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Full text of "The pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire, 1623 to 1660; a descriptive list, drawn from records of the colonies, towns, churches, courts and other contemporary sources"

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The original of this book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

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the United States on the use of the text. 




The Pioneers of Maine and 
New Hampshire 

1623 to 1660 

A Descriptive List, drawn from Records of the 

Colonies, Towns, Churches, Courts and 

Other Contemporary Sources. 



Author of the Pioneers of Massachusetts, Pope, Cheney, Tobey, 
Merriam and Hooper Genealogies, etc. 



James Phinney Baxter, A. M., Litt. D. 


Published by Charles H. Pope, 

221 Columbus Avenue 


Copyright, 1908 
By Charles Henry Pope 


Sl|i« Araferlgon l^xtwi 

364 Congress Street 
boston, mass. 


It is encouraging to note the progress which the 
study of genealogy has made within the last decade, 
which may be said to mark an epoch in the family his- 
tory of New England. Books like those which Mr. 
Pope has compiled are invaluable as aids to this study, 
since they furnish important clues to the genealogist, 
which he could not obtain except by long research in 
public and private archives alone familiar to experts 
like Mr. Pope. 

The Pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire aims to 
give such particulars as are accessible of the founders 
of these states, and, in many cases, all the particulars 
which exist ; many, it is true, most meagre ; but any one 
who has sought through scores of obscure registers and 
volumes difficult to reach, knows what the finding of a 
single name sometimes means to him, for it often set- 
tles a mooted point which nothing else can do. 

An examination of "The Pioneers" will convince stu- 
dents of the extent and value of Mr. Pope's researches, 
and insure him their gratitude. These students are not 
at all confined to New England, but are scattered over 
the entire Union, for it is in our old colonial settlements 
that the roots of American Family History are to be 

James Phinney Baxter. 




Agamenticus, Accomenticus 


Black Point (Scarborough) 
Bloody Point (Dover) 
Cape Porpoise (Arundel, Ken- 

Casco, Bay and settlement 


Falmouth (Portland) 
Gorgeana (York) 
Great Island (Portsmouth) 

Isles of Shoals 




Ogunquit (Wells) 


Penobscot (Castine) 

Piscataqua, River and region 


Richmond Island 



Strawberry Bank (Portsmouth) 




With Abbreviabons 

Aspinwall, William, Notary, 

His Note-Book, 
Baxter, James Phinney, A.M., 
Manuscripts relating to early 
history of Maine, printed 
in Me. Hist. Coll. 
Other manuscripts, unpub- 
lished, quoted without spe- 
Trelawney Papers (The 
Richmond's Island Colony), 
Bradford, William, Gov. Plym- 
outh Colony, History, 


Bax. MSS. 



Champernowne, Francis, Sketch . , 



Dover, N. H. Historical Col- 


Dov. Hist. Col. 

Emmerton and Waters Glean- 

ings in England, 

Em. & Wat. 

Essex County Court Records, 

Es. Ct. Rec. 

Essex County Files, 

Es. Files 

Essex County Probate Rec- 


Es. Prob. 

Essex Historical Society Col- 


Es. Coll. 

Exeter, N. H., History, Bell, 

Ex. Hist. 

Genealogical Advertiser, The, 

Gen. Adv. 

Hampton, History, Dow, 

Hamp. Hist. 

Hobart, Rev. Peter, Diary, 


Hubbard, William, History of 

New England, 


Lechford, Thomas, Note Book, 

- L. 

Lygonia Assembly, Records, 

Lyg. Ass. Rec. 

Maine Court Records, 

Me. Ct. Rec. 

Maine Historical Society Col- 


Me. Hist. Coll. 

Maine Wills, '■ ^'' '- ' -'- ■ ^ '^ 

"^Me. Wills 

Mason, John, Sketch of. 

Jo: Ma: 

Massachusetts Archives,' 

Mass. Arch. 

Massachusetts Colonial Rec- 


Mass. Col. Rec. 

Massachusetts Historical Soci- 

ety, Collections, 

Mass. Hist. Coll. 

New Hampshire Historical So- 

ciety, Collections, 

N. H. Hist. Coll. 

New Hampshire Wills (quoted 

without specification), 

Norfolk County (old) Court 


Norf. Files 

Norfolk County Records, 

Norf. Rec. 

Parliamentary Papers, Domes- 

tic Series, 

Pari. Dom. Ser. 

Pioneers of Massachusetts, 

Charles Henry Pope, 

P. of M. 

Piscataqua Court Files, 

Pise. Files 

(viii) ' 

Piscataqua Court Records, 

Pise. Rec. 

Register, The N. E. Hist.-Gen. 



Sewall, Judge Samuel, Diary, 


Waters, Henry F., A.M., 

Gleanings in England, 


Winthrop, John, Gov. Mass. 

Bay Colony, History, 

W. . 

York County Deeds, 

York De. 

York County Files, 

York Files 

Beside the extant records of the towns in Maine and New 
Hampshire, 1623-1661, and the churches therein. 







Able to bear arms 





Administer, administration 



Appr. Apprentice, apprenticed 


Applied, applied for 


Archives or official documents 


Assistant, magistrate 




Bequeathed, bequests 










Child, children 




Colony, colonial 


Company, county 





Daughter, daughters. 








, Deposed or deposition 


Deputy, representative 








Essex (the county of) 






Executor, executrix 




Freeman, (citizen) 









Gr. ch. 


Gr, gr. 

ch. Great-grand-child 



Gr. St. 









Middlesex (county) 



Member of church 


Norfolk (county) 


Nuncupative, i. e., oral 








Probate, probated 




Propr. Proprietor Rem. Remained, removed 

Q. V. Quod vide (which see) Res. Resided, residence 

Reed. Received Ret. Rettlrned 

Rec. Records Suff. Suflfolk (county) 
Ref. Referred 

Brackets, [ ], are used in two ways: i. They enclose the author- 
ity or source of a statement, or a reference to some book or docu- 
ment which may well be read in the connection, t. They are also 
used to enclose words or statements which are believed to be cor- 
rect, but for which the writer has not found absolute documentary 


1. Observe many variations of surnames. One must some- 
times look on several pages before discovering a desired name. 
Not only did public recorders vary the orthography, but a man 
sometimes spelled his own name in two or more ways. 

2. Always consult the other names mentioned in an article 
and th6 Index of Other Names. 

3. Note the Abbreviations employed, since many lines of 
original record have sometimes been compressed into one word 
or line in this volume. 

4. The source from which a statement has been drawn can 
be inferred in most cases from its nature; as proprietorship and 
town office from town records; church membership, dismission, 
etc., from those of the churches; purchase and sale of lands 
from county Records of Deeds; depositions, giving age, etc., 
from records or files of the Courts or Colonies; designations of 
trade, occupation or social position were usually given in deeds, 
but sometimes in records of admission to churches; wills and 
administrations of estates in Probate Records or those of the 
County or Colony. When an item was found in an unusual 
place, the source has been noted. 

J. The dates are given as they were recorded. March 25 
Was New Year's Day in England and her colonies in the seven- 


teenth century. It is at once a blunder and a crime to alter such 
dates to suit a calendar which our Forefathers did not use. 
Their "style"' was just exactly "old style," not at all "new." 
From January i to March 25, during which some other nations 
used the new year number, they often wrote a double date; as 
"3 February, 1621-2"; but February was still "moneth 12," and 
even 24 March was in the old year, although the month, by an- 
ticipation of "day 25," was "moneth i." 

6. Maine and New Hampshire are treated as one because 
in the origin of their settlements and their political history dur- 
ing the period covered they were so nearly one people. 


Pioneers of 


1623 to 1660. 


William, residence not stated, defendant in a lawsuit at 
Strawberry Bank in 1642. 


Walter, Strawberry Bank, agent for Peter Garland in 
court 10 (7) 1645. Wife Sarah a witness in court in 1648. 
Kept the ordThary 2 (8) 1651. Lawsuits in 1654 and 1655. 
Took oath of allegiance July 21, 1657. Thomas, of- Pis- 
cataqua, who deposed 8 (10) 1652, ae. about 18 or 19, as 
to the conduct of his master, Mr. John Bets, toward Robert 
Knight, [Mass. Arch. 38 B, 143,] was his son; with wife 
Sarah he sold land 8 Jan. 1663. 

Will, dated May 15 and 16, prob. June 26, 1667, beq. to 
wife Sarah; son Peter, (a double portion;) dau. Wills, sons 
William, Walter and John, daus. Mary and Elizabeth, gr. ch. 
Thomas and Joseph Abbot and Sarah Wills. 

See also Connell, Clifton, Drake, Green, Sherburne. 


Thomas, residence not stated, one of the witnesses to 
the transfer of land at Black Point 30 June, 1637. 
See also Green. 

ABOURN, see Habome. 

ACKORMUCKE, see Meckermecke. 


Abel, Portsmouth, a servant of dame Hunkins, deposed 
2 April, 1660, aged 40 years. [P. Court Files.] 

Charles, Dover (Durham,) taxed Oct. 19, 1648. Bought 
house and land of John Aulte 10 April, 1645. Joined in pe- 
tition to Gen. Court 10 Oct. 1665. 

He m. Temperance, dau. of Philip Benmore, and inher- 
ited land in Kittery of him which he sold March 6, 1692; 
the widow confirmed the sale March 30, 1696. Estate set- 
tled by son Charles April i, 1695. 

Philip, York, took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 22 
Nov. 1652. Proprietor, 1654. 

Elisabeth, widow, (husband's name not given,) York, 
made will 6 June, prob. 18 Oct. 1710; beq. to dau. Sarah 
Black and grandchildren Daniel and Elizabeth Black, Na- 
thaniel Adams and Samuel Johnson. 
See also Abbot, Mackworth, Pormort. 


Niven, Oyster River, Kittery, juryman, 11 Nov. 1659. 
[P. Court Files.] 

He made will, proved Sept. 16, 1687; beq. to friend John 
Taylor for his dau. Mary T., and to Peter Grant for his dau. 
Elizabeth G. ; debts to be paid which were owing by his 
"predecessor" James Barrow. 

See also Taylor. 


J^hn, planter, housekeeper, York, Agamenticus, his 
servant John Smith ran away and was returned to him 
by order of court Sept. 9, 1640. Rented land of William 
Hooke 16 June, 1643. Was a juror in 1647; a witness of 
George Parker's deed 23 Nov. 1648; bought land at Cape 
Neddicke Beach 16 July, 1650. 
Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt, and was appointed 


sergeant 9i Nov. 1652. Proprietor. Mortg. land 20 Nov. 
1666, to John Bray, shipwright, of Kittery. 

His eldest son Joseph, aged about 20 years, testified at Kit- 
tery in Gunnison case in 1654; John, son of Joseph, sold 
land 3 Nov. 1687, which his grandfather, "farmer Allcock" 
had formerly owned. [York De. VI.] 

See also Amerideth, Brooks, Marker, Jewell, Moulton, 


Andrew, Casco, came in the service of John Winter with 
Capt. Hawkins in 1653, sharing the profits of the fishing. 
[Trel.] Resided at Biddeford and had share of marsh, 1653. 
Signed a petition with Jocelyn and others for fair trial and 
rights. With brother Arthur bought land of Indians and 
sold some of it July 15, 1662. "3 of his men" are men- 
tioned by George Cleve in 1645 as coming to borrow scales 
and weights to weigh fish with. A daughter of his m. John 
Palmer about 1669 and reed, marriage portion of 50 acres 
of land at "Dunston," Scarboro. A petition for confirma- 
tion of this title was made to Andros. [Bax. MSS.] 

Arthur, Casco, signed petitions in 1653. Gyles Roberts, 
in his will in 1666, calls him "brother." Arthur, Jr. took 
oath of allegiance to Mass. Bay govt, at Spurwink, July 13, 

His wife Ann married as her second husband Samuel 
Walker, of Woburn, Mass. and deeded land to her sons Isaac 
and Ezekiel Alger in 1702. 

Thomas, from Newton Ferrers, Eng. came to Casco; 
worked for John Winter a year, about 1630. See Rouse. 

Trustrum, Casco, 1637 "a quiett man," sent money home 
to his wife in England through his employer. Winter. [Trel.] 
See also Plaisted, Roberts. 


Arnold, Spurwink, juror, 15 Sept. 1640. 

Charles, Dover, sued by Henry Tibbet in 1659 for using 
certain lands of his. Portsmouth, proprietor, 1660. 

Mary, residence not stated, deposed 26 Jan. 1645, be- 
fore Henry Jocelyn rela;tive to George Cleve in England. 

William, boat master, Richmond Island, in the employ 
of Winter, "d^erted!' (i. e., left his employer) in 1640. 


Isaac, of Plymouth, Mass. prominent member of that 
colony, also traded at Machias, then the eastern trading-post 
on the Maine coast, in 1633. See Vines. 


Henry, house-carpenter, Hampton, 1640; removed to 
Charlestown, Mass. 
See Chase, Dalton, Thing. 


John, cooper, from Dartmouth, Eng. settled at Kittery. 
Lawsuit in Dover Court in 1648. He married Joanna, dau. 
of James Treworgy. He d. 26 Jan. 1 690-1; beq. estate in 
Eng. to wife Joane for her life afterward to go to son and 
dau. John and Joanna Alcock, then to their ch. Joseph and 
Joanna Alcock; land in Kittery to same, then to gr. ch. 
Joseph and Joanna Alcock; money to be paid by "cozen" 
John Shapleigh to gr. ch. Abigail and Mary Alcock. 
See also Tucker. 


John, cooper, from Chudleigh, Eng. came to Richmond 
Island upon a "covenant" with Trelawney. Wrote to him 
2 July, 1638. Money was paid to his wife in England on 
account. Soon after he left the island. 


Edmund, blacksmith, Yalmpton, co. Devon, Eng. cov- 

enanted 22 Nov. 1642, with Trelawney and Winter, to conie 
to New Eng. and work at their plantation, Richmond Island, 
for 3 years. Was charged with a suit of "cammas" in 1643. 
James, Senior, in a petition to Andros for confirmation 
of land title deposed April 14, 1688, that he "hath bine and 
Now is possessed of a Certaine parrsell of Massh neare thirty 
five years since Lyinge and being on the North Est Side 
Amisscongon River & Adjoyning thare too: near prsumsgate 
ffalls.'' &c. Edward Tyng attested to the correctness of 
the claim. [Bax. MSS. VI.] 

John, Kittery, one of the inhabitants who attended 
court there June 25, 1640. With wife Joan sold house and 
land adjoining that of John Simmonds 21 March, 1648. 
Took oath of allegiance to Mass. Bay govt. 16 Nov. 1652. 
Deposed in the Gunnison case 24 April, 1654, ae. about 54 
years. [Bax. MSS. I.] The wife Joane deposed 25 Feb. 
1660, ae. about 40 years. [York De. II.] Ch. Sarah, Joane 
and John. He died before July 4, 1671, when the court made 
the widow Joane admx. 

After his death she m. 2, — Atwell, and with son John 
Andrews, sold land 8 April, 1675. 

Samuel, ae. 37, with wife Jane, ae. 30, and daus. Jane, 
ae. 3, and Elizabeth, ae. 2, and Elen Lougie, servant, ae. 20, 
came in the Increase, April 14, 1635. He was one of four 
"sent away" by Robert Cordell, goldsmith, Lombard St. Lon- 
don. Taxed at Saco 7 (7) 1636. Res. at Charlestown. 
"Having had the command of ships upon several voyages," 
he and Mr. Jonas Clarke were appointed 13 Oct. 1654, to 
take observations at the northerly bounds of Mass. planta- 
tion. [Arch. Col. 23.] 

Inv. of his est. taken by Nicholas Davison and two other 
Charlestown men the last of Oct. 1659, shows merchandise; 
gives list of debts due from persons at Oyster Bay, L. I. 
Huntington, Hampstead, Stanford, Stratford, various In- 
dians, etc. House, land given him by the town, etc. No 
clue as to family in the document. 

He d. before Aug. i, 14 Charley I, when the widow Jane 


recd. a confirmatory deed of lOo acres of land on which 
her husband formerly built a house, etc. on the west side 
of Saco river. Confirmed by selectmen of Saco 26 (4) 1654. 
The widow married Arthur Mackworth, q. v. 

Thomas, Mr. petitioned the court at Saco 25 March, 
1636, relative to the debt of John Stratten. It seems proba- 
ble that this is the Watertown, Mass. resident. [See P. of 

See also Blackappe, Felch, Mackworth, Neale, Reading, 


Samson, fisherman, York, juryman Oct. 16, 1649^; bought 
land 24 June, 1650. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 
22 Nov. 1652. Wilii wife Susanna sold land 23 Aug. 1668; 
with wife Sarah sold land to Jasper Pullman, fisherman, 14 
Aug. 1675. 

Will dated 13 May, 1691, prob. 10 Jan. 1693-4, beq. all 
to wife Sarah. 

John, Kittery, gave due bill to Roger Playstead 15 Oct. 


William, Wells, constable, allowed by court July 4, 1659. 


Thomas, an early settler at Sagadahock, mouth of the 
Kennebec river. Sold a tract to William Cocks, westward 
of the inouth of the river. His dau. Elizabeth, born about 
1645, lived at home about 12 years till she married. As 
"Elizabeth Davis of Beverly," she testified to these facts at 
Salem, July 25, 1709. [Es. De.] 

His land was in the present town of Phippsburg, Me. 

See also Cox. 


Joseph, Piscataqua, before the court in 1652. Took oath 
of fidelity to Mass. govt. July 2, 1657. Had a bill against 


Portsmouth 4 Feb. i6oo-i. His estate admin. Sept. 24, 1678; 
See also Lloyd, Phillips, Wheelwright. 


Benjamin, Richmond Island, was paid in 1640 for ducks 
he had shot. [Trel.] He and son John legatees of Richard 

See also Andrew; Martin. 

AUGER, see Alger. 


Thomas, Portsmouth, proprietor, 1660. 


John, planter, yeoman, Dover, brought suit 10 (7) 1645 
against Capt. Thomas Wiggin for wages due to his wife Re- 
membrance before she arrived at Pascataquacke, being 14 
Dec. 163 [5]; it was proved by the testimony of Henry 
Tybote that her time of service began March i before she 
came. Suit gained. This shows the wife to be that Re- 
membrance Tybote, ae. 28 years, who came in the James, 
in company with [her brother?] Henry and his family. 

Taxed in Dover in 1648. Constable and grand jury man 
in 1650. Frm. Jan. 26, 1656. He deposed March 2, 1677-8, 
ae. about 73 years. [Norf. Rec] He and wife Remem- 
brance deeded lands 17 June, 1667, to their son Thomas and 
dau. Rebecca Edgerly. 

See also Branson, Tibbetts. 


Francis, a pioneer at Dedham, Mass.; his lot passed to 
Francis Chickering before (7) 1640. 

Francis, proprietor at Hampton in June, 1640. He d. be- 
fore July 13, 1642, when his widow [Isabella] had a grant 
of land. She m. second, Thomas Leavitt of Exeter and 

See also Davis, Gooch, Leavitt, Topp. 


Joseph, planter, Dover, had case in court in 1647; taxed 
Oct. 19, 1648. Bought one quarter of a sawmill of Richard 
Waldron 20 Sept. 1649. He deposed 27 June, 1661, ae. about 
45 years. [P. Files.] 

His will dated 25 Jan. 1662, was probated July i, 1663, 
by widow Sarah; beq. to wife and children; son Thomas 
to have a double portion; brother Peter Coffin one of the 

Note Matthew, who deposed 5 June, 1665, regarding sale 
of land at York, about 1660, aged about 45 years. 

Samuel, Dover, proprietor, 1649. Sold land to Wm. 
Furber 15 Dec. 1650, Constable. Rem. to Wells. With wife 
Elizabeth sold house and land 25 Sept. 1655. His wife died 
and he m. 2, Sarah, widow of William Storer. Deeded land 
to son in law Samuel Storer 8 Oct. 1674. 


Philip, Hog Island, Kittery, took oath of allegiance to 
Mass. govt. 16 Nov. 1652. Constable for Isles of Shoals ex- 
cept Star^ Island, 1652. Signed petition for incorporation 
of the islands 18 (3) 1653. Was one of the commissioners 
for settling minor cases there. 

He died, and admin, of his estate was granted April 24, 
1670-1, to Nathaniel Fryer. His wife died soon and their 
child Philip, "five years old next Michelmas," was appren- 
ticed to Joseph Hall June 27, 1676. 

Thomas, of Wapping, Eng. master of a ship which made 
voyages hither, [Trel.] was mentioned in records of court 
at Saco, March 6, 1636-7. 


Stephen, gave bonds for another person in York court 
June 30, 1656. 

ILOR, etc. 

Alexander, merchant, Portsmouth; authorized May 17, 
1652, "to keep the ferry from Great Island unto the 
rendezvous or the Great house"; suit in court in 1656; grand 


jury man 30 June, 1657; took oath of fidelity July 2, 1657. 
Admin, of his estate was granted 26 June, 1660, to his 
widow Ann. Her will dated 5 Nov. 1660, prob. June 26, 
1661, beq. to son John or to his widow and "theyre Joynt 
children"; to James Leech, his wife and their 4 children; 
to Jane Furson, widow Mary Walford, servants Richard 
Peirce and Tho. Paine. 

Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel and Hester (Mercer), place 
and date of birth unknown, came to this country before 1647, 
certainly, as in that year his grandfather, Rev. Stephen, gave 
property at Strawberry Bank to him in partnership with his 
cousins John and William Sanborn. He was then and for 
the rest of his life a resident of Hampton, N. H. Planter, 
yeoman, so he was designated in deeds; constable and other- 
wise in public business. He owned considerable land. 
Mortg. a tract 22 March, 1664, to his father in law John 
Smith and his brother in law, John, Jr., to secure to them 
the payment of their legacies by the will of Mrs. Ruth Dal- 
ton, of whose estate he was executor. 

He m. 10 (10) 1656 Deborah, dau. of John and Deborah 
Smith; ch. Deborah b. 12 (8) 1657, (m. Joseph Palmer,) 
Nathaniel b. 24 (10) 1659, Ruth b. 9 (3) or (6) 1662, (m. 
James Blake, of Dorchester, Mass.) Hester b. 22 (12) 1664, 
{m. Samuel Shaw,) Abigail b. 28 (10) 1667, (m. John Dear- 
born,) Jane b. 8 (11) 1670, (m. Benjamin Lamprey,) Benja- 
min b. 19 (7) 1673, Stephen b. 8 (i) 1675-6, Mercy b. 11 
(10) 1677, (m. Samuel Dearborn,) Mary b. i8 (7) 1679, 
Samuel b. 10 (10) 1680-1, Jonathan, Theodate, (m. Morris 
Hobbs,) Thomas, Joseph b. 9 (6) 1687, Mary b. 17 (8) 1688. 

His first wife d. 8 (12) 1675-6; he m. 2, 31 (8) 1676, Mary 
(Carter) widow of John Wyman of Woburn, Mass.; he m. 
3, 23 Oct. 1689, Elizabeth, widow of John Knill. 

He d. 17 (10) 1710, "aged about 80 years." 
Rev. Stephen, b. about 1561, matr. St. John's coll. Ox- 
ford, Nov. 17, 1581, B. A. Feb. 3, 1586-7, vicar of Wherwell, 
Hants, 26 Jan. 1587-8 to i6oi ; came in the William and 
Francis June 5, 1632, ae. 71, with wife Helen and others 


of his family. Settled at Saugus, (Lynn). Frni. May 6, 
1635. Entered at once upon church life, drawing down the 
suspicions and oppositions of some in power for such in- 
dependency. Undertook a scheme for founding a plantation 
at Yarmouth, but the winter season and the poverty of his 
associates caused the brave attempt to fail. Rem. to New- 
bury; thence in 1638-9 joined in the settlement of Hamp- 
ton, N. H. to which he is said to have given the name, and 
whose first minister he became. He was on the ground be- 
fore Oct. 9, 1638 with others, planning for the settlement, 
and was the real leader of the enterprise. 

After earnest service, mingled with injudicious (if not 
erring) conduct, which brought conflicts with his associates 
and the Mass. government, he rem. to Strawberry Bank, 
(Portsmouth,) whence he returned to England not far from 
1647. Deeded land 8 (7) 1647, to his three grandsons, John 
and William Sanborne and Nathaniel Bachiler, Jr. 

Admin, of his estate in N. H. granted in Pise. Court March 
26, 1673, to "Wni. Richards, husband unto Mary ye daughter 
of Mr Steven Batchelor deceased." 

He m. first ■ ; he m. 2, Helen , who was ae. 48 

in 1631, when he visited ch. at Flushing; she came hither 

and died; he m. 3, widow Mary , at Strawberry Bank, 

from whom he separated, leaving her here to a sad and un- 
savory life. Ch. Theodate, (m. Christopher Hussey,) 
Deborah, (m. Rev. John Wing,) Stephen, (ae. 16 on enter- 
ing Oxford in 1610,) Ann, (ae. 20 in 1630; m. John Sand- 
burn,) Nathaniel, (m. Hester Mercer; son Nathaniel came 
here early and was a citizen of Hampton; Mary (m. Wm. 
Richards.) [See W., Reg. XVII, XXXVII, XLV, XLVII 
and Genealogy.] 

See also Colcord and Woodward. 


John, Casco, worked for Winter a year about 1630. 


Walter, first grantee of Richmond Island. Was mur- 

dered by the Indians in 1631 ; Winthrop speaks severely of 
the man's character and treatment of the Indians; yet the 
Gen. Court ordered a boat, sufficiently manned, to be sfent 
to investigate the case, Aug. 7, 1632, and to bring the guilty 
persons to Boston for trial, if they could be found. 


Jonas, Richmond Island, in employ of Winter, 1639-1643. 
[Trel.] Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. July 13, 

1658. He deposed July 2, 1660, ae. about 53 years; was serv- 
ant to Trelawney about 20 years before. [York De. I.] Re- 
sided at Blue Point alias Scarborough. 

Will dated ii Nov. 1663, prob. 9 Feb. 1663-4; beq. to wife 
Elinor; brother Nicholas Baly; to "man" Henry Burt; to 
Francis Neale, Sen. and Jun. ; godson Samuel Neale; Eliza- 
beth Bryers, John Bryers, young John and two daughters; 
John Jackson, Mr. Robert Jordan's 6 sons and Andrew 
Brown. To be buried near wife Elizabeth. 

John, fisherman. Isles of Shoals, bought a house 27 June, 

1659, and conveyed it to his son in law Michael Endell, fish- 
erman, 17 May, 1662. 

See also Endell, Way. 


Edmund, from Newton Ferrers, Eng. came to Casco 
and lived one year, about 1630. [Trel.] 

John, husbandman, Boston, adm. chh. 26 (i), frm. 18 
May, 1642. Was dism. 6 (7) 1646, to the church of 
Gorgeana. [W.] Perhaps he was the J. B. who was a jury- 
man in Maine court in 1640. Fined in Piscataqua court in 
1645 fo*" threatening words against Wm. Furber, and for 
running after Indians with a drawn sword, etc. Taxed at 
Dover Oct. 19, 1648. Testified in Norf. court in 1649. Not 
unlikely he is the J. B. who resided at Cape Porpoise, and 
took the oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 5 July, 1653. Was 
prosecuted for abusive speeches against ministers and for 
upholding private meetings and preaching in them, to the 
disturbance of public assemblages. 



Freeborn, (presumably son of John, of Salem) residence 
not stated, testified in Piscataqua court 19 Aug. 1657, ae. 
23 years, that he saw Henrie Thorner, ship-carpenter, of 
Wapping, killed by the rolling of masts which his men were 
putting into the water at Oyster River. 


Edward, Portsmouth, in the employ of Stephen Ford, 
deposed 18 June, 1660, ae. about 30 years. [P. Files.] He 
was reproved by York court July 2, i66i, for living from his 
wife, and he promised to go to her if she came not to him. 

John, fisherman, York, juryman in court held at 
Gorgeana March 15, 1649. Had grant of land with Way, 
Stover and Powell at Cape Neddicke, for fishing trade, 3 
July, 1649. Residing at Kittery, he bought land at Eagle 
Point 20 April, 1667. 

Richard, Winter Harbour, rem. to Cape Porpoise; took 
oath of allegiance to Mass. govt, at Wells 5 July, 1653. Sold 
Long Island 11 Dec. 1655. 

See also Powell, Spurrell, Way. 


William, Dover, witnessed a deed of Thomas Larkham 
in 1642. Sold a house and 20 acres of land on the north side 
of Back river 28 (6) 1645. One of the arbiters in Beard's 
case in 1647. Taxed in D. in 1648. 


Richard, planter, York, had 20 acres of land laid out 
to him by the attorney of Wm. Hooke, July 19, 1645. Wit- 
nessed the grant of mill privilege to Rishworth in 1651. An 
Assistant at a court held at Mr. Gullison's 7 Nov. 1652. 
Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 22 Nov. 1652. He 
is believed by family historians to have been the Richard 
Bankes who took the oath of fidelity to Plymouth Colony at 
Scituate (list not dated). See study of Kent families of this 
name in Reg. LI. Proprietor; town officer. Sold land 7 
May, 1664. 



Walter, Captain, gent. Kittery, bought land and house 
of Capt. Champernowne, 1658; later home, Newcastle. A 
partisan of Charles II and of the Masons; an official in the 
Provincial govt., involved in many conflicts, 1679-1688. Will 
3 Oct. prob. 8 Oct. 1688; sister Sarah, wife of Thomas Wig- 
gin (Jr.) ; cousin John Lee and others. 


James, placed himself as a covenant servant for 4 years 
with Maj. John Johnson of Portsmouth 6 Sept. 1659. 


George, Exeter, signed the combination 5 (4) 1639. 
Had town grant of 40 acres of land in 1641. Joined with 
others in setting up a sawmill, 1649-50. Lawsuit in Norf. 
court in 1648. [Wife] Sysley fined in 1649 for not ap- 
pearing as a witness. Rem. to East Saco; took oath of 
allegiance to Mass. govt. 5 July, 1653. Sometimes preached. 
See also Bursley, Listen. 


Bartholomew, Agamenticus, witness to deeds in 1636 
and 1643 ; chosen a deputy to attend court at Saco June 25, 
1640. Sold land near Henry Lynn's house 26 Nov. 1646. 
See also Davis. 


John, Sen. planter. Wells, took oath of allegiance to 
Mass. govt. 4 July, 1653. John, Jr. took oath at Wells next 
day. He bought lands of Rishworth, which the selectmen 
confirmed to him 2 July, 1657. [York De. I.] Ensign. Rem. 
to Cape Porpoise; bought land 16 June, 1666. His wife 
Mary was a daughter of Edmund Littlefield and a legatee. 
Will prob. 4 July, 1664, beq. to wife Mary and son John., 


Nicholas, fisherman, Cape Porpoise, bought 100 acres 

of land at Casco Bay of George Cleve Dec. 26, 165 1. Rem. 
to Salem; sold the land to John Higginson, Jr. of S. 3 Feb. 
1699. [York De. VI.] 
See also Heard. 


Edwardj plaintiff in court at Gorgeana in 1650. [Straw- 
berry Bank,] juryman in 1650. Before the court in 1651, 
changed with beating his wife. Took oath of fidelity July 
2, 1657. Rem. to Cape Porpoise. He d. in 1671. Admin, 
granted July, 1671. 
See also Crockett. 


Edward, "of Kennebec," sold land before 1650 to James 
Phipps and John White. [See White.] 


Nicholas, mariner, of late belonging to Capt. Cromwell, 
bought a vessel of Chr. Lawson of Boston about 20 (5) 1646. 

Stephen, Cape Porpoise. With wife Elizabeth, appren- 
ticed daughter Margery to Capt. Richard Bonithon and Lu- 
cretia, his wife, till she should be 21 years of age; done in 
court at Saco, April 4, 1637. Had a grant of land 21 Oct 
1645. A small river still bears his name. Took oath of al- 
legiance to Mass. govt. 5 July, 1653. Sold 20 Sept. 1662, 
a log house, 300 acres of land on the main land, stage, cat- 
tle and other property on Stage Island; Arthur Batten and 
Margery Kindall, witnesses. Sold land to son John 8 Feb. 
1672-3. Rem. before this date to Wells. 

Will dated March 8, 1673; he d. June 30, 1676; inv. re- 
turned Aug. 21, 1676. Calls himself "antient"; beq. to son 
John, daus. Margery Young, Mary Brookehouse, Elizabeth 
Ashley; gr. ch. John Trott; Sarah Ashley and Mary Trott. 

See also Cole. 



Robert, Kittery, had grant of land from Thomas Gorges 
20 May, 1641. See Simmons. 

John, Exeter. 
Children, (parent not stated) ; Mary b. 18 June, 1655, 
Henry b. 5 March, 1662-3; (of John,) John b. 15 Aug. 1661, 
Daniel b. 23 March, 1662, Samuel b. 23 March, 1665-6, John 
b. 13 (8) 1668. [Norf. CO. rec.J 


George, took oath of allegiance at Gorgeana 22 Nov. 


Thomas, carpenter, Dover, had a lawsuit in 1641 ; 
bought house, 4 acres of upland and 6 acres of marsh 9 ( 10) 
1644. [Suff. De.J Sold pipe staves etc. to Chr. Lawson; 
account settled by arbitration 14 (2) 1648. [A.J With wife 
Mary sold land 3 Feb. 1664. 

Ch. William b. and d. 1664, Hannah b. 24 Oct. 1666. [Dov. 
Hist. Coll.] He took as an apprentice for 5 years Oct. 20, 
1662, Thomas Coomes, whose passage had been paid from 
New Foundland to New England in the ship Joan. [P. 

Will dated 16 Dec. 1678, prob. 25 March, 1679, beq. to 
wife Marie; daus. Marie Beard, Martha Bunker [or 
"Brimhor"] and Elizabeth Watson ; sons Joseph and Thomas 

Note. Compare with Thomas Beard, shoemaker of Mas- 
sachusetts. See also will of Margaret Beard, widow, of 
Charterhouse Yard, parish of St. Sepulchres, London, 9 
March, 1664, beq. to son Thomas B., then believed to be in 
parts beyond the seas. [Reg. XLH, 400.] 

William, Dover, had lawsuit in Pise, court in 1641; 
taxed, 1648. Signed petition of inhabitants in 1665. 


He d. about i Nov. 1675; admin, of estate granted June 
27, 1676, to widow Elizabeth with Richard Burnham and 
Stephen Jones. Property to be divided between the widow 
("and hir heyers") and Edward Leathers. 

See also Cutt and Ballew. 


Caleb, Portsmouth, proprietor, 1660. Admin, of estate 
granted to widow Hannah March 11, 1694-5. 

Henry, Dover, proprietor, signed the combination in 
1640. Taxed in 1648. Juryman, 1652. 

Land assigned at Portsmouth Jan. 13, 1652 and in 1660. 

With wife Ann, Jan. 6, 1679, conveyed homestead to son 
Tliomas, conditioned on life care of self and wife. Admin, 
of his estate granted to widow Elizabeth April 26, 1686. See 
also Bolles. 


John, [Portsmouth,] his wife Jone reed, per Richard 
Sealy, 26 Oct. 1657, fish to the value of 16 li. 3 s. of Henry 
Brooken. [P. Files.] 


Philip, servant to Richard Cutt, before Pise, court 26 
July, 1660. 


William, railed in a plantation on the point of the neck 
of land, near a creek called Salt Creek in Piscataqua river, 
and called it The Farm, before 6 (10) 1645, when it was 
sold by Francis Williams. [Suff. De. I.] 


Ambrose, planter, Saco, taxed in 1636; had lawsuit m 
Maine court May 7, 1637. Bought land of Vines 20 April, 
1642. [York De. VII.] Residing at Cape Porpoise, he took 


the oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 5 July, 1653. Had share 
of marsh at Biddeford July 12, 1653. Ambrose, mariner, 
Boston, Mass. gave liberty 18 Sept. 1686, to John Hill of 
Saco, to set up two dams for the stopping of water for the 
use of a mill or mills upon his land adjoining Bulley's Creek 
in Saco. 

John, Hampton. Wife Susanna; ch. John b. 14 Jan. 


William, Strawberry Bank, sold house and land to 
Anthony Ellins 10 July, 1648. Grand jury man 8 (8) 1650; 

His widow Jane was appointed admin, of his estate 28 
June, 1654. She m. 2, Nathaniel Drake, and with him deeded 
land on Great Island 9 Dec. 1669. James Berry, a son and 
John Berry and Joshua Foss, gr. ch. agreed June 13, 1717, 
on the division of certain lands which had been granted to 
William Berry about 60 years before. 

See also Lock, Withers. 


Edward, shipman, Richmond Island, left the service of 
Winter in 1638. [Trel.] 


Thomas, Kittery, proprietor about 1642. [Deposition of 
Robert Mendum.] Witness to Crockett's deed in 1647. 


John, Isles of Shoals in 1642. [Trel.] Taxed at Dover 
Oct. 19, 1648. Grand jury man in 1650. Signed petition of 
I. of S. people for incorporation in 1653. Benjamin also 
signed. Licensed victualer in 1657. A John Bickford signed 
(with mark) a petition of Dover people to Gen. court 10 Oct. 

Admin, of his estate was granted 24 June, 1662, to Philip 

"Old Bickford," fisherman, at Richmond Island in em- 
ploy of Winter; sent home to England, sick, in 1637. 


Priscilla, maid servant of Winter, 1636-7; money paid 
to her mother in England. [Trel.] 
See also Williams. 


Thomas, yeoman, Exeter, 1643; may be the Thomas ae. 
13, who came in the Blessing to Boston in July, 1635, law- 
suits in 1644 and 1651; won a suit against neighbors for 
slandering himself and wife Hester in 1647. Had grant of 
land for a sawmill at Pascasuck river, and other lands at 
Lamprell river ; sold these 8 May, 1652, to Edward Gyllman. 
Wife Hester joined him in a deed of land 22 Oct. 1663. 
See also Hall. 


John, fisherman, Pascataquack, Kittery, equal partner of 
John Lander in house, land, swine, shallop, etc. 10 Jan. 1639. 
[York De. I.] His son John made over to his mother, Eliza- 
beth Thomas, 12 Aug. 1661, all his right and title in land 
and cattle for her life; then to return to himself; deed con- 
firmed 23 June, 1680. [York De. III.] Perhaps this son 
is the J. B. inventory of whose estate was taken Dec. 3, 1690. 
[York De. V.] 
See Lander. 



Henry, witness to a deed of Andrews in Kittery in 1648. 


Jeremiah, came in the ship Truelove to New England 
xix Sept. 1635, aged 18 years. We find him at Exeter, pro- 
prietor, in 1639. 


Ralph, one of the deputies of AgamentiGus June 25, 1640. 


Jasper, fisherman, seaman, Hampton. He reed, a deed 
of gift of land lo Oct. 1657, from his "kinsman," Rev. 
Timothy Dalton. 

Wife Deborah; ch. Timothy b. i6 (8) 1649, Deborah b. 
15 (11) 1651, (m. Eleazer Elkins,) John b. 31 (8) 1656, 
Sarah b. 14 (12) 1658, d. 29 (7) 1660, Sarah b. 30 (4) 1661, 
Jasper b. 16 (9) 1663, Samuel b. 6 (4) 1666, [Norf. Rec], 
Dorothy b. 17 (7) 1668, Philemon b. 23 (3) 1671, Maria b. 
1 (i) 1672-3. 

He d. Jan. 5, 1673-4. Will dated 18 July, 1673, prob. 14 
(2) 1674, beq. to wife Deborah, children Timothie, Israel, 
Deborah, John, Jasper; provision made for "small children." 
'*Cossen" Samuel Dalton, overseer. 

The widow d. 20 (10) 1678. [Hamp. De. H, 324.] 

See also Bachiler, Dalton. 


Henry, gent. Saco, brought suit in court Feb. 7, 1636; 
juryman, 1640. Rem. to Wells; selectman, 1646. [York De. 
I.] There is a letter from him to Gov. John Winthrop in 
the Winthrop Collection [Mass. Hist. Coll. Sth series vol. 
i], dated Gorgeana, Jan. 29, 1648, endorsed "Cosin Boad." 
Petition for the rights of the people of the Eastern part of 
New England May 6, 1653. [Bax. MSS.] Took oath of 
allegiance to Mass. govt. 5 July, 1653. Commissioner for 
small cases. Letter to General Court of Mass. regarding af- 
fairs in Maine, May 6, 1653. [Bax. MSS.] Made contracts 
12 (4) 1655 with Harl. and Wm. Symonds for management 
of farm. 

Will signed 8 Jan. 1654, prob. 16 July, 1657, beq. to wife 
Ann, whom he made executrix; appointed his "cossons Mr. 
John Winthrope Esqr. and Tymothy Daulton minister of 
Hampton" overseers. [York De. L] The widow m. 2, Sam- 
uel Winesley of Salisbury; contract 6 Oct. 1657. [Norf. 
Rec.J They sold the farm to Harl. Symonds 16 (10) 1657^. 

See also Rishworth. 



Joseph, gent.. Wells, testified before Maine court in 
1640. His land at Cape Porpoise adjoined that of Morgan 
Howell in 1648. Subscribed to the oath of allegiance to 
Mass. govt. July 4, 1653. [Mass. Arch. 3, 219.J Clerk of 
the writs. The selectmen of Saco asked Dr. Childs to con- 
firm the title to his land in 1654. [York De. L] He sold 
land to Peter Hill 1659. 

Will dated 18 Sept., prob. 29 Nov. 1678, beq. to wife Mary, 
sons Thomas, Samuel and Joseph, daughters Frost, Becke, 
Locke, Chadbourne, and Mercy B. Inventory in York De. 

The record of marriage license of Nicholas Frost to "Mary 
Bollen of Monckleigh, gent." taken with the foregoing state- 
ments and the bequests of Morgan Howell, may point to 
Monckleigh, Devonshire, Eng. as the home of this family. 
But see the references in article of William S. Appleton 
[Reg. LH, 185] to the will of John Bolles of Clerkenwell, 
Mdx. CO. Eng. in 1665, bequeathing to "my brother Joseph 
Bolles living in New England" ; Mr. Appleton connects them 
with the Bolles family of Osberton, Northhamptonshire. 

See also Howell. 


Nathaniel, Hampton, proprietor, sold land before July 
8, 1644. [Norf. Rec.J Rem. to Exeter; signed petitions of 
inhabitants Sept. 7, 1643 and 29 (3) 1645. [Mass. Arch. 
112, 8 and 39.] but returned to Hamp. Contracted to de- 
liver pipe staves to Wm. Hilton of Dover "in May next, 
1645." [Mass. Arch. 39, 70.] Signed petition in 1645. Was 
before Gen. Court of Mass. 2 May, 1649. Exchanged land 
with John Marian 24 (i) 1654. Deposed in 1685, ae. 60. 

He m. Grace, dau. of Richard Swaine; ch. Mary b. 15 
May, 1648, Temperance b. 8 (11) 1650, Nathaniel b. 4 (i) 
1653, d. I June, 1689, Joshua b. i (3) 1655, Joshua b. 23 
(11) 1656, Rebecca b. 12 (8) 1659, Joseph d. 15 (9) 1661, 


Grace b. and d. 1662-3, Hannah b. 27 (4) 1665, Elizabeth 
b. 27 (12) 1668-9, John b. 2 (10) 1672. He d. March 14, 
1694-5. The inventory of his estate was taken April 16, 
See also Swain, Sawers. 


Nicholas, York, juryman in 1651 ; his land adjoined that 
of John Parker. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 22 
Nov. 1652. He m. Jane, widow of Henry Simson, q. v. 


Thomas, of Saltash, Eng. left the employ of Winter 
at Richmond Island in 1638. [Trel.] 

Captain Richard, Settled at Saco. 

His name stands at the head of the list of Commissioners 
who held court at Saco 25 March, 1636, and the session was 
held at his house. His son John was before the court at 
the same meeting. 

He had a tract of land by way of exchange from Robert 
Child 14 July, 1647, for his son in law Rich: Comeman, be- 
twixt the river of Saco and Tho: Williams his house, etc. 
Witnesses Eliza and Lucretia Bonighton. 

See also Batson, Child, Comeman, Foxwell, Lewis, Watts, 


Robert, Exeter, discovered a piece of meadow about 3 
miles south of the town in 1644, as he deposed. Sold house 
and lands to John Legat before 29 (5) 1650. Rem. to Wells; 
took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 5 July, 1653. He had 
liberty to "exercise his guift," i.e. to conduct religious meet- 
ings, until a minister could be procured. Was one of the 
commissioners of the town. Resided at West Saco, (Bidde- 
ford). Selectman, 1654. He deposed Aug. 13, 1668, aged 


about 66 years, and Sept. ii, 1682, ae. about 80 years. [York 
De. I.] Deborah, his wife, witnessed a deed with him 21 
July, 1650. 

Will, unsigned, attested in court by witnesses 18 March, 
1672-3, beq. to wife Deborah, daus. Mary Penewell, Ellner, 
Martha, and Rebecca, sons Symon and Robert; the mill to 
be divided between the sons. 

Ambrose, Sen., and Ambrose, Jun., took the oath of al- 
legiance to Mass. govt, at Spurwink July 13, 1658. 

John, Black Point, was paid by Winter in 1640 for ducks 
and geese. [Trel.] Juryman at Biddeford, 1653. He de- 
posed June 18, 1660, about Mr. Jordan's giving Ambrose his 
choice of lands at a former time. 

William, Piscataqua, signed the combination in 1640. 
Lawsuit in 1642. 
See also Hatch. 


John, a witness to Samburne's sale to Cutts in 1650. 



Anthony, Piscataqua, a witness before the grand iury 
in 1648; juryman in 1650. Had 30 acres of land assigned 
him at Portsmouth in 1652. Took oath of allegiance 2 July, 
1657. He deposed 27 June, 1660, ae. about 47 years. Will 
Sept. II, 1691, proved July 11, 1692; daus. Jane Haines, 
Eleanor Johnson; gr. daus. Kasia Brackett and Roose 
Johnson: gr. son Samuel Brackett; son John executor. 
See also Mitten. 


Mr. Thomas, mentioned in a letter of Sir Ferdinando 
Gorges, 11 Aug. 1636, "To my beloved Nephew Capt. Wil- 
liam Gorges, Gouvenor of New Somersett in New England, 
or in his absence to Mr. Richard Vines, or Mr. Thomas 

Bradbury, or any of them, give these." As an agent of 
Gorges he sold land to Edward Johnson 5 May, 1636. 

Rem. to Salisbury, Mass.; proprietor, 1639, frm. May 13, 
1640, judge, schoolmaster, clerk of the writs, county recorder, 

He m. Mary, dau. of John Perkins; ch. : Wymond b. i (2) 
1637, Judith b. 2 (8) 1638, (m. Caleb Moody,) Thomas b. 
28 (11) 1640, Mary b. 17 (i) 1642, (m. John Stanyan,) Jane 
b. II (3) 1645, (-m- Henry True,) Jacob b. 17 (4) 1647, Wil- 
liam b. 15 (7) 1649, d- 4 Dec. 1678, Elizabeth b. 7 (9) 1651, 
(m. John Buss,) John b. 20 (2) 1654, d. 2 Nov. 1678, Ann 
b. 16 (2) 1656, d. in 1659, Jabez b. 27 (4) 1658, d. 28 April, 


He d. March 16, 1694-5; will dated 14 Feb. 1693-4, prob. 
March 26, 1695; aged and weak; beq. to grandchildren 
Thomas and Jacob B., who should pay to their aunt True 
a certain sum and give a receipt to their bro. William about 
the admin, of their father's estate, and pay an annuity to 
their grandmother; to daus. Mary Stanion and Jane True; 
to grandchildren Elizabeth Buss; five pounds to the select- 
men for the poor; wife Mary and dau. Judith Moody execs. 

The wife was accused in 1692 of being a witch; was tried 
and sentenced, in spite of many testimonials as to her worthy 
character; but escaped execution by the turning of the tide 
of persecution. She died Dec. 20, 1700. 

See also Wheelwright. 


Richard, Spurwink, received a patent for land at S. from 
Capt. Walter Neale, and settled on it. Sold it about 1630 
to Richard Tucker, who again sold it to George Cleve. 
See also Cleve, Tucker. 


Arthur, planter, York, constable in 1640; witnessed a 
deed July 3, 1647; took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 22 


Nov. 1652, and was appointed lieutenant of the militia. 
Town officer. His wife Mary witnessed a deed with him 
in 1661. Sold land i Nov. 1668, to Andrew Rainking, planter, 
of the same place. He deposed 5 June, 1665, ae. about 67 
years; deposed again 6 July, 1671, aged about 74 years, as 
to what he heard Mr. Tho. Rogers say before he went to 
England, which was in 1643. [York De. vol. i, Part II, folio 


Made deed of gift to son Thomas 25 May, 1678, condi- 
tioned on life maintenance for himself and wife. [York 
De. v.] 

He died during the year. Inventory of his estate was 
filed 2 Oct., 1678. 

See also Maxwell. 


Andrew, (sic legitur,) took oath of allegiance to Mass. 
govt, at Spurwink 13 July, 1658. 
See also Trickey. 


Michael, Pascataquack, bought house of John Davis of 
Bloody Point 30 June, 1651. Resided at Kittery. Was one 
of . those who gave testimony regarding one who spoke 
threatening words against the Commissioners of Mass. Bay, 
Nov. 15, 1652. [Bax. MSS.] In court in 1661. George, 
who, by wife Mary, had son Michael born at Dover i June, 
1679, may be of his family. [Dov. Hist. Coll.] 
See also Dixon. 


George, Dover, had lawsuit in 1647; was taxed Oct. 19, 
1648. Took oath of allegiance at York 22 Nov. 1652. De- 
posed in the Gunnison case in 1654, ae. about 44 years. 
[Bax. MSS. I.] 

He was killed by his bull ; inquest held July 2, 1657. John 
Ault and Richard York admin, on his estate. 



Richard, Exeter, juror, propr., 1657. Admin, granted 
April 10, 1666, to widow Mary, and property divided to her 
and the two children, John and Mary. 


John, Isles of Shoals, sigfned town petition 18 (3) 1653. 

William, husbandman, Portsmouth, lot assigned him in 
1652; grand jury man in 1655. 

He m. Mary, dau. of Thomas Walford. Sold land on 
Great Island 2 June, 1667. 

The inventory of his estate was taken Nov. 26, 1694 by 
John Savage and John Lang; filed by widow Mary. 
See also Benill. 


Thomas, alias Basil Parker, came early to the Pis- 
cataqua in the employ of the Shrewsbury Merchants, q. v. 
As T. B. he was an attendant at a court in Saco June 25, 
1640. As B. P. he witnessed deeds of the Indian Sagamore 
Roles to Humphrey Chadburne in 1643 and 1646; was re- 
corder of deeds in 1648. Edward Colcord sued the Shrews- 
bury Merchants in 1649 for wages due this man. 

John Allcocke, as executor of his will, sold Dec. 31, 1652, 
land which "Tho. Brooks alias Basill Parker" had formerly 
owned in partnership with Peter Wyre. 

See also Hilton, Hocking, Wiggin. 


Andrew, planter. Black Point, in partnership with Wil- 
liam Smith, bought land of Cleve 29 Sept. 1651. Took oath 
of allegiance to Mass. govt, at Spurwink 13 July, 1658. Rem. 
to Boston. Conveyed to John and Samuel B., sons of his 
son William B. of Boston, mariner, March, 1695-6, his tract 


of land in Scarborough where he dwelt before the Indian 
war. A third son, William, sold his right in the same tract, 
after his father's death, lo Jan. 1710. [York De. VII.] 

Arthur, merchant, Casco, from about 1633. [Deposi- 
tion.] Mentioned in records of Maine court April 4, 1637. 
Witnessed the transfer of land from Richard Vines to John 
Winter 30 June, 1637. Sold fish to Winter in 1642. [Trel.] 
Was one of the men — said to be of Winniganset — associ- 
ated with Robert Morgan against whom Purchase brought 
suit in 1 641. 

John, Senior, Hampton, proprietor June, 1640. Signed 
petition in Howard case in 1643. Bought a house and lot 27 
(5) 1643. Deeded one-half of his farm 31 Dec. 1666, to son 
John. Sold land 17 March, 1 670-1. Gave land to son in 
law Isaac Marston 4 April, 1677. Wife Sarah; ch. Mary b. 
13 (7) 1655, Thomas b. 14 (5) 1657. [Norf. Rec] 

John Browne, aged 98 years, died the 28 Feb. 1686. [Dov. 
Hist. Coll.] 

John, New Harbor, Pemaquid, bought of the Indian 
sagamore Somerset or Samoset 15 July, 1625, a tract of land 
extending from Pemaquid Falls to the head of New Har- 
bor, thence to the south end of Muscongus island, running 
into the country North and by east 25 miles, then twenty 
eight miles northwest and by west, then south and by west 
to Pemaquid. Witnessed by Matthew Newman and William 
Cox. Acknowledged beiore Abraham Shurt, July 24, 1626. 
[Me. Hist. Coll. V, 191-5.] 

This deed was recorded at Charlestown, Mass. Dec. 26, 
1720, upon request of James Stillson and Margaret Stillson. 
[Book of Eastern Claims.] His son John Brown, of Fra- 
mingham, Mass. deposed Feb. 9, 1720, aged about 85 years, 
that he lived with his father at New Harbor, near Pema- 
quid till he was about 30 years old, and that during that 
time his brother in law Richard Pearse bought land of the 
His dau. Margaret m. Alexander Gould, q. v. 

Nicholas, Portsmouth, lawsuit in Court at Dover in 1647. 

He d. in 1648; inventory rendered 10 May, 1648 at Boston 
by Francis Matthews, Niche. Shapleigh, William Sevey, 
Humfrey Lux and John Rayes. One third of the estate ap- 
pertains to John Seeley, who was app. admr. ; 3 houses and 
lands at Pascataqua river; an apprentice boy's time 8 years; 
debts paid to Wm. Hinckson, Maj. Sedgwick, Mr. Foster, 
Mr. Knight, Richard Waldron, Henry Sherburne and Chr. 
Lawson. [Reg. VH, 174.] 

See also Bailey, Cox, Davis, Lane, Newman, Pennell, 


Obediah, draper, of Shrewsbury, Eng. bought a share 
in the Piscataqua patent May 4, 1640, of Richard Percy vail, 
draper, of Shrewsbury. This he occupied but little while. 
Rem. to Plymouth; was proposed for a freeman of that col- 
ony March i, 1640-1, but did not remain. Rem. to Gloucester, 
Mass. Frm. May 19, 1642. Town officer, deputy, surveyor of 
the arms. Sold his Piscataqua property June 21, 1642. Was 
one of the commissioners to end small causes. Rem. to New 
London, Conn. 

See also Larkham, Rowley, Shrewsbury, Knight, Scam- 
mon, Wingfield. 


Geofge, Casco, witness of a deed of Cleve to Jordan in 

Roger, Richmond Island, one of the partners in fishing 
in 1639. 

Money paid his wife in England on his account by Mr. 


Charles, Dover, chosen clerk of the writs 26 July, 1660. 
Rem. to Boston; he and wife Mary sold Dover property to 
Job Clement 12 April 1668. 



Nicholas, fisherman, Winter Harbor, West Saco, (Bid- 
deford) bought house and land 27 June, 1650. Mortg. house, 
stage, flake-room and mooring-place May 2, 1664, as secu- 
rity for the delivery of a quantity of fish. "Nicholas Buly 
the younger," who had an allotment of land in 1653, may 
have been a son. 


Richard, bricklayer, planter, Boston, was paid for work 
at the fort by Mr. Pynchon in 1632; adm. chh. 13 (2) 1634. 
Ch. John bapt. 20 (2) 1634. Had allotment of 30 acres in 

He was dism. to the chh. at the Falls of Paschcataqua 6 
(ii) 1638. Settled at Exeter; signed the combination. Sold 
"one bull calfe of 5 months old for 3 li." to Richard Parker, 
8 (5) 1639. [L.] Was elected lieutenant in 1641, town of- 
ficer in 1664. Res. at Dover in 1640. [L.] Residing at 
Boston, he had deed of land at York from John and Joane 
Smith in 1646, for the use of Henry Walton of Portsmouth, 
R. L [York De. L] He rem. to Rhode Island. Solicitor 
general in 1656. 


James, Dover, in 1648 and 1649; in court Oct. 11, 1651; 
grand jury man, 1659. Will Oct. 14, 1697, proved June 24, 
1698. "Well stricken in age." Wife Sarah, son James, Jr.; 
rest to "all our children." 
See Swain. 


Rev. George, minister, Salem, Mass., 1634, frm. Sept. 
2, 1635. Rem. to Dover in 1638. [W.] Won the people 
away from Gov. Thomas Wiggin to himself, and succeeded 
in obtaining control of aflfairs for some time. But opposi- 
tion arose against him, coupled with charges of criminal con- 
duct, for which he was censured and fined. He rem. to Ac- 


cotnenticus [York] ; sent a letter to England in the packet 
of John Winter in 1640. [Trel.] Mr. Thomas Gorges com- 
ing to govern the colony, found Burdett very criminal in 
his practises, and prosecuted him; Burdett appealed from 
the fine which was laid upon him; returned to England, but 
was there committed to prison. [W.] His housekeeper, Ann 
Mesant, m. Mr. Edward Godfrey. 

See also Godfrey, Johnson, l.arkham, Shrewsbury. , 


George, boatswain, Richmond Island, he and his son in 
the employ of Winter in 1639; summoned to court in 1641. 


Robert, yeoman, Boston, sold house-lot in 1648. Bought 
land at Oyster River May 12, 1657. [Suff. De.] Rem. to 
Portsmouth; juryman, 1659. Rem. to Dover; carpenter, 
clerk of train band; selectman, 1660. Wife Frances; ch. 
Robert, b. at Boston 25 (7) 1647; d- at Dover Feb. 25, 1663; 
Robert, b. at Dover Aug. 21, 1664; Elizabeth, b. at Bo. 27 
(8) 1651. He d. June 12, 1691 ; will proved Sept. 29 folg. ; 
wife Frances, sons Samuel and Jeremiah; some things at 
Chebacco, some at Oyster River. 


Richard, York, bought land July 7, 1654. He and part- 
ners proprietors in 1665. [Bax. MSS.] Testified 4 (8) 1661, 
concerning a grant of land made to Crockett by Mr. Thomas 
Gorges "before he went for England," which was in 1643. 
Richard, gave testimony June 5, 1651, in court at Gorgeana 
June 27, 1643. Was in the employ of Lieut. Davis in 1659. 


