmerited 
Anme'Oadiksl = Anmi'Godikal 

Anma'lestid [-mo'l-] unmolested 
An'ma:gi{ft«l, -full [-fali], -fMlnis 

unmerci|ful, -fully, -fulness 
An'mi:nig, -li, -nis unmeaning, 

-ly, -ness 
'An'mikst unmixed 
An'miggld unmingled 
Anmis'teikabll -li, -Inis unmis- 

takeab|le, -ly, -leness 
An'mitigeitid unmitigated 
Annii|eadikal unmethodical 
An'mjn:zik{9l, -all unmu8ic|al, 

An'mai^nd [-'mnand] unmourned 
An'madifaid unmodified 
^An'mna*, -z, -rig, -d unmoor, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
A.n'mn:Td unmoved [-nesa 

An'mn:Tabl, -nis unmov(e)able. 

^Aii'HietJttral — 'Anpa-'Teitid — 35 — ^inpa'foimd — ^inpri'tendi i) 

O An'nsetjur|al, -all, -alnis un- 

natur|al, -ally, -alness 
^An'nieTigabl unnavigable 
'Aii'iiAinbsd unnumbered 
An'neibali unneighbourly 
'An'neimd unnamed 
An'nesisar|i [-sag-], -ili, -inis un- 

neces8ar|y, -ily, -iness 
An'naiT, -z, -ig, -d unnerv|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
An'nouabl unknowable 
An'nonii), -li, -nis unknowing, 

-ly, -ness 
An'nonn unknown 
An'noutist unnoticed 
An'not, -s, -ig, -id unknot, -s, 

-ting, -ted 
O'An'ound unowned 
O Anai'deind unordained 
An'aidad unordered 
An'a:ganaizd unorganized 
An'a'ltad unaltered 
^Ana'ltera'biliti unalterability 
An'o'lt»rab|l, -11, -Inis unalter- 

ab|le, -ly, -leness 
Anai'Oentikeitid unauthenticated 
An'a:eadaks, -i unorthodox, -y 
An'a:6araizd unauthorized 
O An'akjupaid unoccupied 
An'alt- = ^An'ailt- 
^Anasten'teijas [-tan-], -li, -nis 

unostentatious, -ly, -ness 
O Aii'pa:d^iab|l [-dna-], -li, -Inis 

unpardonab|le, -ly, -lenesa 
Anpaila'mentari [-li'm-] unparlia- 
jAn'pailatid unpiloted 
An'psek, -s, -ig, -t, -a*, -az un- 
pack, -s, -ing, -ed, -er, -era 
An'peelatab|l [-lit-], -li, -Inis un- 

palatab|le, -ly, -leness 
An'pseraleld [-laid] unparalleled 
Anpsetri'atik unpatriotic 
'An'pAbliJt unpublished 
'An'pAni/t unpunished [tuality 
'AnpAii&tju'seliti [-tju-] unpunc- 
An'pAgfc^ual [-tjual], -i unpunc- 

tual, -ly 
'An'peid unpaid 
'An'peiyd unpaved 
Anpa''ta:bd unperturbed 
'Anpa''va:tid unperverted 

^Anpa'faimd unperformed 
'Anpa'Iait, -li, -nis unpolite, -ly, 

Anpa'ljn:tid unpolluted 
A.npa'8i:Y|abl, -d unperoeiv|able, 

'An'piild unpeeled 
'An'piast unpierced 
An'pik, -8, -ig, -t unpick, -s, -ing, 

An'pin, -z, -ig, -d unpin, -B,-ning, 

An'pitid unpitied 
An'pitiig, -ly unpitying, -ly 
An'plaiabl unpliable 
An'plset, -s, -ig, -id unplait, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
An'pleznt, -li, -nis unpleasant, 

-ly, -ness 
An'pli:zig, -li, -nis unpleasing, 

-ly, -ness 
Anpot«'eiik|9l, -ali, -alnis un- 

poetic|al, -ally, -alness 
An'palijt unpolished 
^An'palitik [-lat-] unpolitic 
^Anpapju'lseriti unpopularity 
An'papjula*, -li unpopular, -ly 
'An'praist unpriced 
An'priektik|al, -ali unpractic|al, 
' -ally 

An'priektist unpractised 
An'predsudist unprejudiced 
Anprepa'reiJ'an unpreparation 
An'presldantid unprecedented 
Anpra'dAktiv [-pro'd-], -li, -nis 

unproductive, -ly, -ness 
'Anpra'feX|an| [-n].J, -anali [-^^ali] 

unprofess|ional, -ionally 
'Anpra'hibitid unprohibited 
'Anpra'naunsabl unpronounceable 
Anpra'pljas, -li, -nis unpropi- 

tious, -ly, -ness 
Anpra'tektid unprotected 
Anpra'vaidid unprovided 
Anpra'voakjt ,-idli unprovok|ed, 

Anpri'mediteitid unpremeditated 
An'prinsipld [-sap-] unprincipled 
Anpri'psad unprepared 
Anpri'pearid|li, -nis unprepar- 

ed|ly, -ness [-ly 

Anpri'tendig, -li unpretending, 

,Anpri'teiij39— 'Anri'ko:did 


'Anri'kwaitid— 'An'sei 

Anpri'tenjas, -nis unpretentious, 

Anpri'Tcntabl unpreventable 
Anpri'zentabl unpresentable 
An'proflt8b|l, -li, -Inis uaprofit- 

ab|le, -ly, -leneas 
jAn'promlsii) unpromising 
'An'pruiTd unproved 
O An'raip, -nis unripe, -ness 
An'rait|fMl, -fnli [-fall], -fwlnis 

unright|ful, -fully, -fulness 
An'raitjas [-tjas], -11, -nis un- 
righteous, -ly, -ness 
An'raivald unrivalled 
^An'raep, -8, -ii|, -t unwrap, -s, 

-ping, -ped 
An'rseT|9l, -»lz, -^fl [-alii|1, -»ld 

unrav|el, -els, -elling, -elled 
An'rtev^a* [-ala*], -z unraveller, -s 
^in'rAfld unruffled 
'An'red unread 
An'redji, -Hi, -Inls unread|y, -ily, 

An'redsistad unregistered 
An'rekagnaizjabl, -d unrecogniz- 

|able [-isa-], -ed 
Au'rekand unreckoned 
An'rekansailabjl, -11 unreconcil- 

ab|le, -ly 
An'rekansaild unreconciled 
^Aureprrzentid unrepresented 
'An'rest unrest 
An'rest|fMl, -full [-fall], -fulnls 

unrest|ful, -fully, -fulness 
Au'restlg, -11, -nis unresting, -ly, 

inra'meentik [-ro'm-], -all un- 

romantic, -ally 
^Anri''seliti, -iz unrealit|y, -ies 
^An'rildabl, -nis unreadable, -ness 
An'rlizigiabll [-zna-] -li, -Inis uu- 

reasonabjle, -ly, -leness 
An'riiz^ii) [-zniij] unreasoning 
Anri'di:iii|abl, -d unredeem|able, 

Anri'dsenarlt unregenerate 
^An'rial unreal 
^Auri'fiiind unrefined 
'Anrl'faimd unreformed 
'Anri'kauntid unrecounted 
'Anri'kleiffld unreclaimed 
'Anri'ka:did unrecorded 

'Anri'kwaitid unrequited 
^Anrl'kwestld unrequested 
'Anrilaia'billti unreliability 
^Anri'laiabl, -nis unreliable, -ness 

Anri'lsekst unrelaxed 
'Anri'leitid unrelated 

Anri'lentii), -li, -nis unrelenting, 

-ly, -nesa 
'Anrl'llivd unrelieved 
'Anri'membad unremembered 

Anri'mitii), -li, -nis unremitting, 

-ly, -nesa, 
'Anri'peid unrepaid 

Anri'pentant unrepentant 
'Anri'psa*, -rabl unrepair, -able 
'Anri'pi:ld unrepealed 
'Anri'siivd unreceived 

Anri'sta:ad unrestored 

Anri'8trein|d, -idli, -idnis un- 
restrainjed, -edly, -edness 

Anri'striktid, -li unrestricted, -ly 
'Anri'tentiv unretentive 
'An'ritn unwritten 
'Anri'waidid unrewarded 

Anri'vi:ld unrevealed 
'Anri'vonkt unrevoked 

Anri'za:v|d, -idli, -idnis unre- 
serv|ed, -edly, -edness 

Anri'zistii), -11 unresisting, -ly 
■ig, -d unrob|e, -es. 

-z, -ifl, -d unroll, -s. 

-ifl, -t unrop|e, -es. 

An'roub, -z, 

-ing, -ed 

-ing, -ed 
An'ronp, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'An'ra:t unwrought 
An'ru:l|i, -ia*, -list, -inis unrul|y, 

-ier, -iest, -iness 
O An'saitl|i, -ia*, -list, -inis un- 

sightl|y, -ier, -iest, -iness 
'An'saund, -li, -nis ['An'saunnis] 

unsound, -ly, -ness 
An'ssedl, -Iz, -l^ij [-lig], -Id un- 

8add|le, -Ies, -ling, -led 
An'ssenitari unsanitary 
'An'seeg/ctifaid unsanctified 
'An'stetisfaid unsatisfied 
,Ans%tis'feekt9r|i -llij -inis un- 

satisfactorly, -ily, -iness 
^An'sAlid unsullied 
'An|'sei, -'sezj -'seiifl, -'sedunlsay, 

-says, -saying, -said 

^An'seif — ,An83s'piJ'88 

— 37 

,ttt'gi:ifl — An'speart^) 

jin'seif, -li, "iiis unsafe, -ly, -ness 
^An'sellabl, -nis unsaleable, -ness 
An'seiver|i, -ili, -inis unsavour|y, 

-ily, -in ess 
'An|'sed, -'sez unlsaid, -says 
Ansek'tsorian, -izm unsectarian, 

An'selflJ, -li, -nis unselfish, -ly, 

'Ansenti'mentl unsentimental 
Anseri'mounias [-njas], -li, -nis 

unceremonious, -ly, -ness 
^An'set|l, -Iz, -^i) [-lii)], -Id un- 

8ett|le, -les, -ling, -lea 
^An'sevad unsevered 
^An'saikamsaizd uncircumcised 
'Ansaikam'sisan uncircumcision 
Ans3''inaunt9bl unsurmountable 
An83''pa:s|abl, -t uasurpassjable, 

An'sa:t»n [-tin] uncertain 
An's3:t9nt{i [-tin-], -iz uncer- 

taint|y, -ies 
An'83:tjab{l, -li, -Inis unsearcb- 

ab|le, -ly, -leness 
An'saivisabl unserviceable 
Ansab'djuid unsubdued 
^Ansab'dju'abl unsubduable 
An83b'nii8ir, -li, -nis unsubmis- 
sive, -ly, -ness 
Ansab'stsen/al unsubstantial 
'Ansabstsenji'seliti unsubstantia- 

Ansa'flstikeitid [-so'f-], -li, -nis 

unsophisticated, -ly, -ness 
'Ansak'ses unsuccess 
Ansak'seslful, -fnli [-fall], -f««lnis 

unsuccess|ful, -fully, -fulness 
Ansa'lisitid [-so'l-] unsolicited 
Ansa'maunt-, Ansa'po:8-= Ansa:- 
)insa'pa:tab|l/ -li, -Inis unsup- 

portab|le, -ly, -leness 
'Ansa'poitid unsupported 
'Ansasepti'biliti [-ta'b-] unsus- 

^Ansa'septibl [-tabl] unsusceptible 
Ansas'pektid, -li, -nis unsuspect- 
ed, -ly, -ness 
Anses'pektiii, -11, -nis unsuspect- 
ing, -li, -ness 
Ansas'pi/as, -li, -nis unsuspi- 
cious, -ly, -ness 

An'8i:ig unseeing 

^An'siil, -z, -ig, -d unseal, -s, -iug, 

An'8i:ml|i, -inis unseeml|y, -iness 

An'siin unseen 

An'si:sii|, -li unceasing, -ly 

An'siit, -8, -ig, -id unseat, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

'An'8i:znd unseasoned 

An'si:z]^ab|l [-zna-], -li, -Inis un- 
8easonab|le, -ly, -leness 

'An3ifa:m unciform 

'Ansi'kjaad [-'kjoad, -'kjaiad] un- 

Ansi'metrik, -al, -all unsym- 
metric, -al, -ally 

'Ansimpa'Oetik, -all unsympathet- 
ic, -ally 

'Ansisti'msetik, -9l, -all unsyste- 
matic, -al, -ally 

An'8iwa:9|i, -inis unseaworthjy, 

An'siT|il, -ili uncivil, -ly 

An'sirilaizd uncivilized [-ised] 

An^'u:ta'biliti unsuitability 

An'^'nitabjl, -li, -Ini8 un8uitab|le, 
-ly, -leness 

^An'sjuitid unsuited 

^An'skeiSd [-eiet] unscathed 

'An'skild unskilled 

An'skil|fMl, -fnli [-fall], -ftclnis 
unskillful, -fully, -fulness 

An'skriptjarlal [-tjnr-], -ali un- 
scripturjal, -ally 

An'skrn:, -z, -Ig, -d unscrew, -s, 

' -ing, -ed 

An'skruipjnlas [-pjal-], -li, -nis 
unscrupulous, -ly, -ness 

'An'sleikt unslaked 

'An'sonld unsold 

'Ansonja'biliti unsociability 

An'soujabjl, -li, -Inis unsociab|le, 
-ly, -leness 

'An'so'ltid unsalted 

'An'83:t unsought 

/.n'sa.'tid unsorted 

'An'saldad (-'so'd-) unsoldered 

jAn'salvd unsolved 

'An'spent unspent 

An'spesifaid unspecified 


-ly, -ness 

-li, -nis unsparing, 

An'spiitabl — A.n'ttei|gl 

— 38 

^An'tAkt— ,An't Jeindsi B 

An'8pi:kab|l, -li iinspeakab|le, -ly 
An'spoukan unspoken 
An'spoilt [-Id] unspoiled 
An'spatid unspotted 
'An'staitjt unstarched 
An'stsek, -s, -ig, -t unstack, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'An'stiempt unstamped 
'An'stAdid unstudied 
An'stAk unstuck {from unstick) 
An'steibl, -nis unstable, -ness 
'An'steid unstaid 
An'stedfast, -li, -nis unsteadfast, 

-ly, -ness 
An'stedji, -ia*, -id unstead|y, -ier, 

-iest, -led 
An'stedilli, -nis unsteadi|ly, -ness 
Ansta'biliti unstability 
AnI'stik, -'stiks, -'stikig, -'stAk 

un|stick, -sticks, -sticking, -stuck 
An'stintid unstinted 
An'stitJ", -iz, -ig, -t unstitch, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
^An'strAi) unstrung 
'An'strest unstressed 
^An'sii:t3bl, etc. = ^An'sjn:t8bl,efc. 
An'swa:Tii|, -li unswerving, -ly 
'An'swiitnd unsweetened 
OAn'Xeik|3n, -anli [-^ili] un- 

shak|en, -enly 
An'Jeipli unshapely 
An'JeiTn unshaven 
An'/i:d, -z, -ii|, -d unsheathje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
An'Ji:|e, -es, -eii) [-dii)], -et [-dd] 

unshea|th, -ths, -thing, -thed 
'Anjial [-nsi-, -Jal], -z uncial, -s 
An'J"ip, -s, -ig, -t unship, -s,-ping, 

'An'/o:n unshorn 
'An'Jod unshod 

An'Jrigkig, -li unshrinking, -ly 
6 An'toiniji; untarnished 
An|'tai, -'taiz, -'taiig, -'taid un|tie, 

-ties, -tying, -tied 
An'taid|i, -ia*, -list, -ili, -inis 

untid|y, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
An'taimlji, -inis untimeljy, -iness 
An'taiarii), -li untiring, -ly 
'An'tsekst untaxed 
An'tseggll, -Iz, -lig [-;ii|]. -Id 

untang|le, -les, -ling, -led 

^An'tAkt untucked 
^An'tAtJt untouched 
^An'teimabl untamable 
^An'teintid untainted 
^An'teistid untasted 
'An'tempsd untempered 
^An'ten9bl= An'timabl untenable 
^An'ten»ntid untenanted 
'Anta unto {this form only occws 

before consonants) 
Ant8'wo:d = ^An'tonad untoward 
An'tiinabl untenable 
^An'tiitjabl unteachable 
An'til [an'til] until 
'Au'tjnitad untutored 
An'tl- = jAn'kl- 
An'touad [-'to:8d, -ta'waid], -li, 

-nis untoward, -ly, -ness 
^An'tould untold 
'An'ta:t untaught 
'Antra:ns'leit|abl [-trsens-], -id 

untranslat|able, -ed 
'An'traid untried 
^An'trsemald untrammelled 
'Antrsens'fa:rabl [-trams-] un- 
^An'trAbld untroubled 
'An'trAst untrussed 
An'trAstwa:5|i, -ili, -inis untrust- 

worth|y, -ily, -iness 
^An'treisabl untraceable 
'An'treind untrained 
'An'trimd untrimmed 
An'tradn untrodden 
An'trn:, -nis untrue, -ness 
An'trnui untruly 
An'trn:|6, -6z [-Bs] untru|th, -ths 
An'truieifwl, -full [-fall], fulnis 

untruth|ful, -fully, -fulness 
'An'tjaitad unchartered 
An'tjaelindsd unchallenged 
An'tJaBritabjl, -li, -Inis unchari- 

tabjle, -ly, -leness 
'An'tjaeriti uncharity 
An'tjeegtiti unchastity 
An'tjein, -z, -ig, -d unchain, -g, 

-ing, -ed 
AntJeine^Sa'biliti unchangeabili- 


An'tjeindsabll, -li, -Inis un- 

changeablle, -ly, -leness 

,i.ii't Jelst— ,in'Teil 

— 39 

^An'Yentileitid — 'Aproia* 

An't/eist, -li unchaste, -ly 

An't/ekebl uncheckable 

^An'tjekt unchecked 

'Antu' unto 

An'twist, -s, -ii|, -id untwist, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
O Aii'esB9k|f«l. -fuli^fali]. -tul- 

nis unthankfful, -fully, -fulness 
An'Oigksbl unthinkable 
An'eiijkig, -11, unthinking, -ly 
An'eaitjful, -fnli [-fall], -fulnis 

unthought|ful, -fully, -fulness 
jAn'erift|i, -ill, -inis unthrift|y, 

-ily, -iness 
OA.n'waind, -z, -ii), An'wannd 

unwind, -s, -ing, unwound 
An'vaiz, -11 unwise, -ly 
An'welTarig, -li unwavering, -ly 
An'wel unwell 
An'welkam unwelcome 
An'wsarabl unwearable 
AB'trsarli, -ili, -inis unwar|y, 

-ily, -iness 
An'wa:5i, -ili, -inis unworth|y, 

-ily, -iness 
^An'Traikabl unworkable 
An'triildli, -ia*, -list, -ill, -Inls 

unwieldfy, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
An'wiarid unwearied 
An'willi), -11, -nis unwilling, -ly, 

'Anwln Unwin 
An'm/t unwished (for) 
An'wltiij, -11 unwitting, -ly 
'An'trizdam unwisdom 
An'wonntld, -11, -nis unwonted, 

-ly, -nesa 
^An'wailalk unwarlike 
'An'wa.'md unwarmed 
'An'wa.'nd unwarned 
An'wt>r9ntab|l, -11, -Inis unwar- 

rantab|le, -ly, -leness 
'An'TTOrsntid unwarranted (not 

An'worantid unwarranted 

/n'woj't unwashed 
An'TCumanlll, -Inls unwomanl|y, 

O jAn'TainlJt unvarnished 
^n'Tell, -2, -Ig, -d, -a*, -az un- 
veil, -s, -ing, -ed, -er, -ers 

An'ventUeltid unventilated 
An'vear|labl, -lig unvar|iable, 

(An'vaist unversed 
'An'Toist unvoiced 

• 'Aggwant, -s unguent, -s 
'Agkl, -z uncle, -s 
'Agk/^n, -z unction, -s 
'Agkljnas, -11, -nis unctuous, -ly, 

Agktjn'asltl unctuosity 

• An up 

Apf'bsa*, -'beaz, -'beariii, -'ba»*, 

-'bai^n upjbear, -bears, -bearing, 

-bore, -borne 
AM'breid [ap'br-], -z, -lij, -Id up- 

Draid, -s, -ing, -ed 
'Apbrlgli) upbringing 
'Apdsan Upjohn 
'Apa*, -z, -monst upper (s. ac{3-), 

-B, -most 
'Apam Upham 

Ap'held upheld (from uphold) 
'Ap'hil uphill 
Ap'hi:T, -z, -ii), -d upheavje, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
Ap'hi:T9l, -z upheaval, -s 
Apl'hoald, -'honldz, -'honldii), 

-'held up|hold, -hold, -holding, 

Ap'honlda*, -z upholder, -s 
Ap'houlst|a* [ap-], -az, -9rli|, -ad 

upholst|er, -ers, -ering, -ered 
Ap'honlstera* [ap-], -z upholst- 
erer, -8 
Ap'honlstarl [ap-] upholstery 
'Aplgam Uppingham 
'ApiJ, -11, -nis uppish, -ly, -ness 
'Apkaist, -s upcast, -s 
'Apkat [-kat] Upcott 
'Apkiip upkeep 
'Apland, -z upland (U.), -s 
'Aplanda*, -z uplander, -s [-ed 
Ap'llft, -s, -ii|, -Id uplift, -s, -ing, 
'Ap'ralt ['Apr-, Ap'r-], -11, -nis 

upright, -ly, -ness 
Ap'raizii), -z uprising, -s 
Ap'relz, -Iz, -Ig, -d upraisje, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
Ap'ria*, -z, -rig, -d uprear, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'Apra:a*, -z uproar, -s 

Ap'roirias— 'bo:bik»n 

40 — 

'ApjBrAst— bark 

Ap'roiriss, •!!, -nis uproarious, 

-ly, -ness 
Ap'ra:t, -s, -ii), -id uproot, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
Ap'sa:l3 Upsala 
'Apsaid upside 

Ap'set ['Apset], -s upset (a.), -s 
Ap'set, -8, -ii) upset (v.), -s, -ting 
Ap'seta*, -z upsetter, -s 
'Apstait, -s upstart, -s 
'Ap'steaz upstairs 
'Ap'striim upstream 
'Apja* Upsher 
'Apjot upshot 
'Ap'tann uptown 
'Apteik uptake 
Ap'tsin, -z, -ig, -d upturn, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'Ap'taind upturned (,acy.) 
'Apta'deit up-to-date 
'Apt3n Upton 
Ap'tilt, -s, -ii), -id uptilt, -s, -ing, 


'ApOrAst, -8 uptlirust, -s 

'Apwei Upwey 

'Apwad, -11, -z upward, -ly, -s 

• 'Ari urry 

• AS us (strong form) 
'ASkwibi>:[A8kwi'b9:] usquebaugh 

• 'aJ'8*, -z, -rig, -d usher (s. v.) 
(U.), -s, -ing, -ed 

'Ajant Ushant 

• 'Ata*, -11, -ni8, -z, -rli|, -d 
utter {adj. v.), -ly, -ness, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

'Atamonst [-mast] uttermost 
'Atara*, -z utterer, -s 
'Atarabl utterable 
'Aterans, -iz utteranc|e, -es 
'Atmonst [-mast] utmost 
A'taksita* [locally 'Aksita*] Ut- 

• 'Avn, -z oven, -s 
'ATnbaid, -z ovenbird, -s 

• 'Aza TJzzah 
A'zaia Uzziah 


bo' bah [-ed 

bo:, -z, -ig, -d baa (s. v.), -s, -ing, 
ba:*, -z, -rig, -d 1) (s. v.) bar, -s, 

-ring, -red; 2) Barr 
Oboib, -z, -ig, -d barb (s. v.), -a, 

-ing, -ed 
ba:'beerik barbaric 
ba:'b%rit|l, -iz barbarit|y, -ies 
bai'beidouz Barbados 
'baibeit barbate 
'baibeitid [ba:'beitid] barbated 
ba:'bet, -s barbette, -s 
ba:'bsarian, -z barbarian, -s 
'ba:ba*, -z 1) barber (B.), -s; 

2) Barbour 
'baibaraiz, -iz, -ig, -d barbarizje 

[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
'baibara Barbara 
'baibaras, -Ii, -ni8 barbarous, -ly, 

'ba:bar|i, -iz 1) Barbary; 2) bar- 

berr|y, -ies 
'ba:barizm, -z barbarism, -s 
baibikan, -z barbican (B.), -s 

'baibikju:, -z, -ig, -d barbecuje 
(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 

'baibit = 'baibeit 

'ba:ba: [ba:'bu:], -z baboo, -s 

Oba:d, -z 1) bard (B.), -s; 2) bar- 
red; 3) baaed 

ba:'del [baidel] Bardell 

'ba:dn Baden {in Germany) 

'baidalf Bardolph 

ba:dz bards (from bard) 

'baidzli Bardsley 

'baidzvral [-wel] Bardswell 

ba:il3, -iz barge, -s 

'baidsa* Barger 

bai'dsi:, -z bargee, -s 

'ba:d3 man, -man barge|man, -men 

Oba:dz (j)l of bo:e] baths 

O'baigin, -z, -ig, -d bargain is.k.), 
-s, -ing, -ed 

'baigina*, -z bargainer, -s 

'baigreiy Bargrave 

0'ba:ha:s ['bseth-], -iz bathorse, -s 

O ba:k, -s, -ig, -t (s v.) bark, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

bo:k — ba:sk 

41 — 

ba:sk— 'baifsikeit 

ba:k, -s (s.) barqne, -a 

ba:k (bax) Bach 

'ba:k3 Barca 

'ba*8*, -z barker (B.), -a 

'baikaronl [-rol, ba:k3'r-J, >z 

barcarolle, -s 
'baiklei Barclay 
'ba:kli 1) Berkeley; 2) Barclay 
'baikra'ft Barcroft 
ba:ks 1) barks (from bark); 

2) Berks 
'baikstan BaTkston(e] 
'bo:kJfi9* Berkshire 
Oba:I Basle 

'baili barley 

'bailikam, -z barleycorn (B)., -a 

'baili'/uga* barley-sugar 

'ba:liwoit9* barley-water 

'ba:lou Barlow(e) 

Oba:m, -z 1) balm, -s; 2) barm; 

3) Balm(e) 
'ba:mbi Barmby 
'baimeid, -z barmaid, -s 
'ba:|m3n, -man l)bar|maii, -men; 

2) bat|man, -men {mUitanf) 
'haimaB Barmouth 
'baimi barmy 
'ba:m|i, -la*, -list, -ill, -inis 

balm|y, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
'ba:misaid Barmecide 
Oba:n, -z barn, -a 
ba:'na:dou [ba'n-J Barnardo 
'ba:nbi Barnby 

'ba:n'da:9*, -z barn-door (s.), -s 
'baind»:3* barn-door (adj.) 
'bainabas [-bees] Barnabas 
'bainabi Barnaby 
'bainad Barnard 
ba:n8'dist3n Barnardiston 
'ba:nakl, -z barnacle, -a 
'bainam 1) Barnum; 2) Barnham 
'ba:ni Barney 
'bainit Barnet(t) 
'ba:nstapl Barnstaple 
baioz 1) Barnes; 2) barns (from 

'bamzll Barnsley 
0'ba:rili:f ['baesr-] bas-relief, -a 
'ba:rii) barring (prep.) 
Obaisi'lonna Barcelona 
ba:sk, -s, -ig, -t bask, -a, -ing, 


ba:sk = bsesk Basque 
'baiskit, -s basket, -a 
'baiskitfal, -z basketful, -s 
'ba:8kitw3:k basket-work 
Obait, -s bart (B.), -a 
'bo:t9*, >z, -rig, -d barter (B.) 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
'ba:ti Bertie (surname) 
baiti'mi'as Bartimeus [-msena] 
'ba:tl Bartle 
'boitllt Bartlett 
'ba:tn Barton 

baits l)barts(/Vombart); 2) Bart's 
Obo:|e, -8z ba|th (B.), -ths 
'ba:Obrik, -s bath-brick, -s 
bai'Oalamjn: [ba'O-] Bartholomew 
'baiOru'm, -z bathroom, -a 
'ba:Ostonn bath-stone 
'baiO'tJea*. -z bath-chair, -s 
Oba:z 1) Barr's; 2) bars; 3) baas 
9bai (adv., prp.) by 
bai, -z (s.) bye, -s 
bai, -z, -ii), b»:t (v.) buy, -a, -ing, 

O Jbai'seksjal, -ial [-jal] biaxjal, 

O'baibl, -z Bible, -s 
Obaid, -z, -ig, -id bid|e (B.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'baidn Biden 
O'baida'bai [baSa'bai] by-the- 

O'baiendz By ends 
bai'enjal, -1 biennial, -ly 
O'baia*, -z 1) buyer, -s; 2) byre, -a 
'baiagrsBf [-gra:f], -s biograph, -a 
baia'greeflk, -»1, -ali biographic, 

-al, -ally 
baia'ladsik, -al, -all biologic, 

-al, -ally 
'baiand'bai [-am'b-] by-and-by 
'baiaran Byron 
'bai<>ri:m, -z bireme, -s 
baia'ranik Byronic 
'baiaruit Beirut 
'baias, -iz, -iij, -t 1) bias (». v.), 

-(a)es, -(s)ing, -(s)ed; 2) Byas(s) 
'baiaskoap, -s bioscope, -s 
'baiaz I ) Byers ; 2) buyers ; 3) byres 
Obaifai'keijan, -z bifurcation, -s 
'baifaikeit, -s, -ii), -id bifurcat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 

'baifliit — Jbaisen'tenjal 

— 42 

baisen'timari— 'banntias 

'baifli:t Byfleet 

O'baigod Bigod 

'baiga'n, -z bygone, -s 

O 'baii'lekjan, -z by-election, -s 

O baik, -s, -ii|, -t (s. v.) bike, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

bai'kaibanit, -s bicarbonate, -a 

'bai'kronmeit bicbromate 

IbaikTra'drietik [-kwa'd-], -s bi- 
quadratic, -8 

Obail bile 

bai'laBterl^L -ali bilater|al, -ally 

)bai'leibi3l [-bjal], -z bilabial (s. 
adj.), -B 

bai'lii|gw3l bilingual 

|bai'lit3r»l biliteral 

'Daila:, -z by(e)law, -b 

bailz ByleB 

O Jbai'mestrial bimestrial 

bai'metallist [-t^|i-], -ists, -izm 
bimetall{i8t, -iBts, -iBm 

Obaind, -z, -ig, bannd bind, -s, 
-ing, bound 

'bainda*, -z binder, -s 

'bainari binary 

'bainon Bynoe 

bai'nonmiel [-mjal] binomial 

bai'nakjula* [-jala*], -z binocu- 
lar (s. a<^.), -a 

'bAinakl [-nakl], -z binocle, -a 

Obai'Dgrafa*, -z biographer, -s 

bai'3graf|i, -iz biograph|y, -ies 

bai'aladsi biology 

bai'amitri biometry 

O'baipaig, -iz by-pass, -ea 

bai'pa:tait bipartite 

'baipaije, -9z by-pa|th, -ths 

'baiped, -z biped, -s 

'baiplei byplay 

'baipradakt, -s by-product, -s 

O'bairiim, -z bireme, -s 

'bairond, -z by-road, -s 

bairanik Byronic 

'bairait [bai'rait] Bayreuth 

'bairn:t Beirut 

Obais bice 

,bai'sAlf|eit, -ait bisulphfate, -ite 

bai'sekjan, -z bisection, -a 

bai'sekt, -s, -ii), -id bisect, -a, 
-ing, -ed 

bai'sekta*, -z bisector, -a 

baisen'teigal bicentennial 

Ji»aisen'ti:nar|i [-'ten-], -iz bicen- 

tenar|y (s. ac?/.), -ies 
'baiseps biceps 
'baisikl, -z, -ig, -d bicyclje (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'baisiklist, -s bicycliat, -a 
'baisn ['bAizn], -z bison, -a 
'baistsenda*, -z byatander, -s 
'baistri:t, -s by-street, -s 
Obait, -s (s.) bight, -s 
bait, -8, -ii), bit, 'bitn (s. v.) bitje, 

-ea, -ing, bit, bitten 
'baita*, -z biter, -b 
O'baiwei, -z byway, -s 
'baiira:d, -z byword, -a [-iea 
bai'-nriiklli, -iz bi-weekl|y(s.a(iy.), 
O'balTselr, -z bivalve, -s 
O baiz 1) byes (fromhye); 2) buys 

(from buy) 
bai'zientain Byzantine 
bai'zaentiam [•'^am^ -njiam] By- 
bai'zaentian [-Ijaii, -n/ian] By- 

'baizn, -z = 'baisn, -z bison, -s 
• ban, -z, -ig, -d («.) bow (bend), 

-s, -ing, -ea 
bauj -z (s.) 1) bow (bending, of a 

ship), -s; 2) bough, -a 
Obaud bowed (from bow) 
'bandla* Bowdler 
'baudlaraiz, -iz, -ig, -d bowdler- 

-iz|e [-ia|e], -ea, -ing, -ed 
'bandn Bowden 
O'baua*, -z bower (B.), -a 
'banal [-el, -11], -z bowel, -s 
'banari bowery 
O'banlig = 'bonlii| Bowling 
O baund, -z, -iii, -id 1) bound 

(s. v.), -a, -ing, -ed; 2) bound 

(from bind) 
'bannda*, -z bounder, -a 
'banndan bounden 
'banndarji, -iz boundarly, -iea 
'banndlig, -11, -nis boundless, -ly, 


banns, -iz, -ig, -t bounc|e (s. v.), 
-ea, -ing, -ed 

'bannsa*. -z bouncer (B.), -a 

'bannti bounty 

banntias [-tjas], -Ii, -nis boun- 
teous, -ly, -ness 

'banntifMl— 'bsegids 

— 43 

'biegiiel— 'bcekwad 

'baanti|fMl, -fuli [-fali], -fwlnis 

bounti|ful, -fully, -fulness 

baanz = banndz bounds 

O'banrig Eo wring 

O bans, -iz,-ig, -t hoyia\e (nautical 
term), -es, -ing, -ed 

'bansflild Bousfleld 

Obant, -s bout, -s 

'bantja* Bonrchier 

O'bau'wau bow-wow 

O banz 1) bows; 2) boughs; 
3) = bu:z bouse 

•bsebel'maendeb Bab-el-Mandeb 

'bsebali Babberley 

'baebids Babbage 

'baebilan Babylon 

bsebi'lounla [-nja], -n, -nz Baby- 
lonia, -n, -ns 

'bsebigtan Babington 

'baebkak Babcock 

'b8eb|l, -Iz, -|li) [-lig], -Id babbjle, 
-les, -ling, -led 

'bsebla* [-Js], -z babbler, -s 

'bseblmant, -s babblement, -s 

Obasd, -11, -nis bad, -ly, -ness 
baed [beid] bade (from bid) 

'bsedali Baddeley 

'b8ed3]n(z) Badam(s) 

b8edi''na:3 (badi'nais) badinage 

'bsBdli 1) badly; 2) Baddeley 

'bsedmintan badminton (B.) 
bseds, -iz badge, -s 

'bsedsa*, -z, -rii|, -d badger (s. v.) 
(B.), -s, -ing, -ed 

'baedsabeitii) badger-baiting 

'baedsadag, -z badger-dog, -s 

'bsedsat Bagehot 

O'baBfln Baffin 

bsefll, -Iz, -pg [-lig], -Id bafE|le, 
-les, -ling, -led 

'bsef Ja* [-la*], -z baffler, -s 

Obseg, -z, -iij, -d bag (s. v.), -a, 
-ging, -ged 

'beegdaed Bagdad 

'baegali Baggallay 

'baegat Bagot 

baega'tel, -z bagatelle, -s 

baega'telbaiad, -z bagatelle- 
board, -s 

'b8Bg|i,-ia*, -list, -Hi, -inis baggly, 
-ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 

'baegids, -iz baggage, -s 

'baegnal [-n^] l)Bagnall; 2) Bag- 

'baegpaip, -s, -a*, -az bagpip|e, 
-es, -er, -ers 

'btegjo: Bagshaw(e) 

'baegjat Bagshot 

Obaek, -s, -ifl, -t (s. v.) back (B.), 
-s. -ing, -ed 

'baek bait, -s, -ii), 'baek bit, 'bsek- 
Jbitn, backbit|e, -es, -ing, back- 
bit, backbitten 

'b8ekl>aita*, -z backbiter, -s 

'bsBkboun, -z back-bone, -s 

'beekba:d, -z back-board, -s 

'baek'doia*, -z back-door, -s 

'bsBka*, -z backer, -s 

baeka'lairiit, -s baccalaureate -s, 

'baekanael [-n^], -z bacchanal, -a 

baeka'neillan [-Ijan], -z bacchan- 
alian, -s 

'baekant, -s bacchant, -s 

baeka'ra: ['baekara:] baccara(t) 

'baekas Bacchus 

baek'gsBman ['baekgaeman] back- 

'baekgraand, -z background, -s 

'baekhaus Backhouse 

'baBk'haend, -z, -a*, -az, -id back- 
hand, -s, -er, -ers, -ed 

'baek'hsa* back-hair 

'baeki baccy 

'bsekik bacchic 

'beekig, -z backing _(s.), -s 

bae'kilidiiz Bacchylides 

baeks 1) Bax; 2) backs (/rom back) 

'baek said, -z backside, -s 

'baeksandail Baxandall 

'bask'slaid, -z^ -ii), 'baek'slid back- 
slid|e, -s, -mg, backslid 

'baek'slalda*, -z backslider, -s 

'baeksteiz backstays 

'baek'steaz backstairs 

'baeksta* Baxter 

'baekstitj, -iz backstitch, -es 

'baekjiij" backsheesh [-shish] 

'baekt backed [from back) 

baBk'tiari|am, -a bacteri|um, -a 

baektiari'oladsli, -ist, -ists bac- 
teriolog|y, -ist, -ists 

'baektria, -n Bactria, -n 

'baekwad, -Ii, -nis backward, -ly, 

'bsekwD:ta*— 'btendids 


'bsendilegd— 'bsKgkTApt 

'bsekwo:ta*, -z backwater, -s 
'baekwudz, -man, -man back- 
woods, -man, -men 
Obse'laid (ba'Iad), -z ballade, -s 
'bielbas Balbus 
bserbrigan Balbriggan 
'btelei, -z ballet, -s 
'bselad, -z 1) ballad, -s; 2) Ballard 
bsela'klaira Balaclava 
'bselam Balham 
'bselans, -iz, -ii), -t balance (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'bselansjiit [-nJ^Xiit], -s balance- 
sheet, -8 
'baelantain Ballantine, -tyne 
'baelarset [bsela'raat] Ballarat 
'bselast, -s ballast, -s 
'bselasta*, -z, -d baluster, -s, -ed 
bselas'treid, -z balustrade, -s 
'beelat, -s ballot, -s 
'bselatboks, -iz ballot-box, -es 
'beelatids ballotage 
'bselfaa* [-foa*, -foia*] Balfour 
'bseli, -z 1) bally; 2) ballet, -s 
'beelkan|i, -iz balcony, -ies 
bael'kseris Balcarrea 
bsel'maral Balmoral 
'bselOseza* [bael'eseza*] Balthazar 
'bselzeek (bal'zak) Balzac 
O'bsembara Bamborough 
^bsem'bu:, -z bamboo, -s 
bsem'bnizll, -Iz, -lig [-|ig], -Id 

bambooz|le, -lea, -ling, -led 
bsemf, -Jia* Banff, -shire 
'bsemfl:ld l)Bamfleld; 2) Bamfyld 
Ob%n, -z, -ifl, -d ban (s. v.), -s, 

-ning, -ned 
bsenael ['bsenal, 'bein^] banal 
'bsenbari ['b%mb-] Banbury 
'bsenbaks, -iz band-box, -es 
btend, -z, -ig, -id 1) band (s. v.), 
-s, -ing, -ed; 2) banned (from 
been'da:na [-'dsena], -z bandana, 


'hsenitbaks, -iz bandbox, -es 
'foeendali:n bandoline 
bsenda'Iia*, -z bandoleer [-liar], -s 
'Dsend|i, -iz, -iii), -id band|y (a^. 

v.), -ies, -ying, -led 
'bsendids, -iz, -ii), -d bandagje 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 

'bsendilegd bandy-legged 
'bsendit, -8 bandit, -s 
'bten(2ma:sta*, -z bandmaster, -s 
'bsendag, -z bandog, -s 
'btendstsend, -z bandstand, -s 
'bsencJzlnian, -man bandsjman, 

bsen'd3on['bsend30n], -z banjo, -s 
'bsena*, -z banner (B.), -s 
'b%nak, -8 bannock, -s 
b«enak'ba:n ['bsenakba:n] Ban- 

'baenal [-n^] banal 
'beenam Banham 
'beenaman Bannerman 
bsenf [bsemf ], -Jia* Banff, -shire 
'baenflild Banfield 
'bfenian [-njan], -z 1) banian, a; 

2) banyan, -s 
'bienista*, -z 1) banister, -s; 

2) Bannister 
'bsenij", -iz, -ij, -t banish, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'baenij^mant, -8 banishment, -s 
'btenkra'fi ['baei)-] Bancroft 
'bsen^ = 'baenal banal 
'beenmaista*. -z bandmaster, -s 
l»sen'J'i:, -z laanshee, -s 
'nsenta*, -z, -rig, -d banter («. v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed 
'baentam, -z bantam, -s 
'beentii) Banting 
'bsentri Bantry 
bsen'tn:, -z Bantu, -s 
nsenz 1) bans; 2) banns; 3) bands 
Obaei), -z, -ii), -d bang (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'btegga* Bangor (Wales) 
bsegga'laia* Bangalore 
'bseiigl, -z, -d bangle, -s, -d 
'bseijgo:* Bangor (America), also 

less ttsual pron. of Bangor 

b%i|k, -s, -ii|, -t bank («. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'bsBflka*, -z banker, -s 
'bsegk'haladi [-'holidci], -z bank- 
holiday, -s 
'bsegk'nout, -s bank-note, -s 
'bsegkon banco 
'beegkak [bajg'kak] Bangkok 
'fotegkrApt [-rapt], -s bankrupt, -s 

'beeijkraptsi — 'b«erii)t3ii 

45 — 

'bserista*— 'bsetldo:9* 

'bsei)kr8pts|i, -iz bankruptc|y, -ies 
'bsegkra'ft Bancroft 

b%i)ks 1) Banks; 2) Bankes; 
3) banks 

b8ei)A;t banked 

'b8ei)kmt, -s, -ii), -id banquet 
(». v.), -s, -ing, -ed 

'biegkwitii|ho:l, -z banqueting- 
hall, -s 

'bseflkwou Banquo 

Obeep'taiz, -iz, -ig, -d baptiz|e 
[-is]e], -es, -ing, -ed 

'beeptist, -s baptist (B.), -s 

'bseptistar|i, -iz baptistery, -ies 

'bseptizm, -z baptism, -s 

beep'tizml^l, -eli baptisni|al, -ally 

Obse'rais [ba'r-] (ba'rais) -iz bar- 
rage, -s 

'basragrsef ['bsero-, -gra:f], -s 
barograph, -s 

'bserak, -s, -ig, -t barrack (s. v.), 
-s, -ing, -ed 

'bseraks*, -z barracker, -s 

'bseraklif Barraclongh 

'bseral, -z barrel, -s 

bseraloigan [-rja:-], -z barrel- 
organ, -s 

'bseram Barham 

bsera'metrik [bsero-], -si, -all 
barometric, -al, -ally 

'bseran, -ist (adj.) barren, -est 

'beeran, -z (s.) 1) baron (B.), -s; 
2) Barron 

'b»r3n|i, -iz baron|y, -ies 

'bseranids, -iz baronage, -s 

'beeranis, -iz baroness, -es 

'bseranit, -s, -ids baronet, -s, -age 

'bseranits|i [-net-], -iz baronetc|y, 

'bseran|Ii, -nis barren|ly, -ness 

'bserat l)Barrett; 2)Barat; 3)Bar- 

'bseratri barratry 

'bseri 1) Barry; 2) Barrie 

'bseria*, -z barrier, -s 

'bserik Barwick' 

beeri'keid [-ra'k-], -z, -ig, -id 
barricadje (s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 

'bserimoia* Barrymore 

bserig'gn:ld [bear-] Baring- 

' Gould 

'bserigtan Barrington 

'bserista*, -z barrister, -s 
bseris'tiarial barristerial 
'bseritoun, -z 1) baritone (s. adj.), 

-s; 2) barytone 
'bserou, -z barrow (B.), -s 
'bseronin'fainis Barrow-in-Fur- 
'bserogrgef, bsero'metrik, etc. = 

bse'i'D- ^ be'ro- 
Obses bass (fish, fibre) (B.) 
bsesi'net, -8 bassinet(te), -s 
'bsesinit, -s basinet, -s 
'bsesit, -8 1) basset, -s; 2) Baaset(t) 
'bsesithain, -z basset-horn, -s 
bsesk [ba:sk], -8 basque (B.), -s 
'bseskavil Ba8kervill(e) 
'bsesoilt = ba'sDilt basalt 
'bsesrili:f ['bair-l, -8 bas-relief, -s 
bsest bast 

'bse8tad, -z, -i bastard, -s, -y 
'b8e8ti9n [-tjan], -z, -d bastion, 

-s, -ed 
b8e8'ti:l(ba8'ti:j), -z bastille {B.),-s 
bsesti'neidou [-'na:d-], -z, -ig, -d 

bastinado (s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
ObseJ", -iz, -ig, -t bash, -es, -ing, 

bseJIfwl, -fulist [-fal-], -fuli 

[-fali], -fMlnis bash|ful, -fullest, 

-fully, -fulness 
Obaet, -s, -ig, -id bat (s. v.), -s, 

-ting, -ted 
'bseta*, -z, -rig, -d batter (s. v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed 
'bsetan ['baetog, 'ba:tog] (bai'to), 

-z bS.ton, -s 
'bsetarji, -iz batter|y, -ies 
'bsetarigrsem, -z battering-ram, -s 
'bsetasi Battersea 
'bsetazbi Battersby 
'bsethois = 'ba:hoi8 
bee'tiist [ba-] batiste 
'bseti Battye 
'bsetig batting (s.) 
'bsetijil Battishill 
b8e't;u:['b8et/n:] (ba'ty),-z battue, 

'bset|l, -Iz, -lig [-Ug], -Id batt|le 

(s. V.) (B.), -Ies, -ling, -led 
'bsetjaeks, -iz battle-axe, -s 
'batld»:3*, -z battledoor[-dore], -s 

'btetlMd — 'bAkha.'n 

46 — 

'bAkftwiit— 'bAmt 

'baetlMd, -z battlefield, -s 
'b«etlkr|ai, -aiz battle-cr|y, -ies 
'beetlmant, -s, -id battlement, -s, 

'bsetl'raial, -z battle-royal, -s 
'batlz battels 
'beetman, -z batman (oriental 

weight), -a 
'b%t|n,-nz,-i^ii| [■mi)],-nd batt|en 

(s. v.), -ens, -ening, -ened 
'bsetnbaig Battenberg 
'bsetsjman, -man bats|man, -men 
bsetj", -iz batch, -es 
'bsetjala*, -z, -hud, -Jip bachelor 

(B), -s, -hood, -ship 
'bsetJUa* 1) Batchelar; 2) Batche- 

lor, 3) = 'bsetjala* 
O'bseOa'st Bathurst 
'baeOou Batho 

'bseejiba [bree'Jiiba] Bathsheba 
O'bsezil basil 
'biezil Basil 

'bsezilisk, -s basilisk, -s 
• 'bAb|l, -Iz. -lii) [-^g], -Id bub- 

b|Ie (s. v.), -Ies, -ling, -led 
'bAbJl [-li] bubbly 
ObAd, -z, -ig, -id bud (». w.), -s, 

-ding, -ded 
'bAda, 'bAdizm, etc. = 'bnd- 
bAds, -iz, -ig, -d budg|e (B.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'bAdsit, -8 budget, -s 
ObAf buff 
'bAfa*, -z buffer, -s 
'bAfalon, -z buffalo, -es 
'bAflt, -8 buffet (s.) [blow, aide- 
board), -3 
'bAflt, -s, -ig, -id buffet («.) 

(strike), -s, -ing, -ed 
bA'fuin, etc. = ba'fnin, e<c. 
ObAg, -z bug, -s 
'bAgbsa*, -z bugbear, -s 
'bAgabn:, -z bugaboo, -s 
'bAgli, -iz buggjy, -ies 
ObAk, -8, -ii), -t buck (s. v.) (B.), 

-8, -ing, -ed 
'bAk^l buccal 
'bAkan Buchan 
bAka'nia*, -z buccaneer, -s 
'bAkhannd, -z buckhound, -s 
'bAkhaist Buckhurst 
'bAkhain buckhorn 

'bAkA'Wiit buckwheat 
'bAkijgam, -Jia* Buckingham, 

'bAkit, -s bucket, -s 
'bAkitful, -z bucketful, -s 
'bAk|l, -Iz, -pi| [-lig]; -Id buck|le 

(s. V.) (B.), -Ies, -ling, -led 
'bAkla*, -z buckler, -s 
'bAkland Buckland 
'bAkli Buckley 
'bAkmaista* Buckmaster 
'bAknal [-nj] Bucknall, -nell 
'bAknil Bucknill 
'bAkram, -z buckram, -s 
bAks 1) Bucks; 2) bucks (from 

'bAksam, -nis busom, -ness 
'bAkskin, -z buckskin, -s 
'bAkstan 1) Buckston; 2) Buxton 
'bAkJot buckshot 
ObAlb, -z bulb, -s 
bAl'beiJas bulbaceous 
'bAlbas bulbous 
bAldg, -iz, -in, -d bulg|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'bAld5|i, -inis bulg|y, -iness 
bAl'gsaria, -n, -nz Bulgaria, -n, -ns 
bAlk, -8, -ii), -t bulk (g. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'bAlklied, -z bulk-head, -s 
'bAlk|i, -ili, -inis bulk|y, -ily, 

'bAlstroud Bulstrode 
'bAltitjaid Bultitude 
ObAm, -z = bom, -z bomb, -s 
bAm'baid, etc. = b3m'ba:d, etc. 
'bAmbsest, etc. = 'bambeest, etc. 
bAmba'dia*, -z bombardier, -s 
'bAmbIbi:, -z bumble-bee, -s 
'bAmblpApi bumblepiippy 
'bAmbout, -s bumboat, -a 
bAma'ri:, -z bummaree, -a 
'bAmkin,-z l)bumkin,-8; 2) bump- 
kin, -s 
bAmp, -8, -ii), -t [bAmt] bump 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
'bAmpa*, -z bumper, -s 
'bAmpas 1) Bumpus; 2) Bompas 
'bAm^kin, -z bumpkin, -a 
'bAmpJas, -ii, -ni8 bumptious, 

-ly, -ness 
bAmt == bAmpt bumped 

'bAn— 'bAstad 

— 47 

bAt— 'beiad 

Ob An. -z bun, -s 

'bAndfl, -Iz, -lii| [-^g], -Id bundjle 

(8. v.), -les, -ling, -led 
'bAnji, -iz bunn|y, -iea 
'bAnit Buunett 
'bAnjan, -z 1) bunion, -s ; 2) Bun- 

'bAnsan ['ban-] Bunsen 
'bAnsan'baina* ['bun-], -z bunsen- 

burner, -s 
bAnJ, etc. = bAntJ, etc. 
bAnt, -s bunt, -8 
'bAntiQ, -z bunting (B.), -z 
'bAntl»in, -z buntline, -a 
bAntJ, -iz, -ii), -t bunch (s. v.) 

(B.), -es, -ing, -ed 
ObAi|, -z, -ig, -d bung (s. v.), -a, 

-ing, -ed 
'bAggslon, -z bungalow, -a 
'bAiigll, -Iz, -lig [-Jii)], -Id bung|le 

(s. i;.), -lea, -ling, -led 
'bAijgla* [-^8*], -z bungler, -a 
bAgk, -s, -ig, -t bunk (s. «).)> '^i 

-ing, -ed 
'bAgka*, -z, -rig, -dbunker (s. «.) 

(B.), -a, -ing, -ed 
'bAgkem bunkum 
bAgt — bAgkt bunked 
0'bAr9,-z 1) borough, -a; 2) burgh 

(B.), -a 
'bAra'iggliJ" borough-English 
'bAxal Burrell 

'bAra'riiT, -z borough-reeve, -a 
'bArid3 = 'borids 
'bAroM dialectal for 'bAra 
'bATOu, -z, -ig, -d burrow (s. v.), 

-B, -mg, -ed 
'bAronz 1) dial, for 'bAraz bo- 
roughs; 2) Burrowa; 3) Bur- 

roughea; 4) Borrowes 
ObAS, -iz, -ig, -t (*. v.) buss (B.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
bAS, -iz (s.) bua, -(8)es 
bAsk, -s, -ig, -t (s. v.) busk (B.), 

-8, -ing, -ed 
'bAskin, -z, -d buskin, -a, -ed 
'bA8|I, -Iz, -lig [-Jig], -Id buat|le 

(s. v.), -les, -ling, -led 
bAst, -s 1) bust (8.)- -s; 2) bust 

'bAsta*. -z buater, -a 
'bAstad, -z bustard, -a 

Ob At but [strong form) 

bAt, -s, -ig, -id [s. v.) butt (B.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'bAt'end, -z butt-end, -s 
'bAta*, -z, -rig, -d butter (s. v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed 
'bAtabout, -s butter-boat, -a 
'bAtaflild Butterfield 
'bAtailggaz butter-flngera 
'bAtafl|ai, -aiz buttei3|y, -ies 
'bAtak, -z buttock, -a 
'bAtakAp, -s buttercup, -s 
'bAtali Butterleigh, -ley 
'bAtamilk buttermilk 
'bAta skat J butterscotch 
'bAtarji, -iz butter|y (s. adj.), -iea 
'b Atari'haBtJ", -iz buttery-hatch, -es 
'bAtarik 1) Butterick; 2) Butter- 
'bAtawa'6 Butterworth [wick 
'bAtawik Butterwick 
'bAtla*, -z butler (B.), -a 
'bAtlarids butlerage 
'bAt|n,-nz, -igiig [-nig], -nd butt|on 

(s. v.), -ons, -oning, -oned 
'bAtnhonl, -z, -ig, -d button-hole 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'bAtnhnk, -s button-hook, -s 
'bAtris, "iz buttress, -es 
O'bAvi Bovey 
O bAZ, -iz, -ig, -d buzz (s. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'bAzbTi, -iz busb|y (B.), -ies 
'bAza , -z buzzer, -s 
'bAzad, -z 1) buzzard, -a ; 2) Buazard 
• bei, -z, -ig, -d (s. a^. v.) bay 

(B.), -a, -ing, -ed 
bei, -z (s.) Bey, -a 
Obeib, -z babe, -a 
'beibal, -z babel (B^, -s 
'beib|i, -iz, -ihud bab|y (B.), -ies, 

'beibifaima*, -z baby-farmer, -a 
'beibiiX [-bji/], -li, -nis babyish, 

-ly, -ness 
O'beid = bsed bade (from bid) 
'beidika*, -z Baedeker, -s [ell 
'beidn'pouel [-il, -al] Baden-Pow- 
Obeid, -z, -ig, -d bath|e, -ea, -ing, 
'beida , -z bather, -a [-ed 

O 'beiabseb ['be*ob-], -z baobab, -a 
'beiad ['beia:d, bei'a:d] (bs'jair) 

bayard (B.), -s 

'beial— 'beismant 


'beisn— 'began 

'beial ['beisel], -im Baal, -im 

'beianit, -s bayonet, -s 

Obeik, -s, -ii), -t bak|e, -es, -ing, 

'beika*, -z baker (B.), -s 
'beikan [-ki)] bacon (B.) 
'beikarii, -iz baker|y, -ies 
'beikhan|g, -ziz bakehoujse, -sea 
'beikigpauda* baking-powder 
beikt baked {from bake) 
Obeil, "Z, -ig, -d (s. v.) 1) bal|e 

-ea, -ing, -ed; 2) bail, -s, -ing, 

'bell band, -z bail-bond, -a 
'beila*, -z 1) baler, -a; 2) bailer, -s 
'beilabl bailable 
'beilam [■Isem] Balaam 
'beil|f}/l, -fall [-fali], -fulnis 

bale|ful, -fully, -fulnesa 
bei'Ii:, -z bailee, -a 
'belli 1) Bailey; 2) Bayl(e)y; 

3) Baily; 4) Baillie; 5) Baly 
'belllf, -s bailiff, -s 
'bellis Bayliafa) 
'belliwlk, -s bailiwick, -s 
'beHjal 1) Balliol; 2) Baliol 
'bellmant, -s bailment, -a 
O'bein, -z 1) bane, -s; 2) Bain 
'belnbrids Bainbridge 
'beln|fMl, -fnli [-fall], -fulnis 

bane|ful, -fully, -fulnesa 
'beln^ i'beenal, -n^] banal 
'belnwa:* [-wa:*] (bs'jiwair), -z 

baignoire, -a 
beinz 1) Baines; 2) Baynes 
O'bel'rAm bay-rum 
O beis, -Iz (s.) bass {in music), -ea 
beis, -Iz. -a*, -ist, -Ig, -t (s. adj. 

V.) baa[e -ea, -er, -est, -ing, -ed 
'beissen Baaan 
'beisbail base-ball 
'beisbam base-born 
'belsik baaic 
'belsjls, -l:z bas|ia, -ea 
'beislz 1) baaea {from baae); 

2) baaaea {from baas) 
'belskait, -s baaecourt, -a 
'beisl baaal 
'beisli baaely 
'beislis, -11, -nis baseleaa, -ly, 

'belsmant, -s basement, -a 

'belsn, -z basin, -s 
'beisnls basenesa 
'bei'sa-lt bay-salt 
'belsa'lt = ba'sa:lt baaalt 
belst, -8, -ii), -Id 1) baat|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed; 2j based {from base) 
O'bei/sen Bashau 
O belt, -s, -ig, -Id (s. v.) 1) bait 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) bat|e (B.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'beit/touTn [belffooayn] Beethov- 
'belt! Batey 
'beitman Bateman 
'beit'nwa:* [-nwa:*] (bsit'nwair), 

-z bSte-noir, -s 
'beitrl:, -z bay-tree, -a 
belts 1) batea (B.); 2) baita 
'beltsn BatesQn 
belt J" Bache 
O'belOas bathos 
O'bel'wlndon, -z bay-window, -a 
O beiz 1) baize; 2) bays; 3) Beys 
'beizigstouk Basingstoke 
• bed, -z, -ig, -Id bed (s. v.), -a, 

-ding, -ded 
'bedfelon, -z bedfellow, -s 
'bedfad, -J"ia* Bedford, -shire 
'bedlg bedding (s.) 
'bedklonSz bed-clothes 
'bedlam, -alt, -alts Bedlam, -ite, 

'bedmeika*, -z bedmaker, -a 
'bedplelt, -s bedplate, -s 
'bedpoust. -s bedpoat, -s 
'bedridn oed-ridden 
'bedrak, -s bedrock, -a 
'bedru'm, -z bedroom, -s 
'bedsaid, -z bedside, -a 
'bedspred, -z bedspread, -s 
'bedsted [-stld], -z bedstead, -s 
'bedtalm bedtime 
'bedtlk, -s bedtick, -s 
'bedtjelmba*, -z bedchamber, -s 
'bedul'n, -z Bedouin, -s 
'bedwad, -z bedward, -s 
'bedwal [-wel] Bedwell 
bedz l)Beds; 2) beds (/Vow bed) 
O'beg, -z, -Ig, -d beg, -s -ging, 

'bega*, -z beggar, -s 
'begaljl, -Inis beggarl|y, -iness 

'begari — 'belouz 


be'Iok— beni'fljal 

'begari beggary 

'begin (be'gin), -z Beguine, -s 

begz 1) Beggs; 2) begs (from beg) 

Obek, -8 1) beck (B.), -s; 2) Becke 

'bek|9ii, -anz, -ani;) [-i^ii|], -»nd 
beck] on, -ons, -oning, -oned 

'bekanzflild ['bi:-, -nsf-j Beacons- 

'beki Becky 

bekit Becket(t) 

bekju'ainaltend [-jn'sen-] Bechu- 

bekli Beckley 

'beklz 1) Beccles; 2) Beckles 

'bekn, etc. = 'bekan, etc. 

'bek^am [-knam] Beckenham 

'beks'hil Bexhill 

'beksli Bexley 

'bekstain, -z Bechsteiu, -s 

'bektan Beokton 

'bekwie Beckwith 

Obel, -z, -ii), -d 1) (s. v.) bell (B.), 
-s, -ing, -ed; 2) (s.) belle (B.), -s 

belail 1) Belleisle; 2) Belle Isle 

'beldam, -z beldam(e), -s 

'beldsam Belgium 

'beldsan, -z Belgian, -s 

beldsik Belgic 

'bela Bella 

bela'dana belladonna 

'belami Bellamy 

'belamnait, -s belemnite, -s 

'belfa:st [bel'faist] Belfast 

'belfannda*, -z bell-founder, -s 

'belfr|i, -iz belfr|y, -ies 

bel'greid Belgrade 

bel'greiYia [-tja], -n Belgravia,-n 

'belliaei)3*, -z bell-hanger, -a 

'bel|i, -izj -iii)j -id bell|y (s. v.), 
-ies, -ying, -ied 

'belibsend, -z belly-band, -s 

be'lidsarant, -s belligerent, -s 

'belikons, -li bellicose, -ly 

'belindsam Bellingham 

'beljn: Bellew 

bel'leta* (bsl'lstr) belles-lettres 
'bel|man, -01311 bell{maD, -men 
'belmetl bell-metal 
'belmant [-mant] Belmont 
'belon, -z, -ig, -d bellow, -s -ing, 

'belonz bellows 

be'lok Belloc 

'belriga*, -z bell-ringer, -s 

'belronp, -s beU-rope, -s 

'belstid Belstead 

belj", efc. = beltj", etc. 

bel'/sBza* Belshazzar 

'beljeipt bell-shaped 

'belja* Belcher 

'belXam Belsham 

'beljo: Belshaw 

belt, -s, -id belt (B.), -s, -ed 

'beltaua*. -z bell-tower, -a 

'beltan Belton 

'beltig, -z belting (s.), -s 

belti'Jseza* Belteshazzar 

belfX, -iz, -ifl, -ed belch, -es, 
-ing, -ed 

'bel«Ja*, -z belcher (B.), -s 

be'ln: Bellew 

'belweda*, -z bell-wether, -s 

belyi'dia* [belTidia*], -z belve- 
dere (B.), -s 

'bel'TJn: Belleview 

O'bembrids Bembridge 

O ben Ben 

'benbou Benbow 

bend, -z, -ig, -id, bent bend 
(«. «.), -a, -ing, -ed, bent 

'bendsa* = 'begga* Benger 

'bendsamait, -8 Benjamite, -3 

'bendsamin Benjamin 

be'nsariz [ba'n-] Benares 

'benam Benham 

'benandan Benenden 

ben'go:! Bengal 

ben'ga:li, -z Bengali, -s 

'bengaillait, -s bengal -light, -s 

beni'daisiti Benedicite 

beni'dikjan, -z benediction, -s 

'benidikt, -8 benedict, -s 

'benidikt ['benit] Benedict 

beni'diktain Benedictine (monk) 

beni'diktiin benedictine (liqueur) 

beni'dikta8 [-ta8] Benedictns 

beni'ftekjan, -z benefaction, -s 

f actor, s 

'benifiektri8 [beni'fsektris] , -iz 
benefactress, -es 

'benifls, -iz benefice, -a 

beni'flJlal, -ali, -9lni8 benefici|al, 
-ally, -alness 

Miohaelis & Jones, Phonetic Dictionary, 

beni'll/iari — best 

— 50 

besti'seliti— bsan 

beiii'flj'iar|i, -iz beneficially, -ies 
'beniflt, -s, -ig, -id benefit (a. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
be'nin [bi'n-, ba'n-] Benin 
'benii|t3ii Bennington 
'benit 1) Bennet(t]; 2) Benet; 

3) Benedict 
'benizn [-isn], -z benison, -a 
'bensn Benson 
bent, -s 1) (s.) bent, -s; 2) bent 

(from bend) 
'bentam == 'benSsm Bentham 
'bentan 1) Benton; 2) Benten 
'bentigk Bentinck 
'bentli Bentley 
benfj*, -iz bencli, -ea 
'benij'9*, -z bencher, -s 
'benOsm Bentham 
benz = bendz bends {from bend) 
'benzaliin benzoline 
ben'ziin ['benziin] benzene [-zine] 
'benzli Bensley 
ben'zoiiik Benzoic 
'benzoMin [ben'zoin] benzoin 
'benssmin — 'bendssmin 
O'begga* ['bendsa*] Benger 
beg'ga:!, etc. = ben'ga:!, etc. 
0'ber|i, -iz (s.) berr|y (B.), -ies 
'ber|i, -izj -iig, -id (v.) bur|y (B.), 

-ies, -ymg, -ied 
'beri'beri beriberi 
'berids Berridge 

'berial, -z burial, -s 


'berialgrannd, -z burial-gronnd, 
'berialpleis, -iz burial-place, -s 

'beriigpleis, -iz burying-place, -s 
'berik, -Jia* Berwick, -shire 
'beril, -z beryl (B.), -a 
'berig ['biarig, 'bearii|] Behring, 

'beriz 1) (v.) buries {from bury); 

2) (s.) berries (from berry) 
'berizfad [-isf-] Beresford 
Obes Bess 

besa'reibia [-bja] Bessarabia 
'besi Bessie 
'besima* Bessemer 
'begiza5'ba:ii Besses o' th' Barn 
'besnt Beaant 
best best (B.) 

besti'selitli, -iz bestialitly, -ies 
'bestial [-tjal], -i, -izm bestial, 

-ly, -ism 
'bestiarji [-tja-], -iz bestiarly, -ies 
Obet, -s, -ii), -id bet (s. v.) (B.), 

-s, -ting, -ted 
'beta*, -z (s.) bettor, -a 
'beta*, -Zj -rig, -d (s. adj. v.) better 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'betamant, -s betterment 
'betani betony 
'betazi'koaid Bettws-y-Coed 
'beti Betty 
'betig, -z betting, -s 
bets bets (from bet) 
'bets! Betsy 
O'beeal [be'eel] Bethel 
'beSani Bethany 
'beefadsi Bethphage 
'beOlUiem [-liam] Bethlehem 
'beOnal [-nl^] Bethnal 
beO'seida ['-'saida] Bethsaida 
0'beT|al, -alz, -alig [-J^ig], -aid 

bev|el (s. v.), -els, -elling, -elled 
'beyali Beverley 
'bevan 1) Bevan; 2) Beven; 

3) Beaven 
'bevarids, -iz 1) beverage, -s; 

2) Beveridge 
'beTJi, -iz bev|y, ies 
'berl, etc. = 'beval, etc. 
O'bezbra Bessborough 
'bezl, -z bezel, -s 
'beznt Besant 
•bea*, -z bear («.), -s 
bsa*, -z, -rig, bD»*, baian bear 

(».), -s, -ing, bore, borne 
bsa* bare (archaic past tense of 

bsa*. -ra*, -rist, -z, -rig, -d bar|e 

(adj. v.), -er, -est, -es, -ing, -ed 
'bsabiek, -t bareback, -ed 
'bsabonnz Barebones 
'bsafeisjt, -tli [-idll], -tnis bare- 

fac|ed, -edly, -edness 
'bsa, rat, -id barefoot, -ed 
'bsagaidn, -z bear-garden, -s 
'bsagan Bergen 
'bsa'hedld bareheaded 
'bsalegd bare-legged 
'bsa|u, -nis barejly, -nesa 
bsan, -z 1) bairn, -s; 2) Bern(e) 

bea'niiz — 'baigau 

— 51 — 

'baigl— 'bainija * 

bes'niiz = bai'niiz Bernese 
'us3r»k [-rak] Barak 
'bsara*, -z bearer, -s 
'bsarabjl, -li, -Inis bearabjle, -ly, 

'bearam Barum 
'beariam barium 
'bearig, -z bearing. (sO, -s 
'bsarig'ga:ld Baring-Gould 
'bsarigrein, -z bearing-rein, -s 
'bsariji, -li, -nis bearish, -\j, 

'beaskin, -z bearskin, -s 
beaz 1) bares; 2) bears 
•ba:*, -z 1) bur,.-s; 2) burr (B.), -s 
■ba:bek 1) Birkbeck; 2) Birbeok 
'ba:ba* Berber 

'ba:bari 1) Burbury; 2) Burberry 
'baibi Burbey 
Oba:d, -z bird (B.), -s 
ba:'det Burdett 

'ba'.dfsensia*, -z bird-fancier, -s 
'ba:dkeid3, -iz bird-cage (B.), -s 
'ba:dka:l, -z bird-call, -a 
'baidlaim bird-lime 
'ba:dn Burdon 
'ba:d|n, -nz, -^fifl [-nii)], -nd (s. v.) 

burd|en (B.), -ens, -ening, -ened 
'ba:dnest, -s, -ig, -id bird-nest, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'bazdnsam burdensome 
'ba:dak, -s burdock, -s 
'ba:dzail) bird's-eye; 2) Birdseye 
'baidznest, -s, -iij, -id bird's-nest 

(s. v.), -a, -ing, -ed 
baids Burge 
'ba:d3|9n, -anz. -anii| [-^ig], -and 

(«. V.) burge|on, -ons, -oning, 

'ba:d3in Burgin 
'baidsis, -iz burgess (B.), -es 
'ba:d5ais bourgeois {printing type) 
0'ba:dan, -z burthen, -s 
O'baifad Burford 
O ba:g, -z 1) berg, -s; 2) burg, -s; 

3) Burgh {Hubert de) 
'ba:ga*, -z burgher, -s 
'baigal burghal 

'ba:gaino:8ta*, -z burgomaster, -s 
'ba:gamat [-mat], -s bergamot, -s 
'ba:gaiid|i, -iz burgund|y (B.), -ies 
'ba:gaii Bergen 

'ba:g|l, -Iz, -lig Hig], -Id burg|le, 

-Ies, -ling, -led 
baig'lsarias, -li burglarious, -ly 
'ba:gla*, -z burglar, -s 
'ba:glar|i, -iz burglar|y, -ies 
'baigain Burgoyne 
Oba:k 1) Burke; 2) Bourke 
'baikbek Birkbeck 
'ba:kam8tid [-sted] Berkhamated 
'ba:kamj>gtid [-sted] Berkhamp- 

'baiksnhed Birkenhead 
'ba:kit Birkett 
'baiklsa* Burgclerc 
'ba:kli dialectal for 'ba:kli Ber- 
baiks dialectal for ba:ks Berks 
'badijia* dialectal for 'boikjfa* 

Oba:'lesk, -s, -ig, -t burlesque 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
'ba:U 1) Burleigh; 2) Burley; 

8) Burghley 
'ba:l{i, -ia*, -ilst, -inis burl|y, 

-ier, -iest, -iness 
ba:'Un Berlin 
'ba:ligtan 1) Burlington ; 2) local 

form of 'bridligtan 
0'ba:ma Burma(h) 
'baimandzi Bermondsey 
ba:'nii:z Burmese 
'baimigam Birmingham 
ba:'nijn:da, -z Bermuda, -s 
Oba:n 1) Burn(e); 2) Byrne; 

3) Beni(e) 
ba:n, -z, -ig, -d, -t burn (s. v), 

-s, -ing, -ed, -t [-ed] 
bai'nsend Burnand 
'bain'dsonnz Burne-Jones 
ba:'net Burnett 
'baina*, -z burner, -s 
'ba:nabi Burnaby 
'ba:nad Bernard 

'ba:nam 1) Birnam; 2) Burnham 
'ba:naz 1) burners; 2) Berners 
'ba:ni Bumey 
Jt>a:'ni:z [bsa'nl:z] Bernese 
''ba:niggla:8, -iz burning-glass, 

'ba:nij, -iz, -ig, -t burnish, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'baai/a*, -z, burnisher, -s 

bainit— ba'IiTJa 


ba'l^u:— 'bi:'di! 

'ba.'nit, -s 1) burnet (B.), -s; 

2) Burnett 
'bainsaid Barnside 
baint burnt [-ned] {from burn) 
'bsintailand Burntisland 
bainz 1) Burns; 2) burns (from 

O'baisa*, -z bursar, -s 
'b3:sar{i, -iz bursar|y, -ies 
'baisajip, -s buraarship, -s 
baist, -8, -ig burst («. «>.), -s, -ing 
O ba:t 1) Burt; 2} Birt 
'baiti Bertie [Chnstian name) 
'ba:tn Burton 
'baitram Bertram 
baitj", "iz, -ii), -t 1) birch (s. v) 

(B.), -es, -ing, -ed; 2) Burch 
'baitjal 1) Burchell; 2) Burchall 
'baitjan birchen 
'baitJinAf Birchenough 
'baitwisl Birtwistle 
Ob8:6, -8 1) birth, -s; 2) berth, -s 
'baiOdei, -z birthday, -a 
'baiOa Bertha 

'ba:Oma:k, -s birthmark, -s 
'ba:0plei8, -iz birthplace, -s 
'ba.'Orait, -s birthright, -s 
Obaiz 1) burs; 2) burrs 
• ba- prefix = bi- 
ba {weak form of bai) by 
Oba'bnin, -z baboon, -s 
ba'bn:nar|i, -iz babooner|y, -ies 
Oba'det = ba:'det Burdett 
ba'di:ga [bo'd-], >z Bodega, -s 
Obada'bai by-the-by(e) 
Oba'fnin, -z buffoon, -a 
ba'fa:nar|i, -iz buffooner|y, -ies 
Oba'lia:ma, -z Bahama, -s 
Oba'kaira [bo'k-] Bokhara 
ba'kaitjiou [bo'k-] Boccacio 
ba'kaenti, -z bacchante, -s 
ba'kla: Buccleuch 
ba'konnian [bei-, -njan] Bacon- 
Oba'lerafan Bellerophon [-a 
ba'learon [bo'l-, -lia-], -z bolero, 
ba'li:n, -z baleen, -s 
ba'lidsarant, -8 belligerent, -a 
ba'liarik [bseli'terik] Balearic 
ba'listik balliatic 
ba'livja [bo'l-], -n, -nz Bolivia, 
-n, -ns 

ba'lja: Bellew 
ba'lonnja Bologna 
baluikis'tffin [-'ta:n, ba'Inikis- 

tan] Baluchistan 
ba'lum, -z balloon, -a 
ba'ln:nist, -s balloniat, -s 
Obam'baid, etc. = bam'b- 
ba'mjnida, -z Bermuda, -a 
Oba'na:dou Barnardo 
ba'naina, -z banana, -s 
ba'n8Blit|i, -iz banalitjy, -ies 
ba'nsend Burnand 
ba'nefl89n{8, -t, -tli beneficen|ce, 

■t, -tly 
ba'neTalaii|8 [-toI-], -t, -tli bene- 

volen|ce, -t, -tly 
Oba'rsebas [-bses] Barabbas 
ba'raesik [bo'r-] boracic 
ba'ronda Baroda 
ba'ronnial [-njal] baronial 
ba'ramitja*, -az, -ri baromet|er, 

-era, -ry 
ba'ruij [bse'rnij"], -iz barouche, -a 
Oba'sainioa [-njon] Basaanio 
ba'sii|a8, -ai bacilljus, -i 
ba'sa-lt ['bels-, 'baes-] basalt 
ba'sa'Itik basaltic 
ba'8n:n [ba'zu:n], -z baasoon, -s 
ba'suiton [ba'z-], -z Basuto, -s 
ba'8n:tot«Iaend [ba'z-] Basutoland 
Obat {weak form of bAt) but 
ba'taeljan, -z battalion, -s 
ba'taenik [bo't-], -»1, -ali botanic, 

-al, -ally 
ba'teivia [-vja] Batavia 
Oba'Oalamju: Bartholomew 
Oba'vearia,-!!, -nz Bavaria, -n,-ns 
Oba'za:*, -z bazaar, -s 
ba'zi:k [be'z-, bi'z-j bezique 
ba'zilika, -z basilica, -s 
ba'zilikan basilican 
ba'zn:- := ba'8a:- 
• bi:, -z (s.) 1) B {the letter), -'a; 

2) bee (B.), -a 
bi:, -ii], -n {v.) be (strong form), 

being, been 
O'biibi Beeby 
Obi:d, -z, -ig, -id 1) bead («. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) Bede 
'biideilz Bedales 
'biida*, -z header, -s 
'bi:'di!, -z B. D., -'a 

'bi:di — biit'/iouvan 

— 53 — 

'bi:ti— bida* 

'bi:di beady 
'bi:dii|, -z beading, -s 
'bi:dl, -z 1) beadle (B.), -s; 2) Bedel 
'biidn Beadon 
0'bi:'ei, -z B. A., -'s 
bi:'elzibAb Beelzebub 
biia'tiflk, -al, -ali beatific, -al, 

Obi:f beef 
'bi:f|i, -is*, -list, -ili, -inis beef |y, 

-ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
'bi:li:t3*j -z beefeater, -s 
'bi:f steik, -s beefsteak, -s 
'biifti: beef-tea 
O'biigam, -z Begum, -a 
'bi:gl, -z beagle, -a 
O'biibaiT, -z bee-hive, -s 
0'bi:i:t8*, -z bee-eater, -s 
'bi:ii|, -z 1) {v.) being (/Vow be); 

2) (8.) being, -s 
Obi:k, -s beak, -a 
'bi:ka*, -z beaker, -a 
'biikan, -z beacon, -s 
'bi:k»nzfl:ld [-nsf-] Beaconafield 
bi:kt beaked 
Obiil Beal(e) 
'bi:Jain, -z bee-line, -a 
'biilial [-Ijal] Belial 
Obiim, -z, -ig, -d beam («. v.), -a, 

-ing, -ed 
'biim'endz beamends 
'biimendsin, -z beam -engine, -a 
'biiman Beman 
'bi:m|i, -ili, -inis beam|y, -ily, 

'biiminsta* Beaminster 
'bi:mij Beamish 
Obi:n [bin] been (from be) 
bi:n, -z bean (B.), -s 
'bi:nfl:st, -s, -3% -az beanfeast, 

-s, -er, -ers 
'bi:nsta:k, -s beanstalk, -s 
0'bi:'si:'el, -z B. 0. L., -'s 
bizst. -s beast, -s 
'bi: still, -z bee-sting, -a 
'bi:stii|z beestings 
'bi:stl|i, -ims beaatl|y, -inesa 
Obiit, -s (s.) beet, -s 
bi:t, -s, -ig, -n (s. v.) beat, -s, 

-ing, -en 
'bi:t9l, -nAt betel, -nut 
biit'foonvan ['bi:tfo-] Beethoven 

'bi:ti Beattie 

'bi:t|l, -Iz, -lig Hig], -Id beet|le 
(s. v.), -les, -ling, -led 

'bi:tn 1) beaten {from beat); 
2) Beeton; 3) Bethune (surname) 

'bi:trn:t, -s beetroot, -s 

biitj", -iz, -ig, -t (s. v.) beach (B.), 
-es, -ing, -ed 

bi:tj, -iz (s.) beech (B.), -es 

'biitjam 1) Beecham; 2) Beau- 

'biitji 1) Beachy; 2) Bice 

'biitji'hed Beachy Head 

'bi:tjig Beeching 

O'biiva*, -z 1) beaver, -s; 2) Bel- 

'bi:T8r|i, -iz beaver|y, -iea 

Obi:z 1) beea; 2) B's 

'biizam, -z besom, -a 

'bi:zli 1) Beasley; 2) Beazl(e)y 

'biiZTreeks beeswax 

'biizwig beeswing 

0'bi:3u:, -z bijou, -s 

• bi 1) {weak form of bi:) be; 
2) {occasional weak form of bai) 


Obi'seti|fai, -faiz, -faiig, -faidbe- 

ati|fy, -fles, -fying, -fled 
biaetifl'keij'an, -z beatification, -a 
bi'tetitjn:dj -z beatitude, -s 
Obib, -z bib, -s 
'bibi Bibby 
'bibjnias bibulous 
'bibliafail [-liof-], -z bibliophile, 

'biblikjal, -ali biblic|al, -ally 
bibliote'meinitek [-njeek], -s bib- 
liomaniac, -s 
bibliou'meinia [-nja] bibliomania 
bibli'ogr9f|a*, -az, -i, -iz biblio- 

graph|er, -ers, -y, -iea 
Obid, -z, -ig {s.v.) bid {at auction), 

-a, -ding 
bid, -z, -ig, beed [beid], bidn 

(«.) bid {command), -a, -ding, 

bade, bidden 
bi'daiz|n [ba-], -nz, -^ig [-anig], 

-nd bediz]en, -ens, -ening, -ened 
bi'dsed [ba-] bedad 
bi'dek [ba-], -s, -ig, -t bedeck, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'bida*, -z bidder (B.), -s 

'bidalf— bi'gcen 

54 — 

bi'get — bi'kAmijli 

'bidalf Biddulph 
'bidifad Bideford 
bi'dim Pba-], -z, -ii|, -d bedim, 

-B, -ming, -med 
bi'dizn, etc. = bi'daizn, etc. 
bi'djn: [ba-], -z, -iij, -d bedew, 

-8, -ing, -ed 
bidl Biddle 

'bidn bidden (from bid) 
bi'daib [be-], -z, -ig, -d bedaub, 

-8, -ing, -ed 
bi'dreegl [ba-], -Iz, -lii| [-lig], -Id 

bedraggjle, -les, -ling, -led 
bi'd^u:al [ba-, -11], -z, -ii), -d 

bejewel, -s, -ling, -led 
O'bidasl: Bythesea 
O bi'elzibAb Beelzebub 
O'bia*, -z 1) beer (B.), -b; 2) bier, 

-b; 3) Beare 
'biad, -z, -id beard (B.), -s, -ed 
'biadzli Beardsley 
bia'grwfik [baio-], -al, -all bio- 
graphic, -al, -ally 
'biahau|B, -ziz beer-hou|8e, -se8 
'biamAiii beer-money 
'biar|i, -ill, -inis beerjy, -ily, 

'biarig = 'berig Behring [Bering] 
'biajiba [bia'J"i:ba] BeerBheba 
bia'tiflk, etc. = bi:a'tiflk, etc. 
'biatriks Beatrix 
'biatris Beatrice 
Obi'faul [ba-1, -z, -ig, -d befoul, 

-8, -ing, -ed 
bi'fel befell (from befall) 
bi'flt [ba-j, -s, -Ig, -igll, -id 

befit, -s, -ting, -tingly, -ted 
bi'fa:»* [ba-] before 
bl'faihsend [ba-j beforehand 
bi'fa:! [ba-], -z, -ig, bi'fel, bi- 
'fo:l»n befall, -s, -ing, befell, 
bi'fa:taim [ba-], -z beforetime, -s 
bi'frend [ba-]. -z, -ig, -Id be- 
friend, -8, -mg, -ed 
Obig, -a*, -ist, -nis 1) big, -ger, 

-geBt, -ness; 2) Bigge 
bi'gall [ba-], -z, -ig, -d beguil|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
bi'gaed begad 

bi'gaen, bi'gAn [ba-] began, be- 
gun (from begin) 

bi'get [ba-], -s, -ig, bi'gaet, bi> 
'gotn beget, -s, -ting, begat, 

'biga* bigger {comp. of big) 

'bigam Bigham 

'bigamas, •!! bigamous, -ly 

'bigamli, -iz bigam|y, -ies 

'bigamist, -s bigamist, -a 

'bigat, -s, -id bigot, -s, -ed 

'bigatri bigotry 

'bigilou Bigelow 

bi'gin [ba-]j -z, -ig, bi'gaen, bi- 
'gAn begin, -8, -ning, began, 

'bigist biggest {mperl. of big) 

'blgiX biggish 

'bignal [•■a\] Bignell 

'big nis oigness 

bi'gonnia [ba-, -nja], -z begonia, 


bi'ga-n [ba-] begone 

bi'gotn [ba-] begotten (/Vom beget) 

bi'graim[ba-],-z, -ig, -dbegrimje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
bi'grAds [ba-], -iz, -ig, -d be- 

grudg|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
'big, wig, -z bigwig, -s 
bigz Biggs 
Obi'haif [ba-] behalf 
bi'haind [ba-], -htend behind, 

bi'helT [ba-], -z, -ig, -d behav|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
bi'heivja [ba-], -z behaviour, -s 
bi'hed [ba-], -z, -ig, -id behead, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
bi'held [ba-] beheld (/"row behold) 
bi'hest [ba-], -s behest, -s 
bi'hould [ba-], -z, -ig, bi'held 

behold, -s, -ing, beheld 
bi'houlda* [ba-], -z beholder, -s 
bi'honldan [ba-J beholden 
bi'houv [ba-], -z, -ig, -d behov|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
bi'hnif [ba-] behoof 
Obi'^ond beyond 
Obi'ka:m [ba-], -z, -ig, -d be- 
calm -s, -ing, -ed 
bi'kAm [ba-], -z, -ig, bi'keim 

becom|e, -es, -ing, became 
bi'kAiniglli [ba-], -nis becoming- 

|ly, -ness 

bi'keim — 'bili 

— 55 

'bili'dui— bi'nevalans 

bi'keim [ba-] became [from be- 
'bika*, -z, -rii), -d bicker, -s, -ing, 

'bUtara*, -z bickerer, -s 
'bikastaif Bickerataff 
'bikasteO [-stiO] Bickersteth 
'bikatn Bickerton 

bikfad Bickford 
'bikli Bickleigli, -ley 
'biknal [-nl.] BickneU 

bi'ks'z [ba-] because 

bi'kwest [ba-], -s bequest, -s 

bi'kTri:5 [ba-], -z, -i^, -d or 
bi'kwi:6 [ba-], -s, -t bequeath, 
-s, -ing, -ed 
ObU, -z bill (B.), -s 

bi|'lai [ba-], -laiz, -'laili), -laid 
De|lie, -les, -lying, -lied. 

bi'laik [ba-] belike 

bi'lATd [ba-] beloved (iwei pre- 

bi'lATid [ha-] beloved {itsed attri- 

'bilbara Bilb(o)rough 

'bilbar|l, -iz bilberr|y, -ies 

bild, -z, -ii), bilt build, -s, -ing, 

bilda*, -z builder, -s 

'bildii), -z building (s.), -s 

bilds, -iz, -ii|, -d bilg|e (s. v.), 
-s, -ing, -ed 

bildsi bilgy 

'bildspAmp, -s bilge-pump, -s 

bildswoita* bilge-water 

bi'lei [ba-], -z, -ig, -d belay, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

bi'leiba* [ba-], -z, -rifl, -d bela- 
bour, -8, -ing, -ed 

bi'leiigpin [ba-], -z belaying-pin, 

bi'Ieitid [ba-], -nis belated, -ness 

'bilhak, -s billhook, -s 

bi'li:f [ba-], -s belief, -s 

bi'liiga* [ba-], -z, -riij, -d be- 
leaguer, -s, -ing, -ed 

bi'liigara* [ba-], -z beleaguerer,-B 

bi'lL-T [ba-], -z, -ii|, -iflli, -d be- 
liev|e, -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 

bi'liiva* [ba-], -z believer, -s 

bi'liivabl [ba-] believable 

bill Billy 

'bili'du;, -z billet-doux 
bi'lid3arant[be'l-, ba'l-], -s belli- 
gerent, -s 
'biliari = 'biljari biliary 
'biligont, -8 billy-goat, -s 
'bilikak, -s billycock, -s 
bi'linda [ba-] Belinda 
'bilii), -z Billing, -s 
'bilignaist Billinghurst 
'biligtan Billington 
'biligzgeit Billingsgate 
'bilit, -s, -ig, -id billet (s. v.), -a, 

-ing, -ed 
bi'Ut|l [ba-]. -Iz, .|ig [-lii)], -Id 

belitt|le, -les, -ling, -led 
'bilj'ad, -z billiard, -s 
'biljadba:!, -z billiard-ball, -s 
'biljadkjn:, -z billiard-cue, -s 
'biljadma:ka*, -z billiard-marker, 

'biljadrn'm, -z billiard -room, -s 
biljadteibl, -z billiard -table, -s 
'biljan, -z, -0, -6s billion, -s, -th, 

biljari [-lia-] biHary 
'biljas, "li, -nis bilious, -ly, -ness 
bilk, -s, -i?|, -t bilk, -s, -ing, -ed 
bi'lon [ba-] below 
'bllon, -z, -i billow, -s, -y 
bilaid [ba-], -z, -iij, -id belaud, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
bi'lag [ba-], -z, -ig, -d belong, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
bi'lai|igz [ba-] belongings 
'bilstan Bil8ton(e) 
'bilstik|a*, -az, rig bill-stick |er, 

-ers, -ing 
bilt built {from build) 
'biltan Bilton 

Obi'moun [ba-], -z, -ifl, -d be- 
moan, -s, -ing, -ed 
Obin = bi:n (v.) been 
bin, -z («.) bin, -s 
bi'nan-iz [-'nea-] Benares 
bi'nain [ba-], -11 benign, -ly 
bi'naitid [ba-] benighted 
M'nAm [ba-], -z, -ig, -d benumb, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
bi'neflsan|s, -t, -tli [ba-] bene- 

ficen|ce, -t, -tly 
bi'nevalan|s [ba-, -vol-], -t, -tli 
benevolenjce, -t, -tly 

'binakl— bi'sait 


bi'satid — bi'treial 

'binakl, -z binnacle, -s 

'bini 1) Binney; 2) Binnie 

bi'nign3n|si [ba-], -t, -tli benig- 
nan|cy, -t, -tly 

bi'niiO [ba-i beneath 

bi'nonn [ba-] beknown 

bi'nakjnla* [-jala*] binocular, -s 

'binstid BinBte(a)d 

binz Binus 

Obig Byng 

'big am Bingham 

bigks Biniks 

'bigli Bingley 

Obi'onjia [-jS'a], -n, -nz Boeotia, 
-n, -ns 

bi'agrafja*, -az, -i, -iz biograph- 
|er, -ers, -y, -ies 

bi'aladsi = bai'aladsi 

bi'and = bi'jand beyond 

O'biparas biparoug 

O bi'reft [ba-] bereft (from be- 

bi'reta, -z biretta, -s 

'biral Birrell 

bi'riiv [ba-], -z, -ig, -d, bi'reft 
bereav|e, -es, -ing, -ed, bereft 

bi'ri:Tinant[ba-], -s bereavement, 


Obis bis 

bi'said [ba-], -z beside, -s 

bi'sekstail, -z bissextile, -s 

bi'set [ba-], -s, -ig, beset, -s, -ting 

'bisas byssuB 

bi'siids [ba-], -iz, -ig, -d beaieg|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

bi'siidsa* [ba-], -z besieger, -s 

bi'si:m [ba-], -z, -ig, -d beseem, 
-s, -ing, -ed 

bi'siitj" [ba-], -iz,-ig,-igli,bi'8a:t 
beseech, -es, -ing, -ingly, be- 

bisk, -s bisque, -s 

'biskei Biscay 

'biskit, -s biscuit, -s 

'bisl Bissell 

bi'sma:tX [ba-], -iz, -ig, -t be- 
smirch, -es, -ing, -ed 

bi'smia* [ba-], -z, -rig, -d be- 
smear, -s, -mg, -ed 

'bisn, -z := 'baisn, -z bison, -s 

bi'so:t Pl)a-], besought {from be- 

bi'satid [ba-], -li, -nis besotted, 
-ly, -ness 

'bispam Bispham 

bi'spseggll [ba-], -Iz, -lig [.;ig], 
-Id bespang|le, -Ies, -ling, -led 

bi'spaata* [ba-] -z, -rig, -d be- 
spatter, -s, -ing, -ed 

bi'spL'k [ba-], -s, -ig, bi'spouk, 
bi'sponkan bespeak, -s, -ing, 
bespoke, bespoken 

bi'sprigkjl [ba-], -Iz, -lig [-lig], 
-Id besprink|le, -Ies, -ling, -led 

bi'sta:* [ba-], -z, -rig, -d besti^, 
-s, -ring, -red 

'bista* 1) bistre; 2) Bicester 

'bistarji [-tnr-], -iz bistour|y, -ies 

bi'ston [ba-], -z, -ig, -d bestow, 
-s, -ing, -ed 

bi'stonal [ba-], -z bestowal, -a 

bi'straid [ba-], -z, -ig, bi'stroud, 
bi'stridn bestride, -es, -ing, be- 
strode, bestridden 

Obi J Bysshe 

'bijap, -8 bishop (B.), -s 

'bijaprik, -s bishopric, -s 

'bijapsgeit Bishopsgate 

'bijaps'staifad Bishop's Stortford 

'bijapstan Bishopston 

'bilfapstonk Bishopstoke 

bi'Jru: [ba-], besliew 

Obit, -s 1) (s.) bit, -s; 2) (i;.) bit 
(from bite) 

bi'taid [ba-] betide 

bi'taimz [ba-] betimes 

bi'teik [ba-], -s, -ig, bi'tuk, 
bi'teikan betak|e, -es, -ing, 
betook, betaken 

'bitain, -z bittern, -s 

'bita*, -ra*, -rist, -li, -nis bitter, 
-er, -est, -ly, -ness 

'bitaz bitters 

bi'tjnimen ['bitjumin], -z bitu- 
men, -s 

bi'tjniminas bituminous 

'bitn bitten (from bite) 

bi'tonk|9n [Tba-], -anz, -anig 
[■"Jii!)]? -and betok|en, -ens, 
-ening, -ened 

bi'trei [ba-], -z, -ig, -d betray, 
-s, -ing, -ed 

bi'treia* [ba-], -z betrayer, -s 

bi'treidl [ba-], -z betrayal, -s 

bi'trou5— 'bj«:li 

57 — 

bjui'sefales— blaiuz 

bi'tron5 [ba-], -z, -ig, -d or 
bi'troue [ba-], -s, -t betroth, 
-s, -ing, -ed 

bitj, -iz bitch, -es 

bi'tuk [ba-] betook (from betake) 

bi'twi:n [ba-] between 

bi'twltst [ba-] betwixt 

Obi'Oezda [ba-] Bethesda 

bi'eii|k [ba-], -s, -iij, bi'eort be- 
think, -s, -ing, bethought 

bi'Ojniii [ba-] Bethune (wowe of 

'biei Bithell 

bi'Ooit [ba-] bethought (/Vom be- 

Obi'weil [ba-], -z, -li), -d bewail, 

bi'wsa* [ba-] beware 

bi'wilda* [ba-] -z, -rig, -rii|li, 
-d bewilder, -s, -ing, -ingly, -ed 

bi'wildamant [ba-], -s bewilder- 
ment, -s 

bi'witj [ba-], -iz, -ig, -igli, -t 
bewitch, -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 

bi'witjmant [ba-], -s bewitch- 
ment, -8 

O'bivusek [-vwsek], -s, -ig, •i{s.v.) 
bivouac, -s, -king, -ked 

Obi'za:* (bi'zair) bizarre 

bi'zsent Besant 

bi'zffint- = bai'zsent- 

'bizli, -ill bus|y, -ily 

'bizib3d|i, -iz busybod|y, -ies 

'bizinis business [state of being 

'bizli Bisley 

'bizma:k Bismarck 

'bizmaO bismuth 

'bizn, -z = 'baisn, -z bison, -s 

'biznis [-ifls], -iz business (pro- 
fession, etc.), -es 

•'bja:bou, -z bubo, -es 

bju-'bonik bubonic 

'foja:da'pest Budapest 

'bjn:gl, -z bugle, -s 

'bjmgla*, -z bugler, -s 

'bjniik Bewick(e) 

bjii''ksBnan Buchanan 

'bj'n:karest Bucharest [Bukar-] 

bjn-'kalik, -al, -ali bucolic, -al, 

'bju:li 1) Bewley; 2) Beaulieu 

bju''sefalas Bucephalus 

bju-'Jaia* Bushire 

bjn:t Bate 

'bju:taffll [-tif-, -fuli, -fali] beau- 

'bjn:tafMl beautiful 

'bjn:t[i, -iz beaut|y, -ies 

'bjnitias [-tjas], -li, -nis beau- 
teous, -ly, -ness 

'bjn:ti|fai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid 
beautijfy, -fles, -fying, -fled 

'bjnitifaia*, -z beautifier, -s 

'bjurtifli [-full, -fali] beautifully 

'bju:tifMl [-taf-] beautiful 

'bju:tisli:p beauty-sleep 

'bjuitispat, -s beauty-spot, -s 

•bju'- = bjn:'- 

bjna'ret, -s burette, -s 

'bjuarakrset, -s bureaucrat, -s 

bjnara'krietik bureaucratic 

'bjnari Bury 

'bjuarin, -z burin, -s 

bjna'rtfu ['bjuaron] (by'ro), -z 
bureau, -s 

crac|y, -ies 

• 'bla:ni Blarney 

blaintj* Blanche 

blaimfj, -iz, -ig, -t blanch, -es. 



bla:st^ -s, -ig, -id blast (s. v.), 

-s, -mg, -ed 
'bla:8t'fa:nig, -iz blast-furnace, -s 
'blaistpaip, -s blast-pipe, -s 
'blaizei blas^ 
bia [blag] Blanc (Monf) 
Oblai 1) Bligh; 2) Bly; 3) Blyth 
blaid, -a*, -ist, -li, -nis blith|e 

(B.), -er, -est, -ely, -eness 
'blaidsam, -li, -nis blithesome, 

-ly, -ness 
blaind, -a*, -ist, -z, -ig, -id 
(s. a^. V.) blind, -er, -est, -s, 
-ing, -ed 
blainjdU, -({nis blinjdly, -dness 
'blaine^fonld, -z, -ig, -id blind- 
fold (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
'blaindmsenz'bAf blind-man's- 
'blaindwaim, -z blindworm, -s 
blainz = blaindz blinds 

blait — 'bltekm9:a* 


'bltekmns* — 'bUdi 

blait, -8, -ii|, -id blight (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'blaita*, -z blighter, -s 
Oblanz [bln:z], -iz blouse, -s 
Oblseb, -z, -ig, -d blab, -b, -bing, 

'blaeba*, -z blabber, -b 
'blieda*, -z bladder, -s 
'bl«edaw9:t, -s bladderwort, -s 
'bl«ega:d, -z, -li blackguard, -s, 


bl«ek, -8, -a*, -ist, -ig, -t(s.a(^'.v.) 

black (B.), -s, -er, -est, -ing, -ed 
'bltek'ai, -z black-eye, -s 
'blffikber|i, -iz, -iig, -id 1) black- 

berr|y («.), -ies, -ying, -ied'; 

2) == blsekbari («.) 
'blaekbe:d, -z blackbird, -s 
'blsekbain Blackburn(e) 
'bl«ekb9r|i, -iz, blackberr|y (».), 

'bl«ekb9:d, -z blackboard, -s 
bleekbail, -z, -ig, -d blackball, 

-8, -ing, -ed 
'blsek'draift black-draught 
'bisekamna* [-ma:9*], -z black- 
amoor, -s 
blseklan, -»nz, -^ig [-anig], -and 

black|en, -ens, -ening, -ened 
blsekfad Blackford 
'bisektraiaz Blackfriars 
'bltekgeim blackgame 
'blsek'hiiO Blackheath 
'blsekig, -z blacking (s.), -s 
'bltekij blackish 
blaekit Blackett 
blaekktep, -s blackcap, -s 
'blffik'kteti black-cattle 
'blaek'kArant, -s black-currant, -s 
'blsekkak, -s blackcock, -s 
blaek'Ied, -z, -ig, -id blacklead 

(8. v.), -8, -ing, -ed 
'bleekleg, -z blackleg, -s 
'bisekleta* black-letter 
blsekli 1) blackly; 2) Blackley 
blsekmeil, -z^ -ig, -d blackmail 

(«. v.), -B, -mg, -d 
'bltekmeila*, -z blackmailer, -s 
'blsekman Blackman 
bltekma'raia, -z Black-Maria, -s 
'blaekmaid* 1) Blackmore; 

2) Blackmoor 

'blsekmua* Blackmoor 

'blaekn, etc. = 'bltekan, etc. 

'blseknis blackness 

bl9ek'pA.dlian,-zBlackpudlian, -s 

'blsekpuil Blackpool 

'blsek'rod black-rod 

'bleekrak Blackrock 

'blseksmiO, -8 blacksmith, -s 

'blffikstan Blackston(e) 

'bltekOain, -z blackthorn, -s 

'bisekwal [-wel] Blackwell 

'blsekwa:! Blackwall 

'blsekwo.'ta* Blackwater 

'bleekwnd Blackwood 

blsend, -a*, -ist bland (B.), -er, 

'blsentifad Blandford 

'bltendi/, -iz, -ig, -t blandish, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

'blaendiXmant, -8 blandishment, -s 

'bl8end|Ii, -nis ['bltennis] bland- 
ly, -ness 

'blsenfj'ad [-Jaid] Blanchard 

blsegk, -a*, -ist blank, -er, -est 

'bltegkitj -s blanket, -s 

'bleegkitig blanketing 

'blsegkli 1) blankly; 2) Blankley 

'bleegknis blankness 

blees'fiim [bla:s-], -z, -ig, -igli, 
■d blasphem|e, -es, -ing, -ingly, 

blse8''fl:ma* [Wars-], -z blasphem- 
er, -s 

'bltesflmas ['bla:s-], -li blasphem- 
ous, -ly 

blsesflmli ['bla:s-, -fam-], -iz blas- 
phem|y, -ies 

'blaestada.'m [-tod-], -z blastoderm, 

'blsejfad Blachford 

'blsetjfad Blatchford 

OblAb, -z, -ig, -d blub, -s, -bing, 

'blAba*, -z, -rig, -d blubber (s. v.), 
-s, -ing, -ed 

'blAbara*, -z blubberer, -s 

blAd, -z blood, -s 

'blAd'giltinis blood-guiltiness 

'blAdtaannd, -z bloodhound, -s 

blAdhiit bloodheat 

'blAd|i, -ill, -inis blood|y, -ily, 

'bUdlis— blein 


bleitent— bli:T 

'blAdlis, -li, -nis bloodless, -ly, 

'bUdpaiz^ig [-niij] bloodpoison- 

'bUdri'leiJan, -z blood-relation, 

'blAdsAka*, -z blood-sucker, -s 
'blAdstein, -z, -d blood-stain, -s, 

'blAdstoun, -z blood-stone, -s 
'blAdJed bloodshed 
'blAdJot blood-shot 
'blAd03:st|i, -ili, -inis blood- 

thirstly, -ily, -iness 
'blAdvesl, -z blood-vessel, -s 
'blAds^n, -z bludgeon, -s 
blAf, -s, -a*, -ist, -ii|, -t bluff 

(s. adj. v.), -s, -er, -est, -ing, -ed 
'blAf|li, -nis blufflly, -ness 
'bUmMd Blomfield 
'blA]id3*,-z, -rill, -d blunder (s.w.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'blAndabAS, -iz blunderbuss, -es 
'blAndara*. -z blunderer 
'blAndl 1) Blondel(l); 2)Blundell; 

3) Bloundelle 
blAnt Blount 
blAnt, -a*, -ist, -s, -ii|, -id blunt 

{adj. V.) (B.), -er, -est, -ing, -ed 
'bLAntjli, -nis bluntlly, -ness 
blAsta*, -z, -rig, -rigii, -d bluster, 

-s, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
'blAstara*, -z blusterer, -s 
blA/, -iz, -ig^ -igli, -t blush is.v.), 

-es, -ing, -mgly, -ed 
'blAja*, -z blusher, -s 
Obleid, -z blade, -s 
'bleidbonn, -z blade-bone, -s 
bleidz 1) Blaydes; 2) Blades; 

3) blades {from blade] 
bleik Blake 
'bleikli Blaikley 
'bleikni Blakeney 
bleim, -z, -ig, -d blamje {s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'bleimabjl, -li, -Inis blamab|le, 

-ly, -leuess 
'bleimlis, -ii, -nis blameless, -ly, 

'bleiinTr3:d|i, -inis blameworth|y, 

blein, -z blain, -s 

'bleitant, -li blatant, -ly 
bleiz, -iz, -iii, -d blaz|e {s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'bleiza*. -z blazer, -s 
'bleizi Blazey 
'bleiziz 1) Blazes; 2) blazes (/row 

'bleiz|n, -nz, -^ig [-snig], -nd 

blaz|on, -ons, -oning, -oned 
Obled bled {from bleed) 
'bleSa*, -z, -rig, -d blether, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'blemij*^ -iz, -ig, -t blemish (s. ti.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
blend^ -z, -ig, -id blend (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'blenda*, -z blender, -s 
blena'htesit Blennerhassett 
'blenim [-nam] Blenheim 
blen'kou Blencowe 
blenij", -iz, -ig, -t blench, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
blenz = blendz blends 
'blegkinsap Blenkinsop 
'blerion, -z Bl^riot, -s 
bles, -iz, -ig, -t bless, -es, -ing, 

-ed [blest] 
'blesid, -li, -nis blessed (adj), 

-ly, -ness 
'blesig, -z blessing («.), -s 
blest blessed [blest] (from, bless) 
bletjli Bletchley 
Oblsa*, -z, -rig, -d 1) {s. v.) blar|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed; 2) Blair 
'blear'ffiOI Blair-AthoU 
Obia:*, -z, -rig, -d blur, -s, -ring, 

bla:t, -s, -ig, -id blurt, -s, -ing, 

Obla'ma.'s [-'mon^, •mond^], -iz 

blanc-mange, -s 
Obliid, -z, -ig, bled bleed, -s, 

-ing, bled 
bli:k, -8*, -ist, -li, -nis bleak, 

-er, -est, -ly, -ness 
bli:t, -s, -ig, -id bleat (s. v.), -a, 

-ing,. -ed 
bli:tj, -iz, -ig, -t bleach, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'bliztjigpanda* bleaching-powder 
bliiT {occasional coUoq. form of 

bi'liiT) believe 

blida*— bl5 

— 60 

blu: — bOM'hiimia 

O'blida*, -z, -rii), -d blither, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'blidara*, -z blitherer, -s 
blia* blear 
'bliaraid blear-eyed 
'bliariou ['blerion] (ble'rjo), -z 

Bl^riot, -8 
blii|k, -s, -ii], -t blink («. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'blii|k8z blinkers 
blis bliss (B.) 
'blis|fMl, .fnU[-falI], -fMlnis bliss- 

|ful, -fully, -fulness 
'blista*, -z, -rii), -d blister (g. v.), 

-8, -ing, -ed 
'blizad, -z blizzard, -s 
Obloa. -z, -ii), bin:, blonn blow 

(s. V.) (B.), -s, -ing, blew, blown 
bloud blowed 
'bloua*, -z blower, -s 
'bloafl|ai, -aiz blow-fl|y, -ies 
'bloni blowy 
blonk, -8 bloke, -s 
blonn blown (from blow) 
'blonpaip, -s blowpipe, -s 
blontj -s, -in, -id, -idnis bloat, 

-s, -ing, -ed, -edness 
'blonta*, -z bloater, -s 
blonz blows (from blow) 
Oblo:»* Blore 
Oblob, -z blob, -s 
blok, -s, -ii), -t block (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
blo'keid, -z, -ig, -id blockadje 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
bla'keida*, -z blockader, -b 
'bloka*, -z blocker, -s 
'bl3khan|g, -ziz blockhoujse, -ses 
'blakhed, -z blockhead, -s 
'bloksant 1) Bloxam ; 2) Bloxham 
bland, -z blond(e), -s 
'blandin Blondin 
'blossm, -z, -ig, -d blossom («. ij.), 

(B.), -s, -ing, -ed 
blot, -8, -ig, -id blot («. v.), -s, 

-ting, -ted 
blatigpeipa* blotting-paper 
blotj", -iz, -ig, -t blotch (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'blatJIi, -i9*, -list, -ill, -inig 

blotch|y, -ier, -lest, -ily, -iness 
bio [blog] Blanc (Mont) 

Obln: blew (from blow) 
bin:, -z, -ig, -d blue (s. adj. v.), -s, 
-ing, -ed 

'bln:bel, -z bluebell, -s 

'bluibiod Bluebeard 

'bIn:botl, -z blue-bottle, -s 

'bln:bnk, -s blue-book, -s 

'blu:'deTlz blue-devils 

'blu:d3tekit, -s blue-jacket, -s 

'bin:!/ bluish 

'blu:it 1) Blewett; 2) Blewitt; 
3) Bluett 

'bln:ko* ['bln:tJ'o*] Blucher 

'bln:'lait, -s blue-light, -s 

bln:m^ -z, -ig, -d bloom (s. v.), 
-s, -mg, -ed 

'bln:mo*, -z bloomer (B.), -s 

'bln:nifl:id 1) Bloomfield; 
2) Blom{e)field 

'bIn:nifontein Bloemfontein 

'bln:mig blooming (adj.) 

'bln:ni8 blueness 

'bln:'pil, -z blue-pill, -s 

'bln:'pi:t8*, -z blue-peter, -s 

'bln:8tokig, -z blue- stocking, -s 

'bln:tJ'o», -z 1) Blucher, -s; 2) Blu- 

bln:z [blanz], -iz blouse, -s 

O'blniJ", blnit = bln:- 

O blwa: (blwa) Blois 

• bon, -z (8.) 1) bow (for shooting, 
knot, etc.) (B.), -s; 2) beau, -s 

bon, -z, -ig, -d (v.) bow (m play- 
ing the violin, etc.), -s, -ing, -ed 

O'bOMsez 1) Boas; 2) Boaz 

O bond^ -z, -ig, -id (v.) 1) bod|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed; 2) bowed (from 

'bondi Bodie 

'bondn Bowden 

O'bOMO* ['bno*], -z Boer, -s 

'bono [bo:a], -z boa, -s 

boModi'sio Boadicea 

boto'na:d5i:z Boanerges 

O'bonfat Beaufort 

O'bongo8 bogus 

'bong|i, -iz 1) bog|ie, -ies; 2) bog|y, 
-ies; 3) bog|ey, -eys 

'bongiAwi:!, -z bogie-wheel, -s 

bongl, -z bogle, -s 

Obou'hi:niio [-ng'o], -n, -nz Bo- 
hemia, -n, -ns 

'bouiu— bou'outiiz 

— 61 

bon'piip— 'bo:dii|8ku:l 

O'bouin Bo wen 

'boiii'iiai{f, -vz bowie-kni|fe, -ves 

O'bonka* Bowlker 

'bouklsa* Beauclerc, -clerk 

O boul, -z, -ii), -d (s. V.) bowl, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
bonl, -z (s.) 1) boll, -s; 2) bole, -s 
'bonlbi Boulby 
bonld, -a*, -ist 1) (a^.) bold, -er, 

-est; 2) (v.) boiled (/Vow boll) ; 

3) bowled (from bowl) 
'bonlda*, -z boulder, -s 
'boaldjll, -nis bold|ly, -ness 
'bonldsB* Boulger 
'boula*, -z bowler (B.), -a 
'boaland Bowland 
'bonlas, -iz 1) bolas, -es; 2) bolns, 

'boulii) bowling (B.) 
'bonlii)brak = 'b9lii)bruk Bo- 

'bonIii)gri:ii, -z bowling-green, -s 
'bonlsta*, -z, -rig, -d bolster{s.«.), 

-S: -ing, -ed 
bonlt, -s, -ii), -id bolt (s. d.) (B.), 

-s, -ing, -ed; 
'bonltAp'rait bolt-upright 
'bonlt8*,-z l)bolter, -b; 2)Boulter 
'bonltan 1) Bolton; 2) Boulton 
bonlz 1) Bowles; 2) bowls; 

3) bolls; 4) boles 
'bonlzoMva* Bolsover 
O'bon{m3n, -man bow|man (B.), 

'bonmant Beaumont 
bon'maris Beaumaris 
Obonn, -z, -ig, -d (s. v.) bone, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
bonn (bom) Beaune 
'bounsej" bone-ash 
'bon'nes 1) Bowness; 2) Bo'ness 
'bonna'faidi bona fide 
'bonnapait, -ist, -ists Bonapart|e, 

-ist, -ists 
'bonnes,- iz 1) bonus, -es ; 2) Boa- 

'boan|i, -ia*, -iist, -inis bon|y, 

-ier, -iest, -iness 
'bon'nat, -s bow-knot, 'S 
bonnseta*, -z bone-setter, -s 
'bonnjeika*, -z bone-shaker, -s 
Obo«'onti:z Bootes 

O bou'piip Bo-peep 

O'bonsn ['bontswein], -z boats- 
wain, -s 

'bousprit, -8 bowsprit, -s 

boast, -s, -ig, -id boast (s. v.), 
-s, -ing, -ed 

'bousta*, -z boaster, -s 

'boust|fMl, -fuli [-fali], -fwlnis 
boast|ful, -fully, -fulness 

'boustrii), -z bowstring, -s 

O'bonj"at, -s bowshot, -s 

O bont, -s boat, -s 

'boutabl boatable 

'boathaujs, -ziz boat-hou|se, -ses 

'bonthnk, -s boat-hook, -s 

'bontii| boating 

'bont|man, -man boat|man, -men 

'boutswein, -z='bonsn, -z boats- 
wain, -s 

Obou8 both 

'bouOa Botha 

'bouOant ['baSam] Botham 

O'bou'windon, -z bow-window, -s 

'bouwoita* Bowater 

O'bouvain bovine 

'bonvi Bovey 

Obouz 1) {s.v.) bows; 2) («.) beaus 

'bonzam Bosham 

'bouzngit [-nkit] Bosanquet 

• ba: 1) Baugh; 2) ^ boua boa 

bo:*, -z (s.) boar, -s 

bo:*, -z, -rig, -d 1) (s. v.) bor|e, 
-es, -ing, ed; 2) bore (/Vojwbear) 

Oba:'bi:, -z bawbee, -s 

'bo:bl, -z bauble, -s 

O'bo:d, -z (s.) bawd, -s 

bo:d, -z, -ig, -id 1) (s. v.) board, 
-s, -ing, -ed; 2) bored {frotn 
bore); 3) Bord 

'bo:da*, -z (s.) boarder, -s 

'bo:da*, -z -rig, -d (s. v.) border, 
-s, -ing, -ed 

'bo:daleend, -z borderland, -s 

'ba:dam boredom 

'ba:dara*, -z borderer, -s 

'bo:di bawdy 

'bo:dihan|s, -ziz bawdy-hou|se, 

'bo:dighan|s, -ziz boarding-hou|se, 

'ba:digsku:l, -z boarding-school. 

'bo:dJM8*— 'ba;sis 


b»:t — 'bailiqpoint 

'bo:dJM8* [-dswa*], -z bordure, -s 
boi'don (bor'do) Bordeaux 
'bo:dri bawdry 

'b3:dskn:I, -z board-school, -a 
'boid'weidsiz board-wages 
Oboia*, etc. = hai* boar, bore 
'bD:9 [bona], -z boa, -s 
'baiadam = 'baidam boredom 
boian, -z 1) borne; 2) bourne 

(B.), -s 
'boiaz = ba:z 1) bores; 2) boars; 

3) boas 
Oba:k [ba:lk], -s, -ig, -t (s. v.) 

1) baulk, -s, -ing, -ed; 2) balk, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
Obo:l, -z is.) ball (B.), -s 
boil, -z, -ig, -d (s. «.) bawl, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
baild, -9*, -ist 1) (adj.) bald, -er, 

-est; 2) (v.) bawled (from bawl) 
'bo:IdadseX balderdash 
'baildhed, -z bald-head, -s 
'b9:ld'hedidj -li bald-headed, -ly 
'b9:ld|li, -nis baldjly, -ness 
'ba:Id9k Baldock 
'baildrik, -s baldric, -s 
'boildwin Baldwin 
'boila*, -z bawler, -s 
boilk, etc. = boik, etc. 
'bo.'lkan, -z Balkan, -s 
'boilkak, -8 ball-cock, -s 
'b9:Ipra:f ball-proof 
'bo:lra'm, -z ball-room, -s 
ba'l'ssemik [bsel-] balsamic 
'bO'lsam, -z balsam, -s 
'ba-ltik Baltic 
'boiltimaid* Baltimore 
'boiltjin Balchin 
Obo:n, -z bourne (B.), -s 
bam 1) born (from bear 'bring 

forth'); 2) borne (from bear 

'carry'); 3) bourne (B.) 
'bainmaO [-mauO] Bournemouth 
O'bo:r«eks borax 
'baira*, -z borer, -s 
'ba:rain Boreham 
'boiriaes boreas 
'b3:ris Boris 
'bairi/ boariah 
■ba:rit [-reit], -s borate, -s 
'ba:ran [.ran] boron 
O'ba.'sis Baucis 

Oba:t bought (from buy) 

'ba:tn Boughton 

O ba:z 1) bores (from bore) ; 2) boars 

(from boar); 3) = bouaz boas 

(from boa) 
•bab, -s, -ii), -d bob (s. v.) (B.), 

-s, -bing, -bed 
'bab|i, -iz bobb|y (B.), -ies 
'babin, -z bobbin, -s 
'babstei, -z bobstay, -s 
'babteil, -z bobtail, -s 
'bab wig, -z bobwig, -s 
babz 1) Bobs ; 2) bobs (from bob) 
0'bad|i,-iz l)bodjy,-ies; 2)Boddy 
'badiga:d, -z bodyguard, -s 
'badili bodily 
ba'dili [bo'd-l Bodilly 
'badigtan Boddington 
'badis, -iz bodice, -s 
'badisnsetja*, -z body-snatcher, -s 
'badkln, -z bodkin (B.), -s 
'badli Bodley 

'badlian [bad'li:an] Bodleian 
'badmin Bodmin 
O'bada*, -z, -rii), -d bother (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'badam Botham 
bade'reijan, -z botheration, -s 
'badasam bothersome 
'badji, -iz both|y, -ies 
'badwal [-wel] Bothwell 
Obag, -z bog, -s 
'bag|i, -la*, -list, -inis bogg|y, 

-ier, -iest, -iness 
'bag|l, -Iz, -^I) [-Ui|], -Id bogg|le, 

-Ies, -ling, -led 
'bagja* [-la*], -z boggier, -s 
'bag'ouk bog-oak 
Obai, -z (s.) boy, -s 
bai, -z, -ig, -d (s. v.) buoy, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
bald 1) Boyd; 2) buoyed 
'baian{si, -t, -tli buoyan|cy, -t, -tly 
'baihud, -z boyhood, -s 
'baiij", -11, -nis boyish, -ly, -ness 
'baikat, -s, -ig, -Id boycott (s. v.) 

(B.), -s, -ting, -ted 
'baikata*, -z boycotter, -s 
bail, -z, -Ig, -d 1) boil (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) Boyle 
'baila*, -z boiler, -s 
'balligpaint, -s boiling-point, -s 

boiu — 'boni 

— 63 

'bonifeis— 'bozwo-O 

bain Boyne 
bsis Boyce 
'baistaras, -li, -nis boisterous, 

-ly, -ness 
'boitn Boyton 
O'bokit Beckett 
baks, -iz, -ig, -t box (s. v.) (B.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'baks'bed, -z box-bed, -s 
'boksa*, -z 1) boxer, -s; 2) Boxer, 

'boksigdei, -z Boxing-day, -s 
'b3k8ii)glAT, -!8 boxing-glove, -s 
'baksiiimsetj*, -iz boxing -match, 

'baksTTud boxwood 
O'baliijbrnk Bolingbroke 
bals- = ba:ls- 
balt- = bailt- 
Obam, -z bomb, -s 
'bambaid, -z bombard (s.), -s 
bam'baid [bAm-. bam-], -z, -ig, 

-id bombard (v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
bam'baidmant [bAm-, bam-], -s 

bombardment, -s 
'bambaest ['bAm-] bombast 
bam'bsestik [bAm-] bombastic 
bam'bei Bombay 
bamba'dia* [bAm-], -z bombar- 
dier, -s 
bamba'zL'u [bAm-] bombasine 
'bamprn:f bomb-proof 
'bamjel bomb-shell 
Oban bon 

'banban (ba'ba), -z bon-bon, -s 
'ban'bn:/, -iz bonne-bouche, -s 
band, -z bond (B.), -s 
'bandid bonded 
'bandids bondage 
'bandhonlda*, -z bond-holder, -s 
'ban({{man, -man bondjman, -men 
'baneJmeid, -z bondmaid, -s 
'band|wnman, -wimin bond|wo- 

man, -women 
'bandzjman, -man bonds|man, 

'bandzjwnman, -wimin bonds- 

{ woman, -women 
'bana* 1) Bonner; 2) Bonar 
'banam Bonham 
'banfaia*, -z bonfire, -s 
'banji, -ia*, -list bonn|y, -ier, -iest 

'banifeis Boniface 

'bani|li, -nig bonnilly, -ness 

'banit, -s, -ig, -id bonnet (s.v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'banitid bonneted 
'banman ^ 'bandman 
'bansa* Bonsor 

banz = bandz bonds (from bond) 
O'bariaes Boreas 
'barid5 borage 
'barik Borwick 
'baron, -z, -ig, -d borrow (B.), 

-s, -mg, -ed 
'baroua*, -z borrower, -s 
Obas, -iz, -ig, -t (s. v.) boss (B.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'basfaras Bosphorus 
'basji, -ia*, -list, -ili, -inis bos8|y, 

-ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
'baskids boscage 
'basparas Bosp(li)orus • 
bast bossed 
'bastan Boston 
bas'tonnian [-njan], -z Bostonian, 

'bastak Bostock 
O baj" bosh 
O'batam, -z, -ig, -d bottom (s. v.) 

(B.), -s, -ing, -ed 
'batamli Bottomley 
'batamlis bottomless 
'batamri bottomry 
'batanaiz, -iz, -ig, -d botanizje 

[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
'batani botany 
'batanist, -s botanist, -s 
ba'tiin (ba'tin), -z bottine, -s 
'bat|l, -Iz, -^g [-lig], -Id bottl|e 

(«. v.), -les, -ling, -led 
'batja* [-la*], -z bottler, -s 
'batl,gri:n bottle-green 
'batlwaja*, -z bottle-washer, -s 
'batalf [-talf ] Botolph 
batj", -iz, -ig, -t botch (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'bat/a*, -z botcher, -s 
O'baTril bovril 
O'baz Boz 
'baznia [-qja], -n, -nz Bosnia, -n, 

'bazwal [-■wet] Boswell 
'bazwa-d Bosworth 

'bra:m9 — 'braunii) 

64 — 

brannij— 'brtesi 

• 'bra:ni3 Bramah 
'bra:m3, -z brahma (B.), -s 
'braimsn, -z, -izm Brahman, -s, 

'braimin, -z, -izm Brahmin, -s, 

'bra:niz (braims) Brahms 
braintj, -iz, -ig, -t branch (B.) 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
brais, -iz brass, -es 
'brais'baend, -z brass-band, -s 
'braisfannds*, -z brass-founder, -s 
'bra:si, -z brassie, -s 
'brai'Ton, -z bravo, -(e)s 
Obraib, -z, -ig, -d brib|e (s. v.), 

-8, -ing, -ed 
'braiba*, -z briber, -s 
'braib3i'{i, -iz briber|y, -ies 
braid, -z bride, -s 
'braidgrnm, -z bridegroom, -s 
'braidl bridal 
'braid|I, -Iz, -^l) [-lig], -Id brid|le 

(». «.), -Ies, -ling, -led 
'braidlpa:|0, -dz bridle-pa|th, -tha 
'braidsn Bridson 
'braidtjeimba*, -z bride-chamber, 

'braidwal [-wel] Bridewell 
'braidzmeid, -z bridesmaid, -s 
'braidz{men, -man brides{man, 

'braia*, -z 1) briar, -s; 2) brier, -a 
'braiali Brierley 
'braian, -z, -t Bryan, -s, -t 
'braiani 1) briony; 2) bryony 
'braisz Bryers 
brain, -i brin|e, -y 
brais 1) Brice; 2) Bryce 
'braisn Bryson 
brait, -a*, -ist, -li, -nis bright 

(B.), -er, -est, -ly, -ness 
'braitln, -nz, -^iii [-nig], -nd 

bright|en, -ens, -ening, -ened 
'braitn Brighton 
Obran. -z brow, -s 
'branbiit, -s, -ig, -n browbeat, 

-a, -ing, -en 
brann, -z, -a*, -ist, -nig, -ig, -d 

1) brown («. adj. v.) (B.), -s, -er, 

-est, -ness, -ing, -ed; 2) Browne 
'branni, -z brownie, -s 
'brannig browning (B.) 

'braunij brownish 
'brannnis brownness 
'braunrig Brownrigg 
'brannsmiO Brownsmith 
branz, -iz, -ig, -d brows|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
O'brsebazn Brabazon 
brsed, -z brad, -s 
'brtedbari Bradbury 
'brsedn Braddon 
'brsedfad Bradford 
brsedflild Bradfield 
'brsedli Bradley 
'brsedail, -z bradawl, -s 
'brsedja: Bradahaw 
'brsedwadiin Bradwardine 
brteg Bragg 
brseg, -z, -ig, -d brag, -s, -ging, 

braega'doa^Xiou braggadocio 
'brsegat, -s braggart, -s 
'brsegigli braggingly 
brsek, -s brack, -s 
'brseksn bracken 
'brakanbari Brackenbury 
'brseklj*, -nis brackish, -ness 
'brsekit, -s, -ig, -id bracket (s. v.), 

-8, -ing, -ed 
'brseksi braxy 
'brsembl, -z bramble, -s 
'brcemblbuj', -iz bramblebush, -es 
'brsembli brambly 
'brsemli Bramley 
'brsem^ptan Brampton 
'brsemwal [-wel] Bramwell 
brten bran 
brcend, -z, -ig, -id brand (s. v.) 

(B.), -s, -ing, -ed 
'brtendan Brandon 
brsend|i, -iz brandjy, -ies 
'brsendid 1) branded; 2)brandied 
'breendigaian, -z branding-iron, -s 
'brsendij, -iz, -ig, -t brandish, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'brsend'nju: brand-new 
'brsendram Brandram 
'brtensn Branson 
'brtenstan Branston 
brsenz = brsendz brands 
br«egk, -z brank, -s 
'brsegkad, -z brancard, -s 
'braesi Brassey 

brsej"— 'breini 

— 65 

breinlis— brestpleit 

brseJ, -iz brash, -es 

brsetj -8 brat, -s 

'brsetis, -iz brattice, -s 

'briBt|l, -Iz, -pg [-Ub], -Id bratt|le, 
-les, -ling, -led 

'brsetlbara Brattleboro 

O'brida*, -z brother, -s 

'brA5ahntt, -z brotherhood, -s 

'brA8al|i, -inis brotherl|y, -iness 

'brA5a|rinla:, -zinlo: brother|-in- 
law, -s-in-law 

brAf Brough 

'brAmadssm brummagem 

'brAmids Bromwich 

'brAmli Bromley 

'brAmptan Brompton 

brAnt brunt 

'brAntan Brunton 

'brAnzwik Brjinswick 

brAsk, etc. = brnsk, etc. brusque 

'brASl'sprants Brussels-sprouts 

brAslz Brussels 

brAj", -iz, -ii), -t brush (s. v.), 
-es, -ing, -ed 

'brA/wnd brushwood 

Obrei, -z, -ig, -d (s. v.) bray (B.), 
-s, -ing, -ed 

brei, -z (s.) brae, -s 

'brelbo'n [-bnsn] Brabourne 

breid, -z, -ig, -id 1) braid (s. v.) 
(B.), -s, -ing, -ed; 2) brayed 
(from bray) 

'breisni Braham 

breik, -s (s.) brake, -s 

breik, -s, -iij, bronk, 'bronkan 
(s. V.) break, -s, -ing, broke, 
'breik'dann, -z break-down, -s 
'breika*, -z breaker, -s 
'breikanrids Brakenridge 
'breikids, -iz breakage, -s 
'breikial [-kjal] brachial 
'breiknek break-neck 
'breikspia* Breakspear 
'breikwaita*, -z break-water, -s 

breil, -z 1) brail, -s; 2) Braille 
'breili Brayley 
'breiman Bremen 
brain, -z brain, -s 
'breiniaeg brain-fag 
'brein'fliTa* brain-fever 
'breini brainy 

'breinlis, -nis brainless, -ness 

'breintri: Braintree 

breis, -iz, -ig, -t (s. v.) brac|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'breisiz (s.) braces 
'breislit, -s bracelet, -s 
'breiOweit Braithwaite 
breiT, -a*, -ist, -li brave, -r, -st, 


'breivarli, -iz braver|y, -ies 
breiz, -iz, -ig, -d 1) brais|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed ; 2) brazje, -es, -ing, -ed ; 

3) brays (from bray); 4) braes 

(from brae) 
'breizia* ["zja*, -3*a*], -z brazier, -s 
'breizn, -li, -nis brazen, -ly, -ness 
'breiznfeist brazen-faced 
'breiznouz Brasenose 
'breisja* = 'breizia* brasier 
O'brebna* Brebner 
bred 1) bread; 2) bred (from 

'bredba:skit, -a bread-basket, -s 
'bredfruit bread-fruit 
'bredkrAm, -z bread-crumb, -s 
bre'dailbein [-ban] Breadalbane 
'bredstAf, -s bread-stuff, -s 
bredO [brete], -s breadth, -s 
brede|weiz ['bretO-], -waiz 

breadth|way8, -wise 
'bredwina*, -z bread-winner, -s 
'bredrin brethren (archaic plwr. 

of brother) 
'brekan Brecon 
'brekfast, -s, -ig, -id breakfast 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
'brekfastset, -s breakfast-set, -s 
'breknrids Breckinridge 
bre'lak [bri'l-] (bra'lak), -s bre- 

loque, -s 
'breman == 'breiman Bremen 
'brenan Brennan 
brent Brent 
'brentfad Brentford 
'brent|'gn:s, -'gi:s brent-|goose, 

brest, -s, -ig, -id 1) (s. v.) breast, 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) Brest 
'brestboun, -z breast-bone, -s 
'brest|'di:p, -'liai breast -deep, 

'brestpleit, -s breast-plate, -s 

Michaelis & Jones, Phonetic BictionaTy, 

'brestwaik— briiz 

"briizi— bripk 

'brestwaik, -s breastwork, -s 

bret 1) Bret; 2) Brett 

'bretan, -z Breton, -s 

bretO, -s = brede, -s breadth, -s 

bret'wodda ['bretw-] Bretwalda 

'bree, -s breath, -s 

'brediis, -li, -nis breathless, -ly, 

'brerit, -s, -iij, -id brevet (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'breyiti brevity 

'brevit|iii, -id brevet|(t)ing, -(t)ed 
Obra'bsent Brabant 
bra'keid [bro-], -z, -id brocadje, 

-es, -ed 
bra'Iak = bre'Iak 
bra'vaidon, -z bravado, -es 
bra'vet, -s, -ig, -id brevet (s. v.), 

-s, -ting, -ted 
bra'via* brevier 
bra'ir/nara bravura 
bra'zil Brazil 

brs'ziljan [-lian], -z Brazilian, -s 
bra'zilnAt, -s Brazil-nut, -s 
Obri: bree 
bri:d, -z, -ig, bred breed (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, bred 
'briida*, -z breeder, -s 
bri:8, -z, -ig, -d breath|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
bri:8a*, -z breather, -s 
'bri:5igspeis, -iz breathing-space, 

bri:f, -s^ -a*, -ist, -li, -nis brief 

(s. a^.), -a, -er, -est, -ly, -ness 
'briiflis briefless 
briikin Brechin 
bri:k8 breeks 
bri:m, -z bream (B.), -s 
'bri:ou brio 
'bri:ouJ [brionj-] (bri'Dj"), -iz 

brioche, -s 
bri:tj",-iz 1) breach, -es; 2) breech 

(of a gvm, etc.), -s 
'brirt/ig, -z breeching, -s 
'briitjlouda*, -z breech-loader, 

briiT, "Z breve, -s 
'bri:Tiar|i [--vja-], -iz breviar|y, 

'briiTiit, -s breviate, -s 
bri:z, -iz breeze, -s 

'bri:z|i, -ia*, -iist, -ili, -inis 

breez|y, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
O'bridligtan Bridlington ' 

'bridpait Bridport 
bri'dnin, -z bridoon, -s 
brids, -iz, -ig, -d bridg|e (s. v.) 

(B.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'bridsa* Bridger 
'bridsit Bridget 
'bridsiz Bridges 
'bridsnaiO Bridg(e)north 
'bridstann Bridgetown 
'bridswoita* Bridg(e)water 
'brie* Breer 

brig, -z 1) brig, -s; 2) Brigg, -s 
bri'geid, -z brigade, -s 
briga'dia*, -z brigadier, -s 
'brigand, -z brigand, -s 
'brigandids brigaudage 
'brigantain, -z brigantine, -s 
'brigstok Brigstock(e) 
brik, -s brick, -s 
'brikbset, -s brickbat, -s 
'brikdAst brick-dust 
bri'ket, -s briquette, -s 
'brikabrsek bric-a-brac 
'brikal [bri'konl], -z bricole, -s 
'brikflild, -z brick-field, -s 
brikkiln, -z brick-kiln, -s 
'hribioii^* -a,,^ .ig bricklay|er, 


, -az, 

-ers, -ing 
'brik]neik{a*,-az, -ig brickmak|er, 

-ers, -ing 
'brikstan Brixton 
'brikwa.'k brickwork 
brilj -z brill (B.), -s 
'briljans, -i brillianc|e, -y 
'briljant, -s, -li, -nis brilliant 

(s. adj.), -s, -ly, -ness 
briljan'tiin brilliantine 
bri'lak = bre'lok 
brim, -z, -ig, -d brim (s. v.), -s, 

-ming, -med 
'brim'ful brimful(l) 
'brimstonn [-stan] brimstone 
'brindl, -z, -d brindle, -s, -d 
'brinzli Brinsley 
'brinzmi:d Brinsmead 
brig, -z, -ig, bro:t bring, -s, -ing, 

briga*, -z bringer, -s 
brigk, -s brink, -s 

'brioM— 'braidgeids 

— 67 

'broidhaist — bru:d 

'briou, 'brionj, bri'onj" = 'bri:- 
brisk, -9*, -ist, -li, -nis brisk, 

-er, -est, -ly, -ness 
'briskit, -s' brisket, -s 
bris|l, -Iz, -lii| [-flil]; -Id brist|le 

(g. v.), -les, -ling, -led 
bris|li [-li], -linis [-J;i-] briBt|ly, 

'bristl Bristol 
'bristou Bristow(e) 
bri'tsenik Britannic 
bri'tsenjs Britannia 
bri'tein Brittain 
'brit^n 1) Britain; 2) Britton; 

3) Britten 
'britan, -z Briton, -s 
'britani [-t^ii] Brittany 
'britij", -a*, -az British, -er, -ers 
'brit|l, -^a , -^st, -Inis britt|le, 

-ler, -lest, -leness 
'britjiz breeches (garment) 
bri'Tst, etc. = bra'Tet, etc. 
bri'yia* [bra'T-] brevier 
bri'zil, etc. = bra'zil, etc. 
O'brondi Brodie 
brong, -z brogue, -s 
bronk, -an, -»nli broke (from 

break), -n, -nly 
brouk, -s, -ig, -t brok|e (v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'bronka*, -z broker, -s 
'bronkad, -z brocard, -s 
'bronkan'daun broken-down 
'broukan'haitld broken-hearted 
'broukan'windld broken -winded 
'bronkari brokery 
'broakarids brokerage 
bronm, -z brome, -s 
'broumaid, -z bromide, -s 
'broameit, -s bromate, -s 
'bronmim [-main] bromine 
'bronmik bromic 
'bronmit, -s bromate, -s 
broutj", -iz, -ii|, -t (s. v.) broach, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
brontj", -iz (s.) brooch, -es 
Obra:d, -a*, -ist, -11, -nls broad 

(B.), -er, -est, -ly, -ness 
'braid'seron, -z broad-arrow, -s 
'br9:dbent Broadbent 
'bro:d'brlmd broadbrimmed 
braidgelds broad-gauge 

'bra:dha:st Broadhurst 
'bra:dka:st broadcast 
'bra:dklo'6 broadcloth 
'braidlll, -nis broadjly, -ness 
'bra:d|n, -nz, -ifig [-nig], -nd 

broadjen, -ens, -ening, -ened 
'bra:dsald, -z broadside, -s 
'braidsaid, -z broadsword, -s 
'broidwei Broadway 
'bra:dTrnd, -z Broadwood, -s 
bra:dz broads (B.) 
brail, -z, -ig, -d brawl (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'brada*, -z brawler, -s 
bra:n 1) brawn; 2) Brahan 
'bra:n{i, -la*, -list, -Inls brawn |y, 

-ier, -iest, -iness 
brait brought (from bring) 
'braitn Broughton 
bra:0, -s broth, -s 
O'brobdlgnseg Brobdingnag 
brabdig'nseglan, -z Brobding- 

nagian, -s 
'brodrlk Brod(e)rick 
'bro51 ['braOl], -z brothel, -s 
brail, -z, -ig, -d broil (s. v.), -a, 

-ing, -ed 
brak, -s brock (B.), -s 
'brakall broc(c)oli 
'brakan, -ha:st Brocken, -hurst 
'braklhaist Brocklehurst 
'brakll Brockley 
'brakwal Brockwell 
'bramitj*, -Ids Bromwich 
'bramll Bromley 
'bramwitj" Bromwich 
bran'kaltls = brag'k- 
'branti Bronte 
branz, -Iz, -Ig. -d bronz|e («. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ea 
'branzl bronzy 
brag'kaltls bronchitis 
'bragkl|a, -1: bronchi|a, -ae 
'bragklal [-kjal] bronchial 
bra'Jjua* (bra'Jyir), -z brochure, 
braO, -8 broth, -s [-s 

'braOl, -z = 'bra51, -z brothel, -s 
Obrnij -z, -Ig, -d (». v.) brew, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
brnid, -z, -Ig. -Id 1) brood («. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ea; 2) brewed (from 


'bru:8*— 'bu:dwo:* 

— 68 

bnid— 'bnfei 

'bruia*, -z brewer (B.), -b 
'brniam, -z brougham p.)j -s 
'bru:8r|i, -z brewer|y, -les 
bruim, -z 1) broom (shrub), -s; 

2) = brum, -z; 3) ^'bruMm, -z 
bruim 1) brume; 2) Broom(e); 

3) Brougham 
'brn:m- = 'brum- 

bru:'net (bry'net), -s brunette, -s 

bru:8 Bruce 

bra:sk, etc. = brnsk, etc. 

'bruissmiO Brucesmith 

'bruista* Brewster' 

bra:t, -s, -ii), -id 1) (s. «.) bruit, 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) (s.) brute, -s 
bru:'t{elit|i, -iz brtitalit|y, -ies 
'bruitalaiz, -iz, -ii), -d brutalizje 

[-i8|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
'brnitan Bruton 
'brnitss Brutus 

'brnitij", -Ii, -nis brutish, -ly,-nes8 
'bru:t|l, -ali brut|al, -ally 
bru:z, -iz, -ii), -d 1) bruisje («. v.), 

■ es, -ing, -ed; 2) brews {from 

'bruiza*, -z bruiser, -s 
O 'brna*, 'bruari, 'bruii) = 'bru> 
' bruin, -z bruin (B.), -s 
brnk, -s, -ig, >t 1) (s. v.) brook 

(B.), -s, -ing, -ed; 2) Bro(o)ke 
'brnkflild Brookfield 
'bruklain Brookline 
'bruklin Brooklyn 
'brnklit, -s brooklet, -s 
bruks brooks (B.) 
'brnksmiO Brooksmith 
brum, -z 1) broom {for sweeping); 

2) = bru:m broom {shrub) 
'brumflild Broomfield 
'brnmstik, -s broomstick, -s 
'brunhllda Brunuhilde 
brusk (brysk), -Ii, -nis brusque, 

-ly, -ness 
• ba:, -Zj -ii|, -d boo [v. interj.), 

-{e)s, -mg, -ed 
O 'bn:b|i, -iz, -iij" boob|y, -ies, -yish 
'buibitrsep, -s booby-trap, -s 
Obmd booed {from, boo) 
'bn:d3'pest Budapest 
'bn:dl boodle (B.) 
'buidwa;* [-wo:*] (bu'dwair), -z 

boudoir, -s 

Obu:9, -z booth (B.), -s 

'ba:9bi Boothby 

'bu:di3 Boothia 

O'buia*, -z booer, -s 

O bu:f (bnf) bouffe 

O bn:g Bug {river) 

O'bu'kei [bu''kei], -z bouquet, -s 

'bnikarest Bucharest 

O bn:l buhl 

'builiva:* [-yaid] (bul'Tair), -z 
boulevard, -s 

Obn:m, -z, -ii), -d boom (g. v), -s, 
-ing, -ed 

'buimarteg, -z boomerang, -s 

O bn:n, -z 1) boon, -s; 2) Boon(e) 

O 'bn:'ri:nieLs ('bnri'me) bouts- 

Obu:t, -8, -ii|, -id boot (s. v.), -s, 
-ing, -ed 

'bnitdstek, -s bootjack, -s 

'bniti booty 

'bu:tl Bootle 

'ba:tlis, -Ii, -nis bootless, -ly, 

baits boots {hotel servant) (B.) 

'bnittri:, -z boot-tree, -s 

O'buivari Bouverie 

'buiyi Bovey 

O bn:z, -iz, -ig, -d 1) bousje 
{drink), -es, -ing, -ed ; 2) booze, 
-es, -ing, -ed; 3) boo(e)s {from 

'bu:z3*, -z 1) boozer, -s; 2) bouser, 

'bn:zi Boosey 

0'bu:3i: (bn'si), -z bougie, -s 

• 'bnda Buddha 

'bnd|ist, -ists, -izm Buddh|ist, 
-ists, -ism 

Obua*, -z 1) boor, -s; 2) Boer, -s 

'bnaban (bnr'bo), -z Bourbon, -s 

'busdn^ -z bourdon, -s 

'buan [bo:an], -z bourn(e), -s 

baanmae ['bo:n-, -mauO] Bourne- 

'buarij", -Ii, -nis boorish, -ly, 

'buas, "iz bourse, -s 

'buaswa: (bnr'swa) bourgeois 
(middle doss) 

O'bufei (by'fs), -z buffet (s.) (re- 
freshment bar), -s 

buk— d 

'bnlfrog— 'dttibiz 

Obuk, -8, -ii), -t book (s. v.), -a, 

-ing, -ed 
'bnkbalnd|3*, -az, -ii) bookbindjer, 

-era, -ing 
'bnkdet, -s book-debt, -s 
'bnkei [bn'kei], -z bouquet, -s 
'buka*, -z booker (B.), -s 
'bnki, -z 1) bookie, -s; 2) = 'bukei 
'bukij, -Ii, -nis bookish, -ly, -ness 
'bukkeis, -iz bookcase, -s 
'bnkki:p{3*, -az, -ig, book-keep|er, 

-era, -ing 
'bukklAb, -z book-club, -s 
'bnklsinii) book-learning 
'bnkma:k, -8 book-mark, -s 
'bnkmAzlm book-muslin 
'bukmeikla*, -az, -iij book-mak|er, 

-era, -ing 
'bukpleit, -s bookplate, -s 
'bnkpoust book-post 
'bnk8el|a*, -az, -iij book-sell|er, 

-ers, -ing 
'bnkstail, -z bookstall, -s 
'bukjel|f, -TZ book-8hel|f, -ves 
'bukjop, -8 book-shop, -s 
bukt booked (from book) 
'bnktreid book-trade 
'bnkwaim, -z book-worm, -a 
Obnl, 'Z -ill, -d bull (s. ■;;.) (B.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'bnlbeitii| bull-baiting 
'bnldog. -z bull-dog, -s 
'bnla* Buller 
'bnlsk, -s bullock (B.), -s 
'bnlfait, -s bull-fight, -s 
'bulflntj*, -iz buU-flnch, -es 

'bulfrag, -z bull-frog, -s 
bu'IL'n = 'bnlin Boleyn 
'bulji, -iz, -ill), -id bull|y («. v.), 

-ies, -ying, -ied 
'bnlian, eic. ^ 'butjan, etc. 
'bnlin JSuUen 
'bnlin [bn'liin] Boleyn 
'built, -s bullet, -s 
'bnlitin, -z bulletin, -a 
'bnlitprnif bullet-proof 
'bnljan bullion 
'bn^anlst, -s buUionist, -a 
'bnrka:|f, -TZ bull-cal|f, -vea 
'bnlma* Bulmer 
bu'lonn (bn'loji) Boulogne 
'bnlrij", -iz bulruah, -ea 
'bulwa* Bulwer 
'bnlwa'k, -s bulwark, -a 
bnlz bulla (from bull) 
'bnlzai, -z bull's-eye, -s 
O'bnX, -iz, -li), -t bush (s. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'bnX|i, -ill, -ini8 1) buah|y (B.), 

-ily, -iness; 2) Bushey 
'buXl, -z 1) bushel, -s; 2)-Bushell 
'buJIman, -man bush|man (B.), 

'bn^milz Bushmills 
'bn/nal [-n\] Bushnell 
'bnjrelndsa*, -z bushranger, -a 
O'butXa*, -z, -rii), -d butcher (B.) 

(s. v.), -a, -ing, -ed _ 
'butXar|i, -iz butcher|y, -lea 
O'bnzam, -z bosom, -a 
• bwoi, etc., dialectal for bai 

buoy, etc. 

qn:, -z, -ii), -d = hjn:, etc. 1) (v.) 
hew, -a, -ing, -ed; 2) (s.) hue, 
-a; 3) Hugh, -es 




d 1) weak form of do (v.) {as in 
'how do you do' 'handju'dn:); 
2) weak form of had and would 
{as in I'd', etc.). 

»'da:bi 1) Derby; 2) Darby 
'da:biX*a* 1) Derbyshire; 2) Dar- 

'da:biz darbies 

da:d3'nelz— dai'tebalaiz — 70 

dai'tebalizm — daia'kritik 

Odaida'nelz Dardanelles 

'daidanas Dardanus 

dai'dsiilii) Darjeeling 

Odaift, -8*, -ist daft, -er, -est 

'da:ft|li, -nis daftjly, -ness 

0'da:g3ba, -z dagoba, -s 

O da:k, -a*, -ist dark, -er, -est 

da;'ka:pon da capo 

'da:k|»ii, -anz, -snii) [-^ii)], -and 
dark|en, -ens, -ening, -ened 

'da:k|i, -iz dark|y, -ies 

'da:k{li, -nis dark|Iy, -ness 

'da:kli:g darkling 

'daik'ru'm, -z dark-room, -s 

'da:kS9m darksome 

O'dttili Darley 

'da:lii), -z darling (D.), -s 

'da:lii)T3ii Darlington 

O'daimstset ('darmjtat) Darm- 

Odain, -z, -ig, -d darn (s. v.), -a, 
-ing, -ed 

'da:nii)ni:dl, -z darning-needle, -s 

'dainli Darnley 

da:ns, -iz, -ii|, -t dancje (s. v.) 
(p.), -es, -ing, -ed 

'dainsa*, -z dancer, -s 

da:n's3:z (da:'s0:z), -iz danseuse, -s 

'da:nsii|ga:l, -z dancing-girl, -s 

'da:ii8ii|ma:st3*, -z dancing- 
master, -s 

'daznsmjnizik dance-music 

O'daisi 1) D'Arcy; 2) Darcy 

O da:t, -8, -ig, -id dart (s. v.) 
(D.), -8, -ing, -ed 

'da:ta*, -z 1) darter, -s; 2) dartre, 

'daitfad Dartford 

'daitmaO Dartmouth 

'da:tmn3* Dartmoor 

0'da:win 1) Darwin; 2) Darwen 

dai'mnisn [-igan] Darwinian 

'da:winizm Darwinism 

O'doiTss [-vous] Davos 

• dai, -z^ daiig, daid (v.) 1) die, 
-s, dying, died; 2) dye, -s, 
dyeing, dyed 

dai, -z (s.) 1) die (stamp), -s; 
2) dye, -s 

dai, -s (s.) di|e (cube), -ce 

Odai'sebalaiz, -iz, -ig, -d diabol- 
iz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 

dai'sebalizm diabolism 
dai'sefanss diaphanous 
dai'eeganl^, -fz, -9li diagon|al 

(s. adj.), -als, -ally 
dai'aekani diaconal 
dai'sekanit, -s diaconate, -s 
dai'aelsdslist^ -ists, -izm dialog- 

|ist, -ists, -ism 
dai'ielagi [-ladsi] diallage (figure 

of speech) 
dai'semita*, -z diameter, -s 
dai'semitrl^I, -ali diametrjal, 

dai'seu3 Diana 
dai'senOjas, -ai dianthjus, -i 
dai'sespara diaspora 
Odaid 1) died (from die); 2) dyed 

(from dye) 
'daidaepa*, -z didapper, -a 
'daidon Dido 
'daidsest. -s (s.) digest, -s 
dai'dsesi (v.), etc. = di'dsest, etc. 
O dai'a:n|J, -^z, -ali diurn|al (s. 

adj), -als, -ally 
O'daia*, -z dyer (D.), -s 
'daia*, -ra* -rist dire, -r, -st 
'daiabeis diabase , 

daia'bi:ti:z diabetes 
daia'bi:tik [-'bet-] diabetic 
daia'balik, -al, -ali diabolic, -al, 

-ally , 

'daiadem [-dam], -z diadem, -s 
daia'do:ras Diodorus 
daiafrseg'meetik diaphragmatic 
'daiafrsem [-fram], -z diaphragm, 

daialfwl. -fuli [-fali], -fwlnis 

dire|ful, -fully, -fulness 
daiag'nons|is, -i:z diagnosjis, -es 
'daiagnonz, -iz, -ii|, -d diagnos|e, 

-ea, -ing, -ed 
daiag'nostik, -s diagnostik (s. 

adj.), -s 
'daiagraem, -z diagram, -s 
daiagra'm%tik, -alj-ali diagram- 
matic, -al, -ally 
'daiak [-ak], -s dyak, -a 
daia'kliij'iaii [daio'k-] Diocletian 
daiakliiz ['daiok-] Diodes 
daia'kaistik diacaustic (s. adj.) 
daia'kritik, -s, -al diacritic (s. 

adj.), -s, -al 

'daial — dai'gres 


da.i'gresiY — dai'odsiniiz 

'dailal, -dlz, -alii), -aid di|al {s.v.), 

-als, -ailing, -ailed 
'daislekt. -s dialect, -s 
daialektik, -»!, -3li dialectic, 

-al, -ally 
dala'lektl dialectal 
daialek'toladsji, -ist, -ists dia- 

lectologly, -ist, -ists 
daiala'dslstik [-lo'ds-], -al, -all 

dialogistic, -al, -ally 
'daialids diallage (mineral) 
'daidlag, -z dialogue, -s 
'daialpleit, -s dial-plate, -s 
daiameeg'netik, -s, -all diamag- 

netic (s. adj.), -s, -ally 
daia'ineegnitizm diamagnetism 
daia'inetrik|al, -all diaiuetric|al, 

'daiamed Diomed 
'daiamand, >z diamond, -s 
'daiamiid Diomede 
daia'mi:di:z Diomedes 
'daian Dion 
daia'naisas Dionysus 
daia'naisias [-'naisjas, -'niXias, 

-'niXJas] Dionysius 
'daianis direness 
daia'nizia [-qa], -n Dionysia, -n 
daia'peisn [-'pelzn], -z diapason, 

'daiapa*, -z diaper, -s 
daia'raima, -z diorama, -s 
daia'rsemik dioramic 
'daiarji, -iz diar|y, -ies 
daia'ria diarrhoea 
'daiarist, -s 1) (s.) diarist, -s; 

2) (a(^.) direst (from dire) 
'daiasls, -iz dioce8|e, -es 
'daiat, -s, -ii), -id diet (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed , ,. 

daia'tetifc [dail't-], -s, -»1, -all 

dietetic (s. adj.), -a, al, -ally 
'daiatar|i ['daiit-], -z dietar|y (s. 

adj.), -ies 
daia'tonik, -ali diatonic, -ally 
'daiatraib. -z diatribe, -s 
daia'9a:infal,-as diatlienn|al,-ous 
O dai'gsema ['daigsema], -z di- 

gamma, -s 
'daigrsef [-graif], -s digraph, -s 
dai'gres, -iz, -ig, -t digress, -es, 

-ing, -ed 

d = 'daial, -z, -d dial 

dai'gresiv, -11, -nis digressive, 

-ly, -ness 
dai'grejan, -z digression, -s 
Odai'iarisjis [-ras-], ,-i:z diseres- 

|is, -es 
daii'Iektrik, -s dialectric (s. adj.), 


'daiii) 1) dying (from die) ; 2) dye- 
ing (from dye) 

daiit- = daiat- [-s 

Odaijna'retik, -s diuretic (s. adj.), 

OdaUc, -s, "in, -t (s. v.) 1) dik|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed; 2) dyk|e (D.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 

'daiktik deictic 

Odail, -z, 
(s. v.), -8, -led 

dai'leijan, -z dilation, -s 

dai'leit, -s, -ig, -id dilat|e, -es, 
-ing, -ed 

dai'leita*, -z dilater, -s 

dai'leitabl dilatable 

daila'teijan [-lei't-], -z dilata- 
tion, -s 

dai'ljaijan, -z dilution, -s 

dai'l/uit. -s, -ig, -id, -nis dilutje 
(adj. v.), -es, -ing, -ed, -eness 

da.i'l?'u:vi|al, -an diluvilal, -an 

dai'l/u:Ti|am, -a diluvi|um, -a 

Odaim, -z 1) disme, -s; 2) dime, -s 

dai'menX- = di'menj"- 

'daimla* ['deim-] ('daimlar) Daim- 

Odain, -z, -ig, -d din|e, -es, -ing, 

dai'neemik, -al, -ali, -s dynamic, 
-al, -ally, -s 

dai'naemita*, -z dynameter, -s 

'daina Dinah 

'daina*, -z diner, -s 

'dainamait, -s, -ii), -id dynamit|e 
(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 

'dainamaita*, -z dynamiter, -s 

dainama'metrik [-mo'm-], -al 
dynamometric, -al 

'dainamon, -z dynamo, -s 

daina'mamita*, -z dynamometer, 

daina'eiari|am [-no'©-], -a dino- 
theri|nm, -a 

'dainigrn'm, -z dining-room, -s 

Odai'odsiniiz [-dsan-] Diogenes 

dai'aksaid — 'daizn 

— 72 — 

dau— 'dauti 

dai'aksaid, -z dioxide, -s 
dai'asisan diocesan 
Odai'r- = di'r- 
Odais (s.) 1) dice (plrir. of die 

cube); 2) Dyce 
dais, -iz, -ii), -t (v.) dicje, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'daisi Dicey 
'daisii|k[3*, -az, -ii) die-sink|er, 

-ers, -ing 
'daisn Dyson 
'daistAf, -s dyestuflF, -s 
O'daitn 1) Deigliton; 2) Dighton 
O'daiwud, -z dye-wood, -s 
O daiT, -z, -in, -d div|e, (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed [-s 

d»ir%ri'keiXan, -z divarication, 
dai'rserikeitj -s, -ig, -id divar- 

icat|e, -es, ing, -ed 
dai'YAlds, -iz, -ii), -d divulg|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
dai'TAl/an, -z divulsion, -s 
dai'rest, -s, -iij, -id divest, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
dai'vestitja* divestiture 
dai'va:d5, -iz, -ig, -d diverg|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
dai'Ta:d5ans, -iz, -i divergenc|e, 

-fs. -y 

dai'vaidsant, -Ii divergent, -ly 
dai'vais ['daivais], -Ii diverse, -ly 
dai'Ta:si fai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid 

diversi f y, -fies, -f ying, -fled 
daiTaisifl'keiJan, -z diversifica- 
tion, -s 
dai'va:sit{i, -iz diversit|y, -ies 
dai'vaijan, -z diversion, -s 
dai'Ta:t, -s, -ig, -igli, -id divert, 

-s, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
'daiva*, -z diver, -s 
'daivaz 1) divers {adj.); 2) divers 

(s.) {from diver) 
'daivi:z Dives (bihlical name) 
'dairigbel, -z diving-bell, -s 
'daivigdres, -iz diving-dress, -es 
daivz 1) Dives {swname); 2) div- 
es {from dive) 
Odaiz 1) dies {from die); 2) dyes 

{from dye) 
'daizat [-za:t] Dysart 
'daiz|n, -nz, -ijdg, -nd diz|en, 
-ens, -ening, -ened 

dan Dow 

0'dand|i. -iz, -la*, -iist dowd|y 

(s. adj.), -ies, -ier, -iest 
'dandi|ll, -nis dowdi|ly, -ness 
'dandn Dowden 
O'dauel [-al, -il], -z, -ig, -d 

1) dowel (s. v.), -a, -ling, -led; 

2) Dowell 

O'dana*, -z dower, -s [-s 

'dauadsa* ['danids-j. -z dowager, 

'danal 1) Dowell; 2) = 'dauel 

'danalis dowerless 

'danar|i, -iz dowr|y, -ies 

O'dani Dowie 

O'daula* Dowler 

'danlas dowlas (D.) 

