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Full text of "Supplement to the Astor library catalogue : with an alphabetical index of subjects in all the volumes"

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Cornell University 

The original of tiiis book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

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NEW YORK, 1866. 



(taxton ©mining, 

81, 83, AND 85 CENTRE STEEET. 


The additions to the Astor Library, since the publication of the four 
volumes of its first Catalogue, containing the Alphabetical Index of Authors, 
have been so considerable as to require a supplementary volume. The 
supplement is now laid before the public, and in conjunction with it an 
Alphabetical Index of Subjects. On referring to the Preface of Part I. of 
the printed Catalogue it will be seen that Part 11., as there announced, would 
consist of an Alphabetical Index or Dictionary of Subjects, that would pro- 
bably fill as many volumes as the Alphabetical Catalogue of Authors. This 
calculation would have proved correct had the original idea been carried out. 
It contemplated a thorough dissection of the library, and would have embo- 
died references under their appropriate heads to the separate treatises of 
every miscellaneous work ; of every poly graphic writer ; of every scientific, 
historical, and literary collection ; of all the Transactions of learned societies, 
and of the public documents and state papers, as well as to whole volumes. 
The greatly increased cost of printing and paper has rendered it inexpedient 
to carry out this purpose to its full extent ; it would have required a larger 
portion of the annual income of the library than could rightly be diverted 
from the purchase of books. Hence it became necessary to adopt a less 
extended and less costly system. That which has been adopted is substan- 
tially an abridgment of the one first proposed. It limits the references for 
the most part to the general subjects set forth in the titles of works, and 
instead of repeating titles in full it refers to the name or word under which 
the full description will be found in Part I. of the Catalogue. Its alphabetical 
order is its greatest merit, for it is that which makes it equally serviceable 
to the common reader and the scholar, and entirely does away with the 
necessity of the previous question to be asked as to all Catalogues raisonnes, 
" what is the system upon which the classification is made ?" is it Brunet's, 
or the abstruse one of Mr. Jefferson, or the absolutely incomprehensible one 
of Dr. A. A. E. Schleiermacher, the last of which transcends transcendent- 
alism. A well arranged, classified Catalogue is certainly a desideratum for 
a large public library ; but in respect to Catalogues it is not the first desi- 
deratum, nor is it very important that it should be printed. The Catalogues 
most needed are those which answer most readily the two questions : Has 
the library a certain book? and what has it on a certain subject? The 
Astor Library has had these special objects in view in the compilation of its 
first Catalogue, and of the alphabetical index of subjects which is now pro- 
vided for its readers, without attempting to give a scientific classification of 
human knowledge. 


Acad. Sc. Mor. M6moires de I'lnstitut, Acad6mie des Sciences morales. 
Bibl. Deut. Dich. Bibliothek Deutscher Dichter. 
Bouquet Rec. Bouquet Recueil des Historiens des Gaules. 
Cimber Archiv. Cimber Archives curieuses. 
De Bry Coll. Pereg. Bry Collectio Peregrinationum. 
Del. Poet. Delicise Poetarum. 
Despont JSib. Max. Despont Bibliotheca Maxima. 
Doc. Inid. Collection des Documents inedits. 
Dodsley 0. P. Dodsley's Old Plays. 

Uncy. Meth. et Ency. Met. Encyclopedie methodique et metropolitan. 
Expl. d'Alg^rie. Exploration d'Alg6rie. 
Geog. vet. scrip, mill. Geograpbije veteris scriptores minores. 
Guizot Mem. Hist. France. Guizot M6moires de I'Histoire de 'France. 
Sist. Or. Frag. Historias Grsecse Fragmenta. 
J. Asiat. Soc. Peng. Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. 
Leber Diss. Leber Dissertations. 

Mem. Acad. Inscrip. Memoires de 1' Academic des Inscriptions. 
Mem. de la Soc. d^Sist. JVat. Memoires do la Soci6t6 d'Histoire Naturelle. 
Michaud Mem. S. 1, 2. Michaud M6moires Serie 1, 2. 
0. T. F. Oriental Translation Fund. 
Patrol. QrcBca. Migne, Patrologise Cursus, Series Grseca. 
Patrol. Lat. Migne, Patrologise Cursus, Series Latina. 
Petitot S. 1, 2. Collection de M6moires par Petitot, Serie 1, 2. 
Phil. Trans. Philological Transactions. 
Poet. Lat. Min. Poetae Latini Minores. 
Polenus. Polenus Antiquitatum Supplementum. 
Race. d'aut07-i. Raccolta d'autori che trattano del Moto dell' acque. 
Mec. de Voy. Eecueil des Voyages. 
Bhet. Gr. Rhetores Grseci ed. Walz. 
Sallengre. Sallengre, novus Thesaurus Antiquitatum. 
Thes. Antiq. Gr. Thesaurus Antiquitatum Grsecarum. 
Thes. Antiq. Bom. Thesaurus Antiquitatum Romanorum. 
Thes. Antiq. Ital. Thesaurus Antiquitatum Italise. 
Thes. Antiq. Sicil. Thesaurus Antiquitatum Siciliae. 
Trans. B. Soc. Lit. Transactions Royal Society Literature. 
Ugolino. Ugolino, Thesaurus Antiquitatum sacrarum. 
Wien. AJcad. Ahhand. Vienna Akademie d. Wissenschaften. 
Wien. Sitzungsh. Vienna Akademie, Sitzungsberichte. 



Works referred to are distinguished by the Italic type. 

The AbbreviatioDa in the References are explained on the opposite page. 

Aagard C. Carmina. Del. Poet. Bomorvm,, 1. 

Abailard P. Petri Abselardi, Opera Ornnia, juxta editionem Parisi- 
ensem, accedunt Hilarii et Berengarii, Abselardi discipuli, 
opuscula et epistolse, accurante J. P. Migne. E. 8vo. Parisiis, 1855 

Contents : Epistolse ; Sermones et opnscula ascetica ; Expositio 
orationis Dominicse et Symboli Apostolorum ; Expositio fidei in 
symbolum Athanasii ; Ethica ; Heloissse problemata cam solu- 
tionibns ; Theologica et philosophica ; Expositio in Hexsemeron 
et in Epistolam adKomanos ; Introductio ad Theologiam; Theo- 
logia Christiana ; Sic et non ; Dialogus inter Philosophum, 
Judsenm et Christianum ; Epitome Theologiae "Christianse ; Car- 
mina ; Monita ad Astrolabium ; Hymni ; Hymnus in Anntinti- 
atione ; Ehy thmus de SS. Triuitate ; Planctus varii ; Appendix 
ad Opera — Hilarii et Berengarii Opera ; Index auctorum qui in 
operibus Abselardi citantur. 

Ouvrages inddits publics par Cousin. ^^a. Paris, 1836 

Contents : Introduct. et Sommaire ; Sic et non ; Dialectica ; 
Appendice. See under Cousin Y. Fragments philosophiqwes ; 
Guizot F. cmd Hemv^at C. de. 

Abauzit F. Essays. Spa/rks Tracts, 1. 

Abbadie A. de. Catalogue raisonne de manuscrits Ethiopiens apparte- 

nant a lui, 4to. Paris, 1859 

Resume geodesique des positions ddterminees en i^thiopie. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1859 

Sur le Tonnerre en Ethiopie. ito. Paris, 1858 

Abbate O. Un Basso Kilievo di Beni-Hassan. Interpretazioni. 

4to. Palermo, 1843 

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delle equazione numeriche. ito. Modena, 1804 


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Abbo S. Abbas. Flor. Scripta, Vita et Miracula ; Epistolse et Apolo- 
geticus ; CoUectio canonum ; Vita S. Eadmeri ; Qusestiones 

frammaticales ; Epitome de XCI. Komanorum Pontificum vitis ; 
n circulos B. Cyrilli et Dionysii Eomani ac Bedse Prsefatio. 
Patrol. Lat. 139. 
Apologeticus, Epistolse et Canones, Grsece. Gallandius, 14. 

Abbo Sangerm Mon. De bello Parisiaco metrice ; Sermones quinque. 
PaifroLLat. 132. 

Sermones, grsece. Gallarvdius 14. 

Siege de Paris par les Normands. Gmzot Mim. France, 6. 

Abbot B. V. & A. Eeports of Practise Cases in Admiralty and Digest 
of New York Statutes and Eeports. See under New York Law 
OovHs, and under United States Law Cov/rts. 

Abbot E. See Alger "W. E. 

Abbott H. Catalogue of his Collection of Egyptian Antiquities. 

Svo.'New York, 1853 

Abbott C. (Lord Tenterden). A Treatise of the Law relative to Mer- 
chant Ships and Seamen. Sixth American edition, by J. 0. 
Abbot H. L. See Padfio Badl/road Sv/rvey, V. 6. 
Abbott J. American History, illustrated with Maps and Engravings. 

V. 1-5. 12mo. New York, 1862-63 
Vol. L Aboriginal America. EC. Discovery of America. IIL 
S. Colonies. IV. Northern Colonies. V. Colonial Wars. 

A bbott W. Conflicts and Conquests, or the Christian Experience of the 

Author. 8vo. London, 1815 

Abd-el-Kader, L'Emir. Le livre intitule Eappel a I'intelligent, avis a 
I'indifferent ; Considerations philosopniques, religienses, histo- 
riques ; traduites sur le MS. originel de 1 auteur k la Bibliotheque 
Imp., par G. Dugat. 8vo. Paris, 1858 

Contents : Prem. Partie. Philosophie, Eeligion ; Deux. P. Ecri- 
ture, Histoire, lEthnologie. 
Et sa nouvelle capitale T^ydemt. 8vo. Paris, 1840 

Abd-el-Malik Ibn Hischam. Das Leben Muhammed nach Muhammed 

Ibn I&hak, aus Handschriften herausgegeben von F* Wiistenfeld. 

8vo. Gottingen, 1857 
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12mo. Paris, 1797 
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Langl^s. 12mo. Paris, 1797 

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lectione. Carmen de Abbatibus et viris piis. Patrol. Lat. 96. 
Abeille medicale, cont'd to 1859. 
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Ant. SiciUw, 15. 
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Aberconway Abbey, Eegister & Chronicle. Camden Miscellany, 6. 
Abert Col. Eeport in Favor of the Improvement of the Navigation of 

the Hudson Eiver. 8to. Albany, 1806 


Abhandlung iiber die altere ScandinEtvische Geschichte von F. "W. 

8vo. Oopenhagen, 1Y81 
Abiclit J. G. De lapsu murorum Hierunticorum. Ugolmo, S2, ^. 84:0. 
AbilgaardS. Beschreibung von Stevens Kliflt. 8vo. lEopenhagenj 1T64 
Abingdon Earl of. On Burke's Letter to theSheriflFs of Bristol. 8vo. Oxford; 
Abolition, a Sedition. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1839 

Abolitioniste Fran9ais ; discussions parlementaires. 8vo. Paris, 1847 

About E. La Grece contemporaine; 12mo. Paris, 1855 

Nouvelle carte de I'Europe. 8vo. Paris, 1860 

Lettre d'un bon jeunehommeii sa cousine Madelain^. . 

12mo. Paris, 1861 

Madelon. 8 vo. New York, 1863 

■ M6moire sur I'ile d'Egine. Archives des Miss.Soient 3. 

Abrahamson J. Kegnskab for Bogen ona den indbyres Underviisnings 

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Abreg6 historique de la grande Emigration des peuples barbares par 

L. C. D.E. 8vo. Bruxelles, 1817 

Abstemius. Fables. See ^sqp. 

Absalon Abbas Sprinckirsb. Sermones. PatroL Zat. 211. 
Abu-Beer Mohainmed. See Rhazes. 
Abulcacim. Historia verdadera del Eey don Rodrigo, traida de lengua 

Arabiga por M. di Luna. 4:to. Madrid, 1676 

Abul-Fazl. Account of the grand Festival held by Timuf on the Plains 
of Planch Gul after the defeat of Bajazet A. H. 803. Tr. by 
Francklin. 8vo. London, 1831 

^^^£® ^°*^ Reduction of Chaitur by Akbar. i Tr. by D. Price. 

0. T. F. Miscellaneous TrcmsldUons. 

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libro Arabico vulgo Kartas inscripto. Ed. 0. J. Tornberg. 

4to. Upsaliae, 1839 
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tica, Arabicum ad fidem codd. MSS. Edidit J. P. Broch. 

8vo. Christianise, 1859 
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rum Nomocanon. Med Script, vet. nova Coll. 10. 
Accademia Pontaniana agli Scienziati d'ltalia del settimo Congresso. 

Fol. JSTapoli, 1845 
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Account of the Society for the Encouragement of the British Troops in 

Germany and North America. 8vo. London, 1760 

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8vo. Diisseldorf, 1855 
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Achery. See D^Achery, 
Achilles Tatius. Isagoge ad Arati Phsenomena. Petami TJranologion. 


Achilli G. Dealings with the Inquisition. 12mo. N. Y. 1851 

AchillinuB A. De Chyromantise principiis et physionomise. , 

Fol. Bonomse, 1503 

Acidalius V. Mnlieres homines non esse. 18mo. Paris, 1693 

Epica ; Elegise, Epigrammata. Del. Poet. Oerm. 1. 

Ackermann B. On Patent Movable Axles for Wheeled Carriages. 

Svo. London, 1819 

Acropolis. See Schmkel B., Stuart cfc Eevett 2, <& BeuU E. 
Acta Sanctorum quotquot toto orbe coluntur vel a Catholicis Scriptori- 
bus celebrantur, quae ex Latinis et Grsecis aliarumque gentium 
antiquis monumentis collegit, digessit, notis illustravit Joannes 
BoUandius, operam et studium contulit Godefridus Henschenius, 
coutinuata per D. Papebrochium et alios usque ad ann. 1868. 
65 vols. Fol. Antverpise, Tongerlose et Bruxellis, 1643-1858 

This most remarkable work, which was begun more than two 
hundred years ago, is not yet completed. W ith the lives of the 
Saints it gives the fullest middle age history extant. _ Its pub- 
lication has been twice interrupted in its progress ; first, at the 
time of the suppression of the Jesuits in 1Y73, and was not 
resumed until 17Y9 ; the second when the French entered 
Belgium in 1794, and from that time remained suspended 
until 1845. The last volume published before the long sus- 
pension was the 5th, in October, ending with the 11th of the 
month ; the new publication began with vol. 6 of that month 
for the 12th, 13th and 14th days, and has since been con- 
tinued to vol. 9, ending with the 22d of October. Each 
volume contains Index sanctorum. Index chronologicus, Index 
topographicus, Index onomasticus, and Index moralis. An 
alphabetical Index of the Saints from Jan. 1 to June 30 is 
given in the Tth June vol., and one for July, Aug. and Sept, 
in the first October vol., and an Index to the preliminary dis- 
sertations also in the last named volume. 

Acta Sanctorum BoUandiana, Apologeticis librisin unum volumen nunc 
primum. contractis vindicata, seu Supplementum apologeticum 
ad Acta BoUandiana. Fol. Antwerpise, 1Y55 

Actes de la legislation de I'instruction primaire. See Awnales lAgislor 
tives, vol. 1. 

Acusilaus. Fragmenta. Fragmenta Histar. OrcBC. 1. 

Adair E. Historical Memoirs of a Mission to the Court of Vienna in 

1806. 8vo. London, 1844 

The Negotiations for the Peace of the Dardanelles, 1808-9. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1845 

Adalbero, Laudunensis Episc. Carmen ad Kobertum regem Franco- 
rum. Patrol. Lot. 142. 

Same in French. Chwizot Mim. Hist. France, 6. 

Adamantias. Physiognomicon. Sorvptores Physiognomice. 

Adamanus J. Abbas. Vita S. Columbae. De locis Sanctis Canones. 
Patrol. Lat. 88. 

Adam A. Latin Grammar, edited by C. D. Cleaveland. 12mo. Phil. 1837 

Adamnan Saint. Life. See Limes of English Saints, 6. 

Adams C. Words that shook the World, or Martin Luther his own 

Biographer. 12mo. New York, 1858 


Adams F. A.< & Boot G. F. The Singer's Manual. 12mo. New York, 1849 

Adams G. Essays on the Microscope. A general History of Insects 
and a view o£.the organization of timber, etc. With Plates. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1Y87 

Adams H. G. Cage and Singing Birds. How to catch, keep, breed, 

and rear them. 12mo. London, 1860 

Adams J. A Treatise on the Principles and Practice of the Action of 

Ejectment, edited by P. Euggles. 8vo. New York, 1821 

Adams J. Second Pres. U. S. Works, with Life and Notes, by 0. F. 

Adams. 10 vols. Svo. Boston, 1850-56 

Contents: Vol. L Life. H. Diary; Notes of Debates in Cont. 
Congress 1Y76, Autobiography, Appendix. HI. Autobiography 
cont d ; Diary ; Notes of a Debate in the Senate of the U. S. ; 
On the Canon and Feudal Law ; Instructions of Braintree and of 
Boston to their Kepresentatives, 1765, '68, and '69 ; Controversy 
between W. Brattle and J. Adams. IV. Novanglus, Thoughts 
on Government 1776; Report of a Constitution for Massachu- 
setts ; Defence of the Constitution U. S. V. Continuation of 
Defence. VI. Discourses on Davila ; Four Letters on Govern- 
ment ; Three on the Constitution ; Letters to J. Taylor of Caro- 
line ; Review of Mr. Hillhouse's Propositions for Amending the 
Constitution. VII.-IX. Official Letters and Public Papers. 
IX.-X. General Correspondence ; Index. 

History of the Dispute with America. 8vo. London, 1784 

Answer to Paine's Rights of Man. 8vo. London, 1793 

Adams J. Q. Sixth Pres. U. S, Lectures on Rhetoric and Oratory. 

2 vols. Svo. Cambridge, 1810 

Address in Washington, July 4th, 1821, on the Anniversary of 

Independence. Svo. Cambridge, 1821 

Correspondence on the Alleged Charge of a Design to Dissolve 

the Union. Svo. Boston, 1829 

The Duplicate Letters, the Fisheries, and the Mississippi. 

Svo. Washington, 1822 

Oration on the Life and Character of Gen. De la Fayette. 

Svo. Washington, 1835 

Eulogy on the Life and Character of Jas. Madison, fourth Pres. 

U. S. Svo. Boston, 1836 

Poems of Religion and Society. 12mo. Auburn, 1854 

Life. See Qmnoy J. and Sewa/rd W. H. 

Adams J. S. Answers to Seventeen Objections against Spiritual Inter- 
course. 12mo. New York, 1853 

Adams N. On the Unitarian Belief. 12mo. Boston, 1832 

Letter to Dr. Gannet on the Atonement. 12mo. Boston, 1840 

Adamson P. Genethliacum. Del. Poet. Scot. V. I. 

Adamus Canonic us Bremens. Gesta Hammabur^ensis Ecclesise Ponti- 

ficum ; Descriptio Insularum Aquilonis. Patn-ol. Lat. 146. 
• Historia ecclesiastica a tempore Caroli Magni. Lindenhrog 

Sffript. rer. Germ. 
Forfallade Beskrifning om Swerige, Danmark och Norige, for- 

swensked af J. F. Peringskjold. 4to. Stockholm, 1718 

Adamus Abbas Persenise. Epistolae ; Mariale ; Fragmenta Mariana. 
Patrol. Lat. 211. 



Adamns Murimuthensis. Ghronicon sive Historia sui temporis. Trir 

veiii Armales, V. 2. 
Adarbus Scotus. Opera omnia. Accuxante J. P. Migne. ^ 

Eoy. 8vo. Pansus, 1856 
Contents : Yita. Sermones ; De ordine, habitu et professione 
Canonicorum ordinis Prsemonstratensis ; De tripartito taberna- 
culo ; De triplice genere contemplationis ; Soliloquia de instruc- 
tione animse. 
Adamns a S. Victore. Sequentise (rhythmicse). Pai/rol. Lot. 196. 

Adanson M. Voyage to Senegal and the Eiver Gambia, from the 

French. 8to. London, 1759 

Addey M. Life and Military Career of Lt. Gen. T. J. Jackson, with 

portrait. 12mo. New York, 1863 

Addison J. Works. 4 vols. 4to. London, 1721 

Contents : I. Poems and Poetical Translations ; Cato, a Tra- 
gedy ; Dialogne on Medals. 11. Remarks on Italy ; The Tatler ; 
The Spectator. ni.-IV. Spectator cont'd ; The Guardian ; The 
Lover ; The Present State of the War ; The Trial and Conviction 
of Count Tariff; The Whig Exammer ; The Freeholder; Of the 
Christian Religion. 

Poetical Works. 12mo. Chiswic|£, 1822 

Same in AndersorCs^ CKaT/mer^, and Johnson's English Poets. 

• The Evidences of the Christian Religion. Watson^ s Tracts, V. 5. 

Cato, trad, en Frangais. (Ewvres a'Alembert, Y. 13. 

Addison W. On Healthy and Diseased Structure. 8vo. London, 1849 

Address of the Friends of Domestic Industry. 8vo. New York, 1831 
On the Past, Present, and Eventual Relations of the U. S. to 

France. 8vo. New York, 1803 
To the Gov't of the U. S. on the Cession of Louisiana to the 

French. 8vo. Phil. 1803 

To the People of Holland. (By Mirabeau.) From the French. 

8vo. London, 1782 
Adresses de I'Assemblee provinciale de S. Domingue a I'Assembl^e Na- 

tionale, au roi, aux 82 departemens, etc. 15 Juillet, 1791. 

8vo. Paris, 1791 
Adelbold Episc. Vita S. Henrici imper. ; Opuscula diversa. Patrol. 

Zat. 140. 
Adelung J. C. Deutsche Sprachlehre fur Schulen. 8vo. Berlin, 1801 

Ademarus S. Cibardi Monachus. Historise ; De apostatu S. Martialis ; 
Sermones. Patrol. Lot. 141. 

Adgate M. Northern Light, or new Index to the Bible. 12mo. Troy, 1800 
Adhemar Mad. Souvenirs sur Marie Antoinette, et sur la cour de Ver- 
sailles. 4 vols. 8vo. Versailles, 1836 
Adhemar J. Traits de Geom6trie descriptive. 

PI. 4to. Texte 8vo. Paris, 1846 

Traite de Perspective, Atlas 4to. Texte 8 vo. Paris, 1846 

; Traits des Ombres. Atlas 4to. Texte 8vo. Paris, 1852 

Traite de Charpente. Atlas 4to. Texte 8vo. Paris, 1854 

Traite d'Arithm^tique 6t d'Algdbre, 3me fid. Svo. Paris, 1857 

^ Traite de Geometric, 2de Edition. 8vo. Paris, 1858 

Adimari L. Poesie Satiriche. Maccolta di Poesie Saivriche. 


Adlard G. The Sutton Dudleys of England and the Dudleys of Mas- 
sachusetts from the Norman conquest to the present time. 

8vo. New York, 1862 
Administration Dissected. Svo. London, 1T79 

Ado S. Archbishop. Vienn. Chronicon ab origine mundi usque ad 
finem. Yefcus Uomanum Martyrologium cum additamentis. 
Passio S. Desiderii. Appendices. Pairok Zat 123. 

Adolphus J. Speech in the case of the English Shipbuilders. 

Svo. London, 1814: 
Adolphus L. See Scott, Sir Walter. 

Adrain E. On the Mean Diameter of the Figure of the Earth. 4to. 

Adrevaldus Florise Mon. Historia trauslationis S. Benedict! ; Ej us- 

demmiracula post translatiohem ; De corpore et_sanguine Christi. 

Vita S. Aigulfi. Fatrol. Lot. 124. 

Adrianns Monachus. Isagoge ad sacras scripturas. Pain-ol. ChroBca, 98. 
Adrianus Papa I. Vita ; Epistolse. Pat/rol. Lat. 96. 
Adrianus Papa IL Epistolse. Idem. 122. 
Adrianus Papa IV. Epistolse et privilegia. Idem. 188. 
Adshead J. Our Present Gaol System, deeply depraving to the pri- 
soner, and a positive evil to the community. Svo. Manchester, 1847 

Adso Abbas. Opera, containing De Antichristo ; Vita S. Frodoberti ; 

Vita S. Mansueti ; Vita et Miracula S. Basoli ; Vita S. Bercharii ; 

Miracula S. "Waldeberti. Patrol. Lat. 137. 
Adventures of British Seamen in the Southern Ocean. ISmo. Edinb. 1S27 
Advocacife N6tre Dame, on la vierge Marie plaidant contre le Diable. 

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JElianus Spartianus. HistoricB AugustoB Scriptores sex. 
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Vol. III.-IV. Second MonoOT-aph, in five parts, 1. Acalephs in 
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Bibliographia zoologise et geologise. V. 4 completing the work. 

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Prodrome d'une Monographie des Eadiares ou Echinodermes. 


Sur les Monies de Mollusques vivans et fossiles. Hid. 2. 

Sur quelques points de I'organisation des Euryales. Ihidem. 

Sur le Mya Alba, Espece nouvelle de Porto-Rico. Ihidem. 

Classification of Insects from Embryological data. Smithsonian 

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bee also Corpus Script. Byzant. et Patrol. Grceca, 88. 
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Svo. Firenze, 1801 
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Contents : Liber ad versus Felicem ; De insolentia Judseorum ; 
Epistolae et scripta miscellanea. 
See also Oallandius JBibUotheca, 13. 

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Contents : Yol. L Discours pour I'ouverture des audiences ; 
Mercuriales; K^quisitoires et Discours; Instructions sur les 
Etudes propres a former un Magistrat. II.-Y. Plaidoyers pro- 
nonces au Parlement; Memoires, Dissertations, etc. YL- 
YII. Kequfites et Memoires sur les matieres domaniales. YIIL- 
IX. Lettres sur les Matieres criminelles et civiles. X. Suite 
des dites lettres ; Sur les monnaies ; Sur les actions de la com- 
pagnie des Indes. XL Meditations m^taphysiques sur les 
vraies ou les fausses Id^es de la justice. XII. Lettres philoso- 
phiques et litt6raires ; Reflexions diverses sur Jesus Christ ; 
Fragments divers sur I'Eglise et les deux puissances ; Sur les 
Pens^es de Pascal et d'autres fragments ; Des Memoires sur . 
plusieurs objets de Jurisprudence. XIII. Discours sur la vie 
et la mort de M. D'Aguesseau ; Mdmoires historiques sur les 
affaires de I'Eglise ; Memoires sur les matieres ecclesiastiques et 

Aguilar G. Home Influence, and The Mother's Influence, a sequel to 

same. 4 vols. 12mo. Leipzig, 1859 

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Siecle. 8vo. Angers, 1849 

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Grange ; The Constable of the Tower ; Tales. 

5 vols. 12mo. Leipzig, 1856-61 

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attached to the Cambridge Observatory. 4:to. Cambridge, 1844 

Determination of the Longitude of Valentia in Ireland by the 

Transmission of Chronometers. 4to. London, 1845 

. Trigonometry ; Figure of the Earth. Ency. Metrop. 1 & 5, 

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8vo. London, 1852 

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Juin 1825. 8vo. Aix, 1825 
Description de la F^te Dieu d'Aix. Zeber Diss. 10. 

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12mo. Chiswick, 1822 
See also Anderson's, Chalmgrs', and Johnson's English Poets. 

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N. T. Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, with documents relat- 
ing to the subject. 8vo. N. T. 1826 

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12mo. Helsingfors, 1847 

Alamanni Luigi. See Maccolta di Boesie Uwiche e di Satiriche. 

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Contents : De vita S. Thoinae Cantuar. ; Epistolse ad di versos ; 

Alanus de Insulis. Opera ^omnia ad codd. MSS. et veteres editiones 

collata, accurante J.' P. Migne. Eoy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1855 

Contents : Elucidatio in Cantica Canticorum ; Summa de arte 
prsedicatoria ; Sermones ; Liber sententiarum ; DiQta mirabilia ; 
De sex alis Cherubim ; Liberpcenitentialis ; De fide catholica 
contra hsereticos ; De planctu naturse ; Anticlaudianus ; Rhyth- 
mus de Incarnatione Christi ; Doctrinale munus ; 'De articulis 
CatholicEe fidei ; Eegulse Theologicse ; In distiuctionibus dictio- 
narium theologicum. 

Alard M. J. Du si^ge et de la nature des Maladies. 2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1821 
Alaux J. E. La Eaison, Essai sur I'avenir de la Philosophie. 

12mo. Paris, 1860 
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■- County Penitentiary, Fourth Report of the Inspectors. 

Svo. Albany, 1853 


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Directory 1841 and 1845-1861. 17 vols. 12mo. Albany 

Young Men's Association for Mutual Improvement Report. 

8vo. Albany, 1852 
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Lat. 166. 

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8vo. Leipzig, 1860 

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Ital. 25. 

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Contents : vol. I. Yita ; Logica ; Index. II. Physica. HI. 
De anima ; Metaphysica, lY. Ethica ; Politica. Y. Parva natu- 
ralia. YI. De animalibus. YII.-XI. Commentarii in Psalmos, 
in Threnos Jeremise, Baruch, Danielem, 12 prophetas min ores , 
in Matthseum, in Lucam, in Joannem, in Apocalypsin. Xii. 
Sermones ; Orationes super Evangelia dominicalia totius anni ; 
De muliere forti. XTTT. Comm. in Dionysium Areopagitam; 
Compendiupi theologise veritatis. XIY.-XYI. Commentarii in 
libros Sententiarum. XYn.-XYIII. Summa Theologise. XIX. 
Summa de Creaturis. XX. Super Evangelium Lucam ; De 
laudibus Marise ; Biblia Mariana. XXI. Philosophia pauperum, 
sive Isagoge in libros Aristotelis Pbysicorum; De apprehensione ; 
De sacrificio missse ; De sacramento Eucharistse ; Paradisus ani- 
mse, sive de virtutibus ; De adhserendo Deo ; De Alchemia. 

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Albinus. See Alcuinus B. F. 

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Album des litei-arischen Yereins in Nlirnberg, 1855, '60 u. '62. 

3 vols. 8vo. Niii-nberg, 1855-62 
Album, historique, 6thnologique et archseologique. 

Album Lyrique du Chant Frangais. 8vo. Paris, 1855 

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Alcan M. Manuel du tisserand. • 12mo. Bruxelles, 1851 

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ed. Reiske. 
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Alcman. Hymni. Poetm Lyrici ed. Bergk. 
Alcock Sir E. The Capital of the Tycoon, a narrative of a three years' 

residence in Japan. 2 yoIs. 12mo. New York, 1863 

Alcuinus sen Albinus B. Flaccus. Opera omnia juxta Editionem Fro- 

benii ; accurante J. P. Migne. 2 vols, roy, Svo. Parisiis, 1851 

Contents : Yol. I. Epistolse ; Opuscula exegetica ; Comm. 

in Apocalypsin. II. Opuscula dogmatica, liturgica et moralia, 

hagiographia ; Carmina. Opera didascaliea, dubia, supposita. 


Grammatica. Oram/n. Lat. (motor es vet. 2- 

Life of. See Lorem F. 

Aldhelmus Episc. Vita ; Epistolse ; De laudibus virginitatis ; De 
Septenario ; De metris ; De pedum regulis ; Poemata ; Diplo- 
mata qusedam. Patrol. Lat. 89. 

Aldricus Cenom. Episc. Gesta, a Digcipulis ejus scripta. Patrol. 

Lat. 115. 
Aldus. Serie dell' Edizione Aldine. 12mo. Padova, 1790 

Alealmi L. A. Poemata. Del. Poet. Gall. 1. 
Alegre. Nouveau mode de Traitement des H^morrlioides. Svo. Paris, 1857 

Alembert J. Lerond d. (Euvres. 18 vols. Svo. Paris, 1805 

Yol. I. Memoires et ;fcloges de I'auteur ; E^flexions sur I'Slo- 
cution et sur le style ; Discours preliminaire de I'Encyclopddie. 
Explication du systeme des connoissances humaines. Sur la divi- 
sion des sciences de Bacon. II. Tableau de I'esprit humain au 
milieu du ISme Siecle ; Objet et plan general. Methode gen^- 
rale qu'on doit snivre dans les Elemens de philosophic. III. Sur 
la soci^t^ des gens de iettres et de grands ; Sur la reputation ; 
Sur I'harraonie des langues; Sur laLatinite des modernes; Me- 
langes litteraries. Synonymes; De la liberty de la^'musique; 
Usage et Abus de la philosophic en matiere de gout. lY. Sur 
Christine de SuMe-, Sur la po6sie; Discours a 1' Academic; Dia- 
logue entre la po6sie et la philosophic ; Sur I'histoire et les diff"6- 
rentes manieres de I'ecrire ; Apologie de l'6tude; De I'abijs de 
critique en matiere de religion ; Sur le calcul des probabilites ; 
Sur I'innoculation. Y. Sur la destrnction des Jesuites en France ; 
Lettres sur I'edit du roi d'Espagae pour I'expukion des Jesuites ; 
Du gouvernemeut de Geneve ; Lettres a J. J. Eousseau ; Sur la 
nouvelle Heloise, Emile, etc. ; Lettres a Mr. dcTressan et a d'au- 
tres. YL-XI. Eloges. XII.-XIII. Sur I'art de traduire ; Mor- 
ceaux de Tacite, Paterculus et Ciceron, traduits ; Traduction de 
Caton par Addison ; Traduction de quelques pens^es de Bacon. 
XIY. Analyse des Eeflexions sur la cause des V"ents, sur la 
Precession des Equinoxes, et des differentes points du Systeme 
du monde ; Exposition du Traite de I'Equilibre et du Mouve- 
ment des Fluides ; Introduction au Traite de dynamique ; Oor- 
respondance particuliere. XY.-XYIII. Correspondance avec 
Yoltaire et avec le Eoi de Prussj. 

Trait6 de dynamique. Nouv. ed, 4to. Paris, 1796 

Traite I'equilibre, etc., deuxieme edition. 4to. Paris 1790 

Eecherches sur les mouvements de I'axe d'une plan. 4to. Parish 1768 


Alembert J. Leonard d. Nova tabularum lunarum emendatio. 

4to. s. 1. et s. a. 

— Eloge d' Alembert lu dans I'Acad^mie de Sciences, 21 Avril, 

1784. 12nio. Paris, 1784 

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exculptse accurata explicatio ; Tabnlse Heliacaa. Thes. Ant. 
Or. 5, p. 792. 

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in order to Depose^Sultan Mustafa, 1222 (1807), from the Turk- 
ish by T. Gordon. 0. T. F. Miso. Transl. 2. 

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Alexander Papa II. Epistolse et Decreta. Patrol. Lot. 146. 
Alexander Papa III. Opera omnia, id est Epistolse et Privilegia, ordine 

chronologico digesta, accurante J. P. Migne. Roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1855 

Alexander Abbas Gemmet. De rebus gestis Rogeri Sieilias Regis. 

Muratori Per. Ital. 5. 
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Alexander Alex. Episc. Epistolse, etc. Ibid. 18. 
Alexander Lycopol. Episc. Tractatus de placitis Manichseoram. Tbid. 
Alexander Monachus. De inyentione viyiflcse crucis ex Gretsero de 

Cruce. Laudatio S. Barnabse Apostoli. Ihid. 87. 
Alexander Polyhistor. Eragmenta. Hist. Or. Frag. ed. Muller, 3. 
Alexander J. S. Rheumatism, its Nature, Cause, and Cure ; Gout, 

its Nature, Causes, Cure, and Prevention. 8vo. London, 1858 

Alexander J. H. International Coinage for Great Britain and the 

United States. Svo. Baltimore, 1865 

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Alexander "W. Histbire des femmes, trad, de 1' Anglais. 4 vols. 12mo. Paris. 
Alexandria (Virg.). Laws of the Mayor and Commonalty. Fol. Alex. s. a. 
Alexis Czarevitch. Memoires en forme de manifeste sur le proces cri- 

minel a St. Pdtersbourg le 25 Juin 1718, contre lui. 

12mo. Nancy, 1718 
Alfani T. Memorie Perngine 1602-1527. Arohivio Stor. Ital. 16, p. 2. 
Alferius O. Chronica Astensia. Mwratori Per. Ital. 11. 

Alfieri Y. Opere. 22 vols. 18mo. Piacenza, 1811 

Contents : Yoi. I.-II. Yita scritta da esso. III.-YIII. Teatro 
tragico originale. IX. Teatro tragico tradotto. X.-XI. Teatro 
comico originale. XII.-XIY. Teatro comico tradotto. XY.- 
XYL Poesie originale. XYIL-XYIII. Poesie tradotte. XIX. 
Prose originali. XX.-XXI. Prose tradotti. XXII. Commen- 
tari suUe Tragedie. 

Melpomene. Elogia di Saluzzo Roero in morte d'Alfieri. 

Svo. Torino, 1S04 

— Dissertazione sulle Tragedie, da G. Carmignani. Svo. Firenze, 1807 

Yoci e modi Toscane, con le corrispondenze de' medesimi in 

lingua Erancese et in Dialetto Piemontese. Svo. Torino, 1827 

Yita scritta da esso. 12mo. Pisa, 1829 

Alford H. Poetical Works. 12mo. Boston, 1853 


Alfred the Great. Geography of Europe, ^ee Ingram J. 

Whole works, with Preliminaiy Essays, illustrative of the His- * 

tory, Arts, and Manners of the JSTinth Century. ,-,0^0 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1858 
Contents : Yol. I. Harmony of the Chroniclers during his 
Life ; Sketch of the Anglo-Saxon Mint, by Akerman ; Descrip- 
tion of all his Coins now remaining, by Haigh ; A Metrical Eng- 
lish version of his Poems by Tupper ; History and Political State 
of Europe in the 9th Century, by Forester ; Description of K. 
Alfred's Jewel, by Dr. Giles; K. Alfred's Will ; View of the 
Decline and Fall of the Heptarchy in his lifetime, by Dr. Giles ; 
Domestic Manners and Habits of the Anglo-Saxons, by Soane ; 
Traces of the Danes in England, by Forester ; Grimbald's Crypt, 
with a plate, by Dr. Giles. 

n. p. 1. English Translation of K. Alfred's Anglo-Saxon version 
of Orosius, by Bosworth ; and of Bede's Ecclesiastical History, 
by Thomson, and of Boethius by S. Fox. H. p. 2. K. Alfred's 
Handbook, by Dr. Pauli ; Essay on the Geography of K. Alfred 
and the Voyage of Ohthere and Wulfstan, by Hampton ; Anglo- 
Saxon version of Gregory's Pastoral Care by Norman : Modern 
English version of K. Alfred's Blossom Gatherings from St. 
Angustin, by Thomson ; Laws of K. Alfred, by Dr. Giles ; Pre- 
face to Gregory's Dialogues, by S. Fox. 

A Description of Europe and the Voyages of Ohthere and 

Wulfstan, containingthe Text and a Translation, by J. Bosworth. 

4to. London, 1836 

■ Alfred! res gestae, ito. London, 1754 

See Life of K. Alfred by Spelman J. 

Algarotti F. Opere. 5 vols. 8vo. Cremona, 1778 

Contents : Vol. L Memorie intorno alia vita ed agli scritti 

del' autore ; H Congresso di Citera. H. Dialoghi sopra I'Ottica 

Newtoniana. IH. Saggi sopra le belle arti ; Sopra I'Opera in 

Musica. IV. Saggi sopra differenti soggetti. V. Opere militari. 

Alger W.K. The Poetry of the East. 12mo. Boston, 1856 
Critical History of the Doctrine of a Future Life, with a com- 
plete Bibliography by E. Abbot. 8vo. Phil. 1864 

Algerus Divus. De sacramento corporis et sanguinis Domini ; De 

sacrificio missse ; De misericordiaet justitia; De libero arbitrio. 

Patrol. Lab. 180. 
Algiers (Algeria). Istoria e descrizione della citta di Algeria. 

12mo. Firenze, 1783 

Bombardamento del 1783 ^'Algeria. 8vo. Firenze, 1784 

Tableau de la situation des Etablisseraents Frangais dans I'Al- 

g^rie. 16 vols. 4to. Paris, 1857-59 
Eecherches sur I'histoire de lapartie de I'Afrique septentrionale 

connue sous le nom de E^gence d'Alger. 8vo. Paris, 1835 

Alhoy M. et Lurine L. Les prisons de Paris. 8vo. Paris, 1846 

Aliprando B. Chronicon Mantuanum, poema. Mv/ratori Antiq. 

Ital. 17. 

Alison A. History of Europe, 1815-1852. 4 vols, 8vo. New York, 1855-62 

History of Europe, 1789-1815. Ninth Edition. 

12 vols. 12mo. Edinburgh, 1853-55 
Alkind. De Pluviis, Imbribus et Ventis. 4to. Venetiis, 1507 


Allan 0. Address at the Kentucky State Agricultural Meeting. 

8vo. Lexington, 1841 
Allan G. Catalogue of Books printed at his private press. 

8vo. New Castle, 1S18 
Allatius L. Librorum editorum Elenchus. 12mo. Komse, 1659 

— Homeri Natalis ; De patria Homeri. Tlies. Antiq. Or. 10. 

AUegretti A. D. Ephemerides Senenses, 1460-1496. Muratori Ber. 
Ital. 23. 

Allen E. Narrative of his Captivity, written by himself. 

8vo. Burlington, 1846 
Allen E. D. Introductory to a Course of Lectures. 8vo. Albany, 1841 

Allen G. The Life of Philidor. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1863 

Allen H. Statement relative to the Sectional Dock. 8vo. "Washington, 1846 
Allen J. The Practical Anatomist. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1856 

Allen N. Essay on the Connexion of Mental Philosophy with Medi- 
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Alliance des Arts. Catalogues des Monnaies, M6dailles, etc. 

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•' 8vo. London, 1856 

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Svo. Paris, 1839 

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De Futility des colonies pour la France. Svo. Paris, 1822 

Ambrosius S. Mediol. Episc. Opera omnia ; Editio prse aliis omnibus 
completa. Ad MSS. Codd. Yaticanos et alios, necnon ad vete- 
res editiones, maxime ad Benedictinam, recensita et emendata. 

4 vols. roy. Svo. Parisiis, 1845 


Ambrosius S. Medlol. Episc. 

Contents : Vol. I. Vitse et Testimonia ; Hexaemeron ; De 
Paradiso ; De Cain et Abel ; De Noe et area ; De Abraham ; 
De bono mortis ; De fnga Sfeculi ; De Jacob et vita beata ; De 
Joseph patriarcha ; De benedictionibus patriarcharum ; De Elia 
etjejunio; De Nabnthe Jezraelita ; DeTobia; De interpreta- 
tione Job et David ; Apologia prophetse David ; Enarrationes in 
Psalmos duodecim. II. Expositio Evangelii secundum Lucam ; 
Comm. in Canticum Canticorum ; De excidio urbis Hierosoly- 
mitanse et Anacephalosis. III. De ofSciis ministrorum ; De 
Yirginibus ; De viduis ; De virginitate ; De institutione virginis ; 
De exhortatione virginis ; De lapsu virginis consecratse ; De 
mysteriis ; De sacramentis ; De Poenitentia ; De fide ; De spi- 
ritu sancto ; De incarnationis Dominicse saeramento ; Epistolse ; 
Eragmentum Ambrosianum ; De excessu sui fratris, Satyri ; 
De obitu Valentiniani consolatio ; De obitu Theodosii ; Hymni. 
IV. De XLn. mansionibus filiorum Israel ; Coram, in Epistolas 
Pauli ; De trinitate; De fide orthodoxa; De dignitate sacerdotali; 
Ad virginem devotam ; Sermones ; Epistolse ; Precationes duse 
ante missam ; Expositio in septem visiones apocalypsis ; De poe- 
nitentia ; De Concordia Matthsei et Lucse in genealogia Christi ; 
De dignitate humanse conditionis ; Exorcismus ; Acta S. Sebas- 
tiani ; De »vitiorura virtutumque conflictu ; De vocatione gen- 
tium ; De moribus Brahmanorum ; Philosophorum breves Epis- 
tolse ; De Monacho energumeno ; Explanatio Symboli ad initi- 
andos ; Epistola de Fide ; Hymni S. Arabrosio attributi. 

Supplementum ad opera ; Sermones tres. Patrol. Lot. 18. 

Historia de Excidio iirbis Hierosolymitanse. Oallcmdius, V. 7. 

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Monasterii ; Sermones ; Homilia in transfiguratione domini ; 
Vita SS. Paldonis, Tasonis et Tatonis. Patrol. Lat. 89. 

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precedes de I'histoire des anciens pavages. 4to. Paris, 1859 

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De Maria virginea matre Homilise octo. Pat/rol. Lat 188. 

Ameilhorn H. P. Sur I'epreuve de I'eau froide. Leber Diss. V. 6. 
Amelung J. A. Ueber den Wasserbau an den Schiffbaren Fliissen. 

8vo. Darmstadt, 1845 
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VI. p. 1 ; Vol. VII., Vni. p. 1 & 2. 
« " " " Proceedings to May, 1862. 

American Almanac. See Almanac American. 

American Annual Cyclopaedia and Eegister of Events for 1 861-63. 

8vo. New York, 1862-3 

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8vo. Worcester & Boston, v. y. 

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cont'd. Meetings 6-10. 
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American Eclectic, conducted by A. Peters & S. B. Treat. 

Vols. 1-3. N. T. 1840-42 

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Sewerage. Vols. 1 & 2. Fol. New York, 1859-61 
American Geogr. and Statistical Soc. Publications cont'd. 
Bulletin, Y. 2 ; Journal, Y. 1, 2 ; A volume containing Miscel- 
laneous Papers ; Annual Eeporte of the Council, Charter, By- 
Laws and Membei-s; Statement of Objects and Organization, 
Catalogue of the Library, etc. 

A Special Meeting of the Soc. The Polar Exploring Expedition. 

8vo. New York, 1860 
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8vo. Albany, v. y. 
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American Magazine and Eepository of Useful Literature, etc. 

Vol. 1. Albany, 1841 
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V. 1-11. 8vo. Hartford, 1856-62 
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American Journal of Medical Sciences, continued to 1862. 
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4 vols. 8vo. N. Y. & Newhaven, 1854-62 
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" " " Proceedings cont'd, 7, 8. 

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American Eeview and Literary Journal. 2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1801-2 
American Trade, the great Pillar of the Brit. Plantation Trade in 

America. 8vo. London, 1745 

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pondence, edited by his son Seth Ames. 2 vols. 8vo. Boston, 3854 

Contents: Vol. I. Letters. 11. Speeches; Political and 
Misc. Essays. 
Ames G. (Latine Amesius). Epistolfe D. Petri, Explicatio analyt. 

12mo. Amstelodami, 1635 

Christianse Catecheseos Sciagraphia. 12mo. Amstel. 1635 

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illustrissimarnm, illustrium, nobilium et aliarum familiarum 
formis artificiosissimis. 4to. Francofurti, 1579 

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Die angeborenen chirurgischen Kxankheiten der Menschen. 

Fol. Berlin, 1842 


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Patn-ol. Gt. 85. 

Quatuor Evangeliarum Harmonia. Latine. Oallcmdius 2. 

Evangelise Harmonise interp. Yictore. Patrol. Lat. 68. 

Ammonius Hermes. Oomm. in librum Aristotelis peri Hermeneias. 

In decem Categorias Grsecas. Fol. Venetiis apud Aldum, 1503 

Amoros Col. ^ouveau Manuel complet d'Sducation physique, gym- 

nastique et morale. Atlas Fol. et 2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1848 

Amory T. C. Life of James Sullivan, with selections from his writings. 

M vols. 8vo. Boston, 1859 
Amos A. The Trial of the Earl of Somerset for the Poisoning of Sir T. 

Overbury. 8vo. London, 1846 

Introductory Lectures upon the Study of English Law. 

8vo. London, 1829 & 1830 
Ampelius L. Liber Memorabilis. See Floras ed. Bvpont & Lemaire. 
Ampere A. M. Essai d'un Classification pour les corps simples. 

8vo. Paris, 1816 

Lettre au Oomte BerthoUet. 8vo. Paris, 1814 

Precis de Th^orie des Ph^nom^nes ]fclectro-dynamiques. 

8vo. Paris, 1824 

M^moire sur la determination de la surface conrbe des Ondes 

lumineuses. 8vo. Paris, 1828 

Ampere J. J. Litt^rature et Yoyages. 2 vols. 12mo. Bruxelles, 1834 

Contents : Yol. I. Histoire de la Poesie ; Esquisses du ISTord ; 
Litt^rature Danoise. II. Litterature Allemande; Litt^rature 
Slave ; Sur I'ancienne litterature Scandinave. Quelques prin- 
cijpes pour I'histoire comparative des langues; Specimens de 
I'Edda et des Saga ; Expose de la Mythologie Scandinave ; De 
la litterature Frangaise daijg ses rapports avec les litt^ratures 
6trangeres au moyen age. 

Histoire de la litterature Fran5aise au moyen age. 8vo. Paris, 1841 

Amphilochius S. Episc. Icon. Opera quse extant Integra Greece et La- 
tine. Orationes ; Epistola Jambica ; Fragmenta ex operibus 
deperditis. Oaltamdius, 6. 

Opera omnia cum Methodius et And. Cretensis. Fol. Paris, 1644 

Scripta quse supersunt. PaProl. Ormc. 39. 

Amphitheatres antiques et surtout celui de Capoua. 8vo. s, 1. et s. a. 

Amsterdam Catalogus van de Bibliothek der Stad. 3 vols. 8vo. 1856-61 

See under Holland, Institut van "Wetenschappen. 
Amnde Ha-Aboda (hebraice) digessit L. Landshuth. 8vo. Berolini, 1857 
Amnio Lugd. Arbp. Epistolas et opuscula. Gallandius, 13. 
Amusements pour la flute. Fol. Yienna, s. a. 

Amyot P. Observations m^teorologiquesfaites aPekin, raises en ordre 

par M. Messier. 4to. Paris, 1774 

Anacletus Papa. Epistolte et Decreta. Patrol. Grwca, 2. 
Anacletus Antipapa. Epistolse et Privilegia. Patrol. Lat. 179. 
Anacreon Lyrica. Brimoh Analeota, Y.l, et Poetm Lyrice ed. Bergh. 

Odes and Epigrams tr. by Fawkes. Chalmers' Br. Poets, 20. 

Anagnoste?. See Joannes Anagnostes. 

Analecta Norroena. Auswahl aus der Islandischen und Norwegischen 
Litteratur des Mittelalters ; herausg. von T. Mobius. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1859 


Anales de la Universidad de Chile, 1858-9. 2 vols. Svo. Santiago, 1859 

Anamodus Subd. Traditiones Sanct. Emmeram. Patrol. Lot. 129. 

Anastasia und das Schachspiel; Eriefe aus Italien. 

2 vols. 12mo. Frankfort, 1831 

Anastasius S. Sinaita. Opera omnia ace. J. P. Migne. 

Eoy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1860 
Contents : Vise Dux adversus Acephalos ; Qusestiones et Ee- 
sponsiones CLIV. ; Oratio de sacra Synaxi et de non j udicando, 
deque injuriarum oblivione ; Anagogicarum contemplationnm 
in Hexsemeron libri XII. ; Orationes in Psalmum VI. ; Sermo 
in defunctos ; Dispntatio adversus Judaeos. 

Anastasius I. Antioch. Patriarcha. Orationes quinque de rectis dogma- 
tibus Latine; Sermones quatuor interp. Combeflsii. Patrol. 
Or. 89. 

Anastasius IV. Papa. Epistolse et Privilegia. Patrol. Lat. 188. 

Anastasius Bibliothecarius. Opera omnia. Edilio prse aliis omnibus 
insignis, ad fidem MSS. codd. et juxta probatissimas editiones 
expressa, accurante J. P. Migne. 3 vols. roy. Svo. Parisiis, 1852 

Contents : Vol. I. Prolegomena ad vitas Eom. Pontificum ; 
Vitse Eomanorum Pontificum. 11. Vitse E. Pontificum. Oon- 
tinuatio— Appendix ; Vitse E. Pontificum a B. Petro ad S. Pau- 
lum'; Index. III. Interpretatio Synodi VII. et VIII. gener. et 
Chronologise S. Nicephon ; Collectanea; Historia acephala; 
SS. Cyri et Joannis; Vita Joannis Eleemosynarii ; Passio S. 
Demetrii Martyris; Acta S. Crispinse virginis et martyris ; 
Translatio sermonis S. Theod. Studitge ; Epistolse. Prologus in 
passionem 1480 Martyrum. 

Anatolius Alexand. Episc. Canon Pasc^alis ; Fragmentum ex libris 
Arithmeticorum. Patrol. Ormca, 10. 

Ancelot L. F. a. (Euvres completes, pr^cdd^es d'une notice sur sa vie 
et ses ouvrages par X. B. Saintine. Theatre, Poesies, Six mois 
en Eussie, Eomans. 8vo. Paris, 1855 

Anchieta J. de. See under Portugal. 

Ancient Britons (The). A Tale of Primeval Life. 12mo. London, 1851 

Ancient Critical Essays. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1815 

Contents : Vol. I. The art of English Poesie, by Webster 
alias George Puttenham. IT. The art of English Poesie by Gas- 
coigne, Harvey, K. James, Webb, Spenser, Harington, Meres, 
Campion, Daniel, and Bolton. 

Ancient Danish Ballads, translated from the Original by E. C. A. 

^™^- 3 vols. Svo. London^ 1860 

Ancillon F. Tableau des Eevolutions du Systcme politique de I'Eu- 

^°Pe- 4 vols. Svo. Berlin, 1803-5 

Ancren (The Eewie). A Treatise on the Eules and Duties of Monastic 

Life, edited and translated from a Semi-Saxon MS. of the 13th 

Century, by J. Morton for the Camden Society. 4to. London, 1853 
Andersen H. C. Tales for Children, tr. by A. Wehnert. Svo. London, 1861 
Anderson H. Musarum Queremonia. Del. Poet. Soot. 1, 
Anderson J, The Bee, or Literary Weekly Intelligencer. * 

18 vols. 12mo. Edinb. 1791-93 


Anderson J. S. The History of the Church of England in the Colonies 

and Foreign Dependencies of the British Empire. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1845-56 
Anderson J. History and Constitutions of the most Ancient and Ho- 
norable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons. Bvo. London, 1746 
Andersson 0. J. Lake Ngami or Explorations and Discoveries in S. W. 

Africa. ' 8vo. London, 1856 

Andocides Orationes. See Oratores Attid. 
Andreas Arbp. Cretensis. Orationes, selectique Canones et Triodia ; 

F. Combefis opera et studio Latine reddita notisque illustrata. 

Fol. Parisiis, 1644 
Opera quae reperiri potuernnt omnia (Greece) accurante et denuo 

recognoscente J. P. Migne. Eoy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1860 

Contents : Homili^ XXI. ; De Imaginibus ; Computus Pas- 

chalis ; Canones et Triodia ; Idiomela ; Iambi. 
Andreas Caes. Episc. In D. Joannis Apocalypsin Comment. Despont. 

BM. Max. 5. 

Andree K. Forschungen in Arabien. 2 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1861 

See Bv/rton B. F. and Krapf L. 

Andreossy F. Memoire snr la valine des lacs de Natron et celle du 

Fleuve sans-eau. M^moires sur TJ^gypte', 1. 

Same in English. Memoirs relative to Egypt. 

Same in German with Title ; Untersuchungen neber den See 

Menzaleh und ueber das Thai der Natron-See. 8vo. Leipzig, 1801 

Andrew W. P. Kailways in Bengal. 8vo. London, 1853 

Andrews A. The History of British Journalism. 2 vols. 12mo. Lond. 1859 
Andrews E. A. Slavery and the Domestic Slave Trade. 12mo. Boston, 1836 
Andrews J. Eev. The Kebla or Eastward Adoration. 8vo. London, 1727 
Andrews J. Situation of Affairs between G. Britain and the United 

Provinces. 8vo. London, 1781 

Andrews L. Tortura Torti sive ad M. Torti Besponsio. 8vo. Oxon, 1851 
Andrews M. P. Better Late than Never. Com. London Stage, V. 3. 
Andrews S. P. Discoveries in Chinese. 12mo. New York, 1854 

Andrews Z. H. On Agricultural Engineering. 3 vols. 12mo. London, 1853 
Andrieux F. G. J. S. (Euvres. 4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1818-23 

Contents : Vol. I. Notice biographique, Comedies. H. Co- 
medies ; Diseours aux fun^railles de Colin d'Harleville. III. 
Contes, anecdotes et fables en vers ; poesies fugitives ; Melanges 
en prose. lY. Notice sur Colin d'Harleville ; Dissertations ; 
Dialogue entre Archimede et Ciceron ; Dissertation sur les lan- 
gues;DraraeB; Notices historiques sur Louis XII. Guillaume 
Bud^e et Henri IV. 
Andronicus C. Dialogus contra Judseos. Bespont. Bib. Max. 26. 
Andros K. S. S. U. States Customs Guide. 12mo. Boston, 1859 

Andry F. Manual of Diagnosis of Diseases of the Heart, from the 

French. 12mo. Boston, 1846 

Anecdota Grseca e codicibus manuscriptis Bibliothecse P. Parisiensis 

ed. J. A. Cramer. 4 vols. 8vo. Oxonii, 1839-41 

Anecdotes Germaniques. 12mo. Paris, 1769 

Anecdotes et Traditions, Illustrative of early English History and Lite- 
rature, edited by W. J. Thomas for the Camden Soc. 4to. London, 1839 


Angelis S. de. De infiuitis Parabolis. 4to. Yenetiis, 1653 

Miscellaneum hyperbolicum et parabolicum, 4to. Venetiis, 1659 

De infinitorum spiraKum spatiorum mensura. 4to. Yenetiis, 1660 

De superficie ungulae et de quartis liliorum parabol. et cycloida- 

lium. 410. Venetiis, 1661 

De iniinitarum cocHearum mensuris eccentris gravitatis. 

4to. Venetiis, 1661 

Accessiones ad Stereometriam et Mechanicam. 4to. Venetiis, 1662 

De infinitis spiralibus inversis, de infinitisqne byperbolis. 

4to. Pataviis, 1667 
Angelius P. et A. Del. Poet. Italorum, 1. 
Angell J. K. & Durfee T. A Treatise on the Law of Highways. 

8vo'. Boston, 1857 
Angelomus Men. Luxov. Ooinm. in Genesin ; Enarrationes in libros 
Eegum ; Enarrationes in Cantica Canticorum. Patrol. Lot. 115. 
Angelottus P. Descriptio et Antiquitates urbisEeate, Sabinorum anti- 

quissimse. Thes. Ani/iq. Ital. VII. p. 3. 
Anglo-Saxon Song of the 10th or 11th Century, called the King of 

Birds. Antiq. 8oc. Archmologia, 30. 
Anglo-Saxon (The). A Newspaper, 1846-48. Fol. Boston, 1846-8 

Angouleme Dnc d'. M^moires pour servir a I'histoire des r^gnes de 

Henri IH. et IV. Michaux et Poujoulat. S. I. V. 11. 
Anguillara G. A. Raocolta di Poesie Satiriche. 
Anicetas I. Papa. Epistola ad Galliae Episcopos. Patrol. Gr. 5. 
Anleitung zur Mathem. Lehrart in der Theologie. 8vo. Mlinchen, 1829 

Annalen d. Ohemie u. Pharmacie, cont'd to 1863. 
Annalen d. Physik u. d. Ohemie (Poggendorff ), cont'd to 1863. 
Annalen d. Stern wart in Wien, con'd to 1857. 
Annales Archeologiques, continued to 1863. 
Annales de Chimie et de Physique, cont'd to 1863. 

Tables, 2me S. 1-75; 3me S. 1-30. 4-vols. 8vo. 

Annales d'Hygiene publique, cont'd to 1863. 
Annales de Mathematiques (nouv.), cont'd to 1863. 
Annales de Philosophic Ohretienne, cont'd to 1863. 
Annales d'Agriculture Fran9aise, cont'd to 1863. 
Annales de Pomologie Beige, cont'd to 1858. 

Annales de la Charite, Kevue mensuelle. 7 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1845-51 

Annales de I'lnstitut d'Afrique. 8vo. Paris 1844-47 

Annales de I'lnstitut horticole de Fromont. 2 vols. 8vo. Parish 1829-31 

Annales de I'Observatoire de Paris, cont'd to 1862. 
Annales de la Propagation de la Foi, cont'd to 1860. 
Annales des Mines, avec les lois, cont'd to 1863. 
Annales des Fonts et Chaussees, cont'd to 1863. 
Annales des Sciences naturelles ; Zoologie, cont'd to 1863. 
" " Botanique, cont'd to 1863. 

Annales des Travaux publics de Belgique, cont'd to 1863. 
Annales des Universites de Belgique, cont'd to 1859. 
Annales des Voyages, cont'd to 1863. 
Annales legislatives de I'instruction primaire, 1850-56. 

7 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1850-56 


Annates maritimes et coloniales, ou Recneil delois relatives k la marine 
et aux colonies pnbli6 par M. Bajot, avec Table m6thodique et 
raisonnee par MM. Bajot et Poiree pour les annees 1809-1850. 

112 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1809-51 

Annales (nouv.) dela marine et des colonies, 1849-60. 

24 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1849-60 
Annales medico-psychologiques, cont'd to 1863. 

Annales t^l^grapliiques 1858-60. 3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1858-60 

Annales typographici in Suecia. 4to. TJpsalise, s. a. 

Annali della propagazione della Fede. 8vo. Lione, 1840 

Annali del Museo di fisica di Firenze. 4to. Firenze, 1808 

Annals of Electricity, Magnetism, and Chemistry, conducted by "W. 

Sturgeon. 10 vols. 8vo. London, 1839-43 

Annals of the Church. 8vo. London, 1812 

Annals of Philosophy, 4th series, cont'd to 1863. 
Anne of Austria. See Mottmille Mde. F. 
Anne de Bretagne. Kdcit des Funerailles de, compose par son h6raut 

d'armes Bretaigne. 12mo. Paris, 1858 

Annuaire de I'Academie d. Sc. de Bruxelles, cont'd to 1862. 
Annnaire de I'ficonomie politique, cont'd to 1859. 
Annuaire de la marine et des colonies, cont'd to 1863. 
Annuaire de I'Observatoire de Bruxelles, cont'd to 1863. 
Annuaire des agriculteurs, cont'd to 1860. 
Annuaire de I'Universite de Louvain, cont'd to 1860. 
Annuaire de deux Mondes, cont'd to 1860. 
Annuaire historique, cont'd to 1863. 

Annuaire Almanach du Commerce. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1859-60 

Annuaire historique universel (Lesur's), cont'd to 1858. 
Annuaire public par le Bureau des Longitudes, 1804-1863. 

60 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1804^1863 
Annuaire de la Noblesse de France et des Maisons souveraines de I'Eu- 

rope. 12mo. Paris, 1860 

Annuaire des Artistes et des Amateurs. 8vo. Paris, 1860 

Annuaire des cinq departments de I'ancienne Normandie. 

25 vols, 8vo. Caen, 1834-59 
Annuaire du journal des Mines de Russie, 1835^1. 

• 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1840 

Annuaire du Sport en France. -. 12mo. Paris, 1858 

Annuaire Encyclopedique ; politique ; Economic sociale ; statistique ; 

administration ; Science, 'Litteratura, etc. Imp. 8vo. Paris, 1860 

Annnaire m6teorologique de la France, 1849-57. 8 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1849-57 

Annuaire Parisien du Oulte Israelite pour 5621 (du 17 Sept. 1860 au 

Sept. 1861), publi6 par A. Ben Baruch Cr^hange. 12mo. Paris. 

Annuaire Statistique du Departement de G6aes. 3 vols. 12mo. Genes, 1810. 

Annual Eegister (Dodsley's), cont'd to 1862. 

Annual of Scientific Discovery, by D. A. Wells, cont'd to 1863. 

Annuario statistico-istorico del dipartimento del mediterraneo par 

I'anno 1810. 12mo, Pisa, 1810 

Annuario Geografico Italiano da Kanuzzi. 8vo. Bologna, 1845 


Annuario Geog. Ital. pubbl. dall' Uffizio di Correspondenza Geog. 

8vo. Bologna, 1845 

Annular Eclipse of May 26th, 1854, publ. by the Smithsonian. 

^ ^ ' ' r g^^^ Washington, 1854 

Anscharius Hamburg. Episc. Vita ; De vita et miraculis S. Willehadi. 
Patrol. Lat. 118. 

Anseldus C. S. De forensi Judseorum Buccina. TlgoUno, XXVI. 
p. 36. 

Anselmus S. Oantuar. Abp. Opera omnia ; Ed. nova, accurante J. P. 

Migne. 2 vols. roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1854 

Contents : Part I. Opera censnra ; vita Anselmi ; Dogma- 
tica ; De divinitatis essentia ; Alloquium de Dei existentia ; pro 
insipiente auctore Gaunilone ; De fide Trinitatis et de incarna- 
tione ; De processione Spiritus sancti contra Grsecos ; De casu 
diaboli ; Cur Deus homo ; De conceptn virginali et originali 
peccato ; De veritate ; De voluntate ; De libero arbitrio : De 
Concordia prasscientise et predestinationis ; De azumo et fermen- 
tato ; De sacramentorum diversitate ; Waleranni epistola, et 
Anselmi responsio ; Offendiculum sacerdotum ; De nuptiis con- 
sanguineorum ; De grammatico ; De voluntate Dei. 
Part n. Ascetica et paraenetica ; Homilise et exhortationes ; De 
passione Domini ; Exhortatio ad contemptum temporalium ; Ad- 
monitio moriendi ; Carmina de contemptu Mundi ; Liber medi- 
tationum et orationum ; Meditatio super miserere ; De pace et 
Concordia ; Tractatus asceticus ; Oratio dicenda ante perceptio- 
neiii corporis et sanguinis Domini ; Salutatio ad Jesum Christum ; 
Ilymni et psalterium de S. Maria; Versus de Lanfranco; De 
Verbis Anselmi ; Qusedam dicta utilia ex dictis S. Anselmi. 
Part III. Epistolse. 

Anselmus Havelb. Episc. Tractatus de ordine canonicorum regula- 
rium ; Epistola ad Ecbertum ; Dialogi. Pat/rol. Lat. 188. 

Anselmus Laudunensis. Enarrationes in Cantica Canticorum ; In 
Evangelium Mathsei ; In Apocalypsin ; Epistola. Ibid. 162. 

Anselmus Lucensis Episc. Contra Guibertum Antipapam; Collec- 
tanea ; Collectio Canonum ; De Cauonum Collectione ; Opuscula 
Spuria. IMd. 149. 

Anteckningar under en Eesa pa sicilien ar 1823, af en Svensk. 

4to. Stockholm, 1824 

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Antheaulme. Memoire sur les aimans artificiels. 4to. St. Petersbourg, 1760 

Anthology (Monthly), volumes 2, 4, 5, completing the work. 

Anthon H. The true Churchman "Warned of the Error of the Times. 

8vo. New York, 1843 

Anthon H. Tributes to the Memory of the Eev. H. Anthon with a 

brief sketch of his Life, by Bishop Eastburn. 8vo. New York, 1862 

Anthon J. American Precedents of Declarations, editions of 1810 and 
1821. New York and Brookfleld. 

Antigonus Carystius. Historiarum mirabilium Collectanea, cum Meursii 
Tractatus de Antigone. Meursius Opera, Y. 

Anti-Masonry. See Masonry. 

Antiochus S. Sabse Mon. Pandectes Scripturse sacrse ex Ducsei sup- 
plemento ; Exomologesis. Patrd. Groeoay 89. 


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Antipater Sidonius. Carmina. Brunch Analecta, 2. 
Antipater Theesal. Keliquise. liidem. 

Antiphon Orationes. Oratores Attici ed. Beliktr et Oratores Or. ed. 

Antiquaries, Society ; Arch^ologia cont'd to 1863, Vol. 39. 

" ^ " Proceedings, 1843-61. 

Antiqui chronologici quatuor; Ilerempertns, Lupus, Anonymus et 

Falco a qnibus varise exterarum gentium in regnunx JSTeapolita- 

nuin irruptiones describuntur. Muratori Ber. Ital. 6. 
Antiquis (De) legibus Liber. Cronica majorum et vice comitum, Lon- 

dini 1178-1274, cum Appendice curante T. Stapleton Camd. 

Soc. ito. Londini, 1846 

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auctorum, alter rerum Antiquarum. 12mo. Bononise, 1853 

Antisell T. The Manufacture of Photogenic or Hydro-Oarbon Oils from 

Coal and other Bituminous Substances. Sto. New York, 1859 

See Pacific Bailroad Svn^veys, V. 7. 
Antisthenee. Oratores Attici ed. BeTcker et Oratores Gr, ed. Beislce. 
Antologia. Giornale di Scienze, lettere ed arte. 

48 vols. 8to. Firenze, 1821-32 
Antologia Italiana. Dispensa prima et sec. 8vo. Torino, 1846 

Anton K. C. Vollstandiges, pathologiscli geordnetes Taschenbuch der 

bewahrtesten Heilformelen fiir aiissere Krankheiten. 

12mo. Leipzig, 1854 

— YoUstandiges, &c., Taschenbuch fiir innere Krankheiten. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1857 

K. G. Versuch einer Geschichte des Tempelherren Ordens. 

12mo. Leipzig, 1781 
Antoninus Pins. Epistolarum Eeliquise. See Fronto. 

Antoninus Plac. Itinerarium terrse sanctse. Patrol. Lat. 72. 

Sassina Antiqua sen descriptio antiquissim£e urbis Umbrornm 

veterum, Sassina olim nunc Sarsina dicta. Thes. Antiq. Baliw, 
YIL p. 2. 
Antonius Magnus Abbas. Sermones et Epistolse. Patrol. Grceo. 40. 
Antonius Paduanus. Opera omnia, opera et labore J. de la Haye. 

Fol. Pedeponti, 1739 
Contents : Yita ; Sermones ; Expositio mystica in S. Scrip- 
turam et in Apocalypsin ; Concordantise morales S.S. Bibliorum. 

Antonius Petrus. Diarium liomanum, 1404-1417. Muratori Ber. 

Bal. 24. 
Antwerp. Eelation sommaire du siege de la citadelle. 8vo. Paris, 183'3 
Antz C. C. Tabaci Historia. 8vo. Berolini, 1836 

Anville J. B. B. d'. Notice de ses ouvrages, avec un Eloge. 8vo. Paris, 1802 

■ Carte du Comtat Yenaissin, 1745. 

Anville J. B. B. d'. Description de la Gaule a I'epoque oii les Francs 

s'y sont 6tablis. Leber Diss. Y. 2. 
Anyta Tegeatis. Epigrammata. Poetriarum ooto Fragrrienta. 
Anweisung znm heilsamen Wassergebrauche fiir Menschen nnd Yieh 

in den gangbarsten Krankheiten u. Leibesgebrechen. 

12mo. Niirnberg, 1835 


Apennines. See Appennines. 

Apergu de I'^tat militaire de la France en 1840. 8vo. Paris, IBIO 

Aphthonius Sophista. Progymnasmata, etc. JRhet. Or. ed. Walz. 

Apocalyptic Sketches, being a condensed exposition of the views of the 
most eminent writers upon the prophecies of Revelation, Daniel, 
Isaiah, and respecting the second coming of our Lord with all 
his saints at the first resurrection ; first Canadian Edition. 

12mo. Gait, 1860 

ApoUinaris S. Claudius. Fragmenta. Patrol. OrcBca, 5. 

Apollinarius Laod. Episc. Interpretatio in Psaltem. Patrol. Or. 33. 

• Metaphrasis Psalmorum versibus Heroicis. Desjpont. Bibl. 

Max. 5. 
Same. Greece. Oalla/ndius, 5. 

Apollodorus Ath. Bibliotheca. Hist. Grwc. Fragm. cv/ra Muller. 

ApoUonius Al. Djscolus. De Conjunctionibus et de Adverbiis. Seh- 
Jeer Anecd. Or. 2. 

ApoUonius Coll. De excidio Hierosoly. Carmina. Despont. Bib. 
Max. 12. 

ApoUonius Pergaeus, Conica, Methodo nova illustrata et snccincte de- 

monstrata per J. Barrow. ito. London, 1675 

Aponius. Commentaria in Cantica Oanticorum. Desj>. Bibl. Max. 14. 

Apostles' Creed. Kemarks upon its history, structure, and theories. 

8vo. Princeton, 1852 
Apostolius M. Mantissa Proverbiorum. Pa/rmmiographi Or. 2. 

Apostolical Constitutions in Coptic, with transl. by H. Tattam, O.T.F. 

8vo. London, 1848 

Appeal to the Church for the Establishment of a Bible, Prayer Book, 

and Tract Society. 12mo. s. 1. 1835 

Appeal to the Candour and Justice of England in behalf of the "W. I. 

Planters. 8vo. London, 1792 

Appeal to the Justice and Interests of G. Britain in the present dis- 
putes with America. 8vo. London, 1774 

Appeal to the People of New York from Jefferson, Lewis, and Oneida 
Counties, in favor of completing the unfinished Canals. 

8vo. Utica, 1846 

Appennines. Nnova strada per Urbania alia Toscana che compie il 
progetto della communicazione dei due mari, Mediterraneo ed 
Adriatico, rapporto dell' ingegnere P. Mancini. 8vo. Pesaro, 1840 

Appert C. Le conservateur contenant le livre de tous les manages. 

8vo.°Paris, 1858 

Appleton. Eailway and Steam Navigation Guide for various years. 

12mo. New York, v. y. 

Appleton N. Remarks on Currency ; third Edition. 8vo. Boston, 1857 

The Doctrines of Original Sin and the Trinity, discussed with a 

Clergyman of the Church of England. 8 vo. Boston, 1859 

Apres de Mannevillette. Instructions sur la navigation des Indes Ori- 

entales. 8vo. Paris, 1819 

Apsinus Rhetor. Rhetorica. Bhetores Orcec. ed. Walz. 


Apuleius Madanrensis. Opera omnia curante A. J. Yalpy. 

T vols. 8vo. London, 1825 
Contents : Yita et Scripta ex "Wowerio ; Testimonia ; Meta- 
morphoseon ; Florida ; De Deo Socratis ; De dogmate Platonis ; 
De mundo ; Apologia ; Fragmenta ; Abstinens ex Menandro — 
Notge variorum in Metamorphoseon ; Excerpta ex Gruteri snspi- 
cionum libris ineditis; Notse variorum in Floridarum libros; in 
libr. deDeo Socratis ; de dogmate Platonis, de mundo in apolo- 
giam ; Notitia literaria auctore J. Bosscha ; Index. 

W orks, comprising the Golden Ass, the God of Socrates. The 

Florida and Discourse on Magic, a new Translation. 

Post Bvo. London, 1853 
Apuleius L. 0. Minutianus. De orthographia. Mm Sorvpt. vet. nova 
Coll. Y. 1. 

Arabian Nights. Les mille et une nuits, trad, par Galland, edition 

augm. d'une dissertation de Silvestre de Sacy. 3 vols. 8vo. Paris, s. a. 

Arabic Bibliography, edited by Dr. Sprenger. Fasc. 1. 8vo. Calcutta, 1849 

Arago F. (Eavres completes, publi6es d'apr^s son ordre sous la direc- 
tion de M. J. A. Barral. Yol. 1-2, 4-12, Paris, 1854-61 

Contents : Yol. I.-II. Introduction par A. Humboldt ; Ma 
Jeunesse ; Notices biographiques — Fresnel, Yolta, T. Tonng, J. 
Fourier, J. Watt, Carnot, Ampere, Condorcet, Bailly, Monge, 
Poisson. lY.-YIII. Notices scientifiques — Le Tonnerre ; Elec- 
tro-magnetisme ; Electricite animale ; Magnetisme terrestre; 
Anrores boreales ; Machines a Yapeur ; Explosion des Ma- 
chines; Les chemins de fer ; Chaux et Cements hydrauliques; 
Les Phares ; Les fortifications ; Les puits for^s ; !^iltration des 
eaux ; Elevation des eaux des mines ; Sur divers etablissements 
publics ; Sur les Brevets d'invention ; De la scintillation ; No- 
tice sur les Eclipses ; Notice sur la polarisation de la lumi^re ; 
Sur la prediction du temps ; De I'influence de la lune ; Sur le 
rayonnement de la chaleur ; Sur la formation de la glace ; Sur 
I'etat thermoraetrique du globe terrestre ; Sur le climat de Cher- 
bourg. IX. Instructions, rapports et notices sur les questions a 
r^soudra pendant les Yoyages scientifiques, concernantlaMeteo- 
rologie,Ta Physique du Globe, I'Hydrographie et I'Art nautique 
— ^Tableau des regions arctiques ; Tableau d'une partie de I'Abys- 
sinie ; Tableau d'une partie de I'inteiieur de I'Afrique ; Tableau 
des terres australes ; Sur les voyages aeronautiques ; Surlesphe- 
nomenes de la Mer. X.-XI. Memoires scientifiques ; Sur les 
couleurs des lames minces ; Sur la polarisation coloree ; Sur les 
phenom^nes de la polarisation de la lumiere ; Sur plusieurs 
nouveaux phenomenes d'optique ; Sur les puissances refractives 
et dispersives de certaines liquides ; Sur Paction que les rayons 
de lumiere polarises exercent les uns sur les autres ; Sur la Pho- 
tom6trie ; Sur des projets d'experience relativement au maximum 
de la densite d'eau, etc. ; Sur la methode des interferences ap- 
pliquee a la recherche des indices de refraction. Yol. XI. 
V^itesse du Son ; Forces 61astiques de I'air et de la vapeur ; 
Mesure de lameridienne de France ; Sur les cercles r^petiteurs ; 
Sur les observations des longitudes et des latitudes geodesiques; 
Sur I'attraction des Montagnes ; Sur les operations geodesiques 
executees en Italic ; Sur les observations du pendule faites par 
Cap. Perry ; Sur les etoiles multiples ; Sur la parallaxe de la 


Arago, F. 

61e du Cygne : Sur le micrometre oculaire et sur quelques au- 
tres instruments astronomiques ; M6moire sur Mars ; De I'influ- 
ence des lunettes sur les images ; Sur le Traite de Brewster rela- 
tif aux instruments ; Sur I'irradiation ; Mesnres du Diametre de 
Mercure et de Venus ; Observations de Jupiter ; Mesures de 
Saturne et d'Uranus ; Sur les taches solaires ; Sur les cometes ; 
Polarisation de la luraiere de cometes ; Observations sur les 
cometes de 1816, '19, '22, '23, '24, '40, '42, '43 ; Double noyau 
de la comete de Gambart ; Sur les etoiles filantes ; Sur I'equa- 
teur magnetique ; Sur I'etat electrique de I'air a Paris ; Notes 
divers sur I'Electricite ; De quelques phenomenes curieux ; Sur 
les depressions de I'horizon a la mer ; Sur divers phenomenes 
d'o])tique; Sur les affinites des corps pour la lumiere; Sur les 
pouvoirs dispersifs de I'atmospliere. XII. Melanges. 

Astronomic p6pulaire. Vols. 1, 3, 4. 8vo. Paris, 1856-7 

Popular Lectures on Astronomy, with additions, by Dr. Lardner. 

Svo. New York, 1845 

Biography of Distinguished Men, translated'. 12mo. Boston, 1859 

Catalogue des livres de sa Bibliotheque. 8vo. Paris, 1854 

Analyse de la vie et des travaux de Sir "W". Herschel. 

16mo. Paris, 1843 
Aragon. Union y Concordia del E. de Aragon, 1592. Fol. Carago§a, 1594 
Arator Subdiaconus. Historia Apostohca, metrice. 6allandius,Y.l'2i. 

Epistolse ; De actis apostolorum, Latine. Patrol. Lat. 68. 

Aratus Solensis. Phsenomena grsece, cum interpretatione Geom. Osesa- 
ris et cum paraph. R. T. Avieni. Astronomici Veteres. 

Phenomena sive apparentia. 12mo. Basileee, 1561 

Same, trad, par M. Halma. 4to. Paris, 1821 

Arcano G, M. Poesie Satiriche. Baccolta diPoesie Sat. 

Archaeologia Cambrensis, with Supplement. 5 vols. 8vo. London, 1846-51 

Same, new series, 1851-54. 5 vols. 8vo. London, 1851-64 

Archseological Association (British). A Eeport of the Proceedings at 
the first General Meeting held at Canterbury, Sep. 1834, ed. by 
A. J. Diinkin. 8v^. London, 1845 

Transactions of the same at its second annual Congress held at 

Winchester, Aug. 1845, consisting of the Papers read at the 
meeting and abstract of proceedings. Svo. London, 1846 
Transactions of the same at its third annual Congress at Glou- 
cester, Aug. 1846 ; consisting of the Papers read, with Abstract 
o[Proceedmgs. Svo. London, 1848 

A Report of the Proceedings of the same at the fifth General 

Meetmg at Worcester, Aug. 1848, ed. by A. J. Dunkin. 

4to. London, 1852 
Archaeological Institute of G. B. and Ireland. Proceedings at the 

annual meeting at Winchester, Sept. 1845. Svo. Winchester, 1S46 

Memoirs Illustrative of the History and Antiquities of the 

County and City of York, communicated to the annual 
meeting of A. Institute at York, July, 1846, with Report of Pro- 
ceedings. 2 vols. Svo. London, 1S47-8 

Memoirs Illustrative of the History and Antiquities of Norfolk 

and the city of Norwich, communicated to the ann. meeting at 
Norwich, July, 1847, with Report of Proceedings. 

London, Svo. 1851 


Archaeological Institute of G. B. and Ireland. Memoirs Illustrative of 
the History and Antiq. of the County and City of Lincoln, comm. 
to the ann. meeting at Lincoln, July, 1848, with Eeport of Pro- 
ceedings. Bvo. London, 1850 

Memoirs Illustrative, etc., of "Wiltshire and the City of Salisbury, 

comm. to the ann. meeting at Salisbury, July, 1849, 8vo. Lond. 1851 

— Memoirs chiefly Illustrative, etc., of the County and City of 

Oxford, comm. to the ann. meeting at Oxford, June, 1850, with 
Eeport of Proceedings. 8vo. London, 1854 

Memoirs Illustrative, etc., of Bristol and the Western Counties 

of G. B., comm. to the ann. meeting at Bristol, July 29 to Aug. 

5, 1851, with Report of Proceedings. 8vo. London, 1853 

Memoirs chiefly Illustrative, etc., of Northumberland, comm. to 

the ann. meeting at Newcastle on Tyne, Aug. 1852. V. I. Mis- 
cellaneous Papers. II. Feudal and Military Antiq. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1858 

Peport of the ann. meeting of the Archseol. Institute of G. B. 

and I. at Chichester, July 12 to 19, 1853, with a general notice 

of memoirs communicated. 8vo. London, 1856 

Archaeological Journal (The), published under the direction of the cen- 
tral committee of the Archseol. Institute of G. B, and Ireland. 
y. 5-8 for 1849-1852. 

Archaica. Reprint of scarce old Tracts. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1815 

Contents : Yol. I. Greene's Philomela and Arcadia ; South- 
well's Triumph over Death ; Breton's Characters; The Good and 
the Bad ; Nash's Christ's Tears over Jerusalem. II. Harvey's 
Four Letters and Sonnets touching Robert Greene ; Harvey's 
Pierce's Supererogation and new Letter of Notable Contents ; 
Brathwayte's Essays upon the Five Senses. 

Archelaus Mesopotamiae Episc. Acta disputationis cum Manete. Pa- 
trol. GroBoa, 10. 

Archer E. On the policy of permitting Emigration from the Conti- 
nent of India to the Mauritius. 8vo. London, 1840 

Archer J. T. See Florida. 

Archer W. Rachel of Padanaram, Type of the Church, 12mo. Lond. 1848 

Archilochus. Elegiae, Epigrammata, lambici. Poetmlyridreo. Bergh 
& Oaisford, Poetm Or. 3. 

Archimedes. Quae supersunt omnia. Folio, Oxonii, 1792 

Contents : De planorum aequilibriis ; De Sphaera et Cylindro ; 
Circuli Dimensio cum commentariis Eutocii Ascalonitae ; De 
helicibus ; De Conoidibus et Sphaeroidibus ; Arenarius ; De iis 
quae in humido vehuntur ; Lemmata Abrahami Ecchelensis ; 
Archimedis opera raechanica. CoUatio operum quae extant in 
Bibliotheca Laurentiana. 

Liber Assumptorura, interprete Thebit Ben Kora, exponente 

Al-Mocht-Asso ex codice Arabico manuscripto. A Ecchellensis 
Latine vertit ; J. A. Borelli notis illustravit. Ad calcem, Apol- 
lonii Pergcei ConiGorum. Fol. Florentia, 1661 

See Hermcmn G. 

Architecjpn-Mappe. Eine Sammlung von Entwiirfen, ausgefiihrten 
Baulichkeiten, Ornamenten und Verzierungen fur die verschie- 
densten Zweige der Architectur und Kunst Industrie. 4to. Berlin, s. a. 

Architektonisches Skizzen-buch. See Skizsenbuch. 


Archiv der Matltematik und Physik, cont'd to 1863. 

Archiv fiir das studium d. neuern Sprachen, cont'd to 1860. 

Arcliiv fiii- Naturgeschichte (Wiegman's), cont'd to 1863. 

Archiv fiii- wissenschaftliche Kunde v. Eussland, cont'd to 1863. 

Archiv des Yereins f. Forderung d. Wiesensch. Heilkunde. 

8vo. Gottiugen, 1854: 

Archiv f. Anatomic, Physiologic, etc. 4 vols. Bvo. Berlin, 1855-60 

Archiv f. Hessische Geschichte und Alterthumskunde, heransgegeben 

von J. W. 0. Steiner und L. Bauer. 7 vols. 8vo. Darmstadt, 18d5-5d 
Archiv fiir Ophthalmologic, herausg. von Dr. A. Graefe. .oka an 

14 vols. 8vo. Berun, 1854-Dd 
Archiv fiir physiologische Heilkunde, herausg. von Eoser W. und "Wun- 

derlich C. A: Y. 1-2. 8vo. Stuttgart und Wien, 1842-3 

Archives de la Medecine Beige, publ. par Lequime. 8vo. Brux. 1843 

Archives des Missions scientifiques et litteraires. 6 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1850-57 
Archives du Magnetisme animal. 8 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1820-23 

Archives du Museum. See Museum. 
Archives generales de la Medecine, cont'd to 1860. 

