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Early Geographies 

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1493 A.D. 

The First Official Announcement of the Discovery of America. 
[i] CARVAJAL (Bernardinus). Oratio ad Alexandrum VII. nomine 
rogum Hispaniae habita super praestanda solenni obedientia. 

Roman Letter, 28 lines to a page. 

Small 4to, full morocco, inside doubli, g. e 

(Rome, Stephan Plannck, 1493). £175 

Hain *1545. Proctor 3715. Harrisse II. PrfWhet 3326. 

The Spanish Cardinal and Statesman Bernardin de Carvajal went to Rome about 
the middle of the year 1493 in order to assure the Pope of the submission of the King of 
Spain which he did with the a-bore apeeoh (one of the earliest jirinted diplomatic speeches) 
on the 19th of June, 1493. The speech refers to all. the political at.d social events which had 
taken place till 1492 under Ferdinand II. and Isa.bella,, specially referring to the Union of 
thfi Sipanish Monarchy amd the jfina.1 destruction of the ascendancy of the Moors under 
lioabdil througih the fall of Grajiada in 1492. 

On page 6 verso, lines 16 and following-, we read the following lines referring to the 
discovery of America which is the first mention of the Discovery of America in print 

(with the exception of the Columibus letter of May, 1493). 

" Subegit quoq^ue bub eis xps fortunatas insulas quarum fertilitatem miraibilem esse 
constat. Oudit et nuper alias incognitas versus Indos quae maxime ao plene oib' mundi 
preciosis existimantur, et xpor per regies interniintios brevi pariturae creduntur." 

(Translation). — And Christ placed under their rule the Fortunate Islands, the fer- 
tility of which has been ascertained to be wonderful. And he has lately disclosed .some other 
unknown omes towards the Indies which may be considered among the most precious things 
on earth; and it is believed that they will be gained over to Clvrist by the emissaries of the 

This mention was printed a bare four months after Columbus' return from his 
first voyage of discovery. He had landed on 4th of March, 1493, at Lisbon. 

Harrisse in his " Notes on Columbus " (Cambridge, 1865), p. 136, writing of the abwve 
book, says : " Another (allusion) of a very early date which may have preceded even Leander 
de Cosco's very poor Latin translation of the Admiral's letter, since it is dated June 19th, 
1493, is to be fpund in a small quarto of 8 leaves, issued without date or name of iwinter." 

The Times Literary Supplement of Septem'ber 5, 1918, has an article on this raire 
little volume, and ooncludes^ as follows: — 

" When iit 13 recollected that the famous letter of Columbus announcing his 
discoveries was dated 3 Kal., May, 1493 (really April 29), and' that it is certain that a 
longer time separated the writing and printing of that letter than wK>uid intervene 
between the delivery and printing of CaTvajal's oration, it becomes doubtful whether 
more than a very few days intervened between the publioatioai of the first printed 
document relating to America, the letter of Columbus, and the oration orf Carvajal, in 
whioh that discovery was officially announced to the Church and the world." 

Only 8 copies are known of this book, nearly all of which are in Public Libraries. 

2 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1493 A.D. 

The Honour of the Discovery of the New World claimed 
FOR Martin Behaim. 

[2] SCHEDEL (Dr. Hartmann). Liber Chronioaruitt. 

With 1 ,800 superb woodcuts by Wohlgemuth and Pleydenwurif . 

Black Letter, 64 long lines to a page, with illuminated initials. 

Large folio, calf {rebacked). 

Nuremberg, Anton Koberger, \2th July, 1493. £75 

(Harrisse No. 13.) 

• * *■ Tie First Edition of this Famous Chroniole of the Middle Ages, giving a pic- 
torial description of the World. It wias published thre.> or four months after Columbus 
had returned and made known his discovery, but in this Chronicle, MARTIN BBHAIM IS 

The description occurs on leaf CCXC, and is as follows -. — 


This passage «tates that the King oi Portugal, Juan II., s&nt, in 1483, James Canus, 
a native of Portugal, and Martin Behaim ot Nuremberg, with some galleys to Ethiopia; that 
they went to the Southern Sea, nea^r the coast, and, after crossing the line, reached the New 
World, where, when they happened to look towards the, their shadow, at noon, ajpipeared 
on the right; that in that region they discovered lands, heretofore unknown, which had not 
been searched after by any people for many years, except the Genoese, and that in Vain; 
finally, that after a navigation of twenty-six months they returned to Portugal ; and in 
proof of their discovery brought pepper and grana paradisi. 

1493 A.D. 

[3] SCHEDEL (Dr. Hartmann). Buch d&r Croniken. 

The Nuremberg Chronicle with German text. With 1,800 coloured wood- 
cuts. Black Letter. 

Large folio, sixteenth century binding, oak boards covered with stamped 

figskin, dated iS94- 

Nuremberg, Anton Koberger, 2yd December, 1493. £52 lOs 

(Harrisso No. 14.) 

The passage relatingr to Beh«im*s discovery of .America occurs on leaf CCLXXXV. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 3 

1494 A.D. 

Columbus Letter with the Six Woqdcuts. 
[4] COLUMBUS (Christopher) and Carolus VERARDUS. Epistola. 

(Folio I A title) In laudem Serenissimi Ferdinandi Hispaniarum regis, Bethicae 
& regni Granatae, obsidio, victoria, & triumphus. Et de INSULIS IN MARI 

Roman Letter. With six fine full-page woodcuts. 

4to, vellum gilt. 

Basle, Johannes Bergmann de Olpe, 2isi Afril, 1494. 

(See Illustrations, Plates Nos. I. and IL). £500 

Hain *15942. Proctor 7770. Schreiber 5419. Harrisse No. 15. 

* * * The first thirty pages in dialogue form is a drama on the siege and capture of 
<Jranada from the Moors by I'erdinand. It was written by Verardus and acted at Home 
in 1492. 

The letter of Ck>lumibus begins as follows : " De insulis iniiper inventis. Epistola 
Christoferi Codom (cui etas nostra mnltum debet; de insulis in Mari Indico nu5>6r inventis 
ad quas perquirendas octavo antea mense auspiciis et aere invictissimi Fernandi Hispaniarum 
Kegis missus fuerat) ad magnificum dominum Eaphaalem Sanxis ejusdem Regis Thesaijrar- 
ium missa quam nobilis ac litteratus rir Aliander de Cosoo ab Hispano ideomate in latiaum 
convertit." As is well known two copies of the original epistle were written by Columbus 
in Spanish, one addressed to Luis de Santangel, a. secretary to King Ferdinand, and the other 
to Gabriel (misprinted Eaipliael) Sanxis, treasuirer of Aragon; both piractioally identical in 
ether resipeots. The Sanxis copy was Iran^ated into Latin in Naiples 29 A'pnil, 1493, by 
Aliander de Cosco, and this is the version now being described, and which was the only 
original one known prior to the discovery in recent years of the original Spanish text. 

This is the famous " Second Letter of Columbus," and is the second edition of tihe 
Columbus Letter with a colophon and a definite date, but the first edition of Verardus with 
the Columbus letter containing the account of the Admiral's first voyage. 

The woodcuts are as follows : — 

(1) On title-page full length portrait of King Ferdinand of Spain, crowned, dressed 
in fuU airmour holding the Escutcheon of Castile and Leon in his right hand, and that 
of Granada in his left, aJid the words " Fernandus. Rex Hyspanie." 

(2) Colum.bus and another European in a boat landing on the shores on the New 
World offering a goblet to the timid unclothed natives, some of whom are advancing, 
while others are running away; at to{p of the wood'cut the words " Insula Hyspana." A 
oaravel in the foreground. 

(3) A caravel approaching the islands of Ferdinand, Isabella. Hispania. S. Salvator 
and Conception (so inscribed). A kind of bird's eye view map. 

(4) A town, land fort in process of construction by the seaside on Hispania, and 
the wOirds " Insulla Hysipana " (San Domingo). 

(5) Single Escutcheon of Castile and Leon. 

(6) A fine fullnpage wcodeut of Coflunibus' Admiral's ship, showing Columbus' cabin 
on the stern, in full sail, the words above being " Oceanica Classis." 

The reason of these two distinct works bein? issued together is obvious from the 
title-page. By them is commemorated the memorable year 1492, in which happened two 
events of the greatest iniTiortance to Spain, viz., the destruction of the Moorish power and the 
discoveo'T of the New World. 

The letter begins (translation) : — 

" Having now acconiipUshed the undertaking upon which I set out, I know that 
it will be agreeable to you to be informed of all I have discovered in my voyage. On 
the 33rd day after I !left Cadiz I reached the Indian Ocean, where I found many i-^Iands 
peopled by innumeTaible inhabitants; of all which I took possession without resistance. 
The islands abound in the finest variety of trees, so lofty that they seem to reach the 
stars. These peonle are of a verv timid d^'^«i^ion, an uncommonly simple, honest 
people, liberal in bestowing what they possess." Etc. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1494 A.D. 

The First Portuguese Reference to America. 