OdauHj -z down (s. ac^. adv. prep. 

inter}.) (D.), -s 
'daun'bed, -z down-bed, -s 
'dann,dra:ft, -s down-draught, -s 
'daunam Downham 
'dannfail, -z downfall, -s 
'dann'ha:tid down-hearted 
'daan'hil downhill 
'dann|i, -ia*,-iist down|y, -ier, -iest 
'daunig Downing 
'daunkaist downcast 
'dann'ktrilt, -s down-quilt, -a 
'daunpa:a*, -z downpour, -s 
'daunrait, -nis downright, -ness 
'dannrAj, -iz dowrush, -es 
'dann^sitig down-sitting 
'daun'steaz downstairs 
'daun'striim downstream 
'daun/ia* Downshire 
'danntradn downtrodden 
'dannTrad, -z downward, -s 
daunz 1) downs (D.) ; 2) Downes 
Odaus, -iz, -ig, -t 1) dous|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed; 2) Dowse 
'dausn Dowson 
Odaut, -s, -ig, -id 1) doubt (s. 

v.), -s, -ing, -ed; 2) dout, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'dauta*, -z 1) doubter, -s; 2) dout- 

er, -s 
'daut|fMl, -fulist r-falist] doubt- 

|ful, -fullest 
'daut|fuli [-fali], -ft^Inis doubt- 

|fully, -fulness 
'daut|i, -ia*, -iist dought|y (D.), 

•ier, -iest 

'daatili — d«em 

— 73 

' dsemokliiz — 'dsestadli 

'dautijli, -nis doughti|ly, -ness 
'daatig, -li doubting (D.), -ly 
'dantlis, -li doubtless, -ly 
'dantn Dowton 
•dteb, -z, -ii|, -d dab (s. v.), -a, 

-bing, -bed 
'djeba*, -z dabber, -a 
'dsebjl, -Iz, -^I) [-liij], -Id dab- 
bile, -les, -ling, -led 
'dsebla* [4a*]j -z dabbler, -s 
'dtebtjlk, -8 dabchick, -s 
Odsed, -z dad, -s 
'dtedii, -iz dadd|y, -les 
'dsedi'l9i)legz daddy-long-legs 
O'deefadanu'dilji, -iz daffadown- 

dill|y, -ies 
'dsefadil, -z daffodil, -s 
'diefni Dapbne 
'dsefnis Daphnis 
Odseg, -z dag, -a 
'dsega , -z dagger, -s 
'dseganet [-nit] Dagonet 
'dsegoTTud Daggerwood 
•dag|l, -Iz, -lii) [-lig], -Id dag- 
g|le, -les, -ling, -led 

dsegoubait Dagobert 
'dsegwil8* D'Aguilar 
Odse'koit, etc. = da'koit, etc. 
'deekshand, -z dachshund, -s 

dsektil, -z dactyl, -a 

dsek'tilik dactylic 
Odsel'biiti Dalbeattie [bert 

'dselambes* (dala:'be:r) D'Alem- 
'dselas Dallas 
'dsel|i, -iZ; -iig, -id dall|y, -ies, 

-ying, -led 
'dsella*, -z dalher, -s 
'deelians [-Ijans] dalliance 
'daljal Dalziel 

dsel'kiie [da:!-] Dalkeith 

dsel'msetik, -s dalmatic, -s 

deermeijia [SM, -n, -nz Dal- 
matia, -n, -ns 

dsel'meni [-'miini] Dalmeny 

deelma'njniOa Dalmanutha 
'dseini Dalny 

dsel'rai Dairy 

dselrimpl Dalrymple 
'dselzial Dalziel 

Odsem, -z, -ii), -d 1) dam(s. v), 
-s, -ming, -med; 2) damn, -a, 
-ing, -ed 

'dsemakliiz Damocles 
dsema'siin Damascene 
'dsemask, -s damask, -s 
'dsemids, -iz, -ig, -d damagje 

(s. v.), -ea, -ing, -ed 
deem'neijan, -z damnation, -a 
'd{emnab|l, -li, -Inis damnabjle, 

-ly, -leness 
'dtemnatari damnatory 
'dsemni|fai, -faiz, -faiii), -faid 

damni|fy, -flea, -fying, -fled 
dsemp^ -s, -ig, -t damp (s. adj. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'dsempa*, -z damper, -s 
'deeinp|en, -anz, -^nii), -and damp- 

|en, -ens, -ening, -ened 
'dsempja* Dampier 
'dsempjli, -nis, -ij damp|ly, -neaa, 

dsemt = dtempt damped 
'dsemzal, -z damsel, -a 
'dsemzan, -z damson, -a 
Odieoj -z dan (D.), -a 
'deenait, -s Danite, -s 
'deenbi Danby 
'dsend|i, -iz dand|y, -iea 
'dsendl|ij', -izm dandylish, -ism 
'dsendilaian, -z dandelion, -s 
'diend|l, -Iz, -lig [-Ug], -Id dand- 

|le, -lea, -ling, -led 
'dsendraf dandruflf 
'deene^i: Danae 
'deenjal, -z Daniel(l), -a 
'dsenjuib Danube 
dse'iiju:bi3n [dan-, -bjan] Da- 

'dsenraita* Dannreuther 
deens, etc. dialectal for da:ns, etc. 
'dsenti Dante 
'dsenya'z Danvera 
0'd»gg|I, -Iz, -lig Hig],-ld dang- 

|le (D.), -lea, -ling, -led 
'dseggla* [-:ia*], -z dangler, -s 
dsegk, -a*, -ist dank, er, -est 
'diegklli, -nis dank|ly, -ness 
O'dsepa dapper (D.) 
'dsepl dapple 
O'dserak Darracq 
'dieral Darrell 
O'dsestad, -z dastard, -s 
'd%stad|li, -nis dastardjly (aiw.). 


'daestadli — 'dAgaut 

— 74 — 

dAg'aut— 'dAmpi 

'd%st3d|li, -linis daBtard|ly (adj.), 

OdseJ", -iz, -ii), -t dash (s. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'AseJhaiaA, -z dash-board, -s 
'dteja*, -z dasher, -s 
'dsejig, -li dashing [adj.), -ly 
O'dset/it Datchet 
O'dsevit, -s davit, -s 
'dsernpait, -s davenport (D.), -s 
'dsevntri {locally 'deintri) Dav- 

0'deez|I, -Iz, -lii) [-^i|], -Id daz- 

z|le, -les, -ling, -led 
'deezligli [-^i|li] dazzlingly 
• dAb, -z, -ii], -d dub (s. i?.), -s, 

-bing, -bed 
'dAb|], -Iz, -Iii| [-Ui)]; -Id doub|le 

(s. ad;, v.), -les, -ling, -led 
'dAbl'bserald double-barrelled 
'dAbl'beis, -iz double-bass, -es 
'dAbl jbrestid double-breasted 
'dAbl'daid double-dyed 
'dAbl'dekla*, -az, -t double-deck- 

|er, -ers, -ed 
'dAbrdi:l|a*, -az, -ii| double-deal- 

|er, -ers, -ing 
'dAblfeist double-faced 
'dAbl'fa.'st, -s double-first, -s 
'dAbli doubly 
'dAblin Dublin 
'dAblit, -s doublet, -s 
'dAbIja:, -z W (the letter), -'a 
dAbljui'si:, -z W. C, -'s 
'dAbl'kmk double-quick 
'dAbl'lokt double-locked 
'dAblmaindid double-minded 
'dAblnis doubleness 
'dAbl'stant double-stout 
'dAbl'stapii) double-stopping 
'dAbl^tAgd double-tongued 
dAb'lum, -z doubloon, -s 
OdAd, -z dud, -s 
'dAdli Dudley 
'dAdsan, -z dudgeon, -s 
OdAf Duff 
'dAfa*, -z dufier, -s 
'dAfarin Dufferin 
'dAllild Duffleld 
OdAg, -z 1) dug (s.), -s; 2) dug 

(from dig) 
'dAgant, -s dug-out (s.), -s 

'dAg'aut dug-out (adj.) 

'dAglas Dougla8(s) 

OdAk, -s, -ig, -t duck (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'dAkbil, -z duck-bill, -s 
'dAkat, -s ducat, -s 
'dAkinflild Dukinfield 
'dAklig, -z duckling, -s 
dAks, -iz 1) dux, -es; 2) ducks 

(from duck) 
'dAksbari Duxbury 
dAkt, -s 1) duct, -s; 2) ducked 

(from duck) 
'dAktail ductile 
dAk'tiliti ductility 
OdAl, -a*, -ist, -z, -ig, -d dull 

(adj. v.), -er, -est, -s, -ing, -ed 
'dAlaid dull-eyed 
'dAlbreind dull-brained 
'dAlad, -z dullard, -s 
'dAli dully 
'dAlids Dulwich 
'dAliJ dullish 
dAlka'iuEara dulcamara 
dAlli = dAli dully 
'dAlnis dul(l)ness 
'dAlsi Dulcie 
'dAlsijfai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid 

dulci|fy, -fies, -fying, -fied 
'dAlsima*, -z dulcimer, -s 
dAlsi'nia [dAl'sinia] Dulcinea 
'dAlsit dulcet 
OdAiUj-z, -ig, -d dumb (a^.v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
dAm'baitn Dumbarton 
'dAmbel, -z dumb-bell, -s 
'dAmbidaiks Dumbiedikes 
'dAmdAm, -z dum-dum, -s 
dAm'faund, -z, -ig, -id dumb- 
found, -s, -ing, -ed 
dAm'faanda*, -z dumbfounder, -s 
dAm'fa.'mlin = dAn'f- 
dAm'friis, -Jia* [-'fri:J'J'a*] Dum- 

|ries, -shire 
'dAm|i, -iz dumm|y, -ies 
'dAm|li, -nis dum|ly, -ness 
dAmnariks [-nor-, -nor-] Dum- 

dAmp, -s, -ig, -t dump, -s, -ing, 

'dAmp|i, -ia*, -iist dump|y, -ier, 


'dAmpiJ — 'dAijka* 


'dAijkaii— dei'koltei 

'dAmpiJ, -li, -nis dumpish, -ly, 

'dAmplin. -z dumpling, -s 
dAmps dumps 

'dAm'JOH, -z dumb-show, -s 
dAmt = dAmpt dumped 
'dAm'weita*, -z dumb-waiter, -a 
'dAmvil 1) Dumville; 2) Domville 
O dAn 1) done (from do) ; 2) Dunn(e) 
dAn, -z, -ig, -d dun (s. adj. v.), 

-s, -ning, -ned 
dAn'ba:* l)unbar 
dAn'blein Dunblane 
dAn'dees ['dAndees] Dundas 
'dAndahed, -z dunderhead, -s 
dAn'di: Dundee 
dAu'daik Dundalk 
dAn'danjd Dundonald 
dAu'driari Dundreary 
'AAud^^n, -z dungeon, -s 
'dAnetsines Dungeness 
dA'uedin ['dAnidin] Dunedin 
'dAnahu: ['dan-] Donohue 
'dAnak, -s dunnock, -s 
'dAnam Dunholme 
'dAnamaia* ['dan-] Donoughmore 
dAn'faimlin Dunfermline 
'dAnidin Dunedin 
'dAnig Dunning 
dAn'ksenan Duncannon 
dAu'keld Dunkeld 
dAu'ka.'k ['dAnkaik] Dunkirk 
'dAnkan = 'dAgkan Duncan 
'dAnlap 1) Dunlap; 2) Dunlop 
dAn'Iap [dan-] Dunlop 
'dAnlap [-lap], -s Dunlop (tyres), -s 
dAn'mon Dunmow 
dAn'ma»* Dunmore 
dA'nata* [da'n-] Dunnottar 
dAn'reiyn Dunraven 
dAns, -iz 1) dunce, -s; 2) Dunse 
'dAnsta* Dunster 
'dAustabl Dunstable 
'dAnstan Dunstan 
dAnz duns (from dun) 
'dAn5- = 'dAnd3- 
OdAij dung 

'dAiihil, -z dung-hill, -s 
'dAgi dungy 

dAg'keld = dAn'keld Dunkeld 
dAi|'ka:k = dAn'kaik Dunkirk 
'dAgka*, -z Dunker, -s 

'dAijkan Duncan 

O'dAra durra 

'dAram Durham 

OdASk, -s, -ii), -t dusk (s. adj. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'dAsk|i, -la, -list duak|y, -ier, -iest 
'dAskijii, -nis duski|ly, -ness 
dAst (from du:) dost (strong form) 
dAst, -s, -ii), -id dust (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'dAStbin, >z dust-bin, -s 
'dAsta*, -z duster, -s 
'dAsthonl, -z dusthole, -s 
'dAst|i, -la*, -iist dust|y, -ier, -iest 
'dA8ti|ii, -nis dusti|ly, -ness 
'dASfka:t, -s dust-cart, -s 
'dASt|man, -man dustjman, -men 
'dAS^sen, -z dust-pan, -s 
OdAtX Dutch 
'dAtJ|i, -iz duch|y, -ies 
'dAtJis, "iz duchess, -es 
'dAtXImauj-man Dutch|man, -men 
OdA6 (from du:) doth (strong 

OdAv, -z dove (D.), -s 
'dAvkAla*, -d dove-colour, -ed 
'dATkat, -s dovecot(e), -s 
'dAvlaik dove-like 
'dAvteil, -z -ig, -d dovetail (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
OdAz (from du:) does (strong form) 
'dAzn, -z, -6 dozen, -s, -th 
'dAznt doesn't 

• dei, -z 1) day (D.), -s; 2) dey, -s 
Odei'ba:* Desbarrea 

dei'ba:kl, -z debacle [debacle], -s 
'deibu: (de'by), -z debut, -s 

ieihjni'ta^ [-'tajj] (deby'ta), -z 
debutant, -s 

deibjn:'ta«t [-'tant] (deby'ta:!), 

•s debutante, -s 
'deibai, -z day-boy, -s 
'deibreik, -s daybreak, -s 
Odeid Dade 

deidon, -z dado, -s 
'deidri:in, -z day-dream, -s 
Odei'gsesei (dega'se) d6gag6(e) 
'deigan [-gan] Dagon 
O'deiis, -iz dais, -ses 
O dei'ka:t (ds'kart) Descartes 
'deika*, -z Dacre, -s 

dei'kaltei (dekal'te) decollet^(e) 

deil — 'deiwa:k 

— 76 — 

deJTe'naigari — 'ded'netl 

Odeil, -z dale (D.), -s 
'deilait daylight 
'dei'leibs* day-labour 
'dei'leibara*, -z day-labourer, -s 
'deil|i, -iz 1) dail|y (s. adj. adv.), 

-ies; 2) Daly 
'deijtii|i, -iz day-lil|y, -ies 
'deilja ['deilia], -z dahlia, -s 
'deilz{m3ii, -man Daleslman, -men 
Odeim, -z dame, -s 
'dciman [-man] Damon 
'deimla* = 'daimla* [-es 

Odein, -z (s.) 1) Dane, -a; 2) Dain, 
dein, -z -ig, -d (v.) deign, -s, -ing, 

'deindsa*, -z danger, -s 
'deindsaflild Dangerfield 
'deindsras, -li, -ni8 dangerous, 

-ly, -ness 
'deina Dana 
'deingeld danegeld 
'deinij" Danish 
'deinkait [-koit] D'Eyncourt 
'deinia: Danelaw [-lagh] 
'deint|i, -ia*, -iist daint|y [s.adj.), 

-ier, -iest 
'deinti|li, -nis dainti|ly, -ness 
'deintril)Daintree; 2) ='d8evntri 
dei'na:mai; [-moi;] (denu'ma), -z 

denouement, -s 
'deins- = 'deinds- 
Odeis 1) dace; 2) = 'deiis dais 
'deisant Dasent 
deisia [-sja, -Jia, -Jja], -n, -nz 

Dacia, -n, -ns 
'deiskn:!, -z day-school, -s 
'deisprig dayspring 
'deisto:*, -z daystar, -s 
O'deiJ'ia, etc. = 'deisia. etc. 
Odeit, -s, -ig, -id datje (s. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'deitaim daytime 
'deit|am, -a datum, -a 
'deitar|i, -iz datar|y, -ies 
'deitiv, -z dative (s. adj.), -s 
'deitn Dayton 
'deitj)a:]n, >z date-palm, -s 
'deittri:, -z date-tree, -s 
'deitua* (de'tuir), -z detour, -s 
Odeie 1) Death; 2) D'Aeth 
'deiOsen [-Oan] Dathan 
O'deiwaik day work 

OdeiTS'naigari Devanagari 
'deiT|i, -iz 1) dav|y (D.), -ies; 

2) Davey 

'deirid, -z, -sn David, -s, -son 
'deiTi'leemp, -s davy-lamp, -s 
'deivis [-Tiz] Davies 
'deiris, -n Davis, -on 
Odeiz, -iz, -ig, -d 1) dazje, -ea, 
-ing, -edj 2) days (from day); 

3) deys (from dey) 
deizte'lbi:ei [-za'b-] (dezabi'je) 

'deiz|i, -iz dais|y (D.), -ies 
'deizitjein, -z daisy-chain, -a 
'deiziz 1) daisies; 2) dazes 
O 'deisanei (desa'ne), -z dejeuner, 

• 'debara Deborah 
'debit, -8, -ig, -id debit (s. v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed 
debj'ui't- = deibjni't- 
'debnam [-b^am] Debenham 
deba:'*Xi:, -z debauchee, -s 
deba'nEa*[-bo'n-, -ba'n-], -li, -nis 

debonair, -ly, -ness 
'debri: debris 
'debu: = 'deibn: d^but 
Odedj -li, -nis dead, -ly, -ness 
'dedal, -z dead-eye, -s 
'ded'bi:t dead-beat 
'ded'drAgk dead-drunk 
'deda'laiv dead-alive 
'dedhed, -z dead-head, -s 
'dedhiit, -s dead-heat, -s 
dedi'keij^n, -z dedication, -a 
'dedikeit, -s, -ig, -id dedicat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'dedikeit|a*, -az, -ari dedicat|or, 

-ors, -ory 
'dedikant, -s dedicant, -s 
dedika'ti:, -z dedicatee, -s 
'ded'leta*, -z dead-letter, -s 
'dedl|i, -ia*, -iist deadl|y, -ier, 

'dedlinis deadliness 
'dedl3k,-s 1) dead-lock, -a; 2)Ded- 

'ded'mtt:tj\ -iz dead-march, -es 
'dedmau Dedman 
'ded|n, -nz, -^ig [-nig], -nd 

dead|en, -ens, -ening, -ened 
'ded'netl, -z dead-nettle, -a 

'ded .set — 'dekareit 

— 77 

'deksreita* — 'deltoid 

'ded^setj -s dead-set, -b 
'ded'Tveit, -8 dead-weight, -s 
'ded'wo:!, -z dead-wall, -s 
Odef, -8*, -ist deaf, -er, -est 
defe'meij'an [di:f-, -fse'm-], -z 

defamation, -s 
defe'renJIal, -ali deferenti|al, 

'defaranis, -t deferen|ce, -t 
defl'keijan, -z defecation, -s 
'deflkeit, -s, -ig, -id defecatje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
defl'leid, -z, -ii), -id defilad|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
defl'uij^n, -z definition, -s 
'deflnit. -11, -nis definite, -ly,-ness 
de'flnitiT [di'f-], -li, -nis definit- 
ive, -ly, -ness 
'deflsit['di:f-, di'flsit],-s deficit, -s 
defla'greij^n [di:f-], -z defla- 
gration, -8 
deflagreit ['di:f-], -s, -ii), -id 

deflagrat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
'deflagreita* ['di:f-], -z deflagrat- 

or, -s 
'defll deafly 

deflarreijan, -z defloration, -s 
'def mjuit, -s deaf-mute, -s 
'def|n,-nz, -^i) [-nil)], -nddeaf|en, 

-ens, -ening, -ened 
'defnis deafness 
'defranls, -t = 'defarans, -t 
deft, -a*, -ist deft, -er, -est 
'deftfll, -nis deft|ly, -ness 
Odegra'deipn, -z degradation, -a 
Odek, -s, -ii), -t deck (s. v.), -a, 

-ing, -ed 
de'ksepalis [di'k-j Decapolis 
'deka*, -z 1) decker, -s; 2) Dekker 
'dekad, -z decade, -s 
'dekad^ns, -i decadenc|e, -y 
'dekadant decadent 
'dekagan, -z decagon, -a 
'dekagreem, -z decagram(me), -s 
'dekaliita*, -z decalitre, -s 
'dekalag, -z decalogue, -s 
'dekami:ta*, -z decametre, -s 
'dekan [-keen] Deccan 
'dekapad, -z decapod, -s 
deka'reijan, -z decoration, -s 
'dekareit, -s, -iij, -id decorat|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

'dekareita*, -z decorator, -s 
'dekareitiT [-rat-], -li, -nis decor- 
ative, -ly, -ness 
'dekaras [di'ka:ras], -li, -nis de- 
corous, -ly, -uess 
'dekhsend, -z deck-liand, -s 
'dekjnpl, -z, -iij, -d decupl|e (s. 

adj. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
dekla'meiX^n, -z declamation, -a 
dekla'reijan, -z declaration, -s 
dekli'tteljan, -z declination, -s 
dekli'namita*, -z declinometer,-s 
'dekpaesindsa*, -z deck-passenger, 

'dekrimant ['di:k-], -s decrement, 

deks'teriti dexterity 
'dekstaras, -11, -nis dexterous, 

-ly, -ness 
'dek'tjsa*, -z deck-chair, -s 
Odel, -z dell, -s 
dela'goua Delagoa 
'delam Delham 
'delamein Delamain 
dela'pua* De La Poer 
'delarn: [dela'ru:] De la Eue 
'delawsa* Delaware 
'delawa* De la Warr 
delf delf 

'delf|ai, -ian, -ik Delphi i, -ian, -ic 
derflniam [-njam] delphinium 
delft, -wsa* Delft, -ware 
'deli Delhi 

'deliam [-Ijam] bdellium 
deli'gelpn, -z delegation, -s 
'deligeit, -s, -ig, -id delegat|e 

(v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'dellgas|i, -iz deligacjy, -ies 
'deligit, -s delegate (s.), -a 
'delikas|i, -iz delicac]y, -ies 
'delikit, -li, -nis delicate, -ly, 

deli'kwes, -iz, -ig, -t deliquesc|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
deli'kwes»n|s, -t deliquescen|ce, -t 
'de]ju:d3, -iz, -ig, -d delug|e (s.v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
del'kredari [-'kri:d-] del credere 
'delma;* Delmar 
delt dealt (from deal) 
'delta, -z delta, -a 
'deltoid deltoid 

delT— 'dentiin 


'dentiMs — 'desalteri 

delv, -z, -ig, -d delv|e, -es, -ing, 

'delva*, -z delver, -s 

Odema'godsik [-'gagik], -ail de- 
magogic, -al 

'demagog, -z demagogue, -s 

'dein8krset[-mok-], -s democrat, -s 

dema'krsetik [-mo'k-], -»1, -ali 
democratic, -al, -ally 

dema'lijaii [di:m-, -mo'l-], -z de- 
molition, -s 

deman'streijan, -z demonstra- 
tion, -8 

'demsnstreit, -s, -ig, -id demon- 
8trat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

'demanstreita*, -z demonstrator, 

'demangtrab|l, -li demonstrabjle, 


dema'reara Demerara 
'demidson, -z demi-john, -s 
'demigod, -z demi-god, -s 
'demi'mand [-mond] (dami'moid) 

'demisemikweira*, -z demi-semi- 

quaver, -s 
'demi>sta* Dempster 
Oden, -z den, -s 
'denbi 1) Denbigh; 2) Denby 
'denbijio* Denbighshire 
'dendrait dendrite 
'dendralait [-drol-], -s dendro- 

lite, -s 
den'draladsi dendrology 
'denam l)Denham'; 2)Denholm(e) 
'deni Denny 

'denia*, -z ^ di'nia*, -z denier, -s 
'denis 1) Denis(8); 2) Dennises); 

3) Den(n)ys 
'denisn Denison 
'denizn, -z denizen, -s 
'denizujip, -s denizenship, -s 
'denmaik Denmark 
'denman Denman 
dens, -a*, -ist dense, -r, -st 
'densitii, -iz densitjy, -ies 
'densli, -nis densefly, -ness 
dentj -s, -ii), -id («. v.) dent (D.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'denteitid dentated 
'dentan Denton 
'dentiin dentine 

'dentifris, -iz dentifrice, -s 

'dentiki, -z denticle, -s 

'denti'liggwal, -z dentilingual 
(s. adj.), -s 

'dentist, -s dentist, -s 

'dentistri dentistry 

den'tijan dentition 

'dentl, -z dental (s. ac^'.), -s 

'dent/a* [-tjna*J, -z denture, -s 

'denva* Denver 

O depa'zijan [di:p-], -z deposi- 
tion, -8 

'depjntaiz, -iz, -ig, -d deputizje 
[-isle], -es, -ing, -ed 

depju'teijan, -z deputation, -s 

'depjnt|i, -iz deput|y, -ies 

'depou [di'pon], -z depot, -s 

depra'TeiJan [di:p-] depravation 

depri'deiJTan [-pra'd-], -z depred- 
ation, -s 

'deprideit [-prad-], -s, -ig, -id 
depredat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

'deprideita* [-prad-], -z depred- 
ator, -s 

'deprideitari [di'predatari] de- 

depri'keijan, -z deprecation, -s 

'deprikeit, -s, -ig, -igli, -id de- 
precat|e, -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 

'deprikeit|a*, -az, -ari deprecat- 
|or, -ors, -ory 

depri'TeiJan, -z deprivation, -s 

depO, -s depth, -s 

Odera'geijan [-ro'g-] derogation 

'derageit [-rog-j, -s, -ig, -id derog- 
at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

'deri Derry 

'derik derrick (D.), -s 

deri'likjan dereliction 

'derilikt, -s derelict (s. ac^'.), -a 

'derindsa*, -z derringer (D,), -s 

deri'vei^an, -z derivation, -s 

Ode'senjal = di'senjal 
desaTeiJan [-so'l-], -z desolation, 


'desaleit [-sol-], -s, -ig, -id desol- 

at|e (■!;.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'desaleita* [-sol-], -z desolator, -s 
'desalit [-sol-], -11, -nis desolate 

(adj.), -ly, -ness 
'desalt»r|i, -ili, -inis desultorly, 

-ily, -iness 

'desat — 'deOlaik 

— 79 — 

'deOli— 'dea'sei 

'desat ['dezat] Desait 
'desigrtem, -z decigram(me), -s 
desi'keij^n desiccation 
'desikeit, -s, -ig, -id desiccat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
desi'kreiXan^ -z desecration, -s 
'desikreit, -s, -ig, -id, -a*, -az 

desecrat|e, -es, -ing, -ed, -or, -ors 
desi'meijan decimation 
'desimeit, -s, -ii|, -id, -a*, -az 

decimat|e, -es, -ing, -ed, -or, -ors 
'desimjal, -alz, -ali decimal, -als, 

'desimalaiz, -iz, -ig, -d decimaliz|e 

[-islel, -es, -ing, -ed 
'desimiita*. -z decimetre, -s 
desk, -s desk, -s 
'desk%nt descant (s.) 
'desltari, etc. = 'de89lt»ri, etc. 
desol- = desal- 
'despad [-pa:d] Despard 
despa'reidon, -z desperado, -es 
despa'reijan desperation 
'desparit, -li, -nis desperate, -ly, 

'despat [-pat], -s despot, -s 
'despatizm [-pat-] despotism 
despika'bilitt despicability 
'despikabll [dis'pik-], -li, -Inis 

despicab|le, -ly, -leness 
'despat, etc. = 'despat, etc. 
des'patik [dis-], •»!, -ali, -alnis 

despotic, -al, -ally, -alness 
'destin, -z, -ig, -d destin|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
desti'neijan, -z destination, -a 
'destin |i, -iz destinly, -ies 
desti'tjoijan destitution 
destitjuit, -li, -nis destitute, -ly, 

'deswiljiud ['di:s-] desuetude 
Odet, -s debt, -s 
'data*, -z debtor, -s 
'detfad Deptford 
'detmouid ('dstmalt) Detmold 
detri'mentl detrimental 
'detrimant, -s detriment, -s 
Odee, -s death (D.), -s 
'deObed, -z death-bed, -s 
'deOblon, -z death-blow, -s 
'deedjmtli, -iz death-dut|y, -ies 
'deOlaik death-like 

'deOjli, -lia*, -liist, -linis death|ly, 

-lier, -liest, -liness 
'deOlis deathless 
'deOi'tetl, -z death-rattle, -s 
'deOreit, -s death-rate, -s 
'deOshed, -z death's-head, -s 
'deOtrsep, -s death-trap, -s 
'deOworant, -s death-warrant, -s 
O'devan, -jia* Devon, -shire 
'deyanta* Deventer 
'deraru:, -ru:ks Devereux 
deTas'teiJan, -z davastation, -s 
'derasteit, -s, -ig, -id deTastat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'dcTil, etc. = 'deyl, etc. 
deri'zi:, -z devisee, -s 
devi'za:*, -z devisor, -s 
'devil, -Iz, -^g [-lig], -Id dev|il 

(s. v.), -ils, -illing, -illed 
'devlflj devil-fish 
'dev^ij" [-lij], -li, -nis devilish, 

-ly, -ness 
'devlr|i, -iz devilr|y, -ies 
'devlwaijip, -a*, -az devil-wor- 
ship, -per, -pers 
'devn, -J*a* Devon, -shire 
'devnpait [-vmp-] Devonport 
de'vounian [di'v-, -njan], -z De- 
vonian, -s 
devon'ti: devotee, -s 
'devwa:* [-Twa:*] (da'Twa:r), -z 

devoir, -s 
O'dezsebiil [-zab-] deshabille 
'dezbara Desbqrough 
dezdi'mouna Desdemona 
'dezat, -s 1) (s. adj.) desert {wilder- 
ness, desolate), -s; 2) Desart 
dezig'neij'an, -z designation, -a 
'dezigueit, -s, -ig, -id, -a*, -az 
designat|e,-es, -ing, -ed, -or, -ors 
'dezigneit designate (a^.) 
'dezmand Desmond 
•dea*, -z, -rig, -d, da:st dar|e 

(D.), -es, -ing, -ed, durst 
'dsadevl, -z dare-devil, -s 
dsant daren't 
'dearji, -iz dairjy, -ies 
'dEariiaim, -z dairy-farm, -s 
'dearimeid, -z dairymaid, -s 
'dEari|man, -man dairyjman,- men 
'dsarig, -li daring (a<y.), -ly 
'dsa'sei dare-say 

'da:1)ai*— da'mestlkeit 


da'minikal — 'di:iti 

0'd3:ba:*, -z durbar, -s 

'daiban Durban 

'd8:bi 1) Derbe; 2) less correct 
form of 'da:bi Derby 

'daibin Durbin 

O'doidl, -z Durdle, -s 

'dsidn Durden 

daids, -iz dirge, -s 

Odaik, -s dirk, -s 

Odaim derm 

'daimal dermal 

da.'ma'toladsli, -ist, -ists derma- 
tologly, -ist, -ists 

O'dainfad Durnford 

O daist durst (from dare) 

O da:t dirt 

'd8:t|i, -ie* [-J9*], -iist [-jist], -iz 
-iii), -id dirt|y (adj. v.), -ier, 
-iest, -ies, -ying, -ied 

'daitijli, -nis dirti|Iy, -ness 

'dait'tjiip dirt-cheap 

O da:©, -8 dearth (D.), -8 

O'dsiwad Durward 

'daiwant [-went, -wint], -woita* 
Derwent, -water 

O'daiTiJ", -iz dervish, -es 

S A9 {weak form of dn:) do (v.) 

Oda'ba:© De Bathe 

ds'baig De Burgh 

da'bret De Brett 

Oda'fon = di'fou Defoe 

da'farlst De Forest 

Oda'gerataip [-rot-], -s daguer- 
reotype, -s 

Od'a'honmi Dahomey 

Oda'konta 1) Dakota; 2) Dacota 

da'koit [dse-J, -s, -ids dacoit, -s, 

da'krepiui De Crespigny [-age 

da'kwinsi [-nzi] De Quincey 

Oda'lainsi De Lancey 

da'lail 1) De L'Isle; 2) De Lisle 

da'lseka* Durlacher 

da'liepata* De La Pasture 

da'lein delaine 

Oda'mseskas [-'ma:s-] Damascus 

da'mein [do'm-], >z domain, -s 

da'mestik [do'm-], -s, -oli do- 
mestic (s. adj.), -s, -ally 

domesti'keij'aii [do'm-] domesti- 

do'mestikeit [do'm-]^ -s, -ig, -id 
domesticat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

da'minikal [do'm-] dominical 
da'minikon [do'm-], -z Domini- 
can (s. ad}?), -s 
da'minj3n[do'm-], -z dominion, -s 
da'mi^igon [do'm-] Domingo 
da'mijian [do'm-, -Jjan], Domi- 

d9'mo:g»n De Morgan 
da'moiTO* Demoivre 
da'njnibisn [-bjan] = dsen- 
dan'lop Dunlop 

da'nota* Dunnottar [-s 

Oda'raidou [do'r-], -z dorado (D.), 
da'raiss Darius 
da'rai- = di'rai- 
da'reent Durran(t) 
da'rekjan, da'rekt, etc. = di'r- 
da'ronen De Bohan 
da'randa [di'r-] Deronda 
O dest {weak form of dASt) dost 
O daO {weak form of Aiff) doth 
O daz (wfiojk form of Aax) does 
• di:, -z 1) D {the letter), -'s; 

2) Dee 
O diibai'keijan, -z debarkation 

[-arca-j, -s 
O di:d, -z deed, -s 
di:'deilian [-Ijan] Dsedalian 
'diidsl daedal 
'di:d»Ias Daedalus 
'di:d9rou (di'dro) Diderot 
'dii'di:, -z D.D., -'s 
Odii'el Dalziel 

OdiifterkeiX^n, -z defalcation, -s 
di-'f«elkeit, -s, -ii), -id defalcat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'di:fekt, -s = di'fekt, -s 
di:f3'meij»n, -z defamation, -s 
'diifisit = defisit deficit 
'duflagreit, etc. = 'deflagreit, etc. 
di:fo:'mei/aii, -z deformation, -s 
Odiiglni'tijan deglutition 
Odi:'hju:manaiz. -iz, -iii, -d de- 

humaniz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
0'di:i|fai, -faiz, -faiig, -fail dei- 

|fy, -fies, -fying, -fled 
dii'iflk deific 

dl:ifi'keiXan, -z deification, -s 
'diijist, -ists, -izm de|ist, -ists, 

dii'istik, -»1 deistic, -al 
'di:it|i, -iz deit|y, -ies 

di:'ka:bdnaiz — diimieg nit- 

81 — 

'di:'merit— dii'sentralaiz 

O di:'ka:b3naiz, -iz, -ig, -d decar- 

boniz|e [-is|ej, -es, -ing, -ed 

diikaibsnai'zeij'dn decarbouiza- 
tion [-isa-] 

diiksen'teijan, -z decantation, -s 

dr'kAlsraiz, -iz, -ii), -d decol- 
ouriz|e [-isje], -es, -ing, -ed 

dlikam'paund, -z, -ig, -id de- 
compound, -s, -ing, -ed 

di:k3m'ponz, -iz, -ii). -d decom- 
pos|e, -es, -ing, -eel 

diikam'ponzabl decomposable 

'di:kau, -z, -hud deacon (D.), -s, 

'diikanis [-k]|;iis], -iz deaconess, -es 

'di:k9nr|i, -iz aeaconr|y, -ies 

'diikanjip, -s deaconship, -s 

'diikin Deakin 

dKkampa'ziJ^n, -z decomposi- 
tion, -s 

dii'kansikreit, -s, -ii), -id de- 
consecrat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

dr'kressnt decrescent 

'di:kri:s[di:'k-], -iz decrease (s.), -s 

di:'kri:s [di'k-], -iz, -ii), -iijli, -t 
1) decreas|e {v.), -es, -ing, -ingly, 
-ed; 2) (s.) = 'di:kri:s 

'diikrimant, -s decrement, -s 

Odi:l, -z, -ig, delt (s.v.) deal (D.), 
-s, -ing, dealt 

diilek'teijan delectation 

di''lend|3m, -a delend|um, -a 

'di:la*, -z dealer, -s 

'di:li' dele 

di:'li:t, etc. = di'lL't, etc. 

'diilia [-Ija], -n Delia, -n 

'diilias [-)J8s] Delius 

'di:likt, -s delict, -s 

di:'limit, -s, -ig, -id delimit, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

diilimi'teijan. -z delimitation, -s 

'diilig, -z dealing, -s 

'di:l9S Delos 

Odi:iu, -z, -ig, -d deem, -s, -ing, 

di:ma:'keij'an, -z demarcation, -s 

di:ma:keit, -s, -ig, -id demarc- 
at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

dii'm^egnitaiz, -iz, -ig, -d de- 
magnetizje [-isle], -es, -ing, -ed 

diimeegnitai'zeijran, -z demagnet- 
ization [-isa-], -s 

'dii'merit, -s demerit, -s 
diima'lij'dn demolition 
'diiman, -z demon, -s 
di:m9'iiai8k|»l, -ali demoniac|al, 

di:'monbiIaiz, -iz, -ig, -d demo- 

biliz|e [-is|ej, -es, -ing, -ed 
diimoubilai'zeij'an, -z demobiliz- 
ation [-isa-], -8 
'di:mst3*, -z deemster, -s 
Odiin, -z 1) dean (D.), -s; 2) dene, 

'di:na:*, -z 1) dinar, -s; 2) Dinard 
di^nse/analaiz [-Jijal-], -iz, -ig, 

-d denationaliz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, 

dii'nsetXaralaiz, -iz, -ig, -d de- 

natural|ize [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
'di:ii3r|i, -iz 1) deaner|y, -ies; 

2) denary 
'diinjip, -s deanship, -s 
Odii'oudaralz, -iz, -ig, -ddeodor- 

iz|e [-iB|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
diiondarai'zeij'an, -z deodoriza- 

tion [-isa-], -s 
Odii'aksidaiz, -iz, -ig, -d deoxid- 

iz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
di:3ksidai'zei^9n, -z deoxidiza- 

tion [-isa-], -s 
Odi:p, -8*, -ist deep, -er, -est 
dii'paistj'a*, -z, -rig, -d depas- 

tur|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
di:pa:t']nentl departmental 
'di:p|9n, -»nz, -i^ig [-anig], -and 

deep en, -ens, -ening, -ened, 
diipa'zij^n, -z deposition, -s 
'diip'leid deep-laid 
di:'pli:t, etc. = di'pli:t, etc. 
'di:p|1i, -nis deep|ly, -ness 
'diipmaudd [-manOt] deep-mouth- 
di:p9:'teij»n, -z deportation, -s 
diqjapju'lei/an depopulation 
'di;'popjuleit, -s, -ig,-id depopul- 

atje, -es, -ing, -ed 
diiprai'TeiJan, -z=depri'Teij3n, 

-z depravation, -s 
'di:p'si: deep-sea 
'di:p'8i:tid deep-seated 
dii'reil, dii'semba* = di- 
Odii'sentralaiz, -iz, -ig, -d de- 

centraliz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 

Miohaelis & Jones, Phonetio Dictionary. 

diisentralai'zeijan— dibili'teijan — 82 — di'biliteit— Midsitl 

di.'sentralai'zeij'dii decentraliza- 
tion f-isa-] 
'di:8ans]i, -iz decenc|y, -ies 
'di:gaiit, -li decent, -ly 
di:'sil- = di'sil- 

'di:switjn:d = 'destritjnid desue- 
0'di:teil, -z, -d detail («.), -s, -ed 
diites'teijan detestation 
di:ton'neiJ'9n, -z detonation, -s 
'diitouneit, -s, -iii, -id detonat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
di:trAi) 'keijan, -z detruncation, -s 
di:'trAi|keit, -s, -ig. -id detrunc- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ea 
di:'trein, -z, -ig, -d detrain, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
Odii'Taitalaiz, -iz, -ig, -d devi- 

talizje [-isle], -es, -ing, -ed 
diiraitalai'zeij'aii devitalization 

di:va'l/n:J»n, -z devolution, -s 
diivi'eijan, -z deviation, -a 
'diiTieit, -s, -ig, -id deviat|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'diirias [-vjas], -li, -nis devious, 

-ly, -ness 
dii'TOukalaiz, -iz, -ig, -d devo- 

caliz|e [-i8|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
diivonkalai'zeiXan devocaliza- 

tion [-isa-] 
O di:z 1) Dease; 2\ D's 
O'dL'soij (di'33) Dijon 
• dib, -z, -ig, -d dib (s. v.), -s, 

-bing, -bed 
di'ba:*, -z, -rig, -d debar, -s, 

-ring, -red 
di'ba:k, -s, -ig, -t debark, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
di'baikl, -z debacle, -s 
'dibdin Oibdin 
di'beis, -iz, -ig, -t debas|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
di'beis|igli, -mant deba8|ing]y, 

di'beit, -s, -ig, -id debat|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
di'beita*, -z debater, -s 
drbeit3b|l, -11 debatab|le, -ly 
di'bentj'a*, -z debenture, -s 
'diba*. -z dibber, -s 
dibili'tei/911 debilitation 

di'biliteit, -s, -ig, -id debilitat|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

di'biliti debility 

'dib|l, -Iz, -fig [-lig], -Id dibb|le 
(«. v.), -Ies, -ling, -led 

'dibja* [-la*], -z dibbler, -s 

di'baitj*, -iz, -ig, -t debauch (s. 
v.), -es, -ing, -ed 

di'SaitJa*, -z debaucher, -s 

di'boitjarli, -iz debauclier|y, -ies 

di'bn:/, -iz, -ig, -t, -ntant de- 
bouch, -es, -ing, -ed, -ment 

Odid did (from do) 

di'dsektik, -9I, -ali didactic, -al, 

di'dAkJan, -z deduction, -s 

di'dAkt, -8, -ig, -id deduct, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

di'diktiv, -li deductive, -ly 

di'dju:8, -iz, -ig, -t deduc|e, -es, 
-ing, -ed 

didju:si'biliti [-sa'b-] deducibil- 

di'djuisibl [-sabi] deducible 

'did|l, -Iz, -lig [-lig], -Id did- 
d,le, -Ies, -ling, -led 

'didja* [-la*], -z diddler, -s 

'didnt didn't 

di'dsek/an dejection 

di'dsekt, -8, -ig, -id deject, -3, 
-ing, -ed 

di'dsektid, -li, -nis dejected 
(adj.), -ly, -ness 

didsena'reijan degeneration 

di'dsenareit, -s, -Ig, -id de- 
generat|e («.), -es, -ing, ed 

di'dsenareitiv [-rat-] degenerat- 

di'dsenarasi degeneracy 

di'dsenarit, -s, -li, -nis degener- 
ate (s. adj.), -s, -ly, -ness 

di'dsest [dai'ds-], -s, -ig, -id 
digest {vX -s, -ing, -ed 

dldsesti'biliti [-ta'b-] digestibil- 

di'dsestibi [-tabi] digestible 

di'dsestiv, -z, -li, -nis digestive 
[s. ad}.), -s, -ly, -ness 

di'dsestjan, -z digestion, -s 

'didsit, -8 digit, -s 

didsi'teilis digitalis 

'didsiti, -z digital (s. adj), -s 

dia*— di'fai* 

— 83 — 

di'faird*— dl'faismaut 

O'dia*, -z, -ra*, -rist 1) dear (s. 

adj. intetj.), -a, -er, -est; 2) deer 
'diahaund, -z deer-hound, -s 
'dia|li, -nis dearjly, -ness 
'diaram Dereham 
'diar|ij -iz dear|y, -ies 
'diaskin deer-skin 
'diasta:k|a*, -az, -ii| deer-stalk|er, 

-era, -ing 
'diati, -z = 'di:iti, -z 
diazbi D'Eresby 
O dil'fai, -'faiz, -'faiig, -'faid 

de|fy, -fles, -fying, -fled 
di'faia*, -z defier, -s 
di'faians defiance 
di'faiant, -li, -nis defiant, -ly, 

-d defil|e (s. v.), 

di'fail, -z, -ii), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
di'fail|a*, -az, -mant defil|er, -ers, 

di'fain, -z, -ii), -d defin|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
di'fainabl definable 
di'fselkeit, etc. = di:'fselkeit, etc. 
di'fiematari defamatory 
Ai'tx^kt, -s defunct (s. adj.), -s 
di'feim, -z, -li), -d defam|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
di'feima*, -z defamer, -s 
di'feis, -iz, -ig, -t defacje, -es. 



di'feisa*, -z defacer, -s 
di'feismant, -s defacement, -s 
di'fekj*an, -z defection, -a 
di'fekt, -s defect, -s 
di'fektlT, -li, -nis defective, -ly, 

di'fend, -z, -ig, -id defend, -s 

-ing, -ed 
di'fenda*, -z, defender, -a 
di'fendaut, -s defendant, -s 
di'fens, -iz defence, -s 
difensi'biliti [-sa'b-] defensibility 
di'fensibjl [-sab|l], -li defensib- 

|le, -ly 
di'fensir, -11 defensive, -ly 
di'fenslis, -li, -nis defenceless, 

-ly, -ness 
di'fenz = di'fendz defends 
di'fa:*, -z, -rii), -d defer, -a, -ring, 


di'fa:ra*, -z deferrer, -a 

'difa*, -z, -rill, -d differ, -a, -ing, 

difa'rensieit, etc. dialectal for 

difa'renjieit, etc. 
difa'ren/lal, -all differenti|al, -ally 
difa'penjieit, -s, -ig, -id diffe- 

rentiat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
'difarans, -iz difference, -a 
'difarant, -li different, -ly 
'difaz differs (from differ) 

■id defeat (a. v.), 


di'fl:t, -a, 

-s, -ing, 
di'fl:zib|l [-zab|l], -li, -Inis de- 

feaaib|le, -ly, -leness 
'difldans diffidence 
'difldant, -li diffident, -ly 
'diflkslt, -i, -iz difficult, -y, -ies 
di'flnitir, -li, -nis definitive, -ly, 

di'flsit, -s deficit, -a 
di'flj'ans|i, -iz deficiencly, -ies 
di'fljant, -li, -nis deficient, -ly, 

di'Qnis, -li, -nis diffuse (adj.), 

-ly, -ness 
di'fjuisiy, -li, -nis diffusive, -ly, 

di'Qnrz, -iz, -ig, -d diffus|e (v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
di'Qa:za*, -z diffuser, -s 
diQn:zi'biliti [-za'b-] difiiisibility 
di'^'nizibl [-zabl] difCusible 
di'Qu:zid|li, -nis diffused|ly, -ness 
di'Qnisan diffusion 
di'flana*, -z, -rii), -d defiower 

[deflour], -a, -ing, -ed 
di'SAkJan, -z defluxion, -s 
di'flekJTan, -z deflection [-exion], 

di'flekt, -s, -ig, -id deflect, -a, 

-ing, -ed 
di'flekta*, -z deflector, -s 
di'fon [da'f-] Defoe 
di'fa'lt, -s, -ii), -id default (s. v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed 
di'fa-lta*, -z defaulter, -a 
di'f9:m, -z, -ig, -d deform, -a, 

-ing, -ed 
di'faima*, -z deformer, -s 
di'fa:mit|i, -iz deformitjy, -ies 
di'faismant deforcement 

di'firsekj'aii— di'kArant — 84 — di'kAsit— di'krepiljmd 

di'tosekjan diffraction 
di'frsekt, -s, -ii), -id diffract, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
di'frei, -z, -in, -d, -msnt defray, 

-8, -ing, -ed, -ment 
di'freia*, -z defrayer, -s 
di'freial, -z defrayal, -s 
'difrans, -iz difference, -s 
'difrant, -li different, -ly 
di'fi'aid, -z, -ig, -id defraud, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
di'fraida*, -z defrauder, -s 
difOisria [dip '6-] diphtheria 
'difBoi) ['dip6-], -z diphthong, -s 
'difBaggaiz.-iz, -ig.-ddiphthong- 

iz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
dif e»gg|3l[dip'e-], ^all dipthong- 

|al, -ally 
Odifl, -z, -ig, -d, dig dig (s. v.), 

-s, -ging, -ged, dug 
dig dig. {m phrase infra dig.) 
'digbi Digby 
'diga*, -z digger, -s 
digigz diggings 
'digl, -z Diggle, -s 
di'glnitineit, -s, -ig, -id deglu- 

tinat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
'digni|fai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid dig- 

ni|fy, -lies, -lying, -fied 
'dignit9r|i, -iz dignitar|y, -ies 
'dignitji, -iz dignit|y, -ies 
di'greid, -z, -ig, -igli, -id de- 

grad|e, -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
di'gri:, -z degree, -s 
digz 1) digs; 2) Digges 
Odi'liis, -iz, -ig, -t dehisc|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
di'hisn|8, -t dehiscen|ce, -t 
Odik Dick 

di'keemaran Decameron 
di'ksemp, -s, -ig, -t decamp, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
di'keent, -s, -ig, -id decant, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
di'ksenta*, -z decanter, -s 
dikcepi'teijan, -z decapitation, -s 
di'keepiteit, -s, -ig, -id decapi- 

tat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
di'kAla- = dii'kAla- 
di'kAmbans, -i, decumbenc|e, -y 
di'kAmbant, -li decumbent, -ly 
di'kArant, -li decurrent, -ly 

di'kAsit decussate 

di'kei, -z, -ig, -d decay (». v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed 
di'keinai [de'k-] decani 
di'keinl [de'k-] decanal 
di'keita* Decatur 
'dike* Dicker 
'diki Dicky 
'diki, -z dickey, -s 
'dikib8:d, -z dicky-bird, -s 
'dikinsn Dickinson 
'dikinz 1) dickens (D.); 2) Dickins 
di'klain, -z, -ig, -d dec]in|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
di'klainabl declinable 
di'klsematari declamatory 
di'klaeratjiv [-'klsar-], -irli, -ati 

declarat|ive, -ively, -ory 
di'kleim, -z, -ig, -d declaim, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
di'kleima*, -z declaimer, -s 
di'kleimant, -s declaimant, -s 
di'klenj'dn, -z declension, -s 
di'klsa*, -z, -rig, -d declar|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
di'klsarat- = di'klserat- 
di'kliritas, -li, -nis declivitous, 

-ly, -ness 
di'kliTit|i, -iz declivit|y, -ies 
di'kairam decorum 
di'kairas, etc. = 'deksras, etc. 
dikaiti'keijan, -z decortication, -s 
di'kaitikeit, -s, -ig, -id decort- 

icat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
di'koi, -z, -ig, -d decoy (s. v.), 

-B, -ing, -ed 
di'kai^dAk, -s decoy-duck, -s 
drkokjan, -z decoction, -s 
di'kakt, -s, -ig, -id decoct, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
di'kaleit, -s, -ig, -id decollat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
di'kr|ai, -aiz, -aiig, -aid decrjy, 

-ies, -ying, -ied 
di'kraia*, -z decrier, -s 
di'kraial, -z decrial, -s 
di'krepit, -ist, -nis decrepit, -est, 

dikrepi'teijan decrepitation 
di'krepiteit, -s, -ig, -id decrep- 

itat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
di'krepitjnid decrepitude 

di'kresant— di'libareitiv 

85 — di'libarit— di'menjan^ 

di'kres^nt [di>] decrescent 
di'kri:, -z, -ig, -d decree (s. v.), 

-a, -ing, -d 
di'krks {v.) = dl:'kri:s decrease 
di'kriitiT decretive 
di'kri:tl, -z decretal (s. adj.), -s 
'diksn 1) Dixon; 2) Dickson 
'dlkjan diction 

'dikjan^rli, -iz dictionar|y, -ies 
dik'teijan, >z dictation, -s 
'dikteit. -s dictate {s.), -a 
dik'teil, -s, -ii), -id dictat|e (v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
dik'teita*, -z dictator, -s 
dik'teitajip, -s dictatorship, -s 
'dikt|3m,-3, -amz dictjum, -a, -urns 
dikta'tairisl, -i dictatorial, -ly 
Odil dill 
di'laila Delilah 
di'lait. -s, -ip, -idj -idll delight 

(s. 17.), -s, -ing, -ed, -edly 
dilait|ful, -fnli [-faU], -fMlnis 

delight|ful, -fully, -fulness 
di'laitsam delightsome 
dilsepi'deijan, -z dilapidation, -s 
di'Isepldeit, -s, -ig, -id dilapid- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
di'lei, -z, -ig, -d delay (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
di'leia*, -z delayer, -s 
di'leijan, -z 1) delation, -s; 

2) = dai'leijan 
di'leit- dilat- = dai'leit- 
di'leit, -s, -ii), -id delat|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed: 
di'leita*, -z delator, -s 
di'lektabl, -nis delectable, -ness 
di'lektabli delectably 
di'lema [dai'l-], -z dilemma, -s 
di'lendam, etc. = dii'lendam, etc. 
dilan 1) Dillon; 2) Dillwyn 
'dilat^ri dilatory 
'dilatdri|Ii, -nis di!atori|ly, -nesS 
di'liij^n, -z deletion, -s 
di'Iiit, -s, -ig, -id delet|e, -es,-ing, 

diliba'rei/an, -z deliberation, -s 
di'libareit, -s, -ig, -id deliberat|e 

(v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
di'libareita*, -z deliberator, -s 
di'libareitiv [-rat-], -Ii deliberat- 
ive, -ly 

di'libarit, -Ii, -nis deliberate 

(adj.), -ly, -ness 
'dilidsans diligence (industry) 
'dilid3ans(dili'3a:s), -iz diligence 

(coach), -s 
'dilidsant, -Ii diligent, -ly 
dilini'eij^ii, -z delineation, -s 
di'Iinieit, -s, -ig, -id delineat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
di'linieita*, -z delineator, -s 
di'Iigkwansji, -iz delinquenc|y, 

di'ligkwant, -s delinquent, _-s 
di'Iiriam, -'triimenz delirium, 

di'lirias, -Ii, -nis delirious, -ly, 

di'lijas, -Ii, -nis delicious, -ly, 

-ness , 

dili'tient|i, -iz, -izm dilettant|e, 

-es, -ism 
dili'tiarias, -Ii, -nis deleterious, 

-ly, -ness 
di'Iiva*, -z, -riij, -d deliver, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
di'Ilvara*, -z deliverer, -s 
di'Iivarans, -iz deliverance, -s 
di'IiTar|i, -iz deliver|y, -ies 
di'I^'nid, -z, -ig, -id delud|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
di'Ij'nida*, -z deluder, -s 
di'yuisari delusory 
di'Ijuisiv, -Ii, -nis delusive, -ly, 

di'IJa:3an, -z delusion, -s 
dilj|n:t, -n:J"-, -n:v- = dail- 
'diljuant, -s diluent (s. adj.), -s 
di'In:- = di'lju:- 
Odim, -a*, -ist, -z, -ig, -d dim 

(adj. v.), -mer, -mest, -s, -ming, 

di'ma:nd, -Zj -ig, -id demand 

(s. v.), -a, -ing, -ed 
di'ma:ndant, -s demandant, -s 
di'm|ai, -aiz dem|y, -ies 
di'maiz, -iz, -ig, -d demis|e («.«.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
di'mAra*, -z demurrer, -s 
di'niArids demurrage 
di'mein [da'm-, -miin], -z de- 
mesne, -s 
di'menjanl [dai'm-] dimensional 

di'men/^n— 'dimpl 

— 86 — 

'dimpli— dip 

di']nenj'aii[dai'm-]j -z dimension, 
di'menjia dementia [-s 

di'ment, -s, -ig, -id dement, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
di'ma:*, -z, -rio, -d demur (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'dimak 1) Dymoke; 2) Dymock 
di'mim, -z, •ii|, -d 1) demean, -a, 

-ing, -ed; 2) = di'mein 
di'miins*, -z demeanour, -s 
di'miita* Demeter 
di'mi:trias Demetrius 
dimidi'eiXan dimidiatiou 
di'midieit, -s, -ii), -d dimidiatje 

(v.), '■ea, -ing, -ed 
di'midilt dimidiate (a^.) 
di'minl/, -iz, -ig, -t diminish, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
di'minijabl diminishable 
dimi'njuij'dn, -z diminution, -s 
diminju'endouj-z diminuendo, -g 
di'minjntir, -li, -nis diminutive, 
■ -ly, -ness 
dimij* dimmish 
di'mi/an, -z demission, -s 
'dimiti dimity 
di'mjua*, -ra*, -rist demure, -s, 

di'mjusjli, -nis demure|ly, -ness 
'dimjli, -nis dimjly, -ness 
di'monni8ek[-njeek], -s demoniac 

(s. adj.), -s 
di'magrafi demography 
di'makrasjij -iz democrac|y, -ies 
di'makrataiz. -iz, -ig, -d demo- 

cratiz|e [-isle], -es, -ing, -ed 
di'makritas Democritus 
di'maliX, -iz, -ig, -t demolish, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
di'molija*, -z demolisher, -s 
di'manstreit = 'demanstreit 
di'manstratir, -z, -li, -nis de- 
monstrative (s. adj.), -a, -ly, 

di'maralaiz, -iz, -ig, -d demo- 

raliz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
dimaralai'zeijan demoralization 

di'masOani:z [-Bin-] Demosthenes 
di'matik demotic 
'dimp|l, -Iz, -^g [-lig], -Id dimp|le 

(s. V ), -Ies, -ling, -led 

'dimpli dimply 

'dimzdeil 1) Dimsdale; 2) Dim- 

Odin, -z, -ig, -d din (s. v.), -s, 

-ning, -ned 
di'n|ai, -aiz, -aiig, -aid denjy, 

-ies, -ying, -ied 
di'nai|a*, -az, -abl deni|er (one 

who denies), -ers, -able 
di'naial, -z denial, -s 
di'nauns, -iz, -ig, -t, -mant de- 

nounc|e, -es, -ing, -ed, -ment 
di'naunsa*, -z denouncer, -s 
di'naestik dynastic 
dinse- = dainae- 
dinAnsi'siJ^n, -z denunciation, -s 
dl'nAnsieit [-Jieit], -s, -ig, -id 

denunciat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
di'nAnsieita* [-Jieit-], -z denun- 
ciator, -s 
'dine^sli, -ia*, -list ding|y (a^.) 

(dirty), -ier, -iest 
'dine^Sifli, -nis dingi|ly, -ness 
di'nearijas, -ai denari|us, -i 
'dina*, -z dinner, -s 
'dinastji, -iz dynast|y, -ies 
di'nia* ['denia*], -z denier (coin), 

di'njnid, -z, -ig, -id denud|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
di'nout, -8, -ig, -id denot|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
di'na:ra Dinorah 
dinomi'neij'idn, -anz, -anj [-^^1] 

denominati|on, -ons, -onal 
di'namineit, -s, -ig, -id deno- 

minat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
di'namineita*, -z denominator, -s 
di'namineitiT [-nat-] denomina- 
dinsi, etc. = dindsi, etc. 
Odig, -z, -ig, -d ding, -s, -ing, -ed 
'dig 'dag dingdong 
diggij -z dingey, -s 
'digg|i, -iz ding|y (s.) (boat), -ies 
diggl, -z dingle (D.), -s 
diggon, -z dingo, -s 
digwa:! [-wal] Dingwall 
O'dioMda:*, -z deodar, -s 
'diowdsend, -z deodand, -s 
Odip, -s, -ig, -t dip (g. v.), -s, 

-ping, -ped 

di'pa:t — di'prair 

— 87 — 

di'prteviti — 'diridsibl 

di'pait, -s, -ii), -id depart, -a, 

-ing, -ed 
di'paitmant, -S department, -s 
drpoitja*, -z departure, -s 
di'pend, -z, -iij, -Id, -abl depend, 

-B, -ing, -ed, -able 
di'pend3ns, -i, -iz dependenc|e, 

-y, -ies 
di'pendant. -s, -11 1) dependent, 

-8, -ly; 2)' dependant, -s 
'dipa*, -z dipper, -a 
di'pikt, -s, -ii|, -Id depict, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
di'pja:t, -s, -ii|, -id deput|e, -ea, 

-ing, -ed 
'diplainset[-ploiii-],-s diplomat, -s 
dipl8'm8Btik[-plo'm-], -s, -»l,-ali 

diplomatic (s. adj.), -a, -al, -ally 
di'pliijan, -z depletion, -a 
di'pliit, -s, "ii|, -id deplet|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
di'pli:t|iT, -ari depletlive, -ory 
di'plonma, -z diploma, -s 
di'plonmasi diplomacy 
di'plonmataiz, -iz, -ig, -d diplo- 

matiz|e [-i8|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
di'ploumatist, -s diplomatist, -a 
diplom- = diplam- 
di'pla:3*, -z, -rii), -d deplorje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
di'pl3:r3b{l, -11, -Inis deplorabl|e, 

-ly, -leness 
di'plai, -z, -ig, -d deploy, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
di'plnim, -z, -ig, -d deplum|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
di'pon ['depon], -z depot, -s 
di'ponnant, -s deponent (s. adj.), -s 
di'ponz, -iz, -rg, -d 1) depos|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed; 2) depots [from 

di'ponzl, -z deposal, -a 
di'p»:t, -s, -Ig, -id, -mant deport, 

-a, -ing, -ed, -ment 
di'pap- = di:'pap- 
di'pazit, -s, -ig, -id deposit (s. v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed 
di'pazita*, -z depositor, -s 
di'paziterii, -iz 1) depo8itar|y, 

-lea; 2) depositor|y, -iea 
di'prair, -z, -ig, -d depriv|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 

di'prteviti depravity 

di'preir, -z, -ig, -d depravje, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
di'preiTidjll, -nis depraTed|ly, 

di'predatari depredatory 
di'presj -iz, -ig, -igli, -t depress, 

-es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
di'presa*, -z depressor, -s 
di'prejan, -z, depression, -s 
dipriijii'eij'an depreciation 
di'pri:J"ieit. -s, -ig, -igli, -id 
depreciatfe, -ea, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
di'priij'ieita*, -z depredator, -s 
dipriijieitari [-Jiat-] depreciat- 
dips dips (from dip) 
dipsoM'meinisek [-n jsek], -s dipso- 
maniac (s. adj.), -a 
dipsou'meinia [-nja] dipaomania 
dipt dipped (from dip) 
'diptar|a, -al, -as dipter|a, -al, -ous 
'dipBag, etc. = 'difBag, etc. 
&dl'raid [da-], -z, -ijj, -igli, -id 

derid|e, -ea, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
di'raida* [da-], -z derider, -s 
di'raisiv [da-], -li, -nis derisive, 

-ly, -ness 
di'raiv [da-], -z, -ig, -d deriv|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
di'raivabl [da-] derivable 
di'reil [di:-], -z, -ig, -d derail^ -s, 
-ing, -ed [-s 

di'reilmant [di:-], -s derailment, 
di'rein^s [da-], -iz, -ig, -d de- 

rang|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
di'reint^Smant [da-], -s derange- 
ment, -s 
di'rekJIan [dai-, da-], -anz, -an^ 

[-^ij] airecti|on, -ona, -onal 
di'rekt [dai-, da-], -ist, -s, -ig, 
-id direct (adj. v.), -est, -a, -ing, 
di'rekta*. -z director, -s 
di'rektarji, -iz director|y, -ies 
di'rektarit, -s directorate, -a 
di'rektajip, -s directorship, -s 
di'rektiT [dai-, da-] directive 
di'rekt|li [dai-, da-], -nis direct- 

jly, -ness 
'diridsibl [-dsabl], -z dirigible 
(s. adj.), -s 

diriystiv— dis'dsoint 


dis'dsointidli— dis3d'Ta:ntid5 

di'riyativ [da-], -z, -li derivative 

(s. adj.), -8, -ly 
di'risan [da-] derision 
di'rogaterli [da-], -ill, -inis de- 

rogator|y, -ily, -iness 
di'randa Deronda 
Odis Diss 
dia'aim [di'za:m], -z, -ig, -d dis- 

-arm, -s, -ing, -ed 
dis'aimamant [di'z-] disarmament 
di'saidj -z, -ig, -id, -idii decidje, 

-es, -ing, -ed, -edly 
di'saida*, -z decider, -s 
di'saifa*, -z, -rii), -d decipher, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
dl'saiferabl decipherable 
di'saipl, -z, -Jip disciple, -s, -ship 
di'saisir, -li, -nis decisive, -ly, 

diseedvain'teidsas [-van-], -li, 

-nis disadvantageous, -ly, -ness 
dissepra'beij'an [-pro'b-] disap- 
di'seetisfai, etc. = dis'stetisfai, 

dis'ba:*, -z, -rii|, -d disbar, -s, 

-ring, -red 
dis'baik, -s, -ig, -t disbark, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
dis'bsend, -z, -ii), -id, -mant 

disband, -s, -ing, -ed, -ment 
dis'benfj, -iz, -ig, -t disbench, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
di8'ba:d|n, -nz, -^Ig [-nil)], -nd 

disburd|en, -ens, -ening, -ened 
dis'bazs, -iz, -ig, -t disbur8|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
dis'baismant, -s disbursement, -s 
'disbiliif disbelief 
'disbi'liiT, -z, -ii), -d; -a*, -az 

disbeliev|e,-es,-ing, -ed; -er,-ers 
dis'dein, -z, -ig, -d disdain ($. v.), 

-9, -ing, -ed 
dis'deinfwl, -fuli [-fali], -fwlnis 

disdain |ful, -fully, -fulness 
dis'dsAijliXanj -z disjunction, -s 
di8'd5A.i|/i;t disjunct 
dis'ds^gfttir, -li disjunctive, -ly 
dig'dsain, -z, -ig, -d disjoin, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
dis'dsaint, -s, -ig, -id disjoint, 

-s, -ing, -ed 

dis'dsaintidlli, -nis disjointedjly, 

dis'eibjl [di'zei-], -Iz, -liij [-^fl], 

-Id diisab|le, -les, -ling, -led 
dis'eiblmant [di'zei-] disablement 
di'sek/an, -z dissection, -s 
di'sebt, -s, -ig, -id dissect, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
di'gekt|a*, -az, -ibl [-abl] dissect- 

|or, -ors, -ible 
diseiiiba:'keiX9n , -z disembark- 
ation, -s 
di'semba* [dii's-], -z December, -s 
di'semb|l, -Iz, -lig [-lig], -Id dis- 

8emb|le, -les, -ling, -led 
di'sembla*, -z dissembler, -s 
di'semblans, -iz dissemblance, -s 
disemi'neij'dn dissemination 
di'semineit, -s, -ig, -id dissem- 

inat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
di'semineita*, -z disseminator, -s 
di'semva'*, -z decemvir, -s 
di'send, -z, -ig, -id descend, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
di'sendant, -s descendant {s. adj.), 
di'senjal decennial [-s 

di'senj^n, -z dissension, -s 
di'senjiant, -s dissentient, -s 
di'sent, -s, -ig, -id 1) (s. v.) dis- 
sent, -8, -ing, -ed; 2) (s.) descent, 
di'senta*, -z dissenter, -s [-s 
di'senz = di'sendz descends 
di'sepjan, -z deception (D.), -s 
di'septiv, -li, -nis deceptive, -ly, 

di'seva*, etc. = dis'seva*, etc. 
di'sain, -z, -ig, -d 1) decern, -s, 

-ing, -ed; 2) = di'zain, etc. 
disa-'teijan, -z dissertation, -s 
disa'bei [-so'b-], -z, -ig, -d diso- 
bey, -s, -ing, -ed 
disa'biidjans [-sob-] disobedience 
disa'biidjant, -li disobedient, -ly 
disa'bilitji [diza-], -iz disabilitly, 

disa'bjniz, -iz, -ig, -d disabus|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
disa'blaids [-so'b-], -iz, -ig, -d 

disoblig|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
disa'blaid3ig|li [-so'b-], -nis diso- 
bliging|ly, -ness [-s 

disad'Taintids, -iz disadvantage. 

disa'fekjan— ^dis'feJTa* — 

dis'flga* — disiinba:'keij'<>n 

disa'fekj^n disaffection 
dlse'fekt, -s, -ii|, -id disaffect, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
disa'fektidjli, -nis disaffected {ly, 

disa'faim, -z, -ig, -d disaffirm, 
-s, -ing, -ed 

disa'gri:, -z, -ii), -d disagree, -s, 
-ing, -d 

diss'griimsnt, -s disagreement, -s 

disa'griabl, -z, -nis disagreeable, 
-8, -nesa 

disa'griabli disagreeabjly 

disa'kAstam, -z, -ii), -d disaecas- 
tom, -s, -ing, -ed 

disak'nalids, -iz, -ii), -d disac- 
knowledgje, -es, -ing, -ed 

disa'lan, -z, -iij, -d disallow, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

disalanjabl, -ans disallow{able, 

'dissljnbl [di'soljnbl], -nis dis- 
soluble, -neaa 

disaljubli [di'saljnbli] dissolnbly 

Ais9'ljn'.j9n, -z dissolution, -s 

'disalja:t, -s, -Ii, -nis dissolute 
(s. adj.), -9, -ly, -ness 

disa'nAl, -z, -ig, -d, -mant dis- 
annul, -s, -Ung, -led, -ment 

'disansnis, -t = 'dison- 

'disantri dysentery 

disa'pia*, -z, -rii), -d disappear, 
-s, -ing, -ed 

disa'piarans, -iz disappearance, 

dlsa'point, -s, -iiij-id disappoint, 
-s, -ing, -ed 

disa'pointmant, -s disappoint- 
ment, -s 

disa'prniT, -z, -ig, -ijjU, -ddisap- 
proY|e, -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 

disa'prniTal disapproval 

disa'rei, -z, -iij, -d disarray (s. v.), 
-s, -ing, -ed 

disa'reinc^s, -iz, -ig, -d disar- 
rang|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

disa'reiiK^SJnant, -s disarrange- 
ment, -s 

disa'yan, -z, -ig, -d disavow, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

disa'yanal, -z disavowal, -s 

dis'feiva* disfavour 

dis'flga*, -z, -rig, -d disflgurje, 

-ea, -ing, -ed 
dis'flgamant, -s disfigurement, 

disflgjua'reiX^n, -z disfiguration, 

disTrsenfJaiz, -iz, -ig, -d dis- 

franchisle, -es, -ing, -ed 
dis'freentjizmant disfranchise- 
dls'gaiz, -iz, -ig, -d disguis|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
dis'gaiza*, -z disguiser, -a 
dis'gann, -z, -ig, -d disgown, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
dis'gAst, -s, -ig, -id disgust (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
dis'gAstig, -11, -nis disgusting 

{adj.), -ly, -ness 
dis'gaids, -iz, -ig, -d di3gorg|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
dis'greis, -iz^, -ig, -t di8grac|e 

(s. v.), -ea, -ing, -ed 
dis'greis|fMl, -full [-foil], -fwlnis 

di8grace|ful, -fully, -fulness 
dis'ha:t|n, -nz, -nig [-^ig], -nd 
disheart|en, -ens, -ening, -ened 
dis'ha:s, -iz, -ig, -t dishors|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
di'siis, -iz, -t deceas|e -es, -ed 
dl'siit, -s deceit, -s 
di'siitlfwl, -fuU [-fall], -fwlnis 

deceit|ful, -fully, -fulnesa 
di'siiv, -z, -ig, -d. deceiv|e, -ea, 

-ing, -ed 
di'siiva*, -z deceiver, -a 
di'siivabl, -nis deceivable, -ness 
disidar- = dizidar- 
di'sidjnas, -Ii, -nis deciduous, 

-ly, -neaa 
disi'lsebik di(a)syllabic 
^di'silabl, -z di(a)syllable, -a 
'di'siliant [-Ijant] dissilient 
di'siljan, -z decillion, -s 
disi'yn:3|an, -anz, -anig [-ifig], 
-and disillusi|on (s. v.), -ons, 
-oning, -oned 
disi'yuisanmant disillusionment 
disim'baik, -s, -ig, -t disembark, 
-s, -ing, -ed ^ „ . 

disimbo:'keiJan== disemba: kei- 
Xan, -z disembarkation, -s 

djgim'baikmaiit— dis'intigreit— 90 — dis'intigreita*— dis'kArids- 

disim'baikmant, -s disembark- 

ment, -s 
disim'banel [-al, -il], -z, -ig, -d 

disembowel, -s, -ling, -Jed 

disim'bseras, -iz, -ig, -t disem- 
barrass, -es, -ing, -ed 

disim'beerasmant, -s disembar- 
rassment, -s 

di8im'bad|i, -iz, -ilg, -id disem- 
bod|y, -ies, -ying, -ied 

disimi'Ieeritli, -iz disaimilaritly, 

di'simila*. -li dissimilar, -ly 

disi'militjuid dissimilitude [-s 

disimjaleiXaii, -z dissimulation, 

di'simjuleit, -s, -ig, -id dissim- 
ulat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

di'siinjnleita*, -z dissimulator, -s 

disin'dan, -z, -ii|, -d, -mant dis- 
endow, -s, -ing, -ed, -ment 

disin'dsenjuas, -li, -nis disinge- 
nuous, -ly, -ness 

disin'fekjan, -z disinfection, -s 

disin'fekt, -s, -ig, -id disinfect, 
-s, -ing, -ed 

disin'fektant, -s disinfectant {s. 
adj.), -s 

disin'll-eeiifj'aiz, -iz, -ig, -d dis- 
enfranchis|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

disin'freentj'izmant disenfran- 

disin'geids, -iz, -ig, -d, -mant 
disengag|e, -es, -ing, -ed, -ment 

disin'herit, -s, -ig, -id, -dns dis- 
inherit, -s, -ing, -ed, -ance 

disin'kAmba*, -z, -rig, -d disen- 
cumber, -s, -ing, -ed 

disin'klain, -z, -ig, -d disinclinje, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

disinkli'neij'an disinclination 

disin'tait|I, -Iz, -lig [-^g], -id 
disentit|le, -Ies, -ling, -led 

disin'tsegg|l, -Iz, -lig [-^g], -Id 
disentang|Ie, -Ies, -ling, -led 

disin'toglmant disentanglement 

disin'ta:*, -z, -rig, -d; -mant 
disinter, -s, -ring, -red; ment 

dis'intarestid, etc. = dis'intris- 

disinti'greiX^n, -z disintegra- 
tion, -s 

dis'intigreit, -s, -ig, -id disinte- 
grat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

dis'intigreita*, -z disintegrator, -s 
di8'intri8tid[-'iiit3rest-], -li, -nis 

disinterested, -ly, -ness 
disin'tjaint, -s, -ig, -id; -mant 

disenchant, -s, -ing, -ed ; -ment 
disi'peij^n, -z dissipation, -s 
'disipeit, -s, -ig, -id dissipatje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'disipeitir dissipative 
'disiplin, -z, -ig, -d disciplinje 

(«. v.),.-eB, -ing, -ed 
disipli'nEarisn, -z disciplinarian, 
'disiplinari disciplinary [-s 

digis'teeblij*, -iz, -ig, -t, -msnt 

disestablish, -es, -ing,- ed, -ment 
dl'sisan, -z decision, -s 
dis'jonk, -s, -ig, -t disyok|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
disjui'nait, -s, -ig, -id disunitje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
di8'ju:i(janj -z disunion, -s 
diB'jn:iijani8t, -s disunionist, -a 
di8'ja:s disuse («.) 
di8'jn:z, -iz, -ig, -d disus|e [v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
disk, -8 1) disc, -s; 2) disk, -s 
'diskaid [di8'ka:d], -z discard (s.), 

dis'ka:d, -z, -ig, -id discard (v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'diskai [plur. of 'disk38] disci 
'diskannt -8, -ig, -id discount 

(s. 11.), -s, -ing, -ed 
dis'kauut, etc. = 'diskaunt (v.) 
di8'kannt3*, -z discounter, -s 
di8'kauntinan8, -iz, -ig, -t dis- 

countenanc|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
di8'ksent, -8, -ig, -id descant (v.), 

-8, -ing, -ed 
dis'kAla*, -z, -rig, -d discolour, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
diskAle'reiJan, -z discoloration, 

dis'kAmfat, -s, -ig, -id discom- 
fort (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
dis'kAmflt, -8, -ig, -id discomfit, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
diB'kAmfltJa* discomfiture 
dis'kArids, -i'} -iflj -d discour- 

ag|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
di8'kArid3{igli, -mant discourag- 

lingly, -ment 

dis'kAS — diskonti'iga-lti 


dis'krai — dis'lad.^ 

dis'kAS^ -iz, -ig, -t, -sbl discuss, 

-es, -ing, -ed, -able 
dls'kAj^n, -z discussion, -s 
dis'kATa*, -z, -riij, -d discover, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
dis'kAT»r|8*, -8z, -abl diacover- 

|er, -ers, -able 
dis'kATar|i, -iz di8cover|y, -ies 
dis'k3:8iT, -li, -nis discursive, 

-ly, -ness 
dis'kai/an, -z discuraion, -s 
dls'ka.'tias [-'ka:t-, -Ijas], -li, -nis 

discourteous, -ly, -ness 
dls'kaitisi [-'ko:t-] discourtesy 
diskam'poaz, -iz, -ii), -d discom- 

pos|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
disk9in'pon53* discomposure 
diska'nekj'dn disconnection 
diska'nekt, -s, -ii), -id discon- 
nect, -s, -ing, -ed 
disk3n'fa:mit|i, -iz disconform- 

it|y, -ies 
diskan'sait, -s, -ig, -id discon- 
cert, -s, -ing, -ed 
diskan'tent discontent 
diskan'tentid, -li, -nis discon- 
tented, -ly, -ness 
diskan'tinjjn:, -jn:z, -ju-iij, -jnid 
discontin|ue, -ues, -ning, -ued 
diskan'tinjnans discontinuance 
diskan'tinjnas, -li discontinuous, 


'diskjas, -ai disc|us, -i 

dis'kleim, -z, -ig, -d disclaim, 
-s, -ing, -ed 

dis'kleima*, -z disclaimer, -s 

dis'klouz, -iz, -ig, -d disclos|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

dis'klonsa*, -z disclosure, -s 

'diska:d, -z discord, -s 

dis'ka:dans, -i discordanc|e, -y 

dis'kaidant, -li discordant, -ly 

'diskais [dis'kais], -iz discours|e 
(«•), -es 

dis'kais, -iz, -ig, -t discoursje 
(v.), -es, -ing, -ed 

dis'ka.'sa*, -z discourser, -s 

dis'kait- = dis'kait- 

dis'kansaUt, -li, -nis disconsol- 
ate, -ly, -ness 

diskanti'nju-itli, -iz discontinu- 
it|y, -ies 

di8'kr|ai, -aiz, -aiig, -aid des- 
cr|y, -ies, -ying, -led 

dis'kraib, -z, -ig, -d describ|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

dis'kraibja*, -az, -abl describjer, 
-ers, -able 

dis'kredit, -s, -ig, -id discredit, 
-8, -ing, -ed [-nessl 

dis'kreditabi, -nis discreditable,J 

dis'kreditabli discreditably 

dis'krepanjsi, -siz, -t discrepan- 
|cy, -cies, -t 

dis'kre/an, -z discretion, -s 

dis'krej'anai'li [-Ji^srli], -ili dis- 
cretionar|y, -ily 

dis'ki-eJIanl [-^ij], -anali [-^lali] 
discreti|onal, -onally 

dis'kriit, -li. -nis 1) discreet, -ly, 
-ness; 2) aiscrete, -ly, -ness 

dis'kriitir, -li, -nis discretive, 
-ly, -ness 

diskrimi'neiXan, -z discrimi- 
nation, -s 

dis'krimineit, -s, -ig, -igli, -id 
discriminatle (v.), -es, -ing, -ing- 
ly, -ed 

dis'krimineitiv, -li discrimina- 
tive, -ly 

dis'krimiuit, -li discriminate 
(adj.), -ly , . . 

dis'kripjan, -z description, -s 

dis'kriptlv, -li, -nis descriptive, 
-ly, -ness 

dis'kwaiat, -s, -ig, -id disquiet 
(s. v.), -B, -ing, -ed 

dis'kwaiatjuid [-'kwaiit-] dis- 

diskwi'zijan, -z disquisition, -s 

dis'kwizitiv disquisitive 

di8'kwali|fai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid 
disquali|fy, -fies, -fying, -fied 

diskwalifl'keiXan, -z disquali- 
fication, -s 

dis'laik, -s, -ig, -t dislik|e (s. v.), 
-es, -ing, -ed 

dis'laika*, -z disliker, -s 

disla'keij'an [-lo'k-], -z disloc- 
ation, -s 

'dislakeit [-lok-], -s, -ig, -id dis- 
locat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

dis'lads, -iz, -ig, -d; -mant dis- 
lodg|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -ment 

^djg'loial— dis'pseridsa* 

92 — dis'paeridgigli — 'dispjutant 

dis'lai|al, -all, -9lti disloy|al, 
-ally, -alty 

dis'mannt, -g, -ii|, -id dismount, 
-s, -ing, -ed 

dis'intentjl, -Iz, -^g [-lig], -Id 
dismantjle, -les, -ling, -led 

dis'mei, -z, -ii|, -d dismay («. v.), 
-s, ing, -ed 

dis'memba*, -z, -rig, -d dis- 
member, -s, -ing, -ed 

dis'membamant dismemberment 

dis'mis, -iz, -ii), -t dismiss, -es, 
-ing, -ed 

dis'misal, -z dismissal, -s 

'disntri dysentery 

dis'oun, -z, -ig, -d disown, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

disonsi'eij^n [-ouji-] dissocia- 


di'8oaJ*ielt [-onsi-], -s, -ig, -id 
dissociatle, -es, -ing, -ed 

di'sou/iabl dissociable (separable) 

diso'b- = disa'b- 

'disonans, -iz dissonance, -s 

'disonant, -Ii dissonant, -ly 

dis'oida* [di'z-], -z, -rig, -d dis- 
order (s. v.), -a, -ing, -ed 

dis'a:da{li [dl'z-], -linis disorder- 
|ly, -lineas 

dis'oiganaiz [di'z-], -iz, -ig, -d 
disorganiz|e [-isle], -es, -ing, -ed 

disaiganai'zeiX^n disorganiza- 
tion [-isa-] 

disalja'biliti dissolubility 

di'soljnbl, efc. = disaljnbl, etc. 

dis'ona* [di'z-], -z, -rig, -d dis- 
honour (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 

dis'onara* [di'z-], -z dishonourer, 

diB'9n9rab|] [di'z-], -Ii, -Inis dis- 
honourablle, -ly, -leness 

dis'anist [di'z-], -Ii dishonest, 


dis'anisti [di'z-] dishonesty 

dis'pait despite 

dis'paiz, -iz, -ig, .d''despis|e, es, 

-ing, ed 
dis'paiza*, -z despiser, -s 
dis'pserid3, -iz, -in, -d dispar- 

_ag|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
dis'pseridsa*, -z disparager, -s 

dis'pserid3|igli, -mant disparag- 

|ingly, -ement 
dis'pteriti disparity 
dia'pee/anit [-J^^it], -Ii, -nis dis- 
passionate, -ly, -ness 
dis'psetj*, -iz, -ig, -t 1) despatch 

(a. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; 2) dispatch 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
dig'p{etJl>oat,-s despatch-boat, -s 
dig'psetjboks, -iz despatch-box, 

dia'ptetja*, -z 1) despatcher, -s; 

2) dispatcher, -s ^ 

dis'pel, -Zj-ig, -d dispel, -s, -ling, 

dis'pens, -iz, -ig, -t dispens|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
dispen'seij'dn, -z dispensation, -s 
dis'pens|a*, -az, -abl dispensjer, 

-era, -able 
dis'pensarji, -iz dispensarjy, -ies 
dis'pensatdrji, -iz dispenaatorjy 

(s. adj.), -ies 
dis'pepsia [-sja] dyspepsia 
dis'peptik, -s dyspeptic (s. acfj.), 

dis'psa*, -z, -rig, -rigli, -d des- 
pair (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
dis'pa.'S, -iz, -ig, -t dispers|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
dis'pa:8|a*, -az, -al, -iy dispers- 

|er, -ers, -al, -ive 
dis'pa:/?!!, -z dispersion, -s 
dispan'seijan, -z = dlspen- 
dispa'zes, -iz, -ig, -t dispossess, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
dispa'ziXan, -z disposition, -s 
dispi:p|l, -Iz, -^ig [-lig], -Id dis- 

peop|le, -les, -ling, led 
dis'pikabl, etc. = 'despikabl, etc. 
dis'pirit, -s, -ig, -id dispirit, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
dis'piritid|li, -nis dispiritedjly, 

dis'pju:t, -s, -ig, -id disput|e, 

(s. v.), -68, -ing, -ed 
dispju-'teijan, -z disputation, -s 
dis'pjn:ta*j -z disputer, -s 
dis'pjnitatiT disputative 
■dispjntab|l [dis'pju:tab|l], -Ii, 

-Inis disputab|le, -ly, -leness 
'dispjutant,-8 disputant (s. a(^".),-s 

dis'plei — dis'roub 

— 93 

dis'ssetisfai — dis'trtektidli 

dis'plei, -z, -iij, -d display (s. v.), 
-a, -ing, -ed 

dis'pleia*, -z displayer, -s 

dis'pleis, -iz, -ii), -t displac|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

dis'pleism3nt,-s displacement, -s 

dis'plesa* displeasure 

dis'pliiz, -iz, -ii|, -d displeas|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

di8'pli:zii)|li, -nis displeasingjly, 

dis'ponz, -iz, -ii|, -d dispoB|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

dis'ponzla*, -az, -abl disposjer, 
-ers, -able 

dis'ponzal, -z disposal, -s 

dis'pait, -s, -ig, -id disport, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

dis'pail, -z, -ig, -d; -9*, -az des- 
poil, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

dis'pond, -z, -ig, -igli, -id des- 
pond (D.), -s, -ing, -ingly, -ed 

dis'pandens, -i despondenc|e, -y 

dis'pandent, -li despondent, -ly 

dis'patik, etc. =; des'patik, etc. 

dis'preiz, -iz, -ig, -d disprais|e, 
(s. v.), es, -ing, -ed [-ed 

dispra'paij'^n, -d disproportion, 

dispra'poijanit [-J^t], -li, -nis 
disproportionate, -ly, -nesa 

dispra'paiJIanl [-ijij.], -anali [-^ali] 
diaproporti|onai, -onally 

'dis'prnif disproof 

dis'prniT, -z, -ig, -d disprov|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

dis'rAp/an, -z disruption, -s 

dls'FApt, -s, -ig, -id, -iv disrupt, 
-s, -ing, -ed, -ive 

disrepjnta'biliti disreputability 

dis'repjntabll, -li, -Inis disre- 

putab|le, -ly, -leness 
'disri'ga:d, -z, -ig, -id disregard 

(s. v.), -a, -ing, -ed 
'disri'pea* disrepair 
'disri'pjurt disrepute 
'disris'pekt, -s, -ig, -id disre- 
spect (s. v.), -a, -ing, -ed 
'disris'pett|f«l, -tali [-fall], -tul- 
nis disreapect|ful, -fully, -ful- 

dis'ronb, -z, -ig, -d disrob|e, -es, 
-ing, -ed 

dis'ssetislfai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid 

dissatis|fy, -fles, -fying, -fied 
disseetis'TsekJan dissatisfation 
di«sseti8'fsektari dissatisfactory 
disseetis'fsektarijli, -nis dissatis- 

factori|ly, -ness 
dis'SBTB*, -z, -rig, -d dissever, -a, 

-ing, -ed 
dis'seyalmant, -rans disaever- 

jment, -ance 
dis'saiTis, -iz disservice, -s 
'distaif, -s distaff, -a 
dis'taib, -z, -ig, -d disturb, -a, 

-ing, -ed 
dis'taiba*, -z diaturber, -s 
dis't3:bans, -iz disturbance, -s 
dis'teist. -s distaste, -s 
dis'teistjiMl, -fnli [-fall], -fwlnis 

diataste|ful, -fully, -fulness 
dis'tempa*, -z, -rig, -d distemper 

(s. v.), -a, -ing, -ed 
distend, -z, -ig, -id distend, -a, 

-ing, -ed 
dis'tensibl [-sabl] diatensible 
dis'tenjan distension 
'distans, -iz, -ig, -t distanc|e (s. 

v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'distant, -li distant, -ly 
'distik, -s distich, -s [-led 

dis'til, -z, -ig, -d distil, -a, -ling, 
disti'leijan, -z distillation, -s 
dis'tila*. -z distiller, -s 
dis'tilarfi, -iz distiller|y, -ies 
dis'tilatari distillatory 
'distillt, -s distillate, -s 
dis'tiggwij, -iz, -ig, -t distin- 
guish, -es, -ing, -ed 
dis'tiggwijabil, -li distinguish- 

ab|le, -ly 
dis'tigfrjan, -z distinction, -s 
dis'tig%;t, -ist, -li, -nis distinct, 

-est, -ly, -ness 
dis'tigMiT, -li, -nis distinctive, 

-ly, -ness 
dis'taijan, -z distortion, -s 
dis'tait, -s, -ig, -id distort, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
dis'traekjan, -z distraction, -s 
dis'trtekt, -s, -ig, -id distract, 

-a, -ing, -ed 
dis'trsektidjli, -nis distracted|ly, 

dis'trAkJan— dijTVOita* 

94 — 

di'tjetj— di'traitas 

dis'trAkXan, -z destruction, -s 
dis'trAkta*, -z destructor, -s 
distrAkti'biliti [-ts'b-] destruc- 

dis'trAktibI [-tabl] destructible 
dia'trAktiT, -li, -nis destructive, 

-ly, -ness 
dis'trAst, -s, -ig, -id distrust 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
di8'trA8t|fMl, -fuli [-fali], -fulnis 

di8trust]ful, -fully, -fulness 
dis'trei (dis'trs) distrait 
dis'trein, >z, -ii), -d distrain, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
dis'trein»*, -z distrainer, -s 
dis'treinabl distrainable 
distrei'ni;, -z distrainee, -s 
dis'tres, -iz, -ii), -igli, -t distress 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
dis'treslfMl, -fuli [-falil distress- 

Jful, -/ully 
distri'bjnijan, -z distribution, -s 
dis'trib|juit,-jn:ts, -jntii|, -jutid 

distrib|ute, -utes, -uting, -uted 
'distribju:t, etc. = dis'tribjuit, 

dis'tribjnta* ['distribjuita*], -z 

distributor, -s 
dis'tribjutsbl distributable 
dis'tribjotiv, -li distributive, 


'distrikt, -s district, -s 
dis'trai, -z, -ig, -d destroy, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
dis'traia*, -z destroyer, -s 
di8'tra:t distraught 
dis'tjaids, -iz, -ig, -d discliarg|e 

(s v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
dis'tjaidsa*, -z discharger, -s 
di'sweid, -z, -ig, -id dissuad|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
di'sweisiy, -li, -nis dissuasive, 

-ly, -ness 
di'sweisan dissuasion 
OdiJ, -iz, -ig, -t dish (s. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
Ai'Ser\9l, -alz, -|ig [-lig], -aid 

dishev|el, -els, -elling, -elled 
'dijftil, -z dishful, -s 
dlj-lkla-e, -klo-es [-klaidz] dish- 

|cloth, -cloths 
'dijwaita* dishwater 

Odi'tsetJ, -iz, -ig, -t detach, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
di'taet/abl detachable 
di'tsetjinaiit, -s detachment, -a 
di'teil, -z, -ig, -d 1) detail (v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) = 'di:teil, -z 

detail (s.), -s 
di'tein, -z, -ig, -d detain, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
di'teina*, -z detainer, -s 
di'tekjan, -z detection, -s 
di'tekt, -s, -ig, -id detect, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
di'tekt|a*, -az, -abl detect|or, -ors, 

di'tektiv, -z detective (». adj.), -s 
di'tenX^n, -z detention, -s 
di'tent, -s detent, -s 
di'ter»nt, -s deterrent (s. a^.), -s 
di'test, -s, -ig, -id detest, -s, -ing, 

di'testabl, -nis detestable, -ness 
di'testabli detestably 
di'ta:*, -z, -rig, -d deter, -s, -ring, 

di'taids, -iz, -ig, -d deterg|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
di'ta:d3an|s, -t, -ts detergen|ce, 

-t, -ts 
di'taimin, -z, -ig, -d, -dli deter- 

min|e, -es, -ing, -ed, -edly 
ditaimi'neijran, -z determination, 

di'taimineitiv [-nat-] determin- 
di'taiminabl determinable 
di'taiminant, -s determinant (s. 

adj.), -a 
di'ta:min{i8t, -ists, -izm deter- 

min|ist, -ists, -ism 
di'taiminit, -li, -ni8 determinate, 

-ly, -ness 
di'taisiv, -z detersive, -s 
di'taijan, -z detersion, -s 
di'ta:z deters {from deter) 
'dit[i, -iz ditt|y, -ies 
ditiaria'reijan deterioration 
di'tiariareit^ -8, -ig, -id deterior- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
'ditn Ditton 
'ditou, -z ditto, -s 
di'traitas detritus 

di'trcekjan— di'Tonnian — 95 

di'TOnJan— di'zi:z 

di'trsekjan, -z detraction, -s 
di'trtekt, -s, -ig, -igli, -id de- 
tract, -s, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
di'trsekta*, -z detractor, -s 
di'trtektliv, -ari detract|ive, -ory 
ditj, -iz, -ig, -t ditch (s. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'ditja*, -z ditcher, -a 
O'diOirsemft, -z dithyramb, -s 
dlOi'riemb[as,-ai dithyramb|us, -i 
diOi'reembik dithyrambic 
di'Oronn, -z, -ii), -d; -mant de- 

thronje, -es, -ing, -ed; -ment 
Odi'vaid, -z, -ii|, -id, -idli divid|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed, -edly 
di'Taid|»*, -az, -abl divid|er, -ers, 

di'Tain, -z, -a*, -ist divine (s.acy.), 

-s, -r, -St 
di'Tain, -z, -ii), -d divin|e (v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
di'Taina*, -z diviner (s.), -s 
di'vain|li, -nis divinejly, -ness 
di'vais, -iz device, -s 
di'vaiz, -iz, -ig, -d devis|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
di'vaiza*, -z 1) deviser, -s; 2) di- 
visor, -s 
di'vaizabl devisable 
divai'zl:, -z = deTi'zi:, -z 
divai'zo:*, -z = devi'za:*, -z 
di'Tana*,'-z, -rig, -d devour, -s, 

-ing, -ed • 
di'vauara*, -z devourer, -s 
dl'vant, -a*, -ist devout, -er, -est 
di'Tantjli, -nis devout|Iy, -ness 
di'Tsen, -z divan, -s 
divAl- = daivAl- 
di'relap, -s, -ig, -t develop, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
di'velapla*, -az, -abl develop|er, 

-ers, -able 
di'Telapmant, -s development, -s 
di'Ta:d3, etc. = dai'vaids, etc. 
dividend [-dand], -z dividend, -s 
diTl'neiXan, -z divination, -s 
di'Tinit|i, -iz divinitly, -ies 
divizi'biuti [-za'b-] divisibility 
di'vizib,! [-zab-], -Ii divisib|le, -ly 
di'Tis^n, -z division, -s 
di'visanl [-3^].] divisional _ [-s 
di'Toanian [-njan], -z Devonian, 

dl'vonX^n, -z devotion, -s 
di'TOuXJan^ [-^l], -anali [-^ali] 

devoti|onal, -onally 
di'vout, -s, -ig, -id devot|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
di'routid|li, -nis devoted|ly, -ness 
di'va:s, -iz, -ig, -t, -mant divorc|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed, -ement 
di'voisa*. -z divorcer, -s 
di'raid devoid 
di'volT, -z, -ig, -d devolv|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
Odi'zaim, etc. = dis'aim, etc. 
di'zoista , -z disaster, -s 
di'zaistras, -Ii, -nis disastrous, 

■ly, -ness 
di'zaia*, -z, -rig, -d desir|e («. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
di'zaiara*, -z desirer, -s 
dizaiara'biliti desirability 
di'zaiarabl, -nis desirable, -ness 
di'zaiarabli desirably 
di'zaiaras, -Ii desirous, -ly 
di'zain, -z, -ig, -d design (s. v), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
di'zain|a*, -az, -abl design|er, 

-ers, -able 
di'zainidli designedly 
di'zeibl, etc. = dis'eibl, etc. 
di'zain [di's-], -z, -ig, -d discern, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
di'zaina* [di's-], -z discerner, -s 
di'za:uibl [di's-, -nabl], -nis dis- 
cernible, -ness 
di'zainibli [di's-, -nabl] discern- 

di'zammant [di's-] discernment 
di'za:j9n, -z desertion, -s 
di'zait. -8 (s.) 1) desert (reward), 

-a; 2) dessert, -s 
di'zait, -s, -ig, -id (v.) desert, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
di'zaita*, -z deserter, -a 
di'zaitsaivis, -iz dessert-service, -s 
di'za:lspu:n, -z dessert-spoon, -s 
di'zaiT, -z, -ig, -igli, -d, -idli 

deserv|e, -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed, 

diza'biliti, etc. = disa'b-, etc. 
diz'cjaiz, etc., diz'greis, etc. = 

di'ziiz, -iz, -d disease, -s, -d 

'dizi — 'djn-al 

'djn-ala* — 'dju:zbari 

'diz|i, -ia*, -list, -iz, -iig, -id 

dizz|y (adj. v.), -ier, -iest, -ies, 

-ying, -ied 
dizid8'reij"3n [disi-], -z desider- 

ation, -s 
di'zidai'eit [di'si-], -s, -ii), -id 

desideratle, -es, -ing, -ed 
dizida'reitlam [disi-], -» desider- 

atjum, -a 

'dizijli, -nis dizzi|ly, -ness 
di'zist, -8, -ig, -id desist, -s, -ing, 

di'zistans desistance 
'dizmsl, -nis dismal, -ness 
'dizmali dismally 
di'zaida*, etc. = dis'oida*, etc. 
di'za.'ganaiz, etc. = dis'aiganaiz, 

di'zolT, -z, -ii), -d dissolv|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
dizalva'biliti dissolvability 
di'zalTabl dissolvable 
di'zalyant, -s dissolvent (s. a^.), 


di'zana*, etc. = dis'ana*, etc. 
• 'djaiarii) ['djoarig] = 'djnarig 

O djn:, -z dew, -s 
djn: -z, -Ii du|e (s. adj.), -es, -ly 

uju. -ai, -J 


-iz dualit|y, -ies 

dju-'baiati dubiety 

'dju:ber|i [-bar|i], -iz dew-berr|y, 

'dju:bia8 [-bjas], -Ii, -nis dubious, 

-ly, -ness 
'djnibisn Du Buisson (English 

djnibi'teij'an, -z dubitation, -s 
'dju:biteit, -s, -ii), -id dubitat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'djn:biteitiT[-tat-], -Ii dubitative, 

'djn:drap, -s dew-drop, -a 
dju''ena, -z duenna, -s 
djn''et, -8 duet, -s 
djn'e'tiinou, -z duettino, -s 
'dju'a* 1) Dewar; 2) Duer 
'dju'al dual 
'dju'al [-il], -z, -ill, -d duel (s. v.), 

-s, -ling, -led 

'dju'ala* [-il-], -z dueller, -s 
'dju'alist [-il-J, -s duellist, -s 
'dJD-al|i8t, -ists, -izm dualjist, 

-ists, -ism 
dju'a'listilc dualistic 
'd^'nigag, -z dugong, -s 
'djn-i 1) dewy; 2) Dewey 
'dja'il, etc. = dju'dl duel, etc. 
djn:k, -s duke (D.), -s 
'djnikdam, -z dukedom, -s 
djni'kein 1) Du Cane; 2) Du- 

'dJD:k|9l, -ali duc|al, -ally 
'dju:kar|i, -iz duker|y, -ies 
'djnileep, -s dewlap, -s 
'djn:li duly 

'dja:nia: (dy'ma) Dumas 
'djnima Duma 
dju-'ma-riei (dyma'rje) Du Mau- 

djn:n, -z dune, -s 
'dju:on, -z duo, -s 
^niote'desim^l duodecimal 
^niOM'desimon, -z duodecimo, -s 
dju:ou'di:n|am, -a duodenjum, -a 
dja:p, -8, -ig, -t dup|e (s. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'djuipl duple 
'djnipleks duplex 
djuipli'keij^n, -z duplication, -s 
'djuiplikeit, -s, -ig, -id duplicatje 

(v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'dju:plikeita% -z duplicator, -s 
'djuiplikeitja*, -z duplicature, -s 
'djniplikit, -s duplicate (s. adj.), 

djni'plisiti duplicity 
'djnipaint, -s dew-point, -s 
dja:8, -iz deuce, -s 
'dju:sid, -Ii deuced, -ly 
djnitara'namik deuteronomic 
djnita'ranami ['djnitaranami] 

'djn:t|i, -iz, -iabl dut|y, -ies, -iable 
'djnitias [-tjas], -Ii, -nis duteous, 

-ly, -ness 
djuitilfMl, -fuli [-fali], -fwlnis 

_duti|ful, -fully, -fulness 
'djnitsia*. -z deutzia, -s 
dju:z 1) dews (from dew) ; 2) dues 

(from due); 3) D'Ewes 
'dju:zbari Dewsbury 

djn'Amra* — dou'iiei/an 

97 — 

dott'ni: — 'daimaas 

Odju'Aiii|T9*, -vaz, -yirai [-yarai] 

duumlvir, -virs, -viri 
dju'AinTirit [-Tar-], -s duumvir- 
ate, -s 
^u'ena, dja'et, etc. = djn> 
'djua, '4ju3l, etc. = 'djn:- 
'djaaiag, -z duologue, -s 
^a»'reend Durand 
djua'reimen duramen 
^ua'reiXan, -z duration, -s 
djaa'res ['djuares] duress 
djnara'billti durability 
'djnarabl, -nis durable, -uess 
'4juarabh durably 
'djuarans durance 
'djnarii) during 
'djnaris = djna'res 
djui, 'djnil= 'djn:- 
'djaou, etc. = 'dju:on, etc. 
djn'r- = djna'r- 

• '<2niqp8* Dnieper 
'dniista* Dniester 

• dou, -z 1) doe (D.), -s; 2) do 
(s.) (» music), -s; 3) dough 

O dote'bel Dobell » 

O'dondei (do'de) Daudet 
dou'dekagan, -z dodecagon, -s 
dondika'tai:dr|an [-'hedr-], -anz, 

-a dodecahedr|on, -ons, -a 
'dondou, -z dodo (D.), -s 
donds, -iz doge, -s 
O'douati 1) Dougherty; 2) Do- 

O'donfeist doughfaced 
'douttnei (dofl'ne) Dauphin^ 
O don'haiti Doherty 
O'doui doughy 
'doai|li, -nis doughijly, -ness 
Odoul, -z, -ig, -d dol|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'doala* dolour 
'doul|fMl, -full [-fall], -fwlnis 

dole|fui, -fully, -fulness 
doult, -s dolt, -s 
doaUiJ, -lij -nis doltish, -ly, 

doultan 1) Dolton; 2) Doulton 
Odoam, -z, -d dome, -s, -ed 
doumes'tisiti domesticity 
Odonn Doane 
'donjiAt, -s dough-nut, -s 
dou'neijan, -z donation, -s 

Mioh»eli« & Jones, Phonetic Dictionary 

dou'ni:, -z donee, -s 
'donnor [-na*], -z donor, -s 
dount don't 
Odons, -iz, -iQ, -t dos|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'donsail ['das-] docile 
'dous»nt. -8 docent, -s 
dou'siliti docility 
'donskin, -z doeskin, -s 
Odont, -8, -ig, -igli, -id dot|e, 

-es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
'doutja*, -az, -ad, -adz, -ids dot|er, 

-ers, -ard, -ards, -age 
O'donva* Dover 
Odonz, -iz, -ig, -d 1) doz|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed; 2) dos {plur. of 

do s.); 3) does (plur. of doe) 
'donza*, -z dozer, -s 
'donz|i, -ia*, -iist doz|y, -ier, -iest 
'douzi|li, -nis dozi|ly, -ness 
• do'mein = da'mein 
do'm- see also da'm- 
domes'tisiti =: doum- 
do'neiXan = dou'n- 
do'ra:do [da-] Dorado 
9 da:, -z daw (D.), -s 
do:*, -z 1) door, -s; 2) Dore 
Oda:b, -z, -ig, -d daub («. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'da:ba*5 -z dauber, -s 
'da:bel, -z door-bell, -s 
O 'd»:d|l, -Iz, -pi) [-iig], -Id daw- 

d|le, -les, -ling, -led 
'da:dja* [-la*], -z dawdler, -s 
'da:du Bawdon 

O da:»*, -z 1) door, -s; 2) Dore 
0'da:fln, -z dauphin, -s 
'da:flni Dauphin^ 
'da:flni8, -iz dauphiness, -es 
0'da:kas [-kses] Dorcas 
'do:ki:pa*, -z door-keeper, -s 

do:ki:pa , -z uoor 
'da:kiaz Dawkins 
'da:kii| Dorking 
daiks 1) Dawkes; 2) Daukes 
0'd»:lbi = 'dselbi Dalby 
'do:li Dawley 
'da:!!]" Dawlish 
da:l'ki:e Dalkeith 
'da'lstan Dalstou 
'da'ltan Dalton 
0'da:|maus, -mais dor|mou8e, 

,d9:mtet — 'dogbishit 


'dogdeiz— 'dokta* 

'do:mtet. -s door-mat, -s 

'doimanlsi, -t dorman|cy, -t 

'daima'windon, -z dormer-win- 
dow, -s 

'doimi 1) dormy; 2) dormie 

'd3:mit9r{i, -iz dormitor|y, -ies 

Odoziij -z, -ig, -d 1) dawn («. v.), 
-s, -ing, -ed; 2) Daun 

'dameil, -z door-nail, -s 

'do:naka*, -z door-knocker, -s 

'do:n9x [-nak] Dornoch 

da:nt, -s, -ig, -id daunt, -s, -ing, 

'damtlis, -li, -nis dauntless, -ly, 

O'daiplelt, -s door-plate, -s 

'd9:ponst, -s door-post, -s 

O'doira Dora 

'd3i:r[i, -iz dor|y, -ies 

'do:rian, -z Dorian (a. adj.), -s 

'da'ris Doris 

O'daiBJal, -ali dors|al, -ally 

'daisit, -Jia* Dorset, -shire 

'daisn Dawson 

'daistep, -s door-step, -s 

O'doita*, -z daughter, -s 

'daitarinla:, 'daitazinla: daughter- 
in-law, daughters-in-law 

'da:tjista* Dorchester 

O'daiwei, -z door-way, -s 

0'da:z 1) Dawes; 2) daws {from 
daw); 3) doors {from door) 

• 'dabin, -z dobbin (D.), -s 

'dabsn Dobson 

dabz Dobbs 

Odad Dod(d) 

'dada*j -z, -rig, -d dodder {«. v.), 
-s, -ing, -ed 

'dadigtanl)Doddington; 2)Dod- 

'dadsn Dodson 

dadz Dodds 

dadg, -iz, -ig, -d dodgje (D.) 
(». v), -es, -ing, -ed 

'dadsa , -z dodger, -s 

'dadssn Dodgson 

Odat -8, -ig, -t doff, -s, -ing, -ed 

'dafa , -z doffer, -s 

Odag, -z, -ig, -d dog (». v), -s, 
-ging, -ged {pmiiiAple) 

dagbari Dogberry 

'dagbiskit, -8 dog-biscuit, -s 

'dagdeiz dogdays 
'daga*, -z dogger (D.), -s 
'dagfcensia*, -z dogfancier, -s 
'dagfeist dogfaced 
'dagflj, -iz dogfish, -es 
'daghedid dog-headed 
'dag|i, -iz dogg|y {s. adj.), -ies 
'dagid, -li, -nis dogged {ooq.), -ly, 

U, -11, 


'dagia*, -z, -rig, -d dog-ear («. «.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'dagij, -li, -ni8 doggish, -ly, -ness 
'dagka:t. -s dogcart, -s 
'dagken), -z dog-kennel, -s 
'daglsetin dog-latin 
dag'meetik, -8, -91, -ali dogmatic 

(«. adj.), -s, -al, -ally 
'dagma, -z dogma, -s 
'dagmataiz, -iz^ -ig, -d; ^a*, -az 

dogmatiz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers 
'dagmatlist, -i8ts, -izm dogmat- 

|ist, -ists, -ism 
'dagral [-ril] doggerel 
'dagronz, -iz dogrose, -s 
'dagsta:* Dogstar 
'dag'taiad dog-tired 
'dagjtniO. -ti:0 dog|-tooth, -teeth 
'dagwat/, -iz dog-watch, -es 
'dagzia*, -z, -rig, -d dog's-ear 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
O'daig (dwa'jl), -z doyen, -s 
dail Doyle 

'dailij -z l)doyIey, -s; 2)D'0yl(e)y 
'dailji, -iz doiljy, -ies 
dait, -8 doit, -s 
Odak, -8, -ig, -t dock (». v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'dak|a*, -az, -ids dock|er (D.), 

-ers, -age 
'dakit, -8, -ig, -id docket (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'dakjaid, -z dockyard, -s 
'dakjnment [-mant], -s, -ig, -id 

document (w.), -s, -ing, -ed 
dakJDmen'tei/aii documentation 
dakja'ment|I, -ari documentjal, 

'dalgnmant, -s document («.), -s 
dak'8alad3|i, -iz doxolog|y. -ies 
'dakta*, -z, -rig, -d doctor (s. v.), 

-9, -ing, -ed 

'doktarit— 'dogkasta* 

99 — 

'dagki — 'drairabl 

'doktarlt, -s doctorate, -s 
'doktsjip, -s doctorship, -s 
^daktrin, -z doctrine, -s 
doktri'nea*, -z doctrinaire, -s 
daktri'nsarisn, -z doctrinarian, 


'daktrinjl, -ali doctrin|al, -ally 
Odal, -z doll, -s 
'daldram, -z doldrum, -s 
'dola*, -z dollar (D.), -a 
'dalamait, -s dolomite (D.), -s 
'daland DoUond 
'dalap, -s dollop, -s 
'dolaras, -li, -nis dolorous, -ly, 

'dalfln, -z dolphin, -s 
dal'geOli Dolgelly 
'dol|i, -iz doll|y (D.), -ies 
'dalmen, -z dolmen, -s 
'dolman, -z dolman, -s 
'dalstan, 'daltan = 'do:l- 
'd9lzhau|s, -ziz doirs-hou|se, -ses 
O'dambi Dombey 
dami'tteijan, -z domination, -s 
'damineit, -8, -ig, -id dominat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'damineita*, -z dominator, -s 
'dominant, -s, -li dominant {s. 

adj.), -s, -ly 
'damini, -z dominie, -s 
dami'nia*, -z, -rij, -d domineer, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'daminik Dominic 
dami'ni:ka Dominica 
'daminOD, -z domino, -es 
'damisail, -z, -ig, -d domicilje 

(». v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
dami'siljari domiciliary 
Odan, -z, -ig, -d (s. v.) don (D.), 

-8, -ning, -ned 
'dan'dsu'an Don Juan 
'danald, -sn Donald, -son 
'danatir, -z donative, -s 
'danaran Donovan 
'daniga:! [dani'gail] Donegal(l) 
'danigtan Donnington 
dan'kailas Don Carlos 
'dan'kwiksout[-sat] Don Quixote 
'danid Donald 
'danjip, -s donship, -s 
O'daggala Dongola 
'dagkasta* Doncaster 

'dagki, -z donkey, -s 
'dagkiendsin, -z donkey-engine, 

O'daraOi Dorothy 
dara'Oia Dorothea 
'darik Doric 
'daris = 'dairis Doris 
'darit Dorrit 

O 'dasail = 'donsail docile 
O dat, -8, -ig, -id dot (s. v.), -a, 

-ting, -ted 
'dati dotty 

'dati|li, -nis dotti|Iy, -ness 
'datl, -z dottle, -s 
'dotrsi ['dataral], -z dotterel, -s 
• dra:ft, -s, -ig, -id 1) draft (s. v.), 

-8, -ing, -ed; 2) (s.) draught, -s 
'dra:ftba:d, -z draught-board, -s 
'droifta*, -z drafter, -s 
'dra:ft|i, -ia*, -list draught] y, 

-ier, -iest 
'dra:fti|li, -nis draughti|ly, -ness 
'draiftnet, -8 draught-net, -s 
'dra:ft8|man, -man 1) draughts- 

|man, -men; 2) drafts|man, -men 
'dra:ft8manj'ip draftsmanship 
'draikon Draco {English surname) 
'dra:ma, -z drama, -s 
'dra:mat-, etc. = 'drsemat-, etc. 
Odrjai, -aia*, -aiist^ -aiz, -aiig, 

-aid dr|y {adj. v.), -ler, -iest, -ies, 

-ying, -ied 
'draibara Dryburgh 
'draibab, -z dry-bob, -s 
draid dried {from dry v.) 
'draidn Dryden 
'draidok, -s dry-dock, -s 
'draia*, -z drier (s. adj.), -s 
'draiad [-sedj, -z dryad, -s 
'draili dryly, drily 
'draimesa* dry-measure 
'drain3:8, -iz dry-nurs|e, -es 
'draini8 dryness 
'drai'pleit, -s dry-plate, -s 
'drairat dry-rot 
'draisa'lta*, -z drysalter, -s 
'draisa-lt9r|i, -iz drysalter|y, -ies 
'draijad dryshod 
drair, -z, -ig, drouT, 'driTn(s.«.) 

drivje, -es, -ing, drove, driven 
'draiva*, -z driver (D.), -s 
'draivabl drivable 

'draiyig/iwl:!— drAds 

— 100 — 

'drAdsari— dres 

'dralTii|7i.wi:l, -z driving-wheel, -s 
draiz dries (from, dry «.) 
'draizdeil Drysdale 
Odran, -z drow, -s 
drann, -z, -ig, -d drown, -s, -ing, 

drant, -s, -i drought, -s, -y 
drauz, -iz, -ii|, -d 1) drowsje 

(g. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; 2) drows 

{from drow) 
'drauz|i, -la*, -list drowa|y, -ier, 

'dranzijli, -nls drowsi|ly, -ness 
Odrteb, -z drab (s. oSq^j -s 
dreebjl, -Iz, -Jig [-liii], -Id drab- 

b|le, -les, -ling, -led 
drtef, -i draff, -y 
drseg, -z, -ig, -d drag (s. u.), -s, 

-g>ng, -ged 
'drsegan, -z dragon, -s 
drtega'neid, -z dragonnade, -s 
'drteganfljai, -aiz dragon-fl|y, -ies 
'drtegaulijr, -laik dragon|ish, -like 
'dreeganit [-net], -s dragonet, -s 
drteganzblAd dragon's-blood 
drsegll, -Iz, -Jig [-lig], -Id drag- 

g|le, -les, -ling, -led 
dreeglteil, -z, -d draggle-tail, -s, 

'drtegnet, -s dragnet, -s 
'driegoM,man, -manz, -man dra- 

go|man, -mans, -men 
'drtekanfelz ('draxanfels) 

'dreekm{a, -az, -i: drachmja, -as, -se 
dreem, -z, -ig, -d 1) dram (s. v.), 

-s, -ming, -med; 2) drachm, -s 
'drtemataiz, -iz, -ig, -d dramat- 

iz|e [-is|e]. -es, -ing, -ed 
drsematai'zeiX^n , -z dramatiz- 
ation [-isa-], -s 
'drtemataizabl dramatizable 
'dr«emati8pa:'80nui: dramatis 

'drsematist, -s dramatist, -s 
drseg k drank {from drink) 
'drsestik, -all drastic, -ally 
drtet drat 
OdrAb, -z, -ig, -d drub, -s, -bing, 

drAds, -iz, -ig, -igli, -d drudg|e 

(«. r.), -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 

'drAdsari drudgery 

dTAg, -z, -ig, -d drug («. «.). s^ 

-ging, -ged 
'drAgist, -s druggist, -s 
'di'Agit, -s drugget, -s 
drAm, -z, -ig, -d drum (s. v), 

-s, -ming, -med 
'drAina*, -z drummer, -s 
'drAmadar|i ['dram-, -mid-], -iz. 

dromedar|y, -ies 
'drAmand Drummond 
'drAmbed, -z drumhead, -s 
'drAmstik, -s drumstick, -s 
drAgk, -s 1) drunk (s, cd}), -s; 

2) drunk (from drink) 
'drAgkad, -z drunkard, -s 
'drAgkan, -li, -nig drunken, -ly, 

Odrei, -z dray, -s 
'dreifas Dreyfus 
drelk, -s drake (D.), -s 
'dreikoa Draco {Greek legislator) 
drei'kounian [dra'k-,-njan] Dra- 
'dreijman, -man dray|man, -men 
dreiuj -z, -ig, -d drain (s. «.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'drein|a*, -az, -abl, -ids drainjer, 

-ers, -able, -age 
'dreinpaip, -s drain-pipe, -s 
dreip, -s, -ig, -t drap|e, -es, -ing,^ 

'dreipa*, -z draper (D.), -s 
'dreipar|i, -iz draper|y, -ies 
'dreitn Drayton 
Odred, -z, -ig, -id dread (s. «.), 

-s. -ing, -ed 
'dred|fttl, -fuli [-fall], -fulnis 

dread|ful, -fully, -fulness 
'dredna.'t, -s dreadnought (D.), -s 
dreds, -iz, -ig, -d dredg|e [s. v.) 

(D.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'dredsa*, -z dredger, -s 
'dreg|i, -nis dregg|y, -iness 
dregz dregs 
'dremt [drempt] dreamt ifrom 

dren^Jj -iz, -ig, -t drench (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'drentja*, -z drencher, -s 
dres, -iz, -ig, -t dress (s. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 

' ilresa*— 'drigka* 


'drii)kiq bant— drain 

'dresa*, -z dresser, -s 
'dresli, -ia*, -list dre8s|y, -ier, -iest 
'dresi|li, -nis dressijly, -ness 
'dresii|d3seUt, -s dressing- jacket, 

'dresiggann, 'Z dressing-gown, -s 
'dresigkeis, -iz dressing-case, -s 
'dresigru'in, -z dressing-room, -s 
'dresigteibl, -z dressing-table, -s 
'dres'kont, -s dress-coat, -s 
'dresmeika*, -z dressmaker, -s 
'dres'saikl, -z dress-circle, -s 
'dres'sjnit, -s dress-suit, -s 
'drest dressed {from dress) 
Odra'gnin, -z, -iii, -d dragoon 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
dra'koanian [-njaii] = drei'k- 
dra'msetik, -al, -ali dramatic, 

-al, -ally 
dra'si:na, -z dracsena, -s 
dra'Tidian [-djan], -z Dra vidian, 

Odrinn, -z, -i)|, -iijli, -d, dremt 

dream (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ingly, 

-ed, dreamt 
'driima*, -z dreamer, -s 
'dri:m|i, -ia*, -iist dream |y, -ier, 

'drl:iiii|Ii, -nis dreami|ly, -ness 
'dri:mlsend dreamland 
'driimlis dreamless 
0'drib|l, -Iz, -lig ["lifl]) -Id 

dribb|le (s. v.), -les, -ling, -led 
diibja* [-la*], -z dribbler, -s 
'driblit, -s driblet, -s 
'dria* drear 

'driar|i,-ia*, -iist drear|y, -ier, -iest 
'driarijli, -nis, -sam dreari|ly, 

-ness, -some 
drift, -8, -ii|, -id drift (s. v.), -a, 

-ing, -ed 
'driftais drift-ice 
'driftl drifty 
'driftlis driftless 
'driftwnd drift-wood 
dril, -z, -ifl, -d drill (s. v.), -s, 

-ling, -led 
drigk, -s, -ig, driBgk, drAgk 

(«. V.) drink, -s, -ing, drank, 

'drigkla*, -az, -abl drink|er, -ers, 


'drigkigbaat, -s drinking-bout, -s 
'drigkighain, -z drinking-horn, -s 
'drigkafarig, -z drink-offering, -s 
drip, -s, -ig, -t drip (s. v.), -s, 

-ping, -ped 
'dripa*, -z dripper, -s 
'dripig (s.) dripping (melted fat) 
'dripigpaen, -z dripping-pan, -s 
'driT|l, -Iz, -^ig [-lig], -Id driv|el 

(s. v.), -els, -elling, -elled 
'driv^a* [-la*], -z driveller, -s 
'drivn driven {from drive) 
'drizjl, -Iz, -^g [-lig], -Id drizzjle 

(s. v.), -les, -ling, -led 
'driz!(i [-11] drizzly 
Odronl, -a*, -ist droll, -er, -est 
'droaIar|i, -iz droller|y, -ies 
'dronUi drolly 
'dronmiou [-mjon] Dromio 
droun, -z, -ig, -d dron|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
droBV, -z 1) drove (g.), -s; 2) drove 

{from drive) 
'dronya*, -z drover, -s 
Odro:, -z, -ig, drn:, dram 1) (s. v.) 

draw, -s, -ing, drew, drawn; 

2) (s.) drawer {sliding box), -s 
'draibsek, -s drawback, -s 
'draibrlds, -iz drawbridge, -s 
'dra:a*, -z 1) drawer {person who 

draws),-s; 2) ='dra:*, -z drawer 

{sliding box), -s 
'draiabl drawable 
'draiaz = dra:z 2) 
'draiig, -z drawing (s.), -s 
'dra:igba:d, -z drawing-board, -s 
'dra:ignai|f, -tz drawing- kni|fe, 

'dra;igino:sta*, -z drawing-master, 

'dra:igpen, -z drawing-pen, -a 
'dra:igpens{], -z drawing-pencil, 

'draiigpin, -z drawing-pin, -s 
'dra:lgrn'm, -z drawing-room, -s 

1) {room for drawing); 

2) = 'draigru'in 
'draiigteibl, -z drawing-table, -s 
dra:l, -z, -ig, -d drawl (g. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'dro:la*, -z drawler, -s 
drain drawn {from draw) 

draJwel— du'a:n 

— 102 — 

'dwaina— 'dsailz 

'drazwel, -z draw-well, -s 

dro:z 1) (v.) draws {from draw); 

2) (s.) drawers {1. garment; 
2. plu/r. of drawer) 
O'draida ['drahada] Drogheda 
'drsigrn'm, -z drawing-room {re- 
ception-room), -s 
'draiticitj Droitwioh 
'dramad^ri [-mid-] = 'drAm- 
drap, -8, -in, -t drop (s. v), -s, 

-ping, -ped 
'drapigz droppings 
'drapsim, -z drop-scene, -s 
'drapsi dropsy 
'drapsik|al, -all, -alnis dropsic|al, 

-ally, -alnesa 
drag, -i dross, -y 
'drasara drosera 
dra/kli, -Iz droshk|y, -ies 
'draxada Drogheda 
Odrn:, -z 1) Drew, -s; 2) drew 

{from draw) 
dru-id, -z, -is, -islz druid, -s, 

-ess, -esses 
dru'ldik, -9l druidic, -al 
drii:p^ -s, -ig, -igli, -t 1) droop, 

-s, -ing, -ingly, -ed; 2) drupe, -s 
drn:s Druce 
dru:z, -iz druse (O.), -s 
'drnari Drury 
•dn:, dAZ, du'ig, did, dAn 1) do, 

does, doing, did, done; 2) Doo 
du-'a:ii (dwan), -z douane, -s 
'du:dabaiz'lia:I Dotheboys Hall 
'du'a*, -z doer, -s 
'du:gdl Dougal(l) 
dnigai), -z dugong, -s 
'du'ig, -z doing, -g 
dnik duke (pulgar form of djudi 

sometimes used facetiously by 

speakers of standard English) 
du:m, -z, -iij, -d doom (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
dnimzdei 1) Doomsday; 2) Do- 
dn:n Doon [mesday 

'dn:nA6ii|, -z do-nothing, -s 
dn:J, -iz, -ig, -t douch|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
• da do {v.) {form chiefly used when 

followed by a word beginning 

with a vowel) 
An'a:n, 'dna*, 'duii) = du:- 

• 'dwaina Dwina 
dwait Dwight 
dfreil dwale 

dtrel, -z, -ig, dwelt dwell, -s, 

-ing, dwelt 
'dwela*, -z dweller, -s 
'dwelig, -z dwelling («.), -s 
'dwelighanjg, -ziz d welling-hous'e, 

'direligpleis, -iz dwelling-place, 

dwelt dwelt (from dwell) 
'dwiina ['dwaina] Dwina 
'dwind|I. -Iz, .^g [-ligj, -Id 

dwindfle, -Ies, -ling, -led 
dwa:f, -8, -ig, -t dwarf (s. «.),' -», 

-ing, -ed 
'dwaifij*, -li, -nig dwarfish, -ly, 

'dwaie = 'dail doyen 

• 'eJzigitai, -z dziggetai, -s 

• dsa: Jah 

dso:*, -z, -rig, -d jar (s. v.), -s, 

-ring, -red 
'd3a:gan, -z jargon, -a 
dsaiga'nel, -z jargonelle, -s 
dsaim, -z Jam {Indian title), -s 
'd3a:man Jarman 
dsain- = d3a:n- 
'd3a:rig, -li jarring, -ly 
'dsaispa*, -z = 'd3«egpa*, -si jas- 
per (J.), -s 
'd3a:Ta, -n Java, -n 
'dsaiTi 1) jarvey; 2) Jarvie 
'd3a:Tis 1) Jarvis; 2) Jervis 
Odsai Gye 

dsaib, -z, -ig, -d (s. v.) 1) gib|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed; 2) ]ib|e, -es, -ing, 
'd3aiba*, -z giber, -s 
'd3aia*, -z, -rig, -d gyr|e («. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'd3aiant, -g, -laik giant, -s, -like 
'dsaiantis, -iz giantess, -es 
dsaia'reijan, -z gyration, -s 
dsaia'reit, -a, -ig, -id gyrat|e {v.), 

-ea, -ing, -ed 
'd3aiareit gyrate {aey.) 
d3aiaras- = gaiaras- 
dsaigeen'ti'an gigantean 
d3ai'g«entik, -ali gigantic, -ally 
'd3ailz Giles 

;d5ai'po:3*— 'dsteksn 


'dseek'stro: — dsAmbou 

jlSai'pa:** [.dsei'p-] Jeypore 
dsai'pna* Jaipur 
'dsai'r- = dsaia'r- [-ed 

dsaiv, -z, -ifl, -d gyv|e, -es, -ing, 
O'dsana* Giaour 
'dsaoit Jowett 
dsani, -z jowl, -s 
0'd3«eb9*, -z, -rii), -d jabber, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'dssebara*, -z jabberer, -s 
'ds^ebavrak, -i jabberwock, -y 
dssebirn:, -z jabiru, -s 
dstefa Jaffa 
dsseg, -z, -ii), -d jag (s. t>.), -a, 

-ging, -ged (participle) 
'd3«ga*, "Z jagger (J.), -s 
'dssegid, -li, -nis jagged (adj.), 

-ly, -ness 
'dsseqwo:* [-gjua:*, -gwa*, -gjua*], 

-z jaguar, -z 
dsffik, -s jact (J.), -s 
'dssekses [-kais] jackass, -es [-ses 
is more usua2 /br the animal, 
but -a:s is commoner when the 
word is used familiarly as a 
term of contempt\ 
'd5sekba:t, -s jack-boot, -s 
'dseekdo:, -z jackdaw, -s 
'd5sekabait [-kob-], -s Jacobite, -s 
'd5sekabi [-kobi] Jacoby 
dsaeka'bi'an [-ko'b-] Jacobean 
'dssekabin [-kob-], -z, -izm Jaco- 
bin, -s, -ism 
'dssekalsentan [-kol-J, -z jack-o'- 
lantern, -s 
'dssekaneips, -iz jackanapes, -e^ 
'dssekav'ailtreidz jack- of -all- 
'dseekindabaks, -iz jack-in-the- 
box, -es 
'd3sekin9agri:u, -z jack-in-the- 

green, -s 
'dssekinafls jack-in-office 
'dssekit, -s, -id jacket, -s, -ed 
'd3^kll:ii Jacqueline 
'd3%knai|f, -tz jack-kni|fe, -ves 
'd3aeka:l, -z jackal, -s 
'dsaek'plein, -z jack-plane, -s 
'd38ek'pudii), -z jack-pudding, -s 
d3sek'sa:ti:z [-k'za:-] Jaxartea 
'dsseksinafls jacks-in-office 
'd3eeksn Jackson 

'd3«ek'str3:, -z jack-straw (J.), -a 
'dssek'ta:*, -z jack-tar, -s 
d3eekti'teij'an jactitation 
'd3selap jalap 
dsffiin, -z -iji, -d 1) (». v.) jam, 

-B, -ming, -med; 2) jamb, -s 
'd3«emign Jamiesou 
'd38enit Janet 
'dssenita*, -z janitor, -s 
'd3senizar|i, -iz janizar|y, -ies 
'd38eiiju9r|i, -iz Januar|y, -ies 
'd3«ensn 1) Jausen; 2) Janson 
'dstens^list, -ists, -izm Jansen- 

|ist, -ists, -ism 

'd3«J)fl|l, -Iz, -lig Hi«], -Id 

jang|le, -Ies, -lin^, -led 
'd3seijgla Ha*], -z jangler, -s 
dstep, -s Jap, -s 
^d3sepa'ni:z Japanese 
'dsaerald Jarrold 
'd3sesiii6, -s jacinth, -s 
'd3sesiniii [-sezm-] jasmine 
'd38espa* ['d3o:s-], -s jasper (J.), -s 
'dsseylin [-Til-], -z javelin, -s 
Od3A.d, -sn Jud|d, -son 
d3Ad3, -iz, -ii|, -d judg|e (s. v.) 

(J.)i -es, -ing, -ed 
'd3Ad3mant, -s judg(e)ment, -s 
'd3Ad3mantdei, -z judg(e)ment- 

day, -s 
'dsAdsmantlio:!, -z judg(e)ment- 

hall, -s 
'd3Ad3mantsi:t, -s judg(e)ment- 

seat, -s 
'd3Ad3J1p, -s judgeship, -s 
dsAg, -z, -ill, -d jug (s. v.), -s, 

-ging, -ged 
'd3Agana:t Juggernaut 
'd3Aginz, -iz juggins (J.), -es 
'd3AginIa* ['d3n:g-] jugular 
dsAgjl. -Iz, -lifl [.Jii)], -Id jugg|le 

(s. v.), -Ies, -ling, 
'dsAgla* [-Ja*], -z, 

-s, -y 
d3Akstapa'ziJ'9ii juxtaposition 
d3Aksta'ponz ['dsAkstap-], -iz, 

-ig, -d juxtapos|e, -es, -ing, 

'dsAmbjl, -Iz, -lii) [-Ug], -Id 

jumb|le (s. v.), -Ies, -ling, -led 
'dsAmblseil, -z jumble-sale, -s 
'd3Amboa, -z jumbo (J.), -a 

ri juggler, 

dsAmp— dseimz 

104 — dsein — dsen^ra'lisimon 

dsAmp, -s, -ig, -t [dsAmt] («. v.) 

jump, -8, -ing, -ed 
'dsAmpe*, -z jumper, -a 
'dsAnta, -z junta, -s 
'dsAiiton, -z junto, -s 
'd3Ai)g]l, -Iz, -li jungjle, -leg, -ly 
d5Agk, -s junk, -s 
'dsAijkit, -8 junket, -s 
'dsAykJ*?!!, -z junction, -s 
'dsAg&tJa , -z juncture, -s 
dsAS l)jus; 2) occasional variant 

of dsAst [adv.) 
dsAst, -a*, -ist just (adj. adv.) 

(J.), -er, -est 
'dsAstas Justus 
'dsAstijfai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid 

justi|fy, -fies, -tying, -fled 
'dsAstifaia*, -z justifier, -s 
dsAstifaiabll [dsAsti'f-], -li, -Inis 

juatiflab|le, -ly, -leness 
d3Astifl'keij9n, -z ju8tiflcation,-s 
'd3Astiflkeit|iT, -arl justificat- 

|ive, -ory 
'dsAstin Justin 
dsAS'tinjan [-njaul Justinian 
'dsAstis, -iz justice, -s 
d3As'ti/i8r|i [-isla-, -isja-], -iz 

ju8ticiar|y, -ies 
'dsAstjli, -nis just|ly, -ness 
dsAt, -s, -ig, -id jut, -s, -ting, 

'dsAtland Jutland 
Odsei, -z 1) J (the letter), -'a; 

2) jay (J.), -s 
dsei'aiaras Jairus 
dseid, -z, -ig, -id jad|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
dseiel ['dseial] Jael 
'dseifet Japhet 
dsei'fetik Japhetic 
'dgeiksb Jacob 
'dseikabjz, -sn Jacobjs, -son 
dseikebz'Ieeda Jacob'sladder 
dseiks Jaques {aumame); Jeakes 
'dseikwiz Jaques {Shakespearian 

dseil, -z 1) gaol, -s; 2) jail, -s 
'dseilbsid, -z gaol-bird, -s [-s 
'dseila*, -z 1) gaoler, -s; 2) jailer, 
dseimisn ['dseemisn] Jamieson 
'dseimsn Jameson 
i^eiiox James 

dsein, -z 1) Jane; 2) jean, -s 

'dseinss Janus 

dseip, -s, -ii), -t jap|e (s. v), -ea, 

-ing, -ed 
dsei'poia* = ^dgai'p- Jeypore 
'dseisn Jason 
dseiz 1) J's; 2) jays; 3) Jay's; 

4) Jeyes 
'dseizi, -z jasey, -s 
Odseb Jebb 

'dsedbara Jedburgh [son 

'dsefasn 1) Jefferson; 2) Jeaffer- 
'dsefri 1) Jeffrey; 2) Jeffery; 

3) Geoffr(e)y 
'dgefriz 1) Jeffreys; 2) Jefferies 
'dgefBa Jephthah 
'dgekil = 'dgiikil Jekyll 
'dgelas, -li, -nis jealous, -ly, -ness 
'dselasfi, -iz jealous|y, -ies 
dsela'tim ['d3elati:n] gelatine 
'd3el|i, -iz, -id jell|y, -ies, -ied 
'dselibaeg, -z jelly-bag, -s [-s 
'dselibsegstsend, -z jellybagstand, 
'dselid, -li, -nis 1) gelid, -ly, 

-ness; 2) jellied 
'dgeliflX, -iz jelly-fish, -es 
dgem. -z 1) gem, -s; 2) Jem 
'dsemji, -iz jemm|y, -iz 
dse'miferas gemmiferona 
'dseminai Gemini 
dsemi'neij'dn gemination 
'dsemineit, -s, -ig, -id geminat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'dgenda*, -z, -riij, -d gender (s.v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed 
'dsena* Jenuer 

dsene'railitji, -iz generalit|y, -ies 
dsena'reij'an, -z generation, -s 
'dsenareit, -s, -ig, -id generatje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'dsenereita*, -z generator, -s 
dgenareitir [-rat-] generative 
'dsenara (plur. of i^hnsa) genera 
'd3eii»r|»l, -alz, -all gener|al (s. 

ae^j.), -als, -ally 
dsensralaiz, -iz, -ig, -d gener- 

aliz|e [-ia|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
dsenaralai'zeij'^n, -z generaliz- 
ation [-isa-], -s 
dsenaralaizabl generalizable 
dsendra'lisimou, -z generalissi- 
mo, -s 

dscnaraljip— 'dserald 


dseraldim— dsei'maenik 

'dgenaraljip generalship 
'dgenaras, -li, -nis generous, 'ly, 

dsena'rositi generosity 

dsena'Tlrr Genevieve 
'dsenji, -iz 1) jenn|y (in machinery), 
-iea; 2) = 'dsini 

dsenite'l-, dsenia'l- = dsiini- 
'dsenigz Jennings 
'dsenisis genesis (6.) 
.'d3enit,-8 1) jennet, -s; 2) genet, -a 
'dsenitiv, -z genitive, -s 
'd^enitl, >z genital, -s [-s 

dsenju-'flekjan, -z genuflection, 
'dsenju'flekt, -s, -ig, -id genu- 
flect, -s, -ing, -ed 
'dsenjuin, -li, -nis genuine, -ly, 

'dsenkiu, etc. = 'dsegkin, etc. 
'dsenoua Genoa 

dsenou'iiz Genoese 
'dsenrall generally 
'dsenrss, 'dscnrl, etc. = 'dsenar- 
'dsensarlk ['gen-] Genseric 

dsenjian [-Jjan], -z gentian, -s 

dsent, -s gent, -s 
'dsentail, -z Gentile, -s 

dsen'tul = dsan'tfcl genteel 
'dsentfcz gentes (plur. of gens) 

dsen'tiliti gentility 

dsentl, -8*, -ist, -nis gentle, -r, 
-St, -ness 

dgentlfonk, -s gentlefolk, -s 

dsentli gently 

dsentllman, -man gentle|man, 

'dsentlmanlaik gentlemanlike 

dsentlmanlli, -linis gentleman- 
|ly, -liness 

dsentllwuman, -wlmin gentle- 
Jwoman, -women 

dsentri gentry (G.) 

d3en|z, -ti:z gen]s, -tes 

dsegkin ['dsenk-], -z, -sn Jen- 
kin, -8, -son 

dsepadaiz, -iz, -ig, -d jeopar- 
diz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 

dsepadl jeopardy 

dse'raid ['dseroid] Gerrard 

dseraid [-rad] Gerard 

dsera'boaam, -z jeroboam (J.), -s 

dserald 1) Gerald; 2) Jerrold 

'dseraldiin Geraldine 
'dseram 1) Jerram; 2) Jerome 
'dserami Jeremy 
'd3er|i, -iz jerr|y (J.), -ies 
'dseribildla*, -az, -ig jerry-build- 

|er, -ers, -ing 
'dseribilt jerry-built 
'dserikon Jericho 
dseri'maia Jeremiah 
dseri'maiad [-'maiaed], -z jere- 
miad, -s 
'dserimi [-rami] Jeremy 
dse'roum Jerome 
dses Jess 

'dgesamin jessamine (J.) 
'dsesi 1) Jesse; 2) Jessie; 3) Jessy 
'dsesika Jessica 
dsest, -s, -ii), -igli, -id 1) jest 
(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ingly, -ed; 
2) gest, -s 
'dsesta*, -z jester, -s 
dses'teijan gestation 
dsestikju'leijan, -z gesticula- 
tion, -s 
dses'tikjnleit, -s, -ig, -id gestic- 

ulatje, -es, -ing, -ed 
dges'tikjuleitia*, -az, -ari geatic- 

ulat|or, -ors, -ory 
'dsestja*, -z gesture, -s 
dset, -8, -ig, -id jet (s. v.), -s, 

-ting, -ted 
'dget'blwk jet-blaek 
'dgetii, -iz jettjy, -ies 
'dgetisn jettison 
'dsetsam jetsam 
'dgeftron Jethro 
'dsevanz Jevons 
'dgezibl [-zabl] Jezebel 
'dsezjnit, -s, -izm Jesuit, -s, -ism 
dsezjn'itik, -al, -ali Jesuitic, -al, 

dgez'riial Jezreel 
O'dga:fo:ikan, -z gerfalcon, -s 
dsaik, -8, -ig, -t jerk (s. v.) -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'd3a:k|i, -ia*, -iist jerk|y, -ier, 

'd3a:ki|li, -nis jerki|ly, -ness 
'dgaikin, -z jerkin, -s 
d3a:iii, -z germ, -s 
dgai'msenda* germander 
dsai'meenik Germanic 

dsai'mein— 'd5i:d5'- 


dsiihju: — d3i'lsetin98 

d33:'mein Germain 
'dsaiman, >z German, -s 
'dsaimani Germany 
'dse.'manlist, -ists, -izm, -izmz 

german|i8t, -ista, -ism, -isms 
'dsaimin Jermyn 
dsaimi'neiX^n, -z germination, -s 
'd33:mineit, -s, -ig. -id germin- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ea 
'dsaiminl^ germinal 
'd33:migaid, -z germicide, -s 
'dsaimni Germany 
'd3a:nalaiz [-ii].aiz], -iz, -Ig, -d 

joumalizje [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
'd33:n3l|ist [-n^list], -ists, -izm 

journaljist, -ists, -izm 
dsama'listik [-nVist-] journal- 
'dgaini, -z, -ip, -igz, -d journey 

(s. vj, -s, -ing, -ings, -d 
'dg8:ni|m3n, -man journey|man, 

'd3a:n|, -z journal, -s 
d39:r = dsnar- 
'd3a:T8s Gervase 
'dsaiTis 1) Jervis; 2) Jervois 
'd3a:Tis [-vouz] Jervaulx 
'd33:zi, -z jersey ^J.), -s 
Odga'konbas, -iz jacobus (J.), -es 
d33'kon8 [d30'k-], -li, -nis jocose, 

-ly, -ness 
dsa'kositi [dso'k-] jocosity 
dgalset- = dsi'lset- 
dga'meika, -n Jamaica, -n 
dsa'nerik = d3i'n- generic 
dsa'niiya = d3i'n- Geneva 
dsan'ti:! [d3en-],-li, -nis genteel, 

-ly, -ness 
d3an'tiliti [dsen-] gentility 
dga'peen, -Zj -iij, -d japan (s. v.) 

(J.), -s, -nmg. -ned 
d3a'p8ena*, -z japanner, -s 
dsa'ponika, -z japonica, -s 
d38'ro:d Gerrard 
dge'ronm Jerome 
dga'rAnd-, dga'rein- = 'dgi- 
d3a'ra:s»l3m [dsi'r-l Jerusalem 
dga'Taini [d3io'v-] Giovanni 
Odsi:, -z, -ig, -d 1) gee (». v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed; 2) G (<Ae /e«e>-), -'s 
'd3i:'Ap gee-up 
'dsiidsi:, -z geegee, -s 

'dgi:hju: [-^u:], -z jehu (J.), -s 
'd3i:kil ['dsekil] Jekyll 
d3i:mz Jeames 

'd3i:n38, 'd3enar3 genus, genera 
'd3i:ni, -z genie, -s 
d3i:ni'ielad3|i [dgen-], -iz, -ist, 

-ists genalogly, -ies, -ist, -ists 
dsiini'teliti geniality 
dgiinialodgikjal [d3en-], -ali ge- 

nealogic|al, -ally 
'd3i:|iiias [-njas], -niai, -niasis 

[•njasiz] gejnius, -nii, -niuses 
'dsiinjal, -i,-ius genial, -ly, -ness 
dgiinz Jeans 

d3i:ou'sentrik, -al, -ali geocen- 
tric, -al, -ally 
'd3i:zas, -'kraist Jesus, -Christ 
Od3ib, -z, -ig, -d jib (s. v.), -s, 

-bing, -bed 
'd3i6'bn:m, -z jib-boom, -s 
'dsiba*, -z, -rig, -d gibber, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'dgibi Gibbie 
'd3ibit, -s, -ig, -id gibbet (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'dsiblit, -8 giblet, -s 
d3i'bro:lta* Gibraltar 
d3i'd3u:n, -li, -nis jejune, -ly, 

d3i'd3ii:nam, -z jejunum, -s 
'd3ia», -z, -rig, -d jeer (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'dgiarla*, -az, -igli jeer|er, -ers, 

dsia'grseflk [d3io'g-], -al, -ali 

geographic, -al, -ally 
dsia'lodsik [dsio'l-], -al, -ali 

geologic, -al, -ally 
d3ia'metrik [d3io'm.], -al, -ali 

geometric, -al, -ally 
'd3if|i, -iz jifF|y, -ies 
dsig, -z, -ig, -d jig (». v.), -a, 

-ging, -ged 
'd3ig|a*, -az, -ad jigg|er, -ers, -ered 
'd3igat, -s 1) jigot, -a; 2) gigot, -s 
d3i'Iionva Jehovah 
d3i'li9:ram [-rsem] Jehoram 
d3il, -z 1) Jill; 2) gill (measure), 

-s; 3) Gill (in 'Jack and mi') 
d3i'leetinaiz, -iz, -ig, -d gelat- 

iniz|e [-isje], -ea, -ing, -ed 
dgi'ltetinas gelatinous 

'dsiliflana* — 'dsirsndoal 

107 — 

dsi'rondist— 'dsaitttili 

'dsiliflana*, -z gillyflower, -a 

'dsilsn Gilsou 

dsilt, -8, -ii), -id jilt (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
dsim Jim 

'dsimbal, "Z gimbal, -s 
'dsimi 1) Jimmy; 2) Jemmy 
'dsimkreek, -s gimcrack, -s 
'dsimnsest, -s gymnast, -s 
dgim'ntestik, -s, -al, -ali gym- 
nastic, -8, -al, -ally 
dsim'neizjam, -z gymnasium, -s 
dsin, -z 1) gin (s.) -s; 2) jinn, -s 
'dsindsa*, -z ginger, -s 
'dsindss'bia*, -z gingerbeer, -s 
'dsindsabred, -z gingerbread, -s 
'dsindsali gingerly 
'dsinds^'wain ginger-wine 
dsi'nerik [dga'n-], -all generic, 
dsfnetik genetic [-ally 

dgi'niiTa [dsa'n-] Geneva 
'dginji ['d5en|i], -iz 1) jenn|y (in 
billiards), -ies; 2) Jenny (female 
d5i'nist3, -z genista, -s 
'dsinjap, -s gin-shop, -s 
dsiggll, -Iz, -lig [-Uii], -Id jin- 
g|le (s. V.) (J.), -Ies, -hng, -led 
'dgiggou, -z jingo (J.), -es 
'dsiggouizm jingoism 
dsigk, -s jink, -s 
dsiou'desik, -al geodesic, -al 
dsloume'tri/dn [-mi't-], -z geo- 
metrician, -s 
dsio- see also dgia- 
dsi'odisi geodesy 
dgi'ografla*, -az, -i geograph|er, 

-ers, -y 
dsi'alsdsaiz, -iz, -ig, -d geolo- 

giz(e [-iB|eJ, -es, -ing, -ed 
dsi'aladsji, -ist, -ists, geolog|y, 

-ist, -ists 
d5i'oinit|»*, -az, -ri geomet|er, 

-ers, -ry 
dgip, -s l)gip (gipsy), -s; 2)gyp,-s 
'dsipsam gypsum 
'd3ips|i, -iz gips|y [gyp-], -ies 
'dsipsias gypseous 
dgi'raif, -s giraflfe, -a [-s 

dsi'rAndlT [dsa'r-], -z gerundive, 
d5i'reinjani[dga'r-],-z geranium, 
'dgirandonl, -z girandole, -s [-s 

dgfrondist, -s Girondist, -s 
dgi'misalam [dga-] Jerusalem 
dgist gist 

Odson, -z 1) jo, -es; 2) Joe 
'i^ouxh Joab 
dsou'sena Joanna 
dsou'teniz [-nis] Johannes (coin) 
dgoub Job 

'dgonel ['dsonal] Joel 
dsou'htenis Johanuis 
dsou'htenisbaig [jom-, -izb-] Jo- 
'dsoui Joey 
dsonk, -s, -ifl, -i})li, -t jok|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
'dsonka*, -z joker, -s 
'dsonkand, etc. = 'dgak- 
dgoult, -s, -ig, -igli, -id jolt 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
dsoun Joan 
'dgouna Jonah 

'dgonnag Jonas , 

'dsounian [-njau], -z Johnian, -s 
dgonnz Jones 
dsou'saia Josiah 
dgoM'siifas Josephus 
dgouY Jove 
dgonvi'aliti joviality 
'dsonvlal [-Tjal], -i, -nis jovial, 

-ly, -ness 
'dsonzif, -8 Joseph (J.), -s 
'd5onzin:n Josephine 
Odgo'kinditi = dga'k- 
dso'kons, dgo'kasiti = dga - 
Odso:, -z, -ig, -d jaw (s. v.), -a, 

-ing, -ed 
'dsaibonn, -z jaw-bone, -s 
'd5o:breik|a*, -az, -ig jaw-break- 

|er, -ers, -ing 
'dgaidn Jordan 
d39:d3, -iz George, -s 
d5a:'d3i:na Georgina 
d3a:d3i'a:na Georgiana 
'dsaidgia, -n Georgia, -n 
'd3a:d3ik, -s georgic (G.), -a 
'd3a:ndi8 ['dgam-], -t jaundice, -d 
d39:iit [d3o:nt], -8, -ii|, -id jaunt 

(s. v.), -a, -ing, -ed 
'dsaintjl ['d3a:n-], -ia*, -list 

jauntly, -ier, -iest 
'd3a:iiti|li ['d3a:n-], -nis jaunti- 

|ly, -neas 

' da^irtem — 'dsa^jkiyil 

— 108 — 

'dsopa — dsuili'en 

'd39:r«em [-ram] Joram 

'dgoirom, -z jorum, -s 

Od30b, -z, -ifl, -d job (s. v.), -a, 

-bing, -bed 
'dsoba*, -z, -ri jobber, -s, -y 

*3»g5 -^t -igj -d jog («• "■)> -S; 

-ging, -ged 
•d3oga*, -z jogger, -a 
'd3og|l, -Iz, -Jifl [-lig], -Id jog- 

g|le, -les, -ling, -led 
'd3»g'trot jog-trot 
d30i, -z, -ig, -d (s. f.) joy (J.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'dsoios, -li, -nis joyous, -ly, -ness 
'A^aitul, -nis joyful, -ness 
'd30ifnl|i [-f8l|ij, -ist joyful! |y, -est 
'dsailis, -li, -nis joyless, -ly, -ness 
d3ain, -z, -ig, -d join (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'dsoina*, -z, -ri joiner, -s, -y 
dsoint, -s, -ig, -id, -li joint («. 

adj.), -a, -ing, -ed, -ly 
'dsointo*, -z jointer, -s 
'd39int'st3k joint-stock 
'dsointXa*, -z jointure, -s [-ies 
'd39int'tenont, -s joint-tenant, -s 
d3ais Joyce 
d3aist, -s joist, -s 
d3ok Jock 

d33'kAnditi [d30M'k-] jocundity 
'd3ak3nd ['d30uk-], -li, -nis jo- 
cund, -ly, -ness 
dsoki, -z, -ig, -d, -Jip jockey 

(a. v.), -a, -ing, -ed, -ship 
'd33kikUb Jockey Club 
d33kjn'lairiti jocularity 
'dsokjola*, -li jocular, -ly 
'd3al|i, -la*, -list joll|y, -ier, -iest 
'd39libout, -s jolly-boat, -s 
'd3ali|Ii, -nis jolli|ly, -ness 
'd3alit|i, -iz jollit|y, -ies 
d3an John 

'd3an'da:r|i, -iz john-dor|y, -ies 
'd33nee9n Jonathan 
'd3on|i, -izl) johnn|y (J.), -ies; 

2) Johnnie 
'd33n8n 1) Johnson; 2) Jonson 
dsan'sonnian [-ujan] Johnsonian 
'dsanst^n Johnston(e) 
dsanz Johns 
'djagkwil ['d3ank-], -z jonquil, -s 

'dsape Joppa 

dsas, -iz joss, -es 

'dsasilin 1) Jdcelyn ; 2) Josselyn 

'dsasjl, -Iz, -Jig [-lig], -Id jostlle, 

-les, -ling, -led 
'd3a«8tik, -s joss-atick, -s 
dsat, -s, -ig, -id jot (s. v.), -s, 

-ting, -ted 
'd30tig, -z jotting (s.), -s 
'dsa/wa [-/jno] Joshua 
Od3n:, -z Jew, -s 
d3u:bi'Ia:ti [-leiti], -z Jubilate, -s 
dsmbi'leijan, -z jubilation, -s 
'd3n:bileit, -s, -ig, -id jubilat|e 

(v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'd3a:bil8nt, -li jubilant, -ly 
'd3u:bili:, -z jubilee, -s 
d3n:d Jude 
'd3a:deiaiz, -iz, -ig, -d judaizje 

[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed [-ally"] 
d3a:'deiik, -dl, -all Judaic, -alj 
'd3ii:dei|ist, -ists, -izm Jadajist, 

-ists, -ism 
'dsnida Juda(h) 
'd3n:das, -iz Judas, -es 
'd3u;di Judy 
d3u:'di'a, -n, -nz 1) Judaea, -n, 

-ns; 2) Judea, -n, -ns [toryl 
'd3n:dikat»ri [dsni'dik-] judica-J 
'd3u:dikatir [-keit-] judicative 
'd3n:dikatj'9* judicature 
d3u:'di|/3l, -Jali judi|cial, -ciall y 
dsni'diJTas, -li, -nis judicious, -ly, 
dsni'dijiari judiciary [-ness 
dsnidiO Judith 
d3n:'d3itsn: jujitsu 
'd3u:d3n'b, -z jujube, -s 
'dsu-an Juan 
'd3n:gjula* = 'dsAgjnla* 
'd3U'il ['dsu-al], -z, -ig, -d jewel 

(s. V.) (J.), -s, -ling, -led 
dga-illa* ['d3ual|a*], -az, -ri 
jewell|er, -ers, -ery [case, -si 
'd3u-ilkeis ['dsu-al-], -iz jewel-J 
'dsu'is, -iz Jewess, -es 
'd3n'ij, -li, -nis Jewish, -ly, -ness 
d3n:l 1) Joule; 2) dialectal for 

d3U''l|ai, -aiz Jul|y, -ies 
'dsnilep [-lip], -s julep, -s 
d3ii:li'a:na [-'sena] Juliana 
d3n:li'en (3y'ljen)" julienne 

'dsuilja— 8sa'ra:ft8* 

— 109 — 

dsuivl'niliti — 6i> 

dSMiIja Julia 

(I3a:]j3ii 1) Julian; 2) Julyan 

dsmljan ['3u:lji] fey'ljs) Julien 

dsniljas Julius 

'd3u:lj3t [-Ijet] Juliet 

d3u:nj -z 1) June, -s; 2) Jeune 

d3n:ni'ariti juniority 

'd3u:nipa*, -z juniper, -s 

dsuinja*, -z junior [jr.], -s 

'd3n:iij3s Junius 

'd3u:noa Juno 

d3u:'nonni3n [-njau] Junonian 

'dsuipita* Jupiter 

'd3n:p9n [-p5] (sy'po), -z jupon, -s 

d3n:s. -iz juice, -s 

'd3n:8[i, -ia*, -list juic|y, -ier, -iest 

'd5a:si|Ii, -nis juici|ly, -ness 

d3n:8t, -s joust, -s 

d3u:t, -s jute, -s 

dsnivinail [-van-], -z juvenile 

(s. adj.), -a 
d3a:vi'Hesan|s [-va'n-], -t juven- 

escenlce, -t 

d3u:ri'niliti [-va'n-j juvenility 
'd3n:\in^ [-van^ Juvenal 
d3u:z Jews {plur. of Jew) 
'd3u:zbari Jewsbury 
'd3u:z']ia:p, -s jew's-harp, -s 
O dsnd-, d3nan, dsual, etc. = dsu:- 
'dsuarset, -s jurat, -s 
'dsuara Jura 
'dsnara*, -z juror, -s 
'd3uar|i, -iz 1) jur|y, -ies; 2) Jewry 
'dsnaribaks, -iz jury-box, -es 
d3ua'ridik{al, -ali juridio|al, -ally 
'd3narima:st [-mast] jury-mast 
'd3uari{man, -man jury|man, -men 
dsuaris'dikjsn, -z j urisdiction, -s 
dsuaris'dikj'an^ ["JvU jurisdic- 
'dsuariskansAlt, -s jurisconsult, -a 
'd3narispru:d9ns [dsuaris'p-] j ur- 

'dsnarist, -s jurist, -s 
'dsnil, 'd3ui8, 'd3nij = 'dsn:- 
dsn'lai = d3u:'lai 

dal thy 
dain thine 
dai'self thyself 
#9aa thou 

• Seen than (strong form) 
8set 1) that ( on., adv.); 
2) strong form of that (relative 
pron., conj.) 
0OAS, -nig thus, -ness 
#5ei they (normal form) 
6eid they'd (= they had or they 

deiv they've (= they have) 
•de they (frequent form before 

dem them (strong form) 
'dcmselvz octxisional emphatic form 
of dam'selvz themselves, when 
used in contrast with himself, etc. 
Sen then 
Sens thence 
'5ens|'ft>.'0, -'fa.'Tvad thence|forth, 

#9sa*l) their; 2)there(MSuai/'or»t) 
Oea'ra:fta* thereafter 

'deara'baut, -s thereabout, -s 
deaz 1) theirs ; 2) there's (= there is) 

• 5a the (imemphatic form before 

5a* there (occasional weak form) 

5»m them (weak form) 

5am'selvz themselves 

d»n than (weak form) 

8ar occasional weak form of 9ea* 

their used when a vowel follows 
5at weak (usual) form of that 

(relative pron., conj.) 

• 91: 1) the (emphatic form, also 
sometimes used as an unemphatic 
form before vowels); 2) thee 
(usual form) 

di;z these (plur. of 5is) 

• 51 1) the (unemphatic form be- 
fore vowels); 2) thee (less com- 
mon weak form) 

'9i5a*. -wad [-word] thither, -ward 
dis this 

• 5ou though [tho'] (usual form) 
5oaz those 

• 9o2e8S common weak form o/dou 

ci— eiara'Iodsikal 


eiara'metrik — 'eikman 


{In Northern English and in many American dialects the diphthong 
ei is replaced by the pure vowel e:) 

ei 1) (indef. art.) a {strong form); 

2) {adv.) ay {ever) ; 3) {intetj.) eh 
ei, -z. 1) A [the letter), -'a; 2) aye 

{yes), -s 
• 'eil)9l Abel 

'eibari 1) Abury; 2) Avebury 
'eiba't Abert 
'ei'bii'si: abc 

'eiWsi''deari8n, -z abecedarian, -s 
'eibial Abiel 
'eibii:z abies 
'eib|l, -la*, -list, -li 1) ab|le, -ler, 

-lest, -ly; 2) Abel 
'eibl'bodid able-bodied 
'eibraheem [-ham] Abraliam 
'eibram Abram 
'eibron = 'i:bron Ebro 

leid, -z, 

o, -ig, -id (s. V.) aid, -s, 

'eidda'kai; [-ka;;] (eidda'kft), -z 

aide-de-camp, -a 
'eida Ada 
'ieida*, -z aider, -s 
'eidan Aidan 
'eidi 1) Adie; 2) Adye 
'eidlyais ('eidalvais) edelweiss 
'eidn 1) Aden; 2j Aidan 
eidri'setik Adriatic 
'eidria, -n Adria, -n 
eidria'nonpl Adrianople 
eidz aids (from aid) 
eids, -iz, -ig, -d (s. v.) ag|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed {participle) 
"eidsseks, -iz Ajax, -es 
'eid3ans|i, -iz agenc|y, -ies 
'eidsant, -s agent, -s 
'eidsid, -nis aged {adj.), -ness 
'eidslag agelong 

• 'ei'eiu A. M. 

• eia'reijan aeration 

'eiareit ['ear-], -s, -ii|, -id; -a*,-az 
aeratje, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 
'eiaralait ['ear-, -rol-], -s aero- 
' lite, -s [-S 

'eiaralie ['ear-, -rol-], -s aerolith, 
«fere'lod3ikal [ear-] aerological 

eiara'metrik [ear-, -ro'm-] aero- 
'etarano:t ['sar-], -s aeronaut, -s 
eiara'noitik [ear-], -al, -s aero- 
nautic, -al, -3 
'eiaraplein ['sar-, -rop-], -z aero- 
plane, -s 
'eiarastset ['sar-, -ros-], -s aero- 
stat, -s 
'eiari aery {adj.) 
'eiarijfai ['ear-J, -faiZj -faiii), 
-faid aeri|fy, -fles, -fying, -fied 
'e/arist = 'sarist aorist 
eiaroMdai'ntemiks [ear-] aero- 
e«a'ralad3|i [ea'r-], -ist, -ists 

aerologly, -ist, -ists 
eia'rainit|a* [sa'r-], -az, -ri aero- 

met|er, -ers, -ry 
•ei'fldian [se'f-, -djan], -z aphid- 

ian, -8 
'eif |is ['sef|is], -idi:z aph|is, -ides 
0'eiga:* Agar 
'eigseg Agag 
'eiga* 1) Agar; 2) Ager 
'eiga* [i:ga*], -z eagre, -s 
'eigjn:, -z ague, -s 
ei'gret (e'grst), -s aigrette, -s 
ei'grearian, etc. = a'gr- 
'eigwiil (e'gniij), -z aiguille, -s 
■ 'eiheeb Ahab 

'eihsez Ahaz [-nessi 

• ei'iarial, -i, -nis aerial, -ly,J 
•eik, -s, -ii), -t (s. V.) ach|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
ei'ka:tei (ekar'te) dearth 
'eiksen Achau 

'eika*, -z 1) acre (A.), -s; 2) Acher 
'eikad acred 
'eikarids acreage 
'eikaz 1) Acres; 2) Akers 
'eikin 1) Aiken; 2) Aikin 
'eikij Achish 
eikju: (e'ky), -z ^cu, -s 
'eikla: (e'kla) ^clat 
'eikman Aikman 




'eindsa* — 'eitri»m 

'eikom, -z acorn, -s 

'eikoinjel, -z acorn-shell, -s 

eiks 1) aches {from ache); 2) Aix 

'eikslaiXte'pel (ekslaja'pel) Aix- 

eikt ached {from ache) 

•eil, -z (s.) ale (A.), -s 

eil, -z, -ill, -d (v.) ail, -s, -ing, 

'eileit alate {adj.) 

