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presenteb bs tbe mniversit^ ot lUermont 

tbrougb tbe libetalitis 
Of tbe late Ibon. fre&ericft BiUings. 


A..R(cQjrA 7jl/n. 

Cornell University Library 
Z881.V52 M2 

University of Vermont. Catalogue of the 

3 1924 029 540 683 
oiin Overs 


Cornell University 

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the Cornell University Library. 

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XplnipersitiP of IDermont 





6eorge Ip^erftins /Iftatsb 



A. ^:(oO^O 







The Marsh library represents at once the special collections of a scholar, the 
reference books of a man of affairs, and the ujiscellaneous accumulations of an 
omnivorous reader in many languages. Thus, to remarkable fulness in certain 
departments it joins the character of a serviceable general library ; while the fact 
that the books, on whatever subject, are in their original languages, translations as 
a rule having been avoided, greatly enhances the value of the collection for linguistic 

The beginnings of the library were made early in the life of its founder. A 
volume of Sallust, published at Salem in 1805, bears the inscription on its title-page : 
G. P. Marsh. Phil. Acad. 1816. Dart. Coll. 1817. During his college life, which 
ended in 1820, he collected the classics of the Eomance literatures, with the 
necessary grammars and dictionaries for their study. In 1824, during a journey to 
New York, he purchased Sicard's Cours d'Instruction d'un Sourd-Muet, with 
reference to his Eeport on the Education of the Deaf and Dumb, presented to the 
Legislature of Vermont in October of that year. At the same time he made 
additions to his collection of literary works in the South-European languages. His 
copy of Wieland's Oberon is inscribed: Woodstock, 1825. In this year Mr. Marsh 
was admitted to the bar, and took up his residence in Burlington. Soon after this, 
in the course of his legal studies, he was led, in tracing the historical relations of 
English law, to the investigation of its northern origins, and thus to the study of 
the Scandinavian languages and literatures. In 1833 he wrote to C. C. Kafn, 
requesting "the titles of a few of the latest works upon the literary history, 
bibliography, and criticism of the three Northern languages." In the same letter, 
he mentions that, not being able to find an American bookseller who had a 
correspondent at Copenhagen or Stockholm, he had been obliged to procure his 
books through Germany. This letter was the beginning of a correspondence which 
was terminated only by the death of Eafn in 1864. Mr. Marsh's Icelandic Grammar 
was published in 1838, though written three or four years earlier. In 1S44 he 
wrote to Charles Lanman the following description of his library : 

" My library consists of something less than five thousand volumes, and is such a het- 
erogeneous collection as of course so small a (>ne, if suited at all to the purposes of a 
scholar of rather multifarious than profound reading, necessarily must be. It is meager 
in all departments except that of Scandinavian literature, in which I suppose it to be 
more complete than any collection out of the northern kingdoms. In old Northern 
literature it contains all the Arna-Magnasan editions of the Icelandic Sagas, all those 
of Suhm, all those of the Koyal Society of Northern Antiquaries, and, in fact, all 
those printed at Copenhagen and Stockholm, as well as in Iceland, with scarcely an 
exception. I possess also the great editions of Heimskringla, thetwoEddas, Kongs- 
Skugg-Sio, Kununga Styrilse, the Scriptores Rerum Danicarum, Scriptores Rerum 
Svecicarum, Dansk Magasin, the two complete editions of Olaus Magnus, Saxo 
Grammaticus, the works of Bartholinus, Torfseus, Schoning, Sulnn, Pontoppidan, 
Gi'undtvig, Petersen, Pask, the Atlantica of Rudbeck, the great works of Sjoborg, 
Liljegren. Geijer, Cronholm, and Strinnholm, all the collections of old Icelandic, 


Danish, and S^vedish laws, and almost all the writers, ancient and modern, who have 
treated of the language, literature or history of the ancient Scandinavian race. In 
modern Danish literature, I have the works of Holberg, Ewald, Heiberg, Baggesen, 
Oehlenschlaeger, Ingemann, Xjerup, with other celebi-ated authors : in Swedish, 
those of Leopold, Oxenstjerna, BeUman, Franzen, Atterbom, Tegner, Fredrika 
Bremer, and indeed almost all the helles letires authors of Sweden, the transactions 
of the Royal Academy of Science (more than one hundred volumes ), those of the 
Swedish Academy, and of the Eoyal Academy of Literature, and many collections 
in documentary history, besides nimierous other works. In Spanish and Portuguese, 
besides many modern authors, I have numerous old chronicles, such as the Madrid 
collection of old Spanish Chronicles in 7 vols, ito, the Portuguese Livros Ineditos 
de Historia Portugueza, 5 vols, folio, Fernam Lopez, de Brito, Duarte Ifunez do 
Liam, Damiam de Goes, de Barros and Contu, Albuquerque. Castanheda, Resende, 
Andrada, Osorio, also de Menezes, Mariana, Ponz : Viage de Espana, Xavarrete and 
others ; in Italian, most of the best authors who have acquired a European reputation ; 
several hundred volumes of French works, including many of the old Chroniclers ; 
a respectable collection in German, including many editions of Eeyneke de Tos. 
the Xibelungen, and other works of the Middle Ages ; in classical literature, good 
editions of the most celebrated Greek and Latin authors ; and in English, a respectable 
collection of the best authors, among which I may notice as rare in this country 
many of the old Chroniclers (including Lord Berners's Froissart). Roger Ascham, 
the works of King James I., John Smitli's Virginia (edition of lt)24), Amadis de 
Gaul, and Palmerin of England. In Lexicography, I have the best dictionaries 
and grammars in all the languages of Western Europe, and many biographical 
dictionaries and other works of reference in various languages. I have also many works 
on astrology, alchemy, witchcraft, and magic, and a considerable collection of works 
on the situation of Plato's Atlantis and the Elysian Fields, such as Rudbeck's 
Atlantica, Goropius Becanus, de Grave : Rejiublique des Champs Elysees, Ramus : 
Ulysses et Outinus unus et idem, and others." 

This account gives only a hint of the valuable English library from which he 
drew the illustrations contained in his two series of lectures on the English language, 
published respectively in 18.59 and 1862. 'It makes, moreover, no mention of the 
two remarkable collections which grew about his studies for the later works, Man 
and Xature, — first published in 1S6J-, with its various editions, the revision of which 
occupied him until the day of his death ; — and Mediaeval and Modern Saints and 
Miracles, which appeared anonymously in ISTti ; ^rhile the meagre reference to his 
Italian library, contained in the letter quoted, gives no prophecy of the material 
illustrative of the language, literature, and dialects of Italy, which he collected with 
a view to a work never undertaken, an English-Italian dictionary, which should 
adequately present the grammatical relations of the two languages. In addition to 
this philological work inspired by his residence in Italy, Mr. Marsh had in 
contemplation a treatise on the Roman Campagna, for which he had gathered 
numerous books and pamphlets. 

While it is clear that a large portion of the library was procured as material 
for his vai'ious publications, to some extent his writings appear not so much to have 
directed his reading, as to have resulted from it. In tlie preface to his edition of 
"Wedgwood's Dictionary, he refers to his bonks as forming "a private library collected 
with no reference to etymological investigation, but only for the purposes of 
general culture." A feature that adds to the attractiveness of the collection is the 
large number of autographs of European scholars and men of science, contained 
in presentation copies of their publications. The notes quoted here and there 
throughout this volume were written or dictated by Mr. Marsh in his last years, as 
suggestions in preparing an auction catalogue, the public sale and dispersion of his 
library after his death being at that time apprehended. Otherwise the books are 
unfortunately devoid of annotations : his custom having been to mark lightly w ith 


])ei]LMl the margin opposite a puKKiif^c^ or woivl that iiitercBtud liiin, and tiien to note 
the iiinriber of the p:ii;;e on the last blank leaf (jr tlie inside of the cover of the hook, 
Honuitinies adding;- the word referred to, but leavinij,- the rest to his unfailing luuuiory. 
Kor the liistory of the ac(pii8ition of the library by the University of 
Vermont, it is only necessary to quote Mr. Billings's letter of presentation, vt^liich 
ran as follows : 

Woodstock, Vekmont, Mai'ch 15th, 18811 
I'linsiDEN'r M. Jl. BuoKiiAM, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont: 

My DicAii Sir : You are awui-e that in September last I bought the library of 
the late (ieorge V. Marsii for the University of Vermont. I have delayed making 
a formal communication on the subject until the books arrived from Italy. They 
were kept thcri^ a while for reference in the I'evision of Mr. Marsh's works, and 
have only just come to hand. J now f(jrward them, with a catalogue made undtsr 
Mr. Marsh's own supervision. With the Itooks already in Burlington, the whole 
number will ln^ al)out twelve thousand, constituting a library rich in rare and choice 
works, and (considered by tlios(! familia,r with it of more value than any other knowTi 
library of its size. 

I ask you to accept it as a gift to the University. 

When it is remembered that Mr. Marsh was a won of Vermont, and her nujst 
I'cnowned scholar ; that from eai'ly manhood until he went abi-oad in diplomatic life 
his home was in liurlington, near the University ; that for a while he was one of its 
Trusteccs, and often e.x])ress(Ml the wish that the library ho hadbuiltup withsomuch 
care and pride should go to the University, and would havcc himself |)lacc(l it there 
if his long public life had not kept him comparatively poor, everyone will see that 
this (lis])ositioii of this uni(pie and i)rt:cious collection is the fittest thing possible. 
I congratulate myself on being permitted to niak-(^ the gift. What other man had 
so good a right to the privilege us oiuc who is not only a Vermonter and a graduate 
of the University, but who has had Ins home hert; in Woodstock for many years on 
the old Marsli liomestead, fragrant with nuxny memories, \vhere (ieorge B. IMai'sli 
was born and livt'il until manhood '{ 

And now the need of the University for a fire-pn)of lilirary building, which 
has been [)ressing for so manj' years, can no longer be ])ut aside. It would be 
almost ci'iminal to allow the very \'aluable library thus I'uriclied by the Marsli 
collection to run any further risk of dcstrnt'tion or damage. A substantial and 
graceful building, a fit homci for siu-.h a library, should be built without delay. As 
the University has no funds to devote to the purpose, and as no time should be lost, 
I gi\'e seventy-fivi^ thousand dollars to secure such a building. I do this in grateful 
a|iprecia.tion of my Alnui Mater, tlie Alma Mater of two of my brothers, and in 
till' hope that others of ]uu' children will remember her with gifts and helj) her to 
add to hei' old renown, ami ever be worthy of her name. 

Sincerely yours, 

Fkki)i?rick Bilmnos. 

The first liome of the Marsh library was the brick building described in 
Lannian's Jjctters from a I^andscape Bainter, which adjoined the residence of Mr. 
IVfarsh on the corner of Church and IVarl streets, in BurHngton. This was a tire- 
pi-o(_)f structure, containing one story, very solidly built, and said to have measured 
IS l>y 3-1 feet. It remained standing until the spring of 1887. The books were 
received at the Billings Library in 1885, and, until the beginning of 1888, wore 
shelved in the apse. l\[eaiiwhile the present room had been built at the ba,ck of the 
main reading-room of the Library. Its interior dimensions are .'^H by 3!) feet, with 
a height of ^'1\ feet. Until it was finally deposited in these (piarters, the ]\[arsh 

viii PREFACE. 

library wa~ never all together. The size of the CLiUeetion, and its owners frequent 
changes of residence to "Washington. Constantinople. Turin. Florence and Rome, 
with the uncertainty supposed by him to attach to his tenure of office, made the 
storage of less used porti.jns unavoidable. The collection as delivered Xv the 
University contained numerous broken or unfinished sets, the completion of which 
involved the expenditure of 8-."''0: the same amount was also expended for 
binding: these sums being additional to the -SlS.oiiO originally paid by Mr. BilHngs 
for the collection. 

The boc'ks were first arranged on the decimal system of classification, after 
which a erjmbined accessi'jn- and shelf -catalogue was made. Pamphlets that came 
together under one subject were tied up in bundles of convenient size, and each 
bundle was numbered as a volume ; but isolated pamplets received separate nimibers, 
so that the last accession number. 12,i79, covers in this manner both volmnes and 
pamphlets. An alphabetical card catalogue by authors and subjects was then 
written, and iro-ax these cards the present book has been printed. Since the 
collection contains few mere book-rarities, and since the catalogue i; intended for 
the daily use oi the Cifiieers and students of the University, practical utUity rather 
than bililiographical minuteness has been the aim of the compiler. As a matter of 
economy in cataloguing and printing, loni: lists of contents have in incest cases been 
referred when possible, to other catalogues, those found most serviceable bein» the 
continuation of the Astor library catalogue, and the still more recent catalogue of the 
Peabody Instititte hbrary, which, with the Encyclopiedia Britaimica and the works 
rec'jrdeil in the following pages, formed the chief reference material of the 
cataL iguer. The pairing has been given for every work of less than 100 pages. 
In regard t'H the 'listinctive type of the catalogue, fnll-fec* has been employed for 
author and subject words, the latter being further emphasised by CAPITALS. 
Similarly, the repetition of an author-heading has been indicated by an ordinary 
dash '" — ] and that of a suljject by a heavy dash [— '. Prominence has in this way 
been given to the subject entry, frcjm which everything has been excluded not of a 
strictly suliject cliaracter; thus, all purely local institutions have been entered tinder 
the name of the place as author, no distinction being made between governmental and 
voluntary organisations. As to the time involved in the work : the classificaticjn 
and accessioning of the library occupied six months, the cataloguing about twenty 
months, the completion of sets, binding, and marking of cards for the press aliijut 
a year, and the printing another year : the whole work, including all the proof- 
reading whatsoever, having been done by Mr. H. L. Koopman, the cataloguer. 

By the direction of the Library Conunittee. 
Marsh Library, University of Vermont. 
Burlington, i August 1S9:^. 




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i»l(!.:{ 3 hi)niiilinilli. i)l(i.2 37 
Aciuleillio ri:iiii;aisc', sea Piiris — lllNtitlli. 
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1-'J3. g. (l.-,2 1 

No. 1 Hi, iiioiillily; nu. ITHii, liaU'-nicinlbly; no. Wand 
iiftrr, wc'i'kly. 

AcciKlciiiiii ilel ciin<'id(), see l-'lorcrice. 

A('( A1H;M1A LKTTKRAUK) riNO. Rocch. I,. 

(1)1 (!Hri(tshil di storia subal|>iiia. \ . :!, iHTIt.) 

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(I'itiJ, ini)tl('rii). 

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<lorlf. VovtriiK-e. Neiu> l''o|.;e. 3.) 0-t!{ 2 

ACU'ltA LAX(;nA<a':. _ UasU, II. (!. VeJlecbiiiiK 
til Ak'ra-S(>rc)};-et pa ICyslen (Jiiiea, iiied et Til- 
la'i;; oiu vVkvainbaisii:. Knhcidiavn, IS38. D. 
70 p. 4!»(t 1 

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I'. I'. 

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(Ji'wasser durch Fischzucht und ITIanzenbau. 
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[Ill Vircliow it- llolt/iMKlorir. N'ortrii^^e. 8 Se- 
rie.) 04:! 1 

Aclaad-Trojlc, sec Troyle. 

[/ac((iiis(o di ponerd.e, ai tempi di t'arlnma- 
f.Vno. (/)( S(tI(iI di cairiositiV 118.) S.",(» 10 

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baiii|iies orieutan.K. (Iiiliis L'orient, I8';7, v. 1.) 
— Aeroliatcs indit'iis. (In. same, v. 3.) i)10 3!) 
.SVi' il/so SVM.MfVW. 

A(^ross the eonliiient. see ISowles, S. 

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n lie dissertation so r la riviere. (In. Rop'i's R 
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reriini ( Jerman. 7.) j)4;5 ](; 

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— illastor of rolls. CHn-on. and mem. -l.) i)42 8 
A<laiii <ln I 'e tit- Pont (Latin I'lti-i-ijiovlnnns). 1 )e 
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epistola. (In .Talnixich rom. u. eug. Lit. v. 8. 
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iiotis Ottiinis Sperlingii illustrata. (/n U'cstplia- 
len, I']. .1. von. Monumeiita, 17;l!)"l5,v.3.)!M;{ 31 
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De regno Dania\ 103!). J ()!)4 31,33 

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van den. 

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J. V. 1. 

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|oii| the death of oV J. Q. Adams, 5 Blareh 
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jelfric society 

ADAPTATION in creation, see SATURAl RE- 

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The adventurer, see Johnson, S. 
Advice to a prince, see Mac Brody, T. 
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seiner italienischen Beschreibung des griechi- 
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12th century; discovered among the archives 
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Pt. 2 of v. 2 not yet published., The work is issued as 
a third series to the two volumes of Homilies published 
by the yElf ric society, 

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&c. [Anglo-Saxon and English]. (In Thomp- 
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—translator. The Anglo-Saxon version of the 
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[his] Ad filium spiritualem; novs^ first printed, 
with translation, notes and account of ^Ifric, 
by H.W.Norman. 2 edition, enlarged. London, 
1849. O. 20-h57p.. 829 13 
jElfric society. [Publications.] London, 1843- 
56. 5 V. in 4. O. 829 3-5 
Contents: JDlfrio. Homilies, -nith translation bv B, 
Thorpe. 2 v.— The poetry of the Cwlcx Vercellensis, 
with translation by J.M.Kemble. 2 v. in 1.— The dialofrae 



of Salomon and 8aturnus, with historical introduction 
by J. M. Kemble. 

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See also Vei-gilius Maro, P. 
iEneas i Carthago, lyrisk tragedie, see Kell- 
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3 V. inl. O. 

801 3 

Conh'/ifs: 1. Storia della critioa. '2. Delia critica come 
scienza e come arte. 

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After orciuolo wanting. 
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See also hXyit^H. 
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Title-page wanting. 


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Sol 6 

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839.1 3 
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Istoria di Aurelio e Isabella. 1864 

850 4 




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For other editions see Arrianus. 

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Dionysiiis I., XKitriarch. Beriittelse om 

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856 1 
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The rare original edition; not included in that of Flor- 
ence, 1804. 

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3 V. Tt. ■ 852 3 

Contents: 1. L' uno — I pochi.— I troppi. -'. L' anti- 
doto.— La flnestrina.— U divorzio. 

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O. 59 p. S54 1 




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36 p. 307 1 

-^editor, see SocietJi italiana di educazionc li- 
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V. 4, 1783.) 946 34 

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tro partes enteras de la coronica de Espana, see 
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633 1 hound with 631 11 
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lermo, 1869. O. il. 634 1 
— Studii sulla eoonomia delle acque. Palermo, 
1864. O. 631 11 
— Sui gelsi e 1' industria serica in Sicilia. Pa- 
lermo, 1867. O. 638 1 bound with 634 1 
— Sui mali delle coltivazioni siciliane. Paler- 
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face and additional notes. London, 1838. O. 
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— Yule week [, continued as] King Alfreds 
book of martyrs. (In Cockayne, J. 0. Shrine, 
1864-70.) 829 2 

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ius de oonsolatione philosophise; with an Eng- 
lisli translation and notes bv J. S. Cardale. 
London, 1829. O. " S2i) 6 

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Pt. 1, Old-English text and Latin original. 

King Alfred's West-Saxon version of 

Gregory's Pastoral care; with an English trans- 
lation, notes and an introduction, edited by H. 
Sweet. London, 1871. O. (In same. 45, .50.) 

820 5 
The Old English version of Bede's Eccles- 
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with translation and introduction, by T. Mil- 
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(In same. 95.) 820 5 

[Selections from Alfi-ed's translations] of 

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from the German ; appended, Alfred's Anglo- 
Saxon version of Orosius, with a literal Eng- 
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(Bohn's antiq. lib.) 923 8 

See also Ohtliere. 
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...mediterranee. (In Eome— B. accad. del 
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SuUe forme ternarie bilineari. (In same. 

3 ser. sci.fis. v. 9, 1880-1.) 065 4 

— Brioschi, F. Sulle condizioni per la decom- 
posizione di una cubica in una conica ed in una 
retta. — Sulle condizioni che devono essere veri- 
ficate dai parametri di una curva del quarto 
ordine pex'che la medesima sia una conica ripe- 
tuta. — Sopra un proprieta dei piani tritangenti 
aduna superficie cubica. (/)i same. 3 ser. v. 3, 
1875-6, pt. 2.) 065 3 

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cara. (In Leipsic— K. siichs. GeseU. Berichte. 
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um partialium natura disquisitiones quaedam 
analyticae. (In Rome— R. accad. dei Uneei. 

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This copy contains marginal annotations in pencil by 

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829 3-5 


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Another Anglo-Saxon version is contained in >. 2, of 
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—[Beowulf:] De Danorum rebus gestis secul. 
3 & 4; poema Danieum dialecto Anglo-saxoni- 
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For other editions see Beoimlf. 
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Same. 223 6 


A NQL 0- tiA XONH 

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For contents see Coclijiyiu'. 
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elsaxisk Homili; med en dansk Oversiettelse 
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an^elsiichsisithc^n Prnsabearbeitunften der lleni'diutiiin- 
refjel; hrsg, von A. Schrner. :!. Anselsiii-lisiseliu llomi- 
lien und Ileilisenleben; hrsg, von B. Assniann. 

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cording to tlie several orginal authorities; ed- 
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facsim'. (/h (U. Br.— Master of rolls. Chron. 
and mem. 33.) !)42 8 
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conquest. Philadelphia, 1H41. 3 v. O. !)42 1 

The work contains also treatises on the followinjj sub- 
lects connected with the Anglo-Saxons: in v. 1. Man; 
ners in their paniin state; in v. 3, LanRuafie; Jloney; 
History of the laws: Agriculture and landed property- 
Manners in EuKlaud: Govei-innent and constitution; 
I'netry, literature, arts and scii-nees; Relii-non. 


— Versteg:aii, E. Restitution of decayed intel- 
ligence in antiquities concerning the English 
nation. London, 1673. S. 912 2 

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res pour servir a I'histoire de Henri III et de 
Henri IV. por. (In Midland & Poujoiilat. 
Memoire-s. 1^(36. v. 11.) 944 9 

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d'. Recit des erenenients arrives au Temple 
depuis le 13 aout 1792 jusqu'a la mort du dau- 
phin Louis XVII. (ia Barriere & Lescure. 
Menioires, 18.57-^1, v. 9.) 944 10 

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Aniela, see Sakivaska, A. K. 

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2 Serie.) 043 1 

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magnetism, or Mesmerism: its history, phe- 
nomena, and present condition; with a supple- 
ment containing new facts bv C. H. Towns- 
liend. Xew York. Is44. D. " 134 1 

See alio OD. 

Les animanx diplomates, see F., W. de. 
ANNA, daughter of Ivan V., empress of Rus- 
sia. Barthold, F. T»'. Anna Joanowna; Cabi- 
net, Hof, Sitte und gesellschaftliche Bildung 
in Moskau und ."it. Petersburg, por. (In Rau- 
mer, F. L. Cx. Ton. Hist. Taschenbuch. 1S36.) 

905 1 
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und Eisenach. Giithe, J. W. von. Zum An- 
denken der Fiirstin. 1807. (In his AVerke 
182,-42, T. 32.) Sgo { 

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Pannonia- icones item vitasque et victorias a 
Joanne Jac. Boissardo delineatas continens- ad 
1607 contmuata .studio Gotardi Arthus. Fran- 
cofurti, 1608. D. ;7. por. 943 62 

niusti-ated by Theodore de Bi-y. 
Annaler for nordisk Oldkyndighed, see CoDeii- 
hagen— K. nordiske Oldski-ift-Selskab. 
Annates Cambriae; edited by John Williams ab 
Ithel. London, 1860. Q. facsim. (InQt. Br — 
Master of rolls. Chron. and mem. 20.) 942 8 
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Eoepellii. Hannoverae, 1866. O. (In Pertz, 
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The annals of Loch Ce; a chronicle of Irish af- 
fairs. 1014-1O90; edited, witli a translation, by 
\\ ilham M. Hennessy. London, 1871. 2v O 
facsim. (In Gt. Br.-Master of roUs. Chron 
and msm. .d4.) g^2 8 

Irish and EngUsh od opposite pages. 

^?J\'"-^^ °t ^"S'^* ^- "f E-'^Sland. En liden 
lYactat om den Process som bleflf holden af 


Borgerne i Eydenborg Dronning Anna til JExe. 
(In Bang, 0. Samling, 1743-7, pt. 7.) .S39..S 1 
ANNE BOLErS, queen of England. Lettre d' 
un gentilhomme portugais sur V execution d' 
Anne Boleyn, Lord Rocheford, Brereton, Nor- 
ris, Smeton et Weston: publiee, arec une tra- 
duction fran9aise, par Francisque Michel, ac- 
compagnee d'une traduction anglaise par le 
vicomte Strangford. Paris, 1832. Q. 1.5 p. 942 20 

Edition of 100 copies. 
AN'XE de Gonzague, of Cleves. princess Pala- 
tine, see GONZACU. 

Lannte geographique. 1862-78. Paris, 1863- 
80. 17 V. in 16. D. 910 46 

Vol. 9 and 10 are eombiued in one volume. Vol. 1-14 
are edited by L. Vivien de Saint Martin; v. 15-lT. serie, 
V. 1-3, by C. ilaunoir and U. Duveyiier. 

L'annee scientiflque et iudustrielle; par Louis 
Figuier. 1861-4. •79-81. Pari.,, 1862-82. v. 6-9, 
23-5. D. n. ph 505 4 

AiQflBALDI, Niceola. Notizie a confutazione 
deir articolo nel diario L'unita cattolica sulla 
giubilazione di officio deir...Annibaldi. n. p. 
[1809r] O. 53 p. •is'* 50 

Aniiius, Joannes, Viterbensis, see Nanni, (t. 
ANNO, archbishop of Cologne. Msere von 
Sente Annen; von neuem herausgegeben von 
H. E. Bezzenberger. Quedlinburg, 1848. O 
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tistique. 1866, 'GS. '70, '73, '75. Paris, 1866-75. 
v. 23, 25-7, 30, 32. S. 310 1 

Edited by Maurice Block and otliers. 
.4jiunau-e des eaux et forets pour 1872-3 Pai-is 
1872-3. V. 10-12 in 2. S. 551..5S 80 

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1847; sous la direction de Frederic Lacroix. 
Paris, 1847. v. 4. S. 940 49 

Annnaire scientifique; publieparP.P.Deherain 
1865-7, "9. Paris, 1866-70. v. 5-7, 9. D. il. 505 5 
Annnario bibliografico italiano, see Italy— Mi- 
nistero delta pubblica istrnzione. 
Annuario della letteratura italiana nel 1880 see 
Gubernatis, A. de. ' 

Aunuario della nobilta italiana, 1880 Pisa 
1879. V. 2. T. pi. 350 6 

Annuario di economia sociale e di statistica pel 
regno d' Italia; per P. Duprat ed A. Gicca. 
Torino, 1863. v. 1. D. 314 3 j 

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lano, 1870-1. v. 6-7. D. il.p,l. 505 7 

Annnario statistico-italiano; per cura di Cesare 
Correnti e Pietro Maestri. Torino, 1864. v. 2 T 

TT J- , 314 4 

Un ano y un dia, drama, see Zori-iUa. v. 2. 

ANOINTERS. Milan. Processo originale degli 
untori uella peste del 1630. Milano, 18o9. O 

Ans saga bogsveigis. (In Ea&, C. C. Forn 
sogur, 1829-30, v. 2.) ' 839.63 13 

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ca. (In Societk lignre. Atti. v. 1, 1858.) 945 43 
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Bremen. Vita S. WiUehadi. (In Langebek 
J. Script, rerum Dan., 1772-1834, v. 1.) §48 76 



— Chronologia lerum septentrionalium n^vi 
Anschariani.— fJiialdon. Poemade vita S. An- 
soharii.— Legeiulse veteresde Sancto Ansohario. 
(In same. v. 1.)— Lcgeudao. (v. 3.) !)4S 76 

— Kciiibert, Si. S. Ansohari vita gemina; ora- 
tione prosS, per Rimbertum, nietrica per (lual- 
donem; edidit C. Arrhenius. Holmin;, 1677. 
sqQ. 923 93 

Vita Anskarii: recensuit Gr. Waitz. Han- 

noverae, 1884. O. (Tn Pertz, G. H. Script, rer- 
um German. 9.) 943 16 

"Vita S. Ansoharii, Latine et Svetliice. — 

Appendix. — Legendae de S. Anschario. (In 
Faiit, E. M. Script, rerum Svecicarum, 1818-28, 
V. 3.) J)4S 38.1 

Vita S. Ansoharii. (In Langebek, J. 

Script, rerum Dan., 1772-1831, v. 1.) 9-t.S 76 
— TeteilS, S. Christendommens Indforelse i 
Norden ved Anscharius. Ki0benhavn, 1886. D. 

270 9 
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dietsclie Lucidarius. (In Blommaert, J. P. 
M. Oudvlaemsche gedichten, 1838-51, v. 3.) 

839.31 2 
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opusciila duo de vita Anselmiet miraoulis ejus; 
edited by M. Rule. London, 1884. Q. (In Gt. 
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842 8 
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verse. Prato, 1868. O. 531 1 
— Idoli e santi. Milano, 1877. D. 231 5 

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London, 1867. D. 

Pliysical geography. 
551 12 

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Master of rolls. Chron. and mem. 50.) 942 8 
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Antes que todo es mi dama, see Calderon. v. 4. 
Anzia ed Abrocome, see Xeuophon of Ephesus. 
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edita. Kditio stereotypa. Lipsiae, 1829. 3 v. 
T. 881 1 

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ANTHONY, king of Portugal, Explanation of 
the right and tytle of Anthonie, king of Portu- 
gal, againste Phillip, king of Castile; with a 
historye of the matter until 1583; translated 
into English. Leyden, 1585. D. [2-I-] 54 p. tab. 

946 84 
Anthony and Cleopater, see Shakespeare, W. 
Antichrist and the signs before the doom; by 
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AvrlyovT), see Sophocles. 

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8. 5 edition. London, 1803. 3 v. O. 942 29 
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air Accademia del cimento. (In Florence— Ac- 
cad, del cimento. Saggi. 1841.) 530 10 
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Bongars, J. Ge&ta Dei per Francos, 1611, v. 
I.) 940 10 
Antioclie, La chanson d', see Richard Zt'pe/e)-/«. 
Antiplion. Quaj exstant omnia [Greek and 
Latin, with full critical apparatus]. (In Ora- 
tores, Attici, 1828, v. 1, v.',.) ,SS5 1 
Antiquarie prospettiche romane, composte per 
prospettivo milanese dipintore; [withj ricerche 
del G. Govi. facsiin. (In Rome— R. accad. dei 
Uiicei. Atti. 2 ser. v. 3, 1875-6, pt. o. , 0(55 3 

Antiqiiarisk Tidsskrift, see Copenliageu — K. 

nord. Oldskrift-Selskab. 

Antiqiiitates American:i', see Rain, C. C. 

Antiiiiiitts americaines, — russes, see Rafu, C. C. 
ANTIQUITIES. Fosbrooke, T. D. A treatise 
on the arts, manufactures, manners and insti- 
tutions of the Greeks and Romans. London, 
1833-5. 3 V. D. il. iltp. 913 24 

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Assyrian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek. Etrus- 
can, Roman, Indian, Peruvian and Mexican 
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Oldtidshistorien. Kiebenhavn, 1864. O. i?(,a|j. 

930 3 

Confeiifs: Den attieniensiske Kvinde ou Hetcere. — 
Frugtbarhedstiudinden i den feldste lilleasiatiske Kul- 
tus.— Kimmerierne. — Amazonerne. 

— Rafn, C. C Breve fra og til Rafn; uilj;ivet 
af B. Grrnidal. Kjobenhavn, 1869. O. 913 1 

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Roman antiquities. 2 edition. Boston, 1849. O. 
il. 913 23 

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studii. Napoli, 1871. v. 1. D. 913 3 

■See iiho the division AXTIQIITIES under the various 

Antistlienes, cynic. Ajax;— Ulysses [Greek 
and Latin]. (In Oratores Attici, 1828, v. 4, 
14.) .S85 1 

Antologia toscana, see Fanfani, P. 
ANTONELLI, Giacomo, cardinal. Pio IX ed il 
cardinale Antonelli. Milano, 1859. S. 2>l. 282 34 
Antonio da Pistoia, see Pistoia. 
Antonio, Benito. Aldea na corte, e noites de 
verao, seguidas as Noites de inverno de Fran- 
cisco Rodrigues Lobo. Lisboa, 1750. S. 869 45 
Antonio, Giovanni d'. Le opere. Napoli, 1788. 
S. (In CoUezione napoletana, v. 23.) 859 19 

Coiiteats: Lo mandracchio alletterato, — aslliato, — re- 
patriate. — nnammorato. — Scola cavajola, — curialesca. — 
La vita e morte de lo Soiatamone mpetrato.— Parte de 
pazzo. — -Tuoche. 