John, husbandman, in the employ of John Winter at 
Richmond Island in 1639; from Thorne Combe, co. Devon, 
Eng. ; returned and came again with wife Avis on a 3 years 


contract which is given in Trel. papers. His widow m. 
Thomas Hammatt. [York De. i, 154.] 

William, who testified 25 July, 1681, ae. 33 years, was 
a son. [Court Rec. 1661.] 


Mr. John, Dorchester, Mass. proprietor, freeman May 
18, 1631 ; probably the John Burseley who m. [Joane] daugh- 
ter of Rev. Joseph Hull at Barnstable about Nov. 28, 1639; 
wife admitted to chh. of Barn. 22 July, 1643. Constable, 
1645. Ch.: "A child," d. Jan. 25, 1640; Mary, bapt. July 
29. 1643; John, b. and d. 1644; Johannah, bapt. March i, 
1645-6; Elizabeth, bapt. March 24, 1649; John, bapt. April 
II, 1652. 

John, believed the same, Kittery, brought suit to Pise. 
Court, 1642. Rem. to Exeter; signed petition of inhabitants 
to Gen. Court 29 (3) 1645; bought houses and lands of. 
George Barlow 25 March, 1648; July 26, 1649, specified cows 
that he gave in part payment, one of which "I had of my 
brother Jones." [A.J Submitted to Mass. Bay authority in 
1652. [Bax. MSS.] Inv. of Mr. J. B. rendered at Plym. 
Court by John Smith and John Chipman Aug. 21, 1660. 

See also Heard, Toby. 


John, Cape porpoise, had lease of land from Cleve 20 
(7) 1647; assigned the same to Rich. Moore 8 July, 1650, 
and he to Gregory Geoferey 19 May, 1652. Took oath' of 
allegiance to Mass. Bay July 5, 1653. He and his "now wife 
Grace" sold land 17 Dec. 1663. Public worship was some- 
times held at his house before a meeting house was built. 
He d. in 1670 and the widow m. Richard Palmer. [See Hist. 
Ken. Port.] 

See also Turbat. 


Jonas, Dover, taxed in 1648. Signed petition in 1654. 
[Mass. Arch. 3, 447.] 



Philip, Isles of Shoals, petitioned with others i8 (3) 
1653 for better defences. [Mass. Arch. 3, 215.] 

Rice or Richard, fisherman, Isles of Shoals, York, had 
suit in court in 1648; bought land 24 June, 1650. Lawsuit 
in 1656. His attorney, Bryan Pendleton, sold land for him 
30 June, 1659. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 22 
Nov. 1652. 


Captain Thomas, "a near kinsman of the Earl of War- 
wicks," [J. J.], gent. Wife Margaret. 

After he and his associates had "lived, planted and 
built in New England two years,'' he received Nov. 
I, 1631, a patent from the Council for New England for 1500 
acres of land on the East side of the river of Blacke Poynte; 
Neale, Vynes and Joslyne were authorized to give him pos- 
session of the same. His eastern boundary was Spurwink 
river, as the land was laid out. 

He was one of the Commissioners who held court at Saco 
25 March, 1636. 

He and his wife made a joint deed of all his land except 
500 acres to Henry Jocelyn, Esq. 2 Sept. 1640; and the 
court recognized this deed as his will 18 Oct. 1643; the re- 
mainder of his property they gave to his widow. 

See Jocelyn. 


Abel, Piscataqua, signed the combination in 1640; he 
had a suit in court in 1642; one in York court in 1650. 


Clement, mariner, Strawberry Bank, had a lawsuit Sept. 
3, 1641. Carried freight from Casco to Isles of Shoals in 
1643. [Trel.] Made voyage to Barbadoes in 1647. May 6, 
1648, his accounts with Thomas Janverie were audited, cov- 
ering the business of "the good ship the Constance, bound 


for Virginia," of which he was "master, 27 Oct. 1637." 
[A.] Sold house and land at Strawberry Bank to Thomas 
Burton of London before 4 (11) 1650. Sold a house and 
land at Charlestown to Nicholas Davison April 13, 1647. 
LSuff. De.J 

Richard Wayte of Boston, admin, of his estate, sold land 
to Richard Cutt 3 Aug. 1659. 

Richard, "Champion," of Clifton, Dartmouth Hardnes in 
the county of Devon, came to Piscataqua about 1652. His 
widow Elizabeth made Mr. Francis Champemoone her at- 
torney for settlement of his estate 30 Sept. 1659. 

See Cutt. 


Matthew, Richmond Island, one of Winter's fishing com- 
pany in 1634. [Trel.] 


Thomas, Piscataqua, signed the combination in 1646. 
Living at Bloody Point, he was one of those residents who 
petitioned about 1642 to be included in the town of Dover. 
[Mass. Arch. 3, 438.] Constable in 1648. His wife Jane 
was in court in 1655 upon some matters affecting her hus- 
band and her son in law Jeremy Tibbits, husband of her 
daughter Mary. Sons Thomas, Jr. and Joseph. He joined 
in a petition to the Gen. Court 10 Oct. 1665. Rem. to York. 


Ambrose, Hampton, proprietor, June, 1640. 


Richard, Senior, planter, Dover, proprietor; sold house 
and land 24 June, 1648. His servant James Michemore was 
in court in 1651 and 1655. Joined in petitions of inhabitants 
to Gen. Court Sept. 7, 1643. [Mass. Arch. 112, 8, 9,] and 
to Oct. 1665. His son Richard made marriage covenant with 
Mary Ricord of Portsmouth, spinster, 6 April, 1672. 


Richard, Senior, Westgostuggoe, Casco Bay, sold a 
house and land about 1652 to John Mayne. Testimony to 
this was given 26 June, 1682, by Agnes Carter alias Mad- 
diver, ae. about 82 years, Richard Carter, ae. about 37 years, 
and John Coussons, ae. about 86 years. 
See Dalton. 


John, planter, Hampton, proprietor. Sold land to 
Anthony Taylor in 4 mo. 1648. Frm. 10 (8) 1651. Had 
deed of land and house i April, 1671, from his son in law 
John Redman, Jr. 

Wife Martha, dau. of Thomas Philbrick; ch.: Martha b. 
4 (8) 1649, Mary, Joseph b. 5 (8) 1656, Samuel b. 13 (5) 
1659. Jonathan b. 13 (7) 1663, Elizabeth b. 4 (4) 1666, 
Mercy b. i (6) 1668, Ebenezer b. 17 (5) 1671, Abigail b. 11 
(11) 1673-4. 

He d. April 7, 1675. Will dated 4 (3) 1674, prob. 13 April, 
167s; beq. to wife Martha; ch. : Joseph, Samuel, Abigail, 
Elizabeth, Mercy, Jonathan and Ebenezer; daus. Martha and 
Mary have already had their portions ; brothers Philip Lewis 
and Thomas Philbrick execs. 


James, Portsmouth, carpenter, had a bill against the 
town 4 Feb. 1660-1. He died May 15, 1677; admin, granted 
to his widow Alice. Mary Partridge, ae. 59 Or thereabouts, 
deposed 8 June, 1702, that she knew that Edward Gate was 
born about 47 years ago, first child of James and Alice Cate. 
Other children shown in Probate papers; John Cate; Re- 
becca, wife of John Urin ; Sarah, wife of Peter Babb ; Mary, 
wife of Samuel Whidden, and Elizabeth Cate. 


Richard, before Piscataqua court Aug. 16, 1655. 


Humphrey, Dover, bought land of "Mr. Roles, sagamore 

of Newichawannock," May lo, 1643. [York De. I.] Bought 
house and lot 18 (3) 1645. [Sufif. De. I.] Rem. to Kit- 
tery. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 16 Nov. 1652. 
Made the acquaintance of Indians at "Winepesocket" in June, 
1654, who desired to make a league of friendship with the 
English; this he reported to the Gen. Court of Mass. in a 
letter, dated Oct. 9, 1654. [Arch. 30, 34.] 

Will dated 25 May, 19 Charles II, 1667, prob. 13 Sept. 
1667; beq. to wife Lucy; 3 daughters, Lucy, Alice and 
Katharine; sons Humphrey, James and William; cousin 
Mary Fosse and sister Spencer. Uncle Nicholas Shapleigh 
and cousins John Shapleigh and William Spencer overseers. 
Estate appraised at 171 3 li. [York De. II.] The widow 
married second, Thomas Wills, mariner; contract 25 March, 
J 669. [York De. IV.] She m. third, Elias Stileman. 

William, carpenter, made agreement March 4, 1634, in 
company with James Wall and John Goddard, to come to 
Piscataqua and settle on lands of John Mason. Built a house 
on his part of the land, and gave it to his son in law Thomas 
Spencer. [See deposition of Wall.] 

He seems to be the man who resided in Boston in 1644; 
his child Mary, by wife Mary, being there born (10) 1644. 
But if so he returned to Kittery, where he took the oath of 
allegiance to Mass. govt. 16 Nov. 1652. 

See also Bolles, Brooks, Heard, Otis. 

Francis, gentleman, captain, son of Sir Arthur and 
Bridget (Fulford) C. born in Dartingfton, co. Devon, in 
Oct. 1614, came to New England about 1639. His father 
had received a commission in 1622 to send his ship, the 
Chudleigh, to trade and fish on this coast; his mother was 
a sister of Sir Francis Gorges. He resided first at Straw- 
berry Bank, on lands now included in Greenland, adjoining 
land of Thomas Wannerton. [Suff. De.] Lawsuits in Pis- 
cataqua and Norf. courts in 1642 and 1644. He sold Dec. 


.1648, to Capt. Paul White, merchant, of Pemaquid, one half 
of all the land in Maine which had been granted by Gorges 
to his father 13 Dec. 1636 and later, including the island 
called Champernowne's. Went to Barbadoes; left power of 
attorney with Thomas Withers of Kittery, who leased it to 
Samuel Haines for 2 years. Returned to Portsmouth and 
afterward to the island. 50 acres of land in Portsmouth as- 
signed him in 1652. 

Opposed the claims of Massachusetts Bay to the control 
of Maine; was one of the commissioners of Charles II May 
23, 1661 ; yielded to Mass. in 1668. He m. before 1675 Mary, 
widow of Robert Cutt. He had no children. He deeded the 
island where he lived 8 July, 1684, to his wife Mary; one 
half of it at her death to go to his dau. in law Elizabeth 

He died between Nov. 16, 1686, the date of his will, and 
Nov. 28, 1687, when it was probated. He beq. to wife Mary; 
son in law Humphrey Elliot, Elizabeth, his now wife, and 
Champernowne Elliot, their son; sons in law Robert and 
Richard Cutt; daus. in law Bridget Scriven, Mary and Sarah 
Cutt ; and to his servant maid, Elizabeth Small. [See Sketch 
in "John Mason."] 

See also Campion, Hill, Hilton, Lewis, Pierce, Turbat. 


Goodman^ Portsmouth, jury man, 1659. 


William, mariner, Richmond Island, drew a bill on Tre- 
lawney in 1634. Witnessed transfer of land to Winter in 
1637. Made voyages across the Atlantic. [Trel.] 


Florence, York, removed, and made Wm. Hooke her 
attorney for business with Wm. Dixon, 23 (6) 1647. [A.] 
See Dixon, Garland. 



Aquila, mariner, Hampton, proprietor, 1640; signed pe- 
tition in 1643. [Mass. Arch. 67.] Rem. to Newbury, Mass. 
Sold his Hampton property 4 Oct. 1649. [See P. of M.] 

Thomas, Hampton, proprietor, reed, share in common 
lands in 1645. Wife Elizabeth ; ch. : Thomas, Joseph, James, 
Isaac b. i (2) 1650, Abraham b. 6 (6) 1652. 

He died before 5 (8) 1652, when admin, of his estate was 
granted to his widow Elizabeth. She "entered caution" 15 
(i) 1652-3 respecting 10 acres of land he had bought of Hen. 
Ambrose. The court allowed 48 pounds out of the estate 
to the five children, Thomas, Joseph, James, Isaac and Abra- 
ham, 4 (8) 1653, and the widow gave bonds for payment 
thereof in due time. She married second, John Garland. 

See also Green, Philbrick, Robie. 


Jane, "ux . . . Chatterton," was bound by Piscataqua 
court in 1642 to answer at next court or else go to her hus- 
band. Order repeated in 1646. 

Mighill, a witness at Piscataqua in 1647. 

William, a legatee and the executor of the nuncupative 
will of James Woodward [Portsmouth?] in 1648. "Good- 
man Chatterton's house" had 10 acres of land in Portsmouth 
assigned to it 13 Jan. 1652. 


Philip, Dover, witness to deed of Larkham in 1642. 
Taxed in 1648. In court for family troubles in 1646 and 
1651. Deeded his property to his wife and children, mak- 
ing Capt. Thos. Wiggin overseer, 28 June, i66r. 

Will dated Dec. 18, 1695, beq. to eldest son Samuel and 
sons James, Philip and Ebenezer; rest to wife Sarah. 


Robert, doctor, planter, proprietor at Nashaway (Lan- 
caster) in 1644. He purchased the Oldham and Vines patent 


of land about Saco 22 (8) 1645. [A.] Joined others in pe- 
titioning the Mass. Bay govt, in 1646 for the privilege of 
citizenship without church-membership, etc. Made himself 
exceedingly obnoxious to the authorities and was arrested 
repeatedly and confined in his house in Boston; "being a 
person of quality," he was not punished as severely as others ; 
had a brother a Major of a regiment in Kent. [W.] A 
stockholder in the Iron Works Company. Spent some time 
at Saco. Traded land with Richard Bonithon 14 July, 1647. 
Returned to England, and was arrested there for vilifying 
the Mass. govt. ; wa.s discharged on promising that he would 
cease to do so. [W.] 
See also Nason. 


Walsingham, Saco, proprietor in 1659. [York De. I.] 
Gave house, land and goods to his son William 19 June, 1669. 


Christopher, Portsmouth, deposed 18 June, 1660, ae. 26 
years. [P. Files.] 


John, York, bought land and house 26 Dec. 1660. Sold 
property 15 March, 1668. 

Estate settled June 23, 1678. [York De. V.] 


Anthony, Richmond Island, one of Winter's fishermen, 

Arthur, Hampton, proprietor, 1640; frm. March 13, 1640. 
Rem. to Salem, Mass. 

Edivard, Wells, took oath of allegiance July 5, 1653. 
Juryman for Cape Porpoise at York in 1656; d. there in 1661. 
Wife Barbara, ch. Samuel, Sarah (m. James Harmon), Wil- 
liam, Edward. 

Edward, Portsmouth; land assigned Oct. 19, 1659. He 

was drowned shortly before June 17, 1675, when inventory of 
his goods was taken, brought into court at Dover March 28, 
1676, and admin, granted to the widow Mary. Ch. by first 
wife, John and Sarah, were bound out till of age, the former 
to Capt. Cutt and Elias Stileman, the latter to her aunt Sarah 
Waterhouse. The widow and the three ch. she had by him 
provided for. Lived at "Docters Island." 

John, Portsmouth, worked for the town and was creditor 
Feb. 4, 1660. He made will April 25, 1700, "aged"; beq. to 
wife Elizabeth, sons Jacob and Joseph. Proved July 20, 

Oliver, Richmond Island; left Winter and with others 
"went Westward" in 1636. [Trel.] 

Thomas, with Gibbons at Newichewanock in 1633. 
See also Andrew, Gaile, Hook, Mitten, Reynor, Taylor. 

CLAYS, CLYES, (See Cloyes in P. of M.) 

John, brought suit against Champernowne in Pise, court 

in 1644. John (the same?) of Falmouth, witnessed a deed 

to John Phillips May 3, 1658. 

Jonas, of Wenham in 1643 ; was before Grand Jury at 

Dover as witness in 1648. Rem. to Wells. His wife Mary 

was dau. of Elizabeth, wife of Stephen Batson. (1661). 


Thomas, Dover, proprietor, 1650. 


Joh, son of Mr. Robert, who came from Coventry, War- 
wick, |"P. of M.] one of the pioneers of Haverhill, Mass. 
tanner, resided some time at Haverhill. Rem. to Dover. 
Juryman in Norf. court in 1648. With wife Lydia sold land 
in Hav. and Dov. 17 March, 1657-8. Sold a tract given him 
by the town of Hav. 21 Feb. 1658-9. Bought land at Dov. 
21 (4) 1662. 

He m. I, 25 Dec. 1644, Margaret, dau. of Mr. Thomas 
Dummer alias Pyldrym, of Chicknell, co. Hants, Eng. and 


Newbury, Mass.; ch. : b. at Hav. John b. 17 Nov. 1646, Job 
b. 17 April, 1648, Mary b. 12 Dec. 1651. He m. 2, Lydia — ; 
m. 3, Joanna — . 

Will, 4 (7) 1682, prob. Nov. 9, 1683; son Job; wife Joanna 
to have whatsoever she brought with her; grandchild Jane 
Kenney, land formerly given to her father; to the poor and 
the church of Dover. 

See also Buckner. 


Mr. George, Esquire, as designated in the patent of 
Gorges to him 27 Jan. 1636, came to New England about 
1630. Settled at Spurwink, built a house, planted, etc. hav- 
ing a promise from Gorges of 200 acres of land, as he 
claimed. In 1632 he bought a share in the patent which 
Richard Tucker had purchased of Richard Bradshaw. John 
Winter, as agent of Robert Trelawney, ejected him from 
the land in 1633, and seized upon his houses. [Testimony 
in Maine court at Saco June 25, 1641.] He had a lawsuit 
in court at Saco 25 March, 1636. He visited Boston in 1643 
with Mr. Rigby, "a lawyer and a parliament man, wealthy 
and religious," who had purchased the "Plough Patent"; 
they sought to obtain the help of Mass. in establishing the 
claims of that patent; desired to join "the consociation of 
the United Colonies." [W.] He petitioned the Gen. Court 
of Mass. 5 (3) 1645, "on behalfe of the people of Ligonia," 
asking protection against the claims of Mr. Vines and others, 
basing his claims on the Rigby patent. [Mass. Arch. 3, 179.] 
As agent of "Collonell Alexander Rigby, President and pro- 
prietor for the province of Laconia," he leased lands in 1651. 
Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 13 July, 1658. As 
deputy president of the Assembly of Lygonia, 22 (7) 1648, 
he was chairman of the committee to sit at Richmond Island 
and report on the estate of Winter. 

He deeded 20 May, 1658, to his grandchild Nathaniel Mit- 
ten, land adjoining that formerly granted to his father 
Michael M. Was sued by Robert Jordan in 1659, and his 


goods attached in a rough manner; bed and clothing taken 
from his sick wife, then 87 years of age. 

Nathaniel Mitten was alleged by "Richard Powssley of 
ffalmouth" in 1687, to have been a grandson of Cleve. 

See also Bradshaw, Bucknall, Jordan, Macworth, Moses, 
Tucker, Winter. 


John, husbandman, Salisbury, Mass. proprietor in 1640; 
rem. to Hampton. Sold houselot in Salis. in 1642. Bought 
land 9 (8) 1651. His dau. Hannah had a bequest 24 May, 
1657, from Susanna, wife of Thomas Leader of Boston, of 
i8 shillings "which is in the hands of her father." 

He m. I, Sarah — ; He m. 2, 28 (7) 1658, Elizabeth Rich- 
erson; she d. Dec. I, 1667; he m. 3, Bridget, widow of 
John Huggins. Ch. : John bapt. May 10, 1646, Israel, Hannah 
b. 15 (2) 1649, Elizabeth b. 4 (2) 1650, Elizabeth b. 31 (6) 
1659, Hester b. 24 (12) 1661, [Isaac] b. 14 (12) 1663-4, 
Mary b. 8 (12) 1665-6, d. 30 (8) 1667. 

He deposed 13 April, 1675, ae. 60 years. [Norf. Files, 

The time of his death is not on record. The widow Bridget 
made will Sept. i, 1679, prob. Aug. 26, 1680; beq. to sons 
Nathaniel and John Huggins, dau. Bridget Mattoone and 
her dau. Mary. 

See also Haborne. 


William, boatswain, seaman, Portsmouth, received land 
of Mr. Williams at a very early date, and sold it about 1640 
to Walter Abbot. [Deposition of Jane Drake.] Married 
a wife before 1638. [Depos. of John Jones.] 


Peter, Richmond Island, bought goods of Winter in 1639. 

COCK, COCKS, see Cox. 


CODOGAN, see Cadogan. 


Thomas, witness to a deed of Francis Williams to 
Richard Commins in 1646. Perhaps a resident of Strawberry 


Isaac (Cofifens) Portsmouth, "received as a tradesman" 
Dec. 16, 1659. 

Peter, — son of Mr. Tristram, a pioneer of Massachu- 
setts who resided at Haverhill, Newbury, Salisbury and Nan- 
tucket, believed to be of the family at Brixham, Eng. settled 
at our Dover in his early manhood and was a citizen of value. 
Signed petition to Gen. Court 10 Oct. 1665. [Mass. Arch. 
106, 160.J He deposed 19 Jan. 1660, aged about 30 years, 
relative to the methods of the lumber business, and sales he 
made for Lt. Richard Cooke to Elias Stileman. [Es. Files.] 

Wife Abigail; ch. : Abigail b. 20 Oct. 1657, Peter b. 20 
Aug. 1660, Jethro b. 16 Sept. 1663, Trustrum b. 18 Jan. 1665, 
Edward b. 20 Feb. 1669, Judith b. 4 Feb. 1672, Elizabeth b. 
27 Jan. 1680. [Dover Hist. Coll.] 

Joseph Austin, in his will, mentions "my brother Peter 

He d. 21 March, 1715, at Exeter, in his 85th year; "late 
judge of his majesty's superior court of judicature, and first 
member of his majesty's council of the province, a gentle- 
man very serviceable both in church and state." [Boston 
News Letter.] 

See also Heard, Starbuck. 


Edward, yeoman, planter, Salem, 1637. Rem. to Dover. 
He contracted Nov. 5, 1639, to deliver clapboards "at Pas- 
catt rivers mouth." [L.] Signed the combination in 1640. 
Proprietor in 1642. Lived at York in 1644. [Mass. Arch. 
39, 70.J Rem. to Hampton; proprietor and commoner 23 
(12) 1645. Bought a mill of James Wall in 1652. Lawsuit 


with Capt. Thos. Wiggin in 1654. Suit before Gen. Court 
of Mass. in 1658. [Mass. Arch. 39, 20-35.] He deposed 
8 April, 1673, ^s- about 56 years, regarding the gift of Mr, 
Stephen Bachiler to his dau. Hussey before he went to Eng- 
land. Dea. Robert Page who came from Ormsby, Eng. calls 
him brother and his wife Ann sister, in a deed of land; this 
tract he deeded 24 June, 1673, to his children, Sarah Hobbs, 
Mary Fifield, and the children at home, viz. Mehitable, Sam- 
uel, Shuah and Deborah. 

Wife Ann; ch. : Jonathan d. 31 (6) 1661, Hannah, Sarah, 
Mary b. 4 (8) 1649, Edward b. 2 (12) 1651, d. 1667, Samuel, 
Mehitable, Shuah, Deborah b. May 21, 1664, Abigail b. July 
23, 1667. 

He d. Feb. 10, 1681-2. 

See also Brooks, Redman, Shrewsbury. 


James, before the court at Saco 25 March, 1636. 

John, Cape Porpoise, took oath of allegiance to Mass. 
govt. 5 July, 1653. 

Nicholas, Senior, Wells, took oath of allegiance to Mass. 
govt. 5 July, 1653. He deposed 23 Dec. 1678, ae. about 52 
year«. [York De. HI.] Sold a tract of land 25 June, 1669, 
reserving a "burying place for his generation." His son 
Nicholas sold a tract 17 Feb. 1700, which had been originally 
laid out to his father. 

William, carpenter, Boston ; had an allotment of 2 acres 
Feb. 20, 1637, at Mt. Wollaston. Removed to Exeter, signed 
the combination 5 (4) 1639. Rem. to Hampton; proprietor 
in 1640. Sold land 17 Oct. 1656. 

His wife Eunice was accused in 1656 of witchcraft; tried, 
convicted, sentenced to receive corporal punishment and be 
imprisoned for life. She petitioned in 1662 to be set at liberty 
after suffering so much punishment, chiefly pleading the 
needs of her husband, "88" years of age, arid the ruin of 
their small property which she had helped to collect during 
20 years. [Mass. Arch. 10, 281.] Her petition was granted 


on condition of her departing from the jurisdiction; but she 
could not avail herself of the decision because she could 
not pay arrears or give bonds, and she remained in prison 
several years longer. 

He d. 26 (3) 1662, "aged 81 years." Will dated 26 May, 
1662, prob. 14 (2) 1663, beq. to wife Unice her clothing 
which was left with him; all the rest of his "free" estate he 
gave to Thomas Webster on condition of his keeping him 
comfortably during his life. 

A deed was presented in court, dated 7 Nov. 1656, con- 
veying all his estate to his wife Eunice. The court ordered 
the selectmen of Hampt. to take charge of the property, pay 
debts, and take care of the widow. 

William, gent, grand jury man at Saco 25 June, 1640. 
Had grant of land from Gorges, adjoining that of Stephen 
Batson [in Cape Porpoise], 20 Sept. 1642. Witness of 
Gorges' deed to Wheelwright in 1643. Took oath of al- 
legiance to Mass. govt, at Wells 5 July, 1653. Witnessed 
a deed in 1666, as he deposed 13 June, 1670. Deposed Aug. 
1668, aged 41 years. [Bax. MSS. VI.] 

See also Bonython, Dow, Powning, Royal, West. 


Christopher, shoemaker, Scarborough, bought land of 
Abraham Jocelyn 10 Jan. 1659. ^^ died, and admin, of his 
estate was granted to his widow Jane 26 July, 1666. His son 
Timothy rem. to Newbury, Mass. and sold 28 Dec. 1680, land 
at Blew Point (Scarborough) derived from his father Chris- 
topher. Is he not the C. C. shoemaker, who was in Boston 
in 1639; rem. to Braintree; gave letter of attorney 15 (10) 
1645 for collection of money due to his wife, Jane Groope, 
from Justinian Pearce of Plymouth, co. Devon, Eng. ? 
See also Neale. 

Richard, fisherman, mariner, Isles of Shoals, had ac- 

counts with John Winter in 1639. Partner of Thomas 
Turpin in buying a plantation on Pascataqua river 6 (10) 
1645. Son in law of Richard Bonython, for whom he ob- 
tained land from Robert Child in 1647. Lot assigned him 
at Portsmouth in 1652. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. 
govt. 5 July, 1653. Had account with Robert Nash 27 
(4) 1648. [Bax. MSS.] Signed the petition to Cromwell 
in 1657. He deposed 27 June, 1660, ae. about 57 years. [P. 
Files.] Testified in county court June 28, 1664, that he failed 
to appear as he ought to have done as a grand juror because 
"he was asked to assist Capt. Thomas Wiggin to the or- 

Reference to son Thomas Cummings, Court Record, i66r. 

Will dated 19 June, 1678; "aged and infirm"; prob. 24 June, 
1679; beq. to dau. Jane Joce and her children Richard, Sam- 
uel, Jane, Thomas, John, Margaret and Mary, Richard be- 
ing the principal heir and joint executor with his mother; 
a parcel of land to the town to be used for the school-house. 

See also Bonython, Cohan, Leach, Michmore, Turpin. 


John, one of the associates of Wheelwright in buying 
the Exeter lands of the Indians in 1638, and recipient of a 
grant of land there, did not remain permanently in the region 
but kept his home in Roxbury and was afterward a resident 
of Boston. 

CONDOGAN, see Cadogan. 


Abraham, Kittery, with consent of his wife, sold land 
and house next to that of William Everet 24 June, 1648. 
Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 16 Nov. 1652. Sold 
land 8 Dec. 1675. 

Will dated March i, 1674, prob. March 5, 1690-1, beq. to 
Nathan and Abraham, sons of son in law Nathan Lord; to 
Adrian Fry, "with whom I now live"; to neighbor John 
White and Robert Allen. Inventory in York De. V. 



Sarah, servant of Walter Abbot, gave testimony in court 
i6 Aug. i6ss; had told "her countrymen" about the case. 


Peyton, gent, formed partnership for clapboard mak- 
ing at Saco 27 Jan. 1635. [York court rec] Traded with 
Winter in 1640. Clerk of Lygonia Assembly in 1648. [York 
De. I, 67.] 
See also Wiggin. 


William, at Pascataqua with Wanerton in 1633. [Gib- 
bons' letter.] 


Robert, Casco, took oath of allegiance to Mass. Bay 
govt, at Spurwink July 13, 1658. He cleared and possessed 
a meadow from about that time; "he was slain by the In- 
dians in the late war." [Depos. of George IngersoU June 
24, 1685.] 


"One Cornish, dwelling some time in Weymouth, removed 
to Aconienticus," was found drowned in 1644, and his wife 
executed for his murder. [W.] 

Thomas, Exeter, with Gowen Wilson bought land of 
Thomas Jones in 1650. Signed petition to Gen. Court of 
Mass. 24 (3) 1652. Prosecuted a neighbor for slandering 
his wife 14 (4) 1653. 

Wife Mary; ch. b. in July, 1648. [Norf. Rec] 


William, Strawberry Bank, juror and constable at Dover 
Court I (8) 1651. Took oath of fidelity July 11, 1659. Had 
lands assigned him as an inhabitant of Portsmouth Jan. 13, 
1652. He deposed June 27, 1660, ae. about 46 years. [P. 


He d. before Dec. 19, 1678, when the inventory of his 
estate was taken; the court gave the widow Elizabeth 200 
li. and household goods needful; to son John a double por- 
tion; rest to ch. William, Joseph, Thomas, Benjamin and 
Sarah (who m. Edward Beal). William Ham beq. to 
"daughter Elizabeth Cotton and her children" in his will, 
Dec. 21, 1672. See Rev. Daniel Maud's will. 


Mr. John, York, took oath of allegiance Nov. 16, 1652. 


John, sailor, Casco, mentioned in records of Maine court 
April 4, 1637. Accounts with Winter in 1639. Testified 
18 Sept. 1640, as to the name of Casco river which he had 
known for about 14 years. Deputy to Ligonia Assembly in 
1658. [York De. I.] He deposed 26 June, 1682, ae. about 
86 years. [York De. HI.] ' 

Mr. William, Star Island, Isles of Shoals, grand jury 
man in court at Strawberry Bank (8) 1650. Sold a house 
he had built to Mrs. Marie Mendam 23 Dec. 1659. 
See also Carter. 

COURTEOUS, see Curtis. 


Jonathan, his account was before Dover court 10 (8) 

COWMAN, see Comeman. 


Moses, planter, Ipswich, rem. to Hampton about 1638. 
Margaret, wife of John Stubbin of Watertown, Mass. testi- 
fied 19 (7) 1640, to purchasing of him "tried suet about the 
month of October last was twelve month, when he was go- 
ing from Ipswich to live at Hampton first." [L.] Propri- 


etor, herdsman, selectman. He m. i, Alice — ; she and her 
son John were drowned in the wreck of a vessel that sailed 
from Hampton for Boston Oct. 20, 1657. [Town rec.J He 
m. 2, June 16, 1658, Prudence, dau. of William Marston. 
Ch. : John, Mary, Sarah, Rachel, Moses b. 2 (9) 1649, Leah 
b. 21 or 25 (2) 1661, (m. James Perkins). 

He d. May 28, 1687, ae. 93. Will dated i Nov. 1682, prob. 
July 18, 1687; "very aged"; beq. to wife Prudence, son in 
law James Perkins and dau. Leah, his wife; daus. Mary 
Godfree, Sarah Norris and Rachel Rawlings. Inventory 18 
July, 1687. 

William, a pioneer on the coast of Maine, in Pemaquid 
or its vicinity. Witnessed the deed of Summersett to John 
Brown of New Harbour, July 15, 1625. Witnessed Shurt's 
receipt to Elbridge in 1635. [A.] 

William, either the above or a son, it is thought, bought 
a tract of land of Thomas Atkins at the mouth of the Ken- 
nebeck river, (Cox's Head,) -his house being referred to in 
Robin Hood's deed to Thomas Webber, 29 May, 1660 [York 
De. HI, 23,] and "lived there many years before the Indian 
war drove him off in the year 1677." He rem. to Salem, 
Mass. for refuge; his son William went back to Sagadahock 
about 1686, but was driven away again by the Indians. The 
father sold the land 26 July, 1693, his wife Mary joining in 
the deed. John Cock, born about the year 1661, and Thomas, 
born about 1664, testified in 1695 that they lived with their 
father John Cock, who was a "brother in law," i. e. half- 
brother, of William, upon that land in the right of said Wil- 
liam. These men, John and Thomas, settled at Dorchester, 
and married respectively, Margaret and Mary, daughters of 
John Pope. [See Dorch. Pope Family.] [Es. De. IX. 142, 
and XI, 7. York De. VI, 140. Genealogy in Gen. A,dv. I.] 


John, planter, Boston, proprietor, 1635. Rem. to Exeter; 
signed the combination 5 (4) 1639, and the petition in 1645. 
Rem. to Hampton; bought land in 1658; had deed of land 


5 May, 1659, from Richard Swain, for love and brotherly 

He married first, Lydia — who is mentioned in the record 
of 1648 as having been mother of Joseph; he married second, 
Hester (Esther). Ch. : Benjamin, Thomas, Mary; Joseph, 
(drowned 24 June, 1648, ae. 15 years,) Lydia b. 27 July, 

He and his wife Hester deeded land and effects 24 (12) 
1665, to sons Benjamin and Thomas, who agreed to main- 
tain them and pay to the daus. Mary and Lydia certain sums 
of money. 

He d. 5 (i) 1682; "good old John Cram, one just in his 
generation." [Town rec.J 


Stephen, Brabote Harbor, Isles of Shoals, an inhabitant 
who failed to attend court at Saco in 1640; was a partner 
of Wm. Sevey in fish business, proprietor about 1648. 

He died; inventory of his estate presented in York court 
Oct. 15, 1647, and his widow Margaret m. 2, Thomas Willey. 
She was appointed admin, of the estate of her deceased dau. 
Susan in 1649, and guardian to her surviving dau. Sarah. 


Thomas, Exeter, proprietor, signed the combination 5 
(4) 1639. Brought suit in Norf. court in 1649 about a house, 
with Robert Sawers. Had a saw-mill in 1652 at "Crawley's 
Falls," (now Brentwood). Deposed in the Gunnison case 
22 April, 1654, ae. 36 years. [Bax. MSS.] Lawsuit in 1657. 
Brought suit to protect his dau. Phebe from slander in June, 


Thomas, husbandman, was with Ambrose Gibbons at 
Newichewanick in 1633. Made his home later at York ; 
proprietor about 1641 ; [deposition of Nicholas Frost]. Sold 
house and land 21 Sept. 1647. Took oath of allegiance to 


Mass. govt. 22 Nov. 1652. Testified in Gunnison case in 
1654, ae. about 43 years. With wife Anne sold houses and 
land to Abraham Corbett, distiller, Portsmouth, 29 May, 

His estate was admin, by his widow Ann 20 March, 1678-9. 
[York De. V.] After his death she m. Digory Jeffery; she 
joined with her sons Elisha and Ephraim C. 13 June, 1683, 
in sale of land. May 21, 1688, in consideration of money 
which had been paid for her deceased husband and her dau. 
Mary Barton, she deeded certain lands to her son Ephraim 
C. The latter, in his will in 1688, mentions father Thomas 
C. sisters Ann Roberts and Sarah Parrett, etc. 

See also Sealey, Wormwood. 


John, Wells, signed the Pascataqua combination in 1640. 
Juryman, 1647. Bound his son John to Edward Rishworth 
for 11 years, 12 April, 1650. Had a receipt in full from 
Rishworth Oct. 27, 1661. [York De. I.] 

He and his son John died about Dec. 18, 1676, when in- 
ventories of both estates were taken. The son Joseph was 
appointed admin, of both. His son in law Francis Backus 
gave a receipt 14 Jan. 1677, for his wife's portion. 

See also Moulton. 


John, Strawberry Bank, in court in 1644; he deposed 
24 (3) 1647, ^s to his being put in charge of "Wallertoone's 
house" at a former time. [Mass. Arch. 38 B. 48.] His wife 
was sent to Boston to be tried for some offence in 1648. 

He died, and his estate was entrusted first to William 
Storer as admin, then to two other persons 8 (8) 1652, 
for the benefit of his creditors; land given to "Wm. Storer, 
marshall, for his service and venturing his life thereby.'' 

See also Lane, Wormwood. 


Stockdale, Roxbury. He and his wife Hannah reed. beq. 

in 1643 from Elizabeth Hobbert. The wife Hannah, "an an- 
cient woman," was buried July 20, 1644. He rem. to Hamp- 
ton. Bought land 20 (10) 1648. 

He d. soon after. Admin, was granted April 9, 1650, to 
his eldest son, John Cuddington, who, residing in Boston, 
sold the Hampt. land 15 (2) 1650. [Norf. Court sec] 


Thomas, planter, York, proprietor, grand jury man in 
1649; took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 22 Nov. 1652; 
signed the petition to Mass. govt, in 1654 and that to Crom- 
well in 1657. Sold land to Henry Lamprill, cooper, i8 March, 

Will dated 19 April, 1680, prob. i Oct. 1706, beq. to sons 
Joseph, Dodivah and Job, daus. Abigail, Lydia, Sarah, Re- 
becca and Anne Curtis and Hannah Jynkins; had already 
given portions to sons Benjamin and Samuel C. "in a farm 
at Scituate." 

William, Dover; the court ordered 28 June, 1650, that 
the town should care for him while he was lame, and pay for 
his cure; which he was to repay when able. 


John, Portsmouth, gave promissory note to Lawrence 
Avery 7 July, 1650. [Court rec] Took oath of fidelity to 
Mass. govt. July 2, 1657. With brother Richard sold land 
to bro. Robert July 25, 1658. He m. 30 July, 1662, Hannah 
Star; ch.: John b. 30 June, 1663, Elizabeth b. 30 Nov. 1664, 
d. 28 Sept. 1665, Hannah b. 29 July, 1666, Mary b. 17 Nov. 
1669 (m. Samuel Penhallow), Samuel. 

He died 27 March, 1681 ; was president of the Council at 
the time of his death. His will dated 6 May, 1680, codicil 
dated 3 Jan. i68o-r, prob. 9 April, 1681, bequeathed to sons 
John and Samuel, daughters Hannah and Mary, and wife 
Ursula; 100 li. to the town of Portsmouth toward a free 
school; to the church "to which I belong" 15 li. and to the 
poor of the town 30 li.; to the children of brother Robert 


C, to cousin John Shipway and servant Bathiah Furber. Ex- 
tensive lands, shipping, etc. 

Richard, mariner and merchant, made a purchase of Wil- 
liam Pomfret 24 (10) 1647. [Pise Court Rec] Had house- 
lot assigned in Portsmouth Jan. 13, 1652. Bought of Wm. 
Brenton of Boston, merchant, a house and land at Ports- 
mouth, formerly in possession of Thomas Beard, after sold 
by Clement Casnpion to Thomas Burton, of London, grocer, 
4 (11) 1650. [Suff. De.] Bought house and land at Kit- 
tery Aug. 29, 1650. Took oath of fidelity July 2, 1657. He 
was associate justice of the county court in 1664. Richard 
Leader calls him brother in a deed in 1656. 

He made will May 10, 1675, prob. June 27, 1676; beq. to 
wife Eleanor; dau. Margaret Vahan (Vaughan) and her 
children; son William V.; dau. Bridget Daniel and her hus- 
band Thomas Daniel; bro. John and his wife and children; 
sister Ann and brother Shipway ; their son John ; the widow 
and children of bro. Robert Cutt; Mr. Joshua Moody and his 
children; cozen John Hole and his wife; the college; the 
church of Portsmouth. The widow in her will dated July 
12, prob. July 29, 1684, makes bequest (among others) to 
brother John Aldersey's children £100, if any of them come 
or send within three years. 

Robert, Kittery, witness, 1648, proprietor, 1650. 

He made will June 18, 1674, giving all to wife Mary and 
son Richard. The widow m. (2) Mr. Francis Champer- 
nowne, who beq. to her ch. Elizabeth Elliott, Bridget Scriven, 
Richard, Robert, Mary and Sarah Cutt. 

See also Bendall, Jackson, Paul, Webster, Windsor. 


Philemon, linen weaver, ae. 45, with wife Hannah, ae. 
35, and ch. Samuel, ae. 5 1-2, came in the Increase, April 
15. 1635. A pioneer at-Dedham, 1636. Rem. to Hampton; 
had authority to perform marriages 14 May, 1645. Rem. 
to Ipswich. He d. in June, 1662, Will dated Nov. 11, 1656, 


proved Oct. 14, 1662. Wife "Dorety" (Dorothy) son Sam- 
uel Dalton, daughter Mehitable Dalton; Hannah Dalton. 

The son Samuel deposed 14 (12) 1668, ae. about 30 years. 
[Norf. Files, 97.] 

Rev. Timothy, entered St. John's coll. Cambridge, Eng. 
Sept. 17, 1610, was ordained 19 June, 1614; vicar of 
Woolverstone, co. Suff. March 8, 1615; suspended by the 
bishop in April, 1636. Came hither soon after and settled 
at Watertown. Rem. to Dedham; adm. propr. 18 (5) 1637; 
frm. Sept. 7, 1637. Was one of the party sent by Ded. un- 
der permission of Gen. Court in 1638 to observe the south- 
erly part of the patent. He contracted to saw 400 planks 
for a bridge, 1637. Sold his rights at Ded. in 1639. Rem. 
to Hampton, where he was elected "teacher" of the chh. 
June 2, 1639. He served with ability; opinions differ with 
regard to the issues which rose between him and Mr. 
Bachiler, "pastor" of the same chh. He gave certain lands 
to his kinsman Emanuel Hilliard, seaman, Jasper Blake, sea- 
man, and to Nathaniel Bachiler, 10 (8) 1657. Mr. Henry 
Boad of Saco called him "cousin." Wife Ruth; ch. Samuel 
bapt. at Woolv. 12 March, 1617, bur. same day, Deborah bapt. 
3 June, 1619, bur. 19 May, 1624, Timothie bapt. 10 Nov. 1622, 
Ruth bur. 28 Aug. 1624-5. 

He d. 28 (10) 1661, ae. about 84 years. [Hampt. rec] 
Will dated March 8, 1657-8, proved April 8, 1662. Beq. his 
est. to wife; to brother Philemon and his son Samuel, and 
to cossen Barth. Dalton. 

The widow Ruth made, 22 March, 1663-4, to Nathaniel 
Bachiler, a deed of certain lands, conditioned on his provid- 
ing for her in specified particulars till her death, and then 
paying legacies to Deborah, wife of John Smith; Eliza- 
beth, wife of Joseph Merrie; Phebe, wife of Joseph Ar- 
nall; Joseph and George Parkers (Parkhurst;) Mary, wife 
of Thomas Carter of Woburn; Timothy and Benjamin Hil- 
liard; Elizabeth Hilliard, dau. of Elizabeth Merrie; Abigail 
Ambross, dau. of the wife of John Severans; Mary, wife 
of William Fifield; Walter Roper and Hannah Willix. She 


d. 12 May, 1666. In her will, dated 8 (10) 1655, inv. 24 
May, 1666, she beq. to her cozens, Nathaniel Batcheler and 
his wife Deborah ; John Smith, Jr. ; Mary, wife to Mr. Thos. 
Carter of W.; Samuel Dalton (for his son Timothie,) and 
Deborah Smith. 

See also Dearborn, Haborne, Hill, Perkins, Ward, Webster. 


John, Dover, signed the combination in 1640; proprietor, 
1642; taxed Oct. 19, 1648. Deacon. Signed petition of citi- 
zens to Gen. Court 10 Oct. 1665. 

Wife Elizabeth; ch. : Mary b. 4 Sept. 1651, William b. 14 
Oct. 1653, Susanna b. 14 Dec. 1661, Judith b. 15 Nov. 1666. 
[Dov. Hist. Coll.] Will May 19, 1687, recorded March 23, 
1693-4. To sons John and William, daus. Elizabeth White- 
house, Mary Cane and Judy Tibbets; gr. dau. Abigail Dam. 

See also Hall. 


Daniel, Kittery, took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 
22 Nov. 1652. 

James, Senior, Hampton, had grant of a house lot in 
1639. His son James was also proprietor in 1640. Signed 
petition in Howard case in 1643. One of the commissioners 
for trial of small cases in 1642-3. Rem. to Haverhill about 
1646. Town officer. His wife Sissilla d. May 28, 1673. His 
dau. Judith m. Samuel Gile, and his dau. Sarah m. John 
Page. He or his son James deposed 14 (2) 1663, ae. about 
60 years. 

He d. Jan. 29, 1678, "ae. about 96 years" ; will dated March 
17, codicil added July 22, 1678, prob. in 1680; beq. to sons 
John, Ephraim, Samuel and James ; dau. Sarah Page ; grand- 
children James, son of John, Stephen and Ephraim, sons of 
Ephraim, James, son of Samuel Gile. John, of Exeter, signer 
of petition of inhab. 1643, afterwards of Dover, clerk of mar- 
ket, etc. who d. in 1686, beq. a tract of land in Haverhill 
which his father James had bequeathed him. 


John, blacksmith, Saco, 1653, later Cape Porpoise; 
preached without authority from church or government and 
was prohibited in 1680. Wife "Catterine." 

John, York, had suit in Piscataqua court in 1640. With 
Arthur Brown sold mackerell to Winter in 1642. Took oath 
of allegiance to Mass. govt. 22 Nov. 1652, was appointed 
sergeant, and licensed to keep the ordinary. Deposed in 
the Gunnison case in 1653, ae. about 34 years. He m. Mary, 
v/idow of George Puddington; sold land to her son in law 
John Penwill 27 Feb. 1674. He deposed Oct. 1, 1678, aged 
about 73. [Bax. MS. VI.] 

"Major John Davess, aged 70 years or thereabouts" de- 
posed 30 May, 1683, about William Hilton. 

He died before April 3, 1691, when the inventory of his 
estate was taken, which was rendered by his widow Mary. 
[York De. V.] 

Nicholas, ae. 40, Sarah, ae. 48, Joseph, ae. 13, with Wm. 
Lock, ae. 6, cert, from Stepney parish, came in the Planter 
March 22, 1634. Res. at Charlestown; rem. to Woburn, 
1640. Wife Sarah d. 24 (3) 1643. He m. July 12, 1643, 
Elizabeth Isaac. Rem. to York. Juryman Oct. 17, 1650. 
Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 22 Nov. 1652, and 
was appointed constable. 

Will dated 27 April, 1667, inventory rendered 12 March, 
1669-70; beq. to wife Elizabeth; daughter Astine and her 
children, Mary and Sarah, cousins, Matthew Barnard, 
son of Matthew B. of Boston, and William Locke of 
"Owborne" [Woburn] ; Mary, Elizabeth and Mehitable Dod : 
friends Capt. John Davis and Mr. Peter Weare overseers; 
wife executrix. Admin, of his est. in Plym. Col. given by 
Mass. Gen. Court to John Wales of Boston; inv. filed at 
Plym. 13 (5) 1673. 

Robert, carpenter, a servant of Henry Taylor of Ports- 
mouth, witness before grand jury in 1648. Was ordered 2 
(8) 1651, to bring into court a certificate that his wife was 
dead; ordered 8 (8) 1652 to go to his wife in England by 


the first ship that sails. Sold land 4 Oct. 1660. Sold housS 
and land at Sagamore Creek 31 Aug. 1667. [P. Files.] 

Theophilus, Saco, assessed for minister's rate 7 (7) 
1636, attended the court at Saco 25 March, 1636, in the 
capacity of "officer." 

See also Andrews, Atkins, Brawne, Onion, Tristram. 

John, rope-maker, Kittery, bought house and land June 
15, 1651. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 22 Nov. 
1652. One of the appraisers in the Gunnison case in 1653. 
Selectman. Took Walter, son of John Winser, late of Hem- 
mick, CO. Devon, Eng. apprentice for S years from 9 Oct. 
next. May 3, 1660. Sold house and land on one of the Isles 
of Shoals 2 Nov. 1668, to Henry Maine and Andrew Dea- 
ment, and another house with land Nov. 18, 1667, to his 
brother William Deaman. 

Admin, of his estate was granted 9 July, 1667, to his son 


Godfrey, Exeter, signed the combination 5 (4) 1639, and 
the petition for local court in 1645. Grand juryman, 1650. 
Town officer. Rem. to Hampton; bought house and land 
before 12 (i) 1658. [Norf. rec. I.] 

He m. (i) — ; he m. (2) Nov. 25, 1662, Dorothy, widow 
of Philemon Dalton. Ch. Thomas, Henry, Esther, Sarah, 

He d. Feb. 4, 1685-6. Will dated Dec. 14, 1680; "aged"; 
beq. to wife Dorothy, ch. Thomas, Henry, John and "three 
daughters"; gr. ch. Ann Shatredg. Wife to have what 
was hers before he married her. Proved Aug. 26, 1686. 

See Bachiler, Marian, Ward. 


George, house carpenter, came to Richmond Island in 
the Hercules; left the plantation July 10, 1637, claiming that 


his time was out. [Trel.] Rem. to Black Point. Deposed 
30 June, 1645, concerning the fright that he, his wife and 
neighbors received from the shooting of Nash of Boston 
and his reckless companions. [Bax. MSS.] 

Roger, who had sons Roger and Clement, d. in 1717; no 
evidence as to relationship with George yet found. 


John, carpenter, Portsmouth, N. H. ; may have come as 
early as 1660. 

Freeman of Mass. Bay Colony May 15, 1670 (as of 
Portsmouth) . 

Wife Amy; children: John, b. Dec. 15, 1675; Amy, b. 
April 9, 1679, (m. John Adams); Joseph, b. July 10, 1681; 
Ephraim, b. Aug. 2, 1689. He d. May i, 1709, "ae. 63 years." 
Alexander Dennett who settled about 1670 at Newcastle, 
N. H. is believed to have been a brother of John. 

Will signed ("John Dennet") March 17, proved Aug. i, 
1709. Wife "Ammi," sons John, Joseph and Ephraim, 
dau. "Ammi" Adams; gr. dau. Margaret Adams; gr. dau. 
Mary Dennet "who is blind." 


William, was with Wanerton at Piscataqua in 1633. 
[Gibbons' letter to Mason.] 

DIAMONT, see Deaman. 


John, Portsmouth, took oath of fidelity in court 11 July, 


Derman, Portsmouth, deposed 9 (9) 1659, regarding 
George Walton's land claim. [P. Files.] 


William, cooper, York, had account with Florence Chap- 
man through Wm. Hooke, 23 (6) 1647. [A.] Juryman 


1649. Sold land 24 June, 1650, which he had bought of 
George Parker. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 22 
Nov. 1652. 

Will dated 13 Feb. 1665, prob. 16 June, 1666; beq. to wife 
Jonas, son James, dau. Susanna Frpst, John Brawn, and the 
children of Henry Millbury. 

See Chapman. 


Henry, fisherman, planter, York, witnessed deed of Wm. 
Hooke 18 Oct. 1644; proprietor before 1648. [York De. I.] 
Took oath of allegiance 22 Nov. 1652. Signed the petition 
about Godfrey's claims in 1655. Mortg. houses, lands, fish 
houses, etc. in security for a contract to deliver a quantity 
of fish, Dec. 6, 1664. Made over to his son Joseph 29 Feb. 
1 671, his island called Jewell's Island, with boats, stages, 
flakes, and other things that pertained to the fishing busi- 
ness; Joseph agreeing to maintain him so long as he chose 
to remain on the island. [York De. VII.] He deposed 24 
Sept. 1680, ae. about 78 years, regarding John Pullman's 
estate. [York De. V.] Wife Frances; their daughters 
Sarah and Margaret reed, a deed of land 2 April, 1660, from 
widow Ann Godfrey, "for love and affection." Margaret d. be- 
fore S May, 1685, when inventory of her estate was presented 
by her brother Samuel D. He deposed 10 Nov. 1691, ae. 
45 years. Elizabeth, widow of Thomas, the eldest son, reed, 
a tract of land from Samuel 22 March, 1703-4. 
See also Godfrey, Gooch, Reading. 


Henry, husbandman, of Ormsby, Eng. ae. 29, with wife 
Joane, ae. 30, 4 ch. and servant Anne Maning, ae. 17, passed 
exam, to go to N. E. April 11, 1637. Settled at Watertown; 
frm. May 2, 1638. Wife Jone, bur. 20 (4) 1640. Rem. to 
Hampton; juryman, 1648; sold land 18 (3) 1649; deputy, 
1655. Gave land 3 (8) 1649 to Thomas Nudd, son of his 
former wife by her first husband. He m. about 1642 Mar- 


garet Cole, q. v. Ch. Henry, (deposed in 1669, ae. about 35,) 
Thomas d. at Wat. bur. July 10, 1641, Joseph b. so (i) 1638, 
Daniel b. 22 (7) 1641, Mary b. 14 (7) 1643, Thomas b. at 
Hampton April 28, 1653, Jeremiah b. Sept. 6, 1657, and 

He d. 21 (2) 1659. Will dated 16 (2) prob. 4 (8) 1659, 
beq. to wife Margaret, sons Henry, Joseph, Daniel, Thomas, 
Jeremiah; daus. Mary and Hannah. Hannah m. Jonas 
Gregory of Ipswich. 

The widow m. Oct. 23, 1661, Richard Kimball, of Ipswich. 


Andrew, Kittery, about 1652, petitioned the king in 1680, 
having been a "resident for 28 years and a great sufferer 
under the usurpation of the government of Boston." 

"Daniel," whose mark is affixed to a petition to Parlia- 
ment 20 Dec. 1652, may be Dennis. 

Dennis, blacksmith, Kittery, 18 Dec. 1650; bought house 
and land "near the river of pischataqua, between flrankes 
fort and watts fort,'' on which he was then living; juryman, 
1650. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 16 Nov. 1652. 
He and his wife Ann in court in 1656. He and wife Patience 
sold land 20 June, 1679. His son Joshua petitioned Andros 
for confirmation of the title in 1688. [Bax. MS.] 
See also Wiggin. 


Thomas, Dover, fined in 1657 for going in his boat on 
the Sabbath. Wife Katherine; ch. Elizabeth b. 17 Nov. 1663. 
[Dov. Hist. Coll.] Est. admin, by son Gershom, 1713. 


Francis, Portsmouth, had house-lot on Roger Knight's 
Island in 1654. Juror, 1661 ; propr. 1664. With wife Mary 
sold land in Greenland 5 Aug. 1668. 

Robert, yeoman, searge-maker, Exeter, proprietor very 
early. Bought a house and lands in Hampton of Francis 
Pebodie 15 (i) 1649. Took oath of fidelity 4 (8) 1653. 


Grand juryman 8 April, 1662. His sons Nathaniel and 
Abraham took oath of fidelity at Hampton i (8) 1650; sold 
pipe staves in 1651. [Mass. Arch. 38 B. 173.] 

He died 14 (li) 1667-8. His will dated 18 May, 1663, 
was proved 14 (2) 1668. He bequeathed to sons Nathaniel 
and Abraham, and daughter Susanna ; to grandchildren Abra- 
ham, Susanna, Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth and Hannah, children 
of Abraham, and Rachel and Jean, children of Nathaniel. 
Nathaniel Drake, ae. 78, and Abraham, ae. 71, deposed April 
27, 1671, that they had known Isabel Bland from childhood, 
and that John Bland, her father, formerly lived in Colchester 
[Eng. ?] ; that his name and ancestry were Bland, not Smith. 
Thomas, defendant in a lawsuit in court at Strawberry 
Bank in 1643, may be believed to be the husband of Jane, 
who deposed in the same court 27 June, 1660, stating that 
she and her husband lived here before Mr. Williams came 
to New England; that at their house Mr. W. gave 7 or 8 
acres of adjacent land to Goodman Clifton, a seaman, who 
sold it about 1640 to Walter Abbot; that he afterward sold 
the same to Thomas Turpin. [P. court rec. 2, 49.] 

See also Berry, Tucker, Webster, Wiggin. 


Nathaniel, planter, Damariscove River, gave bond for 
the payment of money 2 June, 1651, with John Taylor. 
[Suff. De. I.] 


John, brought suit in Piscataqua court in 1643. 


George, party to a suit in Piscataqua court 9 June, 1641. 


James, Portsmouth, received as an inhabitant and a lot 
of land assigned him Oct. 19, 1659. He m. Mary, dau. of 
John Jones. He d. before Dec. 30, 1674, when his estate 


was granted to his widow Mary for the bringing up of the 
children. Sons James and Nathaniel sold land in 1695. 
William, Dover, taxed Oct. 19, 1648. 

Admin, on his estate was granted June 29, 1669, to widow 
Elizabeth. [Ch. ?] Francis, John and Thomas. 

See also Johnson, Locke. 


Joseph, servant of Capt. Thomas Wiggin, Exeter, was 
drowned 24 June, 1648. [Norf. rec.J 

Thomas, Richmond Island, one of Winter's fishing com- 
pany in 1634. 

Thomas, Kittery, signed the Piscataqua combination in 
1640. Lawsuit in 1643. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. 
govt, at Kittery 16 Nov. 1652. Constable. He deposed in 
Walton case 28 (4) 1660, ae. about 55 years. [P. 
court Files.] He and wife Elizabeth, of Portsmouth, sold 
house and land in Kittery 2 March, 1659-60; she, as widow, 
made a confirmatory deed 19 March, 1662-3. After his death 
the widow m. June 9, 1663 (as his 4th wife) Matthias But- 
ton of Haverhill, Mass. She d. July 16, 1690. 


Hugh, came in 1638 with the family of Francis Little- 


Humphrey, Falmouth, bought 50 acres of land of Cleve 
25 March, 1658. 


William, Portsmouth, plaintiff in suit at court in Aga- 
menticus, Oct. 12, 1652. Proprietor, 1660. 


Nicholas, tanner, built a mill and weir at Ipswich in 
1634. He also built the first house in Hampton, under the 


direction of Mr. Dummer and John Spencer ; was discharged 
from the work May 17, 1638. He rem. to Rhode Island. 
[See P. of M.] 
See Jeffrey. 

EASTOW, see Estow. 


Robert, York, took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 22 
Nov. 1652. Rem. to Kittery. Sold land 23 April, 1662. [His 
wife] Florence and [son] Peter signed with him, by their 


Nicholas, planter, one of Winter's fishermen from 1638 
to 1641. He m. in 1642 Wilmot Randall, a servant in the 
family of Winter, and paid for the unexpired time of her 
(year's) contract. [Trel.] Took oath of allegiance to Mass. 
govt, at Spurwink July 13, 1658. Settled at Saco. He and 
his wife sold land formerly occupied by them at Scarborough 
3 Oct. 1660. 