'eila*, -ri alar, -y 

'eilhan{8, -ziz alehou|se, -ses 

ei'li:t (e'lit) 61ite 

'eilites [-lj%8], -iz alias (A.), -es 

'eilian [-Ijan], -z, -ij, -d alien 
(s. adj), -s, -ing, -ed 

eilia'neij^a [-Ijan-]. -z aliena- 
tion, -s 

'eilianeit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
alienatfe, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 

'eilianjabl, -ids alien|able, -age 

'eilianjist, -Ists, -izm alienjist, 
-ists, -ism 

eiliss [-Ijas] = 'elli«s 

'eilig Ayling 

'eilma* Aylmer 

'eilmant, -s ailment, -s 

'eiljam Aylsham 

'eilwaijf, -tz alewi|fe, -ves 

'eil|w8d, -win Ayllward, -win 

eilz 1) ales; 2) ails 

'eilzbari 1) Ailesbury; 2) Ayles- 

'eilzfad ['eilsf-] Aylesford 

•eim, -z, -ii), -d (s. v.), aim, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

'ei'men, -z = 'ai'men, -z amen, -s 

'eimen'koina* Amen Corner 

ei'msit (e'in0:t), -s 6meute, -s 

'eima* Aymer 

'eimsri Amory 

'eimi Amy 

eimia'blliti [-inja-] amiability 

'eimiabll [-mja-], -U? -Inis amia- 
blle, -ly, -leness 

'eimis Amice 

eimjas = 'semises 

'eimlis, -li aimless, -ly 

'eimas Amos 

'eimus* [-moa*] Amoore 
eunz 1) Eames; 2) Ames; 3) aims 
eimzbari Amesbury 

• 'eindga* Ainger 
'einds^i, -z angel (A.), -s 
'einds^lflj, -iz angel-fish, -es 
'einal anal 

'einas, -iz anus, -es 

'einjant^ -s, -ist, -Ii, -nis ancient 

(s. adj), -s, -est, -ly, -ness 
eint ain't 
'einzli 1) Ainsly; 2) Ainslie 

• ei'a:t|a, -az, -ik aortja, -as, -ic 
■eip, -s, -ii), -t {s.v), ap|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'eip|eks,-eksiz,-isi:z ap|ex, -exes, 

'eiparji, -iz aper|y, -ies 
eipi'sarian, -z apiarian, -s 
'eipian [-pjan] apian 
'eipiar|i [-pja-], -iz apiarjy, -ies 
'eipiarist [-pja-], -s apiarist, -a 
'eipikAltJa* [-tjwa*] apiculture 
'eipikal = 'sepikal apical 
'eipisi:z apices {plur. of apex) 
'eipij, -li, -nis apish, -ly, -ness 
'eipizm apism 
'eiposteri'airai a posteriori 
'eiprai'oirai a priori 
eiprai'oriti apriority 
'eipran, -z, -d apron, -s, -ed 
'eiprikat, -s apricot, -s 
'eipril [-ral], -z April, -s 
'eipril'fn:! [-ral-], -z April-fool, -s 
•eis, -iz ace, -s 
'eisa Asa 

'eisaf [-ssef] Asaph 
'eisgil Aisgil 
'eisis Acis 
'eiskaf Ayscough 

• 'eija Asia 
eiji'ffitik, -s Asiatic, -s 
eiji'setisizm, -z asiaticism, -s 

• eit = et ate {past tense of eat) 
eit. -s 1) eight, -s; 2) ait, -s; 

3) eyot, -s 
'eitfonld eightfold 
'ei'tiin, -z, -0, -Os eighteen, -a, 

-th, -ths 
eitji, -lie [-jie], -lies [-jiOs] 

l)eight|y, -ieth, -ieths; 2) Ate(8.) 
'eitkia Aitken 
'eitn 1) Ayton; 2) Aytoun 
'eitri|ain, -a = 'a:tri|am, -a atri- 

lum, -a 

eitj— edjii-'keijanist 


eiTan — ear- 

eitj, -iz H {the letter), -'s 
'eitjitoun, -z aitchbone, -s 
'eitjisn Aitchison 

eite, -s, -li eighth, -s, -ly 

• eiOialodsikal [-Oio'l-] atheolo- 

'eieijist [-Oj|-], -ists, -izm athe|ist, 
-ists, -ism 

eiOi'istik [-'Ojist-], -al, -all athe- 
istic, -al, -ally 

eiOi'oladsi atheology 

• 'eiTbsri Avebury 

'eivan, -deil Avon, -dale 
'eiT^nmae [-mauO] Avonmouth 
'eirari 1) Avery; 2) Avory 
'eiTi ['o:Ti], -z ave, -s 
em'eijan [»v-] aviation 
'eivieita* ['«ev-], -z aviator, -s 
'eiviar|i [-vja-], -iz aviar|y, -ies 
'eiviarist [-vja-], -s aviarist, -s 
'eivima'raia'lein Ave Maria Lane 
'eivzbari Avesbury 
•eiz 1) A's; 2) ayes 
'cizlabi (locally 'eizlbi) Aislaby 


eb, -z, -ifl, -d ebb, -s, -ing, -ed 

eba Ebba 

'eban, -ait, -i ebon, -ite, -y 

ebi'ni:za* Ebenezer 

'ebrigtan Ebrington 

ebu'lijan [-ba'l-], -z ebullition, 

'eb'taid, -z ebb-tide, -s 
'ebzfli:t Ebbsfleet 
• 'eda, -z Edda, -s 
'edabl, etc. = 'edibl, etc. 
edga* Edgar 
'ed|T, -iz, -iliij -id (g. v.), edd|y 

(E.), -ies, -ying, -ied 
edi'biliti [-da'b-J edibility 
edibl [-abl], -z, -nis edible (s. 

adj), -s, -neas 
edijfai, -faiz, -faiii), -faid edi|fy, 

-fies, -fying, -fied 
edifl'keij'du edification 
'edifls, -iz edifice, -s 
edin Edin 

'edinbara [-bAra] Edinburgh 
'edii|tan Edington 
'edisa Edison 
'edistan Eddystone 
'edit, -8, -ig, -id; -a*, -az edit, 

-8, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 
'editajip, -s editorship, -s 
edi'tazrial, -z, -i editorial {s.acy.), 

-s, -ly 
edju-'keiJIan [-dsu-.], -anj [.^}] 

educati|ou, -onal 
edjn-'keijanist [-dsu--, -Jj^lst], 

-8 educationist, -s 

edju'keit [-dsu-], -s, -ii), -id 

educatje, -es, -ing, -ed 
'e4ju'keit|a* [-dsu--], -az, -ir 

educatjor, -ors, -ive 
'edmand, -z 1) Edmond, -s ; 2) Ed- 
mund, -s 
'edmandlsn l)Edmondson; 2)Ed- 

'edmantan Edmonton 
'edmanz = 'edmandz 
'ednbara = 'edinbara Edinburgh 
'ednfi:ld (local pronunciation of 

'i:dnfi:Id) Edenfield (Lanes.) 
'edrids Edridge 
'edwad, -z Edward, -(e)8 
'edwin, -8toii Edwin, -stowe 
eds, -iz, -ig, -dj -a*, -az edg|e 

(s. V.) (E.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'edsatn 1) Edgerton; 2) Egerton 
'edsi edgy 

'edsig, -z edging (s.), -s 
'edshil (surname), 'edg'hil (name 

of a hill) Edgehill 
'edskam 1) Edgecomb(e); 2) Edg- 

'edskout [-kat] Edgecote 
'edslis edgeless 
edsu'k- = edju-k- 
'edslweiz, -waiz edge|ways, -wise 
'edswsa* Edgware 
'edswea'rond ['edswa'r-J Edgware 

'edswa'O Edgeworth 
• 'edarigtan Etheriugton 
a ear- = eiar- 

ef— 'eflOMtaiz 

— 113 — 

'egoutist— ekse- 

• ef, -s F (the letter), -'s 

O e'filds [I'f-], -iz, -ifl, -defEulg|e, 

-€8, -ing, -ed 
e'fiLldsaiils [i'f-], -t, -tli efiulgen- 

|ce. -t, -tly 
O'efabl enable 
'efat, -8, -lis effort, -s, -less 
efa'yes, -iz, -iij, -t eftervescle, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
efa'resnls, -si, -t efferrescenlce, 

-cy, -t 
O e'fl:t [i'f-] effete 
O'efl Effie 

'efldsji, -iz effigly, -ies 
efl'ktesiti efficacity 
efl'kei/as, -11, -nis efficacions, 

-ly, -nes3 
'eflkasi efficacy 
efl'meridiiz ephemerides 
'eflgsm Effingham 
'eflsas Ephesus 
Oe'fjn'.s [i'f-] effuse (adj.) 
e'Qu:z [i'f-], -iz, -ig, -d effus|e(».), 

■es, -ing, -ed 
O'efl Aks, -Iz efflux, -es 
efla''re8, -iz, -iii, -t effloresc|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
efla''resn{s, -si, -t efQorescen|ce, 

-cy, -t 
e'flnrriam [i'f-, -Tjam] effluvium 
'eflaanjs, -t, -ts effluenlce, -t, -ts 
Oe'frAntarIi [i'f-], -iz eftronter|y, 
'efrata Epnrata [-ies 

O efs F's 
O eft, -s eft, -s 

• eg, -z, -ig, -d egg («. v.), -a, 
-ing, -ed 

O'egba-t Egbert 

O'egkAp, -s egg-cup, -s 

O'eglamo»* Eglamore 

'eglantain eglantine 

'eglintan Eglinton 

'eglan Eglon 

'eglstan Eggleston 

O'egmont [-mant] Egmont 

O'egon ego 

'egonjist, -ists, -Izm egojist, -ists, 

egou'istik, -9l, -all egoistic, -al, 

'egoutaiz, -iz, -ig, -d egotiz|e 
[-is]e], -es, -ing, -ed 

'egotet|ist, -Ists, -izm egotjist, 
-ists, -ism 

egow'tistik, -al, -all egotistic, 
-al, -ally 

0'egpla:nt, -s egg-plant, -s 

O'egramant Egremont 

O'egjel, -z egg-shell, -s 

O egz eggs (from egg) 

egz- see also igz- 

'egzail, etc. ■= 'eksail exile, etc. 

egzAl'teiJan exultation 

eg'zeil,etc.=ek8'heil exhale, etc. 

egzem'plteriti exemplarity 

'egzidsans, etc. = 'eksidsans, etc. 

eg'zilik [ek's-] exilic 

eg'ijiiid, eg'^nim = ek'g- 

'egza:saiz = 'eks- 

eg'za-lt, etc. = Ig'za'lt exalt, etc. 

egza'l'teijan, -z exaltation, -s 

egzai'teiXan [eks-], -z exhorta- 
tion, -s 

• e'iarial, etc. = ei'iarial, etc. 

• e'kainjas [i'k-], -at echin|u8, -i 
O ek'bsetana Ecbatana 
O'eha't Eckert 

'ekazli Eckersly 

O'ekfad Eckford 

O e'kidn|a [i'k-], -i: echidnja, -se 

O ek'lektik, -s, -al, -all eclectic 

(s. adj), -a, -al, -ally 
ek'Iektisizm eclecticism 
'ekiag [-long], -z eclogue, -s 
'ekls^n Eccleston 
'eklz, -fl:ld Eccles, -field 
O'ekon^ -z, -ig, -d echo («. v.), 

-es, -mg, -ed 
eka'seiz (ieka'sezz), -iz ^cossaise, 

O'ekran Ekron 
Oeks, -iz 1) X (the letter), -a; 

2) ex 
'eksazk, -s exarch, -s 
'eksa:kit, -s exarchate, -s 
eksal- see also iksai- 
'eksail ['egz-], -z, -ig, -d exil|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, red 
eks'ienimou ex animo 
'ekstesa'''beiXan, -z exacerbation, 

eks'tesa'beit^ -s, -ig, -id exacerb- 

atle, -es, -ing, -ed 
ekse- see also ikse- 

Hiohaelis t Jones, Phonetic Dictionarr. 


eksen'trisiti— 'eksikreit — 114 

eksilcreitiT— 'ek89:8aiz 

eksen'trisitji [-89n-], -iz eccen- 

tricit|y, -ies 
ek'se:- = ik'sa:- 
'efc83:pt[ek's-,ik'8a:pt], -8 excerpt 

(«•). -8 

'ek83da8 exodus (£.) 

'eks9l3n8, -iz, -i, -iz excellencje, 
-es, -y, -iea 

'eksslant, -li excellent, -ly 

'eksasaiz, -iz, -ii), -d; -a*, -az 
exercisje (». v.), -es, -ing, -ed; 
-er, -ers 

'ek88ta* [-site*] Exeter 

eksfonli'ei/^n, -z exfoliation, -s 

ek8'foiilieit,-8, -ig, -id exfoliatje, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

ek8'heil, -z, -ig, -d exhalje, -es 
-ing, -ed 

eks'heilant [eg'zei-] exhalant 

eks/o'leijan [egza-J, -z exhal- 
ation, -s 

ek8'lija:in [-'(;n:m], -z, -ig, -d 
exhum|e, -es, -ing. -ed 

eksAjni'mei/^n [-^}n:'-], -z ex- 
humation, -3 

eksi:- = iksi:- 

'eksi ecce 

'eksitet, -8 exeat, -s 

'eksiAnt exeunt 

eksi'bij^n, -z exhibition, -s 

eksi'bijana* [-Ji^a*], -z exhibi- 
tioner, -s 

ek8i'd3etik, -al, -ali, -8 exegetic, 
-al, -ally, -s 

'eksidsans ['egzi-], -iz, -i, -iz 
exigenc|e, -es, -y, -ies 

'eksidsant ['egzi-] exigent 

ek8i'<l3i:si8 exngesis 

ek8i'gjuiti exiguity 

eksi'keij^n exsiccation 

eksikeit, -8, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
exsiccatje, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 

eksi'kjni/sn, -z execution, -s 

eksi'kjnijana* [-Jiia*], -z execu- 
tioner, -a 

eksikjnit, -s, -ig, -id execut|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

'eksikjnita*, -z executer {one who 
expcuten), -s 

eksfkrei/an, -z execration, -s 

'eksikreit, -s, -ig, -id execrat|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

'ek8ikreit|iT, -irli, -ari execrat- 

|ive, -ively, -ory 
'ekwikrabjl, -11, -Inis execrabjle, 

-ly, -leness 
'eksiktriz exequies ^ 
ek'silik = eg'zilik exilic 
ek'siUti exility 
'ek8ima ['ekz-] eczema 
'eksit, -8 exit, -s 
eksi'teijan, -z excitation, -s 
'eksita* = 'eksata* Exeter 
'eksitant [ik'saitant], -8 excitant, 


'ek8iz 1) X's; 2) exes (expenses) 
ek'sisan [ik'sisan], -z excision, -s 
ek'sjnid, etc. r= ig'^uid, etc. 
eksjni'deijan [egsjn:-], -z exuda- 
tion, -s 
eksgni'mei/an =: ekslyn:- 
eks'k- see also ik8'k- 
pk8kArpciJ'dn exculpation 
'ekskAlpeit, -s, -ig, -id exculp- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
ek8'kAlpatari exculpatory 
ekskamjuini'keijan, -z excom- 
munication, -s 
ekska'mjninikeit, -8, -ig, -id 
excomuiunicat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
ekska'Tei/sn, -z excavation, -s 
'ekskaveit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
excavatje, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, -or» 
ekskla'tnei/an, -z exclamation, -s 
eks'kla:d, etc. = ik8- 
eks'kadsiteit, etc. = iks- 
ek8krimen'tijas [-kram-] excre- 

ekskri'menti [-kra'm-l excre- 

'ekskrimant [-kram-], -8 excre- 
ment, -8 
'ek8k>rizit, -li, -nl8 exquisite, -ly, 

'eks'laibris ex libris 
'ekslans, etc. = 'eksalans, etc. 
'ek8|ma9, -mna* Ex|mouth, -moor 
eksn'trisitji, -iz eccentricit|y, 

'ek8ond, -z exode, -s 
ek80M'terik, -8, -»1, -ali exoteric 

(g. adj.), -s, -al, -ally 
'ek8a:saiz, -iz, -ig, -d exorcisje; 
-es, -ing, -ed 

'eksa:8ist — eks'prouprieit 


'eks'reiz — eks'trinsik 

'eksoisjist, -ists, -izm exorc|ist, 

-ists, -ism 
eksai'teijan = egza:'tei/aii 
eks'p- see also iks'p- 
'eks'paiti ex paxte 
eks'peitrieit [-'ptet-], etc. = iks- 
ekspek'teiXan, -z expectation, -s 
eks'pektareit, etc. = iks- 
eksperi'mentl, etc. = iks- 
'ekspaigeit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
expurgatje, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 
eks'pa:gatari expurgatory [-ors 
ekspaiga'tarrial expurgatorial 
'ekspa:t, -s 1) (s.) expert, -s; 

2) {adj.) = iks'pait 
eks'pa:t = iks'pad; expert 
ekspa'reij'an, -z = ekspi'r- 
ekspa'zijan [-po'z-], -z exposi- 
tion, -a 
'ekspidait, -s, -ii), -id expedit'e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
ekspi'diXan, -z expedition, -s 
ekspi'dljas, -li, -nis expeditious, 

-ly, -ness 
ekspt'eijan, -z expiation, -s 
'ekspieit. -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
expiatfe, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 
'ekspieitari [-plat-] expiatory 
'ekspiabl expiable 
ekspi'reijan [-pa'r-], -z expira- 
tion, -a 
ekspla'DeiJan, -z explanation, -s 
ekspli'keijfan, -z explication, -s 
'eksplikeit, -s, -Ig, -id explicat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'eksplikeitllT [-kat-, eks'plikat-], 

-ari explicat|ive, -ory 
'eksplikabi [eks'p-, iks'p-] ex- 
eksplai'reipn [-plo'r-], -z ex- 
ploration, -s 
'eksplait [eks'p-, iks'plait], -s 

exploit (s.), -8 
eksplai'tei/an exploitation 
ekspoM'nen/al exponential 
eks'ponzei (skspo:'ze), -z expose, 
'ekspa:t, -s export («.), -s [-s 
ekspai'tei/^n exportation 
ekspronpri'eij9ii, -z expropria- 
tion, -B 
eks'prouprieit, -s, -ii|, -id ex- 
propriat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

'eks'reiz X-rays 
eks't- see aho iks't- 
eks'tont = 'ekstant extant 
eks'tietik [ik-], -at, -all ecstatic, 

-al, -ally 
eks'temparaiz, etc. = iks- 
ekstempa'reinias [-njas], -li, -nls 

extemporaneous, -ly, -ness 
eks'tempari extempore 
eks'tam, -z extern (a. a^.), -a 
ekstai'neeliti externality 
eks'taiualaiz, -iz, -ig, -d extern- 

aliz|e [-is|ej, -es, -ing, -ed 
ekstainalai'zeijan externaUza- 

tion [-isa-] 
eks'ta:nal{ist, -ists, -izm extern- 
al |ist, -ists, -ism 
^eks'ta:n|f, -|z, -ali externjal (s. 

adj.), -als, -ally 
ekstarpeijan, -z extirpation, -s 
'ekstaipeit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
extirpat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 
'ekstan Exton 

'ekstant [eks'ttent, iks't-] extant 
'ekstasji, -iz ecstas|y, -ies 
^eks'tiaria*,-z, -li exterior(8.«H^'.), 

-s, -ly 
ekstiari'ariti exteriority 
'ekstrsekt, -s extract (s.), -a 
eks'traekt, etc. {v.) = iks'trtekt, 

ekstrKTa'sei/an, -z extravasa- 
tion, -s 
eks'trtevaseit, -s, -ig, -id extrav- 

asatfe, -es, -ing, -ed 
eks'treinias [-njas], -li extran- 
eous, -ly 
'ekstra, -z extra («. ac^. adv.), -s 
'ekstradait, -s, -ig, -id; -abl 
extradit!e, -es, -ing, -ed; -able 
ekstra'dijan, -z extradition, -a 
'ekstradsDi'diJIal, -ali extra- 

judici|al, -ally 
'ekstra'mAndein extra-mundane 
'ekstra'mjnaral extra-mural 
ekstra'a:dnri = iks'tra:dnri 
ekstrfkeijan extrication 
'ekstrikeit, -s, -ig, -id extricat|e, 

-ea, -ing, -ed 
'ekstrikabl extricable 
eks'trinsik, -91, -ali extrinsic, 
-al, -ally 


ekwa'biliti— elffln 

116 - 

'elflnstan — 'elmho.'st 

Oekwa'biliti [i:k-] equability 
'ekirab|l ['i:k-], -11, -Inis equabl|e, 
-ly, -leness 

ekwa'da:* ['ekwado:*] Ecuador 
'ekw3r|i, -iz equerr|y, -ies 

ekira'tairial [i:k-], -i equatorial, 


'ekwipids, -iz equipage, -8 
ekwi'teij»n equitation 
'ekwitabll, -11, -Inis equitab|le, 

-ly, -leness 
'ekwitji, -iz equit[y, -ies 
'ekwivoak, -s equivoke [-voque], 


Oek'zematas eczematous 
'ekzima = 'eksima eczema 
ek'zilik = eg'zilik exilic 
• el, -z 1) ell, -s; 2) L (the letter), 

Oeltes'tisiti [M-, -Ia:8-] elasticity 
Oelb Elbe 
'elba Elba 
elbon, -z, -ig, -d elbow (s. v.), 

-s, -ins, -ed 
'elbongri:s elbow-grease 
'elbonra-m elbow-room 
O'elda*, -z elder (s. a4}.), -s 
'eldaberji, -iz elderberrjy, -ies 
'eldalji, -inis elderljy, -iness 
eld3'ra:don [-do'r-] El Dorado 
'elda'wain elder-wine 
'eldist eldest 
eldrid [-red] Eldred 
'eldrids Eldridge 
'eldsin incorrect form of 'elgin 
Oe'lein Elaine 
elektr- = ilektr- 
0'el» Ella 

el3'kjn:/»n [-lo'k-] elocution 
ela'kjnijanari [-lo'k-, -J^ari] 

ela'kjuijanist [-lo'k-, -J^ist], -s 

elocutionist, -s 
'elakwans [-lok-], -t, -tli elo- 

quenlce, -t, -tly 
'elam Ellam 
'eland Elland 
elan'gauan EUangowan 
'elari Ellery 
Oel|f, -Tz el|f, -ves 
'elfln. -z 1) (». adj.) elfin, -s; 

2) Elphin 

'elflnstan Elphinston(e) 

'ems elfish 

'elfltend elf-land 

'elflak, -s elf-lock, -s 

'elftik = '«e1frik 

O'elga* [-go:*] Elgar 

'elgin Elgin 

O'elibteiik Elibank 

eli'dsaiak, -s, -»! elegiac (s. adj.), 

-8, -al 
'elidsaiz, -iz, -ig, -d elegiz|e 

[-is|e-], -es, -ing, -ed 
'elidsji, -iz eleg|y, -ies 
elidsi'biliti [-dsa'b-] eligibility 
'elidsibjl [-abll], -li, -Inis eligibjle, 

-ly, -leness 
'elidsist, -s elegist, -s 
eli'eiza* Eleazar 
elia'naira 1) Eleanora; 2) Eleo- 

elifsen'taiasis elephantiasis 
eli'fsentain elephantine 
'elifant, -s elephant, -s 
'eUgan|s, -t, -tli eleganjce, -t, -tly 
eli'i:za Eliezer 
'elikat Ellicott 
eli'mentari elementary 
eli'ment|I, -all element|al, -ally 
'elimant, -s element, -s 
'elin, -b^ra Ellen, -borough 
'elina* 1) Eleanor; 2) Elinor 
elip'saidl ellipsoidal 
elip'tisiti ellipticity 
'elis 1) Ellis; 2) Ellice; 3) Elles 
'elisn Ellison 
'elistan EUiston 
eli'TeiJan, -z elevation, -s 
'eliveit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az, -ari 

elevat|e, -es, -ing, -ed ; -or, -ors, 

O'eljat 1) Emot(t); 2) Eliot(t); 

3) Elyot 
'eljatsn Elliotaon 
e'ljnisis [i'l-] Eleusis 
Oelk, -s elk, -s 
el'keina [-'ka:n-] Elkanah 
'elkin, -z Elkin, -s 
'elkigtan Elkington 
'elkon Elcho 
Oelm, -z elm (E.), -s 
el'maiara Elmira 
'elmhaist Elmhurst 

'elma:a*— 'embrakeit 

— 117 — 

'embrion— em'pten^ 

'elmoia* Elmore 

'elmwud Elmwood 

'elmzli Elmsley 

Oe'lonhim Elohim 

elok- =: elak- 

Oels, -iz else (E.), -a 

'els'ftwea* elsewhere 

'elsi Elsie 

'elsik Elswick 

elsi'noia* Elsinore 

'elspeO [-pi6] Elspeth 

O'eltam [-earn] Eltham 

'eltsn Elton 

O'elwiz Elwes 

'elirand, -z ellwand, -s 

'elwnd EUwood 

Oel'Taiara Elvira 

'elTan elvan 

'elT|i, -in Elv|ey, -in 

'cItIJ elvish 

elTz (pZttr. of elf) elves 

Oelz 1) ells; 2) L's 

'elzik Elswick 

'elzivfa* elzevir (E.) 

'elzmia* l)Elsmere; 2)Ellesmere 

'elzw3:9i Elsworthy 

'elzwa'6 Ellsworth [-'s 

• em, -z 1) em, -s; 2) M.(the letter), 

Oe'mieiijasl = i'mte^jnal 

Oem'b- see also im'b- 

em'baigon [im-], -z, -ii) [-goig], 
-d 1) (s.) embargo, -s; 2) («.) em- 
bargo, -es, -ing, -ed 

embai'keiXan, -z embarcation 
[-arka-], -s 

'emba*. -z ember, -s 

'embadei, -z Ember-day, -s 

'embalizm, -z embolism, -s 

'embasli, -iz embass|y, -ies 

'embaHids, -iz embassage, -s 

'embatri:k, -s Ember-week, -s 

em'blemataiz, -iz, -ig, -d em- 
blematizje [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 

'emblam [-lem, -lim], -z emblem, 

embla'msetik [-li'm-], -9l, -ali 
emblematic, -al, -ally 

'emblmant, -s emblement, -s 

embra'kei/an [-ro'k-], -z embroc- 
ation, -8 
'embrakeit [-rok-], -s, -ig, -id 
embrocatje, -es, -ing, -ed 

'embrion, -z embryo, -s 
embri'oladsli, -ist, -ists embryo- 

log|y, -ist, -ists 
'embri|an [-an], -anz [-anz], -a 

embry|on, -ons, -a 
embri'anik embryonic 
embri'atik embryotic 
O e'meias Emmaus 
O'ema Emma 

ema'tteijan, -z emanation, -a 
'emaneit, -s, -ig, -id emanatje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'emaneit|iT [-nat-], -ari emanat- 

|ive, -cry 
'emarald, •% emerald, -s 
'emari 1) emery (E.); 2) Emory 
'emaripanda* emery-powder 
'emari/twiil, -z emery-wheel, -s 
'emaripeipa*, -z emery-paper, -s 
'emaradz emerods 
'emasn Emerson 

Oem'totik [im-]. -9I, -ali em- 
phatic, -al, -ally 
'emfasaiz, -iz, -ig, -d emphasizje 

[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
'emfasis emphasis 
emfl'sizma emphysema 
O'emi 1) Emmy; 2) Emmie 
e'mia* [i'm-], -z 1) emir, -s; 

2) emeer, -s 
e'miarit [i'm-], -s emirate, -s 
emrgrei/an, -z emigration, -s 
'emigreit, -s, -ig, -id emigrat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'emigreita*, -z emigrator, -s 
'emigrant, -s emigrant, -s 
'emili Emily 

'emili:n l)Emeline; 2)Emmeline 
'eminan8,-iz; -i eminencle, -es; -y 
'eminant, -li eminent, -ly 
'emisarji, -iz emissar|y (s.adj.), -ies 
'emit. -8 emmet (E.), -s 
Oemju'leijan emulation 
'emjnleit, -s, -ig, -id emulatje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'emjuleitja*, -az -iv emulat|or, 

-ors, -ive 
'emjnias, -li emulous, -ly 
O'empaia*, -z empire, -s 
empai'i:ma, -z empyema, -s 
em'pten^, etc., em'paua*, etc. === 


empara*— en'd5- 

118 — 'eudsin — ehsaikla'piidik 

'empara*, -z, -Jip emperor, -s, 

'emparji, -iz emperjy, -ies 
empi'iima, -z = empai- 
empi'ri'Jal [em'pirijal], -an em- 

pyre|al, -an 
em'pirik [im-], -s, •»!, -ali em- 
piric (s. a^.), -8, -al, -ally 
em'ptrisizm [im-] empiricism 
em'pleismant [im-], -s emplace- 
ment, -s 

em'plaij etc. = im'plai, etc. 

cmplai'i:, -z employee, -s 

em'pairiam, -z emporium, -s 

em'paizn, etc. = im'paizn, etc. 

'empris, -iz empress, -es 

'empsn Empson 

'empjau emption 

'emj>t{i. -ia*, -list; -iz, -iig, -id 
empt[y (s. adj. v.), -ier, -iest; 
-ies, -ying, -ied 

'emptilli, -nis empti|ly, -ness 

O 'emjan, 'emti, etc. = 'emp- 

O emz 1) M's; 2) Ems 

• en, -z N (the letter), -'a 

O e'nsekt, etc. = i'ntekt, etc. 

O e'nselagi: [-ladsi] enallage 

e'nsema*, etc. = i'ntema*, etc. 

Oend, -z, -ig, -ii|z, -id end {«. v.), 
-B, -ing, -ings, -ed 

en'daemids, etc., en'dan, etc. = 

en'demik, -s, -al, -ali endemic 
(g. a^.), -s, -al, -ally 

en'deya*, etc. = in'deya*, etc. 

'enda'bi Enderby 

en'da:mik, -al, -ali endermic, -al, 

en'dia*, etc. = in'dia*, etc. 

'cndikat Endicott 

en'dimian Endymion 

'endiv, -z endive, -s 

en'dj- = in'dlj- 

'endlis, -U, -nis endless, -ly, -ness 

'endlog endlong 

'endoMka:p, -s endocarp, -s 

'endowda:m, -z endoderm, -s 

'endo:* Endor 

en'd9:Sj etc. = in'da:s endorse 

endafsi:, -z endorsee, -a 

'end|weiz, -waiz end|ways, -wise 

en'ds- = in'ds" 

'endsin^ -z, -ig, -d engin|e (s.v.), 
-es, -ing, -ed 

'endsinari enginery 
endsi'nia*, -z, -rig, -d engineer 
(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 

Oena:'TeiJan enervation 

'enaiveit, -s, -ig, -id enervat|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

'enadsaiz, -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 
energizfe [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed; 
-er, -ers 
ena'dsetik, -»1, -ali energetic, 
-al, -ally 

'enadgji, -iz energjy, -ies 

O en'f- = in'f- 

'enflild Enfield 

enfl'leid, -z, -ig, -id enfllad|e 
(«. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 

O en'g- see also in'g- 

en'gi:di Engedi 

O enha:'manik, -al, -ali enhar- 
monic, -al, -ally 

en'hains [-'hiens], etc. = in'hains, 

O'eni, -bodi [-badi] any, -body 

'enias Ennius 

enig'msetik, -al, -ali enigmatic, 
-al, -ally 

'enijhan, -ftwsa* aiiy|how, -where 

'enima, -z enema, -s 

'enim|i, -iz enemjy, -ies 

'enis Ennis 

enis'kilin Enniskillen 

'eniOig anything 

'eniwaiz anywise 

'eniwei, -z anyway, -s 

'eniwsa' anywhere 

O en'k- see also in'k- 

en'konmitest, -s encomiast, -s 

enkoumi'testik, -al, -ali encomi- 
astic, -al, -ally 

en'koumiam [-mjam], -z encom- 
ium, -s 

O en'l- = in'l- 

O en'mej, etc. = in'mej, etc. 

'enmit|i, -iz enmit|y, -ies 

O en'r- = in'r. 

O en's- see also in's- 

ensaikla'piidia [-dja], -z, -n en- 
cyclopsedia, -s, -n 

ensaikla'piidik, -al encyclopsed- 
ic, -al 

ensaikla'piidist— enz 


'eBfladiiii— epit- 

ensaikl3'pi:d|istj -ists, -izm en- 

cyclopsedjist, -ists, -ism 
en'saiklik, -s encyclic (s. ac{}.), -a 
en'saiklikalj-z encyclical (s.a^/.), 
'ensain, -z ensign («.), -a [-s 

'en8ains|i, -iz ensigncly, -ies 
'ensainjip, -s ensignship, -s 
'ensillds ensilage 
en'sjn:, etc. = in'sjn:, etc. 
O'enjia entia (phtr. of ens) 
en'Ju9* [-'Joa*, -'Joia], etc. = in- 

'Jua* ensure, etc. 
O en't- see also in't- 
en'terik enteric [-ed 

enta*, -2, -rii), -d enter, -a, -ing, 
entamalodsl^l, -all entomolog- 

ic|al, -ally 
enta'maladsaiz, -iz, -ig, -d en- 

tomologizje [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
enta'maladsli, -ist, -ists entomo- 

log|y, -ist, -ists 
'entapraiz, -iz enterprise, -a 
'entapraiziii, -li enterprising, -ly 
enta'raitis enteritis 
'entarja*, -az, -aM enter|er, -era, 

enta'roladsi enterology 
'eiitas|is, -iiz entasjis, -es 
enta'tein, -z, -ig^ -igli, -d enter- 
tain, -s, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
enta'teina*, -z entertainer, -a 
enta'teinmant, -s entertainment, 
'entitji, -iz entit|y, -ies [-s 

en'tr- = in'tr- 
'entreilz entrails 
'entrans, -iz («.) entrance {door, 

etc.), -a 
'entrant, -s entrant, -s 
'entr|i, -iz entr|y, -ies 
en't/- = in'tj- 
O en'T- = in'T- 
"enTal- = 'emril- 
'enT|i, -iz, -iig, -id; -ia*, -iaz 

env|y, -ies, -ying, -ied; -ier, -iers 
'enTiab|l [-yja-], -li, -Inis envi- 

ab|le, -ly, -leness 
'enTias,-li, -nis envious, -ly, -ness 
'enTiloup ['an-, -val-, -lap], -s 

envelope, -s 
'enviranz [in'vaiaranz] environs 
'envoi, -z envoy, -s [ends 

Oenz 1) («.) ens; 2) N's; 3) = endz 

#'egc|adi:n Engadine 
'egglpiild, -wnd Engle|field, -wood 
egkaia'ridi|an [-an], -anz [-anz], 

-a enchiridi|on, -ens, -a 
eg'kairial enchorial 

• e'aita, etc. = ei'aita, etc. 

• 'epa:k, -s eparch, -a 
'epa:k{i, -iz eparcli|y, -ies 
O e'pairas [i'p-] Epirna 
O'epapi: [-pop-], -z epopee, -s 
O epi'demik,-s,-al, -all epidemic 

(a. ac^.), -a, -al, -ally 
epi'da:m|9l, -ik epidermjal, -ic 
epi'da:mis epidermis 
epi'glatis, -iz epiglottis, -es 
'epigrsef [-graif], -s epigraph, -s 
epi'grteflk epigraphic 
'epigrsem, -z epigram, -s' 
epi'grtemataiz, -iz, -ig, -d epi- 

grammatiz|e [-iB|e], -ea, -ing, -ed 
epi'grsematist, -s epigrammatist, 

e'pigrafa* [i'p-], -z epigrapher, 

e'pigraf|i [i'p-], -ist, -ists epi- 

graph|y, -ist, -ists 
epigra'mtetik, -9I, -ali epigram- 
matic, -al, -ally 
'epik, -s epic (s. adj.), -s 
'epikjua*, -z epicure, -s 
epi'quaras Epicurus 
epikjna'ri-an epicurean 
'epikjaarizm epicurism 
'epilepsi epilepsy 
epi'leptik, -s, -»I epileptic (s.adj.), 

-s, -al 
'epilog, -z epilogue, -a 
epi'menidi:z Epimenides 
'epin^ (epi'nal) Epinal 
'epig Epping 
epis- see also ipis- 
'episaikl, -z epicycle, -a 
epi'saiklik epicyclic 
epi'saiklaid, -z epicycloid, -a 
'episi:n epicene 
'epis|ist, -ists, -izm epic|ist, -ists, 

'episoud, -z episode, -s 
epi'sadik, -al, -ali episodic, -al, 

'epistail, -z epistyle, -s 
epit- see also ipit- 

'epitttif— eska'peld 


eska'ratik — eti'maladgaiz 

'epitaif [-tsef], -s epitaph, -s 
epi'tamik, -9I epitomic, -al 

'epiSein, -z epithem, -s 
epiOet [-Oit], -s epithet, -s 
epi03'leimi{3m [-mj|3iii], -smz, -a 

epithalami|um, -urns, -a 
epi'eiiliam [-Ijam] epithelium 

O'epond, -z epode, -s 

'epopi:, -z = 'epapi:, -z epopee, -s 

0'epa:let ['epoulet], -s epaulet, -s 

'epos, -iz epos, -es 

Oeps Epps 

'epsam Epsom 

O'epwa'6 Ep worth 

• 'era:d, -z Erard, -s 

O erek'fti'am Erechtheum 

O'era*, -z error, -s 

'erand, -z errand, -s 

'erandbaij -z errand-boy, -s 

'erant, -li, -nls errant, -ly, -ness 

O'eribas Erebus 

'erik, -9 eric (E.), -a 

eri'keijas ericaceous 

'eriks Eryx 

'erimait, -s eremite, -s 

eri'mitik, -al eremitic, -al 

'erinait erinite 

eri'sipilas [-pal-] erysipelas 

'erie Erith 

eri'61:ma erythema 

Oe'ronika [i'r-] Eroica 

Oeni:'besn{s, -si, -t erubescen|ce, 

-cy, -t 
'ern-dait, -11, -nis erudite, -ly, 

ern''dlj'aii erudition 

• es, -iz 1) ess, -es; 2) S (the 
letter), -'s 

O'esei, -z essay (g.), -s 

e'sei, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az essay 

(v.), -B, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'eseiist, -s essayist, -s 
0'es9ns, -iz essence, -s 
O e'sim, -z essene, -s 
O'esi 1) esse; 2) = 'esei essay 
'esiks Essex 
Oesk Esk 

'eska:*, -z eschar, -s 
eska'Ieid, -z, -ig, -id escaladje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'eskam Escombe 
eska'peid, -z escapade, -s 

eska'ratik, -s escharotic (s. adj.), 

eska'taladsli, -ist, -ists eschat- 

ologly, -ist, -ists 
'eskimon, -z 1) Eskimo, -s ; 2) Es- 
quimau, -X 
'eskjnlant, -s esculent (s. adj), -s 
es'^nariai Escurial 
es'kairial Escorial 
'eskait, -s escort {s.), -s 
es'ka:t, etc. = is'k9:t, etc. 
eskri''two:* [-'twa:*] (sskri'twair) 

-z escritoire, -s 
es'kwaimtelt Esquimalt 
O'esns, -iz = 'esans, -iz 
O esou'terik, -al, -ali esoteric, 

-al, -ally 
Oe'sain, -z essoin, -s 
Oes'paianids ['espianids] (espia- 

'na-'s) espionage 
espa'rtentlon [-'ra:n-], -ist, -ists 

Esperant|o, -ist, -ists 
'espianids = es'paianids 
espla'neid, -z esplanade, -3 
'espri: (es'pri) esprit 
'esprL'da'ka:* (esprid'karr) esprit- 

O'esta* Estiier 
'esti Este 

esti'mei/an estimation 

'estimeit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

1) eatimat|e («.), -es, -ing, -ed; 

-or, -ors; 2) leas usual form of 


'estimab|l, -li, -Inis estimabjle, 

-ly, -leness 
'estimit. -s estimate (s.), -s 
'esljnarfi [-tjn-], -iz estuarjy, -iea 
'est|ka:t, -mia* Est|court, -mere 
es'traid, -z estrade, -s 
O es'OoDnia [-nja], -n, -nz Es- 

thonia, -n, -ns 
es9- see also i's6- 

• 'ejalan (ej"15), -z echelon, -s 
e'Jaltsia [is'kol/a], -z eschscholtz- 

ia, -s 

• et ate {from eat) 

O eti'ket ['etiket] etiquette 
etima'ladsik, -al, -ali etymolo- 
gic, -al, -ally 
eti'maladgaiz, -iz, -ig, -d etym- 
ologiz|e [-isfe], -es, -ing, -ed 

eti'maladsi— 'sa.kujin — 121 — 

eva'Iaistig — 'earan 

eti'maladsli, -iz; -ist, -ists ety- 
mologjy, -iea; -ist, -ists 

'etiman, -z etymon, -s 

O'etna Etna [^tna] 

O et'setra = it'setra 

O et/, -iz, -ig, -t; -a*, -az etch, 
-es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

'etJiQ) "Z etching (s.), -s 

O e'twi:, -z etui, -s 

• 'ee^I Ethel 

O'e09l,1>a:t, -ba:ld, -red, -irnlf 

Ethel|beTt, -bald, -red, -wulf 
O'eOik, -8, -»1, -all ethic (». adj.), 

-a, -al, -ally 
'e«il ethyl 

O'eOmald, -z ethmoid {s. adj.), -a 
O eOna'grteflk ethnographic 
'eenik, -al, -all ethnic, -al, -ally 
eOna'ladsik, -91, -all ethnologic, 

-al, -ally 
eO'iiagraf|a*, -az, -i ethnograph- 

|er, -ers, -y 
eO'naladsli, -ist, -ists ethnoIog|y, 

-ist, -ists 

• erron-, eran- = irv- 
O'eya* ever 

'eTagrfcn, -z evergreen (s. adj.), -a 
eya'kei/an [-yo'k-], -z evocation, 

evakeit [-TOk-], -s, -ig, -id evoc- 

at(e, -es, -ing, -ed 

eTa'Ia:stig, -li, -nis everlasting, 

-ly, -ness 
evalju:- = iivaljn:- 
'eva'maia* evermore 
'evan, -sn, -stan Evan, -son, 

eva'nes, etc. = iiva'nes, etc. 
'evanz, -vil Evans, -ville 
'evaraid Everard 
'evarist Everest 
'evarit Everitt 
'evajed Evershed 
'evazli Eversly 
Oevi', -ali,-ari evidenti|al, 

-ally, -ary 
'evidans, -iz, -ig, -t evidencje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'evidant, -li evident, -ly 
evi'liina Evelina 
evi'teijan evitation 
'evit, -s Evett, -s 
O'CTndan Evenden 
O'evri, -bad! [-badi] every, -body 
'evri'dei everyday 
'eTri|ftwsa*, -Oig every|where, 

• 'ezdrses [-ras] Esdras 
ezdrei'i:l9n [-dra'i:-] Esdraelon 
'ezmand Esmond 
ezma'reelda Esmeralda 
'ezra Ezra 

sa* 1) Ayr; 2) Ayre; 3) Aire; 

4) Eyre 
sa* 1) ere; 2) e'er {contraction of 

sa% -z (s.) heir, -s 
sa*, -z, -rifl, -d (s. v.) air, -s, 

-ing, -ed 

• 'eaJbaijO, -dz air-balth, -ths 
'eablieda*, -z air-bladder, -s 

• ead 1) Aird; 2) aired (from 

'eadam heirdom 

• 'sagAii, -z air-gun, -s 
S'sahoai, -z air-hole, -s 

sa'^Tvail erewhile 
•'sajkojin [-/an], -z air-cushion, 

• 'sali Airlie 

'ealis 1) airless; 2) heirless 
jsa'log erelong 
'salnim, -z heirloom, -s 

• 'ea|man [-meen], -man [-men] 
air{maD, -men 

• sa'nan erenow 

• 'sapAmp, -s air-pump, -s 

• 'sartem Aram {biblical name) 
O sarei- = eiarei- 
O'earendsin, -z air-engine, -s 
O saral- = eiaral- 

'saram, -z 1) arum, -s; 2) Aram 

earam- = eiaram- 
'saran, -z Aaron, -s 
saran-, sarap- == eiar- 

'sara'pserant— 'aildam 

— 122 

'sarin — 'aiftba;d 

'sara'prerant f-'pear-], -s heir- 
apparent, -a 
earast- = eiarast- 
'earat'la: heir-at-law 
0'earii:z Aries 

'eariiz 1) Area; 2) = 'eariiiz Aries 
O'eari 1) Air(e)y ; 2) (ady.) = 'eiari 
'sari ['iari], -z (s.) aerie, -s 
'sarli ['iar|i], -iz (s.) e_yr|ie [-y], -ies 
'sarji, -ia*, -list, -ili, -inis airjy 

(adj.), -ier, -ieat, -ily, -ineaa 
'earia, -z area, -s 
'earial 1) ariel (A.); 2) (a^.) 

= ei'iarial 
'earian, -z Arian [Aryan], -s 
'earianaiz, -iz, -iii, -d arianizje 

[aryan-, -i8|e], -ea, -ing, -ed 
'earianizm arianiam [-ryan-] 
'earifai, etc. = 'elarifai, etc. 

'sarig, -z airing («.), -s 

'saris, -iz heiress, -ea 

'sarist, -s aorist, -s 

OsaroM- = eiarou- 
saral-, earam- = eiara- 
ea'ranik, -all aaronic, -ally 

• 'sa.sel, >z air-cell, -s 
'saspeis air-space 

• 'sajja* Ayrshire 

'eajip, -9 1) air-ship, -a; 2) heir- 
•'satait air-tight 
'satn Ayrton 

• sa'wail erewhile 

• saz 1) Ayers; 2) Ayrea; 3) heirs 
(from heir); 4) airs (from air) 

'eaza'pterant [-'pear-] heirs-appa- 
'eazat'la: heirs-at-law 


a: [interj.) er, ur 

a:* 1) (frequent weak form of ha:*) 

her; 2) Ur 
a:*, -z, -riB, -d err, -s, -ing, -ed 

• ai'btena tirbana 
a:'bteniti urbanity 
ai'bein, -li urbane (U.), -ly 
'a:ban urban (U.) 

'a:bi|a, -am erbi|a, -um 

•a:d erred (from err) 

'a:dii|tan Erdington 

'a:dli Eardley 

a:d3, -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, -az urgje, 

-es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'a:d3»n|gi, -t, -tli urgen|cy, -t, 


• a:Oz = a:08 earths (from earth) 

• 'a:gataiz, -iz, -ig, -d ergotizje 
[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 

'a:gatiziii ergotism 
'a:gon ergo 
'a:got ergot 

a:'ja:d (oe'jad), -z oeillade, -a 
•'aikat ['a:kAa:t] Urquhart 
'a.'ksam, -li, -nis irksome, -ly, 

• »:!, -z 1) earl (E.), -a; 2) Earle 
'addam, -z earldom, -s 

'a:l|i, -ia* [-ja*], -list [-jist], -inis 

earl|y, -ier, -iest, -inesa 
'a:rkig, -z eri-king, -s 
'ail'mai/dl, -z earl-marshal, -a 
• 'a:min, -z, -d ermine, -s, 

) a:ii, 

i:n, -z 


is.) 1) 

i [aint] (v.) 


-ing, -ed 
;nii|z earnings 
mist, -8, -li, -nis 1) earnest 
(s. adj.), -a, -ly, -ness; 2) Ernest 
inistmAni earnest-money 
;nt == a:nd earned (from earn) 
a:p Earp 

'a:rij) erring (from err) 
a:8 Erse 
gain uraiue 
sa Uraa 

sjnlain Ursuline 
sjnla Ursula 
skin Erakin 
st, -^irail erst, -while 
'a:tika urtica 
t/in, -z urchin, -a 
a:e, -s [a:dz] earth, -s 
:Obannd earthbound 
:Obo:d, -z earthboard, -g 

'aiOboin— ab'dsekt 


'a:Owa:m— 9'bju:z 

'a:6{ba:ii, -bred earth|born, -bred 
'3:^11, -^£3* earthen, -ware 
'9:8|i, -inis earthjy, -iness 
'aiSkireik, -s earthquake, -s 
'a:61|i, -ia*, -list, -inis earthljy, 

-ier, -iest, -iness 
'»:61i'maindid, -nis earthly-mind- 
ed, -ness 
'3:0w3:k, -8 earthwork, -s 

'aiOwaim, -z earthworm, -a 
'a:0w8d earthward 

• '3:win Irwin 

• 'aiTin Irvine 
'aiTlg Irving 

'3:Tig|ait, -aits, -izm Irving|ite, 

-ites, -ism 
93:z errs (from err) 


a 1) art. a [weak, normal form); 

2) o' {abbreviation of of, weak 

form only) 
a* 1) weak form of a:* are (from 

be); 2) occastonai weak form of 

o:* or (chiefly in common phrases 

mxh OS 'two or three' which is 

frequently 'tna'Ori:) 
•a'baift abaft 
Oa'baid, -z, -ii), a'bond abid|e, 

-es, -ing, abode 
a'baidsa Abijah 
O a'baund, -z, -ig, -id abound, -s 

-ing, -ed 
a'bant about 
Oa'bsedan Abaddon 
a'bffik aback 
a'b»kjan abaction 
a'biekta*, -z abactor, -s 
a'b8endaii,-z, -ig, -d; -dli; -mant 

abandon (v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -edly; 

a'bsej, -iz, -ig, -t; -mant abash, 

-es, -ing, -ed; -ment 
OabAndanjs, -t, -tli abundan|ce, 

-t, -tly 
a'bAt, -8, -ig, -id abut, -s, -ting, 

a'bAtmant, -s abutment, -s 
a'bAtl abuttal 

a'bAT, -'baiad above, -board 
Oab'dsekjan [ob-], -z objection, 

ab'dsekjanabll [ob-, -J"vab|l], -Ii 

objectionab|le, -ly 
ab'dsekt [ob-], -s, -ig, -id; -a*, 

-az object (».), -s, -ing, -ed; -or, 


ab'dsektiv [ob-, ab-], -z, -Ii, -nis 

objective (s. adj.), -s, -ly, -ness 
Oa'bei obey, etc. = ou'bei, etc. 

a'beians abeyance 

a'beis, -iz, -ig, -t; -mant abas|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed; -ement 

a'beisans obeisance, etc. = ou'b- 

a'beit, -s. -ig, -id abat|e, -es, 
-ing, -ed 

a'beitab|l, Ii abatab|le, -ly 

a'beitmant, -8 abatement, -s 

Oa'bed abed 

a'bekit A Becket 

a'bet, -8, -ig, -id; -mant abet, 
-s, -ting, -ted; -ment 

a'beta*,-z 1) abetter, -s; 2) abettor, 

Oab'ha:*, -z, -rig, -d; -ra*, -raz 
abhor, -3, -ring, -red; -rer, -rers 

ab'haranjs, -t abhorrenjce, -t 

Oa'bi:djan8 obedience, efc.=ote'b- 

a'bi:m abeam 

a'biliti, -iz abilitjy, -ies 

a'bimalek Abimelech 

a'binadeeb Abinadab 

a'bi8, -iz. -9l abyss, -es, -al 

a'bitjDar|i [o'b-, ob-], -iz obitu- 
ary, -ies 

a'bitjnarist [o'b-, a'b-], -8 obitu- 
arist, -s 

a'bizm, -z, -al, -ali abysm, -s, 
-al, -ally 

Oa'bjuis, -iz abuse («.), -s 

a'bjnisiv, -Ii, -nis abusive, -ly, 

a'bjniz, -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 
abus|e (v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er 

a'blaids — a'bri:Tiatari 

124 — 

a'brids— abs'trAkt 

Oa'blaids [o'bl-], -iz, -i^, -ii|U> 
-ignis, -d oblig|e, -es, -ing, 
-ingly, -ingness, -ed 
a'blei/an [o'b-, o'b-], -z oblation,"] 
ableiz ablaze [-sj 

3'bli:k [o'b-], -li, -nis oblique, 

-ly, -ness 
a'blikwit|i [o'b-], -iz obliquit]y, 

ablita'reijan [ob-], -z oblitera- 
tion, -s 
a'blitareit [o'b-], -s, -ig, -id; -It 
obliterat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -ive 
a'bliyian [o'b-, -Tjanj oblivion 
a'bliyias [o'b-, -Tjas], -li, -nis 

oblivious, -ly, -ness 
a'bln:m abloom 
a'blnij^n, -z ablution, -s 
Oab'naimal, e<c.={eb'u3:in8l, etc. 
ab'ttokjas [ob-, ob-], -li, -nis 

obnoxious, -ly, -ness 
Oa'bond, -z 1) abode (s.), -s; 

2) abode (from abide) 
3'bonmi Abomey 
Oa'bj:ad aboard 
a'bazjan, -z abortion, -s 
a'bait, -8, -ig, -id abort, -s, -ing, 

a'boitiv, -li, -nis abortive, -ly, 

Oa'bain Aboyne 
a'balij, -iz, -ig, -tj -a*, -az 
abolish, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
abami'neij'an, -z abomination, -s 
a'bamineit, -s, -ig, -id abomin- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ea 
a'baminabjl, -li, -Inis abomina- 
ble, -ly, -leness 
Oa'brApjian, -z abruption, -s 
a'brApt, -ist, -li, -nis abrupt, 

-est, -ly, -ness 
a'brAtsi = a'brutsi Abruzzi 
a'breid^ -z, -ig, -id 1) abrad|e, 

-es, -mg, -ed; 2) = Ap'breid 
a'breis^n, -z abrasion, -s 
a'brest abrest 

abriivi'eijan, -z abbreviation, -s 

a'briiyieit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

abbreviat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 


a'briivlatari [-ylelt-, -vjat-] ab- 


a'brids, -iz, -ig, -d abridgje, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
a'bridsmant, -s abridgment, -s 
a'bra:d abroad 
a'brutsi [a'brAtsi] Abruzzi 
Oab'seniti [ob-, ob-] = ab'slin- 
ab'sent, etc. = seb'sent absent (v.) 
ab'said, -ist, -11, -nis absurd, -est, 

-ly, -ness 
ab'sa:dit|i, -iz absurditly, -iee 
ab'siikwias [ob-, ob-], -li, -nis 

obsequious, -ly, -ness 
ab'siin [ob-, ab-], -U, -nis ob- 
scene, -ly, -ness 
ab'si:nit|i [ob-^ ob-, -'sen-], -iz 

obscenit|y, -les 
ab'sind [eeb-], -z, -ig, -id abscind, 
-s, -ing, -ed 

9b'8is|9* [«eb- 

-az abscissja. 

ab'sis^n [seb-], -z abscission, -s 
abs'kand [eeb-j, -z, -ig, -Id ab- 
scond, -B, -ing, -ed 
abs'kjua* [ob-, ob-], -ra*, -rist, 

-li, -nis; -z, -rig, -d obscnrje 

(a(y'. v.), -er, -est, -ely, -eness; 

-es. -ing, -ed 
abs'kjnarit|i [ob-, ob-], -iz ob- 

scurit|y, -ies 
ab'sa:b, -z, -ig, -d; -idli absorb, 

-s, -ing, -ed; -edly 
ab'8o:bab|I, -li absorbab|le, -ly 
ab'sa:bant, -li absorbent, -ly 
eb'saipj'an absorption 
ab'soiptiv, -li absorptive, -ly 
abs'tein [seb-], -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 

abstain, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
abs'tenjan [seb-], -z abstention, -a 
abs'taids [eeb-]^ -iz, -ig, -d ab- 

sterg|e, -es, -jng, -ed 
abs'taidsant [seb-], -s abstergent, 

obs'taijan [seb-], -z abstersion, -s 
ab8'ti:mia8 [seb-, -mjas], -li, -nis 

abstemious, -ly, -ness 
abs'trsekt, etc. = seb'strsekt, etc. 
abs'trAkJan [ob-], -z obstruction, 

abs'trAkJanist [ob-, -J^lst], -s 

obstructionist, -s 
abs'tFAkt [ob-], -s, -ig, -Id; -a*, 
-az obstruct, -s, -ing, -ed ; -or, -ors 

obs'trAbtiT— o'delfas 

125 — 

a'delfl— ad'monlX 

obB'trAktir [ob-], -li, -nig ob- 

stractive, -ly. -ness 
ebs'trepsras [ob-, ob-], -li, -nis 

obstreperous, -ly, -ness 
Oab'tein [ob-], -z, -ig, -d; -a*, 
-9z obtain, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
sb'teinabl [ob-] obtainable 
ab'teii/.>n [ob-, ob-] obtention 
eb'1jn:s [ob-, ob-], -li, -nis ob- 
tuse, -ly, -ness 
ab'trmd [ob-, ab-], -z, -i:g, -id; 
-a*, -az obtrudje, -es, -ing, -ed; 
-er, -ers 
ab'truisiv [ob-, ob-], -li, -nis ob- 
trusive, -ly, -ness 
ab'trn:39n [ob-, ab-], -z obtru- 
sion, -s 
Oob'vais = 'obvais (a^.) 
Oab'/.a:T [ob-], -z, -ig, -igli, -d; 
-a*, -az observje, -es,-ing,-ingly, 
-ed; -er, -era 
ab'zaiTabJI [ob-], -li, -Inis observ- 

ab|le, -ly, -leness 
ob'z3:Tan|s [ob-], -siz, -si ob- 

servanc|e, -ces, -cy 
ab'zaivant [ob-], -li observant, -ly 
ab'za:Tatar|i [ob-], -iz observat- 

or|y, -ies 
ob'zaib, etc. = ab'sa:b, etc. 
ab'zalv, -z, -in, -d; -a*, -az ab- 
solv|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
abz't- ^ abs't- 
•ad = had had (weak form) 
Oa'da:d3ioa, -z adagio, -s 
Oa'dtemlk adamic 
a'dsept, -s, -ig, -id; -a*,-az adapt, 

-B, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
adsepta'biliti adaptability 
a'dseptabl, -nis adaptable, -ness 
Oa'dAk/an, -z adduction, -s 
a'dAlam, -ait, -aits Adullam, -ite, 

a'dAlt, -s^ -nis adult, -s, -ness 
adAlta'reiJan, -z adulteration, -s 
a'dAltoreit. -s, -ii), -id; -a*, -az 
adulteratfe, -es, -ing, -ed ; -or, -ors 
a'dAltara*, -z adulterer, -s 
a'dAltaras, -11 adulterous, -ly 
e'dAltar|i, -iz adulterjy, -ies 
9'dAltaris, -iz adulteress, -es 
Oa'dend|am, -a addend|um, -a 
a'delfas adelphous 

a'delfl Adelphi 

a'dept, -s 1) (a^.) adept; 2) (».) 

= 'ledept 
Oa'dsa* Adair 

Oad'hia*, -z, -rig, -d; -ra*, -raz 
adher|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
ad'hiaranjs, -t, -is adheren|ce, 
-t, -ts [-ness"] 

ad'hiisiv, -li, -nis adhesive, -lyj 
ad'hi:39n, -z adhesion, -s 
Oa'dijan, -z addition, -a 
a'dijanal [-/anj, -Jifal, -J^iH ad- 
a'dikjan, -z addiction, -s 
a'dikt^ -s, -ig, -id; -idnis addict, 

-s, -mg, -ed; -edness 
Oa'djn: (a'4J0), -z adieu, -s 
a'djn:s, -iz, -ig, -t; -a*, -az ad- 
duc|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
a'djn:sibl [-sabl] adducible 
Oad'maia*, -z, -rig, -rigli, -d; 
-ra*, -raz admir|e, -es, -ing, 
-ingly, -ed; -er, -ers 
ad'maiaratir['{edmiratiT] admir- 

ad'mesa*, -z, -rig, -d admeas- 

ur|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
ad'mesamant, -s admeasurement, 

ad'miks, -iz, -ig, -t admix, -es, 

-injf, -ed 
ad'HiikstJa*, -z admixture, -s 
ad'minist|a*, -az, -arig, -ad ad- 

miniat|er, -ers, -ering, -ered 
adminis'treijan, -z administra- 
tion, -s 
ad'ministreita*, -z; -Jip, -Jips 
administrator, -s; -ship, -ships 
ad'ministreitiv [-trat-] adminis- 
ad'ministr<>itri|ks, -ksiz, -si:z 

administratri|x, -xes, -ces 
ad'ministrabi administrable 
ad'ministrant, -s administrant, -s 
admisi'biliti [-sa'b-] admissibility 
ad'misibl [-sabl] admissible 
ad'mijan, -z admission, -s 
ad'mit, -s, -ig, -id; -idli admit, 
■ -s, -ing, -ed; -edly 
ad'mitans, -iz admittance, -s 
ad'manij, -iz, -ig, -t admonish, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

ad'maiiijmaiit— ad'T3;8iti 


ed'va:t— a'fe&sir 

ad'mani/mant, -s admonishment, 


sd'manit^ri admonitory 

O a'donbi, -z adobe, -s 

9'donnis Adonis 

O s'dsia*, -z, -rig, -rigli, -d 

adorje, -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
3'da:n, -z, -iii, -d adorn, -s, -ing, 

a'da:nin9nt, -s adornment, -s 
a'daira*, -z adorer, -s 
a'dazrabjl, -li, -Inis adorab|le, 

-ly, -leness 
Od'dalf, -38 Adoipb, -us 
a'dopjan adoption 
a'dopjsnlist [-Ji^-], -ists, -izm 

adoptionjist, -ists, -iam 
a'dopt, -8, -ig, -id adopt, -s, -ing, 

a'daptir adoptive 
Oa'dres, -iz, -ig, -t address (s. v.), 

-es, -ins, -ed 
a'drift adrift 
a'drait, -i8t, -li, -nis adroit, -est, 

-ly, -ness 
Oa'dn: ado 
03d'Ta:n8, -iz, -ig, -t advanc|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
sd'Tainsmant, -8 advancement, -s 
ad'vamtids, -iz advantage, -s 
ad'vais, -iz advice, -s 
ad'Taisbout, -s advice-boat, -s 
ad'vaiz,-iz, -ig, -d; -idli, -idnis; 

-a*, -az advi8|e, -es, -ing, -ed; 

-edly, -edness; -er, -ers 
advaiza'biliti advisability 
ad'Taizabjl, -li, -Inis advisabjle, 

-ly, -leness 
ad'vaizat^ri advisatory 
ad'Tanzan, -z advowson, -s 
ad'T8en8, etc. dialectal for ad- 

'Ta:ns, etc. 
ad'ventja*, -z, -rig, -d; -ra*, 

-raz adventurje (s. v.), -es, -ing, 

-ed; -er, -ers 
ad'TentJaras, -li, -nis adventur- 
ous, -ly, -ness 
ed'Tent/aris, -iz adventuress, -es 
ad'va:bla|l [-bja|l], -i adverbial, 

ad'Ta:8atiT [ted-] adversative 
ad'Ta:sit|i, -Iz adversitjy, -ieg 

ad'va:t, -b, -ig, -id advert, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
ad'Ta:tan|s, -si; -t, -tli advert- 

en ce, -cy; -t, -tly 
ad'va:tismant [-tizm-], -s advert- 
isement, -B 
Oa'dsAds, -iz, -ig, -d adjudg|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
a'dsi^dsmant, -s adjudgment, -s 
a'dsAst, -s, -ig, -id adjust, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
a'dsAstmant, -s adjustment, -s 
a'd3eis9n|8i, -t, -tU adjacen|cy, 

-t, -tly 
a'dsenda agenda 
a'dsam, -z, -ig, -d adjourn, -s, 

•ing, -ed 
a'dsainmant, -s adjournment, -s 
a'dsiino:* Agenor 
a'djiliti agility 
a'dsist, -8, -ig, -id ; -a*, -az agist 

-s, -ing, -ed ; -er [-or], -ers [-ors] 
a'dsain, -z, -ig, -d adjoin, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
adsnidi'keijan, -z adjudication, -s 
a'dsnidikeit, -s, -ig^ -id; -a*, -az 

adjudicat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 

a'd3u:tid3 ['eedsntids] ajutage 
a'dsna*, -z, -rig, -d; -ra&ri 

adjurje, -es, -ing, -ed; -atory 
• a'fa:* afar 
Oa'faia* afire 
a'faians, -iz, -ig, -t affiancje, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
Oa'faul afoul 

Oa'feizia [-zja, -sia] aphasia 
a'feizik [a'ftezik] aphasic 
Oa'fekjan, -z affection, -s 
9'fekjanit [-J^it], -II, -nis affec- 
tionate, -ly, -ness 
a'fektj -8, -ig, -igli, -id affect, 

-s, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
a'fektid, -II, -nis affected (ac^'.}, 

-ly, -ness 
a'fend [o'f-], -z, -Ig, -id; -a*, 

-az offend, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, 

a'fens [o'f-], -Iz, -lis offence, -s, 

a'fensiT [o'f-], -li, -nis offensive, 

-ly, -ness 

a'fea*— a'freid 


a'frcj— e'grlabl 

Oa'fea*, -z affair, -s 

Oa'fdim, -z, -ill, -d; -abl; -ans, 

-ant affirm, -s, -ing, -ed; -able; 

-ance, -ant 
a'fa:matiT, -z, -11 affirmative, -s, 

Oa'flild afield 
a'fl:lja 1) Ophelia; 2) aphelia 

{plur. of aphelion) 
a'fl:li|an [-lllan^ -a apheli|on, -a 
a'flimia aphemia 
Oa'flad afeard 
a'flks [te't-], -iz, -ifl, -t affix (v.), 

-es, -iDg, -ed 
afiU'eiJan, -z affiliation, -s 
a'flUeit, -8, -ig, -id affiliat|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
a'flnlt|i, -iz affinit|y, -ies 
a'flJI»l [o'f-, a'f-], -alz, -all, 

-alizm officijal (s. adj.), -als, 

-ally, -alism 
a'fljas [o'f-], -11, -nis officious, 

-ly, -nesa 
a'fl^eit [o'f-], -8, -ii), -id offi- 

ciat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
Oa'fleim aflame 
a'fleitas afflatns 
a'fllkjan, -z affliction, -s 
a'fllkt, -8, -ii), -id afflict, -s, -ing, 

a'flont afloat 
Oa'fa:9* afore 
a'fa:d, -z, -ig, -id afford, -s, -ing, 

a'fais, -iz, -in, -t afforc|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
a'fa:|8ed, -Oart, -taim aforejsaid, 

-thought, -time 
Oa'fanik aphonic 
a'farist, -s, -ig, -id afforest, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
afaris'teij^n, -z afforestation, -& 
Oa'fi-ait,-s,-ii|,-id; -idli affright, 

• s, -ing -ed; -edly 
a'fraitiglli, -nis affrighting|ly, 

a'frffinejaiz, -iz, -ig. -d affran- 

chis|e, -es, -ing, -ea 
a'frAnt, -s, -ig, -id affront (». v.), 

-8, -ing, -ed 
a'fi'ei, -z affray, -s 
9'treii. afraid 

a'ftej afresh 

a'fri:tli, -z Afridi, -s 

O a'f at afoot 

•a'gaist aghast , [-s 

Oa'gserik ['tegarik], -s agaric (a.), 

Oa'gASt- = a:'gA8t- 

Oa'ge^n, -st again, -st 

o'geip agape (adj. adv.) 

a'geit agate (adj. adv.) 

a'geiyi ['segeir], -z agave, -s 

a'gpfz agaze 

Oa'gen, -8t = a'gein, -st 

Oa'glima* aglimmer 

a'glon aglow 

aglama'reijan, -z agglomeration, 

a'glamareit, -s, -ig, -id agglom- 

erat|e (v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
a'glamarit, -s agglomerate (s. 

adj), -s 
agln:ti'neij9n, -z agglutination, 

a'glu:tineit, -s, -ig, -id agglu- 

tinat|e (c), -es, -iug, -ed 
a'gln:tinatiT [-neit-] agglutinat- 
a'glnitinit agglutinate {adj.) 
Oag'nastik, -s agnostic, -s 
ag'nastisizm agnosticism 
Oa'gon ago 
Oa'gag agog 
a'ga'n agone 
a'ganik agonic 
Oa'granntl aground 
a'grientlaiz, etc. = 'iegrandoiz, 

a'grsendizmant aggrandizement 
a'gres,-iz,-ig,-t; -a*,-az aggress, 

-es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 
a'greslT, -11, -ni8 aggressive, -ly, 

a'grestik agrestic 
a'grejan, -z aggression, -s 
a'grearian[ei'gr-], -z, -izm agrar- 
ian, -s, -izm 
a'gri:, -z, -ig, -d agree, -s, -ing, 

a'gri:mant, -s agreement, -s 
a'griiT, -z, -ig, -d aggriev|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
a'grlabjl, -Ii, -Inis agreeab|le, 

-ly, -leness 

a'grikola— a'keis^n 

— 128 

e'keisan!^ — e'kokMl 

s'grikala Agricola 
9'grin agrin 
a'gripa agrippa 
3'gront [o'g-] O'Groat 
Oa'gwila* [«'g-] Aguilar 

• a'haidsa Ahijah 
ahte^n'iaras Ahasuerus 
a'hAggad ahungered 
a'hed ahead 

o'hiip aheap 
a'hitafel Ahitophel 
d'haisbtek ahorseback 
o'hsi ahoy 
a'Awail awhile 
•a'jset^ion Ajaccio 
a'jelp ayelp 

• a'kaia Achala 

Oa'kanat, -s, -ii), -id account 

(g. v.), -a, -ing, -ed 
e'kanntbnk, -s account-book, -s 
akannta'biliti accountability 
a'kaant3b|ly -li, >lnls account- 
able, -ly, -Iness 
a'kanntant, -s, -Jip accountant, 

-B, -ship 
a'kanstik [a'knistik], -all, -s 

acoustic, -ally, -s 
Oa'ksedamji, -iz academjy, -ies 
a'ksedamist, -s academist, -s 
akseda'mijdn, -z academician, -s 
a'ksenOjas, -ai, -asiz, -ain acan- 

th|u8, i, -uses, -ine 
akseta'Iektik acatalectic 
akseta'leptik acataleptic 
Oa'kAmbant accumbent 
a'kAmpan|i, -iz, -iiii, -id; -ia*, 

-iaz accompan|y, -ies, -ying, 

-ied; -ier, -iers 
a'kAmpanimant, -s accompani- 
ment, -s 
a'kAmpanist, -s accompanist, -s 
o'kAmpliJ', etc. dialectal for 

e'kamplij, etc. 
o'kAr^ns [o'k-], -iz occurrence, -s 
a'kAstam, -z, -ig, -d; -dnis 

accustom, -s. -ing, -ed; -edness 
Oa'keidia [-^a], -n, -nz 1) Ac- 

cadia, n, -ns; 2) Acadia, -n, -ns 
a'keija, -z acacia, -s 
a'kei3|9n [o'k-], -anz, -anig [-igiig], 

-»nd occasijon [a. v.), -ons, 

-oning, -oned 

a'kei3|an^[o'k-,-9f], -anali [-^ali] 

occasi|onal, -onally 
Oa'keldama [a'sel-] aceldama 
a'kempis A Eempis 
Oa'ka:* [o'k-], -z, -rig, -d occur, 

-8, -ring, -red 
a'ka:s|id [-s|t], -idli accurs|ed, 

Oa'ki'a, -n Achsea, -n 
a'kili.'z Achilles 
a'kin akin 
Oo'kjnimen acumen 
algn:iiga'leij9n, -z accumula- 
tion, -8 
a'^ninijnleit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, 

-az; -iT accumulat|e, -es, -ing, 

-ed; -or, -ors; -ive 
a'kjnit, -ist, -li, -nis acute, -at, 

-ly, -ness 
a'kjn:z, -iz, -ig, -dj -a% -az ac- 

cu8|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
9'kja:z9l, -z accusal, -s 
akjniza'taiTal accusatival^ 
a'lQu:zatari accusatory 
a'kjnizatiT, -z accusative {a. adj.), 


Oa'klaimeit, -s, -ig, -id acclim- 
at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

a'klaimataiz, -iz, -ig, -d acclim- 
atiz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 

aklaimatai'zeijan acclimatiza- 
tion [-isa-] 

aklaima'teijan acclimatation 

a'kltematari acclamatory 

a'kleim acclaim 

a'kliritji, -iz acclivit|y, -ies 

a'klok [o'k-] o'clock 
Oak'nallds, -iz, -ig, -d acknow- 
ledg|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

ak'nalidsab,!, -li acknowledge- 
ab|le, -ly 

ak'nalidsmant, -s acknowledg- 
ment, -s 
Oa'ka:d, -z, -ig, -id accord (a. v.), 
-8, -ing, -ed 

a'ka:dan|8, -si, -t accordan|ce, 
-cy, -t 

a'ka:dian [-djan], -z accordion, -s 

a'ka:dig, -li according, -ly 
Oa'kail, -z accoil, -s 

a'kak acock 

a'kakbil a-cock-bUl 

akoma'deijgn— ak'sept 


akscpta'biliti— 9'laiii 

akama'deijan, -z accommoda- 
tion, -B 

a'komadeit, -s, -In, -igli, -id; 
-a*, -az accommoaat|e, -es, -ing, 
-ingly, -ed; -or, -ors 

a'kamadeitiv, -nis accommod- 
ative, -nesa 

a'kamplis, -iz accomplice, -a 

a'kampliX, -iz,-ig, -t accompliah, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

a'kampUJmant, -s accompliah- 
ment, -a 

a'kampt, -s accompt, -a 

a'kast, -s, -ii), -id accost, -s, -ing, 

Oa'kreitiiz Acratea 

a'kreizia [-sia] acrasia 

a'kredit, -s, -iij, -id accredit, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

a'kresanis, -t accrescenjce, -t 

a'kriijan, -z accretion, -b 

a'kriitiy accretive 

a'kronmatizm [-'kram-j achrom- 

a'kra:s = a'kras acroas 

a'kradsinas acrogenous 

a'kramataiz [-'kronm-], -iz, -ig, 
-d achromatiz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, 

a'krapalis, -iz acropolis, -es 

a'kras across 

a'krastik, -8 acrostic, -a 

a'kra:, -z, -ig, -d accruje, -es, 
-ing, -ed 

Oaksela'reijan [aek-], -z acceler- 
ation, -s 

ak'selareit [sek-], -s, -ii|, -id; 
•a*, -az; -ir accelerat|e, -es, 
-ing, -ed; -or, -ors; -ive 

ak'send [sek-], -z, -ig, -id; -ibl 
[-abl] accend, -s, -ing, -ed; -ible 

ak'sent [tek-J, -s, -ig, -id accent 
(v.), -a, -ing, -ed 

aksenlju'ei/an [lek-] accentua- 

ak'sentjneit [sek-], -s, -ii|, -id 
accentuatje, -ea, -ing, -ed 

ak'senljaal [«ek-], -i accentual, 


ak'sept [sek-], -s, -ig, -id; -a*, 
-az accept, -a, -ing, -ed; -er 
[-or], -era [-ors] 

aksepta'biliti [lek-] acceptability 

ak'septab|l [«ek-], -li, -Inis ac- 
ceptable, -ly, -leneas 

ak'8eptan|8 [tek-], -8iz, -si; -t, -ts 
acceptan|ce, -ces, -cy; -t, -ts 

ak'ses dialectal for 'eekses 

ak'sesarji [sek-], -iz, -ili acces- 
80r|y [accessar|y], -iea, -ily 

aksesi'biliti [tek-, -sa'b-] acceaai- 

ak'sesibl [tek-, -sabl] accessible 

ak'sesit [sek-], -s acceaait, -a 

ak'sejan [aek-], -z acceaaion, -a 

ak'si:d [«ek-], -z, -ig, -id; -a*, 
-az acced|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, 

Oa'ku:stik, etc. = a'kaustik, etc. 

a'knijma [-ma] (aknj'ma), -z ac- 
couchement, -a 

a'kn:t|a*, -az, -arig, -ad accoutjre, 
-rea, -ring, -red 

a'kn:tamant, -s accoutrement, -a 

Oa'kwaia*, -z, -rig, -d; -ra*, 
-raz; -rabl acquir|e, -es, -ing, 
-ed; -er, -ers; -able 

a'ktraiamant, -s acquirement, -s 

a'kwietik [a'kiratik], -s aquatic, 

a'kweint, -s, -ig, -id acquaint, 
-a, -ing, -ed 

a'kweintans, -iz acquaintance, -s 

a'kweintansXip, -s acquaintance- 
ship, -a 

a'kwest [ae'k-], -s acquest, -s 

a'kweariam, -z aquarium, -a 

a'kwearias Aquarius 

a'kirit, -s, -ig, -id acquit, -a, 
-ting, -ted 

a'kwitans, -iz acquittance, -a 

a'kwitl, -z acquittal, -s 

a'kTTotik = a'kwtetik 

•a'laim, -z, -ig, -igli, -d alarm 
(s. v.), -a, -ing, -ingly, -ed 

a'laimist, -s alarmist, -s 

a'la:ram, -z = a'learam, -z 

a'la:s [a'lies] alaa 

Oa'l|ai, -aiz, -aiig, -aid (s.v.) all|y, 
-iea, -ying, -ied 

a'laians, -iz alliance, -s 

a'laik alike 

a'lain, -z, -ig, -d 1) align, -s, 
-ing, -ed; 2) alin|e, -ea, -ing, -ed 

MicbaeliB A Jones, Phonetic Diotionary. 

a'lainmant— e'l^'njian 

— 130 — 

a'lj'niTial— o'meiii 

s'lainm^t, -s 1) alignment, -a; 

2) alinement, -s 
»'lait, -a, -ig, -id alight (adj. v.), 

-B, -ing, -ed 
a'lair alive 
Oe'lan, -z, -iii, -d allow, -s, -ing, 

3'laud 1) aloud; 2) allowed {from 

a'lanab|l, -11, -Inis allowab|le, 

-ly, -leness 
a'lanans, -iz, -ii), -t allowancje 

(s. v.), -ea, -ing, -ed 
Oa'ltedin Aladdin 
9'Isek, -s'dei alack, -a-day 
a'lsekriti alacrity 
a'ltend aland {adv.) 
o'Iseram, -z = a'learam, -z 
a'laes = a'lais alaa 
a'Isegka Alaaka 
Oa'lAmn|98, -a! alumn|as, -i 
a'lAmnilt, -8 alumniate, -s 
Oa'lei, -z, -ig, -d allay, -a, -ing, 

a'leigroa, -z allegro, -s 
a'leit alate (adv.) 
Oa'leds, -iz, -ig, -d alleg|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
a'leksis Alexis 
a'lepon Aleppo 
Oa'Isaram [a'la:rain, alteram], 

-z alarum, -a 
Oa'lait, -ist, -li, -nls alert, -est, 

-ly, -ness 
Oa'li: alee 

a'liidsans, -iz allegiance, -s 
ali:Tl'eiJ</n alleviation 
a'liiTieit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

alleviat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 

Oalini'eijaiij -z 1) alineation, -a ; 

2) allmeation, -s 
alita'peijan, -z alliteration, -s 
a'litareitiv [-rat-] alliterative 
a'livia [o'l-, o'l-, -vja] Olivia 
alizarin alizarin 
OalJu:d, -z, -ig, -id allud|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
alj'ii:miii|a, -38 aluminja, -ous 
a'l^a:sir, -li, •ni8 allusive, -ly, 

aljn:jian Aleutian 

eljnivlal [-Tjal] alluvial 
a'l3'n:Tl|aiii [-vjlam], -a, -amz, 

-an alluvi|um, -a, -urns, -on 
a'ljfn:3»n, -z allusion, -s 
al^'na'j -z, -rig, -rigll, -d allur|e, 

-ea, -ing, -iugly, -ed 
alj'namant, -s allurement, -s 
Oalondi|am [-dj|am], -al, -ale 

allodi|um, -al, -als 
aloun, -nis alone, -ness 
Oalo'ft aloft 
alabrad3i:z AUobroges 
alai, -z, -ig, -d alloy (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
alag, -'said along, -side 
alopaOji, -i8t, -ists allopathjy, 

-iat, -ists 
alat, -8, -ig, -id allot, -s, -ting, 

alatmant, -s allotment, -a 
alatrapi allotropy 
Oala> see also a'^n:- 
aln:f, -nis aloof, -neaa 
alna- = -a'ljna- 
• am 1) am {weak form); 2) {weak 

form of dem) 'em {= them) 
Oa'mazti, -z Amati, -s 
Oa'maunt, -s, -ig, -id amount 

(s. v.), -a, -ing, -ed 
Oa'mselakait, -8 Amalekite, -s 
a'mtelgam, -z amalgam, -s 
amselga'meijan , -z amalgama- 
tion, -s 
a'mselgameit, -8, -ig, -idj -iv 

anialgamat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -ive 
a'msenda Amanda 
a'msendain amandine 
anieenju'ens{i8, -iiz amanuenB|is, 

a'msenjia Amantia 
a'mee8, -Iz, -ig, -t amass, -es, -ing, 

Oa'mAk amuck 
a'mAg, -st among, -at 
a'mAta* amutter 
Oa'mein amain 
a'melsa = 'temasa Amasa 
a'meisls Amasis 
a'meiz, -iz, -ig, -igli, -dj -Idli, 

-idnis; -mant amazfe, -es, -ing, 

-ingly, -ed; -edly, -edness; 


a'mend— amaitai'zeijan 

131 — 3'moi— anaeOimatAi'zeiJan 

Oa'mend, -z, -in, -id amend, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
a'mendniaiit, -s amendment, -s 
9'mendz («.) amends 
a'ment, -s ament, -s 
a'mentjam, -a, -1 ament|um, -a, 

a'merika, -n, >nz America, -n, -ns 
a'merikanaiz. -iz, -ii|, -d americ- 

anizle [-i8|ej, -es, -ing, -ed 
a'merikanai'zeiXan americaniz- 

ation [-isa-] 
a'merikanizm, -z americanism, -s 
Oa'mais, -iz, -ii|, -t amercje, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
a'maismantj -s amercement, -s 
03'ml:b|9, -i:, -az amcebja, -se -as 
amiilia'reij'an [-lio'r-, -Ija'r-, 

-Ijo'r-], -z amelioration, -s 
9'ini:li3reit [-lior-, -ljar-,-ljor-], 

-8, -ig, -id; -iv ameliorat|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed; -ive 
a'miilja Amelia 
amiina'biliti amenability 
a'mi:n3b|l, -li, -Inis amenab|le, 

-ly, -leness 
3'mi:nit|i, -iz amenitjy, -ies 
Oa'mid, -st amid, -st 
a'midlmoast, -Jips amidjmost, 

a'mia , -z 1) ameer, -s; 2) amir, -a 
amigdal'leij'as, -'laidl amygda- 

[laceous, -loidal 
a'migdaleit amygdalate 
a'minadaeb Amminadab 
a'mis, -ibl [-abl] amiss, -ible 
a'mitst = a'midst amidst 
Oa'mjuiz, -iz, -ig, -igli, -ignis, 

-d amusle, -es, -ing, -ingly, -ing- 

ness, -ed 
a'mJKzmant, -s amusement, -s 
a'mjniziv [-nisiv], -li, -nis amus- 

ive, -ly, -ness 
Oa'mounitek [-njeek] ammoniac 
a'mounija [-DJla]; -am ammonija, 

09'm9:t9, -z amorpba, -s 
a'ma:f{as, -izm amorph|ou8, -ism 
a'ma:taiz, -iz, -ig, -d amortizje 

[-isje], -es. -ing, -ed 
amaaai'zeij'an amortization 


Oa'mai Amoy 

Oa'muiT, -z, -ig, -d amov]e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
a'mna*, -z 1^ amour, -s; 2) Amur 
•an 1) an (weak form); 2) and 

{weak form) 
Oa'naikal anarchal 
a'na:kik, -al, -all anarchic, -al, 

a'na:na [a'nei-], -z anana,-B(p2ur.) 
a'na:nas [a'nei-J, -iz ananas (sing.), 

Oanaia'IeiJan [analM'l-], -z anni- 
hilation, -s 
a'naialeit [a'naiMI-J, -s, -ig, -id; 

-a*, -az; -ir annihilat|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed; -or, -ors; -ive 
Oa'nauns, -iz, -ig, -t announcje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
a'nannsmant, -s announcement, 

Oa'niebaslis, -i:z anabasjis, -es 
a'neekaris anacharis 
a'ntekarizm, >z anacborism, -a 
a'nsekranaiz, -iz, -ig, -d ana- 

chronizje [-isle], -es, -ing, -ed 
a'neekranas, -h anachronous, -ly 
a'nsekranizm, -z anachronism, -s 
a'nsekrian Anacreon 
ansekri'antik, -ali anacreontic, 

a'nseladsaiz, -iz, -ig, -d ana- 

logiz|e [-is|e]. -es, -ing, -ed 
a'nseladsi, -iz; -ist, -ists ana- 

logly. -ies; -ist, -ists 
a'nffilagas, -li, -nis analogous, 

-ly, -ness 
a'nselaslis [-lis-], -i:z analys|iB, -es 
a'nsepalis Annapolis 
a'neestrafl, -z anastrpphe, -s 
a'naeta anatta 
a'nsetamaiz, -iz, -ig, -d anatom- 

iz|e [-isle], -es, -ing, -ed 
a'nsetami, -iz; -ist, -ists ana- 

tom|y, -ies; -ist, -ists 
a'nseton 1) annatto; 2) anatto 
a'nseOima [-Oama], -z anathema, -s 
a'nseOimataiz [-Oam-], -iz, -ig^ -d 

anathemati^je [-is|e], -es, -ing, 

aneeOimatai'zeiJan [-Oam-], -z 

anathematization [-isa-], -s 

a'nAfla* — e'pewent 


a'psit— a'polntmant 

Oa'nAda* another 

a'liAl, -z, -ig, -d annul, -s, -ling, 

auADSi'eiJ'dn, -z annunciatiun, -s 
a'nAnJleit [-sielt], -g, -In, -id 

annunciatje, -es, -ing, -ed 
Oa'nein- = a'nain- 
Od'neks, -Iz, -ig, -t annex {v.), 

-e«, -ing, -ed 
a'neksmant, -s annexment, -b 
a'nemani, -z anemone, -s 
a'nent anent 

03'm:m{i3, -ik an8em|ia, -ic 
Oa'niliti anility 
Os'njn: anew 

a'nju'itant, -g annuitant, -s 
3'nju-it|i. -iz annuitly, -ies 
Oan'les [An-] unless 
Oa'nai, -z, -ig, -igli, -d annoy, 

-s, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
a'noisns, -iz aonoyance, -s 
a'nolnt, >8, -ig, -id anoint, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
a'naintmeiit, -g anointment, -s 
a'nomslas, -li anomalous, -ly 
a'nomalii, -iz anomal|y, -ies 
a'nan anon 

a'nanimas, -It anonymous, -ly 
Oan'til [ad 'till until 
• a'pay [a'ptej] (a'paj), -iz apache 

(ruffian), -s 
a'pa:t, -nis apart, -ness 
apa:t'ment9l apartmental 
a'pa:tmant, -s apartment, -s 
Oa'paerant, -li, -nis apparent, 

-ly, -ness 
a'pterita*, -z apparitor, -s 
9'P»X» "iis = 9'p<i''X> -iz 
a'pietji, -z Apache {American 

tribesman), -a 
Oa'peis apace 
Oa'peleit appellate 
a'pelant, -s appellant, -s 
a'pelativ appellative 
a'pend, -z, -ig, -id append, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
a'pendant, -s appendant, -s 
a'pendids, -iz appendage, -s 
apendi'saltig appendicitis 
a'pendl|k8, -ksiz, -gi:z appendijx, 

-xes, -ces 
Oa'pearant, etc. = a'pterant, etc. 

Oa'pa:t, -nig apert, -ness 
a'paitinans, -iz appurtenance, -s 
a'pa:tinant 1) appurtenant; 2) ap- 

Oapan (weak form, of a'pan) upon 
Oap'taoulsta*, etc. = Ap'h- 
Oa'pi:!, -z, -ig, -Igli, -ignis, -d; 

-a*, -az; -abl appeal, -s, -ing, 

-ingly, -ingneas, -ed; -er, -ers; 

a'pi:g apiece 
a'pi:z, -iz, -in, -igli, -d; -mant; 




■abl appeasje, -es, -ing 

-ed; -ment; -able 
Oa'pia*, -z, -rig, -d; -ra*, 

appear, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, 
a'plarang. -Iz appearance, -es 
a'piariant, -s aperient, -s 
a'plnjan [o'p-], -z opinion, -a 
a'pinjaneitid [o'p-] opinionated 
a'pinjaneItiv[o'p-],-Il, -nig opin- 

ionative, -ly, -ness 
Oa'pju:lia [-IJa] Apulia 
Oa'pl|ai, -aiz, -aiig, -aid appl|y, 

-ies, -ying, -ied 
a'plalabl, -nig appliable, -ness 
a'plaidng, -iz appliancle, -es 
a'plikabl, etc. = 'eeplikabl, etc. 
a'plaid, -z, -Ig, -igli, -id; .a*, 

-az applaud, -s, -ing, -ingly, 

-ed; -er, -ers 
a'plaigir, -li applausive, -ly 
a'plaiz applause 
a'|)lam = 'seplati aplomb 
Oa'ponnant, -g opponent, -s 
a'pouz, -iz, -ig, -tt 1) oppo8|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed; 2) apposje, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
a'pouz a*, -az, -abl oppoB|er, -ers, 

Oa'po:!, -z, -ig, -Igll, -d appal, 

-s, -ling, -lingly, -led 
o'pa:X{9n^ -anz, -anig [-vig], -and 

apporti|on, -ons, -oning, -oned 
a'paijanmant, -g apportionment, 

Oa'padaglg, -i:z apodosjis, -eg 
apadsla'tjnara, -z appoggiatura, 

a'paint, -g, -ig, -Id appoint, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
a'palntmant, -s appointment, -s 

o'pokoHpg— a'prentlajlp 


e'proB— a'relbla 

e'pokollps, -tz apocalypse, -a 
o'pokoUpt. -N apooalypt, -a 
•pske'llptflk , -Igt, •Isti apo- 

calypt|io, -ist, -iatB 
opoko poljou, -z apooopation, -■ 
pokojioit, -ii, -Ig, -Id apocop- 

at|o (v.), -B, -ing, -ed 
o'pokopeit apocopate (ae^'.) 
o'pokoulf -z apocope, -b 
a'pokrlfjo, -0!!, -in apooryph|a 

(A.), -aB, -al 
opoIo'do:ro8 ApoUodorus 
e polodsaizi'lz, -ig, -d apologizje 

[-lB|el, -es, -iug, -ed 
9pal9'asetlk, -ol, -all, -g apo- 
logetic, -al, -ally, -a 
o'poladsll, 'Iz, -Ist. -Ists apo- 

logly, -les, -iBt, -iata 
apofl'nearlg [-'na:risl Apollinaris 
poljon [-lian] Apollyon 
a'polon Apollo 
a'poIoH ApolIoB 
O'pon upon 

o'popontekg [o'p-| opopauax 
•'pOBOm [o'p-1, -/< opoBBum, -t) 
o'posl, -z, -Jlp apoBtle, -b, -ahip 
a'poatalelt, -s apoatolate, -b 
o'poataB|l, -Iz apoBtasly, -lea 
o'poBtatalz, -iz, -Ig, -d apoata- 

tiz|e [-iB{e], -ea, -ing, -ed 
a'postlf, -z apoatil, -b 
a'poBtlt, -H apoBtatu, -b 
o'paBtrofalCj -iz, 'Ig, -d apoa- 

tropbizle [-isle], -es, -ing, -ed 
e'pagtrail. -z apoatropho, -a 
a'paOlkarfi [-dak-], -Iz apothe- 

oarly, -iea 
opa6I'on8|ig [iBnoei'onB|i8, wpa-], 

•i:z apotheoauH, -ea 
Oo'pralz, -Iz, •ig, -d 1) appriB|e, 

-ea, -ing, -ed; 2) apprlzje, -ea, 

-ing, -ed 
e'pralza*. -z apprizer, -b 
a'prolz, -iz, -Ig, -d; -a*, -az; -obi 

apprai8|e,-e8, -ing, -ea; -er, -era; 

a'protzi/l, -z appraiaal, -a 
o'prolzmont, -s appraiaement, -b 
o'proiitis, •1%, •Ig, -t appreutio|e 

(i. v.), -6B, -ing, -ed 
a'prontlsXip, -s apprenticeahip, 

a'proB l^o'p-], -Iz, -ig, -t; -a*, -az 

oppresB, -ea, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 

a'preslv [o'p-l, -ll, -nig oppres- 

Bive, -ly, -nesa 
a'prejfon [o'p>], -x oppreasion, -» 
oprl:|i'ei/an, -z appreciation, -a 
a'pri:Jilelt, -b, -Ig, -Igli, -Id ap- 
preciatje, -ea, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
a'priijloltarl [-Jiaf>] appreoia- 
tory [b|le, -lyi 

a'priijiobjl 1-SP-], -11 apprecia-J 
a'prl:j|lativ [■JJat^], -11, -nig ap- 
preciative, -ly, -nes8 
a'pronbrlam [o'p-] opprobrium 
a'proubrlag [o'p-j, -11, -nls op- 
probriouB, -ly, -ness [-b 

aprouprl'elj'an, -z appropriation, 
o'prouprlclt, -g, •In, •Id) •a*, 
■az appropriat|e (v.)i -es, -ing, 
ed; -or, -ora 
o'pronprilt, -U, -nig appropriate 
(adj.), -ly, -nesB 

Iz, -ig, -t) -abl ap- 

-ea, -ing, -ed; 


proach (a. v.), 

a'prokgimeit, -g, •ig, •id approx- 

imat|e (v.), -eB, -ing, -ed 
a'urakslmit [•soin-], -li approx- 
imate (a(^j.), -ly 
o'pruiv, •z, -ig, •Igli, -dj •a*, 

•az) -obi appro vje, ■ea, -ing, 

•ingly, ■ed; -er, -ers; -able 
a'prii:r9l, •z approval, -b 
•or occadonal weak form of ba:* 

her wed when a vowel follown 
Oe'rai awry 

a'raion 1) Arion; 2) Orion 
o'ruit aright 
a'raiYj^z, •ig, •dj •»!, •alz arriv|e, 

■ea, -ing, -ed; -al, -ala 
o'raiz, •Iz, -ig, a'rouz, o'rizn 

ariaje, -es, -ing, aroae. arisen 
a'raizn = ha'r* [as in 'on the 

horizon' frequently onOio'ralzn) 
Oo'rannd around 
a'rauz, -iz, -ig, -d; •»!, -oh, 

arouB|e, -ea, -ing, -ed; -al, -als 
Oo'raig, etc. = o'meg orang, etc. 
09'roi^ •z, •ig, •d array («. v.\ 

-a, -ing, -ed 
a'relbla f-bja], 

-n, -ns 

■II, ■nz Arabia, 

»reiii — asaiz 

— 134 

a'ssesin— 9'seTareit 

3'reiii^ -z, 'ig.-d; -a^-az arraign, 

-s, -mg, -ed; -er, -ers 
a'reinmant, -s arraignment, -s 
8'rein<{3, -iz, -ig, -d arrang|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
a'reiiKfsmant, -8 arrangement, -s 
s'reinias [-njas] araneous 
3reini'al3d5ist,-s araneologist, -s 
a'reins, etc. = a'reiudg, etc. 
e'reijan [o'r-, o'r-], -z oration, 


Oa'rest, -s, -ig, -id; -abl arrest 

(s. ».)i -s, -ing, -ed; -able 
a'restmant, -s arrestment, -s 
Oa'riins, -z arena, -s 
a'riiti' Arete 
Oa'riditi [se'r- aridity 
aridsi'nselitii [or-] originalit|y 
sridsi'nei/aii [or-] origination 
a'ridsineit [o'r-], -s, .ii|, -id; 

-8*, -8z; -iv originat|e, -es, -ing, 

-ed; -or, -ors; -ive 
9 ridsini; [o'r-, -dsan-, -ds^i-], 

-eli originjal, -ally 
a'ria*. -z arrear, -s 
s'rialfa [a'riol|a], -i:, -az areol|a, 

-se, -as 
3'rialelt [-'riol-, 'earialeit, -riol-] 

3'ri3rid3 arrearage 
9'ripl aripple 
3'rist|a, -i: arist|a, -se 
a'riOmatik [-mit-], -s arithmetic 

(»•), -8 

anema'tijan [-mi't-, »rie-], -z 

arithmetician, -s 
a'rizn arisen (from arise) 
Oa'rouma, -z aroma, -s 
a'ronmataiz, -iz, -ig, -d aroma- 

tiz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
a'ronz arose (from arise) 
Oa'rala Arolla 
•as (weak form of as) us 
Oa'said, -z aside (s. adv.), -a 
a'sailam, -z asylum, -s 
a'sain, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az; -abl 

assign (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, 

-ers; -able 
a'sainmant, -s assignment, -s 
a'saiti:z ascites 
a'saiz, -iz; -a*, -az as8iz|e, -es; 

-er, -ers 

Oa'stesin. -z assassin, -s 
astesi'neiXaii, -z assassination, -s 
a'ssesineit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

assa8sinat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 

Oa'SAmpsit assumpsit 
a'SAnipJ»n, -z assumption (A.), -s 
a'SAm^tiT assumptive 
a'SAnda* asunder 
Oa'seij -z, -in, -d; -a*, -az assay, 

-s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
a'seil, -z, -ig, -d; -abl assail, -s 

-ing, -ed; -able 
a'seilant, -s assailant, -s 
a'seimaista*, -z assay-master, -s 
Oa'seksjnal [-k/nal] asexual 
a'seldama [a'kel-j aceldama 
a'sembl, -z, -ig, -d assemblje, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
a'semblji, -iz assemblly, -ies 
a'semblids, >iz assemblage, -s 
a'semblirn'm, -z assembly-room, 

a'send, -z, -ig, -id ascend, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
a'sendanls, -si, -t 1) ascendanjce, 

-cy, -t; 2) ascendenjce, -cy, -t 
a'senJIan, -anz, -anj [-^j] ascen- 

si|on (A.), -ons, -onal 
a'senjandei, -z Ascension-day, -s 
a'sent, -s (s.) 1) assent, -s; 2) as- 
cent, -s 
a'sent^ -s, -ig, -igli, -id (v.) assent, 

-s, -mg, -ingly, -ed 
a'septik, -s aseptik (s. adj.), -s 
a'ses, -iz, -ig, -t; -a», -az; -abl 

assess, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors; 

a'sesa/ip, -s assessorship, -s 
a'sesmant, -s assessment, -s 
a'seti|fai [a'si:ti-], -faiz, -faiig, 

■faid aceti|fy, -fies, -fying, -fied 
a'setik, -s, -al, -ali 1) ascetic 

(s. a^.), -s, -al, -ally; 2) = 

a'setilim acetylene 
a'setisizm asceticism 
a'seya*, -z, -rig, -d assever, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
aseya'reijaii, -z asseveration, -s 
a'sevareit, -s, -ig, -igli, -id 

asseveratle, -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 

a'sa'b— a'soujieit 


a'soujieitir— 9'sn:m 

Oa'saib, -iti acerb, -ity 

a'saijan, -z assertion, -s 

a' salt, -s, -iflj -id; -e*, -az; -abl 

assert, -s, -ing, -ed; -er [-or], 

-ers [-ors]; -able 
3'S3:tiT, "li, -nis assertive, -ly, 

03s'flk8|i, -iz asphyx{y, -ies 
asflksi'eij'an asphyxiation 
as'flksieit, -s, -ig, -id; -3*, -az 

asphyxiat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or,"] 
os'fllcsia asphyxia [-orsj 

Oa'siitifai, etc. = a'setifai, etc. 
3'8i:tik [3'setik] acetic 
Os'sidijfai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid 

acidi|fy, -fies, -lying, -fled 
a'siditi acidity 
»'sidja38, -li, -nis assiduous, -ly, 

a'sidjuleit, -s, -ig, -id acidulat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
o'sidjulas acidulous 
asimi'leijan, -z assimilation, -s 
a'simileit, -8, -ig, -id; -iv assi- 

milat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -ive 
3'sindit|an, -a asyndet|on, -a 
a'sinibsin Assiniboine 
3'8iri3, -n, -nz Assyria, -n, -ns 
asiri'aladsli, -i8t, -ists assyrio- 

logly, -ist, -ists 
a'sist, -8, -ig, -id; -a*, -az assist, 

-B, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
a'8i8t9n8, -iz assistance, -s 
a'sistant, -s assistant, -s 
Oa'^'ann, -z,-ig,-igli, -dassum|e, 

-es, -ing, -ingiy, -ed 
a'i^'a:mab|I, -li as8uniab|le, -ly 
Oas'ksens [as'ka:ns] askance 
es'ktent askant 
as'kju: askew 
as'kraib, -z, -ig, -d; -abl as- 

crib|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -able 
as'kripjan, -z ascription, -s 
as'kirint asquint 
Oa'8la:nt aslant 
a'sli.'p asleep 
a'sloup aslope 
Oa'sonka Asoka 
a8onsi'ei/an [-ouji-], -z associa- 
tion, -s 
a'sonjieit, -8, -ig, -id associat|e 

(v.), -es, -ing, -ed 

a'sonjieitiv [-Jiat-] associative 
asonjia'biliti associability 
a'sonj'iabl, -ni8 associable, -ness 
a'sonjiit, -s associate («.), -s 
Oa'sa'lt, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

assault (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers 
a'sa:t, -s, -ig, -id assort, -s, -ing, 

a'89:tmant, -s assortment, -s 
Oa'sail, -z, -ig, -d assoil, -s, -ing^ 

a'salt, etc. = a'sailt, etc. 
O as'paia*, -z, -rig, -rigli, -d 

aspirle, -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
as'paeragas asparagus 
as'pa:d3,-iz, -ig, -d; -i:z asperg|e, 

-es, -ing, ed; -es (s.) 
as'paimas aspermous 
as'pa:s, -iz, -ig, -t; -iv aspers|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed; -ive 
as'paijan, -z aspersion, -s 
as'praat asprout 
as'pred aspread 
Oa8t (weak form of hsest) hast 
as'taand, -z, -ig, -id astound, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
a8'ta:* astir 
a8'ta:n astern 

as'tiarilses, -i: asterijas, -se 
a8'^n:t, -a*, -ist, -li, -nis astute, 

-r, -st, -ly, -ness 
as'tanji, -iz, -iig, -id aston|y, 

-ies, -ying, -led 
as'tanij, -iz, -ig, -igli, -t; -mant 

astonish, -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed; 
as'traid astride [-ment 

as'trtedl astraddle 
as'trei astray 

as'trikjan, -z astriction, -s 
as'trint^s, -iz, -ig, -d astringle, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
as'trincisansi astringency 
as'trineJsant, -li, -_s astringent, 

-ly, -8 
as'traladsla*, -az, -i astrologjer, 

-ers, -y 
as'tranraiaiz, -iz, -ig, -d astro- 

nomiz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
as'tranamja*, -az; -i, -iz astro- 

nom|er, -ers; -y, -ies 
Oa'snim, etc. = a'sjmm, etc. 

a'sweids— a'test 

— 136 

a'tazn — a'weikan 

Oa'sweids, -iz, -ig, -d; -013111 

assuagle, -es, -ing, -ed; -ment 
a'sweisiT, -z aasuasive (s. ac^.), 


■ a'Jtenti' Ashanti 

Oa'Jeiiiild, -idli, -idnis asham{ed, 

-edly, -edness 
Oa'Jiva* ashiver 
Oo'/unka Asoka 
Oa'Joia* 1) ashore; 2) = a'/ua* 
Oa'/na* [-'Joa*, -'Ja:**]* -Zj -riDj 

■d a8sur|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
a'Jiiar|a* [-'Joar-, -'ja.'r-], -azj 

-ans, -9iisiz; -idli, -idnis aa- 

surjer, -ers; -ance, -ances; -edly, 

0at {weak form of set) at 
a'taia*, -z, -rig, -d; -mant attir|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed; -ment 
Oa'ttek, -s, -ig, -t; -a*, -az attack 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
a'tseksi ataxy 
a'ttetj", -iz, -in, -t; -abl attach, 

-es, -ing, -ed; -able 
a'ttetjmant, -b attachment, -s 
Oa'tein, -z, -ig, -d attain, -a, 

-ing, -ed 
a'teinda*, -z attainder, -s 
ateina'biliti attainability 
a'teinabi, -nis attainable, -neas 
a'teinmant, -s attainment, -a 
a'teint, -s, >ig, -id attaint (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
Oa'tempa*, -z, -rig, -d attemper, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
9'tempt, -s, -ig, -id} -a*, -az; 

-abl attempt (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers; -able 
a'tend, -z, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

attend, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
a'tendsns, -iz attendance, -a 
a'tendant, -s attendant, -s 
atenju'eijan, -z attenuation, -a 
a'tenjneit, -s, -ig, -id attenuat|e 

(v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
a'tenjaant, -g attenuant, -s 
a'tenjnit attenuate (adj.) 
a'tenjan, -z attention, -a 
a'tentiT, -li, -nis attentive, -ly, 

a'test, -s, -ig, -id; -abl atteat 

(«. v.), -a, -ing, -ed; -able 

Oa'ta:n, -z, -ig, -d attorn, -s, -ing, 
a'tazni, -z attorney, -s [-ed 

a'tainiizm attorneyism 
a'tainijip, -8 attorneyahip, -a 
Oa'^nm, -z, -ig, -d attunje, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
Oa'toun, -z, -ig, -igli^ -d; -a*, 

-az aton|e, -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed; 

-er, -ers 
a'tonnmant, -s atonement, -s 
Oa'tak Attock (India) 
a'tal ['setal], -z atoll, -s 
a'talant attolent 
a'tamik atomic 
a'tanik, -s atonic (a. adj.), -a 
a'tap atop 
Oa'trait attrite 
a'trtekjan, -z attraction, -a 
a'treekt, -s, -ig, -igli, -id; -a*, 

-az; -abl attract, -s, -ing, -ingly, 

-ed; -or, -ors; -able 
atrtekta'biliti attractability 
a'trtektiv, -li, -nis attractive, -ly, 

a'trembl atremble 
a'tribju:t, -s, -ig, -id attribut|e 

(v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
a'tribjntabl attributable 
a'tribjutir, -li attributive, -ly 
a'trip atrip 

a'trijan, -z attrition, -a 
a'troujas, -11, -nis atrocious, -ly, 

a'traflk [se't-] atrophic 
a'tr98it|i, -iz atrocitjy, -iea 
Oa'tJi:v, -z, -ig, -d; -abl achiev|e, 

-ea, -ing, -ed; -able 
a'tJiiTmant, -s achievement, -a 
• a'0a:8t athirst 
a'Oiina Athena 
a'Ofcni- Athene 

a'Oiinian [-njan], -z Athenian, -s 
a'6a:t nautical pron. of a'Owait 
a'Orob athrob 
a'Bwait athwart 
•a'wail [a'hwail] awhile 
Oa'wei away 
a'weik, -s, -ig, -t^ a'wonk awak|e 

(adj. v.), -es, -jng, -ed, awoke 
a'treikabl awakable 
a'weik|an, -anz, -9nip [-fig], 

-and awak|en,-en8,-ening, -ened 

a'weltniij — 'fa:m 


e'vendgaris — fais 

a'weiknii), -z awakening («.), -s 
a'weit, -s, -iii, -Id await, -s, -ing, 

Oa'wca* aware 

Od'wouk awoke (from awake) 
O3'wo:d, -z, -ij, -id; -abl award 

(s. «.), -s, -ing, -ed; -able 
Oa'woJ awash 
%VY 1) {weak form of ot) of; 

2) {weak form of hsBv) have 
Os'Taist avast 
Oa'vaital ['jevitel] avital 
a'vaizou, -z aviso, -s 
Oa'Tan, -z, -iii, -d; -idli avow, 

-8, -ing, -ed; -ediy 
a'Tansbl, -nis avowable, -ness 
9'Taaal, -z avowal, -s 
a'Tanrji, -iz avowr|y, -ies 
a'vaatjf. -iz, -ig, -t; -mant 

avoucn, -es, -ing, -ed; -ment 
Oa'TAlJan, -z avulsion, -s 
a'TAii^ula* avuncular 
Oa'veil, -z, -ii), -igli, -d avail 

(g. v.), -s, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
aveila'biliti availability 
a'veilabll, -li, -Inis availab|le, -ly, 

Oa'vends, -iz, -ig, -d: -a*, -az 

aveng|e, -ea, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

a'veiidsaris, -iz avengeress, -es 
a'venelsful avengeful 
a'Yene^Smant avengement 
a'vesta Avesta 
Oa'va:*, -z, -rig, -d aver, -s, -ring, 

a'vaimant, -s averment, -s 
a'vais, -li, -nis averse, -ly, -ness 
a'veijan, -z aversion, -s 
a'vait, -s, -ig, -id: -ibl [-abl] 

avert, -s, -ing, -ed; -ible 
a'vaiz avers {from aver) 
Oa'viditi avidity 
Oa'vonka 1) Avoca; 2) Ovoca 
Oa'v»:nt avaunt 
Oa'vaid, -z, -ig, -id; -abl avoid, 

-s, -ing, -ed; -able 
a'vaidans, -iz avoidance, -s 
• az 1) {weak form of sez) as {adv. 

conj); 2) {weak form o/'hsBz) has 
Oaz'bestain [sez-] asbestine 
az'bestas [sez-] 1) asbestous; 

2) = az'bestas asbestos 
az'bestik [sez-] asbestic 
az'bestas [sez-] asbestos 
Oa'zeilia [-Ija], -z azalea, -s 
Oa'zont, a'zatik = se'z- 
Oa'zaiaz Azores 
a'zairiz poetical form of a'zaiaz 

• fa:* 1) far; 2) Farr 
0''o:9|a*, -ist farthler, -est 
fa:5a*, -z, -rig, -d; -lis father 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -less 
'fa:9a|had, -Isend fatherjhood, 

'fa:5al|i, -inis fatherl|y, -iness 
'fa:9ig, -z farthing, -s 
'fa:9iggeil, -z farthingale, -s 
0'fa:'fetjt far-fetched 
0'fa:kia*, etc. = 'feikia*, etc. 
'ta'Xw9*, -sn Farquhar, -son 
O'fo:'lft:} "Z fa-la, -s 
'fo:U 1) Farleigh; 2) Farley 
'fa:lon Farlow 
O'faim, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az farm 

(s. ».). -a. -ing, -ed; -er (F.), 


faimaka'pi-a [-ko'p-], -z pharma- 
copoeia, -s 

faima'kjn:- = fa:ma'sja- 

faima'kaladslij -ist, -ists phar- 
macologly, -ist, -ists 

'fa:man, -z Farman, -s 

'fa:mag{i,-iz, -ist, -ists pharmacjy, 
-ies, -ist, -ists 

fa:ma'sjii:tik [-a'kjn:-], -al, -ali, 
-8 pharmaceutic, -al, -ally, -s 

'fa:inhaa|8, -ziz farmhous|e, -ses 

'faimsted, -z farmstead, -s 

'fa:m'ja:d, -z farmyard, -s 

Ofa:n Farn(e) 

'fa:n{bara, -abi, -am, -wa'O Farn- 
|borough, -aby, -ham, -worth 

O'faira'wei far-away 

O fa:s, -iz farce, -s 

'fai'saitid— 'faiari 

— 138 — 

'faiarii) — 'faita* 

'fa:'saitid, -nis far-sighted, -neas 
fai'seilia [-Ija] Pharsalia 
'falsi farcy 

'fa:sik|»l, -ali farcic|al, -ally 
'fa:s|n, -nz, -niij [-]^ig], -nd fast- 

|en, -ens, -ening, -ened 
faisna* [-?a*], •% fastener, -s 
'fa.'snig [-i^iii], -z (s.) fastening, -s 
'faz'spent far-spent 
fttist, -s, -8*, -ist, -ifl, -id fast 

(s. adj. V. adv.), -s, -er, -est, -ing, 

'faistdei, -z fast-day, -s 
'faista*, -z (s.) faster, -s 
'faistnis, -iz fastness, -es 
O'taiwei [-wal] Farwell 
•fai, -z 1) phi, -s; 2) fie 
fai'ans [-'5ns] (fa'jais) faience 
'faiset ['faiat], -s fiat, -s 
O'faiba*, -z, -d; -lis fibre, -s, -d; 

'faibras, -11, -nls fibrous, -ly, -ness 
'faibril, -z fibril, -s 
'faibrin fibrin 
Ofai'deliti = fi'd- fidelity 
'faidites = 'fldites Phidias 
O faia*, -z, -rig, -dj -ra*, -raz 

fire (s. v.), -s, -ing, -d; -er, -ers 
'faiabalum, -z fire-balloon, -s 
'faiabad, -z fire-ball, -s 
'faiabaks, -iz fire-box, -es 
'faiabrtend, -z fire-brand, -s 
'faiabrigeid, -z fire-brigade, -s 
'faiabrik, -s fire-brick, -s 
'faiadtemp fire-damp 
'faiafljai} -aiz fire-fl|y, -ies 
'faiagaid, -z fire-guard, -s 
'faiaklei fire-clay 
'faial, >z phial, -s 
'faialak, -s fire-lock, -s 
'faia|man, -man fire-|man, -men 
'faiapeen, -z fire-pan, -s 
'faiaplAQ, -z fire-plug, -s 
'faiapleis, -iz fire-place, -s 
'faiapra:r fire-proof 
'faiaraim, -z fire-arm, -s 
'faiaraian, -z fire-iron, -s 
'faiarendsin, -z fire-engine, -s 
'falara*, -z firer, -s 
'faiarala:]ii, -z fire-alarm, -s 
'faiari:ta*, -z fire-eater, -s 
'faiar|i,-ili, -inis fier|y, -ily, -iness 

'faiarii) firing («.) 
'faiarii|pa:t|i, -iz firing-partjy, -ies 
'faiarii) paint, -s firing-point, -s 
'faiariskeip, -s fire-escape, -s 
'faiasaid, -z fire-side, -s 
'faiat. -s = 'faitet;, -s fiat, -s 
'faia/ip, -s fire-ship, -s 
'faiawazKs fireworks 
'faiawaijip, -a*, -az fire-worship, 

•per, -pers 
'faia|wo:ta*, -wud fire-]water, 

'faiaz fires (from fire) 
Ofaif 1) Fife; 2) Fyffe; 3) Phyfe 
faif, -s, -ig, -t; -a*, -az fif|e 

(a. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
'faif meidsa*, -z fife-major, -s 
'faifjia* Fifeshire 
Ofail, -z, -ill, -d 1) (s. v.) fil|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed; 2) (s.) = 'fatal, 

-z phial, -s 
'faili Filey 
'failigz filings 
Ofain, -a*, -ist, -z, >ii), -d 1) (s. 

adj. v.), nn|e, -er, -ist, -es, -ing, 

-ed; 2) Fyne 
'fainait, -li, -nis finite, -ly, -ness 
fai'neeliti finality 
fai'ngens, etc. = ti'naens, etc. 
'faind, -z, -ig, fannd find {s. v.), 

-s, -ing, found 
'fainda*, -z finder, -s 
'faindig, -z finding (s.), -s 
'fain| dra:, >,dra:z, -,dra:ig,-,dru:, 

- araiJk. flne|-draw, -draws, -draw- 
ing, -drew, -drawn 
'fainabl finable 

'fainal|ist[-n^|-], -ists, -izm final- 
list, -ists, -ism 
'fainari finery 
'fainig, -z fining, -s 
'fainis finis 

'fainl, -ali finjal, -ally 
'fainjli, -nis finejly, -ness 
'fainjspjin fine-spun 
fainz 1) fines {from fine); 

2) Fiennes; 3) Fynes 
O fai'ans = fai'ans faience 
O'faisn 1) Fison; 2) Fyson 
Ofait, -s, -ig, fa:t fig|it (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, fought 
'faita*, -z fighter, -s 

f aiv— ' f tedsmlain 

139 — 

'fsefna*— 'fseni 

OfaiT, -z, -fould five, -s, -fold 
'faiya*, -z fiver, -s 
Ofaiz phis [plur. of phi] 

• fanl, -a*, -ist, -z, -ij, -d 1) foul 
(«. adj. v.), -er, -est, -s, -ing, -ed; 
2) fowl (g. v.), -8, -ing, -ed 

'fanla*, -z 1) fouler {compar. of 

foul; 2) (s.) fowler (F.), -s 
■fauli [fanUi] foully 
'fanlignet, -s fowling-net, -s 
'faulli)pi:s. -iz fowling-piece, -s 
'fanl'mauod foul-mouthed 
'faul'nes Foulness 
'fanlnis foulness 
'faull'plei, -'spoakan foul-|play, 

'faulz 1) fouls; 2) fowls; 3) Foulis 
Ofannd, -z, -ig, -id 1) found, -s, 
-ing, -ed; 2) found (from find) 
fann'deijan, -z foundation, -s 
fann'deijana* [-Jija*], -z found- 
ationer, -s 
'fannda*, -z founder (s.), -s 
'faunda*, -z, -rig, -d founder (v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed 
'fanndliii, -z foundling (F.), -s 
'fanndr|i, -iz foundrjy, -ies 
fannt, -s fount, -s 
'fanntin, -z fountain (F.), -s 
'faantin'hed, -z fountain-head, -s 
faanz Fownes 

• 'fsebjnlaiz, -iz, -ii), -d fabulizje 
[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 

fsebjalas, -li, -nis fabulous, -ly, 

'feebjnlist, -s fabulist, -s 
fsebrik, -s fabric («.), -s 
faebri'kei/an, -z faorication, -s 
ftebrikeit, -s, -ii), -Idj -a*, -az 

fabricat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 

fsebrikeitiv [-kat-] fabricative 
Ofsed, -z fad, -s 
'f«ed|i, -ia*, -iist; -ili, -inis fadd|y, 

-ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
'fsedij faddish 
'feed|ist, -ists, -izm fadd|ist, -ists, 

O'fseSam, -z, -ii), -d; -abl; -lis 

fathom («.«.)> -s> -ing, -ed; -able; 

'feeSamlain, -z fathom-line, -s 

O'fafna* Fafner 

Of«g, -z, -ig, -d 1) fag («.«.), 

-8, -ging, -ged; 2) Fagg(e) 
'fseg'end, -z fag-end, -a 
'feegat, -s faggot, -s 
'f%gma:st3*, -z fag-master, -s 
O'fsekaltji, -iz facult|y, -ies 
'fsekaltativ [-teit-] facultative 
feek'simili, -z fac-simile, -s 
'fiekj'an, -z faction, -a 
'feekj'anl [S^l] factional 
'fsekjanarji [-J^a-], -iz factionar]y, 

'fsekjanist [-Jifi-], -s factionist, -a 
'fiekjas, -li, -nis factious, -ly, 

fiekt, -8 fact, -3 
'fsekta*, -z factor, -s 
'feektaraiz, -iz, -ig, -d factorizje 

[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
'ftektar|i, -iz factor|y, -ies 
'ftektarids factorage 
fsek'tijas, -li, -nis factitious, -ly, 

'fsektitiv factitive 
fsek'tontam, -z factotum, -s 
f«ek'ta:rial factorial 
Of«l Fal 

'teelsend^, -iz phalange, -s 
'fseltegks, -iz, fse'ltendsiiz phal- 
anx, -es, phalanges 
'fselas i, -iz fallacjy, -ies 
fseU'biiiti [-lab-] fallibility 
fselibll [-lab-], -li, -Inls fallib|le, 

-ly, -leness 
'fselkeit, -id falcate, -d 
'fselmaO Falmouth 
'ffelon, -z, -ig, -d; -nis fallow 

(s. ac^. v.), -a, -ing, -ed; -ness 
'fselon dia* fallow-deer 
'feelooMd Fallowfield 
'fselonz fallows (F.) 
0'fseinil|i> -iz famil|y, -ies 
'feemin, -z famine, -s 
'feemij, -iz, -ig, -t famish, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
Of sen, -z, -ill, -d fan (». v.) (F.), 

-8, -ning, -ned 
fsen'dteiigon, -z fandango, -s 
'fsena*, -z fanner, -s 
'fsenfea* (foi'fair), -z fanfare, -s 
'fseni Fanny 

'faenlait— 'fsesikl 


fnsi'nei/^n— find 

'ftenlait, -a fanlight, -s 
'f£ens|i. -iz, -iig, -id; -ia*, -idx 

fancfy (s. v.), -ies, -ying, -ied; 

-ier, -iers 
faensi'bo:!, -z fancy-ball, -s 
'fiensi'dres, -iz fancy-dress, -es 
'feensiffri:, -waik fancy- |free, 

'fsensi|ful, -fali [-fall], -fMlnls 

fanci|ful, -fully, -fulness 
'fsenja: Fanshawe 
fseii'ta:zla = faenta'sia 
ften'ttestik, -al, -all, -alnis fan- 
tastic, -al, -ally, -alness 
'faentaezm, -z phantasm, -s 
feentsezma'go'ria phantasmagoria 
feen'taezm|al, -all, -Ik phantasm- 

|al, -ally, -ic 
'ftentell, -z fantail, -s 
'feentam, -z phantom, -s 
'fsentasjl [-az|l], -Iz fantasly, -ies 
fainta'sla [-a'zia, feen'ta:zla], -z 

fantasia, -s 
Offeg, -z, -d; -Us fang (F.), -s, 

-ed; -less 
0'f»ra* 1) Farrar; 2) Farrer 
'fterad, -z farad, -s 
'fgeradei Faraday 
'fseramand [-mand] Fharamond 
'tseran Farren 

'fser»nhalt ['fa:r-] Fahrenheit 
'faerant Farrant 
'fseria*, -z, -ri farrier, -s, -y 
fserln'dsaltls pharyngitis 
fse'rindsial = fa'r- pharyngeal 
f«eri'nei/as farinaceous 
'faerinous farinose [ingdon 

'faerigdan 1) Farringdon; 2jFar- 
fte'riggal = fa'r- pharyngal 
'faerlgks, -iz pharynx, -es 
'feerigtan Farrington 
feeri'seiik, -al, -all, -alnis phari- 

saic, -al, -ally, -alness 
'fserisi:, -z Pharisee, -s 
'fsem, etc. = 'fseran, etc. 
'fteron, -z, -li|, -d 1) (s. v.) farrow 

(F.), -s, -ing, -ed; 2) = 'fearon 

Of»'sa:d, -z = fa's- fa9ade, -s 
'fieSAil facile 
'f«eNl:z fasces 
'fsesikl, -z fascicle, -s 

fsesi'neijan, -z fascination, -s 

'fwsineit, -s, -ii|, -id; -a*, -az 
fascinat,e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 

'faesit [-set], -s, -id facet, -s, -ed 

'faestal fasti (F.) 

ftes'tidias [-djas], -11, -nis fasti- 
dious, -ly, -ness 

0'f»/|an, -anz, -anii) [-i^ig], -and 
fashilon (s. v.), -ons, -oning, 

'faejana* [-/?»*], -z fashioner, -s 

'faBjranab|l [-JT^a-], -11, -Inls fash- 
ionab|le, -ly, -leness 

'faeJanmAgga*, -z fashionmonger, 


'faejlja, -1:, -az fasci|a, -se, -as 
OfsBt, -a*, -ist fat {». a^.), -ter, 

'faethed, -z fathead, -s 
'faet|i, -inis fatt|y, -iness 
'faetima Fatima 
'faetjnas, -11, -nis fatuous, -ly, 

fae'tjnltl = fa'ljalti fatuity 
'faetlii), -z fatling, -s 
'faet|n, -nz, -^g, -nd_; -fa*, -ipaz 

fattfen, -ens, -ening, -ened; 

-ener, -eners 
'faetnis fatness 
O'tmrBSam Faversham 
• 'fAd|l, -lz,-Ug [-lii,], -Id; .\9*, 

-Jaz fudd|le, -Ies, -ling, -led; 

-Ier, -Iers 
lids, -iz, -ig, -d (s. v.) fudg|e 

(Fl -es, -ing, -ed 
O'fildsant, -11 fulgent, -ly 
'filgjaareit, -s,-ii), -id fulgurat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'fAlkr|am, -a, -amz fulcr|um, -a, 

fAlmi'tteiJan, -z fnlmination, -s 
'fAlminelt, -s, -ig, -id fulminatje, 

-es, -ing -ed 
fAlsam ['ful-], -11, -nis fulsome, 

-ly, -ness 
'filras fulvous 
O'fAmbl, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 

fumbl|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
Of An fun 
fAnd, -z, -ig, -id fund (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 

fAndamen'tseliti — ^feibl 

— 141 - 

feid— 'fei69:ii 

findamen'tseliti fundamentality 
fAnda'mentil, -all [-^] funda- 

mentjal, -ally 
'fAndamant, -s fundament, -s 
fAndhonlda*, -z fund-holder, -s 
'find! Fundy 
'fAndlis fundless 
'fAOil, "ia*, -list, -ili, -inis funn|y, 

-ier, -lest, -ily, -iness 
'fAn|, -z funnel, -s 
0'fAi|g|as, -ai, -asiz 1) fungjus, 

-i, -uses; 2) fungous 
'fAggaid, -z fungoid (s adj.), -a 
lAgk, -s, -ii|, -t [fAflt] funk (s. v.), 

-a, -ing. -ed 
'fAgt|i,-ia*, -list, •ai,-inisfunk|y, 

-ier, -lest, -ily, -iness 
'tAgkia, -z funkia, -s 
'fAi|kJ|»n, -anz, -anil) [-fig], -and 

functi|on (s. v.), -ons, -oning, 

'tAi|k Janarji [- Ji^ar|i], -Iz f unction- 

arjy, -ies 
fAflkJlan^ [-ijiW, -anall [-ifali] 

functi|onal. -onally 
fAgt = fAgkt funked 
O'fAria*, -z furrier, -s 
'fArou, -z, -ig, -d; -i furrow («.«.), 

-s, -ing, -ed; -y 
OfAS, -iz, -ii), -t; -a*, -az fuss 

(s. v.). -es. -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
'fAs|i, -ia*, -list, -ili, -inis fuss|y, 

-ier, -lest, -ily, -iness 
'fAskas fuscous 
fAst fussed (from fuss) 
'fAst|i, -ia», -ilst, -iU, -inis fu8t|y, 

-ier, iest, -ily, -iness 
'fAStian fustian 
fAsti'geiJan, -z fustigation, -s 
'fAstigei^ -s, -ig, -id fustigatje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
Ofiz, -iz, -ig, -d fuzz, -es, -ing,! 
'fAzbail, -z fuzzball, -s [-edj 
tAz|i, -la*, -list, -ill, -inirf'fuzz|y, 

-ier, -iest, ily, -iness 
• fei, -z fay (F.), -s 
O'feina* Faber (English name) 
'feibian [-bjan], -z 1) Fabian, -s; 

2) Fabyan 
'feifbias [-bjas], -biai Fajbius, -bii 
'feibl, -z, -d 1) fable, -s, -d; 

2) Fabel 

Ofeid, -z, -ig, -id 1) fad|e, -es, 
-ing -ed; 2) Faed 

Ofei'et Fayette 

O feik, -s, -ig, -t; -a*, -az fak|e 
(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

'feikia*, -z, -rizm fakir, -s, -ism 

'feikf am Fakenham 

feiks fakes (P.) 

Ofeil, -z, -ig, -d fail (s. v.), -s, 
-ing, -ed 

'feilig, -z failing (s.), -s 

'feilja*, -z failure, -s 

Ofeim, -d fame, -d 

'feimas, -li, -nis famous, -ly, -ness 

Ofein, -z 1) fane, -s; 2) fain 

fein, -z, -ig, -d; -idli, -idnis 
feign, -s, -ing, -ed; -edly, -edness 

'feinig Faning 

feint, -s, -ig, -id 1) (s. v) faint, 
-B, -ing, -ed; 2) (s. adj. v.) feint, 
-s, -ing, -ed 

'feintha:t, -s faint-heart, -s 

'feint'haitid, -li, -nis faint-heart- 
ed, ly, -ness 

'feiutij, -nis faintish, -ness 

'feint|li, -nis faint|ly, -ness 

Ofeis, -iz, -ig, -t; -a*, -az fac|e 
(s v.), -es, ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

'feisgaid, -z face-guard, -s 

'feisig, -z (s.) facing, -b 

'feisjis, -i:z phas|is, -es 

'feislis faceless 

feist faced 

0'feij|»l, -all faci|al, -ally 

Ofeit, -s, -ig, -id 1) fat|e (F.), -es, 
-ed; 2) (s. v.) f6t|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

fei'tseliti = fa'tseliti fatality 

'feitdei, -z fete-day, -s 

'feital|ist [-tj|-], -ists, -izm fatal- 
list, -ists, -ism 

feita'listik fatalistic 

'feit|l, -ali fat|al, -ally 

'feitn, -z phaeton, -s 

Ofeie, -s faith (F.), -s 

'feieful, -full [-fali], -fwlnis 

1) faith |ful (F.), fully, -fulness; 

2) FaithfuU 

'feiehi:l|ig, -a*, -az faith-heal | ing, 

-er, -ers 
'feieiis, -li, -nis faithless, -ly, 

'fei6o:n Faithorne 

feiva*— 'feloM'kriit/a* 


fe'lonnjag— 'festa* 

O'feiva*, -z, -rii), -d; -lis; -ra*, 

-rsz favour (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; 

-less; er, -ers 
'feiT»rab|l, -11, -Inis favourab|le, 

•ly, -leness 
'felT^rit, -8, -izm favourit|e (s. 

a<^'.), -es, -ism 
Ofeiz, -iz 1) phase, -s; 2) fays 

{plur. of fay) 
• 'febrail == 'fl:brail 
'febrifjn:d3, -iz febrifuge, -s 
'febrnari February 
Ofed fed {from feed) 
fede'reijao, -z federation, -s 
fedareit, -s, -ig, -id federat|e 

(v.), -s. -ing, -ed 
'fedareitiT [-rat-] federative 
'fedaral. -z federal, -a 
'fedaralfist, -ists, -izm federal|i8t, 

-ists, -ism 
'fedarit, -s federate (s. adj.), -a 
O'tebd*, -z, -rig, -d feather (s. «.), 

-s, ing, -ed 
'feSabrein, -z, -d feather-brain, 

-s, -ed 
'feSahed, -z feather-head, -s 
'fedar'eds, -iz feather-edge, -s 
'fedari feathery 
'fedastan, -ha: Featherstone, 

'feSastitJ*, -iz, -ig, -t feather- 
stitch (s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
Ofef, -8, -ig, -t; -a*, -az feoflf 

(v.), -a, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
fe'fi:, -z feoffee, -s 
'fefmant, -8 feoffment, -s 
fe'fo:*, -z feoffor, -s 
O'fekand, etc. = 'fl:kand, etc. 
'febjulan|s, -t feculenjce, -t 
Ofel, -z, -ig, -d 1) («. «((/. v) fell 

(F.), -s, -ing, ed; 2) fell (from 

'teldspai* feldspar 
'fela, -z 1) fellah, -a; 2) vulgar 

or facetious for 'felon fellow 
'fela*, -z feller, -s 
'felan, -zj -i, -iz felon, -s; -y, -ies 
'fel|i, -iz fell|y, -ies 
'felou, -z 1) fellow, -s; 2^ felloe, -s 
'felo»/.'fl:lig fellow-feeling 
'feloM'kriitJ'a*, -z fellow- creature, 

fe'lonnjas = fl'lonDJas 

'felou'sitiz^n, -z fellow-citizen, -s 

'feloMjip, -8 fellowship, -s 

'felouz 1) fellows (F.); 2)Fellowes 

felps Phelps 

'felspa:* 1) felspar; 2) feldspar 

'felstid Felste(a)d 

'felt, -s 1) felt (from feel); 2) felt 

is.), -a 
'fel|tam, -tan Fe]|tham, -ton 
'feltig, -z felting, -s 
O'femara = 'flimara femora 

(alternative plur. of femur) 
'femaral femoral 
femi'niliti feminility 
'feminin, -II, -nis feminine, -ly, 

femi'niiiit|i, -iz femininity, -ies 
Ofen, -z 1) fen_(F.), -s; 2) Fenn 
fend, -z, -ig, -id fend, -s, -ing, 

'fenda*, -z fender, -s 
'fenam Fenham 
'fen|i, -imaia* Fenn|y, -imore 
'fenik Fenwick 
'fen; 1) fennel; 2) Fennell 
fens, -iz, -ig, -tj -a*, -az fenc|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'fetts{ibl[-abi], -lis fenc|ible, -eless 
'fenjtan, -tjaitj Feu|ton, -church 
O 'feral, -z 1) f errel (F.) ; 2) = 'f ern:l 

ferrule, -s 
'fer|i, -izj -iig, -id ferr|y («. v.), 

•ies, -ying, -ied 
'feribont, -s ferryboat, -a 
'fer|ia3, -ik ferrjeous, -ic 
'feri|ni3n, -man ferry-|man, -men 
'feris, -ba:g Ferris, -berg 
'ferit, -s, -ig, -id (s. v.) ferret (F.), 

-8, -ing. -ed 
'feritar|i, -It feretor|y, -ies 
'feriti ferity 

'ferjuil, -z = 'feru:I, -z 
ferJ, -z = 'feral, -z 
'ferowtaip, -s ferrotype, -s 
fe'rnidsinas ferruginous 
'fern:l, -z 1) ferrule, -s; 2) ferule, 

Ofes, -iz fesse, -s 
'feskjn:, -si fescue, -s 
'festa'j -z, -rig, -d fester (s. v.), 

-s, -mg, -ed 

'festas— 'fsarou 

143 — 

'fsaras— 'fsamari 

'festss Festus 

'festiy, -li, -nis festive, -ly, -ness 
'festiral [-teT-], -z festival, -s 
fes'tiTit|i, -iz festivitly, -ies 
'festll, -3li feat|al, -ally 
fes'inm, -z, -ig, -d (s. v.) festoon, 

-a, -ing, -ed 
O'feta*, -z, -rii), -d (s. v.) fetter 

(FA -8, -ing, -ed [-nessT 

'fetid i'flitid], -U, -nis fetid, -ly,J 
'fetij ['flztif], -iz, -izm fetish, -es, 

'fetll, -Izj -^^|. -Id fett|le (s. v.), 

-Ies, -ling, -fed 
'fetl9k, -s, -t fetlock, -s, -ed 
fet/, -iz, -ii), -t; -a*, -az fetch 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
O'fevajam Feversham 
O fez, -iz fez (F.), -es 
fe'zteo Fezzan 
'feznt, -8 pheasant, -s 
•fE3*, -z, -rip, -d (s. V.) far|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
fsa*, -z, -ra*, -rist (s. ody.) fair 

(F.), -B, -er, -est 
0'fs8|l)»i|k(8), -l»san(z) Fair- 

|bank(sj, -bairn(s) 
'fsa|ba:n, -bari. -biad Fairjburn, 

-bury, -beam 
'fsabrA5a» 1) Fairbrother; 2) Fare- 
O'feafseks Fairfax 
'feafeist fair-faced 
•fsalfad, -fi:ld Fair|ford, -field 
O'fsa'hsad fair-haired 
'fsa|houm, -lioalt Fair{holme, -holt 
0'fea'kap|i) -iz fair -cop|y. -ies 
O'fsali 1) fairly; 2) Fairlegh 
O 'fea|maant, -man, -mant Fair- 

[monnt, -man, -mont 
O'feanis fairness 
O'fsa'plei fair-play 
O'fsara* fairer {compar. of fair) 
'fearam Fareham 
'fear|i, -iz, -ilaik fair|y, -ies, -ylike 
'feari|daai, -hnd, -Isend fairy|dom, 

-hood, -land 
'fsari'rig, -z fairy-ring, -s 
'fearist fairest (auperl. of fair) 
'feariX fairish 
'fsaron, -z 1) Pharaoh, -a; 2) faro; 

3) Faroe, -e 

'fsaros Pharos 

O 'fea'sponk^n fair-spoken 

O'fsa'treid, -a*, -az fair- trad] e, 

-er, -era 
O'fsawei, -z fair- way, -s 
'fsaweda* Fairweather 
'feawel Farewell 
'fea'wel, -z farewell (F.), -a 
O'fsaz 1) fares; 2) fairs 
• fa:*, -z, -rii), -d 1) (s. v.) fur, 

-s, -ring, -red; 2) (s.) fir, -s 
0'fa:b{ei|k Firbank 
'fa:bilou, -z furbelow, -a 
'fa:bij, -iz, -ii|, -t furbish, -ea, 

-ing, -ed 
Ofa:d 1) furred (from fur); 2) fyrd 
'fa:dinand Ferdinand 
0'fa:8a*, -z, -rii|, -d; -ra*, -raz 
further {adj. v. adv.), -s, -ing, 
-ed; -er, -era 
'fa:da{'ma:a*, -moust f urther|more, 

'fa:9;»rans furtherance 
'fa:dist furthest 
O'faifa*, -ri:z furfur, -es 
0'fa:gas, -n Fergus, -on 
O'faiitojj (foEJ'tS), -z feuilleton, -s 
O fa^keijan, -z furcation, -s 
'fa:keit, -s, -ifl, -id furcat|e («.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'faikin, -z firkin, -s 
'fa:kit furcate {adj.) 
Ofa:l, -z, -ii), -d furl, -s, -ing, 
'fa:lou, -z furlough, -s [-ed 

'fa:lag, -z furlong, -a 
Ofa:m, -z, -a*, -ist firm (». adj.), 

-s, -er, -est 
'faimsen [-man], -z firman, -a 
fa''msena Fermanagh 
'faiment, -S ferment (s), -a 
fai'ment, -s, -iij, -id; -abl fer- 
ment {v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -able 
faimen'teijan, -z fermentation, -a 
fai'mentatir, -li, -nis ferment- 
ative, -ly, -neas 
'fa:mamant, -s firmament, -a 
'fa:m{li, -nis firm|ly, -neas 
Ofa:n,-z l)fern(F.), -s; 2)Feam(e) 
fa-'naendez [-diz] 1) Fernandes; 

2) Fernandez 
'fames Furness 
'fa:uar|i, -iz ferner|y, -iea 

'f9:iii — fa'giv 

— 144 

fa'gJTabl— fa'tiig 

'fa:ni ferny 

'f9:iiis, -iz 1) furnace, -s; 2) Fur- 

'fainij, -iz, -ig, -t; -a*, -az; 
furnish, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

'fainit/a* furniture 

'famiTsl Furnival(I) 

'fainon Furneaux 

'fainsaid 1) Fearnside; 2) Fearen- 
side ' 

0'fa:r|i, -ia*, -iist, -inis furr|y, 
-ier, -iest, -iness 

O'faist, -li, -liD.'n first, -ly, -born 

'fa:8t'fla»*, -z first-floor, -s 

'fa:stfrn:t, -s first fruit, -s 

'fa:st{'Iieend, -'kla:s first-|hand, 

'fa:stlig, -z firstling, -s 

'fa:st'reit first-rate 

0'fa:tail, -11 fertile, -ly 

'faitilaiz, -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 
fertiliz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed; 
-er, -ers 

faitilai'zeij^n fertilization [-isa-] 

fai'tiliti fertility 

'fa:tiT, -li, -nis furtive, -ly, -ness 

O fa:e, -8 firth (F.), -s 

0'fa:Ta* fervour 

'fa:van{si, -t, -tli, -tnis ferven|cy, 
-t, -tly, -tness 

'faiTid, -li, -nis fervid, -ly, -ness 

Ofa:z 1) furs; 2) firs; 3) furze 

'faizbaj*, -iz furzebush, -es 

'fa:zi furzy 

• fa* for {weak form) 

Ofa'bsed [-'beidl forbade {from 

fa'bid, -z, -ig, -igli, fa'bted 
[fa'beid], fa'bidn forbid, -s, 
-ding, -dingly, forbade, forbid- 

fa'bida*, -z forbidder, -s 

fa'brijias Fabricius 

Ofa'geiv forgave {from forgive) 

fa'get -s, -ig, fa'gat, fa'gatn 
forget, -8, -ting, forgot, for- 

fa'getjful, -fall [-fall], fMlnis 
forget|ful, -fully, -fulness 

fa'getminat, -s forget-me-not, -s 

fa'giv, -z, -ig, fa'geiv, fa'givn 

forgi v|e, -es, 'ing, forgave, forgiven 

fa'giv|abl, -nis forgivjable, -eness 
fa'gat, -n forgot, -ten (/row forget) 
fa'gatist, -s fagottist, -s 
fa'gaton, -z fagotto, -s 
Ofa'leijag, -li, -nis fallacious, 

-ly, -ness 
fa'Ia.'n, -nis forlorn, -nis 
Ofa'msena = faz'in- Fermanagh 
famili'seritji, -iz familiarit|y, -ies 
fa'miya*, -z, -li familiar (8. adj.), 

-s, -ly 
fa'miljaraiz, -iz, -ig, -d famili- 

ariz|e [-i8|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
Ofa'nsetik, -s, -»1, -ali fanatic 

(g. adj), -8, -al, -ally 
fa'nsetisaiz, -iz, -ig, -d fanatic- 

iz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
fa'nsetisiiim fanaticism 
fa'netik [fo'n-, fou'n-], -si, -ali, 

■s phonetic, -al, -ally, -s 
fa'nilijiila* [^n''n-] funicular 
fa'nagr-, fa'nal- = fon'n- 
Ofa'raina farina 
fa'reigon, -z farrago, -s 
fa'rensik [fa'r-] forensic 
fa'reva* for ever 
faraz' [fa'r-] forasmuch 
fa'rindsial [fse'r-] pharyngeal 
fa'riggal [fse'r-] pharyngal 
fa'ronj'as [fi'r-], -li, -nis fero- 
cious, -ly, -ness 
fa'rasiti [h'r-] ferocity 
fa'rnidsinas = fe'r- ferruginous 
Ofa'sttid [fse's-] (fa'8ad),-z fa9ade, 

fa'seik, -s, -ig, fa'suk, fa'seikan 

forsakje, -es, -ing, forsook, for- 
fa'siijas, -li, -nis facetious, -ly, 

fa'siijii: facetiae 
fasili'teijan facilitation 
fa'siliteit, -s, -ig, -id facilitat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
fa'silitji, -iz facilitjy, -ies 
fa'snie [fo-, fa:-] forsooth 
fa'suk forsook {from forsake) 
Ofa'Jonda Fashoda 
Ofa'ttelitii [fei't-], -iz fatalit|y, 

fa'tizg. -z, -ig, -igli, -d fatigu|e 

(s. v), -s, -ing, -ingly, -ed 

fa'tjuiti— 'ilindij 

145 — 

'flmian— fla* 

fa'ljuiti fatuity 

f9'togr8f|a*, -az, -i photograph|er, 

-era, -y 
•fi:, -z, -ii), -d fee (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -d 
O'flibas Phoebus 
■fi:bi 1) Phoebe; 2) Phebe 
'fi:b|l, -la*, -list, -11, -Inis feeb|le, 

-ler, -lest, -ly, -leness 
'fiibl'maindid, -nis feeble-mind- 
ed, -ness 
'fi:brall febrile 
Ofl:d, -z, -ig, fed 1) feed (s. v.), 

-B, -ing, fed; 2) feed (from fee) 
'fiida*, -z feeder, -a 
'ti:dpaip, -s feed-pipe, -s 
'fi:dr|9, -es Phaedr|a, -us 
fii'dsi:, -an, -anz Fiji, -an, -ans 
O'flialti fealty 

O fi:f, -8 1) fief, -s; 2) v. = fef 
'fh'fon'fAm fee-fo-fum 
'fii'fai'fAin fee-faw-fum 
OfiikAii'deiJaii fecundation 
'fiikend [-kAnd] fecund 
'fi:kandeit, -s, -ifl, -id fecund- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
Ofi:!, "Z, -ii), felt feel (s. v.), -a, 

-ing, felt 
'fiilain, -z feline (s. adj.), -a 
fi;ld, -z. -ii|, -id; -a*, -az field 

(». D.) (F.). -s. -ing, -ed; -er (F.), 

'fi:lddei, -z field-day, -s 
filidan 1) Fielden; 2) Feilden 
'flildfea*, -z fieldfare, -s 
'flildgAn, -z field-gun, -s 
fiild'haspitl, -z field-hospital, -s 
'fiildifl 1) Fielding; 2) Feilding 
'fi:ld'ma:J'9l, -z field-marshal, -s 
'fiildlmans, -mais field- Imouse, 

'fL'ldafisa*, -z field-officer, -s 
'fijldwaik, -s field-work, -s 
'fi:ldz|in3n, -man fields|man, -men 
'fl:liks, -ton Felix, -stowe 
'fi:la*, -z feeler, -s [-ly 

'fi:lii), -z, -11 feeling («. a^'.), -s, 
'fi:Iti fealty 

O'fiimeil, -z female (s. «(&'.), -s 
'fi:m|a*, -az, -ara fem|ur, -urs, -ora 
Ofiindj -z fiend, -s 
'fiindij, -Ii, -nis fiendish, -ly, -ness 

'fi:nian [-njan], -z, -izm Fenian, 

-B, -ism 
'fiiniks, -iz phoenix (P.), -es 
fir'nij. = fi'nij- 
'fi:nal phenol 

0'fi:'simpl, -z fee-simple, -s 
fi:st, -s, -ii), -id; -a*, -az (s.v.) 

feast, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
0'fi:J"ii: (fi'J-y), -z fichu, -s 
O fi:t, -8 1) feat, -s; 2) feet (plur. 

of foot) 
'fii'teil fee-tail 
'fi:ta8, -iz foetus, -es 
'firtid, etc., 'fiitij, etc. = 'fet- 
'fi:tl foetal 

'fi:tli 1) featly; 2) Featley 
'fiitja*. -z, -d, -lis feature, -s, 

-d, -less 
O 'fiira*, -z, -d, -ras fever, -s, 

-ed, -ous 
'flrrahiit fever-heat 
'fiivarij", -Ii, -nis feverish, -ly, 

Ofi:z fees (from fee) 
fiizi'biliti [-za'b-] feasibility 
'fi:zib|l [-zab-], -Ii, -Inis feasib|le, 

-ly, -leness 
•fi'seskon, -z fiasco, -a 
Ofib, -z, -ip, -d; -a*, -az fib 

(s. v.), -a, -bing, -bed; -ber, -bers 
'fibjulja, -az, -i: fibulja, -as, -se 
Ofid, -z fid, -a 
fi'deliti [fai'd-] fidelity 
fi'di:|ll, -lia [-Ija] Fide|le, -lia 
'fidises ['faid-J Phidias 
fi'djui/ial [-sial], -i fiducial, -ly 
fi'djn:Jiar|i [-uisia-, -nisja-], -iz 

fiauciar|y, -iea 
'fid|l, -Iz, -Ug [-lig], -Id fidd|le 

(s. v.), -lea, -ling, -led 
'fidlbon, -z fiddle-bow, -s 
'fidldi'di: fiddle-de-dee 
'fld^a* [-la*], -z fiddler, -s 
'fidlfsed|l, -Iz, -^!), -Id fiddle- 

fadd|le (s. v. inter].), -les, -ling, 

'fidlstik, -8 fiddlestick, -s 
'fid3it, -8. -ii|, -id; -i, -ill, -inis 

fidget (». v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -y, 

-ily, -inesa 
Ofia*, -z, -rig, -d fear [s. v.), -a, 

-ing, -ed 

Michaelis & Jonea, Phonetic Dictionary. 