Archives Statistiques des travaux publics. 4to. Paris, 1851 

Archivio Storico Italiano con Appendice. 25 vols. 8vo. Firenze, 1842-53 
Contents : Yol. I. Istoria Fiorentina di J. Pitti. II. Diario 
delle cose avvenute in Siena da A. Lozzini. III. Oronacbe Mi- 
lanesi scritte da G. P. Cagnola, G. A. Prato, e G. M. Burigozzo. 
lY. Yite d'illustri Italiani. Y. Storia arcana di Marco Fosca- 
rini. YI. Storia Pisane di Kaffaello Eoncioni. YII. Annali 
Yenete 1457-1500 del Senatore Domenico Malipiero, comple- 
tata coUa storia segreta di Luigi Borghi 1512-1515. YIII. La 
Cronaca Yeneta detta Altinate. IX. Documenti sulla storia del 
regno di Napoli raccolti da F. Palermo. X. Sommario della 
storia di Lucca 1004-1700 compilato su documenti contempora- 
nei da G. Tommasi e continuate sino al anno 1799 per cura di 
C. Minutoli. XL Lettere di Pasquale de' Paoli con note di JS". 
Tommaseo. Xll. Storia della guerra di Paolo lY. contro ^li 
Spagnoli scritta da P. Nores. XIII. Paralipomena di storia 
Piemontese 1285-1617 per cura di L. Scarabelli. XIY. Delle 
genti e delle favelle loro in Italia dai primi tempi storici sino ad • 
Augusto, da G. Galvani. XY. Documenti per servire alia storia 
della Milizia Italiana dal 13 Secoto al 16. XYI. Cronache e 
storie inedite dellacitta di Perugia 1150-1563 seguite da inediti 
documenti. Appendice. — ^Lettera d' A. Manelli intorno alia bat- 
taglia tra Fiorentini e Yeneziani Agosto 1431 ; Documenti in- 
torno alio sposalizio del Lago di Chiusi ; G. Capponi sulla domi- 
nazione dei Longobardi in Italia ; Tavola e consuetudini di 
Amalfi ; Eicordi di A. Bocchineri di Prato ; Documenti risguar- 
danti Galiano de' Medici e Leone X. ; II proemio delle efemeridi 
del pontificate di Sisto Y. ; Documenti di storia Italiana 1522- 
1530; De peste quae 1530 Mediolani saeviit II. Eelazione di L. 
da Ca' Masser sopra il commercio dei Portoghesi nell' India 
1497-1506 ; Tre lettere inedite di Lorenzo il magnifico ; Dosa- 
zione di Alfonso I. duca di Ferrara ; Eelazione dell' assedio 1557 ; 
Carta Longobarda dell' anno 762 ; Notizie di Isabella Estense ; 
Di un codice ined. di Coblenza risguardante Enrico YII. ; Let- 


Archivio Storico Italian© con Appendices. 

tere relative all' editto di Nantes ; Sulla dominazione dei Longo- 
bardi in Italia III. Lettera di G. da Empoli intorno al viaggio 
da lui fatto a Malacca ; Relazioni commerciali de' Fiorentini co' 
Portoghesi ; Lettera di Lodovico il Moro all' imp. Massirniliano ; 
Lettere al duca Emmanuele di Savoia da varii suoi ministri ; 
Kelazioni al duca di Modena e testamento di L. A. Muratori; 
Cronache Yolterrane 1362-1478; ISTotizie biblibgrafiche dei 
lavori spettanti alia storiapolitica; Kagguagli di Eoma nel secolo 
XV. ; Oenno illustrativo di alcune tavolette in cera ; Congiure 
di G. C. Vacchero IV. Frammenti di testi Arabi per servire alia 
storia .della Sicilia Musulmana. Frammenti di M. Foscarini 
intorno ai Viaggitori Veneziani ; Successo della guerra con Se- 
lim sultano ; Ottanta lettere di M. Biggio, nunzio di Pit) V. 
presso I'imp. Massirniliano; Kime istorichenei secoli 13 e 14; 
Kelazione del Viaggio d'Arrigo VII. in Italia V. Chronicon 
Venetum vulgo Altinate ; Documenta qu© ad Eom. Pont, per- 
tinent ; Documenti spettani.e a Giovanni di Procida ; Documento 
di processura fatta 1174 contra 1' abate di S. Paolo del Mezzano ; 
Del sacco di Piacenza 1447 ; Appunti per servire alia vita del 

I)rincipe K. Montecuccoli ; Della improyisa eloquenza di M. 
Toscarini ; Lettera circa lo scacciamento dei Tedeschi da Geneva 
1746. VI. Lettere dal governatore di Piacenza 1515 a G. dei 
Medici ; Carlo V. in Modena ; Lettere di Ercole d'Este ; Eela- 
zione di G. Orsino intorno al modo di stabilire una buona mi- 
lizia in tempo di pace ; Sommario della storia d'ltalia 1511- 
1527 da F. Vettori. VII. Fatto d'armi tra Guido de Montefel- 
tro e il conte di Monforte ; Cedrus Libani ossia vita di fra G. 
Savonarola ; Cronica di Firenze 1501-1546 da fra G. Ughi ; 
Alcuni documenti ri^guardanti i papi d'Atignone ; Tre lettere de 
Sigismondo imp. ai Perugini ; Manifesto cPAlessandro Tassoni; 
Intorno ad un passo disputato di Paolo diacono. VIII. Lettere 
di Savonarola e documenti ; Due documenti di storia Senese 
degli anni 1554 e. 1557 etc. IX. Lettera di Giov. da Verrazzano 
sulla scoperta di nuove terre ; Istoria e legge dei popoli barbari ; 
Cardinale Wolsey ela santa sede ; Sul commercio tra la Toscana 
e le nazione levantine ; Studi Storici e bibliografici sopra gli 
statu ti dei comuni Italiani ; Documenti spettanti al commercio 
dei Veneziani con I'Armenia e Trebisonde ; Due ritmi e una 
narrazione in prosa intorno alia presa di Negroponte 1470 ; Sta- 
tuti della fraternita e compagnia dei Fiorentini in Ve'nezia ; 
Scrittura di M. Foscarini ; Eivista ; Necrologie. 

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et Teatro Bal. Ant. 
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Argument in Defence of the Exclusive Eight claimed by the Colonies 

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See also Despont. Bill. Max. Y. 2 ; Body de, Bill. Textibus, 

and Lewis B. Translations of the Bible. 
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Aristippus Cyrensens. Sententise et Apothegmata ex diversis scripto- 

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^ _, 12mo. Kjobenhavn, 1856-58 
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• 12mo. London, 1857 


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vet og forlagt af J. T. Bayer. 4 vols. Svo. Kjobeuhavn, 1854-58 

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matiques et I'influence qu'ont eue ces deux M6thodes sur les 
progres des Sciences exactes. Svo. Paris, 1814 

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alia conspirazione tram, contro il presente governo del Eegno. 

4to. Sthm. 1794 

Arminius Jas. Works trans, from the Latin. 2 vols. Svo. London, 1825 

Contents : Testimonies from Various Authors ; Bertius Ora- 
tion on the Life and Death of Arminius ; Orations on Theology ; 
Appendix of Divers Articles relating to Arminius and his Doc- 
trines; Notes. IL Apology against Thirty-One Theological Arti- 
cles ; Nine Doctrinal Questions, with Arminius's Eeply to them ; 
Eemarks on same Questions; Twenty-Five Public Disputations ; 
Seventy-Nine Private Disputations ; Dissertation on the Sense 
of Chap. YII. of the Epistle to the Eomans : A Letter to Hippo- 
lytus a collibus ; Certain Articles to be diligently examined and 
weighed ; A Letter on the Sin against the Holy Ghost. 

Armroyd G. A connected view of the whole Internal Navigation of 

the United States. Svo. Philadelphia, 1830 

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folk, Virg. 1S55 ; first and second Editions. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1856 

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destroying the Dragon, a perfect type of the Gospel triumph over 
Tyranny and Priestcraft. Svo. London, 1818 

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See also AndersorCs, Chalmers\ and Johnson's British Poets. 

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tion of his Eeply. Svo. N. T. 1846-7 

Armstrong L. Death Blow to Masonry, a Sermon. Svo. Waterford, 1829 

Masonry proved to be Eepugnant to the Christian Eeligion. 

Svo. New York, 1830 

Signs of the Times — a vindication of capital punishment. 

12mo. N. Y. 1849 

Armstrong E. High Speed Steam Navigation and Seamanship Per- 
fection. Svo. London, 1859 



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Army and Navy Doouments. 

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For a full table of contents see DaHing's Ency. Bihliographica. 

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8vo. Paris, 1829 

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Cellini. Fol. Wien, 1858 

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Salona 1846. Wien Ah. AMI. Ph. 1. 

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speare Soc. 

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Patrol. Lat. 194. 

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expressa ac variorum lectionibus et notis instructa. 

Eoy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1844 
Contents : Dissertatio prsevia in Arnobii disputationes adver- 
BUB gentes auctore Le Nourry ; Disputationes adversus gentes ; 
Appendix; Index. 

Arnobius Junior. Conflictus de Deo Trino et Uno ; De duabus in 
Christo substantiis in unitate personae. De gratise et liberi arbi- 
trii Concordia. Commentarii in Psalmos ; Annotationes ad 
qusedam Evangeliorum loca. Patrol. Lat. 53. 

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nach der Sprach u. Stammverwandtschaft der Yolker. 

Fol. Erfurt, 185T 

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Masonic Institmtion considered as a means of Social and Indivi- 
dualProgress. 8vo. New York, 1858 

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Arnoldus Emmer. Monachus. De miracuHs et memoria beati Emme- 
rammi ; Homilia de octo beatitudinibus ; Appendix. Patrol. 
Lat. 141. 
Arnott J. On the Treatment of Cancer. Svo. London, 1853 

Arnulfus Lexov. Episc. Opera omnia juxta nuperrimam editionem 

Oxoniensem, accurante J. P. Migne. I^oy- 8vo. Parisiis, 1855 

Contents : Epistolss ; Sermones ; Tractatus de Schismate ; 
Arnulfus Mediol. Gesta Archiepiscoporum Mediolanensium. Patrol. 
Lat. 147. 

Rerum sui temporis libri Y. Muratori Per. Hal. i. 

Historia Mediolanensis, qua continentur gesta quorundam Ita- 

liae Eegum 925-1076. Thes. Aniiq. Ital. IV. 1. 
Aronte Lunese illustrato da M. Angeli. 8vo. Pisa, 1835 

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plication du langue symbolique des Fideles d'amour dans les com- 
positions lyriques, romans, et epopees chevaleresques des Trou- 
badours. 8vo. Paris, 1856 

L'her^sie de Dante d^montree par Francesca de Eimini, deve- 

nae un moyen de propagande Vaudoise, et coup d'ceil sur les 
Romans de St. Graal. 8vo. Paris, 1857 

. Les Mystferes de la Chevalerie et de Famour platonique. 

8vo. Paris, 1858 
Arrais. Physical Account of the Tree of Life, in the Garden of Eden. 

12mo. London, 1683 
Arrebos A. C. Levnet og Skrifter ved H. F. Rordam. 

2 vols. 12mo. Kjobenhavn, 1857 
Arret rendu le 19 Janvier, 1821, par la Oour royale de Paris dans I'af- 
faire de M. Desgraviers contre le Marquis de Lauriston. 

Svo. Paris, s. a. 
Arr^t rendu, etc., Dec. 22d, 1821, entre le Sieur et Dame Pesson de 
Bacot demandeurs au paiement d'un Capital de 25,000 Francs. 

Svo. Paris,1822 
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Arrian Nicod. Periplus Ponti Euxini. Geog. vet. Script. Gr. Mm. 1. 

Fragmenta. lEst. Grceo. Fragmenta ed. Muller 3. 

Arrit prestaskolans efter P. Petursson og S. Melsted. Svo. Reykjavik, 1850 
Arroyo de la Cuesta F. F. Yocabulary, or Phrase Book of the Mulnim 

Language of Alta California. 4to. New York, 1862 

Arsenius Eremita. Doctrina et Exhortatio. Patrol. Grceca QQ. 

Arson P. J. Document pour I'histoire des grands Fourbes, ou memoirs 

contre Hoene Wronski. 4to. Paris, 1817 

Arsrit samid og gefid 6t af Prestum og Adstadar prestum, etc. 

Svo. Rey^'avik, 1846 


Irsritid Gestur Vestfirdingur, etc. Fyrsta, Annad og^Fjorda 4r. 

8vo. Eeykjavik, 1848 & '50 
Artde jnger du Caractere des Hommes sur leur Venture. 12mo. Paris, 1816 
Art of Drawing iu Perspective upon Geomet. Principles. 12mo. Lond. 1844 
Art of Painting in Water Colours. 12mo. London, 1839 

Art Aratoire et du Jardinage avec Planches. 2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1797 

Art Journal, continued to 1861. 

Art Union (The), for 1842, '44, '45, '46, 47, '49, completing the series. 
Artaria F. Description de la Gathedrale de Milan. 8vo. Milan, 1803 

Artaud deMontor A. F. Histoire du Pape Pius 711. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1837 

Machiavel, son Genie et ses erreurs. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1833 

Histoire de la Vie et des travaux politiques du Oomte d'Hau- 

terive. 8vo. Paris, 1839 

. Histoire du Pape L^on XH. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1843 

Histoire du Pape Pins YHI. ^ 8vo. Paris, 1844 

Considerations sur Jerusalem et le tombeau de Jesus Christ. 

8vo. Paris, 1846 

La Papaute et les Emeutes Komaines. 8vo. Paris, 1849 

Histoire des Souverains Pontifs Romains. 8 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1851 

Arthur. The Byrth, Lyf and Actes of Kyng Arthur and le Morte d' Ar- 
thur, -svith an Introduction and Notes by E. Southev. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1817 

History of King Arthur and the Knights of the Eound Table, 

compiled by Sir T. Malory, edited from the edition of 1634, with 
Introduction and Notes by T. Wright. 3 vols. 12mo. London, 1858 
Arthur W. An Etymological Dictionary of Family and Christian 

Names. 12mo. New York, 1857 

Articles touching Navigation and Commerce between K. Charles II. 
and the States-General of the United Netherlands, 1667. i 

4to. London, 1667 
Artigny Abbe d'. F^te des Fous. Leber Diss. 9. 

Artiques M. d'. Balancier Hydraulique. Svo. Paris, 1829 

Artiste (L.), cont'd to 1862. 
Artmann F. Bemerkungen iiber Yentilation und die verschiedenen 

aufdieGiitederLufteiuflussnehmenderVerhaltnisse. Svo. Prag, 1860 
Artois Charles Phil. Comte d'. Yie privee. 8vo. Turin, 1791 

Arts (Les) somptuaires ; histoire du Costume et de I'Ameublement, et 
des Arts et Industries qui s'y rattachent. 

PI. 2 vols. 4to., Texte 2 vols. 4to., 4 vols. Paris, 1857-69 
Artus in. Due de Bretagne. Histoire de ses memorables faits. Peti- 

tot S. I. 8. 
Asbjornssen P. C. Norske Huldre-Eventyr og Folkesagn. 

12mo. Christiania, 1859 
Ascham E. Epistolie ; accessit J. Sturmii aliorumque ad Aschamium 

Anglosque alios eruditos epistolse. 8vo. Oxonise, 1703 

English Works, containing Eeport and Discourse on Germany ; 

Toxophilus ; The Schoolmaster and Letters. Svo. London, 1815' 

Aschbach J. Die Eomischen Legionen ; Geschichte ihrer Enstehung ; 
Ueber Eomische Kaiser Inschriften ; Die consulate der Kaiser 
Augustus u. Tiberius ; Die consulate der Eomischen Kaiser von 
Caligula bis Hadrian. Sitzungsb. d. Wiener. Acad. Phil. Th. 
Y. 20, 24, 35, 36. 


Ashe J. The Masonic Manual. 12mo. London, 1843 

Ashley J. Case and Appeal in relation to H. Simons the Polish Jew. 

8vo. London, 1753 
Ashley E. K. Glances over the Field of Faith and Eeason, or Christi- 
anity in its Idea and Development ; its connexion with human 

progress and unity. 12mo. Boston, 1855 

Asiatic Eesearches, or Transactions of the Society instituted in Bengal 

for Inquiring into the History and Antiquities, the Arts, Sciences, 

and Literature of Asia. With Index. 

21 vols. 4to. Calcutta, 1788-1836 
Asiatic Society (China Branch) Transactions, 1848-50. 

Svo. Hong-Kong, 1852 
Asinius Gallus. Anthologia vet. Lot. Epigr. 
Aslak Bolts Jordebog, Fortegnelse over Jordegods og andre Herlighe- 

der tilhorende Erkebiskopsstolen i. Nidaros, udgivet af P. A. 

Munch. 8vo. Christiania, 1852 

Asper Jun. Ars Grammatica. Corpus Oram. Lat. 1. 
Assail F. W. Nachrichten iiber die friiheren Einwohner von Nord- 

amerika und ihrc Denkmaler. Herausg. von F. J. Mone. 

8vo. Heidelberg, 1827 
Asselineau C. L'Enfer du Bibliophile vu et decrit. 12mo. Paris, 1860 
Meubles et objets du Moyen Age et de la renaissance ; dessines 

d'apres nature et lithographes. 2 vols. Fol. Paris, 18 — 

Assiento Trade. Observations on, as exercised by the S. S. Company. 

Svo. London, 1728 
Assmann von Abschalz H, Geistliche u. weltliche Gedichte. Bibl. 

Deutsoher Dichter, V. 6. 
Assmann "W. Abriss d. allg. Geschichte. 8vo. Braunschweig, 1855 

Assmuss E. P. Symbola ad Faunam Mosquensem ; Enumeratio Lepi- 

dopterornm. 8vo. Lipsise, 1858 

Associators (The) Yindlcated and the Protesters Ans'd. Svo. Lond. 1780 
Asterius Amas. Episc. Homilige. Patrol. Ormoa 40 and Despont. Bibl. 

Max. 6. 
Asterius Urbanus. Fragmenta ex libris contra Montanistas. Patrol. 

OroBca 10. 
Astesanns A. Carmen de varietate fortunse sive de vita sua et gestis 

civium Astensium ab origine urbis. Muratori Per. Ital. 14. 

Aston W. On Moss Earth, and converting it into Manure. 

Svo. Air, 1811 

Astor Library Catalogue, or Alphabetical Index of the Astor Library. 
P. I. Authors and Books, A to Z. 

4 vols. roy. Svo. New York, 1857-61 

Astorius J. A. De Diis Cabiris, dissertatio in editione hac ab auctore 
aucta et emendata. Polenus 2. 

Astronomise Physicse juxta Newtoni principia Brevlarium Methodo 

scholastica. 12mo. Upsalise, 1751 

Astronomical Society (Eoyal). Memoirs, cont'd to '62. 
Monthly Notices, cont'd to 1868. 

Astronomische Nachrichten (Schumacher's), cont'd to 1863. 

Eegister der Bande 21-40. 4to. Hamburg, 1856 


Astronomisches Jahrbuch 1776-1783. XJnter Aufsicht der K. Acad. d. 

Wissenschaften zu Berlin. 8 vols. 8vo. Berlin, 1776-1780 

Dasgelbe 1784-182*, berausg. von J. E. Bode. 

46 vols. 8vo. Berlin, 1781-1826 

Namen- nnd Sacb-Eegister der Ast. Jabrbiicber, 1776-1829. 

8vo. Berlin, 1829 

Sammlung astronomiscber Abbandlungen berausg. von J. E. 

Bode Supplement Bande zu dessen Ast. Jabrbiicbern, 

4 vols. 8vo. Berlin, 1793-1808 

Jahrbucb (Berliner), 1830-1850, berausg. von J. F. Encke. 

21 vols. 8vo. Berlin, 1828-1847 
Dasselbe— 1862-1866, u. Suppl. 6 vols. 8vo. Berlin, 1859-1863 

Astruc J. Traite des Tumeurs et des Ulceres. 2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1759 

Athanasius S. Arcb. Alex. Opera omnia quae extant, vel quae ejus 
nomine circumferentur, ace. et recognoscente J. P. Migne. 

4 vols. roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1857 
Contents : Vol. I.-II. Prolegomena. Oratio contra gentes ; 
Deincarnatione verbi ; Expositio Fidei ; Inillud: 'Omnia mihi 
tradita sunt a patre' ; Encyclica ad episcopos epistola ; Apologia 
contra Arianos ; Epistola de Nicsenis decretis ; Epistola de sen- 
tentia Dionysii. Epistolse ad Dracontium — ad episcopos ^gypti 
et Libyaa. Apologia ad Imperatorem Constantiura ; Apologia 
de fuga sua; Epistolse ad Serapionem de morte Arii ; ad mona- 
chos ; Historia Arianorum ; Condemnatio Arii ; Epistola syno- 
dalis. III.-IV. Opera bistorica et dogmatica ; Orationes ad- 
versus Arios ; Epistolse ad Serapionem et ad alios ; Vita S. 
Antonii ; Narratio de fuga sua sub Juliano ; De incarnatione 
verbi Dei et contra Arianos ; De incarnatione Domini nostri Jesu 
Cbristi contra Apollinarium ; De Trinitate et Spiritu Sancto ; 
Fragmenta varia ; Sermo major de Fide ; Fragmenta et Serrao- 
nes ; Opusculum de Azymis. 

Operum aliquot Fragmenta, dudum in lucem emissa.. Quae 

omnia in editione B. B. Parisiens. 1688 desiderantur. Oallan- 
dius, V. 5. 

Atharva Veda. See Veds or Vedas. 

Atbenseum London (Tbe), cont'd to '59. 

Atbenaeus. The Deipnosopbists, or Banquet of tbe Learned, translated 

by C. D. Yonge. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1854 

Atbenagoras Pbil. Ohristianns. Legatio pro Christianis. De resurrec- 
tione mortuorum. Graece et Lat. Patrol. Grcee. 6. 

Atherley E. E. Law of Marriage Settlements. 8vo. Pbiladelpbia, 1840 

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Travels m tbe Eegions of tbe Upper and Lower Amoor, and tbe 

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For Contents see Index of Boston Public L%brary. 

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Aves (The) Island Case, with the Correspondence relating thereto. 

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— Notice des decouvertes faites au moyen age dans I'Oc^an Atlan- 

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quae notis veteribus ac novis illustravit N. E. Lemaire. 

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Conduite pour passer saintement les fetes et octaves de la Pen- 

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La Politique et le Droit Chretien au point de vue de la ques- 
tion Italienne. 8vo. Paris, 1860 
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usque ad annum 1362. Muratori Her. Ital. 16. 
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8va Genes, 1816 

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Contents : Yol. L Schriften z. philosophischen Erkenntniss- 
wissenschaft als speculative Logik. II. Zur philosophischen 
Grundwissenschaft, oder Metaphysik. III. Zur Natui-philosophie. 
lY. Zur philosophischen Anthropologic. Y.-YI. Zur Societats 
Philosophic. YIL-IX. Zur Rel^ion^s Philosophie. XL Tage- 
biicher aus d. J. 1786-1793. XII. Erlauterungen zu sammt- 
lichen Schriften Louis Claude de Saint Martin's. XIII. Yorle- 
sungen u. Erlauterungen zu J. Bohme's Lehre. XIY. Elemen- 
tarbegriffe iiber die Zeit. Yorlesungen liber Philosophic der So- 
cietat. XY. Biographic und Briefwechsel von Baader. XYI. 
Sach und Namen Register, nebst einer Einleitung iiber den 
Entwickelungsgang una das System der Baaderschen Philoso- 
phic von A. Lutterbach. 


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8vo. Leipzig, 1856 
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Svo. MUnchen, 181Y 

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12mo, Nordlichen, 1860 

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On the Application of Machinery to the purpose of Calculating 

and Math. Tables. ito. London, 1822 

On Electrical and Magnetic Kotations. ito. London, 1826 

Thoughts on the Principles of Taxation. 4:to. London, 1853 

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Science economique des Manufactures, trad, par Isoard. 

8vo. Paris, 1834 

Influence of Signs in Mathematical Beasoning. ito. Cambridge, 1826 

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Jaghatai Turki by J. Leyden and "W. Erskine. 4to. London, 1826 
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Babington E. Treatise on the Law of Auctions. Svo. Philadelphia, 1838 
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Thompson. 12mo. London, 1805 

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Entretiens sur les sujets agricoles. 12mo. Bruxelles, 1858 

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Bacchius Sen. Introductio Artis Musicse. Gr. et Lat. MusiccB Ant. 

ed. Meibomius. 
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De thermis veterum. Thes. Ant. Bom. 12. 

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Bache A. D. Address on Eetiring from the Duties of the Am. Asso- 
ciation., 8vo. s. 1. 1851 

Tide Table for the principal seaports of the U. S. Svo. N. Y. 1855 

Approximate Cotidal Lines of Tides on the Gulf of Mexico. Svo. 1857 

Anniversary Address before the Am. Institute, Oct. 1856. 

^ , Svo. K Y. 1857 
On the Height of the Tides of the TJ. S. from Observations in 

the Coast Survey. 8vo. 1858 

Lecture on the Gulf Stream. gvo, i860 

On Declinometer Observations. 8vo', 1861 

Annual Eeports on the Coast Survey, 1854-1861. 

Bache A. D. Standard mean right Ascension of Circumpolar and Time 

Stars prepared for the use of the Coast Survey. 4to. "Washington, 1862 
Discussion of the Magnetic and Meteorological Observations at 

Girard College 1840-45. Second Section comprising pts. 4-6 

Horizontal force. 4to. "Washington, 1862 

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Bachiarius Monachus. Professio Fidei ; De reparatione lapsi. Patrol 

Lat. 20. 

Backman G. Homerus comparans sive similitudines ex Biade et 

Odyssea. 4to. Hernosandia, 1806 


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with particular reference to the Baptists from 1610 to 1Y96. 

3 vols. 8vo. Boston, 1777-96 
Backwoods of Canada. New Edition. 12mo. London, 1846 

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8vo. Phil. 1856 
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Bacon F. History of the Reign of Henry VH. Fol. London, 1641 
Case of National and Private Corruption and Bribery impar- 
tially considered. 8vo. London, 1721 
Bacon L. Chi-istianity in History. A Discourse. 8vo. Newhaven, 1848 
Bacon M. The Compleat Arbitrator. 8vo. London, 1770 

A new Abridgment of the Law. 6 vols. 8vo. Dublin, 1786-1801 

Bacon O. T. A History of Natick, 1651-1856. 8vo. Boston, 1856 

Bacon E. De Tinctura sen Oleo Stibii. 12mo. Tolosa, 1646 

Badarayana. The Aphorisms of the Vedanta, with the Commentary of 
Sankara Acharaya and the gloss of Govinda Ananda, ed. by Dr. 
Boer. 8vo. Calcutta, 1854 

Baden-Baden. Bade et ses Environs dessines d'apres nature par J. 

Coignet. Avec des Notices par Am6dee Achard. Fol. Paris, 1858 
Badham C. D. On the Esculent Funguses of England. 8vo. London, 1847 
Baedeker K. Deutschland nebst Theilen der angrenzenden Landen. 

12mo. Coblenz, 1860 
Baegert J. Nachrichten van der Americanischen Halbinsel Califor- 

nien. 12mo. Mannheim, 1773 

Baehr C. Q. Die Schopenhauer'sche Philosophic in ihren Grundziigen 

dargestellt und kritischbeleuchtet. 8vo. Dresden, 1857 

Baehr J. K. Der dynamische Kreis, die nattirliche Keihenfolge d. Ele- 
mente und Zusammengesetzten Kdrper als Resultat der Beo- 
bachtung ihren dynamischen Wirksamkeit. 4to. Dresden, 1865 

Baer W. Die Chemie des praktischen Lebens. 

2 vols. 12mo. Leipzig, 1859-60 
Baerwald H. Ueber die Echtheit der Urkunde K. Rudolfs betreffend 

die Baierische Kur. Wien Sitzungsberichte Phil. Th. V. 21. 
Baeza L. NumerandidoctrinaprseclaraMethodo exposita. 8vo. Paris, 1556 
Baggesen J. Danske Voerker anden Udgave. 

12 vols. 12mo. Kjobenhavn, 1845-47 
Contents: Vol. 1. Poetiske Fortoellinger. II.-IH. Lyriske 
Digte. IV. Blandede Digte. V.-VL SkjemtsommeRiimbreve 
ogP*oetiske Epistler. VII.-VIH. Satiriske og polemische Digte. 
IX. Labyrinthen eller Digtervandringer. X. Labyrinthens 
Fortsoettelse. XL Dramaturgisk Kritik. XIL Niels Klims 
Underjordiske Reise oversat, 

— • Biographic udarbeidet ved A. Baggesen. 

3 vols. 8vo. Kjobenhavn, 1843-66 

Bagley "W". Practice at Chambers of the Judges C. P. in Civil Actions. 

8vo. Phil. 1837 

Bagnes. Course et seconde course h. la valine de Bagnes et details sur 

les ravages par I'dcoulement du lac 21 Juin, 1818. 8vo. Vevay, 1818 

Baglivus G. Opera omnia medico-practica et anatoraica. 

4to. Lugd.-Bat. 1745 


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Bailey J. J. Waldimar, a Tragedy. 8vo. New York, 1834 

Bailey J. W. Microscopic Examinations of Soundings. Smithsonian 
Contributions, 2. . „ ^ 

On new Species of Microscopical Organisms. lUd. V . 7. 

Bailey P. J. The Mystic, and other Poems. 12mo. London, 1855 

Bailey E. W. The Issue ; Lettera on Slavery. 12mo. New York, 1837 

Bailey S. On the Philosophy of the Human Mind. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1855-8 

Bailey T. Eecords of Longevity. • 12mo. London, 3857 

BaiUard E, Discours du Tabac. 12mo. Paris, 1678 

Bailie L. Iscrizione Solcitana illustrata. 4to. Genova, 1820 

— Iscrizione Komana illustrata. 4to. Torino, 1820 

Bailleul J. 0. Histoire de Napoleon. 4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1838-9 

Baillie J. A Memoir of Capt. W. Thornton Bate. 12mo. London, 1859 

Baillie Joanna. Dramatic and Poetical Works. 8vo. London, 1853 

Baillou G. D. Delle Misure degli antichi Eomani. 8vo. Firenze, 1818 

Bailly J. S. Geschichte d, neuern Astronomic. 2 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1797 
Baily F. New Method of Determining the Longitude by the Culmina- 
tion of the Fixed Stars. 4to. London, 1824 
Baily J. Central America, describing the States of Guatemala, Hon- 
duras, Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa-Eica. 8vo. London, 1850 
Baines E. History, Directory, and Gazetteer of the County of York. 

2 vols. 12mo. Leeds, 1822-3 
Baird H. M. Modern Greece, a Narrative of a Eesidence and Travels 

in that Country. 12mo. New York, 1856 

Baird J. S. The Homeric Dialect ; its Leading Forms and Peculiar- 
ities 8vo. London, 1853 

A Catalogue of Greek Verbs, irregular and defective, their 

leading tenses and dialectic inflections, arranged in a tabular 
form. 8vo. London, 1859 

Baird E. TheLifeof E. Monsalvatge, a converted Monk. 12mo. N. Y. 1845 
Baird S. F. and Girard C. Catalogue of N. American Birds. Smith- 
sonian Misc. 2. 

Catalogue of N. American Eeptiles in the Smithsonian. 


Directions for Collecting and Preserving Specimens of Natural 

History. Ihidem. 

See Pacifie Railroad Survey, Y. 1, 3, 8, 9, 10. 
Baird S. J. The Elohim Eevealed in the Creation and Eedemption of 

Man. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1860 

Baird "W". The Natural History of the British Entomostraca. 

8vo. London, 1850 
Baker A. E. See 2^. Y. City Fire MarshaVs Reports. 
Bakewell F. C. A Manual of Electricity. 12mo. London, 1857 

Same. Third Edition. 12mo. London, 1859 

Balbi A. Bilancia politica del Globo nel 1829. Eoma, 1829 

Aumento dei Cattolici nella confederazione Anglo- Americana. 

12mo. Milano, 1836 

Delia popolazione d' Austria. 8vo. Milano, 1844 

Delle primarie Altitudini del Globo. 4to. Milano, 1845 


Balbi A. Di alcune ultime opere di statistica e geografia. 8vo. Milano, 1845 

Delia popolazione del Portogallo, dall' Epoca Eomano ai Tempi 

nostri. 12nio. Milano, 1846 

Balbi P. Memorise Henrichettse uxoris monumentum. 4to. Augastse, s. a. 
Balbo 0. Storia d'ltalia sotto i barbari. 12mo. Firenze, 1856 

Balbo P. Essais d'Arithm6tique politique. 4to. Turin, 1Y93 

■ Vita di A. V. Papacino d'Antoni. 4to. Torino, 1805 

Oatalogo di libri per le scuoli d'artiglerie. 4to. Torino, 1805 

Balcli W. S. Lectures on Language. 12mo. Providence, 1838 

Baldemar von Peterweil. See Moler L. H. 

Baldinucci F. Cominciamento e progresso dell' arte dell' intagliere in 

Kame coUe viti de' piii eccellenti maestri. 8vo. Milano, 1808 

Notizie de' Professori del Disegno da Cimabue in qua. 

11 vols. 8vo. Milano, 1809-12 

Yocabolario Toscano dell' arte del disegno. 2 vols. 8vo. Milano, 1809 

La Veglia ; Lettera a Gualtieri ed a Salviati. 0;pere, 14. 

Baldovini F. Commedie. Teatro Ital. AnUco. 
Baldricus Dolensis Arbp. Opera omnia, ace. J. P. Migue. 

Boy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1854 
Contents : Historia Hierosolymitana ; Acta translationis capi- 
tis S. Valentini ; Vita S. Hugonis ; Itinerarium ; Carmina his- 
torica ; Acta S. Valeriani ; De visitatione infirmorum. 
Balduinus Cantuar. Arbp. Tractatus varii ; De commendatione fidei ; 

De Sacramento altaris ; Contra Catharos. Patrol. Lot. 204. 
Balduinus Flandrise Comes. Epistolse et Diplomata; Genealogise 

Comitum Flandrise. Pai/rol. Lat. 209. 
Baldwine. See Mirror for Magistrates, Part 8. 
Bale J. God's Promises a Morality. Dodsley's Old Plays, 1. 
Balestier J. M. Historical Sketches of Holland Lodge. 8vo. IsT. Y. 1862 
Balestier J. E". Annals of Chicago, a Lecture. 8vo. Chicago, 1840 

Ballads, English and Scottish, selected and edited by F. J. Child. 

8 vols. 12mo. Boston, 1857 
Ballala Bhodjaprabandha. Histoire de Bhodja roi de Malwa et des 

Pandites de son temps, ed. par Pavie. 4to. Paris, 1855 

Ballantine W. Treatise on the Statute of Limitations. 8vo. New York, 1812 
Ballantyne J. E. Sanskrit Grammar. 12mo. London, 1862 

Ballantyne K. M. The Lakes of Killarney. 12mo. London, 1859 

Ballard E. and Garrod A. B. Elements of Materia Medica. 8vo. London, 1845 
Balleydier A. Histoire de la revolution de Eome. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1854 
Balmes J. European Civilization ; Protestantism and Catholicity com- 
pared. 12mo. London, 1855 

Same. 8vo. Baltimore, 1859 

Balthierius J. J. Vita J. Bernoulli. 4to. Basilise, 1705 

Baltic Sea. Instructions nautiques sur la navigation de la mer Baltique. 

4to. Paris, 1855 

Balzac H. de. Scenes de la vie Parisienne ; Scenes de la vie de Pro- 
vince ; Scenes de la vie priv6e ; Le pere Goriot ; Eugenie Grandet ; 
Histoire de^Cesar Birotteau. 9 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1839 

Bampfield F. All in One— All Useful Science and Profitable Arts in 
one Book of Jehovah ^lohim ; The seventh day Sabbath, the 
desirable day. 2 vols. Fol. s. 1. 1677 


Bancal A. P. Lithotripsie et Lithotomie. 8vo. Bordeaux, 1839 

Bancroft G. History of the U. S. in continuation. Yol. IV. 

Poems. Svo. Cambridge, 1823 

The Necessity, the Eeality, and the Promise of the Progress 

of the Human Pace, an Oration before the N. Y. Historical Soc. 
Nov. 1854. Svo. New York, 1854 

Bandini P. P. Saggio di Esegesi Biblica. 8vo. Firenze, 1835 

Bandinns Mag. Sententiarum libri quatuor. Patrol. Lot. 92. 
Banfield T. 0. Industry of the Khine. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1846-8 

• The Statistical Companion for 1854. 12mo. London, 1854 

Banker's Magazine, ed. by J. S. Homans, cont'd to v. XI. 
Bank of England, Sketch of. Svo. London, 1831 

Banks. A Full and Correct Report of the Testimony given before the 
Joint Committee of the Penn. Legislature of 1842, inquiring into 
the charges of bribery and con-uption by the Banks during the 
session of 1840. Svo. Harrisburg, 1842 

Banks J. Albion Queens, a Tragedy. BelVs Br. Theatre, 22. 
Banks N. P. Address to the Legislature of Mass. Jan. 1859. 

Svo. Boston, 1859 
Banks T. 0. Baronia Anglica concentrata. 2 vols. 4to. Eipon, 1843-4 

Baptist Home Missionary Society Reports, 1853-62. Svo. N. Y. 1853-62 
Barante A. G. P. Etudes historiques et biographiques. 

2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1857 

La vie politique de M. Eoyer CoUard et ses Merits. 

2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1861 
Barasch J. Liber, Thesaurus Scientiarum Heb. Svo. "Wien, 1856 

Baratte L. H. Poetes Normands, Notices bibliograph. Svo. Paris, s. a. 
Barb H. A . Das System der Hamze Orthographic in d. Arabischen 

Schrift. 8vo. Wien, 1860 

Die Transcription des Arabischen Alphabets. 12mo. Wien, 1860 

Ueber den Organismus des Persischen Yerbums. Svo. Wien, 1860 

Geschichte von fiinf Kurden Dynastien. WienSUzunqib. Phil. 

Th. 28, 30. 
Barban§ois M. de. Essai sur le fluide electrique. 12mo. Paris 1817 

Barbareschi (I.) ed I. Christiani. 8vo. Ginevra 1822 

Barbaro D. Storia Yeneziana. Archivio Stor. Ital. YII. p. 2. 
Barbaro J. Yiaggi fatti da Yenetia alia Tana in Persia. Svo. Yenezia, 1543 
Barbauld Mrs. L. Works, with Memoir. 2 vols. Svo. London 1825 

Contents : Miscellaneous Poetry, Letters, Miscellanies. 
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• See American Journal of Education. 
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moral et I'homme physique. lY. ifetudes litteraires ; Lettres de 
famille ^crites dans sa jeunesse; Lettres politiques. 

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i_ Contents : Vol. I.-Y. Sermons and Sermons on the Creed. 

YI. Exposition on the Creed, Lord's Prayer, and Decalogue ; 

Doctrine of the Sacrament. VII. On the Pope's Supremacy 

and on the Unity of the Church. VHI. Opuscula theologica, 

Orationes, Poemata. 
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Lectio in qua Theoremata Archimedis de Sphsera et Cylindro 

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Contents : Correspondence with Burke ; Lectures on Paint- 
ing ; On Art in Italy and France ; On the Orleans Gallery ; 
Essay on Pandora. 
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Ports of Gt. Britain. See Finders. 

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circumferentur, ad MSS. Codd. Gallicanos, Yaticanos et alios, 
necnon ad antiquiores Editiones castigata, nova interpretatione, 
notis variis lectionibus illustrata, opera et studio Monachorum 
S. Benedicti, accurante J. P. Migne. 4 vols. roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1857 

Contents : Yol. I. Yita ; Prolegomena ; Homilise in Hexse- 
meron; Homilise in Psalmos; contra Eunomium. II, Orationes; 
Homilise in Psalmos ; Comm. in Isaiam ; De virginitate ; Sermo 
de contubernalibus ; Argumenta contra Arianos. Expositio de 
sancta et orthodoxa fide ; Liber Eunomii apologeticus ; Eustathii 
metaphrasis in Hexsemeron Basilii, Notse ; Yarige lectiones. 
III. Homilise et Sermones ; Ascetica ; Moralia ; Pegulse ; Oon- 
Btitutiones monasticse — Appendix. lY. De Spiritu Sancto ; Epis- 
tolse ; Appendix ; Indices. 


Basilius Sel. Episc. Opera quae extant omnia, ace. J. P. Migne. 

8vo. Paris, 1860 
Contents : Orationes quadraginta. De vita et miraculis B. 
Theclfe virginis. 
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par J. Quicherat. 2 vols. Bvo. Paris, 1855-6 

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Basque Language. Bibliography by F. Michel. See Oihenart. 
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terave. 12mo. Brux. 1858 

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I'histoire des arts du dessinje ime jusqu'a la fin du 16me siecle. 
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seineu wilden u. rohen Znstande. Aus dem Danischen von H. 
E. Wolf. 4 vols. 12mo. Altona, 1818-21 

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Contents : Vol. I. Die Psychologie als Naturwissenschaft. 
n. Psychologic und Mythologie. III. Politische Psychologic. 
Bastiat F. CEuvres completes, 6me Ed. angmentde. 

6 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1855-60 
Contents ; Yol. L Notice sur sa vie ; Correspondance ; pre- 
miers ecrits ; Melanges, n. Le libre Echange. III. Cobden et 
la Ligue. IV. Sophismes economiques ; Petits pamflets. V. 
Petits pamflets. VI. Harmonies Economiques. , 
Bastille (La) Devoilee, on recueil de pieces pour son histoire. 

8vo. Paris, 1789 

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landsch. Indie. Dec!. 1, 1856. 4to. Batavia, 1856 

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8vo. Paris, 1861 
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the U. States. 12mo. Boston, 1863 

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2 vols. 8vo. London, 1860 
Bateman "W. . Magnacopia, a Chemico-Pharmaceutical Library of 
Useful and Profitable Information for the Practitioner, etc. 

12mo. London, 1839 

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Acad. d. Inscrvpt. 27, 29, 32, 35. 

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3 vols. Fol. Claudiopolis, 1785-1827 

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Western Pyrenees and S. of France, 1813-14. 4:to. London, 1823 

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Koy. 8vo. London, 1825 

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ples, including the Breaking and Training of Horses, tr. from the 
t-rench. 12rao. Phil. 1856 

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du Tableau ecopomique sur le vrai sens du mot sterile applique 
a I'industrie. See Physiocrates. 

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Svo. Paris, 1841 

La Guerre de Crimee, les Oampements, les Abris, les Ambu- 
lances, ies Hopitaux, etc. Svo. Paris, 1858 

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tique. , 8vo. Paris, 1850 

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1842. 2 vols. 8vo. Berlin, 1850 

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1145-1329. Svo. Darmstadt, 1846 

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den lebenden menschlichen Kdrpern. Svo. Marburg, 1804 

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Philosophie Morale. 2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1842 

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Bauwerke von Beginn der Alt-Christlichen Architektur bis zur Bliithe 
der Eenaissance zusammengestellt von Jiingen Mitgliedern 
des Architecten-Vereins zu Berlin. Fol. Berlin, 1855 

Bavaria. Landes- und Volkskunde des Konigreichs Bayern bearbeitet 
von einem Kreise bayerischer Gelehrter. Mit IJebersichts 
Karte des diesseitigen Bayerns im 15 Blattern. 
Vol. L Abth. 1, 2 ; Vol. H. Abth. 1, 2. 

Svo. Miinchen, 1860-63 

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of the Genera of British Flowering Plants. 

6 vols. Svo. Oxford, 1834-43 

Bayard du Terrail. The very Joyous, Pleasant, and Eefreshiing History 
of the Feats, Exploits, Triumphs, and Achievements of the good 
Knight without fear and without reproach, set forth in English 
by E. C. Kindersley. Sm. 4to. London, 1848 

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2 vols. 4to. Napoli, 1752 


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De vasculis auri et argenti. Hid. IX. p. 677. 

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Memoirs of the same. 12mo. New York, 1861 

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Baylies Fr. Eulogy on La Fayette. Svo. Boston, 1834 

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2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1846 

La Campagne d'ltalie de 1859. Svo. Paris, 1859 

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Bazin A. Histoire de France sous Louis XIII. 4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1838 

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parasitaires, publiees par A. Poucquet. 8vo. Paris, 1858 

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Beale L. J. The Laws of Health in relation to Mind and Body. 

12mo. London, 1851 

The Microscope in its Application to Practical Medicine. 

Svo. London, 1858 
Beames J. Pleas in Equity. Svo. Philadelphia, 1858 

Beans E. W. A Manual for Practical Surveyors. 12mo. Phil. 1854 

Beard J. R The Life of Toussaint L'Ouvertnre. 12mo. London, 1853 

■ Self-Culture : A Practical Answer to the Questions, "What to 

Learn? How to Learn? When to Learn ? etc. 12mo. Manchester. 
Beasley H. The Pocket Formulary and Synopsis of the British and 

Foreign Pharmacopoeias. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1852 

Beatson A. Tracts relative to the Island of St. Helena. 4to. London, 1816. 
Beaufrand C. Biographie des grands inventeurs dans les Sciences, les 

Arts et rindustrie. 12mo. Paris, 1856 

Beaumanoir P. A. 0. de. Les Ooutumes du Beauvoisis. 

2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1842 

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Beaumont E. Discours aux fun^railles d' A. Brongniart. 4to. Paris, 1847 
Beaumont Jas. Psyche ; or Love's Mysterie, a poem, displaying the 

intercourse betwixt Christ and the Soule. 4to. London, 1648 

Beaumont F. Poems and Life. Chalmers' Engl. Poets, 6. 
Beaumont Sir J. Poems and Life. Ibidem. 
Beaumont F. and Fletcher J. Comedies and Tragedies never printed 

before and now published by the author's original copies. 

Fol. London, 1646 
The finest scenes, lyrics, and other beauties of those two poels, 

selected by Leigh Hunt. 12mo. London, 1855 

Beaumont C de. Sur la condition sociale des negres esclaves aux Etats 
Unis. Acad. Sc. Mor. N. S. 1. 

Beaumont Vassy E. de. Histoire des Etats Europ^ens depuis le Con- 

gr^s de Vienne. 6 vols. Svo. Paris, 1843-53 

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^ Svo. Nancy, 1858 

Beausobre and L'Enfant. Introduction to the Beading of the Holy 
Scriptures. Watson^s Theol. Tracts^ V. 3. 


Beauvallet L. Eacliel and the New World. A Trip to the U. S. and 

Cuba, transl. from the French. 12mo. New York, 1856 

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Bebelius H. De Siacerdotiis etMagistratibns Romanorum. Sallengre, 3. 
Beeatini F. Storia del Eegno e della vita di Gustavo III. re di Suezia. 

4 vols. 8vo. Venezia, 1792 

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scribed and collated. 4to. Cambridge, 1863 
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Address to the Students in Medicine, Feb. 1839. 8vo. K York, 1839 

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'Beck Baroness v. Eefutation of Charges at Birmingham. 8vo. Lond. 1851 
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und Stecher nebst Znsatzen von E. "Weigel. 4to. Leipzig, 1854 

Becker C. .i'. Die Hausmusik in Deutschland in dem 16, 17 und 18ten 

Jahrhunderte. 4to. Leipzig, 1840 

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Text 4 vols. 8vo. Atlas 4 vols. 4to. Stuttgart, 1856-57 
Contents : Vol. I. Allgemeine Baukunde. II. Briickenbau. 

III. Strassen-undEisenbau. IV. Wasserbau. 
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Tredies Eegiering. 8vo. Kjobenhavn, 1857 

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8vo. Leipzig, 1844 
Zur Eoniischen'Topographie. Antwort an Herrn Urlichs. Mit 

drei lithograph. Tafeln. 8vo. Leipzig, 1845 

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Becket Thomas a. See Thomas SancUis CaniMo/r. 
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8vo. Brauusberg, 1859 
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2 vols. 8vo. Gottingen, 1807-9 
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Beda Venerabilis, &c. 

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X.-XII. Delia volgar lingua. 

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Benedictus Papa VIII. Epistolse et Decreta. Ihid. 139. 
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Contents : Vita grseco-lat. ; ilegula commentata ; Opuscula 

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Eoy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1851 
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poematium medicum. Patrol. Lot. 89. 
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Sur les enseignes de Guerre, et bannieres civiles et religieuses — 
Sur les r^jouissances publiques — Sur I'origine des jeux de hazard 
— Sur les Chevaliers Bannerets — Sur les couronnes, leur origipe 
et leur forme. Leber Diss. 7, 8, 10, 12, 13. 
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pour servir d'introduction a un traite compar6 des langues fndo- 
Europ6ennes. 8vo. Paris, 1858 

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Ceylon and its Capabilities. 4to. Londonj 1843 

Benoiston de Chateauneuf. De la duration de la vie chez les savants 
et gens de lettres— Sur la duree dela viehumaine dans plusieurs 
des principaux etats de I'Europe— Sur la condition des femmes 
et des jeunes filles detenues et lib6rees. Mim. de TAcad 8c 
Morales, N. S. 3, 4, 6. " ' 


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Essays concerning Inspiration and on the Man of Sin. Wat- 
son's Tracts, 4, 5. 
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Oration of , Pericles from Thucydides. The Oration of Plato 
with Beflexions. 8to. London, 1759 
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Handbook of British Flora. 12mo. London, 1858 

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mic Politique, 2. 
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3 vols. 8vo. London, 1836 
Contents : Yol. I.-II. Dissertation upon the Epistles of Pha- 
laris ; Epistola ad J. Millium. III. Eight Boyle Lectures ; Four 
Letters from Sir I. Newton ; Three Sermons on various subjects ; 
Visitation Charges ; Remarks upon a Discourse of Free Think- 
ing ; Proposals for a new Ed. of the Greek Testament ; Orati- 
Dissertation on the Epistles of Phalaris, etc. 8vo. London, 1797 

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and of the Woollen Manufactories in Maine and Newhampshire. 

12mo. Cambridge, 1837 

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American Government for Thirty Years, 1820-1850. 

2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1856 

■ Abridgment of Debates in Congress, 1780-1850. 

16 vols. 8vo. N. Y. 1857-61 

Benvenuto de Imola. Excerpta Historica super Dantis poetee comedias. 
Muratori Antiq. 3. 

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guerra fra Gen till e perche si faccia tra Christiani. 

8vo. Lucca, 1570 

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Smyth. 8vo. London, 1857 

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Contents : Chansons, Dedicace au Prince de Canino, Preface, 
Novembre, 1815. Conversation entre mon censeur et moi, 15 
Janv. 1768 ; Notes, Lettres et Proces. 

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4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1836 


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" " ~ " ■ ' ".escriptif. 

3 vols. Fol. Paris, 1843 

cueil de Vues, Monuments, etc., avec texts descriptif^ 

- Itin^raires et renseigneraents sur le pays de Sous et autres par- 
ties meridionales du Maroc. Algirie Exjploration, Sciences, 
Hist, et Otogra^h. 
Memoire sur la peste en Alg^rie. Tbid. Sciences MMzcales. 

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Blagden. 8vo. London, 1801 

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Vorwelt. 2 vols. Fol. Berlin, 1845-56 

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Lat. 178. 
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ligni Dominici ; Sermones. Patrol. Lat. 1 60. 
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Beresford J. C Arbp. Letters Illustrative of the present state of the 

Internal Government of the Church in Ireland. Svo. London, 1836 
Beretninger om Sygdomsforholdene i 1842 og 1843 i Danmark Sverige 

og Norge. Svo. Christiania, 1847 

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series of views illustrating the primeval forests on the river 

Magdalena and in the Andes of New Granada. Fol. London, 1854 
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Sur la vie et les ouvrages de I'Empereur Manuel Paleologue. 

Hid. XIX. p. 2. 
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MittheilungallerwichtigenneuenErforschungen. 4to. Gotha, 1850-52 

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Ant. Bom. 10. 
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kunde. 2 vols, 12mo. Mitau, 1825-26 

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aux Getes et des Getes aux Germains et aux Scandinaves. 

Svo. Strasbourg, 1859 
Les Scythes les Anc^tres des peuples Germanique et Slaves, 

leur Etat social, moral, intellectuel et religieux ; Esquisse ethno- 

g^n^alogique et historique. Svo. Halle, 1860 


Bergmann J. Ueber die Mtinzen Graubiindens ; Ueber die Freyherm 
iind Grafen zn Eogendorf, Freyherrn auf. Mollenburg ; Ueber 
C. G. Heraeus Eatn u. Hof. Antiqnarius Carls VI. ; Einleitung 
zu Schmeller's Cimbrischem Worterbuche ; Ueber die Historia 
metallica seu numismatica Anstriaca ; Pflege der Numismatik 
in Oesterreich im XYIII. und XIX. Jaliniiinderte. Wiener 
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Eeitrage zu einer kritisphen Geschicbte Yorarlbergs. Wien. 

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Palaeontologie aus den Jahren 1850-53. 8vo. Wien, 1855 

Bericht ueber den Yolksgesundheits Zustand im KussischenKaiserreiche 

fur das Jahre 1858. 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1860 

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Berkeley Bp. De motu ; sive de Motus principio et de causa commu- 

nicationis motuum. ito. Londini 

Berkeley M. J. Introduction to Oryptogamic Botany. 8vo. London, 185T 

■ Outlines of British Fungology ; containing characters of above 

a thousand species of Fungi. 8vo. London, 1860 

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Illustrationen, etc., nach Original zeichnungen von E. Bittmeyer. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1861 
Berlin. Astronomisch. Beobachtungen u. Ast. Jahrbuch. See Encke 
u. Asbronomisohes. 

K. Academie der Wissenschaften, Abhandlungen Fortsetzung 


■ K. Academie Monatsberichte Fortsetzung bis 1863. 

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Mittheilungen aus den Verhandlungen der Gesellschaft naturf. 

Freunde. _ 3 vols. 8vo. Beriin, 1836-9 

Distribution de I'eau potable dans les fontaines publiques, les 

6tablissements industriels, les maisons particuliers. 

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"Wasserwerke. Separat Abdruck aus der Sammlung von Zeich- 
nungen fur dieHiiy;e. Herausg. von dem Verein "Die Hiitte." 

Fol. Berlin, 1860 
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land. 8vo. Dublin, 1841 
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De acquisitione Terrse Sanctse. Muratori Per. Ital. 7. 

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J. P. Migne. 4 vols. roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1854-55 

Contents: Yol. I. Epistolse; Tractatus morales, doctrinales, 
ascetici et polemici. 11. Sermones ; Sententige, Parabolse, Con- 


Bernardus S. 

fessionis privatse formnlse ; Officium de S. Yictore. Sermonea 

in Cantica. III. Aliena et supposititia. IV. Variorum de S. 

Bernardi vita et rebus gestis elucubrationes. 
Bernardus Andeg. Epistola ; Opuscula diversa. Patrol. Lat. 141. 
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Hunegundis ; Ejusdem Miracula. Patrol. Lat. 137. 
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mit Anmerkungen von Langsdorf. 8vo. Leipzig, 1790 

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"Warming and Airing Buildings. 8vo. London, 1835 

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Berno Abbas Augise. De quibusdam rebus ad missse officium perti- 

nentibus ; De celebratione adventus Domini ; De jejunio qua- 

tuor temporum ; Opuscula de Musica, Epistolse ; Vita S. Udal- 

rici et S. Meginradi ; Oarmina. Patrol. Lat. 142. 
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Menschenkunde nach statistichen Ergebnissen. 8vo. Ulm, 1841 

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Celso. II. Lettere sopra alcune particolarita della Baviera ed 
altri paesi della Germania ; Observazioni suU' idrofobia ; Elogi. 
III. Alcune Notizie interno a Pisa e Firenze ; Lettere riguar- 
danti il tomo 3, della Felsina Pittrice di Crespi ; Lettere di Fi- 
sica ; Electricismo. IV. Poesie varie ; Lettere varie. 

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readings, marginal references to verbal and idiomatic usage, 
prolegomena and a critical commentary, ed. by H. Alford. 

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facti, brevibusque Scholiis illnstrati ab Imm. Tremellio et Franc. 
Junio. Accesserunt libri qui vulgo dicuntur Apochryphi, quibus 
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"^ 12mo. N. y. 1846 

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Pracht Ausgabe gedruckt und verlegt von E. L. Decker. 

Atlas Fol. Berlin, 1851 

" Der Erste Brief Johannis praktisch erlaiitert durch A. 

JSTeander. 8^0, Berlin, 1851 

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the Mpongwe Language by the Am. Missionaries of "W. Africa. 

12mo. N. Y. 1852 
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•^ " Sacrorum Evangeliorum versio Syriaca Phi- 

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Oxon repositis nunc primum edita, cum inter- 
pretatione et annotationibus J. White. 

2 vols. 4to. Oxonii, 1778 
Turkish. Arabic character. Br. and F. Bible Soc. Ed, 4to, 

Bible (The) of every Land, a History critical and philological of all 
the Versions of the Sacred Scriptures in every Language and 
Dialect, with specimen portions. 4to. London 1848 

Bible Index in which the various subjects are alphabetically arranged. 

Roy. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1846 

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Biblical Repertory and Princeton Review, cont. to 1860 


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Bibliophile Beige, cont to 1860. 

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pilati da una Societa di Letterati. 40 vols. 8vo. Milano, 1816-25 

Bibliotheca ^gyptiaca. See Jolowicz H. 
Bibliotlieca Geographica. See Engelmann W. 
Bibliotheca Historico-Geographica, cont. to 1863. 

Historico-Naturalis, cont. to 1863. 

Medico-Chirurgica, cont. to 1863. 

-^ Philologica et Classica, cont. to 1863. 
• Theologica, cont. to 1863. 

Bibliotheca sacra, cont. to 1863 

Bibliotheca Zoologica, See Cams J. Y. 
Bibliothek deutscher Oanzelberedsamkeit. 

18 vol?. 8vo. Hildburghausen, 1832-39 
Bibliothek deutscher Dichter des siebzehnten Jahrhunderts ; heraus- 
gegeben von W. Miiiler und K. Forster. 

14 vols. 12rao. Leipzig, 1822-38 
Contents: Yoh I. AuserleseneGedichte vonOi^itz. II. And. 
Gryphins. III. Paul Flemming. IV. Eodolf. Weckeriin. Y. 
Simon Dach, Rob. Eoberthin und Heinrich Albert. YI. -Fried, 
von Logau u. Hans Assmann. YIL J. W. Zinckgref, And. 
Tscherning, E. C. Homburg u. Paul Gerhard. Yllt. J. Eist u. 

D. G. Morhof. IX. G. P. Harsdorffer, J. Klaj, Sigm. v. Birken, 
A. Scultetus, J. G. Schottel, A. Olearius u. J. Scheffler. X. J. 
C. Giinther. XL J. Schureger, G. Neumark u. Joachim Nean- 
der. XII. Fried. Spee. XtiL Zach. Lund, D. Schirmer u. P. 
Zesen. XIY. Christian Hoffman, D. Caspar, Ch. Wernike, F. 

E. von Canitz, Chr. Weise, J. von Besser, H. Miihlpforth, B. 
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Biblioth^que de Poche. See Curiosites litteraires, etc. 

Bibliotheque des Auteurs de France. 4to. Paris, 1719 

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Math. 4. 

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Bickerstaff J. Maid of the Mill ; Love in a Yillage ; Lionel and Cla- 
rissa, Comedies. BelVs Br. Theatre, 8, 13, 21. 

The Padlock ; The Sultan ; Dr. Last in his Chariot, Comedies. 

Mod. Br. Drama, 5. 

The Hypocrite ; The Eecruiting Sergeant ; The Eomp. Lon- 
don Stage, 1, 3, 4. 

Bickham W. D. Eosecrans' Campaign with the 14th Army Corps. 

12mo. Cincinnati, 1863 

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8vo. Mitau, 1852 

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Nervensysteras. 4to. Leipzig, 1842 

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68 A8T0K tIBEAET. 

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De Bibliotheca Patriarcharum. ito. Freibergas, 1542 

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Sul moto pennanente dell' acqua ne' canali oHzontali. 

^ 4to. Mod en a, 1824 

' — Sur la Forme et la Direction des Teines et Courants d'Eau 

lances par diverses Ouvertures. 4to. Turin, 1829 

Sur la determination th^orique de la section contract^e des 

Teines liqnides. 4to. Turin, 1829 

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Lehre des Geistes— Seelenlehre, 3 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1860 

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Bierman A. De Hydrope Ovarii. 8vo. Gottingee, 1846 

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dans les Gaules et sur le lieu oii s'est donnee la fameuse battaille 
de Soissons. Leber Diss. Y. 1 & 2. 

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etbnographiscben Charakterbildern. 8vo. Stuttgart, 1860 

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of England and the interest of the tT. States. 4to. Boston, 1862 

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-«--- — - History of the Cemetery of Mt. Auburn. 12mo. Boston, 1860 

®i^6low J. M. See Pacific Railroad Survey, V. 4. 

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i&f Eng. 

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tive to the,County of Gloucester. 2 vols. Fol. London, 1791 

Biglow "W". History of the Town of Natick, Mass. 8vo. Boston, 1830 

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politique- M^m. Acad. 8a. Mor. K. S. 1, 

Bigot J. Relation dece qui s'est passe de plus remarkable dans la mis- 
sion Abnaquiee de St. Joseph de Sillery etdans la nouvelle Mis- 
sion de St. Frangois, de Sales. Sm, 4to. Manate, 1857 

Relation de oe qui S'est passe de plus remarquable dans la Mis- 
sion Abnaquise, l€85,et,1701. 2 vols. sm. 4to. Manate, 1858 

Copie d'une lettre escrite par le pere J. Bigot 1684, pour accom- 

pagner un collier 4ep)or<;dain envoi^e par les Abnaquis au tom- 
beau de leur Saint Patiioni,.Annecy. Sm. 4to. Manate, 1858 

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8vo. Genova, 1798 

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2 vols. 12mo. London, 1850 

Bildnisse beriihmter Deutscher. 4to. Leipzig, 1850-1861 

The Portraits in this eolleetion arej: Bach, Beethoven, Blu- 
menbach, Cornelius, Fichte, Gluok, Goethe, L. J. Grimm, Han- 
del, Haydn, Hegel, Herder, A. v. Humboldt, "W. v. Humboldt, 
Kant, Klopstock, Lessing, Mozart, Niebuhr, Ranch, Richter, 
Rtickert, Schelling, Schiller, Schinkel, Schleiermacher, Tieck, 
Uhland, Wieland, Winckelmann. 
.Bille S. B«richt iiber die Reise der Dorvette Galathea um die "Welt. 

8vo. iKopenhagen, 1852 


Billing A. Die Grundleliren der Medicin iibers. 8vo. Leipzig, 1842 

Billing S. and Prince A. The Law and Practice of Patents and Eegis- 

tration of Designs. 8vo. London, 1845 

Billings E. See Canada Gwlogical Report. 
Billings R. W. An Attempt to Define the Geometric Proportions of 

Gothic Architecture. 4to. London, 1840 

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Binder "W. Novus Thesaurus Adagiorum Latinorum — Lateinischer 

Sprichwdrterschatz. 12mo. Stuttgart, 1861 

Binet C. La vie de Pierre de Eonsard. Cimher, S. 1, V. 10. 
Binet J. P. M. Sur la theorie des Axes conjugues et moments d'inertie 

des Ooi-ps. M^moire. 

Sur la Composition des Forces et des Moments. 4to. Paris. 

Bingham C. The American Preceptor Improved, 12mo. Boston, 1837 

Bingham P. Law of Landlord and Tenant. 8 vo. Philadelphia, 1836 

Binkerschoek C. van. Opera omnia, in quibus multa ex Eomano 

veteri, necnon ex Gentium et publico universali, etiamque Hol- 

landise cum publico tum privato jure capita tractantur, edidit 

P. P. Vicat. _ ■ 2 vols. Fol. Colonic, 1761 

Contents : Vol. L Observationes Juris Romani ; Opuscula 

varii Argumenti. IL Opera minora; Quaestiones juris public! 

et juris privati. 
Binney W, G. See Pacific Railroad Survey, V. 6. 
Binney H. Eulogy on 0. J. Marshall. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1835 

Inquiry into the Formation of Washington's Farewell Address. 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1859 
Biographical Sketches of Distinguished Greeks (in mod. Gr.). 

12mo. Vienna, 1808 
Biographie g6nerale des Beiges morts ou vivants. Roy. 8vo. Bruxelles, 1850 
Biographie (nouv.) g^nerale cont. to vol. 36. 
Biographie universelle, Supplem't, vol. 84, 85. 
Biographien beriihmter Baumeister, See Kloden u. Kndbelsdorff. 
Biography of Self-Taught Men. 8vo. Boston, 1859 

Bion Smyrneeus. Eeliqui^. Brunck Analeota, 1. 

Biondelli B. Scoperta dell' America da alcune Scandinave. 

8vo. Milano, 1839 

SuUo stato attuale della Sardegna. 8vo. Milano, 1841 

SuUo studio comparativo delle lingue. 8vo. Milano, 1839 

Sulla Grammatica del Dott. J. Grimm. 8vo. Milano, 1840 

Influenza delle Nazioni Germaniche, Slave e Finniche, sugli 

Studi dall' Epoca del Risorgimento delle lettere fino k noi. 

8vo. Milano, 1840 

Biondo da Forli. Roma ristaurata et Italia illustrata, in buona lingua 

vulgare per Lucio Fauno. 12mo. Vinezia, 1558 

Biot J. B. Notice sur la vie et les ouvrages de Newton. 8vo. Paris. 

Melanges scientifiques et litteraires. 3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1858 

■ Recherches de quelques dates absolues qui peuvent se conclure 

des dates vagues inscrites sur des monuments Egyptiens. Me- 

moires de VAcad. 1841, V. 24. 
Sur un Calendrier astronomique et astrologique trouve a Thebes 

en Egypte. Ibidem. 


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S. 2, Y. 3. 

Memoire sur une Patere Egjptienne. 8vo. Paris, 1858 

History of Ancient Pottery. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1858 

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Bird J. Historical Eesearches on the Origin and Principles of the 

Bouddha and Jaima Religions. Pol. Bombay, 1847 

Birgitta den Heliga. Uppenbarelse om Kyrkans tillstand (1367) Swe- 
dish and Latin. 4to. Stockholm, 1854 

Birgys Barys. A Newspaper in the Arabic Language. Fol. 

Birkbeck Dr. On the Preservation of Timber by Kyan's Patent for 

preventing Dry Rot. 8vo. London, 1834 

Birken J. Auserlesene Oedichte heransg. von Miiller. 12mo. Leipzig, 1826 

Birnbaum H, Galileo Galilei. 12mo. Frankfurt, 1649 

Biron Due de. Histoire de sa vie, conspiration, j ngement et mort 1602. 
Cimber Diss. S. 1, V. 14. 

Birt W. E. Handbook of the Law of Storms. 8vo. Liverpool, 1853 

Bischof G. Die vulcanisch. Mineralquellen Deutschlands u. Frank- 

reichs. 12mo. Bonn, 1826 

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natione ; Locorum rhetoricorum distinctio ; De disciplina scho- 
larum ; De duabus naturis et una persona ; De unitate Dei ; An 
pater, Alius, spiritus sanctus de Deo affirmari possint ; An bonum 
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. Same, Translated by Chaucer. See ChoMoer's Works. 

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Deklinaison in den Finnischen Sprachen ; Die Consonanten 
Erweichung ; Die Conjugation in den Finnischen Sprachen; 
DenkmalerDreierKoniginneninK. K. Aegyptischen Oabinette ; 
Zur Magyarischen Etymologic ; Yergleichende Analyse des 
Magyarischen Yerbums ; Die Wurzelsuffixe in den TJral-Altai- 
schen Sprachen ; Die Pronominal Affixe des Ural- Alt. Sprachen ; 
Die Uebereinstimmung der Tempus und Modus Charaktere in 
den Ural-Altaischen Sprachen ; Nachweise dass das Japanische 
zum Ural-Altaische Stamme gehdrt. Wiener Acad. Sitzungsb. 
Fhil. Th. 10-15, 17, 19, 22, 2:^. 


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V. 9. 

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sophiqnes sur les premiers objets des connoissances morales; 
Demonstration philosophique du principe constitutif de la So- 
ciete. Meditations politiques tir6es de I'fivangile. II.-IV. 
Theorie de pouvoir politique et religieux dans la society civile 
demontree par le raisonnement et par I'histoire suivi de la The- 
orie de I'education sociale, et de I'ad ministration publique. 
Y.-VI. Melanges, litteraires, politiques et philosophiques. 
YII. Sur les lois naturelles de I'ordre social; Du divorce ; Pieces 
Bur divers sujets. 

Bonamy P. N. Sur les noms Francia et Franci, et sur les titres Eeges 
Francorum et Reges Franciss ; Sur I'origine et la signification 
de la formula " Par la grace de Dieu ;" Sur revaluation de nos 
monnaies et de nos mesures anciennes ; Sur les causes de la ces- 
sation de la langue tudesque en France et sur le systeme du 
gouvernement pendant le regne de Charlemagne et de ses suc- 
cesseurs ; Sur le lieu, les circonstances et les suites de I'assassinat 
de Louis due d'Orleans frere du Charles VL ; Memoires sur 
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8vo. Paris, 1815 

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vertebrati. 8vo. Roma, 1831 

Iconographie des Pigeons non figures par Mad. Knip dans les 

deux volumes de MM. Temminck et Provost ; (Ouvrage non ter- 
mini en consequence de la mort de I'Auteur.) Fol. Paris, 1857-58 

The whole number of Pigeons known is 304. Mad. Knip's 
work describes and figures 140. Bonaparte proposed to com- 
plete the remaining 168, but lived only long enough to prepare 
58 for publication. 


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^ 8vo, Eoma, 1843 

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de Paris ; Appel du Jngement de la premiere Instance. 

' ^ ^ ^ 8vo. Baltimore, 1861 

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par Napoleon. 8vo. Paris, 1820 

Essai sur la versification. 2 vols. 8vo. Eome, 1825-6 

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porto atomico. 8vo. Firenze, 1839 

Parabola de Seminatore ex Evang.JMatthsei in LXII. Europseas 

linguas versa. " 8vo. London, 1857 


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fiumi. Raccolta d''Autori, 6. 
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4to. Eoma, 1852 

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atory of Harvard College, Cambridge, Mass. 1847-57. 4to. Cambridge. 
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Castelvetro. 8vo. Firenze, 1819 

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Sicil. 19. 
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et Coronensi. ScJiwandtner Sarvpt. Mer. Hv/rog. 1. 
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Bonifacius Papa II. Epistolse et decreta. Ihid. 63. 
Bonifacius Papa YIII. Circonstances du demele avec Philippe le Bel. 

Bulla de Boniface et observations par Guillard snr la BuUe. 

Leber Diss. 17. 
Bonifacius Episc. Metensis. Yita ; Epistolse ; Juramentum quo se Gre- 

5orio II. astrinxit ; Consilia ; Sermones ; Miscellanea. Pai/rol. 
'.at. 89. 
Bonifacius Batt. De majoribus comitiis et judiciis capitalibus reipub- 

licse Yenetse. Thes. Ant. Ital. Y. 5. 

De Archivis. Polenus, 1. 

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Ital. 21. 
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Aristotelische Studien; Beitraee zur ErMarung des Sophokles, 

des Thucydides. Wiener Acaa. Sitsimgsh. Phil. Theil. 10, 12, 

17, 23, 27, 33, 39. 


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1849-1856. 7 vols. 8vo. Bonn, 1849-56 

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et des Organes de 1' Audition. 8vo. Paris, 1860 

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dessin^s et graves par P. Mercnrj. 2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1845 

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12mo. Paris, 1858 
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Paris, 1789-90. Enaycl. MHhodique. 
Bonnaterre P. J. et Viellot L. P. Ornitliologie. 3 vols, et Atlas 4to. 

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qu'a nos jours. Prec^d^e d'une introduction. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1856 
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18 vols. 8vo. Neuchatel, 1777-83 
Contents : Vol. I. Traits d'Insectologie. II. Observations sur 
les Insectes. III. Memoires d'histoire naturelle. IV. Recher- 
ches sur I'usage des Feuilles. V.-VI. Considerations sur les 
Corps organises. VII.-IX. Contemplations de la Nature. 
X.-XII. iicrits et lettres sur divers sujets d'histoire naturelle. 
XII.-XIV. Essai analytique sur les facultes de I'ame. XV.- 
XVI. La Palingen^sie philosophique. XVII. Essai de Psycho- 
logic. XVIII. Ecrits divers. 
Bonneville P. F. Traite des Monnaies d'or et d'argent qui circulent 

chez les differents Peuples. Fol. Paris, 1806 

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Book (The) of German Songs ; from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth 
Century. Translated and edited by H. "W. Dulcken. 

12mo. London, 1856 
Book of Rights, now for the fii-st time edited with translation and notes 

by J. O'Donovan. 8vo. Dublin, 1847 

Book (The) of Table-Talk by several Contributors. 

2 vols. 12mo. London, 1847 
Boole G. An Investigation of the Laws of Tliought ; on which are 
founded the mathematical theories of Logic and Probabilities. 

8vo. London, 1854 
Boone D. Life. 12mo. Dayton, 1856 

Boone W. J. Address in Behalf of the China Mission. 8vo. New York, 1837 
Boot J. C. G. Disputatio ad locum Juris Romani de Captis et redemp- 

tia ab Hostibus. 8vo, Lugd.-Bat. 1836 

Boot J. C. G. De Pericle ejnsque in civitatem Atticam meritis. 

8vo. Trajecti ad Rhenum, 1835 

De Bello sacro Phocensi. 8vo. Lugd.-Bat. 1836 

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Same, third Edition. 12mo. Dublin, 1791 


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Booth J. E. and Morfit 0. On recent Improvements in the Ghemical 

Arts. Smithsonian Misc. 2. 
Bopp E. Yergleichende Gramm. 2te Auflage. 8.vo. Berlin, 1856 

A Comparative Grammar of the Sanscrit, Zend, Greek, Latin, 

Lithuanian, Gothic, German, and 'Sclavonic Languages, trans- 
lated from the second German Ed. by E. B. Eastvrick. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1856 

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Contents : Vol. I. De I'origine di Firenze. 11. Delle citta 
di Eiesole ; della Toscana e di sue citta, dei municipie e colonie 
Eomane ; delle colonie Latine ; delle colonie militari ; Dei Fasti 
Pomani e del modo di citare gli anni. III. Dell' arme delle 
famiglie Florentine ; Della moneta Fiorentina. IV". Se Firenze 
fu spianata da Attila e riedificato da Carlo Magno ; Se Firenze 
ricompero la liberta da Ridolfo Imp. ; Delia Ohiesa e Yescovi 
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Mith. . '' 

Botanique d'Exploration scient. d'Alg^rie, et du Voyage dii 

Capt. Diiperrey autour du monde. 

Eelation des Travaux de la section des sciences physiques, de 

I'Expedition de la Moree. 

Histoire et description des lies de I'Ocean. 8vo. Paris, 1840 

Justification de sa conduite et ses opinions. 8vo. Paris, 1815 

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Committee. 8vo. London, 1810 

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des forgts. Encyo. Meth. 

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Ant. Ital. IX. p. 6. 

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Riflessioni snlla relatione del S. Ximenes appartenenti al pro- 

getto di un nuovo ozzeri nello stato Lucchese. Ibidem. 
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Ant. Rom. 5. 

De Pontifice max. Rorase veteris. Tbiclem. 

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Romana. Sallengre, 2. 
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12mo. Boston, 1846 
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Boston T. and Baine J. Select Sermons. 12mo. Edinb. 1S50 

Boston j Mass. The Boston Almanac for 1 858. 12mo. Boston, 1857 

Athenseum and Public Library, on the Union of. 8vo. Boston, 1853 

Births, Marriages, and Deaths for the year 1854-55. 

Bto. Boston, 1855-56 

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Directory of the Citizens and Business Directory. 8vo. Boston, 1856 

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Mercantile Library Report for 1857. 

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• Public Liijrary, Rules and Regulations adopted Nov. 1853. 

Reports of the Trustees, 1858-63. 8vo. Boston, 1858-63 

Proceedings at the Dedication of the Bnilding. Svo. Boston, 1858 

Index to the Catalogue of a portion of the Library arranged in 

the lower Hall. Svo. Boston, 1858 

Index to the Catalogue of Books in the upper Hall. 

Svo. Boston, 1861 
Public Schools. Report of the School Comm. 1857. Svo. Bost. 1858 

" Report of the Superintendent, 1853. 

Svo. Boston, 1853 

— ■: Rail R. Reports. Boston and Providence. Directors' R. for 


" " Boston and "Worcester. Directors' R. for 1814. 

Rainsford Island Hospital Report for ISoS. 

Receipts and Expenditure. Auditor's Reports, 44th and 46th. 

Svo. Boston. 1856-58 
Societies. See Am. Acad. Arts — Mass. Hist. Soc. — Prls. Disc. 


" Natural H. Society Journal, cont'd to 1859. 

" " " Proceedings, cont'd to 1863. 

" Seamen's Aid. 8th Ann. Report. Svo. Boston, 1S41 

Taxes. List of Persons, Copartnei-ships, and Corporations who 

were taxed on ten thousand dollars and upwards in the years 

1856, '7, '8. Svo. Boston. 
Water Documents. Papers relating to the introduction of pure 

water. Svo. Boston, 1837-38 

Wrecking Comp. Report of the Directors. Svo. Boston, 1856 

Proceedings of the Constitutional Meeting at Faneuil Hall, Nov. 

26th, 1850. Svo. Boston, 1850 


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and Memoh-s of Pascal Paoli. 3d Edition. 8vo. London, 1769 

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Classics and of the Sacred Scriptures. 4:to. London, 1861 

■ Memorials of the Families of De Boteville, Thynne, and Botfield 

in the Counties of Salop and "Wilts. 4to. Westminster, 1868 

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d'Amcrique. 4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1812-13 

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8vo. New York, 1860 
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8vo. New York, 1862 
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Bouchard L. Traite' des Construction rurales. 8vo. Paris, 1858 

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Boucher de Perthes M. Antiquites Celtiques. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris. 

Chants Armoricains. 12mo. Paris, 1831 

■ Opinion de M. Cristophe sur les prohibitions. 12mo. Paris, 1831 

Nouvelles — Paola ; Les trois songes, etc. 12mo. Paris, 1832 

Satires, Chants et Chansonnettes. 12mo. Paris, 1833 

Petit Glossaire, Esquisse de Moeurs. 2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1835 

De la creation, sur I'origine et la progression des 6tres. 

5 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1841 

■ Petites solutions de grands mots. 12mo. Abbeville, 1848 

Komances, Ballades et Legendes. 12mo. Paris, 1849 

Hommes et choses, Alphabet des passions et des sensations. 

4 vols, 12mo. Paris, 1850-51 

Sujets Dramatiques. 2 vols. 12nio. Paris, 1852 

Emma ou quelques lettres de femme. 12mo. 1852 

Yoyage a Constantinople par ITtalie et la Grece. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1855 
De la femme dans I'etat social, de son travail, etc. 

^^, ^, 8vo. Abbeville, 1860 
JNegre et Blanc, de qui sommes nous fils? Y-a-t-il une ou plu- 

s;eirs especes. 8vo. Paris, 1861 
Les Masques ; Biographie sans noms ; Portraits de mes connois- 

s^"ces. ^ 2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1861 

De la suprematie de I'Angleterre et de sa dur6e. 16mo. Paris, 1862 

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Bouchet J. Pandgyrique du Chevalier sans reproche Louis de la Tre- 

mouille. Petitot, S. 1, Y. 14. 
Bouchitte. Histoire des preuves de I'existence de Dieu depuis les temps 

les plus recules jusqu'a la philosophic contemporaine : De la 

notion de Dieu dans ses rapports avec I'imagination et la sensi- 

bilite ; De la persistance de la personality apres la mort. Mim 

Acad. Sg. Morales. Mrang. N. S. 1, 2. 
BouchotA. Histoire du Portugal et de ses Colonies. 12mo Paris 1854 
Boucicault Marechal. Livre de faits du bon messire Jean le Maingre' 

Jmokaud Mem. 6. ° 

Tableau du regne de Charles YL Fetitot, S. 2, Y. 6 

BoudinA. Histoire de Marseille. 8vo Paris 1859 

Histoire g^nealogique du Mus^e des Croissades. * ' 

3 vols. 4to. Paris, 1858-62 



Boudin J. C. M. Carte physique et ra6teorologique du globe terrestre, 
comprenant la distribution geograpluque de la temperature, des 
vents, des pluies, etc. Paris, 1851 

Traite de Geographie et de statistique m^dicales. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1857 

Boudinot E. A Star in the West, or an Attempt to Discover the Long 

Lost Ten Tribes. 8vo. Trenton, 1816 

Boue A. Chronol. Katalog der Nordlichter bis z. Jahre 1856. 

8vo. Wien, 1856 

Bouez de Sigogne. M^thode pour guerir les maladies ven'^riennes. 

12mo. Paris, 1722 

Bougeault A. Precis historique et chronologique de la Litt6rature 

Pran^aise depuis ses origines jusqu'a nos jours. 12mo. Paris, 1860 
Bouguer P. Traite d'Optique sur la gradation de la lumiere. 

4to. Paris, 1860 
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Diet, univei-sel d'Histoire et de Geographie, nouv. ed. 

8vo. Paris, 1860 

Boulainvilliers M. de. Histoire de I'aucien gouvernement de France. 

3 vols. 18mo. La Haye, 1727 
Bouillier M. Histoire des divers corps de la maison militaire des rois 

de France. 8vo. Paris, 1818 

Boulenger J. 0. See Bulengerus J. O. 
Boulogne Bois de. See Lohet J. 
Bouquet Dom. Suite vol. 21, publ. par Guigniant et Wailly. 

Bourasse J. J. Les Cathedrales de France. 8vo. Tours, 1843 
Dictionnaire d'Archeologie sacr^e. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1851 

Bourbon N. Poemata. Del. Poet. Oall. 1. 

Bourdaloue Le P. Sermons pour 1' A vent et le Car^me. 

8 vols. 18mo. Paris, 1830 ' 

Domini cal es ; Exhortations ; Mysteres. 14 vols. 18mo. Paris, 1830- 

Pan^gyriques ; Ketraite spirituelle pour les Religieux. 

3 vols. Paris, 18'30 
Pensees sur divers sujets de religion et morale. 

5 vols. 18mo. Paris, 1830 
CEuvres (Contents as above). 6 vols. 8vo. Besangon, 1852 

Bourdeille C. de. Memoires. Michaud Mem. S. 3, V. 3. 

Bourdeille 0. de. Lettres a Charles IX., Henri IH., etc., avec leur 
r^ponses. Brantome (Ev/vres, Y. 15. 

Bourdon de Ligoris. Considerations sur les Gaulois, les Francs et les 
Fran§ais. Cfuisot Mem. France, 1. 

Bourdon P. M. These de Mecanique. 4to. Parisj 1811 

Bourgade F. Toison d'or de la langue Phenicienne. Fol. Paris, 1856 

• Passage du Goran a I'Evangile. 8vo. Paris, 1855 

Bourgelat 0. illements de Part v6terinaire. 8vo. Paris, 1832 

Bourgeois dite Boursier. Comment et en qitel temps la reine accoucha 

de M. le dauphin d present Louis XIIL Michavd Mem. S. 1, 

V. 11. 
De la chambre a coucher d'une reine de France. Leber 

Diss. 20. 



Bourgery J. M. Trait6 complet de I'Anatomie de I'homme avec 

planches par N. H. Jacob. „ i -p i -p„„:„ irqi ka. 

Text 8 vols. Fol. Planches 8 vols. Fol. Pans, 1831-5* 

Bourgogne Due de. Siemens de G^om6trie. td. revue par M. Male- ^^^^ 


Bourgo^ne Due de. Projets de Gourernement du Due de Bourgogtie 
^ Dauphin. Meraoire attribu^ au Due de Saint Simon et pubhe 
pour la premiere fois par M. P. Mesnard. 8vo. Pans, 1861 

Bourgogne Duchesse de. Souvenirs d'une Demoiselle <^'^^^^^"p^j.jg ^gg^ 

Bourgoing M. et Beaubl6 S. Oalligraphie. Fol. Paris, s. a. 

Bourne B. F. The Captive in Patagonia. 12mo. Boston, 1853 

Bourne H. B. F. A Memoir of Sir P. Sidney. 8vo. London, 1862 

Bourne J. Catechism of the Steam Engine. 12mo. London, 1857 

Bournon Comte de. Catalogue raisonn6 des Diamants dans le Cabinet 
de Sir A. Hume, avec la Traduction en Anglais. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1815 

BourritM. T. Description des Alpes Pennines et Eh6tiennes. 

^ 2 vols. 8vo. Geneve, 1781 
Itin^raire de Geneve, des Glaciers de Chamouni, du Yalais et 

du Canton de Vaud. , 12mo. Geneve, 1808 

Boutan M. Sur la topographic et I'histoire de Lesbos, Archives des 

Miss. Soient. 5. 
Boutell C. A Manual of British Archaeology. 12mo. London, 1858 

Bouterweck F. Ueber die Moglichkeit einer philosophischen Klassi- 

ficalion der Mineralkorper. 12mo. Gottingen, 1808 

Bouvry G. F. J. Expositio Eubricarum Breviarii Missalis et Kitualis 

Komani cum annotationibus de Origine, Eatione ac sensu Mys- 

tico Eubricarum, Cseremoniarum et Festorum. 

2 vols. 12mo. "Wissenburgi, 1860 

Bovet F. Voyage en Terre-Sainte. 8Vo. Paris, 1861 

Bowdich T. E. The African Committee. 8vo. London, 1819 

On the Superstitions, Customs, and Arts common to the Ancient 

Egyptians, Abyssinians, and Ashantees. ito. Paris, 1821 

Bowditch ]Sr. L Suffolk Surnames. Third Ed. 8vo. Boston, 1861 

Bowen Capt. Statement of Facts in Answer to Mrs. Gunning. 

8vo. London, 1Y92 

Boviren E. Pictorial Sketch Book of Pennsylvania. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1853 

Slavery in the Meth. Episc. Church. 12mo. Auburn, 1859 

Bowen T. J. Grammar and Dictionary of the Yoruba Language. 

Smitlisonian Contributions, V. 10. 
Bowen "W". B. Calumny Eefated — Answer to T. H. Lewis. 

8vo. K Orleans, 1839 
Bowles "W. L. Thoughts on the Increase of Crimes, the Education of 

the Poor, and the National Schools. 8vo. Salisbury, s. a. 