He d. before 28 March, 1681, when the widow presented 
the inventory of his estate. Testimony was given that he 
left all to his son Robert, who was to maintain the mother; 
"the rest of the children" are referred to. [York De. V.] 


Henry, midshipman, Milbrook, Eng. came to Richmond 
Island in 1638, and worked for Winter; left after a short 

See Green. 


Thomas, merchant, of Bristol, England, one of the pro- 
prietors and some time resident at Pemaquid, mortgaged the 
island of Monhegan to Abraham Shurt 29 Sept. 1651. [Suff. 
De. I.] Lawsuits in York Court in 1659. 



John, Hampton, proprietor, 1640. 


Robert, Portsmouth, i acre of land assigned him Oct. 
19, 1659. 


George, sued for debt in Piscataqua court 26 June, 1654. 
See also Champernowne, Cutt, Fabes. 


Christopher, Senior, Black Point, testified i (5) 1654, 
regarding the cutting of hay at that place. 

Henry, tailor, Boston, adm. chh. 9 (9) 1634, frm. May 
6, 1635. Ch. Marie bapt. 8 (2) 1638. With wife Mary and 
other persons who adhered to Mrs. Hutchinson and Mr. 
Wheelwright, he was dismissed 3 (i) 1639, to the chh. of 
Exeter. Signed the Exeter combination 5 (4) 1639, and a 
petition to the Gen. Court of Mass. 29 (3) 1645. Rem. to 
Hampton. His wife Mary d. 17 (i) 1658. 

He d. Nov. 19, 1668. Will dated 27 April, 1667, prob. 13 
(2) 1669; "very aged"; beq. to sons Gershom and Eliezer. 

Thomas, before Gen. Court of Mass. at Boston in 1634; 
witnessed a deed of Cleve to Jordan at Casco in 1651. 

See also Berry, Blake, Haborne, Neale, Purchase. 


Anthony, Portsmouth, bought house and lands of Wil- 
liam Seavey 6 June, 1648: grand juryman in 1650; constable 
in 1655. Testified in court in 1655. 

Inventory of his estate, taken 7 Aug. 1681, was filed Sept. 
8, together with a list of the articles which his [second] 
wife Abigail had brought with her when she married him; 
it included a house and land on Great Island. He had owned 


a neck of land, an island called by his name, and considerable 
personal property. 
See also Femald. 


William, carpenter, millwright, proprietor, had lands 
granted by the town; built a sawmill. Sold one quarter of 
a sawmill on Sturgeons Creek 15 Oct. 1651 and other 
property afterward to Thomas Broughton of Mass. ; engaged 
to work at the same a certain time. His wife Christian 
consented to the deed. He bought land on the river of Aga- 
menticus and erected mills there under contract with God- 
frey 7 June, 1652, Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 
22 Nov. 1652. Constable of Kittery in 1655. [Mass. Arch. 
48, 49.] Before the court at Dover in 1668. 
See Gaile. 


John, ''of Salem," shipwrecked in Boston bay with "two 
of Mr. Cradock's fishermen" 26 July, 1631. [W.] Removed 
to Wells ; took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 5 July, 1653. 
John Elson made will 11 March, 1683-4, witnessed by 
Barthl. Gedney and Simon Willard; prob. at Salem Nov. 
24, 1685; beq. to wife Joanna and children John, Samuel, 
Ephraim, Dinah, Margaret, Hannah and Benjamin. [Es. 
Prob. 302, 154.] 


Rev. Joseph, son of Thomas, a pioneer of Ipswich, Mass. 
became a minister; settled at York in 1648; rem. to Wells 
where he took the oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 4 July, 
1653 ; signed the petition to the Gen. Court of Mass. 30 Oct. 
1654, and that to Cromwell in 1657. [Mass. Arch. 3, 219.] 
Was minister of Wells from 1664 to 1667. Rem. to Men- 
don, Mass. 

He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. Edward Bulkley, of Con- 
cord, Mass.; ch. Peter. 



Anthony, carpenter, of Romsey, Eng. came in the James 
in April, 1635. Settled at Newbury, Mass. 1637. Rem. to 
Dover; proprietor. "Three acres and an halfe Given him 
'by Capt. Wiggens in Ano: 37," and other lands, are speci- 
fied in the town records. Signed the combination in 1640. 
Licensed to sell wine in 1643. Selectman in 1648. Rem. 
to "Cold Harbour in the province of Mayne," and sold 
houses in Dover, lately in his possession, i (i) 1651. [P. 
court rec] Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 16 Nov. 
1652. Wife Frances joined him in a lawsuit in 1649. They 
made a deed of gift of land to son James 12 May, 1660; 
witnessed by John E. Sen. and John E. Jr. 
See Estow, Grant, Spancer. 


Richard, Smuttinose Island, Isles of Shoals, partner of 
Stephen Ford in ownership of stage room in 1660. Michael, 
fisherman, of the Isles of Shoals, son in law of John Baly, 
had deed of land in 1662; may have been a connection of 


William, cordwainer, shoemaker, sergeant, Ipswich, 
1637. Rem. to Hampton; had grant of land in 1640. Re- 
turned to Ipswich, and sold, i (2) 1652, house lot in H. 
"abutting upon the green called the Ring towards the south," 
etc. [See P. of M.] 


William, Newbury, proprietor about 1638, as John 
Emery deposed at Salisbury, April 9, 1679. He was one 
of the first planters at Hampton, 6 (7) 1638. Deputy. Ap- 
pointed in 1643 to attend to the "breeding of saltpetre." One 
of the commissioners of the town for minor trials, in 1649. 
He d. 23 (9) 1655. Will signed 16 (8) 1655, prob. 8 (2) 
1656, beq. to son in law Morris Hobbs and daughter Sarah 


Hobbs, his wife; to their children John and Sarah; to son 
in law Thomas Marston and dau. Mary, his wife; to the 
children of Willi: Moulton. [Norf. Rec.J 


Griffith, before the court at Saco 25 March, 1636. 

Wiliam, had land assigned him at Portsmouth Jan. 13, 
1652. "Delivered his wife to the town's hands" Oct. 12, 
1658; case to be decided by the selectmen. 


William, Kittery, was sued in Piscataqua court in 1640. 
Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 16 Nov. 1652. Wife 

He died between 25 March, 1671, date of his last deed 
of land, and 23 Nov. 1674, when that sale was confirmed by 
the widow, who had meantime married Isaac Nash of Dover. 
Their daughter Martha, wife of Nathan Lord, joined in the 
deed. [York De. IV.] 

EVEREST, [Everett?] 

Andrew, planter, York, had marsh land laid out in 1646. 
[York De. I, 29.] Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 
22 Nov. 1652. Witnessed a deed in 1673. With wife Bar- 
bary sold land 5 June, 1680; son Job mentioned; sold an- 
other tract 18 March, 1681-2. 
See also Conley, Lord, Nash. 


Thomas, fined for disturbance at Portsmouth March 5, 


George, mason, Charlestown, 1633, resided at Mystic 
Side, 1640. He deposed 20 (11) 1654, ae. about 40 years. 
He removed about 1640 to Casco Bay, settling at Great 
Cove; was one of the founders of North Yarmouth, Dis- 
trict of Maine. He made an agreement with his son George 


on the day of the latter's marriage, (9) 1662, to pay him 
i40. See also deed of Jane, widow of Arthur Mackworth, 
gent, of Falmouth, conveying to George Felt, husband of 
her dau. Phillippe, land bounded by that of her dau. Pur- 
chas and that of her son James Andrews. [Norf. co. rec. 
IV, 75.] He removed to Maiden, where he petitioned Gov. 
Andros in 1688 for confirmation of title to land at Casco which 
he bought about 1670. Giving his age as about 87 years. The 
town aided him and his wife, 1681-1692. Wife Elizabeth, 
dau. of widow Prudence Wilkinson; adm. chh. Char. 19 (11) 
1639. Ch. Elizabeth, (m. (9) 1635, William Leraby,) 
George, Mary, these three bapt. 26 (11) 1639; Mary, (m. 
(2) 1660, James Nichols,) Moyses, bapt. 20 (10) 1640. 

He d. in 1693 ; the widow d. in 1694. Genealogy. 

The son Moses, of Rumney Marsh, Boston, deposed at 
Salem July 6, 1722, that he lived at Casco Bay in the 
Province of Maine about 1658, and knew Nicholas Cole, and 
John Puddington who dwelt in houses of their own building 
at a place called Merrechancake Neck . . . until driven away 
by the Indian enemy, said land being at Casco Bay. [Es. De. 
39. 148.] 


John, Senior, Isles of Shoals, signed petition for incor- 
poration 18 (3) 1653. Elizabeth, ae. 16, who came to Bos- 
ton in the Elizabeth and Ann in May, 1635, may have been 
his wife. Bought house, stage, mooring place and flakes for 
one boat of Wm. Weymouth; deed certified 29 June, 1654. 
Took oath of fidelity u July, 1659. Appointed admin, of 
the estate of Katherine Johns, widow, 26 June, 1660. Land 
laid out to him at Portsmouth in 1660. 

Will signed May 14, 1696, acknowledged at New Castell 
same day before Robert Elliot; beq. to wife Elizabeth, and 
dau. Deborah Fabes. Prob. Aug. i, 1698. Admin, on the 
estate of the widow Elizabeth was granted June 6, 171 1, to 
her dau. Deborah with her husband John Holden, of New- 



Abraham, Spurwink, took oath of allegiance to Mass. 
govt. 13 July, 1658. 


Charles, had 50 acres of land assigned him at Forts- 
mouth in 1852. 

John, cordwainer, Portsmouth, had lawsuit in Maine 
court June 5, 1637. 

Reginald, or Renald, chirurgion, physician, Portsmouth, 
before 1642; his son Thomas had a deed of land from Rich- 
ard Vines, steward general of Gorges, 3 May, 1645. He 
was one of the commissioners for trial of minor cases in 
1649. He signed — "Renald Fernald" — the petition of 
Portsmouth people for full rights, 20 Oct. 1651. [Mass. 
Arch. 112, 38.] Clerk of courts in 1654. He deposed in 
1659 as to occurrences 17 years before. [Pise, rec] 

His widow Joanna made will, 23 April, 1660; it was 
brought into court 28 June, by Elias Stileman and Anthony 
Ellens, with inventory attested by Elizabeth Fernald. She 
beq. to daus. Sarah, Elizabeth and Mary, sons Samuel, John, 
William and Thomas ; to John all the surgery books that were 
his father's; Thomas, shipwright, with wife Temperance, 
sold land in Kittery 4 March, 1689, to his bro. William, ship- 
wright. Elizabeth sold land near Hinckson's Pool, 29 Oct. 

FEVERILL, see Peverly, 

Thomas, [Strawberry Bank,] was in charge of cattle 
of Capt. Mason's at the great house in Piscataqua at an 
early day; testified by Ralph Gee in 1643. 


Darby, an Irishman, resident at Marblehead in 1637. 
Rem. to Exeter. Signed the combination 5 (4) 1639. 
Travelled in Maine and went with two Indians up the Saco 
river valley in 1642. Was the first white man to visit and 


climb "the White Hill" or one of the peaks of the White 
mountains. Made the journey from Saco in i8 days. His 
reports led Thomas Gorges and Mr. Vines to make a journey 
thither in August following. [W.] 

Rem. to Dover. Proprietor. Sued a man in 1642 for set- 
ting the woods afire and burning up his pipe staves. Li- 
censed to sell wine in 1644. Taxed in 1648. He became 
"distracted" ; the court ordered that Strawberry Bank should 
pay a share of the expenses of his "imprisonment and keep- 
ing." "Goodie Feild' was mentioned as a proprietor in 1650 

Admin, of his estate was granted i (8) 1651 to Ambrose 

See Phelps, Reynes. 


William, came in the Hercules April 11, 1634. Settled 
at Hampton. He may be the "William ff . . . " who was adm. 
frm. of Mass. Bay June 2, 1641. Had grant of land in 1640. 
Signed the Howard petition in 1643. Deposed 18 Oct. 1658, 
ae. about 40 years, and 9 March, 1669, ae. about 55 years. 
[Mass. Arch. 39, and Es. Files.] Conveyed land 29 April, 
1667, to son Benjamin. 

Wife Mary; ch. : Benjamin, William b. I (2) 1651, Lydia 
b. 21 (11) 1654, Elizabeth b. 7 (7) 1657, Hannah b. and d. 
1659, Deborah b. 6 (12) 1660, John d. 18 (i) 1665. 
He d. Nov. 9, 1683. 

See Colcord, Dalton, Green, Wedgewood. 

FILBRICK, see Philbrick. 


Gabriel, fisherman, Boston, came to Exeter in 1638 and 
spent one year; returned to Boston. He gave a letter of 
attorney to Edward Richworth Aug. 3, 1639, to receive ten 
pounds from James Carrington of Thorsthorpe, co. Lincoln, 
Eng. Spoke boldly against King Charles and was arrested 
in 1639 but afterward released. 



Edward, fisherman and pilot, Richmond Island before 
1634. He went in 1635 to "the Dutch Plantation," i. e. New 
York, and "made covenant to stSy and plant tobakko for 
them." Returned and worked for Winter in 1637. Was 
not accepted for master of the new bark Winter was having 
built at that time. [Trel.] 


Rev. Seth, ("She:", as he sometimes signed,) Hampton, 
took the freeman's oath in Hampt. court 3 (8) 1654. Rem. 
to Wells. Witnessed a deed of John West March 15, 1658-9. 
Mary a witness with him in 1660. Presumably he is "Mr. 
Fletcher, Junior," who had for 2 years been minister at 
Wells, was named before Gen. Court of Mass. on a charge 
of "unfitnesse," May 30, 1660; but 16 of the citizens peti- 
tioned May 22, 1661, that he be allowed to go on in his min- 
istry. The court deferred action till the court of York had 
acted. [Mass. Arch. 10, 92-6.] 

Was he son in law of Bryan Pendleton and father of 
"Pendleton Fletcher" named in B. P.'s will ? Did he remove 
to Hampton, N. Y. and Elizabeth, N. J.? 

See Cutt, Pendleton. 


Samuel, Hampton, proprietor. Bought one additional 
share of cow common 18 (11) 1652. Frm. 3 (8) 1654. 

Wife Ann d. 9 (10) 1663; he m. (2) 28 (10) 1665, Mary, 
dau. of Robert, Page. Ch. : Samuel b. 25 (10) 1655, Joseph 
b. 25 (i) 1656-7, John b. 15 (5) 1658, Mary b. i (3) 1662, 
Seath b. 28 (9) 1666, James b. 18 (2) 1668. 

He died April 15, 1672. Will dated 9 Jan. 1671 ; prob. 
8 Oct. 1672. Beq. to wife Mary the stuff she brought into 
the house, etc. ; to sons Samuel, Daniel, Seath, James, 
daughters Mary and Hannah. Father in law, Dea. Robert 
Page and brother Thomas Ward. 

See also Shaw. 



Abraham, Spurwink, took oath of allegiance to Mass. 
govt. 13 July, 1658. 

John, Piscataqua, signed the combination in 1640. 

Nicholas, cooper, mariner, Oyster River, Dover, bought 
house and land of Thomas Johnson 6 Sept. 1652. 

He signed his will at "Treace in the Bay of Campeach," 
April 29, 1700; beq. to wife Hannah, sons Nicholas, Philip 
and Caleb, and gave the rest to "all my children." Probated 
Aug. 19, 1700. Son Benjamin ae. about 8 years; his brother 
Nicholas appointed guardian 6 Nov. 1705. 

William, Dover, bought part of a sawmill of Wm. Pom- 
fret in 1651. See Footman, Hinger, Nason, Stevenson. 
FOLSAM, see Fulsham. 

Thomas, York, gave bond for payment of money to John 
Hurd of Boston, tailor, 29 May, 1645. Had accounts with 
the same 5 (2) 1648. [A.J Rem. to Dover. Taxed Oct. 
19, 1648. Juryman, 1651. 

Will dated 14 Aug. 1667, prob. 30 June, 1668, beq. to wife 
Catherine and daughter Abigail; rest to be divided equally 
among his children; brother Benjamin Matthews and Wil- 
liam Follett to assist his wife in her business. The widow 
m. (2) William Durgin. 

Stephen, Smuttinose Island, Isles of Shoals, was badly 
frost-bitten in a storm at sea about Jan. 1651, and lost parts 
■of his hands and arms, etc. in consequence. His neighbors 
raised 46 li. for his support ; and the county court gave more 
and arranged for his maintenance. In company with Rich- 
ard Endle he sued one who had trespassed on their stage- 
room, in 1660. 

John, Portsmouth, proprietor, 22 March, 1660-1. 
Will Dec. 17, 1699; proved Jan. 8, 1699-1700; wife Eliza- 


beth, ch. Humphrey, William, Mary, Jemima, Elizabeth, 
Samuel; son in law James Warrin. See Chadbourne. 


William, brother in law of Christopher Hobbs; he died 
before June 29, 1654, when Hobbs admin, on his estate. 


Ambrose, Piscataqua, fined in 1646 for swearing. 

William, sued in Piscataqua Court in 1641. Presented 
for neglecting the ordinances of God and refusing to live 
in an orderly course of life, in 1643. See Freythey. 


Richard, gentleman, Saco, assessed for minister's rate 
in 1636. A very early resident of Black Point; his lands 
adjoined those of Henry Watts. [York De. I.] Lawsuit 
in Maine court June 5, 1637. Took oath of allegiance to 
Mass. govt. 13 July, 1658. With his son John Foxwell, car- 
penter, he sold 300 acres of land in that "quader checker of 
a patentt made over by deede of gift by Capt. Ric. Bonigh- 
ton unto his daughters Elizabeth and Susanna" to George 
Foxwell, merchant, of Exon [Exeter], England, 2 July, 1664. 


Mr. Nathaniel, (incorrectly called Emmanuel some- 
times) seaman, bought land in Boston in 1653; gave bonds 
for admission of Rich. Seward as inhabitant in 1657. Wife 
Christian [dau. John Scarlet]; Ch. rec. in Boston: James, 
b. 7 Oct. 1653, Sarah b. 20 July, 1656, Elizabeth b. i Nov. 
1657, Nathaniel b. 9 Dec. 1660; Joshua [see Pise. Deeds]. 
2d wife Dorothy [dau. Rev. John Woodbridge]. Rem. to 
Portsmouth; propr. 1659; treasurer, commissioner, capt. 
militia. Was an active business man ; administered on many 
estates, etc. Resided in the township of Newcastle. Made 
his will Feb. 10, 1704-5, proved July 2, 1715; wife Dorritey; 
dau. Sarah and her husband Robert Elliot; gr. ch. Abigail 
Elliot and Nathaniel Fryer, Jr., son in law John Hincks.. 
See Babb. 



George, witnessed the giving of possession of Cleve and 
Tucker's grant of land 8 June, 1637. 

Nicholas, traded at Damerill's Cove in 1632, and was 
fined and punished by the Gen. Court of Mass. Bay upon 
the complaint of Dorchester traders. Prosecuted again in 
1636. [Mass. Col. rec.J 

Settled at Kittery. "A petition of Nicholas Frost of Pas- 
cattaquay, mason, to the Government & Deputy & the As- 
sistants, neare at hand" 27 (7) 1639, was an effort to ob- 
tain justice. [L.j The bounds of his land at Sturgeon 
Creek meadows were set down about the year 1640. [Dep- 
osition of John White.] Selectman in 1648. Took oath 
of allegiance to Mass. govt. 16 Nov. 1652. He deposed 30 
(4) 1658, ae. about 60 years, relative to possession of land 
by Thomas Crockett about 16 or 17 years before. Deposed 
16 April, 1662, ae. about 70 years. [York De. II.] 

He or Nicholas, Jr. took into his service by indenture at 
Bristol, Eng. 25 March, 1662, Thomas Orchard; who, after 
arriving here, transferred himself July 10, 1663, to William 
Scadlocke, and to Francis Littlefield the elder before May 
6, 1664. [York. De. I.] 

Nicholas, Jr. wrote from "Patoxen in Mary Land," 
April 28, 1673, to his brother Charles, concerning shipment 
of tobacco, etc. ; adding that, in case of his death he desired 
his property to be divided between the children of Charles 
and those of "brother Leighton," when of age. [York De. 
II.] Settlement of the estate was made July 6, 1675, by his 
surviving brothers and sisters, namely Charles and John 
Frost, William Gowine alias Smyth, who had married Eliza- 
beth, and Joseph Hammonds, who had married Katherine. 
The brother Charles deposed 24 March, 1680, ae. about 48 
years; died in 1697, referring to brother John F. and bro. 
in law Joseph Hammond. 

See also Bolles, Crockett, Dixon, Howell, Pickering, Shap- 
leigh, Taintor, White. 

Note. Henry Frost, mariner, of Ispwich, co. Suffolk, Eng. 


gave a house and garden in Ipswich to his daughter Hannah, 
wife of Richard Stowers, of Charlestown, Mass. before 15 
(8) 1647. [A.J 

"Nicholas Frost of Biddeford, (Eng.) merchant," had li- 
cense from bishop of Exeter April i, 161 3, to marry "Mary 
Bollen, of Monckleigh, gent." 


Alexander, "Sander," Richmond Island, left the service 
of Winter in 1638 and went home to England. [Trel.] 

William, Richmond Island, fisherman, worked for Win- 
ter, 1636-1640. Money was paid to his mother in England 
on his account. He rem. to York; took oath of allegiance 
16 Nov. 1652. 

He and his wife Elizabeth gave a tract of land to Thomas 
Holms, husband of their daughter Jane, lo June, 1671, an- 
other to son John F. 31 Oct. 1681 ; and still other tracts to 
sons Samuel and John 4 Dec. 1683. 


Giles, proposed for a proprietor at Dedham, Mass. in 
1638. Rem. to Hampton; signed petition in Howard case 
in 1643. 

He d. in 1672 or 1673. Inventory of his estate was filed 
8 April, 1673. Expenses of the "inquest" were charged. 
"Ric : Pettingall, ae. about 52 years, saith : I being very well 
acquainted with Giles iifuller of Hampton deceased & with 
mr. Fuller of Bastable Docter, both in old England & here 
in Newengland & both told mee they were of kinn & sd Giles 
ffuUer have told mee in old England & new that Marth : fful- 
ler Docter now of Bastable was ye nearest kinsman hee had : 
Sworn before ye County Court held att Hampton 14: 8 mo: 


He was a son of Roger Fuller of Topcraft, co. Norfolk, 
Eng. yeoman. His only sister Susanna, wife of Tho. Thur- 
ton of Croydon, co. Surrey, tobacconist, applied for inher- 
itance of his estate in London 5 April, 1677. Thurton came 


here to get possession of this property, and sold it after a 
while. [Norf. rec. Lib. Ill, fol. 63-9.] 

William, ae. 25, with John, ae. 15, came in the Abigail 
in May, 1635. Settled at Ipswich; proprietor, 1635; sold 
house and land in 1639. Appointed gunsmith by the Gen. 
Court 17 May, 1637. Frm. June 2, 1641. Kept the mill in 
1639. [Mass. rec] Rem. to Concord. Rem. to Hampton. 
Locksmith; sold land 9 (12) 1647. Bought other land in 
1650. List of his possessions March 17, 1650. [Norf. De. 


Wife Elizabeth d. 24 (5) 1642. He m. (2) who 

survived him. Ch. Hannah b. 8 (6) 1641. 

Inventory of the estate of Wm. Fuller, late of Hampton, 
taken 26 May, 1693, was filed by Josias Moulton. A debt 
from John Fuller is mentioned. 

He made will March 18, 1690-1, proved Aug. 5, 1693; wife 
to be maintained honorably; cousins Josiah, (son of Henry) 
Moulton and his wife Elizabeth; Elizabeth, wife of Daniel 
Dow ; Mary, dau. of Samuel Fogg, dec. ; Martha, wife of John 
Marston, Sen. of Andover; to the church of Hampton "my 
pewter flagon." 


John, planter, with wife and 2 servants, came from old 
Hingham in 1638, and settled at Hingham, Mass. Pro- 
prietor, town officer; had liberty to erect a sawmill. Sold 
property in 1659 and rem. to Exeter. 

He m. Mary, dau. of Edward Gilman, (who also came to 
Hingham and afterward rem. to Exeter.) Ch. : John, Sam- 
uel bapt. Oct. II, 1641, Nathaniel bapt. June 2, 1644, Israel 
bapt. Sept. 1644, Peter bapt. April 8, 1649, Mary bapt. April 
13, 1651, (m. George Marsh,) Ephraim bapt. Feb. 25, 1654-5. 

He deeded to his son Peter 10 April, 1673, land and houses 
"in ye towne of Hingam in ye county of Norff: near Nor- 
vald comon & formerly cald by ye name of ffulsham at ye 
Box bushes .... which lately fell to mee." 

He d. 27 Dec. 1681. 



William, husbandman, Dover, signed the combination in 
1640; taxed in 1648. One of the three "wearsmen" ap- 
pointed by the town 20 (2) 1644, to take charge of the fish- 
ery in the vicinity. He sold land on the north side of Keche- 
chucke river to Thomas Noke 2 July, 1657. Constable, 1646. 
Signed petition to Gen. Court 10 Oct. 1665. 

Wife Elizabeth; ch. Susanna b. 5 May, 1664. [Dov. Hist. 
Coll.] Of Welch Cove, his estate settled Dec. 30, 1699; son 
William and the wives of John Dam, John Bickford and 
Thomas Bickford. 

See also Austin, Baker, Cutt, Hilton, Johnson, Nock. 

FURNELL, see Fernald. 


Thomas, Portsmouth, defendant in a lawsuit in Piscat- 
aqua court in 1642. One of the settlers at "Bloody Point" 
who petitioned the Gen. Court about 1642 to be included 
within the bounds of Dover; which was done. Taxed in 
1648; inhabitant, lands assigned 1652 and 1660. 

He m. Jane, widow of Thomas Turpin. 

See Bachiler. 


Hugh, millwright, York, sold one quarter part of a saw- 
mill on Sturgeon creek 15 Oct. 1651. Took oath of alle- 
giance to Mass. govt. 22 Nov. 1652. 

Sold his share in mills, built in equal partnership with 
Wm. Ellingham, viz. "one grist mill, one tyde mill to goe 
with two saws, two ffretchett mills," together with timber, 
land, buildings, etc. to Capt. Thomas Clarke of Boston, mer-- 
chant, and Edward Rishworth of York, recorder, Oct. 19, 
1653, they accepting of it " to maintayne for the Towns usse." 


Roger, York, received a tract of land from Wm. Hooke 
30 July, 1637; deed assigned for a debt to George Pudding- 


ton 24 Jan. 1645. He was register of York court in 1640. 
Was mayor of York in 1644. [W.] He d. before i666. 
[York Court Records.] 
See also Elson, Neale, Seward. 


John, Richmond Island, one of Winter's fishermen in 

John, Hampton, worked for Humphrey Wilson at his 
mill before 1655. [Mass. Arch. 38 B, 128.] Taxed in 1653. 

He m. (i) Oct. 26, 1652, Elizabeth Chapman; m. (2) 
Elizabeth Chase, dau. of Thomas Philbrick and widow of 
Thomas Chase. Ch. John b. 11 (i) 1655, Jacob b. 20 (10) 
1656, Peter b. Nov. 25, 1659. 

He d. 4 (11) 1 67 1. Will dated 15 Nov. 1671 ; "about fivety 
years"; beq. to wife Elizabeth and sons John, Jacob and 

Peter, mariner, Charlestown, proprietor, 1637; of Bos- 
ton, 1638. [L.] Seems to be the man who signed the Pis- 
cataqua combination in 1640, and testified in Saco court 18 
Sept. 1640, that he had known and frequented Casco river 
for about 14 years. Wife Joan; ch. Mary b. in 1654. at 

See also Abbot, Robie. 


William, York, took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 
22 Nov. 1652. 


Mark, of St. Johns, Eng. boat master in the service of 
Winter at Richmond's Island in 1638. Money paid to his 
wife in England by Trelawney. He left the plantation. 


Peter, fisherman, of Newton, Ferrers, England, co. 
Devon, residing at Isles of Shoals, signed petition for in- 


corporation i8 (3) 1653. Bought land at Salisbury of 
Thomas Macy 18 Dec. 1657; sold it to Nathan Gold of New- 
bury 24 May, 1661. 

Ralph, planter, Piscataqua, testified 20 July [1643] that 
he and certain others were left in charge of cattle upon Capt. 
Mason's account at the great house in Piscataqua, and stayed 
there a year and a quarter, receiving diet and lodging from 
Mr. Thomas Wanerton. [Mass. Arch. 38 B, 37.] 
See Feverill. 


Samuel, planter, Salem, 1637. Rem. to Hampton; pro- 
prietor 23 (12) 1645. Sold house and land there 17 (3) 
1648. Rem. to Salisbury; proprietor and commoner there, 
1650. Wife Dorcas d. Jan. 12, 1684. Ch. Susanna (m. 
Joseph Norton), Priscilla, b. Feb. 26, 1648 (m. Solomon 
Rainsford), Samuel. The sons of the last-named rem. to 
North Yarmouth, Berwick, Wells, and New Meadows, Me. 

He d. about 1694. Will dated April 2, 1684, prob. Oct. 
6, 1697; beq. to wife Dorcas, daus. Susanna Norton and 
Priscilla Rainsford and son Samuel. The latter declined to 
admin, and widow Priscilla Rainsford of Boston took charge 
18 Nov. 1697. 


Ambrose, came as factor or steward with Walter Neal 
in 1630; seems to have begun the plantation at Newiche- 
wanick (the part of Kittery which became Berwick) in 1631. 
Letter to him from Mason 13 July, 1632. Removed later to 
Dover. Had suit in court in 1641. Was chosen one of the 
town commissioners and first selectman 22 (2) 1648. Wife 
Rebecca; dau. Rebecca m. Henry Sherburne. 

He made his will 11 July, 1656, "on his sick bed"; prob. 
May 9, 1657; copy brought from files of Gen. Court at Bos- 
ton ; beq. to Samuel, Elizabeth, Mary, Henry, John, Ambrose, 
Sarah and Rebecca, children of Henry Sherburne, to be paid 
them at the ages of 21 and 18. 


James, planter, Biddeford, bought land in partnership 
with Thomas Mills 2 Aug. 1642. Took oath of allegiance 
to Mass. govt, s July, 1653. One of the Commissioners of 
Mass. Bay govt. He and his brother in law Robert Haywood 
now residing in Barbadoes, sold land in Saco 29 March, 1662 ; 
his wife Judith signed with him. Sold other land 25 May, 

William, mariner, Saco. Had case in court 25 March, 
1636. Testified 28 Sept. 1640, that Casco river had borne 
that name "for seventeene yeares gone or there aboute." 
See also Sanders, Williams. 


Rev. Richard, minister, came to Richmond Island in 
1636 under an engagement for 3 years with Mr. Robert 
Trelawney, and entered at once on the duties of a parson. 
Went to the Bay in 1637 "to see some of his country folks." 
Had promised to minister to Saco people 6 months yearly, in 
addition to other duties. [Letter to Trelawney 11 June, 

Lawsuit in Maine court June 5, 1637. He m. about 1638 
Mary, daughter of Mr. Thomas Lewis of Saco. Rem. to 
Portsmouth and became minister there in 1639, with a house 
and 60 li. a year. Was "wholly addicted to the hierarchy 
and discipline of England." In controversy with Mr. Lark- 
ham of Dover he "scandalized the government" of Mass. 
Bay. Was arrested; made confession and apology, and was 
discharged "in regard he was to depart the country in a few 
days." [W.] He went from the Isles of Shoals a little be- 
fore July 20, 1647. [York Court Rec] 


Matthew, Dover, in court in 1642, taxed Oct. 19, 1648. 
Residing at Isles of Shoals, he signed local petition 18 (3) 
1653. Returned to Oyster River and sold I. of S. property 
27 June, 1659. 


Wife Elizabeth was in court for uttering reviling words 
against some members of the church in 1664. 

He d. Jan. 21, 1666-7. His estate was admin, on by Mat- 
thew Williams June 25, 1667; was divided between him and 
Richard Knight after paying just debts. 

See Davis, Shaw. 


Arthur, shipwright, Richmond Island, 1637-9; was em- 
ployed by Trelawney and Winter to build vessels. His wife 
came here to him; in a letter to Trelawney he refers to a 
daughter and a son. He removed to Dorchester, Mass. and 
was employed to build a large ship. [See Pioneers of Mas- 
sachusetts for his further history.] 

Peter, fisherman, Richmond Island, in Winter's employ, 
1633-4. Returned to England. [Trel.] 


Edward, yeoman, with his wife, 3 sons, 2 daughters and 
3 servants, came to Hingham, Mass. in 1638. Proprietor; 
frm. March 13, 1638-9. He sold his estate in Hingham Oct. 
I, 1652, having removed to Ipswich, where he was a select- 
man in 1649. Settled later at Exeter, where his son Edward 
had led the way and others had followed; both signed a pe- 
tition of inhabitants 24 (3) 1652; bought one half his son 
Edward's house and adjacent land in Nov. 1653. Deeded 
certain property to wife Mary and sons John and Moses 14 
(11) 1654. 

Wife Mary; ch. : Mary, (m. John Fulsham,) Edward, 
Moses, Lydia, (m. Jan. 19, 1644-5, Daniel Gushing,) Sarah, 
(m. John Leavitt,) John. 

He died before 10 (2) 1655, when admin, of his estate 
was granted to his widow, Mary, the sons and sons in law 
consenting. [Norf. rec. I, 45.] Genealogy claims that this 
family descends from the Gilman family of Gaston, Eng. 

See Biggs, Fuller, Goddard, Hall, Maverick, Treworgy. 

GINNISON, see Jennison. 



John, carpenter, Dover. He made an agreement about 
the year 1634, in company with James Wall and William 
Chadbourne, to come to Piscataqua river and settle on lands 
of Capt. John Mason. Resided at or near Bloody Point; 
was one of those who petitioned about 1642 to be included 
within the limits of Dover. [Mass. Arch. 437, 8.] Pro- 
prietor at Dover in 1648. 

Brought suit against Francis Williams and Thomas Won- 
erton for false imprisonment in 1642; recovered 2 shillings 
and 6 pence. Sold land to William Williams 6 June, 1659. 
He deposed 25 June, 1662, ae. about 54 years. [P. Files.] 

He died before June 25, 1667, when admin, of his estate 
was granted to the widow Welthen (Welthian) and son 
John. The widow m. (2) John Simons; division of Godard's 
estate was made 10 May, 1670, between herself and the chil- 
dren, namely, John and Benjamin Goddard; sons in law John 
Gilman, Arthur Bennick and James Thomas. 


Mr. Edward, gent, was son of Oliver and Elizabeth God- 
frey of Barnend in the parish of Wilmington, co. Kent; 
born about 1588. The Council for New England made him 
their attorney to give possession of the Laconia grant to 
Gorges and Mason 17 Nov. 1629. [Mass. Arch. 3, 140.J 
Settled at Accomenticus or York. Claimed to have been 
the first person to build and settle at that place. Was one 
of the commissioners who held court at Saco 25 March, 
1636; was the first mayor of "Gorgeana" in 1642, after its 
incorporation as a "city." He had many transactions in 
land matters with other settlers. He m. Ann Mesant, widow, 
housekeeper of Rev. George Burdett; received from him 18 
March, 1639, a mortgage of his farm as security for the pay- 
ment of her delinquent salary. [York De. H.] 

He gave, 20 Jan. 1648, to his son Oliver Godfrey of Scale, 
CO. Kent, and Mary his wife, dau. of Richard Smith, gent. 


of the same county, a tract of land at Accomenticus called 
Point Bollogue, adjoining land of Henry Norton and 
Thomas Gorges; a tract adjoining Henry Bunnell's house; 
2 houses on Stage Island and one third of the last divident 
of upland and marsh at the Neck of land. The son remained 
in England. 

He made strong opposition to the extension of the juris- 
diction of Massachusetts over Maine; see letter dated July 
9, 1652. [Mass. Arch. 3, 185.] However, he took the oath 
of allegiance 22 Nov. 1652. Was appointed one of the three 
commissioners to keep court. He went to London; appealed 
to the Protector, Cromwell, and later to his son Richard; to 
Sir Edward Nicholas, secretary, 7 April, 1663; made great 
efforts to obtain control of Maine affairs. Was Tj years old 
in 1666. [Bax. MSS. I, and Me. Hist. Coll. IX.] 

He died about 1667. His widow Anne deeded her farm 14 
Sept. 1667, to Alice, now wife of Nicholas Shapleigh, "in 
consideration of natural love and affection.'' 

William, husbandman, Watertown, frm. May 13, 1640. 
As guardian to his son John and administrator to Sarah, his 
late wife, he made Mr. Antoine Lawrence of London, linen 
draper, at the Boar's Head in Gracious street, his attorney 
22 (4) 1648, to ask of the execs, of the will of Mrs. Key 
of Wooburne in Bedfordshire a legacy of 10 li. bequeathed 
to John. [A.J 

Rem. to Hampton; bought land 3 (7) 1648; sold Water- 
town land in 1653. Deacon. He m. (i) Sarah — ; he m. 
(2) Margaret — ; ch. : John, Isaac b. 15 (2) 1639, Sarah 
b. 16 (3) 1642. 

He died March 25, 1671. Will dated 2 (8) 1667, prob. 
II (2) 1671, beq. to wife Margery; sons John and Isaac 
Godfrey ; son in law Webster ; daughters Sarah and Deborah 
Godfrey. The widow m. Sept. 14, 1671, John Merrian 
[Marion]. Adopted son Nathaniel Smith rnentioned in 
county records. 

See also Cocks, Bunnell, Preble. 



"Mr. Ed." York, took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 

22 Nov. 1652. 

GOLD, see Gould. 


Johtij York, a proprietor in 1640; bought land of Wm. 
Hooke 18 Oct. 1644; sold, 8 March, 1653, land laid out to 
him in 1644, and some he bought after 1646; his wife Ruth 
joined in the deed. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 
22 Nov. 1652, and he or son John did the same at Wells 
4 July, 1653. [Signature in Mass. Arch. 3, 219.J Rem. to 
Wells. Selectman. John, Jr. proprietor at York in 1644. 
He sold land Oct. 20, 1662. 

Will dated 7 May, prob. 12 July, 1667; beq. to wife Ruth, 
sons John and James; to the latter a house at Slymbridge, 
Eng. which he had bought of William Hammonds ; to grand- 
children Elizabeth Donnell, Mary, Hannah, Phebe, Peter, 
Nathaniel and Ruth Weare, and Elizabeth Austin. Wife 
exec; Wm. Symonds and brother Wm. Hammonds over- 
seers. Widow and John made agreement July 13, 1667. 

William, Richmond Island, one of Winter's fishermen 
26 July, 1641 to 1643. [Trel.] 


Daniel, planter, Kittery, signed the petition to Crom- 
well in 1657; constable; petitioned the Gen. Court of Mass. 
for aid in discharging the duties of his office in the face 
of local opposition to that government, Dec. 10, 1662. 
[Mass. Arch. 3, 254.] 

He gave to his sons Thomas and James 14 July, 1683, a 
tract "in the parish of Barwicke, town of Kittery," where 
he was residing. Daniel, Junior, deposed 25 March, 1686, 
ae. about 30 years. He deeded land to sons William and 
Moses 19 March, 1696-7, and to son Daniel 21 Aug. 1701 ; 
to son Thomas 13 Dec. 1711. 


He m. (i) Margaret, dau. of Thomas Spencer; he m. (2) 
Sarah, widow of Peter Turbat. 


Thomas, gent. Mr. cousin of Sir Ferdinando, came to 
Maine in 1640 ; was the first mayor of the borough of Gorge- 
ana [York] and chief commissioner of the Province in 1641. 
He returned to England in 1643. Resided at Heavitree, 
Devon. Member of parliament in 1654; died Oct. 17, 1670. 
In his will, dated Sept. 25, 1669, prob. April i, 1671, he men- 
tions land he owned at "Ogungigg (Ogunquit) in the 
province of Maine," etc. 

William, Captain, nephew of Sir Ferdinando, came here 
at an early day; was "gouvernour of New Somersetshire" 
in 1636; one of the commissioners at the court at Saco 
March 25, 1636. 

See also Burdett, Champernowne, Cleve, Field, Godfrey, 
Jocelyn, Knight, Mackworth, Shapleigh, Tucker, Vines, 


Alexander or Sander, New Harbor, or Pemaquid, Me. 
with his wife Margaret, had a deed of gift of a tract of land 
at Broad Bay from her father John Brown of New Har- 
bour 8 Aug. 1660. Daughters Margaret, Miry and Eliza- 
beth. [Eastern claims.] One of these daughters married 
James Stilson, who petitioned Andros in 1689, giving some 
of these facts. 
See also "Eastern Claims." 


Alexander, Exeter. 
Children: Nicolas b. 23 March, 1655-6, Elizabeth b. 23 
Feb. 1664. [Norf. rec] 

His estate was administered upon Aug. 15, 1697. Widow 
Mary, ch. Nicholas, John, "Mrs. Smith." 



Philip, Isles of Shoals, removed before 9 July, 1652, 
when he gave a due bill to Thomas Macy. [Norf. rec] 


Hugh, York, proprietor, 1655. [Bax. MSS.] 


Henry, (probably the proprietor at Watertown, Mass. 
in 1642) ; deposed in 1652, aged about 30 years. [Arch. 38 
B.] ; millwright, Hampton, proprietor, 1644. He sold land 
6 Oct. 1652. His dau. Mary was afflicted with a sore and 
placed under the care of Dr. Starr of Charlestown; then 
her cure was undertaken by William and Ann Edmunds of 
Lynn. Lawsuit over the matter in 1659. He deposed at 
the trial, ae. about 40 years; his nephew Giles Fifield also 
testified. [Es. Files, V.] He deeded land to his son Isaac 
19 Nov. 1668. 

Wife Mary d. April 26, 1690; he m. (2) March 10, 1691-2, 
Mary (Hussey) Page, widow. Ch. : Abraham, Abigail b. 
6 (8) 1650, d. 13 (3) 1669, Isaac b. 25 ( — ) 1651, Jacob, 
Elizabeth b. 11 (4) 1656, Mary, Hannah. 

"Henry Green, Esqr. Aged above 80 years, for Severall 
years a member of the Counsell untill by age he layed downe 
that place but a Justice till he died which was the 5 August, 
1700." [Town rec] Will dated 2 Aug. was proved 20 and 
23 Aug. 1700; beq. to sons Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; daus. 
Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Cass, and the three children she 
had by James Chase; Mary, wife of Peter Green, and 
Hannah, sometime wife of John Asy. , 

John, Kittery, member of a board of arbitration in 1647; 
proprietor, 1648; took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 16 
Nov. 1652. With wife Julia or Julyan he deeded land in 
K. 20 May, 1668, to his dau. Elizabeth and her husband 
Thomas Abbet and to son in law John Searle 20 Dec. 1673. 

The date of his death is not found; but his widow, of 


Berwick, deeded land July lo, 1683, to John Searle and his 
son John, and to John, son of Nicholas Jellison. 

We note a deed made by John Greene of South Carolina, 
son of John Greene of Kittery, planter, deceased, with 
Humphrey Axall and Mary his wife, also of So. Car. exe- 
cutors of the estate of said John Greene, conveying land 
in Kittery, 29 Jan. 1704-5. [York De. VII.] We also note 
a deed made 27 March, 1708, by John Greene, mariner, Sam- 
uel G. barber, Priscilla, wife of Samuel Grise, mason, and 
Hannah, widow, of Boston, the widow and children of John 
G. mariner, late of Boston, son of Nicholas G. late of York; 
land at Cape Neddicke. 

See also Royall. 


Ferdinando, worked on hay for Thomas Williams of 
Winter Harbour in 1640; juryman same year. 
James, "Scotchman," Kittery. 

Peter, "Scotchman," bought land in Kittery 21 Oct. 1659, 
of James Emery. Other lands granted him by the town 
March 4, 1673-4. [York De. III.] He and his children 
reed, bequests from his brother James Grant of K. 12 Nov. 

He made will 19 Oct. 1709, prob. 30 Oct. 1718; "aged and 
creasey [crazy] in body"; bequeathed to wife Johannah and 
seven children, William, James, Alexander, Daniel, Grisell, 
Mary and Hannah. 

See also Agnew, Miles. 


Clement, mariner, master of a ship of Barnstable, Eng. 
let his servant, Peter Hogg, to Thomas Lewis of Saco, from 
July S, 163s, for the work of caulking a boat; brought suit 
at Saco Feb. 7, 1636, for his payment. [Maine court rec] 
Assessed in Saco in 1630. Sailed from Richmond Island 
about 15 July, 1638. [Trel.] 



Samuel, weaver, ae. 27, of Norwich, Eng. with wife , 
Barbara, ae..35,,and servant, John Teed, ae. 19, passed exam. 
May 12,1637, to gq to N. E- Reed, inhabitant and propr. at 
Salem 14.(6) 1637. Rem. to Ipswich. His wife d. and he 
m. Susan, widow of Humphrey Wyth or Wise,, with whom 
he sold land 4 March, 1638. Was one of those licensed by 
the Court 6 (7) 1638, to begin the plantation at Hampton. 
Rem. to Exeter. Signed petition to Gen. Court of Mass. 
Bay Sept. 7, 1643. 


Peter, boat master, Richmond Island, one of Winter's 
fishermen; died about Christmas, 1637. [Trel.] 


Hugh, vintner, Boston, servant to Richard Bellingham, 
adm. chh. 22 (i) 1635. Frm. May 25, 1636. He reed. 20 li. of 
Mr. John Bewford of Middlesex, gent. 7 (i) 1644. [A.J 
Sold his house, called the King's Arms, with brew houses, 
etc. April 7, 1651. Rem. to Kittery, Maine. Bought land 
"in the great harbour of Fascataquack" of Nicholas Shap- 
leigh 7 June, 1651. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 
16 Nov. 1652. Was licensed to keep an ordinary and sell 
wine and strong water 24 Nov. 1652. Was sued by Nicholas 
Shapleigh, and resisted the marshall, on account of his man- 
ner of enforcing the writ 20 Dec. 1653. "Did give the mar- 
shall the lawe bucke [book], biding him lucke in it and act 
a Cording to lawe and hee would not hender hem." The 
testimony mentions the house where "widow Sarah Linn" 
was tenant of Shapleigh 3 or 4 years at the mouth of Pis- 
cataqua river; a piece of ground Gunnison had bought of S. 
but had not received ; the brewing apparatus, still, etc. 
Benjamin Gillman, aged 45 years, wrote to "Brother and 
sister Gullison on the matter." [Mass. Arch. 60, 293. j He 
conveyed certain lands to his sons in law, William Sealey 
and William Rogers, 14 March, 1658-9, for 21 years, they 
agreeing to pay him ten shillings per annum. 


Hiswife Elizabeth d. 25 (11) 1645:; he m. 2,'Sarah, wWdw 
of Henry Linn, who was adm. to th^'chh. of Boston 15 (3) 
1647. Ch.- Sarah b. 14 (12) 1637, Elizabeth' b. ■ 25 (2) 1640, 
Deborah b. (8) 1642, Hester bapt. 20 (12) 1647, Joseph b. ' 
31 (i) 1649, Elihu b. 12 (12) 1649. 

He died before 26 (3) 1660, when his widow Sarah wrote 
a letter to Capt. Davenport, asking his offices in the settle- 
ment of her business; tells him he may ask needed money 
of her "father Tilly." She m. 3, Capt. John Mitchell; he 
died before 30 May, 1663, when she petitioned Gen. Court 
upon Gvinnison's affairs ;' she deeded lands to Wm. Sealey 
and ' Wm. Rogers ; this deed she confirmed, as "Sarah Mor- 
gan," 8 Sept. 1670. Meantime she had m. 4, Francis Mor- 
gan, chirurgeon, of Kittery, with whom she gave a deed of 
land 22 April, 1665. 

See also Hill. 

George, Exeter, signed the combination in 1639. Rem. 
to Wells ; proprietor ; his lands confirmed to him by the town 
June 30, 1648, he having possessed them 5 or 6 years. Sold 
in 1651 and rem. Hampton. Frm. at Hampt. court 7 (8) 

He died before Oct. 3,' 1654, when his nunc, will proved, 
giving all his estate to his wife Susanna. She m. 2, Thomas 
Leader. Susan, wife of Thomas Leader of Boston made 
will 24 May, 1657, prob. at Hampton 6 (8) 1657; beq. to her 
husband; to Edward Rishworth, Thomas Wheelwright, 
Merabah Smith, Hannah Clifford, Samuel Dalton, Robert 
Smith, Henry Elkins, Henry Robie and Mary Wedgewood. 
Inv. shows house and land in H. etc. Edward Rishworth 
receipted 31 (9) 1659, for his share of that est. which was 
given him by Susanna Habborne of Hampton. 


Samuel J Dover, signed the combination in 1640; pro- 
prietor in 1642; juryman in 1646; taxed Oct. 19, 1648. 


Rem. to Strawberry Bank; inhabitant, 1653; signed pe- 
tition to the Gen. Court of Mass. in 1655. [Mass. Arch. 
112.] He deposed 2 July, 1663, ae. about 58 years. [P. 

See also Champernowne, Lewis, Withers, Young. 


Thomas, West Saco, Biddeford, had share of marsh; 
took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 5 July, 1653. [Bax. 
MSS. L] Made deed of gift to son Thomas 21 March, 
1683-4, on condition of maintenance during the remainder 
of his life. 

See also West, Wilson. 


John, Dover, proprietor, signed the combination in 1640; 
proprietor and taxed in 1642 and 1648. One of the com- 
missioners to end small controversies in 1648. Jury man, 
1650. Deacon. Signed petition to Gen. Court 10 Oct. 1665. 

Wife Elizabeth; child, Grace b. 16 March, 1663-4. [Dov. 
Hist. Coll.] 

John Hall of Greenland (N. H.) made will 29 Aug. 1677, 
prob. Oct. 31, 1677; beq. to wife Elizabeth, son Joseph, 
dau. Sarah, gr. ch. Abigail Dame; to church of Dover, to 
be laid out for the communion table. 

Ralph, Exeter, signed the combination 5 (4) 1639, and 
petitions in 1643 and 1647. Paid for "the dyett of the 
magistrates" by order of court 2 (8) 1651. Sold all lands 
in E. 29 Dec. 1652, to Moses Gyllman. Lieutenant; bought 
land of Tho: Biggs 11 Oct. 1663. Called "of Dover," he 
was chosen lieutenant at court July 2, 1657. With wife 
Mary sold land and house 19 Oct. 1664. Ch. Mary or Mercy 
b. at Exeter 15 Jan. 1647, d. in June, 1648; Hildea d. 16 
April 1649; Sarah d. at Dover 16 July, 1663. [Dov. Hist. 
Coll.] He died [in 1701], Admin, granted March 4, 1706-7, 


to sons Joseph and James; division, 1708, to widow Mary 
and ch. John, James, Jonathan, Isaac, Benjamin, Ralph and 
See also Twambly. 


Matthew, fisherman, Isles of Shoals, 1657; constable 9 
(5) 1657; juryman, 1658. 

William, Strawberry Bank, grand jury man 8 (8) 1650; 
Jan. 13, 1652, "inhabitant," had lot. His son Matthew be- 
fore court in 1657. Selectman, Portsmouth, 1656. 

He died 26 Jan. 1^72; his will, dated 21 Dec. 1672, prob. 
27 June, 1673, beq. to grandchildren William, Thomas and 
John Ham; to daughter Elizabeth Cotton and her children. 
Matthew's son Thomas, residing in Rhode Island, sold some 
of the land which his grandfather had owned, 2 Aug. 1680. 


William, planter. Cape Porpoise, petition with others to 
Court at Saco Oct. 21, 1645; had in his keeping cattle be- 
longing to John Lee in 1647. [Suff. De. I.] 

Of Wells, took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 5 July, 
1653. With wife Benedictus sold land in W. 11 May, 1661. 
Sold a house in Slymbridge, England, to his "brother" John 
Gooch, q. V. Made deed to and agreement with his son Jona- 
than Hammond 23 March, 1680-1. 

See also Frost, Harding. 


Henry, carpenter, worked for Winter at Richmond Island 
3 years; went away in 1640. [Trel.] 


Thomas, mentioned in a proposition of Richard Claydon 
to come to Salem in 1629, as his brother in law. Could not 
come that year. 


3 Thames, fh. about 1623, according to his deposition^ came 
(,J:o Kittery^boutx049;- court case in 1651; may have been 
son of the man above-named. He m. May 16, 1664, Ann — , 
who survived him and m. (2) James Tobey. She. was liv- 
ing in 1720. Ch. : Thomas, John, Olive, Samuel, Moses, Job, 


Thomas,^ Dover, came before 1660 ( ?) ; his will proved 
June 27, 1666; wife Mary, sons Thomas, Tobias, " Isaac, 
Timothy; some lands bought of William Hackett and Cap- 
tain Barefoot, and others granted him by the town. 


, JVilliam, Richmond Island, fishing etc. in the employ^Df 
.Wintjer, 1639-1^41. [Trel.] 


John, York, bought a house for Tho. Foules in 1647. 
[Court Rec] He m. Dorothy, widow of Robert Mills wit- 
ness of deed to Allcocke and Heard in 1650. Took oath of 
allegiance Nov. 22, 1652. Sold land Nov. 17, 1674. Deeded 
an island in York' Harbor to son John July i, 1673. 


James, Cape Porpoise, m. , Sarah, dau. of Edward Clark. 
jJn court 1660. Ch. Barbara, Jane and others (?). [Hist. 


John, was reed, as an inhabitant of Portsmouth and as- 
signed lands Jan. 4, 1657-8. Will March 2, 1664:5; ship- 
wright; wife to have estate for life; then to go to dau., Judith 
and the three ch. she had by Robert Rachell, her former 


Andrew,' residence not stated,, in court in 1643- for cut- 
i.t;ing timber within the jurisdiction of , Piscataqua, and for 
non-attendance on religious services. 



Ch'afles, an apprentice of Clement Peilwill or Pennywell, 
of Newton Ferrars, Eng. came to Richmbncf Islahd irt 1633 
and worked for Winter. Sept. 14, 1640, his wile acknowl- 
' edged the receipt of taoney' from Trelawniey in Eti'gl'ahd. 

' Phitip, fisheriman, Richmond Island, in the employ of 
"Winter, 1 638-1643 

Rem. to 'York; bought laiid 23 Nov. 1648. Took' oath of 
' allegpiance to Mass. govt, in 1652. He deposed 6 Jiily, 1660, 
that Winter used a certain marsh about 22 years beFoi^e. 
He died before June 12, 1674, "-when' Patience Hatch, his 

■ widow, gave a confirmatory deed of fand. 

Robin, sailor, was in 1643 one of the crew of the Mar- 
~g^ry, Ambrose Bouen, captain; in which Clement Pehwill arid 
' his son Walter were also enrolled. 


Capt. N arias, mariner,' sea-captain, came in ship with a 

■ company of men in 1634 on contract with Trelawney to fish 
and plant for three seasons. Wrote several letters to T. 
Had lawsuit at Saco March 25, 1636. Was master of ship 
Richmond in 1638, then of the Star, and of the Friendship 
in 1640. [Trel.] 

See Adams, Alger. 


Edward, Kittery, received goods before 3 Oct. i66o, at 
' which time he gave a receipt for the same. [York De. I.] 
He died aboiit July 2, 1675, when he made a will which 
was probated 9 March following. He beqiieathed to wife 
' Philadelphia, sons Joseph and William, and daughters Eliza- 
beth, Sarah arid Ann. [Inventory in York De. V.] 
See Jenkins. 

HURDE, see Harte, 
John, Carpenter, yeoman, Kittery, had a la'rtrsuit in 
"Maine court April 4, 1637. Lived at "Sturgeon Creek. Took 


oath of allegiance to Massachusetts government i6 Nov. 
1652. Town officer. His son James signed the petition to 
Cromwell in 1654. 

He made will "weak by reason of age" 3 March, 1675-6; 
it was proved 21 Feb. 1676. To wife Isabel a comfortable 
maintenance; his daughter Susanna, widow of son James, 
to remain with her children at St. Crk. during her widow- 
hood and until the children are disposed of; his lands to 
pass to his grandson John, son of James; certain bequests 
to the daus. of James, viz. Mary, Elizabeth, Katherine, Abi- 
gail and Ann. The widow of James, called now "Shuah," 
with her son John sold land i Nov. 1676. [York De. VI.] 
She afterward married Richard Otis; Nov. 5, 1677 an ar- 
rangement was made between them and the overseers of the 
will by which the estates of John and James were placed 
in the hands of James Chadbourne who was to take care of 
the widow Isabel and the grandchildren. 

The grandson John made will 15 Jan. 1739, referring to 
his grandfather and the above mentioned bequest ; was "aged 
and weak ;" does not mention wife ; bequeathed to daughters 
Dorcas Tucker, Shuah Bartlett, Phebe Stevens, Mary Barter 
and Abigail Hubbard; to Sarah and Phebe, daus. of his de- 
ceased son James Heard; to grandsons John Heard Hubbard, 
John Heard Bartlett, and the children of his dec. dau. Jane 
Coffin. Son in law Nathan Bartlett executor. The wife 
"Phebe" was killed by Indians, when returning from wor- 
ship July 4, 1697, and John was wounded. [Pike's Journal.] 
John^ shipmaster, Dover, Cochecho, signed the combina- 
tion in 1640. Lawsuit in Piscataqua court in 1642; "agreed." 
Proprietor and selectman. Bought of John Bursley 4 (5) 
1649, land and houses at Exeter, but did not remove thither. 
Joined in petition of Dover inhabitants to Gen. Court 10 
Oct. 1665. He married Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. Joseph Hull, 
born in England about 1628, died at Dover Nov. 30, 1706. 
Children, Benjamin b. Feb. 20, 1643, Mary b. 26 Jan. 1649, 
(m. May 6, 1668, John Ham), Abigail b. 2 Aug. 1651, (m. 
Jenkin Jones), Elizabeth b. 15 Sept. 1653, (m. i, James Nute, 


m. 2, William Furber), Hannah b. 25 Nov. 1655, (m. 1674, 
John Nason), John b. 24 Feb. 1658, Joseph b. 4 Jan. 1660, 
Samuel b. 4 Aug. 1663, Trustrum [Tristram] b. 4 March, 
1666, Nathan [Nathaniel] b. 20 Sept. 1668. 