'fiafwl— fi'Iaenda* 

— 146 — 

fi'lienOrapi — fi'louigas 

'fiajful, -full [-foli], -f«liiis fear- 

|ful, -fully, -fulness 
'tielis. -li, -nis fearless, -ly, -ness 
'fisrain ferine 
'flarisl ferial 
'fl9S, -9*, "ist, -li, -nis fierce, -r, 

-St, -ly, -ness 
'fi3S9m, -li, -nis fearsome, -ly, 

'fi9jon ['T9:tJou] ('firco:) Virchow 
'fiaz fears (from fear), 
O'fiftiin, -z, -0, -Os fifteen, -s, 

-th, -tha 
'fift|i, -iz, -iie [-jie], -iiOs [-jies] 

fift|y, -les, -ieth, -ieths 
tif«e, -s, -li fifth, -s, -ly 
Ofig, -z, -ill, -d 1) fig (s. v), -s, 

-ging, -ged; 2) Figg 
'liQ9*, -z, -rig, -d (s. «.) figur|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'figahed, -z figure-head, -s 
'figjna*, etc. dialectal for 'figa* 
ngjua'reiX^n, -z figuration, -s 
figjnsra'biliti figurability 
'figju^rabl figurable 
'figjaarativ, -li, -nis figurative, 

-ly, -ness 
'figli:|f, -tz fig-lea|f, -ves 
'figmgnt, -s figment, -s 
'figtri:, -z figtree, -s 
ofl'kAnditi fecundity 
'fik|l, -Ust, -Inis fick|le, -lest, 

flks. -iZj -ii|, -t; -a% -az; -abl, 

-9iiT fix («. v), -es, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers; -able, -ative 
fik'seijan fixation 
'fiksid{li, -nis fixedjly, -ness 
'fiksiti fixity 
'fikst/a*, -z fixture, -s 
'fikjanj -z fiction, -s 
'fikjanist [-Ji^ist], -s fictionist, -s 
'fikjan^ ['Sif\\ fictional 
fik'tijas, -11, -nis fictitious, -ly,"! 
'fiktiT fictive [-nessj 

Ofil, -z, -ig, -d; -9*, -az fill 

(«. v), -a, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
filaz'manik [-Iha:-, -l9'm-], -s 

philharmonic {s. adj/.), -s 
fi'l{ekt9r|i, -iz phylacterjy, -ies 
fi'ltenda*, -z, -rig, -d; -ra*, -raz 

philander, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

nitenOropli, -ist, -ists philan- 
thrody, -ist, -ists 

fi'lffit9l|i, -ist, -ists philatel|y, 
-ist, -ists 

'filba't, -s filbert, -s 

fila'delQa [-fia], -n, -nz Phila- 
delphia, -n, -ns 

fil9'lad3ik, -9I, -9li philologic, 
-al, -ally 

'filamel [-lorn-], -z Philomel, -a 

fila'mentas filamentous 

'filamant, -s filament, -s 

fila'mi:l9 [-lo'm-] Philomela 

fila'manik, -s ^ fila:'m- 

'filanOroup, -s philanthrope, -a 

fil9n'erapik, -al, -ali philan- 
thropic, -al, -ally 

fila'saflk [-9'z9-l, -al, -ali philo- 
sophic, -al, -ally 

fil9'telik philatelic 

filha:- = fila: 

fi'liiman [fai-, -man] Philemon 

'fll|i, -iz fill|y, -iea 

'IlIibAsta*, -Zf -rig, -d filibuster 
(s. v.), -s, -mg, -ed 

flli'do»* Philidor 

fiU'eiJan filiation 

'fili|grein, -gri: fili|grane, -gree 

'filip, -s, -ig. -t 1) (s. v.) fillip, 
-8, -ing, -ea; 2) Philip 

'filipai [fi'li-] Philippi 

'filipain [-pi:n], -z Philippine, -a 

fi'lipian [-pjan], -z Fhilippian, -s 

fi'Iipik, -8 Philippic, -s 

'mips 1) Phillips; 2) Philipps 

'fills Phyllis 

fi'lisia [-sja] Felicia 

filisi'teiX^n, -z felicitation, -s 

fi'lisiteit, -s, -ig, -id felicitat|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

fi'lisitas, -li, -nis felicitous, -ly, 

fi'lisiti felicity 

'filistain, -z philiatine (P.), -a 

'fillstinlzm philistinism 

'filit, -s, -ig, -id fillet (s. v.), -s, 
-ing, -ed 

'filjal, -i, -nis filial, -ly, -ness 

film, -z; -i, -ia*, -list, -ill, -inis 
film, -s; -y, -ier, -lest, -ily,-iness 

fi'lonnjas, -li, -nis felonious, -ly, 

fi'laledsi— 'finland 

— 147 

'finli— 'fijwaif 

fl'laladsli, -ist, -ists philolog|y, 

-iat, -ista 
fi'lassfaiz, -iz, -ig, -d philosopb.- 

iz|e [-isle], -es, -ing, -ed 
fi'las9f|9*, -az; -i, -iz philo- 

soph|er, -era; -y, -iea 
fi'lasafjist, -ists, -izm philo- 

aoph|ist, -ista, -ism 
'filpat, -s Philpot, -ta 
filj, etc. = filtj, etc. 
'itlta*, -z, -rig, -d 1) {s. ».) filter, 

-a, -ing, -ed ; 2) (s.) philtre [-ter], -s 
'filtajiteipa*, -z filter-paper, -a 
fll'treijan, -z filtration, -a 
'filtreit, -s, -ig, -id filtrat|e («.), 

-ea, -ing, -ed 
'flltreit, -s filtrate (s.), -s 
filtJ", -iz, -ig, -t; -a*, -az filch, 

-ea, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
me, -1, -ia*, -list, -m, -Inis filth, 

-y, -ier, -leat, -ily, -inesa 
O'fimbrieit, -8, -ig, -id fimbri- 

at|e, -ea, -ing, -ed 
O fin, -z 1) fin, -a; 2) Finn, -a 
fi'naili, -z finale, -a 
fi'nsens [fai'n-], -iz finance, -a 
fi'nsensia* [fai'n-, -sja*], -z fi- 
nancier (s.), -a 
finsen'sia* [fain-], -z, -rig, -d 

1) (v.) financier, -a, -ing, -ed; 

2) (g.) = fi'nsensia* 
fl'nsenJTbl [fai'n-], -ali financi|al, 

'findlei Findlay 
fi'nes, -iz, -ig, -t fineaa|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
fi'nestra, -1 feneatra, -1 
'fini 1) finny; 2) Finney 
'finises Phine(h)a3 
'finik Finnic 
'finikjal, -ali, -alnis finic|al, -ally, 

'fini{kin, -kig fini|kin, -eking 
finis'tsa* ['finistea*] Finisterre 
'finij". -iz, -ig, -t; -a*, -az 1) (s. v.) 

finish, -ea, -ing, -ed,; -er, -era; 

2) Finniah 
fi'nijia [fl:'n-, -Xja. -sia, -sja], 

-n, -nz Phenicia [Phoen-], -n, 

'finlei 1) Finlay; 2) Findlay 
'finland, -a*, -az Finland, -er, -era 

'finli 1) Finley; 2) Finlay; 

3) Findlay 
fi'nainin|an, -a, -al [-W, -ali phe- 

noinen|on, -a, -al, -ally 
flnfj", -iz finch (F.), -ea 
O'figga*, -z, -rig, -d finger (s. v), 

-a, -ing, ed 
'figgabaid, -z finger-board, -a 
'figgabonl, -z finger-bowl, -a 
'figgabredO [-bretO], -s finger- 
breadth, -a 
'fig gal Fingal 

'figgama:k, -s finger-mark, -s 
'figganeil, -z finger-nail, -s 
'figgaponst, -s finger-post, -a 
'figgaprint, -s finger-print, -a 
'figgarig, -z fingering (s.), -a 
'figgastail, -z finger-atall, -s 
'figga:l Fingall 
Ofip|s, -sn Phiplpa, -son 
O fi'r- = fa'r- 
Ofisk 1) fisc; 2) Fisk(e) 
'fisk»l, -z fiscal (s. adj.), -a 
fist, -s; -i, -ik fist, -s; -y, ic 
'fistikAf, -B fisticuff, -s 
'fistula, -z fistula, -a 
'fis^nl|a*, -as fiatul|ar, -ous 
OflJ, 'iz, -ig, -t fiah (s. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'fir'bail, -z fiah-ball, -a 
'fija*, -z 1) fiaher (F.), -a; 2) fis- 
sure, -s 
'fija|man, -man fisherjman, -men 
'fi/an fiaaion 
'fij"ar|i, -iz fisher|y, -iea 
'fiJAnk, -s fish-hook, -s 
'fij|i, -ia*, -list, -ili, -inis fish|y, 

-ier, -iest, -ily, -inesa 
'fljig, -rad, -taekl fiahing (s.), 

-rod, -tackle 
'fijkaira*, -z fish-carver, -a 
'fi/mAgga*, -z fishmonger, -s 
'fijnailf, -TZ fish-kni|fe, -ves 
'fijpaud, -z fish-pond (F.), -a 
'fijslais, -iz fiah-alice, -s 
'fij'sais fiah-aauce 
'fij-t fiahed {from fiah) 
'fijteil fish-tail 

'fijtoi'piidou, -z fiah-torpedo, -s 
'fiju: (fi'J-y), -z fichu, -s 
'fljuk, -s = 'fljhuk. -s 
'fij^ai|f, -vz fish-wi|fe, -ves 

'fijwnman— fj3:d 

— 148 — 

fju:— fjn:zi'li9* 

'fiJIwuman, -wimin fish-|woman, 

Ofit, -8, -3*, -istj -ig, -igli, -id 

fit (s. adj. v), -s, -ter, -test; 

-ting, -tingly, -ted 
'fita*, -z fitter (R), -s 
'fit|fMl, -fuU [-foU], .fwlnis fit|ful, 

-ifully, -fulness 
'fitig'ant fitting-out 
'fitigrnm, -z fitting-room, -s 
'fit|li, -nis fit|ly, -ness 
fits'selan Fitzalan 
fitsl'dseimz, -'dgerald, -'dsoids 

Fitz|james, -gerald, -george 
fits'dson Fitzjohn, also 'fitsdsan 

{in 'Fitzjohn's Avenue') 
fits'giban Fitzgibbon 
fits{'lia:dig, -'hteris, -'haibat, 

-'hju: Fitz|harding, -harris, 

-herbert, -hugh 
fitsi'moris, -'paetrik Fitz|maurice, 

fits'rai (awmame), 'fitsrai {name 

of street, square) Fitzroy 
fitel'simanz, -'stiiTn Fitzjsim- 

mons, -Stephen 
fits'tja:lz Fitzcharles 
fits'wiljam, -'wo'lta* Fitz|wil- 

liam, -waiter 
tits, -iz 1) fitch (F.), -es; 2) Ffitoh 
'fitjjbaig, -it Fitcii|burg, -ett 
'flt/n:, -z fitchew, -s 
Onz, -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 1) (s. v.) 

fizz, -es,. -ing, -ed; -er, -ers; 

2) phiz (P.) 
flzia'ladsik, -al, -ali physiologic, 

-al, -ally 
f izia'nomik, -9l, -all physiognom- 
ic, -al, -ally 
fi'zi:k physique 
'fizik, -8, -ig, -t; -al, -all physic 

(s. v.), -s, -king, -ked; -al, -ally 
fizi'agrafi physiography 
f izi'aladsli, -ist, -ists physiolog|y, 

-ist, -ists 
fizi'anamli, -iz; -i8t, -ists phy- 

siognom|y, -ies; -ist, -ists 
'fizisist, -8 physicist, -s 
fi'zij^n, -z physician, -s 
'fiz|l, -Iz, -Jij [-lig], -Id fizz|le 

(«. v.), -Ies, -ling, -led 
•Qa:d, -z 1) fjord, -s; 2) fiord, -s 

Oflu:, -z, -ig, -d 1) (s. adj.) few; 

2) feu (». v.), -s, -ing, -ed; 3) {in- 

terj.) phew 
fluid, -z 1) (s.) feud, -s; 2) feued 

(from feu) 
fln:'d%liti feudality 
'Qn:dalaiz, -iz, -ig, -d feudaliz|e 

[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
Qa:dalai'zeij'»n feudalization 
'flii:dal|i8t, -i8t8, -izm feudaljist, 

-ists, -ism 
'fjnidatari feudatory 
'fju:dl feudal 
fjn:d3 Fudge 
'flnidsitiv [-dsat-], -z, -11, -nis 

fugitive, -s, -ly, -ness 
'flu'a* fewer {eompar. of few) 
fla:g, -z fugue, -s 
fjn:'g8e8iti fugacity 
fjui'geijas, -li, -]ii8 fugacious, 

-ly, -ness 
'fjn:gl|man fuglejman, -men 
'Qii:lst fewest {superl. of few) 
'fjnikaid fucoid 

fjn:'Ild3ina8, -11 fuliginous, -ly 
fln:m, -z, -ig, -d fum|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
fjn.'mi'gelj'dn, -z fumigation, -s 
'Qn:migeit, -s, -ig, -id: -a*, -az 

fumigat|e, -es, -ing, -ed ; -or, -ors 
fjni'nfembjnlist, -s funambulist, 

'tjninaral, -z funeral, -s 
flni'iiiarial funereal 
flu-'nikjnla* = fa'nikjnla* 
Qa''nikjiil|as, -al funicul|us, -i 
'Qninikl, -z funicle, -s 
'Qa:nis fewness 
'fjninr^l, -z = 'IJnmar^l, -z 
'flnijaj -z fuchsia, -s 
'Qnitail, -11, -ni8 futile, -ly, -ness 
fjni'tiliti fulility 
Qn:'1jnariti futurity 
'flnitje*^ -z future, -s 
fjniz, -iz, -in, -d 1) fusje (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed; 2) feus (from feu) 
tjui'zi:, -z fusee, -s 
fjnizi'biliti [-za'b-] fusibility 
'fjn:zibl [-zeb-] fusible 
'Qnizil, -z fusil, -s 
flu:zi'leid, -z fusillade, -s 
flnizi'lis*, -z fusilier, -s 

'fluizVoil— flant 

— 149 

'flffibaga.'st — fltet 

'i^nizVoil fuael-oil 

'fjuisan, -z fusion, -s 

O 'Qnl9*j -ist few|er, -est (fromiew) 

'flnal = fjnil 

'Qii9r|i, -iz, -ibAnd furiy (F.), -ies, 

'Quorias, -li, -nis furious, -ly, 

'flnaro:* furor 
fjua'rairi, -z furore, -s 
'fluil [Quel], -z fuel, -s 
Qu'nik- = fd'nik- 
•'fla:nd9Z Flanders 
fla:ii</, -iz flanch, -es 
fla:sk, -s flask, -s 
'flaiskit, -8 flasket, -s 
Ofljai, -aiz, -aiig, flu:, flonn 

fl|y (s. v.), -ies, -ying, flew, flown 
'flala*, -z flier, -s 
'flaifijii) fly-fishing 
'flaiA.m:l, -z fly-wheel, -s 
'flaiksetja*, -z fly-catcher, -a 
'flaiii)|mien, -men flying -man, 

flailain, -z fly-line, -s 
'flaili:|f, -tz fly-lea|f, -ves 
'flai|in9n, -man fly|man, -men 
'flaipeipa*, -z flypaper, -s 
f lait. -s flight, -s 
'flaitfi, -19*, -list, -ill, -inis 

flight|y, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
'f laiwi:!, -z fly-wheel, -s 
O'flana*, -z, -rig, -d 1) (s. v.), 

flower (F.), -s, -ing, -ed; 2) (».) 

flanabed, -z flower-bed, -s 
'flauahed, -z flower-head, -s 
'flanglis flowerless 
'flanamil, -z flour-mill, -s 
'flau9pat, -s flower-pot, -s 
'flaugra*, -z flowerer, -a 
'flaa9ri 1) flowery; 2) floury 
'flau9rit [-ret], -s floweret, -s 
'f lau989rrls, -iz flower-service, -a 
'flanastoik, -s flower-stalk, -s 
'flaand9*, -z^ -riii, -d flounder 

(»• «■). -8. -ing. -ed 
flanns, -iz, -ig, -t flounc|e («. 

v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
f lant, -9, -ifl, -igli, -id; -9*, -9Z 

flout {a. v.), -s, -ing, -ingly, -ed; 

-er, -era 

O 'f lseb9ga:8t, -s, -ig, -id flabber- 
gast, -s, -ing, -ed 
'flffib|i, -ia*, -ii8t, -ili, -inis 

flabb|y, -ier, -ieat, -ily, -ineas 
'flsedgeit Fladgate 
f I»'d3- = f la'ds- 
flaedse'leij'dn [-dsi'I-], -z flagel- 
lation, -a 
'flffidseleit [-dsil-], -s, -ig, -id; 

-9*, -9z flagellatje, -es, -ing, 

-ed; -or, -ors 
f l«ed39'let [-d3o'l-], -s flageolet, 

'flsed3il9nt, -z flagellant, -a 
flag, -z, -ig, -d 1) (s. v.) flag, -s, 

-ging, -ged; 2) Flagg 
'fl«eg9n, -z flagon, -s 
'flsegi flaggy 

'flteg'kieptia, -z flag-captain, -a 
'f laeglef ten9n|t, -t8, -8i, -siz flag- 

lieutenan|t, -ta, -cy, -cies 
'fl«eg9fi89*, -z flag-officer, -a 
'flieg8ta:f, -8 flag-staff, -s 
'flsegstoun, -z flag-stone, -s 
'fliegXip, -8 flag-ship, -s 
fiseks, -an, -i flax, -en, -y 
flseksid, -li, -nis flaccid, -ly, 

flffik'siditi flaccidity 
flsem, -z flam, -s 
'flaembara Flamborough 
'flsembon, -z flambeau (F.), -s 
fltem'baiant flamboyant 
f Iffi'mig- = f l9'mig- 
flsemlstiid, -8tid [-sted] Flam- 

I steed, -atead 
flffiiids, -iz, -d flange, -a, -d 
'fltenll, -Iz, -Id, -^ flannlel, -ela 

-elled, -elly 
f Itegk, -s, -ig, -t; -9*, -9Z flank 

(«. v.), -B, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
flaep, -8, -ig, -t; -a*, -az flap 

(s. v.), -s, -ping, -ped; -per, 

'flffiphffit, -8 flaphat, -s 
flaBj, -iz, -ig. -t; -i, -ia*, -list; 

-ill, -ini8 flash («. ac^. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed; -y, -ier, -iest; -ily, 

'flsejpoint, -8 flash-point, -s 
fleet, -9, -a*, -ist, -li, -ni9 flat 

(s. adj.), -a, -ter, -test, -ly, -nesa 

flwta*— fleim 

— 150 

fleimkAla*— 'fliibein 

flseta*, -z, -rii), -rigli, -d; -ra*, 

■raz 1) flatter, -s, -ing, -ingly, 

-ed; -er, -ers; 2) flatter [compar. 

of flat) 
'flgetar|i, -iz flatter|y, -ies 
ritetfij', -iz flatfish, -es 
'f Iffithed, -z = flathead, -a 
'fl«tij fiattish 
'flae1jnlaii|8, -si, -t, -tli flatul- 

en|ce, -cy, -t, -tly 
'f l»Bt|n, -nz, >]^ig [-nig], -nd flat- 

t|en, -ens, -ening, -ed 
'fl«et|Treiz, -waiz flat|ways, -wise 
O'flAd, -z, -in, -id 1) (s. v.) flood, 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) Fludd 
'fUdgeit, -8 floodgate, -s 
flAf, -8, -ig, -t; -i, -ia*, -ii8t, 

-iiii8 fluff (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; 

-y, -ier, -iest, -iness 
flAkeu -iz flux, -es 
'flAk/^n, -z fluxion, -a 
flAktja'eiJ^n, -z fluctuation, -s 
'f lAkljneit, -s, -ig, -id fluctuat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'flAmaks, -iz, -ig, -t flummox, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'f Umari flummery 
f lAg flung (from fling) 
'fUgki, -z flunkey, -s 
'f lAr|i, -iz, -iig_, -id flurr|y (s. v.), 

-iea, -ying, -led 
'f lArij", -iz, -ig, -igli, -t flourish 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
'f lA8ta*, -z, -rig, -d fluster (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
flAJ, -iz, -ig, -t flush («. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'flA/ig, -z flushing (F.), -s 
'flAta , -z, -rig, -dj -ra*, -raz 

flutter (s. V.) (F.), -a, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers 
of lei, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az flay, 

-a, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
'fleigranjsi, -t, -tli flagran|cy, 

-t, -tly 
fleik, -8, -ig, -t; -i, -ill, ■ini8 

flak|e (s. «.), -ea, -ing, -ed; -y, 

-ily, -ineas 
fleil, -z, -ig, -d flail (g. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
fleim, -z, -ig, -d; -i, -Us flam|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -y, -less 

'f leimkAla*, -d flame-colour, -ed 

'fleitas, -iz flatus, -es 

'fleiya*, -z, -rig, -d; -lis flavour 

(a. v.), -a, -ing, -ed; -less 
'flelTarig, -z flavouring (s.), -s 
'f leivila, -an. -a8 Flavi|a, -an, -us 
'fleiz flays (from flay) 
Ofle'b- = fli'b- 
fled fled (from flee) 
fleds, -iz, -ig, -d fledgje, -ea, 

-ing, -ed 
'f ledslig, -z fledgling, -s 
f leg'msetik, -al, -ali phlegmatic, 

-al, -ally 
flek, -8, -ig, -t fleck (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'fleksa*, -z flexor, -s 
flek8i'biliti [-sa'b-] flexibility 
'fleksib|I [-sab-], -li, -Inis flex- 

-ib|le, -ly, -leneas 
'flekja*, -z flexure, -s 
'tlekjan, -z 1) flexion, -s; 2) flec- 
tion, -s 
f lem, -z phlegm, -a 
'flemig, -z 1) Fleming, -s; 

2) Flemming 
flemiX Flemish 
flej", -iz, -ig, -t flesh (s. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'tlejhvkj -8 flesh-hook, -a 
'flejli, -mis fleshly, -iness 
'fle/KAla*, -d flesh-colour, -ed 
'f leJIli, -linis, -lis fleshjly, -liness, 

'flejpat, -s flesh-pot, -s 
'flejtint flesh-tint 
'fleJVu-'nd, -z flesh-wound, -s 
'f letja* Fletcher 
OfUa*. -z, -rij(, -rigll. -d flar|e 

(«. v.), -ea, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
Ofla:t, -8, -ig, -igli, -id flirt 

(«. 1).}, -a, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
flai'teijan, -z flirtation, -a 
Ofla'dsellam [flie'ds-], -a flagel- 

l|um, -a 
fla'dsi/as, -li, -nis flagitioua, 

-ly, -ness 
fla'mingon, -z flamingo, -es 
Ofli, -z, -ig, fled l)-flee, -a, 

-ing, fled; 2) flea, -a 
'fll:bait, -s flea-bite, -s 
'fli:beiii fleabane 

'fli:9*— flout 


flon'teipn— florist 

'f li:a*, -z fleer {one who flees), -s 
fliis, -iz, -ifl, -t; -e*, -az; -i, 

-inis fleec|e (s. v.), -ea, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers; -y, -iness 
fll:t, -s, -3*, -ist, -11, -nis 

1) (s. o4Jf.) fleet (F.), -s, -er, -est 

-ly, -nesa; 2) Flete 
'fli:tii), -11 fleeting, -ly 
f li:z 1) flees (from flee) ; 2) fleas 

{from flea) 
O fli'bjaitis [fle'b-], -atami 

phleD|itis, -otomy 
flia*, -z, -rii), -d fleer (sneer) 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
fUk, -8, -ill, -t flick (s. V.) (F.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'flita*, -z, -rii), -d flicker (s. d.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'flimfleem, -z flim-flam, -s 
'flimz|i, -ia*, -list, -ill, -inis 

flims|y, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
flindaz flinders (F.) 
flint, -s 1) flint (F.), -s; 2) Flynt 
flint'glais flint-glass 
'f llnt|i, -ia*, -list, -ili, -inis flint|y, 

-ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
flintlak, -s flint-lock, -s 
'flintstoun flintstone 
flints, "i^, -iilj -iglij -t; -a*, -az 

flinch, -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed; 

-er, -ers 
flig, -z, -ill, fUi| fling (s. v.), 

-a, -ing, flung 
flip, -8, -iJ), -t; -a*, -az flip 

(s. v.), -8, -ping, -ped; -per, 

'f lipanlsi, -t, -tli, -tnis flippan|cy, 

-t, -tly, -tnesa 
flipfliep, -z flip-flap, -s 
flit, -8, -ii), -id flit, -s, -ting, 

'flita% -z, -rig, -d flitter, -s, -ing, 

'flita|maus, -mais flitter|mouse, 

flitj, -iz flitch (F.), -es 
Of Ion, -z, -ii), -iBli, -ignis, -d 

1) (s. v.), flow, -8, -ing, -ingly, 

-ingness, -ed; 2) («.) floe, -s 
flonn flown (from fly) 
flout, -8, -ig, -id float («. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 

flou'teijdn flotation 

flout|a*, -az; -aW, -ids float|er, 

-ers; -able, -age 
flou'tila, -z flotilla, -a 
'floutig'brids, -iz floating- 
bridge, -8 
'flontig'dak, -s floating-dock, -s 
'floutstonn, -z float-stone, -s 
flouz l)iloyfa(from flow); 2)floes 

(from floe) 
Ofla:, -z, -ig, -d flaw (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
flo:* [flora*], -z, -rig, -d floor 

(s.v.), -8, -ing, -ed 
'flo:|kla'e, -klo:5z [-klo-es] floor- 

-cloth, -cloths 
'flo:liB,-li, -nis flawless, -ly,-nesB 
floint, -8, -ig, -igli, -id; -a*, 

-az flaunt, -s, -ing, -ingly, -ed; 

-er, -ers 
fla''re89n{s, -t florescen|ce, -t 
'flo:r|a, -al flor|a (F.), -al 
'fla:ra*, -z floorer, -s 
'flo:r|aB, -ian Flor|us, -ian 
f la-'rifaras floriferous 
'flon^ikAltJTa* floriculture 
f lo.Ti'kAltJ[ar|al [-tjnr-], -ist, 

-ists floricultur|al, -ist, -ists 
'floarig flooring (s.) 
'floa*it [-ret], -s floret, -s 
'flo:rjuit [-rnit] floruit 
'floitist, -s flautist, -s 
flo:z 1) flaws (/rowi flaw); 2) floors 

(from floor) 
Oflofl, -z, -ig? -d flog, -s, -ging, 

flogig, -z (s.) flogging, -s 
flok, -8, -ig, -t; -i flock (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed; -y 
'flakjnlant flocculent 
floks, -iz 1) phlox, -es; 2) flocks 

(from flock) 
flop, -8, -ig, -t flop («. V. adj. 

inter}.), -a, -ping, -ped 
f lo'r- = f lo:'r- 
'florans Florence 
'florantain Florentine 
'florid, -ist, -11, -nis florid, -est, 

-ly, -ness 
'florida Florida 
'florin, -z florin, -s 
'florist, -8 florist, -s 

flos— fonli'eijan 



flos floss (F.) 

'flosi 1) flossy; 2) Flossie 

'flos'silk floss-silk 

'flotsam flotsam 

Ofln:, -z 1) (».) flue, -s; 2) flew 

{from ily) 
'fln-3n|si, -t, -tli, -tnis fluen|cy, 

-t, -tly, -tness 
'flu-id, -z fluid («. ac(}.), -s 
fln-'iditi fluidity 
flu:k, -8, -ii|- -t; -9*, -az; -i, 

-inis fluk|e (s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers; -y, -iness 
'flnia:* fluor 
f ln:3-'res9n|s [f Ina'r-], -t f luores- 

cen|ce, -t 
fln-'orik fluoric 
flu:t, -8, -ig, -id; -i, -inis flutje 

(s. V.) (F.), -s, -ing, -ed; -y, 

'fln:ti8t, -8 flutist, -s 
'fluiTial [-TJal] fluvial 
f ln:z flues {from flue) 
O'flnansi, etc. = 'fln:3n8i, etc. 
'flnarlait, -riin fluorjite, -ine 
f Ina'r- = f lu:o''r- 
'f luid, etc. = 'f la:id, etc. 
• fou, -z foe, -s 
OfonDuag [-baig] (fo:'bu:r), -z 

faubourg, -s 
'fonga'ti Fogerty 
O'fongji, -iz fog|y [-ey], -ies [-eys] 
'fongifij, -izm fogylish, -ism 
O 'fom = fai Fowey 
O fonk, -8 folk, -s 
'fon|kas, -sai fojcns {s.), -ci 
'foaka8, -iz, -ig, -t focus {v.), -ses, 

-sing, -sed 
'fonkal focal 
'fonkla:9* folklore 
fonk8 1) folks (/Vom folk); 2)Foa- 

kes; 3) Foulkes; 4) Ffoulkes 
'fonk8l, -z forecastle [fo'c'sle], -s 
'fonksa:g, -z folk-song, -s 
'fonkstan Folkestone 
O foul, -z, -ii), -d foal («. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'fonld, -z, -ii|, -id; -a*, -az 1) fold 

(«. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers; 

2) foaled (from foal) 
'fouli Foley 
fonli'eiJ»n, -z foliation, -s 

'fonlieit, -s, -ig, -id foliat|e {v.), 
-es, -ing, -ed 

'fonlieit foliate {adj.) 

'fonlion [-Ijon], -z folio, -s 

'fonljids [-liids], -iz foliage, -s 

fonlk8 1) Folkes; 2) — fouks"] 

fonlz Fowles [FfoulkesJ 

Ofonm, -z, -ig, -d; -i foam {s. 
v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -y 

fou'ment, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
foment, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

foumen'teijanj-z fomentation, -s 

'fon|man, -man foe|man, -men 

Ofonn, -z, -ig, -d phonje {s. v.), 
-es, -ing, -ed 

fon'netik, etc. :== fa'netik, etc. 

fonne'ti/an, -z = fonni'tijan, -z 

'fonnagrsef [-gra:f], -s phono- 
graph, -s 

fonna'grseflk, -9l, -ali phono- 
graphic, -al, -ally 

'fonnagr%m, -z phonogram, -s 

'f ounataip [-not-], -s phonotype, -s 

'fonnik, -8 phonic, -s 

fonni'tij'dn [-ne't-], -z phonet- 
ician, -s 

foM'nograf|a* [fa'n-]. -az; -i; -ist, 
-ists phonograph I er, -ers; -y; 
-ist, -ists 

fou'naladsji [fa'n-], -iz phono- 
log|y, -ies 

O'fonsai {plur. of 'fonkas) foci 

'fousis Phocis 

C'ronjian [-Jjan, ■8ian, -^an], 
•z Phocian, -s 

0'foata:i (foi'toe^j), -z fauteuil, -s 

'fontagrfef [-gra:f], -s photo- 
graph, -s 

fonta'grtefik, -al, -ali photo- 
graphic, -al, -ally 

fontagrte'vjna* [-gra'T-], -z pho- 
togravure, -s 

'fontakronm, -z photochrome, -s 

'fonton, -z photo, -s 

•fo* {weak form of fa:*) for 

fo'b", fo'g- == fa- 

fo'ment, etc. = fon'ment, etc. 

fo'netik, etc. = fa'netik, etc. 

fo'nal- = fott'nal- 

fo's- = fa's- 

•fa:*, -z 1) four, -s; 2) fore; 3) for 
{strong form) 

'foibea*— .'fa:'ftwi:la* 

153 — 

faik — foi'mseliti 

O 'foibsa*, -z («.) forbear (ancestor), 


foi'bsa*, -z, -rifl, -ri:gli, fai'ba:**, 
f9:'ba:ii forbear (v.), -a, -ing, 
-ingly, forbore, forborne 

foi'bearans forbearance 

fai'bid, efc. = fa'bid, ete. 

foi'bond, -z, -ill, -iiili, -id; -a*, 
-az forebod|e, -es, -ing, -ingly, 
-ed; -er, -era 

fai'bondig, -z (s.) foreboding, -s 

fa:'ba»* forbore {from forbear) 

fai'bain forborne (from forbear) 

fa:bz Forbes 

Ofo:d, -z, -ig, -id 1) (s. v.) ford 
(F.), -8, -ing, -ed; 2) Forde 

'fa:dabl fordable 

'fo:d|a*, -am Ford|er, -ham 

'fa:dl Faudel 

fa:'dn:m, -z, -iii, -d foredoom, 

-s, -ing. 


fa:d3, -iz, -ii), -d; -a*, -az forg|e 
(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

'fa:d3ar|i, -iz forgerly, -ies 

fai'dsAOs, -iz, -iij, -o forejudge, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

O fa:a* := fa:* 

O'fo:fa:9a*, -z forefather, -s 

fa:'fend, -z, -ii), -id forfend, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

'fo:fa* [-fa:*], -Jia* Forfar, -shire 

'fa:figga*, -z forefinger, -s 

'fa:firt forefeet 

'fa:m, -s, -ii|, -id; -a*, -az; -abl 
forfeit (». v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, 

'fa:fitj'a* forfeiture [-ers; -able 

'fa:fonld four-fold 

'fa:frAnt forefront 

'f9:|,fnt, -fi:t fore|foot, -feet 

'f9:'fatid four-footed 

Ofo:'g8et [fa-] forgat (archaic form 
of forgot) 

fa:'get, etc., fo:'fliv, etc. = fa'g- 

f9:'goii, -z, -ii), f9:'weiit, f9:'g9'n 
1) forgo, -es, -ing, forwent, for- 
gone; 2) forego, -es, -ing, fore- 
went, foregone 

f9:'goaa*, -z foregoer, -s 

'f9:g9ii foregone (adj.) 

'f9:graiiad, -z foreground, -s 

0'f9:hed dialectal for 'f9rid 

'f9:'ftwi:la*, -z four-wheeler, -s 

ig, fel, 'f9:l9n fall 

O f9:k, -8, -ill, -t 1) (s. V.) fork, 

-8, -ing, -ed; 2) Fa(u)lk 
'f9:ka:st. -s forecast (s.), -s 
f9:'ka:st, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

forecast («.), -s,-ing, -ed; -er,-ers 
'fa:k9l faucal 

'f9:kan, -z = 'f9:lkan, -z falcon, -s 
'f9:k{i, -inis forkly, -iness 
'fa:kland 1) Falkland; 2) Faulk- 

f9:'kloaz, -iz, -ig, -d foreclos|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
f9:'kloa3a*, -z foreclosure, -s 
'f9:kna* 1) Faulkner; 2) Falconer 
f9:ks 1) Fawkes; 2) forks (from 

Of 9:1, -z, 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, fell, fallen 
'f9:ld8tn:l, -z faldstool, -s 
'f9:leg, -z foreleg, -s 
'f9:lan fallen 

'f9:Iand, -z foreland (F.), -s 
'f9:lig'sta:*, -z falling-star, -s 
'fa:lka:k Falkirk 
'f9:2k9n, -z; -a*, -az; -ri falcon 

(F.), -s; -er (F.), -ers; -ry 
'f9:ln fallen (from faU) 
'f9:l9k [-lak], -s forelock, -s 
fa'ls, -a*, -ist, -11, -nis false, r, 

-St, -ly, -ness 
fa'l'setou, -z falsetto, -s 
'f9'lshnd, -z falsehood, -s 
'f9-l8i|fai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid; 

-faia*, -faiaz falBi|fy, -fies, 

-fying, -fied; -fier, -fiers 
fa-lsifl'keij'an, -z falsification, -s 
'f9'lsit|i, -iz falsit|y, -ies 
'f9-l8to:f Falstaflf 
f9'l'sta:fian [-IQan] Falstaffian 
fa-It, -8 fault, -s 
'f9'lta*, -z, -rig, -rigli, -d; -ra*, 

-raz falter (s. v.), -a, -ing, -ingly, 

-ed, -er, -ers 
'f9'lt|i, -la*, -ilst, -HI, -inls 

fault|y, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
'f9-Itlls, -11, -iil8 faultless, -ly, -ness 
'fa'ltjan, -z falchion, -s 
Of9:m, -z, -ig, -d form (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'f9:ma: (f9r'iiia), -z format, -a 
'f9:ma:8t, -s foremast, -s 
f9:']ii»llt|l, -Iz formalit|y, -ies 

foi'meijan— fais 


foisait— 'fo:'ti:n 

toi'meijan, -z formation, -s 
'faima*, -z former (s.), -s 
'farma*, -li former (a^.), -ly 
'f3:m|al, -3li form|al, -ally 
'foimalin formalin(e) 
'foimaljist, -ists, -izm formal|ist, 

-ists, -ism 
'fa:{m9n, -man 1) forejman (F.), 

-men; 2^ Forman 
'faimest 1) nautical pronimdation 

of 'fa:ma:st; 2) = 'faimonst 
'faimatlT formative 
'f3:inid8b|l, -li, -Inis formidab|le, 

-ly, -lenesB 
'f3:mlk formic 
'faimjnleit, -s, >ii|, -id formul- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
'fa:iignl{3, -i:, -az formul|a, -ee, -as 
'faimjalarji, -iz formnlarjy, -ies 
'fsimlls. formless 
foi'monsa [-za], -n, -nz Formosa, 

-n, -ns 
'fa:mou8t foremost 
Otom, -z, -ii|, -iflli, -d 1) (s. v.) 

fawn, -s, -ing, -ingly, -ed; 2) (s.) 

faun, -s 
'faina fauna 
'fD.'na*, -z fawner, -s 
fami'KeiJ'an fornication 
'fa:nikeit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

fornicat|e,-es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 
fa:'non, -z, -ig, fai'qju:, fa:'noun 

foreknow, -s, -ing, foreknew, 

fai'nalids foreknowledge 
fa-ntlarai Fauntleroy 
fa.'nf J Faunch 
'fa:nn:ii, -z forenoon, -s 
0'fa:pa:t, -s forepart, -s 
O 'f9:r<i"'ni) -z forearm (s.), -s 
fa:'ra:m, -z, -ig, -d forearm (v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
fai'rAn, -z, -iii, fai'rten forerun, 

-s, -ning, foreran 
fa:'rAna% -z forerunner, -s 
'fa:'rend, -z fore-end, -s 
'fazram, -z forum, -s 
fa'raz'mAtJ forasmuch 
'fa:ra:'dein, -z, -ig, -d foreordain, 

-8, -ing, -ed 
Ofais, -iz, -ill, -t (s. V.) forc|e (F.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 

'fa:sait, -s foresight, -s 
fai'saiO Forsyth 
'fa:seil, -z foresail, -s 
!fa:8eps, -iz forceps, -es 
'faisa*, -z forcer, -s 
'faisam, -z foursome, -s 
'fa:s{ful, -fnli [-fall], -ftelnis 

force|ful, -fully, -fulness 
fai'si:, -z, -ig, fai'sa:, fa:'si:n 

foresee, -a, -ing, foresaw, fore-l 
'fa:si:z fauces [seenj 

'fa:sib|l [-sab-], -11, -Inis forcib- 

|le, -ly, -leness 
'fa:sid|li, -nis forcedjly, -ness 
'faisigpit, -s forcing-pit, -s 
'faisit, -8 1) faucet, -s; 2) Faucit; 

3) Fawcett 
'faiskin, -z foreskin, -s 
'fa: ska:a* fourscore 
'fa:sl, -z foresail, -s 
'fa:8li8 forceless 
'fa:8mi:t forcemeat 
fai'sa: foresaw (from foresee) 
'fa.'spAmp, -8 force-pump, -s 
'fa:sta* Forster 
fa:'8ta:l, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 

forestall, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
fa:'8wsa*, -z, -rig, fai'swaia*, 

fa:'8tra:n forswear, -s, -ing, 

forswore, forsworn 
Otsn'JsBiou, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 

foreshadow, -8, -ing, -ed; -er,-ers 
fai'J'ou, -z, -ig, -d, -n foreshow, 

-8, -ing, -ed, -n 
'fa.'Ja: Forshaw 
'faijaia*, -z foreshore, -s 
fa:'Xs):t|n, -nz, -^ig [-nig], -nd 

foreshort|en, -ens, -ening, -ened 
0'fa:t,. -8 1) fort, -s; 2) forte 

(strong point), -s; 3) fought 

(from fight) 
'fahieist. -8 (s.) foretaste, -s 
fa:'tei8t, -s, -ig, -id (v.) foretastje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
fai'tel, -z, -ig, fa:'tould foretell, 

-s, -ing, foretold 
fa:'tela*, -z foreteller, -a 
'faitalis, -iz fortalice, -s 
'faitap, -mast nautical pron. of 

'fa:tap, -ma:st 
'fa:'ti:n, -z, -e, -68 fourteen, -s, 

-th, -ths 

foi'tiiTJat— 'fagsignal 

— 155 — 

fagha:a— 'foriz 

foi'tirvjat Forteviot 
'faitji, 'iz fort|y, -ies 
'faitl, -z forte {in music), -a 
faitlffal, -faiz, -faiig, -faid; 
-faia*, -faiaz; -faiabl fortijfy, 
-fies, -fying, -fied; -fier, -fiers; 
fa:tifi'kei/9n, -z fortification, -s 
faitifonld fortyfold 
'fo:tiie [-Idie], -s fortieth, -s 
'fartiiskjn: Fortescue 
'fa:ti1jii:d fortitude 
foi'ljn'itas, -11, -nis fortuitous, 

-ly, -ness 
fa:'1ijn'iti, -iz fortuit|y, -ies 
faitjnf'neitas Fortunatus 
'fa:tnait, -s, -li fortnight, -s, -ly 
fai'tonld foretold (from foretell) 
faitap, -s foretop, -s 
'faitapmaist, -s foretopmast, -s 
'fa:tris, -iz fortress, -es 
'fa'.tjan, -z; -lis fortune (F.), -s; 

'faitjanit, -li fortunate, -ly 
Ofa:ft, -8, -li 1) fourth, -s, -ly; 

2) forth (F.) 
fa:6'kA.inii) forthcoming 
''fa:6a:t forethought 
fa:e'wie [-wi5] forthwith 
Ofai'went l)forwent(/»-OM forgo); 

2) forewent (ffom forego) 
'fa:wa:d, -z foreword, -b 
'fa:wad, -z; -li, -nis; -a*, -ist; 
-ig, -id; -a*, -az forward (s. adj. 
V. adv.), -s; -ly, -ness; -er, -est; 
-ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'fa:'wi:la*, -z four wheeler, -s 
fa:'wa:n, -z, -ig, -d forewarn, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
foiz 1) fours (from four); 2) Fors 
•fab, -z, -ig, -d fob («. v.), -s, 

-bing, -bed 
O'fade* fodder 
O'faJagil Fothergill 
'fa9artg|ani, -gel Fothering|hain, 

Ofag, -z, -ig, -d 1) {»• »•) fog' 
-s, -ging, -ged; 2) Fogg 

'fagbannd fog-bound 

'fag|i, -ia*, -list, -ili, -inis fogg|y, 
-ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 

'fagsignal [-nl], -z fog-signal, -a 

'fagha:n, -z fog-horn, -s 

Ofai [toni] Fowey 

'faibl, -z foible, -s 

'faiaz Foyers 

fail, -z, -ig, -d 1) {a. v.) foil, -s, 

-ing, -ed; 2) Foyle 
faist, -s, -ig, -id foist, -a, -ing, 

'faizn, -z foison, -s 
Ofaks, -iz 1) fox (F.), -es; 

2) Fawkes 
'foksbr^X, -iz fox-brush, -es 
'faksglAT, -z foxglove, -s 
'fakshannd, -z fox-hound, -s 
'fakshAiit, -s fox-hunt, -s 
'fakslunta*, -z fox-hunter, -a 
'faksji, -ia% -iist, -ili, -inis fox|y, 

-ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
'faksteil, -z fox-tail, -s 
'fakswal [-wel] Foxwell 
0'fal|i, -iz foll|y (F.), -ies 
'falikl, -z follicle, -s 
'faljat 1) Foliot; 2) Folliot; 

3) FfoUiot 
falk- = fa:lk- 
'falon, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az follow 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'falouig, -z following («.), -s 
fals-, fait- = fa:l- 
Ofand, -a*, -ist; -li, -nis ['fannis] 

fond, -er, -est; -ly, -ness 
'fand|l, -Iz, -lig HJg], -Id fond|le, 

-Ies, -ling, -led 
fant, -s; -1 font, -s; -al 
'fantiarai Fauntleroy 
Ofap, -8 fop, -s 
'fapar|i, -iz fopper|y, -ies 
'fapij", -li, -nis foppish, -ly, -ness 
Ofar for (frequent form before 

'farei, -z, -ig, -d foray (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
faraz'mAtJ = far- forasmuch 
'farid [-red], -z forehead, -a 
'faridsj -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, -az for- 
ag|e (a. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'farin; -a*, -az foreign; -er, -ers 
'farist, -8 1) forest, -a; 2) Forreat 
'farista*, -z 1) forester (F.), -a; 

2) Forrester 
'faristri forestry 
'fariz [-is] Forres 

fo8— 'frsekjanj 

156 — 

'frsekXas— 'frintl 

Ofos, -iz fos3 (F.), -es 
'fasfeit, -8 phosphate, -s 
fasfa'res, -iz, -ifl, -t; -ns, -nt 

phoBphoreBc|e, -es, -ing, -ed; 

-ence, -ent 
'fasfaras 1) phosphorus; 2) phos- 
fos'farik phosphoric 
'fosi phossy 
'tosil, -z fossil, -s 
'fosilaiz, -iz, -ig, -d fossiliz|e 

[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
fasilai'zeij^n fossilization [-isa-] 
fasi'lifaras fossiliferous 
'fosl, -z = 'fosil, -z fossil, -s 
'fosta*, -z, -rig, -dj -ra*, -raz; 

■rids foster (s. v.) (F.), -s, -ing, 

-ed; -er, -ers; -age 
'fastabrAda*, -z foster-brother, -s 
'fastafttida*, -z foster-father, -s 
'fastamA.5a*, -z foster-mother, -s 
'fastasista*, -z foster-sister, -s 
O 'f9z|bari, -bruk Fos|bery, -broke 
• frains France 
'frainsis 1) Francis; 2) Frances 
O fr|ai, -aiz^ -aiig, -aid {s. v.) 

frjy (F.), -les, -ying, -ied 
'fraidi, -z Friday, -s 
'fraia*, -z 1) friar, -s; 2) Freyer 
fraia'biliti friability 
'fraiabl, -nis friable, -ness 
'fraia'n Friern 
'fraiar|i, -iz friar|y, -ies 
frait, -s, -ii), -id fright (». v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'fraitjii, -nz, -^ig [-nig], -nd 

fright|en, -ens, -ening, -ened 
'frait|ful, -fnli [-f»Ii], -fulnis 

fright|ful, -fully, -fulness 
O fraud Frowde 
frann, -z, -iii, -igli, -d frown 

(s. v.), -8, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
'franz|i, -inis frows|y, -iness 
O 'fr«d3»il, -li, -nis fragile, -ly, 

free'dsiliti = fra'dsiliti fragility 
frseg'mentl fragmental 
'frtegmant, -s fragment, -s 
'fr{egmantar|i [flrteg'ment-], -ili, 

-ini8 fragmentar|y, -ily, -iness 
'frsek/an, -z fraction, -s 
'frsekjanl [-M] fractional 

'frtekjas, -li, -nis fractious, -ly. 

'frjektja*, -z, -rig, -d fractur|e 
(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 

frsein Fram 

'frfemlii|am Framlingham 

'frtemjptan Frampton 

freendgi'biliti [-dsa'b-] frangi- 

'frtendsibl [-dsab-], -nis frang- 
ible, -ness 

frsen'seska [-n'tje-] Francesca 

frten'silan Francillon 

freen'siskan, -z Franciscan, -s 

freen'siskon Francisco {name of 

'frtentik, -ali, -iii8 frantic, -ally, 

frients (frants) Franz 

'frsenfjaiz, -iz franchise, -s 

fraegk,-8(s.) 1) Frank, -s; 2) franc, 

fr«egk, -a*, -ist; -li, -nis; -s, 
-ig, -t [frsegt] frank (adj. v.), 
-er, -est; -ly, -ness; -s, -ing, -ed 

'frsegkinsens frankincense 

'frsegkij* Frankish 

'frtegklin, -z 1) franklin (F.), -s; 
2) Franklyn 

fraeg'konnia [-nia], -n Franconia, 

fraep, -s, -ig, -t frap, -s, -ping, 

'fraeta-naiz. -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 
fraternizfe [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed; 
-er, -ers 

fraeta'nai'zei/an fraternization 

'frietrisaid, -z fratricide, -s 

freetri'saidl fratricidal 

O'frAktilfai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid 
fructijfy, -fies, -fying, -fied 

f^Ak'tiiaras fructiferous 

frAktiil'kei|9n fructification 

frAmp, -8 frump, -s 

frAnt, -8, -ig, -id front (g. adj. 
v.), -8, -ing, -ed 

'frAutids, -iz frontage, -s 

'frAntia* ['fran-, -fla*], -z front- 
ier, -s 

'frAnti8pi:s ['frau-], -iz frontis- 
piece, -s 

'frAntl, -z frontal (g. ac^.), -s 

'frAntlis— 'ft-enfjwnman 


frenz — 'lri:stoun 

freigranls, -si, -t, 

fragran|ce, -cy, -t, 

'fi'Antlis frontless 
'fi-Antlit, -s frontlet, -a 
'frAst|3m, -a, -amz frust|um, -a, 

frAS'treiJan frustration 
'frAstreit [frAs'tr-], -s, -ii|, -id 

frustrat|e, -s, -ing, -ed 
Ofrei, -z, -ig, -d fray (s. v.), -s, 
-ing, -ed 

-tli, -tnis 

-tly, -tness 

freil, -8*, -ist; -11, -nis frail, 

-er, -eat; -ly, -neas 
'freilt|i, -Iz frailt|y, -ies 
frelm, -z, -ig, -d; -a*. -3z fram|e 
(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
freit, -8, -ii), -id; -a*, -az; -ids 
freight (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed ; -er, 
-ers; -age 
'freitrisald, etc. = 'frsetrisaid, etc. 
freiz, -iz, -ig, -d 1) phra3|e (s. 
v.), -es, -ing, -ed; 2) frays (from 
'freizbnk, -s phrase-book, -s 
'freiza* 1) Fraser; 2) Frazer 
frelzia'ladslk, -al, -all phraaeo- 

logic, -al, -ally 
freizi'oladsli, -iz phraseolog|y, 
Ofred, -1 Fred, -dy [-ies 

freda'riika Frederica 
'fredrii Frederi(c)k 
'frek|l, -Iz, -Jli, [-Ug], -Id; -U [-11] 
frecklle (s. v.), -Ies, -ling, -led; 


frend, -z friend, -s 
'frendl|i, -Inis friendl|y (F.), -iness 
'frendlis, -nis friendless, -ness 
frena'l9d3ik|9l, -all phrenologic- 

|al, -ally 
'frenik phrenic 
fren*/ French 
'fren«J|l, -ili, -inls French|y, -ily, 

'Irenfjilfal, -faiz, -faiig, -faid 

Frenchiify, -fies, -fying, -fied 
'fren^JIman, -man French|man, 

'fren«J'pollJ, -iz, -ig, -t; -a*, 

-az French-polish (s. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'fren«j|wuman, -wlmin French- 

Iwoman, -women 

frenz = frendz friends 
'frenz|i, -iz, -id frenz]y, -i«s, -ied 
'freskou, -z fresco, -(ejs 
trej, -a*, -1st; -li, -nis fresh, 

-er, -est; -ly, -ness 
'freja*, -z (g.) fresher, -s 
'frejlman, -man freshjman, -men 
'CreJln, -nz, -i^ig [-nig], -nd 

fre8h|en, -ens, -ening, -ened 
'frejwoita* freshwater (F.) 
fret, -s, -igj -id; -a*, -az fret 

(s. v.), -s, -ting, -ted; -ter, -tera 
'fret|fMl, -full [-fall], -fMlnis 

fret|ful, -fully, -fulness 
'fretsa:, -z fretsaw, -a 
'fretwaik fretwork 
Ofra'dsillti [frae'ds-] fragility 
fram from (weak form) 
fran'siskon Francisco {San Fr.) 
fra'ta:nit|i, -iz fraternit|y, -ies 
fra'ta:n{|, -all fraternjal, -ally 
Ofri:, -a*, -ist; -11; -z, -ig, -d 

free (acy. v.), -er, -st; -ly; -a, 

-ing, -ed 
'frl:bo:n freeborn 
'friibuita*. -z freebooter, -s 
'friidam freedom 
'trl:d{man, -man freed|man, -men 
■frl:a*, -z 1) freer («.), -s; 2) freer 

{compar. of free); 3) Freear 
'M:'ha:tid, -11, -nis free-hearted, 

-ly, -ness 
'friihonld, -z free-hold, -s 
'ft*l:houlda*, -z free-holder, -s 
'ft-l:'fem:l, -z, -ig, -d free-wheel 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
frl:k, -s 1) freak, -s; 2) Freake 
'frl:kll, -inis freak|y, -iness 
'fri:klj,-ll, -nis freakish, -ly,-ne8a 
frli'kwent, etc. = (ri'kwent, etc. 
friikwen'teljan frequentation 
'friikwans, -1, -iz frequenc|e, -y, 

'friikwant, -11, -nis frequent (a^.), 

-ly, -ness 
'frlill freely 

'frl:msentl = fri'maintl [-ry 

'Mimeisn, -z; -rl freemason, -s; 
'frl:|man [-msen], -man [-men] 

freelman (F.), -men 
'frl:|mant, -pait Free|mont, -port 
'fri:stonn freestone (F.) 

'friitann — 'frita* 

158 — 

friti'lsaria— 'frantl 

'friitaan Freetown 

'frii'treld, -a*, -az free-trade, -r, -rs 

'frii'Oigka*, -z freethinker, -s 

'frii'wi:!, -z freewheel, -s 

'frli'wil freewill 

frL'z, -iz, -ii|, fronz, 'fironzn 

1) (v.) freez|e, -es, -ing, froze, 

frozen; 2) (s.) frieze, -s; 3) frees 

(from free) 
'fri:z3% -z freezer, -s 
'friizik Friesic 

'friizland [-laend], -a*, -az Fries- 
land, -er, -era 
Ofribfl, -Iz, .^g [-lin], -Id frib- 

b|Ie, -les, -ling, -led 
'£rib;a» [-la*], -z fribbler, -s 
'fridsid, -It, -nis frigid, -ly, -ness 
fri'dsiditi frigidity 
'fridsia, -n, -nz Phrygia, -n, -ns 
fria* 1) Frere; 2) = 'flriia* 
friga'rifik [-go'r-, -go'r-] frigor- 

'frigit [-gat], -s frigate, -s 
fri'keendon (frika:'do), -z frican- 

dean, -x 
frika'si:, -z, -ig, -d fricassee {s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -d 
'frikatir, -z fricative (s. adj.), -a 
'ftikjan, -z; -lis friction, -s; -less 
'frikjanl [-J^iJ] frictional 
f^i'kwent, -g, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 

-atlT frequent («.), -s, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers; -ative 
fril, -z, -ig, -d frill (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
fri'maentl Fremantle 
frine^s, -iz, -ig, -dj -i; -lis fring|e 

(8. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -y; -eless 
fri'netik, -al phrenetic, -al 
M'naladsji, -ist, -ists phreno- 

log|y, -ist, -ists 
frins, etc. = frinds, etc. 
'triparli, -iz fripper|y, -ies 
fi-isk, -s, -ig, -t; -a*, -az; -i, 

-ia*, -iist; -ill, -Inis frisk (s. v.), 

-8, -ing, -ed; -er, -era; -y, -ier, 

-iest; -ily, -iness 
'frlskit, -s frisket, -a 
frit, -s, -ig, -id frit (s. v.), -s, 

-ting, -ted 
'frits*, -z, -rig, -d fritter (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 

friti'lsaria, -z fritillaria, -s 
fri'tilarji, -iz fritillarjy, -ies 
frits Fritz 

frie, -s frith (F.), -s [-ness 

'friralas, -li, -nis frivolous, -ly, 
fri'Talitji, -iz frivolit|y, -ies 
friz, -iz, -ig, -d; -i frizz, -es, 

-ing, -ed; -y 
fri'zet, -8 1) frizette, -s; 2) fri- 

sette, -s 
'frizian [-^an, -sian, -sjan], -z 

Frisian, -s 
'fkiz|l, -Iz, -lig [-lig], -Id frizz|le, 

-les, -ling, -led 
'frizp [-IJi], -inis frizzljy, -iness 
'friznal [-wel] Friswell 
'fMsian [-gjan] = 'frizian 
Ofrm from (weak form) 
Ofrou fro 

'fronad, -11, -nis froward, -ly,-ne3s 
fronm less correct form of frn:m 
fronz, -n froze, -n (from freeze) 
Ofraid, -z fraud, -s 
'fro:djnlan|8, -t, -til fraudulenjce, 

-t, -tly 
fro'stj -s, -ig, -id (s. v.) frost (F.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'fro'stbait, -s frost-bite, -s 
'fra-st|bannd, -bitn frostjbound, 

'fra-st|i, -ia*, -iist; -ili, -inis 

frost|y, -ier, -iest; -ily, -iuess 
'fro'stTra:k frostwork 
froit fraught 

fra-e, -s, -ig, -t; -i, -ia*, -iist, 
-iU, -inis froth (s. v.), -s, -ing, 
-ed; -y, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
O'frobi/a* Frobisher 
frag, -z frog, -s 
'fragfi, -iz frogg|y (s. orfj.), -ies 
'fragma:»* Frogmore 
'frak'kout, -s, -id frockcoat, -s, 

'fralik, -s, -ig, -t frolic («. v.), -a, 

-king, -ked 
'fraliksam, -nis frolicsome, -ness 
from from (strong form) 
fraud, -z frond, -s 
fran'dessns frondescence 
fran'difaras frondiferous 
'frontia*, 'frantispiis = 'frAn- 
'frantl = 'frAntl (».) 

frost — 'ga:4J3ii 


'fuldsam— 'gaidzmsn 

frost, etc.f fro6, etc. = fra:- 
Ofru:d 1) Froude; 2) Frowde 
fru''a«liti frugality 
'frn:gjal, -ali, -alnis frug|al, -ally, 

fru''ij»n fruition 
fruim [fronm] Frome 
f^Qimen'teiJas frumentaceous 
frn:t, -s, -ii|, -id fruit (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
fra:'tsori9ii, -z fruitarian, -s 
'fruitera*, -z fruiterer, -s 
'frn!tlf«l, -foU [-fali], -fwlnis 

fruit|ful, -fully, -fulness 
'fra:t|i, -inis; -ids fruit|y> -iness; 

'fra:tlis, -li, -nis fruitless, -ly, 


• '/Baisis ['taisis] phthisis 
•fa:d, -z; -lis food, -s; -less 
Ofu:l, -z, -ig, -d fool (s. v.), -», 

-ing, -ed 
'fu:l3r|i, -iz fooler|y, -ies 
'fa:lha:d|i, -ill, -inis fool-hard|y, 

-ily, -iness 
'fttdij, -11, -nis foolish, -ly, -ness 
'fn'.lsktep [-Izk-], -s foolscap 

{paper), -s 
'fu:lzktep, -s foolscap (cap), -s 
0'fn:'tjan Fuchau [Foochow] 
0'fii:z|l, -Iz, -lig [-lig], -Idfooz- 

|le (s. v.), -Ies, -ling, -led 
'fn:zja* [-la*], -z foozler, -s 

• fulj -»*, -ist, -i, -nis full (s. 
a^.), -er, -est, -y, -ness 

'ftaldsam Foljambe 
Tula*, -z fuller fF.), -s 
'fallam, -fad Ful|ham, -ford 
fal'fil, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az; -maut 

fulfil, -s, -ling, -led; -ler, -lers; 

'ful|i, -ist full|y, -est 
'fulnis 1) fulness; 2] fullness 
'fulsam, etc. = 'fAlsam, etc. 
'fult»n Fulton 

Ofut 1) foot(s.) (F.); 2) Foote 
fut, -s, "ir|, -id foot (v.), -a, -ing, 

'fntbail, -z; -a*, -az foot-ball, -s; 

-er, -ers 
'fntbrids, -iz foot-bridge, -s 
'fiitfa:!, -z foot-fall, -s 
'fntgaid, -z foot-guard, -s 
'fathonld, -z foot-hold, -s 
'futii|j -z'(s.) footing, -s 
'fntlait, -s foot-light, -s 
'futlman, -man foot|man, -men 
'fatma:k, -s foot-mark, -s 
'fntnout, -s foot-note, -s 
'futpa:|6, -5z foot-pa|th, -ths 
'fafpaand, -z foot-pound, -s 
'futpsed, -z foot-pad, -s 
'fntpsesindsa*. -z foot-passenger, 
'futprint, -s foot-print, -s [-a 
'fatreis, -iz foot-race, -s 
'fatrn:l, -z foot-rule, -s 
'futsonldsa*, -z foot-soldier, -s 
'fntsaia* foot-sore 
'fatstep, -s foot-step, -s 
'fntstn:!, -z footstool, -s 


• ga:*, -z gar, -s 

Oga:b. -z, -d garb, -s, -ed 

'ga:bat Garbutt 

'gaibids garbage 

'goib|l, -Iz, ^ig [-lig], -Id garbl|e, 
-Ies, -ling, -led 

Oga:d, -z, -ig, -idj -idli, -idnis 
guard (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed, -edly, 

gai'diinla [ga'd-, -nja], -z garden- 
ia, -8 

'ga:4jan [-dian], -z guardian (G.), -a 

'gaidjanjip [-dian-] guardianship 

'gaidlis guardless 

'ga:d|n, -nz, -ijiig [-nig], -nd (s. v.) 

gard|en (G.)> -ens, -ening, -ened 
'ga:dna* [-i^a*], -z 1) gardener, 

-s; 2) Gardner; 3} Gardiner; 

4) Gairdner 
'ga:dnpa:t{i, -iz garden-part|y, -ies 
'ga:druin, -z guardroom, -s 
'gaidjip, -s guardship, -a 
'ga:dz|man, -man guardslman, 


'ga:fl:ld — 'gaias 

160 — 

gai'fa'ks— 'gteSeriq 

0'ga:fl:ld Garfield 

'gazflj* garfish 

Oga:'gaentjaa, -n Gargaatua, -n 

'gaigarlzm, -z gargarism, -s 

'ga:g|l, -Iz. -^g [-lii)], -Id garg|le 
(s. v.), -les, -ling, -led 

'gaigail, -z gargoyle, -s 

O'gaila Gala (river) 

'ga:Iand, -z garland (G ), -s 

'gailik, -i garlic, -ky 

0'ga:m3nt, -s, -id garment, -s, -ed 

O'gaina*, -z, -rii), -d gamer (s. v.), 
-s, -ing, -ed 

'garni/, -iz, -ig, -t garnish, -es, 
-ing, -ed 

gaim'Ji:, -z, -ig, -d garnishee 
(s. v.), -s, -ing, -d 

'gaini/mant, -s garnishment, -s 

gainit, -8 1) garnet, -s; 2) Gar- 

'gainitja* garniture 

'gaintlit Gauntlett 

Oga:sp, -8, -ig, -t gasp (s. v.), -a, 
-ing, -ed 

'gaistan Garston 

'gaistlli, -inis ghastljy, -iness 

O'gayia Garcia (famous teacher 
of singing) 

O'gaita*, -z, -rig, -d garter (s. v.), 
-s, -ing, -ed 

O ga:e, -8 garth (G.), -s 

O'gaiwein Gawain 

'ga:wnd Garwood 

O'gaiza Gaza (Greek scholar) 

'ga:zal»nd Gazaland 

• gai, -z guy (G.), -s 

Ogaid, -z, -ig. -id guid|e (s. v.), 
-es, -ing, -ed 

gaidbnk, -s guide-book, -s 

'gaidan, -z guidon, -s 

'gaid»n8 gaidance 

'gaidlis guideless 

'gaidponst, -s guidepost, -s 

'gaidsiiz Gyges 

O'gaiar38konp ['dsais-], -s gyro- 
scope, -s 

gaiaras'kapik [dsaia-] gyroscopic 

'gai3r38tset ['dsaia-], -8 gyrostat, 

gai3ra'8teetik [dsaia-], -s gyro- 
static, -s 

'galas Gaius 

0'gai'fa'k8 Guy Fawkes 

O'gaihan Gihon 

O gail guile 

'gaillful, -fnli [-fali], -fulnis guile- 
|ful, -fully, -fulness 

'gaillis, -li, -nis guileless, -ly, 

Ogainrka'lad3ik»l[d3ai-] gynae- 

gaini'kaladsli [dsai-], -ist, -ists 
gynsecologly, -ist, -ists 

Ogaiz, -iz 1) guise, -s; 2) guys 
(from guy); 3) Guy's 

'gaizb»ra Guysborough 

'gaiza*, -z = 'geiza*, -z geyser, -s 

'gaizli Guiseley 

• gau Gow 

Ogaads, -iz, -ig, -d goug|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
O'gaua* Gower 
O gann, -z, -d gown, -s, -ed 
'gaunz|man, -man gowns|man, 

O'ganri Gowrie 
O gant, -i, -ili, -ini8 gout, -y, 

-ily, -iness 

• g»b, -z, -ig, -d gab {«. v.), -s, 
-bing, -bed 

'gsebadiin [gteba'dL-n], -z gaber- 
dine, -s 

gseba'Unzi [-nji], -z gaberlnnzie, 

'gtebaOa Gabbatha [-s 

'gsebitses Gabbitas 

'g«b|l, -Iz, -Jig [-lig], -Id gabb|le, 
-les, -ling, -led 

'gsebja* [-la*], -z gabbler, -s 

O g«d, -z, -ig, -id gad (s. v. inter/.) 
(G.), -s, -ding, -ded 

'giedait, -s Gadite, -a 

'gsedabant, -s gadabout, -s 

'gsedara Gadara 

gseda'ri:n ['gsedariin] -z Gadar- 
ene, -s 

'gtedfllai, -aiz gadflly, -ies 

'gtedTra:!, -z gadwall, -a 

'gsBdz gads (from gad) 

'g»dz|bi, -liil Gads|by, -hill 

'gted'za:ks gadzooks 

O'gseda*, -z, -rig, -d; -ra*. -raz 
gather («. v.), -a, -ing, -ed; -er, 

'gseSarig, -z gathering (s.), -s 

gtef— 'gseljad 

161 — 

'gaelonz— gtep 

Og«ef, -s gaff, -s 
'gsefa*, -s gaffer, -s 
'gsefseil, -z gaff-sail, -s 
og«g, -z, -ig, -d gag (s. v.), -a, 

-ging, -ged 
O'gselbs Galba 
'gselbanam galbanum 
'gselahsed Galahad 
'g»l3ks|i, -iz galax|y, -lea 
'gselan, -z gallon, -a 
'gselsnt [ga'ltent], -s gallant (s.), -a 
'gselant [ga'lsent], -li, -nis gallant 

(adj.) {amorotts), -ly, -ness 
'gselant, -li, -nis gallant (a^/.) 

{brave), -ly, -neas 
'geel3nti:n [gselan'tiin], -s galan- 
tine, -s 
'gselantri gallantry 
'gselap, -s, -ig, -t; -a*, -az gallop 

(s. v.), -a, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
geela'peid, -z gallopade, -a 
'gselarii, -iz, -id galler|y, -iea, 

'gselss Gallua 
gsele'Jiilz Galaahiela 
'gselata Galata 
geela'tia Galatea 
'gselawei, -z galloway (G.), -s 
geela'Tidian [-lo'v-], -z Gallovid- 

ian (s. adj.), -s 
'gseli, -z galley, -a 
'gselian, -z l)galleon, -s ; 2) Galion 
'gselib 1) gallic; 2) = 'geilik 

'gselikan, -z Galilean (s. a(^".), -a 
geeli'leion [-'li:on] Galileo 
'geelili: Galilee 
g%li'li:3n, -z Galilean, -a 
gseli'neigoa, -z gallinago, -a 
geeli'neijas gallinaceous 
gselipa'li:8 [-po'l-] Gallipolia {in 

'geelipat, -s 1) gallipot, -a; 2) gali- 
'gselisaiz, -iz, -ig, -d gallicizje 

[-ia|e], -ea, -ing, -ed 
'gselisi' gallice 
'geelisizm, -z galliciam, -a 
'g^elisleir, -z galley-slave, -a 
gseli'Tffint, -s, -ig, -id gallivant, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'gseljad [-ljo:d], -z galliard, -s 

'gselonz, -iz gallowa, -es 
'gteloazbaid, -z gallows-bird, -a 
'gselowei, gselo'vid- = gsela- 
'gselpin Galpin 
g«el'va:ni Galvani 
gtel'vsenik galvanic 
'gselvanaiz, -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, -sz 

galvaniz|e [-ia|e], -es, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -era 
'gselvanizm galvanism 
gselya'namita*, -z galvanometer, 

'gselvistan Galvestone 
Ogsem, -z, -ig, -d 1) (s. v.) gam, 

-a, -ming, -med; 2) (s.) gamb, -s 
gsem'beidoD, -z gambado, -(e)s 
gsem'beta Gambetta 
'geemba, -z gamba, -s 
'gsembjal, -alz, -alig [-^g], -aid 

gamb|ol (s. v.), -ols, -oUing, -oiled 
'gsembia [-bja] Gambia 
'gambia* Gambier 
'gsembist, -s gambiat, -a 
'gsembit, -s gambit, -a 
'gsembl, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 

gambl|e (s. v.) (G.), -ea, -ing, 

-ed; -er, -era 
'gsemblighanls, -ziz gambling- 

houlae, -ses 
gaem'bnis gamboge 
'gsema, -z gamma, -a 
'gsema*, -z gammer, -a 
'gseman, -z, -ig, -d gammon («. v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed 
'gtemat, -s gamut, -s 
'gsemid3 Gamage 
'geemilin Gamelyn 
gsemp, -s gamp (G.), -a 
O'gsenda*, -z gander, -a 
'gsendsiiz Ganges 
'geenimiid Ganymede 
'gsenit, -s 1) gannet, -s ; 2) Gan- 
'gaenl Gannel 
Ogseg, -z gang, -a 
'gsega*, -z ganger, -s 
'gfeggli|an, -a, -anz gangli|on, -a, 

'g»ggri:n, -z, -ig, -d gangren|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'geegwei, -z gangway, -a 
O gsep, -s gap, -a 

Miohaelia A Jones, Phonetic Dictioiiai]r. 


flte'rais— gtestra'noinik 


gaes'tranami — 'gAnkaerids 

Ofl«e'ra:3, ■iz=g8'r. 
'gterad 1) Garrod; 2) Garrard 
'geersld Garrold 
'gseralas, etc. = 'gsernlas, etc. 
gseran'ti:, -z, -ig, -d guarantee 

(s. v.), -B, -ing, -d 
gteran'ta:*, -z guarantor, -s 
'gserat. -s 1) garret, -s; 2) garrot, 

-s; 3) Garrett; 4) Garrat 
gteri'bseldi [-'ba:l-] Garibaldi 
'gserik Garrick 
'g9eri8[n, -nz, -anii) [-^g], -nd 

garns|on («. v.) (G.), -ons, -oning, 

'gsernlas [-ral-, -rjul-], -11, -nis 

garrulous, -ly, -ness 
Ogtes, -iz gas (s.), -es 
gses, -iz, -ig, -t gas (v), -ses, 

-sing, -sed 
'gtesbteg, -z gas-bag, -s 
'gsesbsina*, -z gas-burner, -s 
'gtesbrsekit, -s gas-bracket, -s 
'gtesdset, -s gas-jet, -s 
'gaesendsin, -z gas-engine, -s 
'gsesaliin [-sol-] gasolene 
'gsesflkstXa*, -z gas-fixture, -s 
'gsesflta*, -z gas-fitter, -s 
'gaesli, -ia*, -list, -inis gass|y, -ier, 

-iest, -iness 
'gaesijfai ['geizi-]j -faiz, -faiii), 

-faid gasiify, -fies, -fying, -fied 
'gseskel [-kal] Gaskell 
'geeskan, -z Gascon, -s 
gteska'neid, -z, -Ig, -id gascon- 

nad|e (s. v), -es, -ing, -ed 
'gseskani Gascony 
'gteskit, -s gasket, -s 
'gseskain 1) Gascoyne; 2) Gas- 

'gses|msen [-man], -men [-man] 

gas{-man, -men 
'gtesmein, -z gas-main, -s 
'gasmirta*, -z gas-meter, -s 
'gsesoliin [-sal-] gasolene 
gte'samita* [ga's-, ga'z-], -z gaso- 
meter, -s 
'gtespaip, -s gas-pipe, -s 
'gees'stouv, -z gas-stove, -s 
'gsest gassed (from gas v) 
gses'traitis gastritis 
gsestra'namik, -al gastronomic, 


gses'tranamli, -ist, -ists gastro- 

nom|y, -ist, -ists 
'g«esTra:kg gasworks 
OgseJ, -iz, -ig, -t gash (s. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
O'gsetaka* [-teik-] Gatacre 
'gseti 1) Gatti; 2) Gatty 
'geetlig Gatling 
OgseO Gath 
O'gseTln Gavin 
'geevistan Gaveston 
'gievlkaind gavelkind 
O 'gsezias [-zjas] = 'geiz- 
gsezi'tia* [-za't-], -z gazetteer, -s 
•'gAblnz Gubbins 
O'gAdsan, -z gudgeon (G.), -s 
O gA'fa: [ga'f-], -z, -ig, -d (s. v.) 

guffaw, -B, -ing, -ed 
OgAl, -z, -ig, -d gull (». V.) (G.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
gAla'biliti = gAli'b- 
'gAlarji, -iz guller|y, -ies 
gAlf, -s, -i gulf, -s, -y 
'gAlji, -iz gull|y (G.), -ies 
gAli'biliti [-la'b-] gullibility 
'gAllbl gullible 
'gAlit, -s gullet, -s 
'gAliva* Gulliver 
'gAlksetJa*, -z gull-catcher, -s 
gAlp, -s, -ig, -t gulp («. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
OgAm, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az gum 

(». v.), -s, -ming, -med; -mer, 

'gAm'terabik gum-arabic 
'gAmds gummous 
'gAm|i, -ia*, -iist, -inis gumm|y, 

-ier, -iest, -iness 
gA'mifaras gummiferous 
'gAm^J^n gumption 
'gAmj^Jas gumptious 
gAmJal Gomshall 
'gAmtri:, -z gumtree, -s 
OgAn, -z, -ig, -d gun (s. v.), -s, 

-ning, -ned 
'gAnbter^l, -z gun-barrel, -s 
'gAubont, -s gun-boat, -s 
'gAna*, -z gunner (G.), -s 
'gAnari gunnery 
'gAnfaia* gun-fire 
|gAnig gunning (G.) 
'gAnkterids, "i^ gun-carriage, -s 

'gAnkotn — 'geibrisl 

— 163 

geids— 'geitshed 

'gAnkatn gun-cotton 

'gAn^, -z 1) gunwale, -s; 2) gunnel, 

'gAnmetl gun-metal [-s 

'gAnpauda* gunpowder 

'gAnram, -x gun-room, -s 

'gAnsmiO, -s gunsmith, -s 

'gAnstok, -s gunstock, -s 

'gAiiJot, -s gunshot, -s 

'gAnta* Gunter 

'gAnwod, -z gunwad, -s 

O gAS Gus 

'gAsi Gussy 

'gAsit, -8 gusset, -s 

gAst, -8 gust, -s 

gAs'teiJan gustation 

gAs'teivas [-'tary-] Gustavus 

'gAston gusto 

OgAj", -iz, -ii), -iijli, -t; -a*, -az 

gush (s. v.), -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed; 

-er, -ers 
OgAt, "8, -ii), -id gut (s. v.), -s, 

-ting, -ted 
'gAta*, -z, -rifl, -d gutter (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'gAta'pait/a gutta-percha 
'gAt»r|»I, -alz, -all guttur|al («. 

adj.], -als, -ally 
'gAtasnaip, -s guttersnipe, -s 
'gAtnbaig = 'gn:t- Gutenberg 
O'gAOri Guthrie 
0'gAT»n, -z, -ii), -d; -a*, -az 

1) govern, -s, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors; 

2) Govan 
'gATanabl governable 
gAvana'dsenaral, -z governor- 
'gAvanans governance 
'gATaiii8, -iz governess, -es 
'gAvanmant, -s government, -s 
gAvan'mentl governmental 
'gAvn, etc. = 'gAvan, etc. 
O'gAzjl, -Iz, ^ii) [-liij], -Id guzz|le, 

-les, -ling, -led 
'gAzJa* [-la*], -z guzzler, -s 
• gei, -a*, -i8t gay (G.), -er, -est 
O'geibli, -iz gab|y, -ies 
'geibiai Gabii 

'geibian [-bjan], -z gabion, -s 
'geibl, -z, -d gable, -s, -d 
'geiblit, -s gablet, -s [-s 

'geibl'windou, -z gable-window, 
'geibrial Gabriel 

Ogeid3, -iz, -ig, -d (s. v.) 1) gag|e 

(G.), -es, -ing, -ed; 2) gaugje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'geidsia*, -az, -abl gaug|er, -ers, 

O'geia* gayer {compar. of gay) 
'geiat|i ['geiit|i], -iz gaiet|y (G.), 

O'giilst gayesf (superl. of gay) 
O geil, -z 1) gale (G.), -s; 2) Gael, 
'geila, -z gala, -s [-s 

'geili gaily 

'geilik ['gsellk] Gaelic 
'geilin Galen 
'geilzbaig Galesburg 
Ogeim, -z} -a*, -ist, -11, -nis; -ii), 

-d gam|e (s. ac^. v.), -es; -er, -est, 

-ely, -eness; -ing, -ed 
'geimbeeg^ -z game-bag, -s 
'geimli, -la*, -list, -inis gam|y, 

-ier, -iest, -iness 
'geimighanis, -ziz gaming-houjse, 

'geimkiipa*, -z game-keeper, -s 
'geimkak, -s game-cock, -s 
'geimla:, -z game-law, -s 
'geimsta*, -z gamester, -s 
Ogein. -z, -lii, -d; -a*, -az gain 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er (G.), -ers 
'geinabl gainable 
'geinam Gaynham 
'geinjfMl, -full [-fall], -fMlnis 

gain|ful, -fully, -fulness 
'geinigz gainings 
'geinlis gainless 
gein'sei, -z, -ig, -d [gein'sed] 

gainsay, -s, -ing, -ed [gainsaid] 
gein'seia*, -z gainsayer, -s 
geinz 1) gains; 2) Gaines 
'geinzb^ra, -z Gainsborough, -s 
Ogeip, -8, -ig, -t; -a\ -az gap|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
Ogeit, -8, -ig, -id 1) gat|e {a. v.) 

-es, -ing, -ed; 2) gait 
'geita*, -z gaiter, -s 
'geitfain, -z gate-fine, -s 
'geitkfcpa*, -z gate-keeper, -s 
'geitlis gateless 
'geitmAni gatemoney 
'geitpoust, -8 gate-post, -s 
geit8 gates (G.) 
'geit8hed Gateshead 


'geitwei— 'gaidlstan 


gaige'siin — ga'zel 

'geitwei, -z gateway, -a 
Ogeiv gave {from give) 
Ogeiz, -iz, -ig, -d; -3*, -az gazje 

(s. II.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'geiza Gaza (iw Syria) 
'geiza*, -z 1) geyser, -s; 2) gazer, -s 
'geizias ['gsez-, -zjas] gaseous 
'geizifai, efc. := 'gtesi- 

• 'gedis Geddes 

O geal, etc. = ga:!, efc. 

'geati = 'geiati 

Ogeldj -z, -ii), -id geld (tw^'. «.), 
-s, -mg, -ed 

'gelda'ronz, -iz guelder-rose, -s 

'geldig, -z gelding, -s 

O'geml Gemmi 

'gemzbak, -s gemsbok, -a 

'gemzham, -z gemahom, -a 

Oge'nez- = gi'nez- 

'gensarik = 'dsen- Genaeric 

gent Ghent 

Oge'raizim [ga'r-] Gerizim 

'geri Gerry 

'gerimsenda*, -z, -rig, -d geri- 
mander, -s, -ing, -ed 

ge'rantias [gi'r-, ga'r-, -tjas, 
-Xjas] Gerontius 

Oges, -iz, -ig, -t; -a*, -az; -abl 
gueaa («. «.) -es, -ing, -ed; -er, 
-ers; -able 

gest, -s 1) guest (G.),-s; 2) gues- 
sed {from guess) 

'gesttjeimba*, -z guest-chamber, 

'geswaik guesswork [-s 

Oget, -8, -ig, gat get, -s, -ting, got 

get'setabl get-at-able 

,get'Ap, -8 get-up, -s 

'getou Ghetto 

O'geein Gethin 

geO'semani Gethsemane 

• 'geadna* ['ga:d-] Gairdner 
'geafaul, -z garefowl, -s 
'gsal, etc. = ga:l, etc. 
'gsarids, -iz garage, -s 
'geari/, -li, -nis garish, -ly, -ness 
•ga:d, -z, -ig, -id, gait gird (s.«.), 

-8, -ing, -ed, girt 
'gaida*, -z girder, -s 
'ga.'dan, -z guerdon, -s 
'ga:d|l, -Iz, -Jig [-lig], -Id gird|le 

(8. v.), -lea, -ling, -led 
'gaidlstan Girdiestone 

O ga:ge'8i:n [-gi's-, -ga's-, gaigas-], 

-z Gergeaene, -a 
'ga:gl, -z, -ig, -d gurgl|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
O'gaikin, -z gherkin, -s 
O ga:l [geal, gial, geal], -z, -hud 

girl, -a, -hood 
'ga:li, -z 1) girlie, -s; 2) Gurley 
gailij [gsal-, gial-, geal-], -li, 

-nis girlish, -ly, -ness 
0'ga:nad, -z gurnard (G.), -s 
'ga:ni Gurney 
'ga:nit, -s gurnet, -s 
'ga:nzi, -z guernsey (G.), -a 
Oga:t, -s 1) girt, -s; 2) girt {from 
'ga:ta ("goita) Goethe [gird) 

'ga:ti Gerty 

'gaitn 1) Girton; 2) Gurton 
'ga:tra:d Gertrude 
Oga.'O, -8 girth, -s 
•ga'bnin Gaboon 
Oga'daiva = ga'd- Godiva 
ga'di:nia [-nja], -z gardenia, -a 
ga'dalfin Godolphin 
Oga'fa:, etc. == gA'fa:, etc. 
Oga'hena = gi'h- Gehenna 
Oga'laiaO Goliath 
gaisektik galactic 
ga'Isent, -8 = 'g»Iant, -z (s. adj. 

ga'leijla [-I/a], -n, -nz Galatia, 

-n, -ns 
ga'liina galena (G.) 
ga'lipali [-poli] Gallipoli 
ga'lijia [-isia, -ija] Galicia 
ga'la»* galore 
ga'laj", -iz golosh, -es 
ga'luin galloon 
Oga'meilial [-Ijal] Gamaliel 
ga'mont, -8 = gi'm- gemot, -s 
ga'mara Gomorrah 
Oga'nez- = gi'nez- 
Oga'rais [gse'r-, gsarids], -iz 

garage, -s 
ga'raizim = ge'raizim Gerizim 
ga'rila, -z 1) gorilla, -s; 2) gue-n 
ga'ran- = ge'r- [riUaJ 

ga'rat, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az ga- 

rott|e («. v.), -ea, -ing, -ed; -er, 
Oga'8am- = gie'sam- [-ers 

Oga'vat, -8 gavotte, -s 
Oga'zel, -z gazelle, -s 

ga^zet— gila'ti:n 


gilfad— 'glaishans 

ga'zet, -s, -ii|, -id gazett|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
ga'zomlta*, -z = gte'so- 

• gi: ghee 

'gi:b3l [-bsel] Gebal 

'gi:ki Geikie 

'gi:lai) Geelong 

gi:s geese {plur. of goose) 

gi:'tjn:li3 [dsi;-, -IjaJ Gaetulia 

'giizei Gizeh 

'gi:za*, -z geeser, -s 

• gi'aina [gju''a:n3] Guiana 
O'giben, -z gibbon (G.), -s (G.) 
'gibarij" gibberish 

'gibas, -li, -nis gibbous, -ly, -ness 

'gibia Gibeah 

'gibian Gibeon 

'gibilain, -z Ghibelline, -s 

gi'basiti gibbosity 

'gibsn Gibson 

gibz Gibbs 

O'gidji, -la*, -list, -ill, •inis 

gidd|y, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
'gidian Gideon 
'gidihedid giddy-headed 
Ogla*, -z, -rii), -d gear (s. v.), -a, 

-ing, -ed 
gial, etc. = ga:l, etc. 
'giari Geary 

'giarig gearing {from gear) (G.) 
O'gifad Gilford 
gift, -8, -id gift, -s, -ed 
Ogig, -z gig, -8 
'gig|I, -Iz, -|ifl [-lii)], -Id gigg|Ie 

(s. v.), -les, -ling, -led 
'gigja* [-la*], -z giggler, -s 
Ogi'heua [ga'h-] Gehenna 
Ogil, "Z gill {revpiratory organ, 

ravine) (G.), -s 
'gilbat Gilbert 
gil'baitian [-Ijan, -Jian, -J'jan] 

'gilbi Gilbey 
gil'bona Gilboa 
gild, -z, -ig, -id, gilt 1) gild, 

-s, -ing, -ed, gilt; 2) guild, -s 
'gilda*, -z 1) gilder (G.), -s; 

2) guilder, -s 
'gild'ha:!, -z guildhall (G.), -s 
gi'lespi Gillespie 
gila'ti:n, -z, -ig, -d guillotin|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 

'gilfadl) Guildford; 2) Guilford; 

3) Gilford 
'gilgsel Gilgal 
'gili, -z gillie (G.), -s 
'gilited [-Ijaed] Gilead 
'gilimat, -s guillemot, -s 
'giligam Gillingham 
'gil|krist, -man Gil|christ, -man 
'gilma:»* 1) Gilmore; 2) Gillmore 
'gilou Gillow 
gil'psetrik Gilpatrick 
'gilpin Gilpin 
gilt, -i, -ia'^, -list; -ili, -inis 

1) guilt, -y, -ier, -iest; -ily, 

-iness; 2) gilt (s.); 3) gilt {from 

'gilt'edsd gilt-edged 
'giltlis, -li, -nis guiltless, -ly, 

O'gimlit, -s gimlet, -s 
gi'mout [ga'm-], -s gemot, -s 
gimp gimp 

Ogin 1) gin {if); 2) Ginn 
gi'nezari|t [ge'n-, -re|t], -0 Gen- 

nesare|t, -th 
'gini, -z guinea (G.), -s 
'ginifaul, -z guinea-fowl, -s 
'ginipig, -z guinea-pig, -s 
'ginis Guinness 
O'gigam, -z gingham, -s 
'gigkon, -z gingko, -s 
O gi'ron- = ge'ran- 
O'gisig Gissing 
O gi'ta:*, -z guitar, -s 
O giT, -z, -ig, geiT, 'giran giv|e, 

-es, -ing, gave, given 
'giva*. -z giver, -s 
O'gizbara Guisborough 
'gizad, -z gizzard, -a 
0gjn''a:na = gi'aina Guiana 
gja''a:nou = 'gwainou guano 
'gjn:go:, -z gew-gaw, -s 
0gla:mz Glamis 
gla:ns, -iz, -ig, -igli, -t glanc|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
'gla:ras Glarus 
gla:s, -iz glass, -es 

yxu.B, - 


on|a*, -az, -ig glass-blow- 
|er, -ers, -ing 
'glaisfnl, -z glassful, -s 
'glaisgon ['glses-] Glasgow 
'gla:Bhaii|s, -ziz glasB-hou|se, -ses 

'gla:si— 'glAtn 

— 166 — 

glAT— glip'tagrafi 

'gla:g|i, -ia*, -list; -Hi, -inis 

glassly, -ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
'gla:skA.t9*, -z glass-cutter, -s 
'gIa:8kon = 'gla:sgou Glasgow 
'gla:speip3* glass-paper 
'glaistanbari Glastonbury 
'glaiBtraik, -s glass-work, -s 
O glaidj -z, -ii), -iflli, -id; -a*, 

-az glid|e (s. v.), -as, -ing, -ingly, 

-ed; -er, -ers 
O'glana*, -z, -rii|, -d glower, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
O gl«d, -8*, -ist; -z, -ii), -id 

glad (a^/- v.), -der, -dest; -s, 

-ding, -ded 
'glsedieita*, -z gladiator, -s 
gl«edl3'to:ri3l gladiatorial 
'gltedionl, -z gladiole, -s 
gI«edi'oal{3S, -asiz, -ai gladioljua, 

-uses, -i 
glsedis Gladys 
'gltedlll, -nis glad|ly, -ness 
'glsed{n, -nz, -i^ig [-nii)], -nd 

glada|en, -ens, -ening, -ened 
'glsedssm, -Ii, -nis gladsome, -ly, 

'glffidstan, -s gladstone (G.), -s 
giteds'tonnian [-njan] Gladston- 

'gltedwin Gladwin 
gleega'litik [-go'l-] glagolitic 
'gleem9* glamour 
glsend, -z gland, -s 
'gltendalz, -d glander|8, -ed 
'gleendjnil, -z glandule, -s 
'glfendjulls*. -as glanduljar, -ous 
'glaesgon ['glais-, -skon] Glasgow 
glaesi'eij'an [gleis-] glaciation 
'gliesial = 'gleisial 
'glaesja*, -z glacier, -s 
'glsesfanbari [glois-] Glaston- 
O'glAbdAb'drib Glubbdubbdribb 
glAm, -8*, -ist; -Ii, -nis glum, 

-mer, -mest; -ly, -ness 
glAt, -s, -ii|, -id glut (s. v.), -a, 

-ting, -ted 
'glAtanaiz [-t^aiz], -iz, -ig, -d 

gluttonizje [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
'glAt3n98 [-t]^-], -ii gluttonous, -ly 
'glAtani [-^i] gluttony 
'lllAtn, -z glutton, -s 

glAT, -z, -d glove, -s, -d 
'glAT9*, -z glover (G.), -s 
'glAvfait, -s glove-fignt, -s 
'gl ATstr et/a*. -z glove-stretcher, -s 
Ogleid, -z glade, -s 
glei8i'eij9n = glaes- glaciation 
'gleisial [-sjal, -Jial] glacial 
'gleisis glacis 
'gleija* Glaisher 
gleijia* [-Jja*. -Ja*], -z = glaesj- 
gleiv, -z 1) glaive, -s; 2) Glave 
gleiz, -iz, -ii|, -d; -a*, -az glazje 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
'gleizbrnk Glazebrook 
'gleizia* [-sia*], -z glazier, -s 
Ogleg Gleg(g) 
glen, -z glen (G.), -s 
gle'na:mand Glenalmond 
'glendana* [glen'daua*] Glen- 
glenl'dinii), -'elg, -'finan Glen- 

Jdin(n)ing, -elg, -finnan 
glen'g%r|i, -iz glengarr|y(G.), -ies 
glen|'kon, -livit Glen|coe, -livet 
O'glsa*, -ri glair, (s.), -y 
glsa*, -z, -rig, -d; -ri glar|e {s.v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed; -y 
'glcarig|li, -nis glaringjly, -ness 
Ogla'maigan, -J'ia* Glamorgan, 

Ogli:, -z glee, -s 
gli:b, -z glebe, -s 
'gli:|fMl, ■fiili[-fali] glee|ful, -fully 
gli:m, -z, -ig, -d; -i gleam (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed; -y 
gli:n, -z, -ij, -d; -a*, -az; -igz 

glean, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers; 

gli:z glees {from glee) 
Oglib, -a*, -ist; -Ii, -nis glib, 

-ber, -best; -ly, -ness 
glif, -s glyph, -s 
'glima*, -z, -rig, -rigli, -d 

glimmer (s. v.), -a, -ing, -ingly, 

glimps^ -iz, -ig, -t glimps|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
glin Glyn(n) 
glint, -s, -in, -id glint (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
gUptik glyptic 
glip'tagrafi glyptography 

gli'gttid— 'glotl 


glo'toladst— 'goggtll 

gli'said [-'seid], -z, -ig, -id 

glissad|e (s. «.), -es, -ing, -ed 
gllsa'riin ['glisari:]i] glycerine 
'glis|n, -nz, -^ig [-nig], -nd 

1) giist|en, -ens, -ening, -ened; 

2) Glisson 

'gllta*, -z, -rii), -rijli, -d glitter 

(s. «.), -s, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
Oglou, -z, -ig, -igli, -d glow 

(s. «.), -s, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
gloub, -z globe, -s 
'gloubons globose 
'glonbtrotla*, -az, -ig globe- 

trott|er, -ers, -ing 
'glonmig gloaming 
glout, -8, -ig, -id gloat, -s, -ing, -ed 
'gIonw3:]n, -z glow-worm, -s 
glouz, -iz, -ig, -d 1) (s. v.) gloz|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed; 2) glows (from 

O'glaitas, -iz 1) glaucus (G.), -es; 

2) glaucous 
gloi'Sonms, -tas glaucoma, -tous 
'gla:r|i, -iz, -iig, -id glor|y (s. v.), 

-ies, -ying, -ied 
'glo.'ria, -z Gloria, -s 
'glairiss, -li, -nis glorious, -ly, 

'gls>:ri{fai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid; 

-faia*, -faiaz glori|fy, -fies, 

-fying, -fied; -fier, -fiers 
glan-ifi'keij'911 glorification 
'glaista* local pron. of 'glosta* 

O'glabjula*, -11 globular, -ly 
glak'siqja [-nia], -z gloxinea, -s 
glas, -iz, -ig, -t; -a*, -az gloss 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
glasa'ladsikl glossological 
'glasap Glossop 
'glasarji, -iz glossar|y, -ies 
'glasarist, -s glossarist, -s 
'glosji, -ia*, -list; -ili, -inis glossjy, 

-ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
'glasik glossic 
gla'sagrafja*, -az, -1 glosso- 

graph|er, -ers, -y 
gla'saladsji, -ist, -ists glosso- 

log|y, -ist, -ists 
'glasta* 1) Gloucester; 2)Gloster 
'glatis, -iz glottis, -es 
'glatl glottfJ 

gla'taladsi glottology 

Ogln:, -z, -ig [glnig], -d (s. v.) 

glu|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
'gln'a*, -z gluer, -s 
'gla-i, -nis gluey, -ness 
'glujkous glucose 
glnim, -x, -ig, -d; -i, -ia*, -list; 

•Hi, -inis gloom (s. v.), -s, -ing, 

-ed; -y, -ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
'glnipat, -s glue-pot, -s 
'glu:tan [-tin] gluten 
'glnitin glutin [-ten] 
'glnitinas, -11, -nis glutinous, -ly, 

gln:z glues (from glue) 
O'glna*, 'glni, etc. = 'gln:- 
• gon, -z, -ig, went, go-n go 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, went, gone 
O'goubji, -iz gob|y, -ies 
'goabitwi:n, -z go-between, -s 
Ogond, -z, -ig, -id goad (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'gondann, -z go-down, -s 
O'gona Goa 
'gona*, -z goer, -s 
'gonahed go-ahead 
O'gonfa*. -z 1) gopher, -s; 

2) Gophir 
O'gonigz (s.) goings 
O'gonkait, -s go-cart, -s 
O gonl, -z goal, -s 
^gonl'bi:tasskin = gonld'b- 
gonld 1) gold; 2) Gould 
'gonldbi:ta*, -z gold-beater, -s 
,goul(2'bi:tas8kin goldbeater's- 

'gonld'dAst gold-dust 
'gonldan golden 
'gonldfiild, -z goldfield, -s 
'gonldfinf/, -iz goldfinch, -es 
'gouldfij", -iz goldfish, -es 
'gonldig Golding 
'gonldl'leis, -li:f gold-|lace, -leaf 
'gonldsmiO, -s goldsmith (G.), -s 
'gouldstik, -s goldstick, -s 
'gonldjmit (gDltJmit) Gold- 

'gonld'waia* gold-wire 
'gonldzbsra Goldsborough 
gonlz goals (from goal) 
Ogonst, -s; -laik ghost, -s ; -like 
'gon8tI|i, -inis ghostljy, -iness 

gouj— 'gointlit 


'gairam— 'gagmagog 

OgonJ" (goiS) gauche 
'gonjan 1) Goshen; 2) Goschen 
Ogont, -s goat, -a 
'gonthe:d, -z goat-herd, -s 
gon'ti:, -z goatee, -s 
'gonti/ goatish 
'goutsAka*, -z goat-sucker, -s 
O'gonea Gotha 
'gonOam Gotham {New York) 
'gonOland Goathland 
Ogouz goes {from go) 
Sgo'dalfin = ga'd- Godolphin 
go'laiaO = ga'l- Goliath 
go'laBijkB = 'gal- Gollancz 
go'rila, -z ^ ga'rila, -z gorilla, -s 
• go:* [ga:e*], -z, -rig, -d 1) gor|e 

(8. V.) (G.), -es, -ing, -ed ; 2) Gower 
Ogaid, -z 1) gaud, -s; 2) gored 

{from gore) 
'ga:d{i,-ia*, -list; -ilij-inisgaudly, 

-ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
'gaidiam [-djam] Gordium 
'gaidlan [-djan] Gordian 
'ga:dn 1) Gordon; 2) Gauden 
g8:d3, -iz, -ii), -d gorg|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'gaidsas, -li, -nis gorgeous, -ly, 

O goia*, etc. = ga:*, etc. 
0'ga:gan, -z Gorgon, -s 
gaigan'zonla Gorgonzola 
0'g3:k|i, -inis gawk|y, -iness 
O go:lj -z, -ig, -d 1) gall (s. v.), 

-a, -mg, -ed; 2) {s.) Gaul, -s 
'ga:lfl|ai, -aiz gall-fl[y, -ies 
'ga:lij Gaulish 
'ga:liiAt, -s gallnut, -s 
'gailstan Gorleston 
'gailstoun, -z gall-stone, -s 
ga:lt, -an Gait, -on 
'gailwei Galway 
'ga:lzwa:5i Galsworthy [-ed 

Ogoim, -Zj -ifl, -d gaum, -s, -ing, 
'gaimandaiz, -iz, -ii|, -d; -a*, -az 

gormandiz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -era 
'gainagrset Gornergrat 
Ogo:n = gon gone {from go) 
goint, -ist; -11, -nis gaunt (G.), 

-est; -ly, -ness 
'gaintlit, -s, -id 1) gauntlet (G.), 

-B, -ed; 2) Gauntlett 

0'ga:ram Gorham 

'gaiiji, -la*, -list; -ill, -inis gor|y, 

-ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
'ga.'rii) goring {from gore) (G.) 
Ogais gorse 
gaist Gorst 
Ogoit, -s Gha(u}t, -s 
'ga:tn Gorton 
Og!>:z, -iz 1) gauze, -s; 2) gores 

{from gore) 
'ga:z|i, -inis gauz|y, -iness 
•gab, -z gob, -s 
'gobit, -s gobbet, -s 
'gab|l, -Iz, -^g [-lifl], -Id gobb|le, 

-Ies, -ling, -led 
'gab!Ja* [-la*], -z gobbler, -s 
'gablin, -z goblin, -s 
'gablit, -s goblet, -s 
Ogad, -z 1) God; 2) god, -s 
ga'daiTa [ga'd-] Godiva' 
'gadad Goddard 
'gadfa:5a% -z godfather, -s 
'gadfaseikn God-forsaken 
'gadfiarin Godfearing 
'gadfri Godfrey 
'gadis, -iz goddess, -es 
'gadlaik godlike 
'gadl|i, -inis godl|y, -iness 
'gadlis, -li, -nis godless, -ly, -ness 
'gadlmiii Godalming 
'gadniASa*, -z godmother, -s 
'gadmant/esta* = 'gontj'ista* 

'gadpsarant, -s godparent, -s 
'gadsAn, -z godson, -a 
'gadsend, -z godsend, -s 
'gad'spi:d God-speed 
'gadltjaild, -tj'ildran godjchild, 

'gadwad Godward 
'gadwln Godwin 
'gadzeika*, -z God's-acre, -s 
Ogaf 1) = galf golf; 2) Goff(e); 

3) Gough 
'gafa*, -z, -rig, -d 1) goffer, -s, 

-ing, -ed; 2) ='galfa*, -z golfer, 

Ogag, -z Gog, -8 
'gag|l, -Iz, -}iij [-lig], -Id goggjle 

(s. v.), -Ies, -ling, -led 
'gaglaid goggle-eyed 
'gagmagag Gogmagog 

'gaita* — 'graisi 

— 169 — graiskAta*— 'graedjuit 

O'gaita*, -z, -d goitre, -s, -d 

'gaitrss goitrous 

O'galtegSs [go'l-] Gollancz 

golf [gaf], -s, -ig, -t; -a*, -az 
golf (s. «.)) -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

'galgads Golgotha 

Ogon [ga:n] gone {from go) 

'gandala, -z gondola, -s 

ganda'Iia*, -z gondolier, -s 

'ganaril Goneril 

'ganfelan, -z gonfalon, -s 

'gontjista* ['godmantjesta*] God- 

'ganvil Gonville 

O goijj -z gong, -s 

O 'gorillas Gorringe 

Ogas GosB(e) 

'gasama* gossamer 

'gashaik, -s goshawk, -s 

'gasip, -s, -ig, -t; -i gossip (s. v.), 
-s, -ing, -ed; -y 

'gaspal [-pel], -z gospel (G.), -s 

'gaspait Gosport 

'gostjoik Gosschalk 

Ogat got (from get) 

'gatam Gotham [Nottinghamshire) 

'gatn gotten (from get) 

'gatnbaig = 'gaOnbaig Gothen- 

Oga©, -s; -it Goth, -s; -ic 

'gaOisaiz, -iz, -ii), -d gothiciz|e 
[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 

'gaOisizm gothicism 

'gaOland Gothland 

'gaOnbaig ['gatn-] Gothenburg 

O'gaTan Govan 

O'gazlig, -z gosling (G.), -s 

• gra:f, -s = grsef, -s graph, -s 

gra:ft, -s, -ii), -id; -a*, -az graft 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

'graiftdtt Grafton 
gra:nt, -s, -ig, -id (s. v) grant 
(G.), -s, -ing, -ed 

'graintam Grantham 

'grainti Grantie 
gra:n'ti:, -z grantee, -s 
gra'in'ta:*, -z grantor, -s 
gra:s, -iz, -ii), -t grass (s. v.), -es, 
-ing, -ed 

'gra:s'gri:n grassrgreen 

'graishapa*, -z grasshopper, -s 

'gro:9|i,-ia*, -list grass|y, -ier,-iest 

'gra:skAta*, -z grass-cutter, -s 

'graismia* Grasmere 

graisp, -s, -ig, -igli, -t; -a*, 

-az grasp, -s, -ing, -ingly, -ed; 

-er, -ers 
'grais'plat, -s grass-plot, -s 
Ograim, -z, -ig, -d; -i, -ia*, 

■list; -ill, -inis grim|e (s. v.), 

-s (G.), -ing, -ed; -y, -ier, -iest; 

-ily, -iness 
gralnd, -z, -Ig, graund grind, 

-8, -ing, ground 
'grainda*, -z, -ri grinder, -s, -y 
'graine^stoun, -z grindstone, -s 
graip, -s, -ig, -t grip|e («. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
graips (s.) gripes 
grais Grice 
Ograul, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az growl 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
graund, -z, -ig, -id 1) ground 

(s. v), -s, -ing, -ed; 2) ground 

(from grind) 
'graund'aiyi ground-ivy 
'grannda*. -z grounder, -s 
'graund'f la:a*, -z ground-floor, -s 
'grannd'hag, -z ground-hog, -s 
'graundids groundage 
'granndlig, -z groundling, -s 
'graandlis, -Ii, -nis groundless, 

-ly, -ness 
'graune^lmsen, -men ground{man, 

'grannd'plaen, -z ground-plan, -s 
'graundrent, -s ground -rent, -s 
'graund swel, -z ground-swell, -s 
'granndwaik, -s groundwork, -s 
'graunm«en, etc. = 'graundmeen 
'graunsl groundsel 
graunz=graundz grounds (/Vom 

grans grouse 
Ogrseb, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az grab 

(s. v.), -s, -bing, -bed; -ber, -hers 
grabjl, -Iz, -Ug [-lig], -Id grab- 
bile, -les, -ling, -led 
gradju'eijan, -z graduation, -s 
'grtedjneit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

graauat|e (v.), -es, -ing, -ed; 

-or, -ors 
'griedjn^l [-dsnsl], -i gradual, -ly 
'grsedjnit, -s graduate (s.), -s 

grsef— 'grsBnmAda* 


'grsenmama: — greid 

gr«f [gra:f], -s graph, -s 
'grsefait ['greif-] graphite 
'gr«ef9fonn, >z graphophone, -s 
'graefik, -al, -ali graphic (G.t, -al, 

grte'fol3d5i graphology 
'grtek|8S, -ai Gracchjus, -i 

grtein, -z 1) gramme, -s ; 2) gram, 


'grtema*, -z grammar, -s 
'grtemafonn, -z gramophone, -s 
'greemaskuil, -z grammar-school, 

grsemi'neiXas graminaceous 
grae'miniag = grei'm- 
grtemi'niTaras graminivorous 
'grtempas, -iz grampus, -es 
'grsempisn [-pjan], -z Grampian, 

'grsenbi Granby 
grsend, -3*, -ist; -li, -nis grand 

(G.), -er, -eat; -ly, -ness 
'gr»ndAi)kl, -z grand-uncle, -s 
'grsen(2'dja:k, -s grand-duke, -s 
'grjend'd3U8r|i, -iz grand -jur|y, 

'greendf- = 'grrenf- 
gr«en'di:, -z grandee, -s 
grsen'dil3kw3n|s, -t, -tli grandi- 

loquen|ce, -t, -tly 
'grsendious, -li grandiose, -ly 
grsendi'asiti grandiosity 
'grsendlsn Grandison 
'grsendm-, 'gr«endn-, 'greendp-, 

'grsends- = 'grsenm-, 'grsenn-, 

grsenp-, 'greens- 
'grsendsent Grandgent 
'grsendsa* [-djua*] grandeur 
'grtenoda = gra'naide Granada 
grsens'lieik [-no'l-] granolithic 
'gr«en3r|i, -iz granar|y, -ies 
'graenfttioa*, -z grandfather, -s 
'gi'«en|i, -iz grann|y, -ies 
'grtenit, -8 granite, -s 
grse'nitik granitic 
'grsenjail, -z granule, -s 
greenju'leijan, -z granulation, -s 
graenjuleit, -s, -ii|, -id granul- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
'gr»njal3* granular 
'grsenjnlas granulous 
'grsenniAda*, -z grandmother, -s 

'grienmama:, -z grandmamma, -s 
'grsenneTJn: [-neQu:], -z grand- 
nephew, -s 
'graenniis, -iz grand-niece, -es 
'grsennis = 'grsendnis grandness 
'grienpapa:, -z grandpapa, -s 
'graenpesrant, -s grand-parent, -a 
'graensaia*, -z grandsire, -s 
'graenOam = 'gra:ntam Grantham 
'grsenvil Granville 
graepll, -Iz, -pij [-lii)]. -Id grap- 

p|le, -Ies, -ling, -led 
'graepja* [-la*], -z grappler, -s 
'gr8ep!|ii)aian [-plii)-], -z grap- 
pling-iron, -s 
'graepnal [-n^, -z grapnel, -s 
'grsetan Grattan 
'gr8Bti|fai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid; 
-faia*, -faiaz grati|fy, -fies, 
-fying, -fied; -fier, -fiers 
grsetifi'keij"an, -z gratification, -s 
'grietitjnid gratitude 
'grsBvlal, -alz, -alig [-}iij], -aid 
gravlel {a. v.), -els, -eUing, -elled 
'graevalpit, -s gravel-pit, -s 
'grsBval'woik, -s gravel-walk, -s 
grsBvi'teiJ'dii gravitation 
'grsBviteit, -s, -ig, -id gravitat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'graeviti gravity 
'graevl, etc. = 'graeval, etc. 
'gr^BT^ [-vali] gravelly 
OgrAb, -z, -ip, -d; -a*, -az grub 
(s. v.), -s, -bing, -bed; -ber, -bers 
grids, -iz, -ia, -iflli, -d grudgje 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
grAf, -ij", -nis gruff, -ish, -ness 
grAmbl, -z, -ip, -d; -a*, -az 
grumbl|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'grAmp|i, -ia*, -list; -ili, -inis 
grumply, -ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
grAndi Grundy 
grAnt, -s, -ig, -idj -a*, -az grunt 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'grAvl, etc. = 'grayl, etc. 
Ogrei,-z, -a*, •iat(8. adj.) l)gray 
(G.), -s, -er, -est; 2) grey (G.), 
-s, -er, -est 
'greiaid grey-eyed [gray-] 
'greibiad, -z graybeard [grey-], -s 
greid, -z, -ig, -id grad|e (g. v.), 
-es, -ing, -ed 

'greidas— 'greitfwl 

171 — 

'greitha:t— gra'neid 

'greidas, -iz gradus, -es 

'greidi Grady 

'greidiant [-djsat], -s gradient, -s 

'greidin, -z gradin, -s 

'greia* {compar. of grei) 1) grayer; 

2) greyer 
'greiam Graham(e) 
'greiamztaun Grahamstown 
'greifait = 'grsefait graphite 
'greihannd, -z greyhound, -s 
'grei'hedid gray-headed [grey-] 
'greihead gray-haired [grey-] 
•greiij greyish [grayish] 
greil, -z grail (G.), -s 
'greilig, -z grayling, -s 
grei'minias [grae'm-] gramineous 
^rein, -z, -ig, -d grain (s. v.) 

(G.), -s, -ing, -ed 
greint^s, -iz grange (G.), -s 
'greindsa*, -z 1) granger (G.), -s; 

2) Grain(d)ger 
'greindsmae [-mauO] Grange- 
'greini grainy 
'greinis grayness [greyness] 
grein3, etc. = greinds, etc. 
greip, -s; -1 grap|e, -es; -y 
'greipstoun, -z grape-stone, -s 
'greipjot grapeshot 
greis, -iz, -ig, -t (s. v.) grac|e 

(G.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'greisjful, -fnli [-fall], -fwlnis 

grace|ful, -fully, -fulness 
'greisi Gracie 
'greislis, -li, -nis graceless, -ly, 

'greisn 1) Grayson; 2) Greyson 
'greisnout, -s grace-note, -s 
greist graced (from grace) 
'greistonk Graystoke 
'greistoun graystone 
'greijas, -11, -nis gracious, -ly, 

grelji'ainou Gratiano {Shake- 
spearian character) 
greit {adj.),-a*, -ist great, -er, -eat 
greit (s. v.), -s, -ig, -igli, -id; 
-a*, -az grat|e, -es, -ing, -ingly, 
-ed; -er, -ers 
'greitareks Greatorex 
'greit|ftel, -full [-fall], -fwlnis 
grate |ful, -fully, -fulness 

'greitha:t Greatheart 
'greit'ha:tid great-hearted 
'greitis gratis 

'greit'kont, -s great-coat, -s 
'greit|li, -nis great|ly, -ness 

greits 1) greats (Oxford examina- 
tion); 2) grates (from grate) 

greiv, -zj -a*, -ist; -ig, -d, -an 
gravje (s. adj. v.), -es; -er, -est; 
-ing, -ed, -en 
'greirdiga*, -z grave-digger, -s 
'greiva*, -z 1) (s.) graver, -s; 

2) graver (compar. of grave) 
'greivan graven (from grave v.) 
'greiT|i, -iz grav|y, -ies 
'greivigdok, -s graving-dock, -s 
'greivispu:n, -z gravy -spoon, -a 
'greivist gravest (auperl. of grave) 
'greivjaid, -z graveyard, -s 
'greivklondz grave-clothes 
'greivlli, -nis gravejly, -ness 
'greivstoun, -z grave-stone, -s 

greivz graves ^rom grave) (G.) 

^greiv'zend Gravesend 

greiz, -iz, -ig, -d 1) graz|e, -es, 
-ing, -ed; 2) grays; 3) greys 

'greizia* [-3ia*]. -z grazier, -s 

Ogreg 1) Greg(g); 2) Greig _ 

gre'gearias [gri'g-], -li, -nis 
gregarious, -ly, -ness 

'gregari, -panda* Gregory, 
-powder [-s 

gre'gairian [gri'g-], -z Gregorian, 

gre'naida ['grenada] Grenada 

'grendl Grendel 

gre'neid [gri'n-], -z grenade, -s 

grena'dia*, -z grenadier, -s 

grena'diin ['grenadiin] grenadine 

'grenak = 'griinak Greenock 

'grenfel Grenfell 

'grenvil Grenville 

'grejam Gresham 

'gretna Gretna 

'grevil Greville 

Ograiz (groiz), -iz Greuze, -s 

O gra'deijan, -z gradation, -s 

gra'maetik, -al, -ali grammatic, 
-al, -ally 

gra'msarian, -z grammarian, -s 

gra'ma:si gramercy 

gra'naida ['grsenada] Granada 

gra'neid, -z grenade, -s 

gra'lJH'itas— 'griizi 

— 172 

'gribl — 'groumant 

gra'tjn'itas, -li, -nis gratititous, 
-ly, -ness 

gra'^jn-itli, -iz gratuit|y, -ies 
OgrL'b, -z grebe, -s 

gri:d, -i, -ia*, -iist; -ili, -inis 
greed, -y, -ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 

gri:f, -s grief, -s 

gri:g Grieg 

gri:k, -s Greek, -s 
'gri'kwalaeud Griqualand 

grim, -z, -a*, -ist; -11, -nis; -ii], 
■d 1) (s.adj.v.) green,|-s, -er, -est; 
-ly, -ness; -ing, -ed;'2) Green(e) 
'griinak Greenock 
'gri:uari greenery 
'gri:ii|fad, -fi:Id Green|ford, -field 
'griinfintj", -iz green-finch, -es 
'gri:nflai greenfly 
,gri:n'geid5, -iz greengage, -s 
'gri:ngrousa*, -z greengrocer, -s 
'gri:nhau|8, -ziz greenhou|se, -aes 

grim hil, -ho: Green|hill, -haulgh 
'grimi, -iz green |y (g. adj.), -ies 
'grimij, -nis greenish, -ness 
grimland [-laend], -a*, -az Green- 
land, -er, -ers 
'grimou Greenough 
'grimoil Greenall 
'grimrum, -z greenroom, -s 
'grimsaend greensand 
'grimsliivz Greensleeves 
'grimstoun greenstone 
'gri:nswa:d greensward 
'grimwud, -z greenwood (G.), -s 
gri:8,-iz l)(s.) grease, -s; 2) Greece 
'griisi, etc. = 'griizi, etc. 
'griijan, -z Grecian, s 
gri:t, -s, -ig, -id greet (G.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'gri:tii|, -z (s.) greeting, -s 
gri:v, -z, -iij, -d; -a*, -az griev|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'gri:rans, -iz grievance, -es 
'griiyas, -11, -nis grievous, -ly, 

griiTz 1) greaves (G.); 2) Greeves; 

3) grieves {from grieve) 
gri:z, -iz, -ii), -d; -a*, -azgreasle 

{v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'gri:z|i, -la*, -list, -ili, -inis 

1) greas|y, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness; 

2) Grisi 

O 'gribl Gribble 

'gridaian, -z gridiron, -s 

'gridl, -z griddle, -s 

'griasn Grierson 

'grifin, -z griffin (G.), -s 

'grifie, -s Griffith, -s 

grig, -z grig, -s 

gri'gea-, gri'go:- = gre'g- 

grigz 1) grigs; 2) Griggs 

'grikwalsend Griqualand 

gril, -z, -ifl, -d 1) (s. v.) grill, 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) (s.) grille, -s 
'grila*, -z griller, -s 
'grilids, -iz grillage, -s 
'grilrum, -z grill-room, -s 
grim, -a*, -ist; -li, -nis 1) grim, 

-mer,-mest; -ly, -ness; 2) Grimm 
gri'meelkin, -z grimalkin, -s 
gri'meis, -iz, -ig, -t grimacje 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'grimja: Grimshaw 
'grimzbi Grimsby 
grin, -z, -ig, -d grin (s. d), -s, 

-ning, -ned 
'grindlvaild ('grindalvalt) Grin- 

gri'neid, -z grenade, -s 
'grinids Greenwich 
'grinstid Grinstead 
grip, -s, -ig, -t grip (s. v.), -s 

-ping, -ped 
'griskin griskin 
'gris|l, -Ji [-li] gristjle, -ly 
'grist grist 
grit, -s grit, -s 
gritfi, -ia*, -list; -ili, -inis gritt|y, 

-ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
gritn Gritton 
grits 1) grits {from grit); 2) = 

groats groats 
'gritstonn gritstone 
gri'zelda Griselda 
gri'zet, -s grisette, -s 
'griz9l Grizel 
'grizl. -d grizzle, -d 
'grizlji, -iz grizzlly (s. adj.), -ies 
'grizlji, -inis grislly, -iness 
Ogron, -z, -ig, gru:, groun grow, 

-s, -ing, grew, grown 
'grona*, -z grower, -s 
'gronmant [-mant] Grosmont 


groun— grmn 

- 173 — 

'grnmzmaii — 'gud'waif 

grottii,-z, -ig, -d 1) (s.v.) groan, -s, 

-ing, -ed; 2) grown {from grow) 
'groun'Ap grown-up 
group. -8, -ip, -iflli, -t; -9*, -az 

grop|e, -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed; -er, 

grous, -3*, -ist 1) gross («. a^.), 

-er, -est; 2) Grose 
'grousbi:k, -s grosbeak, -s 
'grousa*,-z 1) grocer, -s; 2) grosser 

[compar. of gross) 
'groussrji, -iz grocer|y, -ies 
'grousjli, -nis gross|ly, -ness 
'gronsmie Grossmith 
'gronjan groschen 
grout, -8 1) groat, -s; 2) Grote 
grotf'tesk, -li, -nis grotesque, 

-ly, -ness 
grouts [grits] groats 
gronO, -s growth, -s 
grouv, -z grove (G.), -s 
'grouva* Grover 
'grouTna* Grosvenor 
grouz grows (from grow) 
Ogro't- == grou't- 
Ograg, -z grog, -s 
'grag|i', -ia'^, -iist, -ill, -inis 

grossly, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
'grogjap, -s grog-shop, -s 
grain, -z 1) groin, -s; 2) groyne, -s 
gras Gross (surname) 
'grasmant occasional local pron. 

o/' 'gronmant Grosmont (YorAw) 
'gratou, -z grotto, -s 
'graT|l ['grATpl], -Iz, ■]i^, -Id; -|[a*, 

-^az grov|el, -els, -elling, -elled; 

-eller, -ellers 
Ogru: grew (from grow) 
'gru:al = 'gruil gruel 
'gruijsa* Gruyfere 
grn:m 1) grume; 2) = grum 
'grn:mas grumous 
grn:p, -s, -Ig, -t group (». v.), -a, 

-ing, -ed 
'grnrplil, -z grouping («.), -s 
'grnisam, -11, -nis gruesome, -ly, 

gruiT, -z, -ii|, -d groov|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
O 'grail ['gru:al] gruel 
gram, -z, -Ig, -d groom (s. v.), 

-8, -ing, -ed 

'grnmz|man, -man grooms|man, 

• gu:], -z 1) ghoul, -s; 2) Goole 
'gn:lba:n Goulburn (surname) 
guild Gould 

O'gninou (gu'no) Gounod 
Og|n:s, -i:s g|oose, -eese 
'guisbari, etc. dialectal for 'guz- 

bari, etc. 
'gu:s|flej, -gra:s goose - |flesh, 

'gn:skwil, -z goose-quill, -s 
'guisnout, -s goose-note, -s 
0'ga:tnba:g ['git-] Gutenberg 

• gud, -z 1) (s., a^.) good (G.), 
-s; 2) Goode 

^gud'bai, -z good-bye, -s 
'gadbadi Goodbody 
^gud'dei good-day 
'gudfelou Goodfellow 
'gud'fraidi, -z Good-Friday, -s 
'gndhait Goodhart 
^gnd'hjuima* [-'^u:-], -d, -dli 

goodhumour, -ed, -edly 
'gudiiy Goodeve 
^gud'iiTniii good-evening 
'gad|i, -la*, -list; -ill, -inis good|y 

(G.), -ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
'gudinif Goodenough 
'gudia* 1) goodier (compar. of 

goody); 2) = 'gndja* Goodyer 
'gndij* goodish 
'gudja'* Goodyear 
'gndja* Goodyer 
'gudl|l, -la*, -iist, -inis goodl|y, 

-ier, -iest, -iness 
'gudlif Goodliffe 
'gndjmsen, -men goodjman, -men 
'gudman 1) Goodman; 2) = 'gud- 

gnd'ma:nig good-morning 
gnd'marou good-morrow 
^gud'nait good-night 
'gnd'tteit/a*, ■d,-dli good-nature, 

-d, -dly 
'gndnis goodness 
'gndail Goodall 
'gudritj Goodrich 
'gndra:n [gn'drnin] Gudrun 
'gudsn Goodson 
'gudtjaild Goodchild 
'gnd'wai|f, -tz goodwi|fe, -ves 

gud'wil— half 

174 — gwa:d»l kwiv9* — 'ha:fprai8 

'gud'tril, -z good-will, -s " 
'gndlfrin, -wnd Good|win, -wood 
gndz goods 
gnds Goodge 
Ognad, -z gourd, -s 
'guaka, -z 1) Ghoorka, -s; 2) Ghur- 

ka, -s 
guamei (gnr'me), -z gourmet, -s 
guamand (gar'ma), -z gourmand, 

O'gnldan, -z gulden, -s 
O gns'to:T8S [gAS-, -'teiy-] Gus- 

0'gnzb3r|i, -iz; -i'fn:l goose- 
berr|y, -ies; -y-fool 

• gwaidal'kwiTa* Guadalquivir 
gwa:da'la:p Guadeloupe 
'gwa:lio:* Gwalior 

'gwttinon [gjii-'a:noa],-z guano, -s 
'gwaire, -z guava, -s 
'gwaiera Guayra 
gwseti'maila Guatemala 
gwelf Guelph 

'gwendalin [-dol-] Gwendo|len, 
'gwidia* Gwydyr [-line, -lyn 
'gtrilim Gwillim 
gwin Gwyn(ne) 
gwiiz (gqiiz) (Juise 
'gwatkin Gwatkin 

• gz- = z- 


O'haiba*, -z. -rii|, -d; -ra*, 
harbour (s. v.), 

ha: ha 

-s, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers 
'ha:ba|lis, -rids harbour|less, -age 
'ha:baina:sta*, -z harbour-master, 

'ha.'b^ra Harborough 
'haibindge*, -z harbinger, -s 
Ohaid, -a*, -ist; -li, -nis hard 

(H.), -er, -est; -ly, -ness 
'ha:d'fa:t hard-fought 
'ha:d'taa:tid, -11, -nis hard-hearted, 

-ly, -ness 
'haid'hedid hard-headed 
'ha:d|i, -ia*, -iist; -ili, -inis, 

-ihud hardly (H), -ier, -iest; 

-ily, -iness, -ihood 
'ha:dika^'a:t Hardicanute 
'taa:dii) Harding(e) 
'ha:dij hardish 
'ha:dka:sl Hardcastle 
'ha:dll hardly 
'haidbi, -nz, -^^lig [-nii)], -nd 

1) hardjen, -ens, -end, -ened; 

2) Hawarden 
'haidnis hardness 
'haidjip, -8 hardship, -s 
'haidwsa* hardware 
'ha:dwik Hardwick(e) 
Ohtt:|f, -Tz hal|f, -ves 

'halt-' . . . (prefix) half- {words 
formed by prefixing ha:f- to a 
participle have dovhle stress, e. g. 
'ba:f dAu half-done,'ha:t9'Jelmi 
half-ashamed. The only exception 
is 'haifbred) 
'haif'beek, -a half-back, -s 
'haifblAd half-blood 
'httifbrAOa*, -z half-brother, -s 
'ha:fbred half-bred 
'ho:fbri:d, -z half-breed, -s 
'ha:fad, -Jia* 1) Hertford (Eng- 
land), -shire; 2) Harford 
'haifa'dAzn half-a-dozen 
'ha:fa'kraun half-a-crown 
'haifa'nana* half-an-hour 
'ba:(and'ha:t half-and-half 
'ha:f ha;tid, -li, -nis half-hearted, 

-ly, -ness 
'hait'jiali [-jaili] half-yearly 
'ha:fka:st, -s half-caste, -s 
'haif'krann, -z half-crown, -s 
'taaiflege, -s half-length, -s 
'ha:f'ma;st half-mast 
|ha:f^me3a*, -z half-measure, -s 
'lia:f'm9:9nii| half-mourning 
'ha:f' mn:n, -z half-moon, -s 
'haifn'haif half-and-half 
'half pei half-pay 
'ha:fpani Halfpenny 
'hoifprais half-price 

'harf,8ista*— ha:p 

— 175 — 

'httipi — 'htt:Ti 

■a*, -8Z half-time, -r, 

'haif^sista*, -z half-sister, -s 
'ha:f taid, -z half-tide, -s 
'ha:f taim. 

'haiftint, -s half-tint, -s 
'haifwei half-way 
'hoifwltid half-witted 
O'httigreiTz Hargraves 
'ho:gri:T, -z Hargreave, -s 
O ha''ha: ha-ha [-ed 

O ho:k, -s, -ig, -t hark, -s, -ing, 
'ha:k|9u, -anz, -anii) [-]^:g], -and 

heark|en, -ens, -ening, -ened 
'haikat [-kait] Harcourt 
'haikon [-kan] Haakon 
0'ha:lek Harlech 
'ha:lem Haarlem 
'ha:lat, -s, -ri harlot, -s, -ry 
'ha:li Harley 

'hailian [hai'li'an] Harleian 
'ha:Iiktrin, -z Harlequin, -s 
ha:likwl'neid, -z harlequinade, -s 
'hailzdan Harlesden 
O ha:m, -z, -ig, -d 1) (s. v.) harm, 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) («.) halm, -s 
'haima* Harmer 
'haimanaiz, -iz^ -ii|, -d; »9*, -az 

harmoniz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -era 
haimanai'zeijan harmonization 

'ha:man|i, -iz harmon|y, -ies 
'ha:m{ft«l, -full [-fali], -fMlnis 

harm|ful, -fully, -fulness 
'hamilis, -11, -nis harmless, -ly, 

ha:'monnla [-nja] Harmonia 
ha:'moa]ijaiu [-niam], -z harmon- 
ium, -s 
hai'monnjas [-nias], -li, -nis 

harmonious, -ly, -ness 
hai'manik, -s, -al, -ali harmonic 

(g. adj.), -s, -al, -ally 
ha:'inanika, -z harmonica, -s 
hai'manikan, -z harmonicon, -s 
'ha:mzwa'6 Harmsworth 
0'ha:nsek ('harnak) Harnack 
'hainis, -iz, -iij, -t; -a*, -az har- 
ness (s. V.) (H.), -es, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers 
Oba:p, -s, -ig, -t; -a*, -az harp 

(«. «.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er (H.), -ers 

'ha:p|i, -iz harp|y, -ies 
'haipist, -s harpist, -s 
'ha:psiko:d, -z harpsichord, -s 
ha:'pn:D, -z, -ii|, -d; -a*, -az 

harpoon (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers 
Oha:8p [heesp], -s, -ig, -t hasp 

(g. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
Oha:J, -a*, -ist; -li, -nis harsh, 

-er, -est; -ly, -ness 
Oha:t, -8 1) heart, -s; 2) hart, -s; 

3) Harte 

'ha:tba:n, -ig, -igz heart-burn, 

-ing, -ings 
'ha:tbi:t, -s heart-beat, -s 
'haitblAd heart-blood 
'ha:t|breikig , -bronkan heart- 

Ibreaking, -broken 
'haiteik heart-ache 
haitfelt heartfelt 
'ha:tfad 1) Hartford; 2) = 'ha:fad 

'ha:t|i, -ia*, -iist ; -ili, -ini8 heart|y, 

-ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
'haitland Haitland 
'ha:tli Hartley 
'haitlis, -li, -nis heartless, -ly, 

'ha:tlpu:l Hartlepool 
'haitrendig heart-rending 
holts 1) hearts; 2) harts; 3) Harz; 

4) Herts 
'taaitsaiTis heart-service 
'taa:tsha:n hartshorn 
'ha:tsi:z heart's-ease 
'baitsik, -nis heart-sick, -ness 
'ha:tso:a* heartsore 
'ha:tstAg hart'stongue 
'hoitjeipt heart-shaped 
Oha:e, -s hearth, -s 
'haiOr^g, -z hearth-rug, -s 
'haiOstonn, -z,-ig,-d (s.v.) hearth- 

8ton|e, -es, -ing_-ed 

Oha-'waii' Hawaii 

ha-'waiian [-'waijan] Hawaiian 

'haiwadn Hawarden 

'haiwud 1) Harwood; 2) Hare- 

Oho:v, -z, -ig, -d halv|e, -es, -ing, 

'haiYJad, -asn Harv|ard, -erson 

'hoiYi 1) Harvey; 2) Hervey 

'haiTist— haidra'stsetlk 

— 176 — 

'haidridsan — 'hai'f laia* 

'haiTist, -s, -ig, -id; -8*, -az 
harvest (s v.), -a, -ing, -ed; -er, 

'haiTist'houm harvest-home 

'ha:vistmn:n, -z harvest-moon, -s 

httivr [-va*] Havre 

hairz halves (plur. of half; 3^* 
pers. pres. of halve) 

• hai, -z, -ig, -d 1) (v.) hie, -s, 
-ing, -d; 2) {interj.) hi 

taai {adj.), -a*, -ist, -li, -nis high, 
-er, -est, -ly, -ness 

Ohaibai'neiJ'an hibernation 

'haibameit, -s, -ii|, -id hibernatje, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

hai'ba:iiia [-nja], -n Hibernia, -n 

hai'ba:n^ hibernal 

'haiba:n high-born 

'haibrid, -z, -izm hybrid, -s, -ism 

'haibridaiz, -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 
hybridiz|e [-isje], -es, -ing, -ed; 
-er, -ers 

Ohaid, -z, -ig, hid, 'hidn 1) (s. v.) 
hid|e, -es, -ing, hid, hidden; 
2) Hyde; 3) hied {from hie) 

hai'dsespiiz Hydaspes 

'haidbaund hidebound 

'haidarabeed Hyderabad 

'Iiaidig, -z hiding, -s 

'haidigpleis, -iz hiding-place, -s 

'haidlbaig Heidelberg 

hai'dreindsa, -z hydrangea, -s 

'haidrcit, -s hydrate, -s 

'haidra, -z hydra, -s' 

'haidrabsed Hydrabad [-der-j 

'Iiaidradai- = 'haidroudai- 

'haidradsan = 'haidridsan hy- 

haidra'foab{ia [-dro'f-, -bja], -ik 
hydrophob|ia, -ic 

haidra'klarik [-dro'k-] hydro- 

'haidrakwi'noun hydroquinone 

'haidrant, -s hydrant, -a 

'haidra'p«e6ik [-dro'p-], -s, -al, 
-ali hydropathic, -s, -al, -ally 

'haidra'sefalas [-dro's-] hydroce- 

'taaidrasttet [-dros-], -s hydro- 
stat, -s 

haidra'stsetik [-dro's-], -s, ■»!, 
■ali hydrostatic, -s -al, -ally 

'haidridsan hydrogen 
'haidrit, -s = 'haidreit, -s hy- 
drate, -s 
'haidron, -z hydro, -s 
'Iiaidroudai'iitemik, -s, -al, -ali 

hydrodynamic, -s, -al, -ally 
'haidrot«'ka:baii [-ban], -z hydro- 
carbon, -s 
'haidroumi'kteniks hydromech- 
'haidro- see 'haidra-, 'haidron- 
hai'drailik, -s hydraulic, -s 
hai'dradsinas hydrogenous 
hai'draks|aid, -it hydroxjide, -yl 
hai'dralladsi , -isis hydrol|ogy, 

hai'drainit|a*, -az, -ri hydro- 
metier, -ers, -ry 
hai'drapaOji, -ist, -ists hydro- 

path|y, -ist, -ists 
'haidrapsi hydropsy 
'haidsiiin hygiene 
hai'dsiinik, -ali hygienic, -ally 
O haid, -z hythe (H.), -s 
O hai'eitas, -iz hiatus, -es 
O 'haia*, -z, -rig, -d 1) hir|e (s. v.), 
-es, -ing, -ed; 2) higher (cowipar. 
of high) 
'haialig, -z hireling, -s 
'haialaid hyaloid 
'haiam 1) Higham; 2) Hyam 
'haiaraik, -s, -1 hierarch, -s, -y 
haia'ra:kal hierarchal 
haia'ra:kik, -al, -ali hierarchic, 

-al, -ally 
'haiarsem Hiram (biblical name) 
haia'rsepalis [-polis] Hierapolis 
haia'reetik hieratic 
'haiara*, -z hirer, -s [-s 

'haiaraglif [-rog-], -s hieroglyph, 
haiara'glifik [-ro'g-], -s, -al, -ali 

hieroglyphic, -s, -al, -ally 
'haiaram Hiram {modem name) 
haia'ranimas Hieronymus 
'haiasinO, -s hyacinth, -s 
haia'woOa Hiawatha 
'haiaz hires {from hire) 
0'haifa'lu:t|iii, -ig high-falut|in, 

'haitjaii, -anz, -anig [-fig], -and 

hyphferi. -ens, -ening, -ened 
'hai'flaia*, -z high-flier, -s 

'haigit— hAipa'de:ma 

— 177 — haipakan'draiskal— haiz 

O'baigit Highgate 
haigra'metrik [-gro'm-], -»!, -9li 

hygrometric, -al, -ally 
'haigraskonp, -s hygroscope, -s 
hai'grainit{3*, -az, -ri hygro- 

met|er, -ers, -ry 
O'bai'hiendid high-handed 
O hai'iinaj -z hyaena [hyena], -s 
'haiig hieing [from hie) 
'hailst highest {superl. of high) 
O'hailam, -z hilum, -s 
'hailand, -z; -a*, -3Z highland 

(H.), -s; -er, -ers 
'taaili highly 
O 'hai'maindid, -nis high-minded, 

'haimea hymen (H.) 
haime'ni'la], -an hymenejal, -an 
hai'metas Hymettus 
Ohaind, -z 1) (s. adj.) hind (H.), 

-s; 2) Hinde 
'taainda*, -moust hinder {adj), 

'haindli Hindley {surname) 
'haineJmoust hindmost 
'hainis, -iz highness (H.), -es 
O'haiaid hyoid 

O hai'pselagi: [-ladsi-] hypallage 
hai'peijia [-Jja] Hypatia 
hai'paibalaiz, -iz, -ig, -d hyper- 

boliz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
hal'pa:bal|a, -1:, -az hyperbol|a, 

-ae, -as 
hai'pa:bali hyperbole 
hai'pa:bal|ist, -ists, -izm hyper- 

bol|ist, -ists, -ism 
bai'paibalaid, -z hyperboloid, -s 
haip3''balik, -al, -all hyperbolic, 

-al, -ally 
haipa''ba'riaii, -z hyperborean, -s 
'haipa-'kritikjal, -ali hypercritic- 

|al, -ally 
'baipa-'kritisaiz, -iz, -ii), -d 

hypercriticiz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, 

'haipa''kritislziit hypercriticism 
'baipa-'sensitiv, -nis hypersensit- 
ive, -ness 
bal'pa:trafi hypertrophy 
baipa'b- = haipa:'b- 
baipa'da:m{a [-po'd-], -ik hypo- 

derm|a, -ic 

haipakoii'draia{k»l[-pok-, -ken-], 

■sis hypochondria|cal, -sis 
baipa'kandri|d [-po'k-], -sek,-sek8 

hypochondri|a, -ac, -acs 
'baipa'kr- = 'haipa:'kr- 
haipa'raidiiz Hyperides 
haipa'sAlfait [-po's-], -s hypo- 
sulphite, -s 
'haipa'sen- =^ 'taaipai'san- 
baipa'Oetik [-po'e-], -al, -ali 

hypothetic, -al, -ally 
bai'piarian Hyperion 
'bai'pitjt high-pitched 
'bai'pleis, -iz high-place, -s 
'haipou hypo [-s 

'haipoM'saiklaid, -z hypocycloid, 
baipo- = baipa- 
bai'patinjuiz [-nju:s], -iz hypo- 
tenuse, -s 
baipaOi'keiXan hypothecation 
hai'paBikeit, -s^ -ii), -id hypo- 

thecat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
bai'paOisjis, -i:z hypothesjis, -es 
'bai'preja* high-pressure 
'bai'priist, -s, -bud high-priest, 

-s, -hood 
'bai'prinsipld [-sap-] high-prin- 
O 'hai'reizd high-raised 
'hai'rond, -z high-road, -s 
O'haisanndii) high-sounding 
'bai'spii'itid high-spirited 
'bai'step|a*, -az, -ig high-stepp|er, 

-ers, -ing 
Obait, -s height, -s 
'hai'taid, -z high-tide, -s 
'taait[n, -nz, -ifig [-nil)], -nd 
height|en, -ens, -ening, -ened 
'bai'tonnd high-toned 
'bai'tri:zn high-treason 
'bai'tJaitX, -man, -man high- 
church, -man, -men 
O'baiwei, -z 1) highway, -s; 

2) Heighway 
'baiwei|man, -man highvaylman, 

'bai'wa.'ta* high-water 
ObaiT, -z, -ii), -d hiv|e (s. v), -es., 

-ing, -ed 
'haivait, -s Hivite, -s 
baivz hives {from hive) 
Obaiz hies {from hie) 

Micfaaelis & Jones, Phonetic Dictionary. 


han — hge'bit- 

178 — 

hsebi'teijan — 'hteliwal 

• han 1) how (H.); 2) Howe 
0'haa'bi:it howbeit 

O 'bands, -z howdah, -s 

'haudi'da: howdy-do 

'handjn'dn: how do you do? 

O'hanel ['banal], -z Howell, -s 

hau'CTB* however 

O'hanad Howard 

O'hanitsa*, -z howitzer, -s 

O haul, -z, -ii|, -d howl (». v.), 
-8, -ing, -ed 

'hanla*, -z howler, -s 

Obaund, -z, -ig, -id hound, -s, 
-ing, -edu 

'hanne^zditj' Houndsditch 

'hannzloa Hounslow 

Obanjs, -ziz (s.) housje (H.), -ses 

'bansbont, -s house-hoat, -s 

'hansbreikja*, -az, -ig house- 
break|er, -ers, -ing 

'hansdjn:t|i, -iz house-dutjy, -ies 

'hanseidsant, -s house-agent, -s 

'taansfljai, -aiz hou8e-fl|y, -ies 

'hausAonld, -z, -a*, -az house- 
hold, -s, -er, -ers 

'banskiipja*, -az, -ii| housekeep- 
|er, -ers, -ing 

'taanslis houseless 

'bansmeid, -z housemaid, -s 

'bansma:sta*, -z housemaster, -s 

'hausmau Housman 

hausoM'eva* howsoever 

'taansonld, etc. — 'hansbonld, etc. 

'hanssa:d3an, -z house-surgeon, -s 

'banswaijf, -tz housewi|fe (wo- 
man), -ves 

'hanswaif|]i, -ari ['hAzMri] house- 
wife|ly, -ry 

O'hantn Houghton 

O hanzj -iz, -ig, -d hous|e (».), 
-es, -mg, -ed 

'banziz houses (plur. of bans, 
3rd pgyg_ pres. of banz) 

• 'baebadffija*, -z, -ri haberdasher, 

-s, -y 

'htebadsan, -z habergeon, -s 
'bsebakak [-kAk, ha'btekak] Ha- 

hse'bil- = ha'b- 
'bffibit, -8, -ig, -id habit (g. v.), 

-s, -mg, -ed 
hte'bit- = ha'b- 

hiebi'teij»n, -z habitation, -s 

'htebitabjl, -li, -Inis habitabjle, 
-ly, -leness 

'baebitant, -s habitant (inhabi- 
tant), -s 

O bsed (from bay) had (strong form) 

'hffidak, -s haddock (H.), -s 

'hiedigian Haddington 

'hffidii Had|Leigh, -ley 

'bffidlon Hadlow 

'hsedn Haddon 

'heednt hadn't 

'hsedon Hadow 

O'bsedali Hather|leigh, -ley 

O hseft, -8 haft, -s 

O haeg, -z hag, -s 

'htegeiai Haggai 

'haega* Hagger 

'hsegad haggard (H.) 

'hsegast^n Haggerston 

'htegis, -iz haggis, -es 

'hsegij', -li, -nis haggish, -ly, -ness 

'htegll, -Iz, -^g [-lig], -Id hag- 
g]le, -Ies, -ling, -led 

'hteg^a* [-la*], -z haggler, -s 

'bseglsiid, -wi:d hag|-seed, -weed 

Ohffik, -s, -ig, -t; -a*, -az hack 
(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

'haekberji [-bar|i], -iz hackberr|y, 

hseka'daiti [-ko'd-] Hakodate 

'hsekar|i, -iz hacker|y, -ies 

'hiek|l. -Iz, -^g [-lig], -Id hack- 
lie (g. v.), -Ies, -ling, -led 

'hsekluit Hakluyt 

'btekni, -z, -ig, -d hackney (s. v.) 
(H.), -s, -ing, -ed 

haekt hacked (from hack) 

OhsBl Hal 

'hselba'd, -z halberd, -s 

haBlba-'dia*. -z halberdier, -s 

'hffilam Hallam 

hselfad Halford 

'hsBli Halley 

'h»ellba:tn Haliburton 

'haelibat ['hoi-, -bit] halibut 

'hselidei Halliday 

'htelidam halidom 

'heelifseks Halifax 

'baelikai'nsesas Halicarnassus 

h(eli'ln;ja, -z hallelujah, -s 

bieliwal [-wel] Halliwell 

'htnljad — 'hteadikiep 

179 — 'hiendibra:ft — 'luepigoMlAki 

'htdljad, •■ halyard, -s [-ed 

'kalon, •■, -ig, -4 hallow, -s, -ing, 
'haelo«'i3i Halloween 
'haeloiuifes [-Mas] Hallowmaa 
hffils Hals 

'hwlsian r^9M], -I halcyon, -s 
'h«elstid Halstead 
Oh»H, -x ham (H.L -s 
'hienalt, -s Hamite, -s 
'hiembaig Hamburg {Oermanif) 
'h«mb»T9f •% hamhorg flBL), -s 
'hteiibl, -I, -ig, -d hamblje, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'k»aUd»B Hamble|den, -don 
'ksewbra 1) Hambro; 2) Ham- 

'h«Ma*, -I, -rig, -d hammer (s. 

v.), s, -ing, -ed 
'hKMafest Hammerfeat 
'haemak, -s hammock, -s 
'h%nama l)Hamond ; 2) Hammond 
'hteHi'lin Hamelin 
'hwHiltan Hamilton 
h»'mltik Hamitic 
'kKMli Hamley 
'hieaalia, 'kxidtan = 'hiemil- 
'hiemlit, -s hamlet (H.), -s 
hseapa*, -i, -rii, -4 hamper (». 

r.), -s, -ing, -ed 
'hfenpstid Hampstead 
'htmp/ia* Hampshire 
'hmmpten Hampton 
'htemsta*, -■ hamster, -s 
'kmastrif, -z. -if, -d, 'kaeMstrAg 

hamstring («. r.), -s, -ing, -ed, 

'hiemza, -■ hamza, -s 
O'hienbari Hanboty 
h»nd, -I, -ig, -id; -a*, -ax hand 

(». ».) (H.), -a, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'k»Bflb»g, -a hand-bag, -s 
'k»B<lbiI, -I hand-bill, -s 
'kemtibak, -s handbook, -s 
'hendfol, -x handfial, -s 
'kKMdglois, -ix hand-glass, -es 
'keidgri'ieid [-gra'm-^, -s hand- 
grenade, -s 
'kKid.i, -ia*, -list; -ili. -nris 

handy, -ier, -iest; -ily, -in^s 
'hendiksp, -s, -if, -t; -a*, -ax 

handicap (s. v.), -s, -ping, -ped; 

-per, -pera 

'h»»di|kra:ft, -wadE handijcraft, 

'hnnrfkxf, -8, -if, -t handcuff 

(«. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
-k«Bdll, -Ix. -lis [-lisl^ -Id 1) (s. 

c.) handjle, -les, -ling, -led; 

2) Handel 
'htendla* H^*], -x handler, -s 
'hienffHeid hand-made 
'haen<fmeid, -x; -n, -nx hand- 

madd, -s; -en, -ens 
'htendraitig, -x handwriting, -s 
'knmdreil, -x handrail, -s 
'kandskrlm, -x handscreen, -s 
'htandwazk handwork 
haendx hands (H.) 
'hena Hannah 
'ka»aTa* Hanover 
kKna'Tiarian, -x Hanoverian, -s 
'kKnifnl, -x; -glcts, -ix = 'hnnd- 
'hieub^l Hannibal 
'kea'kaii Hankow 
'hKBkak Hancock 
'k«HJkif, -(')meid = 'hteni- 
htenon'T- = hana'T- 
'hjensaH, -a*, -ist, -li, -mis; -z 

Vi handsome, -r, -st, -ly, -ness; 

2) hansom (H.), -s 
'hwnsam'kcb, -x hansom-cab, -s 
hKssi'Ktik hanseatic 
'hKBSjl, -■ Hans ell, -on 
tuente Hants 

hsenz 1) Hans; 2) = hiendz 
Okieg, -n, -is, -d, hAg hang, -s, 

-ing, -ed, hung 
'h«f dag, -x hang-dog (s. a4>.\ -s 
'luesa*, -X hanger, -s 
'hKfa'ran, 'h»ga'xa> hanger-on, 

luegifx hangings 
'hcgka*, -x, -rif, -d hanker, -s. 

-inp, -ed 
'hegkatjlf, -s handkerchief, -s 
'kegkl'piegki hanky-panky 
'keg man, -aiaa hangman, -men 
'kKgaeil, -x hang^nsal, -s 
0'kep>ii, -«ax, -fi9[-»U9],-»nd 

happjen, -ens, -ening, -ened 
'ki^'kasad hap-hazard 
'h«p«i, -ia* -iist; -ili,-iBis happy. 

-ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
'hepigoMlAkl happy-go-lucky 

'haepli— 'htezad 

— 180 — 

'fasezadas — 'hAmak 

'hffipli haply 

'heepliSj-Ii, -nis hapless, -ly, -ness 
'hsepn, etc. = 'heepan, etc. 
O'haeragit [-rog-] Harrogate 
'haerald Harold 

'hgerss, -iz, -ig 

, -ig, -t; -8*, 
, -ed; -er, -< 

-az harass, 

hserasp- = ha'rAsp 

'haBr|i, -iz, -iij, -id 1) harry (H.), 

-ies, -ying, -led; 2) Harrie 
'haerids Harwich 
'haeria*, -z harrier, -s 
'hseriat 1) Harriet; 2) Harriot 
'hgerikon, -z haricot, -s 
'hieriman Harriman 
'hierigtan 1) Harington; 2) Har- 
'hseris 1) Harris; 2) Harries 
'hsBFisn Harrison 
'hgerld Harold 
'haerou, -z, -ii), -igli, -d harrow 

(s. V.) (H.), -8, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
O'hsBsak, -s hassock (H.), -s 
haegp, etc. = haisp, etc. 
haest hast (from have) (strong 

form) _(H.) 
OhsBj", -iz, -ig, -t hash (s. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
Ohaet, -s hat, -s 
'haelbaend, -z hat-band, -s 
'hsetbaks, -iz hat-box, -es 
'hasta*, -z hatter, -s 
'haetaras Hatteras 
haetX, -iz, -ig, -t hatch (s. v.) 

(H.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'haetjit, -s hatchet, -s 
'haet/wei, -z hatchway (H.), -s 
OhaeO hath (from have) 
'haeOjaTrei, -wei Hath|away, -way 
Ohaev [ftay, v], haez [Aaz, z, s], 

haevig, haea [hsi, d] have, 

has, having, had 
'haevafad Haverford 
'haBTafad'west {locally 'haifad . . .) 

'haevak havoc 
'haevasaek, -s haversack, -s 
Ohaez has {from have) {strong 

'haezdrnbal Hasdrubal 
'haezad, -z, -ig, -id hazard (g. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 

'haezadas, -U, -nis hazardous, -ly, 

'haezlam Haslam [-ness 

'haezlit Hazlitt 

'haeznt hasn't 

• taAb, -z hub, -s 

'hAbAb [-bab], -z hubub, -s 

'hAbad Hubbard 

'hAbat Hobart 

'hAb|i, -iz hubbjy, -ies 

O'taAdazfiild [-dasf-] Hudders- 

'hAd|I, -Iz, -^g [-lig], rid hudd|le, 

-Ies, -ling, -led 
OhAf, -s, -ig, -t 1) (g. V.) huff, 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) Hough 
'hAfji, -ia*, -iist; -ili, -inis huff|y, 

-ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
'hAfiJ", -li, -nis huffish, -ly, -ness 
OhAg, -z, -ig, -d hug, -s, -ging, 

'lugamAga* hugger-mugger 
'hAgin, -z Huggin, -s 
d'hAkabaek, -s huckaback, -s 
'hAkl, -z huckle, -s 
'hAkIber|i [-bar|i], -iz huckle- 

berr|y, -ies 
'hAklbari 1) Huckleberry; 2) = 

'luksli Huxley 
'hAksta*, -z huckster, -s 
OhAl, -z, -ig, -d (s. v.) hull (H.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'hAlba't Hulbert 
'hAla Hullah 

hAlaba'In:, -z hullabaloo, -s 
hAlk, -s hulk, -s 
'bA'lou hullo 
OhAm, -z, -in, -d (». v.) hum, -s, 

-ming, -med 
'bAmbAg, -z, -ig, -d humbug 

(s. v.), -s, -ging, -ged 
'hAmba* Humber 
'bAmba-t Humbert 
'hAinb|I, -la*, -list; -Ii. -Inis; 

-Iz, -lig, -Id humb|le (adj. v.), 

-Ier, -leat; -iy, -leness; -Ies, 

-ling, -led 
'hAmblbi:, -z humble-bee, -s 
'hAmbrpai humble-pie 
'hAmdrAm humdrum 
'hAmak, -s, -t, -i hummock, -s, 

-ed, -y 

hAmf — 'hAijga* 

181 — 

'hAqgari— 'heiga* 

hAmf [^mm] humph 

'hAmM, -z° 1) Humphr(e)y, -s; 

2) Homfray 
'hAmii)ba:d, -z humming-bird, -3 
hAmp, -s, -ii), -t hump (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'hAinpbeek, -s, -t humpback, -s, 

'hAmp|i, -ia*, -list, -inis hump|y, 

-ier, -iest, -iness 
'hAmpti'dAmpti Humpty-dumpty 
OhAH, -z Hun, -B 
'hAndrad, -z, -foald hundred, -s, 

'hAndradO [-16], -s hundredth, -s 
'hAndradwelt, -s hundredweight 

[cwt.], ^-s 
'hAndrid) etc. = 'hAndrad, etc. 
'hAni, -d honey, -ed 
'hAnibseg, -z honey-bag, -s 
'hAnibsa*, -z honey-bear, -s 
'hAnidjn: honeydew 
'hAnjik, -iX hunnlic, -ish 
'hAnikonm, -z, -d honeycomb (H.), 

-s, -ed 
'hAnimu:n, -z honeymoon, -s 
'hAnisAka*, -z honey-sucker, -s 
'hAnisAkl, -z honeysuckle, -s 
'hAnja:di [hAn'j-] Hunyadi 
hAnJ*, etc. = hAntJ, etc. 
hAnt, -s, -ii), -id; -a*, -az hunt 

(s. V.) (H.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er (H.), 

'liAiitigbaks, -iz hunting-box, -es 
'hAntlgdan, -Jia* Huntingdon, 

'liAntigksep, -s hunting-cap, -s 
'hAntigkrap, -s hunting-crop, -s 
'hAntii|nai|f, -tz hunting-kni|fe, 

'hAntii)S3i|, -z hunting-song, -s 
'hAntli Huntl(e)y 
'taAnts{inan, -iuan,-manXip hunts- 

|man, -men, manship 
hAnfj*, -iz, -ii), -t hunch (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'hAntJbiek, -s, -t hunchback, -s, 
OhAg hung (from hang) [-ed 
hAg'gsarian, -z Hungarian, -s 
'hAijga*, -z, -rig, -d; -ra*, -raz 

hunger (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, 


'hAggari Hungary 

'hAggrji, -ia*, -iist; -ili, -inis 

hungr|y, -ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
hAgk, -s hunk, -s 
0'hAr|i, -iz. -iig, -id, -idli; -ia*, 

-iaz hurrfy (s. v.), -ies, -ying, 

-ied, -iedly; -ier, -iers 
'hArikan [-kin], -z hurricane, -s 
'hAri'skAri hurry-skurry 
OhAsk, -s; -1, -ia*, -iist; -ili, 

-inis husk, -s; -y, -ier, -iest; 

-ily, -iness 
'hJLS\l, -Iz, -^g [-Iig], -Id hust|le, 

-Ies, -ling, -led 
'hAsJa* [-la*], -z hustler, -s 
'liAstigz hustings 
OhAj" [p] hush (interj.) 
hAj", -iz, -ig, -t hush (v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'hAjmAni hush-money 
OhAt, -s hut, -s 
'hAtn Hutton 
hAtX, -iz hutch, -es 
'hAtJinsn Hutchinson 
'hAtJigz Hutchings 
'hAtJisn 1) Hutcheson; 2) Hut- 
O'hAeam Hotham 
O'hATa*, 'hAT»l, etc. = 'hor- 
OhA'za:, -z huzza, -s 
'hAzband, -z, -ig, -id, -ri husband 

(g. v.), -s, -ing, -ed, -ry 
'taAzban<{|man, -man, husband- 

|man, -men 
'hAz|i, -iz huss|y, -ies 
'hAzii, -s housewife (needle-case), 

'hAzifri = 'liauswaifari house- 
•hei 1) hay (H.); 2) hey; 3) heigh 
'heibises'ko:pas [-bias-] habeas- 

O'heidei heyday 
'heidi:z Hades 
'heidn 1) Haden; 2) Hayden; 

3) Haydon; 4) Haydn 
'heidrian Hadrian 
0'beifi:ld, -z hay-field, -s 
'hei'fiiva* hay-fever 
Obeig 1) Hague; 2) Haigh 
'heigo:* Hagar (biblical name) 
'heiga* Hagar {modern name) 

'hei'hou— heiz 

— 182 

'heizal— heg'zae- 

O 'hei'hou heigh-ho 

O heik, -s hake, -s 

'heikok 1) haycock; 2) Heycock 

Oheil, -z, -in, -d 1) (s. v.) hail, 

-B, -ing, -ed; 2) (a^., v.) hal|e, 

-ea, -ing, -ed 
'heilfelon, "-wermet hail-fellow, 

'heili haily 
'heilon, -z, -ig, -d 1) (s.) halo, 

-s; 2) (v.) halo, -es, -ing, -ed 
'heilo'ft, -s hay-loft, -s 
'heilstoan, -z hailstone, -s 
'heil8to:m, -z hailstorm, -s 
'heiljot hail-shot 
heilz 1) hales (H.); 2) hails; 

3) Hailes; 4) Hayles 
0'heima:kit, -a 1) hay-market, 

-s; 2) Haymarket 
'heimeik|a*, -az, -ii) hay-mak|er, 

-ers, -ing 
O'heinM, -11, -nis heinous, -ly,"] 
heinz Haynes [-nessj 

0'heip3ii|i ["p^i"], -iz, -s, -iwaiO 

hal^en|ny, -nies, -ce, -nyworth 
'heipsO, -s ha'p'orth [halfpenny- 
worth], -8 
O'heirik, -s hay-rick, -s 
O'heisin, -nz, -nifl [-ijiiii], -nd 

hast|en, -ens, -ening, -ened 
heist, -8, -ii), -id hast|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'heisttek, -s hay-stack, -s 
'hei8t|l, -ia*, -iiat; -ill, -inis 

hast|y, -ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
'taeistigz Hastings 
'heistipndii) hasty-pudding 
O'heijam Heysham 
O heit, -8, -in, -id hat|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'heita*, -z 1) hater, -s; 2) Hayter; 

3) Haytor 
'heit|fMl, -full [-fall], -fttlnis 

hatelful, -fully, -fulness 
heiti Haiti 
heitrid hatred 
O'heiwad, -z 1) hay ward (H.), -s; 

2) Haward 
'taeiwnd Heywood 
O'heiTn, -z haven, -s 
O heizj -iz, -ig, -d 1) hazle («. v.), 
-es, -mg, -ed; 2) Hays; 3) Hayes 

'heiz»l, -z hazel, -s 
'heizalnAt, -s hazel-nut, -s 
'heizji, -la , -iist; -ili, -inis hazjy, 

-ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
•heb'damadari hebdomadary 
'heba'n Hepburn 
he'breiik, etc. = hii'breilk, etc. 
'hebridiiz [-brad-] Hebrides 
'hebran ['lii:b-] Hebron 
Oked, -z, -ig, -id (s. v.) head (H.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'hed'bai, -z head-boy, -s 
'heddrea, -iz head-dress, -es 
'hedeik, -s, -i headach|e, -es, -y 
'heda*, -z header, -a 
'hed'fa:8t head-first 
'hedgia% -z head-gear,^ -a 
'hed|i,-ia*, -iist; -ili, -iiiis head|y, 

-ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
'taedig, -z heading, -s 
'hedlklo-e, -klaidz [-kla-Os] head- 

|cloth, -cloths 
'hed'kwa:taz head-quarters 
'hedlait, -s head-light, -s 
'bedlam Headlam 
'hedland, -z headland, -a 
'hedlis headless 
'hedlag headlong 
'hed'ma:sta*, -z head-master, -a 
'hed'mten, -'men head-man, -men 
'hednont, -8 head-note, -a 
'hedpi:g, -iz head-piece, -s 
'bedrest, -a head-rest, -a 
'hedstoun, -z headstone (H), -s 
'hedstrag headatrong 
'hed^rei, -z headway, -s 
'hedtra:d, -z head-word, -s 
'hedwa:k head-work 
'hedTrlnd, -z headwind, -s 
'hedwa.'ta*. -z head-water, -s 
hedz heads (from head) 
hedg, -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, -az hedg|e 

(s. v.), -es (H.), -ing, -ed; -er(H.), 

'heds^ag, -z hedgehog, -a 
'hedgira [he'dgaiara] Hegira 
'hedgrou, -z hedgerow, -s 

O'hefa*, -z heifer, -a 
O heg'zae- = hek'sse- 

'hekatam— 'heljatronp — 183 

helm— 'hens'foiO 

O'taekatam [-tarn, -tnim], -z heca- 
tomb, -s 

'hekati' Hecate 

'hek|l, -Iz, -^i| [-lig], -Id lieck|le, 
-les, -ling, -led 

'hekja* [-la*], -z, heckler, -s 

'hekl3 1) Hecla; 2) Hekla 

hek'sseganj^ [-k'zse-, -g'zse-], -all 
hexagon I al, -ally 

hek'stemita* [-k'zse-, -g'z«e-], -z 
hexameter, -s 

'heksagan, -z hexagon, -s 

'heks3']ii:dr|3H [-'bed-], -a, -anz, 
-al hexahedr|on, -a, -ons, -al 

'heksam 1) Hexam; 2) Hexham 

'hekto:* [-tea*] (sk'tair), -z hec- 
tare, -s 

'hckta*, -z, -rii), -d (s. v.) hector 
(H.), -s, -ing, -ed 

'hektagraif [-tog-, -grsef], -s hec- 
tograph, -s 
hekta'grsefik [-to'g-J hectogra- 

'hektagrtem [-tog-], -z hectogram, 

'hektaliita* [-tol-], -z hectolitre, -s 

'hektaini:ta* [-torn-], -z hecto- 
metre, -8 

'hektik hectic 
hek'zse- = hek'sie- 

Ohel, -z hell (H.), -s 

'heltes Hellas 

held held (from hold) 

'hela Hella 

'hela* heller (H.) 

'hel'faia* hell-fire (H.) 

'hel'geit, -s hell-gate (H.), -s 

'helhannd, -z heU-hound, -s 

'heli:n, -z Hellene, -s 

he'li:n3 Helena 

he'li:nik Hellenic 

heli''nistik, -al, -all hellenistic, 
-al, -ally 

'heliboia* hellebore 

'heligoMltend Heligoland 

'helikan [-kon] Helicon 

'helin, -a Helen, -a 

'helinzbara [-bira] Helensburgh 

'helisiiz helices (plitr. of 'hiiliks) 

'helispant [-izp-] Hellespont 

'helij", -li, -nis hellish, -ly, -ness 

'heljatroup, -8 heliotrope, -s 

helm, -z helm, -s 
'helmit, -a, -id helmet, -s, -ed 
'helmzli Helmsley 
'helmz|man, -man helms|man, 

'helat, -z; -ids helot, -s; -age 
help, -8, -ii], -t; -a*, -az help 

(s. v.), -a, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'help|ful, -fnli [-fali], -fulnis 

help|ful, -fully, -fulness 
'helpli8, -li, -ni8 helpless, -ly, 

'helpmeit, -s helpmate, -a 
'helpmi:t, -s helpmeet, -s 
'helta'8kelta* helter-skelter 
helB, -s health, -s 
'heiefwl, -full [-fall], -fwlnis 

health|ful, -fully, -fulness 
'helO|i, -ia*, -list, -ili, -inis 

health|y, -ier, -lest, -ily, -iness 
hel'Telin Helvellyn 
hel'vetik Helvetic 
hel'TliJia [-XJa], -n, -nz Helvetia, 

-n, -ns 
'helwad hellward 
Ohem, -z, -ig, -d hem (s. v.), -s, 

-ming, -med 
'hemanz ['hi:m-] Hemans 
'hemarid5 hemorrhage 
'hemaraid, -z hemorrhoid, -8 
'hematait hematite 
hemi'sferik, -al hemispheric, -al 
'hemisfia*, -z hemisphere, -s 
'hemistik, -s hemistich, -s 
'hemlak hemlock 
hemp, -i, -an hemp, -y, -en 
'hemp8i:d hempseed 
'hemzli local pron. of 'helmzli 

Helmsley {Yorlcs) 
Ohen, -z hen, -s 
'henbein henbane 
'hendsist = 'heggist Hengist 
'henar|i, -iz henner|y, -ies 
'henkn:p, -s hen-coop, -s 
'henli Henley 
'henpek, -s, -ii|, -t henpeck, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'henri Henry 
henri'eta Henrietta 
hen8 hence 
'hens|'fa:9, -'faiwad hence|forth, 


'hensn— 'hesparas 

184 — hes'pisrian — 'heazfut 

'henisn, -ti Hen|son, -ty 

'iientJIman , -man hench|man, 

'henzli Hensley 

O'heTjgist ['hendsist] Hengist 

0'Jiepta:kj -s; -i, -iz heptarch, 

-s; -J, -ies 
hep'teeganl heptagonal 
hep'tsemaran heptameron 

'heptagan, -z heptagon, -s 

Ote'rseldit [hi'r-], -ali heraldic, 

he'rset [hl'r-, -'ra:t] Herat 
he'red", he'ret- = hi'r- 

'herad Herod 
hera'dit- = heri'dit- 
hera'kli:an Heraclean 

'heraklL'z Heracles 

'herald, -z, -ig, -id herald (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
heraldri heraldry 

'heran, -z heron, -s 

'heranr|i, -iz heronr|y, -ies 

'taerasij 'heratik = 'heri- 

heri'ditamaut [-ra'd-, -tim-], -s 
hereditament, -a 

he'riarou [hi'r-], -z Herero, -s 

'heriat, -s heriot, -s 

'herifad, -Jia* Hereford, -shire 

'herik Herrick 

'herii|, -z herring (H.), -s 

'herigbonn, -z herring-bone, -s 

'heriga*, -z herringer, -s 

'herigpand herring-pond 

'heris|i [-ras-], -iz heres'y, -ies 

'heritabl heritable 

'heritids, -iz heritage, -s 

'heritik [-rat-], -s heretic, -s 

'heriwad Hereward 

'herld, etc. = 'herald, etc. 

'hern, etc. = 'heran, etc. 

he'rondises [ha'r-, hi'r-] Hero- 

he'roMik [ha'r-, hi'r-], -al, -ali 
heroic, -al, -ally 

'heroMin, -z heroine, -s 

'heroMizm heroism 

he'radatas [ha'r-, hi'r-] Hero- 

0'hes|i, -ian Hess|e, -ian 

hes'peridiiz Hesperides 

'hesparas Hesperus 

hes'piarian Hesperian 
'hesta* Hester 

O 'hetaradaks, -i heterodox, -y 
hetarad3i'ni:iti [-rods-, -'ni-ati] 

hetara'dsiinias [-ro'ds-, -'dsen-, 
-njas], -li, -nis heterogeneous, 
-ly, -ness 
'heti Hetty 
O'heOkat Heathcote 
0'heT|i, -ia*, -iist; -ili, -inis 

heav|y, -ier, iest; -ily, -iness 
'hevil'haitid, -'leidn heavy|-heart- 

ed, -laden 
'hern, -z; -ba:n heaven, -s; -born 
'heTnl|i, -inis heavenljy, -iness 
'hernwad, -z heavenward, -s 
Ohezi'kaia Hezekiah 
hezi'tei/an, -z hesitation, -s 
'heziteit, -s, -ig, -igU, -id hesit- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
'hezitansi hesitancy 
•h3a% -z 1) hare (H.), -s ; 2) hair, 

-s; 3) Herr 
O'hsabel, -z harebell, -s 
'heabrAj, -iz hair-brush, -es 
'heabreind hare-brained 
'hsabrede [-brete], -s hair- 
breadth, -s 
O'hsadresa*. -z hair-dresser, -s 
O'hsagrais hair-grass 
O'hsakAta*, -z hair-cutter, -s 
'tasakIa-0 hair-cloth 
O'healain, -z hair-line, -s 
'hea.lip, -s harelip, -s 
'healis hairless 
O'hsapin, -z hair-pin, -s 
O'hsarem, -z harem, -s 
'hearam'skEaram harum-scarum 
'hearji, -ia*, -iist; -ili, -inis 

hair|y, -ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
'hearail hair-oil 
O'heaspeis, -iz hair-space, -s 
'heasplitig hair-splitting 
'hsasprig, -z hair-spring, -s 
O heatsagoM'Tiina [ha:ts-] Herze- 
O'hsawnd Harewood 
O hsaz 1) hares; 2) hairs 
hcazbrede [-brete], -s hair'a- 

breadth, -s 
'hsazfut hare's-foot 

lio:*— lia:z 

— 185 

ha* — hi-'gemani 

filia:* her (normal form) 
Ohaib, -z; -al, -ids herb, -s; -al, 

hai'beijas herbaceous 
hai'beariam, >z herbarium, -b 
'ha:I)3li8t, -s herbalist, -s 
'haibat Herbert 
Ohaid, -z, -ig, -id 1) herd (s. v.) 

(H.), -s, -ing, -ed ; 2) heard {from 

hear) (H.); 3) Hird; 4) Hurd 
'h3:dig9:d|i, -iz 1) hurdy-gurd|y, 

-ies; 2) hirdy-gird|y, -ies 
'h9:d|l, -Iz, -lii) [^ig], -Id hurd|le 

(s. v.), -Ies, -ling, -led 
'haidla*, -z hurdler, -s 
'h3:dlreis, -iz hurdle-race, -s 
'he:dz|iii3n,-m3n herdS|iuaii,-men 
0'b8:kjnU:z Hercules 
h3:'kjn:li3n [haikju-'lran] her- 
Oha:!, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az hurl 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'ha:li, -z hurley (H.), -s 
'ha:liba:li hurly-burly 
Oba:'maiani Hermione [-ally 
hai'metik, -al, -ali hermetic, -al, 
'baiman 1) Herman; 2) Hermon 
'lia:mi:z Hermes 
'ha:mit, -s hermit, -s 
'haimitids, -iz hermitage, -s 
hai'mitikal hermitical 
'haimit'krseb, -z hermit-crab, -s 
Ohain, -z 1) hern, -s; 2) Heme; 

3) Hearne 
'ha:nia [-nja], -1 hernia, -1 
Oba:s, -iz hearse, -s 
'ha:saiii hircine 
hai'self herself 
'haisjkla'O, -kla:dz [-kla'Os] hearse- 

|cloth, -cloths 
ha:st, -s 1) hurst (H.), -s; 2) Hirst 
Okait, -s, -ii) hurt (s. v.), -s, -ing 
'hartfad Hertford {in America) 
'ha:t|ftd, -full [-fall], -fwlnis 

hurt|ful, -fully, -fulness 
'ha:tl, -z, -ig, -d hurtl|e, -es, -ing, 

ha:ts 1) hurts (/rom hurt) ; 2) Hertz ; 

3) Herts 
haitsagott'Tiina = hsats- 
O'haiTi Hervy 
O lia:z hers 

• Ata* her {occasional weak form) 
Oba'bsekak = 'heebakak Habak- 


ha'bilimant [hse'b-], -s habili- 
ment, -s 

ha'biliteit [hse'b-], -s, -ig, -id; 
-a*, -az habilitat|e, -es, -ing, 
-ed; -or, ors 

ha'biljneit [hse'b-, -t^n-], -s, -ig, 
-id habituat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

ha'bitjnal [hte'b-, -tjual], -i 
habitual, -ly 

O^tad had {from have) {weak form) 

Ohaljnisi'neiJ'an, -z hallucina- 
tion, -s 

ha'lou 1) hallo(a); 2) = 'hA'lou 

ha'In:, -z, -ig, -d halloo {v.interj.), 
-8, -ing, -ed 

Oha'ma- = ha'ma- 

Oba'raizn [ho'r-], -z horizon, -s 

ha'rseg, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az har- 
angu|e (s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, 

ha'rAsp|eks ['hseras-], -isi:z ha- 
rusp|ex, -ices 

ha'reiXiou [ho'r-, ho'r-] Horatio 

ha're- = hi're- 

ha'ria-, ha'rou-, ha'ra- = he'r- 

O/tast hast {weak form) 

O/taO hath {weak form) 

OJiBY have {weak form) 

ha'vaena, -z Havana, -s 

O '*az has {weak form) 

• hi: he {normal form) 
O'hiibi' Hebe 

hi'breiik [heb-], -»1, -ali He- 
braic, -al, -ally 

'M:bru:, -z Hebrew, -s 

Ohi:d, -z, -ig, -id 1) heed (g. v.), 
-a, -ing, -ed; 2) he'd (= he had 
or he would) 

'hi:d|ft(l, -fnli [-fall], -fwlnis 
heediful, -fully, -fulness 

'hiidlis, -11, -nis heedless, -ly, -ness 

O'hlidan, -zs -dam heathen (s. 
adj.), -s; -dom 

'hizdanaiz [-5^-]. -iz, -ig, -d 
heatheniz|e [-isfe], -es, -ing, -ed 

'hi:daniX [-5i^-], -11, -nis heathen- 
ish, -ly, -ness 

O hr'gemani hegemony 

'hii'ha: — Ma* 

— 186 

'hia'bai — 'hilzbara 

O'Mi'lia:} -Z) "ig> -d heehaw (s. 