[5] VALASCUS (Ferdinand) [Orator of the King of Portugal] Oratio ad 
Innocentium VIII. de oboedtentia habita. 

Black Letter, 33 long lines to a full page. 

4to, boards. 

(Rome, Sie-pkan Plannck, about 1494). £75 

Hain-Capinger 15760. Proctor 3647. VouUifeme, Berlin, 3436. Harrisse (BiUiotheca 
Vetustissima Americana) 13. 45. Only one copy in the U.S. of America (according to the 
Census), viz., in the Hibrary of the late Henry Walters of Baltimore.' 

" Non desunt alia in ecclesiam merita : primum quod oepta navigrari Ethiopia est. 
Alterum quod in eodem tempore in oceano athlantioo 10 insiile vix ipsis onbis desoriptoribus 
cognite a inostris invente sunt et in omnes Lusitanie colonic deducte, in quib. Christiana fides 
colitur. Ita ut mihi vere Alfonsus rex ad fcbrist, reliff. colendam non oontentus majormm 
snor. finibus videatur : nisi etiami novas provinclas, novia Tegna, novas insulas et quasi novos 
et incognitos orbes Christi nomini et Eomi. ecclesie addiceret." 

(Eng'lisih translation) : — 

" He (the King) lias . merited well of the Church in other ways. Firstly, he sent 
expeditions to Ethioipia: Secondly, at that same time ten islands in the Atlantic Ocean 
which were hardly even known to Geographers were foiund by onr countrymen and in aJl 
of them Portugnese colonies "were founded to promote the Christian faith. It seems to me 
that Kin's; Alfonsus was mot satisfied with promoting! the Christian religion ia his oivn 
domiinions. He had to add new provinces, new kingdoms, new islands, and may I say it 
NEW AND UNKNOWN WORLDS to the name of CJiTist and the Church of Eome." 

Pope Innocent VUI. died in July, 14.92, eight months .before it was known in Europe 
that Columbus had dlisoo\'ered the New W^orld, consequently the paragraph in question 
could not have been in the Oration, as first delivered by Valasou.?, but must have been en 
interpolation when printed in 1494, which wias only a, few months after Columbus' return, 
and when all Europe wa.s excited over his great d.isoovery. At that time tlie rival claims of 
Spain aiid Portugal was causing a great controversy as to nhethev the honour was due to 
Columbus or to the Portuguese Navigator Behaim, .and Ixjth countries wove consequently 
claiming from the Pope the pos.session of the New World, and which the Pope eventually 
divided between Spain and Portugal. It is therefore likely that fcliis pa.ragr«,ph was pur- 
posely inserted into the printed ORATION to claim for Portugal, the discoveries in contra- 
distinction to Spain. 

Plate I. 

Tlh'.stration of the Adinirars Ship with Coluinbiis's Cabin on the stern, from 

Columbus Letttek, with the Six Woodculs. Basle, 1194. 

See Item No. i. 

Plate II. 


Odluiubus laiulini; on the shores af Hie New World, from 

Coi.TTMmiS Lktteii, with the Six Wrjodcuis. Basle, H9i. 

See Item No. i. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1498 A.D. 

The First Spanish Map of the:,World. 
One of the Earliest Books Referring to the Newly-Discovered World. 

[6] MELA (Pomponius). Cosmographia cum Figuris sive de situ orbis, 

{edited by Nunez de la Yerva.] 

Roman Letters, 27 lines to a full page. 

With a woodcut graduated planisphere extending over two whole pages, 
and the famous world map and fine woodcut initial letters. 

4to, originnl calf, gilt back. 

Salamanca {Printer of Ant: Nebrissensis), 149&. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. IIL). £375 

Hain 11021. Proctor 9569. Haebler 553. HaeWer, Early- Printers of Spain, plates XI. 
and XII. Hanrisse, Bibliotheca Americana Vetustissima, Additio'ns 8. See on the fiist page 
of the preface the passage " Extra istas duas extrenias i)luTima iiuveniuntur. Nam versus 
occidens serenissimus Hispaniarum Rex Ferdinandus et HeUsa.betli terram habitatam dis- 
tantem alb oocidenti per xlv Gradus invenernnt." 


. The only copies of this scarce book in the U.S. of America ftre in the Hispanic Society 
Library and New York Public Library (according to Ceneus). 

6 MAGGS BROS.. 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. 

1498 A.D. 

Pliny a Fool for stating that there were not any New Lands 

TO be Discovered. 

[;] BRANDT (Sebastian). Stultifera Navis. 

Woodcut on title, and 114 large woodcuts (should be u8) caricaturing 
all classes of people. 

Small 4to, original calf, g. e. 

Basle, fer Johann Bergman de Olpe, 1498. £10 lOs 

(See Hanrisse additions No. 5.) 

• • • This is of especial iiUjerest to an American Collection, as Brandt here repudiates 
the errors of Pliny and Ptolemy for stating fhat there Tvas no land beyond the sea to the 
West; in the following passage: — 

Pxestita oosmographi Insfcrat documenta Strabonis 

Intactu tota nil sinit orbe quideni. 
Quid geometer enim tanta.s in pectore curas 
Coneipis : incassum cirrsulus ista' terit. 
Plinius erravit : quamvis apectabilis auctor : 

Errores varios & Ptolomeus habet. 
Invanum siquide multorum corda laborant : 

Eebus in iniiertis quos ita sudor agit. 
Antea que fuerat priscis incognita teUus : 

Exposita est ooulis & manifesta paiet. 
Hesperie occidue rex Ferdinandus in alto 
Aequore nunc genteg Teipiperit innumera». 
and gives a full page engraving of Pliny as a " Fool." 

1500 A.D. 

The Honour of the Discovery of the New World claimed 
for Martin Behaim. 

[8] SCHEDEL (Dr. Hartmann). Bucli der Croniken unitd Geschichten 
mit Figuren undi Pildnussea von Anbeginn ^r Welt biss auff diss unsere ZeyL 

Black Letter, double columns, 52 lines and headline. With folding map, 
full-page woodcut of the Deity, and numerous fine large and small woodcuts 
m the text (a few stains). 

Thick small folio, stamped russia, g. e. {in case). 

Augsburg, Johann Schonsferger, 1500. £21 


In the volume it is stated that the King of Poirtugal, Juan II., sent, in 1483, James 
Canus, a native of Portugal, and Maxtin Behaim of Nuremberg, with some galleys to 
Ethiopia; that they went to the Southern Sea, near the coast, and, after crossing the line, 
reached the New WotM, where, when they happened to look towards the East, their shadow, 
at noon, appeared on the right; thjat in that region they discovered lands, heretofoxe un- 
known, which hiad mot been searched after by any people for many years, except the Genoese, 
and that in vain; finally, that aftv a navigation of twenty-six months they returned to 
Portugal!; and in proof of their discovery brought pepper and grana paradisi. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 &.35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1504 A.D. 

With the First World Map upon which is mentioned the 
Discovery of the New World. 

[9] REiSCH (Gregory). Margarita Phtlosophioa. 

With the large folding World Map, folding plate of Music, curious full- 
page woodcut engravings, and many smaller ones. 

4to, old binding. 

Strasburg, Griininger, 1504. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. IV.). £25 

(Not noted by Harrisse.) 

**• The large World Ma.p first appeared in this edition. On this map mention is 
made of th» neivly discovered lands : " His non teri'^a sed mare est in quo mg. magnitudinis 
ineiilae Ptolemaei fuerunt incognitae." (Here is not land, but sea in which are islands of 
the greatest size, that "were unknown to Ptolemy.) 

This is the first World Map upon which mention is made of the discovery of Aimerica. 

MAHGAEITA PHILOSOPHICA. was the first porinted Encyclopaedia— the Author -was 
Confessor to Maximilian the First. 

1506 A.D. 

[10] BERGOMAS (Jac. Phil). Supptementum Chronicarum usque in 


Woodcut Coat of Arms on title, woodcut border to first page ofi text 
with large wood engraving. Four full-page wood engravings, and numerous 
views of cities. 

Thick folio, old oak boards covered with leather. 

Venice, 1506. £10 lOs 

(Harrisse 412.) 

* • • This volume coeatains a, chapter relating to CoUimbus and his voyages, occupying 
a page and a half : " De quatuor permaximis insulis in India extra orbem nuper ir.ventis." 

A reference to the invention of printinjf is made under the year 1458 (verso of page 
402). Several of the pictures of cities are authentic vieiws 

8 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1507 A.D. 

The Book in which was first suggested the name of America 
FOR THE New Found World. 

[11] COSMOGRAPHIAE Introtfuctio. . . Insuper Quattuor Americi 
Vespucii Navigationes. 

Woodcut diagrams of spheres, and the large folding woodcut map. 
Small 4to, morocco, g. e., by Riviere. 
^ Saint Die, 1507. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. V.). £350 

(Harrisse 47.) 