ANTONIUS, St.. abbot. Hieronymus Sophro- 
nius, E. Das ist sant Pauls leben und auch das 
leben des heyligen vatters sant Anthonigs. 
Strassburg, 1498. sqD. [93J p. il. 093 12 

ANTS. Schumann, K. Die Ameisenpflanzen. 




Hamburg, 1889. O. 37 p. pi. (In Yirchow & 
Holtzeiidorff.. Vortrage. Neue Folge. 4.) 043 3 
Antwerp, Dit sijn de coren van der stad Ant- 
werpen. Gent. 1852. Q. [5 +] 60 p. (In Maet- 
schappy der Vlaein bibl. Werken, 3 ser. 2.) 

839.3 3 
— MUSEE PLASTI5. Vanderliaeghen, F. Musee 
Plantin a Anvers; notice sur la Bibliotheque 
Plantinienne. Gand, 1875. O. [4]+ 38 p. jjor. 
027 6 bou7id icith 016 19 
— Dagverliael van der oproer te Antwerpen in 
1659. ~' Gent. 1839. Q. v. p. (/;; MaetscliappT der 
Tlaem. bibl. 1 ser. 3.) 839. 3 3 

Antwerpeiier Liederbuch vom 1544. facsim. 
(In Hottiiiaii von Fallersleben. Horae Belgicae, 
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ANYSIUS, bishop of Thessalonica. Syneisius. 
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Opera. 1613.) 208 11 

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Acsta. (/n Ciiriosita della storia subalpina. v. 
2, 1876.) 915 43 

L' apatista; o, L' indifferente, commedia, see 

Goldoni, C, 


APENXIXES. Debartolomeis, L, (In Ms Oro- 
idrografia dell' Italia. [187-;] in L' ItaUa. 
Parte 2.) 914.5 3 

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<& Holtzendorfl'. Vortrilge. 11 Serie.) 043 1 

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Kiobenhavn, 1764. 2v. sqQ. 829.83 1 

Contents ; 1. Dansk og tydsk. -2. Tydsk og dansk. 
APHORISMS. Camden, W. Grave speeches 
and wittie apothegmes. (/n Ws Remaines. 1637.) 

420 3 
Le api, see RuceUai, G. 

ApoUo. serjant, see Fokte, A. S. v. 72. 
[Apollonius, king of Tyre:] Anglo-Saxon ver- 
sion of the story Apollonius of Tyre ; with a 
literal translation, &c. , by Benjamin Thorpe. 
London , iy34. O. 5 -I- 9S [-1- 2] p. 829 8 

— Konig Apollonius. il. (In VoUtsbueher. 53.) 

833 33 
— Konung Apollonius af Tyrus. (In Biickstrom, 
P. 0. Svenska folkbocker, 1845, v. 1. ) 293 18 
— Hagen, H. Der Roman vom Konig Apollo- 
nius von Tyrus in seinen verschiedenen Bear- 
beitungen." Berlin, 1878. O. 32 p. (In Yirchow 
& Holtzendorff. Vortrage. 13 Serie.) 043 1 
APOLLO:jfJUS 0/ Tyana. PMlosti-atus, F. The 
two first books concerning the life of Apollo- 
nius; in English, with notes, by C. Blount. 
London, 1680. F. 921 1 

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(In Virchow * Holtzendorff. Vortriige. Neue 
Folge. 2.) 043 2 

— Stcfani, C. de. Sulle tracce atlribuite all' 
uomo pliocenico nel Senese. {In. Rome- R. ac- 
cad. dei lincei. Atti. 8 ser. sci. Ji.n. %. 2, 187;-n, 
pt. 1.) 0(55 4 

— Strobe!, P. Avanzi jireromani raccolti nelle 
terremare e palatitte nell' Emilia. Parma, 1863. 
pt. 1. sqF. [1-l-J 'd + li}\<. pi. 

571 2bound n-itli 552 2 
— Worsaae, J. J. A. Des ages de pierre et de 
bronze dans 1' ancien et le nouveau monde; 
com])araisons archeologico-ethnogra^jhiiiues. (7. 
2il. (In Copenhagen — K. nord. Old.-Selskab. 
Memoires. n. s. v.8, 1S78-82.) 918 8 

,SVe ((/so A>TI()l'ITIES! C.UK-DWKLLKKS: C){()3II,i:(llS; 
(IK.iW, MOll.M)S: ll{()>-A«ii:; LAKK JHVI•;l,l.l^(iS: JIA>; 
SilELL-UKArS; &7/(. (((//(/ S(AM)I.N A VIA-AM'Kjl 111 i;s. 

Archer, WilUam, editor A- translatar, see Ib- 
sen, H. Prose dramas. ISDI). 839.82 28 
ARCHERY. Aseham, R. Toxophilus, ITilS. 
Loudon, 1N68. S. {In. Arber, E. English re- 
prints. 7.) S20 9 

Toxophilus; the school of shootinge. (In 

liis Whole works, 1804-5, v. 2.) .S28 2 

— Hammer-Pnrgstall, J. you. Uber Bogen und 
Pfeil, den Gebrauoh und die Verfertiguug der- 
selben bei den Araberu und Turkeu. '\^'ien, 
1752. F.-" 36 p. pi. 399 4 

— Hansard, (i. \. The book of archery. Lon- 
don, 1840. O. 2}l. 79C 3 
ARCHES, tifiiidi, C. Sulla determinazione gra- 
fica delle forze interne negli archi metallici. 
pi. (/n Rome — R. accad. dei lincei. Atti. 3 ser. 
sci. .//,s-. V. 4, 1878-9.) 0(i5 4 

Archibald, E. 1). The rainfall of the world, in 
connection with the eleven-year period of sun- 
spots. Calcutta, 1878. O. 11 + 58 p. 551.57 1 
Archief voor Nederlandsche taalkunde. .sec 
Jager, A. de. 439.3 1-3 

ARCHITECTS. Yasari, U. Le vite de' piii ec- 
celenti pittori, scultori e architetti. Firenze, 
1846-70. 14 V. D. poi: 927 4 

For contents see Atbena'um catalogue. 



ARCHITECTURE. Adler, F. Die Weltstadte 
iu del- Baukunst. Berlin, 1S68. O. 40 p. (In 
Vii'chow & Holtzendorff. \^ortrage. 3 Serie.) 

043 1 
— Altdeutsches Musterbuch. [Niirnberg,] n. d. 
F. 2'ipl. 726 9 

— Bury, T. T. Rudimentary architecture; tlie 
history and description of the styles of various 
countries. London, 1849. D. il. 720 1 

— Cayeda, J. G-eschichte der Baukunst in Span- 
ien. Stuttgart, 1858. O. il. 729 3 

— Ferg'usson, J. A history of architecture in all 
countries, from the earliest times to tlie pres- 
ent day. London, 1862-7 [v. 1, '65]. 8 v. O. il. 
pi. 720 8 

— Gothe? J. TV. von. Altdeutsche Baukunst. 
{In his Werke, 1827-43, v. 39.) S32 1 

(xwilt, J. An .encyclopaedia of architecture. 

New edition, with additions by W. Papworth. 
London, 18<)7. O. ?7. pZ. 720 6 

— Heyer, R. Das System der Kulturgeschichte 
des Menschen, ins Besondere das System ihrer 
tektonischen Form und der Baustyl der Gegen- 
wart. Stettin [,1863]. O. 301 7 

Hoff, H. Bemairkninger om Skaalebygning- 

en. il. [Ill Copenliageii— K. iiord. Old.-Sels- 
kal). Aarboger. v. 7, 1872.) J)4S 5 
— Huber-Lieljonau. T. von. Das deutsche Haus 
zur Zeit der Renaissance. Berlin, 1882. O. 32 
p. (In Yirchow <fc Hollzcndorff. Vortrage. 17 
Serie.) 043 1 
Inkersley. T. An inquiry into the chronolog- 
ical succession of Romanesque and pointed ar- 
chitecture in France. London, 18."i0. O. 72i( 2 
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lin, 1868. O. 31 p. (/)i Virchow cfc Holtzendorlf. 
VortrUye. 3 Serie.) 043 1 

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orders and their a'stlietic principles. London, 
184S. D. [3-f ] 96 p. il. pi. 720 1 

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den altesteu Zeiten Ijis auf die Gegenwart. 3 
Auflage. Leipzig, 186.5. O. il. 720 9 

— Napione di Cocconato, G. F. G. Delle rovine 
della Grecia. {In Marcliese, V. Manuale. 1846.) 

709 2 

Offentliche und Privatgebiiude in Niirnberg. 

[Niirnberg, 184-?] sqO. SO pi. ntp. 729 1 

— Parker, J. H. A glossary of terms used in 
Grecian, Roman, Italian and Gothic architect- 
ure. 5 edition. Oxford, 1850. 3 v. in 2. O. il.jA. 

720 7 

An introduction to the study of Gothic 

architecture. 8 edition. Oxford, 1867. S. il. pi. 

723 1 
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pratiques. Paris, 1860. O. il. 690 1 

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New York, 1854, O. pZ. 720 3 

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17. pi. 729 4 

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— Viollet-le-Duc, E. E. Entretiens sur I'archi- 
tecture. Paris, 1862-3. 2 v. Q, il. pi. <& Atlas. 
obQ. 720 4 

Histoire d'une maison. Nouvelle edition. 

Paris [,1873]. Q.tV.pZ. " 72S 1 

— Tltruvins Pollio, M. De architectura; illus- 
travit A. Rode. Berolini, 1800-'.. sqQ. cfc 
Atlas. F.5 720 5 

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romischen Saulen-Ordnungen. 2 Ausgabe. Ess- 
lingen [, 184-?]. sqO. [4-l-]24p. 722 3 

— Woods, J. Letters of an architect from 
France, Italy and Greece. London, 1828. 3 v. 
sqQ. il. pi. 729 6 

TA; PALMIKA; PANTHEON : lidME u-i/i/, moihni). 

Archives des sciences physiques et naturelles. 
[Half-monthly.] Nouvelle periode. Geneve, 
1869-71. V. 34-43. O. pi. (Bibliotheque univer- 
selle et revue Suisse.) 505 6 

Archivio glottologico italiano, diretto da G. I. 
Ascoli. Torino, 1873-90. v. 1-11. O. map. 45011 

Vol. 6 not yet completed. 
Archivio storico italiano; Appendice, «t'e A'ari- 
eti\ storiche,— Vettori, F. Storia d' Italia. 

945 10-12 
Arcliivo americano y espiritu de la prensa del 
mundo [Spanish, French and English]. Bue- 
nos-Aires, 1846-9. V. 3-4. sqF; v. 1-3, n. s. O 
•^t- Q. 9S2 1-3 

The set contains no. 2.5-3S; new series, 3, 4, 8, 10, \6. 

ARC-MEASUREMENT. Sadeheck, M. Entwik- 
kelungsgang der Gradraessungs-Arbeiten. Ber- 
lin, 1876. O. 43 p. map. (/» Virchow * Hol- 
tzendorfr. Vortiiige. 11 Serie.) 043 1 

Arco, Carlo d'. Notiziedi Isabella EstenseGon- 
zaga, aggiuntivi molti documenti. (In A'arietJl 
storicbe d' Italia.) 945 11 

ARCTIC REGIONS. Bent, S. An address upon 
the thermal paths to the pole. St. Louis. 1872. 
O. 40 p. maps. 919.S 2 

— Briiiin, V. A. M. Les trois projets, anglais, 
allemand, fran9ais, d'exploration au pole nord. 
Paris, 1868. O. map. 919. S 3 

—Franklin, J. Narrative of a second expedi- 
tion to the shores of the polar sea, 1835-7. 
Philadelphia, 1828. O. map. 919.S 5 

—Kane, E. K. The United States Grinnell ex- 
pedition in search of Sir J. Franklin; a ])er- 
sonal narrative. New edition. Philadelphia, 
1856. O. il. por. pi. map. 919.,S 6 

— Koldewey, K. Die erste deutsche Nordpolar- 
Expedition,1868. Gotha, 1871. sqQ. 10-1-56 p.pL 
7/iap.s'. (In Petermanns Mittheilungen: Ergiin- 
zungsband 6.) 910 44 

— Lacroix, F. Regions circompolaires. 1840. pL 
map. (In L'nnivers. 10.) 910 18 

— Miniscalchi Erizzo, F. Le scoperte artiche 
narrate. Venezia, 1855. O, & Atlas. Q. 919.8 1 
— Jlolin, H. Die norwegische Nordmeer-Expe- 
dition; Resultate der Lothungen und Tiefsee- 
temperatur-Beobachtungen. Gotha, 1880. sqQ 




[3+] 24 p. pi. maps. {In Petermanns Mittliei- 
liing'en: Erganzungsbaud 14.) 910 44 

— Petei'mann, A. H. Spitzbergen und die ark- 
tische Central-Region; Beitrag zur Geographie 
undErforsohung. Gotlia, 1865. sqQ. 10+70 p. 
maps. (In same.) 910 44 

Rafn, C. C. Americas arotiske Landes gamle 
Geographie. Kiobenliavn, 1845. • O. 48 p. pi. 
maps. 919.8 10 

French : Aper9u de I'ancienne geograpliie 

des regions arctiques de rAnierique, (In 
('(ipenhagen— K. nord. Old.-Selskab. Memoires. 
V. 3, 1845-9.) 948 3 


ARCULF, St. , bishop. Adaiiman. Travels in the 
Holy Land, towards A. U. 700. (In Wright. T. 
Early travels in Palestine. 1848.) 915.6 40 

Arendt, WilJielm Amadeus. Der Genter Auf- 
stand, 1539. (In Rainner. F. L. Gt. von. Hist. 
Taschenbuch, 1843. Die biabantische Revolu- 
tion, 1789-90; eine Skizze. (In same, 1843.)— 
Ueber Verfassung und Geschichte der Stadte 
in Belgien seit dem Anfang des 17 Jahrhunderts 
bis zur Einverleihung des Landes in die 
franzosische Republik. (In same, 1841.) 905 1 

■See also Etteiiius, E. Berioht, (/// same 1839). 

Arenz,Karl. Die Entdeckungen in Nord und 

Mittel-Atrika von Richardson, Overweg, Barth 
und Vogel. Leipzig, 1857. S. map. 916.6 1 
Areopagitica, see Milton, J. 
Aret 1783, see Lidner, B. 

ARETEN'E DIALECT. Corazzini, F. Appunti 
storici e filologici su la valle tiberina superiore. 
Sansepolcro, 1874. Q. 457 20 

Aretino, Leonardo Bruni, see Bruni. 
Aretino, Pietro. Capitoli. (In Bernl, F. Opere 
burlesche, 1736, v. 3;— 1760, v. 3-3.) 857 3-3 
— Lettere scritte a P. Aretino; per cura di Te- 
odorico Landoni [and others]. Bologna, ] 873-5. 
4 V. D. {In Scelta di curiosita. 133.) 850 10 
— L' Orlandino, canti due. Bologna, 1868. D. 
30 [+1] p. (In Scelta di curiosita. 95.) 850 10 
— II primo libro delle lettere. Milano, 1864. S. 
(In Bihl. rara. 51.) 850 3 

— Berni, F. Vita di P. Aretino. (In his Opere, 
1864, V. 3; in Bibl. rara. 45.) 850 3 

Followed by Donis Tervemoto. 
L' Arctiiio, see Dolce, L. 

Arezzo (Latin Aretins), Claudio Mario. De 
situ insulse Siciliee libellus. (In Rerum Sicu- 
larum scriptores. 1579.) 945 105 

Arezzo, Gambino d', see (lianibino. 
Arezzo, Guide d', .see Ouido. 
Arezzo, Guittone d' see (5nittoue. 
Arezzo, Ristoro d', see Ristoro. 
Arezzo. Regolamento per...erigere un monu- 
mento europeo all' inventore delle note musi- 
CHli [Guido d' Arezzo]. Arezzo, 1866. ¥.-< 6 p. 

927 10 
Arfwedsoii, Karl David. Forenta Staaternaoch 
Canada, 1833-4. Stockholm, 1835. 3 v. S. 

917.3 1 
— Konung Carl XI och bans gunstlingar, his- 
torisk roman. FAnon.] Norrkoping, 1S45. 3 v. 
inl. S. S39.73 1 

— Scener i Nord-Amerika. [Anon.] Stockholm, 
1836. O. 917. 3 3 

Contents: Den siste batkarlen p^ Ohio-floden.— Sven- 
sken 1 Amerika.—Quarteroon-fliokan.—Hiimden.— Poca- 
hontas.— Eremiten vid Niagara, Tjugu-ett ars alder.— 
Indianen,— Handen. 

— Wadstena kloster, historisk roman. [Anon.] 
Stockholm, 1848. 3 v. D. 839.73 3 

The foregoing volumes by Arfwedson are presenta- 
tion copies to Mr. Marsh from the author. 

Argeuis, see Barclay, J. 

Argeiiis y Poliarco, see Calderoii. v. 1. 
Argens. Olivier d'. Memoires ou journal. (/)( 
Barrlere <fc Lescure. Memoires, 1857-81, v. 33.) 

944 10 
Argeusoii, Rene Louis de Voyer de Paiilniy, 
marquis d'. Memoires. (In same. v. 1.) 944 10 

See CJAItWA, E. ill.;— MAEMOl, J. 

ARGENTINE REPUBLIC. Archivo americano 
y espiritu de la prensa del mundo [Spanish, 
French and English] . Buenos- Aires, 1846-9. v. 
3-4. sqF; v. 1-3, n. s. O & Q. 9S2 1-3 

The set contains no. 25-32; new series, 3, 4, 8, 10, 15. 
— Faniin, S. M. C. Buenos-Ayres. 1840. pi. 
map. (In L'univers. 10.) 910 18 

— Mantegazza, P. Rio de la Plata e Tenerife. 
Milano, 1867. D. il. por. i^l. 918.2 1 

ARGOT. Micliel, F. X. Etudes de philologie 
comparee sur I'argot, et aur les idiomes anal- 
ogues. Paris, 1856. Q. 410 6 

ArgiiUol y Serra, Jose de, & Maspoiis y Labros, 

F. La caza; derechos y deberts del propieta- 
rio y del cazador; coleccion de disposiciones 
que la reglamentan, comentadas. Barcelona, 
1867. D. 349 35 

Argiiroponlos, K. P.^ A670S, 30 Ma&L 1850 [on 
Adamantios Koraes]. 'Ex'A^^rais, 1850. O. 53 p. 

92S 35 
Argyll, George Douglas Campbell, 8th duke of. 
Primeval man; an examination of some recent 
speculations. London, 1869. T>. pi. 573 3 

Arici, Cesare. Poesie scelte; a cura di Zanoli 
Biochieri. Firenze, 1874. D. 851 8 

Contents: La ooltivazione degli uliri.- IL corallo.— La 
pastorizia. — L'origine delle fonti. — Poemetti varj. — luni 
di Baoohilide.— Yersi sacri.— Frammenti. 

Aridosio, commedia, see Medici, L. diP. P. de'. 

notazioni. Firenze, 1831. 4 v. O. poc. 

851 9 

With the arguments of S. Ammirato prefixed to ij\ery 
canto. Vol. 1 contidns Elogio per A. Fabroni. 

— Flight of Angelica [, with] translation in the 
ottava rima of the original by W. S. Rose. (In 
Cavalleri, E. Italian readings. 1865.) 851 1 
— Der Kampf mit der Orca; aus dem Ra-enden 
Roland des Ariost. (In HiUebrand, K. Italia. 
V. 4, 1877.) 945 41 

— II primo canto dell Orlando furioso, recato 
in dialetto milanese [by F. Bellati]. (In Col- 
lezioue milanese, 1816-7, v. 11.) 859 15 

— Rime e satire, con annotazioni. Firenze, 
1833. O. S51 10 

— Le satire autografe. Bologna, 1875. Q. par. 
S57 Ibuuud u-ith N53 13 

Pubblicate a cura del Comitato ferrarese per la ricor- 
renza del 4 centenario ariosteo. In facsimile, with pre- 
face Ijy Prospero A'iani. 

— Sujiposes, acomedie. (/« Gascoigne, G. Com- 




plete poems, 1869-70, t. 1; in Hazlitt, AV. C. 
Roxbui-ghe lib. 5.) 821 2 

— Bolz.l, G. B. Ariosts Naohahmung cler Alten. 
{In Jalirbuch rom. u eng. Lit, v. 4, 1863.) 805 1 
Ai-istarco; o, Censura de la proclamcion cato- 
lica de los Catalanes. n. p. [, 1640], D. 946 45 
Aristippe, ou, De lacour, see Balzac, J. L. G. de. 
The aristocracy of England, see Hampdeu, J., 

Aristodemo, tragedia, see Monti, V. 
Ai-istoplianes. Ausgewiihlte Komodien; er- 
klart von Theodor Kock. Leipzig, 1853-3. v. 1-3. 
O. 882 7 

Contents: 1. Die Wolken. 2. Die Eitter. 
—The Acharnians;— The knights;— The birds; 
—The frogs;— The peace. (In Frere, J. H. 
Works, 1873, v. 2.) 821 58 

—Die Vogel. (In Gotlie, J. W. von. Werke, 
1837-43, V 14.) 832 1 

—Frere, J. H. Review of Mitchell's Aristoph- 
anes. {In his Works, 1873, v. 1.) 821 58 
Aristoteles....Historia animalium. Editio stere- 
oytpa. Lip&ife, 1831. T. 888 31 
— Ilepi TroLTjTiKrjs [Greek and Latin, with various 
readings]. [17-?] S. 888 22 

Title-page wanting. 

Trattato de' governi; tradotto da Bernardo 

Segni. Nuova edizione. Milano, 1864. S. {In 
Bibl. rara. 56.) 850 3 

Eucken, R. Aristoteles' Anschauung von 

Freundschaft und von Lebensgiitern. Berlin, 
1884. O. 44 p. (In Yirchow & Holtzendorff. 
Vortrage. 19Serie.) 043 1 

— Raunier, F. L, G. von. Ueber die Poetik des 
Aristoteles und sein Verhiiltniss /,u den neuern 
Draniatikern. {In his Hist. Taschenbuch. 
1842.) 905 1 

Oncken, W. Aristoteles und seine Lehre 

vom Staat. Berlin, 1870. 38 p. {In Virchow cfc 
Holtzendorff. Vortrage. 5 Serie.) 043 1 

Schiinpe, W. Die AristotelischenKategorien. 

Berlin. 1871. O. [1+] 71 p. 888 24 

Arlia, C. Del linguaggio degli artigiani fioren- 
tini; dialoghetti. Milano, 1876. D. 457 31 

—& Fanfani, P. II lessico della corrotta itali- 
anita. Milano, 1877. D. 458 6 

—editor, see U Borg-liini. 1874-7. 450 13 

Scelta di curiosita. 169, 313. 850 10 

AEMAtJNACS. Bartliold, F. W. Der Arme- 
geckenkrieg, 1444-5. (In Kaiimer, F. L.tJ. von. 
Hist. Taschenbuch. 1842.) 905 1 

Armans saga, see Jacobsson, H. 
Las Armas dela hermosura, see Calderon. v. 4. 
Der arnie Heinrich, see Hartmann von Ane. 
Arnienante, A. Generazione dei connessi di 3o 
ordine e 2a classe. (In Rome — R. accad. del 
llncei. Atti. 3ser. v. 3, 1875-6, pt. 3.) 065 3 
AR5IEXIA. Bor^, E. Armenie. 1838. por. pZ. 
maps. (/)i L'nnlvers. 61.) 910 18 

— Hamilton, W. J. Researches in Asia Minor, 
Arnaenia and Pontus. London, 1843. 2t. O. il. 
pi. maps. 915.6 3 

Armenian chiircli. [Prayer book, 1850.] T. 

264 13 

Title page and p. 1-4 wanting. 
AKMEJilAX LANCTOAGE, see Bible— iV T.~ 
Armenian. 225 26 

Die Armennoth, see Bltziiis, A. v. IC. 
L' armeria reale di Torino, cantica, see Be^al- 
di, G. 

ARMIES. Heei-en, A. H. L. Biirgergarden, 
Miethtruppen, stehende Heere, universal hi- 
storisch angesehen. {In his Werke, 1881-30, v. 
3.) 908 2 


Armstrong, John. Life of Richard Montgom- 
ery, faesim. {In Sparks, J. American biogra- 
phy, 1835-9, V. 1.) — Life of Anthony Wayne. 
faesim,. {In same, v. 4). 920 15 

Armytage, George John. Index to the visita- 
tion of the'countv of Yorke, 1665-6, by William 
Dugdale. London, 1873. O. [3 -I- ] 40 p. 820 7 
Arnaboldi, Alessandi-o. Versi. Milano, 1873. D. 

851 11 
Ai'naldo da Brescia, tragedia, seeNiccolini, G.B. 
ARNALDO of Brescia. Clavel, V. Arnauld de 
Brescia et les Romains du 13e siecle. Paris, 
1868. O. map. 922 18 

Ai-na-Magnsean legacy. 

The library contains the following Arna-Magnaean 
editions ; 

Ariiason, J. Jus ecclesiasticum novum. 1777. S.TO.G8 12 

E(lilaSa;mundarhinnsfr6da. 1787-1828. 3 v. 839.61 1 

Edda Snorro Sturlusonar. 1848-53. 3 v. 839.63 8 

Egils-saga. 1809. S39.63 37 

Gramas. 1829. 3 v. 839.68 8 

(Jiilii.iings-Iaug. 1817. 839.68 20 

Guimlangi, Sagan at. 1775. 839.63 88 

Hervararsaga. 1785. 839.63 42 

Hungurvaka. 1778. 839.63 43 

fslenzkir annalar. 1847. 839.03 45 

Jarnsida. 1847. 839.68 10 

Kormaks saga. 1832. 839.63 51 

Kristui-saga. 1773. 839.63 .52 

LiLxdaila-saga. 1836. 839.63 53 

>ials.>asa. 1809. 839.63 55 

Orknejiiiga saga. 178Q. 839.63 57 

Kjmbegla. 1780. 839.63 61 

Viga-Glums saga. 1786. 839.63 69 

—Copenhagen— K. nord. Old.-Selskab. Beret- 
ning om den Arna-Magnsenske Commission, 
1838-51. — OmLegatets Pengevasseni disse Aar. 
(I?i ifs Antiquarisk Tidsskrif t. v.3-3, 1846-51.) 

948 4 

Commission arnemagneenne. {In its Me- 

moires. v. 3,1845-9 ) 948 3 

Arnason, Jon, bishop of Skdlholt. Eiktamork 
isleiidsk : Horologium Islandicum. (7n Rym- 
begla. 1780.) 839.63 61 

— Historisk Indedning til den gamle og nye 
islandske RcBttergang; foraget, med Anmserk- 
ninger, of John Erichsen; med Kofod Anchers 
Fortale om den theoretiske Lovkyndigheds 
Nodvendighed. Ki0benhavn, 1763. sqO. 

349 56 
— Jus ecclesiasticum novum, 1775: Kristinnrettr 
inn nyi, edr, Arnabiskups; cum versione Latina 
...edit Grimus Johannis Thorkelin. Hafniae, 
1777. D. 839.68 13 




Ex mss. legati Magnasani. 
—eilitur, see leir aagi£etu...psalma flockar. 
17.SII. 23 

Arnasoii, 3Cm, coiupilcr. Menzkar fJuSsjogur 
OS ittiiityri. Leipzig, 1,403-1. 2 v. O. s:$0.G3 4 
—Dduisli: Islandske Folkesagn. (In Copeiiha- 
Koii— K. nord. Old.-Selskab. Antiquansk Tids- 
skrift. V. 7. 1861-^.) 94S 4 

Translations of some stories in the first volume, not 
given in C'iul Andovmin's trauslatiun of the worli. 

Arnaiul, Joseph. Les Italiens luosateurs fran- 
rais; etude sur les emigrations italiennes depuis 
Brunette Latini juscju'i'i uos jours. Milan, 
1861. O. SM Id Ixinnd^v i til, Sil U.l 

Ariiaud, V. Le prince Dgeui, clironiquedauphi- 
noise du 150 sieclu. Grenobler.lSeO?]. O. 35 p. 

.S41 9 
Arnanld, Autoiiie, abbd. Memoires, contenant 
anecdntrsdr la eour, Hi;34-7."). (In >Dcliaiid <fc 
Poiyoiiliit, Mi'iiioives, ISOO, v. 33.) i)H 9 

Aniaiild d' Aiidilly, Robert. Memoires, lGlO-56. 
^lor. (Ill same.) i)4i 9 

Arnault, All toiiie Vincent. Souvenirs d'un sexa- 
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gel'undenem Wuiider-Horn; 3, Was die cini- 
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4, A\'ie diese \'olcker aus deui Heydenthumb 
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.Vriiljot tu41ine, .scf B,j0rnsoii, 1?. 
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5. (//( same. 75.) 942 8 




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saiiit-Kiaal. 2. Merhn.-Artus. 4-5. Lancelot du lac. 
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^- 18-) ,S20 4 



Contents: Tbeanturs of Arthur at the Tarnewatho- 
Ian— SirAmadace.— The avowyn^e of King Arthur, Sir 
Gawan, Sir Kaye and Sir Bawdewyn of Bretan. 

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^V( atm Di'grrovinit; Eroc; Fcrguut; (Jaivnin; (Jhignliii; 

flrail; hviiin;" .losevili of Ariraathie; Ijimcelot; Kiu'iiifiil; 

IJIiiiis Disoonius; MorUii; Piirzival; Pert'cval; Titurol; Tris- 

laii; Wigoiais. 

The history of .Vi'tlini" of Little Britain, a ro- 
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200 copies priuti'd. 
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Title page wanting. 
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Bilk'der fra en ^Middelbavsrelse med Korvetten 0rnen. — 
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928 7 bound with 925 18 

The translation contains an appendix, 4 p., Asb.i0rn- 
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faesim. map. 450 11 

Cniiluiniiiffthe following works by Ascoli: 1. Saggila- 
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sistenia dei dialetti italiani.-P. ]\leyer e il franco-proven- 
zalc— Ricordi bibliografici. S. Sobizzi franco-proyen- 
zali — Annotazioni dialettologicbealla Cronica deli im- 




peradori — Varia. 4. Annotazioni ai testi triulani.— 
(j'imeli tergestini.— II participio Teneto in -esto Altii a- 
blativi d' imparisillalii neutri. 6-fi. II codiee irlandese 
deir Ambrosiana. 2 v. facsirn. 1. Tortona e Tortosa, 
tosto; eanoora dellaCronaoa dellimperadori.— Verslone 
letterale del testo soprasilvano, Barlaam e Giosafat. 
Saggio di morfologia e lessicolosia soprasilvana. S. L' 
Italia dialettale. 9. Retia, retiare, retiaoulum. 10. Due 
recent! lettere glottologiche e una proscritta nuova. Di 
-tr-issa che prenda il posto di -tr-ice —II tipo gallo-romano 
seuv— sebs i frano.orteil e glaive.— II dialetto tergestino. 
Pania impaniare. 11. Saegiuoli diversi. 

Asega-Buch, see Friesland. 

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916 3 
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\^•ith a commentary by H. Yule. London, 1863. 
O. {In Hakluyt soc. Works. 31.) 915 5 

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^ oyages; texte arabe; traduction par C. De- 
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4 V. O. 915 2 

Same: Index alphabetique. Paris, 1859. 

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V. 1-3. O. pi. map. 950 3 

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' 915 1 

Content.i : 2-4. Hooh-Asien. 5-6. Indisehe Welt. 7. 
Turan. 8-9. Irauische Welt. 10-11. Euphrat- und Ti- 
grissystem. 12-13. Arabien. 14. Sinai-Halbinsel. 15- 
16. Paliistina. 17. Syrien. 18-10. Klein-Asien. 

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en Perse et aux Indes. Suivant la copie im- 
primee a Paris, 1679-93. 3 v. S. pZ. maps. 

099 36 

f'OHto)/s; 1. Turquie et Perse. 2. Voyages des Indes. 
3. Eecueil de relations et traitez. 

English : The six voyages into Persia and 

the East Indies; made English by J. P[hillips]; 
added, A description of tlie kingdoms which 
encompass the Euxine and Caspian seas. Lon- 
d'on, 1678. 3 v. inl. F. pZ. 915 16 

— Vilmberyj A. Reise in Mittelasien, 1863. 
Leipzig, 1865. O. pi. map. 915 19.1 


For Asiatic maps .s«e AFOHANISTAN; ARABIA; ASIA 

ASIA MINOE. Bartll, H. Reise von Trapezunt 
durch die nordliche H'alfte Klein Asiens nach 
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und deni Olynipos und zurfick iiber Nicaa und 
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914.9 36 
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minee par Cheron. Paris, 1868. O. 
(/n L'linivers. 14.; 910 18 

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In portfolio 2. 
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O. 59 p. pi. map. {In Virchow & Holtzen- 
dorff. Vortriige. 7 St-rie.) 04.S 1 




— Tchikhatcliey, P. Asie Mineure. le partie: 
Geographie physique conipar^e. Paris, 1853. 
O. pi. 915.6 7 

Carte geographique de 1' Asie/ Mineure. 