V. interj.), -s, -ing, -ed 
Ohi:l, -Zj -igj -d 1) (s. v.) heel, 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) heal (H.), -s, 

-ing, -ed; 3) he'll (= he will) 
'hi:la*, -z healer, -s 
'hi:li l)Healy; 2) Healey; 3) Hely 
hi:li'senO|3S,-ai, -asiz helianth|us, 

-i, -uses 
'hl;liagra:f [-Ijag-, -liog-, -Ijog-, 
-grsef ], -8 heliograph, -s 
hiilia'grafik [-Ija'g-, -Ijo'g-, 

■lio'g-], -al heliographic, -al 
'hi:ll3iii [-Ijam] helium [-s 

'hiilisskonp [-Ijas-], -s helioscope, 
'hl:liest«et [-Ijas-, -lios-, -Ijos-], 

■8 heliostat, -s 
'biiliks, -iz, 'helisiiz ['hi:l-] helix, 

-es, helices 
hiill'sgraf {9*, -az, -i heliographjer, 

-era, -y 
hiili'amita*, -z heliometer, -s 
hiili'opalis Heliopolis 
'hiilias [-1J08] Helios 
hl:lj. = hi:li. 
0'hi:mal heemal 
'hiimanz Hemans 
O hi:pj -s, -ig, -t 1) heap [a. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) Heap 
O'hiisiad [-siad] Hesiod 
O M:t, -s, -ii), -id; -a*, -az heat 

(s. v.), -8, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'M:tspat, -8 heatspot, -s 
'hiitweiv, -z heat-wave, -s 
OhiiOj -8; -1 heath (H.), -s; -y 
'lii:0|fi:ld, -man Heath|field, -man 
OhiiT, -z, -ifl, -d; -a*, -az heav|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
O hi:z he's (= he is or he has) 
• hi {weak form of hi:) he 
O'hiba-t Hibbert 
hi'brei- = hii'brei- 
Ohid hid (from hide) 
hi'daelgou, -z hidalgo, -s 
hidias [-djas], -li, -nis hideous, 

-ly, -ness 
'hidn hidden {from hide) 
lii'dgaiara = 'hed3ira 
O'hioa*. -'tn: hither, -to 
O hia* [hja:»], -z, -rii), ha:d 1) {v.) 

hear, -s, -ing, heard; 2) {adv.) 


'hia'bai ['hja>] hereby 
'hia'hia* ['hjai'hja:*] hear-hear 
hia'raifta* [hjai'r-] hereafter 
'hiarAn'tn: ['hjair-] hereunto 
'hiara* ['hja:ra*], -z hearer, -s 
'hiarabant ['hja:r-], -8 hereabout, 

'hiarakli:z ['bja:r-] Heracles 
'hiara'pan ['lija:r-l hereupon 
'hia'rin ['lijai'r-] herein 
'hiarig ['hjair-], -z hearing (s.), -s 
'hiarou ['lga:r-], -z; -wa:Jip hero, 

-s; -worship 
'hia'roT ['hjai'r-, -af] hereof 
'hiasei ['hjais-] hearsay 
'hia'tu: ['hja:'t-] hereto 
'hiatn'fara* ['hjait-] heretofore 
'hia'TviS ['hja:'w-, -'wiO] herewith 
hia'waOa = haia'waOa Hiawatha 
hiaz 1) hears (^rom hear); 2) here's 

{= here is) 
Ohi'fi:8t98 Hephaestus 
Ohi'gemani = Mi'gemani 
'higin|sii, -z Higgin|son, -s 
'hig|l, -Iz, -Jig [-lig], -Id higg]le, 

-les, -ling, -led 
'higldi'pigldi higgledy-piggledy 
'higja* [-la*], -z higgler, -s 
O'hikAp, -8, -ig, -t hiccough 

(«. v.), -a, -ing, -ed 
'hikari hickory (H.) 
hik|8, -sn Hick|s, -son 
Ohil, -z hill (H.), -s 
hi'lseriti hilarity 
hilda Hilda 

'hildibrsend Hildebrand 
hi'lea* Hilaire 

hi'lE9ria8, -11, -nis hilarious, -ly, 
'hilak, -s hillock, -s [-ness 

'hilari Hilary 
'hilhed Hillhead 
hi'liino Helena 
'hilji, -la*, -list, -inis hill|y, -ier, 

-iest, -iness 
'hiliad Hilliard 

'hiljad 1) Hillyard; 2) Hilliard 
'hil'said, -z 1) hill -side, -s; 

2) Hillside 
hilt, -8, -id hilt, -s, -ed 
'hi! tap, -8 hill-top, -s 
hilzbara [-bAra, -bArou] Hills- 
, boro 

him — hl'pakrotliz 

— 187 — 

hi'pokrisi— 'hjuidibraes 

Ohim (pron.) him {normal form) 
him, -z, -ii), -d («. V.) hymn, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
hima'leis, -z, -n Himalaya, -s, -n 
'himnel [-nj], -z hymnal, -s 
'himn9r|i, -iz hymnar|y, -ies 
him'nal9d5|i, -ist, -ists hymno- 

log|y, -ist, -ists 
Aim'self himself 
O'hinda*, -z, -rip, -d; -re*, -raz 

hinder (v.), -a, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
hin'di: Hindi 
'nindli Hindley (toum) 
'hlndrans, -iz hindrance, -s 
jilii'dn:, -z Hindu [-doo], -s 
'hindu'lzm Hinduism 
'hindai'ku:^ Hindu-Kush 
hindu'stain [-'stsen], -i Hindu- 
stan, -i 
hine^s, -iz, -ii), -d hing|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
hint, -s, -ig, -id hint (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'hintaa Hinton 
O'higkli Hinckley 
O hip, -s, -ii|, -t hip (s. v.), -s, 

-ping, -ped 
hi'paikes Hipparchus 
hi'psetika hepatica 
'hipl)a:|0, -dz hip-ba[th, -ths 
'hlpdsoint, -s hip-joint, -s 
hlpa'dozm- [-po'd-] = haipa'daim- 
'hipadronm, -z hippodrome (H ), 

hipa'kandria, etc. = haip- 
hipa'krsetik [-po'k-] hippocratic 
hipa'kri:nr [-po'k-] Hippocrene 
hlpakrit [-pok-], -s hypocrite, -s 
hlpa'krttlk|al [-po'k-], -ali hypo- 

criticjal, -ally 
hips'patamjas, -ai, -asiz hippo- 

potamjns, -i, -uses 
'hipati'hapati hippety-hoppety 
'hipij hippish 
'hipnataiz, -iz, -ii|, -d; -a*, -az 

hypnotiz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers 
'hipnat|ist, -ists, -izm hypnot|ist, 

-iats, -ism 
hip'natik hypnotic 
hipo- = hipa- 
hi'p9krati:z Hippocrates 

hi'pokrisli [-kras-], -iz hypo- 

cris|y, -ies 
hi'palitja, -!■, -as Hippolyt|a, -e, 

Ohi'rse- = he'rae- 
hi'reditar|i [ha'r-, he'r-], -ili, 

■inis hereditar|y, -ily, -iness 
hi'rediti [ha'r-, he'r-] heredity 
hi'retik|»l [ha'r-, he'r-], -all her- 
etic |al, -ally 
hi'ria-, hi'rou-, hi'rad- = he'r- 
Ohis, -iz, -ii), -t; -a*, -az hiss 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'hlsap hyssop 

his'pienisizm, -z Hispanicism, -s 
hist 1) hissed {from hiss); 2) hist 

his'terik, -s, -al, -ali hysteric, 

-s, -al, -ally 
hista'lad3ik|al, -ali histologic|al, 

'hist9r|i, -iz histor|y, -ies 
his'tiaria hysteria 
hig'to:rian, -z historian, -s 
hista.'ri'agrafja*, -az, -i historio- 

_graph|er, -ers, -y 
Ms'taladgji, -ist, -ists histologjy, 

-ist, -ists 
his'tarik, -»1, -ali historic, -al, 

'histri, -z = 'histari, -z 
'histrianizm histrionism 
histri'anik histrionic 
Ohit, -s, -195 -a', -az hit (s. v.), 

-s, -ting; -ter, -ters 
'hitait, -s Hittite, -s 
hitj", -iz, -ii|, -t hitch (s. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'hitjin, -z 1) Hitchin, -s; 2) Hich- 

'hltjkak Hitchcock 
Ohiz his {normal form) 
•hja:*, etc. = hia*, etc. 
Olgu: [<jn:], -z, -ig, -d, -n 1) {v.) 

hew, -s, -ing, -ed, -n ; 2) (s.) hue, 

-s; 3) Hugh, -es 

Note. In all the following hju:- 
words, the bj may be replaced hy q. 

'hjniba't Hubert 

hju:d hewed {from hew) 

'hjnidibrees Hudibras 

hjnids— honbat 


houd— 'lioamli 

]gn:d3, -9*, -ist; -li, -nis huge, 

-r, -St; -ly, -ness 
'lyii'8*, -z hewer, -s 
'Jhjn'ad Heward 
'hjn-al [-el, -il] Whewell 
'hjuigajnon [-nat], -nonz [-nots] 

Hugae|not, -nots 
'liju'ij Huish 
'hjtt'it Hewlett, -itt 
hjnik Hewke 
'hju:Iit Hewlett 
bjuim 1) Hume; 2) Home 
hjn'mseni'tesriau, -z, -izm hu- 
manitarian, -s, -ism 
hjn''meenit|i, -iz humanit|y, -ies 
bju'inein, -a*, -ist; -li, -nis 

humane, -r, -st; -ly, -ne3S 
hjuimek'teiXsn humectation 
'lijnima*, -Zj -rii), -d humour 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
'Igoiman, -li human, -ly 
'hjnimanaiz, -iz, -ii|, -d human- 

iz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
']ijn:m3ii|ist, -ists, -izm human- 
ist, -ists, -ism 
hjnima'nistik humanistic 
'bjuiman'kaind humankind 
'bjaimarss, -li, -nis humorous, 

-ly, -ness 

some, -ly. 

-s humorist, -s 
-li, -nis humour- 

'hja:iiiid, -nis humid, -ness 
Ilja''miditi humidity 
Iijn'mili'eiXsn, -z humiliation, -s 
bjn-'milieit, -s, -ig, -id humi- 

liat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
liju-'militi humility 
'hjnimras, etc. = 'hjaimaras, etc. 
bjnin hewn {from hew) 
'bjuisn Hewson 
'hjuiz hews {from hew) 
O'lvlna, 'bjna-, 'hjui- = 'hju:- 
hjn'm- = ]ijn:'m- 

• hm [^m] hem {interj.) 

• hou, -z, -ig, -d (». «.) hoe (H.), 
-8, -ing, -d 

O'honseg'hon Hoangho 

O 'houbakan [ho'boukan] Ho- 

'honban Holborn 
'lioubat [-bolt] Hobart 

Ohond hoed {from hoe) 
hondi'ainal [-nU hodiernal 
'houdii Hoadl(e)y 
O'hona*, -z hoer, -s 
O'honkas'pookas hocus-pocus 
'honki'pouki hok(e)y-pok(e)y 
honks, -iz, -ig, -t; -a*, -az hoax 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
OhonI, -z, -ig, -d 1) {s. v.) hol|e 

(H.),-e8,-ing,-ed; 2) (a«&'.) whole 
'honl|bek, -biitj, -brnk Hol|beck, 

-beach, -brook 
'hoalban = 'honban Holborn 
honld, -z, -ig, held 1) hold (s. 

v.), -s, -ing, held; 2) holed {from 

'honlda*, -z holder (H.), -s 
'honldan holden (H.) 
'honldii), -z holding (s.), -s 
'honldoil, -z hold-all, -s 
'houlan(2'k9:na* hole-and-corner 
'honlas'bonlas holus-bolus 
'honl|i, -ia*, -list, -nis 1) hol|y, 

-ier, -iest, -iness; 2) = 'honlli 

'honlikra-8 Holycross 
'hoalistonn,-z, -ig, -d holy-ston{e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'houliwi:k Holy-week 
honlli ['honli] wholly 
'honlnis wholeness 
'honlpan holpen {archaic p. part. 

of help) 
'honlseil wholesale 
'honlsam, -ist, -li, -nis whole- 
some, -st, -ly, -ness 
'honlt, -s holt (H.), -s 
Ohonm, -z 1) home (s. adj. adv.) 

(H.), -s; 2) (s.) holm (H.), -s 
'honm'bred home-bred 
houmads- [-mods-] = homads- 
hou'merik Homeric 
'houma* Homer 
honmiapsee [-mja-, -miop-], -s 

homoeopath, -s 
honmia'pteeik [-mja-, -mio'p-], 

-»1, -ali homoeopathic, -al, -ally 
honmi'apae|i, -ist, -ists homoeo- 

path|y, -ist, -ists 
'honm'gronn home-grown 
'honmlfij -ia*, -list, -inis homelly, 

-ier, -lest, -iness 

honslis — Ii3:e* 

189 — 

ha^d— 'kaaxi 

hoamlis, -us hornless, -ness 
honm'aeid home-nuide 
hoiiMOa homo 
honmou'iseHiss [-'^su-], etc 

= ka»- 
'fc— gjfc, -BIS homesick, -ness 
'hosM^XB, -I homespiin («. cu^'.), 

'hotaist«d[-sti4], •< homestead, -s 
°ke«MW3d homeward 
kOKHX, -deil Holmes, -dale 
Okeaa, •*, -i%, -d (s. v.) hone 

(BL), -es, -ing, -ed 
OhMp, -s, -is, -t (s. V.) hope 

(H.), -es, -ing, -od 
-k««p|fta, -faU -foU], tuhas 

hopeful, -folly, -fulness 
'honplis, -li, -lua hopeless, -It. 

'koaptsa ~-taua~ Hopetoun 
Okoast, -8 host (H.]^ -s 
koBstis, -ii hostess, -^ 
Oitoa'M, -I hotd, -s 
'koata Houston 
O'kouOam Hotfaam 
O houT hoTe (from heave) (H..'. 
O koaz, -ix, -19, -d 1) hos e, -es, 

-ing, -ed; 2) hoes {from hoe) 
ktta'neaa, -■ Hosanna, -s 
koB'sid Hosea 

hosier, -s, -t 
•ko'merik ^ kon'meiik 
ko'Bi»- = h»'H»- 
ko'r- = ha'T- 
•ka^ ■«, -ii, "d haw (sl c). --■ 

-a^, -ed 
•k»:*, -1, -rii, -d 1) hoar (H.); 

2) Hoaie; 3) Hot; 4) whore 
(«L v.), -es, -ing, -ed 

Okazi, -a, -il» ■** 1) (* c- ' hoard, 
-a. -in& -ed; 2) («.) hoide, -s; 

3) whored; 4) hawed 
'Jto'dain- >toT (fcjrdaKw), -a 

hore-d'ffiUTre, -s 
'k9:d»*, -I hoaidffl-, -a 
'ikarddtsKba: CJkaidjkx'ka)hors 

de combat 
'kardaM, -a whoredom, -5 
'h»:dif , •« hoarding -s 
kaida Hawarden 
Ok»»*, efc = h*:», rfe. 

hand, ete. I) hoard, efe. ; 2't hotde ; 

3) whored 
'ka»'flra'^ -s hoar-frost, -s 
'ka^kaoBd horehound 
k»»8, etc = k»s hoarse, etc 
ka»e Haworth 
O'kar'ka: haw-haw 
O'kaak Hawick 

kadt, -s, -i%j -t; -a*. -3« 1) «. r.) 
hawk, -«, -ing, -ed; -er, -era; 
2) Hawke 

"kaikjaid, -ij hawkj-eyed, -ish 

"ka^iBX Hawkins 

ka:ks 1) hawks (from hawk); 

2) H&wkes 
'kaxsli Hawksley 
kaikt hawked (from hawk) 
'kaikwiid hawkweed 
Okad, -1, -is, -d 1) (s.) haU (H.V 
-a; 2) (g. c.) haul, -s. -ing, -ed 

1 liaddeiB Haldane 
I 'kaOf^d Halford 

I 'kadi Hawley 

'kadids haulage 
' 'kaOik Horlick 

'kadklt Halkett 

'kad'moik, -s, -ig, -t hall-mark 
(*. c. . -s. -ing. -ed 

ka-1^ -s, ^ii, -isli, -id halt <s. 
adj. v.), -a, -ing, -ingly, -ed 

'ka-lta*, -■ halter, -s 

kadx 1) halls; 2) hauls 

'ka-lab^ri Halsbuiy 
; Okaa^ -1 hanlm, -s 

Okaaij -a, -id i ■ (a. r.) horn (H), 
-9. -ed; 2) Home 

'kambiim, -a hornbeam, -s 
|i 'kambil, -i hombiU, -s 

liaablexd hornblende 
I "kaabBk, ^ hornbook, -s 
' 'kaaa* Homer 

j 'kaa i, -ia*, -list, -iais homfv. 
1 -ier, -iest, -iness 
i nkaaid homed 
^ 'kaai lueadld homyhanded 

'h^ait, -s hornet, -s 

'kaapalp, -s hornpipe, -s 

ka»^ ■«, -if, -id haunt (s. r.\ 
I -3, -ing, -ed 
\ kaaf J, -iz haunch, -es 

'kaawwk, •* horawork, -s 
i 'kaaui Homsey 

'haireb — 'hoiwaO 


'ho:z— 'holfad 

O'hoireb Horeb 

O ho:s, -iz, -t horse, -s, -d 

hois [ho:9s], -3*, -1st; -li, -nis 

hoarse, -r, -st; -ly, -ness 
'haisbeek horseback 
'hoisblok, -s horse-block, -s 
'ha:sb9ks, -iz horse-box, -es 
'hoisbreika*, -z horse-breaker, -s 
'ha.'sdiila*, -z horse-dealer, -s 
'haiB9 Horsa 

'ha:sfl|ai. -aiz horse-fljy, -ies 
'haisfjaia, -z Horse-guard, -s 
'haishsa* horse-hair 
'haisAwip, etc. = 'haiswlp, etc. 
'hoisji, -is*, -list; -ill, -inis horsjy, 

-ier, -lest; -ily, -iness 
'h3:s{kl3-e, -kloiOz [-klo'^s] horse- 

|cloth, -cloths 
'haislaif, -8 horse-laugh, -s 
'haisli [-zli] Horsley 
'haislita*, -z horse-litter, -s 
'haislmen, -man, -man/ip horse- 

Iman (H.), -men, -manship 
'haismari:!!, -z horsemarine, -s 
'haispana* horse-power (h. p.) 
'taa.'splei horse-play 
'hoispand, -z horse-pond, -s 
'hois'rsedij", -iz horse-radish, -es 
'ha:sreis, -iz, -ig horse-rac|e, -es/- 

'ho:sJ"u: ['ho:J"J"u:],-z horse-shoe, -s 
'haistrsem, -z horse-tram, -s 
'ha:streiii|a*, -az, -ii) horse-train- 

|er, -ers, -ing 
'hozs'tJestnAt [-nat], -s horse- 
chestnut, -s 
'ha.'swip, -8, -ig, -t horsewhip, 

-8, -ping, -ped 
D'hoi/am Horsham 
'hDiJXu:, -z horse-shoe, -s 
0'h9:tat|iT, -ari hortat|ive, -ory 
hoitji, -ia*, -iist; -ili, -inis 
haught|y, -ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
'hoitikAlt ja* horticulture 
hoiti'kAltJurlal [-tjar-], -ist, 

■ists horticultur|al, -ist, -ists 
'hoitn 1) Haughton; 2) Hough- 
ton; 3) Horton 
O'hoiOoin, -z 1) hawthorn, -s; 

2) Hawthorne; 3) Hathorne 
'ha:69:ndan Hawthornden 
O'hoiwaO Ha worth 

0'ha:z, -iz 1) hawse, -s; 2) Hawes; 

3) haws; 4) whores 
'ho:za*, -z hawser, -s 
'haizhonl, -z hawse-bole, -s 
'ha:zli Horsley 
'haizpaip, -s hawse-pipe, -s 
•hab, >z hob, -s 
'habdei Hobday 
'habadi'hai, -z hobbadehoy, -s 
'habgoblin, -z hobgoblin, -s 
'habli, -iz hobb|y, -ies 
'habihais, -iz hobby-horse, -s 
'habjl, -Iz, -^I| [-111)], -Id hobb|le 

(s. v.), -Ies, -ling, -led 
'habldi'hai, -z hobbledehoy, -s 
'hobja* [-la*], -z hobbler, -s 
'habneil, -z, -d hobnail, -s, -ed 
'habnab, -z, -ig, -d hobnob (g. v.), 

•s, -bing, -bed 
ba'bonkan Hoboken 
'habsn Hobson 
hobz 1) hobs {plur. of hob); 

2) Hobbs; 3) Hobbes 
Ohad, -z hod, -s [-s 

'hadagraif [-grsef ], -s hodograph, 
'hadsn Hodson 
'hods, -iz hodge (H.), -s (H.) 
'hadspads hodgepodge 
'hadssn Hodgson i 

Ohog, -z 1) hog, -s; 2) Hogg 
'hagar|i, -iz hogger|y, -ies 
'hagi/, -li, -nis hoggish, -ly, -ness 
'hagit hogget (H.), -s 
'hagzhed, -z hogshead, -s 
Ohai, -z hoy (s. interj), -s 
'baidan, -z hoyden (H.), -s 
haist, -s, -ii), -id hoist (g. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'haiti'taiti hoity-toity 
Ohak, -s, -in, -t 1) hough, -s, 

-ing, -ed; 2) hock, -s 
'haki hockey 

'hakistik, -s hockeystick, -s 
'hakstan Hoxton 
O'halbek Holbeck 
'haladi ['holidei], -z holiday, -s 
hala'fa:ni:z Holofernes 
'halakaist, -s holocaust, -s 
'haland, -z hoUand (H.), -s 
'halanda*. -z Hollander, -s 
'halawei HoUoway 
halfad Holford 

'holi— 'hoplait 

— 191 

'happika*— 'haT3l 

'hal|i, -iz hoUly, -ies 

'halibat 1) holibut; 2) = 'hoBli- 

bat halibut 
'holldei, -z 1) = 'haladi, -z; 

2) HoUiday 
'hallhed Holyhead 
'holihak, -s hollyhock, -s 
'halinXed Holinahed 
'halinz HoUins 
'h9li|ru:d, -wel [-wal] Holy|wood, 

'holiz 1) hollies {plur. of holly); 

2) Holies 
'haloQ. -a*, -ist; -li, -nis hollow 

(adj!), -er, -est; -ly, -ness 
'halon^ -z, -iij, -d (s. v.) 1) hollow, 

-s, -mg, -ed; 2) hollo, -es, -ing, 

'halonaid hollow-eyed 
holt, etc. = ha:lt, etc. 
O'hambaig 1) Homburg; 2)Hom- 

hama'dsenias [honm-, -mods-, 

-'dsiin-, -njas], -li, -nis homo- 
geneous, -li, -ness 
hamadsa'niiiti [honm-, -mods-, 

-dsi'n-, -'niati] homogeneity 
'hamafonn, -z homophone, -s 
'hamanim, -z homonym, -s 
'hamatan Homerton 
'hamids, -a*, -az homag|e, -er, -ers 
'hamil|i, -iz homil|y, -ies 
'hamini hominy 
'hamisaid, -z homicide, -s 
hami'saidl homicidal 
hamou'dsenias [-'dsiin-], etc. = 

ha'mafanlas [ho'm-, ha'm-], -i 

homophonjous, -y 
ha'malagas [ho'm-, ha'm-] homo- 
ha'manlmlas [ho'm-, ha'm-], -1 

homonym|ous, -y 
Ohan'djnaras [-ras, 'handjnsrses] 

hana'ln:la: Honolulu 
O hai|'kai| Hongkong 
oliap, -s, -ii), -tj -a*, -az hop 

(s. v.), -a, -ping, -pad; -per, -pers 
'hapamiOAm Hop-o'-my-thumb 
'hap|klnz, -kra:ft flop|kins, -craft 
'haplalt, -s hoplite, -s 

'happikja*, -az, -ig hop-pickjer, 

haps hops [-ers, -ing 

'hapskatX hopscotch 

'haprain, -z hop-vine, -s 

Oha'r- see also ha'r- 

'hara*, -z horror, -s 

'harabjl [-rib-], -li, -Inis horri- 

b|le, -ly, -leness 
'haras [-ris] Horace 
'haraskoup, -s horoscope, -s 
hara'skapik horoacopic 
'harastrikan horror-stricken 
'haribl, etc. = 'harabl, etc. 
'harid, -a*, -ist; -li, -nis horrid, 

-er, -est; -ly, -ness 
'harijfai, -faiz, -faiii), -faid horri- 

jfy, -fies, -fying, -fied 
ha'rifik horrific 
'haris = 'haras Horace 
hari'zant|l, -all horizont|al, -ally 
ha'ragrafi horography 
ha'raladsa*, -z horologer, -s 
ha'raladsji, -ist, -ists horolog|y, 

-ist, -ists 
ha'r98kap|i,-ist, -ists horoscop|y, 

-ist, -ists 
O'haspis, -iz hospice, -s 
haspi'tteliti, -iz hospitalitjy, -ies 
'haspitabjl, -li, -Inls hospitab|le, 

-ly, -leness 
'haspitala* [-tJ-], -z hospitaller, -s 
'haspitl, -z hospital, -s 
'hastail, -li hostile, -ly 
'hastal, -z hostel, -s 
'hastalrji, -iz hostelr|y, -ies 
'hastidg, -iz hostage, -s 
has'tilitii, -iz hoatilit|y, -ies 

'hasfla* t'asla*], -z hostler (inn- 
keeper), -s 
Ohat, -a*, -ist; -li, -nis hot, -ter, 

-test; -ly, -ness 
'hatbed, -z hotbed, -s 
'hathanjs, -ziz hothou|se, -ses 
'hat'hedid hot-headed 
'hatntat, -s Hottentot, -s 
'hatspa' , -z hotspur (H.), -s 
'hatjpat, -X hotchpot, -ch 
O'haTa* ['hAva*], -z, -rig, -d 

hover, -s, -ing, -ed 
'havlal ['hAT-], -»lz, -alig [-Ug], 
-aid hovlel (s. v.), -els, -elling, 

ha:— iidsip'tolads^ 

— 192 

hu:t — r'kanamaiz 

Sbu: who (normal form) 
Ohn:d who'd (= who had or 

who would) 
OhnfeTO*, -'ea* who|ever, -e'er 
Ohu:f, -s, -ii), -t hoof (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
Ohn:! 1) who'll (= who will); 

2) Hoole 
Obuim whom 
hnimsoM'eTd* whomsoever 
Obnip, -8, -ig, -t (». w.) 1) hoop, 

-8, -ing, -ed; 2) whoop, -s, -ing, 

'hnipa*, -z hooper (H.), -s 
'hn:pii|ko'f hooping-cough 

'hn;pn:, -z hoopoe, -s 
O'hnisou whoso 
hn:soM'ev8* whosoever 
'ha:st9n Houston 

Ohn:t,_ -8, "ji), -id hoot (s. v.), 
■a, -ing, -ed 

Ohu:z 1) whose; 2) who's (= 
who is or who has) 

0hn who (weak form) 

Ohud, -z, -ig, -id («. v.) hood 
(H.), -8, -ing, -ed 

'hudwigk, -s, -ig, -t [-wigt] hood- 
wink, -8, -ing, -ed 

O hu'eva* = hni'eva* whoever 

O'huiAiidin Houyhnhnm 

O hnk, -s, -ii), -t; -8*, -az 1) hook 
(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er," ers; 
2) Hooke 

'haka [-ka:], -z hookah, -s 

'hnki hooky 

'hnk'nouzd hook-nosed 

Ohu'ra: hurrah 

Ohu'zo:*, -z hussar, -s 

Bhw- = w- 

i:, -z 1) E (the letter), -'s; 2) (oc- 
casional weak form of hi:) he 
'iibari Ebury 
briit ebriate 
bron ['eibron] Ebro 
'i:dail, -z, -Jip sedile [ed-], -s, 

iidam, -ait, ~s Edom, -ite, ~s 
i:di 1) Edie; 2) Eadie; 3) Eady 
:dikt, -8 edict, -8 
dipas CEdipus 
die Edith 

i''djn:s, -iz, -ig, -t; -ibl [-abl] 
educ|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -ible 
'i:dn, -brids, -fi:ld Eden, 
-bridge, -field 
i:'d58BkjaIeit, etc. = i'dg- 
'dsek/^n, -z ejection, -8 
'dsekt, -8, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 
■rnant eject, -s, -ing, -ed; -or, 
-ors; -ment 
dga*, -z seger, -s 
'dgran ^gean 

'dgiias Egeus (Shakespearian 
dgipt Egypt 

dsip'taledsji, -ist, -ists Egyp- 
tologly, -ist, -ists 

'i:d3j"n:s l)^geus; 2) Egeus (in 

Greek mythology) 
e'iiQe* = 'aida* either 

• 'i'akas iBacus 
'i'alas [I'olas] ^olus 
'i'an, -z seon, -s 

• 'i:fa, -z ephah, -s 
'iifad ['efod], -z ephod, -s 
'iifreiim Ephraim 
'iifron ['efran] Ephron 

• 'i:ga*, -Ii, -nls eager, -ly, -ness 
'i:gan Egan 

0'J:gl; -z eagle, -s 
'iigVaid eagle-eyed 
'i:glit, -s eaglet, -s 
O'iigres, -iz egress, -s 
i''flrej'an, -z egression, -s 
'i:groMt»t [ii'grout-], -s asgrotat, 

• i:k, -8, -ig, -t ek|e (v. adv.), -es, 
-ing, -ed 

Oi.'ka'nomik, -al, -ali, -s econo- 
mic, -al, -ally, -s 

Oiikjni'menik, -al cecumenic 
[ec-], -al 

Oi'konamaiz, -iz, -ig, -d; -o', 
-az economiz|e [-i8|e], -es, -iug, 
-ed; -er, -ers 

i''ki>n3iiii— i''inlll3S 

— 193 

'iingu: — 'i:ta* 

i''kan3m|i, -iz; -ist, -ists eco- 

noin|y, -ies; -ist, -ists 
O i'Js.s, i:kt ekes, eked {from eke) 
O'iikwain equine 
i''kweBnini3S,-li,-iiis equanimous, 

-ly, -ness 
'iikwabl, etc. = 'ekwabl, etc. 
'iikwal, -i, -nis, -z, -ij, -d equal 
(s. adj. v.), -ly, -ness, -s, -ling, 
'iikTTslaiz, -ix, >ig, -d equalizje 

[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
iikwalal'zeijan, -z equalization 

[-isa-], -s 
ukwa'nimiti equanimity 
i:kwa'to:rial, -i equatorial, -ly 
i:kwl'8ei|gjula* equiangular 
Kkm'distant, -li equidistant, -ly 
likwilAi'breiX^n equilibration 
i:k-wl'la.ibreit, -s, -ii|, -id equi- 

librat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
i:kwi'lAibrist, -s equilibrist, -s 
iikwi'laetaral equilateral 
iikYri'libriam equilibrium 
iikwi'llbrist [ii'kml-], -s equi- 
librist, -8 
iikwi'mAltipI, -z equimultiple, -s 
'i:kmnaks, -iz equinox, -es 
iikTri'nokJal, -z equinoctial (s. 

adj.), -s 
'i:kTTlpaiz, -iz, -ig, -d equipois|e 

(«. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
iiktn'pandareitj-Sj^ -ig, -id equi- 

ponderat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
i:kTri'pand9rdn|s, -t equiponder- 

anjce, -t 
i''kwalit|i, -iz equalitly, -ies 
• i:l, -z eel, -s 

O'fclai Eli [etc. 

O i:Iek'trisiti, etc. = ilek'trisiti, 
O'idand, -z eland (E.), -s 
0'i:ll Ely 
'iilig Ealing 

Oiilag'SeiJan, -z elongation, -s 
'Llaijgeit, -s, -iij, -id elongat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
Siimen'deijan, -z emendation, -s 
'i:meiideit, -s, -ifl, -idj -a% -az 
emendat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 
l''ma:Jan, -z emersion, -s 
O i-'milias [-Ijas] ^aEmilius 

0'i:mju:, -z emu, -s 
O i:mz Eames 

• i:n e'en 

O i''ni:SBS ['iinises] ^neas 
'i:nid Enid 
'iiniid ^neid 
O'iinon Eno 
i:'nouni CBnone 
'i:nak Enoch 

• r'onlia, -n ^olia, -n 
O i''alik ^aiolic 

• 'iipiekt, -8 epact, -s 
'i:pak, -s epoch, -s 

• iTAk'teiJan, -z eructation, -s 

• 'i:sba:n Eastbourne 
O'iisap = 'i:sap ^sop 
O 'iiskilas ^schylus 
iiskju'leipias [-pjas] ^sculapius 
0'i:sa: Esau 

i:'safa|gas, -gai [-dsai], -gasiz 

oesopha|gus, -gi, -guses 
'i:sap [-sap] ^sop 
Ofcst east (E.) 
iis'taiTal »stival 
'i:8tba:n Eastbourne 
'iist'end; -a*, -az East -end; -er, 

'i:sta*, -z Easter, -s 
'i:8ta'dei, -z Easter-day, -s 
'i:stali easterly 
'iistan 1) eastern; 2) Easton 
'iistanmonst easternmost 
'i:stii) easting 

'i:8t|li:, -man Eastjleigh, -man 
'iisttjTiip Eastcheap 
'i:8tirad, -li, -z eastward, -ly, -s 
Oi's'Oetik [es'6-], -s, -al, -ali 

aesthetic, -s, -al, -ally 
i's'eeti8|i8t [es'6-], -i8t8, -izm 

sestheticjist, -ists, -ism 
'i:8ei:t ['es-], -s sesthete, -s 

• 'iija* Esher 

'L-Jam local pron. of 'iiyjam Eve- 

• i:t, -8, -ig, et [eit], 'i:tn eat, 
-s, -ing, -ate, eaten 

Oi''ta:nalaiz, -iz, -ig, -d eter- 

naliz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
i''ta:nit|i, -iz eternit|y, -ies 
r'ta:n|l, -ali [•]!] eter|nal, -ally 
0'i:ta Etah 
'i:ta*, -z eater, -s 

Michaelia & Jones, Piionetio Diotionary. 


'iitabl— 'idiasi 

194 — 

liyan'dsel- — 'idjam 

'i:t9bl, -z eatable (s. «<&'.), -s 

'iitaslzm itacism 

Oi:ti'ol8d3|i, -ist, -ists etiolog|y, 

-ist, -ists 
O'fctn 1) Eaton; 2) Eton; 3) eaten 

(/rom eat) 
O ii'tonnjen, -z Etonian, -s 
O iitJT each 
■ 'i:03*, -z ether, -s 
iiOa'lsdsik, -»1 ethologic, -al 
Or'Marial, -i etherial, -ly 
i-'Oiarialaiz, -iz, -ig, -d etheri- 

aliz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
i:9i'oapi3[-pJ3], -n, -nz Ethiopia, 

-n, -ns 
'i:61op, -8 Ethiop, -s 
Oi''69l»d3|i, -ist, -ists etholog|y, 

-ist, -ists 
•iiT, -z 1) eave, -s; 2) eve (E.), -s 
OiJTwn'dsellk [ey, -ran-], -s, -al, 

-alz, -all evangelic (s. o<&'.), -s, 

-al, -als, -ally 
O'iiva Eva 
'i:va* Ivor 

iiTa'yni/aii [ev-], -z evolution, -s 
iiTalJuiJanjari [ev-, -J?-], -ist, 

-ists, -izm evolution|ary, -ist, 

-ists, -ism 
iiva'ljHiJanJ [ev-, Sifl] evolu- 
'iiTaynit ['ev-, -vol-], -s evolute, 

'i:v|9n, -9nZj -anii| [-i^ig], -and 

ev|en {s.adj.v.adv.), -ens, -ening, 


iivan'dsel- = iivan'dsel- 
iiva'nes [ev-], -iz, -iij, -t; -ns, 

-nt evanesc|e, -es, -ing, -ed; 

-ence, -ent 
'iivanjli, -nis even|ly, -ness 
'i:vans3g, -z evensong, -s 
'i:v»ntaid, -z eventide, -s • 
Oii'vikt, etc. = i'vikt, etc. 
'i:vil, -z evil (s. ac^.), -s 
'iivil'ai ['i:v^-], -z, -d evil-eye, -s, 

'iivil'du'a*, -s evil-doer, -s 
'iiviil evilly 
livil'maindid, -nis evil-minded, 

'i:virspi:kii| evil-speaking 
O'fcvl, etc. = 'iiTlI, etc. 
'i:vli 1) Eveleigh; 2) Evelegh 
'iivlin 1) Evelyn; 2) Eveline 
O'iivn, ete. = 'iivan, etc. 
'i:vnii|, -z evening (g.), -s 
O'iivjam Evesham 
O i:vz 1) eaves (E.); 2) eves (E.) 
'iivzdrap, -s, -ig^ -t; -a*, -az 

eavesdrop, -a, -ping, -ped; -per, 

•i:z, -iz, -ig, -d 1) (s. v.) easje, 

-es, -ing, -ed; 2) E's 
0'i:z|i, -ia*, -list, -ili, -inis eas)y 

(E.), -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
'iizi^gouig easy-going 
'i:zii|wonld Eaaingwold 
'i:zi'tj"ea*, -z easy-chair, -s 
0'i:zl, -z easel, -s 
O'iizmant, -s easement, -s 

•i he {occasional weak form) 

• i'aigou Jago 
•i'baidem ibidem 
i'braiati ebriety 

• 'idiagreef [-diog-, -gro:f], -s 
Ideograph, -s 

idla'grsefik [-dlo'g-], -al, -all 

ideographic, -al, -ally 
'idiam [Idjam], -z idiom, -s 
idia'msetik [idle-, idja-, idjo-], 

•»!, -ali idiomatic, -al. -ally 
'idias|i ['idja-], -iz idiocfy, -ies 

idla'sigkrasli [idio-, idja-, idjo-], 

-iz idiosyncrac|y, -ies 
'idiat ['idjat], -s idiot, -s 
'idiatizm [Idja-], -z idiotism, -s 
'idil, -z = 'aidii, -z idyll, -s 
i'dilik = ai'dilik idyllic 
idi'agrafi idiography 
idi'aladsli, -ist, -ists ideolog|y, 

-ist, -ists 
idi'otik, -al, -ali idiotic, -al, -ally 
i'dijan, -z edition, -s 
O'i^am, etc., 'idjat, etc. = 'idia- 

i'JIjnw— i'lljansi 

— 195 

i'fjnisJT— ig' 

i'djnis, etc. = i:'dju:s, etc. 
Oi'dsaina ^gina 
id38Bkju'leiJan, -z ejaculation, -s 
i'd38B!^aIeit, -s, -ig, -id; -iT 

[, . . lativ] ejacalat|e, -es, -ing, 

-ed; -ive 
i'dsekt, etc., i'dsran = ii'ds- 
i'dsip/an, -z Egyptian, -s 
la*, -z, -d ear, -s, -ed 
O'isdrAm, -z eardrum, -s 
O'iakas, 'ialas = 1:8- 
O'ismaik, -s, -i^, -t earmark 

(s. y.), -8, -ing, -ed 
O'ian, -z 1) Ian; 2) = 'i:an, -z 
O'iareik earache [seon, -s 

'iara, -z era, -s [-ily, -iness 

'iarli {adj.), -ili, -inis eer|ie [-y], 
i8r|i, -iz («.) 1) eyrlie [-|y], -ies; 

2) aer|y, -ies; 3) Erie 
'iarln Erin 
'larig, -z earring, -s 
'iaros ['er-] Eros 
ia'rnidslnas seruginous 
O'iajat earshot 

O'iatrAmpit, -s ear-trumpet, -s 
O'iawseks earwax 
'iawig, -z earwig, -s 
'ia'witnis, -iz earwitness, -es 
Oiaz ears (from ear) 
•if if 

Oi'filds, etc. = e'filds, etc. 
Oi'feis. -iz, -ig, -t; -abl; -mant 

effacfe, -es, -ing, -ed ; -able ; -men t 
Oi'feki, -8, -ig, -id effect (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
i'fektiT, -li, -nis effective, -ly, 

i'fekljneit [-tju-], -s, -ig, -id 

effectuat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
i'fekljual [-tju-], -i effectual, -ly 
i'femar|a, -i:, -al; -as ephemer|a, 

-86, -al; -ous 
i'femaris ephemeris 
i'femineit, -s, -ig, -id effeminatje 

(v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
i'feminasi effeminacy 
i'feminit, -II, -nis effeminate 

{adj.), -ly, -ness 
Oi'fi:t = e'fi:t effete 
i'fi:3iaii, -z Ephesian, -a 
Oifidsi'naia Iphigenia 
i'fijan|si, -t, -tli eff icien|cy, -t, -tly 

Oi'flu:siT, -li, -nis effusive, -ly, 

rfja:3»n, -z effusion, -s 
Oi'fluiTiam = e'fl- effluvium 
Oi'frAntari = e'fr- effrontery 
• igju'ama, -z = i'gtraina, -z 
Oig'nait, -s, -ig, -id; -abl ignit|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed; -able 
ig'tieljias, -an Ignatijus, -an 
'ignamini ignominy 
igna'minias [-nom-, -njas], -li 

-nis ignominious, -ly, -ness 
igna'reimas, -iz ignoramus, -es 
'ignaran|s, -t, -tli ignoran|ce, -t, 
'ignias igneous [-tly 

'ignis'fee^nas ignis-fatuus 
ig'nijan ignition 
ignou'biliti ignobility 
ig'nonbjl, -li, -Inis ignob|le, -ly, 

ig'noia*, -z, -rig, -d ignor|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
Oi'greJ»n = i:'greJan egression 
i'griidsias, -li, -nis egregious, 

-ly, -ness 
Oi'gwaina [igjn'a:-], -z iguana, -s 
Oigz- prefix ex- (All the words 

with this prefix may also be 

pronounced with egz-) 
ig'za:mp|K -Iz, -lig, -Id examp|le 

(*. v.), -Ies, -ling, -led 
igzaispa'reijan [-zaes-] exasper- 
ig'za:spareit [-'zses-], -s, -ig, -id; 

-a*, -az exasperatfe, -es, -ing, 

-ed; -or, -ors • [-s 

igzeedsa'reijan, -z exaggeration, 
ig'zaedsareit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, 

-az; -It [. . . rativ] exaggerat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors; -ive 
ig'zsek/an, -z exaction, -s 
ig'z8ekt,-a*,-ist; -li, -nis; -s,-ig^ 

-id; -a*, -az; -itjn:d exact (oe&. 

v.), -er, -est; -ly, -ness; -s, -ing, 

-ed; -er [-or], -ers [-ors]; -itude 
ig'zaemin. -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 

examinfe, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
igzeemi'neij'dn, -z examination, -s 
igzeemi'ni:, -z examinee, -s 
ig'ztes- ^= ig'za:s- 
ig'zAlt, -s, -ig. -igli, -id exult 

-s, -ing, -ingly, -ed 

ig 'zAltans— ig 'z9:st 


ig 'zoistiT — ik'sepjanl. 

ig'zAlt9n|8, -si, -t, -tli exultan- 

|ce, -cy, -t, -tly 
ig'zekjnta*. -z; -ri, -/ip executor 

{of a will), -s; -y, -ship 
ig'zekjntant, >s executant, -s 
ig'zekjntir, -z, -li executive (s. 

ig'zekjntriks, -iz executrix, -es 
ig'zempl3r|i, -ill, -inis exem- 
plar|y, -ily, -iness 

faiz, -faiig, -faid 

-fying, -fied 
-z exempli- 


, exempli |fy, -fies, 

fication, -s 
ig'zempjan, -z exemption, -s 
ig'zenijjit, -s, -ii), -id exempt 

(adj. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
ig'zaijan, -z exertion, -s 
ig'za:t, -s, -ii), -id; -iT exert, 

-s, -ing, -ed; -ive 
ig'zibit, -s, -iij, -id; -a*, -az; 

-ari, -iT exhibit (s. v), -s, -ing, 

-ed; -or, -ors; -ory; -ive 
ig'zigjnas, -nis exiguous, -ness 
igzila'rei/an exhilaration 
Ig'zilareit, -s, -ig, -id; -ir 

[. . . rativ] exhilarat|e, -es, -ing, 

-ed; -ive 
ig'zilarant, -s exhilarant, -s 
ig'zist, -s^ -ig, -id; -ans, -ansiz, 

-ant exist, -s, -ing, -ed; -ence, 

-ences, -ent 
ig'zjnibareit, -s, -ii|, -id exuher- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
lg'2Jn:I)9ran|s, -si, -t, -tli exu- 

beran|ce, -cy, -t, -tly 
ig'zjn:d [eg'z-, ek's-], -z, -ig, -id 

exud|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
ig'zjnim, etc. = eks'fajn:m, etc. 
igzjnivi'eij'an exuviation 
ig'zjii:Tieit, -s, -ig, -id exuviatje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
ig'zja:ri|al. -i: exuvijal, -se 
ig'zaibitanfs, -si, -t, -tli exorbi- 

tan|ce, -cy, -t, -tly 
ig'zaidiam, -z exordium, -s 
ig'za-lt, -s, -ig, -id, -idli, -idnis 

exalt, -s, -ing, -ed, -edly, -edness 
ig'za:8t, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 

-ibl [-abl]; -lis exhaust (s.v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers; -ible; 


ig'zoistiv, -li, -nis exhaustive, 

-ly, -ness 
ig'zaist/an exhaustion 
ig'za:t, -s, -ig, -id; -atari, -atir 

exhort, -s, -ing, -ed ; -atory, -ative 
ig'zalt, etc. = ig'zazlt, etc. 
igzana'reijan exoneration 
ig'zanareit, -s, -ig, -id; -iv 

exonerat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -ive 
ig'zatik, -s exotic (s. adj.), -a 
ig'zn:- = ig';^n:- 
• 'ikabad Ichabod 
O i'klept yclept 
i'kliizisest. -s ecclesiast, -s 
ikli:zi'«est|i:z, -ikas Ecclesiastjes, 

ikliizi'sestik, -s, -al, -ali eccle- 
siastic («. adj.), -s, -aJ, -ally 
ikliizi'sestisizm ecclesiasticism 
i'kli:zia ecclesia 
i'klips, -iz, -ig, -t eclipsje (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
i'kliptik ecliptic 
Oik'DJniman, -z ichneumon, -s 
Oi'kan- = i:'kan- 
Oiks- prefix ex- (All the words 

with this prefix may also be 

pronounced with eks-) 
ik'sait, -s, -ig, -id; -abl excit|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed; -able 
iksaita'biliti excitability 
ik'saitant, -s = 'eksitant, -s 

excitant, -s 
ik'saitig (adj.) exciting 
ik'saitmant, -s excitmant, -s 
ik'saiz, -iz, -ig, -d; -abl escisle 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -able 
ik'saizjiuan, -man excise|man, 

ik'sekjan, -z exsection, -s 
ik'sekt, -8, -ig, -id exsect, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
ik'sel, -z, -ig, -d excel, -s, -ling, 

ik'selsia:* excelsior 
ik'sentrik, -s, -ali 1) eccentric 

(s. adj.), -s, -ally; 2) excentric 
ik'sep/an, -z exception, -s 
ik'sepjanabll [-/?-], -li, -Inis 

exceptionabjle, -ly, -leness 
ik'8epX|an| [-rylf], -anali [-^ali] 

excepti|onal, -onally 

ik'sept — iks'kru:J'ieit 


iks'pala* — ikBperi'meiit9laiz 

Ik'sept, -s, -li|, -id; -Ir except 

{v. prep, cowj.), -s, -ing, -ed; -ive 
ik'ses, -iz, -in, -t excess («. v.], 

-ea, -ing, -ed 
ik'sesir, -li, -nis excessive, -ly, 

ik'83:pjan, -z excerption, -s 
ik's3:pt, -s, -ig, -id 1) excerpt 

(«.), -s. -ing, -ed; 2) (s.) = 

ik'siid, -z, -ii|, -igli, -id exceed, 

-8; -ing, -ingly, -ed 
ik'sind, -z, -ii|, -id exscind, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
ik'sis^n, -z excision, -s 
iks'kais, -iz, -ii), -t excur8|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
iks'kaisas, -iz excursus, -es 
iks'k9:siT, -li, -nis excursive, -ly, 

iks'kaijan, -z excursion, -s 
iks'kaijanist [-J^-], -s excursion- 
ist, -s 
iks'kjnis, -iz excuse (s.), -s 
iks'kjn:z, -iz, -iijj -d; -atari ex- 

cus|e («.), -es, -mg, -ed; -atory 
iks'kjn:zab{l, -II, -Inis excusa- 

b|le, -ly, -leness 
iks'kleematari exclamatory 
iks'kleim, -z, -ig, -d exclaim, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
iks'kln:d, -z, -ig, -id exclud|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
iks'klnisir, -li, -nis exclusive, 

-ly, -ness , 
iks'kla:3»n, -z exclusion, -s 
iks'kairieit, -s, -ifl, -id excori- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
ikskadsi'tei/an, -z excogitation, 

iks'kadsiteit, -s, -ig, -id excog- 

itat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
iks'kresanjs, -siz; -si, -siz; -t 

excrescen|ce, -ces; -cy, -cies; -t 
iks'kri:/9n, -z excretion, -s 
iks'kriit, -s, -ig, -id; -ari, -iv 

excret|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -ory, 

ikskruiXreiJan [-n:si-] excru- 
iks'krnijieit, -s, -ig, -igli, -id 

excruciat|e, -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 

iks'paia*, -z, -rig, -d; -ratari, 

•ri expir|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -atory, 

iks'pannd, -z, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
expound, -s, -ing, -ed ; -er, -ers 

iks'psend, -z, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
expand, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers' 

iks'psens, -iz; -»il expans|e, -es; 

ikspsensl'biliti [-sa'b-] expansi- 

iks'paensibll [-sab-], -li, -Inis 
expansib|le, -ly, -leness 

iks'piensiv, -li, -nis expansive, 
-ly, -ness 

iks'psenjan, -z expansion, -s 

iks'ptetrieit, etc. = iks'peit- 

iks'pAlsiv expulsive 

iks'pAl^an, -z expulsion, -s 

iks'pAnc^S, -iz, -ig, -d expung|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

ikspeiji'eijan, -z expatiation, -s 

ikspeijielt, -s, -ig, -id expatiat|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

ikspeitri'eijan [-pset-] expatri- 

iks'peitrieit [-'p»t-], -s, -ig, -id 
expatriat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

iks'pekt, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
expect, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

iks'pektanls, -si, -siz; -t, -tli 
expectanjce, -cy, -cies; -t, -tly 

ikspekta'rei/an expectoration 

iks'pektareit, -s, -ig, -id expec- 
torat|e -es, -ing, -ed 

iks'pektarant, -s expectorant («. 
adj.), -s 

iks'pel, -z, -ig, -d; -abl expel, 
-s, -ling, -led; -lable 

iks'pend, -z, -ig, -id expend, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

iks'penditja*, -z expenditure, -s 

iks'pens, -iz expense, -s 

iks'pensiv, -li, -nis expensive, 
-ly, -ness 

iks'periment, -S; -ig, -id experi- 
ment (v.), -s, -mg, -ed 

iksperimen'teijan, -z experi- 
mentation, -s 

iksperi'mentalaiz, -iz, -ig,_ -d 
experimentaliz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, 

iksperi'ment— iks'tempsr- 

198 — ibstemparai'z — iks'triim 

iksperi'ment3l|ist, -i8ts,_ -izm 

esperiinental|ist, -ists, -ism 
iksperi'meiit|l, -all experiment- 
la!, -ally 
iks'perimsnt, -a experiment (s.), -s 
iks'pa:t, -ist, -11, -nis expert 

(adj.), -est, -ly, -ness 
iks'pi:di3n|8 [-dljan*], -si; -t, -tli 

expedien|ce, -cy; -t, -tly 
iks'piarians, -iz, -ig, -t experi- 

enc|e (g. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
ik8'plsen9t9r|i, -ill,- inis explan- 

ator|y, -ily, -iness 
iks'plein, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az; 

■abl explain, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, 

-ers; -able 
Iks'pliitiT, -z expletive (g. ac^.), -s 
iks'plikjebl, -stlT = 'eksplik- 
iks'plisit, -11, -nis explicit, -ly, 

iks'plond, -z, -ig, -Id: -3*, -az 

explodje, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
iks'plouglT, -z, -li, -nis explos- 
ive, -s, -ly, -ness 
iks'plonsan, -z explosion, -s 
iks'ploia*, -z, -rill, -d explor|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
ika'plairja*, -az; -ativ, -atari 

explor|er, -ers; -ative, -atory 
iks'plait, -8, -ig, -id exploit {v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed 
iks'ponnant, -s exponent, -s 
iks'ponz, -iz, -ig, -d: -a*, -az 

expos|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
iks'ponsa*, -z exposure, -s 
iks'pait, -8, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 

-abl export («.), -s, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers; -able 
ikspastju'leijan [-tjn-], -z ex- 
postulation, -s 
iks'pas^nleit [-tju-], -s, -ig, 

•id expostulat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
iks'pres, -li, -nis; -iz, -ig, -t; 

-ibl express (g. adj. v.), -ly, 

-ness; -es, -ing, -ed; -ible 
iks'preslT, -li, -nis expressive, 

-ly, -ness [-s; -less"! 

ik8'prej»n, -z; -lis expression,J 
iks'tsent = 'ekstant extant 
iks'temparaiz, -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, 

-az extemporiz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, 

-ed; -er, -ers 

ik8temparai'zeiXan,-z extempor- 
ization [-isa-], -s 

iks'tend, -z, -ig, -id extend, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

ikstenju'eijan, -z extenuation, -s 

iks'tenjueit, -s, -ig, -igli, -id 
extenuat|e, -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 

iks'tenjueitjiv [-jnat-], -ari ex- 
tenuat|ive, -ory 

iks'tensail extensile 

iks'tensja*, -az; -ibl [-abl] ex- 
tens|or, -ors; -ible 

ikstensi'billti [-sa'b-] extensi- 

iks'tensir, -11, -nis extensive, 
-ly, -ness 

iks'ten/sn, -z extension, -s 

iks'tent, -s extent, -s 

iksta:mi'neij'an, -z extermina- 
tion, -s 

iks'taimineit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
exterminat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 

lk8'ta:minelt|lT [-nat-], -ari ex- 
terminat|ive, -ory 

iks'ta:minabl exterminable 

Iks'tlggwiJ", -iz, -ig, -t; -a*, -az; 
■abl; -mant extinguish, -es, 
-ing, -ed; -er, -ers; -able; -ment 

Iks'tlgkjan, -z extinction, -s 

iks'tigfet extinct 

iks'tonl, etc. = iks'tal, etc. 

iks'taijan. -z extortion, -s 

Iks'toijanfa* [-Ji^-], -az; -it, -itli 
extortion|er, -ers; -ate, -ately 

iks'toit, -8, -ig, -id extort, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

iks'tal [-'toul], -z, -ig, -d extol, 
-s, -ling, -led 

iks'trtekXan, -z extraction, -s 

iks'trsekt, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
extract(«.), -s, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 

ikstrteva'gffinza, -z extravaganza, 

iks'trsevageit, -s, -ig, -id extra- 
vagat|e, -es. -ing, -ed 

iks'trteylganls [-vag-], -bIz, -si; 
■t, -tli extravagan|ce, -ces, -cy; 
-t, -tly 

ik8'tremit|i, -iz extremit|y, -ies 

iks'triim, -z, -ist, -11, -nis ex- 
treme (g. adj.), -s, -st, -ly, -ness 

ik8'tri:ini8t— i'leepg 

199 — I'lsestik— i'lektroMdai'n- 

ik8'tri:iii{ist, -ists, -izm extrem- 

|ist (s.), -ists, -ism 
ik8'tra:din3r{i [ekstra'o:-], -ill, 

-inis extraordinar|y, -ily, -ineas 
iks'truid, -z, -ig, -id extrud|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
iks'ta'aisan, -z extrusion, -s 
iks't/eine^s, -iz. -ii|, -d; -abl 

exchang|e (s. t;.), -es, -ing, -ed; 

ikstj[eine{33'biliti exchangea- 
iks'tjeka*, -z exchequer, -s 
O'iktas, -iz ictus, -es 
O ikOi9'so:r|as [-Oio's-], -ai, -asiz 

ichthyosaur|us, -i, -uses 
ik61'al3d3|i, -ist, -ists ichthyo- 

log|y, -ist, -ists 
Oi'kwsen- ^ i:'kwsen- 
i'kweijan, -z equation, -s 
i'ktreit, -s, -ii), -id equatje, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
i'kweita*, -z equator, -s 
i'kwestrian, -z, -izm equestrian 

(s. adj.), -a, -ism 
i'ktrip, -s, -ii), -t; -mant/s equip, 

-s, -ping, -ped; -ment/s 
ikwiTa'keiJ'an, -z equivocation, -s 
i'kwiTakeit, -s, -ir|, -id; -a*, -az 

equivocatfe, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 

i'kwiTak|9l, -ali, -slnis eqnivoc- 

|al, -ally, -alness 
i'kTriTalan|8, -t, -t8, -tli equi- 

valen|ce, -t, -ts, -tly 
i'kwal- = ii'kwal- 
• il ill 

O i'lorstik, etc. = i'l8e8tik, etc. 
Oi'laid, -z, -iij, -id elid|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
i'laidsa Elijah 
i'laia8 Eliaa 
i'laija Elisha 
i'laiza Eliza 

O ilaeba'reijan, -z elaboration, -s 
i'I«ebareit, -8, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 

-iT elaboratje (v.), -es, -ing, -ed; 

-or, -ors; -ive 
i'ltebarit, -Ii, -ni8 elaborate [adj.), 

-ly, -ness 
I'lteps, -iz, -ii), -t elaps|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 

i'lffistik [-'la:8-], -8, -ali elastic 
(s. adj.), -s, -ally 

Oi'lAstreit, etc., dialectal for 'ilas- 
treit, etc.. 

i'lA8tratiT ['ilastreitiv], -Ii illus- 
trative, -ly 

i'lAstrias, -ii, -nis illustrious, 
-ly, -ness 

O'ill'bondii), -'bred, -'briidiij 
ill|-boding, -bred, -breeding 

O 'il'dsAdsd ill-judged 

Oi'lei/an elation 

i'leit, -8, -ig, -id, -idii elatje, 
-es, -ing, -ed, -edly 

Oiled3i'biliti [-dsa'b-] illegibility 

i'led3ib|I [-dsab-], -Ii, -Inis illeg- 
ib|le, -ly, -leness 

i'lekj^n, -z election, -a 

ilekja'nia* [-J^'ia*], -z, -rig, -d; 
-ra*, -raz electioneer, -s, -ing, 
-ed; -er, -ers 

i'lekt, -8, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 
•9T9l elect (s. a^. v.), -a, -ing, 
-ed; -or, -ors; -oral 

i'lektarit, -s electorate, -s 

i'lektiv, -11 elective, -ly 

i'lektra Electra 

i'lektrafonn, -z electrophone, -s 

ilektra'bja:X»n, -z electrocution, 

i'lektrakjnit, -8, -ig, -id electro- 
cut|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

i'lektralait [-trol-], -s electro- 
lyte, -s 

ilektra'litik [-tro'l-] electrolytic 

i'lektram electrum 

i'lektraskoup, -s electroscope, -s 

i'lektrataip [-toot-], -s, -ig, -t; 
-a*, -az electrotypfe (s. v.), -es, 
-ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

i'lektri|fai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid; 
-faiabl electri|fy, -fies, -fying, 
-fied; -fiable 

ilektrifi'keij'an, -z electrifica- 
tion, -s [-aiiyl 

i'lektrik, -»1, -all electric, -al,J 

Uek'trisiti [el-, i:l-] electricity 

ilek'trijan [el-, i:l-], -z electric- 
ian, -s 

i'lektrodd, -z electrode, -s 

ilektroMdai'neemiks electro- 

i'lektroMmseg'n-— i'lirikam — 200 — 

i'lislt— irtaimd 

i'lektrowmseg'netik electro- 
i'lektrow'mtegiiit, •s; -izm elec- 
tro-magnet, -s; -ism 
i'lektroM'mouta*, -z electro- 
motor, -s 
i'lektrotejtleit, -s, -ij. -id; -a*, 
-az electroplat|e («. v), -es, -ing, 
-ed; -er, -ers 
i'lektrou'steetiks electrostatics 
i'lektrolait, etc., i'lektrotaip, etc. 

= i'lektara-, etc. 
ilek'trofaras [el-], -iz electro- 

phoruB, -es 
ilek'trslislis [el-, -Iss-], -iiz 

electrolys|is, -es 
ilek'tromita* [el-], -z electro- 
meter, -s 
i'lektron, -z electron, -s 
i'leTn, -z, -0, "Bs eleven, -s, -th, 

O ilss'treij^n, -z illustration, -s 
'ilastreit, -s, -iii, -id; -a*, -az 
illustrat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 
'llastreitiT = i'lAstratir 
O'il'feivad, -11, -nis ill-favoured, 

-ly, -ness 
ilfra'kn:m Ilfracombe 
O ,ili''g»lit|i, -iz illegalit|y, -ies 
i'li:g|al, -ah illegal, -ally 
O 'lilted = 'Iliad Iliad 
iliba'rteliti illiberality 
j['libar|9l, -all illiber|al, -ally 
^ili'dsitimasi illegitimacy 
^li'dsitimit, -11 illegitimate 
'Iliad ['iljad, -Ised, -jsed] Iliad 
i'liksa*, -z elixir, -s 
ilimi'neljdn, -z elimination, -s 
i'limineit, -s, -ig, -id elimiuat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
i'limitabll, -11, -Inis illimitabjle, 

-ly, -leness 
lli'naLs Illinois 
i'lips, -iz ellipse, -s 
i'lipsjis, -i:z ellipsjis, -es 
i'lipsaid, -z ellipsoid, -s 
ilip'saidi, ilip'tisiti = elip- 
i'liptik, -»1, -all elliptic, -al, 

i'liria, -n, -nz Illyria, -n, -ns 
i'llrikam Illyricum 

i'lislt, -11, -nis illicit {adj.), -ly, 

i'lisit, -8, -ii|, -id elicit (v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
i'litarasi illiteracy 
I'litarit, -b, -11, -nis illiterate 

(s. adj.), -8, -ly, -ness 
i'UzabaO Elizabeth [-isa-] 
iliza'biiOan, -z Elizabethan {s. 

adj.), -s 
i'lizi|aii, -am Elisi|an, -um 
i'lisan, -z elision, -s 
O'iljted, 'iljad = 'Iliad 
i'l^'nid, -z, -ii|, -id elud|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
i'l^'nim, -z, -ig, -d illum|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
i'lJniiniD, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az; 
-abl iilumin|e, -es, -ing, -ed; 
-er, -era; -able 
ilju:mi'neij9n, -z illumination, 

i'ly'u:mineit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 
-iv [. . . nativ] illuminat|e, -es, 
-ing, -ed; -or, -ors; -ive 
i'l^/nisarji, -ill, -inis 1) illusorjy, 

-ily, -iness; 2) elusory 

HJuisi'deiJan, -z elucidation, -s 

i'j^u:sideit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 

-ari, -It elucidat|e, -es, -ing, 

-ed; -or, -ors; -ory, -ive 

i'ljuisiv, -11, -nis 1) illusive, -ly, 

-ness; 2) elusive, -ly, -ness 
'il'jnizd ill-used 
i'lj'nisan, -z 1) illusion, -s; 

2) elusion, -s 
0'ilkan'diX»nd ill-conditioned 
O illed3-, illi:g-, ill!-, ilia- = 

iled3-, ili:g-. ili-, ila- 
'illnkig ill-looking 
O'ilminsta* Ilminster- 
O'irneitja*, -d, -dli ill-nature, 
. -d, -dly 

'ilnis, -iz illness, -es 
O'il'onmend ill-omened 
i'lonp, -s, -ig, -t; -mant/s elop|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed; -ment/s 
O'lro-f ill-off 
^i'ladsikjal, -all, -alnis illogic|al, 

-ally, -alness 
O'il'staid ill-starred 
O'il'taimd ill-timed 

'il'tempad — im'bsei|k 

201 — im'bsBras— ime'mDirial 

'il'tempad ill-tempered 
'il'triit, -s, -ii), -id; -mant ill- 
treat, -s, -ing, -ed; -ment 

'iltjista* Ilchester 
O i'ln:- = i'ljn:- 
O'il'wil ill-will 
9 im him {weak form) 
O i'moidsineit, -s, -ii|, -id emar- 
ginat|e {v.), -es, -ing, -ed 

i'ma:d3iiiit emarginate («£&'.) 

i'ma:s- = i'maes- 
O i'msedsin, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 
imagin|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

Imiedsi'neiX^ii, -z imagination, -s 

i'msed3inab|l, -li, -Inls imagina- 
bjle, -ly, -leness 

i'msedsinarji, -Hi, -inis imagin- 
ar|y, -ily, -iness 

i'msedsinatlT, -11, -nis imaginat- 
ive, -ly, -ness 

i'meedslnig, -z (s.) imagining, -s 

i'meefejulit, -11, -nis immaculate, 
-ly, -ness 

I'meeiijnal 1) E(m)manuel; 2) Im- 
manuel [-s 

imtensi'peij'an, -z emancipation, 

i'meensipeit. -s, -ig, -Id; -a*, -az 
emancipatfe, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 

imseskju'lei/an [-ino:s-],-z emas- 
culation, -s 

i'meesbjnieit [-'mo:s-], -s, -ii|, 
-id; -a*, -az emasculatje (v.), 
-es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 

Oi'mAlJan. -z emulsion, -s 

i'inAi|fttar|i, -iz emunctorly, -ies 

Oim'ba:*, -z, -rig, -d embar, -s, 
-ring, -red 

im'baigon, etc. = em- 

im'baik, -s, -ig, -t embark, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

im'bazm, -z, -ig, -d; -a", -az; 
-inant embalm, -s, -ing, -ed; 
-er, -ers; -ment 

im'baib, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az im- 
bib|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

im'bauel [-il, -al], -Zj -^t '* 
embowel, -s, -ling, -led 

im'bana*, -z, -rig, -d embower, 
-8, -ing, -ed 

im'bfegk, -s, -ig, -t; -mant/s em- 
bank, -s, -ing, -ed; -ment/s 

Im'bseras, -iz, -ig, -t; -mant/s 

embarrass, -es, -ing, -ed; -ment/s 

im'bset|l, -Iz, -Jig [-lig], -Id em- 
batt|le, -Ies, -ling, -led 

im'bed, -z, -ig, -id; -mant em- 
bed, -8, -ding, -ded; -ment 

im'belij, -iz, -ig, -t; -a*, -az; 
-mant embellish, -es, -ing, -ed; 
-er, -ers; -ment 

im'bezjl, -Iz, -lig [-lig], -Id; 
-Imant embezzjle, -Ies, -ling, 
-led; -lement 

im'bezja* [-la*], -z embezzler, -s 

'imbisail [-sM], -z imbecile, -s 

imbi'silit|i, -iz imbecilit|y, -ies 

im'bita*, -z, -rig, -d; -ra*, -raz; 
■mant embitter, -s, -ing, -ed; 
-er, -ers; -ment 

im'bjn:, -z, -ig [im'bjuig], -d 
imbu|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

im'bleiz|an, -»nz, -anig [-ifig], 
-and emblaz|on, -ons, -oning, 

lm'bonld|an, -anz, -anig [-^g], 
-and embold|en, -ens, -ening, 

im'badji, -iz, -iig, -id; -imant 
embod|y, -ies, -ying, -ied ; -iment 

im'bo8,-iz,-ig,-t; -a*, -az; -mant 
emboss, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers; 

im'breis. -iz, -ig, -t; -ari em- 
brac|e (s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -ery 

im'breisa* [-3jua*], -z embra- 
sure, -s 

im'bronliou [-Ijou], -z 1) im- 
broglio, -s; 2) embroglio, -s 

im'broida*, -z, -rig, -d embroid- 
er, -s, -ing, -ed 

im'broidar|a*, -az; -ij -iz em- 
broider|er, -ers; -y, -ies 

im'brail, -z, -ig, -d; -mant em- 
broil, -8, -ing, -ed; -ment 

im'brn:, -z, -ig [im'bruig], -d 
imbru|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

im'bnzam, -z, -ig, -d embosom, 
-s, -ing, -ed 

O imeiji'djan [-meisi-] emaci- 

i'meijieit [-'meisi-], -s, -ig, -id 
emaciatje, -es, -ing, -ed 

O ime'maxial = imi'mairial 

i'meud— 'imiteit 

— 202 — 

'imiteitiv— im'pwnj 

i'meud, -z, -ig, -idj -abl; -atari 

emend, -s,-ing,-ed; -able; -atory 
i'mens, -li, -nis, -iti immeiiB|e, 

-ely, -eness, -ity 
i'meritas emeritus 
i'metik, -s, -al, -ali emetic {s. 

adj.), -s, -al, -ally 
i'mesarabll, -li, -Inis immea- 

surab|le, -ly, -1 eness 
Oi'maidg, -iz, -ig, -d emerg|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
i'm3:d33n|s, -si, -siz; -t, -tli 

emergen|ce, -cy, -cies; -t, -tly 
i'mais, -iz, -ig, -t immersje, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
i'maijan, -z 1) immersion, -s; 

2) emersion, -s 
O ima'biliti [-mo'b-] immobility 
imaleijan [-mo'l-], -z immol- 
ation, -s 
'imaleit [-mol-j, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, 

-9Z immolat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; 

-or, -ors 
ima'ma:i'lal = imi'ma:rial 
'imanan|s, -t immanen|ce, -t 
ima'reelit|i [-mo'r-, -mo'r-], -iz 

immoralit|y, -ies 
'imatiari'«eliti immateriality 
,ima'tiarial, -i immaterial, -ly 
ima'tjaa*, -li, -nis, -riti imma- 

tur|e, -ly, -ness, -ity 
O im'fsetik, etc. = em'feetik, etc. 
O i'miidjat [-dsat], -11 immediate, 


'imid3, -iz, -d, -ari image (I.), 

-8, -d, -ry 
i'mia*, -z = e'mia*, -z 
imi'greij'an, -z immigration, -s 
'imigreit, -s, -ig, -d immigrat|e, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'imigrant, -s immigrant, -s 
'iminan{s, -t, -tli imminen|ce, -t, 
i'milia [-IjaJ Emilia [-tly 

i'milias [-Ijas] ^milius 
imi'moirial, -i immemorial, -ly 
i'miXan, -z emission, -s 
i'mit. -s, -ig, -id emit, -s, -ting, 

imi'teij'du, -z imitation, -s 
imiteit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

imitat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er [-or], 

-ers [-ors] 

'imiteitiT, -li, -nis imitative, -ly, 

imita'biliti imitability 
Imitabl imitable 
Oi'mja:n immune 
i'mjn:nit|i, -iz immunitjy, -iea 
imjnita'biliti immutability 
i'mjn:tab|l, -11, -Inis immutab|le, 

-ly, -leness 
i'mjna*, -z, -rig, -d; -mant im- 

mur|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -ement 
O'im'm- ^ I'm-, 'i'm- 
Oi'monjan, -z; -lis emotion, -s; 

i'monj'jan^ [-^W, -anal! [-i^ali] 

emotijonal, -onally 
Oimo'biliti = ima'b- 
Imoleit, etc. = 'imal- 
imo'rseUti = ima'r- 
O imo:'t»liti immortality 
i'm9:talaiz, -iz, -ig, -d immort- 

aliz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
i'ma:t{l, -Iz, -ali immort|al, -als, 

O'imada'reiJ'an immoderation 
i'madarit, -li, -nis immoderate, 

-ly, -ness 
i'madist, -li, -i immodest, -ly, -y 
I'maliant [-Ijant], -s emollient 

(s. adj.), -a 
i'maljumant, -s emolument, -s 
ima'rseliti = ima'r- immorality 
^i'm9r|al, -all immorjal, -ally 
Oimp, -s, -ig, -t imp (s. v.), -a, 

■ing, -ed 
,im'pa:sabl impassable 
im'pa:X|al, -all, -alnis imparti|al, 

-ally, -alness 
impai/i'teliti impartiality 
im'pait, -s, -ig, -id impart, -s, 
_ -ing, -ed 

im'paiatjl, -iz impiet|y, -ies 
im'paua*, -z, -rig, -d empower, 
. -s. -ing, -ed 

im'pannd, -z, -ig, -id impound, 
. -8, -ing, -ea 
'impffikt. -s impact (s.), -b 
im'psekt, -s, -ig, -id impact {v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
im'p9en|l, -Iz, -)ig, -Id; -^mant 

empan|el, -els, -elling, -elled; 


im'ptesJT — im'p9:saneit — 203 — ^im'paissn^— ^im'pjuariti 

im'psesiv, -li, -nis impassive, -ly, 

im'pteXand impassioned 
'impAls, -iz impulse, -s [-ness 
im'pAlgiT, -11, -nis impulsive, -ly, 
Im'pAlJan, -z impulsiou, -s 
Im'pell, -z, -Ig, -d; -mant im- 

pal|e, -s, -ing, -ed; -ement 
ira'peljanls, -t, -til impatieii|ce, 

-t, -tly 
impedl'menta impedimenta 
Im'pedlmant, -s impediment, -s 
impeks'bllltl impeccability 
Im'pekabl impeccable 
Im'pel, -z, -Ig, -d; -a*, -3z; -ant 

impel, -s, -ling, -led; -ler, -lers; 

Im'pend, -z, -Ig, -Id impend, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
.Im'penltsnjs, -t, -til impenitenjce, 

-t, -tly 
Impenltrd'bllltl impenetrability 
ira'penitrabjl, -11, -Inls impene- 

trab|le, -ly, -leness 
Im'peratlv, -z, -11, -nis imperat- 
ive (s. adj), -s, -ly, -ness 
Im'peril, -z, -lij, -d imperil, -s, 

-ling, -led 
jLmperlJa'bllltl imperishability 
im'peri/abll, -11, -Inis imperish- 

ab|le, -ly, -leness 
Im'petjnas, -11, -nis impetuous, 

-ly, -ness 
impetju'aslti impetuosity 
Im'pea*, -z, -rii), -d impair, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
impa''fetj"an, -z imperfection, -s 
im'p3:fekt, >s, -U, -nis imperfect 

(s. adj), -s, -ly, -ness 
im'paifarlt imperforate [bility 
impaimla'bUltl [-mja-] impermea- 
Im'paimiabll [-mja-], -11, -Inls 

impermeablle, -ly, -leness 
impd'septrblllti [-ta'b-] imper- 

lDipa-'septlb|l [-tab-], -11, -Inls 

imperceptib|le, -ly, -leness _ 
Impaisa'neljan, -z impersonation, 


lm'p3:sanelt [-S]^-], -s, -Ifl, -Id; 

-a*, -az impersonat|e, -es, -ing, 
-ed; -or, -ors 

ini'pa:s{an]^ [-l|i|], -anall [-igiali] 
impers|onal, -onally 

'Impa'taiba'bllltl imperturbabil- 

lmpa''ta:bab|l, -11, -Inls imper- 
turbab|le, -ly, -leness 

im'pa:tlnan|s, -t, -til impertin- 
en|ce, -t, -tly 

im'pa:vlas [-vjas], -11, -nis im- 
pervious, -ly, -ness 

impa'f- = Impai'f- 

impa'lalt [-po'l-], -11, -nis im- 
polite, -ly, -ness 

impa's- = i.mpa:'s- 

^impa't- = jimpa;'t- 

'Impatanjs [-pot-], -si, -t, -til 
impoten|ce, -cy, -t, -tly 

Impa'zljan, -z imposition, -s 

Im'pM, -z, -li|, -d imped|e, -es, 
-ing, -ed 

Im'plitJ, -Iz, -li|, -t; -a*, -az; 
-abl; -mant impeach, -es, -ing, 
-ed; -er, -ers; -able; -ment 

'Impl Impey 

im'plarlal, -z, -1; -ist, -Ists, 
-Izm imperial (s. adj.), -s, -ly; 
-ist, -ists, -ism 

Im'plarlas, -11, -nis imperious, 
-ly, -ness 

'Implas [-pjas], -11, -nis impious, 
-ly, -ness 

impl'kjuinlas [-qjas], -nis impe- 
cunious, -ness 

Im'plnc^s, -iz, -Ig, -d; -mant 
imping|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -ement 

'ImplJ", -11, -nis impish, -ly, -ness 

'impltas impetus 

Impjas, etc. = 'implas, etc. 

im'pjoa*, -'pjoia*, etc. = im'pjua* 

im'pja:n, -z, -ii), -d; -a*, -az 
irdpugn, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

lm'pjn:nltl impunity 

lm'pjn:t, -s, -ig, -Id; -a*, -az; 
-abl imput|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, 
-ers; -able 

lmpjn''telj'9n, -z imputation, -s 

'lmpjnd9n|8, -t, -til impuden|ce, 
-t, -tly 

im'pjua* [-'pjoa*, -pjaia*], -11, 
-nis impure, -ly, -ness 

im'pjuarlt|l[-'pjoar-, ■ 

impurit|y, -ies 


impja't — imprai'meite* — 204 — jLmprcektike'biliti — Im'print 

impjn't- = impjui't- 
im'plamt, -8, -ii), -idj -a*, -az 

implant, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
im'pllai, -aiz, -aiig, -aid, -aiidli 

implly, -ies, -ying, -ied, -iedly 
impleika'biliti [-plsek-] implaca- 
' bility 
im'pleik8b|l [-'plsek-], -Ii, -Inis 

implacabfle, -ly, -leness 
impli'keij^n, -z implication, -s 
'implikeit, -s, -ig, -id; -It im- 

plicat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -ive 
'implimant, -s implement, -3 
im'plisit, -Ii, -nis implicit, -ly, 

im'ploia*, -z, -rig^ -rigli, -d; 

-ra*. -raz implor|e, -es, -ing, 

-ingly, -ed; -er, -ers 
im'plai, -z, -ig, -dj -a*, -az; 

-abl} -mant/s employ, -s, -ing, 

-ed; -er, -ers; -able; -ment/a 
im'ponz, -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, -az; 

-abl impo8|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, 

-ers; -able 
im'ponzig {ac^'.), -Ii, -nis impos- 
ing, -ly, -ness 
'impoast, -s impost, -s 
^impo'l- = ^impa'l- 
'impot- = 'impat- 
'impait, -s import (s.), -s 
im'pait, -s, -in, -id; -a*, -az; 

-abl import (v.), -s, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers; -able 
iinpai'teij'dn, -z importation, -s 
iiii'pa:tan|8, -t, -til importan|ce, 

-t, -tly 
im'pa:tjn:n [impa:'t-], -z, -ig, -d 

importan|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
iinpa:'tja:niti importunity 
im'pailjjnnit, -Ii, -nis importun- 
ate, -ly, -ness 
im'palitik [-lat-] impolitic 
im'pandarabjl, -Ii imponderabl|e, 

im^asi'bilit|i [-sa'b-], -iz impossi- 

bilit|y, -ies 
im'pagib|l [-sab-], -Ii impossibjle, 
im'pasta*, -z impostor, -s [-ly 
im'pastj'a*, -z imposture, -s 
im'paT9ri/, -iz, -ig, -t; -mant 

impoyerish, -es, -ing, -ed; -ment 
imprai'meita*, -z = impri'm- 

imprsektika'bilitji, -iz impractic- 

abilitly, -ies 
im'prtektikab{I, -11, -Inis im- 

practioab|le, -ly, -leness [-s 
impreg'neij'an, -z impregnation, 
'impregneit [im'pr-], -s, -ig, -id 

impregnat|e («.), -es, -ing, -ed 
im'pregneit impregnate (a^/.) 
impregna'biliti impregnability 
im'pregnabll, -11 impregnabjle, 


'impres, -iz impress (s.), -es 

im'pres, -iz, -ig, -t impress {v.), 
-es, -ing, -ed 

impre'sairion, -z = impre'z- 

impresi'biliti [-sa'b-] _impres8i- 

im'presibll [-sab-], -11, -Inis im- 
pres8ib|le, -ly, -leness 

im'presir, -11, -nis impressive, 
-ly, -ness 

im'presmantj -s impressment, -s 

'imprest, -s imprest, -s 

im'prest impressed (from impress) 

im'prej'an, -z impression, -s 

imprej'ana'biliti [-Jlf-] impres- 

im'preXanlabl [-J^i-]; -ist, -ists, 
-izm impre8sion|able; -ist, -ists, 

impreJ'a'nistik[-J*]^-] impression- 

impre'zairiou [-pri'z-, -i'sa:-], -z 
impresario, -s 

impra'praiat|i [-pro'p-], -iz im- 
propriet|y, -ies 

'impraTaiz [-prov-], -iz, -ig, -d; 
-a*, -az improvis|e, -es, -ing, 
-ed; -er, -ers 

impraTai'zeiJan [-prOT-], -z im- 
provisation, -s 

im'pri:n, -z, -ig, -d impregn, -s, 

_ -ing, -ed 

impri'keij'an, -z imprecation, -s 
'imprikeit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az, 
-ari imprecat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; 
-or, -ors, -ory 

imprl'meita* [-prai'm-], -z im- 
primatur, -s 
'imprint, -s imprint («.), -s 

im'print, -s, -ig, -id imprint («.), 
-s, -ing, -ed 

impri'zairion — i'niema* 

205 — 

i'neem»l — in'definit 

impri'zairion [-i'so:-], -z = im- 

im'prizln, -nz, -^giig, -nd; -nmant 

impris|on, -ons, -oning, -oned; 

im'pronbiti [-'prob-] improbity 
impro- = impra- 
impraba'bilitli, -iz improbabil- 

it|y, -ies 
im'probabll, -li improbab|Ie, -ly 
'im'pramjjijn:, -z impromptu, -s 
im'prapa*, -li improper, -ly 
iiii'praTidaii|s, -t, -tli improvid- 

eii|ce, -t, -tly 
improTi'zeiJan, -z=:impraTai'z- 
i]n'pra:d9ii|s, -t, -tli imprud- 

en|ce, -t, -tly 
im'prnrr, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az; 

-mant/s improT|e, -es, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -era; -ment/s 
imps, impt imps, imped (from 
O'imrei Imray [in>p) 

'unri 1) Imrie; 2) Imre 
Oim'seif himself {weak form) 
O ^l'mn:Tab|l, -li, -Inis immov- 

ab|le, -ly, -leness 
• in, -z 1) inn, -s; 2) in 
O ina:'tikjnleitid inarticulated 
inai'tibjalit, -li, -nis inarticul- 
ate, -ly, -ness 
inai'tistik, -al, -ali inartistic, -al, 
' -ally 
Oi'nanns, -iz, -ii), -t enounc|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
O ^in'sedlkwasi inadequacy 
in'adikwit, -li, -nis inadequate, 

-ly, -ness 
in'»bjnras|i [-ris-], -iz inaccur- 

ac|y, -ies 
in'iekjnrit, -li inaccurate, -ly 
'inseksesi'biliti [-nat-, -sa'b-] in- 
insek'sesibjl [-nak-, -sab-], -li, 
' -Inis inaccessib|le, -ly, -leness 
in'tekXan inaction 
I'nsekt, -s, -ig, -id; -a», -az; 

-mant/s enact, -s, -ing, -ed; -or, 

-ors; -ment/s 
In'sektiT, -li inactive, -ly 
insek'tiTlti inactivity 
I'nsema*, -z, -rig, -d enamour, 

-8, -ing, -ed 

i'n£em|al, -»lz, -ally [-}lg], -aid 

enam|el(s.«.),-els, -elling, -elled 
in'tenimit, -li, -nig inanimate, 

-ly, -ness 
ln'«enit|i, -iz inanit|y, -ies 
^in'sepazit, -li inapposite, -ly 
'inieplika'biliti [Inapl-] inappli- 
in'eeplikabl [ ina'plik-], -nis in- 
applicable, -ness 
in'sept, -li, -nis, -itjn:d inapt, 

-ly, -ness, -itude 
Oi'nAf [a'nAf] enough 
inAu'deiJan [-nan-], -z inunda- 
tion, -8 
InAndeit [-nan-], -s, -ii), -id in- 

undatje, -s, -ing, -ed 
inAnsi'eiJan, -z enunciation, -s 
i'nAnsieit [-Xieit]? 'h ">ll» "^dj 

-a*, -az enunciat|e, -es, -ing, 

-ed; -or, -ors 
O'in'bain inborn 
'in'bri:d, -z, -ig, 'in'bred inbreed, 

-s, -ing, inbred 
'in'bri:5, -z, -ig, -d inbreath|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
Oin'^n:- = in'hjn:- 
Oind [aind] Ind 
indai'rekt, etc. = indi'rekt, etc. 
in'dait, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

1) indit|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers; 

2) indict, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
in'daitjabi, -mant/s indict|able, 

in'dau, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az; 

-mant/s endow, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, 

-ers; -ment/s 
in'dAkJan, -z induction, -s 
in'dAkt, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 

-iv, -ivli induct, -s, -ing, -ed; 

-or, -ors; -ive, -ively 
in'dAlds, -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 

indnlg|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
in'dAld3an|s, -siz, -t, -tli indid- 

gen|ce, -ces, -t, -tly 
in'dAstrial, -i; -ist, -ists, -izm 

industrial, -ly; -ist, -ists, -ism 
in'dAstrias, -li industrious, -ly 
in'dein<l3a*,-z,-rig,-d endanger, 

-8, -ing, -ed 
in'definit, -li, -nis indefinite, 

-ly, -ness 

in'dekaras — indi'fizzibl 


indig'neiX^ii— .indis'tiggfrij- 

^in'dekaras, -li, -nis indecorous, 

-ly, -ness 
'indleks, -eksiz, -isi:z iiid|ex, 

-exes, -ices 
indeli'biliti [-la'b-] indelibility 
in'delibll [-lab-], -li, -Inis indel- 

ib|le, -ly, -leness 
in'delik3s|i, -iz indelicacjy, -ies 
in'delikit, -11 indelicate, -ly 
iii'de]niii[fai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid 

indemni|fy, -fies, -fying, -fied 
indemnifi'keij'an, -z indemni- 
fication, -s 
in'demnit|i, -iz indemnitjy, -ies 
in'dent, -s, -ii|, -id indent {s. v.), 

-8, -ing, -ed 
inden'teijan, -z indentation, -a 
itt'dentja*, -z indenture, -s 
in'detid, -nis indebted, -ness 
In'deTa*, -z, -riij, -d endeavour 

(s. v.), -a, -ing, -ed 
'ind3len|s [-dol-j, -t, -tli indol- 

en|ce, -t, -tly 
'indas Indus 

'indastrji, -iz industr|y, -ies 
in'di:d indeed 
iii'di:s9n|si, -siz, -t, -til indecen- 

|cy, -cies, -t, -tly 
Indi'tena [-'a:na] Indiana 
'indldsesti'billti [-ta'b-] indiges- 

indl'dsestlbll [-tab-], -li indi- 

gestib|le, -ly 
jndi'dsestjdn indigestion 
'iiidid3an|8, -t, -tli indigen|ce, -t, 

in'didsinas indigenous 
'India, etc. = Indja, etc. 
in'dia*, -z, -rig, -d; -mant en- 
dear, -s, -ing, -ed; -ment 
indla'nsepalis Indianapolis 
indi'faioab|l, -11 indeflnab|le, -ly 
,indrfsetigab{l, -11, -Inis inde- 

fatigabjle, -ly, -leness 
indrfensibjl [-sab-J, -li indefen- 

sib|le, -ly 
in'dlfaran|s, -si, -t, -til indiffer- 

en|ce, -cy, -t, -tly 
'Indifiizrbillti [-za'b-] indefeasi- 

iiidi'fl:zib|l [-zab-], -11 indefeas- 

ib|le, -ly 

Indig'neljan indignation 

In'dlgnant, -11 indignant, -ly 

in'dignlt|l, -iz indignit|y, -ies 

'Indlgou, -z indigo, -s 

indi'keij'an, -z indication, -s 

'indikelt, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 
-ari inaicat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 
-ors; -cry 

in'dlkatlT ['IndlkeltiT], -li in- 
dicative (a<%'.) {pointinff out), -ly 

in'dlkatlT, -z, -11 indicative (s. 
adj.) {in grammar), -s, -ly 

jindi'klainab|l, -Iz, -11 indeclin- 
ab|le (s. adj.), -Ies, -ly 

indl'kairam indecorum 

in'dlkjan indiction 

Indl'pendanls^ -si; -t, -ts, -tli 
independenjce, -oy; -t (I.), -ts, 

indi'rekt [-dai'r-], -11, -nis in- 
direct, -ly, -ness 

indl'saisiv, -11, -nis indecisiv|e, 
-ly, -ness 

^indl'sainibl, etc. = iqdi'za:- 

in'dlsaljub|l [,indrs9l-{,-Il, -Inis 
indissolub|le, -ly, -leness 

'indisi:z indices (plur. of index) 

in'disiplin, -abl indisciplin|e, 

indi'sisan indecision 

indis'kraibabjl, -11 indeBCTibab|le, 

J[ndls'kreJ'»n, -z indiscretion, -a 
indis'kriit, -11, -nis indiscreet, 

-ly, -ness 
'Indiskriml'nelJ'an indiscrimin- 
indis'krlminit, -11 indiscrimin- 
ate, -ly 
pdl'sonj^abl indissociable 
'indlsalja'billti indissolubility 
indl'sajjubl, etc. = in'disaljubl 
^indls'pensabjl, -11, -Inis indis- 

pensab|le, -ly, -leness 

,lndlspa'zij'9n, -z indisposition, -s 

in'dispjntabjl [indis'pJD:t-], -11, 

-Inis indisputabjle, -iy, -leness 

indis'ponz, -iz, -Ig, -d indispos|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
,indis'tiggTriJ'ab|l, -11, -Inis in- 
distinguishab|le, -ly, -leness 

jndis'tJBfct— in'da:s 

207 — in'doismaiit — ^in'eksplikabl 

^indis'tigM, -li, -nis indistinct, 
-ly, -ness 

indis'tigfctiT, -li, -nis indistinct- 
ive, -ly, -ness 

'IndistrAkti'biliti [-ta'b-] indes- 

indls'tri.ktib|l [-tab-], -li, -Inis 
indeatructibjle, -ly, -leness 

'inditaimi'neijan indetermination 

indi'taiminabl, -li indetermin- 
ab|le, -ly 

indi'taimlnit, -li, -nis indeter- 
minate, -ly, -ness 


indi'Tidjnsl, -z, -i individual 
(s. adj), -s, -ly 

'indivizi'billti [-za'b-] indivisi- 

indi'Tizib|l [-zab-], -li, -Inis in- 
divisib|le, -ly, -leness 

'indiz Indies 

iiidi'z3:nib[l [-di'sa:-, -nab-], -li 
indiscermblle, -ly 

'indja [-dia], -n, -nz India, -n, -ns 

'indja'rAba*, -z india-rubber, -s 

in'dja:, -z, -ii| [in'djnii|], -d en- 
du|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

in'dja:bitab|I, -li, -nis indubit- 
abjle, -ly, -leness 

in'dja:s, -iz, -iij, -t; -a*, -azj 
-mant/8 induc,e, -es, -ing, -ed; 
-er, -ers; -ment/s 

in'djna* [en-, -'djoa*], -z, -rii], 
-d endur|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

in'djaaria* [en-, -'^oar-], -ezj 
-abl, -abli, -ablnis, -ans en- 
dur|er, -ers; -able, -ably; -able- 
ness, -ance 

'indoMd 5a:'msenik Ind o-germanic 

'indoMJuara'pian, -z Indo-Euro- 
pean, -s 

in'donsail [-'dasail] indocile 

^indoM'siliti indocility 
'indon'tjaina Indo-China 
Indontjai'niiz Indo-Chinese 
'indol- = 'indal- 
'in'da.'a*, -z indoor, -a 

in'd»:a* Indore 

in'da:s, -iz, -ig, -t; -a*, -az 

1) indora|e,-es,-ing,-ed; -er, -ers 

2) endorsle, -es, -ing, -ed ; -er, -ers 

in'daismant, -s 1) indorsement, 

-s; 2) endorsement, -s 
in'damitab|l, -li indomitab|le, -ly 
^in'dasail = ^in'donsail 
'indraift, -s indraught, -s 
'in'dwel, -z, -ij, 'in'dwelt in- 
dwell, -s, -ing, indwelt 
in'd5AgkJan, -z injunction, -s 
in'dsAstis injustice 
lu'dsekjan, -z injection, -s 
in'd^ekt, -s, -ii|, -id; -a*, -az 

inject, -s, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 
in'dsenda*, -z, -rig, -d engender, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
in'dseignas, -li, -nis ingenuous, 

-ly, -ness 
'infl^a*. -z, -rii|, -d; -ra*, -raz 

injurfe, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'inejgarii, -iz injur|y, -ies 
'ind5in, -z dialectal for 'end3in,-z 
in'd5i:nias [-njas], -li, -nis in- 
genious, -ly, -ness 
indsi'nju'iti ingenuity 
in'dsai, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az; 

-abl, -abli; -mant/s enjoy, -s, 

-ing, -ed; -er, -ers; -able, -ably; 

in'dsain, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 

enjoin, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
indsni'di/aSj-li, -nis injudicious, 

-ly, -ness 
in'dsnarias, -li, -nis injurious, 

-ly, -ness 
Oi'neib|l, -Iz, -lig [-|ig], -Id 

enab|le, -Ies, -ling, -led 
in'eilianab|l [-Ijan-], -II inalien- 

ab;ie, -ly 
i'nein, -li, -nis inane, -ly, -ness 
i'neit, -II, -nis innate, -ly, -ness 
6 in'editid inedited 
in'efab|l, -li ineffablle, -ly 
inefi'kelXas, -li inefficacious, -ly 
in'efikasi inefficacy 
ineksara'biliti inexorability 
In'eksarab|I, -li, -Inis inexor- 

ab|le, -ly, -leness 
in'ek8piab|I, -II, -Inis inexpi- 

ablle, -ly, -leness 
ineksplika'bllitl ['iniks-] inex- 

in'eksplikabll [ iniks'p-], -li, -Inis 

inexplicab|le,' -ly, -leness 

jn'ekstrikabl— Jnaz'mAtJ' 

208 — 

infai'deliti— 'infinit 

^iu'ekstrikabjl, -li inextricab|le, 

in'ekwit3b|l, -li inequitab|le, -ly 

|in'ekwit|i, -iz meqnit|y, -ies 

'inelidsi'biliti [-dsa'b-] ineligi- 

in'elidsibl] f-dsab-], -li ineligi- 

' b|le, -ly 

iii'eligan|8, -t, -tli inelegan|ce, 

' -t, -ly 

in'ept, -11, -nis inept, -ly, -ness 
iii'estim3b|l, -li inestimabjle, -ly 
,in'eTit3b|l, -li, -Inis ineyitab|le, 

-ly, -leness 
Oi'naijia [-Jja] inertia 
'ina:t, -li, -nis inert, -ly, -ness 
O'ina* inner 
ina'biliti inability 
^in3b'z3:T»n|g, -t inobseryan|ce, -t 
'in8dmisi'biliti[-S3'b-] inadmissi- 
in3d'misib|l [-sab-], -li inadmis- 

sib|le, -ly 
iii9d'T3:t»n|s, -si, -t, -tli inad- 

yertenlce, -cy, -t, -tly 
ina'fensiT [-no'f-1, -li, -nis in- 
offensive, -ly, -ness 
^ina'fi/as [-no'f-] inoiBcious 
jinak'sesibi [-sab-], etc. = ^insek- 
'inamonst [-mast] innermost 
'inandeit, etc. = 'iuAndeit, etc. 
ina'plikabl, etc. = in'eeplikabl 
ina'nijan inanition ' 
ina'pi:zabl inappeasable 
ina'pri:Jiab{l, -li inappTeciab|le, 

' -ly 

ina'pronpriit, -li, -nis inappro- 
priate, -ly, -ness 
ina'prontXab|l, -li inapproach- 

ab|le, -ly 
'inas^ns ['inos-], -i innocencje, -y 
'inasant ['inos-], -s, -li innocent 

(s. adj.) (I.), -s, -ly 
ina'tenjan inattention 
ina'tentiy, -li, -nis inattentive, 

-ly, -ness 
ina'veijan [-no'T-],-z innovation, 

'inaveit [-noT-], -s, -ig, -id; -a*, 

-az innovat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; 

-or, -ors 
inaz'mAtJ inasmuch 

Oinfai'dellti = infi'deliti 
Infainait = 'infinit infinite 
infaeli'biliti [-la'b-] infallibility 
in'fselib|l [■lab-],-li inf allib|le, -ly 
in'feentail = 'infant- infantile 
in'feentisaid, -z infanticide, -s 
in'ftetjneit, -s, -ii), -id infatu- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
in'fef [-'fi:f], -s, -iijj -t; -mant 

enfeoff, -s, -ing, -ed; -ment 
in'fekjan, -z infection, -s 
inTekJas, -li, -nis infectious, -ly, 

in'fekt, -s, -Ig, -id infect, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
in'fest, -s, -ig, -id infest, -s, -ing, 

in'fa:*, -z, -rig, -d infer, -s, -ring, 

in'faim, -li infirm, -ly 
in'fa:marli, -iz infirmar|y, -ies 
in'fa:mit|i, -iz inflrmit|y, -ies 
in'fa:n{|, -ali infern|al, -ally 
in'fa:rabl inferable 
in'fa:z infers (from infer) 
infa'meijan [-fo'm-], -z' inform- 
ation, -s 
'infamas, -li, -nis infamous, -ly, 

'infami infamy 
'infansi infancy 
'infant, -s infant, -s 
'infantail [in'fsentail] infantile 
'infantri infantry 
'infarans, -iz inference, -s 
infa'ren J|al, -ali inf erenti|al, -ally 
in'fi:b|l, -Iz, -lig,- Id; -Imant en- 

feeb|le, -Ies, -ling, led; -lement 
in'fiif, etc. = in'fef, etc. 
infi'delit|l, -iz infidelit|y, -ies 
'infidal, -z infidel, -s 
in'fiaria*, -z inferior (s. a^'.), -s 
infiari'ariti inferiority 
'infiks, -iz infix («.), -es 
in'fiks, -iz, -ig, -t infix (o.),<-es, 

-ing, -ed 
infil'treijan, -z infiltration, -s 
in'filtreit, -s, -ig, -id infiltratje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'infinait = 'infinit infinite 
'infinit, -li, -nis infinite (normal 

pronunciation), -ly, -ness 

infini'tesimal— in'friekjan — 209 — in'frseiif/aiz— in'heritans 

infiiii'tesiiii|»I, -all infinite8im|al, 

in'flnltli, -iz infinitjy, -ies 
in'finitir, -z, -II infinitive (s. adj.), 

■8, -ly 
in'fini1ja:d, -z infinitude, -g 
iii'fjn:z, -iz, -ig, -d; -9*, -az in- 

tua\e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
in'Qn:zibl [-zabi] infusible 
in'Qn:3an, -z infusion, -s 
in'^narieit, -s, -ii), -id infuriatje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
inflsema'biliti inflammability 
in'flffimabl, -nis inflammable, 

in'fliematari inflammatory 
'inflAks, -iz influx, -es 
in'fleim, -z, -ii), -d inflamje, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
in'flei/an, -z inflation, -s 
in'fleit, -8, -ii), -id; -a*, -az 

inflatje, -es, -ing, -ed ; -or, -ors 
infleksi'biliti [-sa'b-] inflexi- 
in'fleksib|l [-sab-], -Ii, -Inis in- 

flexib|le, -ly, -leness 
inTlekJan, -z 1) inflection, -s; 

2) inflexion, -s 
in'flek/aiiH-j]fH 1) inflectional ; 

2) inflexional 
in'flekt, -s, -ig, -id inflect, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
inf la'mei/9n, -z inflammation, -s 
in'fUkJ^n, -z infliction, -s 
in'flikt, -s, -ig, -id inflict, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'inflnans, -iz, -ig, -t influencje 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
infln'enJI^I, -all influentijal, 

inf In'enza influenza 
in'fonld, -z, -ig, -id; -mant en- 
fold, -s, -ing, -ed; -ment 
info'mei/^n, -z = infa'm- 
in'foim, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az in- 
form, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
iii'f9:iii{9l, -all inform|al, -ally 
in'faimant, -s informant, -s 
in'fa:8, -iz, -ig, -t, -idli; -mant 

enforc|e, -es, -ing, -ed, -edly; 

in'frsekjsn, -z infraction, -s 

In'frsenf/aiz, -iz, -ig, -d enfranch- 

is|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
in'frtenfjizmant, -s enfranchise- 
ment, -8 
'in&ei infra (below) 
'infra infra [in the phrase infra 

'infrans, -iz = 'infarans, -iz 
in'Mikwanlsi, -t, -tli infrequen- 

|cy, -t, -tly 
in'frinds, -iz, -ig, -d; -mant/s 

infring|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -ement/s 
O'ingieSarig, -z ingathering, -s 
in'gjjf, -8, -Ig, -t; -mant engulf, 

-8, -ing, -ed; -ment 
in'geid3, -iz, -ig, -igli, -d; -a», 

-az; -mant/8 engag|e, -es, -ing, 

-ingly, -ed; -er, -ers; -ement/s 
in'glairias, -Ii. -nis inglorious, 

-ly, -ness 
in'gra:ft, -s, -ig, -id; -mant en- 
graft, -s, -ing, -ed; -ment 
in'grgetitjaid ingratitude 
'in'greind ingrained 
in'greijieit, -s, -Ig, -Id ingrati- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
in'greiT, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 

engrav|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
in'greiTlg, -z (s.) engraving (pic- 

ttire), -s 
Ingres ingress 

in'gri:diant [-djant], -s ingredi- 
ent, -8 
in'grons, -iz, -ig, -t; -a*, -az; 

-mant/s engross, -es, -ing, -ed ; 

-er, -ers; -ment/s 
O jnha:'monnias [-njas], -Ii, -nis 

inharmonious, -ly, -ness 
in'taains [-'haens], -iz, -ig, -t; 

-mant enhanc|e, -es, -ing, -ed; 

in'hffibit, -8, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 

■abl inhabit, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, 

-ers; -able 
in'haebitant, -s inhabitant, -s 
in'heens, etc. = in'ha:ns, etc. 
in'heil, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az in- 

hal|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
in'herit, -8, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 

-abl inherit, -s, -ing, -ed; -or, 

-ors; -able 
in'herit^ns, -iz inheritance, -s 

Miehaelis * Jones, Phonetic Dictionai;. 


inha'leijan— jniks'plairabl — 210 — inika'presibl — in'ktemp 

inha'leijan, -z inhalation, -a 
inhi'bijan, -7. inhibition, -s 
in'hibit, •», -ig, -id; -ari inhibit, 

-B, -ing, -ed; -ory 
in'hia*, -z, -rig, -d iuherje, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
in'hi3raii|g,-si; -t,-tli inheren|ce, 

-cy; -t, -tly 
in'hjann [in'i^nim], -z, -ig, -d 

inhum|e, -ea, -ing, -ed 
inlga''m8eiiit{i [ini;a'-], -iz in- 

humanitjy, -ies 
inhjn''meij'9n [ in^u'-], -z inhum- 
ation, -a 
in'hjniman [ in'tjn:-], -11 inhum- 
an, -ly 
inhaspi'tffiliti inhospitality 
,in'ha8pit3b|I, -11, -Inis inhoapit- 

ab|le, -ly, -leneas 
Oi'ni:»8 ^neaa 
inr'braiati inebriety 
iniibri'elj'an inebriation 
i'nlibrlelt, -s, -ig, -id inebriatje 

{v), -ea, -ing, -ed 
l'ni:brlit, -8 inebriate (s. adj.), -s 
^ini''kw9llt{l, -iz inequalitjy, -lea 
i'niima, -z = 'enima, -z 
O inrfei8ab|l, -11 ineffaceab|le, -ly 
ini'fektlT, -11 ineffective, -ly 
ini'fektjn^l [-tjual], -1, -nl8 in- 
effectual, -ly, -neaa 
lni'fij9n|8l, -t, -til inefficienlcy, 

-t, -tly 
I'nigina, -z enigma, -a 
i'nlgmatht, -s enigmatist, -a 
^inig'zaekt, -11, -nig; -i1jn:d/z in- 
exact, -ly, -ness; -itude/a 
'inigzaisti'biliti [-ta'b-] inexhaus- 
inig'zo:8tlb|l [-tab-], -11 inexhaua- 

tib|le, -ly 
iniks'l^n:zab{l, -11, -Inls inex- 

cuaab|le, -ly, -leneaa 
inlks'pensir inexpensive 
inik8'pa:t, -nl8 inexpert, -neaa 
inlks'plidianlsl [-djan-], -t, -til 

inexpedien|cy, -t, -tly 
iniks'piarians, -t inexperience, 

inik8'plik- ^ in'ek8pllk- 
iulk8'pli8it inexplicit 
^iiiik8'pla:rabl inexplorable 

inik8'presibil, -U inexpressibjle, 


Jliiik8'pre8iT, -nis inexpresaive, 

iniks'tensibl [■8abl] inextenaible 
jlniks'tiggwij*ab{l, -11 inextin- 

guiahabjle, -ly 
i'iiikyrlta8, -11 iniquitous, -ly 
i'nikwit|i, -Iz iniquitjy, -ies 
^ni'kwal- = ini:'kwal- 
^lui'liestlk [-laiB-] inelastic 
inllses'tlslti [-la:8-] inelasticity 
i'nliiilk|»l, -all inimicjal, -ally 
i'nlmitab|l, -11, -Inh inimitabjle, 

-ly, -leness 
'Inlgz innings 

^ni'rsedlkabl, -11 ineradicab|le, -ly 
'lni8 Innes(s) - 
ini/l^lj -alz, -alig [-|ig], -aid; 

-all initi|ai (g. adj. v.), -als, 

-ailing, -ailed; -ally 
inljreljaii, -z initiation, -s 
rnijieit, -s, -Ig, -Id; -a*, -az 

initiat|e, -ea, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 
i'nl/latllT [-Jjat-], -ari initiat|ive, 

i'nlj*!, etc. = i'mjal, etc. [-s 
Olnjii:iiia'relJ'an,-z enumeration, 
I'lguimarelt, -s, -Ig, -id; -a*, 

-az; -It [. . . rativ] enumeratje, 

-es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors; -ive 
lnju:m9ra'billti innumerability 
i'nju:m9rab|l, -11, -Inis innumer- 

ab|le, -ly, -leness 
,inja:'tlllti inutility 
i'njna*, -z, -rig, -d; -mant 

1) inur|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -ement; 

2) enur|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
Oinkai'ueiJ'an, -z incarnation, -s 
iu'ka:nelt ['ink-], -Sj -ig, -id 

incarnat|e («.), -es, -ing, -ed 
in'ka:ult incarnate {adj) 
inkaisa'peijan, -z incarceration, 


in'ka:sareit, -s, -ig, -Id incar- 
cerat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

in'kaanta*, -z, -rig, -d encounter 
(s. «.), -s, -ing, -ed 

,in'k%lkjalab{l, -II, -Inls incalcul- 
ab|le, -ly, -leness 

in'ksemp, -s, -ig, -t; -mant/8 en- 
camp, -8, -ing, -ed; -ment/a 

inkeen'desans — inlo'in- 

— 211 

inka'mj a:n- — 'inkarApti- 

inkeen'desdiils [i^k-, -kau-l, -t 

incandescenjce, -t 

inkten'teijan, -z incantation, -a 

InkAVkeiJan [igk-, -kal-] incul- 
'inkAlkeit ['igk-, -kal-, in'k-, 
ii|'k-], -8, -iij, -id} -8*, -9z in- 
calcat|e, -es, -ing, -ed ; -or, -ors 

inkirpeiXan [igk-] inculpation 

'inkAlpeit ['igk-, in'k-, ig'k-], -s, 

•ig, -id inculpat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

'inkAm, -z ='ink3m, -z income, -a 

in'kAmba*,-z, -rig, -d encumber, 
-a, -ing, -ed 

in'kA.inl>3n{si [ig'k-], -siz; -t, -ts, 
-tli incumben|cy, -cies; -t, -ts, 

in'kAmbrans, -iz encumbrance, -a 

'inkAma*, -z incomer, -s 

'inkAmig, -z incoming, -a 

in'kAmpas, -iz, -ig, -t encom- 
pass, -es, -ing, -ed 

in'kArid3, -iz, -ig, -igli, -d; -a*, 
•3z; -msnt encourag|e, -es, -ing, 
-ingly, -ed; -er, -ers; -ement 

in'keids, -iz, -ig, -d encagje, -es, 
-ing, -ed 

,inkeip9'bilit|i, -iz incapabilit|y, 

in'keipabl incapable 

in'keig, -iz, -in, -t; -mant encas|e, 
-ea, -ing, -ed; -ement 

in'ka:* [ig'k-], -z, -rig, -d incur, 
-a, -ring, -red 

in'kaisiT [ig'k-] incursive 

in'kaij'an [ig'k-], -z incursion, -a 

'in'kaiT, -z, -ig, -d incurv|e, -es, 
-ing, -ed 

Inkai'TeiJ'an incurvation 

'inkalkeit, etc. = 'inkAlkeit, etc. 

'inkam ['igk-, -kAm], -z income, -s 

iukambAsti'biliti [-ta'b-] incom- 

inkam'bAstibI [-tabl], -nis incom- 
bustible, -neas 

inkamen Jura'biliti [-Jar-] incom- 

inka'Dien/nrabll [-/ar-]. -Iz, -li, 
•Inis incommenaurab|le, -Ies, 
-ly, -leneas 

inka'menXurit [-Jar-], -11, -nis 
incommensurate, -ly, -nesa 

inka'iigu:nikab|l, -11, -Inis in- 

communicab|le, -ly, -leness 

jLnka'moud, -z^ -ig, -id incom- 
mod|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

inka'mondias [-4J9s], -11, -nis 
incommodious, -ly, -neas 

iuka'maditi incommidity 

'inkampaeti' biliti incompatibility 

inkam'pietib{l [-tab-], -li, -Inis 
iucompatib|le, -ly, -leneas 

^inkam'pjnitabl [^in'kampjut-] in- 

Jtnkam'plii/an incompletion 

inkam'pli:t, -li, -nis incomplete, 
-ly, -ness 

'inkampresi'biliti [-sa'b-] incom- 

inkam'presibl [-sabl], -nis in- 
compresaible, -neaa 

'inkamtseks ['igk-], -iz income- 
-tax, -es 

inkan'd- = inksen'd- 

inkan'klnislY, -li, -nis incon- 
clusive, -ly, -nesa 

inkan'8i:vab|l, -li, -Inis incon- 
ceivab|le, -ly, -leness 


inkan'sidarabjl, -11, -Inis incon- 
aiderab|le, -ly, -leness 

inkan'sidarit, -li, -nis incon- 
siderate, -ly, -ness 

inkau'sistan{si, -siz; -t, -tli in- 
conaiaten|cy, -cies; -t, -tly 

jnkan'soalab|I, -li, -Inis incon- 
solab|le, -ly, -leness 

inkan'spikjuas, -li, -nis incon- 
spicuous, -ly, -ness 

inkan'testabjl, -11 incontestabjle, 

inkan'vaitibll [-tab-], -li incon- 

vertib|le, -ly 
inkan'Tiinjans, -iz, -ig, -t in- 

convenienc|e (s. v.), -es, -ing_, -ed 
inkan'Ti:njant, -li inconvenient, 

' -ly 

'inkaptesi'teijan incapacitation 
inka'peesiteit, -s, -ig, -id inca- 

pacitat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
inka'psesit|i, -iz incapacit|y, -ies 
Jinka'rApJan incorruption 
'inkarApti'biliti [-ta'b-] incorrup- 


jnka'rAptibl— jn'kog 

— 212 

jn'kogniton— in'krout/ 

inks'rAptibll [-tab-], -li, -Inis 

incorruptib|le, -ly, -leness 
inka'rekt, -li, -nis incorrect, -ly, 

'inkiipa*, -z innkeeper, -a 
inkjn-'naebjnla [igk-] incunabula 
inkju'beij'an [igk-] incubation 
inkjubeit ['Igk-], -s, -ig, -id; 

-8*, -8z; -ari, -It incubat|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed; -or, -ors; -ory, -ive 
'inkjnbas, etc. = 'igkjnbas, etc. 
inkjnara'biliti incurability 
in']gnar3b|l, -li, -Inis incurabjle, 

-ly, -leneas 
in'klain [ig'k-], -z, -ig, -d; -abl 

inclin|e (g. v), -es, -ing, -ed; 

in'klemanjsi, -t, -tli inclemenjcy, 
' -t, -tly 

inkli'neiXan [igk-], -z inclina- 
tion, -a 
in'klitik, -s, -ali enclitic (s. adj), 

-8, -ally 
in'kloDZ, -iz, -ig, -d 1) enclos|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed; 2) inclos|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
in'klonsa*, -z 1) enclosure, -s; 

2) inclosure, -a 
in'klnid [ig'k-], -z, -ig, -id in- 

clud|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
in'klnisir [ig'k-], -li inclusive, 


in'klii:3dn [ig'k-] inclusion 

inkot«'eiX»n [igk-] inchoation 

'inkoueit ['igk-], -s, -ig, -id; -iv 
inchoat|e(t;.), -es, -ing, -ed; -ive 

inkoM'hiaran|g, -t, -tli incoher- 
en|ce, -t, -tly 

'inkouit ['igk-, -koMeit], -li in- 
choate {adj), -ly 

inkom-, inkon- = inka- 

inkoipa'reiXan [igk-], -z incor- 
poration, -a 

in'kaipareit [ig'k-], -s, -ig, -id 
incorporatje («.), -es, -ing, -ed 

in'kaiparit [ig'k-] incorporate 

inka:'p9:rial, -i incorporeal, -ly 

^in'kaij^n incaution 

Jln'ka:/as, -li, -nis incautious, 
-ly, -neaa 

in'kag incog 

in'kagniton, -z incognito (s. adj. 
a<to.), -s 

inkampara'biliti [igk-] incom- 

in'kampdrabll [ig'k-], -li, -Inis 
incomparab|le, -ly, -leness 

in'kainpit9n|g [ig'k-], -si, -t, -tli 
incompeten|ce, -cy, -t, -tly 

in'kompjntabl = ^inkam'pjwt- 

inkamprihensi'biliti [-sa'b-] in- 

inkampri'hensib|I [-sab-], -li, 
-Inis incomprehensib|le, -ly, 

in'kanBikwanls, -siz; -t, -tli in- 
consequen|ce, -ces; -t, -tly 

in'kanstanlsi, -t, -tli incon- 
stan|cy, -t, -tly 

in'k3ntinan|s, -t, -tli incontin- 
en|ce, -t, -tly 

inkantra'Ta:tib|l [-tab-], -li in- 
con trovertib|le, -ly 

in'kaggrnas [ig'k-], -li, -nis in- 
congruous, -ly, -ness 

inkag'grnitji [igk-], -iz incon- 
gruit|y, -ies 

inkaridsi'biliti [-dsa'b-] incorri- 

in'karidsibll [-dsab-], -li, -Inis 
incorrigibjle, -ly, -leness 

in'krAst, -s, -ig, -id 1) incrust, 
-s, -ing, -ed; 2) encrust, -s, -ing, 

inkrAS'teiJ'an, -z incrustation, -s 

inkredi'biliti [igk-, -da'b-] in- 

in'kredib|I [ig'k-, -dab-], -li, 
-Inis incredib|le, -ly, -leness 

inkre'djn:liti [igkri'd-j incredu- 

in'kredjnlas [ig'k-], -li, -nis in- 
credulous, -ly, -ness 

'inkriis ['igk-], -iz increase (s.), -s 

in'kri:s [ig'k-J, -iz, -ig, -igli, -t 
increas|e {v.), -es, -ing, -ingly, 

'inkrimant['igk-], -s increment, -s 

in'krimineit, -s^ -ig, -id incri- 
minat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

in'kroutj, -iz, -ig, -igli, -t; -a*, 
-az; -mant/s encroach, -es, -ing, 
-ingly, -ed; -er, -ers; -ment/s 

iin'kwaia* — iu'3:dibl 

213 — 

iu'aidinit — in'stenitar 

in'kwais* [ig'k-], -z, -rig, -d 

1) inquir|e, -es, -ing, -ed; 2) en- 

quir|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
in'kwaiara* [iij'k-], -z 1) inquirer, 

-8; 2) enquirer, -s 
in'ktrai3r{i [ig'k-], -iz 1) inquir|y, 

-ies; 2) enquir|y, -ies 
in'kwaiarigli [ig'k-] inquiringly 
'inkwest ['igk-j, -s inquest, -s 
inkm'zijan [ink-], -z inquisition 

in'kvizita* [ig'k-], -z inquisitor, 

in'kwizitlT [ig'k-], -li, -nis in- 
quisitive, -ly, -ness 

inkwizi'toirial [igk-], -i inquisi- 
torial, -ly 

Oin'la:d3, -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, -3z; 
-mant/s enlarg|e, -es, -ing, -ed; 
-er, -ers; -ment/s 

in'lait|n, -nz, -^ig [-nig], -nd; 
-nmant eulight|en, -ens, -ening, 
-ened; -enment 

in'laiT|n, -nz, -inig, -nd; -^gia*, 
-naz enliv|en, -ens, -ening, 
-ened; -ener, -eners 

'inleend = 'inland 

'inlsenda*, -z inlander, -s 

in'lei, -z, -ig, 'inlaid inlay, -s, 
-ing, inlaid 

in'leis, -iz, -ig, -t enlac|e, -es, 
-ing, -ed 

'inlet [-lit], -8 inlet, -s [-s 

'inland [-Isend], -z inland (s. adj.)^ 

'inli inly 

iu'list^-s, -ig, -id; -mant/s enlist, 
-B, -mg, -ed; -ment/s 

'inlit, -8 = 'inlet, -s 

O'inmeit, -s inmate, -s 

'inman Inman 

in'mej, -iz, -ig, -t enmesh, -es, 
-ing, -ed 

'inmonst [-mast] inmoust 

Oinn-.= in- 

Oi'nonb|l, -Iz, -lig, -Id; -Imant 
ennob|le, -Ies, -ling, -led ; -lement 

in'ondaras inodorous 

6 ino- = ina- 

O inoidi'biliti [-dab-] inaudi- 

i'na:dib|l [-dab-], -U, -Inis in- 
audib|le, -ly, -leness 

i'naidinit [-dan-], 'li, -nis in- 
ordinate, -ly, -ness 
inai'gwnik, -all inorganic, -ally 
inaigjna'i'eij^n, -z inauguration, 

i'na:gjuareit, -8, -ig, -id; -a*, 

•az inauguratje, -es, -ing, -ed; 

-or, -ors 
i'na:gjural [-fljar-] inaugural 
I'naimas, -li, -ni8 enormous, -ly, 

i'noimitii, -iz enormit|y, -ies 
inais'pijas,-!!, -nis inauspicious, 

-ly, -ness 
Oi'nakjnas, -li, -nis innocuous, 

-ly, -ness 
inakju'lei^^n, -z inoculation, -s 
i'na^uleit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

inoculat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 
i'nakjas, -li, -nis innoxious, -ly, 

in'aparatir inoperative 
inapa'ljnin, -li inopportune, -ly 
inas'p- = inais'p- 
Oin'rwptja*, -z, -rig, -d enrap- 

tur|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
'inrij, -iz inrush, -es 
in'reids, -iz, -ig, -d enrag|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
in'ri:d, -z, -ig, -d enwreathje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
in'ritj, -iz, -ig, -t; -mant enrich, 

-es, -ing, -ed; -ment 
'inroad, -z inroad, -s 
in'roul, -z, -ig, -d; -mant enrol, 

-s, -ling, -led; -ment 
Oins Ince 

'in'said, -z inside (s. a4}-), -s 
in'sain, -z, -ig, -d ensign (v.), -s, 
insaik- = ensaik- [-ing, -ed 
'insait insight 
in'sait, -s, -ig, -igli, -id; -a*, 

-az incit|e, -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed; 

-er, -ers 
insai'teijan, -z incitation, -s 
in'saitmant, -s incitement, -s 
iu'saisir, -li, -nis incisive, -ly, 

in'saiz, -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, -az in- 

cis|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 
in'seenitsrii, -ili, -inis insanit- 

arjy, -Uy, -iness 

in'sseniti — jnseb'gtaenjal — 214 

jnsa'fijangi— in'^n: 

in'sseniti insanity 
in'SAferabll, -II insufferab|le, -ly 
''insAlt, -s insult (s.), -s 
in'BAlt, -s, -ii), -igiij -id; -9*, 

■8z insalt (v.), -s, -ing, -ingly, 

-ed; -er, -ers 
in'sein, -li, -nis insane, -ly, -ness 
in'seijiabll, -li, -Inis insatiablle, 

-ly, -leness 
'insekt, -s insect, -s 
insek'tEariam, -z insectarium, -s 
insek'tiydras insectiyorous 
in'sendjarji, -iz, -izm incendi- 

ar|y, -ies, -ism 
'insens, -iz, -ii), -t 1) {s.) incense; 

2) (v.) incens|e {bwn incense), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
in'sens, -iz, -ig, -t (v.) incens|e 

(exdte), -es, -ing, -ed 
In'senseit, -11, -nis insensate, 

-ly, -ness 
insensi'billti [-sa'b-] insensibility 
in'sensibjl [-sab-], -11, -Inis in- 

sensib|le, -ly, -leness 
in'sentiy, -z incentive, -s 
insepara'biliti inseparability 
in'separabjl, -Ii, -Inis insepar- 

ab|le, -ly, -leness 
in'sep/^n, -z inception, -s 
in'sept, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 

-ly incept, -s, -ing, -ed; -or, 

-ors; -iye 
In'sesant, -Ii incessant, -ly 
'insest incest 
in'sestjnas, -Ii, -nis incestuous, 

-ly, -ness 
'inset, -s inset («.), -s 
in'set, -s, -Ig inset (v.), -s, -ting 
in'seyarabi inseverable 
in'saidsant, -s insurgent, -s 
in'8a:k|I, -Iz, -Iii|, -Id encirc|le, 

-Ies, -ling, -led 
in8a''manntab{I, -11 insurmount- 

ab|le, -ly 
in'8a:j9n, -z insertion, -s 
in'ga:t, -s, -ig, -id insert, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
jn'8a:ti1jn:d incertitude 
'insaboidi'nei/an insubordination 
insa'baidinit, -s insubordinate, -s 
insa'braiati [-so'b-] insobriety 
insab'sttenj'al insubstantial 


* -t, -tly 

'in8aIan|s[-soI-],-t, -tli insolenjce, 

-t, -tly 
inga'Ij'n:bri|as, -ti in8alubri|ous, 


insa'manntabll, -li = .insai'm- 
in8a'pa:tab|I, -Ii, -Inis insup- 

portabjle, -ly, -leness 
insa'presibi [-sabl] insuppres- 

insa'rekjan, -z insurrection, -s 
insa'rekjanl^ [-Jv-]? -ist/s, -izm 

insurrection|al, -ist/s, -ism 
'insasepti'biliti [-ta'b-] insus- 
insa'septibl [-tabl] insusceptible 
in8i'dent|l, -ali, -Inis incidentjal, 

-ally, -alness 
'insidans incidence 
'insidant, -s incident (s. adj.), -s 
in'sidias [-djas], -Ii, -nis insi- 
dious, -ly, -ness 
in'signia insignia 
insig'nifikanis, -si; -t, -tli in- 

significan|ce, -cy; -t, -tly 
insi'^na* [-'kjoa*, -'IJoia*], -li, 

-riti insecur|e, -ely, -ity 
insina'reijan incineration 
in'sinareit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

incineratje, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 

insinju'eijan, -z insinuation, -s 
in'sinjneit, -s, -ig. -igli, -id; 

-a*, -az insinuatfe, -es, -ing, 

-ingly, -ed; -or, -ora 
iusin'seriti insincerity 
insin'sia*, -li insincere, -ly 
in'sipid, -li, -nis insipid, -ly, 

insi'piditi insipidity 
in'sipian|s, -t 1) incipienjce, -t; 

2) insipien|ce, -t 
in'sist, -8, -ig, -id insist, -s, -ing, 

in'sistan|s, -t, -tli insisten|ce, -t, 

msi'teijan, -z = insai't- 
,insi'yilit|i, -Iz inciyilit|y, -ies 
in'sisan, -z incision, -s 
in'i^a:, -z, -ig [in'Ejnig], -d en- 

su|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

JM^Bipara'b— iB8ti'geif.»n — 215 

Instigeit — in'tekt 

^B^nip^ra'biliti insuperability 
n'^azp^rsb,!, -11 insaperab le, -ly 
iB^n'lieritl insularity 
'ia^nleit, -s, -if, -idj -a*, -9% 

insulatje, -es, -ing, -ed ; -or, -ore 
'iB^vla*, -li, -riim insular, -ly, 

in'skans, -is, -in, -t ensconcje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
ia'skralb, •%, -ig, -d; -»*, -as 

inscrible, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -eis 
iK'skripJ'^a, -i inscription, -s 
iii'sknidbb{i, -11, -Isis inscrat- 

abjle, -ly, -leness 
in'sleiT, -s, -ig, -d; -a*, -az; 

-mant enslavle, -es, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -era; -ement 
ia'siiea*, -«, -rig, -d; -ra*, -raz 

ensnar]e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
insn'sla*, ^c. = iasin'sia*, etc 
usOH'Btlt/ insomnch 
iHSo'b-, 'insol- =^ iasa'b-, 'insal- 
iKsaljn'biliti insolubility 
iii'saQiib)l, -li, -Inis insolnbjle, 

-ly, -leness 
iK'salran si, -t insolvenjcy, -t 
iB'samiiia insomnia 
iH'spala*, -s, -rig, -rigli, -d; 

-ra*, -rai; -rateri inspirje, -es, 

-ing, -ingly, -ed; -er, -ers; -atory 
ui'spekX»B, -E inspection, -s 
ia'syekt, -s, -19, -id; -a*, -ac 

inspect, -s, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 
ia'spektajri^ -J^p/s inspectorjate, 

inspi'reiX^a [-spa'r*], -1 inspir- 
ation, -8 
iiispi'rei/aBt [-spa'r-, -/ft] in- 
iM'spirit, -8, -ig, -id inspirit, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
im'staeata* instanter 
ia'sted instead 
'iBStep, -8 instep, -s 
iKSta'biUti instability 
'imstaas, -i«, -it, -t instance(s.p,), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
instant, -s, -li instant («. adj.), 

-8, -ly 
instaB'telBias [-■jas], -li, -»Is 

instantaneous, -ly, -ness 
insti'gei/^n, -■ instigation, -s 

'instigeit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
instigatje, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 

in'stU, -z, -ig, -d instil, -s, -ling, 

'instigftt, -s instinct («.), -s 

in'stjgfct instinct (<»&'.) 

in'stigl^T, -li instinctiTe, -ly 

insti'qiii^dn, -»nz, -anf [-]p|] 
institutifon, -ons, -onal 

'imsti^iiit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
institutje (g. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; 
-er, -ers 

in'stad, -z, -ig, -d; -mantjs in- 
staljl, -Is, -ling, -led; -ment/s 

instaileijdn, -■ installation, -s 

Is'strAXTIdn, -anz, -anj f-nj] 
instructijon, -ons, -onal 

In'strAktj -8, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 
-lis, -nsis instruct, -s, -ing, 
-ed; -or, -ois; -ress, -resses 

tn'striktlT, -li, -Bis ins<auctiTe, 
-ly, -ness 

iBstriunen'tieliti [-tram-] instru- 

lBstnuneB'teiJ'»B [-tram-] instru- 

iHStra'ment|alist/8 [-tra'm-], -I, 
-all instrument|alist/s, -al, -allr 

'iBstmmant [-fram-], -8 instru- 
ment, -s 

OinX" *«« "^ int/- 

'iM'Jaiai* inshore 

tB'Xa»*, etc = in'Jna*, efc- 

tB'jraiB, -I, -ig, -d; -mant en- 
shrinje, -es, -ing, -ed; -ement 

iB'Xravd, -a, -ig, -id enshroud, 
-8, -ing, -ed 

iB'/ua* [-'/oa*, -'Ja^*], -z, -rig, 
-d 1) ensure, -^, -ing, -ed; 
2) insnr e, -es, -ing, -ed 

iB'/narja* [-'Joar^, -'Jai*], -az, 
■9U; -^BS, -ansiz insur er, -ers, 
-able; -ance, -ances 

OiB'taia*, -li, -bis; -ti, -tl« en- 
tire, -ly, -ness; -ty, -ties 

Intjds, -ix, -ig, -igli, -t; -a*, 
-ai; -B»aBt/8 entice, -es, -ing, 
-ingly, -ed; -er, -ers; -ement s 

JB'taitll, -Ix, -lig [-fig], -Id en- 
title, -lea, -ling, -led 

intaekt, -Bis intact^ -ness 

,intiien<?5i'*'' ~ iiiteika'l- 


in'taikaleit— Inta'fia* 

^intone^si'liiliti [-^sa'b-] intangi- 

^in't«en(23lb|l [-(Zsal)-], -li, -Inis 
intangibjle, -ly, -leuess 

in'tseggll, -Iz, Jia [-lifl], -Id; 
-Imant/s entang|le, -les, -ling, 
-led; -lement/a 

in'teil, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -dz; 
-mant entail (a. v.), -s, -iug, 
-ed; -er, -ers; -ment 

in'tegjumaut, >s integument, -s 

in'tegriti integrity 

in'tolid3»n|s, -siz} -sa*, -saz; 
•t, -tli intelligenjoe, -cy; -car, 
-oers; -t, -tly 

intelidsl'biliti [-dsa'b-] intelligi- 

in'telld3ib|l [-dsab-], -11, -inis 
intelligib|le, -ly, -leness 

JIn'temparans intemperance 

^in'temparit, -li, -nis intemperate, 
-ly, -neas 

in 'tend, -z, -ig, -id; -ansl, -ant 
intend, -a, -ing, -ed; -ancy, -ant 

in'tens, -1st, -ll, -nis intense, 
-8t, -ly, -nesa 

iu'tensi[fal, -faiz, -faiig, -faid 
intensi|fy, -fies, -fying, -fied 

intenslfi'keij'an, -z intensifica- 
tion, -a 

iu'tensit{i, -iz intensitjy, -ies 

in'tensiT, -11, -nis intensive, -ly, 

in'tenpn, -z, -d 1) intention, -s, 
-ed; 2) intension 

in'tenXlan), [-ji^}], -anall [-i^iali] 
intenti|onaI, -onally 

in'tent, -s, -ist, -11, -nis intent 
(». adj.), -a, -est, -ly, -nesa 

iu'tenz = in'tendz intends 

intera'geij'an [-ro'g-], -z inter- 
rogation, -s 

in'terageit [-rog-], -s, -in, -id; 
-a*, -az interrogat|e, -es, -ing, 
-ed; -or, -ora 

in'testa8|l, -iz intestac|y, -ies 

in'testin, >z, '\ inteatiu|e, -es, -al 

in'testit, -s intestate (s. a^j.), -a 

in'ta:*, -z, -rig, -d inter (v.), -a, 
-ring, -red 

inta:- see also ^inta- 

intaika'leij'dn, -z intercalation, -s 

in'ta:kaleit, •s, -ig, -id iutercal- 
at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

in'ta:kalari [inta'ktelari] inter- 

inta''kostl intercostal 

lnta''la:d, -z, -ig, -id interlard, 
-8, -ing, -ed 

^inta-'liiT, -z, -Ig, -d interleav|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

in'taimant, -s interment, -a 

.in'ta:mlnab{I, -11, -Inis intermiu- 
ab|le, -ly, -leness 

in'ta:n, -z, -ig, -d intern (s. v.), 
-s, -ing, -ed 

ln'ta:n|l, -all intern|al, -ally 

^nta''nii, -s, -ig interknit, -s, 

intaipe'leijan [-pi'l-], -z inter- 
pellation, -a 

in'taipelelt [-pil-], -si -ig, -id 
interpellat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

intaipaleiXan [-po'l-], -z inter- 
polation, -B 

in'ta:palelt [-pol-j, -s, -ig, -id; 
-a*, -az interpolat|e, -es, -ing, 
-ed; -or, -ora 

intaz^a'zljdu [-po'z-], -z inter- 
position, -a 

in'ta:plleit, etc. = lu'ta.'pel- 

inta-'plienitari interplanetary 

ln'ta:prit, -s, -Ig, -id; -a*, -az; 
-abl interpret, -a, -ing, -ea; -er, 
-ers; -able 

lutaipri'teljan, -z interpretation, 

in'taistis, -iz interstice, -s [-a 

iuta''tra(b»l intertribal 
'luta into {form med only before 
words beginning with a conso- 
'inta* inter {Latin prep.) 

Inta'dikjan, -z interdiction, -s 
'intadikt, -s interdict («.)> -s 

inta'dikt, -s, -ig, -id interdict 
(b.), -s, -ing, -ed 

inta'dsekjau, -z interjection, -a 

inta'd^ekj^lan^ [-i^X], -anall [-vail] 
interjecti|onal, -onally 

iuta'd^ekt, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
interject, -s, -ing, -ed; -or, -ora 

Inta'Ha*, -z, -rig, -d; -ra*, -raz 
interfer|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, 

inta'fiarans — .inta'niisain — 217 

inta'nit — inta'viin 

inta'fiarans, •iz iuterference, -s 

inta'kselari [in'taikalari] inter- 

'intakangiuni'kei/an intercom- 

intaka'mjuinikeit, -s, •ii|, -id 
inteicommunicat{e, -es, -ing, -ed 

'intakais intercourse 

inta'kas-, inta'la:d, etc. = Inta:- 

inta'leig, -iz, -ig, -t; >maut in- 
terlac|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -ement 

intala'^nij^n [-lo'k-], -z inter- 
locution, -s 

inta'liiT, etc. = inta:'li:T, etc. 

'intalinia* [-iga*]' interlinear 

'lutalini'eijan, -z interlineation, 


inta'ligk, -s, -ii|, -t interlink, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'intal.;'a:d, -z interlude, -s 

intaionp, -s, -ifl, -t interlop'e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

'intaloupa*, -z interloper, -s 

inta'lak, -s, -Ig, -t interlock, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

inta'lakjuta*, -z; -ri interlocu- 
tor, -s; -y 

'intala:d, -z = 'intaljiud, -z 

inta'iiuer|i, -iz, -iiij, -id; -ids 
intermarrly, -ies, -ying, -ied; 

inta'medll, -Iz, -pi( [-Ug]. -Id 
intermedd|le, -Ies, -ling, -led 

inta'medzou [-'metsou], -z inter- 
mezzo, -s 

iata'mi:diar|i [-djar-], -iz inter- 
mediarly, -ies 

inta'miidjat, -s, -li intermediate, 
-8, -ly 

inta'miks, -iz, -ii|, -t; -tja* in- 
termix, -es, -ing, -ed; ture 

inta'mingl, -z, -ig, -d inter- 
minglfe, -es, -ing, ed 

inta'mijan intermission 

inta'mit, -s, -ii|, -igli, -id; ■»»* 
intermit, -s, -ting, -tingly, -ted; 
-tent . . 

inta'ttsejanallist [-/?-], -ists, -izm 

' international|ist, -ists, -ism 

intansBjIan^ [■J^\], -sn»li ["?»"] 

' internati|onal, -onally 

inta'niisain internecine 

inta'nit, inta'plien- = inta:- 
inta'pouz, -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, -az; 
-al interpoB|e, -es, -ing, -ed; 
-er, -ers; -al 
inta'rsekj'an interaction 
inta'rsekt, -s, -ii|, -id interact 

(t).), -8, -ing, -ed 
inta'rApJan, -z interruption, -s 
inta'rApt, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

interrupt, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
inta'regnam, -z interregnum, -s 
'intarest, 'intarist, etc. = 'in- 

trist, etc. 
'tntarim, -z interim, -s 
'intarouji'tenik interoceanic 
inta'ragativ, -z, -11 interrogative 

(s. adj.), -a, -ly 
inta'i'agatar|i, -iz interrogator] y 

(s. adj.), -ies 
inta'sekjan, -z intersection, -a 
inta'sekt, -s, -ii), -id; -a*, -az 

intersect, -s, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 
inta'sepjan interception 
'intasept, -s intercept (s.), -s 
inta'sept, -s, -ii), -id; -a*, -az, 

-a*, -az; -iv intercept {v.), _-s, 

-ing, -ed; -er, -ers, -or, -ors; -ive 
inta'seJIan, -anz, -anl [-if]] in- 

tercessi|on, -ons, -onal 
inta'siid, -z, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

interced|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
inta'spais, -iz, -ig, -t interspersje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
Inta'spa.'Jan interspersion 
inta'traibai = inta:- [-s 

'inta.tjeinds, -iz interchange (».), 
inta'tjeinds, -iz, -ig, -d inter- 

chang|e {v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
inta'tjeindsabil, -li, -Inis inter- 

changeablle, -ly, -leness 
inta'twain, -z, -ig, -d intertwinje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
inta'twist, -s, -ig, -id intertwist, 

-s, -ing, -ed , . ^ 

inta'wiiT, -z, -ig, -d, inta- 

'wouT/an interweav]e, -es, -ing, 

-ed, interwove/n 
inta'TenJan, -z intervention, -s 
'intaval, -z interval, -s 
inta'viin, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 

inlerven|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, 


'intavjn: — ^in'trsektabl 

218 — 

in'trsem»l — in'tjein 

intsvju:, -z, -ig [. ..Tjnii|], -d 

interview, -s, -ing, -ed 

'int8TJn'8*, -z interviewer, -s 

'intidsa*, -z integer, -s 

itt'tiaria*, -z, -11 interior (g. a«y.), 

' -8, -ly 

Intrgreljan, >z integration, -s 

'Intigrelt, -s, >ii), -Id integratje, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

'lntlgr|al, -sli integr|al, -ally 

'IntUekt, -s intellect, -s 

intileklja'telitl [-tju-] intellec- 

Inti'lek^nal [-tju-], -11 intel- 
lectual, -ly 

inti'meijan, -z intimation, -s 

'intlmeit, -s, -Ig, -Id intimate (v.), 
-ea, -ing, -ed 

'Intimasjl, -iz intimacjy, -ies 

intlml'aeij'aii intimidation 

in'timldeit, -8, -li), -Id; -3*, -az 
intimidatfe, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 

'intimit, -s, -11 intimate {s. adj.), 

-8. -ly 
in'tiljiiild intituled 
iii1jjn''lj3n intuition 
in '^ju'ltlT, -11, -nis intuitive, -ly, 

in'tl- dialectal for In'kl- 
In'toun, -z, -Ig, -d; -a*, -az in- 

ton|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
intot^'neij'dn, -z intonation, -a 
'intoteneit, -s, -ig, -Id intonat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
Intaksfkeijaii intoxication 
in'taksikelt, -8, -ig, -id intoxic- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
In'tokslkant, -s intoxicant (s. 

adj.), -s 
iii'tal9rab|l,-li, -Inls intolerab|le, 

-ly, -Iness 
in'talaraajs, -t, -til intoleran|ce, 
_ -t, -tly 
In'trains, -Iz, -Ig, -Igll, -t en- 

tranc|e (v.) (delight), -es, -ing, 

-ingly, -ed 
in'trainsltlT [-'trsens-], -11 in- 
transitive, -ly 
intrcekta'biliti intractability 
iii'tr%ktab|l, -11, -Inls intract- 

ab|le, -ly, -leness 

ln'tr%m|al, -alz, -allg [-^g], -aid 

entramm|el, -els, -elling, -elled 
in'trsensldsant [-'trams-, 

-'trsenz-] intransigent 
in'trtensitlT, -11 = In'trains- 
in'trtep, -s, -Ig, -t; -a*, -az; 

-mant entrap, -s, -ping, -ped; 

-per, -pers; -ment 
in'trAst, -s, -ig, -id entrust, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
In'trein, -z, -Ig, -d entrain, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
in'trentj', -Iz, -Ig, -t; -mant/s 

entrench [in-], -es, -ing, -ed; 

In'trepld, -11 intrepid, -ly 
'Intrest, etc. == intrlst, etc. 
Intra 'dAk/an, -z introduction, - s 
iiitra'dAktar|l, -HI introductor|y, 

lntra'^u:s, -Iz, -ig, -t; -a*, -az 

introduc|e, -e8,-ing,-ed; -er, -era 
'Intrast, etc. = 'Intrist, etc. 
In'trhg, -z, -Ig, -d; -a*, -az in- 

trigu]e (s.v), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, 

In'trlit, -s, -Ig, -Igll, -Id entreat, 
. -s, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
ln'tri:t|l, -Iz entreat|y, -ies 
'intrlkasji, -Iz intricac|y, -ies 
'Intrlkit, -11, -nls intricate, -ly, 

in'trlnslk, -al, -all intrinsic, -al, 

Intrl'pldltl intrepidity 
'Intrlst [-tarest], -s, -Ig, -id, -Idll 

interest (s. v.), -a, -ing, -ed, -edly 
In'troult, »s introit, -s 
introte'spektlT introspective 
intro'd- = latra'd- 
in'trnid, -z, -Ig, -id; -a*, -az 
_ intrudje, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
In'trnisiv, -11, -nis intrusive, -ly, 

in'tra:3an, -z intrusion, -s 
in«J, -Iz inch (g. v.) (I.), -es 
In'tjamt, -s, -Ig, -Id; -a*, -az; 
-mant/s enchant, -s, -ing, -ed; 
_ -er, -ers; -ment/s 
in't/ajntrls, -iz enchantress, -es 
In'tjeln, -z, -ig, -d; -mant en- 
chain, -Si, -ing, -ed; -ment 

'intjkeip — in'TcnJan 

— 219 

in'Tcnt— JnTi'teiJan 

'in^Xl^^cip* -kiift Inch|cape, -keith 

'intu' into 

in'tuim, -z, -ig, -d; -mant en- 
tomb, -8, -ing, -ed; -ment 

in 'twain, -z, -ig, -d entwin]e, -es, 
-ing, -ed 

in'twist, -8, -11), -id entwist, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

Oin'Q;n:zi{test, -sests, -tezm en- 
thuaijast, -asts, -asm 

inOJnizi'eestik, -al, -ali enthusi- 
astic, -al, -ally 

in'Oroun, -z, -ig, -d; -mant en- 
thron|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -ment 

in'6r3:|l, -Iz, -lig, -Id; -Imant 
enthrall [-11], -Is [-lis], -lling, 
-lied; -{l)lment 

in9u: = in6jn> 

O'inwad, -z, -li, -nis inward, -s 
(I.)) -ly, -ness 

in'-winr, -z, -ig, -d. in'wouT, 
in'wouTan inweayje, -es, -ing, 
-ed, inwove, inwoven 

O invaiala'billti inviolability 

in'Tai3lab|l, -li, -Inis inviolabjle, 
-ly, -leness 

in'vaialit, -li, -nis inviolate, -ly, 

in'vaisranz (s.) = 'enviranz en- 

in'vairan, -z, -ig, -d; -mant/s en- 
viron («.), -s, -ing, -ed; -ment/s 

in'rait, -s, -ig, -igli, -ignis, -id; 
-a*, -az invit|e, -es, -ing, -ingly, 
-ingness, -ed; -er, -ers 

in'Tielid invalid {not valid) 

inT«eli'dei/an invalidation 

in'TKlideit, -s, -ig, -id invalid- 
at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

in'Y»ljnabl invaluable 

invAlnara'biliti invulnerability 

in'TAln9rab|l, -li, -Inis invulner- 
ab|le, -ly, -leness [-ed 

in'vei, -z, -ig, -d inveigh, -s, -ing, 

in'reid, -z, -ig, -id; -a*, -az in- 
vad|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

in'yeigl, etc. = in'viigl, etc. 

in'veisan, -z, invasion -s 

in'rektlT, -z invective, -s 

in'velap, -s, -ig, -t; -mant en- 
velop (v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -ment 

in'venjan, -z invention, -s 

in'vent, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
invent, -s, -ing, -ed; -er [-or], 
-ers [-ors] 

in'ventiy, -li, -nis inventive, -ly, 

in'vesmant, -s = in'Testmant, -s 

in'vest, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az in- 
vest, -8, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 

inTesti'geifan, -z investigation, -s 

in'vestigeit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
investigat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 

in'vestitja*, -z investiture, -s 

in'vestmant, -s investment, -s 

in'vetarasi inveteracy 

in'vetarit, -li, -nis inveterate, 
-ly, -ness 

invearia'biliti invariability 

in'Tsariabjl, -li, -Inis inyariab|le, 
-ly, -leness 

'in'vais, -iz, -li inverse («. adj.), 
-3, -ly 

in'va:J»n, -z inversion -s 

'invait, -8 invert (s.), -s 

in'va:t, -8, -ig, -id invert (v.), 
-s, -ing, -ed 

inva'teijan [-TO'k-], -z invoca- 
tion, -s 

'inyali:d, -z, -id invalid (s. adj.) 
(infirm through illness, etc.), -s, 

inva'lidlti invalidity [-ed 

inTa'lj'm/an, -z involution, -s 

'invalj'uit, -s, -id involute, -s, -d 

inva'nes Inverness 

inva'nesj'ia* [-'nej/-] Inverness- 

'invantrli, -iz inventor|y, -ies 

inra'rsari Inverary 

inva'rnari Inverurie 

in'Ti:g{l [-Teig-], -Iz, -Jiig [-lig], 
-Id; -Imant/s inveig|le, -Ies, 
-ling, -led; -lement/s 

in'vidias [-djas], -li, -nis invidi- 
ous, -ly, -ness 

inviga'rei/an invigoration 

in'vigareit. -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
invigoratfe, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 

invinsi'biliti [-sa'b-] invincibility 

in'Tinsibjl [-sab-], -li, -Inis in- 
vincibjle, -ly, -leness 

invi'tei/an, -z invitation, -s 

.invizi'biliti — i'piskapasi 

220 — 

i'piskepsl— i'rekjan 

inrizi'biliti [-Z8'b-] invisibility 
iu'rizib|l [-zab-], -li, -Inis invis- 

-ib|le, -ly, -leness 
in'TOuk, -s, -ii), -t inTok|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'iuTois, -iz, -ig, -t invoicie, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
in'T9l3ntar{i, -ill, -inis involunt- 

ar|y, -ily, -iness 
in'YolT, -z, -ii), -d involv|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
inro'k- = inra'k- 
O 'insa*, etc. = 'indsa*, etc. 
m ii) Inge 
0'i!)9in Ingham 
O'igtJ^It^zbi Ingoldsby 
'iggasol Ingeraoll 
'iggat [-got], -s ingot, -s 
'ii)gl|b9r3, -bi Ingle] borough, -by 
'iggland, -a*, -az England, -er, 

'IflgliJ" English [-men 

'iggliJIman, -man Englishlman, 
'iggliXIwuman, -wimin English- 

|woman, -women 
'igglz Inglis 
'iijglzbi Ingoldsby 
'iggat, -s = 'iggat, -s ingot, -s 
'iggrdm Ingram 

Oigk, -s, -ig, -t ink («. v.), -s, 
igk- see also ink- [-ing, -ed 

'igkbotl, -z inkbottle, -s 
'iijka, -z Inca, -s 
'igke*, -z inker, -s 
'igkam, -z = 'ink- income, -s 
'igk|i, -la*, -list ink|y, -ier, -iest 
'igkjub|3s ['ink-], -ai, -asiz in- 

cub|us, -i, -uses 
'igklig, -z inkling, -s 
'igkpot, -8 ink-pot, -s 
'igkstiend, -z ink-stand, -s 
O'igland, 'iglij, e<c. = 'Iggl- 

• i'ou-, I'al- = i> 

• i'paiaras Epirus 

O ipeemi'nandses Epaminondas 
O i'pifan|i, -iz Epiphan|y, -ies 
ipikeekjn'eena ipecacuanha 
ipiska'peilian [ep-, -Ijan], -z, 

-izm episcopalian (s, adj.), -s, 

i'piskapasji [e'p-], -iz episcopac|y, 


fpiskepjal [e'p-], -all episcopjal, 

i'piskapit [e'p-], -s episcopate, -s 
i'pisi, -z epistle, -s 
i'pitamaiz [e'p-j, -iz, -ig, -d; 

-a*, -az epitomizje [-i8|e], -es, 

-ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
i'pitami [e'p-], -z epitome, -s 
i'pitamist [e'p-], -s epitomist, -s 
O'ipswit/ Ipswich 
• i'raika [e'r-] erica 
O irsBdi'keiJ'an eradication 
i'reedikeit, -s, -ig, -id eradicat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
i'rsedikabl eradicable 
irsesi'biliti [aiar-] irascibility 
i'rtesibjl [aia'r-], -Ii, -Inis iras- 

cib|le, -ly, -leness 
i'rsestas [e'r-] Erastus 
ireej'a'nteliti [-J^^-] irrationality 
i'rseXlanJ [i^l], -anali [-Jifali] 

irrati|onal, -onally 
i'reetik [e'r-], -al, -ali erratic, 

-al, -ally 
i'rsezmas [e'r-] Erasmus 
i'rtezmian [e'r-], -z, -izm Eraa- 

mian, -s, -ism 
O I'rApJan, -z 1) eruption, -s; 

2) irruption, -s 
i'rApt, -s, -ig, -id erupt, -s, -ing, 

i'rAptiv, -li 1) eruptive, -ly; 

2) irruptive, -ly 
Oi'reis, etc. = i'reiz, etc. 
i'reit|am [e'r-], -a errat|um, -a 
i'reiz, -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, -az; -abl, 

-mant eras|e, -es, -ing, -ed ; -er, 

-ers; -able, -ment 
i'reisa*, -z erasure, -s 
Oi'refjutab|l, -li irrefutab|le, -ly 
irefraga'biliti irrefragability 
i'refragab|I, -li, -Inis irrefrag- 

ab|le, -ly, -leness 
iregjn'leerit{i, -iz irregularit|y, 

i'regjula*, -li irregular, -ly 
i'rekagnaizabl irrecognizable 
irekansaila'biliti irreconcilabil- 
i'rekansailabjl [irekan's-], -li, 

-Inis irreconcilab|le, -ly, -leness 
i'rekjan, -z erection, -s 

i'rekt— 'irisponsi'Mllti 

221 — 

,iris'pansibl — is'pai 


id; -ail 


i'rekt, -li, -nis, -s, -: 

erect (a^/. v.), -ly, -i 

-ed; -lie 
i'rttliTan|s, -si, -siz; -t, -tli ir- 

relevan|ce, -cy, -cies; -t, -tly 
irep^ra'biliti irreparability 
i'reparabjl, -11, -Inis irreparabjle, 


irepri'henslbjl [-sab-], -11, -Inis 

irreprehensib|le, -ly, -leness 
i'reT3kab|l, -11, -Inis irrevocab|le, 

-ly, -lenesB 
i'reT3ran|s, -t, -tli irreveren(ce, 
' -t, -tly 

ireza'ljnij'an irresolution 
I'rezaljfn:!;, -11, -nis irresolute, 

-ly, -ness 
i'rezaljnbl irresoluble 
O'irakwoi, -z Iroquois (sing.), 

ira'wodi Irawadi 
6 iri'bitabl irrebuttable 
iri'desanls, -t iride8cen|ce, -t 
iri'dju:Bib|l [-sab-], -11, -Inis ir- 

reducib|le, -ly, -leness 
iri'flektlT irreflective 
iri'geijan irrigation 
'irigeit, -s, -iij, -id; -a*, -az irrig- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 
iri'kATarab|l, -li, -Inis irrecover- 

ab|le, -ly, -leness 
iri'kleiinab|I, -li irreclaimab|le, 

' -ly 

iri'lidsan irrehgion [-ness 

iri'lid3as,-li, -nis irreligious, -ly, 
iri'miidiabU [-djab-J, -11, -Inis 

irremediab|le, -ly, -leness 
'irimniTa'biliti irremovability 
iri'mn:Tab{l, -li, -Inis irremov- 

ab|le, -ly, -leness 
iri'pi:lab|l, -li irrepealab|le, -ly 
iri'pleisabl irreplaceable 
iri'presib|l [-sab-], -li, -Inis irre- 

presaib|le, -ly, -leness 
iri'prontJ"ab|l, -li, -Inis irre- 

proachablle, -ly, -leness 
iri'prnrTab|l, -11, -Inis irreprov- 

ab|le, -ly, -leness 
irl'septlT irreceptive 
iri'spektlT, -li irrespective, -ly 
'mspansi'biliti [-sa'b-] irresponsi- 

iris'pansibll [-sab-], -li irrespons- 

' -ib|le, -ly 

iris'ponsiv, -li, -nis irresponsive, 

-ly, -ness 
iri'teijan, -z irritation, -s 
'iriteit, -s, -Ig, -id; -It irritat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed; -ive 
irita'biliti irritability [-leness 
'irltab|l, -11, -Inis irritabjle, -ly, 
'iritant, -s irritant (s. adj.), -s 
iri'triivabjl, -li, -Inis irretriev- 

ab|le, -ly, -leness 
iri'Ta:sib|l [-sab-], -li, -Inis irre- 

versib|le, -ly, -leness 
'irizisti'biliti [-ta'b-] irresisti- 
iri'zistib|l [-tab-], -11, -Inis irre- 

Bistib|le, -ly, -leness 
iri'zalvabl, -nis irresolvable, 

Oi'roud, -z, -Ig, -id erod|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
i'rouika = e'rouika Eroica 
i'rounjas [e'r-], -li, -nis errone- 
ous, -ly, -ness 
i'ronsiv erosive 
i'ronsan, -z erosion, -s 
Oi'ratlk, -s erotic (s. adj.), -a 
Oirr- = ir- 
Hi'asAi Ysaye 
Oi'senJ|»l, -all, -alnis essenti|al, 

-ally, -alness 
O'isaka* [-ka:*] Issachar 
O'isidaia* Isidore 
O'isjiu: [IJin:], -uiz, .n-ii|, -uid 

is8|ue (». v.), -ues, -uing, -ued 
'isjn'la* i'l/iu'-], -az, -abl issu|er, 

-ers, -able 
Ois'ka:pmant, -s escarpment, -s 
is'keelap, -t = is'kal- 
is'kieriat Iscariot 
is'lutjan, -z escutcheon, -s 
is'keip, -s, -ii), -t; -mant escapje 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -ement 
is'kait, -s, -iT|, -id escort (v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
is'kolap [-'kael-], -t escallop, -ied 
is'kalja, -z escnscboltzia, -s 
is'kwaia*, -z 1) esquire, -s; 2) Esq. 
O 'ismas, etc. = 'isOmas, etc. 
O is'pjai, -aiz, -aiig, -aid; -aial 

esp|y, -ies, -ying, -ied; -ial 

is' pauz — i'Tsekj ueit 


i'Ttendstlaiz— 'Izrelal 

is'pauz, -iz, -ig, -d; -I, -Iz es- 

pousle, -63, -iug, -ed; -al, -als 
is'pielja*, 'Zp -rig, -d espalier 

(s. v.), -a, -ing, -ed 
is'peX|»], -ali especi|al, -ally 
isp9'ha:n [-'hteii] Ispahan 
Ois'tsebliJ, -iz. -in, -t; -a*, -az; 

-rnant/s establisn, -ea, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers; -ment/s 
is'teit, -s estate, -a 
'istmas, etc. = 'is9mas, etc. 
is'top, -8, -ig, -t; -dl eatop, -a, 

-ping, -ped; -pel 
ig'treint^s, -iz, -ig, -d: -mant 

estrangle, -es, -ing, -ed; -ment 
'istria latria 
is'tjiit, -8, -in, -id escheat (s. v.), 

■a, -ing, -ed 
is'tju:, -z, -ig, -d eschew, -s, -ing, 

O is'Oet- = i:s'6et- 
'is0ma8 ['isfma8], -iz iathmua, -ea 
'isOmian ['i8<m-, -mjaii] isthmian 
IsOmian, -z Isthmian, -a 
•'ijl^n:, etc. = i8ju:, etc. 
'ijmeial, -ait/s lahmael, -ite/a 
•it it 

Oi'tffilik, -8 italic (I.), -a 
i'tselisaiz, -iz, -ig, -d italiciz|e 

[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
i'taeljan, -z Italian (s. a^.), -s 
O i'tain- = i:'ta:n- 
O'itali Italy 
ita'reij^n iteration 
'itareit, -8, -ig, -id iterat|e, -ea, 

-ing, -ed 
Oi'tin- = ai'tin- 
Oi'trAskan, -z Etruscan, -s 
'itriam Yttrium 

i'trnaria, -n, -uz Etruria, -n, -na 
Oits 1) its; 2) it's (= it is) 
it'8elf itself 
it'setra [et-, at-], -z 1) etcetera, 

-s; 2) etc. 
OitJ, -iz, -ig, -t; -i, -inis itch, 

-es, -ing, -ed; -y, -iness 
•'iOalca Ithaca 
'iOama:* [-ma*] Ithamar 
i'eia- = ii'Oia- 

•iTcekju'ei/dn, -z evacuation, -a 
i'vtekjaeit, -8, -ig, -id: -a*, -az 

evacuat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 

i'viendsilaiz [-dsel-], -iz, -ig, -d 

evaDgeliz|e [-isle], -es, -ing, -ed 
ivaBndsilal'zeiJ'aii [-dsal-] evan- 
gelization [-isa-] 
i'vffindsiliin [-dsal-] Evangeline 

i'Ytend3ili8t [-dsal-j, -s evangel- 
ist, -8 

iviendsi'listik [-dsa'l-] evangel- 

ivffipa'reijan, -z evaporation, -s 

i'v«epareit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
evaporatfe, -es, -ing,, -ed; -or, 

i'veeparabl evaporable [-ors 

Oi'TAlJan, -z evulsion, -a 

Oi'veid, -z, -ig, -id: -a*, -az 
evad|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

i'veisiv, -li, -ni8 evasive, -ly, 

i'voisan, -z evasion, -s 

Oi'vent, -s, -ful [-fol] event, -s, 

iven1ju'«elit{i [-tju-], -iz eventu- 
alit|y, -ies 

i'venyual [-tju-], -i eventual, -ly 

Oi'vik/an, -z eviction, -a 

i'vikt, -8, -ig, -id evict, -s, -ing, 

i'vins, -iz, -ig, -t evinc|e, -ea, 
-ing, -ed 

i'vinsibjl [-8ab-]j -li evinoib|le, -ly 

iviaa'reijan evisceration 

i'visareit, -8, -ig, -id eviBoerat|e, 
-68, -ing, -ed 

Oi'TOnk, -8, -ig, -t evok|e, -es, 
-ing, -ed 

Oi'volv^ -z, -ig, rdj -abl evolv|e, 
-ea, -ing, -ed; -able 

•iz 1) is {from be) {normal form); 
2) hia {weak form) 

O'izabel 1) Isabel; 2) laobel 

iza'bela Isabella 

'izod 1) Izard; 2) Izzard 

Oi'ziikjal Ezekiel 

Oiz'Ieemik islamic 

'izlam, -ait/s, -izm Islam, -ite/s, 

'izligtan Islington 

Oizm. -z ism, -a 

'izmall [-meil] Ismail 

O i'zalda Isolda 

O'izreial [-rial], -ait/s, -aitij 
Israel, -ite/a, -itish 

ja:— ja'self 


ji: — 'jatgmen 

•ja: yah 

Ojaii, -z yard, -s 

'ja:da:in, -z yardarm, -s 

0'ja:ma6 Yarmouth 

O Jo:n, -z, -ii), -d yam (». v.), -a, 

• j»k, -8 yak, -a [-ing, -ed 

Ojcem, -z yam, -s 

O jeegk; -s Yank, -s 

'jtegU, -z; -'daidl Yankee, -s; 

O jsep, -s, -ig, -t yap, -s, -ping, 
O'Jteron yarrow (Y.) [-ped 

0'ji.k9, -z yucca, -a 
O JAfl, -ga*, -gist 1) (s.aij.) young 

(Y.), -er (Yj, -est; 2) Yonge 
'JAghAzband Younghusband 
'JAgiJ youngish 
'JAijka*, -z younker, -a 
'JA^ksia*, -z youngster, -s 
•jei yea 
Ojcil Yale 
Ojeit, -8 Yate, -s 
•jel, -z, -ig, -d (s. u.) yell (Y.), 

-s, -ing, -ea 
jelk yelk 
jelon, -z, -i, -d, -nis yellow, -s, 

-y, -ed, -ness 
'jelouij, -nis yellowish, -ness 
'jelouplAj" Yellowplush 
'jeloastoun [-stan] Yellowstone 
jelp, -s, -it), -t yelp (s. v.), -a, 
Ojen, -z yen, -s [-ing, -ed 

Ojes yes 

jestadi [-dei] yesterday 
Ojet yet 
•Jea* Yare 
•ja:* [jia*], -z, -li 1) year, -s, -ly; 

2) dialectal for ia*, -z ear, -s 
, a:k8 Yerkes 

'ja:lii) ['jial-], -z yearling, -s 
ja:n, -z, -ig, -d yearn, -s, -ing, 
'ja:nin, -z (s.) yearning, -s [-ed 
'ja:z 1) years {plur. of year); 

2) dialectal for iaz ears (^iiw. 

o/ ear) 
•ja* {occasional weak form of 

jo:*) your 
ja'seljf, -vz = ja;'8- 

•ji: ye 

Oji:ld, -z, -ig, -igli, -id yield 

(«. «.). -8, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
Cpjun, -z, -ig, -d yean, -s, -ing, -ed 
'ji:nlig, -z yeanling, -s 
O ji:st, -ij -inis yeast, -y, -iness 

• ii{occasional weak form o/'ji:)ye 
O'jidiJ Yiddish 

O jia* [ja:*], -z, -li year, -s, -ly 
'jialig ['ja:l-], -z yearling, -s 
■ jou Yeo 
'joud|l, -Iz, -^g [-aligj, -Id yodjel 

(«. «.), -els, -el(l)ing, -el(ljed 
Ojou'hou yo-ho 
Ojonk, -8, -ig, -t 1) («. v.) yok|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed; 2) (g.) yolk, -s 
joaka'ha:ma [-koM'Ii-] Yokohama 
'jouk^l, -z yokel, -s 
jonkt yoked (from yoke) 
O'J0H{man, -man yeo|man, -men 
'jonmanjli, -ri yeoman|ly, -ry 
Ojott'semiti Yosemite 
I JO* your {weak form) 

oa*, etc. = jo:*, etc. 

o:, -z, -ig, -d yaw («. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
jo:* [jo:a*, joa*, jua*], -z your, -s 
ja:* [jo:a*] yore 
Oja:d yawed {from yaw) 
Oja:9*, -z 1) your, -s; 2) yore 
jo:a'geI|f^ -vz yoursel|f, -ves 
Ojo:k, -8 1) York, -s; 2) Yorke 
'jo:ki8t, -8 Yorkist, -s 
'jo:kXia* Yorkshire 
O jo:l, -z yawl, -s 
OJ3:n, -z, -ig, -igli, -d yawn 

(s. v.), -a, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
O j8:'8el|f [ja:a-, joa-, jua-, ja-], 

-vz yoursellf, -ves 
Oja:z 1) yours; 2) yaws 

• 'jadi, etc. = 'joadl, etc. 

