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The Old Town Hall Library 
of Leicester 

A Catalogue, with Introduction, Glossary of the Names of Places, 

Notices of Authors, Notes, and List of Missing Books, 

Compiled for the Corporation of Leicester by 

Cecil Deedes, M.A. 

Prebendary of Chichester 

J. E. Stocks, D.D. 

Archdeacon of Leicester 


J. L. Stocks, M.A. 

Fellow of St. John's College, Oxford 


Printed for the Corporation of Leicester 

By Frederick Hall, Printer to the University 




C^nrttpU Mttioeraity library 

jittfara, '^txa Unrh 






The date shows when this 70101316 was taken. 

ok copy the ca] 
the librarian. 

To renew this book copy the call No. and give to 
**"^ lib — --- 


^ ;^ All books subject to recfill 

'" All borrowers must regls- 

ter in the library to borrow 

books for hpme use. 

* All books must be re- 

^^ turned at end ol college 

year for inspection and 

Limited books must be 

••V returned within the four 

week limit and not renewed. 

Students must return all 

', books before leaving town. 

Officers should arrange for 

the return of books wanted 

: daring th^r absence from 

rf. town, > 

Volumes of periodicals 

and of pamphlets are held 

. _„ in the library as much ais 
possible. For special pur- 
poses they are given out for 
/ * * a limited time. 

., Borrowers should not use 

their library privileges for 

V" tlifi benefit of other persons. 

< Bocks of special value 

and gift books, when the 

„ giver wishes it, are not 

allowed to circulate. 

Readers are asked to te- 

port all cases of books 
marked or mutilated. 

Do not deface .books by marks and writlnf. 

Cornell University Library 

^'^ piiinffiiii^S'i!., ''*"'^ry °^ Leicester. A ca 


3 1924 029 542 986 

Cornell University 


The original of tiiis book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

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The Old Town Hall Library 
of Leicester 




















The Old Town Hall Library 
of Leicester 

A Catalogue, with Introduction, Glossary of the Names of Places, 

Notices of Authors, Notes, and List of Missing Books, 

Compiled for the Corporation of Leicester hy 

Cecil Deedes, M.A. 

Prebendary of Chichester 

J. E. Stocks, D.D. 

Archdeacon of Leicester 

J. L. Stocks, M.A. 

Fellow of St. John's College, Oxford 

' A habitation sober and demure 
For ruminating creatures ; a domain 
For quiet things to wander in.' 

Printed for the Corporation of Leicester 

By Frederick Hall, Printer to the University 



THE collection of books in Leicester which is commonly known there as the 
Old Town Hall Library is housed, as it has been housed ever since about 
the year 1633, '" 'l^e upper story of that part of the Old Town Hall 
which faces the west end of St. Martin's Church. A bronze tablet affixed to the 
outer wall bears the following inscription : — 

'This is the Town Library of Leicester, erected about the year 1632, at the 
instance of Mr, John Angell, Public Lecturer.' 

On the north side of the whole group of buildings, over the passage which leads 
to the little quadrangle, another bronze tablet is affixed, with the inscription : — 

' This building known as the Town Hall occupies the site of a building called 
" Corpus Christi Guild " and parts of the original fabric remain. It has been used 
for municipal purposes since the reign of H. VIL' 

These tablets were placed in their respective positions somewhere about the 
year 1879. They represent the current tradition as to a group of buildings of more 
than common interest. They give the impression, to those who read them to-day, 
that, in the main, the buildings as a whole took the place of older buildings, once 
the property of Corpus Christi Guild, and that, in particular, the part used as 
a Library was erected at the date given. 

When, however, the buildings themselves are allowed to tell their own story, 
and the accounts of the Corporation are searched to see if they throw any light 
on the matter, it is soon found that such an impression does not quite accord 
with the facts. 

To begin with the witness of the building itself. If we pass through the passage 
over which the second tablet is placed , into the quadrangle, the dwelling-house 
opposite is evidently of comparatively modern date and need not detain us. On the 
right hand we have the western side of the quadrangle — the beautiful panelled 
room, known as the Mayor's Parlour, on the ground floor, which has been recently 
described as ' a typical example of the manner in which the chief apartments of a fine 


house were adorned in the early part of the seventeenth century '. On viewing this 
room and that above it we find, along with abundant evidence of the work of adorn- 
ment done at that time, traces of earlier work, not only in the glass which fills the 
vi'indows and contains many times repeated the cognizance of the Guild, but in some 
of the stonework, especially in the upper story. The general impression left, how- 
ever, is that, whatever may have been preserved, the work of the seventeenth century 
practically amounted, in this part of the building, to a fairly thorough renovation. 

But when we pass from the Mayor's Parlour into the Great Hall, once the place 
where Assizes were held, and still bearing signs of such use, the main features of the 
fabric tell a different story. The substantial part, the walls and the roof, belong to 
the middle of the fifteenth century. The panelling at the back of the dais is of about 
the same date as the Mayor's Parlour. The rail in front of the gallery at the East 
end — from which gallery a persistent, if rather unsubstantial, tradition says that 
Queen Elizabeth watched the performance of one of Shakespere's plays — belongs in 
character to about the year 1720, and the same date may be assigned to the gallery 
overlooking the dais in front of what was used as the Grand Jury room. 

A staircase leads from the quadrangle to the upper story of the eastern part. We 
pass through a room now used by the Leicestershire Architectural and Archaeological 
Society into the Library, which is divided from this room by a modern wooden 
partition. Here the general characteristics are the same as in the western portion. 
The panelling of both rooms is of about the same date (1637) as that which is in 
embossed letters on the carved fire-place in the Mayor's Parlour; the beams were 
cased about the middle of the same century. Yet everything inside and out points 
not so much to 'erection' or even 'rebuilding' as to 'adornment' and 'improve- 

The general indications of such a survey are, that substantially what is known 
as the Old Town Hall is the older home of the Guild of Corpus Christi, ' restored ', 
as we shouid say in our day, but not rebuilt, the signs and results of ' restoration ' 
being more marked and prominent in some parts than in others. 

The Records of the Borough, especially the Chamberlains' Accounts, which are 
very clear and well kept, tend to confirm the story told by the building itself. 

We find from a study of them, first, that while the Hall of the Guild of Corpus 
Christi was used, from time to time, by the Corporation even in the fourteenth 
century, it was not purchased until some time during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. 
One of the conditions of purchase was the continuance of a yearly payment of 7j. 90'. 



This was continued year by year, and is entered almost invariably as ' for Corpus 
Christi Hall alias the Town yall', at least until the year 1775. 

Next, and chiefly, the actual account of what was expended on the Library in 
1633 speaks for itself and may be given in full : — 

The Accompts or Thomas Bursnall & Alexander Baker late Chamber- 


Mr Nicolas Gilliott Maior . . . that is to saye fr. the feaste 
OF S. Michael Tharchangell 8 Chas. I. 1632 untill the same feaste . . . 
IN the yeare followinge. 

Charges about the Librarie. 
Imprimis payed to Robert Ludlam for two screwes for the doore of the 


Item payed to Thomas Sheene for worke done at the Librarie & for 
grease there used by him ....... 

„ payed him for other worke done there 

„ „ for a Lathe for the Librarie doore .... 

,, ,, to Cockle for makinge cleane the librarie . 
„ ,, „ Thomas Sheene for worke in the Librarie . 
., ,, ,, Alexander Inge for neayles used about the Librarie 
„ „ „ Mr Twistleten that he payed for the drought of a forme 
of the Librarie .... 

„ ,, ,, Richard Berrisford for payntinge the Librarie 
„ „ ,, Robert Bradshaw for drawing the table in the librarie 
,, „ ,, Robert Ludlam for Thirty iron rodds for the librarie . ij 
., ,, „ him for eight locks & furniture to them for the librarie . ij 
„ „ „ Edward Coston for two locks & other furniture for the 
Lybrarie ....... 

„ ., for five Locks rodds & furniture for the Lybrarie . . ij vij vj 
„ „ „ iron worke aboue the Librarie poarche ... i iiij 

., ,, to Thomas Sheene for settinge on xiiij locks in the 

Librarie and for nayles there used ... v ij 

,, „ ,, him more for a Rayle apeece of wood & workmanshipp 

in the Librarie ....... v 

„ „ „ Sheene Cockle & Reade for carrying the bookes out of 

the Chauncell into the Librarie .... i ij 

„ „ Sheene for worke at the Librarie .... vj 

„ „ Cockle for makinge cleane the Librarie . ■ iiij 

„ „ to Alexander Inge for nayles there used .... i ij 

,, „ for Bread & Beere there ...■•• '"j 

to Isak Wynfeilde for Twelve firr boards used about the 

Librarie .......•' 










The total is £io 15^-. j,d., or, perhaps, £60 according to present value — not 
enough for the erection of the building but enough for the necessary repairs and 
furniture, not forgetting the cost of removing the books from St. Martin's and the 
usual ' bread and beere ' on the occasion. 

The accounts for the work done in 1637 are too lengthy to be given here. 
The total amount expended was £224 14^. j,d., equivalent to more than £1,100 of 
our money, and it is expressly said that this covers ' the Charges of newe-building the 
parlor of the Towne Hall and of the Chamber over it and the buildings adjoining to 
it '. At first reading this might seem to show that it was after all a work of erection 
which was carried out, not in 1633 but a few years later. But apart from the fact, 
about which there can be no mistake, that the books were actually removed from 
St. Martin's to the Library at the earlier date, the costliness of the work known to 
have been carried out in the Mayor's Parlour only allows for improvements and 
adornments to the other parts of the whole group of buildings, and not for their 

On the whole it seems clear that, no doubt unintentionally, both the tablets are 
rather misleading, and that the old Hall of the Guild of Corpus Christi is still standing, 
though in several parts, and notably in the Mayor's Parlour, it bears witness to the 
liberal improvements, adaptations, and renovations carried out, especially in the earlier 
part of the seventeenth century, by the Corporation, whose property it had become 
some half-century earlier. Tradition says that the room adapted and adorned for 
use as the Library had previously been occupied by the priests who ministered at the 
Altar of the Guild in St. Martin's Church. 

In the list of ' Charges about the Librarie ', reprinted from the Borough Accounts 
in the year 1632, there is a payment ' for carrying the bookes out of the Chauncell 
into the Librarie'. The Chancel meant is that of St. Martin's Church. The 
accounts of that church, still preserved, as well as the Accounts and Hall Papers 
of the Borough, show by many entries that books known as ' the Library ' had been 
there for some years, first in the belfry and afterwards in the Chancel, and that the 
Borough authorities were in part, at least, responsible for the care of them. There are 
records during several years before 1632 of gifts of books, of the appointment of 
library keepers, of sums voted both for necessary repairs and furniture, and for the 
purchase of books, coincident in point of time with similar entries in the Church 

Who first suggested the plan of removing the books from the church and of 



preparing a room for them in Corpus Christi Hall cannot now be discovered. A board 
affixed to the partition between the room where the books now rest and the room 
occupied by the Archaeological Society ascribes its existence, rightly enough, to the 
Corporation, adding that what was done was ' upon the Motion of the Right Revd 
Father in God John Lord Bishop of Lincoln and by the Promotion of M' John 
Angell Publick Lecturer of this Borough '. 

It is, perhaps, somewhat hard to decide the relative value of ' upon the 
Motion ' and ' by the Promotion ', but there is ample proof that both Mr. Angell, 
resident in Leicester, and Bishop Williams, the Bishop of the diocese of which Leicester 
then formed a part, were zealous and active in bringing about the removal of the 
old Library and the preparation and furnishing of the new. 

A Latin inscription on one of the books states that it was presented to the Library 
by John Angell, who for some time had been ' moderator juventutis Leicestriae ', in 
other words. Master of the Free School there. In the year 1*626 Angell was one of 
the candidates for the office of Ptiblic Preacher, and was eventually elected. A 
recommendatory letter in his favour was presented to the Mayor and ' his brethren ' 
from ' the Ministers and Schoolemasters of the Town '. Among the signatures 
to this letter are those of Thomas Holmes, Francis Higginson, John Bonnett, 
John Ilyff, and Richard Richardson, names which are found written on volumes 
still preserved in the Library. Francis Higginson in particular has left sufficient 
notes in his own hand to show that he was both a lover of books and a generous 
donor. v 

At a meeting of ' Mr Maior and his brethren ' the v^^ day of September 
4. Chas. I. 1628 'it is agreed by a generall consent that M^ Angell shall have vl' 
forth of the Chamber of the Towne for his Chardges goinge to London for the 
obtayninge of the Bishop's licence for the weekely lecture and buying books for 
the library '. Apparently he did not vacate the office of schoolmaster by becoming 
Public Lecturer, but held both until 1634, when he was suspended through the action 
of Laud. He remained in Leicester until 1650, and was afterwards Public Preacher 
at Grantham, where he died in 1655. 

A charming letter from Anthony Cade, Vicar of Billesdon, also a very liberal 
donor to the Library, who was a friend of Bishop Williams and Chaplain to the 
Duke of Buckingham, gives an attractive picture both of the writer and also of Angell, 
on whose behalf it was written. The original, in a very beautiful^ hand, is preserved 
in the Hall Papers. Petitions had been sent from a large number of the citizens 


asking that Angell's salary as Master of the Free School might be increased by £io 
a year, and Anthony Cade writes in support of this same request. 

Right Worll. With my very respective salutations and profession of the love 
and reverence which I beare unto you and the whole Company of 3 '' Corporation, and 
the whole towne of Leicester : I crave leave thus to write unto you. I was desired 
the last yeare about this time by M' Maior and some others of the Company, to 
come to Leicester and vpon some triall to deliver my judgem* of M^ Angel then in 
y'^ deliberation to be made yi" Schoolmaster. I willingly came and happily found 
him very sufficient, and vpon delivery of my opinion of him, he was intertayned, 
and hath continued this yeare in the place with you. I have since the time of his 
placing bene inquisitive of his diligence, and satisfaction which hee gave. I have 
alwayes heard well of him in every regard, to his great comendation, my great 
contentmt, and the credit, honour, and flourishing of y'' schoole. Now I have 
heard lately, that for fayling of some promise to augm* his' entertaynm* Ten 
pounds by yeare (wherof hee was at the first assuredly psuaded) you are likely 
to lose him. But lett my love to you all, and to the Country about you, challenge 
mee this priviledge and bouldnes, to counsel you not to lose so tryed and worthy 
a man for such a matter. I hould a good schoolmaister one of the best Jewels, 
and most necessary men (next after the Guides of our Soules to heaven) which 
the Comon welth can have, to p[er]fit and polish with his hand the best Jewels which 
God geves us, our Children : w^ if they be not polished and p[er]fited in their due 
times, their times are unrecoverably lost, and their persons too, or at least, lose 
much of their luster. And therefore such Jewels (or Jewelers) cannot be bought 
to deare. I know also such good polishers of such rare Jewels (as we ought to 
account our children) are not very ordinary, but either they fail in skill, diligence, 
or conscience. In none of which (I hope) you can taxe this Angell. And we 
all know also, that the world is not as it hath bene : the prices of all things 
are raised, and so must in aequity bee the stipends and entertaynm' of men (as all 
things are w'' they must buy). Besides, it is not for the honour of such a 
Corporation, to have it sayd that you have lost such an approved worthy 
Instrum' of yi^ good for such a matter ; or that you are content with others farre 
worse (at least untryed) so you may have them cheaper, ffar be it from you. 
And for a conclusion, it may bee, some will repent if they geve so much : but 
I think veryly you will all repent if you do otherwise. If I bee too bould with 
you, I pray and beseech you let my love crave pardon for my bouldness. Thus 


in all humility, referring the whole consideration of this matter to your wisdomes ; 
I take leave and Comend you to God's gracious goodnes. 

Billesdon. April! 2. 1629 

Yr WorPa in all Christian 
love and dutey 

Anthony Cade 

May it please you 

(good Mr Maior) to call 

)our Company together 

and again to consider of 

this matter. (in dorse) To the Right Wor" 

Mr Willyam Billers 
Maior of the Burrough 
of Leicester and 
to the Company 
of the Corpo 
ration there 


After reading such an appeal in the Hall Papers it is pleasing to find imme- 
diately afterwards the record that as on August 7, 1629, the 'four and twentie', i.e. 
' M"" Maior and his companie ', having been duly called together, Mr. Angell was 
voted the addition to his ' entertaynm* ' of £ lo a year. 

The extracts from the Borough records which have been given are sufficient to 
suggest that in the Leicester of the earlier part of the seventeenth century there 
were a number of friends bound together, if not in all cases by unity of political and 
religious convictions, certainly by the love of learning and a care for books. 
Angell was one of them ; an earnest, thoughtful man with strong beliefs but interests 
wider than his beliefs. We can understand the encouragement and support he received 
from those of like tastes and interests in ' promoting ' a change which in those days 
might be expected to lead to the advancement of learning. 

If Leicester was fortunate in the man by whose ' promotion ' the new Library was 
formed, it was at least equally fortunate in the Bishop upon whose ' motion ' the Mayor 
and his brethren acted. The career and character of John Williams, Dean of West- 
minster, Bishop of Lincoln, Archbishop of York, and the last clergyman to hold the 
office of Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of England, are full of incident and interest. 


His action in regard to the matter of the chancel of St. Martin's Church is referred 
to in many historical works dealing with the period. 

For the present purpose it will be best to give the Bishop's own letter to the 
Mayor in full. It was not included by Mr. J. C. Jeaffreson in his report on the 
Leicester Borough Records for the Historical Manuscripts Commission, but was 
published from the State Papers by Mr. B. H. Beedham in his Notices of 
Archbishop Williams, printed for private distribution in i86g. The copy preserved 
in the Hall Papers differs from this in a number of unimportant details. Neither is 
a holograph but the Leicester copy is written in a very neat hand and has the 
Bishop's own signature. 

After my verye heartiest Commendacons and best wishes unto you. I thanke 
you right heartilye and all the Towne of Leicester for your great care and charge 
in providinge and adorninge soe convenient a place for the Librarye there and 
especiallye for your resolution upon the motion I made unto you to returne the old 
Roome unto that Religious use it was formerlye buylded and designed for wct is, to 
be the Chauncell or Quire of y'^ ffaire and Beautifull Churche. I praye you take yo'' 
owne time between this and All Sainctes to remoove the Bookes into the newe place 
provided for them and to trimme up and adorne the other Roome for your Chauncell 
both with faire doores to open into yo^ Churche and some steps or ascents at the 
upper end thereof for yo'^ Communion Table to stand in, att such tymes as it shall 
not bee used in the participation of those Sacred mysteries, ffor att those tymes the 
Lawe doth appointe it shalbe sett in the most convenient place either the Chauncell or 
Bodye of the Churche whereunto the people maye have best accesse and where the 
Minister that officiates maye be most audiblye' heard, ^v"^ as I am informed is the 
place where it stood before. Lett it therefor att such tymes be placed there again 
untill by complaint made of the Minister or Churchwardens of the inconveniency 
thereof I shall give order to the Contrarye. Onely both then and att all other tymes 
my earnest suite unto you is, that yo'' "Table maye be fairely covered and adorned 
wheresoever it stands, that whereas all men that are not extremelye malicious must 
needes commend yo"^ wise and discreete manadginge of yo'^ Civill, idle people maye 
have noe occasion to taxe yo^ disposinge of Churche Affaires. And I assure you that 
a little charge in this kinde wold bee well placed being a thinge acceptable to God, 
to the Kinge and to all good People. 

Nowe for the Buysiness of the Librarye, if you shall be pleased to make as 
good a stypend as you can spare to the Keeper thereof, I doe not doubt but by the 
Noblenes and Charitye of the Nobilitye and Gentrye and Clergye of the Country 
the Stalles will fill a pace and that you shall receive much Comfort every waye, from 
this worthie and pious worke of yours. I have accordinge to my promisse sent my 
poore mite of Ten poundes to helpe to furnishe a parte of a Stall and writt my Letters 


to excite others to doe the like. And I will never faile to praye to God (as I am 
bound) for the prosperitie and happinesse of yo^ Corporation and so remayne ever 

yr very loving freind 
Buckden. i8th of • Jo: Lincoln. 

Septembr — 1633 

in dorso To the right worshippfuU 

my verye lovinge 
freynde Mr Maior 
of Leicester 


The fact that the greater part of this letter deals with the matter of the Chancel 
of St. Martin's, the proper uses for it and the lawful position of the Communion 
Table, led no doubt to the suggestion in local histories that the Bishop's care was 
for the Church rather than for the Library. 

This, however, is a mistake. Williams was one of the great booklovers of the 
time, and vied with his great opponent. Archbishop Laud, in his generous liberality 
towards places of learning. ' One of the best points in his character,' it has been 
said, ' as in Laud's, was his readiness to befriend individual men of learning and 
learned foundations.' 

Of this generosity it will be sufficient to cite two conspicuous examples. One 
of the noblest of his many benefactions was the founding of a new Library in 
his own College, St. John's, Cambridge. His offer was first made anonymously, 
but afterwards he revealed himself as the benefactor, and in the end the total sum 
he expended on the building alone is stated in the Baker MSS. in the Harleian 
Collection to have been over £2,500. 

Readers of Dean Stanley's Memorials of Westminster will recollect the charming 
extract from Racket's Life of Williams which, after describing in glowing words 
his care for the music of the Abbey, goes on to tell of his provision of a Library 
(still in existence) and of his gifts to it. 

' With the same generosity and strong propension of mind to enlarge the 
boundaries of learning he converted a waste-room, situate in the East side of 
the Cldisters, into Plato's Portico, into a goodly Library, modelled it into decent 
shape, furnished it with desks and chairs, accoutred it with all utensils, and stored 
it with a vast number of learned volumes. . . . When he received thanks from 
all the professors of learning in and about London, far beyond his expectations, 
because they had free admittance to seek honey from the flowers of such a garden 
as they wanted before, it compelled him to unlock his cabinet of jewels, and bring 


forth his choicest manuscripts. A right noble gift in all the books he gave to this 
Serapeum, but especially the parchments. Some good authors were conferred 
by other benefactors, but the richest fruit was shaken from the boughs of this 
one tree, which will keep green in an unfading memory in spite of the tempest 
of iniquity.' 

These larger benefactions to learning belong to an earlier period of Williams' 
life, that to Cambridge to the years 1623-4, and that to Westminster to 1626. But 
in 1632-3 his ' propen^ion of mind' was equally strong in the like direction. 

In addition to sending his ' poor mite of Ten poundes to helpe to furnishe 

a parte of a stall' — a gift equivalent to at least £50 of our money — the Bishop 

wrote a letter to the Lord-Lieutenant of the County, Henry Hastings, Fifth Earl 

of Huntingdon, which is preserved in the State Papers (S. P. Dom. Car. I. vol. 246. 

No. 41). It is worth quoting, if only because it is almos! sufficient to clear up all 

doubt as to whether a building was erected in 1632-3, or a room fitly provided. 

To the right hono^'^ my very good Lo: the Earle of Huntingdon. 

Right honorable and my most noble Lord : my best respects to yo^ good Lopp. 

and . my most honoWe Lady remembred. Whereas the Towne & Corporacon of 

Leicester being the shiretowne of that County hath been pleased piously to provide 

and furnish a fayre and decent Roome for a Library in that place, and to allot 

some meanes to maynteyne a Keeper of the Bookes that shalbe there sett up, 

which is like to prove not onely a great Benefitt and Comfort to all the Clergie of 

that remote and inland County, but withall a matter of greate conveniency to the 

gentrie thereabouts, and an Ornament to all the Shire. 

My humble suyte vnto yo' good Lpp. is, that God hath made yo^ Lpp: 
a personage of that great Eminencie, and equall pietie in those parts, soe that you 
wold be pleased to recomend this charitable worke, vnto the worthie Knights and 
gentlemen of the Countrey, to contribute for the furnishinge of this Roome 
with Bookes in such moderate manner as Iheire owne devotion and inclinacon 
shall hold fitting and Convenient, ffor I doe conceave that a small contribucon will 
doe the business. And yo^ Lpp. shall not onely oblige me very much in this 
favoure, who am, in my Brethren of the Clergie, to partake of the future advantage, 
but shall doe, as I perswade my selfe, a very acceptable service therein to God 
and his Church. 

And soe recomending humbly this Busines to yo' Lpp. and your Lpp. in my 
prayers to God's proteccion I remaine 

Yo'' Lpps. most humble seru'. 

to comand 
Buckden Jo: Lincoln. 

18 Sept. 1633. 


At the same date he wrote to Dr. Travers, the Rector of Thurcaston, probably 
his Commissary or Official for the Archdeaconry, requesting him to use his efforts 
in soliciting the aid of the Clergy in their respective Deaneries. This letter does not 
seem to have been preserved. The State Papers (Cal. S. P. Dom. 1633-4, p. 392) 
give a summary of what Dr. Travers wrote. He speaks of the ' pious design of his 
Lordship who, being a great blessing to, the places and times wherein he lives, is 
both studious of the same and actually has advanced it by many memorable good 
works, and deserves that his memory should be for ever blessed. Having been 
happy in works of the like nature in other places, and now beginning a like work 
among them, many reasons there be which should move them to go after him to 
that work, the charge and care whereof redound to him, the use and profit to them. 
The body politic of Leicester lend their helping hand. They have provided the lay 
part of a library, which is their proper, namely the body and case ; mutual love and 
correspondency require of the persons addressed that they should animate that body 
and fill that case vfith books. He urges them by various considerations to water that 
which others have planted. He is to give account to the Bishop, by the bearer, and 
requests them to return their answers by the same person.' 

The efforts of Mr. Angell and his friends, supported in these ways by a great 
Bishop, who was himself such a generous patron of learning, resulted in liberal gifts 
both of money and books. The list of the donors in Nichols' History need not now 
be repeated. It includes the names of Heyrick of Beaumanoir, Farnham of Quorndon, 
Hazlerig of Noseley, Pulteney of Misterton and Turvile of Normanton Turvyle, 
amongst the county families, many of the citizens of Leicester, with the Mayor and 
the Master of Wyggeston's Hospital at their head, and many also of the country clergy, 
including Anthony Cade of Billesdon and Richard Rustat of Barrow-on-Soar. 

In all probability the number of books at first was not large. On a liberal 
estimate those enumerated in Nichols under the names of the respective donors 
would be under 300, and if 100 more volumes (also a liberal estimate) be allowed 
for the remains of the old parochial library removed from St. Martin's Church, the 
total :<'ould be comparatively small. John Angell, who had been appointed Keeper 
of the Library, is stated to have made a classified catalogue of them to which he 
aflSxed the mottoes : — 

Qualis cujuscunque animi affectus, talis est homo. 
Ubi amor, ibi oculus. 
This, however, is not one of the rich store of documents which in Leicester have 


survived the times when such records received little care. It is impossible to say 
whether or not it included the generous bequest which, a few years after the Library 
was founded, enriched it with some of its choicest treasures and which must now be 

In the year 1645, under the will of Thomas Hayne, a native of Thrussington-— 
who for some years had been resident in London as a master at Merchant Taylors' 
School and, later, usher at Christ's Hospital — Leicester received several legacies, and 
amongst them the following, which may best be stated in the terms of the will itself. 

Th? part of the will which disposes of his books begins with bequests to his 
nephew ' Mr. Abraham Hayne, Preacher, my Montanus interlinear Bible and Junius 
and Tremelius his latine Bible and Doctor Willetts Synopsis ', and ' to Mr. Richard 
Hayne my brother the booke of Martirs in three volumes '. The will then pro- 
ceeds : — 

' I give and bequeath Master Hugh Broughtons works in fower volumes in 
quarto, and one finale booke of the lesser treatise bound in russett leather, and his 
coinent on the Revelation, and his large comment in vellum with manic notes 
written therein, to the Hbrary in Westminster CoUedge there to be kept for ever.' 

' I give and bequeath all my other books whatsoever not above menconed 
and bequeathed, to the Mayor and Aldermen and Corporation of Lester to bee 
kept and reserved for ever in a public Library there already made or to bee made 
hereafter. Item I give for and towards the carryinge of my said bookes to the 
said Library fower pounds.' 

The will was executed on September 28, 1640. Hayne died on July 27, 1645, 
and his will was proved on August 11. In regard to certain legacies to the town for 
the purpose of enabling the Mayor and Corporation to nominate to two exhibitions 
at Lincoln College, Oxford, from which he had graduated, the will provided that they 
should 'not bee payde or delivered to the said Colledge untill the present warres 
and distractions of Kingdome shall bee ended and Students settled peaceably in the 
Universities '. No such provision is found as to the legacies of books and the one to 
Leicester took effect within a few months. The Hall Papers contain letters from 
Mr. John Hayne, the brother and executor, dated October 4 and 10, 1645, and in 
the accounts of John Hynde and William Francke, Chamberlains of the Borough for 
1645-6, the entry is to be found : — 

' pd for the carridge of Mr. Hayne's books from london and other charges as 
appears by bill xl' ix^ iiijd '. 

A later letter from John Hayne speaks of ' an inventorie ' as having been sent, but 

C .Jit-chHshol) of y<rri^ 1641 ) 


his and the ' bill of chardges ' have both disappeared, and the inventories attached to 
wills proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury are wanting for that one month 
(August) in the year 1645. If, then, the question be asked whether Thomas Hayne's 
books can be identified in the Library at the present day, the answer is, in the first 
place, that a few certainly can. The well-known Codex Leicestrensis has his autograph 
on the first folio, together with the autograph (in Greek characters) of William 
Chark ; another autograph of Thomas Hayne was discovered in making the present 
catalogue, on the last page of a book or tract by Gibutius among some half illegible 
scribbling. In the next place the fact that Hayne's autograph and that of William 
Chark occur on the Codex makes it all but certain that another book bearing Chark's 
autograph (also in Greek characters) was part of Hayne's legacy. Further, the 
extracts from the will, as well as a letter to Bodley's Librarian preserved at Oxford 
(MS. Bodl. Add. A. 64, fol. 133), show that the works of Hugh Broughton were held 
by him in high esteem, and it is reasonable' to conclude that those of Broughton's 
works now in the Library (and also a work now missing which was in the Library in 
1669) were part of his bequest. Nichols tells us, on the authority of MS. details 
before him which cannot now be found, that Hayne owing to lameness had been a 
student from his Oxford days, that he was ' a noted critic and excellent linguist and a 
solid divine, beloved of learned men and particularly respected of Selden ' ; also, that 
' the books he bequeathed to Leicester were more than 600 in number, including some 
rare MSS. and many school books '. It is worthy of note, in view of this statement, 
that the Library contains now a good many books which bear the marks of having 
been used in schools, including a Latin Grammar with Ben Jonson's autograph and 
motto. If we take the number of books before Hayne's bequest at 400, even if 
allowance be made for the many losses during the eighteenth century and possibly 
later, there must be still about half at least of Hayne's bequest on the shelves at the 
present day. 

No local tradition has survived as to what influence secured Hayne's interest. 
He had a relative who was Rector of Leire in the County, and who has himself 
recorded the relationship on the Title-page of a book which he himself presented. 
Possibly Hayne may have heard in this way of what was being done on the motion 
and with the approbation of Bishop Williams. Yet as Williams held the Deanery of 
Westminster with his Bishopric, and had done so much, a few years before, for the 
Library there, Hayne, who clearly had an interest in that Library, may have been 
moved to further the work done by Williams in Leicester, by knowing what Williams 



had done for ' Westminster CoUedge ', or even by his own personal enjoyment in 
sucking honey from the flowers in that ' goodly Serapeum '. 

A collection of books which has seen but little change and comparatively few addi- 
tions since the year 1669, cannot fail to have an interest of its own. Whether the 
catalogue compiled by Angell had been lost in the Civil War or had been taken 
away by him in 1650, when he could not take the 'Engagement' of the Inde- 
pendents and, being dismissed from the Confratership Of Wyggeston Hospital, left 
Leicester for Grantham, another Catalogue was written in 1669, which still exists. 
This is practically a hand-list, giving short Titles and years of publication, with, some- 
times but not always, the places of publication also. Comparing this list with the 
books now on the shelves, it is a matter of great regret that the Library was not better 
safeguarded in the past, and that careless handling and worse have very seriously 
impaired the present value of the collection as a whole. More than 100 volumes are 
now wanting, and these include what, if they were still in the Library, would be 
among its choicest treasures. 

A further subject of regret is that many of the books now on the shelves have 
either lost their title-pages or have been deprived of the lower part of them, containing 
generally an illustration, either emblematical or historical, which presumably was 
desired by some collector, and was accordingly cut out. Extra-illustrating, which 
was at one time quite a passion with book-collectors, has been the cause of the 
mutilation and partial destruction of a great number of choice and valuable books, 
and a public collection such as this would be peculiarly liable to the raids of unprin- 
cipled persons, who, perhaps, judged that they had some justification in the fact that 
nobody cared for ' musty old folios '. The compilers of this new Catalogue have had 
no little difficulty in some cases in assigning proper dates to books which have been 
ill-treated in this way. Fair wear and tear is, of course, responsible for a good deal 
of damage, but when the loosening of the pages of some of the books, or the broken 
state of the binding, has made repairs necessary, the directions to the binder have not 
been always correctly given, and the lettering is in consequence very inaccurate. 

Enough has been said by way of regret for the past, its carelessness, and its 
mistakes. A much pleasanter task is to turn to the treasures which still remain, and 
to point out some of the features of general interest. 

First, no doubt, among the Library's treasures is the Cursive MS. of the New 
Testament known to the learned as the Codex Leicestrensis. Except that the 
beginning is wanting, and the last leaves seriously defective, this MS. is in excellent 


condition, and has escaped the injury that has befallen a beautiful (?) thirteenth- 
century MS. of the Vulgate, viz. the snipping away of a large number of the blank 
lower portions of its vellum leaves. The text, however, seems to have been hardly 
touched, and it is a beautiful specimen of caligraphy. Noteworthy also is a volume 
of miscellaneous tracts of the thirteenth century bound together. Several of them 
are imperfect, and they are of varying interest. The book was sent some years 
since to the British Museum and examined by the late Sir F. Madden, whose report 
seems to be incorporated in the list of contents now to be seen at the end of the 
volume. The contents are partly theological, partly grammatical, partly general, 
A treatise on dreams, attributed to the prophet Daniel, is among the more curious 

Another MS. still remaining of those which the Library once possessed is 
one in English of 2 1 2 folios which has been re-backed and lettered ' Wycliffe's 
Sermons in MS.' It consists of short postils for the Sundays of the year. 

These MSS. with a few books have been kept for some years past in the strong 
room at the present Town Hall. 

Passing from these to the Collection still in the old Town Hall, Theology 
is the strongest subject represented and that of the Reformers more strongly than 
that of their opponents. 

Conspicuous among the Bibles is Walton's Polyglott (London, 1657) (containing 
the Commonwealth not the Royalist dedication), with the Lexicon Orientale, by 
Golius and Castell. Wechel's editions of Tremellius, Junius and Beza's version, in 
folio, and also of the LXX and New Testament in Greek (1582), are present but 
injured. There is the New Testament, Vulgate version, with notes of Arias Montanus 
(Geneva, 16 19); the LXX version of the Old Testament printed at Paris in 1628, 
and Daniel's Cambridge edition of the New Testament (1542), while of EngHsh 
versions there are ' Cranmer's ' (1553), and ' The Bishops" (1595). The Geneva 
version (1599), the Authorized (1648), and 'Tindal's' Bible (so mentioned in the 
hand-list of 1669) seem now to be missing. 

Of the Greek and Latin Fathers we cannot expect, and do not find the critical 
Benedictine editions, ^either folio or quarto, but there is a noble copy of Savile's 
edition of St. Chrysostom (Greek Text) only printed at Eton, in eight volumes 
folio (16 1 2, 13). Of the same Father there is also the edition of Ducaeus of 
Bordeaux (Greek and Latin) in six volumes, folio (Paris), and the Latin only in 
five volumes (1556). Piscator's edition of St. Athanasius (Greek and Latin). 


Paris, 1627, in two volumes, is marred by the mutilation of the first Title. Clement 
of Alexandria (Paris, 1529, two volumes) has also one Title mutilated, also the Basle 
Edition of 1 7 18. St. Ambrose is the Paris edition of 1549, injured at the beginning ; 
St. Augustine, ten volumes in six, is the Basle edition of 1556 ; St. Basil (Greek 
and Latin), Basle, 1540 ; St. Jerome, nine volumes in four, is from the famous Froben 
press, Basle, 1553; St. Gregory the Great is the Antwerp edition of 1615 ; St. Gregory 
Nazianzen is represented by both the Aldine edition of 1553, in a fine leather binding 
with heraldic devices, and in the Greek only of Hervagius (Basle, 1550), also in a fine 
stamped leather cover. 

Among books printed in the fifteenth century may be noticed : — 
Anthoninus Florentinensis, Summe Pars Tertia (of St. Thomas Aquinas), 
printed by Peter Trach of Spire, 1488. In the original binding, re-backed, slightly 

Antonius de Butrio, Lectura de translatione Prelatorum. Venice, Bernardinus 
de Novaria. 1485. 

Bound in the same volume with the last is Johannes de Imola, Opus in 
Clementinas, Venice, John of Cologne and 'Johannes Manthen Gerettzem, 1480.' 
A beautiful copy, but wanting the first leaf. 

Legenda Aurea . . . quae lombardica nominatur historia. A very early 
instance of a Title-page, which is of excellent execution, as are also the initial 
capitals. It has the badge of 'Jaques Huguetan, libraire en Lyon ', and a colophon 
stating that the book is for sale at Lyons and in Paris. [1476.] 

Incipit liber dans modum legendi Abbreuiaturas, Peter Levet in the University 
of Paris, 1490. A rare book.' 

Henry Herp (Franciscan), Speculum aureum decem preceptorum dei. Printed 
at Nuremberg by Antony Koburger, 1481. 

Thomas de Argentina (of Strasburg) super quattuor libros Sententiarum. 
Printed by Martin Flach, Strasburg, 1490. A fine copy, perfect and with uncut 
edges, original binding of stamped leather over wooden boards. 

Commentaries on Holy Scripture are largely represented. Hugo Cardinalis, 
in six beautiful folio volumes by Antony Koburger at Nuremberg, 1498 to 1504, 
claims the first rank. Others can only be barely mentioned. Jansenius, Paraphrase 
on the Psalms, Canticles and Ecclesiastes, Louvain, 1574; Cornelius a Lapide, in 

' The Editors have to thank Mr. R. A. Peddle for calling attention to the fact that this edition 
has not been elsewhere noted. 


seven volumes, Antwerp and Lyons, 1615-1635, sadly mutilated, most of the Titles 
having disappeared. Cardinal Caietan on the Gospels, Paris, 1540; Calvin's 
Commentaries on the Bible, Geneva, 1563-16 17 ; Erasmus" Paraphrase on the New 
Testament, Basle, 1541 ; MEND09A on the Kings, three volumes, Lyons, 1633; 
Luther, Maldonatus, Marloratus, Oecolampadius, Pareus, Pellicanus, Piscator, 
ToLETUS, ZuiNGLius, and others. 

Of Ecclesiastical History there are the two great collections of Margarinus 
de la Bigne, Paris, 1624. The Titles representing a ship are mostly gone. There 
is also Concilia Generalia et Provincialia (Greek and Latin), Severinus Binius, four 
volumes in five, Cologne, 1618. 

Controversial Theology of course has its considerable place. Under the name 
of Arminius there is an 8vo volume of Disputations embracing a great part of 
Theology, and there are two books on Arminianism, printed in London, 1626, one 
of them by H. Burton. One Brandius introduces lengthy Conferences of Dutch 
Ministers on the subject of Predestination and the Remonstrants, 1615-18. There 
are also several 410 and 8vo volumes of Tracts relating to the different controversies 
in the English Church between 1613 and 1694. 

School-books, though many have been lost, still form a considerable class. 

Of Dictionaries and Lexicons there are two by Ambrose Calepin. His 
Lexicon, diligently corrected and published at Basle in 1530, and his Pentaglottos in 
Latin, Greek, German, Flemish and French, Antwerp, 1546. Thomas Cooper's 
Latin-English Dictionary, London, 1545, long the popular Latin Dictionary in 
England, is in good preservation. There are also Stephanus's Latin and French 
Dictionary, Paris, 1561, and Suidas' Greek Lexicon, two volumes, Geneva, 1619. 
There is a fine copy of Erasmus's Moriae Encomium revised by the author (Froben, 
Basle, 1522), in a choice stamped leather binding, and the same author's Familiar 
Colloquies (Basle, 1559), De recta . . . pronunciatione (Basle, 1528), and De copia 
verborum et rerum, a London edition of which the Title is missing. 

Of editions of the Classics may be noted: — Caesar (Basle, 1591), Cicero, Opera 
(Paris, 1554), and separate editions of De Oratore, Orationes, &c. Virgil, with 
wood-cut illustrations (Leipsic, 1596), Terence, a Lyons edition of 1560, and the 
Heautontimoroumenos (Frankfort, 1592). Of Tacitus there is no copy in the 
original, but Grenewey's Translation (London, 1605). Of Horace also there is no 
copy, nor of Juvenal, but there is an Index of words occurring in the Satires. Plautus 
is represented by a Basle edition of 1523 ; Plato also by an edition at the same place 


in 1556, and another, with Ficinus's translation (Frankfort, 1602). Of Aristotle there 
is an interesting folio volume without place or year, but c. 1490, which contains 
Commentaries on his works De Coelo et mundo, the Physics, and others. There are 
also editions of this Philosopher — complete works (Greek and Latin), two volumes in four, 
sine loco, 1597, Organum, Hanover, 161 1, and the Ethics, beginning wanting (c. 1530)- 
Thucydides in the original is Wechel's edition, Frankfort, 1594, and there is a copy 
of Hobbes' Translation of which the Title is missing. lamblichus, 1598, Isocrates, 
1502, Appian, 1592, and an Aldine edition of Athenaeus (editio princeps) may also 
be mentioned. 

The medical works, with some few exceptions, were not part of the original 
library or of the earher gifts to it. They were presented by Mr. Richard Ludlam 
of Leicester late in the seventeenth century, and many of them bear his autograph. 
A competent judge in such matters has described them as ' an average seventeenth- 
century collection '. In all probability it has suffered, like other classes in the Library, 
by being ' culled over '. 

Among lare, out of the way books or tracts one may notice : — 

The Seduction of Arthington by Hackett especiallie with some tokens of his 
unfeigned repentance, London (1592); Cygnaeus (Eusebius), Conspicilium Notitiae 
inserviens oculis aegris — on the Rosicrucians — 1 6 1 9 ; Pauli de Didis, Sophia Panaretos, 
a chronogram giving the date, 1618; Neuhusius (Petrus), Pia & utilissima admonitio, 
1618; and Kirstenius (Peter), of Breslau, Grammatica Arabica, &c., Breslau, 1608, 
10, II, with an appreciation of the author by certain reverend men, 161 1. This last 
may be considered one of the choicest books in the whole collection. It is in 
splendid condition. One hardly knows whether to admire most the beautifully 
engraved Title-page or the typical perfection of the whole work. It appears to have 
been the first attempt at an Arabic Grammar, and the Arabic type had to be cut under 
the author's immediate direction. In one note he apologizes for shortcomings in 
spite of his best exertions. The work may well have inspired Archbishop Laud with 
his zeal towards the Arabic language, of which Oxford University and the Bodleian 
Library have reaped the lasting benefit. In this work the dates are indicated by 

A rare collection of Tracts was printed at Basle in 1561. The first by Joannes de 
Rupescissa is on the five essences of all things ; then follow Arnald de Villanova, De 
Sanguine humano distillate, Savonarola, De aqua vitae, &c. Very rare also are the 
two early editions of Seton's Dialectica, 1563 and 1570. 


A specially choice volume may also be noted — Pharmacopoeia Bruxellensis 
(1641), followed by the Statutes of the Brussels College of Physicians. 

The catalogue of an old library in a provincial town must be in part of the nature 
of a guide-book if it is to be of use to the residents and the visitors. For men who 
have a thorough knowledge of books, all that is needed is an accurate list with dates, 
places, and sufficient descriptions, in the usual abbreviated forms. But for those who 
lack this knowledge and yet have a certain interest in books and in what has come 
down from the past, a larger fullness of detail is needed, if the interest is to be main- 
tained and the avenues of inquiry kept open. It is for such persons chiefly that this 
catalogue has been prepared. While doing their best to ensure accuracy on the 
points which are essential the compilers have endeavoured to give such full and 
detailed facts as may make it comparatively easy for any local student, of any degree, 
to follow his bent, if he is specially interested in anything which the Library contains. 
For this reason they have noted the badges and devices, with their mottoes and legends, 
which were adopted by printers in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and in 
some cases the quaint conceits of early printed books in other respects. They have 
also been specially careful to transcribe, or at all events call attention to, whatever 
they have found in MS. on any part of the books. 

This has led to some interesting discoveries in the course of their work. 

The undoubted autograph of Ben Jonson, already referred to, was recognized by 
Prebendary Deedes some years since, when he was on a visit to Leicester, and the 
autographs of Thomas Hayne and William Chark on the Codex are noted in Dr. 
Rendel Harris's work on that MS. published in 1887. But discoveries during the 
work of preparation include two autographs of the Earls of Huntingdon, who were so 
closely connected with the Borough in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, a second 
autograph of William Chark, together with many inscriptions on books given, such as 
those of representatives of the families of Heyrick, Farnham, Hazlerig, and Turvile. 
Every name, whether known or unknown, has been copied with the utmost care, and 
as much MS. besides as space allowed. The results are possibly more suggestive to 
the compilers than they can well be to others. But a careful comparison of them, 
together with a little knowledge of local history, will at least add to the human 
interest of a collection which, it is strange to reflect, was, when it was founded, a 
modern library, and is now a relic of the far-off past. 

Two things only need further be said. First, the compilers desire to tender 
their warmest thanks to the Mayor and Corporation for the confidence reposed in 


them, especially to Mr. Alderman Sawday, Mr. Alderman Chitham, and the other 
members of the Estates Committee — as also to the late Town Clerk (SirE. V. Hiley), 
the present Town Clerk (Mr. Pritchard), and his assistant (Mr. Payne), to Mr. Kirkby 
and Mr. Heme, the Librarians respectively of the Municipal Library and the Per- 
manent Library, for their readiness to facilitate and help in every way a work which 
could not be done in a short time, and which needed help of many kinds. And 
next, remembering the endless possibilities of mistakes where so much detail has to 
be given, they desire, like the good printers of old, when apologizing for the ' escapes ' 
in the press, to throw themselves on the mercy of their 'good Readers' and beg 
that ' in their fayre charity ' they will pardon all. 


Vicar of Billesdon 





Incipit liber dans modum legendi abbreuiaturas in utroque jure. 

4°. Black letter. Per me Petrum Levet in Alma Universitate 

Wanting Sig. d. iii. Parisiensi xmpressus. Anno M.CCCC.XC. Die 

vero undecima Maii. [1490.] 

[MS. on the first page : 

Liber Thome Rampton alias Rampsay. 20 Novembr [ ] 
MS. inside the cover : 

This book is not mentioned by Greswell in his Parisian Typography, nor the Printer, Levet.] 

ADAMS (Thomas). 

A Commentary upon the Divine Second Episde Generall, written by the Blessed 

Apostle St. Peter. 
fol. Device : Phoenix rising amidst flames London, 

above Printer's Badge. (Above) Ex Igne Printed by Richard Badger for Jacob Bloome. 
tesurgit virtus. i6^1. 

After the Errata at the end : 
There be diverse other misplacings, mispointings, and mistakings of words, with 
which no ingenious and ingenous Reader will charge the Authour : who had neither 
leisure to overlooke the Presses in the printing, nor to review the coppy after it was 
finished. These which I transiently found, by reading some few lines of a point, as I 
was to make up the Index, I have set downe : By which you may ghesse at the rest, 
and in youre faire charity pardon all. 



Annotations upon the Five Bookes of Moses, the Booke of the Psalmes, and tht 
Song of Songs, or Canticles. 

fol. London. 

Luke 24. 44. Printed for John Bellamie, and are to be sold 

All things must be fulfilled which are written at his shop in Cornehill, at the signe of the 

in the Law of Moses, and in the Prophets and three Golden Lions neere the Royall Exchange, 

in the Psalms. 1627. 

Each Book has separate Title with appro- London, 

priate Text or Texts and Device. Device on Printed by Miles Flesher for John Bellamie, 

Title of the First Book: Man kneeling in and are to be sold at his shop neere the Royall 

prayer: Angel ministering. Exchange. 1626. 


ALCHWINUS [Alcuinus] sive Albinus (Flaccus) Abbas; Karoli Magni Regis ac 
Imperatoris Magister. 
Opera quae hactenus reperiii potueiunt, Nonnulla auctius et emendatius ; . . . 
Accessere B. Paulini Aquileiensis Patriarchse contra Felicem Urgel. Episc. Libri 
III. qui etiam nunc prodeunt. 
Omnia studio et diligentia Andrese Quercitani Turonensis. 

fol. Device : Over Printer's Badge, S. C, &c. Lutetiae Parisiorum 

Four Bible scenes— between the tvf o left ex officina Nivelliana 

hand, ' Honora patrem tinim et matrem tnam' ; snmptibiis Sebastiani Cramoisy via Jacobjea, sub 
between the two right, 'Ut sis longaevns super Ciconiis. 1617. 

Terram. Exod. xx.' Centre : Cranes in com- 
bat over landscape. 

Portrait : B' Pater Albinus Flaccus Alchwinus 

S" Karoli— Magni Regis ac Imperatoris Magis"' 
obiit Anno Incarnati Verbi DCCCIV. 

ALSTEDIUS (Johannes Henricus). 

Compendium Theologicum, Exhibens Methodum SS. Theologiae Octo partibus 

8°. Engraved border to Title. Hanoviae 

Mo5es,Chrislus,The Evangelists, Theologia, Sumptibus Conradi Eifridi. 1624. 

Philosophia. At the bottom, Olive Tree, 

(above) ' Olea Conradi Eifridi ' ; (below) 

'Pacem te poscimus omnes'. 

[MS. : Votnm Jacobi Andrewe Leicestrensis . 

e libris siiis et per ejus relictam adimpletum 

in uSLim Musjei pub°' Leicestriae.] 

Paratitla Theologica in quibus vera Antiquitas et Phraseologia Sacrarum literarum 
etc. . . . ita illustratur ut universum SS. Theologiae Syntagma hac veluti clavi 
4°. Engraved border to Title as above, except Francofurti. 1626. 

Globe with Sun and Moon in place of Olive 

Balth. Schwan fecit. [Votum, &c., as above.] 

Theologia Prophetica (i): Catechetica (2): Naturalis (3): Didactica (4): 
Polemica (5). 

4°. 5 vols. Kanovise 

Engraved border to Title as in preceding. Sumptibus Conradi Eifridi 

[MS. : Votum, &c., as before.] (i) and (2) [622. 

(3) 1623- 

(4) and (5) 1627. 

Cursus Philosophici Encyclopaedia. 

4°. 3 vols, bound in 2. [Title of vol. 2 Herbornas Nassoviorum 

wanting.] Typis Christophori Corvini. 1620. 


[MS. on each volume of Alstedius ; Votum 
Jacobi Andrewe Leicestrensis e libris suis et _ 

per ejus relictam adimpletnm in usum 
MusEei Pub"' Leicestiise.] 

Device : Ravens bringing food to Elijah. 
' Ex nno omnia.' 

Theologia Casuum, exhibens anatomen Conscientiae et scholam tentationum. 

4°. Engraved border to Title as in Para- Hanovife 

titla Theologica. .Sumptibus Conradi Eifridi. 1630. 

[MS. : Votum, &c., as before.] 

AL VARUS (Emmanuel) Soc. Jesu. 

De Institutione Grammatici Libri Tres. 
Orthographise Aldi Manutii Pauli F. Compendiolum. 

8°. [Aldine Anchor on Title.] Brixiae 

apud Petrum Mariam Marchettum. 1586, 
At the end : Brixiae, 1585. 

ALVERNUS (Guilielmus) Episcopus Parisiensis, Mathematicus Perfectissimus, 
eximius Philosophus, ac Theologus piaestantissimus.. 
Opera Omnia, qus hactenus impressa reperiri potuerunt, &c., &c., . . . recognita 
per Joaimem Dominicum Trajanum Neapolitanum liberalium artium magistrum, 
ac sacrae Theologiae professorem. 
fol. Device : A Dragon, crowned, sur- Venetiis 

rounded by flames. Ex officina Damiani Zenari. 1591. 

' Virtnti sic cedit invidia.' At the end : 

' Venetiis 

2 torn, in : Vol. pp. 10T2. Apud Joannem Baptistam Natolinum, 

sumptibus Damiani Zenari. 

A MAMA (Sixtinus) Frisius, Lit. Ebraicarum in lUustrium Fiisiae Ordinum Academia 
Professor ordinarius. ' 
Censura Vulgatae atque \ Tridentinis Canonizatae Versionis Quinque Librorum 

4°. Device : A Cherub's head. Franekerae Frisioriim 

Prostant apud Danielem Johannidem Biblio-- 

Typis Frederici Heynsii Typograph. 

In Acad. Franekerana. 1620. 

AMBROSIUS (S.) Mediolanensis Episcopus. 
Opera . . . omnia in quinque Tomos digesta. 

fol. [Title defective. Part of Preface want- Paris 

ing. Dated Basle, 1527.] [Ex offjicina Michaelis Fezandat in sedibus 

Device : An Eagle. M. F. Albreticis e regiorie D. Hilarii. Anno, m.b.xlix. 

Border with figures. [I549-] 

B 2 


ANDREWES (Lancelot). 

XCVI Sermons. Published by his Majesties Speciall Command. The Fifth Edition. 
Whereunto is added a Sermon Preached before two Kings, 5 Aug. 1606. 

fol. Device : Tree with severed branches London 

falling. Man pointing to scroll with le- Printed by George Sawbridge, and are to be 

■^end, ' Noli altam sapere.' sold at his shop, at the Bible upon Ludgate Hill. 

* 1661. 

[The last Sermon in the vohime is : — 

A Sermon preached ' at the Funerall of . . . Lancelot, late Lord Bishop of Winchester, at the 
Parish Church of St. Savior's in Southwark on Saturday being the xi of November 
A.D. MDCXXII, by the Right Reverend Father in God John, late L. Bishop of Ely.' 

London. Printed in the year 1661.J 

ANGELUS (Christophorus). 

A Greek Tract on the Apostacy of the Church, the Man of Sin, i. e. the Antichrist, 
and the numbers of Daniel and of the Apocalypse with a translation into Latin. 
4». Device : A wayfarer. ' Mollia cum duris.' (Kd6er) iv XovSivai 

No. 7 in vol. beginning H. (J.) A Descrip- Editus fuit Londini. 1624, 

tion, &c. 

ANNOTATIONS | upon all the | Books [ of the | Old and New | Testament; | 'By 
the Joynt-Labour of certain Learned Divines there [unto appointed, and 
therein emplo3'ed, as is expressed in the | Preface.' 
foi. London. 

Printed by John Legatt and John Raworth. 



Colophon : Pars summe tertia prestantissimi Anthonini florentinensis eximi 
Accuratissime per prouidum uirum Petrum trach consularem Spirensis ciuitatis 
His ereis figuris Impressa studiosissimeque admodum emendata. Anno Salutis 

/al. [Gothic letter. Wanting all before Sig. [1488.] 

E. iii. Original binding rebacked.] 
[MS. on p. I : The booke of ffrancis Higginson price iij**. 
A booke of the Civil lawes and ordinances of tlie Church of Rome intituled The Third part of 
Anthonies Summes. Printed 1488 as may be seen at the end. 
MS. after Colophon : Printed Anno 1488 but the book was made by the Author in the tyme of 
Pope Nicholas the fifte being 1447 as may be seen titulo 22° capitnlo 8°.] 

ANTICHRISTUS sive prognostica Finis Mundi Ex Matt, xxiv Cap. Daniele et aliis 
Scripturae locis. ' 
Motto: Spiritum ne extinguatis : prophetias ne aspernemini. 
8°. Basiled. 

ANTONINUS (Marcus) Imperator. 

De rebus suis, sive de eis qvse ad se pertinere censebat, Libri XII . . . explicati 
atque illustrati studio operaque Thomse Gatakeri, Londinatis. 


Huic 2^^ editioni accessere annotationes A. D'Acerii . . . necnon M. Anlonini Vita 
passim aucta ... a Geo. Stanhope Coll. Reg. apud Cantabr. quondam socio. 

4°' Londini 

Impensis Edv. Millingtoni, in vico vulgo 

dicto Little Britain. 

Veneunt apud Bibliopolas Londin. & utriusque 

Academice. 1697. 


Punica, Parthica, Iberica, Syriaca, Mithridatica, Amiibalica, Celticse et IllyricEe 
fragmenta. Item, De bellis civilibus Libri V. Item, E Dione excerptse HistoriEe 
ab Joanne Xiphilino, Ex interpretatione Guilielmi Blanci, a Guilielmo Xylandro 
recognita ; Henrici Stephani in Joannem Xyphiiinum post duos egregios messores 

fol. Device : Tree with severed branches [Parisiis] 

falling. Man pointing to scroll with legend, Excudebat Henricus Stephanus. 

' Noli altum sapere.' Anno m.d.XCII. [iS9'-] 

APULEIUS MADAURENSIS, Philosophus Platonicus. 
Operum pars secunda. 

8". Device on fly-leaf at end: Hammer strik- At the end: Basileae 

ing fire from rock beneath face breathing on Per Sebastianum Henricpetri 

flames. Anno Salutis hnmanae 

ciDioxcvii. [1597-] 

AQUINAS (Thomas) Ordinis Praedicatomm. 

Summa Totius Theologiae ; ... in tres partes ab auctore suo distributa. 

/;;/. [First Title, &c., mutilated, separate Parisiis 

Titles to following parts.] Sumptibus Petri Chevalier, vijt Jacobffia, 

Engraved portrait, Effigies S. Thomae sub signo Divi Petri. 1615. 


[Stamped leather binding. ] 

Enarrationes, quas Catenam vere Auream dicunt, in quatuor Evangelia : diligentia 
et industria docti domini Baccalaurei Fratris Antonii Senensis Lusitani, Ordinis 
Fratrum Praedicatorum Lovanii. 
/»/. [First Title mutilated. Title to S. On Second Title (S. Luke and S. John) 

Luke and S. John has device — A Salamander. Parisiis 

' Timentibns Deum nil de-est.'] Apud Dionysium Moreau, y'A Jacob^a, sub 

[Epistle Dedicatory to Leonorius Destampes SalamandrS. 1637. 

de Valencay, Carnotensium Episcopus, from 

Edmundus Maillet, Tricassinus, regalis Ec- 

clesise Canonicus.] 

A I RELATION | of | the late Journey | of the Jesuites, | Banished | Out of the 
Kingdoms of Bohemia | and Hungaria. 

4°. No. 2 in vol. beginning Anno Dom, 1610. 

BiGNON (Hierome). A Briefe, &c. 


A RELATION | of the now pre|sent warres, betweene j the Illustrious L. Charles 
Emanuel, | D. of Saucy, Piedmont, &c. and the L. | Cardinal of Mantua, D. of 
Montferrat ; | seconded by the King of | Spaine. 
The Emperors Decree, and the Duke | of Savoy his Letter to the Emperor, | 
wherein the whole occasion of the | warres is briefly declared. 
Translated out of the Latin Copie. 

4°. No. 5 in vol. beginning London 

BiGNON (Hierome). Printed by W. Stansby for Nathaniel Butter, and 

are to be sold at his shop under Saint Augustine's 
Gate. 1615. 

ARETIUS (Benedictus) Bernensis. 

Commentarii Absolutissimi in Pindari Olympia, Pythia, Nemea, Isthmia. 

4°. [On Title : Printing Press. ' Prelum [Sine loco.] Excudebat Joannes le Preux. 

Typographicura. Quicquid agas, sapienter 1587. 

agas; Respice finem.'] 

In Novum Testamentum .... Commentarii doctissimi Editio postrema omnium 
emendatissima, &c. 

fol. Device : Eagle surmounting serpents Genevae 

entwined with Comucopiae. 'In nocte con- apud Petrura et Jacobum Chouet. 1618. 


' Commentarii in Epistolas ad Timotheum, Titum, et Philemonem. 
8°. [Title wanting.] 
MS. note in English at the end. 

SS. Theologiae | Problemata, | hoc est : | Loci Communes | Christianas Reli- I 

gionis, methodice | explicati. Editio Nova. 
fol. [Title mutilated.] Genevae 

apud Petrum et Jacobum Chouet. 
[1617 in pencil on part of Title remaining.] 

ARIAS MONTANUS (Benedictus) Hispalensis. 
Commentaria in Duodecim Prophetas. 

fol. On Title. Device : Royal Arms of Antwerpiae. 

Spain within compasses. 'Lahore et con- Ex officina Christophori Plantinl 

stantia,' . regit prototypographi. I57l. 

Hujus libri Regit consilii gestimatione prse- 

scriptum sunt LXXII Stufferi. 

At the end : Antwerpiae excudebat Christo- 

phorus Plantinus Regius Prototypographus 

Anno cio.iD.Lxx Mense Decembr. 

De Optimo Imperio sive in Librum Josuae Commentarium. 

4°. Device : Hand with compasses draw- Antverpiae 

ing circle. ' Lahore et constantia.' Ex officina Christophori Plantini. 



De varia republica sive Commentaria in Librum Judicum. 

4°. Device as above with different border ; Antverpiae 

repeated at the end with slight variation. Ex officina Plantiniana. 1592. 

apud Viduam, et Joannem Moretum. 

Liber | Generationis | et Regenerationis Adam, | sive | De Historia Generis 
humani | Operis magni pars prima, | id est Anima. | 
4°. Device as before. Antverpiae 

Ex officina Plantiniana I593- 

apud Viduam et Joannem Moretum. 

Elucidationes in Quatuor Evangelia . . . quibus accedunt ejusdem elucidationes 
in Acta Apostolorum. 

4°. Device as before, different border. Antverpiae 

' Constantia et labore.' Ex officina Christ. Plantini 

Architypographi Regii. i576- 

In omnia Sanctorum Apostolorum scripta ; ... in Joannis Apostoli et Evangelistae 
Apocalypsin significationes. 

4°. Device as before, different border. Antverpiae 

' Constantia et labore.' (as above) 15SS. 

In XXXI Davidis Psalmos Priores Commentaria. 

4°. Device as before, with larger border Antverpiae 

containing figures, Adam and Eve. ' Labore et Ex officina Plantiniana 

constantia.' Badge with another border at end. apud Joannem Moretum 

cio.ioc.v. [1605.] 

Commentaria in Isaiae Prophetae Sermones. 

4°. Device as before with border. 'Lahore Antverpiae 

et constantia.' Repeated at end. Ex officina Plantiniana 

apud Joannem Moretum. I599' 

ARISTOTELES, Stagirita. 

Commentaria in libros De Coelo et mundo, De generalione et Corruptione, &c. 

fol. [Title vvanting.] [circa 1490.] 

Colophon at the end of Liber Quarlus 

Exposifio qttuor libro2^ Metherologo!^ | 
\ Aris. juxta cometatoem doctoris sancti finit 

feliciter. Et in Officina Quentell. Colonic 
nitidissime Ipressa. 

Questiones Joannis de Janduno de physico audilu nouiter eniendatae. 
Helie hebrei Cretensis questiones. 
fol. [Incomplete.] [circa 1500.] 

Ethica, Latinfe. 

8°. [All wanting before fol. 5 and 17-32.] [c. 1500.] 

[MS. : ' John AUatt his booke and he 
that stealeth it shalbe [ ].' P. 10, ' ex 

dono Edvardus {sic) Moxham.' MS. note at 
the end.] 


ARISTOTELES {continued)— 

Opera, Graecb et Latine. 

8". 2 vols, in 4. [sine loco] 

Title with engraved bolder. Excudebat Guillelmus Laemarins. I597- 

Organum : Hoc est, libri omnes ad Logicam pertinentes, Graece et Latinfe . 
Pacius a Beriga recensuit &c. 

8°. [MS. on Title : Richard Hardy my Hanoviae 

name. 1616.] Device : Pegasus over Cornu- Typis Wechelianis, impensis haeredum 

copiae. Claudti Maruii. 161 1. 


A Plea I to I an Appeale : | Trauersed Dialogue wise. By H. B[urton]. 

4°. Epistle Dedicatory to King Chas. I. Printed at London 1626. 

Opposite— MS. Index. ? T. Hayne's hand- By W. I. 

writing. No. 4 in vol. beginning MotJNTAGU 
(R.) (An Appeale). 

A second | Parallel | Together with | a writ of error | sued against the | Appealer. 
(Imperfect at end.) 

4°. No. 3 in vol. beginning Mountagu London 

(An Appeale). Printed for Robert Milbourne. 1626. 

Parallelismus | nov-antiqui | erroris | Pelagi-arminiani. 

4°. No. 2 in vol. beginning MouNTAGU I^ondini 

(An Appeale). Impensis Roberti Mylboarne. 1626. 

ARMINIUS (Jacobus) Veteraquinas Batavus S. Theologiae Doctor eximius. 

Disputationes Magnam partem S. Theologiae complectentes, publicse et privatae . . . 
Prsemittitur Oratio de Vita et obitu Auctoris, recitata a D. Petro Bertio Coll. 
Illustr. DD. Ordinum Regente dignissimo. 

8°. Device: A book open. Musical No- Lugduni Batavorum 

'ation. Apud Joannem Paedts. Acad. Leid. Typograph. 

et Thomam Basson, 

CIO. 10. ex. [1610.] 

Orationes itemque Tractatus insigniores aliquot. 
8°. Device as in preceding. Lugduni Batavorum' 

Ex officina Thomae Basson. 161:. 

Opera Theologica nunc denu6 conjunctim recusa. 

4°-' Prostant Francofurti 

apud Wolfgangum Hoffmannum. 1635. 



The I Seduction | of Arthington by Hacket especiallie, | with some tokens of his 
vnfained iepen-|tance and Submission. | Written by the said Henrie Arthing- 
ton, the third person, | in that wofuU Tragedie. 

4". No. 5 in vol. beginning H. (J.) A Printed by R. B. for Thomas Man, dwelling 

Description. in Pater-noster row at the signe of the [ ]. 

At the end : [1592-] 

I humblie craue that as my fall. 

Hath much offended each degree. 
So my restore may comfort all 

That loue the Lord nnfeinedlie. 
And to that end I wish this booke 

In all mens hands accordinglie. 
That whosener on it looke 

May praise the Lord eternallie. 

Amen, quoth H, A. prisoner. 

ASCONIUS Pedianus (Quintus). 

In orationes M. TuUii Ciceronis Enarrationes . . . cum Georgii Trapezuntii in 
ejusdem Ciceronis Qrationem pro Q. Ligario . . . Interpretatione, adnotationi- 
busque ac Commentariis Antonii Lusci Vincentini in reliquas Ciceronis actiones. 

venudantur Lnteciae sub scuto Basiliensi. 
fol. Title page with engraved border. Colophon : 

Device: Grotesque figures enclosing mono- Imprimebautur Lutetiae haec Asconii Paediani 

gram , Conrat Resch. et Georgii Trapezuntii, Antonii Luschi, Xic- 

chonis Poletoni in Orationes M. TuUii Ciceronis 
Commentaria impendio ac aere Conradi Resch, 
Industria vero et arte Petri Vidoae Anno ab 
orbe redempto M D XX ad Resurrectionem 
Dominicam. [1520.] 

ATHANASIUS (S.) Archiepiscopus Alexandrise. 

Opera quae reperiuntur omnia . . . Grscfe, Latine . . . cura J. Piscatoris, accedunt 
encomium et vitse aliquot Athanasii a diversis conscriptae. 

fol. 2 vols. Parisiis 

(Title of Vol. I mutilated.) Sumptibus Michaelis Sonnii, Claudii Morelli & 

Device: The Temple of Holy Wisdom Sebastiani Cramoisy via Jacobaaa. 1637. 

(Greek capitals). 
Figures left side : Dionysius Areop. 
right side : Basilius. 

Printers' badges below : 
M. S. Hand shaking viper from finger into 
■ fire. ' Si Deus pro nobis quis contra nos.' 
C. M. A Fountain. H C04>IAC nHTH 

6N BiBAloici peei. 

S. C. Cranes in combat. ' Honora patrem 
tuum et matrem tuam.' 



Deipnosophistee. Grsece. 
fol. Editio princeps. Venetiis apud Aldum, et Andream Socerum. 

[Stamped leather binding. Aldine Anchor mdxiiii. . [1514-] 

on Title and as Tail-piece,] 

A I TRUE RELATION | of the Conferen-|ces and proceedings con-lcerning the 
peace and mutuall | agreements betweene the | King of France, and | Prince of 
Conde. Published to the | Gloria of God, and the satisfaction of | our Common- 
Wealth, this ninth of | Ivne, 1616. 

4°. No. 7 in vol. beginning London 

BiGNON (Hierome). A Briefe, &c. Printed by Edward Griffin for Nathaniel 

Butter, and are to bee solde at his shop in Pauls 
Church-yard, at the signe of the Pyde Bull, 
neere S* Austinsgate. 1.616. 

A I TRUE REPORT of | the most execrable Murder | committed vppon the late | 
French King Henrie the 4. ( of famous memory, with diuers | particularities aswell 
con-|cerning the prisoner, as o-|ther matters preceding and | ensuing the accident. 
Written in a Letter from good place, and much | differing from the uncertaine 
relations there-|of heretofore published. 

4°. Portrait, back of Title. At London 

(Imperfect at the end.) Printed for John Budge, and are to be sold at 

No. 6 in vol. beginning his shoppe in Brittaine Burse. Anno Dom. 1610. 
BiGNON (Hierome). A Briefe, c&c. 

ATTERBURY (Franciscus) S.T.P., Carliolensis Ecclesiae Decanus, & Regiae 
Majestati a sacris Domesticis. ■ 

Concio I ad | Clerum | Londinensem, | Habita, in | Ecclesia S. ELPHEGI, | 
Maii xvii. a. d. m.d.ccix. 

4°. MS. on Title : Londoni 

6''' 7 Septemb. Typis J. B. Impensis J. Bovfyer, ad Insigne 

No. 5 in vol. beginning Rosae in platea Ludgatestreet, juxta Porticum 

Trapp (Joseph). The Mischiefs, &c. Occidentalem Ecclesiae Divi Pauli. 1 709. 

Vide Confessio Augustana. 

AUGUSTINUS (D. Aurelius) Episcopus Hipponensis. 
fol. 10 vols, in 6. Basileae 

Froben device on Title and as Tail-piece. Apud Hieronymum Frobenium et NicoTaum 

Hands clasping Caduceus, serpents en- Episcopium. 1556. 


AURELIANUS — B. (C.) 1 1 

AURELIANUS (Coelius) Siccensis. 

1. Tardarum Passionum Libri V. 

2. D. Oribasius Sardianus. 
Euporiston, &c. Libri VI. 

V3. Soranus Ephesius : D. Oribasius : C. Plinius Secundus : L. Apuleius. 

De re Medica 
accessit libellus de Betonica. 

fol. [Note the borders in the centre of the Colophon : Basiled 

volume.] in Eedibus Andreze Cratandri. 1528. 

MS. marginal annotations. 

AYLIFFE (John) LL.D., ' late Fellow of New College in Oxon.' 

Parergon Juris Canonici Anglicani, or, a Commentary by way of Supplement to 
the Canons and Constitutions of the Church of England. 

fol. [Printed list of Subscribers' Names, London. 

' Mr. Simon Martin of Leicester, Bookseller, Printed for the author, by D. Leach, and sold 

7 books.'] by John Walthoe in the Middle Temple Cloysters, 

' Behold ! I have not laboured for my self James and John ICnapton in S. Paul's Church- 
alone, but for all them that seek after know- yard, Richard Standfast in Westminster-Hall, 
ledge. Ecclesiasticus, chap. xxiv. ver. 34.' William and John Innys at the West End of 

S. Paul's, Francis Clay and Daniel Brown 
without Temple Bar, London, and Simon Martin, 
Bookseller in Leicester. 1726. 

AZORIUS (Joannes) Lorcitanus, Soc. Jesu. 

Institutiones Morales ; in quibus Universes Quaestiones ad Conscientiam recte aut 
prave factorum pertineates breviter Iractantur. Nunc primum in Germania 

fol. Jesuit badge in fine illustrated Title, Colonias Agrippinae 

depicting the Seven Sacraments, Conscientia apud Antonium Hierat, sub monocerote. 1602. 
Bona, Conscientia Prava, Fides, Haeresis, &c. 
[MS. on Title : Antonij Cadi Liber, suo 
sere emptus, pretium 16' Anno dtii, 1604. 

Bibliothecae pnblicse Leicestr. hoc volumen 
dedit Antonins Cadus Vicarius de Billesdon.] 

B. (C.) [Barksdale, Clement]. 

Monumenta Litteraria, sive Obitus et Elogia Doctorum Virorum ex historiis 
Illustris Viri Jac. Aug. Thuani. Opera C. B. 
4°. Device : Prince of Wales' Feathers. Londini. 

' In Domino confido. ' Excudebat Jo. Norton, sumptibus Jos. Kirton 

& Tho. Warren, in Coemeterio S. Pauli ad in- 
signe Equi Albi. 1640. 

At the end : Imprimatur Thomas VVykes. 

Octob. 12, 1639. 


BACON (Francis). 