* * * This Excessively Rare volume is one Oif the most important Works for the 
History of the New World. It is the firist book in, which America is designated by the name 
of " Americi terra, sive America." It is also the first book printed at Saint Di^ in 

On verso of A.5 bcoxirs the passage in question : — 

Nunc veto &: hcf partes funt latius luftrat*/ 8C 
alia quaita pars per Americu Vefputium( vt in fcf 
<]uehtibus audietur)inucnca efhqua non video cur 
JkWLt* quis iurc vctet ab Americo inuentorc (agads ingc 
rico ni) viro Amcrigen quafi Amend terram/fiuc Amc 
licam dicendamtcum & Europa Sd A(ia a mulieri^ 
bus (uafordta (inc nomina:.Eius (icu ^ gentis mo^ 
res ex bis binis Amelia nauigationibus quf fcquu 
irur liquids inteUigi datur. 

Translation: — " Now however those parts are moirc. widely investigated, and another 
quarter has been discovered by Ameiions Vespnoius (as will bei heard in the sequel), and I 
do not see how any one can lawfully forbid that it should be named, after its sagacious and 
iJigenious discoverer, Amerigo (as it were Amerioo's land), or America.." 

On the Obveirse of B.iri. it is said that " the greatest part of thel still unknown land 
lately discovered by Ajnericus Vespucius is inhabitable," and on the obverse of C.I. " the 
fourth part of the world, which since Amerieus disoo%'ered it, may be called Amerige (as it 
were the land of AmericAis) or America, is in the sixth climate." 

WALDESHEMULLEE'S COSMOGRAPHTA forms the fir,st part of the hook. The 
second half contains an Account of the four Voyages of Amerigo Vespucci. 

" But for this little work the Western Hemisiphere might have been called " The 
Land of the Holy Cross," or " Atlantis," or " HeHperides," or " Iberica," or " Columbia," 
or " New India," or " The Indies," as it is designated officially in Spain tQ this day. The 
idea of calling the newly discovered wmrld America originated with the compiler of the 
work before ue, one Martin Waltzmiiller or Waldseeimiiller, a. native of Freiburg, who held 
a profess6rshiipi in the gymnasium of St. Di^, in Lorraine (and not in I,ower Hungary, a.s 
.Navarrete supposed). Following the custom of the scholaira of days, he grecized his 
name into Hylacomylus, under which he is generally Icnown. The popularity of Hylacomy- 
lus' Cosmographia was such in Central Europe that his proposition was immediately acted 
upon. As a consequence, we find in Gaultier Ludd's Slpeculum Orbis, written in the same 
year, the credit of having dirscovered the Western Hemisphere ascribed solely to Vespuceius, 
while an anonymous " Globus muntti," published by the same printer in 1509 boldly calls 
the new World " America," which figures under this name for the first time in maps eight or 
_ten years after Vespuocius had been in his then honoured girave. Well may we say with 
Humlboldt that; " c'est un honime obscur, qui allait manger du raisin en Lorraine, qui a 
invents le nom d'Am^rique." " 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 9 

1508 A.D. 

First Printed Map Showing any Part of America. 
[12] RUY8CH (Johann). Universalior Cognitl Orbis Tabula. 

^ A Large Double-page Map of the World, measuring 21 by 15^ inches. 

Preserved in a buckram case. 
Rome, 1508. 
(See Illustration, Plate No. VL). £75 

» • • This famous Map of the World was issued in the FrOIJlMY of 1508, it was also 
published separately, and is the first printed map showing any part of America. 

Johann JRuysch, a German geographer, had himself visitwl the Northern part of 
Newfoundland on board an English vessel 

The Maip forms an' epoch in the development of cartography, for iu addition to its 
Amoiican features, it is : — 

(1) The first printed mapi of tlio world on which the discoveries of the Portugnese 
along the Coasts of Africa are laid down. 

(2) First map published in print on v/hich India is drawn as a triangular 
peninsula projecting from the south coast of Asia. 

(3) First printed muip on which the delineation of the interior and eastern parts 
of Asia is no longer based exclusively on the material collected bj' MariliUvS! of Tyre and 
Ptolemy more than a millenium previously. 

(4) First printed maip on which, in conformity with the drawings on the porto- 
Sanos, a tolera.bly correct direction is given to the Northern Coast of Africa. 

(5) First mnip published in print, which, following a correction made in the 
portolanos since the beginning of thei 14th century, leaves out that excessive projection 
toward the East, which characterizes Ptolemy's map of the northern part of Scotland. 

(6) Greenland is here for the first time drawn without being connected with 
Europe W "■ 'vasi polar continent. The legends on the map are . . of a very 
high interest and form a more important contribution to the history of geography than 
many a bulky volume. 

Harrisse, in the "Discovery of North America," gives a vei'y long description of 
the maip, and gives n. reprodu'.tion of the " New World " from saJn(». 

1510 A.D. 

[13] ALBERTINI (Franc, de). Opusculum (te Mirabilibus Novae & 
Veteris Urbis Romae. 

The First Edition. Small 4to, original vellum binding. 

Rome, 1 5 10. £10 10s 

(Harrisse 64.) 

* • • Firancesco Albertini's book, published only two years after the death of Columbus, 
•omits any references to him aind only mentions Vespuccius. 

After writing of the Antiptuities of Home in a manner which stamps him as the first 
ArphsBologist ofi his times, he whites of " DE NOVA UEBE," and by a slight digression ends 
the ibooik with a section De laudihus ciuitatum Flarentinoi et Sauoensis, in whidi, after- 
enumerating the famous orators, writers, painters and others of Florence, he thus write? 
of Vesixucoius (in translation) : — 

In the new world, Albericus Vespulciue of Florence, sent by the most Christian 
'King of Portugal, but lastly by the Catholic King of Spain, first discovered new isdands 
and unknown countries, as is graphically set forth in this book, where he describes the 
stars, and the new islands, as is also seen in his letter upon the new world, addressed to 
Lorenzo de Medicis, the younger. 

10 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1511 A.D. 

With the First Printed Map of any Portion of the North American 


[14] PTOLEMAEUS (Claudius). Liber Geographiae cum tabufis et 
universali figura et cum acfditione locorum quae a recentioribiis reperti sunt. 

Roman Letter, double columns, 60 lines to a full column. Printed' in 
red and black. With 28 maps on 30 leaves. 

Folio. Very fine tall copy in vellum binding. 

Venice, Jac. Pentius de Leucho, 20th March, 1511. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. VII.). £105 

Hanrisse 68. Eames-Sabiu No. 66*77. 

Latin version of Jacobus Aiigelus, edited with many corxections by Bernardus 
SylTanus cxf Eboli, thei jprincipies of which aire develoiped in the introduction. 

Sylvanus was the first to break with the blind confidence that almost every scholar 
in th« beginning dt the 16th century had in the atlas oi' the old Alexandrian geographer. 

In this edition .... the usual addenda is omitted FOR THE FIRST TIME 

BLACK, and contrary to what generally was and yet is the custom, both eides of the papar 
are uised for the map print; excepting, for the new map of the new world, where the reverse 
is left blank. The maps are from woodcuts, for which the legends are produced by 
types fitted into blocks. . . 

The greatest importance of this edition to the history of cartography, consists in the 
eordiform map of the world ... the first on this projection. THIS IS THE 6EC0ND 
PRINTED MAP OF THE WORLD, in the delineation of which some attention has been 
paid to the great geographical discoveries of the p'rpceding years. (This map) " CONTAINS 
CONTINENT, under the names of " Regalis Domus " . . . . and " Terra Laboratorus." 

It represents the New World in an extremely curious way. Brazil, a large tract, js 
called! Terra Sanotae Crucis, and the cartographer evinces acquaintance with the results of 
Columbus' thiTd voyage, and Vespucci's second and third voyagevs. The continuity is broifcen 
by the mairgin in consequence of the peculiar plan of the map, so that Cuba and Hispaniola 
appear next above, near their proper places; and far beyond them, at the same degree of 
latitude as Ireland, an unfinished shore bearing the words " Regalis Domus," indicates the 
northern continent, while Labrador (Terra Laboratorus^ is represented as au island ofl 
CORTE REAL. Greenland (EngroneJAt) is drawn as a peninsula of north-west Europe. 
Coming nearer home, it is romarkaible that in this book, Scotland' is properly drawn 
for the first time as forming a northern extension of England. It is also remaikable for 
the manner in which the names are printed on the map, this having been done by types 
after the woodcut had been worked off. This is the fir-st instance in which such a method 
of ofperation was ever adopted. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Ccxnduit Street, London, W. u 

1511 A.D. 

With the Excessively Rare Map of the Discoveries of Christopher 

Columbus in America. 

[15] MARTYR (Peter), of Anghiera. Opera, scilicet legationis baby- 
lonicae libri tres; Oceani decas; Carmina, Janus, Inachus, Pluto furens, et 
reliqua poemata, hymni et epigrammata; cura ^lii Ant. Nebrissensis. 


Folio, Spanish calf, with the Arms of the Marquis de Caracena, Governor 
of the Netherlands and Caftain General. 

Sevilla, Jacobus Cromberger , 1511. 

First Edition. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. VIII.). £350 

Harrisse 66. 