Will dated April 2, 1687, prob. 1692. 

Wife Elizabeth; ch. Benjamin, Trustrum, Samuel, Dorcas, 
Nathaniel, Mary Ham, Abigail Jones and Elizabeth Nute. 
Sarah widow of the son John, deceased, applied for a portion 
on behalf of her son Tristram Heard. She m. (2) William 

See also Harker, Matthews, Roberts, Walton. 


William, Richmond Island, one of Winter's fishing com- 
pany, 1638-9. Rem. to Portsmouth. With wife Beaton, sold 
land in Kittery I Feb. 1680. In his will, dated May 17, 1689, 
proved March 30 1691, he gave his house and lands to 
daughter Sarah and her husband John Cotton for life, then 
to their children. 


Andrew, Fiscataqua, attended court at Saco June 25, 
1640, admin, of his estate given to Arthur Auger July 7, 

John, Richmond Island, worker for Winter 3 years, fish- 
ing, etc. 1637-9. Money was paid to his wife in England. 


Christopher, Exeter, signed the combination 5 (4) 1639. 
The court ordered a certain sum of money to be "sent" to 
him in 1644. Removed to Warwick, R. I. 


John, Richmond Island, one of Winter's fishermen, 1638- 


Daniel, planter, Hampton, proprietor, June 1640. Rem. 
to Haverhill, Mass.; proprietor there in 1645. Sold Hampt. 


lands 8 (8) 1649; town officer. Resided at Newbttfy in 1652, 
and bought land at Haverhill. Deeded land 25 March, 1662, 
in trust for his seven eldest children (specified), to his "bros. 
in law John and Robert Pike. He m. Dorothie^ dau. of John 
Pike, Sen. She d. June 5, 1659; he m. 2,' Mary Stockbridge. 
Children, Daniel, Hannah b. June' 4, 1645,' John b. May 23, 
1648, Jotham b." March 21, 1649-50, Jaber b.' Dec. 3, 1651, 
Israel b. Nov. 11, 1653, Dorothie b. May 31, 1659, Sarah b. 
Aug. 8, 1661, Abraham b. Aug. 2, 1663, d. Dec. i, 1690, 
Deborah b. Nov. 25, 1666. 


Sylvester, tailor, Piscataqua, 1660; his dau. was heir to 
£100 from her mother's mother, Mrs. Ramsay, of London. 
[York Deeds.] He bought house at Kittery in 1661. Rem. 
to Great Island. Admin, of estate Oct. i, 1683. 


Robert, Concord, Mass. proprietor, rem. to Charlestown; 
mortgaged a house in Cone. 20 (ti) 1640. Called into EsS6x 
court in 1643; had lived many years away from his wife. 
Rem. to Exeter ; signed petition of inhabitants in 1643 ; ^^^ 
lawsuit, 1648. Taxed at Dover in 1648. Bought land at York 
13 Nov. 1651. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt, at 
York, 22 -Nov. 1652. 


Nicholas, shipwright, Richmond Island, "worked 'for 
'Winter 10 days before 10 June, 1642. [TreU] 


Pentecost, Richmond Island, One of Winter's' fishermen 
and a servant of Stephen Sargent, 1639-1640. 


John, brought suit for debt in Dover court in 1651. 


John, son 6f Mr. Hicfcford a linen draper in Cheapside, 
London, came to the province of Mayne ; spent some time ; 


; returned to England soon after Sept. 6, 1639. [J. J.] 
?^amed in records of Me. court-March- 6; 1636-7. Witnessed 
' the.; giving possession of Cleve and Tucker's grant 8 June, 
1637. Sold a quantity of pork to Winter at Richmond Island 
, in 1639. [Trel.] 


Nicholas, carried a suit in Piscataqua court in 1646. 

HICKS, see Hix. 

. HIGGINS, see Huggins. 


John, Dover, proprietor, 1649. Excused from training 
27 June, 1661, at his request, "on account of the smallness 
of his stature." He deposed the same day that he was about 
35 years old. [P. Files.] 

John, residence not stated, left an undated will,- giving 
his estate to Capt. and Mrs. Champernowne and Mary Gun- 
• nison, probated at York 3. April, 1683. 

Peter, sailor, boat maker, Richmond Island, in the serv- 
ice of Winter from 1633 to 1643. He deposed 20' Nov. 1640, 
concerning Cleve's departure from Spurwink House. Re- 
sided at Saco. Deputy to the Ligonia Assembly Dec. 18, 
1648. [Trel.] Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 5 
■ July, 1653. House at West Saco; i.e. Biddeford; had 
share of marsh in 1653. 

Roger, deposed [at Saco] Aug. 13, 1668, aged about 33 
years. [Bax. MS. VI.] 

, Valentine, merchant, Boston, admitted to the church 12 
(4) 1636, admitted freeman May 13, 1640. Proprietor, town 
.officer, deacon. Was chief owner of a large wharf property. 
■Bought lands at Dover, and removed thither. Was chosen 
by the freemen to act as an assistant, with the magistrates, 
5 (2) 1653. Signed petition to Gen. Court in 1654. He 
drew a bill of exchange 17 July, 1648, for 36 pounds, on 


his "brother, Mr. John Hill, merchant, at the Angell and 
Starre in Cheapside," Lxjndon. [A.] With wife Mary he 
sold, Nov. 2, 1660, a farm at Stony river, New Haven, given 
to her as a legacy, by Gov. Theophilus Eaton, of New Haven. 

He m. I, Frances—; she died 17 (12) 1644-5; he m. 2, 
Mary Eaton daughter of Gov. Eaton; she was adm. to the 
chh. of Boston 15 (3) 1647. Governor Eaton's will, 1656, 
names three children, Theophilus, Jr.; Mary, wife of Valen- 
tine Hill of Boston, late of Piscataqua, and Hannah; men- 
tions his wife and her son Thomas Yale. Children, Hannah 
b. 17 (i) 1638, (m. Jan. 24, 1659, Antipas Boyce,) John b. 
and d. in 1640, Elizabeth b. 12 (10) 1641, d. 9 (2) 1643, 
Joseph and Benjamin b. and d. in 1644, Joseph bapt. 26 (5) 
1C46, ae. about 8 days, John bapt. 22 (6) 1647, ae. about 
3 days, Samuel tapt. 10 (10) 1648, ae. about 2 days, Mary 
bapt. 30 (10) 1649, ae. about i day, Elizabeth bapt. 25 (3) 
1651, Nathaniel b. Oyster River beginning of March, 1659-60. 

He died before June 24, 1662, when his widow Mary re- 
ceived her dower. The widow m. second [Ezekiel] Knight. 

"Mrs. Mary Knight was before me on the 23d of May, 
1702 and acknowledged that Nathaniel Hill was the son of her 
first husband, Valentine Hill. John Woodman, Justs. Pac." 

See also Berry, Bolles, Pormort, Purchase. 


Emanuel, seaman, fisherman, Hampton, bought land and 
house 18 (3) 1649. Sold a house, stage, flakes, shallop, 
cables, etc. at Isles of Shoals 24 June, 1653. 

Wife Elizabeth; children, Timothy, John b. and d. 1651, 
Benjamin b. 2 (9) 1652, Elizabeth b. 22 (11) 1654. 

He reed, a gift of land Oct. 10, 1657, from his kinsman, 
Rev. Timothy Dalton. 

He was lost in a vessel which sailed from Hampton for 
Boston Oct. 20, 1657. Admin, of his estate was granted to 
his widow Elizabeth 13 (2) 1658. She m. 2, Joseph Merrie, 
who contracted 13 (10) 1659, to pay to her children Timothy, 
Benjamin and Elizabeth their respective portions in due time. 



Edward, with his brother William and Mr. David Thomp- 
son, fishmongers from London, began a plantation at Piscat- 
aqua in 1623. [Hub.] Exhaustive search of the records of 
the Fishmongers' Company of London, made by the compiler 
in 1907, failed to find any occurrence of either of these names ; 
but a tax-roll of the city, made in 1641, [Lay Sub. 251, 22], 
brought to light by Mr. Gerald Fothergill, [Extracts in Reg. 
LXI], gives the name of Edward Hilton in the list of fish- 
cmongers, with the memorandum, "Newe England" after it. 
This indicates that he had certainly been in business there 
and had continued the shipment and sale of fish there up to a 
recent date. No trace of his parish or family has been found, 
nor the name of his first wife. He was the leader of the plan- 
tation and received the patent for the land — The Squamscott 
Patent, so-called, which covered what is now known as Dpver, 
Durham, Stratham and parts of Newington and Greenland, 
etc. The Council for New England, "for and in considera- 
tion that Edward Hilton and his Associates hath already at 
his and their own proper costs and charges transported sun- 
dry servants to plant in New England at a point called by the 
natives Wecanacohunt otherwise Hilton's Point, lying some 
two leagues from the mouth of the River Pascataquack . . . 
where they have already built some houses and planted corne. 
And for that he doth further intend by God's Divine Assist- 
ance to transport thither more people and cattle ... a work 
which may especially tend to the propagation of Religion and 
to the great Increase of Trade," . . . convey to him "all that 
part of the River Pascataquack called or known by the name 
of Wecanacohunt or Hilton's Point . . . with the south side of 
the River up to the ffall of the River and three miles into the 
Maine land by all the breadth aforesaid" etc., etc. Possession 
was given in the name of the Council by Capt. Thomas Wig- 
gin and others 7 July, 1631. [Sup. Court Files, also Reg. 
XXIV, 264.] Part of this land was sold to individual settlers, 
part to the lords Say and Brook and some N. E. gentlemen. 
Mr. Hilton made his home after some time at Exeter ; signed 
petition of inhabitants in 1642. Was that year appointed by the 
Mass. Bay govt, one of the local associate justices of the Court, 
sitting with the magistrates on the highest questions and act- 
ing by themselves in cases not beyond certain limits. The 
Gen. Court held him to be exempt from taxation on this ac- 
count in 1669. He filled many important positions and was 
regarded highly. He m. (2) (j|^ "dau. of Mr. Alexander 


Shapleigh and widow of James Treworgy, q. v. He d. before ' 
March 6, 1 670-1, when admin, of his estate was granted to his 
sons Edward, William, Samuel and Charles; the claims of 
two daus. were presented by Christopher Palmer. Widow's 
dower to be £30 per quarter. 

William, came in the Fortune to Plymouth in Nov. 1621. 
His wife and children came in the Anne in 1623, and lands 
were assigned to the family that year. Mr. Hilton wrote soon 
after his arrival a letter of great historical and personal value 
which was published by Capt John Smith in his "New Eng- 
land's Trialls" in the edition of 1622. The name of the per- 
son addressed has not yet been found. He tells his "Cousin'' 
(nephew) that he "found all our friends and planters in good 
health" in spite of trials they had endured ; the land and pro- 
ductions excellent; "the companie for the most part very re- 
ligious, honest people ; the word of God sincerely taught us 
every "Sabbath : so that I know not anything a contented mind 
can here want." Adds to the account the following wish : "I 
desire your friendly care to send my wife and children to me 
where I wish all the friends I have in England." Signs him- 
self "Your loving kinsman William Hilton." Other letters 
of his are extant which show him to have been well educated 
and eminently intelligent and well-informed. His family stayed 
at Plymouth after he began the plantation at Piscataqua, and 
the baptizing of his babe by Rev. John Lyford, a thorn in the 
sides of the Puritan Pilgrims, was the occasion of the banish- 
ment of the Church of England partisans from Plymouth col- 
ony to Nantasket. But the letter above quoted from is evi- 
dence that Mr. Hilton was on the best of terms with the Pil- 
grims. His son William, years afterward, applying for con- 
firmation of a deed of land near the present city of Concord, 
N. H., from the Indian sagamore Tahanto, affirms that his 
father removed from Plymouth in a short time after the ar- 
rival of his mother and the children. Mr. Hilton threw his 
influence on the side of the Mass. Bay govt. ; was appointed a 
commissioner for trial of cases not above 20 shillings in 1642; 
freeman of the colony that year ; deputy to Gen. Court in 1644. 
He resided near his brother in the vicinity of Dover some 
years ; then rem. to Kittery and afterward to York. Carried 
on a ferry ; kept public house ; was one of the selectmen, etc. 
He d. before June 30, 1656, when his widow Frances' second 
husband, Richard White, admin, on his estate. 

A possible clue to the connections of the Hiltons with Eng- 
lish families may be found in the fact that a suit was brought 


in Pise. Court by William Hilton, 4 (2) 1643, respecting a 
payment to "Mr. Righard Hilton of Northwich" ; Mr. Waters 
fouijti, a,rec,, Glouc, of the baptism 
of a child of this man, "coming out of New Eftgland." [See 
The Hilton Family, by Hassam.] 

See also Bolter, Davis, Hocking, Lewis, Simmons, 
Treworgy, Wedgewood. 


Mark, admin, of his estate was granted 26 June, 1660, 
to William Follett. 


Philip, fisherman, made Arthur Gill attorney to take 
possession of a house and lands, fallen to him by inheritance 
in the parish of Halberton, co. Devon, Eng. 11 (5) 1646. 
[A.] Was one of Winter's fishing company at Richmond 
Island 1639-1643. Resided at West Saco (Biddeford) in 
1653. His widow Margaret married second George Taylor 
of Black Point, who joined with her 20 June, 1662, in a 
letter of attorney to Peter Hinkson, fisherman, of co. Devon, 
to demand, receive and let out a tenement in Hobberton 
[Halberton], a legacy to Philip from John Wedge and his 
v/ife for the use of Sarah and Meribah, the two daughters 
of Philip and Margaret. [York De. I.] 

Thomas, Portsmouth, proprietor, 1660. Dying in June, 
1664, he bequeathed his estate to his wife (Martha) and child 

William, master of the ship Hercules, fished and traded 
on the coast of Maine and southward from 1637 to 1648. 
He took a cargo of fish to "Bilbow" 17 July, 1639; made 
many voyages to and from Plymouth, Eng. Was a legatee 
in the will of Robert Trelawney. Residing at Saco, 5 July, 
1653, he took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 
See Mitchell, Taylor, Walford. 


Richard, Saco, was before the Gen. court of Mass. Aug. 
5, 1634. Had a lawsuit in Maine court March 6, 1636-7. 


Sold wheat to Winter in 1643. [Trel] Took oath of al- 
legiance to Mass. govt. 5 July, 1653. Sergeant. House at 
West Saco. [Bax. MSS.] Planter; had deed of his place 
from Vines [about 1654]. [York De. I.] Representative 
to Gen. court, 1660. Deposed Aug. 18, 1668, aged 60 years. 
[Bax. MS. VI.] 

Will dated 6 June, 1670, prob. 20 Sept. 1671, beq. to wife 
[Lucretia] and children Thomas, Jerusha, Lydia, Rebecca, 
Ann and Margaret. 


Richard, Cape Porpoise, 1660; grand jury, 1661; con- 
stable, 1669. Wife Susanna. 


Christopher, planter, Saco, took oath of allegiance to 
the Mass. govt. 5 July, 1653. Resided at West Saco (Bid- 
deford). Had a share of the marsh July 12, 1653. Admin, 
on estate of his brother in law William Foster June 29, 

Will dated 26 Nov. 1673, prob. 28 March, 1674, beq. to 
son Christopher house and lands, with certain other estate 
unless son John should come over to take possession of it; 
to daughter Jane and her 4 children ; to son Robert the upper 

Maurice or Morris, Newbury, Mass.; before Ipswich 
court in 1642; witness in 1663. Rem. to Hampton; pro- 
prietor 23 (12) 1645. 

He m. I, Mary — ; he m. 2, Sarah, dau. of William Estow. 
Ch. William, John, Sarah, Nehemiah, Morris b. at Hamp. 
5(11) 1641, James, Mary b. 11 (12) 1656, Bethia b. 28 (12) 
1658, Hannah b. 9 (2) 1662, Abigail b. 29 (5) 1664. 

He made a deed of gift 10 Nov. 1679, to his grandchild 
James, son of his son James lately deceased and his wife 
Sarah, and to Morris and Sarah, other children of the same. 

His estate was admin, upon by sons Nehemiah and Morris 
Sept. 3, 1706. 

See also Bachiler, Colcord, Estow. 



Mr. John, went in a pinnace belonging to the Lords Say 
and Brook at Piscataquack to trade at the Kennebeck river. 
Was challenged by the men who were trading and fishing 
there under authority of Plymouth Colony; shot one of their 
men and was shot in return. Mr. George Ludlow receipted 

2 Aug. 1632 to Mr. William Hilton for certain goods of 
Hocking's. Copy attested by Edward Rishworth June 5,. 
1657. [York De. L] 

HOFFER, see Heffer. 


John, Richmond Island, one of Winter's fishermen for 

3 years, 1 638-1 640. Removed "westward." Probably he is 
the settler at Kittery, constable in 1671. With wife Eliza- 
beth sold land 26 July, 1681 ; rem. to the island of Barbadoes ; 
merchant; made his wife his attorney 12 Aug. 1690. She 
sold land at K. 10 Jan. following. Having married a daughter 
of Richard Leader, he was made one of the administrators 
of Mr. L.'s estate in 1667. 

See Cutt, Hocking, York. 


Peter, Biddeford, had share of marsh in 1653. 


Mr. William, merchant, son of Humphrey Hooke of 
Bristol, Eng. ; came to New England about 1634. [W.] Had 
lawsuit in Maine court 25 March, 1636. Was governor of 
Agamenticus and one of the patentees of the plantation in 
1638. [York De. VI, 74.] Rem. to Salisbury; frm. Mass. 
Oct. 12, 1640. Had interests at Agamenticus still. [L.] 
Sold land to Samuel Bennett March 15, 1649, referring to 
his father Humphrey and his uncle William Hooke. His 
father wrote him from Bristol 5 March, 1645; had promised 
to pay a debt for him; assigned to him mortgages, debts, etc. 


in New Eng. He settled one of his father's accounts 30 (4) 
1648. [A.] 

He m. Ellner, widow of Lieutenant Colonel Walter Nor- 
ton; she made deed to Capt. Thomas Clarke, and he made 
deed to her daughter Jane, wife of Henry Simson. [York 
De. I and VI.] 

He died before 4 (8) 1653, when his widow Elinor reed, 
right of admin.; she petitioned the Gen. Court 23 May, 1655, 
for liberty to sell lands at the Eastward belonging to her 
first husband, Capt. Norton; granted. She also reed, power 
to admin, on the estate of her late husband Wm. Hooke for 
herself and youngest son, but not to sell. Children, Jacob 
b. at Salisbury Sept. 15, 1640, William. Was not Francis 
who m. Mary, dau. of Samuel Maverick of East Boston, Sept. 
20, 1660, also a son? Was Susanna, who m. Edward Derby 
in Boston, Jan. 25, 1669, a daughter? 

See also Alcock, Chapman, Dixon, Dunnell, Gaile, Gooch, 
Simpson, Twisden. 


Thomas, residence not stated, furnished boards for fish 
barrels and sugar barrels, etc. to Coffin in the Piscataqua 
valley, Feb. 2, 1659. [Es. Files, suit of Broughton et als. 

Elisha, was credited on the books of the town of Wells 
as having in 1677, served "in the Indian Warrs" and credited 
with £00-12-06. [Me. Hist. Soc. Coll, 2d Ser. vol. VI.] 

John, residence not stated, credited with making a pair 
of "Bootes," furnished to Mr. Winter at Richmond Island 
in 1642, the sum of 8 shillings being the price. [Trel.] Was 
he not the ancestor — father or grandfather — of John 
Hooper, cordwainer, of Kittery, and of Thomas of same 
place, residents there about 1700? 


Humphrey, Isles of Shoals, signed petition for incorpora- 
tion 18 (3) 1653. [Mass. Arch. 3, 125.] 



Barnabas, baker, Hampton, proprietor, 1640. Rem. to 
Ipswich, Mass.; sold land 12 (i) 1641; signed petition of 
York residents in 1654. [Mass. Arch. 3, 237.] 


John, Richmond Island, fisherman, 1634. [Trel.] 

Anthony, had lawsuit in Maine court July 4, 1637. 
See Shaw. 


William, lieutenant, Hampton, 1640; deputy, military 
leader and town clerk. Criticism of his course was made 
by a part of his townspeople in a petition to the Gen. Court 
7 (i) 1643. [Mass. Arch. 67, 33-4.] 

[See persons of this name in P. of M.] 

See also Sawers. 


Morgan, planter, came with Vines; [Hist. Ken. Port.] 
Settled at Cape Porpoise, had lawsuit in Maine court March 
6, 1636-7. Bought 100 acres of land of Gorges 18 July, 1643. 
Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 5 July, 1653. 

Will dated 17 Nov. 1666, prob. i April, 1667, beq. to "Mis" 
(Mrs.) Mary Bolls and her children and Mary Frost, Sen- 
ior and Mary F., Jr. 

John, Casco, about 1651; deposed 13 July, 1681, ae. about 
48 years, that John Mills possessed a certain marsh "30 years 

Richard, before Dover court in 1655. 


John, Hampton, proprietor, June, 1640, mortg. house and 
land 22 (i) 1643-4, as security for the delivery of pipe staves. 
[Ips. town rec] Wife Bridget deposed 6 (8) 1659, ae. about 
44 years. [Es. Files.] Children, Susanna, Mary b. 29 (3) 
3650, Bridget b. 26 (10) 1651, John, Martha b. 11 (9) 1654, 
Anna b. 15 (i) 1658, Nathaniel b. July 15, 1660. 


He died 7 (4) 1670. Will dated May 31, prob. n Oct 
1670; aged abQut 61 years; beq. wife Bridget and son John; 
younger children to hgve christian education. Sons Jphn 
and Nathaniel mad? a 4eed of agreement and partition 7 
Oct. 1680. The widow m. 2, John Clifford. 

Robert, Dover, signed combination in 1640; proprietor, 

HULL (incorrectly called Hill in passenger list), 
Edward, sued for debt in Dover court in 1651. 
Rev. Joseph, of Somerset, a minister, ae. 40, came in the 
ship from Weymouth, Eng. March 20, 1634-5, with wife 
Agnes, ae. 25, (sic.) children Joane, ae. 15, Joseph, ae. 13, 
Tristram, ae. 11, Elizabeth, ae. 7, Temperance, ae. 9, Gris- 
sell, ae. 5, and Dorothy, ae. 3, and servants Judith French, 
ae. 20, John Wood, ae. 20, and Robert Dabyn, ae. 28. Twenty- 
one other families came at the same time, who were allowed 
by the General Court, 5 (8) 1635, to "sit down at Wessaguscus 
after called Weymouth." Freeman Sept. 2, 1635. After a 
brief stay at Wey. he rem. to Hingham; was one of the com- 
missioners to assist the magistrates 6 (7) 1638; deputy. 
"Gave his farewell sermon" [presumably to the church of 
Hull] May 5, 1639. [Hob.] Rem. to Barnstable; meeting 
of church at his house Nov. 3, 1639. Accepted the call of 
the people of Yarmouth to be their pastor; was excom- 
municated by the church of Bar. May i, 1641, for so doing 
contrary to their advice but was received to fellowship again 
after due apology Aug 10, 1643. Rem. to York, Me. and 
was settled as minister in 1643. [W.] Witnessed a deed 
of Thomas Gorges in 1643; be and Roger Garde measured 
land of Mr. Godfrey 5 May, 1644; his wife Agnes also wit- 
nessed a deed in 1645. 

Children recorded here ; "daughter" [Joanna]., m. about 28 
Nov. 1639, John Bursley; Benjamin bapt. at Hingham March 
24, 1639, Naomi bapt. at Bar. March 23, 1639-40, Ruth bapt. 
at Bar. May 9, 1641. 

See also Williams. 



Mr. Humphrey, before Hampton court 3 (8) 1654. 


Jeremiah, in the employ of Rev. Robert Jordan at Rich- 
mond Island in 1648. [Trel.] 

See Wiggin. 


Archelaus, Arcullus, Hercules, Isles of Shoals, 1649; ap- 
pointed on grand jury in 1650, but paid a fine rather than 
attend: lot of land assigned him in 1652. Mark Hunkins 
[his son] had sons Mark and Archelaus. Signed petition 
to Gen. Court 18 (3) 1653. Appoiftted one of the commis- 
sioners for settling minor cases there. Rem. to the main 
land of Portsmouth. 

Will dated 21 Aug. 1659, inventory taken Sept. 6, 1659, 
of Portsmouth property, and that of Isles of Shoals property 
taken later; beq. one third to his wife for her life, then to 
pass to his "eares"; the other two thirds to dau. Ann Hun- 
kins and her children. 

John, Dover, had an account with Hercules. [Es. Prob.J 
Wife Agnes ; children John b. in 1651, d. in England in 1666, 
Hercules b. 11 July, 1656. 2d wife Richard survived him. 

He made will 25 Aug. proved June 7, 1681. Wife to have 
all she brought, 100 li. in movables and a home in lieu of 
dower; ch. John, Peter William, Mark, Agnes and Elizabeth. 
The widow "Richard" m. George Snell of Portsmouth; in 
her will, Sept. 24, 1691, proved April 23, 1695, she mentions 
"my sister Margery Vittery of Kingsward (Kingswear) CO. 
Devon, Eng. and my son George Littlejohn of Halwel, co. 

Roger, West Saco, 1653. [Bax. MSS. i, 87.] 
John Honewell of Middletown, Conn., brickmaker, sold 

land at Winter Harbor in the province of Maine, commonly 


called Honewell's Neck, i8 Dec. 1692. 

See William Honywell of Plymouth, N. E. 1633-1641, [P. 
of M]. See also Ambrose Hunnewell of Sagadahock, [Reg. 
LIV, 140]. 

See also Jordan. 


Richard, one of the "Shrewsbury Men" who held the 
Dover and Squamscott patent; sig^ned the combination in 
1640; was witness to a deed of Rev. Thomas Larkham in 


John, carpenter, ae. 30, came in the Bevis in May, 1638, 
to Boston. 

John, residence not stated, contracted 2 (10) 1659, with 
Brian Pendleton, John and Richard Cutt, Henry Sherburne 
and William Seavey, committee of Portsmouth, to build a 
new meeting house 40 feet square and 16 feet high, a flat 
roof and a substantial turrett with a gallery about it, etc.; 
and to repair the old meeting house and fit it up for a house 
for the minister. [Court rec. II, 34.] 

Samuel, brother of Rev. John Wheelwright's wife, came 
to Exeter with the family. Had a part in negotiation for 
land at Wells for that settlement in 1641. Seems not to have 
lived in Maine or New Hampshire. 
See Wheelwright. 

HUPPER, see Hooper. 


Christopher, yeoman, resident of Saugus (afterward 
called Lynn), Mass., 1632; frm. May 14, 1634. Rem. to New- 
bury; proprietor, 1637. Rem. to Hampton, of which he was 
one of the first planters Sept. 6, 1638. Commissioner to end 
all business under 20 shillings. May 22, 1639; lot-layer Oct. 
31, 1639. Signed petition in Howard case in 1643. Captain, 
deacon, deputy, etc. 


He tn. I, Theodate, dau. of Rev. Stephen Bachiler, who 
gave to them all his cattle, goods and debts on his return to 
England; [deposition of Colcord;] she d. (8) 1649. He m. 
2, 9 (10) 1658, Ann [widow of Jeffrey] Mingay; she d. June 
24, 1 680. Children, Stephen, Mary bapt. at Newbury April 
2, 1638, Theodate bapt. at Hamp. Aug. 23, 1640, d. (8) 1649, 
John, Huldah. 

He was one of the early proprietors of the island of Nan- 
tucket; he, "now resident in Hampton,'' deeded all his lands 
and rights in the island of N. to sons Stephen and John 23 
Oct. 1671 and 6 Dec. 1681. 

He died 6 March, 1685-6, ae. about 90; buried 8 March. 
Will signed 28 Feb. 1684, codicil dated at Salisbury Oct. 
28, 1685, was proved 7 (8) 1686; beq. to his "2 sons" Stephen 
and John Hussey; daughter Mary, now wife of Thomas 
Page; son John Smith and daughter Huldah, his wife. 

Mary, widow, Hampton, proprietor, 1638-1640. She sold 
to John Woodin for three pounds, 25 (2) 1648, a joint pos- 
session in 16 acres of land, part of it adjoining land of Chris- 
topher Hussie. 

She died 16 (4) 1660. 

See also Green, Shrewsbury. 


George, Falmouth, bought 55 acres of land adjoining 
that of Thomas Skilling March 25, 1658. 

He deposed 24 June, 1685, ae. about 67 years, concerning 
the clearing of land by Richard Corben 28 years before. 

Note. Richard, from Bedfordshire, Eng. sent over with 
his family by the Mass. Bay Co. in 1629, to Salem, had son 
George. [P. of M.] 

INIOUN, see Onion. 


John, cooper. Strawberry Bank, brought suit in Piscat- 
aqua court 30 (7) 1651, against Henrie Duglasse for 18 


weeks of his son, to the value of 8 li. sterling. Juryman, 1652. 
Bought house and land of Ambrose Lane 2 June, 1651. Tods 
oath of fidelity July 2, 1657. With wife Joane deeded land 
to son Thomas J., cooper, of same place, 25 June, 1660, and 
to son John 7 Nov. 1666; Thomas was one of the witnesses 
to the latter deed. 

He died before July 12, 1660, when admin, on his estate 
was granted to John Cutt. June 25, 1667, the estate was 
granted to the widow Joane and son Richard; after her 
death division was to be made to the sons Richard, Thomas 
and John. 

Richard, Portsmouth, constable, took oath of allegiance 
July II, 1659. See son of John, above. 

See also Bailey, Jocelyn. 


William, with others brought suit for wages in court 
at Kittery Oct. 16, 1647. Sold house and land in 1651. Trou* 
ble with Wormwood family, witness in Dover court 8 (8) 
See Lawson. 


Gregory, Cape Porpoise, had a grant of land from Cleve 
Nov. I, 1 65 1. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 5 July, 
1653. Had lawsuit in Portsmouth court in 1660. 

Will dated Jan. 14, 1661-2, prob. 7 March, 1661-2, beq. to 
wife Mary; son John to have a portion at 17 years of age; 
to the church of Saco; to kinsman Charles Potum. The 
widow m. 2, John Lux; beq. her estate to son John Jeffrey 
and her children Mary and Joseph Lux; placed the estate 
in Mr. Lux's hands Sept. 8, 1664. Recorded 7 Feb. 1665. 

Mr. William, gent, called by Winthrop "an old planter" 
was deputed with Rev. William Blackstone to put J. Oldham 
in possession of his grant. [Suff. Deeds I, XHL] Brought 
a letter from Morton to Winthrop Aug. 4, 1634. Was asso- 
ciated with Nicholas Easton in building the first house at 


Hampton in 1638, but does not appear again in records here. 
Settled at Weymouth (Mass.). Freeman May 18, 1631. 
Signed a bond for Jeremy Gould in 1641. [L.j 

Ch. Mary, b. 20 (i) 1642. 

See also Bush, Crockett, Lewis, Mussell. 


Joseph, residence not stated, had lawsuits in Piscataqua 
court in 1642. [See P. of M.] 

Reginald, yeoman, one of the fishermen at Richmond 
Island in 1637; settled at Kittery; took oath of allegiance to 
Mass. govt. 16 Nov. 1652. Deeded to his daughter Phila- 
delphia Hayes of K., widow, 7 March, 1675-6, land and house, 
lately in possession of her husband, Edward H. deceased. He 
deposed 23 ]\in^, 1683, ae. alx)ut 75 years, as to his buying 
land of John Newgrove between 40 and 50 years before. 
[York De. IV.] Deeded salt marsh to son Jabez 10 Feb. 
1678. The latter, ae. about 27 years, and Stephen, ae. about 
28 years, deposed 29 May, 1682, in a land case. 


Rev. Thomas, Roxbury, Mass. frm. Dec. 8, 1636. Rem. 
to Weymouth; proprietor, with son Thomas in 1636. Was 
called to be pastor of the church, and he and his people were 
brought into harmony by a gathering of elders 9 (11) 1637. 
[W.] Deputy, arbiter in a case before Gen. Court in 1640. 
Rem. to Saco, Me. [Mass. Hist. Col. 4-7.] Sold wheat to 
Winter, 1643. [Trel.] Wrote letter to Gov. Winthrop in 
1 641. 

28 (10) 1649, his son Thomas, of Charlestown, sold land 
at Weymouth which had been his father's, and "Mrs. Jen- 
ner'' consented to the deed. Esther, [the wife or a daugh- 
ter?] was adm. to the church of Char. 9 (5) 1648. Gov. 
Edward Winslow wrote from London April 17, 1651, re- 
ferring to his having purchased Mr. Jenner's library on be- 
half of a Society, and paid £50 on account to Mr. J., then 
in Norfolk co., Eng. [Hazard Coll. II, 178-180.] 


Patrick, Dover, bought land and house of Valentine Hill 
II May, 1659. 


George, mariner, Richmond Island, had a "stage," and 
carried on fishing in 1632. Had suit in Maine court April 
30. 1637. 

He was drowned in Boston Harbor in 1637. [W.] 
Samuel, York; his wife Mary had a deed of land from 
Wm. Hooke 24 July, 1650. She witnessed his deed to All- 
cocke, 1650. 

Residing at Isles of Shoals, he signed the petition of the 
people for improved privileges 18 (3) 1653. 

JEYLES, see Giles. 

Abraham, Scarborough, with wife Rebecca, sold land 27 
Oct. 1659; deed witnessed by Henry and Margaret J. Rem. 
to Boston, and with wife Betteris, sold land at Scar, which 
had been in his possession "for divers years past," 8 June, 

See Thomas J. husbandman, of Hingham, Mass. and his 
son Abraham. [P. of M.] 

Henry, gent, lieutenant, son of Sir Thomas, knight, came 
early to the coast of Maine. Was one of those authorized 
by the Council for New England i Nov. 1631, to give pos- 
session of a grant of land to Capt. Thomas Cammock ; which 
was done in July, next year. [Trel.] Sir Ferdinando 
Gorges appointed him "servant and steward general," and 
one of the commissioners for the government of the colony. 
In this capacity he attended court at Saco 25 March, 1636. 
He took oath of allegiance to Mass. Bay govt, at Spurwink 
13 July, 1658. 

He was one of the commissioners appointed by Charles 
II in 1661, to have charge of the province. 


His wife Margaret joined him in a deed of land to Ellner 
Jackson and her son John, planters, 20 May, 1663. 

John, gent, son of Sir Thomas, came with his father 
in the Nicholas, arriving at Black Point July 14, 1638; resided 
there a while, studying the land and people. Returned to 
England, and came again in 1663, for another visit. Wrote 
"Two Voyages to New England" and "New England's Rari- 
ties,'' in which he presented many of his observations in a 
racy style. The "Relation" published at London in 1673, is 
given in Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll. third series, vol. 3. 
Sir Thomas, knight. 

He was appointed by Gorges deputy governor of all his 
possessions in New England, and came to Black Point July 
14, 1638. He was then 78 years old. [Trel.] He returned 
before Sept. 3, 1639. 

See also Cammock, Collins, Purchase, Roberts, Smith, 


Catherine, widow, her estate admin, by John Fabyan 
June 26, 1660. 


Edmund, ae. 23, came in the James to Boston in July, 
1635, settled at Hampton; proprietor, 1640 and 1646. Law- 
suit 16.18. 

He died I (i) 1650. Inventory 4(1) 1650-1. Admin, of 
his estate was granted 8 (2) 1651 to his widow Mary. She 
m. July II, 1651, Thomas Coleman, who secured 7 (8) 1653, 
to the children their portions of their father's estate; to 
Peter, the eldest, 32 pounds; to John 16 pounds, to James 16 
pounds, and to Dorcas 16 pounds, to be paid the sons at 21 
years of age and to the daughter at 18 or marriage. He was 
to pay the cost of educating the children ... to read and 

Edward, Mr. licensed by Gov. Winthrop to go forth on 

trading to Merrimack ; of which Dep. gov. Dudley complained 
in Aug. 1632. [W.] Had accounts with the court July i, 


Edward, gent, bought land for the use of John TreWorgy 
5 May, 1636, located on North side of Piscataqua river. 
[York De. 1.] Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt, at Kit- 
tery 16 Nov. 1652. Petitioned Gen. Court with others in 
1654. Was one of the province commissioners in 1667. 
[York De. V.] With wife Priscilla and son Benjamin sold 
land 24 Aug. 1669, to John Card, cooper. He and his wife 
gave to John Harmon, husband of their daughter Deborah, 
a tract of land in consideration of life care for themselves, 
18 Aug. 1680. He deposed 29 June, 1682, ae. about 89 years, 
that about 42 or 43 years agone "Mis Ann Messant alias God- 
frey lived with Mr. Geo. Burdett, then minister of Aga- 
menticus, now called Yorke, in the Province of Mayne," and 
received certain lands in lieu of money she had lent him. 
Mrs. Priscilla J., ae. about 65 years, confirmed the testimony. 
[York De. IH.] 

James, husbandman, was at Kittery in 1636 according to 
his deposition about Capt. Mason's will, made 31 May, 1652, 
his age being about 50 years. Resided at "Little Harbour, 
Piscataqua river;" one of the residents of Bloody Point who 
petitioned in 1642 that they might be included in Dover. 
[Mass. Arch. 3, 438.] Surety in court in 1642. Allowed to 
keep the ordinary at Dover and to maintain a ferry to Straw- 
berry Bank and Hiltons, by Hampton Court, 24 (2) 1649. 
Sold his|Jiouse at Long Beach to James Rawlins; acknowl- 
edged tlie deed in court 2 (8) 1651. Took oath of fidelity 
July 2, 1657. Major in 1659. Took James Barkeley appren- 
tice. With wife Mary si»ld house and lands 6 Nov. 1660. 

He died before June 8, 1678, when inventory of his estate 
was taken at Great Island; goods in possession of widow 
Mary. After her death the only surviving children Mary, 
wife of James Odiorn and Hannah, wife of Thomas Jack- 
son, made division of the estate, Nov. 16, 1694. 

Thomas, planter, Dover, had suit in court in 1641 ; taxed 

Oct. 19, 1648. Sold house and land to Nicholas Follett in 

He died before June 26, i66i, when admin, of his estate 
was granted to Wm. Furber and Wm. Follett. The court 
ordered 30 June, 1663, that his child should live with good- 
man Layton till she is ten years of age, and then choose a 
guardian. She died soon ; and as no heir made claim for the 
estate, 27 June, 1665, the court ordered it given to the se- 
lectmen of Oyster River, "according unto the Law title 

See also Abbot, Barkeley, Bradbury, Lewis, Sinkler, Swad- 
den, Wanerton, Wiggin. 


Alexander, seaman. Isles of Shoals, had suits in Dover 
court in 1651. Mortg. land and privileges for three boats 
on Great Island 11 June, 1661. With wife Hannah sold land 
18 Feb. 1668. 

John, blacksmith. Strawberry Bank, was in charge of 
"Wallertoone's" [Wanerton's ?] house before 24 (3) 1647, 
as he testified. [Mass. Arch. 38 B, 48.] Deposed about 
former acts of the Royal Commission 7 Oct. 1665, aged about 
50 years. [Mass. Arch. 106, 155.] May be the J. J. aged 
20, who came to Boston in the Susan and Ellen in April, 
1635. He was sued 8 (5) 1650, by Jeremy Sheres, for de- 
taining his apprentice, Francis Jones. He and wife Ann sold 
land in 1658 and 1661. 

He took oath of fidelity 11 July, 1659. They deposed in 
1660, relative to Wm. Clifton's land which was spoken of 
in their house in the year 1637. 

His will dated 2 Sept. prob. 17 Sept. 1667, beq. to wife 
Anne, children Francis, Nathaniel, James and John Jones, 
and Mary Drew. 

Rice, [Richard], Isles of Shoals, signed petition in 1653. 

Thomas, butcher, from Elsing, co. Norfolk, Eng. came 
in the Mary and Ann in 1637, ae. 25 years. Settled at New- 
bury; proprietor in 1637. Rem. to Exeter; sold land in 1639. 


Had grant of house lot at Hampton Dec. 24, 1639. Herds- 
man, 1640. Signed petition of Exeter inhabitants in 1643 and 
1647. Child Susanna bapt. at Hampt. Oct. 29, 1639. Rem. 
to Charlestown, and sold land in Newbury 6 July, 1650. De- 
posed in 1654, ae. 45. 

He died Oct. 24, 1666. Will dated Sept. 24, prob. [Mdx. 
CO.] Dec. 18, 1666, beq. to wife Abigail and dau. Susanna 
Goose; son in law William Goose mentioned in inventory. 
The widow m. second Thomas Chadwell and was received 
to Char, church June 14, 1668, with memorandum to this ef- 
fect. She made will 8 June, prob. 19 June, 1683 ; bequeathed 
to her husband ; to sister Ann Pearson of Piscatag ; to grand- 
son Joseph Goose and his sister Susanna Crosse; to sister 
Wheeler's daughters; refers to Joseph Goose's ag;reement 
dated July 28, 1882. 

Thomas, Kittery, had suit in Maine court 25 March, 
1636. Was in the service of Alexander Shapleigh about 1639, 
as he testified 2 May, 1679, ae. about 70 years. [York De. 
VI.] Residing "further northward," he took oath of alle- 
giance at Kittery 16 Nov. 1652. 

Thomas; Portsmouth, deposed in Walton case in court 
28 (4) 1660, ae. about 24 years; perhaps son of the above. 

William, Bloody Point, signed the combination in 1640; 

was one of those residents who petitioned about 1642 to be 

included in the limits of Dover. [Mass. Arch. 3, 438.] Was 

put under bonds in 1644 to "gee to his wife in Old England." 

See also Bursley, Clifton, Cornish, Johnson, Webster. 


Samson, Richmond Island, one of the fishermen in 1637. 
Went back to England and, in 1639, was recommended to be 
sent over to finish the ship that Winter was having built. 
Referred to in Winter's account in 1642. 


Rev. Robert, gent, minister, is believed to be the person 
who was matriculated at Baliol College, Oxford university, 


June 15, 1632, described as "son of Edward Jordan, of 
Worcester, pleb. aged 18." 

He came to New England about 1637; stayed with his 
kinsman Mr. Purchase until May, 1641, when he came to 
Richmond Island, where he settled as minister. The planta- 
tion at Pemaquid desired at that time to have him all or half 
of the time. In the controversy between Winter and Cleve 
respecting land titles he naturally took the side of Winter. 
Letters of much interest from him are in the Trelawney 
Papers. He took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt, at his 
house at Spurwink 13 July, 1658. He deposed i July, 1660, 
ae. 49 years. [York De. I.] 

He was appointed one of the commissioners of Charles II 
in 1661. He rem. to Great Island in Portsmouth; he and his 
wife Sarah of Cape Elizabeth made a deed of gift 29 Feb. 
1675 to their son Robert. 

He m. about Jan. 1643-4, Sarah, daughter of John Winter. 
Children, John, Robert, Dominicus, Jedidiah, Samuel and 
Jeremiah. All these and their mother are mentioned in the 
will of the minister, dated 28 Jan. 1678, proved July 7, 1679. 
[Me. Wills, 57, and York De. III.] 

The widow and son Robert sold land at Scarborough to 
Richard Hunniwell 20 Jan. 1684. [Bax. MSS.] 

See also Bowden, Bucknall, Humphreys, Mackworth, Pur- 
chase, Spencer, Thorpe, Tristram. 


Christopher, mariner, Portsmouth, Isles of Shoals, in 
court in 1651 ; witness to a deed of land at the Shoals in 1653. 
Proprietor, 1660. Bought land in Portsmouth of Elias Stile- 
man in 1662. With wife Jane, 10 Oct. 1664, he sold land 
granted him by the town. Children, Richard b. 10 Nov. 1660, 
Thomas b. 27 June, 1662, Joanna b. 13 March, 1664, Margaret 
b. 10 Oct. 1666, John b. 27 May, 1668, Jane b. 18 July, 1670, 
Samuel b. 6 May, 1672, Mary b. 8 July, 1674. [Dov. Hist. 
Coll.] He carried on the fishing business and merchandise. 


His wife was a dau. of Richard Cumins who gave his estate 
to her and her children. 

Will dated 14 Sept. 1676, prob. 25 June, 1678, beq. to chil- 
dren Richard, Thomas, Joanna, Margaret, Mary, John, Sam- 
uel and Jane ; to "cousin'' Thomas Jose ; and to wife Jane ; 
3 pounds to the church in Portsmouth and 3 pounds to the 

The widow Jane made her will Oct. 31, 1689, bequeathing 
to eldest son Richard his father's cloak, a copper kettle, a 
gold ring and a silver porringer ; to daughter Johanna Sivert 
a negro woman and a gold ring; to dau. Margaret White a 
silver platter, silver whistle and chain, brass kettle, silken 
quilt, gold ring and a cow, and 20 li. in money; to son John 
seal ring, silver tumbler and spoons, 2 cows and 20 li.; to 
daus. Jane and Mary her clothes and ten pounds in money, 
to each a gold ring, a twenty shilling piece of gold and 20 
li. with 10 li. apiece as a gift from their grandfather ; to son 
Samuel a featherbed, a seal ring and 20 li. ; to Mary also a 
silver tankard; something to grandson Thomas Joce; men- 
tions shop, goods, etc. 

JOSSELYN, see Jocelyn. 


Richard, carpenter, in the employ of Winter at Rich- 
mond Island, worked on a ship that was launched 14 June, 
1641. His "boy" did good service. 

Walter, Kittery, had allotment of land in 1650. [York 
De. 1.] 

See Curtis, Jynkins, Spencer. 


Oliver, Dover, taxed in 1648. Lawsuit in 1655. He died, 
and admin, on his estate was granted to his widow Dorothy 
and John Bickford June 28, 1670. 
See Wakefield. 

KTCKEFORD, see Hickford. 



James, before Dover court 2 July, 1657. 


Thomas, wheelwright, Hampton, was son of Richard and 
Ursula K. of Ipswich, Mass. [P. of M.] Came from Eng- 
land with his parents in 1634. Resided in Dover in the year 
1657, as he deposed at Portsmouth, 28 June, 1678, being then 
"about 57 years of age" Rem. to Hampton. Bought land 
15 Oct. 1658. 

Wife Mary; children, Elizabeth b. and d. 1658, Richard 
b. Nov. 20, 1659. 


See Dow. 


Richard, Portsmouth, bought Thomas William's rights in 
"Champering island" 13 Aug. 1649. Admin, of his estate 
was granted to Brian Pendleton Oct. 4, 1653. 

Thomas, carpenter, in the service of Nicholas Lang- 
worthy of Stonehouse, Eng. came to Richmond Island and 
worked for Winter in 1634. Rem. to Hampton. Proprietor, 
June, 1640. One of the committee to build a pound in 1642. 
Rem. to Exeter; sold Hamp. property 29 Sept. 1644. Signed 
Exeter petitions in 1643 and 1647. Laid claim 25 (i) 1650, 
to house and land in Hamp. he had bought of Robert Hith- 
ersa. Was authorized to keep the ordinary and sell wine and 
beer 8 (2) 1651. 

He made will 11 March, 1666-7, prob. 9 (2) 1667; beq. 
to wife Miriam; to neighbor and country man Jonathan 
Thing; cousin Henry Moulton; cousin Christian Dolhortt 
[DoUoff] and cousin Rachel, his present wife; to servant 
William Willy; to John Moulton. 


Francis, Mr., Pemaquid, had a receipt of all dues from 
Robert Nash of Boston 7 (10) 1648. Gave bond to John 
Bushnell of Boston i Feb. 1648. [A.J 


Esekiel, Wells, proprietor, with wife Ann sold dwelling 
house and lands 20 Aug, 1645, [York De. I.] Took oath 
of allegiance 4 July, 1653. [Mass. Arch. 3, 219.J One of 
the town commissioners for small cases ; selectmen. [See 

Richard, miller, Hampton; proprietor, June, 1640; con- 
tracted in Aug. following to keep a mill at the landing place, 
l.awi^uit in Strawberry Bank court in 1642. Fined for not 
appearing. Sold house, mill and lands 5 (3) 1645. [Suff. 
De. 1.] 

Robert, Mr., merchant, York, before 1643; [see testimony 
and letter in Mass. Arch. 38 B. 48-55.] Took oath of al- 
legiance to Mass. govt. 22 Nov. 1652. Had letter of credit 
from Wrath Bathorne to his brother, Mr. Roger Bathorne, 
dated at Malago, 9 April, 1647, for his occasions in Nevv 
England or Newfoundland. [A.] He deposed 7 Dec. 1658, 
ae. about 71 years, and again 6 July, 1671, ae. 86, as to what 
he heard Mr. Tho. Gorges say before he "went for England," 
— which is known to have been in 1643. [York De. I.] Gave 
land to his grandson John Redman, Jr. 18 Feb. 1666. His 
daughter Joanna m. Rowland Young ; he gave land to grand- 
son R. Y. Jr. 12 Aug. 1673, deed witnessed by the boy's sis- 
ter Mary, who deposed as Mary Mowlton 24 June, 1678. 

He died between 23 June, the date of his will, and 24 Aug. 
1676, when it was proved; beq. his "small estate" to his son 
Richard Knight, living in Boston. [Me. Wills, 56, and York 
De. III.] 

Roger, who was with Wanerton at Fascataqua in 1633, 
afterward lived at Strawberry Bank; brought suit in court 
in 1644. Received for work on the "Great house" a parcel 
of marsh land at S. B. 20 Jan. 1643, from Thomas Wanner- 
ton, agent for the patentees. [Pise, court rec] With wife 
Ann sold land 7 May, 1653. 

Thomas, Dover, witness to deed of Obediah Bruen in 

Walter, Piscataqua, ordered by the court 8 (8) 1652, 
to go to his wife in England by the first ship. 


See also Abbot, Giles, Hill, Littlefield, Nicholds, Pierce, 

KNIL (Neal?), 

Charles, with Gibbons at Newichewanick (Kittery or 
Berwick) 1633. 


Rev. Hansard, came to New England in 1638. Took the 
side of Mrs. Hutchinson in the controversy of that day, and 
was allowed or compelled to remove to Piscataqua. Wrote 
to England letters of criticism upon the authorities of Mass. 
Bay. Was called to account for them at Boston, and apolo- 
gized publicly 20 (12) 1639. Signed the Piscataqua com- 
bination in 1640. Contended with Larkham and his adher- 
ents at Dover. Was proved guilty of criminal conduct. 
[W.] A protest was entered against him and Edward and 
Timothy Tomlins 28 (7) 1641, for taking possession of a 
part of Long Island, by the claimant, James Forett. [Suff. 
De. I.] 

See also Leavitt. 


Richard, one of the signers to the Piscataqua combina- 
tion in 1640. 


Henry, one of the signers to the Piscataqua combination, 


John, Richmond Island, in Winter's employ, 1641-3. 

Henry, cooper, Hampton. 
He deposed in 1666, ae. about 50 years. Deeded to the 
three eldest children that were with him, viz. Henry, Daniel 


and Elizabeth, all his movable goods, 26 Sept. 1668. Sold 
land to son Daniel 10 July, 1673. 

Wife Julian, (Juliana, Jillian, Gillian) ; children, Henry, 
Daniel, Elizabeth, Benjamin b. 29 (9) 1660, Mary d. 7 (4) 
1663. The wife died 10 (3) 1670. 

He died Aug. 7, 1700. [Dow.] 
■ See also Bachiler, Curtis. 


John, sailor, Richmond Island, came with Capt. Narias 
Hawkins about 1635 ; worked for Winter. 

John, Pascataquack, made equal division with John Bil- 
line, 10 Jan. 1639, of house, land, shallop, swine, etc.; made 
a similar division in almost identical language 10 Jan. 1649. 
[York De. I, 10 and 15.] 


Ambrose, merchant, from Teignmouth, co. Devon, Eng. 
came to Strawberry Bank at an early date. Acquired con- 
siderable property. Returned to England and left his estate 
in the hands of Sampson Lane, who deeded it back to him 
by way of mortgage 22 (i) 1649; ^ house and land; saw- 
mill in building at Sagamore's creek; a ship of 100 tons in 
building; 200 tons of Isle of May salt, and a house now in 
possession of John Crowther, all as security for the pay- 
ment of 1000 li. Sold land to John Jackson in 1651, Am- 
brose Lane, Jr. being one of the witnesses; signed petition 
in 1652. 

He died ; his widow Christian appointed Thomas Jago of 
Dartmouth, Devon, her attorney, and he, 17 June, 1656, made 
Nicholas Shapleigh, Abraham Browne and William Seavey, 
merchants, local agents; they sold his land to Henry Sher- 
burne 9 March, 1659. [Pise, court rec. and Sufif. De.] 

Sampson, (Samson), merchant, 1649, being captain of 
a ship, and claiming to be a subject of the king of Spain, 
was before the Gen. Court of Mass. in 1651, for taking ves- 
sels which belonged to La Tour, a subject of France, in 


violation of certain agreements, etc. [Mass. Arch. 6o, 169- 
See also Moses, Moulton, Reyner, Savage. 


Tobias, Portsmouth, had one acre of land granted him 
in 1658. His accounts with John Odiorne about fishing the 
past winter and spring, were presented in court in 1660. 
Made an adjustment 7 June, 1662, with Henry Sherburne, 
[his wife's father,] about her marriage portion, by exchange 
of certain lands. 

Admin, of his estate was granted 27 June, 1665, to his 
widow Elizabeth; the eldest son was to have a double por- 
tion at 21 years of age; the other children to have single 
shares at 18. 


Henry, Bloody Point, Dover, propr., 1642; juror, 1646. 
Portsmouth, 1669. 


Stephen, Richmond Island, in service of Winter in 1637 ; 
his wife and children in England were maintained from his 
wages. He went back in the Star in 1640. 


Rev. Thomas, came to Piscataqua about 1641 ; a man 
of good parts and very wealthy. Gathered a church in op- 
position to that of which Mr. Burdett was pastor and carried 
on a contest with him, resorting even to arms and violence. 
Triumphed partly through Burdett's faults. [W.] Signed 
the combination in 1640. While "pastor of the church at 
Northam," i. e. Dover, he bought Obediah Bruen's share in 
the plantation; this he sold Nov. 13, 1642. [Mass. Arch.] 


He returned to England, not, however, escaping scandalous 
charges, which we should be glad to believe untrue. [W.] 
See also Ballew, Gibson, Hunt, Knowles, Maud. 


Christopher, cooper, Exeter, signed the combination 5 
(4) 1639. Rem. to Boston, proprietor about 1643, but car- 
ried on business at Piscataqua. Signed JExeter petition in 
1646. Had right of fishing from the town. His wife Eliza- 
beth gave power of attorney 20 (8) 1646 to Barnabas Power 
fot collection of legacies from Henry and Thomas James olf 
Filton, CO. Gloucester, Eng. [A.J Proprietor at Haverhill 
in 1649. His wife deserted him and returned to Eng.; he 
petitioned for a divorce from her 11 Oct. 1670. 

He deposed in 1671, ae. about 55 years. Children, Thomas 
b. 4 (3) 1643, Mary b. 27 (8) 1645. 

Admin, of his estate was granted 20 Nov. 1682, to Edward 


Thomas, Dover, signed the combination, in 1641. His 
land mentioned in list made in 1642. Constable, selectman. 
Signed with his mark petition to Gen. Court 10 Oct. 1665. 

He made a deed of gift 16 Feb. 1670, to son Thomas Lay- 
ton, Jr.; "Thomas Lighten" proprietor at Biddeford in 1653. 
He died 22 Jan. 1671. [Dov. Hist. Coll.] Will dated 
21 Sept. 1671, "aged sixty seven yeares or thereabouts," 
was prob. 25 June, 1672. Beq. to present wife Joanna, 
only son and heir Thomas, and daughters Mary, wife of 
Thomas Roberts, Jr., Elizabeth, wife of Philip Cromwell, 
and Sarah, unmarried. His Indian servant John, to be set 
free and provided with five pounds in money on the death of 

William, mariner, Kittery, bought house and lands of 
Isaac Nash 20 June, 1656. Signed petition of Dover people 
to Gen. Court 10 Oct. 1665. 

John, Biddeford, 1653. Of Saco, signed petition to 

Cromwell in 1657; his will speaks of sister Elizabeth; chil- 
dren of Thomas or William? 
See also Frost, Johnson, Nutter. 


lames, weaver. Great Island, Portsmouth, grand jury 
man, 1654-5. Took oath of allegiance and was sworn con- 
stable June 27, 1656. On behalf of Jane Leach, formerly 
wife of Walter Michemor, he sued Richard Cummings 26 
July, 1660, for a share of the profits of a fishing voyage about 
1 1 years since. Sold land to Richard Ely, of the same place; 
merchant, 24 April, 1663. Made will Jan. 14, 1696-7, proved 
June 30, 1697. Wife Jane, sons John and James Leach; 
See also Bachiler. 


Richard, gent, merchant, Lynn, agent for the Iron 
Works Co. in Sept. 1645. He had formerly been employed 
about mines in Ireland. Covenanted with the Adventurers 
in Iron Works in 1644 to take charge of their affairs 7 years 
at £100 per annum, with house, ground for horses and cowS 
and passage for himself, wife, 2 children and 3 servants. 
[Mass. Hist. Coll. 4-6.] [Suff. De. I. 62.] Rem. to Kittery; 
took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 16 Nov. 1652. Com- 
plaint against his intrusion in 1651, made by 23 inhabitants 
in a petition to Parliament Dec. 20, 1652. [Bax. MSS.] 
Proprietor at Boston, Aug. 24, 1653. [W.] Sold the slitting 
mill in Lynn to Capt. Wm. Hathorne in 1650. Sold lands in 
Boston in 1655. He gave bonds with George Leader 5 Dec. 
1655, that the latter should go to England within 18 months, 
and render full account to John Beex & Co. of all his doings 
in court about sawmills at Piscataqua river, etc. Sold his 
land to John and Richard Cutt, in consideration of 30 poundis 
paid "by my brother Richard Cutt,'' 30 Oct. 1656. Admiri. 
of his estate was granted June 30, 1668, to John Hole and 
Samuel — , they having married the daughters of said Leader. 
See also Clifford, Haborne, Lord, Nason, Smith. 



David, Dover, "edgling," contracted for feathers with 
Griffin Montague 9 Aug. 1659; bill assigned to Richard Otis 
3 July, 1660, by Elizabeth L. The estate of Mrs. Ludecas "of 
Dover" was admin, on June 28, 1664, by James Middleton. 