Paris, 1858. 75+136 cm. in F.s 912 38 

Reisen in Kleinasien und Armenien, 1847- 

63; Interare, mit Karte von H. Kiepert. Gotha, 
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geographique, historique et archeologique. 
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15.) 910 18 

See also TATJKUS. 

Asiatic society of Japan. Transactions, 1872-89. 
Yolvohama, 1874-89. v. 1-17 in 10. y. O. pil. tab. 
map. 915.2 1 

A'ol. 12 contains index to v. 1-12. 
Asiuai'ia, see Plautus, T. M. v. 1. 
L'asino caoadenari e la pentola meravigliosa, 
novella. (In Scelta di ouriosita. 200.) 850 10 
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relsen i Daaben. (In Bans', 0. Samling, 1743-7, 
pt. 3.) 839.8 1 

Asmimdar saga kappabana. (In Bafu, C. C. 
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Asiiuis omnia secum portans, see Claudius, M. 
Asmussen, Jens Frederilc, editor, see ScMes- 
wig-Holstein-Lauenbnrgische Gesellscliaft. Ar- 
chiv fiir Staats- und Kirchengeschichte. 1833-7. 

943 42 
ASPAEAGHNE. Guaresclii, I. Studi sulF aspa- 
ragina e sull' acido aspartico. (In Rome — K. 
accad. dei lincei. Atti. 2 ser. v. 3, 1875-6, pt. 
2.) 065 3 

' Arx-waala, see Rizos, J. 

Assas, France. Proclamations faites a Assas, 
pres Montpellier, par ordre des seigneurs du 
lieu, 1483; I'abbe L. Vinas. (In Reyne des 
langues romanes. v. 1, 1870.) 479 5 

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Cceur. Paris, 18T3. D. 48 p. 271 17 

AsseUneau, Charles, editor, see Diderot, D. Le 

neveude Rameau. 1862. 848 4 

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fioer; mit Einleitung, Anmerkungen und Glos- 
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Cheuelere Assigne, see Knight of the swan. 
L' assiuolo, commedia, see Cecclii, G. M. 
Assmanu, Bruno, editor. Angelsachsische 
Homilien und Heiligenleben. Kassel, 1889. O. 
(In Grein, C. W. M. Bibliothek der...Prosa. v. 
3.) 829 11 


ASSOCIATION OF IDEAS. Ferri, L. Sulla dot- 
trina psicologica dell' associazione considerata 
nelle sue attinenze colla genesi delle cognizioni. 
(In Rome — R.accad. dei lincei. Atti. 2 ser. sci. 
mor. V. 2, 1877-8.) 065 5 

Associazione libraria italiana, see Bibliografla 
d' Italia. 015 6.2 

The assumption of Our Ladv. (In LiinibT, J. 
R. King Horn. 1866; in E. E. text soc. Orig. 
ser. 14.) 820 5 

ASSUS. ArchiBological institute of America. 

Papers. Classical series. Boston, 1882. v. 1. 
O. il.2}l. maps. 913 28 

For contents see Arcliwological, etc. 
ASSYRIA. Ctesias. Assyrica. (In his Operum 
reliquiae. 1824.) 888 43 

— Hoefer, J. C. F. Assyrie. 1852. pi. map. (In 
L'nnivers. 16.) 910 18 

See also MXEVEH. 


ASTHMA. Berkart, J. B. On asthma; its pa- 
thology and treatment. London, 1878. O. 616 6 
Asti. Codex Astensis qui de Malabayla commu- 
niter nuncupatur, edidit Quintinus Sella. 
Romai, 1880. v. 2-4. sqF. (In Rome— R. accad. 
dei lincei. Atti. ser. 2, v. 4-7.) 065 3 

C'oritcitfx: 1, wanting, i. Pars 1-3 oodicis. .3 Pars 4-5 
codicis. 4. Appendix et indices. 

— Muratori, G. F. Asti, colonia romana, a sue 
iscrizioni latine. Torino, 1869. O. 74 p. 471 6 

Same. 2 edizione. Torino, 1869. D. 88 p. 

471 7 
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ding Astrad. it (In Copenhagen— K. nord. 
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ASTROLABE. Chaucer, G. A treatise on the 
astrolabe, 1391; edited by W. "\V. Skeat. Lon- 
don, 1872. O. pi. {In E. E. text soc. Extra 
ser. 16; Chaucer soc. 1 ser. 29.) 820 5.1, S21 45 

The treatise on the astrolabe; edited, with 

notes and illustrations, by A. E. Brae. Lon- 
don, 1870. O. pi. 821 42 
— Synesius. Sermo de dono astrolabii ad Peb- 
onium. {In his Opera. 1611.) 208 11 
El astrdlogo flngido, see Calderon. v. 1. 
ASTROLOGY. Bertolotti, A. Giornalisti, as- 
trologi e negromanti in Roma nel secolo 17. (In 
Uivista europea, n. s., v. 5, 1878, p. 466-514.) 

133 20 bound icith 113 1 
— Dee, J. A letter containing a discourse apol- 
ogeticall for [his] philosophical! studies. Lon- 
don, 1599. sqD. [23] p. 133 21 

Private diary, and the catalogue of his 

librarv of mss. ; edited by J. O. Halliwell. Lon- 
don, 1842. sqO. (Jji Camden soc. 19. ) 820 4 
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larged by G. Parker. London, 1704. T. tab. 

133 31 
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ture talismanique des Persans, horiscope des 
patriarches, et lecture des estoilles. n. p., 1631. 
S. pL 133 33 

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sqD. 133 22 

History of his life and times, 1602-Sl. 

London, 1715. S. 133 28 

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logieiis Opkomst, Uddanelse og Udbredelse i 
Norden. (In Copenliagen— K. nord. Old. -Sel- 
sk-ab. Annaler. v. 3, 1840-1.) 948 2 

— Mensuiga, J. A. M. Uber alte und neuere 
Astrologie. Berlin, 1871. O. 40 p. (In Yu'- 
chow d' Holtzendorff. Vortrage. 6 Serie.) 043 1 
— The new starr of the north shining upon the 
victorious king of Sweden. London. 1632. 
sqD. [2 + ] 50 p. 2}or. 133 25 




— ^Paracelsus. Of the mysteries of the signes of 
the zodiack; being the magnetical and sympa- 
thetical cure of diseases. {In his Of the su- 
preme mysteries. 1638.) 133 26 
— Ramsey, W. Astrologia i-estaurata; or, As- 
trologie restored. London, 1653. Q. 133 36 

ASTRONOSLT, Boiiardo, 0. M, La grandezza, 
larghezza, e distanza di tutte le sfere; con an- 
notation! di Luigi Groto Cieco. n. p., 1600. S. 

520 1 
— Brimo, Gr, La cena de le ceneri. Niiova edi- 
zione. Milano, 1864. S. {In Bibl. rara. 86.) 

850 3 
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sternhimmel. Hamburg, 1889. O. 40 p. pi. 
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Atlas wanting. 
— >'iel)iihr, C. Astronomische Beobachtungen. 
(i?i /lis Eeisebeschreibung nachArabien, 1774- 
1837, Y. 3.) 915.3 6 

— Respighi, L. Declinazioni medie pel 1885,0 
di385 Campidoglio. (/« Rome— R. 
accad. dei lincei. Atti. 3 ser. sci.jiK. v. a, 1877- 
8, pt. 2.) — Catalogo delle declinazioni medie 
pel 1885,0 di 1463 stelle. {In same. v. 8, 1879- 
80.) 0«o 4 

— Ristoro of Arezzo. Delia composizione del 
mondo; teste del 1282, gia pvibblicato da Enrico 
Narducci. Milano, 1864. 8. {In BiW. rara. 
54.) 850 3 

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pour 1290-5. {In ReTUe des laneues romanes 
V. 3, 1873.) 479 g 

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considered with reference to natural theoiogv. 
Philadelphia, 1838. D. 213 5 

— ZoUner, J. C. F. j)?. {In his Wiss. Abhand- 
lungen, 1878-81, v. 4.) 504 8 


At home in the wilderness, see Lord, J. K. 
ATHEISM. Hall, R. Modern infidelity consid- 
ered with respect to its influence on society. 
(/)i/u'.s Sermons. 1814.) 211 3 

—Plato. Plato against the atheists; or, The 
tenth book of the dialogue on laws; with notes 
and dissertations by T. Lewis. New Yorlr 
1845. _0. 888 18 

— Taiujii, L. Amphitheatrum ajternas providen- 
tia3 adversus veteres philosophos, atheos, Epicu- 
reos, peripateticos & stoicos. Lugduni 1615 
D. 211 7 

See also RATI0NALIS3I. 
The Atlienseuiu journal of literature, science 
and the fine arts. [Weekly.] London, 1860-83 
V. [35-HO] Q. Q52 3 

Atlienaeiis. Deipnosophistae libri 15, cum rerum 
et scriptorum indicibus. Editio stereotypa 
Lipsia3, 1834. 4 v. T. 888 40 

Deipnosophistarum libri quindecim; emen- 

davit, nova Latina versione et animadversioni- 

bus cum Is. Casauboni aliorumque tum suis 
illustravit, indicibus instruxit Johannes 
Sohweighaeuser. Argentorati, 1801-7. 14 v. 
O. 888 89 

Athenia of Damascus, a tragedy, see Dawes, R. 
ATHENS {ancient). Fnstel de Conlanges, N. D. 
La cite antique. 6 edition. Paris, 1876. D. 

352 1 
— Leake, W. M. Topographie Athens. 3 Aus- 
gabe, uebersetzt von J. G. Baiter und H. Saup- 
pe. Ziii-ioh, 1844. O. pi. maps. 913 29 

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Atheniensium ; accessit A. Thysii Discursus 
politicus, & Collatio legum. Lugduni Batavo- 
rum, J. Maire, 1645. Tt. 094 13 

— Stnai't, J. & Revett, N. The antiquities of 
Athens, and other monuments of Greece, meas- 
ured and delineated. London, 1837. sqS. 70 
pZ. 913 30 

Athens (modern)— Court of the Areopag'us. 

'H KaTaTTjv 19 iamvapiov 1853 SUr) roO 9eo0ftoi; Kal- 
pov Kal Tuvaiiv avrip... '£>< ^Adrifais, 1853. O. 40 p. 

349 64 

[Political decision in the case of Jonas 

King. Athens, 1853.] O. 42-8 p. ntp. 341 9 
Translated on pages 103-108 of Mr Marsh's Communi- 
cations relative to King under the title; Final judgment 
of the Areopagus. No. 18— Penal sentence. 
— National university. Tlpdypaii/ia tUv Kari. TTjv 
XeiMepii'Tjj' i^ap.7ivlav tov 1849 Kal 1850 'irovs iv Tif. 
Tod'06(ivo9 TraveTTuTTTipittfi TTapaSodri(TopAvoiv padi]p.dT<nv. 
[Athens, 1849.] broadside, 63x47 cm. 378 9 

— Braeebridge, Mrs. Notes descriptive of a 
lianoramic sketch of Athens. London, 1839. 
sqQ. 8 p. folded pi. 914.933 

Atis och Camilla, see Creutz, (J. F. 
Atkinson, John Christopher, editor, see fol- 
lowing publications of Surtees society: 820 7 
69, 7-2, Whitby. Cartularium abbathiai. 1879-81. 
SS. Rievmilx abbey. Cartularium. 1889. 

Atkinson, Thomas Witlam. Oriental and west- 
ern Siberia, seven years' explorations and ad- 
ventures. New York, 1858. O. il. pi. map. 

915.7 1 
Atland eller Manheim, see Rudheck, 0. 

Atlantlca illustrata, see Rudbeek, 0., the 


La Atlantida, poema, see Verdaguer, J. 

ATLAS MOUNTALXS. Blanekenhorn, M. Der 

iitlas. Gotha, 1888. sQ. 4-1-63 p. map. {In 
Petermanns Mittheilungen: Erganzungsband 
30.) 9X0 44 

An atlas of the European states in 45 maps on 
a uniform scale, with plans of London and 
Paris. Globe edition. London, 1867. D. 912 9 
ATLASES. Berghaus, H. K. W. Physikalischer 
Atlas. Gotha, 1845-8. 3 v. P.". maps. 503 1 
— Buchon, J. A. C, & Tastu, J. Notice d'un 
atlas en langue catalane, ms. de I'an 1375. 
[Paris, 1841.] sqQ. facsim. maps. 912 3 

— Cortambert, P. F. E. Petit atlas de geogra- 
phic moderne. Paris, n. d. Q. 30 maps. 912 6.1 
—Hall, S. Black's general atlas. Edinburgh, 
184i. F.» remaps. 912 4 

— Kiepert, H. Atlante antico. 5 edizione. Ber- 
Imo, 1869. F.» 12 maps. 9ii i.i 




Kleiner Schul- Atlas. Berlin, 1871. sqQ. 

4 p. 30 maps. 912 7 

— Society for tlie diffusion of useful kuowledae. 
Maps. London, 1844. 3 v. sqF.^ 912 5 

— Stieler, A. Handatlas. Gotha [,1872-3]. obF.' 
90 maps. 912 8 

SfC also >AVIGATI()X. 
ATOMS. Herschel, J. F. W. On atoms; a dia- 
logue. {In his Popular lectures. 1867.) 504 6 

See also MOLECULES. 
ATROPINE. Pesci, L. Ricerche siiU' atropina. 
(In Rome — R. accad. deilincei. Atti. 3 ser. sci. 
Jis. V. 7, 1880-1.) 0G5 4 

— Seluii, F. Studio chimico-tosscologico per la 
ricerca dell' atropina. (In same. 2 ser. v. 3, 
1875-6, pt. 2.) 065 3 

Atterbom, Per Daniel Amadeus. Lycksalig- 
hetens 6; sagospel. Upsala, 1824-7. 3v. D. 

.S39.72 3 

— Studier till philosophiens historiaoch system. 
Upsala, 1835. v. 1. O. 198 1 

ATTERBURY, Francis, bishop of Rochester. 
Pope, A. Letters to Atterbury in the Tower of 
London; edited by J. G. Nichols. 1859. (In 
Camden misc. 4; in Camden soo. 73.) 820 4 
AttliUl, William. Documents relating to the 
foundation and antiquities of the collegiate 
church of Middleham, in the county of York, 
with a historical introduction. London, 1847. 
sqO. (7. (In same. oS.) 820 4 

Attila, flagellum Dei; poemetto in ottava 
rima, riprodotto suUe antiche stampe [by Ales- 
sandro d' Ancona]. Pisa, 1864 O. 851 12 

ATTILA, king of the Huns. Tliierry, A. S. D. 
Histoire d' Attila et de ses successeurs; suivie 
des legendes et traditions. Paris, 1856. 2 v. 
O. 943 64 

ATTRACTION in grammar. Grimm, J. L. K. 
Ueber einige Fiille der Attraction. (In his 
Kleinere Schriften, 1864-90, v. 3.)— tjber einen 
Fall der Attraction. (In same. v. 7.) 408 2 
—inplii/sics, see (xRAVITT. 
Atwater, Caleb. Remarks made on a tour to 
Prairie du Chien, thence to Washington city, 
1839. Columbus, O., 1831. S. 917.7 3 

An bord de la mer; reveries d'un voyageur; par 
I'auteur des Horizons prochains. 2 edition. 
Paris, 1866. D. 844 1 

Aiibanel, Th«5odoi'e (Proven pal Teodor Auba- 
neu). A I'amigo que n"ai jamais visto.— La 
guerro. — Li dindouleto. (In Revue des langues 
romanes. v. 1, 1870,)— Jaquet Arnaviello. (In 
same. v. 3, 1872.) — La perlo. — L'escalie di 
gigant. (In same. v. 4, 1873.) — A-n-uno Veni- 
eiano. (In same. v. 5, 1874.) 479 5 

Auberi, Aus der chanson de geste von. (In 
Tobler, A. Mittheilungen, 1870, v. 1.) 841 10 
Aubrey, John. Remains of gentilism and Jud- 
aism. (In Thomas, AV. J. Anecdotes and tra- 
ditions. 1839; in Cauiden soe. 5.) 820 4 
A portion of his materials for this woi* ; see preface, 
p. 8. 

C'est d'Aucasin et de Nicolete. (In Molaud, 
L. E. 1)., & H(;ricault, C. d.' Nouvelles du 13e 
siecle. ISSii.) 840 13 

Aueliiuleek press, see Frondes caducee. 

Anctor incevtus, psevdo}iym o/Manniua', J. 
Audelay, Jolin. Poems; a specimen of the 
Shropshire dialect in the 15th century; edited 
by James Orchard Halliwell. London, 1844. 
D. (In Percy soc. v. 14.) 820 6 

Andenarde, see Maegdendale abbey. 
Aiidiensen; eller, Lappskan i Kungstragarden, 
skiidespel, see Franzen, F. M. v. 5. 
Aue, Hartmann von, see Hartmann von Aue. 
Anerbacll, Bertliold. Dichter und Kaufmann; 
ein LebensgemiUde aus der zeit Moses Mendels- 
sohns. Neue durchgearbeitete Auflage. Mann- 
heim, 1855. D. 833 1 
— Schrift und Volk; Grundziige der volksthiim- 
lichen Literatur, angeschlossen an eine Cha- 
rakteristik J.P.Hebels. Leipzig, 1846. D. 800 1 
— [Schwarzwiilder] Dorfgeschichten. 4 Auflage. 
Mannheim, 1848. D. il. pi. 833 3 
— Spinoza, ein Denkerleben. Mannheim, 1855. 
D. 833 3 
— Waldfried. Stuttgart, 1874. 3 v. D. 833 4 
— editor, see Berthold Auerbach's Volkskalen- 
der, 1865. 838 2 

Gevattersmann, 1847-8. 838 1 

Auerspery-, Anton Alexander, Graf vou, piseud- 
07(i/)?i Auastasius Griin. [Various poems.] (In 
BroollS, C. T. German lyrics. 1853.) 831 3 

Die anfgeregteu, politisches Drama, see Gothe, 
J. AV. vou. V. 15. 

Die Aufuiaueruug Scutaris, in Albanien. (In 
Grimm, J. L. K. Kleinere Schriften, 1864-90, 
V. 7.) 408 2 

Der Au&Mihr in den Cevennen, see Tieck, J. L. 
Schriften, 26. 

Der Aufstand der Griechen im Epirus. Pest, 
1854. O. [H-] 81 p. map. 949 70 

Auger, Louis Simon. Notice sur Beauniarchais. 
(In Beamari'hais, P. A. C. de. Theatre. 1846.) 

S42 1 
Augerius, Amalricus, see Anuilric, A. d'. 
AUGSBURG. Munich-K.baier. Akad. der AViss. 
Hi.'it. C'0)rtmis.]Chroniken der deutschenStiidte; 
V. 4-5: Augsburg. Leipzig, 1865-6. 3 v. O. 

943 34 

Vonteiit.i : 1. Chronili von 1368-1417.— AViiliiuiis, E. 

Chronll£,llS6-14(ii.— Chronik yonder Griiiidimg dri :^tadt 

AuKSburs bis 1469,— Kiichliu, <J. Keimchronili. '-'. Ziiik, 

It. Chronlk, 131)8-1468. 

— Strobel, G. T. Beytrag zur Geschichte des 
Reichstags zu Augspurg, 1530. (I)i his Miscel- 
laneen, 1778-81, r. 3-3.) 830 10 

— AVelser, M. Chronica der Statt Augspurg; 
durch E. Werlichium. Frankfurt a. M., 1595. 
//. map). 943 3S 

Containing Gasser's Chronica, also M^elser's Antitiua 


de. Precis historique sur la presentation de la 
confession d' Augsbourg a Charles-Quint; suivi 
du texte de la confession, traduction fran9aite, 
aocompagnee de notes. Strasbourg, 1817. D. 

238 1 
Aug'ustijnken van Dordt. Dit's van Augu- 
stijnkens sceepkene. — De schepping. — Dit's 
Sinte Jans Ewangelium. — De borch van Vrou- 
denrijc. — Van der rijcheit ende van der doot. 
(In Blommaert, J. P. 31. Oudvlaemsche ge- 
dichten, 18:^s-,-)i, v. 3.) 839.31 3 

A UG rsTixrs 



AUGUSTINTS, archbishop of Canterbury. 
Sewman, J. H. &• others. {In their Lives of 
English saints, 1844-5, t. 2.) 922 8 

Ang-iistlnus, Anrelius, St., bishop of Hippo. 
Confessionum libri 13: herausgegeben und er- 
liiutert Ton Karl von Raunier. Stuttgart. 1836. 
O. 24S 1 

— German : Die Bekenntnisse; mit einem An- 
hange seiner f ernern LebensgescMchte. 6 Auf - 
lage. Passau, 1856. Tt. 24S 2 

— Regiila, cum statutis ordinis S. Augustini in 
Dania, 1275-1357. {In Langebek, J. Script, 
rerum Dan., 1772-18:54, t. 5.) 948 76 

— S. Augustines ManTell, or little booke of the 
contemplation of Christ... London, 1577. S. 
il. 040 1 

An undated reprint of this edlticn. 
— ^^Specchio dei peccatori, attribuito a S. Ago- 
stino; edito a cura di Ugo Antonio Amico. Bo- 
logna, 1866. D. 15-31 p. !7. (In Scelta di 
curiosita. 73.) s.50 10 

— Schaff, P. Der heilige Augustinus, sein Le- 
benund Wirken. Berlin, 1854. D. 922 19 

AUGrsTUS, Cains Jiilins Caesar Octaviauas, 
empjeror of Rome. Benle, C. E. Auguste: sa 
famille et ses amis. 2 edition. Paris, 1867. O. 

937 11 

s-f aUo /, ,-.j Tibere. 
— Liibell, J. T>'. Ueber das Principat des Augu- 
stus. {In Kauiuer, F. L. (V. von. Hist. Taschen- 
bucli. 18:34.) 905 1 

— Merim^e, P. Vie de Cesar- Auguste. (7;; his 
Melanges. 1855.) 904 3 

— S., S. (4. The life of Augustus. {In Plu- 
tarehiis. Lives. 1631.) SSs 28 

—ROMANCE. Gescliichte vom Kaiser Octavi- 
anus. Leipzig, n. d. D. il. (In Toltsbucher, 
^•) S33 22 

Kejsar Octavianus. (In Backstroiu, P. 0. 

Svenskafolkbocker, 1845. v. 1.) 2i(3 is 

OctoMian imperator. (In Weber, H. yv. 

Metrical romances. 1810, v. 3.) s21 10 

Boiuan u historia de Octavianus. [In Ro- 

mansh.] (In Areliivio glut. ital. v. 7, l,v.\0-3.1 

4.5b 11 

— —The romance of the emperor Octavian : edit- 
ed bv James Orchard HaUiwell. London. I844 
D. 1.0^81.1 p. (/7i Percj- see. V. 14.) S20 6 

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Conlaining Conquesta de Valencia, — Privilegia. " I 
believe that I am the only livinfr man who can say that 
he has read this book, or story even, having perused it 
from title-page to colophon. It is very rare. The Con- 
questa de Valencia, though the authenticity is disputed, 
is very valuable.*' Ms. note by Mr. Mai -^h. The copy is 
somewhat worm-eaten. 

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;iir I'^MjioKizione iiioniliale in Vienna concer- 
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A ru 



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627 35 hound u-ith 16. 
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Milano, 1875. F. b%^. pi. map. 

551.48 33 hound u-ith 551.31 7 
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For contents, see MYTHOLOGY. 

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■{In same.) — Antiquitates Rostochienses. . . aucta 
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Contmtx: Preface.— Opus tertium.— Opus minus.— 
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the two conjurers, Bungye and Vandermast. 
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823 3 

See also Torilo, W. 
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Contents: 1. Vita.— II flgliuol prodigo.— Novelle.— Ses- 
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by the trustees and son of James Ballantyne. 
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S. 467 8 

The volume contains the following note by Mr. Marsh: 
"All the books in this curious dialect are important in a 
philological point of view, but they are unfortunately 
rare. At the end of this Catalan or Limousin Grammar, 
will be found a Catalogue of the works which have been 
written in that Dialect since the reign of D. Jayme of 
Aragon, the Conqueror, whose Chronicle of his own 
achievements (if genuine) may be considered one of the 
most curious Historical Monuments of the Middle Ages. 
That part which relates to the Coitq'uest of Valencia was 
first printed in the very curious volume entitled OPUS 
AUREUM, containing the statutes and privileges of that 
city printed there by Diego. Gumiel in lol5 folio, of which 
I have a very fine copy." 

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Appended is A¥ls...des minlstres & du ministere. 
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1844; racconto documentate. Cosenza, 1863 
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492.7 1 
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^- 11-) 859 50 

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Vienna, 1856. O. 6 + 82 p. !)49 36 




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043 1 
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4 V. 841 1 

For contents I'ee Peabody catalogue. 
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nianes. v. 4, 1873.) 475) 5 

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—Iranalator, see Storia di UGONE d' Avernia. 
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(1)1 same. 45.) 850 6 

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costumi delle donne, extract. (In Rossetti Vi'. 
M Italian courtesT-books. 1869 ;mE. E. text 
soc. Extra ser. 8.) 820 5.1 

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tice des gemnies et joyaux. Strie E. Paris, 
18i>7. D. 73(5 6 

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arabe, et un Resume historicjue des guerres d' 
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38 p. '^•V^l 

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Robert I., king of Scots; with notes and mem- 
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(The Bruce and Wallace, v. 1.) 821 15 

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,S21 16 

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ies,"l83i:3, V. 3.) 020 17 

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alan and English]. (jf)i (it. Br.— Admiralty. 
Black book. 1871-6. v. 3; in Gt. Br.— Master of 
rolls. Chron. and. mem. 55.)— Glossary of Cat- 
alan words in the Consulate of the sea. (In 
same. T. 4.) ^i- ^ 

- -Codigo de las costumbres maritimas de Bar- 
celona, hasta aqui vulgarmente llamado Libro 
del consulado; traducido al castellano, con el 
texto lemosino e conapendices, por Antonio de 
Capmany V de Monpalau. Madrid, 1791. 3 v. 
in 1. sqQ. " 380 13 

— Costumbres de la ciudad sobre las servidum- 
bres de los predios urbanosy rusticos; llamadas 
vulgarmente den Sanctacilia... [ancient Cata- 
lan, modern Catalan, Spanish]. Barcelona, n. 
d. 340 34.1 

— Redres y ordinacions, 30 abril 1703, concer- 
nents al regimen de la taula delscomuus depo- 
sits de dita ciutat, y bancli de aquella, y aixi 
mateix a las obligacions de sos oficials. Barce- 
lona, 170;3. D. 352 5 

— Bofarnll y Mascaro, P. de. Arbol genealogico 
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136x77 'cm. 080 36 

In portfolio 3. 

Los condes de Barcelona vindicados, y 

cronologia v genealogia de los reyes de Espaiia; 
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cm. 080 36 

In portfolio 3. 
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339 4 
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• ^ • S79 1 

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BARD 50 


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S66 4 
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7, pt. 1.)— Studi geologici suUe Alpi Graje set- 
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065 4 
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V. 2, 1877-8, pt. 3.) 065 3 

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839.81 19 

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— Alter scherz puetic da azzuntar a-i su prem. 
Bulogna, 1861. D. 859 11 bound with 9 

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839.71 33 
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Contents : 1. Piefacc— De rebus a se gestis.— Imtco 
tionum libellus— Symliiilum eleotorum.— [Minor writ- 
ings.] — Appendix. -. Preface. — Gemma eoclesiastica. 
3. Preface. — De iuvecLionittiis.— De Menevensi ecclesia 
dialogus.— Vita S. David.— Appendix, i. Speculum eo- 
clesije.— De vita Galfridi archiepiscopi Eboracensis. •'). 
Toposraphica Hibernica — Expugnatio Hibernica. G, 
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mento das terras e mares do oriente]. Nova 
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954 3-3 
9 volumes by Barros, 15 by Couto. The last volume 
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Contents : 1. Australie. '2. Java, Siam, Canton. 3. 
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his Saggi. 1868.) 


P. (In 
854 8 




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D. 925 13 

Contents: Tvenne Ureminnen ofver Carl von Linne.— 
[Poemsil Retormationen ;— Hymn ;— Kattvardsbarnen 
after nattvardsgangen. 

— Schwedische Bearbeitungen und Ueberset- 
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il. pi. map). 274 1 

dontent.':: Bpistola. Prefatio.— Chronicon; sive, De 
sex huius seouli jetatibus.— Historiaj eoolesiasticie libri 
5. Liber de vita etmiraculis S. Cudberoti.— Vita S. C'ud- 
bercti beroico metro descripta.-Yita abbatum Benedicti, 
Ceolfridi, Basteruini, Sigtridi atque Huaetberoti.— Bpi- 
stola ad Ergberotum antistitem.— Delocis Sanctis.— Mar- 
tyrologium, cum auctario Fieri et aliorum.— B. Felicis 
confessoris vita.— Historia eoolesiastica, a rege Aluredo 
Saxonice reddita.— Appendix — A^ta Bedse, cum elogio 
hlstorico a Mabillonio.— Index rerum. 

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see Lennep, J. 

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942 8 

Content ; 1. William 0/ Caiiterbniry.—'i. Benedict of Peter - 
6orO!;<7/i.— Salisbury, Joiiii 0/.— Alan of Tewkesbury.— Grun., 
Edward. 3. Fitzsteplien, WUliain.— Herhei-t 0/ Bosham. 
4. Anonymous lives, Quadrilosus, &c. 5-7. Bpistolffi ad 
historiam Thomse pertinentes. 

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lish translation, edited by E. Mannsson. Lon- 
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1. sqO. 133 14 
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For paraphrases of his Roman de Troie, which ap- 
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(Ijille; Le Fevrc, K, 

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Beowulfj autotypes of the unique Cotton ms. 
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551.58 85 
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cabolario dei dialetti bergamaschi antichi e 
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JIagnetismus.— Botanische Geographie. i. Zoologische 
Geogi-aphie.— Anthropographie.— Ethnographie. 

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A-Paddeln; the rest to come. 
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016 > 

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Vol. 1 is the same in the two editions; vol. 3 is entirely 
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Title-page wanting. 
Bertrand, Jean. Saggio...qual debba essere la 
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dotto dal fraiicese dall' A. G. M. , con annota- 
zioni del S. G. P. Venezia, 1767. S. 338 3 

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The tale of Beryn, with a prologue of the ad- 
venture of the pardoner with a tapster at 
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G. Stone; with English abstract of [the] French 
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For other bestiaries, see FABLES. 
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Contents: Selections from the miscellaneous poems of 
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{In same. v. 3, 1861 J 805 1 

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iltp. 946 59 

— Segunda parte de la coronica general de E- 
spaiia, y especialmente de Aragon, Cathaluiia y 
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iltp. 946 59 

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946 2 
A translation of the first part of his chronicle. 

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from 6 mss. and the old printed copy, with 
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— Ueber Keilinschriften. Berlin, 1883. O. 31 p. 
{In same. Vortrage. 18 Serie.) 043 1 

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von der Berliner Konferenz aufgestellten Re- 
B-eln fiiv diedeutsche Orthographic. Halle, 1876. 
O. 431 4 

^pditor see AS>'0. Ma-re von Sente Annen. 
1S48. S31 58 

Bhasavad-Gitii, see Mahiibli^rata. 
BHASCARA ACHARYA. Brockhaiis, H. tjber 
die AlRebra des Bhaskara. (In Leipsic— K. 
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Bianca Visconti; or. The heart overtasked, see 
AViUis, >. P. 

Biaiu'lii, Bianco. Femine da conio; Inf. 18; 66. 
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— Storia della preposizione a, e de' suoi com- 
T)(isti nella lingua italiana. Firenze, 1877. O. 

455 3 
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— Le nostre intenzioni e le nostre speranze. (In 
CnriositSl di storia subalpina. v. 1, 1874.) — La 
verita suU' arresto e prigionia di Carlo Botta 
verso la fine del secolo 18. (In same. v. 3, 1876.) 
— Santorri di Santa Rosa: memorie e lettere 
inedite. — Scritti e lettere di Carlo Alberto. (In 
same. v. 3, 1879.) 945 43 

The volumes- contain other matter edited by Banchi. 
Bianclii-Giovini, Aurelio. Sulla dominazione 
degli Arabi in Italia. Milano, 1846. O. [3-I-] 
65 p. 945 113 

Biancliini, Domenico, editor. Due leggende 

divote, scritte nel buon secola della lingua, 
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• Contents: La passione de' martiri Quirioo e Giulitta.— 
Leggenda de' santi Savino e Savina. 