The Historic of the Reigne of King Henry the Seventh. 

fol. Imperfect. Title wanting and several 

[MS. on cover, Hez: Clark ; on p. i, Edw. 
Webb, 1770. Many MS. marginal notes.] 



BAILLIE (James) M.A. 

Spiritual | Marriage. | or | the Vnion ( betweene Christ and his | Chvrch. | As it 
was delivered in a Sermon at | Westminster, the first of | Januarie. Anno Dom. [ 

4°. Device : Griffin on weight chained to 
winged sphere. 

No. 5 in vol. beginning : 

Laud (Wm.), A Sermon, &c. 

Printed by B. A. and T. Fawcet, for Robert 
Allot, and are to be sold at his shop, at the 
blacke Beare in Pauls Church-yard. 1627. 

BALiEUS (Joannes) Sudouolgius Anglus. 

Bale (John). Bishop of Ossory. 

Acta Ro|manorum Pon|tificum, a dispersione Disci-|pulorum Christi usq; ad 
tempora PauH quarti, qui | nunc in Ecclesia tyrannizat : Ex Joannis Balei Su| 
douolgii Angli majore Catalogo Anglicorum scri-|ptorum desumpta, & in tres 
Classes, | Libros uer6 septem, | diuisa. 

[On Title : R. W. 
MS. marginal annotations.] 

Francofurti ad Moenum. 
Ex oificina Petri Brubachii. 1567. 

On the fly-leaf at the end : 

Francofurti ad Mcenum, per Petrum Fabri- 
cium : impensis Joan. Oporini, Anno Do. 1567. 

The Image of both Churches. 

8°. Title wanting. Woodcuts in the text. 

[MS. on the last page ; 

Thomas WooUdyn (?)] 

[At the end] 
Imprinted at London by Jhon Daye, dwel) 
linge at Aldersgate, and William Se|res dwel- 
linge in Peter Colledge.| These bokes are too 
be sold I at the new shop by the li|tle Conduite 
in I Chepside. 

BALDUINUS (Balthasar). 

Papa I et | Papatus Pro-|prio Gladio | Jugulatus; | Hoc est Paparum, eorum- 
que I domesticorum Principia, Effata ac Testi-|monia, quibus Lutherana 
Religio asseritur. & Phosphori Romani Theologia lucra-|toria obfuscatur. 


8". ' Wittebergffi 

Anno, post exhibitam, Invictissimo Imperatori 
Carolo V. August, nostram Confessionem. 

Impensis Joannis Helwigii, Typis Jobi Wil- 
helmi Fincelii. [1630.] 

BALDUINUS (Fridericus) S.T.D., et Professor in Academia Wittebergensi pub- 
licus necnon Ecclesiae ibidem Pastor ac Superintendens. 
Tractatus Luculentus, Posthumus, Toti Reipublicae Christianae ulilissimus 
De Casibus nimirum Conscientiae summo studio elaboratus. 

4°. Engraved Border to Title. Merian sc. Wittenbergae. 

Frontispiece. Portrait. Aet. 52. Impensis Panli Helwigii Bibl. 162S. 

Sol BALDUINUS erat, Color hie vix umbra 

uel Iris, ' 

Et tamen haec quantum luminis Iris habet ? 
Vin' ipsos radios? monumenta tot aurea 
Quae Solis radiis scripta videbis, adi. 
Antecessor! p. m. Paulus Robeius D' fac. 
[MS. Pasted on fly-leaf: Ex dono Johannis 
Evans Londini vere Generosi et (quod benefi- 
centiam maxime promovet) eisce partibus 
penitus ignoti.] 

BANNES (Dominicus) Mondragonensis, Ordinis Predicatorum, in florentissima Sal- 
manticensi Academia Sacrse Theologise primarius Professor. 

Scholastica Commentaria in I et II Partes Angelici Doctoris S. Thomse. Vols. 

I, II, III. 
Decisiones de Jure et Justitia Vol. IV. 

fol. 4 vols, in 2. Duaci 

On Titles : The Jesuit monogram with Ex typographia Petri Borremans Typographi 

different borders. Jurati sub signo SS. Apostolomm Petri & 

Round three of the borders : Pauli. 1614-15. 

' Exaltemus nomen ejus in idipsum.' 

BARET (Joannes) Cantabrigiensis. 

An Alvearie or Triple Dictionarye, in Englishe, Latin, and French. 

fol. (a portion of fol. C i defective). [At the end] 

[MS. on Title : Imprinted at London by Henry Denham, 

William Richardson. dwelling in Paternoster-rowe at the signe of the 

John Hunt. Starre. [i57.v] 

Bryan Hunt.] 

Epistle Dedicatory to William Cecil, Lord 


BARRADIUS (Sebastianus) Olisiponensis, Soc. Jesu, in Eborensi Academia quon- 
dam Sacrarum Litterarum Professor. 
Commentaria in Concordiam et Historiam Evangelicam. 

fol. 4 vols, in 2. Moguntiae 

Jesuit monogram on Titles. (Engraved Sumptibus Hermann! Mylii Birckmanni. 
border, Figures of the Evangelists, on I.) Excudebat Baltliasar Lippius. i6og-ii. 

[MS. on Title of each vol. : , 

Homo cum sis, id fac semper intelligas. 
Thomas Holbech.] 


Epistolarum Medicinalium a Doctis vel ad Doctos scriptarum, Centuria I et II. 
8°. Bound in 2 vols. Hafniae 

Device : Rock and Birds vifithin Olive and Typis Matthiae Godicchenii Impensis Petri 

Palm Branches. Haubold, Bibl. 

'In Conatu Labor.' Anno CI3 lo C L.XIII. [1663.] 

BASILIUS (S.) Magnus, Caesarise Cappadocise Episcopus. 

Opera Omnia, sive recens versa, sive ad Grsecos archetypes ita collata per Wolf- 
gangum Musculum Dusanum ut aliam omnino faciem sumpsisse uideantur. 

^ol. 2 vols, in 1. Basileae 

Device: Three-headed Hermes on pillar. Ex ofificina Hervagiana. I,'i40. 

[MS. on Title : 

H. (? Huntyngdon).] 

BASILIUS, Seleuciae Isauriae Episcopus, qui J. Chrysostomo contubernalis fuii. 
Opera quae exstant, Graecfe 

Nunc primum eruta, et in lucem edita. 
8°. Device : Symbolical figure of Truth [Sine loco.] 

within wreath of fruits. In bibliopola H. Commelini. 


BASTWICK (Joannes) Anglus M.D. 

Elenchus Religionis Papisticae, in quo probatur neque Apostolicam, neque Catho- 
licam, imo neque Romanam esse. 

8°. Device : Stork with scroll ' vigilat '. Lugduni Batavorum 

Hour-glass on skull. Excudit Joannes Ccrnelii Wourdanus. 1624. 

BAYLIE (Robert) Minister at Glasgow. 

A I Dissvasive | from the | Errours | of the | Time : wherein the Tenets of the 
Principall | Sects, especially of the Independents, are drawn to-|gether in one 
Map, for the most part, in the words of | their own Authours, and their maine 
principles | are examined by the Touch-stone of | the Holy Scriptures. 
No. 2 in vol. beginning Published by Authority. 

SUTCLIFFE (M.). Printed for Samuel Gellibrand at the Brasen 

A Dissuasive, &c. Serpent in Pauls Church-yard. 1646. 


BEHM (Joannes) SS. Theologiae Doctor, Ejusdem in Celebri Borussiaca Aca- 
demia Professor, et Aulae ibidem Concionator. 
Chronologica | Manuductio et deductio | annorum | a conditu mun|di ad exter- 
minium | usque prioris et posterioris tem|pli duobus libris exhibita. 

fol. Device : Female Figure, witli Dove and Francofurti ad Moennm 

Serpent, within border ; Legend : ' Estote Curantibus Riilandiis, Typis Nicolai Hoffmanni. 
prudentes sicnt serpentes et simplices sicut 1619. 


BELLARMINUS (Robertus) Politianus. Soc. Jesu. 

Disputationes de Controversiis Christianse Fidei adversus hujus temporis hsere- 

fol. 2 vols. Editio secunda. Ingolstadii 

Device : Heraldic Lion wfith Papal In- Ex officina Typographica Davidis Sartorii. 

signia. 1588-91. 

[MS. on the Title of vol. 2 : 

Elizabeth Beaumont.] 

Disputationes de Controversiis Christianae Fidei. 

.fol. Editio tertia. Tomus Primus. Ingolstadii 

Device as before. Ex officina Typographica Davidis Sartorii. 

[MS. on the Title: 1590. 

Elizabeth Beaumont.] 

BELLARMINUS (Robertus) Cardinalis. 

Recognitio Librorum omnium Roberti Bellarmini S.R.E. Cardinalis amplissimi, ab 
ipso reverendissimo 'et illustrissimo auctore edita. 

Accessit correctorium errorum qui Typographorum negligentia in libros 
ejusdem Cardinalis editionis Venetse irrepserunt. 

8°. Jesuit monogram with border. Ingolstadii 

Ex Typographeo Adami Sartorii. 1608. 

BELLINUS (Laurentius). 

Opuscula aliquot, | ad | Archibaldum Pitcarnium, ( Professorem Lugduno-Bata- 
vum, I in quibus praecipue agitur ( De Motu Cordis in et extra uterum, ovo, 
ovi I aere et respiratione, | De Motu Bills et Liquidorum Omnium per | corpora 
animalium; | De Fermentis et Glandulis, &c. 

4°. (Diagrams.) Lugduni B'atavorum 

apud Cornelium Bontesteyn. 1696. 


BELLINUS {mitinued)— 

De I Uiinis | et | Pulsibus, | De Missione Sanguinis, | De Febribus, | De morbis 
Capitis I et pectoris, | opus | L. B. | dicatum | Francisco Redi | cum praefa- 
tione I Johannis Bohnii, M.D. et | in Academia Lipsiensi Prof. Publ. 

4". Francofurti et Lipsiae 

sumptibus Johannis Grossii. 

Typis Christian! Scholvini. 1685. 

BERCHORIUS (Petrus) Pictaviensis, Ordinii D. Benedicti. 

Opera Omnia Totam S. Scripturse, Morum, Naturae historiam complectentia. 

fol. 3 vols, in 2. Antverpias 

Engraved Title with fine engraved border. apnd Joannem Keerberginm. 1609. 

Portrait of author to Vol. I. 
[M.S. on Title : 42' 6^.] 

BERNARD (Richard) Parson of Batcombe, in Somerset-shire. 

Christian | see to thy | Conscience, | Or | A Treatise of the nature, | kinds and 
manifold differen-|ces of Conscience, all very briefly, | and yet more fully laid 
open I then hitherto. | 

S". Bound in this vol. London 

ToRSHELL (Sam.). Printed by Felix Kyngston for Edvpard Black- 

The three questions, &c. more, and are to be sold at his shop in Paula 

Churchyard at the signe of the Angel. 1631. 

BERNARD (Richard) late Rector of Batcombe. 
(i) Thesaurus Biblicus seu Promptuarium Sacrum. 

fol. Device : Hands clasping rod round Imprinted at London by Felix Kingston, and 

which serpents entwined, and comucopiae. are to be sold at his House in Pater-Noster-Row, 

Legend round border : ' F. K. Pax opulentiam at the Signe of the Gilded Cock. 1644. 
sapientia pacem.' 

(2) The Bible's Abstract and Epitomie . . . collected together for the most part 
alphabetically, with the Doctrine and uses, &c Pro Ricardo Barnardo. 

fol. Imprinted at London by G. M. for Andrew 

Crooke at the Signe of the Greene-Dragon in 
Panics Church-yard. 1642. 

' Here is the Pearle that Christ commandment gave, 
All that men had to sell the same to save. Mat. 1 3. 


Here is the wisdome that will 

Lead 1 I walkest 1 Prov. 

^atch for > thee when thou J sleepest > Chap. 
Talke with ) / wakest ) 6. 32 

and will 

Keepe 1 I Floods ) i Drowning ) 1 

Preserve \ thee in ) Fire \ from \ Burning > Heaven \ Isa. 43 

Bring ) ( Fine J ( Hell to ) / 

Why then 
Forsake ) , I Dye living | Prov. 8 
Embrace ( ) Live dying ) 35, 36. 

BERNARDUS (S.) Primi Clareuallensis coenobii Abbas. 

Opera, quse quidem colHgi undequaque in hunc usque diem potuere, omnia : ed. 
Antonius Marcellinus. 

fol. 2 vols. Basileae 

Device : Three-headed Hermes on pillar. per Joannem Heruagium. iSS^- 

BEROALDUS (Matthaus). 

Chronicum, Scripturse Sacrse authoritate constitutum. Cui accessit ejusdem Sacrse 
Scripturae Concentus, Authore Hugone Broughtono, Anglo. 

4°. Device : Pegasus over Cadnceus, with Francofnrti 

Cornucopiae. Impensis Claudii Mamii, et hseredum Jo- 

hannis Aubrii, 1606. 

BESODNERUS (Petrus) Cibiniensis, Saxo-Transylvanus. 

Bibliotheca Theologica, | Hoc est, Index | Bibliorum | Praecipuorum | eorun- 
demq; Interpre|ium, Hebraeorum, Grsecorum, et j Latinorum, Tam Veterum 
Quam Recenti|um in certas classes ita digestorum, ut primo intuitu | apparere 
possit, qui in numero Rabbinorum, Patrum, | Lutheranorum, Pontificiorum, aut 
Cinglio-jCalvinianorum contineantur. 

4°. Francofurti Marchionum 

Sumtibus Johannis Thymii, excudebat Johann. 
Eichorn. [1608.] 

BETTUS (Joannes) M.D., Regis Medicus Ordinarius & Collegii Londinensis 
De Ortu et Natura Sanguinis. 

8o_ Londini 

Ex officina E.T vaeneuntque apud Gulielmum 

' Grantham ad Insigne Ursi Nigri in Aula West- 

monasteriensi. 1669. 



BEVEREGIUS (Guilielmus) [William Beveridge] M.A. e Coll. S. Joh. Cant. Eccl. 
Ang. Presb. 

1. Codex Canonum Ecclesiae PrimitivEe Vindicatus ac illustratus. 

4°. [MS. on Title : Londini 

Adv. Matth, L'Aurogne observat., Sec, Typis S. Rycroft. Prostanl. apud Robertum 

Rothom. 8vo. 1674.] Scott Bibliopolam Londinenseni. 1678. 

2. Institutionum Chronologicarum Libri II. una cum totidem Arithmetices Chrono- 

logicae Libellis. 

4°. Dedication to Humfrey, Bishop of Londini 

London. Excudebat Tho. Roycroft & prostant venales 

apud Sam. Gellibrand in Coemeterio Paulino. 


BEZA (Theodorus) Vezelius. 

1. Confessio fidei. 

2. Quaestionum et Responsionum Christianarum Libellus. 

3. Quaestionum et Responsionum . . , pars altera, quae est de Sacramentis. 

8°. Device (2): Hands clasping Anchor, i. Title wanting. fijfio.] 

serpent entwined. 2. Excudebat Eustathius Vijnon. 1584. 

3. Genevae. ApudEustathium Vignon. 1581. 

Ad acta CoUoquii Montisbelgardensis Tubingae edita . . Responsio. 

4°. On Title : A Printing Press. ' Prelum Genevae 

typographicum. Quicquid agas Sapienter Excudebat Joannes le Preux. 1587. 

Agas : Respice Finem.' 

In Epistolam D. Pauli Apostoli ad Romanes notae ex Gasp. Oleviani concionibus 
excerptae et a Theodoro Beza editae. 

8°. Device as on Quaestionum, &c.,Anchora Genevae 

Sacra. apud Eustathium Vignon. 1579. 

[MS. on Title : John Cliffe ; at the end of 
Preface : William Cliffe 21 of ffeb. 1632. 
Witnes by me, &c.] 

BIBLE, Holy (The). 

Conteyning the Olde Testament and the Newe. Authorised and appoynted to be 
read in Churches. 

/o/. (The Bishops' Bible. ' Is there not Imprinted at London by the Deputies of 

tryacle at Gilead? ' Jer. viii. 22.) Christopher Barker, Printer to the Queenes most 

Title imperfect ; some leaves repaired; last excellent Majestic. Anno. 1595. 
chapter imperfect. 


The byble in [ English, that is to say, the | contente of all the holy scnp-jture; 
bothe of the olde | and new Testament, accoi-|dyng to the tiansla-|ti6 that is 
appoin-|ted to be read in Churches. 

(Cranmer's Version.) 

fol. Wanting Sig. A ii ; several leaves Imprinted at London by Edwarde Whyt- 

mounted and top margins cut close. Original churche. IS53- 

leather binding rebacked. 

Illustrated Titles. [MS. on First Title : ' Ex 
done [Gui]llielmi Bale i66f.' 

MS. opp. Title to Part III : ' M' Rudiarde 1 

is witness that this Byble Apertaineth To the 
Parishe of S' Leanordes Anno Domini 1581 

Part of the Bible interleaved. 

I Kings vi. 29 to Job xxii. 12. A few notes. 



Vetus ac Novum Testamentum. V.T. ed. Immanuel Tremellius et Franciscns 
Junius. N.T. ed. Theodoras Beza. 

(First title imperfect and early leaves frayed.) 

fol. Device : Pegasus surmounting Cadu- Hanoviae 

ceus. Typ's Wechelianis. 

W./W. Sumptibus Danielis ac Davidis Aubrioruui et 

Two copies. dementis Schleichii. 1623. 


Divinae Scripturae nempe Veteris et Novi Testamenti omnia. 

(Bottom of Title wanting.) 

fol. Device : Pegasus over Caduceus. [Hanoviae 

Typis Wechelianis. 1583.] 


(Imperfect. 2 Chron. xxxvi. 6-end wanting). Entirely in Hebrew Characters. 

Device : Man standing on rock looking to Geneva, 

heaven. ' Quae infra nos nihil ad nos.' Cephas Oak (Petrus de la Rouiere). 16 18. 

S°. Front title imperfect. 


Ebraice, Chaldaic^, Graece, Latinfe, Germanic^, Italic^. 
Studio et labore Eliae Hutteri Germani. 

fol. [I vol. only to the end of Ruth.] Noribergae 1599. 

C 2 


.BIBLIA SACRA POLYGLOTTA, complectentia :— 

Textus originales, Hebraicum, Chaldaicum, Graecum ; Versionumque antiquarum 
Samaiitanae etc. . . . Quicquid comparari poterat. 

Opus totum in VI Tomos tributum 
Edidit Brianus Waltonus S.T.D. 

6 vols. Londini 

Impvimebat Thomas Roj'croft. 1657. 

GOLIUS (Jac.) et CASTELLUS (Edm.). 

Lexicon Orientale seu Dictionarium Persico-Latinum. 

fol. 2 vols, (bound with the above as vols. 7 
and S). 

Title wanting. 

BIBLIANDER (Theodorus). 

Ad omnium ordinum Reipublicae Christianae Principes viros, populuraque Chri- 
stianum, Relatio fidelis Theodoii Bibliandri : &c. 

4°. [Stamped leather binding.] Basileae 1545. 

(At the end) Ex officina Joan. Oporini. 
Ann. M.D.XLV. Mense Martio. 

(Bound with the above.) 

CALVINUS (Johannes) Sacrarum Litterarum in Ecclesia Geneuensi Professor. 

Epistolae | duae, de rebus hoc saeculo co|gnitu apprime ne|cessariis, | Prior, 
De fugiendis impiorum illicitis sacris, | & puritate Christianae religionis | obser- 
uanda, | Altera, De Christiani hominis officio in sa|cerdotiis Papalis ecclesiae 
uel admini|strandis, uel abjiciendis. 

4°. Device on last leaf : Minerva with spear, Basileae 

owl and Medusa's head. ' Tu nihil invita Per Balthasarem Lasium et Thomam Platterum. 
Dices faciesve Minerva.' i,S37' 


BIGNE (Margarinus de la) ex alma Sorboniae Schola Theologus Doctor Parisiensis. 
BibHotheca Patrum et Veterum Auctorum Ecclesiasticorum. 

fol. 9 vols, bound in 6. Editio 4". [Title Parisiis, 1624. 

only to 3rd and later vols.] 

Device : A ship with Minerva at helm. 
Lfgend : Lutetia. 

Bibliotheca Veterum Patrum, seu Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum. Graecfe et Latin^. 
fol. 2 vols. Parisiis, 1624. 


BIGNON (Hierome). 

A I Briefe, | but an effe|ctuall Treatise of the Ele|ction of Popes. Written by 
a French Gentleman, resident in | Rome at this last Election. 

Faithfully translated according to the | French copie. With a List of all the 
Cardinalls therein assi-|sting, and others. 

4°. Epistle Dedicatory to my Lord the At London. 

Duke of Vandosme. Printed by Val. S. for Nathaniell Butter. 1605. 

In the same vol. : (2) A Relation, &c., (3) The Copie of, &c., (4) Remonstrances, &c., 
(5) A Relation, &c., (6) A True Report, &c., (7) A True Relation, &c., (8) The Publication, 
&c., (9) The Legend, &c., (10) The Friers Chronicle, (11) Crashaw (Wm.), A Mittimus, &c. 
(^13) Speculum Jesniticum. 

BILSON (Thomas). 

The I Survey | of Christ's | Sufferings j for man's | redemption : and | of His 
descent to | Hades or Hel | for our deliverance : 

fol. [MS. ' ex dono W. Watkins S" Martini, London 

Leic. Vicarii, Augusti 6'°, 1638. Jesus mea Printed by Melchisedech Bradwood 

portio.'] for John Bill. 1604. 

The effect of certaine Sermons I Touching | the Full Redemption | of mankind by 
the death and bloud of | Christ Jesus : 

Preached at Paules Crosse and else where in London. 

4°. [MS. on back of Title : I shall rise Imprinted at London by Peter Shorl for Walter 

again, &c.; Remember death, &c. ; Life is short, Burre, and are to be sold in Paules Churchyard 
&c. ; The Worlds uncertaine, &c. ; Heaven at the signe of the Flower deluce. '599- 

may be found or lost here ; The Worlds a 
story wherein we read a lecture of God's 
glory. Cutting from bookseller's catalogue in 

The effect of certaine Sermons Touching the Full Redemption, &c. 

(Second copy.) 

[Last leaves imperfect. A few MS. anno- . Imprinted at London, &c. (as before), 


The Perpetuall Government of Christ's Church. 


^ ' Printed for Thomas Adams. 16 10. 

BINIUS (Severinus). SS. Theol. Doct. et Prof. Metrop. Eccl. Colon. Canonicus. 
Concilia Generalia et Provincialia, Graeca et Latina, quaecunque reperin potuerunt; 
Item Epistolae Decretales et Romanorum Pontificum Vitae. 


BINIUS (continued) — 

fol. 4 vols, bound in 5 (Title of Vol. i Coloniae Agrippinae 

mutilated). [MS. On Vols. 2 and 3, ' Ex dono sumptibus Joannis Gymnici 

Johannis Whatton Armigeri.'] sub Monocerote. 1618 

Device vfithin border : Sea-horse with Stork, 

Legend : ' Discitejustitiara moniti.' 

Printer's badge. 

BISSE (Thomas), M.A., Fellow of C.C.C. 
A Defence of Episcopacy. 

A I Sermon | Preach'd before the | University | of | Oxford, | At St. Marys | 

on Trinity Sunday | 1708. 
4". MS. on Title : 6'', 24 July. No. 4 in Oxford, 

vol. beginning Tr app (Joseph) . The Mischiefs, Printed at the Theater for Jo. Stephens, and are 

&c. to be sold by James Knapton at the Crown in 

St. Paul's Church -yard, London. 1708. 

BLOME (Richard), Cosmographer to her late Majesty Queen Anne. 

The History of the Holy Bible illustrated with 260 Historical Sculptures and 

fol. (Large Plate as Frontispiece. G. Free- London, 1755. 

man,Inv. P. P. Bonche, Scul.) [The names 
of the donors of the book by subscription in 
1888 inside the cover.] 


Apologia pro Sententia Hieronymi de Episcopis at Presbyteris. 

4°. Device : Sphere between figures (Time Amsteledami 

and Hercules), ' Indefessus agendo." apnd Johannem Blaev. 1646. 

BODINUS (Joannes) Advocatus. 

Methodus, ad facilem Historiarum Cognitionem. 

4°. Device : Serpent entwined round Cross Parisiis 

held by two hands. apud Martinum Juvenem, sub insigni D. Christo- 

phori e regione gymnasii Cameracensium. 

cioiOLXVt [1566.] 

BOLTON (Robert). 

A I Discourse | About the | State of True | Happinesse. 

Delivered in certaine | Sermons in Oxford, and at Pauls Crosse. 

The sixth edition, corrected and emended. 
4°. Bound with the two following. London 

Imprinted by John Dawson, for Thomas Weaver, 
and are to be sold at his shop at the great North 
doore of Pauls Church. 1631. 


Some I Generall | Directions | For a Comfor- | table Walking with God : 

Delivered in the Lecture | At Kettering In North- | Hamptonshire, with | en- 
largement : 

The fourth Edition : corrected and amended. 

4°. London. 

Imprinted by John Legatt, for Edmund 
Weaver, and are to be sold at his shop at the 
great North doore of Pauls Church. 1634. 

BOLTON (Robert) Batchelorin Divinitie, and Preacher of Gods Word at Broughton. 
Instructions \ For a right comforting | Afflicted Consciences ; | With speciall Anti- 
dotes against some | grievous Temptations. Delivered for the most part in 
the I Lecture at Kettering in Northamp-jtonshire. 

4°. London 

Printed by T. H. for Thomas Weaver. 

BONACINA (Martinus) Mediolanensis, S. Theologiae et Juris Utriusque Doctor. 
Opera omnia, recens in tres tomos distributa. 
fol. 3 vols, bound in 2 (Titles of i and 2 Antverpiae 

mutilated). apnd Joannem Meursium. 1635. 

Device : A hen sitting — two heads, each with 
helmet, on either side, head of an owl, cock 
crowing above, a lamp burning. Horn and 
rod round which serpents entwined below. 
Legend : ' Noctu diuque incubando.' 

BORELLUS (Johannes Alphonsus) Neapolitanus, Matheseos Professor. 

De Motu Animalium. Pars Prima. Editio Altera. Pars Secunda. Editio 2^'^. 

4°. (Plates at end.) Lugduni in Batavis 

Device, Pars Secunda : Sylvan scene, church Apud Cornelium Boutesteyn, Danielem a Gaes- 

spire, within wreath. beck, Johannem de Vivie et Petrum vander Aa. 

Legend: 'Ab uno VITA.' 1685. 

BORRHAUS (Martinus) Stuggardianus. 
, I. Commentarius in Sacram Josuae, Judicum, Ruthae, Samuelis et Regum His- 
toriam, mystica Messiae servatoris mundi adumbratione refertam. 

Device : Arion. Basileae 

Ex officina Joannis Oporini. 1557. 

\ 2. In Sancti viri Jobi historiam salutari de mysterio crucis et de lege atque evan- 
gelio doctrina refertam M.B. commentarii. 

Ejusdem in Salomonis sapientis Israelitarum Regis sacram concionem qug 
Ecclesiastes inscribilur . . . Annotationes. 
fol. 2 vols, bound in I. [Name erased on Basileae 

Title ? John Angell.jun.] * per Petrum Pernam. 1564. 

Device : Female figure with lamp and staft 
within deep border. 

' Lucerna pedibus meis Verbum tuum.' 


BOSQUIERUS (Philippus) Caesaiimontanus, Minorita Observant. Prov. Flandriae, 
Conuentus Audomarensis. 
Opera omnia, ab autore ipso diligenter recognita, &c. 

fol. 3 vols. Coloniae Agrippinae 

Device ; A cock crowing. Deep border witli apiid Joanuem Crithium, sub signo Galli. 

legend: ' Rerum vigilantia custos.' Printer's i6ji. 

badge below between I. C. 

BOULDUC (Jacobus) Ordinis Capucinorum Praedicator. 

1 . De Ecclesia ante Legem, Libri Tres, Secunda Editio. 

2. De Ecclesia post Legem, Liber Analogicus quern sequitur In Catholicam B. 

Judae Epistolam Commentarius. 

4°. I. Engraved Title : Jasper Isac. f. Parisiis 

Genealogical Tree ; The Ark above ; The Apud Josephum Cotterew 

Cross below. uia Jacobaea sub signo Prudentiae. 

2. Engraved Title : Jasper Isac fee'. 'Ante 1630, 

legem — post legem.' 

Symbols. — Above : ' Et clamabant alter ad 
alterum.' Below : The Cross recumbent. 
' Ipso summo angulari lapide J. C 

BOXHORNIUS (Heniicus) Licentiatus Theologus Lovaniensis. 

Commentariorum de | Eucharistica Harmonia | libri tres, \ adversus | Transsub- 

stantiationem Pontificiam, | Missas idolomaniam & manduca-|tionem carnis 

Jesu Christi | corporalem. Addita sub finem iustitia reformationis, | & unionis 

Ecclesiae Wourdanae, cum aliis | Illustribus Hollandiae Ecclesiis, &c. 

8°. Lugdnni Batavorum. 

Device : Angel with implements. Ex officina Joannis Paetsii & Ludovici Elzevirii. 


BRANDIUS (Henricus) Verbi Divini in Ecclesia Ziriczaeana Minister. 

[BRAY (Thomas) D.D.] ' A Sincere Lover of our Protestant Establishment both 
in Church and State.' 
'Part I. Papal Usurpation | and | Persecution, | as it has been exercised in | 
Ancient and Modern Times | with Respect | both to Princes and People ; | 

London, 1712. 

Part 2. History of the old Waldenses & Albigenses, John Paul Perrin, translated 
anew from the original French. 

JvL London. 17H. 

Printed by Joseph Downing in Bartholomew 
Close near West-Smithfield. 



BRIGHTMANNUS (Thomas) Anglus. 

Apocalypsis Apocalypseos : ( id est, | Apocalypsis | D. Joannis Analysi el 
Scholiis I illustrata. 

Huic Synopsis praefigitur universalis et Refutatio Rob. Bellarmini de Antichristo 
. . . inseritur. 
4°- Francofurti. 

Prostat apud viduam Levini Hulsii. 


Apocalypsis | Apocalypseos : | id est, | Apocalypsis | D. Joliannis. Prsefigitur, &c. 

8°. [Title with engraved border.] In Bibliopolo Commeliniano. 161 2. 

Imjjensis Balduini des Bordes cum sociis. 

BRINSLEY (Joannes), 

Ludus Literai-ius : \ or, | The Grammar | Schoole; | Shewing how to pro-|ceede 
from the first entrance into lear-|ning, to the highest perfection required in 
the I Grammar Schooles, with ease, certainly and delight | both to Masters and 
SchoUars; onely according to our | common Grammar, and ordinary | Classical] 

Printed for Thomas Man. 

Authours : 

4°. Epistle Dedicatory to Henry, Prince of 
\Vales, and Charles, Duke of York. 


'Studious Reader,! thought meete to give thee notice, that my Translation of Sententiae 
PVERILES and of Cato are now under the Presse ; and the former of them, within a day or 
two, ready to come forth. Expect the other, shortly after.' 


A I Revelation | of the Holy | Apocalyps \ 

4°. [Title mutilated. Engraved border round.] [1610 — MS. Catalogue of 1669.] 

Dedicated to James, King of Great Britannic, 
France and lerne-land. 

An Awnswear unto | the Righte Honorable the | Lordes, of the Queue of En-| 
glandes most honora-jble privy coun-|cell : 

Concerning an Ebrew epistle of a rarely 
lerned lew, most reverent towardes 
the Ebrew skill of English, and 
* endeuoring the good of 

all Christen- 


Rom. ir 16. 

'yf the root be holy the branches are also.' 

4". No. 6 in vol. beginning UssERlUS. Vet. Printed at Basil by Conradus Waldkirch the 

Epist. Engraved border. 14 of December. 1597. 



Commentarius | in | Danielem | primum ! Anglicfe scriptus, | nunc | Latinitate 
donatus | per | Joannem Boreel, | Mittelburgens. | 

4°. Device : Hammer striking fire from Basileae 

Rock, within border. At end : per Sebastiannra Henricpetri 

Anno ['599-] 


An Apologie | or Defence | of such true Christians | as are commonly (but 
unjustly) called | Brownists : | Against such imputations as are layd upon 
them by the Heads and Doctors of | the Vniversity of Oxford.] In their Answer 
To the humble Petition of the Ministers of the | Church of England, desiring 
Reformation | of certayne Ceremonies and abuses | of the Church. 
4". Address to King Jas. I. [No place.] 1604. 

' from the Overseers, Deacons, and brethren 
of the English Church at Amsterdam in the 
Low Countryes, exiled for the truth of the 
Gospell of Christ.' 
No. 3 in vol. beginning 

H. (J.), A Description, &c. 

BUCERUS (Martinus). 

De vera | ecclesia-|rum in Doctrina, | cgremoniis, et disciplina reconjciliatione et 
compositione . . . 

Responsio ad calumnias | Alberti Pighii Campensis, contra Confessio|nem & 
Apologiam Protestantium nu|per uulgatas & refutatio suggillatio|nis Eccianae 
contra Acta | Ratisponensia. 

8°. [MS. on fly-leaf at end : [sine loco.] 1543- 

Percyvall Woderoffe onethe this boke.] 


Chronologia : | Hoc est : | Annorum Sup-|putatio, continua serie | deducta, ab 

orbis conditi pri-|mordiis, usque ad exilium Israelitarum in | Babylone, &c. 
/oL Engraved representation of Christ. Gorlicii 

Chronologic caput et corona Christus. 1584. Imprimebatur typis 

Veritas temporis filia Ambrosii Fritschii 1585. 

Utriusque parens Deus 
Sap. xi 
Cuncta Deus numero, mensura, et pondere fecit. 
Tail-piece : Hands clasping fruits. 
' Ditat servata fides.* 
Ambrosius Fritsch. 1569. 




Index Chro-|nologicus, | cura secunda | Gottfridi Bucholzeri Grunbergensis 
Silesii locupletatus, et accessione ] eventuum insigniorum, ah eo tempore ubi 
pater desiit, usq; ad finem anni 1598 | fideliter continuatus. 
8°. Device : A shipwreck within border. Gorlicii 

' Salus tua ego sum. Auxilium meum a Do- Excusus typis et sumptib. 

mino qui fecit ccelum et terram. Psal. cxx.' ' Johannis RhambiE. 1599- 

BUDAEUS (Gulielmus) Parisiensis, Consiliarius Regius, supplicumque libellorum in 
regia Magister. 
Ad inuictiss. et potentiss. Principem Franciscvm Chris tianissimum Regem Fran- 
ciae. De Transitu Hellenismi ad Christianismum. Libri Tres. 
fol. Device : A warrior carrying on shoul- Parisiis 

ders a female who holds a sword to his throat. Ex typographia Matthaei Dauidis 

via amygdalina ad Veritatis insigne. 

BULLINGER (Heinrichus) Ecclesiae Tigurinae Minister. 

Sermonum Decades Quinque, de Potissimis Christianae Religionis capitibus, in tres 
Tomos digestae. 

Excudebat Henricus Midletoniis impensis 
Radulphi Newberij & Hugonis Jaksoni. 

[No date.J 

8°. 3 vols, bound in i. 

Device on each : The Good Shepherd, 
within border. Legend : ' Periit et inventa est.' 
Underneath : Jesus 

Hie est filius meus, in quo placata est anima 
mea ; Ipsum audita. Matth. 17. 

[MS. on Title : ' Qui vicerit non ledetur 
secunda Morte.' 

Edvard* Male pretium ij' vj^.] 

BULLINGERUS (Henricus), &c. 
Sermonum, &c. (as above). 

fol. The Froschover device on Title : Tree 
with frogs and child. Below, 
Hie est filius (as above). 

t I. Commentaria in Lucam, Acta Apostolorum, Epistolas Canonicas Septem 
•j (■ De Testamento sen Foedere Dei unico et aeterno breuis Expositio. 
( Assertio orthodoxia utriusque naturae Christi, 

in ofhcina Christophori Froschoveri. 


(Imperfect at end.) 
fol. (First Title wanting.) Stamped leather 

[Some MS. annotations on S. Luke. 
MS. on page i : 

Tho. Warriner 


prt. v' ] 

(Separate Title to In Ep. Canon. Septem &c. 
The Froschover device. No date.) 

[Date at the end of Preface : Tiguri, 1546.] 
P. 218, end of Commentary on the Acts : 
Tiguri apud Christophorum Froschonerum 
Mense Januario, anno M.D.xi.i.x. [I549-] 


BUNTING (Henry). 

Itinerarium | Totius Sacrae | Scripturae. | Or, | The Trauels of the Holy Pa-| 
triarchs, Prophets, Judges, Kings, our | Sauiour Christ, and his Apostles, as they | 
are related in the Old and New | Testaments. | With a Description of the 
Townes and | Places to which they Trauelled, and how | many English miles they 
stood from | Jerusalem. 

Also a short Treatise of the Weights, Monies, and | Measures, mentioned in 

the Scriptures, reduced to | our English valuations, quantilie, and weight. | 

Collected out of the Workes of Henry Bvnting, | and done into English by R.B. 

4°. [MS. on back of last page : London 

The gift of Jonathan Calice his widow 1679, Printed by Adam Islip. 

and other names.] 1623. 

Epistle Dedicatory to Sir Henry Mountague, 
Knight, Lord Chiefe Justice of the Kings 
Majesties Bench. • 

BURNET (Gilbert) Bishop of Sarum. 

An Exposition of the Thirty-nine Articles of the Church of England. 

Second Edition corrected. 
fol. London 

Printed by R. Roberts, for R. Chiswell, at the 

Rose and Crown in St. Paul's Church-yard. 

MDCC. ['yoo-l 

BURRELL (Percival) Preacher at King James his Hospitall in the Charterhouse. 

Sutton's I Synagogue | or, | The English | Centurion: | Shewing the unparrallelled 

bounty | of Protestant piety. 

4'. No. 6 in vol. beginning Printed at London, by T. C. for Ralph Mabb. 

Laud (Wm.), A Sermon, &c. 1629. 

BURSCOUGH (William) D.D., Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty. 

The Abuse of Liberty. | A | Sermon | Preach'd before | the Honourable | House 
of Commons, | On the 5th of November, | 1722. 

4°. Martis 6 die Novembris 1722. London 

Order'd Printed for J. Nicks, at the White-Hart in 

That the Thanks of this House be given S' Paul's Church-yard. 1722. 

to D'. Burscough for the sermon by him 
Preach'd before the House yesterday at 
St. Margaret's, Westminster, and that he be 
desired to Print the same ; and that Mr. 
Leheupe and M'. Walter Chetwynd do 
acquaint him therewith. 

Paul Jodrell 

Cler' Dom' Com'. 
[MS. on Title : Gratis. Novemb. A time- 
serving Sermon, in behalf of y* Ministry & an 

No. 10 in vol. beginning 

Trapp (Joseph). The Mischiefs, &c. 


BUTLER (Lilly) D.D., Minister of St. Mary Aldermanbury. 

A I Sermon | Preach'd before the Right Honorable | The Lord Mayor | and ] 
Aldermen, | and | Citizens of London. | At St. Laurence Jewry, on the Feast 
of I St. Michael, 1714. | At the election of the Lord Mayor j for the year 

4'. MS. on Title: 6''. 14. Octob. London 

No. 9 in vol. beginning Printed for Brabazon Aylmer, over-against the 

Trapp (Joseph). The Mischiefs. Royal Exchange in Cornhill. I7i4- 

BUTRIO (Antonius de). 

Incipit lectura excellentissimi utriusque juris interpretis domini Antonii de butrio a 
titulo de transla. prela. usque ad li. de off. dele, super quibus titulis dominus 
abbas non scripsit vel si scripsit reperire potest nemo. 

fol. [In double columns : bound at the Colophon : 

end of Johannes de Imoln's treatise on the Impressum venetiis per Bemardinum de no- 

Clementines.] naria Anno Domini M. cccc. LXXXV. dje vi. De- 

cembris. [1485.] 

BUXTORFIUS (Johannes). 

Synagoga | Judaica, | Auspiciis Authoris jam olim | Latinitate donata, | Nunc 
primum in vulgus | emissa. 

S°. [MS. on Title: W". Prichard.] ' Basileae_ 

Device: Rainbow over landscape, within Impensis Ludovici Kbnig. 1641. 

border. Legend : ' Soloque, Cceloque, Saloqnc.' 

CAESAR (C. Julius). 

Commentarii De Bello Gallico VII, et III De Civili Pompeiano cum Librorum 

qui desiderantur fragmentis. 
Dein Julii Hirtii De Bello Gallico lib. I, de bello Alexandrino lib. I, de Africano 
Lib. I, de Hispaniensi liber I. 

Nunc primum picturis Geographicis . . . illustrati. 

8". (Woodcuts.) Basileae 

Device at the end : Lions within botder, one Ex Officina Osteniana. 1591. 

holding an hour-glass. At the end : 

Ex Officina Leonhardi Ostenii. 

CAIETANUS (Thomas de Vio) Cardinalis Sancti Xisti. 

Epistolae Pauli et aliorum Apostolorum ad Graecam veritatem castigatae. 
Quibus accesserunt Actus Apostolorum commentariis ejusdem illustrati. 
j5o_ Parisiis 

In aedibus Carolae Guillard, sub sole aureo, 
& Joannis de Roigny sub quatnor elementis 
via ad divnm Jacobnm. i64°- 


CAIETANUS {continued)— 

In quatuor Evangelia ... ad sensum quod vocant literalem commentarii. 
S°. Parisiis 

(As before.) '540- 

At the end : 

Excudebantur in aedibus Carolae Guillard suis 
et Joannis de Roigny impensis. 

CALASIUS (Marius de) Ord. Min. obser. Prov. Romanae, linguae S'"« Professor. 
Concordantiae Sacrorum Bibliorum Hebraicorum. 

fol. 4 vols. [Firstvol. re-bound and wrongly Romae 

lettered ' Ayliffe's Parergon '.] Apnd Stephanum Paiilinnm. 

Engraved Title to each: Ad S. D. N. Gre- 1621, 3. 

Sorium XV Pont. Opt. Max. 

Phil. Thomassinus fecit. 

Legend : Declaratio sermonuni tuorum illu- 
minat. Psal. 118. 

CALEPINUS (Ambrosius) Bergomas. 
Dictionarium Decern Linguarum. 

fol. Device : Samson bearing do.ors through Lugduni 

gate. Legend on doors: ' Libertatem meam Sumptibus Sib. A Porta. 1588. 

mecum portc* Above the gate : Head with 
two faces. Legend ■ round : ' Recondita 
pando ' 

Lexicon, summo studio diligenter recognitum. 

fol. On Title, Devices : Hand drawing a line Basileae 

on tablet. At the end: the same between two apiid Valentinum Curionem. 1530. 

cherubs ; vaulted roof, cherubs and wreath 
above ; below, Valentinns Curio. 

Pentaglottos, | hoc est, quinque linguis, nempe Latina, Graeca, Germani|ca, 

Flandrica, et Gallica constans : simul cum Pro|sodiae notis, &c., &c. 
fol. At the end : Antverpiae 

Typis jEgidii Copenii Diesth. 1546- 
Liber ad Emptores : 
Vno jam pridem qui sum tantum ore loquutus, 

Simplice contentus reddere verba sono, 
Nunc pentaglottos qninis en prodeo lingnis 

lllustris, mira commoditate nouns. 
Gymnicns insigni vos isthoc munere donat 
Heus juuenes, grato me accipitote sinu. 

CALVIN (John). 

/ I. Commentaries upon St. Paul's Epistles to the Corinthians translated by Thomas 

J Tymme. 

j 2. The Sermons of M. John Calvin upon the Epistle of S. Paule too the Ephesians, 

\ translated by Arthur Golding. 

2. Epistle Dedicatory to Edmund, Abp. of Canterbury. 


4°. [Title to Corinthians wanting ; Title to (Ephesians) 
Ephesians, engraved border. Imprinted at London for Lucas Harison and 

MS.: M' Johnson made this booke. George Byshop. ^577- 

Quisquis in hoc libro furtivos insidit 

Pendeat in crucem premio justo sibi.] 

Sermons upon the Booke of Job, translated by Arthur Golding. 
Epistle Dedicatory to Robert, Earl of Leicester. 

fol. (Title wanting.) Imprinted in London at the Three Cranes ' 

(Re-bonnd and wrongly lettered ' Golding's in the Vintre, by Thomas Dawson lor George 

Sermons'.) Bishop & Thomas Woodcock. 1580. 

CALVINUS (Johannes) Sacr. Litt. in Ecclesia Geneuensi Professor. 
J I. Commentarii in Quinque Libros Mosis. 
( 2. Commentarius brevis in Librum Josue. 

yij/. Device on each Title : Symbolical figure In officina Sanctandreana. i,'595- 

of Truth, within border. \ 


/ I. Homiliae in Librum Samuelis ex Gallicis Latinae factae et nunc primum in 
lucem editae. 

Device: Symbolical figure of Justice, within Genevae 

border. ' Unicuique Suum.' Excudebat Gabriel Carterins. 1604. 

2. In Librum Jobi Conciones . . . nunc primum Latine editae cum praefatione 

Theodori Bezae. 

/o/. Device ; Hands clasping anchor, with Genevae 

serpent entwined, over sea with monsters. apud haeredes Eustathii Vignon. 1593. 

Commentarii in Isaiam Prophetam : primum collecti opera et diligentia N. Gellasii : 

deinde locupletad et expoliti magno labore & cura ipsius Authoris, &c. 
fol. Device as in preceding. Left side : ' An- . Excudebat 

chora sacra mari jactatos unica Christus.' Eiistathius Vignon. 1583. 

Right: 'Fundat, et est omni tempore sola 

Praelectiones in Librum Prophetiarum Jeremiae, et Lamentationes. Joannis Budaei 
et Caroli Jonuillaei labore et industria exceptae. 
fo/. Device as in preceding : Genevae 

Anchor between I. C. apud Jo. Crispinum. 1563. 

Praelectiones in Librum Prophetiarum Danielis; Joannis Budaei et Caroli Jon- 

villaei labore et industria exceptae. 

fo/. Device, Sec, as in the last but one. Genevae 

apnd Joannem Vignon. 1610. 

Commentarius in Librum Psalmorum. 
fol. (Vol. 3 of Theological Works.) Genevae 

Device as before, without legend or letters. apud Johannem Vignon, Petrum & Jacobum 

Chouet. 161 7. 


CALVINUS {continued)— 

Praelecliones in Duodecim Prophetas (quos vocant) Minores. 
Ad Serenissimum Suetiae & Gothiae Regem. 

fol. Device as in preceding, with legend. Genevae 

Left: Anchora, &c. Right: Fundat, &c. apnd Johannem Vignon. l6l,( 

II. Harraonia ex Evangelistis tribus composita, Matthaeo, Marco et Luca, com- 
mentariis Johannis Calvini exposita. 
2. Commentarius in Johannem Evangelistam. Ad DD. Syndicos Senatumque 

fol. Device as in preceding, without legend. Genevae 

apud Johannem Vignon. 1609. 

Commentarii Integri in Acta Apostolorum. 

fol. Device, with legend left and right. Genevae 

Excudebat Joannes Vignon. 1609. 

Commentarii in omnes Pauli Apostoli Epistolas, atque etiam in Epistolam ad 
Adjunximus ejusdem Authoris Commentarios in omnes Epistolas canonicas. 

fol. Device as in the preceding. Genevae 

apud haeredes Eustathii Vignon. 1600. 

Tractatus Theologici. 

Postrema editio emendatior, cui accesserunt ejusdem C. in libro Senecae De 
Clementia Commentarii. 

fol. (The seventh vol. of Theological Genevae 

Works.) Device (Anchor, &c.) without apud Johannem Vignon, Petrnm & Jacobum 

legend. Chouet. 1617. 

Epistolae et Responsa. Quibus interjectae sunt insignium in Ecclesia Dei virorum 
aliquot etiam Epistolae. 

fol. Device as in preceding. Genevae 

apud Johannem Vignon, Petrum & Jacobum 
Chouet. 1617. 

Institutionum Christianae Religionis Libri Quatuor. Editio postrema, cui accesserunt 
Epistolae atque Responsa tam ipsius Calvini quam insignium aliorum in Ecclesia 
Dei virorum . . . Praemissa est Vita ejusdem C. a Theodoro Beza conscripta. 

fol. Device : Coat of arms supported by Amstelodami 

lions, surmounted by the crown and cross under apud Joannem Jacobum Schipper. 

canopies. Below : ' Sunt mixta serenis tristia.' 1677. 


Institutio Totius Christianae Religionis [et Catechismus] nunc ex postrema Authoris 

recognitione, quibusdam locis auctior, infinitis ver6 castigatior. 
fol. Device : A flaming sword. Genevae 

[MS. on Title : Jacobus Haddon' Ex officina Joannis Gerardi Typographi. 1550. 

Hugo Smithens me possidet pret' i'. 5'^. 
Many marginal and other annotations.] 

Epistolae duae, &c., 1537. 

CAMERARIUS (Johannes Rudolphus) Medicinae Doctor in Imperiali Reittlinga. 
Sylloges Memorabi-|lium Medicinae | et Mirabilium Natu-|rae Arcanorum Cen- 
turiae XII. 

8°. Device : Hand holding cornucopia, Argentorati 

within border. Snmptibus Ebevhardi Zetzneri. Bibl. 1630. 

[The first Title announces twelve Centuriae, but the index following it only four, and it only 
includes four. 

The second Title announces Centuriae {sic) V, and contains the fifth Centuria ; published at 

Augustae Trebocorum. 1627. 

The third Title announces Centuria VI. Same place as the second. 1626. 

(MS. on fly-leaf: Ludlam 1701 p. 1.) 

The fourth Title announces Centuria VII. Same place as the second. 1627. 

The fifth Title announces Centuria VIII. Silberdinae. 1627. 

The same publisher's name throughout.] 

CAMERON (Johannes). S. Theologiae in Academia Salmuriensi nuper Professor. 
Praelectiones in selectiora quaedam Novi Testamenti loca, Salmurii habitae . . . 
omnia post ejus obitum ex dictatis ipsius coUecta. 

4°. 3 vols. Salmurii 

Device : Sun above winged heart chained to sumptibus CI. Girardi et Dan. Lerpinerii 

globe. ' Vincit amor patriae.' Bibliopolarum Salmuriensinm. 

I, 1632. II, 1628. Ill, 1628. 

Myrothecium | Evangelicum : | Hoc est, | Novi Testamenti Loca | quam plurima 
ah eo, post aliorum labores, | apte & commode vel ] illustrata, vel ] explicata, vel 
vindicata. | Accedit Lud. Cappelli Spicilegium . . . et Diatribae duae. I. De 
Interpretatione loci Matth. xv. 5. II. De Voto Jephtae. 

4°. Device : Dolphin round anchor, within Genevae. 

border. apud Jacobum Chouet. 1632. 

'Festina tarde.' 

CANCELLARIA | HISPANICA, | Adjecta sunt Acta publica, | Hoc est: | Scriptaet 
Epistolae authenticae, e quibus partim infeli-|cis belli in Germania partim Pro- 
scriptionis in | Electorem Palatinum scopus prae-|cipuus apparet. | 

Adjecti sunt sub finem FLORES SCOP|PIANI, ex Classico belli Sacri. 

Freistadii 1622. 



Litura | seu | Castigatio | Cancellariae Hispanicae | a | Ludovico Camerario | Ex 
Cancellario Bohemico, Ex consiliario | Heidelbergensi &c. instructae. | Auctore | 
Fabio Hercyniano | I. C. | 

Caluinistarum non possunt mille lilurae 
Emendare libros, una litura potest. 
4°. (Imperfect, wanting all after p. 120.) 1624. 

CAPPELLUS (Jacobus). 

Vindiciae | pro | Isaaco Casaubono, j continentes examen prae-|cipuarum contro- 
versiarum quas adversus | Casaubonum moverunt | Heribertus Ros-Weydus, | 
Andreas Eudaemon-Johannis, | Jul. Caes. Bulengerus. Sereniss. magnae Britan- 
niae, Franciae & Hyberniae Regi | consecratae. | 

4°. Device ; Jonah cast on land. Francofurti 

Border with legend. ' Fata viam invenient.' apud Jonam Rosam. 

Typis Johannis Lancelloti, Typographi Acad. 
Heidelb. 1619. 

CARBONARIUS (Petrus) Metropagita Cartusianus. 

Operis de Hebraica veritate, Pars Assertiva . . . contra Hebraiculos. 

Accessit ejusdem Authoris in illud Geneseos : Ipsa conteret caput &c. Animadversio. 

8°. Pragae 

apnd Georgiiim Nigrinum 
cam facultate ab iis, quorum intererat. 

CARLETON (George) D.D., Bishop of Chichester. 

An ] Examination | of those things wherein the Author | of the late Appeale 
holdeth the Doctrines | of the Pelagians and Arminians, to be the | Doctrines of 
the Church of England. 
4°. No. 5 in vol. beginning with London 

MouNTAGUE (R.) An Appeal, &c. Printed for William Turner. 1626. 

CARTWRIGHTUS (Christophorus) Eboracensis. 

Electa I Thargumico-Rabbinica ; | sive | Annotationes | in | Exodum. | Ex tripli'ci 
Thargum, seu Chal|daica Paraphrasi, nempe Onkeli, Jonathanis, et | Hieroso- 
lymitana, etc. 

8°. [MS. D.D. Tho: Seagrave Rector de Londini 

Leir. cognatus M'' Tho: Hayne liuic Biblio- Typis T. M. prostant apud Matt. Keinton, ad 

thecae et oppido Benefactoris.] insigne Fontis, in Coemeterio Paulino. 1658. 


Metaphrasis Libri Salomonis qui inscribitur Ecclesiastes. 
Homihae in Ecclesiastem. 

4°. (Title wanting.) 

Epistle Dedicatory to King James. [1604 — MS. Catalogue of 1669.] 

Many marginal annotations. 


CARTWRIGHT (Thomas) Anglus. 

Harmonia Evangelica per Analysin Logicam, et Metaphrasin historicam quatuor 
Evangelislas explicans & concinnans. 

Quantum fieri potuit a carie restituta et in usum Ecclesiae ... in lucem edita. 

4". Device : Bear in a bush. Amsterodami 1627. 

At the end : Lectori S. 

Quae hie in Aulhographo reliqua erant ita hiulca et mutila erant praesertim in Metaphrasi 
baud ulterius continuata ut consultius nobis visum sit, hie finem facere, qiiam Fragmenta ista 
adjicere. Vale. 

CARTWRIGHT (Thomas) ' Sometime Divinitie Reader of Cambridge.' 

A Confutation | of the | Rhemists' | Translation, | Glosses | and Annotations | on 
the I New Testament, | so farre as they containe | manifest impieties | heresies | 
&c, &c. 

Written long since by order from the chiefe In-|struments of the Late Queene 
and State, etc. 

4°. 'Printed in the year 1618.' 

[The Publisher to | the Studious Reader. 

M. Cartwright was "incited to begin this business " by many — especially Sir Francis Walsing- 
ham, " the most learned man of the Universitie of Cambridge " (whose letter is appended,) " the 
reverend ministers of SuflFolk and of London " &c. Owing to "an unexpected stay in M. Cart- 
wright's endeavour through the might of his adversaries " the work was not finished and for 30 
years unpublished. A friend. Dr. Fulke, has anticipated him with a smaller work. " The 
onely grief is, that the copy is not perfected, further than the 15 of Revelation. Beside the 
small defects of Mice through 30 yeares neglect, which we have supplied out of Dr. Fnlk."] 

CASAUBON (Isaac). 

De Rebus Sacris et Ecclesiasticis Exercitationes XVI . . . cum Prolegomenis 
Auctoris, in quo de Baronianis Annalibus candide disputatur. 
(Dedication to James I.) 

4°. Engraved Title. F. K f. Francofurti 

Device : Female figure with dove and ser- curantib. Ruland. typis Joan. Bring. 

pent. ' Estote prudentes sicut serpentes et sim- 1615. 

plices sicut columbae.' ' 

Ad Frontonem Ducaeum S. J. Theol. Epistola, In Qua de Apologia . . . Jesuitarum 
nomine edita disseritur. 

4°. (Last page imperfect.) Londini 

Excudebat Joannes Norton Serenissimae Re- 
giae Majestatis, in Latinis, Graecis et Hebraicis 
Typographus. Anno CI3 13 CXi. [1611.] 

D 2 


CATENA GRAECORUM PATRUM in Beatum Job Collectore Niceta Heracleae 
Metropolita ex duobus MSS. Bibliothecae Bodleianae codicibus, Graece nunc 
primum in lucem edita, & Latinfe versa, opera et studio Patricii Junii Bibliothecarii 

fol, London 

E Typographic Regie. 1637. 


A True | Report | of the | Priuate Colloquy betweene M. Smith, | alias Norrice, 
and M. Walker. | Held in the presence of two Worthy Knights, | and of a few 
other Gentlemen, some | Catholikes, some Protestants. | With a briefe Confuta- 
tion of the false, and adulterated | summe, which M. Walker, Pastour of 
S. John I Euangelist in Watling-streete, hath | diuulged of the same. 

4". No. 3 in vol. beginning Permissu Superiortim. 1624. 

H (J.), A Description, &c. 

CAVALLERIA (Petrus de la) Hispanus ex ciuitate Caesaraugusta. 

Tractatus Zelus Christi contra Judaeos, Sarracenos, et infideles . , . anno 1450 
compositus nee unquam Impressus. Quern, Don Martinus Alfonsus Vivaldus 
Hispanus . . . theologorum Bonon. collegio Magister . . . exornatum edit. 
Accessit Tractatus a Samuele Rabbi ad Isaach Rabbi conscriptus. 

4°. [Heraldic device with Collar of Golden Venetiis 

Fleece depending.] apud Baretium de Baretiis. 1592. 

CAVE (William) D.D., Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty. 

Apostolici: | or, the | History | of the | Lives, Acts, Death, | and Martyrdoms | of 

those I who were contemporary with, or immediately | succeeded the Apostles. | 

As also the Most Eminent of the | Primitive Fathers | for the first Three 

Hundred years. | 

To which is added A | Chronology | of the | Three First Ages of the Church. 

Printed by A. C. for Richard Chiswel 
Rose & Crown in S. Paul's Churchyard. 

4°. Dedication to Nathanael,Bp. of Durham. London 

[N.B. The date of the Chronology is lej^e.] Printed by A. C. for Richard Chiswel at the 


CHAMIERUS (Daniel) Delphinas. 

Panstratiae Catholicae; seu Controversiarum de religione adversus Pontificios 



fol. 4 vols. Genevae 

Devices : I. Hand shaking viper from finger Typis Roverianis. 1626 

into fire. 

' Neque mors neque venenum.' 

II. Symbolical figure seated under Palm. 
Scene behind, &c. 

'Sola Dei mens, Justitiae Norma.' 

III. Two hands from cloud holding scroll. 

' Sine Te nihil.' 

IV. Dove with olive branch under crown. 
' Constantis innocentiae premium 

pax et honor.' 


An exact Collection of all Remonstrances, Declarations, Votesj Orders etc. betweene 
the Kings most Excellent Majesty and his High-Court of Parliament. 
4°. (Imperfect at beginning and wanting London 1643. 

pp. 930-956-) 
[MS. on fly-leaf: 

Will: Tompson. Com. Cone. 
Will: Boteler ] 

CHARLTONUS (Gualterus) M.D. Caroli I olim, hodie Caroli II . . . Medicus 
Exercitationes Pathologicae, | in quibus | morborum pene omnium | Natura, Gene- 
ratio, et Caussae, | ex novis Anatomicorum inventis | sedul6 inquiruntur. 
Etiamsi omnia a veteribus inventa sunt : hoc semper novum erit, 
Usus, & inventorum ab aliis scientia & dispositio. Senec. Epist. 64, 
4°. Device : Fountain raised by hydraulic London 

action. 'Dum j^remor attoUo.' apud Tho. Newcomb. 1661. 

CHEMNITIUS (Martinus) S. Th. Doctor atque Eccl. Brunsvicensis quondam super- 
intendens fidelissimus, et LYSERUS (Polycarpus). 
Harmoniae Evangelicae, A praestantissimo Theologo D. Martino, Chemnitio 
primum inchoatae & per D. Polycarpum Lyserum continuatae, Libri Quinque. 

fol. Device : Symbolical figure among fruits Francofurti 

with open book. Deep border. Legend : apud Joannem Jacobum Porsium. 

' Ora Labora et Fruere.' 1616. 

Exanien Concilii Tridentini. 4 parts. 

fol. [MS. on Title : sum R" Jenyn. 
Pretium Xl^] 

Device : Pars I, Dove with olive branch 
under crown. 

' Constantis Innocentiae Premium Pax et 

Parts II, III, IV : Gideon and fleece. 
Legend : ' Gideon D. ISR.' 

Excudebat Stephanus Gamonetus Typis 
Stephani Gamoneti. 
Anno CIO 10 CXIV [1614.] 



CHEI\INITIUS [continued)— 

Loci Theologici . . . quibus et loci communes D. Philippi Melanchthonis perspicue 
explicantur . . . editi opera & studio Polycarpi Leyseri D. . . . Ediiio nova. Acces- 
serunt Fundamenta sanae doctrinae de vera et substantiali praesentia, exhibi- 
tione et sumptione corporis et sanguinis Domini in coena . . . Item "Libellus de 
duabus naturis in Xto &c. 


Typis Johaiinis Germannl Irapensis Clementis 
Bergeri et Zachariae Schiireri. Bibliop. 1633. 

CHILLINGWORTH (William) M.A. of the University of Oxford. 
The I Religion of | Protestants | A Safe Way | to Salvation | or 

An Answer 

to A I Booke entitled | Mercy and Truth, | or, Charity maintain'd by | Catho- 
liques, Which pre-|tends to prove the | Contrary. 

4°. On the back of the last page : 
Good reader, through the Authors necessary 
absence for some weekes while this Book was 
printing, and by reason of an uncorrected Copy 
sent to the Presse, some errors have escap'd, 
notwithstanding the Printers sollicitous and 
extraordinary care, and the Correctors most 
assiduous diligence : which I would entreat 
thee to correct according to the following 
direction : 

Pag Lin Err Corr. 

I I I I 

(30 corrections follow.) 

Printed by Leonard Lichfield, and are to be 
sold by John Clarke under S' Peter's Church in 
Corn-hill Anno Salutis M.DC.XXXVIII. 


CHRYSOSTOMUS (S. Johannes) Archiepiscopus Constantinopolitanus. 
Opera. Graece et Latinfe, cura Frontonis Ducaei Burdegalensis S. J. 

fol. 6 vols. (Title wanting to Vol. V.) 
Device — Within the same border : Left, 
Cranes in combat. Legend : ' Honora patrem 
tuum et matrem tuam ' ; Printer's badge, S.C, 
Right, Tree with severed branches falling, 
man pointing to scroll with legend : ' Noli 
altum sapere.' Printer's badge, A. E. 

Opera Graece. 

fol. 8 vols. 

Vol. I. Engraved Title. Leonardos Gaul- 
tier sculpsit. 

Above : Royal arms, arms of Oxford and 
Cambridge Universities, &c. At the side : 
Nazian, Athanasius (left) ; Basilius, Cyrillus 
(right). Below : New College, Oxford ; 
King's Coll., Cambridge. 


( Sebastianum Craraoisy | 
. et r vi^ Jacobsea 

Antonium Stephanum 

Typographum Regium 

162 1-4. 


in CoUegio Regali 

Excudebat Joannes Norton, in Graecis &c., 

Regius Typographus. 1613. 

On second Title, Anno 161 2 


Opera Omnia— Latine. 

fol. 5 vols, bound in 4. [Autpgiaph on Parisiis 

Title of Vol. IV, H. Huntyngdon.] Apud Caiolam Guillard viduam Claudii Che- 

Device : Lions holding Printer's Badge, C.G. vallonii & Gulielraum Desboys. snb sole aureo, 

bun above. Within deep border. in via divi Jacobi. 1556. 

Expositio perpetua in Evangelium secundum Johannem. Graece ac Latinfe E MSS. 
Illustr. Bibliolhecarum Palatinae, Bavarae, Augustanae. 

fol. Device : Symbolical figure of Truth In Bibliopolio Commeliniano. 

withm deep border. Anno cio lo cm. [1601.1 


E.xpositio Perpetua in Evangelium S. Matthaei, Graece ac Latinb. 

fol. (Title, with Engraved border, 'In In Bibliopolio Commeliniano. 1617. 

Novum Jesu Christi Testamentuip.' Separate 
Title for S. Matthew wanting.) 

Enarratio in Esaiam Prophetam abusque principio ad medium octavi capitis, nunc 

primum fe Graeco in Latinam traducta coloniam ad archetypum Regiae & 

Belloaquensis Bibliothecae, Godefiido Tilmanno Cartusiae Parisiensis monacho 


fol. 1 Stamped leather binding. Parisiis 

Device : Lions holding Printer's Badge, apud Carolam Guillard viduam Claudii Che- 

C. G. (as above). vallonii et Gulielmum Desboys snb sole aureo 

in via divi Jacobi. 1555. 

(Bound with preceding.) 

BASILIUS (S. Magnus) Caesariae Cappadociae quondam Archiepiscopus. 

Enarratio in Esaiam prophetam abusque principio ad finem sexti ac decimi 
capitis, nunc primum fe Graeco in Latinam translata coloniam, ad Archetypum 
Regiae ac Belloaquensis bibliothecae, Godefrido Tilmanno Cartusiae Parisiensis 
monacho interprete. 

Procemium habes versum Desid. Erasmo Roterod. cui apprimuntur ejusdem 
epistola et ad eam Apologetica responsio. 

Parisiis (as in the preceding). I5S5- 

Exposiiio in D. Pauli Epistolas . . . cum Commentario Andreae Caesariensis in 
D. Johannis Ap. et Evan. Apocalypsin Latinfe reddito Theodori Peltani opera. 
Graecfe ac Latine. 

fol. 2 vols. (Title of vol. 2 wanting). apud Hieronymum Commelinnm 

Device : Symbolical figure of Truth (asabove). Cio lo xcvi [1596.] 



CHURCHMAN (Theophilus) [Heylin (Peter)] D.D. 
The Historie of Episcopacie. 

Printed for Abel Roper, and are to be sold at 
his shop at the signe of the blacke spread Eagle 
neare the Inner Temple gate in Fleet-Street. 


CICERO (M. TuUius). 

De Oratore ad Q. Fratrem, Libri Tres ; 

Ejusdem De Perfecto Oratore, ad M. Brutum liber. 

8°. Device : Sea-horse, with stork, &c. 
' Discite justitiam moniti.' 

Coloniae Agrippinae 
apud Joannem Gymnicum, sub Monocerote. 


Tusculanae Quaestiones. 

8°. (Wanting all before p. 5, some pages [circa 1560.J 

torn ) 

[MS. (several times) ; Good father the cause of mye writinge unto you this time 
John Ashe pretium viij^ 

1614 emi hunc libmm a Thoma lieron qui mecum erat condiscipulus 
Nicho: Orme I cannott but commende you for your diligence in writinge.] 

Orationes, Vol. III. 

a Joan. Mich. Bruto emendatum. 

8°. A griffin on winged sphere. ' Virtute 
duce, comite fortuna.' Tail-piece, a griffin. 
Antonius Gryphius. 

In my beginning God be ray good speed 
in grace & virtue long for to proceed. 
Gregorye Whytakers and other names 
Johaiies Wilkinkson 
Francis Vickerman] 

apud Antonium Gryphium 



fol. 4 vols, bound in 2. 

Device : Tree with severed branx;hes falling. 
Man pointing to scroll with legend : 
' Noli altum sapere.' 

apud Carolum Stephanum, Typographum 

Regium. 1554, 5. 

(At the end) Excudebatur Lutetiae, cura ac 
diligentia Caroll Stephani Ann. M.D.LI. III. 
Non. Septembr. 


CLARENDON (Edward, Earl of). 

History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England begun 1641. 

foL Re-boniid. Vols, i & 2. [Titles muti- Oxford 1784. 

lated and final pages.] 

Kjriiia Is dfi. Thucyd. 

' Ne quid Falsi dicere audeat, ne quid Veri non audeat.' Cicero. 

CLEMENS Alexandrinus. 

Omnia quae quidem extant opera . . . Gentiano Herueto Aureliano interprete — 

fol. Device: A palm tree, &c. (On Title) Basileae, 1566. 

Left of tree PALMA, right of tree ISING. (At the end) Excudebant Joannes Hervagins, 

At the end : Three-headed Hermes on et Bernardus Brand Anno.M.D.Lvni. mense 

pillar. Martio. 

Opera, Graecfe et Lalinfe, quae extant. 

Post accuratam D.V. Danielis Heinsii recensionem . . . Accedunt diversae lec- 
tiones et emendationes ... a Friderico Sylburgio coUectae. 
fol. 2 vols. (Title of Vol. 2 mutilated.) Lutetiae 

Device : A fountain within border with apud Carolum Morellum, via Jacoboea ad 

figures, &c., representing Asia, Africa, Europa, insigne Fontis. 1629. 

America. Printer's badge, C. M. Legend 
round fountain : 

H co<t>iAc nHTH eN BiBAioici peei 

CLEMENS Romanus. 

Ad Corinthios Epistolae Duae. 

Illustratae notis Junii et Cotelerii, necnon Johan. Boisii olim Canonici Eliensis 
non antehac editis. 

Ed. Henricus Wotton, Coll. S'i Joh. Evan. A.M. 

8°. [MS. on Title ; J. Harryman.J Cantabrigiae 

■ Typis Academicis 
Prostant apud Cornelium Crownfield, celeberri- 
mae Academiae Typographum, et Gulielmura 
ac Joannem Innys, Bibliopolas Londinenses. 



CLERICAL GUIDE, the, or, Ecclesiastical Directory. 

8°. [MS. on Title : ,F. Apthorp. London 

MS. corrections at the beginning.] Printed for F. C. and J. Rivington, St. Paul's 

Church-yard, and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. 

One copy of earlier date (1817) in the Bodleian Library. 


COCBURN (Patricius) Scotus. 

De Vulgari Sacrae Scripturae Phrasi Libri duo. Editio Secunda. 

8°. Device : A star, sun above. Legend Parisiis 

round border : Apud Johannem Caveiller, via Frementella, 

' Solem praecurrcT Sequorque.' sub insigni Stellae aureae. 1558. 

Epistle Nuncupatory to James Steward, Abbot of St. Andrews. 

COCCIUS (M. Antonius) Sabellicus. 
Opera : &c. : 

Rapsodiae Historicae Enneadum XI . . . cum D. Casparis Hedionis Historica 

Loci Communes Exemplorum subject! sunt epistolae nuncupatoriae. 

fol. 2 vols. Basileae 

[MS. on Titles : Ex officina Hervagiana. 1538. 

Robert Rustat 
Tho. Sampson 
' Et sanam scientiam et sanctam conscientiam 
Device : Three-headed Hermes on pillar. 

Vol. I. Cicero. ' Nescire quid antea quam natus sis accideret, id est semper esse puerum.' 
Vol. II. Aristoteles. ' Qui historiarum ignoratione tenentur, semper sunt pueri, & proinde 
ab omni reipub. administratione submouendi.' 

COMESTOR (Petrus). 

Historia Scholastijca magnam sacra scripture | partem: que et in serie et in | 
glossis diffusa erat : perbre- | uiter complectes Men|dis omnibus post pri|mam 
editionem se|clusis in lucem exit, &c. : 

4°. [A fine specimen of French royal Colophon, 

stamped leather binding, showing on the ob- Impressa lugduni per solertem virum artis 

verse four figures, St. George, ? , St. impressorie magistrum Joannem crespin. 1526. 

Michael, and King Charles, ■vi\\h the legend 
'O mater dei memento mei, quidquit agas 
prudenter agas et respice finem '. On the 
reverse the French royal arms and supporters, 
with the legend : ' Laudate dominum de terris 
dracones et omnes abyssi.' — C. R.] 


CONCIONES in Psalmos Davidis in Ecclesia Bernensi habitae. 

fol. (Re-bound. Title of Part I, Psalms i, [? place and date.] 

ii, and part of iii, and pp. 1-24 of Part II 


A CONCORDANCE, | that is to saie : a worke \vhere|in by the ordre of the letters 
of the I A. B. C. ye maie redely linde | any worde conteigned | in the whole 
Bi|ble, so often | as it | is | there expressed | or mencioned. Esay xiiii. 

rMq ^^° T^M ^^ "^'"^ wormed at beginning.) Colophon : 

1Mb. on litle : r Richardus Grafton, typographus Regius ex- 

w'R",dVard' '""^"^^^ ^'"'' J"'"' ^- ''■"•'• t'550.] 

Albone Dobb. 1553.] 
vide COTTON. 


CONFESSIO AUGUST ANA (Augsburg Confession). 

De Libro | Concordiae | quern vocant, | A quibusdam Theologis, nomine quo-| 
rundam Ordinum Augustanae | Confessionis, edito, | Admonitio | Christiana; ] 
Scripta a Theologis et Ministris Ecclesiarum in diti-jone Illustrissimi Principis 
Johannis Casi-|miri Palatini ad Rhenum Bauariae Ducis, &c. 
4°. Device : Hands clasping cornucopia. Neustadii in Palatinatn 

Mathes Harnisch. Excudebat Matthaeus Harnisch. 

Ditat servata fides. isSi. 

[MS. on Title : 

Lib. Job. Smi. ex dono D. White.] 