John, Senior, Saco, sold wheat to Winter of Richmond 
Island in 1643; had some cattle at Cape Porpoise, in the 
hands of certain persons, and mortgaged them 18 Dec. 1647. 
[Suff. De. LJ 
See Spurrell, Tristram. 


John, Hampton, proprietor, June, 1640; clerk of the 
writs; [Mass. Arch. 112, 8.J Sold lands in Hamp. 30 Oct. 

1642, to Anthony Taylor, for a bill under the hand of Ed- 
mond Littlefield. Schoolmaster, May 21, 1649. Commis- 
sioner for minor trials, sworn 24 (2) 1649. [Norf. court 
rec.J Also of Exeter; sold cattle in 1648 to Christopher 
Lawson. Sold houses and lands 29 (5) 1650, part of which 
had been given him by the town and part of which he had 
bought. [Suff. De.J 

He m. Ann, widow of Thomas Wilson between 1642 and 
1644. Admin, of his estate was granted April 11, 1665, to 
John Huggins. 

See also Booth, Needham, Stone. 


William, Kittery, died and gave his estate to Mr. An- 
tipas Maverick, who was made administrator 26 June, 1660. 


Thomas, Exeter, signed the combination S (4) 1639. 
Rem. to Hampton ; signed the anti-Howard petition March 7, 

1643. Wife Elizabeth; Ch. James b. 10 (9) 1652 [Norf. 

* Note. Samuel Leavitt, son of John and Sarah (Gilman) Leav- 
itt, of Hingham, Mass. came early to Exeter, and had descendants 
through son James et als. 


Rec] He m. (2) Isabella, "dau. of Joshua and Joanna 
Bland, of Martha's Vineyard," wid. of Francis Austin, 
[Hist. Exe. and Hampt.] 

He d. Nov. 28, 1696, ae. above 80. His widow d. Feb. 19, 
1699. His will dated July 9, 1692, gave his property to his 
• wife and children Aretas, John, Hezron, James, Isabella 
Towle, Jemima Knowles and Keziah Tucker; proved May 
25, 1697. The widow made her will Feb. 8, 1699, proved 
July 9, 1700, giving her property to the above-named daugh- 
ters and son John and her grandchild Sarah Knowles. 


Rev. William, "a godly minister," came in the James 
to Salem Oct. 10, 1633. Went with Captain Thomas Wiggin, 
who was returning from a visit to England, to Dover, where 
he was first minister. It would appear that there was no 
church organized there, however, for he was admitted to 
the church of Boston 9 (6) 1635, and admitted freeman 7 
Feb. 1636-7. Not long after he removed to Sandwich, 
Plymouth colony; there he had a good term of ministerial 
service; but joined in a colonization movement at Oyster 
Bay, Long Island, about the year 1658. 


George, Casco, deposed in court in 1640, respecting the 
price of beaver ; "Had refused to work for Mr. Arthur Mack- 
worth unless he could have beaver at 6 s. per pound." De- 
posed in the Nash case July 2, 1645. Took oath of allegiance 
to Mass. govt, at Spurwink 13 July, 1658. His eldest son 
John had land adjoining his in 1657. [York De. I.] 

Morgan, party to a lawsuit in Piscataqua court in 1640. 

Philip, Strawberry Bank, brought suit and recovered land 
lying near Capt. Champernowne's farm, by the creek next 
Winacott river, 3 (8) 1648. Bought part of a sawmill at 
Dover of Wm. Pomfret in 1651. He deposed Feb. 2, 1663, 
ae. about 40 years. [P. Files.] 

Philip Lewis of Greenland signed his will I Nov. 1700; 


beq. to son Abraham; to John, James, Philip and Hannah, 
children of his son Jotham; to son John Johnson and dau. 
Hannah, his wife; they to care for his wife; cousins John 
Tucke and James Philbrook overseers. Some land at Hamp- 
ton; part of a sawmill, owned with Samuel Haines, etc. 
Prob. 8 July, 1701. 

Thomas, gent, "having been at the charges to transport 
himself and others to take a view of New England," etc. he, 
in partnership with Richard Bonython, received a patent 12 
Feb. 1629, of "that part of the main land called Swackadock," 
between Cape Elizabeth and Cape Porpus; William Black- 
stone, clerk, William Jeffries and Edward Hilton, gents, gave 
possession for tHe Council June 28, 1631, in presence of 
Thomas Wiggin, Henry Watts and [George Wiun]. [Mass. 
Arch. 3, 149. Bax. MSS.] Lewis and Bonython undertook 
to transport 50 persons to the plantation within 7 years, etc. 
He was one of the commissioners who held court at Saco 
25 March, 1636, where he was then residing. 

His daughter married Rev. Richard Gibson about 1639. 
"Old goodman Lewis," took oath of allegiance at Kit- 
tery 22 Nov. 1652. 

See also Cass, Gibson, Greenaway, Moses, Watts, Wilson. 

John, Richmond Island, was in the fishing company of 
John Winter from 15 Dec. 1636, to Feb. 13, 1639. Worked 
for him again 6 weeks in 1643. Some money was paid for 
him to Mr. John Sparke by Mr. Trelawney. He settled at 
Scarborough; bought land of Jocelyn I Jan. 1663. He suf- 
fered in the Indian war of 1676. He deposed July 10, 1677, 
ae. about 75 years, that he came to this country 47 years be- 
fore; that his 4 sons had kept himself, his wife and 8 small 
children ' from want ; but that the enemy had burned their 
houses and destroyed cattle and corn; that one of his four 
sons had lately been killed at Black Point, another wounded, 
had since died, and the other two were at B. P. He asked 


that the latter might be discharged from the garrison, hav- 
ing served there the extraordinary period of nine months. 
Signed "John Liby." The petition was granted, and Henry 
and Anthony released. 

In his will, unsigned and undated, he beq. 5 shillings apiece 
to ieach of his children ; 50 shillings each to the younger sons, 
Matthew and Daniel. The wife to have all the estate at her 
disposing, to maintain the children. Inventory taken 9 Feb. 
1682; attested 5 May, 1683. [York De. V.] 



Henry, Boston, proprietor, punished by order of court 
28 Sept. 1630. Whipped and banished in Sept. 1631, for 
writing letters "full of slander against the government and 
churches." [W.] He returned to Boston. Rem. to York 
in 1645 ; his house referred to in a deed of Barnard. "He went 
to Virginia, carrying most of his property, and there died, 
leaving widow and 4 children, and little estate.'' Vines and 
his council ordered that his tobacco be sold, debts paid, and the 
balance placed in the widow's hands for the benefit of the 
children. She came back to Boston for a short time. Papers 
recorded 28 (3) 1647, in Aspinwall's Note Book. 

The wife Sarah was a daughter of William and Alice Til- 
ley of Boston. She m. 2, Hugh Gunnison, 3, John Mitchell, 
and 4, Francis Morgan, of Kittery, chirurgeon. She be- 
ing admins, of the estate of Capt. John Mitchell,, her late 
husband, sold land formerly owned by [her previous husband] 
Hugh Gunnison, 22 April, 1665. 

Children, recorded at Boston : Sarah b. 20 (6) 1636, Eliza- 
beth b. 27 (i) 1638, Ephraim b. 16 (11) 1639, Rebbecca b. 
15 (12) 1645; all baptized 23 (3) 1647. See Gunnison and 

See also Sanders. 


Bartholomew, had lawsuit in Fiscataqua court in 1644. 


Nicholas, Salem, Mass. 1637, proprietor at Marblehead. 
Named in the account of George Pollard in 1646. Bought 
house at Exeter of George Barlow 20 (3) 1649. Brought 
suit in 1651 about a house he had sold. [Norf. rec] Signed 
petition to Gen. Court 24 (3) 1652. Had land granted to 
him, which he sold to James Wall, who sold it again 1 1 May, 


Admin, on his estate was granted Dec. 8, 1714, to Alexander 
Magoun and Nicholas Gordon; division of the real estate 
made to daus. Hannah, Elizabeth and Mary or their legal rep- 
resentatives Oct. 13, 1743. 


John, "from further Northward," took oath of allegiance 
at Kittery 16 Nov. 1652. 


Edmund, Exeter, signed the 'combination 5 (4) 1639. 
His wife Annis, ae. 38, with 6 children, and servants John 
Knight, and Hugh Durdal, came in the Bevis in May, 1638. 
It may be presumed that he either came at that time, (though 
not named in the passenger list,) or had come before. He 
rem. to Wells, Me. ; had a grant of land from Thomas Gorges 
14 July, 1643. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 5 July, 
1653, as also did his sons Francis, Senior, Anthony, Francis, 
Junior, and Thomas. 

He made will Dec. 11, 1661, bequeathing his estate to wife 
Annis, sons Francis, Anthony, Thomas, Francis, Junior, and 
John; to daughters Elizabeth Wakefield, Mary Barrett and 
Hannah Littlefield. Inventory rendered 24 (10) 1661. The 
widow and sons Thomas and the two Francises made an 
agreement concerning the estate 17 Dec. following. [York 
De. I.] 

The widow made will 12 Dec. 1677, giving her estate to 
her daus. Elizabeth Wakefield, Mary Barrett, Hannah Cloyce 
and Meribah; to sons Peter Cloyce and John and Thomas 


Littlefield; to grandchild Katherine W. [Inventory in York 
Deeds V.] 

See also Frost, Legate, Wakefield, Wardwell. 


John, carpenter, Portsmouth, had grant of house lot in 
1656. With wife Elizabeth he sold house and land to James 
Drewe, mariner, 23 March, 1660-1. Rem. to Hampton about 

He m. about 1652 Elizabeth, daughter of William Berry. 
[Hist. Hamp.] Children, John, Elizabeth, Nathaniel, Alice, 
Edward, Trifena, Rebecca, Mary, William b. April 17, 1677, 
James, Joseph. 

He was killed by the Indians Aug. 26, 1696. Estate set- 
tled 1708. 

See Bolles and Davis. 


Thomas, Portsmouth, lot assigned him, one acre, 24 Feb. 


John, servant of John Winter at Richmond Island, 


Nathan, Kittery, signed (with mark) petition to Parlia- 
ment concerning Mr. Leader 20 Dec. 1652. [Bax. MSS.] 
He m. Martha, daughter of William Everett, born about 1640, 
as she deposed 23 June, 1682. She joined him in a deed of 
land June 22, 1678, to Thomas Abbet and Jonathan Nayson. 
His son Nathan deposed 25 March, 1686, ae. about 29 years. 
Abraham Conley calls him "son in law" in will, dated March 
I, 1674. This may mean step-son; br Lord may have mar- 
ried a daughter of Conley for his first wife. 
See also Nash, Phillips. 



Edward, Piscataqua, Portsmouth, bills of exchange and 
receipts of his in court records 29 Aug. 1660; received town 
lands 4 Feb. 1660-1. 

He m. at Boston Dec. 4, 1660, Mary, daughter of Rev. 
John Wheel wrigh,t. Child Edward received from Mr. Wheel- 
wright a bequest of property in Mumby, Langham and Minge, 
Lincolnshire, Eng. 

He died before June 30, 1663, when admin, on his estate, 
was granted to Richard Stileman and others. 21 Oct. 1667, the 
widow, having contracted to marry Theodore Atkinson of 
Boston, received from him an ante-nuptial portion. [Norf. 
rec. IL] 


William, Richmond Island, worked for Winter 2 years 
before June 22, 1640. Money had been paid to his "dame" 
and "sister" in England. One "Widow Lucas," of Milbrooke, 
Eng. had a servant, William Allen, who was indentured to 
the plantation at about that time; this may have been the 
"dame" of William L. 


Nicholas, Kittery, aid to the marshall, deposed 21 Dec. 
1653. [Bax. MSS.] 

William, Portsmouth, jury man at Dover court in 1657; 
constable for the lower part of Portsmouth. Took oath of 
fidelity July 2, 1657. Was appointed "water bayley in place 
of Robert Mussell, resigned, 30 June, 1668. Admin, of his 
estate was granted June 17, 1684, to his widow Audrey. 

She made her will 9 June, 1688, prob. i Feb. 1691-2, beq. 
to her son in law, Andrew Cranch, of Great Island, and his 
children John and Elizabeth; to dau. Abishag, wife of 
Thomas Marshall, of Great Id. 

See also Jeffrey. 


Andrew, witness to James Woodward's will 27 (4) 1647. 

Dennis, "the Irishman," his service was sold in 1654 to 
John Pickering; the court at Dover ordered, July 2, 1657, 
that he serve the full five years for which Pickering had 
bought him; but 11 July, 1659, the court ordered Pickering 
to pay him 3 li. sterling, and dismiss him. A lot of land 
was assigned him at Portsmouth as an inhabitant, in 1660! 


Arthur, gent, received from Gorges through Vines 30 
March, II Charles, [1635] a tract of land which had "long 
been in his possession." [York De.] Mentioned in records 
of court at Saco April 4, 1637. Witnessed the giving of pos- 
session of land to Winter June 30, 1637; and, as Gorges' 
agent, gave possession to Cleve of a tract "from Cleve's 
house to the falls of Casco river," at about the same time. 

He m. 2, Jane, widow of Samuel Andrews. 

He died "before the submission of Scarborough and Fal- 
mouth to Massachusetts authority," as Rev. Robert Jordan 
testified Aug. 17, 1660; and it was his declared will that "his 
wife Jane should dispose of his estate equally between her 
former husband's children & the children between them." 
[Me. Wills, 44.] 

The widow, "of Cascoe alias Falmouth," deeded land 29 
April, 1667, to her son in law Abraham Adams, "for some 
time married to her daughter Sarah Mackworth" ; he was of 
Boston, "dish-turner" and "cooper," and his heirs sold this 
land in 1703. [York De. VII.] Nathaniel Wharfe had m. 
Rebecca, the eldest daughter ; they deeded their right in cer- 
tain lands to their brother in law Francis Neale 20 June, 

She conveyed to George Felt [Junior], husband of her 
daughter Phillippe, a tract of land bounded by that of her 
daughter Purchas and that of her son James Andrews. 
[Norf. court rec. IV> 75.] She removed to Boston. Made 


will 20 May, 1676; beq. to sons in law Abraham Addams and 
William Rogers; to daus. Rebecca Rogers and the children 
she had by Nathaniel Wharfe ; to daus. Sarah Addams and — 
Purchas; "to my four daughters." 
See also Lewis. 


Michael, Myhell, planter, Richmond Island, 1641-2; set- 
tled at Black Point. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 
13 July, 1658. 

He bought a plantation at "Papuding in Falmouth" of 
Walter Gendull; this he conveyed 14 July, 1669, to his son 
Joel. [See Carter.] See also Baddiver. Agnes Carter alias 
Maddiver, ae. about 82 years, 26 June, 1682, was probably 
wife first of Richard Carter and second of Michael Maddiver. 
[York De.J 


Henry, Saco, took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 5 
July, 1653. 


John, of Mayne's Point, Casco before 1648; removed 
to York. He, ae. 70 years, and his wife Elizabeth, ae. 60, 
testified 3 Jan. 1664, as to the planting of a tract of land 
adjoining his land at Casco, near Mayne's Point, 35 or 36 

He bought, about 1657, a house and 60 acres of land 
"neare the middle of Casco Bay"; was driven away by the 
Indians ; two sons were slain ; house burnt ; wife and rest 
of family hardly escaped with their lives. [Petition to An- 
dros, 1687. Bax. MSS.] 

See also Carter, Deaman.. 


Philip, had suits in Piscataqua court in 1642 and 1649. 

"The widow" mentioned in Portsmouth records in 1652. 


Johrij Sen. Hampton, bought land of widow Judith 
Parker 23 (3) 1645; proprietor. He deeded land and hous- 
ing I Jan. 1671, "to Henry Dearborne and my daughter 
Elizabeth, his wife," and their two eldest male children ; and 
to Isaac Godfrey, husband of his dau. Hannah. Deeded other 
lands to the sons in law 3 June, 1681, in consideration of 
their agreement to provide for himself and his wife for the 
rest of their lives. 

He m. I, Sarah — , who d. 26 (11) 1670; he m. 2, 14 (7) 
1671, Margery, widow of William Godfrey ; she d. 2 May, 1687, 
ae. about 78 years. [Dov. Hist. Coll.] 

Compare John Marian, shoemaker, of Watertown, Mass. 
a son of Isaac M., of Stebbin, co. Essex, Eng. [P. of M.] 

See also Bolter. 


Christopher, Boston, admitted to the church, "single- 
man," 28 (6) 1634; freeman May 6, 1635. Child Anna bapt. 
13 (3) 1638. Was dismissed to the church of Pascataqua 6 
(II) 1638. 
See Hilton, Lux. 


Richard, one of the men of the ship Margery, fishing 
at Richmond Island under command of Capt. Clement Pen- 
will, in 1643. 

Robert, Hampton, proprietor, June, 1640. 
He died about 1644, when his "heir, Syment," sold his lots. 
[Town record.] 

Thomas, Hampton, signed petition in Howard case in 
1643. [Mass. Arch. 67, 33.] Juryman at Hamp. court in 


1648. He deposed 9 March, 1669, ae. about 52 years. He 
deeded land to his son James 18 June, 1681. 

Wife Mary, daughter of Wm. Estow; children, John b. 
10 (— ) 1650, Bethia d. 2 (4) 1655, Ephraim b. 8 (8) 1655, 
James b. 19 (9) 1656, Caleb d. 31 (8) 1671. 

Thomas M. d. Sept. 28, 1690, and inventory of his estate 
was rendered 6 (8) following by William M., John Smith 
and Henry Dow. 

N. B. It is difficult to separate entries relating to Thomas, 
the citizen in 1643, and Thomas, son of William, Senior. 

William, Senior, Hampton, with William, Junior, signed 
the anti-Howard petition March 7, 1643. 

He d. June 30, 1672. Will dated 25 June, prob. 8 Oct. 1672; 
beq. to eldest son Thomas ; sons William and John ; daughters 
Prudence Cox and Trifana Marston ; wife Sabina executrix. 

[Compare with William M. of Salem, Mass. in P. of M.] 

See also Brown, Estow, Page, Ward. 


Francis, Mr. Richmond Island, 1640; "hath never a serv- 
ant and cannot work himself e;" Winter settled him at Casco; 
but he wrote to Trelawney concerning him in 1640 and 1642: 
"He is old and his [2] children are not brought up to work, 
so I know not what shift he will make to live; . . . therefore 
advise with his cousin John Martin;" etc. Winthrop de- 
scribes the sad experiences of a Mary M. in vol. 2 of his 
History ; she may be one of these unfortunately-bred children. 

John, Dover; lawsuit brought against him and his wife 
Hester in 1647, which was decided in their favor. Proprietor 
in 1648. Grand jury man in 1650. 
His will was proved June 30, 1664. 

Wife Sarah, ch. Sarah, Mary, Mehitabel, Hannah and Abra- 
ham; servant William Peirce; brother "Larefet;" (was this 
John Larriford whose estate was admin. March 26, 1672) 
See Atwell, Peabody, Roberts, Tare. 

Richard, Richmond Island, one of Winter's fishermen 
from 1636 or 1637 to 1643. 


Settled at Falmouth ; took oath of allegiance at Spurwink, 
13 July, 1658. 

His win dated 11 Jan. prob. 20 Feb. 1672-3, beq. to wife 
Dorothy, son in law Robert Corben and his wife Lydia, Sam- 
ud While and Benjamin Attwell. The widow deeded land 
t» her son in law Robert Corbine who had married her 
daughter Lydia, 10 Dec. 1673, conditioned on life care and 

Richard, Dover; also proprietor at Portsmouth, 1660. 

Wife Sarah ; ch. Mary, b. June 7, 1655, Sarah, b. July 3, 1657, 
Richard, b. Jan. 10, 1659, Hannah, b. Jan. 2, 1664, Michael, 
b. Feb. 3, 1666, John b. June 9, 1668, Elias, b. April 18, 1670. 
£Dov. Hist. Coll.], Michael Mann, whose will is in N. H. 
Deeds 5, 77, dated Dec. 6, 1687, proved Sept. 14, 1691, de- 
sires "my unkle Richard Martyn" to be overseer of the will. 

Richard Martyn made will Jan. 27, 1692-3, proved April 
17, 1694 ; wife Mary ; reference to her former husband's estate ; 
sons Michael, Nathaniel, daus. Cutt, Kennard and Joce; my 
sister Martyn and her children Edward and Susannah. 

Robin, Richmond Island, worked for Winter in 1640. 


Francis, Exeter, signed the combination 5 (4) 1639. 
Gave bonds for Elizabeth Giles in 1644. Bought land in 
June, 1640. He removed to the part of Dover now Durham. 
[Hist. Ex.] Sons, Walter and Benjamin, dau. Martha, m. 
(i) — Snell; m. (2) — Brown. He d. before July 23, 1653, 
when his widow Thomasine entered caution about land at 
Great Island which her husband had formerly bought of John 
Hurde of Sturgeon Creeke. She deeded land to her grand- 
son, William, son of Godfrey Brooking, 16 Oct. 1689. After 
her death the surviving son Benjamin (ae. about 40 years) 
admin, on the estate and reed, remuneration for his care of 
his mother for many years, Nov. 6, 1705. 

Nicholas, Richmond Island, in the employ of Winter, 
See also Footman. 



Hubert, (Hubertus, Hughbert), Kittery, took oath of 
allegiance to Mass. govt. i6 Nov. 1652. Voter at a town 
meeting in Portsmouth April 6, 1657. 

Robert, Portsmouth, juryman in 1657; constable for the 
upper part of the town; took oath of allegiance July 2, 1657. 
See Clifford and Higgins. 


Rev. Daniel, came in the ship James from Bristol, Eng. 
in May, 1635, in company with Rev. Richard Mather. Set- 
tled first at Boston, Mass. Admitted to the church 20 (7) 
1635 ; frm. May 25, 1636 ; chosen schoolmaster Aug. 12, 1636. 
Appointed clerk of the writs 10 Dec. 1641. Was dismissed 
17 (i) 1644-5, to the church of Dover, whither he had re- 
moved. Was settled as their minister after the departure 
of Mr. Larkham. The town voted i (6) 1648 to build him 
a house. 

He m. Marie [Mary] Bonner, servant to Rev. John Cot- 
ton; she had been admitted to Boston church 3 (6) 1634, and 
was dismissed to the chh. of Dover 18 (6) 1644, being de- 
scribed as "now wife to Mr. Daniel Mawd, teacher of the 
church there." 

He made his will 17 (11) 1654, proved Jan. 26, 1655-6. 
Bequeathed to "my wife's 4 children twenty markes when 
they come to capablenesse'' ; to Mr. Roberts ; to his wife "a 
cloth gowne w®'' was my wifes"; "There is a booke of Mr. 
Norton's, w"" is intitled the Orthodox Evangelist w"^ I 
would have my sister Cotton to have — and an other booke 
I borrowed of my bro: Cotton* w""" is to come to his son 
Seaborne"; "favorite or best hat to Elizabeth Cotton, som 
other to Joseph and one to Sarah." "Susan Halston & his 
brothere & sister & sistere in law who have no need of sup- 
plyes fro me, I desire to be heartily remembered to them; 
they are all in years." See William Cotton. 

* Rev. John Cotton, of Boston. 



Antipas, merchant, of the Isles of Shoals, bought la 
acres of land of Edward Small 23 June, 1647. Of Kittery, 
he took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 16 Nov. 1652. Set- 
tled accounts with his brother Moses Maverick of Marble- 
head 13 Aug. 1675. Rem. to Exeter; sold land in Kittery 
16 June, 1678. 

He died 2 July, 1678; admin, granted July 15 foll'g to 
Edward Gilman and Abigail his wife, dau. of deceased. His 
brother Moses gave a receipt in full to the estate. [York 
De. III.] Stephen Paul of Kittery, shipwright, and Kath- 
erine his wife, and Edward Gilman of Exeter, yeoman, and 
Abigail his wife, sold land 7 June, 1682, ."which was our 
deceased fathers Antipas Mavericke." 

See also Wheelwright. 


Alexander, planter, York, was in the employ of George 
Leader with whom he had differences, etc., 1654. Bought 
70 acres of land up the river of York adjoining to a parcel 
of Arthur Bragdons, and 10 acres of meadow on the north- 
west branch, of Thomas Moulton, 23 Jan. 1657. He made 
a deed of gift to his brother in law, John Frost, 2 Nov. 1678, 
of certain land in York. With wife Annis sold land 24 
March, 1680-1. 

Will dated 15 May, 1707, bequeathed to wife Sarah; to 
Mr. Moody, and to the church. 


John, Exeter, signed petition of inhabitants Sept. 7, 1643. 
[Mass. Arch. 112, 8.] Oyster River, juryman in 1659 and 

Wife Abigail ; children, Elizabeth b. 26 March, 1665, Sarah 
b. II Jan. 1668, Nathaniel b. 14 June, 1671. [Dov. Hist. 


Edward, Portsmouth, 1657 ; propr. 1660. Wife Elizabeth. 


Will Aug. 5, 1695, proved Aug. 24; land to be divided be^ 
tween his three children Nathaniel, Samuel and Mary ; sister 
in law Sara Acreman ; wife to live with daughter Mary ; son 
in law Samuel Jackson. 


William, Richmond Island, from 1638 till 1642. 

MERIDA, see Ameridith. 


Robert, Kittery,^ bought house and land 21 Sept. 1647. 
Took oath of alkgiance ta Mass. govt. 16 Nov. 1652. Con- 
stable. Testified in the Gunnison case April 22, 1654, ae. 
50 years. [Bax. MSS.] 

Will dated i May, prob. 18 May, 1682, beq. to son Jonathan 
and his sons Robert, Jonathan and David; to grandson 
Robert Michamore. Inventory in York De. V. 

See Cousins, Raynes. 


Walter, Isles of Shoals, partner of Richard Commins 
about 1649. His widow m. James Leach. 
See also Carter, Mendam. 


Joseph, carpenter, Haverhill, sold house and land in 
Hav. 22 Dec. 1644. Removed to Hampton. Sold house near 
Falls river 4 (3) 1655. 

First wife Mary — ; second wife Elizabeth, widow of 
Emanuel Hilliard; contract of marriage made 13 (10) 1659. 
Children, Joseph b. 19 (10) 1654, Hannah b. 29 (9) 1660, 
Abigail b. 18 (5) 1662, Barsheba b. 16 (4) 1665, Samuel b. 
16 (9) 1669. 

See Hilliard. 


Thomas, Sheepscot, lived on the side of the Cove, next 
north west of the salt water falls of the river, before 1660, 


when his daughter Lydia was born; she tn. — Stanwood 
about 1677 and removed; was of Gloucester, Mass, in 1742, 
as she deposed. [Eastern claims.] 

MILES, MILLES, MILE, see also Mills, 

Joseph, Kittery, brought suit at Dover in 1649. Took 
oath of allegiance to Mass. govt, at Kittery 16 Nov. 1652. 
Deposed in the Gunnison case in 1654, ae. about 35 years. 

Robert, mentioned in records of Maine court held at 
Saco March 6, 1636-7. His son James, of Lynn, Mass. sold 
land at Kittery to James Grant 4 May, 1666. 

MILLS, MYLLS, see also Miles, 

Edward, Richmond Island, in Winter's fishing company 
3 years, i638"i640. [Trel.] 

John, Black Point, testified Sept. 8, 1640, that he had 
known Casco river 13 or 14 years, — [probably on fishing 
voyages in the earlier years.] Came as a servant to the 
plantation at Richmond Island in 1633; had a grant of 60 
acres of land at the mouh of Black Point river from Capt. 
Gorges; was one of the witnesses of Winter's possession of 
an adjoining tract by virtue of a deed from Vines 12 July, 
He died before 29 June, 1675. [Deposition, York De. IV.] 

Robert, Saco, 1637; wife Dorothy; 4 small children; he 
d. before 1647 and the widow pi. John Harker. 

Thomas, fisherman, Saco, bought land 2 Aug. 1642; rem. 
jto Wells; took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 5 July, 1653. 
Deeded land in i68i to sons in law John and Nathaniel 

See also Gibbons, Howell, Watts, 


James, before Dover Court in 1659. See Leudecus. 


Joseph, Portsmouth, 1642; worked for John Godard 
1647-1666; deposed 2 April, 1660, ae. about 29 years. [P. 


Joseph, Dover, called to court at Strawberry Bank in 
1642; lawsuits in 1646. Sold all his lands 20 Sept. 1647, to 
John Goddard. 


Jeffrey, Dedham, proprietor, 11 (6) 1637. Sold (8) 
1639. Frm. May 13, 1640. Removed to Hampton. Propri- 
tor June, 1640; signed Howard petition in 1643. Bought 
land 21 Oct. 1648. One of the commissioners to try small 
cases in 1649. 

He died June 4, 1658. Nunc, will prob. 5 (8) 1658; beq. 
all to his wife and Eliakim Wardwell. The widow m. 2, 
Christopher Hussey. 


Paul, sailor, Sheviock, co. Cornwall, Eng. came to Rich- 
mond Island and fished with Winter's company, 1639-1640. 
Returned to England, but came again on a fishing voyage 
in the Hercules, Capt. Wm. Hingston, having made an in- 
denture for 2 years. [Trel.] Remained here. Settled at 
Saco. Was drowned in 1654. 

John, Captain m. about 1660 Sarah, widow of Henry Linn ; 
and Hugh Gunnison; died before April 22, 1665. The widow 
married Francis Morgan. [See all these names.] 


Michael, gent. Casco, possessed an island in Casco 
Bay in 1637 of Cleave. Pet. of daus. Elizabeth Clarke and 
Ann Graves to Andros, 1687. [Bax. MSS.] Deposed in the 
case of Cleve vs. Winter in 1640. Sold fowl to Winter same 

Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 13 July, 1658. 

For accounts of his character see Winthrop, vol. 2. 

His widow Elizabeth gave land i March, 1662, to Thad- 
deus Clarke who had married her daughter Elizabeth. She af- 
terward married — Harvy, and as his widow sold land in 1681. 
[York De. III.] She gave land 8 May, 1667, to Thomas 
Brackett of Casco who had married her daughter Mary Mit- 
ton. Nathaniel Mitten, called a grandson of Cleve. 



Robert, inhabitant April 6, 1657. 


Rev. Joshua, son of Mr. William of Newbury, minister 
at Portsmouth, "Mr. Moody to have his maintenance for this 
year by way of subscriptions," by vote of the town of Ports- 
mouth 14 Feb. 1658. 

He made his will Sept. 18, 1693; it was proved July 12, 
1697. To be buried by his first wife and the deceased chil- 
dren he had by her; gave to present wife Ann what she 
brought with her and other estate at Ipswich; daughter in 
law Lydia Jacobs; son Samuel Moodey; daus. Martha Rus- 
sell, Hannah and Sarah. 

See Bradbury, Cutt, Pickering. 


Richard, Cape Porpoise, leased land of Cleve 20 May, 
1647. Sold land i July, 1652. Removed to Wells; took oath 
of allegiance to Mass. govt. 5 July, 1653. 

William, Mr. fisherman, Boston, had a lot granted him 
at Mt. Wollaston [Braintree], Feb. 19, 1638, for 9 heads. 
Probably the resident of Salem in 1638. Received lands at 
Exeter in 1639; removed to Exeter, and a few years later 
was at York. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt, at Y. 
22 Nov. 1652. Proprietor; bought more land of Henry Roby 
in 1653. Residing at Ipswich, 22 Jan. 1660, he sold land on 
the east side of Exeter river to his daughter Mary, wife of 
Robert Powell. 

William More of Ipswich made will 14 Aug. 1660, prob. 
26 Sept. 1671 ; beq. to daughter Mary Powell ; dau. Ruth 
Roby and her eldest daughter; eldest son William and son 
Thomas; daughter Elizabeth More, Inventory showed some 
land at Exeter. William, of York, (who may be supposed 
to be this son), made will March 31, 1691, prob. 2 June, 1691 ; 
beq. to wife Dorothy, sons John, Robert, William and 
Thomas, daughters Elizabeth Trafton, Sarah Welcom, 
Elianor, Ann and Mary Moore. 



Griffin, carpenter, Muddy River, Boston, 1635. [Col. 
rec] Sold the time of his apprentice, John Bundy, to Wil- 
liam Brewster of Plymouth 6 March, 1636-7. Rem. to 
Exeter; proprietor, 1639. Rem. to Cape Porpoise. Took 
oath of fidelity to Mass. govt. July 5, 1653. Contracted 9 
Aug. 1659, to furnish 150 pounds of Geese and duck feathers 
to David Leudecus, "edgling," of Dover; bill assigned by 
Elizabeth Lewdecus to Richard Otis 3 July, 1660. Mrs. Anne 
Looman, of Weymouth, Mass. bequeathed something to her 
grandchild John Montagfue that dwells at the Eastward, 21 
(8) 1659. 

He died about March, 1672; will dated 7 July, 1671, prob. 
I April, 1672, beq. to wife Margaret; desired to be buried 
by the side of deceased son John. Samuel Snow of Boston, 
executor of the will of the widow, sold land at Cape Poi- 
poise 8 Sept. 1682. 


George, Starre Island, Isles of Shoals, was appointed 
constable for a year and a half at Dover court 8 (8) 1649. 
Bondsman for Thomas Wedge in 1650. 


Francis, chirurgeon, Kittery. He m. Sarah (Tilley) 
(Linn) (Gunnison) Mitchell, q. v.; Dr. Morgan and his wife 
joined in a deed of land that had belonged to Gunnison April 
22, 1665, and she herself confirmed the title to another piece 
of property 8 Sept. 1670. Dr. Morgan made a written con- 
tract Nov. 10, 1671, with William West (deposing that his 
age was 51) to use his utmost care to cure West of "an un- 
cerated fistula on his throat." Sold land to Nicholas Shap- 
leigh Aug. 25, 1673. ^rs. Sarah Morgan deposed June 29, 
1670, aged about 51 years. [Bax. MS. VI.] 

Robert, of Pemaquid, was one of the men of whom 
Thomas Purchase complained 31 May, 1641, for taking furs 


which he claimed he was keeping for an Indian sachem. 


James, Oyster River, was killed by the falling of a tree; 
inquest held ii Nov. 1659. [P. Files.] 


Richard, Mr. Boston, member of the church with his 
wife in 1630; juror Nov. 9, 1630; frm. May 18, 1631. Chosen 
lieutenant to Capt. Underbill 4 March, 1633-4. Resided 
sometime at Roxbury; deputy, 1633-4. Lieutenant of Bos- 
ton Castle in 1635-6. He signed the remonstrance of the 
friends of Mrs. Hutchinson, and removed with the Wheel- 
wright party to Exeter; was dismissed to that church 6 (11) 
1638. Sigrned the combination 5 (4) 1639. Was of Dover 
in 1639, shipping clapboards. Wrote a letter in Latin to some 
one in authority in connection with the restoration of Capt. 
Underbill, in 1640. [L.] Wife Lenora was dism. to Exeter 
church 3 (i) 1639-40. 

Was he the Richard Morris who resided at Portsmouth, 
R. I. in 1643 and 1655? 

William, Dover or vicinity, took oath of fidelity at court 
July 2, 1657. 


Daniel, Hampton, proprietor, June, 1640. 


Thomas, of Clifford's Inn, gent, in company with Capt. 
Wollaston, arrived in N. E. in 1622, with 30 servants. Set- 
tled at Mount Wollaston, afterward included in Braintree. 
His dissipations and riotous dealings with both whites and 
Indians were utterly disgusting to the settlers at Plymouth 
and Boston, and endangered the peace and welfare of the 
whole region. He was remonstrated with to no effect; then 
punished in 1630 for wordy attacks on the government and 


people of Mass. Bay, for injuries done to the Indians and 
for selling weapons to them, etc. Wrote a hostile book, "The 
New English Canaan." Was sent to Eng. ; lay a long time 
in Exeter jail. Came to Boston in 1644; was tried; freed 
on acct. of his age and poverty, and allowed to go out of 
the jurisdiction. Rem. to Agamenticus, and d. about 1646. 
[W. and B.] 


John, Strawberry Bank, after an apprenticeship of 7 
years to Cleve and Tucker of Casco Bay, received from them 
6 April, 1646, 100 acres of land at Casco Bay, adjoining that 
of George Lewis. He and his wife Alice carried suit for 
slander against certain persons in Dover court 3 (4) 1648; 
acknowledgment to be made openly at Dover and Strawberry 
Bank. Juryman in 1651. Bought land of Ambrose Lane 15 
April, 1651. Lands assigned him 1652 and 1660. With wife 
Ann sold land 12 Sept. 1667, and conveyed other land 6 Jan. 
1679, to son Aaron, who was to pay a portion to his sister 


John, of Ormsby, Eng. husbandman, ae. 38, with wife 
Anne, ae. 38, children Henry, Mercy (or Mary), Anne, Jane 
and Bridget, and servants Adam Goodens, ae. 20, and Alice 
Eden, ae. 18, passed examination April 11, 1637, to go to 
New England. Settled at Newbury ; f rm. May 22, 1638. Was 
one of the founders of Hampton named in Col. rec. 6 (7) 
1638. Lot-layer; deputy in 1639. Appointed with John 
Cross in 1640 to take an inventory and appraisal of all the 
cattle of Hamp. for the Gen. Court. Children recorded 
Hampt. John, Ruth bapt. March 7, 1641. 

He died in 1650; will dated 23 Jan. 1649, prob. i (8) 
1650, beq. to wife Ann, children Henry, John, Ann, Jane, 
Bridget, Mary and son Samborne (husband of Mary). 

The widow died 12 (2) 1668. 


Thomas, yeoman, Newbury, proprietor, 1638. Removed 
to Hampton. Deposed in 1655, ae. about 50 years. [Arch. 
38 B.] Bought land at York of John AUcocke 22 March, 
165s, having removed thither; sold it 20 Jan. 1657, to Alex. 
Maxwell. [York De. I.] Sold Hampton lands in 1654, giv- 
ing deed 11 July, 1662. Made deed of gift 5 June, 1684, to 
sons Jeremiah and Joseph, wife Martha joining in it. 

Children, by wife Martha, Thomas bapt. Nov. 24, 1639, 
Daniel bapt. Feb. 13, 1640-1 ; by wife "Mary" (sic copia), 
Mary b. 25 (11) 1651, Hannah b. 19 (4) 1655. [Norf. Court 

Compare Thomas M. master of Ralph Glover's boat in 
1630. [Mass. rec. J 

William, Hampton, took freeman's oath at Salisbury 
court 3 (8) 1654. 

His children received bequests from William Estow. 

Wife Margerite; children recorded, Hannah b. 15 (12) 
1651. Sarah b. 17 (10) 1656. Ruth b. 7 (3) 1659, Robert b. 
8 (9) 1661, William b. 25 (3) 1664, Mary d. 27 (5) 1664. 

He died 18 (2) 1664. Will dated 8 March, 1663-4, prob. 
II (8) 1664, beq. to wife Margerite, children Joseph, Benja- 
min, Robert, Hannah, Mary, Sarah, Ruth and the child un- 
born. Father in law Robert Page and brother in law Henry 
Dow executors. 

See also Fuller, King, Wall, Wedgewood, Young. 


George, mariner, ship-carpenter, came from Falmouth, 
in Casco, province of Maine, to Boston; was adm. chh. 5 
(3) 1647; frm. May 26, 1647. He sold, Aug. 18, 1667, prop- 
erty left him by his father John M. of Abbotsham, co. Devon, 
Eng. to William Tytherley, of Bythefoard, co. Dev. mariner, 
now res. in Boston; his sister Mary, wife of John Sanders 
of Braintree, N. E. joined in the deed; reference made to 
their sister Martha M. of Abbotsham. [Suff. De.] He m. 
Mary, dau. of Dea. John Philips, q. v. Ch. rec. at Bo. : John 
b. 17 April, 1653, George b. 21 April, 1656, John bapt. 27 


(2) 1656, Josiah b. April 4, 1658, Philip bapt. i {4) 1662, 
Mary bapt. i (5) 1665, Hephzibah bapt. 9 (9) 1673, (m. 
Oct. I, i6gi, Nathaniel Alden,) Pelatiah and Gershom bapl. 
so (4) 1675. [Were any of these ch. of George, Jr.?] 

Geor^ Munjoy deposed in Maine court 9 July, 1674, ae. 
about 47. Inventory of his estate in various places, taken 
24 Sept. 1685, is recorded in York Deeds V. His widow 
Mary sold her lands to Thomas Danforth president of the 
Province of Maine, 10 June, 1681. [Bax. MSS.] 


Mark, ae. 30 years, testified in the Gunnison case 12 May, 
1654. [Bax. MSS. I.] 


Robert, fisherman, Portsmouth, land owner, appointed 
by the court 8 (8) 1652, to be "water baylife, to look after 
the ships that shalbe ridinge in the great harbour," to see 
that they discharge no ballast into the river, etc. Resigned 
the office 30 June, 1668. Took oath of fidelity July 2, 1657. 
Had land recorded in the town book July 21, 1660, "which 
he had possessed about 15 or 16 years, — 4 acres on Great 
Island." Deeded to his daughter Alderey, wife of Wm. Lux, 
his houses and lands on Great Island 10 Aug. 1667. 

Will dated i March, 1663, prob. 30 June, 1674, beq. to 
daughter Auderey Lux and her two daughters ; to dau. Mary 
Jeffrey, son Richard Roe, and to the minister of Kittery, Mr. 

John and Frances Crunch, Thomas and Elizabeth Cossen, 
Thomas Marshall, Jr.; Christopher and Mary Frederick and 
Thomas and Elizabeth Pearce, all of Newcastle, N. H. only 
surviving heirs of Robert Mussell, sold land in Kittery, form- 
erly his property, April 10, 1718. 


Robert, ae. 22, was one of those "sent away," [perhaps 
meaning fitted out,] by Robert Cordell, goldsmith, Lombard 


street, London, who came in the Increase April 14, 1635. 
Came early to the Piscataqua, signed- the combination in 
1640 ; hiad a kwsuit in 1642. Married Ka:therine, daughter of 
Rev. John Wheelwright. Rem. to Boston, Mass. [See P. 
of M.] Appears to have resided in Massachusetts. 


Isaac, shipwright, Dover, with wife Margery sold land 
and house in Kittery, formerly belonging to William Everett, 
dec, whose wife he had married, 20 Jan. 1656. They sold 
another tract of land, the title to which was confirmed by her 
daughter Martha, wife of Nathan Lord, 23 Nov. 1674. 

Robert, Boston, traded along Maine coast; testimony 
given before Cleve and Tucker at Casco in 1645 about his 
doings at Stratton's Island the previous month. [Bax. 

See also Comins, Bearing, Knight. 


Richard, yeoman, Kittery, took oath of allegiance to 
Mass. govt. 16 Nov. 1652. Sold land 20 Feb. 1654, to George 
Leader for John Beex & Co. as chosen deputy to Gen. court 
24 March, 1656. [Mass. Arch. 48, 49.] Deeded land with 
consent of wife Abigail to sons Benjamin and Baker Nason, 
20 Sept. 1694. 

He made will 14 July, 1694, "under the infirmities of old 
age;" gave to wife Abigail whatever belonged to her former 
husband Nicholas FoUett, and other estate; residue to be di- 
vided between his own children and children in law, John, 
Joseph, Benjamin and Baker Nason, Sarah Child, Mary 
Witham, Nicholas Follett and Sarah Meader; Benjamin N., 
Nicholas F. and John M. executors. Recorded 15 March, 

See also Locke. 


Captain Walter, gent, came in 1630 to Piscataqua, as gov- 
ernor of Gorg>es and Mason's province. Was deputed by the 


Council for New England i Dec. 1631, to give possession of a 
grant of land to the representatives of Robert Trelawney 
and Moses Goo^iyear. Was governor of the Lower Piscat- 
aqua until the year 1633. [Hub.] Resided at Little Har- 
bor with servants in 1649. Deposition of Capt. John Little- 
bury in 1649. [Bax. MSS.] 

"Returned to England," it is said. 

What connection, if any, exists between the above and 
the two following? 

Francis, Spurwink, took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 
July 13, 1658. 

He m. a dau. of Arthur Mackworth, whose daughter Re- 
becca, wife of Nathl. Wharfe, calls him brother in law in 
deed of lands at Casco 20 June, 1666. [Norf. Court rec. IV.] 

He petitioned Andros [1689] to have his land surveyed, 
deposing that he was "for upward of thirtie yeares Since an 
inhabitant in Casco alias ffalmouth untill such time as he 
with several! others lost his all in this world and was forced 
from thence by ye Barbarous Indians." [Bax. MSS.] 

Francis Neale of Salem made will i Aug. 1695; beq. to son 
Samuel N. granddaughter Sarah N., wife's sisters Mrs. John 
Blanoe and Phillippe Felt, Thomas Elkins, a former servant, 
John Blanoe, Sen. and Thomas Cloutman; the rest to Bar- 
tholomew Gedney "who hath been as a father to me in a 
strange place when I was driven out by the enemy." The 
will was not probated but the son Samuel was appointed 
administrator. Sara, widow of Francis N. Jr. and "Mother 
Collins" are mentioned in his accounts. 
Walter, Dover, juryman 28 (4) 1659. 

Wife Mary; children, Samuel b. 14 June, 1661, Mary b. 
31 March, 1668; "she herself died first Friday in April fol- 
lowing, 1668." [Dov. Hist. Coll.] 

See also Bailey, Hilton, Knil, Mackworth, Purchase, Wil- 


Nicholas, Braintree, proprietor, 1636. Rem. to Exeter; 

signed the combination 5 (4) 1639. Was chosen to the 
unique office of "ruler of the town" ; resigned the place Oct. 
20, 1642. Presided over meetings of the inhabitants, signed 
grants of land, etc. in that capacity. Made a parcel of 
"boults" in Piscataqua Great Bay for Henry Roby ; testimony 
of John Legat in Salem, recorded in Norf. court rec. 4 (8) 
1653. See Wheelwright. 


Walter, Kittery, signed the petition to Cromwell in 1657. 


James, Dover, signed the combination in 1640; had law- 
suit in 1642; was taxed Oct. 19, 1648. With wife Sarah 
deeded lands to sons James and Abraham in 1671. 

NEWGROVE, NEWGROWE, see Yougrofe. 


George, had lawsuit in Maine court July 3, 1637. 

Matthew, witnessed John Brown's deed at Pemaquid 15 
July, 1625. 


James, Piscataqua, administration of his estate was 
granted i (8) 1651 to Walter Knight. See Felch. 


Richard, Richmond Island, one of the fishermen, 1638- 


Thomas, Dover, bought land of William Furber 2 July, 
1657. Constable, 1661. Signed petition to the General 
Court 10 Oct. 1665. [Mass. Arch. 106, 160.] 

Wife Rebecca; ch. Thomas, Silvanus, Rebecca, Elizabeth 
b. 21 Nov. 1663, d. 12 May, 1669; Henry, b. 8 Feb. 1666. 

He d. 29 Oct. 1666; admin, granted to the widow and 
others June 25, 1667. The widow m. Philip Binmore, and 


gave bonds 20 Feb. 1676-7, for the guardianship of her son 
Henry Nock. The son Thomas d. in 1677; in his wijl dated 
15 Feb. 1676, prob. 31 Oct. 1677, he beq. to mother Rebecca, 
sister Rebecca, brothers Silvanus and Henrie and uncle 
Jeremy Tibbetts. Rebecca (Nock) Binmore d. before April 
2, 1680, when her estate was settled. 


Matthew, planter, of Pemaquid, als. Aldworth towne in 
N. E. gave bond in March, 1640-1, with Robert Shute of 
Winnegansett to Matthew Merchant, late of Bristol, haber- 
dasher, for payment of a debt for commodities bought of 
Merchant in Bristol. [L.] 

William, Strawberry Bank, m. Margerie Randall and 
was before the Court for it in 1650, charged with having a 
wife in England; he admitted it, but seems to have con- 
tinued the American connection though not a good husband. 
See Court Records. 


Francis, Charlestown, was agent of Mrs. Ann Mason, in 
care of her estate at Piscataqua in 1638. Remained but a 
short time. See P. of M. 

Mr. Henry, York, gave bonds in Gen. Court at Boston 4 
March, 1634-5. Provost marshall in 1645. Received land of 
Wm. Hooke July 20, 1650. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. 
govt. 22 Nov. 1652, and was again appointed marshall. 

He d. at a time not on record. Inventory filed April 3, 
1679, "some time after his decease." [York De. V.] 
See Gatchell, Godfrey, Sanders, Simpson. 


Thomas, son of — Nudd and Jane his widow who m. as 
her second husband Henry Dow. Thomas came to this coun- 
try with Mr. Dow, having passed examination as passenger 
in England 11 April, 1637. He lived first at Watertown, but 
rem. to Hampton about 1648, where his father in law gave 
him a tract of land in 1649. 


Wife Sarah — ; children, John b. and d. 1661, Sarah b. 23 
(12) 1662, d. 4 Oct. 1664, James b. 24 (9) 1665, d. 20 (8) 
1668, Thomas b. and d. 1668-9, Samuel b. Sept. 13, 1670, 
Mary b. April 1, 1673, d. Nov. 8, 1683, Hannah b. 23 Oct. 


Capt. York, took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 22 
Nov. 1652. 


Hat evil. Hate Evil, planter, Dover, a resident in 1635. 
[Mass. Arch. 112, 46.] Had lawsuit in 1640. Proprietor 
in 1642. He and his company made an agreement with the 
selectmen of the town in 1647, to set up a sawmill. Ruling 
elder of the church. Signed petition to Gen. Court 10 Oct. 

He made a deed of gift to his sons Anthony and John 10 
April, 1669, of land granted to him by the town in 1643, etc. 
and one to his daughter Elizabeth and her husband, Thomas 
Layton, Jr. 13 Feb. 1670. 

He made will 28 Dec. 1674, aged about 71 years; beq. to 
present wife Anne; son Anthony, daughters Mary Winget 
(Wingate) and Abigail Roberts. Proved 30 June, 1675. 

See Philips, White. 


Samuel, Spurwink, took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 
13 July, 1658. 

Administration on his estate was granted June 30, 1680, 
to his widow Mary. [York De. V.] 

OCOORMACKE, see McCormick. 


John, of Boston, removed to Portsmouth; lawsuit at 
York, li&S^; had land assigned him in 1660; sold a cable, a 


main sail for a shallop and a stage he had built at Smutti- 
nose Island 29 June, 1660. 
See Langdon. 


Benedick, Isles of Shoals, deposed 18 June, 1660, ae. 31 
years. [P. Files.] 


Roidand, Richmond Island, one of the fishermen in 1634. 


Thomas, yeoman, Portsmouth, purchased Robert Davis' 
lot at Sagamore Creek before Jan. 4, 1657-8. With Robert 
Purinton sold land i Aug. 1672. Wife Margaret. 


Richard, blacksmith, Dover, lawsuit, 1652; juror, 1659. 

He contracted 16 Oct. 1679, to deliver pipe staves to Wm. 
Vaughan of Portsmouth in payment for 2 chaldrons of sea 
coal. Contracted with George Broughton of Berwick to de- 
liver boards to James Chadbourne i Sept. 1685. 

Wife Rose; children, Richard, Stephen, Nicholas, Rebecca, 
Rose, Solomon b. and d. 1663, Experience b. 7 Nov. 1666. 
He m. second Susanna or Shuah, widow of James Heard. 

He was killed by the Indians in 1689. Many legends 
about the family. [See Reg. V, 177, etc.] 


Robert, husbandman, ae. 33, with wife Lucy, ae. 30, and 
children Francis, Margaret and Susanna, and servants Wil- 
liam Moulton, ae. 20, and Anne Wad, ae. 1 5, of Ormsby, Eng. 
passed exam. April 11, 1637, to go to N. E. Settled at Salem. 
Wife Lucy adm. chh. 1639. He was adm. frm. May 18, 1642. 
Rem. to Hampton; proprietor June, 1640; selectman, deputy, 

I '52 

deacon, yeoman. His wife Luce d. 12 (9) 1665. He secured 
the claims of his brother Edward Colcord and his wife Ann 
to certain lands in 1654 and 1679. Ch. Rebecca and Samuel 
bapt. at Sal. i (7) 1639. 

He d. Sept. 22, 1679. Will dated 9 Sept. prob. 29 Nov. 
1679, beq. to sons Francis and Thomas; daus. Mary Fogg, 
Margaret Sanborne, Rebecca Marston, and Hannah, wife of 
Henry Dow; gr. ch. Seth, James, and Hannah Fogg; Joseph, 
Benjamin, Robert, Hannah, Sarah, William, and Ruth Moul- 
ton; Jonathan Samborne; Rebecca, Hannah, Samuel, Lucie 
and Meriah Marston; Joseph, Samuel, Symon and Jabez 
Dow; Robert, Samuel, John, Mary and Lucie Page; "to 
grandson Robert Page that chest that I brought outt of old 
England"; (some of these gr. ch. called by their marriage 
names in the will.) 

Thomas, tailor, ae. 29, with wife Elizabeth, ae. 28, and 
children Thomas, ae. 2, and Katharine, ae. i, and servants 
Edward Spurks, ae. 22, and Kat: Taylor, ae. 24, cert, from 
All Saints, Stayning, (London,) came in the Increase in 
April, 1635. 

Thomas, gent. Saco, (Maine,) had suit in Maine court 
May 2, 1637; gave bond for payment of money 22 (i) 1640-1. 
[L.] Grand juryman in 1640. Gave bond for John Winter 
in 1641. 

See Green, Hussey, Shrewsbury. 


William, yeoman, Newbury, proprietor; was one of the 
first persons licensed by the Gen. Court of Mass. to begin 
a plantation at Hampton, 6 (7) 1638. Frm. March 13, 
1638-9. Comissioner for minor trials; lot layer. Contracted 
with the town in 1640 that his son Stephen should take care 
of the herd of calves. Son Edward had land grant in 1641. 
He conveyed all his property in Hampton and Newbury, 
March 10, 1645, to John Sherman of Watertown and Martha, 
his daughter, Sherman's wife, in lieu of an inheritance in 
Great Ormesby, Eng. which belonged to her. 


He m. Grace, widow successively of John Sherman and 
Thomas Rogers; she survived him and m. [fourth]. Roger 
Porter of Watertowti; she died June 3, 1662, ae. aibaut 7a 
years ; beq. to her daughters Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Smith, 
and Martha, wife of John Sherman, and their children, and 
to her brother, John Coolidge. John and Martha Sherman 
sold their share in his estate in 1661 to his youngest son 
Joseph Palmer. 

[See Reg. LI, 309, etc.] 
William, planter, Kittery, resident about 1642 [deposi- 
tion, York De. II] ; suit in court at Strawberry Bank, 10 
(9) 1642. Bought house at Str. Ba. and sold it 4 Sept. 1651 
to Thaddeus Riddan. Took oath of allegiance at K. 16 Nov. 
1652. Deeded land 24 Aug. 1669 to his daughter Sarah and 
her husband William and their children. George Palmer, 
ae. about 43 years, deposed 28 Aug. 1663 about an execution 
levied "by Wiliam Palmer, constable of Kittery." 

William, mariner. Great Island, died intestate; admin, 
of his estate was given 6 Aug. 1685, to his widow Abishag. 
Query, is this the above? 

See Bachiler, Hilton, Riddan. 


George, carpenter, ae. 23, came in the Susan and Ellen 
to Boston in April, 1635. Seems to be the "carpenter," of 
York, who sold land 23 Nov. 1648. Took oath of allegiance 
to Mass. govt. 22 Nov. 1652. Proprietor. He and his wife 
Hannah made deed of gift to son in law Peter Bass 10 April, 

James, one of the witnesses to possession of Lewis, and 
Bonython's land in Maine June 28, 1631. 

Rev. James, Weymouth, a godly man and a scholar, 
many years a deputy of the Court, was called to Pascataqua 
to be their minister in 1642. Had good success. [W.] Re- 
siding at Strawberry Bank, he sold houses and landa at Wey- 
mouth 26 (g) 1644. Frm. May 29, 1644. He removed to 

I. ==4 

Barbadoes where he and his family were reported in 1647 
by Mr. Vines. 

Basil, see Thomas Brooks. 

John, York, his land referred to in the bounds of an ad- 
joining tract in 1651. Took oath of allegiance to Mas?, govt. 
22 Nov. 1652. 

John, fisherman, Damerills Cove, testified in ^645 to the 
loss of time to his fishing company which arose from the 
performances of Nash and others at Stratton's isla,nd. [Bax. 

John, "of Kennebecke, aged about fivety yeares," testified 
to the signing of an Indian deed of lands which he had oc- 
cupied "upwards of 26 yeares," and received confirmatory 
deed 21 July, 1684. [York De. IV.] Sold land to Capt. 
Sylvanus Davis 1 June, 1 661, his wife Margery joining; con- 
firmed the deed 13 Nov. 1684. Sold an adjoining tract "in 
Kennebecke river" 3 June, 1661, to his sister Mary Webber. 
With wife Margery gave land in Kennebeck to Wiliam 
Baker, house carpenter, and his wife Sarah, their daughter. 
John Parker, Jr. bought land of the Indians in 1650, what 
is now Phippsburg, Me. [Varney's Gazetteer of Maine.] 

Samuel, admin, on his estate granted to Em. Hilliard 
June 25, 1656. 

Widow Judith, Hampton, proprietor, 1640. Removed 
to Charlestown; sold a house and land at Hamp. 23 (3) 1645 
to, John Marian, payment to be made at either of her d^yel- 
lings in any of the towns in the bay, namely Charlestown, 
Watertown, Roxbury or Dorchester. 
See Dixon, Shrewsbury. 


John, Portsmouth, propr. 1660; juror, 1667; leather- 
sealer, 1668. Wife Mary. Will, Aug. 28, prob. Sept. 5, 1722 ; 
"very aged"; daus. Hannah Almery, Mary Elliot, Sarah 
Hunking, Joanna Roberts, and Ruth Tarrett; gr. son, Jon- 
athan Partridge. 



Daniel, shipwright, mariner, from Ipswich, co. Suffolk, 
Eng. and of Boston, N. E. Aug. 26, 1640, gave letter of at- 
torney for the sale of lands in Ipswich and delivery of money 
to wife Elizabeth. [L.] of Kittery, bought land 21 March, 
1648. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 16 Nov. 1652. 
Gave land to his son Stephen 18 July, 19 Charles II, on oc- 
casion of his marriage to Katherine, daughter of Antipas 
Mavericke. With wife Elizabeth sold, Oct. 15, 1659, to 
Richard Cutt, his dwelling house in Kittery with lands, cat- 
tle, etc. 

See Maverick, Tibbets. 