Biauchini, Francesco. Carte da giuoco in ser- 
vigio deir istoria e della cronologia. Bologna, 
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Biauchini, Giuseppe, annotator, see Alamanui, 
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Biiirkiia ratten; hwar hoos follia nagra the 
aldsta konunga stadgar; medh register. Stock- 
holm, 1687. F. il. 349 47.1 

Edited by J. Hadorph. 
La Bibbia, canti, see Regaldi, G. 
Bibbiena, Bernardo Dovizi da. Un awentura 
amorosa di Ferdinando d' Aragona. Bologna, 
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850 10 
— La calandria, commedia; Un awentura am- 
orosa di Ferdinando d' Aragona. Milano, 1863. 

5. par. (In Bibl. rara. 14.) 850 8 
Bibboui, Francesco. Morte di Loreuzino de' 
Medici. (In Medici, L. di P. F. de.' Scritti. 
1863; in Bibl. rara. 3.) 850 3 
— Same. (In Guerra di Serrezzana. 1862.)851 79 
Bible— Polyglot. Polyglotten-Bibel zum prak- 
tihclien Handgebrauch; in iibersichtlicher Ne- 
beneinanderstelluBg des Urtextes, der Septu- 
aginta, Vulgata und Luther-Uebersetzung, so 
wie der wichtigsten Varianten der deutschen 
Uebersetzungen; bearbeitet von R. Stier und 
K. G. W. Theile. 3-3 Auflage. Bielefeld, 1854- 

6. 4 V. in 5. O. 220 4 

— Englisli. The Holy Bible, in the earliest 
Englisli versions made from the Latin Vulgate, 
by John Wycliffe and his followers; edited by 
Josiah Forshall and Sir Frederic Madden. Ox- 
ford, 1850. 4v. sqQ. 220 7 

Conteiitu : 1. Genesis— Euth. 2. Kings— Psalms. 8. 
Proverbs— Maccabees. 4. Matthew — Apocalypse. 

The Holy Scriptures, faithfully and truly 

translated by Myles Coverdale, bishop of Ex- 
eter, 1535. London, reprinted for Samuel 
Bagster, 1838. sqQ. por. 220 8 

The Holy Bible, newly translated out of 

the original tongues, and with former transla- 
tions diligently compared and revised. London, 
1611. F. il. 220 9 

The second of the two standard editions of the version 
of 161 1 ; called the "she Bible" from the reading In Euth, 
3; 15. The title-page of the Old Testament is wanting. 

The Holy Bible. Philadelphia, 1830. Q. 

220 9.1 
Containing Mr. Marsh's family record. 

A compendious olde treatyse, shewynge 

howe that we ought to have the Scripture in 
Englysche, written about 1450. (In Arber, E. 
English reprints. 28.) 820 9 

Davies, T. L. 0. Bible English; chapters 

on old and disused expressions in the author- 
ized version and the book of common prayer. 
London, 1875. D. 427 15 

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word-book; a glossary of Old English Bible 
words. London, 1866. S. 423 2 

Marsh, G. P. The English Bible. (In Ms 

Lectures. 1860.) 080 30 




— — — The proposed resrision of the English 
Bible. {In NaHom, t. 11, 1870, p. 238-9, 261-3, 
281-2.) 080 33 

Schaffi, P., editor. Anglo-American Bible 

revision; by members of the American revision 
committee. London, 1879. D. 220 5 

Storrs, E. S., jr. John Wycliffe and the 

first English Bible ; an oration. New York, 
1880. O. 85 p. 220 6 

. — Catalan. Genesi de scriptura, Compendi 
historial de laBibliaj que trellada del provencjal 
a la Uengua catalana Guilleni Serra, 1451. 
Barcelona, 1873. D. facsim. (lu Biblioteca 
catalana. 3.) 869 4 

— Danish. Biblia paa Danske; effter Christian 
den mi. Belalning. Kiobinghaffn, 1607. D. 

220 14 

^Molbecli, C. Bidrag til en Historie og 

Sprogskildringaf de danske Bibeloversaettelser 
fra det 16 Aarhundrede, sterdeles Christian 
den Tredies Bibelaf 1550. Ki0benhavn [,1840]. 
sq.O. 220 13 

—Dutch. Den gheheelen Bybel, inhoudende 
het oude ende nieuwe Testament; in duytsche 
van nyevs^s overghestelt wt den Latijnschen 
ouden text. Loeuen, 1548. Q. il. 220 11 

—FRENCH, Striimjjell, G.Die ersten Bibeliiber- 
setzungen der Franzosen im 12-14 Jahrhun- 
dert, mit Proben... Braunschweig, 1872. O. 
8+56 p. 016 12 houndwith 010 3 

— CrEORGIAN. Nast. J. Nachricht von einer 
hochst seltenen georgischen Bibel. (/mStrobel, 
(J. T. Miscellaneen, 1778-81, v. 4.) 830 10 

—Gothic, see Ulfllas. 

— Icelandic. Biblia; lit gefin ad tilhlutun hins 
islenzka bibliufelags. Eeykjavik, 1859. sqQ. 

839.68 2 
— Italian. La Bibbia volgare, secondo la rara 
edizione del 1 di ottobre 1471, ristampata per 
cura di Carlo Negroni. Bologna, 1883-7. 10 v. 
O. {In Emilia. Collezione. 56-65.) 850 6 

With Latin at bottom of page. 

La Sacra Bibbia, secondo la Volgata; tra- 

dotta, con annotazioni, da Antonio Martini. 
Milano, 1845-8. 2 v. O. 220 16 

La Saci-a Bibbia; ... tradotti da Giovanni 

Diodati; con riferenze. Firenze, 1868. O. 220 15 
— Latin. Reueredissimi f ratris Jacobi de voragi- 
ne sanctoritm ao festorwm per totu anii Liber 
icipit. Venetijs, 1483. O. 246 leaves. 093 4 

Better known as the Legenda aurea. It contains a 
translation of the greater portion of the Pentateuch and 

— Mpong'we. The books of Genesis, part of 
Exodus, Proverbs and Acts, translated into the 
Mpongwe language, at the mission of the A. B. 
C. F. M. , Gaboon, West Africa. New York, 
1859. S. 220 17 

— Saxon. Biblia; dat ys, De gantze Hillige 
Schrilft; vordtidtschet dorch Marti. Luth. 
Magdeborch, 1545. F. ih 220 10 

The binder's title is "Niedersiichisohe Bibel nach Lu- 
ther's Uebersetzung." 

—Swedish. Bibelen; eller, Den Heliga Skrift; 
tryckt pa Brittiska och utliindska bibel-sallska- 
pets bekostnad. Stockholm, 1855. O. 220 12 
Klemmmg, G. E., editor. Svenska medel- 

tidens bibel-arbeten. Stockholm, 1848-53. 2 v. 
O. {In Svenska foru.-sal. Samliugar, v. 6-7.) 

839.7 3 
—Paraphrase. Les oeuvres poetiques de G. de 
Saluste du Bartas. [Geneva,] 1593-1601. S.v T 
«^- 841 16 

English: His divine weekes and other 

workes; translated by J. Sylvester. London 
1611. sqD. 841 17 

A paraphrase upon the divine poems by 

George Sandys. London, 1676. D. music. 223 1 

Contents : Job.— Psalms.— Eoclesiastes.— Song of Sol- 
omon. —Lamentations of .Jeremiah —Songs collected out 
of the Old and New Testaments. 

Ryriibybel, van J. van Maerlant; uitgege- 

ven door J. David. Brussel, 1858-9. 3 v. Q. 
facsim. iltp. 839.31 16 

—BIBLIOGRAPHY. Stevens, H. The Bibles 
in the Caxton exhibition, 1877; or, A bibli- 
ographical description of nearly 100 repre- 
sentative Bibles, 1450-1877. Special edition, 
with additions. London, 1878. O. 016 11 
—CONCORDANCE. Brown, J, A brief concord- 
ance to the Holy Scriptures. {In Bible — Eng- 
lish. 1850.) 220 9 1 
— — Crnden, A. A complete concordance to 
the Holy Scriptures. New York, 1857. O. 
por. 220 1 
^ — Eadie, J. A new and complete concordance 
to the Holy Scriptures. London, 1850. O. 220 2 
—DICTIONARIES. Smith, W., editor. A dic- 
tionary of the Bible; comprising its antiquities, 
biography, geography and natural history. 
Boston, 1860-3. 3 v. O. il. facsim, map. 220 3 

—DISCUSSIONS. Arnold M. Literature & dog- 
ma; an essay towards a better apprehension of 
the Bible. London, 1873. D. 230 1 

Cheyne, T. K. The maintenance of the 

study of the Bible. {In Essays on endowment 
of research. 1876.) 378 3 

— —AiSadKoKla iirl SiSaaKohlav. KdrivQin, 1853. 
D. 220 30 

Goulburn, E. M. An introduction to the 

devotional study of the Holy Scriptures. Lou- 
don, 1864. D. 220 18.1 
Jowett, B. On the interpretation of Scrip- 
ture. {In Essays and reviews. 1862.) 204 1 

Lncilla; osaia, La lettura della Bibbia. 

Torino, 1861. D. 220 19 

Tlieodoms, bishop of Mopsuestia . Scripta. 

{In Synesiiis. Opera. 1859.) 208 13 

Tyndale, W. A pathway into the Holy 

Scriptures. (Jw Tyndale <fc Frith. Works, 1831, 
V. 2.) 208 10 

—GEOGRAPHY. Unruh, G. Der Zug der Isra- 
eliten aus Agypten nach Canaan; ein Beitrag 
zur biblischen Lander- undVolkerkunde. Lang- 
ensalza, 1860. O. 7nap. 220 21 bound ivith 200 1 
— HISTORY. Biblia pauperum; facsimile, with 
historical and bibliographical introduction by 
J. P. Berjeau. London, 1859. sqF.^* il. 761 1 

Genesi de scriptura, compendi historial de 

la Biblia; trellada delprovenyalala llengua ca- 
talana G. Serra, en 1451. Barcelona, 1873. D. 
facsim. {In Bibl. catalana. 2.) 869 4 


BIBLE— 0. T. 66 

— OLD r^Sr^ilfjEiVr-Anglo-Saxon.Heptateu- 
chuB, liber Job, evangelium Nicodemi, Anglo- 
Saxonice; Historias Judith fragmentum Dano- 
Saxonice; edidit njinc primum Edwai-dus 
Thwaites. Oxoniai, 1698. O. il. pi. 221 3 

Pentateuch, losua, Buch der Richter 

und Hiob [translated by ^Ifrio]. (In CJrein, C. 
W. M. Bibl. der angels'achsischen Prosa, 1872, 
V. 1.) ^^^ ^^ 

— —Danish. Den aeldste danske Bibel-Over- 
.siBttelse; eller, Det gamle Testamentes otte 
f orste B0ger fordanskede efter Vulgata; f^rste 
Oang udgivne, med Anma!rkninger og et dansk- 
latinsk Glossarium, af Christian Molbech. Ki0- 
benhavn, IS'38. O. 221 3 

_ —Greek. ... Vetus Testamentum ex versions 
septuagintainterpretum; secundum exemplar 
Vaticanum editum, praemissit David Millius. 
Amstelodami, 172.5. 3 v. S. 221 1 

Hawks, F. L. The monuments of Egypt; 

or, Egypt a witness forthe Bible. 3 edition, en- 
larged. New York, 1850. O. il. pi. iltp. map. 
^ 932 3 

Isidorus, St. Commentaria. (In his Opera. 

1617.) 208 3 
Osbiirii, Vi.,jr. Ancient Egypt; her testi- 
mony to the truth of the Bible. London, 1846. 
O. il.pil. iltp. 932 5 

The restoration of paths to dwell in; 

essays on re-editing the Old Testament, by Ben- 
jamin Street, (/ft Church quart, review, v. 1, 
187.5. p. 187-196.) 282 49 


Pentateuch. Diu Buochir Mosis. (In Mass- 

mann, H. F. Deutsche Gedichte. 1837.) 831 12 

Tyndale, W. Prologues to the five books 

of Moses. {In Tyndale & Frith. Works, 1831, 
V. 1.) 208 10 

. —Bl'TH. Fullei-, T. A comment on Ruth. 

London, 1654. S. 

240 10 

Kings. Les quatre livres des rois; traduits 

■en fran9ais du 12e siecle, suivis d'un fragment 
de moralites sur Job, et d'un choix de sermons 
de Saint Bernard; publies par Le Roux de 
Lincy. Paris, 1841. sqQ. facsim. (Col. de 
doc. ined. surl'hist. de France.) 222 3 

Die vier Biicher der Konige, in nieder- 

sachsicher Bearbeitung; herausgegeben von 
Merzdorf. Oldenburg, 1857. O. 222 1 

Job. Le livre de Job, traduit de I'hebreu, 

avec une etude sur I'age et le caractere du 
poeme; par Ernest Henan. 3 edition. Paris, 
1883. O. 223 2 

Specimen of a revision of the English 

Scriptures; bv Thomas J. Conant. New York, 
1855. sqQ. "[33] p. 223 3 boimd mi/i 016 6 

T?sa\ms— Anglo Saxon. Anglo-Saxon and 

early English psalter. London[, 1843-7]. 3 v. 
O. (In Siirtees soc. 16, 19.) 820 7 

. Same. 223 6 

Bad wine's Canterbury psalter; edited 

with introduction and notes, bv Fred Harsley. 
London, 1 89. pt. 3. O. (In E. E. text soc. 
Orig. ser. 93.) 820 5 

Vespasian psalter. (In Sweet, H. 

Oldest English texts. 1885; in same. 83.) 820 5 

BIBLE— 0. T. 

Danish. Overssettelse af Davids Psalter. 

(In Pedersen, C. Danske Skrifter, 1850-6, v. 4.) 

839.88 4 

Dutch. Berigt wegens de oudste verta- 

ling der psalmen in het Nederlandsch, met den 
19 psalm als proeve, door J. H. Halbertsma. 
No. 1. [Deventer, 1837.] S. [4-f]48 p. 223 4 

English. The earliest complete English 

prose psalter, together with eleven canticles 
and a translation of the Athanasian creed; 
edited with preface, introduction, notes and 
glossary, by Karl D. Biilbring. London, 1891. 
pt. 1. O. (In'E. E. text soc. Orig. ser. 97.) 820 5 

Pt. 1, preface and text. 
A paraphrase on the seven peniten- 
tial psalms, in English verse by T. Brampton, 
14]4; with a legendary psalter of Saint Bernard, 
in Latin and English verse; with notes by W. 
H. Black. London, 1842. D. 14 [-l-l]+70 p. 
(Ill Percy soc. v. 7.) 820 6 

The psalms of David translated into 

lyrick-verse by George Wither. [Manchester,] 
1881. 2 pt. in 1 V. sqO. (In Spenser soc. Pub. 
31-3.) 821 3 
Thirteen psalms, and the first chap- 
ter of Ecclesiastes, translated into English 
verse by John Croke. London, 1844. I). 164- 
79 p. (In Percy soc. v. 11.) 820 6 

Translations of some psalms. (In 

Frere, J. H. Works, 1873, v. 3.) 821 58 

French. Libri psalmoi-um versio anti- 

qua Gallica, cum ver,sionemetrica aliisque mon- 
umentis pervetustis; nunc primum descripsit 
et edidit Franciscus Michel. Oxonii, 1860. O. 
facsim,. 223 5 

Friesic. Hymmelsch harp-luwd; dat is 

tosizzen, ijtlijcke fen Davids Psalmen. (In 
Japicx, G. Friesche rijmlerye. 1821.) 839.2 6 

German. Altniederdeutsche Interlinear- 
version der Psalmen. — Bruchstiicke eines 
Psalmen-Commentars. (In Heyne, M. Kleinere 
altn. Denkmaler. 1867.) 839.1 7 

Notkeri psalterium Davidicum e 

Latino in Theotiscam veterem linguam versum. 
(In Schilter, J. Thesaurus, 1737-8, v. 1. , 830 9 

Italian.! salmi di David recati in rime 

toscane da Giovanni Diodati. 1 edizione mila- 
nese. Milano, 1864. S. (In Bibl. rara. 37.) 

850 3 

1 sette salmi penitenziali trasportati 

alia volgar poesia; con annotazioni dall' abate 
F. S. Quadrio. (In Dante Aliffhieri. Opere. 
1757-8, V. 4, pt. 3.) 851 33 

■Latin. Psalmi poenitentiales 7. (/n Pe- 
" " """' ' " 851 95 

trarca, F. Opera, 1581, v. 1.) 

Wither, G. Exercises upon the first 

psalme, both in prose and verse. [Manchester,] 
1883. sqO. (In Spenser soc. Pub. 34.) 821 3 

A preparation to the Psalter, 1619. 

[Manchester,] 1884. F. (In same. 37.) 821 3 

Song of Solomon. II libro delle lamentazi- 

oni di Jeremia, e il Cantico de' cantici di Salo- 
mone; volgarizzamenti del sec. 14. Bologna 
1863. D. 50[-h3]p. (/wSceltadicuriosita. 32.) 

850 10 
Willerami in Canticum canticorum pa- 




raphrasls gemina [Latin and old German]. {In 
Schilter, J. Thesaurus, 1727-8, v. 1.) 830 9 

Isidorus, St. Expositio in Canticum 

canticorum Salomonis. (In his Opera. 1617.) 

208 3 

ISAIAH. Verney, Lady. Practical thoughts 

on the first forty chapters of Isaiah. London, 
1858. D. 22i 1 

Jeremiah. II libro delle lamentazioni di 

Jeremia, e il Cantico de' cantici di Salomone; 
volgarizzamenti del sec. 14. Bologna, 1863. D. 
50[+ 3]p. (/n Scelta di curiosita. 33. ) 850 10 
Jonah. The prophete Jonas, with an in- 
troduction before teachinge to understonde 
him, and the right use also of the Scripture, 
etc., by W. Tyndale; reproduced in fac-simile; 
added, Coverdale's version of Jonah; with an 
introduction by F. Fry. London, 1863. D. 16 
[-(-56]p. il. 22i 3 

Tyndale, W. Prologue to the prophet 

Jonas. [Ill Tyndale * Frith, Works, 1831, 
V. 1.) 208 10 

—NEW TESTAMENT— Qreek {ancient and 
modem.) 'H N^a ALad-qKr), /xeraippaa-deTa-a eh rrjv 
aTrXiJp TUK toc 'EW-^vwy didXcKrip, dSelt/. ttjs 'AfaroX- 
iKTJs eKK\ri(Tlas, Kal i^eS66rj wapaKeifi^mv Kal toO 
'EXXriviKoS. Ev AbvSpa, (fWK-/) [1838]. O. 225 1 

... Novum Testamentum Greece. Glas- 

guee, 1839. T. 225 3 

The original Greek text after Scholz. 

(In Bible— iV. T.— English. The English hexapla. 
1841.) 225 3 

...Novum Testamentum Gra3ce ex 

antiquissimo codioe Alexandrine a C. G. Woide 
olim descriptum, denuo accuratius edidit B. H. 
Cowper. Londini, 1860. O. 225 4 

— Novum Testamentum Sinaiticum ; cum 

Epistula Barnabae et fragmentis Pastoris; ac- 
curate descripsit Aenotheus Fridericus Con- 
stantinus Tischendorf. Lipsiae, 1863. sqF. 
facsim. 225 5 

...The Greek Testament, with the 

readings adopted by the revisers of the author- 
ized version [, edited by E. Palmer]. Oxford, 
1881. S. 225 8 

Scrivener, F. H. A. A full collation of 

the codex Sinaiticus with the received text of 
the New Testament; prefixed, a critical intro- 
duction. Cambridge[, Eng.], 1864. D. facsim. 

225 6 

Tischendorf, L. F. C. Ton. Sooperto del 

manoscritto sinaitico. {In Ids Gli evangeli. 
1868.) 225 7 

Armenian. [The New Testament in Ar- 

meno-Turkish. 3 edition. Constantinople,] 
1856. Q. . 225 26 

Presentation copy from W. Goodell, with (olIowinR 
note: "Tliis was to have been bound up with the Old 
Testament, wliioh is now in press; but the demand for 
the work is so great that the whole edition is thrown 
into the market in its present form." 

Creole. Die Nywe Testament; ka set over 

in die Creols tael en ka giev na die ligt tot 
dienst van die Deen mission in America. 2 edi- 
tion. Copenhagen, 1818. D. 225 38 

Danish. Oversasttlse af det Nye Testa- 

mente. {In Pedersen, C. Danske Skrifter, 1850- 
6, V. 8.) 839.88 4 

Dutch. Dat nyeuwe Testament. Levden, 

1543. S. rubricated. 225 19 

Appended are Epistelen wt den ouden testamente 
The fly leaves are of parchment, three of them written 
on. The covers are lined with a still older ms. 

English. The English hexapla. London, 

1841. sqF. 225 3 

Contents: Historical account of the English versions of 
the Scriptures; with biographical notices of translators 
—Collation of the Greek text of Scholz with that of 
Griesbach.— Greek text after Scholz.— Wiolif, 1380.— 
Tyndale, 1534,— Cranmer, 1539,— Genevan, 1557.— Anglo- 
Rhemish, 1582.— Authorised, 161'. 

The New Testament, by William Tyn- 
dale; the original edition, 1. '326; with memoir; 
annexed, variations as marginal readings; by J. 
P. Dabney. Andover, 1837. D, por. 225 9 

The New Testament; a fac-simile re- 
print of the Genevan Testament, 1557; with 
the references, wood cuts, prefaces and index. 
London[, 1843]. D. 225 10 
The text of the New Testament, trans- 
lated out of the vulgar Latine by the papists of 
tlie traiterous seminarie at Eliemes; added, the 
translation used in the Church of England; by 
W. Fulke. London, 1617. F. 225 11 

The New Testament; translated with 

chronological arrangement, and improved di- 
visions of chapters and verses; by Leicester 
Ambrose Sawyer. Boston, 1858. D. 225 14 

The New Testament; tlie authorised 

version, with introduction, and various read- 
ings from the three most celebrated mss, of the 
Greek text [Alexandi-ian, Sinaitic and Vati- 
can]; by Coustantine Tischendorf. Leipzig, 
1869. S. facsim. (Tauchnitz edition, 1000.) 

225 15 
The New Testament. [Paragraph edi- 
tion.] New York [185-?]. O. 225 13 

The New Testament; the version set 

forth 1611, revised 1881. Cambridge [,Eng.], 
1881. O. 225 16 

The New Testament; the authorized 

version and the new revised version, in parallel 
columns. Philadelphia, 1881. D. 225 17 

Finnish. Uusi Testamenti; Englandin ja 

ulko-maiselda Biblia-Seuralda Londnniska 
toimitettu. Porwossa, 1850. O. 225 35 
French. Le Nouveau Testament. New- 
York, Soo. bibl. amer. et Atran., 1848. D. 225 20 

— — (Jerman. Protestanten-Bibel Neuen Testa- 
mentes ; unter Mit wirkung herausgegehen von 
Paul Wilh. Schmidt und Franz v. Holtzen- 
dorflf. Leipzig, 1873. O. 225 18 

A revision of Luther's translation, with notes and 
references, containing a general introduction as well as 
special introductions to the different books, embodying 
the results of modern German scholarship. 

Italian. II Nuovo Testamento. Roma, 

[187-?]. sqTt. 225 31 

NegTo-Engiish. Da Njoe Testitment; 

translated into the Negro-English language 
by the missionaries of the United brethren; 
printed by the British and foreign Bible soci- 
ety. London, 1839. O. 225 37 

Eomansh. If [so] Nouf Testament; tradiit 

in rumansch d'Engadina Bassa. Paris, 1836. 
S. 225 33 
Spanish. EI Nuevo Testamento; traducida 



al espanol de lavnlgata latina por Phelipe Scio 
de S.Miguel. Paris, 1822. O. 2-2o 23 

Waldensian. II Nuoto Testamento yal- 

dese. secondo la lezione del codice di Zurigo; 
edito da C. Salvioni. (In AtcMtIo glot. ital. y 
11, 1890.) **>« 11 

Griizmacher,— . Die waldensische Bibel. 

(In Jahrbuch rom. u. eng. Lit. t. 4. 1863.) 805 1 

Welsh. Testament Newydd. Caer Grawnt, 

1846. D. --5 24 

Gfospels. Codex aureus; siye, Quatuor 

evangelia ante Hieronynnun La tine translata; 
e codice inter quintum et septimum saeculum 
scripto; edidit Joannes Beisheim. Christianiae, 
1878. Q. facsim. '-26 2 

John Wvcliife: The Gospel of John. 

an JIatzner, E. A. F. Alteng. Sprachproben. v. 
1, pt. 2, 1869.) 820 8 

Containine Madden's first text, preceded by one re- 
garded as still earlier. 

The Lindisfarne and Rushworth Gos- 
pels [Latin and Anglo -Saxon] . Durham [,1854- 
651. 4 T. O. faosim. (In Surtees soc. 28, 
39 43. 48.) 820 7 

- Same. 226 8.1 

Ottfridi Wissenburgensis volumen evan- 

gelium, latinitate donatum, cum notis, a J. G. 
Scherzio. (7. pi. (In Scliilter, J. Thesaurus, 1727- 
8. T. 1.) 830 9 

Old German and Latin. 

L sant evangeli secound San Luca e 

San Giouan. Londra. 1838. O. 226 6 

French and Piedmontese. 

Tatiani harmonise evangelicas antiquis- 

sima versio Theotisca [with Latin translation] , 
&c.: J. P. Palthenius edidit. Gryphiswaldia;, 
1706. sqO. 2-26 1 

Tischendorf, L, F. C. von. Gli evangeli 

quando furouo scritti ? — Scoperta del mano- 

scritto sinaitico. Firenze, 1868. D. 85-l-r2] p. 

225 7 bound with 223 4 

Tergilio, P. In Domiuicam precem 

commentariolum. (In his De rerum inTentori- 
bus. 1574.) 608 1 

Matthew. [Christ's sermon on the mount, 

in Chinese.] n._p.[, before 1837]. D. 895 2 

Het evangelie van 5Iattheus; Tertaald 

in het Land-Friesch, door J. H. Halbertsma. 
Louden, 1858. O. 226 5 

The gospel according to Matthew, and 

part of the first chapter of Mark: translated, 
with notes, by Sir John Cheke; also 7 letters 
of Cheke; introductory account by James 
Goodwin. London, 1843. O. 226 3 

The gospel according to Saint Matthew, 

in Anglo-Saxon and Northumbrian versions, 
synopticaUy arranged, with collations of the 
best mss. ; edited [by J. M. Kemble and Charles 
Hardwick]. Cambridge [,Eng.], 1858. sqQ. 

226 4 

Tyndale, TV. An exposition upon the 5-7 

chapters of Matthew. (In Tyndale <& Frith. 
Works. 1831, V. 2.) 208 10 

Mark. Evangelium Marci [Latin and 

Anglo-Saxon]. (In Boiiterwek, K. W. Screa- 
dunga. 1858.) 829 9 

Luke. [Gospel of Luke in Chinese. Amoy? 

1836?] 895 1 


Epistles. La epistola di San Jacopo, e i 

capitoli 3 e 4 del Vangelo di San Giovanni; 
volgarizzamenti inediti, a cura di Giuseppe 
Turrini. Bologna, 1863. D. 44 -I- [4] p. (In 
Scelti di curiosita. 30.) 850 10 

Tyndale, W. An exposition upon the 

1st epistle of St. John. (In Tyndale & Frith. 
Works, 1831, V. 2.) 208 10 
Kevelation. A paraphrase upon the Rev- 
elation. (Ini&\Ai&%\., of England. Workes. 
1616.) 320 8 
Followed by A fruitful! meditation. 

Mttnter, F. C. C. H. De occulto urbis 

Romae nomine, ad locum Apocalypseos 17; 5. 
(In his Antiq. Abhandlungen. 1816.) 913 2.1 

Trench, E, C. Commentary on the 

epistles to the seven churches in Asia, Revela- 
tion 2, 3. New York, 1861. D. 228 1 

Ziinpel, K. F. ...Le miUenaire... Franc- 

fort-sur-Main, 1866. O. 228 2 hound icith 200 1 
— Apocrypha. Libri apocryphi Teteris Testa- 
men ti Graece; recensuit et cum commentario 
critico edidit Otto Fridolinus Fritzsche; acce- 
dunt libri Veteris Testamenti pseudepigraphi 
selecti. Lipsias, 1871. O. 220 4 

Contents: Libri apocryphi. — Llbrl pseudepigraphi: 
^aA/ioi SoAo/xwcToy; — Liber Esdrae 4 5; — Apocalypsis. 
Baruchi;— Assumptionls Moyseos fragmenta. 

Hochst wichtige Gechichte vom [so] dem 

Leben Jesu Christi, welches Nicodemus be- 
schriebenhat; von O.L.B. Wolff. Leipzig, n. d. 
D. 93 p. il. (In Volksbucher. 48.) 833 22 

Joachim und Anna; das sind die Geschich- 

ten von der Geburt Maria sowie von Joseph und 
von der Kindheit unseres Herrn; aus dem Ara- 
bischen neu verdeuscht [so] von O. L. B. 
Wolff. Leipzig, n. d. D. 90 p. il. (In same. 
47.) 833 33 

II passio o vangelo di Nicodemo, volga- 

rizzato nel buon seoolo della lingua. Bologna, 
1862. D. 8-1-52 p. (J?i Sceltadi curiosita. 13.) 

850 10 
Called also Acta Filati. 

II Tobia, parafrasi in lingua milanese [by 

A. Garioni]. (In Collezione milanese, 1816-7, 
V. 10.) 859 15 

The Bible in Spain, see Borrow, G. 

Biblia pauperum; facsimile, with historical 
and bibligraphical introduction by J. Ph. Ber- 
jeau. London, 1859. sqF.= il. 761 1 

II biblioftlo; giornale dell" arte anticainistampe 
e scritture e ne' lore accessorii e ornati, colla 
relativa giurispi-udenza; diretto da Carlo Lozzi. 
[Monthly.] Firenze, 1880. v. 1. Q. 010 6 

Title-page wanting. 
BibliograHa d'ltalia; compilata sui document! 
communicati dal ministero dell' istnizione 
pubblica. [Half-monthly.] Firenze, 1868-71. 
T. 1-5. Q. 015 6.3 

With v. 4. 1870, the title changes to Blbliografla italiana, 
giornale deir Associazione libraria italiana. 

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Brunet, J. C. Manuel du 
libraire. 4 edition. Bruxelles, 1838-9. 4 v. O. 

Oil 1 
Same. 5 edition. Paris, 1860-5. 6 v. O. il. 

Oil 2 

Same: Supplement; par P. Deschamps et 

G. Brunet. Paris, 1879-80. 3v. inl. O. 0113 




— — Same: [Supplement:] Diotionnaire de ge- 
ogi-aphie ancienne et moderne; par [P. Des- 
champs]. Paris, 1870. O. Oil 3 

— — Same: [Complement :]Bibliographie metho- 
dique et i-aisonnee des beaux arts; par E.Vinet. 
Paris, 1874. O. Oil 3 

Never completed. 
^Gar, T. Letture di blbliologia. Napoll, 1865. 
Torino. 1868. O. tab. 010 2 

— Gfregoire, H. Rapports sur la bibliographie... 
Caen, 1867. O. 010 3 

— Madden, J. P. A. Lettres d'un bibliographe. 
1-3 serie. Versailles, 1868-74. 3 v. Q. 010 4 

For contents see Madden. 
^N. T. {state) — Library. Catalogue of the books 
on bibliography. Albany, 1858. O. 

016 1 bound with 010 3 
— Pelffnot, E. G. Essai de ouriosites bibliogra- 
phiques. Paris, XIII— 1804. O. 016 3 

— — Varietes, notices et raretes bibliographi- 
ques; suite aux Curiosites bibliographiques. 
Paris, 1822. O. 016 3 
— EouTeyre, E. Connaissances necessaires a un 
bibliophile. 3 edition augmentee. Paris, 1879- 
80. 3v. O. pi. il. 010 5 
— Siihm, P. F. Forn0dent Bibliothek. {In his 
Skrifter, 1788-98, v. 7.) 839.88 5 

See also his extensive notices of neve books in various 
languages in v. 7, 10, 11. 

— Yienna — Hofbibliothek. Verzeichniss der 
unter Glas ausgelegten Sohaustiicke, Wien, 
1847. 20 [+ l]p. 016 4 bound ivith 013 1 

mCLIF, J. 

Le bibliomane, see Nodier, J. C. E. 
Biblioteca oatalana: sots direccio den Marian 
Aguilo y Fuster. Barcelona[, 1871-88?J. 13 v. 
D. facsim. 869 3-8.1 

Contents: 1. Libre dels teyts del en Jaciiie lo conque- 
ridor. 2. Genesl de scriptura. 8. Boades, B. Libre dels 
feyts darmes de Catalunya. 4-7. Martorell, J. Libre del 
Tirant lo blanch. 10. Boethius, A. M. T. S. Libre de 
oonsolacio de philosophla. 8-9. Lnlio, R. Libre appelat 
Felix de les marauelles del mon. 11-12. Recull de exim- 
plis e miracles. 