(Bound with the above.) 

STURMIUS (Joannes) Rector Academiae Argentoratensis. 
Palinodia, Ad Lucam Hosiandrum. 
Theses Hermanni Pacifici De Ccena Domini. 

4°. Neapoli Palatinorum 

In officina Mathaei Harnisch. 1581. 

CONRADUS (Alfonsus) Mantuanus. 

In Apocalypsim D. Joan. Apostoli Commentarius. 

8°. Device : Female figure with lamp and Basileae. 

staff, within border. apud Petrum Pernam. 1560. 


I. Collatio I scripto | habita Hagae | Comitis anno ab incarnato Domi-|no 1611, 
inter quosdam Ecclesiastas | de divina Praedestinatione, & | ejus appendi- 
cibus . . . interprete Henrico Brandio verbi Divini in Ecclesia Ziriczoeana 
4<>. Zirizoeae 

Typis Joannis Hellenii 
Impensis Hadriani Vivarii Bibliopolae 

apud Middelburgenses. 1615. 



2. CoUatio I scripto in-|ter Sex Ecclesia-|stas Delphis Batavorum vicesima 

sex|ta & septima Februarii anni 1613. Prse-|sentibus Deputatis Ordinum 
Hollan-|diae & Frisiae Occidentalis | Habita . . . interprete H. Brandio, &c. 

4". Excusa impensis Hadriani Viverii Bibliopolae 

apud Middelburgenses sub intersignio Bibliorum 
aureorum prope Bursam novam mercatorum, 
qnam vocant, typis Joannis Hellenii. 161 5. 

3. Specimen | Controversiarum | Belgicarum | seu | Confessio | Ecelesiarum 

Refor-|matarum in Belgio, | ... In usum futurae Synodi Nationalis Latine 
edidit, & collegit Festus Hommius. 
Addita est in eundem usum Harmonia Synodorum Belgicarum. 

4°. Device : Eagle with bundle of arrows Lngduni Batavorum 

standing on inkstand with pens crossed. Ex officina Elzeviriana. 1618. 

' Concordia res parvae crescunt.' 

4. Confessio | sive | Declaratio | Sententiae Pastorum, qui in Foederato Belgio | 

Remonstrantes | vocantur, | super praecipuis articulis Religionis Christianas. 

4°. A few notes and description on fly-leaf Herder-Wiici 

of I, 2, and 3. apud Theodorum Danielis. 1622. 

? handwriting of Thomas Hayne. 


A Brief | Discourse | Concerning the | Lawfulness of Worshipping God | By the | 
Common-Prayer. | Being in | Answer | To a Book, Entituled, | A Brief 
Discourse concerning the Unlawfulness of the | Common-Prayer Worship. [ 
Lately Printed in New-England, and Re-printed | in London. 
The Second Edition Corrected. 

4°. [MS. on Title : London 

by D^ Williams.] Printed for Ri. Chiswell, at the Rose and 

No. 9 in vol. beginning Shaw (John). Crown in St. Paul's Church- Yard. m.d.cxciv. 

Origo Protestantium, c&c. [1694.] 

A I Discourse | about | Tradition ; | Shewing what is meant by it, | And what | 
Tradition | Is to be received, | and what | Tradition ] Is to be rejected. 

4°. No. 5 in vol. beginning Shaw (John). London 

MS. on Title : Dr. Patrick. Printed by Miles FJesher, for Robert Home, 

at the South Entrance of the Royal Exchange, 
and Fincham Gardiner at the White Horse in 
Ludgate-Street. 1683. 


A I Discourse | About the Charge of | Novelty | upon the Reformed Church of 
England | made by the Papists, &c. | 

4°. Title wanting. [c. 1683.] 

No. 7 in vol. beginning Shaw (John). 

A 1 Discourse | against | Purgatory. 

4°. [Adv. of Dr. Barrow's works at the London, 

end.] Printed for Brabazon Aylmer, at the Three 

No. 1 1 in vol. beginning Shaw (John). Pigeons against the Royal Exchange in Comhill. 

MDCLXXXV. [1685.] 

A I Discourse | Concerning a | Guide | in | Matters of Faith; ] With respect, 
especially, to the | Romish pretence of the | necessity ofsuch a one as is in-|fallible. 
4°. No. 4 in vol. beginning Shaw (John). London. 

Facing Title: Books printed for Fincham Printed for Ben. Tooke at the Ship in St. 

Gardiner. Panl's Church-yard, and F. Gardiner at the 

White-horse in Ludgate-street. 1683. 

A I Discourse | Concerning | Invocation | of | Saints, 

How shall they call upon Him in whom they 
have not believed? Rom. 10. 14. 

4°. Title wanting. London. 

No. 8 in vol. beginning Shaw (John). Printed for Ben Tooke at the Ship in St. 

Panl's Church-yard, and F. Gardiner at the 
White-Horse in Ludgate-Street. 1684. 

A Discourse | Concerning the | Devotions | of the | Church of Rome, &c. 
4". Title wanting. [c 1680.] 

No. 3 in vol. beginning Shaw (John). 

A I Discourse | Concerning the Object of | Religious Worship. | Or, a | Scripture 
Proof I of the | Unlawfulness of giving any | Religious Worship to any other 
Being | Besides the Orie | Supreme God. | Part I. 
4°. No 12 in vol. beginning Shaw (John). London 

At the end : A Catalogue of Books sold by Printed for Abel Swalle, at the Unicorn, at 

Abel Swalle. the West-end of St. Panl's Church-yard. 

M DC Lxv. [1665.] 

A I Full De-|claration of | the Faith and Ce-|remonies professed in | the 
dominions of the most illustrious and no-|ble Prince Frederick .5. Prince] 
Elector Palatine. 

Published for the Bene-|fit and Satisfacti-|on of all Gods people. 
According to the Origi-|nall printed in the High Dutch | tongue. 
Translated into English by John Rolte. 

4°. No. 7 in vol. beginning London 

Pie (Thos.). Usuries, &c. Imprinted for William Welby, at the Swan m 

Pauls Churchyard. 1614. 



A I Perswasive | To an | Ingenuous Tryal | of | Opinions | in | Religion. 

4°. MS. on Title : By Dr. Claggett. London 

No. 10 in vol. beginning SnAW (John). Printed for Tho. Basset, at the George near 

St. Diinstans Church in Fleetstreet. 1685. 

A I Resolution of two cases of Conscience, | in two | Discourses. 
The First, | Of the Lawfulness of Compliance | with all the | Ceremonies | of the | 
Church of England. | The Second, | Of the Necessity of the Use | of | Common- 
Prayer I in I Publick. 
4°. No. 6 in vol. beginning Sl-IAW (John). London. 

Printed for Walter Kettilby, at the Bishops- 
Head in St. Paul's Church-yard. 1683. 

.A Short I Defence | of the | Church and Clergy | of | England | wherein | Some of 
the Common Objections against | Both are answered: | And the | Means of 
Union I Briefly Considered. 

4°. No. 2 in vol. beginning Shaw (John). London 

Printed by J. Macock for Walter Kettilby at 
the Sign of the Bishops-Head in S. Paul's 
Church-yard. 1681. 

Sixe Demaunds | (from an unlearned Protestant to a | learned Papist) so forcible 
against all obsti-|nate Papists, that not any of them are | able to reply, -without 
absurd | Equiuocation. 

4°. Device : Fortune on vifheel Imprinted at London by Simon Stafford, 

' Autniinc aut nunquam.' dwelling in the Cloth-fayre, neere the signe of 

No. 4 in vol. beginning the Red Lion. 1609. 
Pie (Thos.). Usuries, &c. 

A Replye | Answering a Defence of | the Sermon, preached at the Consecration | 
of the Bishop of Bath and Welles, | by George Downame, Doctor | of Divinitye. 
In defence of an Answere to the foresayd Sermon | Imprinted anno 1609. 
4°. Nos. 3 and 4 in vol. beginning Part L pp. 293, Imprinted 161 3. 

Suspended ministers. Part II. pp. 264, Imprinted 1614. 

COOKE (Thomas) M.A., Rector of the United Parishes of St. Bennet, and St. Peter, 
Paul's Wharf. 
The Blessedness of Dying in the Lord | Explain'd & exemplified, | In a | Sermon | 
Preach'd | On Sunday, October 16. 1709. | In the Parish Church of | St. Bennet, 
Paul's Wharf, London, | On Occasion of the Death of | Dame Mary Cooke, | 
A late I Worthy Inhabitant of the said Parish : | who departed this Life on the 
6th Day of | that month. 

Publish'd at the earnest request of some of the Auditors. 



4°. MS. on Title: 6^ 17 Novemb. Londc. 

No. 7 in vol. beginning Printed by J. B. and are to be sold by John 

Trapp (Joseph). The Mischiefs, &c. Morphew, near Stationer's-Hall. ^1°9- 

COOPERUS (Thomas) Magdalenensis. 

Thesaurus Linguae Ro-|manae et Britannicae, tarn accurate congestus, | ut nihil 
penfe in eo desyderari possit, quod vel Latinfe complectatur amplis-|simus 
Stephani Thesaurus, vel Anglicb, toties aucta Eliotae Bibliotheca: | opera et 
industria Thomae Cooperi Magdalenensis. 

Accessit Dictionarium Historicum et poeticum, &c. 

fol. Dedication to Robt. Dudley, Earl of Excusum Londini in aedibus | quondam Ber- 

Leicester, Chancellor of Oxford. , theleti, cum priuilegio Regiae | Majestatis, per 

Device on Title : Bear and ragged staff, Henricum Wykes. | Anno domini 1565, | 16 
with legend, Honi soit qui vial y pense. Martii. 

[MS. on Title : Rob. Calve.] 

In Thesaurum Thoraje Cooperi Magdalenensis hexastichon Richardi Stephani : 
Vilescat rutila diues Pactolus arena, 

Hermus, et auriferi nobilis unda Tagi. 
Vilescant Croesi gemmae, Midteq; talenta : 

Major apud Britones eruta gaza patet. 
Hoc Wainflete tuo gens Anglica debet alumno, 
Qui vigili nobis tanta labore dedit. 


Commentarii in Bibliam sc. ' Pentateuchus Mosis, ^Proverbia Salomonis, 'Prophetae 
Majores, "Ecclesiastes, '^Acta Apostolorum, ^S. Pauli Epistolae. 

fol. 7 vols. Titles missing at beginnings Antverpiae. 

of vols., and some mutilated in interiors. (i) 1615 (2) 1635 (3) 1621 (5) 1627 

Device on the Paris volume : 3 Fleurs de lis. Lugdnni 

Legend :' Pietate et Justitia.' (Part of 4) 1625 (6)1626 

On some of the earlier vols., symbolical Parisiis 

device : Hour-glass over skull. ' Momentum (Part of 4I Jerem. Lam. & Baruch 
imde pendet aeternitas Vitae ac Mortis. 1626. 

Elige. Hue Crux ducit. Hue volnptas.' 

CORPUS ET SYNTAGMA | Confessionum | Fidei quae in diver-|sis regnis et 
Nationi-jbus, Ecclesiarum nomine fuerunt authentic^ | editae : in celeberrimis 
conuentibus ex-|hibitae, publicaque auctoritate | comprobatae. 

Qmbus annectitur in omnibus | Christianae Religionis articulis Catholicus 
consen|sus, &c. (Separate Title). 
4". Device : Angel with Cross and open Aureliae AUobrogum 

book standing on figure of Death. apud Petrum & Jacobum Chouet. 

Device to Consensus : Initials E. G. \fti2. 

Psalmo 119. O beatos qui ambulant in lege 
Domini : & qui scrutantur testimonia ejus : 
in toto corde exquirunt eum ! 



fol. 2 vols, in I. (Title wanting.) Dedication to the Emperor Albert William, 

[MS. opp. p. 1, vol. 2 : concluding — Ex typographeio nostro xx die tertii 

Two notes in Greek. mensis anni cid lo cxiv. [1614.] 

William Huxley.] T.. G. Addietissimus 

P. de la Roviere. 

COTTON (Clement). 

A I complete | Concordance | to the | Bible of the | last translation. | By helpe 

whereof any passage of | holy Scripture may | readily turned unto. 
fol. Title with wide engraved border. London 

Heraldic Device back of Title. ' Candida et Printed for T. Downs and R. Young. 

Constanter.' Dedicated to Thomas, Lord 1631. 

Coventry, Keeper of the Great Seale. 
[MS. on Title : 

Richhart Richhartson.] 

CRAIG (Sir Thomas) of Riccartoun. 

The I Right | of | Succession | to the | Kingdom of England, | in Two Books ; | 
against the Sophisms of Parsons the Jesuite, | who assum'd the counterfeit name 
of I Doleman ; | 

(Translated from the Latin with Preface by the Translator giving an account 
of the Authour and of his adversary). 
fol. London 

Printed by M. Bennet, for Dan. Brown without Temple-Bar ; 
Cha. Brome, at the Gun at the West end of S. Paul's Ch iirch-yard ; 
Geo. Sawbridge, at the 3 Fluwer de luces in litle Britain ; J. Hartley, 
in Holborn ; and Geo. Strahan, at the Golden Ball over against the 
Royal Exchange in Cornhill. 1703. 

CRAKANTHORP (Richardus) S.T.D. et Regiae Majestatis nuper Sacellanus. 
Defensio | Ecclesiae | Anglicanae, | contra | M. Antonii de | Dominis, D. Archi- 
episcopi I Spalatensis Injurias : | 

Opus posthumum k D. Johanne Barkham S.T.D. in Lucem editum. 
Apoc. 14. 13. 
Opera eorum sequentur eos. 
4°. Dedicated to Jas. I. London 

Ex Typographia Bibliopolarnm 1625. 

CRASHAW (William) Batchelor of Divinitie, and Pastor at White- Chappell. 

A I Mittimus | to the Jubile | at Rome : | Or, | The Rates of the | Popes Custome- 
House. I Sent | To the Pope, as a New-yeeres-gift | from England, this' yeere of| 
Jubile, 1625. 

And faithfully published out of the old Latine | Copie, with Observations upon 
the Romish Text. 



4°. No. 11 in vol. beginning London 

BiGNON (Hlerome). A Briefe, &c. Printed by G. P. for John White, and are to 

be sold at his shop, at the signe of the Holy- 
Lamb, in Little-Brittaine, neere Aldersgate- 
Street. m.d.c.xxv. [1625.] 

CRATO (Joannes) a Kraftheim, Archiatrus Caesareus. 

Consilia et Epistolae Medicinales, studio et labore Laureniii Scholzii. 

S". 7 vols, bound in 5 (Vols, i & 2 re-bound). 

Vol. I. Francofurti ad Moenum Impensis Joannis Pressti per Theodoricum Wesseliutn 1654. 

II. Francofurti sumptibus ,, „ Typis Casparis Rotelii 1650. 

III. Hanoviae ,, „ ,, Bibliopolae Francofurtensis 1646. 

IV. ,, Typis Wechelianis apud haeredes Joh : Anbrii 1614 (? 1645). 
V. , , „ , , impensis Danielis ac Davidis 

Aubriorum et Clementis Schleichii 1619. 

,, ,, ,, apud haeredes Joannis Aubrii 1611. 

Device : Hands clasping rod, serpents and cornucopiae entwined, Pegasus surmounting. 
On I— IV, I. P. 

CREDONIUS (Claudius) Colenaeus. - 

In Graecas Bu-|daei Epistolas annotatio-|nes, familiares inprimis | & juuentuti 
Graecarum literarum | studio flagranti, non inu-|tiles futurae. 

4° . Device : Man felling tree : — Parisiis 

' Omnis arbor quae non facit fructum bonum Apud Joaunem Februarinm 

excidetur et in ignen (kV) mittetur.' Matt. Scholam Rhemensem. 1579- 

Colophon : Parisiis 

Excudebat Carolus Rogerius A.D. 1579. 
mense Januario. 

CRELLIUS (Johannes) Francus. 

1. Ethica Aristotelica, ad Sacrarum Literarum normam emendata. 

2. Ejusdem Ethica Christiana. 

per Engenium Philalethem. 1681. 

3. Catechesis Ecclesiarum Polonicarum a Joh. Crellio, Jona Schlichtingio, 

M. Ruaro, & A. Wissowatio recognita, &c. 

4">. Stauropoli 

per Eulogetum Philalethem. 1680. 

CRINESIUS (Christophorus) Sehlaccowaldo-Bohemus, Profess. Publ. Altdorphi 
I. Exercitationum Hebraicarum Pars Prima. 

jO. Noribergae 

Typis & impensis Simonis Halbmayeri. 




CRINESIUS {continued)— 

2. Lingua Samaritica, ex Scriptura sacra, libris impressis et Mscripto fideliter 

eruta, &c. 

4°. Altdorphi 

E typographeo Balthasaris* Scherffii Universi- 
tatis Typographi. [n. d.] 

3. De Confusione Linguarum, turn Orientalium . . . turn Occidentalium, . . . 

statuens Hebraicam omnium esse primam, &c. 

4°. Noribergae 

(see No. i.) [n. d.] 

4. Gymnasium Syriacum. \ Hoc est, | Linguae Jesu | Christo vernacu-|lae perfecta 

institutio, | ex | Novo Testamento Syro et Aliis Rerum Sy-|riacarum Scripto- 
ribus collecta, novis et genuinis characte-|ribus adornata. 

4°. [MS. on Title : Wittebergae 

Leicester Librarie.] Typis et sumptibus Johannis Gormani 

Device : Eagle, holding open book, standing Anno aere Christianae 1611. 

on globe. 

' Gloria virtute paratur.' 

CRUCIGER (Georgius) Prof. Acad. Marpurgensis. 

Harmonia Linguarum Quatuor Cardinalium; Hebraicae, Graecae, Latinae et 

fol. Device : Shepherd with instruments Francofnrti 

and eagles. Impensis Godefridi Tampachii, Typis vero 

Johannis Bringeri. 1616. 

CURIO (Valentinus). 

Novum Lexicon Graecum. 

fol. (Title wanting.) Colophon ; 

Device : Hand pointing to tablet supported Basileae apud Valentinum Curionem Mense 

by cherubs; above ' Valentinus Curio '. Martio anno 1524- 

Legend : 

Top. dpyots ahl lopri?. 

Left. Katpbs 5' kirl irdfrtv dpiffros. 

Right. Hebrew characters. 

Bottom. ' Inertibus semper feriae.' 

CYDONIUS (Andreas Eudaemon- Joannes) Soc. Jesu. 

Castigatio Apocalypsis Apocalypseos Thomae Brightmanni Angli. 

8°. Jesuit monogram, ' Laudabile nomen Coloniae Agrippinae 

domini.' apud Joannem Kinckium, sub monocerote. 



CYGNAEUS (Eucharius) ' Philadelphus et Philalitheus '. 

Conspicilium Notitiae, | Inserviens | Oculis aegris, | qui lumen veritatis | ratione 
subjecti, obje-lcti, medii et finis ferre re-|cusant. Oppositum. | Admonitioni 
fu-]tili Henrici Neuhusii De | fratribus R.C. &c. 

Anno IVDICIVM erit sano non fatVo. 
8°. Bound in this vol. 
(2) Neuhusius, (3) Stellatus, (4) Maier (M.), 
(5) Rosicrucians. 

CYPRIANUS (Caecilius). 

Opera recognita et illustrata a Joanne Fello, Oxoniensi Episcopo. 

Jol. (Title mutilated.) fOxonii. 1682.I 

[MS. on Title : 

J. Harryman.] 

CYRILLUS, Alexandriae Episcopus. 

Commentariorum in Hesaiam Prophetam Libri Quinque, nunc primum in Latinam 

linguam ex Graeca conversi Laurentio Hunfredo interprete. 
fol. The Froben Device. Basileae 

per Frobenium et Episcopium 1563. 

CYRILLUS, Patriarcha Constantinopolitanus. 
Confessio Christianae fidei. 

4°. No. 3 in vol. beginning Genevae 

USSERIUS. Vet. Epist. Excudebat Johannes de Tournes 
Device : Angel entwined in ribbon with Anno cio lo cxxxill. [1633.] 

legend : ' En Dieu nos art.' 

DAMASCENUS (Joannes). 
Editio Orthodoxae Fidei. 
Ejusdem, De lis qui in fide dormierunt. 
[Greek Text only.] 

4°. Stamped leather binding. Veronae 

[MS. marginal annotations. apud Stephanum et fratres Sabios. 

MS. on Title : I53i- 

i'uki IA.C/J. yiafixov. Ne quis alius hunc librum per decennium 

Cnthbrtus Skott imprimere, aut imprimi facere, impressum 

On fly-leaf at beginning : ue uendere, aut uendendum tradere, 

00a /3ii3. &' ta™ ii liac Urbe quam in omni- 

«€(*. Xa'. bus aliis priuilegio cau- 

dixos, ax^oi, (pedvos, eKeos turn est sub poena 

T^s A.i!ir7js TO riaaapa etSrj. in eo contenta. 

E 2 


DANAEUS (Lambertus). 

Opuscula omnia Theologica, ab ipso Authore recognita. 

fol. (Plate, p. 1053, mutilated, 'Arbor Excudebat Eustathius Vignon. 1583. 


Device: Hands clasping Anchor with serpent 

' Anchora sacra mari jactatos unica Christus 
Fundat, et est omni tempore sola salus.' 

DATHUS (Augustinus) Senensis. 

Opusculum : In elegantiarum precepta. 
item, Ascensius In epistolarum compositionem compendium 
Sulpitius De epistolis componendis opusculum 
Niger (Franciscus) elegantie regularum elucidatio (et alia opuscula). 
4°. [Badge of Richard de la Novaile on Colophon : Impressi Lemovicis per Richardum 

last page ; MS. references round it.] de la Noaille bibliopolam : ante ymaginem divi 

Rochi commorantem anno diii. M . CCCCC . XX. 


DAVENAN r (Joannes) S. Theol. Doctor (nunc Episcopus Sarisburiensis). 


Praelectiones | De duobus | in Theologia | controversis | capitibus : | De 
contro|versiarum, | primo ; | De | justitia habituali | et actuali, | altero : 
fol. Cantabrigiae 

Ex Academiae celeberrimae typographeo. 


Expositio Epistolae D. Pauli ad Colossenses . . . olim ab eodem, Dominae Mar- 
garetae in Academia Cantabrigiensi Professore Theologico, dictata. 

fol. (Dedication to the University). Cantabrigiae 

'Almae Matri| Academiae lCantabri-|giensi, apndThomam et Joannem Bncke, celeberrimae 

Virtute, Pietate, | Sanaeque Doctrinae | Pro- Academiae Typographos. 1627. 

fessione semper ] celeberrimae, | Hasce Theo- 

logicae Suae | Professionis primitias, in ea 

olim natas, | jam denuo renatas, Amoris et | 

Honoris ergo, | Joannes Davenantius | Devo- 

tissimus Alumnus | libens meritoque [ Dat, 

Dicat, Consecrat.' 

Epistle Dedicatory to Chas. I. 


DAWSON (George) M.A. 

Origo Legum ; | or a | Treatise | of the | Origin of Laws, | and | their obliging 
power : | as also of | their great variety | and why some Laws are Immutable 
and some not ; | but may suffer Change, or Cease to be, or be | Suspended, or 


fol. Dedication to ' The Great Restorers of London. 

■ our Laws and Liberties, William and Mary.' Printed for Richard Chiswell at the Rose and 

At the end : Crown in S. Paul's Churchyard. 1694. 
Books printed for Richard Chiswell. 

DECKERS (Fredericus) M.D. 

Exercitationes Medicae Practicae circa medendi methodum observationibus 

8°. [Short MS. index.] Lugd. Bat. et Amst. 

Device : Harbour, Lighthouses, and Crane. apud Danielem Abrahamum & Adrianum 

' Intelligentibus.' a Gaesbeek. 1673. 

DE CUSA (Nicolaus) LL.D., Cardinalis. 
Opera Theologica, Philosophica, Juridica. 

fol. Device on Title and at end : Hammer, Basileae 

striking fire from rock, beneath Face breathing Ex officina Henricpetrina [iS^S-] 

upon the flames. 

DE DOMINIS (Marcus Anlonius) Archiepiscopus Spalatensis. 
De Republica Ecclesiastica. Tys^o Parts. 

fol. (Title of Part i wanting.) Francofurti ad Moenum sumptibus Rulandio- 

Device: Female figure, dove in right hand, rum, Typis Joan. Friderici Weiss. 1620. 

serpent in left. 

' Estote prndentes sicut serpentes : et simplices 

sicut columbae.' 

DELAUNE (W.) D.D., President of St. John's College, Oxon. 

A [ Sermon | Preach'd before the | Sons of the Clergy, | at their | Anniversary 
Meeting | in the | Cathedral-Church of St. Paul, | on | Thursday, December 12, 


4°. MS. on Title : London 

5*. Januar. 172^. Printed for Jonah Bowyer, at the Rose in 

No. 15 in vol. beginning St. Paul's Church-yard. 1723. 

Trapp (Joseph). The Mischiefs, &c. 

DEMPSTER (Thomas) a Muresk, J. C. Scotus. 

Antiquitatum Romanorum Corpus Absolutissimum. Editio Nova. 
4°. Dedication to James 1. Aureliae Allobrogum 

Device : Anchor and Dolphin. ' Festina apud Petrum & Jacobum Chouet 

Tarde." 1620. 

[MS. on Title : 

Ex dono Guilielmi Heyricke junioris.] 




Liber longfe auctior quam is qui Elucidarius poeticus vulgo inscribitur. 

8°. (Imperfect at end.) Coloniae 

Device : Bird standing before a tree. apud haeredes Arnoldi Birckmanni. 1568. 

Arnold Birckman. 

DIETERICUS (Cunradus) S.T.D. Ecclesiarum Ulmensium Superintendens. 
Analysis Logica Evangeliorum Dominicalium. Pars Hyemalis. 

8°. Giessae Hessorum 

Typis Nicolai Hampelii. Typogr. Academ. 



Casibus longis domini Francisci Accursii 
Approbationibus et reprobationibus glosarum 
Summariis variorum doctorum 
Cum Tabula Rubricarum : legum : et materiarum 
Juris Canonici concordantiis 
Glosarum et textuum singularitatibus 
Ampliationibus et notabilibus Bolognini 
Titulorum seu rubricarum carminu expositione 
Valde utilibus Solutionibus contrariorum. 
Multis annotationibus in margine appositis. 

fol. (On Title : Device of B.Rembolt,Gro- Iste liber summe singularis 

tesques in wood-cut border.) Recenter impressus a Bertholdo, 

Tabula Materiarum at end, imperfect. Ab eo exponitur venalis 

Parisiis in Sole aureo. 
I Est eten! tersns summns : emendatus ad unguem. 

Si mihi credideris juris amator emas. 

Colophon : Parisiis In Sole aureo vici diui 

Jacobi per magistrum Bertholdii Rembolt. 

Anno Millesimo Qningetesimo Decimo sexto. 

Die xviij. Aprilis. [1516] 

DIODATI (John) Minister of the Gospel and now Uving in Geneua. 

Pious Annotations upon the Holy Bible, Expounding the difficult places thereof 
Learnedly and plainly. 

4°. First Title engraved. London 

W. Hollar, fecit 1643. Printed by T. B. for Nicolas Fussell : and are 

to be sold at the Green Dragon in S. Paul's 
Churchyard. 1643. 



Bibliothecae Historicae Libri XV, De XL. His accesserunt Eclogae seu fragmenta, 

ex libris quibusdam Auctoris qui desiderantur. Omnia cum interpretatione Ladna. 

Cui adjecta Chronologia duplex, &c., Studio at labore Laurentii Rhodomani Cherusci. 

fol. Device on Title and at end : Pegasus Hanoviae 

over Caduceus with Comucopiae, &c. W. W. Typis Wechelianis, apud Clandium Mamium 

& haeredes Joannis Anbrii. 1604. 

DIONYSIUS (S.) Areopagita. 

Opera cum Scholiis S. Maximi et Paraphrasi Pachj'merae a Balthasare Corderio 
Soc. Jesu Doctore Theologo Latinfe interpretata, &c. 

fol. 2 vols. Antverpiae 

Title of Vol. I wanting. Ex officina Plantiniana. 

Engraving : Cardinal's Hat on Title, Vol. II : 1634. 

Tail-piece : Hand and Compasses, &c. 
' Labore et constantia.' 

In Quatuor Evangelistas Enarrationes. 

fol. [Very interesting Engraved Title in ^ Coloniae Petrus Quentell suis impensis excu- 
compartments. debat anno MDXXXIII Mense Septembri. [1533.] 

3 plates — reverse of Title and last page. 
[MS. on Title : 

Antonii Cadi i'. o''. 

Bibliothecae publicae Leicestr. hunc librum 
dedit Antonius Cadus Vicarius de Billesdon. 

On last page : 

MS. raemorandnm : Will"". Jakes came to 
the Schole Septembris ^ die Ejusdem mensis 
filius Goimer iS. a°. dl 1567 filii Lucas acces- 
serunt z. Septembris a°. d'. 1567 

eodem die [ ] Bonde. 

Will". Jakes accessit rursus 13 Octobris 
a\ d'. 1567 et filius Swayne 7 die Octobris.] 


Antiquitatum Romanarum Libri XI, ab iEmilio Porto recens . . . Latinfe redditi et 

notis illustrati. 
Ejusdem Dionysii Quaedam de Legationibus, Gr. et Lat. ex interpretatione Henr. 

Stephani, et aliorum. 
Henr. Stephani operae variae in Dionysii Antiquitatum libros, et Is. Casauboni 

Animadversiones in eosdem. 
fol. Device : Hand clasping Anchor, Serpent Excudebat 

entwined Enstathius Vignon sibi & Henrico Stephano. 

entwinea. s p ^^^^.^ 



The I Sacred J Doctrine of | Divinitie, gathered | out of the Word of God, and com- | 
prehended in two volumes, | whereof This first volume | containeth a description 
of all that holy Doctrine accor-|ding to the rules of Art : with a Treatise con- 
cerning I the Olde Testament, or the Promise. The second is to containe a lar- 1 
gar explication of the former doctrines : with a discoue-|rie of the most principal! 
Heresies and errours | contrary thereunto. 

(Between p. 56 and p. 57 ; pp. 33-60 of Loidoromastix inserted.) 

4°. Device (first vol. only) : Hands clasping Imprinted at London by Faelix Kyngstone. 

Cadnceus with Cornncopiae. 16:3. 

' By Wisdom Peace, By Peace Plenty.' 
No. 6 in vol. beginning 

Pie (Thos.). Usuries, &c. 


Acta I Synodi | Nationalis | In nomine Domini nostri | JESU CHRISTI | 

Antoritate | DD. Ordinum | Generalium Foederati | Belgii Provinciarum, | 

Dordrechti | Habitae j Anno 1618 & 161 9. 
Accedunt Plenissima, de Quinque Articulis, Theologorum Judicia. 

4°. Device : Winged horses upholding coat Dordrechti 

of arms. Typis Isaaci Joaunidis Caninii & sociorum 

ejusdem urbis Typographorum. 1620. 

DOUGHTY (Gregory) M.A. One of the Senior Fellows of King's College, Cam- 
A I Sermon | Preach'd Before the | University of Cambridge, | in | Kings College 
Chapel, I On the 25th of March, 1724. | Being the Anniversary | For Comme- 
morating I King Henry VI, the Founder. | And | On the Occasion of laying 
the First Stone | For the Foundation of a | New College. 

Publish'd at the Request of the Vice-Chancellor | and Heads of Colleges. 
To which 'is added some Account of this New Design, with | a Plan of the 
Intended Building, and the Inscription | upon the First Stone. 

4°. [N.B. The Plan wanting. At the head Cambridge, 

of the Inscription, M.S. : ' Said to be composed Printed at the University Press, for Will, 

by Dr. .Snape, y= Provost.'] „ Thurlbourn, Bookseller, and sold by R. Knap- 

[MS. on Title : 5'!. July.] lock in S. Paul's Church-yard, London. 1724. 

No. 1 7 in vol. beginning 

Trapp (Joseph). The Mischiefs, &c. 

DOW (Christopher) B.D. 

A I Discourse | of | The Sabbath | and | The Lords Day. | Wherein | the Differ- 
ence! Both in their Insti-|tution and their due Observation | is briefly handled. 


4''. No. 2 in vol. beginning with London 

A\ HITE (Fr.) ... An Examination. Printed by M. Flesher for Jolin Clark, and 

are to be sold at his shop under S. Peter's 
Church in Comhill. 1636. 

At the end of the Address to the Reader : 

Perlegi hunc tractatnm Theologicum, cui titulus est [A discourse &c.] in quo nihil 
reperio sanae doctnnae, aut bonis moribus contrarium, quominus cum utilitate publica 
imprimi possit, ita tamen, ut si non intra tres menses proxime sequenter typis mandetur, 
haec licentia fit omnino inita. 
Ex Aedibns Lambethauis. Guil Bray 

Novemb. iS. K. P. D. Arch. Cant. 

'"35- Capel. Domesticus. 

DRELINCURTIUS (Carolus) Medicus Regius in Galliis ; necnon Lugduni-Batav. 
Professor Practicus at Anatoniicus. 
Opuscula Medica. 

fl\c ^ '^°l^- , Lugduni Batavorum 

L-MS. on fly-leaf of one vol. : apud Danielem a Gaesbeeck ; 

.pre. h. h. (or) „ Cornelinm Boutesteyn ; 

Richard Ludlam.] . (or) „ Felicem Lopez. 

Different devices, &c., on the several parts 16S0, 1685, 1687. 

of the two volumes. 

DRIEDO (Joannes) a Turnhout, Sacr. Theol. Prof, apud Louanienses. 

1. De ecclesiasticis scripturis et dogmatibus Libri Quatuor. 

2. De captivitate et redemptione generis humani Liber unus. 

/ol. Stamped leather binding. Lonanii 

[MS. on Title: Chumeldisp. 2 pa. 57. Ex officina Bartholomeii Grauii 

Driedo eruditissimus apud Louanienses.] (i) 1550, 

Device : Child with orb and sceptre within Mense Januario 

sun. Vsnundantur etiam Antuerpiffi apud M. 

In sole posuit tabernaculum suum. Arnoldum Birckman sub piiigui gallina. 

(2) 154S. 

DRUSIUS (Johannes). 

Miscellanea Locutionum Sacrarum Tributa in centurias duas. 

8°. [MS. on Title : Pret' xij'*.] Frauekerae 

Device : Seraphic figure and wheel. ' Con- Excudebat .lEgidius Radaeus 

silio numinis.' Ordinum Frisiae Typographus. 1686. 

Ad loca difficiliora Pentateuchi Commentarius. Opus Posthumum. 

4°. Franekerae Frisiomm 

Excudebat Fredericns Heynsins, Typographus. 
Sumptibus Johannis Johannis Bibliopolae Arn- 
hemiensis. 161 7. 


DRUSIUS {continued)— 
1 1. Annotationum in totum Jesu Christi Testamenturn, sive Praeteritomm libri X. 

4°. Franekerae 

Excudebat Aegidius Radaeus 
Ordinum Frisiae Typographus. 

2. Ad voces Ebraicas N.T. Commentarius duplex . . . item ejusdem annotationum 
. . . pars altera, necnon vitae operumque Joh. Drusii, editorum et nondum 
editorum, delineatio et tituli, per Abelum Curiandrum. 

4°. Franekerae Frisiorum 

Excudebat Fredericus Heynsius l6l6. 
sumptibus Johannis Johannis Bibliopolae Arn- 

DUNS SCOTUS (Joannes) Ordinis Minorum, Doctor Subtilis, Theologorum Princeps. 
In Quatuor libros Sententiarum Quaestiones Subtilissimae . . . iliustratae per 

Hugonem Cavellum. 
Accesserunt per eundem vita Scoti, &c. 

fol. 2 vols. Antverpiae 

Device : Head of Phoebus : the Globe, apud Joannem Keerbergium. 1620. 

Cornucopiae, &c. 

Fovet et omat. 

DU PIN (Ludovicus EUies) Sacr. Facult. Theol. Parisiensis Doctor. Doctor of the 
Sorbonne and Regius Professor of Divinity at Paris. 
De Antiqua Ecclesiae Disciplina Dissertationes Historicae. 

4°. Engraved frontispiece : a Library lead- Coloniae Agrippinae 

ing to an Assembly. sumptibus Huguetanorum. 1691. 

J. V. d. Arvele Inv. et fecit. 

A New History of Ecclesiastical Writers. 

Lives and Writings of the Primitive Fathers, &c., together with a Compendious 
History of the Councils. 
/ol. 13 vols in 5. London 

Printed for Abell Swall, at the Unicorn in 
Pater-Noster-Row, and Tim. Child at the White- 
Heart in S. Paul's Church-yard. 1696-99. 

A new Ecclesiastical History of the Sixteenth Century containing an Impartial 
Account of the Reformation of Religion, &c. Translated from the French. 

/al. 2 vols. London 

Printed for A. and J. Churchill at the Black 
Swan in Pater-Noster-Row, and Tim. Child at 
the White-Hart at the West End of S. Paul's 
Church-yard. 1703-6. 




In Sententias Theologicas | Petri Lorabardi Commen|tariorum | Libri Quatuor, | 
Primiim quidem per Nicolaum a Martimbos, eximium Nauarrensis | Collegii 
Theologum, nunc ver6 denuo per alios quosdam, non | inferioris notae Doctores, 
quanta fieri potuit cura, | diligentiaque emendati. | Una cum Authoris vita, &c. 

fol. Device : Border with fig^ures ; in centre, Lugdnni 

Eagle on globe, Snakes entwined. Apud Gulielmum Rovillium 

In Virtute et Fortuna. sub scute veneto. 1587. 

DURANDUS (Gulielmus). 

Rationale Divinorum OfRciorum. 

4°. [MS. on Title : Edward ffarnham. 

On Tabula at beginning : (MS.) 1620 paid 
to M' Jhon Morton elder for this booke vi* 
Mail 9 : 

Dionisivi ffarnham]. 

Stamped leather binding, repaired. 

Venundantur Lugduni ab Jacobo huguetan 
ejusde ciuitatis bibliopola in vico mercuriali, ad 
angiportu qui in ararim ducit. 

Finit rationale diuinor' officiorura : quod antea 
mille locis deprauatum : obnixa elncubratione 
magistri Boneti de locatellis bergomensis cor- 
rectum est : & Impressum Lugduni per Jacobum 
Sacon. Anno salutifere incarnationis millesimo 
quingentesimo decimo : & decimo Kalendas 
Septemb. [1510.] 

DYKE (Jer.) Minister of God's Word, at Epping in Essex. 

A I Sermon | Preached at | the Publicke Fast. | To | The Commons | House of 
Parhament, | April 5th, 1628. 

4°. No. 8 in vol. beginning : London 

Laud (Wm.), A Sermon. Printed for Robert Mylbourne, and are to be 

sold at his shop in Paul's Church yard, at the 
signe of the Gray-Hound. 1628. 

DYNUS MUXELLANUS. Juris utriusque Doctor celeberrimus. 

Commentarius in Regulas Juris Pontificii cum Adnotationibus Jureconsult. 
clarissim. Nicolai Boerii, Francisci Cornelli et Gabrielis Sarainae. 
8°. [A few MS. interlineations and annota- Coloniae Agrippinae 

tions.] apud Joannem Birckmannum & 

Device : The offering of Isaac by Abraham. Theodorum Baumium. 1569- 

At the end : Typis Godefridi Ceruicorni. 


integram Ecclesiae Christ! Ideam . . . secundum singulas Centurias perspicuo 
ordine complectens . . . per aliquot studiosos et pios vires in urbe Magde- 



fol. 3 vols. Stamped leather binding. Basileae 

[These volumes were formerly fastened by per Joannem Oporinum 1560-2. 

chains to a desk.] On the last page : Basileae, opera et expensis 

Device : Arion standing vfith lyre on Del- partim Joannis Oporini, partim Nicolai Brillin- 
phin's back. geri, Anno Salutis M D l,x. 

Vol. I. Mense Februario. 
II. ,, Martio. 


sc : Eusebius, Ruffinus, Socrates, Theodoreius, Hertnius Sozomenus, Theodorus, 
Evagrius, et Dorotheus. 

fol. Stamped leather binding, r The Froben Basileae ' 1562. 

device. At the end : In officina Frobeniana, per Hier. 

Frobenium et Nic. Episcopium Mense Martio 
A.D. M D I-XII. 

Eusebius, Socrates, Theodoretus, Theodorus, Hermius Sozomenus, et Evagrius. 

fol. (Rebound, wrongly lettered.) Lutetiae Parisiorum 

Device : Serpent coiled round olive branch. Ex officina Roberti Stephani typographi Regii, 
Ba(TiX«r t' d7a0Q) ArpaTcpo) t' aixA'^Tp. Regiis typis, ^544* 

Tail-piece : Tree with severed branches 
falling ; man pointing to scroll with legend : 
' Noli altum sapere.' 

ECKHARDUS [EckhardJ (Henricus) S. T. D. et Superintendens Generalis in 
Ducatu Saxonico-Aldenburgensi. 
Fasciculus Controversiarum Theologicarum . . . inter Augustanae Confessionis 
Theologos et Calvinianos. 

Iterum nunc editus, auctus et recognitus ab auctore. 

8°. Tail-piece. Hercules within border. Lipsiae 

Printer's badge : ' Sic itur ad astra.' Impensis Henningi Grosii junioris Bibliop. 

Excudebat Laurentius Kober. 1615. 

f I. Tractatus | De | Descensu | Christi ad Inferos. 

( 2. Opusculum Theologicum De Ordine | Ecclesiastico | et Politico | ex prae- 
lectionibus in A|cademia Giesena habitis ador|natum et concinnatum. 

8°. Device : Hercules with shield bearing Lipsiae 

Printer's badge. ' Sic itur,' &c., same as Tail- Impensis Henningi Grosii jun. Bibliop. 

pieces. Excudebat Laurentius Cober. 1618. 


Compendium Theologiae Patrum, &c. 

Terti6 nunc editum, auctum et locupletatum. 
Portrait on Title: Henricus Eckhardi (stc) SS. Theologiae Doctor Nats 
Wetteris in Hassia Anno 1583, 19. Octo. 

8°. Lipsiae 1622. 

Sumbtibus {sic) Henrici Grossii 
excudebat Georgius Liger. 


De certitudine Gratiae Tractatus Apologeticus, pro vero ac germano intellectu 
Canonis XIII- Sessionis VI S. CEcumenici Concilii Tridentini . . . interprete 
Tilmanno Bredenbachio S. T. D. Consistorii Ecclesiastici apud Bonnam 

8°. Coloniae Agrippinae 

apud Theodornm Graminaeum 1569. 

ENT (Georgius) Med. D. et Col. Lond. Soc. 

Apologia pro Circulatione Sanguinis : qua respondetur ^milio Parisano Medico 

8°. Londini 

Excudebat Rob. Young, & venales extant 
apud Guil. Hope ad insigne Unicornu prope 
Peristylium regale. 1641. 

EPIPHANIUS (S.) Constantiae sive Salaminis in Cypro Episcopus. 

Opera Omnia in duos Tomos distributa, Graecb ac Latinfe, Dionysius Petavius 
Aurelianensis, Soc. Jesu . . . Latinfe vertit, et animadversionibus illustravit. 

fol. 2 vols. Parisiis 

Device : vide ante ATHANASIUS. Sumptibus Michaelis Sonnii, Claudii Morelli, 

et Sebastian! Cramoisy, via Jacobaea. 1622. 

EPISCOPIUS (Simon) S.T.P. SS. Theol. in Acad. Leydensi quondam Professor. 
Opera Theologica. 
fol. 2 vols. 

Vol. I. (Title mutilated.) * 

[A few MS. notes to Index.] 

Vol. II. Device : Female figure holding Goudae 

book and lamp. Printer's badge, A. L. Men typis Guilielmi van der Hoeve. Prostan 

ploughing and reaping. Roterodami apnd Amoldum Leers. 1665. 

'Lahore et Vigilantia.' 

[Re-bound and wrongly lettered.] 



EPISTOLAE VARIAE, et variarum | linguarum, | de | Byzantiacis | Hebraeis, i 
Discupientibus erudiri in | Chiisti D. sacro | Volumine, | Atque ade6 de alio | 
magno Viro, quem nisi obliqufe signifi-|care, Byzantii saltern non | oportet, in 
re adhuc | dubia. 

Argumentum docebit fusius | sequens pagina. 

4°. No. 5 in vol. beginning, USSEEIUS. Vet. Basileae 

Epist. apud Conradum Waldkirch. 

Epistle Dedicatory : cioiaxcix, [I599-] 

To the Right Hono-]rable the Tempo-| 
rail Lordes of the | Q. of Englandes | 
most excellent priney | Counsel, 
your Lordships to commaund 
Hugh Bronghton. 

ERASMUS (Desiderius) Roterodamus. 

In Novum Testamentum Annotationes ex postrema ipsius authoris recognitione. 

fol. Froben Device. Basileae 1555- 

Underneath : Plato. At the end : per Hieronymura Frobenium et 

' Pulcherrimum uictoriae genus est seipsum Nicolaum Episcopium. 
uincere .' 

Paraphrasis in Novum Testamentum. 

fol. 2 vols, bound in i. 

[MS. on Title : 

Robert Rustat pretiii 8*. 

' Et sanam scientiam et sanctam conscien- 
tiam habeas.' 

MS. marginal annotations throughout the 
first volume.] 

Paraphrase on the Epistles and The Apocalypse. 

fol. [Title wanting. Imperfect at end. 
Begins with Epistle Dedicatory to King 
Edward VI, by Myles Coverdall.] 

[MS. on first page : 

Ex dono Symonis Crafts.] 

Ex officina Frobeniana. I54l. 

At the end : per Hier. Frobenium et Nic. 

[perh. London 

Whitchurch.] [? 1552.] 

Moriae Encomium nunc postremum ab ipso autore religiose recognitum una cum 
aliis aliquot libellis non minus eruditis quam amoenis. 

8°. [Stamped leather binding, representing 
the Annunciation on obverse, a miracle of 
S. Nicholas on reverse.] 

[MS. on Title : Thomas Moore. 
T. Wyllsonus.] 

Froben apud inclytam Basileam 1522. 
At the end : Tail-piece. 

Basileae apud Jo. Frob. mense Julio 1522. 
[MSS.: JohnGilpen. 

William Tarbutt wrot this w'" his owne 

William Antone. 
MS. annotations.] 


Familiaria CoUoquia. 

8°. [Preface to John Erasmius Froben. At the end : Basileae 

Title wanting.] apud viduam Mich. Isingrin. i569- 

De recta Latini Graecique sermonis pronuntiatione dialogus : Ejusdem Dialogus 
cui titulus Ciceronianus . . . itidem ab autoie recognitus et auctus. 
8°. Froben Device. Colophon : Basileae, in Officina Frobeniana per 

Hier. Frob. Joan. Heruag. & Nicol. Episcopium. 
Anno M . D. XXX. Men. Martio. [iS3°-] 

De copia Verborum et Rerum. 

8°. (Title wanting and imperfec 
Begins with Epistola ad Joannem 

[MS. p. 3, Richard fferyman.] 

ESPENCOEUS (Claudius) Doctor Theologus Paiisiensis. 

Opera omnia quae superstes adhuc edidit ; Quibus accesserunt Posthuma, a 
D. Gilberto Genebrardo Doctore Theologo Par. in lucem edita. 

fol. Device : A Fountain. Lutetiae Parisiorum 

sumptibus Claudii Morelli, via Jacobaea, ad 
insigne Fontis. 1619. 

ESTIUS (Gulielmus) S.T.D. et in Acad. Duacena Professor Primarius, ejusdemque 
Universitatis Cancellarius. 
Absolutissima in omnes B. Pauli et septem Catholicas Apostolorum Epistolas 

Studio et opere Jacobi Merlo Horstii SS. Theol. L*'. 

fol. Device : S. Paul sitting writing. Coloniae Agrippinae 

sumptibus Petri Henningii Bibliopolae. 


Annotationes in Praecipua ac Difficiliora Sacrae Scripturae loca. Secunda Editio, 
ex ipsius Authoris scriptis plurimum aucta. 
fol. On Title : Portrait, Gulielmus Estius, Dnaci 

obiit 1613, 20 Sept. ^Etat. 70. apud Gerardum Patti 

M. bar f. sub signo Missalis Aurei 1629. 

Tail-piece : A Missal open, with legend, ' Te 
igitur clementissime Pater.' 

Round the border : Angels and men wor- 

Offertur nomini meo oblatio munda. Malach, 


EUGUBINUS (Thomas Bozius) Presbyter Congregationis Oratorii. 
Da Ruinis Gentium et Regnorum adversus impios politicos Libri octo. 

8". Device : Sea-horse with stork. Coloniae Agrippinae 

Printer's badge: ' Discite justitiam moniti.' apud Joannem Gymnicum, snb Monocerote. 



Quae extant omnia : | 

Tragediae nempe XX | Praeter ultimam. Omnes completae : Item | Fragmenta | 
aliarum plusquam LX Tragediarum et | Epistolae V. 

Opera et studio Josuae Barnes S.T.B. Emmanuelis CoUegii apud Cantabrigi- 
enses Socii maximS Senioris. 

fol. Cantabrigiae 

Ex officina Johan. Hayes Celeberrimae Aca- 
demiae Typographi. 
Impensis Richardi Green Bibliopolae Cantab. 


EUSEBIUS Pamphili, Caesareae Palestinae Episcopus. 
Evangelicae Praeparationis Lib. XV. 
[Greek Text.] 

fol. Devices : On Title, Serpent and Olive Ex Bibliotheca Regia 

intertwined round staff. Lutetiae 

$a<nXu T ayaOw KparepSi t' alxnT-^. Ex officina Rol. Stephani, Typographi Regii 
At end : Man under grafted tree, severed Regiis Typis. ^544- 

branches falling, pointing to scroll. 
' Noli altum sapere.' 

De Demonstratione Evangelica Libri Decem . . . Graece et Latinb. 
Quibus accessere nondum hactenus editi contra Marcellum . . . libri duo : De 
Ecclesiastica Theologia tres. Graec^ et Latinfe. 

fol. Device : The Temple of Holy Wisdom. Parisiis 

The Fonr Greek Fathers. Three Printers' (As above). 1628. 

Badges, &c. 

vide ante ATHANASIUS. 

Praeparatio Evangelica . . . Libri XV. 

Franciscus Vigerus, Rothomagensis. See. Jesu Presbyter . . recensuit, 
Latine vertit, Notis illustravit. 

fol. Device as in last-named. Parisiis 

Michaelis Sonnii 

j Michaelis Sonnii 1 

Sumptibns \ Sebastiani Cramoisy et ^ j . 

\ Caroli Morelli ) Jacooasa, 



EVERARDUS (Nicolaus) k Middleburgo, J. C. Magnique Senatus Belgici apud 
Mechliniam Praeses. 
Loci Argumentorum Legales. 

fol. Device : Arnold Birckmann, beneath 
Tree and Bird with border. 

[MS. on Title : ' Ante obitnm nemo.' 
J. Gilsotn.] 

Excudebat Seruatius Sassenns, sibi, et haere- 
dibus Arnoldi Birckmanni. , 1552. 

FAVOUR (John) 'Doctor of the Lawes, sometimes Fellow of New CoUedge in 
Oxford, now Vicar of Halifax.' 
Antiquitie | Triumphing | over Noveltie : | 

4°. Epistle Dedicatory ' To the Most Reve- 
rend Father in God, Tobie, by the Providence 
of God, Lord Archbishop of Yorke his 
grace,' Sec. 

Printed by Richard Field dwelling in Great 
Wood Streete. i6ig. 

FEGUERNEKINUS (Isaac L.) Ungarus. 

Enchiridion Locorum Communium Theologicorum ... ex Augustini Marlorati 
Thesauro, et Christ. Obenhinii Promtuario conflatum, recognitum, auctum. 

8°. On Title : Paulns 1 Tim. 4. 13—' In- 
terim dnm venio, attendelectioni, exhortationi, 
doctrinae.' Cyprianus, Lib. 2. Epist. 2. ad 
Donatum — 

'Sit tibi vel oratio assidua, vel lectio 
Nunc cam Deo loqnere, nunc Deus tecum.' 
[MS. : J. Harryman. 

pret. 5^. od.'] 

• Londini 
impensis- Georg. Bishop. 


FELTHAM (Owen). 

Resolves, Divine, Morall, Political. 

A second Edition of the First Centurie. 

4°. Symbolical frontispiece forming a sub- 

Device : Tree with severed branches falling. 
Man pointing to scroll : 'Noli altum ^apere.' 

Epistle Dedicatory : ' To the most virtnous, 
discreet, and Noble ; the Lady Dorothy Crane, 
daughter to the J!i£^ni Honourable, and Reli- 
gious, the Lord Hobart.' 

Imprinted for Henry Seile, at the Tygers 
head in S' Paules Churchyard. 1628. 


FENTON (Roger) ' Bachelar of Divinitie.' 

A 1 Treatise | of | Vsurie, | divided into three | Bookes : | 
Tlie First defineth what is Vsurie. 
The second determineth that to be unlawful!. 

The third remoueth such motiues as perswade men in this age that it 
may be lawful!. 

Chr3'SQSt. super Matth. 
Fcenerare, non fratri, sed Domino. Hsec enim usurse regnum ; illse 
Gehennam pr^parant. 
4°. London 

Imprinted by Felix Kyngston for William 

Aspley. i6ii. 

FERNELIUS (Joannes) Ambianus. 

Universa Medicina, ab ipso authore ante obitum recognita : Postea studio Gul. 
Plantii Cenomanensis . . . illustrata. 

Editio Quarta. 

8°. Device : Hands clasping rod, serpents Francofurti 

entwined, comucopiae. Pegasns surmounting. Apnd Andream Wechelum. 1581. 

Universa Medicina . . . notis &c. Joannis & Othonis Heurnii illustrata, cui 
accedunt casus et observationes quas CI. DD. Otho Heurnius . . . annotavit. 

4°. Device : A tree under which sits Minerva Trajecti ad Rhenum 

with attributes. Scroll with legend : ' Pax Typis Gilberti a Ziill & Theodori ab Ackersdijck. 
artium altrix.' Below: Minerva Trajectina. • 1556. 

FERRARIIS (Joan. Petrus de) Papien. V. IV. D. (utriusque Juris Doctor). 

Practica, Per totum orbem celebratissima, omnibus tarn jus dicentibus, quam 
Aduocatis, non modo utilis, sed etiam necessaria : Illustrata copiosissimis 
additionibus Jur. V. Docto. Do. Francisci de Curte, Do. Bernardini Landriani & 
aliorum in Practica excellentium. 

On Title ; Badge of Vincentius. Lugduni 

8°. _ Apiid Antonium Vincentium. 

Colophon : 

Finis Practicae V. I. D. acutissimi do. Joan. 
Petri de Ferrariis, ciuis Papien. Illustrata copio- 
sissimis additionibus V. Ju. Doct. domini Fran, 
de Curte, & domini Bernardini Landria, & ali- 
orum in practica excellentium. Item summa- 
riis de nono additis per V. Ju. 
Doct. dominum Jo. 
Venetum & per eundem diligetissime 
omnia emendata & 
Excudebat summa cum diligentia 

Franciscus Gaillardus. M.D.L.VI 

Field — FLACCUS 67 

FIELD (Richard) D.D., and sometimes Dean of Gloucester. 
Of the Church, Five Bookes. Third Edition. 

fol. [Title and several pages torn and 
damaged. 'One side of device remains with the 
word ' Academia '. Epistle Dedicatory to the 
Duke of Buckingham, Lord High Admirall. — 
Nath. Field.] London. 1635. 

FINCKIUS (Caspar) SS. Theologiae .in Academia Giessana Professor Publicus & 


Canonum Theolo-|gicorum, | Regularum item, Axiomatum, | Observationum, 

documento-jrum, Proprietatum & con-|suetudinum Scripturae | Sacrae | 

Centuria, | ex verbo Dei, Orthodoxis | Patribus et Theologis | studios^ coUecta, 

breviter explicata, & ad controversias horum tempo-|rum fideliter applicata. 

8°. No. 3 in vol. beginning Giessae Hassorum 

Weber (Scrutinium, &c.) Excudebat Nicolaus Ilampelius, Typog. Acad. 


FLACCIUS (Matthias) Illyricus. 

De I trans|latione Impe|rii Romani ad | Germanos. 
Item I De Electione Episcopo|rum, qu6d aeque ad plebem pertineat. 
Accessit ejusdem argumenti liber Lupoldi Babembergensis de Jvribus Imperii et 
Regni Rom. 
S". Basileae 

apud Petrum Pernam. 1566. 

Clavis I Scripturae | Sacrae | seu | De | Sermone | Sacrarum | Literarum. 

fol. Device on Title of Pars Altera : Hand Basileae 

with hammer striking fire from rock beneath apud Henricpetrinos. 

face breathing on the flames. (Part I) m.dc.xxux. (Part II) m.dc.XXIX. 

vide also FLACIUS. [ 1628, 9.] 

FLACCUS (M. Verrius) et FESTUS (Sex. Pompeius). 

Flacci M. Verrii quae extant, et Sex. Pompeii Festi de Verborum significatione, 

Libri XX. 
Accesserunt Jos. Scaligeri annotationes. 

8°. Device : Heraldic shield between Parisiis 

Griffin and Lion supporters. ' Finis coronal apud Arnoldum Sittart, sob scuto Coloniensi 

opus.' monte Dini Hilarii. 

M.D.xxcirii. [1584-] 

F 2 


FLACIUS (Matthias) Doctor Medic, in Schola Rostochiensi. 

Opus Logicum in Organon Aristotelis Stagiritae constans Libris XIV. 

8». [MS. on Title : Francofurti 

' Ubique tuus esto 1600 Ex officina Typographica Nicolai Bassaei. 

Dies habet quod dies negat.'J I693- 

Device on Title and at end: Fortune on 
wheel. Border. 

FOLIOT (Gilbertus) Episcopus Londiniensis. 

Expositio in Canticum Canticorum una cum compendio Alcuini, Nunc primiim h 
Bibliotheca Regia in lucem prodiit opera et studio Patricii Junii Bibliothecarii 

4°. Device : Royal arms v^ith C. R. Londini 

crowned. E Typographio Regie. 1638. 

BajtXfT T ayaGa, ayaduiv t€ SoT^pi. 

FORBES (Johannes) a Corse, Presb. et S.T.D., ejusdemque Profess, in Acad. 
Opera Omnia 

Editio Nova. Dedication to Queen Anne. 

/ol. 2 vols. (Title of vol. i mutilated.) (At end of Preface, Vol. I.) 

[MS. on Title : J. Harryman.] Aberdoniae 6. Id. Febr. 1703. G. Garden. 

Device, Vol. II, Title: Hand sharpening (Vol.11.) Amstelcedami 

tool on stone. Laurel wreaths. Figures as apud Henricum Wetstenium : & Rodolphum 

supporters. Lamp burning. ' Terar, dum & Gerhardum.'Wetstenios H. FF. 1702. 

FORESTUS (Petrus) Alcmarianus, M.D. Reipub. Delphensis Medico-Physicus 
Observationum et Curationum Medicinalium ac Chirurgicarum Opera Omnia. 

/ol. Device : A horse fastened by the mane. Prostant Francofurti 

Sylvan scene. Border with legend : ' Nihil In oiificina Paltheniana Phili{>pi Fieueti. 

inexplorato.' J 634. 

Printer's mark, P. F, ■ 

FORESTUS (Petrus) Alcmarianus, Med. Delphensis. 

Observationum et Curationum Medicinalium Libri XXIX, XXX, XXXI, XXXII. 
De Arthritide, &c., De Venenis, &c. 
fol. 2 copies. Prodiit 

[MS. on Title : Ludlam.] E collegio Musarum Paltheniano 

Device: Fish entwined round a dart. Quod est in Nobili Francofurto. 1 631. 



Observationum et Curationuin Chirurgicarum Libri quinque De tumoribus praeter 

Quibus accesserunt ejusdem Libri de incerto ac fallaci urinarum judicio adversus 

uromantas et uroscopos. • 

fol. [A second copy is dated Francofnrti, Francofnrti 

Prostant in Officina Paltheniana Philippi _Apud Zachariam Palthenium D. 1610. 

Fieneti. 1634.] 

Libri Quatuor posteriores. 

De Plagis, seu Vulneribus cruentis, casu, offensione, percussione, contusione, 
ac concussione, Vlceribus, Fracturis, Luxationibus. 

fol. [A second copy as above, 1634.] Francofurti 

Apud Zachariam Palthenium. 161 1. 

FOUGASSES (Thomas de) Gentleman of Avignon. 

The Generall Historie of the Magnificent State of Venise, Englished by W. Shute, 

fol. (Title mutilated.) Wood-cut portraits 
of the Doges in borders. [MS. on top part : 
' Portio mea Jehoua '; hujus libri pr. 13.] 

Epistle Dedicatory to William, Earle of 
Pembroke, and Philip, Earle of Montgomerie. 
W. Shute. [n- d-] 

FOX, or FOXE (John). 
Book of Martyrs. Vol. I. 
fol. (Title wanting. Imperfect.) [n- d.] 

FRIDERUS (Petrus)TMindanus. 

De Lingua | Latina | Opus Absolutum : | Quo nova plane, diuque | desiderata 

methodo, vera Latinitatis ra-|tio atque usus, prseceptis paucissimis & | explica- 

tissimis perfectissimb | docetur. 
Opus Grammaticum, ut exiguum, | ita omnibus Scholis uti-|lissimum. 

8°. Device : Three bears, one holding. Basileae 

hour-glass. typis Leonhardi Ostemi 

[MS. on Title: Top, ' tanquam Explo- Anno cio 10 xcn. L'SP^-J 

rat[or].' Below, 'sum Ben: Jonsonii.'] 



FRISCHLINUS (Nicodemus). 

Celetismus Grammaticus, Tributus in Dialogos duos adversus Martini Crusii 
Professoris Tubingani Defensionem. 

8°. Salomo [? Wittebergae] 1588. 

' Responde stulto secundum stultitiam suam, 
ne videatnr sibi sapiens.' 

Grammatica Nova Latina cum Graeca congruens. 

8°. (Title wanting.) 

Francofurti ad Moenum. 


Grammatice Latina, compendiose scripta, ac in octo libros distributa. 
Accesserunt praeterea Paralipomena Grammaticalia, tarn docentibus, quam dis- 
centibus perquam utilia. 
8°. [MS. interlineations and marks.] Francofurti ad Moenum 

excudebat Joannes Spies. i599' 

FUCHSIUS (Leonhart). 

De medendis singularum corporis partium 

8°. (Title wanting. Interleaved.) 
[A manuscript note in Latin on ' Status 
egregii viri D"' Gulihelmi Whalley de Norton 
in Commit. Leic. Junii 5° 1642 ' describing his 
medical condition. A few notes and pre- 
scriptions elsewhere.] 


Tubingae. 1539. 

FULKE (W., D.D.) 

1. The Rheims text of the New Testament with the Papists' arguments, Annota- 
' tions, &c. 

Whereunto is added the Translation from the Greek commonly used in the 
Church of England, with a Confutation of the Arguments, Glosses, Annotations, 
&c., of the Papists. 

fol. Engraved border to Title. London 

./ [MS. : Griff. Brunt, pret. 17' 6'".] Printed for John Bill. 1617. 

2. William Fulke, D. in Divinitie and M. of Pembroke-hall in Cambridge. 
A I Defense | of | the Sincere and | True Translation of | the Holy Scriptures 

into I the English Tongue, | against the manifold cauils. friuolous quarrels, | 
and impudent slanders of Gregorie Martin, one | of the Readers of Popish 
diuinitie in the traiterous | Seminarie of Rhemes. 
fol. Device : Hands clasping an Anchor London 

cruciform, serpent entwined. Legend round : Printed for John Bill. 1617. 

Anchora fidei : ' sic elevabitur filins hominis ' 

Jo- 3- 


FULLER (Thomas) B.D. 

A I Pisgah-Sight of ] Palestine | and | The Confines thereof, | with the 
HiSTORiE of the I old and new Testament I acted thereon. I By Thomas Fuller | 

fol. Engraved Title-page. Places left for London 

the insertion of maps which have not been Printed by M. F. for John Williams at y' 

inserted. Crowne in S' Panics Churchyard. 1650. 

[MS. on Title : ' E.\ dono Gnlielmi Heyrick Hugoni Forth, Mercatori Londiniensi dicat 

senioris.'] T. F. 

FULLERUS (Nicolaus) Antiquae et inclytae Eccl. Cathedr. Sarisburiensis Canonicus. 
Miscellaneorum | Theologicorum, | quibus non modo Scripturas Divinae | sed et 
aliorum Classicolrum Auctorum plurima monumenta explican|tur atque illus- 
trantur ; Libri Tres, | . . . 

His insuper accessit, consimilis arguinenti, Liber | item Quartus, antehac 
nunquam pervulgatus. 

4°. Oxoniae 

Excndebat Josephus Bamesius. 1616. 

Miscellaneorum Theologicorum . . . Libri Quatuor. 

8°. [This copy contains MS. corrections in Heidelbergae 

preface and text from the other edition pub- Sumptibus Haerednm Lazari Zetrneri. 

lished at Oxford, 16 16.] 161 8. 

GAGNAEIUS (Joannes) Parisinus Theologus, Christianissimi Francorum Regis 

Ecclesiastes ac primus Eleemosynarius. 

In omnes D. Pauli Epistolas Scholia . . . itidem in Septem. Canonicas Epistolas et 

D. Joannis Apocalypsim. 

8°. On Title : S. Paul with open book, Parisiis 

grasping sword. apud Jacobum Quesnel, via Jacobsea, 

sub signo Colnmbarum. 1629. 

GELLIUS (Aulus). 
Noctes Atticae. 
Accesserunt Petri Mosellani Adnotationes. 

8°. FMS. on p. I of index : sum liber Coloniae Agrippinae 

Johanni"s Skelhorne. Many annotations.] Excudebatur Gualtero Fabricio. 

[MS. on back of Title : 

' In laudem authoris distichon 
Te nunquam versasse ausim imo dicere Gelli 
Quin aliquid fatear me didicisse novi' 
Idem Graece.] 


GENNADIUS, Massiliensis Presbyter. 
, I. Liber de Ecclesiasticis Dogmatibus. 

Veteris cujusdam Theologi Homilia Sacra. 
Marcialis, Episc. Lemovicensis, Epistolae. 

\ Anno Messis 

Regis MXixm 
ciolDCXiv. [1614.] 

. Theologiae Gentium De cognitione divina Enarrationes V. Editae per Raymun- 
dum Breganium de Ripa Transona, Artium et S. Theol. Profess. 

4°. Heraldic device on Title. Venetiis 

apud Joannem et Variscum Vaiiscos. 


The I Dean of Worcester's | Latin | Sermon | Preach'dat | S' Paul's | October 12, 
1722, I Examin'd and Compar'd. | With | An Appendix, containing the Judg- 
ment I 

j Archbishop of Canterbury 
Of the present < Bishop of Rochester 

( Bishop of Peterborough 
The Necessities of the Christian Church ; and how to remedy | the Evils it may at 
any time labour under. 

4». [MS. on Title : 5th Decemb.] London 

No. 13 in vol. beginning Printed and sold by J. Peele at Locke's Head 

Trapp (Joseph). The Mischiefs, &c. in Pater-Noster-Row. 1722. 

GERHARDUS (Johannes) Theol. Doctor et in Acad. Jenensi Professor. 

1. In Harmoniam Historiae Evangelicae de Passione, Crucifixione, Morte et 

Sepultura CHRISTI Salvatoris nostri ex quatuor Evangelistis contextam 

2. De Resurrectione et Ascensione Christi, &c. 

4°. 2 vols, bound in i. Jenae 

Typis et sumtibus Tobiae Steinmanni. 


Disputationes Theologicae. 

8°- Jenae 

Typis et sumtibus Tobiae Steinmanni. 





Prima pars operu Magistri Johaiiis de Gerson 
sacraru litteraru doctoris . . . finit feliciter Anno 
dnice natiuitatis M.CCCC.XCIIIJ. Idib'. Decebr. 

Secuda oper 'dni Johannis Gerson Cancellarii 
Parisian, doctoris cliristianissiini resolutissimi 
. . . finit feliciter. Anno iire salutis M.cccc.xciiii. 
Idibus Decembris. 

Finiiit opera Cacellarii Parisiesis doctoris 
christianissimi magistri Johannis de Gerson . . . 
Anno diii. M.cccc.LXXxx ilij. iii. Idus Mensis 
Augusti. [1494.] 

GERSON (Joannes de). 
Opera. Tres partes. 

fol. 3 vols. (Vols. 3 and 3 are wrongly 
lettered ' Alstedii Theologla Didactica & Cate- 

At the end : 
Noscere forte voles quis sculpserit hoc opus ere 

Presserit has chartas quidne characteribus ? 
Ne mirere / licet tersum / mendisq; solutum 

Immnne & viciis hoc opus innenias 
lUe quidem simus Martirius / littore rheni 

Urbs dedit insignem cui Argentina domu 
lUe inquam impensis qui nunfjm (crede) pepercit 

Lector amice / dabat his liber iste fidem 
Difficile est dictu quanta est adjecta labori 

Cura/ ingensq ; opera / et soUicitudo frequens 
Usq; adeo ut facile, his / cedant sine murmure 
. quetiis 4 

Pressa prlus / morum sint monimenta licet 
Comperiet presens quicquid quesisse necesse est 

Peregrini qjuis nomen ubiq; gerat 
Unde a re sumpsit Gerson cognomen honestum 

Quod si transfertur / aduena significat 
Hujus (teste Deo) virtus superauerat omne 

Hie calamus laudis / quod sibi ferre valet 
Doctrina quantus fuerit / quantum arte pro- 

Edita que fecit plnrima scripta docent. 

GESNER (Conradus). 

Epitome Bibliothecae Conradi Gesneri, conscripla primum a Conrado Lycosthene 
Rubeaquensi : nunc denuo recognita et plus quam bis mille authorum accessione 
(qui omnes asterisco signati sunt) locupletata: per Josiam Simlerum Tigurinum. 

fol. Stamped leather binding. Froschover Tiguri 

device. , apud Christophorum Froschoverum 

Mense Martio anno M D LV. [1555.] 

Bibliotheca instituta et collecta primum a Conrado Gesnero, Deinde in Epitomen 
redacta et novorum Librorum accessione locupletata, jam vero postremo recog- 
nita, et in duplum post priores editiones aucta, per Josiam Simlerum Tigurinum. 

fol. Stamped leather binding. 

[MS. on Title : 

' Homo deo lutum figulo ' [ ? ] 

Gulihelmus Morton p't vij' Emptus a 
Gnlielmo Morton. 

Antonii Cadi liber o'. i^. 

Bibliothecae publicae Leicestr. dedit hanc 

Antonius Cadus Vicarius de Billesdon. 

(In another hand) Vir pius, probus, doctus.] 

apud Christophorum Froschoverum 



GESNER (Salomon) S.T.D. et Professor in Academia Witeburgensi. 

Daniel Propheta, Disputationibus XII et Prsefatione Chronologica breviter expli- 

Matt. 24, V. 15. 
Cum videritis abominationem desolationis, de qua dictum est in Daniele 
Propheta, quod stet in loco sancto : qui legit, intelligat. 

8°. Witebergse 

Typis Wolffgangi Meisneri Impensis Cleraenti 
Bergeri Anno m.d.cvi. [1606.] 

GIBUTIUS (Tusanus) Theologiae Doctor. 

Examen | Theologicum, praecipua | continens doctrinae Christia|nae capita, cum 
luculentis responsioni|bus quae ex augustissimo Bibliojrum sacrario depromptae, | 
nihil quam diuina | complectuntur eloquia. 

4°. [MS. ou the back of the last page, with Excusum Londini per Thomam East impensis 

a few scribblings, Thomae Man & Edouardi Aggas. 1578. 

Thomas Haine.] 

GIESWEIN (Johan. Philip.) M.D. 

Hodegus Medicus, sive Systema Universae Materiae Medicae, Galeno-Chemicum. 

8°. Bound in 2 vols. Francofurti ad Moenum 

snmptibus Haeredura Johannis Beyeri 


GIFFARD (George) Preacher of the Word at Mauldin (Maldon) in Essex. 
Sermons upon the Whole Booke of the Revelation. 

Revel. 18. 2. 
And he cried out mightily with a lowd voyce, saying : It is fallen, it is 
fallen, Babylon the great citie, and is become the habitation of diuels, and the 
hold of all foule spirites, and a cage of euery uncleane and hatefull birde. 

4°. London 

t)evice : An Anchor entwined with Olive. Printed by Richard Field and Felix Kyngston. 

' Anchora Spei ' 1 599- 

[GILBERT] (John) Lord Bishop of Llandaif. 

A I Sermon | Preached before the | House of Lords, | in the Abbey-Church of 
Westminster, | On Saturday, Jan. 30, 174 1-2 | Being the Day appointed to be 
observed as the Day | of the Martyrdom of King Charles I. 

4°. No. 20 in vol. beginning London 

Trapp (Joseph). Printed for T. Stagg in Westminster-Hall. 



Lincoln College, Oxford 


GOCLENIUS (Rodolph) Professor in Academia Marpurgensi. 
Problemata Rhetorica. 

8°- Prostant in Nundinis Francofurtensibus. 

In officina Paltheniana. 1596. 