Francis, husbandman, ae. 21 years, certified from the 
parish of St. Albons, co. Hertford, England, came in the 
Planter April 2, 1635. Settled at Ipswich; proprietor, 1636. 
Removed to Hampton, proprietor, June, 1640 freeman 18 
May, 1642; one of the commissioners to try cases of limited 
amount in 1649. Sold house and land in March, 1649-50. 
Rem. to Topsfield, Mass. Lieutenant. He deposed 24 (4) 
1662, ae. about 50 years. He m. Mary, daughter of Reginald 
Foster; she d. April 9, 1705. 

Children, John, Joseph, William, Isaac, Sarah, Hephsibah, 
Lydia, Mary, Ruth b. 22 May, 1658, Damaris b. and d. 1660, 
Samuel b. 4 June, 1662, d. 13 Sept. 1667, Jacob b. 28 July, 
1664, Hannah b. 8 May, 1668, Nathaniel b. 29 July, 1669. 

He died Feb. 19, 1697-8. Will dated 20 Jan. 1695-6, prob. 
Aug. 7, 1698, bequeathed to wife Mary; sons John, Joseph, 
William, Isaac and Nathaniel; to Jacob, Kezia and Mercy, 
children of deceased son Jacob; son in law Daniel Wood; 
grand son Samson How; daughters Lydia Perley, Mary 
Death, Sarah How and Hephsibah Ray. 

See also Drake. 


Richard, carpenter, Muscongus, bought of "Capt. John 
Summerset" [Samoset], Indian sagamore, a tract of land at 


Round Pond and Pemaquid river, 9 Jan. 1641. He is called 
"brother in law" by John Brown, Jr. of Pemaquid and 

His children, Richard, born about 1647, John, born about 
1652, George, born about 1662, arid Elizabeth, (married 
Richard FuUford,) removed to Salem, Mass. The sons tes- 
tified to the above Nov. 29, 1717, and made an agreement 
together with their deceased sister Elizabeth's daughter, 
Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Martin. 

[Ess. De. 37, 257, and Gen. Adv. I, 95.] 

See also Bachiler, Pierce. 

see Hatch, 
Walter, Senior, Saco, inhabitant, 1647; l^nd in Bidde- 
ford, 1653; bought land Sept. 29, 1659. 

M. Mary, dau. of Robert Booth. Ch. : Walter, John, Mary, 
Deborah, Sarah and Susanna. [Hist. K. Port.] 

An inventory of his estate was presented in court 21 May, 
1683, by his widow Mary. His son Walter P., weaver, sold 
some of the land 13 July, 1687. Joseph P., mariner, of York, 
sold one sixteenth part of the ship True Dealing, of York, 
of 55 tons burden, to Abraham Brown of Boston, i Jan. 1670 ; 
the inventory of his estate was presented March 6, 1682, by 
Walter P.; this may be evidence that Joseph was also a son 
of Walter, Senior. 

See also Booth, Hatch, Marsill, Purrington. 


Capt. Brian or Bryan, Watertown, frm. Sept. 3, 1634. 
Town officer, deputy, member artillery company. Rem. to 
Sudbury, being one of those to whom the court gave the 
right to begin the plantation 6 Sept. 1638; proprietor and 
selectman, 1639. Appointed by the Court to train the com- 
pany 13 May, 1640. 

Rem. to Portsmouth; had lots assigned in 1652; deputy. 
May 13, 1658; major, councillor. Rem. to Saco and Cape 


Porpoise, Me.; returned to Portsmouth. Signed petition of 
Isles of Shoals people for better defences, etc. i8 (3) 1653. 
Associate judge of county court in 1664. He deposed 2(5) 
1669, ae. about 70 years. [Norf. De. II.] A letter of his 
from Winter Harbor, dated 13 Aug. 1676, describes Indian 
troubles; [Reg. I, 53.] "A man of great estate, & very pre- 
cise independent," so he was described in a paper written 
about 1668 from a royalist point of view. [Bax. MSS.] 

Wife Eleanor joined him in a deed of Watertown land 
March 20, 1648. 

He made will Aug. 9, 1677, schedule proved April 5, 1681 ; 
beq. to wife Eleanor, son James and his children, and to 
grandson Pendleton Fletcher. [Me. Wills, 59, and York De. 
v.; Reg. Ill, 122.] 

Joseph, Portsmouth, had land grant in 1652. 

See also Cadogan, Hutchinson, Spencer. 


Williain, of [Iplappen] in Devonshire, asigned to John 
Sparks of Dartmouth, 7 (9) 1648, all his wages due from 
Wm. [Stimson], Mr. of the Eagle of Colchester, viz. 36 s. 
a month for 8 mos. from 20 Feb. to 14 Oct. last past. [A.] 

This suggests a famous man who came later to N. H. 

See Bray. 


Richard, one of the Shrewsbury (Eng.) men who re- 
ceived a patent from the crown for lands at Dover and vi- 
cinity. He sold his share May 4, 1640, to Obediah Bruen. 


Abraham, son of John, the eldest son of John, Senior, 
of Ipswich, Mass. received a bequest from his grandfather in 
1654. He was a proprietor at Hampton and freeman May 
13, 1640. Kept an ordinary in 1651. [Norf. rec] 

Wife Mary; children, Mary bapt. Dec. 15, 1639, Abraham 
b. Sept. 2, 1639, (slain by the Indians 13 June, 1677; estate 
admin. 9 Oct. 1677) ; Luke b. 1641, Humphrey b. Jan. 23, 


1642, James b. April 11, 1644, Timothy b. July, 1646, James 
b. Oct. s, 1647, Jonathan b. 30 (3) 1650, David b. 28 (12) 
1653, Abigail b. 12 (2) 1655, Timothy b. 29 (4) 1657, Sarah 
b. 26 (s) 1659, Humphrey b. 17 (3) i66i. 

He died Aug. 31, 1683; will dated Aug. 22, proved Sept. 
18, 1683; wife, sons Jonathan, Humphrey, James, David and 
Luke, dau. Sarah; gr. ch. John Perkins and Mary Fifield. 
The widow Mary died May 29, 1706. 

Isaac, son of Isaac of Ipswich, Hampton, proprietor 23 
(12) 1645. Bought farm of Rev. Timothy Dalton in 1652. 
Gave land as a marriage portion to his son Jacob on his 
marriage with Mary, daughter of Thomas Philbrick, 19 
March, 1668-9. Conveyed his estate to son Ebenezer 6 Jan. 
1680, in consideration of his caring for himself and his wife 
Susanna the rest of their lives. 

Children, Lydia, Isaac, (drowned 10 (7) 1661), Jacob bapt. 
May 24, 1640, Rebecca, Caleb, Benjamin b. 12 (12) 1649, d. 
23 (9) 1670, Susanna b. 21 (6) 1652, Hannah b. 24 (2) 1656, 
Mary b. 23 (5) 1658, Ebenezer b. 9 Dec. 1659, Joseph b. 9 
(2) 1661, (drowned 10 (7) 1661,) Daniel d. i (6) 1662. 

He died in Nov. 1685. 

See Bradbury, Cocks. 


Thomas, Boston, having served Oliver Mellowes three 
and a half years, received a grant of a house plot from the 
town 8(11) 1637. He removed to Exeter; signed the com- 
bination 5 (4) 1639. Signed petitions to Gen. Court of Mass. 
in 164s and 1647. Allowance was made to him in 1650 for 
attending Hampton court as constable. 

Wife Christian; children, Hannah b. at the "beginning of 
February," 1647; Thomas, Jr. had a grant of land in 1649. 

PEVERLY, see Feverill, 

Thomas, Portsmouth, land owner in 1652; juror at 
Dover court; took oath of fidelity July 2, 1657. 
Will dated 19 April, proved June 30, 1670, bequeathed to 


wife Jane and children John, Thomas, Lazarus, Samuel, Jere- 
miah, Sarah Peverly, dau. Holmes and Martha Noble. 


Thomas, Watertown, Mass. proprietor, 1636. He sold 
house and land Jan. 23, 1645, and removed to Hampton where 
his son John had been a proprietor since 1640. Covenanted 
to furnish the town with powder, bullets and match; lawsuit 
about the matter in 1650. 

Wife Elizabeth d. 19 (12) 1663. Children, James, John, 
Thomas, (deposed 11 (2) 1667, ae. about 42 years,) Eliza- 
beth, (m. Thomas Chase,) Mary, (m. Edward Tuck,) 
Martha, (m. John Cass). 

Will dated March 12, 1663-4, "very aged"; prob. 8 (8) 
1667; mentions children James, Thomas, Elizabeth, Hannah, 
Mary, Martha; grandchildren John and Hannah Philbrick, 
James Chase, (son of daughter Elizabeth Garland), and 
Martha Cass, daughter of daughter Martha. [See Reg. VH, 
358, and XXXVni, 279.] 


Johrij Dover, proprietor, signed the Piscataqua combina- 
tion in 1640. 

He was drowned. Inventory taken March 20, 1641-2 by 
George Smith and John Dam. Hatevil Nutter and Edward 
Starbuck were appointed 28 (5) 1642 by Dover court to sell 
the goods, pay debts, and return the overplus, if any. In- 
ventory and list of debts filed 18 July, 1643. 

John, millwright, bought land at Casco bay and the river 
of Presumpsca of Cleve i Aug. 1650. Took oath of al- 
legiance at Spurwink 13 July, 1658. Estate settled 9 March, 
1679-80. [York De. V.] 

William, vintner, inn-holder, lieutenant, major, Charles- 
town, admitted to the church with wife Mary 23 (7) 1639. 
Frm. May 13, 1640. Removed to Boston. He made William 
Phillips, of Bedlam, shoemaker, his attorney for collection 
of accounts in England, 10 (12) 1648. [A.] Daniel Field 


of Tring, Eng. in a letter to Seth Sweetser, May lo, 1642, sent 
love to Wm. Phillips and his wife. The latter died 1(3) 1646. 
He m. 2, Susannah, widow of Christopher Stanley; she d. 16 
(4) 1655. leaving a will dated 10 (7) 1650, prob. Aug. 2, 
1655. Beq. to dau. in law Mary Feild, daus. Martha Thurs- 
ton and Rebecca Lord, Elizabeth and Phebe Phillips and 
Sarah ; sons William and Nathaniel P. ; Elizabeth and William 
Aspinwall ; any of her brothers' or sisters' children that may 
come over ; Richard and George Bennitt, who were her serv- 
ants ; rest to her husband. [Reg. V, 447.] He m. 3, Bridget, 
widow of John Sanford. He mortgaged his house in Boston, 
called the Ship Tavern, for the payment of certain sums to 
her children March lo, 1657. He was one of the commis- 
sioners of the Mass. Bay Colony for Maine in 1653. 

He bought of Beex & Co. of London, 11 March, 1658-9, 
the patent of land on the southwest of Saco river, formerly 
granted to Vines. Removed to Saco. Carried on a large 
amount of business in land, mills, mines, &c. Wife Bridget 
joined him in deed of a tract 10 Nov. 1662. They also deeded 
to his son Nathaniel 22 June, 1664, "in lieu of a legacy left 
to Nathaniel by my last deseased wife Susanna, one sixteenth 
of a silver mine about 40 miles above Saco Falls, which I 
bought of an Indian known by the name of Captain Sunday, in 
partnership with my sun Alden." Two sixteenths of this he 
deeded 30 March, 1663, to his "sons Zachary Gillim and 
Ephraim Turner of Boston." Deeded one fourth part of a 
sawmill, etc. at Saco Falls, to son in law John Alden of Bos- 
ton, mariner, with Elizabeth, his wife, Nov. 28, 1662. 

Having returned to Boston, he sold the tract between Ken- 
nebunke and Batson's rivers to Edward Spragg in Bishops- 
gate in London, packer, Robert Lord of London, mariner, 
John Alden, and Samuel and Nathaniel Phillips, his sons, 
12 June, 1676. He further deeded a tract 8 miles square, 
on the West side of Kennebunke river & 8 miles from the 
sea, etc. to his children and those of his "now wife," namely: 
Samuel (eldest son), William, (youngest son) ; Mary Feild 
(eldest daughter), Martha Thirston (second daughter), Re- 


becca Lord (third daughter), Elizabeth Alden (fourth 
daughter), Zaccha'ry Gillum (son in law), Sarah Turner 
(youngest daughter), Elephell Stratton (daughter of my 
wife Bridget), Peleg, John and Elisha Stantford (her sons), 
and Robert Lord of London, mariner (his son in law). 
Other persons included in the purchase were John Wood- 
mansey of Boston, merchant, Theodore Atkinson, felt-maker, 
John Santford, writing schoolmaster, and William Hudson, 
vintner; dated June 15, 1676. 

Children recorded in Boston: Elizabeth, (m. 6 (5) 1655, 
Abiel Everill, m. 2, April 1, 1660, John Alden), Phebe bapt. 
16 (2) 1640, (m. July 26, 1659, Zechariah Gillam), Nathaniel 
bapt. 19 (2) 1641, Mary b. 17 (12) 1643, John d. Aug. 1657. 

Will dated in Feb. 1682-3, proved 29 Sept. 1683, beq. to 
wife Bridget; sons Samuel and William; the latter having 
been 4 years in captivity among the Spaniards, his portion 
might be used for his redemption; to daughters Mary Feild 
and Elizabeth Alden. 

See also Clayes, Munjoy. 


Edmund, mariner, Smuttinose Island, had lawsuit for 
possession of stage-room in 1660. 

He returned to England, and from "Northam neare Bid- 
diford in the county of Devon," sold vessels, flakes, stage- 
room, etc. at said island, 13 July, 1661. 

PIERCE, PEIRCE, PERSE, see also Pearce, 

John, fisherman, York, probably the "John Peirce of 
Noddles Island, planter," to whom Capt. Champernowne 
sold 100 acres on his island at Kittery, which he reserved 
from the sale to White 14 Dec. 1648. [York De. I.] Signed 
petition of inhabitants in 1653. [Bax. MSS.] Bought house 
and field of Edward Rishworth 9 Dec. 1653, "which was 
formerly ould Robert Knight's." Sold the same 26 Dec. 1660. 
With wife Phebe sold land 19 June, 1670, to Makem Maken- 
tyre, (who refers to him as "father Pearce" in his will in 


He m. a second wife EUner; she died in 1675. Her will, 
dated 27 Aug. prob. 24 Jan. 1675, beq. to son Joseph and 
daughters Sarah and Mary; the inventory refers to her de- 
ceased husband John. [York De. V.] 


John, Piscataqua, gave bonds in 1635 for Nicholas 
Frost's appearance at Boston court; discharged 5 April, 1636. 
Was ordered by Pise, court in 1642 to "deliver the Old Com- 
binatio at Strawberry Bank" to the next court. July 5, 1654, 
he bought the remaining 5 years service of "an Irish servante 
man" who had been brought over " as a captive" by Mr. 
George Dill. See Meckermecke. He took oath of fidelity 
II July, 1659. He deposed 27 June, 1660, ae. about 60 years. 
[P. Files.] He conveyed to his son John for 15 pounds a 
year during his life, and other considerations, his water grist 
mill and other buildings and lands 7 Nov. 1665. 

He died 18 Jan. 1668. [Dov. Hist. Coll.] He made will 
dated 11 (11) 1668, bequeathing to son Thomas and daugh- 
ters Rebecca, Abigail, Mary and Sarah; it was brought into 
court 29 June, 1669, but not allowed; admin, was granted to 
his son John, and children Rebecca, Abigail and Thomas 
placed under the guardianship of Mr. Joshua Moody. 

See Ugroufe. 


James, gunsmith, from Bristol, England, resided at a 
point which now bears his name, near the present town of 
Wiscasset, Maine. He had a wife who bore him 26 children, 
of whom 21 were sons; of these the only one celebrated is 
William, born F^eb. 2, 1650. 

William learned the trade of ship carpenter; became mas- 
ter of a ship; sailed to England and the West Indies; dis- 
covered an immense amount of treasure in the form of gold 
and silver in a wrecked ship. Carried it to England, receiv- 
ing not only a part of the wealth but the honor of knight- 
hood. Returned to New England. Became commander of 


an expedition against Canada ; was afterward appointed gov- 
ernor of the province of Massachusetts, and had a remarkable 

So runs the account as given by Rev. Cotton Mather. 

See deposition of Peter, son of John White, partner of 
Phipps in land holding at "Negwusset" (now in Woolwich, 
Me.) in York Deeds XI, 15. 

James Phipps died . . . and his widow m. second John 
White, with whom she sold land to her son William Oct. 
4, 1679. [Deposition of Dame Mary Phipps, executrix and 
heir to Sr. Wm. Phipps, Kn't deceased." |Me. Gen. Reg. 
VIII, 202.] 


Richard, Dover, signed the combination in 1640. Pro- 
prietor, 1642. Was appointed to beat the drum on the Lord's 
day and take care of the meeting house in 1648. Brought 
a suit in court in 1649. Before the court in 1652. 

He made deed of g^ft of his property in 22 June, 1671, to 
his son John in consideration of John's agreement to main- 
tain him the rest of his life. 


Roger, gent. Quamphegon, York, witnessed deed of 
Richard Nason in 1654. Received a due bill from John 
Auger 15 Oct. 1655. With wife Olive sold land next to the 
Salmon Falls mills, 18 April, 1671. 

His widow Olive and son James, admins, of his estate, gave 
a receipt 17 Aug. 1676. The sons William and James, ad- 
mins, gave a quitclaim deed 4 Aug. 1679. Daniel Simpson 
of York, husband of Frances, daughter of Roger Plaisted, 
Jr. eldest son of Lieut. Roger P. sold her share or claim to 
the estate 2 July, 1701. 

See also Angier. 


Henry, Dover, estate settled 8 (8) 1652. 


William, planter, Dover, signed the combination in 1640. 
Town clerk, selectman, 1648. One of the commissioners to 
end small causes; lieutenant; in list of jury men in 1646. Re- 
turned to Gen. Court in 1653 the names of assistants chosen. 
[Mass. Arch. 38 B, 8.] Sold house and lands 10 (i) 1631; 
sold two thirds of a sawmill at Bellemie's banke, given to 
him by the town, 16 (5) 1651. 

He died 7 Aug. 1680. [Dov. Hist. Coll.] 

See Cutt, Follett, Lewis. 


Philemon, was married at Alford, co. Line. Eng. Oct. 
II, 1627, to Susanna, dau. of William Bellingham, came to 
New England. Chosen schoolmaster at Boston, Mass.; ad- 
mitted to the church with wife Susann 28 (6) 1634; frm. 
May 6, 1635. "Intreated to become schole-master" 13 (2) 
1635. Proprietor. Sympathizing with Mrs. Hutchinson and 
Mr. Wheelwright, he removed to Exeter ; was dism. from the 
chh. 6 (11) 1638. Signed Exeter combination 5 (4) 1639. 
Returned to Boston and was in the employ of Valentine Hill 
9 (8) 1645. [A.J Removed to Wells, Me. Was dismissed 
from the church there at his own request before 1653. [Bax. 
MSS. I.] 

He or some of his family removed to Great Island (Ports- 

His wife Susan died 29 (10) 1642; he m. 2, Elizabeth — . 
Children, Lazarus b. 28 (12) 1635, Anna b. 5 (2) 1638, 
Pedajah b. 3 (4) 1640, Borshuah bapt. 4 (5) 1647, Mary, 
(m. 24 (9) 1652, Nathaniel Adams, Jr.), Elizabeth, (m. in 
1656 Samuel Norden), Martha, bapt. 19 June, 1653. 


John, Portsmouth, proprietor, 1660. 


Michael, fisherman, York, had grant of land at Cape 
Neddicke for the fishing trade, in partnership with John Ball 


and others, 3 July, 1649. Compare with M. P. merchant, of 
Dedham and Boston, Mass. [P. of M.] 
See also Moore. 


Henry, Kittery, one of the creditors of John Phillips ot 
Dover in 1641 ; removed to Dover, then to Boston, where he 
was received to the church from that of Dover 15 (8) 1648; 
freeman, Mass. May 29, 1653. Wife Elizabeth; children re- 
corded in Bo.: Elizabeth bapt. 3 (12) 1649, Mary bapt. 5 (8) 
1651, Henry b. 28 April, 1654, Hannah b. 8 April, 1656, d. 
6 (S) 1657, Hannah b. and d. 1658, Sarah b. 3 Aug. 1659, 
Daniel b. 27 Aug. 1660, Anna or Hannah b. Feb. 29, bapt. 6 
(1) 1664. 

He d. before July 27, 1665, when the inventory of his 
estate was presented by the widow Elizabeth; land at Kit- 
tery mentioned. [Reg. XVI, 228]. 

Land was laid out to him at Cole's Harbor by the select- 
men 3 March, 1651 ; this was sold 13 Oct. 1684, by Elizabeth, 
widow of the said H. P., shopkeeper, of Boston, deceased, 
with Jonathan Bridgham and Elizabeth, his wife, Mary, 
Sarah and Daniel P. children of the said Henry. [York De. 


Abraham, Scituate, witnessed a deed in 1639; took oath 
of fidelity, date not specified. Removed to York, Me. ; bought 
land of Edward Godfrey 20 Dec. 1642. Reed. 20 acres of 
land from Wm. Hoole 19 July, 1645. Witnessed grant of 
mill privileges to Ed. Rishworth in 1651. Took oath of al- 
legiance to Mass. govt. 22 Nov. 1652. Was appointed one 
of the commissioners to hold court at York. 

He m. at Scituate Judith, daughter of Nathaniel Tilden. 
Child, Nathaniel bapt. at Second church of Sci. April 9, 1648. 
[Adm. of est. in Mr. Baxter's records Vol. i.] 
[See wills of Prebles, residing at several points in Kent, 
Eng. in Reg. L, 118; see Genealogy.] 

PUDDINGTON, see Purington. 



Mr. Thomas, gent, (seems to have been a brother of 
Oliver, an early settler of Dorchester, Mass. who came from 
Dorchester, Eng.) ; came to Maine about the year 1625 ; see 
Indian deed in York De. IV, 14. Resided at Pejepscot, now 
Brunswick, or in that vicinity. Was friendly to Sir Christo- 
pher Gardiner, and aided him in 1 631. [Thomas Wiggin's 
letter in Mass. Hist. Coll. VIII, 320.]* He yielded to Gov. 
Winthrop and the Mass. Bay Co. 22 (5) 1639, jurisdiction 
over a tract of land "at Pagiscott, on both sides of the 
Androscoggin river, 4 miles square toward the sea," reserv- 
ing his own property as specified and that of other inhabitants 
not particularly named. He sued certain men for taking 
from his premises at Pag. some moose skins that belonged 
to Abacodusset, an Indian sagamore, May 31, 1641. He re- 
moved to Lynn. Sold three eighths of the ship Blessing to 
Valentine Hill 29 (8) 1644. [A.j Rev. Robert Jordan was 
a kinsman. He m. i, Mary — , who came to New England 
with Sir Chr. Gardiner; she died at Boston 7(11) 1655. He 
m. 2, Elizabeth; children, Elizabeth, (m. John Blaney), Jane, 
(m. Oliver Elkins), Thomas, (m. Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel 
and Jane Andrews), and d. before 10 Jan. 1683, [York De. 
IV,] and two others. See Neale. 

He died May 11, 1678, ae. loi years. Will dated 2 May, 
1677, prob. 25 (5) 1678, beq. to widow Elizabeth and five 
children. Had lost most of his estate at the Eastward. 
Widow and son Thomas execs. Friends Mr. Henry Jocelin, 
cousin Oliver Purchase of Hammersmith and Edward Alline, 
of Boston, overseers. 

The son Thomas was lost at sea with Mr. Habbackuck 
Turner and others ; administration of his estate granted Nov. 
25, 1684, to his widow Elizabeth; John Blaney and John Wil- 
liams, cooper, both of Salem, sureties. [Es. files.] 

See Neale, Felch, Mackworth. 

* Ht was one ol the commissioners ^whD held court at Saco 25 
March, 1636. 



George, York, bought land 15 April, 1640. Had deed 
of land for debt 24 Jan. 1645. Witnessed a deed 3 July, 164?. 

He died before 1662, for his widow Mary married 2, John 
Davis, and sold, with him, 15 March, 1661-2, a tract of land 
to John Card, of Boston, merchant. They also sold land to 
her son in law John Penwill, mariner, 27 Feb. 1674-5. 

Will dated 25 June, 1647, recorded 18 Jan. 1665-6, beq. to 
wife Mary, sons John and Elias, and daughters Mary, 
Frances and Rebecca; conditional bequest to brother Robert 
P. whom he appointed one of the overseers. 

Robert, York, had lawsuit about pipe staves in Piscat- 
aqua court Sept. 24, [1641]. Constable for the lower part of 
Strawberry Bank in 1649. Had 10 acres of land in Ports- 
mouth assigned to him as an inhabitant Jan. 13, 1652. He 
deeded to his sons Robert and John his lands and houses 
"on the plaine southward from the meeting house of Ports- 
mouth" II Feb. 1655; "AP," "his wife," joined her mark 
to his in the signature. 

See also Davis, Onion. 


Thomas, "from further Northward" took oath of al- 
legiance at Kittery 16 Nov. 1652. [Is it not clerical error 
for Durston?] 

RABONE, see Haborne. 


Jeffrey, Dover, in court in 1642; taxed in 1648. 

RAINES, see Raynes. 


Francis, Piscataqua, with his wife witnessed in a case 
before the grand jury in 1648. Constable for the upper part 


of Strawberry Bank, appofnted 5 (5) 1649; in office in 1651. 
Lands, 1660. Wife Christian, sued for slander in 1655. 

He took the oath of fidelity July 2, 1657. 

His will, dated Dec. 31, 1689, proved Feb. 19, 1691-2 gave 
his estate to his sons Thomas and Samuel after his and his 
wife's decease on conditions specified; to sons John and 
Nathaniel, daus. Sarah Herrick and Mary Barns. 

Richard, Saco, 1659; son Richard rem. to Cape Porpoise. 
[Hist. K. Port.] 

Wilrnot, a maid servant, Richmond Island, in the serv- 
ice of Winter from 26 July, 1641 ; Nicholas Edgecombe mar- 
ried her in 1642, and paid 5 li. to W. "for yeldinge up of 
her tyme." [Trel.] 


Rev. Thomas, was admitted to the church of Boston, 
Mass. as a "studyent" 8(1) 1640. Child John bapt. 18 (3) 
1645, ae. about 6 weeks. He was "chaplain" at Cape Ann 
in 1643. [Lechford, P. D.] Removed to Exeter; proprietor 
in 1643; minister. [Mass. Hist. Coll. 4-7.] 

James, planter, Newbury, Mass. frm. May 14, 1634; 
proprietor; fined 5 Aug. 1634, for charging too high a price 
for the labor of one of his servants whom he had let out to 
another man. Resident in 1638. Removed to Dover; signed 
the combination in 1640; proprietor taxed in 1648. Signed 
petition to Mass govt, in 1654. Bought house in 1651 ; sold 
land 14 July, 1657. 

Made will Dec. 16, 1687, proved July 25, 1691 ; wife 
Hannah, eldest son Ichabod, other sons, Benjamin and 
Joseph; remainder to be divided between "all my children, 
sons and daughters." 


Francis, captain, Dover, proprietor, sold land to Darby 
Feild; litigation over succeeding transfers of the land in 
court 10 (8) 1649. Of York, took oath 6f allegiance to 


Mass. govt. 22 Nov. 1652, and was then appointed ensign. 
Witnessed deed of Allcocke 31 Dec. 1652. Sold land in 
Braveboate Harbor 17 March, 1660. With wife Eliner gave 
house and farm (alter their deaths) to their son Nathaniel, 
and after his death to his eldest son Francis; deed dated 8 
July, 1684. 

His will dated 21 Aug. 1693, recorded 15 Oct. 1706, beq. 
to wife Elinor ; son Nathaniel and his sons Francis, John and 
Nathan; Francis, son of Joseph Hodsdon; grandchild Eliza- 
beth H.; daughter, wife to John Woodman; to Samuel Mat- 
thews, his wife and children, David Mendum and John Dia- 
mond's children. 

See also Tompson, 


Robert, Boston, frm. April 17, 1644. Land gr. in Bo. 
1637, having been a res. in 1635. Sealer of leather. Rem. 
to Exeter, N. H. 

Signed the combination 5 (4) 1639; took freeman's oath 
at Pise, court 17 (2) 1644. 

Rem. to Hampton. 

Wife Hannah d. 24 (4) 1655. Second wife Susanna sur- 
vived him and m. John Presson. Ch. Hannah, (m. John 
Souter,) Mary, Rebecca b. and bapt. at Bo. 29 (7) 1646, 
Deborah bapt. 28 (11) 1648, ae. about 3 days, Sarah bapt. 
I (7) 1650, Samuel bapt. 3 (2) 1653, d. 31 (i) f6s4. Sam- 
uel b. Feb. 28, 1654. 

He was lost in a vessel which sailed from Hampton for 
Boston Oct. 20, 1657. [See Whittier's poem, "The Wreck 
of Rivermouth."] His goods and lands were appraised at 
84 pounds, 29 (8) 1657 and 5 (i) 1657-8. 

The daughter Hannah, with her husband John Souter, 
brazier, of Boston, the dau. Mary, and the dau. Sarah by 
her guardian, John Souter, sold their shares in house and 
land in Boston owned by their father Robert Read, late of 
Hampton, deceased, 6 Jan. 1662-3, and Susannah, wife of 
John Presson of Boston and relict of said Robert Read, con- 


veyed her right the following day; recorded ii June, 1668. 
See also Walford, West. 


Thomas., Plymouth (town or colony,) volunteer for the 
Pequot war in 1637. He m. 20 July, 1639, Ellene Penny. 
Placed his male child, about 5 years old, in care of Gowen 
White 4 June, 1645, to be brought up to the age of 21 years. 

Removed to East Saco, Me.; took oath of allegiance to 
Mass. govt. 5 July, 1653. [Bax. MSS.] 

His widow Ellner, of Casco Bay, sold land 10 March, 1673- 
4, to James Andrews of Falmouth, who had paid a mortgage 
given by her late husband Thomas R. in the year 1672. John 
Redding of Weymouth, Joseph Donell of Casco Bay a?id 
Ruth, his wife, and John Taylor of Boston sold their rights 
in another tract which the widow sold in 1680. [York 


John, blacksmith, Dover, built a house on land of the 
Dover and Squamscott patentees, and was afterward sued 
by them therefor Sept. 3, 1641. Removed to Hampton. 
Testified in Colcord and Wall case in 1658. Took freeman's 
oath at Salisbury 24 (2) 1649. Mortgaged house and land 
at Hamp. 2 Dec. 1631. With Richard Knight of Boston, 
weaver, sold land at Smutty Nose Island, Isles of Shoals, 
30 Nov. 1668. Sold land 6 July, 1671. Deposed about March, 
1659-60, ae. about 42 years; [Es. Files]; and 14 (8) 1673, 
ae. 56. [Norf. Files.] Gave marriage portion to his son 
John on his wedding Martha, daughter of John Cass, 18 Feb. 
1666; and Robert Knight of York also gave land the same 
day to "my grand child," John, Jr. ; sold land to son John Aug. 
20, 1681. 

Wife Margerite died 30 (3) 1658; he m. 2, Sabina, widow of 
Wm. Marston, who died Nov. 10, 1689. Children, John, 
Mary b. 15 (10) 1649, Joseph b. 20 (2) 1651, Sam: b. 12 
(2) 1658. 

He died Feb. 16, 1700, "ae. about 85." 



William, Kittery, testified in the Gunnison case 21 Dec. 
1653, ae. about 38 years; was a sailor in John Treworgy's 
bark, the Bachelor, about 16 or 17 years before. [Bax. MSS. 
I.] Probably the person who came to Boston in the Eliza- 
beth and Ann in April, 1635, ae. 22; was before the Gen. 
Court of Mass. 4 (10) 1638, and before Es. court in 1640. 


Christian, planter, Kittery, took oath of allegiance to 
Mass. govt. 16 Nov. 1652. Gave land to his son Isaac 16 
Oct. 1686, and 20 June, 1691, sons Jacob and Joshua wit- 
nessing the deeds; they also witnessed that of same date in 
which Abraham, another son, surrendered any claim he might 

He made a conditional deed to his son Joshua 18 Oct. 1693, 
and another, dated "the one and thirtieth day of April," 1703, 
wife Hannah joining. 

Rev. John, b. at Gildersome, co. York, came in 1635 or 
1636 to Plymouth. Was chosen teacher; lands granted him 
Feb. 6, 1636. Frm. 6 March, 1637-8. Wrote a letter on 
Moral Laws in 1642. [B.] Was called to be pastor at 
Dover, N. H. and rem. thither. Signed petition of in- 
habitants to Gen. Court 10 Oct. 1665. [Mass. Arch. 106, 
160.] He m. 1st a dau. of — Boyes; he m. 2, Frances Clarke, 
who had 'been a maid servant in the family of Rev. John 
Wilson, and was dism. to the chh. of Plym. 18 (7) 1642. 
Ch. Jachin, Anna, (m. Job Lane,) John, Elizabeth, Dorothy, 
Abigail, Judith, a dau. b. 26 Dec. 1647, Joseph b. 15 Aug. 
1650, d. 3 Nov. 1652. 

Mr. John Reynor, teacher of Dover church, d. 21 (2) 1669. 
He made his will 19 April, probated 30 June, 1669. He be- 
queathed to his wife land in Gildersome in the parish of 
Batly in the county of York, England, etc.; to the 5 ch. of 
present wife, John, Elizabeth, Dorothie, Abigail and Judith; 


to son Jachim, of Rowly, and daughter Hannah, wife to Job 
Lane, of Billerica, "a cup I had with their mother," etc. 
The will was brought into court 29 June, 1669, and inventory 
presented by his widow Frances. [See Lane Family Papers 
in Reg. XI, and B.] 


John, fisherman, witness to John Lander's deed at Pas- 
cataquack in 1639; gave "bale" in court at Strawberry Bank 
in 1643. Juryman in 1646. Could not have been the son 
of William, and probably was not the person who sold land 
in Cape Porpoise 2 Jan. 1687-8? Compare with John, of 
Watertown, Mass. in 1635. 

William, Plymouth, one of the party with John Rowland 
at Kennebeck in the Hocking affair in 1634. Received land 
on Duxbury side Feb. 6, 1637. Owned cattle in 1638; sold 
in 1640. He m. 30 Aug. 1638, Ales Kitson. Rem. to Cape 
Porpoise; took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 5 July, 1653. 
Was then allowed to keep a ferry at Kennybuncke, and to 
have 3 pence a passenger. With wife Alice made deed of 
gift 12 April, 1675, to son John, conditioned on life care of 
the parents. Ch. : John, Samuel, Job, William, Mary (m. 
James Langley), Jane (m. Thomas Wormwood). 


Thomas, husbandman, Kittery, came at an early day; 
worked for John Treworgy, brewing for the fishermen; to 
this he deposed in the Gunnison case 21 April, 1654, being 
of the age of 38 years. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. 
govt. 16 Nov. 1652. Land granted him in that year was 
confirmed to him by the selectmen 4 Dec. 1655. [York De. 
L] Sold land 14 Sept. 1660. 

Thomas, [presumably his son], m. Mary, dau. of Thomas 



John, sued for falling timber on Mr. Larkham's lands in 
Dover court in 1642. 
See Clifford. 


Mr. John, a sea-captain trading here, brought suit in 
Maine court Feb. 7, 1636, to recover wages for the labor 
of a servant of his, who had been let out to another person. 
Other suits. Sold powder to Winter in trade for beaver as 
per testimony in 1640. 


Thaddeus, Strawberry Bank, bought house of Wm. 
Palmer 4 Sept. 1651 ; sold it to Richard Cutt 10 June, 1633. 


Phinehas, Falmouth, bought 55 acres of land of Cleve 
25 March, 1658. 

He died, "of Great Island"; inventory of his estate was 
taken 30 April, 1681, and brought into court 7 June by his 
widow Alice, who was appointed administratrix; the court 
gave her the whole estate; no land and no children men- 


Edward, bapt. at Saleby, co. Line. Eng. May 5, 1617. 
Came to Exeter, signed the combination 5 (4) 1639. Re- 
moved to Wells; proprietor and purchaser of land in 1640. 
With Boade and Wheelwright was authorized by Thomas 
Gorges, Esq. to allot lands in Wells 14 July, 1643. [York 
De.] Had a grant of land at Cape Nuttacke river for a saw- 
mill 20 Oct. 1651. 

Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt, at York 22 Nov. 
1652, and was appointed commissioner for minor trials at 
York and secretary of the General Assembly of Lygonia 14 
Aug. 1658. Magistrate, deputy. 


He was one of the commissioners of Charles II in 1664. 
Gave deed of property 17 Oct. 1682, to his son in law John 
Sayword, husband of his daughter Mary, and received prom- 
ise of life care, etc. 

His son Edward m. Susanna, daughter of Rev. John Wheel- 
wright. Having had charge of the records of the province 
of Maine 30 or 40 years, a petition, signed by many of the 
justices and people July 6, 1686, desired that he keep them, 
rather than have them go to Dover, etc. [Bax. MS. VI.] 

See also Cross, Gaile, Haborne, Hocking, Pierce, Saward, 


Gyles J Black Point, made will 25 Jan. 1666, prob. 20 
June, 1667, inventor}' taken 30 Jan. 1666; beq. to his 3 chil- 
dren that were with him and the 2 that lived with his brother 
Arthur Auger (Alger). Henry Jocelyn and bro. in law 
William Sheldon overseers. 

John, planter, Dover, taxed Oct. 19, 1648. 
Selectman in 1665. 

With wife Abigail sold land 29 June, 1665. She received 
a bequest from her father, Hatevill Nutter in 1675. Signed 
petition to Gen. Court Oct. 10, 1665. 

He conveyed to his son John 20 April, 1680, a tract of land 
which he had received from his father in law. 

Thomas, Mr. Dover, signed the combination in 1640; had 
lawsuit in 1641; proprietor in 1642; juror, 1646; taxed Oct. 
19, 1648. "Thomas Roberts, Newe England," is in list of 
fishmongers in Tax Roll of London, 1641. See Hilton. 

His will dated 27 Sept. 1673, probated 30 June, 1674, be- 
queathed to children John, Thomas, Hester, (now wife of 
John Martyn "of New Jarze,") Anne (wife of James Phil- 
brooke), Elizabeth, (wife of Benjamin Heard of Coche- 
chock) , son in law Richard Rich, husband of daughter Sarah. 
William, in court at Strawberry Bank in 1643. 
He died before March 29, 1676, when admin, on his estate 
was granted 27 Aug. 1677, when a list of his debts was filed; 


mention was made of claims of William R. Jr. and the care 
of the "widow and girl" i8 months past; but their names 
are not given. 

See also Crockett, Layton, Nutter, Weare. 


Henry, planter, Exeter, signed the combination in 1639; 
signed petitions of inhabitants Sept. 7, 1643, and 29 (3) 1645. 
[Mass. Arch. 112, 8 and 39.] Clerk of the market and com- 
missioner for minor trials; sworn at Salisbury court 24 (2) 
1649. Had grant of land for a sawmill with others in 1649. 
Town officer. Rem. to Hampton; deposed about Wall's sell- 
ing his mill to Colcord, Oct. 18, 1658. Sold house and lands 
to Wm. More of Ex. 20 Sept. 1653. Town officer, 1656. He 
deposed 13 (12) 1656, ae. about 50 years. [Norf. court Files, 
49.] A judge of the Court of Sessions in 1684. 

Wife Ruth died May 5, 1673; he m. 2, Jan. 19, 1673-4, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Philbrick, and widow of 
Thomas Chase and John Garland. He m. (3) Sarah — , who 
, , died Jan. 23, 1703. Children, Thomas b. i (i) 1645-6, John 
b. 2 Feb. 1648, [Judith,] Ruth b. 3 (i) 1654, Deliverance b. 
22 (i) 1657, Samuel b. 4 (6) 1659, Ichabod b. 26 (9) 1664, 
Sarah b. April 19, 1679. 

He d. April 22, 1688. Will Jan. 10, 1686, codicil April 3, 
proved June 5, 1688; Sarah, my now wife; ch. Thomas, Sam- 
uel, Ichabod, Judith, John, Ruth Roby and Mary ffoulsham. 


Francis, Mr., Saco, magistrate in 1631, as he deposed 
Sept. 6, 1670, being then 52 years old. [Bax. MSS.] He 
deposed in a case in Maine court April 4, 1637. Grand jury 
man, 1640. Sold wheat to Winter in 1643. Witness of Mary 
Allen's deposition in 1647. 

John, blacksmith, Haverhill, bought house and land in 
1644, which he sold 5 Aug. 1651, wife Elizabeth joining. 
Gave letter of attorney 17 (8) 1650 for the collection of a 
legacy left by his father John Robinson, blacksmith, of 


Mapersall, co. Bedford, Eng. [A.] Bought house and land 
in Exeter 20 (12) 1651-2. As "planter," Exeter, sold house 
and lands 24 (2) 1654; mortg. land 3 Nov. 1674, to secure 
contract for delivery of boards and pipe staves. He deposed 
26 June, 1661, ae. about 45 years. [P. Files.] 

He died 10 (9) 1675; administration May 30, 1676; account 
rendered 6 (2) 1677 by his widow Elizabeth and son David. 

See also Treworgy. 


George, Portsmouth, lands assigned him in 1660. 

Nicholas, Portsmouth, with wife Elizabeth, in court at 
Dover 3 (8) 1648, charged with slandering certain persons. 
He sold to Richard Shortridg 5 (8) 1659, half of a block of 
land which was granted by the town to him and Edward Bur- 

See Mussall. 


Christopher, servant to Sir Ferdinando Gorges, came 
early to Piscataqua; became a planter. Received a grant 
of land in York from Mr. Thomas Gorges, and sold the same 
to John Gooch July 21, 1645. 

George, Richmond Island, one of Winter's fishermen, 
1639. Kittery, proprietor, 1641. [York Deeds and Court 

See Bragdon, Gunnison. 


Walter, carpenter, Ipswich, Mass. ; removed to Hampton. 
Frm. May 13, 1642. Proprietor in 1641 ; selectman, 1644. 
Sold house to Robert Saward in 1647. Removed to Tops- 
field, Mass. Agent for Wm. Payne in 1653. He deposed in 
1 661, ae. about 48 years. 

Child Mary Bapt. at Hamp. Aug. 22, 1641. 

Will dated 15 July, prob. 28 Sept. 1680, beq. to wife Susan, 
sons John and Nathaniel, daus. Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah, 


grandchildren Elizabeth, Susan, Margaret, Rose and Sarah 
Sparkes, and Elizabeth and Susan Dutch. 
See also Dalton. 


Nicholas, of Wemberry, Eng. came to Casco and dwelt 
with Thomas Alger about 1630. [Trel.] 


William, Dover, one of the "Shrewsbury men," q. v. ; 
a witness to Obediah Bruen's deed in 1642. 


James, claimed in petition to Andros in 1687 that he 
and his father had occupied about 30 years at the Back cove 
in ffalmouth. [Bax. MSS.] 


William, cooper and cleaver of timber, was engaged 
Marcli 23, 1628, by the Mass. Bay Company in England to 
come to New England and work for them. Came to Salem 
that year — 1628-9. Some time later he removed to Casco 
Bay, Maine; had a lawsuit in court at Sapo 25 March, 1636. 
Received a patent for the land on which he was living 27 
March, 1643. His land included part of that through which 
"Royall's river"" flows, which was named for him. He was 
a deputy to the Maine assembly Sept. 14, 1648. 

He married Phebe, daughter of Margaret Green, the 
second wife of Samuel Cole of Boston, Mass. She signed 
with him in witness of a deed of John Smith of Casco in 
1646. He deeded to his sons William and John, 28 March, 
1673, certain property, on condition of life care for himself 
and wife. Children, John, Samuel, Isaac, Joseph, Mary and 
Mehetabel. About 1675 he removed to Boston, where he 
died June 15, 1676. Tiie widow died July 16, 1678. 

[Gen. by E. D. Harris in Reg. XXXIX, 348.] 

See also Winter. 


John, married, probably in England, Ann, daughter of 
Rev. Stephen Bachiler. Three of their children, John, 
Stephen and William, came to Hampton, either with or soon 
after their grandfather. 

John, Hampton, proprietor, signed the petition about 
Howard March 7, 1643. 

He deposed 14 (2) 1668, ae. about 48 years. 

He m. I, Mary, daughter of Robert Tuck; she died 30 (10) 
1668. He m. 2, Aug. 2, 1671, Margaret, daughter of Robert 
Page, and widow of Wm. Moulton. Children, John, Mary, 
b. 12 (2) 1651, Abigail b. 23 (12) 1653, Richard b. 4 (li) 
1654, Mary b. 19 (i) 1657, Joseph b. 13 (i) 1659, Steven b. 
12 (9) 1661, d. 24 (12) 1661-2, Ann b. 20 (9) 1662, Nathaniel 
b. 27 (11) 1665, Benjamin b. Dec. 20, 1668, Jonathan b. 25 
May, 1672. 

He died Oct. 20, 1692. Inventory taken 2 Nov. following. 
Stephen, Hampton, proprietor, signed Howard petition 
in 1643. Sold house and land in Kittery 29 Aug. 1650. 

Wife Sarah; children, Sarah b. 12 (4) 1651, Dorothia b. 2 
(i) 1653. 

William, yeoman, Hampton, signed the Howard petition 
in 1643. Proprietor; sold land 17 May, 1647. On the 8th 
of the seventh month following he and his brothers John 
and Stephen and Nathaniel Bachiler received a deed of cer- 
tain land from their grandfather. Rev. Stephen Bachiler. 
Frm. 8 (8) 1651. 

Wife Mary; children, Mephibosheth b. 5 (9) 1663, Sarah 
b. 10 (12) 1666. 

He died 18 Nov. 1692; inventory filed 22 Feb. following by 
"Nath" Bachiler Senr." 

He beq. his estate to wife Mary, sons Stephen, Josiah, Wil- 
liam, Mephibosheth. 


See also Cutts. 



Thomas, brewer, Richmond Island, in the employ of 
Winter; returned to England in 1637. Wife there. [Trel.] 


Robert, ae. 30, "sent away by Robert Cordell, goldsmith, 
Lombard street, London," came in the Increase April 14, 
1635. Settled at Saco. Was constable at court in Saco Jan. 
9, 1636-7. Sold pork, to Winter in 1639. 

He died before 2 Aug. 1642, as appears from reference 
in a deed of land adjoining his. [York De. L] 

Was he the fishmonger of London, enrolled in 1641 ? See 


Edward, "of Watertown," was "sick at Piscataqua" when 
called before Mass. Gen. Court 5 (i) 1638-9. Presumably 
the same, agent for Capt. Francis Champernowne, sold a 
house and land at Great Bay on south side of Pascataway 
river, to Mr. Francis Norton of Charlestown 20 Sept. 1644. 
Had a judgment upon Capt. C.'s house and lands, and sold 
the same to Mrs. Sarah Lynne Aug. i following. Mass. Gen. 
Court punished a person of same name 19 Oct. 1654. Same 
name a soldier in Naragansett war from Scituate, Plym. 
Coll. in 1645. 

John, Ipswich, proprietor, 1635; removed to Salisbury 
6 Sept. 1638; rem. to Hampton; admitted inhabitant Dec. 13, 
1639. Rem. to Wells; sold house and lands at Hamp. 27 (7) 
1644. Bought house and land 20 Aug. 1643; was appointed 
sergeant 5 July, 1653, and lieutenant before 1657. [York 
De.] Of Cape Porpoise, sold land 9 Oct. 1663, wife Ann 
joining. Commissioner. Peter Turbat married his daughter 

Will dated 13 June, prob. 24 June, 1670, beq. to wife Ann, 
son Thomas and his son John, and to "all my children." 

John, joiner, worked for Winter at Richmond Island 4 
weeks in 1641 or 1642. [Trel.] 


Robin, Richmond Island, in service of Winter June 22, 

Robert, perhaps the same as the above, husbandman, of 
Plymouth, England, contracted with Trelawney and Winter 
22 Nov. 1642, to work for them at Richmond Island or else- 
where in fishing, planting, etc. [Trel.] 

William, carpenter, indebted to Mr. Bellingham and Mr. 
Gibbins contracted 19 (10) 1636, to serve them 3 years. 
[W.] One of the founders of Hampton, 6 (7) 1638. 
See Munjoy, Turbat. 


Robert, goldsmith, silversmith, settled first at Hampton, 
1638; had land grants in 1639 and 1640. Town oflScer in 
1639. Removed to Watertown, Mass. [See P. of M.] 

Robert and Thomas, of Falmouth, petitioned Gov. An- 
dros 9ber 27th, 1687, deposing that they had been in actual 
possession and improvement of lands on the southward side 
of Casco river about 35 years (i. e. from about 1652) and 
asked to have the land surveyed for them. Thomas sub- 
scribed by his mark ("Stanford") to the oath of allegiance 
to Mass. Bay July 13, 1658, and signed a petition to the king 
in 1665. Robert also signed the latter. 


John, fisherman, Isles of Shoals, proprietor; mortgaged 
his house and lands for the payment of 40 li. Aug. 28, 1658. 
Removed to Winter Harbor about 1661 ; and to Great Island 
in 1677. Deposed Aug. 13, i668, aged "neere 36." [Bax. 

Stephen, master of one of the crews of fishermen at 
Richmond Island, 1638-40. Wrote reports to Trelawney. 
See Heyman. 



Roger, fisherman, Richmond Island, in service of Winter, 
1639-40. Wife in England. [Trel] 


Henry, Haverhill, proprietor, 1644. Removed to Ports- 
mouth; for work done in Ambrose Lane's sawmill, he re- 
ceived a deed, 29 May, 1655, from Richard Tucker, attorney 
for Lane, of two houses and certain lands. Was fined in 
1663, for declining to serve on the grand jury. 

He m. Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Walford. 

She made will Nov. 13, 1708, prob. 1709; son John and 
dau. Easter Savage, dau. Deborah Wills and her children; 
son in law Edward Wills, exec. 

See Brookins, Spencer. 

Henry, millwright, Hampton, proprietor, had grant of 
land to set a wind-mill on Sept. 2, 1642. Rem. to Straw-, 
berry Bank; sold Hampton land about Nov. 2, 1650. Rem. 
to York; land laid out to him April 20, 1661. Exchanged 
marsh land near his saw mill with Edw. Rishworth July 7, 
1669. Mortg. land and mill on Mousam river etc. to Simon 
Lynde, of Boston Sept. 2, 1673 ; was in partnership with Bar- 
tholomew Gedney of Salem in mill, logs, etc. in 1674. [York 
De. IL] He deposed Oct. 15, 1669, that he had been an in- 
habitant in this country 32 years and upwards since he came 
fiom England; that he lost 1000 pounds by the burning of his 
mills at York. The court gave him permission to cut timber 
on Cape Porpoise river. 

Wife Mary; ch. Joseph, b. at Hampton 16 (9) 1655; proba- 
bly also John, who m. Mary dau. of Edw. Rishworth, and 
Samuel who was attorney for John Knowlton of Ipswich in 
1679. Admin, of his estate was granted April 6, 1682, to 
his widow Mary ; the inventory mentions saw-mills and corn- 
mills at York, Cape Porpoise, Mousam and Casco. [York 
De v.] 


Richard, Portsmouth, had lo acres of land assigned him 
in 1652. 

His will_, dated Feb. 21, 1662, proved July i, 1663, gave to 
son Richard Seaward and son [in law] Richard Jackson and 
their children. Refers to brother Roger Seaward; owned 
a vessel and cargo. Land at Drake Point. 

Robert, Exeter, signed the combination in 1639; removed 
to Hampton, "signed" in 1640. Bought lands of Lieut. 
Howard and sold the same to Nathl. Boulter Sept. 25, 1646. 
His purchase of a house from Walter Roper was acknowl- 
edged in court at Dover in 1647. 
See also Crawley, Fryer. 


William, planter. Cape Porpoise, "came with Vines in 
1630." [Hist. Kpt.] Was before the Court at Saco March 
25, 1636. Grand Jury man in 1640. Took oath of allegiance 
at Saco July 5, 1653. Clerk of the writs. Res. at West Saco. 
[Bax. MSS.] 

Will dated Jan. 7, 1661-2; proved July 3, 1662; wife Ellner; 
ch. William, Susanna, John, Rebecca, Samuel and Sarah. 
Some articles specified for each, religious books, etc. included. 
Stephen Kent and Bryan Pendleton execs. 


Nicholas, Dover, witness to Obediah Bruen's deed in 


James, Portsmouth, before the Court June 27, 1656; had 
a lot of land, half an acre, at Great Island assigned him Jan. 
I, 1656-7. 


George, Isles of Shoals, signed petition of inhabitants 
18 (3) 1653. 

John, fisherman. Isles of Shoals, .chosen constable in 
1646; the court ordered that he take oath of office before 


Mr. Smyth. Witnessed Crockett's deed of land at Kittery 
in 1648. He conveyed, 20 June, 1651, to his brother William 
S. all money due him, and gave him power of attorney for 
collection, etc. [Court Rec] Administration of his estate 
was granted 30 June, 1670, to his brother William Seeley, 
for the benefit of his heirs, executors, or wife or children. 

Mr. Dover, taxed Oct. 19, 1648. Perhaps this was John. 

Richard, Isles of Shoals, signed petition of inhabitants 
18 (3) 1653. Appointed one of the commissioners for set- 
tling controversies there. 

William, fisherman. Isles of Shoals, chosen ensign of 
military company in 1652. [Bax. MSS.] Signed the peti- 
tion 18 (3) 1653. Bought house, stage, flakes, cables, shallop, 
etc., 24 June, 1653. Sold his house and land 10 April, 1666. 
His widow Elizabeth, as administratrix of his estate, sold 
15 Nov. 1673, a house and land which he had bought of 
Richard Carle in 1666. 
See Benin, Brown, Swadden. 


William, Strawberry Bank and Isles of Shoals, sold fish 
to Winter in 1642. Sold house and land at Strawberry Bank 
6 June, 1648. Was one of the commissioners to try minor 
cases in 1649. Signed with four others a petition of S. B. 
people for full rights, Oct. 20, 1651. [Mass. Arch. 112, 38.] 
Took oath of allegiance July 2, 1657. 

Was Thomas his son, who had lot assigned him at Ports- 
mouth in 1652; was a juryman in 1656, and with wife Tama- 
son sold land 4 Oct. 1667? 

See also Ellen, Hutchinson, Lane, Tucker, Turpin, Wiley. 

SELLERS, see Sealy, 

William, was sued in Piscataqua court in 1642. 

SEWARD, see Saward. 


Alexander, merchant, from Kingsweare, co. Devon, came 
to the Piscataqua valley at a very early day. He is said 


by some writers to have been an agent of Gorges ; but of this 
no evidence appears in our records. He carried on a large 
amount of fishing, trading, and his grandson, John Treworgy, 
called at Richmond Island in 1640, doing business in Mr. 
Shapleigh's name. [Trel.] He was a resident of New Eng- 
land when he sold to his son in law James Treworgy all his 
lands, boats, houses, etc. in N. E. May 26, 1642. While his 
dwelling may have been at Strawberry Bank, he had grants 
of land at Kittery; and finding that Nicholas Frost had re- 
ceived too little marsh for his stock of cattle, he gave him 
the 5 acres of marsh which had been allotted to himself. 
Testified 31 May, 1643. [York De. I.] 

Children: i. Katherine, m. (i) James Treworgy; m. (2) 
Edward Hilton. She must have been much older than her 
brother Nicholas, as she said in a petition on his behalf to 
the General Court of Mass. Bay, May 7, 1674, referring, 
probably, to his being deprived of a mother in infancy, "I 
nursed him at my breast (which I canot forgett)"; she .also 
refers to her father thus : "About 38 years since, m a time 
of great scarcity, our ffather laid out a good estate for the 
supply of this Countrey and the settling some part of it. & 
in a season of there want supplyed them soe reasonably with 
provisions, that it was thankfully receipted, & acknowledged 
by the authority then in being," etc. [Mass. Arch. 106.] 

ii. John, who remained in England while his son John 
came over here and acted as agent for his grandfather; iii. 
Nicholas, also a merchant at Kingsweare, Devon, who came 
over here as early as 1641, when he bought lands, houses, 
fishing coast, etc. of his brother in law Treworgy. He lived 
at Boston and Charlestown from about 1645 till about 1648, 
when he was a citizen and a town ofiicer of Kittery. He was 
"instrumental by an order to some of Road Hand to make 
seizure of certain persons" about 1674, in consequence of 
which he was arrested and imprisoned at Boston in 1674; 
and at that time his sister sent down the petition mentioned 
above. He was soon released. His descendants have been 


See also Amerideth, Chadbourne, Godfrey, Gunnison, John- 
son, Lane, Small, Taintor, White, Withers. 


Edward, sued Matthew Giles in Dover Court 30 Jan. 
1657, for wages. A man of the same name, a sawyer, lived 
at Duxbury, Plym. Col. 1632; was before Plym. Court 2 Oct. 
1637, hired for a year with Robert Bartlett Dec. i, 1638. 

John; a suit was brought against him in Strawberry 
Bank Court in 1646, others in 1649 ^"d 1650. 

Roger, husbandman, yeoman, Cambridge, proprietor, 
1636; frm. March 14, 1638-9; town officer. Rem. to Hamp- 
ton. Bought house and land 15 Nov. 1647; sold land in 1658. 
Deputy; juryman. 

He married, first, Anne — ; he m. second, Susanna, widow 
of William Tilton of Lynn, Mass.; she died 28 (ri) 1654. 
Children, Joseph, Benjamin, Esther b. (4) 1638, Mary d. 
26 (11) 1639, Mary b. 29 (7) 1645, Margaret, Ann. His 
"son in law" [step-son] Abraham Tilton was apprenticed 5 
Dec. 1653, to John Hood, weaver, of Lynn; whose wife 
Elizabeth, acting under a power of attorney from her huss- 
band then in England, released the apprentice 10 Nov. 1656, 
although she had previously sent him to Peter Tilton, living 
in Connecticut. [Norf. Rec. I.] Samuel Tilton, another 
of the children of "my late wife Susanna,*' received a tract 
of land from Mr. Shaw April 6, 1660, and receipted in full 
for his portion 12 June, 1661, and for that of his brother 
Daniel Tilton 13 July, 1663. 

He died 29 (3) 1661. Will dated 25 Aug. 1660, codicil 
dated 20 March following, probated 10 (8) 1661, beq. to sons 
Joseph and Benjamin, daughters Margaret Ward, Ann Fogg, 
Hester, and Mary ; sons Abraham and Daniel Tilton to have 
their portions when they come of age according to covenant. 