The estimatioa in •which Peter Martyr was held as an historian is shown by the 
fact that in a jwriod of a hundred years his works were piibUshed in Spain, Italy, France 
and England. An Italian by birth, he went in 14S7 to the Court of Ferdinand and 
Isabella. He served in their armies during two campaigns, was ordained a prieat afterwards, 
and became tutor to their children. He was at one time an ambassador, and later on a 
Privy Counsellor. Few men have had a wider range of occupation and experience. Soldier, 
schoolmaster, ambassador, statesman, priesit, historian, and a gossiping man of letters, 
he touched humanity at nearly every point. He delighted in the society of great men 
and was on the most frank and intimate terms with them. To use an expression of his 
own, he fed with his learning the studious yoTjth of Spain. He was the contemporary of 
Columbus and Vesipucius, and was the fi^rst to publish a popular account of the results 
of theix voyages and of the peculiarities of the natives of the New World. This, the first 
of his historical writinsfs, contains only the first decade, which was republished, together 
with the second and third at Alcala, in 1516. Its importance is equalled by its rarity. 
Harrisse cites but one copy in U.S. of America. It is deserving, in every respect,' of the 
regard of scholajrs and bibiophiles. As the colophon states, it was printed " with the 
greatest oare." It contains the chart which is usually wanting, and which is remarkably 
correct for the period. Nothing equal to it appeared for a long time after. 

12 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1512 A.D. 

[16] EUSEBIU9. Eusebii Caesariensis Episo(Vi Chronioon: quod 
Hieronymus presbyter divino eius ingento Latinum facere curavit. 

Title in red and black within woodcut border, text printed in red and 

Small 4to, calf. 

Paris, Henry Esiieitne, 15 12. £15 15s 

* * * A volume of such excessive rarity that Ilarrisae (.Vo. 71) stated he could find 
onlj one copy (that in the British Museum) which was imperfect, whilst in. his " Additiona " 
at No. 43 he was only a.ble to quote, as found since, the copy in the Arsenal Library, Paris. 

Under the yeax 1500, we find a notice of the Voyages of Cadamosto, and under the 
year 1509 a Ions' notice about seven savages from the New World brought to France (from 
Canada by a Bieppe pilot named Aubert) and mentioning that their country is situated 
under the same meridian s\a Franca: 

"Seiptem holes syluestra? ex ea isula (quae terra noiia dicit) Eothomagu adducti 
sunt cu eymba vestimetis & armis eoru. Fuliginei sut coloirds, grossis labris, stigmata iu 
facie gerentes ab auTe ad mediu mentu, instar liuide venule per maxillas doducta. Crine 
nigro & grosso vt equa iuba. Barba p toto vita nulla, neq pubes neq uUus in toto corjje 
pill praeter oapillos &_ supciUia. Ba,ltheu gerut in quo est bursula qda ad tegeda vereda, 
idioma labris format, religio nulla: cymba eoru oorticea, qua homo vna manu euehat in 
humeros, Arma eoru : ajrcus lati, chordae ex itestinis aut neruis aialiu, Sagitte : canae saxo, 
aut osse piscis acuminate. Cibus eoru : carnes toste. Potus : aqua. Panis & vini & pecu- 
niaru. nollus oiuo usus. Nudi icedut : aut vestiti pellibus aialiii, ursorfl, ceruoru, vitulo 
marino & similiu. Hegia eoru paralellus septimi cliroatis plus sub occidente q Gallca 
regio supra oceidentem. 

This volume is also famous for the celebrated statement (under year 11.57) which is 
so often quoted, claiming Gutenberg as the inventor of printing. 

Plate III. 

Plate IV. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 13 

1513 A.D. 

With the Famous Map of the World known as the " Admiral's Map." 

[17] PTOLEMAEUS (Claudius). Geographia per ooto libros partita ad 
antiquitate suam integre & sine ulla corriqitione. 

Thick folio. Fine copy in original binding of oak boards covered with 

Sirassburg, 1 5 13. 

(See Illustrations, Plates Nos. IX. and X.). £225 

Harrisse 74. Bames-Sabin C6478. 

This Atlas may be regarded as the Opening Chapter of the modern literature of 

It .contains the famous Map of the World known as " THE ADMIRAL'S MAP, 
Supiposed Iby some to have been made by CU&ISTOI'HER COLVMBVS and }yy others by 
AMEBICVS VESPVCCIIJS. This Map first appeared in this edition and is entitled— 

Two other Mapa of great American interest also appear here for the first time, viz: — 


which shows " Engronelandt " and " Engronelad." 

In addition, to these American features, this contains : — 

(1) The earliest attempts at Colour-printing as aipplied to Maps, having THE 
MAP OF' LORRAINE printed in red, green, and black, and THE MAP OF ENGLAND 
printed in brown and black. 

(2) The First Map of Switzeirland. 

(3) 48 Maps finely coloured, of which two, as aforestated .are printed in colours, 
(i) The Map of England in duplicate (one prirUed in two colours, the othar 

finely coloured by hand). 


Twenty of the Maps are here given for the first time. On five of theee new Maps 
the discoveries of the Spaniards and Portuguese during the preceding century are represemted. 

Harrisse writes as foHows regarding this volume : — 

" The merit ofl this edition of Ptolemy^s Gecgraiphia is gireat, for it not only corrects 
Angelo's translation by means of a. Greek manuscript until then unknown, but it contains 
twenty new maps; among which the reader will notice the first, bearing the title of: 
senting on the left of the reader a promotory, with five inscriptions, and two islands (viz: 
"Isabella and Spagnolla"); and the second map, which is headed: TABULA TEERE NOVE. 
The latter is very full, corCsidering the times, as it shows a prolongation of the coast 
from a certain " Eio de -canaor " to a cape " del mar usiano." There are not less than 
sixty mames along the coast, besides the inscription afterwards so frequently reprinted: 


This inscription is on the section which corresponds to what we now call Yucatan, and 
is followed by the words TBEliA INCOGNITA. 

These two maps acquire importance from the following- lines, which we extract from 
the preface on the verso of the second title-page : 

chaeta autem marina quam hydrographiam vocant per ADMIRALEM 
quondam sibeenassimi, portugalie regis stseddnandff ceteros deniqub 


This passage has doubtless prompted the opinion that the first of the two maps 
above described had been depicted by Columbus hinuseU ." 

14 MAGGS BROS.. 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1513 A.D. 

[18] BERGOMAS (Jac. Phil). Supplemenitutn Chronlcarum usque ad 

Title printed in red within elaborate woodcut border, and with a large 
woodcut in centre of St. George and the Dragon. Woodcut border to first page 
of text, and numerous fine woodcuts and initial letters. 

Folio, original vellum binding. 

Venice, 15 13. £10 108 

(Harrisse 73.) 

• * * This Chronicle contains a chapter, commencing on verso of page 329, relating 
to the discovery of America " De quatuar permaximis iiisulis in India extra orhem nuper 

The Author, Jacobns Philippi Bergomensis, was born at Solto near Bergamo in 
1434, became an Augnstinian in 1151, and was subsequently Prior of Imola (1494) and of 
Foa-li (1496). 

The woodcut on title of St. George and ihe Dragon ia signed F.V. (i'lorio Vavassore). 
The opening leaf of text has a beautiful woodcut border, and the leaf facing is 
entirely occupied with a large woodcut " The Creation of Adam and Eve." 

The book is illustrated with a very large number of woodcut Views of Cities. 

1515 A.D. 

[19] ALBERTINI (Franc, de). Opuscutum cte Mirabilibus Novae & 
Veteris Urbis Romae. 

Woodcut border to title. 

Small 4to, vellum binding: 

Rome, 1515. £10 108 

(Harrisse No. 79). 

• • • On (page 103 the Author speaks of " De nova Urbe " and refers to Ves.puocin« 
M folloiws: — 

" na in novo mundo Albericus Vespuccius Flo. missus a fidelissimo 

K^e Portugal. Postremo uero a Calholico Hyspaniaru Eege primus adinenit novas insulas 
& loca incognita : ut in eius libello Graphice apparet in Epistola eius de novo mundo 
ad Lauj-entium Juniorem de medecis." 

(Translatiom) : 

"In the Nerw World, Albericus Vespuccius of Florence, sent by the most Christian 
King of PortugaJ, but lastly by the Catholic King of Spain, first discovered new islands 
and unknown oountriee, as is graphically set forth in this book, where he describes the 
stars, and the new islands, as is also seen' in his letter upon the new world, addressed to 
Lorenzo de Medecis, the younger." 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London. W. 15 

The First Edition of the Three Decades and the Earliest Printed 
Account of the Discovery of North America by Sebastian Cabot. 

1516 A.D. 

[20] MARTYR (Peter). De Orbe Nouo Decades. 

Accipe non noti praeclara uoluminia mimdi Oceani : & magnas noscito 
lector opes. . . Oceani magnas terras: vasta aequora: linguas hactenus 

ignotas : atq aurea saecula nosces : Et gentes nudas expertes f eminis atri : 
Mortiferi nummi: gemmisque auroque seracem Torrentem zonam: parcat vene- 
randa vetustas. 

Folio. Fine co-py in full morocco, g. e., by Riviere. 