The plain Bible and the Prot. Ch. in England. 8vo. Bath, 1818 

Vindication of Winchester College. 8vo. Bath, 1818 

^®P\y *" t^6 Eeviewer of Spence's Anecdotes. 8vo. Bath, 1820 

A V indication of the Editor of Pope's Works. 8vo. London, 1821 

Observations on the Poetical Character of Pope^ 8vo. 1821 


W. L. Bowles. The Grave of the Last Saxon, or the Legend of the 

Curfew. 8vo. London, 1822 

Letters to Lord Byron on a question of Poetical Criticism ; to 

which are added the Letter to Mr. Campbell as far as regards 
Poetical Criticism and the answer to the writer in the London 
Quarterly. 8vo. London, 1822 

— A Yoice from St. Peter's and St. Paul's, being a few plain 

words on some late accusations against the Church Establish- 
ment. 8vo. London, 1823 

A Final Appeal to the Literary Public, relative to Pope in reply 

to Mr. KoBCoe. 8vo. London, 1825 

Lessons in Criticism to W. Koscoe in answer to his Letter on the 

Character and Poetry of Pope. 8vo. London, 1826 

A Word on Cathedral Oratories and Clergy Magistrates. 

8vo. London, 1830 

— On the Patronage of the English Bishops. 8vo. Bristol, 1836 

A Final Defence of the Eights of Patronage in Deans and Chap- 
ters. 8vo. London, 1838 

Bowman H. & Crowther J. S. The Churches of the Middle Ages, 
being select specimens of early and middle pointed structures, 
with a few of the purest late pointed examples. 

2 vols. Fol. London, s. a. 

Bowman J. E. Handbook of Medical Chemistry. 12mo. Phil. 1855 

Bowman W. Surgery. Ency. Metrop. 7. 

Bowring J. The Kingdom and People of Siam. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1857 
Details of Arrest and Imprisonment by the Bourbon Govern- 
ment. 8vo. London, 1823 

Boxhornius M. J. Qusestiones Eomanse, quibus plurima Antiquitatis 
monumenta eruuntur et explicantur. Thes. Antiq. Rom. 5. 

Boyd M. A. Epistol se Heroidn m. Del. Poet. Scot. 2. 

Boy's (The) Book of Ballads. l2mo. London, 1861 

Boyce W. B. Grammar of the Kafir Language. 4to. Graham's T. 1834 

Boyer F. Parallele de la doctrine des Payens avec celle des Jesuites. 

8vo. Amsterdam, 1Y28 

Boyer M. Manuel du Porcelainier, du Faiencier, Potior de Terre, du 

Briquetier, du Tuilier. 2 vols. 16mo. Paris, 1846 

Boyes J. F. Life and Books, or Records of Thought and Eeading. 

12mo. London, 1859 

Boyle E. "Works, with Life by T. Birch. 5 vols. Fol. London, 1Y44 

The Papers in these volumes are very numerous and many of 
them very short, on which account they are not specified. A 
full table of Contents is given in the first vol. of the works, next 
following the Life. 

Boyman J. E. De lineis loxodromicis in datis superficiebus. 

4to. Berolini, 1839 

Boynton E. C. History of Westpoint. 8vo. New York, 1863 

Boyse S. Poems and Life. Chalmers' Eng. Poets, 14. 

Boyvin F. de. Baron Du Yillars. Memoires sur les guerres tant en 

Piedmont qu' au Montferral. Petitot, S. 1, Y. 28-30. 
Les memes. Miohavd Mem. S. 1, Y. 10. 


Brabant. Les Plans et Piofils des principales villes et lienx considera- 
bles du Duche de Brabant, avec la carte generale et les cartes _ 
particulieres de cbaque gouvernemeut. Fol. Pans. 

Bracciolini F. Opere. 8vo. Milano, 1804 

Contents: Vita scritta da Mazznchelli. Lo Scberno degli 

Poesie Lirici ; Poesie Knsticali. Raccolta di Lirici. 

Brace 0. L. On Pauper and Vagrant Children. 8vo. E". T. 1859 

The Eaces of the Old World, a Manual of Ethnology. 

8vo. New York, 1863 

Barcellius J. Diploma mirse antiquitatis in agro Genuensi repert. ; 

Orse Ligusticse descriptio. 2'hes. Antiq. Ital. I. p. 1, 2. 
Brachet J. L. Eecherches experimentales sur les Fonctions da syst^me 

nerveux. Deuxi^me Edition. 8vo. Paris, 183Y 

Brack C. Traduction de Dissertations et Lettres de plusieurs Savans. 

Svo. Genes, 1807 

Brackenridge H. M. Eecollections of the West. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1834 
Early Discoveries by Spaniards in N. Mexico. Svo. Pittsburg, 1857 

Bi-ackett A. G. General Lane's Brigade in Central Mexico. 

12mo. Cincinnati, 1854 

Bradby J. Law of Distresses, with additions by J. Adams. Svo. Phil. 1833 
Bradford A. W. Keport of Cases Argued and Determined in the Sur- 
rogate's Court of the City of New York. 

3 vols. 8vo. New York, 1851-56 
Bradford J. Selections from his Writings, being Life, Acts, and Mar- 
tyrdom. Epistles ; Meditations upon the Lord's Prayer, Creed, 
and Ten Commandments; Godly Meditations on Prayer; De- 
fence of Election ; Against the Fear of Death ; Sermons ; Pa- 
pers and Epistles. R%chmond^s Early Prot. Reformers. 
Bradford S. D. Works. ■ Svo. Boston, 1858 

Contents : College Orations and Exercises ; Letters to Public 
Men ; Speeches ; Obituarj-^ Notices and Miscellaneous Writings. 

Letters in Favor of Free Trade. Svo. Boston, 1846 

Bradford W. History of Plymouth Plantation now first printed from 

the original MS. Svo. Boston, 1856 

Bradley J. Some of the Beauties of Freemasonry. 18mo. Albany, 1821 
Bradley E. Practical Points in Conveyancing. Svo. London, 1826 

Bradley T. Practical Geometry, Linear Perspective and Projection. 

Svo. London, s. a. 
Bradshaw. Eailway Guide for G. B. and Ireland. Various years. 
Brady H. A. Catalogue of his Library. 8vo. New York, 1855 

Brady E. Introduction to Old Engl. History. Fol. London, 1684 

Continuation of the Comp. Hist, of England. Fol. London, 1700 

Braithwaite W. Eetrospect of Prac. Med. cout. to 1863. 

Brampton T. Paraphrase on the Seven Penitential Psalms, edited by 

W. H. Black for the Percy Society. Svo. London, 1842 

Brand (The). A Sacred Poem and other Poems. 16mo. Phil. 1862 

Brand H. Hypothesis cometarum et historia cometarum, 1680-82. 

4to. Marburg, 1683 
Brande W. T, A Dictionary of Materia Medica and Practical Pliar- 

"i^°y- ■ Svo. London, 1839 


Brandes Fr. John Knox der Keformator Schotlands. 8vo. Elberfeld, 1862 
Brandes H. B. 0. Das ethnographische Yerhaltniss der Kelten nnd 

Germanen nach den Ansichten der Alten nnd den sprachlicheu 

Ueberresten. 8vo. Leipzig, 1857 

Brandon B. & J. A. Parish Churches, being Perspective Views of 

English Ecclesiastical Structures. 8vo. London, 1848 

Brandt C. J. Legender. 12mo. Kjobenhavn, 1851-53 

De hellige Kvinder, en Legende Samling. 8vo. Kjob. 1859 

Brandt S. Narrenschiff. See Soheible Das Kloster, V. 1. 

Brandon 0. Pleasure Visitor's Companion in making the Tour of the 

Isle of Wight. 12mo. Wooton, 1860 

BranstonF. F. Cyclopaedia of Practical Receipts. 12mo. London, 1853 
Brantingham T. de. Issue Boll of 13T0. Record Commission. 
Brard C. P. Elements pratiques d'Exploitation. 8vo. Paris, 1829 

Brarens H. Praktische Schifferkunde. 12mo. Friedrichstadt, 1807 

Brasipius M. Carmina. Del. Poet. Germ. 1. 
Brasseur de Bourbourg. Histoire du Mexique et de I'Amerique cen- 

trale, durant les siecles anterieurs a Chris. Colombe. 

4 vols, 8vo. Paris, 1857-59 
Histoire du Canada et de ses Missions depuis la decouverte de 

I'Amerique jusqu'a nos jours. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1852 

Braulio S. Episc. Epistolee ; Vita S. Ji^miliani confessoris ; Acta de 

martyribus Csesar-Augustanis. Pat/rol. Lot. 80. 
Braun C. A. De reductione polygonorum irregularium ad regularia. 

4to. Jena, 1740 
Braun J. E. Amoenitates subterranese, id est Breviarium de Metalli- 

Fodinarum Harcicarum. 4to. Goslar, 1726 

Braunius J. De Adolitione SufiStns. Ugolino, XL 

De Sanctitate Sum mi Pontiiicis. Ihid. XII. 

Brayer A. Neuf annees a Constantinople. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1836 

Brayley E. W. See Britton and Brayley. 

Brazer J. Lessons of the Past, a Sermon. 8vo. Salem, 1837 

Discourse on the Life of L. Saltonstall. 8vo. Salem, 1845 

Brazil, Piloto du, on Description des C6tes de I'Amerique Meridionale, 

situees entre I'lle Santa-Catarina et celle de Maranhao. 

Fol. Paris, 1826 
Kemontrances des n^gocians contre les insultes faites an pavil- 
ion Portugais. 8vo. Paris, 1814 
Revista da Instituto historico, v. 15. 8vo. Rio, 1852 

Br6beuf J. D. Relation de ce qui s'est passe aux Hurons, 1635, 36, 37. 

Brebisson A. de. Nouv. Methode Photographique sur Cullodion. 

8vo. Paris, 1863 
Traits comp. de Photographie sur Collodion. 8vo. Paris, 1855 

Bredahl C. Dramatiske Scener.. 3 vols. 12mo. Kjobenhavn, 1855 

Bredow G. C. Compendious View of Universal History and Litera- 
ture, to which is appended a Table of Painters. Fol. London, 1820 

Breen H. H. St. Lucia, Historical, Statistical, etc. 8vo. London, 1844 

Modern English Literature, its Blemishes and Defects. 

8vo. London, 1857 
Bref till en van under en Resa i Landsorterua. 12mo. Sthm. 1800 


BreidQdrd S. Eimur af Jomsvikinga Sogur, 12mo. s. 1. 1836 

Eimur af Yaldimar og Sveini. 8vo. s. 1. 1842 

Breithaupt A. Ueber die Aechtheit der Kristalle. 12mo. Freiberg, 1815 
Brekell J. Euroclydon, or the Dangers of the Sea, considered in some 

reflections upon St. Paul's Voyage and Shipwreck. 8vo. Lond. 1744 
Brendel F. Geschichte der Musik in Italien, Deutschland nnd Frank- 

reich ; von den ersten Cbristlichen Zeiten bis auf die Gegenwart. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1860 

Brenton J. J. Yoices from the Press. Collection of Sketches, Essays 

and Poems by Practical Printers. 8vo. New York, 1860 

Brequigny L. G. O. F. de. Sur les Kegences en France. Leler 

Diss. 4. 
Memoire sur les diflferends entre la France et I'Angleterre sous 

le regne de Charles le bel. Leber Diss. 18. 
Eecherches sur les communes et sur les Bourgeoises. Ihid. 

Y. 20. 
Brereton H. The most Pleasant Song of Lady Bessy, edited by J. O. 

Halliwell for the Percy Society. 8vo. London, 1847 

Breslau. Memorabilia Bibliothecse Publicse. 4to. "Wratislavise, s. a. 

Bresse M. Eecherches analytiqnes sur la Flexion et la Eosistance des 

Pieces courbes. 4to. Paris, 1854 

Bresslau M. H. Hebrew and English Dictionary, Biblical and Eabbi- 

nical ; containing the Hebrew and Ohaldee Eoots of the O. T. 

Post-Biblical "Writings. With a compendious Hebrew Gram- 
mar. 12mo. London, 1855 

English and Hebrew Di(^tionary. 12mo. London, 1856 

Bresson J. Des fonds publics Frang. et Etrang. 8vo. Paris, 1830 

Brest. Environs de. Pilote Frangais r6d. per M. Beautemps-Beaupre. 

Fol. Paris, 1822 
Breton E. Athenes decrite et dessinee ; suivie d'un voj^age dans le 

P^lopondse. 8vo. Paris, 1862 

Breton N. A small Handfull of Fragrant Flowers selected and gathered 

out of the Lovely Garden of Sacred Scripture. Parks Heli- 

conia, 1. 
A Floorish upon Fancie, to which are added the Toyes of an 

Idle Head. Ihidem. 

The Good and the Bad, or Descriptions of the Worthies and 

XJn worthies of the Age. Brydge's Archaica, 1. 
Brett T. Ancient Yersions of the Bible. Watson's Theol. Tracts, 3. 
Bretus 0. De ordine antiquo judiciorum civilium apud Eomanos, 

Sallengre, 2. 

Brevets d'Liventions, cont'd to 1863. Y. 45. 

Brevis G. Lettere. Racoolta di Prose Ital. 

Brewer A. Lingua, or the Combat of tiie Tongue and Five Senses a 
Comedy. Dodsley's Old Plays, 5. ' 

Brewer E. C. La Clef de la Science, ou les Phenomenes de tous les 
jours expliqnes. Trad, de I'Anglais. 3me Ed. revue par I'Abbe 
•■^oigno. 12mo. Paris, 1858 

Brewer J. N. Introduction to the original delineations intituled "The 
Beauties of England and Wales," comprising observations on the 
History and Antiquities of the Britons, the Eomans in Britain, 
the Anglo-Saxons, the Anglo-Danes, and Anglo-Normans. 

8vo. London, 1818 


Brewer _T. M. North American Oology. Smithsonian Contribu- 
tions, XI. 
Brewer "W. The Military and Naval Medical Eeference Book. 

12mo. London, 1842 
Brewerton G. D. The War in Kansas. A rough trip to the border, 

among new houses and strange people. 12mo. New York, 1856 

Brewster D. On the Law of the Partial Polarization of Light by Ke- 

flexion. 4to. s. 1. 1830 
On a new Analysis of Solar Light, indicating three primary 

colors. 4to. 1831 

Handbuch der Optik, iibere. von J;. Hartmann. 

8vo. Quedhnburg, 1835 
■ The Kaleidoscope, its History, Theory, and Construction, with 

its application to the line and useful Arts. 12mo. London, 1858 

Breyer P. J. Disputatio de Admiratione. 4to. Altorf, 1689 

Brialmont A. Histoire dn Due de "Wellington. 3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1856 
Brianchon C. J. Solution de plusieurs problemes de Geom^trie. 

4to. Paris, 1810 
Briarly A. Sobra algunas de las causas del abandon© y estado dp.plo- 

rable en que so halla la Marina Espanola. 4to. Cadiz, 1813 

Bricheteau S. Olinique m6d. de l'H6pital Necker. 8vo. Paris, 1835 

Brickman A. O. Ein Siegel auf die Lippen, Vertheidigung und Be- 

leuchtung der Lehren des Wortes Gottes u. der neuen Kirche. 

8vo. Baltimore, 1858 
Bridel P. Essai statist, sur le Canton de Yaud. 12mo. Zurich, 1818 

Bridges C. See Oraham M. J. 
Bridgman E. W. An Analytical digested Index of the reported Cases 

in the several Conrts of Equity. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1813 

Brief Essay on the Advantages and Disadvantages, which respectively 

attend France and Great Britain. 8vo. London, 1850 
Brierre de Boismont A. De la Menstruation. 8vo. Paris, 1842 
Recherches sur I'Unite du Genre Humain au point de vue de 

I'Education et des Croisements pour 1' Amelioration des Kaces. 

8vo. Paris, 1860 
Briggs C F. & Maverick A. The Story of the Telegraph and a His- 
tory of the great Atlantic Cable. 12mo. New York, 1858 
Briggs H. Tabula Logarithmorum pro numeris naturali serie crescen- 

tibus ab unitate ad 10,000. 8vo. Amstelodami, 1689 

Briggs J. On the State of our National Defences. 8vo. London, 1853 

Bright J. B. The Brights of Suffolk, England, represented in America 

by the Descendants of Henry Bright, Jnn. (Privately printed.) 

8vo. Boston, 1858 
Brightwell Miss. A Life of Linnaeus. 12mo. London, 1858 

Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad, with the Commentary of Sankara Acharya 
and the gloss of Ananda Giri, ed. by Dr. E. Roer. 

2 vols. 8vo. Calcutta, 1849 

Same, translated from the orig. Sanscrit by Dr. Eoer. 

8vo. Calcutta, 1856 

Brine L. The Taeping Rebellion in China. 8vo. London, 1862 

Brinvilliers la Marq. de. Factum, arrest et proces, pour I'empoisson- 
ment du Sieur d'Aubray. Oiniber Arch. S. 2, V- 12. 


Briot Ob. et Bonqnet C. Lecons de Geom6trie analytique. troisieme 

Edition. Svo. Paris, 1860 

Brisbane A. Social Destiny of Man, or Association and Eeorganization 

oflndnstrv. 12mo. Philadelpbia, 1840 

Brisbane J. M. Observations in Scotland on tbe Distribution of the 

Magnetic Intensity. 4to. s. 1. 1830 

Brispot Abbe. La vie de No+re S. Jesus Christ ecrite par les cmatre 

Evangelistes, redigee par I'Abb^ Brispot. 2 vols. Fol. Paris, 1853 

Brisse L. Album de I'Exposition universelle. 2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1857 

Brisseau P. Traite de la Cataracte et dn Glaucoma. 12mo. Paris, 170& 

Brissonius B. Opera niinora«varii argument!. Fol. Ln^d. 1Y47 

Contents : Antiquitates ex jure civili selectse ; De Solutio- 
nibus et Liberationibus ; ad legem Juliam de Adulteriis ; ad L. 
V. Dominico de spectaculis comm. ; De ritu nuptiarum ; De jure 
connubiorum. Parergon de regio Persarura principatu. 

Brissotde Warville J. P. Memoires snr ses contemporains publ. par 

son lils avec des notes par F. de Montrol. 4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1830-32 

Bristed C. A. Oratio Latina prsemio dignata. |^ 8 vo. Cantab. 1843 

On the Usurpation of Cromwell. A Prize Essay. 8vo. Camb. 1844 

Letter to Horace Mann. 12mo. New York, 1860 

Pieces of a Broken down Critic picked up by himself. 

Baden-Baden, 4 vols. 8vo. 1858 
Contents: Vol. L Keviews. IL Original Verses and Verse 
Translations. III. Sketches and Essays. IV. Letters. 

'■ — Letter to H. Halford Jones. 8vo. New York, 1864 

Bristow J. A Narrative of Sufferings during Ten Years' Captivity with 

Ilyder Ally and Tippoo Saheb. 12mo. Loudon, 1793 

Britannia's Pastorals, ed. by T. C. Croker for the Percy Soc. 

8vo, London, 1852 

Britfertns Monachus. Vita Sancti Dunstani. Patrol. Lot. 139. 

Britisii Almanac and Companion, cont. to 1864. 

British Archseol. Association. See Archceological. 

British Ass: for the Advancement of Science. Reports of Meetings cont. 
to 1862. 

British Cabinet (The) in 1853. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1853 

British and Foreign Med. Chir. Eev. cont. to 1863. 

British Gallery cf Contemporary Portraits, accompanied by short biogra- 
phical notices. 2 vols. Fol. London, 1822 

British Justice in Africa, developed in certain recent Proceedings at 

the British Forts on the Coast of Guinea. 8vo. London, 1815 

British Liberties, or the Freeborn Subject's Inheritance, containing the 

Laws that form the, Basis of these Liberties. 8vo. London, 1766 

British Museum. Guide to the Autograph Letters, Manuscripts, Ori- 
ginal Charters, and Eoyal, Baronial, and Ecclesiastical Seals, 
exhibited to the Public in the Department of Manuscripts. 

12mo. London, 1860 

Guide to the Drawings and Prints exhibited to the Public in the 

King's Library. 12mo. London, 1858 

Same. New Edition. 12mo. London, 1860 

Guide to the Printed Books exhibited to the Public in the 

Grenville and in the King's Library. 12mo. London 1858 

Same. New Edition. 12mo. London^ I860 


British Museum. 

Guide to the Printed Books exhihited in the Gren ville andKing's 

Libraries, to the Autograph Letters, etc., and to the Drawings 
exhibited to the public. 16mo. London, 1862 

Guide to the Exhibition Eooms of the Departments of Natural 

History and Antiquities. 8vo. London, 1859 

Same. 12mo. London, 1862 

Guide to the Collection of Minerals. 12mo. London, 1 862 

New Heading Eoom and Libraries, with a plan. 12mo. Lond. 1858 

List of the Books of Eeference in the Eeading Koom. 

8vo. London, 1859 

Description of the Anglo-Gallic Coins in the B. Museum. 

4to. London, 1826 

Catalogue of the Greek and Etruscan Vases in Do. 8vo. Lond. 1851 

Select Papyri in the Hieratic Character, P. 2. Fol. London, 1860 

Cuneiform Inscriptions of "Western Asia. Y. L Fol. 1861 

Catalogue of the MS. Music in the B. Museum. 8vo. London, 1842 

Guide to the Collection of Minerals. 12mo. London, 1862 

• Guide to the Exhibition Boom of the Departments of Natural 

History and Antiquities. 12mo. London, 1862 

Catalogue of Specimens of Natural History in the Museum, viz. ; 

" of the Specimens of Mammalia by J. E. Gray. 

12mo. London, 1843 
" of Mammalia. P. I. Cetacea. P. H. Seals. P. IIL 
TJngulata Furcipeda, by same. 3 vols. 12mo. London, 1850-52 
Catalogueof the bones of Mammalia, by E. Gerrard. 8vo. Lond. 1862 

" of the Osteological Specimens, by J. E. Gray. 

12mo. London, 1847 

" of the Specimens and Drawings of Mammals, Birds, 

Beptiles, and Fishes of Nepal and Tibet, by 3. G. Gray. > 

12mo. London, 1863 
Catalogue of the Genera and Sub-Genera of Birds, by G. E. 

Gray. 12mo. London, 1855 
List of Birds, P. HL Sec. 1. Kamphastidse. P. IV. Oolurabse, 

by G. E. Gray. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1855-6 
Catalogue of Mammalia and Birds of New Guinea, by J. E. Gray 

& G. E. Gray. 12mo. London, 1859 
Catalogue of Birds of the Tropical Islands of the Pacific, by G. 

E. Gray. 12mo. London, 1859 
List of Fish, P. I. Chondropterygii, by J. G. Gray. 12mo. Lond. 1851 

" of Fish collected and described, by L. T. Gronow. f 

12mo. London, 1854 

" of Lophobranchiate Fish, by J. J. Kaup. 12mo. London, 1856 

" of Apodal Fish, by same. 12mo. London, 1855 

" of Acanthopterygian Fishes, by A. Giinther. 

4 vols. 8vo. London, 1859-62 

" of Tortoises, Crocodiles and Amphisbsenians, by J. E. Gray. 

12mo. London, 1844 

" of Lizards, by J. E. Gray. 12mo. London, 1845 

" of Snakes, by J. E. Gray. 12mo. London, 1849 

" of Colubrine Snakes, by A. Giinther. 12mo. London, 1858 

■ " of Batrachia Salientia, by same. 8vo. London, 1858 

" of Amphibia, P. H. Batrachia Gradientia, by J. E. Gray. 

12mo. London, 1850 

" of Crustacea, P. I. Leucosiadae, by T. Bell. 12mo. London, 1855 


British Museum. 

List of Crustacea, by J. E. Gray. 12mo. London, 1847 

" of Amphipodous Crustacea, by C. S. Bate. 8vo. London, 1862 

Guide to the systematic distribution of MoUusca, by J. E. Gray. 

8vo. London, 1867 

Catalogue of Phaneropneumona or terrestrial operculated Mol- 

lusca, by L. Pfeiffer. ]2mo. London, 1852 

Catalogue of the Conchifera or Bivalve Shells, by M. Deshayes. 

2 vols. London, 1853 

" of Bivalve Mollusca, P. L Placentadse & Anomiadse. 

12mo. London, 1850 

" of Mollusca, P. I. Cephalopoda Antepedia ; P. LC. 

Pteropoda ; P. IV". Brachiopodia, Ancylopodia, by J. E. Gray. 

3 vols. 12mo. London, 1853 

Catalogue of the Auriculidse, Proserpinidse, and Truniatellidae, 

by L. Pfeiffer. 12mo. London, 1867 

Catalogue of the Pulmonata or Airbreathing Mollusca, by same. 

12mo. London, 1855 

" ofMoUusca, P. L Yolutidse, by J. E. Gray. 

12mo. London, 1850 
Nomenclature of molluscous animals and shells, by J. E. Gray. 

12mo. London, 1850 

■ List of Mollusca and Shells, collected by MM. Eydoux et Sou- 

leyet and MM. Eang et Souleyet. 12mo. London,. 1866 

— List of Shells of Cuba, collected by Eamon de la Sagra. 

12mo. London, 1854 

" of Shells of South America, by A. d'Orbigny. 12mo. Lend. 1854 

" of Shells of the Canaries, by same. 12mo. London, 1854 

" of Mazatlan Shells, collected by T. Reigen. 12mo. London, 1867 

Catalogue of Marine Polyzoa, P. L Cheilostomata, by G. Busk. 

2 vols. 12mo. London, 1852-54 

" of the Species of Entozoa or Intestinal Worms, by Dr. 

Baird. 12mo. London, 1864 

Catalogue of the recent Echinidte or Sea Eggs. 12mo. London, 1855 

" of the Myriapoda, by G. Newport, P. L Chilopoda. 

12mo. London, 1856 

Nomenclature of Coleopterous Insects, P. III. Buprestidse, by 

A. "White. 12rno. London, 1848 

« P. rV. Cieridse, by same. 12nio. London, 1862 

" P. VL Passalidse, by F. Smith. 12mo. Lond. 1862 

Catalogue of Coleopterous Insects, Part YII. Longicornia, 1, 2, 

by A. White. 12mo. London, 1853-6 

■ Catalogue of same, P. IX. Cassididse, by C. H. Boheman. 

12mo. London, 1856 

List of same, P. Cucujidse, by F. Smith. 12mo. London, 1852 

Catalogue of the Coleopterous Insects of Madeira, by T. V. Wol- 

laston. 4to. London, 1857 

. Catalogue of Halticidse, by H. Clark, P. I. Physapodes and 

Oedipodes. 8vo. London, 1860 

. Catalogue of Orthopterous Insects, by J. O. Westwood. 

4to. London, 1869 
List of Hemipterous Insects, by Dallas, P. I. II. 

12mo. London, 1861-62 

List of Homopterous Insects, by F. Walker, and Supplement, 

P. 1, 2, 3, 4. 12mo. London, 1850, 52 & 58 


Britisli Museum. 

Catalogue of llTeuropterous Insects, by F. Walker, P. I. Phry- 

gonides, Perlides ; P. II. Sialidse-Nemopterides ; P. III. Ter- 
mitidge ; P. IV. Odonata. 12mo. London, 1852-53 

■ Catalogue of ISTeuropterous Insects, P. Termitina, by H. Hagen. 

12mo. London, 1858 

" of Hymenopterous Insects, by Fr. Smith, P. I. An- 

drenidseandApidse; P. II. Apidse ; P. III. Mutilidse andPom- 
pilidse ; P. I V . Sphegidse, Larridge, Crabronidse ; P. V. Ves- 
pidse ; P. YI. Formecidse ; VII. Dorylidse and Thymnidse. 

7 vols. 12mo. London, 1853-6T 

List of Hymenopterous Insects, by Fr. Walker, P. I. II. Cha- 

laidites. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1846-48 

List of Lepidopterous Insects, by F. Walker, P. I.-YII. Lepi- 

doptera Heterocera ; VIII. Sphingidse ; IX.-XV. Noctuidse ; 
XVL Deltoidesj XVII.-XIX. Pyralides ; XX. Geometrites; 
XXVII. Crambites and Tortricites ; Appendix. 

28 vols. London, 1854-62 

List of Lepidopterous Insects, by G. E. Gray, P. I. Papilionidse. 

12mo. London, 1856 

List of same, Erycinidee and Lycsenidse. 12mo. London, 1847 

. Specimen of a Catalogue of LycsenidaB, by W. C. Hewitson. 

4to. London, 1862 

List of Dipterous Insects, by F. Walker. 

4 vols. 12mo. London, 1848-49 

Supplement to the same, 3 pts. 12mo. London, 1864-65 

Lists of Specimens of British Animals, viz: 

" of the Specimens of British Birds, by G. E. Gray. 

12mo. London, 1836 

" of Eggs of British Birds, by same. 12rao. London, 1852 

" of British Fish, by J. E. Gray. 12mQ. London, 1851 

" of British Mollusca, Acephala and Brachiopoda, by J. E. 

Gray. 12mo. iondon, 1851 

" of British Crustacea, by A. White. 12mo. London, 1860 

" of British Anoplura or Parasitic Insects, by J. E. Gray. 

12mo. London, 1852 

Nomenclature of Anoplura, Euplexoptera and Orthoptera, by 

A. White. 12mo. London, 1856 
List of Br. Curculionidse with Synonyms, by J. Walton. 

12mo. London, 1856 

Nomenclature of Br. Neuroptera, by A. White. 12mo. Lond. 1853 

" of Br. Hymenoptera, by Fr. Smith. 

12mo. Lond. 1863 

Catalogue of same, by Fr. Smith. 12mo. London, 1855 

List of Hymenoptera aculeata, by same. 12mo. London, 1851 

" of Br. Ichneumonidse, by T. Desvignes. 12mo. London, 1866 

Catalogue of Br. Fossorial Hymenoptera — Formicidae and 

Vespse, by F. Smith. 12mo. London, 1868 

Catalogue of British Lepidoptera, by J. F. Stephens, 3 pts. 

12mo. London, 1852-56 
. List of same, by H. T. Stainton. 12mo. London, 1864 

" of British iOiptera, by A. White. 12mo. London, 1853 

. " of Br. Centronise or radiated animals, by J. E. Gray. 

12mo. London, 1848 
. " of British Sponges, by J. E. Gray. 12mo. London, 1848 


British Museum. 

List of British Diatomacese, by W. Smith. 12mo. London, IS&y 

See under British Museum, in vol. L of Astor Library printed 
Catalogue, and under Museum British in same, vol. III., for 
other works relating to the Br. Museum. 
British Historical Painting, decline of. 8vo. London, 1835 

British National Portrait Gallery ; Catalogue of Pictures in 1859. 

8vo. London, 1859 

British Traveller. (Imperfect.) Fol. London. 

Britton J. History and Antiquities of the Abbey and Cathedral 

Church of Bristol, new edition. ito. London, 1836 

Ditto of the Metropolitan Church of Canterbury. 4to. London, 1836 

Ditto of the Cathedral Church of Exeter. Uo. London, 1836 

Ditto of the Cathedral Church of Hereford. 1 4to. London, 1836 

Ditto of the Cathedral Church of Lichfield. 4to. London, 1 836 

Ditto of the Cathedral Church of Oxford. 4to. London, 1836 

Ditto of the Abbey and Cathedral Church of Peterborough. 

4to. London, 1836 

Ditto ofthe See and Cathedral Church of "Winchester. 4to. London, 1836 

For Britton's Cathedral Churches of Gloucester, Lincoln, Nor- 
wich, Salisbury, Wells, Worcester, and York. See under Brit- 
ton J., Printed Catalogue, vol. I. 

Lancashire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, and parts of Monmouth- 
shire, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Warwick- 
shire, Westmoreland, Wiltshire, and Worcestershire, in Brayley 
<& Britton's Beautdes of England and Wales. 

Brix M. M. Haschana, opus in quo de benedictionibus, de gratiis Deo 
agendis, de orationibus et divinis laudibus agitur, recognitum. 

Pol. Berolini, s. a. 

Massecheth Sekalim, opus in quo de siclorum exactione agitur. 

Fol. Berolini. 

Brixius G. Poemata. Del. Poet. Gall. 1. 

Brixius C. Urbis Csessense Descriptio. Thes. Antiq. ItalicB, 9. 

Brizi O. Osservazione sulla Milizia. ' 8vo. Lucca, 1839 

Qaadro Storico-Stat. di S. Marino. 8vo. Firenze, 1842 

Brochardus Mon. Descriptio Locorum Terrse Sanctse. Ugolino, 6. 

Brock W. Biographical Sketch of Sir H. Havelock. 12ino. Leipzig, 1858 

Brodie B. C. Mind and Matter, or Physical Inquiries. 12mo. N. Y. 1857 

Clinical Lectures on Surgery. Medical Mews, 2. 

Surgical Lectures. Medical News, 1, 2, 3. 

Discourse on the Duties and Conduct of Medical Students. 

8vo. London, 1843 

Brodier-Marcet J. A. Sur I'Areometre centigrade. 8vo. Paris, 1812 

Broeck P. van. Yoyage au Cap Yert, etc. ConstanUn Reaueil, 1. 

Broglie A. de. L'Eglise et I'Empire Eomain au 4me Siecle. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 186T 

Brokesby F. Life and Works of H. Dodwell. 2 vols. 8 vo. London, 1715 

Brome A. Poems with Life. Chalmers' Eng. Poets, 6. 

Bromley W. Address on the Deplorable State of the Indians. 

8vo. Halifax, 1814 

Destitute State of Spain and Portugal respecting Eeligious In- 
struction. 8vo. London, 1813 


Brongniart A. & Riocreux D. Description M6tliodique du Musee C6ra- 
inique de la Manufacture R. de Porcelaine. Texte et Atlas. 

2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1845 

Broniowski M. Descriptio Tartarise. Sohwandlmsr, Res Hung. 1. 
Bronn H. G. Morphologische Studien iiber die Gestaltungs-Gesetze 
der Naturkorper uberhaupt und der organischen insbesondere. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1858 
Untersuchungen iiber die Entwickelungs-Gesetze der Organ- 
ischen Welt, wahrend der Bildungs^Zeitunserer Erd-Oberflache. 

8vo. Stuttgart, 1858 

Die Klassen und Ordnungen des Thier-Eeichs in Wort u. Bild. 

V. 1, 2, 3. 8vo. Leipzig, 1859-63 

Bronte C. Shirley ; Jane Eyre ; Villette ; The Professor. Novels and 

Tales. ■ , Y vols. 12mo. Leipzig, 1849-57 

Bronte E. & A. Wuthering Heights ; Agnes Grey. 

2 vols. 12mo. Leipzig, 1851 

Brook "W. J. Traces of Providence, a Poem. 8vo. Brighton, 1812 
Letters Addressed to Several Churches. 8vo. Brighton, 1812 

Brooke H. Gustavus Yasa, a Tragedy. BdVs Br. Theatre, Y. 32. 

Brooke H. The Interests of Ireland considered. 8vo. Dublin, 1759 

Poems with Life. Chalmers' Engl. Poets, 17. 

Brooke J. H. Crystallography and Mineralogy. Ency. Metrop. 6. 
Brooke Mrs. Rosina, a Comic Opera. Mod. Br. Drama., 5. 
Brooklyn City and Kings Co. Record, 1865. 12rao. Brooklyn, 1855 

Brooklyn. City Directory, 1854-5 to 1858-9. 5 vols. 8vo. 

Report of Directors of Mercantile Library. 8vo. Brooklyn, 1859 

Report of the Commiss. of Prospect Park. 8vo. Brooklyn, 1861 

— '■ American Pomological Soc. Proceedings, Sep. 1858. 

8vo. Brookljm, 1858 
Brooks E. Controversy v^ith tl;e Archbp. of N. Y. 8vo. New York, s. a. 
Brooks J. G, & Mary E. The Rivals of Este, etc. 12mo. New York, 1829 
Brooks S. 0. Rud. Treatise on the Erection of Dwelling Houses. 

12mo. London, 1860 
Broome R. The Jovial Crew or Merry Beggars, a Comedv. Dodsley''s 

Old Plays, Y. 10. 
Broome W. Poems. Johnson's Engl. Poets, 43 — Chalmers's Do. 12. 
Broqua D. Memoire sur un accouchement laborieux. 8vo. Paris, 1824 

Brosius F. X. Nachtrag zu Anfangsgriinden d. Diff. und Int. Rech- 

nung. 8vo. Coin, 1825 

Brothers S. Wool and Woollen Manufactures of Gt. Britain, a Histo- 
rical Sketch of their Rise, Progress, and Present Position. 

8vo. London, 1859 
Brougham H. Ld. Immediate Emancipation. A Speech. 12mo. Lond. 1838 

Opinions on Negro Slavery. 8vo. London, 1826 

. Dialogues on Instinct. 12mo. London, 1844 

Recherches sur la lumiere. Mem. de VAcad. So. Math. 1855. 

Y. 27: 

Objects, Pleasures, and Advantages of Science. 12mo. London, 1846 

Natural Theology. 12mo. London, 1856 

. Lives of Philosophers, time of George III. 12tno. London, 1855 

Lives of Men of Letters, time of George IH. 12mo. Loudon, 1856 


Brougham H. Ld. Sketches of Statesmen, time of George III. 

3 vols. 12mo. London, 1856-60 

Khetorical and Literary Dissertations. 12mo. London, 1856 

Historical and Political Dissertations. 12mo. London, 1856 

Speeches on Social and Political Subjects, with Historical Intro- 
ductions. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1857 

Broun J. A. Observations in Magnetism and Meteorology at Makers- 
town in Scotland. Transactions JR. Soc. of Edin. Y. lT-19, 

Broun K. Synoptical Sketch of the Illustrious and Sovereign Order of 
Knights Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem and of the Yene- 
rable Langue of England. 8vo. London, 185T 

Broughton Lord (Hobhouse J. C.) Italy ; Remarks made in several 

visits from 1816 to 1854. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1859 

Brouncker "W". Commercium Epistolicum. Wallis Opera, 2 

Broussais C. Atlas historique et bibliographique de la Medecine ou 

histoire de la Medecine composee de Tableaux. Fol. Paris, 1834 

Broussais F. J. Sur I'association dn physique et du moral. Mhtn. 
Acad. So. Morales, N. S. 1. 

Broussais J. V. Du sentiment d'individualit^, du sentiment personnel 

et du moi. Ibid. 3. 
Brown G. Institutes of English Grammar. 12mo. New York, 1825 

Brown H. Narrative of the Anti-Masonic Excitement in the Western 

part of JSTew York State. 12mo. Batavia, 1829 

Brown I. B. On some Diseases of Women admitting of Surgical Treat- 
ment. Medical News, 13, 14. 
Brown J. Memorials of James Fisher. 12mo. Edinburgh, 1849 

Brown Dr. J. Barbarossa, a Tragedy. BelVs Br. Theatre, 26. 
Brown J. Y. A Yindication of the Abrogation of the Plan of Union 

by the Presbyterian Church. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1855 

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4to. London, 1817 
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alios libros V. T. II. Expositio in Evangelia, in Apocalypsin; 

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Contents : Vol. I. Acta Comra. in Psalmos. II. Expositio 

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'■ nimo magno et mensura. 12mo. Francofurti, 1591 

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— '■ Observations upon a Treatise entitled, a Description of the Plain 

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Letters of a Traveller, or Notes of Things seen in Europe and 

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Contents : Yol. I. Greene's Philomela and Arcadia ; South- 
well's Triumph over Death ; Breton's Characters upon Essays 
Moral and Divine ; Breton's Good and Bad ; JS'ash's Christ's 
Tears over Jerusalem. 11. Harvey's four Letters and Sonnets ; 
Harvey's Pierce's Supererogation and New Letter of Notable 
Contents ; Brathwayte's Essays on the Five Senses. 

Reasons for Farther Amendment of the Copyright Act of Q. 

Anne. Svo. London, 1817 

Yindication of the Pending Bill for same. 8vo. London, ISlS 

Statement of the Grievance imposed on Authors and Publishers 

by the Copyright Act. Svo. London, 1818 

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A Brief Yiew of the State of Gt. Britain and of her Asiatic 

Empire in respect to Religious Instruction. Svo. London, 1813 
Apology for promoting Christianity in India. Svo. London, 1813 

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Svo. Toronto, 1846 
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4to. London, 1S2S 
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UgoUno, 25 & 29. 
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Second Edition. Svo. London, 1857 

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12mo. Boston, 1842 

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Javorskii. 4to. Jenae, 1729 

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12mo. London, 1851 
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Segundo informe del Gefe del Departamento de Escuelas 1858. 

. 8vo. Buenos Ayres, 1859 

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Aires, ^encargada del examen de la constitucion Federal. 

Svo. Buenos Aires, 1860 

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Buffalo N. Y Annual Eeports 20th-26th of the Executive Committee 

ot the Yoiing Men's Association of Buffalo. Svo. Buffalo, 1853-62 

Celebration ot the Quarter Century Anniversary of the same. 

Svo Buffalo, 1861 
, Bugge Th. Anleitung zum Feldmessen. 12mo. Altona, 1798 

Builder (The). Magazine for Architects, cont. to 1863. 

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bus; De pictura, plastica, statuaria ; De templis ethnicorum ; 
D& triumphis, spoliis beliicis, troph^is, arcubus triumphal ibus, 
etc. Ihes. Ant. Orwc.1,.9,&Vl, ' 

^De auguriis et auspiciis,; De circo Eomano ludisqUe Circensibus ; 

Deconvivus; De elephantis.; De equis ; Deominibus; Depro-- 
digus; Desortibus; De terr^ motu et fulminibus; De Theatro ; 
De tributis ac vectigalibus.; De v-enatione circi et amphitheatri 
Ihes. Antiq. Rom. 5, 8, .9, 12. 

Oi-atio in qua de prastantia, dignitate,eteximioliterarumfructu 

^ _ ^S'*'^'"- Svo. Paris, 1566 

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V. 1, 2, 4, 6, Y, 10, 13, 17, 18. _ 

Yiz : Sur le nom des Fran9!iis. Sur I'etat des eveques sous 

la prem. race de nos rois. Preuves de la preeminence de nos rois, 

et sur le Titre Tres Chretien. Sur la maniere dont nos premiers 

rois prenaient possession de la souv. puissance. Sur le sacre de 

nos rois. Sur le titre de Dauphin et sur I'institution des pairs. 

Sur notre cri d'armes, Montjoie St. D6nis. Diss, dans laquelle 

on pi'ouve que Hugues Capet est monte sur le tr6ne par Election 


Sur les fleurs de lis, sur les supports des Armes, sur le bleu, 

couleur de nos rois, sur la main de justice. 

SurMelesine; sur la reine Pedauque ; sur le chien de Montargis. 

Sur I'origine des Oarosses. 
Bulletin de 1' Alliance des Arts sous la direction de P. Lacroix et T. 

Thord 6 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1842-47 

et Annales de I'Acad. d'Archeologie de Belgique, cont. to 1859. 

de la Comm. hist, du Departement du Nora. 

5 vols. 8vo. Lille, 1843-67 

de la Society d'Encouragement, etc., cont. to 1863. 

de la Soci^t^ de Geographic, cont. to 1863. 

de la Societe industrielle de Mulhouse, cont. to 1863. 

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de la Societe d'acclimatation. 8vo. Paris, 1854 

de Narbonne. 4to. Narbonne, 1782 

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crirainelle, 1850-69. 10 vols. 8vo. 

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des lois de France, cont. to 1858. 

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de la Langue, de I'Histoire et des Arts de la France (cont'd after- 
wards as Ilevue des S.S.). 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1854-5 

du Bibliophile publ. par Techener, cont. to 1863. 

du Bibliophile Beige, cont'd to 1859. 

General de Therapeutique m^dicale, cont. to 1863. 

Bulletin or Book of the General History of the Wars between, the 

French and the Germans. (In Turkish.) 4to. s. 1. 1815 

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Rudiments of the Art of Building. 12mo. New York, 1863 

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matter by E. S. Houghton. 12mo. New York, 1849 

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Scienza del Diritto. 8vo. Torino, 1853 

Bunker or Breed's Hill. A Particular Account of, by a citizen of 

Boston. 8vo. Boston, 1825 

Bunker Hill Monument. Panoramic Yiew of, engraved by J. Smellie 

from a drawing by R. P. Mallory. 8vo. Boston, 1848 

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Colonized the Free States of North America. 8vo. New York. 1834 


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Yollstandiges Bibelwerk fur die Gemeinde. Erste Abth. Bibel- 

uebersetznng und Erklarung, Y. I. II. III. p. 1. IV. Zweite 
Abth. Bibelurkunden, Y. I. 8vo. Leipzig, 1858-64 

Bunsen R. Gasometrj, comprising the Leading Physical and Medical 

Properties of Gases, transl. by H. E. Roscoe. 8vo. London, 1857 

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porary Persons and Events. 12mo. New York, 1859 

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Contents : Yol. I. Grace Abotmding ; Prison Meditations ; 
Author's Last Sermon ; Come and Welcome to Jesus ; Exhorta- 
tion to Peace and Unity. II. Solomon's Temple Spiritualized ; ■ 
Unsearch. Riches of Christ ; Ebal and Gerizim ; Watch against 
Sin ; The Acceptable Sacrifice. III. Jerusalem Sinner Saved ; 
Medit. upon the Four Last Things ; The Barren Fig Tree ; The 
Strait Gate ; The House of the Forest of Lebanon. lY. The 
Pharisee and the Publican ; Paul's Departure and Crown ; Ot 
the Trinity and a Christian ; Of the Law and a Christian ; Jesus 
Christ as an Advocate. Y. Sighs from Hell ; Christ a Complete 
Saviour ; The Heavenly Footman ; Israel ; Hope Encouraged. 
YI. Resurrection and Eternal Judgment ; Christian Behaviour ; 
A Discourse on Prayer ; The Saint's Privilege and Profit ; The 
Desire of the Righteous Granted. 

The Pilgrim's Progress, with a Life of the Author, by R. Sou- 

they; illustrated with Engravings. 8vo. London, 1830 

The Pilgrim's Progress, in the Armenian language. 

12mo. Smyrna, 1843 
See Guilleville G. de. 

BuommatteiB. Delia lingua Toscana. Dellelodidella lingua Toscana. 

2 vols. Svo. Milano, 1804 

Lezioni sopra il Canto primo dell' Inferno di Dante. Prose 

Florentine, Lezioni, 5. 
Cicalate. Ihid. Oose gioeose, 2, 

Buonarotti M. A. Orazioni nella fondazione di un Academia di Let- 
tere, d'Armi e di Musica. Prose Fior. Orazione, 3. 

Orazione delle lodi di Cosimo II. Granduca di Toscana. lUd. 6. 

Burchardus Diarium. Ciniber Archives, S. I, Y. 1. 

Burchardus. De victoria Friderici L Imp. et excidio Mediolanensi. 
Mv/ratan Eer. Ital. 6. 

Burchardus. Yorm. Episc. Opera omnia ace. J. P. Migne. 

P, , , -n . , , , . , lioy. Svo. Parisiis, 1863 

Contents : Epistola ad Alpertnm ; Decretorum libri viginti. 

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Practical Perspective, third Edition. 12mo. London^ 1858 

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Bardy T^ Life of P. Skelton. 8vo. London,' 1816 

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Burg M Trait6 du Dessin et du Lev^ du materiel d'artillerie, trad, de 

1 Allemand par Rieffel. Atlas obi. 4to. Texte 8vo. Paris, 1848 


Surge "W. Speech against the Bill entitled " An Act to make Tempo- 
rary Provision for the Government of Jamaica." 8vo. London, 1839 

Burges T. Battle of Lake Erie with Notices of Commodore Elliot's 

Conduct. 12mo. Boston, 1839 

Burgess J. The Medical and Legal Eelations of Madness, showing a 
Cellular Theory of Mind and of Nerve Force and also of Vegeta- 
tive Vital Force. Bvo. London, 1858 

Burgess T. An Account of the Lord's Most Gracious Dealings with 

the Author. 8vo. London, 1808 

Burgess T. On the Study of Antiquities. 8vo. Oxford, 1782 

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Burigni J. L. de. Vie d'Erasme. 2 vols. 12mo. Paris, lYoY 

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8vo. London, 1777 

Speech on American Taxation. 8vo. London, 1775 

Speech on Mr. Fox's E. India Bill. 8vo. London, 1784 

Beflections on the Revolution in France and on the Proceedings 

in London relative to that event. 8vo. London, 1790 
Letter to a Member of the National Assembly in answer to Ob- 
jections to his Book. Bvo. Paris, 1791 

Letter on the Subject of the Eoman Catholics of Ireland and the 

Propriety of Admitting them to the Elective Franchise. 

8vo. London, 1752 

On the Proposals for Peace with the Pegicide Directory. 

8vo. London, 1796 

Burke J. A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed 

Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland. 2 vols. roy. 8vo. London, 1851 

Burke J. B. The Book of Orders of Knighthood and Decorations of 
Honour of all Nations, embellished with fac-simile illustrations 
of the Insignia. Eov. 8vo. London, 1858 

The Vicissitudes of Families and other Essays. 

3 vols. 12mo. London, 1859-63 

Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage for 1857, '58, '62, '63. 

4 vols. roy. 8vo. London, 1857-62, 

Burke P. O. Exploring Expedition from Victoria to the Gulf of Car- 
pentaria, a. Geograph. Soc. Z'2i. 

Burleigh G. S. The Maniac and other Poems. 12mo. Phil. 18i9 

Burmannus P. De Vectigalibus Popnli Rom. Polenus, 1. 
See Anthologia Vet. Latinorum. 

Burmeister H. Erlaiiterungen zur Fauna Brasil. Fol. Berlin, 1856 
Zoologischer Hand- Atlas. Fol. Berlin. 

Burn C. On the Construction of Horse Railways for Branch Lines in 

England and the Colonies. Svo. London, 1860 

Burn R. S. Practical Ventilation as applied to Public, Domestic, and 

Agricultural Structures. 12mo. Edinburgh, 1860 

Burnell G. R. The Rudiments of Civil Engineering. 12mo. Lond. 1852 

Burnet G. Bp. An Exposition of the Thirty-Nine Articles of the 

Church of England, Sixth Edition. " Svo. Edinburgh, 1745 
Character of, with a copy of his last Will. Svo. London, 1715 


Burnett C. M. The Philosophy of Spirits in relation to Matter ; show- 
ing the real existence of two very distinct kinds of Entity, which 
unite to form the different bodies that compose the Universe, 
organic and inorganic, by which the phenomena of light, heat, 
electricity, motion, life, mind, etc., are reconciled and explained. 

8vo. London, 1850 

Burnett T. The ITecessity of Impeaching the Late Ministry. 

Svo. London, 1715 

Burning "Widows. Conference between an Advocate and an Opponent 
of the Practice of Burning Widows Alive, from the original 
Bungla. 8vo. Calcutta, 1820 

BumoufE. Commentaire snr le Tagna. 4to. Paris, 1833 

Notice pour le plan d'Athenes antique dresse par lui. Archives 

dts Miss. Sclent..^. 
Burnonf E. and Leupol L. Methode pour etudier la Langue Sanscrite. 

8vo. Nancy, 1859 
Burns J. The Principles of Surgery. 2 vols. Svo. London, 1838 

Burns J. The Principles of Christian Philosophy, containing the Doc- 
trines, Duties, Admonitions and Consolations of the Christian 
Religion. 12mo. London, 1846 

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Poems and Life. 2 vols. 12mo. Chiswick, 1822 

Life mostly Compiled from Carlyle. 18mo, N. Y. 1859 

Centenary Celebration of his Birth, January 25, 1859. 

Svo. Loudon, 1859 

Burr A. An Examination of the Yarious Charges exhibited against 

Aaron Burr, by Aristides ("W. P. Yan Ness). 8vo. N. Y. 1803 

Burroughs E. On the Cultivation of Hemp. 12mo. Dublin, s. a. 

Burrowes J. F. The Piano-Forte Primer. 12mo. Phil. 1846 
Same, a later Edition. 12mo. Phil. 1856 

Burrowes T. H. Pennsylvania School Architecture, a Manual of Direc- 
tion and Plan for Common School Houses. Svo. Harrisburg, 1855 

BurselHs Hier de. Annales Bononienses ab anno 1418, usque ad an- 
5 num 1497. Muratcni Rer. Ital. 20. 

^ursotti F. Del debito d'onorare gl'ingegni che fiorirono in Napoli. 

Svo. Napoli, 1844 

Burt A. Life Assurance. An Historical and Statistical Account of the 
Population, the Law of Mortality, and the diflferent Systems of 
Life Assurance, including the Yalidity and Non-Yalidity of Life 
Policies. 8vo. London, 1849 

Burt "W. A. and Hubbard B. Reports on the Geography, Topography 
and Geology of the South Shore of Lake Superior Mineral Re- 
gioi^s. 12mo. Detroit, 1846 

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1831- Svo, Oxford] 1831 

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Die Spui-en der Aztekischen Sprache in Ndrdlichen Mexico und 

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Ontology Extended, proving by Analogies the earth to be 
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YI. Eeports, Public Letters, and Addresses. 

Life, Presenting a Condensed History of Political Events, 1811- 

^ *3. 8vo. N. York, 1843 

Calidasa. (Euvres completes, trad, du Sanscrit en Frang. par H 

^^"«^f- , ^., ^ Svo. Paris,* 1859 

Contents: Yikrama et Ourvasi, Drame; Le Tilaka de 
I'Amour ; Pi6ces fugitives ; Le Eaghouvansa, poeme historique : 
Le Megha-Douta, podme elegiaque. 

Sakuntala Sanscrit, edited with Notes Critical and Explanatory 

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Same in Spanish. _ 8vo. New fork 1851 

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2 vols. Svo. San Jose, 1850-52 


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Appendix to the 6th, Yth, 8th, and 9th Sessions, Senate and As- 
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■ " Proceedings of the California Academy of Natural History. 

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— — ^ Report of Land Cases determined in the U. S. District Court, 
June T. 1853 to June T. 1858, by O. Hoffmann. 

8vo. San Francisco, 1862 

■ Handbook Almanac States California and Oregon, and the 

Territories ofWashington, Nevada, and Utah. 12mo. S.Francisco, 1863 

"Works relating to California are found under Ansted, Brooks, 
Bryant, Capron, Creutzbauer, Emory, Farnham, Forbes, Fre- 
mont, Hittel, Hoppe, Kelly, King, Marryatt, Kevere, Kinggold, 
Eobinson, A. & F. Kyan, Sneyd, Soule, Thornton, Pacific Eail- 
road, Venegas, Wilkes. 

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> ' De ludis scenicis mimorum. Sallengre, 2. 

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Calvert G. H. A Lecture on German Literature. 8vo. Baltimore, 1836 

Count Julian, a Tragedy — Cabiro, a Poem — ^Miscellany of Prose 

and Verse. 8vo. Baltimore, 1840 

-^— — Joan of Arc, a Poem. 12mo. Newport, 1860 

The Gentleman. 12mo. Boston, 1863 

Scenes and Thoughts in Europe, 1st and 2d Series. A new edi- 
tion. 2 vols. 12mo. Boston, 1863 

Calvert J. A Collection of Anthems. 8vo. London, 1844 

Calvin J. Declaration pour maintenir la vraye Foy que tiennent tons 
Chrestiens de la Trinite, contre les erreurs detestables de M. 
Servete. 12mo. Geneve, 1554 

Son Testament, sa vie par Beze, par Desmay et par Bolsec. 

Cimher Archives, S. I. V. 5. 

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Camboulin F. K. Essai sur I'histoire de la litterature Catalane. 

8vo. Paris, 1858 
Cambrai. Des fetes publiques de. Leber Diss. X. 

Les plans et profils des principales villes et lieux considerables 

du Duch6, Avec la carte gen^rale et particuliere. Fol. Paris, a. a. 


Cambrensls eversns, seu potius Mstorica fides, in rebus Hibernicis, G. 
OambrenBi abrogata, ostendit Gratianus Lucius (J. Lynch), etc. 
Edited with translation and notes by M. Kelly for the Ce tic 
Society. 3 vols. 8vo. Dublin, 1848 

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* i vols. Fol. Cambridge, 1848-51 

Harvard College, Annals of the Astronomical Observatory. 

Vol. II. p. 1 ; m. IV. p. 1. 4to. Cambridge, 1857-63 
Catalogus eorum qui alicujus gradus laurea donati sunt, 1857, 

1860, 1863. , -r. . , . T7 1, ^^°' 
Keport on the Eights and Duties of the President and i ellows 

of Harvard College in relation to the Board of Overseers. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1866 
Keport of the Committee of the Alumni on the State of the 

Library, July, 1857. , „, ., ^. , ^^°- 
Eeport of the Committee of the Overseers on the Philosophical 

Apparatus, the Medical, Chemical, and Anatomical Departments, 

1358. 8vo. Boston, 1862 
Report of the Committees of the Overseers and the Observatory, 

1860. 8vo. 

Eeport of the Committees, etc. 1861. 8vo. 

Eeport of the Trustees of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, 

1862, 8vo. 
Addresses at the Inauguration of President Felton and at the 

Festival of the Alumni, July 19, 1860. 8vo. Cambridge, 1860 

Cambridge, Eng. University Calendar for 1860. 12mo. Cambridge, 1860 

Documents relating to the University and Colleges. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1852 

Catologue of the Manuscripts in the Library of the University. 

3 vols. 8vo. Cambridge, 1866-8 

Cambridge Essays, Contributed by Members of the University. 

8vo. London, 1856 

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Cambro-Briton (The). 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1820-22 

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their separate Titles. 
Camerarius J. Explicatio in duos libros I^icomachi deductionis ad 

scientiam numerorum. 4to. Daventrise, 1667 
De comicis versibus ; Hippocomicus seu de curandis eqiiis ; 

Historia rei nummarise. Thes. Ant. OrcBc. 8, 9, 11. 
Carmina. Del. Poet. Germ. 2. 

Cameron D. A. Plain Advice on the Care of the Teeth. 

12mo. Glasgow, 1838 

Camesina A. Die Darstellun g auf der Bronze thiire des Haupt Eingangs 

von St. Marco in Venedig. 4to. wien, 1860 

Campaignac J. A. J. Sur quelques cas d'administration du Seigle 

ergote. 8vo. Paris, 1831 

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Ital. 9. 

Campanius J. Turcicorum tyrannorum descriptio metrica. Del. Poet. 
Germ. 2. 

Campaux A. Frangais Villon, sa vie et ses ouvrages. 8vo. Paris, 1859 


Campbell A. H. See Pacific Railroad Survey, Y. 1. 
Campbell 0. History of the Colony of Virginia. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1860 
Campbell G. Duty of Allegiance. A Sermon on the Fast Day ap- 
pointed on account of the Eebellion in America. 12mo. Aberdeen, 1Y78 
Campbell Jas. Catalogue of his Library. 8vo. New York, 1850 

Campbell Lord John. Shakespeare's Legal Acquirements considered. 

12mo, London, 1859 
Campbell J. Reports of Cases at Nisi Prius. 4 vols. 8to. London, 1809-16 
Campbell J. W. Biographical Sketches. 8vo. Columbus, 1838 

Campbell L. D. On the Articles of Charge against the Marquis of 

Wellesley. 8vo. London, 1808 

Campbell Mary (Pseud.). Poems and Tales. 12mo. New York, 1851 

Campelles G. de. De origine animaa. Martene et Dwam.d. Thes. 

JVov. 5. 
Camper P. Sur la meilleure forme des souliers. 8vo. b. 1. et s. a. 

Campet. Trait6 des maladies graves qui r6gnent sous la Zone torride. 

8vo. Paris, 1803 
Camplin J. M. OnDiabetesand its successful treatment. 12mo. London, 1860 
Campori G. Carlo V. in Modena. Archvvio Star. Ital. App. 6. 
Camps Abb6. Sur la milice Frangaise des deux premieres races. Le- 
her Diss. 7. 

Camps F. F. Letters to the Million. 8vo. New York, 1859 

Campuzano R. Novisimo Diccionario de la Lengua Castellana. 

2 vols. 8vo. Madrid, 1857 

Canada. Directory for 1857-58. Boy. 8vo. Montreal, 1858 

Kecensement des Canadas, 1851-62. 8vo. Quebec, 1863 

Precis du recensement, 1861. 8vo. Quebec, 1862 

Reports of Progress of the Geological Survey, by S. W. E. Lo- 
gan, A. Murray, J. Richardson, E. Billings, F. S. Hunt, R. Bell, 
and J. Hale, 1853-68. 2 vols. 8vo. Toronto, 1857-59 

Plans of the Lakes and Rivers between Huron and the Ottawa, 

in Atlas accompanying the Survey. 4to. 

Edits, ordonnances, d6clarations et arrets, relatifs h la Tenure 

seigneuriale demand^s par une adresse de I'Assembl^e legislative, 
1851. _ 8vo. Quebec, 1852 

Edits, ordonnances royaux, declarations et arrets du Consei] 

d'Etat du Roi concernant le Canada. 8vo. Quebec, 1854 

Arrets et rdglements du conseil 8up6rieur de Quebec et ordon- 
nances etjugements des Intendants du Canada. 8vo. Quebec, 1856 

Provincial Statutes in English and French. 

First Session, Second Parliament. Vol. 2d 4to. Toronto, 1846 

Second Sess. " 2 vols. 4to. Toronto, 1846 

Same, Reserved Acts. 2 vols. 4to. Toronto, 1846 

Second Session. 2 vols. 4to. Toronto, 1847 

Third Session. 2 vols. 4to. Toronto, 1847 

Same, Reserved Acts. 2 vols. 4to. Toronto, 1848 

Third Session Third Part. 2 vols. 4to. Toronto, 1850 

Fourth Session Third Part. 2 vols. 4to. Toronto, 1851 

Reserved Acts. 2 vols. 4to. Toronto, 1862 

First Session Fourth Part. 4 vols. 8vo. Quebec, 1852 

First Session Fifth Part. 4 vols. 8vo. Quebec, 1854 

Sec. Session Fifth Part. 2 vols. 8vo. Quebec, 1866 


Canada. A Provincial Ordinance, 6th Special Sess. 4to, Kingston, 1842 

List of Expiring Laws, 1852. 4to. Quebec, 1852 

Municipal and Road Act of L. C. 1855, Fr. and Eng. 

2 vols. 8vo. Quebec, 1855 

Acts and Ordinances on Grim Law in force in L. 0. 

8vo. Quebec, 1854 

Tables relative to Acts and Ordinances of L. 0., Fr, and Eng. 

2 vols. 8vo. Kingston, 1843 

' Eeport of a Select Comm. of the H. of Assembly on the Political 

State of the Assembly. 12mo. Montreal, 1838 

Return, to an Address on the State of the Colonies. 

8vo. Quebec, 1853 
Public Accounts for the years 1851, '52, & '59, '62, '63. 

3 vols. Quebec, 1852 & 1859, 1863 
Reports on Schools of U. and L. Canada, 1858. 

2 vols. 8vo. Toronto, 1859 
Tables of Trade and Navigation, 1853, '59-62 

4 vols. 8vo. Quebec, 1854 & 60-62 

Returns from the Chartered Banks. 8vo. Quebec, 1860 

Reports on the Crown Lands for 1861-62. 8vo. Quebec, 1862-63 

Report on Asylums and Prisons, 1861. 8vo. Quebec, 1861 

Report of the P. M. General for 1859, '60 and '61, '62. 

3 vols. 8vo. Quebec, 1859-61 

Report on the Public Works for 1860, '62, '63. 8vo. Quebec, 1861-63 

Report on the Militia, 1861, 1862, '63. 8vo. Quebec, 1862-63 

Report of the Minister of Agriculture for 1862. 4to. Quebec, 1863 

Catalogue of the Library of Parliament. 2 vols. 8vo. Toronto, 1857-8 

Report on the Reciprocity Treaty with the U. S. 8vo. Quebec, 1862 

Annual Reports of P. Fortin in Charge of the Expedition for 

the Protection of Fisheries in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. 

8vo. Quebec, 1863 
Catalogue de la Collection envoyee a I'exposition universelle de 

Paris, 1855. 12mo. Paris, 1855 

Et I'Exposition universelle de 1855. 8vo. Toronto, 1856 

Memorial of the People of Red River to the Government on a 

Territorial Road. 4to. Quebec, 1864 

Hints on the Case of Canada. 8vo. London, 1838 

The Canadian Controversy, its Origin, Nature, and Merits. 

8vo. London, 1838 
Canadian Naturalist and Geologist. Vol. 8. Montreal, 1863 
Canale M. da. Cronaca dei Veneziani. Archivio Stor. Ital. 8. 
Cancellieri F._ De secretariis Basilicas Yaticanse. 4 vols. 4to. Romje, 1786 
Descrizione delle Funzione della Settimana santa nelia cappella 

Pontilicia. 12mo. Romae, 1818 

Candidus Arianus. De generatione divina. Patrol. Lot. 8. 

Candidas Mon. Fuld. Yita S. Eigilis ; Opusculum de passione Do- 
mini ; Epistolse. Ihid. 106. 

Candidus P. Fabulse. Bel. Poet. Germ. 2. 

Candish T. (Cavendish) Iter. De Bry. Coll. Peregrinationum, P. 8. 

Candlemas Day, a Mystery. Hawkins' Eng. Drama. 1. 

Candlisli R. S. On the Negotiations for the Settlement of the Scottish 

Church Question. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1842 


CandoUe A. P. de. Eecneil de Memoires sur la Botanique. 4to. Paris, 1813 
Contents: Sur lesplantescompos^esou Syngeneses; Descrip- 
tion du Ohailletia ; Monographie des Ochnacees et des Simaroa- 

bees ; Monographie des Biscutelles ou Lunatieres. 

Prodrointis systematis naturalis Kegni vegetabilis, P. 13, 14. 

Canestrini G. Documenti per servire alia storia della milizia Italiana 

dal XIII. al XVI. secolo. Archivio Star. Ital. S. I. v. 15. 
Canitz F. K. L. von. Auserlesene Gedichte. Bih. Deutsche Dicht. 14. 
Canizares J. de. Comedlas famosas. 4to. Madrid. 

Cannesio M, Yita Pauli II. Poutefici. Muratori Rer. Ital. Y. 3. 
Canning G. Speech in the H. C. on the Slave Population in the "W". 

Indies. 8vo. London, 1824 

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8vo. Genova, 1840 
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New York, generally received as spiritual communications. 

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Sur I'origine etles migrations des principales tribus de I'Afrique 

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American Civil War. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1861 

Irench and American Tariffs compared. 8vo. Phil. 1861 

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earlier Abbe. Sur I'etat du commerce en France sous les rois de la 
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ment of Congenital Dislocations of the Head of the FerauT. 
With Plates. _ 8vo. New York, 1850 

Amputation of the Entire Lower Jaw. 8vo. IST. Y. 1852 

Elephantiasis Arabum of the Eight Inferior Extremity. 8vo. N. Y. 1852 

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8vo. Paris, 1815 
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incounu. 8vo. Paris, 1852 

Caroline Q. of George IV. Communications on the part of, with his 
Majesty's Government, laid before both Houses of Parliament 
in 1820. ' Fol. London, 1820 

Proceedings in Parliament on her Trial. Fol. London, 1821 

Trial. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1821 

The Queen's Budget Opens ; The Total Eclipse ; Exclusion of 

the Q. from the Liturgy. 8vo. London, 1820-21 

Carolus Magnus. See Charlemagne. 
Carolus Calvus. See Charles The Bald. 

Caron E. P. F. E. Remonstrantia Hibernorum contra Lovanienses 
ultramontanasque censuras de incommutabili Eegum Imperio, 
subditorumque fidelitate et obedientia indispensabili ex SS. 
Scripturis, Patribus, Theologis, etc. vindicata. Ad calcem 
Pithous 2. 
Carpenter L. Proof from Scripture that God, even the Father, is the 
only True God, and the only proper object of Eeligious "Worship. 

12mo. Exeter, 1818 

Eeview of the Labours, Opinions, and Character of Eajah Ram- 

raohnn Roy. 12mo. Bristol, 1833 

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— The same. Second Edition. 12mo. London, 1857 

Zoology, being a Systematic Account of the General Structure, 

Habits, Instincts, and Uses of the Principal Families of the 
Animal Kingdom. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1857 



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. Animal Physiology, new edition, thoroughly revised and partly 

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letli ; De Nummis efhgiem Moysis cornutam exhibentibus ; De 

sepultura Joseph! Patriarchse. lUd. 24, 27, 2.8, 33. 
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Hebrseorum. Ibid. 29, 30- 
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Thes. Ant. Sic. 1 & 12. 
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Indies. ' 8vo. London, 1740 

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De vero signiiicatu numismatum quorundam Messanensium. 

Thes. Ant. Sic. 9, 10. 
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Carriage Builders' and Harness Makers' Art-Journal. Series 1-3. 

4 vols. 4to. 1859-61 
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The Union of the States. 12ino. Boston, 1856 

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description of the Building. 4to. New York, 1854 

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Carter T. History of the Great Eeformation. 12mo. N. Y. 1860 

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cum supplemento. Thes. Ant. Ital. YI. p. 1. 
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Svo. Leipzig, 1849 

Ueber Lebensmagnetismus. 12mo. Leipzig, 1857 

Carus J. Y. Icones Zootomicse. Fol. Leipzig, 1857 

u.EngelmannW. BibliothecaZoologica. Yol. H. Svo. Leipzig, 1861 

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Itinerarium, tres partes, nova Editio. 4to. Londini, 1859 

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CaryT. G. Letter on Eepudiation. Svo. Boston, 1844 

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Casalius J. B. De ritu nuptiarum ; De tragoedia et comoedia ; De 

insignibus, annulis, fibulis ; De thermis et balneis veterum ; De 

tricliniis, conviviis, hospitaiitate et tesseris veterum. Thes. Ant. 

Orm. 8, 9. 

Casaysayan nang pasiong Mahalni Jesu Christong Panginoon natin. 

4to. Manila, 1848 


Cases in Matters of Law, Equity, and Conveyancing. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond. s. a. 
Cases of Personal Identity. 8vo. Albany, 1854 

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Cass L. Discourse before the Am. Hist. Soc. 4to. Washington, 1836 

On the Eight of Search. 12mo.. Baltimore, 1842 

■ Outlines of his Life and Character. 8vo. Albany, 1848 

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Cassard J. Yie. See Richer vie des Marins, 3. ^' 

Cassianus J. Opera omnia ; Editio accuratissime recognita. ' 

2 vols. roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 184lB 
Contents : De Coenobiorum institutis ; viginti quataor colla- '> 
tiones ; De incarnatione Christi. 
Oassin J. Illustration of the Birds of California, Texas, Oregon, Br. 

and Kuss. America. Eoy. 8vo. Phil. 1862 

Cassin J. See Pacific Railroad Survey, Y. &. 
Cassiodorus M. A. Senator. Opera omnia, ace. J. P. Migne. 

2 vols. roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1847-48 

Contents : Yol. I. Yariarum libri XII. ; Historia tripartita ; 

Chronicon ; Computus paschalis ; Jornandes de origine Gotho- 

rnm. II. Expositio in Psalterium — in Canticum ; De insti- 

tutione divinarum literarum ; De artibus et disciplinis ; De ora- 

tione et de octo partibus orationis ; De orthographia ; De Sche- 

-matibus, tropis et quibusdam locis rhetoricis S. Scripturse ; De 

anima ; Complexiones in Epistolas et Actus Apostolorum, etc. 

Casstrom S. !N". Occhiata sullo stato della geografia nei tempi antichi 

e moderni, trad, dallo Svezzesi. 8vo. Pisa, 1826 

Castalionus J. De antiquis pueroi-um praenominibus ; Ad versus femi- 
narum prsenominum assertores ; De columna triumphali Anto- 
nini ; Explicatio ad inscriptionem Augusti in basi Obelisci ante 
portam populi ; Opusculum de Pacis templo. Thes. Antiq. 
Rom. Y. 2 & 4. 
Castellanus P. De festis Gr^corura ; De esu Caruium ; De mensibus 
Atticis ; Yitse veterum et illustrium medicorum. Thes. Antiq. 
OroBC. 7, 9, 10, 11. 
Castellioneus J. A. Mediolanenses Antiquitates. Thes. Ant. Ital. 

III. p. 1. 
Castello C. de. Chronicon Bergomense Guelpho-Gibellinum ab anno 

1378 ad ann. 1407. Muratori Rer. Ital. 16. 
Castelnau F. de. Animaux nouveaux ou rares, recueillis pendant I'Ex- 
pedition dans les parties centrales de I'Amerique du Sud, de Rio 
de Janeiro a Lima et de Lima au Para. 

3 vols. 4to. avec Atlas 4to. Paris, 1855-59 
Contents : Yol. I. Anatomie et Mammiferes par P. Ger- 
vais ; Oiseaux par O. des Murs. 

II. Poissons par F. de Castelnau ; Eeptiles par A. Guichenot. 

III. Entoraologie par H. Lucas ; Myriapodes et Scorpions par 
P. Gervais ; Mollusques par H. Hupe. 

Castelnau G. Essai sur I'Histoire ancienne et moderne de la nouvelle- 

Eussie. Seconde Edition. 3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1827 

Castleman A. L. The Army of the Potomac, from its Organization by 
Gen. M'Clellan to the close of the Campaign in Yirginia, Jan. 1, 
1863. 12mo. 1\Iilwaukie, 1863 


Castielione B. The Courtier, from the Italian by E. Samber. 

" 8vo, London, 1724 

Castiglioni O. Memoire g^ographiqne et numismatique sur la partie 

Orientale de la Barbarie. 8vo. Milano, 1826 

Oastil-Blaze F. H. J. Moliere mnsicien ; notes snr I'harmonie de la 

langue Fran§aise. 4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1852 

Castille H. Histoire de soixante ans. 3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1859 

Caetillioneus B. De Gallorum Insubrum antiquis sedibus, Thes. Ant. 

Ital. I. p. 1. 
Caston sive Casson. Synodus provincialis Pergami habita 1311. Mu- 

ratori Rer. Ital. 9. 
Castor. De metris rhetoricis. Walz. RTiet. Gi'CBoi, 3. 
Castren M. A. De Affinitate Declinationnm in lingua Fennica, Estho- 

nica et Lapponica. 12nio. Helsingforsise, 1839 

De Affixis personalibus linguarum Altaicarum. 

4:to. Helsingforsise, 1850 

Grundziige einer Tungusischen Sprachlehre. 8vo. St. Petersb. 1856 

Versuch einer Biirjatischen Sprachlehre. 8vo. St. Petersb. 1857 

Ethnologis,che Yorlesungen iiber die Altaischen Volker nebst 

Samojedischen Mahrchen und Tartarischen Heldensagen. 

8vo. St. Petersburg, 1857 
Caswell A. lifeteorological Observations made at the Brown [Jniver- 

sity. Providence, 1831-1860. Smithsonian Contributions, 12, 

Caswell J. Trigonomi^trie. Wallis^s Opera, 2. 

.Catafago J. An English and Arabic Dictionary in two parts — Arabic- 
English and English-Arabic. 8vo. London, 1858 

Catalan E. Nouveau Manuel des Aspirants an Baccalaur6at-e8-Scien- 
ces complet ; redige conform6ment au Programme oJSficiel de 
1857, 5e p. Mecanique. 12mo. Paris, s. a. 

Catalogne. Les plans et Profils des principales villes et lieux de la 
Principaute de Catalogne. Avec la carte generale et les parti- 
c.ulieres de chaque gouvernement. Fol. Paris, s. a. 

Catalogue des Animaux, Machines, etc., exposes au concours de 1860. 

, 8vo. Paris, 1860 

Catalogue of the Genuine Library, Prints and Books of Prints of an 
illustrious personage lately deceased (Queen Charlotte), which 
will be sold by auction, June 19th, 1819. 8vo. London, 1819 

Catalogues of Books sold by auction in London, Bristol, etc. 1800-1829. 

39 vols. 8vo. 
Catalogues of Libraries-^Art of Making. 8vo. London, 1856 

Oatalogus Librorum qui nupdinis anno 1660 prodierunt. dto. Lipsise, 1660 
(.Catechism of the Shaman. See China,. Wor^s Translated. 
Catechism for Young Classes — in the Karen Dialect. 12mo. Tavoy, 1850 
Catechism of the Orthodox Eastern Ch. (In Russian.) 8vo. St. Petersb. 1840 
Catechisme de Controverse. 8vo. Avignon 1838 

Catechetisk Barna-Lara. 12mo. Stockholm', 1820 

Cathedrals. Histoire pittoresque des Cath^drales, Eglises, Basiliques, 
Temples, Mosquees, Pagodes et autres Monuments religieux les 
plus remarquables dans I'Europe, I'Asie, I'Afrique et PAmerique. 

8vo. Paris, 1846 


Catlierine de Medici ; Yie, actions et deportements. Cimber Archiv. 
S. I. V. 9. 

Catherine II. See Laveaua^ Histoire de Pierre III. 

Oatinat Mar^chal de. Eloge. 8vo. Edimbourg, 17Y5 

Catlin G. Manners, Customs, and Condition of the North American 

Indians, with 360 Engravings.- 2 vols, Roy. 8vo. London, 1848 

Notes of Eight Tears' Travels and Hesidence in Europe with his 

N. A. Indian Collection. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1848 

The Breath of Life, or Mal-Kespiration and its Effects upon Man. 

8vo. New York, 1861 

Catlin S. Annual Statement of the Trade amd Commerce of Chicago 

for 1858 and 1859. 2 vols. 8vo. Chicago, 1859-60 

Catlow A. Popular Garden Botany. 12mo. London, 1855 

• Popular Greenhouse Botany. 12mo. London, 1857 

Catlow S. Outlines of a Plan of Instruction adapted to Active Life. 

8vo. London, 1806 

CatuUo C. Y. Eeclami ed osservazioni concernenti la geognosia delle 

Alpi Yenete. 8vo. Padua, 1842 

Cauer L. Bericht iiber die Cauersche Erziehungs-Anstalt zu Chariot- 

tenburg bei Berlin. 8vo. Berlin, 1828 

Caulfield J. Portraits, Memoirs, and Characters of Remarkable Persons 
from the Eeign of Edward the Third to the Revolution. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1813 

Caulkins F. M. History of Norwich, Conn, 12m'0. Norwich, 1845 

History of New London, Conn. 8vo, New London, 1852 

Causeus (De la Chausse) M. A. De insignibus pontificis max, flaminis 
dialis, auguris et de instrumentis sacrificantium ; Deorum simu- 
lacra, idola, aliseque imagines aenese ; De signis militaribus ; De 
vasis, bullis, armillis, fibulis, annulis, clavibus, tesseris, etc. ; 
De mutini simulacris ; De aeneis antiquorum lucernis. Thes. 
Ant. Rom. Y. 10, 12. 

Cavallius G. O. H. Yocabularium Yarendicura. 8vo. UpsaliEe. 

Caveda J. Geschichte der Baukunst in Spanien, aus dem Spanischen 

iibersetzt von P. Heyse. 8vo. Stuttgart, 1858 

Cavelier K. Relation du voyage pour decouvrir I'embouchure du 

Fleuve du Mississippi. Sm. 4to. Manate, 1858 

Caviey M. Philosophic legale du Credit on de la puissance. 8vo. Paris, 1861 

Cavitellus. Cremonenses Annales. Thes. Ant. Ital. HI. p. 2. 

Cavos A. Trait6 de la construction des Theatres. Ouvrage contenant 
toutes les Observations pratiques sur cette partie de 1' Architec- 
ture. PI. Fol. Texte 4to. Paris, 1847 

Cawthorn J. Poems. Chalmers'' Eng. Poets, 14. 

Caxton "W. The Game of the Chesse (Facsimile Reprint). 4to. Loud. 1855 

Cayet P. Y. P. Chronologic Novenaire et Septenaire contenant I'his- 
toire de la guerre sous le regne de Henri lY. Petitot, S. I. v. 
38-43, and Michaud & Poujoulat, S. I. v. 12. 

Cecil. Records of the Chase and Memoirs of Celebrated Sportsmen. 

12mo. London, 1854 

Cellarias C. De studiis Romanorum litterariis urbe et provinciis. 
Sallengre, Y. 3. 


Oellarius 0. 

De excidio Sodomse ; De amoenitatibiis Itinerarii S. Pauli ; Col- 
lectanea Hist. Samaritanse ; De Cn. Pompeii expeditione Ju- • 
daica ; VindiciEe Joseph! H. de Herodum historia. Ugolini, 
Vn. 22, 26. 

Celtic Society Miscellany, ed. by J. O'Donovan. 8vo. Dublin, 1849 

Contents ; The Genealoo;y of Corca Laidhe ; Poem on the 
Battle of Dun by Gilla Brighde MacCoumhidhe ; Docura's 
Tracts ; Poems, Pedigrees, and Extracts. 

Cenac Moncaut J. Histoire des Pyr6n^es et des Rapports internatio- 

naux de la France avec I'Espagne. 5 vols. Bvo. Paris, 1853-55 

Le meme avec leTitre — Histoire des Penples et des fitats Pyr6- 

neens depuis I'Epoque Celtib^rienne jusqu'a nos jours, 2de 
Edition. 5 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1860 

Cenalis R. De vera mensurarum ponderumque ratione. Thes. Ant. 
Sam. XI. 

Oendrillon. Revue encyclopedique de tons les travaux de dames. 

8vo. Paris, 1855 
Cennik J. An Account of the Late Riot at Exeter. 8vo. London, 1745 

Centlivre C. Bold Stroke for a "Wife ; Busybody ; Wonder ; Come- 
dies. BelVs Br. Theatre, 12, 16, 21. 
Central America. Maps, publ. 1851 and 1856. 
Centralblatt Polytechnisches, cont. to 1863. 
Century Club. Constitution. 12mo. New York, 1853 

Twelfth Night Celebration, Jan. 6th, 1858. 4to. N. Y. 1858 

Ceremoniale del Conclave per I'elezione del sommo ponteflce. 16mo. Genova. 
Cereta P. de. Chronicon Veronense, 1117-1278. Muratori Rer. 
Ital. 8. 

Cerise L. Le M^decin des Salles d'Asile. 8vo. Paris 1836 

Cermenata J. de. De situ origine et cultoribus Ambrosianse urbis ac 

de Mediolanensium gestis sub imperio Henrici VH. Thes 

Ant. Ital. IV. p. 1. 

Cervantes M. The Little Gipsy, from the Spanish. 12mo. London, 1721 
Cesarini E. Dei vizi nel negozip Bancario, ossia nel negozio della Cam- 

^"^^'- 8vo. Roma, 1842 

Cessac M. de. Guide de I'Officior particulier en campagne. 

r. 11 .T ^ o M ^ ^°'^- ^^<^- P»"s, 1816 

Cevallos M. de. bur I'usurpation de la couronne d'Espagne. 

,^1 1. . nr ^ 1 . . ^ ^""o- Madrid, 1808 

Chabert M. Galene des Peintres ou collection de Portraits des Peintres 

les plus cel^bres de tontes les ecoles. 3 vols. 8vo. Paris, s a 

Chadwick E. On the Principles and Progress of the Poor-Law Amend ' 

nu «• ""w ^^- 1 8vo. London; 1837 

Chatters W. Catalogue of Coins and Medals. 8vo. London 1855 

Chaillu. See Du Ghaillu. * 

Chailly H. _ De la valeur de certains proc^des conseilles dans la version 
pelvienne. o„^ tj • 

/~ii • -n -fs 1 V, "^o- Pans, s. a. 

Ohaix P. Etude sur I'Ethnographie de I'Afrique. 8vo. Geneve s a 

Chailamel A. Histoire-Mus6e de la Republique Frangaise. ' 

T„-p. /^ , ^ 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1857-58 

La R%ence Galante. 12mo. Paris, 1861 


Chalmers G. Estimate of Comparative Strength of G. Britain, etc. 

New Ed. 8vo. London, 1804 

Chalmers J. The Eirst Cause of the various Secondary Causes of Indi- 
vidual and National Distress. 12mo. Dundee, 1842 

Chambers T. Thoughts on the Abolition of Colonial Slavery. 

8vo. Glasgow, 1826 

Chambers E. History of tlie English Language and Literature. To 
which is added a History of American Contributions to the Eng- 
lish Language and Literature, by R. Bobbins. 12mo. Hartford, 1837 

Chambers W. & E. Handbook of American Literature. 

12mo. Philadelphia, s. a. 

Chamborant C. G. de. Du Paup6risme ce qu'il ^tait dans l'antiquit(^. 

8 vo. Paris, 1842 

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— An Address on the Prevention of Pauperism. 8vo. Boston, 1843 

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8vo. Boston, 1815 
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Address on the Anniversary of Emancipation in the Br. W. 

Indies. 8vo. Lenox, 1842 

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Ballads, and Dance Tunes, illustrative of the National Music of 
England, with a short account of the Minstrels. The airs har- 
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quiry into Charities for the Counties of England and Wales, to 
which are added general Charities and Summaries of the whole 
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gesta, cultum, famam et laudes pertinentia ; Historica ; Poetica ; 
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tactiques raisonn^s de leur application a I'usage des officiers g^n^- 

raux de l'arm6e Autrichienne. Traduit de rAllemand. 

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Sachsischen Amalgamirwerke vorkommeuden Arbeiten. 

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Nach dem Blumenbachschen Systeme. 
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age. 12mo. Paris, 1847 

. Etudes sur I'Espagne. 12mo. Paris, 1847 

Oliver Cromwell. 12mo. Paris, 1847 

122 ABTOB talBBABY. 

Chaslea V. E. P. _ 

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12mo. Paris, 1849 

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12mo. Paris, 1851 
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au XIXe Siecle. 12mo. Paris, 1851 

Anglo-American Literature and Manners, tr.'from the above. 

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Arch. S. I. v. 13. 
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D6bonquemens de Saint Domingue. 8vo. Paris, 1821 

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by T. Wright for the Percy Society. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1847 

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„.,,., Sm. 4to. ISTew York, 1858 

buite de la vie ecrite par un Pere de la Comp. de Jesus. 

■ Sm. 4to. New York, 1858 
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Siam. Cimber Archives., S. 2, v. 10. 
Chausse De la. See Cansseus M. A. 
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regions de ces Montagues depuisl'Oc^an jusqu'i la Mediterranee. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1834 
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pour detruire la pierre dans la Vessie. Svo. Paris 1824 

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8vo. Paris, 1827 
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Frangais en la Floride et du massacre execute sur eux par les 

Hespagnols. Cirriber Arch. S. I. v, 6. 


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and Fall of the Eoman Empire. 8vo. Oxford, 1778 

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du ler Janvier 1800 au Dec. 31, 1855 A. C. V. 1, 2. 

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13 vols. 8vo. London, 1841-52 
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12mo. New York, 1843 
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Shakespeare Soc. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1843-47 

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2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1855-58 

— Dela baisse probable de I'or, des consequences commerciales et 

sociales qu'elle pent avoir, et des mesures qu'elle provoque. 

8vo. Paris, 1859 
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2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1853 
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stances alimentaires. 3me Edition. 2 vols.. 8vo. Paris, 1857-58 
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souverains Pontifes depuisSt. Pierre jusqu'a Pie IX. 