Tonrloulon, C. de. Biblioteca catalana. {In 

Eevue des langues romanes. v. 3, 1873.) 479 5 
Biblioteca rara; pubblicata da G. Daelli. 
Milano, 1863-6. 65 v. in 36. S. il. por. pi. 
facsim. 850 3 

Contents: 1. Piccolomini, A. La Raffaelle; ovvero, Delia 
bella creanza delle donne. 2. Medici, L. de'. Scritti e 
documenti. S. Averani, G. Del vltto degU antichl. 4. 
Onosander. Dell' arte della guerra. 5. Giovio, P. Eagio- 
namento sopra imprese. 6. Teoli, C.,editoi: Mescolanze 
d'amore. 7. Diedo, G. La battaglia de Lepanto. S. 
Cecclii, G. M. L'assiuolo, commedia, e proverbj. 9. Sas- 
setU. F. Vita di F. Ferrucci. 10. Dolce, L. L'Aretino. 
11. More, T. L'Utopia; La citta del sole di T. Campa- 
nella; La storia del Reame degli Orsi di G. Gozzi. 12. 
Caro, A. Gli straccioni, commedia, etc. 13. Doiii, A. F. 
Tutte le novelle, etc. 11. Bibbiena, B. D. da. La calan- 
dria, commedia; Un avventura amorosa. 15. CompaKiii, 
D. L'intelllgenza, poema. 10. Colombo, C. Lettere auto- 
grafe. 17. Erasmus, D. Elogia della pazzia. 1*<. Bruno, 
e. II candelaio, commedia. 19. Bocoiilini, T. Pietra dei 

paragone politico. 20. I^ongns. Gli amoridi Dafni e Cloe. 
31 . Petronius Arbiter, C. Satire. 22. Xenophon of Exthesus. 
Degli amori di Abrocome ed Anzia. 211. Luigini, F. II 
libro della bella donna, 21, Appuleins, L. L'asinod' ore. 
25. Seneca, L. A. Dell' ira. 26. Bruno, (i. ypaccio de la 
bestia trionfante. 27. Bellini, L. La Bucchercide. 2S. 
Piccolomini, A. L'Alessandro, commedia. 29. Aragona, 
T. d'. Delia infinitu di amore. 30. Betussi, G. II Raverta. 
31-8. BentivosUo, G. Memorie; .58 lettere, 3 v. 34. Mac- 
cheronoe de cinque poeti italiani del secolo 1.5. 35. Bruno, 
G. La cabala del cavallopegaseo; L'asiuo cillenico. 36. 
Same. La cena de le ceneri. 37. Bible. I salmi di David 
recati in rime toscane da G. Diodati. 38. Pius II., pope. 
Storia di due amanti. 39. La Boelie, E. de. 11 contr' uno. 
40. Pico della Mirandola, G. F. La Strega. 41-3. Dante 
Alighieri. La divina commedia. secondo r'arlo Witte. 
44-6. Berni, P. Oj^ere. 2 v. 46. Trissino, G. G. La Sofo- 
nisba. I Simillimi; I Lucidi di A. Firenzuola. 47. De 
tribus impostoribus, 1598. 48. 0|ipinnuK. Della pesoa e 
della uacoia. 49. Trissino, G. G. II Castellano: ed II 
Cesano di C. Tolomei. 50. GigU, G. II gazzetiuo. 51. Are- 
tino, P. II primo libro delle lettere. 52-3. Giraldi Ointio, 
G. B. [Scritti estetioi] . 2 v. 54. Ristoro of Arezzo. Della 
composlzione del mondo. 55. Plautus, T. M. Anfltrione, 
56. Aristoteles. Trattato de' governl. 57. Bruno, G. Gli 
eroioi furori. 58. Cronaca d'Orvieto, 1343-63. 59. Chi- 
na//.!, D. Cronaca della guerra di Chioggia. 60. Alionc, 
G. G. Commedia e farse carnovalpsche. 61. Same. Poesie 
franchese; la Maccheronea. 62. Testi, F. 11 conte Testi 
alia oorte di Torino, 1628 e 1635. 63. Dati, F. di S. La 
sfera; La nuova sfera di Tolosani; L'America de Gualte- 
rotti. 64. Malatesti, A. La sfinge, Brindisi de' Ciclopi, e 
La 'Tina. 65. Foglietta, U. La republica di Geneva. 

The volumes have various editors; v. 1-3) are mostly 
by Carlo T6oli. 

Bibliotlieque des memoires relatifs a I'histoire 
de France, see Barriere & Lescure. 
Bibliotlieque des merveilles, sec Charton, E. J. 
Bibliotlieqne elzevirienne; publiee par P. Jan- 
net, P. Daffiset autres. Paris, 1853-70. 31 v. 
S. 840 1-16 

■ A portion of the set, nanfiely: Caquets de raccouch6e; 
parE. Fournier. 1855.— Chartier, .1. Chronique de Charles 
VII; par Vallet de Virivllle. 1858. 3 v.— Daffls, P. Cata- 
logue raisonn6 de la Bibliotheque elzevirienne. 1870. — 
Evangiles des quenouilles [;by P. Jannet]. i855.— Four- 
nier, E., ecii^or. Varifitfis historiques et littfiraires. 1855- 
63. 10 v.— Girartz tZf SossUlw. Chanson de geste; par F. 
Michel. 1856.— .leliiin d' Arras. Melusine; par C. Brunet. 
1854.— Jelian *' Ildide Seille. Li romans de Dolopatlios; 
par C. Brunet et A. de Montaiglon. 1856.— La Rochefou- 
cauld, F. de. Reflexions; par G. Duplessis. 1853.— La Tour 
Landry, G. de. Le livre pour ses fllles; par A. de Mon- 
taiglon. 1854. — Iiaudonni6re, R. G. L' histoire de la Flo- 
ride; par M. Basanier. 1856.- Miege, G. La relation de 
trois ambassades de Carlisle; par A. Galltzin. 1857.— 
Moland, L. E. D., & H6ricault, C. d', editors. Nouvelles 
fran96ises du ]3e siecle. 1856 — Montaiglon. A. la C. de. 
Recueil de po6sies fran^oises des 15-16 siecles. 1855-8, 
V. 1. 2, 6-8. — Somaize, A. B. de. Le diotionnaire des 
pr6cieuses; par C. L. Livet. 1856. 2 v. 
Bibliotlieque universelle et revue suisse, see 
Areliives des sciences physiques. 505 6 

Bi/3Xoc Trj'i KOvyK^cTTas Trjs 'Pufmvlas Kal toI Mopaias. 
{In Bnchon, J. A. C. Recherches sur la Moree, 
1845, V. 3.) 949 38 

BiccUerai, Jacopo, editor, see Faie, G. A. di. 
Cronaca. {In Society, liffure. Atti. v. 10, 1874.) 

945 48 
Bicchierai, Zanobi, editor, see Ariel, C. Poesie 
scelte. 1874. 851 8 

Biceps, pseudonym. Talk and travel; or, T'wo 
strings to your bow. 3 edition. London, 
[1873]. D. 420 3 

Contents: Talk: British anthropology.- Travel: Notes 
in northern Africa. 
Bidpai, see Hitopadesa. 

Biedma, Luis Hernandez de. A relation of the 
expedition of Soto. {In RelaQam. 1851.) 973 14 
BIELLA. Mag-gia, €. Relazione suU' ordina- 
mento della scuola professionale di Biella. 
Torino, 1871. O. 31 p. 607 3 




BEEN, et Maanedskrift for Morskabsleesning, 
1-3 Hefte. Welhaven, J. S. C. Ma^nedskriftet 
Bien. (Jii/iis Skrifter, 1867-8, v. 2.) 839.84 2 
Bien vengas, mal, si vienes solo, see Calderon. 
V. 4. 

Bieraatzki, Johann Christoph. Der braune 
Knabe; oder, Die Gemeinden in der Zer- 
streuunsr; Novelle. 2 Auflage. Leipzig, 1852. 
2v. D. 833 5 

—Die Hallig; oder. Die Sohififbriichigen auf 
dem Eiland in der Nordsee; Novelle. 2 Aus- 
gabe. Altona, 1840. S. 833 6 

—English: The hallig; or. The sheepfold in the 
waters; a tale of humble life on the coast of 
Schleswig; translated from the German by Mrs. 
George P. Marsh, with a biograpliical sketch 
of the author. Boston, 1856. D. 833 6.1 

"I have read it with deei) interest. Mrs. Marsh has 
given us an admirable version of a most striking and 
powerful work."— iJ. C. Winthrop. 

"Already the book has gained a great success with the 
best class of readers. Wherever it goes, it fascinates 
the cultivated and the illiterate, the young and the old, 
the devout and the careless."— J?. B. Hundiiigdon. 

See aim notices in the New Bnglander, v. 16, p. 221, and 
in the N. A. review, v. 83, p. 518. 
Bieruatzki, K. L. Biographie von Johann 
Christoph Biernatzki. 2 Auflage. Leipzig, 
1852. D. 922 21 

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lanese, 1816-7, v. 1.) 857 15 

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gio di lettere diplomatiche del secolo 14 e 15. 
Firenze. 1869. 0.^39 p. 945 12.1 

Per nozze Arese-Serristori. 

Mazzetto di lettere inedite, con altre scrit- 

ture. Firenze, 1867. O. 58 p. 856 5 

Eecordo di nozze Hertz-De Ferrari. 
Bigelow, John. France and hereditary mon- 
archy. London, 1871. O. 321 5 
— Gli Stati Uniti nel 1863. Milano, 1863. D. 

973 37 
— editor, see Franklin, B. Autobiography. 1868. 

925 3 
Bignami, Enoa.Cenisio e Frejus; con una let- 
tera del generale Menabrea. Firenze, 1871. D. 
map. 622 10 

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1875. D. 172 1 

—La fin de I'anarchie. Paris, 1878. D. 321 7 
Bijdragen tot de Friesche geschiedenis, see 
Ippins Fockens, E. 

Bllberg, Johannes. Eefractio solis inoccidui. 
Holmia; [,1695]. sqD. pi. 525 1 

Latin and Swedish on opposite pages. 

Ein Bild aus seiner Zeit, see Robinson, T. A. 

L. T. J. 

Das Bild des Kaisers, see Hauff, W. 

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Copenhagen— K. nord Old.-Selskab. Annaler. 

V. 13, 1853.) 948 2 

Bilder aus dem Leben, see HacklUnder, F. W. 
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's Graveuhage, 1826. O. 439.35 1 

BILE. Moriggia, A. Di alcune proprieta della 
bile, sperienze col concorso del A. Battistini. 
(JreEome— R. accad. del Uncei. Atti. 3ser. v. 
3, 1875-6, V. 2.) 065 3 

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ou. Description des tombeaux sur cette voie. 
Rome, 1853. D. 19-1-61 [4-2] p. map. 913 10.1 
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sur [uis] sejour a la Guyane. {In BarriSre <fc 
Lescnre. Memoires, 1857-81, v. 30.) 944 10 

BUleder fra Nord og Syd, see Munch, A. 
BlUeder fra Vestkysten af Norge, see Thoresen, 
A. Iff. K. 

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Bindi, Enrico, editor, see Tacitus, C. C. Opere. 
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45, V. 1.) 943 21 

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burlesche, 1736, v. 1;— 1760, v. 1-2.) 857 2-8 
Biographia Britannica literaria, see Wright, T. 
Biographische Belustigungen unter der Ge- 
hirnschale einer Eiesin, eine Geistergeschichte, 
see Richter, J. P. F. v. 10. 
BIOGRAPHY. AlUbone, S. A. A critical dic- 
tionary of English literature and British and 
American authors. Philadelphia, 1858-71. 3 v. 
Q. 015 1 

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Jefferson, Hamilton, Jackson, Clay, Randolph. 
New York, 1855. D. 923 1 

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F. por. 948 63 

— Boccaccio, G. I casi de gl' huomini illustri; 
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— Carlyle, T. {In his essays, 1860, v. 3.) 824 8 
— Conterfet Kupfferstich deren jenigen regie- 
renden grossen Herren, von Kaysers Ferdinand 
des andern Geburt bis zu desselben Abschied. 
Leipzig, 1721. F. il.por. 923 2 

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cou for Danmark med tilh0rende Bilande, 1814- 
40. Kjobenhavn, 1843. 8 v. O. 015 5.1 

Same: Supplement, indtil Udgangen af 

1853. Kj0benhavn, 1858-68. 3v. O. 015 5.3 
— Forney, J. AV. Anecdotes of public men. 
New York, 1874. D. 920 7 

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Same. New edition, with [continuation,] 

notes and indexes by P. A. Nuttall. London, 
1840. 3v. O. por. 920 10 

— — The holy state. 3 edition. London, 1653. 
Q. 920 11 




Appended is The profane state. 1642. 
— — Same. 4 edition. Cambridge, 1663. Q. 
por. iltp. 940 9 

Appended is The profane state. 1663. 
— Ualati, D. Gli uomini del mio tempo; pro&li. 
Bologna, 1879. D. 920 12 

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teurs, peintres, sculpteurs, artistes drama- 
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in 2. O. 928 4.3 

— Hflefer, J. C. P., editor. Nouvelle biographie 
universelle. Paris, 1852-66. 46 v. O. 920 2 

Vol. IIMB are NouTelle biosi'aphie gfinfirale. 
— Hofmanii, J. J. Historia Augusta imperato- 
rum Romanorum a C. Julio Cassare usque ad 
JosepUuni; ex Lotichii tetrastichis et Hofmanni 
tetrawticliis et enarrationibus historicis ; singu- 
lorum imperatorum effigies & supplementa ad- 
jeoit H. C. Henninius. Amstelfedami, 1707. 
Y.^por. iltp. 937 2 

— Jackson, C, editor. Yorkshire diaries and 
autobiographies in the 17-18 centuries. Dur- 
ham, 1877-86. 2 V. O. por. tab. {In Snrtees 
soc. 65, 77.) 820 7 

— Lanfrey. P. Etudes et portraits politiques. 3 
edition. Paris, 1874. D. 923 3 

For contents see Lanfrey. 
— L6vis, p. M. G. de. Souvenirs et portraits. 
(In Bavriere & Lescure. Memoires, 1857-81, v. 
14.) 944 10 

— Nepos, C. Vitse excellentum imperatorum. 
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— Petrarca, F. Vitarum virorum illustrium 
epitome. — L. Sirichii Supplementum. (In his 
Opera, 1581, v. 1.) 851 95 

Le vite degli uomini illustri [Latin and 

Italian]; per cura di L. Eozzoliui. Bologna, 
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With author's autograph. 




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In portfolio 3. 
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080 36 



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928 8 hound with 925 18 
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See aim other reports by him in the same volume. 
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627 34 bound with 607 2 

With a letter by Bonfigli clipped from II oorriere ita- 

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627 34 bound with 607 2 

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For contents see Peabody catalogue. 
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iltp. " 643 5 

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Contents; 1. Ai bibliofili italiani.— Bello, F. Perchfi si 
dice 6 fatto il becco al'oca, novella. 2. Albert!, A. dcgli. 
Sonetti e canzone. 8. riores, J. de. Istoria di Aurelio e 
Isabella. 4. AiiguiUnra, A. dell'. Stanze per lo duca d' 
Angiou.— Capitolo al cardinal di Trento. 5. OoKCliuo, G. 
Congiura di Piacenza contro P. L. Farnese. 6-7. Lettere 
volgari del secolo 15. 

Two editions of part 1. 
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cortexie. (In Kossetti, W. M. Italian court- 
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820 5.1 
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The book containing the treatises of hawking, 
1496, see Barnes, J. 

The book of common prayer, see Protestant 
episcopal church in the C. S. A. 




Book of the artists, see Tuckerman, H. T. 
Book of the dead, see ^chiaparelli, E. II libro 
dei funerali. 

The book of the navy, see Frost, J. 
The book; or, Fragments of modern chronicles, 
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ment; or, A dyetary of helth, made in Mount- 
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[Half-monthly.] Firenze, 1874-7. v. 1-3 in 1 v. 
O. 450 13 

Vol. 8, no. 2, (or 15 July 1876, is wanting. 
II Borghini; studj di filologia e di lettere itali- 
ane; compilato di Pietro Fanfani. [Monthly.] 
Firenze, 1863-5. v. 1-3. O. 450 12 

"Studi" in v. 2 and 3 Is clianged to "giornale " 

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Cesare Borgia; notizie e documenti. Iniola, 
1878. D. 923 18 

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' 923 19 

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Contents : 1. Bindo Boniohi.— L'intelligenza. 2. 1 poeti 
dei codici d'Arborea. — Nina siciliana. — La scuola meri- 
dionale.— Gentile da Ravenna. 

Borgrnlnen, see Munch, A. Digte. 1855. 
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919.1 1 
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For Eornholm's archfeology see Tedel, E. 
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stillinger af Slaget ved Bornhoved. il. faesim. 
(In Copenhagen— K. i^ord. Old.-Selskab. Aar- 
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French: Miniatures representantlabataille 

de Bornhoeved. il. faesim. (J» same. Memoi- 
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Ripon laetween Charles I. and the covenanters 
of Scotland. 1640; edited bv John Bruce. [Lon- 
don,] 1869. sqO. (In Camden soc. 100 ) 820 4 



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Copenhague, 1836. S. 439.88 2 

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— Grammaire fran5aise a I'usage des I'anois- 
Copenhague, 1838. O. 445 5 

— Kanut Lavard; narration historique d'apres 
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nord/Old.-Selskab. Memoires. ^- L ''-836-9.) 

948 3 

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3Iar"i('. Histoire et ilescription des iles de I'ocean. 
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Pt. 1 : Ginnosperme. 
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No more pulolished. 


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TOn. Hist. 
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Xaar holdtes 

en— K. nord. 

t. V. 2, 1833.) 

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948 56 1 

Manuscript title. 

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2jI. map. 
914.9 21 

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These memoirs, which are fictitious, were falsely as- 
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176r-ri, except pt. 6. which is 1869. 
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232 1.1 bound with an 4 
— Xva teckningar utur hvardags lifvet. [pt. 1,] 
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6 V. Scfc D. 839.73 5 

Contents : 1 . Fresidentens dottrar. berattelse af en 
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Dalarna. i v. 

— Teckningar utur hvardagsLLfvet [Anon.] 2-3 
uppiagan. TJpsala, l>i31-2. 3 v. S. 839. "3. 4 

Contents: 1. Axel och Anna -TviUingame.— Forhopp- 
niujErar- — Bref ofver stockholms soup6er. 2. Den en- 
saiina.— Famillen H*"'. — Trostarinnan.— Jliniattirer. .3. 
FamUien H***. fortsattning. 

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pi. map. 063 4 

Appended, 44 p., is Resultate der im 1S45 ausgefiihrten 
meteorologischen Beobachtungen, Ton Dr. von Bogu- 


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821 3 


8 'J 


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es; 1)1-, A tour in Norway. London |,pi<'r. 
IHItf)], O. pi. iiiap. 014.S 10.1 

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C. il. I[. do, Iranslatiir. Lea bardes breOonH; 
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regard. Noiivc.lle edition. Paris, llSliO. (). 
fdculni. N!M 8 

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[3+ I -I'J \). iiidji. (ill I'ckTinanns MittliciliniK'i^ii: 
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— Rra-lu'ri-lio sur I'origine de la resaeiiil)lance (^t 
de raffiiiiO'i d' un grand nonibro de mota dana 
le frani;ais, le danoia, 1' ialandaia, I'anglaia 
rallemand, In latin, le gr(^(^ ct le. Sanscrit; par 
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186'.). D. lit p. 450 2 

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Brevlari d' amor, .sec EriiM^iigaud, M. 
Broviariiiin Eboracc nso, see Yorlf. 
Breviaririni Ronianuni, see (lalliolic cliiircli. 
A brovialo touching the on lor and goyernmente 
of a nobliMiian'a house, &c.; coiiy of an oiigin- 
al nia. communicated by Sir Joseph Banks, 
bart. [Loudon, 1809.J sqC^. p. ;U.'")-;!H!t. 

04:0 1 honiid. Willi. <j;}l 30 

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J. VOll. Brcvio's Novcllcn von dcr Erliilrrnlicli- 
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i^iuiii'. 4.) i>4t! 8 

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kni.) (i(i3 1 

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— i'liiii.jiUi'i-. Diacorsi alia camera dei dc|)utati 
nidla disc,uasion(! del progetto di legg(; per ga- 
ranzie dell' indipendenza del sommi) pontelice. 
Kireu/.e, 1871. P. 2S2 39 

Diacorai in seuato nellailiscussiinio delpro- 

getto di logge per h' guarentigie delle preroga- 
tive del somnio pojitelico. Kirenzc, 1871. P. 

2,S2 39 
Itricltn, (!. 1'. Om Limfjcji-deus 
ukmI Vesterhavet i dot lite Aarliundrode. (In 
Coponliag'Oii— Ii. nord.(Hd.-S(^lska(). Aarbngor. 
V. 3, 1808.) — Endnu nogle Ord om [the same]. 
(In .'<ani.r. v. 0, 1871.) 948 5 

Tlii^ iM'lde of the Rhine, sen Waring, (i. E.,./?'. 
BRIIK;ES. Denipsoy, G. I). Tubular and 
otlier iriiu girder bridges, particularly describ- 
ing tlie Britannia and ( icmway tubular bridges; 
witli a sket(4L of iron biidgi'S. London, 1850. 
D. //. pL (Weale'a aeries.) 024 1 

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Aquilducte und lU^f Briicken von Mauerwerk ; 
aus dem Franziisischen, mit Zusiitzen, ven 
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1)1. lull. <i24 2 

— Tuckorman, H. T. (In liU Criterion, IHOO.) 

SU 15 
Bridget, St., see Itirgitta. 

The Bridgewat(ir trc^atises on the jjower, wis- 
dom and goodnesa of God aa manifested in the 
cicatidn : 

1. <'lii>liii('i-N. 'I'. Adiiptation el' njitiirn to the nicra! and 
intellc(dii;ilcc.iiilil,i(,ii otman. IHiiS, L'lO 3 

'1. KI<1<I, .1. AdtLptaliun of nature to the pliysical con- 
ilition oi'man. IMS. m i 

!t. Whcni'll, W. Aniionomyand i.hy,sios. 1H:!3. 211(5 
4. Itiill, ('. The hand. Wm. iV.K 3 

(t. Itiwkliiiicl, W. (IriiloKy and miiioialoKy. 1h:1c l'I;! ^ 
1). lliibliiwd, C. KiiiKinont, 18,J8. LM() 1 

Itrieiine, llc^iri Aiigiistcd(( Lonienie, do. 
MiTiKiires des fcgui^s ch^Lnuis XllIetXlN', I(U5- 
01. piir. — n)iserva,tions sur los mtinioiros de La 
C'lialre. (/(( Itlicliaud <V' I'oiijonlat. Mi'moires, 
IHliO, V. 37.) !)44 9 

IJricrc, .1. L. ■!., t'llitor, see Viiuvciiai'giuw, L. 
do. (;.(l<i.GEuvrese(implMcs. 1H31. — (Euvri's pos- 
tlunuos. 1H3I. S4S 19 

BRI({A1V1>A<JE. Bortolotli, A., eitiloi-. (dn 
M'nzioni e statuti pell' esLnpiimento <lei ber- 
rovieri e do' ladri dal Mouferrato, Canavese, 
Verc(4lese o Pavese, nei secoli 13 e 14. Torino, 
1H7I. O. 343 15 

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los temps les plus recuh's juscju'ii nos jours. 
I'.-iris, 1H75. n. 313 17 

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d(41' .Aunis, Oipriano La Gala e cornpagui; pre- 
(■ednto da un' introduzione storica. Napoli, 
lN(il. S. por. 343 18 

(jeiiiuidins, — .Not(w on the recent murders by 

brigands in GreocH'. Loudon, 1870. (). 343 33 
—Hilton, I). Brigaiida';o in South Italy. Lon- 
don, 1801. 3 V. O. 343 19 
— Italy -('ain(^ra dei dopiitati. (-^onuuissiono d' 
iuchi('sl,a sul lirig.iutai;;;io: Relazione, 3-4 Tua.i;- 
gio lS(i3. n. |i. |,I,S(;:; I s(|(,,i. 343 30 

— Saint- Jorio/, ,V. 15. di. II brigan(:i,u.i;i" alia 
froutiora poutilicia, IWOO 3. Milano, ISOI. S, 

313 16 
■s',, «/«< vinn(j\ ics; cmouK.v, 



Briffhenti, Maiirizio. Eiceroho geometriche ed 
idrometriche per la scuola degl' mgegneri di 
Eoma. 3 edizione, con aggiunte. Pisa, 18b3. 
sqQ pi_ 627 35 bound with 4 

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821 109 
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leer, woordvorming, aard en verbiiiging der 
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ou. Meditations de gastronomic transcendante. 
Bruxelles, 1835. 2 v. in 1. S. 641 1 

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setzt, mit Anmerkungen, von Carl Vogt. 
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Bewaldung der Steppen des europseischen 
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tab. maps. 551.68 92bound loith 13 

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dini Gothorum [, 1751]. sqD. [6+] 25 p. !»4S 17 
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— SuUe condizioni per la decomposizione di una 
cubica in una conica ed in una retta. — Sulle 
condizioni che devono essere verificate dai para- 
metri di una curva del quarto ordine perclie 
la medesima sia una conica ripetuta. — Sopra 
un proprieta dei piani tritangenti ad una super- 
ficie cubica. — Le inondazioni del Tevere in 
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3 ser. V. 3, 1875-6, pt. 2.) 065 4 

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uva, Albinia Wockiana Briosi. pi. (In same. 


3 ser. sci. fis. v. 1, 1876-7, pt. 2.)-Intorno a 
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ni, Briosi. pi. {In same, v, 3, 1877-8, pt. 10 

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count, historical and technical [in French, 
with! English translation by V. de Tivoh, jr. 
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O^U '1.1 

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043 1 

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Vol. 1 contains Vida de Brito por Antonio de Visitaijao 

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n. p. [,187-]. O. 98 p. 944 57 

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Kjobenhavn, 1817-18, 3 pt. iu 1 v. D. 841 40 

Contents : Wacc, K. Le I'omanz de Rou et des due de 
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site pages] . 

— Reise i Gra:>kenland, 1810-3: udgivet af N. V. 
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914.9 33 
Vol. 1 contains Bioffrapbie ved J. P. Mynster. 


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'SV*' especially tlie new series of the society".^ Memoires, 
also its Aarb0ger. 

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551.58 60 

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551.58 82 
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aneous poems. 

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Copy presented to Mr. Marsh by the translator. 
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see the following publications of the Cam- 
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1. Hlstorie of the arrival of Edward IV. in Enjiland, 1838. 
7. Hiiyivard, ,J. Annals of the reign of Elizabeth. 1840. 
•2(. Leicester, R. D., earfo/. Correspondence. 1844. 
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Table m6thodique en forme de catalogue raisonn6. 

The 4th edition lacks the Table m6thodique. The 3d 
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No more published. 
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Map wanting. 
—Voyage en Norvege et en Laponie, 1806-8; 
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— Reoherches et materiaux pour sex-vir a une 
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Paris, 1840, 3 v. Q. i^l. tab. 949 37 

Contents: 1. Eolaircissemens sur la priucipaut6 fran" 
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(Ic, <C- Valeiicieiiiii's, H. de. Chroniques des empereurs 
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Contents: 1. Livr<^ de la conqueste de la princee de la 

Moree. 2. j^tjSKov t^9 KovyKiara.? . — 'H qfAwtjt? rijs Ktui'tTTawTt- 

voun-6Aea)9. — Code diplomatique de la princ6e de Moree. 
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J. C. (I.' Chronique de Louis de BIhirboQ,— Pisaii, C. d." 
Vie de Charles V —Juvenal des Ursiiis, .J. Chronique de 
Charles VI.— Verms, JI. del. Chronique des comtes_ de 
Foix en langue b6arnaise. — Chronique de Flandres — (jrian, 
(J., A Eflchefort, M. de. Ambassade au juge d'Arborfie. 

Choix de chroniques et memoires sur I'hi- 

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Contents: Mathieu of Goussy. Chronique. 1444-61,— Jean 
of Trmjes. Chronique de Louis XI. 1451-83.— Gruel, G. 
Chronique du comte de Riohmont.— CouKinot, G. Chro- 
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— Bemserkninger om den i Skotland fundne 
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— Biskop Bjarne Kolbeinsson og Snorres Edda. 
(In same. v. 10, 1875.) — En i Norge fuuden 
SpEende med Runeindskrift fra Mellemjernal- 




deren; af O. Rygh og Bugge. pi. {In same. 
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il. {la same. v. 19, 1884.)— Om Verserne i 
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469 15 

No more published. 

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293 15 
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See also Gallaudet, T. H. 
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See also OHAKLKS the bold. 

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—Languages.— Excellencie of the English tongue.— 
Christian names.— Surnaraes.—Allusions —Rebus.— Ana- 
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Grave speeches. — Poems. — Epigrammes. — Eythmes.— 
Impreses.— Epitaphes. 

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The annual reports of the society are bound with the 
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In main library. 

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551.49 10 




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See also other writings of Eespighi. 

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See also no. 93, 103. 

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080 20.1 




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Printed from typij in imitation of old manuscript. 
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After Orciuolo wanting. See Appendix. 

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With autogi-aph of tlie auttior; no more published. 
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See also SAIMS. 

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on- • • 302 i 

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829 9.1 


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pi. {In same. v. 2, 1833.) 948 1.2 

See also SJ0UKING. 
Cannte, St., duke of Schleswig. Historia S. 
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S. Canuto duce.— Robert, bishop of Elgin. 
Vita S. Canuti duels. {In Langebek, J. Script, 
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9.) 948 2 

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Edition ef 168 copies, no. 1S9. 

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554.5 6 bound loith 551.31 7 
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571 3 bound with 651.31 7 
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strati a congerie nei monti di Livorno, di 
Castellino marittima, di Miemo e di Monte 




Catini. iln same. v. 2, 1877-8, pt. 1.)— Gli strati 
a congerie e le marne compatte miooeniche dei 
dintorni di Anoona. pi. — Balenottera fossile 
delle Colombaie presso Volterra. {In same. v. 3, 
1878-9.) — Gli strati a congerie o la formazione 
gessosa-solifera neUa provincia di Pisa e nei 
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{In same. v. 9, 1880-1.) 065 4 

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No more published. 
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— Ricordi di un viaggio scientifico nell' America 
settentrionale nel 1863. Bologna, 1867. O. 
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824 7 




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Contents: La Pioheide.— La Nasea.— Letteva a G. F. 
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The original form of "English as she is spolce." 
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Appended, p. 69-81, is Quattro documenti inediti relativi 
alia storia del Monferrato nei secoli 14, 16 e 18, pubbli- 
cati per oura di G. Ferraro. 

The ITniversity Library possesses the original ms. of 
the Statuti. written in 1458, a gift from Prof. Ferraro. 

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see the following publications of the Cam- 
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— Che fosse il falso inviato di Savoia alia corte 
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•Vt. also V. 1. 


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ici. Nuova edizione. Firenze, 1861. D. 320 3 



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eal con note intorno a Galileo.— Giunta all' 
elenco delle opere di G. Eckio. (In Kome— K. 
acead. dei Itncei. Atti. 3 ser. in. mor. v. 1, 
1876-7.)— Degli ultimi tempi, dell' ultima opera 
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Di unnostro maggiore; ossia di Cassiano Dal 
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31. Italian 

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5; in EmtUa. 
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antiche rime volgari, 1875-1 
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enze finite. (In same. v. 5, 1879-80.) 065 4 
— Sulla regola seguita da Bessel per osservare 
sli angoli orizzontali senza correggere...teodo- 
iite. pi. {In same. 2 ser. v. 2, 1874-5.) — Xuova 
teoria delle soluzioni siugolari delle equazioni 
differenziali di primo ordine e secundo grado 
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065 3 
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Edition of H'S copies. Sre also Vallisiileri, A. 
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;>[r. Marsh has marked the work as '"rare."' 
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i'dii.lenis: Cattolicismo.— rrotestantismo.— Chrisliani- 
srao vort). 

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EcliUon of 00 copies. 

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samo.ji'dska och tatariska Ka^M)r. •>. Smiirre afhaiid- 
linffai' nob akademiska dissertationi r. 

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94d 38 
For contents see Aragoii. 

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Appended, 26 p., is Catillogo de las obras en lengua 
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For contents see Biblioteca. 

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Vol. 1 contiente los autores hasta 1700. See Appendix. 

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In main library. 