Alcala, Arnold Guillelmus, 15 16. £250 

* * * Harrisse No. 88.— An ©xceptiunally fiao aud perfect copy of this Historically 
Important Volume, containing the aciditioiial 16 folios at end " LEGATIONIS BAJBY- 
IX)NICAJ3 " -which aire usually missing. 

This volume contains in the ard Decade, 6th Book, the Eariiest Printed Account 
of the Discovery of North America by Sebastian Cabot. 

The edition of the first decfide of Peter Martyr, x>rinted at Seville in 1511, had 
been published, as it se«ms, contrary to his wishes, and contained only the first nine books 
of the firsit decade. We know that Pope Leo X. was so charmed with Peter Ma.Ttyc's Decade 
that he iread it to his sister and to the cardinals " after supper, serena fronte, and to 
satiety, until late in the night," and are not surprised, therefore, to learn that this 
enlightened Pope instructed Bottrisjari, his Ambassador to the Court of Spain, to request 
the interesting annalist to continue his Ooeanios. It is in consequenice of this request that 
the second decade was written, Decemiber 14th, 1514, and the third, in March, 1515. The 
present copy is this edition : the earliest that contains the first three decades. 

The title page is very interesting, translated it reads : — 

" John Eufus of Forli, Archbishop of Cosenza, apostolic legate, to the reader, touching 
the new world. Accept these exquisite volumes concerning the new world, and learn, O 
reader ! of the great treasures of the Oteean. The greatest gratitude is due to the pilot, 
who carriest unknown nations and birds from the new world. Great thanks are also due to 
our author, who shows all those kingdomis in their places. Header, stop, read what is 
oontajned in this short work, inscribed to different princes, and to Pope Leo X. Here you 
will see many new things of the Ocean, great countries, vast seas ; you iwill learn of 
hitherto unknown languages, and of golden ages and of nations free from the corrupting 
influence of money; of the torrid zone, fertile in precious stones and gold, respect the 
venerable antiquity." 

And the Colophon : — 

" By the care and industry of the celebrated master Anthony of Nebris, these 
three decades of the historian and prothonotary, Peter Martyr, were printed in the ofBce 
-of Arnold William in the celebrated city, which is commonly called Alcala. Finished, 
Novembef 9th, 1516." 

i6 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1519 A.D. 

The First Book Printed in Spanish Relating to America. 

[2 1 J ENCISO (M. F. de). Suma de geographia q trata de todas las par- 
tidas y provincias del mundo: en especial de las Indias y trata largamente del 
arte del ntarear: Juntamente con la esphera en romance: con el regimiento del 
Sol y del Norte: nueuamente hecha. 

(Verso of the title-page) Preuilegio real. El rey. For quanto por parte 
de vos el bachiUer Martin Fernandez de Enciso, alquazil mayor de castilla del 
oro, me f ue f echa relacio deziendno q vos aueys hecho vn libro de cosmographia. 
. . . . Fecha en la ciudad de Zaragoza a cinco dias del mes de setiebre 
de mil y quinietos y deziocho anos. Yo el rey. Por mandado del rey. Castaneda. 

{Colophon) Fue impressa en la nobilissima y muy leal ciudad de Seuilla 
por Jacobo Croberger en el ano de la encamacion de Nuestro Senor. de mil y 
quinientos y diez y nueve. 

Woodcut border to first leaf, the top half of which is occupied witha 
large wood engravmg of a Sphere held by a hand, the title occupies the lower 

Folio. Fine cofy in old Spanish calf with Arms of Marquis of Caracena, 
Spanish Governor-General of the, Netherlands. 

Seville, 15 19. £150 

* • * Harrfsse 97. 

In English the Title, etc., reads : — 

" Compendium of Geography, which treats of all the parts and regions of the world, 
and especially of the Indies; also) at length of the art of navigation, and of the apheire in the 
Spanish language, together with the regulation of the Sun and North. Newly composed. 

. . . Done in the city of Saragossa, Sept. 5th, 1518. By order of the king. Was printed in 
■ the very noble and loyal city of Seville, by James Cronberger, a German, A.D. 1519. 

"The first book printed in Spanish relating to America; unknown to Kobertsor.. 
Enciso having' gained a considerable sum in St. Domingo by practicing law, was induced 
by Ojeda to join him in an expedition of discovery and conquest to the continent of 
America. After suSering groat hardships and hairbreadth escapes, which are related by 
Herrera, he returned to Spain, and published this work for the instruction of Charles V. 
The account of America is principally from his own observations." 

" We must add that Martin Fernandez de Enciso first came to the New World with 
Rodriges de Bastidas, was Alguazil Mayor of the Golden Castil, and the owner of thp 
vesseJ as well as the planner of the exiiedition in whicli Vasco Nunez de Balboa acquired 
so much fame. A great hydrographer and explorer, his work is invaluable for the early 
geographical history of this continent." 

MAGGS BROS,, 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London. W 17 


Ml". Tioknor, in speaking of the adventurers who after Columbus wrote 
narratives of their discoveries, says: " In the foreground of this picturesque 
^roup stands, as the most brilliant of its figures, Fernamto Cortes 
Of his works, the most remarkable were, no doubt, five long and detailed 
reports to the Emperor on the affairs of Mexico, the first of which, printed in 
1519, seems to be lost, and the last,, belonging probably to 1527, exists only in 

The First Editions of the Third and Fourth Reports are hereinafter 
described. Their rarity is such that only one copy of each has ever been offered 
for sale by Public Auction. They Eire far rarer than the printed letters of 

1 8 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1523 A.D. 

The Third Letter. 

[22] CORTES' THIRD LETTER. Carta teroera (te relaoio: embiada por 
Fernando Cortes capitan y justioia mayor del Yucatan, llamado la Nueua 
Espana del mar Oceano : al muy alto y potentissimo Cesar y invictissimo senor 
don Carlos Emperador semper augusto y Rey de Espana nuestro senor, de las 
cosas sucedidas y muy dignas de admiracion en la conquista y recuperacion de 
la muy grande y maravillosa ciudad de Temixtitan : y de las otras provincias 
a ella subjetas que se rebelaron. . . . 

{Colophon) La presente carta d'relacio fue impressa en la muy noble y 
muy leal ciudad d' Seuilla por Jacobo Cronberger : acabo se dias de- 
marco : ano d'mill y quinietos y xxiij. (1523). 

Large woodcut portrait of Charles V. on title. 

Folio, Spanish binding of old stamped calf. 

Seville. (1523). 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XL). £750^ 

Harrisse 121. Only tivo other ooipies known. 

* * * FIRST EDITION of the Third Letter, giving an account of aflairs in Mexico 
from October 30, 1520, to May 15, 1522. 

The translation of the title is as follows : — 

" Third E^pistolary Relation sent by Fernandjo Cortes. C'aptain and Chief Justice of 
Yucatan, called New Spam of the Oceanic Sea, to the most high and mighty Csesar and 
invincible Lord Don Chailes, Emperor ever august, and King of Spain out Lord, conceTning 
the things which have ha]pi>ened and are worthy of admiration in the oomquest and 
recovery of the very great and wondrous city of Temixtitan; and of the other provinces 
subjected to it whiieh had revolted. In which city and siaid proivinces th« said captain 
and fipaniarrds obtained g'reat andi signal victoriesi worthy of perpetual remembraace."' 
(There is also an account how he discovered the South Sea, and many other and large 
provinces, very rich in gold mines, (pearls and precious stones; and contains also a notice 
to the effect that there are spices). 

" The present Epistolary Account was printed in the very noble and loyal city of 
Seville, by Jacob Cronberger. Finished, March 30th, 1523." 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W, 19 

The First Edition of Nicolo Liburnio's Italian 
Translation of the Second and Third Letters. 

1524 A.D. 

[23] CORTEZ (F.). La Predara Narratione di Ferifinando Cortese 
deila nuova Hispagna del Mare Oceano. 

Al Sacratissimo et Invictissimo Carlo di Romani Imperatore sempre 
Augusto Re d'Hispagna, et cio che siegne nellanno del Signore MDXX trasmessa 
. . . . Voi Candidissimi lettori leggerete con dilettatione et piacere 
grandissimo la prefata Narratione di Ferdinando Cortese daJla Facodia latina 
al splendore della lingua volgare per Messer Nicolo Libumio con fidelta & dili- 
geza tradotta al commodo, &c. 

Fine woodcut border round title. 

Small 4to, boards. 

'Venice, Bernardino de Viano de Lexona-V ercellese, 1524. £31 10s 

(Hairrisse 129). 

* * * THE FIRST EDITION of Nicolo Liburnio's Italian translation of Cortes' Second 
and friiiird Letters, ibased on Oie Latin version of Savorgnanus. The woodcut plan of 
Mexico (which, sometimes is found in this book), and the leaf -with Brinter's device are 
not in this oapy. It is stated that only one or two copies with the Plan of Mexico are 
known to exist. 

This Italian version of the second account differs materially from tha.t which was 
^iven by Eamusio. 