GOETHALS (Magister Henricus) a Gandavo Doctor Solennis, Socius Sorbonicus 
et Archidiaconus Tornacensis. 

fol. (last page torn). Vaenundantnr ab Jodoco Badio Ascensio sub 

Device : A Printing Press. gratia et privilegio ad finem explicandis. 

' Prelum Ascensianum.' [1518-] 

I. B. Colophon : 

Engraved border to Title. In chalcographia Jodoci Ascensii Cui Cliristian- 

[MS. on Title : issimus Francorum Rex concessit privilegium &c. 

Renuo hoc nomen detestabile Papa In hoc 
volumine Recitat' & Renuo ac iterum Renuo. 
Repeated lower down as far as Recitat'.] 
GOLIUS ET Castellus Vide Biblia Sacra Poly- 

GOODWIN (Thomas). 

Romanae Historiae Anthologia. 
/I. An English Exposition of the Roman Antiquities for the use of Abingdon 

4". Engraved Title. London 

Printed by J. M. for Henry Cripps of Oxford. 


ROUS (Francis) SchoUer of Merton CoUedge in Oxon. 

Archaeologiae Atticae Libri VII. Containing the description of the Citties glory, 

Government, division of the People, and Townes within the Athenian 

Territories, &c. 
With an addition of their Customes in Marriages, Burialls, &c., by Zachary Bogan. 

SchoUer of C. C. C. in Oxon. 

4th Edn. corrected & enlarged. 

4°. Oxford 

Printed by Leo. Lichfield and Hen. Hall for 
John Adams & Ed. Forrest. 1654. 

GORRANUS (Nicolaus) Ordinis S. Benedicti, S. Paginae olim Professor & per 
/ , Franciam Provincialis, Collegii de Merton apud Oxonienses quondam Socius. 
. In omnes Divi Pauli Epistolas Elucidatio. 

/ol. 3 vols, bound in i. Antverpiae 

Device : The Sun. Deep border. Prostant apud Joannem Keerbergium. 

Legend round. ' Fovet et ornat.' 1617. 

. In Acta Apostolorum et singulas Apostolorum Jacobi, Petri, Johannis et Judae 

Canonicas Epistolas & Apocalypsin Commentarii. 
/ol. Antverpiae i6jo. 

3. Omnium Anni Sermonum Fundamentum Aureum, 
Jbl. Antverpiae 1620. 



GORRANUS (continued)— 

In Quatuor Euangelia Commentarius. 

fol. Device : Crucifix with the Title, the Antverpiae 

Nails, &c., within deep border, Prostant apud Joannem Keerbergium. 


GRASERUS (Cunradus) Francus. 

Historia | Antichristi | Illius Magni ; | explicata decern exercilationibus in alteram 
partem | Cap. xi Prophetiae Danielis | quae decern posterioribus versibus 
ca-|pitis cohtinetur. 
8°. Lugduni Batavorum 1608. 

GREGORIUS [Gregory] (David) Astronomiae Professor Savilianus Oxon et Regalis 
Societatis Sodalis. 
Astronomiae Physicae et Geometricae Eiementa. 

fol. Device : Minerva seated before Shel- Oxoniae 

donian Theatre. E Theatre Sheldoniano 1702. 

delin. M. Burg. Sculp. Univ. Ox. 

GREGORIUS DE VALENTIA, Metimnensis, Soc. Jesu, Sacr. Theol. in Academia 
Ingolstadiensi Professor. 
Commentarii Theologici : in quibus omnes materiae, quae continentur in Summa 
Theologica D. Thoraae Aquinalis, ac suis etiam locis controversiae omnes fidei 
explicanlur. Ab auctore ipso paulo ante mortem magna diligentia recogniti. 

fol. 4 vols. Engraved Titles giving figures Ingolstadii 

of St. John and the four Latin Fathers. Ex Typographia Adami Sartorii 1603. 

[MS. on Titles : Bibliothecae publicae 
Leicestr. hunc Tomum (cum ceteris) dedit 
Antonius Cadus Vicarius de Billesdon.] 

De rebus Fidei hoc tempore | controversiis Libri, qui hactenus extant omnes, cum 

nonnuUis aliis nondum | antea editis, ab ipso auctore recognitis. 

fol. [MS. on Title : Lugduni 

' Homo deo lutum figalo ' [ ? ]. apud haeredes Gulielmi Rovillii 

pr. 24'. May 20, 1600. sub scuto Veneto 

Antonij Cadi liber ab eoque ex Typographia Petri Rolandi. 1591. 
' Bibliothecae Leicestriae donatus.] 

Device : Eagle on globe between serpents. 
' In virtute et fortuna.' 

GREGORIUS I (Magnus). 

Opera | Sixti V. Pont. Max. jussu [ emendata, aucta & in Tomos sex distributa. 


fol. 6 vols, bound in 2. Antverpiae 

(Title of Vol. 4 mutilated). apud Joannem Keerbergium 1615. 

' Device : The Snn. Figures supporting, with 
Fruits and water, &c. 

' Fovet et Omat.' 

GREGORIUS Nazianzenus. 
Opuscula, Graecb et Latinb. 

4°. Title wanting. Aldine Anchor at end, (At the end), 
leather binding of heraldic character. Venetiis, ex Aldi Academia 

[MS. on last page : John Barker.] mense Junio M D nil. [i504.] 

Works in Greek, with Life &c. by Suidas, Sophronius and Gregory the Presbyter. 

fol. Stamped leather binding. 'Ey fiaaiKi'ia , dva\iina<Ti 'laavvov ep0aytov 

Device ; Three-headed Hermes on pillar. (Hervagius) 

'EtvituOtj iv ^aaiXiia avaXwytaaiv 'laiawov 
ToG 'Ep^ayiov fT€t Qeoyovias x'^'O'^t^ 
TrevTTjKOffioiTT^ TreVTTjKOffToi firjyi ^OTjBpofUfvi'i, 
[Basle. 1550.] 

GROTIUS (Hugo). 

Annotationes | in Libros | Evangeliorum | Cum tribus tractatibus & Appendice eo 

spectantibus. | 
/ol. Device : Sphere revolving, supported Amsterdam! 

by Time and Hercules. ' Indefessus agendo.' apud Joh. et Comelium Blaev. 1641. 

GRUTERUS (Janus). 

Lampas, sive Fax Artium Liberalium, hoc est. Thesaurus Criticus. 

(a) (A) (0 id) (.) 
8°. Vols. I, i, 6, 6, & 7. («) 

Devices ; l & 5, Man on stag's back. 1 602 

3, Minerva with symbols. 6 & 7, Jonah cast (a) {i) (c) 

on land. Prodit Francofurti. E CoUegio Paltheniano, 

' Fata viam invenient.' sumtibus Jonae Rhodii Bibliopolae. 

(rf) Francofurti 

Excndebat Nicolaus Ho0mannus, sumptibus 
Jonae Rosae Bibliopolae. 
(«) F-rancofurti 

apud viduam Jonae Rosae. 

GUALTHERUS (Rodolphus) Tigurinus. 

Homiliae in Prophetas Duodecim, quos vocant Minores. 
/o/. The Froschover Device. Tiguri 

[MS. on Title: Excudebat Chri. Froschouerus 1577. 

Tho : Holmes Booke prciii x'.] 


(*) (0 (-0 


604 1605 I6I2 



GUEVARA (Sir Antony of) Bishop of Mondonedo, Preacher & Chronicler to 
Chas. V. 
' I. The familiar Epistles translated by Edward Hellowes. 

4°. (Title wanting. Two pages of Dedi- 
cation [to Sir Harry Lee, Knt.] mutilated ; 
1582, in writing.) [n. d.] 

2. Golden Epistles | contayning varietie of discourse, both | Morall, Philosophicall, 
and Diuine ; | gathered, as wel out of the remaynder | of Gueuaraes woorkes, 
as other Au-|thours Latine, French and Italian, by Geffrey Fenton. Newly 
corrected and amended. 

4°. Title with engraved border. Imprinted at London by Ralph Newberie 

' Mon heur viendra.' dwelling in Fleetstreete a little above the Con- 

duite 15 October 1582. 

(Repeated in Colophon). 1582, 

GUILLIAUDUS (Claudius) Belliiocensis, Doctor Theologus, apud Heduorum Eccle- 
siam olim praepositus & a sacris concionibus Canonicus. 
In I Sacrosanctum | Jesu Christi | Evange-jlium secundum Matthaeum Com- 
mentarii, | &c. 
Abscondisti hsec a sapientibus & prudentibus, & reuelasti ea paruulis. Matth. 1 1 . 

/o/. Parisiis 

Apud Johannem de Roigny, via Jacobaea. 
sub insigni quatuor Elementorum. 1562. 

H. (J.) 

A I Description | of the Church of | Christ, with her peculiar Priui-|ledges, and 
also of her Commons, | and Entercommoners. | With some Oppositions | and 
answers of Defence, | For the maintenance of the Truth which | shee professeth : 
Against certaine Anabaptis-|ticall and Erronious opinions, | verie hurtfull and 
dangerous to weake | Christians. | Maintained and Practised | by one Master 
John Smith, sometimes a Preacher in | Lincolneshire, and a Companie of 
English people | with him now at Amsterdam in | Holland, | Whome he hath 
there with himselfe Rebaptised. 

4°. Bound in this vol. : (2) Brownists, London 

(3) Catholic controversy, (4) Salter (Robert), Printed for Nathaniel Fosbrooke. 1610. 

(5) Arthington (H.), (6) The Jews, (7) 
Angelus (Chr.) 

HADDONUS [Haddon] Gualterus et FOX (Joannes). 

Contra Hieronymum Osorium, ejusque odiosas insectationes pro Evangelicae 
veritatis necessaria Defensione, Responsio Apologetica. 



Ex officina Johannis Day Typographi 

4°. Device : Flaming Heart above ' Christus 
Horum Charitas.' I. D. on either side of 
globe and sun. 
[MS. on Title : 

Ad. Sqnier. 14° feb. 1576, p. 5'. vi''. 
MS. on Fly-leaf at end : 
Desperati : 

Franciscus Spira | latomus louaniensis I Guarlacus ap* Gertrudianos | 

Amoldus bomelius | Sadoletus Cardinalis | Crescentio Cardinalis | 

Apostolicae sedis legats | Castellanus Aurelatensis | Ponchenis Archiepus Tiironensis 

Eckius I Minerios Ca (?) | Cassanus | Revestensis | Marlinus I 

Prattos I licetos ] Rusios | Merinos | Henr. Gall. & | Rex Navarre.] 


HALL (Joseph) Dean of Worcester, Bishop of Exon., Bishop of Norwich. 
Episcopacie by Divine Right Asserted. 


Small floral device. 

' In Domino confido.' 
Epistle Dedicatory to Charles I. 


Printed by R. B. for Nathaniel Butter at the 
Pide-BuU by S* Augustine's Gate. 1640. 


fol. Title with engraved border. 
Dedication to James I. 
[Some MS. marginal notes. 
Several of the works have separate Titles 
and Epistles Dedicatory.] 


Printed for Nath. Butter dwelling neere Saint 
Austins Gate. 1625. 

[At the end of the ' Alphabeticall Table of the 
whole worke ', address to ' Gentle Reader ' from 
' Thine as farre as thou wishest well to this 
Workman and his Labour. Ro. Lo.'] 

HAMMOND (Henry) D.D. 
XIX Sermons. 

fol. (Title mutilated). 
[Catalogue of Books 

sold by Robert 

Printed for Robert Pawlet, at the Bible in 
Chancery-Lane near Fleet-Street. 1675. 

A Paraphrase and Annotations upon all the books of the New Testament. Second 

fol. [MS. ; ' ex dono Johannis 

Tnrvyle Armigeri.'] 
Device : Holy Table. Angels kneeling. 
Cushion with open book, H KAINH AIA- 
Above (in Greek) i S. Pet. i. 12. 
Below ( ,, ) S. Luc. i. 14. 
Four lines from Greg. Nazianz. 

Printed by J. Flesher for Richard Davis, 
Bookseller in Oxford. i659- 


HAMMOND {continued) — 

The Christians Obligations to Peace and Charity delivered in an Advent Sermon 

at Carisbrooke Castle, Ann. 1647, and now published with IX Sermons more. 

4°. Device: Two Crowns above open London 

book, one below ; with legend ' Sapientia et Printed for R. Royston at the Angel in Ivie 

felicitate.' I-ane. 1649. 

Round border : ' Academia Oxoniensis.' 

A Paraphrase and Annotations upon all the Books of the New Testament. 

Sixth Edition, 1689. 
fol. (Title mutilated.) 
A Paraphrase, &c. Third edition, enlarged. 

fol. (Title mutilated.) [n. d.] 

HARE (Francis) S.T.P., Dean of Worcester & Chaplain to the King. 

Concio 1 ad | Clerum ] in | Synodo Provinciali | Cantuariensis Provinciae | Ad 
D. Pauli Die 1 2° Octobris, | A.D. m.d.ccxxii. 

Jussu Reverendissimi. 
Editio Secunda. 

4°. [MS. on Title : 5''. Novemb.] Londini 

No. 1 2 in vol. beginning Impensis Jonae Bowyer, ad Insigne Rosae in 

Trapp (Joseph). The Mischiefs, &c. Coemiterio D. Pauli. 1722. 

Two I Sermons | on | Rom. xiii. i, 2. 
I. Concerning the Duty of the Subject. 

II. Setting forth the Sin and Folly of entring | into Conspiracies against the 
present | Government. 

Preached in the 
Cathedral at Worcester 

Nov. 18, and 25, 1722. 
Published at the Desire of the Reverend the Chapter, and other Gentlemen present. 

4°. [MS. on Title : 10^. February.] London 

No. 14 in vol. beginning ^ Printed by S. Buckley in Amen-Corner. 1723. 

Trapp (Joseph). The Mischiefs, &c. (One Shilling). 

HARVEIUS (Guilielmus) Anglus, Med. Reg. et in Londin. Medicorum CoUegio 
Professor anatomiae. 
De Motu Cordis et Sanguinis in animalibus, Anatomica exercitatio. Cum refuta- 
tionibus Aemylii Parisani, et Jacobi Primirosii. 
4°. Dedication to Charles I. Plates. , Lugduni Batavorum 

Device : A man digging ; Ex officina Joannis Maire. 1639. 

' Fac et Spera.' 


HAY (Peter). 

A I Vision of [ Balaams | Asse. | Wherein Hee | did perfectly see the present 
estate | of the Church of Rome. | Written by Peter Hay Gentleman | of North- 
Britaine, for the reformation | of his countrymen. Specially for that truly | 
Noble & sincere Lord, Francis Earle | of Errol, Lord Hay, and great | Con- 
stable of Scotland. 

Joan: 8. 32. 
The truth shall make you free. 
4°. Epistles Dedicatory to the King and London 

Abp. Abbots (sic). printed for John Bell. 1616. 

HEINSIUS (Daniel). 

Aristarchus Sacer, sive ad Nonni in Johannem Metaphrasim Exercitationes. 
Accedit Nonni & S. Evangelistae contextus &c. 

8". Device : Man gathering from Tree. Lugduni Batavorum 

Scroll with legend, ' Non solus.' Ex officina Bonaventurae & Abrahami Elzevir 

Academ. Typograph. 1627. 

Sacrarum Exercitationum ad Novum Testamentum Libri xx. Editio Secunda. 

4°. De"vice : A Palm Tree, ' Cantabrigiae 

' Depressa resurgo.' Ex officina Rogeri Danielis, celeberrimae 

Academiae Typographi. 1640. 

HELVICUS (Christophorus) SS. Literar. et Hebr. Professor. 

Synopsis Historiae Universalis . . . coUata & accommodata ad Vaticinium 
Danielis Prophetae Cap. 2 & 7. 

4°. Title within border. ■ Giessae 

[Interleaved. Many contemporary MS. Excudebat Casparus Chemlinus. 1612. 

notes. Opp. p. 71, MS. in pencil : W™. Pren- 
tice, Aug'. 1825.] 

Vindicatio Locorum Potissimorum Vet. Test, a corruptelis Pontificiorum, et in his 
praecipub Bellarmini, Calvinianorum, Photinianorum, Judaeorum, &c. 
S". Gissae 

Imprimebat Casparus Chemlinus. 1620. 


HERFELT (Henricus Gerardus). 

Philosophicum Hominis, De Corporis humani machinS, deque centro nobili, sede, 
seu vinculo mentis, tractans . . . methodo D. Cartesii concinnatum. 
8° Amstelodami 

apud Joannem Blom, In vico, vulg6, de 
Kalverstraat, prope Curiam : & Artum Oossaan, 
in foro vulgo den Dam. 1685. 



HERODOTUS, Halicarnasseus. 

Historiarutn Libri ix. ed. Tho. Gale. Ejusdem Narratio de Vita Homeri et 

H. Stephani Apologia pro Herodoto. 
fol. [MS. on Title : London 

J. Harryman.] Typis E. Horton & J. Grover, Impensis 

Johannis Dunmore, Richardi Chiswel, Benjamin 
Tooke & Thomas Sawbridge. 1679. 

HEROLD (Joannes) Acropolites. 

Philopseudes, sive pro Des. Erasmo V. C. contra Dialogum famosum Anonymi 
cujusdam, Declamatio, ... In Gymnasio Basiliensi Procerum jussu et assensu 
public^ recitata. 
8°. Basileae 

Colophon : apud Robertum Winter. 1542. 

HERP (Henricus). [Herpho Lat. Harphius.J 

Colophon : Speculi aurei decern preceptorum dei clarissimi fratris Heinrici herp 
ordinis minorum de obseruantia opus preclarum : per Anthonium koburger 
Nuremberge diligenter consummatus est. Anno salutis ic.lxx'xi. (1481) 
mensis marcii idus quarto. Laus et gloria Christo. 

fol. Gothic l^er. Original binding re- 

[MS. p. I : Villse Leycestriae Librario S" Martini parochianus ibidem Fraunciscus Belgrave 
done dedit. 1594. 

r Johannes erasedl ( -^"burger in decern precepta vel potius speculum aureum decern precep- 
torum ffratris Henrici Herp ordinis minorum de obseruantia. 

MS. above ' Preceptum primum ' : ' The most we know, is the least part of that we be ignorant 
of.' ffra. Belgrave.] 

HER WART (Joannes Georgius) ab Hohenburg V.I.D. etc. 

Novae, Verae et exactfe ad calculum Astronomicum revocatae Chronologiae. 

4°. Monachii Bavariarum 

Ex officina Nicolai Henriti. 1612. 

HEURNIUS (Justus) Joan. fil. 

De Legatione Evangelica Ad Indos capessenda Admonitio. 

Psal. 82. 8. 
Surge Deus, judica terram ; quoniam tu hsereditate, possidebis, omnes gentes. 

8°. Device : An Eagle with thunderbolts. Liigduni Batavorum 

' Concordia res parvae crescunt.' Officina Elzeviriana. i6i8. 

Colophon : Typis Isaaci Elzevir. 


HEXAPLA I in Leviticum | 

That is I a Sixfold Commen-|tarie upon the Third | Booke of Moses, called | 

By the same Author of Hexapla | upon Genesis, and Exodus, perused and finished 
by P. S. Dr. of Divinitie. 

(Catalogue of 1669 places it under ' Willett'.) 

fol, London 

Printed for Ang. Matthewes for Robert Mil- 
bonme, at the signe of the Greyhound in Paul's 
Churchyard. 1631. 

To the Reader. 
The Authors Worke passing under the Presse, whilst I was stayed upon mine owne, I had no 
leisure to run it over, and to obserue the Printers Escapes therein : They are therefore {though I 
feare very many) wholly referred for the present, either to thy courtesie, to pardon, or to thy judge- 
ment, to correct. As for the most materiall Errata, which in a cursory reading I could espie in 
my poor e * Additions, I desire they may be thus amended with thy pen. — P. S. 
* From Doctr. I, chap. 25 unto the end of the booke. 

HEYLIN (Peter) D.D., vide CHURCHMAN (Theophilus). 

HIERON (Samuel). 

All I the Sermons j of Samuel Hieron, | Minister of Gods | Word, at Modbury 
in I Deuon. hereuntofore sunderly published, | now diligently reuised, & col- 
lected I together into one Volume. Hereunto are a'n-|nexed of the same 

1. The Preachers Plea. 

2. An Answer to a Popish Rime. 

3. The Doctrine of the Beginning of Christ, in forme of a Caiechisme. 

4. An Helpe unto Deuotion. 

fol. Device : Symbolical figure. ' Alma Printed at London by John Legatt 

mater Cantabrigia : hinc lucem et'pocula sacra.' Printer to the Vniversitie of Cambridge. 

[Separate Title to each sermon ; all with 1614. 

the same device, but bearing different pub- 
lishers' names and mostly dated 1613.] 

The Works | of | Mr. Sam. Hieron | late Pastor of Mod-|bury in De-|von. 

The Second Volume. 
The Doctrines Triall : The Christians Liue-Loode : Penance for Sinne or David's 
Penitentiall Balme (30 Lectures) : A Present for Caesar (2 sermons) : A Bargaine 
of Salt (2 sermons). 
fol. Titles with large engraved borders. London 

Leather back, stamped R. S. Printed by William Stansby. 1634. 

Epistle Dedicatory to John, Lord Bishop of 
Chester, from W. S. Separate Titles to the 

G 2 


HIERONYMUS OLEASTER, Lusitanus, quondam Inquisitor ac Provincialis 
Ordinis Praedicalorum. 
In Isaiam Prophetam Commentarii. 

fol. (Title mutilated.) Lntetiae Parisiornm 

per Sebastianum Cramoisy. 1622. 

HIERONYMUS (S.) Slridonensis. 

Omnes quae extant Lucubrationes, additis una pseudepigraphis et alienis scriptis 
ipsius admixtis, in novem tomos per Des. Erasmum Roterodamum digestae &c. 

fol. 9 vols, bound in 4. Basileae 

Froben device and tail-piece. per Hieronymum Frobenium et Nicolaum 

Episcopium mense Augusto 1553. 

HIGHMORUS (Nathaniel) Oxoniensis. 
Corporis Humani Disquisitio Anatomica. 

fol. Plates. (Title and pp. 243-50 want- 1650. 

ing.) Dedication to Dr. Harvey dated ' Sher- 
bomiae Durotrigum 4. Dec' 

HILARIUS (S.) Pictavorum Episcopus. 

Lucubra-|tiones quotquot extant, olim per Des. | Erasmum Roterod. baud 
mediocribus sudoribus | emendatae, nunc denuo . . . per D. Martinum Lyp- 
sium . . . recognitae. 

fol. Froben device and tail-piece. Stamped Basileae 

leather binding. At the end : 

Apud Hier. Froben et Nic. Episcopinm 

mense martio 1550. 

HILDERSAM (Arthur). 

1. CLIII I Lectures | upon | Psalm LI. | preached | at | Ashby-de-la-Zouch | in | 

By the late faithfuU and worthy Minister of | Jesus Christ, M"". Arthur Hildersam. 

2. CVIII I Lectures | upon the Fourth ] of | JOHN | 
Preached at Ashby-delazouch in | Leicester-shire. 

The fourth Edition. 

fol. [MS. : ex dono Henrici Wilkinson London 

S. T. D. nuper Anlae Magdalenae. Oxon. i. Printed by J. Rajvorth, for Edvraid Brew- 

Principalis II'''' die Augsti, 1667.] ster, and are to be sold at his shop on Fleet- 

L. Dedication from Samuel Hildersham to Bridge, at the signe of the Bible. 1642. 
Katharine, Countess of Chesterfield. 

■i. Epistle Dedicatory to Henry, Earle of 2. Printed for Edward Brewster, at the Crane 

Huntingdon, dated : Ashby, June i, 1628. in Pauls Church-yard. Anno 1656. 


HIPPIUS (Fabianus) in Acad. Lipsensi Professor Ordinarius. 
Problemata Physica et Logica Peripatetica. 

8°. Witebergae 

Snmptibns Clementis Bergeri, Typis vero 
Johan. Schmidts. i6o6. 


Omnia quam antehac [ emendatiora | Annotationes Des. Erasmi & Egnatii cognitu 
dignae: — | 

C. Suetonius Tranquillus Dion Cassius 

Aelius Spartianus Julius Capitolinus 

Aelius Lampridius Vulcatius Gallica^us 

Trebellius PoUio Flavius Vopiscus 

Herodianus Politiano interp. Sex. Aurelius Victor 

Pomponius Laetus . Jo. Baptista Egnatius 

Ammianus Marcellinus quatuor libris auctus. 
fol. Marked Tom. Sec'. Basileae 

|*MS. on Title: 'Emptumet donatum huic In Officina Frobeniana. 1533- 

bibliothecae i Johanne Angel juventutis Lei- 
cestrensis aliquando moderatore.'] 

(bound with the above) 

RHENANUS (Beatus) Selestadiensis. 

Rerum Germanicarum Libri Tres. Adjecta est in calce Epistola ad D. Philip- 
pum Puchaimerum, de locis Plinii per S' Aquaeum attactis . . . Basileae. 
In officina Frobeniana. 1531. 

fol. At the end : Basileae in Officina Frobeniana 

per Hieronymum Frobenium, Joannem Herva- 
gium et Nicolaum Episcopium. 

Anno 153 1 mense martio. 

HISTORIAE" ROMANAE SCRIPTORES Latini Veteres, qui extant omnes, . . . 

fol. 2 vols. Device : Fame blowing a S. Gervasii 

trumpet. ' Vivitur ingenio.' • Sumptibus Jac. De la Pierre. 1638. 

[MS. on fly-leaf of Vol. II : The first 
volume of these Historians is placed (by the 
ignorance of the Calogue {sic) makers) in Class 
A. vi. 6.] 

HITTORPIUS (Melchior). 

De Divinis Catholicae Ecclesiae Officiis et Mysteriis Varii Vetustorum Aliquot 
Ecclesiae Patrum ac Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Libri ... ex antiquis 
exemplaribus MSS. 
fol. Device : A ship. ' Lutetiae.' Parisiis. 1624. 


HOARD (Samuel) B.D. and Parson of Morton in Essex. 

The I Churches | Authority | Asserted : | In | A Sermon | Preached at Chelms- 
ford, at the Metropol-|iticall Visitation of tlie most Reverend | Father in God, 
William, | Lord Archbishop of Canterbury his | Grace, &c. March, i. 1636. 

4°. No. 4 in vol. beginning London 

White (Fr.), ' An Examination &c.' Printed by M. F. for John Clark, and are to 

be sold at his Shop under S. Peters Church in 
Cornhill. 1637. 

HOBBES (Thomas). 

The Life and History of Thucydides. 

Epistle Dedicatory to W>". Cavendish, Earl of Devonshire. 

fol. (Title wanting.) [It is entered in the MS. Catalogue of 1669.] 

[MS. on fly-leaf at end : ' Historie is y* w""" 
eterniseth y* names of men for euer & which 
neither enuie nor succeeding ages shall euer 
bee able for to blott out or raze. Thuc. pag. 1 3.'] 

HOLKOTH (Robertus) Anglus, Ordinis Praedicatorum, Professor Theologiae olim 
in Acad. Oxoniensi celeberrimus. 

1. In Librum Sapientiae Regis Salomonis Praelectiones ccxiii. 

2. Moralitatum Historiarum Liber. 

fol. Preface: ' M. Jacobus Ryterus ' ; 'Ex Cum Gratia et Privilegio Caesareo. 1586. 

Lucis valle Ranracorum.' 

Sapientias VI. 
' O Reges populorum, diligite Sapientiam, ut 
in perpetuum regnetis : Diligite lumen Sapi- 
entiae, omnes qui praeestis popnlis &c.' 

P. 771 : ' M. Jacobus Reyterus Anagnostes ad candidum Lectorem hexastichon.' 


Certaine | Sermons | or | Homilies ap-|poynted to Be read | in Churches. | In 
the time of the late Queene Eli-|zabeth of famous memory. 

fol. (Title, with engraved border, defective, London 

last leaves imperfect.) Printed by John Norton, for Joyce Norton & 

[MS. on Library Plate : ' Presented by M' Richard Whitaker : and are to be sold at their 

JamesGibson,jun'',Pocklington's Walk. 1852.' shop at the Kinges Armes in S'. Pauls Church- 
On Table of Sermons: 'T.Wright. 1796. yard. 1635. 


On fly-leaf at end : ' This Book was Bound 

in Augst. 1 754 by Isaac Newby Schoolmaster 

of Grandby.'] 



HOOKER (Richard). 

The Lawes of Ecclesiasticall Politic. 
The Sixth & Eighth Books. 

' A work long expected, & now published according to the most Authentique 

4°. London 

Printed by Richard Bishop, and are to be sold 
by John Crook. 1648. 

HORSTIUS (Joannes Daniel) Archiatrus Hassiacus. 

Pharmocopeia Galeno-chemica, Catholica, post Renodaeum, Quercetanum aliosque 

. . . celeberrimos utriusque Medicinae doctores practices adornata. 
Accesserunt Institutiones Pharmaceuticae. 

fol. 2 vols, bound in one. 
Device : Jupiter on the back of an Eagle. 
[P. 249 of Vol. 2. MS. Prescription in- 

HUGO, Cardinalis S. Sabinae. 
Postillae utriusque testamenti. 
fol. 6 vols. 

[MS. on Title of Vol. I : ' homo bulla 
BuUen ' ix^ ; after ' Cardinalis ', ' qui claruit 

„ Vol. II : ' liber Johls berdett', and MS. 

„ Vols. Ill to VI : ' homo bulla BuUen '. 
On Vol. V : ' Boleyn '.] 

Francofurti ad Moenum 
Impensis Joanuis Godefredi Schbnwetteri. 


Antonius Koberger. IS04- 

[At the end of Vol. II : ' Postilla suauis et 
utilis super totum Psalterium Reuerendissimi 
Patris et Domini Hugonis Cardinalis S. Sabine 
ac theutonie legati utriusque testamenti primi 
postillatoris fecundissimi ; necnon sacre theologie 
professoris profundissimi ordinisque predicatorum 
per Anthonium Koberger Nurnberge impressa. 
Anno diii Millesimo quadringentesimo nonage- 
simo octauo ultima Januarii finit feliciter.] 

HUGO de S. Victore, Canonicus Regularis Lateranensis. 

Opera omnia tribus tomis digesta. Studio et industria Donni Thomae Garzohii de 
Bagnacaballo . . . nunc primum in Germania correctius & ornatius in lucem. 

fol. 3 vols, bound in one. 

Device : Dragon holding shield with mono- 
gram. Border with figures. ' Virtute duce 
Comite fortuna.' 

Sumptibus Antonii Hierat, Bibliopolae Colo- 
niensis, excndebat Joannes Volmari. 161 7. 

HUIT (Ephraim) sometime Preacher at Roxall in Warwickshire, now Pastor to the 
Church at Windsor in New-England. 
The whole Prophecie of Daniel explained By a Paraphrase, Analysis & briefe 

4°. (Title within border.) 

Epistle Dedicatory to ' The Ladie Katherine 
Brooke ' from Simon Ash, Samuel Clarke, and 
Will. Overton. 

Printed for Henry Overton, and are to be sold 
at his shop entering into Pope's-head Alley out 
of Lurabard Street. 1644. 


HUME, David. 

History of England, continued by T. Smollett M.D. 
8°. Double columns. London 

Portraits of the Authors. Joseph Ogle Robinson i6 Red Lion Square. 

Stereotyped & printed by J. & R. Childs. 

HYPERIUS (Andreas) Marpurgensis S.T.P. 

Commentarii in Epistolam D. Pauli Apostoli ad Hebraeos nunc primum opera 
Joannis Mylii in lucem editi. 

fol. Device : Froschover. Within orna- Tiguri 

mental border. apud Christophorum Froschoverum. 

Colossens. 4 ; 1584. 

' Aperi Domine Deus nobis 
Ostium sermonis, ut loquamnr 
Mysterium Christi, & manifestemus illud, 
Sicnt oportet nos loqui.' 

lACHIADES (Joseph). 

Paraphrasis in Danielem, pum versione et annotationibus Constantini L'Empereur 
ab Oppyck. S.T.D. & S.L.P. 
4°. Device : An Eagle. ' Nil penna sed Amstelodami 

usus ' Apud Joannem Janssonium 

Typis Wilhelmi Christiani. 
On fly-leaf at end : 

Lugduni Batavorum 
In officina Typographica 
Wilhelmi Christiani. 1633. 

lAMBLICHUS, Chalcidensis. 

De vita Pythagorae, et Protrepticae Orationes ad Philosophiam Libri II. Additae 
sunt in fine Theanus, Myiae, Melissae, et Pythagorae aliquot epistolae. 
Gr. et Lat. Johanne Arcerio Theodoreto Frisio authore et Interprete. 

4°. Device : Symbolical figure of Truth. In Bibliopolio Commeliniauo. 1598. 


IGNATIUS, Martyr, Archiep. Antiochiae. 

Epistolae Genvinae quae nunc primum lucem vident ex bibliotheca Florentina ; 
Adduntur Epistolae quales vulgo circumferuntur. Adhaec S. Barnabae Epistola. 
Edidit et notas addidit Isaacus Vossius. 

4°. Device : A sphere revolving betvifeen Amstelodami 

Time and Hercules. ' Indefessns agendo.' apud Joannem Blaev. 1646. 


IMOLA (Johannes de). 

Colophon. Clarissimi ac utriusque juris interpretis famosissi|mi 
Johannis de Imola opus preclarum in clementinas| 
finit correctum per excellentem juris utriusque 
doctorem | dominum Fransciscum Breuium Venetum 
lecturam sexti | at clementinarum in Patauino studio 
legentem. Venetiis | impensa Johannis colonie 
agrippinensis Johannisque | Manthen gerettzem 
sociorum impressioni deditum. vi | calendas Maias. 
Anno salutis dominice m.cccclxxx. 
fol. Title wanting. [MS. inside cover :' Con tenta [1480.] 

Joannes de Imola super Clementinas. 

Anthonius de Bntrio a titulo de translatione prelatorum usque ad 
titulum de officii delegati super quibus Abbas non habetur.'] 


Opera quae quidem obtineri potuerunt omnia. 

fol. 2 vols, bound in i. Coloniae 

Device : Floral circle containing Motto : apud Maternum Cholinum. 157c. 

'Ps. 46. Benedices ^' 

Coronae afii benignitatis tuae.' 

INSTITUTIONES LITERATAE, Sive de discendi atque docendi ratione. Tom. 
Secundus et Tom. Tertius. 

4 ■ Thorunii Borussorum 

Excudebat Andreas Cotenius. 1587, 8. 

IRENAEUS (S.) Episcopus Lugdunensis. 
Contra omnes Haereses Libri Quinque. 

Textus Graeci partem haud exiguam restituit, Latinam Versionem . . . 
emendavit . . . omnia notis . . . illustravit Joannes Ernestus Grabe. 

fol. (Title mutilated.) [Imprimatur 

[MS. on Title : Ro. Mander, Vice-Can. O.xon. 

J. Harryman.j Feb. 7, 1701.] 

IRONSIDE (Gilbert) B.D. 

Seven | Questions | of the | Sabbath | Briefly Disputed, | After the manner of the | 
Schooles. I Wherein such cases, and scruples, as are | incident to this Subject, 
are cleared, and resolved. 

4°. No. 3 in vol. beginning with : Oxford 

White (Fr ), An Examination. Printed by Leonard Lichfield, Printer to the 

Famous University, and are to be sold by Ed- 
ward Forrest. i637- 
' Good Reader, the Authors coppy being not so legible as we could have wished, we were forc'd 
to transcribe it in his absence, and by this means these grosser escapes hapned, others also there 
may be of lesse importance which thine own pen may easily correct.' 


ISIDORUS (S.) Hispalensis Episcopus. 
Opera omnia quae extant. 

>/. (Title mutilated.) Lutetiae Parisiorum 1601. 

Epistle Dedicatory' from ' Jacobus du Breul 
monachus S. Germani a Pratis.' 


Scripta, quae quidem nunc extant, omnia, Graecolatina, postremb recognita, Hiero- 
nymo Wolfio Oetingensi interprete. 

8°. Device : Arion on Dolphin. Basileae 

[MS. -. Ex officina Oporiniana. 1582. 

' Liber Nich: Andersoni ex permutatione 
cum m° Ayfligges. 1595. No. 16.' 

'Liber est Mar. Wilson ex dono Nich: 

On last page : ' Thomas Stukley me tenet,' 
and MS. notes.] 

Verbatim reprint of the last from the same press. 

8°. Device : Arion on Dolphin (slightly Basileae 

different from preceding). per Hieronymnm Gemusaeum. 1504. 

[MS. on Title : 

J. Peters. 

George Walker. 
MS. on back of Title.] 

JACKSON (John) Parson of Marske in Richmondshire. 

Ecclesiastes. | The | Worthy | Church-man, | or, | The Faithful! | Minister of | 
JESUS CHRIST. I Described by pohshing the twelve Stones in | the High- 
Priest's pectorall ; as they were iirst glos-|sed and scholyed on in a Synod- 
Sermon ; and after | enlarged by way of discourse, to his | two Brethren. 

4°. No. 7 in vol. beginning : London 

Ladd (Wm.) a Sermon, &c. Printed for Richard More, and are to be sold 

at his Shop in Saint Dunstanes Church-yard in 
Fleetstreet. 1628. 

JACKSON (Thomas) D.D., Fellow (afterwards President) of C. C. C. Oxford. 
The I Eternall | Truth of Scrip|tures, & Chris|tian IBeleefe, | thereon Wholly 
Depending, Manifested | by it owne light. 

Delivered in Two Bookes | of Commentaries upon the Apostles | Creede. 

4°. Epistle Dedicatory to Lord Eure, London 

Baron of Malton and Witton, ' your Lord- Printed by W. Stansby and are to be sold by 

ships most denoted Chaplain.' C. C. C. Oxf. John Budge, af the Great South doore of Pauls, 

October 5. and at Britaines-Bursse. 1613. 


Christ's answer unto John's question — or an Introduction to the Knowledge of 
Jesus Christ, and him crucified. 

Deliuered in Certaine Sermons in the famous towne of Newcastle-upon-Tine. 

4°. Epistle Dedicatory to Richard, Lord London 

Bishop of Durham, ' from my Study in Corpus Printed by G. P. for John Clarke, and are to 

Christi Colledge in Oxon. Dec. 20. 1624.' be sold at his shop under Saint Peters Church 

in Corne-hill. 1625. 

The Humiliation of the Sonne of God by His Becoming the Son of Man, by taking 
the forme of a Servant, and by his sufferings under Pontius Pilate, Or the 
Eighth Book of Commentaries upon the Apostles Creed. 

4°. Epistle Dedicatory to Sir Henry Dan- London 

vers. Baron of Dantesey, 'from Penly in Printed by M. Flesher for John Clark, and 

Hartfordshire.' March 2. 1624. are to be sold at his shop under S' Peter's Church 

in Cornehill,. 1635. 

A Treatise containing the Originall of Unbeliefe, Misbeliefe, or Misperswasions 
concerning the Veritie, Unitie, and Attributes of the Deitie ; with Directions for 
rectifying our beliefe or knowledge in the forementioned points. 

4". London 

Printed by J. D. for John Clark, and are to 
be sold at his shop under S' Peter's Church in 
Cornehill. 1625. 

JAMES I, King of England, vide VORSTIUS. 

JANSENIUS (Cornelius) Episcopus Gandavensis. 

Commentariorum in suam Concordiam, ac lotam Historiam Evangelicam, 
Partes IV. 

fol. Device : Crucifix with sacred mono- Moguntiae 

gram, emblems of the Passion. Sumptibus Joannis Wulfraht, Bibliop. Colon. 

Excudebat Hermannus Meresius 1624. 

Paraphrases in omnes Psalmos Davidicos cum argumentis eorum et annotationibus. 
Accessit similis Paraphrasis in ea Vet. Test. Cantica quae per singulas ferias 
Ecclesiasticus usus observat. 

4°. Device : Pelican in piety over fountain, Lovanii 

[On Title, name erased : ?Angell.] apud Petrum Zangrium Tiletanum. 1574. 


JERMIN (Michael) D.D., Rector of St. Martin's, Ludgate. 

Paraphrasticall Meditations . . . upon the Whole Booke of the Proverbs of 

fol. Device : Phoenix rising from flames. London 

' Ex igne resurgit virtus.' Printed by R. Badger ; for Philemon Stephens 

and Christopher Meredith at the golden Lyon 
in S« Paul's Church-yard. 1638. 

A Commentary upon the Whole Booke of Ecclesiastes or the Preacher. 

fol. London 

Epistle Dedicatory to the Lady Elizabeth, Printed by Richard Hodgkins, for John Clark, 

Queene of Bohemia. and are to be sold at his shop under S. Peter's 

Church in Comehill. 1639. 

JESUITS, against the, vide TRACTATUS. 

JEWELL (John) Bishop of Sarisburie. 
Works : — 

1. A Sermon Made in Latine in Oxenford [temp. Edw. VI, transl.] 

2. A Defense of the Apologie of the Church of England. 

3. A Replie unto Mr. Harding's answer. 

4. A view of a Seditious Bull sent into England. 1569. 

5. An Exposition upon two Epistles to the Thessalonians. 

6. Certain Sermons preached before the Queen at Paules Crosse, with a Short 

Treatise of the Sacraments. 

fol. [MS. on back of last page : London 

' Willia,m Gelstrop Anno 1610.'] John Norton. 1611. 

The Defence of the Apologie of the Churche of England. Conteining an Answeare 
to a certaine Booke ... by M. Hardinge . . . Entituled A Confutation of, &c. 

fol. (Title and all before .Sig. A. iii London 

wanting.) H. Wykes. 1567. 

[MS. : ' Francis Saunders is my name.'] 


A Briefe and | Summarie Decla-|ration of the Prophecies | of the old and new 
Testament, so far | as they concerne the calling of the | JEWES. 

4°. Title wanting. c. 1600. 

No. 6 in vol. beginning 

H. (J.) ' A Declaration.' 


JOANNES DE RUPESCISSA qui ante cccxx annos vixit. 

De consideratione Quintae Essentig verum omnium, opus sanb egregium. 

Arnaldi de Villanova Epistola de Sanguine humano distillate. 

Raymundi Luliii Ars Operativa, et alia quaedam . . . 

Accessit Michaelis Savonarolae libellus optimus de Aqua Vitae. 

Item Hieronymi Cardani Libellus de Aethere, seu Quinta essentia Vini. 

Basileae 1561. 



1. Antiquitatum Judaicarum Libri XX. 

(to this, ' in loco appendicis,' a life of J., by Gelenius). 

2. De bello Judaico libri VII. . . . per Sig. Gelenium castigati. 

3. Contra Apionem libri II. emendati opera ejusdem G. 

4. De Imperio Rationis, sive de Machabaeis Liber I, a Des. Erasmo . . . recognitus. 

fol. Froben device. Basileae i559. 

(Stamped leather binding ; re-backed.) 


De Bello Judaico, Libri VII. 

De Antiquitatibus, et De Imperatrice Ratione. 

8°. Device : ' Virtiite dnce, comite fortuna.' Lugduni 

[MS. on Title : ' Robert Rustat. Et sanam Sebastianus Gryphins Germanus excudebat. 

scientiam et sanctam conscientiam habeas.'] 1528. 

Sebastianus Gry 

phius Germa 

nus excu 





JOYE (George). 

The Exposicion of Daniell the Prophete, gathered out of Philip Melanchton, Jhon 
Ecolampadius, Chonrade Pellicane, and out of Jhon Dracomte, &c. 

A Prophecie diligentlye to bee noted of al Emperoures and Kinges, in these 
last daies. 

[MS. on Title : Thomas Farnham. Ai the end. Imprinted | at London by Jhon | 

MS. on last page: 'Jhon Bankes is a preti Dale, dwelling over Al|dersgate, and Wyl|liam 

felo[w] for the cane broke,' &c.] Seres dwel|ling in Peter | Colledge. | The yere 

of our Lorde God |-M.D.L. the nynth | daye of 
Apryll. [1550.] 



JUNIUS (Franciscus) [seu Franfois du Ion] Biturix, Sacr. Litt. Professor. 
Opera Theologica. 

fol. 2 vols. 

Device : Three stumps of trees, one tree 
standing. Hand bearing axe, left hand. 
Man, right hand, pointing to scroll with 
legend, ' Vide benignitatem ac severitatem 

apud Petrum et Jacobum Chouet. 1613 

JUSTINIANUS, Sacratissimus Princeps. 
Institutionum sive Elementorum Libri IIII. 

8°. Device : Eagle on globe between two 

' In virtute et fortiina.' 
[MS. on Title : Ricardus Norton.] 

apnd Gulielmum Rouillium sub scuto Veneto. 


JUSTINUS, Philosophus et Martyr. 
I. Opera, Graecfe. 

fol. Device : Serpent twined round Olive. 
Ba^riAer t' dyaOS uparipS t' aixH-riTj). 

Ex ofiicina Roberti Stephani typographi Regii 
Regiis typis. 1551. 

2. Opera quae adhuc inveniri potuerunt, id est, quae ex Regis Galliae Bibliotheca 
prodierunt. Joachimo Perionio Benedictino Cormoeriaceno interprete. 

/o/. Device : Christ and the Woman of Parisiis 

apud Jacobum Dupuys, e regione coUegii Came- 
racensis sub msigni Samaritanae. i554' 

Samaria at the well. 


Opera, item Athenagorae Atheniensis, Theophili Antiocheni, Tatiani Assyrii, et 
Hermiae Philosophi Tractatus aliquot — Graec^ et Latine. 

Editio Nova. 

fol. Device : Hercules taking Minerva's 
hand, Pegasus, &c. 

' Utilitas junxit, labor ac industria servat.' 
[MS. on Title': 

H. Wagstaffe. 

J. Harryman.] 

apud Jeremiam Schrey et Heinricnm Joh. 
Meyerum. 1686. 



Ex Trogi Pompeii Historia Libri XLVI. 

8°. Device : Tree and Bird above Scroll. Coloniae 

[MS. : Arnold Birckmann. Apud haeredes Arnold! Birckmanni. 1562. 

ex dono Nath: Hood 1609. 

vel Tusteine. 
Back of Title : William Stokes. 
Other names elsewhere.] 

JUVENALIS (Decius Junius). 

Index Absolutissimus Omnium Vocabulorum quae in omnibus D. Junii Juvenalis 
satyris continentur. 

4°. (Title wanting.) [n. d.] 

KECKERMANN (Barthol.) Dantiscanus, S. Theol. Licentiatus et Gymnasii patrii 
Systema Systematum . . . omnia hujus autoris Scripta Philosophica. 

4°. 2 vols (2nd vol. imperfect). Hanoviae 

[MS. on Title of Vol. I: ' Mediocritatibus| apud Haeredes Guilielmi Antonii. 161 3. 

W. pr. hujus et tomi reliqui — [ ]-2-o Cantab. 
John White.' Repeated on fly-leaf.] 

Device : Pelican in piety on rock. A way- 

' Nulla est via invia virtuti.' 

Systema Logicae, Tribus Libris adornatum. 

Editio Quarta. 
8". Device as preceding. Hanoviae 

Many MS. interlineations. apud Gnilielmum Antonium. i6io. 

Gymnasium Logicum — Libri Tres — annis abhinc aliquot in Academia Heidel- 
bergensi privatis praelectionibus habiti. 

8". Device : Tree with severed branches Londini 

falling. Figure pointing to scroll, with legend: Impensis Joannis Bill. 1606. 

' Noli altum sapere.' 

KERSEY (John). 

The I Elements | of that | Mathematical Art | commonly called | Algebra | 
Nil tam difScile est, quod non solertia vincet. • 
Dimidium facti, qui bene ccepit, habet. 


KERSEY {coniiriued)—^ '* 

To which is added 
Lectures read in the School of Geometry in Oxford by Dr. Edmund Halley, 
Savilion {sic) Professor of Geometry in the University of Oxford. 
(Date at end, Nov. 22, 1704.) 

4°. Portrait facing Title. London 

' John Kersey borne at Bodicot neere Ban- Printed for R. & W. Mount and T. Page, in 

bnry in the County of Oxford A° D°' l5i 6.' Postem-Row on Tower-Hill. i?'?- 

' Soust pinx'. 1673.' 
' Vox audita pent. Litera scripta manet.' 
[MS. notes on fly-leaf.] 

KIRCHER (Conrad) Augustanus. 

Concordantiae | Veteris | Testamenti | Graecae | Ebrasis | vocibus | respondentes, 

4° Device : Hands clasping rod, serpents Francofiirti 

entmued, comucopiae branching out, sur- apud Clandium Maminm & haeredes Johannis 
mounted by Pegasus. Printer's badge on either Aubrii. 1607. 


KIRSTENIUS (Petrus) Wratislaviensis Phil: at Med: Doctor. 

(i) Grammatices Arabicae Liber I. sive Orthographia et Prosodia Arabica. 
Liber II. sive Etymologia Arabica. Liber III. sive Syntaxis Arabica. 

fol. Engraved Title and portrait. Breslae 

Typis Arabicis ac snmptibus Authoris. 
I. Anno DoMIne Chrlste Venl. (1608) 

H. „ Est Mea CVra DeVs. (1610') 

and in. 

(2) Epistola S. Judae Apostoli ex MSSo Heidelbergensi Arabico ad verbum trans- 
lata &c. 

fol. Breslae (Typis, &c., as above). 

In officina Baumanniana 


IMpressIs BresLse his notis EpIstoLje IVDae. 


Between (i) and (2). 
Judicia e multis Quaedam Virorum Reverendorum . . . de laboribus Dn. Petri 

fol. Device representing a sacred figure Quae 

lighting a candle Lipsiae 

Excndebat Laurentius Cober. 

T3rpis Tobiae Beyeri. 161 1. 


KNOLLES (Richard) someMme fe.lowe of Lincolne College in Oxford. 

The Generall Historie of the Tnrkes . . togeJier vrlth ie Lives and Conqu^ts 
of the Othoman Kings and Emj)eroiirs. 

Fif.h Edition. 

/./. EJigraTBd Title. Lawrence Johnson "Lozgcki" 

5<^;s:. Acam Kip. 163?. 

^Prc-ser:ed to ic Old Guild Hall Lirrarv 
'thiongh ilis Dndenrcod" by Rotcrt Read. 
SertembcT, iS?6.] 

Another edition. 

/v. Waurinr TiCe a-d jm of Dedication A-itior to the Reader 

to Tames L Tal!e tmisiied in MS From Sandwich the last of March. 161 3. 

KYPER f.llbertus) M.D. et Prof, in Acad. Lerd. 

Anihroj:o!c2:a corpcir's HuiEai i contentormn. 
4-'. Engraved Title : ' Lngdt^i EataTomm 

• Homo parvus n^nndns.' Er off.dLa Acriani V.:;z^aerdeii. 

Hi j: -■:-cr2te3 Galetir^ i6:o. 

&c ic 

LANGUETUS (Hnbertns) Coniiiaiitis Sixonicus. 
Arcana Sectdi decimi sesti. 

Epistolae Secretae ad Principem suum Angustum Sas. Ducem. ed. Jo. Petr. 
Ludovicus in Frideridan. Prof. P. Ord. 

-1°. I lates with z ortrait. L i, and IL i. • Halae Henu^zdiiror. 

-Vn. cioii'XCCix [1699.] 

Intpensis Job. Friierid Zdtleri 

HetiT. Geoigii Mnselii. 

LAUD (William) Archbishop of Tanterbury. 

A I Relation | of j the Conference | betweene | W-lliam Lav.d, j then, L- Bishop 
of S • Davids ; j Now, \ Lord Arch-Bishop of CanterbvTy : ' and M^. Fisher :he 
Jestiite ; by the Command of | King James of ever i BIesse:1 Mexorie. With an 
Answer to such lExceptions as A. C. takes again;: i:. 

i='. Dedication to King Charles I. London 

Prin-ed by Ridiaid Ead^er. Printer to 

the Prince Ms Highnes. 1639. 


A I repHe | to a 1 Relation j cf the j Conference | between ] William Lande | and 

M'. Fisher the Jesnite. 
By a Witnesse of Jesus Christ. 
^', printed Anno 1640. 

• H 


LAUD (William) Bishop of St. Davids. 

(i) A Sermon | preached | before His Majestie | On Sunday | the XIX. of June, | 
At White-Hall. \ Appointed to be preached at the opening | of the Parliament. 

■* ' Printed by Bonham Norton and John Bill, 

Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty. 


(2) A sermon | preached ] on Munday, the sixt of February, | At Westminster : | 

At the opening of the Parfiament. 


In the same vol. . (as above). 1625. 

(3) Williams (John), (4) Sybthorpe (R.), (5) BaiUie (Jas.), (6) Burrell (P.), (7) Jackson Qohn), 
(8) Dyke (Jer.), (9) Walker (Wm.), (10) Leslie (H.). 

LAUNOIUS (Joannes) Constantiensis, Parisiensis Theologus. 

Epi&tolae omnes, octo Partibus comprehensae, nunc demum simul editae. 
Cum Praefatione Pro Reformatione Ecclesiae Anglicanae a V. admodum Rev. 
/^^_ Cantabrigiae 

Ex officina Joan. Hayes Celeberrimae 

Academiae Typographi 

Impensis Edvardi Hall Bibliopolae Cantabr. 


LAVATER (Jo. Rodolph) Tigurinus. 

De descensu Jesu Christi ad inferos, Tractatus Theologicus et Scholasticus, in duos 
libros tributus. Ad Ampliss. inclyts Reipub. Hammonensis Senatum. 

8°. Francofurti 

Impensis Conradi Biermanni et Consort, 
prostat in nundinis Francofiirti. 16 10. 

LEEUWENHOEK (Antonius a) Regiae Societatis Symmystes. 

Anatomia | seu interiora | Rerum, | Cum Animatarum turn Inanimatarum, | ope et 
beneficio exquisitissimorum | Microscopiorum | detecta ... ] una cum | Discursu 
& ulteriore dilucidatione | Epistolis quibusdam ad Celeberrimum, quod | Ser^i 
magnae Britanniae REGIS auspicio Londini | fioret, Philosophorum Collegium 
datis I comprehensa . . . 
4°. Device : Castle on rock. Lugduni Batavorum 

STRVCTA SVPER LAPIDEM QVI RVET ISTA apud Comelium Boutesteyn. 1687. 

[MS. on fly-leaf: 

Richard Ludlam.] 



Legenda hec aurea nitidis excuti|tur formis claretque plurimum censoria castiga- 
tione : usque adeo | vt nihil perperam adhibitum semotumue quod ad rem 
potissimum pertinere non videatur offendi possit. 

[A very early instance of the title page, of excellent execution, as are also 
theflnitial capital letters.] 

La marque de Jaques Huguetan libraire en Lyons. 
fol. Incomplete at end. Venundantur Lugduni ab Jacobo Hnguetauu 

ejnsdem ciuitatis bibliopola in vico mercnriali : 
ad angiportum qui in ararim dncit. Et Parrhisiis 
in vico sancti Jacobi sub diua virgine prope 
sanctum benedictum. [1476.] 

[MS. opposite Title (faded ink) : 

Jacob de Voragine was born circa 1236 in the Genoese territory — he was Provincial of the 
Order of Dominicans, Archbishop of Genoa. His Aurea Legenda are so fictitious and absurd 
that legendary from that circumstance became synonimous {sic) with fabulous — the first edition 
of the Book is thought to be that of Cologne 1474. Panzer enumerates 70 editions 
before 1500. 
A few marginal annotations.] 

LEGH or LEIGH (Edward) Mr of Arts of both Universities. 
' Critica | Sacra, | Observations | on all the Radices, or Pri|mitive Hebrew words of 
the Old I Testament in order Alphabeticall, | &c. 

4°. London 

Printed by G. M. for Thomas Underbill at the 
signe of the Bible in Wood-Street. 1641. 

Critica | Sacra : | or, | Philologicall and Theologicall observati-|ons upon all the 
Greek words of the New Testa-|ment in order Alphabeticall : &c. 
4°. London 

Printed by Robert Young, & are to be sold by 
George Lathum in Paul's Church-yard & by 
Ph. Nevill in Ivie Lane. 1639. 

Annotations upon all the New Testament Philologicall and Theologicall. 

fol. [On the front : ' Ex dono Richardi Lee London 

Magistri Hospitii de Wigston Leicestrensi.'] Printed by W. W. and E. G. for William Lee, 

and are to be sold at his Shop at the Turk's 
Head in Fleet Street next to the Miter and 
Phoenix. 1650. 

LESLIE (Henrie) one of His Majesties Chaplaines in Ordinary. 

A I Sermon | Preached | before His | Majesty at Windsore, | the 19. of July, 
1625. I 
4°. No. 10 in vol. beginning Laud (Wm.) Oxford 

A Sermon, &c. Printed by I. L. and W. T. for William 

Turner. 1625. 

H 2 


LESSIUS (Leonardus) Soc. Jesu. S. Theol. in Academia Louaniensi quondam 
Opuscula quibus pleraque S. Theologiae mysteria explicantur, et vitae rectfe insti- 
tuendae praecepta traduntur. 

fol. Jesuit monogram, with attendant angels. Antverpiae 

Ex officina Plantiniana, apud * Balthasarem 
Moretum, et viduam Joannis Moreti, el Jo. 
Meursium. i6j6. 

LIGHT FOOT (Joannes) S.T.D. et Collegii, sive Aulae, S. Catharinae in Alma 
Academia Cantabrigiensi Praefectus. 
Horae Hebraicae et Talmudicae. 

I. In Chorographiam aliquam terrae Israeliticae. 
II. In Evangelium S. MATTH^I. 

4°. Device : Symbolical figure. Cantabrigiae 

' Alma Mater Cantabrigiensis Excudebat Joannes Field, celeberrimae acade- 

Hinc lucem et pocula sacra.' miae Typographus. Impensis Edonardi Story, 

[D. D. Tho: Seagrave Rector de Leir Bibliopolae. 1658, 

cognatus M" Tho: Hayne huic bibliothecae 
et oppido benefactoris. ] 

LIGHTFOOT (John) D.D. Master of Katherine Hall, Cambridge. 

The I WORKS | of the Reverend and Learned | John Lightfoot, D.D. | late 

Master of KATHERINE Hall in CAMBRIDGE | Such as were, and such as 

Never before were | PRINTED. With the Author's Life. 

fol. 2 vols. London ' 

Vol. I, a few MS. annotations. Vol. I. Printed by W. R. for Robert Scot in 

„ 11, 'Published by the care & industry of Little-Britain, Thomas Bajsett in Fleet-Street, 

John Strype MA.' Richard Chiswell in S' Paul's Church-yard ; & 

John Wright on Ludgate-Hill. 

Vol. II. Printed by William Rawlins for 
Richard Chiswell at the Rose & Crown in 
S' Paul's Church-yard. 16S4. 

LIMBORCH (Philippus a) S,S. Theologiae inter Remonstrantes Professor. 
Theologia Christiana. 
fol. (Title mutilated.) Amstelodami. i586. 

LIPSIUS (Justus). 

Epistolarum Selectarum Centuria Prima. 

8°. Device : Hand with compasses drawing Lugduni Batavorum 

circle, supporters bearing scroll with legend, Ex officina Christophori Plantini. I686. 

* labore et constansia '. 

Si magni ingenium LipsI nouisse voluptas 

Si mores niueos, pectus et ingenuum : 
SELECTAS lege, dia, 6 dij ! monumeta TABELLAS. 

His in litterulis LIPSIUS ipsus inest. 


LIVIUS (T.) Patavinus. 

Latinae historiae facilfe principis tres, cum dimidia, quae solae extant, Decades. 
fol. Device: Butterfly and Crab within Lugdnni 

border, ' MATVRA.' apud Joannem Frelloniiim. 1553. 

LOMBARDUS (Petrus), Novaiiensis, quondam Episcopus Parisiensis. 

Libri Quatuor Sententiarum . . . ab Antonio Monchiaceno Demochare . . . recogniii. 
At the end :— Jacobus Bailaeus in commendationem Magistri Sententiarum, 
& Antonii Democharis, ilium illustrantis, Lectori Theologiae Candidato. 
S°. Device : Abraham offering Isaac. Coloniae Agrippinae 

apud viduam Joannis Birckmanni. 1576. 

LORINUS (Joannes) Avenionensis, Soc. Jesu. 
Commentaria in Ecclesiasten at Librum Sapientiae. 

fol. Device : Fleur-de-lis, &c. Lngduni 

[Ex dono Johannis Evans Londini vere Sumptibns Horatii Cardon. 1619. 

generosi, et (quod beneficentiam ejus maxime 

promovet) hisce partibus penitus ignoti.] 

Commentaria in Actus Apostoloram. 

fol. Device : Griffin holding shield with Coloniae Agrippinae 

trade badge, ' Virtute duce Comite fortuna.' Snmptibus Antonii Hierat, sub signo Gryphi. 

In Catholicas BB. Jacobi et Judae Apostolorum Epistolas Commentarii. 

fol. Device : Crucifix with Title, Jesuit Moguntiae 

mondgram. Sumptibus Joannis Crithii vidnae. 1622. 

[MS. ex dono Johannis Evans, &c.] 

Commentaria in Librum Psalmorum. 

fol. 3 vols. Engraved Title. Carol' Ai 

ani fecit. . , 

[MS. ex dono Johannis Evans, &c.] 1633. 

fol. 3 vols. Engraved Title. Carol' An- Lugduni Batavonim 

drani fecit. Sumpt. Jacobi Cardon et Petri Cavellat, 

LUBBERTUS (Sibrandus). 

De Jesu Christo Servatore, h. e. Cur, & qua ratione Jesus Christus noster Servator 
sit Libri quatuor. 

Contra Faustum Socinum. 

4°. Device : Seraphic Figure. ' Consilio In Academia Franekerana 

numinis.' Excudebat yEgidins Radoeus 

Ordinum Frisiae Typographus. 161 1. 



LUBINUS (Eilhard). 

Novi Jesu Christi | Testamenti | Graeco-Latino-Germanica | Nova Editio. 
Cum praeliminari ad Celsissimum Pomeraniae ) Principem Philippum Epistola | 
in qua | Consilium ( de Latina lingua compendiose a pueris | addiscendS 

4°. Marc. lo. v. 14. Rostochii 

''A<p€T€ TO. -waiSia fpx€o9cu TTp6s fxe Typis Joachimi Pedani 

Sinite puerulos venire ad me Typographi Academici. 1614. 

Lasset die Kindlein kommen zu mir. 
Device on Pars Altera : Representation of 

Industry and Idleness. Border with legend : 

' Arbeit Bringt Gut Wollust Armuth.' 

LUCAS (Franciscus) Brugensis. 

In Sacrosancta Quatuor Jesu Christi Evangelia Commentaria. 

/ol. 2 vols, bound in three (first has no Title) . Antverpiae 

Device : Hand with Compasses drawing Ex officina Plantiniana 

circle. Supporters vifith scroll bearing legend, apud Joannem Moretum. 

' Lahore et Constantia.' apud viduam et Alios Joannis Moreti. 

1606, 16 1 2. 

LUTHERUS (Martinus) [Luther, Martin]. 

Omnia opera quae ab anno xvii usque ad annum xlviii edita sunt. 

_/»/. 4 vols. Engraved Titles, also (Vols. Jenae 

II, III, IV) effigies illustrissimornm Principum Ex officina Tobiae Steinmanni 

et Dominorum D. Johannis Friderici II. Vol. I, 1612. II, 1600. Ill, 1603. IV, 1611. 
D. Johannis Wilhelmi et D. Johannis Friderici 
III Ducum Saxoniae &c. 

Upon the Epistle to the Galathians. 
4°. (Title wanting.) Begins with : 

[MSS. : Ex dono Symonis Craft. ' To the Reader, 

John Underwood. Hen. Kinge.] t Aprilis. 28. 1575 

Edwinus London.' 

LYCOSTHENES (Conradus) Rubeaquensis, et 

ZUINGGERUS (Theodorus) Philosophus atque Medicus Basiliensis. 
Theatrum Vitae Humanae. 
fol. ■ ^ Basiliae 

Device : Arion on Dolphin. per Joan. Operinum Ambrosium et Aurelium. 

Fata viam invenient Invia virtuti nulla est via. [Sumptibus ac studio Joannis Operini Am- 

brosii et Aurelii Frobeniorum Fratrum] 1565. 

MADEN (Richard) B.D. Preacher of the Word of God at St. Helen's, tendon, and 
late Fellow of Magd. Coll. Camb. 
Christ's Love and affection towards Jerusalem, delivered in sundry sermons. — 
Luke xix. 41, 42 


4''- London 

Printed by M. F. for John Clark, & are to be 
sold at his Shop nnder S' Peter's Church in 
Comhill. 1637. 

MAGIRUS (Joannes) Med. Doct. et in Acad. Marpurgensi Professor olim Ordinarius. 
Physiologiae Peripateticae Lib. VI cum Commentariis. Editio Nova. 

8°. Francofurti 

Typis Wolfgang! Richteri, iinpensis 

Conradi Nebenii. 1603. 

MAIER (Michaelis) Imperialis Consist. Comes. Eques. Exempt. Phil. & 
Med. D., &c. 
Themis Aurea, | hoc est, | De Legibus | Fraternita|tis R. C. | Tractatus, | Quo | 
Earum cum rei veritate conve-|nientia, uiiUtas publica & priuata, nee non causa 
necessa-|ria, euoluuntur & demonstrantur. 
8°. Device : Cherubs breathing upon fire Francofurti, 

burning. ' Adversis clarius ardeo.' Typis Nicolai Hoffmanni. 

No. 4 in -vol. beginning Sumptibns Lucae Jennis. 1618. 

Cygn/EUS. Conspicilium, &c. 

MALDONATUS (Joannes) Andalusius, Soc. Jesu. 

Commentarii in Prophetas IV, Jeremiam, Baruch, Ezekielem, Danielem. 
Accessit expositio Psalmi CIX et Epistola de Collatione Sedanensi cum Cal- 
4°. Device : Jesuit monogram. Mognntiae 

Sumptibus Joannis Kinckes, Bibliopolae 
Coloniensis. Excudebat Reinhardus Eltz. 

In Quatuor Evangelistas Commentarii. 

fol, 1 vols, bound in one. Engraved Title. Tom. I ; Mognntiae 

Sumptibus Hermanni Mylii Birckmanni 
Excudebat Hermannus Meresins. 

Anno 1624. 
Tom. II : 

Typis vero Balthasaris Lippii. 1622. 

MALPIGHIUS (Marcellus) Medicus et Philosophus, necnon Professor Bononiensis, 
Regiae Societatis Anglicanae Socius. 

1. Opera omnia, seu Thesaurus Locupletissimus Botanico-Medico-Anatomicus 

Viginti Quatuor Tractatus complectens et in tres tomos distributus. 
4°. Device : Man digging. ' Fac et spera.' Lugduni Batavorum 

apud Petrum Vander Aa, Bibliopolam. 1687. 

2. De Structura Glandularum Conglobatarum Consimiliumque Partium Epistola 

Regiae Societati Londini ad Scientiam Naturalem promovendam institutae 
Die . . . Junii 1688 Dicata. 
4". Lugduni Batavorum 

apud (as above). 1690. 



MALPIGHIUS {continued)- 
3. Opera Posthuma. 
4°. 3 vols, bound in one. 

apud Donatum Donati. 


MANTICA (Franciscus) Utinensis, J. C. dein Cardinalis. 

De conjecturis ultimarum Voluntatum Tractatus in Libros Duodecim distinctus. 

Postrema Editio. 

fol. Stamped leather binding. 

Device ; Tree, with hand pointing to legend, 
' Virtnti AANAPTS.' 

Round the border: 'Hilaris cum pondere 

MARLORATUS [Marlorate] (Augustinus). 

A Godly and Catholike | Exposition of the Holy 
Mathewe|, translated by Thos. Tymme. 

fol. (Title wanting.) Original leather 
stamped R. P. 

[MS. ex dono Symonis Crafts. 
Howetus Craftus filius Simoni Crafts.] 

apud Petrum Landry. 


Gospell of Jesu Christ after 


In Psalmos, Esaiam &c Catholica Expositio Ecclesiastica. 

(Facing p. i) nomina authorum ex quorum scriptis haec catholica in Psalmos 
expositio collecta est. 
fol. (Title to Psalms wanting.) Excudebat Henricus Stephanas. 

Title to the rest of the volume : 

Esaiae Prophetia cum catholica expositione Ecclesiastica quam Augustinus Marloratus verbi Dei 
Minister ... ex theologis omnium hujus seculi praestantissimis excerpsit, suumque in 
eam symbolum contulit. 
Device : Tree \vith severed branches falling. Anno mdlxiiii. [1564.] 

' Noli altnm sapere.' Excudebat Henricus Stephanus, illustris viri 

[MSS.: Praia. 13'. Huldrichi Fuggeri Typographus. 

Facing title ; ' This booke bought of 
Master Bitsons sarvantes at beverlye fayer. 
ptiu. 12'.'] 

Novi Testamenti Catholica Expositio Ecclesiastica, ex probatis Theologis . . . 
excerpta et diligenter concinnata. Editio Septima. 

fol. Device : Figure of Truth seated. 
Sun in right hand, Bible and Palm Branch in 

On the front cover, ' Franciscus Nedham 

On the back, ' ex dono Rectoris de 

(Another Copy vnthout the Index.) 

Sine loco 
Sumptibus viduae Johannis Commelini. 



MARTINIUS (Petrus) Morentinus, Navarrus. 

Opuscula de Grammatica Hebraea et Chaldaea. (Three Tracts.) 

8°. Title to first Tract wanting. Rupellae 

[MS. index at beginning. Ex officina Hieronymi Haultini. 1590. 

Many annotations and interlineations to I 
and some to II.] 

Device on Title of 11 : Angel surmounting 
Death (k skeleton). 

MARTYR (Peter) Vermilius, Florentinus, Professor Divinarum literarum in Schola 
Commentarii in primum librum Mosis qui vulgo Genesis dicitur; 
Addita est Vita ejusdem a Josia Simlero Tigurino descripta. 

fol. Froschover device : ' Absit mihi Tignri 

gloriari nisi in cnice Domini nostri JESU Excudebat Christophorus Froschoverus. 

CHRISTI per quern mihi mundas cmcifixas est 1367. 

et ego mundo.' 

[On Title : (MS.) H. hutyngdon.] 

In duos Libros Samuelis Prophetae qui vulgo Priores Libri Regum appellantur. 

Editio Secunda priori longe emendatior. 
fol. Froschover Device with text. Tignri 

Excudebat Christophorus Froschoverus. 


Melachim | id est | Regum Libri Duo | posteriores cum Commentariis Petri 
Martyris ... in primum totum et secundi priora XI Capita, et Joannis 
Wolphii Tigurini in Secundi quatuordecim ultima Capita. 

fol. Froschover Device without text. Tiguri 

excudebat Christophorus Froschoverus. 


In Primum, Secundum et Initium Tertii Libri Ethicorum Aristotelis ad Nicoma- 
chum Commentarius. 

4*. Device: Christoph. Froschoverus Tiguri 

Tigurinus 1563. excudebat Christophorus Froschoverus junior 

Dedication to Edwin Sandys, Bp. of Wor- mense Augnsto. 1563- 

Loci Commimes, ex variis ipsius authoris scriptis . . . coUecti. 

fol. Device : Lion and Unicom in conflict ; Heidelbergae 

and Tail-piece. apud Johannem Lancellottum impensis An- 

dreae Cambieri. 1613. 


MARTYR {continued)— 

Defensio Doctrinae veteris et Apostolicae de sacrosancto Eucharistiae Sacramento 
. . . adversus Stephani Gardineri quondam Wintoniensis Episcopi librum. 

fol. Dedicated to Queen Elizabeth. 
Froschover device. [Preface date. Tignri 1559.] 

Commentarie on S. Paule's Epistle to the Romanes 
(Faithfully perused by Mr. David Whitehead). 

fol. Original stamped leather binding. Title wanting and all after NNn ii. 
[Many nanaes. Much marked. 

Roger Stringer William Paine his name I tell you plaine I have invented a little rime. 

John Chattell Who list to heare and muse Of one whose name was berrie 

Robert Ludlam Yet notw"'standing it doth remaine And also to passe away the time 

Thomas Woodhouse To such as will have it and not refuse. Yet verie pleasant & raerie.] 

MASIUS (Andreas). 

Josuae Imperatoris Historia, illustrata atque explicata (Hebraica, Graeca, & 
duplex Latina). 

fol. Device : Hand with compasses draw- Antverpiae 

ing circle. Ex ofificina Christophori Plantini 

' Lahore et Constantia.' Architypographi Regii. I574- 


Flores Historiarum, praecipufe de rebus Britannicis ad A. D. 1307, ed. Matt. Parker. 
fol. (Title wanting). [The. Marsh. I570-] 

MATTHIAS (Jacobus) Arhusiensis. | 

De Literis | Libri Duo | Quorum | Priore | Nativa pronunciatio asseritur | Poste- 
riore Sophistica confutatur. 

8°. Device : Female Figure bearing Lamp Basileae 

and Staff. Per Coniadum Waldkirch 

ad Lecythum Perneam. 1586. 

Quod si, Lector, hie labor tibi non displicuerit ; brevi ab eodem autore alia ejusdem aut 
melioris notg expectabis. Monendus prgterea nobis es, nos ab initio hujjus operis non obser- 
vasse figuram Diphthongornm ae et oe, quas autor unica ista g exprimi voluit, donee depre- 
hendissemus ex capite, quo de illis agit, pag. 184. ubicunque igitnr uotas a vel a Ae vel AE 
reperias, in locum earum 5 substitues. Si quid prgterea (ut non dubitamus) prgsertim in 
diphthongis linguarum peregrinanim, peccatum est, non tam nobis, quam autographo, k quo 
ne latum quidem imguem in re ista nova discedere voluimus, culpa est adscribenda. Vale. 