O joik, -s, -ig, -t yoick, -s, -ing, 

jaiks {mterj.) yoicks [-ed 

Ojan yon 

'jonda* yonder 

O'jarik Yorick 

Ojat, -s, -ig yacht, -s, -ing 

'jats|man, -man yachts|man, -men 

jn;— ju-'lisiis! 

— 224 — 

jnilju'leijan — 'jn:siz 

9jn: you (normal form) 

ju:, -z 1) yew, -s; 2) ewe (E.), 

-s; 3) U {the letter), -'s 
Ojni'bi'a Euboea 
ju'bikwi'tearian, -z ubiquitarian 

(U.), -s 
jii''bikTrit{3S, -i ubiquit|ou8, -y 
Ojmd you d (= you had or you 

'ja:dal udal (U.) 
jn:'di:m3nizm eudemonism 
jnidi'omita*, -z eudiometer, -s 
jn:'d9k8ia Endoxia 
jn''dDmit9*, -z udometer, -s 
'ju:d3i:n [jui'dsim] Eugene 
jui'dsiinia Eugenia 
O ju:dz youths (plur. of youth) 
O'jn'8% -z ewer, -s 
0'jii:f9naiz, -iz, -ip, -d eupho- 

niz|e [-i8|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
'jnifani euphony 
jnifi'mistik, -91, -ali euphemistic, 

-al, -ally 
'jn.'fimlzin, -z euphemism, -s 
'jn:fjai:z Euphues 
jii:Qa''i8tik euphuistic 
'jni^'u'izm, -z euphuism, -s 
jn:'fonik, -3I, •all euphonic, -al, 

jn:'freiti:z Euphrates 
'jnifrasi euphrasy 
ju:'frazini: Euphrosyne 
Oj«''gsend8 Uganda 
Ojni'keis, -iz ukase, -s 
'ju:ka*, -z, -rii), -d euchre (s. v.), 
_ -8, -ing, -d 
jn:k3'lipt9S eucalyptus 
'jnikarist, -s Eucharist, -s 
jnika'ristik, -al, -all eucharistic, 

-al, -ally 
jn-k3'ta:n [-'tsen] Yucatan 
'jniklid Euclid 
Ojn:l 1) Yule; 2) you'll (= you 

'JDi'lsem, -z ewe-lamb, -s 
jii:'leili8 Eulalia 
'jn:l3d3aiz, -iz, ■!»), -d eulogiz|e 

[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
'jn:l3d3|i, -iz eulog|y, -ies 
jmla'dsistik, -al, -all eulogistic, 

-al, -ally 
jii''li8i:z Ulysses 

juilju'leijan [a1-], -z ululation, -s 
'ju:]juleit ['a1-], -s, -ig, -id ulul- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
ja:'lond3i3m, -z eulogium, -s 
O'juima*, etc. dialectal for 'hjn:- 

ma*, etc. 
Oju:'nait, -s, -ii), -id, -idli; •&*, 

-8z; -abl unit|e, -es, -ing, -ed, 

-edly; -er, -ers; -able 
jn''neenima8,-li, -nis unanimous, 

-ly, -ness 
jninee'nimiti = jniua'ii- unani- 
'ju:nek, -8 ewe-neck, -s 
'juinak, -8 eunuch, -a 
jnina'nimiti [-n«e'n-] unanimity 
jn:'ni:k, -11, -nis unique, -ly, 

Jninl'seksiair-Ejal], -1 uniaxial, -ly 
'jn.'nlan, -z = 'jn:nj9n, -z 
'jii:ni|fai, -faiz, -faiii|, -faid; 

-faiabl uni|fy, -fies, -fying, 

-fied; -fiable 
jninifi'keij'an, -z unification, -s 
'jnmifoim, -z, -li, -nis uniform 

(s. a(^'.), -8, -ly, -ness 
ju:ni'f9:miti uniformity 
'jn:nik9:n, -z unicorn, -s 
'jn:ni'leet»r{9l, -all unilaterjal, 

^a:ni'sek8jaal [-kju-] unisexual 
'jn:nisn = 'jumlzn unison 
'jninit, -s unit, -a 
jnmi'tearian, -z, -izm unitarian 

(U.), -s, -ism 
'jn:nit{l, -iz unit|y, -ies 
'jn:niTa:8, -iz universe (U.), -s 
jn:niTa:'sseliti universality 
jn'til'Taislal, -all, -alnls univer- 

s|al, -ally, -alness 
ju'ni'Taisalaiz, -iz, -ig, -d uni- 

ver8aliz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
ju'ni'vaisalizm universalism 
ja'ni'Ta:8it|i, -iz, universit|y, -ies 
'jninizn [-isn] unison 
'jniqjan [-nian], -z union (U.), -s 
'jn:]ijaii|ist, -ists, -izm unionjist 

(U.), -ists, -ism 
Ojn:8, -iz use («.), -s 
'ju:s|ft«l. -fall [-fall], -fulnls 
_ use|ful, -fully, -fulness 
'JDisiz uses (plur. of use s.) 

'ju:sjn'frAkt— kaibanai'z- — 225 

'jn:ziz— tai'bonik 


■izm ntilit- 

'juisjn'fcAkt ['jn:q-], -s usufruct, 


'jnislis, -11, -nls useless, -ly, -ness 

jn:st 1) (v.) used {was or were 
accustomed); 2) (adj.) used {ac- 

jnis'telklen Eustachian 

'jn:st3S [-tis] Eustace 

O'jnrta: [-ta] Utah 

jn:'ten8il, -z utensil, -s 

jn:'t9:pl Euterpe 

'ju:t3r|3S, -ai ; -ain uter|us, -i; 

'jnitUaiZj -iz, -ii|, -dj -a*, 
■abl utiliz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, 
-er, -ers; -able 

jn:tilai'zeiX9n utilization [isa-] 

jo:tili'tE3ri9n^ -z, '"~ "*'i'* 
arian (s. adj.), -s, 

ju:'tillti utility 

jni'toupia [-pja], -n, -nz Utopia, 
-n, -ns 

'jn:trikl, -z utricle, -s 

0'ji»:|e, -8z you|th, -ths 

jniOs'neizis [-sia] euthanasia 

'jn:e|fMl, -full [-fall], -fwlnis 
youthlful, -fully, -fulness 

OjiiiT you've (= you have) 

'jnivjnlla, -az; -a* uvul|a, -as; -ar 

Ojn:z (s.) 1) yews; 2) ewes; 3) U's 

ju:z (v.), -iz, -ill, -d; -a*, -az; 
-abi us|e {make use of), -es, -ing, 
-ed; -er, -ers; -able 

ju:2d 1) used (/Vom ju:z a ); 2) less 
common form of jnist adj. {ac- 

jn:'za:p, -s, -ig, -t; -a*, -az usurp, 
-s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

jmzai'peijan, -z usurpation, -s 

'juizans, -iz usance, -s 

'ja:zid3, -iz usage, -s 

'ju:ziz uses {from use v.) 
'jnisyu'frAkt, -s = 'ju:s- 
jui'zjnarias [jui'sna-], -li, -nis 

usurious, -ly, -ness 
O'juisara*, -z usurer, -s 
'jn:3U9l, -li, -nis usual, -ly, -ness 
'juisnari [-3ari] usury 
• ju you {occasional strong form 

ofjn: before vowels, also frequent 

weak form) 
O jnbik- = jn:bik- 
O'jua*, -z 1) =ja:*, -z your, -s; 

2) Ure; 3) == ju:a*, -z ewer, -s; 

4) you're (= you are) 
jna'raia Uriah 

jua'reinas [Jnaranas] Uranus 
jns'reinia [-nja], -n Urania, -n 
joa'reiniam [-njam] uranium 
'juareit, -s urate, -s 
jua'reisian [-Jan], -z Eurasian, -a 
jua'reOr|a, -i: = jua'ri:er|a, -i: 
'juaral Ural 

'jnaranas [jua'reinas] Uranus 
'jnarap Europe 
jnara'pi'aiK -z European, -s 
'jnaras 1) Urus; 2) Eurus 
jna'riika eureka 
jna'riiOrla, -i: urethrja, -se 
jua'ridisi' Eurydice 
'jnarial Uriel 
'juarik uric 
'juariin Urim 
Jnarin, -ari urin|e, -ary 
'juarinal [-n\], -z urinal, -s 
jua'ripidiiz Euripides 
jua'self, -z = j»:'s- 
'jnaz 1) yours; 2) ewers 
Ojn'g-, jnk-, Jul-, jnn- = jn:- 
Oju'r- = jna'r- 
Oju't-— jn:'t- 

• ka:*, -z 1) car, -s; 2) Carr 
O'kaibain, -z carbine, -s 
'ka:bAi|kl, -z carbuncle, -s 

'ka:ban, -z carbon, -s 


'ka:banaiz, -iz, -ig, -d carbouiz|e 

[-isle], -es, -ing, -ed 
kdibanai'zeijan carbonization 


Miohaelia & Jonea, Phonetic Dictionary 

kaiba'tteijas carbonaceous 
kaiba'nifaras carboniferous 
'kaibanit, -s carbonate, -s 
kaibi'nia*, -z carbineer, -s 
'kaibjnaretid carburetted 
kai'balik carbolic 
'kaiban = 'kaiban carbon 
kai'banik carbonic 


ko:d— 'ko:pltswi:p8* 


ka:sk — 'kaiaron 

Oka:d^ -z, -ii|, -id card {s. v.), 
-a, -ing, -ed 

'ka:db9:d card-board 

'ka:disek cardiac 

'ka:dif Cardiff 

'ka:din^, -z cardinal (s. a^j.), -s 

'kaidin^/ip, -s cardinalahip, -s 

'kaidkeis, -iz card-case, -s 

'kaidjaipa*, -z card-sharper, -s 

'ka:dteibl, -z card-table, -s 

Oktt:|f, -Tz cal|f, -ves 

'ka:fstun calf-skin 

O'kaigon, -z cargo, -es 

O'kaikas, -iz 1) carcass, -es; 2) car- 
case, -s 

'ka:ki, -z khaki, -s 

Oka:l 1) Karl; 2) Carl 

ktti'laH 1) Carlyle; 2) Carlile; 
3) Carlisle 

'ka:llf, etc. = 'keilif, etc. 

'kailt^n 1) Carlton; 2) Calton; 
3) Carleton 

Oka:m, -z, -a*, -ist, -li, -nis; 
-ig, -d calm {s. adj. v.), -s, -er, 
-est, -ly, -ness; -ing, -ed 

'ka:maik9l Carmichael 

'ka:main carmine 

'ka:mel [-mal] Carmel 

'kaimen Carmen f-men 

'ka:|m3nj -man [-men] carfman, 

'ka:milait [-mal-], -s Carmelite, -s 

Okttln 1) Calne; 2) Khan 

ka:'negi Carnegie 

ka:'ni:ljan, -z = ka'n- 

'ka:nid3 carnage 

'kainlTal, -z carnival, -a 

kai'nlTaras carnivorous 

'kainlf, -all carn|al, -ally 

kamt can't, cannot 

Oka:p, -s, -ig, -t; -a*, -az carp 
(». v.), -a, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

ka:'peiOian, -z Carpathian, -s 

kaipan'tearia [-pen-] Carpentaria 

'ka:pint|a* [-pan-], -az, -rig, -ad; 
-ri carpent|er (a. v.) (C), -ers, 
-ering, -ered; -ry 

'ka:pit, -s, -ig, -id carpet (». v.), 
-8, -ing, -ed 

'kaipitbteg, -z carpet-bag, -a 

'ka:pitbi:t|a*, -az, -ig carpet- 
beat] er, -era, -ing [.g 

'ka:pitgTri:pa*, -z carpet-sweeper, 

Okaisk, -s, -ig, -t cask (s. v.), -s, 

'ka.'skit, -8 casket, -a [-ing, -ed 

'ka:sl. -z castle, -a 

'ko:sl|'btt:*, -'rei Castle|bar, -reagh 

'kaisltan Castleton 

'kaislz 1) castles; 2) Cassilis 

ka:st, -s, -ig 1) (s. v.) cast, -s, 

-ing; 2) caste, -s 
'ka:st'aian cast-iron 
'ka:sta*, -z castor (C), -a 
'kaista'roil castor-oil 
'ka:8taTrei, -z caataway, -s 
'ka:stignet, -s casting-net, -s 
'kaist'o'f cast-off 
Oka:t, -8, -ig, -id 1) cart (s. v.) 
(C ), -s, -ing, -ed; 2) quart (s. v.) 
(in fencing, cards), -a, -ing, -ed ; 
3) carte (C.) 
kaifhlanS [-'blawj] (kart'bia:/) 

'kttita*, -z carter (C), -s 
'kaital, -z cartel, -s 
'ka:tha:s, -iz cart-horse, -s 
ka:'ti:zian [-sian] Cartesian 
'ka:tid3 cartage 
kaiti'lsedsinas cartilaginous 
'kaitilids, -iz cartilage, -a 
'ka:tjnlar|i, -iz cartularjy, -ies 
'ka:tlond, -z cart-load, -s 
'kaitrait, -s cartwright (C), -a 
'ka:trid3, -iz cartridge, -s 
'ka:trid3peipa* cartridge-paper 
ka:'tu:m Khart(o)um [-ist/s 

ka:'tn:n, -z; -ist/s cartoon, -s; 
kai'taij*, -iz cartouche, -a 
Oka:ea'd3injan, -z Carthaginian, 
'ka:eallk, -s = 'kaeO- [-s 

'ktt:eid3 Carthage 
ka:'0/n:zian, -z Carthusian, -s 
OkaiT, -z, -ig, -d (v.) 1) calv|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed; 2) carv|e, -es, -ing, 
'kaiva*, -z carver (C), -s [-ed 
ka:vz 1) calves (plur. of ka:f, 
B^i pers. pres. ofkaiY); 2) carves 
'kairzfat calves'-foot 
Oka:z 1) cars; 2) Kara 
•kaib, -z; -d kibe, -s; -d 
'kai'bounon cui bono 
O'kaidran Kidron 
O'kaiaftes [-fas] Caiaphas 
'kaiari, -z = 'kirii, -z kyrie, -s 
'kaiarou Cairo 

kaia'ragrafa* — 'kaunta . . 


'kanntafit— 'kseblnitm- 

kais'rografla*, -az; -i chirogra- 

ph|er, -ers; -y 
kaia'rap3d|i, -ist/s chiropod|y,n 
'kaias Cains (Roman) [-ist/sj 
Okail, -z 1) chyle; 2) kyle (K.), -s 
'kailon, -z kilo, -s 
Okaim chyme 
kai'merik, -»1, -all chimeric, -al, 

kai'miara, -z chimera, -s 
Okaind (s. adj.), -z, -a*, -ist kind, 

-s, -er, -est 
'kaind'haitid, -li, -nis kind- 
hearted, -ly, -ness 
'kain{dli, -dniB kinjdly, -dness 
'kaindlli {a^'.), -ia*, -list, -inis 

kindl|y, -ier, -iest, -iness 
kai'netik, -s kinetic (s. a^'.), -a 
kaini'msetagr- = sini'meet- 
kaini'msetik, -s, -al kinematic,"! 
O'kaijan Kishon [-s, -alj 

O'kait, -s; -flaiiii kite, -s; -flying 
O'kaiza*, -z Kaiser, -s 
• kau, -z, -ig, -d cow (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
O'kanbein cow-bane 
'kanbai, -z cow-boy, -s 
O kaud cowed {from cow) 
O'kaua*, -z, -rig, -d cower, -a, 

-ing, -ed 
'kanad, -z; -is coward (C), -s; -ice 
'kaaadi|i, -inis cowardljy, -iness 
O'kauhaid cowhide 
'kanliaid, -z cowherd, -s 
©'kanksetja*, -z cow-catcher, -s 
O kaul, -z cowl, -s 
'kanli Cowley 

0'kaaii8{»l, -alz, -alig, -»ld; 
-ala*, -alaz couns|el (s. v.), -els, 
-elling, -elled; -ellor, -ellors 
'kannsil, -z {«.) council, -s 
'kannsil, -z, -ig, -d(w.) = 'kannsal 
'kannsila*, -z 1) councillor, -s; 
2)=kannsala*,-z counsellor, -s 
kannsiltjeimba*, -z council- 
chamber, -s 
kannt, -s, -ig, -id count (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'kannta*, -z counter, -s 
kaunta'bselang, -iz, -ig, -t coun- 
' terbalanc|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
'kanntablaist, -s counter-blast, -s 

'kanntafit, -s, -ig, -id counter- 
feit (». v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
'kauntafoil, -z counter-foil, -s 
kannta'mamd, -z, -ig, -id coun- 
termand, -8, -ing, -ed 
'kanntamuiY, -z counter-move, -s 
'kaantapa:t, -s counterpart, -s 
'kaantapein, -z counterpane, -s 
'kaantaplat, -s counterplot, -s 
'kanntapaint counterpoint 
'kauntapaiz, -iz, -ig, -d counter- 

poiaje (s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'kauntapaizn counterpoison 
kannta'reekjan counteraction 
kaunta'rsekt, -s, -ig, -id coun- 
teract, -s, -ing, -ed 
'kanntara'trtekjan, -z counter- 
attraction, -s 
'kannta , sain, -z, -ig, -d counter- 
sign, -s, -ing, -ed 
'kanntastronk, -s counter-stroke, 

'kanntatjaids, -iz counter-charge, 

'kannt|i, -iz count|y, -ies [-s 

'kauntinans, -iz, -ig, -t counte- 
nanc|e (s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 

'kauntig (s.) counting 

'kauntighau|s, -ziz counting- 
hou|se, -ses 

'kauntis, -iz countess, -es 

'kauntlis, -li countless, -ly 

O'kanpa* Cowper 

0'kanr|i, -iz cowr|ie [-r|y], -ies 

O'kanslip, -8 cowslip, -s 

O kautj", -iz, -ig, -t couch (s. v.), 
-es, -ing, -ed 

'kantjuife caoutchouc 

Okanz 1) cows {phtr. of cow); 
2) Cowes 

•kseb, -z cab, -s 

kieba'listik, -al, -ali cab(b)a- 
listic, -al, -aUy 

'ktebaret [-it], -s cabaret, -s 

'ksebji, -iz cabb|y, -ies 

'ksebids, -iz ^sabbage, -6 

'kiebids ronz, -iz cabbage-rose, -s 

'ksebin, '-z cabin, -s 

'kmbinbai, -z eabin-boy, -s 

'ktebinit, -s cabinet, -s 

'k»binititaeika*, -z cabinet- 
maker, -8 


'ktebman — 'kselindz 


'kaelipa*— ksem'pein 

'kseblman, -man cab | man, -men 
'kaebstsend, -z cab-stand, -s 
Ok«ed, -z cad, -s 
'ksedji, -iz 1) cadd|y, -ies; 2) cad- 

d|ie, -ies 
'keedis 1) caddis; 2) caddice 
'ksedi/, -li, -nis caddish, -ly, -ness 
'ksedmsn 1) Cadman ; 2) Caedmon 
'k«ediiii3m [-injam] cadmium 
k«ed5, -iz, -ii), -d; -a*, -az cadgje, 

-ea, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
O'ksefa*, -z 1) Kaffir, -s; 2) Caff re, 
'ksefei, -z caf6, -s [-a 

'keefii'n caffeine 
O'ksekl (s. v.), -Iz, -Jiij [-lig], -Id 

cack le, -Ies, -ling, -led 
'ksek^a* [-la*], -z cackler, -a 
kae'kafanii, -iz cacophon|y, -ies 
kte'kagrafi [ka'k-] cacography 
'ksekstan Caxton 
'kiektas, -iz cactus, -ea 
Okse'laiapi [ka'l-] Calliope 
kael'deiik Chaldaic 
ksel'dra, -n, -nz Chaldea, -n, -ns 
'kselei = 'kselis Calaia 
'kselendz [-lindz] calends 
'kselaba:* Calabar 
'kselabsej", -iz calabash, -es 
'kselamel calomel 
'kselamas calamua 
'kselamnji, -iz calumn|y, -ies 
kfBla'rifik calorific 
ksela'rimit|a*, -az, -ri calori- 

met|er, -era, -ry 
'k%las, -li, -nis callous, rly, -ness 
kseli 1) kali; 2) = 'kselis 
'kselibeen [-ban] Caliban 
'kaellba*, -z calibre, -a [-n 

kaeli'dounia [-nja], -n Caledonia, 
'kalif ['keil-, 'kail-, ka'liif], -g 

calif [-liph], -s 
kseli'fsekX^n calefaction 
kseli'fainia [-nja], -n, -nz Cali- 
fornia, -n, -ns 
kaeli'grsefik, -al, -ali calligraphic, 

-al,. -ally 
'keelikat Calicut 
'kselikon, -z calico, -es [-xes 
'kteli|ks, -si:z, -ksiz caly|x, -ces, 
'kselinda* [-Ian-], -z 1) calendar, 

-s; 2) calender, -s; 3) Callender 
'kselindz [-lendz, -landz} calends 

'kselipa*, -z 1) caliper, -s; 2) cal- 
liper, -s 

'kselis ['kselei] (kale) Calais 
ksel'k^ta Calcutta 
ktbrkearias, -nis calcareous, -ness 

'kselkin ['ka:kin], -z calkin, -a 

'kselkjaleit, etc. = 'keelkjul- 
keelkju'leijan, -z calculation, -s 

'kselkjnleit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
calculatje, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 

'kaelkjnlabl calculable 

'keelkjnl|as, -ai calcul|us, -i 
kteljks, -si:z, -ksiz cal|x, -ces, -xes 

'keelon, -a*, -ist callow (C), -er, 

k8e'l9sit|i[ka'l-],-iz callosit|y, -ies 

'keelsain [kiiel'sain], -z, -ii), -d 

calcin|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
kael'sedani ['keelsidani] chalce- 

'kselsiam [-sjam] calcium 
ksel'sifaras calciferous 

'kselyari Calvary 

'kalvin Calvin [-ism 

'k8elrin|ist/s, -izm Calvin|ist/s, 

kselvi'nistik, -al, -ali calvinistic, 
-al, -ally 

Okaem, -z cam (C), -a 

ktem'baisiiz Cambyses 

'kaembawal [-wel] Camberwell 

'ksembal Campbell 

'ksembria, -n Cambria, -n 

'kiemdan Camden 

'ksemal [-mil], -z camel (C), -a 

'kiemamail 1) camomile; 2) cha- 

'ksemambea* Camembert 

'ktemara, -z camera, -a 

'ksemaran Cameron 

keema'rum, -z Cameroon, -s 

'ksemfa*, -z, -reitid camphor, -s, 

'kiemilapaid [ka'mela-], -z came- 
lopard, -s 

'ksemion, -z cameo, -s 

'keemisoul, -z camisole, -a 

'kseml, -z camel (C), -s [-ing, -ed 

ksemp, -8, -ij, -t camp (s. v.), -a, 

'ksempdan Campden 

ksem'pein, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 
campaign («. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; 
-er, -era 

ki«mpo'ni:li — 'ksenjala — 229 

'ksenot— 'ktepjutjin 

ksempa'niili, -z campanile, -s 

kaem'yiitj'i Campeachy 

'kiBmpisii [-pjen] campion (C.) 

'ksempsta:!, -z camp-stool, -s 

kaem'tj'tetka Kamchatka 

Oksenj -z 1) (s.) can, -s; 2) {v.) can 

'kienaiu ==: 'keinain canine 

ksend canned 

'ksenda* candour 

kcCnda'ha:* Kandahar 

'ksend|i, -iz, -ilg, -id 1) cand|y, 
-ies, -ying, -ied; 2) Kandy 

'kieudid, -11, -nls 1) candid, -ly, 
-ness; 2] candied 

'ksendideit/M8* [-dat-], -z candi- 
dature, -s 

'ksendidit [-deit], -s candidate, -a 

'ktendia Candia 

k%ndi'la:br{am [-'leib-], -a cande- 
labr|um, -a 

'ksendl, -z candle, -s 

'ksendlmas Candlemas 

'ksendlstik, -s candlestick, -s 

'ksenada Canada 

'kseualaiz, -iZj -ig, -d canaliz|e 
[-is]e], -es, -ing, -ed 

ksenalai'zeij^n canalization 

'ksenan, -z 1) canon, -s; 2) cannon 

(^■)' ■'.... 
'ksenanaiz, -iz, -ig, -d canonizje 

[-is|e], -68, -ing, -ed 
kaenauai'zeij'^ii, -z canonization 

[-isa-], -s 
'kaenanbail, -z cannon-ball, -s 
kaeua'neid, -z, -ifl, -id cannonad|e 

(s. i;.)> -es> -ing, -ed 
'kienanprnif cannon-proof 
'kien3nr|l, -iz 1) canonr|y, -ies; 

2) cannonry 
'kaenanjat, -8 cannon-shot, -s 
'kaenapli, -iz canop|y, -ies 
'ksenst dialectal for 'ksenot 
'kasnji, -ia*, -list, -Hi cann|y, 

-ier, -iest, -ily 
'kffinibal, -z, cannibal, -s 
'kaenibalizm cannibalism 
'ksenikin, -z cannikin, -s 
'kaenig Canning 
'ksenista*, -z canister, -s 
'ksenjan, -z canon, -s 
'kffinjala, -z cannula, -s 

'ksenot [ka:nt] cannot 
'ksensa*,' -z cancer (C), -s 
'k8Bns|al, -alz, -alig [-Ug], -aid 

canc|el, -els, -elling, -elled 
ksensa'leijan [-si'l-], -z cancel- 
lation, -s 
'ksensaras cancerous 
ksent, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 1) cant 

(s. V.) (C), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers; 

2) Kant 
keen'taita [kan-], -z cantata, -s 
kaen'taia* Cantire 
'ksentaeb, -z Cantab, -s 
kaen'tsegkaras [kan-], -li, -nis 

cantankerous, -ly, -ness 
kaen'teibria Cantabria 
'ksenta*, -z, -rig, -d canter (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'k»ntabari [-beri] Canterbury 
ktenta'bridsian, -z Cantabrigian, 

'ksentanal [ksen'tanal] cantonal 
kaen'ti:n, -z canteen, -s 
'ksentikl, -z canticle, -s 
'ksentiliiTa*, -z cantilever, -s 
'keenton, -z canto, -s 
'ksenta:*, -z cantor, -s 
kien'tan, -z, -ig, -d (s. v.) canton 

(C), -s, -ing, -ed 
'ksen;tan, -z (s.) ^ ksen'tan, -z 
ksen'^tonmant, -s cantonment, -s 
ksen'tninmant, -s cantonment, -s 
ksen'Gseridiiz [kan-] cantharides 
'ksenras, -iz, -ig, -t; -a*, -az 

1) canvass, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, 
-ers; 2) canvas, -es 

kaenza'net, -s canzonet(te), -s 
'keenzas Kansas 
Oksegga'rn:, -z kangaroo, -s 
'ksegka*, -z, -rig, -d; -ras canker 

{s.v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -ous 
Oksep, -s, -ig, -t cap («. v.), -s, 

-ping, -ped 
ktepa'keilji [-Izi], -z capercailzie, 
keepa'pi: cap-&.-pie [-s 

ksepi'Iiei'iti capillarity 
keepi'teijan, -z capitation, -s 
'ksepitali [-t^] capitally 
'kiBpitalist, -s capitalist, -s 
'keepitl, -z 1) capital (s. adj.), -s; 

2) capitol, -s 
'keepjutjin, -z = ksepu '/fcii, -z 

' kteprikom— 'kaerik 

— 230 

kserika'tj ua*— kaete'g - 

'kseprikoin Capricorn 
'kseprionl, -z capriole, -s 
keeps caps {from cap) 
keep'saiz, -iz, -ig, -d capsizle 

[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
'ksepsikam capsicum 
'kaepsja:!, -z capsule, -s 
'keep^nla* capsular 
'keepstan, -z capstan, -s 
'ksepjan caption [-ness 

'keepjas, -li, -nis captious, -I7, 
keept capped {from cap) 
'ksepta*, "Z captor, -s 
'kseptin, -z captain, -s [-iea 

'k8eptins{i [-tan-], -iz captaincly, 
'kceptir, -z captive, -s 
'kteptireit, -s, -ig, -id captivat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
ksep'tiTit|i, -iz captivit|y, -ies 
'kseptja*, -z, -rig, -d eaptur|e 

(s. «.), -es, -ing, -ed 
ktepo'/iin ['kaepjutjiu], -z capu- 
chin, -s 
Okser&bi'nia*, -z carabineer, -a 
ksera'k3:ram Karakoram 
'karakta*, etc. = 'kserikta*. etc. 
'kser|9'l, -diz, -alig, -aid 1) [s. v.) 

car|ol, -ols, -oiling, -oiled; 

2) Carroll 
'kseralain Caroline 
ksera'laina Carolina 
'kgeramel, -z caramel, -s 
'kserat, -s 1) carrot, -s; 2) caret, 

-s; 3) carat, -s 
'kserati carroty 
ksera'Tsen, -z caravan, -s 
keera'Tsensarjai, -aiz; -i, -iz 

caravansar|ai, -ais; -y, -ies 
'kserawei, -z 1) caraway, -b; 

2) Carraway 
'keeraTreisiid, -z car*iway-seed, -s 
'keer|i, -iz, -iig, -id; -ia*, -iaz 

carr|y, -ies, -ying, -led ; -ier, -iers 
kseri'ietid, -z, -i:z caryatid, -s, 
'kserib Carib [-es 

keeri'bi'an Caribbean 
kaeri'ba: ['kseribn:], -z caribou, -s 
'keerids, -iz carriage, -s 
'kseridsdraiv, -z carriage-drive, -s 
'keerian carrion 

'kserian'krou, -z carrion-crow, -s 
'kserik carrick (C.) 

kserika'tjna* [-'tjua*], -z, -rig, 

-dj -rist/s caricatur|e (s. o.), -ea, 

-ing, -ed; -ist/s 
'kserikta* [-rak-], -z character, -s 
'kseriktaraiz [-rak-], -iz, -ig, -d 

characteriz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
kieriktarai'zeiXan [-rak-], -z 

characterization [-isa-], -a 
keerikta'ristik [-rak-], -s, -»1, 

■ali characteriatic, -a, -al, -ally 
'kserigtan Carrington 
'keerioul, -z cariole, -a 
'kserl, etc. = 'kseral, etc. 
Okse'seiJ'»n[k9's-], -z cassation, -a 
'ksesak, -s; -t cassock, -a; -ed 
'ksesaroul, >z casaerole, -s 
'ksesawEarji^ -iz caaBOwarjy, -ies 
'ksesia cassia 

kiesia'pi'a [-sio'p-] Cassiopeia 
'keesias Cassiua 
keegk, -s casque, -a 
kees'keid, -z cascade, -s 
'keesplan [-pjan] Caapian 
'keesteleitid [-til-, -tal-] caatel- 

keesta'net, -s Castanet, -s 
keesti'geijan, -z caatigation, -a 
'ksestigeit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -ov. 

caatigat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 
kees'ti:! Castile 

kees'tilian [-Ijan], -z Castilian, -s 
kses'treij*?!!, -z castration, -s 
kees'treit ['ksestreit], -s, -ig, -id 

caatrat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
OkeeJ, -iz, -ig, -t 1) cash («. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed; 2) cache, -s 
'kee/baks, -iz cash-box, -es 
'ksejbuk, -s cash-book, -s 
'kaej'a'kannt, -s cash-account, -a 
'ktejalat, -s cachalot, -a 
'kse/ga:* Kaahgar 
ksB'Ji8*j -z caahier («.), -a 
kseX'mia*, -z 1) cashmere (C), -s ; 

2) Kashmir 
'ksejn: [ka'Jn:], -z cachou, -a 
Okset, -8 cat, -a 
kse'ta:*, etc. = ka'ta:* catarrh, etc. 
'ksetaid cat-eyed 
ksete'garik- = keeti'garik- 
'keetafselk, -s catafalque, -a 
'ksetafail, -z = ktetrafoil, -z" 
kseta'garik- = kteti'garik- 

' ktetsklizm — 'k«et Jw3:d 


'keeGallk— 'kAlarabI 

'ktetaklizm, •z cataclysm, -s 
'ksetakoam, -z catacomb, -s 
keeta'lektik catalectic 
'k{et9leps|l, -iz catalepsjy, -ies 
kteta'leptik cataleptic 
kseta'lonnia [-nja] Catalonia 
'ksetalog, -z, -ig, 'd cataloguje 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
ksetama'rten, -z catamaran, -s 
'kseta'nainteilz cat-o'-nine-tails 
'ksetapAlt, -s catapult, -s 
'keetapila , -z caterpillar, -s 
'ktetaplsezm, -z cataplasm, -s 
'ksetartekt, -b cataract, -a 
'ksetawad, -z, -ii), -d caterwaul 

(s. v.), -8, -ing, -ed 
'ksetgAt [-gat] catgut 
'kteti Katty 

kseti'gset Kattegat [Cattegat] 
''ksetigaralz, -iz, -ii|, -d categor- 

iz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
ksetigarji, -iz categor|y, -ies 
kseti'gariklsl [-te'g-, -ta'g-], -ali 

categoricjal, -ally 
'kietikaiz, -iZj -ig, -d; -a*, -az 

catecliiz|e [-ia|e], -es, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers 
kseti'ketik, -al, -ali catechetic, 

-al, -ally 
'ksetikizm, -z catechism, -s 
kseti'kjuimen [-min], -z catechu- 
men, -s 
kteti'neij'aii, -z catenation, -s 
'ksetkin, -z catkin, -s 
'ksetka:!, -z catcall, -s 
'ksetl cattle 
ksetlaik catlike 
'katljon, -z cattle-show, -s 
'kaBtrafail, -z quatre-foil, -a 
'katri'n Katrine 
'ksetsai, -z cat's-eye, -a 
kffitsap = 'ketjap 
'kffitslkreidi, -miit cat's-|cradle, 

'keetspo:, -z cat's-paw, -s 
k«etj, -iz, -ig, ka:t catch (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, caught 
katja*, -z catcher, -s 
'kwtjii) {adj.) catching 
'katjpenli, -iz catchpenn|y, -ies 
'kaetjpoul, -z catchpole [-poll], -s 
'ksetjwa:d, -z catchword, -s 

O'kaOalik ['ko:e-], -8 catholic 

(C), -s 
keeea'lisiti [-eol-] catholicity 
kteOa'rima Katharina 
'kteOarin 1) Catherine; 2) Catha- 
rine; 3) Katharine 
'kee61i:n Kathleen 
'kteOond, -z cathode, -s 
'kteOrin = 'kteOarin 
Okaeva'lia*. -z cavalier, -s 
kseral'keid, -z cavalcade, -s 
'ksevalri cavalry 
'ktevan, -z; -as cavern, -s; -ous 
'kavandij Cavendish 
'kaevana [ka'Ttena] Kavanagh 
kseva'tiina, -z cavatina, -s 
kavi'a:* caviar(e) 
'ksevil, -z, -ii), -d; -a*, -az cavil 

(s. v.), -a, -ling, -led; -ler, -lers 
'ksevit|i, -iz cavit|y, -ies 
'kwvlri = 'kavalri cavalry 
O'kjezjuist ['ksegju-], -s; -ri 

casuist, -s; ^ry 
ktezjn'istik [ksesjn-], -al casu- 
istic, -al 
'ksezm, -z; -i chasm, -s; -y 
O'ksesjnal ['ksej^™"]? "' casual, -ly 
'k8e3jnalt|i ['ksezju-], -iz casu- 

alt|y, -ies 
•kAb, -z, -ii|, -d cub (s. v.), -s, 

-bing, -bed 
'kAbad, -z cupboard, -s 
OkAd, -z cud, -8 
'kAdli, -iz cuddly, -ies 
'kAd|l, -Iz, -|ii) [-lig], -Id cudd|le 

(s. I'.), -lea, -ling, -led 
kAdslal, -»lz, -aUg [-Ufl], -aid 

cudg|el (s. v.), -els, -elling, -elled 
O kAf, -8, -ii(, -t cuff (s. v.), -8, 

-ing, -ed 
O'kAkald, -z, -ig, -id cuckold 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
OkAl, -z, -ig, -d cull, -a, -lug, -ed 
'kAla% -z, -rig, -d; -lis colour 

[s. v.), -8, -ing, -ed; -less 
'kAla blain|d, -dnis colour-blin|d, 

kAladn = ka'lodn CuUoden 
'kAlam Culham 
'kAlanda*, -z 1) colander, -s;, 

2) cullender, -s 
'kAlarab|l, -Ii colourab|le, -ly 

'kilasaidsant— 'kAndsa* 

232 — 

'kAuig — kAt 

'kAlasa:d33iit, -s colour-sergeant, 
'kAliu [-an] Cullen [-s 

kAlm, -z culm, -s 
kAlmi'neiXan, -z culmination, -s 
'kAlmineit, -s, -ii|, -id culminatje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
kAlps'biliti culpability 
'kAlp9b|l, -li, -Inis culpab|le, -ly, 
'kAlprit, -s culprit, -s [-leness 
kAlt, -s cult, -s 
kAlti'veiJan cultivation 
'kAltiyeit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 

-abl cultivatje, -es, -ing, -ed; 

-or, -ors; -able 
'kAltirabl cultivable 
'kAlt/a*, -z, -d culture, -s, -d 
'kAlra*, -z culver, -s 
kAlz culls [from cull) 
OkAm, -z, -ig, keim comje, -es, 

-ing, came 
'kAmba*, -z, -rig, -d cumber, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'kAmbaland Cumberland 
'kAmbasam, -li, -nis cumbersome, 

-ly, -ness 
'kAmbat['k9m-]-s, -ig,-id combat 

{v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
'kAmbatant['kam-],-s combatant, 


'kAmbatir ['kom-], -li, -nis comb- 
ative, -ly, -ness 
'kAmbras, -li, -nis cumbrous, -ly, 
'kAmbrian Cumbrian [-ness 

'kAmfat, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 

-lis comfort (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed ; 

-er, -ers; -less 
'kAmfata*, -z comforter (scarf), -s 
'kAmfatab|I, -li comfortab|le, -ly 
'kAmfit, -s comfit, -s 
'kAmin 1) cumin; 2) cummin; 

3) Comin; 4) Comyn 
'kAmig, -z Gumming, -s 
'kAnil|i, -ia*, -list, -inis come]|y, 

-ier, -iest, -iness 
'kAmpas, -iz, -ig, -t compass 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'kAmj>tan Compton 
'kAmrid, etc. = 'kam- comrade 
kAmz comes (from come) 
O'kAndit = 'kandit 
'kAndsa*, -z, -rig, -d; -ra*, -raz 

conjur|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

'kAnig, -li, -nis cunning [a. adj.), 

-ly, -ness 
'kAnigam 1) Cunningham; 

2) Coningham; 3) Conyngham 
'kAnstabl, -z constable (C), -s 
'kAntr|i, -iz countr|y, -ies 
'kAntrifouk, -s country-folk, -s 
'kAntri'lian|8, -ziz country-hou|se, 

'kAntrijman, -man countryjman, 

'kAntri'said country-side 
'kAntri'siit, -s country-seat, -s 
OkAgfc'tei/an cunctation, -s 
kAgfc'teita*, -z cunctator, -s 
OkAp, -s, -Ig, -t cup (s. v.), -s, 

-ping, -ped 
'kApbeara*, -z cup-bearer, -s 
'kApfal, -z cupful, -s 
'kApiggla:s, -iz cupping-glass, -es 
'kAp|l, -Iz, -lig [-^g], -Id coupjle 

(s. v.), -Ies, -ling, -led 
'kApla*, -z coupler, -a 
'kAplig, >z (s.) coupling, -s 
'kApIit, -s couplet, -s 
kAps, kApt cups, cupped 
0'kArans|i, -iz currenc|y, -ies 
'kArant, -s, -11, >nis 1) current 

(s. adj.), -s, -ly, -ness; 2) cur- 
rant, -s 
'kArji, -iz, -lig, -id; -ia*, -iaz 

1) curr|y (s. v.) (C), -ies, -yiug, 

-ied; -ier, -iers; 2) Currie 
'kArids courage 
'kAripauda* curry-powder 
'kArn- = 'kAran- 
OkAS, -iz cuss, -es 
'kAsid, -li, -nis cussed, -ly, -ness 
kAsp, -s cusp, -s 
'kAstad, -z custard, -s 
'kAstad^eepl, -z custard-apple, -s 
'kAstadi custody 
'liAstam, -z; -abl custom, -s; -able 
'kAstama*, -z customer, -s 
'kAstamarji, -ill, -inis customar|y, 

-ily, -iness 
'kAstamhanls, -ziz custom-hous|e, 


O kAt, -s, -ig; -a*, -az cut (s. v.), 

-a, -ting; -ter, -ters 

'kite* — 'fceimsn 


kein -'kempis 

'kAta*, -z cutter, -s 
'kAtawei cut-away 
'kAtii), -z («.) cutting, -s 
'kAtl, -z cuttle (C), -s 
'kAtla*, -z; -ri cutler, -s; -y 
'kAtlas, -iz cutlass, -es 
'kAtlfij, -iz cuttle-fish, -es 
'kAtlit, -s cutlet, -8 
kA'tJer]!, -iz cutcherr|y, -ies 
'kAtOrout, >s cut-throat, -s 
O'kAObat, -sn Cuthbert, -son 
O'kAva*, -z, -rig, -d cover (s. v.), 

-8, -ing, -ed 
'kATaldeil, -li Cover|dale, -ley 
'kATalit, -8 coverlet, -s 
'kAvantri = 'koT- Coventry 
'kAvat, -li covert, -ly 
'kATO'yna* [-tjua*] coverture 
'kAvi, -z covey {of birds), -s 
'kAvinant, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

covenant (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -era 
'kATit, -s, -ig, -id covet, -s, -ing, 

'kAvitas, -li, -nis covetous, -ly,"] 
OkAz coz [nessj 

'kAz|n, -nz, -]^ig, -nd 1) (s.) cou8|in, 

-ins; 2) (v.) coz|en, -ens, -ening, 

'kA.zif.\B*, -az, -ids cozen|er, ers, 

'kAznz 1) cousins; 2) cozens 
• kei, -z K (the letter), -'a 
0'keib|l (s. v.), -Iz, -J^ig [-lig], -Id 

cab|le, -Ies, -ling, -led 
'keiblgrsem, -z cablegram, -s 
Okeid, -z cade (C), -s 
'keidans, -iz cadence, -s ^ 

keids, -iz, -ig, -d cag|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
O kei'en ['keien] cayenne (C.) 
O'keialin ['keiol-] kaolin 
O keik, -s, -ig, -t cak]e (s. v.), 
O keil kale [-es, -ing, -ed 

'keileb Caleb 
'keili Cayley 

'keilif, -s; -it caliph, -s; -ate 
'keilijks, -si:z cali|x, -ces 
Okeim came [from come) 
'keimbrik cambric [-shire 

'keimbrids, -J"<a* Cambridge, 
'keiman, -z cayman (C), -s 

Okein, -z 1) cane (C), -s; 2} Cain; 

3) Caine; 4) Kane 
'keinain ['ksen-j canine 
'keinait, -s Cainite, -s 
'keina Cana 
'keinan [-njan] Canaan 
'keinanait [-njan-], -s Canaanite, 
O'keias chaos [-s 

O keip, -s cape (C), -s 
'keipa*, -z, -rig, -d caper (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
keipa'bilit|i^ -iz capabilitly, -ies 
'keipabjl, -li, -Inis capab|le, -ly, 

'keipan, -z capon, -s 
'keip'taun Capetown 
Okeis (s. v.), -iz, -ig, -t cas|e (C), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'kel'si:, -z K. C, -'s 
'keisiin ['keizi-] casein(e) 
'keisig (s.) casing 
'keismeit, -s casemate, -s 
'keismant ['keiz-], -s casement, -s 
'keisnaijf, -vz case-kni|fe, -ves 
'keisjot ['kei/Jot] case-shot 
Okeit Kate 
'keita*, -z, -rig^ -d; -ra*, -raz 

cater (C), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'keitakAzn^ -z cater-cousin, -s 
'keiti Katie 
'keitif, -s caitiff, -s 
'keitou Cato 
'keitsbi Catesby 
0'keie,nes Caithness 
O keiv, -z, -ig, -d cav|e (s. v.) 

(C), -es, -ing, -ed 
'keivdwela*, -z cave -dweller, -s 
'keivi cave (interj.) 
'keiviset, -s caveat, -s 
Okeiz 1) K's; 2) Kayes 
'keizmant, -s casement, -s 
eke'di:y [ki'd-], -z Khedive, -s 
keds, -iz, -ig, -d kedg|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
Okeg, -z keg, -s 
Okelt, -s, -ik Celt [K-], -s, -ic 
'kelrin Kelvin 
O'kemik ['kim-], -»1, -all, -alz 

chemic, -al, -ally, -als 
'kemist ['kim-], -s; -ri chemist, 
kemp kemp (K.) [-s; -ry 

'kempis Kempia 

ken — 'koikbi 

234 — 

k3:'ko:2di — 'kaizn 

Oken, -z, -ig, -d ken, -a, -ning, 

'kendl kendal (K.) [-ned 

'kenelm Kenelm 

'kenan Kennan 

'feenidi Kennedy 

'kenilwaiO Kenilworth 

'kenigtan Eennington 

'kenie Kenneth 

'ken|l, -Iz, -pi|, -Id kennjel (s. v.), 

-els, -elling, -elled 
'kenrik Kenrick 
'kensl Kensal 
kent, -s 1) Kent; 2) quint (at 

cards), -a 
ken'tAki Kentucky 
'kentij* Kentish 
'kenzigtan Kensington 
O kept kept (from keep) 
O'keri Kerry 
O'kestral, -z kestrel, -a 
O'ketl, -z kettle (K.), -s 
'ketldrAm, >z kettledrum, -s 
ketj, -Iz ketch (K.), -es 
'ketjap, -s 1) ketchup, -a ; 2) cat- 
O'kezik Keswick [sup 

•ksa*, -z, -rii), -d car|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'ksaful, -nis careful, -ness 
'keafnlji [-fal-], -ist carefull|y, -eat 
'kealis, -11, -nis careless, -ly, -ness 
'kean, -z cairn, -a (O.) 
'kean^goim, -z cairngorm (C), -s 
'kearan Charon 
'ksari 1) Gary; 2) Carey; 3) Carew 

(m Pole-Carew) 
'keateika*, -z caretaker, -a 
'keaz cares (from care) 
• ka:*, -z cur, -s 
Okaibj -z, -ig, -d 1) curb (s. v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed; 2) kerb 
'ka:bi 1) Kirby; 2) Kirkby (place) 
'kaibstoun, -z curbstone [kerb-], -s 
Okaid, -z 1) curd, -s; 2) Kurd, -» 
'ka:d|i, -la*, -list, -inig curd|y, 

-ier, -iest, -ineas 
ka:di8'ta:n [-'tsen] Kurdistan 
■ka:d|l, -Iz, -liij [-ybj], -Id curd|le, 

-les, -ling, -led 
O'kaiQn:, -z curfew, -s 
O 'kaigilin [ka:'gwelin] Kerguelen 
O ka:k Kirk(e) 
'ka:kbi Kirkby (surname) 

ka:'ka:Zdi 1) Kirkaldy; 2) Kirk- 
'kaiksta:! [locally 'ka:k8»l] Kirk- 
ka:'kn:bri Kirkcudbright [stall 
'ka:kwa:l Kirkwall 
O ka:l (a. v.), •%, -ig, -dj -a*, -az 

curl, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'ka:lii| (s.) curling 
'ka:lii|aian, -z curling-iron, -s 
'ka:Iigtagz curling-tongs 
'ka:ljn:, -z curlew, -s 
Okai'mAdsan, -z curmudgeon, -a 
Oka:n, -z kern, -s 
'ka:n|, -z 1) colonel, -s; 2) kernel, 
'ka:nls|i, -iz colonelcjy, -ies [-s 
'ka:nljip, -8 colonelship, -s 
O'kairiJ, -11, -nis currish, -ly, 

O ka:8, -iz, -ig, -t oursje (s. v.), 

-ea, -ing, -ed 
'ka:sa*, -z 1) curaer, -s; 2) cursor, 
'ka.'saniis [-i:z] Chersonese [-a 
'ka:sar{i, -ill, -inis curaor|y, -ily, 

'ka:sid, -li, -nis cursed (adj.), -ly, 

'ka:siT, -li, -ni8 cursive, -ly, -ness 
'ka:so:*, -z cursor, -s 
ka:st cursed (from curse) 
O ka:t, -a*, -ist, -li, -nis curt, 

-er, -est, -ly, -ness 
ka:'tei), -z, -ii), -d; -mant/s cur- 
tail, -s, -ing, -ed; -ment/s 
'ka:tias ['ka.'t-, -^as], -li, -nis 

courteous, -ly, -ness 
'kaitis 1) Curtis(a); 2) Curtice 
'ka:tig|i ['ka:t-], -iz courtealy, -ies 
'ka:tl, -z kirtle, -s [-8, -ed"j 

'ka:tn [-tan, -tin}, -z, -d curtain,J 
'ka:ts|i, -iz, -iig, -id curtB|y [-ey] 

(s. v), -ies [-eya], -ying [-eying], 

-led [-eyed] 
'kaitjif, -s, -t kerchief, -s, -ed 
O kaiT, -z, -in, -d curv|e (g. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
kai'veijan, -z curvation, -s [-s 
'kaiTaljua* [-tJ"Ma*], -z curvature, 
ka:Tl'lini{al[-itj-], -a* curviline|al, 

Oka:z curs (plwr. of cur) 
'ka:zi, -z; -mia* kersey (K.), -s; 
'ka:zn Curzon [-mere 

ka'bael — ka'leit 


ka'lekjan — kamems'r- 

•ka'bsel, -z cabal, -a 
ka'balik = ka:'bolik carbolic 
ka'bo'lt ['konb-] cobalt 
kabn:l [koibnl] Kabul [C-] 
ka'bois, -iz caboose, -s 
Oka'dtesta*, -z cadastre, -a 
ka'diBTarag, -nig cadaverous, 
ka'dAgan Cadogan [-ness 

ka'denza, -z cadenza, -a 
ka'det, -s cadet, -s 
ka'detka:*, -z cadet-corps ( 
ka'det/lp, -a cadetsUp, -a 
ka'dril [kwa-], -z quadrille, -a 
ka'd30ulj -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az; 

•ari cajolje, -es, -ing, -ea; -er, 

-era; -ery 
Oka'bain Colquhoun 
Oka'ka:oa [ka'keiou] cacao 
ka'kein [ko-, ka-] cocaine 
ka'ket, etc. = ka'ket, etc. 
ka'ka- = kee'ka- 
ka'kuin [ko-, ka-], -z ; -ari cocoon, 

-a; -ery 
Oka'Iaid, -z, -ig, -id collid|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
ka'laidaskonp, -s kaleidoscope, -a 
kalaidas'kapik kaleidoscopic 
ka'laiapi Calliope 
kalaeba'reijsn collaboration 
ka'Ieebareit, -s, -ig, -idj -a*, -az 

collaboratje, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 

kalaemitas, -li, -nis calamitous, 

-ly, -ness 
ka'l«emit|i, -iz calamit|y, -ies 
kalteps, -iz, -ii), -t; -ibl [-abl] 

collaps|e (s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; 

ka'lsetar|al ['ka'l-], -ali collater|al, 

ka'Lunb|a, -as Columbia, -us 
ka'Umbia [-bja], -n, -nz 1) Co- 
lumbia, -n, -ns; 2) Colombia 
ka'Umbon Colombo [-s 

kaUmni'eiX^n, -z calumniation, 
ka'Umnieit, -s, -in, -id; -a*, -az 

calumniatfe, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 

ka'leibria, -n Calabria, -n 
ka'leijan, -z collation, -a 
ka'leit, -s, -ig, -id; ■»*» -»z 

collat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 


kalekjan, -z collection, -s 
ka'Iekt, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 
-iv, -ivli collect (ti.), -s, -ing, 
-ed; -or, -ors; -ive, -ively 
ka'lektid(a<(;.),-li, -nis collected, 

-ly, -ness 
ka'lenzou Colenso 
ka'liidsijal, -an, -it collegi|al, -an, 
ka'liifj -s = 'kDelif, -s [-ate 
ka'Iigjula Caligula 
ka'ligraf|a*, -az; -i; -ist/s calli- 

graph|er, -ers; -y; -ist/s 
ka'li3»n, -z collision, -s 
ka'lj'nid, -z, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
collud|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
ka'lj'nisiT, -li collusive, -ly 
ka'lju:3an, -z collusion, -s 
ka'londian [-djan] collodion 
ka'londn = ka'ladn Culloden 
ka'lonkmal, -i, -izm/z colloquial, 

-y, -ism/s 
ka'lonn Cologne 
ka'lonnial [-njal], -z colonial, -s 
ka'ladn Culloden 
kalarifi'keiXan calorification 
ka'larik caloric 

ka'las|as, -ai; -1 coloss|us, -i; -al 
ka'lasiti = k«e'l- callosity 
ka'lajan [-asian], -z Colossian, -s 
ka'lat, -s calotte, -s 
ka'ln:- = ka'ljn:- [-shire 

Oka'ma:5an, -Jia* Carmarthen, 
ka'ma.'nd, -z, -ig, -igli, -id; -a*, 
-az command (s. v.), -s, -ing, 
-ingly, -ed; -er, -ers 
ka'ma:nddriu'tji:f commander- 
ka'maindajip commandership 
ka'ma:ndazin'tji:f commanders- 
in-chief [-S 
ka'ma:n<2mant, -s commandment, 
kam'bain, -z, -ig, -d 1) combin|e 
[v.], -es,-ing,-ed; 2) ='kainbain 
kam'bAst combust 
kambAsti'biliti [-ta'b-] combusti- 
kam'bAstibl [-tabl], -nis com- 
bustible, -ness 
kam'bAstjan, -z combustion, -s 
ka']nelapa:d, -z = 'ksemilap- 
kamema'reijdn, -z commemora- 
tion, -8 

ka'memarcit — ka'mjninik- — 236 — ke'ngainikabl— kam'petit- 

ks'memareit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, 
•9z; -It [. . . ratiy] commemor- 
at|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors; -ive 

ka'mend, -z, -ii|, -id; >3t9ri com- 
mend, -a, -ing, -ed; -atory 

ko'mend3b|I, -U, -Inis commend- 
ab|le, -ly, -leness 

ka'meas, -iz, -ig, -t; -mant/s 
commenc|e, -es, -ing, -ed ; -ment/s 

kamenj'ara'biliti commensura- 

k3'menX9r3b|I [-/ur-], -li, -Inis 
commen8urab|le, -ly, -lenesa 

ka'menjarit [-Jnr-], -li, -nis 
commensurate, -ly, -ness 

ka'mestibl [-tabl], -z comestible, 

ka'ma.'XI^l, -ali commerci|al, -ally 

k3'm3:J'3l{iBt/s, -izm commercial- 
jist/s, -ism 

kameiji'seliti commerciality 

k3'mi:di3n[-djan],-z comedian, -s 

k3'mi:IJ3 [-'mel-], -z camellia, -s 

k3'ini:lj3n, -z chameleon, -s 

ka'mila Camilla 

k3'migg|l, -Iz, -lig [.\i^], -Id 
comming|le, -les, -ling, -led 

k3misJ3'nE3*, -z commissionaire, 

k3'iuij'{a]i, -anz^ -anig [-pJg], 
-»nd commissijon (s. v.), -ona, 
-oning, -oned 

k3']iiij'3aeid33iit [-J"^-], -s com- 
misaion-agent, -a 

k3'inij3n3* [S^-], -z commia- 
aioner, -s 

ks'mit, -8, -ig, -id; -3*, -az com- 
mit, -8, -ting, -ted; -ter, -ters 

ks'miti, -z committee (council), -a 

k3'initl, -z committal, -a 

kamize'reij^n commiseration 

ka'mizareit, -s, -ig, -id com- 
miaeratle, -ea, -ing, -ed 

k3'iiiju:n ['komjn:n], -z, -ig, -d 
commun|e (v.), -ea, -ing, -ed 

kainju:iii'keij'aii, -z communica- 
tion, -a 

k3'iiiju:iiike^t, -s. -ig, -id; -a*, 
-az communicatfe, -es, -ing, -ed; 
-or, -ora 

ko'mja:iiikeitiv[-k3t-], -nis com- 
municative, -ness 

k3'iiiju:nik3b|l, -li, -Inis coni- 
municab|le, -ly, -leness [-a 

ka'iqju:nikant, -s communicant, 
ka'mjumitli, -iz communitjy, -ies 
k3'iiiju:nj3n [-nian], -z com- 
munion, -8 
k3'mju:t, -s, -ig, -id; -abl com- 

mut|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -able 
k3mju:ta'biliti commutability 
ka'iDJuitatir, -li commutative,"] 
ka'moud, -z commode, -s [-lyj 
ka'mondi3S [-djas], -li, -nis com- 
modious, -ly, -ness 
ka'mouX^u, -z commotion, -s 
k3'm3ditji, -iz commodit|y, -ies 
k3in'pa:tm3nt, -s compartment, -s 
k3m'pail, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -3z 
compil|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
ksm'pannd. -z, -ig, -id com- 
pound (v.), -8, -ing, -ed 
kam'psekt, -3*, -ist, -li, -nis; -s, 
-ig, -id compact (a<y. v.), -er, 
-est, -ly, -ness; -a, -ing, -ed 
kam'paenjan, -z, -Jip; -3bl com- 
panion, -a, -snip; -able 
ksm'psenjnla, -z campanula, -s 
k3in'peer3tiY, -z, -li comparative 

(s. adj.), -a, -ly 
kam'pserisn, -z compariaon, -s 
kam'psej'dn compaaaion 
kara'psejanit [-/^i-], -li, -nis com- 
passionate, -ly, -nesa 
kampeeti'biliti [-ta'b-] compati- 
kam'paitibll [-t3b-], -li, -Inis 

compatib|le, -ly, -leneas 
kam'peetridt [-'peit-J, -s com- 
patriot, -a 
k3in'pAlsar|i, -ili compulsor|y, -ily 
ksm'pAlsiv, -li compulsive, -ly 
k3m'pAlJ'dn compulsion 
k3m'pAgkJ'an compunction 
kam'pel, -z, -ig, -d; -3bl compel, 

-s, -ling, -led; -lable 
kam'pendiam [-djsm], -z com- 
pendium, -s 
kam'pendias [-dj3s], -li, -nis 

compendious, -ly, -ness 
k3m'peusat|iv ['kampenseitir], 

■ari compensat|ive, -ory 
k3m'petit{a*, -3z, -iv competit|or, 
-ors, -ive 

kam'pea* — kan'dAk/sn 

— 237 — 

kan'dAkt— ka'neari 

kam'pea*, -z, -rig, -d compar|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
kam'piit, -s, -ii), -id competje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
kam'pis*, -z compeer, -s 
kam'pjnit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 

-abl computle, -es, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers; -able 
kam'pljai, -aiz, -aiig, -aid com- 

p)|y, -ies, -ying, -ied 
kam'plaianjs, -siz. -si; -t, -tli 

complianjce, -ces, -cy; -t, -tly 
kam'plein, -z, -ii), -d; -a*, -az; 

-ant/s complain, -s, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers; -ant/s 
kam'pleint, -s complaint, -s 
kam'pleisanjs, -si, -t, -tli com- 

placen|ce, -cy, -t, -tly 
kain'pleiz9n|s [kamplei'zsenls], 

-t, -tli complaiaan|ce, -t, -tly 
kam'plekj^n, -z, -d complexion, 

-s, -ed 
kaia'pliijan completion 
kam'pliit, -ist; -li; -nis; -s, -ig, 

-id complet|e {adj. v.), -est; -ely, 

-eness; -es, -ing, -ed 
kam'plisiti complicity 
kam'ponnant, -s component, -s 
kam'ponz, -iz, -ii|, -d; -a*, -az; 

-idli, -idnis compos|e, -es, -ing, 

-€d; -er, -ers; -edly, -edness 
kam'ponsa* composure 
kam'pait, -s, -ii), -id; -mant 

comport, -s, -ing, -ed; -ment 
kam'pozita*, -z compositor, -s 
kam'praiz, -iz, -ii), -d; -abl 

compris|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -able 
kam'iires, -iz, -ig, -t; -a», -az; 

-ibl [-abl] compress (».), -es, 

-ing, -ed; -ible 
kampresi'biliti [-sa'b-] compres- 
kam'preXan, -z compression, -a 
Oka'naiTan Carnarvon 
ka'naiv, -z, -Ig, -d; -ans con- 

niv|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -ance 
ka'niel, -z canal, -s 
ka'naesta* canaster 
ka'nAndram, -z conundrum, -s 
kan'dain, -11, -nis condign, -ly, 

kan'dAk/an conduction 

kan'dAkt, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 
-ibl [-abl]; -It conduct («.), _-s, 
-ing, -ed; -or, -ors; -ible; -ive 

kandAbti'biliti [-ta'b-] conducti- 

kan'dem, -z, -ig, -d^ -nabl, 
-natari condemn, -s, -ing, -ed; 
-able, -atory 

kan'dens, -iz, -ig, -t; -abl; -a*, 
-az condens|e, -es, -ing, -ed; 
-able; -er, -ers 

kan'dijjan, -anz, -and; -anl. [-iji^], 
-anali [-?ali, -an^] conditi]an, 
-ons, -oned; -onal, -onally 

kan'djnis, -iz, -ig, -t; -mant's 
conduc|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -ement/s 

kan'djuisiv, -Ii, -nis conducive, 
-ly, -ness 

kan'donl, -z, -ig, -d; -mant/s 
condol|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -ement/s 

kan'donlan|s, ■siz,-t condolen|ce, 
-ces, -t 

kan'douD, -z, -ig, -d condon|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

kau'dsAg/cJan, -z conjunction, -s 

kan'dsAgAt, -U conjunct, -ly 

kan'dsAgMiv, -Ii conjunctive, -ly 

kan'dsAg&tJa*, -z conjuncture, -s 

kan'dsektja*, -z, -rig, -d; -ral, 
-rail conjectur|e (s. v.), -es, -ing, 
-ed; -al, -ally 

kan'dsest, -s, -ig, -id; -It con- 
gest, -3, -ing, -ed; -ive 

kan'dsestjan, -z congestion, -a 

kan'dsiil, -z, -ig, -d; -abl con- 
geal, -s, -ing, -ed; -able 

kandsiini'seliti congeniality 

kan'dsiinial [-njal], -i congenial, 

kan'dsain, -z, -ig, -d; -t, -tli 

conjoin, -s, -ing, -ed; -t, -tly 
kan'dsna*, -z, -rig, -d conjur|e 

{charge solemnly/), -es, -ing, -ed 
ka'neidian [-djan], -z Canadian, 

ka'nekX^n, -z connection, -s 
ka'nekt, -s, -ig, -id, -idli; -iv, 

•ivli connect, -s, -ing, -ed, -edly ; 

-ive, -ively 
ka'nel [ki'n-], -z quenelle, -a 
ka'netikat Connecticut 
ka'iiear|i, -iz canar|y (C), -ies 

kan'faid— ksn'flikt 


kan'faim — kan'silt 

kan'faid, -z, -ig, -iglij -id; -a*, 

■az confiQ|e, -es, -ing, -ingly, 
-ed; -er, -ers 

kan'fain, -z, -ig,-d; •niant/s con- 
fin|e (v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -ment/s 

kan'fannd, -z^ -ig, -id, -idii con- 
found, -s, -ing, -ed, -edly 

kanfsebjn'leij'an, -z confabula- 
tion, -B 

kan'fsebjnleit, -s, -ii), -id con- 
fabulat|e, -es, -ing, -ed [-a 

ksnfeda'reijan, -z confederation, 

kan'federeit, -s, -ig, -id con- 
federat|e (v.), ■ es, -ing, -ed 

kan'fedaras|i, -iz confederac|y, 

kan'fedarit, -s confederate (s. 
adj.), -s 

kan'fekj'lan, -anz, -anii) [-i^ig], 
-and confecti|on (s. w.), -ons, 
-oning, -oned 

kan'fekjena* [•J'l^-], -z confec- 
tioner, -s 

kan'fekXanarIi [^S^•], -iz 1) con- 
fectionar|y (s. adj.), -ies; 2) con- 

kan'fekt, -s, -ig, -id confect (v.), 
-a, -ing, -ed 

kan'fes, -iz, -ig, -t, -idii; -a*, 
-az confess, -es, -ing, -ed, -edly; 
-or, -ors 

kan'fejan, -z confession, -s [-s 

kan'rejanl [-Jfl], -z confessional, 

kan'fa:*, -z, -rig, -d confer, -s, 
-ring, -red 

kan'fe.'m, -ig, -d; -a*, -az; -atiy, 
-atari confirm, -s, -ing, -ed; 
-er, -ers; -ative, -atory 

kanfigjaa'reiXan, -z configura- 
tion, -s 

kan'QniJ'ias [-Jjas] Confucius 

kan'^uit, -s, -ig, -id; -abl con- 
fut|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -able 

kan'Qniz, -iz, -ig, -d; -idii, 
-idnis confu8|e, -es, -ing, -ed; 
-edly, -ednesB 

kan'fja:5»n, -z confusion, -s 

kan'fleijan, -z conflation, -s 

kan'fleit, -s, -ig, -id conflat|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

kan'flikt, -s, -ig, -id conflict 
{v.), -8, -ing, -ed 

kan'fa:m, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az; 
-abl, -abli conform, -s, -ing, 
-ed; -er, -ers; -able, -ably 

kan'faimist, -s conformist, -s 

kan'fa:mit{i, -iz conformit|y, -ies 

kan'frAnt, -s, -ig, -id confront, 
-s, -ing, -ed 

kangrse^u'leij'an, -z congratula- 
tion, -s 

kan'grseljnleit, -8, -ig, -id; -a*, 
-az; -ari [. . . latari] congratu- 
lat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors; -ory 

kan'grai'tji, -iz = kag'g- con- 
gruit|y, -ies 

ka'ni:ljan[ka:'n-], -z carnelian,-s 

ka'iijn:bial [-bjal], -i connubial, 

ka'njuit 1) Cnut; 2) Canute 

kan'kAr9ii|8, -si, -t, -tli con- 
curren|ce, -cy, -t, -tly 

kan'kAS, -iz, -ig, -t concuss, -es, 
-ing, -ed [-s 

kan'kAj'a]i[kagk-],-z concussion, 

kan'ka:*, -z, -rig, -d concur, -s, 
-ring, -red 

kan'kjii:pigan|s, -t concupis- 
cen|ce, -t 

kan'kln:d [kag-], -z, -ig, -id con- 
clud|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

kan'klnisiT [kag-], -li, -nis con- 
clusive, -ly, -ness 

kan'klaisan [kag-], -z conclu- 
sion, -3 

kan'ko.'d, -z, -ig, -id; -wt/s con- 
cord (v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -at/s 

kan'ka:ddn|s, -siz, -t, -tli con- 
cordaolce, -oes, -t, -tly 

kan'kakjan, -z concoction, -s 

kan'kakt, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
concoct, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

kan'kaiiiitan{g, -si, -t, -tli con- 
comitan|ce, -cy, -t, -tly 

kan'kriij'an, -z concretion, -s 

ka'nanik, -al, -alz, -all canonic, 
-al, -als, -ally 

kan'sain, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az; 
-abl; -mant/s consign, -s, -ing, 
-ed; -er, -ers; -able; -ment/g 

kan'sais, -a*, -ist; -li, -nis con- 
cise, -r, -St; -ly, -ness 

kan'sAlt, -s, -ig, -id consult, -s, 
-ing, -ed 

kan'SAmit — ksn'silieit 


ken'silians — kan'ta.'ta 

kan'SAmit, -li consummate (af(/.), 

kan'SAmpJan consumption [-ly 

kan'sAmptir, -z, -li, -nis con- 
sumptive (s. ac^.), -a, -ly, -ness 

kan'sekjntlT, -li, -nis consecut- 
ive, -ly, -ness 

kan'sensas consensus 

kan'sent -s, -ig, -id 1) consent 
(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed ; 2) concent 

kan'sepjan, -z conception, -s 

kan'sesiv concessive 

kan'seJI^n, -anz, -anari [-^ari] 
concessi|on, -ons, -onary 

kan'sa:n,-z, -ii), -d; -idli, -idnis; 
•mant/s concern (s. v.), -s, -ing, 
-ed; -edly, -edness; -ment/s 

kaii'sa:t, -s, -ii|, -id concert (v)., 
-s, -ing, -ed 

kan'saiY. -z, -ig, -d; -abl con- 
servje (s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed ; -able 

kan'saiYansji, -iz conservancly, 

kan'sa:Tat|a*, -az; -ari, -ariz 
conservat|or, -ors; -ory, -ories 

kan'saivatlT, -z, -li, -nis con- 
servative, -s, -ly, -ness 

kan'sairatizm conservatism 

kan'saivatwo:* [-two:*] (k5:ssr- 
va'twair), -z conservatoire, -s 

kan'sizd, -z, -ii), -id conced|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

kan'siil, -z, -iii, -d; -abl; -mant/s 
conceal, -s, -ing, -ed; -able; 

kan'si:t, -s conceit, -s 

kau'si:tid, -11, -nis conceited, -ly, 

kan'si:r, -z, -ii(, -d conceiv|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

kan'slrrabjl, -li, -Inis conceiv- 
-ab|le, -ly, -leness 

kan'sida*, -z, -rig, -d consider, 
-8, -ing, -ed [-s 

kansida'reijan, -z consideration, 

kan'sidarabjl, -li, -Inis consider- 
ab|le, -ly, -leneas 

kan'sidarit, -li, -nis consider- 
ate, -ly, -ness 

kansili'eiX^n conciliation 

kan'silieit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*^ -az; 
-iv, -art [. . • liatari] conciliat|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors; -ive, -ory 

kan'8ilian|s [-Ijanls], -siz, -t con- 

silien|ce, -ces, -t 
kan'sist, -s, -ig, -id consist, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
kan'sist»n{s, -si, -siz, -t, -tli 

consisten|ce, -cy, -cies, -t, -tly 
kan'sistarji, -iz consistor|y, -ies 
kan'sis^n, -z concision, -s 
kan'sjnim, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 

consum|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
kan'skraib, -z, -ig, -d conscrib|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
kan'skripjan, -z conscription, -s 
kan'soul, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az; 

-abl con8ol|e {v.), -es, -ing, -ed ; 

-er, -ers; -able 
kan'sonlatari [-sal-] consolatory 
kan'sazt, -s, -ig, -id consort {v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
kansali'deijan, -z consolidation, 

kan'salideit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, 

-az; -It consoiidat|e, -es, -ing, 

-ed; -or, -ors; -ive 
kan'spaia*, -z. -rig, -d; -ra*, 

-raz conspirfe, -es, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers 
kan'spikjnas, -li, -nis conspicu- 
ous, -ly, -ness 
kan'spirasji, -iz conspirac|y, -ies 
kan'spirata , -z conspirator, -s 
kan'st»bjnlar|i, -iz constabular|y, 

kan'sti1Juan{8i, -siz, -t, -ts con- 

stituen|cy, -cies, -t, -ts 
kan'stTAkJIan, -anz; -anj [-i^J], 

-anali[-9all] constructijon, -ons ; 

-onal, -onaliy 
kan'strAkt, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

construct, -s, -ing, -ed; -or, 

kan'strAktiv, -li, -nis construct- 
ive, -ly, -ness 
kan'strein, -z, -ig, -d, -idli; 

-abl constrain, -s, -ing, -ed, 

-edly; -able 
kan'streint, -8 constraint, -s 
kan'strikjan, -z constriction, -s 
kan'strikt, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 

-It constrict, -s, -ing, -ed; -or, 

-ors; -ive 
kan'taita, -z = keen- cantata, -s 

kantsemi'n- — kan'tinjnas — 240 

k9n'1Jn:z— kan'TenJan 

kantomi'neij'dii, -z contamina- 
tion, -8 

kan'tcemineit, -s, -ii|, -id; -It 
contaminat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -iye 

kan'tsegkaras, etc. = keen- 

kan'teidjan, -z contagion, -s 

kan'teidsas, -li, -nis contagious, 
-ly, -ness 

kan'tein, -z, -ig, -d; -abl con- 
tain, -3, -ing, -ed; -able 

kan'tem, -z, -ii), -d; -na*, -raaz 
contemn, -s, -ing, -ed ; -er, -era 

kanteinpa'reinia8[-iijas],-Ii, -nis 
contemporaneous, -ly, -nesa 

kan'tempararji, -iz, -ill con- 
temporar|y (s. adj.), -iee, -ily 

kan'templatlT ['kantempleitlT, 
'kantempleitiT], -11, -nis con- 
templative, -ly, -ness 

kan'tempt contempt 

kanteinj)trbiliti [-ta'b-] con- 

kan'temptlbll, -11, -Inis con- 
temptib|le, -ly, -leness 

kan'tem^tjaas, -11, -nis con- 
temptuous, -ly, -nesa 

kan'tend, -z, -ii), -id; -a*, -az 
contend, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 

kan'tenjan, -z contention, -a 

kan'tenjas, -11, -nis contentioua, 
-ly, -ness 

kan'tent ['kantent], -s content 
(«.). -s 

kan'tent, -s, -ii),-id, -ldli,-idiiis; 
-mant content {adj. v.), -s, -ing, 
-ed, -ediy, -edness: -ment 

kau'test, -s, -ig, -id; -abl contest 
(v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -able 

kan'tigjnas, -li, -nis contiguous, 
-ly, -ness 

kan'tin<{3an{s, -si, -siz, -t, -til 
contingen|ce, -cy, -cies, -t, -tly 

kan'tind!3ant, -s (».) contingent, -a 

kan'tinj|n:,-a:z, -U'ig, -n:d; -ua*, 
■uaz contin|ue,-ne8, -uing, -ued; 
-uer, -uera [-8 

kantinjn'eiXan, -z continuation, 

kan'tinja^l, -i continual, -ly 

kan'tinjaanjs, -t, -ts continuan|ce, 
•t, -ta 

kan'tinjnas, -li, -nis continuous, 
-ly, -neae 

kan'tja:z, -iz, -ii), -d contus|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
kan'tjnisan, -z contusion, -s 
kan'ta:j9n, -z contortion, -a 
kan'ta:t, -s, -ig, -id contort, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
kan'tra:- = kan'trte- 
kan'traiT, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az; 

-abl; -ans/iz contriv|e, -es, -ing, 

-ed; -er, -era; -able; -ance/s 
kan'trsek/an, -z contraction, -s 
kan'trakt, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 

-ail; -iy contract (v.), -s, -ing, 

-ed; -or, -ors; -ile; -iye 
kantrsekti'biliti [-ta'b-] contrac- 

kan'trsektibll [-tab-], -li, -Inis 

contractib|le, -ly, -leness 
kan'trselton [-'tro:l-], -z con- 
tralto, -s 
kan'trsest [-'tra:st], -s, -ig, -id 

contrast (v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
kan'treari dialectal for 'kantrari 
kan'trsariant, -s contrariant, -a 
kan'tribjn't, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, 

-az contribut|e, -es, -ing, -ed; 

■or, -ors 
kan'tribjut|iT, -ari contribut|ive, 
kan'trijan contrition [-ory 

kan'tronl, -z, -ig, -d; -abl con- 
trol (s.v.), -a, -ling, -led; -lable 
kan'tronla*, -z 1) controller, -a; 

2) comptroller, -a 
kan'tXa:tou, -z concerto, -s 
kan'tna*, -z, -rig, -d contour (v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed 
kan'0«eridi:z = ksen- 
ka'nn:, -z, -ig canoe, -s, -ing 
kan'yAls, -iz, -ig, -t convulB|e, 

-ea, -ing, -ed 
kan'TAlsiy, -11, -nis convulaive, 

-ly, -ness 
kan'yAlJIan, -anz, -anari [-^ori] 

conyula|ion, -iona, -ionary 
kan'yei, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az; 

-abl conyey, -s, -ing, -ea; -er, 

-ers; -able 
kan'yeians, -iz; -a% -az, -ig con- 

veyanc|e, -ea; -er, -era, -ing 
kan'reksiti, -iz = kon- 
kau'vekjan conyection 
kan'yenjan, -z convention, -s 

kaiiTeiifa'ii — ka'painikas — 241 — ka'pilari — ka'rabareit 

kanrenj'a'nselitli [-Ji^'se-], -iz con- 
ventionalitly, -ies 

kan'TenJanalaiz [-J^-], -iz, -ig, 
-d conventionaliz|e [-i8|e], -es, 
-ing, -ed 

kan'TenJsnallist/s [-Ji^*] , -izm 
conyentional|i3t/B, -ism 

kan'TenJIan!!. [-]^ji], -aaali [-^ali] 
conventi|onal, -onally 

ksn'Tentikl, -z conventicle, -s 

kan'ven'^aal [-tju-], -z conven- 
tual, -s 

kan'raids, -iz, -ig, -d; -ans, 
-ansi; -ant/li converg|e, -es, 
-ing, -ed; -ence, -ency; -ent/ly 

kan'rais, -iz, -ig, -t; -abl con- 
vers|e («.), -es, -ing, -ed; -able 

kan'Tai^an, -z conversion, -s 

kan'T9:t, -s, -ii), -id; -a*, -az; 
-ibl [-abl], -ibli [-abli] convert 
{v.), -B, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers; -ible, 

kanvaiti'biliti [-ta'b-] converti- 

kan'vim, -z, 
conven|e, -es, 


■ii), -d; -a*, -az 
-ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
■siz, -t, -tli con- 

venienlce, -ces, -t, -tly 

jan, -z conviction, -s 

kan'vikt, -s, 
vict (v.), -a. 

■ig, -id; -iv con- 
-ing, -ed; -ive 

kan'Tins, -iz, -ig, -igli, -t con- 

vinc|e, -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
kanviTi'aliti conviviality 
kan'Tivial [-vjal], -i convivial, -ly 
kan'TOuk, -s, -ig, -t convot|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
kan'vai, etc. = kan'vai, etc. 
kan'valT, -z, -ig, -d convolv|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
kan'TalTJnl|as [-yjal-], -ai, -asiz 

convolviil|u3, -i, -uses 
O ka'pseris|n, -nz, -?ig, -nd ca- 

parisjon (s. v.), -ons, -oning, 

ka'psesiteit, -s, -ig, -id capacit- 

atje, -es, -ing, -ed 
ka'psesitji, -iz capacit|y, -ies 
ka'peljas, -Ii, -nis capacious, 

-ly, -neas 
ka'pa:niam [-njam] Capernaum 
ka'pa:iiikas [ko-] Copernicus 

ka'pilari capillary 

ka'pitalaiz [-t^-], -iz, -ig, -d 

capitaliz|e [-is|e], .-es, -ing, -ed 
ka'pitalist, -s capitalist, -s 
ka'pitjuleitj -s, -ig, -id capital- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
ka'pout, -s capote, -s 
ka'pat, -s, -ig. -id capot (s. v.), 

-a, -ting, -tea 
ka'pri:s, -iz caprice, -a 
ka'prijas, -Ii, -nis capricious, 

-ly, -ness 
Oka'raili, -z chorale, -a 
ka'ranz,-iz,-ig, -d; -^l/z caroua|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -al/s 
ka'rApJan, -z corruption, -a 
ka'rApt, -ist, -Ii, -nis; -s, -ig, 

-id; -a*, -az; -iv corrupt (u.arfj.), 

-est, -ly, -ness; -s, -ing, -ed; -er, 

-ers; -ive 
karApti'biliti [-ta'b-] corrupti- 
ka'rAptib|l [-tab-], -Ii, -Inis cor- 

ruptib|le, -ly, -leness 
ka'reidsas, -Ii, -nis courageous, 

-ly, -ness 
ka'rekJIan, -anz, -anl. [-^J] cor- 

recti|on, -ons, -onal 
ka'rekt, -ist; -Ii, -nis; -s, -ig, 

-id; -a*, -az; -iv correct (ac^". v.), 

-est; -ly, -ness; -s, -ing, ed; -or, 

-ors; -ive 
ka'res, -iz, -in, -t caress (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
ka'riin, -z, -ig, -d careen, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
ka'ribdis Charybdis 
ka'ria [ko-] Korea [Co-] 
ka'ria*, -z, -rig, -d career (g. v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed 
ka'rikjnl{am, -a curricul|um, -a 
ka'rinOian [ko-, -Ojan], -z Cor- 
inthian, -a 
ka'roud, -z, -ig, -id; -ibl p-abl] 

corrod|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -iole 
ka'roun|a, -i:, -az coronja, -se, -as 
ka'ronsiv, -z, -Ii, -nis corrosive, 

-s, -ly, -neas 
ka'ron39n, -z corrosion, -s [-s 
karaba'rei/an, -z corroboration, 
ka'rabareit, -s, -ig, -id corrobor- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

Micliaelis * Jonos, Phonetic Dictionary. 


ka'rotoarant— 'kiirii) 

— 242 — 

'ki.-stoun — 'kimrik 

ka'rabarjant, -stir corrobor|ant, 

ka'rn: 1) karoo; 2) Carew 
Oka'stendra Cassandra 
ka'seijan = kae's- cassation 
ka'si:non, -z 1) casino, -s; 2) cas- 

Oka'J'ie*, -z, -rii|, -d; -ra*, -razj 
-mant cashier («.), -s, -ing, -ed; 
-er, -ers; -ment 
ka'Jn:, -z = 'k«e/o:, -z cashew, -s 
Oka'to:*, -z, -ral catarrh, -s, -al 
ka'tselpa, -z catalpa, -s 
ka'tsestrafl, -z catastrophe, -s 
ka'ti:nar|i. -iz catenar|y, -ies 
ka'tiljan (kati'jo), -z ootilJ(i)on, -s 
ka'ta.'ba catawba (C.) 
ka'ta:z, -iz quatorze, -s 
Oka'8a:tik, -s cathartic, -s 
ka'6i:drei cathedra (m phrase ex 

ka'ei:dra [-'Oed-], -z cathedra, -s 
ka'ei:dral, -z cathedral, -s 
ka'Oalisaiz, -iz, -ig, -d catholic- 

iz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
ka'Oalisizm Catholicism 
O ka'Twna = 'kterana 
O ka'zain, -z casern, -s 
ka'zimon, -z = ka's- 
• kl:, -z 1) key (K.), -a; 2) quay, -s 
0[ki:bl 1) Keeble; 2) Keble 
'ki:ba:d, -z keyboard, -s 
O ki:d keyed 
'ki:dran Kedron 
O']d:lionl, -z keyhole, -s 
O'kiiids quayage 
O ki:l, -z, -iif, -d keel (». ».), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
kiilha:!, -z, -ig, -d keelhaul, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'ki:Ii Keighley {mrname) 
'kiilon, -z kilo, -s 
O ki:n 1) Kean(e); 2) KeeD(e); 

3) Eeyne 
ki:n, -a*, -ist; -li, -nis keen, -er, 

-est; -ly, -ness 
'kl:^out, -8 keynote, -s 
Okiip, -B, -ii|, kept keep (g. v.), 

-s, -ing, kept 
'ki;pa*, -z keeper, -s 
'kL'pseik, -s keepsake, -s 
O'kiirig, -z key-ring, -s 

O'kkstoniu -z key-stone, -s 

O'kiitig Keating(e) 

'ki:tli Kieightley 

'ki:toii Quito 

ki:ts Keats 

O ki:e Keith 

'ki:01i Keighley (place) 

O'kiiwi, -z kiwi, -a 

OkiJ'TiiT qui vive 

O ki:z 1) keys (fromkef); 2) quays 

(from quay); 3) Keyes; 4) Caius 

(Cambridge college) 
• Idd, -z, -ig, -id 1) (s. v.) kid, 

-s, -ding, -ded; 2) Kidd; 3) Kyd 
'kidaminsta* kidderminster (K.) 
ki'diiT, -z = ke'd- 
'kidl, -z kiddle (K.), -s 
'kidlii|, -z kidling, -s 
'kidnsep, -8, -ij, -t; -a*, -az kid- 
nap, -8, -ping, -ped; -per, -pers 
'kidni, -z kidney, -s 
'kidni'bL'Uj -z kidney-bean, -s 
O kia* Keir 

'kiari 1) Keary; 2) Kearie 
'kiazli Kearsley 
O kik, -8, -ig, -tj -a*, -az kick 

(«. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'kik'Ap, -8 kick-up, -s 
'Wkja:, -z kickshaw, -s 
O kil, -z, -ig, <d; -a*, -az 1) kill 

(s. v.), -8, -ing, -edf; -er, -ers; 
ki'laini Killarney [2) = kiln 
ki'Iset K(h)elat 
kil'dsa* Kildare 
'kildakln, -z kilderkin, -s 
'kilagrtem, -z kilogram, -s 
kila'Ion [-In;] Killaloe 
'kil»iiii:ta*. -z kilometre, -s 
'kiliffid [-IjiBd], -z chiliad, -s 
'kiligrn: Killigrew 
kili'kraegki Killdeerankie 
kilimau'dgazrou [-msen-] Kili- 
manjaro [-marnoek'l 
kill'keni, -'mainak Kil|kenny,J 
kiln, -z kiln, -s 
kill'ptetrik, -'rAj", -'saift Kil- 

Ipatrick, -rush, -syth 
kilt, -8, -ig, -id kilt, -s, -ing, -ed 
O'kimbali Kimberley 
ki'merik, ki'miara = kai'm- 
'kimist, etc. = 'kemist, etc. 
'kimrik Cymric 

kin — 'kitn 

— 243 

kitsn— tjn'p' 

O kin, -z kin, -s 

'kindjl, -Iz, -lig [-^g], -Id kindjle, 

-les, -ling, -led 
'kindrid kindred 
ki'nel, -z = k3'nel,-z quenelle, -s 
ki'nead Einnaird 
kin'ka:din [kig'k-] Kincardine 
kin'ros Kinross 
'kinjip kinship 
kint, -S quint {at cards), -a 
kin'tais* Kintyre 
kinfjin'dsiiiga KincMnjinga 
'kinzfouk kinsfolk 
'kinzjman, -man kinsjinan, -men 
'kinzlwnman, -yriminkinslwoman, 

O kig, -z king (E.), -s 
kiijdain, -z kingdom (K.), -s 
'kigdan Eingdon 
'kigat'annz king-at-arms 
'kigfijs*, -z kingfisher, -s 
kigk, -8, -ii|, -t [kigt] kink (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
kii)'ki:n9 [kirlg'kTraina] quin- 
'kii|kra:ft kingcraft [quina 

'kigkstan = 'kigstan 
kigllaik, -lis king|like, -less 
'kigleik Einglake 
'ki||l[i, -ia*, -list, -inis kingl|y, 

-ier, -iest, -iness 
'kigmeika*, -z king-maker (E.), -s 
'kl^stan 1) Kingston; 2) Kings- 
'klg/ip kingship [town 

'kigz'benfj King's Bench 
'kigz|b9ra, -bari Eings|borough, 

kigz'kannsal King's Counsel 
'kigzli Kingsley 
O ki'ask, -s kiosk, -s 
O kip, -8 kip, -s 
'kipa*, -tf -rig, -d kipper, -s, 
'kiplig Kipling [-ing, -ed 

O'kirii ['kaiari], -z kyrie, -s 
O kis, -iz, -ig, -t kiss (s. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'kl8igkrAst, -s kissmg-crust, -s 
O kit, -8 kit, -s 
'kiti Kitty 

'kitiweik, -8 kittiwake, -s 
'kitkset, -s kitcat (E.), -8 
'kit|n, -nz; -?ij kitt|en, -ens; 


'kitsn 1) Kitson; 2) Kittson 
'kitjin, -z 1) kitchen (E.), -s; 

2) Eitchin 
'kitjina*, -z kitchener (E.), -s [-s 
'kitj'in'gaidn, -z kitchen-garden, 
'kitjinmeid, -z kitchen-maid, -s 
O kie kith 
• kjon Eeogh 

O kju: 1) Queux; 2) Eeux; 3)Kew 
kjn:, -z 1) Q {the letter), -'s; 2) cue, 

-s; 3) queue, -s 
kju:b, -z, -ig, -d cub|e {$. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'kju:ba, -n, -nz Cuba, -n, -ns 
'kjn:bik, -al, -ali cubic, -al, -ally 
'kjn:bit, -8, -1 1) cubit, -s, -al; 

2) Cubitt 
'kjnibaid, -z cuboid, -s [-s 

'kja:kAinba* [-kam-], -z cucumber, 
'kjn:linari culinary 
kjnimjn'leijan cumulation 
'kja:iiijnl|as; -it cumul|us;' -ate 
'kjnimjulatiT cumulative 
kja:'na:d Cunard 
''kju:niifa:m cuneiform 
'kjniniit cuneate 
'kjnq>ala, -z cupola, -s 
'kjiupid, -z cu^id (C), -s 
kjn''piaiti cupidity 
'kjniprias cupreous 
]^B''prifaras cupriferous 
kjnit, -a*, -ast} -li, -nis cute, -r, 

-St; -ly, -ness 
kja-'teinia8 [-njas] cutaneous 
kjn-'tikjnla* cuticular 
'kjn:tlkl, -z cuticle, -s 
kjniz 1) Q's; 2) cues {plur. of 

cue); 3) queues (plur. o/" queue) 
O kjn frequent eolloquial form of 

'Otegl^a thank you 
'kjua*, -z, -rig, -A; -ra*, -raz; 

•abl, -aHT ciir|e (*. « ), -es, -ing, 

-ed; -er, -ers; -able, -ative 
kjua'reita*, -z, -Jip curator, -s, 

kjaara'biliti curability 
'kjaara8|i, -iz curac|y, -ies 
kjnara'son Curasao (C.) [-ness 
kjaarias, -U, -nis curious, -ly, 
tjnari'gsitli, -iz curiosit|y, -ies 
'kjnarit, -8 curate, -s 
kju'p-, kjn't- = yu:- 

kla:k — klsen 

244 — klsen'destain— 'kUb'mas 

• kla:k, -s 1) clerk, -s; 2) Clark; 

3) Clarke 
'kla:k9nw8l [-wel] Clerkenwell 
'klaikjlp, -s clerkship, -a 
kla:g, -iz, -ii), -t class {s. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'kla:g|m9ii [-meen], -man [-men] 

class|iuan, -men 
klaisp, -8, -ig, -t clasp (s. v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed 
'kla:sp nai|f, -tz clasp-kni|fe, -ves 
O'klaid, -beegk Clyde, -bank 
'klaiant, -s client, -es 
klaim, -z -ig, -d 1) climb, -s, 

-ing, -ed; 2) clime, -s 
'klaimseks. -iz climax, -s 
klai'msektarik [klaimtek'terik], 

>s climacteric, -s 
klai'm«etik, -al, -all climatic, 

-al, -ally 
'klaima*, -z climber, -s 
'klaimit, -s climate, -s 
'klaion Clio 

klalT Clive [-s, -ing, -ed 

O kland, -z, -ig, -id cloud (s. v.), 
'klaad|i. -ia*, -list; -ili, -inls 

cloudfy, -ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
'klaudksept cloud-capped [-capt] 
'klandlis, -li, -nis cloudless, -ly, 

klann, -z clown, -s [-ness 

klannij, -li, -nis clownish, -ly, 
klautf -8, -ig, -id clout (». v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed 
klanz Clowes 
O klaed clad {from clothe) 
kliek, -8, -ig, -t 1) (s. v.) clack, 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) (g.) claque, -s 
'klsekbak8, -iz clack-box, -es 
'klffikTselT, -z clack-valve, -s 
kliem, -z clam, -s 
'kUemoa*, -z, -rig, -d clamber, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'kltema*, -z, -rig, -d clamour 

(«. v.), -a, -ing, -ed 
'kltem3r38, -li, -ni8 clamorous, 

-ly, -ness 
'klsemji, -ie*, -list; -ili, -inis 

clamm|y, -ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
klsemp, -s, -ig, -t clamp (s. v.), 

-8, -ing, -ed 
kleen, -z clan, -a 

klaen'destain, -li clandestine, -ly 
'kleenij, -li, -ni8 clannish, -ly, 

'kleenjip clanship 
'kl8enz|m3n,-m8nclans|man, -men 
klseg, -z, -ig, -d clang (s. v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed 
'kleegga* clangour 
'klaeggaras, -li clangorous, -ly 
klsegk, -s, -ig, -t clank (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
klsep, -s, -ig, -t clap (s. v.), -a, 

-ping, -ped 
'klsepa*, -z clapper, -s 
'kleeplam, -tan Clap|ham, -ton 
'kleeptreep clap-trap 
'kleerandan Clarendon 
'klier9n8 Clarence 
'klteret, -s; -,kAp claret, -s; -cup 
kleersnit, -s := klteri'net, -8 
'klserian, -z clarion, -s 
'klseri|fai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid; 

-faia*, -falaz clarilfy, -fies, 

-fying, -fied; -fier, -tiers 
klserifi'keij'an clarification 
klseri'net, -8 clari(o)net, -s 
'klsern- = 'klaeran- 
'klsesijfai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid 

classi|fy, -fies, -fying, -fied 
'klsesifai|3*, -az, -abl claB3ifi|er, 

-ers, -able 
kleesifi'keij'an, -z classification, -s 
'klaesik, -sj -al, -ali, -alnis clas- 
sic, -s; -al, -ally, -alness 
'kl{e8isizm classicism 
klsej, -iz, -ig, -t clash («. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'klaeta*, -z, -rig, -d clatter (s. v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed 
'kltevaz ['klgeT9]iaa8] Claverhouse 
'klsevia*, -z clavier (key-board), -a 
'klKvikl, -z clavicle, -s 
'klsevika:d, -z clavichord, -s 
O kUb, -z, -ig, -d club (s. v.), -a, 

-bing, -bed 
'kUbl'fut, -'fi:t club-|foot, -feet 
'klAb'futfd club-footed 
'kli.b'hau|8, -ziz club-hou|se, -ses 
'klAb'la: club-law 
'kUblman [-mten], -man [-men] 

cluD|man, -men 
'klAb'mos, -iz club-moss, -es 

'klAb'rum— kli:k 


kliin— klou'eike 

'klAb'rnin, -z club-room, -s 

klAf, -8 clough, -s 

klAk, -s, -ig, -t cluck (s. v.), -a, 

-ing, -ed 
klAmp, -8, -ii|, -t; -i clump (s. 

v.), -a, -ing, -ed; -y 
'klAmz|i, •is*, -list; -ili, -inis 

clumafy, -ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
klAij clung {from cling) 
'klAsta*, -z, -rii|, -d cluster (s. v.), 

-8, -ing, -ed 
Oklei, -z; -i clay (C), -s; -ey 
kleim^ -z, -ii|, -d claim (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'kleimant, -s claimant, -s 
'kleimo:?*, -z claymore, -s 
'kleitn Clayton 
kleiv clave (archaic past tense of 

Oklef, -8 clef, -s 
kleft. -s 1) cleft {from cleave); 

2) (g.) cleft, -s 
kleg, -z 1) cleg, -s; 2) Clegg 
'klemanisi, -t, -til clemen|cy, -t, 

'klemant, -s Clement, -s 
klematis [kle'meitis, kli'iDeiti8] 

'klenlji, -la*, -ilst; -inis cleanl|y 

{adj.), -ier, -iest; -iness 
klenfj*, -iz, -ii), -t clench, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
klenz, -iz, -ig, -d; -9*, -az; -abl 

cleans|e, -es, -ing, -ed.; -er, -ers; 

kleptOM'meini|3 [-nj-], -8ek/8 

kleptomani|a, -ac/s 
'klerik, -s, -al, -alz, -all cleric 

(s. adj.), -8, -al, -als, -ally 
'kleTa*,-ra*,-rist; -li,-ni8 clever, 

-er, -est; -ly, -ness 
Oklsa* Clare 

'klsamant [-mant] Claremont 
'klsara Clara 
O'klaidsl clergy 
'kla:d3i|man, -man clergy [man, 

O klal'rousis, -'rotik = klo:'r- 
kla'via*, -z clavier (iwsintmeMt), -s 
kla'vikjula* clavicular 
O kli:k, -8, -ii), -t 1) (s. v.), cleek, 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) (s.) clique, -s 

kli:ii, -a*, -i8t, -Ii, -1118; -z, -ig, 

-d; -a*, -az clean {s. a^. v.), 

-er, -est, -ly (adv.), -ness; -s, 

-ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
kli:t, -8 cleat, -s 
kli:T, -z, -ig, -d, klonv, kleft, 

'klonvn cleav|e, -es, -ing, -ed, 

clove, cleft, cloven 
'kli:va*, -z cleaver (C), -s 
'klirvlds, -iz cleavage, -s 
'kliivland Cleveland 
O'klia*, -ra*, -rist; -Ii, -nis; -z, 

■rii|, -d clear {a<y. v.) (C), -er, 

-est; -ly, -ness; -s, -ing, -ed 
klia'pa:tra [klio'p-, -'pset-j Cleo- 
'kUarans, -iz clearance, -s 
'kliarii)han|8, -ziz clearing-hou|se, 

'klia'8aitid,-li, -nis clear-sighted, 

-ly, -ness 
klif, -s; -i cliff, -s; -y 
'klifad Clifford 
klift, -S 1) clift, -s; 2) cliffed 
klik, -8, -ifl, -t click (s. v.), -a, 

-ing, -ed 
kli'meitls = 'klemati8 clematis 
'klinik, -al, -ali clinic, -al, -ally 
klinej, -iz, -ig, -t; -a*, -az clinch, 

■es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
klig, -z, -ig, kUg cling, -s, ing, 

kligk, -8, -ig, -t clink (s. v.), -a, 

-ing, -ed 
'kligka*, -z clinker, -s 
'kligkant clinquant 
klio'paitra = klia'p- 
klip, -8, -ig, -t; -a*, -az clip, -s, 

-ping, -ped; -per, -pers 
'klipig (s. adj.) clipping 
'klista*, -z clyster, -8 
O klou clo (= clothes) 
klon9, -z, -ig, -d, klsed {v.) cloth|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed, clad 
'klondia*, -z clothier, -s 
'klondig (s.) clothing 
klondz (s.) clothes [-s 

'klon5zba:8kit, -s clothes-basket, 
'klonSzbrAj", -iz clothes-brush, -es 
'klouOzIiais, -iz clothes-horse, -s 
'klonSzlain, -z clothes-line, -s 
klon'eikja, -az, -i: cloac!a, -as, -se 

klonk— klot 

— 246 — 

klD6— kOM'iiTdl 

klouk, -s, -ii|, -t cloak (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'klonkrum, -z cloak-room, -s 
klons, -8*, -ist; -iz 1) {ac^'.) close, 

-r, -st; 2) (s.) close (enclosure, 

yard), -a 
'klous'greind close-grained 
'klons|Ii, -nis close|ly, -neas 
klonT, -z 1) clove (from cleave); 

2) clove («.), -s 
'klouT9*, -z clover, -s 
'klonvn, >'futid cloven, -footed 
klouz, -iz, -ii|, -d 1) (v.) clos|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed; 2) (s.) close (end); 

3) dialectal for klondz 
'klonza*, -z closer (s.), -a 
'kIou39*, -z closure, -s [-ed 
O klo:, -z, -ii|, -d claw (s. v.), -a, -ing, 
klaid 1) Claud(e); 2) clawed 
klaidz cloths (plwr. of cloth, esp. 

in sense of 'pieces of cloth') 
'kl9:hsema*, -z claw-hammer, -s 
'kloirjaid, -ait cMor|ide, -ite 
'kl3:r|9l, -as chlorjal, -ous 
'kla.'ri'n chlorine 
'kla-rik chloric 
'klairit, -s chlorate, -s 
kl3-'r|ousis, -atik chlor|osis, -otic 
'klD'stral ciaustral 
klo-O, kla:5z [-es] cloth, cloths 
'klo'B'jaid, -z cloth-yard, -s 
klaiOs cloths (plur. of cloth, esp. 

in sense of 'kinds of doth') 
kloiz, -iz 1) clause, -a; 2) claws 

(from claw) 
Oklodj -z, -i clod, -s, -dy 
klof cloflf 
klog, -z, -ig, -dj -1, -ia*, -iist, 

-ill, -inis clog (s. v.), -a, -ging, 

-ged; -gy, -gier, -giest, -gily, 

klai, -z, -ig, -d cloy, -s, -ing, -ed 
'klaigta , -z, -rin, -d cloister (s. 

v.), -s, -ing, -ed: 
klak, -s; -waik clock, -a; -work 
klan'daik ['klandaik] Klondyke 
'klarafil chlorophil(l) 
'klarafaim, -z^ -ii), -d chloroform 

(s. v.), -a, -ing, -ed 
'klaiik, kla'roasis, etc. = kla:r- 
klat, -s, -ig, -id clot (s. v.), -s, 

-ting, -ted 

klaO, -s ^ klaiO cloth, -a 
'klazit, -s, -ig, -id closet (s. r.); 

-8, -ing, -ed 
Oklu;, -z 1) clue, -a; 2) clew, -a 
• kou 1) Coe; 2) Co. 
O koM'sedsuta* [-dsat-], -z coad- 
jutor, -s 
koMsegju'leiJan, -z coagulation, 

kot«'eegjnIeit, -s, -ig, -id coagul- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
kot«'eek|j9ii, -tiv coac|tion, -tive 
O'konba.'g coburg (0.) 
'konbain Cockburn 
'konbould ['kab-], -s kobold, -a 
'kouba:lt = ka'ba'lt cobalt 
'koubra, -z cobra, -s 
Okond, -z code, -a 
'kondeek, -s kodak, -a 
'kondjeks, -isi:z cod | ex, -icea 
'kondijfai ['kad-]^ -faiz^ -faiig, 

-faid codi|fy, -fies, -fymg, -fied 
kondifi'keij'aii [kad-], -z codi- 
fication, -s 
'koad3an|s, -si, -t, -tli cogenjce, 

-cy, -t, -tly 
O koM'empJ'an coemption 
O'kon'sa*, -z co-heir, -s 
'kon'saris, -iz co-heiress, -ea 
Okow'a:s, -iz, -ig, -t; -ibl [-abl] 

coercje, -ea, -ing, -ed; -ible 
koM'aisiv, -li coercive, -ly 
koM'aiJan coercion 
O kotea'Ies, -iz, -ig, -t; -ns, -nt 

coaleac|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -ence, 

kotca'HJ'an, -z coalition, -s 
O kon'hsebit, -s, -ig, -id cohabit, 

-B, -ing, -ed 
konhtebi'teij'an cohabitation 
kon'hsebitant, -s cohabitant, -s 
koM'hia*, -z, -rig, -d coher|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
koM'hlaran|B, -si, -t, -tli coher- 

en|ce, -cy, -t, -tly 
koi«'lil:siT, -li, -nis cohesive, -ly, 

ls.ou'hh^n cohesion 
'konha:t, -s cohort, -s 
O kowlikival, -i coequal, -ly 
koui''kwaliti coequality 
'kou'i:\»l co-eval 

koMl'tiJant— konlz 

— 247 

koam— konts 

O kouffijant, -s coefficient, -s 
'konlg'zist, -b, -ii), -id; -»ns, -ant 
co-exist, -s, -ing, -ed; -ence, -ent 
'kooiks'teud, -s, -ig, -id co-ex- 
tend, -s, -ing, -ed 
'kouiks'tensir co-extensive 
'koniks'tenjan, -z co-extension, -s 
kouin'said, -z, -ii), -id coincid|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
kot«'insid»n{s, -siz, -t, >tli coin- 

ciden|ce, -ces, -t, -tly 
'kooinua* Koh-i-noor 
O konk 1) coke (C); 2) Cocke 

'kouks coca 
'kouksilAt, -S 1) coco(a)nut, -s; 

2) cokernut, -s 
'konkitrji, -iz coquetr|y, -ies 
'konkon, -z 1) cocoa, -s; 2) coco, -a 
konks, -iz, -ig, -igli, -t; -a*, -az 
coax (s. v.), -es, -ing, -ingly, 
-ed; -er, -ers 
O koul, -z, -ii), -d 1) (g. v) coal, 
-s, -ing, -ed; 2) («.) cole (G.), -s 
konld, -z, -3*, -ist; >li, -nis 
cold (s. adj.), -s, -er, -est; -ly, 
'koald'bLidid, -11, -nis cold- 
blooded, -ly, -ness 
'koold'krinn cold-cream 
'konld'haitid cold-hearted 
'konla kola (K.) 
'konlan, -z colon, -s 
'konlfiild, -z coal-field, -s 
'koalhi:T3*, -z coal-heaver, -s 
'konllgstel/sn, -z coaling-station, 
'koulmain, -z coal-mine, -s [-s 
'konljmsen, -men coal-|man, -men 
'konlman Coleman 
konZn Colne 
'konlpit, -s coal-pit, -s 
'koulrids Coleridge 
'konlskAtl, -z coal-scuttle, -s 
'konlsn 1) Coulson; 2) Colson 
koult, -8 colt, -s 
'koul'toi* coal-tar 
'konlta*, -z coulter, -a 
'koaltan Coulton 
'koultit, -8 1) coaltit, -s; 2) coletit, 
'koiilt8nit colt'a-foot [-s 

'konltjista* Colchester 
konlz 1) coals; 2) coles (C.) 

O koum, -z, -ig, -d comb (s. v.), 

-s, -iig. -ed 
'koume*, -z comber {cowAing 

machm^, -s 
'koum I a, -1: com|a, -ee 
'konma,-z, -tou8 coma(({eep sleep), 

-8, -tose 
'koumlgz combings 
Okoun, -z 1) cone, -s; 2) Colne 
'konn|l, »lz coa|y [-6y], -ies [-eys] 
kou'nlfaras coniferous 
'koanjeek cognac 
O kOMaidrneiJan co-ordination 
kou'aidinit [-dan-]^ -s, -11, -nis 

co-ordinate (s. adj.), -s, -ly, -ness 
kouapa'reljan, -z co-operation, -s 
kOM'aparelt, -s, -ig, 'id; -a*, -az 

co-operat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 
koM'oparatlT co-operative [-ors 
kou'apt, -8, -ig, -Id co-opt, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
koteap'teijan co-optation 
O koup, -8, -Ig, -t cop|e (s. v) 

(C), -es, -ing, -ed 
'kon'paisina*, -z coparcener, -s 
'kon'paitna*, -z; -Jip copartner, 

-s; -ship 
'koupek, -8 copeck [kop-], -s 
'koupal copal 
'kouplas [-pjas], -11, -nis copious, 

-ly, -ness 
'konpig, -z («.) coping, -s 
'konpland 1) Copeland; 2) Cop- 
konpn'helgn Copenhagen 
O'kou'rlidsant, -s co-regent, -s 
'kourl'lidsanist, -s co-religionist, 

-s dent, -si 

'konrls'pandant, -s co-respon-J 
Okonst, -8, -ig, -id; -a*, -az coast 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
'kousfgaid, -z coast-guard, -a 
'koustlaln, -z coast-line, -s 
O'kouja* kosher [co-] 
O kont, -8, -ig, -Id (s. v) 1) coat, 

-s, -ing, 'ed; 2)cot|e,-es, -ing, -ed 
kou'tsBndsant, -8 co-tangent, -s 
'kontarl', -z coterie, -s 
'kontlg, -z coating, -s 
'konton, -z koto, -a 
konts 1) coats (C); 2) cotes; 

3) Coates 

koutj— kD:k 

— 248 

koi'keizian — 'koiparal 

kontj, -iz, -ig, -t coach (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'kont/dog, -z coach-dog, -s 
'kontjhais, -iz coach-horse, -s 
'kont/lman, -man coach|man, -meii 
OkouT, -z cove, -s 
'kouTi, -z covey (familiar dimin- 
utive of cove), -s 
O'konzarr, -z causeiie, -s 
'konzji, -iz, -ia*, -list, •ili, -inis 
cosfy (s. orfy.), -ies, -ier, -iest, 
-ily, -iness 

• ko- see also kou- 
ko'ket, etc. = ka'ket, etc. 
kok-, kol-, kom-, kon- = ka- 
ko'rain = ka> Koran 
ko'rail, ko'ria, ko'rinB- = ka- 

• ka:, -z, -i:g, -a caw, -s, -ing, -ed 
ka:*, -z, -rifl, -d 1) («. v.) cor|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed; 2) (s.) corps; 3) cor, -s 
O'kaibal, -z 1) corbel, -s; 2) cor- 

beil, -s 
kaibnl = ka'bnil Kabul 
O ka:dj -z, -in. -id 1) (s. v.) cord, 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) (s.) chord, -s; 

3) cored (from core); 4) cawed 

(/rowj caw) 
'ka:da* Cawdor 
'kaidan, -z cordon, -s 
'kaidava, -n Cordova, -n 
ka:'di:Iia [-Ija] Cordelia 
ka:di'eelit[i, -iz cordialit|y, -ies 
'ka:did3 cordage 
'k9:dial[-djal], -z, -i cordial, -s,-ly 
kaidi'l^'earaz [-liar-] Cordilleras 
'kaidig (s.) cording 
'kaidjn^ai [-dajr-], -z corduroy, -s 
'ka:dl 1) caudal; 2) caudle (C.) 
'ka:dn, -z cordon, -s 
koi'douva Cordova 
O kaia*, etc. = ka:*, etc. 
'kaialis coreless 
'kaiara*, -z corer, -s 
'kaias, -a*, -ist; -li, -nis; -greind 

coarse, -r, -st ; -ly, -ness ; -grained 
Oka:f, etc. = kaf cough, etc. 
ka:^ -s 1) corf, -a; 2) Corfe 
'ka:n, etc., dialectal for 'kafi 
kai'fjfu! Corfu 
Oka:k, -s, -ig, -t (s. v.) 1) cork 

(C), -8, -ing, -ed; 2) caulk, -s, 

-ing, -ed; 3) calk, -s, -ing, -ed 

kai'keizian [-si-], -z Caucasian, -s 
'ka:ka*. -z 1) corker, -s; 2) caulker, 

-s; 3) calker, -s 
'kaikas, -iz caucus, -es 
'kaikasas Caucasus 
'ka:k|i, -ids cork|y, -age 
'ka:kin, -z = 'kselkin, -z 
'ka.'kBkrn:, -z, -ii| [. . . skrnig], 

-d cork-screw (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
Oka:l, -z, -ii|, -d 1) («. v.) call, 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) (s.) caul, -s 
'ka:lbai, -z call-boy, -s 
'kaildran, -z 1) caldron, -s; 

2) cauldron, -s 
'ka:la*, -z caller, -s 
'ka:lis ['kaialis] coreless 
'kailkat 1) Calcott; 2) Callcott 
'kailafis, -iz call- office, -s 
O 'kaimarant, -s cormorant, -s 
Okain, -z, -ig, -d corn (». t;.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'ka:na*, -z, -rig, -d corner (s. ■«.), 

-8, -ing, -ed 
'kainal [-nil], -z cornel, -s 
'kainastonn, -z corner-stone, -s 
'ka:na|waiz, -treiz corner- {wise, 

'ka:nfi:ld, -z corn-field, -a 
'ka:nf laua*, -z 1) corn-flower, -s ; 
'kain'hil Cornhill [2) corn-flour 
k3:'ni:lie [-Ija] Cornelia 
ka:'ni:lias [-Ijas] Cornelius 
ka:'ni:ljan [ka'n-], -z cornelian, 
'kainia, -z cornea, -s [-s 

kai'ni^jnlit corniculate 
'ka:nis, -iz cornice, -s 
'kainij, -man, -man Cornish, 

-man, -men 
'ka:nit, -s cornet, -s 
kainjn'konpia [-pja], -z cornu- 
copia, -s 
'kainkreik, -s corn-crake, -s 
'ka:nf, -z cornel, -a 
'ka:nw»l Cornwall 
kain'walis Cornwallis 
O ka:'pAskjn:I, -z corpuscule, -es 
kai'pASkjnla* corpuscular 
'kaipAsl [ka:'pA8l], -z corpuscle, -s 
ka:pa'r«eliti corporality 
kaipa'reijan, -z corporation, -s 
'ka:par|al, -alz, -ali corpor|al (s. 

a^'.), -als, -ally 

'koiparit — k3!ti'zteii 

249 — 

'ko!t'ja:d— 'kofl'bim 

'koiparit, -li, -nis corporate, -ly, 
'k9:p9S corpus (C). [-ness 

'koq|>julan{s, -si; -t, -tli corpul- 

en|ce, -cy; -t, -tly 
koi'pairial, -i corporeal, -ly 
'ksipral, etc. = 'kaiparal, etc. 
ka:p8, -iz corpse, -s 
O ko''ra:n [ko-, 'kaireen, 'kairan] 

'ko:ra 1) Cora; 2) Korah 
'koira*. -z corer, -s 
'k!>:r|9l, -ali chor|al, -ally 
'ka:r98, -iz chorus, -es 
O ko:s, -iz, -ig, -t 1) (s. v.) cours|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed; 2) (s.) corse, -s 
'ko:s ['kaiasl (ai^'.), -a*, -istj -li, 

-nis coarse, -r, -st; -ly, -ness 
ka:'sa:3, -iz corsage, -s 
'kaisea*, -z corsair, -s 
'koisa*, -z 1) courser, -s; 2) coarser 

{compar. of coarse) 
'ko:sika, -n, -nz Corsica, -n, -ns 
'ka:sit, -s corset, -s 
'ka:sUt, -s 1) corslet, -s; 2) corse- 
let, -s 
ka:st, etc. = kast cost, etc. 
'ka:stik, -al, -ali caustic, -al, -ally 
O'kaiJIan, -anz, -anig [•rfiviit -fn* 

cautijon (s. v.), -ons, -oning, 

'kaijana* [-J?-], -z cautioner, -s 
'koijanari [-Jj^-] cautionary 
'kaijas, -li, -nis cautious, -ly, 

O ko.-t, -s, -ig, -id 1) court (s. v.), 

■a, -ing, -ed; 2) caught (from 

'ka:t'dres, -iz court-dress, -es 
'ka:t|eks, -isiiz cort|ex, -ices 
'ka:taraiz, -iz, -ig, -d cauteriz|e 

[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
kaitarai'zeijan, -z cauterization 

[-isa-], -s ^ , . 

'kaitarji, -iz cauter|y, -les 
'kait'gaid, -z court-guide, -s 
'ka:t'Iian|s, -ziz court-hou|se, -ses 
'kait'htend court-hand 
'kaitia [-ija*], -z courtier, -s 
'kaitilas, -si = 'ka:t- 
'ka:tik»i cortical 
'ka:tisi:z cortices (plur. of cortex) 
ka:ti'z%n, -z courtesan, -s 

'ka:t'ja:d, -z courtyard, -s 
'ka:tja% -z = 'ka:tia», -z 
'ka:tjas, etc. = 'kaitias, etc. 
'ka:t,ka:d, -z court-card, -s 
'ka:tl|i, -ia*, -list, -inis courtl|y, 

-ier, -iest, -iness 
'ka:t'ma:j|al, -alz, -alig Hig], 
-aid court-marti|al, -als, -ailing, 
'kaitni 1) Courtenay; 2) Courtney 
'ka:t'plo:sta* court-plaster 
'kait^p, -s courtship, -s 
O ka:'Tet, -s corvette, -s 
O ko:z, -iz, -ig, -d 1) («. v.) caus|e, 
•es, -ing, -ed; 2)0awse; 3) caws 
(from caw);" 4) corps (plw.); 
5) cores (from core); 6) cors 
(from cor) 
kai'zseliti causality 
ka:'zeij'an causation 
'ka:z|al, -ali caus|al, -ally 
'ka:zatiT, -li causative, -ly 
'kaizlis, -li causeless, -ly 
'kaizwei, -z causeway, -s 
• kab, -z 1) cob, -s; 2) Cobb; 

3) Cobbe 
'kabdan Cobden 
'kab|l, -Iz, -pg [-lig], -Id; -la*, 
-laz cobb|le (s. v.), -les, -ling, 
-led; -Ier, -lers 
'kabnAt, -s cob-nut, -s 
'kabonld 1) Cobbold; 2) = 'kou- 

bonld kobold 
'kab web, -z cobweb, -s 
Okad, -z cod, -s 
'kodfiJia*, -az, -ig, -ari, -ariz cod- 
fishier, -ers, -ing, -ery, -eries 
'kadifai, etc. = 'kondifai, etc. 
'kadisil, -z codicil, -s 
'kad|l, -Iz, -lig [-Jig], -Id codd|le, 

-les, -ling, -led 
'kadlig, -z (s.) codling, -s 
'kadsa*, -z codger, -s 
kod3i'teiJan, -z cogitation, -s 
'kadsiteit, -s, -ig, -id; -iv cogit- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -ive 
O kaf [ka:f ], -s, -ig, -t; -a*, -az 
cough (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, 
'kafa*, -z coffer, -s [-ers 

'kafa'dtem, -z cofferdam, -s 
'kafi, -z coffee, -s 
'kafi'bim, -z coffee-bean, -s 

'kafikAp— 'kokkrou 

— 250 — 

kokl— kaliflaua* 

'kafikAp, -s coffee-cup, -s 
'kafihanjs, -ziz cofiee-hou|se, -aes 
'kafimil, -z coffee-mill, -a 
'kafin, -z, -ig, -d (s. v.) coffin 

(C), -a, -ing, -ed 
'kafipat, -s coffee-pot, -a 
'kafiram, -z coffee-room, -a 
Okag, -z, -ii), -d cog (s. v.), -a, 

-ging, -ged 
ka^'neijan cognation 
'kagneit, -s cognate (s. adj.), -a 
kag'nij'dn, -z cognition, -a 
kag'nonmen, -z cognomen, -s 
kag'nonmin^i-'nam-] cognominal 
'kagwiil, -z cog-wheel, -s 
O kai, -a*, -ist, -11, -nis coy, -er, 

-eat, -ly, -neas 
kaia* 1) coir; 2) coyer (fromcoj) 
kaif, -8, -ii), -t coif (s. v.), -a, 

-ing, -ed 
'kaiij*, -Ii, -nis coyiah, -ly, -neas 
kail, -z, -ig, -d coil (s. i;.), -a,"] 
'kaili coyly [-ing, -edj 

kain, -z, -ig. -d 1) (s. «.) coin, 

-a, -ing, -ed; 2) {v.) quoin, -a, 

-ing, -ed; 3) (s.) coign, -a 
'kaina*, -z coiner, -a 
'kainidg, -iz coinage, -a 
'kainis coyneaa 
kait, -s quoit, -a 
O kak, -8, -ig, -t 1) cock (s. v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed; 2) Cocke (place) 
'kakai, -d cock-eye, -d 
ka'keid, -z cockade, -s 
ka'kein 1) cocaine; 2) Cockaigne 
ka'ket [ko-], -s, -ig, -id («. «.) 

coquett|e, -ea, -ing, -ed 
ka'ketij* [ko-], -11, -ni8 coqnet- 

tiah, -ly, -nesa 
'kaka*, -z cocker (C), -a 
'kakadnidl'dn: cock-a-doodle-doo 
'kakaral, -z 1) cockerel, -a: 

2) Cockerell 
'kak|as, -sal cocc|ua, -i 
'kakatrais, -iz cockatrice, -a 
kaka'tn:, -z cockatoo, -a 
'kakfalt,-s, -ig cock-fight, -a, -ing 
'kak'hais, -iz cock-horse, -a 
'kak|l, -la*, -list, -ill, -Inls cock|y, 

-ier, -ieat, -ily, -ineaa 
kaki'li:kl cocky-leeky 
'kakkrou, -Ig cock-crow, -ing 

'kakl, -z, -^g [-lig], -Id («. v.) 

cock|le (C), -lea, -ling, -led 
'kakljel, -z cockleahell, -s 
'kaknl, -z cockney (C.^, -a 
'kakniizm, >z cockneyism, -s 
'kakplt, -s cock-pit, -a 
'kakrontj*, -Iz cockroach, -ea 
kaks 1) cocks {from cock); 2) Cox 
'kaksal 1) cocci {plur. o/" coccus); 

2) Cock'a eye 
'kakskonm, -z 1) cockscomb, -a; 

2) coxcomb, -a 
'kakspa:* cockapur (C.) 
'kaksweln ['kaksn], -z coxawain, 
'kak'Jna* cock-sure [-a 

'kaktell, -z cocktail, -s 
'kaktjeifa*, -z cockchafer, -a 
ka'kn:n, -z cocoon, -a 
Okal, -z col, -s 
ka'lsetaral, etc. = ka'l- 
'ka'lelt, etc. = ka'l- 
'kalekt, -s collect (».), -s 
'kala*, -z, -rig, -d 1) collar (s. v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed; 2) choler 
'kalaboan, -z collar-bone, -s 
'kalad 1) collared; 2) CoUard 
'kalafanl colophony 
kala'keljan [-lo'k-], -z colloca- 
tion, -s 
'kalakelt [-lok-], -s, -Ig, -Id col- 

locat|e, -ea, -ing, -ed 
'kalakfr|i, -Iz colloqu|y, -iea 
'kalam, -z, -d 1) column, -a, -ed; 

2) Colomb 
'kalambaln, -z columbine, -a [-a 
kalam'bearilam, -a columbarijum, 
'kalanalz, -iz, -Ig, -d coloniz|e 

[-is|e], -ea, -ing, -ed 
kalanarzeijan colonization [-is-] 
kala'neld, -z colonnade, -a 
'kalanll, -Iz colon|y, -iea 
'kalanist, -s colonist, -a 
'kalap, -8 collop, -a 
kala'raidou Colorado 
'kalar|a, -ik choler|a, -ic 
kala'rlfik colorific 
'kall:g, -z colleague, -a 
'kail, -z collie (0.), -a 
'kallds, -iz college, -a 
'kalldsa*. -z colleger, -s 
'kalia* [-Ija*], -z collier (C), -s 
'kaliflana*, -z cauliflower, -s 

'kalik — ksmi'searlal 

251 — 

'kamisari— 'kompout 

'kalik colic 

'kallnz 1) Collins; 2) CoUyna 
'kalis 1) CoUis; 2) CoUes 
'kolja*. -z collier (C), -s 
'kaljarji, -iz collier|y, -ies 
'kolklkam [-Itji-] colchicum 
'kalkis [>ltjls] Colchis 
'kalman Colman 
kalok- = kolak- 
'kalpaita*, -z colporteur, -s 
'kalza coLsa [bine (s.), -s 

O'kambain [kam'bain], -z com- 
'kamba*, -z comber {fish) (C), -s 
'kambat [-b»t], etc. = 'kAinbat, etc. 
kambi'neijan, -z combination, -s 
'kambineitlT combinative [-s 
kamen'deij'an, -z commendation, 
'kament, -s, -ig, -id comment 

(s. v.), -s -ing, -ed 
'kamenteita*, -z commentator, -s 
'kama'S commerce 
'kama, -z comma, -s 
'kamadaia*, >z commodore, -s 
'kaman, -z, -a*, -ist; -li, -nis 

common (s. adj.), -s, -er, -est; 

-ly, -ness 
'kamandtent [kaman'dtent] , -s 

commandant, -s 
'kamana*, -z commoner, -s 
'kamanid3 commonage 
'kamanla: commonlaw 
'kamanltji, -iz commonaltjy, -ies 
'kamanpleis, -iz commonplace, -s 
'kamanrum, -z common-room, -s 
'kaman'sens common-sense 
'kamant9r|i, -iz commentarjy, -ies 
'kamanwelO, -s commonwealth, 
'kamanz commons (C.) [-a 

'kamarin Comorih 
'kamas commerce 
'kamid|i, -iz comed|y, -ies 
'kamik, -al, -ali, -ainis comic, 

-al, -ally, -alness 
ka'miks, -iz, -ig, -t; -tjan; 

-tjt«a* commix, -es, -ing, -ed; 

-tion; -ture 
kami'neijan, -z commination, -8 
kami'iijnij'dn comminution 
'kaminjait, -8, -ii), -id commin- 

iit|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
kami'searijal, -at [-set] commis- 

sari|al, -at 

'kamisarli, -iz commissar|y, -ies 
'kamiEJua* [-ijua*], -z commis- 
sure, -s 
'kamit, -s; -ari comet, -s; -ary 
kami'ti:, -z committee {of a Iwna- 
'kamiti comity \Hc), -s 

'kamju:n, -z 1] commune (s.), -s; 

2) (v.) = ka'mjiiin 
'kamju'nlist/s, -izm commun|ist/s, 
'kamjnnf communal [-ism 

ka]iija''teij'»n, -z commutation, -s 
'kamju'teita*, -z commutator, -s 
kampai'leij'an, -z compilation, -s 
'kampannd, -z compound {s. adj.), 

'kampsekt, -s compact (s.), -s 
kampe'leijan, -z compellation, -s 
kampen'seijan [-pan-], -z com- 
pensation, -s 
'kampenseit [-pan-], -s, -ig, -id 

compensat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
'kampenseit|iv, -ari = kam'pen- 

sat- compensat|iye, -ory 
kampai'geij'an compurgation 
'kampaigeita*, -z compurgator, -s 
'kampanseit, etc. = 'kampenseit 
'kamparabjl, -li, -Inis compar- 

ab|le, -ly, -leness 
kampa'zijan, -z composition, -s 
'kamitazit [-zait], -li, -nis com- 
posite, -ly, -ness 
'kampit9n|s, -si, -t, -tli compe- 

ten|ce, -cy, -t, -tly 
kampi'ti/an, -z competition, -s 
kainpja''teijan, -z computation, 

kamplei'zsens = kam'pleizans 
'kampleks complex 
kam'pleksit|i, -iz complexit|y, -ies 
kampli'keijan, -z complication, 


'kamplikeit, -s, -ig, -id complic- 
at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

'kampliment, -s, -ig, -id compli- 
ment {v.), -a, -ing, -ed 

kampli'mentari 1) compliment- 
ary; 2) complementary 

kampli'mentl complemental 

'kamplimant, -s 1) compliment 
(«.), -s; 2) complement, -a 

kam'plisiti = kam- complicity 

'kampoat (k3:'pat), -s compote, -a 

kampost — kanfa'meijaii — 252 

'kanfarans — 'konoit 

'kompost [-ponst], -s compost, -a 
'kampres, -iz compress («.), -es 
'kamprabi, etc. = 'kamparabl, etc. 
'kampramaiz, -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, 
-az compromisle («. v.), -es, -ing, 
-ed; -er, -ers 
kampri'hend, -z, -ig, -id com- 
prehend, -8, -ing, -ed 
kamprihensi'biliti [-sa'b-] com- 

kampri'hen8lb|l [-sab-], -li, -Inis 

comprehensib|le, -ly, -leness 
kampri'hensiT, -li, -nis compre- 
hensive, -ly, -ness 
kampri'henjan comprehension 
'kamrid ['kAm-, -reid], -z, •J'ip 

comrade, -s, -ship 

Okan, -z, -ii|, -d 1) con {s. v.), 

-8, -ning, -ned ; 2) conn, -s, -ing, 

-ed [-8 

kandem'neijan, -z condemnation, 

kanden'seijan, -z condensation, 

'kanda*, -z = 'kanda:*, -z condor, 
'kandakt, -s conduct (s.), -s [-s 
'kandimant, -s condiment, -s 
kandi'send, -z, -ig, -id condes- 
cend, -s, -ing, -ed 
kandi'senjan condescension 
'kandit ['kAn-], -s conduit (C), -s 
kandoM'neiXan, -z condonation, -s 
'kanda:* [-de*], -z condor, -s 
kan'd5enit|I, -all congenitlal, 
kandsag- = kandsug- [-ally 
kandsi'leij'an congelation 
'kandsina*, -z congener, -s [-8 
kaudgna'reijan, -z conjuration, 
kandsn'gteliti conjugality 
kandsn'geijan [-dsa'g-], -z con- 
jugation, -s 
'kand^ugeit [-dsag-], -s, -ig, -id 

conjugatle (v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'kandsuglal [-dsag-], -all con- 

jug|al, -ally 
kandsngit [-dsag-], -s conjugate 

(s. adj.), -8 
'kaneit connate 
'kana* Connor 
'kanfain, -z confine (s.), -s 
'kan^aeb [kan'f-], -z confab, -s 
'kanfekt, -s confect («.), -s 
kanfa'meiXan, -z confirmation, -s 

'kanfarans, -iz conference, -s 
kanfi'dtent, -a confidant(e), -s 
kanfi'denJIal, -all confident! |al, 

'kanfidan|8, -siz, -t, -tli confid- 

enjce, -ces, -t, -tly 
kanns'keijan, -z confiscation, -s 
'kanfiskeit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 
-ari [kan'fiskat^ri] confiscatje, 
-es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors; -ory 
kan'fitia:*, -z confiteor, -s 
kanQui'teiJan, -z confutation, -s 
'kanflAks, -iz conflux, -es 
'kanfleit conflate {ac{j.) [-a 

kanf la'greijan, -z conflagration, 
'kanflagreit, -s, -ig, -id con- 

flagrat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
'kanflikt, -s conflict (s.), -s 
'kanfluanjs, -siz, -t, -tli, -ts con- 
fluen|ce, -ces, -t, -tly, -ts [-s 
kanfai'meijan, -z conformation, 
kanfrAn'teiJan confrontation 
'kanA-ans, -iz = 'kanfarans, -iz 
kanfra'ta:nit|i, -iz confraternit|y, 

kanglama'reij'an, -z conglomer- 
ation, -s 
kan'glamareit, -s, -ig^ -id con- 

glomerat|e (v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
kan'glamarit conglomerate {s. 
'kani Connie [adj.) 

'kanik, -s, -al, -all, -alnis conic, 

-8, -al, -ally, -alness 
'kanigtana*, -z conning-tower, -s 
kani'sa:* [-'sjua*], -z connoisseur, 
'kanizabl cognizable [-isa-] [-s 
'kanizan|s, -siz, -t cognizan|ce 

[-isa-], -ces, -t 
'kanjeek (ka'jiak), -s cognac, -s 
kan'keevitji, -iz concavit|y, -ies 
'kan^keiv ['kag,k-] concave 
kan'kjn:binid3 concubinage 
'kankleiv ['kagk-j, -z conclave, -s 
kan'ka:dtet[kag-],-s concordat,-s 
'kankais, -iz = 'kagk- concourse, 

'kankriit ['kagk-], -li, -nis con- 
crete, -ly, -ness 
ka'nont, -s, -ig, -id; -ativ con- 

not|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -ative 
kanOM'tei/an, -z connotation, -s 
'kana:t Conn aught 

'konreed — 'konsik'trans 

253 — kDBSi'ni:— kon'tektstjnal 

'kanried [-rad] 1) Conrad; 2) Kon- 

konSAi'ni:, >z consignee, -a 
kon'seeggwin consanguine 
kons8e))'gwin[i3s, -iti consan- 

guin|eous, -ity 
kansAl'teiJan [-sal-] "Z consul- 
tation, -s 
kon'sAltatiT = ksn- consultative 
kansA'tneiJan [-sa'm-], -z con- 
summation, -s 
kansAmeit [-sam-], -s, .-li|j -id; 
■a*, -az; -iv consummatje (v.), 
-es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors; -ive 
kan'sensas [kan-] 1) consensus; 

2) concensus 
kan'sentja*, -az, -arig, -ad con- 

cent|re, -res, -(e)ring, -red 
kansen'treiXan [-san-], -z con- 
centration, -s 
'kansentreit [-san-], -s, -ig, -id 

concentrat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
kan'sentrik, -ali concentric, -ally 
'kansept, -s concept, -s 
kansa''veijan conservation 
kansab'steeujlal, -ali consub- 

3tanti|al, -ally 
kansabsttenj'i'eij'an [-tensi'ei-] 

'kansal, -z consul, -s 
kansaleijan [-sol-], -z consol- 
ation, -s 
'kansalj'ip, -s consulship, -s 
kansal't-, kansam- = kansA- 
kansa'naeiit|l [-s?-]} -ali conso- 
nant|al, -ally [-8 

'kansanans [-sf-]^ -iz consonance, 
'kansanant [-SJf -], -s, -li consonant, 

-s, -ly 
'kansat, -s concert («.)> -^ 
kansa'tiina, -z concertina, -s 
kansa'TeiJan = kansai'T- 
kansig'neiXaii,-z consignation, -s 
kansi'kju:Jan, -z consecution, -s 
kansi'kreijan, -z consecration, -s 
'kansikrelt, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 
-ari consecrat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; 
-or, -ors; -ory 
kansi'kwenJIal, -all conaequen- 

ti|al, -ally 
'kangikYranls, -siz, -t, -tli conse- 
quen|ce, -ces, -t, -tiy 

kansi'ni: [-sai-], -z consignee, -s 
kansis'tairial consistorial 
'kansjula* [>sjal-] consular 
'kauEjulit [-ejal-], -s consulate, -s 
'kanskript, -s conscript, -s 
'kansl, etc. = 'kansal consul, etc. 
kansl'teiXan, -z = kansAl- 
'kans^ant, etc. = 'kansan- 
'kansntreit, etc. = 'kansentr- 
'kansonl, -z console (s.), -s 
kanso'l- = kansa'I- 
'kausa.'t, -s consort ($.)> -a 
'kansalz consols 
kansteenti'nonpl Constantinople 
kanstel- [-tal-] = kanstil- 
kaiista''neij'an consternation 
'kansta'neit, -s, -ig, -id constern- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
'kanstans Constance 
'kanstansi constancy 
'kanstant, -s, -li, -nis constant 

(s. axi}.), -s, -ly, -ness 
'kanstantain Constantine 
kansti'leijan [-te'l-, -ta'l-], -z 

constellation, -s 
'kanstileit[-tei-, -tal-], -s, -ig, -id 

constellat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
kansti'peijan constipation 
'kanstipeit,-s,-ig, -id constipat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
kansti't]u:Xan, -z constitution, -s 
kansti'tjuijanaljist/s [-S^-]) -iasm 

constitutional|ist/s, -ism 
kansti'1ja:J'|an^ t-^l], -anali [-ijiali] 

constituti|onal, -onally 
'kanstitju:t, -s, -ig, -id constitut|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'kanstr|u:, -u:z, -n-ig, -u:d con- 

str|ue (s. v.), -nes, -uing, -ued 
kan8wi'qa:dinar|i, -iz consue- 

tudinarjy, -ies 
'kanjanabll [-J"?-], -li, -Inis con- 

scionab|le, -ly, -leness 
'kanj'ans, -iz conscience, -s 
kanjas, -li, -nis conscious, -ly, 

kanji'enjas, -li, -nis conscien- 
tious, -ly, -ness 
'kantffikt, -s contact, -s 
'kantekst, -s context, -s 
kau'teks^*ual [-tju-], -i con- 
textual, -ly 

kontem'p- — kontra'raiati — 254 — 

'kantrari— 'kaiigon 

kantem'pleij»n [-tain-], -z con- 
templation, -8 

'kantempleit [-tam-], -s, -ig, -id; 
-a*, -az; -It contemplat|e, -es, 
-ing, -ed; -or, -ors; -ive 

'kantent, -s = kan'tent (s.), -s 

^kantest, -s contest («.), -a 

kantes'teijan, -z contestation, -s 

kan'taiminas conterminous 

kanti'gju'iti contiguity 

kanti'nentl continental 

'kantinan|8, -si, -t, -tli contin- 
en|ce, -cy, -t, -tly 

'kantinant, -s (s.) continent, -s 

kantin'jn-iti continuity 

kan1ja''meijas, -li, -nig contu- 
macious, -ly, -ness 

kan^n-'miilias [-Ijas], -li, -nis 
contumelious, -ly, -ness 

'kantjnmasi contumacy 

'kontjnmil|i, -iz contumel|y, -ies 

'kanton, -z conto, -s 

'kantraist, -8='kantriegt, -s con- 
trast (s.), -s 

'kantrait, -li, -nis contrite, -ly, 

'kantrsekt, -s contract (s.), -s 

kantrsek'tiliti contractility 

'kantrtest [-tro:st], -s contrast 

(«•). -s 

'kantrabsend; -ist/s contraband; 

'kantrajbeis, -iz contrabass, -es 

kaBtra'dik/»n, -z contradiction, 

kantra'dikt, -s, -ig, -id; -ir 
contradict, -s, -ing, -ed; -ive 

kantra'diktarji, -ili, -inis contra- 
dictorjy, -ily, -iness 

kantradis'tigg^J*, -iz, -ig, -t 
contradistinguish, -es, -ing, -ed 

kantradis'tigAJ'an contradistinc- 

kantradi8'tig%;tiT contradistinc- 

'kantrahant [-triant], -s contra- 
bent, -s 

'kantrapAiitist [kantra'p-], -s con- 
trapuntist, -s 

kanla'a'pAntl contrapuntal 

kantrapa'zi/an contraposition 

kantra'raiati [-aiiti] contrariety 

'kantrarji, -iz, -ili contrarjy (s. 

ac^.), -ies, -ily 
'kantrari|iiis [kan'treari-], --vraiz 
contrarijness, -wise [-s 

kantra'TenJ'an, -z contravention, 
'kantraTa'sji, -iz controvers|y, -ies 
kantra'Taij^I, -ali controyersi|al, 
-ally [sialist, -s"] 

kantra'TaiJ'alist, -s controver-J 
kantra'raitj -», -in, -id contro- 
vert, -s, -ing, -ed 
kantra'va:tib|l [-tab-], -li contro- 

vertib|le, -ly 
kantra'viin, -z, -ig, -d contra- 

ven|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
kantri'bjnzj'an, -z contribution, -s 
'kantna*, -z contour (s.), -s 
'kanwei Conway 
'kan^veks, -li convex, -ly 
kan'Teksitji, -iz convexit|y, -ies 
'kanra.'s, -iz, -li [kan'TaisIi] eon- 
verse (s. «(&'•), -s, -ly 
'kanva's»n{s, -si; -t, -tli convers- 

an|ce, -cy; -t, -tly 
'kanva:t, -s (».) convert, -s 
kanva'kei/an [-vo'k-J, -z convoc- 
ation, -B 
'kanvakeit, [-vok-]j -s, -ig, -id 

convocat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
kanva'Ies, -iz, -ig, -t convalescje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
kanva'lesanjs, -t, -ts convales- 

cen|ce, -t, -ts 
kanve'ljuijan, -z convolution, -s 
'kanvaljn:t, -id convolute, -d 
'kanvant, -s convent, -s 
kanvasfetsi'onni, -z conversazi- 
one, -8 
kanTa'seiJaa, -z conversation, -s 
kanva'seijanj: [S^}] conversati- 
kanva'seijanalist ['Jjf], -a con- 
versationalist, -8 
'kanvasnt, etc. = 'kanva:8nt, etc. 
'kanvikt, -s convict (s.), -s 
kanvok- = kanvak- 
'kanvai, -z convoy (s.), -s 
kan'vai, -z^ -ig, -d convoy (».), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
O'kagga*, -z conger, -s 
'kagga'ri:!. -z conger-eel, -s 
'kaggon Cfongo 

'koagres— 'kopjttle 

— 255 

kops— 'koja* 

'koggres, -iz congress, -ea [-s 
kaogri'geiXan, -z congregation, 
kaiigri'geij'aneljist/s [-J>J-]j "i*™ 

congregational|iat/s, -iam 
kaggrrgeljaii^ [-Si^\] congreg- 
'koggrigeit, -s, -iii, -id congreg- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
'kaggri:T Congreve 
'kai)graaii|s, -siz, -si, -siz, -t, 

■til congruen|oe, -ces, -cy, -cies, 

-t, -tly 
'koggrnas, -li, -nis congruous, 

-ly, -ness 
kag'grn'it|i, -iz congruit|y, -ies 
kogk, -s 1) conk, -b; 2) conch, -a 
'kag.keiv = 'kan keiv 
'koQKa, -z concha, -a 
'kogka , -», -rij, -dj -w*, -raz 

conquer, -a, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 
'kogkarabl conquerable 
'kaQkjnbain, -z concubine, -s 
'kagklelT, -z = 'kon- 
'k!>i|ko:d, -z concord (a.), -a 
kog'koidtet, -s = kon- 
'kagko:s['konk-}, -iz concourse, -a 
kog'koladsli, -ist/s concholog|y, 

'kagkri:^ -li, -nis concrete (s. 

a*'), -ly. -nesa 
'kagkwest, -s conqueat (C), -s 
Okap, -8 1) cop, -s; 2) Copp 
'kapa'j -z, -rig, -d copper (s. v.), 

-a, -mg, -ed 
'kap»,pleit copper-plate 
'kaparas copperas 
'kapasmid, >s copper-amith, -s 
'kapji, -iz, -ilfj -id 1) cop|y (». ».), 

-iea, -ying, -led; 2) kopjje, -jes 
'kapibnk, -s copy-book, -s 
'kapia*, -z copier, -a 
'kapikonld, -z copyhold, -a 
'kapihonlda*, -z copyholder, -a 
'kapiist. -8 copyist, -s 
'kapiralt, -s, -ig, -id copyright 

(«. v.), -a, -ing, -ed 
'kapis, -iz coppice, -a 
kapju'leij?]!, -z copulation, -a 
'kagjul^t, -8, -ig, -id; -iT 

[...latiT] copulat|e, -es, -ing, 

-ed; -iye 
'kapjiil|a, -i:, -az copul|a, -sb, -aa 

kaps, -iz 1) copse, -a; 2) Eops; 

3) cops (from cort 
kapt, -8} -ik 1) Copt, -a; -ic; 

2) Copped 
O ka'rain = ka:'ra:n Koran 
ka'relatiT, -li, -nis correlative, 

-ly, -ness 
'karakl, -z coracle, -a 
'kar»l. -z coral, -s 
'karaljain, -ait coralljine, -ite 
karaleijas corallaceoua 
'kardlri:f, -s coral-reef, -s 
kara'msendl Coromandel 
kara'nei/an, -z coronation, -s 
'karana*, -z coroner, -a 
'karanit, -s coronet, -s 
kari'tenda*, -z coriander, -a 
'karida:*, -z corridor, -a 
'karldaitrein, -z corridor-train, -s 
'karidsibi [-dsabl] corrigible 
kari'eijas coriaceoua 
kari'tl:{as, -ai coryphse|us, -i 
kari'lelX^n, -z correlation, -a 
'karileit, -s, -ig, -id correlat|e~l 
'karinO Corinth [-ea, -ing, -edj 
karis'pand, -z. -ig, -igli, -id; 

•ans/iz, -ant/s, -antli corres- 
pond, -s, -ing, -ingly, -ed; 

-ence/s, -ent/a, -ently 
'karista*, -z choriater, -a 
'karl, -z = 'karal, -z coral, -s 
O'kastek, -s Coasack, -s 
'kasit, -8, -ig, -id cosset (s. v.), 

-a, -ting, -ted 
kast [ka:st], -s, -ig cost (8. v.), -a, 
'kasta*, -z coster, -a [-ing 

'kastad, -z costard, -s 
'kastamAgga*, -z coatermonger, -a 
'kastik, etc. = 'kaistik, etc. 
'kastir, -li, -nis coative, -ly, -ness 
kas'tjuim ['kast-], -z costume (s.), 

kas'tjnim, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 

costumje («.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, 

kas'ljaimia*, -z, costumier, -a 
'kasti costal 
'kastl|i ['ka:stl-]j -ia*, -list, -inis 

costl|y, -ier, -lest, -inesa 
O'ka/a*, -«, -rig, -d 1) cosher 

{feast, famper), -s, -ing, -ed; 

2) == 'kou/a* kosher 

kot — 'kraun'ltend 

— 256 — 

'kraun'prins — krAmp 

Okst, -s cot, -a 
'kota*, -z cotter (C), -s 
'katids, -iz cottage, -a 
'katidsa* [-tads-], -z cottager, -s 
koti'llidan, -z, -as cotyledon, -s, 

'kat|n, -nz, -ifig, -nd; -i^ cottjon 

(s. V.) (C), -ons, -oning, -oned; 

'katn'wul cotton-wool 
'katsirould [-wald], -z Ootswold, 
'katjiniil cochineal [-s 

'katjin'tjaina Cochin-China 
O'kayantri ['kAT-] Coventry 
O kaz'metik, -s, -al, >ali cos- 
metic, -s, -al, -ally 
kazmal'ganik, -'grtefikj -ladsikal 

cosmo|gonic, -graphic, -logical 
kazma'palitan, -z cosmopolitan, 

'kazmik, -9I, -ali cosmic, -al, -ally 
kaz'malgani, -grafi, -ladsi cos- 

mo|gony, -graphy, -logy 
kaz'mapalait, -s cosmopolite, -s 
'kazmas cosmos 
• kra:ft, -s; -i, -ia*, -iist, -ili, 

-inis craft, -s; -y, -ier, -iest, 

-ily, -iness 
'kra:A8|man, -man crafts|man, 

krail, -z kraal, -s 
Okrjai, -aiz, -aiig, -aid, -aia*, 

-aiaz cr|y (s. «.), -ies, -ying, 

-ied, -ier, -iers 
kraim, -z crime, -s 
krai'mia, -n Crimea, -n 
'kraisjis, -i:z crisjis, -es 
kraist, -s; -laik Christ, -s; -like 
'kraisrtj'aitj' Christchurch 
krai'tiari|an, -anz, -a criteri|on 

(C), -ons, -a 
'kraitn Crichton 
O kraud, -z, -ig. -id crowd («. 

v.), -B, -ing, -ea 
'krandid (adj.) crowded 
'kran5a* Crowther 
krann, -z, -ig, -d crown (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'krann'gla:s crown-glass 
'krann'kalanji, -Iz crown-colon|y, 

'krann'leend, -z crown-land, -s 

'kraun'prins, -iz crown-prince, -a 
krantj*^ -iz, -ig, -t crouch (0.), 

-es, -mg, -ed 
O kr«b, -z 1) crab, -s; 2) Crabbe 
'krtebid, -li, -nis crabbed, -ly, 

'krtebtri:, -z crab-tree (C), -s 
krseg, -z; -i, -ia*, -iist, -ill, -inis 

crag, -s; -gy, -gier, -giest, -gily, 

'krtegzlman, -man cragsjman, 

krtek, -s, -ig^ -t; -a*, -az crack 

(s. v.), -a, -mg, -ed; -er, -ers 
'krsekbrein, -d crack -brain, -ed 
krteka'toua Krakatoa 
'kraekjl, -Iz, -^g [-lig], -Id; -^ 

crack|le, -Ies, -ling, -led; -ly 
'kreeklig (s.) crackling 
'krsekn^ 1) cracknel, -s; 2) Crack- 

krsem, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az cram 

(s. v.), -a, -ming, -med; -mer, 
'krsembon crambo [-mars 

'krsemaizi cramoisy 
krsemp, -s, -ig, -t[krsemt] cramp 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
'krsempaian, -z cramp-iron, -s 
'krsempan, -z crampon, -s 
''kreempiaa Cramptou 
krsen, -z cran, -a 
'krsenbarli, -iz cranberr|y, -ies 
'krsenfad Cranford 
'krien|i, -iz, -id crann|y, -iea, -ied 
krsegk, -s; -i, -ia*, -iist, -ili, 

-inis crank, -s; -y, -ier, -iest, 

-ily, -iness 
'kr»pjiilan{s, -t, -tli crapulen|ce, 

-t, -tly 
krses, -a*, -ist, -li, -nis; -itjn:d 

crass, -er, -est, -ly, -ness; -itude 
kreej", -iz, -ig, -t crash (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
OkrAks, -iz crux, -es 
krAm, -z, -ig, -d crumb (s. v.) 

-a, -ing, -ed 
'krAmbll, -Iz, -lig Hig], -Id 

crumb|le, -Ies, -ling, -led 
'krAiiibrAj, -iz crumb-brush, -es 
'krAmi 1) crummy; 2) crumby 
krAmp, -s, -ig, -t crump, -s, -ing, 


'krAmpit— 'kredj nlas 

257 — 'krematari— 'kriimkAlad 

'krAmpit, -s crumpet, -s 
krAmpIl, -Iz, -Ui) [.\i^], -Id 

crump|le, -les, -ling, -led 
'krAmwal = 'kromTral Cromwell 
kTAntJ", -iz, -ii), -t crunch, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'krApa*, -z crupper, -s 
krAst, -8 crust, -s 
krAs'teiJan, -z crustation, -s 
krAs'teiJas crustaceous 
krAs'teiJian, -z crustacean, -s 
krAs'teitid crustated 
krAstji, -ia*, -iist, -ili, -inis 

crustly, -ier, -lest, -ily, -iness 
'krAstid crusted 
krAj", -iz, -ig, -tj -a*, -az crash 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'krAj'Iitet, -s crush-hat, -s 
'krAXrnm, -z crush-room, -a 
krAtJ, -iz; -t crutch, -es; -ed 
Okrei Creagh 
'kreid|l, -Iz, -lii| [-^I|], -Id cradjle 

(s. v.), -les, -ling, -led 
'kreidou, -z := 'kriidon, -z 
'kreifij", -iz crayfish, -es 
kreig, -i Craig, -ie 
kreik, -s, -ig, -t 1) crak|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed; 2) Craik 
'kreikon Cracow 
krein, -z, -ig, -d cranje (s. v.) 