The Title-page in English reads : — 

" The famous Relation of Fernando Cortes, concerning New Spain of the Oceanic 
Sea, transmitted in th« year A.D. 1.520, to the most Sacred and Invincible Charles, 
Emperor ever August of the Romans, King of Spain, etc., containing many things worthy of 
■being , known, and admired, concerning the remarkable cities of those provinces, customs of 
the inhabitants, sacrifices of children, and religious i)er9ons, and especially of the celebrated 
city of Temixtitan, and various wonderful things in the same, which will delight the 
reader in a wonderful manner; translated from the Spanish into Latin by Dr. Peter 
&iTorgnano of Forli, Secretary to the Rev. Master John de Eevellos, Bishop of Vienna, 
March, 1524 : Ye most candid readers will peruse with the greatest delight and pleasure the 
aforesaid narrative of Fernando Cortes, translated faithfully and with diligence from tie 
eloquent Latjn to the splendid vulgar tongue, by Master Thomas Liburnio, for the convenience 
-and satisfaction of honest and appreciative minds." 

20 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

The Fourth Letter. 
1525 A.D. 

[24] CORTES' FOURTH LETTER. La quarta retacion que Fernando> 
Cortes gouemaittor y capjtan general por su Majestad en la Nueva Espana cFI 
mar Oceano embio al muy alito y muy potentissimo inviottssimo senor don 
Carlos Emperattor semper augusto y Rey de Espana nuestro senor: en la qual 
estan otras cartas y relaoiones que los oapttanes Pedro de Ahrarado y Diego 
Codoy en^iaron al dicho capitan Fernando Cortes. 


Fue impressa la presente carta de relacion 
en la ymperial ciudad de Toledo por Gaspax de Avila, 
Acabo se a veynte dias del mes de Octubre, 
Ano del nascimiento de nuestro salua- 
dor Jesu Christo de mil y quinien 
tos y veynte y cinco 
anos . . . 
Woodcut of Coat-of-Arms of Charles V. on title. 
Folio, Spanish binding of old stamped calf. 
Toledo (1525). 
(See Illustration, Plate No. XII.). £850: 

Harrisse 135. Only one other coipy known. 

* * * The First Edition of the Fourth Lettea-, Telatiiig the affairs in Mexico from 
May IS, 1522, to October 15, 1524. 

The last sixteen pages contain Alvarado's and Godoy'a reports to Corte=. 

In English the title and colophon read : — 

" The fourth relation -which Fernando Cortes, Governor and Cajjiain-General for 
His Majesty in Neiw Spain of the Oceanic Sea, sent to the very high and mighty Lord Carlos 
Emperor and King of Spain our Lord; in which are other letters and relations which 
Captains Peter de Aivarado and Diego Godoy sent to the said Captain Fernando Cortes. 
The present Epistolary Relation was printed in the Imperial City <rf Toledo hy Gaopor d» 
Arila. FiniyShed October 20th, A.D . 1635. 

Plate V. 


cxtiterant.Q.uo fuperbiamodo iudus omnmceiw 
for deus copenrat.Et ita nunc apud Lifbona ipfam 
fubfiilo/ignoras ^d de me ferenidimus ipfe rex de 
incepscfficeircogitct/qui atands labohbus mefs 
iam €xnunc requicfcerc plurimu paroptarem/bunc 
nunciu maieA:ad veftrg plurimu quoq^ intcrdu co^ 
ynendans* Americus Vclputius in Li(bona» 


Finituaii], kP» Sqstc 
bris Anno fuprafef 







The Book in which was first suggested the i.ame of America for the New Worhl 

See Item Xn. 11. 

Plate VI. 

PEOM Rtjysoh's Map of the World, 1508 (greatly reduced). 
See Item No 12. 

xvjii^vjvjo ui.-^\jj., ;5^ oc .55, uuuduit Street, London, W. 21 

1525 A.D. 

[25] SALIGNAC (Earth, de). itinerarium Terre Sanote. 

Printed in Gothic Letter, with woodcut Coat-of-Arms of John of 
Guise, Cardinal of Lorraine, on title; fine full-page woodcut of the Crucifixion, 
and ten smaller woodcuts, also woodcut initial-letters. 

Small 8vo, old calf. Lyons, 1525. £25 

The First Edition of a famous book of Travels. 

At folio 66B is found a reference to " Noviter terre invente " (The Newly found 
land). The translation of the reference is as follows : — 

" It is pleasant to see America, India, Africa, in -vrhioh curioTis things aje found, in 
addition, to horrible faoeis, inhuman customs, obscene rite*, rare monsters, and heaips oi' 
gold and silver. 

1527 A.D. 

[26] LA SALLE (Antoine de). La Saladie, Nouveltement imprimee k 

Paris, laquelle fait mention de tous les pays du monde et du pays de la belle 
Sibille. Avec la figure pour aller au Mont de la dicte Sibille. Et aussi la figure 
de la mer y de la terre avec plusieurs belles remonstraruces. 

Gothic Letter. Title in red and black within, a wide woodcut border, 
the reverse of title entirely occupied by a very large woodcut in two compart- 
ments, numerous woodcuts in the text, and three large folding plates: — 

(i) World Map. (2) Le Mont de la Sibille. 

(3) Genealogy of Kings of Aragon. 

Woodcut initial-letters throughout. Printer's device at end. The plate 
" Mont de la Sibille " repaired. 

Folio, -vellum. Paris, Philippe le Noir (1527). £52 10s 

Harrisse liO. (Harrisse could only locate one copy, that in the St. Genevieve Library, 

* * * Its American importance liesi in the cha.pter on Geogrraphy. La Salle mentions 
Gxeenland on two oooiasions, and refers to certain rumours a'bout this' Northern, land whicli 
caused) him to pre-suppose a seani-civilisation in these American lands. 

The chapter alluded to contains (verso of leaf xxviii), th« foUniwingr passage : — 

" iNoriveg^he est une grande reffion assise dessoubs tie pol Antarotiqu©. Aulouns 
astrologues ont vne partio de ceste Region mise hois des climatz acause des trfes a/pres et 
longues froidures qui y sont. En. ieelle Region sont diuerses mer.s. La est la mer eongellee 
5ue on diet Maire oongellatum. 11 y a une isle non'imee Islant ou sont les paysi aomme 
Gronellont et Unimarch Oil a grant quantity de outs qui sont tous blancs." 

" LA SALADE " derives its Title, as the Author states in the. preface, 'because in 
the Vjook are found " plusieurs bonnes herbes." It was written between 14'38 and 1447. 

The Author gives an account of his visit to the Mountain of the Sibyl and describes 
the surroundings of the Cave of the Sibyl and its curious legend. The narrative is avariiant 
of the story of Tannhauser. A Geirman knight and his esquire enter the cave and are 
welcomed by "la royne" and her companions and are prevailed upon b\' various induice- 
menta to Temain, .but they may not leave wfoire eight, days are passed. If on the 9tli 
day they wish to stay longer they cannot leave before tlie 30th day, if not on the 30th, they 
remain till the 330th, if not gone by then they stay for ever. The knight repents in time 
and leaves th© subterranean<le on the 330th day. Like Tannhauser he cannot rest until 
he obtains absolution from the Pope. Absolution refused, he is prevailed upon by his 
esquire to return to the Mount of Venus, on the pretext that the Pope was seeking their 

22 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1529 A.D. 

[27] APIAN (Peter). Cosmographicus . . . Studfose Correctus ac 
Erroribus Viiuti€aitus per Gemifnami Phirysitim. 

Woodcut of Sphere on title, three revolving diagrajns, and many fine 
Geographical and Astronomical Maps. Printer's mark at end. 

Small 4to, fine copy in the original vellum binding. 

Antwerp, 1529. £12 12s 

(Hairrisse 148). 

* * * This as the earliest edition of API.VNUS- with, the valuable additions of 

GEMMA PEISffUS was th« puipil of A.pianus, and teacher of the celebrated cosmo- 
srapher Juan de Eojas. 

America figures on the Tvoodcut Globe on Folio 2. 

1533 A.D. 

[28] MARTYR (Peter). De rebus OceanicJs & Orbe Novo decades tres: 
.... Legationis Babylonicae Libri Tres: 

Folio (blank margin- of title repaired^, half morocco, g. e. 

Basle, Joanrtes Bebelius, 1533. £35 

(Harrisse No. 176.) 

• • • Thi? contains the first three Decades and the abridgment of the fourth, 
eontaining the discoveries of Columbus, Vespucius and Cabot, and new discoveries by Cortes. 

1534 A.D. 

[29] MARTYR (Peter). LIbro Primo Delia Historta de L'indie occiden- 

Libro secondo deile indie occidental!. 

Libro ultimo det sununarlo delle Indie occidentalK 

The three parts in one volume. Small 4to, original vellum. 

Venice, 1534. £6 6s 

(Hariisse 190). 

* * * With the large folding map of " Isola Spagnhuolia " and S large woodcuts. Ab 
7i!iaal it has not the " Carta Universalis." 

An interesting copy having many contemiporory MS. notes in the margins. 