MAYER (John) D.D., and Pastor of the Church of Reydon in Suffolk. 
A Commentarie upon the New Testament. 
M 2 vols. London 

I. Device : Rose crowned. I. Printed by Thomas Cotes, for John Bellamie, 

II. „ Flaming heart. and are to be sold at his shoppe in Coraehill, at 

the signe of the three Golden Lyons, neere the 
Royall Exchange. 

II. Printed by John Haviland for John Gris- 
mond and are to be sold at his shop in Ivie Lane 
at the signe of the Gun. 1631. 

A Commentary upon the whole Old Testament. 
fol. 4 vols. London. 

[1669 Catalogue. I. Printed by Robert William Leyboum, and 

Given by Dr. Seaman.] are to be sold at most Booksellers shops. 1653. 

II. Printed by John Leggatt and Richard 
Cotes ; and are to be sold by William Leak, at 
his shop, the signe of the Crown in Fleet Street 
between the two Temple Gates. 1647. 

III. Printed for Robert Ibbitson and Thomas 
Roycroft. 1653. 

IV. Printed by Abraham Miller & Ellen 
Cotes. 1652. 

MEGISER (Hieronymus) C. Caes. et Sereniss. Austr. Archidd. Historiographus. 
Thesaurus Polyglottus : | vel | Dictionarium Multi-|lingue ; | ex quadrin-|gentis 
circiter | tam Veteris, quam Novi | vel potius Antiquis incogniti Orbis Na-|tionum 
Linguis, Dialectis, Idiomatibus & | Idiotismis, constans. 
8°. Dedication to the House of Austria. Francofurti ad Moenum 

On back of Title facing dedication, Sylvan sumptibus Anthoris 1603. 

Scene with Tree bearing medallions with the 
names of Princes of that House. 


Corpus Doctrinae Christianae quae est Summa Orthodoxi et Catholici Dogmatis. 

fol. (' Monastic ' hogskin). Lipsiae 1561. 

[Presented to the Library by the Hon° and Tail-piece. 

Rev'' H. D. Erskine Vicar of S'. Martin. Device : David with harp. 

1830. Psal. cxix. Et loquebar de testimoniis suis 

MS. on Title : ' Philippus Melanch die Veneris in conspectu Regum, & non confundebar. 

post Pascha Witeberge moritur 19 Aprilis Lipsiae 

paulo ante horam septimam vespertinam a" In Officina Emesti Voegelini 

1560 curn vixisset aunos LXIII dies LXIII Constantiensis. 

Ferdinandus Imperator audita morte Melan- 

chthonis dixisse fertur : Hujus Viri consilia 

semper fuerunt moderata.' 

Lower down : 

Jo. Mulders v. D. M., Leidaei 746.] 

Device : Crucifix resting on the Ark of the 
Covenant. Dove soaring to the Divine Mono- 


MELA.NCHTHON {coniinued)-- 

Cum Praefationes in quosdam illustres Auctores : turn Orationes de clarissimorum 
virorum vitis. Tomus Secundus. 

8°. Device : An Archer. Argentorati 

' Scopus vitae meae Christus.' Apud Samuelem Eramel. 1564. 

[A few MS. annotations. ] 

Epistolarum Farrago, in Partes tres distributa ... a Joanne Manlio collecta, &c. 

8°. Device : An Eagle. Scroll with legend ; Basileae 

'Post Tenebras Spero Lumen. P. Q. N. S.' per Paulum Queckum. 1563. 

[MS. : pretium xviij''.] 

MENDOf A (Franciscus de) Olisiponensis, Soc. Jesu. in Eborensi Acad. Sacr. litt. 
quondam interpres. 

Commentarii in Quatuor Libros Regum. 

fol. 3 vols. Lugduni 

Engraved Title ; The Kings ; Wisdom en- snmptibus Jacob! Cardon. 

throned above. 1632, 1633. 

' Per me reges regnant.' Pro. 8. 

' Dabit illi Dominus Deus sedem Dauid 
patris ejus.' 

' Et regnabit in domo lacob in eeternum. ' 
Luc. i. 33. 

MICRAELIUS (Johannes). 

Syntagmatis Historiarum Ecclesiasticarum, Libri III. 
8°. (Title wanting). [c. 1650.] 

At the end ; 

Sphalmata si qua vides ; si quid, quod displicet : aut me 

Edoce, ut emendem ; aut, quod potes, ipse nota. » 

Ut discam et doceam, scripsi ; non laedere mens est. 
Laesus es? accusal nae tua te improbitas. 

MILLES (Thomas) S.T.B. Ling. Graec. Prof. Reg. & Excellentissirao Pembrochiae 
Comiti, &c., Hiberniae Proregi a Sacris. 
De Officio eorum, qui de fide certant. 

Concio I habita coram | Academia Oxoniensi, | Aprilis 22" mdccvii, ineunte 

4°. [MS. on Title : ' 6^. 20 Julii.'] Oxonii 

No. 2 in vol. beginning E Theatre Sheldoniano, sumptibus Antonii 

Trapp (Joseph). The Mischiefs, &c. Peisley Bibliopolae. 1707. 


MINSHEU (John) [MINSH^US (Johannes)]. 

The Guide into the Tongues | with their agreement & consent one with another, | 
as also their Etymolo-|gies, that: is, the Reasons and Deriuations of all or the 
most part of words in these nine Languages, viz : 

1. English 1 4. French [7. Latin 

2. Low Dutch 5. Italian j 8. Greeke 

3. High ,, 6. Spanish (9. Hebrew, &c. 

fol. Dedication to John, Bishop of Lincoln, London 

Keeper of the Great Se'al of England. Printed by John HAVILAND and are by him 

to be sold at his House in the little Old Baity 
in Eliofs Court. M D CXXVIJ. [1627.] 

MISCELLANEA CURIOSA Medico-Physica Academiae Naturae Curiosorum, sive 
/ Ephemeridum medico-physicarum Annus Sextus et Septimus. Anni mdclxxv 


4°. Francofurti et Lipsiae 

Sumptibus Johannis Fiitschii 

Bibliopolae Lipsiensis. 1677. 

MS. Catoptricum. In Jacobi Jani Med. Doct. et Regiae Majestatis Daniae 
Archiatri, . . . Bibliotheca repertum. 
4°. Francofurti ad Moenum & Lipsiae. 1676. 

MOEBIUS (Gothofredus) M.D., P.P., Medicus Elect. Brandenburg & Adm. Archi- 

Episc. Magdeburg. 

Fundamenta Medicinae Physiologica . . . public^ Alhenis Salanis proposita . . . 

Prodeunt Tertium, ab innumeris mendis vindicata & indice copioso locupletata. 

Cum nova Praefatione Georgii Wolfgangi Wedelii M.D. P.P. & Medici 

Ducaiis Saxonici. 

4°. Francofurti & Lipsiae 

Impensis Augusti Boetii, Bibliopolae Goth. 
Typis Christophori Fleischeri, Typograph. 
Rudolphop. 1678. 

MOLLERUS (Henricus) Hamburgensis. 

Enarrationis | Psalmomm | Davidis; ex Prae-|lectionibus D. Hen-|rici MoUeri 
Hamburgen-|sis, in Academia Wite-|bergensi excerptae, Novissima Editio. . . . 

fol. Device : Eagle surmounting serpent Genevae 

and cornucopiae entwined. apnd Petrum et Jacobum Chouet. 

Border with legend : 1619. 

' In nocte consilium.' 


MONTACUTIUS (Richardus) Episc. Cicestrensis, dein Norvicensis. 

[Mountagu, Richard, Bishop of Chichester, afterwards of Norwich.] 
Apparatus ad Origines Ecclesiasticas. 

fol. Device : 3 crowns and open book with Oxoniae 

jjiotto • Excudebat Leonardus Lichfield, Academiae 

SAPIEN- FELI- Typograplius. 1635. 



Dedicated 'To the memory of James I.' 

Diatribae | Vpon the first | part of the late | History of Tithes. 

To Master John Selden. 

4°. Dedication to James I. London 

Imprinted by Felix Kyngston, for Matthew 
Lownes. 1621. 

Appello Caesarem. | A Just | Appeale | from | Two Vniust | Informers. 
4°. List of contents of vol. opp. Title. London 

? T. Hayne's handwriting. Printed for Matthew Lownes. 1625. 

[On the fly-leaf: MS. quotations (a) from Chrysostora, (*) from Plato. 
On title, MS. : ' The title gives strong suspition of the causes weaknesse.' 
At the end, MS. : 

1. Writing hardly intelligible, extolling himself & papist writers, debasing others. 

2. Often the question is left to quarrel w"' protestants. 

3. Many poynts are granted the adversary : and a difference made whear none is. 

4. Popish fayth is dropt in by little & little. 

5. Poynts of speculation most stood on, to make way for poynts of practise. 

6. Professes himself for reconciliation, w"" whom if not w"" Rome ? Appeal 292.] 
Bound in this vol. : 

(2) Arminianism, (.Parallelismus), (,3) A Second Parallel, (4) A Plea to an Appeale, (5) Carleton (Geo.) 

MORNAY (Philippe de) Sieur du Plessis Marly. 

[MORNEY, Philip, Knight, Lord du Plessis, &c.j 
De la Verite de la Religion Chrestienne, Centre les Athdes, Epicuriens, Payens &c. 
Seconde Edition reveiie par I'Autheur. 
Device : Hand with compasses drawing a Anvers 

circle. ' Lahore et Constantia.' De I'imprimerie de Christofie Plantin. 


The Mysterie of Iniquitie : that is to say, the Historic of The Papacie. Englished 

by Samson Lennard. 

fol. Device : Tower of Babel burning. London 

Falleris aetemam qui suspicis ebrius Arcem Printed by Adam Islip. 161 2. 

Subruta succensis mox corruet ima tigillis. 

[A few MS. notes in the margin.] 

Dedication to Archbishop Abbot, and John, 
Bishop of London. 


MUSCULUS (Wolfgang) Dusanus. 

Commentarii in Bibliam sc : Genesis (i): Psalmi (2): Esaias (3): St. Mat- 
thaeus (4): S. Johannes (5): S. Pauli ad Romanos (6) et Loci Communes 
Theologiae Sacrae (7). 

fol. 7 vols. Basileae 

Device : Hammer striking fire from rock per Sebastianum Henricpetri 

beneath a face breathing on flames. (i) 1600, (2) 1618, (3) 1623, (4) 161 1, 

Sebastian Henric Petri. (5) 1618, (6) 1600, (7) 1599. 

MYLAEUS (Christophorus). 

De Scribenda Universitatis Rerum Historia Commentarius. 

8°. At the end : Christophenis Mylaeus, Florentiae 

consilii hujus historiae tmiversitatis scribendae, Ex officina Laurentii Torrentini. 1557. 

Staviae oppido ad lacnm Lemano vicinum ; 
Calen. Decemb. Anno a Nato Christo, 
M D XLVil finem ejusmodi faciebat. 

NANUS MIRABELLIUS (Dominicus) Civis Albensis, artiumque Doctor. 

Polyanthea, opus suauissimis fioribus exornatum compositum per Dominicum 
Nanum Mirabellium : civem Albensem : artiumque Doctorem : ad communem 

4°. Black letter. Engraved Title. Venudantur Lugd. ab Stephano Gueynard : 

al's Pineti : prope Sanctum Antonium. [1513-] 

Colophon : 

Habes humanissime lector in hoc volnmine : plurimornm vocabulorum declarationem 

cnm diflinitionibus seu descriptionibus : graecarumq; dictionnm adjectione suis 

locis appositam. Innumeras sententias Biblij : quatuor Ecclesise docto- 

rum : aliorilq; sanctor; : philosophorum : historicorvi : poetarum : tam la 

tinor; q; grgcor; : et demii datis & petrarchf ; snis in materiis : 

& ubi melius quadrare videbantur annotatas : qnasdam 

materias in arbore ramificatas : quo facilius eas 

memorig scrinio coraedes. Errata qug prius 

fuerant qua potuimns diligentia sn 

stulimus. Lugd. in officina Joan 

nis Thomf. Manse Nouem 

bri. Anno dni millesimo 

quingentesimo deci 

motertio : sumptu 

Stephapi guey 

nard : al's 



NAPEIR (John) L. of Maichistoun younger. 

A plaine discoverie of the whole Revelation of Saint John : set down in Two 
Treatises . . . whereunto are annexed certaine Oracles of Sibylla. 
Newly imprinted and corrected. 

a". [MS. notes at end.] Printed for John Norton dwelling in Paules 

On back of Title : Armorial bearings. , Clnirch-yarde, neere unto /'att/es Schoole, 

' In my Defenc God me Defend.' - 1594- 

' In vaine are al earthlie conjunctions, unles 
we be heires together, and of one bodie, and 
fellowe partakers of the Promise of God in 
Christ, by the Evangel.' 

Dedicatory letter to ' James the Sixt, King 
of Scottes.' 


1. Mythologiae Libri X. 

2. De Venatione Libri IIII. , 

3. Geofredi Linocerii Vivariensis Mythologiae Musarum Libellus. 

8°. (Title wanting). [Preface date 1580;] 

Begins with Epistle Dedicatory : 
Rev"" D°° Joan. Bapt. Campeggio 

Maioricensi Episcopo 
Ampl. tuse deditiss. Natalis Comes. 
Venetiis 1580. 
[Wechel's device at end.] 


June 5, 1808-June 18, 1809. 
^o. London 

NEUHUSIUS (Henricus), Dantiscanus, Medicinae & Philosophiae Magister, P. in 
Morbisch, H. 
Pia et utilissima admonitio, | De ] Fratribus Ro-|sae-Crucis, | Nimirum, | An sint ? 
Quales sint ? | Unde nomen illud sibi asciuerint ? | & quo fine ejusmodi famam 
sparserint ? 
8°. No. 2 in vol. beginning Prostat apnd Christophorum Vetterum. 

CYGN.UUS. Conspicilium, &c. 1618. 

NICEPHORUS (Callistus) Xanthopulus. 

Ecclesiasticae Historiae libri decern et octo e Graeco in Latinum sermonem Iranslati 

. . . opera ac studio . . - Joannis Langi ConsiHarii Regii. 
fol. Device : Arion on Dolphin. At the end : Basileae 

per Joannes Oporinum et Hervagium. 
Anno M.D.LXI. Mense Augusti [1561.] 



NICOLAI (Philippus) S.T.D. et apud Unnenses in Westphalia Verbi Divini minister. 
Commentariorum De Regno Christi, Vaticiniis Propheticis et Apostolicis Accom- 
modatorum, Libri Duo. 


Commentarii omnes in libros Prophetarum. 

fol. 2 vols, bound in one. 

Device : Hands clasping anclior, serpent 

' Anchora juncta cruci quid et iste salutifer 
anguis ? 

Unica cru.x nostiis anchora facta malis 
Unica nanigium Christi satis anchora fundat : 

Una salus terra Christus et una mari.' 

[MS. on Title: 'The booke of Francis 
Higginson. price x'.'] 

In Librum Job Exegemata. 

In Danielem Prophetam Libri duo. 

Francofurti ad Moenum 
Excudebat Johannes Spies, 

apud Jo. Crispinum. 



Ex officina Joannis Crispini. 



Commentarii in Novum Testamentum. 

Accesserunt Arethae Caesareae Cappadociae Episcopi E.xplanationes in Apocalypsin. 
Graecfe et Latinfe. 

/o/. 2 vols. (Titleof Vol. I mutilated.) 
Device : Hand shaking viper from finger 

into fire. 'Quis contra nos si Deus pro 


Lutetiae Parisiorum 
Suinptibus Claudii Sonnii, via Jacobaja sub 
scuto Basiliensi et Navi aurea in Circino aureo. 

163 1. 


Variarum Interpretationum Libri ad Juris Civilis interpretationem. 

Adjecta est Lex Pomponii De Origine Juris illustrata sciioliis D. Udal. Zazii. 

fil. Stamped leather. Coloniae Agrippinae 

Device : Sea-horse with stork, Sec. ' Dis- apud Joannem Gymnicum. 1.640. 

cite justitiam moniti.' 

ORATORY, the art of, Some Instructions concerning, collected for the use of a 
Friend, a young Student. 2nd Edition corrected, &c. 

S". Oxford 

Printed by L. Lichfield for T. A. and are to be 
sold by Ed. Forrest. 1682. 




Opera quae extant omnia, per Des. Erasmum Roterodamum partim versa et vigi- 
lanter recognita, partim ab aliis post ipsum . . . translata . . . cum Praefatione 
de Vita &c. adjectis epistola Beati Rhenani nuncupatoria, &c. 

fol. 2 vols. Basileae 

Device : Caduceus held by two hands. per Hieronymum Frobenium et Nicolaum 

Episcopium. i557- 

OSSATUS (Arnaldus), vide RAMUS (Pet.). 

OUTRAM (Guilielmus) S.T.D. Ecclesiae S. Petri apud Westmonasterienses Canonicus. 
De I Sacrificiis | Libri duo ; | Quorum Altero explicantur omnia | JUD^ORUM, 
Nonnulla | Gentium | Profanarum | Sacrificia : | Altero | Sacrificium CHRISTI. 
Utroque | Ecclesiae Catholicae his de rebus Sententia contra | Faustum Socinum 
ejusque Sectatores defenditur. 

8°. Device : Animal eating fruit. Amstelaedami 

apud Abrahamnm van Someren. i688. 

PAGET (John). 

An I Arrow | against the Separation'] of the | Brownists. | 

Also an Admonition ] touching | Talmudique and Rabbinical allegations. 

4°. Printed at Amsterdam by George Veseler, 

dvfelling by the South-Church at the signe of the 
Hope. i6i8. 


Epitome Thesauri Linguae Sanctae. 

[A Hebrew-Latin Glossary.] 

8°. Much annotated. Title vpanting. [n.d.] 

PAMELIUS (Jacobus) Brugensis Theologus. Archidiaconus Audomaropolitanus. 
Argumenta et Annotationes in Q. Sep. Fl. TertuUiani Opera. 
fol. Device: A wreath. Parisiis 

' Corona legitimi certaminis.' sumptibus Mathurini du Puis, via Jacobaea 

sub signo Coronae. 1635. 

PAREUS (David) Silesius, S.T.P. in Acad. Heidelbergensi [S. Litterarum Professor 
in Academia Archi-Palatina.] 
Controversiarium Eucharisticarum VNA de litera et sententia verborum Domini in 
S. Eucharistia . . . libris quinque explicata. 

4°. Device : Cherub's head. Heidelbergae 1603. 

I Thess. 5. 21 : 'Omnia probate; qnod 
bonum est, tenete.' 

•PAREUS 115 

Hoseas Propheta Commentariis illustratus : Cum Translatione Triplici. 
Adjectae sunt quatuor Orationes in Academia habitae cum Praefatione . . . De 
jure Principis circa Ecclesiastica. 8^ 

4°- Heidelbergae 

Typis Voegelinianis. 1605. 

Roberti Bellarmini S. J. . . . de amissione gratiae et statu peccati Libri sex explicati 
et castigati. 

8°. Heidelbergae 

Impensis Jonae Rosae librarii Francofurtensis 
Typis Johannis Lancelotti. Acad. Typogr. 


In divinam Ad Hebraeos S. Pauli Apostoli epistolam Commentarius . . . diligenter 
recognitus et locupletatus. 
4°. Device : Jonah cast on land. ' Fata Heidelbergae 

viam invenient.' Impensis Jonae Rosae librarii Francofurtensis 

Typis Johannis' Lancellotti Academiae Typo- 
graphy 1613. 

j- Roberti Bellarmini Politiani S. J. . . . De Gratia et LibeVo arbitrio Libri VI . . , 
explicati et castigati. 

8°. Heidelbergae 

Impensis Jonae Rosae Librarii Francofurtensis. 


RobP Bellarmini, &c., Liber Unus de gratia primi hominis explicatus et castigatus 
studio Davidis Parei. 

8°. Heidelbergae 1612. 

In Roberti Bellarmini Jesuitae Cardinalis Librum I De verbo Dei scripto Disputatio 
aphoristica notis perpetuis illustrata. 

Ex CoUegio Anti-Bellarminiano Davidis Parei. 
8°. Heidelb. 1612. 

Ad Roberti Cardinalis Bellarmini librum De Temporali Potestate Papae Com- 
8°. Heidelbergae 161 2. 

De Postrema GaUorum in Italiam Expeditione carmen scriptum Anno 1557. 

8°, Heidelbergae 161 2. 

Roberti Bellarmini S. J. . . . De justificatione impii Libri V. Explicati et castigati. 
8°. Heidelbergae 1615. 


PAREUS {continued)— 

In Genesin Mosis Commentarius. Editio Altera. 

4°. Device : Jonah cast on land . Francofnrti 

' Fata viam invenient.' In officina Jonae Rhodii. i6l5. 

In S. Matthaei Evangelium Commentarius . . . cui subjungitur in duas S. Petri 
Epistolas, Necnon In Joel, Amos, Haggai Commentarius. 

4°. Device : Open boolc with inscription, Oxoniae 

' Sapientiae.' Amidst Three Crowns. Excudebat Johannes Lichfield 

' Christus lucrum Almae Academiae Typographns 

Veritas in profundo.' Impensis Thomae Huggins. 1631. 

In Divinam ad Romanos S. Pauli Apostoli Epistolam Commentarius. 

Editio Tertia. 

4°. Device : Jonah cast on land. ' Fata Heidelbergae 

viam invenient.' Impensis Viduae Jonae Rosae 

librarii Francofurtensis. 1620. 

In Divinam Ad Corintiiios priorem S. Pauli Apostoli epistolam Commentarius. 
Accedunt . . . Paratitla Parthenica de Virginitate &c. ex scriptis Patrum collecta. 

4°. Device : Jonah, &c. Prostat Francofurti in officina Viduae Jonae 

Rhodii. 1619. 

In Divinam ad Galatas Epistolam Commentarius. 

Nunc secundiim ab Authore in lucem editus. 

4°. Device : Jonah, &c. Heidelbergae 

Impensis Viduae Jonae Rosae, &c. 


In Divinam Apocalypsin S. Apostoli et Evangelistae Johannis Commentarius, ab 
authore secunda editione . . . diligenter recognitus. 

4°. Device : Jonah, &c. Heidelbergae 

Dedication : ' Deo. Opt. Max. Jesu Christo, Impensis Viduae Jonae Rosae, &c. 

c&c.,' dated 1618. 1622. 

[MS. on Title : The Boolce of John Angell sen.] 

PARKER (Robert). 
De I Descensu | Domini Nostri | Jesu Christi | ad Inferos | Libri Quatuor. | Ab 
Hugone Sanfordo | Coomflorio, Anglo | inchoati, | Opera ver6 et studio Roberti 
Parkeri ad | umbilicum perducti, ac jam tandem | in lucem editi. 

4°- Amstelrodami 

In aedibus ^gidii Thorpii. 1611. 


PARR (Elnathan) B.D. and Preacher of God's Word. 

A I Plaine j Expositione | upon the whole thirteenth, four-|teenth, fifteenth, and 
sixteenth Chap-|ters of the Epistle of Saint Paul to | the Romanes . 
Performed -with much varietie, and conuenient breuitie. 

4°. (Leaves missing at end.) London 

[MS. on Title (twice) : Printed by G. Eld for Samuel Man, dwelling 

John Angell sen.] in Paul's Churchyard at the signe of the 

Swanne. 1622. 

Dedication, in parallel columns, ' Sir' (left), ■ Madame' (right-. 

To the Very Xoble 
Religions, and ilost Worthy 
Master Nathaniel Bacon \ , \ The \ja.Ay Jane Comwallis 
ESQriRE \ \ his WIFE 

Youis addicted, in all respectful obseruance 


PEARSON (John) D.D., Bishop of Chester. 
An Exposition of the Creed. 

4th Edition revised & now more enlarged. 

fol. [MS. on Title : London 

J. Dumelow, July 29th, 1799 Printed by J.M. for John Williams, at the 

io'-8*-o] Crown in Cross- Keys-Court in Little Britain. 

Portrait as Frontispiece. 16-6 

F. H. van Hone sculp, W. Sonman pin. 

EfSgies Renerendi In Christo Patris 
Joannis Peaisonii Cestriensis Episcopi 
./Etatis suae 63. Anno 1675. 
Printed by John Williams Senior, Bookseller. 

PELLICANUS (Chuonradus) Rubeaquensis. 

Commentaria BibUonun, id est XXIIII Canonicorum ueteris testamenii librorum. 
Accesserunt et Commentaria in omnes ueteris testamenti libros Ecclesiasticos. 

■ fol. 6 TOls. bound in 3. Original stamped Tiguri 

leather, partially re-bound. apud Christoph. Froschoverum 

Device: A tree surrounded by frogs; with I 1536, H & V 1538, III & IV 1540, VI 1546. 
legend, ' Christof. Froschover zuo Zurich.' 

Vols. 5 and 6 somewhat different : Boys 
riding on frogs. 

[MS. on last leaf of Vol. 6 : 

Daniell Simpson his booke] 


PEMBLE (William). 

1 . Salomon's Recantation and Repentance : or, the Booke of Ecclesiastes briefly 
& fully explained. 

4°. Prov. 8. 9. London 

They are all plaine to him that under- Printed by J. H. for John Bartlet, at the Gilt 

standeth. Cnp in Cheap-side. ■ , 1628. 

Acts 8. 31. 
How can I understand except some man 

guide me ? 

2. A Short and Sweete Exposition upon the first nine chapters of Zachary. 

40. 2 Pet. I. 20. London 

No Prophesie of the Scripture is of any pri- Printed by R. Young, (&c. as above.) 

vate interpretation. 1629. 

Plate of .' The Vision of the Golden Candle- 
stick, &c.' 

'Place this Figure between Folios 50 and 


Epistle Dedicatory to Katharine, wife of 
Nath. Stephens, Esquire, from Rich. Capel. 

PERERIUS VALENTINUS (Benedictus). Soc. Jesu. 

Commentarii et Disputationes in Genesim. 

fol. 4 vols, bound in one. Coloniae Agrippinae 

Device : Griffin with trade badge. ' Virtute Ex officina Antonii Hierati, sub signo Gryphi. 
duce Comite fortuna.' 1620. 

Opera Theologica quptquot extant omnia. 

fol. Device, &c., as above. Coloniae Agrippinae 

(as above.) 1620. 

PERKINS (Guilielmus) S.T.L., Theologus Anglus. [Perkins, William, of Cambridge.] 
Aureae Casuum Conscientiae Decisiones. 

Opera et studio Wolfgangi Mayeri in Evangelii dispensatione Ministri. 

8°. [MS. on Title : Basileae 

prec.4'2^.] Typis Conradi Waldkirchii. 160S, 

At the end : Condonet quaeso aequus Lector, festinantis proe- 

li errata, quae tepore exclusus neq: animadver- 

tere, neq; aniraadversa annotare potui, unico 

hoc accepto, quod in Praefatione, quae- 

dam Exemplaria habeant. Salutis 

pro Saluti. Vale. 


PERKINS (William). 

CATECHESIS : in qua initio sex firma et immota totius religionis Christianae 
capita tacta sunt fundamenta . . . deinde omnia et singula Christianae Religionis 
capita . . . perspicue commentario illustrata, et nunc primum Latinitate donata 
a Johanne Lptichio Solitariensi, Ministro verbi Divini apud Ostheimenses in 
illustri comitatu Hanouico. 

8°. Device : Pelican in piety on rock. A Hanoviae 

wayfarer climbing. apud Guilielmum Antonium. i6o8. 

' Nulla est via invia virtuti.' 

fol. 3 vols, bound in 2. Vols. I, II, Printed at London by John Legatt, 

['ex dono Tliomae Rndiard generosi.' Printer to the Universitie of Cambridge, 1616, 

MS. on 1st page : 161 7. 

Pretium 1 7^ e"".] Vol. Ill printed by Cantrell Legge, Printer 

to the Universitie of Cambridge. 1609. 

Works. Newly corrected according to his owne Copies. 

fol. 2 vols. London 

Device : Symbolical figure. Alma Mater Printed by John Legatt, Printer to the' Uni- 

Cantabrigia. ' Hinc lucem et pocula sacra.' versity of Cambridge, and are to be sold at his 

house in Trinitie Lane. 1612,13. 


Compiled by Johannes Jocquet, PauUus de HuUegarde, Ludovicus Fabri, Johannes 
( de Lau, Doctores Medici Bruxell. 

4°. Chronographicum. Typis Joan. Mommarlii. 1641. 

eX ManDato senatVs BrVXeLLensIs praesens opVs paratVr. 

(Bound with the above.) 

.STATUTA Collegii Medici Bruxellensis, ab Amplissimo Senatu Sancita, \ 

Roberto Fervacquio Medico Aulico Latine edita. 

4°. Heraldic device emblazoned. Bmxellae 

Ex officina Joannis Mommartii. 1050. 

PHARMACOPOEIA Augustana reformata, et ejus Mantissa cum animadver- 
i sionibus Johannis Zwelferi Palal. Med. Doct. Annexa ejusdem Autoris Pharma- 
copoeia Regia. 

00 Goudae 

sumptibus Wilhelmi Verhoeven. 1653. 

Appendix ad Animadversiones in Pharmacopoeiam Augustanam . . . opera et studio 

Johannis Zwelfer. 

go Goudae 1658. 


PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS (The) from 1720 to 1732. 

Abridged by Mr. Reid and John Gray, M.A., F.R.S. Vol. VI. Parts ii-iv. 

4°. Plates damaged. London 

[MS. on Title : Printed by William Innys & Richard Manby, 

J. Harryman.] Printers to the Royal Society, at the West End 

of S'. Paul's. • 1733. 

PIE (Thomas) D.D. 

Usuries Spright | conjured : | Or | A Scholasticall Determinatioii of | Usury by 
T. P. Doct. of Divinity, | being Moderator at the disputing | thereof by certeine 
Bachelers | of Divinitie and other | learned Preachers : 
With his Answere to a Treatise, written | in Defence of Vsurie. 

4°. Epistle Dedicatory to the Earl of Dorset, London 

Lord High Treasnrer. Printed for Melchisedech Bradwood, dwelling 

in the Little-Old-Bailie in Eliots Court. 1604, 

Bound in this vol. : (2) Willet (A.) Loidoromastix, (3) Limbomastix, (4) Controversy on the 
Church (Sixe Demaunds), (5) Some (R.), (6) Divinity, The Sacred Doctrine, (7) Controversy &c., 
(A Full Declaration). 

PIERCE (Thomas) D.D., Dean of Sarum. 

The Law and Equity of the Gospel, or the Goodness of our Lord as a Legislator. 

4°. At the end : Books lately printed for London 

Robert Clavell at the Peacock in S'. Paul's Printed by S. Roycroft for Robert Clavell at 

Church-yard. the Peacock in S' Paul's Churchyard. 1686. 

PINEDA (Joannes) Hispalensis, Soc. Jesu. 
Commentaria in Job. 

fol. 2 vols. Coloniae Agrippinae ' 

Vol. I, engraved Title. (Vol. I) apud Antonium Hierat Sub monocerote. 

Device on Vol. I : I. H. S. with Crucifix and 1613. 

Nails, Angels at corners with symbols of the (Vol. II) sumptibus Antonii Hierati, 

Passion. Bibliopolae. 1614. 

Device on Vol. II : Engraved Title ; in 

centre a Jesuit badge, ' Propter Nomen tuum 

Domine ' round. Twelve compartments, 

chiefly representing scenes in Job's life. 

PINTUS (Hector) Lusitanus, S.T.D. et in Acad. Conimbricensi S. Script. Professor. 
Opera Omnia Latina. 
fol. 4 vols, bound in one. Lutetiae Parisiorum 

Device : Hand shaking viper from finger apud Michaelnm Sonnium, via Jacobaea sub 

into fire. scuto Basiliensi. 1617. 

' Qais contra nos si Deus pro nobis.' 


PISCATOR (Joannes) Theol. Prof. Herboin. Nassoviensis. 

Sacrarum Literarum in illustri Schola Nassovica Sigenensi Professor. 
Professor Sacrarum litterarum in illustri Schola Herbornensi. 
Analysis Logica Evangelii secundum Johannem. 
8°. Title with engraved border. Londini 

[MS. on Title : Thomas Burt.] Impensis G. Bishop. i59i. 

Analysis Logica Quinque Postremarum Epistolarum Pauli. 
8°. [MS. on Title : Londini 

' Mihi salus solus Christns.'] Impensis Johan. Wolfe. 1592. 

Analysis Logica Evangelii secundum Matthaeum. Una cum scholiis et observa- 
tionibus locorum doctrinae. 

S°. [MS. on Title : ' Mihi salus,' &c.] Londini 

Device : An anchor. ' Anchora Spei.' Excudebat R. F. impensis B. Nortoni. 


Analysis Logica Evangelii secundum Marcum. 

8°. [MS. on Title: ' Mihi salus,' 161 S &c.] Londini 

Device as on last. Ex officina typographica Richardi Field. 

Many interlineations. 1695- 

Analysis Logica Evangelii secundum Lucam. 

8°. [MS. on Title : 'Mihi salus,' &c.] Londini 

Device as on last. Excudebat Richardus Field. 1596. 

Analysis Logica Libri Lucae qui inscribitur Acta Apostolorum. 
8°. [MS. on Title : ' Mihi salus,' &c.] Londini 

Excudebat Felix Kingstonus. 1597- 

Commentarius in Exodum. 

8°. [MS. on Title : ' Mihi salus,' &c.] Herbornae Nassoviorum 

Device : Elijah fed by ravens. Ex officina Christophori Corvini. 

' Ex uno omnia.' J 605 

1. Commentarius in Librum Josuae. 

2. Commentarius in Librum Judicum. 

3. Commentarius in Librum Ruth. 
8". [MS. on Title : ' Mihi salus, &c.'] Herbornae Nassoviorum 
Device : Elijah fed by ravens. Ex officina Christophori Corvini. 

' Ex uno omnia.' 1607,8. 



PISCATOR {contmued)— 

Commentarii in omnes libros Novi Testamenti : Antehac separatim editi : nunc 
ver6 in unum volumen collecti. 
4°. Device, &c., as on last. HerbornaeNassoviorum 1613. 

In Prophetam -Danielem Commentarius. 

8°. Device, &c., as on last. 

{Commentarius in Libros Esdrae, Nehemiae et Estherae. 
Commentarius in Duos Libros Chronicorum. 
8°. Device, &c., as on last. 

Herbornae Nassoviorum 1614. 

Herbornae Nassoviorum 1616. 

PITCARNIUS (Archibaldus) M.D. Scotus. 
Dissertationes Medicae. 

4°. Device : Female figure with attributes 
of Science. 

' Tenet meliora.' 
[MS. on fly-leaf : 

Ludlam. p. 5'.] 

Typis Regueri Leers. 

1 701. 

PLATINA (Baptista) Cremonensis. 

Opusde vitis ac | gestis Summorum Pontificum, ad sua us-|que tempora deductum, 
et auctum deinde accessione | rerum gestarum eorum Pontificum, qui Paulo II 
in quo Platina desinit, usque | ad Clementem ejus nominis VII successerunt. Et 
nunc postremo multo | locuplelius redditum per eruditissimum virum Onuphrium 
Pan-|vinium, &c. 

Alia quoque ejusdem Platinae addita sunt . . . 
fol. Stamped leather. Coloniae 

Device: Hand holding wreath. apud Maternum Cholinnm. 1562. 

' Benedices Coronae Anni Benignitatis tuae.' 
Psalm 64. 


Omnia opera, ex vetustissimorum exemplarium coUatione multo nunc quam antea 

fol. Wrongly bound, pp. 341-360 between 
pp. 492 and 493. 

Device : Hammer striking fire from rocks 
beneath a face breathing on flames. 

[MS. on Title : 

11 s d 

Joannis Pitts, pretinm [erased] amborum 
C. A. P.] 


apud Henrichum Petri. 

Anno Salutis Humanae 1556 

mense Martio. 


Opera Omnia quae exstant, Marsilio Ficino interprete. 
fol. Device : Pegasus over Caduceus. Francofurti 

apud Claudium Marnium & haeredes Joannis 
Aubrii. 1602. 

PLAUTUS (M. Accius). 

Comoediae XX ex antiquis recentioribusque exemplaribus . . . diligentissime 
recognitae, &c. 

8°. Title within border. Basileae 

['^S. °n Title : apnd And. Cratandrum. 1523. 

Giles Bottrell his booke. » f a o 

Gnlielmus Billus. 
Repeated on fly-leaf at end. 

Pret. xvi'' [erasedl 
Tail-piece. Fortune on Globe. Border. 

PLOTINUS ' Platonicorum facile coryphaeus '. 

Operum Piiilosophicorum Libri LIV in sex enneades distributi ex antiquiss. Codicum 
fide nunc primilm Graced edit!, cum Latina MARSILIl FICINI interpretatione 
& commentatione. 

fol. Device and tail-piece : Female figure Basileae 

holding lamp burning. ad Pemeam Lecy thum. 1 580. 

' Lucerna pedibus meis verbum tuum.' Before the Index : 

Ex ofRcina Petri Pemae 15S0 

Kalend. Junii. 

PLUTARCHUS, Chaeronensis. 
, Parallela et Vitae. 

Gulielmo Xylandro Augustano interprete. 

Excudebat Academiae typographus Ludovicus 
A Lucius. 1561. 

2. XYLANDER (Guilielmus) Augustanus. 

In vitas Plutarchi a se conversas annotationes. 

[MS. on Title : Basileae 

John Higginson. per Joannem Oporinnm. 1561. 

price xiij' iiij''. 
Mens cujusque is est qnisque. 
Fravis lingua pessima contagio. 


PLUTARCHUS {conlinued)— 

Plutarch's Lives, translated by Thomas North. 

fol. (Title wanting.) Ends with Hamilcar. [Date in Preface, 24 Jan. 1579.] 

Stamped leather. 

POLANUS (Amandus) \ Polandsdorf S.T.P. 

In Danielem Prophetam visionum amplitudine difficillimum, vaticiniorum majestate 
augustissimum Commentariuf. Editio Secunda. 

8°. Basileae 

Typis Conradi Waldkirchii, 1606. 

POLUS (Matthaeus) Londinensis. 

Synopsis Criticorum aliorumque S. Scripturae Interpretum. 

fol. 4 vols, bound in 5. Londini 

[Inscribed in large letters in each volume : (Vol. I.) Typis J. Flesher [tisque ad i . Sam. 

' The gift of the Rev. Mr. Wightman to this deinde a 11. Reg. inclusive ad finem voluminis] 
Library, 1735.'] et T. Roycroft. Prostat aptid Cornelium Bee 

in vico' Little-Britain. 1669. 

(Vol. II.) Typis E. Flesher. Prostat apnd 
Cornelinm Bee, &c. 1671. 

(Vols. Ill, IV.) Typis E. Flesher. Prostat 
apud Carolum Smith, Bibliopolam, ad insigne 
Angeli in vico Fleet-Street. 

Ill, 1673; IV, pars i, 1674; pars ii, 1676. 

POLYBIUS Lycortae F. Megalopolitanus. 

Historiarum Libri qui supersunt, ex interpretatione Isaaci Casauboni. 

Item, AENEAS T ACTICUS De tolerandi obsidione, eodem Casaubono interprete. 

8°. Hanoviae 

Typis Wechelianis apud haeredes Joannis 

Aubrii. 1610. 


Una cum vetere vulgata interpretatione Latina Jacobi Usserii, &c. 

4°- Oxoniae 

Excadebat Leonardus Lichfield, Academiae 

Typographus 1644- 

PORTUS (Franciscus) Cretensis. 

Commentarii in Varia Xenophontis opuscula. 
4°- Excudebat Joannes le Pr^ux. 1586. 


POWEL (Griffin) Coll. Jesu. Oxon. Principalis. 

Analysis Analyticorum Posteriorum sive Librorum Aristotelis de Demon- 
stratione, &c. 

8°. Epistle Dedicatory to Robert, Earl of Oxoniae 

Essex. Excudebat Josephus Barnes. 1594. 

PROSPER Aquitanicus, Episcopus Rhegiensis. 

Opera, accurata exemplarium Vetustorum coUatione . . . repurgata. 

8°. Device : A Cock, within border. Coloniae Agrippinae 

' Rerum vigilantia custos.' sumptibus Haeredum Joannis Crithii 

sub signo Galli. 1630. 

PTOLOMAEUS (Claudius) Alexandrinus. 

Geographiae Libri VIII partim a Bilibaldo Pirckheymero translati et commentario 

Accesserunt Scholia, Indices, Tabulae, &c. ed. Sebastianus Munsterus. 

fol. Opp. Preface : Figure, Sebastianus [? Basileae. '! 1553.] 


Pasted on last page, table of Coats of Arms. 
[MS. on Title : 
Ge. heigham. 
Pretium ix'.] 

De Geographia. Libri octo. Graecb. Epistle Dedicatory by Erasmus. 

4°. Froben device. Basileae. 1533, 

€TV7Taj9r] Iv BaffiKeiq. nap' 'lipwvvfXt^ ry ^pco- 
$epiq} KoX "SiKoXaqt ny) 'ETrttrtfOTTto', €T6( @^o-yovias 
p! ffi \ y. 

QUINTILIAN (M. Fabius). 

Institutionum Oratoriarum Libri XII. 

8°. Leather binding, stamped with a blank Antverpiae 

shield and initials T. N. Ex officina Joannis Loei. 1548. 

Device: ? Jupiter, a fly above, bird below. 
Habet et musca splenem 

Et formicae sua bilis inest ' 
eveari Kal iivpiirjKi xo^V- 
[MS. on Title : 

' Thomas Neutonus meus est dominus 
Sustine et abstine.'] 


RAINOLDUS (Johannes) Anglus, Acad. Oxon. Professor. 
De Romanae Ecclesiae Idololatria, in cultu Sanctorum, Reliquiarum, Imaginum, &c. 
Libri duo. 

Jerem. 51, 9. 
Curavimus Babylonem & non est sanata: derelinquite 
earn, & abeamus quisque in terram suam. 

4°. Epistle Dedicatory to Robert Devereux, Oxoniae 

of Earl Essex. apud Josephum Bamesium. 1596. 

Sex Theses de Sacra Scriptura et Ecclesia publicis in Academia Oxon. disputa- 
tionibus explicatae et Apologia contra Pontificios Elymas, Stapletonum, 
Martinum, Bellarminum, &c. 

Nunc primum in Germania in lucem edita. 

8°. Device: Pelican in piety on rock. Hanoviae 

A wayfarer is climbing. apud Guilielmum Antonium. 1603. 

Epistle Dedicatory to Archbishop Whitgift. 

Censura | Librorum Apo-|cryphorum Veteris I Testamenti, adversum | Pontificios, 
inprimis Robertum | Bellarminum. 

4°. 2 vols. [MS. on Title of each vol. : In Kobili Oppenheimio 

' William Snape pret d' c' E CoUegio Musarum Hieronymi Galleri. 

On Title of Vol. 2, partly erased : Sumtibus Viduae ievini Hulsii & Henrici 

' The booke of John Angell sen.'] Laurentii. ' 1611. 
Device : Burning Column. 

' Deo duce et vindice.' 

RALEIGH (Sir Walter). 

Historic of the World. In five books. * 

fol. (Title mutilated.) London 

Printed for G. Latham & R. Young. 


RAMUS (Petrus) Regius Eloquentiae et Philosophiae Professor. 

1. Scholae Mathematicae. Libri XXIX. 

2. Arithmeticae. Libri duo. 

4°. I. Title wanting. 2. Basileae 

Preface dated 1566. Per Eusebium Episcopium & Nicolai fratris 

[Bound in a piece of a vellum musical MS.] haeredes. 1569. 

MS. at the end : 

10. Buteo in suae Logisticae prooemio. 

Multi satis in banc materiam, diuersis 

Unguis, libellos sediderunt ; quae sunt 

in arte facilia prosecuti uerbosius, 

subtilius autem recondita, ad uela- 

me inscitiae dissimulantes. Nee desunt 

etiam qui prauo nouandi ad ostetatio- 

ne studio multa supuacue nulliusq; 

momenti obscuritatis affectatae mi- 




Praelectiones in Ciceronis Orationes VIII Consulaies una cum ipsius viia per 
Joann. Thomam Freigium collecta. 

4°. Device : Female figure with lamp and 
staff. ' Lucema Pedibus meis Verbum Tnum.' 
[MS. on Title : 

Thomas Pole Pretiii 2'. S''. 

Thomas Harries 
' Quae pura sunt, nuda videri amant.'] 

apud Petrum Pernam. 


Ciceronianus. Editio Postrema. 

8°. Device : Pegasus above Cadnceus and 

apud Andream Wechelum. 


Grammatica Latino-Francica, Francicfe scripta, Latina ver6 facta Annotationibusque 
illustrata per Pantaleontem Theveninum Commeiciensem Lotharingum. Editio 

8°. Device : Minerva holding vyringed Ca- 
dnceus with Cornncopiae. 

Printer's badge on shield. 

At the end, ' In obitum Petri Rami Philo- 
sophiae et Veritatis Amatoris.' 

apud Johannem Wechelum. 


RAMUS (Petrus) et TALAEUS (Audomarus). 
I . CoUectaneae : Praefationes, Epistolae, Orationes. 

apud Dionysium Vallensem, sub Pegaso, in 
vico Bellovaco. I59°' 

2. OSSATUS (Arnaldus). 

Expositio in Disputationem Jacobi Carpentarii de Methodo. 

8°. Calf binding with stamp. Parisiis 

' apud Andream Wechelum. 1564. 

RAYMUNDUS DE SABUNDE A. et M. D. et quondam S.T.P. 

Theologia Naturalis, sive Liber Creaturarum, Specialiter : De Homine, et De 
Natura Ejus, &c. 

So_ Excudebatur Francofurti 

Coloplion : Francofurti ad Moenum Typis Impensis Georgii Thomasoni & Octauiani 

excudebat Wolffgangus Hoffmannns. Pulleni Bibliopol. Londinens. 1635. 
Badge : Cherub's head. 


REGIUS (Henricus) Ultrajectirius. 
. Medicina et Praxis Medica medicationum exemplis demonstrata. Editio Terlia. 

4°. Device ; Minerva under a tree. Trajecti ad Rhenum 

Scroll with legend : ' Ne extra oleas." Ex officinS Theodori ab AckerSdijck. 



REGIUS (Johannes) S.T.L. 

Commentariorum ac disputationum Logicarum Libri V. In quibus et Theoremata 
Logica accurate explicantur &c. et Petri Rami Strophae et Nugae . . . refu- 
lantur, projiciuntur, atque profligantur, &c. Editio Nova. 

8°. Witebergae 

Impensis Clemen: Bergeri et Zachariae Schureri 
Typis Georgi Kelneri. i6i6- 

REMONSTRANCES | made by the Kings | Majesties Ambassadour, | unto the 
French King and the Queene | his Mother, June last past, | 16 15 | Concerning 
the marriages with Spaine ; 

Together with the French Kings Letter to | the Prince of Conde, Dated the 26 | 
of July last, 16 15, and the Prince ( his Answere thereunto. | 
Translated according to the French Copie. 

4°. No. 4 in vol. beginning London 

BiGNON (Hierome). A Briefe, &c. Printed by William Stansby for Nathaniel 

Butter, and are to be sold al his shop under 
Saint Augustines Gate. 161 6' 


RHENANUS (Beatus) Selestadiensis. 
Rerum Germanicarum Libri Tres. 

Adjecta est in cake Epistola ad D. Philippum Puchaimerum, de locis Plinii per 
St. Aquseum attactis ... ■ 

(bound with HiSTORiA RoMANA, OTi/a p. 85.) In Oiificina Frobeniana. I53i- 

RIBERA (Franciscus) Villacastinensis, Soc. Jesu Presbyter et S.T.D. 

In Librum Duodecim Prophetarum Commentarii. 

fol. Device : Jesuit monogram. Coloniae Agrippinae 

In officina Birckmannica sumptibus Arnoldi 
Mylii. 1593. 


RIOLANUS (Joannes) Professorum Regiorum Decanus. 

Opuscula Anatomica Nova . . . Instauratio magna Physicae et Medicinae; per 

novam doctrinam De motu circulatoiio sanguinis in corde. 
Accessere Notae in Jo. Wallaei duas epistolas de Circulatione Sanguinis. Ejusdem 

animadversiones, &c. 

4°. Londini 

Typis Milonis Flesher. 1649. 

RIVETUS (Andreas) Pictavus, SS. Theol. D. et Profess, in Academia Lugduno- 

Theologicae et Scholasticae Exercitationes CXC in Genesim, ex publicis ejus 

4°. Device : Man gathering fruit. Lugduni Batavoium 

' Non solus.' Ex officina Bonaventurae et Abraham! Elzevir 

Academiae Typograph. 1633. 

Commentarii in librum qui Exodus insciibitur ... ex publicis ejus praelectioni- 
bus in celeberrima Batavorum academia. 

4°. Device : Pelican feeding young. Lugduni Batavorum 

'Vivimus ex. uno.' apud Franciscum Hegerum e regione Aca- 

demiae. 1634. 

(i) Commentarius in Psalmorum Propheticorum, De Mysteriis Evangelicis, 
Decadem selectam. 

4'. [MS. on Title : R^ M^] Lugduni Batavorum 

Ex Bibliopolio Isaaci & Jacobi Commelini 
Ex officina Arnoldi Hoogenackeri. 1626. 

(2) Commentarius in Hoseam Prophetam. Accessit Elucidatio Cap. liii. Esaiae 

4". Device and tail-piece: Symbolical Lugduni Batavorum 

figure of Truth. Ex Bibliopolio Isaaci & Jacobi Commelmi 

AAHQEIAnANAAMATnP. Typis Petri MuUeri. 1625. 



RIVETUS (continued)— 

CRITICI SACRI I SPECIMEN. | Hoc est, | Censurae Docto|rum tam ex Ortho| 
doxis q.uam ex Pontifi|ciis, in scripta quae Patribus | plerisque priscorum & 
puriorum secu|loruin, vel afRnxit incogitan|tia, vel supposuit im|postura. 

8°. No. 2 in vol. beginning Typis Gotthardi Voegelini. ' [n. d.] 

Weber (Scrutinium &c.) 

RODERICK (Richard) S.T.P. CoIIegii Sioiiensis Praeses et Rect. Sancti Michaelis 
Bassishaw, London. 
Concio I ad | Clerum | Londinensem | Habita in | Ecclesia Parochiali S. Alphegi, | 
Mensis Maii vii, A.D. m dcc xxiii. 

4°. [MS. on Title : 5'^ May.] Londini 

No. 16 in vol. beginning Impensis C. Rivington ad Insigne Bibliorum 

TrApp (Joseph). The Mischiefs, &c. & Coronae in Ccemeterio D. Pauli. '723. 

ROGERS (Richard) Preacher of the Word of God at Wethersfield, Essex. 
Seven Treatises on the Practice of Christianity. 

Fifth Edition corrected and enlarged by the Author. 

4°. Device : Flaming heart. London 

Epistle Dedicatory to King James I. Printed by the Assignes of Thomas Man for 

[Bound in calf; has been fastened by a Richard Thrale, & are to be sold at the Cross 

chain.] Keys at Pauls Gate. 1630. 

A Commentary upon the Whole Booke of Judges, Preached first and delivered in 
sundrie lectures ; since collected, and diligently perused. 

fol. [Hunc librum Musteo publico Leices- London 

trensi in gratiam ibidem studiosornm dono dedit Imprinted by Felix Kyngston for Thomas Man, 

Elizabetha Bonnett relicta et executrix Jo- and are to be sold at his shop in Pater-Noster- 
hannis Bonnett nuper curati beatae Mariae Row, at the signe of the Talbot. 1615. 

Leicestr, et concionatoris reverendi et (quod 
mirandum) indigenae dilectissimi. '26. Octobr. 
anno domini 1632.] 

At the end : ' Gentle Reader, I entreate thee beare vti'Ca and correct with thy pen these errors 
following : The Coppie being very badly written, and the Author farre off, and unable to tend the 

ROIOLUS (Johannes). 

Super Alexandre Grammatico Lectura regiminis et constructionis. 
fol. Engraved Title. Venundantur a Petrb Mareschal: et Bamaba 

Pierre Mareschal Chauffard Impressoribus Lugd. et bibliopolis, 

Bernabe Chauffard. juxta couetu frrn pdicator; diet nostre dame de 



Left side : Colophon. Explicit expositio regiminis el 

Si virtus animi sperare caducis constnictionis magistri Johanis Roioli vna cum 

Creditur : ex cultis nil dignum duxero questionibus ejnsdem. Necnon quibusdam copen- 

libris. diosis additionibus de nouo rursus insertis per 

Right side : magistru deueidellay. Lugduni impressa per 

Ecce parare tibi posthac studiosajuuentus Claudium dauost. Expensis honestorum viro- 

Ere potes modico que multo impressimus rum Petri Mareschal et Barnabe Chauffard in 

auro. mercantiis sociorumq; comorantium juxta vene- 

Finely printed and perfect, but much randum conueiitu sacre virginis del genitricis 

wormed. Original stamped leather binding. Marie, gal. diet de confort. Anno domini 

[MS. below Colophon : M.CCCCCVII. Die xvi. mensis Januarii. 

Guido Russi habuit et emit istum librum L'5°7'l 
Anno Millesimo quingentessimo xvij° die viii 
mensis Marcii. G. Russi.] 

ROLLOCUS (Robertus) Scotus, Minister Jesu Xti in Ecclesia Edinburgensi. 
In Librum Danielis Prophetae Commentarius. Editio altera. 

8°. Device : Tree ; men planting and Geuevae 

watering. Inscription in Hebrew characters. apud Jacobum Steer. 1610. 

Epistle Dedicatory to James VI and Anne of 


PAULI di DIDIS | A. M. A. | Sophia [ Panaretos | Qua | spiritu & ritii, filo et 
stylo, I norm! et forma, aura & aur6 | Gratiosi Ord's. Fratrum | Rosatae 
Crucis I ad Beatam & Bonam vitam, | itur & pervenitur, | Dei & Hominum 
gratia conciliatur & impetratur. 

S°. No. 5 in vol. beginning Cum gratia & Privilegiis. 

Cygn^us. Conspicilium, &c. Chronogram, p. 10 : verso 


bonis & gratlosls. 1618. 

RUIZ DE MONTOYA (Didachus) Hispalensis, Soc. Jesu. 

Commentarii | ac Disputationes | ad quaesriones XXIII & XXIV ex prima parte 
S. Thomae, | De Piedestinatione ac reprobatione | hominum, et Angelorum. | 
Prodeunt nunc primum. 

fol. Engraved Title-page. ' Lugduni 

C. Audran fecit. sumptibus Jacobi Cardon. 1629. 

Quaestiones et Articuli ex prima parte S. Thomae. De Providentia Dei, &c. 
fol. (Title wanting.) Lugduni 1630. 



Trial before the House of Peers for High Crimes and Misdemeanors ; upon an 
Impeachment by the Knights, Citizens & Burgesses in Parliament assembled 
Feb. 27, i7f§-March 23. 

fol. Published by order of the House of Peers 

Printed for Jacob Tonson at Grays-Inn-Gate 
in Grays-Inn-Lane. 1 710. 

' In Pursuance of an Order of the House of Peers, of the Twenty Third Day of March i •j\% I do 
Ap-point Jacob Tonson to Print the Tryal of Doctor Henry Sacheverell, and do Forbid any other 
Person to Print the same. Cowper C 

SACHEVERELL (Henry) M.A., Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxon. 

The I Nature, Guilt, and Danger | of | Presumptuous Sins ) Set forth. In a | 
Sermon | Preach'd Before the | University of Oxford, | At S*. Mary's, Septemb. 
14*!', 1707. 
4°. [MS. on Title : 6^ Oxford 

13. Decemb. 1707.] Printed by Leon. Lichfield, for John Stephens, 

No. 3 in vol. beginning Bookseller : And are to be sold by James 

Trapp (Joseph). The Mischiefs, &c. Knapton at the Crovvne in S'. Paul's Church- 
yard, London. 1708. 

SACHEVERELL (Henry) . . . , and Chaplain of St. Saviour's, Southwark. 

The Perils of False Brethren, | both in Church, and State : Set forth in a I Sermon ' 

Aldermen, and 
On the 5th of 

Preach'd before | The Right Honourable, | The | Lord-Mayor, 
Citizens of London, | At the | Cathedral-Church of S*. Paul, 
November, 1709. 
4°. [MS. on Title : London 

10''. 24. Novemb.] Printed for Henry Clements, at the Half-Moon 

in S'. Paul's Church-yard. I709- 

[MS. ' A very bold sermon & very home upon y' Fanaticks shewing y" dangers y" church is 
exposed to, & inveighs severely ags' y" principles & practice of y" Fanaticks.'] 
No. 6 in vol. beginning 

Trapp (Joseph). The Mischiefs, &c. 

SADEEL (Antonius) Chandeus. 

Opera Theologica, vol. uno comprehensa. 

Accessit CI. viri Jac. Lectii Juris-cons. de Vita A. S. et scriptis Epistola ad Ampl. 
V. Archiepiscopum Cantuariensem. Editio Secunda. 

fol. Dedication to ' Henr: IV. Galliarum Excudebat Joannes le Preux. 1593. 

et Navarrae R.' 

Device : Fruitful tree, three stumps, hand 
holding axe. Figure pointing to scroll, ' Vide 
benignitatem ac severitatem Dei.' 


SALTER (Robert). 

Wonderfull | Prophecies | From the beginning | of the Monarchy of this Land, 
hid|den under the Parables of: 

Three young Noble-men in a fiary Fornace. 
A chast wife, and two old Fornicators. 
The Idol Belus and his Dragon. 
, ^ Daniel in a Den amid Lyons. 

Together^with an Essay touching the late Prodigious Comete, &c. 
4°. [MS. on Title : ' In this booke is mnch London 

error displayed.'] Printed by William Jones dwelling in Red- 

No. 4 in vol. beginning H (J.) A Descrip- crosse streete. 1627. 

tion, &c. 

SANCTA CLARA (Franciscus) [Davenport, Christophorus seu Franciscus] nuper 

apud Duacenses in Collegio D. Bonaventurae Provinciae Angliae FF. Minorum 

S. Theol. Lector primarius. Provinciae Angliae Fratrum minorum Minister 


Deus, Natura, Gratia, Sive Tractatus De Praedestinatione, de Mentis et Peccatorum 

remissione, &c. 
Accessit paraphrastica expositio reliquorum Articulorum Confessionis Anglicae. 
8°. Dedication to Chas. I. Lugduni 

Impressnm anno 1635. 

Apologia Episcoporum, seu, Sacri Magistratus Propugnatio . . . Praemittuntur 
Anarcharum politicismi. 

8°. Coloniae Agrippinae 

apnd Bemai'dum Brunum. 1640. 

[SANDYS (Sir Edwin).] 

Europae Speculum, or a View or Survey of Religion in the Western parts of the 
World . . . Never till now published according to the Authour's Originall 
Multum diuque desideratum. 
.o_ Hagae-Comitis. 1629. 

SANDYS (George). 

A Relation of a Journey begun An: Dom: 16 10. 

Foure Bookes, the third Edition. 

fol. Book plate : London 

Ste: Apthorp Printed for Ro. Allot. 1633. 

Coll. Regal. Cant. Soc. 
Engraved Title. Copper-Plates. Franciscus 
Delaune sculp. 
[MS. on cover and Title : 

Edward Hawkyn his booke 1675.] 


SARCERIUS (Erasmus) Annaemontanus. 
f I . In Evangelia Dominicalia Postilla. 
1 2. „ Festivalia ,, 

8°. Woodcuts. Francofurti 

Device : Fire burning heart on altar. apud Haeredes Christiani Egenolphi. 

[MS. on Title : IS^I- 

The booke of francis Higginson 
price iiij' ] 

In Epistolas Dominicales ac Festivales Expositionep. 

8°. [MS. on Title : Franc[ofurti] 

The booke, &c. Apud Haeredes Chri: Egenol. 1561. 

price ij'.] 
Device as on last. 

First capital letter, wood-cut of Pelican 
in piety. 

SAYRUS (Gregorius) Anglus, Ordinis D. Benedicti Congregationis Casinensis, 
alias S. Justinae de Padua, Monachus et Sacri Monasterii Casinensis 
Clavis Regia j Sacerdotum | Casuum Conscientiae j sive | Theologiae Moralis | 
Thesauri Locos omnes aperiens. 

fol. Device : Jesuit Monogram. Monasterii Westfalliae 

[Ex dono Johannis Evans Londini vere sumptibus Michaelis Dalii & Bernardi Raesfelt. 

Generosi et (quod beneficentiam maxime pro- 1628. 

movet) hisce partibus penitns ignoti.] 

SCAPULA (Joannes). 
, Lexicon Graeco-Latinum . . . additum auctarium dialecticorum . . . Accedunt 

Lexicon Etymologicum . . . et Joan. Meursii Glossarium contractum. 
Editio Nova accurata. 

fol. Pigskin binding, stamped. Amsteljedami 

Device: Tree. Man gathering fruit. apud Joannem Blaeuw 

'Non solus.' & 

Ludovicum Elzevirium. 1652. 

ZUINGER (Jacobus) Philosophus et Medicus Basiliensis. 
Graecarum Dialeciorum Hypotyposis. 

fol. No separate Title. 


SCHARPIUS (Joannes) Scoto-Britannus, Andreapolitanus, Pastor et SS. Theol. 
Doct. et Profess, in Academia Ecclesiarum Delphinatus apud Dienses. 
Cursus Theologicus, in quo Controversiae omnes De Fidei Dogmatibus . . . 

4°. Device : An Angel holding book stand- Genevae 

ing close to Cross on figure of Death (1620). apud Petrum & Jacobum Chonet. 

2 copies each 2 vols. 1620 

[MS. on 1620 copy : Aureliae AUobrogum 

' John Angell sen.' (erased) apud Franciscum Nicolanm. 1622. 

MS. on 1622 copy : 

' Ex dono Gulielmi Heyricke senioris.' 
MS. on Title : Nath. Burnand.] 

Symphonia Prophetarum et Apostolorum. In duas partes divisa. 

4°. Device as on preceding. Genevae 

apud Petmm & Jacobum Chonet. 


SCHELHAMMERUS (Guntheius Christophorus) Academiae hucusque Jenensis 
nunc Cimbriae Professor. 

1. De Humani Corporis Tumoribus eorumque legitima curatione. 

4°. Device : Basket of fruit between Jenae 

foliap-e sumtu Jo. Bielkii, Bibliopolae Jenensis. 

^ ■ 1695- 

2. Programma Anatomicum quo Philiatros suos postremum allocutus est. 

sumptibus Johannis Bielke, Bibliopol. 

Literis Krebsianis. 1695. 


3. De Genuina Febres curandi Methodo Dissertatio. 

4°. Device : Pelican in Piety. J™^^^. , , . , 

' In beatifico verbo vivo tuo.' apud Johannem Bielgkium. 1693. 

In the first tract the last two leaves of the Epistola ad Lectorem are bound in after p. 8, and 
p. 9, which should have reverse blank, is wanting. 

SCHOTTUS (Andreas) Soc. Jesu Presbyter. 
Adagialia Sacra Novi Testamenti Graeco-Latina. 

4°. Device: Hand and Compasses, &c. J'^^^%?'''^- ■ 

TT- ;t\,„ =;^« Ex officina Plantmiana 

Figure cthe^r^s^d. ^^ ^^^^^^_^^.^ , ^^^^^^^^^.^ ^^^^^, ^,^^_ 


SCLATER (William) D.D. and Minister of Pitmister, in Somerset. 

The Quaestion of | Tythes | Revised. | Arguments for the | Moralitie of Tything, 
enlar-|ged, and cleared. | Objections more | fully, and distinctly answered. | 
Mr. Selden's Historic, so farre as | Mistakers haue made it Ar-|gumentatiue 
against the Moralitie, | ouer-ly viewed. 

Deut. 33. Verse 10, 11. 
Of Leui he said. They shall teach Jacob thy Judgements, and Israel thy 
Law. Blesse, Lord, his substance, and accept the worke of his hands : 
Smite through the loynes of them that rise against him, and of them that 
hate him that they rise not againe. 
4». [MS. on Title : London 

I'-e"*.] , Printed by John Legatt. 1623. 

No. 2 in vol. beginning USSERIUS. Veterum 

SCULTETUS (Abraham) Griinbergensis, Silesius. 

Medulla | Theologiae | Patrum | qui a temporibus Apo-|stolorum ad Concilium 
usque Nice-|num floruerunt cum praefatione Davidis Parei Theol. Doctoris. 

Pars Prima et Tertia. 
4°. Engraved margin to Title. Ambergae 

Michael Forster. ' Fortitudine et labore.' Pars 1'. Ex typographeio Forsteriano 1603. 

» 3°'- Typis Gotthardi Voegelini. 1609. 

Idea Concionum in Jesaiam Prophetam ad populum Haidelbergensem habitarum, 
Confecta studio et opera Balthasaris Tilesii Sagani Solesii. 
8°. Device : Man climbing tree. Genevae 

' Non sine labore.' Excudebat Petrns Aubertus. 1618. 

Exercitationes Evangelicae. Liber Primus et Secundus. 

4°. Device : Anchor grasped by hands. , Amstelrodami 

Serpent entwined. apud Henricnm Lanrentium Bibliopolam 

Two copies. Typis Frederici Heynsii Typographi in Acad. 

Franekerana. 1624. 

SELDEN (John) Jurisconsultus. 

De Successionibus in Bona Defuncti, seu Jure Haereditario, ad Leges Ebraeorum. 

4°. Londini 

Typis Guillielmi Stanesbeii, Prostant apud 
Edmundum Weaver et Joannem Smithick. 


De DIs Syris Syntagmata II, opera Andreae Beyeri. 

8°. Amstelodami 

apud LucamiBisterum. 1680. 


SENNERTUS (Daniel) Vratislaviensis Doctor et Professor Medicinae in Academia 
Opera : Editio novissima ceteris omnibus auctior et correctior. 
fol. 4 vols/bound in two. Lugduni 

Device : Ptolomeus ^gypt. Euclides. Sumptibus Joannis Antonii Huguetan & Marci 
Armillary Sphere between. Antonii Ravaud. 1656. 

' Universitas rerum iit pulvis in manu 

SETONUS (Joannes) Cantabrigiensis. 

Dialectica, Brevem in contextum constricta, eademque in scholiis per exempla 
latius explicata. 

8°. [MS. on Title : Colophion : Londini. 

' pretium hnjus libri vj''. In officina nuper Tho. Berthel typis impress. 

Guilielmus Ibgrave est testis, Anno M D LXiii. 

5"" Maye 1580.' Epistle Dedicatory to the Bishop of Win- 
On back of Title (after MS. obliterated) : Chester, Chancellor of the University. 

' Sum liber Joannis Facii Majoris.'] » [1563.] 

Lectori Joannes Setonus. 
Qui reliquum qnserit logicam quod perficit artem, 

Sedulns insignem voluat Aristotelem. 
Omnia non possum docuisse, nee expedit, imo 

Prndens, alque sciens, plurima prastereo. 
Conabar pueris glaciem praescindere tantum, 

Hoc vbi nactus ero, nil moror vlteiius. 

Dialectica, annotationibus Petri Carteri . . . explicata . . . 
Huic accessit . . . Gulielmi Bucklaei Arithmetica. 

8°. [Many MS. annotations and interlinea- Londini 

tions.] apud Thomam Marshum. 

anno a virgineo partu 167°' 


Colophon : Casus literales etc. . . . Opera Andree Boucard famosissimae Universitatis 
Parisiensis librarii : Impensis vero Joannis Petit sub lilio aureo vici diui Jacobi 
commorantis. Anno ab encarnacione domini quingentesimo xxiiii (1524) . . . 


apparatu Secellini de Cassanhis. 1524. 

■ 4°. [Double columns in Gothic type, red 
and black, in the original stamped leather, 
re-backed. Slightly imperfect at the beginning. 

Badge and Device of Jehan Petit.] 


SGUROPULUS (Sylvester). 

Vera | Historia | Unionis non Verae | inter Graecos et Latinos : | sive | Concilii 
Florentini | exactissima narratio. 

Transtulit in sermonem Latinum &c. Robertus Creyghton S. Th. Doctor et 
S. Burianae Decanus. 
fol. Dedication to Charles II. Hagae-Comitis 

Ex Typographia Adriaui Vlacq. 1660. 

SHAW (John) Rector of Whalton in Northumberland, and Preacher at Si. John's in 

New-Castle upon Tine. 

Origo Protestantium : | Or, an | Answer | To a | Popish Manuscript | (of N. N's) | 

That would fain make the | Protestant Catholick Religion | Bear date at the 

very time when the | Roman Popish commenced in the World. | Wherein | 

Protestancy is demonstrated | to be elder than Popery. | 

To which is added, a | JESUIT'S letter | with the Answer thereunto annexed. 

4°. London 

Printed for H. Brome at the Gun in S' Paul's 
Church-yard. 1677. 

In the same vol. . (2) Controversy, &c., A Short Defence. (3) Controversy, &c., A Dis- 
course, &c. (4) Controversy, A Discourse, &c. (5) Controversy, A Discourse. 
(6) Controversy, A Resolution, &c. (7) Controversy, A Discourse. (8) Controversy, 
A Discourse. (9) Controversy, A Brief Discourse, (i o) Controversy, &c., A Persuasive, 
(n) Controversy, &c., A Discourse. (12) Controversy, &c., A Discourse. 

SICHARDUS (Joannes) in Acad. Tubing, jur. prof. 

Chronica, hoc est, Rerum secundum temporum successiones in orbe gestarum 

fol. Basileae. [1549-] 

per Henricnm Petri. 

(Bound with the above.) 

BIBLIANDER (Theodorus). 

Temporum a condito mundo usque ad ultimam ipsius aetatem supputatio, 
partitioque exactior. 
fol. Device : Arion on dolphin. Basileae 

apud Jacob. Parcum per Joannem Oporinum. 


SLUTERUS (Severinus) Scholae Stadensis Rector. 
Antithesis | Philanthropiae Divinae | et | 

Misanthropiae Calvinianae | circa aeternam hominum salutem. 
8°. Hamburgi 

Ex Bibliopolo Frobeniano. 161 1. 


SNAPE (Andrew) D.D., Chaplain to his Grace the Duke of Somerset, and Rector of 
St Mary at Hill. 
A I Sermon | Preach'd | Before the Right Honourable | The | Lord-Mayor, | the | 
Aldermen and Citizens of London, | At the | Cathedral Church of St. Pauls, | On 
Monday the 30th of Jan. 1 7ff | Being | The Anniversary Fast for the Martyr- 
dom I of King Charles the First. 
4°. [MS. on Title : London 

6*. 20 February 09 (nnder 1710).] Printed for Jonah Bowyer, at the sign of the 

No. 8 in vol. beginning Rose in Lndgate-Street. 1710. 

Trapp (Joseph). The Mischiefs, &c. [MS. correction, 1709.] 

SOME, or Soame (Robert). 

Treatise against ' certaine grosse and Anabaptisticall fancies, giuen out and holden 
by the Anabaptisticall recusants ' 

I. That Queene Elizabeth ought to abolish the Vniversities of Cambridge and 

Epistle Dedicatory to SirChristopherHatton, Imprinted at London by G. B. Deputie to 

Lord Chancellonr, and Lord Bnrleigh, Lord Christopher Barker, Printer to the Queenes most 
High Treasurer, Chancellours of the Univer- excellent Majestic. 1589. 

sities of Cambridge and Oxford. 
(No title.) 
No. 5 in vol. beginning 

Pie (Thos.). Usuries, &c. 
' It hath pleased Master Penry in his supplication to the Parliament to remember mee, and forget 
himselfe. When he hath performed his promise touching my booke, I will suruey and 
reduce his erronrs & fancies into a short snmme, and so giue ouer an ignorant, bolde, and 
Anabaptisticall wrangler. Robert Some.' 

SOTO (Dominicus) Segobiensis, Ord. Pred. publicus apud Salmanticenses Professor. 
Commentarii in Quartum Sententiarum. Tomus I. 

fol. Device : SS. Peter and Paul, with Duaci 

sacred monogram, and emblems of the Passion. Ex typographia Petri Borremans, sub signo 

SS. apostolorum Petri & Pauli. 1613. 

SPECULUM JESUITICUM, | Or, | The Jesuites | Looking-|glasse. | Wherein they 
may behold Ignatius | (their Patron), his Progresse, their owne | Pilgrimage : 
His life, their beginning; | proceedings, propagation, and | present state, or 
Together with a true Catalogue of all their | CoUedges, profess'd Houses, Houses 
of Approbation, | Seminaries, and Houses of Residence in all parts of the | 
world. And lastly the true number of the Fellowes of | their Societie, taken 
out of their owne | Bookes and Catalogues. 

Which may serue as a fore-warning for England, to chase | away in time, 
this traytorous and insociable Societie, | or disordered Jesuiticall Order. 

■ By L. O. that hath beene an occular witnesse of their | Impostures and Hipocrisie. 



4°. ' Herba mala cito crescit.' London 

No. 1 2 in vol. beginning : Printed by T. C. for Michael Sparke, dwelling 

BiGNON (Hierome). A Briefe. in Greene-Arbor at the signe of the Blue Bible. 


SPEED (John). 