Boy. 8vo. Paris, 18S7 


Chevreul M. E. De la loi du Contraste simultan^ des Couleurs, avec 

Atlas. Planches ito. Texte 8vo. Paris, 1839 

■ The Principles of Harmony and Contrast of Colours, and their 

application to the Arts, Including Painting, Interior Decoration, 
Tapestries, Carpets, Mosaics, Coloured Glazing, Paper Staining, 
Calico Printing, Letter Press Printing, Map Colouring, Land- 
scape and Flower Gardening. Trans, by C. Martel. Third edi- 
tion, illustrated. Post Bvo. London, 185d 

Eecherches chimiques sur la teinture. Mem. Acad. Sc. Math. 

et Phys. 24. 

■ Expos^ d'un moyen de definer et de nommer les couleurs d'apres 

une m^thode precise exp^rimentale. Mtm. Acad. Sc. Math, et 
Phys. 33. 

Cheyne J. An Essay on Cynanche Trachealis, or Croup. 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1813 

Chhandogya Upanishad, with the commentary of Sankara Acharya 
and the gloss of Ananda Giri. Ed. by Dr. E. Eder. - 

8vo. Calcutta, 1850 

Chhandogya Upanishad of the Sama Veda, with Extracts from the Com- 
mentary of Saftkara Acharya ; transl. from the original Sanscrit, 
by Kajendralal Mittra. 8vo. Calcutta, 1854 

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V. 12. 

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lites. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1830 

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1859-60. 8vo. Chicago, 1860 

Report of the Exec. Comm. of the Young Men's Association, 

1855. 8vo. Chicago, 1855 

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Observations on the above by ^neas Coffey. 8vo. London, 1818 

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Chifletius H. T. De Othonibus Aeneis. lUdem. 

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Chifletius J. J. Geminise matris sacrorum titulus sepulcralis explica- 
tus. Sallengre, 1. 

De linteis sepulcralis Christi. TJgolvno, 33. 

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8 vols. 12mo. Boston, 1857-58 

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3 vols. 8vo. New York, 1865 

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los Estados estranjeros Tomo 1. 4to. Santiago, 1857 


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Contents : Yol. I.-II. Life ; Answer to Charity maintained 
by Catholics. IIL Sermons and Additional Discourses. 

CMmentellius V. Marmor Pisanum de honore bissellii. Thefi. Antiq. 
Rem. 7. 

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China. 2 vols. 8vo. Berlin, 1858 

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ings. 8vo. Canton, 1838 

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lated from the Original of Yung Lun Yuen by C. F. Neuraan, 
O.T.F. 8vo. London, 1831 

China. Tracts on the Opium Question. 8vo. London, 1840 

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enses 1378, accurata descriptio. Mwratori Rer. Ral. 16. 

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Chinese Dramas in the original. 12 vols. 8vo. 

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Voie et de la Vertue traduit avec le Texte Chinois par Stanislas 
Julien. 8vo. Paris, 1842 

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gion Gauloise. Leber Diss. 3. 

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losophis. Thes. Ant. Ral. IX. p. 8. 

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Specific Articles. 8vo. Middlebury, 1822 

Life of Nathaniel Chipman with Selections from his Miscella- 
neous Papers. 8vo. Boston, 1846 

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tions. 8vo. Burlington, 1833 

Reports and Dissertations. 12mo. Rutland, 1793 

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the State of New York and in parts of Mass., Conn., and Yer- 
mont. 12mo. Albany, 1834 

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People. 8vo. New York, 1837 

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ligerents and Neutrals. 8vo. Boston, 1812 

Chitty J. Attorney's Manual. 8vo. New York, 1807 

ChiversT. H. Nacoochee, or the Beautiful Star, with other Poems. 

12mo. New York, 1837 

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herabgefallenen Massen. 8vo. Wien, 1819 

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rum Imp. Auszug aus den Registraturbiichern vom J. 1440- 
1493. 2 vols. 4to. Wien, 1869 

Chmel J. Bericht ueber die von ihm im Friihjahr unternommene lite- 
rarische Reise ; Yersuch einer Begrundung meiner Hypothese 
ueber den Ursprung des Privilegium majus von 1156; Habs- 
burgische Excurse ; Beitrage zur Ldsung akademischer Aufga- 
ben ; Studien zur Geschichte des 13. Jahrhunderts ; Die Oester- 



reiclnsclie Freyheits Briefe; Beitrage zur Gescliichte Konigs 
Ladislaus des Nachgebornen. Wiener j^ cad. Sitzungsb. Phil. 
Th. 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 18, 23, 25, 27, 28. 

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Chodzko L. La Pologne historique, litteraire, monumentale et pitto- 

resque. 3 vols. roy. 8vo. Paris, 1-835-42 

Les Massacres de Galicie, et Krakovie confisquee par I'Autriche 

en 184:6. 12ma Paris, 1861 

See Legendss Slaves. 

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Choisnin J. M^moire ou disconrs de tout ce qui s'est fait pour la nego- 
tiation de I'election du roi de Pologne. JPetitot, S. L v-. 38. 

Choisy F. F. de. Memoires pour servir a I'Mstoire de Louis XIV. 
lUd. S. IL V. 63. 

Cholera. Papers relative to Cholera-Spasmodica, published by author- 
ity of the Privy Council. 8vo. London, 1831 

Eeport on the C. by the Dublin Board of Health. 8v0r Dublin, 1831 

Report of the Commission sent to Canada for the Investigation 

of the Cholera in Montreal and Quebec. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1832 

Report of the R. Academy of Medicine publ. by order of the 

French Gov. From the French by J. W. Sterling. 

12mo. New York, 1832 

Reports of the general Board of Health in London relative to^ 

Cholera. See under Health. 

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written in 1568 ; edited for the Camden See. by W. J. Thoms. 

4to. Loudon, 1853 
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8vo. London, 1841 
Chretien de Troyes et Godefroy de Laigny. Le Roman du Chevalier 

de la Charrette. 8vo. Reims, 1849 

Ohrestien J. De I'Utilit^ dn Lait dans le Traitement de I'Hydropisie 

ascite. 8yo_ Paris, 1832 

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^'■a'^'it- 8vo. ClTristiama, 1855 

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Christian Examinei", cont. to 1863. 

Christian Inquirer, from Oct. 1849 to 1853. Pol. K Y. 

Christian Observer, cont. to 1863. 
Christian Remembrancer, cont. to 1863. 

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Christian Spectator, 1829-35. 6 vols. 8vo. Newhaven, 1829-35 
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Det Ji. JNorske Universitets Aarsberetning for 1850. 

-r, , . 1 J „ . 8vo. Christiania, 1852 

Besknvelse over de nye Universitets Byninger. Svo. Christ. 1853 

llf^r? }^^''^^. in Univers. R. Fred. 1856-7. 4to. Christ. 1856-57 

Statistiske Gabeller for K. JSTorge, 1853-57 4to 

Physikalske Meddelelser udgivne af C. Hansteen. 4to. Clirist. 1858 


Christianity (The) of Abraham. 12mo. London, 1848 

Gottliche Ursprung des Christenthurns. 12mo. Stuttg. 1849 

Christie W. D. An Argument in Favor of the Ballot. Bvo. London, 1839 
Christine de Pisan. Le livre des faits et bonnes mceurs du sage roi 

Charles Y. Peiitot, S. I. v. 5-7. 
Christlieb T. Leben und Lehre des Johannes Scotus Erigena. 

8vo. Gotha, 1860 
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Christmas J. Glendearg Cottage, a Tale. 12mo. London, 1846 

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ad Theophilum imperatorem. Pat/rol. Ch'CBO. 100. 
Chrodegangus Episc. Metensis. Kegnla canonicorum. Patrol. Lat. 89. 
Chromatins Episc. Aquil. Sermo de octo beatitudinibus ; Tractatus in 

Evangelium S. Matthsei ; Scripta Apochrypha. Patrol. Lat. 20. 
Chronicarum liber ab Initio Mundi (per li. Schedel). 

Fol. Augustas Yindel. 1497 
Chronicle of Calais in the Keigns of Henry YII. and Henry YIH. to the 

year 1540, edited by J. G. Nichols for the Camden Soc. 

4to. London, 1846 
Chronicon Monasterii Aldenburgensis. Patrol. Lat. 174. 
Chronicon Paschale a mundo condito ad Heraclii Imp. annum XX. 

Koy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1860 
Chronicon vetus rerum Moguntiacarnm. Fol. s. 1. et s. a. 

Chronique des quatre premier Yalois (1327-1393) publi^e pour la pre- 
miere fois pour la Soci^te de I'histoire de France, par S. Luce. 

8vo. Paris, 1862 
Chronological and Historical Account of the most Memorable Earth- 
quakes to the year 1750. ^ 8vo. Cambridge, 1750 
Chronology of Civil and Ecclesiastical History, Art, Literature, and 
Civilization, from the earliest period to 1854. 

2 vols. 12mo. London, 1854-67 
Chrysologus S. Arch. Kavenii. Opera omnia recusa ad castigatissimam 

i-ecensionem Seb. Pauli. Eoy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1846 

Contents : Sermones CLXXXY. cum amplissimis Prelego- 
Chrysostomus S. Joan. Arch. Const. Opera omnia, quiB extant vel quaa 
ejus nomine circumferuntur. Ed. novissima ace. J. P. Migne. 

13 in 18 vols. 8vo. Parisiis, 1858-60 
Contents : Yol. I. p. 1. Parenesis ad Theodorum lapsum ; 
adversus oppugnatores vitse monasticte ; De comparatioue regis 
et monachi ; De compunctione ; Ad Stagrium a, daemone vexa- 
turn ; Contra eos qui subintroductas habent virgines. Y. I. 
I p. 2. De virginitate ; ad viduam juniorem ; De sacerdotio ; Ho- 

milia cum presbyter ordinatus ; De incomprehensibili Dei 
natura ; Contra Judaeos, et quod Christus sit Deus ; Orationes 
adversus Judaeos ; liomiliae de anathemate ; Homiliae in Kaleii- 
das ; Conciones de Lazaro ; Spuria. Y. II. p. 1. Homiliae de 
Statuis ad populum Antiochenum habitae ; Catacheses ad illu- 
minandos ; Homiliae de imbecillitate Diaboli ; Homiliae de pceni- 
teutia ; Sermones panegyrici. Y. II. p. 2. Opera dubia ; op. 
spuria ; Belectte ex notis Savili et Ducaei. Y. III. p. 1 et 2. 


Chrjsostomus S. Joan. Arch. Const. 

Homiliae in quaedam loca N. T. ; Opuscula de motibus Con- 
stantinopolitanis; Epistolse; Spuria; Variorum ISTotse. V. lY. 
p. 1 et 2. Homilise in Geneeim ; Sermones in Genesim; Sermo- 
nes de Anna ; Homilise de Davide et Sanle ; Yariorum notse. 
Y. Y. Expositio in Psalmos ; Dubia et spuria in Psalmos. 
Y. YI. Interpretatio in Isaiam. Homilise in diyersos locos S. 
Scriptnrse ; Interpretatio in Danielem ; Sermones de consola- 
tione mortis ; Synopsis Scripturse sacrse ; Spuria. Y. YII. 
p. 1 et 2. Homilise in Matthaenm. Fragmentnm in qno expli- 
cantnr generationes ante necnon post captivitatem. Y. YHI. 
Homilise in Joannem ; Spuria. Y. IX. Homilise in Acta Apos- 
tolorum et in Epistolam ad Romanes ; Spuria. Y. X. Homilise 
in Epistolas ad Corinthios ; Comm. in Epistolam ad Galatos ; 
Spuria. Y. XT. Homilise in Epistolas ad Ephesios, Philippenses, 
Colossenses, Thessalonicenses, Tiraothenm, etc. Y. XII. Ho- 
milise in Epistolam ad Hebrseos ; Mutiani interpretatio earundera 
homiliarnm ; Homilise hactenns non editse ; Homilia de sigillis 
librorum ; Sermo de mansuetudine ; Eclogse; Liturgia ; Ora- 
tionea ; Spuria. Y. XIII. Sermones tredecim ; Synopsis eorum 
qnse in operibus observantnr; Testimonia veterum de scriptis auc- 
toris ; Catalogus operum omnium secundum ordinem editionum 
var. coll. cum hac nova editione ; Catalogus Scriptorum S. Chry- 
sostomi germanorum ; In opera omnia Index generalis ; Supple- 
mentum ad Homilias, ad Epistolas, ad commentaries in Scrip- 
tnram, ad Liturgiam. 

Chrystal J. A Historj' of the modes of Christian Baptism. 12mo. Phil. 1S61 

Church Register, ed. by Rev. G. "Weller. 3 vols. 4to. Phil. 1826-8 

Church Review and Ecclesiastical Register. Yol. 1-5. 8vo. Newhaven, 1848-53 

Church T. The History of Philip's, or great Indian War, with notes by 

S. G. Drake. 12mo. Exeter, 1840 

Church T. Rev. On the Miraculous Powers in Ansvrer to Middleton. 

8vo. London, 1751 

Church of England — Private Patronage. 8vo. London, 1855 

Churton E. Letter on the Case of the Oxford Malignants and Dr. 

Hampden. 8vo. London, 1836 

Chytrseus D. Tabula philosophica a Thalete et Socrate usque ad Cice- 
ronem dedncta. Thes. Ant. Or. 10. 

Chytrseus N. Silvte, Epitaphia, etc. Del. Poet. Germ. 2. 

Ciacconius P. In colnmnse rostratse inscriptionem ase conjectnra sup- 
pletam explicatio ; Kalendarium rusticum in Bibl. Farnesiana; 
jSTotse in vetus Rom. Kalendarium. Thes. Ant. Rom. 4, 8. 

Cialdi A. Sintesidi fatti per dimostrare come il moto ondoso del mare 
anzi che la corrente littorale e la cagione precipuadel protendi- 
mento delle spiagge e della ostruzzione de' porti ; applicandone 
il resultamento alP ingresso del Bosforo de Suez. 8vo. Roma, 1860 

Ciampi S. Rerura polonicarum. 8vo. Firenze 1827 

Lettere militari con un piano di riforma dell' esercito Polacco 

del Giovanni Sobiescki. 8vo. Firenze, 1830 

Osservazioni intorno ai moderni sistemi suUe antichita Etrusche. 

. . , ^, 8vo. Trieste, 1824 

Esame cntico della storia di Dimetrio di Ivan Wasiliewitch. 

8vo. Firenze, 1829 


Ciampini J. Examen llbri Pontificialis. Muratori Rer. Ital. 3. 

Cibrario L. Storia di Torino. 2 vols. 8vo. Torino, 1846 
■ Delle Artiglierie. 12mo. Torino, 1847 

Cicalliu8 A. De Clitumno TJmbrige flumine. Thes. Antiq. Ital. IX. 
p. 8. 

Cicero M. T. Fragrnenta. 18mo. Amstelodami, 1659 

Epistolee Selectge. 12mo. Niirnbero^, 1752 

Oil Oratory and Orators with Letters to Quintus and Brutus, 

translated or edited by J. S. Watson. 12mo. London, 1833 

Cid. See Dennis O. 

Cigalinus P. De 0. Plinii Secundi vera patria ejusdemqne fide et auc- 
toritate, prselectiones ab antiquitatum etudiosis diu expetitse. 
Thes. Antiq. Ital. IX. p. 8. 

Cimber M. L. & Danjou F. Archives cnrieuses de I'histoire de France, 

etc. _ Ser. L 11. 27 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1834-40 

Qudrard, in his " Siipercheries litteraires devoilees," gives La 
Faist as the real name of the principal editor of this collection of 
French documentary history disguised under the Pseudonyme 
of Cimber, but Brmiet, in the new edition of his "Manuel," retains 
that of Cimber. In this Catalogue the several works of the col- 
lection are entered separately and referred to Cimber. 

Cincinnati. Reports of the Mercantile Library Association, 1855, '68, 

and '62. 8vo. Cincinnati. 

Eeport of the 15th, 16th, and 18th Exhibition of the Ohio Me- 
chanics' Institute. 8vo. Cincinnati, 1857-69 

— Thirty-First Annual Report of the Directors of the 0. Mechanic 

Institute. Bvo. Cincinnati, 1869 

Report of the Trustees of the Common Schools, 1866, '67. 

8vo. Cincinnati, 1856-7 

Statement of Commerce to Aug. 1862. 

Cinq-Mars Marquis de. Proems et Mort. Ciniher Archiv. S. 2, v. 6. See under Portugal. ; 

Cirinus A. De urbe Roma ejusque rege Rornulo. Sallengre, II. p. 1. 
Cisner N. Poemata. Del. Poet. Germ. 2. 

Cist C. Sketches and Statistics of Cincinnati. 12mo. Cinn. 1861 

Oitters A. C. v. Lofrede op N. C. Lambrechsteu, 8vo. Middelburg, 1824 
Oiviale M. Cinquieme lettre sur la lithotritie. 8vo. Paris, 1837 

Trait6 de I'affection calculeuse. 8vo. Paris, 1838 

Traitement de la Pierre et de la Gravelle. 8vo. Paris, 1840 

M^moire sur 1' Anatomic pathologique des rdtr^cisseraens de 

rUr^tre. 8vo. Paris, 1842 

Traite pratique sur les maladies des organes g^nito-urinaires. 

Troisi^me Edition. 3 vols. 8vo, Paris, 1858-60 

Civilbau. Sammlung von Entwurfen, etc. See Eaeimnerling. 
Civil Engineer and Architect's Journal, cont'd to 1863. 
Civilingenieur. See Ingenieur. 

Civility Musulmaue, ou Recueil de Sentences et de Maximes extraites 
de I'ouvrage du c6iebre auteur Arabe I'Iman Essiyouth; avec une 
traduction litt6rale en regard du texte Arabe par F. Cadoz. 

12mo. Alger, 1851 



Claiborne J. F. H. Life and Times of Gen. Sam. Dale the Mississippi 

Partisan. 12mo. New York, 1860 
Life and Correspondence of J. A. Qnitnian. 2 vols. 12mo. IS". Y. 1860 

Claims of Sundry American Citizens on the Govt. U. S. for Indemnity 
for Depredations by the French, prior to Sept. 1800. 

8vo. Washington, 1836 
Claims of the British Roman Catholics. 8yo. London, 1827 

Claius J. Homilia in Ecclesiasten. Del. Poet. Oerm. 2. 
Clapp T. Autobioarraphical Sketches and Kecollections during a Thirty- 
Five Years' Kesidence in New Orleans. 12mo. Boston, 1867 
Clarac M. de. Musee de sculpture antique et moderne continue par 

A. Maury. PI. 6 vols. obi. 4to. Texte 7 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1841-53 

Claramontius S. Csesense urbis historia ab initio civitatis ad ann. 1640. 

Thes. Ant. Ital. YL p. 2. 
Clare Earl of. Speech in the Irish H. of Peers, 1793, on the Catholic 

Bill. Reprint. 8vo. London, 1813 

Clark J. H. Sight and Hearing, how Preserved and how Lost. 

12mo. New York, 1859 
Clark L. G. Literary Remains of W. Gaylord Clark. 8vo. New York, 1859 
Clark M. B. S. The Scripture History of our blessed Lord and Saviour 
Jesus Christ, arranged to illustrate his Divinity, Doctrine, and 
Mission. 12mo. New York, 1861 

Clark S. A. The History of St. John's Church, Elizabeth Town, New 

Jersey. 12mo. Phil. 1857 

Clark S. T. Josephine and other Poems. 12mo, Boston, 1856 

Clark T. The Student's Handbook of Comparative Grammar applied 
to Sanskrit, Zend, Greek, Latin, Gothic, Anglo-Saxon, and Eng- 
lish. 12mo. London, 1862 
Clark "W. S. On Metallic Meteorites, an Inaugural Dissertation. 

8vo. Goettingen, 1852 
Clarke A. On the Use and Abuse of Tobacco. 8vo. London, 1797 

Clarke H. Handbook of Comparative Philology. 12mo. London, 1859 

A New Dictionary of the English Language. 12mo. London, 1855 

A Grammar of the Eng. Language for Self-Teaching. 

12mo. London, 1859 
Clarke Jas. F. Theodore Parker and his Theology. 8vo. Boston, 1859 

Clarke J. A Catechism of the Rudiments of Music. 12mo. Baltimore, 1832 
Clarke Mrs. M. A. Letter to "William Fitzgerald. 8vo. London, 1813 

Clarke M. C. Shakespeare Proverbs. 12mo. London, 1848 

Clarke S. Natural Religion and Chr. Revelation. Watson?s Tracts, 4. 
Clarkson T. On the Doctrines and Practice of the Early Christians as 

they relate to war. 8vo. London, 1821 

bame translated mto Spanish and into French. 8vo. Londres, 1822 

Le cri des Africains trad, de I'Anglais. 8vo. Londres, 1822 

Clarkson W. H. The Constitution, 12mo. New York, 1845 

Clasenius D. Theologia gentilis. Thes. Ant. Ormo. 7. 
Classical Literature ; Claims of. Refuted by Argument. 8vo. Boston, 1824 
Claude J. Catholic Doctrine of the Eucharist transl. Fol. London, 1684 
Claude de Rubys. Sur la contagion de peete en la ville de Lyon. 
Cimber Archiv. S. 1, v. 9. 


Claude de Sainctes. Discours sur le saccagement des eglises catho- 

liqnes par les heretiques anciens et nouveaux Calvinistes, 1562. 

Ibid. S. 1, V. 4. 
Claudius ApollinarisEpisc. Fragmenta. Patrol. Or. ^. 
Claudius Epis. Taurin. Triginta Qusestiones super librosKegum. Enar- 

ratio in Epistolam I). Pauli ad Galatas Brevis Chronica. Par 

1/rol. Lot. 104. 
Claudius J. J. De nutricibus et psedagogis. Polenus., 3. 
Claudius M, Victor. Carmina, seu comm. in Genesim. Despont, 

Y. 8. 
Claus C. Ueber den Bau u. die Entwickelung Parasitischer Crusta- 

ceen. 4to. 

Clavel Docteur. Les Kaces humaines etleur part dans la civilisation. 

8vo. Paris, 1860 
Clavel M. Alraanach Manuel de la Sant^. 8vo. Paris, 1855 

Claveringius P. De Maimonide. Ugolino, 8. 
Clavijo P. G. de. Narrative of the Embassy to the Court of Timour at 

Samarcand, 1403-6, transl. by P. Markham for the Hakluyt S. 

8vo. London, 1869 
Clayton J. J. Angelology — ^Peflections on the Holy Angels. 

12mo. N. T. 1867 
Clayton J. Account of Yirginia. Forceps Tracts, 3. 
Clayton P. On Subscription to Creeds. Sparks' Tracts, 6. 
Cleanthes. See Gnomici Or. ed. Brunch. 
Clearchus Atheniensis. Ihid. 

Clearchus Sol. Fragmenta. See Frag. Hist. Or. 2. 
Cleaveland J. The Banking System of the State of New York. 

8vo. New York, 186Y 
Clemencin D. Elogio de la Peina Catolica Dona Isabel. Mem. de la 

Acad, de la Mist. 6. 
Clemens F. Leben Muhammedis. 12mo. Hamburgi, 1841 

Clemens Alex. Opera quae extant omnia jnxta edit Oxon. Accedunt 

D. Nicolai Le Nourry comm. in omnes Cleraentis libros, ace. 

J. P. Migne. 2 vols. roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1857 

Contents specified in this Catalogue, Yol. I. p. 289. 
Clemens L Pont. Pom. Opera omnia quae extant ace. J. P. Migne. 

2 vols. 8vo. Parisiis, 1857 
Contents : Yol. I. Scripta genuina ; Proemia variorum ; Epis- 

tola ad Corinthios ; Epistolse duse ad virgines (Syriace et Lat.) 

Scripta dubia ; Constitutiones apostolicse ; Kecognitiones. II. 

Homilise viginti ; Epitome de gestis S. Petri ; Liturgia. 
Clement Papa III. Epistolse et Privilegia. Pai/rol. Lat. 204. 
Clement Papa XIY. See Catalogue, Y. 2, p. 580, under Ganganelli. 
Clement C. Michel- Ange, Leonard de Yinci, Raphael, avec une Etude 

sur I'art en Italie avant le 16me siecle. 12mo. Paris, 1861 

Clement Jacq. Le martyre du frere Jacq. Clement. Cimber Arch. 

S. 1, V. 12. 
Clement J. Noble Deeds of American Women. 12mo. Buffalo, 1851 

Clement P. Histoire du systeme protecteur en France depuis le minis- 

tere de Colbert jusqu'a la Pevolution de 1848. 8vo. Paris, 1848 



Clementi M. Sonata for the Piano Forte. Obi. 4:to. London, s. a. 
Cleomedes. De Mundo. 12mo. Basilese, 1561 
Clericus J. De stylis veterum et variis castarum generibus. Polenus, 3. 
Aniinadversiones in Onomasticon Eusebii — In Indicem geogia- 

phicum Sansonis; De Poesi HebrEeorum. Ugolino, 2, 5, 31. 
Clerk C. Notes in Persia, Kliorassau, and Afghanistan. S. Oeog. 

Soc. 31. 
Gierke T. AV. Eudiments of American Law and Practice on the Plan 

of Blackstone. 8vo. New York, 1842 

Cleveland C. D. English Literature of the 19th Century. 12mo. Phil. 1857 

Compendium of English Literature, new ed. 12mo. Phil. 1858 

Compendium of American Literature, chronologically arranged, 

with biographical sketches of the Authors. 12mo. Phil. 1858 

Clicquot-Blervache S. De I'etat du commerce de la France depuis la 

premiere croisade j usqu'au regne de Louis XIL Leber Diss. 16. 
Clifford A. Tixall Poetry, with Notes and Illustrations. 

4to. Edinburgh, 1813 
Clinch J. H. Time, a Poem. 8vo. Hartford, 1841 
Clinton De Witt. Anniversary Discourse before the New York Histo- 
rical Soc. Dec. 6, 1811. 8vo. New York, 1812 
Introductory Discourse before the Literary and Philosophical 

Soc. of New York, May 25, 1814. 
Letters on the Natural History and Internal Eesources of the 

State of New York. 12mo. New York, 1822 
Memoirs on the Antiquities and on the Great Lakes of the West- 
ern part of New York. 4to. N. Y. 181T 
Cloelius J. De magia Sagittarum. UgoUno, 23. 

Cloney T. Narrative of Transactions in Wexford, 1798. 8vo. Dublin, 1832 
Clot-Bey A. B. Apergu generale sur l'%ypte. 2 vols. 12mo. Brux. 1840 
Cluny. Catalogue et Description des Objets de J'Art, de I'Antiquit^, 

du moyen age et de la Kenaissance exposee au Mus^e de Cluny. 

8vo. Paris, 1860 
Olutterbuck H. An Inquiry into the Seat and Nature of Fever. 

8vo. London, 1825 
Cluysenaar J. P. Maisons de Campagne, Chateaux, Fermes, Maisons 

de Jardmier, Garde-Chasse et d'Ouvriers, etc. Fol. Bruxelles, 1859 
CoaleG. B. Manual of Photography. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1858 

Coast Survey. Eeply to the Official Defence of its Cost, Abuses, and 

Power 8vo. New York, s. a. 

bee under Umted States Coast Survey. 

Coats W. The Geography of Hudson's Bay ; being the remarks of 
Oapt. W. Coats m many voyages to that locality between 1727 
and 1751. With an Appendix ; ed. by J. Barrow for the Hak- 
^"y^ S««- 8vo. London, 1852 

Cobb Jas. Wife of Two Husbands, a musical drama : Kama Droog 
a comic opera. InchhaWs Mod. Theatre, 6 

. The Doctor and the Apothecary; The Haunted Tower : Paul 

and Virginia; Siege of Belgrade, Comic Operas. London 
Stage, 2, 4. 

Cobb J. B. _ Leisure Labours, or Miscellanies Historical, Literary, and 

^^^^^^^^''- ^ 12mo. New York, 1858 


Cobb L. The Evil Tendencies of Coi-poral Punisbment as a means of 

Moral Discipline in Families and Schools. 8vo. New York, 1847 

Critical Eeview of the Orthography of Dr. Webster. 

Svo. New York, 1831 

Cobb T. E. K. An Historical Sketch of Slavery. Svo. Phil. 1858 

Cobbett W. The Life and Adventures of Peter Porcupine, written by 

himself. 8vo. Phil. 1796 

The Diplomatic Blunderbuss. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1796 

On Converting English Grass into Straw for Plats for Hats and 

Bonnets. 12mo. London, 1823 

• The Trial of Eepublicanism. 8vo. London, 1801 

Answer to the Attorney General's Speech against the Queen. 

8vo. London, 1821 
"Woodlands, or a Treatise on the Preparing of Ground for Plant- 
ing, on the Planting, Cultivating, Pruning, etc., of Forest Trees. 

8vo. London, 1825 

A French Grammar. New Edition. 12mo. London, 1829 

Advice to Young Men. 12mo. London, 1829 

The Emigrant's Guide. New Edition. 12mo. London, 1830 

A Treatise on Cobbett's Corn. 12mo. London, 1831 

Cottage Economy. New Edition. 12mo. London, 1831 

Two Penny Trash, or Politics for the Poor. 

2 vols. 12mo. London, 1832 

Six Lectures on Taxation and Debt in England. 16mo. London, 1863 

Cobbold E. H. Pictures of the Chinese by themselves. Svo. London, 1860 

Cocheris H. Table methodique. See Journal des Savants. 

Cochet M. Sepultures Gauloises, Eomaiues, Franques et Normandes. 

Svo. Paris, 1857 
Cochin A. L' Abolition de I'Esclavage. 2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1861 

Cochin A. The Eesults of Slavery, tr. by M. Booth. 12mo. Boston, 1863 

The Eesults of Emancipation, tr. by same. 12mo. Boston, 1863 

Cochorelia B. Tremitanse insulse descriptio. Thes. Ant. Sic. 14. 
Cochrane Lord A. T. and others. Calumnious Aspersions upon, in the 

affair of the Stock Exchange, exposed and refuted. Svo. London, 1814 
Cock S. Case of the London Dock Company. Svo. London, 1825 

Cockbourn Mrs. Eemarks on the Principles and Eeasoning of Dr. 
Eutherforth's Essay on the Nature and Obligation of Virtue. 

Svo. London, 3747 
Cockburn J. A Eeview of the Disorders and Divisions in the Yearly 

Meeting of Friends. Svo. Philadelphia, 1829 

Codes B. Chyromantie ac Physionomie Anastasis : cum approbatione 

magistri Alesandrini d'Achillinis. Fol. BononiaB, 1504 

Cocondrius. De figuris. Walz. Hhetores Or. 8. 
Code Eeports. See under New Yorh ; Law Courts. 
Codemo G. Lavoro e Descrizione d'una scuola di Geogralia in Treviso. 

Obi. 4to. Treviso, s. a. 
Codex pi'incipis olim Laureshamensis diplomaticus ex sevo raaxime 

Carolingico, ed. A. Lamey. 3 vols. 4to. Manheim, 1768-70 

Codex Sinaiticus. See under Bibles — Greek. 
Codex Vaticanus. See under Same. 
Coe J. True American, Vol. 2. 12nio. Concord. 


Coetlogon. The Temple of Truth. 8vo. London, 1806 

Studies, adapted to the same. 8vo. London, 1808 

Additional Studies. 8vo. London, 1810 

Coffey C. The Devil to Pay, Opera. Modem B. Drama, 5. 

Coffin C. History of the Battle of Breed's Hill. 8vo. Portland, 1835 

Coffin J. A Sketch of the History of Newbury, Newburyport, and 

"West Newbury, from 1635 to 1845. 8vo. Boston, 1845 

Coffin J. H. Psychometrical Table for Determining the Force of 
Aqueous Vapor, etc. Smiih&onian Misc. 1. 

On the "Winds of the Northern Hemisphere. Smithsonian Con- 
tributions, 6. 

Coffin N. "W. America, an Ode, and other Poems. 12mo. Boston, 1843 

Cogan T. Letters to "W. "Wilberforce on the Doctrine of Hereditary 

Depravity. 12mo. London, 1816 

Coggeshall R. Abbas. Chronicon Anglicanum. Martene et Durand, 5. 

Coggeshall "W. T. The Poets and Poetry of the "West, with Biogra- 
phical and Critical Notices. 8vo. Columbus, 1860 

Cohen J. Sur I'etat des Juifs en France ; Sur les Tom-nois et les Car- 
rousels. Leber Diss. 3 et 13. 

Colardeau J. P. Les Hommes de Prometh^e ; po6me. 8vo. Syracuse. 

Colbert J. B. Ministre de Louis XIV. La vie. Girnber Archiv. S. 2, 
V. 9. 

Colbum Z. and HoUey A. L. The Permanent "Way and Coal Burning 

Locomotive Boilers of European Railways. Fol. New York, 1858 

Colchester. History and Description of Colchester, Essex. 

2 vols. 8vo. Colchester, 1803 

Cole J. W. Comm. on the Prophecies and the N. T. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1826 

Colebrooke Sir E. On the Indian Civil Service. 8vo. London, 1852 

Colebrooke H. T. On the Vedas. Asiatic Researches, 8. 

Coleman W. A. Catalogue of his Stock of Books. 8vo. New York, 1850 

Colenso J. "W. Bp. of Natal. Tlie Pentateuch and Book of Josua criti- 
cally examined. 2 vols. 12mo. New York, 1863 

St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans newly transl. and explained. 

12mo. New York, 1863 

Coleridge H. On Diminutives in let. Philological Trans. 1857. 

Coleridofe S. T. Poems, ed. by D. & S. Coleridge, with a Biographical 

Memoir by F. Freiligrath. l2mo. Leipzig, 1860 

Treatise on Method. Introd. to Ency. Metrop. V. 1. 

Coles E. History of the Ordinance of 1787. 8vo. Phil. 1856 

Coletti V._ Chroniche deUa citta di Pisa. Tartini Sujpjp. ad Muror 
tori^ 1. 

Colfax R. H. Evidence againstthe Views of the Abolitionists. 8vo. N. Y. 1833 

Colin A. The Desert, Music by David. 4to. New York, 1846 

CoUecgao de Noticias. See under Portugal. 

Coleccion de Documentos para la Historia de Mexico ; publ. por J. G. 

Icazbalceta. Vol. 1. 8vo. Mexicoj 1858 

CoUectio in unum corpus omnium librorum Hebrseorum, Graecorum 
Latinorum necnon Germanice, Italice, Gallice et Hispanice 
scriptorum, qui in nundinis Francofurtensibus ab ann. 1564 
usque ad ann. 1592, venales extiterunt. 4to. Francofurti. 


CoUectio Pisaurensis omnium Poematum, Carmiaum, Fragmentorum 
Latinorum sive ad Ohristianos, sire ad ethnicos poetas, a prima 
Latina Linguse setate ad sextum usque Christianum Seculum 
pertinens. , 6 vols. 410. Pisauri, 1766 

Contents: Yol. I.-III. Ethnici poetse majores. IV. Etlmici 
Poetae miaores et minimi. V.-YI. Ohristiani poetse. 

Collection of Articles on Fi-ee Churches. 12mo. N. Y. 1857 

Collection of Anthems by Composers of the Madrigalian Era, edited by 

E. F. Rimbanlt. 4to. London, s. a. 

. Pianoforte part to the same, by G. A. Macfarren. 4to. London, s. a. 

Collection des Constitutions. See Dufau, P. A. 

Collection (nouvelle) des memoires pour servir a I'histoire de France, 
depuis le Xllle Siecle jusqu'a la fin du XYIIL precedes de no- 
tices pour characteriser chaque auteur et son epoque. Suivi de 
1' Analyse des Documents historiques qui s'y rapportent par MM. 
Michaud et Poujoulat. Serie I. II. III. 32 vols. roy. 8vo. Paris, 1851 

Serie I. Yol. I. Geoffroy de Yille-Hardouin, Henri de Yalen- 
ciennes, Joinville, Pierre Sarrasins, Du Guesclin, Christine de 
Pisan. II. Christine de Pisan, Indication des Documents, Bou- 
cicaut, Juvenal des Ursins. III. Memoires sur Jeanne d'Arc et 
Charles VII., Richmond, Floreiit d'liliers, Journal d'un Bourgeois 
de Paris, Olivier de la Marche. lY. Philippe de Commines, 
Jean de Troyes, Yilleneuve, La Tremouille— Bayard. Y. Fleu- 
rance, Louise de Savoye, du Bellay. YI. FranQois de Lorraine, 
Le Prince de Conde, Antoine du Puget. YII. Montluc, Frangois 
de Rabutin. YIII. Gaspard et Guillaume de Saulx-Tavannes, 
Salignac, Coligny, La Chastre, Rochechouart, Gamon, Philippi. 
IX. Yielleville, Castelnau, Mergey, La Noue. X. Da Yillars, 
Marguerite de Yalois, Cheverny, Philippe Hnrault. XL Le 
Due de Bouillon, Le Due d'Angoul^me, Yilleroi, De Thou, Chois- 
nin,^Gillot, Merle, Saint Auban, Louise Bourgeois, Dubois, Groul- 
art, Marillac. XII. Chronologie Novenaire de Pierre Yictor 
Palma Cayet, contenant I'histoire de la guerre sous le r^gne de 
Henri lY., et la Chronolpgie septenaire contenant I'Histoire de 
la Paix entre les rois de France et d'Espagne par le meme. 

Serie II. Yol. I. Registre Journal de Henri HI., d'apres le 
manuscrit autographe de Lestoile. H.-HI. Maximilian de Be- 
thune. Due de Sully, oeconomies d'estat, suivies d'une refutation 
contemporaine. lY. Les negotiations du President Jeannin. 
Y. Fontenay-Mareuil, Pontchartrain, Rohan. YI. Bassom- 
pierre, d'Estrees, De Pontis. Yn.-YIII. Memoires du Cardinal 
de Richelieu. IX. Arnauld d'Andilly, L'abbe Arnauld, La 
Duchesse de Nemours, Gaston, Due d'Orleans. X. Madame 
de Motteville — Le Pere Berthod. 

Serie III. Yol. I. Memoires du Cardinal de Retz, avec leur 
complement j usqu'en 1679. H. Guy Joly, Claude Joly, Pierre 
Lenet. HI. Brienne, Montresor, Fontrailles, La Chatre, Tu- 
renne, Due d'York. lY. Mademoiselle de Montpensier, Oon- 
rart. Y. Montglat, La Rochefoucauld, Gourville. YI. Omer 
Talon — L'Abbe de Choisy. YII. Henry de Guise, Gramont, 
Du Plessis, M. de * * *. YIIL La Porte, Temple, Madame 
de la Fayette, La Fare, Berwick, Madame de Caylus, Torcy. 
IX. Yillars, Forbin, Du^uay-Trouin. X. Memoires politiques 
et militaires par Millot, Memoires secrets de Duclos, Memoires 
de Madame de Stael n^e Delaunay. 


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Contents : Vol. I. Keith and Talbot, Keith's Letters and Jour- 
nal, Talbot's Letters ; Early History of the Church at Biirlino;toa 
and other Tracts, it. A Memoir of Rev. J. Bailey, by W. S. 
Bartlet, and Illustrations. 
College Scenes and Characters, Reminiscences by a Graduate of Tale. 

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On the Earliest Quarto Editions of Shakespeare. Shakespeare 

Soc. Papers, 3. 
Beply to Hamilton's Inquiry into the Imputed Shakespeare For- 
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4to. Loudon, 1859 
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by Phillips, Pickering, and Barbour. 8vo. Springfield, 1839 

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atre, 4. , 

Boiiduca, a Tragedy. BelVs Br. Theatre, 33. Polly Honey- 
comb. Lond. Stage, V. 1. 

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Calais. Inchhald Br. Th. 20. 
Mountaineers ; Iron Chest ; Heir at Law ; John Bull ; Poor 

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Who Wants a Guinea. Modern British Theatre, 3. 

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_ ^ , . P. 5 & 8. 8vo. Boston, 1846-7 

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gung der Thatsachen welche der Wegfuhrung des Erzbischofs 

von Coin vorhergegangen und gefolgt sind. 8vo. Augsburg, 1838 

Colorabat de I'ls^re M. Traits m6dico-chirurgical des maladies des 

Organs de la Yoix. gvo. Paris, 1834 

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Ed. Alberi, 2. -^ 

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Canon, Mohammedan, English and Foreign Law. With an 
Appendix, Map, and General Index. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1849-60 

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sura taxanda ; Sermones, Epistblse, Carnlina ; Diplomata. Par 
trol. Lot. 80. 

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Colombo aiutatato daiMinoriti nella scoperto del nuovo mondo. 

8vo. Genova, 1846 
Poetico serto per la solenne dedicazione dal monumento a Cris- 

toforo Colombo. 12mo. Genova, 1846 

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relations with our Political Institutions. 8vo. Philadelplna, 1854 

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the British Museum. 4to. London, 1810 

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and Hawkins E. A Description of the Collection of Ancient 

Marbles in the British Museum. 10 vols. 4to. London, 1812-45 

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8vo. London, 1758 
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Lat. 5. 
Common Prayer, Book of. Fol. Cambridge, 1660 

Common Prayer. Fol. London, 1844 


Common Prayer, The Book of, illustrated so as to show its various mo- 
difications; the date of its several parts, and the authority on 
which they rest. With an Appendix by William K. Clay. 

12mo. London, 1841 
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order. (Russian) by Theod. J. Kiewitch de Miriew. 

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12mo. Manepy, 1839 
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Court of Appeals of the State of New York. 

4 vols. 8vo. Albany, 1849-52 
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tutionuel sous un chef militaire et particalierement sous Napo- 
leon. 8vo. Paris, 1814 
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Comyn R. B. On the Law of Usury. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1834 
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ments not under seal. 2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1819 
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Translation of Prof. Stuart. 8vo. New York, 1847 

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Conciliatory Bills (The) Considered. 8vo. London 1778 

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Lyon, Lille, etc. 8vo. Paris, 1S56 

Concours d'Animaux Reproducteurs, etc. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris 1867 

Concours de 1860. Catalogue des Animaux, etc. 8vo. Paris 1860 

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Condillac E. B. de. Le Commerce et le gouvernement. Melanges 
cfEconomie Politique, V. 1. 

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Probabilites. 8vo. Paris, 1812 
Monopole et monopoleurs ; sur la jiirisprudence criminelle : sur 

I'Esclavage des N^gres, etc. ' Melcmges d'Eoon. Pol. Y. 1. 
Condos. History of Catholicism (in modern Greek). 8vo, Paris 1829 

Conductor Generalis, being a Summary of the Law relative to Justices 

of the Peace, Sheriffs, Coroners, etc. 8vo. Albany, 1819 

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Portugal to the Crowne of Castile, transl. by E. Blount. 

„ „ . ^ , ■, ^ „ . ■^to. London, 1600 

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of the East. (In Russian.) 12mo. Moscow, 1843 

Confessioni, an anony. vol. of Italian Poetry. 12mo. 

Confessions of Faith Drawn up and Signed by Holy Bishops, Divines 

and Martyrs. Bichmond Early Prot. Reformers. ' 


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Yolk, herausgegeben von J. Cramer. 12mo. Orefeld, 1844 

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Congres penitentiaire de Bruxelles, 1847. 8vo. Paris, 1848 

Congressional Banquet in Honor of Washington. Svo. Washington, 1852 
Congressional Globe, cont'd to the end of 3d Session 3Tth Congress. 
Oongreve W. Works, containing the Double Dealer ; The Old Bache- 
lor ; Love for Love ; The Mourning Bride ; The Way of the 
World ; The Judgment of Paris ; Semele; Poems. 

3 vols. 12mo. London, 1753 
Oonington F. T. A Handbook of Chemical Analysis. 12mo. London, 1858 
Conjectures on Original Composition. 8vo. London, 1759 

Conj ugations of Italian and French Verbs. (In a Case.) 
Connaissance des Temps ou des Mouvements celestes pour les annees 

1857-64. 8 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1856-63 

Connecticut. The Public Records of the Colony of Conn, prior to May, 

1665. 8vo. Hartford, 1850 

The Public Records, from 1665 to 1678. 8vo. Hartford, 1853 

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15 vols. Svo. Hartford. 

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1854-56. , ' 15 vols. 8vo. Hartford. 

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Resolutions and Private Acts, May S. 1845 & 53. 

2 vols. Svo. Hartford. 

■ Messages and Report, 1855. Svo. Hartford. 

Public Statute Laws, 1821 & 1838. 2 vols. Svo. Hartford. 

Report of Commiss. on Boundary, IS". Y. & Conn. Svo. 

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Kirby. 8vo. Litchfield, 1789 

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Court of Errors, 1789-93, by J. Root. 

2 vols. Svo. Hartford, 1798-1802 

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5 vols. Svo. Hartford, 1806-23 

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Svo. Hartford, 1821-67 

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. General Association, Report of Committee on Home Evangeli- 
zation, June, 1860. Svo. Newhaven, 1860 

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don, Oct. 2, 1828. Svo. London, 1829 

. A Study of Hamlet. ISmo. London, 1863 

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Conrad R. T. Address before the Hist Soc. of Penn. on the First Con- 
stitution and Government ofthe State of Pennsylvania. Svo. Phil. 1853 


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nnd 1438. 8vo. Tiibingen, 1850 

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Conringins H. De studiis liberalibus m'bis Eomse et Constantinopolis. 
Sallengre, 3. 

De politica slve repnblica Hebrseorum ; Paradoxa de Nummis 

Hebrseorum. Ugolino, 24 & 28. 

Considerations upon the American Inquiry. 8vo. London, 1779 

Considerations upon the State of Public Affairs, 1798. 8vo. London, 1798 

Considerations on the late Treaties between G. B., Russia, Austria, and 

Sweden. 8vo. London, 1806 

Considerations upon the American Trade before and since the Esta- 
blishment of the South Sea Company. 8vo. London, 1739 

Considerations on the Jewish Naturalization Bill. 8vo. London, 1753 

Considerations on the Public Exercises for Degrees in Oxford. 

8vo. London, 1773 

Considerations on the 4^ p.c. duty collected in Grenada. 8vo. London, 1774 

Considerations on the late Disturbances. 8vo. London, 1780 

Considerations on Colonization to S. Africa, as a means of affording 
employment to the redundant population of G. Britain and Ire- 
land. 8vo. London, 1818 

Considerations on the Present Distressed State of the Brit. W. I. Colo- 
nies. Bvo. London, 1823 

Considerations on Abolishing Damages on Protested Bills. 8vo. N. T. 1829 

Considerations upon the State of the Nation. 8vo. London, 1839 

Constantine. Journal des operations de I'artillerie pendant I'expedition 

de C. avec un plan et une vue. 8vo. Paris, 1838 

Sur I'expedition de Constantine en 1837. 8vo. Paris, 1838 

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Constantinus Magnus. Opera quae extant universa, variorum annota- 

tionibus illustrata. Eoy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1844 

Contents : Vita, auctore Eusebio Pamp. ; Decreta et Consti- 
tution es ; Con Clones ; Epistolse; Panegyrici. 

Constantinus Diac. Const. Laudatio et Disputatio. Patrol. Oroeo. 88. 

Constantinus Abbas. Yita Adalberonis Met. Epis. Patrol. Lot. 139. 

Constantinus Porphyr. Narratio de divina Christi imagine Edessena 
ad Augarum missa. Oallandius, 14. 

Constitution of the United States of America ; the Proximate Causes of 

its Adoption and Eatification. 12mo. Washington, 1846 

Constitutions of the Sixteen States of the U. S. 12mo. Newburg, 1800 

Const-thoonende Juweel by de loflijcke Stadt Haerlem. 4to. Zwol, 1607 

Contadin (le) Provencal — Due de Luynes. Cirnher Archiv. S. 2, Y. 2. 

Contant C. & Filippi J. de. Parallele des principaux Theatres mo- 
dernes de I'Europe et des Machines theatrales Frangaises, Alle- 
mandes et Anglaises. Ful. PariB, s. a. 

Contarenius Y. De frumentaria Eomanorum largitione. De militari 
Eomanorum stipendio. Thes. Ant. Pom. 8, 10. 

Contarenius Fr. Historia Hetrurise. Thes. Ant. Ital. YIIL p. 2. 


Contarenius G. De magistratibus et rep. Yenetorum, Ihid. V. p. 1. 

Conteloriiis F. De prsefecto urbis. Sallengre, 1. 

Continental and British Medical Review for March, 1837. 

Continental Society for the Dift'usion of Keligious Knowledge. Eeport 
for 1820 and Proceedings for the years 1820-21. 

8to. London, 1820-21 

Contostavlos A. Narrative of the Material Facts in relation to the 
Building of the two Greek Frigates in New York. 

8vo. NeV York, 1826 
Contributions to American History. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1858 

Convention Nationale. Histoire pittoresque de la Convention N. et de 

ses principaux membres, par M. L. 4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1833 

Conversations between an Inquirer and a Believer concerning Ortho- 
doxy. (In Russian.) 12mo. Moscow, 184:3 
Conway (The) in the Stereoscope illustrated by R. Fenton. With notes 

descriptive and historical, by J. B. Davidson. 8vo. London, 1860 

Conway Gen. H. S. Speech in Parliament on moving for leave to 
bring in a Bill for Quieting the Troubles in the Br. IST. Am. Colo- 
nies. 8vo. London, 1781 
Conybeare "W". J. Essays, Ecclesiastical and Social. 8vo. London, 1856 
Cooke C. T. Efficacia del Seme di Senapa bianca. 8vo. Napoli, 1827 
Cooke J. Greene's Tu quoque, a Play. Dodsley's Old Plays, 7. 
Cooke J. E. On the Livalidity of Presbyt. Ordination. 8vo. Lexington, 1829 
Cooke L. On the Importation of Foreign Corn. 8vo. London, 1826 
Coolidge R. H. On the Mortality in the Army, 1856-60. 

4to. Washington, 1860 

Cooper C. H. & T. Athense Cantabrig. 1500-1609. 

2 vols. 8vo. Cam. 1858-61 
Cooper C. P. Record Commission Tracts. 8vo. London, 1836-38 

Tracts rel. to the Courts of Chancery. 8vo. London, 1849-50 

Appellate Jurisdiction of the House of Lords, Privy Council, 

and Court of Chancery. 8vo. London, 1850 

■ The H. of Lords as a Court of Appeal. 8vo. London, 1850 

Ancient British and English Churches, to which are subjoined 

Letters Apostolic of Pius IX., Pastoral Letter of Cardinal Wise- 
man, and Ld. John Russell's Letter to the Bishop of Durham. 

8vo. London, 1851 

Ultra Party amongst the R. Catholics. 8vo. London, 1851 

Letter to an English R. Catholic Peer. 8vo. London, 1851 

The Pope's Brief, Sept. 1860. 8vo. London, 1851 

The Govt, and the Irish R. Catholic Members. 8vo. London, 1861 

The Common Law and the Pope's Apostolic Letters. 

8vo. London, 1861 
Address to the R. Catholics of England. 8vo. London, 1851 

Cooper J. F. The Cruise of the Somers. 12mo. New York, 1844 

The Battle of Lake Erie. 12mo. Cooperstown, 1843 

Cooper J. G. Life and Poems. Chalmers's Eng. Poets, 15. 

Cooper J. G. A new Latin Grammar. 12mo. K Y. 1829 

Cooper J. G. See Pacific Railroad Swrvey, Supp. to Y. 1. 

Cooper J. G., M.D. On the Distribution of the Forests and Trees of 

North America. 8vo. s. 1. 1859 


Cooper P. Charter, Trust Deed, By Laws, and Annual Reports of the 

Cooper Union. 8vo. New York, 1859-61 

Cooper T. Eeply to Mr. Burke's Invectives. Svo. London, 1792 

Essays on the Present TJ. States Bank. _ 8vo. 

On the Foundation of Civil Government. On the Constitution 

of the United States ; Two Essays. Svo. Columbia, 1826 

On the Law of Libel and the Liberty of the Press. 

Svo. New York, 1830 

Introductory Lecture to a Course of Law. Svo. Columbia, 1834 

Cooper W. See Padfic Railroad Survey^ Supp. V. 1. 

Coote Sir E. State of Facts relative to him. Svo. London, 1816 

Coote E. E. P. On the Introduction of the Poor Laws into Ireland. Svo. 
Coote E. H. On the Law of Mortgage. Svo. Phil. 1838 

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ture, and Landscape Gardening. Svo. Boston, 1859 
Copenhagen. Anniversaria E. Universitatis Havniensis. Svo. Hauniae, 1824 

Det K. Frederiks Hospital, 1757-1857. ito. Kjdbenhavn, 1857 

Quartalsberetninger fra Industrieforeningen. Svo. Kiob. 1860 

K. Danske Yidensk. Selskabs. Skrifter. Naturv. og. Math Af- 

handl. 5e Eaekke, 4, 5. 

" " Philos. og. Hist. Afhandl. 5e Eaekke, 2. 

Oversigt over det K. D. V. Forhandliuger, 1856-1862. 

Nordiske Oldskrift Selskab. Annaler for K Oldkyndighed, 

cont. to 1858. 

" " Antiquarisk Tidskrift, cont. to 1860. 

Cabinet d'Antiquitds Americaines k Copenhague. Eapport ^th- 

nographique, par C. C. Eafn. 8vo. Copenhague, 185S 

Atlas de I'Archseologie du Nord. 4to. Copenhague, 1857 

Works presented to the Society, 1855-57. Svo. Copenhagen, 1859 

Meddelelser angaaende Kjobenhavns Universitet og laerde 

Skoler, 1849-56. Svo. Kjdbenhavn, 1857-59 

Videnskabelige Meddelelser fra IvTaturk. Forening for Aaret, 

1851-59. 2 vols. Svo. Kjobenhavn, 1852-60 

Copeland E. M. Statement of E. M. Copeland, Assistant Adjutant-Gen. 

discharged from service. Svo. Boston, 1864 

Copeland J. Dictionary of Practical Med. Completed. 
Deutsche Uebersetzung desselben, voUendet. 

Copeland "W. Narrative of the Early Events of the Eebellion in U. 

Canada. 12mo. Holt, 1838 

Copway G. Eunning Sketches of Men and Places in England, France, 

Germany, etc. 12mo. New York, 1S51 

Copyhold Tenure. On the Billfor the Enfranchisement of Lands holden 

under, and Suppl. Svo. London, 1839-40 

Copyright. Facts -connected with the Subject of Foreign Copyright in 

G. Britain, and its Bearings on the Interests of Literature. Svo. 

Coquerel A. L'excommunication ; Sermon. 12mo. Paris, 1860 

Coquerel A. fils. Des Beaux-arts en Italie au point de vue religieuse. 

12mo. Paris, 1857 

Coquilhat M. Cours elementaire sur la fabrication des bouches a feu 
en fonte et en bronze, et des Projectiles d'apres les proced^s de 
Liege. 3 vols. Svo. Liege, 1856-58 


Ooquillai-t G. (Euvres. 2 vols. 8vo. Eeiine, 1847 

Contents : Sur la vie et les cexivres de C. ; Le Playdoyer et 
I'Enqueste entre la simple et la rns6e ; Les droits noiiveaux ; 
Notice des dditiotis variantes et notes sur le texte ; Glossaire ; 
Notes historiques. 
Cora Or. Sunto delle osservazione snlla Sintassi Italiana e Latina. 

Bvo. Firenze, 1844 
Corander H. C. Origo, indolesqne formarnm Lingua FennicEe verba- 

lium. Dissertatio. 4to. Helsingforsise, 1853 

Corancez J. G. Precis d'une nonvelle m^thode pour reduire a de sim- 
ples proeddes analytiquesla demonstration des principaux Theo- 
remes de la G6ometrie. 4to. Paris, 1Y98 

Corbaux Fr. On the Natural and Mathematical Laws concerning Popu- 
lation, Yitality, and Mortality. Eoy. 8vo. London, 1833 
Corbet R. Life and Poems. Chalmerses Eng. Poets, 5. 
Corblet J. De I'infliience du Protestantisme sur la Philosophie, les 

lettres et les arts. Bvo. Arras, 1860 

Cordus E. Eclogse, Epicedia, etc. Del. Poet. Germ. 2. 
Coriolis d'Espinouse. Le Tyran les Allies et le Roi. 8vo. Paris, 1814 

Corippus F. C. De bellis Libycis. Scrip. Byz. 8vo. Bonnse, 1836 

Cork J. On Industrial Schools. See Six Essays. 
Cormenin L. M. de. A Complete History of the Popes of Eome, transl. 

from the French. 2 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1857 

Cormontaigne L. de. Memorial pour I'attaque des places. 8vo. Paris, 1815 

Memorial pour la ddt'ense des places. 8vo. Paris, 1822 

Corn. Fluctuation in Corn, Currency, and Consols, 1790-1833. London, 1834 
Corn Laws. Reports in Parliament relative to. Bvo. London, 1815 

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ments ; Answer to Dr. Smith ; Homilies ; Passages from Answer 
to Bishop Gardiner on the Sacrament. Richmond's Early Pro- 
testant Reformers. 
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Egypt, Mauritania and Spain, transl. by J. C. from a Persian 
Manuscript. O.T.F. 8vo. London, 1832 

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4to. London, 1844 


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12mo. Copenhagen, 17T0 

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Farbenpulvern, mit Wasserfarben und mit Oelfarben. 

12mo. "Weimar, 1861 

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Cross J. L. The Templar's Chart, or Hierog. Monitor. 

12mo. N. Haven, 1821 
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toire de la guerre depuis 1782 jusqu'en 1815. 

6 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1829 
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lineata e descritta. 4to. Cremona, 1844 

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Ant. Horn. 4. 
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laus L 8 vols. 12mo. Hamburg, 1855-59 

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Crystal Palace, Guide to Courts, Park, and Gardens, in 16 pts. 

3 vols. 12mo. Sydenham, 1854-60 
Cuesta F. A. de la. Extracto de la Gramatica Mntsum. 

4to. Nueva York, 1861 
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par Bernardi. 8vo. Paris, 1858 

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The Brothers ; The Fashionable Lover ; The West Indian ; Na- 
tural Son ; the Carmelite, Comedies. BeWs Br. Theatre, 4, 6, 
12, 16, 18, 19, 20. 

First Love ; The Jew ; The "Wheel of Fortune, Comedies. Inch- 

lalcPs Br. Theatre, 18. 

False Impressions; Mysterious Husband; Box-Lobby Challenge ; 

Impostors, Comedies. InoKbaWs Mod. Theatre, 5, 6. 
Gumming F. H. The Spiritual Character of the Liturgy of the Pro- 
testant Episcopal Church. 8vo. New York 1835 
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2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1860 
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— El Fureidis, a Tale. 12mo. Leipzig, 1860 

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^^^^- 2 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1865 

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Numismatis Principes capere possunt ; Gemmae Augusteae expli- 
catio ; Harpocrates ; Inscriptiones et Marmora antiqua exposita 
et illustrata ; Monumenta antiqua inedita; Numismata autiqua 
explicata. Polenus, 2. 

De Elephantis in niimmis obviis. SalUngre, III. p. 1. 

et Sperling O. Dissertation es sive epistolse mutuas de variis 

rebus et qusestionibus quae pertinent ad antiquitates Graecas et 
Eomanas nunc primum editse. Polenus, IV. p. 1. 

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Acta Sand. August. 1. 

Curates (The). Appeal to the Equity and Christian Principles of the 
British Legislature on the Hardships of their Situation. 

8vo. London, 1819 

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Cureton W. See under London, Oriental Text. Soc. 

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Curiosites Bibliographiques. 12mo. Paris, 1845 

Curiosites des Traditions, des Moeurs et des Legendes. 12mo. Paris, 1847 
See in Catalogue Vol. 1 & 2, Curiosites et Lalanne. 

Currency. Eemarks on the Currency of the United States, and the 
Present State and Future Prospects of the Country, by Publiiis. 

8vo. New York, 1840 

Currency, Letters on. 8vo. London, 1831 

Eemarks on the Keports of the Committees on the Currency. 

8vo. London, 1819 

Cursetjee Manockjee. A Few Passing Ideas for the Benefit of India 
and the Indian, With Introduction to a second series of same. 

8vo. Bombay, 1852-3 

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dum esse ; Poema. Thes. Antiq. Ital. VIII. p. 3. 

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8vo. Boston, 1850 

— — — History of the Origin and Formation of the Constitution of the 

U. States. 2 vols. 8.vo. ISTew York, 1856-58 

Argument against the Legal Tender Clause of the Act authoriz- 
ing Treasury JS^otes. 8vo. K Y. 1862 

Curtis G, W. Works. 5 vols. 12mo. JSTevir York, 1856 

Contents : Notes of a Howadj i ; The Hov?adj 1 in Syria ; Lotus 
Eating ; The Potiphar Papers ; Prue & I. 

Curtis J. British Entomology, being Illustrations and Descriptions of 

the Genera of Insects in Gt. Britain and Ireland. 

16 vols. 8vo. London, 1824-39 
The Genera of British Coleoptera, transferred from the original 

figures in 256 plates of " British Entomology." 4to. London, 1858 
The Genera of British Lepidoptera, transferred from the original 

figures in 193 plates of " British Entomology." 4to. London, 1858 

Curtis J. H. Simplicity of Living. Observations on the Preservation of 
Health in Infancy, Youth, Manhood, and Age ; with a brief 
account of the principal British and Continental Watering Places. 

12mo. London, 1842 

On the Preservation of Sight. 24mo. Philadelphia, 1848 


Curtis "W. Botanical Magazine, third Series, cont'd V. 13-18. 

Curtis "W. E. Address before the H. of Convocation of Trinity College 

at Hartford, Conn. 8vo. Hartford, 1853 

Curliss D. S. "Western Portraiture and Emigrant's Guide ; a descrip- 
tion of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. 12mo. New York, 1863 
Curtius Q. K. De Kebus Alexandri Magni Historia superstes C. Oel- 

larius recensuit. 12mo. Venetiis, 1Y27 

Curtius E. Peloponnesos eine historisch geographisch Beschreibung 

der Halbinsel. 2 vols. 8vo. Gotha, 1851-62 

Curtius J. H. D. & Hoffmann J. Essai de Grammaire Japonaise, trad. 

du Hollandais par Leon Pages. 8vo. Paris, 1861 

Cushing L. S. Reports of Controverted Elections in the H. of Eepre- 

sentatives of Mass. 1T80-1852. 8vo. Boston, 1863 

Eules of Proceeding and Debates in Deliberative Assemblies. 

16mo. Boston, 1861 
Cushman E. The Sin and Danger of Self-Love ; a Sermon preached 

at Plymouth, New England, 1621. Eeprint with a Memoir of 

the Author, by J. Davis. 8vo. Boston, 1846 

Cushman E. W. A Pure Christianity the World's Only Hope. 

12mo. New York, 1845 
CuBsy F. de. Dictionnaire ou Manuel lexique du Diplomate et du 

Consul. 12mo. Leipzig, 1846 

Cuthbertson C. Management of a Battalion of Infantry. 8vo. Bristol, 17T6 
Cutler B. C. Thanksgiving Discourse, Dec. 17, 1840. 8vo. N. Y. 1841 

Cuvier G. Education Nationale dans les Etats Unis d'Amerique. 

8vo. Paris, 1812 

Eloge historique de J. Priestley. 4to. Paris, 1803 

Eloges historiques precedees de l'!&loge de I'Auteur par M. 

Flourens. 8vo. Paris, 1860 

Cyclopaedia, New American, edited by G. Eipley and C. A. Dana. 

16 vols. 8vo. New York, 1868-62 
Cyclopaedia. The English. See KJiight C. 
Cyprianus S. Episc. Cartli. Opera omnia, ad S. Baluzii edit, expressa 

et notis instructa. Eoy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1844 

Contents : _ Vita ; Epistolte ; Opuscula ; Opuscula dubia et 

opera supposita. ' 
Acta proconsularia. Patrol. Lat. 3. 

Cyprus sive de illius Insulse Eebus et Antiquitatibus. Meursius 
Opera, 3. 

Cyrille Lucar. See Monumentum fidei et Monuments authentiquesj 
Cyrillus Alex. S. Opera quae reperiri potuernnt omnia Graece et La- 
tine, cura et studio J. Auberti. Accurante J. P. Migne. 

. 10 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1859 

Contents : V ol. i. bcripta exegetica — De adoratione in spiritu 
et veritate. 11. Glaphyra ; Fragmenta in libros Eegum, etc. 
III. Comm. in Isaiam ; Fragmenta in Jeremiam, Baruch et 
Danielem. 17. Comm. in duodecim prophetas minores. Y. 
Comm. in Matthseum et inLucam. VI. Comm. in Evano-eliuni 
Joannis. VII. Fragmenta in Acta Apostolorum ; Explanatio in 
Epistolas ad Romanes, Corinthios et Hebrseos ; Fragmenta in 
Epistolas Jacobi, Petri, Joannis, Judae ; varife lectiones. VIII. 
De sancta et consubstantiali Trinitate ; De Trinitate Dialogi '■ 


Cjrillus Alex. S. 

De incarnatione Unigeniti ; Quod TJnus sit Christns ; I)e incar- 
natione Verbi Dei, filii Patris ; De incarnatione Domini. IX. 
Adversus Nestorium ; Dialogus cum Nestorio ; Qnod Virgo sit 
Deipara ; Explicatio XII. capitum Ephesi pronuiiciata ; Apolo- 
geticus pro XII. Capitibus; Adversus Julian um ; Adversus An- 
thropomorphitas ; De recta Fide. X. Epistolse ; Homilise ; 
Dubia et Aliena ; De Trinitate ; Oollectio Dictorum V. Testa- 
ment! ; Liturgia. 

Cyrillus Alex. Episc. ^pologeticus pro, duodecim capitibns adversus 
orientales episcopos interprete M. Mercatore. Patrol. Lot. 48. 
Cyrillus Arch. Hier. Opera quae extant omnia, ace. J. P. Migno. 

Eoy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1857 
Contents : Cataclieses ; Homilia in paralyticum ; Epistola ad 
Constantinum ; Fragmenta ; Supposita. 
Cyrneius P. De bello Ferrariensi 1482-84 ; De rebus Corsicis. Mu- 

ratori Ber. Ital. 21, 24. 
Czerny C. On the Art of Playing the Flute. 8vo. New York, s. a. 

Czoernig C. F. v. Ethnographie d. Oesterr. Monarchie mit Ethn. Karte. 

3 vols. 4to. Wien, 1855-5Y 

Oesterreich's Neugestaltung, 1848-1858. 8vo. Stuttgart, 1858 

Ueber die Ethnographie Oesterreichs. WienSitzungsb.PMl.2S. 

Daa L. K. On the Affinities between the Languages of the Northern 
Tribes of the Old and New Continents. Philolog. Trans. 1856. 

Dablon le P. C. Relation de ce qui s'est passe de plus remarquable 
aux missions des P. P. de la comp. de Jesus en la N. France, 
16Y0 et 1671-72. Relations des Jestdtes, V. 3. 

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Practical Illustration of the above. See Zakrzewska M. E. 

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the Preservation of Favoured Paces in the Struggle for Life. 

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Encyl. Methodique. 
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12mo. Paris, 1858 
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mis k la port6e de chacun. 4to. Paris, 1857 

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Plays, XL 
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2 vols. 12mo. London, 1858 
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Icins's Br. Drama, 2. 
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tucky. Svo. New York, 1847 

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Lungs and Heart. Sec. Edition revised and enlarged. 

Svo. London, 1854 
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indicated by Local Names and Dialects ; On the Connexion of 
the Keltic with the Teutonic Languages, especially with the 
Anglo-Saxon. Philolog. Transact. 1 854, '55, and '57. 
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4to. Cadiz, 1809 
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— Free Thoughts concerning Eeligion. Svo. Boston, 1S54 

The Penetralia. Svo. Boston, 1857 

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tions. Svo. Cambridge, 1852 

. Peport upon the Nautical Almanac. Svo. Cambridge, 1852 

— The Practical and Scientific Value of the American Ephemeris 

and N. Almanac. Two Memoranda on the Objects and Con- 
struction of the American Ephemeris and N. Almanac. 

Svo. Cambridge, 1860 

Tlie Law of Deposit of the Flood Tide, its Dynamical Action. 

Smithsonian Cont. 3. 
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vations and Researches on the Site of the Phoenician Metropolis 
in Africa and other adjacent places. Svo. London, 1861 

Same, American Edition. Svo. New York, 1S61 

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United States of America. 12mo. Chicago, 1861 

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12mo. N. Y. 1867 

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mains. 2 vols. Svo. Berlin, 1845 

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12mo. London, 18^5 

The Angler and his Friend. 12mo. London, 1855 

The Angler in the Lake District. 12ino. London, 1857 

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Dawson H. B. The Sons of Liberty in New York. 8vo. N. Y. 1849 

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Superior and the Red Elver Settlement. 4to. Toronto, 1859 

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Dax L. de. Nouveaux Souvenirs de Chasse et de Peche dans le midi 

de la France. 12mo. Paris, 1860 

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Day S. M. Pencillings of Light and Shade. 12 mo. Schenectady, 1830 

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India Bill, and the Present Crisis. 8vo, London, 1784 

Days of Divine Service of the Orthodox Greco-Russian Church. (In 

Russian.) 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1837 

D'Ayzac M. Le Rectificateur des faits et des dates erronees, qui ont 

obscurci et denature I'Histoire sacree et profane depuis I'origine 

du genre humain jusqu'a nos jours. 8vo. Paris, 1821 

Deaf and Dumb, American Annals of. Edited by L. Rae. 

Vols. 3-12. 8vo. Hartford, 1851-1860 
Dean "W. The China Mission. Embracing a History of the various 

Missions of all Denominations among the Chinese. "With Bio- 
graphical Sketches of Deceased Missionaries. 12mo. New York, 1859 
Deane S. History of Scituate, Mass. 8vo. Boston, 1831 

Deane Silas. Narrative, Memorial, and Documents. 8vo. Phil. 1855 

Deane W. R. Memoirs of J. & Walter Deane. 8vo. Boston, 1849 

Genealogical Memoir of the Leonard Family. 8vo. Boston, 1851 

De Bernardy C. W. Index Register for Next of Kin, Heirs at Law, 

Legatees, and of Unclaimed Property. 12mo. London, 1858 

Debout Dr. Esquisse de la Phrenologie et de ses Applications. 

12mo. Paris, 1845 
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3 vols. Fol. Paris, 1834-39 
De Camps Abbe. Sur la milice Fr. de deux prem. races. Leber Diss. 7. 
De Castro M. T. L'Electricite et les Chemins de Fer. Description et 

Examen de tons les systemes proposes pour eviter les accidents 

sur les Chemins de fer au moyen de I'Electricite. 
^ , . ^ ^ 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1859 

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1462 ; vita Phil. Marise vicecomitis Mediolensis. Muratori 

Ber. Ital. 20. 

Decloux et Doury. Histoire archeologique, descriptive et graphique 

de la Sainte-Chapelle de Palais. Eol. Paris 1857 

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graphic des contemporains. 8vo. Paris, 1825 

De Cressy, a Tale by the Author of Still-Waters. 12mo. Leip. 1857 

Dedekind F. Carmen de antiqua morum simplicitate. Del. Poet. 
Germ. 2. 


Dee Dr. Private Diary ed. by J. O. Halliwell for the Camden S. 

4:to. London, 1842 
Deering 0. Historical Account of the Ancient and Present State of the 

Town of Nottingham. 4to. Nottingham, 1751 

De Flaux A. Du Danemark. Impressions de Yoyage. 8vo. Paris, 1862 
Defoe D. Novels und Miscellaneous Works. 20 vols. 12mo. Oxford, 1841 
Contents : Vol. I. II. Kobinson Crnsoe. III. Captain Sin- 
gleton. lY. Moll Flanders. Y. Col. Jack; a true relation of 
the apparition of Mrs. Yeal. YI. Memoirs of a Cavalier. YII. 
New Yoyage Eound the "World. YIII. Memoirs of Capt. 
Carleton ; Life and Adventures of Mrs. C. Davis. ' IX. History 
of the Plague in London ; The Consolidator. X. The Political 
History of the Devil. XL Roxana. XII. A System of Magic. 
XIII. History and Reality of Apparitions. XIY. Religious 
Courtship. XY.-XYI. Family Instructor. XYII. Complete 
English Tradesman. XYIII. Proposal to the People of England 
for the Increase of their Trade, etc. ; Augusta Triumphans ; Se- 
cond Thoughts are Best. XIX. Life of Mr. Duncan Campbell ; 
The Dumb Philosopher ; Every Body's Business is Nobody's 
Business. XX. Life by G. Campbell ; List of Defoe's "Works 
arranged Chronologically ; An Appeal to Honour and Justice ; 
A Seasonable "Warning and Caution against the Insinuations of 
the Papists and Jacobins ; Reasons against the Succession of 
the House of Hanover ; What if the Queen should Die, Answered; 
The True Born Englishman. 

Jure divino, a Satyr. Fol. London, 1706 

More Short Ways with the Dissenters. 4to. London, 1704 

Hymn to Yictory. 4to. London, 1704 

The Dyet of Poland, a Satyr. 4to. Dantzick, 1705 

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tiques et philosophiques. 8vo. Paris, 1854 

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Ueber den offentlichen Geist in Ungarn, seit dem J. 1790. 

12mo. Leipzig, 1848 
De Gerando J. M. Yie du general Cafarelli du Falga. 8vo. Paris, 1801 
Dehon Theod. Bp. Sermons on the Public Means of Grace and Fasts 

and Festivals of the Church. 2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1856 

De Kay J. E. Zoology of New York, being Part I. of the Nat. His- 
tory of N. Y. 5 vols. 4to. N. Y. 1842-51 

Contents : Yol. I. Introduction ; Mammalia. H. Birds. 
IH.-IY. Reptiles and Fishes. Y. MoUusca, Cretacea. 
Dekker T. Satiro-Mastix, or the "Untrussing of the Humourous Poet, a 
Comedy. ' Hawkini Eng. Drama, V . 3. 

The Honest Whore, a Comedy. Dodsley's Old Plays, 3. 

Delaage H. Le monde occulte ou mysteres du Magnetisme. 

12mo. Paris, 1856 

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Svo. New York, 1852 

Delafield R. Report on the Art of War in Europe, 1854, 1856, and 
1856, from his Notes and Observations made as a Member of a 
"Military Commission to the Theatre of War in Europe." 

4to. Washington, 1860 

Delafond O. Sur la maladie de poitrine de gros Betail. 8vo. Paris, 1844 


DelaMarre A. H. A. Archeologie. Exploration d'Algerie. 

Delamer E. S. Flax and Hemp, their Culture and Manipulation. With 

Illustrations. 12mo. London, 1854 

Pigeons and Eabbits, in their "Wild, Domestic, and Captive 

States. 12mo. London, 1859 

The Kitchen Garden ; or the Culture in the Open Ground of 

Eoots, Vegetables, Herbs, and Fruits. 12mo. London, 1860 

The Flower Garden, or the Culture in the Open Ground of Bul- 
bous, Tuberous, Fibrous-Kooted, and Shrubby Flowers. 

12mo. London, 1860 

Delamotte F. The Book of Ornamental Alphabets, Ancient and Mo- 
dern, from the Eighth Century with Numerals. Sm. Fol. Lond. 1860 

The Embroiderer's Book of Design, containing Initials, Emblems, 

Cyphers, Monograms, Ornamental Borders, Ecclesiastical De- 
vices, Mediaeval and Modern Alphabets, and National Emblems. 

Sm. Fol. London, 1860 

A Primer of the Art of Illumination for the Use of Beginners. 

■ito. London, 1860 

De Lancey "W". H. Bp. Address at the University of Penn. Bvo. Phil. 1830 

Report to the Convention of W. New York of the Mission to 

Attend the Third Jubilee of the Soc. for the Propagation of the 
Gospel, 1852. 8vo. Utica, 1852 

Delandine M. L'Enfer des peuples anciens ou liistoire des Dieux 
Infernaux, de leur Culte, de leurs Temples, de leurs Attributs. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1784 

Delano A. Life on the Plains and among the Diggings, an Overland 

Journey to California. 12mo. Auburn, 1854 

Delaporte M. Abrege Chronologique de I'histoire des Mamlouks 
d'Egypte depuis leur origine jusqu'a la conquete des Frangais. 

Fol. Paris, 1816 

De la Hue Abbe. Sur la ville de Caen et son arrondissement. 

2 vols. 8vo. Caen, 1842 

De la Eue A. D. Notions de Chronologic. 8vo. Falaise, 1813 

De la Touche G. Trigonometric Eectiligne. 12mo. Paris, 1852 

De Latre L. La langue Frangaise dans ses Eapports avec le Sanscrit. 

8vo. Paris, 1854 

Delaunay C. Traite de Mecanique rationelle. 8vo. Paris, 1856 

Theorie du mouvement de la Lune. Mem. Acad. 8c. Math. 

1860, Y. 28. 

Delavan E. C. Letter on the Adulteration of Liquors. 8vo. Albany, 1859 
Delaware. Superior Court and C. of Errors and Appeals. Cases re- 
ported by S. M. Harrington. 8vo. Dover, 1839 

Geological Survey. See Booth J. C. 

Description of the Province of New Albion. Force's Tracts, 2. 

Delayto J. de. Annales Estenses, 1393-1409. Mwratori Ber. Ital. 18. 
Del Buono F. I principi della Grammatica. 12mo. Napoli, 1838 

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Gregoire YH.— St. Franjoise d' Assise, St. Thomas d'Aquin. 

_,, 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1844 
-b lorence et ses vicissitudes, 1215-1790. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1837 


DelepierreO. AnalysedestravauxdelaSoci^t^desPhilobiblon. 8vo. Londree. 
A Sketch of the History of Flemish Literature and its celebrated 

Authors fi'om the Twelfth Century to the present time. 

8vo. London, 1860 
Delessert E. Voyages dans les deux Oceans. 8vo. Paris, 1848 

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Delices (Les) et I'fitat de la Suisse. 4 vols. 12mo. Basle, 1764 

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E. Haugin. 8vo. Bath, 1814 

De Lisle L. Sur I'ancienne Bibliotheque de Corbie. Mem. Acad. Insc. 

N. S. 24. 
Delisser E. L. Interest and Average Tables. Obi. 12mo. N. Y. 1854 

Delius M. De arte jocandi. Del. Poet. Oerm. 2. 

Delia Yalle 0. Lalage nello studio di Canova. Svo. Torino, 1819 

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Dellretz P. Culture du Topinambour, etz. 12mo. Brux. 1856 

De Lolme J. L. The Constitution of England. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1821 
Deloney T. Strange Histories, ed. by J. P. Collier for the Percy Soc. 

8vo. London, 1841 

■ The Garland of Goodwill, ed. by J. Dixon for Do. 8vo. London, 1851 

Thomas of Reading, or the Six Worthie Yeomen of the West. 

Reprint of Ed. of 1632. Thomas Early Romances, 1. 
Delonnes A. B. I. Cure radicale de I'Hydrocele. 8vo. Paris, 1791 

Delorme S. Les hommes d'Homere. Essai sur les MosUrs de la Grece 

aux temps heroiques. Svo. Paris, ] 861 

Delorme du Quesney M!. et Desbordeliers A. Du Tir des Armes a feu 

et principalement du Tir du Fusil. 12mo. Bruxelles, 1846 

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Delpech J. De I'Orthomorphie par rapport a I'Espece humaine. 

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III-IV. Du mariage et de la separation de Corps. Y. De la 
paternite et de la filiation. YI. De I'adoption et de la tutelle 
officieuse ; De la puissance paternelle. YI.-YIL De la minor- 
it^ ; De la tutelle et de I'emancipation ; De la majorite ; De I'iu- 
terdiction et duconseil judiciaire ; Des individus places dans ua 
etablissement public ou prive d'alienfe. IX.-X. De la distinc- 
tion des Biens, de la Propriete, de I'nsufruit, de I'usage et de 
I'habitation. XI.-XII. Traite des Servitudes. XIIL-XIY. 
Traite des Successions. 
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Secession in Switzerland and in the U. S. Compared. 

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the Immateriality of the Soul, and the Non-Identity of the two. 

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Derniers sentiments des plus illustres personnages condamnfe a mort, 
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^. X. . „ ,. 12mo. New York, 1838 

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Danielis de quatuor animalibus. 

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Thammuz ; De-Israele Jehovse Dominio ; De sceptro Judge ; De 
Judjeorum jure gladii tempore Christ! ; De familia et genealo- 
gica Herodiadnm ; De re nummaria veterum Hebrseorum. TJgo- 
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What Next, a Farce. London Stage, 4. 

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Pouen, trad, de 1' Anglais avec des notes, par T. Licqnet. 

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Svo. Paris, 1821 

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osity Shop, Martin Chuzzlewit, David Copperfield, Dombey and 
Son, Bleak House, Barnaby Eudge, New Stories, Christmas 
Stories, Little Dorrit. 13 vols. 12mo. Philadelphia, s. a. 

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Traveller, Great Expectations. 10 vols. 12mo. Leipzig, v. y. 

Novels and Tales reprinted from Household Words. 

11 vols. 12mo. Leipzig, 1856-59 
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and the Causes of its Failure. 8vo.,N. Y. 1864 


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in Ireland. 8vo. Dublin, 1836 

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tain over the Colonies in America. 8vo. Phil. 1T76 

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ment of Flax. 12mo. London, 1846 

Dickson S. The Unity of Disease Proved.' 8vo. London, 1839 

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Cardinaux, des Manuscrits, des Papes et des Objections popu- 
laires. See Migne J. jP. 

Dictionnaire de la Conversation et de la Lecture. 

16 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1857-58 

Dictionnaire des gens du monde a I'usage de la cour et de la ville. 

18mo. Paris, 1818 

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I'Eglise Universelle. 8vo. Paris, 1818 

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siecle, par J. G. Shea. 4to. New York, 1859 

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gation, 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1859-61 

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compiled and published under the direction of the Highland Soc. 

2 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1828 

Dictionary of the Technical Terms used in the Sciences of the Musal- 
mans. Edited by Mawlawy Mohammed Wajyh, A. Sprenger, 
etc. ito. Calcutta, 1853-55 

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universelle, 1851. 8vo. Paris, 1854 

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J. P. Migne. Roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1858 

Contents : De Trinitate ; De Spiritu Sancto ; Contra Mani- 
cheos ; Fragmenta ex libris deperditis ; Fragmenta ex Catenis ; 
Enarratio in Epistolas catholicas. 

De Spiritu Sancto Latine. Patrol. Lat. 23. 

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Sippen und Nachbarn. 8vo. Frankfurt, 1861 

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Sitztungsb. 6, 7, 11, 18. 

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Dodsley's Old Flays, Y. 12. 

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veteres et nova describuntur et iconibus illustrantur. 

4to. Edinburgae, 1811 
J)illon J.. .B. Jnquiry into the Nature and Uses of Political Sovereignty. 

8vo. Indianapolis, 1860 


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Essais poetiqiies. 8vo. Genes, 1840 

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Diodorus Tarsensis. Fragmenta. Patrol. Or. 33. 

Dioraedes. De pedibns ; De poematum generibus ; De versuum gene- 

ribus ; De metris Horatianis. Soriptores Latini rei Metricm. 
Dionigi M. 0. Yiaggi in alcune citta del Lazio che diconsi fondate dal 

Satnrno. Obi. fol. Eome, 1809 

Dionysius Papa. Fragmentum adversus Sabellianos ; Concilium Ko- 

manum de Sabellianismo, habitum anno 263. Pai/rol. Lot. 5. 
Dionysius Alex. Episc. Fragmenta et Epistolse. Patrol. Or. 10. 

De situ orbis (Latine). 8vo. Yenetiis, 1849 

Descriptio orbis habitabilis. 12mo. BasllicEe, 1661 

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Opera omnia quse extant et Commentarii quibns illustrantur, 

studio et opera B. Oorderii, Greece et Lat. 

2 vols. roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1857 
Contents : De coelesti et de ecclesiastica Hierarchia ; De di- 

vinis nominibus ; De mystica Theologia ; Epistolse ; Liturgia ; 

Scholia S. Maximi in opera B. Dionysii ; Scriptores varise vitse 

S. Dionysii. 

Opera de Grseco in Latinnm translata. Patrol. Lat. 122. 

Dionysius Exig. Opera omnia juxta memoratissimas Editiones. 

Eoy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1848 
Contents: Epistola S. Cyrilli; Epistolse de ration e paschse ; 

Codex canonum ecclesise universse ; Codex canonum vetns eccle- 

sise Komanse ; CoUectio decretorum pontificum Eomanorum ; 

Translatio libri S. Greg. Nyss. de opificio hominis ; Interpretatio 

epistolse S. Proeli ad Armenios ; Historia inventionis capitis S. 

Joannis Baptistse ; Cyclus Paschalis. 

Dioskuren Deutsche Kunst-Zeitung. Hauptorgan der Dentschen Kunst- . 
vereine ; herausg. und redigirt von M. Schseler. Jahrg. 5, 6. 

2 vols. 4to. Berlin, 1860-61 
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Disdier H. Conciliation rationelle du droit et du devoir. 

2 vols. 8vo. Geneve, 1859 
Disraeli Y. Yenetia — Yivian Grey — Henrietta Temple. 

5 vols. 12mo. Leipzig, 1858-59 

Dissent from the Church of England Justified. 8vo. Dublin, 1760 

Dissenters' Chapels Bill. Debate in the H. of Lords and in the H. of 
Commons, May and June 1844, and Debate on Second Reading. 

8vo. London, 1844 

Distumell J. Eailway and Steamship Guide. 12mo. New York, 1854 

Influence of Climate in a Commercial, Social, Sanitary, and 

Humanizing Point of Yiew, accompanied by a Map showing the 
most important Isothermal Lines. 4to. New York, 1860 

Ditandy A. Parallele d'un iSpisode de I'ancienne Po^sie Indienne avec 

des Po6mes de 1' Antiquity classique. 8vo. Paris, 1856 

Ditmarus Chronicon. See Reineccius R. 


Ditson G. L. The Para Papers on Prance, Egj'pt, and Ethiopia. 

8m Paris, 1858 
Dix D. L. Memorial to the Legislature of Penn. soliciting a State Hos- 
pital for the Insane. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1845 

On Prisons and Prison Discipline in the U. S. 8vo. Boston, 1845 

Dix J. A. Address at Geneva College, 1839. 8vo. Albany, 1839 

Address before the Democracy of Herkimer, July 4, 1840. 8vo. 

Agricultural Address at Jamaica, L. 1. 8to. Hempstead, 1852 

New Views of the Currency Question. 8vo. K T. 1859 

Address before E". Y. State Agr. Soc. Oct. 1859. 8vo. Albany, 1859 

Dix "W. G. Imaginary Conversation between Shakespeare, the Earl of 
Southampton, and Eichard Quyner, atSti-atford upon Avon. 