(The title and last loaves a little wormed). 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 23 

1537 A.D. 

[30] HUTTICH-GRYNAEUS. Novus Orbis Regionum ao Insidarum 
Veteribus Incognitarum una cum Tabula Cosmographioa. 

Engraved title. 

Folio, old calf. , 

Basel, Hervagius, 1537. £18 18s 

(Harrisse 223). 

* * • la some copies (but not in this) is found a World Maip. 

This imiportanf work cOTaprises the folioiwiiig inteTesting pieces : — 

The Mrst three Voyages of Columbus. 

Vincente Yanez Pinzon's. Voyage. 

The relation of Vespuocius' third Voyage. 

The four Voyages of Vespuocius. 

Maximilian Tiransylvanus — De Moluccas Inisrulia. 

Peter Martyr's famous Treatise on America, " De Insalis nnper repertis," 

1537 A.D. 

[31] BOROONE (B.). Isotario nel quai si Ragiona tfi tuttte le Isoie del 
MondO, con li lor nomi Antichi & Modemi, historic, favole, & modi del loro 
vivere, & in qual parte del mare stanno, & in qual parallel© & clima giaciono. 

Engraved border to title, three double page Maps, one a World Map, 
and a very large number oi smaller Maps, all engraved ori wood. 

Folio, original vellum. 

Venice, Francesco di Lena (1537). £10 lOs 

(Harrisse 221). 

The text of this edition is augmented : " Con la gionta del Monto del Oro noTamente 
ritrovato " this was the news of the entry of Pizarro into Peru. 

* * * A very scarce and interesting book. On the " World Map," the American Continent 
is shown, upon which wo read " Terra del laboratore (Labrador) ponete modo nouo." On 
Folio VI. there is a small map upon which is shown " Engronelant," and on the reyerse 
of this leaf there is another small map upon which appear mountains and pdctures of 
houses, and beneath " Terra de Lavoratore " (Labrador), also three islands^ ASMAIDE and 
BEASIL. On the recto of Folio X. is a large view of " La gran citta di Temistitan " 
(Mexico), and the text underneath (begins : " Terra di sancto Croce oer Mondo Nouo, fu 
la prima di tutte queste isolfe, ohe trovata fusse, etc." On the verso of Folio XI. is a. small 
map, showing on the N.W. JAMAICA. On the verso of Folio XII. is an island marked 
" SPAGNOLA," and N.E. is the representation of a city, under which is printed " Isajbelda." 
On the recto of Folio XIII., is the map of another island, with a lofty mountain in the 
N., under which is written " Jamaiqua." On the verso of the same folio we have another 
island, suibscribed within the interior of the island, Cutoa. On Folio XIV. we have another 
map of a group oS the West Indian Islands. On the verso are two maps, the one at the top 
of the page shows an island designated Guadalupe; underneath other islands are laid down, 
among others, . part of one marked Dominica- The bottom map is marked " Martinina." Thw 
Recount of these various islands finishes on the recto of Folk) XV. All these maps ore on 
the same scale, or rather the same size, viz. ; 5J by 3 inches. 

24 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W 

1540 A.D. 

[32] GUAZZO (Marco). Historie di tuttl te cose (iegne di memorie qua! 
del anno 1524 sino a questo presetiite sono ocoorso nella Italia, nella Provenza, 
nella Franza, nella Piccardia, nella Inghilterra . . . ed altri luoglii. 

Woodcut portrait. 

Small 4to, original Italian binding of full morocco, the sides covered with 
an interlaced design in gold, enclosinsg the title of the book, the edges gaufres. 

Yenet. 1540. £25 

(Harrisse Additions 124.) This contains the chapter Isola de Oj-o, which is a history 
of Francisco Pizzaro in Peru. 

With Reference to Columbus and his Discovery of America. 

1541 A.D. 

[33] GOES (Daniianus a). Fiites, Religio, Moresque Aethtopunt sub im- 

perio preciosi. Joannes (quem vulgo Presbyterum Joannem vocant) de gentium. 

8vo, half morocco, gilt back. Paris, 1541. £15 15s 

Harrisse. Biblioteca Americana, Vetustissima, Additions No. 135. 

On page 8 is the following notice relatingr to " Christopher Cob.imbus and his 
discoverj) of America " : — 

"Quo Kege viuente, Columbus Genueffusis vir nautico iirtis periLus, ab ipso Eege, 
r:ui occidentalimn Indiarum nauigationes ostendere polUcebatur, reipulsus ac inauditus, 
cii missusque auxilio auspicioq, Ferdinandi, & Elizabet Eeguni Castellae, illud iter feliciter 
tentavit, ao prouincias illas amplissimas, & magni emolumenti primus repperit, & qua nauibus 
-.diri poterant, commonstrauit." 

1541 A.D. 

[34] PTOLEMAEUS (Claudius). Ceographicae Enarrationis libri VIII. 

Prisca exemplaria a Michaele Villanovo (Serveto) secundo recogniti & locis 
innumeris denuo castigati. 

With 50 fine double woodcut maps (including America) and numerous 
ornamental woodcut initials, device on. title. 

Folio, half vellum. 

Yienne {en Dauphine) Gasfard Trechsel for Hugo a Porta at Lyons, 
1 541. £31 10s 


Harrisse 233. " A new edition of the Ptolemy of Servetus, with most of the interesting, 
although often ofiensive legends to the new maps." 

The Maps -which relate to America are ns follows: — 

(27) Typus Orbis descriptiono Ptolemaei. 

(28) Tabula. Terra Nova. The World Ma.p .showing the New Islands. Similar to 
that in the 1.';13 edition (which is one of tlie earliest ipriuted maps devoted entirely 
to the New World) with slight changes aTid the addition of inscriptions. 

(i9) Tabula nova totius orbis. 

(.50) Tabula orbis cum d<?scription,ei>entorura. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, ConduiUStreet, London, W. 25 

1542 A.D. 

Omniuin Gentiumi Mores Legesi, & Ritus, accessit libellus de regionibus 
septentrionalibus ex Jacobo Zieglero preterea epistola Maximiliani Transylvani 
ad R. Cardinalem Saltzburgensem de Moluccis Insulis et aliis pluribus mirandis. 

With woodcut device on last page and woodcut initials, 

8vo, contemporary brown calf, with fine Plaque, showing a figure of 
Faith on a monument and the following words: " Quoniam in me Spiravit 
Uberabo ium protegam ium quo, etc., Psal. go," in a panel round the Plaque.. 
Round the figure itself are the following words: " Spes car it as Fides. _ In te 
Domine Speravi non confundar in Eternum in Justitia tua libera me et- eripc 
me. Psal. 70. ' ' The design is signed I. P. The same Plaque is on both sides 
{joints m,ended). 

Antwerp, Joannis Steelsius, 1542. £25 

Hauirisse Additions. 136 

* * * This work ■vvas first piiblislied in 1520 and frequently xeprinted, BCT IT IS 
TRANSYLVANUS wliicli- describes the famous voyage of Magellan. 

Maximilian of Transylvaaiia was Secretary to Charles V., and his description is in. 
the form of an Epistle addressed to the Archbishop of Salzburg. 

The First Catechism for the American Indians. 
One of the Earliest Specimens of Mexican Typography, i 544. 
1544 A.D. 

[36] CORDOVA (Pedro de). Doctrirta Christiana pa instmcion y infor- 
macfo cfelos Indios: por mar^era tfe hystoria. Compuesta por el muy reuerendo 
padre fray Pedro de Cordoua : de buena memoria : primero f undador dla orden 
delos Predicadores elas yslas del mar Oceano : y por otros religiosos doctos 
dla misma orden. La qual doctrina fue vista y examinada yap uada por 
el muy. R. S. el licecia do Tello de Sadoual Inquisitador* en! esta Nueua Espana 
por su Magestad. La qual fue empressa en Mexico por mandado del muy.. 
R. S. do fray Juan Zumarraga pmer obispo desta ciudad : del con seio de su' 
Magestad. Ano de M. d. xliiii. 

{Colophon) ... . . Impressa en la grande y mas leal ciudad de 
Mexico : em casa de Juan Cromberger : que sancta gloria aya a costa del dicho 
senor obispo. . . . Acabose de imprimir. Ano de M. d. xliiii. 

Title within a woodcut border. QOTHIC LETTER. 

Small 4to, morocco gilt. 

Mexico, 1544. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XIII.). £21& 

(Harrisse 251, ■who could only locate two copies, one in Providence, the other ia 

* * * Of exceptional rarity and one of the earliest specimens of Mexican Typography. 
The Author, Petrus Cordova, was a Spanish dominican, who in 1510 went as a missionary 

to the American Indian's, and was known as " The Apostle to the Indians." This work was 
comiposed by him for teaching the natives the Christian Faith. As it was a school reading 
book, almost all copies were destroyed thro^igh constant use. 

26 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1545 A.D. 

[37] APIAN (P.). Cosmographia' . . attditis eiusdem argumenti libel- 
lis ipsius Geminae Frisi'i. 