The Historie of Great Britain, under the Conquests of the Romans, Saxons, Danes 
and Normans. 3rd Edition. 

fol. Device : Dolphin round Anchor. London 

' Princeps subditonim Incolumitatem Pro- Printed by John Dawson for George Hymble 

curans.' & are to be sold in Popes-Head Pallace, at the 

signe of the White Horse. 1632. 

STAPLETON'S Dictionary (imperfect). 

1. English- Latin (begins with ' to cast through often, i. Trajecto '). 

2. Dictionarium Etymologicum Latinum. 

3. Dictionarium Etymologicum Propriorum nominum. 

Dedication to Sir Clement Throckmorton. Dated 
E. Musaeo Southamiae Cal. Mart. 1611. 
Dignitatis tuae studiosissimus 

de Sacra-Qnercy. 

4. part of Greek-Lexicon, ending with ' vd/xos '. [n. d.] 

STELLATUS (Joseph) Secretioris Philosophiae alumnus. 

Pegasus Firmamenti. | Siue | Introdu-|ctio Brevis in | Veterum Sapientiam, | quae 
olim ab /Egyptiis & Persis Magia ; | hodie vero a Venerabili Fraternitate 
Ro-|sae Crucis Pansophia reclfe voca-|tur, in Piae ac Studiosae Juventutis | gratiam 

Effigies Pegasi. 
Pegasus in terram ccelo dilabitur alto 
Europae ut lustret virginis usq; plagas. 

8". No. 3 in vol. beginning Cum gratia ApoUinis & Privilegio Musarum 

CygN/BUS. Conspicilium, c&c. Peculiari. 161S. 

STEPHANUS (Carolus) M.D., Typographus reg. Parisiensis. 

Dictionarium Latino-Gallicum jam inde post multas editiones plurimum adauctum. 
fol. Stamped leather, re-backed. Lutetiae 

Device : Christ and the Woman of Samaria. apnd Jacobum du Pnys, sub insigne Samaritanae 

e regione Collegii Cameracensis 1561. 
Colophon : 
Excudebatur Lutetiae, apud Carolum Stepha- 
num, Typographum Regium. Ann. MDLXI. 
Non. Febr. 


STEPHANUS (Henricus et Faulus^. 

Concordantiae Graecolatinae Testament! Novi. 
Accessit supplementum. 

fol. Device: Tree with severed branches 1600. 

falling. Man pointing to scroll with legend, 
' Noli altum sapere.' Beneath, ' Oliva Pauli 

STEPHENS (Nathaniel) Minister of Fenny Drayton, Leic. 

A plain and easie Calculation of the Name, Mark, and Number of the Name of 
the Beast . . . with a Commendatory Epistle by M^. Edm. Calamy. 

4°. London 

Printed by Ja; Cottrel, for Matth: Keynton, at 
the Fountain ; Nath: Heathcoat, at the gilded 
Acorn ; and Hen: Fletcher, at the three gilt Cups 
in S. Pauls Churchyard. 1656. 

STILLINGFLEET (Edward) Rector of Sutton, Beds : Dean of S* Paul's. 

Origines Sacrae | or a | Rational account of the Grounds | of | Christian Faith \ as 
to the I Truth ) and | Divine Authority | of the | Scriptures, | And the matters 
therein contained. 

4°. Book Label : London 

Walter Holbech. Leicester. Printed by R. W. for Henry Mortlock, at the 

[MS. on Title : sign of the Phoenix in S' Paul's Church-yard near 

J. D.'s. 4/6.] the little North-door. 1662. 

Another copy, sth Edition corrected and amended. 

4°. [At the end : London 

A Catalogue of some Books Printed for Printed by M. W. for Henry Mortlock at the 

Henry Mortlock at the Phoenix in S' Paul's Plioenix in S' Paul's Church-yard, and at the 

Church-yard.] White Hart in Westminster Hall. 1680. 

STONE (Edmund) Fellow of Wadh. Coll. Oxford. 

The construction & Principal uses of Mathematical Instruments, translated from 
the French of M. Bion, Chief Instrument Maker to the French King, to which 
are added the Constructio & uses of Such Instruments as are omitted by 
M. Bion, particularly of those invented or improved by the English. 

fol. Engravings. London 

[MS. on Title : Printed by H. W. for John Senex, at the Globe 

J. Harryman.] over against S' Dunstan's Church in Fleet-Street ; 

and William Taylor at the Ship & Black Swan 
in Paternoster Row. 1723. 


STRIGELIUS (Victorinus). 

Danielis Prophetae Scriptum ad Ebraicam et Chaldaicam veritatem recognitum. 

8°. [MS. on Title : Lipsiae 

R. B. pret. viij'.] Imprimebat Johannes Steinman 

Device: Crucifix out of the Ark of the Typis Voegelianis. IS^S- 


Hypomnemata in Omnes Psalmos Davidis ; ad finem adjecta sunt Grammatica 
annotata &c. 

8°. 2 vols, bound in one. Vol. II, ' edita Lipsiae 

a Victorino Strigelio.' Johannes Rhamba excudebat. 1567. 

Title with engraved border. 

Device as tail-piece : King David with 
harp. Psal. 10. 

' Tibi derelictus est pauper, pupillo tu eris 

[MS. on Title : 

The booke of ffrancis Higginson. iiij^ v'j^.^ 

STUKELEY (William) Rector of All-Saints in Stamford. 

National judgments the Consequence of a national profanation of the Sabbath. 
A I Sermon | Preached before the Honourable | House of Commons, | at | St. 

Margaret's, Westminster; | On the 30th Day of January, 1 741-2. | Being the 

Anniversary of the Martyrdom of King ] Charles I. 

4°. No. 19 in vol. beginning London 

Trapp (Joseph). The Mischiefs, &c. Printed for T. Cooper, at the 

Globe in Pater-Noster Row. 1742. 

STURMIUS (Joannes) Rector Academiae Argentoratensis. 
Palinodia ad Lucam Hosiandrum. 
Theses Hermanni Pacific! de Coena Domini. 

4". Device : Hands holding Cornucopia. Neapoli Palatinorum 

Matheo Harnisch. ' Ditat servata fides.' in officina Matthasi Hamisch. 

Bound with CONFESSIO AUGUSTANA. 1581. 

SUAREZ (Franciscus) S. J. in Collegio ejusdem Societatis Academiae Salamanticensis 
S. Theol. Professor. 
Commentaria in Tertiam Partem Divi Thomae. 

Editio Postrema ab ipso auctore recognita Disputationum de censuris in 
communi, excommunicatione, suspensione et Interdicto. 
fol. Vols. I, II, III, and V. Moguntiae 

[On Title : Ex officina Balthasari Lippii 

Bibliothecae publicae Leicestr. hunc Tomnm I, II, III. sumptibus Amoldi Mylii. 

(cum ceteris) (sociis) dedit Antonius Cadus V. „ Hermanni Mylii 

Vicarius de Billesdon.] Birckmanni. 




Nunc primum integer Latiiiitate donatus . . . opera et studio Jitnilii Porti Francisci 
Porti Cretinensis F. olim in celeberrima Heidelbergensi Academia ordinarii 
linguae Graecae Professoris celeberrimi. 

fol. 2 vols. Coloniae Allobrogum 

Device: Bird on serpent, and coraucopiae. apnd Petrum & Jacobum Chouet. 1619. 

' In nocte consilium.' , 

SUSENBROTUS (Joannes) Ravenspurgi Ludimagister. 
Grammaticae Artis Institutio. 

8°. Scroll on tree, with frogs beneath. [sine loco.] 1518. 

Christof. Froschover Zuo Zurich. 
Manil. lib. Astron. 3. 
' Ornari res ipsa negat contenta doceri.' 


A I Myld and | just defence of certeyne Ar-|guments, at the last session of | 
Parliament directed to that most Honorable High | Court, in behalfe of the 
Ministers suspended & | deprived &c. : for not Subscribing and Conforming | 
themselves &c. 
Against an Intemperat and unjust considerati-|on of them by M. Gabril Powell. 
The chiefe and generall | contents wherof are breefely layd downe immediatly 
after | the Epistle. 

4°. Bound in this vol. : Imprinted 1606. 

(2) Whetenhall (Thos.). 

(3) and (4) Controversy in the Church. 
A Replye, &c. 

SUTCLIFFE (Matthew) Dean of Exeter. 

The I Unmasking | of a Masse-monger. | Who | in the counterfeit | Habit of 
S. Augustine hath | cunningly crept into the Closets of | many English Ladies, | 
or I The Vindication of Saint Augustine's Confessions, \ from the false and 
malitious Calum-|niations of a late noted | Apostate. \ 

Psal. 22. 16. 
Dogges are come about mee, and the counsell of the Wicked hath assaulted mee. 

4°. [On p. I : London 

Ex dono Guilielmi Ward junior.] Printed by B. A. and T. Fawcet for Nich: 

Bourne and are to bee .sold at his shop neere to 
the Royall Exchange. 1626. 


SYBTHORPE (Robert) D.D., Vicar of Brackley. 

Apostolike | Obedience. | Showing the duty of Subjects to pay | Tribute and 
Taxes to their Princes, accor-|ding to the Word of God, in the Law | and the 
Gospell I and the Rules of Religion, | and Cases of Conscience ; . . . 

A Sermon Preached at Northampton, at the Assizes, for the Countie, Febr. 22, 

4°. No. 4 in vol. beginning London 

Laud (W™.) A Sermon. Printed by Miles Flesher, for R. M. 


SZEGEDINUS (Stephanus) Pannonius. 
Speculum Pontificum Romanorum. ... 

Epigrammatis acutis . . . locupletata a Christanno Favonio Ilinga. 
8°. Anno cioioxcu [1592.] 

Epistle Dedicatory to ' Dn. Petrus Literatus Kadas, Ungarus ' is dated ' Ex inclyla Helvetiorum 
urbe Basilea Anno Christi Redemtoris nostri 1584'. 

[MS. on back of Title : Paule, Clement, Leo et Jule 

' Paule, Leon, Jule, Clement Ont beaucoup gaign^ par leur .boules 

Ont mise nostre France en tonrmet. Jf le, Clement, Paule, Leon 

Jule, Clement, Leon et Paule Vn fait de maulx une million ! '] 

Ont pertrouble tout(e) la Gaule : 

Loci Communes Theologici. 

Tabulae Analyticae quibus exemplar illud sanorum sermonum de Fide, Charitate, 

Patientia, quod olim Prophetae, Evangelistae, Apostoli Uteris memoriaeque 

mandaverunt, fideliter declaratur. 

fol. Basileae 

per Conrad. Waldkirchium 
suis et Episcopianorum sumptibus. 1S99' 


Translation of the Annals, the History, & the Life of Agricola, by Richard 

fol. Title wanting. Printed at London by Arnold [ ] for 

[MS. : John Norton. 1605. 

John S' John 
Nicholas S' John his booke of Marlborowe.] 
Epistle Dedicatory to the Earl of Essex & 
Ewe, Earl Marshall of England. 

TALAEUS, vide RAMUS (Petr.). 


TARNOVIUS (Johannes) S. Theol. in Academia Rostoch. Professor. 
Exercitationes Biblicae. Editio Secunda ab Autore recognita. 
4°., Rostochii 

sumptum impendente Augustino Ferbero excusae, 

TARNOVIUS (Paulus). 

In S. Johannis Evangelium Commentarius. Inserta est Arabicae Paraphrasis a cl. 
viro M. Thoma Erpenio editae, latina translatio, &c. 

4°. Rostochii 

Typis Joachimi Pedani typographi, 
sumptibus Johannis Halletvordii, bibliopol. 


TAYLOR (Jeremy) D.D., late Bp. of Down and Connor. 


1. A Course of Sermons for all the Sundays of the Year. 2nd Edition corrected. 

fol. Epistle Dedicatory to the Earl of Car- London 

bery. Printed for Richard Royston at the Angel in 

Portrait : P. Lomhart sculpsit. Invie-Lane. 1655- 

Crest and coal of arms. 

2. XXVIII I Sermons | Preached at | Golden Grove; | Being for the Summer 
half-year, | Beginning on Whit-sunday, | And ending on the xxv. Sunday after | 
Trinity. | Together with | a Discourse of the Divine Institution, Necessity, 
Sacredness, | and Separation of the Office Ministeriall. 

fol. London 

Printed by R. N. for Richard Royston at the 

Angel in Ivie-Lane. 1654. 

'The Printer to the Reader. 

The absence of the Author, and his inconvenient distance from London, hath occasioned some 

lesser escapes in the impression of these Sermons, and the Discourse annexed. The Printer thinks 

it the best instance of pardon, if his Escapes be not layd upon the Author, and he hopes they are 

no greater then an ordinary understanding may amend, and a little charity may forgive.' 


Or, A Collection of Polemicall Discourses . . . Together with some Additional 
Pieces addressed to the Promotion of Practical Religion & Daily Devotion. 
3rd Edition enlarged. 

fol. [MS. on Title : London 

Pet: Osbom.l Printed by R. Norton for R. Royston, Book-. 

Epistle Dedicatory to Christopher, Baron seller to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty, a^ 
Hatton of Kirby. the Angel in Amen-Comer. 1674. 

At the end : 

Books Printed and Reprinted for Richard 
Royston, at the Angel in Amen Comer. 



In quern triplex edita est P. Antesignani Rapistagnensis Commentatio. 

Editio secundi exempli. 

4°. Device : Perseus with liead of Medusa. Lugduni 

EK nONOT KAE02. Apud Matliiam Bonhome, sub Clava aurea. 

[MS. bottom of Title: 1560- 

ekponou (sic)-/Laborantispro filiorti educa- 

tione. I 

kleos (sic)-/gloria, fama, nominis splendor.] 

Heautontimorumenos : el in earn Praelectiones Logicae, per Samuelem Sebaldum 

8°. Device: Minerva holding Caduceus with Francofurti 

Cornucopiae ; and Printer's badge. apud Johannem Wechelium et Petrum 

Fischerum Consortes. '592. 

TERTULLIANUS (Q. Sept. Florens). 

Opera, Nicolai Rigaltii, I. C. observationibus et notis illustrata. 

fol. Device : A wreath. Lutetiae 

' Corona legitimi certaminis.' sumptibus Mathurini du Puis, via Jacobaea, 

sub signo Coronae. 1634. 

,\. TESTAMENTUM Novum Graecum. 

Cum vulgata interpretatione Latina Graeci contextus lineis inserta : Quae 
quidem interpretatio cum a Gracarum dictionum proprietate discedit .... in 
margine libri est collocata : atque alia Ben. Ariae Montani Hispalensis operS 
e verbo reddita ... in ejus est substituta locum. 
fol. Device : Figure seated under palm Excudebat Petras de la Rouiere. 

tree before fountain. ' i6ig. 

Sola Dei mens 
Justitiae norma. 

2. Biblia Hebraica. Eorundem Latina Interpretatio Xantis Pagnini Lucensis, 
Benedicti Ariae Montani Hispal. & quorundam aliorum collato studio ad 
Hebraicam dictionem diligentissimfe expensa. 
[MS. jjret. 2/. I3J.] Imprint and date in Hebrew. 1618. 


Textui Graeco conjuncta est Versio Latina Vulgata, summorum Pontificum, 

Sixti V. and dementis VIII. autoritate edita et recognita. 
fol. Device : Hand shaking viper from Lutetiae Parisiorum 

finger into fire. apud Clandium Somnium et [Petrum Baillet] 

' Quis contra nos si Deus pro nobis.' (erased)— via Jacobaea sub scuto Basiliensi & 

Tomus Tertius. Navi aureS.. 1638. 

The vol. contains the whole of the N. T., 
also the Prayer of Manasseh and 2 Books of 
Esdras, with certain writings of S . Jerome. 




Sive Novum Foedus, Cujus Graeco contextu respondent interpretationes duae : una, 

vetus; altera, Theodori Bezae. 
Accessit etiam Joachimi Camerarii in Novum Foedus Commentarius. 
fol. Device : Symbolical figure. Cantabrigiae 

Alma Mater Cantabrigiensis Ex officina Rogeri Danielis, 

Hinc Incem et pocula sacra. Almae Academiae Typogra^hi. 1542. 

Et sub signo Angeli, in vico Lumbardensi 
(vulgo Lumbardstreet) Londini venales prostant. 


Secundum LXX, ex autoritate Sixti V. Pont. Max. editum cum Scholiis Romanae 
editionis. Ed. Joh. Morinus. 

fol. Device : as last but one. Lutetiae Parisiorum 

' Quis contra nos Si Deus pro nobis.' apud Claudium Somnium et [Petrum Baillet] 

2 vols. Title of Vol. II mutilated. (erased), via Jacobea, sub scuto Basiliensi et 

Navi aurea. 1628. 

THEODORETUS, Episcopus Cyrenensis. 
De selectis scripturae divinae quaestionibus ambiguis, Graced Latine, Joanne Pico 
Praeside inquisitoriarum classium senatus Parisiensis interprete. 
4°. Device : Christ and the Woman of Sa- Parisiis 

maria. Ex officina Jacobi Puteani k regione CoUegii 

[MS.; Jo. Chaundleri liber.] Caraeracensis, sub insigni Samaritanae. 1558. 

Dialogi I. II. HI. cum versione Victorini Strigelii, in capita xxnx tributus &c., &c., 
a Marco Beumlero Tigurino. 
8°. Tiguri 

apud Joannem Wolphium. 1593. 

Graecarum affectionum curatio ; seu Evangelicae Veritatis ex Graeca philosophia 

Graece et Latine opera Friderici Sylburgii Veter. 

fol. Device : Symbolical figure of Truth. Ex Typographeio Hieronymi Commelin. 


THEOPHYLACTUS, Archiepiscopus Bulgariae. 

Commentarii in Quatuor Evangelia. Graecfe et Latine. 

fol. Title and part of Dedication mutilated. [? Paris. 1631.J 

Dedication signed ' Carolus Morellus.' 

In D. Pauli Epistolas Commentarii studio et cura Augustini Lindselii, Episc. 
Herefordensis, cum Latina Ph. Montani versione. 

fol. Device: Royal Arms of England Londini 1636. 

surmounted by C. R. crowned. E Typographeo Regio. 

Dedication to Abp. Laud, signed T. Bailius. 

L 2 




Tertium Scriptum ; item Quartum Scriptum super quattuor libros Sententiarum 

fol. Fine copy, perfect and with uncut Colophon 
edges, bound in the original stamped leather 
on wooden boards. 

[MS. on fly-leaf, back and front : ' Christo- 
pher Welles.'] 

Acutissimi materiaru theologicaliu resolutoris 
Thome de Argentina prioris generalis ordinis 
fratrii heremitaru sancti Augustini scripta snp 
quattuor libros sententiarii per Martinu flach 
Argentine diligenti prehabita examinatione 
impssa finiunt. 1490. 

apud Petrum de la Roviere. 


fol. I vol. 

Device ; Ganymede and the Eagle. 
In Deo laetandum. 

THUANUS (Jacobus Augustus). 
Historiae Sui Temporis. 

fol. 4 vols, imperfect. 
Vol. I is missing ; 
Duplicates of III and IV. 

Device on II and III : Hand shaking viper from finger into fire. ' Neque mors neque venenum.' 
Device on IV : S. Peter on the Sea. ' Spes non confundit.' 
Device on V : Symbolical figure seated. 

Sola Dei mens. 

Justitiae norma. 

Historiae Sui Temporis Continuatio sive Tomus Quartus ab anno m dc viii usque 
ad annum m dc xviii. 

Excudebatur typis Wolfgangi Hofmanni, im- 
pensis Petri Kopffii & Balthasaris Ostern. 



De Bello Peloponnesiaco Libri Octo, lidem Latine ex interpretatione Laurentii 
Vallae, quam ^milius Portus, Francisci Porti Cretensis F. paternos commen- 
taries accurate sequutus . . . repurgavit . . . magnaque diligentia passim 
expolitam innovavit. 

fol. Device : Pegasus on Caduceus with Francofurti 

Comucopiae. W. W. apud haeredes Andreae Wecheli, Claudium 

Marnium & Joan. Aubrium. 1594- 

THUCYDIDES (transl.), vide HOBBES. 

TILENUS (Daniel) et CAMERON (Joannes). 

Amica Collatio | de Gratia | et Voluntatis | humanae concursu in Vocatione | et 
quibusdam annexis, | instituta inter | CI. V. Danielem Tilenum et Johannem 


Device : Man mounted pursued by wild 
' Dilectio fortis ut mors.' 

Lugduni Batavorum 

Excudebat Petrus MuUerus 

sumptibus Benedicti Mignonii, 

Bibliopolae Salmuriensis. 



TILLY (William) Rector of Albury, and late Fellow of C. C. C. Oxon. 

The Religious King, and the People's Prayers | for Him. | A | Sermon | Preached 
in the | Parish Church of Albury, near Rycot, in | Oxfordshire, June 18. | 
Being | The Sunday after the Inauguration of his Present Majesty | King 
George the Second, (whom God long | preserve) and upon that Occasion. 
4°. [MS. on Title : London 

5''. July.] Printed : And sold by J. Roberts, in Warwick- 

No. 18 in vol. beginning Lane. 1727. 

Trapp (Joseph). The Mischiefs, Sec. 

TOLETUS (Franciscus) Sec. Jesu. Cardinalis. 

In Sacrosanctum Joannis Evangelium Commentarii. 
/ol. Dedicated to Pope Sixtus V. Lugduni 

Device : Hand viith compasses drawing sumptibus Thomae Sonbron. 1614. 

circle. View of City. 

Merpoi' 'Apiarov. 

TORSHELL (Sam.) Pastor of Bunbury in Cheshire. 

The Three Questions | of | Free Justification, Christian Liberty, The use of the 
Law. Explicated in a briefe | Comment on S*. Paul | to the Galatians, from 
the I 16 ver. of the second ( Chapter, to the 26 of | the third. 

8°. No. 2 in vol. beginning London 

Bernard, Richard. Printed by I. B. for H. Overton, and are to 

' Christian see to thy Conscience.' be sold at his shop in Popes-head Alley, at the 

entring into Lnmbardstreet. 1632. 

TOSSANUS (Paulus). 
Index in Sacra Biblia locupletissimus ex Latina Immanuelis Tremelii et Francisci 
Junii versione quoad Vetus ; et Theodori Bezae quoad Novum Testamentum, 
juxta postremam editionem, coUectus. 

Jbl. Device and Tail-piece : Pegasus over Hanoviae 

Caduceus with Cornucopiae. Printers' badge. Typis Wechelianis, apud Danielem et Davi- 

dem Aubrios & Clementem Schleichitim. 


TOSTATUS (Alphonsus) Abulensis Episcopus. 

Opera Omnia, Quotquot in Scripturae Sacrae expositionem et alia adhuc extare 
inventa sunt, Nunc primum in Germania post Venetas impressiones diligentis- 
sime in lucem edita. 

fol. 13 vols. Coloniae Agrippinae 

[MS. Ex dono Arthur! Hesilrige.J sumptibus Joannis Gymnici & Antonii Hierati. 

Fine engraved Title to Vol. I. 1613. 



1 . Epiphanii (Episc. Cypri) De Prophetarum vita. 

2. Sophronii, Graecfe, et Hieronymi, Latinfe, libellus De vita Evangelistarum. 

3. Parabolae et miracula Graecis versibus a Gregorio Nazianzeno conscripta. 

4. D. Hieronymi Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum vita. 

5. Gennadii illustritim virorum catalogus. 

4°. Device : Fortune in a niche on globe. Basileae 

apnd And. Cratandrum". 1529. 


I. Elenchus motuum nuperorum in Anglia Simul ac Juris Regii et Parliamenti 
Brevis Enarratio. (Preface signed by Theodorus Veridicus). 

Francofurti ad Moenum 
ex oiificina Samuelis Broun. 1650. 


2. VOSSIUS (Isaac). 

De motu marium et ventorum Liber. 

Hagae Comitis 

/ 4°. nagae (^omitis 

"N Ex Typographia Adriani Ulacq. 1663. 

De Nili et Aliorum Fluminutn Origine. 

do. 1666. 


Appendix De Natura Lucis, &c. 

Responsio ad amicum De potentiis quibusdam mechanicis. 



1. Becano-Baculus Salcolbrigiensis, vel Refutatio Becanici Examinis Plagae Regiae, 

quoad Orthodoxam Protestantum doctrinam et Serenissimi Regis Angliae 
Primatum Ecclesiae Regium. 

Epistle dedicatory to ' Henricus, Magnae Britanniae, Franciae et Hyberniae, 
Haeres ' — signed ' Hainricus Salcolbrigiensis '. 

8°. Oppenhemii 1611. 

Typis Hieronymi Galleri. 
^re viduae Levini Hulsii. 

2. Guilielmi de Pratis, Soc. Jesu Presbyteri Epistola ad P. Martinum Becanum 

Soc. Jesu Theologum Doctorem Illuminatissimum directa. Super privilegiis 
Calvinistarum ab eodem D. Becano nuper evulgatis. 
8°. Device : Pillar emitting flames beneath Oppenhemii 1611. 

sacre monogram. E Typographic Hieronymi Galleri. 

' Deo duce et vindice.' 


The I Copie of a | Late Decree of | the Sorbone at Paris, for the | condemning of 
that impious and | haereticall' opinion, touching the | murthering of Princes: 
Generally maintained by the Jesuites, | And amongst the rest, of late by 
Joannes Mariana, | a Spaniard : | 
Together, with the Arrest of ParHa-|ment, for the Confirmation of that Decree, | 
And the condemning of the said Mariana's | Booke, to be publiquely burnt 
by I the Executioner. 

Taken out of the Register of the Parliament, and translated into English. 

4°. No. 3 in vol. beginning Imprinted at London 

BiGNON (Hierome). A Briefe, &c. by R. C Anno i6io. 

The I Friers | Chronicle : [ or, | The True Legend | of Priests and | Monkes lives. 

Sua cuique, mihi mea. , 

4°. Device : Tree with severed branches London 

falling. Man pointing to scroll with legend. Printed for Robert Mylbourne, and are to be 

'Noli altnm sapere '. sold at his shop at the great South doore of 

No. 10 in vol. beginning . Pauls. 1623. 

BiGNON (Hierome). A Briefe, &c. 

The I Legend | of the | Jesuites. | Or a Summarie Collection of | the reasons, for 
which the Citizens of | Troyes in France, being Roman Ca-|tholiks, refuse to 
receiue the Societie | of the Jesuites. 

Extracted out of the Decrees of the Sor-|bone, out of the Remonstrances 
made unto the | King by his Parliament of Paris, out of E-|dicts and Arrests, out 
of the Histories | of diuers Kingdomes, and many | other good Authors. 

Newly published in French. And now faithfully done into English. 

4°. No. 9 in vol. beginning London 

BiGNON (Hierome). A Briefe, &c. Printed by A. M. for Thomas Dewe, and are 

to be sold at his Shop in Saint Dnnstons Church- 
yard Fleetstreet. 1623. 

The I Publication | of the Peace ac-jcording to the good | pleasure of the King, 
and my | Lord the Prince of Conde, | first Prince of the blood, | and Peere of 

Published in the Towne of Loudun, | the 14 of May, 1616. 

Agreeing with the copie imprinted at | Tours by Charles Gregory. 

4°. No. 8 in vol. beginning London 

BiGNON (Hierome). A Briefe, &c. Printed by Edward Griffin for Nathaniel 

Butter, and are to bee solde in Pauls Church- 
yard at the Pyde-BuU neare to S. Austinsgate. 



TRAPP (Joseph) M.A., Fellow of Wadham College, Oxen. 

The Mischiefs of Changes in Government; and the | Influence of Religious 

Princes to prevent them. 
A I Sermon | Preach'd before the | Mayor, and Corporation | of | Oxford, ] On 
Friday, March 8, i7of | Being the | Anniversary | of | Her Majesty's | Inau- 

Publish'd at the Request of the Common Council. 

^0. [MS. onTiUe: Oxford 1705. 

(fi. 4 April, 1706. Printed at the Theater, for John Stephens, 

MS. List of Contents to this vol.] 1705. And sold by J. Knapton, at the Crown 

in S' Paul's Ch. Yard. London. 

Bound in this toI. : (2) Miller (Tho.), (3) Sacheverell (H.), (4) Bisse (Tho.), (5) Atterbnry (Fr.), 
(6) Sacheverell (H.), (7) Cooke (Thos.), (8) Snape (Andrew), (9) Butler (L.), (10) Burs- 
cough (W.), (11) Wilcocks (Bp.), (12) Hare (Fr.), (13) A Gentleman, (15) Hare (Fr.), 
(16) Roderick (R.), (17) Doughty (G.), (18) Tilly (W.), (19) Stnkeley (W.), (20) [Gilbert] 
John, Bp. of Llandaff. 


8°. Title wanting. 

Book-label ; Samuel Paxton, Northampton. 

TURQUET (Lewis de Mayerne). 

The Generall Historic of Spaine,to 1583. Translated into English, and continued 
unto these times by Edward Grimeston, Esq. 

fol. [MS. Ex dono Johannis Turvyle London 

Armigeri.] Printed by A. Islip, and G. Eld. 1612. 

Index finished in MS. 

URSINUS (Zacharias) Vratislaviensis, Theol. Doct. et Professor in Acad. Heidel- 
bergensi et Neustadiana. 
Opera Theologica. 

fol. 3 vols, bound in one. Heidelbergae 

Device : Jonah cast on land. Typis Johannis Lancelloti Acad. Typog. 

• Fata viam invenient.' Impensis Jonae Rosae. 1612. 

USSERIUS (Jacobus) Armachensis Archiepiscopus [Ussher, James, Archbishop of 
An answer to a challenge made by a Jesuite in Ireland. With a sermon preached 
before His Majesty at Wansted [The Sermon is omitted in this copy]. 

4°. London 

Printed for the Society of Stationers. 


USSHER (James) Archbishop of Armagh [Usserius (Jacobus) Armachanus Archi- 


Veterum | Epistolarum | Hibernicarum | Sylloge; | Quae partim ab Hibernis, 
partim ad | Hibernos, partim de Hibernis vel rebus | Hibernicis sunt con- 

Jacobus Usserius . . . CoUegit & Recensuit. 

4°- . . Dublinii 

Bound in this vol. : Ex officica Typographica Societatis Biblio- 

(2) Sclater ( W"), (3) Cyrillus, (4) Wegelinus, polanim. 

(5) Epistolae variae, (6) Broughton (Hugh). Anno M D cxxxil. [1632.J 

VALERIANUS (Joannes Pierius) Bellunensis. 

(i) Hieroglyphica, | sive | De Sacris .^gyptiorum | aliarumque gentium litteris, | 
Commentariorum Libri | LVIII cum duobus aliisab eruditissi-|mo viro annexis. 
^ Editio novissima. 

4°. Device : Lion holding shield with Coloniae Agrippinae 

Printer's badge. Ex officina Hieratorum FF. 1631. 

' Virtnte duce Comite fortuna.' 

{2) Hieroglyphicorum | Collectanea, ex ve-|teribus et neote|ricis descripta, | in sex 
librosordine | alphabetico digesta, | Etnuncprimum | Joannis Pierii Valeriani, 
et I eruditi Anonymi sexaginta Hieroglyphi-|corum Libris addita. 

4°. Coloniae Agrippinae 

Sumptibus Antonii & Arnoldi Hierati. 


(3) Hieroglyphica HorapoUinis, a Davide Hoeschelio . . . edita. 

(4) Pro Sacerdotum Barbis, ad Clariss : Cardinalem Hippolytum Medicem decla- 

4°. Col. Agripp. 1631. 

(5) Poemata. 1631- 

(6) De Litteratorum infelicitate, Libri'duo. Ejusdem Bellunensia. Nunc primum fe 

Bibliotheca LoUiniana in lucem edita. 

40. [n.d.] 

VAN HELMONT (Joannes Baptista) Toparcha in Royenborch, Pellines &c. 

(i) Ortus Medicinae id est Initia Physicae inaudita. Progressus medicinae novus, 
in morborum ultionem, ad vitam longam. 
Edente Authoris filio Francisco Mercurio Van Helmont. 

4°. Device : Minerva under a Tree. Amsterodami 

' Ne extra oleas." Apud Ludovicnm Elzevirinm 1648. 

(2) Doctrina inaudita, De causis, modo fiendi, contentis, radice & resolutione 

LITHIASIS &C. Place and date as above. 

(3) Febrium Doctrina inaudita. Editio Secunda. „ ,, ,, 

(4) Tumulus Pestis. Editio Secunda. ,, ,, 


VELTHUSIUS (Lambertus) Ultrajectinus. 

Tractatus duo Medico-Physici unus De Liene alter De Generatione. 

Device : Minerva seated under tree with Trajecti ad Rhenum 

scroll ' Pax Artium Altrix ' ; below: 'Minerva Typis Theodore ab Ackersdiick & Gilberti a 

Trajectina.' Zyll. I567- 

[MS. on Title :. 

p'tium ij'.] 


Institutionum Scholasticarum Libri Tres. 
8°. [some MS. annotations.] Antverpiae 

At the end : Typis Geriirdi Smits. Apud Joannem Eellernm ad insigne Aquilae 

aureae. i573- 

VICCARS (Joannes) Anglus. 

Decapla in Psalmos : sive Commentarius ex Decern linguis MSS et impressis . . . 
cum Specimine linguae Cophticae, Pers. et Ang. MSS . . . 
fol. Bound in Calf. I A back and front. Londini 

Dedication to Abp. Land, 'e consiliis Apud Robertum Young. 1639. 

Regis secretioribus.' 

Device: A King enthroned. 

VIRGILIUS (Publius) Marc. 

Opera, — Bucolicon, Georgicon, Aeneis. 
Studio et opera Gregorii Bersmani Annaebergensis. 

Quibus accesserunt et alia quaedam cum Virgilii tum aliorum poemata, lectioni & 
studio juventutis Scholasticae profutura. 
8°. Wood-cnt illustrations. Colophon. Lipsiae 

Tail-piece : Figure of man trampling on Imprimebat Michael Lantzenberger Impensis 

Death, &c. • Henningi Grossii & Valentini Voegelini Bibliop. 

Legend round border : in volvn.tva stabi- Anno 


VORSTIUS (Conradus)' S.T.D. In Schola Steinfurtensi Sac. Theol. Prof. 
Apologia Pro Ecclesiis Orthodoxis . . . opposita thesibus Jesuitarum &c. 

8°. Hanoviae 

Apud Guilielmum Antonium. 1607. 

Parasceue | ad Amicam CoUationem | cum Clar'no Theologo D. Joanne | Piscatore, 
S. Literarum in.IUustri Schola | Herbornensi Professore : | Super Notis hujus 
ad loca quaedam ex illius Tractatu | de Deo, & Exegesi Apologetica, pridem 
excerpta | & Notis istis breviter examinata. 
4°. Device : Fortune standing on winged Goudae 

globe. Typis Caspar! Tournaei. i6i2 

' Spero fortunae regressnm.' 


(i) Declaratio | Serenissimi Magnae | Britanniae Regis, Qua | quid cum Genera- 
libus foederatarum | Belgii Prouinciarum Ordinibus super re | Vorstii actum 
tractatumue sit, singillatim explicatur. 

4°. Device : Royal Arms of England. Londini 

' Dieu et mon droit.' Ijccusum Typis Job. Norton, Regiae Majestati 

Coloss. 2. 8. — Videte ne quis vos decipiat in Latinis, Graecis & Hebraicis Typograplii. 

per Philo-|sophiam & inanem fallaciam. - 1612. 

(2) Vorstii Oratio Apologetica, habita . . . Hagae-Comitis 22 Martii Stilo Novo. 
4°. Device : Angel with Scythe and Book. Lugduni Batavorum 

Ex officiua Joannis Patii, Jurati & Ordinarii 
Academig Typographi. 1612. 

(3) Vorstii Prodromus, Plenioris responsi ... ad Declarationem D. Sibrandi 

Lubberti &c. 
4°. Device : Acad. Lugd. Minerva holding Lugduni Batavorum 

open book. (as above) 161 2. 

{4) Vorstii Paraenesis Ad Doct. Sibrandum Lubbertum. 

4°. Device : Fortune standing on winged Goudae 

globe. Typis Caspari Tournaei. Prostant apud 

' Spero fortunae regressnm.' Andream Burier. 1613. 

(5) Vorstii Apologetica Responsio, ad ea omnia quae Festus Hommius . . . ipsi im- 

pegit in eo libro, cui titulum fecit. Specimen Controversiarum Belgicarum &c. 
4". Sine loco. Anno 161S. 

Typographus Lectori. Responsio haec dndum edita fuit, praeter titulum & praefatiunculam : 

Ne autem dKi<pa\os prodiret, tandem etiam hanc particulam edi necesse fuit. 

(6) [Without Title]. 

Ad amplissimos & nobilissimos D.D. Ordinum Frisiae Deputatos. 

VV. AA. 

Ecclesiae Leovardiensis Ministri. 
Qusestio Prior. An Vorstius in libro suo de Deo rotunde dixerit & docuerit 
Deum Essentia suS, sive Essentialiter ubique praesentem esse &c. 
4°. [n.d.] 

I (i) Arnica Duplicatio ad Johannis Piscatoris Apologeticam Responsionem, &c. 

Pars operis prima. De Praedestinatione Dei &c. 
I (2) Appendix Duplicationis . . . seu Paralipomena primae partis. 

4°. Device : Fortune on winged globe. Goudae 

' Spero fortunae regressnm.' apud Andream Burier. 



VORSTIUS {continued)— 

(2) Commentarius in omnes Epistolas Apostolicas, exceptis II ad Timotheum, ad 
Titum, ad Philemonem et ad Hebraeos, Olim in Gymnasio Steinfurtensi 
publicis Praelectionibus propositus ; &c. 
4°. Device : Globe between Time and Amsterdami 

Hercules. apnd GuiUelmum Blaev. ■ 1631. 

' Indefessns agendo.' 

VOSSIUS (Gerard Johannes). 

Theses Theologicae et Historicae de variis doctrinae Christianae capitibus ; quas, 
aliquot abhinc annis, disputandas proposuit in Academia Leidensi. 

40. Bellositi Dobunornm 

Excudebat Guilielmus Turner, Impensis 

Guilielmi Webb. 1638. 


[WALKER (Obadiah)] [Master of Univ. Coll. Oxford.] 
Vide ORATORY, the art of. 

WALKER (William) Bachelour of Divinitie, and Pastor of Cheswicke in Midlesex. 
A I Sermon | Preached in | St. Pauls-Church in London, | in the course of the 
Divinitie | Lecture there. Novemb. 18. | 1628. 

And since published^ at the Request | of some of his Hearers, and some- | 
thing enlarged with moe Authorities. 

4°. Device : The Holy Dove. London 

MS. : Koipd Kaivws. Printed by W. Alsop and T. Fawcett, for 

[Only the Epistle Dedicatory to W". Earl Robert Allot, and are to be sold at his shop at 

of Pembroke. Sermon wanting.] the signe of the Beare in Pauls Church-yard. 

No. 9 in vol. beginning 1629. 
Laud (W".) A Sermon, &c. 

WANCKELIUS (Johannes). 

Academici Scriptores. 

Vol. I. Continens dissertationes et oratiunculas, in festivalibus Scholasticis pronun- 

Johannes Reuchlinus LL.D. in defensione ad Maximilianum I Imp. p. 33. 
Vol. II. Continens programmata proximo hoc triennio ab excessu V. CL. Friderici 

Taubmanni public^ proposita. 

8°, 2 vols, bound in one. Wittebergae 

Ex typographeo Johan. Matthaei. 
Impensis Zachariae Schureri Bibliop. Witteb. 



WEBER (Joannes) S.T.D. in Aula Ohrdruffiense {sic) a Sacris. 

Scrutinium | S. Scripturae, | Hoc est: | De rite intelligenda, et | dextrfe interpre- 
tanda Scriptura : | Liber Unus : | 

8°. Giessae Hassorum 

Bound in this vol. : Typis Nicolai Hampelii, Typogr. Academicj. 

(2) Rivetus (Critici Sacri), (3) Finckius 1614. 

(Canonnm, &c.) 

WEDELIUS (Georgius Wolffgangus) M.D. et Professor Publicus, Consiliarius et 
Archiatrus Ducalis Saxonici. 
Pharmacia in artis formam redacta, experimentis, observationibus et discursu 
perpetuo illustrata. 

4°. Jenae 

sumptibus Joh. Bielckii Bibliopolae. 

Typis Samuelis Krebsii. 1677. 

Amoenitates Materiae Medicae. 

4°. [MS. on fly-leaf: Richard Ludlam.] Jenae 

Device : Pelican In piety. sumptibus Johannis Bielkii, Bibliop. 

' In beatifico verbo vivo tuo.' Typis vidnae Samuelis Krebsii. 1684. 

Physiologia Reformata. 
4". Device : Figure with Cornucopiae, &c. Jenae 

' Pax coeleste bonum : pax est custodia sumptibus Johannis Bielkii, Bibliopol. 

rerum.' Typis Krebsianis. 1688. 

WEEMSE (John) of Lathocker in Scotland & Preb. of Durham. 

jj „ ,, „ „ „ Preacher of Christ's Gospell. 

The Christian Synagogue. 

4°. Dedication to Thomas Earle of Melros, London 

President of the CoUedge of Justice, See. Printed by T. Cotes for John Bellamie, and 

[MS. on Title: ' Solus Christus mt salus.'] are to be sold at his shop at the signe of the 

three Golden Lyons in Cornhill, neere to the 
Royale Exchange. 1623. 

An I explanation | of the | Ceremoniall Lawes | of Moses, as they are an-|nexed to 
the Tenne | Commandments. 
4°. Dedication to Sir Rob'. Ker of Anker- London 

home. as above. 1632. 

Exercitations | Divine. | Containing Diverse Questions and | Solutions for the 
right understanding of | the Scriptures. 

4°. Dedication to Thomas, Lord Coventry, London 

Keeper of the Great Seal. as above. 1633. 


WEGELINUS (Thomas) Augustanus, SS. Theol. Doctor. 

vTroiJ.vy)fx.a. Theologicum, | X capitibus comprehensum, | De Hymno Tris-|agio, | 
Sanctus Deus, San-jctus Fortis, Sanctus | Immortalis, Miserere | nostri. | Cum 
et sine clausula | Qui Crucifixus es propter nos. | Aduersus calumnias | Jacobi 

' Gretzeri adornatum. | Huic accessit | Petrus Cnapheus Nestorianus | In Jacobo 
Gretzero Loiolita | Rediuiuus : | Oppositus | Fulloni Theopaschitae fictitio, 
aduersus Tho|mam Wegelinum nuper euulgato. 

4°. No. 4 in vol. beginning Francofuiti 

UssERius. Vet. Epist. apud Egenolphum Emmelium. 

P. 64, separate Title to Cnapheus. M:DC.IX. [1609.] 

Hoc est, 
Esaia 16. v. 6. 
Audiuimus siiperbiam Moab (GRETZERI). Superbus est valde, snperbia ejus, et 
arrogantia ejus, & indignatio ejus, plus quam fortitudo ejus. 
Device : Female figure among fruits holding 
open book. 

' Ora labora et fruere.' 

At the end, p. 91 : 

Vale ut mereris Gretzere, & tuum tibi Fullonem Theopaschitam in Nestorianum transub- 
stantiatum habe commendatum. Argentorati e meoMusaeo 17 Martii Anno a Sesquimillesimo 
centesimo nono. [1609.] 

Fullo Theopaschita Gretzerianus claudit Catastrophen. 

Verba damus, cum nostra damns, quia fallere nostrum est : 
Et cum nostra damus. Nil nisi verba damus. 

Annuit Gretzerus & plaudit. 

WEPFERUS (Johannes Jacobus) M.D. Scaphusianus. 

Observationes Anatomicae, ex cadaveribus eorum quos sustulit Apoplexia. 

8°. Device : Griffin on weight chained to Schaffhusii 

winged sphere. Typis Joh. Caspari Suteri. 1658. 

WHETENHALL (Thomas) Esquier. 

A I Discourse | of the Abuses now | in question in the Churches | of Christ, of 
their creepings in, gro- |wing up, and flowrishing in the Babilonish Church of 
Rome, I how they are spoken against not only by the Scriptures | but also by 
the ancient Fathers as long as there remayned | any face of a true Church main- 
tained by publique autho-|rity. And likewise by the lights of the Gospell, and 
bles-|sed Martyrs of late in the middest of the Antichristi-|an darknes. 

4°. No. 2 in vol. beginning Suspended Imprinted 1606. 



WHITAKERUS (Guilielmus) [Whitaker, William] S.T.D. in Acad. Cantabrig. ac 

Professor Regius. Anglobritannus, Lancastriensis, Celeberrimi Coll. D. 

Johannis Evangelistae in Cantabrigiensi Academia prudentissimus Praefectus. 

Adversus Thomae Stapletoni Anglopapistae in Acad. Lovaniensi Theologiae 

Professoris Regii Defensionem Ecclesiasticae authoritatis . . . Duplicatio. 

fol. , Device : S. Peter and S. Paul bearing Cantabrigiae 

^H'v'^c^^'"' ^' ^' '^' ^' '-''■°^° above. Excudebat Joannes Legatus 

[MS. erased, on Title.] Academiae Typographus. 1594. 

Opera Theologica duobus Tomis nunc primum coUecta, subjuncta est ad primi 
Tomi finem de Auctoris vita & morte descriptio. 

fol. 2 vols, bound in one. Genevae 

Device: Tree in midst of three tree-stnmps, Samuelis Crispini. 1610. 

hand with axe. Figure pointing to scroll 

writh legend : ' Vide benignitatem ac severi- 

tatem Dei.' 

WHITE (Francis) Bishop of Ely. 

An I Examination | and | Confutation | of a lawlesse Pamphlet, | Intituled, | A 
briefe Answer to a late Treatise of the | Sabbath Day : | Digested Dialogue-wise 
betweene two Divines, | A and B. 

4°. London 

I3ound in this volume : Printed by R. B. for Andrew Crooke, and are 

(2) Dow (Chr.), (3) Ironside (Gilb.), to be sold at the signe of the black Beare in 

(4) Hoard (Sam'.) S. Pauls Church-yard. 1637. 

WHITE (John) D.D., Minister of God's Word at Eccles, sometime of Gunwell (sic) 
and Caius Coll. in Cambridge. 
Works. Ed. Francis White, D.D., Dean of Carlisle. 
fol. I. The Way to the True Church. 

Epistle Dedicatory to Tobie, Abp. of York, London 

and George, Bishop of Chester. Printed by Richard Field for John Bill and 

William Barret. 1634. 

fol. 2. A Defence of the Way to the True Church. 
Dedicated to King Jas. I. At London 

Device: Hands clasping Caduceus with Imprinted by Felix Kyngston for William Barret. 
Comucopiae. F. K. 1624. 

' Sapientia pacem Pax opulentiam.' 

i6o WHITE 

WHITE, John {conlinued)— 

fol. 3. Two Sermons: a. at Pauls Cross, 24 March, 1615. 

b. at the Spittle, Monday in Easter Week, 16 13. 

Epistle Dedicatory to Lady Crofts, wife Printed at London by John Hauiland for 

of Sir John Crofts of Saxham, 'my worthy William Barret. 1624. 


Device : Hands clasping Anchor, serpent 
'Anchora fidei. Sic Elevabitur Filius Hominis.' 

(Bound in the same volume.) 
WHITE (Francis) D.D., Deane of Carlile, elder brother of Doctor John White. 

1. The I Orthodox | Faith and Way | To the Church | Explained & Justified: | 

In answer to a Popish Treatise, entituled White died Blacke ; . . . 
The 2'"i Ed°. enlarged by the Author. 

fol. Device as on (3) of Dr. John White. Printer as on (3) of Dr. John White. 


2. A I Replie to | Jesuit Fishers | answere to certain | questions propouded ( by 

his most grati-|ous Ma''«. King | James 

Hereunto is annexed a | Conference of the right ( R.B. of S*. Davids Wtl^ the I 
same Jesuit. 

fol. Engraved Title : Royal Arms above. London 

' Beati Pacifici.' Printed by Adam Islip. 1624. 

Left: Figure. Veritas Univoca. Veritate 
aperit dies. 

Right: Figure. Mendaciii ^quivocii. 
Error caecus et fallax. 

Beneath : Hand reaching net with fish out 
of the sea. 

' Piscatoris rete habet ranas.' 

Opp. Titl£: Portrait. Effigies doctissimi viri D"' Francisci White S. T. Professoris et Ecclesiae 
Cathis Carleolensis Decani A" Aeta 59. T. Cocksonus sculp. 
Wisdom and Grace see in that modest looke 
« Trueth's triumph errors downfall in this booke. 

' Maerebunt Piscatores.' Isa. 19. 8. 
On scroll above : Nulla dies sine linea industriam adjuvat. 

3. An I ANSWERE ] To M'. Fisher's Re-|lation of a Third Confe-|rence 
betweene a certaine B. (as he stiles him) | and himselfe. 

The Conference was very pri-|uate, till Mr. Fisher spread | certaine Papers 
of it, which I in many respects deserued | an Answere. 

Which is here given 3^ R- B. Chapleine \ to the B. that was imployed in \ 
the Conference. 


fol. Bound at the end of the vol. beginning London 

White (John), the Works of, &c., which in- Printed by Adam Islip. 1624. 

eludes White (Francis), the Orthodox Faith, 
&c., A Replietojesuit Fishers answere,&c.,&c. 

WHITE (John) Minister of Gods Word at Eccles. 

1. The Way to the True Church. 

The fourth impression, to which is annexed the Author's Protestation upon 
his deathbed, touching his opinion in the present controuersies. 

2. A briefe discourse concerning Faith. 

8°. London 

Printed by Richard Field for John Bill and 
William Barret. 1616. 

At the end : 

Good Reader, it may fall out, that iu this booke some faults are escaped in the printing, 
by mistaking or misplacing the figures and other parts of the quotation. Which is no maruell 
in quotations of this nature, where many figures go together : and I myselfe being many 
miles, aboue 100, from the presse, that I could not helpe it. Neuerthelesse I will maintaine 
the quotation, for substance to be true, though the Printer may haue mistaken it : and learned 
men that will take so much paines, may find that which I intend, I doubt not, by their owne 
knowledge of the place, if the numbers of the quotation deceiue them. I know not whether 
there be any such defects yet or no : but this I admonish because the Papists, if they find an 
errour in the printing of one of our bookes, use to exclame as if an article of our faith were 
razed out : neuer remembring the like casualties of their owne. It is one thing if I haue wil- 
fully forged or falsified a place, and another thing if the Printer only haue mistaken the 
quotation. The latter may be, but the former is not : as I will be ready to satisfie any that 
will charge me with it. 

WHITGIFT (John) D.D., Archbishop of Canterbury. 

The Defense | of the Aunswere to | the Admonition, against | the Replie of 
T. Cl[artwright]. 
fol. Title, with engraved border. London 

[MS. on Title : Colophon : 

Et sanam scientiam et sanctam con- Imprinted at London by Henry Bynneman, 

scientiam habeas. for Humfrey Toy, dwelling in Paules Church- 

Sum L. Gilpini. yard at the signe of the Helmet. 

Rob. Ex dono Authoris. Rustat 

mori q; vivere, prestat. 1 5 74- 

Ante obitum nemo. L. Gilpin. 
&c., &c.] 

WIGANDUS (Johannes) in Acad. Regiomont. sac. theol. prof. dein. episc. Pome- 
Altera Pars | Explicatio-|num Evangelio-|rum, quae Dominicis et | Festis Diebus 
populo Christiano pro-|poni solent, a Dominica Trinita-|tis, usq; ad Dominicam | 
Adventus Domi-|ni. Nunc denuo . . . emendata. 

8°. [MS. Annotations.] Ursellis 

Excudebat Nicolaus Henricus. 1569. 


[WILCOCKS] (Joseph) Lord Bishop of Glocester. 

A I Sermon | Preach'd before the | Lords Spiritual and Temporal | in | Parliament 
Assembled | At the | Collegiate Church | of | St. Peter's, Westminster, | On 
Monday, November 5, 1722. 

4". [MS. on Title : London 

A smooth sermon in behalf of this Governm'. Printed for John Nicks at the White-Hart in 

Gratis. Decemb.] S'. Paul's Church-yard. 1722. 

No. 1 1 in vol. beginning 

Trapp (Joseph). ' The Mischiefs, &c. ' 

WILLET (Andrew) Professor of Divinitie. 

Loidoromastix : ] That is, | A Scourge for a | jRayler ; Containing a full ) and 
sufficient answer unto | the Vnchristian rayhngs, slaunders, untruths, and other 
in-|jurious Imputations, vented of late by one Richard | Parkes master of Arts, 
against the author | of Limbomastix. 

(MS. interlineations ; 

Imperfect. Pp. 33-72 wanting. Pp. 3.v6o are inserted between p. 56 and p. 57 of No. 6 
in the vol.) 
4°. [MS. on Title : Printed by Cantrell Legge, Printer to the 

Thomas Mountfort. Vniversity of Cambridge. 1607. 

pretium i*. iiii''. And are to be sold in Pauls Churchyard at the 

Opp. Title : signe of the Sonne. 

Read Limbo mastix placed after Loidoro 
mastix before you read this.] 
No. 2 in vol. beginning 

Pie (Thos.). Usuries, &c. 

Limbo-mas\tix : \ That is, | A Canuise of Limbus Patrum, shew-|ing by euident 
places of Scripture, inuincible rea-|sons and pregnant testimonies of some ancient 
wri-|ters, that Christ descended not in soule to | Hell, to deliuer the Fathers | 
from thence. 

4° No. 3 in vol. beginning London 

Pie (Thos.). Usuries, cStc. Printed for Thomas ^an. 

WILLETT (Andrew) Coll. Christ, apud Cantab. Professour of Divinitie. 

Synopsis | Papismi, | that is, | A Generall view of | Papistrie : wherein the whole | 
mysterie of Iniquitie, and summe of | Antichristian doctrine is set | downe, 
which is maintained this day by the Synagogue | of Rome, against the Church' 
of I Christ : 

Now this third time perused and published . . . and augmented. 
fol. [MS. on Title : London 

Votum Jacobi Andrewe Leicestrensis e - Imprinted by Felix Kyngston for Thomas Man 

libris suis et per ejus relictam adimpletum. In dwelling in Paternoster Row at the signe of the 
nsum Musaei Pub"^' Leicestriae.] Talbot. i6co. 


Hexapla | in Danielem : | That is, ] A sixfold Commentarie | upon the most 
diuine prophesie of Daniel, &c . 

At the end of Table of Questions : ' This Commentarie was finished by Gods 
gracious assistance upon the 31. of Decemb. in the yeare 1608, anno aetatis 
Authoris 46.' 

fol. [MS. on back of Title : Cambridge 

Dedit Zachariae Faune Tiiomas Simonds Printed by Cantrell Legge, Printer to the Uni- 

Mercator Londinensis amicus mens intimus. versitie of Cambridge. 

MS. references at end.] [n. d.] 

WILLIAMS (Griffin) D.D. 

The I True Church: | Shewed to all men, | that desire to be mem-|bers of the 
same. ^^ 

In Six Bookes | containing the whole bodie | of Diuinitie. 
fel, London 

Printed by John Haviland for Nathaniel 
Butter, and are to be sold at his shop at the 
signe of the pide Bull neere Saint Austens Gate. 


WILLIAMS (John) Bishop of Lincolne, Lord Keeper of the Great Scale of England 
A I Sermon preached at | the Magnificent | Funerall of the most high and mighty 
King, James, the late King . . At the Collegiat Church of Saint Peter at 
Westminster, the seuenth of May, 1625. 

4°. No. 3 in vol. beginning London 

Laud (W".) A Sermon. Printed by John Bill. [n. d.] 

WILSON (Thomas) Minister of the Word at S. George's in Canterbury. 

A I Christian | Dictionary. | Opening the significations of the chiefe Words | 
dispersed generally through the Holy Scriptures of | the Old and New Testa- 
ment, tending to | increase Christian Knowledge. The Fourth Edition. 

Whereunto is likewise added a large Edition, both of words and phrases 
by Mr. John Bagwell. 
,«_ London 

Printed by Tho. Cotes, and are to be sold by 
Fulke Clifton dwelling upon New Fish Street 
Hill, neare S. Margaret's Church. 1611. 

WOODWARD (Ezekias). 

1. A Childes Patrimony — Laid out upon the good Nurture, or Tilling over, the 

whole man. 

2. Vestibulum, or a Manuduction towards a Faire Edifice. 

(2. Contains only The Epistle to the Ministers and the Preface.) 

,0 London 

Printed by J. Leggatt and are to be sold by 
Henry Overton at his shop at the entring in to 
Popes-head- Alley out of Lumbard-Street. 1640. 


WOTTON (Antonius) S.T.B. Londinas Anglus. 

De I Reconciliatio-|ne Peccatoris, | ad Regium Collegium Canta-| brigiense, 
Libri iv. 
4°. Basileae. 1624. 


Quae extant opera. Graecfe et Latinfe 
Opera Joannis Leunclavii Amelburni ; 
Accesserunt yEmilii Porti Notae. 

fol. Device ; Pegasus over Caduceus and Francofurti 

Cornncopia. apud Andreae Wecheli heredes, 

Claudium Mamium cSc Joan. Aubrium. 


XIPHILINUS (Joannes) Trapezuntius. 

E Dione Excerptae Historiae ... ex interpretatione Guilielmi Blanci, a Guilielmo 

Xylandro recognita. 
Henrici Stephani in Joannem Xiphilinum post duos egregios messores Spici- 


fol. Device : Tree with severed branches Excudebat Henricus Stephanus 

falling. Man pointing to scroll with legend : Anno 1592. 

'Noli altum sapere.' 


ZACUTUS (Abraham) Lusitanus, Med. et Philosoph. 
De Praxi Medica Admiranda libri tres. 

8°. At the end : Amstelodami 

Zacuti Lusitani ad Philiatros candidissimos Typis Cornelii Breugeli 

Exhortatio. sumptibus Henrici Lanrentii. 1634. 

ZANCHIUS (Hieronymus) Bergomas, in Acad. Heidelb. sac. theol. prof. 
Omnia Opera Theologica. 

fol. 8 vols, bound in three. Genevae 

[MS. on Title of vol. 4 : sumptibus Samuelis Crispin!. i6ig. 

Richardus Ludlam Leicestr. oppidanus hunc 
librum Dono dedit huic Bibliothecae.] 

Device : A tree, severed branches falling. 
Man pointing to branch bearing scroll with 
legend, ' Defracti sunt rami ut ego insererer.' 


ZUINGER (Jacobus), vide SCAPULA. 

ZUINGERUS (Theodorus) senior, Med. ac Phil. Basiliensis. 

Moruin Philosophia Poetica ex Veterum utriusque linguae Poelarum ihesauris . . . 
Octodecim Libris methodic^ deducta. 

8". 2 vols. Basileae 

Device: Bird on staff held by hand. apud Episcopios. i575- 

[A few MS. references in vol. i.] 

Re-backed and wrongly lettered. Vide also p. 102. 

ZUINGLIUS (Huldrychus). 

Complanationis Jeremiae Prophetae, foetura prima, cum Apologia quur quidque sic 
versum sit. 

fol. Device : Tree with frogs beneath. Tiguri 

' Christof Froschover zuo Zurich.' Ex ^dibus Christophori Froschover. 

Matthaei xi. IS3I- 

Venite ad me omnes, qui laboratis et onerati 
estis & ego reficiam vos. 

Annotationes in S. Scripturas et Opera Polemica. 

fol. 2 vols. (Title of vol. I wanting), bound Zurich ■ i544- 

in the original stamped leather. 


The following MSS. and books are now kept in the Strong Room 
at the Town Hall, and can only be seen on application to the 
Town Clerk. 

CODEX LEICESTRENSIS. A cursive MS. of the Gospels. 

The gift of Mr. Tliomas Hayne. It bears the autograph of the donor, and in Greelc characters 
that of William Chark. 

The beginning is wanting and the last leaves are defective. 

On the fly-leaf opposite the first page there is a note of its having been collated by Dr. Scrivener 
in 1855, followedby (i)a note on Apoc. xi. 9, p. 202 ; (2) by a relerence in pencil to Dr. Scrivener's 
Introduction, &c., signed ' W. H. Simcox, Rector of Harlaxton '. 

On the fly-leaf opposite the last page the following is written : ' Collated, Sep. 1866. Richard 
Smyth, M.A., Prof. Orient. Lit. London.' 

On p. 203 there are marginal notes on u particular passage, first in an unknown hand, next 
by Dr. Tregelles, and lastly by one who only gives initials, ' O. T. D,' 

The late Mr. Kelly has noted in pencil certain defects and injuries on folios 77, 86, and 201, 
besides the marginal annotations just mentioned. 

BIBLIA LATINA, transcribed on Vellum. 

At the end : ' W. Stanlay alio noie Walne sc'psit.' 

It is mutilated by the cutting away of parts of the pages which were not %vritten upon, and in 
some cases this has slightly injured the writing itself. 

The Royal Arms are stamped on the front and back, with the motto ' Honi soit ', &c. 
The following names are on the last page : — 

J) me Richardu Feterssen ; Jhon Coke, John Stoone, Lestere. 

WICLIFFII Epistolae Dominicales per annum. 212 folios. 

An English MS. Notes in a different hind occur here and there. 

The original stamped leather binding reinains to a great extent, but the volume has been 
re-backed and lettered ' Wycliffe's Sermons in MS.' 

Miscellaneous MSS. of the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries collected into one volume. 

A note in W. Kelly's hand states that Mr. T. Wright, F.S.A., read a description of the contents 
at the Archaeological Congress in Leicester. The date 1S70, first inserted, is erased and 1862 



GIGGEIUS (Antonius) e Collegii Ambrosiani doctoribus. 
In Proverbia Salomonis Commentarii Trium Rabbinorum 

Salomonis Isacidis 
Abraham Aben Ezrae 
Levi Ben Ghersom 
quos Antonius Giggeius . . . interpietatus est, castigauit, illustrauit. 
His accesserunt versiones Chaldaeae paraphrasis, ac Syrae lectionis ex vetustissimo 
codice Bibliothecae Ambrosianae, ut ab editione vulgata differuni. 

4°. Monogram in wreath. Mediolani 

Device : ' Ecce Agnus Dei.' Ex Collegii Ambrosiani Typographia. 

re-boimd and wrongly lettered. At the end : Apiid Joannem Jacobum Cumum. 

M.DC.XX. [1620.] 

Bound with the preceding : 

De I Talmudh Judaeorum | Oratio | conscripta & publicfe habita in promo-| 

tione decern Baccalaureorum. 


Athenseo Norico. 

Device : Eagle on globe holding book. Norimbergae 

' Gloria virtute paratur.' E typographeo Simonis Halbmayeri. 

M.DC.XXIII. [1623.] 

A volume (re-bound and lettered 'Tracts') containing: — 

1. GUILLONIUS (Renatus) Vindocineus. 

Gnomon, 0-|pus quidem preneces-|sarium ac pervtile, vo-|lentibus serio studio 
rimari arcana Poetarum omnium | Graecorum, quantum ad Quantitatem 
syllabarum | & figuras, libertatesq : poematis graeci | attinet. 

4". Device on Title and as Tail-piece : Pe- Parisiis 

gasus surmounting Cadiicens with cornucopiae. Excudebat Christianus Wechelus, sub Pegaso, 

pp. 94. in Vico Bellouacensi. Anno Salutis M D XLVIII. 



De altera argumen-jtationis parte, sive dia-|lectica liber. 

4°. Device as on preceding ; larger size. Parisiis 

pp. 34, Excudebat Christianus Wechelus, sub Pegaso 

in vice Bellouacensi, Anno Salutis M. D. XLix. 

[1 549. 


3. DAINES (Simon) Schoolmaster of Hintlesham in Suffs. 

Orthoepia | Anglican a: | or, | The First Principall j Part of the English | 
Grammar : . . . A worke in it selfe absolute, and never knowne to be 
accomplished by any before : . . . 

Methodically composed by the industry and observation of Simon Daines, &c. 
4°. ' Perficit omnia tempus.' 

pp. 96. London 

Printed by Robert Young and Richard Badger 
for the Company of Stationers. 1640. 


4°. Title wanting. Imperfect at end. 

Epistle Dedicatory to ' Sir William Fitzwilliams, Knight, Lord Deputie of Ireland, my verie 
good Lord, from W. H.' 

Not paged. n. d. 

5. A SHORT VIEW of the Persian Monarchy, and of Daniel's weekes : being a 

peece of Beroaldus workes. 
4°. Title wanting. n. d. 

Pp. 47. 

6. HARMAR (Joannes). 

Janua Linguarum. A Gate to the Languages (Latin and English). 
4°. Title wanting. Epistle to the Reader dated, St. Albans. 

Pp. 89 and Index. 1626. 

Epistle Dedicatory, 'To the tTuely noble and worthy Gentleman, M. William Salter, one of 
his Majesties Carvers in Ordinarie.' 
Many interlineations and corrections. 

HOOKER (Richard) 'sometime Fellow of Corpus Christi CoUedge in Oxford'. 

1. Of the 1 Lawes | of | Ecclesiastical Politic. | Five Books. 

8° Eneraved Title. ' Eight Bookes '. London 

Printed by William Stansbye. 

No date. 

2. Certayne | Divine | Tractates, | and other Godly | Sermons. 

(The contents follow.) 

Re-backed and wrongly lettered. v°°w"ct i, ,/;,, 

Prmted by W. Stansby. loaj. 


JOSEPHUS (Flavius). 

Antiquitatis Judaicae, libri XI-XX. 
8°. Title wanting. 

Tail-piece : Griffin holding up weight 
attached to winged sphere. 

' Nullum numen abest, si sit prudentia, sed te 
Nos facimus FORTUNA deam, coeloq; locamus.' 
' Virtute diice, Comite fortnna.' 

MISSALE ad usum ac consuetudinem insignis Ecclesiae Sarum. 

Engraved Title : The King of Kings ; Signs of the Four Evangelists bearing scrolls. Above — 
Left, S. Jehan ; Right, S. Mathieu. Below— Left, S. Marc ; Right, S. Luc. 

Tail-piece: The Agnus Dei — within wide border. Scroll above with legend, ' in te ; jesu : 
spes; mea.' Beneath ' Jaques Co[usin ?].' 

Colophon: Missale ad usum ecclesiae" Sarisb . . . opera magistri Petri Oliuier & expensis 
honesti mercatoris Jacobi Cousin elimatissime impressum . . . 1,^19. 24 Decembris. 

8°. [MS. on Title : 1519. 

Romanus pontifex Romanus carnifex 
Lauretanns apud R. Bem[on ?] 
The booke of francis Higginson 
pretiu vile iii'] 


Ex Bibl[iothecaJ Regia. 
8°. Title mutilated and repaired. Date wanting. 

Pp. 1 , 2 of Text wanting. Opens with : 

Original vellum binding, gold stamp on side. Robertus Stephanus Typographus Regius 

Saorarum Literarum studiosis S. 

THE NEW TESTAMENT . . . translated into the Indian language and ordered 
to be printed by the Commissioners of the United Colonies in New England 
for the Propagation of the Gospel amongst the Indians in New England. 

4°. Morocco binding, choicely tooled. Cambridg: 

Printed by Samuel Green and Maimaduke 
Johnson. i66i- 

OLAUS MAGNUS Gothus, Archiepiscopus Upsalensis. 

Historia de gentibus Septentrionalibus earumque diversis statibus, conditionibus, 
moribus, &c. 

fol. Title wanting. Colophon. Impressum Romae apud Joannem 

Wood-cuts; one cut out, p. 501. Mariam j de Viottis Parmensem, in aedibns | 

Fine tail-piece. The Arms of the Arch- Diuae Birgittae nationis Suecorum & Gotho- 

•bishop above a symbolical figure with attendant rum | anno a CHRISTO nato M. D. LV | mense 

angels. Januario, sedente JULlo III. Pont. Max. Pontifi-] 

Legend round the Arms : catus veto ejusdem anno quinto. ['555] 

' Nihil est simul inventum et perfectum.' 
Re-backed and wrongly lettered. 



{^A few obvious names are omitted.') 

Altdorphl, Altdorf. 
Ambergae, Amberg, Bavaria. 
Amstelodami, Amsterdam. 
Amstelaedami, „ 
Amsteledami, ,, 

Amstelrodami „ 
Amsterodami, ,, 
Argentorati, Strasburg. 
Augustae Trebocorvim, Strasburg. 
Aureliae Allobrogum, Geneva. 

Basileae, Basle. 

Bellositi Dobunorum, Oxford. 

Breslae, Breslau. 

Brixiae, Breschia. 

Bruxellae, Brussels. 

Cantabrigiae, Cambridge. 

Coloniae, Cologne. 

Coloniae Agrippinae, Cologne. 

Coloniae Allobrogum, Geneva. 

Cosmopoli, a fictitious name used for several 
places, London, Paris, Lucca, &:c. In the 
case' of Crellius probably for Amsterdam. 

Dordrechti, Dort. 
Duaci, Douay. 

Francofurti, Frankfurt on the Main. 
Francofurti ad Moenum, Frankfurt on the 

Francofurti Marchionum, Frankfurt on the 


Franekerae, Franeker, Holland. 
Franekerae Frisiorum, Franeker, Holland. 
Freistadii, Freystadt. 

Giessae, Giessen. 
Giessae Hessorum, Giessen. 
Gorlicii, Gorlitz. 
Goudae, Gouda, Holland. 

Hafiliae, Copenhagen. 

Hagae Comitis, the Hague. 

Halae Hermundurorum, Halle. 

Hanovlae, Hanau. 

Herbomae Nassoviorum, Herborn. 

Herder-Wuci, ? Harderwyck. 

Tngolstadii, Ingolstadt. 

Jenae, Jena. 

Lemovicis, Limoges. 

Lipsiae, Leipsic. 

Louanii, Louvain. 

Louvanii, ,, 

Lugduni, Lyons. 

Lugduni Batavorum, Leyden. 

Lugduni in Batavis, „ 

Lutetiae, Paris. 

Lutetiae Parisiorum, Paris. 

Mediolani, Milan. 
Middelburgi, Middelburg. 
Moguntiae,Mayence or Maintz. 



Monachii Bavariarum, Munich. 
Monasterii Westfalliae, Munster. 

Neapoli Palatlnorum, Neustadt. 
Neustadii in Falatinatu, ,, 
Noribergae, Nuremberg. 
Norimbergae, „ 
Numbergae, ,, 

Oxoniae, Oxford. 

Pragae, Prague. 

Rostocbli, Rostock. 
Roterodami, Rotterdam. 
Rupellae, Rochelle. 

S. Gervasii, probably for Geneva of which 

S. Gervais forms a part. 
Schafifhusii, Schaffhausen. 

T(h)onmii Borussorum, Thorn, West Prussia. 
Tiguri, Zurich. 

Trajecti ad Rhenum, Utrecht. 
Tubingae, Tubingen. 

Ursellis, (?) Ober-Ursel. 

Venetiis, Venice. 
Veronae, Verona. 

Wittetergae, Wittenberg. 
Wittenbergae, ,, 

Salmurii, Saumur. 

Zirlzeae, Ziric Zee (Zierik Zee), Zealand 


[The Catalogue of 1669 is written on paper with a vellum cover. On the Title 
is the following : — 

A Catalogue of Bookes belonging 

to the Library in the Borough of 

Leicester taken & examined in the 

Moneth of September 1 669 

(at w '='' times the Bookes were chained) 


Tho: Overinge Maior 

Tho: Stanhope 

J. Newton 

Francis Ward. 

On the face of the cover (in the same hand as the above) : — 
A Catalogue of the bookes in 
the Liberary (j-zir) 1669 
in a different hand : — 

A Catalogue of the books in the liberary [sic) takene in the yeare 
of our lord one Thousand Six hundred sixty and Nine 
In the majoralty of master Thomas Overinge. 
On the fly-leaf: — 

This Catalogue has been examined by William Kelly, Esq. late 
B.A.' and all marked * have disappeared. 

W. O, Dawson. 
The following list records the works entered in this Catalogue which cannot now be 
traced. It does not agree in every case with those marked * by Mr. Kelly. In some 
few cases those so marked by him have been discovered and in a few other cases books 
which were to be found in his time are now wanting. The different divisions under 
which the Catalogue of 1669 was headed are followed, and where no works entered 
under a heading are now missing the bare fact is recorded. In all cases where books 
are missing the title is given exactly according 10 the entry in 1 669, with a few words 
of explanation occasionally.] 

^ i.e. late Borough Accountant. William Kelly, F.S. A., F.R.H.S., was a well-known local 
antiquary who did much by his personal influence apd by his writings to preserve the Borough 
Records and to keep alive an interest in them. He died in 1894 at the age of 78 years. He 
held the office ot Borough Accountant from April 11, 1849 to August 14, 1863. 



A in folio. 
13 works, 18 vols. None wanting. 

A in Quarto. 
15 works. 
*Aldi Carmina. 
Ambrose's Prima et Ultima, 1640. 

Bibles of various Impressions. 
9 works, 15 vols. I MS. 

In ffolio. 
*Vetus Testamente Graec: cum variis 
Lectionib'. Francofurt. 1597. 
Tindal's Bible, 

In Quarto. 
10 works, 10 vols, I MS. 
*Biblia Hebraica in 2 vol. 
Vetus et Novum Testamentum Secund- 
um D. Heironimum {sic) Manuscript. 
Novum Testamentum : Hebraic^ et 

Latinfe. Paris. 1584. 
The Rhemish New Testament — at 

Rhemes. 1582. 
Queen Elizabeth's Bible. 1599. 
King James' his Bible. 1648. 
Novum Testamentum Graec. 1 2°. 