12mo. Boston, 1844 

The Wreck of the Glide. 8vo. New York, 1848 

The Deck of the Crescent City. 12mo. New York, 1853 

Dixon P. The Geology and Fossils of the Tertiary and Cretaceous For- 
mation of Sussex. 4to. London, 1850 
Dixon W. H. Personal History of Ld. Bacon from Unpublished Papers. 

8vo. London, 1861 

Same. Leipzig Edition. 12mo. Leipzig, 1861 

Dizionario domestico Pavese-Italiano. 8vo. Pavia, 1829 

Dizionario etimologico della lingua Italiana. MS. 

Dizionario nuovo Italiano-Tedesco. • 18mo. Lipsise, s. a. 

Dizionario delle diflBcolta gramra. Latina. 8vo. Modeua, 1841 

Doane G. W. Bp. Songs by the Way. 8vo. New York, 1824 

■ The Church, the Fulness of Christ, a Sermon at Leeds. 

8vo. Leeds, 1841 

The Way of the Church with Children, four Sermons. 

12mo. Burl. 1848 

Protest and Appeal as aggrieved by the Bishops of Virginia, 

Maine, and Ohio. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1852 

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trad, d'ltaliano in Lat. ed. Arabico. 8vo. Eoma, 1648 

en lengua Castellana y Mexicana. 8vo. Mexico, 1565 

Dodart M. M^moire sur les causes de la voix de I'homme et des diffe- 

rents tons. - 4to. Paris, 1703 

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The Food of London, a Sketch of the Chief Varieties, Sources of 

Supply, etc., for a Community of Two Millions and a Half. 

12mo. London, 1866 

Curiosities of Industry. 8vo. London, 1858 

Dodd K. On the Improvement of the Port of London. 8vo, London, 1798 
Doddridge P. Lectures on Preaching. * 18mo. Andover, 1833 

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Dodsley E. Miller of Mansfield. InohbaWs Farces, 7. 
Dodwell H. Dissertationes Cyprianae. Patrol. Lat. 5. 

— An Epistolary Discourse proving that the Soul is naturally 

Mortal. 12mo. London, 1706 

Doederlin G. M. De candelabris Judasorum. Ugolino, XL 
Dohne J. L. Zulu-Kafir Dictionaiy Etymologically explained, with copi-. 
ous illustrations and examples preceded by an Introduction on 
the Zulu-Kafir Language. 8vo, Capetown, 1857 


DoUinger J. J. I. Heidenthum u. Judenthum ; Yorhalle zur Ge- 

schichte des Christen thums. 8to. Kegensburg, 1857 

Die Pabst-Fabeln des mittelalters. Bvo. Mtincben, 1863 

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Ital. IX. p. 8. 

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Doin M. G. T. Dictionnaire des Teintures. Enoy. Methodique. 

Doings in London. 8vo. London, s. a. 

Doletus S. De re navali. Thes. Ant. Or. XL 

Dolhnann F. T. Examples of Ancient Domestic Architecture ; illus- 
trating the Hospitals, Bede-Houses, Schools, Almshouses, etc., of 
the Middle Ages in England. Fol. London, 1858 

Dolly 0. Itin^raire de Napoleon depuis son depart de Corse, jusqu'a 

son arrivee a Longwood. 8vo. Paris, 1842 

Dombasle M. de. Calendrier du bon cultivatenr. 12ino. Bruxelles, 1860 

Domenech E. Journal d'un Missionnaire au Texas et au Mexique, 1846- 

52. 8vo. Paris, 1857 

Seven Tears' Eesidence in the Great Deserts of North America, 

transl. from the French. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1860 

Domestic Industry. Address of the Friends of. 8vo. Bait. 1831 

Domestic Poultry. Keport of the First Exhibition. 8vo. Boston, 1850 

Domville Sir W. The Sabbath, or an Examination of the Six Texts 
commonly adduced from the N. T. in proof of Christian Sabbath. 

8vo. London, 1849 
A Supplement to the Same. 8vo. London, 1853 

The Sabbath, or an Inquiry into the Obligation of the Sabbaths 

of the O. T. 8vo. London, 1855 

Mosaic Sabbath, or an Inquiry into the Supposed Pi'esent Obli- 
gation of the Sabbath of the Fourth Commandment. 

8vo. London, 1850 


Don I. Horticulture. Ency. Met/rop. 6. 

Donaldson J. W. Christian Orthodoxy reconciled with the Conclusions 

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I'usage de boire a la sante, de I'origine de I'usage, qui a donne lieu 
au dictons; courir I'aiguillette — attendez moi sous I'orme — ^il en a, 
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Notices of the most Distinguished Individuals in each, illustrated 
by their arms, real bearings, monuments, seals, etc. 

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The Families contained in the above are, 

Ashburton, Harley, Dunbar, 

Arden, Bruce, Neville, 

Compton, Percival, Hume, 

Cecil, Drummond, Dundas. 

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4to. London, 1692 


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12mo. Paris, 1850 

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s6es a la mort de Louis XIII. le 14 Mai, 1843. Michaud Mhn. 
S. I. V. XL 

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& Raymond X. Inde. 8vo. Paris, 1845 

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3 vols. 12mo. Londres, 1740 

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dere dans ses rapports avec les progres de la civilisation depuis 
la chute de I'empire Roinain jusqu'au XlXme Siecle. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1854-60 

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etc. ; De la communication des armoiries de famille ; De la Ran- 
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Du mot de Sale et des lois et terres saliques ; Des plaits de la 

porte et de la forme que nos rois observaient pour rendre la jus- 
tice. Ihid. 4, 6. 


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1854-55. 8vo. Paris, 1856 

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12mo. Prag, 1812 
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12mo. Albany, 1836 
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navigation. 12mo. Paris, 1801 

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dere. 8\^o. Paris, 1845 

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ier Archiv. S. 2, v. 4. 

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le Marquis de Sainte-Aulaire. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1859 

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Mahrens allgemeine Geschichte. Im Auftrage des Mahrischen 

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Ueber die alten heidnischen Begrabnisseplatz in Mahren. Wien 

Sitzungsh. Phil. 12. 

Dudley Observatory Inauguration, Aug. 28, 1856. Discourse on Astro- 
nomy by E. Everett. Eulogy on 0. E. Dudley by W. Hunt, 

8vo. Albany, 1856 

Defence of Dr. Gould by the Scientific Council. 8vo. Albany, 1858 

Statement of the Trustees — ^The Dudley Observatory and the 

Scientific Council. 8vo. Albany, 1858 

An Address to the Citizens of Albany and the Donors and 

Friends of the Observatory. 8 vo. Albany, 1858 

Letters to the Majority of the Trustees, showing their Misrepre- 
sentations, etc., by G. H. Thacher. 8vo. Albany, 1858 

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Dudley R. See Leycester, Earl of. 

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trol. Lat. 141. 

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Wien Sitzvjigsb. Phil. 20. 

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Deis. _ Fol. Stuttgart, s. a. 

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der Flamingen seit dem Wiederaufbliihen der Literatur. 

3 vols. 12mo. Leipzig, 1861 

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des peuples de I'Europe et des deux Ameriques par Dufau, Du- 
vergier et Guadet. 6 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1821-23 

Trait6 de Statistique. 8vo. Paris, 1840 

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8vo. Paris, 1811 

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tique de G^ographie ancienne et moderne. Fol. Paris, 1860 

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8vo. Paris, 1859-60 

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Sciences. ito. Paris, s. a. 

Duhamel J. P. F. G. La Metallurgie. En<yyd. Mith. 

Duhamel M. Considerations pratiques sur les maladies scrofuleuses. 

8vo. Paris, 1839 

Du Hays C. Dictionnaire genealogique de la race pure pour remonter 
a I'origine des chevaux et juments de pur sang Anglais qui ont 
^te introduits en France et des individualites c^lebres restees en 
Angleterre qui ont forme, illustre et conserve cette race. 

8vo. Paris, 1860 

Duigenan P. Demands of the Lrish Koman Catholics fully Explained. 

8vo. London, 1810 

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menienne Orientale. 12mo. Paris, 1857 

Recherches sur la Chronologic Arm^nienne technique et histo- 
rique. 4to. Paris, 1859 

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1625. Thes.Ant.Ital.Yll.^.li. 

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celle d'Orleans. Nouv. 6dit. par Yallet de Yiriville. 12mo. Paris, 1866 

Du Loir S. Yiaggio di Levante. 12mo. Yenetia, 1671 

Dumas A. Histoire de la vie politique et priv^e de Louis Philippe. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1852 



Dumas A. 

Histoire de dix-huit ans depnis I'aTOnement de Louis Philippe 

jnequ'a la revolution de 1848. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1853 

GEuvres (Nouvelles) Completes. 114 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1848-60 

Containing Act6— Amaury— AngePitaU' — L' Arabic henreuse, 
souvenirs de Yoyages en Afriqne et en Asie par Hadji-Ab el 
Hamid Bey — Ascano — Le Batard de Mauleon — (Jn Cadet de 
Famille — Le Capitaine Paul — Cecile — Charles le T6meraire — 
Le Chateau d'Eppstein — Le Chevalier de Maison Rouge — Le 
Chevalier d'Harmental — Le Collier de la Reine^^Le Comte de 
Monte Christo — La Comtesse de Salisbury — La Dame de Mou- 
soreau — Les Deux Dianes— Les Drames de la Mer — Fernande 
— Une Fille du Regent — Les freres Corses— Gabriel Lambert — 
Gaule et Franc — La Guerre des Femmes — Isabel de Baviere — 
La Maison de Glace — Le Maitre d'Armes — Olympe des Cleves 
— Pauline et Pascal Bruno — Le Pere Gigogne — Les Quarante 
Cinq — La Reine Margot — Souvenirs d'Antony — Sylvandire — 
Les Trois Mousquetaires — Le Yicomte de Bragelonne, ou dix ans 
plus tard. — La Yie au Desert — Impressions de Yoyage — Une 
Amie a Florence — Bords du Rhin — Le Capitaine Arena — Le 
Corricolo — -Midi de la France — De Paris a Cadiz — Quinze jours 
a Sinai — Le Speronare-Suisse — Le Yeloce — La villa Palmier! — ■ 
Catherine Bhim — Causeries — Compagnons de Jehu— Monsieur 
Crumbes — Memoires d'un Policeman — Yie et Aventures de la 
Princesse de Monaco — Le Pasteur d'Ashbourn — La Tulipe noire 
— Yingt ans apres. 

Mdmoires d'un M^decin Jos. Balsamo. 2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1860 

Memoires de Garibaldi, traduits sur la manuscfit Original. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1860 

La vie au Desert. See Cumming G. 

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Schmidt. 12mo. Weimar, 1857 

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Notice historique sur la vie et les ouvrages d' A. F. Delandine. 

, Svo. Lyon, 1820 

Du M^ge A. Histoire des Institutions de Toulouse. 

4 vols. Svo. Toulouse, 1844-46 
Dum^ril A. Etude sur Charles- Quint. Svo Paris, 1856 

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Ichthyologie An aly tique ; Entomologie Analytique. Mem. Acad. 

8g. Math, et Physique, 23, 27, 31. 

Dumeril. Edelestand. See Edelestand D. 

Dumersan T. M. Notice sur la Bibl. Roy. particulierement sur le Ca- 
binet des Medailles. ' 12mo. Paris, 1836 
Dumesnil A. L'Immortalit4 12mo. Paris, 1861 

Moeurs politiques au XlXme Siecle. Svo. Parish 1830 

Dumesnil M. Memoires sur le Prince Le Brun, Due de Plaisance. 

Svo. Paris, 1S2S 
Dummer J. Defence of the E". England Charters. Svo. London, 1821 

DuMoncel T. Expose des Applications de I'Electricitd. 

3 vols. Svo. Paris, 1856-57 


DiiMoncel T. Sur I'appareil d'indnctinn ^lectrique de Euhmkorff 
et les experiences que I'on pent faire avec cet instrument. 

8vo. PariB, 1855 
Dumont M. Sur les causes principales qui ont contribu^ a detruire les 

deux premieres races de nos rois. Leber Diss. 4. 
Dumoulin E. Histoire du Proces du Marechal ISTey. 2 vols. Bvo. Paris, 1815 
DumouriezGen. Analysis of the Character of Bonaparte. 8to. London, 1805 
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Dundonald, Earl of. Autobiography of a Seaman. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1860 
Dungalus Peclusus. Epistola de duplici solis eclipsi anno 810, adver- 

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geschichte der Vorwelt. 6 vols. 4to. Cassel, 1851-58 

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Dunlop R. H. "W. Hunting in the Himalaya, v^ith ISTotices of Customs 

and Countries from the Elephant Haunts of the Dehra Doon to 

the Bunchowr Tracks in Eternal Snovs^. 8vo. London, 1860 

Dunn H. National Education, the Question of Questions. 8vo. Lond. 1838 

. The School Teacher's Manual. 12mo. Hartford, 1839 

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Dunstan S. Yita; Epistola ad Wulfsinum ; De regimineMonachorum. 

Patrol. Lat. 137. 
Dunsterville E. Admiralty Catalogue of Charts, Plans, Tievi's, and 

Sailing Directions. 8vo. London, 1860 

Duparcque F. Traite th^orique et pratique sur les alterations organ- 
iques de la matrice. 

Considerations pratiques sur le Seigle ergots. 8vo. Paris, 1838 

Dupin A. M. J. J. Notices historiques, critiques et bibliographiques 
sur plusieurs livres de Jurisprudence Franc, remarquables par 
leur Antiquitd ou leur originalite. 8vo. Paris, 1832 

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N. S.12, 19. 
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8vo. N. T. 1841 
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— ^Etude sur le meilleur mode d'assistance et de traitement dans 
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birds Pilate and Judas, copied from MS. by F. J. Furnivell. 

8vo. Berlin, 1852 
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New Edition. . 12mo. London, 1853 

New Zealand; its Emigration and Gold Fields. 12rao. London, 1853 

What we did in Australia ; being the Practical Experience of 

Three Clerks in the Stock- Yard and in the Gold Fields. 

12mo. London, 1853 
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East India Company. China Question. Exposure of the Ed. Review 

relative to. 8vo. London, 1831 

East India Tracts, on the Renewal of the Charter of the E. I. Company, 

etc. 8vo. London, 1813 

East Indies. Address to the British Legislature on the subject of 80 

millions of their subjects. 8vov, 

E. I. Question Fairly Stated. Bvo. London, 1831 

Spirit of the Press in relation to. 8vo. London, 1834 

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Bvo. London, 1848 

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with Notes by F. B. Hough. 4to. Albany, 1858 

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Eastwick E. B. Autobiography of LutfuUah, a Mohamedan Gentleman, 

and his Transactions with his Fellow-Creatures. 12mo. Leipzig, 1857 



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Svo. Springfield, 1805 

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Sprache. 12mo. Berlin, 1814 

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par Amari. 8vo. Paris, 1845 

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Ecclesiastical Commissioners' Correspondence with the Bishop of Ely. 

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Criicis ; Soliloquiura, Stimulus Amoris. Patrol. Lat. 195. 

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Eclipse (total) of July 17th, 1860, published by the Nautical Almanac. 

4to. Washington, 1860 

Le Yerrier's Letter on the Intermercurial Planets, and Faye's 

Eemarks upon its Application to the Case of the Total Eclipse. 

4to. Cambridge, 1860 

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ungedruckter Gedichte, herausg. von T. Mdbius. Svo. Leipzig, 1860 

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ieme Siecle. Svo. Paris, 1843 

Poesies populaires latines du moyen age. Svo. Paris, 1847 

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Eden's Treaty, Complete Investigation of, as it may affect the Com- 
merce, Eevenue, or General Policy of Gt. Britain. Svo. London, 1747 

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Svo. London, 1779-80 

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gle for the Holy Sepulchre. 12mo. London, 1860 

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Labour in the United States. 12mo. London, 1860 

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i^ephew. 12mo. Edinburgh, 1857 

Papers on the Noxious Effects of the Fetid Irrigations around 

the City. gvo. Edinburgh, 1839 

University Calendar Session 1859-60. Including the Courses 

in the Yarious Classes. 12mo. Edinburgh, 1859 


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Divinity, and Law, of the University of E. since its Foundation. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1858 

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Eegulations to be Observed by Candidates for the Diploma of 

the Eoyal College of Surgeons. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1838 

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Library of the "Writers to the Signet Catalogues 1805 and 1837. 

2 vols. 4to. Edinburgli, 1805 & 1837 

Same, Classed according to Subjects. P. 1. Jurisprudence. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1856 

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Eeview, cont'd to 1863. 

See Annals of JPhilosophy. 

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Peine Hortense. 4to. Paris, 1857 

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Cashier of the Mechanics' Bank. 8vo. N. Y. 1855 

Edmonds J. W. On the Constitution and Code of Procedure. 

Bvo. K T. 1848 

Origin and Progress of the "War between Eng. and China. 

8vo. ]Sr. T. 1841 

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Education du Corps; Manuel de Gymnastique. 12mo. Paris, 1857 

Education. Recent Measures for its Promotion in England. 

8vo. London, 1839 

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cation — Am. Q. Register ^ the Ed. 8no. — Gornmon SchoolJour- 
nals, Conn, and Mass. Journal of Education, ed. In/ H. Bar- 
nard. — Education Reports of Conn., Maine, Mass., Nevi York, 
hy Regents of the University, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Penns. 
Carter J. G. on the Schools of N. England. 

Education in Euro]")e generally. Bache, Barnard H., Cousin V., 
France ^coles du Gouvernement, Journal d) Education yopulaire. 
Letters from Uofwyl hy Mrs. Barwell, Niemeyer Grundsdtze der 
Erziehung, Wyse Educational Reform and the References under 
Education in the first Vol. of this Catalogue. 

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the Second, found among the Papers of Viscount Faulkland. 
Harleian Misc. 1. 

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4to. London, 1838 
Chronicle of his Reign by Warkworth, ed. by Halliwell for Do. 

4to. London, 1839 

Edward VI. Some Account of his "Reign and Acts ; Short Catechism 
containing the sum of Christian Learning. Richmond Early 
Protestant Reformers. 

Edwards B. Thoughts on the late Proceedings of Gov. respecting the 
Trade of the "W. I. Islands with U. S. of N. America. 

8vo. London, 1784 


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Edwards E. Statistical View of the Principal Public Libraries of Eu- 
rope and America. Fol. London, 1849 

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Museum. 8vo. London, 1837 

Memoirs of Librai-ies, including a Handbook of Library Economy. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1859 

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Svo. New Castle, 1808 
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S. E. Dwight. 8vo. Hewhaven, 1822 

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Edwards W. F De ITnfluence des Agens Physiques sur la Vie. 

Svo. Paris, 1824 
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Edwin. Life of St. Edwin. Zives of English Saints, 6. 
Eedes J. Colloquial Reflections pertaining to Zion. Svo. London, 1819 

The Testimony of Faith in the Prospect of Deatli. Svo. -London, 1825 

Conquests Contested ; being a Statement of the Charges against 

Mr. Abbott. " Svo. London, 1815 

Egan P. Account of the Trial of J. Thnrtell and J. Hunt, with Por- 
traits. Svo. London, 1824 
Egbertus Arbp. Excerptiones e dictis et canonibus sanctorum patrum ; 

Liber ])oenitentialis; De institutione catholica; Canones de re- 

mediis peccatornm. Patrol. Lot. 89. 
Egerton F. H.,.Earl of Bridgewater. Catalogue of his Works. 

4to.. Paris, s. a. 
Eggelinglus J.'H. Mysteria Cereris et Bacchi in vasculo ex uno onyche. 

TKes. Ant. Gr. 7. 
.Egger M. E. Sur un document inedit pour servir a I'iiistoire des lan- 

gues Romanes ; Sur lee Traites publics dans I'antiquite. Mem. 

Acad. Insc. N". S. 21 and 24. 
Egilsson Sveinbjorn. Lexicon poeticum antiquse linguEe septentrio- 

naiis. Edid. Soc. Reg. Ant. Sept. Roy. Svo. Hafnise, 1854-60 

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Contents: Vita et Oonversatio CaroliMagni; Annales Lau- 

rissenses ; Epistolse ; Historia Translationis Marcellini et Petri ; 

De Passione Marcellini et Petri ; Chart83; Appendix, 
^^gypte sous la domination de Mehemet Aly. Svo. Paris, 1848 

Ehlen J. P. E. Altitudo Poli, etc. Speculse Astronomicte qufe est 

Schwetzingge. 4to. Mannheim, 1766 

Ehlers H. I. An Essay on CUmate. Svo. N. Y. 1850 

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sionsthiere. 4to. Berlin, 1882 

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Eichwald E. TJeber die Saugethier Fauna des neueren Molasse des 

siidlichen Russlands. Archiv f. Wissens. Kwnde v. Russ- 

Icmd, 20. 


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Vita S. Sturmii. Patrol. Lot. 105. 

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Grsecorum, Hebrseorum ; necnon de valore pecuniae veteris. 
Ugolino, 28. 

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stalten. 2 vols. 8vo. Erlangen, 1Y80-82 

Ekkebard Uraug. Chronicon Wirzeburgense ; Chronicon universale; 
Hierosolomita ; Epistola ad Erkenibertuin. Patrol. Lot. 154. 

Elahmars Chalef. Quasside. Berichtigter Arabiscbe Text, Uebersetzung 
und Commentar, mit Benutzuug vielei' bandscbrift. Quellen. 

8vo. Greit'swald, 1852 

ErAiachi, Abou Salem et El Morerbi. Voyages dans le Sad d'Alge- 
rie et des Etats barbaresques de I'Ouest et de I'Est. Exploration 
di'Algirie, So. Hist. 9. 

Elberling F. E. A Treatise on Inheritance, Gift, Will, Sale, and Mort- 
gage ; witb an Introduction on tbe Laws of the Bengal Presi- 
dency. 8vo.. Serampore, 1844 

Elements des Mathematics. 12rao. s. 1. 1725 

Elements de Geometrie et de la Trigonoraetrie. 8vo. Paris, 1Y82 

Elements of Social Disorder — a Plea for the "Working Classes in the 

United States. 12mo. Providence, 1844 

Elements of Opposition. 8vo. London, 180o 

Elephant (the) Viewed In Eelation to Man. 12mo. London, 1844 

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Eleutherus Papa. Epistolse."" Pal/rol. Gr. 5. 

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des Chalifates von Ibn Etthigthaga, Arabisch ; herausg. nach 
der Pariser Handschrift von W. Ahlwardt. 8vo. Gotha, 1860 

Elias Cret. Metrop. Scholia in S. GregoriiNazianzeniOrationes. Pa- 
trol. Gr.'Ql. 

Elice F. Saggio suU' electricita. 8vo. Genova, 1824 

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Charta ad Ecelesiara Soleraniacensem. Patrol. Lat. 87. 

Eliot E. Christianity and Slavery. 12mo. London, 1833 

Eliot F. P. On the Fallacy of the Supposed Depreciation of the Paper 

Currency of the Kingdom. 8vo. London, 1811 

Supplement to the same. 8vo. London, 1811 

Eliot G. Adam Bede — Scenes of Clerical Life — The Mill on the Floss 
— Silas "Warner, the "Weaver of Eaneloe — Novels. 

7 vols. 12mo. Leipzig, 1859-1861 

Eliot S. Address before the Senatus Academicus of Trinity College, 

Hartford, on his Inauguration as President. 8vo. Hartford, 1861 

Elizabeth Princess. Household Account of Expenses. Camden Miso. 
V. 2. 

Elizabeth Saint. Vita et Visiones. Patrol. Lat. 195. 

Elkam L. Zwolf Album-Blatter fur Freunde der mittelalterlichen 

Kunst Farbendruck. Fol. Leipzig, 1860 

Ellendt Fr. Historia eloquentiae Komante usque ad Ca^sares. Oral. 
Bom. Frag. ed. Meyer. 

Eller I. The History of Belvoir Castle. 8vo. London, 1841 


Ellet C. The Mississippi and Ohio Kivers, containing Plans for the 

Protection of the Delta from Inundation. 8vo. Phil. 1853 

Contributions to the Physical Geography of the TJ. S. Smith- 
sonian Contrih. 2. 

Ellice Edw. Address to his Constituents on his Seventh Eeturn to Re- 
present the City of Coventry in Parliament. 8vo. Coventry, 1835 

Elliotson J. Mesmerism in India. 8vo. London, 1850 

Elliott A. Modest Vindication of Titus Gates. Edl. London, 1682 

Elliott C. M. Meteorological Observations made at the E. I. Com- 
pany's Observatory at Singapore, 1841-45. Fol. Madras, 1860 

Elliott E. The Splendid Village, Corn Law Rhymes, and other Poems. 

3 vols. 12mo. London, 1834-35 

Elliott E. B. Horse Apocalypticse, or a Commentary on the Apocalypse. 

4 vols. 8vo. London, 1861 
— - — - "Warburton Lectures preached in Lincoln's Inn Chapel on the 

Christian Churches Institution. 8vo. London, 1856 

Elliott G. D. Journal of My Life during the French Revolution. 

8vo. London, 1869 


Elliott J. D. Biographical Notice of. 12mo. Phil. 1835 

Elliott Bp. Catalogue of his Library. 8vo. N. Y. 1850 

Ellis 0. M. History of Roxbury Town. 8vo. Boston, 1847 

Ellis D. An Inquiry into the Changes induced on Atmospheric Air by 
the Germination of Seeds, Vegetation of Plants, and Respiration 
of Animals. 2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1807 

Ellis C. On the Law of Fire Insurance and Annuities. 8vo. Phil. 1834 

Elhs G. A. (Ld. Dover). The True History of the State Prisoner, com- 
monly called the Iron Mask, extracted from the Fr. Archives. 

8vo. London, 1826 
Ellis G. E. Oration, June 17, 1841, in commemoration of the Battle of 

Blinker Hill. 8vo. Boston, 1841 

Services at the Installation of the Rev. H. Stebbins, Portland, 

Jan. 31, 1855. 8vo. Portland, 1855 
Inaugural Address on his Induction to the Professorship of Sys- 
tematic Theology in Harvard University. 8vo. Boston, 1857 
Elhs R. Sermon Occasioned by the Death of W. H. Prescott. 

8vo. Boston, 1859 
Ellis Mrs. S. S. Family Secrets ; or Hints to Those who would Make 

Home Happy. 3 vols. 12mo. London, s. a. 

The Mothers of England- — The Women of England. 

2 vols. 12mo. London, s. a. 

The Wives of England — The Daughters of England. 

2 vols. 12mo. London, s. a. 

Chapters on Wives. 12mo. New York, 1860 

Ellis W. Three Visits to Madagascar, 1853-56. 8vo. London, 1858 

Ellison S. Truth Defended, in a Supposed Trial between Infant Affu- 
sion and Believer's Baptism. 8vo. London, 1846 
Ellison T. A Handbook of the Cotton Trade. 8vo. London, 1858 
Ellman J. On the Corn Laws. 8vo. London, 1814 
EUys A. Tracts on the Liberty, Spiritual and Temporal, of Protestants 

in England. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1763-65 

Elmaciiius G. Historia Saracenica Arabice, et Latine reddita a 

Thom. Erpenio. FoL Lugd.-Bat. 1625 


El Masudi. See under Sprenger A. in Catalogue, Y. 4. 

Elmes J. Horse Yacivge, a Thouglit Book. 12mo. Boston, 1851 

Sir Christopher Wren and his Times. 8vo. London, 1852 

Elogio funebre di Maria Anna Carolina Principessa di Sassonia, Grand 

Diichessa di Toscana. Svo. Firenze, 1832 

Eisner J. Schediasma criticum quo auctores aliaque antiqnitatis mo- 
numenta, etc., emendantur, vindicautur et exponeatur. Mis- 
cellanea Berolinensia, Y. 7. 

Elvers K. Romanornm de Rebus religiosis doctrina, cotnmentatio. 

12mo. Gottingge, 1851 

Elwart A. Histoire de la Soci^te des Concerts du Conservatoire impe- 
rial de Musique avec Dessins, Musique, Plans, Portraits, etc. 

12mo. Paris, 1860 

Elwes A. Qrammar of the Italian Language with Exercises. 

12mo. London, 1854 

Dictionary of the Italian, English, and French — English, French, 

and Italian — French, Italian, and English Languages. 

3 vols. 12mo. London, 1854-56 

Dictionary of the Spanish and English and English and Spanish 

Languages. 12mo. London, 1854 

French-English and English-French Dictionary. 

12mo. London, 1854-5 

Emancipation of the ITegro Slaves in the W. I. — its Impolicy and In- 
justice. 8vo. London, 1824 

Emerick A. G. Songs for the Peo^e. 8vo. Phil. 1849 

Emerson F. North Am. Arithmetic. (Armenian.) 8vo. Belek, 1848 

Emerson G. Medical Statistics relating to the Population of Philadel- 
phia. Svo. Phil. 1831 

Emerson Jas, The History of Modern Greece, from its Conquest by 

the Romans to the present time. 2 vols. Svo. London, 1830 

Emerson R. W. Essays. Sec. Series. 12mo. Boston, 1860 

Emerson's Magazine and Putnam's Monthly United. Svo. 1!^. T. 1858 

Emigrants, Laws for their Protection. Svo. New York, 1850 

Emlyu T. Inquiry into the Scripture Account of Jesus Christ. Sparks' 
Tracts, 4. 

Emma Regina Angl. Encomium; Epistolse ad filios. Patrol. Lat.X'^'S. 

Emmius U. Athenarum veterum descriptio ; De Chio et ejus statu; 
De concilio Amphictyonico ; De inciiiiatione et interitn reip. 
Atticse, Spartanse et Carthaginiensis ; De rebus publicis Ach^- 
orum, ^tolorum, Argivorum, Carthaginensium, Corcyrseorura, 
Corinthiorum, Cretensiutn, Locrensium in Italia, Lyciorum in 
Asia, Massiliensium, Rhodiorum, Thebanorum ; De republica 
Syracusana ; de Satno et ejus republica; De situ, amplitudine, 
magnificentia, porta Carthaginis ; De statu Acarnanum ; De 
statu Epiri. Thes'. Ant. Gr. 4. 

Grsecia vetus, opus distinctumin tomostres: I. Descriptio regi- 

onum a Grecis habitaturum cum adj. insulis. II. Res gestte Grte- 
corum. III. Status et Forma praecipuarum ejus geulis rerum 
publicarum. Ihidem. 

— Lacedsemon antiqua cum Appendice. Ihidem. 

Emmons E. Description of some of the Bones of the Zenglodoii Oetoi- 

des of Prof. Owen. Svo. s. 1. et s. 


Emmons G. F. The Favy of the United States from the commence- 
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and fate. To whicli is added a list of private armed vessels fitted 
out under the American flag. 4to. Washington, 1850 

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App. 3. 

See under Portugal. 
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Encyclopedic du dix-neuvieme Siecle, avec la biographie de tons les 
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d'Enghien. gvo. Paris, 1824 

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Engineering. Papers on Practical Engineering, published by the En- 
gineer Department, Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5. 8vo. "Washington, 1844-50 

Engineer and Machinist's Assistant, being a series of plans of 

Steam Engines, Spinning Machines, Mills, etc. Eol. Glasgow, 1853 

Papers on Subjects connected with the Duties of the Corps of 

Eoyal Engineers. 10 vols. 4to. London, 1844-4:9 

England. Great Seals of England from the time of Edward the Con- 
fessor. Eol. London, 1837 

Return of the Mortality in llY Districts for the Quarter ending 

June 30, 1848. Eol. London. 

and France. Wars between, from William L to William IIL 

with a Treatise of the Salic Law. Ilarleian Misc. 1. 

Erance, Russia, and Turkey. 8vo. London, 1835 

and Russia, revised and enlarged. Ed. of the preceding. 

8vo. London, 1835 

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of the Protestant Dissenters. 8vo. London, 1790 

English Inquisition, or Money Raised by New Secret Extent Law. 

8vo. London, 1718 

English (The) Gentleman, his Principles, Eeelings, Manners, and Pur- 
suits. , 12mo. London. 

English (The) Pleader, being a Select Collection of Yarious Precedents 

of Declarations on Actions, etc. 12mo. Dublin, 1783 

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the Sixteenth Century, 1578-79. Reprint, 4to. London. 

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. Heroidnm libri tres ; Epicedia. Pel. Poet. Germ. 2. 

Ephemerides militaires depuis 1792 jusqu'en 1815, ou Anniversaires de 
la valeur Erangaise, par une Soci^t^ des Militaires. 

12 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1820 

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4to. Goudse, 1632 

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12 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1812 

Ephorus Cum. Eragmenta. Jlist. Grceo. Fragm. ed. Muller. 

Ephraem Syrus. Select Works of S. Ephraem the Syrian, translated 

out of the original Syriac by J. B. Morris. 8vo. Oxford, 1847 

Eragmenta. Pat/)'ol. Or. 86. 

Epicurus. La Morale avec des reflections. 8vo. Paris, 1685 

Philosophise Syntagma ; De vita, nioribus, placitisque Epicuri. 

Gassendi Op. Y. 3, 5. 


Epjphanius Cat. Diac. Sermo laudatorius. Patrol. Gr. 98. 
Epiphanius Const. Episc. Epistolse et Sententise. Ibid. 86. 
Epiphanius S. Cyp. Episc. Opera quae reperiri potuerunt omnia ; accu- 
rante et denuo recognoscente J. P. Migne. 

3 vols. roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1858 

Contents: Vol. I.-II. Adversus hsereses, Expositio fidei ; 

Anacephalseosis. Appendix Dissertationum. III. Ancoratiis ; 

De mensuris et ponderibus ; De XII. Gemmis ; De LXX. Inter- 

pretibus ; Epistolse ; Dubia aut Spuria. 

Episcopal (Protestant) Church— Diocese of N. York. Constitution and 

Canons, 1850, '45, and '61. 2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1845 & 51 

Journal of the 75th and 80tla Convention of N". Y. 

8vo. New York, 1858 & 1863 

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8vo. New York, 1844-47 
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Episcopal Quarterly Eeview, 1854-56. 3 vols.. 8vo. N. Y. 1864-56 

Epitome of the History of Philosophy. Being the work adopted by the 
University of France for instruction in the Colleges and High- 
Schools. Transl. from the French by C. S. Reid. 

2 vols. 12mo. New York, 1869 

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New Ed. by J. Ross. 12mo. Phil. 1810 

Colloquies with a Yocabulary, ed. by 0. H. Dillaway. 

12mo. Boston, 1833 

• Epitome Libri de copia verborum. 12mo. Olissip. 1773 

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dustrial Exhibition of all Nations. 8vo. London, 1851 

Erichseii J. On the Study of Surgery. An Address at University Col- 
lege, London. 8vo. London, 1860 

Erichson W. F. Naturgeschichte der Insecten Deutschlands. Vol. I. 

Pt. 1. 8vo. Berlin, 1860 

Erie Account of the Organization and Proceedings of the Battle of Lake 

Erie Monument Association. t 8vo. Sandusky, 1868 

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Ermoldus Nigellus. Carmen de rebus gestis Ludovici Pii. Ihid. 105. 

Ernaldus Abbas. De operibus sex dierum ; Comm. in psalmum 132 ; 
De donis Spiritus Sancti ; De cardinalibus operibus Christi ; De 
septem verbis Domini in cruce : De laudibus Marise ; Medita- 
tioneL Hid. 1819. 

Ernstius H. Epistola de Paenula. TJies. Ant. Pom. 6. 

Eruulfus Roif. Episc. Collectanea de ecclesia Roffensi ; Tomellus sive 
epistola de incestis conjugiis. Patrol. Lot. 163. 

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Erskine Eb. Select Writings — Doctrinal Sermons, edited by D. Smith. 

12mo. Edinburgh, 1848 
Erslev E. Den Danske Stat. 8vo. Ejobenhavn, 1846 


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Ervisius Abbas. Epistolse. Patrol. Lot. 196. 

Escaliii des Aimars dit Paulin. Yie. Richer Vies des Marins, 3. 

Escamoteur (le petit) contenant les secrets et les recettes do toutes las 

magies. 12mo. Paris, 1859 

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Escouchy M. d'. Chronique red. par Dufresne. 8vo. Paris, 1863 

Esmark J. Kurze Besclireibung einer mineralogischen Peise durch 

Ungarii, Siebenbiirgen und das Banuat. 12mo. Freyberg, 1Y98 

Esprit des Journaux Fran9ais et Etrangers, 1Y72-1818. Tables 4 vols. 

The Series not quite complete. 496 vols. 12mo. 1772-1818 

Espy J. P. Eourtb Meteorological Peport. 4to. Washington, 1859 

Essai snr leNivellement. 12mo. Paris, 1780 

Essay on the Causes of the Decline of the Foreign Trade, consequently 
of the Yalue of the Lands of Britain and on the Means to Restore 
both. Eeprint of 1750. 8vo. London, 1859 

Essays and Dissertations in Biblical Literature by a Society of Clergy- 
men. 8vo. New York, 1829 

Essays and Reviews — Replies to. 12mo. New York, 1862 

Este Sir A. d'. Papers Elucidating his Claims. 8vo. London, 1832 

Este T. The whole Book of Psalms with their wonted Tunes, edited by 
E. F. Rimbault. 

Piano-Forte Part to same, by G. A. Macfarren. 4to. London. 

Estlin J. P. Familiar Lectures on Nat. PhiL 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1818 

Estoile P. de 1'. Menioires et Journal ; Registre Journal de Henry IIL 
1574-1589; Registre Journal de Henry lY. et Louis XHI. pub- 
lie d'apr^s le manuscrit autographe de P. de I'Etoile. Petitot, 
S. 1. V. 45-49. 

Estrees F. A. Marechal d'. Memoires contenant les choses les plus 
remarquables arriv^es sous la regence de Marie de Medicis et le 
regne de Louis XHL Petitot, S. 2, v. 16. 

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15, 16, 17, ISSiecles. 4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1829 

Estrees J. d' et Estrees Y. M. d'. Yie. Picker des Marins, 8. 

Est van B. War Pictures from the South. 12mo. New York, 1863 

iltats de Blois. See Vitei L. 

Etats generaux convoqufe en 1614. Relation detout ce qui s'est pass^. 
Gimher Archiv. S. 2, v. 1. 

Ethelvolfus Abbas Hib. Canonnm Hibernensium collectio ; Carmen 
de Abbatibus Lindisfarnensib\is. Patrol. Lot. 96. 

Ethel wold "Wint. Epis. Yita, auctore "Wolstano. Jiid. 137. 

Etheridge J. W. Horee Aramaicse, comprising concise notions of the 
Aramean Dialects in General, and of the versions of Holy Scrip- 
ture extant in them. With a Translation of the Gospel accord- 
ing to St. Matthew and of the Epistle to the Hebrews from the 
ancient Peschito Syriac. 12mo. London, 1843 

Etienne C. G. Discours dans la stance publique tenue par I'Academie 

FranQ. pour sa reception 24 Dec. 1829. 8vo. Paris, 1829 

Eton. Guide to Eton; Eton Alphabet; Eton Block; Eton Glossary, 

etc. 12mo. London, I860 


Etzel A. V. Grdnland geograpliisch und Statistiscli bescbrieben ; aus 

Daniscben Quellschriften. 8vo. Stuttgart, 1860 

Euclid. Lib. 1-6, 11, 12, Grsece ed. glossaria addidit Neide. 

8vo. Halis Sax. 1825 

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Libri 15, ed. J. Barrow, c. fig. Osnab. 1676 

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Elements trad, et suiv. des notes par F. Pejrard, avec pi. 

Svo. Paris, 1804^ 

Elementa uebersetz. v. Lorenz. 21 Kupf. 8vo. Halle, 1798 

Secbs erste Biicber vorgestellt durch S. Eeyher. Mit algebra- 

ischen Zeicben auf sondebabre Art eingerichtet. 4to. Kiel, 1698 

Secbs erste Biicber, iibersdurcb W. Holtzmann. Fol. Basel, 1652 

7me, 8me et 9me livres des olemens, trad, et conim. par Forca- 

del de Bezi^res. 4to. Paris, 1565 

Priores sex libri, opei-a et studio E". de Martino. 12mo. Napoli, 1729 

Manual of Euclid by Galbraitb and Haugbton. 

2 vols. 12mo. London, 1857-59 

Elements First Book, by E. Garde. 8vo. London, 1824 

Geometry, books L-IIL, witb annotations by H. Hubbell. 

8vo. Pbil. 1801 

Data nacb. E. Simson v. J. 0. Scbwab. 8vo. Stuttgart, 1780 

Lauterbacb de Euclide Geometra. 4to. Jense, 1685 

Introductio Harmonica Gr. et Lat. M. Meibomius vertit ac notis 

explicavit. Musioce Ant. Auct. Septem. 

Eudocia Imperatrix. Carmen de S. Cypriano. Patrol. Gr. 85. 

Eugenies Eesa omkring Jorden under Befal af C. A. Yirgen, 1851-53. 
Befallning utgifna af K. Svenska Vetenskeps Acad, (not com- 
pleted.) 4to. Stbm. 1857-59 

Eugenius H. Papa. Diploma ; Epistolse ; Decreta. Patrol. Lat. 105. 

Eugenius IH. Papa. Epistolse et Privilegia. Il)id. 180. 

Eugypius Abbas Afr. Opera omnia, sive Tbesaurus Accur. J. P. Migne. 

Eoy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1848 

Eulenspiegel das ist wunderbare u. seltsame Historien Tyll Eulenspie- 

gels. 12mo. Stuttgart, 1839 

See Owlglass. 

Euler L. Theorie der Planeten und Oometen, von J. von Pacassi iiber- 

setzt. ^ ^ 4to. Wien, 1781 

Defense de la Eevelation contre les objections des Esprits forts. 

8vo. Paris, 1805 

Commentatio de Matbeseos sublimioris utilitate ex autograpbo, 

ed. G. Friedlander. 4to. Berolini, 1847 

Lobrede van H. Fuss nebst einem vollstandigen Verzeicbniss 

seiner Scbriften. 8vo. Basel, 1786 

Euler L. H. Baldemar von Peterweil Bescbreibung der K. Stadt 
Frankfurt am Main aus dem XIV". Jabrbundert, herausg. von 
L. H. Euler. 8vo. Frankfurt, 1858 

Eulogius S. Alex. Arebp. Sermo in Eamos Palmarum et in puUum 
asini. Pat/rol. Or. 86. 

Eulogius Arcb. Tolet. Opera omnia— Vita vel Passio ; Memoriale sane- 
tor am; Documentummartyriale; Epistolse ; Scbolia A. Moralis ; 
App. Patrol. Lat. 15. 


Eumenius. Paiiegyricus Const. Augnsto dictus ; Gratiarum actio Con- 
stantino Aug. Flavensium nomine. Ihid. 8. 

Eunapius. Excerpta ex Historia etFragmenta. Byzant. Hist. Scrip. 14:. 
See Jfai Soi^iptorum vet. nova Collectio. 

Euphronins. EpistoliS duse. Patrol. Lat. 58. 

Euripides, Phoenissa. 8to. London, lYQT 

Werke verdeutscht von F. H. Botbe. 2 vols. Svo. Mannheim, 1823 

L'Alceste trad, da Altieri. Alfieri Opere, 9. 

Alcestis et Medeii. Latino carmine redditge a G. Buchanan. 

Buchanan^s Works, 2. 

Hecuba et Iphigenia in Aulide Erasmo interprete. Erasmi 

Op. 1. 

Elect-ra et Llelena Svethice reddita, per A. G. Sjostrdm. 

12mo. Helsingfors, 1843 

Eurftpa. 12mo. Altenburg, 1820 

Eusebio. Monache di S. Eusebio.' 8vo. Vercelli, 1785 

Eusebius Pamp. Opera Omnia quse extant. Gr. et Lat. Collegit et 

denuo recognovit J. P. Migne. 6 vols. roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1857 

Contents : Vol. L Chronica ; Appendix duplex ad chronica ; 
S. Anieuis temporum usque ad suara Eetatem ratio ; veterum 
script, opuscula chronologica et astronomica ex recensione D. Pe- 
tavii. IL Historia ecclesiastica ; De vita Constantini Imp. ; 
Oratio Constantini ad sanctorum coetum ; Oratio Eusebii de lau- 
dibus Constantini; Acta passionis S. Pamphili et sociorum ; De 
martyribus Palsestinffi ; Collectio antiq. martyriorum Epistolas. 
HL Prseparatio evangelica — notse et emendationes. IV. Apo- 
logetica, Exegetica. V. Coramentarii in Psalmos. VI. Frag- 
menta in Proverbia, in Danielem, in Epistolam ad Hebrgeos ; 
Comm. in Isaiam, in Lucam ; De theophania ; De solemnitate 
pascbali ; contra Marcellum ; De ecclesiastica theologia ; Opus- 
cula duodecim. 

De vita Constantini ed. F. A. Heinichen. 8vo. Lipsise, 1830 

ChrOnicorum canonum lib. duo Ed. A. Mains et J. Zohrabus. 

4to. Mediolani, 1818 

Evangel. Prseparationis Libri XV. rec. T. Gaisford. 

4 vols. Svo. Oxon. 1843 

Eusebius Verc. Opera omnia. Po.Y- 8vo. Parisiis, 1845 

Contents : Evangelium cum variis versionis ItalicEe exempla- 
ribus collatum ; Epistolse ; De trinitate confessio. 

Eusebius Alex. Patr. Opera quse reperiri potuerunt omnia ; Vita ; Ser- 
mones. Patrol. Gr. Sti. 

Eusebius Emess. Episc. Opera quae reperiri potuerunt omnia: Prole- 
gomena; Sermones ; Fragmenta. Ihidem. 

Eustatbius Met. Metaphrasis Latina HexEemeri S. Basilii. Patrol. 

Lat. 53. 
Orationes, Epistolse ed. F. L. F. Tafel. 4to. Francof. 1832 

Eustatbius Episc. Ant. De Engastrlmytho contra Originem. Allocutio 
ad imp. Constantinum in concilio Nicaano ; Fragmenta varia ; 
Spuria. Patrol. Or. 18. 

Eustatbius Mon. Epistola de duabus natnris. Ihid. 80. 
Euthalius Diac. Elenchus Actuum Apostolorum — Epistolarum Catholi- 
carum — Epist, S. Pauli quatuordecim editio. Ihid. V. 85. 


Eutherius. Excerptum ; Epist. ad Sextum Papam. Patrol. Lot. 48. 

Eiithumios B. History of Greece (in mod. Gr.). 8vo. Vienna, 1807 

Eutropius. Historia miscellanea. Muratori Her. Ital. 1. 

Eutropius Epis. Val. Epistolse ad Petrnm Papam de octo vitiis, de dis- 
trictione Monachoruni. Patrol. Lot. 80. 

Eutyclies. Epistola ad S. Leonem I. Papam. Ihid. 54. , 

Eutycliianus Papa. Exhortatio ad Presbyteros ; Epistola et Decreta. 
lUd. 5. 

Eutjchius S. Const. Pat. Sermo et Epistola. Patrol. Gr. 86. 

Envoi de Hanteville. Histoire de Zenobia. 12mo. La Haye, 1T57 

Evagrius Schol. Historia Ecclesiastica ab anno 431, nsqne ad annum 
593. Patrol. Gr. 86. 

Evagrius Mon. Scitens. Capita practica, Sententiae spirituales ; Sen- 
tentise ad fratres. Ibid. 40. 

Evagrins Mon. Altercatio inter Theopliilum Christianum et Simonem 
Judfeum ; Sententise. Patrol. Lat. 20. 

Evans D. M. The Commercial Crisis, 1847-8. 8vo. London, 1849 

Evans F. "W. Compendium of the Origin, History, and Progress Of the 
United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing ; with 
Biography of Ann Lee. 12mo. New York, 1859 

Evans H. On the Local Advantages and Security of Holyhead Har- 
bour. ' 8vo. Liverpool, 1836 

Evans J. On the Demise of his late M. George HL 8vo. London, 1820 

Evans Jno. Beauties of North Wales. Brayley (& Britton, Beau- 
ties, etc. 

Evanthius et Donatus. De tragoedia et coraoedia. Thes. Ant. Gr. 8. 

Evantius Abbas. Epistola unica. Patrol. Lat. 88. 

Evaristius Papa. Epistola et Decreta. Patrol. Gr. 5. 

Evelyn J. Navigation and Commerce, their Original and Progress. 

Eeprint from the London Edition of 1674. 8vo. London, 1859 

Life of Mrs. Godolphin. ] 2mo. London, 1847 

Evening Post. See under New York City. 

Everest 0. W. The Poets of Connecticut. 8vo. N. T. 1847 

Same with Biog. Sketches, 6lh Ed. 8vo. N. T. 1860 

Everett A. H. America, or a General Survey of the Political Situ- 
ation of the Several Powers on the "Western Continent. 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1827 

Everett E. Orations and Speeches on Various Subjects. 

Vol. 3. Boston, 1859 

Oration at Plymouth, Dec. 24th, 1824. 8vo. Boston, 1825 

Address on the Second Centennial Anniversary of the Arrival 

of Gov. Winthrop at Charlestown, Mass. 8vo. Charlestown, 1830 

Address at his Inauguration as President of the University at 

Cambridge, April 30th, 1846. 8vo. Boston, 1846 

The Discovery and Colonization of America and Immigration 

to the United States. 8vo. i3oston, 1853 

Stabihty and Progress. Remarks in Faneuil Hall, July 4, 1853. 

8vo. Boston, 1853 

Address at the Inauguration of the Statue of D. Webster. 

8vo. Boston, 1869 
Every Man ; a Morality. Hawkins' 8 Eng. Drama, 1. 


Evidens designatio receptissimarum consuetudinum, ornamenta qnse- 
dam et insignia continens, magistratui et Academife Argenti- 
iiensi a majoribusrelicta. 12nio. Argentorati, 1606 

Ewbank T. Specimens of Ancient Oracular and Fighting Eolipiles. 

8vo. New York, 1845 

Catalogue of his Library. 8vo. Washington, 1856 

Thoughts on Matter and Force, or Marvels that Encompass us. 

12mo. N. y. 1858 

Cursory Thoughts on some Natural Phenomena. 8vo. 'N. York, 1863 

See Pacific Railroad Survey^ Y. 3. 
Ewen J. Argument before Judge Plogeboom as Keferee in the Action 
of the Delaware and Hudson Canal against the Penn. Coal Com- 
pany. 8vo. New York, 1863 
EwerF. C. Discourse on the National Crisis. 8vo. N. Y. 1861 
Examen critique du " Memoire sur I'dtat actuel de I'AUemagne." 

8vo. Jena, 1819 
Examen des principes les plus favorables anx progres de 1' Agriculture, 
des Manufactures et da Commerce en France, par L. D. B. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1815 
Examination into the Principles, Conduct, and Design of the Minister. 

8vo. London, 1T83 
Exchange (The). A Monthly Periodicah Nos. 5-11. 8vo. Lond. 1862-63 
Exeter. Tlie Ancient History and Description of the City of Exeter, 
compiled from the works of Hooker, Izacke, and others. 

8vo. Exeter, s. a. 
Exhibition of 1851. First Report of the- Commissioners. 4to. London, 1852 
Expeditions into the Yalley of the Amazons, 1539, 1540, 1639. Trans- 
lated and edited with Notes for the HakluytSoc. by 0. E. Mark- 
ham. 8vo. London, 1859 
Experiences sur Longitudes faites a la mer en 1767 et 1768 (par De- 

charnieres). 8vo. Paris, 1768 

Experimental American Housekeeper, or Domestic Cookery. 

12mo. New York, 1823 
Experimental Discoverie of Spanish Practices. 8vo. s. 1. 1823 

Exposition universelle de 1851 — ^Travaux de la Commission Fran9aise. 

11 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1851-56 

Extracts from a Plan of the English Commerce, being a Complete 
Prospect of the Trade of this Nation as well the Home Trade as 
the Foreign. Eeprint of the Ed. of 1730. 8vo. London, 1859 

Extracts from the Journal of a Mexican Tourist. 8vo. s. 1. 1835 

Extracts from the "Tracts for the Times," the "Lyra Apostolica," and 
other publications showing that to oppose ultra Protestantism is 
not to favour Popery. 8vo. London. 

Eybenius C. W. De ordiue equestri veterum Eomanorum. SaV 
lengre, 1. 

Eye A. v. Leben und Werken Albrecht Diirers. 8vo. Nordlingen, 1860 

Deutschland vor dreihundert Jahren in Leben und Kunst. 

Fol. Leipzig, 1857 

and Falke J. Gallery of Master-Pieces of the old German Wood 

Engravers, executed in fac-simile from the Original Prints. W ith 
Critical DescriptionB and Biographical Notices. Fol. London, 1858 


Eye A. v. Kimst und Leben der Vorzeit vora Beginn des Mitteklters 
bis zu Anfang des 19 Jahrhimderts in Skizzen nach Original 
Denkmalen. 3 vols. 4to. Niirnberg, 1859-62 

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8v'o. Paris, 1780 
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■ The Northmen in Cumberland and Westmoreland. 

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on the only Means of Salvation. 8vo. London, 1818 

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Scientific Yalue. 12mo. New York, 1859 

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Examen critique du Judaisme et du Mahometisme. 8vo. Paris, 1821 

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Few "Words in Support of 1S.0. 90 of the " Tracts for the Times," partly 

with reference to Mr. Wilson's Letter. 8vo. Oxford, 1841 

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ples anciens. 2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1856-57 

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wichtigsten Momenten statistisch dargestellt. 12mo. Gotha, 1860 

■ Ueber einen Spiegel, deutscher Leute und dessen stellung z. 

Sachsen u. Schwabenspiegel. 8vo. Wien, 1857 
Zur Genealogie der Handschriften des Schwabenspiegels. Wien 

Sitzungsb. Phil. Y. 39. 

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heits-briefs ; Die Ueberreste des deutschen Eeichs Archivs zu 
Pisa. Ihid. Y. 14, 23. 

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herausgegeben von J. H. Fichte u. K. F. A. Schelling. 

12mo. Stuttgart, 1856 
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Fieber F. X. Die Europaischen Hemiptera (Ehynchota Heteraptgra). 

Svo. Wien, 1860 

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'Wien Sitzimgsb. Phil. Y. 22. 

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dies. Old English Dramas, Y. 2. 

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Y. 3. 

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seo Britannico. 8vo. Lisboa, 1854 

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Edition. _ i vols. l2mo. Paris, 1860 

L'annee scientifigne et industrielle ou expose annuel des Travanx 

scientifiques des inventions et des principales applications de la 
science a I'industrie et anx arts qui ont attire I'attention publique 
en France et a I'etranger, 1857-1860. 5 vols. 12ino. Paris, 1857-1860 

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places of Decimals, natural numbers answering to all Logarithms 
from .00001 to .99999, etc. Second Edition. 8vo. London, 1851 

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1830-1860. 8vo. Paris, 1860 

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rition du Christianisme. M^m. Acad. Mor. N. S. Etrang. 1. 

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Fol. l^erlin, 1860 

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sitat zu Gottingen, 8vo. Gottingen, 1805 

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number of the best and oldest manuscripts, and illustrated with 
an introduction and life of the author by Turner Macan. 

4 vols. 8vo. Calcutta, 1829 

Fire-Arms and other "Weapons, Ammunition, and Accoutrements — Spe- 
cifications abridged. 12mo. London, 1859 

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schiclite des 17 u. 18 J. H. Wlanar Sitzungsb. Phil. 28, 34. 

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mobiles connujusqu'a ce jour. 4to. Mayence, 1804 

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3 vols. 8vo. Mannheim, 1854-60 

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Y. 7. 
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William Penn. Svo. Philadelphia, 1836 

• The Degradation of our Eepresentative System and its Eeform. 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1863 
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Fisher S. G. The Trial of the Constitution. Svo. Phil. 1862 

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12mo. JS^ew York, 1859 
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Svo. Albany, 1845-46 

On the American Currant Moth. Svo. Albany, 1848 

Catalogue of the Insects Collected and Arranged for the IS". Y. 

State Cabinet of Natural History. 8vo." Albany. 

Winter Insects in Nevr York. Svo. New York, 1847 

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Five Centuries of the English Language and Literature. 12mo. Leipzig, 1860 
Five Cotton States and New York. Svo. s. 1. 1861 

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Flagg E. See under U. States, JFinancial Documents. 
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ducta ad ann. 1371. Muratori Script. Per. Pal. v. XL 
Flanders G. T. Eeview of A. Hall's " Universalism against Itself." 

12mo. Zanesville, 1847 
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See Blondus. Flavius. 
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Claussen Processes. 8vo. London, 1852 

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Memoires sur les grands-jours d'Auvergne en 1665. 8vo. Paris,' 1856 

— ■ Letti-es Sorites au temps des troubles des Cevennes. Gimber 

S. 2, V. XL ' 

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phus. Camden Miscellany, Y. 1. 

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Bau-Construction. Yo\. Berlin, 1859-60 

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in Maximilians Museum zu Niirnberg. Fol. Niirnbero- 1856 

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physical, with quotations and references. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1S60 

Flemish Interiors. 12ino. London, s. a. 

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Fletcher P. Life and Poems. Chalmers's Eng. Poets, Y. 6. 

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prenant I'histoire du qninzieme siecle, avec Lidex. 

6 vols. 8vo. Paris, 18i0-44 
Exercitatio in Poesin universam et Hebrseornm potissimum. 

Vgolini, Y. 31. 

Sur les libertes de I'eglise gallicane. Leber. Diss. Y. 3. 

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candier. 2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1851 

Etudes revolutionnaires ; Saint Just et la Terreur. 12rno. Paris, 1853 

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I'Irlande et des possessions Anglaises. 2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1852 

Flint A. Physical Exploration and Diagnosis of Diseases affecting 

the Kespiratory Organs. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1856 

Floating Dry Dock. Sketch of the Plan of. _ _ 8vo. JST. Y. 1845 

Sectional Floating Dock combined with Basin and Railways. 

8vo. Washington, 1846 
Flodoardus. Opera omnia primum in iinum collecta, ace. J. P. Migne. 

E.6y. 8vo. Parisiis, 1853 
Contents : Historia Eemensis ; Annales ; Opuscula metrica. 

See also Ouisot Coll. Mem. France, Y. 5, 6. 
Flodorard. Yitse nonnullorum pontificum Eomanorum. Muratori] 

Script. Per. Ital. Y. 3, p. 2. 
Floquet A. Histoire du Parlement de Normandie. 

7 vols. 8vo. Eouen, 1840-42 
Flora Brasilise Merid. See Saint Hilaire A. de. 
Floi'al Magazine, comprising Figures and Descriptions of Popular 

Garden Flowers. Yol. L ed. by T. Moore ; Y. 2, 3, by H. H. 

Dombrain. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1861-63 

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per il anno 1808. 4to. Firenze, 1808 

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Nuovo Stradario della Oitta. 8vo. Firenze, 1838 

Nuovi regolamenti della Casa centrale di Eisparmi e depositi. 

Eoy. 8vo. Firenze, 1846 
Florida. Acts and Eesolutions of the General Assembly, Seventh Ses- 
sion, 1854-55. 8vo. Tallahassee, 1855 
Eeports of Oases Decided in the Supreme Court, by J. T. 

Archer. Yols. 2-6. 8vo. Tallahassee, 1848-56 

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missse; Opuscula ad versus Amalarium; Martj'rologium ; Sermo 
de predestinatione ; adversus Joannem Scotum ; Carmina varia ; 
Expositio in epistolas B. Pauli ; Appendix ; Capitula ex lege e 
canone collecta; Epistola in imperatriceni Judith. Patrol. 
Lat. 119. 

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M. Eoux. " 8vo. Paris, 1856 

Ontologie naturelle ou Etude philosophiqne des ^tres. 

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Memoire pour etablir que le royaume de France a et6 successif- 

hereditaire dans la premiere race ; Memoire historique sur le 

partage du royaume dans la premiere race ; Si les filles out ^te 

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Corrections of that Gentleman's Lucubrations on the Bagh o 
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of Six Thousand Ornamental Plants cultivated at Woburn Abbey. 

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chigie concesse agli ambasciatori esterni. Hid. V. 5. App. 
V. 5 & 9. 
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On the Duration of Futnre Punishment. 8vo. Boston, 1849 


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Foster, ed. by H. G. Bohn. Post 8vo. London, 1858 

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by Aboo Isma'ail Mohammed Bin Abd Allah, etc., edited by "W. 

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8vo. Paris, 1815 
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Fougeroux de CompigneuUes. Histoire des Duels anciens et modemes. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1835 
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I^ordens. 8vo. Berlin, 1829 

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The Sectional Controversy. , 8vo. New Yorkj 1863 


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■ Letter to the Electors of Westminster. 8vo. London, 1793 

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cations of Bell, Lancaster, etc. 8vo. London, 1808 
Fox and Hoyt's Quadrennial Register of the Methodist Episcopal 

Church, 1852-56. 12mo. Hartford, 1852 

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Police gen^rale du Eoyaume. Ibid. S. 2, Y. 3. 

Etat, comme elle estoit gouvernee, 1648 et 1649. INd. Y. 6. 

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S. 1, Y. 3,5,10; S. 2, Y. 2, 7, 9, 12. 

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— Code d'Instruction criminelle. 12mo. Paris, 1809 

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Fol. Paris, 1789 

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8vo. Paris, s. a. 

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Eecueil des lois, decrets, ordonnances, arrltes, etc., concernant 

le service des Ingenieurs au corps L des mines, dresse par M. 

Lame-Fleury. 8vo. Paris, 1856 

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Traits de Paix sign6 a Paris 30 Mai 1814. 8vo. Paris, 1814 

Denombfement quinquennial de la population de I'Empire, 1856. 

4to, Paris, 1857 

Considerations sur I'etat morale et politique de la France. 

8vo. Paris, 1815 

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2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1843-44 

■ Statistique, etc. Industrie. 4 vols. 4to. Paris, 1847-52 

Statistique, etc. Mouvement de la population, 1851-54. 

2 vols. 4to. Strasbourg, 1856-57 

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. Ministere du Commerce et des Travaux publiques, situation des 

Travaux, Dec. 31, 1835-46. 12 vols. 4to. Paris, 1836-37 
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des Mines, 1835-46. 11 vols. 4to. Paris, 1836-47 

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Legislative Proceedings : — 

Chambre des Pairs, Proces-verbaux des Seances, 1843-48. 

26 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1843-48 


France. Legislative Proceedings : — 

Impressions diverses, 1843^7. 20 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1843-47 

Chatnbre de Deputes, Proces-verbaux des Seances; Annexes, 
1847. 12 vols. 8vo. Annexes, 1847 

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Tables, 1852-69. ^ 8vo. Paris, 1859 

Repertoire des petitions adressees au Senat, 1852-59. 

8vo. Paris, 1860 
Documents historiqnes sur les Membres da premier grand Corps 
de I'Etat (Le Senat). Avec table alphabetique. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1861 
Corps Legislatif. Proces-verbaax des Seances, 1854-59. 

32 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1854-59 
" Proces-verbaux Annexes, 1854-59. 

6 vols. 4to. Paris, 1854-59 
" Comptes rendus des Seances. 

6 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1854-59 

Bulletin du Oomite de la Langue, de I'Histoire et des Arts de la 

France, 1852-56. 3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1854-57 

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" Cotes septentrionales. 3 vols. Fol. Paris, 1838-43 

Considerations sur la crise de Juillet 1830. 8vo. London, 1831 

Legislative, ministerielle, judiciaire et administrative sous les 

quatre Dynasties. 4 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1813 
'■ — Notes historiques sur la Bastille. 8vo. Paris, 1789 

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enfants de France ; remarques sur une medaille, etc. Leber. 
Diss. J. 19, 20. 

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premier. Michaud Coll. Mem. S. 1, V. 5. 

Melanges pour I'Histoire. Cimber Archiv. S. 1, Y. 23. 

Francis D. J. T. Change of Climate considered as a Remedy in Dys- 
peptic, Pulmonary, and other Chronic Affections, with an Ac- 
count of the most Eligible Places of Residence for Invalids in 
Spain, Portugal, etc., also on the Mineral Springs of the Pyre- 
nees, Vichy, and Aix-les-Bains. 12mo. London, 1853 

Francis J. W. Address before the N. Y. Horticultural Soc. Sep. 8, 

1829. 8vo. K York, 1830 

Cases of Morbid Anatomy. Trans. JF. T. Lit. and Phil. 


On the Mineral Waters of Avon. 8vo. N. Y. 1834 

Inaugural before the N. Y. Academy of Medicine, Feb. 2, 1848. 

8vo. New York, 1848 

Introductory to the Courses of Clinical Instruction at Bellevue 

Hospital. 8vo. New York, 1858 

Discourse on the 53d Anniversary of the N. Y. Hist. Soc. 

^,^^T ^ 8vo. New York, 1857 

Old New York. 12mo. New York, 1859 

• Reminiscences of S. L. Mitchill. ^ 8vo. New York, 1859 

Francis P. Speeches on the E. India Bill. 8vo. London, 1784 

— Eugenia, a Tragedy. 8vo. London^ 1852 

Francis S. W. "Water, a Medical Essay. 8vo. New York, 1861 

Francis V. M. Thesis on Hospital Hygiene. 8vo. New York, 1859 


Franclscus S. Assisiatis. Opera omnia cura et labore J. de la Haye. 

Fol. Pedebonti, 1739 
Contents: Epistolis ; Regnlse pro Fratribus minoribus; Ee- 

ffiilee Sanctimon. S. Clarge; Eegula Fratrum de Poenitentia; 

Collationes monasticse ; Officinm ijassionis Dorainicse ; Cantica; 

Apopbthegmata ; Colloquia ; Prophetiae ; Parabolse et Exempla ; 

Benedictiones ; Oracula et sententise communes ; Appendix 

opusculorum dubiorum. Vita a S. Bonaventura ; Testimonia. 
Franck A. D,e la certitude. •. 8vo. Paris, 1847 
Memoires sur la Kabale. M^m. Acad. So. Mor. Et-f-ang. N. S. 

Etudes Orientales. Svo. Paris, 1861 

FrancklinT. Matilda ; Earl of "Warwick; Tragedies. InchlalcCsMod. 

Th. V. 8, and BelVs Br. Theat/re, V. 17. 
Franco Abbas. De gratia Dei ; Epistolse. Patrol. Zat. 166. 
Francoeur L. B. Conrs de Mathematiques pures. 2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1837 
Frangipani A. Istoria dell' antichissima citta di Civita Veccbia. 

4to. Eoma, 1761 
Frank L. Histoire et Description de Tunis. 8vo. Paris, 1856 

Frankenheim M. L. Volkerkunde; Cbarakteristik und Physiologie 

der Yolker. 8vo. Breslau, 1852 

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II. p. 1, 2 ; III. p. 1 ; lY. p. 1. 5 vols. 4to. Frankfurt, 1809-19 

See Elder L. H. 
Franklin A. Histoire de la Bibliotbeque Mazarine depuis sa fondation 

jusqu'a n OS jours. 12mo. Paris, 1860 

Franklin B. Eeport by him and other Oommissioners charged with 

the Examination of the Animal Magnetism as now practised at 

Paris. Svo. London, 1785 

Correspondance inedite et secrete. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1817 

Essays. . 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1821 

La science de Bonhomrae Eichard ; Le Sifflet, etc. Melanges 

d'^conomie Politique, V. 1. 
Franklin Institute. See nnder Philadelphia. 
Franz J. FtLnf Inschriften imd fiinfStadte in Klein Asien. Eine Ab- 

handlung topographischen Inhaltes. 4to. Berlin, 1840 

Eraser L. Zoologica typica, or Figures of New and Eare Mammals 

and Birds. 4to. London, 1849 

Eraser "W. The Stirlings of Keir and their Family Papers. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1858 
Fraticelli P. J. II sistema mnemonico di M. Castilho succinctamente 

esposto. 18mo. Firenze, 1835 

Freculphus Episc. Chronica. Patrol. Lot. Y. 106. 

Fredegarius. Historia Francorum ; Chronicum. Ihid.Y.^1. 

Frederic YII. de Danemark. Sur la construction des Salles dites des 

Geants. Svo. Copenhague, 1857 

Freeman F. Africa's Redemption the Salvation of our Country. 

12mo. New York, 1852 

Free Masonry. L'ordre des F. Magons trahi ; Les F. Magons ecrases, 

2 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1745-47 
Les vrais Jugemens sur les F. Magons. 12mo. Brux. 1752 


Freemasonry. History of Free ]\Iasons. 12mo. London, 1754 

L'Etoile Flamboyante. See Tschoudy Baron. 

Les pins secrets mysteres devoiles. 8vo. Jerusalem, 1766 

Ahiman Eezon. or a Help to a Brother. 12mo. Belfast, 1782 

Origine de la M. Adrahirite. 18mo. Heliopolis, 1787 

Hermes ou Archives Magonniques. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1818 

On the Aim of the Order of F. M. 8vo. Albany, 1825 

The Escritoir, or Masonic Album. 4to. Albany, 1826 

The Morgan Investigator. 4to. Batavia, 1827 

Pr6cis historique de I'ordre dela F. M. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1829 

Proceedings of the Anti-M. Convention, Phil. 1830. 8vo. Phil. 1830 

Unmasked, or Minutes of a Trial in Penn. 12mo. Gettysburg, 1835 

Le parfait Ma9on. 12mo. s. 1. et s. a. 

Freer M. W. History of the Eeign of Henry IV. King of France and 

Xavarre. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1860 

Free Trade in Corn the Pieal Interest of the Landlord. 8vo. London, 1828 
Freher M. De Lupoduno. Herum Oerm. Script. 

Cecropistromachia antiqua,dnelligladiatorii scnlptura in sardo- 

nyche exposita ; De re monetaria veterum Eomanorum. Thes. 
Ant. Bom. Y. 9. 

Decisionum areopagiticarum silvnla. Thes. Ant. Or. Y. 5. 

Origines Palatinse. Fol. Heidelberg, 1612-13 

Freisleben 0. C. Uebersicht der Literatnr von der Mineralogie, Berg 

und Hiittenkunde vom J. 1800 bis 1815. 12mo. Freyberg, 1816 

Freinel J. Chymical Lectures ; in which the Operations of Chymistry 

are reduced to their true principles. 12mo. London, 1737 

De Febribus Commentarii. ito. Londini, 1717 

Frelinghuysen T. Addresses at his Inauguration as President of Rut- 
gers College, New Brunswick, I^. J. Svo. New Brunswick, 1850 

Oration at the Funeral Obsequies of Pres. Harrison. Svo. N. T. 1841 

Fremaux D.- Eecueil de Eecherches et d'Observations pratiques sur 
le Cholera-Morbus et sur la Mortalite prematur^e sous le Rap- 
jjort medical, et dans les diverses Epidemics qui ont lieu depuis 
1830. 8vo. Paris, 1860 

Fremont J. B. The Stoiy of the Guard. A Chronicle of the "War. 

16mo. Boston, 1863 
French B. F. History of the Kise and Progress of the Iron Trade of 
the U. S. 1621-1857. With numerous Statistical Tables, relat- 
ing to the Manufacture, Exportation, and Prices of Iron for more 
than a Century. Svo. New York, 1858 

French F. Are the Government intitled to the Support of the Irish 

Liberal Members at the present crisis? Svo. London, 1830 

French Emigrants, Yindication of, against the Defamatory Proclama- 
tion of Bonaparte. Svo. London, 1803 
French Eevolution ; Eoyal Memoirs (by the Duchess of Angoul^me 

and Louis XYIIL). Svo. London, 1823 

French Spoliations. Claims of Indemnity from the TJ. S. of Sundry 

American Citizens. Svo. Washington, 1836 

French and English Phrase-Book. 12mo. London, 1856 

Frere E. Manuel du Bibliographe Normand. Svo. Eouen, 1858 

Frere J. H. A Combined View of the Prophecies of Daniel, Ezra, and 

Saint John. Svo. London, 1826 


Freret M. Sur le nom de Merovingien ; Sur I'origine des Fran5ais ; 
Sur l'6poque d' etablissemeat des Francs dans les Gaulea. Leber 
Diss. V. 12. 
Sur la Cause de la Condamnation de Socrate. Acad. Inscript. 

S. 1, V. 49. 

Freseniiis 0. B. Anleltung zur Qnalitativen chemischer Analyse. Mit 

einem vorwort von J. Liebig ; zehnte Auflage. 

8vo. Braunschweig, 1860 
Fr^ville E. de. IMemoire sur le Commerce maritime de Eouen depuis 

les temps les plus reculfe jusqu'a la fin du XVIe Siecle. 

2 vols. Svo. Eouen, 1857 
Frey A. ATrue and Authentic Account of, and of his Coming among] 

the Moravians. Svo. London, 1754 

Fricke. Art of Modulating, revised by Sperati. ito. London, s. a. 

Fridigodus Mon. Vita metrica S. Wilfridi episcopi Eboracensis. Poj- 

trol. Lat. 133. 
Friderich I. Bruchstiick iiber sein. Kreuzzug, herausg. von Eeiffen- 

berg. "8vo. Stuttgart, 1844 

Fridriksson II. E. Islenzkar Ejettritunar Eeglur. 8vo. Eeikjavik, 1859 

Friederichs E. Die Philostratischen Bilder Ein Beitrag zur Charak- 

terisk der alten Kunst. Svo. Erlangen, 1860 

Friedreich T. B. Geschichte des Eathsels. Svo. Dresden, 1860 

Frier Bacon. The Famous Historic of Fryer Bacon, very Pleasant and 

Delightful to be Eead. Eeprint from an early London Edition. 

ThorrCs Early Romances, V. 1. 
Frier Eush. The Hisiorie of Frier Eush, full of Pleasant Mirth and 

Delight. Eeprint from Lond. edit, of 1620. Thomas Early Ro- 

mances., Y. 1. 

Friefes de Colonna 0. Histoire et description de la Corse. 8vo. Paris, 1854 
Friis J. A Lappisk Grammatik. Svo. Cliristiauia, 1856 

Frith J. See Tyndale W. ■ 
Fritsch K. Thermische Constanten fiir die Bliithe von 889 Pflanze- 

narten. Wien Akad. Math. Th. V. 1. 
Frodoard Can. Plist. de'l'Eglise de Eheims ; Chronique 857-978. 

Guizot Coll. Hist. France, 5, 6. 
Froehel J. Travels in Central America, N. Mexico, and the far West] 

of the TJ. S. 8vo. London, 1859 

Froelich E. A. Slawischer Sprachen, anleitung zur Erlernung. 

4to. Wien, 1847 
Fromberg E. O. Painting on Glass. Weale Q. Papers on Arch. V. 4. 
Frontinus S. J. De solertibus ducum factis et dictis. See Vegetius ed. 

Frosch PL (Pseud.) Die Wasserkur in Grafenberg. 12mo. Wien, 1854 

Frothingham N. L The New Idolatry, a Sermon. Svo. Boston, 1840 

Froude J. A. History of England. 6 vols. Svo. London, 1860 

Froumundus Coenob. Epistolse, Poematica. Patrol. Lat. 87. 

Froussard 0. Sulle Comete e intorno agli Abitatori del Sole e de' Pia- 

neti. 8vo. Lucca, 1844 

. S. Pombal e Card. Eichelieu. Svo. Lucca, 1839 

, . Eeplica intorno ad alcuni articoli criticati, etc. Svo. Lucca, 1847 


Fructuosns. Regula monacliorum ; Regula monastica communis ; 

Carmina. Patrol. Lot. 87. 
Frusta (La) del Diavolo ossia il Castigo naticale. 8vo. s. 1. 1785 

Der Flagellantismus nnd die Jesuitenbeiche. 12mo. Leipzig, 1834 

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Zusainmenhange mit den Erscheinungen des Erd-Magnetismus, 

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^. , , ^, .,„.,, 8vo. St. Petersbourg, 1843 
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Mallikolo, Mar6, Lil'u, Bauro, Guadalcanar und die Duaru 
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Discorso intorno alle cose clie stanno in su I'acqua. RacooUa 

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■ 12mo. Paris, 1860 
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8vo. Kjdbenhavn, 1861 


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dates, being a brief Historical Sketch of the Free Soil Question 
in the U. S., from the Congresses of 1774 and 1787 to the present 
time. 8vo. New York, 1848 

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Eloquence, an Address to the Phi Beta Kappa Society. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1834 
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Institutions of International Law Public and Private, as settled 

by the Supreme Court of the U. S. 8vo. New York, 1860 

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— Facts and Law of the Case of the Ship Harvey Birch. 

8vo. New York, 1862 
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Toscane. ' 8vo. Paris, 1839 

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Contents: Gregorianum, hoe est allegoricse rerum in Bibliis 
contentarum explanationes promptse ex Gregorii Pap^ scriptis. 
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On the Language and Dialects of the British Islands. PMlol. 

Proceedings., Y. 1. 
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qnisereleve. 8^0. Pans, 1861 

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^ " 12ino. New York, 1861 

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the Supernatural in General, and Spirits, tr. by E. W. Kobert. 

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Hal 17. 
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Dieppe. 8vo. Paris, 1837 

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Jesu ; Yita S. Bernardi ; Sermo ; Libellus ; Epistolse. Patrol. 

Lat. 184. 
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Gaufridus Grossus Mon. Yita S. Bernardi. Ihid. Y. 172. 
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Directions for Sailing along the Kays. 4to. London, 1796 

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2 vols. 8vo. Geneve, 1855-56 
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■ Les trois Eome, Journal d'un voyage en Italic. 

4 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1856-57 

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und Schumacher H. 0. Briefwechsel. 8vo. Altona, 1860 

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V. 5. 

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CEuvres nonvelles. 8 vols. Fol. Paris, s. a. 

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The Frauds of Eornan Monks and Priests. 12mo. London, 1821 

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phuric Ether. 8vo. Boston, 1847 
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Gazata S. et P. Ohronicon Eegiense, 1272-1388. Murafori Rer. 

Ital. 18. 
Gazette des Beaux Arts, 1859-1863. 15 vols. roy. 8vo.' Paris, 1859-63 

Gazette Hebdomadaire, cont'd to 1860. 
Gazette medicale, cont'd to 1863. 
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nehmsten Europaischen Keiche und Staaten. 4to. Leipzig, 1738 

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doctissimum emendavit. Fol. Norimbergse, 1534 

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12mo. Philadelphia, 1863 
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Extraits des MSS. coneernant I'histoire de France conserves 

dans les biblioth^ques des Etats Scand. Archives des Miss. 4. 
Gegensatze und Kampfe der deutschen u. der danischen Sprache im 

Schleswig, historisch dargestellt. 8vo. Leipzig, 1857 

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8vo. Breslau, 1845 
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Eibbing. 8vo. Stockholm, 1856 

Samlade Dikter. 12mo. Stockholm, 1837 

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birges von Sachsen. 4to. Leipzig, 1848 

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Gelasius Papa I. Epistolse et Decreta. Patrol. Lat. 59. 
Gelasius Papa XL Epistolae et Pi-ivilegia. JTbid. Y. 163. 

Gell Sir "W. Pompeiana; the Topography, Edifices, and Ornaments of 
Pompeii, the result of excavations since 1819. 

2 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1832 
Gelli G. B. Opere. 12mo. Firenze, 1855 

Contents: Delia vita e delle opere; Bibliogratia delle opere ; 
La Circe ; I capricci del bottajo ; Ragionamento sulla lingua ; 
Commedie ; Lettere ; Poesie. 

Gems. Table of Gems of the First and Second Order. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1793 


Genei-atTh. ttnde g6ographiqne et etbnographique surles pen pies 
qui avoisinaient le conrs inferienr du Rhone et de la Durance, 
avant la conqngte de la Gaule par les Eomains, et Eecherches sur 
les villes de Vindalium et Aeria et sur le passage du Rhone par 
Hannibal. 8vo. Pans, 1860 

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]S[-otes. 2 vols. roy. 8vo. London, 1842 

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d'Archeologie de Geneve. ^ 5 vols. 8vo. Geneve, 1841-47 

Memoires de I'lnstitut national Genevois. 

4 vols. 4to. Geneve, 1854-5T 

Memorial des Stances du grand conseil. 2 vols. 8vo. Geneve, 1848-49 

Genie Industriel. 6 vols. 4to. Paris, 1855^62 

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Observations critiques pour servir a I'histoire de la litterature 

du XIXe Siecle. 8vo. Paris, 1811 

L'influence des femmes sur la litterature Fran?. 8vo. Paris, 1811 

Histoire de Henri le Grand. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1815 

Yie penitente de Mad. de la Yalliere. 12mo. Paris, 1816 

Les tableaux de M. le conite de Forbin, ou la mort de Pline 

I'ancien etines de Castro. 8vo. Paris, 1817 

Dictionnaire des Etiquettes de la Cour. ^ vols. 8vo. Paris, 1818 

Le Si^ge de la Rochelle. 2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1818 

Los Chevaliers du Cygne. 3 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1818 

Petrarque et Laure. 2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1825 

Memoires inedits. 10 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1825 

Theatre de Society. 2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1826 

Le Chef du Mont. Yols. 1, 3, 4. 12mo. Paris, 1828 

Theatre d'Education. 6 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1829 

Les Yeillees du Chateau. 2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1844 

Gennadius Presb. De ecclesiasticis dogmatibus ; De scriptoribus 

ecclesiasticis. PatTol. Lot. 58. 
Genoa. Nouvelle description de G^nes. 12mo. G^nes, 1819 

L'Indicatore ossia Guida per la citta. 12mo. Genova, 1835 

Piccola guida de Genova. 12mo. Genova, 1846 

Riflessioni sulla grandezza e decadenza della repubblica di Ge- 
nova. 12mo. Genove. 
Conqu^te de Gennes 1507. Ciinher Archiv. S. 1, Y. 2. 

Genoude A. E. de. La divinite de Jesus-Christ. 2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1842 
Gent T. History of the Loyal Town of Rippon. 8 vo. York, 1732 

Life, written by himself. 8vo. London, 1832 

Genth F. A. and Gibbs O. W. On the Ammonia Cobalt Bases. Smith- 
sonian Cont. Y. 8. 
Gen tills S. De Jure publico Populi Eomani. Polenus Supp. Y. 1. 
Geoffrey Saint-Hilaire J. G. Histoire generale des Regnes Organiques, 
principalement etudiee chez I'homme et les animaux. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1854-59 

Yie, travaux et doctrine scientifique par son fils. 12mo. Paris, 1847 

Geography in the Hawaiian Language. 12mo. Oahu, 1836 

Geological Surveys, Reports. See under Ccmada, N. Sampshire, W. 
Jersey, Wisconsin. 


Geometrical Analysis of the Ancients. 8vo. Canterbury, 1774 

Geometry, Plane and Spherical. Lib. Useful Knowledge. 8 vo. London, 1830 
George IL and Q. Caroline. Coronation Ceremonies. 4:to. London, 1727 
George IIL Another Sketch of his Eeign. 8vo. Dublin, 1791 

George TV. when P. of "Wales. Admonitory Letter on the Subject of 

the late Delicate Inquiry. 8vo. London, 1806 

Two Words of Counsel and One of Comfort to. 8vo. London, 1795 

Review of his Conduct by N. Jeffery ; Jeffery's Eefiited ; Dia- 
mond cut Diamond — Observations on the preceding ; Complete 
Yindication of the Prince relative to his Creditors ; Antidote to 
Poison, a Full Reply to Jeffery ; The Patriot's Review of Jet- 
fery's Pamphlet. 8vo. Pamphlets, 1806 
George A. Memoirs of the Queens of Spain from the period of the Con- 
quest of the Goths to the Accession of Isabella II. 

2 vols. 12mo. London, 1860 
George D. Lecture on Dental Surgery. 8vo. London, 1850 

George a Green. History of George a Green pindar of Wakefield. 
Reprint from Lond. Ed. of 1706. ThorrCs Early Romances, 2. 

A Comedy founded on the above. Dodsley's Old Plays, 3. 

Georgia A. A New Voyage to Georgia by a Young Gentleman, giving 
an Account of his Travels, and a Poem to J. Oglethorpe. 

12mo. London, 1735 
Georgius Acropolita. Annales recognovit Bekker. 8vo. Bonnse, 1836 

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Lat. 147. 
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12 mo. Paris, 1846 
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Koonawur Yocabulary. Journal Asiat. Soc. Bengal, XL p. 1. 

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trol. Lat. 142. 
Gerardus II. Camb. Epis. Notitia historica; Charta. Ibid. 150. 
Gerardus Ith. Prior. Yita S. Stephani de Mureto. Ibid. 204. 
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Gerbellas IST. In Grsecise Sophiani descriptionem explicatio. Thes. 

Ant. Graeo. Y. 4, p. 1. 
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4 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1812-14 
Gerdy P. N. Physiologie philosophique des sensations et de I'intelli- 

gence. 8vo. Paris, 1846 

- Traits des Bandages et Appareils de Pansement. 8vo. Paris, 1826 

GerebtzoffN. D. Essai sur Thistoire de la civilisation en Russie. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1858 

Gerhard E. Notice sur I'Institut de correspondance arch6ologique. 

8vo. Rome, 1840' 

IJeber die Metallspiegel der Etrusker. Berlin. Acad. Abhandl. 

1836 u. 1839. 


Gerhard E. Ueber Orpheus und die Orphiker. Ihid. 1861.' 

Ueber den Bilder Kreis v. Eleusis. Ibid, 1862. 

Gerhohus Praep. Opera omnia ace. J. P. Migne. 

2 vols. roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1854-55 
Contents : Epistolae ; Oomm. in Psalmos ; Expositio in Psal- 
mos, in canticum Esaise, Ezechiss, Moysis, Habacui ; De gloria 
et honore lilii hominis ; contra duos hsereses ; De sediiicio Dei ; 
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_ key. 6 vols. 12mo. Wien, 1791-92 

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-^ Eisposta all' uno de' raccoglitori delle Poesie estemporane. 

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See also Pacific It. H. Survey Suppl. V. 1. 

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Se6 also Genth F. A. 

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et I'Etymologie de leur nom ; Examen des difierens sentimens 
sur I'epoque de I'^tablissement fixe des Francs dans les Gaules ; 
Sur les cours qui exercaient la justice souveraine sous la Ire et 
2e race. Leber, 1,2, 6. 

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Pennsylvania. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1846 

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, as Determined by Actual Observation on Lake Ontario. 

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History of Banking in America, with an Inquiry how far the 

Banking Institutions of America are adapted to this Country. 

8vo. London, 1837 

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. Same. New Edition. 2 vols. Svo. London, 1856 

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Law and Practice of Ejectments. 8vo. London, 1741 


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vaux de marbrerie, monuments fun^raires, cheminees, antels, 
fonts baptismaux, etc. 4:to. Paris, 1860 

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ships, etc., at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. 