(C), -es, -ing, -ed 
'kreinijam [-nj-], -a, -amz; -al 

crani|um, -a, -urns; -al 
kreini'aladsli, -ist/s craniolog|y, 

kreip, -s 1) crape, -s; 2) cripe 
kreit, -s crate, -s 
'kreita*, -z crater, -s 
kreiT, -z, -iij, -d; -a*, -az crav|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'kreiyn, -z craven (C), -s 
kreiz, -iz, -ig, -d; -i, -ia*, -iist, 

-ill, -inis craz|e (s. v.), -es, -ing, 

-ed; -y, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
O kredi'biliti [-da'b-] credibility 
'kredib[l [-dab-], -li, -Inis cred- 

ib|le, -ly, -leness 
'kredit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az credit 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -or -ors 
'kredltabjl, -Ii, -Inis creditab|le, 

-ly, -ness [-ly, -ness"| 

'kredjnlas, -li, -nis credulous,J 

MlchaeliB & Jonea, Phonetic Dictionary, 

'krematarji, -iz crematorjy, -ies 
krema'ta:rial crematoria! 
krema'tairiam, -z crematorium, -s 
'kremlinj -z kremlin (K.), -b 
'krepaskjn:! crepuscule 
krepi'teijan, -z crepitation, -s 
'krepiteit, -s, -ig, -id crepitat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
krept crept {from creep) 
kres, -iz cress, -es 
'kresida Cressida 
'kresnt, -s = 'kreznt crescent, -s 
krest, -s, -ig, -id crest (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'krestfa:l9n crestfallen [-ies 

kres'tamaO|i, -iz chrestomathly, 
'kretin, -z = 'kriitin, -z cretin', -s 
'kretinizm cretinism 
kre'tan ['kretan], -z cretonne, -s 
'krevis, -iz crevice, -s 
'kreznt ['kresnt], -s crescent, -s 
O kra'msetik [kro'm-], -ali chro- 
matic, -ally 
kra'naladsjl [kro-], -iz, -ist/s 

chronologly, -ies, -ist/s 
kra'namit|a* [kro-], -az, -ri chro- 

nomet|er, -ers, -ry 
kras't- = krAs't- 
kra'Tses, etc. = kri'Ttes, etc. 
kra'Tset, -s, -id cravat, -s, -ted 
Okri:d, -z creed, -s 
'kri:d9ns credence 
'kri:don ['kreid-], -z credo, -s 
krr'eijan, -z creation, -s 
krr'eit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

creat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or (C), 

krr'eitiv, -li, -nis creative, -ly, 

'kriians, -iz creance, -s 
'kriiasout = 'kriasont creosote 
kriif Crieff 
kri:k, -s, -ig, -t 1) (s. v.) creak, 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) (s.) creek, -s 
'kri:k|i, -ia*, -iist, -ili, -inis 

creak|y, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
kri:I, -z creel, -s 
kri:m, -z; -i, -ia*, -iist, -ili, 

-inis cream, -a; -y, -ier, -iest, 

-ily, -iness 
'kri:mar|i, -iz creamer|y, -ies 
'kri:mkAlad cream-coloured 


'kri:]n'tXi:z — kri'stelidiiz — 258 — kri'stenOamam— 'kritisizm 

'kriim'tjiiz, -iz cream-cheese, -s 

'kriionl, -z Creole, -s 

kri:p, -s, -ii), krept creep, -s, 

-ing, crept 
'kri:pa*, -z creeper, -a 
'kri:p|i, -ia*, -list, -ili, -inis 

creeply, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
kri:s, -iz, -ig, -t creasje (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'kriisas Croesus 

kri:t, >an/z, >ik Cret|e, -an/s, -ic 
'kri:tin ['kret-], -z cretin, -s 
'kriitinizm = 'kret- cretinism 
'kriitja*, -z creature, -s 
O'krib, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az crib 

(s. v.), -s, -bing, -bed; -ber, -bers 
kri'denjal, -z credential, -s 
kri'djn:liti credulity 
kri'ei- = krii'ei- 
'kriasont creosote 
krik, -8 crick, -s 
'krikit, -s cricket, -s 
'krikita*, -z cricketer, -s 
'krikitmtetj', -iz cricket-match, -s 
kri'meijsn, -z cremation, -s 
kri'meit, -s, -ig, -id cremat|e, 

-ea, -ing, -ed 
kri'mia, -n = krai'm- 
krimi'nseliti criminality 
krimi'neiXan, -z crimination, -s 
'krimineit, -s, -ig, -id criminat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'krimin|), -].z, -ali crimin|al, -als, 

krimp, -s, -ig, -t crimp (s. v.), 

■8, -ing, -ed 
'krimzln, -nz, -fig, -nd crimsjon 

(s. v.), -ons, -oning, -oned 
krintis, -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 

cringle (s. v.), -es, -ing, -edf; -er, 

-ers [-S 

ki'ina'liin ['krinal-], -z crinoline, 
'krigk|l. -iz. -lig [-Jig], -Id; -li 

crink|le, -les, -ling, -led; -ly 
kri'onl, -z = 'kriioul, -z 
kri'pAskjula* crepuscular 
'kripll, -Iz. -^g [-lig], -Id cripp|le 

(s. v.), -lea, -ling, -led 
kriptj -s crypt, -s 
'kriptik, -alj -ali cryptic, -al,-ally 
krip'tagrafi cryptography 
kri'8telidi:z chrysalides 

kri'ssenOamam [-Oim-], -z chrys- 
anthemum, -s 
'krisalait, -s chrysolite, -s 
'krisalis [-sil-], -iz chrysalis, -es 
'krisastam Chrysostom 
'kriskra-s, -iz 1) criaa-cross; 

2) Christ-crosa, -es 
'krismas, etc. = 'kristmas, etc. 
'kri8{n, -nz, -i^g [-nig]^, -nd 

Christ] en, -ens, -ening, -ened 
'krisndam Christendom 
'krisi^ig [-nig], -z (s.) christening, -s 
krisp, -a*, -ist; -li, -nis crisp (C), 

-er, -est; -ly, -ness - 
'krigpin Crispin 
'kristabel [-bal] Christabel 
'kristafa* Christopher 
'kristalain crystalline 
'kristalaiz, -iz, -ig, -d crystalliz|e 

[-is|e] -es, -ing, -ed 
kristalai'zeij'an, -z crystalliza- 
tion [-isa-], -s 
krista'lagraf|a*, -az, -i crystalio- 

graph|er, -ers, -y 
'kristalaid, -z crystalloid, -s 
'kristi:n Christine 
kris'ti:na Christina 
'kristi 1) Christie; 2) Christy 
kristi'aina Christiana 
kristi'ainia [-nja] Christiania 
kristi'teniti Christianity 
'krisljan [-tjan], -z; -izm; -li 

christian (0.), -a; -ism; -ly 
'krisljanaiz [-tjan-], -iz, -ig, -d 

christianiz|e [-i8|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
'kristjanneim [-tj"-], -z christian- 

name, -s 
'kristi, -z crystal, -s [-es 

'kristmas, -iz Christmas [Xmas], 
'kris<ma8b3ks,-iz Christmas-box, 

-es [-a 

'kri8tmaska:d, -z Christmas-card, 
'kristmastri:, -z Christmas-tree, -s 
'kri8tj- = 'kri8tj- 
kri'^endon, -z crescendo, -a 
'krijna Kriahna 
kri'tiik, -s critique, -s 
'kritik, -s, -al, -ali, -alnis critic, 

-s, -al, -ally, -alnesa 
'kritisaiz, -iz, -ig, -d; -abl crit- 

icizle [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed ; -able 
'kritisizm, -z criticism, -s 

kri'Tses — 'kro'sbil 

259 — 

'kro'sbon — 'kru'il 

kri'Ties [kra'y-], -iz, -t crevasse, 

kri'ztenOamam = kri's- [-s, -d 
'krizam, -z chrisom, -s 
Okron, -z, -ii|, -d 1) (s. v.) crow 

(C), -s, -ing, -ed; 2) Crowe 
'krouba:*, -z crowbar, -s 

kroM'eiJia [-Jja], -n/z Croatia, 
'kronat, -s Croat, -s [-n/s 

'kronfat crow-foot 

kronk, -s, -ig, -t croak (s. v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed 
'kronkei, -z, -ig, -d croquet (s.v.), 
-a, -ing, -ed 

krou'kel^ -s croquette, -a [-ker 
'kronka*, -z 1) croaker, -s; 2) Cro- 
'kronkas, -iz crocus, -ea 
'kroukji, -ia*, -list, -ili, -inis 

1) croak|y, -ier, -iest, -ily, -inesa; 

2) croquet 
'kronkwil, -z crow-quill, -s 

kronm 1) chrome; 2) Crome 
'kroumeit, -s chromate, -s 
'krouma* Cromer 
'kronmataip [-mot-] chromotype 
kronmoull'Oagrafi chromoUtho- 
'kronn. -z crone, -s [graphy 

'kronn^, -iz crony, -ies 
'kronjei (kra'/s)? -^j ■»?)> ■* 

crochet (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
kronz crows (from crow) 
'kronz|fnt, -Art crow's-|foot, -feet 
'kroaznest, -s crow's-nest, -s 
'krousa*, -z 1) crosier, -s; 2) cro- 

zier, -s 
O kro'ei-, kro'k- = krou- 
kro'm-, kro'n- = kra- 
O kra:, -z craw, -s 
*krarfad Crawford 
'kraifl/, -iz crawfish, -es 
kra:ft, -s = kraft, -s croft (C), -s 
krail, -z, -ill, -d; -a*, -az crawl 

(g. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
•krad|i, -ia*, -iist, -inis 1) crawl|y, 

-ier, -iest, -iness; 2) Crawley 
kro-s, -iz, -a*, -ist, -ig, -t 1) («. 

adj. V.) cross (C.)i -es, -er, -est, 

-ing, -ed; 2) Crosse 
'kra'said cross-eyed 
'kro's'ak/an, -z cross-action, -s 
'kra-sba:*, -z cross-bar, -s 
'kra-s'bAn, -z cross bun, -s 
•kra-Bbil, -z crossbill, -s 

'kra'sbon, -z cross-bow, -a 
'kra-sbonnz cross-bones 
'kra'sbred cross-bred 
'kra'sbri:d, -z cross-breed, -a 
'kra-sgreind cross-grained 
'kro'S'kAntri croas-country 
'kra-sig'zeemin, -z, -iii, -d; -a*, 
-az cross-examin|e, -ea, -ing, 
-ed; -er, -era 
'kra-sigzsemi'neij^n, -z cross- 
examination, -s 
'kra'slg, -z (s.) crossing, -a 
'kra'slegd croaa-legged 
'kra-sli 1) crosaly; 2) Crossley 
'kra'snis crossness 
'kra's'pa:pas, -iz cross-purpoae, -a 
'kra's'rond, -z cross-road, -s 
'kra'swaiz crosswise 
'kra'swei, -z croasway, -s 
O kraft [kraift], -s croft (C), -s 
krak, -s crock, -s 
'krakadaU, -z crocodile, -s 
'krakari crockery 
'krakit, -s 1) crocket, -s; 

2) Crockett 
'kramati Cromarty 
'kramlek, -s cromlech, -s 
'kramwal ['krAm-, -wel] Cromwell 
'kranagrsem, -z chronogram, -s 
krana'Iadsik, -al, -ali chrono- 
logic, -al, -ally 
krana'metrik, -al, -all chrono- 

metric, -al, -ally 
'kranik.-9l, -ali chronic, -al, -ally 
'kranikfl (s. v.), -Iz. -llg [-Ug], -Id 
chronic|le, -lea (C), -ling, -led 
'kranikla* Ha*], -z chronicler, -s 
krap, -s, -ig, -t; -a% -az crop 
(s. v.), -a, -ping, -ped; -per, -pers 
kras, etc. = kra:8, etc. 
kratj, -iz, -t crotch (C), -ea, -ed 
'kratjit, -s; -i crotchet, -s; -y 
Okrn:, -z 1) (s.) crew, -a; 2) (v.) 

crew (from crow); 3) Crewe 
krnid, -a*, -ist, -li, -nis crude, 

-r, -St, -ly, -ness 
'kmiditji, -iz cYudit|y, -ies 
'kru'al, etc. = 'krn-il, etc. 
'krn'alt|i [-n-il-], -iz cruelt|y, -ies 
'kruTl ['krn-al], -a*, -ist, -i, -nis 

1) cruel, -Ier, -lest, -ly, -ness; 

2) crewel 


•truit— knk 

- 260 - 

'kukarl— kwel 

'kru'it, -s cruet, -s 
'kru'itsttend, -z cruet-stand, -s 
krn:n, -z, -ifl, -d croon (». v.),l 
hru:p croup [-s, -ing, -edj 

'kruipia* (kru'pjel, -z croupier, -a 
krui'seid, -z crusade, -s 
kroi'seida*, -z crusader, -s 
'ki'uisibl, -z crucible, -s 
'kru:8i|fai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid; 
-faia*, -faiaz cruci[fy, -fies, 
-fying, -fied; -fier, -fiers 
'krn:siflks, -iz crucifix, -es 
kr uisi'flk/an, -z crucifixion (C), -s 
'kru:8ifa:m cruciform 
'kru:8on Crusoe 
'krnijiel crucial 
'krn:z, -Iz, -ii), -d 1) cruisle (s. 
v.), -es, -ing, -ed; 2) cru8|e, -es; 
3) crews {plur. of crew) 
'krn:z3*, -z cruiser, -s 
O 'krual [-11], 'krait, etc. = kru:- 
krnk, -s, -ig, -t 1) {a. v.), crook 
(C), -s, -ing, -ed; 2) Crooke, -s 
'krukbffikt crook-backed 
'krukld, -a*, -Ist, -11, -nis crooked 

(adj.), -er, -est, -ly, -ness 
'kruk/tegk Cruikshank 

• ku:, -z, -ig, -d 1) coo {v.), -es, 
-ing, -ed; 2) (g.) coup, -s 

Okn:I, -3*, -ist; -11, -nls; -z, 

-ig, -d; -a*, -az cool (adj. v.), 

-er, -est; -ly, -ness; -s, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers 

'kn:li, -z coolie, -s 

Oku:m, -z 1) coom, -s; 2) coomb, 

-s; 8) Coomb(e); 4) Combe 
kn:'m9e8i Xumassie 
Okuin, -z coon, -s 
'ku:ns9i|, -z coon-song, -s 
Okn:p, -8, -ifl, -t coop (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
kujpa*, -z, -rifl, -d (s. v ) cooper 

(0.), -s, -ing, -ed; 2) Cowper 
'ku:p3r|i, -ids cooperfy, -age [-s 
knipai; [-pan] (ku'pa), -z coupon, 
Oku:t, -8 1) coot, -s; 2) Coote 
ku:t8 Coutts 

kuitj" 1) Couch; 2) Cooch 
Oka:z 1) cooes; 2) coups 

• knd could (from can) 
Oknk, -8, -in, -t 1),(«. v.] cook, 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) Oook(e) 

'kukari; -bak/8 cookery; -book/s 
'kukrnm, -z cook-room, -s 
'kukjop, -8 cook-shop, -s 
'kuku:, -z, -ip, -d cuckoo (s. v. 

intetj.), -s, -ing, -ed 
'knku:flan3*, -s cuckoo-flower, -s 
'kukuiklak, -s cuckoo-clock, -s 
'kiiku:8pit cuckoo-spit 
O'kumal ('kymal) kUmmel 
O ku'rtent, -8 courant (newspaper), 
'kuria, -z courier, -s [-s 

©'kujin [-Jan], -z cushion, -s 
• kwa:f, -8, -ifl, -tj -a*, -az quaff, 

-8, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
kwai'fa:* (kwa'f(B:r), -z coiffeur, -s 
kwai'Qua* (kwa'fy:r), -z coiffure, 
kwa:m, etc. = kwo:iii, etc. [-s 
Okwai'eS9n|s, -t, -til quiesceujce, 

-t, -tly [-S 

O'kwaia*, -z 1) quire, -s; 2) choir, 
'kwaiat, -a*, -ist; -11, -1118; -s, -Ig, 

-idj -ist/B. -izm quiet (a((;. «.), 

-er, -est; -ly, -ness; -s, -ing, -ed; 

-ist/s, -ism 
'ktraiatln, -nz, -fig [>nlg], -nd 

quiet|en, -ens, -ening, -ened 
'k'nraiatju:d [-ailt-] quietude 
kirai'htas quietus 
kwait quite 

Okw8eg[kwog],-z; -i quag, -a; -gy 
'kwnegmala* ['kwog-], -z quag- 
mire, -a 
kirsek, -s, -ig, -t; -art, -1/ quack 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -ery, -ish 
'kwsentam ['kwon-] quantum (in 

Latin phrases) 
Okwei 1) Quay (surname); 2) qua 
kweik, -8, -ig, -t quakfe (». v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'kweika*, -z, -dam Quaker, -a, 

kwell, -z, -ig, -d 1) (s. v) quail 

(Q.), -s, -ing, -ed; 2) Quaile 
ktreiu Quain 
kweint, -a*, -ist, -li, -nis quaint, 

-er, -est, -ly, -ness 
'kweisai quasi 
'kweiva*, -z, -rig, -rig 11, -d 

quaver (a. v), -s, -ing, -ingly, 

Okwel, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az quell, 

-s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ors 

kwen«J— kwik 

— 261 

'kwikan — 'kwizikal 

kwentj", -iz, -ig, -t; -a*, -az; 

-9bl quench, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, 
'kwentin Quentin [-ers; -able 
'kwernlas [-rjnl-, -ral-], -li, -nis 

querulous, -ly, -ness 
kwest^ -s, -ig, -id quest {s. v.), 

-8, -mg, -ed 
'kwestJlan, -anz, -anii) [-fii)], 

■and; -ana* [-igta*], -anaz [-^az] 

queati|ou (». v.), -ons, -oning, 

-oned; -oner, -oners 
'kirestjanab|l [-t/i^-], -li, -Inis 

questionabjle, -ly, -leness 
'kwestjanig [-t/if.-], -li question- 
ing (adj.), -ly 
Okwa:k, -s quirk (Q.), -s 
kwa:n, -z quern, -s 
Okwa'dr- = kwa'dr- 
kwa'drsetik [kwa'd-], -s quadra- 
tie (s. adj.), -a 
kwa'dril. -z = ka'd- quadrille, -s 
kwa'triljan, -z = kira'triljan, -z 
O'kwii'banou = 'kai'bonnon 
kwi:n, -z, -ig, -d 1) (s. v.) queen, 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) («.) quean, -s 
'kwi:nbara Queenborough 
'kwi:nl|i, -inis queenl|y, -iness 
'kmmzbari 1) Queensberry; 

2) Queensbury 
'kwi:nzland [-Isend] Queensland 
'kwi:nztaan Queenstown 
'kwiista* [-to:*], -z quaestor, -s 
'kwi:z{i, -inis queasy, -iness 
kwi''zi:n (kqi'zin) cuisine 
Okwi'bek Quebec 
'kwib|l, -Iz, -pg [-lig], -Id quibbjle 

(«. v.), -les, -ling, -led 
'kwibija* [-la*], -z quibbler, -s 
kwid, -z quid, -s 
'kwidnAgk, -s quidnunc, -s [-s 
'kwidpron'kwon,-z quid pro quo, 
kwia*, -ra*, -rist, -li, -nis queer, 

-er, -est, -ly, -ness 
kwiarji, -iz, -iig, -id 1) (s. v.) 

quer(y,-ie8,-ying,-ied; 2} quaere 
'kwiarist, -s 1) («.) querist, -s; 

2) queerest {myerl. of queer) 
'kwlarij queerish 
'kwiarit|i, -iz queeritly, -ies 
kwik, -a% -ist; -li, -nis 1) quick 

(Q.), -er, -est; -ly, -ness; 

2) QuickC 

'kwikjan, -anz, -^ig [-anig], -and 

quick|en, -ens, -ening, -ened 
'kwik,faiarig quickfiring 
'kwiklaim quicklime 
'kwikli quickly (Q.) 
'kwik'maitj quickmarch 
'kwikssend, -z quicksand, -s 
'k^kset quickset 
'kwiksat [-sent] Quixote [-ally 
ktrik'satik [-k'za-], -all quixotic, 
'kwiksilra*, -z, -rig, -d quick- 
silver (s. v), -8, -ing, -ed 
'k^k'tempad quick-tempered 
'kwlk'mtid, -nis quick-witted, 

kwil, -z, -ig, -d quill (s. v.), -a, 

-ing, -ed 
kwilt, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az quilt 

(». v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er (Q.), -ers 
kwin Quiu 

kwi'nim quinine [cunx, -es 

'kwinkAgks ['kwig-], -iz quin- 
kwins, -iz quince (Q.), -s [cey 
'kwinsi [-nzi] 1) Quincy; 2) Quin- 
kwint, -s quint {organ stop), -s 
kwin'tesans quintessence 
kwin'tet. -s quintet(te), -s 
kwin'tiljan, -z 1) quintillion, -s; 

2) Quintilian 
'kwintjn'p|l, -Iz, -lig, -Id quint- 

up|le, -les, -ling, -led 
'kmnzi 1) quinsy; 2) Quinc(e)y 
'kwigkAgks, -iz = 'kwink- 
kwig'kwaina quinquina 
kwig'kweiyal quinquennial 
kwlgkwa'dsesima Quinquages- 

ima quagenarian, -si 

kwigkwadsr'nsarian, -z quin-J 
kwip, -S quip, -s 
kwi'rses, -iz cuirass, -s 
kwira'sia*, -z cuirassier, -s 
kwit, -s, -ig, -id quit {adj. v.), 

-s, -ting, -ted 
'kwitans, -iz quittance, -s 
'kwitrent, -s quit-rent, -s 
kwlts (s.) quits 
'kwiTa*, -z, -rig, -rigli, -d quiver 

(s. v.), -a, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
kwiz, -iz, -ig, -d quiz (s. v.), 

-zes, -zing, -zed 
kwi'zi:n (kqi'zin) cuisine 
'kwizikjal, -all quizzic|al, -ally 

kwon'ASkwi- — 'kwodrit — 262 — kwo'drnin— kwa'triljan 

O kwon'Askwi 'teendem [-'as-, 
•dam] quousque tandem 

'kwoujsnt, -8 quotient, -s 

kwoat, -8, -ii|, -id; -abl quot|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed; -able 

kwoM'teiJan, -z quotation, -s 

'kwouta, -z quota, -s 

kwon'tidian [-djan] = kwa't- 

kwouO quoth 

Okwaim [kTra:m], -z qualm, -s 

kwoimij ['kwoim-], -li, -nis 
qualmish, -ly, -nesa 

'kw3:ram, -z quorum, -s 

kwa:t, -8 quart (measure of capa- 
city), -s 

kw»:'tet, -s quartette, -s 

'kw8:t9*, -z, -rig, -d quarter (s. 
v.), -s, -ing, -ed 

'kiraitadek, -s quarter-deck, -s 

'kwaitali quarterly [-B 

'kwaitamaista*, -z quartermaster, 

'kwo:tan, -z 1) quartern, -s; 
2) quartan 

'kw3:t3,pleit, -s quarter-plate, -s 

'kwoitarids quarterage 

'kwo.'tarig, -z (s.) quartering, -s 

'kwoitas quartus 

'kwoitn, -z 1) quartern, -s; 
2) quartan 

'kwoiton, -z quarto, -s 

kwa:ts 1) quartz; 2) quarts (plur. 
of quart) 

Okwod, -z, -ii|, -id 1) quod (s. v.), 
-s, -ding, -ded; 2) (g.) quad, -s 

'kwodlibet, -s quodlibet, -s 

kwa'dreeggjnla* [kwa'd-] qua- 

kwadrseggl [kwo'd-, kwa'd-], -z 
quadrangle, -s [-s 

kwa'drtetik, -8 = kwa- quadratic, 

kwo'dreit [kwa'd-], -s, -ig, -id 
quadrat|e {v.), -es, -ing, -ed 

k^'adr3'd3e8iiii|3, -al Quadra- 
gesim|a, -al 

'kwadrent, -8 quadrant, -s 

kwDdratJa* [-tijua*] quadrature 

'kwadrik, -8 quadric (s. adj.), -a 

kwadri'leetaral, -z quadrilateral 
(s. adj.), -B 

kTTO'driljau [kwa'd-], -z qua- 
drillion, -s 

'kwadrit [-reit] quadrate 

kwa'druin, -z quadroon, -s 
ktra'drnipidl quadrupedal 
'kTradrn-pIl, -Iz, -li, -liii, -Id 

quadrupjle (s. adj. v.), -les, -ly, 

-ling, -led 
kwadrnipli'keij'an quadruplica- 

kTTO'drnipIikeit, -s, -ig, -id qua- 

druplicat]e (v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
kwa'drn:plikeit, -s quadruplic- 

at|e (a. adj.), -a 
'kwadrnped [-pid], -z quadruped, 
kwa'f- = kwa:'f- [-» 

kwag, etc. = kwieg, etc. 
'kw3li|fai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid; 

•faia*, -faiaz qualijfy, -fies, 

-fying, -fied; -fier, -ners 
'kwalifaiig (a^j.) qualifying [-& 
ktralifi'keiXan, >z qualification, 
'kwalifikeitari qualificatory 
'kwaliteitiy [-tat-], -li qualitative, 
'kwalitji, -iz, qualit|y, -ies [-ly 
'ktrandsem quondam 
'kfrandarji [kiran'dear|i] , -iz 

l)quandar|y, -ies; 2) Quandary 

'kwantam 1) quantum (amounf);. 
2) = 'kweentam 

'kwantik, -s quantic, -s 

'kwantiteitiT [-tat-], -li quantit- 
ative, -ly 

'kTrantitji, -iz quantit|y, -ies 

'kvror|»l, -alz, -alig [-^g], -314 

quarrlel (s 

v.), -eis, -elling. 

'kwarala* [-r|-], -z quarreller, -» 
'kwar»lsam, -li, -nis quarrelsome, 

-ly, -ness 
'kwaranti:n, -z, -ig, -d quarant- 

in|e (s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'kw»r|i^ -iz, -iig, -id quarr|y (g. 

v.), -ies, -ying, -ied [-menT 
'kwari|maii, -man quarrylman,j 
'kwarl, etc. = 'kwaral, etc. 
'kwarntim, etc. == 'kwaranti:n, etc. 

-ig, -t quash, -es. 


-ing, -ed 
'kwoja quassia [tidian 

kwo'tidian [kwon't-, -djan] quo- 
'kwatrein, -z quatrain, -s 
kTra'triljan [kwa't-], -z quatril- 

lion, -8 

1— 'loiva 

— 263 

lai— 'laifbout 

• 1 {auxiliary verb) will {weak form) 

• la: la {in miisic) 
la:*, 'lEari:z lar, lares 
0'la:b3:ad [-hdi] larboard 

O la:d, -z, -ii), -id| -1 lard {s. v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed; -y 
'la:d3*, -z larder, -s 
'la:doug3 [la'doaga] Ladoga 
la:d3, -a*, -ist; .-li, -nis large, 

-r, -st; -ly, -ness 
'la:d3es [-dsis], -iz largess, -es 
'la:d5']ia:tid, -nis large-hearted, 

'laids'maindid, •nis large-minded, 

0'la:58* ['Iseda*], -z, -rii), -d 

lather (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
O la:f, -s, -ii), -iflli, -t; -9*, -az 

laugh (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ingly, 

-ed; -er, -ers 
'la:fab|l, -li, -Inis laughab|Ie, -ly, 

'la:fig'gaes laughing-gas 
'la:figst3k, -s laughing-stock, -s 
'la:ft8* laughter 

O la:'getou, -z larghetto {s. adj.), 
'la:gou, -z largo (s. adj.), -s [-s 
'lojgas [leig-] Lagos 
O lo:'h»:a* [la'h-], Lahore 
O la:k, -s, -ii|, -t lark (s. v.), -s, 
'la:kspa'* larkspur [-ing, -ed 
0'la:m3, -z 1) lama (L.), -s; 

2) llama, -s 
O la:nd- = la:nd- 
la:ns, -iz, -ig, -t 1) (s. v.) lanc|e 

(L.), -es, -ing, -ed; 2) (».) launce 
'la:nsa*, -z lancer, -s [(L.), -s 
'Ia:nsig = Isensifl Lancing 
'la:n8it, -s lancet, -s [lot 

'Ia:n8l3t 1) Lancelot; 2) Lannce- 
'la:nst3n Launceston 
\a:ntS, etc. = lamtj, etc. 
0'la:89n|i, -iz larcen|y, -ies 
lo:8t, -s, -li, -Ib, -igli, -id last 

(s. adj. v.), -8, -ly, -ing, -ingly, 
O lo:tJ, -iz larch, -es [-ed 

O la:e, -s lath, -s [-«, -al 

0'1o:t18, -i:, -al 1) lava; 2) larv|a. 

• lai lye (L.) 

lai {s. v.), laiz. 'laiig, laid lie 

{falsehood, etc!), lies, lying, lied 
lai {v.), laiz, 'laiig, lei, lein lie 

{recline, etc.), lies, lying, lay, 

O lai'beijan, -z libation, -s 
lai'beit, -s, -ig, -id libatje, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'laiba* Liber 
'laib|al (s. v.), -alz, -sliij [-Ug], 

-aid lib|el, -els, -elling, -elled 
'laibala* [-h}-], -z libeller, -s 
laibalas [-bj-], -li libellous, -ly 
lai'bieria Liberia 
'laibra libra (L.) [-s, -ship 

lai'brsarian, -z, -Jip librarian, 
'laibrarji, -iz librar|y, -ies 
Olaid lied {from lie) [den 

'Iqidn 1) Lydon; 2) = 'leidn Ley- 
O laid, -a*, -ist, -li, -nis 1) lithe, 

-r, -st, -ly, -ness; 2) Lithe 
'laidsam, -nis lithesome, -ness 
O'laia*, -z 1) liar, -s; 2) lier, -s; 

3) lyre, -s 
'laisbed, -z lie-a-bed, -s 
'Iai3b3:a, -z lyre-bird, -s 
laia'bilit|i, -iz liabilitjy, -ies 
'laiabl, -nis liable, -ness 
'laial 1) LyaU; 2) Lyell 
laien, -z 1) lion, -s; 2) Lyon, -s; 

8) dialectal for 'li:3n, -z 
laianaiz, -iz, -ig, -d lioniz|e[-iB|e], 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'lai3nha:tid lion-hearted 
'lai3nhAnt3*, -z lion-hunter, -b 
'Iai3ni8, -iz lioness, -es 
'lai3nl Lionel 
'lai3nz 1) lions; 2) Lyons 
'laisrd Lyra 
laisrist ['lir-], -s lyrist {player 

on the lyre), -s 
'Iai3S lias 

Olai|f, -TZ li|fe, -ves 
'laiflbelt/s, -bUd life-|belt/s, 

'laif|bont/s, -boi/z life|boat/s, 


'laifaj'uarans— 'laisans 

264 — 

'laisansa*— 'lantn 

'laifajnarans [-J"09r-, S^ir-, 

-Jo:r-], -iz life-assurance, -s 
laifgaid, -z life-guard, -s 
laifcjiTig life-giving 
'laifintrist [-'intarest] , -s life- 
interest, -s 
'laifjlaik, -lai) lifejlike, -long 
'laif lis, -li, -nis lifeless, -ly, -ness 
'laifpriza.'Ta*, -z life-preserver, -s 
'laifj'saiz, -seirii) life-{size, -saving 
'laiftalm, -z lifetime, -s 
'laiftenanjsl, -siz, -t/s life- 

tenan|c7, -cies, -t/s 
O'laiig, -li lying (from lie), -ly 
O laik, -s, -ii), -t lik|e (s. adj. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
lalken [-kin, 'litj'in], -z, -d 

lichen, -s, -ed 
'laik|an, -9nz, -anig [-^ig], -and 

lik|en, -ens, -ening, -ened 
lai'ka:g8s Lycurgus [dium 

laika'pondiam [-djam] lycopo- 
'laikig, >z liking, -s 
'laikl|i, -ia*, -iist, -inis, -ihud 

likel|y, -ier, -iest, -iness, -ihood 
'laik'maindid likeminded 
'laikniSj -iz likeness, -es 
'laikwaiz likewise 
Olail 1) Lisle; 2) = laial 
'lailak, -s lilac, -s 
Olaim, -z, -iij, -d; -i lim|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed; -y 
'laimd3n:g lime-juice 
'laima = 'liima Lima 
'laimkiln, -z lime-kiln, -a 
'laimlait, -s lime-light, -s 
'laimjstoun, -tri:/z limejstone, 

laimwoita* limewater 
Olain, -z, -ig, -d linje (s. v.) (L.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'laina*, -z liner, -s 
'lainataip [-not-], -s linotype, -s 
'lainig, -z (s.) lining, -s 
lai'nouljam, -z linoleum, -s 
'lainzjman, -man linesjman, -men 
Olais lice {plm: of louse) 
lai'senjas, -Ii, -nis licentious, 

-ly, -neas 
lai'senjiit [-Jiat], -s licentiate, -s 
laisans, -iz, -ig, -t 1) (s.) licence, 

-s; 2) (v.) iicens|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

laisansa*, -z licenser, -s 
Iaig»n'si:, -z licensee, -s 
lai'si'am, -z lyceum (L.), -s 
Olait, -s; -a*, -ist; -ig, -id, lit 

light (s. adj. v.), -s; -er, -est; 

-ing, -ed, lit 
'laita*,-z; -rid3lighterfg.),-s; -age 
'laita|man, -men lighterjman, -men 
'laitl'flggad, -'hsendld light-|fin- 

gered, -handed 
laitfnt lightfoot (L.) 
lait'haitid, -Ii, -nis light-heart- 
ed, -ly, -nesa 
'laithanjs, -ziz lighthoujse, -ses 
lait'hedid, -Ii, -nis light-headed, 

-ly, -ness 
'Iait'h9:s|man, -man light-horse- 

|man, -men 
'laitii lightly 
lait'maindid, -Ii, -nis lightmind- 

ed, -ly, -ness 
'Iait|n, -nz, -^ig [-nig], -nd 

light|en, -ens, -ening, -ened 
laitnig, -z (g.) lightning, -s 
'laitnis lightness [-ness 

laitsam, -li, -nis lightsome, -ly, 
'lait'spiritid light-spirited 
'laitjip, -s lightship, -s 
'Iait|weit/s, -weiv/z, light- 

|weight/s, -wave/s 
Olaiv live (adj.) 
'Iaivl|i. -ia*, -iist, -inis; -ihnd 

livelfy, -ier, -iest, -iness ; -ihood 
laivz lives (plvr. of life) 
Olaiz lies {from lie) 
• land, -a*, -ist; -li, -nis loud, 

-er, -est; -ly, -ness 
landn 1) Loudon; 2) Loudoun 
OlauS Louth (Ireland) 
'lau9a* Lowther 
O'lana*, -z, -rig, -d 1) (s. v.) lour, 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) (v.) lower (look 

threatening), -s, -ing, -ed 
Olaundz Lowndes 
launcts, -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 

loung|e (s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers 
Olaus, lais louse («.), lice 
Olaut^ tS, -ig, -id lout (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
lautij", -Ii, -nis loutish, -ly, -neas 
'lautn Loughton 

lanO— 'IsembaO 

265 — 

'Isemda — 'Isenefzman 

OlauO 1) Louth (Lincxilnshire); 

2) Lowth; 3) = lauS 
Olanz, -iz, -iij, -d; -i, -ia*, -iist, 

-ili, -inis lous|e (v.), -es, -ing, 

-ed; -y, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
• 'Iseb9r3tar|i [la'barat-], -iz lab- 

oratorjy, -ies 
IsebirinO [-bar-], -s labyrinth, -s 
Isebi'rin0|i3ii [-ba'r-, -jan], -ain 

labyrinthlian, -ine 
'Isebrada:* Labrador 
l8ebn''J"sa* ['Isebu-J"-] Labouchere 
Olsed, -z lad, -s 
'Iseda*, -z ladder, -s 
'Isedi, -z laddie, -s 
Isedran, -z ladrone (Scottish term 

of reproach), -s 
Olse5a*, etc. = 'la:da*, etc. 
O lag, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az lag 

(s. v.), -B, -ging, -ged; -ger, -gers 
liegad, -z laggard, -s 
Olsek, -s, -ii), -t 1) (s. w.) lack, 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) (s.) lac, -s; 

3) (s.) lakh, -8 

'Iseka*, -z, -rig, -d; -ra*, -raz 

lacquer (s. «.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, 

'Itekadaiy, -z Laccadive, -s 
'Iseka'dei lack-a day 
Iseka'deizikal lackadaisical 
'Iseki, -z, -ig, -d (s. «.) 1) lackey, 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) lacquey, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
la'kjnina, etc. = la'k- lacuna, etc. 
'IseklAsta* lack-lustre 
Isekrimous, -II lachrymose, -ly 
Iseks, -a*, -1st; -li, -nis; -iti 

1) lax, -er, -est; -ly, -ness; -ity; 

2) lacks {from lack); 3) lacs 
{from lac) ; 4) lakhs (from lakh) 

'IseksatiY, -z, -nis laxative (s. adj.), 

-s, -ness 
Isek'teijan lactation 
'Isektik lactic 

Isek'tomita*. -z lactometer, -s 
O'lsela'rnk Lalla Eookh 
O lasm, -z, -ig, -d 1) («• "•) 1*™^ 

(L.), -s, -ing, -ed; 2) lam, -s, 

-ming, -med 
'Isembanlsi, -t lamben|cy, -t 
'Isemba't Lambert 
'Isembae [-bee] Lambeth 

liemda, -z lambda, -s 
Isemen'teiJ'an [-man-, -min-], -z 

lamentation, -s (L.) 
'Isemagala*, -s lammergeier, -s 
'laemamna* Lammermoor 
'laeman|d, -t Lamonjd, -t 
Iscman'teiJ'an, -z = leemen- 
'lsemantab|I [-min-], -li lament- 
able, -ly 
'Isemas. -taid Lammas, -tide 
'Itemlnfa, -1:, -az, -a* lamin|a, -%, 

-as, -ar 
Isemin'tei/sn, -z = lamen't- 
'l«emintab|l, -11 = 'Isemant- 
'laemkin [-mpk-j, -z lambkin, -s 
Isemp, -s; • blak lamp, -s; -black 
'Itempian [-pjan], -z lampion, -s 
'Itemplait; -a*, -az lamplight; -er, 

'Isempri, -z lamprey, -a 
leem'pu:n, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 
lampoon (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; 
-er, -ers 
'Itemzwul lamb's-wool 
O'lsenaik, -Jta* = Isenak, -J'ia* 
Isend, -z, -ig, -id land (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
Isen'dsef [Isen-, eiaen-] Llandaff 
'Itendbriiz, -iz land-breeze, -s 
'Isendan Landon 
'Isendfais, -iz landforce, -s 
'landhonida*, -z landholder, -s 
leendid {adj.) landed 
'Isendig, -z (s.) landing, -s 
'Isendigpleis, -iz landingplace, -s 
'landlAba*, -z land-lubber, -s 
'lsen({leid|i, -iz landlad|y, -ies 
'liendlaid, -z, -izm landlord, -s, 
Isendlakt landlocked [-ism 

'Ixndmaik, -s landmark, -s 
'Isendonna*, -z land-owner, -s 
Isen'douTari [Isen-, eisen-] Llan- 
'leenda:, -z landau, -s 
'Isenda:* Landor 
'lsend|slaid/z, -slip/s land|slide/s, 

'Isendtieks, -iz land-tax, -es 
'leendwad landward 
'Isendwind, -z landwind, -s 
'Ixnd'zenA Land's End [-men 
'lsen(2z{man, -man landsjman, 

lae'neli — Isepwiij 

— 266 — Iserin'dsaitis— 'Isezjulai 

lae'neli [la'neli, eiseneeii] Lla- 

'leenak [-nailc], -/ia* Lanark, - shire 
'Isenali'n [-nol-] lanoline 
'Isenfrtegk Lanfranc 
Isen'golan [leen'gojan, -en, Olsen- 

'goOlan] "Llangollen 
'Isenjleidi, -l9:d, -ma:k = 'Isend- 
'Isensia* Landseer 
'Isensii) Lansing 
'Isenskeip, -s landscape, -s 
Isensl-, Isenz- = Isend- 
'leentan, -z lantern, -s 
'Isenzdaun Lansdown(e) 
O Isei) 1) Lang; 2) Laing [holm 
'Iseijam 1) Langham; 2) Lang- 
'Iseggwa*, -ras languor, -ous 
'Iseggwid, -li, -nis languid, -ly, 

'lieggwids, -iz language, -s 
'IseijgwiJ', -iz, -ii), -igli, -t; -mant 

languish (L.), -es, -ing, -ingly, 

-ed; -ment 
l!ei)k, -a*, -ist; -li, -nis lank, -er, 

-est; -ly, -ness 
Iseijkses'tiarian Lancasterian 
Iseg'kaestrian, -z Lancastrian, -s 
'Isei)ka8ta* 1) Lancaster; 

2) == laeiikista* 
'liegkajia* Lancashire [Lanes.] 
'I8egk|i, -ia*, -list, -ill, -inis 

lank|y, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
'Isegkista* 1) Lankester; 

2) = 'Isegkasta* 
Isegks Lanes. 

'leeglland, -li Lang|land, -ley 
'Ifeg'sain langsyne 
O Isep, -s, -ig, -t 1) («. v.) lap, 

-s, -ping, -ped; 2) Lapp, -s 
'Isepdag, -z lap-dog, -s 
'Itepa*, -z lapper, -s 
'Itepal [-pel, la'pel], -z lapel, -s 
'Isepfnl, -z lapful, -s [-iesn 

'l«epidar|i, -iz lapidarly (s. adj.),j 
Isepis'laezjnlai [leip-] lapis-lazuli 
'IsepiJ Lappish 
'l»pit, -s, -id lappet, -s, -ed 
'Iseplsend [-land]; -a*, -az Lap- 
land; -er, -ers 
laeps, -iz, -ig, -t laps|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'Isepwii), -z lapwing, -s 

O Iserin'dsaitis laryngitis 
lae'rindsial = la'r- laryngeal 
Ise'rigg- = la'rijg- 
laerig'galadsji, -ist/s laryngo- 

log|y, -ist/s 
leerig'gaskapli, -ist/s laryngo- 

8cop|y, -ist/s 
'Iserigks, -iz larynx, -es 
Olses, -iz lass, -es 
'leesa Lhasa 
'l%S9lz Lascelles 
Isesa'TeiJan, -z laceration, -s 
liesareit, -s, -ig, -id laceratje {v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
leesi, -z lassie, -s 
l%si'di:man Lacedsemon 
Isesidi'monnian [-njan], -z Lace- 
demonian, -s 
'l«esi1ja:d lassitude 
'Iseska*, -z 1) Lascar, -s; 2) Lasker 
'Isesou, -z, -ig, -d 1) (s.) lasso, -s; 

2) (v.) lasso, -es, -ing, -ed 
O Isej, -iz, -ig. -t; -a*, -az lash 

(g. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
IseJ'ig, -z (s.) lashing, -s 
O'lseta*, -li latter, -ly 
'l8et9r|al, -ali later|al, -ally 
'Isetin Latin 
'Isetinaiz, -iz, -ig, -d latiniz|e 

[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
'l»tin{ist/s, -izm,'z latinjist/s, 

lae'tiniti = la'tiniti latinity 
'leetis, -iz, -t lattice, -s, -d 
Isetitjaidj -z latitude, -s 
'Isetitjuidi'nearian, -z, -izm lati- 

tudinarian, -s, -ism 
Iseti'1jn:din| latitudinal 
'lsetr|al^ -ali later|al, -ally 
IsetJ, -iz, -ig, -t latch (s. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'laetjit, -s latchet, -s 
'laetjiz 1) laches; 2) latches {from 

'Isetjki:, -z latchkey, -s 
O 1«9, -s = lo:e, -s lath, -s 
O 'laBvatar|i, -iz lavatorjy, -ies 
'IsBTinda* lavender 
'IsBTl/, -iz^^-ig, -t} -II, -nis lavish 

(a^. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -ly, -ness 
O'lsezaras Lazarus 
'Isezjnljai, -ait lazul|i, -ite 

'liba*— 'Undi 

— 267 — 

lAnd5— 'leidiba:d 

• 'Uba*, -z, -li lubber, -s, -ly 
'Ubak Lubbock 
OlAd, -git Lud, -gate 
O lAf, -8, -ig, -t 1) (a. V.) luff (L.), 
-s, -ing, -ed ; 2) Lough (surname) 
'lAfbara Loughborough 
O lAg, -z, -ig, -d lug (s. v.), -a, 

-giog. -ged 
'lAga*, -z lugger, -s 
'Ugids luggage 
'lAgseil, -z lugsail, -s 
'lAgsl nautical pron. of lAgseil 
Ug'zjuarieit, -s, -ig, -id luxuri- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

-t, -tly 
lAg'zjnariss, -li, -nis luxurious, 

rly, -ness 
lAg'3U3- = lAg'zjua- 
O lAk, -s; -i, -la*, -list, -ili, -inis 
luck (L.), -a ; -y, -ier, -lest, -ily, 
'lAklis, -li, -nia luckless, -ly, -ness 
'lAknau Lucknow 
lAks 1) lucks {from luck); 2) Lux 
'lAks3mb3:g Luxemburg 
lAk'sjna- = lAg'zjua- 
'lAksjnri, -z = 'lAkJnri, -z 
'lAksa:* = 'Inksa:* Luxor 
'lAkXur|i [-ksjnr-, -kjar-], -iz 

luxur|y, -ies 
O lAl, -z, -ig, -d lull (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'lAlabai, -z lullaby, -s 
O lAm'beigou lumbago 
'lAinba*, -z, -rig, -d 1) (s. v.), 
lumber, -s, -ing, -ed; 2) lumbar 
'lAinbad ['lam-], -z; -i Lombard, 

-s; -y 
'lAinbara*, -z lumberer, -s 
'lAmbarig (adj.) lumbering 
'lAmbarnm, -z lumber-room, s 
'lAmi lummy 

Ump, -s, -ig, -t; -i, -la*, -iist, 

-ili, -inis lump (». v.), -a, -ing, 

-ed; -y, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 

'lAmpiJ, -li, -nis lumpish, -ly, 

limt = lAmpt lumped [-ers 
O'lAndan, ■»*, -az London, -er, 
'lAndanderi [-dari] Londonderry 
lAndi Lundy 

lAn<{3, -iz, -in, -d lung|e (s. v.), 

•es, -ing, -ed 
lAnfJ, -iz, -ig, -t lunch (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'lAntJan, -z luncheon, -s 
O lAg, -z, -d lung, -s, -ed 
O lAst, -s, -ig, -id lust (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'JAsta*, -z; -lis lustre, -s; -less 
'lAstjful, -full [-fall], -fMlnis 

luat|ful, -fully -fulness 
'lAstji, -ia*, -iist, -ili, -inis lust|y, 

-ier, -lest, -ily, -iness 
lAS'treiJan, -z lustration, -s 
'lAstras, -li, -nis lustrous, -ly, -ness 
OlAj" Lush 

lAjas, -li, -nis luscious, -ly, -ness 
O'lAtawa-e Lutterworth 
O Iat, -z, -ig, -igli, -d lov|e (s. 

V.) (L.), -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
'lATbaid, -z lovebird, -s 
'lAT|dei, -dsoi Love|day, -joy 
'lATa*, -z lover, -s 
'lAvabl, -nis lov(e)able, -ness 
'1at»1 Lovel(l) 
'lAvfiist, -s love-feast, -s 
lATig'kaine^nis, -iz loving-kind- 
'lATleis Lovelace [ness, -es 

lATleta*, -z love-letter, -s 
'lAYl|i, -ia*, -iist, -inis lovel|y, 

-ier, -iest, -iness 
'lAT|lis, -lo:n love|less, -lorn 
'lAvnot, -s love-knot, -s 
lAvponXan, -z love-potion, -s 
lAvJaift, -s love-shaft, -s 
'lATSik love-sick 
Slei, -z, -ig, laid 1) lay (s. adj. v.), 

-a, -ing, laid; 2) lay (from lie) 
O'leibsen [-ban] Laban 
leiba*, -z, -rig, -d; -ra*, -raz 

labour, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'leibial[-bjal], -z, -i labial (s.adj ), 

-8 "Iv 

leibioM'dentl, -z labiodental (s. 

adj.), -a 
leibll, -Iz, -pg, -Id lab|el, -els, 

-elling, -elled 
'lei'brAda*, -z lay-brother, -s 
O leid, -z, -Ig, -id, -n l) lad|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed, -en; 2) laid (/row 
leid|i, -iz ladfy (L), -ies [lay) 
'Ieidiba:d, -z ladybird, -s 

leididei — leitn 

— 268 — 

'leiOain— 'Ieglio:ii 

'leididei, -z Ladyday, -s 
'leidibils*, -z lady-killer, -s 
'leidilaik ladylike 
'leidi|lAT/z, -Xip/s lady|love/s, 
'leidii) (s.) lading [-ship/s 

'leidismiO Ladysmith 
'leidizmeid, -z lady's-maid, -s 
'leid|l, -Iz, -}ii| [-lig], -Id lad|Ie 

(s. v.), -lea, -ling, -led 
'leidlfnl, -z ladleful, -s 
'leidla: Laidlaw 
'leidn (v.) laden 
leidn [laidn] Leyden 
'leidn'dsa:*, -z Leyden jar, -s 
Olei9, -z lathe, -s 
'leiSsm 1) Latham; 2) Lathom 
O lei'8:ti:z Laertes 
O 'leia*, -z layer {one who lays), -s 
'leia* [ls8*], -z, -rii), -d 1) (s.) 

layer (stratum, of plants), -s; 

2) (v.) layer, -s, -ing, -ed 
leiadi'sia [leiod-], -n/z Laodicea;, 
leisman Layamon [-n/s 

O'lei'figa*, -z lay-figure, -s 
O'leigos = 'la:g3s Lagos 
O'leiik, -3l laic, -al 
'leiiti f'leiati] laity 
O leik, -s; -Isend lake (L.), -s; 
'leikij Lachish [-land 

'leikok Laycock 
O leim, -3*, -ist, -li, -nis; -z, 

-ii), -d lam|e {ac^. v.), -er, -est, 

-ely, -eness; -es, -ing, -ed 
'leimek Lamech 
'leilman, -man 1) lay|man, -men; 

2) Lehmann 
'leimigtan Lamington 
O lein, -z 1) (s.) lane (L.), -s; 

2) (v.) lain {from lie) 
O leig [Iseg] Laing 

O lei'akouan Laocoon 

O leipis'lsez- = laep- 

O 'lei'rL'da*, -z lay-reader, -s 

O leis, -iz, -ig, -t lac|e (s. j).)i -^s, 

-ing, -ed 
'leisi 1) Lacy; 2) Lacey 
O'leiXiam Latium 
O leit, -8*, -ist; -li, -nis; -ij" 

lat|e, -er, -est; -ely, -eness; -ish 
'leit9u|gi, -t, -tli laten|cy, -t, -tly 
'leitn 1) Leighton; 2) Layton; 

3) Leyton 

O'leiOam 1) Latham; 2) Lathom 
O leiv, -z, -ig, -d lav|e, -ea, -ing, 

O leiz, -iz, -ig, -d 1) laz|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed; 2) lays {from lay) 
'leiza*, -z 1) lazar, -s; 2) lazer, -s 
'leizji, -ia*, -list, -ili, -inis laziy, 

-jer, -iest; -ily, -iness 
'leizibounz lazy-bones 
• 'lebanan Lebanon 
O led, -z, -ig, -id 1) (s. v) lead 

(jwetoJ), -8, -ing, -ed; 2) (v.) led 

\from lead Ii:d) 
'ledn leaden 
'lednhail Leadenhall 
'led'pensil, -z lead-pencil, -s 
leds, -iz ledge, -s 
'ledsa*, -z 1) ledger, -s; 2) Leger 
'ledsabl, etc. = 'ledsibl, etc. 
'ledsada'mein legerdemain 
'ledsalain, -z leger-line, -s 
'ledsand, -z; -ari legend, -a; -ary 
ledsi'biliti [-d3a'b-] legibility 
'led3ib|l [-dsab-], -li, -Inis legib|le, 

-ly, -leness 
ledsis'leijan legislation 
'ledsisleit, -s, -ig, -idj -a*, -az; 

-It legislat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 

-ors; -ive 
'ledsisleitja*, -z legislature, -a 
O'leda*, -z, -rig, -d; -n leather 

{s. «.), -s, -ing, -ed; -n 
'leoarji, -inis leatherjy, -iness 
O'lea , etc. == 'leia*, etc, 
'leati = 'leiiti laity 
Oleft left \)aAj.; 2) v. {fromleave) 
lef tenang|i, -iz lieutenanc|y, -ies 
lef tenant, -s; -'dsen^ral/z lieu- 
tenant, -s; -general/a 
'left'hsenda*, -z left-hander, -s 
'left'hsendid, -nis left-handed, 
'left'o'f, -s left-off, -a [-ness 

'leftwad, -z leftward, -a 
Oleg, -z 1) leg, -s; 2) Legge 
le'gaitou [li'g-] legato 
'leg'beii, -z leg-bail, -s 
legd legged 

le'geijsn, -z = li'g- legation, -a 
'legasji, -iz legacjy, -ies 
'legat Leggatt 
lega'ti:, -z legatee, -s 
'leg'ha:n Leghorn 


— 269 — 'lepras!— 'leTl'kro'siij 

'legi leggy 

'legiii, -z legging, -s 

'legit, -s 1) legate, -s; 2) Leggett 

le'gjaiminas [li'g-] leguminous 

O'leki Lecky 

'leksikjal, -all lexicjal, -ally 

'leksikan, -z lexicon, -s 

leksi'kagrafja*, -az, -i lexico- 

graph|er, -ers, -y 
'lekjan, -z lection, -s 
'lekta'n, -z lectern, -s 
'lekta:*, -z lector, -s 
lekt/a*, -z, -rii), -d; -ra*, -raz 

lectur|e (s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers 
'lekt/a/ip, -s lectureship, -s 
O'lema, -z lemma, -b 
'leman, -z lemon (L.), -s 
lema'neld, >z lemonade, -s 
'leinan|d5a:s, ^'jelou, -kAlad 

lemon-|juice, -yellow, -coloured 
'leman'skwaj, -iz lemon-squash, 

'lemanskmiza*, -z lemon-squeez- 
'lemii|, -z lemming, -s [er, -a 
'lemigtan Leamington 
'lemnas Lemnos 
'lemsta* ['leminsta*] Leominster 
O lend, -z, -ig, lent lend, -s, -ing, 
'lenda*, -z lender, -s [lent 

'lenad, -z Leonard, -s 
'lenaks 1) Lenox; 2) Lennox 
'leniti ['li:n-] lenity 
'lensta* ['li;n-] Leinster 
lent 1) leant [leaned] (/row lean); 

2) lent (from lend); 3) Lent 
'lentan Lenten 
'lentil, -z lentil, -s 
'lentail Lenthall {surname) 
'lenOail [-Oal] Lenthall {place in 

lenz,-lz l)lens,-es; 2) (j).)=lendz 
Olege [-ijke], -s length, -s 
legOl^n, -anz, -anig [-^aig], -and 

length|en, -ens, -ening, -ened 
'legeji, -ia*, -list, -ill, -inis 

length|y, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
'leg6|waiz, -welz length|wise, 
O'lepa*, -z leper, -s [-ways 

'lepad, -z leopard, -s 
'lepadis, -iz leopardess, -es 
lepras, -11, -nis leprous, -ly, -ness 

'lepras! leprosy 

'lepslas Lepsius 

O'lerlk Lerwick 

O les, -a* less, -er 

le'si: -z lessee, -s 

'les|n, -nz, -i^ig [-n!g], -nd 1) (s.) 

less|on, -ons; 2) (v.) less|en, -ens, 

-ening, -ened 
le'so:*, -z lessor, -s 
lest lest 

'lesta* 1) Leicester; 2) Leycester 
'lestajia* Leicestershire 
O let, "S, -ii) 1) (s. V.) let, -s, -ting; 

2) (s.) Lett, -s 

'leta*, -z, -r!g, -d letter (s. v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed 
'letabeelans, -iz letter-halance, -a 
'leta{baks/iz, -ke!s/!z letter-|box- 

/es, -case/s 
'leta'paifikt letter-perfect 
'letapres letter-press 
'letaralta*, -z letter-writer, -s 
'letarig (s.) lettering 
'letaz'psetant [-'peit-] letters- 
'letig, -z (s.) letting, -s 
'letis, -!z 1) lettuce, -s; 2) Lettice 
'letlj Lettish 
'letjaras, -li, -n!s lecherous, -ly, 

'let/ar! lechery 
Ole'ea:d3ik[l!'e-], -al, -all, -alnis 

lethargic, -al, -ally, -alness 
'leOads! lethargy 
O 'levant levant {adj.) {in 'levant 

and couchanf) 
'levarlt, -s 1) leveret, -s; 2) Le- 

'lev!, -z 1) levee, -s; 2) lev^e, -s; 

3) Levey 

'lev|!, -iz, -iig, -id; -!a*, -!az; 

■!abl lev|y (s. v.), -ies, -ying, 

-led; -ier, -iers; -iable 
'levit 1) Levett; 2) Leavitt 
levl'teijan, -z levitation, -s 
'Icvitelt, -s, -!g, -!d levitat|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'lev!t|!, -!z levit|y, -ies 
'lev|l, -Iz, -Jig, -Id lev|el(s. adj. v.), 

-els, -elling, -elled 
'levja*, -z leveller, -s 
'levl'kro'sig, -z level-crossing, -s 

'levlnis— la'kweijas 


la'mela — li-'gteliti 

'levlnis lerelnesa 

'leT|n, -nz, -]fig [-nig], -nd 

1) leav|en, -ens, -ening, -ened; 

2) Leven 
'levnw9:9 Leavenworth 
'levrit, "S = 'IcTarit, -s 
O'lezbia [-bja], -n-Lesbia, -n 
'lezbos Lesbos 

'lezli Leslie 

O'lesa*, -d; -li, -linis leisure, 
-d; -ly, -liness 

• lea*, -z 1) lair, -s; 2) = 'leia, etc. 
lead, -z, -Jip 1) laird (L,), -s, 

-ship; 2) Layard 
'lesrain, -z larum, -s 
'Jeariiz lares {plur. of lar) 

• laik, -s, -ii), -t; -a*, -az lurk, 
-s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

'laikigpleis, -iz lurking-place, -s 
O lain, -z, -ig, -t [-d], -t; -a*, -az 

learn, -s, -ing, -ed, -t; -er, -ers 
'la:nid, -li, -nis learned {adj.), -ly, 

'la:nig (s.) learning 
laint learnt [learned] {from learn) 
O laitj", -iz, -ig, -t lurch (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed , 
O'laiwik Lerwick 

• la'bainam, -z laburnum, -s 
la'biilja [low'b-], -z lobelia, -s 
la'ba:rias, -li, -nis laborious, -ly, 


la'baratari, -z = 'Isebaratari, -z 
O la'douga = 'laidoMga Ladoga 

la]dronn^ -? ladrone (Ai^^wa^man 

in Spam, etc), -s 
Ola'fiit (la'fit) Lafitte 

la'fontan = la'foutan 

laf tenant, etc. = leftenant, etc. 
O la'gja:brias, etc. = ln:'gja:brias, 

la'gnin, -z lagoon, -s [etc. 

O la'hoia = la:'Iia:a Lahore 
Ola'kjn: Le Queux [-se, -as 

]a'kju:n|a [la-], -i:, -az lacun|a, 

la'kjaij'an [lo-], -z locution, -s 

la'konnia [-nja], -n, -nz Laconia, 
-n, -ns 

la'kanik, -al, -ali laconic (L.), 

' -al, -ally 

la'kwsesiti [lo-, lo-] loquacity 

la'kweijas [lo-, la-], -li, -nis 
loquacious, -ly, -ness 

O la'niel|a, -i:, -a* lamell|a, -se, -ar 
la'ment, -s, -ig, -id lament {s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
Ola'niiT Le Neve 
la'na»* Lenore [-z 

O la 'pel, -z 1) Lepel; 2) = 'Ijepal, 
Ola'rein [lo-, lo-] 1) Lorraine; 

2) Loraine 
la'renzon [lo-, lo-] Lorenzo 
la'retou [lo-, la-] Loret(t)o 
la'rind3ial [Ite-, -dsjal] laryngeal 
la'riggal [Ise-] laryngal 
la'riggaskonp [Ise-], -g laryngo- 
scope, -s 
larigga'skopik [Ise-] laryngo- 

O la'sirias [-Tjas], -li, -nis lasciv- 
ious, -ly, -ness 
Ola'tiniti [Ise-] latinity 
O la'yaiaOan, -z = li'v- leviathan 

(L.), -s 
la'Teibou, -z lavabo, -s 
la'vinia [-nja], -n Lavinia, -n 
• li:, -z 1) lee (L.), -s; 2) lea (L.), 
-s; 3) Ley, -s; 4) Leigh; 5) Legh 
O li''senda* Leander 
0'li:ba:n Leyboum 
'IL'big Liebig {meat extract) 
O li:d, -z, -ig, led lead («. v) 
{to conduct, etc.), -s, -ing, led 
']i:da Leda 
'li:da*, -z leader, -s 
'liidajip, -s leadership, -s 
li:dz 1) leads {from li:d); 2) Leeds 
li:d5, -iz liege, -s 
'IL'dsan, ,-z legion (L.), -s [-ies 
'li:d3anar|i, -iz legionar|y (s. adj), 
'li:d5ist, -s legist, -s 
'li:d3|meen [-man], -men [-man] 

liege|man, -men 
O li:oz Leathes 
O'li'an, -z lien, -s 
li:an- = lian- 
Oli:f, -a* lief, -er 
ILif (s.), -YZ lea|f (L.), -ves 
li:f («.), -8, -ig, -t; -lis; -i, -ia*, 
-list, -inis leaf, -s, -ing, -ed; 
-less; -y, -ier, -iest, -iness 
'li:flit, -s leaflet, -s 
Oli:g, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az leagu|e 
(s. «.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er (L.), -ers 
li-'gseliti legality 

'liigal — 'liiwad 

271 — 

liiT — 'lion 

'li:g|al, -eli legal, -ally 
'Ii:g3lai2, -iz, -ii), -d legaliz|e 

[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
liigalai'zeijan legalization [-isa-] 
'Ii:g3l|i8t/s, -izm legal{ist/s, -ism 
0'li:i Leahy 
O liikj -s, -ifl, -t 1) (s. V.) leak, 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) (s.) leek (L.), -a; 

3) Leake 
'li:k|i, -la*, -list, -inis leak|y, -ier, 

-iest, -iness 
'liikids, -iz leakage, -s 
Oli:l 1) leal; 2) Lisle 
'lliland Leland 
•lili Lely 

0'li:ina ['laima] Lima 
'liims*, -z lemur, -a [-est 

O li:i»} -9*5 -ist lean (s. ae?/.), -er, 
li:n, -z, -ii), lent [li:nd], lent 

lean {v.), -s, -ing, -ed, leant 
'lima Lena 
'li:nl3n|s [-njan-], -si, -t, -tli 

lenien|ce, -cy, -t, -tly 
'li:niti = leniti lenity 
'li:n|li, -nis lean|ly, -ness 
'limsta* = 'len- Leinster 
O'lfcon Leo 
'llionain = 'lianain 
O li:p, -s, -ig, -t, lept leap (s. v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed, leapt [leaped] 
'li:pfrag leap-frog 
'liipjia* [-ja:*], -z leap-year, -s 
Oliis, -iz, -iij, -t leas|e (s. v.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'IL-sAonld, -z; -a*, -az leasehold 

(s. adj.), -a; -er, -ers 
IL'st least 

'li:st|waiz, -weiz least|wise, -ways 
O Ii:/, "iz, -ig, -t leash (s. v.), -es, 
Olfct, -s leet, -3 [-ing, -ed 

'li:ta*, -z litre, -s 
'liitl leetle 
'li:trim Leitrim 
liitj", -iz, -ig, -t 1) (s. v.) leach 

(L.), -es, -ing, -ed; 2) (s.) leech 

(L.), -es; 3) Leitch 
Oli:ft Leith 
'liiOal lethal 
'liiOam Leatham 
'li:6i' Lethe 
0'li:wei leeway 
'li:wad = 'Iju-ad leeward (L.) 

Oli:v, -z, -ig, left leav|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, left 
'liivai 1) Levi; 2) Levy {American 
'liivait, -s Levite, -s [town) 

li:vd leaved 
'li:T8*, -z, -rig, -d; -rids lever 

(s. V.) (L.), -s, -ing, -ed; -age 
'li:vi 1) Levy (sttrwame);; 2) Levey 
'liivigz (s.) leavings 
'liivirit levirate 
liiTZ leaves {plur. o/'leaf, 3'^ sing. 

pres. of leave) 
O li:z 1) lees (L.); 2) leas; 8) Leys 
'Ii:z'niied5i8ti lese-majesty 
O '11:38*5 etc = lesa*, etc. 
'li:39n, -z lesion, -s 
• li'tenda* Leander 
O'liba'tain, -z libertine, -s 
liba'rseliti liberality 
liba'reijan liberation 
'libareit, -s, -ig, -idj -a*, -az 

liberat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 
'Ubarjalj -alz, -all, -alizm liberjal 

(s. adj.), -als, -ally, -alism 
'lib^ralaiz, -iz, -ig, -d liberaliz|e 

[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
'libatji, -iz libert|y (L.), -ies 
'libatin|id3, -izm libertin|age,-ism 
li'bidinas, -Ii, -nis libidinous, 

-ly, -ness 
libia, -n, -nz Libya, -n, -ns 
li'bretist, -s librettist, -s 
li'bret|ou, -ouz, -i' librett|o, -oa. 
Olid, -z 1) lid, -s; 2) Lydd [-i 
'lldjfad^ -git Lydjford, -gate 
'lidi Liddy 

'lidia [-dja], -n, -nz Lydia, -n, -ns 
li'd3itimaiz, -iz, -ig, -d legitim- 

iz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
lidsiti'meiX^n legitimation 
li'd3itimeit, -s, -ig, -id legitim- 

at|e (v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
li'dsitimasi legitimacy 
li'd3itimit, -Ii, -nis legitimat|e 

(adj.), -ly, -ness 
li'dsitimist, -s legitimist, -s 
0'li8ibi [-5ab-] Litheby 
Olia Leah 
lia*, -z, -rig, -rigli, -d 1) lear 

(L.); 2) leer (s.v.), -a, -ing,-ingly, 

lian, -z 1) Leon ; 2) = 'li:an, -z 

lia'nttido— limarik 

272 — 

limf— 'liijga* 

lia'naidoa [lio-], -z Leonardo, -s 
lianain ['lie-] leonine 
'lianid [lio-], -z Leonid, -s 
lie'naira Leonora 
'liapould Leopold 
liarja, -i, -az lir|a, -e, -as 
Olitt, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az lift 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
lif tenant, etc. = lef tenant, etc. 
O li'ga:tou = le'g- legato 
li'gieliti = li> legality 
li'geijan [le'g-], -z legation, -s 
liga'ment|l, -as ligamentjal, -ous 
'ligamant, -s ligament, -a 
'ligatjMa* [-Ijua*], -z ligature, -a 
li'gju:min8S = le'g- leguminous 
li'gjuaria, -n, -nz Liguria, -n, -na 
'lign|am, -ias lignjum, -eous 
O Ilk, -s, -ig. -t lick (s. v.) (L.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'Ilka*, -z, -rig, -d 1) (s.) licker, 

-s; 2) («. «.) liquor, -s, -ing, -ed 
'likaris liquorice 
'likii), -z («.) licking, -s 
li'kjua*, -z liqueur, -a 
li'kjnaglais, -iz liqueur-glass, -es 
'likta* ["to:*], -z lictor, -s 
'likTfid, -z, -ist, -li, -nis liquid 

(s. adj), -a, -eat, -ly, -neaa 
likwi'deijan, -z liquidation, -a 
'likwideit. -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

liquidatje, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 

'likwilfai, >faiz, -faiig, -faid; 

-faia*, "faiaz; -faiabl iique{fy, 

-fies, -fying, -fied; -fier, -fiers; 

likwi'fsekjan liquefaction 
O'lila Lilla 

3) Lely; 4) Lill(e)y 
'liIi'A.wait lily-white 
'liliftwait Lillywhite 
'lilipAt [-pat] Lilliput 
lili'pjniXian, -z Lilliputian, -a 
lilt, -s, -ii), -id lilt («. «.), -a, 

-ing, -ed 
Olim, -z, -nig, -d 1) limb, -s, -ed; 

2) limn, -a, -ing, -ed 
'limba*, -z limber («. adj.), -a 
'limbon limbo (L.^ 
'llmarik, -s limerick (L.), -a 

limf, -s lymph, -a 
lim'faetik, -s lymphatic, -s 
'limigtan Lymington 
'limit, -g, -ig, -id, -idnis; -abl; 

-lis limit (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed, 

-edness; -able; -leas 
limi'teijan, -z limitation, -a 
'limna*, -z limner, -a 
limp, -s, -a*, -ist; -ig, -igli, -t 

limp (g. adj. «.), -s, -er, -eat; 

-ing, -ingly, -ed 
'limpid, -ist, -li, -nis limpid, -est, 

-ly, -neaa 
lim'piditi limpidity 
'limplli, -nis limpjly, -ness 
'limpit, -s limpet, -a 
limt = limpt limped 
Olin Lyn(n) 

lind Lind [3) Lyndon 

'lindan, -z l]linden, -a; 2)Lindon; 
'lindha:st Lyndhurst 
'line^li Lindley 

'linc^zi 1) Lindsay; 2) Lindsey 
'linaka* Linacre 
li'ni'jas, -an Linn8B|us, -an 
'linia* [-nja*], -li linear, -ly 
'linial [-njal], -i lineal, -ly 
'liniamant [-1^3-], -s lineament, -s 
'liniids, -iz lineage, -s 
'linimant, -s liniment, -s 
'linin, -z linen, -a [-s, -y 

'linindreipa*, -z, -ri linendraper, 
'Unit, -8 linnet (L.), -a 
'linja*, 'linjal, etc. = 'Ilni- 
links, -iz, -aid lynx, -es, -eyed 
'linli 1) Linley; 2) Lindley 
lin'liOgon, -Jia* Linlithgow, 

-shire [-s 

li'non^am, -z = lai'n- linoleum, 
li'na:^* Lenore 
'linsi:d, -'ail linaeed, -oil 
linj, etc. = lintj" lynch, etc. 
lint lint 

'lintan 1) Linton; 2) Lynton 
'lintl, -z lintel, -a 
linej", -iz, -ig, -t; -la: lynch (L.), 

-ea, -ing, -ed; -law 
'linzi = 'lindzi 
Olig, -z ling (L.), -s 
'ligga*, -z, -rig, -riglij -d; -ra*, 

-raz linger, -a, -ing, -ingly, -ed; 

-er, -era 

'liggon — 'literari 

273 — 

'litarasi — 'lirloij 

'liggon, -z lingo, -s 
'liggwa'frffiiika lingua franca 
'liggTval, -i lingual, -ly 
'llggtvist, -s linguist, -a 
lig'ginstik, -s, -al, -ali lingu- 
istic, -s, -al, -ally 
lii|k, -s, -ig, -t [ligt] link (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
ligkan, -Jia* Lincoln, -sMre 
'ligks (s.) 1) links; 2) Lines. 
O'lion = 'li:on Leo 
lio- = lia- 
li'anldi:z Leonides 
li'ontiiz Leontes [-p^d 

Olip, -s, -iij, -t lip (s. v.), -a, -ping, 
li'pienton Lepanto 
lipari Lipari [-service 

'lip|ri:dii), -saiTis lip|-reading, 
'lipskam Lipscomb(e) 
'liptsn Lipton 

O'lirik, -al, -8 lyric (L.), -al, -s 
'lirist, -s 1) lyrist [lyric poet), -a; 

2) = laiarist, -s 
O'lisam, -nis lissome, -neas 
lisites Lysias 

'llsia [-sja], -n'z Lycia, -n/s 
lis'kaid Liskeard 
'lis|n, -nz, -^Ig [-nil)], -Bd list|en, 

-ens, -ening, -ened 
'lis]5ia* [-na*], -z listener, -s 
lisp, -s, -ig, -igli, -tj -a*, -az 

lisp (s. v.), -a, -ing, -ingly, -ed; 

-er, -ers 
list, -8, -ig, -id 1) list (s. v.), -a, 

-ing, -ed; 2) Liszt 
'lista* Lister 
'listan Listen 

'listlis, -li, -nis listless, -ly, -ness 
O'li/ia [-fla], etc. = lisia, etc. 
O lit lit [from light) 
'llta-dsli, -iz; -ist/s liturg|y, -iea; 

-ist/s [-ally] 

li'ta:d3ik, -al, -all liturgic, -al,J 
'lita*, -z, -rig, -d litter («. v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed 
'litan|i, -iz litan|y, -ies 
lita'reit|ai, -im literatli, -im 
'litar|al, -ali, -alnis 1) liter|al, 

-ally, -alneas; 2) littoral 
'lit3ral|ist/s, -izm literaljist/s, -ism 
■litarar|i, -ili, -inis literar|y, -ily, 


'litarasi literacy 
'litarit, -s literate (s. adj.), -a [-a 
'litaritXa* [-rat/a*], -z literature, 
li'tidsas, -li, -nis litigious, -ly, 

liti'geijan, -z litigation, -s 
'litigeit, -s, -ig, -id litigat|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'litigant, -s litigant, -s 
li'tijia Letitia 
'lit|l, -^a*, -Jist, -Inis litt|le (L.), 

-ler, -lest, -leness 
'litltan 1) Littleton; 2) Lyttleton 
'lltmas litmus 
'litn 1) Lytton; 2) Litton 
'litra- = 'litara- 
'litritja* = 'litaritja* literature 
'Utjfi:ld 1) Lichfield; 2) Litchfield 
'litjgeit, -s lichgate, -s 
'litjin, -z = 'laiken, -z lichen, -s 
Oli'8a:d3ik, etc. = le'9- lethargic 
'liOagraef [-Oog-, -graif J, -s, -ig, -t 

lithograph [s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
liOa'grieflk [-OCg-], -»1, -ali 

lithographic, -al, -ally 
liOakra'msetik [-Ookro'm-] , -s 

lithochromatic, -s 
'liOiam [-ejam] lithium [-n/a 

lieju''einia [-nja], -n/z Lithuania, 
lieo- = liOa- 
li'eograf|a*, -az, -i lithograph|er, 

-era, -y 
OllT, -z, -ig, -dj -a*, -az liv|e 

[v.), -ea, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
li'TaiaOan, -z leviathan (L.), -s 
li'Tsent, -8 -ig, -id 1) (».) Levant 

[East Mediterranean, leather); 

2) [v.) levant [abscond), -a, -ing, 
li'vaentain Levantine [-ed 

li'Ttenta*, -z levanter (L.), -a 
liva*, -z liver, -a 
'livapu:! Liverpool 
'livar|i, -iz, -id liver|y, -ies, -ied 
'liTari|man,-man livery|man,-men 
'livi Livy 

'livid, -ist, -li, -nis livid, -est, -ly, 
li'viditi lividity [-neas 

'llvig, -z [s.)_ living, -a 
'livigstan Livingston(e) 
li'vitik, -al, -ali Levitic, al, -ally 
li'vitikas Leviticus 
'livlag livelong 

Miohaelis & JoneB, Phonetic Dictionary. 


li'Tonnia— loM'keit 

— 274 

'lonkal— la:* 

li'Toania[-iija], -n/z Livonia, -n/s 
lirz lives {from live v) 
O'lizbsn Lisbon 
'Iizbi|t [.be|t, -b8|t], -e Lisbe|t, -th 
lizad, -z lizard (L.), -s 
'lizi Lizzie 
•IJn: lieu 
Ijn:- see also ln> 
\jxvA, -9*, -ist, •li, -nis lewd, -er, 

-est, -ly, -ness 
'Iju-ad ['li:w8d] leeward (L.) 
'l^'n:8n, -'c|o:»* Leveson, -Gower 
'Ijuijaiz {Southern surname) Leu- 
'l^'n:x3z [-kaz] Leuchar8(ScotZancf) 
Oljna*, -z, -rig, -d lur|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'l^'narld, -li, -nis lurid, -ly, -ness 
•Ion, -3*, -ist; -z, -ig, -d 1) {adj. 
V. adv.) low (L.), -er, -est; -s, 
-ing, -ed; 2) lo; 3) Lowe 
Olonb, -z, -d lobe, -s, -d 
lon'bi:lJ9, -z = la'b- lobelia, -s 
Oloud,_ -z, -ig, -id 1) {s.v.) load, 
-s, -ing, -ed; 2) (s.) lode, -s; 
3) lowed {from low) 
loudsta:*, -z lodestar, -s 
'londstonn, -z 1) lodestone, -»; 

2) loadstone, -s 
lou'dsistik [la'ds-], -al, -s log- 
istic, -al, -s 
lOM'dsiJ'an [lo'ds-], -z logician, -s 
Olond, -z, -ig, -igli, -d loathje 

{v.) -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
'lonOisn Lothian [-ness 

londsam, -li, -nis loathsome, -ly, 
O'lona*, -z, -rig, -d 1) lower 
{compar. of lowf; 2) {v.) lower 
{cause to descend), -s, -ing, -ed 
'louskeis lower-case 
'loual ['loael] Lowell 
'lonamonst [-mast] lowermost 
Olou|f, -vz loa|f («.), -ves 
lonf, -s, -ig, -tj -a*, -az loaf 

{v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'lonf Juga* loaf-sugar 
O'longan Logan {surname) 
OlOM'ka:!, -z locale, -s 
low'kselitji, -iz localit|y, -ies 
lOM'kei/an, -z location, -s 
loM'keit, -8, -ig, -id locat|e, -es, 
-ing, -ed 

'lonk|»l, -all loc|al, -ally 

'lonkalaiz, -iz, -ig, -d localizje 
[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 

lonkelai'zeij^n localization [-is-] 

'lonkalizm localism 

lonka'monj^n locomotion 

'lonkamonta* [lonka'm-], -z loco- 
motor (s. adj.), -s 

lonkamontiT [lonka'm-], -z loco- 
motive (s. adj.), -a 

'lonjkas, -sai lojcus, -ci 

'lonkast, -s locust, -a 

'lonkl local 

O'lonland, -z; -a*, -az lowland 
{h.), -s; -er, -ers 

'lonlfi, -ia*, -list, -inis lowl|y, 
-ier, -iest, -inesa 

Olonm [luim], -i, -ia*, -list, -inis 
loam, -y, -ier, -iest, -iness 

'lonmand Lomond 

Olonn, -z, -ig, -d 1) lone; 2) loan 
(s. v.), -B, -ing, -ed 

'Ion nis lowness 

'lonnlji, -ia*, -list, -inis lonel|y, 
-ier, -iest, -iuess 

'lounsam, -li, -nis lonesome, -ly, 

'Iounwa:d, -z loan-word, -s 

Olonp, -s, -ig, -t lop|e (s. v.), -es, 
-ing, -ed 

'lon'preja* low-pressure 

O'lousai loci {plur. of 'lonkas) 

lou'spiritid, -li, -nis low-spirited, 
-ly, -ness 

'lonstaft [-taft] Lowestoft 

O'lonjan, -z lotion, -s 

O'lontas, -iz lotus, -es 

'lon'tjaitj, -man, -man low- 
church, -man, -men 

Oloue 1) loath {a4}.); 2) loth 

lott'Oearion Lothario 

'lonOnis loathness 

O'lon'woita* low- water 

Olouvz loaves {plur. of loaf) 

Olonz l)lows {from low) ; 2) Lowes 

•lo'bL'lja, -z = la'b- lobelia, -s 

lo'ds-, lo'k- = lou- 

lo'kjn:-, lo'kw- = la'k- 

lo'rein = la- l)Loraine; 2) Lor- 

•lo:, -z 1) law(L,), -s; 2) la,{interj.) 

la:* lore 

'loibreika*— lo'st 

— 275 

'loitn— 'lohjntari 

O 'l»:breik|9*, -9Z, -ii) law-break|er, 

-era, -ing 
loibnk. -s law-book, -s 
Olaii (s. ».}, -z, -ii), -id 1) lord 

(L.), -a, -ing, -ed; 2) laud (L.), 

-B, -ing, -ed 
loida*, -z lauder (L.), -s 
'la:d3b{l, -li, -Inis laudab|le, -ly, 
'laidatari laudatory [-leneas 

lazdlji, >ia*, -list, -inis lordl|y, 

-ier, -ieat, -iness 
'loid/ip, -s lordahip (L.), -a 
'loidz'dei, -z Lord's-day, -a 
'lo:dz'8Ap3*, -z Lord'a-aupper, -a 
Ol»:»* lore 

'l9:abaidig law-abiding 
O'laifad Lawford 
'l»:|fwl,_ -fuli [-foli], -fwlnis law- 

|ful, -fully, -fulness 
lo'ft, -8, -ig^ -id; -9', -az loft 

(s. v.), -a, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
'lD'ft|i, -ia*, -iist, -ili, -Inis lof t|y, 

-ier, -ieat, -ily, -inesa 
0'lo:giT[8*, -8Z, -ii| law-giv|er, 

-ers, -ing 
0'l!>iJ8*j -z lawyer, -a [-neaa 

O'lailis, -li, -nis lawleaa (L.), -ly, 
'la:|list/s, -Ia:d/z law-|liat/a, -lord/s 
0'ls>:ii»eik|a*) -aZj "i?l law-mak|er, 

-ers, -ing 
O la:n, -z 1) lawn, -a; 2) lorn; 
'l3:ndi Laundy [3) Lome 

'lo:ndT|i, -iz laundr|y, -ies 
'lamdrilmeid, -z laundry-maid, -a 
'l3:ndri|itt3n, -man laundry-|man, 

'laindris, -iz laundreas, -ea 
lainmona*, -z lawn-mower, -s 
lains Launce 

'lamstan = 'lainstan Launceaton 
'la:n'tenis lawn-tennia 


-t launch («. v.), 

-ea, -ing, -ea 
O'laira Laura 

'la:rii, -iz 1) lor|y, -ies; 2) Laurie 
lairieit, -s, -in, -id laureat|e («.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'lo:riit [-riat] laureate {adj.) 
OlO'S, -iz losa, -ea 
'la:sja:t, -s law-auit, -a 
'la:sn Lawaon 
la-st lost (from lu:z lose) 

O'lo.'tn 1) Lawton; 2) Laughton 

O la:z 1) laws (from law); 2)Lawes 

• lab (s. v.), -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 
lob, -s, -bing, -bed; -ber, -bera 

'l9b|i, -iz lobb|y, -ies 

'labjn:!, -z lobule, -a 

'labjula* lobular 

'labsta*, -z lobater, -s 

O'ladnam laudanum 

lad3, -iz, -ill, -d; -a*, -az lodg|e 
(s. V.) (L.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, 

'ladsik, -al, -ali logic, -al, -ally 

'ladsig, -z (s.) lodging, -s 

'lad3ighan|s, -ziz lodginghoujse, 

la'dsis-, lo'dsij- =lo n'ds- [-sea 

'ladsmant, -s lodg(e)ment, -s 

Ola'fontan [la'f-] Lofoten 

loft, 'lofti, etc. = la:- 

Olag, -z log, s 

lagbnk, -s log-book, -s 

'lagahed, -z loggerhead, -s 

'lagan logan (L.) {rocMngstone) 

lagariOm [-idm], -z logarithm, -s 

laga'riOmik [-idm-], -al, -ali lo- 
garithmic, -al, -ally 

'logig logging [-iea, -iat/a 

la'gamak|i, -iz, -ist/s logomach|y, 

lagas Logos 

'lagroul, -z, -ig, -dj -a*, -az log- 
roll, -a, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 

'lagwnd log-wood 

O'laid 1) Lloyd; 2) Lhuyd 

loial. -ti loyal, -ty 

laialji, -ist/s loyal|ly, -iat/a 

lain, -z loin, -s 

'loita*, -z, -rig, -d; -ra*, -raz 
loiter, -a, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 

Olak, -s, -ig, -t 1) (s. v.), lock 
(L.), -a, -ing, -ed; 2) Locke; 
3) loch [lax], -a; 4) lough [lax], 

'lak'ant, -s lockout, -a [-a 

lak'Ap lock-up 

lakdsa: lock-jaw 

'laka*, -z locker (L.), -a 

'lakat Lockhart 

'lokatiT, "Z locative, -a 

lak'geit, -s lockgate, -s 

'lakha:t Lockhart 

'lakit, -s locket, -a 

lokja* Lockyer 

lakjutarji, -iz locutor|y, -ies 

'I»kki:p9* — 'lorans 

— 276 

'lori— Inikjn-breit 

'Iskkiipa*, -z lock-keeper, -b 

loksli 1) Loxley; 2] Locksley 

laksmiO, -s locksmith, -s 

lokt locked (from lock) 

lo'kw- = la'kw- 

'lakirnd Lockwood 

Olol, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az loll, -s, 

-ing, -ed; -er, -era 
'lalad, -z Lollard, s [-ed 

'lalap, -s, -ig, -t lollop, -s, -ing, 
'lalipap, -s lollipop, -s 
O'lombad, -z, -i = 'lAm- Lom- 
bard, -B, -y 
Olan'dseyiti longevity 
lan'dsiiT^l longeval 
'Jand3itjn:d, -z longitade, -s 
Iand3i'tjn:dlii|L -all longitudin- 
'lanzdeil Lonsdale [|al, -ally 
Olog, -z, -ga*, -gist; -ig, -d long 

(». adj. V.) (L.), -s, -er, -est; 

-ing, -ed 
lagbon, -z long-bow (L.), -s 
'lagbont, -s longboat, -s 
laga*, -z («.) longer (one who 

longs), -8 
'lag|felou, -fad Long|fellow, -ford 
'lagga* longer {compar. of long) 
'loggist longest [superl. of long) 
'laghsend longhand 
'loflig (». ae^.), -zj -11 longing, -s; 
lagij longish [-ly 

laglegd long-legged 
'laglegz 1) longlegs; 2) long-legs 
'log'praima* long-primer 
'log'rein<i3 long-range 
'lag 'saitid, -nis long-sighted, -ness 
'lag'sAferig long-suffering 
'lagstap, -s long-stop, -s 
'lag/aegks Longshanks 
'lagteild long-tailed 
'lagl^aiz, -weiz long|wise, -ways 
'lag'wlndid, -nis long-winded,"] 
'lagwnd Longwood [-nessj 

Olap, -s, -ig, -t; -a*, -az lop 

(«. v.), -s, -ping, -ped; -per, -pers 
'lapiad lop-eared 
'lapig, -z (s.) lopping, -s 
lap'saidid, -nis lop-sided, -ness 
Olo'rein 1) Lorraine; 2) Loraine 
'laral, -z, -d laurel, -s, -led 
'larans 1) Lawrance; 2) Lawrence; 

3) Laurence 

'l9r|i, -iz lorr|y, -ies 
'loria* Laurier 
'lariat, -s loriot, -a 
']9rima*, -z lorimer (L), -s 
'lorl, 'larns = 'laral, 'larans 
Olas, -iz = la:s, -iz loss, -es 
lost = laist lost {from lose) 
Olat, -s, -ig, -id (s. v.) lot (L.), 

-a, -ting, -ted 
'latarli, -iz lotter|y, -ies 
'lati Lottie [-s 

Olax [lak], -s 1) loch, -a; 2) lough, 
O'lazinds, -iz, -Jeipt lozenge, -s, 

•In:, -z, -ig, -d 1) (s. v.) loo (L.), 

-ea, -ing, -ed; 2)Loe; 3) Looe; 

4) Lou; 5) = Ijn; lieu 
0'ln:b|i, -iz loob|y, -ies 
'lu:bin Lubin 

Inibri'keiJ'an, -z lubrication, -a 
'In.'brikeit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

lubricat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ora 
'laibrikant, -s lubricant, -s 
Oln;d, -a*, -ist, -11, -nis l)==ljn:d 

lewd, -er, -est, -ly,-neaa; 2)looed 

{from loo) 
'Iu:dikras, -li, >nis ludicrous, -ly, 

-ness [lyn 

O Iu''elin 1) Llewellyn; 2) Llewe- 
O'lnjfa: [-fa], -z loofah, -s 
O ln:'gju:brias [la'g-], -11, -nis 

lugubrious, -ly, -ness 
Oln''i:z, -a Louis|e, -a 
lu'iizi'eena Louisiana 
O'ln'i 1) Louis {French name); 

2) louis {sing.); 3) Louie 
'lu'i'do:*, -z louis-d'or, -s 
'In-is, -iz 1) lewis (L.), -es ; 2) Lewes ; 

3) Louis {English name) 
'In'isam Lewisham 
'lu-is|ba:g, -Til Loui8|burg, -ville 
'lu'IJam Lewisham 

'lu'iz louis (jpiiw.) 
O luik Luke 
ln:'ka:n, -z lucarne, -s 
ln:'kAl|a8, -ian Lucull|us, -ian 
'Inika* lucre 
'Inikas Lucas 

'lu:kaz Leuchars {Scotland) 
lu:kjn''breij"3n, -z lucubration, -s 
'lu:kjn-breit, -s, -ig, -id lucubrat|e, 
-ea, -ing, -ed 

luikrativ — maia'raidsa 


lui'siditi— maika* 

'luikrativ, -li lucrative, -ly 
Ini'kriis Lucrece 
Ini'kriijila [-Jj-], -as Lucreti|a, -us 
'la:kwa:Di, -li, -nis lukewarm, -ly, 

Oluim, -z, -ig, -d 1) loom, -s, 

-ing, -ed; 2) = loam loam, etc. 
'luimlnarji, -iz luminar|y, -ies 
'la:minas, -11, -nis luminous, ly, 

luimi'niferas luminiferous 
laimi'nositi luminosity 
Oluin, -z 1) lune, -s; 2) loon, -s; 
lui'neijan, -z lunation, -s 
lui'net, -s lunette, -s 
'lu:n8* lunar 
'la:n3si lunacy 

'la:natik, -s lunatic (s. adj.), -s 
'lu:ii|i, -iz loon|y, -ies 
'la:iija:l, -z lunule, -s 
'la:iijul{3, -i: lunul|a, -se [-ed 
Oln:p, -8, -ii|,-t loop(s.».), -s,-ing, 
'luipain lupine (adj.) (wolflsh) 
'Inipa'kal [-kal] Lupercal 
luipas lupus 

'luiphonl, -z, -d loophole, -s, -d 
'ln:pin lupin(e) (s.) (jlower), -s 
O ln:s, -8*, -ist, -11. -nis; -iz, -ii), 

-t loos|e (s. adj. w.), -er, -est, -ely, 

-eness; -es, -ing, -ed 
lu:'s3:n, -z 1) lucern(e), -s; 2) Lu- 
'lu:89n|si, -t lucen|cy, -t [cerne 
'luisi Lucy [-ly, -ness 

'ln:sid, -ist, -li, -nis lucid, -est. 

la:'siditi lucidity 

'lu:sie [-sja] Lucia 

'ln:si38 [-8J-, -Ji-, -Jj-] Lucius 

'luisifo*, -z lucifer (L.), -s 

'la:s|n, -nz, -i^ig [-nil)], -nd 

1) loos|en, -ens, -ening, -ened; 

2) = ']jn:sn Leveson 
luist loosed [from loose) 
O'lnijaiz = 'Ijn:- Leuchars 

O lu:t, -s, -ii(, -id 1) (s.) lute, -s ; 

2) (s. V.) loot, -s, -ing, -ed 
'lu:ta*, -z looter, -s 
'Initist, -8 lutist, -s 
'luitstrig, -z lutestring, -s 
0'lu:63*, -ran/z Luther, -an/s 
O 'ln:T8*, -z 1) louver, -s ; 2) Louvre 

O lu:z, -iz, -ig, lo'st 1) los|e, -es, 

-ing, lost; 2) looes {from loo) 
'ln:z|9*, -azj -abl los|er, -ers; -able 
• In'elin 1) Llewellyn ; 2) Llewe- 
Olna*, 'luarid, etc. = Ijn- 
'luad 1) Lourdes; 2) =ljn8d lured 

{from lure) 
Olni:-, lui- = lu:i:-, ln:i- 
Olnk, -8, -ig, -t; -a*, -az look 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'Ink'ant look-out 
luka'ran, 'Inka'zon looker-on, 

'lakii)gla:s, -iz looking-glass, -es 
Inks 1) looks; 2) luxe (lyks) • 
'luksa:* ['Uk-] Luxor 


• m 1) 'm = am; 2) ma'am 

• ma:, -z ma, -s [-ring, -red 
ma:*, -z, -rig, -d mar (M.), -s, 

0'nia:bl, -z, -d marble, -s, -d 
0'mo:di', -z Mahdi, -s 
'ma:d3aram marjoram 
'ma:d3aTi 1) Marjory; 2) Margery 
ma:d3a'ri:n = ma:g- margarine 
'ma:d3in, -z, -al [-1], -all margin, 

-3, -al, -ally 
'ma:d3it8n Margetson 
O ma:es'touzou [-onsen] maestoso 
0'ma:a* 1) Meagher; 2) Maher 
ma:a'ra:d38, -z = ma:ha" 

'ma:ari, -z Maori, -s 
Onio:ga'ri:n [ma:d3a-] margarine 

ma:ga'ri:ta Margarita 
'ma:g9rit Margaret 
'maigazfanteln Magersfontein 
'ma:git Margate 
'maigits Margetts 
'ma:greiT, -z margrave (M.), -s 
O ma:fta'ra:d3a, -z Maharajah, -s 
O ma:k, -s, -ig, -t 1) (s. v.) mark 
(M.), -8, -ing, -ed; 2) marque 

ma:'ka:oa Macao 

ma:'keis{e8 Marquesas 
'ma:ka*, -z marker, -s 

'ina:k9m — mai'sn:- 

278 — 

maij" — 'maikrakozut 

'maikam Markham 
'maikas Marcus 
ma:'ki:, >z marquee, -s 
'ma:kii|, -z marking («.), -s 
'ma:kit, -s, -ig, -id; -abl (s. v.) 

market (M.), -s, -ing, -ed; -able 
'maikitdei, -z market-day, -s 
'maikitpleis, -iz market-place, -s 
'maikitri marquet(e)ry 
'ma:kon Marco 
mai'kouni Marconi 
'maikoi; M&con 
ma:ks 1) marks (from mark); 

2) Marx; 3) Marks [-men 

'ina:k8{man, •man marksjman, 
'ma:kwis, -iz marquis [-quess], -es 
O mail marl 

'mailb^ra = 'mail- Marlborough 
'mailou Marlow(e) 
O maim malm 

'maimaleid. -z marmalade, -s 
'ma:mara Marmora 
'maimazet, -s marmoset, -s 
'maimat, -s marmot, -s 
'maimian [-mjan] Marmion 
'ma:mzb9ri Malmesbury 
'ma:mzi malmsey (M.) 
O mam 1) Mahan; 2) Marne 
'ma:na* Marner 
'ma:ni Mahon(e)y 
O 'mo:ri ['marr] Marie {name) [■ a 
'ma:ri ['mauri, 'maiari], -z Maori, 
Omais l)Maas; 2)=msesmass{M.) 
ma:'8a:Ia Marsala 
mai'seilz Marseilles [laise 

maisa'leiz (marse'jeiz) Marseil- 
ma:'g;u:pial, -z marsupial, -s 
mttisk^ -s, -ig, -t 1) mask (s. v.), 

-s, -mg, -ed; 2) masque, -s 
'maiskjnlin ['m«eg-], -z masculine 

(8. adj.), -8 
ma:st, -s mast, -s 
'ma.'sta*, -z, -rig, -d; -li, -linis 

master (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -ly, 

'ma:8ta|ful, -fuli [-fali], -fMlnis 

master|ful, -fully, -fulness 
'maistaman Masterman 
'ma:stapi:8, >iz masterpiece, -a 
'ma:gtari mastery 
'maistif, -8 = 'mtes- mastiff, -s 
mai'sn:- = mai'sjn:- 

O ma-'Jj -iz marsh (M.), -es 
'ma:Jbeegks Marjoribanks 
'maiJI^l, -»Iz, -alig [-^g], -aid 

1) marsh|al (s. v.), -als, -ailing, 
-ailed; 2) Marshall; 3) martial 

'ma:Jali martially [(M.) 

'mp.ij'^nis. >iz marchioness, -es 
'maijji, -la*, -ii8t, -inis marsh|y, 

-ier, -iest, -iness 
'maijl, etc. = 'ma:j'al, etc. 
O ma:t, -8 mart, -s 
ma:'tel Martel(l) 
ina:'telon martello 
'ma:ta*,-z,-rig,"d; -dam/zmartyr 

(s. V.) (M.), -s, -ing, -ed; -dom/s 
'maitaraiz, -iz, -ig, -d martyriz|e 

[-is|e], -ea, -ing, -ed 
ma:'ti:ni Martini 
'ma:tin, -z 1) martin (M.), -s; 

2) marten, -s 
maiti'net, -s martinet, -s 
maiti'niik Martinique 
'ma:tinmas Martinmas 

maitj, -iz, -ig, -t march {s. v.) 

(M.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'mai^Jbtegka Marjoribanks 
'maitjlbiegk/g, -mant March- 

|bank/s, -mont 
O'ma:0a Martha 
O 'ma:T|al, -alz, -^g [-alig], -9ld 

marv|el [s. v.), -els, -elling, -elled 
'ma:Tila8, -li, -nis marvellous, 

-ly, -ness 
Oma:z 1) Mars; 2) mas {from ma) ; 

3) mars {from mar) 
'ma:zdan Marsden 

• mai my {normal form) 
O'maia* 1) mire; 2) Meier; 

3) Meyer 
'maiar|i, -ini8 mii{y, -iness 
maia'sontig myosotis 
'maiaz 1) Miers; 2) Myers 
O mai'greiXau, -z migration, -s 
'maigreit, -8, -ig, -id: -a*, -az 

migrat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 
'maigrant, -8 migrant (s. adj.), -s 
'maigratari migratory 
O maik Mike 
'maika 1) mica; 2) Micah 
'maikl Michael 

'maikrafonn, -z microphone, -s 
'maikrakazm, -z microcosm, -s 

inaitraskoap— mandz 


maund — 'msefik 

'maikrsskonp, -s microscope, -s 
maikras'kopik, -al, -ali micro- 
scopic, -al, -ally 
'maikroubj -z microbe, -s 
mai'kramita*, -z micrometer, -s 
maikran [-kran], -z micron, -s 
mai'kraskap|i, -ist/s microscopjy, 
Omail, -z mile (M.), -s (M.) [-ist/s 
maild, -a*, -ist; -li, -nis mild, 

-er, -est; -ly, -ness 
mai'liitas Miletus 
'mailids, -iz mileage, -s 
'mailstonn, -z milestone, -s 
Omain, -z, -ig, -d 1) (pron.) mine; 

2) (s. V.) min|e, -es, -ing, -ed; 

3) Main {German river) 
maind, -z, -ig, -id 1] mind (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed; ,2) mined (from 

mine v.) '• 

'maiadltul, -fail [-fall], -ftelnis 

mind|ful, -ftiUy, -fulness 
'maina*, -z 1) minor (s. adj.), -s; 

2) miner, -s/ [-es 

'mainas, -iz minus (s. adj. prep.), 
'mainatari = 'min- minatory 
'main^hed Minehead 
main'hia* [-'hsa*], -z mynheer, -s 
'mainii) (s.) mining 
mai'njnij'ii: minutiae 
m»i'DJn:t, -ist, -li, -nis minute 

{adj^, -st, -ly, -ness 
mai'narit|i, -iz minorit|y, -ies 
'mainas Minos 

O'maion, -z Mayo, -s (American 
'maionp, -s myope, -s [Indians) 
mai'onpia myopia 
mai'apik myopic 
O mais mice (plur. of mouse) 
mai'self myself 

mai'so:a* Mysore [-B 

Omait, -s 1) might («. v.); 2) mite, 
'maita*, -z, -d mitre, -s, -d 
'mait|i, -ia*, -iist, -ili, -inis 

1) might|y,-ier, -iest, -ily, -iness; 

2) mity 

O maiO, -s = mie, -s myth, -s 
mai'Oaladsi, etc. = ini'6- 
O'maiza*, -z, -li miser, -s, -ly 
man 5, -z, -ig, -d; -i mouth (v.), 

-s, Ting, -ed; -y 
mandz mouths (plwr. of manO, 

3»"<* sing. pres. of maa9) 

O maund, -z mound, -s 
maunt, -s, -ii), -id (a. v.) mount 

(M.), -s, -ing, -ed 
'mauntant, -s mountant, -s 
'mauntibsegk, -s mountebank, -s 
'manntin, -z; -as mountain, -s; 

'mauntin'sej*, -iz mountain-ash, -es 
maanti'nia*, -z, -rig mountain- 
eer, -s, -ing 
O'manri, -z =:'ma:ri, -z Maori, -s 
O maus, mais mouse (s.), mice 
'mansa*, -z = 'manza*, -z mouser, 
'maastrsep, -s mousetrap, -s [-s 
OmaujO, -oz moujth (s.), -ths 
'manOfnl, -z mouthful, -s 
'manOpiis, -iz mouthpiece, -s 
O mauz, -iz, -ig, -d mous|e (v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'manza* ['mansa*]. 

■z mouser, -s 

• mseb Mab 

O msed, -a*, -ist; -li, -nis mad, 

■der, -dest; -ly, -ness 
'mseda*, -z madder (plant, colour), 
maeda'gseska* Madagascar [-s 
'msedaks Maddox 
'maedalein [-d^-] (mad'lsn) Made- 
'msedam madam [leine 

msedam'zel (madmwa'zsl), -z 

mademoiselle, -s 
'msedhan|s, -ziz madhou|Be, -ses 
'maedisn Madison 
'msedig madding 
'meedktep, -s madcap, -s 
'msedlman, -man madjman, -men 
'msed{n, -nz, -^ig [-nig], -nd 
1) maddlen (M.), -ens, -ening, 
-ened; 2) Madan 
'meedrigal, -z madrigal, -s 
meeds Madge [-al, -ally 

'msedsik, -al, -ali magic (s. a^'.), 
'meedsik'Itentan, -z magic- 
lantern, -a 
'maedsistii [-dsas-], -iz majestjy 

(M.y, -ies 
mtedsis'tiarial, -i magisterial, -ly 
'msedsistrasji, -iz magistrac|y, -ies 
'mted3istrit[-treit], -s magistrate, 
O'mada* Mather [-s 

O'msefik, -s, -ig, -t maffick, -s. 



'msefikii) — mieka'bras 

— 280 — 

'maekabiiz — 'mteliabl 

'mtefikig ['meifkii)] Mafeking 
O mseg, -z mag (M.), -s 
'msegdels Magdala 
'msegdalin, -z 1) magdalen, -s; 
2) Magdalen (biblical .name, 
Canadian islands) 
msegds'Iimi ['miegdali'n] Magda- 
lene {biblical name) 
'msegat, -s, -i maggot, -a, -y 
maega'ziin, -z magazine, -s 
'm»gi Maggie 

'msegia:* [-gja:*], -z Magyar, -s 
mffig'ntenimss [mag-], -li mag- 
nanimous, -ly 
'mtegneit, -s magnate, -s 
meeg'netik, -91, -ali magnetic, 

-al, -ally 
'msegna'kaita Magna C(h)arta 
'msegnam, -z magnum, -s 
'msegnam'bonnam, -z magnum 

bonum, -s 
msegna'nimiti magnanimity 
'mtegnas Magnus 
mteg'nii/a [-Jia, -Xja] magnesia 

mfeg'niizia [-zja] Magnesia (jpZace) 
mseg'niiziam [-^am, -slam, -sjam, 

-Jiam, -/jam] magnesium 
'in«egni{fai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid; 
-faia*, -faiaz; -faiabl magnijfy, 
-fies, -fying, -fied; -fier, -fiers; 
mteg'nlfikset [mag-], -s Magni- 
ficat, -s 
mseg'nifikon, -z magnifico, -s 
mseg'nifisan|8, -t, -tli magnific- 

en|ce, -t, -tly 
'mcegnit, -s; -izm magnet, -s; -ism 
'msegnitaiz, -iz, -ii), -d; -a*, -az 
magneti|ze [-isfe], -es, -ing, -ed; 
-er, -ers 
'msegnitju:d, -z magnitude, -s 
mseg'nonlia [mag-, -Ija], -z mag- 
nolia, -s 
'msegpai, -z magpie, -a 
O msek 1) Mac; 2) Mack 
meek'beO Macbeth 
maek'dAf [mak-] MacDuif 
msekda'nel [-do'n-] MacDonnell 
msek'dan^ld = mak- MacDonald ; 

2] Macdonald 
mseka'bi'as Maccabeus 

'm«ekabi:z Maccabees 
mseka'rouni macaroni 
mseka'rnin, -z macaroon, -s 
msek'f- = mak'f- 
'mseki 1) Mackie; 2) Mackay 
msekia'reli [-kja-], -an Machia- 

velli, -an 
msekl'neiX^n [meik-], -z machin- 
ation, -a 
'msekineit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
machinat|e, -ea, -ing, -ed; -or, 
'meekintaia* Maclntyre 
'msekintaj, -iz 1) mackintosh (M.), 

-es; 2) Maclntoah 
'm8ekjal{a, -i: maculja, -se 
'mteklhonz MacLehose 
'mseklreiO M'llwraith 
'maeklzfiild Macclesfield 
mtek'm-, msek'n- ^= mak- 
'msekral, -z mackerel, -s 
'msekran, -z macron, -s 
mieks Max 

'meeksi Maxse [-ary 

m'sek'sil|a, -i:, -ari maxillja, -ae, 
'mseksim. -z maxim (M.), -s 
'mseksimfam, -a maxim|um, -a 
'mseksimas Maximus 
msekgi'miljan [-lian] Maximilian 
'mtekswal [-wel] Maxwell 
O m«el Mall 

'msel'seprapon malapropos 
'meel'eiz malaise 
mse'lef-, mse'ley- = ma'l- 
^mtela'ba:* Malabar 
'mtelabl, etc. = 'mseliabl, etc. 
'mselad, -z mallard, -a 
'mteladfi, -iz malad|y, -ies 
'mseladminis'treijan maladminis- 
'msela'drait, -li, -nls maladroit, 

-ly, -ness 
'msela'dsAstmant maladjustment 
'meelaga Malaga 
'maelakait malachite 
'mserfiizans malfeasance [-s 

'mselfai'meij'dn, -z malformation, 
mseh'dikX^n, -z malediction, -s 
mteli'diktari maledictory 
mselia'biliti [-Ija-] malleability 
'mteliabl [-Ija-], -nis malleable, 

mseli'fsekj'an— msena'ti: — 281 — 'mgenav'wa:*— 'meensloita* 

meeli'ftekjaii, -z malefaction, -s 
'msellf^kts*, -z malefactor,- -s 
'mselik = 'meilik, malic 
'mselis malice 
'meelit, -s mallet (M.), -s 
'mteljabl, etc. == 'mselisbl, etc. 
'mselkam Malcolm ' 

'mielkaiiteiit, >s malcontent, -s 
'mselkas Malchua 
'meelon, -z mallow (M.), -a 
'mfel'preektis, -iz malpractice, -s 
miel'triit, -s, -iij, -id; -mant 
maltreat, -s, -ing, -ed; -ment 
mselTai'seiJan malversation 
msel'TOuliou [-Ijon] Malvolio 
O msem [mam, m] ma'am 
mte'meilia [-Ijajj -n mammalia, ~n 
'msemal, -z mammal, -s 
'mseman mammon (M.) 
'msemaO, -s mammotli, -s 
'rnsemli, -iz mamm|y, -ies 
'mtemiljaik, -s Mameluke, -s 
'mseml, -z mammal, -s 
Omten, men 1) (s.) man (M ), men; 

2) Mann 
msen, -z, -ii|, -d (v.) man, -s, 

-ni6g, -ned 
'msendeit, -s mandate, -a 
maenda'lei Mandalay 
msenda'IL'n ['msendal-], -z man- 
doline, -s 
'mtendarin [msenda'riin], -z man- 
darin, -s 
'msendatarli, -iz mandator|y (s. 

ac^.), -ies 
'msendaTii Mandeville 
'meendibl, -z mandible, -s 
'msendreik, -s mandrake, -a 
'msena manna [-s 

'm8eii9*.-z l)manner, -s; 2) manor, 
'msena^d mannered 
'mtenahanls, -ziz manor-hou|se, 

'msBnak|l, -Iz, -\i^ [-lig], -Id 

manacjle, -lea, -ling, -led 
'msen3l|i, -inis mannerljy, -iness 
msena'metrik [-no'm-] mano- 

'msenarii) 1) Mainwaring; 

2) Maynwaring; 3) Mannenng 
'msenarizm, -z mannerism, -a 
meena'ti:, -z manatee (M.), -s 

msenav'wD:*, 'menaT'wo:* man- 
of-war, men-of-war 
msenaz 1) manners (M.); 2) manors 
mtenfred [-frid] Manfred 
mtenlful, -full [-fall], -fwlnis 

man|ful, -fully, -fulness 
miien'lisetdn Manhattan 
msenhud manhood (M.) 
meeniita*, -z man-eater, -a 
'msenids, -iz, -in, -d; -a*, -az; 
-mant/s managje, -es, -ing, -ed; 
-er, -era; -ment/s 
mieiiidsa'biliti manageability 
']iisenid3ab{l, -li, -Inis manage- 

ab|le, -ly, -leness 
'mtenifest, -s, -ii), -id; -li mani- 
fest (s. adj. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -ly 
mtenifes'teij^n [-fas-], -z mani- 
festation, -s 
mteni'feston, -z manifesto, -s 
'msenifould, -nis manifold, -ness 
'mienikin, -z manikin, -a 
'mtenikjna* [-kjoa*], -z, -rii), -d 
manicur|e (s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'msenii) manning (M.) 
'msenipl, -z maniple, -s 
'msenij* manniah 
mffinita'ba: [-to'b-, mseni'tonba] 

'msenjnal, -z, -i 1) manual (s.adj.), 

-a, -ly; 2) Manuel 
iii%iija'f(ektar|i, -iz manuf actor|y, 


msenjn'fsektja*, ■z,-rig, -d; -ra*, 

•raz manufactur|e [s.v.], -es,-ing, 

-ed; -er, -ers 

msenjn'mij'an, -z manumission,_-s 

maenjn'mit, -s, -ig, -id manumit, 

-a, -ting, -ted 
'maenjnskript, -s manuacript, -s 
maen'kaind mankind 
'msenlaik manlike 
'm9Bn{li, -linis 1) man|ly, -liness; 

2) Manley 
'msenlias Manlius [metric 

msBno'metrik = maenam- mano- 
mse'nairial = ma'n- manorial 
meens, -iz manse, -a 
'msensfiild Manafield 
'msensipl, -z manciple, -s 
'msensleia*, -z man-slayer, -s 
'mgenslaita* manslaughter 

'msenjan— maes 

— 282 — 

mses — msetri'monnial 

'mseiij?!!, -z mansion, -s 
'maenjanhanls, -ziz mansion- 

hou|se (M.), -ses 
msen'tils, >z mantilla, -s 
'maentjl, -Iz, -lig Hig], -Id 

1) mant|le, -les, -ling, -led; 

2) (s.) mant|el, -els 
'm^ntrsep, -s man-trap, -s 
'maentjua, -z mantua (M.), -s 
'maentjista* [-tjes-, -tjas-] Man- 

^meen'tjn:, -z Manchu, -s 
maen'tjnaria Manchuria 
'meeiitna, -z = 'msenljns («.), -z 

mautua, -s 
msenz mans {from man v.) 
O mseg'gseuik manganic [ese 
mffii|ga'iii:z ['mseggsn-] mangan- 
maeggll, -Iz, -lig [-lig], -Iz 

mang|le, -les, -ling, -led 
'inae])grTr3:zl,-z mangel-wurzel, -s 
'mseggon, -z mango, -s 
'maeggrouT, -z mangrove, -s 
m8ei|ks; -man, -man Manx; -man, 

O msep, -s, -iij, -t map (s. v.), -8,"| 
'meepin Mappin [-ping, -pedj 
O'maeralaban [-bonn, 'maeraban] 

maeras'kiinon maraschino (M.) 
'msBraOan Marathon 
'mseri' Marie [name) 
'maer{ij -iz, -iip, -id 1) marrly 

(v. tnierj.), -ies, -ying, -iea; 

2) Marie ifitsimits) 
'maeriban = 'maeralaban Maryle- 
'maerids, -iz, -abl marriage, -s, 

'maerian 1) Marian; 2) Marion 
maeria'net; -s marionette, -s 
'maeriat Marryat 
'maerigonld, -z marigold, -s 
'maerina*, -z mariner, -s 
'maeritl marital 
'maeritaim maritime (M.) 
'maerlaban = 'mserala- 
'maeron, -z, -i marrow, -s, -y 
'maBroubonn, -z marrowbone, -s 
O maes^ -iz, -iii, -t 1] (v.) mass, 

-es, -ing, -ed; 2) (s.) mass ' 

tity of matter), -es 

maes [ma:8]. -iz mass (s.) {celebra- 
tion of Eucharist) (M.), -es 

mae'sais ['maesais], -iz, -ig, -d 
massag|e (s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 

'maesbuk ['ma:s-], -s mass-book, -s 

mae'sa:*, -z masseur, -s 

,mae'sa:z, -iz masseuse, -s 

']ttaesak|a*,-az, -rig, -ad massacjre, 
-res, -ring, -red 

'maesareit, -s, -ig, -id macerat|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

maesa'tjaisets [-sits] Massachu- 

'maesji, -inis massjy, -iness 

maesi'dounia [-nja], -n, -nz Mace- 
donia, -n, -ns \ 

'maesiT, -li, -nis massive, -ly,-ness 

maesk, -s = ma:sk, -s masque, -s 

'maeskalain [-kil-] Maskelyne 

mseska'reid, -z, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
masquerad|e («. v.), -es, -ing, -ed ; 
-er, -ers 

'maeskat, -s mascot, -s 

'maeskjiiliii, -z = 'mais- 

'maes'miitig, -z mass-meeting, -s 

maest = maist mast {in the sense 
of 'beech-nuts') 

'maestadan, -z mastodon, -s 

'maestif, -s mastiff, -s 

'maestik mastic 

maesti'kei/an mastication 

'maestikeit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
masticat|e,-es,-ing, -ed; -or, -ors 

OmseJ", -iz, -ig, -t; -i mash (s. v.), 
-es, -ing, -ed; -y 

'maeja*, -z masher, -s 

O maet, -s, -ig, -id 1) (s. v.) mat, 
-8, -ting, -ted; 2) matt 

'maeta*, -z, -rig, -d matter (s. v.), 
-s, -ing, -ed 

maeta'bi:li,-Iaend Matabele, -land 

'maetada:*, -z matador, -a 

'maetak, -s mattock, -s 

'maetin, -z matin, -s 

'maetinei, -z matinee, -s 

'maetinz 1^ Matins; 2) mattins 

'maetig (s.) matting 

mae1ja''tain^ matutinal 

'maetlak Matlock 

'maetrimani matrimony 

maetri'mouniai [-njal], -i matri- 

, mouial, -ly 

'meetris — 'mAlbari 

283 — 

'iMAlgreiT— mAite 

'mtetris, -iz mattress, -es [-s 
'msetrisaid, -z = 'mei- matricide, 
msetj, -iz, -li|, -t match (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'msetjbabs, -iz match-box, -es 
'mtetlflis, -li, -nis matchless, -ly, 

'meetXmeika*, -z match-maker, -s 
'msetjwud matchwood 
O maeOi'msetikls [-Oa'm-]. -9I, -ali 

mathematicls, -al, -ally 
luseOima'tiJ'an [-Oam-], -z mathe- 

maticiau, -s 
'mseOju:, -z 1) Mathew, -s; 2) Mat- 
• uu.d, -z mud, -s [thew, -s 

']UA.d'ba:|0, -dz mud-ba|th, -ths 
'mAd|i, -ia*, -list; -ili, -inis; -iz, 
-iig, -id mudd|y {adj. v.), -ier, 
-iest; -ily,-iness; -ies,-ying, -ied 
mAdjl, -Iz, -^l) [-lig], -Id mudd|le 

(s. v.), -les, -ling, -led 
'mAd^a* [-la*], -z muddler, -s 
'mAdlhedid muddleheaded 
0'inA5a*, -z, -rig, -d, -hud, -lis 
mother (s.«.), -s, -ing, -ed, -hood, 
'mA5akAntr|i, -iz mother-countr|y, 

'mAdalji, -inis motherl|y, -iness 
'mA5araw'pa:l mother-of-pearl 
'mA5ariiila:, -z mother-in-law, -s 
'mAdazinla: mothers-in-law (alter- 
native plural of mother-in-law) 
O mAf, -s, -ifl, -t (s. V.) muff, -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'noLAfin, -z muffin, -s 
'niAf|l, -Iz, -^I) [-lig], -Id muff|le, 

-les, -ling, -led 
'mAf la*, -z muffler, -s 
'mAfti, -z mufti, -s 
OmAg, -z mug, -s 
'mAga*, -z mugger, -s 
mAgli, -ia*, -list, -inis mugg|y, 

-ier, -iest, -iness 
'mAginz muggins (M.) 
mAgwAmp, -s mugwump, -s 
O mAk, -s, -ig, -t; -i, -ia*, -iist, 
-inis muck (s. v.), -a, -mg, -ed; 
-y, -ier, -iest, -iness 
O mAl, -z, -ig, -d (s. V.) mull (M.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
mAlbarIi, -iz mulberr|y, -les 

'mAlgreiv Mulgrave 

'mAlian [-Ijan], -z, -d muUiou 

(M.), -s, -ed 
mAliga'ta:ni mulligatawny 
'niAlindsa* Mullinger 
'mAlit, -8 mullet (M.), -s 
mAlkt, -s, -ig, -id mulct (s. v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed 
mAl'redi ['mAlr-] Mulready 
'mAltam multum 
mAlti'fearias, -li, -nis multi- 
farious, -ly, -ness 
'mAltipl, -z multiple, -s 
'inAltipl|ai,-aiz,-aiii|, -aid; -aia*, 
-aiaz multiplfy, -ies, -ying, -ied; 
-ier, -iers 
'mAltipleks multiplex 
niAltipli'kSBnd, -z multiplicand , -s 
mAltipli'keiX^n, -z multiplica- 
tion, -s 
mAlti'pllsiti multiplicity 
'niAltiljuid, -z multitude, -s 
mAlti'tjnidinas, -11, -nis multi- 
tudinous, -ly, -ness 
OniAm 1) mum; 2) Mumm 
'mAmb|l, -Iz, -lig, -ligli, -Id 
mumbjle, -les, -ling, -lingly, -led 
'niAmbla*, -z mumbler, -s 
'mAma*, -z, -ri mummer, -s, -y 
'mAm|i, -iz mumm|y, -ies 
'mAmi|fai, -faiz, -faiii), -faid 
mummiffy, -fies, -fying, -fied 
mAmifi'keiJ'an mummification 
mAmp, -s, -ig, -t mump, -s, -ing, 

'mAmpiJ, -li, -nis mumpish, -ly,"] 
mAmps (s.) mumps [-nessj 

O'mAndein, -li mundane, -ly 
'mAndi, -z Monday, -s 
'mAni, -z, -d money (M.), -8, -ed 
'mAnitari monetary 
'mAnitJTeindsa*, -z money- 
changer, -s 
mAn'ron 1) Monro(e); 2) Munro 
'mAnsn Monson 
'mAnsta* Munster 
mAnJ, etc. = mAntX, etc. 
'mAntagju: [-tig-] Montagu(e) 
mAntjr, -iz, -ig, -t munch, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
inAn'tJaizn Munchausen 
mAn6, -s, -li month, -s, -ly 

mAiiga*— 'meidsai 


'meidsa* — 'meinn: 

O'niAggs*} -z monger, -s 
'niAggral, -z mongrel, -s 
niAgk, -s, -ij" monk (M.), -s, -ish 
'mAgki, -z monkey, -g 
'mAgkipAzI, -z monkey-puzzle, -a 
O'mArein murrain 
'mAri 1) Moray; 2) Murray 
O mAsk, -i musk, -y 
'mAskat, -8 Muscat, -s 
mAska'tel, -z muscatel, -s 
'mAskarait, -s Muscovite, -s 
■ 'mAskit, -8, -ri 1) musket, -s, -ry; 

2) Muskett 
mAski'tia*, -z musketeer, -s 
'mAskjnla*, -li muscular, -ly 
'mAskwoJ" musquash [-s 

'mAsl, -z 1) muscle, -s; 2) mussel, 
'mAslman, >z Mussulman, -s 
mAst must (s. adj. v.) 
'mAsta*, -z, -rii), -d muster (s. v.), 

■s, -ing, -ed 
'mAstad mustard (M.) 
'mA8t|i, >ia*, -list; -ili, -inis 

must|y, -ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
O maJ, -iz mush, -ea 
'mAjrum, -z mushroom, -s 
O'mAta*, -z, -rig, -riiili, -dj -ra*, 

-raz mutter (s. v.), -s, -ing,-ingly, 

-ed; -er, -ers 
'mAt|n, -ifi mutt|on (M.), -ony 
'mAtn'tJap, -8 mutton-chop, -s 
mAtJ*, -li, -nis much, -ly, -ness 
O'mAz'di:, -z Mus. D., -'s 
'mAz|l, >lz, -^i) [-lii)], -Id muzzjle 

(s. v.), -les, -ling, -led 
'mAzlin, -z muslin, -s 
'niAzIIoudla*, -az, -ig muzzle- 
load |er, -ers, -ing 
• mei 1) May; 2) («. v.) may 
O'meibAg, -z may-bug, -s 
'melbal Mabel 

'meibi' maybe [(from make) 

Omeid, -z 1) maid, -s; 2) made 
'meidei, -z may-day (M.), -s 
'meidn, -z, -li maiden (s. a^'.), 
'meidnned Maidenhead [-a, -ly 
'meidnhsa*, -z maidenhair, -s 
'meidnhnd maidenhood 
'meidsaivant, -s maid-servant, -s 
'meidstan [-stoun] Maidstone 
meids, -iz mage, -s 
'meidsai Magi 

'meidsa*. -z major (s. adj.) (M.), -s 
'meidsa'donmoa, -z major-domo, 

'meidsa'dsen^r^l, -z major- 
general, -8 
O'meida*, -z Mather, -s 
0'meiamet['inEa-, -mit] Mahomet 
meia'neiz, -iz mayonnaise, -s 
O'meifsa* [mei'fsa*] Mayfair 
'meif kill = 'msefikii) Mafeking 
'meifl|ai, -aiz may-fl|y, -ies 
'meif lana*, -z may-flower (M.), -s 
O'meigag Magog 
O'meiii) maying 
O meik^ -8, -ii), maid makje {s. v.), 

-es, -ing, made 
'meik'Ap, -s make-up, -s 
'meika*, -z maker (M.), -s 
'meikan Macon (America) 
meiki'neij'911, -z = inaek- 
'meikpiis Makepeace 
'meikjitt, -s makeshift, -s 
'mei'kwim, -z may-queen, -s 
O meil, -z, -ig, -d 1) (s. v.) mail, 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) (s.) male, -s 
'meilbaeg, -z mail-bag, -s 
'meila'faidi mala fide 
'meilik ['msBl-] malic 
'meilkait, -8 mail-cart, -s 
'meirkontj*, -iz mail-coach, -s 
'meiltrein, -z mail-train, -s 
Omeim, -z, -ig, -d maim, -s, -ing, 

Omein, -z 1) main (s. adj.), -s; 

2) mane, -s; 3) Maine; 4):=main 

Main (German river) 
'meina:d Maynard 
meind maned 
meinc^s; -i, -ia*, -ii8t, -ili, -inis 

mangfe; -y, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
'meine^Sa*, -z manger, -s 
'meinad [-naid] Maynard 
'meinisek [-njsek], -s maniac, -s 
'meinia [-nja], -z mania, -s 
'meinja:, -z menu, -s 
'meinjEend mainland 
'meinli mainly [-s 

'meinmaist [-mast], -8 mainmast, 
'meinseil [-si], -z mainsail, -s 
mein'tein, etc. = men'tein, etc. 
'meintinans maintenance 
'meinu: [-i(ju:], -z menu, -s 

'meinaiO — 'medou 



'meinniO [mei'nnie] Maynooth 
meins, etc. = meinds, etc. 
O'meiou Mayo (Ireland) 
O'meipl, -z maple (M.), -s 
'meiponl, -z maypole, -a 
O mels, -iz mace, -a 
'meisn, -z, -ri mason (M.), -s, -ry 
mei'sonik = ma'sanik masonic 
O meit, -s, -ig, -id mat|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'meita*, -z mater, -s [-hood, -ly 
'meiti'Sn, -z, -hud, -li matron, -a, 
'meitri|ks, -siz matri|x, -cea 
'meitrisaid, -z matricide, -a 
O'meiTis mavia (M.) 
O meiz, -iz 1) maze, -a; 2] maize 
'meiz|i, -ia*, -iist, -ili, -inis mazjy, 

-ier, -ieat, -ily, -iness 
• me'daina [mi-] Medina (in 

me'dseljen, -z^^mi- medallion, -a 
me'diina [ml-J Medina (in Arabia) 
medi'iiTal [mud-] mediaeval 
medi'keij*?!! medication 
'medikeit, -s, -ig, -id medicat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'medik|al, -alz, -ali medicjal (s. 

adj.), -als, -ally 
me'dikamant [mi-, ma-], -s me- 
dicament, -a 
medionks* [medi'on-], etc. = 'mi:d- 
'medisin, etc. = 'medsin, etc. 
me'disinj^ [mU, ma-, -sn-], -ali 

[•\i] medicin|al, -ally 
medi'tei/an, -z meditation, -s 
'mediteit, -s, -ig, -id meditatje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'mediteitiy, -li, -nis meditative, 

-ly, -ness 
medita'reinian [-njan] Mediter- 
'meditji" Medici [ranean 

me'djn:z3 = mi- Medusa 
'med|l, -Iz, -Ui, [-lig], -Id 1) (s.) 
medal, -s; 2) (v.) medd|le, -les, 
-ling, -led 
'medja* [-la*], -z meddler, -a 
'media*, -z medlar, -s 
'medii, -z medley, -a 
'med^st, -s medalliat, -a 
'medisam, -nis meddlesome, -nesa 
'medon, -z, -i; -gra:s, -swiit 
meadow, -s, -y; -grass, -sweet 

'medsin [-dis-], -z medicine, -a 
'medsintjest [-dis-], -s medicine- 
cheat, -a 
'medirei Medway [phelea 

O mefis'tafili:z [-fal-] Mephisto- 
O meg Meg 

mega'Oiarilam, -a megatheri|um, 
O me'kanik, etc. = mi'k- [-a 
'meka Mecca 

meka'ttijan, >z mechanician, -s 
'mekanizm, -z mechanism, -s 
'meklin Mechlin 
'meklinba:g [-Ian-] Mecklenburg 
'meksbara Mexborough 
'meksik|ou, -an/z Mexic|o, -an/a 
O mel [m«l] Mall (Fall M.) 
'melba'n [-b»:n] Melbourne 
'meladji [-lod-], -iz melod|y, -ies 
'meladra:ma [-lod-], -z melo- 
drama, -a 
meladra'msBtik = melondr- 
'melan, -z melon, -a [-n/s 

mela'niizia [-^a], -n/z Melanesia, 
'melankali [-lagk-] melancholy 
melan'kalik [-lag'k-] melancholic 
me'liflnas mellifluoua 
'melin Mellin 
'mellnait melinite 
'melkam Melcombe 
mel'kizadek Melchizedek 
'melon, -a*, -ist, -nis; -z, -iij, -d 
mellow (adj. v.), -er, -eat, -ness ; 
-a, -ing, -ed 
me'loudias [-fljas], etc. = mi'l- 

melodioua, etc. 
meloudra'msetik [-lad-] melo- 
'melod- = 'melad- [dramatic 
mel'pamini' Melpomene 
'melronz melrose (M.) 
melt, -8, -ig, -igli, -id melt, -a, 

-iug, -ingly, -ed 
'mel|tn, -vii Mel|ton, -ville 
O'memba*, -z; -jip member, -s; 

'membrein, -z membrane, -s 
mem'brein|ias, -asmembran|eous, 

me'menton, -z=mi- memento, -a 
'memaraiz, -iz, -ig, -d memoriz|e 
[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 


'memarabi — 'merit 


meri'to:ri3g — 'metrik 

'meniar»b|l, -li memorab|le, -ly 
'mem3r|i, -iz memor|y, -ies 
'mem|fis, -nan Mem|phi3, -non 
nie'ma:r-, me'mar- = mi'm- 
'memwo:* [-wo:*], -z memoir, -s 
O men men (plur. of msen man) 
me'nais (me'nais), -iz manage, -s 
mend,_ -z, -ig. -id; -a*, -az mend, 

-s, -ing, -ea; -er, -ers 
men'dtesiti mendacity 
men'deijas, -li mendacious, -ly 
'mendikanisi, -t, -ts mendicanjcy, 
men'disiti mendicity [-t, -ts 
'menas [-nis], -iz, -ig, -igli, -t 

menac|e (s. v.), -es, -ing, -ingly, 

'menaT'wo:* men-of-war {plur. of 

'meni 1) many; 2) Menai 
meni'leias Menelaus 
menin'dsaitis meningitis 
'menig, etc. = 'menas menace, etc. 
'meni^saidid' many-sided 
'menju:, -z menu, -s 
mensjna'reij'an mensuration 
'men/jan, -anz, -^ig [-anig], -and; 

-^abl [-anabl] menti|on (s. v.), 

-ons, -oning, -oned; -onable 
menjura'biliti [-Jar-] mensura- 

'menjurabl [-Jar-] mensurable 
ment meant (from mean) 
men'tein [man-, main-], -z, -ig, 

-d; -a*, -az; -abl maintain, -s, 

-ing, -ed; -er, -ers; -able 
'mentjl, -ali mentjal, -ally 
'mento:*, -z mentor, -s 
'menOal [-ntal] menthol 
'menu: ['main-, -njn:] (ma'ny), -z 

menu, -s 
O'meradiO [-rid-] Meredith 
'mer|i, -ia*, -list, -ili, -inis merr|y 

(M.), -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
'meri'sendrn:, -z merry-andrew, -s 
'merigourannd, -z merry-go- 
round, -s [mak|er, -ers, -ing"] 
'merimeik|a*, -az, -ig merry-J 
'meriman Merriman 
'merimant merriment [-shire 
meri'oniO [-eO], -Jia* Merioneth, 
'meritj -s, -ig, -id merit (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 

meri'ta:rias, -li, -nig meritorious, 

-ly, -ness 
meri'trijas, -li, -nis meretricious, 

-ly, -ness 
'meriOait, -s merrythought, -s 
'meriweoa* Merryweather 
O mes, -iz, -ig, -t mess (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
me'saia = mi's- Messiah 
mesapa'teimia [-mja] Mesopo- 
'mesaz [-sjaz] Messrs. 
'mes|i,-ia*, -list; -ili, -inis mess|y, 

-ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
mesi'senik messianic 
'mesids, -iz message, -s 
'mesin^sa*, -z messenger, -s 
me'siina [ma's-, mi's-] Messina 
'mesjaz = 'mesaz Messrs. 
'mesmeit, -s messmate, -s 
mest messed (from mess) 
'meswids, -iz messuage, -s 
O mej", -iz, -ig, -t mesh (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
O met met (from meet) 
me't- see also mi't- [-ist/s 

me'tseladsji, -ist/s metallurg|y, 
me'tteOasjis [mi-, -eis-], -i:z me- 

tathesjis, -es 
'metafa*, -z metaphor, -s 
meta'fizik|s, -al, -ali metaphys- 

ic|s, -al, -ally 
metafi'zij'an, -z metaphysician, -s 
meta'forik, -al, -ali metaphoric, 

-al, -ally 
meta'lifaras metalliferous 
meta'lagrafi metallography 
'metalaid metalloid 
meta'ma:fas|is, -i:z metamor- 

phos|is, -es 
meta'maifonz, -iz, -ig, -d meta- 

morphosle, -es, -ing, -ed 
'metasenta , -z metacentre, -s 
'met]l, -Iz, -Jiig, -Id 1) met|al, 

-als, -ailing, -ailed; 2) mettle 
'metranonm, -z metronome, -s 
metra'namik metronomic 
metra'palitan, -z metropolitan 

(s. 04}.), -a 
me'trapalis [mi-, ma-], -iz me- 
tropolis, -es 
'metrik, -al, -ali metric, -al, -ally 

meead— ma:'kjnrJion — 287 

'maimaan— ma'grega* 

O'meSad, -z method, -s 
'meOadlist/s, -izm methodjist/s, 

'meOil, -eitid methyl, -ated 
'meOjnin Methuen {surname) 
me'Aadik [mi-, ma-], -al, -ali 

methodic, -al, -ally 
O mez'merik mesmeric 
'mezma* Mesmer 
'mezmaraiz, -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 

mesmeriz|e [-ia|e], -es, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers 
'mezmar|ist/s, -izm mesmer|ist/a, 

O'mesa*, -z, -rii|, -d; -lis, 

-mant/s; -ra*, -raz measur|e 

(s. «.), -es, -ing, -ed; -eless, 

-ement/s; -er, -ers 
'me3ara1)|l, -li, -Inis measurab|le, 

-ly, -leness 

• mea*, -z 1] mare, -s ; 2) mayor 
(M.), -s; 3) Mair 

O'msamlt Mahomet 

O'meari Mary 

'msaribara [-bAra] Maryborough 

'mearian 1) Marian; 2) Marion 

'mearias Marias 

'meari{l£end, -pa:t Mary |land, -port 

'mearis, -iz mayoress, -es 

O'meaznest, -s mare's-nest, -s 

'meazteil, -z mare's -tail, -s 

• ma:*, -ri, -rik myrrh, -y, -ic 
O'maida*, -z, -rii(, -dj -ra*, -raz 

murder (s. v.), -a, -ing, -ed; -er, 

'maidsras, -li murderous, -ly 
'maidaris, -iz murderess, -es 
'maidak Murdoch 
maids, -iz, -ig, -d merg|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
C'raa.-fji, -iz murph|y (M.), -ies 
O mar'keita:* [-ta*] Mercator 
'maikantail mercantile 
'ma:kat Murcott 
'ma:k|i, -ia*, -list, -ili, -inis 

murk|y, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
'ma:kisn Murchiaon 
'maikistan Merchiston 
ma:'kjaarial, -i mercurial, -ly 
mai'kjnarik mercuric 
'maikjnrl mercury (M.) 
mai'kjniXioii Mercutio 

0'ma:|m8en, -men mer|man, -men 
'ma:meid, -z mermaid, -a 
'ma:ma*, -z, -riij, -rigli, -d; -ra*, 

-raz murmur (s. v.), -s, -ing, 

-ingly, -ed; -er, -era 
'ma:midan [-dan], -z myrmidon 

(M.),-s '■ 
0'ma:r|i, -Ik myrrhjy, -ic 
0'ma:sa , -z mercer (M.), -a 
ma:'si:diz Mercedes 
'ma:sli, -iz merc|y (M.), -ies 
'ma:si|fMl, -fall [-fali], -fwlnis 

merci|ful, -fully, -fulness 
'maisilis, -li, -nis merciless, -ly, 

-ness [-ies 

'ma:sinar|i [-s^-], -iz mercenar|y 
'maisisirt, -s mercy- seat, -s 
O'maijia [-Jja], -n Mercia, -n 
O'maitl, -z myrtle, -a 
'maitn Merton 
'maitjandaiz merchandise 
'maitjant. -s merchant, -s 
'ma:tjant|man, -man merchant- 

{man, -men 
'maitjantjip, -s merchant-ahip, -a 
'maitjisn Murchison 
Oma:e; -fwl, -fnli [-fali], -ftdnis 

mirth; -ful, -fully, -fulness 
O'maiza Mirza 
'ma:zi Mersey 
9 ma occasional weak form of mei 

may (avaAliary verb) 
O ma'bil- = mon'bil- 
O ma'dseljan, ma'di-a = mi- 
ma'diara Madeira 
ma'daina, ma'diina, ma'dik-, 

ma'dis- = me- 
ma'dana, -z Madonna, -s 
ma'drses [-'dra:s] Madras 
ma'drid Madrid 

ma'dsenta magenta (M.) [-ally 
ma'dsestik, -»1, -ali majeatic, -al, 
ma'dsi/an, -z magician, -s 
ma'dsazka [ma'ja:-] Majorca 
ma'dsaritji, -iz majorit|y, -iea 
O ma'gelan Magellan 
ma'gi: 1) McGee; 2) Magee 
ma'gilp 1) magilp; 2) megilp 
mag'n- = mseg'n- 
ma'gra: Magrath 
ma'grega* l)MacGregor; 2) Mc- 
Gregor; 3) M'Gregor 

ma'hsefi— ma'ko.'kadeil 


ma'ka:!— ma'natanas 

O mal'hafi, -'haBii Ma|haflFy, -han 
ms'hagani mahogany 
ma'Iiamid, -an/z Mahommed, -an/s 
ma'liainit^ -an/z Mahomet, -an/s 
ma'hnin [ma'honn] Mahon 
O ma'joike = ma'ds- Majorca 
ma'jalika majolica 
O mak'aiOa* Mc Arthur 
ma'kaiOi MacCarthy 
ma'kai Mackay 
ma'kana* Makower 
mak'sedam Mac Adam 
ma'kffidamaiz. -iz, -ig, -d mac- 

adamiz|e [-is|e], -es, -mg, -ed 
maksedamai'zeijan macadamiz- 

ation [-isa-] 
ma'kselam MacCallam 
ma'kselista* 1) Macalister; 

2) McAllister 
ma'ksesa* macassar (M.) 
ma'keesa'rail raacassar-oil 
ma'kAlax [-lak] McCulloch 
mak'braid Mc Bride 
mak'daual [-el, -il] McDowell 
mak'dAf = maek- Macduff 
mak'danald 1) Mac Donald; 

2) Macdonald; 3) McDonald 
mak'dmgsl McDougal 
ma'kei Mackay 
ma'kena McKenna 
mak'faeran Macfarren 
mak'fa:sn[m%k-] 1) MacPherson; 

2) Macpherson 
mak'iiTa* Mac Ivor 
ma'kinli McKinley 
ma'kland 1) Macleod; 2)McLeod 
ma'kleeran Maclaren 
ma'klein Ij Maclean(e); 2) McLean 
ma'klelan McClellan 
ma'kliis ]y[aclise 
ma'klintak [-tak] McClintock' 
ma'klia* Maclear 
ma'klairin Maclaurin 
ma'klna* M'Clure 
mak'maiau Mac Mahon 
inak'ina:sta* Mc Master 
makl'fflilan, -'maran Macfmillan, 

makl'naeb, -'no:t Mac|Nah, -Naught 
mak'naitn 1) Macnaghten; 

2) MacNaughton 
ma'kaikadeil McCorquodale 

ma'kail 1) McAll; 2) McCall 

ma'kaili Macaulay 

ma'ka.'mik McCormick 

ma'krei McCrea 

ma'kri:di Macready 

mak'tsBTiJ MacTavish 

O ma'lain, -li; -z, -ii|, -d; -a*, 

-az malign {a. adj. v.), -ly; -a, 

-ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
ma'leeka Malacca 
ma'laesiz [mo-] molasses [-an 
ma'lei, -z, -an Malay (s. adj.), -a, 
ma'Iefisant [mse-] maleficent 
ma'lest, eic.=mo'lest molest, e<c. 
ma'leralanls [mse-], -t, -tli ma- 

levolen|ce, -t, -tly 
ma'learia, -1, -n malaria, -1, -n 
ma'lignan|si, -t, -tli malignan|cy, 
ma'lignlti malignity [-t, -tly 
ma'ligga*, -z, -rig, -d; -ra*, -raz 

malinger, -s, -ing, -ed ; -er, -ers 
ma'lij'as, -li, -nis malicious, -ly, 
ma'lon- = mi'lon- [-ness 

O mam ma'am 
ma'ma:, -z mamma, -s 
ma'mentam, ma'meutas = mon- 
ma'menton, -z = mi- memento, 
ma'mair-, ma'mar- = mi'm- [-s 
O ma'iia:k- = ma'naik- 
ma'naiakjal, -ali maniacjal, -ally 
ma'n8es{i, -i-z ManassjCh, -es 
ma'naastik [mo-, ma>-], -al, -ali 

monastic, -al, -ally 
man'gAmari Montgomery 
ma'nila, -z manil(l)a (M.), -s [-s 
manipjn'leij'an,-z manipulation, 
ma'nipjuleit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, 

-az manipulat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; 

-or, -ors 
ma'njniTa*, etc. = ma'niiiTa*, etc. 
ma'njna*, -z, -rig, -d manur|e 

(«. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
ma'nona Manoah 
ma'na:rial [mee-] manorial 
ma'nagam- = ma'nagam- 
ma'namita*, -z manometer, -s 
ma'napalaiz, -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, 

■az monopolizje [-is|ej, -es, -ing, 

-ed; -er, -ers 
ma'napalji, -iz monopol|y, -ies 
ma'natanas [-ti^-], -li monoton- 

-ous, -ly 

ma'notsni— ma'tiarialaiz — 289 — 

ma'tiarielist— mi:n 

ma'notanl monotony 
man'rou 1) Monro(e); 2) Munro 
man'tein, etc. = men'tein, etc. 
manf'gAmari [mant'gamari] 

mant'pelia* [-Ija] Montpellier {in 

names of streets, etc.) 
man'tronz Montrose 
m8'nn:T|9* [-'nju:-], -az, -9rii|, 
-ad; -9ra*, -araz manoeuv|re, 
-res, -ring, -red; -rer, -rera 
O ma'roil = ma'rail morale 
ma'raia Maria 
ma'raitl = 'maeritl marital 
ma'rffikjnias, etc. = mi- 
ma'raellti [mo-, mo-] morality 
ma'rsei) (ma'rs:g), -z meringue, -s 
ma'raes [mo-], -iz morass, -es 
ma'r«in, -z = mo- moraine, -s 
ma'reiTia [mo-, -yja], -n/z Mo- 
ravia, -n/s 
ma'riin, -z marine (s. a^.), -a 
ma'runon merino 
ma'ridlan [-djan], -z meridian, -s 
ma'ridian!^ [-djan-] meridional 
ma'rij[;as [ma:-, mo-] Mauritius 
ma'rous [mo-], -11, -nis morose, 

-ly, -ness 
ma'ro:d, -z, -ij, -id; -a*, -az 
maraud, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
ma'raban, -z Moroccan, -s 
ma'rakon, -z morocco (M.), -s 
ma'rnm, -z, -ii|, -d maroon (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed „ . ^ 

O ma'saia = mi's- Messiah 
ma'siina = me's- Messina 
ma'sja:* (ma'8J») monsieur (M.) 
ma^a* weak form of ma'sja:* 
maB'ki:ton, -z = mas- mosquito, 
ma'sanik [mei's-] masonic [-s 
mast must (v.) {weak form) 
mas'to:/ [mus-], -iz moustache, -s 
O ma'Ji:n, -z, -ii), -d macl)in|e 

(«. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
ma'Ji:n gAn, -z machine-gun, -s 
ma'/onna, -Itend Mashona, -land 
O ma'tsBlik = mi- metallic 
ma'ta:ii|iti, •}, -ali matemjity, -al. 


1. -lyl 


ma'tiarial, -z, -i material (s. adj 
ma'tiarialalz, -iz, -ifl, -d mater- 
ializ|e [-is|ej, -es, -ing, -ed 

ma'tiariaI|ist/8, -izm material- 

{ist/s, -ism 
matiaria'Iistik materialistic 
ma'tikjulas, etc. = mi't- 
ma'tilda 1) Matilda; 2) Mathilda 
ma'ljna*, -li, -nis; -z, -rii|, -d; 

-riti matur|e {a^. v.), -ely, 

-eness; -es, -ing, -ed; -ity 
ma'tanimi = mi't- 
ma'trik matric [tion, -s 

matrikju'leijan , -z matricula- 
ma'tril^uleit, -s, -ig, -id matric- 

ulatje, -es, -ing, -ed 
ma'trap- = me'trap- 
O ma'Oaias Matthias 
ma'Ojuin, ma'Q;u:zaIa = mi'O- 
ma'Ood- = me'Oad- 
O ma'za:t [mo'za:t] Mozart [-s 
ma'zeiik [mo-], -s mosaic {s. adj.), 
ma'zel [mo'zelj, -z moselle (M.), -s 
ma'za:ka, -z mazurka, -s 
Ami: 1) me {normal form); 2) Mee 
Omr'wnda*, -z, -rig, -d meander 

(s. V.) (M.), -s, -ing, -ed 
O mi:d, -z 1) meed, -s; 2) mead 

(M.}, -s (M.); 3) Mede, -s 
mi:di'eij'9n, -z mediation, -s 
'mi:dieit, -s, -ij, -id; -a*, -az 

mediatje («.), -es, -ing, -ed; -or 
'mi:dial [-dj-] medial [(M.), -ors 
'mi:di|am [-dj-], -a, -amz medi|um 

(s. adj.), -a, -urns 
'mi:dian [-dj-], -z median -s 
'mi:diant [-4}-]> -s mediant, -s 
mi:di'l:T9l = med- medieeval 
'mi:diit [-diat, -djat], -li, -nis 

mediate (<«&'.), -ly, -ness 
'mi:dionka* ['med-, mi:di'onka% 

medi'onka*] mediocre 
mi:di'akriti [med-] mediocrity 
0'mi:ga*, -ra*, -rist, -li, -nis 

1) meagre, -r, -st, -ly, -ness; 

2) Meagher 

O mi:k, -a*, -ist; -li, -nis meek, 

-er, -est; -ly, -ness 
O mi:l, -z meal, -s 
'mi:l|i, -ia*, -list, -inis meal|y, 

-ier, -iest, -iness 
'mi:ltaim, -z mealtime, -s [-s 
Omi:n («.), -z 1) mean, -s; 2) mien, 
mi:n {adj.), -a*, -ist 1) mean, -er, 

-est; 2) mesne 

MiohfteliB A Jones, Phonetio Dictionary 


'miin— 'midlmten 


midlondian — 'miljan 

'mim («.), -z, -ig, ment mean, -a, 

-ing, meant 
miinii), -z^ -li meaning (s.aclj.), -b, 
'mi:n'Awail meanwhile [-ly 

'mimlli, -nis meanjly, -ness 
'iiii:n{'taiin, -'wail meanjtime, 
O'miijsek Mesliac [-while 

'miijia [-Jja] Moesia 
Omi:t, -s, -ii|, met 1) (s. adj. v.) 

meet, -s, -ing, met; 2) (s.) meat, -s 
milt, -s, -ig, -id (v.) met|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed [-s 

'miita*, -z 1) meter, -s; 2) metre, 
'mi:ti meaty 

'miitia*, etc. = 'miilja* meteor, etc. 
'mi:tii|, -z (s.) meeting, -s 
mi:ti'orik meteoric 
'miitja* [-tia*], -z meteor, -s 
'iiii:tj»rait [-tia-], -s meteorite, -s 
miitjara'lodsik [-tia-], -9I me- 

teorologic, -al 
mi:tja'ralad3|i [-tia-], -ist/s me- 

teorolog|y, -ist/s 
'mi:t|li, -nis meetjly, -ness 
'mi:tafarii|, -z meat-offering, -s 
'mi:t'pai, -z meat-pie, -s 
O miiO Meath 
0'mi:z|lz, -11 measjles, -ly 
'ini:zia [-ag'a, -sia, -sja] = 'miijie 
• mi 1) Jfrequent weak form of 

mi:) me; 2) (frequent weak form 

of mai) my 
O mi'au [mjan], -z, -ii|, -d miaow, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
O mi'senda*, etc.=mi:'tenda*, etc. 
O mid mid [lion, -s 

mi'daeljan [me-, ma-], -z medal- 
'middei, -z mid-day, -3 
'midhaist Midhurst 
mi'di'a* [ma-, me-] Medea 
mi'diina^ mi'daina=me- Medina 
'mid|i, -iz midd|y, -ies 
'midian [-djan], -ait/s Midian, 
mi'dik-, mi'dis- = me- [-ite/s 
mi'dju:za [me-, ma-] Medusa 
'midl, -z middle, -s 
'midl'eids, -d middle-age, -d 
'midland, -z midland (M.), -b 
'midfig [-dl-] middling 
'midi'klais middle-class 
'midllmsen [-man], -men [-man] 

middle-jman, -men 

mid'lonSian [-djan] Midlothian 
'midl|gekB, -tan Middle|sex, -ton 
'midlzbara Middlesborough 
'midnait midnight 
'midrif, -s midriff, -s 
'midsAma* midsummer (M.) 
midst midst ['-men 

'midjipjman, -man midshipjman, 
'midwai|f, -tz midwi|fe, -ves 
'midjrei midway 
'midwifori [-waif-] midwifery 
'mid'winta* mid-winter 
mids, -iz midge, -s 
'midsit, -s midget, -s 
O'mia*, -z, -rist, -li mere (s. adj.), 

-a, -St, -ly 
'miajam, -z meerschaum, -a 
'miaz 1) meres; 2] Mears 
Omi'kaidoa, -z Mikado, -s 
mi'ktenik, -s, -al, -ali mechanic, 

-s, -al, -ally 
'mikldsan Meiklejohn 
'miklmas, -iz Michaelmas, -ea 
mi'k3:ba Micawber 
miks, -iz, -ig, -t mix, -ea,-ing,-ed 
'mikst/a*, -z mixture, -s 
O mil, -z, -ig, -d mill («. v.) (M.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
mi'lffin ['milan] Milan 
mi'lAd my lord (form frequent in 

the courts of justice) 
'mildjn:, -z, -ig, -d mildew (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
mi'leniam [-njam], -z millenium, 
'mila*, -z miller (M.), -a [-s 

'milan = mi'lsen Milan 
mila'ni:z Milanese 
'milfad Milford 
'milA'Wiil, -z millwheel, -s 
'miligrtem, -z milligram, -s 
'milimi:ta*, -z millimeter, -a 
'milin|a*, -az; -ari millin|er, -ers; 
'milipi:d, -z millepede, -s [-ery 
mi'lija militia 

'militeit, -s, -ig, -id militat|e, -es, 
-ing, -ed [-tly"] 

|militan[si, -tj -tli militan|cy, -t,J 
'militari military [-ism 

|militar {ist/s, -izm militar|iat/5, 
'miljad, -z milliard, -a 
'miljan, -z, -e, -es million, -s, 
th, -ths 

milja'nsa*— 'minikin 

— 291 

'minim— 'miriaiu 

milja'nea*, -z millionaire, -s 
milk, -s, -ig, -t; -a*, -az milk 

(». v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
'milkli, -la*, -list, -Hi, -inis 

milkfy, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
'milkmeid, -z milkmaid, -s 
'milk|man, -man milk|man, -men 
'milksap, -s milksop, -s 
'milk{tn:e, -ti:d milk|tooth, -teeth 
'milkwait milk-white 
miln, -z; -a* Milne, -s; -er 
mi'lotadias [me-, ma-, -djas], -11, 

■nls melodious, -ly, -ness 
mi'la:*, -z milord, -s 
'milpand, -z mill-pond, -s 
'milreis milreis (sing.) 
'milreiz milreis (plur.) 
'milstonn, -z millstone, -s 
'miltan Milton 
miltj; -1 milch; -y 
'milwiil, -z millwheel, -a 
mil'Traiki' Milwaukee 
milz 1) mills (M.); 2) Milnes 
Omi'menton [me-, ma-], -z me- 
mento, -s 
'mimik, -s, -ig, -t; -ri mimic 
(s. adj. v.), -a, -king, -ked; -ry 
mi'monza, -z mimosa, -s 
mi'ma:rial [me-, ma-], -z memo- 
rial (s. acy.), -a 
mi'ma:rialaiz [me-, ma-], -iz, -ig, 
-d memorializje [-is|e], -es, -ing, 
mi'marita* [me-, ma-] memoriter 
O min frequent stage pronunciation 
of main (pron.) when attributive 
mi'nsedsari [-'naids-j, -z menag- 
erie, -a 
mi'nAskja:lj -z minuscule, -p 
mi'na:ya Minerva [-ist/s 

mina'rselad3|i, -ist/s mineralog|y, 
'minaret, -s minaret, -s 
'minar»l, -z mineral («. a^.), -a 
'minaralaiz, -iz, -ig, -d mineral- 

iz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
minara'lad3ik|9l, -aU mineralog- 

ic|al, -ally 
'minatari ['main-] minatory 
'mini Minnie 

mini'sepalis Minneapolis [-sota 
mini|'ha:ha:, -'souta Minne|haha, 
'minikin, -z minikin (s. a^.), -a 

'minim, -z minim (M.), -s 
'minimaiz, -iz, -ig, -d minimizje 

[-is|e], -ea, -ing, -ed 
'minimal minimal 
'minimjam, -a minimjam, -a 
'minlstja*, -az, -arig, -ad ministjer 

(s. i;.), -ers, -ering, -ered 
minis'tiarial, -i, -ist/s ministe- 
rial, -ly, -ist/a 
minis'treij'dn, -z ministration, -s 
'ministr|i, -iz ministrjy, -ies 
'minij*, -iz, -ig, -t minish, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'minit, -s («.) minute, -s 
'minithtend, -z minute-hand, -s 
'minitja*, -z ^ 'minjatj*- min- 
iature, -s 
'minjan, -z minion, -a 
minja'net mignonette [-s 

'minjatja* [-nitj-], -z miniature, 
minjn'et, -s minuet, -s 
mi'njnijil: = mai'n- minutiee 
'minjnit, -s («.)= 'minit, -s minute 

{m&moranaum), -s 
mi'iijn:t (adj.), etc. = mai'nja:t 
minute, etc. 

'minon, -z minnow, -s 
mi'naika Minorca 


mi'narit|i, -iz^ mai'n- minorit|y, 
'minral, etc. = 'minaral, etc. 
mins, -iz, -ig, -t; -mi:t minc|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -emeat 
'minsig, -li mincing(a4/-) (M.), -ly 
'mlns'pai, -z mincepie, -a 
'minsta*, -z minster (M.), -s 
'minstral, -z, -si minstrel, -a, -ay 
mint, -s, -ig, -id; -'sa:s mint 

(g. v.), -B, -ing, -ed; -sauce 
minfj, -in Minch, -in 
O'miggll, -Iz, -lig [-Ug], -Id 

ming|le, -Ies, -ling, -led 
migk mink 
mlgks, -iz minx, -ea 
Omi'rais, -iz mirage, -a 
mi'rsekjnlas [ma-], -li, -nis mir- 
aculous, -ly, -ness 
mi'reenda Miranda 
'mira Myrrha 

'mira*, -z, -d mirror, -a, -ed 
'mirakl [-rikl], -z miracle, -s 
'miriad, -z myriad, -s 
'miriam Miriam 


mis — 'mishsep 

292 — 

mi'sima— misnO- 

Omis, -iz, -in, -t 1) (s.v.) miss, 
-es, -ing, -ed; 2) (s.) Miss, -es 
mi'saia [me-, ma-] Messiah 
'misail, -z missile, -s [tion, -s 
'mi8«epli'keij'9ii, -z misapplica- 
'mistepri'hend, -z, -ig, -id mis- 
apprehend, -8, -ing, -ed 
'mistepri'henj^n, -z misapprehen- 
sion, -s 
'misAnda'staend, >z, -ig, 'mis- 
Anda'gtnd misunderstand, -s, 
-ing, misunderstood 
'misAnda'stsendii) , -z (s.) mis- 
understanding, -s 
'misbi'heiT, -z, -ig, -d; -ja* mis- 
behavle, -es, -ing, -ed; -iour 
'misbi'liiTa*, -z misbeliever, -s 
'mis'diid, -z misdeed, -s 
'mis'di:!, -z, -ig, 'mis'delt misdeal 

(s. «.); "*) "iig> misdealt 
'misdi'rekj^n misdirection 
'misdi'rekt, -s, -ii), -id misdirect, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'mis'dniig, -z misdoing, -s 
'mis'dsAds, -iz, -ig, -d misjudg|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
mi'selani, -z = 'misileni, -z 
mi'self = mai'self myself [-s 
misad'yentja*, -z misadventure, 
'mis9l, -z 1) missal, -s; 2) missel 
misa'laians, -iz misalliance, -s 
misa'lein-, 'misalani, -7= misil- 
'miS9nOronp ['miz-J, -s misan- 
thrope, -s 
misan'Orapik [miz-], -»!, -ali 

misanthropic, -al, -ally 
'misa'pl|ai, -aiz, -aiig, -aid mis- 

appl|y, -ies, -ying, -ied 
'misapronpri'eijrdn, -z misappro- 
priation, -s 
'misa'pronprieit, -s, -ig, -id mis- 

appropriat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
'mi8'f!:zdns misfeasance 
'mis'fit, -8 misfit, -s 
mis'fa:tj»n, -z misfortune, -s 
'mis'gaidid, -li misguided, -ly 
'mis'gAvan, -z, >ig, -d: -mant 
misgovern, -s, -ing, -ed; -ment 
mis'givig, -z misgiving, -s 
'mi8'hiend|I, -Iz, -liq [-jiig]; -Id 

mishandjle, -Ies, -ling, -led 
'mishaep [mis'h-], -8 mishap, -s 

mi'siina = me'8- Messina 

'misli, -iz missly, -ies ' 

'misia [-8ja, -Jla, -Jja] Mysia 

misi'leinias [-sa'I-, -njas], -li, 
-ni8 miscellaneous, -ly, -ness 

'iiu8ilan|i ['misal-, mi'sel-], -iz 
miscellan|y, -ies 

'mi8in'f9:m, -z, -ig, -d misinform, 
-8, -ing, -ed 

'misin'taiprit, -8, -ig, -id mis- 
interpret, -8, -ing, -ed 

'misintaipri'teijan, -z misinter- 
pretation, -s 

'mi8ig (a<^'.) missing 

misi'sipi Mississippi 

'misiv, -z missive (s. a^.), -s 

'misiz Mrs. 

'misja = 'misia Mysia 

'mi8'jn:s misuse (s.) 

'mis'jniz, -iz, -ig, -d miBus|e {v.), 
-es, -ing, -ed 

'mis'kaont, -s miscount, -s 

'miskeellcja'leijan, -z miscalcul- 
ation, -s 

'mis'kwlkjnleit, -8^ -ig, -id mis- 
calculatje, -es, -ing, -ed 

'miskserji, -iz, -iig, -id; -ids 
miscarr|y, -ies, -ying, -ied; -iage 

'miskan'dAkt, -s, -ig, -id mis- 
conduct (v.), -s, -ing, -ed 

'miskans'trAkJan, -z misconstruc- 
tion, -s 

'miskan'strn:, etc. = 'mis'kan- 
strn:, etc. in sense of 'mis- 

'mis'kandAkt misconduct (a.) 