See also Bachiler. 


Dermond, Portsmouth, deposed 28 (4) 1660, ae. about 
50 years. 



Godfrey, planter, Black Point. 

He made will 13 March, 1663-4, ae. about 6s years; beq. 
to wife; to eldest son William and his wife Rebecca; to son 
John and to "daughters." Prob. 3 April, 1670. 

Gyles Roberts, in his will in 1666, calls William Sheldon 
his son in law. 


Thomas, Richmond Island, one of Winter's fishermen, 

Henry, yeoman, Portsmouth; it was ordered by Piscat- 
aqua court in 1642 that he keep a ferry from the great house 
to the great island, one to the province, one to Strawberry 
Bank, one to "Rowes," and "other ferryes," with specified 
fares for each route; and that he "keep an ordinary, at 8d 
a meale." He was appointed commissioner and clerk of the 
writs in 1649. Signed petition of inhabitants to Gen. Court 
20 Oct. 1651. [Mass. Arch. 112, 38.] Took oath of fidelity 
July 2, 1657. Deputy to Gen. Court in 1658. [Mass. Arch. 
39, 47.] Sold houses and land at Isles of Shoals in 1660, his 
wife Rebecca signing with him. He conveyed land" 29 Sept. 
1659, to Richard Slooper (Sloper) in consideration of his 
marriage to his daughter. He deposed 25 June, 1662, ae. 
about 48 years. [P. Files.] 

He married Rebecca, daughter of Mr. Ambrose Gibbons, 
bequeathed in 1657 to their children, Samuel, Elizabeth, 
Mary, Henry, John, Ambrose, Sarah and Rebecca, the boys 
to receive their portions at 21, and the girls at 18 years of 
age. He m. (2) Sarah, widow of Walter Abbot. 

He died before Sept. 8, 1681, when the inventory of his 
estate was presented in court by his sons Samuel and John 
S. The daughter Elizabeth married Tobias Langdon about 


John, Strawberry Bank, sued in court in 1642, juryman 
in 1650. Took oath of fidelity in 1659. He married Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Robert Tuck of Hampton, q. v. 

See also Hutchinson, Sloper, Walling, Wedge, Woodward. 


Jeremy, Kittery, had lawsuit in Dover court in Oct. 1650. 
He and Elizabeth were witnesses in court in 1652. Took 
oath of allegiance 16 Nov. 1652. Rem. to Cape Nottocke. 
With wife Susanna sold land 14 Nov. 1664. 
See Johnson. 


John, before Piscataqua court in 1652. 


Clement, Kittery, married in Boston 21 Nov. 1660, Faith, 
daughter of Mr. Thomas Munt; had a grant of land in 1662, 
which was sold 25 Dec. 1706, by his son Thomas, of Boston, 

Tobias, Richmond Island, a servant of Winter, 1639- 


Richard, fisherman, Portsmouth, bought land of Nicholas 
Row 5 (8) 1659, and sold it in 1661. 


Abraham, merchant, came from Bristol, Eng. as the 
agent for Aldworth and Elbridge, the patentees of Pemaquid 
and vicinity. Samoset's deed to Brown, 15 July, 1625, was 
made before him. 

He brought letters to Richmond Island in 1635; was trad- 
ing along the coast to Boston in 1639 and 1643. [Trel.] 
Brought suit in Maine court May 20, 1637. His son Adam 
Shurt, on behalf of his mother Mrs. Mary Shurt, brought a 
suit in 1647. 


He gave a general receipt to Giles Elbridge of Bristol, 
merchant, exec, of the will of Robert Aldworth, merchant, 
late of the same city, deceased 14 (9) 1646, and put himself 
"a covenant servant" with Elbridge "to serve, dwell & abide 
in New England .... dureing the terme of fyve yeares," etc. 
Made Robert Knight, merchant, now residing in Boston, his 
attorney 27 (7) 1647. [A.J We have but few glimpses of 
his career. 

See Brown, Cocks. 


Robert, planter, "of Winnegansett,'' gave bond in 
March, 1640-1, with Matthew Norman for a debt of the lat- 
ter. [L.] He was one of the associates of Robert Morgan 
in Purchase's suit 31 May, 1641. 

SHREWSBURY MEN, The, or The Shrewsbury Merchants, 
From various sources we gather the names of some of 
these men who received a patent of the land in the Piscat- 
aqua valley, where the towns of Dover, etc. now stand. Wil- 
liam Walderne was one. Richard Percyvall, draper, was 
one; he sold his share May 4, 1640, to Obediah Bruen, who 
came here and resided several years. Richard Hunt was an- 
other, a signer of the Piscataqua combination in 1640, one 
of the defendants in the suit brought against the company 
by Colcord on behalf of Parker in 1650; William Rowley, 
here in 1642, was another of the defendants in this suit; Capt. 
Thomas Wiggin was asserted by Colcord to have been the 
agent of the company at the time they employed Parker. 
Rev. George Burdett seems to have been imported or at least 
employed by them, hence Colcord sued them for wages due 
him. "Ye estate att Quamscooke belonging to ye Shrews- 
berie men" was appraised by Robert Page and Lieut. Chris- 
topher Hussey at the request of Capt. Thomas Wiggin; in- 
ventory filed in Norf. court 12 (2) 1659; cattle, 128 pounds; 
land, 3 miles square, much of it rough and wet, lying in the 
wilderness, 100 pounds. [Norf. Rec. i, 17 and 81.] 



John, Richmond Island, in the fishing company in 1636. 

John, yeoman, Kittery, owned land adjoining that of 
Robert Beedle in 1641. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. 
govt. 16 Nov. 1652. Selectman. He deposed 25 June, 1662, 
ae. about 47 years. [P. Files.] He conveyed house and 
lands to his son in law William Hilton as a dowry to his 
daughter Rebecca, Hilton's wife, 18 April, 1667. He m. (2) 
Welthian, widow of John Goddard; with her he sold land 
23 July, 1669. 


Henry, York, married Jane, daughter of Lieut. Col. Wal- 
ter Norton, one of the patentees of the plantation; received 
a deed of land as a marriage portion from Mr. William 
Hooke, the second husband of Jane's mother, 13 March, 1638. 
As attorney for William Hooke, he laid out and sold lands 
to purchasers from April 15, 1640 onward. 

His widow Jane married second — Bond ; she deeded her 
lands 16 June, 1688, to her only son Henry Simson, who 
had cared for her about 15 years. [York De. I, III and VI.] 

Patrick, Dover, juryman in 1660. 
See also Plaisted. 


Henry, Cape Porpus, his land that of Morgan Howell in 


John, Senior, Exeter, bought land 6 Jan. 1659 ; sold land 
27 April, 1667. 

Wife Mary; children, James b. 27 July, 1660, Mary b. 27 
June, 1663, Sary b. 15 Sept. 1664. [Norf. Rec] 

He' made will 27 Jan. 1699-1700; prob. 14 Sept. 1700; beq. 
to wife Deborah according to contract before marriage; to 
sons James and John; daughters Mary Wheeler, and 
Meribah Loll; grandsons John and Benjamin Jonson. 



Thomas, Falmouth, bought 55 acres of land of Cleave 
25 March, 1658. 

Will dated 14 Nov. 1666, prob. 2 Oct. 1667, beq. to wife 
Deborah, sons Thomas and John, and "all my children." 

See IngersoU. 

SKOT, see Scott. 


Thomas, weaver, Hampton, proprietor, June, 1640. 
Bought land in Boston 15 (5) 1645; sold land in Hamp. 10 
(8) 1657, his wife Joannah consenting; bought house and 
land in Haverhill, Mass. 27 June, 1657, and removed thither. 
Returned to Hamp. Bought land in Hamp. of N. Bachiler 
20 June, 1660. 

First wife Jemina, second wife Joannah; children, Eliza- 
beth (m. Abraham Perkins), Mary, Ralf b. i (4) 1650, John 
b. 10 (7) 1652, Naomi b. 15 (2) 1655, Moses b. at Hav. 13 
(i) 1657-8, Aaron b. 20 (12) 1660, at Hamp. Luther b. Nov. 
14, 1668, d. 19 (3) 1670. 

He died 30 July, 1696. 


Richard, Portsmouth, received a tract of land from 
Henry Sherburne Sept. 29, 1659, in consideration of his mar- 
riage to Sherburne's daughter. [N. H. Deeds.] Had town 
lands in the divisions of March 22, 1660-1. Was a juror in 
1662 and 1668. Took oath of fidelity Oct. 2, 1666. Con- 
veyed lands to son Ambrose March 27, 1706, his wife Mary 
signing with him. Made will Oct. 26, 171 1, proved Dec. 
28, 1714. Ch. Ambrose, Richard, Henry, Elizabeth, Martha 
(m. Obediah Morse, Jr.) and Tabitha (Bridgman). 


Edward, Isles of Shoals, grand jury man in court held at 
Saco 25 June, 1640. Bought 100 acres of land 25 July, 1643, 


and sold it 23 June, 1647. Signed petition of inhabitants 18 
(3) 1653. 

Francis, fisherman, Dover, taxed in 1648. Removed to 
Scarborough. Bought land of Sciterygusett of Casco Bay, 
Sagamore, 27 June, 1657. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. 
govt, at Spurwink 13 July, 1658. He deposed 16 June, 1677, 
ae. about 50 years, concerning what Trustrum Harris said 
when they were together "impressed to goe upon y* Coun- 
trys service to Ossaby." His wife Elizabeth, ae. about 49 
years, deposed with him 10 May, 1683, as to his being em- 
ployed about 23 or 24 years before to purchase a certain 
island from the Indians for Maj. Nicholas Shapleigh. He 
deposed 8 Sept. 1685, ae. 65, about servants of Mason's 
plantation being left by Francis Norton in 1640 and appro- 
priating what possessions remained, goods and lands. Had 
lived in New England upwards of 50 years. 

James, Exeter, signed petition of inhabitants Sept. 7, 
1643. [Mass. Arch. 112, 8.] 

Samuel, deposed at Kittery, Nov. 11, 1637, aged about 
73 years, that in his youth he was a servant to Henry Joslin, 
Esq. several years at Pemaquid; was often at Damariscotty ; 
knew the land from which Walter Phillips, the owner, had 
been driven away. [Eastern Claims.] 
See Champernowne, Maverick. 


John, Hingham, Mass. proprietor, 1636. Resident of 
Exeter in 1643, signer of town petition that year. Suit 
against him and his wife Margaret in 1647, and one against 
him and Rob: Smart 24 (2) 1649. 

Lived in the part of town now Newmarket. [Hist. Ex.] 


Bartholomew, Dover, signed the combination in 1640; 
proprietor — "Smey," in 1642. Of Kittery, bought land 
March 21, 1648. 


George, Dover, a resident about 1635 ; made use of lands 
about Lamprill river which had been bought of the Indians ; 
so he deposed 18 (8) 1652. [Mass. Arch. 112, 44.] Witness 
to Walderne's deed 11 (5) 1645. One of the committee to 
end controversies in 1648. Associate judge. Sold land in 
Kittery 18 Dec. 1650, on behalf of John Newgrove. 

James, of "Wayquait," an associate of Robert Morgan 
in a lawsuit in 1641. 

John, Hampton, about 1640; wife Deborah, a near rela- 
tion and legatee of Mrs. Ruth Dalton. Removed to Nan- 
tucket or Martha's Vineyard. His daughter Deborah married 
Nathaniel Bacheller; his son John, cooper, of Hamp. sold 
to his brother in law Stephen Hussey, 9 June, 1674, one half 
of all the lands belonging to him on the island of Nantucket, 
"as owned by my father John Smith late of the Vineyard 

He made will 14 Feb. 1670; bequeathed his land on Nan- 
tucket to sons John and Samuel, who were to pay to their 
sisters Deborah and Abigail 5 pounds apiece; all his land at 
"Martin's Vineyard" to son Philip, not then in good health; 
wife Deborah executrix; friends Mr. Thomas Mayhew and 
Thomas Macy overseers. 

John, carpenter, Saco, had lawsuit in court at Saco Feb. 
7, 1636-7; grand jury man, 1640; bought land of Vines 8 
April, 1642; residing at "Casko Mill under the Govt, of Mr. 
George Cleeve," 8 June, 1646, he and wife Joane, sold land 
in York. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 5 July, 1653. 
His lands in York specified by the townsmen Feb. 2, 1654. 
[York De. I.] He bought lands on which he had resided 
several years, of his brother in law Edward Wanton, in 1657. 
John, Senior, with wife Joane, deeded land 23 Oct. 1657, to 
son John, on condition of his rendering certain services to 
them. He deposed June 23, 1685, ae. about 73 years, respect- 
ing a case which occurred under him as marshall "40 yeares 
ago." [York De. IV.] 

Nicholas, Exeter, bought house and land 8 Sept. 1658. 

Children, Nathaniel b. June 9, 1660, Nicholas b. Sept. 3, 
1661, Ann b. 8 Feb. 1663, Theophilus b. 14 (12) 1667. [Norf. 
Court Rcc.J He d. June 22, 1673; Mary Smith, widow, 

Robert, tailor, Exeter, signed the combination 5 (4) 
1639, and the petitions of 1645 and 1647. One of the com- 
missioners of the town to end small causes in 1643. Took 
freeman's oath 17 (2) 1644. Rem. to Hampton; was exe- 
cutor of the will of Mrs. Susanna Leader in 1657. His wife 
Susanna was killed by lightning June 12, 1680. Children, 
John, Meribah, Jonathan, Joseph. [Dow.J 

He died Aug. 30, 1706. Will dated March 22, 1699 or 
1700, proved Sept. 3, 1706; sons John, Jonathan, Asahel, 
Joseph, dau. Meribah. 

Thomas, Hampton, proprietor in 1640. 
Thomas, tailor, residence not stated, sued in court at 
Strawberry Bank in 1642. 

Thomas, residence at West Saco, [Bax. MSS.], juryman 
in Saco court in 1640. 

William, planter. Black Point, was sworn in as constable 
for the region from Cape Elizabeth Eastward, in Saco court, 
25 March, 1636. 

He signed petition to the Gen. Court of Mass. to secure a 
fair trial of the claims which he and Jocelyn and others 
maintained, in 1653. He deposed 2 (5) 1664, ae. about 69 
years, concerning a payment of money. [York De. I.] 

Made will 20 Sept. i66i, "aged 72 years or thereabouts"; 
bequeathed Bible, 2 oxen, and 2 cows to Mr. Henry Jocelyn ; 
the rest to his brother Richard Smith, living at the city of 
Westchester in England, and sisters Elizabeth and Mary in 
England. The inventory was returned 18 July, 1676, by 
Mr. Jocelyn, who stated that the testator was aged 88 when 
he died, in March, 1675-6. 

See Bachiler, Brown, Bulgar, Dalton, Frost, Godfrey, Ha- 
borne, Hussey, Marston, Palmer, Royal, Wanton, White, 



John, West Saco, 1653; [Bax. MSS.], may be the "Mr. 
John Sparke" to whom money was paid for John Libby by 
Mr. Trelawney about 1643. 
See Page, Roper, White. 


Mr. John, was asociated with Mr. Dummer in the grant 
of the "plantation at Winnacannet" (afterward Hampton) 
by the General Court of Massachusetts Bay March 3, 1638; 
and they had "power to presse men to builde a house forth- 
with at some convenient place & what money they lay out 
aboute it shalbe repaide them againe out of the treasury, 
or by those that come to inhabit there.'' This building, called 
"The Bound House" was soon erected, but it is not known 
by whom it was occupied, nor exactly where it stood. 
Neither Spencer nor Dummer were bona fide inhabitants of 
the region, however. 

Roger, Charlestown; had liberty from town of Biddeford 
to put up a saw-mill Sept. 27, 1653. He bought land at Saco 
of Robert Jordan, and sold it 13 Aug. 1658, to Bryan Pen- 
dleton. Rem. to Saco. Mortg. his share in sawmill etc. 28 
Jan. 1657. Rem. to Boston; sold all lands to Thomas Savage 
26 May, 1669. 

Thomas, Cambridge, Mass. proprietor, 1633; frm. May 
14, 1634. Rem. to Kittery; lawsuit in Maine court March 
6, 1636-7. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 16 Nov. 

His wife Patience signed with him deed of land (undated) ; 
witnessed a deed in 1648. His son William paid a debt for 
him 15 Aug. 1663, and the father deeded him "the timber 
in Tom Tinkers swamp" 20 Dec. 1669. He gave a dowry of 
land to his daughter Margaret, and afterward confirmed it 
to her husband, Daniel Goodwin, 14 Aug. 1667. Nicholas 
Hodsden, and his wife, ae. 40 years and upward, testified 18 
April, 1670, that Spenser gave Goodwin one half of his part 
of the mill and timber, being a quarter part of the whole. 


He died 15 Dec. 1681 ; will dated 5 June, 1679, prob. i May, 
1682, beq. to wife Patience, eldest son William, daus. 
Susanna and Elizabeth ; rest to be divided by wife among the 
other children ; refers to his gift to Thomas Etherington who 
had m. dau. Mary, with Patience Atherton, their dau. and 
John Gattinsby who had m. dau. Susanna ; John Wincoll, Jr. 
son of John Wincoll by his wife Mary, now deceased, who 
was a daughter of the Ethertngtons. The widow Patience 
gave to her youngest son Moses a tract of land adjoining 
parcels already given to sons in law Goodwin, Etherington 
and Gattensby, and her second son Humphrey Spencer, etc. 
30 June, 1682. Inventory in York De. V. The widow died 
in 1683; her children, William, Humphrey and Moses Spen- 
cer, Ephraim Joy and Thomas Chicke, chose Richard Nason 
and James Emery to divide the estate; who reported 15 Nov. 

See also E'aston. 


Thomas, yeoman, Kittery, took oath of allegiance to 
Mass. govt. 16 Nov. 1652. Bought land of John Symonds 
23 July, 1669. 

Will dated 9 July, 1701, prob. 23 Sept. following; "aged and 
very weak"; beq. to sons Samuel, James, Thomas, and John, 
daughter Hannah (wife of Nathaniel) Fernald, and grand- 
children Mercy and Margery, (daus. of son John) and others. 


Christopher, Cape Porpoise, took oath of allegiance to 
Mass. govt. S July, 1653. Bought land of John Lea and 
Ralph Trustrum and sold it to Richard Ball before Dec. 11, 


Bernard, Portsmouth, creditor of the town 4 Feb. 1660-1. 

John, Accomenticus, made sale of pork and fish to Win- 
ter in 1642. 



Thomas, Portsmouth, inhabitant, 1656. 


Anthony, glover, planter, ae. 24, came in the Planter 
April 6, 1635. Took freeman's oath at Piscataqua court 17 
(2) 1644. Settled at Boston. Removed to Exeter. Resi- 
dent in 164s; rem. to Hampton; selectman; one of the com- 
missioners for minor trials in 1651. Bought one third of a 
mill 27 Nov. 1654. He deposed 13 April, 1675, ae. about 
68 years. 

First wife Mary; child John, born at Boston 16 (5) 164a, 
He m. Jan. i, 1655, Anne widow of William Partridge of 
Salisbury, Mass. 

He secured to her children John, Hannah and Elizabeth 
P. II June, 1659, the payment of a legacy left them by their 
grandfather, John Partridge, of Olney, Bucks, England. 
[See P. of M.] 

He died before 21 Feb. 1688-9, the date of the appraisal of 
his estate. 

The widow Anne died July 10, 1689. 

See Bradbury, Wilson. 


Edward, Dover, had suit in court in 1640; proprietor 
in 1642; one of the men appointed by the town 20 (2) 1644, 
to have control and management of the fisheries in the river. 
Taxed in 1648. Was charged with being an Anabaptist, and 
was sent to Boston for trial in 1648. 

With wife Kathren he sold land 20 (5) 1653, to his son 
in law Peter Coffyn of Dover, and made over to him all his 
property 9 March, 1659. 

See also Phillips. 



Edward, Pisciitaqua, signed the combination in 1640. 
[See Cutt, John.] 


Edward, fisherman, York, took oath of allegiance 22 
Nov. 1652. Bought land and house in 1653; sold land 24 
Nov. 1666, to John Card, cooper, of Kittery, wife Wilmot 
signing with him. 


Benjamin, husbandman, of Lanrake, co. Cornwall, Eng. 
iiiade contract 22 Nov. 1642, with Trelawney and Winter, 
to come to New England and serve them 3 years in planting, 
fishing and other labor. He had previously served them 3 
years at Richmond Island, as their books show; had sent 
money to his wife in Eng. during the years 1638-1641. 
See Heard. 


Thomas, Dover, had lawsuit in 1642; taxed in 1648. 

His wife Mary died 26 Nov. 1663; he died ^ Dec. 1663. 
[Dov. Hist. Coll.] 

Administration of his estate was granted 28 June, 1664, 
to his son Joseph ; he chose Wm. Follett guardian, who gave 
bonds for the payment of portions to Joseph and his brothers 
and sisters. Brother Bartholomew admin, on estates of 
Thomas and Joseph in 1694. 


Elias, son of Elias, Sen. of Salem, Mass. (and probably 
of his surviving wife Judith) came early to Salem. Child 
Elias born March 15, 1639-40, (m. April 10, 1667, Ruth Man- 
nyard) . Town officer at Salem. His father carried on busi- 
ness in the Portsmouth region and he removed thither about 
1658; one of the commissioners for the town Oct. 12, 1658. 
Was chosen clerk of Pise, court 30 June, 1659. With wife 


Mary he sold land in Ports, to Christopher Jose 29 Sept. 
1662. He appears to have been much in Salem within the 
next few years, but was settled fully at Ports. (Strawberry 
Bank) 18 Jan. 1671-2, when he sold a house and land there. 
Was chosen captain. Deeded land to Richard Stileman 22 
May, 1678. His wife died after 1684 (when she was a wit- 
ness), and he married second, Lucy, dau. of James and 
Katharine (Shapleigh) Treworgy, widow, successively of 
Humphrey Chadbourne and Thomas Wills (Wells). He de- 
posed 13 Aug. 1686, ae. about 70. [Es. Court Files.] 

He died Dec. 19, 1695. Will names children of wife Lucy 
by her former husbands, dau. in law Elizabeth AUcutt ana 
Ruth Tarlington (Tarlton), dau. of his deceased son Elias, 
with her children Elias and William. [Reg. XXVni, 206, 
and LI, 346.] 

Richard, scrivener; Cambridge, Mass. 1644. Removed 
to Salem; sold house and land there 9 Aug. 1647. Rem. 
to Portsmouth ; had grant of lands 4 Feb. 1660-1 ; deposed 
in Jan. 1662, aged 51 years, that he formerly bought a piece 
of ground, a house and a mill at Salem of Mr. Friend and 
afterward sold it to Mr. Wm. Hathorne. First wife Hannah ; 
children, Samuel b. 23 (3) 1644, at Camb. Samuel bapt. 20 
(5) 1651, at Salem, Mary b. Jan. 6, 1657, (m. Nathaniel Fox), 
Elizabeth b. May 8, 1658, (m. John Jordan). He m. second 
at Andover 4 Oct. 1660, Elizabeth, dau. of John Fry; child 
Richard b. March 20, 1667, (d. before 1707; no family 

He died Oct. 11, 1678. 

See Jose. 


Thomas, had lawsuit in Piscataqua court in 1655. 


Richard, Kittery, ae. about 19 years, testified in behalf 
of Hugh Gunnison 21 Dec. 1653. [Bax. MSS.] 



George, party to a lawsuit in court at Strawberry Bank 
in 1643. 

William, Dover, signed the combination in 1640; pro- 
prietor in 1642 and 1648. Sworn into office as clerk of the 
train band at Dover court 10 (6) 1650; was also chosen 
nnarshall; see Crowther. 

He died, and his widow Sarah married, second, Samuel 
Austin, to whom the court gave the administration of his 
estate June 27, 1661, he giving bonds to make good the sum 
of 130 li. to the 4 children. He deeded certain lands 31 Jan. 
1670, to Joseph and Benjamin, the two eldest children, for 
which they gave receipt and engaged to maintain 5 neat 
cattle for their father in law and mother. He deeded land 
to the son Samuel 8 Oct. 1674. 


Mr. Augustine, Exeter, was owner of lands which John 
Legat sold in :65o. He signed the combination 5 (4) 1639; 
was selectman in 1640. 

He is said in the Hist, of Exeter to have been a brother 
of the first wife of Rev. John Wheelwright and the husband 
of a sister of his second wife (which would make him a 
•brother in law of Mrs. Anne Hutchinson). 


Sylvester, fisherman, York, had grant of land at Cape 
Neddicke 3 July, 1649, with John Ball and others, for the 
fishing trade. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 22 
Nov. 1652. Proprietor in 1655. [Bax. MSS.] 

Will dated July 21, 1687, prob. 14 Feb. 1689-90; was 
"bound by the grace of god into old England"; bequeathed 
to wife [Elizabeth], sons John, Dependance, Josiah and 
George, and "the rest of my children." Josiah, of Tiverton, 
R. I. one of the sons, sold his share to his brother Depend- 
ance 19 April, 1709. 



Philip, in the employ of Robert Seeley of. Watertown 
14 June, 1631 ; was set free on payment of 10 shillings Aug. 
16. [Mass. Col. Rec.J Resided "neare the river of Pascat- 
taquay" 9 (5) 1639. [L.] Rem. to Strawberry Bank; signed 
the combination in 1640; had lawsuit 10 (9) 1642. His wig- 
wam on the north side of Piscataqua river was mentioned 
in the bounds of a tract of land sold to Johnson for Treworgy 
in 1636. 

He deposed Aug. 27, 1673, ^^- about 73 years, concerning 
land titles in Kittery "38 or 39 yeares ago." [York De. III.] 


Richard, planter, Hanlpton, 6 (7) 1638. Commissioner 
for the ending of small causes, and lot-layer in 1639. Signed 
petition in Howard case in 1643. Signed petition of Exeter 
inhabitants 29 (3) 1645. [Mass. Arch. 112, 39.] Owned 
a house and land at Exeter in 1650. Gave part of his house 
lot in Hampton to his daughter Grace and her husband, Na- 
thaniel Bolter, Sept. 4, 1660; another tract to Hezekiah, eld- 
est son of his son William, deceased, 12 (5) 1663. Was 
fined by Gen. Court Nov. 12, 1659, for entertaining Quak- 
ers. Deposed 10 (7) 1662, ae. about 67 years. He rem. to 
Nantucket; sold his remaining estate at Hamp. to son in 
. law Bolter 6 July, 1663. 

Name of first wife not found by the writer; he m. [2] 
Jane, widow of George Bunker of Topsfield, with whom he 
sold land in T. July 5, 1660. Children, Francis and Nicholas, 
(signers with him of the Howard petition in 1643), William, 
(sergeant, lost in a vessel that sailed from Hamp. for Boston 
Oct. 20, 1657), Grace, (m. Nathaniel Bolter), Elizabeth, (m. 
Nathaniel Weare), Richard b. Jan. 13, 1659-60, [Dorothy, 

SYMONDS, SYMES, see Simons, 

John, Spurwink, gave bonds for a man in court in 1648; 
constable, 1650, took oath of allegiance 13 July, 1658. 


William, Wells, witnessed deed 25 Sept. i6ss ; commis- 
sioner, 1659. Grand jury man, 1663. 
See Gooch. 


Michael, Mr. set the bounds between his land and that 
of Nicholas Frost about 1640; witnessed Shapleigh's deed of 
Isles of Shoals property in 1642. 


Robert, Portsmouth, mariner, proprietor, 1660. Wife 
Abisha, d. leaving a nuncupative will dated Jan. 25, 1678-9, 
left children, not specified by names. Alexander Waldren, 
who d. at Great Island in 1676, bequeathed a house in Bos- 
ton to Abisha for her life and 10 li. to her dau. Alice Tap- 
rell; the latter was also a legatee of George Walton, Sen. in 
1686, to 8 acres of land jointly with her sister Priscilla, while 
he gave their sister Grace "the house her mother died in." 

William, Dover, in the employ of George Walton, testi- 
fied in Hampton court I (8) 1650. Had land, at Portsmouth 
in 1660. 

TARE, TAYRE, [Thayer?] 

John, had lawsuit in Piscataqua court in 1642; was a 
juryman in 1646; brought suit against John and Hester Mar- 
ten in 1647. 


John, Dover, taxed in 1648. 


Anthony, felt maker, Hampton, proprietor, June, 1640. 
Signed petition in Howard case in 1643. Bought land of 
John Cass in 1648. 

Wife Phillippa died Sept. 20, 1683; children, John, Lydia, 
Martha, Sarah. [Dow;] 

He died Nov. 4, 1687, ae. 80 years. [Dow.] 


Henry, brought suit in Piscataqua court in 1646. Was 
presented in court 3 (8) 1648, and sent to Boston Jail. 

Administration of his estate was granted by Dover court 
5 (5) 1649, to John Webster; division to be made to cred- 

George, ae. 31, came in the Truelove in Sept. 1635; settled 
at Lynn; proprietor before 1638; freeman May 2, 1638; con- 
stable 31 (6) 1647. Opposed Infant Baptism. [Es. Files.] 
He deposed in Salem in 1654 about bringing beaver from 
Saco to Boston for Francis Johnson about 1636. Some 
George Tailor died in S. 28 (10) 1667. Compare this with 

George, planter, residing at Black Point ; he took oath 
of allegiance to Mass. govt. 13 July, 1658. He married Mar- 
garet, widow of Philip Hinkson, q. v. He deposed 25 July, 
1681, ae. about 70 years. [York De. IV.] His son An- 
drew, of Boston, gave receipt 20 March, 1685, for the pay- 
ment of money due on account of sale of land by his father 
29 July, 1679. 

John, mariner, from Jaime, [Yealmpton?] Eng. was a 
boat-master for Winter about 1630. [Trel.] 

John, planter, Damariscove River, gave bond for the 
payment of money in company with Nathaniel Draper, 2 
June, 1651. [Suff. De.] 

See also Cass, Legat, Page, Reading. 


Stephen, was reported by Ambrose Gibbons in 1633 ^^ 
being with him at Newichewanick. He signed the Piscat- 
aqua combination in 1640. Had suit in court in 1642. 


John, (Tynny), Spurwink, took oath of allegiance to 
Mass. govt. 13 July, 1658. 

John (Tenney), of Kittery, with wife Margaret, sold 
land 4 June, 1700, on the north side of Saco river, which 
he had bought of John Waddock. [York De. VIII, 206 and 

X, 245.] 
Compare with John, son of Thomas of Rowley. 


THOMAS, see Rice, Billing, Goddard. 


Jonathan, before the Gen. Court of Mass. in 1641. In 
the service of Henry Ambrose [Charlestown], as per court 
record 29 May, 1644. Rem. to Exeter. Had suit in Hamp- 
ton court in 1650. Rem. to Wells, Me.; took oath of alle- 
giance to Mass. govt. 4 July, 1653. Was appointed sergeant. 
He deposed in 1667, ae. about 46 years. [Es. Files.] 

Children born at Exeter, Elizabeth b. 5 June, 1665, John 
b. 20 Sept. 1665, (sic rec), d. 4 Nov. 1665, Sam: b. 3 (4) 

He died before 29 April, 1674, when the inventory of his 
estate was taken; an agreement was concluded 9 Oct. 1676, 
between the widow Johannah and the son Jonathan to man- 
age the estate jointly, bring up and educate the younger chil- 
dren Samuel, Elizabeth and Mary, and pay them their por- 
tions when they come of age. The inv. shows carpenter's 
tools, etc. 

See King. 


Mr. David, who, with the Hiltons, founded New Hamp- 
shire, was a fishmonger at London, though of Scotch 
birth, and came to Piscataqua in 1623 "to begin a planta- 
tion," as Hubbard tells us. The phrase implies that he had 
such companions and furnishings as would be adapted to 
shore life as well as the fishing business; probably none of 
the company brought their wives and children at first but 
had them brought over on later voyages of the ships which 
carried fish and other commodities back to England. Cap- 
tain Thompson doubtless made many voyages across the 
ocean as well as coastwise. Bradford tells of his going along 
with some Plymouth men to "Damarinscove" to traffic for 
the goods of a ship-wrecked Frenchman in 1626, mention- 
ing him as then dwelling at Piscataqua. Not far from that 
time he went to Boston harbor and bought an island called 


Trevour's Island, which was afterward called by his own 
name, and erected, a habitation there. He died not long after 
that date, according to testimony given in Court when the 
title of the island was confirmed to the son in 1648. 

He married at Plymouth, Eng. July 13, 1613, Amyas Colle 
(Amias Cole) who survived him and married second Mr. 
Samuel Maverick, who was at Boston Bay about 1625 and 
came into possession of the island called Noddle's Island, 
now East Boston. Mrs. Maverick joined her second husband 
in a deed in 1632; in 1633 she wrote a letter to Mr. Robert 
Trelawney, alluding to her first husband's friendship for him 
and to her "fatherless children" by Mr. Thompson. The 
only one of these children known to us is John, who obtained 
the island above-mentioned after it had been in the posses- 
sion of citizens of Dorchester and its income the foundation 
of the free school of that town in 1641. So the name of 
Thomson was prominent in the pioneer annals of two 

It is particularly suitable that New-Hampshire people 
should honor the memory of this enterprising man. 

Miles, Senior, carpenter, Kittery, signed the petition to 
Cromwell in 1657; was one of the selectmen in 1659. Bought 
land adjoining to some previously possessed of John Mor- 
rall, plasterer, 12 May, 1663; bought other land in partner- 
ship with Israel Hodgsden, of Abraham Tilton and Mary 
his wife. Deeded land Dec. 4, 1694, to sons Bartholomew 
and Thomas, the latter to maintain himself and his wife Ann. 
Rev. William, some time curate of the church at Win- 
wick, Eng. came to this land in 1636 or 1637. Joined the 
church of Dorchester, Mass. of which his friend Rev. Rich- 
ard Mather was pastor. Preached a while at Accomenticus, 
[Kittery] ; removed to Braintree, Mass. and was installed as 
pastor with Rev. Henry Flint as teacher, Nov. 19, 1639. He 
was "a very gracious, sincere man, — an instrument of much 
good, — a man of much faith." [W.] See P. of M. 

Note. In Piscataqua Files there is a well written letter 
from "Sam: Thomsonn," dated at "Taunton, March, 27th, 


i66o," addressed to "Deare Brother & Sister." He had re- 
ceived letters from them 4 and 2 years since, but none this 
spring. They had ordered cloth of him, which was to be 
sent by Mr. John Payne. He had rode to Cheriton to confer 
with his uncle White about sending it. He now sends "3 
karsyes," i. e. pieces of kersey cloth ; directed to one Mr. 
Reynes in New England for them. He supposes that they 
"and all my cousins and their little ones are in good health, 
though my cousin William Thompson writt not a word of 
it." Hopes "my cousin John's children are with you, and 
that you are a father and mother to them." Is sorry to learn 
of the death of "cousin Esther." His own son Samuel is 
in school in Ilminster, and almost "fitt for Oxford"; his 
"daughter Mall is a religious and vertuous young woman." 
This letter may prove very valuable as a means of dis- 
covering the relationship of several American families to 
their English connections. The great variety in the spelling 
of names at that period is here illustrated by the "Thomsonn" 
of the signature and the "Thompson" of a cousin's name. 
The "cousin William" who had recently written but failed 
to give all family news, calls to mind the Braintree parson, 
though without any real evidence of identity. 

"A maid," of this name came to Richmond Island about 
1639; was drowned. [Trel.] 


Rev. John, Scarborough, witnessed a deed of Robert Jor- 
dan 9 Oct. 1658. Was complained of by Jordan and others 
for misconduct, and was forbidden by the Gen. Court 2 (3) 
1661, to preach till further notice. 
[See Register XIII, 193.] 



Henry, shoemaker, ae. 39, with Elizabeth, ae. 39, Jeremy, 

ae. 4, and Samuel, ae. 2, and Remembrance, ae. 28, came in 

the James in July, 1635. Settled at Dover. Name on list 


of proprietors in 1642. Testified in the suit of John Ault 
against Thomas Wiggin in 1645, that the time of service of 
I his sister] Remembrance began March i, before she came 
to this country. Had lawsuit in 1647. He — planter, sold 
land in Dover to John Tuttle 6 June, 1657. Was sealer of 
leather in 1661. Joined in petition of inhabitants to Gen. 
Court 10 Oct. 1665. [Mass. Arch. 106, 160.J 

The inventory of his estate taken Dec. 10, 1683, specifies 
the bill of John Tucker for care in sickness and cost of burial. 

See also Allen, Canney, Nock, Twambly. 


Henry, Exeter, proprietor, one of those who signed "the 
Combination" 5th day, 4th month, 1639, and re-affirmed it in 
1640; his land was sold 12 (8) 1649, by John Bursley. [Pise. 
court rec.J 


Mary, Kittery, summoned to court at Strawberry Bank 
in 1642. Took oath of allegiance 22 Nov. 1652. 


John, fisherman, gave testimony in Piscataqua court 
about George Walton in 1651, and corrected it in 1652. 

Philip, Hampton, proprietor, 1657. Bought house and 
land in 1664. 

He m. Nov. 19, 1657, Isabel, [said by Dow to be a daughter 
of Francis Austin] ; children, Philip b. 3 (3) 1659, Caleb b. 
17 (3) 1661 (killed by the Indians in 1677,) Joshua b. 29 
(4) 1663, Mary b. Nov. 12, 1665, Joseph and Benjamin b. 
May 4, 1669, Francis b. Aug. i, 1672, John b. July 23, 1674, 
Caleb b. May 14, 1678. 

He died Nov. 11, 1696, ae. 80. Will proved May 25, 1697, 
beq. to wife "Esabell," sons Phillip, Joshua, Benjamin, Joseph 
and Caleb. 


Richard, Kittery, had land granted to him by the town 

i6 Oct. 1659; bounds between him and William Pyles settled 
23 April, 1668. 

He died before 30 March, 1683, when the estate of his 
widow Judith, administratrix to his estate, was appraised; 
inventory presented by her son Richard. [York De. V.] 


Edward, Richmond Island, one of Winter's fishermen, 


Mr. Edward, merchant, a man whose letters show strong 
Puritan sentiments, brother of Robert Trelawney, below, 
wrote from Boston, Mass. 10 Jan. 1635, to his brother Robert; 
letter given in the Trelawney papers. Was named in the 
records of the Maine court at Saco, 7 {7) 1636. Spent some 
months or years in New England; returned to England. 

Mr. Robert, merchant, Plymouth, England, patentee of 
Casco, Richmond Island, etc.; article on Winter. 
See Cleve, Hinkson, Neale, Vines. 


James, on the grand jury at Saco in 1640; one of the 
assessors. He sold all his fishing gear, buildings, etc. in N. 
E. to his brother in law Nicholas Shapleigh April 2, 1641 ; 
had deed of similar property from his father in law in 1642. 
His wife's application for a share in her father's property 
was denied 6 July, 1650, on account of previous bestowment 
of her portion. 

He married Katharine, daughter of Mr. Alexander Shap- 
leigh; she survived him and married Edward Hilton. Chil- 
dren: John, (who was a merchant at Dartmouth, Eng. and 
came to New England as an agent of his mother's father 
as early as 1636), Elizabeth, (m. Capt. John Gilman), Jo- 
anna, (m. John Amerideth or Merida), Lucy (married (i) 
Humphrey Chadbourne (2) Thomas Wells, and (3) Elias 


Stileman), and Samuel, (to whom the mother conveyed land 
2 Nov. 1674). 

Mrs. Katharine Hilton, dau. of Alexander Shapleigh, 
wife, first of James Treworthy, second of Edward Hilton, 
made nunc, will, attested at Hampton Court 30 May, 1676. 
Beq. to James, son of Samuel Treworthy, a silver beaker, to 
be kept in the hands of her dau. Elizabeth Oilman till he 
comes of age; to James, son of John T. ; to Edward Hil- 
ton, Jr.; to gr. ch. Samuel, and Mary G. and Joanna Meri- 
deth ; to Mr. Samuel Dudley ; to daus. Joanna M. and Eliza- 
beth G. ; to Abigail, wife of Edward G. ; to Betty, Katharine, 
Sarah and Lydia G. ; to Katherine Paul, Mrs. Lucie Wells, 
goodwife Robinson and Jane H. Son in law Capt. John Gil- 
man exec. Mrs. Wells to be paid. Rest to be divided among 
all her gr. ch. Proved May 30, 1676. 

Nicholas, witnessed a deed of Alexander Shapleigh, con- 
veying property at Isles of ShoalSj in 1642. 

See also Johnson, Reeves, Rice, Swadden. 


Francis, Dover, proprietor, 1649. With wife Sarah in 
court for "slander" in 1656, probably for mentioning some 
unwelcome facts. 

The inventory "of the estate of Mrs. Sarah Tricky and of 
her son John Tricky, deceased," taken May 17, 1686, was 
presented by the mother in York court. [York De. V.] 

Thomas, Bloody Point, joined in the petition for annexa- 
tion to Dover about 1642. [Mass. Arch. 3, 438.] Had law- 
suit in 1643. He and his wife Elizabeth before the court 
in 1646. Prosecuted Michael Brand for slander in 1652. 
Was taxed in Dover in 1648. Was building a vessel of 30 
or 40 tons at Piscataqua for George Dod of Boston in 1650. 
[SufiF. De.J Lawsuit in Hamp. court in 1650. 

Inventory of his estate, taken 3 Dec. 1676, was presented 
by his widow, Elizabeth, to whom the court gave it "for 
her comfort and Livelyhood." 



Oliver, before Piscataqua court in 1643 for cleaving 
clapboards where he had no right; again in 1652 for alleged 
trimming in his testimony. Lot of land assigned him at 
Portsmouth Jan. 13, 1652. 


Ralph, Cape Porpoise, had cattle of John Lee's in his 
care in 1647. [Suiif. De.] Residing at Saco, he took oath 
of allegiance to Mass. govt. 5 July, 1653. Constable; house 
at West Saco. [Bax. MSS.] Children, David^ Hannah, (m. 
Dominicus Jordan), Nathaniel, Benjamin. 

He died before March 4, 1678-9, when inventories of his 
estate and that of his son Nathaniel were filed by Dominicus 
Jordan; that of his son Benjamin was presented by Sylvanus 
Davis 25 Jan. 1678-9. David and Hannah sold land formerly 
their father's 17 Oct. 16S4. 

See Spurrell. 


Simon, Cape Porpoise, took oath of allegiance to Mass. 
govt. 5 July, 1653. Stephen Batson in 1673 bequeathed to 
grandchild John Trott and to Mary Trott. 


Robert, vintner, Watertown, proprietor, 1636; a pioneer 
at Hampton (7) 1638. Frm. Sept. 7, 1639. Signed petition 
in 1643. Clerk of the writs in 1649; selectman. 

Wife Johannah; children, Robert, Elizabeth, (m. John 
Sherborne), Mary, (m. John Sanborn), Edward, (signed pe- 
tition about Howard in 1643; d. 6 April, 1652; estate given 
to widow and sons Edward and John;) William. She mar- 
ried second James Wall. 

He died 4 (8) 1664; 17 Nov. 1664, the appraisal of his es- 
tate was made and admin, granted to the widow for herself 
and the three children Robert Tuck, Elizabeth Sherburne and 
Mary Sanborn and John Tuck son of Edward Tuck. The 


widow Johannah died 14 Feb. 1673; double inventory ren- 
dered in April, 1674. John Samborne, administrator, and 
John Sherbourn, part heir to the estate, made an agreement 
25 (12) 1674, with William son of said Robert (now of 
Gorlston, near Yarmouth, Eng.). John Tuck, of Hampton, 
carpenter, son of Edward, reed, a share 26 (12) 1673. 
See also Philbrick. 


John, fisherman, Kittery, deposed 21 Dec. 1653, about 
the Gunnison affair, where he had been an assistant of the 
marshall. Lived on the Isles of Shoals. 

Will dated 31 (8) 1670, prob. 3 Jan. 1670-1, beq. to 
Thomas Wells, minister at Kittery, and to friend John and 
Johanna Amerideth. 

Richard, gent, bought the patent of Richard Bradshaw 
at Spurwink; he became a partner of Cleve, and they reed, 
a patent from Gorges Jan. 27, 1627, of 1500 acres "from 
Machegonne Point to the Falls of Pesumsca." He had a 
lawsuit in Saco court 25 March, 1636. Was a member of 
grand jury in 1640. Deed of Alexander Rigby, Esq. to him 
and Cleve was dated 23 May, 1643. Wife Margaret joined 
him in a deed in 1661. 

The inventory of his estate was brought into court at Ports- 
mouth 30 Sept. 1679, taken 11 days before by Nathaniel 
Drake and William Seavey ; attested by the widow, Margaret, 

See also Bickford, Cleve, Heard, Leavitt, Lewis, Moses, 
Peverly, Savage, Tibbetts, Wall. 


Otho, Portsmouth, proprietor, 1660 ; he died and admin. 
of his estate was granted to his widow Eme May 24, 1664; 
the children's portions to be secured. 


Peter, Cape Porpoise, took oath of allegiance to Mass. 
govt. 5 July, 1653. Sold 12 Feb. 1660, land he had bought of 


his father in law John Sanders and John Bush, which they 
had bought of Sosowen, the Indian sagamore. He and his 
wife Sarah apprenticed their son Peter to Capt. Francis 
Champernowne Nov. 8, 1661. 

Will probated 19 Oct. 1669, beq. to wife Sarah, sons John 
and Peter; father in law John Sanders to bring up daughter 
Elizabeth. The widow married second Daniel Goodwin of 
Berwick; sold land in the "Coxhall" tract June 29, 1687, her 
eldest surviving son, Nicholas Turbat, and her daughter 
Elizabeth, his wife, consenting. 


Thomas J fisherman. Isles of Shoals, in company with 
Richard Commins, bought a plantation at Salt Creek on Pis- 
cataqua river 6 (10) 1645. [Suff. De.] Sold cattle to Wil- 
liam Seavey 7 Feb. 1648. 

He died before 8 (8) 1650, when Wm. Payne was ap- 
pointed administrator of his estate; R. Commings paid 14 li. 
for half of the property above mentioned in 1652. The 
widow Jane married second Thomas Furson, and adjusted 
matters with Cummings in court June 27, 1656. 

See also Drake. 


John, planter, Dover, proprietor in 1642 and 1648. 
Bought land of Henry Tippets 6 June, 1657. 

Admin, of his estate was granted 30 June, 1663, to his 
widow Dorothy; eldest daughter already portioned and mar- 
ried; son John to have his part at 21 years of age; youngest 
daughter to have hers at 18; the widow to have her thirds. 


Ralph, Dover, sued for a debt by Ralph Hall in 1660. 
Was excused from training 28 June, 1670. 

His will dated 28 Feb. 1684, was proved 7 (8) 1686; be- 
queathed to wife Elizabeth and children John, Joseph, Ralph, 
Elizabeth, Hope, Sarah, Esther and William Twaihbly and 
Mary Tibbetts. 



John, Senior, planter, York, received 20 acres of land 
of Wm. Hooke July 19, 1645; sold land 7 May, 1664. He 
deposed to his signature to a deed 24 June, 1678, ae. about 
54 years. 

His widow Susanna and sons John and Samuel joined in 
a deed of land 10 April, 1685. 

[Same name at Scituate, Mass. 1638-1649.] 

Peter, fisherman. Isles of Shoals, signed petition in 1653. 
Bought land in York 23 April, 1662. 


Capt. John, Boston, adm. chh. 1630; was paid by Gen. 
Court for military service 7 Sept. 1630; frm. May 18, 1631. 
Deputy 1634. Rem. to Dover. Became governor of Piscat- 
aqua plantation; and there made utterances which gave of- 
fence of Mass. Bay authorities. For this and other charges 
he was summoned to Boston; came 29 (11) 1639, and 
apologized to the church. Was restored to fellowship 3 (7) 
1640. Wife Helena, a Dutch woman, adm. chh. Bo. 15 (10) 
1633 ; dism. to chh. of Exeter 22 (6) 1641 ; ch. Elizabeth bapt. 
14 (12) 1635, John bapt. 24 (2) 1642, ae. about 13 days. 

He rem. to the Dutch settlement, (New York) in 1642. 

UGROUFE, UNGROUFE, see Yougroufe. 


William, Portsmouth, 1653; house lot, 1658; Isles of 
Shoals, signed petition of inhabitants 18 (3) 1653. 

Admin, of his estate was granted 28 June, 1664, to Jona- 
than Wade and others. The widow married Richard Wool- 
comb and had her thirds of the estate in 1672. 

She made her will Sept. 19, 1699, bequeathing to son John 
Muchemore and (son) Joseph Yurring. John Urin, son to 
Eleanor Wilcome late of the Isle of Shoals, widow, petitioned 
that John Muchemore might administer on her estate Dec. 


25, 1699. he having married Uren's sister by the mother's 
side; Zaccheus Wilcome was another of her children. [N. 
H. Prob. Rec] 

VARNEY, John, Dover, inhabitant 6 (4) 1659. 


John, "of the town of Harwick on the west side of Kene- 
beck River," petitioned Andros May i, 1688, for confirmation 
of title to a tract of about 200 acres of land which he bought 
and had possessed "nere twenty Six yeares since ... it be- 
ing on a Nek of Land between wisswell^ Cove & Kenebeck 
River," etc. [Bax. MS. VI.] 


George, Dover, proprietor; before the court in 1659 for 
being more than half an hour at the tavern; a technical vio- 
lation of a recent ordinance. 

He married Mary, daughter of Capt. Thomas Wiggin, bapt. 
at Hampton Sept. 2, 1641. 


Andrew, [Black Point?] signed petition with Jocelyn 
and others to the Gen. Court in 1653, asking for trial of 
claims to territory, etc. 


Mr. Richard, gent, in company with John Oldham, re- 
ceived a patent of land in Maine, issued 12 Feb. 1629; pos- 
session given 25 June, 1630. This he sold Oct. 20, 1645, to 
Dr. Robert Child. Dec. i, 1631, he was appointed one of 
those who should give possession of the Goodyear and Tre- 
lawney tract in Maine. Gave possession in July, 1632. Was 
attorney for similar purpose several other times. Resided at 
Saco. He and Isaac Allerton and others traded along the 
coast ; "landed goods at Machias and there he set up a small 
wigwam, and left five men and two murderers, [small can- 


non,] to defend it, and a shallop," in 1633; the goods were 
soon after taken, two of the men killed, and the rest sent 
as prisoners to France by La Tour, and his men. The case 
was tried before Gov. Winthrop at Boston in 1643; when 
La Tour was visiting and trying to conciliate the authorities. 
[W.] Made a voyage to St. John the next year with Woner- 
ton and Shurt. [Folsom.J 

He was one of the commissioners who held court at Saco 
7 (7) 1636. Was "Steward General" of Sir Ferdinando 
Gorges "for the province of New Somersetshire" in 1640, and 
governor under Mass. Bay Colony in 1645. 

Mrs. Joane Vines appealed to the Court at Saco 28 March, 
1636, concerning the island where she formerly planted, and 
requested that her husband might now have liberty to plant 

He removed in 1646 to Barbadoes whence he wrote 
friendly letters to Gov. John Winthrop in 1647. He "prac- 
tised physic" beside carrying on two plantations. 

See also Brown, Cleve, Field, Wiggin, Winter, Withers. 


John, brought suit in Piscataqua court in 1642. Court 
ordered in 1644 that money be sent to Christopher Holmes 
for him. 


Simon, brought suit in Piscataqua court in 1644. 


John, servant of Trelawney, came to Richmond Island 
and worked with Winter from 1637 to 1641. 


Henry, Biddeford, one of the Commissioners who held 
court there i March, 1653-4. 

Admin, of his estate was granted to his widow Jane; in- 
ventory was taken June 16, 1679. [York De. V.] 

See Tenney. 



Edward, shipwright, worked for Winter at Richmond 
Island 10 days in 1641 or 1642. [Trel.] 

John, planter, Saco, assessed for the "rate for the min- 
ister" 7 (7) 1636; grand jury man in 1640; removed to Wells. 
Had a grant of land from Vines "in Yeapskessett river" 
April I, 1639. Bought land of Indians 18 Oct. 1649. Took 
oath of allegiance 5 July, 1653. Was one of the first select- 
men of Wells. With wife Mary sold land 19 Dec. 1663. Son 
Robert joined with the father in purchase of land from In- 
dians and in sale of same March 13, 1659. 


William, ae. 22, and Anne ae. 20, came in the Bevis in 
May, 1638. Settled at Hampton. Received a house lot as 
"a young man" ; frm. March 13, 1638-9. Chosen town clerk 
Oct. 31, 1639; clerk of the writs in 1641. Rem. to Newbury, 
Mass. Certain lands he had owned passed to Stephen Pent, 
who sold the same 14 (2) 1652. 
See Littlefield. 


Captain Richard, Dover, signed the Combination in 
1640; had lawsuit in 1641 ; recorded proprietor in 1642; se- 
lectman. 1647 and 1665. Joined with William Waldron in 
a bond June 12, 1645. Removed to Boston; his servant Eliza- 
beth Tilston d. Sept. 2, 1658. With wife Ann he sold land 
at Dover April 13, 1660. Was appointed to join persons in 
marriage in 1662. Returned to Dover. He deposed in June, 
1664, ae. about 48 years. Signed petition to Gen. Court Oct. 
10, 1665. Ch. : Elnathan, b. in Boston 6 July, d. 10 Dec. 
1659; Esther, b. Dec. i, 1660; Mary, b. Sept. 14, 1663; 
Eliazer, b. at Dover i May, 1665; Elizabeth, b. 18 Oct. 1666; 
Marah, b. 17 July, 1668. [Dov. Hist. Col.] His wife Anne 
d. 7 Feb. 1684-5. He was killed by the Indians 28 June, 
1689. [?] 

William, Dover, "partner with the Shrewsbury men," 

[Mass. Col. Rec. IV. Pt. II.] Signed the combination in 
1640; was a proprietor and recorder of lands for the town in 
1642. Frm. Mass., 1642 ; deputy, 1645-6. Gave bonds 12 June, 
1645, for payment of mone;^ to Mr. William Whiting for the 
use of "The Adventurers in Piscataqua River" and for "The 
Shrewsbury merchants." [Suff. De.] "A good clerk and 
a subtle man." Went to Saco, and on his return in Septem- 
ber, 1646, was drowned in attempting to cross a small river 
at Kennebunk. [W.] Dau. Prudence m. Richard Scam- 
man. They petitioned the Gen. Court in 1664. 

The court of Dover ordered his creditors to present their 
accounts at the General Court at Boston, and the estate was 
settled by Capt. Thomas Wiggin and Edward Rawson; then 
left in the hands of .Hate Evill Nutter and John Hall until 
May 22, 1666, when it was given to Richard Scamman for 
his wife Prudence. 


Thomas, blacksmith, came to Charlestown, Mass. before 
.1628; was living in a thatched and palisaded house on the 
arrival of the Spragues and others from Salem in the Spring 
of 1628-9. In some unexplained way he incurred the dis- 
pleasure of the authorities and was arrested, ordered to pay 
a fine of XL shillings and to leave the jurisdiction with his 
wife; the charge alleged is "contempt of authority and con- 
fronting officers"; this edict was given 3 May, 1631. He 
paid the fine by killing a wolf. He soon departed, as his 
goods were sequestered for debts Sept. 3, 1633. [Mass. Col. 
Rec.j He removed to Portsmouth. 

Wm. Payne brought suit against him concerning lumber 
26 (6) 1646. He and his wife Jane brought suit in Dover 
court 3 (8) 1648. He was a grand jury man in 1650. 50 
acres of land assigned to him in Portsmouth Jan. 13, 1652. 
He took oath of fidelity July 2, 1657. His wife was accused 
of witchcraft in 1656; son Jeremy gave bonds for her; she 
was discharged July 2, 1657. 

He died in 1667. Will dated 15 Nov. 1666, probated 27 


June, 1667; beq. wife Jane; to grandchildren Thomas and 
Jeremiah W., John Westbrook, Mary Hingson, Mary Homes, 
(wife of John H.), Sara and Samuel Jones, and Mary and 
Hester Savidg; to daughters Peverley and Westbrook; to 
John Peverley and John Westbrook; to John Homes; serv- 
ant John Read to be at the disposing of son in law John 
Westbrook. Refers to land which son in law Thomas Hing- 
son formerly possessed. 

The widow Jane deposed 27 June, 1667, ae. 69 years, that 
he gave a piece of land to his daughter Elizabeth Savidg 
(Savage) 9 years before he died, and that it was commonly 
called Bess Savidge's marsh. His daughters Mary, wife of 
Will Brookings, ae. 32, and Martha Westbrook, ae. 22, with 
his son Jeremiah W. and grandson John Homes, ae. 26, con- 
firmed her testimony. The widow's tEirds were laid out by 
order of court 27 June, 1671. The daus. Jean Goss, Hanna 
Jones, Mary Brookm and Eliza Savage petitioned the court 
to give them the overplus of the estate Sept. 7, 1681. 

See Bachiler. 


Joseph, Portsmouth, proprietor, 1660. He d. Nov. 7, 

Admin, of his estate was granted to his widow Hannah 
and son George Dec. 10, 1683. 

Samuel, Exeter, signed the combination in 1640; town 
officer, 1643 ; on ^ com. to distribute corn to the needy, 1644. 
Took oath of freemanship at Pise. Court 17 (2) 1644. 

Compare with Samuel Walker of Woburn, Mass. who had 
rh. the widow of Arthur Alger of Scarborough; also with 
Samuel Walker, mariner, of Boston, who petitioned Andros 
in 1688, jointly with Benj. Blackman, of Saco, for confirma- 
tion of title to land there. 


James, carpenter, millwright, deposed 21 (3) 1652, that 
about the year 1634 he and his partners William Chadbourne 


and John Goddard, carpenters, came over to Mason's land 
on his account and their own; that "Mr. Joislin," Mason's 
agent, brought them to certain lands at Asbenbedick Falls, 
as the Indians called the place, where they carried on a saw- 
mill and a stamping mill for corn 3 or 4 years ; that he built 
a house there, and that Chadbourne built another. [Mass. 
Arch. 3, 437, 8.] 

Witnessed deed in Exeter April 3, 1638; signed the com- 
binations of Exeter settlers in 1639 and that of Piscataqua 
settlers in 1640. Was a proprietor also at Dover in 1642. 
Town officer. Rem. to Hampton. Bought mill and rights 
at Quachecho Falls 2 (8) 1647. Second wife Mary, widow 
of Edward Tuck; children, Mary b. 8 (11) 1655, Hannah b. 
17 (I) 1658. 