12mo. London, 1829 

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Leben und Schriften. 8vo. Gotha, 1857 

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Original Lives of Anglo-Saxons who Lived before the Conquest. 

8vo. London, 1854 

Harmony of the Chroniclers during the Life of K. Alfred ; De- 
scription of K. Alfred's Jewels. King AlfrecPs Works. 

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culaire. 8vo. Paris, 1813 

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Lat. 150. 

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12mo. Edinburgh, 1854 

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logic du sentiment. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, s. a. 

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near Olmo, Peru. Smithsonian Gontrihutions, v. XL 
See under United States, Meteorological Observations. 

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Pulaski, Georgia, March and April, 1862. Illustrated by Maps 
and Engravings. 8vo. New York, 1862 

Practical Treatise on Limes, Hydraulic Cements and Mortars. 

8vo. JSTew York, 1858 

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S. 1, V. 46. 

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Sept. 7, 1859, of the Settlement of Norwich, Conn. 8vo. Boston, 1859 

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8vo. Boston, 1852 

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ischen Briider ; Ueber des Johann Amos Coraenius Leben und 
"Wirksamkeit in der Fremde ; Beitrage zur Geschichte der Zeit 
Kaiser Rudolf II. ; Beitrage zur Geschichte des dreissigen Jahr- 
igen Krieges. Wiener Acad. Seitzunqsb. Phil. Th. Y. 13, 15, 
18, 31. 

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8vo. Milano, 1832 
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iutions, V. 3. 
See Pacific H. M. Survey, V. 3. 

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Girardin Emile de. La Guerre. Svo. Paris, 1859 

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mains. M"em. Acad. So. Mor. N. S. 5. 

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Precis des Journees de 15, 16, 17, IS Juin, 1815. 8vo. Paris, 1815 

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ihre Wanderungen in raythischer Zeit. Svo. Leipzig, 1858 

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af Oldnordisksprog og Literatur. Svo. Kjobenhavn, 1858 

Oldnordiske Formlaehre. 12mo. Kjobenhavn, 1858 

See Sagan af Helja. 
Gislebert Abbas West. Disputatio Judaici cum Christiano de fide 

Christiana. Patrol. Lot. 159. 
Giucci G. Notizie Biografiche. 2 vols. Svo. ISTapoli, 1845 

Giulj G. Saggio di Mineralogia della Toscana. 12mo. Bologna, 1843 

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Gladstone J. On the Intended Eepeal of the Corn Laws. Svo. Lond. 1846 
Gladstone W. E. Speech on Negro Apprenticeship. Svo. London, 1838 

Letters to the Earl of Aberdeen on the State Prosecutions of the 

JSTeapolitan Government. Svo. JSTew York, 1851 

■ Studies on Homer and the Homeric Age. 3 vols. Svo. Oxford, 1858 

Glajre et Walsh. Encyclopedic catholique, Eepertoire universel des 
Sciences, des Lettres, avec supplement par Ohantrel et Orse. 

20 vols. 4to. Paris, 1840-48 
Glanville Bartholomew, or Bartolomseus de Glanvilla. De Proprieta- 

tibus Eerum. ^ Fol. 

" A volume," says Dibdin, in his Edition of Ames, " of extra- 
ordinary typographical beauty and rarity." It is a translation 
of the Latin original made in the Fourteenth Century by Tre- 
visa, and printed by Wynkyn de Worde between 1490 and 1600, 
and " is perhaps," says the same author, " the most magnificent 
publication, which ever issued from his press." The paper on 
which it is printed was the first ever made in England, as ap- 
pears from the eighth stanza of the concluding verses. 

Libro del Proprietatib us Eerum traslado de Latin enEomance 

(Spanish). Fol. Toledo, 1529 

Glanville E. de. Translation of by J. Beames, to which are added notes. 

Svo. London, 1812 
Glasgow Asylum for the Blind. Statements of the Education, Employ- 
ments, and Internal Arrangements adopted at the Asylum. 

Svo. Glasgow, 1846 


Gleam of Comfort to this distracted Empire, Demonstrating the Fair- 
ness of Na-tional Confidence in the Ministry. 8vo. London, 1785 

Gleanings of Literature. 8vo. Dublin, 1803 

Glenny G. Handbook of Practical Gardening. 12mo. London, s. a. 

Gliddon G. E. Appeal to the Antiquaries of Europe on the Destruction 

of the Monuments of Egypt. 8vo. London, 1841 

Memoir on the Cotton of Egypt. 8vo. London, 1841 

Handbook to the Panorama of the Nile. 8vo. London, 1849 

Glinka S. Eussian Selections (in Eussian). 2 vols. 8vo. St. Petersb. 1845 

Glocken E. F. Geognostische Beschreibung d. Preuss. Oberlausitz. 

8to. Gorlitz, 1857 

Glover E. Boadicea, Medea — Tragedies. BelVs Br. TTieat. 2, 6. 

Gluckowski J. B. La Pologne dans ses anciennes limites et I'empire 

des Eussies en 1836. 8vo. Paris, 1836 

Gluck C. W. Die Bisthiimer ISToricum zur Zeit des Eom. Herrschaft. 
Wien Sitzungsb. Phil. 17. 

Gluck S. Clinical Lectures on some of the Principal Diseases of the 

Eye — Cataract Chloroiditis Glaucoma. 8vo. New York, 1854-55 

Godard L. Description et Histoire du Maroc comprenant la Geogra- 
phic et la Statistique de ce Pays, d'apres les renseignements les 
plus r^cents etle tableau du E^gne des souverains qui I'ont gou- 
verne depuis les temps les plus anciens jusqu'a la Paix de Te- 
touan en 1860. Avec une carte g^nerale du Maroc. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1860 

Goddard P. B. The Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology of the Hu- 
man Teeth. 4to. Philadelphia, 1844 

Goddard W. G. Memoir of the Eev. J. Manning, First Pres. of Brown 

University. 8vo. Boston, 1839 

Godefridus Mon. Triumphus S. Eemacli. Pal/rol. Lot. 149. 

GodefridusBuUoniusHierosol.Eex. EpistolseetDiplomata; Monumenta 
de bello sacro. Patrol. Lot. 155. 
See under Belgium, Collection de Chroniques, No. 7. 

Godefridus Abbas Admont. Opera omnia ed. B. Pezius, ace. J. P. 

Migne. Eoy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1854 

Contents : Homilise ; Festivales ; De benedictionibus Patri- 
archse Jacob ; De X. oneribus Isaise. 

Godefridus Yiter. Pantheon sive memoria sseculorum. Patrol. 
Lat. 198. 

Godehardus S. Episc. Vita ; Epistolse. Hid. 141. 

Godius A. Chronica quae extant, 1194-1260. Thes. Ant. Italim, VL 
p. 1. 

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Forschung. 8vo. Stuttgart, 1858 

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Goeppert H. E. Der Bernstem Baum, etc. See Berendt O. O. Die 
im Bernstein,. 

Gorges F. Sanct Blasius Dom zu Braunschweig, 8vo. Brauns. 1815 

Goring C. E. K. Philipp Melanchthon's Leben und Wirken im Frao-en 

und Antworten. 12mo. Nuremberg, 1861 

Gorlitz. Abhandlungen der naturforschenden Gesellschaft zu Gorlitz. 

Yds. 1-6, 8-12, 11 vols. 8vo. Gorlitz, 1827-1863 


Goetlials A. Chronica Monasterii S. Andrese. Societe d'emulation de 

la Elandre. 4to. Gandavi, 1844 

Goethals F. v. Histoire des lettres, des sciences et des arts en Bel- 

gique. 4 vols. 8vo. Bruxelles, 1840-44 

Goethe J. W. von. Faust, a Traged^y, with copious Notes, Gramma- 
tical, Philological, and Exegeti'cal, by F. Lebahn. 8vo. London, 1853 

Faust eine Tragodie mit Zeichnungen von E. Seibertz. 

Fol. Stuttgart, 1854 

Hermann et Doroth^e trad, par Bitaube. GEuvres de Bitauie, 9. 

— ■ Hermann and Dorothea tr. by H. Dale. 12mo. Dresden, 1859 

Stella, a Drama, tr. by B. Thompson. 12mo. Loudon, 1806 

Briefwechsel des Grossherzogs Carl August, 1Y75-1828. 

2 vols. 8vo. Weimar, 1863 
Goetz F. Einige Poesie Blatter. 8vo. Mannheim, 1857 

Geliebte Schatten. Bildnisse u. Autographen von Klopstock, 

Wieland, Lessing, Schiller, Goethe, etc. 4to. Mannheim, 1858 

Goffe "W". Plan for Seizing and Carrying off Col. W. Goffe the Eegi- 

cide. Eeprint. 12mo. Albany, 1855 

Goffridus Abbas Viud. Opera omnia, ace. J. P. Migne. 

Eoy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1854 
Contents : Epistolse ; Opuscula ; Sermones, De ordinatione 
episcoporum et investitura laicorum. 
Gogol JST. Select Passages from a Correspondence with Yarious Per- 
sons (in Eussian). 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1847 

Sketch of Eome (in Eussian). 8vo. 

Gogu^ A. Les secrets de la cuisine Frangaise. 12mo. Paris, 1856 

Gold Pen. Poems. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1856 

Golden Sands of Mexico, a Tale. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1850 

Goldenthal J. Grundziige und Beitrage zu einem sprachvergleich- 
enden rabbinisch-philosophischeu "Worterbuch. Wien AJcad. 
Ahhandl. Phil. 1. 

Eieti u. Martini oder Dante u. Ovid in Hebraischen Kleidung. 

Die neueste historische Schule in der Jiidischen Literatnr. Wien 
Sitzungsb. Phil. 7, 9. 
Goldschmidt L Der Oldenburger in Sprache und Sprichwort. Skizzen 

aus dem Leben. 12mo. Oldenburg, 1847 

Goldsmid F. H. On the Enfranchisement of the Jews. 8vo. London, 1831 
Goldsmith L. The Crimes of Cabinets. 8vo. London, 1801 

Golovine L La Eussie depuis Alexandre. 12mo. Leipzig, 1859 

Progres en Eussie pour faire suite a la Eussie depuis Alexandre 

le bien intentionne. 12mo. Paris, 1859 

Ephemerides Eusses. 12mo. Leipzig, 1860 

La Pologne et la Eussie. 12mo. Leipzig, 1860 

Les Alliances de la Eussie. 12mo. Leipzig, 1861 

Goltz B. Zur Physiognomie u. Oharakteristik des Volkes. 

12mo. Berlin, 1859 

Zur Oharakteristik und ISTaturgeschichte der Frauen. 

12mo. Berlin, 1859 

Die Deutschen — ^Ethnographische Studie. 2 vols. 12mo. Berlin, 1860 

Gomara F. Lopez de. Historia de Mexico, con el descubrimieuto de 
la nueva Espafia conquistada por Don Fernando Cortes. 

12mo. Anvers, 1554 


Gomecius A. De rebus gestis a Fr. Ximenio Cisnerio. Rer. Sisf. 

Script. V. 3. 
Gonial ves Dias A. Diccionario da lingua Tupy, chamada lingua geral 

dos Indigenas do Brazil. 12mo. Lipsise, 1858 

Goncourt E. & J. "Watteau. Etude contenant quatre dessius graves a 

I'eau-fort. ' 4to. Paris, 1860 

Histoire de Marie Antoinette. 8vo. Paris, 1858 

Gondret L. F. Traite th^orique et pratique de la derivation contre les 

Affections les plus communes. 8vo. Paris, 1837 

Gonsalves da Fonseea. See under Portugal. 
Gonzales de Olavijo K. Embassy to the Court of Timour, 1403-6. 

Translated and edited for the Hakluyt Soc. by 0. E. Markham. 

8vo. London, 1860 

Gonzague L. de. Des causes et des raisons de la prise des armes Janv. 

1589. Cirnher, S. 1, v. 13. 
Good Tidings, a Tract in the Sanscrit. 16mo. Bombay, 1848 

Goode F. The Better Covenant. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1856 

Goode W. The Doctrine of the Church of England as to the Eflects of 

Baptism in the Case of Infants. 8vo. New York, 1850 

■ The Nature of Christ's Presence in the Eucharist, or the True 

Doctrine of the Eeal Presence Yindicated. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1856 

Goodrich C. E. On the Diseases of the Grape and the Sugar Cane. 8vo. 

Goodwin T. A Latin-English and English-Latin Dictionary. 

2 vols. 12mo. London, 1855 

Goquelet F. de. Sur le voyage de Louis XYL a Yarennes. 8vo. Paris, 1823 

Gordon Lord G. Trial of. 8vo. London, 1788 

Gordon G. and Glendinning E. The Pinetnm ; being a Synopsis of all 
the Coniferous Plants at present known, with Descriptions, His- 
tory, and Synonymes, comprising nearly one hundred new kinds. 

8vo. London, 1858 

Gordon of Lochinvar. Encouragements for Such as shall have Intention 
to be Undertakers in the New Plantation of Cape Breton now 
New Galloway in America. Eeprint of the 4to. Edinburg, 1625 

Gordon Mary. Christopher North, a Memorial of John "Wilson. 

12mo. New York, 1863 
Gordon W. A. Compilation of the Eegister of the Army of the U. S. 

from 1815 to 1837. 8vo. Washington, 1837 

Gore Mrs. A Life Lesson — Heckington — ^The Two Aristocracies. 

6 vols. 12mo. Leipzig, 1857-8 
Gorelli A. Poema de rebus gestis in civitate Aretina. Muratori Her. 
Ital. Y. 15. 

Gorgias Leontinus. See Oratores Attioi ed. BeTcher, Y. 5. 

Gori A. F. Descriptio Columbarii Libertorum et Servorum LiviaB Au- 
gustse et Caesarum Eomse detecti in Yia Appia, viginti Eere 
incisis tabulis illustrati. Adjectis notis A. M. Salvini. Polenus, 
Y. 3, p. 1. ' 

Gori da Senelonga. Istoria della citta di Chiusi, 936-1495. TartinL 
Y. 11. • ' 

Gorup-Besanez E. F. v. Lehrbuch der Chemie. 

2 vols. Bvo. Braunschweig, 1859 


Goscelinns Mon, Yita S. Augustini, Anglor. Apost. Patrol. Lot. 80. 

Historia tratislationis S. Aiigustini ; Vita S. Swithuni, Ivonis, 

Wereburgse, Eadgitlije. ITiid. V. 155. 

Gosse L. A. Examen dn Projet de Loi sur les Prisons. 8vo. Geneve, 1840 
De la Peste en Grece 1827 et 1828. 8yo. Paris, 1838 

Gosse P. H. Handbook to the Marine Aquarium. 12mo. London, 1856 

■ Omphalos : an Attempt to Untie the Geol. Knot. 12mo. Lond. 185Y 

■ Actinologia Britannica. A History of the British Sea-Ane- 
mones and Corals, with Coloured Figures of the Species and Va- 
rieties. 8vo. London, 1860 

Evenings at the Microscope, or Researches among the Minuter 

Organs and Forms of Animal Life. 12nio. New York, 1860 

Gotha Almanac, cont'd to 1864. 

Gotliaischer Hof Kalendar. See Almanac de Gotha. 

Gothisches Muste'rbuch, herausg. von Statz und TJngewitter. 

Fol. Leipzig, 1856 
Gottenburg Folgeslagare i Gotheborgs Naturhistoriska Museum, utar- 

betad af A. W. Malm. 8vo. Gotheborg, 1851 

Gotteschalcus Mon. Confepsio fidei ; Fraguienta de prsedestinatione ; 
Epistola metrica ad Eatramnura. Patrol. Lat. 121. 

Gottgetreu R. Praktische perspective. Fol. Miinchen, 1856 

Gottingen, Geschichte und Beschreibung der Stadt. 12mo. Berlin, 1801 

Gottingen. Abliandlungen der K. Gesellschaft der "Wissenschaften. 

V. 8-11. 
Gottlieb J. Lehrbiich der pharmaceutischen Chemie mit besonderer 
Beriicksichtigung der Oesterr. Preuss. u. Sachsisclien Pharma- 
kopoen. 2 vols. 8vo. Berlin, 1858-59 

Gottlund C. A. Fdrsok alt fdrklara de Finska Stamorden Uppkonst. 

8vo. Helsingfors, 1855 
Gottsched J. C. Gedichte; Zweite Aufl. 2 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1751 

Nouvelle Grammaire AUemande. 8vo. Strasbourg, 1757 

Goudeliii P. Las Obros ; augmentados noubelomen de fores Perros 

ambele Dictionnaire sur la Lengo Moundino. 12mo. Toulouso, 1713 
Gouget Abbd De I'^tat des sciences en France depuis la mort de Char- 
lemagne jusqu'a celle du Roi Robert. Leber, 14. 
Gould A. A. See Pacific Railroad Sv/rvey^ 5. 
Gould B. A. History of the Discovery of ISTeptune. 8vo. "Washington, 1850 

See Dudley Observatory. 
Gould J. The Birds of Asia, pts. 1-15. Fol. London, 1850-63 

Supplement to Birds of Australia, pts. 1-3. Fol. London, 1851-59 

■ Monograph of the Trochilidse, ptg. 13-25, completing the work. 

Fol. London, 1857-61 

. Mammals of Australia, parts 10-13. Fol. London, 1858-63 

Gould J. S. Report on Food and Diet, suited for Almshouses, Prisons, 

and Hospitals. 8vo. New York, 1852 

Gould M. T. 0. Universal Index and Every Body's Own Book. 

8vo. New York, 1842 
Gouraud 0. Sur la liberte du Commerce des Nations. 8vo. Paris, 1853 

Histoire des causes de la grandeur de I'Angleterre depuis les 

origines jusqu'a la Paix de 1763. 8vo. Paris, 1856 


Gouraiid Fr. F. Pliveno-Mnemotechny, or the Art of Memory. 

8vo. New York, 1845 
Gourey Abbe. De I'etat des personnes en France sous la premiere et 
la seconde race de nos rois. Leber, V. 6. 

Gourdon de Genouillac H. Dictionnaire Historique des Ordres de Che- 
vallerie crees chez les differentes peuples depuis les premiers 
sieclesjusqu'a nos jours. 12mo. Paris, 1860 

Gourju P. La philosophie du XVIIIme Siecle. 2 toIs. 8vo. Paris, 1816 

Gourlie J. H. The Origin and History of the " Century." 

8vo. New York, 1856 
Gowans "W. Catalogue of Books on F. Masonry. 8vo. New York, 1858 

Gower J. Confessio Amantis, edited and collated with the best Manu- 
scripts by Dr. E. Pauli. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1857 

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Gradus ad Parnassum. Title wanting. 

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. Notice surles Annales de Geographie et de Statistique, redigees 

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8vo. Milano, 1839 

Sopra i piacere della villegiatura d'Albero presso Geneva. 

8vo. Geneva, 1810 

— ; Dell' attuale conditione della scienza statistica in Italia. 

8vo. Firenze. 
Belazione accademica pronunziata per aprire la sednta locale 

deir acad. di Geneva 1810. Bvo. Geneva, 1810 

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Constanten. 8vo. Leipzig, 1860 
Orbis Latinus oder Yerzeichniss der lateinischen Benennungen 

der bekanntesten Stadte, Meere, Seen, Berge, imd Fliisse in alien 

Theilen der Erde. 8vo. Dresden, 1861 

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zen Erde. 8vo. Stettin, 1860 

Grafigny Mde. de. CEiivres completes. 8vo. Paris 1821 

Contents : Lettres P^ruviennes, Comedies, Nouvelle Espag- 



Graham J. D. Reports on the Intersection of the Boundary Lines of 

the States of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. 

8vo. Washington, 1850 
Reports on the Improvements of the Harbors of Lakes Michigan, 

St. Clair, Erie, Ontario, and Champlain, 1855, '57, '58, '60. 

4 vols. 8vo. Washington, v. y. 

A Lunar Tidal Wave in the N". American Lakes. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1861 
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12mo. London, 1858 
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Decision of the Post Office Department. 8vo. JNew York, 1846 

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Grande Revue des Tribunaux ou ndcessite urgente d'examiner les Qua- 

lit^s morales des Jnges de France. 8vo. Paris, 1814 

Grandier U. Veritable relation des jiistes 'procedures observees a son 

proces ; Factum pour G. ; Jugement par coramissaires deputes 

contre lui et sa lettre au roi sur I'accnsation de magie. Giniber, 

S. 2, V. 5. 
Grando G. Trattato del movimento dell' Acque. Baccolto d'Autori, 

etc., V. 3. 
Grandidier E. Yoyage dans I'Amerique du Sud, Perou et Bolivie. 

8vo. Paris, 1861 
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Missions Seient. 6. 
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France et d'une partie de la Belgique. 8vo. Paris. 1855 

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bourgeoises. ' 8vo. Paris, 1838 

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1848 et du r^tablissement de I'Empire. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1857 

Granius Licinianus. See Z,icinianus. 

Grant J. On the Law relating to Banking. 12mo. London, 1856 
Grant R. E. On the Study of Medicine, a Lecture. 8vo. London, 1833 
On the Study of the Animal Kingdom. 8vo. London, 1829 

Grantham J. Iron Ship-Building. 12mo. London, 1858 

Granville A. B. Medical Reform. 8vo. London, 1836 
On Counter Irritation. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1839 

Granville G. Poems and Life. Ghalmers's Eng. Poets, Y. XL 

Granvoinnet J. A. Le Genie Rural ; recueil de Machinerie agricole. 

Atlas et Texte. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1858 

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Grasserus J. Antiquitates Nemausens. Sallengre, 1. 

Grassi G. Elogio del conte G. A. Saluzzo. 8vo. Torino, 1813 

Grateau E. Memoire sur la fabrication de I'acier fondu par le procedo 

Chenot. 8vo. Paris, 1859 



Gratianus. Decretnm Gratiani emeiidatnm et notationibus illustratum ; 

Gregorii XII. P. M. jiissu editnm ; ace. J. P. Migne. 

Koy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1855 
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- Polen. Wien Sttzung&b. Y. 6. 
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aiiciens poetes. 8vo. Paris, 1810 

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en lYOO; " , Small 4to. New York, 1860 
Relation de ce qui s'est passe dans la Mission au pays des Hu- 

rons 1693-94 Sm. 4to. Manate, 1858 

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ratori Rer. Ital. V. 1 2. 
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Court of Massachusetts, cont'd, vols. 3-7. 5 vols. 8vo. Boston, 1859-60 
Gray J. , Lectures on the Nature and Use of Money. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1848 
Gray J. E. Letters to the Earl of Ellesmere on the Management of the 

Library of Printed Books in the Br. Museum. 8vo. London, 1849 
Gray J. E. The Early Annals of Homoeopathy of N. -T. 8vo. N. Y. 1863 
Grayson W. J. The Hireling and the Slave, etc. 8vo. Charleston, 1856 
Graziani G. II conquista di Granata. 

Great Britain. The Present State of the Nation, particularly witli re- 
spect to its Trade, Eiuances, etc., with an Appendix. 8'vo. Loud. 1769 

Impartial Review of tlie State of, 1783. 8vq. London, 1783 

Administration of the Affairs in 1823. 8vo. London, 1823 

Customs Book of Rates. 12mo. London, 1842 

Ou the Relative State of Great Britain and of France at the 

close of Mr. Pitt's Life and Administration in 1806. Bvo. Lond. 1806 
State of the Negotiation with France and Causes of its Termi-' 

nation in the Recall of the Earl of Lauderdale. 8vo. London, 1806 

See Parliament. 
Greatest of the Plantagenets, an Hist. Sketch. 8vo. London, 1860 

Greece in 1824. 8vo. London, 1824 

Narrative of the Affairs of. London Portfolio, 3. 

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Green M. A. See Calendar of State Papers. 

Greene R. Philomela ; Arcadia. Brydge^s Archaica, 1. 

Greene T. Friar Bacon^and Friar Bungay, a Comedy. JDodsley^s Old 

Plays, 8. 
Greener "W. Gunnery in 1858 ; being a Treatise on Rifles, Cannon, and 

Sporting Arms. 8vo. London, 1858 

Greenius G. De rusticatione Romanorum ; De villarum antiquarum 

apud eosdem structura. Sallengre, 1. 
Greenland. A Greenlander's Story of his Travels, in the Esquimaux 

Language. 12mo. Nongma, 1857 

Popular Stories in the same, with Danish translation. 

2 vols. 12mo, Nongma, 1859-60 


Greenleaf S. Origin and Principles of F. Masomy. 8vo. Portland, 1820 
Discourse at his Inauguration as E. Professor of Law in Harvard 

University. 8vo. Cambridge, 1831 

A Treatise on the Law of Evidence. Eleventh Ed. 

3 vols. 8vo. Boston, 1863 
Greenouojh G. B. Addresses at the Anniversary of the E. Geogra- 
phical Society, 1840 & '41. 8vo. London, 1840-41 
Greenough H. Essays upon Art-Esthetics at Washington. 

8vo. "Washington, 1851 

See Tuckerman H. T. 
Greenwich. Astronomical Observations made at the E. Observatory, 

1811-1835. With a Supplement to Vol. 10. 

VI vols. Fol. London, 1815-35 
For the whole Series of Greenwich Observations in the Library, 

see in Catalogue^ Vol. 1, under Airy O. B. and Bradley J. ; in 
Yol. 2, under Greenwich / in Vol. 3, under Maslcely7ie. 
Tables of the Aberration, Annual Variation, Solar and Lunar 

Nutation in North P. D. for 40 principal fixed stars for every 

day of the year 1825, as made use of in the computation of 

the Greenwich Standard Catalogue. Fol. London. 
A Catalogue of 1112 Stars, reduced from Observations made at 

the E. Observatory from 1816 to 1833. Fol. London, 1833 

Greenwood G. The Tree-Lifter, or a New Method of Transplanting 

Forest-Trees. 8vo. London, 1853 

Gregentius S. Episc. Homeritarum Leges ; Disputatio cum Herbano 

Judaeo. Patrol. Or. V. 86. 
Gregoire H. De la Constitution Frangaise de 1814. 8vo. Paris, 1814 
An Inquiry concerning the Intellectual and Moral Faculties 

and Literature of Negroes, transl. by D. B. Warden. 

8vo. Brooklyn, 1810 

De la Traite et de I'Esclavage des Noirs. Svo. Paris, 1815 

Des peines infamantes a infliger aux Negriers. 8vo. Paris, 1822 

Gregorius S. cogn. Thaum. Opera quae reperiri potuerunt omnia, re- 
cognoscente J. P. Migne. Eoy. Svo. Parisiis, 1857 
Contents : Expositio iidei ; Metaphrasis in Ecclesiasten ; Epis- 

tolae canonicse ; Oratio in Origenem ; Scripta nounuUis dubia ; 

Sermo in omnes sanctos. 
Gregorius Archiep. Const. Opera quae extant omnia; accurante et 

recognoscente J. P. Migne. 4 vols. Svo. Paris, 1857-58 

Contents: Y. I.-II. Orationes, Appendix. III.-IV. Epis- 

tolse, Testamentum, Carmina, Christus patiens. 

• Poesiee prose scelte, trad, da T. Semmola. Svo. Neapoli, 1848 

Gregorius S. Episc. Nyssenus. Opera quge reperiri potuerunt omnia. 

Accurante J. P. Migne. 3 vols. roy. Svo. Parisiis, 1854 

Contents as given in Yol. II. p. 643-4 of this Catalogue of the 

Edition in Folio, Paris, 1615. 

De creatione hominis int. Dionysio. Patrol. Lot. 67. 

Gregorius Ant. Episc. Oratio ; De baptismo Christi ; Concio ad exer- 

citum. Patrol. GrcBca,88. 
Gregorius S. Agrig. Episc. Explanatio in Ecclesiasten ex editione S. 

A. Morcelli. Ibid. Y. 98. 
Gregorius S. Decapolita. Serrao historicus de visione quern, cum ha- 

buisset Saracenus quidam, credidit et propter J. C. Martyrio 

affectus fuit. Ibid. V. 100, 


Gregorius Papa II. Epistolae et Canones. Patrol. Lot. 89. 
Gregorius Papa III. Epistola; Excerptum de diversis criminibus et 

remediis eorum. Ihidem. 
Gregorius Papa Y. Epistolse et Priv^ilegia. Hid. ISY. 
Gregorins Papa YII. Epistolse et Diplomata Pontificia ; ace. J. P- 

]\Iigiie. Roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1853 

Contents : Prolegomena ; Eegistrum ; Epistolse ; Concilia 

Gregorius Papa VIII. Epistolse et Privilegia. Patrol. Lat. 202. 
Gregorins XYI. Reply to his late Letter to the Archbishops and 

Bishops of Ireland. 8vo. London, 1831 

Gregorius Mon. Chrouicon Earfense 681-1104. Muratori Per. Ital. 

Y. 2, p. 2. 
Gregorovius F. Geschichte der Stadt Eom im Mittelalter. Yom funf- 

ten bis zum sechzehnten Jahrhundert. 2 vols. 8vo. Stuttgart, 1859 

Siciliana. Wanderungen in Neapel u. Sicilia. 12mo. Leip. 1861 

Gregory F. F. Expedition to the N. "W". Coast of Australia. J. P. 

Geog. Soo. 32. 
Gregory G. de. He de Sardaigne. 8vo. Paris, 1854 

Histoire du Livre de I'lmitation de Jesus Christ. 

2 vols. 8 TO. Paris, 1843 

Gregory G., M.D. Lectures on the Eruptive Fevers, with Notes and 

an Appendix by H. D. Bulkley. 8vo. New York, 1851 

Grein C. W. M. Bibliothek d. Angelsachsischen Poesie. 

4 vols. 8vo. Gottingen, 1858-63 
Grenville Lord. Speech on Indian Affairs. 8vo. London, 1813 

Speech on the Renewal of the Slave Trade. 8vo. London, 1814 

Gresley W. Real Danger of the Ch. of England. 8vo. London, 1846 

A second statement of the Real Dangers. 8vd. London, 1846 

■ A third of the same, setting forth the Distinction between Ro- 
manists and Anglicans, and the Identity of Evangelists and Pu- 
ritans. 8vo. London, 1847 
Gresset. Discoursdanslasdancepubl. del'Acad. Fran9. 8vo. La Haye, 1Y84 
Gretser. Katechesis. 16mo. s. 1. 1687 
Grew H. An Examination of the Divine Testimony on the Nature and 

Character of the Son of God. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1855 

Grey Lady Jane. Account of her and her Remains. PicKmond^s 

Early Protestant Peformers. 
Grey of Wilton. Life, ed. by Sir P. de Malpas G. Egerton for the Cam- 
den Soc. 4to. London, 1847 
Grey Earl. Speech in the H. of Lords, May 12, 1817, on Lord Sid- 
mouth's Circular. 8vo. London, 1817 
Grey Earl. Parliamentary Government considered with Reference to 

a Reform of Parliament. 8vo. London, 1868 

Grey Sir G. Speech on the Negro Apprenticeship. 8vo. London, 1838 

Grey R. H. On the Corn Laws and Sliding Scale. 8vo. London, 1842 

Grier R. Answer to Ward's Errata of the Bible. 4to. London, 1812 

Griffet P. Du Titre tres Chretien ; Sur le Procds de Charles Due de 
Bourbon ; Sur le proems de Robert d'Artois ; Sur le meurtre du 
Due de Bourgogne ; Sur le proc6s de Saint Pol et son execution ; 
De I'empoisonnement de Charles de France. Leber, 4, 17. 


Griffet P. Sur le Massacre de Saint Barthelemi. Ihifi. V. 18. 

Histoire de Tancrede de Rohan. Cimber, S. 2, V. 6. 

Griffith E. General and Particular Description of the Vertebrate Ani- 
mals. 8vo. London, 1821 

General and Particular Descriptions of Carnivorous Animals. 

8vo. London, 1822 

Griffith J. "W". A Practical Manual containing a Description of the 
General, Chemical, and Microscopical Character of the Blood. 

12mo. Philadelphia, 1818 

Griffith T. "W . Sketches of the Early History of Maryland. 

8vo. Baltimore, 1821 

■ Annals of Baltimore. 8vo. Baltimore, 1824 

Griffith Mrs. E. School for Rakes, a Comedy. BelVs Br. Theatre, 30. 

Griffith W. Treatise on the Jurisdiction and Proceedings of Justices 

of the Peace in New Jersey. 8vo. Burlington, 1813 

Grigsby H. B. Discourse on the Life and Character of Littleton Wal- 
ter Tazewell. 8vo. Norfolk, 1860 

Grille E. Introduction aux Memoires sur la Revolution Frangaise. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1825 

Grim, the Collier of Croydon, a Comedy. Dodsley's Old Plays, XL 

Grimaldi L. Studi archseol. sulla Calabria ultra seconda. 4to. Napoli, 1845 

Grimaldus St. Gall. Abbas. Liber sacramentorum ; Benedictiones 
episcopales per anni circulum ; Prsefationes antiquge per anni 
circulum. Patrol. Lot. 121. 

Grimfield T. A Century of Sacred Songs. 12mo. London, 1838 

Grimke T. S. Address on the Character and Objects of Science. 

8vo. Charleston, 182T 

Address on the Duty of Adopting the Bible as a Class Book in 

every Scheme of Education. 8vo. Charleston, 1829 

Grimm D. Monuments d' Architecture Byzantine en Georgie et en Ar- 

menie. Fol. St. iPetersbourg, 1859 

Grimm J. Rede auf Schiller. Berlin Acad. Abhandl. 1860. 

Grimm H. Leben Michel Angelo's. 8vo. Hannovftr, 1860 

Grimmelshausen J. C. von. Der abentheuerliche Simplicissimus und 

andere Schriften heransg. von A. Keller. 2 vols. 8vo. Stuttgart, 1854 

Grimoaldi Regis Longobardorum Leges. Muratori JRer. Ital. Y. 1, p. 2. 

Grimshawe T. S. Memoir of the Rev. Legh Richmond. 12mo. K Y. 1861 

Griscom J. H. The Sanitary Condition of the Laboring Population of 

New York. 8vo. New York, 1845 

Uses and Abuses of Air. P. I. 12mo. New York, 1848 

Gi-isoUe A. Trait6 ^lementaire de Pathologic interne. Septieme Edi- 
tion. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1857 

GriswoldR. W. The Female Poets of America. 8 vo. Phil. 1859 

Groans of the Grocers, Moans of the Slaves, or an Address to the Soci- 
ety for the Civilization of Africa. 8vo. London, 1840 

Grondal B. Sdgur ur Thusund og einni Nott. Islenzkadar. 

12mo. Reykjavik, 1852 

Grdnhao'en. Specimen Academicum quo vetustum Catalogum Regum 

Sueo Gothicorum submittit. 4to. Holmise, 1792 

Grognier M. Recherches historiques et statistiques sur le Murier, les 

Vers a Sole et la Fabrication de la Soierie. 8vo. Lyon, s. a. 


Gronovins J. EflSgies virorum ac foeminarum illustrium, quibus in 
Greecis aut Latiiiis monumentis aliqua memorise pars datur et in 
quocnrnque orbis terrarum spatio ob liistoriam, vel res gestas, 
yel inventa, vel locis nomina data, ac doctrinam meruerunt cog- 
nosei ; Item variarum regionnm miranda, qiise celebrata apiid 
antiques, saxisqne et aere expressa occurrunt, omnia ex veris 
sincerisque documentispetita, et pro serie temporum disposita ; 
Adjecta brevi descriptione singulorum,qnEeautin eorum vita, aut 
in liorum proprietate spectabilia percipi et intelligi refert, ubi 
variis occasionibus nummi, lapides, inscriptiones, etiam aucto- 
rura loca exj^licantur. Thes. Antiq. Otcbg. Y. 1, 2, 3. 

Gronovius J. F. De museo Alexandrine exercitationes academicae. 
Ibid. Y. 8. 

Gronovius L. T. Marmorea basis Tiberio Csesari erecta ob civitates 
Asige restitiitas post horrendos terrse tremores. Cujus Colossi 
fides a J. Meursio oppugnata defenditur. Ihid. Y. 7. 

Gronow E.. H. Reminiscences, being Anecdotes of the Court, Camp, 

and Clubs. 1st and 2d Series. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1862-63 

Gros J. B. (Pseud, for J. B. Louis). Sur la Telegrapbie lilectrique. i 

8vo. Paris, 1856 

Grose F. Antiquities of L-eland. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1791 

Groser W. What Can be Done to Suppress the Opium Trade ? 

8vo. London, 1840 

Grossetete E. Chateau d'Amour, with an English version, edited by 

M. Cooke. 8vo. London, 1852 

Grote T. Life and Teachings of Socrates from his History of Greece by 

0. "VV. Wight. 12mo. New York, 1858 

Grote Mrs. Life of Ary Scheffer. 12mo. London, 1860 

Grotius H. Explicatio nominum Gothicorura, Yandalorum et Longo- 
bardorum. Muratori Her. Ital. Y. 1. 

Grout L. The Isizulu. A Grammar of the Zulu Language, with a 

Historical Introduction and an Appendix. .8vo. Natal, 1859 

Groveatins S. de Guillaume III. et Louis XIY. 8 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1855 

Griin Anast. (Auersperg A. A.) Schutt. 12mo. Leipzig, 1840 

Grudius IST. Carmina. Bel. Poet. Belg. Y. 2. 

Grund F. J. Exercises in Arithmetic. 12mo. Boston, 1833 

Grundtvig IS.. F. S. GamleDanske Minder i Folkemunde. 

2 vols. 12mo. Kjdbenhavn. 

Danske Folkeminder, Yiser, Sagn og Aeventyr, Levende i Fol- 
kemunde Tredje S. 8vo. Kjobenhavn, 1861 

Gruner L. Die Basreliefs an der Yorderseite des Doms zu Orvieto. 

Obi. 4to. Leipzig, 1858 

Grunow G. E. E. Griindliche Anweisung das Deutsche richtig 

sprecben nnd schreiben zu lernen. 8vo. Berlin 1819 

Gruppe O. F. Demetrius, Schiller's Fragment. Svo. Berlin, 1861 

Gruter J. Carmina varia. Del. Poet. Belg. Y. 2. 

Gruyer L. A. Des causes conditionuelles et productrices des Idees. 

. . . 8vo. Paris, 1844 

Meditations critiques on examen approfondi de plusieurs doc- 
trines sur I'homme et sur Dieu. 8vo. Paris 1847 

Gruphius A. Auserlesene Gedichte. 12mo. Leipzi*, 1822 


Grysar 0. J. <- Der Eomische Mlmus ; Ueber das Canticnm der Rcim. 

Tragodie. Wien Sitsungsb. Phil. Y. 12, 15. 
Guadet J. Les Girondins, leur vie pnblique, leur proscription et lenr 

mort. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1861 

Guaiferins Cass. Mon. Carmina ; Yita S. Secundini ; Yita S. Lucii 

Papse et Martyris. Patrol. Lot. 147. 
Gualbertws S. Joannes Abbas. Epistola ; Preces ; Yita, auctore Altone ; 

Yita, auctore Andrea abbate StrninenBi. Hid. 146. 
Gualterus Prior S. Yictor. Contra quatuor lab_yrinthos Franciag ; Abse- 

lardus, Gilbertus Porretanus, Petrns Lombardus, Petrus Picta- 

vinus. lUd. Y. 199. 
Gualtieri G. Efemeridi del pontificato di Sisto Y. ArcMv. Si. Ital. 

App. 1. 

Gnarnerius J. B. Dissertationes Historicse Catanenses. Thes. Antiq. 
Sic. XI. 

Gnasco O de. Eecberches sur I'etat des lettres, des sciences et des arts 
en France sous les regnes de Charles YI. et YIE. Leber, 15. 

Guasti C. La Cupola di Santa Maria del Fiore, illustrata con 'I Docu- 
ment! dell' Archivio dell' opera secolare. 8vo. Firenze, 1857 

Sopra gli Statuti di communi Italiani. Arohiv. Storia Ital. 

App. \. 9. 

Gubbins M. P. Account of the Mutinies in Oudh. 8vo. Lucknow, 1858 

Gueldre. Les plans et profils des principales villes et lieux considera- 
bles du Duch^ de Gueldre. Fol. Paris. 

Guelphs et Ghibelines. De origine Guelphorum etGibellinorum. 

4to. Basileas, 1519 

Giintber J. C. Auserlesene Gedichte. 12mo. Leipzig, 1827 

Guenyveau A. Sur la science des Machines. Bvo. Paris, 1816 

Guerard M. Explication du Capitulaire de Yillis. Mem. Acad. In- 
script. N. S. 21. 

Guerazzi. L'assedio di Firenze. 3 vols. 12mo. Parigi, 1846 

Guercins N. Annales Genuenses. Muratori Rer. Ital. Y. 6. 

Guerin A. Dressage du Cheval de Guerre, sulvi du Dressage des Che- 

vaux retits, des Sauteurs aux Piliers et en Liberte. Bvo. Paris, 1860 

Guerin Y. Yoyage dansl'Ile de Ehodes. • 8vo. Paris, 1856 

Guerin-Menneville F. E. Les crustaces. Eiaped. So. de Mor'ee. 

Zoologie du Yoyage d'Abyssinie, Y. 6. 

Guernsey E. HomcBopatliic Domestic Practice, containing also Chap- 
ters on Anatomy, Physiology, Hygiene, etc. 12mo. ITew York, 1853 

Guerrazzi F. D. Beatrice Cenci ; a Historical Novel, transl. from the 

Italian, by L. Monti. 13mo. New York, 1859 

Guernicus Abbas. Sft-mones per annum. Patrol. Lat. 185. 

Guethe J. M. Ueber den Astrios-Edelstein des C. Plinins. ito. Miinchen, 1810 

Guettee Abb^. Memoires sur la vie et les ouvrages de Bossuet. 

4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1856-57 

Guibertus Gemb. Abbas. De comhustione monasterii Gemblaceuses. 
Patrol. Lat. 211. 

Guichardus Archiep. Statuta ecclesise Lugdun. Ibid. 199. 

Guiche Comte de. Mdmoires concernant les Provinces- Unies des Pais- 
Bas, et servant de supplement et de confirmation a ceux d'Au- 
brey Dumascier et du Comte d'Estrades. 12mo. Londres, 1744 


Guiche Mad. de la. L'accneil de Madame de la G. a Lyon le lundi 27 

Avril, 1598. Pabl. par M. P. AUut. 12mo. Lyon, 1861 

Guichenot A. Histoire naturelle des reptiles et des poissons. Eaypl. 

cPAlgerie, Sciences Phy. 

See Castelnmu A. and Voyage d'Abyssinie, 6. 
Guida per le scuole di recip. Insegnamento. 8vo. Firenze, 1830 

Guide des Voyageurs, contenant les routes et stations de la France et de 

TAllemagne. 12mo. Amsterdam, s. a. 

Guidi G. Eaggnaglio delle monete, dei pesi, e delle misure, attualmente 

in uso negli Stati Italiani. 8vo. Firenze, 1839 

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at the Close of the 16th Century ; Benzoni's History of the 
New World ; India in the 15th Century ; Champlain's Narrative 
of Yoyage to the "W. Indies and Mexico ; Expeditions into the 
Yalley of the Amazons, 1539-1639 ; Early Yoyages to Teri-a 
Australis ; Clavijo Ruy Gonzalez's Narrative of his Embassy to 
the Court of Timour at Samarcand; Hudson H., Original Docu- 
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Geology of the ith District of New York. See N. Y. Nat. 


Paleontology of New York. Ihid. 

Contributions to Palaeontology. See Appendix to Heport for 

1863 on the State Cabinet. 
See also Canada Oeological Survey Reports. 

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12mo. Cincinnati, 1848 
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proved from the Scriptures. 8vo. Albany, 1840 

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Poems, presented by him to the Cheatham Library. 

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well's Plays on the Lancashire Witches. 4to. London, 1853 

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Text of Shakespeare, and are they Copyright ? 8vo. London, 1853 

An Introduction to the Evidences of Christianity. 

12mo. London, 1859 

Dictionary of Old English Plays, existing either in Print or in 

Manuscript from the Earliest Times to the 17th Century, also of 
Latin Plays written by English Authors during the same period. 

8vo. London, 1860 

List of some of the Earer and most Curious Old Books in his 

Library. 4to. W. Brompton, 1862 

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by a Comparison with Lylie's Endymion, ed. for the Shake- 
speare Soc. 8vo. London, 1843 


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tical Conventions of the Current Presidential Oampaign. 

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1859-61. 4:to. Hamburg, 1860-62 

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Aerzte, Sep. 1830. 4to. Haniburg, 1831 

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Administrations. 8vo. London, 1804 

Letter on occasion of the above Pamphlet. 8vo. London, 1804 

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the People of a State is its Political Suicide. 8vo. N. Y. 1862 

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in three parts. P. L Eng., Germ., and French. P. H. Germ., 
French, and Eng. P. 111. French, Germ., and Eng. 3 v. 

12mo. London, 1853-55 

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translated by J. Frith. RicJimonCPs EarVy Protestant Re- 

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of Architecture for the New Houses of Parliament. 8vo. Lond. 1836 

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'42, '43. 8vo. London, 1839-43 

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1843. 8vo. London, 1843 

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Outlines of the History of England, especially with Eeference to 

the Origin and Progress of the English Constitution. 2d Edition. 

12mo. London, 1858-9 


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8vo. New York, 1852 
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2 vols. 12mo. Leipzig, 1848 
liammer-Purgstall J. D. Mithriaca. Fol. Paris, 1833 

Ueber die Siegel der Araber, Perser n. Tiirken ; Ueber die 

Namen der Araber ; Geisten der Moslimen ; Ueber Bogen und 
Pfeil, den Gebraiich u. die Verfertigung desselben bei den Ara- 
bern u. Tiirken ; Die Schuld der Templar ; Das Kamel ; Das 
Pferd bei den Arabern ; Ueber die Encyclopedie der Perser, 
Araber u. Tiirken. Wien Akad. Aikandl. Phil. 7 A. 1, 3, 4, 6, 
7, 8, 9. 

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banden erschienen Oommentar des Mesnewi Dfchalaleddin Eu- 
mi's ; Ueber die Arabischen Worter im Spanischen ; Ueber die 
Arabische Geographie von Spanien. Wien Sitzungsb. Phil. 
Th. Y, 14, 17. 
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Immortality of the Soul. An Address. 8vo. Albany, 1851 

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ginia and Maryland. Forces Tracts, Y. 3. 
Hamor R. A True Discourse of the Present State of Yirginia and the 
successe of the affairs there till the ISth of June, 1614. Reprint 
of the ed. of 1615. 4to. 

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to the use of Religious Tests in the University. 8vo. Oxford, 1834 

Statements of Christian Doctrine, from his Writings. 

8vo. London, 1836 

Elucidations of Dr. H.'s Theological Statements. 8vo. Oxford, 1836 

Correspondence with Archbishop Hciwley. 8vo. London, 1838 

The Trial by Fire and the one Sacrifice for Sin. Two Sermons. 

8vo. London, 1841 
. Hampson R. T. Essay on the Geography of K. Alfred containing his 
Description ofEurope and the Yoyages of Olithere and Wulsstan. 
K. Alfred's WorJcs. Y .2. 
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8vo. London, 1840 
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Handbook for Travellers in Surrey, Hampshire, etc. 12mo. London, 1858 
Handbook for do. in Kent and Sussex. 12mo. London, 1858 

Handbook for India, being an account of the Three Presidencies and of 
the Overland Route, with Yocabularies and Dialects of the Spo- 
ken Languages, Maps, and Plans, by E. B. Eastwick. Yol. I. 
Madras. Yol. II. Bombay. 2 vols. 12rao. London, 1859 

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Handbook for Travellers in Southern Italy — Naples. 12mo. London, 1858 

Handbook for do. in Egypt, by J. G. "Wilkinson. 12mo. London, 1847 
See under Handbook in vol. U. fer other Handbooks. 

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12mo. New York, 1845 


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8vo. London, 1838 

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Tables de la Lune. 4to. Londres, 1857 

Allgemeine Auflosung eines beliebigen systems von linear. 

Gleichungen. Abhandlung. 4to. 

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ritanis. JlgoUno, V. 24, 28. 

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and the Construction of Weights and Measures under his Direc- 
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illustrated with maps, views, antiquities. 

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gen aus den Memoiren des Satan ; Das Bild des Kaisers. Y. 
III. — Othello ; Der Mann im Monde. Y. lY.— Mahrchen fiir 
Sohne u Tdchter gebildeter Stande ; Skizzen ; Freie Stunden 
am Fenster ; Der aesthetische Club ; Ein Paar Eeisestunden. 
Y. Y. — Lichtenstein. 

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Opinions of the most celebrated Ancient and Modern Writers. 

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dication of the Course pursued by the King in the case of E. 
Charlton, with all the Supplements. 8vo. Honolulu, 1847 


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12mo. Boston, 1860 
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siderables. Fol. Paris. 
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— A Gazetteer of Vermont. 12mo. Boston, 1849 

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4to. London, 1840 
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many hundred volumes. 3 vols. 12mo. London, 1740 

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Verbs. 12mo. London, 1868 

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Letters from the Backwoods and the Adirondack. 

12mo. New York, 1850 
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"if*'-^- • 1 T. 8vo. London, 1848 

JNotiti cations and Precautions relating to Cholera. Fol. Lond. 1863 

Eeport of the Sanitary Commission, dispatched to the Seat of 

War in the East. 8vo. London, 1857 

Health of Towns. Examination of the Eeport of the Select Committee 

on Mr. Mackinnon's Bill, and of the Acts for Cemeteries araund 

the Metropohs. 8vo. London, 1843 

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8vo. St. Petersburg, 1827 



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Ductor historicus, or a short System of Universal History. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1704-14 

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Svo. Basel, 1860 
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Romischen Herrschaft bis zum Ausgang des zwolften Jahr- 

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Svo. London, 1857 
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Heidelberg Universitats und Address-Calendar, 1816. Svo. Heidelberg, 1816 
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Heidelberger (Die alte) Liederhandschrift. herausg. von F. Pfeiifer. 

Svo. Stuttgart, 1844 
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des Mittelalters. 4to. Wien, 1861 

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4to. Leipzig, 1860 
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6 vols. 12mo. Meiningen, 1796-1812 
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Sketch of Heine's Life, by E. A. Bowring. Svo. London, 1853 

■ ■ Deutschland ein Wintermahrchen. Svo. New York, 1845 

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ethnographische Schilderung von Land und Lenten. Svo. Leipz. 1860 
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Cainbiali, trad, da E. Cesarini. Svo. Roma, 1842 , 
Elementi della giurisprudenza sul cambro mercantile, trad, da 

I'avvocato E. Cesarini. Svo. Roma, 1842 



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8vo. Leipsic, 1771 

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8vo. Stockholm, 1826 

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systematisch bearbeitet. Yol. I. Grosschmetterlinge. II. 
Kleinschmetterlinge. 8vo. Braunschweig, 1859 

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Belg. Y. 2. 

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Pierres votives les plus remarquables de la Belgique. Fol. Liege, s. a. 

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Helinandus Mon. Opera omnia, accurante J. P. Migne. 

Eoy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1855 
Contents: Sermones; De cognitione sui ; De bono regimine 
principis ; De reparatione lapsi ; Passio SS. Gereonis, Yictoris, 
Cassii et Florentii, Thebseorum martyrura ; Chronicon 642-1185 ; 
Carmen de morte. 

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11 vols. 12mo. Yiennse, 1756-1775 

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Meursii. Thes. Ant. Grmc. Y. 10. 

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Help (A) in Acquiring a Knowledge of the Eng. Language. English and 

Sanscrit. 12mo. Bombay, 1846 

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Helps A. Companions of My Solitude. 12mo. Boston, 1852 

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The Spanish Conquest in America and its Relation to the His- 
tory of Slavery and to the Government of Colonies. 8vo. Lond. 1857 

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Helveg L. De Danske Domkapitler. 12mo. Kjobenhavn, 1855 

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out of Frenshe into Englysshe. Thorn! s Early Romances, Y. 3. 

Hemenway A. Story of Jesus Christ. The Ten Commandments in 

Siamese. 12mo. Bangkok, 1848 

Hemming S. Designs for Yillas, Parsonages, and other Houses, varv- 
ing in Cost from £200 to £5000, containing Plans, Elevations, 
Perspective Yiews and Specifications. Fol. London s. a. 

Hempel C. F. Sitten, Gebrauche, Trachten, Mundart, hausliche und 

landwirtschaftliche Einrichtungen der Altenburgischen Bauern. 

8vo. Altenburg. 1839 
Henault C. J. F. Sur la Pairie. Leler, Y. 6. 

Henderson J. J. Statement of the Trade and Commerce of Buffalo, 

1834. 4to. Buffalo' 1855 


Henderson E. Inquiry into the Nature and Object of the Laws Kestrain- 

ing and Regulating the Eetail Sale of Ale, Beer, "Wines, and 

Spirit. 8vo. London, 1817 

Henderson T. Hints on the Medical Examination of Recruits for the 

Army. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1840 

Same, a new edition by R. 11. Coolidge. 12mo. Phil. 1850 

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Qr. V. 6. 
Henin du Oiivillers. Le magn6tisrae ^clair^. 8vo. Paris, 1820 

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12mo. New York, 1853 
Henley J. The Oratory Magazine. . 8vo. London, s. a. 

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c61t)bres Fran9ais et Etrangers. 3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1835-37 

Hennet 0. Forms of Declaration. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1834 

Hennin M. Manuel de Numismatique ancienne. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1830 
Hennings A. Versuch einer Ostindischen Literaturgeschichte. 

8vo. Hamburg, 1786 
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Dei. Patrol. Lat. 204. 
Henricus Septimellensis. De diversitate Fortunas et Philosophiae conso- 

latione. Ibidem. 
Henricus Remensis Archiep. Epistolse et Diplomata. Ibid. V. 196. \ 
Henricus Archdiac. Huntingd. Historiae ; Epistolaa. Ibid. 195. 
Henricus Salteriensis Mon. Tractatus de Purgatorio S. Patricii. 

Ibid. Y. 180. 
Henricus H. Imp. Acta, leges et constitutiones. Diplomatica eccle- 

siastica. Ibid. 140. 
Henricus HI. Imp. Constitutiones. Diplomata. Ibid. V. 151. 
Henricus IV. Imp. Constitutiones. Diplomata. Ibidem. 
Plenry II. de France. Commentaires de ses dernieres guerres. Cim- 

ber, S. 1, Y. 9. 
Henry HI. de France. La vie et' faicts momorables de Henry de Ya- 

lois ; Reglemen's de la maison du Roi ; Ordonnance sur la police. 

/5i^. S.l, Y. 9,10, 12. 

Henry lY. de France. Ccr^monie de son abjuration, c6r6monies obser- 
v6es h. sa conversion a la religion catholique ; Ceremonies dii 
sacre et couronnement. Declaration et pi'otestation sur les justes 
occasions qui I'ont men de prendre les armes pour la defense des 
^glises reform^s de France. Manifesto du P. Jardin et de la 
demoiselle d'Escoman relatif a sa morte. Funerailles. Cimber, 
Y. 10, 13, 15. 

Lettres in^dites recueillis par le Prince A. Gallitzin. 8vo. Paris, 1860 

Plenry A. Precis de logique gramraaticale specialement applique u la 

languo Franjaise. 12mo. JSTancy, 1860 

Henry C. S. On the Importance of a Learned Class. A Discourse. 

8vo. New York, 1837 

The Position and Duties of Educated Men. 8vo. New York, 1840 

■ The True Idea of a University. An Address. 8vo. New York, 1853 

Henry Jas. An Address upon Education. 8vo. New York, 1846 


Henry Jas. Sketches of Moravian Life and Character, comprising 

general view of the Unitas Fratrura. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1859 

Henry Jos. Contributions to Electricity and Magnetism. 4to. Phil. 1835 
Henry J. J. Campaign against Quebec, 1T78. 12mo. Watertown, 1844 
Henry M. The Communicant's Companion. 12mo. Phil. 1840 

Henry W. The Elements of Chemistry. 2 vols. 8vo. Phil. 1819 

Hensel. TJeber Hipparion Mediterraneum. Berlin Akad. Ahhandl. 

Henshaw D. On the Character of Napoleon Bonaparte. 8vo. Boston, 1828 
Henshaw J. S. Life and Mission of the Rev. T. Mathew. 12mo. ¥. Y. 1849 
Henshaw J. S. Manual for U. S. Consuls. 12mo. New York, 1849 

Henslowe P. Diary from 1591-1609, ed. by J. P. Collier for the 

Shakespeare Society. 8vo. London, 1845 

Heraclides Alex. Paradisus. Appendix ad Vitas Patrum. Patrol. 

Lat. 70. 
Heraclidus Ponticus. De politiis Grsecorum. Thes. Ant. Grcec. V. 6. 
Heraclitus. De iiicredilibus. Oale Ojpuscula. 
Heraud J. A. Expediency and Means of Elevating the Profession of 

the Educator. See Educator. 
Herbe M. Costumes FrauQais, civils, militaires et religieux. 4to. Paris, s. a. 
Herbert A. Cyclops Christianus, an argument to prove the antiquity of 

Stonehenge. 8vo. London, 1849 

Herbert E. of Cherbury. Life written by himself. 8vo. London, 1792 

■ Same (Autobiographies). 12mo. London, 1827 

Herbert J. D. Eeport of the Mineralogical Survey of the Himmalaya 

Mountains, between the Eivers Sutlej and Kala. J. Asiatic Soc. 

Bengal, XL p. 1. 

Herbert T. Memoires sur les dernieres annees de Charles ] er. Ouisot 
Mem. d'Angleterre. 

Herbert de Losinga. Epistolse, nunc primum editse a E. Anstruther. 

8vo. Bruxelles, 1846 
Herbertus de Boseham. Opera omnia, ace. J. P. Mignc. 

Eoy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1854 
Contents: Yita Sancti Thomse Archiepiscopi et Martyris; 
Homilia in festo S. Thomse, Epistolte. 

Herculaneum. Memoire sur la ville souterraine decouverte au pied du 

mont Yesuve. 8vo. Paris, 1748 

Eecueil general despeintures bronzes, mosaiquesd'Herculanum 

et Pompei decouverts jusqu'a, ce jour, graves par H. Eoux aing 
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De mente communi; Sermo crater vel monas; Ex sacro libro. 
cognominato Minerva Mundi ; De Providentia et Fato ; De 
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the Fons et Origo of the Old English — Archaic and Provincial 

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8vo. Boston, 1812 


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Heywood T. Apology for Actors. First and Second Parts of K. Ed- 
ward IV. Fair Maid of the Exchange. First and Second 
Parts of the Fair Maid of the West, or a Girl worth Gold. The 
Royal King and Loyal Subject. A Woman Killed with Kind- 
ness. Two Historical Plays on the Life and Reign of Q. Eliza- 
beth. The Gold and Silver Ages, Two Plays. Reprinted in 
the Publications of the Shakespeare Society. 

The Four Prentises of London. Historic Play. Dodsley''s Old 

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8vo. Manchester, 1844 

On Economic Fiscal Legislation. 12mo. London, 1845 

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Hickcox J. H. Historical Account of American Coinage. 

8vo. Albany, 1858 

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Gothicse. 4to. Oxonise, 1689 

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sidents and Vice-Presidents of the U. S., from March 1789 to 
1847. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1853 

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Necessary Laws of the Universe. 8vo. New York, 1858 

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Benedictinas tertia parte superet, ace. J. P. Migne. 

9 vols. Roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1845 
Contents : Vol. I. Prjefatio, Vitse, EpistolfB, Notse Martiani. 
Vol. II. Vitse SS. Pauli, Hilarionis et Malchi monachorum; S. 
Pachdmii Regulse ; SS. Pachomii et Theodori verba mystica ; 
Interpretatio Didymi de Spiritu Sancto ; Contra Luciferianos ; 
De perpetua virginitate B. Marise ; Adversus Jovianum ; Contra 
Vigilantium; Contra Joannemllierosol.ymitanum ; Apologia ad- 
versus libros Rufini ; Adversus Pelagianos ; Mopsuestini frag- 
menta; De vitis illustribus; De vitis apostolorum ; Ad Deside- 


rium epistola. Vol. m. De nominibus Hebraicis ; Ilebr. Quses- 
tiones in Genesira ; Comm. in Ecclesiasten ; Interpretatio Plomi- 
liaruni dnarum Origenis in Canticum ; Grseca Fragmenta libri 
nominum Hebraicorum ; Liber nominum Grsecorum ex Actis ; 
De benedictionibus Jacob patriarchse ; De decern temptationi- 
bns popnli Israel in deserto ; Comm. in Canticum Deborse ; 
Qusestiones Hebr. in libros Kegum et Paralipomeuon ; Expositio 
in Jobum; Comm. in S. Hieronymi libros anctore JVTartianseo. 
Vol. IV. Comm. in Isaiam et Jeremiam ; Translatio homilia- 
rnm Origenis in visiones Isaise ; Abbreviatio in Isaiam. Vol. 
V. Comm. in Ezechielem, Danielem ; Translatio Origenis in 
Jeremiam et Ezechielem ; In Lamentatiories Jeremiae Tracta- 
tns. Vol. VI. Comm. in Osee, Joelem, Amos, Abdiam, Jonam, 
Michseiim, ISTaum, Abacuc, Sophoniam, Aggseum, Zachariam, 
Malachiam. Defensio eruditionis Hieronym. adversus J. Cleri- 
cum. Vol. VII. Comm. in Evangelium S. Matthsei ; Translatio 
Homiliarum Origenis in Lucam ; Comm. in Epistolas ad Gala- 
tas, Ephesios, Titum, Philemon, in librnm Job ; Breviarium in 
Psalmos. Vol. VIII. Interpretatio Chronic83 Eusebii Pam- 
phili ; S. Hieronymi Chronicon ; Prosperi Aguitani Chronicon ; 
Pontani castigationes et notse. Vol. IX.-X. Divina Biblio- 
theca ; Abbreviatio Chronicse ; Variantes lectiones. Vol. XL 
Opera supposititla. 

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Higginson E. On the Expediency and Means of elevating the Profes- 
sion of Educator. See Educator. 

Higginson F. New England's Plantation. Force's Tracts, V. I. 

' Journal of his Voyage — New England's Plantation. Young's 

Chronicles of Mass. 

Higginson T. "VV. Women and her "Wishes. 12mo. New York, 1853 

Hilarianus Q. J. Chronologia sive de Mundi duratione. De die 
Paschse et Mensis. Patrol. Lot. 13. 

Hilarion. De pane mystico Gfsecorum et Azyma Latinorum. Mew- 

sius Opera, V. 8. 
Hilarius S. Arelatensis Episc. Vita ; De Vita S. Honorati ; Epistola 

ad Sanctum Eucherium ; De miraculo Sancti Genesii ; Versus 

in natali Machabseorum martyrum ; Metrum in Genesim. Por 

trol. Lot. 60. 

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ordinis Sancti Benedict! et omnes alias inter se collatas, repro- 
ducta, emendata, singulariter aucta. 2 vols. roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1844 

Hildebertus Turonensis Archiep. Opera omnia tam edita quam in- 
edita, cura et studio J. J. Bourasse, accurante J. P. Migne. 

Eoy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1856 
Contents: Prolegomena; Epistolse, Diplomata, Sermones, 
vitse SS. Eadegundis et Hugonis ; De conflictu carnis et spiri- 
tns ; Moralis philosophia de honesto et irtili ; De quatuor virtu- 
tibug vitse honestse ; Tractatus theologicus ; Tractatus de Sacra- 
mento altaris ; De expositione missse ; Versus de mysterio mis- 
833 ; De sacra Eucharistia ; De operibus sex dierum ; Physio- 
logus ; De ordine et deornatu mundi ; Carmen in libros Regum; 
Applicatio moralis locorum Scripturse ex V. T. ; In Ecclesias- 


ten ; Ex Novo Testamento ; Libellus Inscriptionum Christiana- 
rum ; Versus de S. Susanna ; De Machabaeis ; Versus de S. Vin- 
centio ; Passio S. Agnetis ; De inventione S. crucis ; Vita B. 
Marias ; Lamentatio peccatricis animEe ; Historia de Mahumete; 
Liber dictns mathematicus ; Carmina miscellanea; Carmina 
qusedam indifferentia ; Supplementum ad carmina. 
Hildegardus S. Abbatissa. Opera omnia; ad optimorum librorum 

fidem edita, accurante J. P. Migne. Roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1855 

Contents : Acta, Vita ; Epistolte ; Visiones ; Divina opera 
simplicis hominie ; Solutiones triginta octo qusestionum ; Ex- 
planatio Regul^ S. Benedicti ; Explanatio regalge S. Benedicti 
ac Symboli S. Atlianasii ; Yitss SS. Euperti et Disibodi ; 
Physica. < 

Hildesheim W. Die Normal Diat. Bvo. Berlin, 1856 

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Hilgard T. 0. See Pacific Pail P. Survey, 5. 
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Art of Acting. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1753-i 

Hill C. S. Observations and Experiments in Education. Bvo. 
Hill J. The Construction of Timber explained by the Microscope. 

Sec. Ed. Fol. London, 1774 
Hill J. Account of the Life of Dr. Hugh Blair. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1807 

Hill K. P. O. Eeform, its Importance and Practicability. 

8vo. London, 1837 

State and Prospects of Penny Postage. 8vo. London, 1844 

Hill S. S. Travels in Peru and Mexico. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1860 

Hill T. Address before the Harvard Nat. Hist. Soc. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1853 

Liberal Education. An Address. 8vo. Cambridge, 1858 

Integral Education. An Inaugural Address. Bvo. Boston, 1859 

Addresses at his Inauguration as President of Harvard Col- 
lege, March 4, 1863. Bvo. Cambridge, 1863 

Hillard G. S. The Relation of the Poet to his Age, a Discourse. 

Bvo. Boston, 1843 

• Connexion between Geography and History, a Lecture. 

Bvo. Boston, 1846 
The Dangers and Duties of the Mercantile Profession, an Ad- 
dress. 12mo. Boston, 1850 

Discourse before the N. England Society in N. Y. 

Bvo. New York, 1852 
Selections from the Writings of W. S. Landor. 12mo. Boston, 1856 

Hiller M. De vertibus fimbriatis Hebrgeorum. Ugolino, v. 21. 

Hillhouse A. L. Description of the European Olive Tree. 4to. Paris, 1818 

Hilton J. Ayres or Fa Las for three Voices. 4to. London, 1844 

Hilton W. Relation of Discovery on the Coast of Florida. Force's 

Tracts, V. 4. 
Himmels C. F. Denkschrift fiir die Staaten des Kontinents von 

Europa wegen Einfuhrung eines ausserordentlichen Zahlmittels, 

zunachst fiir Preussen una Deutschland bestimmt. 

12mo. Anclam, 1839 

Hincmarus Laudun. Episc. Opuscula et Epistolse. Patrol. Lot. 14. 


Hincmarus Rlien. Episc. Opera omnia, juxta editionem Sirtnon- 

dianam ace. J. P. Migne. 2 vols. roy. 8vo. Parislis, 1852 

Contents: V. I.-il. Prolegomena; Epistola ad Carolum 
regem ; De prsedestinatione et libero arbitrio ; De una etnon 
trina Deitate ; De divortio Lotharii regis ; Capitula synodica ; 
Ooronationes regige ; Explanatio in ferculum Salomonis ; Opus- 
cula varia ; Appendix ; Hincmari Annales ; Epistolee ; Opuscula 
et epistolse quae spectant ad causam Hincmari. 

Annales de Saint Bertin. G-uizot Mem. Hist. France, Y 4. 

Hind H. S. Eeports on the Northwest Territory, with a Eeport on 
the Assiniboine and Saskatchewan Exploring Expedition. Maps 
and Charts. 4to. Toronto, 1859 

Hindley C. Speech at a Public Dinner on proposing Free Trade all 

over the World. 8vo. London, 1841 

Hindoglu A. Tiirkische Yorschriften. Obi. Ito. Wien, s. a. 

Hindoos, with Illustrations. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1834-35 

Hinds W. The Harmonies of Physical Science in Relation to the 
Higher Sentiments, with Observations on the Study of Medical 
Science. 12mo. London, 1853 

Hingestrom P. Progymnasmata Hellenica. 8to. Cantabrigiffi, 1753 

Hinrichs J. Verzeichniss der Biicher 1857-63. • 6 vols. 12mo. Leipzig. 
Hinton J. Man and his Dwelling-place. 12mo. London, 1861 

Hints to Irish Landlords on their Pents. 8vo. London, 1824 

Hints to the Public on Evangelical Preaching. 8vo. London, 1808-9 

Hippel T. G. Sammtliche Werke. 14 vols. 12mo. Berlin, 1828-39 

Contents: Y. I.-IV. Lebenslaufe nach aufsteigender Linie. 
Yol. Y. Ueber die Ehe. Yol. YI. Heber die biirgerliche Yer- 
besserung der Weiber. Yol. YII. Ueber weibliche Bildung ; 
Handzeichnungen nach der Natur ; Geistliche Lieder ; Ge- 
dichte. Yol. VIII.-IX. Kreuz-und Querziige des Ritters A. bisZ. 
Yol. X. Zimmermann der I. und Friederich der 11. ; Freimau- 
erreden ; Pflichten des Maurers bei dem Grabe eines Bruders ; 
Die ungewohnlichen ISTebenbuhler ; Ein Lustspiel ; Der Mann 
nach der TJhr ; Ein Lustspiel. Yol. XL Ueber die Mittel gegen 
die Yei-letzung dffentliclier Anlagen ; Ueber Gesetzgebung ; 
Ueber Yerbrechen and Strafen. Yol. XII. Hippel's Leben. 
Yol. Xni.-XIY. Hippel's Briefe. 
Hippisley Sir J. C. Speech on the Catholic Question. 8vo. Lond. 1810 
Hippocrates. Aphorisms from the Latin Yersion. 12mo. New York, 1847 
Hippolytus S. Portuensis Episc. Prolegomena. Yita ; Opera exege- 
tica ; Opera dogmatica et historica ; Ex libro adversus Grsecos ; 
Serrao in sancta Theophauia ; Sermonum sive Homiliarum Frag- 
menta ; Canon paschalis ; Appendix dubia et supposititia com- 
plectens. Patrol. Greec. Y. 10. 
Hirtius. De bello Alexandrine. See Ccssar J. 

Hirzel C. Neue Franzdsische Gramm. herausg. v. Orell. 8vo. Aarau, 1828 
His C. Du danger pour la France d'adopter le mecanisme constitu-' 

tionnel de I'Angleterre. 8vo. Paris, 1814 

Hisely J. J. Sur I'origine et le developpement des libertes des "Wald- 
stetten, Uri, Schwyz, Unterwalden, jusqu'a leur premier acte de 
souverainete et 4 I'admission de Lucerne dans leur confederation 
ea 1332. 8vo. Lausanne, 1839 


Ilisely J. J. EecherclicB critiques sur I'List. de G. Tell. 8vo. Lausanne, 1843 
Ilisinger W. Versueh einer mineralogischer Geographic von Scliwe- 

den. Uebersetzt von K. A. Blode. 12mo. Freiberg, 1819 

Histoire de la marclie des Idees sur I'emploi de I'argent depuis Aris- 

tote jusqu'a nous par J. B. M. N. 4to. Paris, 1830 

Histoire des annees 1605-1608. Chiiler, S. 1, v. 14. 
Histoire de la troisiome guerre civile. Tbid. S. 2, v. 1. 
Histoire secrette de la Ducliesse d'Hanover, Spouse de George I. 

8vo. Londres, 1733 
Historia de translatione beatissimorum trium Eeguin. 4to. Oolonia?, 1486 
Historia de la guerra entre Mexico y los Estados Unidos. 

8vo. Mexico, 1848 
Historise Augustoa Scriptores sex cum integris notis J. Casaubon, 0. 

Salmasius et J. Gruterus. 2 vols. 8vo. Lugd. Bat. 1671 

Same ad opt. Edit, collatce. 2 vols. 8vo. Biponti, 1787 

Historical Illustrations of Quentin Durward. See Scott W. 
Historical Magazine, and Notes and Queries concerning the Antiquities, 

History, and Biography of America. Vol. 1-7. New York, 1867-1863 
Historical Painting — its probable Decline or Extinction in England. 

8vo. London, 1825 
Historical Register, containing an impartial relation of all Transactions, 

with a Chronological Diary of the most remarkable Events from 

July 1714 to Jan. 1716. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1724 

Historical Eegister, same contents 1715-1737. 

23 vols. 8vo. London, 1717-1738 
Historical Scripture Catechism (Hawaiian Language). 12mo. Oahu, 1832 
llistorisches Mngazin. 8vo. Jena, 1805 

Ilistoriskt och Geografiskt Arkif. 4 vols. 12mo. Stockholm, 1834-35 

History of the Mammalia. 6 vols. 12mo. London, 1849 

History of the Minority during the Years 1762-65. 8vo. London, 1766 

History of the Florentine Council (in Pussian). 8vo. Moscow, 1847 

History of the Pise and Progress of the War in N. America from the 

Time of Gen. Gage's Arrival in Boston, May 1774. 

Peprint from Lond. Ed. 8vo. Boston, 1780 

History and Progress of Education from the Earliest Time to the Pre- 
sent. By Philobiblius. With an Introduction by II. Barnard. 

12mo. New York, 1860 
History of the two Tartar Conquerors of China, including the two 
Journeys of Verbiest from P. J. D'Orleans and Pereira's Jour- 
ney into Tartary from Witsen, tr. and ed. by the Earl of Elles- 
mere for the Hakluyt Society. 8vo. London, 1854 

Hitchcock E. Dj^spepsy Forestalled and Pesisted. 12mo. Amherst, 1831 

The Peligious Bearings of Man's Creation. 8vo. Albany, 1856 

Illustrations of Surface Geology. Smithsonian Cant. V. 9. 

Hitchin E. Free Thoughts on the Application of some Dissenting 

Ministers to Parliament. 8vo. London, s. a. 

Hitopadesa of Vishnu Sarma tr. by Sir W. Jones. Works, v. 13. 
Hittell J. S. A Plea for Pantheism. 8vo. New York, 1857 

The Evidences against Christianity. 12mo. San Francisco, 1856 

The Resources of California, comprising Agriculture, Mining, 

Geography, Climate, Commerce. 12mo. San Francisco, 1863 


Hittorff A. On the Arabesques of the Ancients, compared with those 

of Raphael and his School. Oruner Fresco Decorations of Italy. 
Hitzig F. Die Erfindung des Alphabets. 4to. Zurich, 1840 

Die Grabschaft des Darius zu Nakschi Eustan. 8vo. Zurich, 1847 

Hjort J. M. L. Evangelisk TJgeskrift. 1-12. 8vo. Kjobenhavn, 1859 

Hjortdahl Th. og Irgens M. Geologiske Undersogelser i Bergens 

Omeyn. ito. Christiania, 1862 

Hoadley J. Bp. Eefutation of Bp. Sherlock's Arguments against a 

Eepeal of the Test and Corporation Acts. 8vo. London, 1787 

Hoadly B. The Suspicious Husband ; a Comedj. BelVs Br. Theatre, 

V. 4. 
Hoard F. On the Canal Excavator and the Cane Cultivator. 

8vo. Liverpool, 1836 

Hoare E. N. Practical Observations on Church Eeform. 

8vo. Dublin, 1838 

'- — On National Education in Ireland. 8vo. Dublin, 1838 

Letters on Subjects connected with L'eland. 8vo, Dublin, 1839 

Hoare P. No Song, no Supper. Musical Entertainment. London 
Stage, Y. 4. 

Hobart J. H., Bp. A Funeral Address at the Interment of Bp. 
Moore. With an Appendix on the Place of Departed Spirits. 

8vo. New York, 1816 

The U.S. of America compared with some European Countries, 

particularly England. 8vo. New York, 1826 

The Corruptions of the Church of Eome contrasted with Cer- 
tain Protestant Errors. 8vo. New York, 1828 

The Charter of the Corporation of Trinity Church defended. 

8vo. New York, 1846 

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ticeship System. 8vo. London, 1838 

Speech on the Corn Law Bill. 8vo. London, 1842 

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The History of the Supernatural in all Ages and Nations. 

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Same. New York, 1833 

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Migne. 2 vols. 8vo. Parisiis, 1854 

Contents : Yol. L Opera exegetica ; exegetica dubia. Yol. 

H. Opera dogmatica ; Opuscula mystica; Epistolse. Appendix 

ad Opera dogmatica. 
Hugo de Folieto. De Claustra animse ; De medicina animse. Pai/rol. 

Lat. 176. 
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■ Histoire du Monastere de Yezelai. Ouisot Mem. Hist. Fr. Y. 7. 

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— Theatre. 2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1856-57 

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Patrol. Lat. 175. 
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Horribles cruautes des Huguenots en France. Ihid. S. 1,Y. 6. 

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Christ's Mission to the Underworld. l2mo. Boston, 1854 

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6 vols, in 12. 4to. Paris, 1852-61 
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2 vols. 8vo. London, 1821 
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t/re, Y. 28. 
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Hulsius H. De Jehova Deo, Bege 'et Duce militari ; De propinqua, 

Dei in Israele prsesentia et habitatione ; De corpore, velo et 

sepulchre Moysis. Ugolino, Y. 24, 33. 
Hunter W. A. A Practical Treatise on Cast and "Wrought Iron 

Bridges and Girders. 4to. London, ] 857 

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Contra Latinos ; Adversus Simoniacos ; Appendix. Patrol. 

Lat. 143. 


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Cosmos. Entwm-f einer physischen Weltbeschrelbung. - 

4 vols. 8vo. Stuttgart, 1845-58 
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sem Werke, bearbeifet von B. Cotta u. J. Scballer. 

4 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1855-59 
Briefe an Yarnhagen von Ense, aus d. J. 1827-1858. 

Svo. Leipzig, 1860 

Same, translated from the German by F. Kapp. 

12mo. New York, i860 

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McMasters. 12nio. Alton, 1854 
Essais sur le Cotnmerce, le Luxe, I'Argent, I'lnter^t, les Im- 

pots, le Credit public, la Balance du Commerce, la population 

des nations anciennes, trad, en Frangais. Melanges d'Eoonomie 

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Borneo. 8vo. London, 1855 

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Svo. Manchester, 1839 

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Svo. London, 1762 
An Epistle to the same. Svo. London, 1754 

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12mo. New York, 1857 
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Rail R. Survey, 1, 7. 
Humphreys D. Discourse on the Agriculture of Connecticut. 

• Svo. Newhaven, 1816 

Life of General Israel Putnam — Miscellaneous Worlcs. 

Humphreys H. N. Eiver Gardens, being an Account of the best Me- 
thods of Cultivating Fresh-water Plants in Aquaria. 

12mo. London, 1859 

Ocean and River Gardens. 12mo. London, 1857 

The Butterfly Vivarium or Insect Home. 12mo. London, 1858 

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Svo. Albany, 1849 
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2 vols. 12mo. Eoeskilde, 1849 

Biographiske, &c., om dem ved Kjobenhavns Universitet have 

erholdt de Hoieste akademiske Vaerdigheder. 

3 vols. 12mo. Eoeskilde, 1854-59 
Hungary. Leges EcclesiasticEe. See Rathyan J. 
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a Fact of Science. Svo. New York, 1863 

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Hunt J. W. Wisconsin Gazetteer. Svo. Madison, 1853 

Hunt L. Stories from the Italian Poets. Svo. Paris, 1846 

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from the Mines of the United Kingdom. With the Exports and 
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Foundations and of the Claims upon them of the Presbyterian 
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A Contribution towards an Authentic List of the Commanders 

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Indians of N. America. 8vo. London, 1823 

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Luther's Preface and General View of his Works, by E. de 
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'^Translation Fund. 8vo. London, 1842 

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lY. Dialogi. Yol. Y. Orationes et Scripta Didascalia cum 
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Greek, comprehending Grammar, Delectus, and Exercise Book. 
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Iconographie Frangaise ou Choix de deux cents Portraits d'homraes et 
de femmes qui se sont acquis en France depuis le regne de 
Charles YII. jusqu'a la fin de celui de Louis XYI. le plus de 
c^lebrite, public par Madame Delpech. 3 vols. Fol. 1840 
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nologie fiir das Thierreich und Pflanzenreich. 8vo. Helmstadt, 1800 
Illiagworth C. Topographical Account of the Parish of Scampton, in 

the County of Lincoln. 4to. London, 1810 

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Same, 1844:-49, reported by Charles Gilraan. 

5 vols. 8vo. Quincey, 1846-49 

— '■ Same, 1849-56, reported by E. Peek. 

7 vols. 8vo. Springfield, 1850-57 

State Gazetteer for 1858-9, compiled by G. W. liawes. 8vo. Chicago. 

Illustrated London ISTews, cont'd 1857-1862. 

Illustration Horticole, journal special de serres et de^jardins, redig^ 

par C. Lemaire. 6 vols. Roy. 8vo. Gand, 1854-59 

Use L. F. Geschichte der deutschen Bundesversammlung insbeson- 
dere ihres Yerhaltens zu den D. national-Interesse. 

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8vo. Easel, 1856 
Imitation of Christ. De Imitatione Christi. 18mo. Solisbaci, 1815 
Importance of the Er. Plantations in America. 8vo. London, 1731 
Inchbald Mrs. E. Such Things are ; Every One has his Fault ; 
Wives as they were and Maids as they are ; Lovers' Yows ; 
To Marry or not to Marry, Comedies. IncTilaWs Br. Theatre^ 
Y. 23. 
Child of Nature; Wedding Day; Animal Magnetism; Mid- 
night Hours, Dramas, &c. InolihaWs Farces, Y. 1. 

I'll tell you what ; Next Door Neighbour, Comedies. IncTi- 

laMs Mod. Theatre, Yol. 7. 
The British Theatre, a Collection of Plays acted at the The- 
atres Royal, London, with Biographical and Critical Remarks. 

25 vols. 12mo. London, 1808 

The Modern Theatre, a Collection of Modern Successful Plays, 

as acted, &c. 10 vols. 12mo. London, 1811 

A Collection of Farces and Afterpieces, acted, &c. 

7 vols. 12mo. L. 1815 
Inchaupe I'Abbe. Le Yerbe Basque. 4to. Paris, ] 858 

India in the Fifteenth Century, being a Collection of Narratives of 
Yoyages to India in tiie Century preceding the Portuguese 
Discovery of the Cape of Good Hope ; edited with an Intro- 
duction for the Hakluyt Soc, by R. H. Major. 8vo. London, 1857 

Contents: Narrative of the Yoyage of Abd-el-Razzalc ; 
The Travels of Nicolo Conti in the East; The Travels of Athe- 
nasius Nikitin ; The Journey of Hieronimo di Santo Stefano. 
India. Fragments sur I'Inde. 8vo. s. 1. 1773 

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8vo. Lond. 1849 

. Notes and Opinions of a Native on the State and the Feelings 

of the People. •■ 8vo. Ryde, 1848 

Appeal to Liberal Christians for the Cause of Christianity in 

India. 8vo. Boston, 1826 

The Judicial System of British India. 8vo. London, 1852 

— Proposal of a Plan for Remodelling the Government of India. 

8vo. London, 1853 

Claims of the Army on E. I. Patronage. 8vo. London, 1852 

. Route of the Overland Mail to I. by Grieve, &c. 

Obi. 12mo. London, s. a. 


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2 vols. 8vo. Calcutta, 1859 

Examination Papers for the Civil Service in India. 

^ 8vo. London, 1860 

Letters on the Annexation of the Punjaub. 8vo. Cupar, 1849 

History of the Indian Eevolt and of the Expedition to Persia, 

China, and Japan, 1856-58, with Maps, Plans, &c. 

^ Eoy. 8vo. ^.ondon, 1859 

India and China. l)anger and Impolicy of Laying Open the Trade 

^Q 8vo. London, 1813 

Indian Fairy Book, from the Original Legends. 12mo. N.Y.^ 1856 

Indian ISTarratives, containing a Correct and Interesting History of 
the Indian Wars from the Landing of our Pilgrim Fathers to 
Wayne's Victory, 179i. 12rao. Claremont, 1854 

Indian Portraits. Catalogue of the Portraits painted by J._M. Stan- 
ley, deposited in the Smithsonian Institution. Smithsonian 
Misc., V. 2. 

Indian Eelations. Statement of, with a Eeply to the Article in the 
36th No. of the N. A. Eeview on their Eemoval. 

4:to. NevF Tork, 1830 

Indiana and Illinois. See Oilman C 

Indische Studien. See ^Yeber A. 

Industrial Schools. Six Essays on the Best Mode of Establishing and 

Conducting Industrial Schools. 8vo. London, 1845 

Ingelend T. Interlude of the Disobedient Child, ed. by J. O. Halli- 

well for the Percy Society. 8vo. London, 1848 

Ingenieur (Der). Zeitschrift fur das gesammte Ingenieur Wesen, 

herausg. von Borneman und Briickmann. 

2 vols. 4to. Freiberg, 1848-50 

Civilingenieur, neue folge, 1854-61. Y vols. 4to. Freiberg, 1854-61 

Ingenieur (L'). Journal scientifique des travaux Europ^ens, Ann^e 

4 et 5. 4to. Paris, 1855-56 


Ingersoll C. J. Discourse concerning the Influence of America on 

the Mind. 8vo. London, 1824 

Inghirami F. Eicerche di Yetulonia. 8vo. Fiesole, 1837 

Observazione sopra " I monumenti antichi " di Micali. 

8vo. Firenze, 1811 
Ingleby C. M. A Complete View of the Shakespeare Controversy. 

8vo. London, 1861 
Ingledew C. J. D. The History and Antiquities of North Allerton. 

8vo. Lond. 1858 
Inglis H. D. See Conway D. 

Ingrahara E. D. Catalogues of his Law and of his Miscellaneous Li- 
braries. 8vo. Phil. 1854 and '55 
Ingraham J. H. The PiUar of Fire, or Israel in Bondage. 

12mo. Philadelphia, 1860 

The Prince of the House of David. 12mo. Phil. 1860 

Ingratitude, an Ode. Sir Salvador, an Allegorical Poem. 8vo. Lincoln, s.a. 
Ink. The History of Ink, including its Etymology, Chemistry, and 

Bibliography. 12mo. New York, s.a. 

Innes J. On Negro Apprenticeship. 8vo. London, 1838 


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Lat., 20, 84. 
Inquiry into what is the True Faith. 8vo. London, s. a. 

Inquiry into the Moral and Religious Character of the American 

Governnaent. 8vo. New Yorlj, 1838 

Inquiry into the State of the jSTation. Answer to. 8vo. London, 1806 

Inquisitor (The) or Dr. Plaguein's Strictures. 8vo. London, 1826 

Instruction for Field Artillery, Horse and Foot. 12mo. Baltimore, 1845 

Instruction for Heavy Artillery for the U. S. Army. 