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The following numbers are wanting: v. 1, no. 3; v. 3, 
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See also Aragoii; Aureiini opus Valentie; Balnguer, V.; 
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Along the front edge is -written "Imperteotum." 
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264 8 
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— Salutatio angelica. — Salutatio B. M. V. — 
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Preceded by the alphabet, the vowels, and the first five 
consonants combined with the vowels, 

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065 4 
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periodici di un sistema di punti materiali. {In 
same, v. 3, 1875-6, pt. 2.) 065 3 




C'ertayne causes wherin is shewed the decays 
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Vol. 1 wanting. 
— El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de La 
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859 40 
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Ste also Meli, G. Don Chisoiotti e Saneiu Panza, poema 

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With autograph of the author. 
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Edition of 206 copies. 

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dere alia sistemazione del Tevere. Milano, 
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— Intorno alia dif esa dei territori soggetti agli 
argini dei fiumi in Italia. Roma, 1876. O. pi. 

627 6 

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map. 913 31.5 

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945 51 
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analytical Hebrew and Chaldee lexicon. 2 edi- 
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With author's autoRraph. 
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820 7 
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en liber den Farbenwechsel des afrikanitchen 
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598 1 bound with 399 4 
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Boncourt, ciiZh?ig'/ Werke. 
Leipzig, 1836-9. 6 v. D. tub. iy(.aps.833 8 

Contents: l-'2. Eelse um die Welt. 3. Gedichte. 4. 
Gedichte.—AdelbertsFabel.— Peter Sohlemihl. 5-6. Le- 
ben and Briefe, herausgegeben von J. C. Hitzig. 

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Romano, Gallico, Germanico ; una cum gestis 
heroum ac omnium imperatorum. Lugduni, 
1587. Q. unp. 944 7.1 

— Practica noua in medicina, aggregatoris 
lugdunesis ; eiusdem liber de omnibus generi- 
bus febrium n. p., n. d. D. 610 2 

— Rosa Gallica aggregatoris Lugdunesis; omni- 
bus sanitatS afEeotatibus vtilis & necessaria; vna 
cu sua pretiosa Margarita de medici ati|: tegri 
officio. [Paris,] ab Jodoco Badio [,1518]. D. 
il. 610 2 

The second edition, the existence of which was 
doubted by Allut. 

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122 1 bound ivitli 113 


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viKbs vdoi UapyacrcrSs. "Ev Ae-qvais, 1841. D. 889 9 


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scriptive notices of popular Englisii histories. 
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Notices of fugitive tracts and chap-books. 

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820 5.1 
For contents see The English Charlemagne romances. 

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See also the indexes in v. 5 and 8. 

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See also Ayiiioii's sons; Doon de Maience; Fernmbrns; 
FUEDEKIOK I. Barlmrossa; Gaufrey; Gncrino; <Jui de Bour- 
gogne; Hildcgarde; Huon of Bordewix; Macaire; Ofrfer, 
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See also BEGICIDES. 
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communicated by the marquis of Bristol. 1864. 
facsim. (In Camden misc. 5 ; in Camden soc. 
87.) 820 4 

For a description of his court, see Hamilton, A. Me- 
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G. Carlo V in Modena ; commentario storico. 
{In Varietk storiche italiane.) 945 10 




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relazione di un conteniporaneo ; per cura di 
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Vol. 2 contains Indication des documents pour les 
regnes depuis saint Louis .iusqu'a Cliarles V inclusive- 

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944 9 
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Memoires, 1866, v. 4.) 944 9 

In V. 5 is Indication des documents pour les regnes de 
Charles VIII, de Louis XII et de Fi-an^ois I. 
CHARLES XII., king of Sweden. Voltaire, F. 
M. A. de. Histoire de Charles XII. Paris, 1830. 
T. 923 35 

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«trom, C. A. Teckningar till Carl XIV Jo- 
hans historia after Solie, Le Dru, Vernet, m.fl., 
med forklarande text och biographi. Stock- 
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CHARLES the Bold, duke of Burgundy. Comi- 
nes, P. de. Memoires, 1464-98. por. (In 
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944 9 

— — English: Memoirs, containing the history 
of.. .Charles the Bold. London, 1833. 3 v. O. 

944 31 
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nymus de passione S. Caroli Dani, comitis 
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ane. Vita S. Caroli.— Mantissa ex variis auc- 
toribus ad acta S. Caroli. (In Langebek, J. 
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hagen— K. nor d. Old.-Selskah. Aarb0ger. v. 13, 
1877.) 948 5 
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of Huntingdon uniler the authority of William 
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CHARLES ALBERT,^^!^ of Sardinia. Bian- 
chi, N. Scritti e lettere di Carlo Alberto. (In 
Curiosita di storia subalpina. v. 3, 1879.) 

See also other articles in this periodical. 
CHARLES AUGUSTUS, crown prince of Swed- 
en. Hosenstein, N. Personalier ofver Carl Au- 
gust, 13 juli 1810. (In his Skrifter, 1838, v. 1.) 

839.78 1 
CH.4_RLES GUSTAYUS, grand duke of Finland. 
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Vol. 2 wanting. 

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Q. maj}. 312 3 

See also Pistola-Compaciiiu deUa puilta; A'IRGIJflTY. 

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with divers addicions, which were neuer m 

prmt before; with The siege and destruction of 

the worthy citee of Thebes, compiled by John 

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>, J?i'«** ''^u"!^'^ ^^^V- T^'^ "^oPy *'«Kins with the 
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No. 66-73 and 78 are not yet published. 


On early English pronunciation, with especial refer- 
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The last report contains the treasurer's account, 1881-7. 
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g \ ylu lo 

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Vol. .3-4 were never published; but tbeir substance was 
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Contents : 1. GUlis, J. M. Chile. '2. Macra*, A., <& otliers. 
The Andes and Pampas. 

See also AEAUCAJflANS ; ErclUa y Zufiicra, A. dc. La Arau- 
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For other editions see Froissart. 
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See also POOR. 

CHRISTIANITY. Capponi, Gf. A. (i. 6. In- 

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Saggio suir istoria del cristianesimo ne' primi 
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Contents: Cattolioismo. — Protestantismo.— Christiani- 
smo vero. 

— Clianning, AV. E. The great purpose of Chris- 
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ity a rational religion. (In same, v. 4.) — Means 
of promoting Christianity. (Jn same, v. 5.)208 3 

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wonderbare, in oud-dietsche rijmen, met inlei- 
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Roma, 1873. O. 19 p. 551.46 7 

— Nozioni preliminari per un trattato sulla co- 
struzione dei porti nel Mediterraneo. Roma,. 
1874. O. jj/. 627 32 

— Les ports-chenaux et Port-Said. Rome, 1870.. 

0. pi. 627 33 
— Sul moto ondoso del mare e su le correnti di 
esso specialmente su quelle littorali. 3 edizione, 
accresciuta. Roma, 1866. Q. maps, 551.40 6 

With author's autograph. 
— see Ravioli, C. Viaggio della spedizione in 
Egitto, 1840-1, sotto gli ordini del Cialdi. 1870.. 

916,2 38 
— Merrifleld, C. AV. Guidizio intorno all' opera 
del Cialdi Hul moto ondoso del mare. Roma, 
1873. O. 18 p. 651.46 7 

Ciamician, Q. L,, d- D«nnstedt, M. SulF azione 
del cloroforiuio sul composto potassico del pi- 
rolo. {In Rome — R.aecad. dei. lincei. Atti. 3 
ser. sci.Jis. v. 9, 1880-1.) 065 4 

Ciampi, Ignazio. Innocenzo X Pamfili e la sua 
corte; storia di Roma, 1644-55, da nuovi docu- 
menti. Roma, 1878. O. 945 87 

With autograph of the author. 
— Sopra alcuni documenti della storia civile del 
medio evo di Roma. — L'epistolario inedito di 
l<'abio Chigi poi papa Alessandro VII. (/n Rome 
— R. accad. dei lincei. Atti. 3 ser. set. mor. v. 

1, 1876-7.) 065 5 
Ciampi, Sebastian©, editor, see Gesta Caroli 
Magni ad Carcassonam, etc. 1833. 293 16 

Le ciane di Firenze, see Zannoni, G. B, 
Cibber, Colley. An apology for [his] life; with 
an historical view of the stage during his time. 
3 edition. London, 1740. O. par. 928 15 

Cibrario, Giovanni Antonio Luigi, conte. Della 
economia politica del medio evo. 5 edizione, 
accresciuta. Torino, 1861. O. p)or. 330 8 
— Delia schiavitu e del servaggio, e special- 
mente dei servi agricoltori. Milano, 1868. 8 v. 
O. 326 1 

— Dellestorie di Chieri, con documenti. Torino, 
1837. 3 V. O. 945 53 

Confe)it^: 1. Storia. 2, Documenti. 
— Operette e frammenti storici. Firenze, 1856. 
D. 945 7 

Ciccarelli, Antonio, editor, see CastigUone, B, 
II cortegiano. 1584. 395 1 

La cicceide legitima, see Lazzarelli, G. F, 
Cicero, Marcus TuUius. Opera ; ex editionis 
Oliveti et Ernesti [,recensuit Joannes Carey]; 
acoesserunt incerti authoris Rhetorica ad He- 
rennium. Londini, 1830. 13 v. T. 875 1 

Contend: 1-1. Rhetorica et philosophica. o-.s. Ora- 
tiones. 9-11. Epistolee. 12. Clavis Cioeroniana J. A. 

A full list of contents is prefixed to v- 1. 

— Opera omnia; e'didit C. F. A, Nobbe ; tomus 
9: De natura deorum; De divinatione; De fate; 
De republica ; De legibus. Lipsiae, 1849. T. 

875 5 




— De flnibus bonorum et malorum liVjri quinque, 
et Paradoxtuu liber unus; emendavit notisque 
illustravit Thomas Bentley. Cantabrigia', 1718. 
D. S75 6 

— De finibus bonorum et malorum libri qninque ; 
herausgegeben, mit deutschen Wort-und Sach- 
erklarungen, von H. Ludwig Julius Biller- 
beck. Hannover, 1837. O. 875 7 

— De oflficiis ad Marcuin tilium libri tres : er- 
klaert von Otto Heine. 4 Auflage. Berlin, 1871. 
O. 875 9 

— De offlciis libri tres ; item, Cato major, sive 
De senectute ; La3lius, ,sive De amicitia ; Para- 
doxa; Somnium Scipionis. Londini, 1,S17. T. 

875 8 
— De philosophia, prima pars ; cum scholijs & 
conieoturis Pauli Manutij. Venetiis, apvd 
Pavlvm Manvtivvi., 1556 [tp.'55J. S. 094 64 

Contents : Academicarum qusestionuin editionis 1 liber 
2, editionis 2 liber 1 — De finibus bonorum & malorum 
libri '5. — Tusculanarum qutestionum libri 5. — Scholia F. 
Manutii. — Index. 

— De re publica quae supersunt, edente Angelo 
Maio. Romae, 1833. O. 875 10 

— Same. Editio,'l Americana. Bostonias, 1823. 
O. 875 11 

— Epistolae, temporis ordine dispositae ; recen- 
suit, annotation! bus illustravit Christianus 
Godofr. Schiitz Halae, 1808-13. 6 v. in 3. O. 

876 3 
— Les epistres familieres de Ciceron, latin- 
fran9ois, par E. Dolet & F. de Belle-forest; auec 
argumes, indice, & maniere d' entendre la date 
des Latins; on a adiouste a oeste edition cinq 
epistres du Xn. liure. Chamberi, 1569. T. 876 1 
— Librorum de re publica sex quae supersunt; 
recognovit Reinlioldus Klotz. Lipsife, 1857. 
D. 875 13 
— Orationvm pars 1-3, cumcorrectionibus Pauli 
Manutii. Venetiis, v. 1, 1559; v. 3, 1624 ; v. 3, 
1550. V. 1, 3. S; V. 3. T. 094 65 

Vol. 3 ends with leaf 263. 

—Same. v. 3. 094 66 

This copy of v. 8 has the end complete, supplying 
leaves 264-^71, but lacks title-page. It was given to Mr. 
Marsh by Giuseppe Ferraro . 

— Orazione in difesa di Milone; tradotta in vol- 
gare. {In Bonfadio, J. Lettere. 1835.) 856 6 
—La prima orazione contra Catilina; volgariz- 
zata da Brunette Latini ; testo di lingua, recato 
dair abate Giuseppe Manuzzi. Firenze, 1834. 
O. 84-38 p. 875 3 

— Tusculanarum disputationum ad M. Brutum 
libri quinque; erklaert von Gustav Tischer. 2 
Auflage. Leipzig, 1854. O. 875 13 

— Capponi, G. Studi sopra le Lettere di Cice- 
rone. {In his Scritti, 1877, v. 1.) 858 4 
— Hu^ues, Gr. d.' Une province romaine sous la 
republique; etude sur le proconsulat de Cice- 
ron. Paris, 1876. D. 937 17 
— Schtttz, C.G. Lexicon Ciceronianum. Lipsine, 
1817-31. 4 V. in 3. D. 875 14 
Der Cicerone, see Bnrckhardt, J. 
THE CID, Rodrigo. or Euy DIAZ DE BIVAB, 
called. Chronicle of the Cid; from the Span- 
ish by Robert Southey. London, 1808. sqQ. 


946 16 

—Holland, W. L. Du poenie du Cid dans ses 
analogies aveo la chanson de Roland, par E. 

Baret. (In .Tahrbucli rom. u. eng. Lit. v. 3, 
1860.) 805 1 

— Poema del Cid. {In Sanchez, T. A. Col. de 
poesias, 1779-90, v. 1.) 861 4 

— Romance ro del Cid; pirblicado por A. Keller. 
Stuttgart. 1840. D. iUp. 8(!1 6 

— Translations from The poem of the Cid. {In 
Frere, J. H. Works, 1872, v. 2 ) ,S21 58 

— W()lf, F. J.Rodrigo el Campeador und Poeme 
du Cid. {In Jahrhiich rom. und eng. Lit. v. 1, 
1859.)— Ein neues Zeugniss fur den historischen 
Cid. {In. same. v. 4, 1863.) 805 1 

Le ciel et r enter, comedie, see Merimee, P. 
Cifuentes, Francisco Valerio, editor, see Mora- 
les, A. de. Opiisculos castellanos. 1793. 046 7 
Cigalla, Giuseppe de, conte. Bemasrkning om 
Droiming Dagmars Ivors. {In Copenhagen — K. 
nord. 01d.-Selskah. Annaler. v. 6, 1846.) 948 3 
Cihac, Alexandre de. Dictionnaire d' etymolo- 
gie daco-romane; elements slaves, magyars, 
turcs, grecs-moderne tt alljanais. Francfort 
s. M,, 1879. O. 459 5 

CILICIA. Hiignes, G. d.' Une province ro- 
maine sous la republique; etude sur les procon- 
sulat de ( iceron. Paris, 1876. D. 937 17 

See also TAUltUS. 
CIMBRI. Lindenbrueh, E. Historia belli Cim- 
brorum per 8 annos cum Romanis. por. pi. {In 
Westphalen, E. J. yon. Monumenta, 1739-45, 
V. 3. ; 943 31 

See alw other treatises in these volumes. 

CIMBRIAN DIALECT. Schmeller, J. A. Soge- 
nauntes cimbrisches Worterbuch; das ist, 
Deutsches Idiotikon der 7. und 13. Comuni in 
den venetianischen Alpen; mit Einleitung und 
Zusiitzen herausgegeben von J. Bergman. 
Wien, 1855. O. map. 437 3 

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Rome — R. accad. dei lincei. Atti. 3 ser. sci. fis. 
V. 8, 1879-80.) 065 4 

Cimino, G. T. Padre e figlia, novella; con pre- 
fazione di N. Tommaseo. Firenze, 1868. O. 
10-1-84 p. 851 28 

Cimino FoUiero de Lnna, AnreUa. Massimili- 
ano d' Austria e il castello di Miraniare; ricordi 
di Trieste. Firenze, 1875. D. 55 p. phot. 

943 59.1 
With the author's autograph. 
— Questioni sociali. Cesena, 1883. O. 

304 3 hound with 016 4.1 

CIMBIERIANS. Ove Kjaer, L. Kimmeiierne. 
7nap. {In. his Studier! 1864.) 930 3 

CINCHONA. Great Britain— India office. East 
India, chinchona plant; copy of further cor- 
respondence, 1863-6. [London,] 1866. F. (7. 
pi. map. 551. 5S 113 

CINCINNATI. Mansfleld, E. D. Notices of the 
early settlement of Cincinnati and some of its 
pioneer citizens. {In his Memoirs of D. Drake. 
l,s,-,r,.) 926 3 

CINNAMON. Schumann, K. Kritische Untersu- 
chungen uber die Ziiutliinder : ein Beitrag zur 
Geschichte der Geographie und des Handels. 
Gotha, 1883. sqO. [3+]53 p. map. (In Pe- 
termanns Mlttheilungen: Erganzungsband 16. j 

910 44 
CINTIO DEI FABRIZII, Aloise. Lemcke, L. 
G. Ciutio dei Fabrizii, ein Beitrag zru- Ge- 




schichte der Jlonstrositaten der Literatur. Lie- 
breclit, F. Zu Cintio dei Fabrizii. (7n Jalirbucli 
roni. u. eng. Lit. v. 1, 1859.)— Bruiiet, l^C^.•En- 
coie quelques mots sur les Proveibii de Cintio 
dei Fabrizii. {In. mme. v. 3, 1861.) 805 1 

Ciutolesi, Filippo. Ricen-lie e considerazioiii 
teoriche iutorno alle immagini accidentali _o 
sogsettire. (In Rome— R. accad. dei lincei. 
Atti. y ser. sci. fis. y. 3, 1878-9.) 065 4 

Ciocca, FovtiDiato, & Chiavacci, T. Studii sul 
niii^liorameiito ed ampliamento del porto di 
Geiicjva. Roma, 1876. O. maps. 627 24 

Ciiicci, Raffaelle. Das Ketzergericht in Rom. 
Ki-w York [,184-?]. S. '2 7 '2 20 

— A narrative of iniquities and barbarities at 
Eoine. 1 American from last London edition. 
New York, 1854 [introd.'46]. 8. 27'2 19 

Ciottolini, Antonio. Una tiratina di orecchi a 
certi ]joco reverendi messeri. P'irenze, 1868. 
D. 16 p. '2^2 4 

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literarie dein cartile romanesci dela serlulu 16- 
19, cv notitia literaria. Blasiu, 18.")8. O. 859 54 

CIPHER. Porta, G. B. della. De occultis lite- 
rarumnotis. Montis Beligardi, l.')93. 651 3 
— Smith, F. 0. J. The secret corresponding 
vocalmlarv; adapted to Mcjrse's telegraj)h. Port- 
land, 1845" sqO. 651 2 
Cipolinii, Carlo. Jlolta luce sul cholera morbus. 
Geneva, 1874. O. 2-3 p. 616 11 
Cipollii, ('arlo, confr. Storia delle signorie itali- 
ane, l313-15:io. iMilano. 1S81. Q. (In Villari. 
P., editor. Storia politica d' Italia; in L'ltalia. 
Parte 2.) 914.5 10 
CipoUa, FraiK'.escii <fc Carlo. Dei coloni tedeschi 
nei 13 comuni veronesi. (In Arcllivio glot. ital. 
V. y, 1H82-5.) 450 11 

Cipriani, Leonetto, oonte. Sul risanamento e 
coloTiixzazione dell' Agro romano. Roma, 1872 
O. 24 p. 551.49 7 

CIRCASSIA. Famin, S. M. C. Circasse. 1838. 
pi. map. (fa L'nnivers. 61.) 910 18 

— Koleiiati, F. A. Die Bereisung Circassiens. 
Dresden, 1S5S-9. O. il. 914.7 26 

CIRCL.VBI.Vi (xfiHtajiZerklare), Tomniasiuo di. 
Oswald, E. An account of the Italian guest, 
by Thomasin von Zirclaria. (In h-i.i Early 
German courtesy-books. 1869; mi E. E. text Soc. 
Extra ser. 8.) 820 5.1 

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geonietria non euclidea. (In Rome— R. accad. 
deilincei. Atti. 2 ser. v. 1, 187:^4.) 065 3 

— Scliiil)ert, H. Die Quadraturdes Zirkels; eine 
kulturgeschichtliche Studie. Hamburg, 1889. 
O. 40 p. (In Yirchow c6 Holtzendorff. Vor- 
trage. Neue Folge. 3.) 043 2 

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Nonvclles annales des voyages, v. 185, 1865, p. 
213-31 ) ■ 080 35 

— Oriuine et histoire de la langue anglaise. (hi 
Reviie britanni(iue, aoiit, 1S6.J, p. 461-83.) 080 35 

CIRCUS. LoTatelli, E. C. Di un antico musa- 
ioo rappresentante una scena circense. pi. 
(In Rome— R, accad. dei lincei. Atti. 3 ser sci. 
mor. V. 3, 1878-9.)— Di un antico musaico a 

colori rappresentante gli aurighi delle quattro 
fazioni del circo. pi. {In same. v. 7, 1880-1.) 

065 5 

Willien, F. Ueber dieParteien derRennbahn, 

vornelimlicli im byzantinischen Kaiserthum. 
(In Raumer, F. L. G. Ton. Hist. Taschenbuch. 
1830.) 905 1 

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de gestis regum Anglise; edited by John E. B. 
May<.r; 447-1066. London, 1863-9. 2 v. Q. 
facsim. (In (}t. Br.— Master of roUs. Chron. 
and mem. 30.) 942 8 

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p)l. map. 914.5 62 

La cisma de Inglaterra, see Calderon. v. 4. 

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ordinis S. Benedict!, 1282-1546; accedunt argu- 
menta diplomatum, 1237-1552. (In Westplia- 
leii,E. J. von.Monumenta, 1739-45, v. 4.)943 31 
Cisner, Niclaus, editor, see Aventinus, .T. 
Chronica. 1580. 943 30 

Cistellaria, see Plautns, T. M. ,v. 1. 
The Cistercian saints of England, see Newman, 
J. H., ct oilier s. 

CITIES. Fiistel de Coulanges, N. D. La cite 
antique. 6 edition. Paris, 1886. D. 352 1 

.SVi" also the names of the different cities; also BEIjGnJM; 

A citizen of the world, see Goldsmith, 0. 

CITIZENSHIP. GregoroYiiis, F. Alcuni cenni 
storici sulla citadinaiiza roniana. (In Rome — 
R. accad. dei lincei. Atti. 3 ser. sci. mor. v. 1, 
1876-7.) 065 5 

— Rii|?giero, E. de. Lo stato e il diritto di 
cittadinanza in Roma. (In Rome — R. accad. 
dei lincei. Atti. 3 ser. sci. mor. v. 1, 1876-7.) 

065 5 

La Ciucceide,poemma arrojeco, see Loniliardi,N. 

Ciiilu (proper??/ Vincenzo)o/ j4.Zcamo. II serven- 
tese, s herzo comico del 1347. Bologna, 1871. 
O. 80 p. 859 41 

By Giusto Grlon. 
— II sirventese; esercitazione critica del Giusto 
Grion. Padova, 1858. sqQ. 24 p. 859 41.1 

— Mlissafla, A. II sirventese; esercitazione del 
G. Grion. (In Jahrbucll rom. u. eng. Lit. v. 1, 
1859.) 805 1 

The civic garland , see Fairliolt, F. AV. 
CIVIL SERVICE. Marsli, G. P. Ofificial cor- 
ruption. (///World, N.Y., 15 June, 1860.) 080 33 

CIVILIZATION. Bereng'er, A. di. Dell' antica 
storia e giurisprudenza forestale in Italia. 
Treviso, 1859-63. O. pi. 551.58 85 

Same: Indici general!. Venezia, 1867. O. 

[4 +] 86 p. 551.58 85 

— Berg, C. H. E. von. Geschichte der deutschen 
Walder bis zum Schluss des Mittelalters; ein 
Beitrag zu Culturgeschichte. Dresden, 1871. 
O. 551.58 76 

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land. From 2 London edition. New York, 1862- 
3. 3 V. O. 942 4 




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civile e lo svolgimento universale. Roma, 1MT3. 
O. 901 1 

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ros siglos del cristianismo. 2 edicion. Madrid, 
1865. 4 v. O. 301 4 

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Firenze, 1864. O. 49 p. 5714 

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Vortrage. 15 Serie.) 043 1 

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Skizzen aus der Culturgeschichte. Leijizig, 
1875. O. 301 8 hound u-ith 7 

— Kohl, J. G. Panem! et circenses! oder, Be- 
trachtungen tiber die neuen Reformen in der 
Behausung, Kleidung, Nahrungs- und Vei'gnii- 
gungsweise der europMschen Volker und na- 
mentlich der Deutsclien. (In his Skizzen, 1851, 
V. 1.) 304 3 

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sais de critique historique. Paris, 1880. D. 

301 9 
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I'ancieune France. Paris, 1867. O. 551. 58 84 
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schengschlecht auf seinen gegenwartigen 
Standpunkte. Kopenhagen, 1827. D. 301 13 
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germanica. (In his Saggi. 1868.) 854 8 

— Zschokke, J. H. D. Civilisation, Demoralisa- 
tion und Todesstrafen. (In his Aehrenlese, 
1844, V. 1.) 833 32 


CIVITALI, Matteo, Varni, S. Delle opere di 
Civitali, scultore ed architetto luccbese, com- 
mentario. (In Society liglire. Atti. v. 4, 1866 ) 

945 48 
CLAIMS. Parrisli, R. A., jr. Details of an un- 
paid claim on France for 24,000,000 francs. 
Philadelphia, 1860. O. phot, facsim. map. 

336 6 

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Paris, 1880. D. 282 1 

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Memoires, 1857-81, v. 6.) 944 10 

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travels and discoveries in northern and central 
Africa, 1833-4. London, 1836. sqQ. il. pi. map. 

916.6 4 
Clarendon, Edward Hyde, 1st earl of. The his- 
tory of the rebellion and civil wars in England; 
added, An historical view of the affairs of Ire- 
land. New edition, with the suppressed pas- 
sages, also the unpublished notes of Bishop 
Warburton. Boston, 1837. 6 v. O. 942 22 

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cio, G. Ameto. 1520. 851 17 
Clarlf, Ewan. Pastorals, &c. (In Westmoreland 

and Cumberland dialects. 1839.) 829 1 

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to the Faroe islands and Iceland, map. (In 
Gallon, P. Vacation tourists, 1860.) 910 28 

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elements of the English language. New York, 
1863. D. 420 4 

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(In Gallon, F. Vacation tourists, 1860.) 910 38 
Clarke, Charles Cowden. Shakespeare charac- 
ters; chiefly those subordinate. London, 1863. 
O. por. 822 17 

With the author's auto^aph. 
Clarke, Charles Cowden, & Mary Victoria. 
(Novello) Cowden. Recollections of writers. 
London. 1878. D. facsim. 928 3 

Presentation copy to Mr. Marsh from the authors. 
Clarke, H. Wilherforce. The Persian manual: 
pt. 1, grammar; pt. 3, vocabulary, English and 
Persian. London; 1878. S. 491.5 4 

Clarke, John. Thorough draining as applied to 
a dead level. Long Sutton, 1844. D. [2+r46p. 

631 8 
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the investigations at Assos during 1881. (In 
Archteol. inst. of Amer. Papers, clas. ser. 1.) 

913 28 
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complete concordance to Shakspere. New 
York, 1846. O. 822 16 

— Honey from the weed; verses. London, 1881. 
D. 821 48 

— The trust and The remittance;two love stories 
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— &• Charles Cowden. Recollections of writers. 
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1814. 883 3 

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Grazzini, A. F. Le cene. 1857.) 853 15 


Ae^LKbv tCiv ap-^aidiv Kvplojv 6vo!J.arwv rijs fj.vdo\oyias, 
l<TToplas Kal 'y6ui-ypa<j>las. 'E^/Bi^cyij 1837. sqF. (In 
Gazis, A. A. AeM". 1835-7, v. 3.) 483 1 

Gescliichte der classischen Literatur im Mittel- 
alter. (In his Werke, 1821-30, v. 4-5.) 908. 3 
J. C. Table methodique en forme de catalogue 
raissonne. (/?i /ns Manual, 1860-5. ^. 5.) Oil 3 
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humaiues du ressort dela philosophie naturelle. 
(In Paris — Institnt— Acad. des. sei. Mem. v. 35. 
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T. .S73 16 

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Claudius, Matthias. Werke. 5 Auflage. Ham- 
burg, 1888. 4 V. D. (7. pi. S31 37 




CoHlcnts: 1-3. Asmus omnia seoum portans: oder, 
Sammtliche Werkedes WandsbeckerBothen. 4. Zugabe. 

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das ist, Seltsame uuJ Kurzweilige Geschiohten 
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D. 51 p. a. {Ill Volksbiicher, 39.) 833 23 
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0i3 1, 595 5 
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over Reformationen. Kisbenhavn, 1836. O. 

270 15 
— GrundlTig, N. F. S. Kirkens Gienmsele imod 
Clausen. 3 Oplag. Kj0beiihavn, 1835. D. 10+ 
45 p. 28-2 3 

Clanss0ii, Peder, Xorriges oc omliggende 0ers 
sandfjerdige Bescriffvelse. Ki0benhaifn, 1633. 
sqD. 914.8 13.1 

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Paris, 1863. D. 551.58 17 

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mains du 13e siecle. Paris, 1868. O. ;)u(j;.923 18 

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See also MADRAS. 

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f Ministers have an exclusive^power of com- 

\ municants from the sacrament. 
Whether -< ^^^ persons unordained may lawfully 

\ preach. 

/ The Lord's prayer ought not to he used by 

V all Christians. 

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For contents fee Peabody catalogue . 
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(In Cousinot, (i. Chron. de la Pucelle, is.^fl ) 

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Contents: Dr. Bosworth and his Saxon dictionary.— 
Life of St. Ni-ot [A.-S. and] Enslisli.— Postscript on Bos- 
worths dictionary.— Latin of to day.— Names of animals 
[Latm], 8. century.— Yule week [A.-S.].— Malchus[A.-S.]. 
— Kini; iBlfreds book of martyrstA.-.S.].— Wulfgeats will- 
—»tme : Interpretation.— IkSyologikal [A.-S.].— Worship 
of springs, trees & stones[A.-S.].— Blooms by King yEl- 

f red —Translation of a certificate of le hundreds of norff 
Hants.— Church dues [A.-S.]. 

No more published. 
— editor. Leechdoms, wortcunning and star- 
craft of early England ; documents illustrating 
the history of science belore the Norman con- 
quest. London, 1864-6. 3 t. Q. facsim. (In 
Gt, Br, Master of Rolls, Chron. and mem. 34.) 

942 8 
NarratiunculfB Anglice conscriptse. [Lon- 
don,] 1861. O. 4[+ 11-1-87 p. 829 10 

see the following publications of the 

Early English text society. 


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51. Lifladeof St, Juliana. 1H72. 

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459 18 
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^\ r.— Greek, 

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Contents : 1. Testo e le ohiose. 2. Appendici e 11" 
Vol. 2 not yet completed. 

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with author's autojjraph. 

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Odense, 1837. D. 933 4 




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7, pt.l.) — Sulla degenerazione dei nervi recisi. 
pi. (In same, v. 2, 1877-8, pt. 1.) 065 3 

— Ricerche sopra la recisione del nervo olf attorio 
delle rane. — L'influenza dell abbassamento di 
temperaturasullo&viluppo deir uovo di gallina. 
(In same. 3 Serie. v. 3, 1874-5.) — Ricerche ana- 
tomiche e fisiologiche sopra il liraccio dei ce- 
falopoch. j;/. (lii .'taine, v. 8. 1S75-6, pt. 2.)0(i5 4 

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For VI intents see HE.XKY V. 
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Coleccion de las cronioas y memorias de los 
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373 1 
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Cliemistry.— Licber, F. History and political science.— 
Davies, C. Jlathematirs.— Jiairne, 'C. M. Literature and 

— Inaugural addresses of Theodore W. Dwight. 
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— English: Memoirs, containing the history of 
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supplement, also The scandalous chronicle, and 
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&< o7,so.UIBEI!; BAR< Kl.ONA; BOKDEAl'X; <()LOMi:S; 




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Attributed to Compagni, but probably translated from 
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magicio l^ijo...pei'solerteMppra della compagnia 
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Bronze, 7 15 cm. in diameter; in case. 
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M. Gilk'.-i.ii^. New York, 1851. O. tab. alO 1 
See also POMI'IVISM. 

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4)»2.4 4- 

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El conde Lucanor, see Calderon. v.2; — Manuel, J. 




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First edition. The two volumes are paged consecu- 
tively; V. 8 ends with p. 448. 

The condition and fate of England, see Lester, 
C. E. 

The conduct of life, see Emerson, R. W. 
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Firenze. il. (In Rome— R.accad. dei lincei. 
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cropoli presso Orvieto nel 1863 da Domenico 
Golini. P'irenze, 186.5. F. 