'mis'kanstrjn:, -u:z, -n'ig, -nid 
misconstr|ue, -ues, -uing, -ued 

'miskriant. -s miscreant, -s 

'mis'kwont, -s, -ig, -id mi8quot|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

'miskwou'teij'an, -z inisquotation, 

'misl, -z = 'misal, -z [-8 

mis'lei, -z, -ig, mis'leid mislay, 
-s, -ing, mislaid 

mis'liid, -z, -ig, mis'led mislead, 
-s, -ing, misled 

'mislton ['mizl-] mistletoe 

'ml8]m«enid3, -iz, -ig, -d; -mant 
mismanag|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -ment 

'mis'nonma*, -z misnomer, -s 

misnO- = misanO- 

mi'sagami— mis'tjains — 293 

'mistjlf— mi'zuari 

'mis'pleis. -iz, -ig, -t; -mant 

misplacfe, -ea, -ing, -ed; -ement 
'mispra'nanns, -iz, -ig, -t mis- 

pronouncle, -ea, -ing, -ed 
'misprsnAnsi'eiJan , -z mispro- 
nunciation, -s 
'mls'print, -a, -ii|, -id misprint 

(«. v.), -a, -ing, -ed 
mis'prisan misprision 
'mlsrepri'zent, -s, -iii, -id mia- 

repreaent, -s, -ing, -ed 
'misreprizen'teijan [-zan-] , -z 

misrepresentation, -a 
'mis'riid, -z, -ig, 'mis'red misread 

ipres.), -a, -ing, misread (past) 
'misri'poit, -s, -ig, -id misreport, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'mis'ro:! misrule [-ing_, -ed 

'mis'sjuit, -s, -ig, -id missuit, -a, 
'mis'spelii), -z (s.) miaspelling, -s 
'mis'steit, -s, -ig, -id; -mant/s 

misstatfe, -es, -ing, -ed; -ement/s 
'mis'Jeipan ['miJ'J-] misshapen 
mist, -s 1) mist, -a; 2) missed 

(from miaa) 
misl'teik, -'teiks, -'teikig, -'tub, 

-'teiban miajtake (s. v.), -takea, 

-taking, -took, -taken 
mis'teikan, -li miataken(«K^'.), -ly 
'mista* 1) Mr.; 2) miater 
'mistarli, -iz myater|y, -ies 
'mist|i,-ia*, -iist; -ili, -inis mist|y, 

-ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
mis'tiarias, -li, -nis mysterious, 

-ly, -ness 
'mistilfai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid 

mysti|fy, -fies, -fying, -fied 
mistifi'keijan mystification 
'mistik, -s; -al, -ali, -alnismystic 

(s. adj.), -s; -al, -ally, -alness 
'mistisizm mysticiam 
'mistrains'leijan [-trsens-], -z 

mistranslation, -s 
'mistroins'leit [-trsens-], -s, -ig, 

-id mistranslat|e, -ea, -ing, -ed 
'mis'tTAst, -s^ -ig, -id miatrust 

(s. v.), -a, -ing, -ed_ 
'mistri, -z = 'mistari, -z 
'mistris, -iz miatresa, -ea 
mis'tjams [mistj-], -iz mis- 
chance, -s 

'mistjif, -s mischief, -s 
'mistjivas, -li, -nis mischievous, 

-ly, -ness 
mis'tnk mistook {from mistake) 
mi'snari Missouri 
O'mijan, -z mission, -s 
'mijana* [-J^^-], -z missioner, -s 
'mijanar|i [-Jf-], -iz mis8ionar|y, 

'mijla [-Xja] = 'misia Mysia 
'mij'igan ['mitj-] Michigan 
'mi/'/eipan = 'mis' J- misshapen 
O mi'tselik [me-, ma-] metallic 
miti'geijan mitigation 
'mitigeit, -s, -ig, -id mitigat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'mitigabl mitigable 
mi'tit^alas [me-, ma-], -li me- 
ticulous, -ly 
'mitn, -z mitten, -a 
mi'tanimi [me-, ma-] metonymy 
mi'trap- = me'trap- 
'mitjal, -deya* Mitchel|l, -dever 
'mitjam Mitcham 
'mitjigan = 'mijigan Michigan 
O mi6 [mai6], -s myth -s 
mi6a'lad3ik,-al, -ali mythologic, 

-al, -ally 
'miOik, -al, -ali mythic, -al, -ally 
mi'Oigks methinks 
mi'Q^'nizala [ma-] Methuselah 
mi'Ojnin [ma-] Methuen {Ame- 
mi'9a:t methought [rkan town,) 
mi'Oadik, etc. = me'Oadik, etc. 
ml'Oaladsaiz, -iz, -igj -d mytho- 

logiz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
mi'Oaladsli, -iz, -ist/s mytho- 

log|y, -ies, -iat/a 
O'mizal = 'misal miasel 
mizanO- = misanB- [-leness 

'mizaral)|l, -li, -Inis miaerab|le, -ly, 
'mizar|i, -iz miser|y, -ies 
miza'riari, -z miserere, -s 
'mizl, -8 1) mizzle, -s; 2) = 'misal 

'mizlton = 'mislton mistletoe 

I, -z mizzen, -s 
'miznmaist [-mast], -s mizzen- 
miznO- = misanO- [mast, -s 

'mizrabl, etc. = 'mizarabl, etc. 
mi'znarl American pron. of Mis- 

mjn: — mn> 


mon — 'monmant 

• mjii:, -z, -ig, >d mew (s. v.), 
-8, -ing, -ed 

O'mjnidi Mudie 

0'mjn:k8S 1) mucus; 2) mucous 

mjuiks Meux 

O mjn:l, -z mule, -s 

ngu'lseton, >z mulatto, -s 

'ngnilifj-liy-nis mulish, -ly, -ness 

mjnili'tia*, -z muleteer, -s 

O mjii''iiifi89n|8, -t, -tli munific- 

en|ce, -t, -tly 
'mjnlnimant, -s muniment, -s 
'nqninik Munich [it|y, -ies 

mju-nisi'pselitli, -iz municipal- 
iiiju''nisip9l municipal 
inju''niX»n, -z munition, -a 
O iiijn:si'lied3in88 mucilaginous 
'nguisilids, -iz mucilage, -s 
O mjn:t, -s, -ig, -id mut|e (s. adj. 

v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
iiijn''teij'an, -z mutation, -s 
iiijn:t3'I)iliti mutability 
'mjnitsbl mutable 
mja'tileijan, -x mutilation, -s 
'mjnitileit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

mutilat|e, -es, -ing, -ed ; -or, -ors 
'mjnitinas, -li, -nis mutinous, -ly, 

'iign:tin|i, -iz, -iii), -id mutinjy 

(s. v.), -ies, -ying, -ied 
injn:ti'nia*, -z mutineer, -s 
mjn:tjn'«eliti mutuality 
'mjni^nal, -i mutual, -ly 
'inja:t|li, -nis mutejly, -ness 
Omjn:z, -iz, -ig, -igli, -d 1) («. v.) 

mus|e (M.), -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed; 

2) (s. V.) mews (from mew); 

3) Meux 

mju-'zet, -8 musette, -s 
mja''ziain, -z museum, -s 
'mjnizik; -al, -ali, -alnis music; 

-al, -ally, -alness 
i^jn''zijan, -z, -11 musician, -s,-ly 
Omjna* 1) Muir; 2) Mure 
'mjuahed Muirhead 
'mjnar^l mural 
ngnarl'aetlk muriatic 
'mjnarllt [-rleit] muriate 
mjn'l-, ngun-, mjn't-, mjn'z- = 


• mipm [911U, hm] ahem 

• mn- = n- 

• mon, -z, -ig, -d, -n 1) («.. v.) 

mow, -s, -ing, -ed, -n; 2) (s.) 
O'monseb Moab [mot, -s 

O'monbail [-brl] mobile 
'monbilalz, -iz, -Ig, -d mobilizje 

[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
monbilarzelXaii, -z mobilization 

[-isa-]. -s 
mou'biliti [ma'b-] mobility 
'moubrei Mowbray 
Omoud, -z 1) mode, -s; 2) mowed 

(from mow) 
mon'deeliti modality 
'mondas modus 
moi«'dl:8t, -8 modiste, -s 
'mondl/, -11, -nis modish, -ly, 
'iuond|l, -all mod|al, -ally [-ness 
O'moua*, -z mower, -s 
'moMabait, -s Moabite, -s 
O moM'gAi, -z Mogul, -s 
O mott'heemed Mohammed 
mou'hsemldan, -z Mohammedan, 
'monhea* mohair [-s 

'monhaik, -s Mohawk, -s 
O'moiiikan, -z Mohican, -s 
'moMlgmaJl:!!, -z mowing-mach- 
O mouk, -8 moke, -s [ine, -s 
'mouka mocha (M.) 
O monl, -z mole, -s 
monld, -z, -Ig, -Id 1) (s.v.) mould, 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) Mold 
'monld{a*,-az,-»rlg, -ad mould|er, 

-ers, -ering, -ered 
'monld|l^ -la*, -list, -Inls mould|y, 

-ier, -lest, -iness 
'monldlgj -z («.) moulding, -s 
'mou'le^nla* [ma'l-, ma'l-] mo- 
monles'teij'an, -z molestation, -s 
'monla*, -z molar (s. adj.), -a 
'monltall, -z mole-hill, -s 
'monlikju:! ['mal-j, -z molecule, 
'monlak Moloch [-a 

'monlskln, -z moleskin, -s 
moult, -s, -ig, -id moult (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'monltsn 1) molten; 2) Moulton 
O inou'ment|am [ma'm-], -a mo- 

ment|um, -a 
mou'mentaB [ma'm-], -11, -nis 

momentous, -ly, -ness 
'monmant, -s moment, -s 

'monmant^ri — 'moidlin 


ma:a*— maisa'liam 

'inonmantar|ij -ili, -inis moment- 

ar|y, -ily, -iness 
Omonn, -z, -ig, -d 1) moan (s. v.), 

-B,-ing,-ed; 2) mown (/rom mow) 
mou'niXan [ma'n-], -z monition, -s 
O monp, -s, -ii), -igli, -t mop|e, 

-es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
'moupiJ,-li,-ni8 mopish, -ly,-neB8 
O monst, -li most, -ly 
D'aonJlan, -anz, -anil) [-^ii)], 

-9nd; -anlis motijon (s. v.), -one, 

-oning, -oned; -onless 
O mont, -s, -ii), -id (s. v.) moat 

(M.), -s, -ing, -ed 
mon'tet, -s motet, -s 
'monta*, -z; -ri motor, -s; -y 
'montaka:*, -z motor-car, -s 
mou'ti:f, -s motif, -s 
'montiv, -z motive (s. adj.), -a 
O mouT, -z mauve, -s 
O mouz 1) mows (from mow); 

2) mots [plur. of mot) 
mouzain'bi:k Mozambique 
'monziz Moses 

• mo'bil-, mo'diist = mou- 
moa*, etc. = mna*, etc. 
'moabait, -s = 'mon- 
mo'gAl, mo'heem- = mon- 
mo'lsesiz = ma- molasses 
mo'lekjnla* = mon'l- molecular 
molest [ma-], -s, -ig, -id molest, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
mo'men-, mo'nij- = mon- 
mo'naik-, mo'nagam- = man- 
mo'nsestik, etc. = ma- 
mo'r- see also ma'r- 
mo'ra:l, mo'raia = ma'r- _ 
mo'rein [ma'rein], -z moraine, -s 
mo'zait = ma'z- Mozart 
mo'zeiik, -s = ma'z- mosaic, -s 
mo'zel, -z=ma'z- moselle (M.), -s 

• mo:, -z maw, -s 
mo:*l)more(M.); 2) = mna*moor 
O'maibid, -ist, -li, -nls morbid, 

-est, -ly, -ness 
mai'biditi morbidity 
O moid, -z maud (M.), -s 
'moiiant, -s 1) mordant, -s; 

2) mordent, -s 
'maidlin 1) Magdalen (Oxford 
college); 2) Magdalene (Cam- 
bridge college); 3) maudlin 

O mo:a* 1) = ma:* more (M.); 

2) = mna* moor 
ma:an, etc. ^ main mourn, etc. 
O maifa'ladsik, -al, -all morpho- 
logic, -al, -ally 
'maifi Morphy 
'ma:flia, -iin morphjia, -ine 
'ma:Qu:8 [-fias, -flas] Morpheus 
ma'.'faladsji, -ist/s morpholog|y, 

O niDig, -z morgue, -s 
'maiga* maugre 
ma:ga'd3i:, -z mortgagee, -s 
maiga'dsa:*, -z mortgagor, -s 
'maigan Morgan [-ally 

ma:ga'n»tik, -all morganatic, 
'ma:gid3, -iz, -ig, -d mortgag|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
O'maikam Morecambe [-ness 
'maikij, -li, -nis mawkish, -ly, 
O mail [mtel] Mall (The M.) 
mail, -z, -ig, -d 1) maul (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) mall, -s 
'mailbara ['mail-] Marlborough 
'ma'ldan 1) Maiden; 2) Maldon 
'ma:li Morley 
'mailstik, -s 1) mahl- stick, -s; 

2) maulstick, -s 
ma-lt, -s, -ig, -id malt (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'ma'lta Malta 
'ma'ltan Malton 
ma'l'ti:z Maltese 
'ma'lva'n Malvern [-ism 

O'maiman. -z, -izm Mormon, -s 
O main (s.), -z mom, -s 
main [maian] («;.), -z, -ig, -d; -a*, 

-az; -tul, -fnli [-fali], -fwlnis 

mourn, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers; 

-ful, -fully, -fulness 
'mainda*, -z, -rig, -d maunder, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'maindi maundy (M.) 
'mainig, -z 1) morning, -s; 

2) mourning 
'mainig 'dres morning-dress 
O mai'rijas = ma- Mauritius 
ma-ri'teinia [-nja] Mauretania 
mai'ronva* moreover 
O mais, -iz morse (M.), -s 
'maisal, -z morsel, -s 
maisa'liam, -z mausoleum, -s 

moit — mDil 

— 296 — 

maisn— ma nij an. 

O ma;t, -s mort, -s 
m9:'t«elit|i, -iz mortalit|y(M.),-ie8 
'mo.'ta*, -z mortar, -s 
.'ma:ti|fai, -faiz, -faiii), -faid 

morti|fy, -fies, -fying, -fied 
moitifi'keij'aii mortification 
'moitima* Mortimer 
'maitis, -iz, -ig, -t mortis|e («. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'maitjuarji, -iz mortuarjy, -ies 
'maitll, -all mort|al, -ally 
'maitjleik, -lak Mort|lake, -lock 
'maitmein mortmain 
'm9:tii 1) Morton; 2) Moreton 
O ma:z 1) maws; 2) Mors; 

3) = 'maaz moors 
• mab, -s, -ij, -d mob (». v.), -a, 

-bing, -bed 
O 'modan, -z, -nis modern (». ac^.), 

-a, -ness 
'madanaiz, -iz, -ii|, -d modern- 

izle [-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
'maaan|ist/s, -izm modem|ist/s, 

mada'raitou, -z moderato, -s 
mada'reijdn moderation 
'madareit, -s, -ii), -id; -a*, -az 

moderat|e (v.), -es, -ing, -ed; 

-or, -ors 
'madarit, -s, -li, -nis moderate 

(«. adj.), -8, -ly, -ness 
'madilfai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid; 

'faia*, -faiaz; -faiabl modi|fy, 

-fies, -fying, -fied; -fier, -fiers; 

madifi'kei/an,-z modification, -s 
'madikam, -z modicum, -s 
'madist, -11, -i modest, -ly, -y 
madjn'leijan, -z modulation, -s 
'madjnleit, -s, -Ig, -Id; -a*, -az 

moduIat|e,-es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 
'madjuljas, -al moduljas, -i 
'mad|l, -Iz, -^Q, -Id; -l^*, -^az 

modjel(s. v.), -els, -elling, -elled; 

-eller, -ellers 
'madn, etc. = 'madan modem, etc. 
'madrlt, etc. = 'madarlt, etc. 
0'ms>ida:a*, -z moidore, -s 
'mala, -z moya (M.), -s 
'mala* Moir 

'maiat|i ['maiit-], -iz moiet|y, -ies 
mail, -z, -ig, -d moil, -s, -ing, -ed 

'mals|n, -nz, -i^^ii) [-nii)],. -nd 

moistjen, -ens, -ening, -ened 
'maist, -a*, -ist; -nis, -ja* moist, 

-er, -est; -ness, -ure 
Omak, -s, -ig/ll, -t; -a*, -az; -ari, 

-ariz mock (ac^. v.), -a, -ing/ly, 

-ed; -er, -ers; -ery, -eries 
'makasin, -z moccasin, -s 
'maklgbaid, -z mocking-bird, -s 
O mal'deivia [-Tja] Moldavia 
'maldan = 'ma:l- 1) Maiden; 

2) Maldon 
ma'lekjnla* = moa'I- molecular 
'malask, -s mollusc, -s 
'maljl, -iz molljy (M.), -ies 
'mau|fai, -faiz. -falli), -faid, 

-faiabl moUiffy, -fies, -fying, 

-fied, -fiable 
malifi'keiX»n mollification [-s 
'mallkjn:!, -z = 'moul- molecule, 
'mallkad|l, -Iz, -^i| [-lii|], -Id 

mollycoad|le, -Ies, -ling, -led 
malt, 'malta, etc. = ma:l- 
'maltoa molto 
'malyain ^ 'ma:l- Malvern 
O mam'blft)/ [-'blojj] (ma'bla) 

Mont Blanc 
Oma'na:k|»l[mo-, ma-], -ik, -ikal 

monarcn|al, -ic, -ical 
ma'nses- =: ma'ntes- 
'manad|i, -iz monodjy, -ies 
'manafBag, -z monophthong, -a 
'managreef [-gra:f], -s mono- 
graph, -s 
'managrtem, -z monogram, -s 
'manak. -s monarch, -s 
'manak i, -iz monarch|y, -ies 
'manak Ist/s, -izm monarch|iat/s, 

'manakl, -z = 'manakl, -z 
'manakou Monaco 
'manakronm, -z monochrome, -s 
'manallO [-nol-], -s monolith, -s 
mana'1161k [-no'l-] monolithic 
'manalag [-loag],-z monologue, -s 
'mana'melnia, etc. = 'manou'mein- 
'manasi'lieblk monosyllabic 
'mana silabl, -z monosyllable, -s 
'manastar|l, -iz monaster|y, -ies 
'manatoun, -z, -ig, -d monotonje 

(». v.), -a, -ing, -ed 
ma'nijan, -z = mou'n- 

'monita* — 'marisn 

297 — 

mori'teinia— 'mwairei 

'monita*, -z, -ri, -Jip monitor, 

-s, -y, -ship 
mani'tairial monitorial [-g 

'manjamant [-jam-], -s monument, 
maiuu'ment|l, -ali monument|al, 

man'kriif [man-] Moncrieff 
'manmaO, -Jia* Monmouth, -shire 
'manoM'meiiii|a [-na'm-, -nj-], 

•xkjs monomani|a, -ac/s 
mano- = mana- 
ma'nagam{as [mo-, ma-], -i, -ist/s 

monogam|ous, -y, -ist/s 
ma'nagraf|i, -iz monographjy, -ies 
'manakl [-nakl], -z monocle, -s 
mo'naksaid, -z monoxide, -s 
man'sn:n, -z monsoon, -s 
'mansta*, -z monster, -s 
'manstrans, -iz monstrance, -s 
'manstras, -li, -nis monstrous, 

-ly, -ness 
mans'trasitii, -iz monstrosit|y, 
man'taina Montana [-ies 

'mantagjn: [-tig-] Montagu(e) 
'mantfat [-fa:t] Montfort (Simon 

de M.) 
mant'gamdri, -Jia* Montgomery, 

'manti 1) monte (M.); 2) Monty 
mantifi'a:ri Montefiore 
'mantigjn: Montagu(e) 
manti'kadon Monte Carlo 
manti'ni:gr{on [-'neig-], -in/z 

Montenegr|o, -in/s 
mantri'a:! Montreal [golia, -n/s 
O mag'gonlia [-U^jj '■^/^ Mon- 
'maiigal [mai|'gal], -z Mongol, -s 
O map, -s, -ig, -t mop (s. v.), -a, 

-ping, -ped 
O ma'rail [mo-, ma-] morale 
ma'raia [mo-, ma-] Moriah 
ma'rseliti = ma- morality 
'mar|9l, -alz, -ali [-|i] mor|al 

(s. a^.), -als, -ally 
'maralaiz [-r^-], -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, 

-az moraIiz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, 

-ed; -er, -ers 
'maralist [-rj-], -s moralist, -s 
'maribAnd [-band] moribund 
'maris, -iz 1) morris (M.), -es; 

2) Maurice 
'marisn 1) Morison; 2) Morrison 

mari'teinia [-nja] = ma:r- 
marl, etc. = 'maral, etc. 
'marou, -z morrow (M.), -s 
O mas, -iz; -i, -ia*, -list, -inis 
moss (M.), -es; -y, -ier, -iest,"! 
'mask, -8 mosque, -s [-ineasj 
ma8'ki:toa [mas-], -z mosquito 
'maskon Moscow [(M.), -s 

'mas'ronz, -iz moss-rose, -s 
O mat Mott 

'matl, -z, -d mottle, -s, -d 
'matll motley (M.) 
'maton, -z motto, -s 
O maO, -s; -i:tn moth, -s; -eaten 
O'mazlem [-lam], -z Moslem, -s 
'mazli Mosley ['Bdl 

• mn:, -z, -ig, -d moo, -(e)s, -ing,J 
O mu:d, -z 1) mood, -s; 2) mooed 

(from moo) 
'ma:d|i, -ia*, -list, -iii, -inis 

mooajy (M.), -ier, -ieat, -ily,"| 
O muil Mowll [-ineasj 

O mu:n, -z, -ig, -d; -i {s. v.) moon 

(M.), -s, -ing, -ed; -y 
'ma:iibi:m, -z moonbeam, -s 
'mn:nka:|f, -tz mooncaljf, -ves 
'ma:n{lait, -lis, -lit, -str^k, -Jain 

moon|light, -less, -lit, -atruclc, 

-shine [mouaaeline"] 

O mn:s'li:n ['ma:sli:n] (mns'lin)J 
O mu:t, -s, -ig, -id moot {s.adj.v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
O mn.'T, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az mov|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
'mnirabl, -z, -nis movable, -a, 

'ma.'Tig, -li moving (adj.), -ly 
'mnivmant, -s movement, -s 
O mn:z moo(e)s (from moo) 

• mna* [moa*, ma:a*], -z, -rig, 
-d 1) (s. V.) moor (M.), -a, -ing, 
-ed; 2) Moore 

'mnagit['moa-,'ma:a-, -geit, -gat] 
Moorgate [hen, -al 

'muahen ['moa-, 'ma:a-], -z moor-J 

'mnaland ['moa-, 'ma:a-], -z moor- 
land, -a [ingsl 

'muarigz ['moa-, 'ma:a-] (s.) moor-J 

'mnarij ['moa-, 'ma:a-] Mooriah 

O'mukdan Mukden 

O mus'tttij", -iz = ma's- 

• 'mfra:rei (mwa're) moir^ 

n — naissen 

— 298 

nai'si'a — nant 


• n 1) and {weak form); 2) an 
(weak form) 

m na:*, -z, -rii), -d 1) guar, -s, 

-ring, -red; 2) knar, -s 
O na:d 1) nard; 2) gnarred (from 
O'naigari Nagari [gnar) 

O na:'i:v ['na:i;T, 'naiiT, 'neiiy], 

"li naive, -ly 
O 'na:k3t|ist/s, -izm narcot{ist/s, 
nai'konsis narcosis [-ism 

nai'katik, -8 narcotic (». ac^.), -s 
O na:l, -z, -d gnarl, -s, -ed 
O na:'8is|3S, -asiz, -ai narcissjus 

(N.), -uses, -i 
'iia:st|i, -ia*, -list; -ili, -inis 

nastly, -ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
O'naiwal, -z narwhal, -s 
O na;:z 1) gnars; 2) knars 

• nai nigh 
O'naised, -z naiad, -s 
nai'segars Niagara 
nai'eenza Nyanza 
nai'sesa, -Isend Nyassa, -land 

O'naidsa* Niger 

O'naiSa* ['ni:58*] neither 

O'naiabi Niobe 

O nai|f, -TZ kni|fe (s.), -ves 

naif, -s, -iij, -t knif|e («.), -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'naifbaid, -z knife-board, -s 
naifeds, -iz, -d knife-edge, -S, -d 
'naifgraind|8*, -az, -ij knife- 

grind|er, -ers, -ing 
'naifrest, -s knife-rest, -s [-ism 
0'naiMl{ist/s, -izm nihil|iBt/s, 
O 'naiiv, -11= na:'i:T, -11 naive, -ly 
O nail Nile 

O nain, -z, -fonld nine, -s, -fold 
'nainpin, -z ninepin, -s 
naln'tlin, -z, -8, -68 nineteen, -s, 

-th, -ths 
'nalnt|i, -iz ninet|y, -ies 
'naintiie [-Ijjie], -8 ninetieth, -s 
nalnO, -s, -11 ninth, -s, -ly 
O nals, -a*, -181, -11, -nls 1) nice, 

-r, -st, -ly, -ness; 2) gneiss 
'naisal nisi 
'naissen Nisan 

nai'sra Nicsea 
nal'slin Nicene 
'nalslt|l, -iz nicetjy, -ies 
O nait, -8, -Ig, -Id 1) {».) night, -s; 
2) (s. V.) knight (K.), -s, -ing, -ed 
'nait'bsetjila*, 'nalt8'b . . . knight- 
bachelor, knights-b . . . 
'naltbel, -z night-bell, -s 
'naltdres, -iz nightdress, -es 
'nalt'erant, 'nalts'erant knight- 
errant, knights-errant 
'naita* nitre 
'ualtfa.'l night-fall 
'naltgann, -z night-gown, -s 
'naithnd, -z knighthood, -s 
'naitiggeil, -z nightingale (N.), -s 
'naltkeep, -s night-cap, -s 
'naitlait, -s night-light, -s 
'naltl|l, -la*, -list, -lnl8 l)nightly; 
2) knightl|y, -ier, -iest, -iness 
'naltlag night-long [-ish 

'naitmea*, -z, -rlj nightmar|e, -es, 
'nait^pa:ta*, -z night-porter, -s 
'naltralt, -s nitrite, -s 
'naitreit, -s nitrate, -s 
'naltradsan [-trids-] nitrogen 
'naltras nitrous 
'naitrik nitric 

'naltroMgli8a'rl:n [-'gUsar-] nitro- 
glycerine [ous"| 
nal'tradsinas [-dsan-] nitrogen-J 
'naits'bsetj"ila* knights-bachelor 
|nait8brld5 knightsbridge 
'nalts'erant knights-errant 
'naltsaiTls knight-service 
'nalt'sl:z9n night-season 
'naltlJeld, -wa;k night|shade, 

-work [-ers, -ing 

[naitwoikje*, -az, -ig night-walk|er, 
'naifwotj", -Iz night-watch, -es 
'nait'wat/fman, -man night- watch- 

{man, -men 
O naivz (plur. of naif) knives 
Onal'zsem, -z = ni'zaim, -z 
• nan, -adeiz now, -adays 
Onann, -z noun, -s 
O nans nous [-ing, -ed 

O nant, -s, -Ig, -Id knout (s. v), -s, 

nceb — 'nte J9nalist 

— 299 

'nsejan^— 'iiAtkrteka* 

• iijeb, -z, ^ig, -d nab (s. v.), -s, 
-bing, -bed 

O nse'feillam [-Ijsin] gnapbalinm 

'nseftalai Napbtali 

'niefOa ['ntepOaj, -li:n naphtha, 

Onteg, -z, -ii), -d 1) nag (s. v.), 
-a, -ging, -ged; 2) (s.) knag, -s 

'nsego*, -z nagger, -s 

nsega'saiki Nagasaki 

'nsegji, -inis knagg|y, -iness 

O nsek, -s knack, -a 

'nseba*, -z knacker, -s 

O'nsembi'psembi namby-pamby 

0'nsen|i, -iz 1) nann|y (N.), -ies; 
2) Nannie 

nien'bi:n = neei|'ki:n nankeen 

nien'kin Nankin 

'nsensi Nancy 

'neensn Nansen 

neen'tAkit Nantucket 

'nsentwitj Nantwich 

O nieg'ki:n [nsen'k-] nankeen 

O nsep, -8, -ii), -t 1) nap («. v.), -s, 
-ping, -ped; 2) knap, -s, -ping, 
-ped [-ring/s 

niepkiii, -z; -rij/z napkin, -a; 

'nsepssek, -s knapaack, -a 

'n«epea,-li:n=iisef- naphtha, -lene 

O nse'reijan [na-], -z narration, -a 

nse'reit [na-], -s, -iii, -id; -a*, -az 
narrat|e, -ea, -ing, -ed; -or, -ora 

'nseratiT, -z narrative (s. a^.), -a 

'nseron, -9*, -ist; -Ii, -nis; -z, 
-ii|, -d narrow (a^'. v.), -ei, -eat; 
-ly, -neaa; -s, -ilig, -ed 

nseron.geids narrow-gauge 

'nseron'maindid , -nis narrow- 
minded, -neas 

O'nsesan Naaaau {in Germany) 

'nses^nt naacent 

'nseso: Naaaau {in America) 

O nsej", -iz, -ig, -t 1) Naah; 
2) gnaah, -es, -ing, -ed 

naeja'nselitji [-/]?'»-], -iz nation- 
alit|y, -iea 

nae/andlaiz [-/?-], -iz, -ig, -d 
nationalizje [-is|e], -ea, -ing, -ed 

'nseJanalAi'zeiJan [-Ji;i-] nation- 
alization [-iaa-] 

'nsejanallist/s [-Jia-], -izm nation- 
al|iat/B, -iam 

'nseJIan^ ['IjlV, -anali [-^ali] 

natijonal, -onally 
'naeJ'Tll Naahville 
O nsBt, -s 1) gnat, -a; 2) Nat 
'n8et|i, -ia*, -list, -ili, -inis nattjy, 

-ier, -ieat, -ily, -inesa 
nsBtJar- = neet^r- 
'nsetjrldl, -ali, -alnis natur|al 

(s. adj.), -ally, -alneaa 
'naet/ralaiz, -iz, -ii), -d natural- 

iz|e [-i8|e], -ea, -ing, -ed 
nsetJralai'zeiXan naturalization 

'nsetjraljist/s, -izm natural|iBt/8, 
nsetjra'listik naturalistic [-ism 
nsBtJur- = naetjr- 
0'n»T|i, -iz navv|y, -iea 
neeTi'geiX^n navigation 
'nsevigeit, -s, -ig, -id navigat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'nsevigabl, -nis navigable, -neas 
O'nsezariO Nazareth 
nseza'riin, -z Nazarene, -a 
• nAd3j -iz, -ig, -d nudg|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
O'nAgit, "S nugget, -a 
0'nAk|l, -Iz, -|ig, -Id knuck|le 

(s. v.), -lea, -ling, -led 
'nAklbonnz knuckle-bonea 
'nAkldsaint, -s knuckle-joint, -a 
'nAks'vamika nux vomica 
O nil null 
'nAll|fai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid nul- 

lijfy, -fiea, -fying, -fied 
nAlifi'keiJan nullification 
'nAlit|i, -iz nullit|y, -iea 
O nAm, -Ii, -nisj -z, -ig, -d numb 

{adj. v.), -ly, -neaa; -s, -ing, -ed 
'nAmba*, -z, -rig, -d; -lis number 

(«. v.), -a (N.), -ing, -ed; -less 
'nAinskAl, -z numskull, -s 
O HAD, -z 1) none; 2) nun (N.), -s 
'iiAnar|i, -iz nunnerjy, -ies 
'nAnJ'ion [-Jj-, -si-, -sj-],-z nuncio, 
O'nApJal, -z nuptial, -a [-a 

O'nAriJ, -iz. -ig, -tj -mant nour- 
ish, -ea, -ing, -ed; -ment 
O HAt, -s; -brann nut, -a; -brown 
'nAta* Nutter 

'nAthsetJ, -iz nuthatch, -ea 
'nAti nutty 
'iiAtkrseka*, -z nut-cracker, -a 

'nAtmeg— neizalai'zeijan — 300 — nebjnkad'neza* — 'neslla 

'nxtmeg, -z nutmeg, -s 
'iiAta:! Nuttall 
'nAtsfad Knutsford 
'nAtJel, -z nutshell, -s 
O'nAOii), -z, -nis nothing, -s, -ness 
• nei, -z, -ig, -d 1) neigh (s. «.), 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) nay; 3) n^e; 

4) Neagh 
O'neiba*, -z, -rig, -11 neighbour, 

-s, -ing, -ly 
'neibahnd {old - fashioned 'nei- 

barnd), -z neighbourhood, -s 
'neibab, -z nabob, -s 
'neibaO Ifaboth 
O neld neighed {from neigh) 
'neidia*, -z nadir, -s 
O'neiaman iNaaman 
'neiami Naomi 
O'neiham [-hAm] Nahum 
O'neUn Nain 

'neilT, -11 = na:'l:T, -11 naive, -ly 
0'neikld,-ll, -nls naked, -ly, -ness 
O neil, -z, -ig, -d nail (s. v.), -a, 

-ing, -ed 
'neila*, -z 1) nailer, -s; 2) Naylor 
Oneim, -z, -ig, -d; -11; -lis nam|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -ely; -eless 
'uelmselk, -s namesake, -s 
O nelp, -s nape, -s 
'neipia* [-pja*] Napier 
'neiplz Naples 
O'DeiJan, -z nation, -s 
O nei'teljan [na-] natation 
neita'tairial natatorial [-ly 

'neitir, -z, -11 native (s. adj.), -a, 
'neitl natal 
'neitran natron 
'neltja*, -z, -d nature, -s, -d 
O'neiOan [-Osen] Nathan 
O nelv, -z 1) knave, -s; 2) nave, -s 
'nelT»I, -z 1) naval; 2) navel, -s 
'nelvar|i, -iz knaver|y, -ies 
'neiT|i, -iz nav|y, -ies 
'nemj*, -11, -nig knavish, -ly, -ness 
Oneiz, -iz 1) naze (N.), -s; 

2) neighs (from neigh) 
'nelzbi Naseby [-als, -*lly 

'nelz{9l, -912, -all naB|al (s. acy.), 
'neizalalz [-zlf-], -iz^ -Ig, -d nasal- 

iz|e [-is|e], -es, -mg, -ed 
neizalarzeijan [-z^-] nasalization 


• nebjnkad'neza* Nebuchadnez- 
'nebjnlja, -1:, -az, -a*, -as nebul|a, 

-se, -as, -ar, -ous 
nebju'lositl nebulosity 
ne'brseska = ni- Nebraska 
0'ned|i, -iz Nedd|y, -ies 
O'neSa* nether 

'nedaland, -z; -a*, -az Nether- 
land, -s; -er, -ers 
'nedamonst [-mast] nethermost 
O ne'fsa- = ni'fea- 
'neQn:, -z^'nevju:, -z nephew, -s 
O ne'gei- = ni'gei- 
'negatlT, -z, -11, -nis; -ig, -d 

negativ|e (s. adj. v.), -es, -ely, 

-eness; -ing, -ed 
'neglidsabl [-dsib-] negligible 
'neglidsanjs, -slz, -t, -tli neg- 

ligenjce, -ces, -t, -tly 
Onek, ijs neck, -s 
'nekbsend, -z neckband, -s 
'nekatjif, -s neckerchief, -s [-s 
'nek|kl9T6, -s [-kla:5z] neck-cloth, 
'neklig, -iz necklace, -s 
'nekroMm%n8|i [-kram-], -a*, -az 

necromanc|y, -er, -ers 
ne'kraladsli [ni-], -iz, -ist/s 

necrologly, -ies, -ist/s [-es 

ne'krapalis [ni-], -iz necropolis, 
neks 1) necks (plur. of neck); 

2) = nekat(frequent form before 
nekst next [consonants) 

'nektai, -z neck-tie, -s 
'nekta* [-to:*] nectar 
'nektarin, -z nectarine, -s 
O nel, -z, -ig, -d knell (». v.), -a, 

-ing, -ed 
'neli 1) Nellie; 2) Nelly 
'nelsn Nelson 
nelt knelt (from kneel) 
O'nemisis Nemesis 
O'nep^nm Neptune 
O ne'risa := ni- Nerissa 
O nes, -iz ness (N.), -es 
ne'ses- = ni'ses- 
'nesis9r|i [-sas-], -iz, -ill, -inis, 

necessarfy (g. adj.), -ies, -ily, 

'nesjl. -Iz, -^g [-lig], -Id 1) ne8t|le 

(N.), -Ies, -ling, -led; 2) Nestle 
'neslig, -z («.) = 'nestllg, -z 

nest — na'tiviti 

301 — 

na'toiries — ni:X 

nest, -8, -ig, -id nest (s. v.), -s, 

-ing, -ed 
'nesteg, -z nest-egg, -s 
'nesflii), -z nestling (s.) {young 

tird), -8 
'nestoj* Nestor 
nes'tairian, -z Nestorian, -s 
Onet, -8, -ig, -id net (s. v.), -s, 

-ting (o. s.), -ted 
'net|l, -Iz, -Jig, -Id nett|le (s. «.), 

-les, -ling, -led 
'netli Netley 
'netlrffij nettlerash 
'netir3:k network 
One'Toida [ni-] Nevada 
'ncTa*, -'maid* never, -more 
nevada'les nevertheless 
'ncTil Nevill(e) 
'nevis = 'niiris Nevis 
'nevjn: ['ne^u:], -z nephew, -s 
O'nezbit Nesbit(t) 

• 'nsa* ne'er 

O 'neadu'wel, -z ne'er-do-well, -s 

O'nean Naim(e) 

0'nE3z Nares 

'nsazbara Enaresborough 

• na:*, -z knur(r), -s 

O i»a:s, -iz, -ig, -t nurs|e (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'na:8meid, -z nurse-maid, -s 
'naisrli [-sar-], -iz nurserjy, -ies 
'naisrimeid, -z nursery -maid, -s 
O'neitja*, -z, -rig, -d nurtur|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
Ona.T, -z, -ig, -d; -lis nerv|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -eless 
'naivas, -li, -nis nervous, -ly, -ness 
'naiTsel, -z nerve-cell, -s 
'narrsenta*, -z nerve-centre, -s 

• na* {occasional weak form of 
na:*) nor 

O na'feiliam [-Ijam] = nse- 

O na'pia* Napier 

na'ponljan [-lian], -z napoleon 

naponli'oniE napoleonic 
O na'reit, etc. = nse'reit, etc. 
na'risa = ni- Nerissa 
O nas'ta:Jani, -z nasturtium, -s 
O na'tael Natal 

na'teijan = nei'teijan natation 
na'tivitji, -iz nativit|y (N.), -ies 

na'tairias, etc. = nou't- notorious, 
O na'Osenjal Nathaniel {etc. 

na'OAm- = na:'6Am- 
O na'To:* (na'va:r) Navarre 
na'vem-, na'vij- = now'v- 
• ni:, -z, -ig, -d knee (s. v), -s, 

-ing, -d 
0'ni:balng. -z, -an Nibeluug, -s, 
'ni:bon Neoo [-en 

'ni:britXiz knee-breeches 
O ni:d, -z, -ig, -id 1) need {s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed; 2) knead, -s, -ing, 

-ed; 3) kneed {from knee) 
'ni:da*, -z kneader, -s 
'ni:d|fMl, -full [-fall], -fulnis 

need|ful, -fully, -fulness 
'ni:'di:p knee-deep 
'ni:d|i, -ia*, -iist; -ili, -fnis need|y, 

-ier, -iest; -ily, -iness 
'ni:digtr3'f , -s kneading-trough, -s 
'ni:dl, -z needle, -s (N.) 
'ni:dli8, -li, -nis needless, -ly,-nes» 

|case/s, -shaped; -work 
'ni:dl|wnman, -wimin needle- 

|woman, -women 
ni:dz 1) needs {from need & adv.)', 

2) kneads {from knead) 
'niidsoint, -8 Knee-joint, -s 
0'ni:da* ['naida*] neither 
O nra'politan, -z Neapolitan, -s 
0'ni:gas negus (N.) 
'ni:gri8, -iz negress, -es 
'ni:gron, -z negro (N.), -es 
O nL'Ai'maia [-Aa'm-] Nehemiah 
0'ni:k8ep, -s knee-cap, -s 
O ni:l, -z, -ig, -d, nelt 1) kneel, 

-s, -ing, -ed, knelt; 2) Neal(e); 
'ni;la*, -z kneeler, -s [3) Neil(l} 
'ni:l8n NeUson 
O'ni:mon Nemo 
nr'manik [mn-], -s mnemonic 

(g. ado.), -8 [synel 

ni:'mazini' [mn-, -asi-] Mnemo-J 
O'ni'OMfait, -s neophyte, -s 
'ni'on'lsetin neo-latin 
[ni'Ou'liOik neolithic 
Oni:p, -8 neap (s. adj), -s 
'ni:|pa*, -sta* Dnie|per, -ster 
'ni:pa8 Nepos 

O ni:s. -iz 1) niece, -s; 2) Nice 
O ni:/, etc. =^ nitj niche, etc. 

ni:t — 'nikl 


'niklbi— njnid 

O ni:t, -a*, -ist; -li, -nis neat, -er, 
O niie neath [-est; -ly, -ness 
O'niiTa Neva 
'niiTis ['ncTis] Nevis 
O ni:z knees {from knee) 
% ni'sepalis Neapolis 
ni'sen-, ni'tes- = nai- 
O nib, -z nib, -s 
'iiib|l, -Iz, -Jig, -Id nibblle (s. v.), 

-les, -ling, -led 
'niblik, -s niblick, -s 
ni'brseska [ne-] Nebraska 
O nia*, -ra*, -rist; -li, -nis; -z, 
•rig, -d near (adj. v. adv. prep.), 
-er, -est; -ly, -ness; -s, -ing, -ed 
'niafait, -s = 'ni:on- neophyte, -s 
nia'palit^n [ni:a-]^ -z Neapolitan, 
'niari'id, -z Nereid, -s [-s 

'niaron Nero 

'nia'saitid, -nis near-sighted, -ness 
nia'ra:na [na>] Nirvana 
O ni'fearias [ne-], -li, -nis nefar- 
ious, -ly, -ness 
O ni'geijan [ne-], -z negation, -s 
'niga^-, -z nigger, -s 
'nigad, -z niggard, -s 
'nigadi|i, -inis niggardl|y, -iness 
ni'glekt, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
neglect (s. v.), -s; -ing, -ed; -er, 
ni'glekt|ful, -fnli [-fall], -fwlnis 

neglect|ful, -fully, -fulness 
nigonXi'eiJan, -z negotiation, -s 
ni'gonj'ieit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 
. negotiat|e,-es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 
nigonj'ia'biliti [-Jja-] negotia- 
ni'gonjiabl [-/ja-] negotiable 
O nik, -s, -ig, -t nick («. «.) (N.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
nika'ba:* [-ko'b-] Nicobar 
'nikabaka*, -z knickerbocker, -s 
nika'diimas Nicodemus 
'nikal, -z 1) Nichol, -{l)s; 2) Nic- 

ol(l), -s ; 3) = 'nikl nickel 
'nikalas [-k|-] 1) Nicholas; 

2) Nicolas 
nika'rtegjuaj -n/z Nicaragua, -n/s 
nika'tiin ['nikat-] nicotine 
'nik|l, -Iz, -alig [-^gj.-ld l)nick{el 
(s. v), -ells, -elling, -eUed; 
2) = nikal 

'niklbi Nickleby 

'nik^as = 'nikalas 

'niknsek, -s; -ari 1) nick-nack, -s; 

2) knick-knack, -s; -ery 
'nikneim, -z, -ig, -d nicknamje 

(«. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
ni'kra- = ne'kro- 
niks, -iz nix, -es 
'niksi, -z nixie, -s 
O nil nil 

O'nimbjas, -ai ninib|us, -i 
'nimbll, -la*, -list; -li, -Inis 

nimD|le, -ler, -lest; -ly, -leness 
nimf, -s. -91; -laik nymph, -s, 

-al; -lik« 
'nimini'pimini niminy-piminy 
ni'mafila, -z nemophila, -s 
ni'monik, -s = ni:- mnemonic, -a 
'nimrad Nimrod 
0'nin|i, -iz niim|y, -iea 
'ninivi Nineveh [poop, -s 

'ninkampnip ['nigk-j, -s nincom- 
Onion-, nio- = nfcon- 
ni'aladsaiz, -iz, -ig, -d neolog- 

iz|e [-ia|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
ni'olad3|i, -ist/s, -izm/z neolog|y, 

-ist/s, -ism/s 
O nip, -8, -ig, -t; -i nip (s. v), 

-s, -ping, -ped; -py 
'nipl, -z nipple, -s 
ni'pan Nippon 
O ni'risa [ne-, na-] Nerissa 
O ni'sesiteit, -s, -ig, -id neces- 

sitat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
ni'sesitas, -li, -nis necessitous, 

-ly, -ness 
ni'sesit|i, -iz necessit|y, -ies 
O nit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az knit, 

-s, -ting, -ted; -ter, -ters 
'nitigni:dl, -z knitting-needle, -s 
nitX [ni:/], -iz, -t niche, -s, -d 
Oni'vaida = ne- Nevada 
'nivit Knyvett [-s 

O ni'zaim [nai-, -'zsem], -z Nizam, 
'nizbit Nisbet 
f nju:, -a*, -ist 1) new, -er, -est; 

2) knew {from kno\^ 
O 'njn;|b3ra , -bari New|burgh, 

'njnibia [-bja], -n/z Nubia, -n/s 
'nja:ba:n newborn 
Onjnid, -iti nud|e, -ity 

'qjnidigit— 'njn'.poit 

— 303 

'njnisans — noud 

'njnidigit [-geit] Newdigate 

'iija:d5aiit Nugent 

O'nJH'a newer {compar. of new) 

'nju'sk Newark 

O njni'fanndland, -z Newfound- 
land (place, dog), -s 

'njaifannd'ltend [-fsnd-] New- 
foundland (place) [rare form in 
England, tut commonin America) 

'iijii:'f{e:09id newfangled 

'iija:'f«ejand new-fasMoned 

O ')ijii:g3t»ri nugatory 

'iguigit [-geit] Newgate 

O'njUsheiTii fnjii''h-] Newhaven 

O'lUtt'lfltan Newington 

'nju'ist 1) newest {superl. of new); 
2) knewest (from know) 

O ,iijn:'jo:k, -a*, -az New York, 

O'njnikoisl Newcastle [-er, -ers 

'njn:'kAm3*, -z newcomer, -b 

'njnikam, -z Newcome, -a 

'njn:ki: 1) New Quay; 2) Newquay 

'nja:ki Newquay 

'njuiklijas, -ai, -al, -a* nucle|us, 

O'njuili newly [-1, -al, -ar 

O iijn:ni, -z neume, -s 

'njn:ma:kit Newmarket 
nju-'mtenjia [-Jja] Numantia 
nja''m£etik, -s, -al, -all pneu- 
matic, -s, -al, -ally 
njn-'meTik{9l, -ali numeric|al, 

'njniman Newman [-ally 

iga:ma'reij'9n numeration 

'njniinareita*, -z numerator, -s 

'iija:in9rabl numerable 

'njnimaral, >z numeral, -s 

^nja:maras, -11, -nis numerous, 
-ly, -ness 

nja:ma'talad3|i, -ist/s pneuma- 
tologly, -ist/s 

Djai'inidla [-dja], -n/z Numidia, 

njaimiz'msetik, -s, -all numis- 
matic, -s, -ally 

njni'mizmatist, -s numismatist, -s 

iijn''inoniija pneumonia 

nja''manik pneumonic 


etc. ■■ 

'njnimaras, etc. 

O'njninam l)Nuneham; 2) Newn^ 
'njainls newness [ham 

iijii:nz Newnes 
O'njnipait Newport 

0'nja:sans, -iz nuisance, -s 

'nju:speipa*, -z newspaper, -s 

O njnit, -s newt, -s 

'njaitann Newtown 

'nju:ta*, -z neuter (s. adj.), -s 

'nja:tn Newton 

njai'tonnian [-iijan] Newtonian 

njii:'treellti neutrality 

'nja:tr{al, -alz, -all neutrjal (s. 

ac^.), -als, -ally 
'i^nitralalz, -iz, -Ig, -d neutral- 

iz|e [-isle], -es, -ing, -ed 
njuitralarzeijan neutralization 
']gu:trimant nutriment [-isa-] 
njn''trlj9n nutrition 
nju-'trijas, -11, -nis nutritious, 

-ly, -ness 
'njuitritlT [-trat-] nutritive 
O njuiz news 
iija:'zi:land New Zealand 
'njuizTcnda:*, -z newsvendor, -s 
O 'njua'j 'njnak = 'nju:- 
njua'raitis neuritis 
igna'rteldsla, -ik neuralg|ia, -ic 
njaartes'Oenlk [-ras-], -8 neu- 
rasthenic (s. adj.), -a 
njaar«es'ei:nla [-ras-, -'Oen-, -nja] 

'qjuaral neural 

'iijaarainba:g [-rim-] Nuremberg 
njna'rousis neurosis [-ist/s 

njna'raladsll, -ist/s neurolog|y, 
njna'ratlk, -s neurotic (s. adj.), -s 
nju'helTn, 'njnig-,'njnlst=iiju;- 
nja'ksesl local pron. of 'njn:ka:sl 

nju'm-, njn't" = njn:- 
nju'r- = njua'r- 
non, -z, -li), njn:, noun 1) no, 
-es; 2) know, -s, -ing, knew, 
known [-ies 

O'nonbad|l [-bad-], -iz nobod|y,' 
nou'bllit|i, -Iz noDilit|y, -ies 
'nonbjl, -Iz; -la*, -list; -11, -Inls 
nob|le (s. adj.) (N.), -Ies; -ler, 
-lest; -ly, -leness 
nou'bles noblesse 
'uoubl'maindld , -nis noble- 
minded, -ness 
'noabl{man, -man noble|man, -rmen 
'noubadl, -z = 'noubadi, -z 
O noud, -z, -1 nod|e, -es, -al 

'nonel— 'nonfraiz 

304 — 

now'Tcmba* — no:tf 

O'nouel [-91] Noel [Nowell] {per- 
sonal name) 
non'el Noel [Nowell] {Christmas) 
O'notw ['no:9] Noah 
'noii|8*, -az; -abl know|er, -ers; 
'nonal = 'nouel [-able 

O 'non|han, -Awsa* no|how, -where 
O'noiiig, -li, -nis knowing (adj.), 

-ly, -ness 
Ononks 1) Nokes; 2) Noakes 
O nonl, -z knoll, -s 
'nonlenz 'Toolenz nolens volens 
nonlz 1) Knowles; 2) Enolles; 

3) KnoUya 
Ononm, -z gnome, -s 
nou'msedik, -all nomadic, -ally 
'nonmankleitja* [-men-, -min-], 

-z nomenclature, -s 
'nonmik 1) nomic; 2) gnomic 
'nonmon [-man], -z gnomon, -s 
non'manik, -9l, -all gnomonic, 
-al, -ally [2) noneT 

Ononn 1) known (from know); J 
'nounABii), -z know-nothing, -s 
nonnadsl'nearian [nan-], -z non- 
'nonnids nonage [agenarian, -s 
nonnz nones 
O'nonsis gnosis 
O'nonJI^n, -^nz, -an!|.[-]^^]noti|on, 

-ong, -onal 
O nont^ -s, -ii), -id notje (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'nontbnk, -s note-book, -a 
nott'teijan, -z notation, -s 
non'tearial, -i notarial, -ly 
'nonta'biini nota-bene 
nonta'bllit|i, -iz notabilitjy, -ies 
'nontabjl, -li, -Inis notabjle, -ly, 
noata'raiati notoriety [-leness 
'nontar|i, -iz notarjy, -ies 
'nontilfai, -faiz, -faiii)^ -faid 

noti|fy, -fies, -lying, -fied 
'nontiiaiabl [nonti'fai-] notifiable 
nontifi'keij'an, -z notification, -a 
'nontis, -iz, -ig, -t; -abl, -abl! 
notic|e (s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; 
-eable, -eably 
not«'ta:riag [na't-], -11, -nis no- 
torious, -ly, -ness 
'nont|peipa*, -waidi note- [paper, 

O'noujwaiz, -wsa* no|wise, -where 

O noM'Tcmba* [na'y-], -z No- 
vember, -s 

'nonra'skon/a Nova Scotia 

noM'TiJieit [no'v-, na'v-], -s no- 
viciate [-viti-], -s 

O nonzj -iz, -ii), -d 1) nos|e (s. v.), 
-es, -ing, -ed; 2) noes {jplvr. of 
no); 3) knows {from know) 

'nonzgei, -z nosegay, -a 

'nonzi nosy 

'noazri:g, -z nose-ring, -s 

# no* {occasional weak form of 
no:*) nor 

no'biliti = non'biliti nobility 
noa = 'nona Noah 
no'm-, no't- = non- 
no'OAm- = n3:'0Am- 
no'vem-, no'vi/- = nou'v- 

• no:, -z, -ig, -d gnaw, -a, -ing, -ed 
no:* I) nor {normal form); 2) Nore 
0'na:oali northerly 

'naidan, -monst northern, -moat 
'naidana*, -z Northerner, -a 
O'no:a = 'nona Noah [Nore 
'naia*, -z 1) gnawer, -a ; 2) = no:* 
0'na:{fak, -gelt, -land Nor|folk, 

-gate, -land 
O na:ni, -z norm, -s 
'na:m|»l, -all norm|al, -ally 
'na:malaiz, -iz^ -ig, -d normalizje 

[-ia|e], -es, -mg, -ed 
n3:malai'zei/9n normalization 
'na:man. -z Norman, -s ([-isar] 
'n3:man[bi, -di Norman|by, -dy 
O n9:n, -z Norn, -s 
0'na:r|a, -am Nor|a(h), -ham 
O na:s, -man, -man Norse, -man, 

'n9:sieit ['n9:Ji-], -s, -ig, -id 

nauseatle, -es, -ing, -ed 
'na:gia [-sga, -Jla, -Jja] nausea 
'no:sia8 [-sj-, -Ji-, -Jj-], -li, -nis 

nanaeous, -ly, -neas 
O 'no: Jla [-Jja], etc. = 'n9:8ia 

nauaea, etc. [-a 

O n9:t, -s 1) naught, -s; 2) nought, 
'n9:t|i, -la*, -list, -ili, -inis 

naught|y, -ier, -ieat, -ily, -iness 
'n9:tik|9l, -9li nauticjal, -ally 
'na:til9S, -iz nautilus, -es 
'na:tn Norton 
n9:tj, -iz nautch, -ea 

]ia:6 — 'nok'daon 


'nakii) — 'nonjalans 

Ona:e north (N.) 
nai'Otelatn Northallerton 
nai'Oxmptan, -J"ia* Northamp- 
ton, -shire 
noi'Osents Northants 
nai'OAmbslsnd [no-, ns-] Nor- 
n9:'6i.mbri3, -n/z [no-, na-] Nor- 

thumbria, -n/s 
'no:6brak Northbrook 
'noiOeindsa* Northanger 
'no:e|fi:ld, -f li:t North|field, -fleet 
'noiO'iist, -a*, -8z, -all, -an, -wad 
north-east, -er, -ers, -erly, -em, 
'naiOkat [-kont] Northcote 
naiekUf Northcliffe 
'na:0|man, -man North|man, -men 
'no:6'west, -a*, -az, -all, -an, -wad 
north-west, -er, -ers, -erly, -em, 
'naiOwad, -z, -11 northward, -s, -ly 
'n3:6|wit J, -wnd North|wich, -wood 
O'naiwei Norway 
na:'wl:d5an, -z Norwegian, -s 
'narwitj" Norwich (in America) 
'naiwnd Norwood 
O na:z gnaws (from gnaw) 
• nab, -z 1) nob, -s; 2) knob, -s 
'nab|i, -ia*, -list, -ill, -inis 

1) nobb|y, -ier, -lest, -ily, -iness; 

2) knobbly, -ier, -iest, -iness 
'nab|l, -Iz, -Jii) [-lig], -Id nobb|le, 

-les, -ling, -led 
O nad, -z, -ig, -id nod (s. v.) (N.), 

-3, -ding, -ded 
'nad|i, -iz nodd|y, -ies 
'nadjn:!, -z nodule, -s 
'na^nlja*, -as nodul|ar, -ons 
'nadl, -z noddle, -s 
O'nagin, -z noggin, -s [-s 

O'naiou, -z = 'nwaion, -z noyau, 
'naisam, -lij-nis noisome, -ly, -ness 
naiz, -iz, -ig, -d; -i, -ia*, -list, 

-Hi, -inis nois|e (s. v.), -es, -ing, 

-ed; -y, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
'naizlis, -li, -nis noiseless, -ly, 

O nak, -s, -ig, -t; -a*, -az knock 

(v.), -a, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'nakj'dann, -ni:d knock-|down, 


'nakig, -z (s.) knocking, -s 
naks 1) Nox; 2) Knox; 3) knocks 

(from knock) 
'nakjas, -li, -nis noxious, -ly, -ness 
nak'ta:n['nakt-], -z nocturn(e), -s 
nak'ta:n|^, -all nocturn|al, -ally 
O nalids, -iz knowledge, -s 
O'namad, -z nomad, -s 
nami'neijan, -z nomination, -s 
'naminelt, -8, -ii|, -id: -a*, -az 
nominat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 
'naminativ, -z nominative (s. adj.), 
nami'ni:, -z nominee, -s [-s 

'namin|^, -ali nomin|al, -ally 
O nan non 

'nandi'livari non-delivery 
'nandiskript, -s nondescript, -s 
'nan'dsnara*, -z nonjuror, -s 
na'nentit|i, -iz nonentit|y, -ies 
'nanab'zaivans non-observance 
nanadsi'nearian, -z = nonn- 
'nan|ak'septans, -a'piarans, 
-a'tendans non- 1 acceptance, 
-appearance, -attendance 
'nan'fi:z9ns non-feasance [-t 

'nanig'zistanjs, -t non-existen|ce, 
'nani'senjal non-essential 
'nan'kambatant [-'kim-], -s non- 
combatant, -s 
'nanlka'mi/snd^ -kam'plaians 

non-|commissioned, -compliance 
'nankan^dAkt|a*, -az, -ig non- 
conduct] or, -ors, -ing 
'nankan'fa:m|ist/s, -iti Noncon- 
form |ist/s, -ity 
'nanmemba*, -z non-member, -s 
'nan'peimant non-payment 
'nanparel [nanpa'r-] nonpareil 
'nan'plAS, -iz, -ig, -t nonplus, 

-sea, -sing, -sed 
'nan'rezid^nt, -s non-resident, -s 
nans, -wa:d/z nonce, -word/s 
'nan'sens occasional alternative 
form of 'nansns nonsense when 
used interyectionally 
nan'sensiklal, -ali, -9lnis uon- 

8ensic|al, -ally, -alness 
'nanssns nonsense 
'nan'i^'uit, -s, -ig, -id nonsuit 

(s. v.), -8, -ing, -ed 
'nanjalan|s, -t, -tli nonchalan|ce, 
-t, -tly 

Micliaelis & Jones, Phonetic Dictionary. 


'norids— OM'braian 

306 — 

noTa'let — on'dsaJTal 

O'norids Norwich (in England) 

'naris Norris 

O nos'tseldslia, -ik nostalg|ia, -ic 

'nastik, -s gno8tic''(». adj.), -a 

'nastisizm gnosticism 

'n3str9iii, -z nostrum, -s 

'nostril, -z noBtril, -s 

O not, -s, -in, -id 1) not (normal 
form) ; 2) knot (s. v.), -s, -ting, 

'n9tgra:8 knotgrass [-ted 

'notji, -ia*, -iist, -ill, -inis knottly, 
-ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 

'natigam, -Jia* Nottingham, -shire 

nats 1) Notts; 2) knots (from 

not/, -iz, -ii), -t notch (s. v.), -es, 
-ing, -ed 

^natwiO'stsendig [-wid-] notwith- 

O'naTal, -z novel (». ac^.), -a 

[■tI'I-], -8 novelette, 
[-v].-], -8 novelist, -s 

'navis, -Iz novice, -s 

na'vij- = non'TiJ"- 
'navl, etc. = 'naval, etc. 
'naTltji, -iz noveltjy, -ies 
O'nazl, -z nozzle, -s 

• nt (weak form of nat) n't [not] 

• nu:, -z gnu, -a 
0'nn:al, -z noodle, -s 
0'nu:ga:, -z nougat, -s 
O nn:n, -z noon, -s 
'na:n|dei, -taid noon{-day, -tide 
O nu:8 [nu:z], -iz, -ig, -t [nn:zd] 

nooB|e (s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
nn:z 1) gnus (/row gnu); 2) =nn:s 

• nnk, -8 nook, -s [noose 

• nwa:'zet, -8 noisette, -s 
'nwaiou ['nt^aion] (nwa'jo), -z 

noyau, -s 


'ga:mi ['gga:-] Ngami 


(In Northern English and in many American dialects the diphthong 
ou is replaced by the pure vowel o:) 

on (interj.) 1) Oh; 2) O 

on, -z, -ig ['oig], -d 1) (v.) ow|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed; 2) O (the letter), 

-'s [-es] 
• oM'bei [a'b-], -z, -ig, -d; -a*, 

-az ohey, -a, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
ou'beisans [a'b-], -iz obeisance, -s 
O'onbed Obed 
onba'daia Obadiah 
'ouba'lin Oberlin (America) 
'onbaran Oberon 
O 0M'bi:djan|8 [a'b-, -di-], -t, -tli 

obedienjce, -t, -tly 
ou'bi:8, -nis, -iti obes|e, -eness, -ity 
'onbit, -8 obit, -s 
O'onbou, -z = 'onbai, -z oboe, -s 
'onboui8t, -8 oboist, -a 
'onbai, -z 1) oboe, -s; 2) hautboy, 
Oow'braian 1) O'Brien; [-s 

2) O'Bryan 

• ond, -z l)ode, -s; 2) owed (froml 
O 0M'ae8a Odessa [owe)J 

O'onda*, -z, -d; -lis 1) odour, 

-s, -ed; -less; 2) Oder 
'ondaka'lonn eau de Cologne 
'ondalisk, -s odalisque, -s [-nessT 
'ondaras, -li, -ni8 odorous, -ly,J 
onda'rifaras [ad-, -do'r-], -11, 

-nis odoriferous, -ly, -ness 
O on'di{am, -a, -amz ode|um, -a, 

'ondiam [-dj-] odium [-ness 

'ondias [-dj-J, -li, -nis odious, -ly, 
OM'disjn:s [a'd-] Odysseus 
O'ondon Odo 

ott'danahn: [-'din-] O'Donoghue 
ou'danavan O'Donovan 
ou'ianl O'DonneU 
O'ondsaiv, -z ogive, -s 
ou'dsaival ogival 

on5z— 'onld'meldij 

— 307 

'onld'stail— 'oup^n'haitld 

• oudz (plur. of on6) oaths 

• on'eisjis, -i:z oa8|is, -es 
'onalait ['ouol-], -s oolite, -a 
ona'lltik [ono'I-] oolitic 

• onf, -8, -ij oaf, -s, -ish 
'onfa* Ophir 

on'fi:lJ3 = a'f- Ophelia 

• 'onga*, -z ogre, -b 

O'ongll, -Ig, .^i| [-lia], -Id; -Ja» 
[-18*], -^.az [.l8zj og|le (O.), -les, 
-ling, -led; -ler, -lers 

'onglbi 1) Ogleby; 2) Ogilby 

Oou'greidi O'Grady 

'ongris [-gres], -iz ogress, -es 

• ow'haiou Ohio 
ou'hon oho 

• 'ouin, -ait/s Owen, -ite/s 
'ottig owing {from owe) 

• ou'ja:m» Oyama 

O on'jes ['OBJes, 'oujez] oyes, oyez 

• ouk, -s oak, -s 

O OM'ka:pi, -z okapi, -s 
O'ouksepl, -z oakapple, -s 
O 'oukba:k oakbark [-s, -ing, -d 
O'onka*, -z, -rig, -d ochre (s. v.), 
'onkain 1) oakum; 2) Oakham 
'oukau oaken 
'onkari och(e)ry 
O'oak'hsemjptaii 1] Oakhampton; 

2) Okehampton 

O 'Oakland, -z Oakland, -s 
'onkli 1) Oakleigh; 2) Oakley; 

3) Oakeley 
'onkllg, -z oakling, -s 
O'onkn oaken 

O OM'kana* 1) O'Connor; 

2) O'Conor 
O'oukr|i, -las ochr|y, -ecus 
O onks 1) oaks (O.); 2) Oakes 

• onld, -a*, -ist 1) old, -er, -est; 
2) Ould . 

'onld'dseutlmanli old - gentle-"! 
'onldam Oldham [manlyj 

'ouldan olden [-ness 

'onld'fsej'and, -nis oldfashioned, 
'onld'foagiij [-gjij] old-fogyish 
'onIdka:sl Oldcastle 
'onld'kIondz|in«en, -men old- 
clothes | man, -men 
'onldnis oldness 
'oaldl'meidij, -'wumanij" old- 
{maidish, -womanish 

'ouldl 'stall, -'taim, -'wa:ld old- 

Istyle, -time, -world 
O ou'liiik oleic [-ness 

oali'sedsinas , -nis oleaginous, 
ouli'senda*, -z oleander (0.), -s 
onli'aesta*, -z oleaster, -s 
ou'limplas [a'l-], -ia [-ja], -iied/z, 

Ik/s 01ymp|us, -ia, -iad/s, -ic/s 


ou], -z olio, -a 

O oulz 

• onm, -z ohm (O.), -a 
O'ouma: Omagh 
'ouma:* Omar 
ou'ma:ii ['onmsen] Oman 

O ote'maikran, -z omicron, -a 
O'oumen, -z, -d omen, -s, -ed 
p'oumaha: Omaha 
d'onmiga [-meg-], -z omega, -s 
'ouminas ['am-], -li, -nis ominous, 

-ly, -ness 
otc'misibl [-sabl] omissible 
OM'miJ'dn [a'm-], -z omission, -s 
OM'mit [a'm-], -s, -ig, -id omit, 
-s, -ting, -ted 

• onn, -z, -ig, -d own, -s, -ing,"| 
O'onnsen [-nan] Onan [-edj 
O 'ouna*, -z, -Jip owner, -s, -ship 
'ounas onus 

'onnaras = 'anaras onerous, etc. 
O OM'ni:l 1) O'Neal; 2) O'Neil(l) 
'onniks, -iz='anik8, -iz onyx, -es 
O'onnli only 

• onol- = oual- 

O on'aladsli, -ist/s oolog|y, -ist/s 

• cup, -s, -ig, -t op|e, -es,-ing,-ed 
O OM'pain, -z, -ig, -d opin|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
O OM'pjesiti opacity [-ness 

O OM'peik, -li, -nis opaque, -ly, 
O'oupal, -z opal, -s 
'oupalain, -z 1) opaline {adj); 

2) (s.) = 'onpalim, -z 
onpa'lesanls, -t opalescen|ce, -t 
'onpaliin, -z opaline (».), -a 
'oap|an, -ana* [-pi?-], -anist [-p|?-] ; 
-anz, -anig [-p|?-], -and op|en 
{adj. v.), -ener, -enest; -ens, 
-ening, -ened 
'oupan'aid [-p^^-] open-eyed 
'onpana* [-pv]j -z opener (g.), -s 
'onpan'ha:tid, -li, -nis open- 
hearted, -ly, -ness 


'onpanli— onTa'baidn 

308 — 'onTa'bild— ftnTa'hcei) 

'onpanli L"PV"] openly 
'onpan'maindid [-pi^-], -lij-'nis 

open-minded, -ly, -ness 
'onpan'mandd [-pif-] open- 

'onpsnnis [-pi^inis] openness 
'oupanwaik open-work 
'onpss = 'opas opus 
O'onpi Opie 
'onpieit, -s opiate, -s 
'onpieltid opiated 
O'onpjsm; -den/z opium; -den/s 
O'onpi, -z opal, -8 
O'onpm, 'onpn, etc. ='owp9a., etc. 
O'onpnli) {s.),-x opening, -s 

• otf'raili 0'B.eilly 

• ott'saiaris [9's-] Osiris 
O OM'seids Osage 
O'onsilDt [-lat], -s ocelot, -s 

• 'onX^n, -z ocean, -s 

O onji'senlk oceanic (0.) 
'on/ions, -li, -nis otiose, -ly, 

onji'ositi otiosity 

• ont, -s oat, -8 

O on'tel, -z = hon'tel, -z 
O'ontasKonp, -s otoscope, -s 
O'ontkeik, -s oatcake, -s 
O'outiaiil oatmeal 
O'ontn oaten 
O onts 1) oats; 2) Oates 

• on|0, -5z oa|th, -ths 
O'onebreik|a*, -8z, -ig oath- 

break|er, -ers, -ing 
O OM'eelon [o'e-] Othello 
O'ouOou Otho 
S'onrain ovine 
O OM'TeiJan, -z ovation, -s 
'ouTcit ovate (adj.) (egg-shaped) 
O ou'vearian ovarian 
0'onT8:t, -11 overt, -ly 
O'onva ova (plur. of ovum) 
'011T8*, -z over (s. adv. prep.), -a 
ouva'beelans, -iz, -ig, -t over- 

balanc|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
onva'bea*, -z, -rig, onT8'bo»*, 
ouva'boin overbear, -a, -ilng, 
overbore, overborne 
ouva'bearig (adj.), -li, -nis over- 
bearing, -ly, -ness 
ouT3'ba:d{n, -nz, -^lig, -nd over- 
biird|en, -ens, -ening, -ened 

'0UT3'bil|d, -dz, -dig, -t over- 

buil|d, -as, -ding, -t 
'onva'bizi over-busy 
'oaval'blon, -'blonz, -'bloMig, 

-'bin:, -'blonn over|blow, -blows, 

-blowing, -blew, -blown 
'onva'bonld, -li overbold, -ly 
'onvabDid [onvs'boiad] overboard 
'onva'boll, -z, -ig, -d overboil, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
onva'brim, -z, -ig, -d overbrim, 

-a, -ming, -med 
'onval'dAn, -'djn: over|done, -due 
'ouT3,don8, -iz overdose (s.), -s 
^onT3'dou8, -iz, -ig, -t overdos|e 

(v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'onrsdraift, -s 1) overdraft, -s; 

2) overdraught, -a 
'onval'draiT, -'draivz, -'draivig, 

-'drouv, -'drivn over|drive, 

-drives, -driving, -drove, -driven 
'onva'dres, -iz, -ig, -t overdress, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'onval'dro:, -'droiz, -'drozig , -'dru:, 

-'dram over|araw, -draws, 

-drawing, -drew, -drawn 
onval'dn:, -'dAz, -'dn-ig, -'did, 

-'dAn over] do, -does, -doing, 

-did, -done 
ouT8'd30i, -z, -ig, -d overjoy, 

-a, -ing, -ed 
'onTofe'tiig, -z, -ig, -d overfat- 

igu|e (». v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'ouTS'fiid, -z, -ig, 'onva'fed over- 
feed, -a, -ing, overfed 
'onTaflon, -z overflow (s.), -s 
onvs'flon, -z, -ig, -d overflow 

(v.), -8, -ing, -ed 
'ouTsrfDnd, -'fnl over-|fond, -full 
onyal'gon, -'gouz, -'gowig, -'went, 

-'go-n over|go, -goes, -going, 

-went, -gone 
'onva'grannd overground 
'onT8|'gron, -'gronz, -'gronig, 

-'grn:, -'gronn; -gronO over- 

Igrow, -grows, -growing, -grew, 

-grown; -growth 
'onrshsend overhand - 
'onyaheeg overhang (s.) 
ouva'hseg, -z, -ig, pnva'hAg 

over|hang (v.), -a, -ing, over- 

■ ouTa'hffipi — ,oav3'nait 

309 — onTe'pa:s— 'onTa'skrnip- 

'ouTal'htepi, -'heisti over-lhappy, 

'ouTa'hed overhead [-hasty 

ouvahia*, -z, -rii), ourd'hsid 
overhear, -s, -ing, overheard 

'ouva'hiit, -8, -ill, -id overheat, 
-s, -ing, -ed 

onva'ha:!, -z, -ii|, -d overhaul, 
-8, -ing, -ed [etc. 

ouTa'hwelm, etc. = onTa'welm, 

'ouva^kaist [cuTa'k-] overcast 

'oura'kaind over-kind 

onva'kAm, -z, -ip, oava'keim 
overcomje, -es, -ing, overcame 

'ouTa'ks3|ftel, -ftali [-fall], -fMlnis 
over-care|ful, -fully, -fulness 

onra'kland, -z, -li), -id over- 
cloud, -s, -ing, -ed 

'ouvakout, -s overcoat, -s 

'ouva'kanfidanls, -t, -tli over- 
confiden|ce, -t, -tly 

ouva'kraud, -z, -iij, -id over- 
crowd, -s, -ing, -ed 

'onva|'kredjul8s, -'kukt over- 
I credulous, -cooked 

'out|»1, -alz, -8li ov|al (s. adj.), 
-als, -ally 

^ouTa'laiig overlying 

'ouvalsend overland {adj.) 

onva'lsend overland [adv.) 

ouva'lsep, -s, -ig, -t overlap, -s, 
-ping, -ped 

'ouvalei^ -z overlay (s.), -s 

ouTS'lei, -z, -ig, ouva'leid over- 
lay (v.), -s, -ing, overlaid 

ouya'leid, -z, -iij, -id, -n over- 
ladle, -es, -ing, -ed, -en 

'onva'liif overleaf 

^onvaliip, -s, -ig, jOuva'lept 
[-'li:pt] overleap, -s, -ing, over- 

'onva'lond, -z, -ig, -id overload 
(s. v.), -B, -ing, -ed 

onva'luk, -s, -ig, -t overlook, 
-s, -ing, -ed 

'onvlam, -a ovum, -a 

onva'maista*, -z, -rig, -d over- 
master, -s, -ing, -ed 

'onvalmsen, -men over|man, -men 

'onva'msetj", -iz, -ig, -t over- 
match, -es, -ing, -ed 

'ouva'mAt/ overmuch 

onva'nait overnight 

oaT3'pa:s, -iz. -ig, -t overpass, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

'ouve'paist {ad}-) overpast 

onra'paua*, -z, -rig, -rigli, -d 
overpower, -s, -ing, -ingly, -ed 

'ouya'pei, -z, -ig,'ouTa'peid over- 
pay, -s, -ing, overpaid 

'ouTa|plAS, -'prand over|plus, 

'ouvapra'dikjan overproduction 

'ojuyaraim overarm 

ouvaj'raid, -'raidz, -'raidig, 
-'rend, -'ridn overlride, -rides, 
-riding, -rode, -ridden 

'ouva'raip; -n, -nz, -Jjiigj -nd 
overrip|e; -en,-ens,-emng,-ened 

'onva'rsekt, -s, -ig, -id overact, 
-s, -ing, -ed [-ly 

'onva'rseg&Jas, -li over-anxious, 

'oavarieg'zaiati over-anxiety 

ouva'rAn, -z, -ig, ouva'rsen over- 
run, -s, -ning, overran 

'onva'reit, -s, -ig, -id 1) overrat|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed; 2) = ouva'ret 
overate (from overeat) 

'ouvaresti'meij'dn over-estimation 

'ouva'restimeit, -s, -ig, -id over- 
estimat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

'ouva'riid, -z, -ig, 'ouva'red over- 
read {pres.), -a, -ing, overread 

'ouTa'rfiit, -i:ts, -iitig, -et, -i:tn 
over|eat, -eats, -eating, -ate, 
-eaten [-es, -ing, -ed"] 

ouva'riitj", -iz, -ig, -t overreach,J 

'ouTar|i, -iz ovar|y, -ies 

'ouvarik'sait, -s, -ig, -id; -mant 
overexcit|e, -es,-ing,-ed; -ement 

ouva'ro:, -z, -ig, -d overaw|e, -es, 
-ing, -ed 

'ouvaroil, -z overall (O.), -s 

'ouva'roit overwrought 

onya'rnil, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 
overrul|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

'onyasait, -s oversight, -s 

'ouTa'si:, -z, -ig, 'ouya'so;, 'onva- 
'si:n 1) (s.) oversea, -s; 2) {v.) 
oversee, -s, -ing, oversaw, over- 

'ouyasi'a*, -z overseer, -s 

'onya'skruipjulas, -li, -nis over- 
scrupulous, -ly, -ness 

'onT3'sIi:p — oa* 

310 — 

'oBTaljna* — o'maik- 

'oaT8|'sll:p, -s, -in, 'ouTa'slept 

oversleep, -s, -ing, overslept 

ouva'spred, -z, -i^ overspread, 
-s, -ing 

'ouva'steit, -s, mq, -id; -mant/s 
overBtat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -ment/s 

'onve'step, -s, -ig, -t overstep, 
-s, -ping, -ped 

'ouve'stok, -8, -ig, -t overstock, 
-B, -ing, -ed 

'ouTS'strAg overstrung 

'ouTa'strein, -s, -ig, -d overstrain 
(s. v.), -8, -ing, -ed 

'ouva'stretj, -iz, -ig, -t over- 
stretch, -es, -ing, -ed 

onva'/adou, -z, -ig, -d over- 
shadow, -s, -ing, -ed 

'ouva'/uit, -s, -ig, 'ouva'Jot over- 
shoot, -s, -ing, overshot 

'onva'taisk, -s, -ig, -t overtask, 
-s, -ing, -ed 

'ouva'taie*, -z, -rig, -d overtir|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed 

'onTa^taim overtime [-ing, -ed 

'ouva'tseks,-iz,-ig,>t overtax, -es, 

ouvaj'teik, -'teiks, -'teikig, -'tak, 
■'teikan over|take, -takes, 
-taking, -took, -taken 

'ouvatain, -z overturn (s.), -s 

0UTa'ta:n, -z, -in, -d overturn 
{v.), -s, -ing, -ed 

'onTaijua*[-tJ'na*, -Ijoa*, -tjoa*], 

-z overture, -s 
'onvatonn, >z overtone, -8 
ouva'tap, -s, -ig, -t overtop, -a, 

-ping, -ped 
'ouva't/o:d3, -iz, -ig, -d over- 

charg|e (s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'onvaOrAst, -s overthrust, -s 
'ouvaOron, -z overthrow («.), -s 
^onva'Oron, -z, -ig, onva'Cru:, 

^onva'Sroun overthrow {v.), -s, 

-ing, overthrew, overthrown 
'onva'weit overweight 
onva'welm, -z, -ig, -igli, -d 

overwhelm, -s, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
'onvawea* overwear 
'ouvawaik overwork («.) 
'ouva'waik, -s, -ig, -t; -a*, -az 

overwork («. v.), -a, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers 
'ouTa'Tse|ljn:, -Ijniz, -Ijn'ig, -ljn:d 

overva|lue, -lues, -luing, -lued 
O'cuvifoim oviform 
ou'riparas oviparous 
O'outI, -z oval (s. adj.), -s 

• ouz 1) O's [Oes] {plur. of O); 
2) owes {from owe) 

'ouzia* [-sya*], -z = 'ousa*, -z 
'ouzonn [ou'zoun] ozone 
ou'zanik ozouic [-s 

• 'onsa*^ ['ousia*, -3Ja*], -z osier, 


% {occasional weak form ofwy) of 

• ota'dsekj^n, ob'dsekt, etc. = ab- 
o'bei, etc., o'bi:djans = ou'b- 
o'biis, etc. = ou'bi:s,. eic. 
o'bitjuari, o'blaids, o'bleijan, 

etc. = a'b- 
ob'leit, etc. = ab- 
obli:-. obli-, obn-, obsi-, obskj-, 

obstr-, ob't- = ab- 
o'braian = ou'b- 
ob'sej", ob'si:-, obs'trik-, ob'tAnd, 

ob'ven-, ob'vait = ob- 
ob'vais (adj.) = 'abva:s obverse 
ob'zaiT, etc. = ab- observe, etc. 

• o'des-, o'dis-, o'dan- = ou- 
o'dantaid = a'd- odontoid 
#oa* [019*] o'er 

• o'fend, etc., o'fens, etc. = a'f- 
o'fid-, o'fis- = a'f- 

o'flJ"|»l, -as, etc. = a'f- 

• o'gAst- = a:'gAst- 
o'greidi = on- O'Grady 

• o'haiou = ou- Ohio 
o'hon = ou- oho 

• 'oin = on- Owen 
'oig = ou- owing 

• o'kaipi, -z = ou- 

• o'kAlt occult, etc. = o'k- 
o'klak = a'klak 

o'kluid occlude, etc. = a'k- 
o'kana* = ou- 

• o'limpas, etc. = on- 

• o'maik-, o'mis-, CmiJ*-, omit 
= ou- 

o'ni:!— 'oidit 

811 — 

o'rte — 'o:ganon 

• o'nlil = on- 

• o'pain, o'paesiti, o'peik = on- 
o'pAgn-, o'pAS-, o'pa:k-, o'pj- 

= a'p- 
o'ponz, etc. = a'p- oppose, etc. 
o'po: = a'po:- 

• o'raili = on- 

o'rje-, o're-, o'ran- = a'r- 

• o'saiaris, o'seids = on- 
•'oOelon = a'O- Othello 

• OT of {weak form) 
o'TeiJan, -z = on- ovation, -s 
o'Tiparas = ou- oviparous 

• o'zanik = on- ozonic 


a:, -z, -ii|, -d aw|e (s. i;.), -es, -ing, 

a:*, -z, -rii|, -d 1) or (a^. adv. 
conj.); 2) (s.) ore (0.), -s; 3) («. v.) 
oar, -s, -ing, -ed; 4) = oa* o'er 

• o:b, -z, -ii), -d orb (s. v.), -a, 
-ing, -ed 

0'a:bid orbed (adj.) [-ness 

a:'bikjala*,-li, -nis orbicular, -ly, 
'a:bit, -s, -I orbit, -s, -al 

• a:d 1) awed; 2) oared; 3) Ord(e) 
O a:'dge8iti audacity 
Oai'dein, -z, -ii), -dj -a*, -az 

ordain, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
ai'dei/as, -11, -nis audacious, -ly, 

O'ai'daiTT [-Ta*], -z = 'haz'd- 

horsd'oeuvre, -s 
0'a:da*, -z, -rii), -d; -lis order 

(s. v.), -8, -ing, -ed; -less 
'a:dal|i, -iz, -inis orderl|y (g. a^.), 

-ies, -iness 
'a:danri, -11 = 'a.'dinri (adj.), -Ii 
O a:'di'al, -z ordeal, -a 
O a:di'billti [-da'b-] audibility 
'a:dib|l [-dab-], -Ii, -Inis audib|le, 

-ly, -leness 
'aidians [-dj-], -iz audience, -s 
'a:diant [-dj-], -s audient, -s 
aidi'nei/an, -z ordination, -s 
'a.'dineit, -s ordinate, -s 
aidi'nsa* ['aidin-] (ardi'neir) ordi- 
'a:dinal [-n\], -z ordinal (s. ac^.), -s 
'a:dinans, -iz ordinance, -s 
'a:d»nar|l^ -iZj -ill ordinar|y {s. 

adj.), -les, -ily 
'aidinit [-dan-], -s ordinate, -s 
a:'dljan, -z audition, -s 
'a:dit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az audit 

(s.v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 

'a:ditar|i, -iz auditor|y, -ies 
'a:ditajip, -s auditorship, -s 
a:di'ta:riam, -z auditorium, -s 
O'aidjna* ordure 
0'a:dnans ordnance 
'a:dnr|i, -ill = 'aidinari (adj.) or- 

dinar|y, -ily 
0'a:d3|i, -iz org|y, -ies 
ai'dsiises ['a:d3i«es] Augeas 
• a:a*, etc. = a:*, etc. 
m a-f off 

O'a.'fa*, etc. dialectal for 'afa*, etc. 
'o:fan, -z 1) orphan, -s; 2) often 
'a:fanid3 [-f^-]. -iz orphanage, -s 
O ai'fl'an Orpnean 
'a:fls, etc. dialectal for 'af- 
0'a:fln:8 Orpheus 
O'aifli awfully 
O'a.'fn 1) often; 2) orphan, -s 
0'a:fs-, 'a:fj-, a:ft, etc. = af- 
O'o:\tul, -fMli, -minis aw|ful, 

-fully, -fulness 
9 a:'gsenik, -al, -ali organic, -al, 
'a:gtezm, -z orgasm, -s [-ally 
O a:'gAst, -ist, -Ii, -nis august 

{adj.), -est, -ly, -ness 
a:'gAst|a, -an, -as August|a, -an, 
a:'gAstin augustine (A.) [-us 
0'a:ga*, -z, -riii, -d 1) augur 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; 2) auger, -s 
'a:gan, -z organ, -s 
'azganaiz, -iz, -ig, -d; -a*, -az; 

-abl organiz|e [-is|e], -es, -ing, 

-ed; -er, -ers; -able 
aiganai'zeijan, -z organization 

[-isa-j, -s 
'aiganam, -z organum, -s 
'a.'gangrainda*, -z organ-grinder, 
'aiganlst, -s organist, -s [-s 

'aiganizm, -z organism, -s 
'a:ganan, >z organon, -s 

'oiqanpaip— 'o'ldrid 

312 — 

3'ldrid5— 'o'ltarant 


'oiganpaip, -s organ-pipe, -s 
'oigast, -s August («.), -s 
O 'oiftjnareit, -8 augurate, -s 
'o:gju3r|3l [-jar-], -i, -iz augur|al, 

-y, -ies 
O aig'ment, -s, >i;), -id; -abl, 
-atiy augment (v.), -8, -ing, -ed; 
-able, -ative [-8 

aigmen'teij^ii, -z augmentation, 
'a.'gmant, -s augment (a.), -s 
O o:g'ziljar|l, -iz aiixiliar|y, -ies 
• a:k, >s 1) oic, -s; 2) auk, -s 
O aikes'treijan [-kis-, -kas-], -z 

orchestration, -s 
'oikestreit [-kis-, -kas-], -s, 
-id orchestrat|e, -es, -ing, 
ai'kestral orchestral 
a:'kestrian, -z orchestrion, -s 
O'aikid, -z orchid, -s 
aiki'deijas orchidaceous 
'aikinlek (axin'Iek) Auchinlek 
'a:kis, -iz orchis, -es 
aikistrei- = aikestrei- 
'o:kistra [-kas-], -z orchestra, -s 
0'a:kland Auckland 
O'aikni, -z Orkney, -s 
O aik'siJjari, -z = a:g'z- 
D'aikJIan, -3nz, -anig [-i^ig], -and 
aucti|on (s.v.), -ons, -oning, -oned 
'aik/anari [-J"?-] auctionary 
aikja'ttia*, -s auctioneer, -s 
O'aikwad, -ist, -li, -nisj-ij" awk- 
ward, -est, -ly, -ness; -ish 
'^ a:k'ziljari, -z = oig'z- 

»:1, -z 1) all; 2) awl, -s; 3) orle, 

'a'lban, -i Alban, -y [-s 

ibat Allbut 

i'biiit albeit 

ibrait 1) AUbright; 2) Albright 

'a-ldbara l)Aldeburgh; 2) Ald- 

Idbari Aldbury [borough 




'a'lda*, -z alder (A.), -s 

'a'lda|man, -man, -manli alder- 

|man, -men, -manly 
'o-ldan 1) aldern; 2) Alden 
'a-ldani Alderney 
'a'ldajat Aldershot 
'O'ldazgit [-geit] Aldersgate 
'a'ldgit [-geit] Aldgate 
'a:ldlaei|'sain auld-lang-syne 
'o'ldi^am Aldenham 
'a'ldrid Aldred 

'O'ldlrids, -ritj" Aldjridge, -rich 

0'a'l'9ou although 

O ai'learian, -z aularian, -s 

0'»:l|a, -i: aul|a, -se 

'a:Iand ['ailand] Aland 

'a:lap, -s orlop, -s 

O'a'lfad Alford 

'a:l'fa:z all-fours 

'a-IM 1) AUfree; 2) Allfrey 

O'ailglt Aldgate 

'a:rfn:lzdei all-fools'-day 

O .ail'hffilon, -z All-hallow, -s 

'ail'heil all-hail 

O'aili: aulse {plur. of aula) 

'a:lianz [a:'li:nz] Orleans (Awenca) 

o:'lianz (orle'o) Orleans (France) 

'a:lik aulic 

'ailis, -nis aweless, -ness 

0'ai|kat, -kak Al|cott, -cock 

'a'l|ka:ii, -kra'ft All|corn, -croft 

O a'l'maitli, -ill, -inis almight|y 

(A.), -ily, -iness 
'a'lmaneek, -s almanac, -s 
'a'lmonst [-mast] almost 
O a'l'redi already 
'a'lrisfad = 'aisfad Alresford 
O'ail'seintsdei AlKsaints-day 
'a'lsap [-sap] l)Allsop(p); 2)Alsop 
'a'lsfad Alresford 
'a'lson also 

'ail'sonlzdei All-souls'-day 
'ailspais allspice 
'a'lsta* Alcester 
'a'lstan 1) Allston; 2) Alston 
O .a-lta-'kei/an [eelt-], -z alter- 
cation, -s 
'a-Ita'keit ['selt-], -s, -ig, -id alter- 
cat|e, -es, -ing, -ed [tion, -s"] 
a-lta-'neijan [selt-], -z alterna-J 
'a'lta-neit ['selt-], -s, -ig, -id altern- 

at|e (v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
a'l'ta:nant [sel't-], -s alternant, -s 
O'l'tainatiT [sel't-J, -z, -li altern- 
ative, -s, -ly 
a'l'tainit [sel't-], -li, -nis alternate 

(a^.), -ly, -ness 
'a'lta*, -z, -rig, -d 1) (s.) altar, -s; 

2) (v.) alter, -s, -ing, -ed 
^a'lta'geSa* altogether 
a'lta'reijan, -z alteration, -a 
'a'ltarab|l, -li, -Inis alterabjle, -ly, 
'a'ltarant, -s alterant, -s [-leness 

'o'ltaratiT — 'oirioul 

— 313 — 

'oirJBt— ai'tagrafi 

'a'ltaratiy [-reit-] alterative 
'a'ltarids, -iz altarage, -s 
O'o:lwei alway 
'ailweiz [-waz] always 
'3:l|wa:di, -W8'6A11| worthy, -worth 
O'0'lT88t9ii Alverstone 

• aim 1) Orin(e) ; 2) Orrm 
0'o:niAz Ormuz [olu 
O 'aijnaln: [-mol-] (arma'ly) orm- 
O o:mz, -bi Ormes, -by 

9 a:n, -z, -lis awn, -s, -less 

O aintt awned 

O ai'neit, -li, -nis ornate, -ly,-ness 

O 'ainament, -s, -ii|, -id ornament 

[v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
ainamen'teij^n ornamentation 
a:na'ment|l, -ali ornament|a], -ally 

'aiuamant, -s ornament (s.), -s 

0'a:ni awny 

'a:niig, -z awning, -s [|al, -ally 
a:niea'lad3ik|l, -all ornithologic- 
aini'ealadsli, -ist/s ornitholog|y, 

O a:n'sa:mbl,'a:iitr-^an- [-ist/s 

• 'a:pa Orpah 

O'aipimant [-ment] orpiment 
'a:pin, -z orpin(e), -s 
'a:pii)tan, -z Orpington, -s 

• a:'ra:n [-'rsen] Oran 
O'aireit, -s aurate, -s 

0'a:ra, -z aura, -s [-ally 

'a:r|3l, -ali 1) or|al, -ally; 2) aur|al, 
O a:'ri:li|a [-Ij-], -as Aureli|a, -us 
O'oirised, -z oread, -s 
'a:rient, -s, -iij, -id orient (v.), -s, 
-ing, -ed 

airien'teipn, -z orientation, -s 

a:ri'ent3l|ist/s, -izm oriental|ist/s, 

airi'enti, -z oriental (O.), -s 
'airial, -z oriel (O.), -s 

oi'riala, -z aureola, -s 
'a:riant orient (s. adj.) (O.) 

a:riaiiteit [a-rt'enteit] , -s, -ii), 
-id orientat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 

ai'rifaras auriferous 

'a:r|iit, -ik aur|eate, -ic [-s 

a:'rii3nla[a'r., -jala], -z auricula, 

ai'rikjala* [-jala*], -li auricular, 
-]y [|ate, -atedn 

a:'rikjul|it [-eit], -eitid auricul-J 
'airikl, -z auricle, -s [-s 

'airioul, -z 1) aureole, -s; 2) oriole, 

'a:rist, -s aurist, -s 

O a:'ra:ra [a'r-], -z, -1, -11 aurora 

(A.), -s, -1, -ly 
a:'rag-, a:'ral- = ar- 
'a:rakB aurochs 

• 'aisam, -nis awesome, -ness 

O a-skAl'teiJan [-kal-], -z aus- 
cultation, -s 

'aiskAlteit, [-kal-], -s, -ii), -idj -a'/z 
auscultat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or/s 

0'a:sn 1) Orson; 2) Alveston 

O'a'spis, -iz auspice, -s 

a'S'piJas, -li, -nis auspicious, -ly, 

O a's'teriti austerity 

a's'tia*, -ra*, -rist, -li, -nis 
austere, -r, -st, -ly, -ness 

'a'stin 1) Austen; 2) Austin 

aistraik, -s, -iij, 'aistrAk, 
'9:strikan awe-strikje, -es, -ing, 
awe-struck, awe-stricken 

a'S'treilia [-Ija], -n/z Australia, 

'a'Stral austral [asia, -n/s 

a-stra'leisia [-Jia], -n/z Austral- 

'a'stria. -n/z Austria, -n/s 

• a:t 1) ought; 2) aught [-ally 
O a:'tAmn|al [-n^], -ali autumn|al, 
O aitabaia'grseflk, -»1, -ali auto- 
biographic, -al, -ally 

3:tab0i'agraf{i, -iz autobiogra- 

ph|y, -ies 
'aitagraf [-graif], -s autograph, -s 
rf:ta'grsefik, -al, -ali autographic, 

-al, -ally 
'a:taka:* ['aitoM-], -z auto-car, -s 
'aitakean = o:'takOan autochthon 
'aitakrSBt, -s autocrat, -s 
aita'krsetik, -al, -ali autocratic, 

-al, -ally 
'a:talan, -z ortolan, -s 
'aitam, -z autumn, -s [-al, -ally 
aita'meetik, -al, -ali automatic, 
'a:tamoMbi:l [-torn-], -z automob- 
ile, -s 
aita'namik [-to'n-] autonomic 
'aitataip [-tot-], -s, -ii(, -t auto- 

typ|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
0'a:tn Orton 
'a:tnt oughtn't 
O aitou-, a:tO" = a:ta- 
a:'tagrafi autography 

oi'tokrasi— obli'geijan 

— 314 — 

aifla'greefik — 'obstinagi 

9:'t9kras|i, Ax autocracly, -ies 
ai'tokOan [-Oan], -z autochthon, -s 
ai'tamatizm automatism 
oi'tamatjaii, -anz, -a automation, 

-ons, -a 
a:'tanam{a8, -i, -iz autonom|ous, 

•y, -ies 
'aitapsji [-tap-], -iz autops|7, -ies 
ai'taptik, -al, -ali autoptic, -al, 

O'aitjad, -z orchard (O.), -s 
• a:e Orth [-al, -ally 

O a:'Oeiitik, -al, -ali authentic, 
a:0enti'keij'9u , -z authentica- 
tion, -s 
ai'Oentikeit, -s, -ig, -id authentic- 

at|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
a:6en'tiBiti [-Oan-] authenticity 
0'a:8a*j -zj -Us author, -s; -less 
'a.'Oadoks, -11, -i orthodox, -ly, -y 
'a:Oagan, -z orthogon, -s 

aiOa'grtefik [-Oo'g-], -al, -ali 

orthographic, -al, -ally 
'a:Oapi:d|i [-Oop-], -ist/s ortho- 

ped|y, -ist/s 
'a:earaiz, -iz, -ig, -d; -abl author- 

iz|e [-i8|e], -es, -ing, -ed; -able 
aiOarai'zeijan, -z authorization, 
'aiOaris, -iz authoress, -es [-8 
'aiOaJip, -8 authorship, -s 
O'a:00Mep|i, -ist/s orthoep|y, -ist/s 
o:eo- = a:Oa- 
9:'0a:rial authorial 
a:'eagraf|a*, -az, -i, -iz, -ist/s 

orthograph{er,-ers, -y, -ies, -ist/s 
ai'OariteitiT [-tatir], -li, -nis 

authoritative, -ly, -ness 
3:'0arit|i, -iz authorit|y, -ies 

• 'a:Tll Orville 

• a:z 1) awes; 2) oars; 3) ores 
0'a:z{man ['a:az-], -man oars|man, 



• abdjna'reijan obduration 

'abdjuarasi obduracy 

'abdjnarit [-reit], -li, -nis obdur- 
ate, -ly, -ness 

'abdsekt, etc. = 'obdsikt, etc. 

ab'dsekt, etc. = ab'dsekt. etc. 

ab'dsektir, -z objective (g.), -s 

ab'dsektiv, -li, -nis objective 
(a^.), -ly, -ness 

abdsai'gei/an, -z objurgation, -s 

'abdsaigeit [ab'ds-], -s, -ii), -id; 
-art [ab'dsazgatari] objurgat|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed; -ory 

'abdsikt [-dsekt], -s; -lis object 
(«.), -s; -less 

'abdsiktglais [-dsekt-], -iz object- 
glass, -es 

O'abilisk [-bal-], -s obelisk, -s 

a'bitjuari, etc. = a'b- 

O o'bleit [o'b-, ableit], -s; -nis 
oblate (s.), -s; -ness 

'ableit [a'bleit, o'b-] oblate (a^j.) 

'ablakwi obloquy 

abli'dsi:, -z obligee, -s [-s 

abli'gaiton, -z obbligato (s. adj.), 

abli'geij'an, -z obligation, -s 

'abligeit, -s, -ig, -id obligat|e {v.), 
-es, -ing, -ed 

'abligant, -s obligant, -s 

'abligatar|i [a'blig-]^ -ill, -inis 
obligator|y, -ilyj -iness 

abli'ga:*, -z obligor, -s 

ablita'reijan, -z [ob-] = ab- ob- 
literation, -8 

'ablag, -z oblong (s. ac^.), -a 

O'abottl, -z obole, -s 

'abal, -z obol, -s 

O ab'scjan [ob-], -z obsession, -s 

absa'lesanjs [-som'I-J, -t obsoles- 
cen|ce, -t 

'absaliit [-sol-], -11, -nis obsolete, 
-ly, -ness 

ab'sidian = ob- obsidian 

ab'siikwial [ob-] obsequial 

absi'kreijan, -z obsecration, -s 

'absikwiz obsequies 

abs'kjua* obscure, etc. = ab- 

abskjna'reijan, -z obscuration, -s 

abso- = absa- 

'abstakl [-bzt-], -z obstacle, -s 

abst^nasfi [-bzt-], -iz ob8tinac|y. 

'obstinit— 'ofa* 


'ofal— 'okjnpai 

'obstinit [-bzt-, -tan-], -li, -nis 

obstinate, -ly, -ness 
abs'trAk/an, etc. = ab- [-a 

abs'trik/an [ob-], -z obstriction, 
'abstraant, -8 obstruent (s. adj.), -s 
O ab'tind [ob-], -z, -iii, -id; -ent/s 

obtund, -s, -ing, -ed; -ent/s 
ab'test [ob-], -s, -ii|, -id obtest, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
ab^n^'rei/am obturation 
'ab^nareit, -a, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

obturatje, -es, -ing, -ed ; -or, -ors 
'abtrAi|keit [ab't-], -s, -ig, -id 

obtruncat|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
Oab'venjan [ob-], -z obvention, -s 
'abYa:s, -iz, -li obverse (s. adj.), 

-s, -ly 
ab'Ta:s = 'abva:s (a^.) obverse 
ab'vaijan obversion 
ab'vait [ob-], -s, -ig, -id obvert, 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'abvaynit [-vol-] obvolute 
'abvieit, -s, -ig, -id obviat|e, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
'abrias [-vjas], -li, -nis obvious, 

-ly, -ness 
O ab'zaiY, etc. = ab- 
abza-'veijan, -z observation, -s 
abza-'veiJlan^ l-^}], -anali [-ifali] 

observatijonal, -onally 
abzt- = abst- 

• ad (s.), -z od (0.\ -a 

od (a£(/.)) "^*j "^stj '^} '^U "MS 

odd, -er, -est, -s, -ly, -ness 
O ada'rifaras, etc. = oud- 
O'adfelon, -z Oddfellow, -s 
O'odl 1) Oddy; 2) Oddie 
'adisi Odyssey 
a'disjn:s ^ on'd- Odysseus 
'aditji, -iz oddit|y, -ies 
O'adlnkig odd-looking 
O 'admant, -s oddment, -s • 
O adan'tseldsia odontalgia 
a'dantaid [o'd-] odontoid 
adan'taladsji, -ist/s odontolog|y, 
Oadz 1) ods; 2) odds [-ist/s 

adz'badikinz odsbodikins 

# af = a:f off 

O a'fend, etc., a'fens, etc. = a'f- 
O'afa*, -z, -rig, -d; -ra*, -raz; 

-rabl offer (s. v.), -a, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers; -able 

'afal offal [-times 

'afan ['aifan, 'a'ftan], -taimz often, 
'afarig. -z offering (s.), -s 
'afatarfi, -iz offertorly, -ies 
O'afhaend ['a:f-] off-hand 
O a'nilia [o'f-, -Ija] Ophelia 
O'afiklaid, -z ophicleide, -s 
'afig ['a:f-], -z offing, -s 
'aHs, -iz office, -s 
'afisa*, -z officer, -s 

a'AJIal, -as, etc. = a'f- 
O'af, print ['a:f-], -s off-print, -s 
O'afsaid ['a:f-] offside 
'afset ['a:f-], -s offset, -s 
'afsprig ['a:f-], -z offspring, -s 
O'afjnit ['a:f-J, -s offshoot, -s 
Oaft [a:ft] oft 
'aftan [a:f-] = 'afon often 
'a£(taimz ['a:f-] ofttimes 
O af Oalmaskoup [ap'O-], -s oph- 
thalmoscope, -s 

af OseIin|ia [ap'O-, -mja], -ik oph- 

• ag Og [thalm|ia, -ic 
O 'again, -z Ogham, -s 

• 'aia* oyer 

O ail, -z, -ig, -d oil (s. v.), -s, -ing, 
'ailbaeg, -z oil-bag, -s [-ed 

'aila*, -z 1) oiler, -s; 2) Euler 
'ail|i, -ia*, -list, -inis oil|y, -ier, 

-iest, -iness 
'ail^keik, -s oil-cake, -s 
'ailkla'6, -s oil-cloth, -s 
'ail|man [-meen], -man [-men] 

oil|man, -men 
'ail'peintig, -z oil-painting, -s 
O'aintmant, -s ointment, -s 
O'aista*, -z oyster (O.), -s 
'aistabed, -z oyster-bed, -s [-ies 
'aistafijarji, -iz oyster-fisher|y, 
'aistajel, -z oyster-shell, -s 

• a'kAlt [o'k-]. -li, -nis; -s, -ig, 
-id occult (adj. v.), -ly, -ness; 
-s, -ing, -ed [tation, -si 

akAl'teiJan [-kal-], -z occul-J 
a'kAlt|ist/s ['akAl-, 'akal-], -izm 

occult|ist/s, -ism 
O'akam 1) Occam; 2) Ockham 
aka'rilna, -z ocarina, -s 
O'akjula*, -li ocular, -ly 
'akjnlist, -s oculist, -s 
'akjup|ai, -aiz, -aiig, -aid; -aia*/z 

occuply, -ies, -ying, -ied; -ier/s 

ohjn'peijaii— 'oktapas — 316 — 'aktasilsbl— ans'reariam 

abjn'peijan, -z occupation, -s 
'abjap3n|si, -t, -ts occupan|cy, 

-t, -ts 
9'klii:d [o't-], -z, -ig, -id oc- 

clud|e, -es, -ing, -ed 
a'klmsiv [o'k-], -z occlusiTe (s. 

adj.), -g 
o'kla:5au [o'k-] occlusion 
O 9k8, -911 ox, -en 
'oksai, -z, -d ozeye, -s, -d 
'oksaid, -z 1) oxide, -s; 2) oxeyed 
ak'sselik [ok'zsB-] oxalic 
'aksaleit, -s oxalate, -s 
'okssn oxen {plv/r. of ox) 
'oksas Oxus 

oksfad, -Jia* Oxford, -shire 
'okshaid, -z ox-hide, -s 
'aksidaiz, -iz, -Ig, -d; -a*, -azj 

-abl oxidizje [-is|e], -es, -ing, 

-ed; -er, -ers; -able 
aksi'deiXan oxidation 
oksi'denti, -z occidental (s. adj.) 

(O.), -s 
'oksidant Occident (O.) 
'aksidsan oxygen 
aksidsi'neiXan oxygenation 
'oksi'haidridsan [-drads-] oxy- 

'aksi'klairaid, -z oxychloride, -s 
ak'sil- = 9:k'sil- 
ak'sipitjl, -all occipitjal, -ally 
'aksitonn, -z oxytone (s. adj.), -a 
'akslip, -8 oxlip, -s 
'aksn oxen (plur. of ox) 
'okstAQ, -z ox-tongue, -s 
ak'sounian [ak'zou-, -njan], -z 

Oxonian, -s 
'aksteil, -'8u:p oxtail, -soup 
O'akjan, etc. = 'aik/an, etc. 
O ok'taiTlon [-'teiy-] Octavio 
ak't{egan!|. octagonal 
'akteir, -z = 'aktir, -z octave, -s 
ak'teivi|a [-Tj-], -an, -as Octavi|a, 

-an, -us 
ak'teiron, -z octavo, -s 
ak'tenial [-njal] octennial 
^ok'tet, -8 octet(te), -a 
'aktagan, -z octagon, -a 
'akta'lii:ar|aii f-'hed-J, -a, -anz, 

-3l octanedrfon, -a, -ons, -al 
'aktant, -8 octant, -s 
'aktapas, -iz octopus, -es 

'aktasiIabl[-to8-], -z octosyllable, 
'aktiy [-teiv], -z octave, -s [-s 
'aktjn'pl octuple 
ak'tonba*, -z October, -s 
'aktoMdsi'nEarian [-tads-], 'Z 

octogenarian, -s 
'aktrwa: [-trwa:] (ak'trwa), -z 
O ak'z- = ak's- [octroi, -s 

• alb-, aid-, 'al'dou = azl- 
O'aladsli, -iz olog[y, -ies 
O arfsekjan olfaction 
al'fsektari olfactory 
'al|fad, -fri = 'a:l- 
O'alga Olga 

O 'alifant 01i|phant, -f a(u)nt [-iesl 
'aliga.'k, -8; -i, -iz oligarch, -s; -y,J 

9li'ga:kik, -al oligarchic, -al 
'alit^rji, -iz olitorjy, -ies 
'aliv, -z olive (O.), -s 

ali'veijas olivaceous 
'oliva*, -z Oliver (O.), -s 
'alivari olivary 

ali'viin ['aliv-]^ -z olivine, -s 
'allTJkAlad, -'oil olive-|coloured, 
'alivtri:, -z olivetree, -s [-oil 
'alivwud olivewood 
O'alkat 1) Olcott; 2) Alcott 

alkak, 'alka:n, 'alkr- = 'a:l- 
O aim-, air-, al8-, alt-, olv- = o:l- 

• 'amba* ombre [durman 
O am'daiman [amda:'msen] Om- 
O'aminas, eic.='ou- ominous, e<c. 
O'amlit [-let], -8 omelet(te), -s 
0'amniba8, -iz omnibus, -es 
'amniam [-njam], -z omnium, -s 
amni'fEaria8 omnifarious 
am'nipatan{s [-pot-], -t, -tli om- 

nipoten|ce, -t, -tly [-t 

'ainni'prez9n{8, -t omnipresen|ce, 
am'nisian|s [-^an-, -J'ian-,-0an-], 

-t, -tli omni8cien|ce, -t, -tly 
am'iiivaras, -li omnivorous, -ly 
6 am'plaiei [5m-] (aiplwa'je), -z 

employ^, -s 

• an on («. adj. adv. prep.) 
O'ondraiv, -z ondrive, -s 
O'ana*. -z, -rig, -d 1) honour 

(s. v.), -a, -ing, -ed; 2) Honor 
'anadsa*, -z onager, -s 
anamata'pi'la, -ik onomatopoei|a, 

-ic [inm, -s"| 

ana'reariam [ban-], -z honorar-J 

'onarabl — 'opjnlans 

317 — 

a'ponz — 'asian 

'9nardb|l, -li, -Inis honourabjle 

[hon.], -ly, -leness 
'onarari honorary [hon.] 
'onaras, -li, -nis onerous, -ly,-nesa 
O'angaiii, -z ongoing, -s 
O'aniks, -iz onyx, -es 
'anlst, -li, -i honest, -ly, -y 
O'anKAm, -z oncome, -s [-s 

'ankAmii), -z on-coming (s. adj.), 
0'i)nliik|a*,-8z, -iij onlookler,-ers, 
O'onrAj", -iz onrush, -es [-ing 
'onrabl, 'onrari = 'onar- 
O 'onset, -s onset, -s 
on'sambl (a:'sd:bl), -z ensemble, 
'ansla:t, -s onslaught, -s [-s 

O on'teariou Ontario 
'antrei (oi'tre), -z entree, -s [-s 
'antramei (artra'ms), -z entremet, 
'antrasal (a:tra'sol), -z entresol, -s 
O'anwad, -z onward, -s 
O'anzlon Onslow 

• ai)'ka:a*, -z, -rii), -d encor|e 
(s. V. intetj.), -es, -ing, -ed 

• a'pAgnanjsi [o'p-], -t oppng- 
nan|cy, -t 

a'pASfejn:l [o'p-], -z opuscule, -s 
O o'pa:kjul|am [o'p-], -a oper- 

cul|um, -a 
O opa'deldok [-po'd-, -dak] opo- 
opa'peijan, -z operation, -s 
'apareit, -s, -ip, -id; -a*, -az 
operat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ors 
'opareitiT [-rat-], -li, -nis oper- 
ative (adj.), -ly, -nees 
opa'reta, -z operetta, -s 
'apara, -z; -'bn:f opera, -s; -bouffe 
'aparaglais, -iz opera-glass, -es 
'aparahaajs, -ziz opera-hou|se,-ses 
'aparant, -s operant (s. adj.), -s 
'aparatir, -z operative (s.), -s 
'apas ['onpas] opus 
apa'1ja:n ['apat-], -li, -nis; -ist/s, 
■izm opportune, -ly,-ness; -ist/s, 
apa'tii'i»it|i, -iz opportunity, -ies 
apa'zijan, -z opposition, -s 
'apazit,-li, -nis opposite, -ly,-ness 
O'opidan, -z oppidan (s. adj.), -s 
O a'pjuin [op-], -z, -ii), -d; -a*, 
-az oppugn, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
apjnlanjs, -t opulen|ce, -t 

O a'ponz, etc. = a'p- oppose, etc. 
apo'd- = apa'd- 
a'paitou [o'p-] Oporto, -s 
O'apra, etc. = 'apara, etc. 
O'opjan, -z option, -a 
'opJ"|an^ [-jIl}], -anali [-^lali] opti- 

|onal, -onally 
O'aptatiT [ap'teitiy], -z optative 

(s. adj.), -s 
'aptik, -s, -al j-ali opti c, -s, -al, -ally 
'aptimaiz, -iZj -ii), -d optimizje 

[-i8|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
'aptimeit optimate 
'aptimi, -z optime, -s 
'aptim|ist/s, -izm optim|ist/s, -ism 
apti'mistik, -al, -all optimistic, 

-al, -ally 
ap'tijan, -z optician, -s 

o op'e- = of e- 

• a'rsekjnla* [o'r-], -li, -nis ora- 
cular, -ly, -ness 

a'rsei) [o'r-, a'r-], -z; -u:'tag/z 

orang, -s; -outang/s 
O a'restiiz [o'r-] Orestes 
O ora'grsefik [-ro'g-], -al oro- 
graphic, -al 
'arakl, -z oracle, -s 
'orata*, -z orator, -s 
'»ratar|i, -iz orator|y, -ies 
ara'tarik|al, -all oratoric|al, -ally 
ara'ta.Tion, -z oratorio, -s 
O'oridsen Origen 
'aridsin, -z origin, -s 
ori'enteit, etc. = 'oirianteit, etc. 
'arifis, -iz orifice, -s 
'arifliem, -z oriflamme, -s 
'arigan [-gan] Oregon 
'arinds, -iz orange (s. adj.) (O.), -s 
'arine^sblasam, -z orange-blos- 
'arinds'eid orangeade [som, -s 
'arind3ar|i, -iz oranger|y, -ies 
'arindsl'jelon, -kAlad orange- 

lyellow, -coloured 
'orindstri:, -z orange-tree, -s 
ari'nonkou Orinoco 
'aris orris 

'arizan, -z orison, -s 
O aro'grsefik, etc. = ara- 
O o'ra|grafi, -ladsi oro|graphy, 
a'rontiiz [o'r-] Oi-ontes [-logy 

• as OS 

O 'asian ['ajian] Ossian 

'Qgjeg — 'po:l9mant 

318 — 

'ostraqod — 'paisa* 

'asi38 osseous 

'ssijfai, -faiz, -faiii), -faid 08Bi|fy, 

-ties, -fying, -fied 
osifi'kei/an ossification 
9Si'leiX»n, -z oscillation, -s 
'ssilelt, -8, -ii), -id; -a*, -az; 

-9ri [-lat-] oscillat|e, -es, -ing, 

-ed; -or, -ors; -ory 
O'osjuar|i, -iz ossuar|y, -ies 
O askju'lelj^n, >z osculation, -s 
'askjuleit, -s, -ig, -id osculat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
O'osla*, -z 1) ostler, -s; 2) hostler 

(stableman), -a 
O oa'pi/as, etc. = a:s- 
'ospri, -z osprey, -s 
O os'tend Ostend [-ly 

i>s'tensib|I [-sab-], -11 ostensib|le, 
as'tensir, -11 ostensive, -ly 
asten'teiX^n [-tan-] ostentation 
asten'teijas [-tan-], -11, -nis 

ostentatious, -ly, -ness 
as'teriti, as'tia*, etc. = o:s- 
'astiar|i [-tja-], -iz ostiar|y, -ies 
'astin, as'treilia, etc. = a:s- 

'ostragae [-trog-], -s Ostrogoth, -s 
'astral, astral- = a:s- 
'astrasaiz, -iz, -ig, -d ostraciz|e 

[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
'astrasizm ostracism 
'astria, etc. = 'a:s- 
'ostritj [-ids], "i^ ostrich, -es 
'astritJfeSa*, -z ostrich-feather, -s 

• 'ajian = 'asian Ossian 
•'ata*, -z otter, -s 

'ataman [-torn-], -z ottoman (0.),-s 
'atajwa, -wei Otta|wa, -way 
O'ot|fad, -fri:d Ot|ford, -fried 
O'atli 1) Otley; 2) Ottley 
O'aton otto (O.) 
O'atwei Otway 

• a'eelon [ou'B-, a'B-] Othello 

• 'arid Ovid 

'avit, -s ovate («.) ( Welsh title), -s 

• 'azba'n [-ba:n] Osbourne 
'azban [-ba:n] Osborn(e) 
O'azmand, -z 1) osmund (0.), -s; 

2) Osmond 
'azmiam [-mjam] osmium 
O'azwald Oswald 


• po:, -z 1) pa, -s; 2) pas (sing.) 
pa:* 1) parr (P.); 2) par 
O'paibail, -z, -ig, -d parboil, -s,"] 
O paid, -z pard, -s [-ing, -edj 
'pa:d|n (s. v.), -nz, -^jig [nig], -nd 

pard|on, -ons, -oning, -oned 
'paidi^a* [■dn-],''-z pardoner, -s 
'pa:d^ab|l [-dn-J, -11, -Inis par- 

donab|le, -ly, -leness 
'paidaa ['peedjua] Padua 
O pa:9z {plwr. of pa:0) paths 
O pa:k, -s, -ig, -id 1) parlc (s. v.) 

(P.), -s, -ing, -ed; 2) Parlce 
'paikei, -z parquet, -s 
'pa:k|a*, -insn, -stan Fark|er, 

-inson, -stone 
0'po:l9*, -i8 parlour, -a 
pa:l3men'tcarian [-lim-, -man-], 

-z parliamentarian, -s 
pa:la'mentari [-li'm-] parliament- 
ary [-S 

'pa:lamant [-lim-], -s parliament, 

'pa:lans parlance 

'pa:li, -z, -ig, -d 1) parley (s. v.) 

(P.), -s, -ing, -ed; 2) Pali 
O pa:m, -z, -ig, -d palm (s. v.), -a, 
'paima Parma [-iiig, -ed 

'paima*, -z palmer (P.), -s 
'paimastan Palmerston 
'paimhaujs, -ziz palmhoulse, -ses 
'pa:m|i, -la*, -list palmjy, -ier,-iest 
'palmist, -s, -ri palmist, -s, -ry 
^pa:mi'zsen Parmesan 
'pa:m,ail palm-oil , 

'pa:m'8Andi, -z Palm-Sunday, -s 
O pai'ntesas Parnassus 
pai'neesian [-sjan] parnassian 
pa:'nel Parnell 
'pain\ Parnell 
O'paira, -z para, -s 
'pa:ria, -z = 'pearia, -z pariah, -s 
O pais, -iz, -ig, -t pass (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'paisa*, -z passer (one who passes), -s 

ptt:sa'bal— poi'tisipant 


pgiti'sipial— pail 

'pa:s3'bai, 'paisaz'bai paaser-by, 

'pa:83b|I, -11, -Inis paBsab|le, -I7, 
jtaz'si:, -z Parsee, -s [-lenesa 
'paislfal [-fail] Parsifal 
'paisimani parsimony 
paisi'moanias [-lyas], -li, -nis 

parsimonious, -ly, -ness 
'pa:signont, -s passing-note, -3 
'paiskal ['pses-j paschal 
'pa:ski:, -z pass-key, -s 
'pa:s|l, -Iz, -allg [-]ii|]. -Id parc|el 

(«. V. adj.), -els, -elling, -elled 
'pa:sli parsley 

'pa:8|mfen, -men pass|man, -men 
'pa:sn, -z parson, -s (P.) 
'pais^ds [-sn-], -iz parsonage, -s 
'paisnip, -s parsnip, -s 
'paisoura*, -z Passover, -s 
j>a:spa:'tu: ['pees-], -z passe- 
partout, -s 
'pa:spa:t, -s passport, -s 
paist l)past; 2) passed (/j-om pass) 
'pa:staim ['pees-], -z pastime, -s 
pais'ta:* (pa:s't(B:r) Pasteur 
'poista*, -z pastor, -a 
'paistaral ['pses-], -z pastoral («. 

ac^.), -s 
'pa:st|i, -iz past|y (s.), -ies 
'paistja*, -z, -rig, -d; -rids 

pastur|e(s.t).). -es, -ing, -ed; -age 
'paiSTraid, -z password, -s 
O'poija ['pseja, V^'S"--]} •' pasha, 
'pai/lal, -ali parti|al, -ally [-s 
paiji'seliti partiality 
O pa:t, -s, -ig, -id part (s. v.), 

-s. -ing, -ed 
pai'teik, -s, -ii|, pa:'tnk partak|e, 

-es, ing, partook 
pa:'teik»* -z partaker, -s 
po:'tea* (par'teir), -z parterre, -s 
'pa:t|i, -iz part|y, -ies 
'pa:tik Partick 
'pa:tikil9d party-coloured 
'pa:tikl, -z particle, -s 
'pa:ti|msen, -men party-|man, -men 
'paitig, -z parting («.), -s 
paitisi'peijan, -z participation, -s 
pa:'tisipeit, -s, -ig, -id 5 -a*, -az 

participatje, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 

pai'tisipant, -s participant, -s 

pa:ti'Blpial [-pjal]^ -i participial, 
'pa:ti8ipl, -z participle, -a [-ly 
'pa:ti'gpirit party-apirit 
pa:'tiX|»n [pa't-], -9nz, -^g 

[-anig], -9nd partitijon (». v.), 

-ons, -oning, -oned 
'pa:titiT, -li partitive, -ly 
'pa:tiv9:l, -z party-wall, -s 
pa:ti'zten, -z, -Jip partisan, -s,"! 
'partli partly [-shipj 

'pa:tna*, -z, -rig, -d partner (a. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
'pa:tna/ip, -s partnership, -a 
'paitrids, -iz partridge (P.), -a 
'pa:t8igig part-singing 
'paitsipl, -z participle, -s 
'paitsag, -z part-song, -a 
paitj*, -iz, -ig^ -t, -idnis [-tnis] 

parch, -ea, -mg, -ed, -edness 
'pa:tjmant, -s parchment, -s 
O pa:|6, -5z pajth, -ths 
'pa:Ofainda*, -z pathfinder, -s 
'pa:Oinan [-Oan-] Parthenon 
'pa:61is pathless 
'po:6wei, -z pathway, -s 
O pa:z, -iz, -ig, -d 1) («. v.) pars|e, 

-es, -ing, -ea; 2) (a.) pas (plur. 

of pa) ; 3) pas (plur. of pas) 
• pai,-z l)pie,-a; 2) pi, -a; 3) Pye 
O'paibaild piebald 
O paid, -nis pied, -neas 
O'paia*, -z pyre, -s 
paia'nia*, -z, -rig, -d pioneer 

(*. v.), -a, -ing, -ed 
pai9'reetik|al, -all piratic|al, -ally 
pai»'retik [pi'r-] pyretic 
'paiarasji, -iz pirac|y, -iea 
'paiarit^ -s, -ig, -id pirat|e («. v.), 

-ea, -ing, -ed 
pai^roM'gselik pyrogallic [-al 
pai^rou'metrik, -al pyrometric, 
pai»roM'teknik,-s, -al,-ali pyro- 
technic, -s, -al, -ally 
pai3'romit|a*, -az, -ri pyromet|er, 

-era, -ry 
paias, -li, -nis 1) pioua, -ly, -ness; 

2) Pius 
'paiati piety 
O paik, -s, -ig, -t pikje (s. v.) 

(P.), -ea, -ing, -ed 
'paika pica [-mg, -ed 

O pail, -z, -ig, -d pil|e (s. v.), -es. 

•pailat— 'p«d53nt 


ptedsl'neijgn— ptel'meijas 

pailat, -s, -ig, -id; -ids 1) («• «•) 

pilot, -B,-ing,-ed; -age; 2) Pilate 
'pailig, -z (s.) piling, -s 
O pain, -z, -ig, -d pin|e (». ».)> 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'paintepi, -z pineapple, -a 
'pain3r|i, -iz piner|y, -ies 
paint, -s pint, -s 
O palp, -s, -ii|, -t; -a*, -az pip|e 

(s. V.) (P.), -es, -ing {v. «.), -ed ; -er 
'paipklei pipeclay [(P.), -ers 

O pair- = paiar- 
O pais pice 

O pai'Osegarses Pythagoras 
paiSsega'ri'an, -z Pythagorean, -s 
pai'Oanik pythonic 
O paiz 1) pies {plwr. of pie); 

2) pis {plw. of pi) 

• 'panda*, -z, -rii|, -d; -ri powder 
(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -y 

O 'panel [-11, -al] Powell 
O'paua*. -z power (P.), -s 
'panajful, -fnii [-fall], -fulnis 

powerlful, -fully, -fulness 
'panalls, -11, -nls powerless, -ly, 

O pannd, -z, -li|, -id; -a*, -az 

pound (s. v.), -s (P.), -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers 
'paundlds, -iz poundage, -s 
pauns, -iz, -ig, -t pouncje {s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
O pant, -s, -Ig, -id; -a*, -az pout 

(s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
pantj, -iz, -Ig, -t pouch (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 

• psed, -z, -ig, -id pad (s. v.), -s, 
-ding (s. v.), -ded 

'ptedak, -s paddock (P.), -s 
'peed|i, -iz paddjy (P.), -ies 
'ptedigtan Faddington 
'ptedjna = 'pa:dna Padua 
'piedjl, -Iz, -^g [-llg], -Id padd|le 

(s. v.), -Ies, -ling, -led 
'ptedlbaid, -z paddle-board, -s 
'ptedlbaks, -iz paddle-box, -s 
'pad^a* [-la*], -z paddler, -s 
'peedlak, -s, -Ig, -t padlock (s. v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed 
'ptedlwl:!, -z paddle-wheel, -s 
pseds^nt ['pelds-], -s ; -ri pageant, 

-s; -ry 

psedsi'nelX^n, -z pagination, -s 

'ptedsin^ paginal 

O p«k, -s, -ig. -tj -a*, -az pack, 

-s, -ing (v. s.), -ed; -er (P.), -era 
'ptekais pack-ice 
'psektenim^l, -z pack-animal, -s 
'ptekha.'g, -iz packhorse, -s 
'ptekidazm, -z pachyderm, -s 
pteki'da:mata pachydermata 
'ptekids, -Iz package, -s 
'psekigpelpa*,-z packing-paper, -a 
'ptekit, -s packet, -s 
peeks, -iz 1) pax (s. inter j.), -es; 

2) packs (from pack) 
'pseksndl, -z pack-saddle, -s 
ptekt, -s 1) pact, -a; 2) packed 

{from pack) 
'ptekOred pack-thread 
O ptel, -z pal, -a 
'peelet, -s = 'paelit, -s palette, -a 
'ptela* pallor 
'pieladln, -z paladin, -s 
pselan'kiin, -z palanquin, -a 
'peelas, 'ptelastain = 'ptells . . . 
'peelat, >s = 'ptelit, -s palate, -s 
'paelatain palatine (P.) 
'ptelatebjl [-lit-], -li, -Inis palat- 

ab|le, -ly, -leness 
'paelatl, -z palatal {s. adj.), -s 
'peelid, -ist, -11, -nls pallid, -est, 

-ly, -ness 
psBU'eiJan palliation [-ing, -ed 
'pselielt, -s, -ig, -id palliatje, -es, 
peelial'greefik [-lio-], -'lieik 

pal(a)eo I graphic, -lithic 
'pteliam, -z pallium, -s 
'paeUativ [-Ija-], -z palliative (s. 

adj.), -8 [logical"! 

'paelianta'ladsikal pal(a)eonto-J 
pwlion'taladsli, -Ist/s .pal(a)eon- 

tologjy, -ist/s 
'pselis [-las], -iz palace, -a 
paeli'seid, -z, -ig, -id paliaad|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'paelistain [-las-] Palestine 
'pailit, -s 1) palate, -s; 2) pallet, 

-a; 3) palette, -s 
'pselitabl, etc. = 'poelatabl, etc. 
psel'jges [-li'aes], -iz 1) palliasse, 

-s; 2) paillasse, -s 
ptel'maiara, -z palmyra (P.), -s 
pwl'meij'as palmaceous 

'paelma— pcent 

— 321 — 

'pientail— pteran'Oetik 

'p»lin|3, -a* palm|a (P.), -ar 
'peelmit palmate 
pielmi'ti:n ['ptelmit-], -z palmit- 
ptel'peij'^n palpation [ine, -8 
ptelpd'biliti palpability 
'p(elpab|l, -li, -Inis palpab|le, -ly, 

paelpi'teijan, -z palpitation, -a 
'pwlpiteit, -8, -ig, -id palpitatje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'peelton, -z paletot, -a [(P.), -s 
'pnlzgreiy ['pa:lz-], -z palsgrave 
O pwiDj -z pam (P.), -s 
'psemflit, -8 pamphlet, -a 
p wmf ll'tis*, -z, -rig pamphleteer, 

-s, -ing 

'psempa*, -z, -rig, -d; -ra*, -raz 

1) pamper, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, 

-era; 2) pampre, -a 

'ptempaz (South America) Pampas 

O psen, -z, -ig, -d pan (P.) -a, 

-ning, -ned 
pte'naij* [-'n»X]j "i* panache, -s 
'psen'ffigglikan pan-anglican 
psend panned {from pan) 
'psendekt, -s pandect, -a [-a 

psen'demik, -s pandemic (s. adj.), 
'psenda*, -z, -rig, -d pander (s. v.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
paendi'monniam [-igam], -z pan- 
demonium, -a 
pffin'da:ra, -z pandora (P.), -a 
psena'ma:, -z panama (P.), -a 
'psena'merikan pan-american 
'p9Bnapl|i, -iz, -id panopljy, -ies, -ied 
p8Bna'ra:ma, -z panorama, -a 
'pnnfnl, -z panful, -a 
'pffinids pannage 
paeni'dsirik [-ne'ds-], -s pane- 
gyric (s. ac^.), -a 
paBiii'dsirist ['pwnids-], -s pane- 

gyriat, -a 
'psBiiia* [-lya*], -z pannier, -a 
'p»nik, -8, -i panic, -a, -ky 
'ptenikin, -z pannikin, -s 
'psenikstrik^n panicstricken 
'paenkeik ['peegk-], -s pancake, -a 
'pffinkriaes [-ias] = 'paegk- 
'paenll, -Iz. -pg [-alig], -id pan|el, 

-ela, -elling (*. v.), -elled 
paent, -s, -ig, -igli, -id pant 
(s. v.), -a, -ing, -ingly, -ed 

'paentail, -z pantile, -a 
paenta'lnin, -z pantaloon, -a 
'paentamaim, -z; -ist/8 panto- 

mimje, -es; -iat/a 
paenta'mimik, -91, -ali pantomi- 
mic, -al, -ally 
'paentrli, -iz pantrjy, -iea 
paents (s.) panta 
'psenOa*, -z panther, -a 
paen'Oi'an ['paenO-j, -z pantheon 
(P.), -s [-ism-l 

'paenOi'list/s, -izm panthe|iat/s,J 
paenOi'lstik, -9I pantheistic, -al 
paenz pana (from pan) 
'paenzfi, -iz pana|y, -ies 
O paeg, -z pang, -a 
'paegkeik, -s = 'paen- pancake, -s 
'paegkriaes [-ias], -iz pancreaa, -es 
O paep, -8 pap, -s 
'paepas pappua 
'paepjna, -n/z Papua, -n/s 
O'paerabl, -z parable, -s [-ally 
paera'balik, -al, -ali parabolic, -al, 
'paeradaim, -z paradigm, -a 
'paeradais, -iz paradiae (P.), -a 
'paeradli (s. v.), -iz, -iig, -id; -ist/s 
parod|y, -ies, -ying, -ied ; -iat/s 
paeradig'maetik. -al, -ali paradig- 
matic, -al, -ally 
paera'dizik, -al paradiaic, -al 
'paeradaks, -iz paradox, -ea 
paera'dokaikjal, -ali, -alni8 para^ 

doxicjal, -ally, -alneas 
'paerafi'n paraffin [-ally 

paera'flrasstik, -ali paraphrastic, 
'pserafreiz, -iz, -ig, -d paraphras|e 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'paeragan, -z paragon, -a 
'paeragraif [-graBf], -8, -ig, -t 
paragraph (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed 
'paeragwei Paraguay 
'paeraksizm, -z paroxyam, -a 
'paeralaiz, -iz, -ig, -d paralys|e, 

-ea, -ing, -ed 
'paeralaeks, -iz parallax, -es 
'paeralel [-lal], -z, -ig, -d; -izm 
parallel (s. v.), -a, -ing, -ed; -ism 
paBra'Ielagraem, -z parallelogram, 
paera'litik, -8 paralytic, -s [-s 
'paeramannt, -li paramount, -ly 
paeran'Oetik, -al, -ali parenthetic, 
-al, -ally 

Hiehaelia A Jonei, Fhonetio Dictionary. 


'pserapit— 'paejanit 

— 322 — 

pset— pAf 

'pserapit [-pet], -s, -id parapet, 

-8, -ed 
'paerasait, -s parasite, -s 
psera'sitik, -9I, -ali, -alnis para- 
sitic, -al, -ally, -alness 
psera'salj -z parasol, -s 
psBra'Jnit f'pseraj-], -s, -i^, -id 
parachutfe (». v.), -es, -ing, -ed 
'pserat, -s 1) parrot (P.), -s; 

2) Parrat(t) 
pse'ri: Paris (in the expr. 'gay P.') 
'pier|i, -iz, -iij, -id parr|y (s. v.) 

(P.), -ies, -ying, -ied 
'paeria, -z = 'pearia, -z pariah, -s 
'pseris Paris 

'pterisaid, -z parricide, -s 
'pserij, -iz 1) parish (P.), -es; 

2) Parrish 
'pnriti Parity 

O 'pSBSa*, -ri:z passer (sparrow), -es 
psesa'kailja, -z passacaglia, -a 
'pgB89iit passant {heraldry) 
psBsi'biliti passibility 
'peesibl passible 
'piesid3^ -iz, -ig, -d passagje (s. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'p»si|fai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid; 
-faia*, -faiaz paci|fy, -fies, 
-fying, -fied; -fier, -fiera 
p«esifi'keij'»ii, -z pacification, -s 
'psBsiiK^sa*, -z passenger, -s 
'piBSiT, -11, -nis passive, -ly, -ness 
'pteskal = 'pa:sk»l paschal 
'psespaitn:, 'ptestaim = 'pa:s- 
pffis'tel, -z pastel, -s 
pws'ta:* [pa:s-] (pa:s'toe:r) Pasteur 
'paesta'n, -z pastern, -s 
pnsta'raili, -z pastorale, -s 
'pcestaraiz, -iz^ -ig, -d pasteuriz|e 

[-is|e], -es, -ing, -ed 
paestarai'zeijan pasteurization 

'psestaral, -z = 'pa:st- pastoral, -s 
pees'ti:!, -z pastille, -s 
'piesti, -z = 'paisti, -z 
'paBst/a*,e^c. diaZecfat /or 'poistja*, 

0'p« Ja, -z = paija, -z pascha, -s 
'psejan, -z passion (P)., -s 
'pnjanilaaa'j-zpassion-flower, -s 
'pw/anit [-J^gi-], -li, -nis passion- 
ate, -ly, -ness 

O ptet, -s, -ig, -id pat (s. v. aiv.) 

(P.), -a, -ting, -ted 
'pieta*, -z, -rig, -d; -ra*, -raz 
patter (g.r.),-s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
pieta'gonnia [-nja], -n/z Pata- 
gonia, -n/a [-a 
'paetan, -z 1) pattern, -s ; 2) paten, 
'pseta'nasta* Pater Noster {Lord's 

FrayO-), -b 
'paetanosta'ron Paternoster Bow 
'psetant ['peit-], -s, -ig, -id patent 

(«. adj. v.), -a, -ing, -ed 
'paetasn 1) Patterson; 2) Paterson 
'psetji, -iz 1) patt|y, -ies; 2)Patti 
'psetina patina 

'paet|man, -mas Pat|man, -moa 
'pietn,-z 1) pattern, -s; 2) paten, -s 
'psetnt, etc. = 'psetant patent, etc. 
'ptetran, etc. = 'peitran patron, etc. 
'peetranaiz, -iz, -ig/li, -d; -a*/z 
patroniz|e[-is|e],-es, -ing/ly, -ed; 
'peetranids patronage [-er/s 

'psetriat,-8='peitriat, -s patriot, 
'ptetriatizm patriotism [-s 

'pietrik Patrick 

'pffitrimanji, -iz patrimon|y, -ies 
pietri'monnial {-igal], -i patri- 
monial, -ly 
ptetri'atik, -ali patriotic, -ally 
ptets pata {from pat) 
'pietsi Patsy 

peetj, -iz, -ig, -t; -abl; -i, -ia*, 
■iist, >iii, -inis patch, -es, -ing, 
-ed; -able; -y, -ier, -iest, -ily, 
'p«etjwa:k patchwork 
OpieSa'ladsik, -91, -ali pathologic, 
•pAb, -z pub, -s [-al, -ally 

'pAblik, -U public, -ly • 
pAbli'keiJan, -z publication, -s 
'pAblikan, -z publican, -s 
'pAbUsist, -s publicist, -a 
pAb'lisiti [pab-] publicity 
'pAbli/^ -iz, -ig, -t; -a*, -az 
publish, -ea, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
0'pAd|l, -Iz, -^g [-lig], -Id puddjle 

(«. v.), -Ies, -ling, -led 
'pAdJa* [-la*], -z puddler, -a 
O pAf, -8, -Ig, -t; -a*, -az; -i, 
-ia*, -ii8t, -ili, -inis puff {a. v.), 
-a, -ing, -ed; -er, -era; -y, -ier, 
-iest, -ily, -inesa 


— 323 — 


'pAfiLn, -z puffin, -s 
O pAg, -1 pug, -s 
pAg'ntesiti pugnacity 
pAg'nei/as, -11 pugnacioua, A-y 
O pAk, -s puck (P.), -8 
'pAia*, -z, -rifl, -d pucker (s. «.), 

-s, -ing, -ed 
O pAlju'lei/an pullulation 
'pAljuleit, -s, -ii), -id pullulat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
'pAlmanari pulmonary 
pAlp, -s, -ig, -tj -i, -la*, -list, 

-Inls pulp (s. «.)> -^1 -ing, -ed; 

-y, -ier, -iest, -iness 
'pAlpi|fai, -faiz, -failg, -faid 

pulpi|fy, -fies, -fying, -fied 
pAls, -Iz,' -Ig, -t pul8|e (». «.), 

-es, -ing, -ed 
pAl'seiJan, -z pulsation, -s 
pAl'seit ['pAlseit], -s, -Ig, -id 

pulsatje, -es, •ing, -ed 
'pAlsat|iv, -ari pulsatlive, -ory 
'pAlraraiz, -iz, -ii), -d pulyerizje 

[-is|e], -ea, -ing, -ed 
pAlvarai'zei/an, -z pulverization 

[-isa-], -s 
O'pAmfrlt 1) Pomfret; 2) Ponte- 

fract {},ocal jjron.) 
'pAmfrit'keik, -s pomfret-cake, -s 
'pAmis, -Iz, -li|, -t 1) pumicje 

(». ».)> "88, -ing, -ed; 2) pomace 
'pAmlsstoun, -z pumice-stone, -s 
'pAm|l (s. v.), -Iz, -alig [-tig], -Id 

1) pummlel, -els, -elling, -elled; 

2) pommjel, -els, -elling, -elled 
pAmp, -B, -ig, ^; -a*, -az pump 

(«. «.), -8, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'pAmpkln, -z pumpkin, -s 
O pAn, -z, -ig, -d pun (». v), -s, 

-ning, -ned 
'pAndit, -8 pundit, -s [-tly 

'pAnd3»n|8l, -t, -til pungen|cy, -t, 
pAn'dsi: = 'pandsi: pongee 
VAn'dsazb [-'dsoib] Punjab 
^AnlJ, -Iz, -ig, -t} -a*, -az; -ablj 

-mant/s punish, -es, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers; -able; -ment/s 
'pAnsta*, -z punster, -s 
pAnt, -s, -ig, -id} -a*, -az punt 

(s. ».), -8, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
pAntJ, -iz. -ig, -t; -a*, -az punch 

(». «.) (P.),-eB, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 

'pAnfJboul, -z punch-bowl, -s 
'pAnfJan, -z puncheon, -a 
'pAufJleldl, -z punch-ladle, -a 
O pAgA;'tiliou [-Ij-j, -zpunctilio, -a 
pAg%;'tllias [-Ijas], -Ii, -nis punc- 

tilioua, -ly, -ness 
pAg%;1ju'«eliti [-t/u-] punctuality 
pAg A;liju'eiJ'an [-tju-], -z punctua- 
tion, -s 
'pAg^neit- [-tju-], -s, -ig, -id; 

-a'/z punctuat|e, -ea, -ing, -ed; 

'pAg A;tju9l [-t/u-], -i punctual, -ly 
'pAgfctJa*, -z, -rig, -d punctur|e 
. (s. «.), -ea, -ing, -ed 
O p Ap, -s, -ig, -t pup (s. «.), -a, -ping, 
'pApjl, -iz pupp|y, -iea [-ped 
'pApit, -s puppet, -s 
OpAS, -iz pus, -es 
'pAS^n:!, -z pustule, -a 
pAslju'leiJan, -z pustulation, -a 
'pAsljuleit, -s, -ig, -id puatulat|e, 

-ea, -ing, -ed 
'pAsljulja*, -as puatul|ar, -oua 
OpAt (s. «.), -8, -ig, -id put|i,t) 

(at golf), -(t)a, -ting, -ted 
'pAta*, -z putter (golf-club), -a 
'pAt|i, -iz, -iig, -id 1) putt|y («. v.), 

-iea, -ying, -ied; 2) puttee, -a 
0'pAz|l, -Iz, -Iig [-Iig], -Id puzz|le, 

-lea, -ling {v. adj.), Jed 
'pAzla* [-Ja*], -z puzzler, -a 
e pel, -z, -ig, peid pay (s. «.), 

-a, -ing, paid 
O 'peidron = 'pi:dron Pedro 
peids, -iz, -ig, -d- pag|e (s. v) 

(P.) -es, -ing (s. v.), -ed 
'peid3ant, etc. = 'psedsant, etc. 
O 'pei|a*j -82, -abl pay|er, -era, -able 
O'pelgan, -z -izm pagan («. adj.), 
-8, -ism 
'peiganaiz, -Iz^ -ig, -d paganizje 

[-is|e], -ea, -ing, -ed 
O pei'i: -z payee, -a 
O pell, -a*, -ist; -z, -Ig, -d 1) (s.) 

pail, -a; 2) paJ|e («. adj. ».), -er, 

-est; -es, -ing, -ed 
'peilfeis, -iz pale-face, -a 
'peilfal, -z pailful, -a 
'peilig, -z paling, -a 
'peilij palish 
'peiljli, -nis palejly, -ness 

'peliiia:gta* — 'peitant 

— 324 

peitan'ti;— pelepa'ni;gas 

O'peimaista*, -z paymaster, -a 

'peimant, -s payment, -a 

O pein, -z, -ig, -d 1) pain (s. v.), 

-a, -ing, -ed; 2) pan|e (s. ».), 

-es,-ing,-ed; 3)Pain(e); 4)Payne 
'pein{ful, -fnli [-fall], -fulnis 

painjful, -fully, -fulness 
'peinlis, -li, -nis painless, ^ly, -ness 
peint, -8, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; -abl 

paint (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, 

• era; -able 
'peintboks, -iz paint-box, -es 
'peintji, -ia , -list paint|y, -ier, -iest 
'peintig (s.), -z painting, -a 
'peinzteik|3*, •az, -ii) painatak|er, 

-era, -ing 
O'peipa*, "Z, -rig, -d; Ta*, -raz 

paper («.«.), -a, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
'peipahseg|a*, -az, -ig paper- 

hang|er, -era, -ing 
'peipakAta*, -z paper-cutter, -a 
'peipal papal 
'peipalaiz, -iz, -ig, -d papaliz|e 

[-is|e], -ea, -ing, -ed 
'peipamAni paper-money 
'peipameika*, -z paper-maker, -a 
'peipanaijf, -tz paper-knijfe, -ves 
'peiparafis Paper-office 
'peipasji, -iz papacjy, -iea 
'peipatreit, -s paper-weight, -a 
'peipist, -8, -ri papiat, -a -ry 
pei'pistik, etc. = pa'pistik, pa- 
pistic, etc. 
'peipl = 'peipal papal 
O pei8, -iz, -ig^ -t; -a*, -az pac|e 

(». v.), -ea, •-ing, -ed; -er, -era 
'peismeika*, >z pace-maker, -a 
'peisou, -z peso, -s 
peist, -g, -ig, -id 1) pastje («. v.), 

-es, -ing, -ed ; 2) paced (/Vom pace) 
'peistbaid paate-board 
'peist|i (adj.), -ia*, -iist, -ili, -inis 

past|y, -ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
'peistrfi, -iz pastry, -iea 
'peistriknk, -8 pastrycook, -a 
0'peiX»ns, -iz patience (P.), -a 
'pei/ant, -8, -li patient (s. adj.), 
O peit, -s pate, -a [-9, -ly 

■peita*, -z pater (P.), -s 
'peitant ['p«et-]^ -s, -ig, -id; -abl 

patent («. adj. v.), -a, -ing, -ed ; 


peitan'ti: [pset-], -z patentee, -a 
'peitran ['ptet-j, -z patron, -s 
'peitranis ['pset-], -iz patroness, -es 
'peitriaik ['pset-], -s patriarch, -a 
peitri'a:kal [peet-] patriarchal 
'peitriat ['p«et-], -s patriot, -s 
O'peiOas pathos 
O peiv, -z, -ig, -dj -a*, -az pav|e, 

-ea, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
'peiTia = pa'Tia Pavia 
'peiTigstonn, 'X paving-stone, -s 
'peirmant, -s pavement, -s 
O peiz pays {from pay) 
'peizli Paisley [-ly 

• 'peb|l, -Iz, -li [-^] pebbjle, -lea, 
O'pedagag, -z pedagogue, -a 
'pedagagi [-gadsi, -goudsi] peda- 
peda'gagik [-'^adsik, -'gondsik], 

■al pedagogic, -al [-ry, -rieal 
'pedant, -sj -ri, -riz pedant, -s;J 
'pedigri:, -z, -d pedigree, -a, -d 
'pedil^aa* pedicure 
'pedikl, -z pedicle, -a 
'pedimant, -s pediment, -a 
'pedistl, -z pedeatal, -a 
'ped|l, -Iz, -|ig [-Ilg]. -Id 1) ped|al 

(s. v.), -als, -ailing, -ailed; 

2) (v.) pedd|le, -les, -ling, -led 
'pedia*, -z pedlar, -s 
'pednt, etc. = 'pedant, etc. 
'pedro = 'piidron Pedro 
Opeg («.«.), -z, -ig, -d peg (P.), 
'pegasas Pegasus [-s, -ging, -ged 
'pegi Peggy 
'peg, tap, -s peg-top, -a 
Opek, -8, -ig, -t; -a*, -az peck 

(s. V.) (P.), -8, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
peka'biliti peccability 
'pekabl peccable 
pe'keivai fpe'koivi:] peccavi 
'pekant, -li peccant, -ly 
'pekij, -It, -ni8 peckish, -ly, -ness 
pekju'Ieijan, -z peculation, -a 
'pekjnleit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

peculat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, -ora 
'pektaral, -z pectoral (s. adj.), -a 
'pekou pekoe 
Opel, -z pell, -3 
pela'gounjam, -z pelargonium, -s 
pelam Pelham 
pelapa'niisas Peloponnesus 

pelapa'niijan — 'penrin 

325 — 

'penriO— peri'hiilian 

pel3p9'iii:Jan[-J'iaii], -z Pelopon- 

uesian, -s 
'pelarLn, -z pelerine, -s 
pe'li:s [pi'l-], -iz pelisae, -s 
'pelikan, -z pelican, -s 
'pelit, -s pellet, -a 
'pel'mell) Pall Mall; 2) pell-mell 
pelt, -s, -ii), -id pelt (s. v.), -a, 

-ing (ac^j. vX -ed 
O'pembaton I'einberton 
'pembruk [-brouk] Pembroke 
Open, -z, -ig, -d 1) (». v.) pen 

(P.), -s, -ning, -ned; 2) Penn 
pe'nAlt, etc., pe'nAmbra, etc. = 
pend penned {from pen) [pi'n- 
'pend3n|si, -t pendenlcy, -t 
'pendant, -s 1) pendant, -s; 

2) pendent 
'pendiii pending [-s 

'pendjnlam [-djel-], -z pendulum, 
'pendjulss, -li, -nis pendulous, -ly, 
'penan, -z pennon, -s [-ness 

'penans, -iz penance, -s 
'penant, -s pennant (P.), -s 
'penaO, -s pennyvrorth, -s 
'penfai, -z penful, -s 
'pengmn, -z = 'pei(- penguin, -s 
'penji, -iz, pens penn|y (P.), -ies, 

'penia'Iaina*, -z penny-a-liner, -s 
'penilis penniless 
peni'tenjjal, -ali; -ari, -ariz peni- 

tenti|al, -ally; -ary, -ariea 
'penitans penitence [-s, -ly 

'penitent, -s, -li penitent («. adj.), 
peni'trei/an, -z penetration, -s 
'penltreit, -s, -ig, 'igli, -id 

penetrat|e, -es, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
'penitreitir, -li, -nis penetrative, 

-ly, -ness 
penitra'biliti penetrability 
'penitrab|l, -li, -Inis penetrab|le, 

-ly, -leness 
'peniireit, -s pennyweight, -s 
'peniwa'e['penaO],-s pennyworth, 
'penjnari penury _ [-8 

pe'njnarias, etc. = pi'nj- 
'penlt|i, -iz penalt|y, -ies 
'pen|man, -man penjman, -men 
'pennai|f, -tz penkni|fe, -ves 
'penneim, -z pen-name, -a 
'penrin [pen'rin} Penfhyn 

'penrie [^pen'riO] Penrith 
pens pence {plur. of penny) 
pensa'rouzon Penseroso 
'pensil, etc. = 'pensi pencil, etc. 
pensil'Teinia [-nja] Pennsylvania 
'pensiv, -li, -nis pensive, -ly, -ness 
'pens|I, -Iz, -^g^ -Id penc|il (s, v.), 

-ils, -illing, -illed 
'penslkeis, -iz pencil-case, -s 
'penJI^tt, -anz, -anig [-]|^ig], -and 

pensilon («. v.), -ons, -oning, -oned 
'penjana* [-J^gi-], -z pensioner, -s 
pent pent 

'pentted, -z pentad, -s [-ally 
pen'tteganl^, -ali pentagonjal, 
pen'ttemar^n pentameron 
pen'ttemita*, -z pentameter, -s 
'pentagan, -z pentagon, -s 
'pentagrtem, -z pentagram, -s 
'pentaQn:k Pentateuch 
'penthaa|s, -ziz penthou{se, -ses 
'pentika'st, -s Pentecost, -s 
penti'ko'stl pentecostal 
'pentland, -z Pentland, -a 
penOesi'li'a Penthesilea 
0'peggwin['peng-], -z penguin, -s 
O'pepa*, -z, -rig, -d; -ra*, -raz 

pepper (s. v.) (P.), -s, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers [-a 

'pepamint[-mant], -s peppermint, 
'pepar|i, -ili, -inis pepper|y, -ily, 
'pepin Pepin [-iness 

'pepis Pepys 
'pep I sin, -tik pepjsin, -tic 
'peptonn, -z peptone, -s 
0'perami>tar|l, -ili, -inis per- 

emptorly, -ily, -iness 
pera'rei/9n, -z peroration, -a 
'perareit, •s, -ig, -id perorat|e, 

-es, -ing -ed 
'per|i, -iz perr|y (P.), -ies 
pe'rifarji [pa'r-], -iz, •»! peri- 

pher|y, -ies, -al 
peri'frtestik, -9l, -ali periphrast- 
ic, -al, -ally 
pe'ri£ra8|is [pa'r-], -i:z peri- 

phraa|iB, -ea [-s 

perigri'nei/an, -z peregrination, 
'perigrinelt, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

peregrinat|e, -es, -ing, -ed ; -or, 

-org ■ [-a 

peri'hi:li|Mi [-Ij-], -a periheIi|on, 

perrka:di9m— petri'ftekjan — 326 — 

'petrol— p9:'geijgii 

peri'ka:di3m [-djam], -z peri- 
cardium, -B 
'perikli:z Pericles 
'peril, -z peril, -a [-ness 

'perilas, -li, -nis perilous, -ly, 
pe'rim Perim 

pe'rimita*. -z perimeter, -b 
peripa'tetik, -all peripatetic, -ally 
'peristail, -z peristyle, -s 
'peri/, -iz, -ig/Ii, -t perish, -ei, 

-ing/ly, -ed 
perija'toiliti perishability 
'perijabjl, -li, -Inis perishab|le, 

-ly, -leness 
'perit Perrett 

perita'naitis [-to'n-] peritonitis 
'peritrig, -z periwig, -s 
'periwii|kl, -z periwinkle, -s 
pe'rniT- = pa'ruiT" 
0'pes8r|i, -iz pessar|y, -ies 
'pe8im{i8t/B, -izm peBsim{ist/s,-i8m 
pesi'mistik, -al, -ali pessimistic, 

-al, -ally 
peska'dan-iz Pescadores 
'pesl, etc. = 'pestl, etc. 
pest^ -8 1) pest (P.), -s; 2) Pesth 
'pesta*, -z, -rig/li, -dj -ra*, -raz 

pester, -s, -ing/ly, -ed; -er, -ers 
pes'tifaras, -li pestiferous, -ly 
pesti'len/l^l, -ali peBtilenti|al, 

'pestilans, -iz pestilence, -s 
'pestilant, -li pestilent, -ly 
'pest|l, -Iz, *^g, -Id pestjle («. v.), 

-Ies, -ling, -led 
Opet, -8, -ia, -id 1) pet (s. v.), 

-s, -ting, -ted; 2) Pett 
pe'ta:d [pi't-], -z petard, -a 
'pet|i, -ia*, -ii8t, -Hi, -inis pett|y, 

-ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
'petlfagia*, -az, -ari, -ig petti- 

fogg|er, -ers, -ery, -ing 
'petikont, -8, -id petticoat, -s, -ed 
■'petij, -li, -nis pettish, -ly, -ness 
'petitouz pettitoes 
'peijnlaii{8, -sij -t, -tli petnlanjce, 

-cy; -t, -tly 
'petl, -z, -d petal, -s, -(l)ed 
'petraL -z petrel, -s 
'petrl|fai, -faiz, -faili|, -fald 

petri|fy, -fies, -fying, -fied 
petri'tok/an petrifaction 

'petrol ['pi:t-, -ral], -z, -ij). -d 

petrol («. v.), -s, -ling, -lea 
'pet/ili Pechili 
O'pezant, -s, -ri peasant, -s, -ry 

• pea*, -z, -rig, -d 1) («.) pear, -a; 

2) (s. V.) pair, -s, -ing, -ed; 

3) (».) parfe, -es, -ing, -ed 
O'pearant, -s, -ids; -lis parent, 

-a, -age; -less 
'pearia ['po:r-,'p»r-], -z pariah, -s 
'pearii) (s.), -z paring, s 
'pearigtaim, -z pairing time, -a 
Opeasi'flais (per8i'fla:3) persi- 
flage [3) pares"] 
Opeaz 1) pears (P.); 2) pairs ;J 

• pa:*, -z, -rig, -d 1) purr, -s, -ing, 
-ed; 2) per [-dness"] 

0'pa:blaiii{d, •dnia purblin{d,J 

Opa:d purred {from purr) 

pai'dijan perdition 

pa:'dja: perdu(e) 

pa:d3, -iz, -ig, -d purg|e («. v.), 

-ea, -ing, -ed 
'paidsa*, -z, -rig, -d; -ra*, -raz; 

-ri, -riz perjur|e, -ea, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -era; -y, -ies 
O p3''fekj'9n, -z perfection, -s 
pa-'fekt, -8, -ig, -id; -a*, -az; 

-ibl perfect (v.), -a, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers; -ible 
pa-fekti'biliti [-t.a'b-] perfecti- 
pa:fa'rei/9ii, -z perforation, -a 
'paifareit, -s, -ig, -id; -a*/2 per- 

foratje (v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -or/a 
'pa:f»r|abl, -it perfor|able, -ate 
'pa:f!dl perfidy [(fldj) 

pa''fidias [-djas], -li, -nis per- 

fidioua, -ly, -neas 
'pa:fik|t, -ts, -tli [-li], -tnis 

1) («. adj.) perfecji ^ta, -tly, 

-tness; 2) (v.) = pa''fekt 
'pa:Qn:m, -z perfume (s.), -a 
pa''fjn:m, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az; 

-ari perfum|e (v.), -es, -ing, -ed; 

-er, -ers; -ery 
pa-'fo:m, -z, -ig, -d; -a*/z; -abl; 

-ans/iz perform, -a, -ing, -ed; 

-er/s; -able; -ance/s 
pa''fo:s perforce 
'pa:fr- = 'pa:far- 
O pai'seijan, -z purgation, -s 

paigamas— pa-'petjneit 


pa''p9ljii9l— pa-'sirr 

'p3:g9in|as, -os Pergam|u8, -oa 
[p3:gat9r|i, -iz purgator|y (P.), -ies 
'paigatiT, -z purgative (s. adj.), -s 
paiga'tazrial purgatorial 
O padt, -8, -iij, -t perk, -s, -ing,-ed 
O pa:'kA8, -iz, -iij, -tj -iy percuss, 

-es, -ing, -ed; -ive 
p3''kAXan, -z percussion, -s 
paika'lei/an, -z percolation, -s 
'paikaleit, -s, -iii, -id; -a'/z per- 

colat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or/s 
'pa:k|l, -ia*,-iist, -ill, -inis perk|y, 

-ier, -iest, -ily, -iness 
'pa:kinz Perkins 
pa:l(ja''teinia8 [-qjas], -11 percu- 
taneous, -ly 
'pa:'kantrei per contra 
'pa:kmzit, -s perquisite, -s 
O pa:l (s. v.), -z, -ig, -d 1) pearl 

(P.), -8, -ing (». ».), -ed; 2) purl, 

-8, -ing, -ed 
■pa:li 1) pearly; 2) Purley 
pa:'laiii, -z, -ig, -d: -a*, -az 

purloin, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
Opaim Perm 
'pa:inanaii|s [-min-], ■8iz; -si, -siz; 

-tj -tli permanen|ce, -ces; -cy, 

-cies; -t, -tly 
pazmi'sijan permeation 
'paimieit, -s, -ig, -id permeat|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
paimia'billti permeability 
'pa:miabl permeable 
'pa:minan8, etc. = 'pannan- 
pa''mi8ib|l [-sab-], -li, -Ini8 per- 

missibjle, -ly, -leness 
pa^'misir, -li permissive, -ly 
pa''iiu/aii, -z permission, -s 
'pa:mit, -s permit (s.), -s 
pa''mtt, -8, -ig, -id permit (v.), 

-s, -ting, -ted 
pa-'ngnit, -8, -ig, -id permut|e, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
pa:]ign:'teij9ii, -z permutation, -s 
O pamsem'l^n^on [-nam-] Per- 

nambuco [-ness'j 

pa:'iii/a8,-li,-iii8 pernicious, -ly,j 
Opa:'pend, -z, -ig, -id perpend, 

-8, -ing, -ed 
pa'peljn'ei/an, -z perpetuation, -s 
pa''peQaelt, -s, -ig. -id perpetu- 

atje, -es, -ing, 

, -ig. 

•, -ed 

pa''pe1ja»l, -i perpetual, -ly 

'pa:pandikja'l{eriti perpendicu- 

pa:pan'dikjnla*, -z, -li perpen- 
dicular (s. adj.), -8, -ly 

'pa:pa8, -iz, -ig, -t; -li purpos|e 
(8. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -ely 

'pa:pa8li8, -li, -nis purposeless, 
-ly, -nesB 

'pa:pat, -s, -in, -id purport («. v.), 
-B, -ing, -ed 

pa:pi'tjnit{i [-pa't-], -iz perpetu- 
it|y, -ies 

paipi'trei/^n, -z perpetration, -s 

'paipitreit, -s, -ig, -id; -a'/z per- 
petrat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or/B 

'pa:p|l, -la*, -list, -Iz, -lig, -Id, 
-11/ purpjle (a. adj. v.), -Ier, -lest, 
-Ies, -ling, -led, -lish 

pa''pleks, -iz, -ig, -igli, -t, -idli, 
-idnisi -iti, -itiz perplex, -es, 
-ing, -ingly, -ed, -edly, -edness; 
-ity, -ities [= pera-T 

O pa:ra'reiXaii [-ro'r-, -ro'r-], -zj 

pa''r3ksaid, -z peroxide, -s 

O pais, -iz, -ig, -t 1) (s. v.) purs|e, 
-es, -ing, -ed; 2) Perse 

pa''8ent per cent 

pa''8entid3, -iz percentage, -s 

pa:'sepall8 Persepolis 

pa''sepj9n, -z perception, -s 

'paisept, -8 percept, -s 

pa'septi'biliti [-ta'b-] percepti- 

pa''8eptib|l [-tab-], -li, -Inis per- 
ceptibjle, -ly, -leness 

pa-'septiT, -li, -nis perceptive, 
-ly, -ness 

'pana*, -z purser, -s 

'pa:s»l PurccU [it|y, -ies 

pa:8a'ntelit|i [-si^'ae-], -iz personal- 

pazsa'nei/an [-si^'ei-J, -z persona- 
tion, -s 

'paisaneit [-s^-j, -s, -ig, -id; -a*,z 
per8onat|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or/s 

paisa'nel, -z personnel, -s 

'pa:sanl, etc., -ids = 'pa^sn- 

'pa:sfnl, -z purseful, -s 

;pa:'si: per se 

pa-'siiT, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -oz; 
•abl, -abu perceiv|e, -es, -ing, 
-ed; -er, -ers; -able, -ably 

'pa:s|i— pa:t 

328 — 

p9''tein— pa'lemik 

'paisji, -inis 1) pursjy, -iness; 

2) Percy 
paisi'kjnijan, -z persecution, -s 
'p3:8ikjn:t, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

persecut|e, -es, -ing, -ed; -or, 

p3''sipi9ii|s [-pj-], -t, -ts per- 

cipien|ce, -t, -ts 
p3''sist, -8, -ig, -igli, -id persist, 

-s, -ing, -ingly, -ed 
p3''sist8n|s, -si, -t, -tli peraist- 

en|ce, -cy, -t, -tly 
'paisiral 1) Perceval; 2) Percival 
'paisi'Tia*, -z, -rii), -rigli, -d; 

-rans per8ever|e,-es,-ing, -ingly, 

-ed; -auce 
'p3:sjn:s [-sjas] Perseus 
p8''sjn:. -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -az 

pursufe, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -era 
pa''sjn-aii|s, -t, -tli pursuan|ce, 
pa''sjn:t, -s pursuit, -s [-t, -tly 
'pa:sii, -z person, -s 
'paisnali [-sigiali, -s^fi] personally 
'paisi^ids [-Sdn-], -iz personage, -s 
'pa:sii!^ [-sanal, -san}, -s^)]; -ti, 

-tiz personal; -ty, -ties 
pa:'sonn|a, -i: person|a, -se 
pa''sani|fai, -faiz, -faiig, -faid 

personi|fy, -fies, -fying, -fied 
pa'sanifi'bei/an, -z personifica- 
tion, -s 
pa-'8paia% -z, -rig, -d perspirje, 

-es, -ing, -ed 
pa''spektiT, -z, -li perspective 

(s. a^.), -s, -ly 
pazspi'ksesiti perspicacity 
paispi'keijas, -li, -nis perspica- 
cious, -ly, -ness 
pa''8pikjuas, -li, -nis perspicuous, 

-ly) -ness 
paispi'kjniti perspicuity 
pa:8pi'reiX»n [-pa'r-] perspiration 
paist pursed (from purse) 
pa''sweid. -z, -ig, -id: -a*, -az 

persuadfe, -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
pa''sweisiT, -li, -nis persuasive, 

-ly, -ness 
pa''8wei39ii, -z persuasion, -s 
'paiswiTant, -s pursuivant, -s 
0'pa:J|a, -an/z Persija, -an/s 
O pait, -ist, -li, -nis pert, -est, 

-ly, -ness 

pa''tein, -z, -ig, -d pertain, -s, 

^-ing, -ed 

pa-'ta:b, -z, -ig, -d; -a*, -azj 

-abl perturb, -s, -ing, -ed; -er, 

-ers; -able 
paitai'beijan, -z perturbation, -s 
paiti'ncesiti pertinacity 
pa:ti'neijas,-li,-ni8 pertinacious, 

-ly, -ness 
'pa:tinan|8, -si, -t, -tli pertinenjce, 

-cy, -t, -tly 
pa:tj, -iz, -ig, -t; -a*, -az perch 

(s. v.), -es, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
pa-'t/ains perchance 
'pa:tj'a8, -iz, -ig, -tj -a*, -az; 

-abl purchas|e (s. v.), -es, -ing, 

-ed; -er, -ers; -able 
Opa:6, -Jia* Perth, -shire 
Opai'vei, -z, -ig, -dj -a*, -az; 

-ans purvey, -s, -ing, -ea; -or, 

-ors; -ance 
pa-'veid, -z, -ig, -id pervadje, -es, 

-ing, -ed 
pa''vei3an pervasion 
pa"'Ta:s, -li, -nis; -iti pervers|e, 

-ely, -eness; -ity 
pa-'vai/an, -z perversion, -s 
'paivait, -s pervert (s.), -s 
pa''Ta:t, -s, -ig, -id; -a*, -az 

pervert (v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er, -ers 
'pa:via8 [-vjas], -li, -nis pervious, 
'paiTJu: purview [-ly, -ness 

O'paiz purrs (from purr) 
• pa* per (weak form) 
O pab'lisiti=pAb'lisitipublicity 
O pa'dsegra = 'podagra podagra 
O pa'fekt, etc., pa'fld-, pa'ijuim, 

pa'fa:m, etc. = pa''f- 
O pa'gouda, -z pagoda, -s 
O pa'bteps [prsps] perhaps 
O pa'kAjan, z = pa:'k- 

pa'kjuilja*, etc. = pi'k- 
O pa'laiva*, -z, -rig, -d; -ra*/z 

palaver (s. v.), -s, -ing, -ed; -er/a 
pa'lait [po-], -ist, -li, -nis polite, 

-st, -ly, -ness 
pa'lseka [po-], -z polacca, -s