]2mo. "Washington, 1851 
Instruction for Mountain Artillery. 12mo. Washington, 1851 

Instructions for Making Muster-Eolls, etc. 12mo. Washington, 1848 

Interest of Great Britain considered with regard to her Colonies and 

the Acquisitions of Canada and Guadeloupe. 8vo. London, 1760 

Inventor (The). Vol. 2. 8vo. New York, 1866-67 

Investigateur (L'). Journal de I'lnstitut Historique. 

26 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1834-64 
Iowa, Law Courts. Cases in the Supreme Court, 1839-1846, reported 

by E. Morris. 8vo. Iowa City, 1847 

Same. 1847-1864, reported by G. Green. 

Dubuque and Cedar Eapids, 4 vols. 8vo. 1849-1868 

Same. 1855-56, reported by W. P. Clarke. 

3 vols. 8vo. New York, 1856-57 

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Grand Lodge, Proceedings. 3 vols. 8vo. Muscatine, 1858-1863 

Iranyi D. and Chassin C. L. Histoire politique de la Revolution de 

Hongrie, 1847-49. 8vo. Paris, 1859 

Irby C. L. and Mangles J. Travels in Egypt, Nubia, Syria, and Asia 

Minor. 8vo. London, 1823 

Ireland. Vindiciee Hibernicse. An Historical Argument to prove Ire- 
land not a Conquered Country. 8vo. London, 1838 

Reply to Martin's Ireland. 8vo. Dublin, 1844 

Little Tour in, being a Yisit to Dublin, Galway, Connemara, 

Athlone, Limerick, Killarney, Cork, etc. 12mo. London, 1859 

The Tourist's Handbook for Ireland, 1859. 12mo. London, 1859 

On the Habits of the Laboring Classes in Ireland. 8vo. Lond. 1836 

The Source of her Troubles. 8vo. London, 1835 

A Plea for Ireland. 8vo, London, 1840 

Reports of the Commissioners of National Education in Ireland. 

8vo. Dublin, 1836 

On the Proposed Introduction of the Poor Laws into Ireland. 

8vo. London, 1837 
A Cry from Ireland. 8vo. London, s. a. 

Ireland E. S. Reflections on the Political State of the Church. 

8vo. London, 1837 
Ireland J. B. Wall Street to Cashmere. A Journal of Five Years in 

Asia, Africa, and Europe, 1851-56. • 8vo. New York, 1859 

Ireland W. H. England's Topographer, or a New and Complete His-' 

tory of the County of Kent. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1828-30 

Irenseus S. Detectionis et Eversionis falso cognominatse agnitionis, 

seu contra Hsereses, libri quinque. Studio et labore D. Renati 

Massueti, accurante et recognoscente J. P. Migne. 

Roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1858 


Irisarri A. J. de. Cuestiones filologicas sobre algunos puntos de la 
Ortografia, de la Gramatica, y del Oriffen de la Lengna Castellana. 

^ ' 'J 5 12mo. Nueva Toi'k, 1861 

L-isli Catholics, Vindication of. 8vo. London, 180T 

Irish Church Question. Sv^o. 

Irish Poor. Abstract of the Final Keport of the Commissioners of 

Irish Poor Inquiry. 8vo. London, 1837 

Irish and Scotch Early Settlers of Pennsylvania ; Tribute to. 

8vo. Chambersburg, 1856 

Irish Peers. Question of Precedency in England Fairly Stated. 

8vo. London, 1761 

Irish Society ; a Concise Yiew of the Origin, Constitution, and Pro- 
ceedings of the New Plantation in Ulster. 8vo. London, 1822 

Iron and Steel. Manufacture of; Abridgment of Patent Specifications. 

12mo. London, 1858 

Irving D. Observations on the Civil Law. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1820 

Irving P. M. Life and Letters of "Washington Irving. 

Vol. 1-i. 12mo. New York, 1862-64 
Irving W. Life of George Washington. 5 vols. 12mo. Leipzig, 1856 

Irvingiana. A Memorial of Washington Irving. 4to. New York, 1860 

Isa, Kena, Katha, Prasna, Munda, Mandukya Upanishads, with the 
Commentary of Sankara Acharga and the Gloss of Ananda 
Giri. Edited by Dr. E. Roer. 8vo. Calcutta, 1850 

Isaac ex Judaso Christ. De sancta trinitate et de incarnatione Domini. 
I>atrol. Gr. V. 33. 

Isaacus S. Niniv. Episc De contemptu Mundi ; De cogitationibus. 
Patrol. Or. Y. 86. 

Isaacus Ling. Episc. Canones. Patrol. Lat. 124. 

Isaiah, Prophecies of, published by Jaffna Bible Soc. 12mo. Jaffna, 1841 

Isaias S. Abbas. Orationes, Praecepta, Capitula. Pai/rol. Gr. 40. 

Isherwood B. F. Description of Timber Bridges on the Utica and 
Syracuse Railroad. Weale, Papers on Bridges, V. 1. 

Isidorus Pelusiot. S. Epistolarum libri quinque, accurante et denuo 

recognoscente J. P. Migne. Eoy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1860 

Isidorus Pacensis Episc. Chronicon-Epitome Imperatorum, vel Ara- 
bum Ephemerides atque Hispanise Chronographia. Patrol. 

Isidorus Hisp. S. Episc. Opera omnia, ace. J. P. Migne. 

8 vols. roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1850 
Contents : Vol. l.-U. Isidoriana. Vol. IH.-IV. Vita, Ety- 
mologiaB, Appendices, Notge. Vol. V.-VII. Differentiae sive 
de proprietate sermonum ; De ortu et obitu Patrum ; Proemia in 
libros V. et N. Testainenti ; Liber Numerorum ; Qusestiones in 
V. et N. Testam. ; De fide catholica ; Sententise ; De ecclesias- 
ticis officiis ; Synonyma ; Regula Monachorum ; Epistolse ; De 
ordine creaturarnm ; De natnra rerum ; Chronicon ; De regibus 
Gothoram, Wandalorum ; De viris illastribus ; Appendix. Vol. 
VIII. Excerpta Canonum ; Concilia ; Epistolse decretales ; Diss, 
in veram et genuinam collationem canonum Ecclesise Hispanise. 


Isograpliie des liorames cel^bres, ou collection de Fac-Simile des let- 
tres autograplies et de signatures,' executee et imprim^e par T. 
Delarue. 4 vols. roj'. 4to. Paris, 1843 

Israel. Wider Stahl und Bunsen. 8vo. Leipzig, 1856 

Israeli Kalibi J. Liber Jesod Olara, sen Fundamentum Mundi, opus 
astronomicum ex codice manuscripto edd. B. Goldberg et L. 
Eosenkranz. 410. Berolini, 1848 

Istorikon Chartopaiguion. 12mo. Yiennge, 1808 

Italienisk Lomme Ordbog. 12mo. Leipzig. 

Itindraire du Koyaume de France. 12mo. 

Itinerant (The). A Select Collection of Interesting and Picturesque 

Yiews in G. Britain and Ireland. Fol. London, 1799 

Ivernois Sir F. Effects of the Continental Blockade upon the Com- 
merce and Prosperity of the Br. Islands. 8vo. London, 1810 

Reflexions on the War. 8vo. London, 1793 

Ives E. Jr. The American Elem. Singing-Book. 12mo. Hartford, 1832 

Ives J. C. See Pacific Rail It. Survey, 3. 

Ives L. S. Humility a Ministerial Qualification. 8vo. E". Y. 1841 

Izaacke E. Remarkable Antiquities of the City of Exeter. 

Svo. London, 1861 

Jablonski P. E. Eemphah. IIgolmo,Y. S3. 

Jachman J. All the World's a Stage, a Farce ; Hero and Leander, 
Operatic Burletta. London Stage, Y. 1, 3. 

Jackson C. T. Report on the Geology of New Hampshire. 

Svo. Concord, 1841 

Jackson Jas. Eulogy on John Warren, M.D. 8vo. Boston, 1815 

Discourse onFever. Svo. Boston, 1818 

Jackson J. G. Sur la Conformite de I'Arabe occidental on de Bar- 
baric, avec I'Arabe Oriental. 12mo. Paris, 1824 
Jackson R. History of Bamsley in Yorkshire. Svo. London, 1858 
Jackson T. J. Life of Gen. Stonewall Jackson. 12mo. N. Y. 1863 
Jacob Bibliophile. See Lacroix P. L. 
Jacob J. D. De Toro in Portis. Ugolino, Y. 25. 

Jacob K. Gerard. Traite de Numismatique ancienne. 

2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1825 

Jacobi C. G. J. Report sur son ouvrage intitul6 " Fundamenta Nova 

Functionum EUipticarum." 4to. Paris, 1830 

Jacobi J. M. Histoire gen^rale de la Corse. 2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1835 

Jacobs F. Ueber den Reichthum der Griechen an plastischen Kunst- 

werken. Svo. Miincheu, 1810 

Jacobs M. Notes on the Rebel Invasion in Maryland and the Battle 

of Gettysburg. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1864 

Jacquemin L. Monographic de 1' Amphitheatre d'Arles. 

^ * ^ 2 vols. Svo. Aries, 1845 

Jacquemont Y. Oorrespondance pendant son Yoyage dans I'Inde, 

1828-1832. 2 vols. 12mo. Pans, 1846 


Jacques, Herirg et Dncbartre. Manuel general des Plantes, Arbres, 

et Arbustes. 4 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1817-57 

Jacquet E. Kecbercbes sur la Religion des Malabars. Fob Pai-is, s. a. 

Jacquinot C. H. Zoologie et Botanique du voyage au Pol Sud. 
Dumont (V TJrville. 

Jacquot F. De I'origine miasmatique des Fievres end^mo-(^pide- 

miques. 8vo. Paris, 1855 

Jaeger Prof. Ueber IL Maximilian's I. Yerbaltniss zum Pabstbnm. 

^Y^en Sltzung&b. Phil. V. 12. 
Jseniscb P. Notitia Bibliotbecse Thonmensis. 4to. Jenee, 1723 

Jago R. Life and Poems. Chalmers's Eng. Poets, V. 17. 
Jabn O. W. A. Mozart (Leben). 2 vols. 12mo. Leipzig, 1856-58 

Jabr F. "W". De precibus Gentilium poenitentialibus. Ugolino, Y. 21. 
Jabrbucb fiir Eomanisebe und Englische Literatur, herausg. v. Ebert. 

V. 1-5. 8vo. Berlin,, 1859-63 

Berliner Astronomiscbes. See Encke J. F. 

Jabrbucb fiir Mineralogie und Geologie, cont'd to 1862. 
Jabrbiiclier (ISTeue) fiir Pbilologie, cont'd to 1862. 

Supplement dazn, cont'd to 1860. 

Jabresbericht iiber die Fortscbritte der Cbemie u. verwandter Tbeile 

anderer Wissenschaften, berausg. v. Ivopp u. "Will, 1849-62. 

Mit Register. 13 vols. 8vo. Giessen, 1850-63 
TJeber die Fortscbritte d. cbem. Tecbnologie. See Wagner 

J . 1l, ^ 

Jacob L. H. Russland's Papiergeld. 8vo. Halle, 1817 

Jal A. Arcbeolngie navale. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1843 

Jamaica. Rev. Mr. Cooper and bis Calumnies against. 8vo. Jamaica, 1825 

Speecb of Mr. Merewetber against tbe Bill making Temporary 

Provision for its Government, 1839. 8vo. London, 1839 

Narrative of Certain Events in tbe Late Disturbances in. 

8vo. London, 1832 
James VL of Scotland. Correspondence with Sir R. Cecil and otbers 
during tbe Reign of Q. Eiizabetli, ed. by J. Bruce for the Cam- 
den Soc. 4to. London, 1861 
James IL of England. True Account and Declaration of tbe Horrid 
Conspiracy against his Majesty and tiie Government. 

Fol. London, 1685 

Copies of tbe Informations and Original Papers relating to tbe 

Proofs of said Conspiracy. Fol. London, 1685 

James H. Substance and Shadow — An Essay upon the Pbysics of 

Creation. 8vo. Boston, 1863 

James J. T. Painting. Enay. Metrop. Y. 3. 

Jameson Mrs. A. Description and Analysis of tbe great Picture by P. 

Delarocbe in tbe Amphitheatre of tbe School of the Fine Arts at 

Faris. 8vo, London. 

Sisters of Charity. 12mo. Boston, 1857 

Same, with a Prefatory Letter on the Present Condition and 

Requirements of tbe "Women of England. 12mo. Lond. 1859 

Memoirs ot the Loves of the Poets. 12ino. Boston, 1857 

Handbook to tbe Courts of Modern Sculpture in the Crystal 

Palace. 12mo. London, 1854 


Jameson H. G. Treatise on Epidemic Cholera. 8vo. Phil. 1855 

Jamet Abbe. Snr I'instruction des Sourds-muets. Memoires de 

VAcad. de Caen, 1825. 
Jancigny A. P. D. B. de. Japon, Indo-Oliine, Ava, Siam, Annam, 

Ceylon. Svo. Paris, 1860 

Jancigny A. P. & Kaymond X. Inde. 8vo. Paris, 1845 

Janet P. Histoire de la Philosophie. 8vo. Paris, 1858 

Janes J. Illustrated Catalogue of Ornamental Iron "Work. 4:to. New York. 
Janin J. La Normandie. 8vo. Paris, s. a. 

La Bretagne. 8vo. Paris, s. a. 

Almanacli de la litterature du Theatre. 8vo. Paris, 1865 

Jansen M. Album de I'Exposition de I'lndustrie de 1855. Fol. Paris, 1855 
Janus D. F. De vite aurea templi Hierosolymitani. Ugolino, Y. 11. 
Janvier M. Manuel du Capitaine. 12mo. Paris, 1846 

Manuel des Machines a vapeur. 12mo. Brux. 1838 

Janvier et Lefebre. Compte rendu des Etudes sur la Meunerie et la 

Boulangerie. 8vo. Paris, 185Y 

Janvitius J. M. Bibliotheca Conventus SS. Joannis et Pauli. 

4to. Venetiis, 1673 
Jany Muhammad Asaad. Practical Philosophy of the Muhammedan 

People. See London Or. Transl. Fund. 
Japan. Sailing Directions and Regulations for the Japan Islands. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1855 

Fookoua Sirink ou Traite sur I'origine des richesses au Japon, 

trad, du Chinois. 8vo. Paris, 1828 

Jardin des Plantes. La Menagerie de la valine Suisse en Estampes. 

4to. Paris, s. a. 
See also Deleuze J. P. F. Museum d'Hist. naturelle. 
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See also under Bibles — English. 
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Svo. London, 1848 
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with an Historical Notice of tlie Monuments of Egypt, by S. 

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See Sharp G. — Greek and Roman Courts. 
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Panic. 8vo. London. 

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accompanied by other Observations appearing to lead to a 
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New Observations concerning the Colours of thin Transparent 

Bodies, showing those Phenomena to be Inflections of Light. 

8vo. London, 1800 

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general de la litterature de France, 1798-1841. 

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24mo. Lyon, 1858 
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of Mexico, to lind the Mouth of the Mississippi. 8vo. London, 1714 
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. Elogia virorum bellica virtute illustrium veris imaginibiis sup- 

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See Giovio P. in Catalogue, Vol. 2. 
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in Criminal Cases. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1843 

On the Evidence of Accomplices. Svo. Philadelphia, 1844 

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of Synodical Action in the Church of England. 12mo. London, 1853 
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Ciiinois traduit. 8vo. Paris, 1834 

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quinque libris Chronograpliiaa ; Spuria. Patrol. Gr. V. 10. 
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tica; Monumenta genuina Epistola ad Antiochenos; Epistola ad 

Alexandrines ; Scripta suspectse Fidei. Patrol. Lat. V. 8. 
Julius ]Sr. H. On the Public Care for the Sick as Produced by Chris- 

tianism. ito. Hamburg, 1825 

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Letters. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1794 

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mittitur Alphabetum Gothicum Runicum. 4to. Dordrecht, 1665 

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which have brought on this Civil War. 12mo. New York, 1863 

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Opinion in Crown Libels. 8vo. London, 1784 

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illustrated by 750 Wood Engravings. Post 8vo. London, 1859 

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und Lehr-Instituts unserer Zeitalter. 8vo. Gotha, 1795 

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pleat Body of the Sea Laws. 4to. London, s. a. 

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adversus Theod. Mopsuestenum; Constitutio sacra ; Tractatus 
contra Monophysitas ; Epistola dogmatica ad Zoilum; Bulla 
aurea ; Epistola adversus nonnuUos Theodorum et ejus dogmata 
scriptis propugnantes, Grsece et Latine. Patrol. Qro&c. V. 86. 

Justinus S. P. K _ Opera quse extant omnia, cum MSS. codicibus col- 
lata ac novis interpretationibus, notis, admonitionibus et prgefa- 
tione illustrata ; opera et studio D. Prudentii Marani e cono-re- 
gatione S. Mauri, accurante et recognoscente J. P. Migne. ° 

Roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1857 

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Patrol. Lat. 

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Satires, tr. by Dryden. 2 vols. 12mo. Chiswick, 1822 


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bu8 Domini. Patrol. Lot. 19. 
Juvenile Delinquency. Prize Essays on, by E. E. Hale, T. Y. Moore, 

and Anonymous. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1855 

Kaemmerling H. Sammlung von Entwiirfen aller im Landbau vor- 
kommenden Baulichkeiten, mit Beriicksichtigung technischer 
Anlagen im Gebiet der Landwirthschaft. Unter Leitung des 
Baumeistei's E. T. Fol. Berlin, s. a. 

Samndung von Entwiirfen zu Privat-Wohngebauden fur Stadt 

und Land. Fol. Berlin, 1860 

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2 vols. 8vo. Prag. 1858 
Contents : Vol. I. Makamen Charisi's Dichtungen. Vol. II. 
Makamen Charisi, etc., Hebraice. 

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Gerathe, Statuen, Skulpturen, etc. Fol. Berlin, 1860 

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Calendaria in ann. 1598 et 1599 ; De fundamentis Astrologise ; 
Judicium de Trigono Igneo ; Prognostica in ann. 1605, 1618 et 
1619 ; Bericht vom neuen Stern 1604 ; Responsio ad Roeslinum ; 
Tertius interveniens ; Notse Editoris. II. Astronomise pars 
optica ; Notse Editoris ; De tubo optico ; De stella nova in Ser- 
pentario ; De stella nova in Cygno ; Mercurius in Sole visus ; 
Notsp editoris ; Litera Kepleri. III. Astronomia nova ; Frag- 
menta studiorum astronomicornm ; ISTotEe editoris ; Epistola ae 
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Vol. XL 
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of tlie good Knight without Fear and without Reproach, the 
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preters of Ancient History and as Illustrations of Ancient Art. 

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Pemarks, etc. See Ogilby ; China Appendix. 

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See Japan, Fooltuuah Sirialc. 
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Stage, Y. 1, 4. 
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Ugolino, Y. 28. 
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de I'Est de I'Europe. 4to. Paris, 1818 
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IS. 4. 


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^ jj„_ 4to. Berlin, 1860 

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ihrer Abhaugigkeit von der Gestaltung d. Erdoberflache. 

Svo. Leipzig, 1850 

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Wanderings round Lake Superior. Svo. London, 1860 

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Geography of the American Continent. Svo. Washington, 1857 
On the Maps, Charts, and Surveys relating to America, men- 
tioned in Hakluyt, Yol. 3. Svo. Washington, 1857 
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primis sacram. Svo. Altonavise, 1729 
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fortattet i Norge mod Slutningen af det 12te Aarh. 

Svo. Christiania, 1848 
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Reception of Gov. L. Kossuth by the 0. Council of New York. 

8vo. New York, 1852 
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Deaf and Dumb, Indian Exiles, False Delicacy, Happy Family, 

Dramas ; Pizarro, Adelaide of Wulfingen, Tragedies. Thomp- 
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Phil. 6. 
Ausziige aus Ibn Osch Schine's Geschichte von Haleb ; Bei- 

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ems ; Geber ; Acts and Scenes ; Miscellanies. 
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Inquiry into the Nature and Origin of Public Wealth. 

8vo. Edinb. 1804 

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iltoiles fondamentales. Mem. de VAcad. So. Math. 27. 


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De natalitiis, conviviisque; De navium varietate ; De pi'seconi- 

bus, cithargedis, fistulis, etc. ; De professoribus oratoribus ; De 

re vestiaria ; De sponsalibus ; De rebus publicis, suffragiis, con- 

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temps le nom de France a ^t6 en usage pour distinguer une por- 
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ductions en langue Franc, avec fragmens de po6sie en langage 
vulgaire usite il-y-a environ 700 ans. ; De I'^tat des sciences dans 
I'^tendue de la monarchic sous Charlemagne avec le supplement ; 
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upon Albumenized Paper and Glass. l'2mo. Philadelphia, 1856 

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du peuple en mission pres les armees et dans les d^partements 
pendant les Annies 1793-95. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1837 

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vies de considerations g^nerales sur I'origine et le d^veloppe- 
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T a-t-il ou n'y a-t-il pas un Arabe vulgaire en Algerie. 

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^Enigma architectonico-geometricum cum solutione. 

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'34. 8vo. Leipzig, 1832-34 

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8vo. Paris, 1825 

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principales productions des Peintres et autres Artistes les plus 
c^lebres de I'Antiquite, da moyen age et des temps modernes. 

8vo. Paris, 1821 

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8vo. Paris, 1814 


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8vo. Paris, 1815 

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Svo. Paris, 1824 

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Svo. Paris, 1826 

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Sur les representations qui avaient lieu dans les mysteres 

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• Beaux Arts et Voyages. 2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1861 

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Svo. Paris, 1S59 
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Ihid. 98, 102. 
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que requieren para las Indias Occ. 4to. Madrid, 1630 


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86 liallaran en la Plaza principale de Mexico, 1790. 

12mo. Mexico, 1832 

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4to. Parma, 1818 
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See Jahrbuch fiir Mineralogie u. Geologie. 

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Bormio. 12mo. Leipzig, 1860 

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J. P. Migne. Eoy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1860 

Contents : De sectis ; Contra Nestorianos et Eutychianos ; 
Tractatus contra Nestorianos : Contra Monophysitas ; Capita 
triginta contra Severum ; Solutio Argumentorum Severi ; Con- 
tra fraudes Apollinistarum ; Sermones duo ; Fragmenta ; Ap- 
Leontius Episc. Sermones ; Vita SS. Joannis Eleemos. et Symeonis 

Sali-confessoris. Migne Patrol. Or. V. 93. 
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12mo. Paris, 1854: 

La EuBsie contemporaine. 12mo. Paris, 1854 

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Bildern und V ignetten. 8vo. Mannheim, 1836 

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a uniform Orthography in European Letters. 8vo. London, 1855 

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Uebereinige Beriihrungspunkte der JEgyptischen, Griechischen 

und Eomischen Chronologie. Berlin Akad. Aihandl.f. 1859. 

Ueber die Umschrift und Lautverhaltniss einiger hinterasiati- 

sclier Sprachen, namentlich der Chinesischen u. d. Tibetisch. 
Ihid.f. 1860. 
Ueber die Arabischen Sprachlaute und deren Umschrift. Ihid. 

f. 1861. 

Das urspringliche Zend Alphabet ; Das Lautsystem der Per- 

sischen Keilschrift. Ihid. 1862. 
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daer. 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1857-8 

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Culte. 8vo. Boussac, 1846 

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de Charles VII. _ 12mo. Paris, 1857 

See Paris Monuments and Edifices. 

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enfans. 8vo. Paris, 1830 

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script. 28. 
Nouvelles recherches sur les marines, etc. Mem. Acad. Lit. et 

B. Arts, 1. J 

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Chretiens ont donnees a leurs temples. 8vo. Paris, 1764 

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S. 1, Y. 8. 

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saints lieux. 4to. Douai, 1851 

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cette partie. 12mo. Paris, 1798 

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decouvertes et habitations faites par les Frangois ^s Indes Occi- 
dentales et Nouvelle France. Sec. Edition. (Cette Ildition a 
et^ mise en rapport avec la derni^re publiee en 1617-18 au 
moyen des additions en manuscrit.) Bvo. Paris, 1612 

Les Muses de la nouvelle France. 8vo. Paris, 1612 

Eelation de ce qui s'est passe au voyage du Sieur de Pontrin- 

court en la Nouvelle France. Cimber Archiv. S. 1, Y. 15. 

Lesley J. P. The Iron Manufacturer's Guide to the Furnaces, Forges, 
and Eolling Mills of the TJ. S., with Discussions of Iron as a Che- 
mical Element, an American Ore, and a Manufactured Article 
in Commerce and in History, with Maps and Plates. 

8vo. New York, 1859 

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Poor Eate is Administered. 8vo. London, 1836 

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2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1852 

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. States. . 8vo. Pottsville, 1858 

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12mo. London, 1816 

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maques. ^ 8vo. Paris, 1835 

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corporis S. Juniani. Migne Patrol. Y. 137. 

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8vo. Paris. 

Note sur deux noms de vases grecs. 4to, Paris, 1837 


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8vo. Paris. 

See Rosette, Inscription Grecque. 
Snr I'epoqne o^ le paganisme a^t^ definitivement aboli a Phile. 

Mem. Acad. Insc. N. S. 10. 

Le Trosne G. F. De I'inter^t social par rapport a la valeur, a la circu- 
lation, a I'industrie et au commerce interieur et ext^rieur. Phy- 

Letter to a Friend giving a Concise Representation of the Hardships 
and Sufferings the Town of Boston is exposed to from shutting 
up the Port. 8vo. Boston, 17Y4 

Letter to Lord Howe on his Naval Conduct in the American "War. 

8vo. London, 1779 

Letter to the Duke of Portland on the Conduct of the Minorit}', 1793. 

8vo. s.l. 1783 

Letter on the Spirit of the New Ministry and the Spirit of the Age. 

8vo. London, 1827, 
Letters to a Nobleman on the Conduct of the War in the Middle Colo- 
nies. 8vo. London, 1779/ 
Letters on the Duties of the Clerical OfiSce. (In Russian.) 

2 vols. 8vo. Moscow, 1845. 
Letters addressed to Lords Grenville and Howick upon their Removal 

from the Councils of the King. 8vo. London, 180? 

Letters of an American mainly on Russia and Revolution. Ed. by W^ 

S. Landor. 12mo. Lpndon, IS^S^,. 

Letters to the " London Times" by a " Statesman. 12mo. Boston, ISSJT' 

Lettieri M. Tazza e Calamajo con caratteri arabici. 4to. 

Lettre de Messieurs des Missions otrangeres au Pape sur les Idolatries 

et les superstitions Chinoises. 12mo^ Bruxelles, 1700 

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Viz. The Martins of Cro' Martin — The Fortunes of Giencore — 
Roland Oashel — Davenport Dunn — The Confessions of Con Cre- 
gan — One of Them. 

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verett. Svo. Boston, 1856 

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tions de la langue Frangaise depuis Charlemagne jusqu'a St. 
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to the Christian Era. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1855-56 

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peutique du Seigle ergote. 8vo. Paris, 1837 

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Levy E. Histoire de la Peinture snr Verre, avec Planches par J. B. 

Capronnier. 2 vols. 4to. Bruxelles, 1860 

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Nov, and Dec. 1857. 8vo. New York, 1858 

Manual of Kules for Men of War. 8vo. New York. 

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The same, much enlarged and thoroughly revised. 

2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1857 

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Same, with numerous "Woodcuts. 2 vols. 12mo. Leipzig, 1860 

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Lewis D. The new Gymnastics for Men, "Women, and Children. 

12mo. Boston, 1862 
Lewis E. On Legal and Judicial Oaths. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1846 

Lewis Sir G. C. An Historical Survey of the Astronomy of the An- 
cients. 8vo. London, 1862 
Lewis J. Life of Dr. John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester in the Keign 
of Henry VIII., with an Introduction by T. H. Turner. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1855 
Lewis J. F. Illustrations of Constantinople, made during a residence 

in that city in the years 1835-6. Fol. London. 

Lewis M. G. Journal of a Eesidence among the Negroes in the "W. 

Indies. 12mo. London, 1845 

• The Castle Spectre, a Dramatic Eomance. London Stage, V. 1. 

Lewis "W. Chess Problems. 8vo. London, 1827 

Lewis "W. D. Treatise on the Law of Perpetuity, 8vo. Phil. 1846 

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libros, ed. J. P. Migne. 8vo. Paris, 1859 

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8vo. Frankfort, 1858 
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ment of the Low-Countries, 1585-86, ed. by J. Bruce for the 
Camden Soc. 4to. London, 1844 

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oude Nederlandsche Letterkunde. 8vo. Leyden, 1844 

Viz. Boendale J. Der Leken Spiegel ; Maerlant J. van Dboeck 
van den Houle; Karel den Grooten en zijnevXII. Pairs; Potter 
Dire Der Minnen Loep ; Vostaert Pen P. Roman van "Walewein ; 
Maerlant J. van Leven van Sint Franciscus. 
Leydig F. Naturgeschichte der Daphniden. Mit 10 Knpfer. 

4to. Tiibingen, 1860 

Lehrbuch der Histologie des Menschen und der Thiere mit 

Holzschnitten. ^.to^ 

L^er P. De frustra <iusesita Poesi in Codice sacro Hebrseo. TTgoUno, 


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politique. l2mo. Paris, 1851 De la religion Catliolique en France, 1560-1604. Oim- 

her Archiv. S. 1, V. 14. 
L'Hermite Jacq. Yoyage de la Flote de Nassau aux Indes Orientales 

par le Droit de Magellan. Constantin Voyages, V. 9. 
Ephemeris quse historia et res gestae classis Nassovise quae sub 

archithalasso Jacobo Heremita totum terrarum orbein annis 

1623-26, circumnavigabat, per singulos dies describuntur. De 

^ry. S. 1. P. 13. ^ '^ ^ 

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en regard. 8vo. Paris, 1857 

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L'H6te N. Lettres ^crites d'Egypte, 1838-39. 8vo. Paris, 1840 

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augmented by David Powell. 4to. London, 1584 

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Y. 2. 
Libel. Summary of the Law of. 8vo. London, 1781 

Discussions of the Law of Libels as at present received. 

8vo. London, 1785 
Liber diurnus Komanorum Pontificum juxta editionem J. G-arneri ace. 

J. P. Migne. Roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1851 

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primum edidit A. Dillman. 4to. Kiliae, 185.9 

Liber Scholasticns, or an Account of the Fellowships, Scholarships, and 

Exhibitions at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. 

12mo. London, 1829 
Libeiratus Diac. Breviarium causae Nestorianorum et Eutychianorum ; 

Dissertatio de Quinto Synodo. Migne Patrol. Y. 68. 
Liberius Papa. Notitise quae extant; Epistolae, Edicta, et Gesta. Migne 

Patrol. Y. 8. 
Library of Reading (In Russian). 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1839 

Libri G. M6moire sur la theorie des nombres. 4to. Paris, 1833 

Catalogues of his Libraries. 8vo. Loudon, v. y. 

License Law. Examination of the License Law of Massachusetts. 

8vo. Boston, 1833 
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Lichiield. Account of the Ancient and Modern State of the City and 

Close of Lichfield. 12mo. Lichfield, 1819 

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Lichtenberg G. C. Ideen, mit Portrait. 12mo. Hildburghausen, s. a. 

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On International Copyright 8vo. New York,*l 840 


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Necessity of Continued Self-Education, 8vo. Columbia, 1851 

Two Lectures on the Constitution of the TJ. S., 1861. 

Instruction for the Government of the Armies of the U. S. in 

the Field. 12mo. New York, 1863 
On the Vocal Sounds of Laura Bridgman. Smithson. Cont. 

Y. 2. 

■ Liaugural Address, Columbia College. 8vo. New York, 1858 

Lieber 0. M. Eeport on the Geological Survey of South Carolina. 

8vo. Columbia, 1856 

Liebert G. Milton ; Studien zur Geschichte des Englischen Geistes. 

12mo. Hamburg, 1860 

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ed. by L. Playfair. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1843 

Liebig T. v. Ueber die moderne Landwirthschaft 8vo. Leipzig, 1859 

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Y. 2. 
Liesganig J. Tabulae Memoriales Arithmeticse. 4to. Yienna, 1Y55 

Life-Boats ; Eeport of the Committee appointed to Examine Life-Boat 

Models, Fol. London, 1851 

Light-Houses, Beacons, and Floating Lights of the United States. 

8vo. Washington, 1845 
Code of Instructions on their Organization and Superintendence. 

8vo. Washington, 1845 
Ligne Prince de. Letters and Eeflexions transl. 2 vols. 16mo. Phil. 1809 

Memoires et Melanges hist, et litter. 5 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1829 

Lighten "W". B. Autobiography and Keminiscences. 12mo. Albany, 1854 

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graphica cum descriptione. Thes. Ant. Mom. Y. 1. 

De vehiculis antiquorum. Polenus, Y. 5. 

Descriptio magnificentissimse villas Tiburtinse Hadrianse. Thes. 

Ant. Ital. Y. 8. 

Ligue des Nobles et des Pretres centre les peuples et les Eois par M. 

Paul de P 2 vols. 8vo, Paris, 1820 

Lijst van nieuw uitgekommener Boeken, 1849-50, 2 vols. 8vo. Amst. 

Lillie Sir J. S. A Letter to the Earl of Eoden on Parlisynentary Ee- 

forra. 8vo. London, 1832 

Sketch of the Origin and Progress of Parliamentary Corruption. 

8vo. London, 1831 
Lillo G. George Barnwell ; Fatal Curiosity, Tragedies. BelVs Br. 

Th. Y. 14, 23. 

Arden of Feversham, Tragedy. Mod. Br. Drama, Y. 2. 

Lillo or Lyly J". Alexander and Campaspe, Comedy. Coll. Old Plays, 

— Mother Bombie, A Comedy. Old Eng. Drama, Y. 5. 

Limbourg, les Plans et Profils des principales villes et lieux considera- 
bles de la Duch^ de. Fol. Paris, 
Limprecht H. Lehrbuch der Organischen Chemie mit 49 Holzschnitte. 

8vo. Braunschweig, 1862 
Lincoln. The History of Lincoln. 12mo. Lincoln, 1810 

Liiitoln A. and Douglas S, A, PoUtical Debates, 8vo, Columbus, 1860 


Lincoln W. History of "Worcester, Mass. 8vo. "Worcester, 1837 

Lindau M. B. Geschiclite der haupt-imd residenzstadt Dresden von 

der friihesten bis auf die gegenwartige Zeit. 

2 vols. Svo. Dresden, 1867-62 

Bilder Heft dazu. 8vo. Dresden, 1857-62 

Lindeberg P. Heroes, Hodceporicon, Epithalamia, Epitaphia Moralia. 

Del. Poet. Germ. Y. 3. 

Lindeman Fr. De accentibus linguae latinse. 8vo. Lipsise, 1816 

Lindemann I. G. Geschiclite der Meinungen alterer u. neuerer-Vdlker 

im Stande der Eoheit und Oaltur, von Gott, Eeligion und Priest- 

erthum. 7 vols. 12mo. Stendal, 1784-95 

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Lindenschmit L. Die Yaterlandischen Alterthiimer der fiirtslich Ho- 

henzoller'schen Sammlungen zu Sigmaringen. 4to. Mainz, 1860 

Lindner F. L. Gemalde der Europaischen Turkef. 12mo. "Weimar, 1813 
Lindo A. Discourse on the Passover Festival. 8vo. London, 1839 

Lindsay H. H. Is the War with China a just one ? 8vo. London, 1840 

Lindsay "W. L. A History of British Lichens. 12mo. London, 1856 

Lindsey J. Engraving. Ency. Met. Y. 5. 

Lindsey T. Farewell Address to his Parishioners. 12mo. London, 1805 

Linker G. Emendationen zu Sallnst. Sitzungsb. Phil. Y. 13. 
Linnsea Entomologica, cont'd to vol. 15, 1863. 
Linnaeus 0. Bibliotheca Botanica Hals, 1747. 

Linneska Samfundet's Hanlingar J. 1832. Svo. Sthm. 1833 

Linz und seine "[Jmgebungen von G. H. Heinse. 8vo. Linz, 1812 

Lionne Abbe. Lettre a M. Charnot. 12mo. s. 1. 1700 

Lipeuius M. Strenarum historia a prima origine per diversas setates ad 

nostra usque tempora. Thes. Anfiq. Pom. Y. 12. 

De navigatione Salomonis ; De Ophir. Ugolino, Y. 7. 

Lippi C. Principj pratica di Mecanica. 8vo. Napoli, 1811 

Lipsius G. Miscellanea. Del. Poet. Belgioorum, Y. 3. 

Li Sao und die Neun Gesange, Zwei Chinesisch Dichtungen ans dem 

dritten Jahrhundert vor der Christl. Zeitberechnung von A. 

Pfizmaier. Fol. "Wien, 1852 

Lisiardus Turon. Historia Hierosolymitana. Migne Patrol. Y. 174. 
List F. Outlines of American Polit. Economy. Svo. Phil. 1827 

Lista A. Poesias. Edicion aumentada. 12mo. Paris, 1834 

Listen K. Elements of Surgery. Svo. London, 1840 

Liszt F. Life of Chopin, from the French. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1863 

Die Zigeuner und ihre Musik in Ungarn. 12mo. Pesth, 1861 

Litchfield Centennial Celebration, 1851. Svo. Hartford, 1851 

Literairt Maanedskrift 1-9. Svo. Kidbenhavn, 1853-54 

Literary Cadet and Saturday Ev. Bulletin, 1826-28. 

3 vols. Fol. Providence, 1826-8 
Literary Miscellany (The). 2 vols. Svo. Cambridge, 1805-6 

Litteraturblad, 1851, '52, '55. 3 vols. 4to. Helsingfors, 1851-56 

Littrow K. L. von. Populare Geometric. Svo. Stuttgart, 1839 

Liturgie und Gesangbuch fiir die neue Kirche. 12mo. Baltimore, 1855 


Liturgy. Eeaeoiis for Restoring some Prayers of the First English 
Eeformed Liturgy completed in the time of Edward VI. 

8vo. London, 1717 

Defence of the Reasons for Restoring, etc. 8vo. London, 1718 

Lintprandins sen Luitprandius Episc. Notitia historica^ et bibliog. ; 
Historia gestorum regam et imperatorum ; de legatione Constan- 
tinopolitana ; Chronicon ; Adversaria. Migne Patrol. V. 136. 
Livermore G. Remarks on Public Libraries. 8vo. Cambridge, 1850 
An Historical Research respecting the Opinions of the Found- 
ers of the Republic on Negroes as Slaves, as Citizens, and as 
Soldiers. 8vo. Boston, 1862 
Liverpool Reports of the Proceedings of the Literary and Philosoph. 

Soc. 1845-63. 8vo. Liverpool. 

Lives of the Illustrious. 5 vols. 8vo. London, 1856 

Livingston E. Judicial Opinions in the Mayor's Court of the City of 

New York, 1802. _ 8vo. K T. 1803 

Report to the General Assembly of Louisiana on the plan of a 

new Penal Code for the said State. ' 8vo. New Orleans, 1822 

Same in French, suivie des observations par M. Mill. 

8vo. Paris, 1825 

Introductory Report to the Code of Prison Discipline for the 

State of Louisiana. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1827 

Livingston J. Law Register for 1852, containing the P. O. Address of 

every Lawyer in the U. S. 8vo. New York, 1852 

Law Magazine, Y. 3, N. 1. Svo. New York, 1851 

Livingston R. R. Essay on Sheep. Svo. New York, 1809 

Livingstone D. Missionary Travels and Researches in S. Africa, includ- 
ing a Sketch of Sixteen Years' Residence. Svo. New York, 1868 

Cambridge Lectures. 12mo. London, 1860 

Livius. Hist, libri priores quinque. 12mo. IJtica, 1821 

Livlandische Reimclironik. Svo. Stuttgart 1844 

Lloyd C. On the Educational Provisions of the Factory Bill. 

Svo. London, 1843 
Lloyd R. Poems and Life. Chalmerses Eng. Poets., Y. 15. 
Locatus U. De Placentinse urbis origine. Thes. Ant. Ital. Y. 3, p. 2. 
Lochinvar. Encouragements in the New Plantation of Cape Briton 

now New Galway, in America. 4to. Edinburgh', 1625 

Locke J. See King. 

Locke J. On Terrestrial Magnetism. Smithsonian Cont. Y. 3. 
Locke J. L. History of the Town of Camden, Maine. 12rao. Halliwell 1859 
Locomotion, Aids to. Patent Specifications Abridged. 12mo. London 1858 
Loder G. The New York Glee Book. Svo. Hartford, 1848 

Lodge E. The Genealogy of the Existing British Peerage and Baronet- 
age. New and enlarged edition. Svo. London, 1869 

The Peerage and Baronetage of the British Empire ; 29th Ed.' 

revised and enlarged. Svo. London', I860 

Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain. 

S void. 12mo. London. 
Lodge T. _ A Defence of Poetry, Music, and Stage Plays. An Alarm 

against Usurers ; Tribonius and Prisceria. Svo. London 1853 
The Wounds of Civil War. Dodsley's Old Plays, Y. S. 


Ldhr I. A. 0. Die Bewohner der Erde oder Beschreibung der Ydlker 

der Erde. 12mo. Leipzig, 1823 

Lonnrol E. Om dit ]^ord-tschudiska Spraket, 4to. Helsingfors, 1863 

Lovenskjdld S. Oversigt, etc. (No Title Page.) 8vo. 

Ldewe J. H. Das Speculative System des Rene Descartes, seine Yor- 

zvige nnd Mangel. Wien Sitzungsb. Phil. V, 14. 
A Dictionary of the Circassian Language, Eng. Circ, Turk, and 

Circ, Engl. tnrk. 8vo. London, 1854 

Loewenstern J. Le Mexique, Souvenirs d'un Voyageur. 8vo. Paris, 1843 

Les !£tats-Unis et la Havane. 8vo. Paris, 1842 

Essai de decliiffrement de I'Elcriture Assyrienne pour servir a 

I'explication du monument de Khorsabad. 4to. Paris, 1845 

Loewenstern W. von. Denkwurdigkeiten eines Livlanders, 1790-1815, 

berausg. von F. Smith. 2 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1858 

Lofredus F. Antiquitas Puteolarum. Thes. Ant. Ital. V. 9, p. 4. 
Log Cabin Song Book. 12mo. New York, 1840 

Logan A. Carnac, a visit there in 1825. 12mo. London, 1826 

Logan J. Poems and Life. Chalmers's Eng. Poets, Y. 18. 
Logan "W. E. See Canada — Reports Oeol. Survey, 
Logarithms. Edition stereotype. 16mo. Paris, 1814 

Yon vier Decimal Stellen. 12mo. Berlin, 1828 

Logau F. Auserlesene Gedichte. 12mo. Leipzig, 1824 

Lohenstein D. C. Auserlesene Gedichte. 12mo. Leipzig, 1838 

Lombard M. Influence of Certain Medicines on the Functions of the 

Heart. 8vo. London. 

Lombard M. Tables du Tir des Canons, etc. 12mo. 

Lombardus J. F. Eorum quae de balneis aliisque miraculis Puteolanis 

scripta sunt, synopses. Thes. Ant. Ital. Y. 9, p. 4. 
Lombardus P. Opera Omnia, accurante J. P. Migne. 

2 vols. roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1854 
Contents : Commentarius in Psalmos ; in Epistolas D. Pauli ; 

Lomejerus J. De Osculis. Ugolino, Y. 30. 
London Prodigal Son, a Play. Anc. Br. Drama, Y. 1. 
London. Post Office Directory for 1860. Eoy. 8vo. London, 1860 

Principal Streets, as divided into Postal Districts. 8vo. London, 1856 

Court and City Eegister for 1774. 18mo. London, 1774 

■ Directory for 1823. 12mo. London, 1823 

. Metropolitan Police. 8vo. London, 1839 

University Calendar for 1860. 12mo. London, 1860 

London Journals and Periodicals. 

Newton's London Journal, continued to 1863. 

Publisher's Circular, cont'd to 1863. 

Punch or Charivari, cont'd to 1863. 

Other Journals published in London are catalogued under the 
leading word of their Title. 
London Libraries — Catalogues and Histories. 

R. Institution, new classified Catalogue. 8vo. London, 1857 

Court of Chancery Library Catalogue. 8vo. London, 1843 

Treasury Library, Catalogue. 8vo. Loudon, 1858 

See under British Museum. 


London Societies, Literary and Scientific. 

Chemical Society, Memoirs and Proceedings, 1841-1848. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1843-48 
Chemical Quarterly Journal, 1849-58. 10 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1849-88 
Linnsean Soc. Transactions, cont. to vol. 24, p. 1. 
Medical and Surgical Provincial Association. Transactions. 

19 vols. 8vo. London, 1832-62 
Microscopical Soc. Transactions with Journal, cont. to 1863. 
Odontological Soc. Transactions. 8vo. London, 1858. 

Pharmaceutical Soc. Journal and Transactions, cont. to 1863. 
Philological Soc. Transactions 1854-63. 8 vols. 8vo. London, 1854-63 

" Proceedings, 1842-53 

Photographic Soc. Journal, cont. to 1863. 

K. Institution, List of Members, 1833-40. 8vo. London. 

K. Soc. Philos. Transactions, cont. 1856 to '62. 

" Proceedings, Vols. 1-12, 1830-62. 

" Statutes. 4to. London, 1831-32 

K. Soc. of Literature Transactions, N. S. Vol. 5. 
Society of Arts, cont. to Vol. 10 for 1862. 
Statistical Society Journal, cont. to 1863. 
Zoological Society Proceedings, V. 16, 11. 8vo. London, 1848-9 

Comprehensive Pictures of the Great Exhibition of 1851 from 

the originals, painted by Messrs. Nash, "Haghe, and Roberts. 

Fol. London, 1854 

International Exhibition, 1862 — Ceremonial of Opening. 

. Zoological Soc. List of Vertebrated Animals living in their ' 

Gardens. 8vo. London, 1862 

See under London in this Catalogue, Vol. 2. 

Long G. The Civil "Wars of Eome ; Select Lives from Plutarch. 

5 vols. 12mo. London, 1844-48 

On the Discipline of large Boarding Schools. Schoolmaster, 

V. 1. 
On the Study of Latin and Greek. Ibid. V. 2. 

Long H. L. A Survey of the Early Geography of Western Europe, as 
connected with the first Inhabitants of Britain, their Origin, Lan- 
guage, Religious Rites, and Edifices. 8vo. London, 1859 

Long T. Dr. Walker's Account of Eikon Basilike demonstrated to be 

False. 4to. London, 1693 

Longfellow H. "W. Poems. 8vo. New York, 1846 

Poetical Works, authorized Ed. 2 vols. 12mo. Leipzig, 1856 

The Courtship of Miles Standish. 12mo. Boston, 1858 

Der sang von Hiawatha fibers, von Freiligrath. 12mo. Phil. 1857 

. Tales of a Wayside Inn. 12mo. Boston, 1863 

Longp6rier A. de. Documents numismatiques pour servir k I'histoire 

des Arabes d'Espagne. 4to. Paris, 1851 

Lonsdale L. d. J. Memoirs of the Reign of James II. Reprint from 

the Ed. of 1808. 8vo. London, 1846 

Loomis E. On certain Storms in Europe and America. Smithsonian 
Cont. Vol. XI. 

Loomis G. R. The Elements of Geology. 12mo. Boston, 1852 

Loon W. a. Eleutheria sive de Manumissione Servorum apud Romanes. 
Polenus, V. 3. 


Loosey 0. S. Bestimimingen iiber Handel und SchiflFfahrt der Vereig- 

nigten Staaten Nora Araerikas. 8vo. Wien, 1855 

Lopes T. See under Portugal. 

Lopez G. Life abridged by J. Wesley. 12mo. Baltimore, 1835 

Lorain M. Eapport sur I'Universitd d'Oxford. Archiv. desMiss. Sci- 
entifiques, 2. 

Lord E. Inspiration, not Guidance nor Intuition, or the Plenary Inspi- 
ration of the Holy Scriptures. 12mo. New York, 1858 

The Prophetic Office of Christ, as related to the Verbal Inspi- 
ration of the Holy Scriptures. 12mo. New York, 1859 

Lorenz A. Praktischer Tunnelbau in seinem ganzen Umfange nebet 

Beschreibungen ausgef. Tunnelbauten. Atlas Fol. & 8vo. Wien, 1860 

Lorenz J. E. Parallele-chromatischetafeln zum studium der Geologic. 

Obi. Fol. Gotha, 1858 

Begleitwort zur Verstandigung ueber den Zweck und dieEin- 

richtung der Tafeln. 8vo. Gotha, 1858 

Lorenz O. Die siebente Kurstimme bei Kudolf's I. Konigswahl. Wi&n 
Sitzungsb. Phil. V. 17. 

Lorey M. et Duret M. Flore de la Cote d'Or. 2 vols. 8vo. Dijon, 1831 

Lorimer J. Political Progress not necessarily Democratic, or Relative 

Equality the True Foundation of Liberty. 12mo. London, 185Y 

Loring C. G. and Field E. W. Correspondence on the present relation 

between Great Britain and the United States. 8vo. Boston, 1862 

Neutral Belations of England and the II. S. 8vo. Boston, 1863 

England's Liability for Indemnity. 8vo. Boston, 1864 

Lorini A. Sopra un' Etrusco Lampidario di Bronzo. 8vo. Montepulciano. 

Lorrain Claude (Gelee). Liber Yeritatis, or Collection of Three Hun- 
dred Prints after his original designs, with descriptions. 

3 vols. Fol. London, v. y. 

Liber Stndiorum, from the Drawings by F. C. Lewis. 

Fol. London, 1840 

Beauties of, selected from the Liber Yeritatis. Fol. London, 1825 

Los J. de. Chronicon rerum gestarum, 1455-1514. 
Lossius J. de. De Epispasmo Judaico. Tlgolino^ Y. 22. 
Lotharius I. Capitularia ; Constitutiones. Migne Patrol. Y. 97. 

Lotichius P. Elegise, Oarmina, Eclogse, Epicedion. Del. Poet. Ger- 

manorum, Y. 3. 
Lottin de Laval E. Y. Yoyage dans la Peninsule Arabique du Sinai 

et I'Egypte Moyenne. Atlas Fol. Texte 4to. 
Manuel complet de Lottinoplastique. 12mo. Paris, 1857 

Lottner Dr. Eemarks on the Nation by which the Cuneiform "Writing 
was invented. Philol. Soc. Tram,s. 10. 

Loudon J. C. The Horticulturist. 8vo. London, 1860 

Louis M. Eesearches on Emphysema of the Lungs, transl. by T. Stew- 

ardson. 8vo. 

Louis XL Le cabinet, contenant lettres missives et secrettes intrigues 
du r^gne de ce Monarque. Cimher Archiv. S. 1, Y. 1. 

_ Extraits des Comptes et D^penses. Ihidem. 

Louis XIII. Advis au Eoi ; Des Moyens de bannir le luxe du roy- 
aume. Cimher Archiv. S. 2, Y. 1. 


Louis Xin. La voix publicme au roi ; v6ritables relations de ce qui s'est 
passe aux voyages du Eoi, 1620, '21, '22. Cimber Archiv. S. V. 2. 

Louis XIV. CEuvres. 6 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1806 

Contents; Vol. L-IL Memoires historiques et poiitiques. 
IIL-IV. Memoires et pieces militaires. V.-VL Lettres parti- 
culieres ; Opuscules litteraires ; Pieces historiques. 

Portraits de sa cour. Cimber Archiv. S. 2, V. 8. 

Louis-Philippe. Mon Journal ; Evenements de 1815. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1849 

Louis d'Orleans. Advertissement des Catholiques Anglois aux Fran- 
9018 Catholiques du danger oii ils sont de perdre leur religion. 
Cimber Archw. S. 1, v. 11. 

Louisiana. Journal historique de I'fitablissement des Frangais a la Lou- 

isiane. 8vo. Nouv. Orleans, 1831 

Eeport of Cases Argued and Determined in the Snpreme Court 

of the Territory of Orleans and of the State, 1809-1830^ by F. X. 
Martin, with marginal references by T. G. Morgan. 

10 vols. 8vo. JSTew Orleans, 1846-52 

Eeport of Oases Argued and Determined in the S. C. of the 

State, 1830-184:1. By B. W. Miller. 10 vols. 8vo. New Orleans, 1854: 

Eeport of Cases, etc., 1841-46. By M. M. Eobinson. 

12 vols. 8vo. New Orleans, 1847-57 

: — Eeport of Cases (Annual Eeports) in the S, C. of Louisiana after 

its reorganization from April, 1846, to Oct. 1849. By M. M. 
Eobinson. 4 vols. 8vo. New Orleans, 1847-50 

Eeport of Cases, etc., 1850-51. By W. W. King. 

2 vols. 8vo. New Orleans, 1851-52 

Eeport of Cases, etc., 1862, '63, '54, and '56. By W. M. Ean- 

dolph. 4 vols. 8vo. New Orleans, 1863-57 

— • Condensed Eeports of Cases in the S. C. of the Territory of Or- 
leans and in that of the State of Louisiana, containing the deci- 
sions in those courts from the Autumn T. 1809 to the March T. 
1830, with notes of cases wherein the doctrines are affirmed, con- 
tradicted, or extended. Ed. by J. B. Harrison. 

4 vols. 8vo. New Orleans, 1839-40^ 
Acts of the Legislature, 1852, '54, '55, '56, '57. 

5 vols. Svo. New Orleans, 1852-57 
Consolidation and Eevision of the Statutes of the.State of a gene- 
ral nature. 8vo. New Orleans, 1852 

The Eevised Statutes of Louisiana, compiled by U. B. Phillips. 

, ,. . . , , 8vo. New Orleans, 1856 

bee under Louisiana in this Catalogue, Vol. IL, and also under 
Barbe-Marbois, Baudry des Lozi^res, Berquin-Duvallon, Bossu 
N., Brackenridge H. M., Bunner E., Cavelier M., Coxe D,, Du- 
mont M., French B. F., Gayarre C, Hennepin L., Journal de la 
Giien-e, Le Pago du Pratz, La Sale, Livingston E., Marcy E B 
Martin F. X., Monette J. W., Pike Z. MT, Sagean M., School- 
craft H. E., Shea J. G., Stoddard A., Tranchepain, Tonti Chev., 
Vergennes M. de. 

Loupe V. de la. Premier livre des dignites et offices deEoyaume de 
France. Cimber Archiv. S. 2, V . 4. 

Lonvain. Societelitterairedel'XJniversiteCatholiquedeLouvain Choix 

de Memoires. 3 vols. 8vo. Louvain, 1841-45 


Lovelass P. Law's Disposal of the Estates of Intestates. 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1839 

• Explanation of the Law concerning Bills of Exchange. 

8vo. Dublin, 1*790 
Loven H. Bidrag till historien oml650 ars Eiksdag. 8vo. Stockholm, 1850 
Levering J. and Bond "W. 0. Magnetic Observations made at the 

Observatory at Cambridge. Amer. Acad. Transactions. 
Lovett J. "Washington's Birthday, a Poem. 4to. Albany, 1812 

Lovibond E. Poems and Life. Chalmers's Eng. Poets^Y. 16. 
Lots de Perusi. Discours de Guerres de Provence. Oiniber Archiv. 

S. 1, V. 2. 
Low S. The Charities of London. 12mo. London, 1850 

Low S. Index to the British Catalogue of Books, 183Y-1857 inclusive. 

8vo. London, 1858 
Lowe E. J. Ferns, British and Exotic. 6 vols. 8vo. London, 1856-7 

Natural History of British Grasses. 8vo. London,. 1858 

Love J. Commerce. Ency. MeProp. Y. 6. 

Lowell A. C. Seed-Grain for Thought. 2 vols. 12mo. Boston, 1S56 

Lowell K. Five Letters occasioned by Published Assertions of a Ro- 
man Catholic Priest. 8vo. Newark, 1853 
Poems. New Edition. 12mo. Boston, 1864 

Lowell City. Catalogue of the School Library. 8vo. Lowell, 1858 

Lower M. A. Patronymica Britannica, a Dictionary of the Family 

Names of the United Kingdom. 8vo. London, 1860 

Lowndes J. J., Maxwell P. B. and Pollock C. E. Reports of Cases 
Argued and Determined in the Queen's Bench Practice Court, 
■with Points of Practice and Pleading in the Courts of G. P. and 
Exchequer, from, H. T. 1850 to M. T. 1851. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1851-52 

Lowndes W. T. The Bibliographer's Manual of English Literature, a 
new edition revised, corrected, and enlarged, by H. H. Bohn. 

5 vols. 8vo. London, 1858-1864 

Loyal National League. Proceedings at the Organization, March 23, 

1863. _ 8vo. New York, 1863 

Sumter Anniversary, Opinions of Loyalists concerning the great 

Questions of theTimes, expressed on occasion of the Inauguration 

of the League, April 11, 1863. 8vo. New York, 1863 

Address to the American People. Svo. New York,. 1863 

Loyd S. J. On Mr. J. H. Palmer's Pamphlet on the Causes and Con- 
sequences of the Pressure on the Money Market. 8vo. London, 1837 
See under Overstone for other publications. 

Lubersac Abbe de. Journal historique et religieux de I'^migration et 

deportation du Clerge de France en Angleterre. 8vo. Londres, 1802 

Lubet A. Le Bahut. Album de Saint Cyr. 4to. Paris. 

Luca F. di. Memoria per rivendicare alia scuola Italica. tutta I'antlca 

Geometria.. Svo. Napoli, 1845 

Lucan M. A. Pharsalia. 12mo. Mannhemi, 1779 

Lucas 0. Eecueil des Debats des Assemblies legislatives de la France 

sur la question de la Peine de Mort. Svo. Paris, 1831 


Lucas H. Histoire naturelle des animaux articules. 

Atlas and Texte i vols. Fol. Paris. 

See Castelnau F. Algerie Exploration Scient. 

Lucas J. A. H. De la Mineralogie. 8vo. Paris, 1818 

Lucas E. An Inquiry after Happiness. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1818 

Lucca. Atti di E. Accad. di Scienze in morte del Marchese 0. Lncche- 

sini. Eoy. 4to. Lucca, 1832 

Atti della E. Accad. dei Filomati. Svo. Lucca, 1843 

Lucian Samosat. Opera. 4to. Venetiis, 1517 

Lucifer Episc. De non conveniendo cum haereticis ; De reo;ibus Apos- 
taticis ; Pro S. Atlianasio ; De non parcendo in Deum delin- 
quentibus ; Moriendum-esse pro Dei Filio. Migne Patrol. Y. 13. 

Lucius Gratianus. See Lynch J. 

Lucius J. De regno lUyrici ; Inscriptiones Dalmatiae. Thes. Ant. Si- 
cilicB, V. 14. 

Lucius II. Papa. Epistolae et Privilegia. Migne Patrol. Y. 174. 

Lucius III. Papa. Epistolae et Privilegia. Ibid. Y. 201. 

Luculentius. In aliquot Novi Testamenti partes commentarii. Migne 
Patrol. Y. 72, 

Ludewig H. E. Die Diplomatie und ihre neuesten Bearbeiter. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1844 

The Literature of American Aboriginal Languages, with addi- 
tions by W. W. Turner ; Ed. by G.N. Trubner. 8vo. London, 1858 

Ludewig J. P. Einleitung zu den teutschen Miinzwesen mittler Zeiten. 

12mo. Halle, 1709 

Ludgerus S. Episc. Vita S. Gregorii Abbatis ; Acta. Migne Patrol. 
Y. 99. 

Ludlam W. Mathematical Essays. 8vo. Cambridge, 1787 

Ludolfi. De Itinere Terras Sanctae ; nach alten Handschriften berich- 

tigt ; herausgegeben v. E. Deycks. 8vo. Stuttgart, 1851 

Ludovicus I. Imp. Capitularia ; Privilegium, de regalibus confirmandis. 
Migne Patrol. Y. 97, 98. 

Yita, incerto auctore ; Diplomat, ecclesiastica usque ad divi- 

sionem Imperii anno 840 ; Epistolae. Ibid. Y. 104. 

Ludwig A. Zur Kritik des JEschylos. Abhandlungen. 8vo. "Wien, 1860 

Ludwig E.. Fossile Pflanzen, etc. PaloBontographica, 5. 8. 

Liibeck. Siegel des Mittelalters aus den Archiven der Stadt Ltibec. 

2 vols. 4to. Liibeck, 1856-62 

In der Mitte des 16ten Jahrhunderts. Eol. 

Liibke W. Grundriss der Kunstgeschichte. 8vo. Stuttgart, 1860 

Lugar E. The Country Gentleman's Architect, containing a variety of 
Designs for Farm Houses and Farm Yards, with Plans and Sec- 
tions shewing the Construction of Cottages, Barns, Stables, Dairies, 
engraved on 22 plates. 4to. London, 1815 

Lukemisia. Suomen Kansan hyoclyksi. Useful Eeading for the Fin- 
nish People in Finnish. 12mo. Helsingissa, 1845-7 

Lukis "W. C. An Account of Church Bells. Svo. London, 1857 

Lumiere (La) Eevue de la Photographic, Beaux-Arts, Heliographie, 

1856. Fol. Paris, 1856 

Lunatic Asylum — Colney Hatch (England). Eight Annual Eeports of 

the Committee of Yisitors. Svo. London, 1859 


Lnnd. Berattelse om StudenttSgen till Lund och Kopenhavm, Som- 

maren, 1845. 8vo. Upsala, 1846 

Lund T. Elements of Geometry and Mensuration. 12mo. Loudon, 1S59 
LiindZ. Auserlesene Gediehte. 12ino. Leipzig, 1839 

Lunel B. Guerre d'Orient jusqu'ala prise de Sebastopol. 12mo. Paris, 1857 
Lunt G. Lecture in aid of the Public Library, Newburyport. 

8vo. Boston, 1860 
Lupus S. Presbyter. Notitia Bibliographica ; Epistolse ; Concilium 
Yernense ; De tribus quiBstiouibus ; Vit£e SS. Maxiaiini et Wig- 
berti ; Homiliis ; Hymni. Migne Patrol. Y. 119. 
Lupus Protospata Chronicon, 860-1102. lUd. Y. 155. 

Lurine L. et Brot A. Les Couvents, illustr^s par T. Johannot, Baron, 

et autres. , 8vo. Paris, 1846 

Lnshington H. Beply to his Speech on the Condition of the Free 

Coloured Population of Jamaica. 8vo. London, 1828 
The Double Government — The Civil Service and the India 

Reform Agitation. Svo. London, 1853 

Lusty Juventus, a Morality. Hawhins Ong. En^. Drama. 
Lutfullah M6moires trad, de I'Anglais. 12mo. Paris, 1858 

See under EastwicJc E. B. 
Lnther M. M^moires Merits par lui-mSme, traduits en Frangais par M. 

Miclielet. 2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1835 

Lutz M. Dictionnaire g^ographiqne-statistique de la Suisse. Traduit 

de I'Allemand, et revu pai* J. L. B. Leresche. 

2 vols. 8vo. Lausanne, 1837 
Lux Jeanne du. Mr. Jay's Argument in the Case. 8vo. New York, 1857 

LuxemboTirg. Les Plans etProfils des principales villes et lienx consi- 
derables du Duch(5 de Luxembourg, avec la Carte g6n(5rale et 
les particulieres de cliaque gouvernement. Fol. Paris. 

Lyell Sir C. The Geological Evidences of the Antiquity of Man, with 
Bemarks on tlie Origin of Species by Yariation. 

Svo. Philadelphia, 1863 
Lynch A. H. Address to the Electoi-s of Galway on the Poor Law Bill 

for Ireland. Svo. London, 1838 

On the Present State of the Court of Chancery. Svo. London, 1836 

Lynch J. Cambrensis eversus seu potius historica fides in rebus Hi- 
bernicis Giraldo Cambrensi abrogata, in quo plerasque justi histo- 
ric! dotes desiderari plerosque naevos inesse osteudit Gratianus 
Lucius Hibernus (John Lynch) ; impress. 1562. Edited with 
translation and notes by the Kev. M. Kelly for the Celtic Societv. 

2 vols. Svo. Dublin, 1848-52 
Lynn G. G. "What is Dissent ? Svo. London, 1840 

Lyon M. Life and Laboure. 12mo. I^ew York, 1858 

Lyon Gen. IST. His last Political Writings, with a Sketch of his Life 

and Militai-y Services. 12mo. New York, 1861 

Lyons R D. A Handbook of Hospital Practice. 12mo. London, 1859 

Lyons T. A. A Case of Clerical Oppression exhibited in a Series of 

Letters. Svo. London, 1834 

Lyons. La juste et sante Defense de la ville de Lyon ; Relation de la 
contagion de Lyon, 1628. Cinder Arch iv. S. 1, Y. 4, et S. 2, Y. 3. 
Lyra Germanica. Second Series. 12mo. London, 1858 


Lyrics from the " Wide Wide World :" the words by Bellamy. 
^ 8vo. New York, 1853 

Lytton Sir E. G. E. Bulwer. Letter on the Present Crisis. 8vo. Lond. 1834 

Ernest Maltravers. 12mo. Leipzig, 1842 

What will lie Do with It? 4 vols. 12mo. Leipzig, 1857-68 

Dramatic Works. " 2 vols. 12mo. Leipzig, 1860 

Lady of Lyons, a Drama. 8vo. New York, 1846 

Mabillon J. Traite des Etudes monastiques. 4to. Paris, 1791 

De Liturgia Gallicana. Patrol. Lat. 72. 

M'AUister A. On the Medicinal Properties and Injurious Effects of 

Tobacco. 8vo. Utica, 1830 

Macarel L. Lebon F. et autres. Kecueils des Arrets du Conseil et 

Ordopnances rojales rendues en conseil d'Etat, sur toutes les 

matieres du contentieux de I'Administration, 1821-1859, avec 

une Table. 42 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1821-59 

Macarius Magnes. Notitia et Fragmenta. Patrol. Gr. Y. 10. 
Macarius ^gypt. et Macarius Alex. Opera quae supersunt omnia. 

Boy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1860 
Contents : Macarius JEg. Apophthegmata ; Epistolae ; Pre- 

ces ; Homilise ; De custodia cordis ; De perfection e in spiritu ; 

De oratione ; De patientia et discretione ; De elevatione mentis ; 

De charitate ; De libertate mentis. 

Macarius Alex. Apophthegmata ; Sermo de exitu animse justorum 

et peccatorum. 
M'Carter J. M. Border Methodism and Border Slavery. 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1858 
Mac Arthur J. Financial and Political Facts of the 18 th Centuiy. 

8vo. London, 1801 
Macaulay T. B. (Lord Macaulay). Biographical Essays; Frederick the 

Great, Bunyan, Goldsmith, Johnson, Barrere. 12mo. Leipzig, 1857 

William Pitt, Atterbury. 12mo. Leipzig, 1860 

Critical and Miscellaneous Essays and Poems. 12mo. N. Y. 1860 

Life of W. Pitt, preceded by a Life of Lord Chatham. 

12rao. New York, 1859 

Life of Frederick the Great. 12mo. New York, 1859 

M'Causland D. The Latter Days of Jerusalem and Rome as revealed 

in the Apocalypse. 8vo. London, 1859 

M'CIintock F. L. Nai-rative of the Discovery of the Fate of Sir J. 

Franklin and his Companions. 12mo. Boston, 1860 

M'Lellan G. B, Eeport upon the Operations in the Crimea, 1855-56. 

4to. Washington, 1857 

■ Memoranda on Railways. Paoifio B. E. Sv/rvey, 1. 

M'CuUuch. Interest made Equity. 8vo. New York, 1826 

McCulloch J. E. London in 1850-51. 12mo. London, 1851 

Macdonald A. The Fair Apostate, a Tragedy. Mod. Br. Drama, V. 2. 
Macdonnel E. Practical Views of the Principles and Conduct of the 

Catholic Clergy and Laity of Ireland. 8vo. London, 1827 


McDuffie G, Eulogy on K. T. Hayne. 8vo. Charleston, 184:0 

Mace T. Musick's Monument. Fol. London, 1676 

McGregor J, British America. 2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1833 

Machin L. The Dumb Knight, Hist. Comedy. Dodsley's Old Flags, 

V. 4. 
Mclan E. R The Clans of the Scottish Highlands, illustrated by their 
Dress, Arms, Armorial Insignia, etc., with Descriptions. 

2 vols. Fol. London, 1859 
Mackay A. The Western "World, or Travels in the United States in 

1846-47. 3 vols. 12mo. London, 1852 

Mackeldey F. Lehrbuch des Ecimischen Eechts ; dreizehnte vielfach 
veranderte u. vermehrte Ausgabe, besorgt durch J. A. Fi'itz. 

2 vols. 8vo. Wien, 1861 
Mackellar T. Tarn's Fortnight Kamble and other Poems. 12mo. Phil. 1847 
Mackenzie 0. One Thousand Experiments in Chemistry, with Illus- 
trations. 8vo. London, 1821 
Mackey A. G. Masonic Jurisprudence. 12mo. New York, 1869 

Book of the Chapter. 8vo. New York, 1858 

Mackie J. M. Cosas de Espana. 12mo. New York, 1856 

McKinley A. Trial for Administering Unlawful Oaths. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1818 

Mackinnon "W. A. History of Civilization. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1846 

Macklin C. The Man of the "World, a Comedy ; Love a la mode, a 

Farce. London Stage, V. 1, 3. 
MacKnight J. Six Sermons on Faith. 12rao. New York, 1790 

Mackniglit J. Of the Argument for the Truth of Christianity arising 

from the Conversion of the "World ; all the actions recorded in 

the Gospel are probable. Watson^s Tracts, 5. 
Mac Lanchlan H. Memoir written during the Survey of the Koman 

"Wall, 1862-54, with Atlas in Fol. _ 8vo. London, 1858 
Memoir written during a Survey of the "Watling Street in 1850 

and '51. Atlas in Fol. and Texte 8vo. London, 1852 

Maclean G. M. Elements of Somatology. 12mo. New York, 1859 

Macleod A. Ellen Gray, or the Dead Maiden's Curse ; a Poem. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1823 
Macleod L. Travels in Eastern Africa. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1860 

Maclise J. Comparative Osteology, being Morphological Studies to 

Demonstrate the Archetype Skeleton of Vertebral Animals. 

Fol. London, 1847 
Maclure W. On the Geology of the U. States. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1817 
MacMichael. See Oold-Headed Cane. 

MacNaghten Sir F. "W. On the Present State of Ireland. 8vo. Lond. 1837 
MacNally L. Fashionable Levities, a Comedy. InchlaWs Mod. Br. 

Th. V. 10. 
Macpherson "W. On tbe Law relating to Infants. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1843 

Macquarie L. Kefutation of Statements of H. G. Bennet on the Colo- 
nies in N. S. "Wales. 8vo. London, 1821 

Macqueen J". Eeply to the Charges of the E. Mail Steam Packet Co. 

8vo. London, 1844 
Macready "W. The Bank Note, a Comedy. InchlaWs Mod. Br. Th.Y. 9, 


Madden E. Diary of an Excursion to the Booram Passes ; The Turau 
and Outer Mountains of Kuraon. J. Asiat. Soc. Bengal, 15, 17, 
and 18. 

Madden F. W." The Handbook of Eoman JSTumismatics. 8vo. London, 1861 

Madhavachary Sawadars and Sangraha, or an Epitome of the diflferent 
Systems of Indian Philosophy, edited by Pandita Iswarachandra 
Yidysasagara. 8vo. Calcutta, 1858 

Madvig J. H. Emendationes Liviange. 8vo. Haunise, 1860 

Maerlant J. van. See Bibles — Dutch. 

Maffei S. De amphitheatre ac prgecipue de Veronensi ; De amphi- 
theatris Galliae ; De antiquis Gallise Theatris. Folenus, V. 5. 

Saggio di Poesie. See Poesie di diversi autori. 

Magazine of Horticulture, Botany, etc. Edited by C. M. Hovey. 

7 vols. Svo. Boston, 1839-45 

Magelhaes. See under Portugal. 

Magnusen Finn. Om Picternes og deres I^auns Oprindelse. 

Svo. Kiobenhavn, 1817 

Forlaesninger over den alden Edda. Svo. Kjdb. 1817 

Tldsigt over den Kaukasiske Menneskestammes aeldeste Hjemsted 

og Udvandringer. 12mo. Kjobenhavn, 1818 

Mahan M. The Spiritual Point of View. An Answer to Bp. Colenso. 

12mo. New York, 1863 

Mahla F. Ueber das Silbersnperoxyd. Svo. Gottingen, 1852 

Mahmoud (The Sultan) and Mehomet Ali Pacha. Svo. London, 1835 

Mahn C. A. F. Etymologische Uatersuchungen auf dem Gebiete der 

Eomanischen Sprachen. 12mo. Berlin, 1855 

Etymologische Untersuchungen ueber Geographische Naraen. 

12nio. Berlin, 1856 

Mahoney P. Letters on the L-ish Tithe, or Land-Tax Bill. Svo. Lond. 1834 
Maiden Sisters, a Tale. 12mo. Leipzig, 1859 

Maillard Abbe. Grammaire de la Langue Mikmaque. Svo. N. T. 1864 
Maimieux J. D. See under Pasigraphie. 
Maine. Annual Reports of the Secretary of the Boai'd of Agriculture, 

1856-63. 6 vols. Svo. Augusta, 1857-63 

Collections of the Hist. Soc. Y. 6, in continuation. 

Maine H. S. Ancient Law ; its Connection with the Early History of 

Society and its Eelation to Modern Ideas. Svo. London, 1861 

Maine de Biran. CEuvres in^dites publiees par E. Naville. 

3 vols. Svo. Paris, 1859 
Contents : Vol. I.-II. Introduction de I'editeur — ^Essai sur les 
Fondements dela Psychologic etsur ses rapports avec I'etude de 
la nature. HI. Fragments relatifs aux fondements de la morale ' 
et de la religion ; Examen critique des opinions de M. de Bo- 
nald ; Notes sur I'evangile de Saint Jean ; Nouveaux Essais 
d'Anthropologie ; Catalogue raisonne de toutes les ceuvres philo- 
sophiques de Maine de Biran. 
Mainwaring G. B. On the Police of the Metropolis. Svo. London, 1821 
Maiolus S. Abbas CI un. Elogium historicum ; Vita ; De electione Odi- 

lonis ; Chartularium. Patrol. Lot. 137. 
Maitland J. On British and Foreign "Wool. Svo. London, 1818 

Major J. Carmina varia. Bel. Poet. Germanorum,Y. i. 


Major M. Eefuted by Himself. 12rao. Philadelpliia, 1846 

Majoragius M. A. De Senatu Eomano. Polenus, Y.l. 

Majorca. Pragmatica en que se ordena lo que los de la ciudad de Mal- 

lorea ban de guardar en la administracion. Fol. Mallorca, 1675 

Malacarne M. Solution du ProbMme de la Quadrature du Cercle. 

8vo. Paris, 1829 

Malacbia S. Profezieveridicbe di tutti i sommi Pontefici sine alia fine 

del mondo. 12nao. Firenze, 1823 

Malakozoologiscbe Blatter, herausg. v. Menke u. Pfeiffer, 1856-63. 

8 vols. 8vo. Cassel, 1856-63 

Malau J. Quia de Familia para la administracion de los remedies 

Homoepaticos. 12mo. New York, 1853 

Malaspina P. Historia Florentina ab ea urbe condita ad annum 1281. 
Muratori Rev. Ital. Y. 8. 

Malaurie F. Mai et remede, ou de ce que tue la societe en France et 

de ce qui pent la faire vivre. 8?o. Paris, 1852 

Malcliio Antioch. Presby. Epistola adversus Paulum Samosatenum. 
Patrol. Gr. V. 10. 

Maiden H. On the Study of the Gr. and Lat. Languages. 8vo. Lond. 1831 

Malebranche N. (Euvres completes. 2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1837 

Contents: Vol. I. De la Recherche de la Yerite; Traite de 
Morale. II. Entretiens sur la Metaphysique ; Meditations Chr^- 
tiennes ; Traite de I'amour de Dieu ; Lettres au P^re Lamy ; Du 
cceur humain considere en lui-m^me; Traits de la nature et de 
la grace. 

Malgaigne J. F. Operative Surgery based on Normal and Pathological 

Anatomy, tr. by F. Brittan. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1851 

Malingre C. De la loi Salique. Leber Diss. V. 4. 

Malkin B. H. Lecture on History. 8vo. London, 1830 

Mallet D. Eur'ydice, Mustapha— Tragedies. BelVs Br. Theat. V. 26. 

Mallet J. W. Chemical Examination of Celtic Antiquities in Dublin. 

8vo. Dublin, 1852 

Mallius F. Th. De Metris. Script. Lat. Rei Metricw. 

Maltby E. Illustrations of the Truth of the Christian Religion. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1803 

Malte-Brun Y. A. Resume de I'Exploration a la recherche des grands 
lacs de I'Afriqije Orientale faite en 1857-58. Par MM. Burton 
et Speke. 8vo. Paris, 1859 

Geographic universelle, enti^rement refondue et raise au courant 

de la science par F. Lavallee. 6 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1855-60 

Maltlius T. R. Reply to his Essay on Population. 8vo. London, 1807 

Grounds of the Opinion on the Policy of Restricting the Impor- 
tation of Foreign Corn. 8vo. London, 1816 

. On the Nature and Progress of Rent. 8vo. London, 1815 

. Refutation of Charges brought against the E. I. College. 

8vo. London, 1817 

Sur le principe de population, trad, par Prevost. 8vo. Paris, 1845 

~ Principes d'Economie Politique, trad. 8vo. Paris, 1846 

Malvecius J. Chronicon Brixianum. Muratori Rer. Ital. Y. 14. 

Man, Isle of. Petition of the H. of Keys to the H. of Commons. 

Bvo. London, 1824 


Man and his Dwelling Place. 12mo. New York, 1859 

Manchester. Catalogue of the Art Treasures collected there in 1857. 

8vo. Manchester, 1857 

Eeports of the Model Secular School. 8vo Manchester, 1859 

Eeports of the "Working of the Free Library. 

8vo. Manchester, 1854-59 

Mancini L. Lezioni accademiche. 8vo. Lucca, 1835 

Del linguaggio poetico ; Sonetti, etc. 8vo. Firenze, 1840 

Sulla pronunzia delle lingue dotte. 8vo. Firenze, 1842 

Manderson J. Letters on the British Navy. 8vo. London, 1812 

Mane M. Paris mysterieux. 12mo. Paris, 1861 

Manegaldus Presbyt. Opusculum contra "Wolfelmann. Patrol. Lot. 

Y. 155. 
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-n ... ^ , -.-r , ^ 12mo. New York, 1852 
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See under the head Manuel in the Catalogue, Yol. 3. 

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Eomam olim influentibus ; De auspiciis ; De convivio ; De 
drachmis ; De parma, clypeo, etc. ; De primipilo; De ratione 
intercalandi ; De Peatina nrbe ; De sestertiis ; De signo et sta- 
tna ; De subselliis; De trabea. Sallengr^, Y. 1. 

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Contents : Epistolife ; De tribus inimicis ; Vitse SS. Licinii, 
Koberti, Magnobodi, Gualteri, Thaisidis, Maurilii ; Sermo ; His- 
toria Theophili raetrica ; Poema ; Yersus de Laurentio; Passio 
Yictoris ; Passio Mauritii et socioruna ; Passio SS. Felicis et 
Adacleti ; Carmina ; De ornamentis verborum ; Liber decern 
Capitulorum ; De gemmis ; Diplomata. Index. 

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Arianos ; De perfectione spirituali. Ihidem. 

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remarqnables depnis I'origine de la poudre a canon jnsqu'a nos 
jours.' Atlas Fol. and dto. Paris, 1853-6 

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ease. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1848 

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8vo. Leipzig, 1864 

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donship by Afiinit}'. 8vo. London, 1840 

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hagen. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1860 

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Pamphlet intitled, "Thoughts on the Abolition of the Slave 
Trade." 8vo. London, 1816 

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The Origin and History of the English Language and the Early 

Literature it Embodies. 8vo. New York, 1862 

Report on the Artificial Propagation of Fish. 8vo. Burlington, 1857 

Inaugural Address, Columbia College. 8vo. New York, 1859 

Man and Nature, or Physical Geography as modified by Human 

Action. 8vo. New York, 1864 

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4 vols. 12mo. Leipzig, 1856-57 

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12mo. New York, 1862 

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2 vols. 8vo. London, 1859 

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tinue par Murhard et Pinhas, j usqu'a 1849. 

13 vols. 8vo. Goettingue, 1843-55 

Recueil, etc., continue par C. Samwer. 

4 vols. 8vo. Goettingue, 1854-59 
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cient and the Reformed Constitntions. 
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Perses, Babyloniens, Syriens, i^gyptiens. 8vo. Paris, 1861 

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Colonial Policy of the Br. Empire. 8vo. London, 1837 

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Svo. London, 1836 
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tons les ouvrages math^matiqnes grecs, qui ont 6f6 attribnes a un 
auteur nommd Heron. Acad, d Insorlpt. Sav. Strang. V. 4. 
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The Pig, how to Choose, Breed, Feed, etc. 12mo. London, 1858 

Cattle ; their Breeds, Managements, and their Diseases ; to 

wliicli is added the Dairy, revised by Raynbird. 12mo. London, 1859 

The Poultry Yard, revised by E. Watts. 12mo. London, 1860 

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ciples placed within the reach of every mind. 

2 vols. 12mo. K Y. 1850 
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y. 8. 

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Svo. Paris, 1858 
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Ilavercamp Sijlloge. 
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Marton J. Nemet-Magyar 6s Magyar-lSTemet Szorkonvr. 

2 vols. Svo. Pesth, 1827 
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Observations on the Evidence in same. Svo. London, 1780 

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illustribus. Thes. Ant. Ital. V. 9, p. 8. 
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les Archives de Malte. Archives des Miss. Scientijiques, 1, 6. 
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in the years 1839, 1846-55, and 1858. 13 vols. Svo. Boston, 1840-59 

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• General Hospital Annual Reports, 1835, '39, '40, '45. 

Svo. Boston, V. y. 

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Svo. Boston, 1838-59 


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11th Keports. 8vo. Boston, 1858-69 

Documents Eelating to the State Eeform School. 8vo. Boston, 1849 

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" Proceedings, 1855-62. 3 vols. 8vo. Boston, 1859-72 

" Catalogue of the Library. 2 vols. 8vo. Boston, 1859-60 

" Catalogue of Library Bequeathed by T. Dowse. See 

Dowse T. 

• Horticultural Soc. Eeports of Committees and Prizes. 1856-58.'^ 

8vo. Boston, 1857-58 

Tables of Bearings, Distances, Latitudes, Longitudes, etc., ascer-j 

tained by the Astronomical and Trigonometrical Survey of Mass. 

8vo. Boston, 1846 

• Cases decided in the S. J. C, reported by H. Gray. 

Yol. 13. 8vo. Boston, 1860 
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telalters. Wien Sitzungsb. Phil. Y. 24. 

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Masudi. See Sprenger A. 

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course. 8vo. New York, 1858 

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Yita carmine scripta a Donizoue ; Yita oratione soluta. Ihid. 

Y. 148. 

Matthaeus Yindocinensis. la librum TobiiB Paraphrasis metrica ; Car- 
mina varia. Ihid. Y. 205. 

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Frascati. Thes. Ant. Ital. Y. 8, p. 4. 

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Matteson W. The Origin of Natural Evil. 8vo. Eochester, 1859 

Mauduit I. Case of the Dissenting Ministers. 8vo. London 1772 

Mauduyt E. J. E. Hist, naturelle des Oiseaux. Ency. Mith. 

Maurer K. Islandische Yolkssagen der Gegenwart. 8vo. Leipzig, 1860 

Maurice F. D. Moral and Metaphysical Philosophy. Ency. Metrop. 
Y. 2. 

Mauritius. Answer to Charge against the Inhabitants. 8vo. London. 

Maurizio e Lazzaro. Legge e Statuti dell' ordine. 4to. Torino. 

Maurolycus Fr. Sicanicarum rerum compendium. Thes. Ant. Sic. 

Y. 4. 
Maury A. Questions relatives a I'ethnologie ancienne de la France. 

12mo. Paris, 1853 
Maury B. Traite d'Hygiene dentaire. 12mo. Paris, 1851 

Maury L. F. A. La terre et I'homme ou apergu historique de geologic, 

de geographic et d'ethnologie. 12mo. Paris, 1857 


Maury L. F. A. La magie et I'astrologie dans I'antiqnite et au moyen 

age, ou Etudes sur les superstitions paiennes qui se sont perpetnees- 

jnsqu'a nos jours. 12mo. Paris, 1860 

Maury M. F. Gales in the Atlantic. Charts 4to. Washington, 1857 

Mauthner L. Beitrage zur nahern Kenntniss der morpliol. Elemente 

des Nervensystem. Wien.Akad. Abh. Math. 21. 
Mautner A. Sprachspiel oder die Sprache nach der Natur gezeiclmet. 

12ino. Prag, 1865 
Maximilian Prinz zu Wied. Keise in Brazil. Atlas Fol. 
Travels in the Interior of N. America, with numerous Engra- 

Tings on "Wood, translated by H. E. Lloyd. 4to. London, 1843 
Atlas to accompany the same, of eighty-one elaborately 

colored Plates. Imp. Fol. London, 1844 

Maximus Conf. Opera omnia, opera et studio E. P. F. Combefis. 

Adauxit F. Ochler, ace. J. r. Migne. 2 vols. roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1860 
Contents : Qnsestiones ad Thalassium de S. Script. Qnaestiones 

et dubia. Expositiones in Psaltnum LIX. Orationis Dominicje 

Expositio. Liber Asceticus. Capita de Charitate ; Capita Theo- 

logise et Economise; Theologia et Polemica ; Dispntatio cum 

Pyrrho ; De Anima ; Epistolse ; De sancta Trinitate ; Mystago ; 

Loci communes ; Confessio fidei Latinorum ; Ambiguorum liber ; 

Hymni varii. 
May T. The Heir; The Old Couple, Comedies. Dodsleys Old Plays,' 

V. 8, 10. 
May T. E. The Constitutional History of England since the Accession 

of George IH. 2 vols. 12mo. Boston, 1863 

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Maynard Abbe. Saint Vincent de Paul, sa vie, son temps, ses ceuvres, 

son influence. 4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1860 

Mayne J. The City Match— a Play. Dodsley's Old Plays, Y. 9. 
Mayne B.. Four Years in British Columbia and Yancouver's Island. 