6 works, 9 vols. None wanting. 

B in folio. 
19 works, 31 vols. 
*Burton's Melancholly. 

B in Quarto and Octavo. 
23 works, 24 vols. 
*Boulduc CoUatio Hagiensis. Zirzeae. 
Bacons Essayes. 1639. 
Bale on the Revealations. 
Bernard on the Revealations. 161 7. 
Broughtons Voice of the Scriptures. 

Bridenbachi^ de Certitudine Gratiae. 
Coloniae. 1569. 

C in folio. 

30 works, 41 vols. 

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C in Quarto. 

29 works, 31 vols. 

*Cameron de Gratiae et Voluntatis hu- 

manaeconcursu. 4°. Lugduni. 1622. 

Camisii InstitutionesChristianae Pietatis. 

Cartwright on the Apocalyps. 
„ His Chatechisme. 

Carpenter's Experience, History and 

Divinity. 8°. 
Casimer^ Admonitio de lib Concordia. 

4°. Neustadii. 1581. 
Challoners Six Sermons. 8°. 
Clapham on the Canticles. 
Cleaver on the Christian Sabbath- 8°. 
Coles Godlymans Assurance. 4°. 
Curio de Amplitudine Regni Dei. 8°. 
Goudae. 1614. 

D in Folio. 

9 works, 10 vols. 
*Discours of the Signe of the Cross. 

D in Quarto and 8". 

10 works, 10 vols. 
*Dr. Dayes 4 Treatises. 8°. 

Drusius Questiones Hebraicae. 1599- 
,, „ /lEpistolas. 1595. 

E in ffolio. 
9 works, 12 vols. None wanting. 

E in Quarto and 8°. 
5 works, 5 vols. 
*Epiphanis de Prophetarum Vitis & 
Interitu. Graec. & Latt. 4°. 

F in ffolio. 
5 works, 5 vols. 
*Fabritius in Psalmos. Aureliae Allo- 
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Featly's 70 Sermons. 


F in Quarto and 80. 

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G, in fFolio. 
1 2 works, 1 8 vols. None wanting. 

G in Quarto. 

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Higgens Motives to Embrace Popery. 

H in 80 and 12°. 
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J in folio. 
ID works, II vols. None wanting. 

J in Quarto (one put separately 80). 

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*Jackson of the Knowledge of Christ. 

Lond. 1634. 
Jackson of the Attributes. Lond. 1629. 


2 works, 2 vols. 
*Kne\vstub's Confutation of H. N. Lond. 


L in folio. 
J 8 works, 23 vols. 


*Life of Holy Jesus by Bp. Tailour 
[Entered in later hand.] 

■ L in Quarto. 
8 works, 8 vols. 
*Luiheri Opuscula. 

M in folio. 
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*Maldonat8 in Evangelia. Moguntiae. 

M in Quarto. 
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Matons Israels Redemption. Lond. 

Mossom's Sions Prospect. Lond. 1653. 
2 works, 2 vols. Neither wanting. 

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P in folio. 

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P in 40. 

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Roushis Art of Happiness. Lond. 1631. 



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Stokes Paraphrase on the Minor Pro 
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• His Private Devotions. 80. 

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*Turnerii Exercitationes Bibliae 

Editio scaa 1622. 

in Evangelium Johannis. 

Rostochi. 1629. 



Theodoret Questiones in Penteteuchen 

Graec: 4°. Paris. 1558. 
Thorndikes Discours of Religious As- 
semblyes. 8". 
Primitive Goverm' of Churches. 8°. 

U in folio. 
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1 1 works, 1 1 vols. 

*Weemse on the Judicial Lawes. 1632. 


One work. 

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Z in folio. 

3 works, 5 vols. 

None wanting. 

*Comentarius in Psalmos. 

Histories in folio. 
36 works, 47 vols. 
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4th. Lond. 1626. 
ffox his Martyrologie, two vol . (one 

Treasury of Ancient and modern times. 
Rhodomani Historia Palestinae. 
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The Entertainment of King Charles the 
second in Holland. 

History in 4° and 8°. 
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Marcus Aurelius. 4°. 
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Lanquets Chronicle. 

Libri Historici. 
1 1 works, 1 1 vols. 
Lydiat de variis Annorii formis. 8". 
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I'omponius Mela. 80. 
Thuani Monumenta Literaria. 4°. 
Lithgows Travels. 4°. 
Sinai Signe by Moses. 4°. 
Viva Demonstratio Belli Germanici. 

3 works with no heading. 4 vols. 
*Two manuscripts in forrein Languages. 

A Booke of Egiptian Hierogliphicks. 

Libri de variis rebus. 
35 works, 37 vols. 
*Missale. [Two Missals are entered one 
of which is in the Strong Room at the 
Town Hall.] 
Xenophon of Houshold. 
Bar[lieti] de quatuor Monarchiis. 
Caesaris Dialectica. 



Anglorum Prelia. 

Bozius de Ruinis Gentium. 

fflori Historia. 

Molnar's Selecta Scholastica. 

Casmani Questiones Marinae. 

Papatus Romanus. 

Doctrine of the Bible. 

Lamentations and. Prayers. 

Libri Oiatorii et Poetici in fol. 
7 works, 8 vols. 
*Rami Dialectica. 

in Quarto and 8°. 
27 works, 28 vols. 
Erasmi Confabulationes. 

—^ Vita. 
Esopi ffabulae. 
Janua Linguarum. 
Mureti Orationes. 
Homeri Odyssea. 160. 
TuUii Orationu, Vol. i"" and 2"". 16". 
Ouid Metamorphosis. 1 6". 
Catullus Tiberi^ Propertius. 1 6°. 

Dictionaries and Lexicons in fol. 
1 1 works, 1 2 vols. 
*Calepini Dictionarium Lattinum. 

In 40 and 8°. 
9 works, 9 vols. 
*Massiger= Thesaurus Poliglottus. 
Normutianp] Dictionarium Harmo- 

Riders Dictionarie. Imperfect. 

Libri Philosophiae &c. 

10 works, 12 vols. 
*Institutiones docendi, 2™ and 3"" vol. 

in 8°. 

11 works, II vols. 
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Linacre de Latino Sermone. 

Phisick Bookes. 
5 works, 5 vols. 
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21 works, 21 vols. 
*Erpenii Grainatica Arabica. 
Ancient Kind of Gramar. 8°. 
Megiss[eri] Institutiones Linguae Tur- 

cicae. 8°. 
Theodori Graihaticas Introductio. 80. 
Melanchton's Misseryes of Schoolmasters. 

Hermanni Colloquium pro Instructione 

puerorum. 8°. 
ffabij Gramatica. 
Helvicp] Grainatica Generalis. 
Melanchtons Gramar. 
Posseiis Graec Grainar. 
Ramus Graec Gramar. 
Enochi^ Partitio Gramatica. 

De Jure Civili. 
6 works, 7 vols. 
*Remball de Jure Civili in 2 vol' fol' 
Lex Papalis. fol. 

Mathematical! Bookes. 
8 works, 8 vols. 
*Babingtons Artificial fireworkes. fol. 
Wings Harmonicon Coeleste. fol. 
Euclids Elements Englished byRudd. 4". 
Hodges Enchiridion Arithmeticum. 8°. 
Lillys Christian Astrology e. 4". 
Oughtreds Trigonometric. 4°. 
Petiscus de dimensione Triangulorum. 

ffifty and six Bookes of divers Miscela- 
neous Treatises bound together in 4'°, 
8™, and 1 2""°. 

[No list of these is given. Between 20 
and 30 volumes remain which may have 
been so described.] 


ADAMS, Thomas (fl. 1612-1653). Vicar of Wingrave, Bucks, 1614-1636; 
chaplain to the Lord Chief Justice, Sir Henry Montagu ; ' the prose Shakespeare 
of Puritan theologians ' (Southey). 

AENEAS TACTICUS (fl. c. 360 b. c). A general of the Arcadians in Greece, 
who wrote a treatise on strategy which had wide currency in ancient times ; the 
treatise has perished, but an epitome of it, made by one Cineas at the court 
of Pyrrhus, survives. 

AINSWORTH, Henry (1571-1623). Scholar of Caius College, Cambridge; 
leader of a separatist (' Brownist ') congregation at Amsterdam, which he and 
Francis Johnson founded ; sole or part author of the Confession of Faith of the 
People called Brownists ; one of the most learned orientalists of his time. 

ALCUINUS (Albinus, Alcuin, Ealwhine), Fiaccus (735-804). Born and educated 
at York ; setded at the court of Charlemagne, and became his adviser in important 
educational reforms ; abbot of Tours, 796. 

ALSTEDIUS, Joannes Henricus (1588-1638). A native of Herborn in Nassau; 
professor of philosophy and theology in his own country and later at Weissenburg 
in Transylvania, where he died; present at the synod of reformed theologians 
at Dort ; a very prolific writer ; ' he was industry itself, as his name (by anagram 
Sedulitas) suggests ' (Jocher). 

ALVARUS (Alvarez), Emmanuel (1526-1583). A Portuguese Jesuit; born in the 
island of Madeira ; learned in Greek, Hebrew, and Latin ; professor of Latin at 
Lisbon and Coimbra; his Latin Grammar {Be Institutione Grammaticd) was 
adopted in all the schools of his order. 

ALVERNUS, Gulielmus (Guillaume d'Auvergne) (d. 1249). Born at Aurillac in 
Auvergne; bishop of Paris, 1228; mathematician and Scholastic' philosopher, 
antagonist of Averroes. 

AMAMA, Sixtinus (d. 1629). A native of western Frisia ; educated at the Uni- 
versity of Franeker; visited England (16 13), and lived for some time in Exeter 
College, Oxford, teaching Hebrew in the University ; returned to his country and 
became professor of Hebrew in his own university, where he lived till his death ; 
he did much to spread the knowledge and to encourage the critical study of the 
Bible ; the Censura Vulgatae was published as a specimen of his intended general 
censure of the Vulgate version (Chalmers). 


AMBROSIUS (S.) (333-397)- Born at Treves; consular prefect 'of Liguria 
and Aemilia, c. 370; bishop of Milan, 374; successful in opposing the Arian 
party; president of the council of Aquileia, 381; excommunicated the emperor 
Theodosius on account of the massacre of Thessalonica. 

ANDREWES, Lancelot (1555-1626). Scholar and later fellow of Pembroke Hall, 
Cambridge; appointed fellow of the newly founded Jesus College, Oxford, 1576, 
but continued to reside and lecture at Cambridge ; prebendary of S. Paul's; master 
of Pembroke Hall, 1589-1605 ; dean of Westminster, 1601 ; bishop of Chichester, 
Ely, and finally of Winchester ; noted alike as preacher, writer, and administrator, 
and first on the list of the compilers of the Authorized Version. 

ANGELUS, Christopher (d. 1638). A Greek, who came to England to avoid 
persecution, i6o8 ; studied and taught at Cambridge and at Balliol College, Oxford ; 
wrote among other works an Encomium Angliae; 'a pure Grecian and an honest 
and harmless man ' (Wood). 

ANTHONINUS FLORENTINENSIS (1389-1459). A Florentine by birth; 
entered the Dominican order at a very early age ; made archbishop of Florence at 
the request of the citizens, 1446; a writer on theology and ecclesiastical history, 
famed also for his pastoral activities ; canonized in 1523. 

ANTONINUS, Marcus Aurelius (12 1-180). Adopted son of Antoninus Pius, whom 
he succeeded as Emperor of Rome, 161 ; engaged most of his life in fighting on 
the frontiers against Parthians, Marcomanni, Quadi, &c. ; ordered persecutions of 
the Christians, 166 and 177; his Reflections, or private journal, still extant, 
shows the Stoic philosophy of life in its most impressive form. 

APPIANUS (fl. c. 140). A Greek of Alexandria, who lived in the reigns of Trajan, 
Adrian, and Antoninus ; practised with distinction at the Roman Bar ; and finally 
attained the rank oi procurator in the imperial service ; he wrote a Histor;- of Rome 
in 24 books, of which a great part survives. ' 

APULEIUS, Lucius (fl. c. 160). Born at Madaura, on the borders of Roman North 
Africa, of a distinguished African family; studied at Carthage and at Athens, where 
he adopted whole-heartedly the Platonist philosophy ; thence to Rome, where he 
went to the bar ; after many travels and changes of fortune, he finally returned to 
his native country where he made a fortune in the law courts ; he wrote much both 
in Greek and Latin ; his most notable work is the Metamorphosis or Asinus Aureus 
(' Golden. Ass '), which contains the famous fable of Cupid and Psyche. 

AQUINAS, Thomas (S.) (1227-1274). An Italian Dominican; studied at Naples, 
Cologne, and Paris ; taught at Paris, Rome, and Naples ; gained a great 
reputation by his skill in disputation, and was known as 'Angel of the Schools', 'Eagle 
of Divines', 'Angelic Doctor', &c.; canonized, 1323; declared fifth doctor of the 
Church by Pius V ; one of the greatest of the scholastic philosophers ; died on his 
way to the second council of Lyons. 


ARETIUS, Benedictus (d. 1574). Born at Berne; taught at Marburg; one of the 
founders of the science of botany, which he studied chiefly in connexion with the flora 
of the Alps ; he also wrote on theology, and was in correspondence with most of 
the learned men of his time. 

ARIAS MONTANUS, Benedictus (1527-1598). Son of a notary of Estremadura; 
educated in the university of Alcala; accompanied the bishop of Segovia to the 
council of Trent, 1562 ; sent (1568) by Philip II to Antwerp to prepare a ' Polyglot ' 
for Chr. Plantin, which he produced in 1572 ; accused before the Pope of altering 
the text of the Bible, but acquitted; refused the King's offer of a bishopric'; given 
charge of the library of the Escurial; died, finally, in retirement at Seville; by 
temperament an ascetic and a hermit and one of the most learned theologians of the 
1 6th century. 

ARISTOTELES (Aristotle) (384-322 b.c). Born at Stagira in Macedonia ; attended 
the school of Plato at Athens ; tutor to Alexander the Great at the court of his 
father, Philip of Macedon; in 331 returned to Athens and set up a school of 
philosophy for himself in the Lyceum, where he taught till his death ; he founded 
what was known as the Peripatetic school of philosophy ; maoy of his philosophic 
and scientific works have survived, and have exercised more influence upon thought 
than those of any other writer, ancient or modern. 

ARMINIUS(Hermensen),Jacobus(i56o-i6o9). BornatOudewaterin SouthHolland; 
studied at Leyden, Marburg, Geneva (under Beza), Basle (under Grynaeus) ; pastor 
of the reformed church at Amsterdam, 1588 ; professor of theology at Leyden, 1603 ; 
revolted against the popular Calvinism of his time, and founded the considerable 
party known after him as Arminians and condemned at the synod of Dort. 

ARTHINGTON, Henry (fl. 1590). A Yorkshire gendeman, imposed upon by a 
fanatic named William Hacket, a native of Oundle, who gave himself out to be the 
Messiah; together they caused a riot in London and were imprisoned, 1591; 
Arthington's tract gives an account of the affair, with a dedication to the privy 
council and an appeal for his release from prison ; he was released after a penitent 
apology. (See D. N. B. Hacket, W.) 

ASCONIUS, Quintus, Pedianus (c. 3-8g). A Roman grammarian, born at Padua; 
head of a school of rhetoric at Rome under the Emperors Claudius and Nero; 
some valuable commentaries of his on the speeches of Cicero still survive. 

ATHANASIUS (S.) (c. 296-373). A native of Alexandria ; educated by Alexander, 
archbishop of Alexandria, whose secretary he became ; prominent, in spite of hjs 
youth, at the council of Nicaea; succeeded Alexander as archbishop, 
327; bitterly opposed by the Arians and Meletians; he was more 
than once exiled, but triumphed at last over his enemies, and ended his life as 
archbishop ; left many controversial works in defence of the decisions of the council 
of Nicaea. 


ATHENAEUS (d. 228). A grammarian of Naucratis in Egypt, born in the reign of 
Marcus Aurelius ; the Deipnosopkisles, or Banquet of Learning, is his only extant 

ATTERBURY, Francis (1662-1732). Westminster School (King's Scholar), 1674 ; 
Christ Church,Oxford (Student), 1680 ; M.A., Reader of Rhetoric and Tutor, 1687 ; 
one of the Protestants who resisted James TI; chaplain to William and Mary, and 
afterwards to Anne ; dean of Carlisle, 1704 ; dean of Christ Church, 1712 ; bishop 
of Rochester, 17 13; imprisoned as a Jacobite, 1720; deprived of his offices and 
banished ; died in the service of the Old Pretender. 

AUGUSTINUS, Aurelius (S.)(354-43o). Son of Patricius andMonica, bornat Tagaste 
in Numidia ; studied at Madaura and Carthage ; a keen student of philosophy and 
theology, but not baptized until he was converted from the Manichaean heresy by 
Ambrose at Milan, 387 ; lived in solitude in Africa; bishop of Hippo, 395; he 

- is the founder of western theology, but is even more famous, as the author of the 
Confessions, the Retractations, and the City of God. 

AURELIANUS, Caelius (fl. c. 1 80). A writer on medicine from Sicca in Numidia ; . 
two Latin treatises of his survive, of very great historical interest as expounding the 
doctrines of what is known as the Methodist School or Medicina Methodica. 

AYLIFFE, John (i 676-1 732). New College, Oxford; proctor in Chancellor's 
Court ; expelled from the University on account of the opinions expressed in 
Ancient and Present State of the University of Oxford, 17 14 J a distinguished jurist, 
whose works are still regarded as of high authority (D.N.B.). 

AZORIUS (Azor), Joannes (i 533-1603), A Spanish Jesuit; lecturer in theology at 
Alcala and later at Rome ; his Moral Institutes, which defended the fashionable 
moral standards of his time, was attacked by the Dominicans, but defended by Pope 
Clement VIII ; it was also criticized by Pascal and approved by Bossuet. 

BARKSDALE, Clement. Merton College and Gloucester Hall, Oxford; B.A. 
1629; M.A. 1632; a Gloucestershire clergyman and prolific author. 

BACON, Francis (1561-1626). Trinity College, Cambridge ; barrister and member 
of Parliament under Elizabeth; knighted by James I, 1603; solicitor-general, 
1607; attorney-general, 1613; lord-keeper, 1617; lord-chancellor and Baron 
Verulam, 1618; Viscount St. Albans, 1621; accused of bribery and confessed to 
' corruption and neglect ' ; deprived, fined, condemned to imprisonment, but released 
after a few days; a great writer of English (^Essays, 1597), and famous both as a 
jurist and as a philosopher; his reformed logic was the foundation of modern 
methods of scientific enquiry. 

BAILLIE, James. Probably to be identified (Wood) with James Baylie, of Exeter 
College, Oxford, a Scotchman, educated at Glasgow University, bachelor of law 
at Anjou in France, and created D.C.L. of Oxford in 1622. 


BALAEUS, Joannes(John Bale)(i495-i563). A nativeof CovenearDunwich; entered 
the Carmelite monastery at Norwich; then studied at Jesus College, Oxford; 
converted to Protestantism ; lived in Germany on the fall of his protector, Cromwell ; 
recalled by Edward VI and nominated bishop of Ossory, 1553 ; fled to the continent 
in the same year ; later, prebendary of Canterbury ; a bitter and active controver- 
sialist, referred to by Fuller as ' Biliosus Balaeus' ; ' this work' {The Image of both 
Churches) 'ms.y be taken as the best example of Bale's polemical power, showing 
his learning, his rude vigour of expression, and his want of good taste and modera- 
tion ' (D. N. b:). 

BALDWINUS, Balthasar (1605-1652). Son of the next-named ; Lutheran pastor at 
Chemnitz ; doctor of theology at Wittenberg ; controversial writer. 

BALDWINUS, Fridericus (1575-1627). Born at Dresden; educated at Meissen 
and Wittenberg, where he became professor of theology; a Lutheran theologian. 

BANNES, Dominicus (Domingo Bafiez) (152^-1604). Studied at Salamanca, and 
entered the Dominican order; professor of theology for 32 years at Avila, Alcala, 
Valladolid, and Salamanca; author of commentaries on Aristotle and Thomas 

BARET, John (d. 1580). Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; M.D., 1577; 
published an English-Latin-French Dictionary (.(4« Alvearie^jihs materials of which 
were collected during 18 years by his pupils. 

BARRADIUS (Barradas), Sebastianus (1542-1615). A Portuguese Jesuit, born at 
Lisbon ; taught in the Universities of Coimbra and Evora ; famous as a preacher 
and known among the people as ' the Apostle Paul of Portugal '. 

BARTHOLINUS, Thomas (1616-1680). Son of a distinguished Danish writer, and 
the most famous of a learned family ; professor of mathematics and anatomy at 
Copenhagen, and physician to king Christian V; published more than 70 scientific 

BASILIUS (S.) (329-379). Surnamed 'the Great'; succeeded Eusebius as 
archbishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia ; one of the greatest of the Greek Fathers ; 
the order of S. Basil, the most ancient of the religious orders, is named after him. 

BASILIUS (d. about 458). Archbishop of Seleucia; present at the Councils of 
Constantinople and Ephesus, in the former of which he opposed, in the latter 
assented to, the recognition of the heresiarch Eutyches; he was subsequently 
readmitted into the orthodox comrnunion. 

BASTWICK, John (1593-1654). Emmanuel College, Cambridge ; studied medicine 
at Padua ; imprisoned for publishing Puritanical treatises, but released by the Long 
Parliament, 1640; captain of the Leicester trained bands, 1642; taken prisoner by 
the King at Leicester and sent to York, but was soon set at liberty ; bitterly attacked 
the Independents in 1648. 


BAYLIE {or Baillie), Robert (1599-1662). A native of Glasgow and 'regent' of 
philosophy in that University; received episcopal ordination, but was afterward 
prominent in the PVesbyterian church ; represented the covenanters at the trial of 
Laud; professor of divinity at Glasgow, 1642; principal of Glasgow University, 
1660; controversialist and theologian. 

BEHM, Joannes (1578-1648). A Lutheran divine of distinction; studied at 
Leipzig; doctor of theology at Wittenberg; professor and court preacher at 
Konigsberg ; author of many works, including a chronology of the world from the 
creation to the destruction of Jerusalem, which had a great reputation in his time. 

BELLARMINUS, Robertus (1542-1621). An Italian by birth; became a Jesuit in 
1560 ; professor of theology at Louvain ; cardinal (1599) and archbishop of Capua ; 
resigned the archbishopric to become librarian of the Vatican, 1605; would have 
become pope, if he had not been a Jesuit ; one of the most learned men and most 
famous preachers of his time. 

BELLINUS, Laurentius (Lorenzo Bellini) (1643-1704). Educated at Pisa under 
Marchetti and Redi ; professor, at the age of twenty, of theoretic medicine at Pisa, 
and later of anatomy ; retired to Florence, where he became physician to the Grand 
Duke, Cosmo III, 1693; distinguished in medicine, mathematics, mechanics, 
philosophy, and poetry, but especially for his anatomical discoveries. 

BERCHORIUS, Petrus (Pierre Bercheure or Berchoire) (d. 1362). A Benedictine of 
Poitou ; confidant of Cardinal Duprat, archbishop of Aix ; prior of the monastery of 
St.'Eloy at Paris ; author of various encyclopaedic works and of a French transla- 
tion of Livy. 

BERNARD, Richard (1568-1641). Christ's College, Cambridge ; Vicar of Worksop, 
1601 ; Batcombe, 16 13; author of many classical and religious works. 

BERNARDUS (S.) (1091-1153). Born of a noble family of Burgundy; studied in 
the University of Paris; retired to a monastery at Clteaux; abbot of Clairvaux ; 
frequently consulted as the arbitrator of disputes ecclesiastical and secular ; entrusted 
by the pope Eugene III with the task of preaching a crusade, with the failure of 
which he was afterwards reproached; founded before his death 160 religious houses 
of the order named after him ; canonized by the pope Alexander III twenty years 
after his death. 

BERO ALDUS, Matthaeus (Matthieu Brouart) (d. 1516). Born and educated at 
Paris ; adopted the reformed faith ; tutor to d'Aubign^ ; condemned to be burnt for 
his religious opinions, but escaped to Orleans and thence to La Rochelle ; afterwards 
minister and professor at Geneva. • 

BESODNERUS, Petrus (d. 1 6 1 6). Born at Hermannstadt ; studied at Frankfurt-on- 
Oder ; appointed preacher at Hermannstadt, 1616 ; wrote theological commentaries. 


BETTUS (Belts), Joannes (d. 1695). C.C.C, Oxford; physician to Charles II, and 
more than once censor of the Royal College of Physicians. 

BEVEREGIUS (Beveridge), Gulielmus (1637-1708). St. John's College, Cam- 
bridge; prebendary of S. Paul's, 1674; of Canterbury, 1684; bishop of S. Asaph, 
1704 (having previously declined Bath and Wells on Ken's deprivation); author of 
various religious works, several of which were published posthumously ; his grand- 
father, father, and elder brother were successively Vicars of Barrow-on-Soar, where 
he himself was baptized and to which as well- as to Mountsorrel he was a liberal 

BEZA, Theodorus (Theodore de Bhze) (151 9-1 605). Born at V^zelay in Burgundy ; 
educated at Orleans and Bourges under Volmar, ope of the first to adopt the 
reformed faith in France ; professor of Greek at Lausanne, 1549 ; tried to persuade 
the German princes to interfere with the French Huguenot persecutions, 1558; at 
the invitation of Calvin went to Geneva, 1359 ; converted the king of Navarre to 
protestantism, 1560; prominent at the Colloquy of Poissy, 1561; after the death of 
Calvin (1564) regarded as the head of the reformed church; he continued his 
lectures and leadership after the age of 80 ; he presented the famous MS. of the 
N.T. known as ' Codex Bezae ' to the University of Cambridge. 

BIBLIANDER, Theodorus (Theodor Buchman) (1500-1564). Born near St. Gall 
in Switzerland ; successor of Zwingli in the chair of theology at Zurich ; finally 
compelled to retire because of his opposition to the orthodox Calvinistic view of 
predestination ; a very learned orientalist. 

BIGNE, Margarinus (Marguerin) de la (1546-1597). Born at Bayeux ; doctor of 
the Sorbonne ; edited the Fathers with the view of confuting the protestants ; canon 
at Bayeux ; dean of Le Mans ; quarrelled with his bishop and finally resigned his 
offices ; died in retirement at Paris. 

BIGNON, Hierome (1589-1656). Born at Paris; a French barrister, who won 
fame by his remarkable learning at a very' early age ; advocate-general and councillor 
of state, 1620; royal librarian, 1642; jurist. 

BILSON, Thomas (1547-1616). Born and educated at Winchester, whence he 
proceeded to New College, Oxford ; prebendary of Winchester and warden of the 
College, 1576; bishop of Worcester, 1596, and of Winchester, 1597. 

BINIUS (Bini), Severinus (d. 1641). Canon of Cologne; produced several editions 
of the Councils, which, however, were soon superseded. 

BISSE, Thomas (d. 1731). Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford; prebendary 
of Hereford ; a youngerabrother of Dr. Philip Bisse, Bishop of Hereford. 

BLOME, Richard (d. 1705). Publisher and compiler of some note; issued many 
splendid volumes by subscription. 


BLONDELLUS (Blondel), David {1591-1655). Born at Chalons-sur-Marne ; or- 
dained minister in the Protestant Church, 16 14; a failure as a preacher, but soon 
became prominent as a controversialist ; settled at Paris on a fixed salary to write 
in defence of the faith, 1645 ; succeeded Vossius as professor of history at Amster- 
dam, 1649. 

BODINUS, Joannes (Jean Bodin) (1530-1596). A native of Angers; studied, and 
for a time professed, law at Toulouse ; attempted without success to practise at the 
bar at Paris ; devoted himself to writing and became a favourite of Henri HI ; out 
of favour with the king, he became the companion of the Due d'Alengon, his 
son; on his death retired to Laon ; deputy in the States-General, 1576, and 
advocate of toleration ; he sympathized with, but did not adopt, the reformed faith. 

BOGAN, Zachary (i 625-1 650). A great-nephew of Sir T. Bodley; scholar and, 
on taking the B.A, degree (1646), fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford; 'his 
skill in languages was universally recognized in his lifetime, and had not his years 
been prematurely cut short, his learning would have made a permanent mark in 
literature ' (D.N.B.). 

BOLTON, Robert (1572-1631). Lincoln and Brasenose Colleges, Oxford; lec- 
turer in logic and philosophy; rector of Broughton, near Kettering, from 16 10; 
puritan theologian ; Anth. Wood gives him a very high character. 

BONACINA, Martinus (d. 1631). Doctor of theology and canon law at Milan; 
count palatine and knight of the golden Fleece ; sent as nuncio of Pope Urban 
VIII to Vienna, 1631, on which mission he died. 

BORELLUS, Joannes Alphonsius (Giovanni Alfonso Borelli) (1608-1679). Born at 
Naples ; professor of medicine at Pisa and Florence ; attempted to advance medical 
theory by the application of mathematical and mechanical principles. 

BORRHAUS, Martinus (1499-1564). Born at Stuttgart; studied under Reuchlin; 
professor of theology at Basle, where he died of the plague. 

BOSQUIERUS, Philippus (Philippe Bosquier) (1561-1636). A Franciscan, born at 
Mons in Hainault ; studied theology at Paris ; afterwards sent to Rome where he 
enjoyed the patronage of Cardinal Baronius ; gained a considerable reputation as a 
preacher ; died at Avesnes. 

BOULDUC (Bolduc), Jacobus (b. 1580). A French Capucin, born at Paris ; famous 
as a preacher, and also as a somewhat paradoxical theologian. 

BOXHORNIUS, Henricus (c. 1 550-1 630). A licentiate in theology of Louvain; 
preacher at Breda and controversial theologian ; maternal grandfather of the more 
famous Marcus Zuerius Boxhornius (1612-1653), who was educated by him and 
took his name. 


BRANDIUS, Henricus (fl. c. 1615). Preacher of the Reformed Church at Ziriczee 
in Zealand. 

BRAY, Thomas (1656-1730). All Souls and Magdalen Colleges, Oxford; rector of 
Sheldon ; commissary of the bishop of London in Maryland ; founded a scheme of 
parochial libraries which in part developed into the S.P.C.K. ; obtained a charter 
incorporating a society for propagating the Gospel in the British Plantations, 1701 ; 
vicai- of St. Botolph Without, Aldgate, 1706; Dr. Bray's Associates still administer 
their trust for the founding and encouragement of libraries. 

BRIGHTMANNUS (Brightman), Thomas (1562-1607). Born at Nottingham; fellow 
of Queens' College, Cambridge ; rector of Hawnes, Bedfordshire, 1592 ; author of 
commentaries on the Bible ; read through the Greek Testament every fortnight. 

BRINSLEY, John (b. circ. 1565). Christ's College, Cambridge, B. A., 1584 ; master of 
the school at Ashby-de-la-Zouch ; ejected for his puritan opinions, aire. 1620; tutor 
to William Lilly the Astrologer ; the author of several translations and other works ; 
he seems to have lived to a great age, as his last work was published for the first time 
in 1663. 

BROUGHTON, Hugh (1549-16 12). Fellow of St. John's and later of Christ's 
College, Cambridge ; prebendary and reader in divinity at Durham ; from 1 590 
lived chiefly in Germany ; a learned theologian and rabbinical scholar, satirized 
by Ben Jonson ; in his commentary on Daniel are copper-plate engravings by Rogers 
supposed to be the earliest published in England (D. N. B.). 

BUCERUS, Martinus (the name is a Greek translation of his true name, Kuhhorn) 
(1491-1551). Born at Strasburg in Alsace ; originally a Dominican, he was con- 
verted by Luther to the reformed faith ; minister and professor of theology at 
Strassburg, and later minister at Cologne ; summoned to England to teach theology 
by Cranmer, he taught and died at Cambridge ; his remains were exhumed and burnt 
by Mary ; he was a famous preacher, with great talents for controversy and 
negotiation, called by Bossuet ' le grand architecte des subtilit^s.' 

BUCHOLTZERUS (Bucholcerus, Bucholtzer), Abraham, (i 529-1 584). Studied 
under Melanchthon at Wittenberg; head, at the age of twenty-six, of the college of 
Grtinberg in Silesia ; minister at Sprottau, Krossen, Freistadt ; learned in G;reek, 
Hebrew, and theology. 

BUDAEUS, Gulielmus (Guillaume Bud6) (i 467-1 540). Son of Jean Bud^, grand- 
audiencier of France ; studied at Paris and Orleans ; learned in every branch of 
knowledge, but especially in Greek ; secretary to Louis XH, and librarian to 
Francis I ; his widow and children became protestants, but he was himself a con- 
vinced Roman Catholic. 


BULLINGER, Henricus (i504-i575)- A Swiss by birth, converted by Zwingli to 
the reformed faith ; succeeded Zwingli as pastor at Zurich ; corresponded with Lady 
Jane Grey and worked for the union of the English and Swiss churches ; good 
Hebrew and Greek scholar. 

BUNTING, Henry (1545-1606). A native of Hanover; studied at Wittenberg; 
Lutheran pastor at Grunow and later superintendent at Gosslar ; known by various 
historical and chronological works. 

BURNET, Gilbert (1643-1715). Born at Edinburgh and educated at Aberdeen ; 
brought up as a presbyterian ; studied Hebrew at Amsterdam; F.R.S., 1664; 
minister of Saltoun, 1665; supporter and confidant of Lauderdale; professor of 
Divinity at Glasgow, 1669; prominent in negotiations with the presbyterians ; 
in opposition to Lauderdale's new policy, 1672; chaplain to Charles II; 
dismissed, 1674 ; intimate with Lord Russell, whom he attended on the scaffold; 
out of favour at court, spent several years in travel on the continent, where he met 
the Prince of Orange, 1683-1686; outlawed by James II, 1687; accompanied 
William to London and drafted his ' declaration ', 1688; bishop of Salisbury, 1689; 
prominent in political affairs under William and Mary ; founder of ' Queen Anne's 
Bounty ', 1 704 ; he had refused all offers of preferment under Charles II, and when 
he had power he used it courageously and consistently in the interests of peace and 
of religious toleration. 

BURRELL, Percy (Percival)(b. 1590), Hart Hall and Christ Church, Oxford; preacher 
at the Charterhouse. 

BURSCOUGH, William (i 676-1 755). Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford ; chaplain 
to Lord Carteret, lord lieutenant of Ireland; dean of Lismore, 1724; bishop of 
Limerick, 1725 ; published several other sermons between 17 11 and 17 16 (Watt). 

BUTLER, Lilly (1651-1717). St. Edmund Hall, Oxford ; chaplain to the king and 
vicar of S. Mary, Aldermanbury ; canon of Canterbury, 1716 ; printed many sermons 
between 1691 and 1716 (Watt). 

BUTRIO, Antonius de (d. 1408). A native of Bologna, who taught at Ferrara, 
and wrote several works on Canon and Civil Law. 

BUXTORFIUS (Buxtorf), Joannes ( 1 564-1 629). A native of Westphalia ; studied at 
Marburg, Heidelberg, Basle, and Geneva (under Beza) ; professor of Hebrew at Basle ; 
' an indefatigable student and an excellent teacher ' (Freher), who by his great 
learning won for himself the name of ' Rabbinorum Magister '. 

CAESAR, Gains Julius (b.c. 100-44). Famous as writer, general, and ruler ; 
■ from 49 B. c. to his assassination by Brutus in 44 sole ruler of the Roman Empire, 

the government of which he changed (though not in name) from a republic to a 



CAIETANUS (de Vio), Thomas (1469-1534). An Italian dominicari from Gaeta 
(whence the surname Caietanus) ; professor of theology at Brescia and Pavia ; 
general of his order, 1508; as cardinal and legate of Leo X in Germany (151 8), 
attempted to bring Luther back to the Roman obedience ; bishop of Gaeta, 1519 ; 
he made a literal translation of the whole Bible from the originals^ and was an 
active and acute theologian. 

CALASIUS, Marius de (Mariode Calasio) (1550-1620). An Italian Franciscan from 
the neighbourhood of Naples, made by Pope Paul V professor of Hebrew at Rome, 
and doctor of theology ; his Hebrew concordance was based on the work of Nathan. 

CALEPINUS (Calepino or Da' Calepio) Ambrosius (1435-1511). Born atCalepio 
of an ancient Italian family ; entered the Augustinian order ; famous for his Latin- 
Italian dictionary, to which he devoted the whole of his life ; the Lexicon appeared 
first in 1503, went through fifteen editions, and through Facciolati is the basis of all 
modern Latin dictionaries. 

CALVINUS (Calvin), Joannes (i 509-1 564). Born at Noyonin Picardy of humble 
parents ; studied at Paris with a view to an ecclesiastical career ; dissatisfied with the 
Roman Catholic church, studied law and Greek (under Volmar) ; forced to fly 
because of his heretical opinions, which he afterwards preached at Poitiers and at 
the court of Margaret of Navarre ; withdrew to Basle, 1534 ; active in the reformed 
church at Geneva (banished, 1538), Strassburg, where Beza procured his appoint- 
ment as professor of theology, and again at Geneva (from 1541) ; under him and 
Beza the Academy at Geneva acquired great influence and reputation; ' since the 
time of the Apostles ', said Scaliger, ' no such man has arisen.' 

CAMERARIUS, Johann Rudolph (fl. 1600). A famous German physician, who 
practised in his own country with great distinction in the early part of the seven- 
teenth century. 

CAMERON, John (1579-16^5). Born and educated at Glasgow ; taught Greek and 
Latin at Bordeaux and Sedan, 1600-2 ; protestant minister at Bordeaux, 1608 ; 
professor of divinity at Saumur, 1618; principal of Glasgow University, 1622; at 
Saumur again, 1623; professor at Montauban, 1624; a learned theologian, un- 
popular because of his subserviency to James I. 

CAPPELLUS, Jacobus (i 568-1624). A French theologian; pastor and professor 
of theology at Sedan ; wrote a considerable amount, chiefly in Latin, on various 

CARLETON, George (1559-1628). Fellow of Merton College, Oxford, 1580; 
vicar of Mayfield, Sussex, 1589; bishop of Llandaif, 1618, Chichester, 1619; 
represented the Church of England at the synod of Dort ; author of various 
works, mainly theological. 


CARTWRIGHT, Christopher (i 602-1 658). Born at York; fellow of Peterhouse, 
Cambridge ; minister at York, where he died ; published sermons and controversial 

CARTWRIGHT, Thomas (i 535-1 603). Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, 

, 1560; fellow of Trinity, 1562 ; Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity, 1569 ; more 

than once deprived of his positions and compelled to flee to the Continent bacause 

of his Puritan opinions ; master of the Earl of Leicester's hospital at Warwick, 1586 ; 

exegetical and controversial writer. 

CASAUBON, Isaac (1559-16 14). Son of Huguenot refugees at Geneva, where 
he became professor of Greek in 1581 ; professor at Montpellier, 1596; removed 
to Paris, 1600 ; given a pension and made keeper of the royal library by Henry IV ; 
came to England, 1610; prebendary of Canterbury, 161 1; attached to the court 
and pensioned by James I ; buried in Westminster Abbey ; a classical scholar of 
great distinction. 

CAVE, William (1637-1713). Born at Pickwell, Leicestershire; St. John's College, 
Cambridge ; canon of Windsor and vicar of Isleworth, Middlesex ; ecclesiastical 
historian ; ' an excellent and universal scholar, an elegant and polite writer, and 
a florid and very eloquent preacher ' (Chalmers). 

CHAMIER, Daniel (d. 1621). A prominent and learned controversialist on the 
Huguenot side ; minister at Mont^limart, Montpellier ; took part in negotiating 
the edict of Nantes; professor of theology at Montauban (16 13), in the siege of 
which place he was killed. 

CHARLTONUS, Gualterus (Walter Charlton) (1619-1707). Magdalen Hall, 
Oxford; M.D., by king's mandate, 1643; physician to Charles I and II; an 
early fellow of the Royal Society; wrote pamphlets on various subjects, one 
proving that Stonehenge was made by the Danes {Chorea Gigantum, 1663). 

CHEMNITIUS (Chemnitz), Martinus (1522-1586). Born in Brandenburg; 
schoolmaster at Koenigsberg ; librarian to the Duke Albrecht of Prussia ; pastor and 
superintendent at Rostock ; pupil of Melanchthon ; a protestant theologian of great 
influence and popularity in Germany. 

CHILLINGWORTH, William (1602-1644). Born at Oxford; godson and confidant 
of Laud ; fellow of Trinity College, Oxford, 1628 ; became a Catholic and went to 
Douai, 1630; protestant again, 1634; prebendary of Salisbury, 1638; followed the 
king's army and was taken prisoner at Arundel ; died at Chichester and buried in 
the Cathedral cloisters there. 

CHRYSOSTOM, John (S.) (344-407). Born at Antioch ; practised in his youth at the 
bar with great success ; lived for some years in retirement ; preached in Antioch, 
386, until he was called to be patriarch of Constantinople by the emperor Arcadius, 


395 ; his enemies procured his exile in 403, and he died at Comana in Pontus 
four years later ; he was given the name Chrysostom (' Golden-mouthed ') because 
of his extraordinary eloquence. 

CHURCHMAN, Theophilus. See HEYLIN, Peter. 

CICERO, Marcus TuUius (b.c. 106-43). One of the most famous orators of 
antiquity ; he was a prominent politician, consul, 63 ; governor, as proconsul, 
of Cilicia, 51; he belonged to the anti-Caesarian or republican party, and was 
killed after Caesar's death by the inheritors of the Caesarian tradition. 

CLARENDON, Edward Hyde, first earl of (1609-1674). Magdalen Hall, Oxford; 
barrister, and member of the Long Parliament ; assisted in the impeachment of 
Strafford ; opposed the Grand Remonstrance and composed Charles' reply ; 
manager, with Falkland and Colepeper, of the king's affairs in parliament ; drafted all 
Charles' declarations, 1642-5; chancellorof the exchequer, 1643; chief controller on 
the king's side of the negotiations during the war ; joined the Prince at the Hague and 
became his chief adviser ; Lord Chancellor and virtual head of Charles II's govern- 
ment till 1667, when Parliament turned against him ; he fled to France and lived 
there till his death ; author of the History of the Rebellion, one of the most notable 
historical works in the language. 

CLEMENS ALEXANDRINUS (S.) (Titus Flavins Clemens) (d. 217). Studied at 
Athens, in Italy, and finally at Alexandria, where he was converted to Christianity 
and became head of the Christian school ; compelled by the persecutions of Severus 
(202) to fly to Cappadocia, and thence to Jerusalem ; after preaching the faith in 
the chief centres of Christianity in the east, he resumed his duties at Alexandria 
where he remained till his death ; one of the most learned and original theologians 
of the early Church. 

CLEMENS ROMANUS (S.) (d.ioo). Mentioned by S. Paul in the Epistle to the 
Philippians ; supposed to have been ordained bishop of Rome by S. Peter ; he is 
counted as a martyr, but the tradition is doubtful ; two Epistles to the Corinthians, 
bearing his name, survive of which the first alone is genuine ; it was read among 
the canonical scriptures in the Early Church. 

COCCIUS, Marcus Antonius Sabellicus (1436-1506). Born at Vico-Varo; 
came early to Rome as the pupil of Domitius Calderinus and Pomponius Laetus ; to 
Pomponius he owes his name Sabellicus; lecturer at Udina, 1475 ; at Venice, 1484, 
when he was made ' Custos ' of the Library of St. Mark ; he left many writings con- 
nected with classical learning, together with works on the history and antiquities of 

COMESTOR (or Manducator), Petrus (d. 1198). Dean of Troyes; head of the 
school of theology at Paris, 1 164-9 ; called Comestor (' Devourer ') because of his 
insatiable appetite for reading. 


COOKE, Thomas (d. 1731). Brother of Sir John Cooke, the king's advocate ; rector 
of S. Peter-le-Poer ; of S. Benet's, Paul's Wharf, from 1709 until his death. 

COOPERUS (Cooper), Thomas (1517-1594)- Chorister and finally fellow of Magdalen 
•College, Oxford; master of the College School; dean of Christ Church, 1567; 
dean of Gloucester, 1569; bishop of Lincoln, and afterwards of Winchester; 
lampooned by ' Martin Mar-prelate '. 

CORNELIUS A LAPIDE (Corneille van den Steen) (1570-1637). A native of Liege ; 
entered the Jesuit Order, 1592 ; professor of hebrew and theology at Louvain, where 
though often in ill-health he taught for more than forty years ; he edited Commen- 
taries on the whole Bible except Job and the Psalms, and Lectures by him on the 
latter, taken down by his pupils, were extant at MaUnes in MS. ; he died at Rome ; 
he was so short that, when he was admitted to an audience with the Pope, his 
Holiness several times bade him rise, thinking that he was kneeling. 

COTTON, Clement. Author of several theological works printed at London between 
1613 and 1635. 

CRAIG, Sir Thomas (1538-1608). Studied law at St. Andrews and Paris ; advocate ; 
justice-depute, and later sheriff-depute of Edinburgh ; accompanied James I to 
England; commissioner for the Union, 1604; wrote in defence of James' title to 
the English crown. 

CRAKANTHORP, Richard (1567-1624). Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford; 
chaplain to Lord Evers at the court of Rudolph II ; rector of Black Notley, 1605 ; 
Paglesham, 1917; wrote in defence of the English Church against De Dominis. 

CRASHAW, William (1572-1626). Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge; 
prebendary of Ripon, 1604 ; of York, 1617 ; incumbent of S. Mary's, Whitechapel ; 
a puritan theologian and also a poet, though one of less distinction than his son 
Richard. 1 

CRATO (Krafft), Joannes (1519-1585). Born at Bresiau ; pupil of Melanchthon and 
Luther ; but gave up theology for medicine, which he studied at Padua ; lectured 
at Verona ; on his return, practised at Augsburg ; chief physician to the emperors 
Ferdinand I and Maximilian II ; created count palatine by the latter ; a prolific 
writer on medical subjects. 

CREDONIUS, Claudius, Colenaeus (fl. c. 1579). A French scholar of the last half 
of the sixteenth century. 

CRELLIUS, Joannes (1590-1633). Born in Franconia; Socinian theologian; head 
of a school of theology at Cracow, where he was also pastor ; disputed with Grotius. 

CRINESIUS, Christophorus (1584-1629). A native of Schlackewald in Bohemia; 
studied at Jena ; protestant pastor on the borders of Styria ; banished by the 
Emperor Ferdinand, 1624; professor in the university of Altdorf; learned in 
oriental languages, with which most of his works are concerned. 


CRUCIGER (Kreutziger), Georgius (1575-1637). Born at Merseburg; studied at 
Leipzig and Wittenberg ; professor of logic, Hebrew, and theology at Marburg. 

CURIO (Schaffner), Valentinus (d. 1533). A Basle printer; setup his press "about 
1521 ; Schaffner means steward, of which Curio is a sort of translation ; the Lexicbn 
which he printed is probably by Calepinus. 

CYDONIUS, Andreas Eudaemon-Joannes (1560-1625). A Jesuit of Candia ; studied 
at Rome and Padua; accompanied Bellarminus to France; philosopher and 

CYPRIANUS, Thascius or Caecilius (S.) (c. 200-258). A native of Carthage; 
converted to Christianity by a priest named Caecilius, whose name he thenceforward 
adopted; bishop of Carthage, 248; driven from Carthage two years later by the 
persecution, to which he finally fell a victim in the reign of the emperor Valerian ; 
a most elegant and eloquent writer, his works were frequently edited in the 1 6th and 
17th centuries. 

CYRILLUS (S.) (d. 444). Patriarch of Alexandria, 412 ; prominent in the Nestorian 
controversy (430-1), in which he was finally victorious; a man of action, and a 
theologian distinguished rather by his vigour and precision than by any literary 

CYRILLUS LUCARIS (1572-1637). Born in Crete ; studied at Venice and Padua ; 
adopted reformed doctrines in Germany, and introduced them into Greece; 
patriarch of Alexandria and later of Constantinople (162 1); his clergy objected to 
the novelty of his doctrine, and he was more than once deposed and recalled ; finally 
he was put to death in exile ; corresponded with archbishop Abbot and sent to 
England the Alexandrine Codex now in the B.M. 

DAMASCENUS, Joannes (S.) (c. 676-754). A native of Damascus, where he held 
a prominent public position until he resigned it and retired to a monastery near 
Jerusalem ; employed, as a priest, in controversy against the iconoclasts ; learned in 
dialectic, philosophy, mathematics, and theology, he has been called the Thomas 
Aquinas of the Eastern Church ; for his great eloquence given by his contemporaries 
the surname ' Chrysorrhous '. 

DANAEUS (Daneau), Lambertus (1530-1595). Doctor of theology at Orleans; 
became a protestant under the influence of Calvin ; minister at Geneva ; professor 
at Leyden ; suspected of intrigues with England, he fled to the king of Navarre, who 
protected him until the end of his Ufe ; bitter opponent both of the Roman Catholics 
and of the Lutherans. 

DATHUS, Augustinus (Agostino Dati) (1420-1478). Born at Siena ;. professor of 
belles-lettres at Urbino, 1442; scholar and historian. 


DAVENANT, John (1576-1641). Fellow of Queens' College, Cambridge; Lady 
Margaret Professor of Divinity, 1609 ; master of Queens'; represented the English 
Church at the Synod of Dort; bishop of Salisbury, 1621 ; accused before Laud of 
Calvinism, 1631. 

DAWSON, George (1637-1 700), St. John's College, Cambridge ; vicar of Sunning- 
hill; jurist. 

DECKERS (or Dekker), Fridericus (fl. c. 1650). A Dutch physician of the 17th 
century ; author of medical works in Latin and in Dutch. 

DE CUSA (Krebs), Nicolas (1401-1464). A distinguished German savant and 
theologian, of great weight in the theological disputes of his time ; Bishop of Brixen ; 
cardinal legate to Constantinople ; first to revive the doctrine of the earth's motion 
round the sun. 

DE DOMINIS, Marcus Antonius (1566-1624). A native of Dalmatia; professor of 
mathematics at Padua ; of logic and rhetoric at Brescia ; bishop of Segni ; arch- 
bishop of Spalatro; refused to pay a tax imposed by the Pope and migrated to 
England, 16 16; dean of Windsor and master of the Savoy, 1617; left England, 
and, after being promised a pardon by Pope Gregory XV, was imprisoned by the 
Inquisition and died in the Castle of St. Angelo. 

DELAUNE, William (i 659-1 728). Fellow of St. John's College, Oxford, and 
President from 1698 until his death; canon of Winchester, 1701 ; Lady Margaret 
Professor of Divinity, 1715; chaplain to Queen Anne; abused by Amhurst in 
Terras Films, but according to Hearne ' a very gentle, well-bred man ', of whom 
when he took Orders Charles II said, ' We have lost one of the finest gentlemen in 

DEMPSTER, Thomas (1579-1625). Pembroke Hall, Cambridge: studied at 
Louvain, Rome, Douai, and Paris ; professor of humanities at Toulouse ; of oratory 
at Ntmes ; taught at Paris ; professor of civil law at Pisa ; knighted by Urban VIII ; 
professor of humanities at Bologna ; classical and biographical writer. 

DIETERICUS (Dieterich) Cunradus (1575-1639). A native of Hesse; studied at 
Marburg; doctor of theology and professor of philosophy at Giessen; super- 
intendent and director of the Gymnasium at Ulm, where he died; Lutheran 
theologian ; also called Conradus Theodoricus, from which name the anagram ' in 
hoc est doctor arduus ' (Freljer). 

DIODATI, John (1576-1649). An Italian religious refugee at Geneva, highly 
esteemed by Beza; professor of theology, 1609 ; Genevan deputy at the synod of 
Dort ; translated the Bible into Italian, and prepared also the French translation of 
the Bible and the first French translation of the History of the Council of Trent ; 
uncle of Charles Diodati, Milton's friend (Chalmers). 



DIODORUS SICULUS (fl. c. 40 b.c.)- A native of Sicily who lived mainly at Rome ; 
he wrote in Greek a History of the World down to the end of Caesar's Gallic "War 
(60 B.C.); of the forty books of his history 15 survive in full, with fragments of the 
other 25. 

DIONYSIUS AREOPAGITA (S.) (circa 500). A Christian Neo-Platonist of 
Athens ; wrote works on the heavenly and on the ecclesiastical hierarchy, which had 
great influence in the Middle Ages ; he has been called the father of Scholasticism ; 
the writer was supposed in the Middle Ages to be identical with the Dionysius of 
Acls xvii. 34. 

DIONYSIUS CARTHUSIANUS (d. 1471). Born at Rickel near Liege, whence 
sometimes called Dionysius Rickel (also de Lewis) ; educated at Cologne ; a Carthu- 
sian monk, who devoted his life to writing on theological subjects ; called Doctor 
Ecstaticus by reason of his immersion in prayer and study. 

DIONYSIUS HALICARNASSEUS (fl. circa 30 b.c). A Greek of Halicarnassus 
who lived in Rome from 30 to 8 b.c. ; wrote a work on early Roman History, but 
best known for his technical criticisms of the classical Greek writers. 

DOUGHTY, Gregory (c. 1 688-1 750). Fellow of King's College, Cambridge; 
M.A., 1714; D.D., 1736. 

DOW, Christopher (fl. c. 1620). Graduate of Christ's College, Cambridge; in- 
corporated at Oxford, 162 1; 'creature and champion' of Laud, aud author of 
controversial works 'very offensive to the puritans, who held the author to be a 
rank Arminian ' (Wood). 

DRELINCURTIUS, Carolus (1633-1697). Born at Paris; studied at Paris and 
Saumur; doctor at Montpellier ; physician to Turenne, 1654; first physician to the 
royal army in Flanders, 16 56- 1658; physician extraordinary to the King, 1663; 
professor of medicine at Leyden, 1668; of anatomy, 1670. 

DRIEDO, Joannes (d. 1335). Born at Turnhout and educated at Louvain where he 
lived and died; one of the most famous theologians of the sixteenth century on the 
anti-Lutheran side ; created doctor of theology by Adrian VI, 151 2. 

DRUSIUS (Van den Driesche), Joannes (1550-1616). A Belgian by birth; in 1567 
joined his father, a religious refugee in England ; studied Hebrew in London ; pro- 
fessor of Hebrew in Oxford University at the age of 22; professor of oriental 
languages at Ghent, and later (1585) of Hebrew at Franeker ; called by his 
antagonist Serarius ' the divine Grammarian.' 

DUNS SCOTUS (Joannes) (1265-1308). Born in Scotland near Berwick on Tweed ; 
studied at Oxford, where he became professor of Divinity in 1 301 ; one of the most 
famous scholastic philosophers, known as the Doctor Stcbtilis. 


DU PIN, Ludovicus Ellies (1657-1719). Born at Paris; studied theology at the 
Sorbonne where he took the Doctor's degree in 1684; professor of Philosophy at 
the College Royal ; deprived of his chair for opinions expressed in his Nouvelk 
Biblioiheque des Auteurs Eccle'siastiques ; projected a reunion of the Anglican with 
the Roman Catholic Church, on a basis of mutual compromise, in correspondence 
with Archbishop Wake (of Canterbury) ; he was a learned and prolific writer, and 
a broad-minded and undogmatic theologian. 

DURANDUS, Gulielmus (1237-1296). Born at Puimisson in Provence; studied at 
Bologna ; taught at Modena ; dean of Chartres ; bishop of Mende ; chaplain to 
Pope Clement IV and general of the papal troops ; surnamed Speculator after his 
Speculum Judiciale; this work and the Rationale Divinorum Officiorum were among 
the most influential works in circulation in the early days of printing. 

DURANDUS A SANCTO PORCIANO, Gulielmus (GuiUaume Durand de Saint- 
Pourgain) (d. 1333). Born in Auvergne; a member of the dominican order; 
bishop of Puy, 1318, Meaux, 1326; called Doctor Resolutissimus because of the 
novelty of his opinions. 

DYKE, Jeremiah (d. 1620). Sydney Sussex College, Cambridge; incumbent of 
Epping from 1609; puritan theologian ; subscribed the ' Book of Discipline '. 

DYNUS MUXELLANUS (Dino, of Mugello) (d. 131 3). Born at Mugello near 
Florence ; professor of law at Bologna ; jurist. 

ECKHARDUS (Eckhard), Henricus (1582-1624). Studied at Marburg; professor of 
theology at Giessen ; superintendent-general in the duchy of Altenburg; theologian. 

EISENGREINUS, Martinus (d. 1578). A native of Stuttgart; doctor in theology 
and vice-chancellor of Ingolstadt university ; formerly himself a protestant, in later 
life he attacked protestant doctrine with great bitterness. 

ENT, Sir George (1604-1689). Born at Sandwich in Kent of Dutch parents; M.A. 
of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge ; studied medicine at Padua ; several times 
president of the College of Physicians ; wrote in defence of Harvey's theories as to 
the circulation of the blood. 

EPIPHANIUS (S.) (310-403). A native of Palestine ; bishop of Salamis in Cyprus ; 
a vigorous opponent of the Arians and of all forms of heresy; renowned for his 
learning and for the holiness of his life. * 

EPISCOPIUS (Bisschop), Simon (i 583-1 643). Studied philosophy and theology at 
Leyden and afterwards at Franeker under Drusius ; professor of theology at Leyden, 
1612 ; expelled as an Arminian in 1619 ; returned to Amsterdam, where he estab- 
lished and directed an Arminian school, 1634. 

ERASMUS (Gerhardt), Desiderius (1467-1536). Born at Rotterdam; studied at 
Deventer ; compelled at an early age to enter a monastery ; taken by the bishop of 
Cambrai to Rome ; allowed to complete his education at Paris ; brought to England 


by Lord Mountjoy ; at Bologna, 1 506 ; on the accession of Henry VIH returned 
to England, where he lived with Sir Thomas More ; lectured at Oxford and Cam- 
bridge ; his only other permanent home was at Basle except for six years which he 
spent at Freiburg; in the controversy between the Lutherans and the Roman 
Catholics he occupied a middle position, and was abused by both parties; the most 
popular and famous of renaissance scholars. 

ESPENCAEUS, Claudius (Claude d' Espence) (1511-1571). Doctor of the Sorbonne 
and Rector of the University of Paris, 1540 ; friend and companion of the Cardinal 
de Lorraine; took part in the Colloquy of Poissy, 1561. 

ESTIUS (Van Est), Gulielmus (1542-1613). Born in Holland; studied theology at 
Utrecht and Louvain ; professor of theology at Douai, and afterwards chancellor of 
the University. 

EUGUBINUS, Thomas Bozius (Tomaso Bozio of Gubbio) (1548-1610). Presbyter 
of the Oratory at Rome ; historian and philosopher, who wrote in refutation of 

EURIPIDES (c. 480-406 B.C.). The third and last of the great tragic poets of 
Athens ; younger rival of Sophocles. 

EUSEBIUS PAMPHILI (c. 267-338). Studied at Antioch; bishop of Caesarea, 
313; made the first draft of the Nicene Creed ; quarrelled with Athanasius, whom 
he helped to condemn in the councils of Caesarea and Tyre, 334 ; suspected of 
leaning towards Arianism, and called by Jerome ' Prince of Arians ' ; his best known 
work is the Ecclesiastical History, which is the chief authority for the history of the 
first three centuries; gained the surname Pamphili {sc. amicus) from his devotion 
to the martyr Pamphilus. , 

E'^ERARDUS, Nicolas (Klaas Everts) (1461-1532). A native of Zealand; studied 
at Louvain, where he became professor of law; judge in affairs ecclesiastical at 
Brussels, and dean of the church of S. Gudule ; councillor of the supreme court of 
the Low Countries, and finally president of the high court of Justice of Holland and 
Zealand, 1509 ; one of the most distinguished jurists of his time. 

FAVOUR, John (d. 1623). Fellow of New College, Oxford; vicar of Halifax, 
1594; prebendary of York, 1616; chaplain to the archbishop; lawyer, physician, 
and theologian. 

FELTHAM, Owen (1602-1668). Secretary to the Earl of Thomond; published 
at the age of 18 a series of essays called Resolves', called Charles I after his death 
' Christ the Second ' : died and was buried at Great Billing, Northants. 

FENTON, Roger (156 5-16 15). Fellow of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge ; prebendary 
of St. Paul's, 1609 ; preacher at Gray's Inn ; took part in the translation of the Bible. 


FERNELIUS (Fernel), Joannes (1497-1558). Son of a native of Amiens (hence 
Ambianus); doctor of medicine of Paris; practised with distinction, but pref'erred 
study, and. refused to become royal physician to Henry II ; finally accepted this 
post on the death of Louis de Bourges, but died soon after; wrote a con- 
siderable number of medical works in excellent Latin. 

FERRARIIS, Joannes Petrus de (fl. c. 1400). Born at Pavia; doctor in law at 
Ferrara ; chancellor to King Charles II of Naples ; author of a legal treatise, 
which was one of the most widely circulated of his time. 

FESTUS, Sextus Pompeius (2nd cent. a.d.). A Roman grammarian, who made an 
alphabetical summary of a work of Verrius Flaccus, De Verborum Significatione ; 
Flaccus' work has perished and of the summary only a part (M-V) survives. 

FIELD, Richard (i 561-16 16). Magdalen College, Oxford; chaplain in ordinary to 
Queen Elizabeth, 1598; prebendary of Windsor, 1604; chaplain to James I; 
dean of Gloucester, 16 10; friend of Hooker; his great work. Of the Church, is 
a masterpiece of controversial theology. 

FINCKIUS, Caspar (1578-1631). Studied at Marburg; started as a printer's 
reader ; became professor of logic and metaphysic and subsequently of theology at 
Giessen : theological writer. 

FISHER (real name Percy), John (1569-1641). 'Fisher the Jesuite ' ; educated at 
Rheims and Rome; imprisoned in London, but escaped, 1595; chaplain to Sir 
Everard Digby ; disputed with Laiid and James I ; more than once imprisoned 
and banished ; prominent in the theological controversies of his time. 

FLACCIUS (or Flacius), Mathias (Matthias Flach Francowitz) (1521-1575). Born 
at Alberna in Istria (hence the surname Illyricus) ; studied at Tubingen, Basle (under 
Grynaeus), and Wittenberg (under Luther and Melanchthon) ; professor of Hebrew 
at Wittenberg ; being deprived for his attack on the Leipzig Interim he became in 
1557 professor of theology at Jena; expelled for his teaching on the subject of 
Original Sin, he after some vicissitubes died at Frankfurt on the Main; he was 
a quarrelsome and impetuous theologian of great learning and ability, but of more 
trouble than service to the protestants ; Melanchthpn called him ' the Illyrian Viper '. 

FLACCUS, M. Verrius (fl. c. 10). A freedman of Rome, who had a great reputation 
as a grammarian, and was employed in consequence in the household of Augustus ; 
died in the reign of Tiberius; his grammatical work was abridged by Festus 

FLACIUS (Francowitz), Mathias (fl. c. 1580). Son of Flaccius Illyricus ; doctor of 
medicine at Rostock, and professor first of physics and then of medicine. 

FOLIOT, Gilbert (d. 1187). Prior of Clugny and Abbeville; abbot of Gloucester ; 
bishop of Hereford, 11 47, and of London, 1163; opponent of Becket, by whom he 
was excommunicated, and an influential counsellor of Henry II. 


FORBES, John, a Corse (1593-1648). Studied at Heidelberg ; professor of Divinity 
at Aberdeen ; a defender of episcopacy and opponent of the covenant, to avoid 
taking which he fied to the Netherlands; theological wfriter; his surname (k Corse) 
is derived from the name of his Scottish property. 

FORESTUS(vanForest), Petrus (1522-1597). Born at Alcmaer in Holland; studied 
medicine at Louvain, and at Bologna, Padua, Rome, and Paris; practised as a 
doctor in Holland with great success, especially distinguishing himself in the great 
plague at Delft : the toNvn gave him a pension for life, and he lived there till a few 
years before his death, when he returned to Alcmaer. 

FOUGASSES, Thomas de (fl. c. 1610). A French gentleman of Avignon ; historian 
and genealogist of the house of Bourbon. 

FOX (Foxe), John (1516-1587). Born at Boston in Lincolnshire ; Fellow of Magdalen 
College, Oxford ; resigned on religious grounds ; tutor to Thomas Lucy and to the 
children of the Earl of Surrey; retired to the continent, 1554; joined the Geneva 
party at Frankfort ; on the expulsion of Knox withdrew to Basle ; Canon of Salisbury, 
1563; attended his former pupil, the Duke of Norfolk, on the scaffold, 1572; 
famous as the author of the Actes and Monuments, known popularly as ' Foxe's 
Book of Martyrs ', of which four editions appeared in his own hfetime. 

FRIDERUS, Petrus (d. 16 16). Called Mindanus after his birth-place (Minden); 
syndic of the city of Frankfurt-on-the-Main ; author of several legal treatises. 

FRISCHLINUS (Frischlin), Nicodemus (1547-1590). Studied Greek and Latin at 
Tiibingen, where he became professor at the age of twenty ; distinguished himself 
also in mathematics and astronomy ; compelled to depart by the jealousy of his 
colleagues to Wiirtemberg ; created count palatine ; always unpopular, he moved 
about from place to place in Germany, and finally offended his protector, the Duke 
of Wiirtemberg, who imprisoned him in Hohen-Aurach ; he killed himself in attempt- 
ing to escape ; he was a very fine scholar and left a large nnmber of writings 
both critical and original. 

FUCHSIUS (Fuchs), Leonardus (i 501-1566). A native of Bavaria; studied medicine 
at Erfurt and Ingolstadt ; a devoted follower of Luther ; practised as a doctor at 
Munich; professor at Ingolstadt, 1526; physician to the Margrave of Anspach, 1528 ; 
professor at Tubingen, where he spent the last thirty years of his life ; distinguished 
not only in medicine, but also in botany ; the plants known as Fuchsia are named 
after him. -, 

FULKE, William (1538-1589). Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge; deprived 
for preaching against the surplice; re-admitted senior fellow, 1567; chaplain to the 
Earl of Leicester; master of Pembroke Hall, 1578; author of various astronomical 
and theological works. 


FULLER, Nicolas (1557-1626). Born at Southampton ; Hart Hall, Oxford ; canon 
of Salisbury, 1612; secretary to two successive bishops of Winchester; hebraist 
and theologian. 

FULLER, Thomas (1608-1661). Born at Aldwincle, Northants; Queens' College, 
Cambridge, 1628; prebendary of Salisbury, 1631; as Chaplain of the Savoy 
preached in favour of peace between King and Parliament ; at Oxford with Charles, 
1643; followed the king's army during the war; chaplain to the infant princess 
Henrietta ; allowed to preach in London during the Commonwealth ; canon again 
after the Restoration, preacher at the Savoy, and chaplain extraordinary to the 
King ; ecclesiastical historian. 

GAGNAEUS (Gagni or Gagn^e), Joannes (d. 1549). Studied theology at Navarre ; 
rector of the University, 1531 ; introduced by Cardinal Jean de Lorraine to Francis I, 
who gave him a royal permit to examine all the libraries of France, and 
made him royal almoner and preacher in ordinary ; he corresponded with most of 
the learned men of his time, and in addition to his books served the cause of learn- 
ing by preserving many valuable manuscripts from destruction. 

GELLIUS, Aulus (c. 125-175). A native of Rome, where he practised at the bar; 
lived for many years in Athens, and there wrote Nodes Atticae, by which he is 
chiefly known ; it is a sort of literary scrap-book, including criticism, history, philo- 
sophy, and archaeology. 

GENNADIUS (Gennade) (d. 492). A priest of Marseilles (hence the surname 
Massiliensis) ; a learned theologian, suspected after his death of Pelagianism. 

GERHARDUS (Gerhardt) Joannes (i 582-1637). Studied theology at Jena, after 
beginning medicine at Wittenberg ; superintendent-general of the Lutheran churches 
of Coburg; professor of theology at Jena, 1616; principal editor of the Weimar 

GERSON, Joannes de (Jean Charlier) (1363-1429). Born at Gerson or Jarson, a 
small village in Champagne ; Chancellor of the University of Paris ; the chief light 
of the French church in the 15th century, and known as Doctor Christianissimus. 

GESNER, Conradus (1516-1565). Born at Zurich; professor of Natural History 
at Basle, 1541, at Zurich, 1555; the most learned naturalist of his time, he has 
been called the German Pliny ; his most important work is his History of Animals, 
but he wrote also on philosophy and botany. 

GESNER, Salomon (1559-1605). Born at Buntzel; apprenticed to a goldsmith in 
Breslau ; applying himself to the study of languages, he became Rector of the 
Gymnasium at Stettin ; driven thence by Calvinist opposition he was appointed 
professor at Stralsund, and afterwards professor of theology at Wittenberg ; a keen 
opponent of the Reformation. 


GIFFARD (Gifford), George (d. 1620). Hart Hall, Oxford; incumbent at Maiden, 
Essex; ejectedfor nonconformity, 1584; prominent in controversy with the Brownists 
and others. 

GIGGEIUS (Giggei), Antonius (d. 1632). Celebrated Italian orientalist, known chiefly 
for his Arabic Dictionary. 

GILBERT, John (1693-1761). Trinity and Merton Colleges, Oxford; dean ofExeter, 
1726; bishop of Llandaflf, 1740; of Salisbury, 1749; archbishop of York, 1757. 

GOCLENIUS, Rodolphus (1547-1628). Born at Corbach; professor of Logic at 
Marburg for a great many years ; published various philosophical works ; known in 
Logic as the discoverer of the form of argument called' after him the ' Goclenian 


GOETHALS, Henricus, a Gandavo (Henri de Gand) (d. 1293). Born at Ghent; 
archdeacon and canon of Tournai ; doctor of the Sorbonne ; one of the most cele- 
brated theologians of his age ; called Doctor Solennis. 

GOODWIN, Thomas (1600-1680). Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge; pastor of 
English Church at Arnheim, 1639; president of Magdalen College, Oxford, 1650; 
attended Cromwell on his death-bed ; a prominent independent, who founded a con- 
gregation in London, and drew up, with John Owen, an amended Westminster 

GORRANUS (de Gorram), Nicolas (d. c. 1295). Prior of S. Jacques, Paris, 1276; 
confessor to Philip IV ; author of many sermons and other theological works ; his 
supposed connexion with Merton College, Oxford, is probably fictitious ; it may 
have arisen from the fact that the College library contain MSS. of his works. 

GRASERUS, Cunradus (1557-1613). Born at Koenigsberg; studied law, and sub- 
sequently theology ; taught Hebrew at Thorn ; author of theological works. 

GREGORIUS (Gregory), David (i 661-1708). Professor of mathematics at 
Edinburgh, 1683; Savilian professor of astronomy at Oxford, 1691; M.D., 
F.R.S. ; author of the first astronomical textbook on gravitational principles. 

GREGORIUS DE VALENTIA (1551-1603). A Jesuit of Medina del Campo in 
Spain; sent to Germany in 16 75; taught at Dillingen and Ingolstadt with great 
success ; summoned to Rome by Clement VIII, who named him Doctor Doctorum ; 
one of the principal representatives of his order in the controversies with the 

GREGORIUS MAGNUS (Gregory the Great) (c. 540-604). A native of Rome, 
where he attained the rank of praetor; retired from public life and entered a 
monastery ; subsequently nuncio of Pelagius II at Constantinople ; pope, 590 ; 
induced the Lombards to raise the siege of Rome, 592 ; sent Augustine to Britain 
(' non Angli sed Angeli '), 596 ; assumed the title servus servorum Dei. 


GREGORIUS NAZIANZENUS (328-390). Bom at Nazianzus in Cappadocia, 
where his father was bishop ; became friend of Basil while studying at Athens ; 
taught rhetoric at Athens; preached at Nazianzus, 365; refused bishopric of 
Sasima ; went to oppose the Arians at Seleuceia and afterwards at Constantinople ; 
patriarch of Constantinople, 380 ; his bishops plotted against him, and he finally 
resigned and returned to Nazianzus, where he died. 

GROTIUS (van Groot), Hugo (1583-1645). Born at Delft; studied at Leyden; 
called to the bar at the Hague, 1599 .' appointed historian to the States of Holland, 
1601; advocate general for the Treasury, 1607; envoy to England, 1613; con- 
demned to imprisonment for life for alleged negotiations with Spain, 1618 ; escaped 
to Paris, where he was given a pension by the King, 1621 ; returned to Rotterdam 
on the death of the Stadtholder, 1631, but was again proscribed; befriended by 
Oxenstiern, who procured his appointment as Swedish ambassador in France, 
1635 ; resigned his post (1645) and died on his way to Germany ; distinguished in 
scholarship, theology, law, and history. 

GRUTERUS, Janus (Jan Gruter) (1560-1627). A native of. Antwerp; exiled on 
religious grounds; studied at Cambridge and Leyden; professor of classics at 
Rostock, Wittenberg, and Heidelberg; suffered in the disorder of the religious 
wars; he was driven from his home and died an exile. 

GUALTHERUS (Gualther), Rodolphus <i5i9-i586). Born at Zurich; studied at 
Lausanne, Marburg, and in England ; pastor at Zurich in succession to Bullinger ; a 
learned and zealous defender of Zwingli, whose daughter he married ; friend and 
correspondent of the English protestant exiles of Mary's reign. 