750 3.3 bound with 726 9 

— Urne con bassi rilievi scoperte presso citta 
della Pieve; memoria. {Jn Oargani, G. Com- 
mentario della famiglia Forini. 1875.) 92!) 6 
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Portugailla. 1641.) 094 52 

—English: The historic of the uniting of Port- 
ugal to Castill. London, 1600. Q. 946 67 

Translated from the Italian by Edward Blount. 
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Andryane, A. Memoires d'un prisonnier d' 
etat. 1863.) 945 23 


/%e Protestant episcopal cliincU in the C. S. A. The book 
of common prayer. 1863; U. S. -HISTORY. 

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diretto per le confessioni della gente di campa- 
gne, cogli avvertimenti ai confessori. Monza, 
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China's. Berlin, 1880. 32 p. {In Virchow & 
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opere di editori diversi vehdibili nella tipo- 
grafia poliglotta. Roma, 1874. D. 35 p. 013 1 
— Catalogus editianum quae prodierunt ex 
typographia polyglotta. Romae, 1874. D. 56 p. 

013 1 
See also DATIS, J. D. 

Congregatio indicis. An exact reprint of the 
Roman Index expurgatorius, the only Vatican 
index of the kind ever published; edited, with 
a preface, by Richard Gibbings. Dublin, 1837. 
D 016 8 

The original rubricated title reads: Indicis librorum 
expurKandorum...tomu3 quo 50 auctorum libri 
praj oseteris desiderati emendantur, per F. Jo. Mariam 
BrasioheU...Rom8e, 1008. 

— Index librorum prohibitorum Gregorii XVI 
Jussu editus. Editio.. .ad annum 1862. Neapoli, 
1863. D. 016 10 

With appendixes, 1863-75, and newspaper clippings, 

— Index librorum prohibitorum Innoc. XI. 
jussu editus, usque ad 1681; accedit appendix 
usque ad 1704. Romee, 1704. D. 016 9 

With appendixes to 1750. 
— Marsh, U. P. Index librorum prohibitorum. 
{In Jolinson's cyclopaedia.) M main library. 
Congresso generale degli agricoltori italiani. 
IV congresso, in Ferrara, 1875: Atti ufficiali. 
Milano, 1877. O. viap. 630 29 

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to the memory of Congreve, with preface and 
notes'by P. Cunningham. London, 1843. D. 
32 p. {Ill Percy soc. v. 9.) 820 6 

CONGRUENCES. Bellavitis, G. Sulla risolu- 
zione delle congruenze numeriche, e sulle 
tavole che danno i logaritmi (iiidici)degliinteri ai vari moduli. {In Rome — R. accad. 
dei lincei. Atti. 3 ser. sci. fls. v. 1, 1876-7, pt. 2.' 

065 4 
— Serret, J. A. Memoire sur la theorie des con- 
gruences suivant un module premier et suivant 
une fonction modulaire irreductible. (hi Paris 
— Institut — Acad, des sci. Mem, v. 35, 1866.) 

551.58 59 

See also COMPLKXES. 

Coningsby, Sir Thomas. Journal of the siege 

of Rouen, 1591; edited by John Gough Nichols. 

1847. (In Camden misc. 1; in Camden soc. 39.) 

820 4 
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conjuration anterieures an 9e siecle. (In Revue 
des langues romanes. v. 5, 1874.) 479 5 

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rungen und Eroberungsrecht. Berlin, 1871. O. 
40 p. (In Virchow & Holtzendorff. Vortriige. 
6 Serie.) _ 043 1 

[Conquest of Ireland :] Anglo-Norman poem on 
the conquest of Ireland by Henry II. ; edited by 
Francisque Michel; with an introductory essay 
on the history of the conquest, by Thomas 
Wright. London, 1837. D. facsim. 841 14 

La conquete de Jerusalem, faisant suite k La 
chanson d'Antioche par le pelerin Richard; 
publiee par C. Hippeau. Paris, 1868. O. 841 28 

CONRAD IL, emperor of Germany. Wipo. 
Gesta Chuonradi II. ceteraque opera. Han- 
noverae, 1878. O. 12-f 81 p. (In Pertz, G. H. 
Script, rerum German. 9.) 943 16 

CONRAD \M.,enipror of Germany. La elezi- 
one di Corrado quarto in re de' Romani. 
Firenze [,1860]. O. 14[-f 11 p. 943 23 

Edition of 124 copies, no 55. The text is in facsimile. 
Conrad & Burchard,abt>oiso/ Usperga. Chroni- 
con. Hannoverae, 1874. O. (In Pertz, G. H. 
Script, rerum German. 3.) 943 16 

Conrad of Montpellier. Breve chronicon epi- 
sscoporum Ratisbonensium. (In Eckliard, J. G. 
von. Corpus liist., 1723, v. 2.) 943 13 

Conrad von WUrzburg. Otte mit dem Barte. 
— Daz Msereivon der Minne: oder, Daz Herze- 
msere. (In Lambel, H. Erziihiungen. 1873; 
in Pfeiffer, F. Deutsche Classiker. 12.) 831 15 




— Paitonopier und Meliur, Turnei von Nant- 
heiz, Sant Nicolaus, Lieder und Spriiche; aus 
dem Nachlasse von Franz Pfeiffer und Franz 
Roth herausgegeben von Karl Bartsch. Wein, 
1871. O. 831 53 

Conrad, Timothy Abbott. Description of the 
fossils of Syria, pi. (In Lynch, W. E. Official 
report of U. S. expedition to Dead Sea. 1853.) 

915.6 30 
—Fossil shells, pi. (In IJ. S. Kaval expedition 
to southern liemisphere, 1849-52. v. 8, 1855.) 

918.3 1 
Conrart, Valentin. Memoires, 1652-61. por. 
(In Michaud * Pouioulat. Memoires, 1866, 
V. 38.) 944 9 

Conscience, Hendrik. Avondstonden; verhalen, 
zedeschetsen en zinnebeelden. Antwerpen, 
,1846. D. 839.33 4 

— De baanwachter, zedenschets. Antwerpen, 
1873. D. j<l. 839.33 5 

— Bavo <-n Lieveken, geschiedenis van twee 
werkmanskinderen. Antwerpen, 1865. D. pi. 

839.33 6 
— Eenige bladzyden uit het bok der natuer. 
Antwerpen, 1846. O. pi. 504 3 

— Geschiedenis van graef Hugo van Craenhove 
en van zynen vriend Abulfaragus; historische 
tafereelen uit de 14de eeuw; met 30 platen op 
Chineesch papier doer Ed.Dujardin. Atwerpen, 
1845. ob. O. pi. 839.33 7 

— Een goed harl; zedenschets. Atwerpen, 
1873. D. [3+]76p. pi. 839.33 8 

— Koning Oriand; Vlaamsche heldensage. Ant- 
werpen, 1873. D. pi. 839.33 9 
— Lambrecht Hensmans. Antwerpen, 1847. 2 v. 
D. il. p>l. 839.33 10 
— De leeuw van Vlaenderen; of, De slag der 
gulden sporen. 3 uitgaef. Antwerpen, 1848. 
3v. S. pi. 839.33 U 
— De minnezanger; middeleeuwsche volkssage. 
Antwerpen, 1878. D. jjZ. 839.33 13 
— Siska van Eoosemael; ware geschiedenis. 2 
uitgael. Antwerpen, 1847. D. t7. jjZ. 839.33 13 
— Een slaohtoffer der moederlief de ; zedenschets. 
Antwerpen, 1873. D. 839.33 14 

— De twee vrienden; zedenschets. Antwerpen, 
1873. D. 839.33 15 

— Wat eene moederlyden kan; eene ware ge- 
schiedenis. 2 uitgaef. Antwerpen, 1844. Tt. 
il. 839.33 16 

— Een zeemanshuisgezin; verhaal. Antwer- 
pen, 1873. D. [3+]60 p. pi. 839.33 18 
CONSCIENCE. Fuller, T. The cause and cure 
of a wounded conscience. London, 1647. T. 

241 2 
— Parlter, T. The function and place of con- 
science in relation to the laws of men, a ser- 
mon for the times, 23 Sept. 1850. Boston, 1850. 
O. 40 p. 252 3.1 


CONSERVATISM. Prevost-Paradol, L. A. Les 

anciens partis. Paris, 1860. D. 48 p. 301 14 
I consiffli di Meneghino, commedia, see Masrari, 
C. M. » ' 

The consolidator, see Defoe, D. 


Johann Hus und die Synode von Constanz. 
Berlin, 1869. O. 44 p. (In Vu'chow & Hoi- 
tzendorff. Vortrage. 4 Serie.) 043 1, 270 11 

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olus des Constanzer Concils. Marburg, 1876. 
O. 270 11 

Constancio, Francisco Solano. Novo diccionario 
oritico e etymologico da lingua portugueza; 
precedido de huma introduc9ao grammatical. 
7 edi9ao. Paris, 1859. sqQ. 469 2 

Constant, emperor. Li oontes dou roi Constant 
I'empereur. ( Jn Moland, L. E. D., & Heri- 
cault, C. d.'Nouvelles du 13e siecle. 1856.)840 13 
Constantiniade, see Kava-rai^rnds. 
CONSTANTINOPLE. Alberti, T. Viaggio a 
Costantinopoli, 1609-31. Bologna, 1889. D. 
(In Scelta di curiosita. 281.) 850 10 

— Amicis, E. de. Costantinopoli. Milano, 
1877-8. 2 V. in 1. D. map. 914.9 41 

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tantinopoli, 1453; corredato per E. Cornet. Vi- 
enna, 1856. O. 6-1-82 p. 949 36 
— Cassel, P. Aus der Hagia Sophia. Erfurt, 
1856. O. 39 p. 726 5 
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tion. Paris, 1856. D. 914.9 42 
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Lugduni Batavorum, 1635. Tt. 094 20 

— Hellert, J. J. Plan de Constantinople et de 
ses faubourgs. Paris, 1836. 59x82 cm. in D. 

912 35 
^-K.03V(7TavTiVLds TraXatct Kai vecJrepa. "E/cSocts 2. 'Ej/ 
Koiv(TTavTtmvTr6\€i, 1844. O. lab. 914.9 44 

— French: Constantiniade, ou. Description de 
Constantinople ancieune et moderne, Con- 
stantinople, 1846. O. pi. 914.9 45 
— Krause, J. H. Die Eroberungen von Cnn- 
stantmopel im 13ten und 15ten Jaln-hundert. 
Halle, 1870. O. 949 43 

— Lacroix, F. Guide du voyager a Constanti- 
nople et dans ses environs. Paris, 1839. D 

914.9 43 
— Montaldo, A. di. Delia conquista di Costanti- 
nopoli per Maometto II nel 14.58; repubbli- 
cato dal C. Desimoni. (In Societa lig'ure.Atti. 
v. 10, 1874.) 945 48 

— Mordtinann, A. D. Belagerung und Erobe- 
rung Constantinopels duroh die Tiirken. 1453. 
Stuttgart, 1858. O. map. 949 43 

— Olivier, E. Plan de Constantinfiple. Con- 
stantinople, 1851, obF." 912 52 

In Turkish and French, each five sheets with title 
sheet. In portfolio 2. 

— Schiern, F. E. A. Bemasrkninger angaaende 
de af Kong Sigurd Jorsalafarer paa Sophie- 
kii'ken i Konstantinopel opsatte Drageflgurer; 
et Foredrag. Kj6benhavn[,1860]. O. [l-|-]18p. 
pi. 949 36 

— Smith, A. A month at Constantinople. Bos- 
ton, 1853. D. il. 914.9 46 
— TchikliatcheT, P. Le Bospore et Constanti- 
nople. Paris, 1864. Q. il. pi. maps. 914.9 47 
— Timoni, A. Petit guide du voyageur dans 
Constantmople. Yeni-Keuiu, 1841. D. 914.9 48 




— Villehardouin, G. de. La conquete de Con- 
stantinople; avec la Continuation de Henri 
Valenciennes; texte original acoompagne 
d'uue traduction par Natalis de Wailly. Paris, 
1873. Q. map. 949 44 

_ — De la conqueste de Constantinople. — Con- 
tinuation. {In Michaud & Poiyonlat. Memoires, 
1866, V. 1.) 944 9 

With a notice 'Sur la tondation de I'empire latin de 
Constantinople. Indication des sources et des docu- 
ments. ' 

CONSTANTINUS I., emperor of Rome. (Jaspa- 
rin, A. E. Innocent III, le sieck apostolique, 
Constantin. Paris, 1873. D. 270 10 

— Jacobus, St , of Sarug. L'onieli.i sul battesi- 
mo di Costantino imperatore; pubblicatii, tra- 
dotta ed annotata da A. L. Frothinghani, jr. 
{In Rome —II. accad. dei lincei. Atti. 3 ser. sci. 
mar v. 8, 1883.) , 066 5 

Constantinns I'Empereur, see L'Empereur, C. 
CONSTANTS. Mayer, J. R. Ueber die Bedeu- 
tung unveranderlicher Grossen. (In his Nat. 
Vortrage. 1871.) 536 2 



Consulate of the sea, see Barcelona. 
CONSUMPTION. Cornet, G. Wie schiitzt man 
sich gegen die Schwindsucht. 2 Auflage. Ham- 
burg, 1890. 40 p. (Ill Virchow * Hollzen- 
dorff. Vortrage. Neue Folge. 4.) 043 2 

II contadiiiel, lunari par 1' an 1873. [Naples, 
1873.] V. 18. D. 859 20 

COJiTAttlON. Lioy, P. I miasmi e le epidemie 
contagiose (In his Conferenze. 1873.) 

570 1 bound with 551.58 120 
See also ANOINTEES. 
Contarini, Gasparo. De republica Venetorum; 
et alii de eadem discursus politioi. Editio 3 
auctior. Lugd. Batavorum, ex offioina Elzevir- 
iana, 1638. Tt. 094 39 

— Crasso, N. In Jannotium et Contarenum 
notaj, (In Giannotti, D. Dialogi. 1631.) 094 62 
Contarini, Lorenzo. Relazione ... da Ferdi- 
naudo re de' Romani. 1548. (In A., E. Illustra- 
zioni del secolo 16. 1840.) 940 35 

Contarini, Tomaso. Relation de son ambassade 
dans Flandre, 1613; — Sommaire de Ja relation 
a son retour, 1613. (/nHagemans, Q. Relations 
d'ambassadeurs venitiens. 1865.) 914.9 16 

II contastorie, see Linares, V. 
Contejean, Charles. Les climats d'autrefois. 
(In Revue scientifique. 2 ser. v. 1, 1871, p. 
36-30.) 551.56 2 bound with 648 3 

La contenzione di mona Costanza, e di Biagio, 
see GianibuUari, B. 

Conterfet Kupflferstich deren jenigen regieren- 
den grossen Herren, von Kaysers Ferdinand des 
andern Geburt bis zu desselben Abschied. 
Leipzig, 1731. F. il.por. 923 3 

Les contes du gay savoir, see Laugl^, J. A. F. 
Couti, Cosinio. Ricerche storiche sull' arte 
degli arazzi in Firenze. Firenze, 1875. D. 677 3 
Conti, Giusto de'. La bella mano; e una rac- 
colta delle rime antiche di diversi Toscani. 
Nuova edizione, con prefazione e annotazioni 
fby Anton Maria Salvini]. Firenze, 1715. S. 
^ 851 30 

Conti, Pietro. Sulla resistenza di attrito. pi. 
(In Rome — R. accad. dei lincei. Atti. 3 ser. v. 2, 
1874-5.) 065 3 

Preceded by the report of a committee upon It. See 
also report on his 'Memoria sulla pietra Serena' in same 

Conti, Romolo. Sul pineto ravennate; notizie 
e pensieri. Ravenna, 1876. V- 551.58 88 

I conti d'Agliate, commedia. (In CoUezione 
Milanese, 1816-7, v. 10.; 869 15 
Conti di antichi cavalieri; per cura di Pietro 
Faufnni, con note. Firenze, 1851. O. 853 2 
Coutinl, Scipione. Patria e famiglia; poesie. 
3 edizione. Ferrara, 1879. O. 

851 31 bound ivith 12 

Coutopoulos, Nicholas, see Kontopoulos. 

II contrattempo; o, Chi la fa 1' aspetta, corn- 
media, see Goldoni, C. v. 20. 

Contzen, Karl WUlielm Heinrich. Forstliche 
Ze.itfragen. 3 vermehrte Auflage. Berlin, 1873. 
O. 551.58 18 

Contzen, Leopold. Die "Wanderungen der Kel- 
ten, historisoh-kritiscli dargelegt. Leipzig, 
1861. O. 936 1 

Conversation, A complete collection of genteel 
and ingenious, see Swift, J. v. 6. 
La conversation, poeme, see DeUUe, J. 
Conversatious-Lexikon, see Brockhaus, E. A. 
La conversione della Scozia, see Cecchi, G. M. 
II convito, see Dante Alighieri. 
Conway, Moncure Daniel. Introductory notes 
concerning Hawthorne and Brook farm. (In 
Hawthorne, N.Passages from note-books. 1869.) 

818 2 
COOK, Ccqjt. James. Meyer, A. B. Gediicht- 
nissrede auf Cook. Berlin, 1883. O. 32 p. 
(in Virchow (fc Holtzendorfif. Vortrage. 17Serie.) 

043 1 
Cook, Truman, compiler. Report of the engin- 
eer-in-chief of the U. 8. navy on instiuments 
adopted for the exp;insion of steam; testimoni- 
als [in favor of Sickels's cut-ofi], &c. Balti- 
more, 1848. O. 26 p. 621 7 
Cooke, JosiahParsons,jV. Scientific culture; ad- 
dress, 7 July 1875, at opening of summer cours- 
es in chemistry at Hai'vard university. London, 
1876. D. 37 p. 601 3 
Cooke, Matthew, editor, see Grosseteste, R. 
Carmina Anglo-Normannica. 1853. 841 19 

Cooley, William Desborough. Physical geog- 
raphy; or. The terraqueous globe and its phe- 
nomena. London, 1876. O. U. pi. maps. 561 15 
— editor, see Maynarde, T. Sir F. Drake his 
voyage. 1849. 973 19 

Cooper, Rev. Mr. A new history of England, 
10 edition, with additions. London, 1798. T. 

942 5 
Cooper, Anthony Ashley, 3rd earl of Shaftes- 
bury, see Shaftesbury. 

Cooper, James Graham. The influence of topo- 
graphy on our trees. [San Francisco, 1874.] 
O. 6 p. 551.58 48 

— On the distribution of the forests and trees 




of North America, with notes on its physical 
geography. [Washington, 1859.] O. 40 p. 
'ma'p. 551.58 53 

From Smithsonian report, 1858. 
Cooper, Joseph. Un continent perdu; ou, L' 
esclavage et la traite en Afrique, 1875: traduit 
de I'anglais, et contenant una preface de Ed. 
Laboulaye. Paris, 187(5. Q. map. 326 3 

€ooper, Thompson. Men of the time ; a dic- 
tionary of contemporaries. 13 edition, revised 
by FThomas Humphrey Ward]. London, 1887. 
D 920 19 

Cooper, William Durrani, editor. Lists of for- 
eign protestants and aliens resident in England, 
1618-88. [London,] 1862. sqO. (/m Camden 
soc. 81.) 820 4 

see also the following publications of the 

Camden society: 820 4 

■55. Trelamiy papers. 1858. 

71. Saville correspondence. 1858. 

',%. Walnijsle.v, T. Expenses. 1858. 

COOPER.ITIOS. Channing, W. E. Remarks ou 

associations. (In his Works, 1844, v. 1.) 208 2 

—Duval, J. Lessocietes cooperatives. {In Th6- 
Teuin, t. Cours d' econ. indust. 3 serie. 1866.) 

330 18 

— Veron. E. Les associations ouvrieres de con- 
sommation, de credit etde production en An- 
gleterre, en Allemagne et en France. Paris, 
1865. D. 334 3 

La copa de marfil, espectaculo tragica, see 
Zorrilla. v. 3. 

Copenhagen. Jura statutaria civitatum Hafnise 
& Helsingorse, 1443. (In Westphalen, E. J. 
von. Mouumenta, 1839-45, v. 4.) 943 31 


Historiske Efterretninger om det store konge- 
lige Bibliothek. Kjobenhavn, 1835. O. 027 5 


Bidrag til det Kongelige danske Theaters og 
Kapels Historie. — Theatrets Oekonomie i de 
sidste tre Decennier. tab. {In his For Hi- 
storie, 1823-5, V. 3.) 948 66 
— Kongelige nordiske Oldskrift-Selskah. Aar- 
b0ger for nordisk Oldkyndighed og Historie, 
1866-89. Kjobenhavn [,1866-89]. v. 1-34. O. 
il. pi. tab. maps. 948 5 

Each volume contains Tillgeg. 1885 contains author 
index, 1866-86. 

Americas arotiske Landes gamle Geogra- 

phie, see Rafn, C. C. 

Annaler for nordisk Oldkyndighed, 1836- 

63. Kj0benhavn [,1837-64]. 23 v. O. il. pi. 
facsim. maps. 948 3 
Antiquarisk Tidsskrift, 1843-63. Kjoben- 
havn, 184.5-64. 7 V. O. il. pi. maps. 948 4 

Antiquitates Americanee, — Antiquites 

americaines, — Antiquites russes, see Rafn, C. C. 

Atlas de I'archcologie du nord, represen- 

tant des echantillons de I'age de bronze et de 
I'age de fer. Copenhague, 1857-60. F.« 8 p. 
pi. & Texte. O. 913 53 

For the text in Danish see the society's Annaler, v. 15-16, 
1855-6. 948 2 

For the text in French see the society's Memoires, v. 4, 
1850-60. 948 3 

Fornmanna sogur; eptir gomlum handri- 

tum utgefnar a3 tilhlutun bins Norrsena forn- 
freeSa felags. Kaupmannahafn, 1825-37. 13 v. 
O. facsim. 839.63 7 

Contents: 1-S. Saga Olaft lioniings Tryggvasonar. 
4-5. Saga Olaft kontines hins helga. 6. Saea Magniisar 
g(53a okHaraldsharSrMaok sona nans. 7. Sogur Noregs 
koniinga (ra Slagniisi berfsetta til JIagiiuss Erlingssonar. 
8, Saga Sverrls komings. 9, Sogur Hakonar Sverrissonar 
til Hikonar HSkonarsonar. 10. Sogur Hakonar Hiko- 
narsonar, o. s. fr. 11. Jomsvildngasaga ok Knj-tUiigasaga. 
la.Rikisar konunga.— Aratal — Utskiring visanna.— Sta- 
da-registr.— Hluta-registr.— Orda-registr. 

Danish: Oldnordiske Sagaer, udgivne i 

Overssettelse af det Selskab. Kjobenliavn, 
1836-37. 13 V. O. 839.63 17 

Latin: Scripta historica Islandorum de 

rebus gestis Borealium; Latine reddita et ap- 
paratu critico instructa. curante Societate regia 
antiquariorum Septentrionalium. Hafniae, 
1838-46. 13 V. O. tab. 839.63 18 
Gi-onlands historiske Mindesmserker. Kjo- 
benhavn, 1838-45. 3 V. O. pi. maps. 839.63 36 

Historisch-antiquarische Mittheilungen. 

Kopenhagen, 1835. O. il. 839.6 4 

Contents : Kliiller, P. E. tJber den TJrsprung, die Blilthe 
und den Untergang der islandischen Qeschiohtsschrei- 
bung. — Kurzgefasste ^bersicht iiber nordische Alterthii- 
mer aus der heidnischen Zeit. 

Historiske Forteellinger om Isleendemes 

Fferd, see Petersen, N. M., editor. 

Islendlnga sogur, eptir gomlum handritum 

utgefnar at tilhlutun hins Konungliga norraena 
fornfrasSa felags. Kaupmannahofn, 1829-30. 
3v. O. 839.63 8 

Contents : 1. Thorgilsson, A. fslendlngabfik.— Islands 
landn^mab<5k. — HeiVarvigasbgu brot.— OLifssoii, J. Agrip 
TigastjTssogu ok fyrra parts HeiJarvigarsogu. 2. 
L.i6svetninga saga. 

Islendinga sogur; udgivne efter gamle 

Haandskrifter af det Selskab. Kjobenhavn, 
1843-7. 3 V. O. facsim. tab. map. 839.63 9 

Contents : 1. Thorgilsson, A. fslendlngabfik.— Land- 
nimabfik. — ViBbsetir. 2. Harff ar saga Grimkelssonar ok 
Geirs.— Hsensa-Ioris saga.— Sagan a: HraM ok Gunnlaugi 
ormstfagu.— Saga af Viga-Styr cvk HeiSarvigum — 
Kjalnesinga-saga.— ViSbEEtir.— Svarfdaela saga.— Tallaljots 
saga.— Venunidar saga okVigasktitu. — Vigaglums saga. 

For V. 3 see Xjiila. 1875. 

Hid konungliga norraena fornfrsedafelag, 

lann 1. januar, 1836, '38, '41, '45, '50, '53, '55, 
'58, '60, '61, '64. [Copenhagen, 1845-64.] 10 v. 
O. 948 4 

Bound with the corresponding volumes of the Anti- 
quarisk Tidsskrift, except 1836, ^8, '41, which were pub- 
lished with Stance annuelle. Sotne years have the title 
in French. "Soci6t6 royale des antiquaires du nord, le 
premier Janvier." 

Ledetraad til nordisk Olkyndighed. Kj0- 

benhaven, 1836. O. il. 913 53.1 

English: Guide to northern arohseology; 

edited for English readers by the earl of Elles- 
mere. London, 1848. O. 913 53 

German. Leitfaden zur nordischen Alter- 

thumskunde. Kopenhagen, 1837. O. il. 913 52.3 

Memoires de la Sooiete royale des antiquai- 

res du nord, 1836-60. Copenhague [,1838-61]. 
4 V. O. il. pi. facsim. maps. 948 3 
Same. Nouvelle serie, 1866-89. Copen- 
hague [, 1866-89]. V. 1-4. O. il. por. pi. 948 8 

[Miscellaneous pamphlets:] Royal society 

of northern antiquaries after its re-organiza- 
tion in April 1865. 4 p. — American section. 8 p. 




— British and Irish section. 4 p. — [Notice of 
re-organization,] Oct., 1867. 1 p. 948 1 

Njala; udgivet af det Selskab. Koben- 

havn, 1875. v. 1. O. 839.63 55.1 

FormiiiK v. 3 of the society's Islendinga S0gur. Edited 
by K. Gisiason and E. Jonsson. 

■ Nordisk Tidsskrift for Oldkyndighed. 

Kjobenhavn, 1832-6. 3 v. O. 948 1.3 

Vol. 3 contains 'Register. isa3r antiquarisk, over dette 
Tidsskritts 1-3 Bd. Off Autiquiuiske -Vunalei 1-4 Bd.' 

Oiii nordiske Oldsager og deres Opbeva- 

ring. Kjabenhavn, 1831. O. 16 p. 94S 1 

Seance annuelle, 1837, '38, '39, '48-51, '48- 

53, '51, '60, '63. [Copenhague, 1837-63.] 7 v. 
O. il. 948 1 

Some years are in English; 1848-53 Is in German ; 18.39 is 
also in Danish. The numbers contain notices of the 
society's publications, and other miscellaneous matter. 
Aarsmode, 1844-62, are in Antiquarisk Tidsskrift; 1863-80 
are in Tillaeg til Aarb0ffer. 

Giesebrecht, L, Uebei- die Konigliche 

Gesellschaft tiir nordisohe Alterthumskundezu 
Kopeiihagen. Stettin, 1828. O. 19 p. 948 1 
— Universitet. Aarbog for 1837-8; udgivet af 
Hannibal Peter Selmer. Kjobenliavn [,1838-9]. 
3v. Q. 378 8 

Academiae Hafniensis leges ab archiepi- 

scopo Lundensi Johanne Brostorp sancita?, cum 
aliis. — Statuta facultatis utriusque juris, cum 
annotatis. — Diploma Johannis ai-chiepiscopi 
Lundensis de universitate Hafniensi, 1479. {In 
Langebek, J. Script, rerum Dan., 1778-1834, 
V. 8.) 948 76 

Nyernp, R. KJ0benhavus Universitets An- 

naler fra Reforraationen af og til 1805. {In his 
Hist.-statistisk Skildring, 1803-6, v. 3, pt. 3.) 

948 14 
— Vor Frue Klrke. Transcriptum de bonis pre- 
bendarum canonicalium in ecclesia Haffnensi, 
1436. — Reliquiee intimandae in festo reliquia- 
rum.— Reliquiaria in festo reliquiarum.— No- 
tata in fronte variorum librorum in bibliotheca 
deperdita ecclesise b. Virginis Hafnife. — Obitu- 
arium ecclesise. (In Lang'ebek, J. Script, 
rerum Dan., 1772-1834, v. 8.) 948 76 

— Callisen, H. Physisk niedizinske Betragtning- 
er over Kiobenhavn. Kiobenhavn, 1807-9. 
3 V. D. 312 1 

— Engelstoft, L. Kiobenhavns Stilling og Faj-er 
i Sommeren 1700: eD Bidrag til danske Land- 
og S0ekrigshistorie. maj}. (in /us Historisk Ca- 
lender, 1814-17, V. 1.) 948 58 
— Heise, A. Det asldste Kjobenhavn og den 
nyere Gtranskning; til A. D. Jorgensen. (In 
Copenhagen— K. nord. Old. -Selskab. Aarlioger. 
V. 17, 1888.) 948 5 
—Jones, R. Conenhagen and its environs. Co- 
penhagen, 1839". D. pi. map. 914.8 37 
— J0rffensen, A. D. Det EeldsteKgbenhavn. (In 
Copenhag'en— K. nord. Old.-Selskab. Aarb0ger. 
V. 7, 1878; v. 18, 1877; v. 16, 1881.) 948 5 
^Kj0benhavn og dets Omegn. pi. map. {In 
Danske Atlas. 1833.) 914.8 38 
— Jfyenip, R. Kj0benhavns Beskrivelse. Kjo- 
benhavn, 1800. D. 914.8 39 
— Pontoppidail, E. Origines Hafnienses; eller, 
Kiobenhavn forestillet i sin Oprindelige Til- 
stand, indtil dette seculi Begyndelse. Ki0ben- 
havn, 1760. sqO. pi. maps. 948 99 

With 'Tilhseng bestaande i tvendeJord-B0ger og andre 

— Sterni, S. Statistisk-topographisk Beskrivelse 
over Kjobenhavn. Kjobenhavn, 1839. pt. 1. 
O. tab. map. 914.8 41 
— Thaarnp, F. Kopenhagen, mit der Umge- 
geud. Kopenhagen, 1888. T. pi. map. 914.8 40 
Same. Berichtigungen und Zusiitze. Ko- 
penhagen, 1831. T. 43 p. tab. 914.8 40 
See also PRISOXS. 

Copernicus, Nicholas (Oerman Jfiklas Kopper- 
nigk). Monetecudende ratio [Latin and French]. 
(Ill Oresrae, N. Traictie. 1864.) 332 5 

— Nicolaus Copernicus; sein Leben und seine 
Lehre. Berlin, 1855. O. [2-f]68 p. (In Fort- 
schritte der Naturwiss, 1.) 925 1 

(lopley, Anthony. A fig for fortune. [Manches- 
ter,] laft::!. sqO. [8-l-]74p. (In Spenser soc. 
Pub. 35.) 821 3 

COPPER. Pellatl, JJ. Sul metodo Zoppi di ce- 
mentHzione delle soluzioni cuprifere in Agordo. 
pi. {In Rome— R.accad. dei lincei. Atti. 2 ser. 
V. 3, iy75-6, V. 2.) 0G5 3 

Coppetta, Francesco. Capitoli. {In Berni, F. 
Opere burlesche, 1760, v. 2.) 857 3 

Coppi, A. Notizie di un quadro di Correggio. 
Roma, 1845. O. [3-l-]12p. 755 3 

Coppi, Ettore. Le universita italiane nel medio 
evo. 3 edizioneaccresciuta. Firenze, 1880. O. 

378 3 
COPYRIGHT. Arnold, M. (In his Irish essays. 
1883.) 824 3 

— Seuffert, L. Das Autorrecht an literarischen 
Erzeugnissen. Berlin, 1873. O. 44 p. (In 
Virchow & Holtzendorff. Vortriige. 8 Serie. ) 

043 1 
— Webster, N. Origin of the copy-right laws of 
the U. S. (In his Collection of papers. 1843.) 

814 15.1 
Coq, Paul. Le credit. (In Th^venin, E. Cours 
d'eoon. indust. 4 serie. 1866.) 330 18 

Le coq de clocher, see Reybaud, M. R. 1. 
Coquerelj Athanase Josue. Jean Calas et sa 
famille, etude historique. Paris, 18 8. D. ))0i\ 

922 24 
Coquerel, Charles Augiistin. Histoire des ej^li- 
ses du desert ches les protestants de Fiance. 
Paris, 1841. 8 v. O. 2s4 8 

Cora, Gnido. Da Brindisi a Bombay attraverso 
il canale di Suez. Casale, 1869. Q. 626 9 

— Note illustrative intorno alia Carta altimetri- 
ca e batometrica dell' Italia. Torino, 1888. Q. 
11 p. ina^j. (In Cosmos: Sup. 3.) 910 48 

—editor, see Cosmos. 1873-88. 910 48 

Corals. Munter, A. H. A. J. Ueber Corallen- 
thiere. Berlin, 1873. O. 30 p. pi. (la Vir- 
chow (fc Holtzendorfl". Vortriige. 7 Serie.) 043 1 
Corancez, Olivier de. De J. J. Rousseau. (In 
Barriere & Lescure. Memoires, 1857-81, v. 37.) 