He died 3 (8) 1659. Will dated Sept. 20, proved Oct. 4, 
1659; wife Mary, eldest daughters Elizabeth and Sarah 
Wall and the children he had by present wife, viz. Mary, and 
Hannah. The latter were placed under the guardianship of 
their uncle Thomas Philbrick. 

The widow died in Oct. 1702; inventory taken 5 May, 
1703. Agreement made 12 Feb. 1702-3, between her children 
John Tuck, Mary Marston and Benjamin Moulton (in the 
right of his wife Hannah). 

See also Colcord, Listen, Redman. 


John, Spurwink, took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 
13 July, 1658. He petitioned in 1687 for confirmation of 
title to lands in Falmouth which he and his predecessors had 
possessed "neere fifty years." 

Nathaniel, also took oath of allegiance at Sp. 13 July, 

Peter, was sued by Henry Sherburne of Portsmouth in 
1660, for keeping his boat upon Sherburne's mooring-place. 


George, ordinary keeper, vintner, tailor, before Gen. 
Court at Boston 4 (10) 1638. Rem. to Exeter; signed the 


combination 5 (4) 1639. Bought land on Great Island of 
John Hord i March, 1649; acknowledged in 1655. Taxed at 
Dover in 1648. Assessed for wine sold in his ordinary. Had 
land assigned to him at Portsmouth in 1652. Rem. to Kit- 
tery. Bought land in Back Cove 16 Aug. 1659; Abishag* 
Walton a witness. Rem. to Portsmouth. Sold his houses 
and lands to Henry Robie i Aug. 1662. Was licensed 14 
Oct. 1662, to keep the ordinary upon the great island in Pas- 
cattoquack river. [Norf. rec] Suffered from "Stone-throw- 
ing" imposters. [Magnalia.] A child of his was found 
drowned in 1657. [Inquest], 

He made his will Feb. 14, 1685, proved March 9 following. 
To present wife Alice; to son Sidrach Walton; to Sam: 
Walton; to Alice and Priscilla Taprell each 8 acres of land; 
to Grace Taprell the house her mother died in; to Thomas 
and Walton Roby and Elizabeth Treworgy. 

John, brought suit against George Walton in 1651, for 
cutting timber on his land. Had land assigned him at Ports- 
mouth in 1652. 

See Bulgar, Disher, Hilton, Taperill, Towle, West. 


Thomas, gent, captain, had charge of Gorges and Ma- 
son's house at Pascataqua in 1633, as Gibbons wrote. Lived 
later at Strawberry Bank ; engaged in trading along the East- 
ern coast. He was brought before the Gen. Court of Mass. 
Aug. 4, 1635, on complaint of John Holland and others, 

*The occurrence of this name "Abishag Walton" leads us to 
compare this man George Walton with "Alexander Waldren" (Wal- 
den, Waldron), a "sojourner on the Great Island near piscataqua 
River," who, in his will dated 7 June, 1676, proved 27th same month 
beq. to bros. Isaac, of Boston, William, George, Edward ("in the 
kingdom of Old England") ; to Joan Barker of Coventry, Eng. ; and 
his house and land at Boston to "Abisha, wife of Robert Taperell 
mariner during her life" ; he also gave her two gold rings, and to 
her daughter Alice Taprill 10 pounds. Have we here George Wal- 
ton, Sen. and his brothers and sister? Names were so confused in 
those days ! 


for violent attacks on them and abusive language against the 
Mass. Bay people. Witnessed the deed to Johnson 5 May, 
1636. Had suit in Maine court May 20, 1637. Mortg. house 
and lands 25 April, 1644. [Suff. De.] Was fined at S. B. 
in 1643 for striking his wife with a stool. He led a party 
of the French adherents of La Tour in an attack upon 
D'Aulnay's farm house at Penobbscot in the summer of 1644; 
and was killed in the first onset. [W.] Administration of 
his estate was ordered by Piscataqua court. 

His widow Ann married second Thomas Williams. 

See also Champernowne, Gee, Goddard, Johnson, Knight. 


Edward, York, bought land on the south side of Cape 
Nedacke river 13 Nov. 1651, and sold the same 11 Nov. 1657, 
to his "brother in law John Smyth who hath beene several! 
yeares in possession of the same." 


Rev. John, son of Rev. Nathaniel, of Ipswich, Mass. and 
grandson of Rev. John, of Haverhill, England, came to Ac- 
comenticus about 1641, to be their minister. Was lost two 
days and one night with Revs. Peter and Dalton and a York 
man on the way from Dover through the woods. 

Was called to Haverhill, Mass. and settled there in Octo- 
ber, 1645. There he remained till the close of his useful 

He married Alice. Children, Elizabeth, b. April i, 1647, 
(m. Nathaniel Saltonstall), Mary b. 24 June, 1649, (m. Rev. 
Benjamin Woodbridge, whose dau. Elizabeth m. i, Rev. 
John Clark and 2, Rev. John Odlin, of Exeter, N. H.) 

He and his wife Alice deeded a tract of land in Hav. 17 
May, 1654, to Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Lilford, and their 

His will is on file, dated 27 May, 1680, headed "O Lord 
into thy hand commend I my spirit. Credo languida Me 
tamen fide." He bequeathed his estate to his son Benjamin 


Woodbridge and daughter Mary, his wife ; to daughter Eliza- 
beth and her husband Nathaniel Saltonstall. Final date in 
the document Jan. 23, 1692-3, probated March 28, 1694. 

Thomas, planter, yeoman, weaver, Hampton, proprietor, 
June, 1640. Selectman, 1651. Bought land of Isaac Perkins 
7 (8) 1652. 

Wife Margerite; children, Elizabeth b. 10 (10) 1651, Mary, 
Hannah b. 2 (9) 1655, Thomas b. 3 (11) 1665. 

Will dated 18 June, 1678, prob. 7 Sept. 1680, beq. to wife 
Margritte ; son Thomas Ward ; daughter Hannah Ward ; dau. 
Elizabeth, wife of John Mason; dau. Mary, wife of John 

Note one Thomas Ward, juryman in Gen. Court of Mass. 
28 Sept. 1630; same name proposed for a proprietor at Ded- 
ham in 1638. No evidence connects these persons; yet the 
name and dates suggest identity. 

See Fogg, Shaw. 

Thomas, shoemaker, Boston, admitted church 9 (9) 1634, 
frm. March 4, 1634-5; proprietor Jan. 1635-6. Was dismissed 
to the chh. of Exeter with the Wheelwright party 6 (11) 
1638. Proprietor; town officer; commissioner for local trials; 
sergeant. Returhed to Boston. 

Wife Elizabeth; children, Eliakim bapt. 23 (9) 1634, 
Martha b. (6) 1637, Benjamin b. at Exeter Feb. 1639-40, 
Samuel b. 16 (3) 1643. 

He died in Bo. Dec. 10, 1646. "Mis. Wardel, an ancient 
wido," died 2 Feb. 1697. 

William, servant to Edmund Quinsey, was admitted to 
the chh. of Boston 9 (12) 1633. Proprietor. Was dismissed 
to Exeter 6 (11) 1638. Proprietor; signed the combination. 
Rem. to Rhode Island, whence he was brought for trial in 
1643 with Gorton and others, on charge of heresy, etc. ; was 
confined at Watertown. Rem. to Wells, Me. When the com- 
missioners of Mass. were summoning the inhabitants to take 


the oath of allegiance, he was charged with contempt of 
court, as dissuading neighbors from the act; but plead that 
he was absent from the meeting, endeavoring to get his 
neighbors to join in allegiance; he took the oath 5 July, 1653. 
[Bax. MSS.] Returned to Boston. 

Wife Alice died; he m. second, Dec. 5, 1657, Elizabeth, 
widow of John Gillitt, (Jellett,) with whom he contracted to 
bring up her daughter Hannah, then 2 years old, in con- 
sideration of the widow's house. [Sufif. Prob. ; Reg. XII, 
275.] Children, Meribah, bapt. 25 (4) 1637, (m. Francis 
Littlefield,) Usal b. 7 (2) 1639, Elihu bapt. 5 (10) 1641, 
Elihu b. (9) 1642, Mary b. (2) 1644, (m. Nathaniel Rust,) 
Leah b. 7 (10) 1646, (m. William Tower,) Abigail b. April 
24, 1660, d. 23 Aug. 1 66 1. 

Will prob. 18 April, 1670, beq. to wife Elizabeth one half 
of the house in Boston for her life; to daus. Hannah and 
Deborah Gillett ; to eldest son Uzzal and son Elihu ; to daus. 
Leah, wife to William Tower, Meribah, wife to Francis Little- 
field of Wells, and Mary, wife to Nathaniel Rust. [Reg. 
XLVIII, 458.] 

See Mingay. 

WARE, see Weare. 


Thomas, Cape Porpoise, may be the person who was be- 
fore Gen. Court at Boston 3 Sept. 1639; legatee of James 
Woodward in 1648; took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt, 
at Wells 5 July, 1653. 


John, planter, cardmaker, Exeter, 1650. 
He sold his house and land "upon Shrewsberry pattent" to 
John Foss 29 Sept. 1668. Rem. to Boston; sold one eighth 
part of a sawmill in Exeter 20 May, 1673. 

He married 21 Oct. 1650 Deborah daughter of Thomas 
Wilson, b. at Roxbury (6) 1634; she died 26 (4) 1668. He 


m. (2) Elizabeth, widow of John Coomes, who died in 1671 
and beq. to her children Sara Barlowe, Elizabeth and Sara 
Coomes and Nathaniel Warren. Her husband administered 
on her estate (11) 1671. He m. (3) Elizabeth — . He died 
in July, 1677; will dated 10, prob. 31 July, 1677, beq. to wife 
Elizabeth, who is to bring up his children Nathaniel and 
Abigail according to contract made before marriage; to son 
Joshua "the engine I cut tobacco with;" the shop, not the 
land, to son Thomas; "to the rest of my children." 


Thomas, sued in Dover court in 1651 ; did not appear. 


Henry, Saco, taxed in 1636; grand jury man in 1640. 
Sold wheat to John Winter in 1643. Had lawsuit in Maine 
court June 5, 1637. 
See Cammock. 


Margaret, Portsmouth, had land assigned 22 March, 
1 660- 1. 


Mr. Henry, fishmonger, Black Point, [L.J His name 
appears in a London Tax Roll of 1641 among fishmongers. 
See Hilton. Newe England identifies him. 

One of those who witnessed the giving possession of land 
in Maine to Lewis and Bonython June 28, 1631. Petitioned 
the court at Saco 25 March, 1636; taxed there 7 {7) 1636. 
Bargained with Thomas Wallis of Plymouth, N. E. about fish, 
in March, 1640-1. [L.] He testified 8 Sept. 1640, that Casco 
river had borne that name for nine years or thereabout. Was 
deputy to the Lygonia Assembly in 1648. Took oath of al- 
legiance to Mass. govt. 13 July, 1658. Deposed 29 June, 
1675, ae. about 71 years, as to John Mills mowing a certain 
piece of marsh. [York De. IV.] 

See Downing. 



Thomas, fisherman, York, had a grant of land at Cape 
Neddicke 3 July, 1649, in partnership with John Ball and 


Nathaniel, [son of Nathaniel, of Haverhill in 1645?] 
born about 1 631, married 3 Dec. 1656, Elizabeth, daughter 
of Richard Swain, of Hampton. Children, b. at Newbury, 
Elizabeth b. 5 Jan. 1657, Peter b. at Hampton 15 Nov. 1660. 

He died 13 May, 1718, ae. nearly 87. [Coffin] 
Peter, York, had lawsuit in Piscataqua court in 1640. 
Proprietor; witness to an Indian deed to Humphrey Chad- 
bourne in 1643; bought land at Cape Nuddocke beach 18 Oct. 
1644. Had land grant from the town in 1646. [York De. I.] 
Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 22 Nov. 1652. He 
deposed 7 Dec. 1658, ae. about 40 years, relative to land 
grants made 14 or 15 years before. Was a faithful friend 
of the Mass. govt, and was imprisoned in 1668 by the royalist 
authorities for that cause; petitions describe his sufferings; 
had been lame many years. [Bax. MSS.] 

He died before April 18, 1692, when the inventory of his 
estate was taken ; the widow Mary presented it in court Nov. 
I, following. [York De. V.] She made her will 21 Jan. 
prob. 7 April 1719; beq. to children Hopewell and Daniel 
Wear, Mary Roberts and Sarah Nowell, and to son in law 

See Brooks, Davis, Gooch, Swain. 


George, Dover, signed the combination in 1640; pro- 
prietor in 1642 and 1648. 

He died before 8 (2) 1651, the date of granting admin, 
on his estate to George Smith. 


John, Senior, brewer. Strawberry Bank, had liberty from 
Norf. court 24 (2) 1649 to sell wine. Brought suit concern- 
ing house and land 3 (8) 1648. Made deed of gift 20 Jan. 


i6so, to son John, conveying all his estate, house, brew house, 
furnace, vessels, furniture, etc. [Piscataqua court rec] 
Juror in 1650. 

Signed a petition of inhabitants to Gen. Court 20 Oct. 1651. 
[Mass. Arch. 112, 38.] Exchanged land vi^ith John Jones 24 
May, 1656; acknowledged 15 July, 1659. With wife Rachel 
sold land on Great Island 28 Jan. 1660. Licensed to keep 
house of entertainment renewed in 1660 and 1661. 

He died before June 24, 1662, when the widow Rachel de- 
clined to admin, on estate; June 30, 1663, Richard Waldren 
was appointed. The son John brought suit against Richard 
Cutts concerning the estate 27 June, 1665. 

Thomas, planter, Hampton, bought land of Wm. Cole, 
adjoining land of Philemon Dalton and Robert Drake 17 Oct. 
1656. Sold a tract 4 April, 1660. Dea. William Godfrey 
made a bequest to "son in law Webster" in his will in 1667. 
Upon this genealogists have built the theory that he was a 
son of Margaret, second wife of Dea. Godfrey, and have 
found records in England relating to the case. 

He married 2 (9) 1657, "Sarah Bruer'' ; children Mary b. 
19 (10) 1658, Sarah b. 22 (11) 1660, Hannah b. and d. 1663, 
Thomas b. 20 (11) 1664, Ebenezer b. Aug. i, 1667, Isaac 
b. April 12, 1670, John b. Feb. 16, 1673-4, Joshua b. Nov. 
8, 1676, Abigail b. Jan. I, 1678-9. 

He died Jan. 5, 1715, ae. 83. [Dow.J 

Note. Thomas Webster, born in Boston, Jan. 11, 1661, 
was son of James Webster, brewer, "Scotchman," of Bo. and 
"Mary Hay, an Irish maid," who were married 14 Feb. 1658. 
Thomas, innholder, of Exeter, N. H. sold his interest in the 
estate of said James to a brother William W. shopkeeper, of 
Bo. Dec. 15, 1715. [Suflf. De.] 

See Cole, Taylor. 


Thomas, Strawberry Bank, in court at suit of Henry 
Sherburne 8 (8) 1650. Ordered to go to his wife. 
See Hinkson, Monke. 



John, planter, husbandman, Ipswich, proprietor, 1637. 
Before Gen. Court 3 (7) 1639. Rem. to Hampton. Pro- 
prietor June, 1640. Sold land 29 Jan. 1648-9. 

Wife Mary; children, John, Jonathan, Mary Abigail b. 12 
(7) 1650, d. 19 (5) 1669, David b. 12 (10) 1652. 

He died 9 (10) 1654. Will dated 24 Nov. 1654, prob. 10 
(2) 1655, beq. to eldest son John house and land at Exeter, 
part of which adjoined that of Edward Hilton; this John is 
to have at the death of his grandmother ; to wife Mary ; to 
sons Jonathan and David and . daughters Mary and Abigail. 
Wife Executrix. Wm. Fifield and Henry Moulton overseers. 
The widow died Aug. 24, 1670. 

See Haborne. 


Oliver, sailor, was in the service of Winter at Rich- 
mond Island in 1633; deposed 20 Nov. 1640. Worked for 
Winter 1642-3. 


Thomas, Dover, signed petition to Mass. govt, in 1654. 
See George, from Northamptonshire, Eng. settler at Lynn, 
Mass. and Southampton, L. I. [P. of M.] 

William, husbandman, Boston, 1635-8. Rem. to Exeter; 
signed the combination 5 (4) 1639, and the petition of 1647; 
frm. May, 1645. Clerk of the writs and commissioner. Re- 
turned to Boston; bought house and lot 14 (12) 1644; sold 
Aug. II, 1662. 

Wife Elizabeth; children, John b. 22 (9) 1635, John b. 21 
(7) 1638. 


William, Exeter, signed the Combination 5 (4) 1639. 
Proprietor. Lawsuit about a house in 1649. Selectman of 


Wells; juror, 1647-9. Constable, 1648. Removed to Dover; 
proprietor in 1650; juryman, 1650. Lands in what has since 
been known as Rollinsford. Selectman; commissioner to try 
"small causes.'' Signed petition to Mass. Bay govt, in 1654 
and Oct. 10, 1665. [Mass. Arch. 3, 447, and 106, 160.] Took 
oath of allegiance to Mass. Bay govt. 22 Nov. 1652. He was 
the "ruling elder" of the church; preached sometimes, par- 
ticularly at Exeter during the period 1683 to 1693. Resisted 
an Indian attack at Dover in 1689 with remarkable vigor. 
His wife Elizabeth signed a deed with him in 1666; she sur- 
vived him. For discussion of his ancestry and family see 
Genealogy. He d. March 15, 1696-7, "ae. 81." 


John, husbandman, West Saco, i. e. Biddeford, leased 
mansion and land lately occupied by Thomas Cole or John 
Andrews 20 Nov. 1638. His corn referred to in records of 
Maine court April 4, 1637. Lawsuit in Piscataqua court June 
21, 1641. Took oath of allegiance 5 July, 1653. One of the 
town commissioners. [Bax. MSS.] Selectman. Had share 
of marsh in 1653. 

Will dated 29 Sept. 1663, prob. 5 Oct. 1663; beq. to Ann, 
Lydia, Samuel and Thomas Haly, in care of William Coole, 
to whom he gives "all the iron Towles" etc. ; to Thomas and 
Francis Littlefield and their mother; to Frances Woolfe and 
Mary Reade. 


John, Dover, signed the combination in 1640; proprietor 
in 1642. 

James, Isles of Shoals, in court in 1656. 
He made will 10 April, 1678, prob. 25 June following; beq. 
to sons William, George and James, and daughter Elizabeth; 
rest to wife Mary. Desired to be buried on Star Island. 
Elizabeth m. Richard Currier. The widow m. Thomas Dia- 


Robert, Kittery, took oath of allegiance i6 Nov. 1652. 
Admin, on estate of his brother William Weymouth 27 June, 

William, known only by this settlement of his estate. 
See Fabes. 


Edivard or Edmond, sued in Piscataqua court in 1642 
and 1644. Came to court 30 June, 1663, "to bear witness to 
the truth," as he said; was placed in the stocks and told by 
the judges that they looked upon him as "a Vagabond 
Quaker"; they sentenced him to be passed from constable to 
constable to Salem, the place of his habitation, etc. [See 
P. of M.] 


Roger, perhaps son of John, of Newbury, had lawsuit in 
Piscataqua court in 1657. John beq. in 1668 to Mary and 
Joseph, children of his son Roger. 


Rev. John, graduated at Cambridge university, England, 
in 1614; vicar of Bilsby, Lincolnshire, 1623-1631 ; came to 
Boston, Mass. with wife and family in 1636. Was received 
to church 12 (4) 1636. Preached at Braintree, and some- 
times at Boston. Because of his sympathy with his famous 
sister in law, Mrs. Ann Hutchinson, which greatly scandal- 
ized the ministers and magistrates of Mass. he was com- 
pelled to leave the colony. Removed to Exeter, N. H. where 
he with Samuel Hutchinson and Augustine Stor, of Boston, 
Edward Colcord and Darby Field of Piscataqua, John Comp- 
ton of Roxbury, and Nicholas Needome, of Mount Wollaston 
purchased the rights of the Indian sagamore Wehanownowit 
and his son to the territory of Exeter April 3, 1638. Was 
the leader in the foundation of that town where he filled 
the office of pastor of the church and an active citizen. 


Bought land near Ogunquett river in Wells, Me. \^ April, 
1643, and removed thither, becoming minister to the people 
of that new community. He petitioned the Gen. Court of 
Maine 15 Oct. 1650, for leave to erect a sawmill at the falls 
of the Ogunquat; grantecl. From 1647 till 1658 he was pas- 
tor at Hampton; he served the church of Salisbury, Mass. 
from Dec. 9, 1662, till his death. In the interval between 
the Hampton and Salisbury pastorates he visited England. 
He deeded", 22 Oct. 1677, to his daughter Sarah Crispe of 
Boston, Mass. land and tenement at Mawthorp in the parish 
of Willoughby, co. Lincoln, Eng. referring to Belleaw, same 
CO. as his former residence. 

He obtained for a house-maid one Elizabeth Evans of 
Bridgend, co. Glamorgan, Wales; an abstract of the "coven- 
ant" for 3 years' service from June 25, 1639, wages 3 li. per 
an. and passage paid for by J- W. is given in Lechford. 

He married I, [Nov. 8, 1621,] Marie, [daughter of Rev. 
Thomas Storre, vicar of Bilsby ;] she died in Eng. ; he m. 
2, Mary, dau. of Edward Hutchinson, mercer, of Alford, Eng. 
and his wife Susanna; children, [John], Samuel, Susanna, 
(m. Edward Rishworth, Jr.) Katharine, (m. i, Robert Nan- 
ney, 2, Edward Naylor,") Mary bapt. 25 (4) 1637, (m. i, 
Edward Lloyd or Ly"de, 2, Theodore Atkinson,) Elizabeth, 
(m. George Person,) Rebecca, (m. i, Samuel Maverick, Jr. 
2, Wm. Bradbury,) Hannah, (m. — Checkley,) Sarah, (m. 
Richard Crispe,) Thomas. The son Thomas and six daugh- 
ters are mentioned in the will of their uncle Samuel Hutchin- 
son of Boston in 1667. 

He died 15 Nov. 1679; made will 25 May, 1675, "aged"; 
it was proved 26 Nov. 1679. Beq. to gr. son Edward Lyde 
estate in Mumby, Langham and Minge, co. Line, to be de- 
livered to his mother, Mary Atkinson ; to gr. dau. Mary Mav- 
ericke other lands in Eng. ; to son in law Edward Rishworth 
and his dau. Mary White ; to gr. ch. Thomas and Jacob Brad- 
bury; to son Samuel lands at Craft near Waneflitt, Eng. and 
at Wells, N. E.; to his latter wife's children all his plate. 

See also Haborne, Wiggin. 



John, yeoman, with James Phipps, (father of Gov. Wil- 
liam Phipps,) bought of Edward Bateman of Kennebec "a 
certain large tract of land near the river of Kennebec at. a 
place called Negwusset, lying between that and the river 
called Munsweague which was the easterly bound ; there they 
lived many years, built houses and otherwise improved it, 
and died seized of the whole except a certain neck of land 
called Jeremiah Squam's Neck which they sold in 1679 to 
Sr. Wm. Phipps." 

His wife died and he m. before Oct. 4, 1679, Mary, widow 
of his partner James Phipps. 

Sir Wm. Phipps' legatee Mary claimed the tract — "Chery- 
sequamy neck" — "as by deed from John White and Mary 
his wife formerly the wife of James Phipps of Kennebeck 
deceased; dated Oct. 4, 1679." [Me. H. and G. Reg. VIII, 

He died before 1722, when his son Peter, then of Milton, 
Mass. sold one half of his portion, which was two fifths of 
the moiety or half of the tract, to Paul Dudley. He testi- 
fied to the foregoing facts and that his father had eight chil- 
dren of whom four had died without issue. His portion was 
that of the eldest son. [York Deeds XI, 15.] Perhaps Paul 
White, taxed at Milton, Mass. 1681-3, was another of those 
children. Peter gave his age as 67 in 1727, which places his 
birth about 1660; as William Phipps is known to have been 
born in 1650 we may locate the partners on the tract before 
that date. 

John, Kittery, about 1638; servant of Alexander Shap- 
leigh; knew of the setting of bounds between Shapleigh and 
Nicholas Frost at Sturgeon Creek meadow. So he deposed 
19 Dec. 1662, being then about 58 years old. Deposed also 
in 1679. [York De. I and V.] 

John, Strawberry Bank, 1643, died before 26 (6) 1646, 
when inventory of his estate was presented and administra- 
tion granted to John Reynolds and Robert Mussell. He had 
been in partnership with Robert Mussell. 


Nicholas, Richmond Island, one of Winter's fishermen 
1638-1640. Money paid [in England] to his sister and to 
his master, John Sparke. 

Nicholas, Spurwink, took oath of allegiance to Mass. 
govt. 13 July, 1658. Sold his right in House Island 23 Oct. 

Paul, Pemaquid, captain, merchant, bought in Dec. 1648, 
of Capt. Francis Champernowne, one half of the land in 
Maine which had been granted to Capt. C.'s father. [Sufif. 
De.] Rem. to Newbury, Mass. Mrs. Bridget White, sup- 
posed to have been his wife, d. Dec. 1664. He m. March 14, 
1665, Mrs. Ann Jones, widow, to whom he bequeathed, in 
will dated 14 Aug. 1674, his estate for herself and children, 
specifying Mary, wife of Thomas Woodbridge. He d. 20 
July 1679, ae. 89. [Coffin.] 

Philip, "mariner, of Pascattaquay," was made the at- 
torney of William Grey for the collection of money from 
Jeremiah Willis 26 (9) 1639. 

William, was brought from Derbyshire by Dr. Child be- 
fore 1648 to work mines; reported that "the spirit of solidity 
and fusion was not in them." Complained that his family 
was not cared for according to contract. [Mass. Hist. Soc. 
Coll. IV, 198.] 

See Conley, Frost, Jose, Pierce, Reading. 


Leonard, Portsmouth, land assigned him Jan. 29, 1656. 


Benjamin, Hampton, proprietor, 1644. See Greenfield. 


Captain, Thomas, gent. [L.] whose birth-place has eluded 
search, may be the person of whom Sir John Drake wrote 
from Barnstaple, England, Jan. 6, 1627; "Captain Thomas 
Wigan desires a letter of marque against the French"; this 
was addressed to the secretary of state, and is noted in In- 


dex to Pari. Docs. Dom. ser. Charles I, vol. XLVII, 7. 
But the Piscataqua man stands clearly before us as one of 
the witnesses to the possession of land under patent to Old- 
ham and Vines, in Maine, 25 JunCj 1630. Another proof of 
his presence here at that time comes in the letter of John 
Humphrey, Esquire, one of the Massachusetts Bay company, 
to his brother in law, Isaac Johnson, Esquire, from London, 
Dec. 9, 1630: "For Mr. Wiggin & your thoughts concerning 
him & those who set him on worke, I think you will hear 
little more. Yet your letter shall be delivered, ... I purpose 
this morning to goe to Mr. Downing to advise about it." 
[Winthrop Letters, Mass. Hist. Coll. XXXVI, 3.] The his- 
torian Hubbard says that "Bristol and Shrewsbury men'' 
planted a colony on the upper part of the Piscataqua in 1631, 
"under Captain Wiggans." The Captain again witnessed the 
giving of possession of a patent, this time to Lewis and Bony- 
thon, in Maine, Jan. 28, 1631-2. "Captain Wiggans went 
back for England the next year," Hubbard continues, "and 
soon after returned with more ample power and means to 
promote what was in hand. The Bristol men had in the 
mean time sold their interest (which was two thirds) in the 
said plantation to the Lord Say and the Lord Brook, one to 
Mr. Willis, and Mr. Whiting, who likewise employed Cap- 
tain Wiggans to act in their behalf for the space of seven 
years next following; the Shrewsbury men still retaining 
their own share. After the time was expired, the advance 
not being much, the whole was prised but at 600 li. and sold to 
Captain Wiggans ; which he paid at a vary easy rate, as some 
of his neighbors have used to say." 

Captain Wiggin remained in charge of the "Dover and 
Squamscot" patent, including Dover, Exetef and outlying 
lands, till about 1639, when Rev. George Burdett, (successor 
of Rev. William Leverich, the first minister of the colony) 
worked himself into the favor of the people, and assumed 
control, though with no legal authority. The coming of Rev. 
John Wheelwright and his associates to settle Exeter, to- 
gether with the agitation by Mass. Bay people of the question 


whether that town was not within their jurisdiction, all 
operated to incline the Captain toward acknowledgement of 
their claims; and he became the most important factor in 
the extension of the Mass. government over both New Hamp- 
shire and Maine. But this was no sudden freak. As far 
back as the year 1632 when in England on business connected 
with his own colony, Captain Wiggin had written two mem- 
orable letters, one to Mr. Downing, touching Sir Christopher 
Gardiner's fiasco and another matter of some importance to 
New England; the other to Sir John Cooke, principal secre- 
tary, testifying to the great value of New England as a profit- 
able place for plantations, and especially showing the high 
character of Gov. John Winthrop and the people of "the 
Mattachusetts." [Mass. Hist. Coll. 3d. S., VHI.] 

This testimony was given at a critical moment in the af- 
fairs of the Bay colony. Gov. Winthrop, in his History, thus 
describes it: "Feb. 22, 1632-3, ..We had intelligence from 
our friends in England that Sir Ferdinando Gorges and Cap- 
tain Mason (upon the instigation of Sir Christopher Gar- 
diner, Morton and Ratcliffe,) had preferred a petition to the 
lords of the privy council against us, charging us with many 
false accusations ; but through the Lord's good providence 
and the care of our friends in England, (especially Mr. 
Emanuel Downing who had married the governor's sister,) 
and the good testimony given on our behalf by one Capt. 
Wiggin, who dwelt at Pascataquack and had been divers 
times among us, their malicious practice took not eflfect." 

The friendly service thus voluntarily rendered by Capt. 
Wiggin was never forgotten. And when Massachusetts 
needed a man to superintend the pacification of the colonists 
about the Pisoataqua and along the coast of Maine, they 
naturally turned to him. He was commissioned first as an 
Assistant, then as a presiding judge, then as commissioner 
for adjustment of all manner of problems arising in the as- 
sumption of authority in new plantations. It is fair to say 
that he was the most important man in the whole business of 
uniting the colonies of upper New England. 


He was also a deputy to the Gen. Court at Boston, and in 
his magisterial capacity performed the marriage ceremony, 
attested documents, etc. in Massachusetts as well as in New 
Hampshire and Maine. He had grants of land from the 
Gen. Court in addition to what he had reed, from the Paten- 
tees and had purchased. He carried on milling and farming 
operations. 23 May, 1656, "Captain Wiggan, having been 
imployed by the Gen" Court with other gent, to bring in the 
easterne plantations, as a gfratuitie in respect of his service, 
hath the grant of two hundred acors of land uppon the river 
that leads up to Cochechawicke,'' etc. The committee ap- 
pointed to lay out his tract reported April 28, 1659, that they 
had laid it out "near the head of the littell river caled the 
back river." 

He and his son Thomas sold land April 25, 1662"; he made 
a power of attorney to Thomas March 21, 1662-3. With wife 
Katharine he gave a marriage portion to son Andrew 4 June, 
1663. The 30th of that month he attended court for the last 
time ; a year later he was unable even to reach the "ordinary" 
without help, as a neighbor testified who had failed to reach 
his place in the grand jury that day by reason of assisting 
"his worp." i. e. "his worship," the title of the magistrate. 

He kept his lands apart from any town association many 
years, holding aloof from participation in town meetings or 
in the support of the ministry or other public affairs; proba- 
bly deeming his state duties and charges heavy enough, and 
owning a tract large enough to constitute a "plantation" of 
itself. But at length public opinion prevailed against him, and 
he became a tax-payer in Exeter. 

He married Katharine — , who may have been a sister of 
Mr. William Whiting of Hartford, one of the proprietors of 
the Squamscot patent. At all events, Mr. Whiting made a 
bequest "to my sister Wiggen 5 li. and unto her children 3 
H. apiece," in his will dated March 20, 1643. Children, 
Thomas, Andrew, Mary, all bapt. at Hampton Sept. 20, 1641. 
The latter married George Vesey. 

He made will 16 June, 1664, which was probated in Hamp- 


ton court in "1666." He bequeathed to his wife Katherine 
certain articles and whatever debts were due him and all 
goods not heretofore or herein given; certain bequests to 
sons Andrew and Thomas who have already had their por- 
tions, and to daugher Mary, for whom 150 pounds had been 
previously set apart in the deed to Andrew. 

See Ault, Burdett, Chesley, Colcord, Commins, Duncan, 
Emery, Leverich, Lewis, Purchase, Shrewsbury, Tibbett, 


Thomas, Exeter, proprietor, signed the combination 5 
(4)1639; Censured and fined by town for "contemptuous car- 
riage and speeches against the court and magistrates" in 
1642. Signed a petition of inhabitants Sept. 7, 1643. [Mass. 
Arch. 112, 8, 9.] Admin, on his estate granted April 11, 1665, 
to Israel Wight. 


John, had lawsuit in Maine court June 5, 1637. He de- 
posed in 1641 that he was a servant to John Winter at Spur- 
wink in 1633. Residence not stated. 


Thomas, Dover, proprietor, taxed in 1648; resigned rights 
in "Champering island" to Richard Kinge 13 Aug. 1649. 
[Portsmouth records.] 

He married Margaret, widow of Stephen Crawforde; they 
brought suit in 1649 against William Seavie to recover 50 
li. which was the money of Susan, one of Crawford's daugh- 
ters; Sarah, another daughter, was a party to the suit. His 
son Samuel d. in 1679; admin, granted to the father June 24, 

He died before Sept. 7, 1681, when admin, on his estate 
was granted to the widow Margaret and son John. 

See also King. 



Francis, gent, "a prudent man, of better quality than 
the rest, was chosen governor of the lower Piscataqua in 
1633 after Captain Neal went away." [Hub.] Brought over 
his wife and nine other members of his family about 1636. 
Reed, grant of 900 acres of land from Gorges, recorded 13 
Aug. 1644. He signed a grant of glebe lands with Ambrose 
Gibbons, Assistant, May 25, 1640. [See the book, "Capt. 
John Mason."] 

The Gen. Court of Mass. appointed him one of the asso- 
ciate justices for Piscataqua 7 Oct. 1641. 

He sold, 6 (10) 1645, his plantation near Salt River, be- 
ing a point of land railed in by William Berriffes, etc. [Suff. 

Matthew, before Piscataqua court in 1646 ; his estate was 
administered upon June 25, 1667, by John Bickford and 

Thomas, in court at Portsmouth in case of Judith Ellyns 
3 (8) 1648. He m. Ann, widow of Thomas Wanerton; they 
brought suit for possession of land 27 June, 1671. 

Thomas, Saco, in court 28 March, 1636; juryman in 
1640. Took oath of allegiance 5 July, 1653. Commissioner 
of the town, selectman. Resided at West Saco i. e. Bidde- 
ford; selectman, 1653. In consideration of a promise of life 
maintenance, he deeded land 17 Dec. 1681, to his "grandson 
in law," Phineas Hull and his now wife Jerusha. 

William, planter, Dover, constable in 1657. Bought land 
of John Goddard in 1659. 

Wife Margaret; children, William b. 22 Dec. [1662], John 
b. 30 March, 1664, Elizabeth b. 25 Oct. 1665. [Dov. Hist. 

See also Bonjrthon, Clifton, Coham, Drake, Ellen, Goddard, 
Wanerton, Woodward. 


Roger, Cape Porpoise, his land adjacent to that of Mor- 
gan Howell in 1648. 



Bennett, of Plymouth, Eng. boatswain, was one of Win- 
ter's fishermen about 1630 at Richmond Island. Sold goods 
to W. in 1643. 

See Abbot, Chadbourne. 


Balthasar or Belshazer, Exeter, proprietor in 1640; signed 
petitions in 1643 and 1647. His wife was robbed and mur- 
dered between Dover and Exeter in 1648. He married sec- 
ond, Mary, widow of Thomas Hawksworth. Rem. to 

He died March 23, 1650-1. Admin, of his estate was 
granted 8 (2) 1651, to his widow Mary, who was also made 
admin, of the estate of her former husband, who had died 
in Salisbury in 1642. 

She rem. to Hartford, Conn. [A.J 

See Dalton. 


Gowen, Exeter, bought land of Thomas Jones; failing 
to obtain possession, he brought suit in court 7 (8) 1651. 
[Norf. Court rec.J 

Rem. to Kittery; took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 
16 Nov. 1652. Resided "further northward." Testified in 
the Gunnison case 24 April, 1654, ae. about 36 years. [Bax. 
MSS.] Gave marriage portion 2 June, 1684, to daughter 
Deborah, on her union with Andrew Haley. 

Thomas, miller, Roxbury, arrived in New England (4) 
1633. [Rox. rec] In court 4 (10) 1638. Was undoubtedly 
the brother to whom Edward W. of Boston beq. property in 
1638; may be the brother to whom William of Bo. and Brain- 
tree referred in bounds of land at Dunnington, Lincolnshire, 
near that of his father William W. 

He was dismissed 12 (4) 1642 to the church of Hampton, 
having removed in 1639 to Exeter, where he signed the com- 
bination and built the first grist-mill in 1640, the inhabitants 


regulating by vote the amount of toll he should receive. 
Was chosen "ruler" of the town 20 (8) 1642. 

Wife Ann; children, Humphrey, Samuel, Joshua, Deborah 
b. at Rox. (6) 1634, m. John Warren; Lydia b. (9) 1636. 

He died in 1643. Will dated 9(11) 1642, prob. Suiif. and 
Ipswich courts, beq. to wife, eldest son Humphrey and four 
younger children. The widow m. second John Legat, who 
made over to Anthony Stanyan certain cattle for the benefit 
of her dau. Deborah 5 (12) 1644. 

See Cornish, Elson, Garland, Legat, Rayner, Warren. 


John, yeoman, Watertown, proprietor, 1636; frm. May 
6, 1646; surveyor in 1647. Rem. to Kittery; took oath of al- 
legiance to Mass. govt. 16 Nov. 1652. Signed petition to 
Parliament respecting Mr. Leader 20 Dec. 1652, — "John 
Wincoll." Selectman, 1654. Captain. Engaged in 1659 to 
build a sawmill upon the salmon falls of great Mewichawan- 
nock river for Walter Price and Richard Cooke. The town 
gave him the timber on a certain tract of land in connection 
therewith; this he niortg. in 1666. [York De. VL] He de- 
posed 6 July, 1671, relative to contracts he had made for 
the sale of lumber ; referred to his "brother" Thomas Brough- 
ton. Associate judge in 1673. 

"Captain John Wincol falls ofif his horse and killed Oct. 
22, 1694. Captain Hammond of Kittery, appointed by the 
Lt. governour and Council, Dec. 4, 1694, clerk and register, 
vice Capt. Wincol, dec." [S.] 

See also Cutt. 


Walter, "son of John Winser of Hemick, co. Devon, 
Eng." apprenticed May 3, 1660, to John Deaman for 5 years. 
Of Portsmouth, deposed 5 Jan. 1685, ae. about 64 years, as 
to a fence set up "a great many years since," when he was 
in the employ of John Cutt. 



Thomas, Dover, witness to a deed of Obediah Bruen in 


Johnj mariner, of Plymouth, England, deserves to be 
honored as one of the most efficient and persevering pioneers 
who came forth from old England in the seventeenth cen- 
tury. Intense in his convictions, severe in his antagonisms, 
rugged in manners, he was yet deeply devoted to what he 
regarded as the principles of divine and human right. 

Mr. Robert Trelawney, holding a patent for the island 
which had somehow received the name "Richman" or 
"Richmond" Island, remained in Plymouth to receive what- 
ever profits could be made from the land and water over 
which he had received control; but Mr. John Winter, who 
had passed that apprenticeship of years by which alone a 
man in those days could be termed ''mariner," bade adieu 
to the easy life of home and sailed across the ocean, then 
so broad — and toiled at the head of a band of toilers. He 
not only superintended the fishing operations, by which sev- 
eral ships a year were laden and sent home; he also looked 
to the cultivation of the soil on the island and ashore, train- 
ing many men for their own farming, and making that island 
the nursery of Maine's grand husbandry and the pioneer 
shipyard of the state. More ; he and Trelawney corresponded 
in a style that shows the good business habits of both; and 
the letters thus written form the first book of real history of 
the people of "The Pine Tree State." 

Right here let respect be paid to that citizen of Maine, Mr. 
James Phinney Baxter, by whose scholarly research and mu- 
nificent use of well-earned wealth these "Trelawney Papers" 
were brought out of their hiding in England and placed in 
fitting form before historical students ; and let passing tribute 
be given to the Maine Historical Society, whose Collections, 
so rich in treasures of this class, have embraced this remark- 
ably valuable compilation. 


John Winter received a power of attorney with Thomas 
Pomery i8 Jan. 1631, and in the summer following, — July 
21 and 30, 1632, he received possession of the Casco land and 
islands from Richard Vines. His letters extant begin 11 
July, 1633; but he had been here before, as we must infer 
from many notes in the letters and accounts. Really the 
year 1630 may be taken as the beginning of Winter's opera- 
tions on this coast, probably. 

He left his family in England at first ; asked Mr. Trelawney 
to pay money to his wife and daughter Mary Coulinge; re- 
ferred to his daughter Sarah. Mrs. Winter and Sarah came 
over in 1639. He drew on Trelawney 15 June, 1642, for 15 
li. to be paid to his daughter Mary Hooper, to whom he wrote 
13 June, 1644; tells of the marriage of daughter Sarah to 
Rev. Robert Jordan 5 months before ; mentions his son John 
Winter, and tells of receiving a letter from him since he 
came from the East India to England. 

The inventory of his estate was taken and appraised by 
George Cleve, William Ryall and Henry Watts 10 Oct. 1648, 
by order of the Lygonia Assembly, at the request of Rev. 
Robert Jordan; it was attested before the commissioners of 
Massachusetts July 16, 1658. 

See Brown, Cleve, Jope, Jordan, Trelawney. 


Thomas, Casco, petitioned the court at Saco 25 March, 
1636. Gave testimony in the case of Winter in 1640. 


Thomas, gent. Kittery, grand jury man in 1640. "In 
consideration of faithful services and long aboad [abode]" 
he received from Gorges i March, 1643, 400 acres of land 
on the Northeast side of Piscataqua river, two islands near 
his house, and 40 acres of meadow. Also had deed from 
Vines, steward of Gorges, a tract of 600 acres of land at 
the head of Spruce Creek. [York De. I, and Bax. MSS.] 
Was agent of Francis Champernowne, 1650-1652. Took oath 
of allegiance to Mass. govt. 16 Nov. 1652. Was chosen 


deputy to Gen. Court 24 March, 1656. [Mass. Arch. 48.] 
He was one of the royal commissioners in 1664. He deeded 
one half of his farm 25 April, 1671, to his daughter Sarah 
on her marriage to John Shapleigh ; and other lands 30 July, 
1675, to daus. Elizabeth and Mary. 

He and his wife Jane, "being of great age," and "waxing 
antient," gave their cows and sheep to their daughter Eliza- 
beth 22 Dec. 1684; William Heynes testified 13 April, 1685, 
that this deed was written by him and signed by Mr. With- 
ers but little while before his death. 

Wife Jane; children Mary, (m. Thomas Rice), Elizabeth, 
(m. — Berry), Sarah, (m. John Shapleigh). 

His will dated 26 Sept. 1679, was certified to 30 March, 
1685; beq. to wife, daughters Elizabeth, Mary Ryce, son in 
law John Shapleigh and grandchildren Alexander and Alice 

The dau. Mary Ryce deposed 30 March, 1685, ae. about 
25 years. The widow conveyed land April i, 1691, to dau. 
Elizabeth Berry. She m. William Godsoe before Oct. 6, 
1692, and joined with him in a deed of land formerly pos- 
sessed by Withers in 1707. 

See Champernowne. 


John, husbandman, before Saco court 25 March, 1636. 
Of Hampton, signed the anti-Howard petition March 7,' 1643. 
Before Piscataqua court in 1644; case "put to reference." 
Bought of widow Mary Hussey a "joint possession" of cer- 
tain lands 25 (2) 1648. Reference to an absent wife in court 
in 1650. 

Rem. to Haverhill; rem. to Salisbury; bought land 15 (2) 
1659. Had a grant of land from Mass. govt, in 1667, on his 
petition, stating that he had been 32 years an inhabitant of 
the land, and had many children. 

Wife Mary; children, John, Mary b. in Hav. March 6, 
1652-3, Martha b. at Hampton (12) 1654-5, Sarah b. at Salis. 
Feb. 29, 1656-7, John b. at Salis. Oct. 7, 1659. 



James, before Piscataqua court in 1646; died previous 
to 10 (7) 1647, when an inventory of his estate was exhibited 
at Dover court and a memorandum of "instructions" from 
him. He had worked a year for Mr. Williams of Saco; had 
accounts with him, with John Sherburne and Thomas 
Warner. Bequeathed his estate to Lydia Williams, Mr. 
Bachiler and William Chatterton. 


Arthur, Wells, took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 
5 July, 1653. Rem. to Saco. With wife Susanna sold land 
23 Sept. 1681. Gave land to son in law William Daggett, 
carpenter, as a portion to his daughter Rebecca, Daggett's 
wife. Other ch. : Susan, b. 1658; Arthur, b. 1661 ; John, b. 
1669. [Hist. Ken. Port.] 


William, Kittery, a witness to John Lander's deed in 
1639. Lived on Star Island; accused of improper dealings 
with sailors, and ordered to leave the island and dwell on 
the main land in 1647. Sold land to Thomas Crockett be- 
fore 1647. 

Anne [his child] was freed from the service of John Crow- 
ther and his wife 3 (8) 1648. Katherine, (his first wife?) 
testified in court in 1650. Son Jacob. 

Inventory of his property, taken by Arthur Came and John 
Hovie, was presented in court by Mary Wormwood (his 
widow?) Dec. 3, 1690. [York De. V.] 

WRIGHT, see Wight. 


Richard, planter, Dover, taxed Oct. 19, 1648. Signed 
petition to Mass. Gen. Court in 1654. With wife Elizabeth 
sold land 7 Aug. 1661. 

Elizabeth, his daughter, m. at Exeter 23 Sept. 1668, Philip 
Carte. [Norf. Rec.J 


He made will 23 April, 1672, "well stricken in years"; beq. 
to sons John, Samuel and Benjamin; daughters Elizabeth 
Cartie, Rachel Halle and Grace York ; grandchildren Richard 
and Benjamin York; and to his wife. Brought into court 
30 June, 1674, and administration granted to the widow 
Elizabeth and son John. The widow m. (2) William Graves; 
they made an agreement with John 7 June, i68i. 

See Branson. 

John, mariner, Kittery, signed the Piscataqua combina- 
tion in 1640. Had lawsuits in 1640. Owned ground and 
house which he asked George Smyth to sell for him, etc.; 
letter received 19 April, 1641 ; Smith sold the land 18 Dec. 

Administration of his estate was granted to his daughter 
in law Sarah Morrill of Boston; and John Pickering, as her 
attorney, filed claim to certain lands 27 Sept. 1695. [York 
De. Ill and V.] 

See also Jenkin. 


Rowland, Senior, York, an inhabitant there about 1637, 
according to the deposition of his son Rowland in petition to 
Andros in 1688; "brought up a great family of children." 
[Bax. MS. VI.] Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 22 
Nov. 1652. With wife Johanna he conveyed land 18 April, 
1682, to son Samuel; and to son Rowland 25 Aug. 1685, * 
tract formerly the homestall of their father Robert Knight, 
and a tract adjoining land of their son Robert Young. 

Will prob. 6 Nov. 1685, beq. to wife Johannah; in her 
will prob. 20 June, 1698, she beq. to sons Rowland and Job, 
and daughters Mary Moulton and Lydia Haines. [Me. Wills 
124, and York De. IV and V.] 

See Batson. 




Sara 138 


Abraham .131 

Atami 56 

John 56 

Margaret 56 

Nathaniel, Jr. . . i6s 

' Sarah 131 


Eliz^tietl} 162 

JpljU 161 

Natbrntl '^t^ 


Jphn 51 


Rpbert 189 


Edward ....... ;67 


Hannah IS5 


Abigail 52 


Joseph S2 

Phebe Sa 


Wm. S 2P 


Elizabeth 14 

Sarah 14 


Elizabeth 161 

William 161 


Patience 196 


Mary J30 

Theodore 130, j62 

Humphrey 8s 


Peter 33 


Francis 49 

Other Names 


Sarah 155 

William iss 


Joan 220 


'Matthew 54 

BARNS 169 


James 2 


John Heard 02 

Nathan 92 

Robert 92 


Peter 154 


Roger 118 

Wrath 118 


Arthur 14 


James Phinney, iii, 
V, 240 

Edward 46 


John 123, 147 


Mr 146 


Mr 165, 181 



Philip... 2, 149, 150 

George 161 

Richard 161 

Samuel ioi 


Arthur 80 


John I 


John 86 



Daniel 2 

Elizabeth 2 

Sarah 2 


Benjamin gfS 


William ...108, 126 

James 9 


Isabel ,,59, I2S 

Joane . . . . . 12S 

John 59 

Joshua 125 


John 1(57 


John, Sen 148 


Mary 2p 


Mafie 136 


Ambrose 91 


Antipas 96 

BOYBS 172 


Thomas 140 


John S7 


William , Si 


William 142 


Elizabeth i66 

Jonathan i6§ 


Tabitha ,191 


Mary ,.14 


Oeorge .... 152 

Thomas 63, 239 


Sarah 226 


Elizabeth 11 

John II 


Edward 63 


John 142 


George 201 


Henry 11 


Thomas $1 


John 117 


Elizabeth ,.23 

John ..23 


Matthias _ 60 


Arthur 243 


Mary S3 


John 112, 198 


Richard 184 


.James 68 


Elizabeth 243 

Philip 243 


Mary 53 

Thomas S3 


Thomas 114 


Elizabeth 76 


Hannah 230 


Thomas ....... 196 


Francis 7 


John .30 


Elizabeth 222 

Frances 172 

John 221 

Thaddeus 140 

Thomas 75, 102 

Richard 89 

Thomas ' 148 


Hannah 128 

John 139 

Nathaniel 139 

Peter I28 


Amyas 20S 

Samuel 178 


John 234 

Richard 41 

John 154 


Elizabeth 224 

John 224 

Sarah 224 

Thomas 15 

Abraham 49 

Robert 3, 146 


John 93, 136 

Seaborne 136 

CRANCH, Crunch 

Andrew 130 

Elizabeth 130 

Frances 146 

John 130, 146 


Richard 230 

Sarah 230 

Philip 122 

Susanna 114 

Richard 228 

Daniel 79 

Robert 104 


Rebecca 243 

William 243 



Thomas 146 


Thomas Si 


Captain 87 


Elizabeth 6 

Sylvanus 210 


Nicholas S 


Mary 156 


Edward 102 


George iS3 


Elizabeth S4 

George 209 

Mary 54 

Mehitable S4 



Christian 117 


Emanuel 234 


''John 232 


Paul 231 

Samuel 209 

Thomas 112 


Henry 107 


Thomas 38, 61, 195 

William 70 


Sttsan 178 


Mary 96 

Theophilus 96 


Alice 144 


Rebecca 7 


Ann 84 

William 84 


Giles 189 


Humphrey 35 


Richard 123 


Mary 196 

Thomas 196 


Elizabeth 230 


Abiel 162 

Elizabeth 162 


Mary 161 


Henry 205 


James 119 


Mary 156 

Reginald 156 

William 100 


Gerald 97 


Barnabas 122 


Thomas 90 


Nathaniel 199 


Christopher . . . 146 

Mary 146 


Judith 104 


Adrian 44 

John 199 


Richard 157 


John 168 


Christopher 167, 234 

John 196 

Susanna 196 



63, 148, 182 

Walter 132 


James 53 

Samuel ■ • -53 


Elizabeth 223 

John 223 


Zachary i6i 


Ralph 14s 


William 242 


Adam 144 


Moses 148 


Susanna 114 

William 114 


Nicholas 128 


Jean 218 

GOWINiE alias 

William 72 


Ann 140 

Elizabeth 244 

William .' 244 


John 8s 

Margaret 178 

Phebe 178 


Jonas 58 


William 232 


Samuel .85 


Jane 43 


William 90 


Andrew 238 


Rachel 244 


Susan 136 


Thomas 30 


Trustram 192 


Mr 140 

John T ^99 


Mary 238 

Thomas 238 

William . . . 123, 199 

Mary 226 

Robert 78 

HELMES, see 

Sarah 169 

John 14 

John 71 

Elizabeth 5° 


Francis 170 

Israel 205 

Joseph 170 

Nicholas 195 

Peter 85 

John 66 

John 220 

Christopher ...215 

Daughter 160 

Jane 73 

John 218 

Mary 218 

Thomas 73 

John 186 

Mary 241 

John 243 


Samson 156 

Sarah 156 

John 173 



William 97,204 


William 162 


John 233 


I^TS, Anne (Mar- 
62, 119, 143, 2QP, 229 

Elizabeth S4 


Lydia 141 


Thomas 120 


Henry ,. .122 

Thomas I2? 


.Thomas 31 


John 8s 

Hicholas 8s 


Isaac , .?33 


Ephraim 196 


Margery 14 


J?ne 39 


Stephen^ i?3 


Mrs 81 


Alice 173 


Jemima 125 

Sarah 125 


John 182 


John 25 


James 173 

Mary 173 


Nicholas 117 


Brother 134 

John 134 


Antoine 81 


Edward 16 


William 66 


Elizabeth 221 

Thomas 221 


John 148 


George 105 


William 54 


Meribah 190 


Mrs. Anne 142 


Rebecca 161 

Robert 161 


George loi 


Ellen 5 


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Simon 182 


Thomas 77, 84, 193 

Makem 162 


Alexander .... 128 

Michael 135 


Ruth 198 


Thomas 235 


George 74 


Thomas 130 


Hester 17S 


John 175 

Samuel i57 

John 67, 77, 80, II?, 
222, 234. 237 


Cotton 164 

Richard 136 


Moses 137 

Samuel .... 102, 230 

Thomas 193 

MEADER, see Medo 
Sarah 147 

Hester 10 

Matthew 150 

Elizabeth . . .52, 96 
Joseph 5?, 96 

Ann ...?9, 80, 112 

Hepry , 57 


John , 205 

Sarah 244 


Martha 191 

Obediah 191 


Faith 188 

Thomas 188 


Edward 230 


Martha 160 


Samuel 165 


Sarah 47 


Joseph 77 

Susanna 77 

Walter 102 


Sarah 225 

John 221 


John .....; 214 


Thomas ;i. 72 


John 206 

Thofhas 9 

William. ...177, 217 


Christbf)her 98 

John i.i..3 

Richard ....30 


George 32 

Joseph . i. ,. . 52 

Justinian 43 

Ann 114 

Samuel - .go 

EUene i?I 

Lydia 1^6 

Geofge .< 5!3o 

Mif. (Hugh) . . .221 

Walter 192 


DofOthie 04 

John • .94 

Robert ^ -94 


George 128 


Thottias 241 


Johft 47 


Roccer ....... 1134 


Charles wio8 


Mary .141 

Robert 141 


John Ifo 

Susannah 170 


Walter 239 

Jasper ...... 1... 6 

John ....57 

Richard 40 

Edmund 222 


Robert 90 


Andrei 24 


PHScilli 77 

SolcJmdn 77 


Mrs 94 

RATCLlfPI . . . .234 

Edward 217 


Hephsibdh tS6 


John 27 


Richard i7S 


William to 


Mary 32 


Alexander 39 


John i,....i?6 

Richard 146 

Grace — . — IS4 

Rdbecda 132 

Thoftias — 24, iS4 
William ....86, 132 

Martha 141 


Nathahiel 2i3 

Mafy 223 


Elizabeth ;222 

Nathaniel 222 


Bridget 162 

John 162 



Prudence .-.,.-.217 

Richard J.....217 

John 71 


Bridget ....3S» Bi 

John s 84 


John 52 


Ailfl .-.•55 


Samuel ....... ..9 


John iS3> IS4 

Martha ..tgj, 154 

Ann Si 

Johanna .... = . .116 


Daniel iS4 

Capt. Johtt m 

Jdaflfe 28 

John i8, 3° 

Richard 80, 194 

George 105 

Samiiel 142 


Hailfiah 170 

Jofttt 170 

fedward .......193 

Rose i?8 

Sarah 178 

Christopher ... 161 
Sussannah . . . . ; 161 

STANWOO& ..139 

Dr. (CWf(ift)..84 

James. .... ..a6, 83 

Margaret i t. s.i.26 

Mary .......... 94 

Richard 73 


Bridget 162 

Elphell 162 

John 6 

John 46 

Seth 161 

Harlekenden ... 19 

Ruth 199 

Ruth ISS 


Katherine 153 

John 171 

John 86 


Elizabeth 18 

James 89 

Henrie 12 

Martha 161 

Thomas 73 

Nathaniel 166 


Alice 127 

Sarah 87, 127 

William 87, 127 

Elizabeth 216 

Abraham. . 186, 205 

Daniel 186 

Mary 205 

Samuel 186 

Susanna 186 

James 90 


Edward 119 

Timothy 1 19 


Leah 223 

William 223 

Elizabeth 141 


Henry 23 

Jane 23 


Ephraim 161 

Habbakuk 162 

William 145 


Gedi'ge 126 

Margaret 51 

William Si 

Margery 105 


John 54 


Thomas 224 


Henry 28 


Edward 193 


Henry F ; .99 


Elizabeth 15 


Richard 32 


Mary 155 

Thomas 47 


John 99 


Eleanor ... 213 

Sarah 141 

Richard 213 


Deborah 182 

lEUlward 182 

Lucy 199, 208 


199, 208, 211 

Samuel 33 


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Elizabeth S3 



217. 233. 235 

Elizabeth 66 

Prudence 66 


Simon 63 


John 167 


Jeremiah 23a 

Mr 232 


John 172 


Samuel 19 


John 10 


Mary 151 


Edward 109 


19, III, 167, 215, 234 

Daniel 156 

John 104 


Benjamin 221 

Dorothy 71 

Elizabeth- 221 

John 71 

Mary 221, 232 

Thomas 232 


John 170 


John 162 



Frances 228 


John 9 

Thomas 96