8v0. London, 1862 
Mazarin Card. Lettre d'un Keligienx contenant la verite de sa vie et 

de ses moeurs. Ci/rriber Archiv. V. 7. 
Mazochi A. S. In mutilum Campani Amphitheatri Titulum. Comm. 

Polenus, Y. 5. 
Mazurius L. Carmina. Del. Poet. Belg. Y. 3. 
Mead K. Sopra il contagio pestilenziale, trad, da G. Gentili. 

12mo. Lucca, 1744 
Mechanic's Magazine. IS.. Series, Yol. 1. 4to. London, 1859-62 

Mechanic's (Practical) Journal. 2d Series, Yol. 4. 4to. London, 1860 

Mechanic's Magazine. A Register of Inventions and Improvements. 

9 vols. 8vo. New York, 1833-37 

Mechitarists. Precatio Yigintiquinque linguis exarata post solemnem 
cssremoniam sacri lapidi auspicalis in novo monasterio Mechit- 
rite peractam. Hoy. 8vo. Yienna, 1837 

Meckel H. Mikrogeologie ueber die Concremente im thierischen Or- 

ganismus, herausg. von T. Billroth. 8vo. Berlin, 1856 

Medal Reversed, a Satire against Persecution. 4to. London, 1682 

Medical News cont'd, Yol. 17-20. 1859-62. 

Medical Register. See Tucker Q. H. 


Mehren A. F. Die Khetorik der Araber mit angefiigten Textauszugen 

nebst einem literatur gescliichtliclien Anh. versehen. , ^o-o 

8vo. Kopenh. 1853 

Meibomius J. H. De cervisiis veteruin potibus et ebriaminibus extra 
vinum aliis. Thes. Ant. Or. Y. 9. 

De fabrica triremium. Thes. Ant. Rom. Y. 12. 

Meinauer (Die) Naturlehre. 8vo. Stuttgart, 1851 

Meiners C. Geschicbte und Beschreibung der Stadt Gottingen. 

12mo. Berlin, 1801 

Grundriss d. Gescbicbte d. Menscbeit. 12mo. Lemgo, 1793 

Meister Altswert, berausg. von Holland. 8vo. Stuttgart, 1850 

Melampus. Divinatio ex palpitationibus et ex nsevis. , Script. Phy- 
siognomies vet. 

Melanges extraits des Eevnes. '^ '^ols. 8vo. 

Melanges d'Archdologie, d'Histoire et de Litt^rature red. par C. Oabien 

et A. Martin. 4 vols. 4to. Paris, 1847-56 

Melanges d'Economie politique precedes de notices historiques sur 
cbaque auteur par MM. E. Daire et G. de Molinari. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1847 
Authors Extracted : Bentbana, Condillac, Condorcet, For- 
bonnais, Franklin, Galiani, Hume, Lagrange, Lavoisier, Montyon, 

Meldred F. Leonilda, a Eoman Eomance. 12mo. London, 1857 

Meletius Men. De Natura Hominis. Patrol. Grceo. 64. 

Meliora, a Quarterly Keview of Social Science. Yol. 1. 8vo. London, 1859 

Melito Sardium Episc. Notitia et Fragmenta. Pat. Gr. Y. 5. 

Melissus P. Elegise, Epigrammata. Pel. Poet. Oer. Y. 4. 

MelmothW. Fitzosborne's Letters. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1821 

Melville A. Poemata. Pel. Poet. Soot. Y. 2. 

Melville G. J. W. Kate Coventry, Holmby House — Novels. 

3 vols. 12mo. Leipzig, 1860 

Melville Yisct. Letter to Wbitbread relative to bis Lnpeachment. 

8vo. London, 1816 
Memnon. Fragmenta. Mist. Gr. Fragm. ed. Muller, Y. 3. 

M6moire sur les trois fameuses sectes du Musulmanisme, lesWababis,les 
^ Nosairis, et les Ismaelis. 8vo. Paris, 1818 

Memoire sur la ville souterraine deconverte au pied de Mont Y^suve. 

8vo. Paris, 1740 
Memoires de Matbematiques et de Physique tires de I'Acad^mie K. des 

Sciences. 4to. Paris, 1692 

Memoires des societes savantes et litteraires de la E^publique Frangaise, 

redigees par Prony et d'autres. 2 vols. 4to. Pai'is, 1801 

Memoires secretes d'un politique contenant I'etat auquel presentement 
sont les affaires du roi et de I'union catholique. Cirnher, S. 1, 
Y. 12. 

Memoirs of the Geological Survey of G. Britain. Mining Records, 
Yol. L P. 1, 3, 4. 

Mining Records. See Sunt Robert. 

South Staffordshire-Coal-Field. See Jukes J. B. 

Memorial Papers of the Episcopal Commission. 12mo. Phil. 1857 


Memphis. Journal of the Proceedings of the South-West Convention, 

Nov. 12, 1846. 8vo. Memphis, 1845 

Men who have Eisen, illnst. by C. A. Doyle. 12mo. London. 

Mdnant M. J. Notice snr les Inscriptions en Caracteres Cuneiformes 

de la collection 6pigraphique de M. Lottin de Laval. 8vo. Caen, 1858 

Sur les Polyphones Assyriens. Svo. Paris, 1859 

Inscriptions Assyriennes des Briques de Babylone ; Essai de Lec- 
ture et d'Interpretation. 8vo. Paris, 1859 

Les Ventures cuneiformes, expos^ des travaux qui ont prepare 

la lecture et I'interprdtation des Inscriptions de la Perse et de 
I'Assyrie. Svo. Paris, 1860 

Eecueil d' Alphabets pour servir a la lecture et al'interpr^tation 

des Ecritures cuneiformes. Svo. Paris, 1860 

Menars M. de. Catalogue de sa Biblioth^que. 8vo. La Haye, 1720 

Menconi G. Notizie di Egitto. 8vo. Lucca, 1820 

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy F. Letters from Italy and Switzerland, trans- 
lated by Lady Wallace. 2 vols. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1863-4 
Menestrier C. F. Sur I'origine de I'usage de se faire porter la queue. 
Leber Diss. Y. 8. 

De la Chevalerie ; Des entrees solennelles des princes dans les 

villes. Ihid. Y. 12, 13. 
Menetrejus 0. Symbolicse Dianse Ephesise Statuse Expositio. Thes. 

Antiq. Gr°Y. 7. 
M^neval Baron. Sur le retour du Gen. Bonaparte de I'Egypte. 

8vo. Paris, 1840 
Mengarini P. G. Grammatica Linguae Selicse. 4to. Neo-Eboraci, 1861 

Mengaud F. Las Pimpanelos. 12mo. Toulouse, 1841 

Mengs R. L'arte di vedere nelle belle arti. Svo. Geneva, 1786 

Menici E. Agiorre, Tragedia. Svo. Pisa, 1846 

Menicucci S. Orazione in lode di S. Francesco de Sales. Svo. Livorno, 1846 
Mennechet E. Seize Ans sous les Bourbons. 2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1833 

Menorath Hammaor. 3 vols. 12mo. Krotaschin, 1848 

Mentelle E. Essai historique et statistique sur les accroissements et les 
pertes qu'a successivement eprouv^s la maison d'Autriche depuis 
I'avenement de Rudolph d'Habsbourg a I'erapire jusques les 
traites de Presbourg et d'Austerlitz. Acad. d^Inscrijpt. IS.. S. 
Y. 6. 
Meon D. M. N'ouveau Eecueil de Tableaux et Contes inedits des 

Poetes Frangais des 12e — 15me Siecles. 2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1823 

Mercator. See Marius Mercator. 

Mercatore N. Logarithmo-Technica. 4to. Londini, 1668 

Mercer C. F. Discourse on Popular Education. Svo. Princeton, 1826 

Merchant's and Banker's Register for 1857. Svo. New York, 1857 

Mercier de la Combe C. Henri lY. et sa politique. Svo. Paris, 1861 

Mercier de la Riviere. L'ordre naturel et essentiel des sociales poli- 

tiques. Svo. Paris, 1846 

Merciful Assizes, or a Panegyric on the late Lord Jeffrey's Hanging so 

many in the West. Svo. Loudon, 1701 

Mercurialis H. De potionibus ac eduliis antiquorum. Thes. Ant. Or. 
Y. 9. 


Mercurius Britannicus, 1718. 8vo. London, 1718 

Merkel Q. Die freien Letten und Esthen. 12mo. Eiga, 1820 

Merle d'Aubigne T. A. Memoires. 12mo. Paris, 1854: 

History of the Reformatioa iu Europe in the Time of Calvin. 

2 vols. 12mo. New York, 1863 
Merlet H. Histoire des relations des Hnrons et des Abnaqnis du Ca- 
nada avec notre-dame de Chartres, siiivie de documents inedits 
Bur la sainte chemise. 12mo. Chartres, 1858 

Merriman T. M. The Trail of History, or History of Religion and 

Empire in Parallel. 8vo. Johnson, 1863 

Merry Devil of Edmonton. Dodsley's Old Plays, Y. 6. 
Mersenne F. M. L'Optique et la Oatoptrique. Pol. Paris, 1651 

Merula G. De origine Guelphorum et Gibellinorum. ito. 

Merula P. De comitiis Eomanorum ; De legibus Rotiaanorum. JPole- 

nus, V. 1. 
Messala Cor vi nus. 3ui. Somanm Script. Min. 
Mestre J. F. G. Essai sur I'Elephantiasis des Arabes et snr I'Elephan- 

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Minutes of the Conferences, 1866-58. 

■ The Discipline of the Wesley Methodist Connexion. 

16mo. Syracuse, 1858 
Methodist Q. Review, cont. to 1864. 
Methodius Episc. et Martyr. Opera omnia, accurante et recog. J. P. 

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Contents : Convivium decern Yirginum. Excerpta et ora- 
De Mundi Creatione. Pol. Basiliae, ISl'S 


Methodius Cp. Patr. Notitia auctore L. Allatio ; Notitia altera ex Fa- 
bricio ; Vita ; Homilia de cruce et passione Christi ; Oratio in 
sanctam Agatham ; Martyrium B. Dionysii ; Epistolse ; De uni- 
tate Ecclesise ; De iis qui abnegarunt secundum diversas per- 
sonas et setates, et ad orthodoxam, veramque fidem revertuntur. 
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monische und das Griechische Heerwesen iiberhaupt als Fort- 
setzung der Untersuchungen iiber die Schlacht bei Man tinea. 

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Geschichtliche Untersuchungen iiber die Schlacht bei Mantinea 

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See Bmnsey A. C. 

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Contents : I. Abth. Fossile Saiigethiere, Vogel und Beptilien 
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See under Collection, specification of contents. 

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Cases in the same, 1847-58, reported by Manning, Gibbs, and 

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Cases in the Court of Chancery, 1842-45, reported by H. IST. 

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Letter on the Power of Disqualification in the Commons. 

8vo. London, 1770 

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deunt Patres Doctores Scriptoresque Ecclesise Grsecse a S. Bar- 
naba ad Photium. 109 vols. roy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1857-60 

The Greek Fathers and other early Christian Greek writers in 
the forenamed collection are the following ; their works are spe- 
cified in this Catalogue under their names. 

Acacius Berrhoens. Episc. Vol. 77 Anastasius Abbas. S. Enthymi 89 
Acacius Melit. Episc. 77 Anastasius IV. Antioch. Patriarch. 89 

Adrianus Monachus 98 Anatolius S. Alex. Canon. Laod. 10 

^nseus Gazseus Phil. Christ. 85 Andreas Samosatensi. 85 

Agathias Myrinseus 88 Andreas S. Cretensis Archiep. 97 

Agrippa Castor 5 Anicetus I. Papa 5 

Alexander I. Papa 5 Anterus I. Papa 10 

Alexander S. Episc. Hierosoly. 10 Antiochus Monachus S. Sabse 89 

Alexander Lycopolit. Episc. 18 Antipater Episc. Bostrensis 85 

Alexander Episc. Alexandrin. 18 Antonins Sanctus Abbas 40 

Alexander Monachus 87 Apollinarius Laodicenus Episc. 33 

Ammonius Presbj'ter. Alexandr. 85 Apollonius 5 

Amphilochius Sanctus Epis. Icon. 39 Archaeus Episc. Africanus 5 
Amphilochus Siden. Episc. 77 Archelaus S. Episc. Mesopotamise 10 

Anacletus Papa 2 A ristides Philosophus Christ. 5 

Anastasius Sinaita Patriarcha 89 Aristo Pelloeus 5 

Anastasius I. Antioch. Patriarch. 89 Arsenius Eremita ^^ 



Asterius IJrbamis Sanctus. 10 

Asteriiis S. Amasenus Episc. 40 

Athanasius S. - 25-28 

Athenagoras Athen. Phil. Christ. 6 
Atticus S. Episc. Constant. 65 

Barnabus S. Apostolus 2 

Barsanuphius S. Anachoreta 86 

BartholomEeus S. Apostolus 2 

BartlioloniiBus Edessenus Mon. 104 
Basil Magnus S. 29-32 

Basil Seleucise Episcopus 85 

Cffisariiis S. Gregorii Frater 38 

Caius Presb.yter Romanus 10 

Callistus I. Papa et Martyr 10 

Candidus Isaur. 85 

- Christophorus Alex. Patriarcha 100 
Chronicon Paschale 92 

Chrysostom S. Joannes 47-64 

Claudius Apollinaris S. 6 

Clemens S. Pont. R. I. 1,2 

Clemens Alexandrin. Episc. 8, 9 

ConstantiiiusDiac. Constantinop. 88 
Cosmas Indicopleustes 88 

Cosmas Hierosolymitanus 98 

Cyrillns Hierosol. Archiep. 33 

Cyrillus Alexandr. Episc. 68, 77 

Dalraatius Monaclins 85 

Didymus Alexandrinus 39 

Diodorns Tarsensis 33 

Dionysius Alexandrinus S. Episc. 10 
Dionysius Areopagita 3, 4 

Dorothens Archimandrita S. 88 

Eleutherus Papa 5 

Elias Cretensis Metropolita 97 

Ephraimus Antioch. Patriarch. 86 
Epiphanius S. 41, 43 

Epiplianius Constant. Episc. 86 

Epiphanius Catanensis Diac. 98 

Erechthius Episc. Antiochise 86 

Eudocia Imperatrix 85 

Eulogius S. Alexandrinus Episc. 86 
Eusebius Paraphilus 19-24 

Eusebins Emesian. Episc. 86 

Eusebius Alexandrin. Patriarcha 86 
Eustathius Monachus 86 

Eustathius Episc. Antioch. 18 

Eustathius Episc. Berytensis 85 

Euthalius Diac. 85 

Eutychius Constant. Patriarch. 86 
Evagrius Monachus 40 

Evagrius Scholasticus 86 

Evaristus Papa 5 

Fabiauus Papa S. 10 

Firmus Csesareensis Episc. 77 

Flavianus S. Episcopus Constant. 65 

Gelasius Cyzicenus 85 

Gennadius Constant. Patriarcha 85 

Georgius Pisida Diac. Constant. 92 

Georgius Kicomed. Metropolit. 100 

Germaniis S. Archiep. Constant. 98 

Gregentius S. Thephar. Episc. 86 
Gregorius S. Thaumaturgus Neo- 

Cses. Epis. 10 
Gregorius Nazian. S. Archiep. Cp. 

Gregoi-ius S. ISTyssenus 44-46 

Gregorius S. Antioch. Episc. 88 

Gregorius S. Agrig. Episc. 98 

Gregorius S. Decapolita. 100 

liegesippus S. 5 

Hermas S. Pastor 2 

Hermias Philosoph. 6 

Hesychius Presb. Hierosol. 93 

Hieronymus S. Theol. Grsecus 40 

Hippolytns S. Episc. Portuensis 10 

Hyginus Papa 5 

Ignatius S. Antioch. 5 

Irenseus S. Lugdnnensis Episc. 7 

Isaac ex Jndfeo Christianus 33 

Isaacus S. Episc. Ninivitanus 86 

Isaias S. Abbas 40 

Isiodorns S. Pelusiota 78 

Joannes Antiochenus Episc. 77 

Joannes Carpathins 85 

Joannes Maxentius Presby. 86 

Joannes Moschus Monachus 87 

Joannes Clirasius 88 

Joannes Jejunaf or Patriarcha Cp. 88 
Joannes Damascenus 94-96 

Joannes Constant. Patriarcha 96 

Joannes Nicsenus Archiep. 96 

Joannes Euboensis 96 

Joannes Malalas. 97 

Jobius Monachus 86 

Julius Atricanus 10 

Justin S. Martyr. • 6 

Justinian Imperator 86 

Leontius Byzant. seu Hierosoly. 93 

Leontus ISTeapoleos Episc. 96 

Macarius Magnes. 10 

Macarius Jllgypt. et Alex. 34 

Malchio Antioch. Presbyter 10 

Marcus Eremita 6Q 

Marchus Diadochus 66 

Marcus Diaconus 66 

Matthias S. Apost. 2 

Maxitnus Episc. Hierosoly. 5 
Maximus S. Abbas 90-91 

Meletius Monachus 64 

Melito S. Sardium Episc. 5 



Memno Epliesins Episc. 77 

Methodius Episcopus et Martyr. 18 

Methodius S. Patriarcha Cp. 100 

Modestus Hierosoly. Patriarcha 86 

Nectarius Archiep. Cp. 39 

Neinesius Epis. Emesenus 40 

Nicephorus S. Cp. Patriarcha 100 

Nihis S. Abbas. 79 

Nonnus Panopolitanns 43 

Olympiodorus Diac. Alexand. 93 
Origen 1 1-17 

Orsiesius S. Abbas 40 

Pachomius Mon. 98 

Pachomius S. Abbas 40 
Palladins Epis. Helenopol. 34 & 65 

Pamphilus S. Martyr 10 

Pantaenus Philosoph. Alex. 5 

Pantaleon. Diaconns Cp. 98 

Papias S. Hieropol. Episc. 5 

Patres JEgypti Sseculi IV. 40 

Patriarchanim Testamenta 2 

Paulas Emessenus Episc. 77 

Paulus Silentiarius 86 

Petrus Alexandrin. Episcopus 18 

Petrus II. Epis. Alexandrinus 33 

Petrus S. Laodicensis Epis. 86 

Petrus Sicuius Episc. 104 

Petrus Argorum Episc. 104 

Phileas. Ttimueos. Episc. 10 

Philo Caspasins Episc. 40 
Philostorgius Scrip. Hist. Eccles. 65 

Philotheus Monachus 98 
Photius Constant. Patriarch. 101-104 

Pierius Catechista Alexandr. 10 

Pius I. Papa 5 

Polycarp Martyr. Snayr. Episc. 5 

Polycratns Episc. Ephesiorum 5 

Pontianus Papa 10 

Proclus Episp. Constant. 65 

Procopius Presbyter Tyroruin 86 

Procopius Gazjens 87 

Procopius Diac. Constantinop. 100 

Pudentia et Praxedes 2 

Quadratus S. Ath. Episcopus 5 

Quintianus S. Episc. Asculanus 85 

Kabulas Edess. Episc. 77 
Mignet F. A. Memoire sur 
sur la constitution du 
enne Germanie est entree 

Ehodon Asianus 
Serapion Episc. Antioch. 
Serapion S. Episc. 
Severianns Epis. Gabalitanus 
Sixtus I. Papa 

Sophronius S. Patriarcha 
Soter. Papa 

Stephanus Diac. Constantinop. 
Syuieon Magjster ' p 
Symeon Jr. S. 
Synesins Episc. Ptolem. 
Tarasius Archiep. Constant. 
Tatian. S. Justini Discipulus 
Telespiiorus Papa 
Thalassius Abbas 
Theodoretus Cyr. Episc. 
Theodorus Hercul. Epis. 
Tlieodorus Mopsuestenus 
Theodorus Alexand. Patriarcha 
Theodorus Scytli. Episcopus 
Theodorus Lector 
Theodorus Kaith. Abbas 
Theodoras Abucara Episc. 
Theodoras Studita 
Theodotus Ancyranas Episc. 
Theognostus Alexandrinus 
Theonas S. Episc. Alexandrin. 
Theophilus S. Episc. Csesarese 
Tlieophilns Antioch. Episc. 
Theophilus Alexandr. Episc. 
Theotimus Jr. Epis. Tomitanus 
Timotheus Alexandr. Episcopus 
Titnotbeus Epis. Berytenensi 
Timotheus Hieron. Presbyt. 
Timotheus Const. Presbyter 
Timotheus III. Alex. Patriarcha 
Titus Bostrens. Episc. 
Urbanus I. Papa 
Yictor S. Papa 

Zacharias Mitylense Episcopus 
Zacharias Hieron Patriarcha 
Zephirinus S. Papa 
Zosimus S. Abbas 





4 of vol. 32 






I'etablissement de la reforme religieuse et 
Calvinisme a Geneve; Comment I'anci- 
dans la society civilises de I'Europe 
occidentale, et lui a servi de barriere contre les invasions du 
Nord ; Tie de Franklin. Mem. Acad. So. Morales, N. S. 1, 3, 7. 
- Examen des causes qui ont preside a la formation de plusieurs 
etats federatifs, tels que I'Empire Gerraanique, les Villes Han- 
seatiques, les Cantons Suisses, les Provinces Unies d'Hollande. 
Acad. Inscript. K S. v. 2. 


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Miles "W. A. Letter to the Prince of "Wales, with a Sketch of the Pros- 
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la Thessalie. 12mo. Paris, 1808 
Les Martinales, ou dissettation surl'oie de la'Saint Martin. Le- 
ber Diss. Y. 20. 
Millingen Jas. Unedited Monuments— Painted Greek Yases, illus- 
trated and explained. Fol. London, 1822 

Statues, Busts, Bas-Eeliefs, and other Eemaius of Grecian Art 

Illustrated. Fol. London, 1826 

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lenus, V. 5. 
Mirabeau Conte de. Precis de sa vie. Svo. Maroc, 1789 

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tradotta della Spagnuola nella Toscano. 4to. Firenze, 1663 

Missal. The Roman Missal translated into the English Language for 
the Use of the Lait3\ To which is prefixed an Historical Expla- 
nation of the Yestraents, Ceremonies, etc., appertaining to the 
Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, by Dr. England. 

12mo. Philadelphia, 1843 
Missions. Conference on, held at Liverpool, 1860. 8vo. London, 1860 

Mississippi Kiver. Report upon the Hydraulics of, by A. A. Hum- 
phreys and H. Abbot. 4to. Philadelphia, 1861 
Mistakes of Daily Occurrence in Speaking, "Writing, and Pronunciation, 

Corrected. 12mo. New York, 1856 

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westlichen Nordamerika vom Mississippi nach den Ktisten der 
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France. _ 8vo. London, 1804 

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Berlin Ahad. Ahhandl. 1859. 

Yerzeichniss der Romischen Provinzen aufgesetzt urn 297 

lUd. 1862. ^ 

Ueber die Zeitfolge des in den Reehtbiichern erhaltenen Yerord- 

nun^en Diocletians und seiner Mitregenten. Ihid. 1860. 

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remove the present DiflS.culty in the Apjiointment of Ministers 
in the Ch. of Scotland. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1840 

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Opera. The Bashful Man, a Comic Drama. London Stage, 

V . o, 4r. 

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Moniteur (Le) Universel cont'd, 1859-63. 

Monitum utile ad lecturam Bibl, Sac. (Arat)ice). 8vo. London, 1821 

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tiques, son influence sur le mouvement des Esprits pendant la 
premiere moitie da 18me siecle. 8vo. Paris, 1860 

Monnier M. P. Description uautique des Cotes de la Martinique. 

8vo. Paris, 1828 

Eeconnoissance des Cotes de la Martinique. Atlas. Fol. Paris, 1828 

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toria. 8vo. Christiania, 1860 

Monro E. Description of the Genesee Country, IST. Y. 8vo. N. Y. 1804 

Monro Y. A Summer Kamble in Syria. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1835 

Montague. Egypten ofversatt af G. Lowegren. 12mo. Gdtheborg, 1800 

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Montagu Mrs. E. See under Shakespeariana. 

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jusqu'a Saint Bernard. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1860 

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Spanish without a Master. Svo. London, 1«45 

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N. S. Sam. Strang. 2. 
Montez Lola. Arts of Beauty. 16mo. JSTew York, s. a. 

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architecturale, pittoresque et hist, de ce monument. 

Fol. St. Petersbourg, 1845 


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et appliques. 2me Edit. 3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1838-40 
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Lives of the most Eminent Literary and Scientiiic Men of Italy, 

Spain, and Portugal, 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1835-3t 

Montgomery T. H. Genealogical History of the Family Montgomery. 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1863 
Monthly Panorama, Jan.-June, 1811. 8vo. Dublin, 1811 

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due mari nell' alta Italia. Eoy. 8vo. Bologna, 1845 

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Seminaire de Quebec en 1700. 4to. New York, 1861 

Montlosier M. de. Des effets de la violence et de la moderation dans 

les affaires de France. 8vo. London, 1796 
M^moire a consulter sur un systeme religieux et politique, ten- 

dant a renverser la religion, la societe et le tr6ne. 8vo. Paris, 1826 

Montreal. Case of the Inhabitants Distressed by Fire, May, 1765. 

12mo. Montreal, 1765 
Montreuil M. de. Eelation du mariage de Louis XIY. 1660. Ciniber 
Arch. S. 2, Y. 8. 

Montyon J. B. K. de. Influence des Impots sur la moralitd des peuples. 
Mel. cCEcon. Politique. 

Monumenta Fidei Ecclesise Orientalis, primnm in unum coi-pus coUegit 

E. J. Kimmel. 8vo. Jense, 1850 

Contents : P. I. Gennadii Confessiones ; Cyrilli Lucaris Con- 
fessionem, Confessionem Orthodoxam Ecclesise Orientalis et Acta 
Synodi Hierosol. complectens. P. II. Prsefationem "Weissen- 
borni, Metrophanis Critopuli confessionem, Decretum Synodi 
Constantinopolitanse et Indicem complectens. 

Monumenta historica Polonise. See Theiner A. 

Monumenta Yaticana Historiam ecclesiasticam Sseculi XY. illustrantia. 

8vo. Fribergi, 1861 
Monuments authentiques de la religion des Grecs et de la fansset^ de 
plusieurs confessions de Foi des Chretiens Orientaux, le tout 
demontrd_ par des Preuves juridiques a ^tablir la verite de tons 
les principaux dogmes que les Protestants soutiennent contre 
I'Eglise Komaine et a faire voir ce qu'ils ont de conforms avec 
la creance des Grecs non Latinisez, par J. Aymon. 

4to. alaHaye, 1708 
This volume contains Lettres, Anecdotes de Cyrille Lucar, 
Confession de Foi des Eglises Grecques Orientales, Concile de 
Jerusalem, Faussetez de plusieurs confessions de foi, et expo- 
sition de regies et maximes fondamentales. 

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2 vols. 8vo. London, 1852 
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Br. Th. Y. 10, 11. 

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Original Documents. 2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1860 

See Eebelhon Record. 


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Text and Plates 2 vols. 8vo. London', 1850 
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mand in the Am. Army of the Eevolution. Svo. New York, 1860 
Moore J. Reply to the Anti-Vaccinists. Svo. London, 1806 

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the Moravian Historical Society to mark the Sites of Ancient 
Missionary Stations in New York and Connecticut. 

Svo. New York, 1860 
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ito. Washington, 1860 

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Moreau S. La Prinse et delivrance du roi Francois I. Cimher, S. 1, 

Moreau de Dammartin. Explication de la Pierre de Taunton. 8vo., I*iaris.. 

Moreau de Jonnes A. C. Ethnog^nie Caucasienne, Becherches sur la 
formation et le lieu d'origine des peuples Ethiopiens, Chaldeens, 
Syriens, Hindous, Perses, Hebreux, Grecs, Celtes, Arabes. 

Svo. Paris, 1861 

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Morflt C. See Fontenelle et Malpeyre. 

Morgan Sir C. On the Organic Theory of Gall and Spurzheim. 

Svo. Dublin, 1816 

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tions. Smithsonian Misc. Y. 2. 

Morgan R. "W". Christianity and Infidelity, their Relative Intellectual 

Claims compared. 12mo. New York, 1859 

Morgan Lady S. Memoirs ; Diaries, Autobiography, and Correspond- 
ence. 2 vols. Svo. London, 1862 

Morgan T. Catalogue of his Library. Svo. New York, 1850 

Morgan W. A Comparative Yiew of the Public Finances from the 

Beginning to the Close of the Late Administration. Svo. Lond. 1801 

Morgan "W". of N. Y. Illustrations of Masonry. Svo. New York, 1827 

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Morin M. Histoire critique de la pauvrete ; histoire critique du 
c^Iibat M^m. de VInstitut. Beaux Arts, Y. 4. 

Morin J. Manuel des Gardes malades. ISmo. Paris, 1846 

Morinus S. De Paradise Terrestri. Ugolino, Y.^7.] 


Momay Sieur DuPlessis de. M^moires et Correspondance de DuPlessis 
Mornay, pour servir a I'histoire de la K^formation et des guerres 
civiles et religieuses en France sous les regnes de Charles IX., j 
Henri IH., Henri lY., et Louis XHI., 1571-1623. 

12 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1824-25 
Contents : Vol. I. Mem. de Charlotte Arbaleste sur la vie de 
Mornay son mari. H.-XH. Correspondance. 

Lettre contenant Reponse et Calomnies d'un certain pr^tendu 

Anglais, testament, dernieres actions et mort. Cvrriber, S. 1, 
V. 11, 15. 
Morphy P. Games of Chess. 12mo. London^ 1860 

Morris A. Canada and her Eesources. 8vo. Montreal, 1855 

Morris G. See Correspondence OflScial and Private respecting a Nego- 
tiation with the Br. Ministry and concerning the Fr. Revolution ; 
Letters and Miscellaneous Papers relating to French Affairs; 
Miscellaneous Correspondence ; Speeches in the Senate U. S. ; 
Address to the Assembly of Penn. on the Bank of N. A., in 
SparJcs's Life, V. 2 & 3. 

Answer to War in Disguise, or Remarks on the New Doctrine 

of England concerning Neutral Trade. 8vo. London, 1806 

Discourse before N. Y. Hist. Society. 8vo. New York, 1813 

Morris J. G. Catalogue of the described Lepidoptera of N. A. Smith- 
sonian Misc. V. 3. 

• Synopsis of the described Lepidoptera. Ibid. Y. 4. 

Morrison W. M. Guide for the City of Washington. 8vo. Wash. 1855 

Mortillet P. de. Education des Pores. 12mo. Brux. 1858 

Morton J. C. The Prince Consort's Farms. 4to. London, 1863 

Morton N. New England's Memorial; Fifth Edition, containing, 
besides the original work and the supplement, large additions in 
Marginal Notes and an Appendix, with a lithographic copy of 
an ancient Map, ed. by J. Davis. 8vo. Boston, 1826 

Morton T. The Way to get Married ; A Cure for the Heart- Ache ; 
Speed tiie Plough; The School of Reform. InMaWs Br. 
Theat. Y. 25. 

Zorinski, a Play; Secrets Worth Knowing, a Comedy. Inch- 

laU's Mod. Th. V. 3. 
Moscherosch J. M. Auserl. Gedichte. 12mo. Leipzig, 1838 

Moschus J. Mon. Pratum spirituale. Patrol. Or. Y. T. 
Mosely H. Definite Integrals. Encyy. Metrop. Y. 2. 

Mosely W. On the Evidences of Christianity. 12mo. Buckby, 1797 

Mosquera T. C. On the Physical and Political Geography of New Gra- 
nada, tr. by T. Dwight. 8vo. New York, 1853 
Motley J. L. History of the United Netherlands from the Death of 
William the Silent to the Synod of Dort, with a full view of the 
English Dutch Struggle against Spain, and of the Origin and 
Destruction of the Spanish Armada. 2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1861 
Mott Y. Eulogy on J. W. Francis. 8vo. New York, 1861 
Mottet-Degerando M. De 1' Alliance du Commerce avec les sciences 

et les arts. gyo, Lyon, 1820 

Moulton J. W. New York 170 Years Ago, with a Yiew. 

8vo. New York, 1843 


MouniGi- J. J. De I'inflnence attribute aux Pliilosophes, anx Franc-J 

Magons et anx Illniniti6s sur la R6volution de France. 8vo. Paris, 1822 
Mowiy S. Geography and Eesourcea of Arizona. Svo. San Francisco, 1863 
Mudie R. Spring, or the Causes, Appearances, and Effects of the Sea- 
sonable Resurrections of Nature in all Clirn(ates. 12ino. London. 

Man as a Moral and Accountable Beina;. 12mo. London, 1840 

Miihry A. AUg. geograph. Meteorologie, oder versuch einer ueber- 
sichtlichen Darlegung des Systems der Erd-Meteoren in ihrer 
Klimatischen Bedeutung. Svo. Leipzig, 1860 

Miiller A. Ein Kupferstich von Rafael. 4to. Diisseldorf, 1860 

Pharisaer und Sadducaer oder Judaismus u. Mosaismns ; Ein 

Beitrag zur Mythologie des Oriental. Alterthums. Wien Sitz- 
ungsb. Phil. Th. V. 34, 37. 
Miiller F. Beitrage zur Lautlehre d. Neupersischen Spracbe. Il)id. 

V. 39. 
Miiller Fr. Die Kiinstler, alter zeiten. V. 3. 

Miiller J. Ueber einige Byzantinische Urkunden. Sitzungsb. Y, 9. 
Miiller J. Uebor Alterthiimer des Ost Indischen Archipels, insbeson- 
dere die Hindu- Alterthiimer und Tempelruinen auf Java, Malnra 
u. Bali. 8vo, Berlin, 1859 

Beschreibun^ der Insel Java nach den Berichten R. J. D. Kus- 

sendragers und andern aus dem Ilollandischen. Svo. Berlin, 1860 

Miiller J. Terminologia Eiitomologica. 12mo. Briinn, 1860 

Miiller J. Philosophie u. Mathematik in Parallele. Svo. Berlin, 1829 

Miiller M. Description du proc^d6 d'Amalgamation a Halsbriicke. 

12mo. Freiberg, 1831 
Miiller Max. Lecture on the Science of Language. 12mo. Nevir York, 1863 

The Languages of the Seat of War in the East. Svo. London, 1855 

. A History of Ancient Sanscrit Literature so far as it Illustrates 

the Primitive Religion of the Brahmans. Svo. London, 1860 

Miiller P. E. Om det islandske Sprogs Vigtighed. 12mo. Kidbenhavn, 1813 
Miillner A. G. A. Die Schuld. 12mo. Reutlingen, 1819 

Miinch-Bellinghausen Fr. V. IJeber die alteren Sammlungen Spa- 

nischen Dramen. Wien. Alcad. Ahhandl. Y. 4. 
Mtlnter F. De duobus monumentis vet. ecclesite. 12mo. Hafnise, 1810 

• Ueber die von Ilimmel gefallenen Steine der Alten Bathylien 

genaunt. 12mo. Kopenhagen, 1805 

. Die religion des Nordens. Svo. s. 1. 1816 

Recherclies sur I'origine des ordres de chevalerie de Danemark. 

Svo. Copenhague, 1822 
Mugnotius A. Eremi Oamaldul. Descriptio. Thes. Ant. Ital. V. 8, p. 3. 
Muir J. Original Sanskrit Texts on the Origin and Progress of the 
Religion and Institutes of India; translated into English and 
illustrated by Notes. Svo. London, 1S58-60 

Muir "W. J. 0. Pagan or Christian ? Notes on our National Archi- 
tecture. Svo. London, 1860 

Muir T. Life and Full Report of his Trial for Sedition, by P. Mac- 
kenzie. Svo. Glasgow, 1831 

MuUer J. W. de. Des causes de la coloration de la Peau et des dif- 
ferences dans les formes du Crane, au point de vue de I'llnito du 
genre humain. 4to. Stuttgart, 1853 


Muller N". Annus Judseorum Lunsesolis et Turcarabum mere Lunaris. 

Ugolino, v. 17. 
Muller M. J. E. De Davide ante arcum Foederis saltiinte. Jhid. V. 32. 

Muloch Miss. John Halifax Gentleman ; The Head of the Family ; 
A Life for a Life; ^ Agatha's Husband ; A Woman's Thoughts 
aboiut Women ; Eomantic Tales — Novels. 

8 vols. 12mo. Leipzig, 1867-60 

Multedo G. de. Annales Genuenses. Muratori Her. Ital. Y. 6. 

Munch P. A. Chronica Eegum Mannise et Insularum. The Chronicle 
of Man and the Sudreys, edited from tlie manuscript Codex with . 
Historical Notes. 8vo. Christiania, 1860 

Symbolse ad Historiam antiquiorem rerum Nor vegi corn m. 

4to. Christiania, 1850 

Mundt T. Vdlkerschau auf Reisen. 12mo. Stuttgart, 1810 

Munich K. Baierische Akademie der "Wissenschaften Abhandlungen, 


Mathematisch-Physikalische Classe. Yol. VIH.-IX. 

Philosophisch-Phiiologische Classe. Yol. IX. 

Historische Classe. Yol. YIIL 

Taschenbuch fiir die Mitglieder der K. Akademie. 12mo. 

Histor ischeComm. Forschungen zur Deutschen Geschichte. 

3 vols. 8vo. Gottingen, 1860 
Wissenschaftliche Yortrage gehalten zu Miinchen, im Winter 

1858. _ ' 8vo. Braunschweig, 1858 
Beschreibung der Glyptothek ; Architektonisch Theil von L. 

von Klenze ; v erzeichniss der Bilderwerke und Gemalde von L. 

Schon. 12mo. Miinchen, 1858 

Yerzeichniss d. Gemalde in d. Pinakothek. 12mo. Miinchen, 1859 

Yerzeichniss d. Gemalde in d. neuen Pinakothek. 

12mo. Miinchen, 1860 

Fiihrer durch die vereinigten Sammlungen. 12mo, Miinchen, 1860 

Miinchener Muster-Samlung fiir Kilnstler, Gewerbtreibende 

und laien, herausgegeben von L. Wind. 4to. Miinchen, 1860 

Auskiinft iiber die K. Bibliothek. 12mo. Miinchen, 1846 

Handbuch fiir Fremde und Einheimische, mit besonderer Be- 

j'iicksichtigung der Kunstschatzte, und der Ausfliige in die 

Umgegend, von E. Forster. 12mo. Miinchen, 1858 

Munio, Hugo et Gerarcus. Historia Compostellana. Patrol. Lot. 170. 
Munster et Osnabrug. Negotiations secretes touchant la Paix de Muns- 

ter et d'Osnabrug. 4 vols. Fol. La Haye, 1725-26 

Munzinger W. TJeber die Sitten und das Eecht der Bogos. Mit einer 

Karte der nordlicher Grenzlander Abyssiniens. 8vo. Winterthiir, 1859 

Muratori L. A. Scriptorum Eerum Italicarum Catalogi duo; primus 
scriptorum ordine alphabetico, alter eorundem per locos et regi- 
ones digestus. 12mo. Bononise, 1853 

Liturgia Eomana vetus tria sacramentaria complectens ; Leo- 

nianum scilicet, Gelaciannm et antiquum Gregorian um. 

2 vols. Fol. Yenetiis, 1748 

Murdock W. D. C. Our True Title to Oregon. 12mo. Georgetown, 1845 

Muretus M. A. Tragoedia, Epigrammata, etc. Del. Poet. Oall. Y. 2. 

Murner T. See Ealenspiegel. 


Murphy A. The Grecian Daughter, Zenobia, The Oi-phan of China, 

Tragedies ; All in the Wrong, The Way to Keep Him, The 

School for Guardians, Comedies. BeWs Br. Th. Y. IT, 24, 33, 

4, 12. 
Jhe Apprentice, The Old Maid, The Upholsterer, The Citizen, 

Three Weeks after Marriage — Farces and Comedies. Mod. Br. 

Drama, V. 5. 

Know Your Own Mind — Com. Inchbald's Br. Th. Y. 15. 

Murphy H. 0. Henry Hudson in Holland. 8vo. Hague, 1869 

Murphy E. Theory of Algebraic Equations. 8vo. London, 1839 

Murr C. G. v. Geschichte Martin Behaims. Svo. Gotha, 1801 

Murray A. See Canada, Geological Survey of. 
Murray E. Sixteen Teai-s of an Artist's Life in Morocco, Spain, and the 

Canary Islands. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1859 

Murray L. The English Eeader. 12mo. New York, 1799 

Museo di Scienze e Letteratura, 1844. 8vo. Firenze, 1844 

Museum d'Histoire naturelle. Archives cent. V. 10. 
Mussafia A. Beitrage z. Geschichte der Romanischen Sprachen. Wien 

Sitzungsb. Phil. V. 39. 
Mussatus A. Historias Augustse digestis Henrici VIL ; De gestis Ita- 

licorum post Henricum YH. Thes. Antig. Ital. Y. 6, p. 2. 
Mussey R. D. Health, its Friends and its Foes. 12mo. Boston, 1862 

Muto S. Dialogus contra duas epistolas nuper editas in Prodromum 

F. Leverge. Fol. Romse, 1664 

Mynsinger J. Austrias, Neccharides. Del. Poet. Germ. Y. 4. 

Nabbes T. Microcosmus, a Masque. Dodsley's O. Plays, Y. 9. 
Nabi Effendi. Conseils a son fils AboulKhain en Turc, avec la traduc- 
tion Frangaise et des notes par M. Punet. 8vo. Paris, 1S5Y 
Nachseiten der Gesellschaft. 16mo. Leipzig, 1844 
Nageli C. Beitrage z. Wissensch. Botanik. Svo. Leipzig, 1858-63 

• Die Bewegung im Pflanzenreich. 8vo. Leipzig, 1860 

Nagelius J. A. M. De ludis secularibus vet. Romanorum in Ghemara 

commemoratis. JJgolino, Y. 32. 
Nagler. Monogrammisten, Y. 2. 
Nairne C. M. Atheism and Pantheism, a Lecture. Svo. Albany, 1848 

Inaugural Discourse as Professor in Columbia Coll. Feb. 1858. 

Svo. New York, 1858 
Namur. Les plaus et profils des principales villes du Comt6 de Namur. 

Fol. Paris, s. a. 
Nagle E. The Ancient Catholic Faith defended against Romish Novel- 
ties. 12mo. Dublin, 1834 

Rev. Dr. M'Hale's Letter Dissected. 12mo. Dublin, 1834 

Nantucket New South Shoal. Report on by Maj. H. Bache. 

Svo. Washington, 1863 
Nao-Georgius T. Satyrarum libri Y. Dd. Poet. Germ. Y. 4. 


Naples. Atti e Diario della settima Kiunione degli Scienzati Italiani 

in Napoli, 1845. 4to. Napoli. 

Napoleon I. Le Couronnement de Napoleon I. Em^j. des Frangais, 

relation liistorique des Ceremonies, F^tes et Eejouissances pub- 

liques qui ont en lieu k cette occasion. _ _ 8vo. Pij,riSi 1816 
Corona poetica per i a solenne incoronazione diNapoleone, dagli 

arcadi. 4to. Parigi, 1805 

Decret imperial relatif aux Ceremonies, etc. _ _ 12mo. Paris. 

peint par lui-ra6me dans sa carri^re militaire et politique par 

M. C***. 12uio. Paris, 1814 

■ II Grande, trad, del Tedesco. 8vo. Vienna, 1814 

Nuits de I'abdication. 8vo. Paris, 1815 

Delle quindice Settimane (Cent Jours). 8vo. Genova, 1815 

Memoires secrets sur Napoleon. 8vo. Paris, 1815 

et Louis XVm. 8vo. s. 1. et s. a. 

Poeme. Frangais et Italien. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1833 

et la Garde Imperiale. Texte par Eug. Fieffe, Dessins par 

Eaffet. 4to. Paris, 1859 

Correspondance publiee par ordre de l'Emp6reur Napol6on III. 

5 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1858-60 

Sentiments sur le Christianisme. 12mo. Paris, 1860 

Historic Doubts relative to, and Historic Certainties respecting 

the Early History of America. 12mo. New York, 1856 

Nappolon Sanson. Voyage a Constantinopre et a Thunis et Argers 

pour le Traits de la Paix de Barbaric et Kachapt des Esclaves. 

Cimber, S. 2, V. 4. 
Nardini N. Cracovia. 8vo. Losanna, 1847 

Narrative of the Campaigns of the British Army at "Washington and 

New Orleans in the years 1814 and 1815, by an Officer of the 

Expedition. 8vo. London, 1821 

Narratives of the Days of the Keformation, chiefly from the MSS. of 

Foxe, edited by J. G. Nichols for the Camden Society. 

4to. London, 1859 
Narrien J. Architecture. Encyo. Metrop. V. 5. 

Nash E. The Farmer's Horse Farriery. 12mo. Auburn, 1858 

Nash T. Summer's Last "Will and Testament — Com. Dodslev's P 

V. 9. 

Nassau G. Catalogue of his Library. 8vo. London 1824 

Catalogue of his Portraits and Prints. 8vo. London' 1824 

National Almanac and Annual Record for the Year 1863. 12mo. Phil. 1863 
National Debt. Proposal for its Liquidation, the Abolition of Tithes 

etc. ^ . 8vo. London', 1784 

National Education. Speeches on the Government Plan of, at Edin- 
burgh, ] 839. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1839 

Letter to Lord Stanley on the same. 8vo. London 1839 

National Gallery (London). Catalogue of Portraits in 1859, 

8vo. London, 1859 
National Magazine. 9 vols. 8vo. New York, 1852-56 

National Name. Eeport of the Coram, of the N. Y. Historical Society 

on a National Name. 8vo. New York, 1845 

National Portrait Gallery of Illustrious and Eminent Personages of the 

19th Century, with Memoirs by "W. Jerdan. 4 vols. 4to. London, 1833 


National Society foi* Promoting Education. 8vo. London, 1840 

JSTational Eeview cont. 1858-1863. 

Nativity de N. S. Jhesuchrist, 8 personnages, avec la digne accouch^e, 

nouvellement imprimd a Paris. Eeprint. 
Natural History Eeview, Yol. I. 8vo. London, 1861 

Natural Philosophy. Lib. TIsef. Knowl. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1828-38 

Naturlig Hexerie. 8vo. Kjobenhavn, 1T68 

Naudet J. De secours publics chez les Eomains. Mirth. d^Insoript. 

N. S. V. 13. 
■ De I'^tablissement des Postes chez les Eomains. Hid. Y. 23, 

bur les recompenses d'honneur ; Sur la police chez les m^mes. 

lUd. V. 5. 
Naugerius A. Carmina. Del. Poet. Jialorum, Y. 2. 
Naval (Onr) Position and Policy. 8vo. London, 1859 

Navy Estimates, Showing the Expense of Building and Eepairing his 

Majesty's Navy from 1800 to 1820. 8vo. London, 1834 

Navy List (British) for 1862-63. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1862-3 

Nazarius-Panegyricus Constantino dictus. Patrol. Lat. 8. 
Nazianzen G. S. Poesie e Prose, Scelte di. 8vo. Napoli, 1844 

Neander A. Lectures on the History of Christian Dogmas, edited by 

J. L. Jacobi, from the German. 2 vols, post 8vo. London, 1858 

Nebrija A. de. De institutione Grammaticse. 12mo. Londres, 1833 

Necker J. Sur la legislation et le commerce des grains. MUanges 

d'&on. Pol. Y. 2. 
Nectarius Archiep. Cp. De festo S. Theodori et de jejunio et eleemo- 

syna. Patrol. Or. Y. 39. 
Nederlandsche Letterkundig Kongres Handelingen 1849, 1850, '55. 

3 vols. 8vo. Gent, Amster. and Brussels, v. y. 
N^e de la Eochelle J. F. Yie de E. Dolet, Imprimeur. 8vo. Paris, 17Y9 
Negro Apprenticeship in the Br. Colonies. 8vo. Iiondon, 1836 

• Food and other Maintenance Allowed. 8vo. London, 1838 

Punishments. 8vo. London, 1838 

General Eesults. 8vo. London, 1838 

Negroni C. Codice penale di Sardegna. 8vo. Torino, 1839 
Delia Giui'isdizione ecclesiastica nelle cose criminali di Pie- 

monte, 8vo. Novara, 1843 

Neigebaur J. D. F. Geschichte der K. Leop. Carolinischer Aka- 

demie der Naturforscher. 4to. Jena, 1860 
Die Donau- Fiirstenthiimer, gesammelte Skizzen. 8vo. Breslau, 1854 

Neil S. The Art of Eeasoning, with an Introductory Outline of the 

History of Logic. 12mo. London, 1853 
The Elements of Ehetoric. 12mo. London, 1854 

Neligan W. H. Saintly Characters recently Presented for Canoniza- 
tion. 12mo. New York, 1839 
■ Eome, its' Churches, its Charities, audits Schools. 12mo. N. Y. 1858 

Nemesius Episc. Ernes. De natura hominis. Patrol. Grceca, 40. 

Neocastro B. de L. Historia Siculi ab anno 1250, usque ad 1294. 
Muratori Per. Jtal. Y. 13. 

Neocorus L. De museo Alexandrino. Thes. Ant. Gr. Y. 8. 


l^eot St. Legend of St. Neot. Lives of English Saints, 4. 

Neriua Donati Fil. Aanales Senenses, 1352-1381. Muratori Rer. 

Ital. y. 15. 
Nerveze A. de. Histoire de la vie et tr^pas de Charles de Lorraine 

Due de Mayenne. Cimher, S. 1, V. 15. 
Nestorius Tractatus contra hseresioi Pelagii ; Sermones ; Epistolse. 

Patrol. Lot. 48. 
Nettement M. Introduction a I'histoire de Bonaparte. 8vo. Paris, 1814 

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the Government of the U. S. and the Powers represented in the 
Congress at Paris. 8vo. Washington, 1856 

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aques. 8vo. Paris, 1860 

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New Bond of Love. 12mo. New York, 1853 

New Customs, a Morality. Dodsley's Old Plays, Y. 1. 
New Path (The). By the Society for the Advancement of Truth in Art. 

8vo. New York, 1853 
Newberry J. S. See Pacific Rail R. Report, 6. 
Newell W. The Christian Scholar, a Discourse on the Death of A. 

Norton. 8vo. Cambridge, 1853 

Newhall S. Letters on Junius, showing that the author of that cele- 
brated work was Earl Temple. 12mo. Boston, 1831 
Newhampshire. First Annual Eeport on the Geology of N. H., by C. 

T. Jackson. 8vo. Concord, 1841 

— Eeports on the Asylum for the Insane, 1858. 8vo. Concord, 1858 

New Jersey. Catalogue of Books in the State Library. 8vo. Trenton, 1853 

Letters on the E. Eoad Monopoly. 8vo. Phil. 1840 

Second Annual Eeport on the Geological Survey of the State, 

1855. 8vo. Trenton, 1856 

Newman F. W. On the Eelations of Free Knowledge to Moral Sen- 
timent, a Lecture. 8vo. London, 1847 

The Eelations of Professional to Liberal Knowledge, a Lecture. 

^ ^^ ^ ^ 8vo. London, 1859 

Newman J. H. A Letter to the Bishop of Oxford on occasion of No. 

90 in the " Tracts for the Times." 8vo. Oxford 1841 

A Letter to the Eev. E. "W". Jelf, in Explanation of No. 90 in 

the " Tracts for the Times." 8vo. Oxford 1841 

New Themes Condemned. 12mo. Philadelphia^ 1853 

Newton G. W. A Treatise on the Growth and Future Managements 

of Timber Trees. 8vo. London, 1859 

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Arithmetique universale. 2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1802 

Newton T. Bishop. Life of Himself. 8vo. London, 1816 

New Voyage to Georgia, by a Young Gentleman. 8vo. London, 1735 

New York State. Journal of the Legislative Council of the Colony of 
New York. Begun the 9th of April, 1691, and ended the 3d of 
April, 1775. 2 vols. Fol. Albany, 1861 


Few York State Journals of the Senate, Sessions 9, 10, 12-17, 19-21, 

23, 24. 8vo. Albany, v. y. 

Journals of the Assembly, Sessions 10-18, 20, 21, 23, 2i, 25, 27. 

Bvo. Albany, v. y. 

Journals of the Senate and of the Assembly, 1859-63. 

Senate and Assembly Documents, 1859-63, 

Session Laws, 1859-63. 

Act to Appropriate the Income of the U. S. Deposit Fund to 

the Purpose of Education. ' 8vo. Albany, 1838 

Abstract of Alterations of General Interest introduced by 

Eevised Statutes. 8vo. Canandaigna, 1830 

Laws relating to Common Schools. 8vo. Albany, 1844 

Proceedings of the Commissioners of Indian Affairs for the Ex- 
tinguishment of Indian Titles, with Notes by F. B. Hough. 

2 vols. 4to. Albany, 1861 

!New York Law Courts. Eeports of Practice Cases, by Abbot, Brothers, 

continued. Vols. 6-12. New York, 1859-61 

Court of Appeals Opinions on the Constitutionality of the Legal 

Tender Law. 8vo. Albany, 1863 

A Digest of New York Statutes and Eeports, from the earliest 

period to 1860. 5 vols. 8vo. New York, 1860 

Surrogates' Courts, Nature, Extent, and History of their Juris- 
diction ; Opinion of Judge C. P. Daly in the matter of the 
Estate of J. W". Brick. 8vo. New York, 1863 

Council of Eevision. See Street A. S. 

New York State Government. Manual for the Legislature, 1859-63. 

5 vols. 12mo. Albany, 1859-63 

The Political Code. First Eeport of the Commissioners of the 

Code. 8vo. Albany, 1858 

The Political Code Eeported Complete by the Commissioners. 

8vo. Albany, 1859 

New York State Census for 1856, by F. B. Hough. Fol. Albany, 1857 

New York State History. Documents relative to the Colonial History, 

vol. 10 with Index. 4to. Albany, 1861 

Catalogue of Historical Papers and Parchments deposited in the 

State Library. ' 8vo. Albany, 1849 

New York State Engineer, Annual Eeports in State Documents. 

New York Canals. Engravings of Plans, Profiles, and Maps, illus- 
trating the Standard.Models from which are built the important 
structures on the N. Y. State Canals, to accompany the Annual 
Eeport of the State Engineer for 1859. Compiled by S. H. 
Sweet. 8vo. Albany, 1860 

See Annual Eeports in the State Documents, also of the State 

New York Agricultural Soc. Transactions, 1859-62. 

4 vols. 8vo. Albany, 1860-63 

Agricultural Eooms, Dedication, Ceremonies, and Speeches, 

February, 1857. 8vo. Albany, 1857 

— ^ Eeport of the Commissioners appointed to Eeport a Plan for j 

an Agricultural College and Experimental Farm to the Legis- 
lature. 8vo. Albany, 1850 

Agricultural College. Charter, Ordinances, and Course of Stu- 
dies. ' 8vo. Albany, 1859 

Journal, V. 10 — from May, 1859. 


New York Banking and Insurance. The Banking System of the State. 

See Cleavdand, I. 
Eeports of the Superintend, of the Banking Department, 1858, 

'60, '61. 
Second Annual Report of the Superintend, of the Insurance 

Department of the State. 2 vols. 8to. Albany, 1861 
Second Annual Report of the Superintendent of the Insurance 

Department, by "W". Barnes. 2 vols. Albany, 1861 

See Annual Reports in State Documents. 
New York Public Instruction. Annual Reports of Superintendent in 

the State Documents. 
New York State Finances. Comptroller's Annual Reports in State 

New York State Medical Soc. Transactions for 1863. 
New York Natural History. Palseontology, by J. Hall. Yol. HI. 

P. 1 & 2. P. 1 Letter Press ; P. 2 Plates. 2 vols. 4rto. Albany, 1859 
New York State Lunatic Asylum. Annual Reports in State Documents. 
New York State Penitentiaries. Reports of the Committee appointed 

to examine the State Prisons. 8vo. Albany, 1853 
Report of the Sec. of State on the Criminal Statistics of the 

State. 8vo. Albany, 1855 
Society for Reformation of Juvenile Delinquents, 10th to 32(i 

Reports. New York, v. y. 
Acts passed 1839 and 1854 to procure Statistical Information 

concerning Convicts. 2 vols. 8vo. Albany, 1839 & 1854 
Circular to the Sheriffs of the different Counties, with Forms 

and Instructions for Executing the above Act. 

2 vols. Svo. Albany, 1839 & 1854 

Reports of the State Prison Inspectors, in the State Documents. 

List of Convicts Discharged from the State Prisons, 1851-54. 

' Oblong 4to. 

New York Regents of the University Annual Reports, 1859-63. 

4 vols. 8vo. Albany, 1859-62 

Reports of the Trustees of the State Libraiy to 1863. 

Supplement to Catalogue of the State Library. Svo. Albany, 1861 

Reports on the Condition of the State Cabinet to 1863, with 

Appendix. 2 vols. Svo. Albany, 1863 

New York State Military Board, Reports in State Documents. 

Annual Reports of the Adjutant-General, in State Documents. 

Military Association, Proceedings at the Meeting in Albany, 

Jan. 1859. Svo. New York, 1859 

Report of the Quartermaster-General for 1862. Svo. Albany, 1863 

New York Commissionei-s of Emigration, Reports and Laws from May 

5, 18-iT to 1860. Svo. New York, 1861 

New York State Poor. Report of the Select Committee or Memorial 

of County Superintendents of the Poor, on Lunacy and its Rela- 
tion to Pauperism, to the Legislature, March, 1856. Svo. Albany, 1856 
New York Marriage Licenses. Names of Persons for whom Marriage 

Licenses were Issued by the Secretary of the Province of N. Y. 

previous to 1784. 8vo. Albany, 1861 

New York City. New York as it is, or The Stranger's Guide-Book to 

the Cities of New York, Brooklyn, etc., by J. Miller. 

12mo. New York, 1860 


New York City in the Olden Time. Newspaper Cuttings arranged by 

H. Onderdonk. 8vo. 

During the Revolution. 4to. New Tork, 1861 

Central Park. Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Eeports of the 

Board of Commissioners, 1860, '62, & '63. 

3 vols. 8vo.- New York, 1860, '62, '63 
New York Chamber of Commerce, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Annual 
Eeports for the Years 1861-62, 1862-63, 1863-64. 

3 vols. 8vo. New York, 1862-64 

Memorial to Congress on Ocean Steam Navigation. 8vo. N. Y. 1864 

New York Directory for 1811. - 12mo. New York, 1851 

" for 1860-61, 1861-62, 1862-63, 1863-64. 

4 vols. 8vo. N. Y. 1860-63 
New York City Gov. Ordinances of the Mayor, Aldermen, and Com- 
monalty revised 1859, by D. T. Valentine. 8vo. New York, 1859 

Documents of the Board of Aldermen. Vol. 30. 8vo. New York, 1863 

Manual of the Corporation, by D. T. Valentine, 1859, '60, '61, 

'62, '63. 5 vols. 12mo. New York, 1859-63 

Metropolitan Police. Annual Reports of Commissioners in State 

Compilation of the Opinions of the Counsels to the Corporation 

S resented to the Common Council from 1849 to 1860, by C. T. 
['Clenachan. 8vo. New York, 1859 

New York City Finances. Comptroller's Eeports, 1844, '46, '55, '59, 

'62, and '63. 8vo. New York,- 1845-63 

■ Comptroller's County Eeports, 1859, '61, '62. 

State Laws relative to the Making and Perfecting Assessments 

applicable to the City of N. Y., compiled by T. Stephens. 

8vo. New York, 1859 
A Compilation of the Laws relative to the Above and Exclu- 
sively to the City and County of N. Y., with Notes of Cases 
relating to the Subject of Taxation, compiled by A. E. Law- 
rence, Jr., being an Appendix to the foregoing. 8vo. N. Y. 1859 

Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors, 1859, '60, '61, '62, '63. 

8 vols. 8vo. New York, 1859-62 
New York City Public Instruction. Communication from the Boani 
of Education, with an Estimate of Money required for School 
Purposes during 1854. 8vo. New York, 1853 

Documents of the Board of Education, containing Eeports of the 

City Superintendent, of various Committees, of the Principal of 
the Free Academy, etc., etc., for the years 1858-62. 

5 vols. 8vo. New York, 1859-63 

Eeports of the Board of Education, 1854-63. 10 vols. 8vo. N. York. 

Eeport on the System of Popular Education in the City of N. Y 

8vo. New York, 1851 

Catalogue of the Graduates of Columbia College, 1826, '36, '44. 

Columbia College Law School, OflBcers and Students, 1861-62. 

" " Inaugural Addresses. See Dwight T. TF., 

Marsh O. P. 

University, Officers and Students, 1841-42. 

History of the Controversy in the University. 

New York City Libraries. Free Academy Library Catalogue. 

8vo. New York, 1860 
Astor Library Catalogue/^V._4. 8vo. New York, 1861 


New York Catalogue of Books in the Astor Library relating to the 
Languages and Literature of Asia, Africa, and the Oceanic 
Islands. 8vo. New York, 1854 

Alphabetical Index of the Books Collected, and Proposed Ac- 
cessions submitted to the Trustees of the Astor Library, Jan. 
1851. . 8vo. New York, 1851 

Annual Eeports of the Trustees of the Astor Library to the 

State Legislature, 1850 to 1863. 8vo. Albany, v. y. 

Columbia College Library. See Jones W. A. 

Society Library. Eeports of the Trustees, 1860-62. 

Mercantile Library. Keports of the Board of Directors, 1859-63. 

Hospital Supplementary Catalogue. 8vo. New York, 1861 

Historical Soc. Library Catalogue. See IT. S. Collections, V. 4. 

Private Libraries, Account of. See Wynne J. 

New York City Fires. Laws relating to the Eire Department, 1812- 

1860. 8vo. New York, 1859 

Eeports of the Fire Marshal, 1859. 8vo. New York, 1859 

Annual Eeport of the Chief Engineer, transmitting Statement 

of the Force of the Department ; Number of Fires and Damages 
Sustained ; the Names, Occupations, etc., of the Members of the 
Department. 8vo. New York, 1860 

New York City Journals and Periodicals — Medical Times. 

Dental Journal, V. 1-4. 8vo. New York, 1858-61 

Journal of Medicine, etc. 3d S. V. 1-8. 8vo. New York, 1858-60 


Historical Magazine. Yol. 1. Boston. Y. 2-6. 8vo. New York. 

Merchants' Magazine, cont'd to the end of 1863. New York, 1858-63 

Harper's Magazine, cont'd to of 1863. 

Journal of Commerce, 1850-59. 10 vols. Fol. New York, 1850-59 

See also under Hall W. TT., J. of Health. Methodist Qua/rterVy 


New York City Scientific and Literary Societies. Lyceum of Natural 

History Annals. V. 5, 6. 2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1858-62 

See also American Geographical Soc. and N, Y. Historical Soc. 

New York City Health Eegulations. Annual Eeports of the City 

Inspector for the years 1858-62. 5 vols. 8vo. New York, 1859-63 

New York City Benevolent Institutions. Children's Aid Society Ee- 
ports, 3-9. 8vo. New York, 1856-62 

Asylum for Idiots. Annual Eeports in State Documents. 

Institution for the Blind. Annual Eeports of Managers in the 


Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb, Annual 

Eeports in the Same. 

■ Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. Ee- 
ports, 1860. / 

Juvenile Asylum, Annual Eeports, 1856-59, '62, '63. 

New York City. Eeports of the Commissioners of Public Charities, 

1860-61. ' 2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1860-61 

New York Streets. Communication from the Street Commissioner, 
being his Eeport of the Business of the Street Department up to 
and including June 30th, 1859, 8vo. New York, 1859 

Eeports of Street Commissioner, 1861-62. Board of Aldermen 

Documents, V. 30. 


New York City Supply of Water. Oroton Aqueduct Department. Ee- 
ports in the Board of Aldermen Documents^ Yol. 30. 

New York City Banks. Keport of the Loan Committee of the Asso- 
ciated Banks of the City of K Y., June, 1862. ^ 8vo. N. Y. 1862 

Ney Mar6chal. Proems, ou Recueil complet des Interrogatoires, etc. 

8vo. Paris, 1815 

Niagara Falls. Report on the Location and Expense of a Ship Canal 

around. • 8vo. New York, 1834 

Nibelunglied. The Fall of the Nibelungers, or the Book of Kriemhild. 

A Translation by W. N. Lettsom. 8vo. London, 1850 

Niblett A. N. Schiller, Dramatist, Historian, and Poet. ■ A Century 

Lecture upon Schiller. 8vo. London, 1860 

Niccolini G. B. Antonio Foscari ; Lodovico Sforza, Tragedie. 

12mo. Lugano and Oapolago. 

■ Nicephoras S. Op. Patriarcha. Scripta; Prolegomena, Epistolse ; An- 
tirrhetici tres adversus Constantinum Copronymum ; Apolo- 
geticns duplex pro sacris imaginibus; Demonstratio altera de 
sacris imaginibus ; Canones ; Breviarium historicum ; Chrono- 
graphia brevis. Patrol. Or. V. 100. 

Chronologia, Anastasio Bibl. interprete. Pat/rol. Lat. 129. 

Nicephorus Caes. Bryennius. De rebus Byzantinis. Fol. Parisiis, 1661 

Nicholas I. Les dernieres heures de la vie de I'Empereur Nicolas I., 

trad, dii Russe. 8vo. Yienne, 1855 

Nicholas D. Dialogues in Modern Greek. 12mo. Yienna, 1798 

Nichols J. G. Descriptive Catalogue of the Works of the Camden Soc. 

ito. Westminster, 1862 

Nicholson G. A Clear and Concise YJndication of the Holy Scriptures. 

8vo. Leeds, 1801 

Nicholson J. Account of Fatemite Dynasty in Africa. 8vo. Bristol, 1860 

Nicholson P. Carpentry. JEnc. Metrop. Y. 6. 

Nicolas A. Manuel du partage des successions. 8vo. Paris, 1855 

Nicolas Sir H. On the Library Catalogues of the Br. Museum. 

8vo. London, 1846 

Nicolaus N. De Moribus Grsecorum. Thes. Antiq. Or. Y. 6. 

Niedek Br. de. De populorum veterum ac recentiorum Adorationibus. 
Polemis, Y. 2. 

Nielles, les seize Nielles du grand lustre de la Cath^drale executes en 

1565. Fol. Paris, 1869 

Niemeyer J. 0. M. Geistliche Lieder u. vermischte Poesien in Latei- 

nischen treuen Nachbildungen. 8vo. Halle, 1833 

Niepce de S. Yictor. Eecherches Photographiques. 8vo. Paris, 1855 

Gravure h61iographique. 8vo. Paris, 1856 

Nigellus E. De rebus gestis Ludovici Pii 781-826. Carmen Elegi- 
acum. Tartini Perum Jtal. Y. 2. 

Nightingale F. Notes on Nursing. 12mo. New York, 1860 

Nigru^ D. M. Sicilise Descriptio. Thes. Ant. Sic. Y. 1. 

Nikolas J. Introduction to Greek (Grtece). 8vo. Yienna, 1798 

Niles J. M. A Railroad to the Pacific. 8vo. New York, 1849 

Nils von Rosenstein. Af handling om Uplysningen, 26 Aug. 1789. 

8vo. Stockholm, 1793 


Nilus Abbas S. Opera quge reperiri potuerunt omnia. 

Koy. 8vo. Parisiis, 1860 
Contents: Epistolse; Narrationes de csede raonachox-um in 
Monte Sina ; Oratio in Albianum ; Opuscula varia. 

Ninian S. Bp. Life. 12mo. London, 1845 

Nisard 0. Les Gladiateurs de la Eepublique des lettres anx 15e, 16e, 

et 18e Siecles. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1860 

JSTisard D. Etudes sur la Kenaissance. 12mo. Paris, 1855 

Nisard T. Musique des Odes d'Horace. ArcMv. Miss. Scient. 2. 

Nismes. Memoires sur I'emotion arriveeen la viile de Nismesle 16 Juil- 
let 1613. Cimher, S. 2, V. 1. 

■ Condncteur de I'etranger dans NisHies. 12mo. ISTismes, 1843 

Nizami or Nitzamy. Khirad-JiTamake Iskandarj'', also called the Sikan- 
dar-Namake Bahry. Ed. by Dr. A. Sprenger and Aga Mo- 
hammed Shoosteree. 8vo. Calcutta, 1852 

Nitzsch C. S. System of Christian Doctrine, transl. from the German 

by Messrs. Montgomery & Hennen. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1849 

Niven A. C. The Centennial Memorial, a Record for the 100th Anni- 
versary of a Church in Little Britain, ]S^. Y. 12mo. New York, 1859 

Nivernois J. M. M. Sur la Vie de J. J. Barthelemy. 8vo. Paris, 1Y95 

Noad H. M. A Manual of Electricity. 8vo. London, 1859 

Noble Deeds of American Women. See Clement. 

Nodier C. Yocabulaire de la langue Frangaise. 8vo. Bi'ux. 1836 

Noel B. W. Letter on Church Extension. 8vo. London, 1839 

What is Christianity, a Lecture. 8vo. London, 1840 

Noel-Desvergers. Abyssinie. 8vo. Paris, 1847 

Noggerath J. Das Gebirge in Eheinland-Westphalen. 

2 vols. 8vo. Bonn, 1823 

Noldke T. Geschichte des Qorans. 8vo. Gottingen, 1860 

Ueber das Kitab Jamini des Abu Nasr Muhammad ibn Abd-al- 

gabbar al uthi. Wien Sitzungsb. Phil. Y. 2. 

Ndsselt J. A. Anweisung z. Kentniss d. besten Blicher in der Theo- 

logie. 8vo. Leipzig, 1800 

Noirot C. Histoire des Masques. Leber Diss. Y. 9. 

Nolan E. Ireland, its Parties, People, and Prospects. 8vo. Dublin, 1839 

Nonius P. (Nunez). Opera quae complectuntur primum duos libros in 
quorum priore tractantur pulcherrima problemata, in altero tra- 
duntur et Mathematicis disciplinis regulse et instrumenta artis 
navigandi. Pol. Basilese, 1566 

Nonnus Panopol. Paraphrasis Evangelii secundum Joannem ; Diony- 
siacorum fragmenta. Patrol. Or. Y. 43. 

Nordmann A. v. Palseontologia Sud-Eusslands. 

^^ . ^ , ^ Text 4to. Plates Fol. Helsingfors, 1858 

Nons H. de. YmdiciiB Augustiniante. Patrol. Lot. 47. 

Normandy. Etats provinciaux tenus a Eouen, Nov. 1578. Cimber, 
S. 1, Y. 9. ' 

North J Catalogue of his Library. 8vo. London, 1819 

Catalogue of his Prints and Drawings. 8vo. London, 1819 

North S. The College System of Education. 8vo. Utica, 1839 

North of England Institute of Mining Engineers— Transactions. 

5 vols. 8vo. Newcastle, 1852 


North America. Nord-Amerika oder neuestes Gemalde der Nordame- 

rikanischen Freistaaten. 18mo. Tubingen, 1818 

North Br. Eeview cont'd, 1859-1863. 

North Carolina State Library Catalogue. 8vo. Ealeigh, 1854 

Northnmberland, Percy 5th Earl of. The Kegnlations and Establish- 
ment of his Household at his Castles of Wresill and Leldnfield in 
Yorkshire begun 1512. 8vo. London, 1770 

Norton A. Reasons for not Believing the Doctrine of Trinitarians. 

12mo. London, 1846 

Remarks on Mr. Norton's Reasons. 8vo. Boston, 1834 

Norton Mrs. 0. The Lady of La Garaye. 12mo. Loudon, 1862 

Norton C. B. Literary Register for 1856. 

Norton C. E. The New Life (Vita Nuova) of Dante. An Essay with 

Translations. 12mo. Cambridge, 1859 

A Review of a Translation into Italian of the Commentary by 

Benvenuto da Imola on the " Divina Commedia." 

8vo. Cambridge, 1861 

Norton J. B. The Administi-ation of Justice in Southern India. 

8vo. Madras, 1853 

Norway. Beretning omKongerigetNorges okonomiske Tilstand aarene 

1851-53. Foh Christiania, 1858 

Statistike Tabeller ved kommende Underviisningsvoesenets Til- 
stand i Norge ved Udgangen af Aaret 1837. Fol. Christiania, 1840 

Statistike Tabeller for Kongeriget Norge, udgivne etter Forans- 

taltning af Departementet for del Indre 1852, '53, '54, '55, '56. 

5 vols. obi. 4to. Christiania, 1853-57 

Statistike Tabeller, etc. Sextende Raekke indeholdende Tabel- 
ler over Folkemsengden i Norge den Site Dec. 1855, samt over 
de i Tidsrummet 1846-1855 Aegteviede, Fotde og Dode. 

Obi. 4to. Christiania, 1857 

Notes and Queries cont'd, 1860-63. 

Choice Notes from. 1 2mo. London, 1858 

Notices et Extraits des Manuscrits. Y. 15, 18, p. 1 ; 19, 20, p. 2. 

Notions de Calcul, de Geom6trie, etc. 12mo. Paris, 1783 

Notions ^lementaires sur les nouvelles mesures. 8vo. Paris, 1T96 

Nourisson M. La Philosophic de Leibniz. 8vo. Paris, 1860 

Nouveau Magasin des enfans. 2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1809 

Nouveau secretaire imp^riale. 12mo. Paris, 1810 

Novatianus Presb. Rom. Opera quse extant omnia ; De Trinitate ; De 
cibis Judaicis. Patrol. Lat. 3. 

Nowell A. Catechism, or First Instruction and Learning of Christian 
Religion, from the Latin. RiGhmond Eng. Reformers. 

Nugent Ld. Statement in Support of the Political Claims of the R. 

Catholics. 8vo. London, 1826 

Nuova Roma d'un vecchio poeta. 12mo. Pisa, 1835 

Nuovo Don Chisciotte, Drarama giocoso. 8vo. Genova, 1788 

Nuovi Dialoghi in Francese ed Italiano. 12mo. Parigi, 1819 

Nuovo Almauacco nautico, 1821. 8vo. Genoa, 1820 

Nuremberg. Album des Literarischen Vereins, 1855, '60, '62, '64. 

4 vols. 12mo. Niirnberg, 1855 & 1860 


Nutt D. Catalogue of Theftlosrical Books in Foreign Languages. 

■^ "= ^ 8vo. London, 1857 

Nye. Catalogue of his Gallery of the Old Masters. 8vo. New York, 1849 
JSTystrom J. "W". Project of a New System of Arithmetic, Weight, 
Measure, and Coins, proposed to be called the Tonal System. 

Oakes "W. Catalogue of his Library. 8vo. Boston, 1849 

Oberti C. Annales Genuenses, ab an. 1164. Muratori Rer. Ital. V. 6. 
Obrien P. See Danvhian Principalities. 
Obrien "W. S. On the Causes of Discontent in Ireland. 8vo. Dublin, 1843 

On the Eenewal of the E. L Co.'s Charter. 8vo. London, 1830 

■ Plan for the Eelief of the Poor in Ireland. 8vo. London, 1830 

Observations on the Assiento Trade. 8vo. London, 1Y28 

Observations on the Commerce of the American States. 8vo. London, 1783 
O'Callaffhan E. B. Origin of Legislative Assemblies of the State of N. 

York, with Titles of Laws. 4to. Albany, 1861 
A List of Editions of the Holy Scriptures, Printed in America 

previous to 1860, with Biograph. Notes. Eoy. 8vo. Albany, 1861 
Occasional (The) Writer, being an Answer to the Second Manifesto of 

the Pretender's Eldest Son. 8vo. London, 1746 

Ocharik Desh-u-lubun. Letter to the Author of a Pamphlet, " On the 

Present State and Future Prospects of the Free Trade and Colo- 
nization of India." 8vo. London, 1830 
O'Oonnell D. On Corn Laws. 8 vo. Dublin, 1842 

The Taxation Injustice. 8vo. Dublin, 1843 

The Commercial Injustice. 8vo. Dublin, 1843 

O'Connel J. An Argument for Ireland. 8vo. Dublin, 1844 

Odo de Drogelo. De Ludovici VII. Franc. Eegis Profectione in Ori- 

entem. Patrol. Lai. 185. 
Odessa. Notizie di Odessa. 8vo. Firenze, 1817 

Ofversigt af de vigtigaste Arendernes Behandling vid 1840 ars Eiksdag. 
Oertel & Kolb. Anweisung zum heilsamen Wassergebrauche fiir 

Menschen und Vieh. 12mo. Niirnberg, 1838 

Oettinger L. Ueber Berechnung der Staats-Anleihen im AUgemeinem. 

4to. Berlin, 1861 
•Official Documents relative to the Negotiations with France as laid 

-before Parliament. 8vo. London, 1803 

Official Papers relative to the Preliminaries of London and the Treaty 

of Amiens. 8vo. London, 1803 

Official Eeports of Battles Published by Order of the Confederate Con- 

•gi'ess- 8vo. New York,, 1863 

Ogden E. D. Tariff on Goods Imported. 8to. New York, 1858 

Oger B. Abbas. Sermones XV. Patrol. Lat. 184. 
Qgerius S. Sylvse. Del, Poet Belg. V. 3, 

O'Hara K. Midas, The Two Misers, Pl-ays. Mod. Br. Drama, V. 5; 
Tom a!humb, a Burlesque Opera. London Stage, V. 2. 



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The preceding V olumes of Messages and Eeports contain the 
Annual Eeports to the Governor and Assembly of the Bene- 
volent Institutions, the Comptroller of the Treasury, the Peni- 
tentiary, the Reform Schools, the Secretary of State, the Com- 
mission of Common Schools, State Treasurer, State Auditor, 
Adjutant-General, Board of Public "Works, Commissioners of 
Statistics and Sinking Fund, State Library, Receipts and Dis- 
bursements, and the Governor's Messages. 

Report of the Investigating Commission, appointed to Inquire 

into the Causes of the Defalcation in the Stat^ Treasury and 
other matters named in the Act of April 12th, 1858. 

8vo. Columbus, 1859 

■ Acts passed in the General Assemblj'^, Sessions 10, 13-15, IS, 19, 

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Annual Reports of Oomm. of Statistics, 1859-60. 

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• Regulations for the Military Forces, with the Laws pertinent 

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School Officer's Guide. Svo. Columbus, 1842 

Laws, Treaties, etc., which relate to Lands. Svo. Columbus, 1825 

Index to all the Laws and Resolutions to the years 1844-45, by 

Z. Mills. Svo. Columbus, 1846 

■ — Proceedings of the State Board of Equalization, to which is 

appended a series of Tables exhibiting the comparative value 
ot the Real Property of each City and Town in the State in 
1853 and 1859. Svo. Columbus, 1860 

Board of Agriculture, Fifth to Fourteenth Annual Reports, in 

the last an Abstract of the Proceedings of the County Agricul- 
tural Societies is given. 10 vols. Svo. Columbus, 1850-69 

■ Public Documents concerning the Canals, which are to Connect 

Lake Erie with the Ohio River. Svo. Columbus, 1828 

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The Lie of the Day, Comedy. InchlaM's Mod. Br. Th. V. 10. 

The Prisoner at Large, the Poor Soldier, The Farmer, The 

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Commercial Intercourse between G. Britain and France. 

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Same. JNew Edition. Svo. London, 1843 


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Jeremiam, Lamentationes Jeremise, in librum Baruch, in Epis- 
tolain Jeremise, in Lucam. Patrol. Crr. V. 93. 
O'Malley T. Popular Education in Holland, Prussia, Belgium, and 

France. Svo. London, 1840 

Omnibus of Modern Eomances, containing Zschokke's Princess of Wolf- 
enbiittel, Mangin's Camille, Gait's Fatal Whisper, F. Bremer's 

Curate ; The Post Captain and the Curate. Svo. New York, 1844 

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Opposition Mornings, with Betty's Kemarks. Svo. London, 1779 

Short History of the Opposition. Svo. London, 1779 

Short Defence of the Opposition. Svo. London, 1779 

Observations on the " Short History," etc. Svo. London, 1779 

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Oratory Magazine, No. 3. 8vo. London, 1748 

Ordronaux J. Hints on the Preservation of Health in Armies. 

24mo. New York, 1861 
O'Eielly Cap. A brief Memorial of. Svo. New York, 1862 

Orient und Occident, herausg. von T. Benfey. Svo. Gottingen, 1860 

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monachorum Benedictorum e congregatione S. Mauri, accur. et 

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^—— P. Alfenus Yarns ab injuriis veterum et recentiorura liberatus. 


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reicher Kupferstilcke von Baaer und Aubry. Obi. 4to. Coin, 1652 

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8vo. London, 1818 


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scribed. 12mo. London, 1854 

Palseontology, or a Systematic Summary of Extinct Animals 

and their Geological Kelations. Svo. Edinburgh, 1860 

Owen E. D. Footfalls on the Boundary of Another World, with Nar- 
rative Illustrations. - 12mo. Philadelphia, 1860 

Owlglass (Eulenspiegel). Marvellous Adventures and Kare Conceits 
of Master Owlglass, collected by K. E. H. Mackenzie, and 
adorned by A. Crowquill. 12mo. Boston, 1860 

Oxford. Statutes of the Colleges, with Eoyal Patents of Foundation, 
Injunctions of Visitors, and Catalogues of Documents relating to 
the University, preserved in the Public Eecord Office. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1853 

Books purchased for the Bodleian Library, with a Statement of 

Eeceipts and Expenditures during the year ending Nov. 8, 1849. 

8vo. Oxford, 1850 

Latin Prize Poems, translated by N. L. Torre. 12mo. London, 1831 

Theology. Eeview of 8vo. London. 

Ozanam J. Traite de la construction des Equations pour la solution 

des Problemes indetermines. 4to. Paris, 1687 

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Pachomius S. Abbas. Prsecepta. Patrol. Or. 40. 
Pachomius Mon. De Divinarum Scriptur. Utilitate. Patrol. Gr. 98. 
Pachyraeres G. Progymnasmata. Phet. Gr. ed. Wals, 1. 
Pacianus S. Episc. Epistolse ; exhortatio ad pcenitentiam ; Sermo de 
Baptismo. Patrol. Lot. 13. 

Pacific Eailroad. Eeports of Explorations and Surveys to Ascertain 
the most Practicable and Economical Eoute for a Eailroad from 
the Mississippi Eiver to the Pacific Ocean, made according to 
Acts of Congress. 12 vols. 4to. Washington, 1855-58 

Contents : Vol. I. Eeport of the Secretary of War ; Examin- 
ation of the Eontes by Capt. A. A. Humphreys and Lieut G. K. 
Warren ; First Eoute near the 47th and 49th parallels of N. Lat. ; 
Second Eoute near the 41st and 42d parallels ; Third Eoute near 
the 38th and 39th parallels ; Fourth Eoute near the 35th parallel ; 
Fifth Eoute near the 32d parallel ; Memoranda on Eailways by 
G. B. M'Lellan ; On the Cost of Transporting Troops and Sup- 
plies, by Maj.-Gen. T. S. Jesnp; Eeport of Explorations for a 
Eoute near the 47th and 49th parallels of N. Lat, from St. Paul 
to Puget Sound, by I. I. Stevens. 

Suppl. to Vol. I. Supplementary Eeports upon the Eoute 
near the 47th and 49th parallels, by I. I. Steyens. Ee- 
port of the Botany of the Eoute by J. G. Cooper ; Catalogue 
of Plants collected East of the Eocky Mountains by A. Gray • 
Catalogue of Plants collected in Washington Territory by J. g! 
Cooper ; Eeport of Insects collected on the Survey by J. T. Le- 
conte ; Eeport on the Mammals collected by J. G. Cooper, G. 
Suckley, and G. Gibbs ; Eeport upon the Birds collected by J. 


Pacific Railroad. 

G. Cooper and G. Suckley ; Eeport upon the Reptiles collected 
by J. G. Cooper; Report upon the Fishes collected by G. Suck- 
ley ; Report upon theMollusca by W. Cooper ; Report upon the 
Crustacea by J. G. Cooper. Appendix ; Heights and Distances. 

Vol. II. Report by E. G. Beckwith of Explorations made by 
Capt. J. W. Gunnison, near the 38th and 39th parallels, from the 
mouth of the Kansas to the Sevier Lake ; Report of Explorations 
on the line of the ilst parallel, by Lt. E. G. Beckwith; Geo- 
logical Report of the Country Explored by J. Schiel ; Report of 
the Botany of the Expedition by J. Torrey and Asa Gray ; Sy- 
nopsis of a Report of the Reconnoissance of a Railroad Route 
from Puget Sound via South Pass to the Mississippi, by F. W. 
Lander ; Report of Exploration of a Route near the 32d parallel, 
from the Red River to the Rio Grande, by Capt. J. Pope. Ap- 
pendix : Diary of the Expedition by J. H. Byrne ; Meteorolo- 
gical and Astronomical Observations; Report on the Botany of 
the Expedition by J. Torrey and A. Gray ; Report on the Geo- 
If'gy by W- I*- Blake ; Report of the Explorations for that por- 
tion of a Route between Dona Ana on the Rio Grande and the 
Pimas Villages on the Gila, by Lt. J. G. Parke ; Extract from a 
Reconnoissance made in 1846, '47, by Lt. Col. W. H. Emory. 

Vol. III. Report of Explorations near the 35th parallel from 
the Mississippi to the Pacific, by Lt. A. W. "Whipple, assisted 
by Lt. J. C. Ives. Itinerary : On the Topographical Features and 
Character of the Country ; On the Indian Tribes, by Lt. Whip- 
ple, T. Ewbank, and W. W. Turner ; Vocabularies of Indian 
Languages ; Report upon the Geology of the Route, by W. P. 
Blake ; Resum6 and Field Notes, by J. Marcou. 

Vol. IV. Lt. Whipple's Report continued ; Report of the Bo- 
tany; General Description of the Botanical Character of the 
Country, by J. M. Bigelow ; Description of Forest Trees, by the 
same ; Description of the Cetacese, by G. Engelmann ; Descrip- 
tions of the General Botanical Collections, by J. Torrey ; De- 
scription of the Mosses and Liverworts, by W. S. SuUivant; 
Report of the Geology, Field Notes, and Explanations, by C. B. 
R. Kennerly. Appendix: Astronomical, Magnetical, Climato- 
logical, and Barometrical Observations. 

V ol. V. Report 'of Lieut. R. S. Williamson upon the Routes 
in California to connect with the Routes near the 35th and 32d 
parallels ; Geological Report, by W. P. Blake ; Appendix to the 
same: Notice of the Fossil Fishes, by L. Agassiz; Descriptions 
of the Fossil Shells, by T. A. Conrad ; Catalogue of Recent 
Shells, by A. A. Gould ; Description of Plants collected by J. 
Torrey ; Botanical Report, by E. Durand and T. C. Hilgard. 
Appendix: Distances a