GUEVARA, Sir Antony of (Antonio de) (1492-1544). A Spanish Franciscan; 
preacher and historian to Charles V; bishop of Cadiz, and afterwards of Mondofiedo. 

GUILLIAUDUS (Guillaud), Claudius (d. 1553). French theologian from Beaujolais 
(hence Belliiocensis) ; doctor of Paris; canon of Autun; his lectures on S. Paul's 
epistles were condemned by the Paris faculty of theology. 

GUILLONIUS, Renatus (Ren6 Guillon) (1500-1570). A French grammarian of 
S. Osman in Vendome ; a learned Greek scholar. 

HADDONUS, Gualterus (Walter Haddon) (1516-1572). Educated at Eton and 
King's College, Cambridge; regius professor of civil law, 1551; master of Trinity 
Hall, 1552; president of Magdalen College, Oxford, 1552; M.P. for Thetford, 
1558 ; master of requests and holder of other important public appointments under 
Elizabeth ; collaborated with Cheke in the reform of ecclesiastical law. 


HALL, Joseph (1574-1656). Born and educated at Ashby-de-la-Zouch ; fellow of 
Emmanuel College, Cambridge ; chaplain to Henry, Prince of Wales, 1 608 ; dean 
of Worcester, 1616; deputy at the synod of Dort, i6r8; bishop of Exeter, 1627; 
of Norwich, 1641 ; a tolerant churchman, who tried to conciliate the Puritans, but 
suffered impeachment, imprisonment, and sequestration at their hands ; died at 
Higham, near Norwich, before the Restoration. 

HAMMOND, Henry (i 605-1 660). Born at Chertsey, educated at Eton and 
Oxford; fellow of Magdalen College; archdeacon of Chichester, 1643; canon of 
Christ Church, 1645; chaplain to Charles I, 1647; deprived and imprisoned, but 
afterwards released and allowed to live in England ; died just before the Restoration. 

HARE, Francis (1671-1740). Eton and King's College, Cambridge; chaplain- 
general in Flanders and roy,^l chaplain ; wrote in defence of Marlborough ; dean of 
Worcester, 1715 ; of St. Paul's, 1726 ; bishop of S. Asaph, and finally of Chichester; 
praised as a preacher in the Dunciad, and rival of Bentley in Latin scholarship. 

HARMAR, John (1594-1670). Magdalen College, Oxford; usher at the College 
School, 1617; master of the free school at St. Albans, 1626; professor of Greek at 
Oxford, 1650; deprived at the Restoration; excellent Greek scholar and ' tolerable 
Latin poet ' (Wood). 

HARVEIUS, Gulielmus (William Harvey) (1578-1657). Caius College, Cambridge ; 
took M.D. degree at Padua ; first expounded his theory of circulation as Lumleian 
lecturer, 16 16; physician extraordinary to James I; with Charles I at Edgehill 
and at Oxford, where he was made Warden of Merton College, to be deposed six 
months later by the Cromwellites, 1645-6 ; discoverer of the circulation of the blood. 

HEINSIUS (Heius), Daniel (1580-1665). Born at Ghent; spent some years of his 
youth in England ; studied at Leyden, where he became professor of history and 
politics, 1605; librarian to the university; secretary to the synod of Dort; 
historiographer to Gustavus Adolphus, and Knight of St. Mark of Venice ; friend 
of Scaliger and himself a scholar of great distinction ; Scaliger pusillus (Casaubon). 

HELVICUS, Christophorus (1581-1617). Born at Sprendlingen in Darmstadt; 
studied at Marburg; professor of Greek and Hebrew at Giessen, 1605 ; professor 
of theolog}', 1615 ; of some reputation as physician, scholar, and chronologist. 

HERCYNIANUS, Fabius. See KELLER, Jacobus. 

HERODOTUS (circa 484-420 b.c). A native of Halicarnassus in Asia Minor, but 
lived mainly in Athens ; famous for his history of the conflicts between Greece and 
Persia, which earned him, from Cicero, the title of ' Father of History '. 

HEROLD, Joannes Basilius (151 1-1581). Born at Hochstadt (hence Acropolitanus) ; 
minister at Basle, where he took the name Basilius ; a prolific writer, chiefly on 
historical subjects. 


HERP (de Herph, Harphius), Henricus (d. 1478). A Franciscan, born at Herph, a 
small town in Brabant ; lived at Cologne, where he wrote books of devotional 
theology ; died at Malines, of which town he had been appointed guardian. 

HERWART. Joannes Georgius, ab (von) Hohenburg (1554-1625). Born at 
Augsburg; studied at Ingolstadt ; chancellor of Bavaria. 

HEURNIUS, Justus (fl. c. 161 8). Son of the famous Dutch physician Joannes 
Heurnius (Jan van Heurn : 1543-1601); author of a work on the mission to 
the Indians. 

HEYLIN, Peter (1600-1662). Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford; royal chaplain, 
1630; prebendary of Westminster, 1631 ; assisted in the prosecution of Prynne; 
obtained a grant from convocation for Charles I ; with the King at Oxford ; sub- 
dean of Westminster at the coronation of Charles II ; published many works chiefly 
political in character, but best known as the author of Cyprianus Anglinis, an 
account of Laud's career published after the Restoration. 

HIERON, Samuel (1576-1617). Eton and King's College, Canbridge; incumbent 
of Modbury, Devonshire ; popular Puritan preacher and divine. 

HIERONYMUS OLEASTER (de Azambuja) (d. 1563). A Portuguese Dominican ; 
learned Greek and Hebrew scholar ; present at the council of Trent ; inquisitor at 
Lisbon; died as provincial of his order. 

HIERONYMUS (Jerome) (S.) (c. 331-420). Born at Stridon in Dalmatia; the 
most famous of the Latin Fathers, and the most learned man of his age ; among 
innumerable other works he translated the whole Bible into Latin ; this translation 
was printed for the first time in 15 16 under the editorship of Erasmus. 

HIGHMORUS (Highmore), Nathaniel (1613-1685). Trinity College, Oxford; 
practised as a doctor at Sherborne ; friend of Harvey ; medical writer. 

HILARIUS (S.) (d. 368). Converted late in life to Christianity; bishop of Poitiers, 
about 350 ; banished to Phrygia by the Arians ; disputed against Arianism at 
the council of Seleuceia, 359 ; a brave and vigorous defender of the orthodox faith. 

HILDERSAM (or Hildersham), Arthur (1563-1632). Fellow of Christ's College, 
Cambridge; vicar of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, 1593; strongly puritan in opinion, he was 
disinherited for refusing to become a Romanist, and was six times suspended from 
his vicarage, and six times restored. 

HIPPIUS (Hippe), Fabianus (fl. c. 1600). Physiologist and philosopher; professor 
at Leipzig, and author of various medical and philosophical works. , 

HITTORPIUS, Melchior : his work entitled De Divinis Officiis, &c. was first published 
at Cologne in 1568. 


HOARD, Samuel (1599-1658). M.A., St. Mary Hall, Oxford, 1621; B.D., 1632; 
prebendary of St. Paul's, 1637; theologian; 'a zealous Calvinist in the beginning, 
but a greater Arminian afterwards ' (Wood). 

HOBBES, Thomas (1588-1679). Of Malmesbury; Magdalen Hall, Oxford, B.A., 
1608; said to have been Bacon's amanuensis; mathematical tutor to Charles II, 
from whom he afterwards received a pension and protection against Clarendon and 
the Church party; distinguished as a philosophical writer; his chief works — De 
Cive, Human Nature, Leviathan, Behemoth or the Long Parliament, De Corpore 
Politico, De Homine. 

HOLKOTH (or Holkot), Robertus (Robert of Holcot) (d. 1349). Dominican and 
doctor in theology at Oxford, famous for his biblical expositions. 

HOOKER, Richard (1554-1600). Scholar of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 1573 ; 
M.A. and fellow, 1577; deputy Hebrew professor, 1579; master of the Temple, 
1585; finally rector of Bishopsbourne, Kent, where on his tomb the epithet 
'judicious' is first applied to him; his chief work was The Laws of Ecclesiastical 
Politic (1594-7). 

HORSTIUS, Joannes Daniel (1620-1685). Professor of medicine at Marburg and 
Giessen; physician to the Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt; author of numerous 
medical works. , 

HUGO, Cardinahs Sanctae Sabinae (Hugh pf St. Cher) (c. 1 190-1264). A domi- 
nican from Barcelona ; provincial of the order in France, 1227; made cardinal by 
Innocent IV, 1244; Archbishop of Lyons; known chiefly as a theological writer 
and compiler of the first concordance. 

HUGO DE S. VICTORE (1097-1142). Born in Saxony; entered abbey of S. 
Victor at Marseilles, 11 18; taught theology at Paris from 11 33; a mystical 
philosopher ; called ' Augustine the Second ' or ' the tongue of Augustine '. 

HUIT (Ephraim) (d. 1644). Nonconformist Minister at Wroxall in Warwickshire; 
settled afterwards in New England where he was the Minister of a Congregation 
at Windsor, Connecticut. 

HUME, David (1711-1776). Studied Law at Edinburgh; lived in retirement in 
France, 1734-7; with General St. Clair at Port I'Orient, and afterwards at 
Vienna and Turin; keeper of Advocates' Library, Edinburgh, 1752; went with 
Lord Hertford to Paris, 1763; secretary to the embassy there, 1765; brought 
Rousseau to England and secured him a pension ; under-secretary of state for the 
home department, 1767; returned to Edinburgh, 1769; famous both as a philosopher 
and as a historian; chief works: — Treatise of Human Nature (1739-40), Essays 
(174 1, 1748), Enquiry concerning the Principles of morals (1751), History of England 


HYPERIUS, Andreas Gerardus (Andreas Gerhard of Ypres) (1511-1564). Studied 
at Paris ; suspected of Protestantism, he lived for four years in England with Lord 
Mountjoy; taught at Marburg, from 1540; authorof numerous scientific, theological, 
and philosophical works. 

lACHIDES, Joseph (fl. 13th cent). A learned Hebraist; head of the Jewish 
synagogue at Castile. 

lAMBLICHUS (c. 280-330). A native of Chalcis in Syria; pupil of Anatolius and 
Porphyry ; the chief Neo-platonist philosopher of his age ; surnamed ' the Divine '. 

IGNATIUS (S.) (fl. c. 100). Bishop of Antioch ; martyred under Trajan ; the seven 
Greek letters, the genuineness of which is no longer disputed, are perhaps the most 
important documents of the Early Church. 

IMOLA, Joannes de (d. 1436). A native of Bologna, who became doctor and 
professor of law in the university there ; his parents lived for a time at Imola, hence 
the name ; wrote several volumes of commentary upon the decretals. 

INNOCENTIUS III, Papa (Giovanni Lothario de' Conti di Segni) (1160-1216). 
Born at Anagna; cardinal, 1189; pope, 1198; proclaimed crusade, 1200; 
excommunicated King John of England, 121 1 ; annulled Magna Charta, 12 15; 
one of the most active of all the popes in European politics, and one of the 
strongest assertors of the secular claims of the Papacy. 

IRENAEUS (S.) (120-202). Born at Smyrna; a pupil of the Polycarp who had 
listened to S. John the Evangelist; bishop of Lyons in 177 ; his great work is the 
Adversus Haereses extant only in a poor Latin Version. 

IRONSIDE, Gilbert (1588-1671). Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford; bishop of 
Bristol, 1 66 1. 

ISIDORUS (S.) (c. 560-636). Bishop of Seville, 600 ; presided at Council of Seville, 
619; one of the most famous theologians of the Spanish Church; called, at the 
Council of Toledo (650), ' the excellent doctor, the glory of the Catholic Church; 
the most learned man that ever enlightened these latter days, a name ever to be 
pronounced with reverence '. 

ISOCRATES (B.C. 436-338). One of the most famous Athenian orators : author of 
numerous works, of which the most famous- is the Panegyricus ; starved himself to 
death on hearing of the battle of Chaeronea ; Milton, in a sonnet, refers to this 
battle which " Killed with report that old man eloquent ". 

JACKSON, John (1600-1650). Son of a Yorkshire clergyman; matriculated at 
Lincoln College, Oxford, i6r6; master of the free school at Richmond, Yorks., 
1618-20; rector of Marske, 1623-1650; sometime of Berwick-on-T weed. 


JACKSON, Thomas (1579-1640). Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 1606 ; 
president, 1630-40; dean of Peterborough, 1639-40; attacked by Prynne : chief 
work, Commentaries on the Apostles' Creed, in twelve books. 

JAMES I of England (VI of Scotland) ( 1 566-1 6 2 5). Son of Mary Queen of Scots ; 
succeededhismother on her abdication in 1567 ; King of England, 1603; published 
a number of works which show a literary talent poor in itself but notable in a King 
of England, and range from the Basilicon Doron (an exposition of the divine right 
of kings) to the Counterblast to Tobacco. 

JANSENIUS, Cornelius (1510-1576). Born at Hulst in Flanders ; studied philosophy 
at Louvain ; professor of theology at Tungerlo in Brabant ; bishop of Ghent ; 
prominent at the Council of Trent. 

JERMIN (German), MicTiael (1591-1659). Fellow of C.C.C, Oxford, 1615 ; D.D. 
Leyden and Oxford; chaplain to the electress palatine and, later, to Charles I; 
ejected from his living as a royalist ; wrote commentaries on the bible. 

JEWELL (Jewel), John (1522-1571). Fellow of C. C. C, Oxford, 1542 ; deprived 
under Mary: notary to Cranmer and Ridley in their disputation, 1554; signed 
Romish articles, but fled to Frankfort to avoid persecution, 1555; returned to 
England, 1559 ; one of the protestant disputants at Westminster Conference, 1559 ; 
bishop of Sahsbury, 1560-71 ; an Anglican as against the Puritans ; entrusted by 
convocation with revision of the articles, 1 571 ; chief works. Apologia pro Ecclesia 
Anglicana (1562), Defence of the Apology (1570). 

JOSEPHUS, Flavins (c .37-97). A famous Jewish historian ; general of Galilean Jews 
against Vespasian, to whom he surrendered; he was favourably treated by the Romans, 
and from the fall of Jerusalem (70) till his death seems to have lived in Rome. 

JOYE, George (d. 1553). Fellow of Peterhouse, Cambridge, 151 7 ; fled to Strasburg 
to escape a charge of heresy, 1527 ; translated Isaiah, Jeremiah, and the Psalms; 
issued also Exposicion of Daniel, Conjectures of the ende of the Worlde, &c.; prominent 

JUNIUS, Franciscus (Fran9ois du Jon) (1589-1677). Born at Heidelberg ; librarian 
to the Earl of Arundel and tutor to his son; presented Anglo-Saxon MSS. and 
philological collections to the Bodleian Library ; philologist and antiquary. 

JUSTINIANUS, Flavins Anicius (482-565). Born at Tauresium in Illyria of peasant 
parents; educated at Constantinople; advanced to the consulship (521) by his 
uncle, Justin I, whose colleague in Empire he became in 527, succeeding him as 
Emperor on his death in the same year ; with the aid of Belisarius he undertook 
various important wars ; having persecuted pagans and heretics he himself in 565 
adopted the heresy of the ' Incorruptibles ' ; his greatest achievement was his Code 
(528), upon which is based ultimately all European law other than English. 


JUSTINUS, Marcus Junianus (cent. 3 or 4). Author of a history of the World 
based on a lost work of the Augustan writer Trogus Pompeius. 

JUSTINUS MARTYR (c. 100-165). A Stoic and a Platonist before he was 
converted to Christianity, c. 133 ; suffered martyrdom ; his most important works are 
the Apologies and the Dialogue with Trypho, both very valuable for the history of 
early Christian Literature and institutions. 

JUVENALIS, Decimus Junius (c. 55-120). A famous Roman satirist, who, in his 
still extant satires, described with evident relish and lashed with inferior invective the 
vices of the age of Domitian. 

KECKERMANN, Bartholomaeus (1573-1609). Studied at Leipzig and Wittenberg ; 
professor of Hebrew at Heidelberg, and later of philosophy at Dantzig, his native place. 

KELLER, Jacobus (1568-1631). Born at Seckingen, in the Black Forest (hence the 
pseudonym Hercynianus) ; rector of the College at Ratisbon, and afterwards 
at Munich ; confessor to the Duke of Bavaria ; the extent of his writings is doubt- 
ful owing to his constant employment of pseudonyms, others of which were Auri- 
montius and Didacus Tamias. 

KERSEY, John (1616-1690). Born near Banbury; teacher of mathematics in 
London ; author of mathematical works. 

KIRCHER, Conrad (fl. c. 1600). Born at Augsburg (hence ' Augustanus '); pro- 
fessor at Tubingen ; a well-known Hebraist and biblical scholar. 

KIRSTENIUS, Petrus (1577-1640). Born at Breslau ; studied at Leipzig, Wittenberg, 
and Jena ; travelled widely in Europe and Asia ; doctor of medicine at Basle ; 
rector of the gymnasium at Breslau ; professor at Upsala ; a noted physician 
and a learned student of Arabic, who did much to advance the study of that 
language ; his chief works are an Arabic Grammar, and editions of Arabic texts 
of the Bible. 

KNOLLES, Richard (1550-1610). Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford; author of 
the famous ' Generall Historic of the Turkes ', published 1 604. 

KYPER, Albertus (1605-1655). German physician and medical writer; professor of 
medicine at Leyden. 

LANGUETUS (Languet), Hubertus (1518-1581). Born in Burgundy; studied 
in Germany and at Padua ; visited Melanchthon at Wittenberg, 1549 ; negotiated 
on behalf of the Huguenots with Charles IX of France, and barely escaped with his 
life in the massacre of S. Bartholomew ; he proved his practical ability in the service 
of several Protestant princes, including William of Orange, and was one of the most 
fearless political writers of his time. 


LAUD, William (1573-1645). Born at Reading; fellow of St. John's College, 
Oxford; president, 1611; bishop successively of S. David's (1621), Bath and Wells 
(1626), London {1628); archbishop of Canterbury, 1633; predominant in church 
affairs after Charles I's accession, 1625 ; adopted a policy of compulsion both in 
England and Scotland with disastrous results ; impeached and imprisoned by the 
Long Parliament, 1640; beheaded on Tower Hill, 1645; buried in All Hallows, 
Barking, whence his body was removed in 1663 to St. John's College, Oxford. 

LAUNOIUS (de Launo)'), Joannes (1603-1678). Born near Coutances (hence 
Coustantiensis) ; doctor of theology at the Sorbonne ; ordained priest, 1634 ; royal 
censor of literature ; author of a large number of works on theology, education, 
criticism, and history; strenuous defender of the liberties of the Galilean Church. 

LAV ATER, Joannes Rodolphus (1575-1625). Rector of the gymnasium of Hanau; 
professor and canon of Zurich ; theologian. 

LEEUWENHOEK, A-ntonius a (Anton van) (1632-1723). A native of Delft in 
Holland ; famous as a naturalist and as a maker of microscopes ; F.R.S. London, 
1680 ; made important discoveries in connexion with the circulation of the blood ; 
a proliiic contributor to the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. 

LEIGH (or Legh), Edward (1602-1671). Magdalen. Hall, Oxford; Colonel in the 
Parliamentary Army; M.P. for Stafford, but deprived of his seat in 1648 for voting 
on the King's side ; author of various learned compilations. 

LESLIE, Henry (1580-1681). Educated at Aberdeen; ordained priest in Ireland ; 
chaplain-in-ordinary to Charles I, 1625; dean of Down, 1627; bishop of Down 
and Connor, 1635; Irish champion of Laud; fled to the continent on Charles' 
execution; bishop of Meath, 1661. 

LESSIUS, Leonardus (1554-1623). Born at Brecht in Brabant; became a Jesuit, 
1572 ; professor of philosophy at Douai ; of theology at Louvain, 1585; there was 
much controversy as to the orthodoxy of his teaching, which was said to contradict 
the writings of Thomas Aquinas. 

LIGHTFOOT, John(i6o2-i675). Christ's College, Cambridge; master of Catharine 
Hall, 1650; prebendary of Ely, 1668; learned biblical writer; contributor to 
Walton's Polyglot Bible. 

LIMBORCH, Philippus a (Philip van) (1633-1712). Born at Amsterdam; Dutch 
theologian of the Arminian or Remonstrant party; pastor at Gouda and Amsterdam, 
and also professor at the Arminian seminary. 

LIPSIUS, Justus (1547-1606). A Belgian by birth ; studied at Brussels, Cologne, and 
Louvain; professor of history at Jena, 1572, Leyden, 1579 ; of ancient history at 
Louvain, 1593 ; a Latin scholar of great learning and elegance. 


LIVIUS (Livy), Titus (b. c. 59-A. d. 17). Born and died at Padua, but spent most of 
his life at the court of Augustus in Rome ; a voluminous and picturesque, but rather 
inaccurate historian. 

LOMBARDUS, Petrus (Peter the Lombard) (iroo-1164). Born in Lombards- 
known as the 'Master of the Sentences'; studied at Bologna, at Reims under 
S. Bernard, and at Paris under Abelard ; professor of theology at the Sorbonne ; 
bishop of Paris, 1159. 

LORINUS, Joannes (1559-1634). A French Jesuit, born at Avignon; taught 
theology at Paris, Rome, Milan, &c., and died at Dole; a voluminous biblical 
writer, , 

LUBBERTUS, Sibrandus (1556-1625). Dutch Calvinist ; studied at Bremen, 
Wittenberg, and Geneva; pastor and professor of theology at Emden; died as 
i-ector of the University of Franeker. 

LUBINUS, Eilhardus (1565-1621). Professor of literature at Rostock, 1595; of 
theology, 1 605 ; a scholar rather than a theologian. 

LUCAS, Franciscus (1549-1619). A native of Bruges; studied and taught theology 
at Louvain; dean of St. Omer ; very learned in oriental languages, and the author 
of many biblical commentaries. 

LUTHER, Martin (1483-1546). Born at Eisleben in Saxony; studied at Erfurt; 
entered an Augustinian monastery there, 1505 ; professor of philosophy at 
Wittenberg, 1516; attacked indulgences, 1517; burned the condemnatory bull of 
Leo X, 1520; preached at Wittenberg and Jena; renounced his monastic vows, 
1524; introduced the reformed worship, 1525; conferences with Melanchthon, 
Zwingli, and Oecolampadius, 1529 ; translated the Bible into German, 1521-1534 ; 
the founder of the Protestant Reformation. 

LYCOSTHENES (Wolffhart), Conradus (1518-1561). An Alsatian; studied 
theology and history at Heidelberg ; taught at Basle ; author of many commentaries 
and of a well-known collection of Greek and Latin anecdotes. 

LYSER, Polycarp (1552-1610). Educated at Tubingen ; pastor at Goeler.sdorf in 
Austria; professor of theology and superintendent at Wittenberg, 1576; sub- 
sequently minister at Dresden, where he died ; a busy controversialist and prolific 
theological writer. 

MADEN, Richard (fl. c. 1630-1670). Fellow of Magdalen College, Cambridge; 
vicar of S. Helen's, Bishopsgate, 1635-9 ; ofS. Michael's.'Colchester ; and later of 
S. Mildred's, Poultry. 

MAGIRUS, Joannes (d. 1596). A native ofCoblentz; doctor of medicine and pro- 
fessor of physics at Marburg. 



MAIER, Michaelis (1568-1622). Born in Hoistein; practised medicine at Rostock ; 
appointed physician to the emperor Rudolph, who ennobled him ; his medical works 
are of no value except as historical cmuosities ; also wrote several treaties in defence 
of the Rosicrucians and translated into Latin the works of the English alchemist, 
Thomas Norton. 

MALDONATUS, Joannes {i.'534-i583). A Spanish Jesuit; teacher of Greek, 
philosophy, and theology at Salamanca ; professor of philosophy at Paris ; com- 
pelled by the jealousy of his colleagues to withdraw to Bourges ; summoned by 
Gregory XIII to Rome to edit the Septuagint ; a lecturer of remarkable popularity, 
he was no less learned in sacred than in profane literature. 

MALPIGHIUS (Walpighi), Marcellus (1628-1694). Doctor of medicine at Bologna, 
1653; professor, 1656; afterwards at Pisa and Messina; corresponding member 
of the Royal Society of London ; physician to Innocent XII ; his portrait is in 
Somerset House. 

MA.NTICA, Franciscus (1534-1614). Doctor of law at Padua; created cardinal by. 
Clement VIII, 1596; jurist. 

MARLORATUS, Augustinus (1506-1562). An Augustinian monk of Lorraine con- 
verted to Calvinism ; prominent on the Huguenot side at the colloquy of Poissy, 
1561 ; minister at Rouen; hanged on the capture of Rouen by the Romanists. 

MARTINIUS, Petrus ( 1 530-1594). A native of Navarre ; studied at Paris ; professor 
of Hebrew at Rochelle. 

MARTYR, Peter (1500-1562). Born at Florence ; originally an Augustinian monk; 
converted to Protestantism by the Spaniard John Valdez ; withdrew to Zurich, 1542 ; 
afterwards at Basle and Strasburg, where Bucer procured him a theological professor- 
ship ; invited by Cranmer to England, and appointed to a professorship at Oxford, 
1548; canon of Christ Church, 1551 ; returned to Strasburg on the accession of 
Mary ; professor at Zurich, 1556 ; accompanied Beza to the Colloquy of Poissy ; one 
of the most distinguished theologians of the reformed chuich ; his family name was 
Vermilius (Verm'gli), which he changed for the name Martyr as a compliment to 
Peter Martyr of Milan. 

MASIUS (Maes), Andreas (1526-1573). Belgian orientalist; secretary to the 
bishop of Constance; settled at Cleves, 1558 ; said to have helped Arias Montanus 
in his Polyglot Bible. ' 

MATTHAEUSWESTMONASTERIENSIS.'Nameofan imaginary author to whom 
is assigned in a fifieenth-century manuscript the Chronicle Flores Historiarwn, 
compiled by various writers at the abbeys at St. Albans and Westminster '. (D.N.B.) 

MATTHIAS, Jacobus (1602-1660). Born at Aarhus in Jutland; studied at 
Copenhagen, Wittenberg, and Leyden ; preacher to the king and professor of 
eloquence at Copenhagen; bishop of Aarhus; classical scholar and philologist. 


MAYER, John (1583-1664). Emmanuel College, Cambridge; theological writer; 
his life ' was spent in digesting the work of former commentators and adding notes 
of his own '. (D.N.B.) 

MEGISER, Hieronymus (1555-1616). Son of a pastor of Stuttgart ; studied Greek 
and oriental languages at Tubingen ; professor at Leipzig, and historian to the Elector 
of Saxony, Christian II ; died at Lintz (Austria) as count palatine and historian to 
the Archduke Charles; left an enormous number of writings, both in Latin and 

MELANCHTHON (Schwarzerdt), Philippus (1497-1560). Born at Bretten in the 
Lower Palatinate ; studied at Heidelberg and Tubingen ; professor of Greek at 
Wittenberg, 151 8, where he became a close friend of Luther; prepared the Con- 
fession of Augsburg, 1530; helped to found the University of Jena, 1547 ; a man 
of remarkable personal popularity, who had an intense dislike for theological con- 
troversy, and was bitterly abused by some of his own party for his moderation. 

MENDO5A, Franciscus de (1562-1626). A Jesuit of Lisbon, learned in philosophy 
and theology ; taught iif the college at Evora ; procurator of his order. 

MICRAELIUS, Joannes (1597-1658). Lutheran theologian of Koeslin in Pomerania ; 
professor of eloquence and philosophy at Stettin. 

MILLES, Thomas (16 71- 1740). Born at Barley, Herts ; Wadham College, Oxford ; 
chaplain of Christ Church ; vice-principal of S. Edmund Hall ; regius professor of 
Greek, 1707; bishop of Waterford and Lismore, 1708. 

MINSHEU, John (fl. 161 7). Teacher of Languages in London; published books on 
Spanish, and a ' Guide into the Tongues ' which gave equivalents in eleven lan- 
guages ; described by Ben Jonson as ' a rogue '. 

MOEBIUS, Gothofredus (1611-1664). A German physician; professor of medicine 
at Jena, and private physician to several German princes. 

MOLLERUS (Moller), Henricus (i 530-1 589). Born at Hamburg; professor of 
Hebrew and Ancient Languages at Wittenberg, where he gained the friendship 
of Melanchthon; deprived of his professorship for unorthodoxy, he died in his 
native Hamburg ; author of numerous biblical commentaries. 

MONTACUTIUS (Montague), Richard (1577-1641). Born at Dorney, Bucks.: 
educated at Eton and King's College, Cambridge; dean of Hereford, 161 6; canon 
of Windsor and chaplain to James I, 1617 ; bishop of Chichester, 1628, of Norwich, 
1638 ; his great work was the Analecta Exercitaiionum Ecdesiasiicarum, the scheme 
of which he was accused of having plagiarized from Casaubon. 


MORNAY, Philippe de (1545-1623). Seigneur du Plessis-Marly ; born at Buhy; 
studied at Paris ; distinguished by a remarkable aptitude for languages, he is said to 
have mastered Plato's Timaeus at the age of 13 ; travelled extensively in Italy, 
Germany, the Netherlands, and England; ambassador to the Court of Queen 
Elizabeth, 1577; Henri IV made him heutenant-governor of Saumur, of which 
office he was subsequently deprived ; a keen supporter of the Reformation, he helped 
to bring about the Edict of Nantes; his works include ecclesiastical tractates. 
Biblical commentaries, moral essays, memoirs. 

MUSCULUS, Wolfgang (1497-1563). Born at Dieuze in Lorraine ; early embraced 
Lutheranism; present at the Synod of Wittenberg, 1536; lived mosdy at Strasburg 
and Augsburg, later in Switzerland ; professor of theology at Berne, where he died ; 
wrote numerous theological works. 

NANUS MIRABELLIUS (Nanni), Dominicus (fl. end of fifteenth century). Poet, 
doctor, jurist ; born at Savona, or Alba, in Italy : archpresbyter of the Cathedral of 
Savona ; besides the Polyanlhea he wrote Elegeiae, Epigrammata, and a harmony of 
the gospels called Monolessaron. * 

NAPEIR (Napier), John (1350-1617). Educated at S. Andrews; laird of 
Merchiston; the inventor of logarithms and also of various useful mechanical 
contrivances ; author of the earliest known attempt at a calculating machine ; also a 
pioneer of scientific agriculture. 

NATALIS COMES (Noel de' Conti) (d. 1582). Venetian historian and Latin poet; 
translator of Athenaeus ; called by Joseph Scaliger ' homo futilissimus '. 

NEUHUSIUS (Neuhaus), Heinrich (fl. 1600-1630). A German doctor, born at 
Dantzig ; known to us only by his very rare work Pia et utilissima admonitio de 
frairilus Rosae-Crucis (ist edn. 1618, 2nd edn. 1622). 

NICEPHORUS, Callistus, Xanthopulus (fl. c. 1420). A Greek historian ; wrote an 
Ecclesiastical History in 23 volumes (18 only are extant), which, though for the 
most part a mere compilation from Eusebius, Socrates, and Sozomenus, is dis- 
tinguished by a beauty of style which won for him from Vossius the title of ' the 
Pliny of theologians '. 

NICOLAI, Philippus (1556-1608). Protestant preacher at his birthplace, Mengers- 
hausen, Cologne, and other places ; finally at Hamburg, where he died. 

NORTH, Sir Thomas (1535-1601). Son of Lord North, Edward VI's Chancellor; 
entered Lincoln's Inn, 1557 ; knighted, 1591 ; pensioned by Queen Elizabeth, 1601 ; 
translated several books from French and Italian ; his version of Plutarch (from the 
French of Amyot) is one of the masterpieces of English literature, and was 
Shakespeare's chief source of information in Greek and Roman history. 


OECOLAMPADIUSJoannes(JohannHausschein)(i482-i53i). BornatWeinsberg; 
studied at Heidelberg and elsewhere ; preacher at Basle, where he came under the 
influence of Erasmus; entered a convent at Augsburg, 15 16, but in 1522 began to 
preach the reformed doctrines at Basle ; he became the close friend of Zwingli, and 
in the controversy on the Lord's Supper supported his views against those of Luther ; 
a prolific exegetical and controversial writer. 

OECUMENIUS (fl. c. 950). Bishop of Tricca in Thessaly; author of various 
commentaries, which for the most part are merely abbreviations of Chrysostom and 
other doctors. 

OLAUS MAGNUS (Johann Stor) (i 488-1545). Born at Lindkoeping; papal 
nuncio in Sweden, i52'3 ; archbishop of Upsala, 1524 ; called to Rome by the Pope 
in 1524, where he died. 

OLDENDORPIUS, Joannes (1480-1561). Famous jurist of Hamburg; studied at 
Cologne, where he became professor of law; subsequently professor at Marburg, 
where he won great fame as a teacher. 

ORIGENES ADAMANTIUS (Origen) (185-254). The most famous of the Greek 
Fathers ; born at Alexandria, where he taught for 28 years and composed his chief 
dogmatic works ; presbyter at Caesarea, 228 ; deposed and excommunicated, 231; 
suffered death in the great Decian persecution ; of his works the most famous are 
the De Principiis and Contra Celsiwi. 

OSSATUS, Arnoldus (Arnaud d'Ossat) (1536-1604). French cardinal and diplo- 
matist ; born of humble parentage in Armagnac ; studied at Paris and Bourges ; 
practised at the Paris bar ; secretary to the Archbishop of Toulouse ; he became 
bishop of Rennes, and finally of Toulouse ; councillor of State to Henry IV, and 

OUTRAM, William (1626-1679). Trinity College; Cambridge; fellow of Christ's 
College; archdeacon of Leicester, 1669; prebendary of Westminster from 1670 
until his death ; preacher and rabbinical scholar ; buried in Westminster Abbey. 

PAGET, John (d. 1640). Believed to have been descended from the Pagets of 
Rothley, Leicestershire ; Trinity College, Cambridge ; ejected from the Rectory of 
Nantwich for nonconformity ; minister of the English presbyterians at Amsterdam, 

PAGNINUS, Sanctes (1478-1548). A Dominican of Lucca (hence his surname, 
Lucensis); a learned orientalist, who worked for 25 years at a Latin translation of 
the Old Testament, and published in addition various biblical commentaries ; _ 
' Santes Pagninus a le premier distingud la Bible en commata, qui sont les versets' — 


PAMELIUS (de Partible), Jacobus (1536-1587). Theologian; hojn at Bruges; 
studied at Paris and Louvain ; died on his way to take possession of the bishopric 
of Saint Omer, 1587 ; besides numerous commentaries he published editions of 
Tertullian and Cyprian. 

PAREUS, David (1548-1622). Lutheran theologian ; born at Frankenstein ; studied 
at Heidelberg, where he subsequently became professor of theology; his commentary 
on the Epistle to the Romans was publicly burnt in London by James I on account 
of its republican tendencies. 

PARKER, Robert (1564-16 14). Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford ; held English 
livings till 1605, when he withdrew to Leyden to avoid prosecution; minister at 
Antwerp ; puritan theologian. 

PARR, Elnathan (d. 1632). Eton and King's College, Cambridge ; rector of Palgrave ; 
theological writer. 

PEARSON, John (1613-1686). Fellow of King's College, Cambridge; prebendary 
of Salisbury, 1640; chaplain to the remnants of Charles I's forces, 1645 > 1'^^"^ ^^ 
retirement in London till 1654, when he delivered in a series of sermons the 
substance of his Exposition of the Creed; prebendary of Ely and royal chaplain, 
i659;masterof Jesus College, Cambridge, 1660; of Trinity, 166 2 ; bishop of Chester, 
1673 ; the ablest English scholar and theologian of the 17th century. 

PELLICANUS, Chuonradus (Conrad Kilrschner) (1478-1556). A native of Alsace ; 
became a Franciscan, 1493; superior of the convent at Basle, 1519; became a 
Lutheran and lived at Zurich where he taught theology and Hebrew ; as author and 
editor did much for Biblical scholarship. 

PEMBLE, William (1592-1623). Born at Egerton, Kent ; Magdalen Hall, Oxford ; 
a famous preacher and able defender of Calvinism; his works were published 

PERERIUS VALENTINUS, Benedictus (1535-1610). A Spanish Jesuit of 
Valentia ; a learned Hebraist and biblical commentator. 

PERKINS, William (i 558-1 602). Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge; a 
strong Calvinist and the most popular theologian of his time ; ' his reputation as a 
teacher at Cambridge during the last years of his life was unrivalled.' (D.N.B.) 

PIE (Pye), Thomas (r 560-1 6 10). Balliol and Merton Colleges, Oxford; canon of 
Chichester, 1586. 

PIERCE (Peirse), Thomas (1622-1691). Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford; 
expelled by the parliamentary visitors, 1648 ; restored and made royal chaplain by 
Charles II; president of Magdalen, i66r ; resigned, 1672; dean of Salisbury, 
1675 ; an able, but violent, controversialist. 


PINEDA, Joannes (Juan de) (1557-1637). A Spanish Jesuit, born at Seville; well 
known in his day as a teacher, and author of biblical commentaries and other 
theological works. 

PINTUS, Hector (d. 1584). Educated at Coimbra and Salamanca ; joined the order 
of S. Jerome ; professor of theology at Coimbra ; died in the monastery of Cista near 

PISCATOR (Fischer), Johannes (1546-1625). Born at Strasburg ; studied under 
Zanchius, and at Wittenberg and Tubingen ; professor of theology at Herborn, 1584 ; 
' a theologian of incredible diligence and an excellent logician.' (Freher.) 

PITCARNIUS (Pitcairne), Archibald (1652-1713). Studied law at Edinburgh 
and Paris ; practised medicine at Edinburgh ; professor of physic at Leyden, but 
resigned after a year ; satirized the puritanism of the presbyterians ; a poet and a 
physician of great distinction. 

PLATINA, Baptista {or Bartolomeus) (1421-1481). Born at Piedena, near Cremona 
(hence Platina) ; enjoyed the patronage of Pius II ; but imprisoned and tortured 
under Paul II ; on the accession of Sixtus IV he became librarian of the Vatican ; he 
was regarded as one of the most learned men of his age ; according to Jocher the 
name Baptista is a blunder; his true name was Bartolomeo de' Sacchi. 

PLATO (c. 430-347 B. c). Of a noble Athenian family ; one of the favourite pupils 
of Socrates ; started a school of philosophy in the Academy about 388, where 
Aristotle was among his pupils ; the most brilliant writer and thinker of Ancient 

PLAUTUS, M. Accius (more correctly T. Maccius) (c. 254-184 b. c). Roman 
comic poet ; commenced a successful dramatic career with comedies founded on 
Greek models, about 224 ; all editions up to the middle of the nineteenth century 
give the name as M. Accius ; the discovery of the true form is due to Ritschl. 

PLOTINUS (c. 205-270). Born at Lycopolis in Egypt; the most famous of the 
Alexandrian Neo-Platonist philosophers ; accompanied the army of the Emperor 
Gordian to Persia, 242, and lived on his return for some time at Rome. 

PLUTARCHUS (c. 46-120). Born at Chaeronea in Boeotia; studied philosophy at 
Delphi and Athens; visited Alexandria and Asia Minor; frequently at Rome; 
biographer and moralist ; his Lives have been perhaps the most popular of all ancient 
writings ; La Harpe says of him, ' Plutarch is the genius the most naturally moral that 
ever was.' 

POLANUS, Amandus (1561-1610). Studied at Breslau ; professor of theology at 
Basle, and subsequently at Tubingen, where he died ; protestant theologian. 


POLUS, Matthaeus (Matthew Poole or Pole) (1624-1679). Emmanuel College, 
Cambridge ; rector of S. Michael-le-Querre ; resigned on the passing of the 
Uniformity Act ; died at Amsterdam ; compiled a Synopsis of biblical commentary 
in five folio volumes. 

POLYBIUS (c. 210-128 B.C.). Son of Lycortas, who was captain of the Achaean 
League in 185 B.C.; taken captive to Rome, where he won the friendship of the 
younger Scipio; with Scipio at the sack of Carthage in 146, and of Corinth in the same 
year ; after the fall of Corinth Polybius was appointed by the Romans to devise a 
new constitution for Achaea ; after Herodotus and Thucydides, the greatest of the 
Greek historians. 

POLYCARPUS (S.) (c. 70-155 a. d.). One of the 'Apostolic fathers'; he was a 
' hearer ' of S. John and a teacher of Irenaeus, a friend of Papias and Ignatius ; 
bishop of Smyrna ; towards the close of his life he attended at Rome the Congress 
on the Paschal Controversy ; on his return to Smyrna he suffered martyrdom ; the 
famous Letter to the Smyrnaeans, still extant, contains a description of this event ; 
of Polycarp's own writings only the Letter to the Philippians is extant (in its Greek 
form incomplete); it is a document of great importance for the study of eccle- 
siastical origins. 

PORTUS, Aemilius (1550-16 12). Born at Ferrara, where his father, a Cretan by 
birth, was professor of Greek ; professor of Greek at Lausanne (1581) and Heidel- 
berg (1596). 

POWEL, Griffin (or Griffith) (1561-1620). Fellow, and finally Principal, of Jesus 
College, Oxford ; wrote on Greek philosophy. 

PROSPER AQUITANICUS (S.) (c. 403-463). A native of Aquitaine ; con- 
ferred with Augustine about the Pelagian heresy ; secretary to Pope Leo I ; 
historian and theologian. 

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius (fl. 126-161). Mathematician, geographer, and astronomer 
of Alexandria ; his geocentric system of astronomy was universally accepted in the 
middle ages. 

QUINTILIANUS, M. Fabius (c. 35-100). Pupil of Domitius Afer; practised at 
the bar and taught rhetoric at Rome, about 69-89 ; one of the most famous critics 
of antiquity. 

RAINOLDUS (Rainolds), John (1549-1607). Fellow of Corpus Christi College, 
Oxford; Dean of Lincoln, 1593; president of Corpus, 1598; prominent on the 
puritan side in the Hampton Court Conference, 1603 ; one of the chief compilers 
of the Authorized Version. 


RALEIGH, Sir Walter (1552-1618). A native of Devon ; educated at Oriel College, 
Oxford; served with the Huguenots in France, 1569 ; sailed with his half-brother. 
Sir Humphrey Gilbert, 1578; high in the favour of Queen Elizabeth, who knighted 
him, 1584; founded the colony of Virginia, 1585; quarrelled with Essex, 1588; 
imprisoned in the Tower, 1592 ; released, but banished from court; undertook an 
unsuccessful expedition in search of Manoa ; distinguished himself at Cadiz, and in 
the Azores, 1596-7; disliked by James I, who imprisoned him on a charge of 
conspiracy„i6o3 ; lived in confinement with his wife and family until 1616, when he 
was permitted to make another gold-seeking expedition to America on condition 
that the Spaniards were not molested ; the condition was broken by his lieutenant, 
and on his return he was executed ; distinguished as a writer both of verse and 

RAMUS, Petrus (Pierre de la Ram6e) (1515-1572). A native of Picardy; studied 
at Paris, where at an early age he gained a great reputation as a philosophical 
lecturer ; his attempts to overthrow the Aristotelian logic aroused great hostility, 
and in 1544 he was forbidden to teach; his friends, however, instituted for him a 
chair of philosophy in the College of France, 1551 ; he was expelled from Paris as 
a Huguenot, 1561, and killed in the massacre of S. Bartholomew. 

RAYMUNDUS DE SABUNDE (d. 1432). Professor of medicine, theology, and 
philosophy at Toulouse, about 1430 ; philosophical writer; his Theologia Naiuralis 
was translated into French by Montaigne. 

REGIUS (Leroy orDuroy), Henry (T598-1679). Doctor of medicine and ' professor 
primarius ' at Utrecht. 

REGIUS, Joannes (d. 1605). Licentiate in theology at Dantzig ; protestant preacher 
at Gratz, Miilhausen, and other places ; published works on logic and theology. 

RHENANUS (or Bildius), Beatus (1485-1547). Born at Schlettstadt (hence 
Seltstadiensis); studied at Paris, Strasburg, and Basle; a theologian and humanist 
who was suspected of Protestantism. 

RIBERA, Franciscus (1537-1591)- A Spanish Jesuit; taught at Salamanca, and 
published various biblical commentaries. 

RIOLANUS (Riolan), Joannes (i577-i657)- Born at Paris; son of another 
physician of the same name ; Professor Royal of anatomy and botany at Paris, 
1613; accompanied Mary of Medici in exile as her physician, 1631-42 ; taught at 
Paris again, from 1642 ; anatomist. 

RIVETUS (Rivet), Andreas (1573-1651). A native of Poitou; protestant minister 
at Sedan, and later at Thouars; professor at Leyden, 1619; head of the college of 
nobles at Breda, 1632; in 162 1 he visited England, received the doctor's degree 
at Oxford, and made a gift of books to the Bodleian Library ; protestant theologian. 


RODERICK, Richard (d. 1730). Student of Christ Church, Oxford; president of Sion 
College, 1722 ; rector of S. Michael, Bassishaw, from 1701 till his death. 

ROGERS, Richard(i55o-i6i8). Christ's College, Cambridge; lecture at Wethersfield, 
1577; a member of Cartwright's presbyterian party, and persecuted in consequence ; 
religious writer. 

ROLLOCUS (Rollock), Robertus (1555-1599). St. Andrew's University; professor 
of theology at Edinburgh (1587) and first Principal of the University ; negotiated 
with James VI on behalf of the Scottish church ; theologian. 

ROUS, Francis (1615-1643). Son of the well-known Cornish puritan of the same 
name; educated at Eton and Merton College, Oxford, which he left later for 
Gloucester Hall ; from about 1640 practised medicine in London ; his only publica- 
tion was the Archaeologia Attica in three volumes, to which Zachary Bogan added 
four more; this work went into nine editions by 1688. 

RUIZ DE MONTOYA, Didachus (1562-1632). A Jesuit of Seville; taught 
philosophy and theology at Granada and other places. 

SACHEVERELL, Henry (1674-1724). Son of the Rector of S. Peter's, Marl- 
borough; fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford; incorporated at Cambridge, 17 14; 
chaplain of S. Saviour's, Southwark ; preached in favour of uniformity and non- 
resistance, 1709 ; impeached and suspended; held successively the livings of Selattyn 
and S. Andrew's, Holborn ; a vigorous exponent of High Church Toryism. 

SADEEL, Antonius (1534-1591). Born at Chabot; studied at Paris and Toulouse; 
joined the Reformers ; persecuted and imprisoned ; subsequently became chaplain to 
Henry IV ; professor of Hebrew at Geneva, 1589 ; he was also known as Chandieu 
(Chandeus) and Zamariel ; true name, Antoine la Roche de Chandieu. 

SANCTA CLARA, Franciscus (Christopher Davenport) (1598-1680). Born at 
Coventry ; entered Merton College, Oxford;' but left for Douai ; became a Franciscan 
at Ypres and took the name Sancta Clara ; after travelling in Spain returned as 
missionary to England, and became chaplain to Queen Catherine, wife of Charles 
II ; brother of John Davenport, the famous puritan preacher ; a man of considerable 
personal gifts ; intimacy with him was alleged against Laud at his trial. 

SANDYS, Sir Edwin (i 561-1629). Fellow of C. C. C, Oxford; prebendary of 
York 1582-1602; member of Middle Temple and M.P. (1589-1593); 
travelled abroad with Cranmer; knighted, 1603; became one of the leading members 
of the House of Commons ; served the East India Company, and directed with 
success the fortunes of Virginia ; suspected of a design to turn the colony into a 
republic and temporarily imprisoned, 1621 ; continued M.P, till his death. 


SANDYS, George (1578-1644). Brother of the foregoing; S.Mary Hall, Oxford ; 
published an account of travels in Europe and Asia, 1615 ; accompanied Sir Francis 
Wyatt to Virginia, 1621 ; treasurer to the Virginia Company, and member of the 
council of government when the Crown assumed control ; gentleman of the privy 
chamber to Charles I ; poet. 

SARCERIUS (Sarcer), Erasmus (1501-1559). Lutheran theologian ; born at Anna- 
berg in Saxony ; minister of several churches and superintendent. 

SAYRUS, Gregorius (Robert Sayer) (1560-1602). Born at Redgrave, Suffolk; 
Peterhouse, Cambridge ; studied at Douai and Rome ; became a Benedictine at 
Monte Cassino, 1588 ; professor of moral philosophy there ; theological writer. 

SCAPULA, Joannes (fl. 1575). Reader to the printer, Henri £tienne (Stephanus); 
published (Basle, 1579) a Lexicon Graeco-Latinmn, said to be plagiarized from that 
of Stephanus. 

SCHARPIUS (Sharp), Joannes (1572-1648). S. Andrew's University; minister of 
Kilmany, Fife, 1601; banished for opposition to James VI, 1606; professor of 
theology at Die in France, 1608; professor of divinity at Edinburgh, 1630. 

SCHELHAMMERUS, Guntherus Christopherus (1649-17 16). Son of a professor 
of medicine at Jena; studied medicine at Leipzig and Leyden; professor of botany 
atHelmstadt, 1679; at Jena, 1490; of medicine at Kiel, 1695; author of numerous 
scientific works. 

SCHOLTUS (Scholt), Andreas (1552-1629). Born at Antwerp; professor of 
Rhetoric at Louvain ; of Greek at Toledo; of Greek and rhetoric at Saragossa, 1584; 
became a Jesuit, 1586 ; scholar and historian. 

SCLATER, William (1575-1626). Eton and King's College, Cambridge (fellow, 
1596); rector of Pitminster in Somerset ; religious writer. 

SCULTETUS (Scultet), Abraham (i 566-1625). Born at Griinberg in Silesia; 
professor of theology at Heidelberg ; present at the Synod of Dort ; a prominent 
and popular orotestant theologian, who preferred exposition to controversy. 

SELDEN, John (1584-1654). A wandering minstrel's son, born near Worthing ; 
studied for three years at Hart Hall, Oxford; barrister of Inner Temple, 161 2; 
steward to the Earl of Kent; his History of Tythes (1617), which offended the 
clergy, suppressed; M.P.; helped to prepare the protestation of the Commons, 
162 1 ; prominent in the impeachment of Buckingham ; active on the parliamentary 
side in the disputes between King and Parliament ; M.P. for Oxford University in 
the Long Parliament ; opponent of Charles in the matter of ship-money and counsel 
for Hampden ; helped to draw up Laud's impeachment ; retired from politics in 
1649 ; one of the most famous of English jurists. 


SENNERTUS, Daniel (1572-1637). Bora at Breslau; studied at Wittenberg, where 
he became professor of medicine in 1 602 ; physician to the Elector of Saxony ; 
aroused great opposition by his introduction of chemistry into the medical course of 
the University. 

SETONUS (Seton), Joannes (1498-1567). Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge ; 
chaplain to Bishop "Fisher; canon of Winchester, 1553; prebendary of York, 1554; 
an exile on religious grounds ; died at Rome ; philosopher. 

SGUROPULUS, Silvestris (fi. c. 1438). Deacon, grand ecclesiarch, and dicaeo- 
phylax at Constantinople ; author of a Greek history of the council of Florence. 

SHAW, John (1614-1689). Brasenose College, Oxford; incumbent successively of 
Alnham, Whalton, and Bolton in Craven ; protestant controversialist. 

SICHARDUS, Joannes (1499-1552). Studied at Erfurt and Ingolstadt; called to 
Basle, 1524, where he taught rhetoric for five years; professor of law at Tubingen, 
1535; scholar and jurist. 

SLUTERUS, Severinus (1571-1648). Studied at Erfurt, Cologne, &c. ; preacher at 
Luneburg; finally professor of theology at Hamburg; protestant opponent of 

SNAPE, Andrew (1675-1742). Eton and King's College, Cambridge; rector of 
S. Mary at Hill, 1 706-37 ; master of Eton College, 1 7 1 1 ; canon of Windsor, 1 7 1 3 ; 
provost of King's, 1719; vice-chancellor of Cambridge University, 1721. 

SOME, Robert (1542-1609). Fellow of Queens' College, Cambridge; master of 
Peterhouse, 1589; four limes vice-chancellor of the University; tried to interpose 
as moderator in the Mar-prelate controversy ; moderate theologian. 

SOTO, Dominicus (1494-1560). Born at Segovia in Spain; studied at Alcala and 
Paris; professor of philosophy at Alcala, 1519; became a Dominican, 1524; first 
theologian to Charles V at the council of Trent, 1345. 

SPEED, John (1552-1629). Brought up as a tailor; obtained a post in a London 
custom-house ; made maps of many parts of England, and wrote, with the encourage- 
ment of Camden and others, a Historic of Great Britain ; a member of the Society 
of Antiquaries. 

STEPHANUS (£tienne), Carolus (i 504-1 564). Succeeded, in 1550, his brother 
Robert (who had removed to Geneva) in the management of the famous Paris 
printing firm, which had been founded by his father (Flenri) in 1501 ; he kept up 
the tradition of the firm for fine work, but was not very successful in business and 
was in 1561 imprisoned for debt. 


STEPHANOS (feienne), Henricus (1528-1598). Son of Robert Stephanus and 
nephew of the foregoing ; showed at an early age a remarkable proficiency in Greek, 
and spent many years travelling in Italy, England, and the Netherlands, collating 
MSS.; in 1556 he set up a press in Geneva, from which he issued editions of the 
chief Greek authors, as well as his own celebrated Greek lexicon Thesaurus Linguae 
Graecae (1572); during his last twenty years he lived a wandering life, and died in 
great poverty at Lyons. 

STEPHANUS (fitienne), Paulus (1566-1627). Son of the foregoing; succeeded to 
the management of the Paris business ; he inherited some of his father's scholarship, 
and published a translation of the Greek Anthology into Latin verse and other works. 

STEPHENS, Nathaniel (1606-1678), Magdalen Hall, Oxford; took the covenant, 
1642; rector of Fenny Drayton ; nonconformist controversialist. 

STILLINGFLEET, Edward (1635-1699). Born at Cranborne ; fellow of St. John's 
College, Cambridge; prebendary of St. Paul's, 1667; canon of Canterbury, 1669; 
chaplain to Charles II; dean of S. Paul's, 1678; bishop of Worcester, 1689; a 
popular London preacher and influential churchman. 

STONE, Edmund (d. 1768). Son of a gardener to the Duke of Argyll at Inveraray ; 
fellow of Wadham College, Oxford; F.R.S., 1725; mathematician. 

STRIGELIUS, Victorinus (1524-1569). Reformer and voluminous theologian; 
completed his theological studies at Jena, where he became professor of theology in 
1548; professor of divinity in Leipzig: several of his works were translated into 

STUKELEY, William (1687-1765). Corpus Christi College, Cambridge ; M.D., 
F.R.C.P. ; incumbent of All Saints, Stamford, 1729; of St. George-the-Martyr, 
London, 1747; one of the founders of the Society of Antiquaries; clergyman, 
physician, and keen antiquarian. 

STURMIUS (von Sturm), Joannes (1507-1589). Born near Cologne ; lived for some 
years at Paris ; head of a college at Strasburg, which he made into a University and 
of which he was nominated Rector, 1566; dismissed, 1582; classical scholar, called 
' the German Cicero '. 

SUAREZ, Franciscus(i548-i6i7). A Spanish Jesuit; professor of theology at Rome, 
1580; at Alcala, 1588; at Coimbra, 1597 ; thanked by Pope Paul V for his defence 
of Romanism, Contra Anglicanae Seclae Errores, which was publicly burnt by the 
hangman in London, 161 3. 

SUIDAS (fli. c. 975). Supposed author of the Greek lexicon which bears his name ; 
of his life nothing is known. 


SUSENBROTUS, Joannes (d. 1543). A German grammarian ; master at a school 
at Ratisbon. 

SUTCLIFFE, Matthew (1550- 1629). Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; dean 
of Exeter, 1588; established a college at Chelsea for controverting papistic doctrine, 
1609 ; lost favour by opposing the Spanish marriage, 1621 ; Anglican controversia- 

SYBTHORPE (Sibthorp), Robert (d. 1662). Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge ; 
vicar of S. Sepulchre, Northampton, 16 19; preached passive obedience, 1627; 
chaplain to Charles I ; zealous in repressing puritanism as commissary of Peter- 
borough; with Charles at Oxford; sequestrated, 1647, but restored at the 

SZEGEDINUS (Kis), Stephanus (1505-1572). A Hungarian theologian, oneof the first 
of Luther's disciples ; studied at Wittenberg; taught at Cracow and elsewhere ; on his 
return to Hungary as a Lutheran was badly treated on account of his religious 

TACITUS, C. Cornelius (c. 52-120). A native of Rome, where he practised at the 
bar, and attained consular rank ; son-in-law to Agricola, the conqueror of Britain ; 
his history of the Early Roman Empire is our chief authority for the period and has 
been the inspiration of many modern historians. 

TALAEUS (Talon), Audomarus (d. 1562). A famous French orator; a native of 
Picardy and close friend of Peter Ramus ; author of many works both in French and 
in Latin. 

TARNOVIUS, Joannes (1586-1629). Studied at Liibeck, Hamburg, Rostock; 
subsequently professor of theology at Rostock ; author of several commentaries on 
books of the Old Testament and other theological works. 

TARNOVIUS, Paulus {1562-1633). Studied at Liibeck, Liineburg, and Rostock, 
where he became professor of theology. 

TAYLOR, Jeremy (1613-1667). Son of a Cambridge barber; fellow of Gonville 
and Caius College, Cambridge ; through Laud's influence made fellow of All Souls 
College, Oxford, 1635; chaplain to Laud and Charles I; rector of Uppingham, 
1638; of Overstone, 1643; taken prisoner with the royalists, 1645; wrote his chief 
works in retirement in the following years; bishop of Down and Connor, 1661; 
a preacher and religious writer of great literary genius. 

TERENTIUS Afer, Publius (c. 185-159 e.g.). Born at Carthage, and came as 
a slave to Rome, where he won his freedom ; the second of the two great comic 
poets of Rome; first exhibited a play in 166, and followed it with five others 
before his early death. 


TERTULLIANUS, Quintus Seplimius Florens (c. 160-230). A native of Carthage ; 
became a Montanist, about 205; one of the most famous of the Latin Fathers of 
the Church. 

THEODORETUS (c. 390-458). Born at Antioch; pupil of S. Chrysostom ; bishop 
of Cyprus, 423 ; engaged in controversy with Cyril of Ephesus, 430-1 ; deposed by 
'Robber Synod', 449; restored by council of Chalcedon, 451; condemned by 
command of Justinian at the second council of Constantinople, 553 ; ecclesiastical 

THEOPHYLACTUS (fl. c. 1075-1112). A native of Constantinople; archbishop 
of Achrida in Bulgaria ; published commentaries on the Bible and other theological 

THUANUS (de Thou), Jacobus Augustus (1553-1617). A Parisian; witness of the 
massacre of St. Bartholomew; councillor of State, 1588 ; in attendance on Henry 
IV, 1589 ; keeper of the Royal Library, 1593 ; president a mortier in the parliament 
of Paris, 1595; assisted in preparing the Edict of Nantes, 1598; his historical 
writmgs are among the most important contemporary evidence of the period. 

THUCYDIDES (c. 470-400 b. c). A member of a rich Athenian family ; took part in 
political affairs until he was banished for his failure at Amphipolis, 424 ; devoted the 
rest of his life to the composition of his History of the Peloponnesian War, which is 
one of the masterpieces of historical writing. 

TILENUS, Daniel (1563-1633)- Born at Goldberg in Silesia; studied in Germany; 
professor of theology at Sedan; accused of heresy, he retired to Paris; invited 
to England by James; deterred from accepting this invitation by the threat of an 
accusation of heresy in England ; died in Paris. 

TILLY , WiUiam (b. 1674). Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford; rector of 
Witham, Albury, and other places ; domestic chaplain to the Earl of Abingdon. 

TOLETUS (Tolet), Franciscus(i 532-1596). Bornat Cordova; studied atSalamanca; 
friend and theological adviser to Popes Gregory XIV, Innocent IX, Clement VIII ; 
the first Jesuit to become Cardinal, 1593 ; author of various theological works, and 
of a Commentary upon Aristotle. 

TORSHELL, Samuel (1604-1650). Rector of Bunbury, Cheshire; tutor to the two 
younger children of Charles I ; preacher at Cripplegate : religious writer. 

TOSSANUS (Toussain), Paulus (1572-1629). Born at Montargis in France, the son 
and brother of distinguished theologians; studied at Altorf and Geneva; at first 
a schoolmaster in Holland, but subsequently turned to theology; Doctor of 
Theology, Basle, 1600; protestant preacher at Frankenthal and Heidelberg; attended 
the synod of Dort ; finally pastor at Hanau, where he died. 


TOSTATUS, Alfonsus (1400-1454). Spanish theologian; studied at Salamanca; 
professor of theology there ; sent as deputy to the council of Basle ; bishop of Avila, 
and member of the royal council of Castile ; his prodigious learning in every branch 
of knowledge is commemorated on his tomb in the line — Hie stupor est mundi qui 
scibile discutit omne. 

TRAPP, Joseph (1679-1747). Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford ; first professor 
ofpoetry at Oxford, 1708-18; chaplain to Bolingbroke, 1712; held livings in London ; 
president of Sion College ; poet and pamphleteer on the high church tory side. 

TURQUET, Louis de Mayerne (c. 1550-1618). A French protestant' nobleman, 
Baron d'Auban ; author of a History of Spain, which was translated into English by 
Edward Grimeston ; retired in old age to Geneva. 

URSINUS, Zacharias (1534-1583). Born at Breslau ; studied at Wittenberg, Geneva, 
and Paris; professor of theology at Heidelberg, 1561 ; at Neustadt, 1578; friend 
of Melanchthon, and author of the famous ' Heidelberg Catechism ' approved by the 
Synod of Dort. 

USSERIUS (Ussher), James (1581-1656). Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin; 
chancellor of S. Patrick's, 1 605 ; professor of Divinity at Dublin ; bishop of Meath, 
1621 ; archbishop of Armagh, 1625 ; accepted at Strafford's request the thirty-nine 
articles; pleaded with the king for Strafford; pensioned by parliament, 1643; learned 
patristic scholar and Irish historian ; in politics a moderate ; ' learned to a miracle ' 

VALERIANUS (Valeriano Bolzani), Joannes Pierius (1477-1558). Italian scholar 
and poet, patronized by the popes Leo X and Clement VII ; refused ecclesiastical 
preferment in order to have more time for writing. 

VAN HELMONT, Joannes Baptista (1577-1644). Born of a noble family at 
Brussels; studied philosophy and medicine at Louvain ; incited to the study of science 
by reading the works of Paracelsus ; ' the greatest chemical philosopher prior to 
the age of Lavoisier ' (J. W. Slater) ; one of his contributions to Chemistry is the 
invention of the word ' gas '. 

VELTHUSIUS (Velthuysen), Lambert (1622-1685). Born and educated at Utrecht, 
where for a time he practised medicine ; gave up medicine for theology, and became 
one of the most prominent protestant controversialists in Holland ; he made many 
enemies, and by their intrigues was brought to destitution before his death. 

VERREPAEUS, Simon (1523-1598). Born and died at Bois-le-duc ; studied 
philosophy and theology at Louvain ; entered an Augustinian monastery at Malines ; 
head of a school at Turnhout and Hertzogenbusch ; a successful schoolmaster and 
author of educational and devotional works. 


VICCARS, John (1604-1660). Christ's College, Cambridge, and Lincoln College, 
Oxford; ejected from his livings by the Puritans, 1646; author of a commentary 
on the Psalms. 

VIRGILIUS Maro, Publius {70-19 b. c). Born at Andes, near Mantua; educated 
at Milan and Rome ; the greater part of his life was spent at Naples ; he enjoyed 
the close friendship of Augustus and of all the great men of his time ; he is by 
general consent the greatest of the Roman poets ; all his poetry is tinged with 
mysticism and melancholy, and to later ages he was always a mystical and sacred 
figure, round which gathered endless legend ; the fourth Eclogue was long regarded 
as an inspired prophecy of the advent of the Christian Messiah. 

VORSTIUS, Conradus (1569-1622). Born at Cologne and brought up as a Roman 
Catholic ; studied at Dusseldorf and Heidelberg ; professor of theology at Steinfurt, 
1596; succeeded Arminius at Leyden, 1610; suspended and afterwards (1619) 
banished ; his Tradaius 2'heologicus de Deo was controverted by James I and publicly 
burnt by his order, 1 6 1 1 . 

VOSSIUS (Vos), Gerardus Joannes (1577-1649). Born at Heidelberg, son of the 
Protestant theologian, Joannes Vossius ; studied at Leyden ; rector of Theological 
college there, 1614 ; professor of eloquence and history, 1622: prebendary of 
Canterbury, 1629; LL.D. of Oxford; professor of history at Amsterdam, 1&33; 
scholar and theologian; his Historia Pelagiana was condemned by the synod of Dort, 

WALKER, Obadiah (i 616-1699), Fellow of University College, Oxford ; ejected by 
the parliamentary visitors, but restored in 1660; master of the College, 1676; 
suspected of Romanism, which he publicly professed on the accession of James II ; 
prisoner in the Tower, 1688; ejected from mastership, 1689; lived subsequently 
on the continent and in London on private charity ; theological writer. 

WALKER, William (fi. c. 1 590-1 630). Appointed to S. Nicholas, Cheswicke 

(Chiswick), 1597. 
' WANCKELIUS, Joannes (1554-1616). Born at Kemberg; professor of history at 

WEBER, Joannes (i 587-1 653). Born at Nuremberg ; pastor of Ohrdruff; author of 

many controversial writings. 

WEDELIUS (Wedel), Georg Wolffgang (1645-1721). Studied medicine at Jena, 
where he was made professor in 1673 ; gained great fame as a practitioner, attending 
the Duke of Weimar, the Elector of Maintz, and other princes; famous also as a 
teacher and a writer, though his writings contain fantastic doctrines already exploded 
in his own time. 


WEEMSE (Wemyss), John {1579-1636). St. Andrew's University; held livings in 
Berwickshire; prebendary of Durham, 1634; religious writer. 

WEGELINUS, Thomas (1577-1629). Born at Augsburg ; taught in the gymnasium 
at Ratisbon ; professor of theology at Tubingen, and finally at Strasburg; protestant 
theologian, engaged in many controversies with the Jesuits. 

WEPFERUS, Joannes Jacobus (1620-1695). Born at SchafFhausen ; doctor of 
medicine at Basle, 1647 ; member of the Academia naturae curiosorum (under the 
name Machaon iii), 1685; physician to various princes of Saxony. 

WHITAKERUS (Whitaker), William (i 548-1 595). Fellow of Trinity College, 
Cambridge; canon of Norwich, 1578; regius professor of divinity, 1580; master 
of St. John's College, 1586; canon of Canterbury ; Calvinistic theologian. 

WHITE, Francis (1564-1638). Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge; dean of 
Carlisle, 1622; bishop successively of Carlisle, Norwich, and Ely ; theologian. 

WHITE, John(i57o-i6i5). Brother of the foregoing; Gonville and Caius College, 
Cambridge ; rector of Barsham, Suffolk ; chaplain in ordinary to James I ; wrote 
against Romanism. 

WHITGIFT, John ( 1 530-1 604). Fellow of Peterhouse, Cambridge ; Lady Margaret 
professor of divinity, 1563 ; master of Pembroke Hall, 1567, and in the same year 
of Trinity College ; regius professor of divinity ; prebendary of Ely and royal 
chaplain, 1568; dean of Lincoln, 1571; bishop of Worcester, 1577; archbishop 
of Canterbury, 1583 ; adviser of Elizabeth and supporter of her policy of uniformity ; 
attacked by 'Martin Mar-prelate'; crowned James I, 1603; in ritual Anglican, but 
a Calvinist in theology. 

WICLIFFE, John (d. 1384). Fellow and master (1361) of Balliol College, Oxford; 
prebendaryof Westbury, 1361 ; of Lincoln, 1373; English ambassador to treat with the 
papal legates at Ghent, 1374; rector of Lutterworth, 1374; twice tried for heresy 
in regard to the government of the Church, but without result, 1377-8 ; instituted 
his ' poor preachers ', and superintended the translation of the Bible ; condemned 
by the archbishop's court for his rejection of transubstantiation and other errors, 
but allowed to continue in his living at Lutterworth till his death ; celebrated in his 
own time first and chiefly as a philosopher and a theologian. 

WIGANDUS, Joannes (1523-1587). Born at Mansfeld, where he became Pastor 
in the reformed Church ; superintendent at Magdeburg, 1553; professor of theology 
at Jena, 1560; suspended, 1562-9; returned to Jena, but again quarrelled with the 
university ; subsequently professor at Konigsberg and bishop of Pomezan in Prussia; 
author of many works expository and controversial. 


WILCOCKS, Joseph (1673-1756). Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, 1692; 
chaplain in ordinary to George I; prebendary and subsequently dean of Westminster; 
.bishop successively of Gloucester and Rochester. 

WILLETT, Andrew (1562-1621). Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge; preben- 
dary of Ely, 1587; rector of Barley; chaplain in ordinary and tutor to Prince 
Henry; theologian. 

WILLIAMS, Griffith (or Griffin) (1589-1672). Jesus College, Cambridge; suspended 
from London living for high church views, 1616; prebendary of Westminster, 
1628; dean of Bangor, 1634; bishop of Ossory, 1641; suffered considerably 
in the war in consequence of his vigorous opposition of the parliamentarians. 

WILLIAMS, John (1582-1650). Fellow of S. John's College, Cambridge; pre- 
bendary of Hereford, 161 2 ; of Lincoln, 1613 ; dean successively of Salisbury and 
Westminster; lord-keeper and bishop of Lincoln, 1621; friend and adviser of 
Buckingham; fined, suspended, and imprisoned for intrigue, 1637; archbishop 
of York, 1641; made terms with Parliament on behalf of Wales after Naseby, 
1645 ; for his connexion with the Leicester Town Library see Introduction, pp. ix ff. 

WILSON, Thomas (1563-1622). Chaplain of Queen's College, Oxford; rector of 
S. George the Martyr, Canterbury; his Christian Dictionary is one of the earliest 
attempts in English at a concordance of the Bible. 

WOODWARD, Ezekias (1590-1675). Balliol College, Oxford; kept a school at 
Aldermanbury ; vicar of Bray, 1649, but left to escape ejection in i6-6o ; presbyterian, 
and later independent, controversialist. 

WOTTON, Antonius (1561-1626). Fellow of King's College, Cambridge; first 
professor of divinity at Gresham College, 1596; theological writer. 

XENOPHON (c. 435-354 B.C.). Born at Athens; pupil of Socrates; joined the 
expedition of the Ten Thousand in 401; of this expedition his 'Anabasis' is 
a history; in 394 he fought in the array of the Spartan Agesilaus against his own 
country at the battle of Coronea; besides the Anabasis he wrote Hellenica, 
Recollections of Socrates, Cyropaedeia, and other works. 

XIPHILINUS, Joannes (fl. c. 1070) Nephew of Xiphilinus, patriarch of Constanti- 
nople, with whom he has sometimes been confused; his Abridgement of Dio Cassius 
was first printed in Paris in 1551. 

XYLANDER (Holtzmann), Gulielmus (1532-1576). Born at Augsburg; professor 
of Greek at Heidelberg; a mathematician and classical scholar of very great 
industry and learning. 


ZACUTUS, Abraham (1575-1642). A Portuguese Jew, born at Lisbon; studied at 
Coimbra and Salamanca; doctor of medicine in the academy of Siguenza ; being 
compelled to fly from Portugal owing to the persecution of the Jews, he went to live 
at Amsterdam, where he died ; author of medical works much praised in his time. 

ZANCHIUS, Hieronymus (1516-1590). Born at Alzano in Italy; led by the 
example of Peter Martyr to adopt the reformed faith ; became professor of theology 
at Strasburg, and later at Heidelberg and Neustadt ; a moderate controversialist, 
"whose motto was sustine ei absUrie, and who won high praise from his opponents. 

ZUINGER, Jacobus (1569-1610). Son of Theodor Zuinger ; born at Basle; learnt 
medicine from his father, and afterwards at Padua ; professor of Greek at Basle, 
where he also taught chemistry and medicine ; he is said to have died of the plague, 
on the same day as his wife, at Basle, after showing great heroism. 

ZUINGER, Theodorus {1533-1588). Born of poor parents at Bischoffszell ; studied 
first at Lyons, then at Paris, where he learned philosophy under Peter Ramus ; 
became doctor of philosophy and medicine at Padua ; professor successively of 
Greek, moral philosophy, and medicine at Basle, where he died ; he practised as 
a doctor, but refused as a rule to accept fees, and made himself even more beloved 
by his personal qualities than famous by his learning as a savant. 

ZUINGLIUS, Huldrychus (Ulrich Zwingli) (1484-1531). Born in Switzerland; 
studied at Vienna and Basle ; pastor of Glarus, 1506 ; met Erasmus at Basle, 1514 ; 
fought at Marignano, 1515; preached at Zxirich against indulgences, 1518; orga- 
nized reform of education, 1526; killed at the battle of Cappel; one of the chief of 
the protestant theologians. 

The following have not been traced : 

Carbonarius, Petrus. 
Cavalleria, Petrus de. 
Conradus, Alfonsus. 
Cygnaeus, Eucharius. 
Daines, Simon. 
Feguernekinus, Isaac L. 
Gieswein, Johan. Philip. 

Hay, Peter. 

Herfelt, Henricus Gerardus. 
Neuhusius, Henricus. 
Roiolus, Johannes. 
Stellatus, Joseph. 
Thomas de Argentina. 
Whetenhall, Thomas.