944 10 
CORAY, Diamant, see KORAES, A. 
Corazzi, tfustavo. Panorama della strada fer- 
rata delle Alpi cozie, Moncenisio. Firenze, 
[187-]. O. 7 p. 622 13 

Corazzini, Francesco. Appunti storici e filolo- 
gici su la valle tiberina superiore. Sansepolcro, 
1874. Q. 457 80 




— Una quistione su la storia della lingua. Bo- 
logna, 1875. O. eap. 457 2 
— Relazione ai soci pvomotori della Societa di- 
alettologica italiana. Benerento, 1876. O. 
48 p. 457 3 
— editor. Jliscellanea di cose inedite o rare. 
Firenze, 1S53. D. SoO 8 

[Tundale:| Visione di Tugdalo. 1872. {In 

Scelta di curiosita. 138.) 850 10 

Corbera, Esteban.Catalunaillustiada; coregida 
y anadida. Napoles, 1678. F. 946 46 

Corbett, A. F. The climate and resourceb of 
upper India, and suggestions for their improve- 
ment. London, 1874. O. 551.56 5 
CORBIAt, Pierre de. Bartsch, K. F. Le 
tresor de ir". de Corbiac en vers proven9aux; par 
Sachs. (In Jahrbuch rom. u. eng. Lit. t. 4, 
1863.) 805 1 
CORE.i. Hall, B. {In his Voyage to the east- 
ern seas. 1837.) 915.1 2 
C'oret, Jacciues. La sainte union de celibat, de 
mariage, de veuvage et de religion dans la 
sainte Catherine de Suede. 3 edition. Lille. 
1678. sqO. pi. iltp. 922 3.5 
CORFU. Dionisotti, C^ editor. Carlo Botta a 
Corfu; scritti inediti. Torino, 187.3. Q. 92.S 10 

— Partsch, J. Die Insel Korfu; eine geo- 
graphische Monographie. Gotha, 1887. sqQ. 
maps. (In Petermanns Mttlieiliing'eii: Ergan- 
zungsband 19.) 910 44 

— Straiigford, E. A. B. S., viscountess. A few 
words on Corfu politics. (In her Eastern shores 
of the Adriatic. 1864.) 914.9 31 

Ste also (iUILDFOED, F. A. X., earl of. 
Coriat, Thomas, see Coryat. 
Coriune: ou, L' Italic, see Stael-Holstem, A. 
L. (J. N. de. 

Corio, Francesco Girolaino. Poesie. {In Col- 
lezione milanese, 1816-7, v. 9.) 859 15 

Coriolan!is,The tragedy of, see Shakespeare, W, 
Cormenin, Louis Marie de la Haye, vicomte de. 
Livre des orateuis. 18 edition, augmentee. 
Paris, l.'^69. 2 v. O. por. ,S45 1 

— Pamphlets anciens et nouveaux. Paris, 1870. 
O. 944 43 

The pamphlets are divided as follows: Monarchie de 
18.30;— La .st_'c<'Dde r6publique;—SeL'ond empire; — (rallica- 
uisme et liberty reli^ieuse. 

Cormiiias, Jiiau. Suplemento a las Memorias 
para ayudar a foiinar un diccionario de las 
escritores catalanes, que publico Felix Torres 
Amat. Burgos, 1849. O. 869 1 

Cornalia, Eiiiilio, * others. Fauna d'ltalia. 
Milano [,187-]. Q, {In L'ltalia. Parte 3.)914.5 6 
Contents: Cornalia, E. Catalogro descrittivo del mammi- 
feri.— Salviidiiri. T. UceUi.— Ciiiicstrini, G. Pesoi.— Betta. 
E. (le. Eettili ed anfibi. 

Coruaro, Lui^i. A treatise on temperance and 
sobriety. {In Herbert, G. Remains. 1836. )82S 14 
Cornazano, Antonio. Proverbii in facetie. Bo- 
logna, 1865. D. i7. (■/« Scelta di curiosita. 63.) 

850 10 

Contents: Proverbii.— Novella ditta La ducale — Dla- 
logo tra il Senso e la Ragione.— Dialogo de un philoso- 
pho che contrasta con un pedocchio. 

CorneliaWildschut, seeWoH, E. B., & Deken, A. 

€OR>'ELIT]S, Peter Ton. Forster, E. J. Peter 
von Cornelius, ein Lebensbild. Berlin, 1875. 
O. 33 p. (In Til-chow <& Holtzendorf.Vortrage. 
10 Serie.) 043 1 

Corner, Hermann. Chronica novella ad 1435. 
{In Eckhard, J. G. Ton. Corpus hist., 1733, 
V. 3.) 943 13 

Cornet, Enrico. Guicciarnini'sunedirteWerke; 
1 : seine Considerazioni und Ricordi. (In Jahr- 
buch rom. u eng. Lit. v. 2, 1860.) 805 1 
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Content.^: \.-2. F. de Ocampo. .3-10. A. de Morales. 
11-li. P. de Sandoval. 
For fuller list of contents «« Ticknor catalogue, p. 108. 

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616 17 
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Sa also 0hlcnschl5ger, A. G. Tragodier. v. 4. 




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314 4 
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627 3 
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Contmls; 1. Micco Passaro nnammorato.— Ln Cerri" 
glio noantato.— Viaifgio di Parnaso. 2. La Va.iasseide; 
annotazioni e una difesa per B. Zito. S. La Kosa.— Li 
travagliuse ammure de Cubio e Perna.— Lettere. 

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The first edition, more commonly found with the title 
C'oryats crudities, etc. 

— Coryat's crudities; reprinted from the edition 
of 1611; added, his letters from India, &c., and 
extracts relating to him, from various authors. 
London, 1776. 3 v. O. 914 3 

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ence; with other papers illustrative of his lifs 
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A translation of the riepl kouij-ov attributed to Aristotle. 
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604 1 hound with 600 3 
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Beziehung auf Wilhelm von Conches. Wien, 
1874. O. [3-|-]95 p. 113 1 

See also SPACE. 
Cosmos; .communicazioni sui progressi della 
geograiia e dells scienze affini, di Guido Cora. 
Torino, 1873-88. v. 1-9. Q. iiuqis. 910 48 

— Supplemento. Torino, 1884-8. v. 1-3. Q. map. 

910 48 

Contents; 1. BlarlnelU, (J. Sap:Kio di altimetria- -. Cora, 
<«. Note alia Carta alt imetrica deir Italia, map. 

Cossa, Alfonso. Sul fluoruro di magnesio. ■ {In 
Rome— R. accad. del lincei. Atti. 3 ser. soi. 
fls. V. 1, 1876-7, pt. 1.)— Ricerche chimiclie 
su mineral! e roccie dell' isola di Vulcano. — 
Sulla diabase peridotifera di Mosso nel Biellese. 
(/n ,sa?7ie. V. 2, 1877-8, pt. 1.)— Sul serpentine 
di Verraye.s in Valle d'Aosta. pZ. {In same. v. 
3, pt. 3.) — Sulia diffusione del csrio,dsl lantano 
e del didimio. pZ. {In saine. v. 3, 1878-9.) — 
Sulla composizione di alcuni serpentini della 
Toscana. — Sulla eufotida d'Elba. — Sul tungsta- 
to neutro di cerio; nota del Cossa e M. Zecchini. 
{In savif. V. 5, 1879-80.) 065 4 

— Sulla predazzite periolasifera del Monte Som- 
ma. — Sulla diorite quarzifera porflroide di Cos- 
sato nel Biellese. pi. {In same. 3 ser. v. 3, 
1875-6, pt. 3.) 065 3 

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Gotha, 1883. sqQ. [3-l-]39 p. map. {In Pe- 
termanns Mittheilungen: Ergiinzungsband 16.) 

910 44 




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azioue eroico-mitica. Firenze [,1852]. D. 8 p. 

852 1 
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Silva, A, de, Historia de Portugal. 1809. 946 66 
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Eemaines. 1638.) 420 3 

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poems on costume, 13-19 century. London, 
1849. D. il. (In Percy soc. v. 27.) 820 6 
— MaimOjA.Documentiper uuastoriadel vivere 
e del vestire in Piemonte. (M Curiosita di 
storia subalpina. v. 2, 1876.) 945 43 

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ary, with English and French [by Robert 
Sherwood]; added, animadversions of James 
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tae. {In Coutarini, G. De republica Veneto- 
rum. 1628.) 094 39 

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IS'jS. 2 T. in 1. O. 554.3 1 

—Die Geologie der Gegenwart. Leipzig, 1866. 
O. il. 551 3 

— d- others. Brief e iiber Humboldt's Kosmos; 
ein Commentar zu diesem Werke. Leipzig, 
1848-60. 4v. O. maps. 55125 

— Same: Supplement-Theil: Humboldt's wis- 
senschaftliches Leben und Wirkeii, von W. C. 
Wittwer, Leipzig, 1870. O. por. facsim. 551 25 
Cotta, Fabio, translator, see Onosander. Dell' 
arte della guerra. 1863. (/ji Bibl. rara. 4.) 

850 3 
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1616. D. 133 6 

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4-19-1298; necnon ejusdem Liber de archiepi- 
scopis et episcopis Angliae: edited by Henry 
Richards Luard. London, 1859. Q. " facsim. 
(In Gt Br.— Master of KolLs. Chron. and mem. 
16.) 942 8 

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dowment of research. 1876.) " 378 3 
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baptisme of children. London, 1647. D. 265 2 
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del cotone secondo le antiche pratiche di Ter- 
ranova in Sicilia. Torino, 1864. 92 p. 633 4 
— James, C. T. Practical hints on the compar- 
ative cost of the culture of cotton and of its 
manufacture. Providence, 1849. O. 338 3 
— Reybaud, M. B. L. Le coton; son regime, ses 
problemes, son influence en Europe. Paris, 1863. 
*-*■ 677 4 
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de Coulanges. 

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del concilio di Basilea. 2 edizione. Firenze, 
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[pseud.]. Torino, 1869. O. 282 27.2 

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traditionnel et Uberal. Berne, 1878. O. 262 9 
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zig, 1873. O. [7-f ] 52 p. 322 7 
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il concilio' vaticano, per PomponioLeto [pseud.]. 
Firenze, 1873. D. 282 9 

Con lit Julian, see Landor, W. S. 

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usure. (In Thevenin, E. Cours d' econ. indust. 
4Serie. 1866.) 330 18 

Courier de M6re, Paul Louis. CEuvres com- 
pletes. NouveUe edition. Bruxelles, 1833. O. 
pior. facsim. 848 3 

Contents; 1. Pamphlets politiqutes. i. Pamphlets po- 
litiques et opuscules. 3. Traductions. 4. Lettres medites. 

The volume contains a ms. table of contents by Mr. 
^larsh. A note states that the book was "much studied 
for style" by him. 

— OduscoU politici; voltati in italiano da Gaeta- 
no Bernardi. Napoli, 1861. O. 320 4 

— Fnria, F. del. Delia scoperta esubitanea per- 
dita di una parte inedita del primo libro de' 
Pastorali di Longo. [Firenze, 1810.] O. 24 p. 
facsim. 888 52.1 

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niss zu seiner Zeit. (hi RaHmer,F. L. Gr. von. 
Hist. Taschenbuch. 1830.) 905 1 

Le courrier de Vaugelas, journal bi-mensuel, 
cousacre a la propagation universelle de la 
langue fran9aise. Paris, 1808-75. v. 1-5 in 1 v. 
Q. 440 3 

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toine Court; ou. Episode de i'histoire des eglises 
du desert Cevenol, 1713-60. Toulous'e, 1863. 
D. 922 27 

The court and country, byX. B., see Breton, N. 
COURT LIFE. Toigt, J. Fiirstenleben und 
Fiirsteusitte im 16ten Jahrhundert. (In Ran- 
mer, F. L. 6, von. Hist. Taschenbuch. 1835.) 

905 1 
Old court life in France, see EUiot, F. 
COURTIERS. Castiglione, B. Ilcortegiano; ri- 
veduta da A. Ciccarelli. Venetia, 1584. S. 395 1 

English: The courtier; done ino English 

by Thomas Hobby. London, 1577. D. 395 2 
— Chartier, A. The curial ; translated by W.Cax- 
ton. 1484; edited by F. J. Furnivall. London, 
1888. O. 8+20 p. (In E. E. text soc. Extra 
ser. .54.) 820 5.1 

— Tasso, T. II Malpiglio; owero, Della corte. 
(In his Dialoghi, 1822, v. 2.) 851 117 

COURTS. Ancharano, P. d.' Incipit repeticio 
c[apituli] postulasti de foro compe[tenti circa 
punitionem delictorum & bonorum delinquen- 
cium cotiscationem]. Bononie, 1474. F. [12] p. 

093 2 
See also Walniysley, T. 




Courval, — vicomte de. Das Aufasten der Wald- 
baume; aus dem Franzbsischen von C. J. W. 
Hoffler. Berlin, 1865. O. 7 + 74 [+1] p. pi. 

561,58 20 
Coiisinot, Gulllaiinie, of Montreuil. Chronique 
de la T'ucelle. {In liiicliou, J. A. C. Choix de 
chroniques, 15e sieele. 1838.) 944 17 

— Chronique de la Pucelle, suivie de La chroni- 
que norniande de P. Cochon, relatives aux 
regnes de Charles VI et de Charles VII; pu- 
bliees, avec notices, notes et developpements par 
Vallet de Viriville. Paris, 1859. D. 944 18 
Contliaiid, E. MonographiedeDornholzhausen, 
colonic vaudoise en Allemagne. Hombourg- 
es-Monts, 1864. O. 943 39 

— Precis chronologique de I'histoire des val- 
lees vaudoises, servant d'introduction a la 
Monographic de Dornholzhausen. Hombourg, 
L1861]. O. 4+78r+lJp. map. 943 39 

Coiito, Diogo do, & Barros, J. de. Da Asia; 
[dos feitos, que os Portuguezes fizeram na con- 
quista e descubrimento das terras e mares do 
oriente]. Nova edi9ao. Lisboa, 1777-88. 24 v. 
S. por. maps. 954 2-3 

The last IS volumes are by Couto. The final volume 
contains an index. 

— Severiin da Faria, M. Vida de D. do Couto. 
(/nftis Discursos. 1791.) 914.6 14 

Conziiii6 J. P. Dictionnaire de la langue ro- 
mano-castraise et des contrees limitrophts. 
Castres, 1850. Q. 449 5 

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cal collections of Walter of Coventry; edited 
by William Stubbs. London, 1872-3. 3 v. Q. 
(in tit. Br.— Master of rolls. Chron. and mem. 
58.) 942 8 

Coverdale, Myles, bishop of Exeter, tra,ns\-Atov, 
see Bible— Ens^lish. 220 8 

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edizione. Torino, 1871. D. pi. maps. 622 11 
Cowell, Edward Byles, aunotatoi', see Elpliin- 
Stone, M. History of India. 1874. 934 1 

Cowell, J. J. The Graian Alps and Mount 
Iseran. map. (In Galton, P. Vacation tour- 
ists, 1860.) 910 28 
Cowper, Joseph Meadows, editor, see the fol- 
lowing publications of the Early English text 


48. v. U., gent. The times' wliistle. 1871. 

60. Boiiayeiitiini, St. Meditations. 1875. 

EXTRA SERIES. 820 5.1 

12. Stiirkey, T. England [under] Henry VIII. pt. 2, 1871. 

13. Supplycacion to Henry eyght [etc.]. 1871. 
15. Crowley, R. Select works. 1872. 

22. Briiiklow, H. Complaynt of E. Mors. 1874. 

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Cowper. I In Nnova antologia, v. 51, 1880.) 

851 53 
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icism. [New York, J 1875- O. 94 p. 404 1 
Cox, George William, * Brande, AV. T.,editors. 
A dictionary of science, literature and art. 
New edition. London, 1865-7. 3 v. O. 032 1 
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O. por. 922 17 

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From 3 London edition, revised. New York. 
1826. O. 424 1 

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letters, journals and life, by his son. London, 
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Craik, George Lillie. A compendious history 
of English literature and language, from the 
Norman conquest. London, 1861. 2 fr. O. 820 14 
— The English of Shakespeare illustrated in a 
philological commentary on his Julius Cffisar. 
London, 1857. D. 822 19 

— Outlines of the history of the English lan- 
guage. 3 edition. London, 1859. D. 420 5 
— Paris and its historical scenes. Boston, 1831. 
V. 1, S. U. pi. map). (Lib. of entertaining knl.) 

914.4 11 

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eine Goethe'sche Confession. Berlin, 1874. O. 
33 p. {In Vlrchow & Holtzendorff. Vortrage. 
9Serie.) 043 1 

Cramer, John Anthony, editor & translator, 
see Nucius, N. Second book of travels. 1841. 
{In Camden soc. 17.) 820 4 

Cranmer, Thomas, archbishop of Caiilerbury. 
Catecbismus, see A short instruction into (chris- 
tian religion. 1829. 241 1 
— The lyfe and death of Cranmer. {In Nichols, 
J. G. Narratives. 1859; in Camden soc. 77.) 820 4 
— Morice, B. Anecdotes and character of 
Cranmer. — Cranmer and Canterbury school. 
(In same.) 820 4 
Crasso, Nicola, the younger, annotator, see 
Giannotti, D. Dialogi de repub. Venetorum; 
cum notis et lib. de forma ejusdem reip. 1631. 

094 62 
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la vie et les ouvrages de Craufurd. (In Barriere 
& Lescure. Memoires, 1857-81. v. 3.) 944 10 

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cittadiBra. Milano, 1864. O. 24 p. 2 pi. 628 8 

— Osservazioni meteorologiche fatte in Bra dai 
fratelli Craveri, 1862. Carmagnola, 1863. O. 
8 p. tab. 551.5 1 

La creacion y el diluvio, espectiiculo teatral, 
see Zorrilla, v. 3. 

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— Chambers, R. Explanations; a sequel to 
"Vestiges of the natural history of creation." 
New York, 1846. O. 215 4 

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tion du monde. (/ji /lis Qiuvres, 1593-1601, v. 
1.) 841 16 

English. His first -wee-k; or. The birth of 

the world. (i-/( /lis Divine weekes. 1611.) 841 17 

— Goodwin, C. W. On the Mosaic cosmogony. 
(In Essays and reviews. 1862.) 204 1 

— Turner, S. The sacred history of the world 
in the creation and subsequent events to the 
deluge, philosophically considered. New York, 
1833. S. 213 8 

Crececlius, Johannes. Collectanea ex historiis 
de origine et fundatione monasticorum ordi- 
num... Francofurti, 1614. sqD. pi. 271 2 




The plates contain 99 figures illustrating monastic cos- 

Crecelins, Wilhelm, editor, see Altdeutsche 
Neujahrsblo'tter flir 1874. 839.1 6 

CEEDIT. BergS0e, A. F. Motiveret Udkast til 
en Creditforening for danske Grundbesiddere. 
KJ0beiihaTn, 1839. O. 332 1 

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sqQ. maps. (In same. IQ.) 910 44 

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Works, 1848, V. 3 ) 208 3 

— JoinTUle, J. de. Credo; fac-simile; disserta- 
tion par A. F. Didot, et traduction par Artaud 
de Moutor. Paris, 1870. sqO. [3-l-J74p. il. 

848 9 



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J. W„i-ks. 18.-,!). V. 2.) 827 13 

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brennen der Leiclien. (In his EHeinere Schrif- 
ten, 1864-90, v. 2.) 408 2 

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teoria dei sihteuii di rptte e la teoria delle su- 
perficie. (/;( Rome— R. accad. dei lincei. Atti. 
2ser. V. 3, 187.")-(J, pt. 2.) 065 3 

— Teoremi stereometrici, dai quali si deducono 
le proprieta dell' esagrammo di Pascal. (In 
same. 3 ser. .sci.fis. v. 1, 1876-7, pt. 3.) 0(i5 4 
CRExlIOSrXO, Cesare. Berti, D. Di C. Cremoni- 
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In main library. 

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See also CHEBSOX. 
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See also KARST. 
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see aZso the following publications of the 

Percy ^ociety: 820 6 

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22. Wiinvick, M. B. B., countess of. AutohioRraphy. 1848. 

27. MiisKiiiger, P. Believe as you list. 1849. 

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S. (In BiW. rara. 58.) 850 3 




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i Austrvesr. 

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Cronica del rey Don Rodrigo, con la destruy- 
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nuevamente corregida. Alcala de Henares, 
1537. Q. iltp. 946 13 

Cronica deli imperadori [1-1270], antico testo 
veneziano; pubblicato da A. Ceruti. (iriAr- 
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Same: Cronica degli imperatori romani, testo 
ineditodi lingua, per Antonio Ceruti. Bologna, 
1878. D. (In Scelta di curiosita. 158 ) 850 10 
— Ascoli, G. I. Anuotazioni dialettologiche. 
{In same.) — Tortona e Tortosa, tosta; e ancora 
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Lettered: Coronica de los reye de Castill. For con- 
tents ■'lee Ticknor catalogue. 

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Guiflfrey. Paris, 1860. O. 944 33 

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See also DAOMAR; Maerlaiit, .J. ran.Dboeo van den houte. 

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1550.— Pleasure and payne, 1551— Wayto wealth, 1660.— 
An informaoion and peticion. 

The crown garland of golden roses, see John- 
son, B. 

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menti inediti riguardanti le due crociate di 
San Ludovico IX re di Frencia. Geneva. 1859. 
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[l-l-]30p. il. 9i0 7 bound with dlS 17 

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sive Orientalium expeditionum et regni Fran- 
corum Hierosolimitani historia. HanovisB, 
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For contents see Peabody catalogue. 
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1844. sqO. 940 13 

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Histoire de la guerre sainte; traduite par 

G. Du Preau. Paris, 1574. F. 940 11 

Book 23, by J. Harold, continues the history to 1521. 

See also LOUIS IX. 

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S venskarne ; romantisk Skildring af f orf attaren 
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839.73 33 
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Sverige; tidsbilder tecknade pa fastningen. 
Stockholm, 1840. 6 v. D. 839.73 21 

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The crust and the cake, see Mayo, I. F. 
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stiao; publicada por A. Heroulanoe A. C Payva. 
Lisboa, 1837. T. 946 88 

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ema heroi-comico. (In Parnaso lusitano, 1836- 
34, V. 6.) 869 3^ 





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stitution und Wachsthum der Krystalle. Leip- 
zig, 1867. O. il. 548 1 
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Y. 3, 1878-9.) 065 4 
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1867. F. a. 548 2 

Primi elementi di cristallografia. 2 edizi- 

one. Torino, 1877. O. 77 p. pi. 648 3 

Sulle forme cristalliue di alcuni sali deri- 

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il. (In same. v. 1, 1876-7, pt. 1.) 065 4 

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4,1878-9.) 065 4 

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stino[,184-VJ. O. 494 7 

Ctesias of Cnidus. Operum reliquiae; recog- 
novit, prolegominis et perpetua adnotatione 
instruxit itidicesque adjecit Joannes Christi- 
anus Felix Baehr. Francofurti a. M., 1834. O. 

888 43 
I Cu4I es mayor perfeccion, hermosura 6 di- 
screcion ? see Calderon. v. 3. 
Cuba, Johann. Dit is de genochlike Garde der 
suntheyt, to latine Ortulus sanitatis, edder 
Herbarius genomet... [Anon ] Lubeck, 1520. 
Q. il. 099 18 

Cubasch, W. Der Alp. Berlin, 1877. O. 36 p. 
(JraVircliowtfcHoltzendorff.Vortrage. 13 Serie.) 

043 1 
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pepe cubebe. (In Rome— R. accad. dei lincei. 
Atti. 3 ser. v. 2, 1874-5.) 065 3 

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3 ser. sci. fis. v. 9, 1880-1.) 065 4 

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Cuento de cuentos, see Qnevedo de Villegas, 
r. G. de. V. 3. 

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(In Croker, T. C. Narratives of contests in 
Ireland. 1841; in Camden see. 14.) 820 4 

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Culmann, — Rapport au conseil federal sur les 
torrents des Alpes suisses, 1858-63. Lausanne, 
1865. O. 627 17 


Culverwel, Nathanael. An elegant discourse 
of the light of nature; with other treatises. 
London, 1653. sqD. 210 4 

Contents; The ligbt of nature.— The sohisme.— The act 
of oblivion.— The childe's return.— The panting soul.— 
Mount Ebal.— The white stone.— Spiritual optioks.— The 
worth of souls. 

CUMA. Fiorelli, G. Monumenti cumani. 
Napoli, 1853. F.^ pi. 8 p. 

913 13 bound with 399 4 
Cumano. Giuseppe. I oseleti, caprioio ditiram- 
bico. (In Gamba, B. Col. venez, 1817, v. 5.) 

859 50 
Cumberland, Richard. Henry; uit het Eng- 
elsch vertaald door Elisabeth Bekker wed. A. 
Wolf. Amsterdam, 1800. 2 v. O. pi. 839.33 30 
CUMBERLAND DIALECT. Westmoreland and 
Cumberland dialects; dialogues, poems, songs 
and ballads; with a glossary. London, 1839. O. 

829 1 
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Friesic language. London, 1881. D. 439.2 4 
CUNEIFORM WRITING. Bezold, C. Die Fort- 
schritte der Keilschriftforscliung in neuester 
Zeit. Hamburg, 1889. O. 28 p. (In Yirchow 
<& Holtzendorff. Vortrage. Neue Folge. 3.) 043 2 

Ueber Keilinschriften. Berlin, 1883. O. 

31 p. (In same. 18 Serie.) 043 1 

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formigen Inschriften zu Persepolis. Knpenha- 
gen, 1803. O. pi. 492.1 1 

— Wcstergaard, N. L. On tlie deciphering of 
the second Achasmenian or Median species of 
arrowheaded writing, pi. (In Copenhag:en — 
K. nord Old.-Selskab. Memoires. v. 3, 1840-4.) 

948 3 
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conservazione e taglio dei boschi. [Cuneo, 
1865.] F. 31 p. 551.58 89 &02md roiYfc 548 8 
— Relazione delF assedio di Cuneo, 1557. (In 
Yarietk storiche italiane.) 945 10 

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inent British painters and sculptors. New- 
York, 1831. 3 V. S. por. (Harper's fam. lib!) 

927 1 
Cunningham, Peter, editor, see the following 
publications of the Percy society: 820 6 

Vol. 9. Tliompson, A. A poem to .the memory of Con- 

greve. 1843. 
11. Kicli, B. The honestie of this age. 1844. 

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one, B. 

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gott. (InhisKleinere Schriften, 1864-90, v. 3.) 

408 3 
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Firenze, 1870. D. il. pi. 630 11 

— & Sari, P. Intorno al rimboscamento del 
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551.58 86 


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Title-page wanting. 
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Contents; 1. A new voyage round the world. *-. Sa-nie^ 
supplement.— Two voyages to Campeachy.— A discourse 
of trade-winds, breezes, storms, seasons, tides and cur- 
rents of the torrid zone. S. A voyage to New Holland, 
& 1699. 

There should be a second part of vol. 3. 
—Lives and voyages of Drake, Cavendish and 
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The parts of Norway represented are Telemarki, Val- 
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The title is conjectural. The work has no general title- 
page and seems to be incomplete. 
Den danske Comoedies Liigbegiaengelse, see 
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Contents: ♦-:{. La divina commedia, con annotazioni 
[by P. Venturi and G. A. Volpi]; dedicata dal conte C. 
Zapitade Cisneros [;with metrical arguments to each 
oanto by G- Oozzi]; 1. Prefazione.— Vita da L. Bruni; — 
da G. M. '.'re.scimbeni.— [Various pieces; and] Giudiolo 
deir abate V. Gravina intorno alia Divina commedia. — 
L'inferno. i. II purgatorio. 3. II paradise— lUustra- 
zione non piu stampate : Osservazioni di P. R. Morando; 
— Delia dottrina teologica nella Divina commedia, dis- 
isertazioni del G. L. Berti. 4. Prose e rime liriche, con 

aggiunte. Pt. 1. Prefazione.— Vita nuova.— Convito 

Pistola alio 'mperadore Arrigo di Luzimburgo. Pt. H. 
Memorie per servire alia vita di Dante [by G. Pelli] .— 
Lettera di G. V. Vaunetti intorno ad alcune circonstanze 
della vita di Dante.— I sette salmi penitenziali trasportati 
alia volgar poesia, — II credo, — con annotazioni dall' 
abate F. S. Quadrio. — Versi. — Sonetto. — De la volgare 
'eloquenza, col testo latino a colonna.— Rime. — Epistola 
iKani Grand! de Scala. — Monarchia. 

— Opere minori; da Pietro Fraticelli. Fii-enze, 
1856-7. 3 V. D. 861 41 

Contents: 1. II canzoniere.— Le rime sacre.— Le poesie 
latine. -. La vita nuova. — De vulgari eloquio. — De 
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— Le epistole. 

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Appended, Wi p., is Eimario della Divina commedia. 
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Contents : 1. Inferno. 2. Purgatorio. 

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da Luciano Scarabelli. Bologna, 1870-3. 3v.O. 
(In Emilia. Collezione. 38-30.) 850 6 

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testo inedito d' un contemporaneo di Dante 
citato dagli Accademici della crusca. Pisa, 
1827-9. 3 V. O. por. pi. 851 35 

Edited by Alessandro Torri. With text. 
— Catalan: La comedia; traslatada de rims 
vulgars toscans en rims vulgars cathalans per 
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panada de ilustraciones critico-literarias Caye- 
tano Vidal e Valenciano. Barcelona, 1878. v. 1. 
D. facsim. 851 40 

Vol. 1. El poema. On the back of title-page is printedi 
Sr. D. George P. Marsh, Ministro plenipotenciario de los 
Estados-Umdos de America en Roma. 

Same: Fragments inedits. (In Cambouliii, 

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851 39 
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— Epistola a tutti gl' Italiani nella venuta dell' 
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No. 34 is wanting. 

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851 52 botmd with 46 

—[Medal] a Dante Alighieri nel VI centenario 

MDCCOLXV. 737 5 

Bronze, 4.75 cm. in diameter: in case. The reverse 

bears an inscription from Purg. 6; 70, 136, and 2'; 50, 76^ 

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851 57 hound with 44 




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Edition of only 125 copies. 
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fa9anhas, e successes dos cruzados que parti' 
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De artlbus mag:icls.— Molitor, U. Tractatus de Pytbonicis 
mulieribus-— Meiig-lii, tl. Flasellum dsemouum.— Oerson, 
J. C. Tractatus de probatione spirituum.— Ilunier, T. 
Tractatus de Pythonico contractu.— HSmnicrleiii, F. 
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Tliree copies. 

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For ooutents see Nyemp. 

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reman de Rou ; WENDS. 

delig Udsigt over Nordens, ister Danmarks, 

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355 9 
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314 17 
For other works pertaining to Denmark see GEOLOGY; 

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Contents: 1. Confessions of an English opium-eater, 
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Contents; 1. Biterolf und Dietlieb; Ton O. JSnicke.— 
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DEVOTIONS. The myroure of Oure Ladye; 
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the sisters of the Brigittine monastery of Sion 
at lies worth, 15th and 16th centuries; edited by 
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No more published. 
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des de Barcelona. Barcelona, 1603. F. 946 57 

Noted by Mr. Marsh as "Rare et reoherohfi." 


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See also Leopardi, G. ; Luciaiius; Plato; Vices and virtues. 
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1864. D. 320 5 

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and a student in the lawes of England, 1638, 
see St. German, C. 

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AidaffKaXia ^irl StSaffKaXlav, V'^ot., Aeur^pa aeipa Trjs 
ITpwiatTdrT/s Upoypatpi.KTJs ^/cTraiSeucews, li.eTac^pauSeura. 
ix ToO A77\iKoO. Ae-fiv-offi, 1853. D. 220 30 




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[byGothe]. — Versuch iiber die_Mahlerey, mit 

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832 1 

1827-42, V. 36.) 

See also v. 46. 
— Carlyle, T. (In his Essays, 1860, v. 3.) 824 8 
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A Latin translation of his Disooui-se oonoernins the 
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Strauss, with related treatises by Nicolas Papin and 
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The half-title is : Manners and meals in olden time. 
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Title-page wanting. 
DIO CHRYSOSTOMUS. Syiieslus. Dio; vel, De 
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With autograph of the author. 




— editor. Carlo Botta a Corfu; scritti inediti.