Woodcut of a Sphere on title, three revolving diagrams, A LARGE FOLDING 
World Map, and maniy fine geographical and astronomical Maps. Printer's 
mark at end. 

4to, fine copy in the original vellum binding. 

Antwerp, 1545. £14 14s 

(Harrisse 262). 
_* * • The large Map of the World shows North and South America, th« Southern 
p^rt carrying' the word "America"; and the Northern, which is only a very elongated 
prolongation, "BACCALEAEUM." 

1546 A.D. 

[38] BIONDO (M. A.). De Navlgatione . . in quo Navigationis utilis' 
sima oontinetui' dootrina cum pixidte nouo, & diligenti examine uentorum, et 
tempestatum. Cum accurantissima descriptione distantiae locorum interni 
Maris, & Oceani, a Gadibus ad Novum Orbem, 

Small 4to, new cloth. 

Venice, 1 546. £6 6s 

(Harrisse 374). 

* * * Chapter XXV. is' " Be navigatione ad Novum Orbem." 

The book has historiated initial lett("rR, and there are several diagrams showing 
the cardinal points. 

1547 A.D. 

[40] OVIEDO (G. de). Caranica Delas Indias. La Hysteria General de 
las Indias agora nueuamente impressa corregida y emandada. 

Title printed in red and black, with woodcut border, and with large 
woodcut Coat-of-Arms of the Emperor Charles V. The whole enclosed by 
woodcut border. On F6lio X. IS A VERY LARGEi WooDCUT OF Columbus' 
Coat-OF-Arms. Other woodcuts of American interest and of natural history. 

Folio, fine copy bound by Bedfor/i in full crushed levant morocco, g. e. 

Salamanca, 1547. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XIV.). £85 

(Harrisse 278). 

* * * In this edition is found for the first time the large Crvat of Arms of Columbus. 
The copy is complete -vrith the additional book at end by XERES, " Conquista del 

Peru ; Verdadera relacion " which is Harrisse No. 277. 

The Authior, GONZ.AXO HERNANDEZ DE OVIEDO, lived for ,a lon^ time in 
America. He gives here curious notices concerning Religion, Rites, Mamners, and Customs, 
of the natives in America. He explains the virtues of the trees and plants, which were 
unknown Jiitherto. He also gives picturesque descriptions of the Ijakes, Rivers, and 

This volume also contains the earliart treatise on TOBACCO " libro quinto, Capit 
segundo. De los tabocos o ahumadas que los Indos acostumbrau en esta ysla Espanola," 
and is the first book mentioned in Bragge's "Bibliotheoa Nicotiana." 

Book XX. is devoted to Shipwrecks. * 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 27- 

1548 A.D. 

[41} PTOLEMY. La Geografia cti Claudio Ptolemeo Atossandrino, Con 

alcuni comenti & aggiunte fatteui da Sebastiano Munstero. 

Thick i2mo, old limp boards. Venice, 1548. £16 16a 

(Harrisse 285). 

* * * The first edition of Ptolemy's Geography in Italian. 

The translatiom was made by Pietro Andrea. Mattioli, a learned physician ot Siena, 
and the maps were desijrned and added by Jaeobo Grastaldo, who also wrote the dedication, 
■which is dated 'Di Vinetia a due di Gienniaio MDXLVIII. 

A whole series of 34 new maps are here found, for the first time, and some- 
of them are of no slight interest to the history of geography. Among these maps are seveai 
of America, viz : — Terra Nuova (South America), Nova Hispania (Central America), Terra 
Nova de Baoalaos, Isola Cuba, Spagnola, Universale nuovo. Carta marina universale. 

EXCEEDINGLY RARE. The copy described in the Catalogue of the Librairy of 
Congress wants the last named map " Carta marina universale." 

1552 A.D. 

[42] PTOLEMAEUS (Claudius). Geographiae iibri Vlil. 

Double columns, 50 lines to a full page, with 54 double maps Eind wood- 
cut figure of Ptolemy on back of title. 

Folio, pigskin. Basel, 1552. £25 

pames-Sabin No. 66488. 

This is the fonirth edition of Miinster's Ptolemy, with an additional treatise " on 
the use of maps," and enlarged indexes by Conradus Lycosthenes. Descriptive text on the 
reverse of maps, generally within woodcut borders after Hans Holbein, Miinster was the 
first to give maipa for the four parts of the world, and he mentions his sources for these 
modem maps. There are two remarkable world-maps (one of which shows America, " seu 
insula Brasilii, Terra Flcrida," and in the North the interesting inscription " Per hoc 
fretum item patet' ad Molucas "). _ 

The maps of American interest are as follows: — 

No. 1. — Typus Universalis, altered from that in the 1545 edition. 
No. 46. — ^Septentrionales Regiones XVIttl., Nova Tabula. 
No. 54. — Novae Insula© XXVI., Nova Tabula. 

1552 A.D. 

[43] MUNSTER (Sebastian). La Cosmographie Universelle. 

Illustrated with 14 double woodcut maps, double woodcut views of cities, 
and some hundreds of other woodcut Views, Figures, etc. 

Thick folio, original calf. Basle, 1552. £10 lOs^ 

A Fine Copy, but lacking the title page. 

The Maips include: The World Map showing America, with Brazil, Florida, Magellan 
Straits, and Cuba, also one of North and South America entitled " Des Isles neuvues, 
lesquelles on appelle isles d'occident & Indie." 

Pages 1357 to 1374 give a dejX!ription of the New World headed:— "DES NOUVELL.ES 
ISLES, comtnent, quand £ par qui elles ont estees trouvees," illustrated with 12 curious cuts. 

28 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

A Complete Set of the First Editions. 
iS52>3 A.D. 

[44] LAS CASAS (Bartholome de). Complete Set of his Rare American 
TractSi namely : — 

(I.) Breuissima relacion de la destruycion de las Indias: colegida por el 
Obispo don fray Bartolome de las Casas. 

{Colofhon) Impressa ... en Seuilla en casa de Sebastian Trugillo 
. . Ano de M. D. Lij. 

(II.) Lo que se sigue es un Pedaco de) una carta y relacion que escrivo 
.cierto hombre, etc. (Sevilla: Sebastian Trugillo, 1552.) 

(III.) Entre los remedios que don fray Bartolome de las Casas .... 
,ref erio por mandado del Emperador ... en los avuntamietos q mado hazer 
su magestad ... en Valladolid . . para reformacio de las Indias 

. . . Seuilla: J. Cronberger, 1552. 

(IV.) Aqui se cotiene treynta proposiciones muy juridicas . . . al de- 
jecho q la yglesia y los principes christianos tienen o puede tener sobre los in- 
iieles, etc. Seuilla: Trugillo (1552). 

(V.) Aqui se contiene vna disputa . . . entre el obispo don ,fray 
Bg.rtholome de la Casa^ ... y el doctor Gines le Sepulveda sobre q el doctor 
contendia: q las oonquistas de las Indias' contra los Indios eran licitas, etc. 
.Seuilla: Trugillo, X dias del mes de Setiembre, 1552. 

(VI.) Estes es im tratado q eli obispo de la ciudad Real de Chiapa don 
fray Bartholome de la Casas . . . compuso por comission del Consejo Real 
,de las Indias. Seuilla: Trugillo, 1552. 

(VII.) Aqui se cotiene unos auisos y reglas para los confessores q oyeren 
ran confessiones de los Espanolos que son o han sido en cargo a los Indios de las 
Indias. Seuilla: Trugillo, 1552. 

(VIII.) Principia queda ex quibus procedendum est in, disputatione ad 
manifestandam et defendendam iusticiam Yndorum. Hispali (Seville) : Trugillo, 

(IX.) Tratado coprobatorio del Imperio soberano y principado uniuersal 
que los Reyes deCastilla yLeontienen sobre las Indias. Seuilla: TrugiUo, 1553. 

4to, russia. 

Seville, 1552-3. £105 

* * • The Duke of Grafton's Copy, with hi* jiame and date 1783 on flvst title. 

EXCESSIVELY KAEE. A Complete Set of these original treatises, containing the nine 
parte as issued. ALL FIRST EDITIONS. With Title Pages nearly all printed in red and 
black with woodcut borders. Parts 3 and 5 each with the final blank leaf and genuine printed 
cancel slips of two lines each. The slips appear in but a, few other copies, among which are 
those in the British Museum, Eothschild, and Lenox Libraries. 

BKbliographers have observed no uniform order in arranging these tracts. The titles 
are here given as observed by Field and Winaor, but are bound in the foUowinjj: order in 
rthis copy: Tracts I., II., V., III., IV., VI., VUI., IX., VII. 

The " Ki:t\- Wobm) " 

FKOM Ptoi.emy, 1511 (o;i-eatly reduced). 
See Hem No. \i. 

Plate VIII. 










£ .■:■: 



M; M 


El,utSJtuitl_\ „ 











b' CD • 

tc p^ O 

S C !^ 

« en 



MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 29 

.Las Casas (Bartholome de) — continued. 
The Tracts in English are as follows: — 

(I.) A brief account of the Destruction of the Indies: Collected by the Bishop Don 
BAEtlHOLOMEW DE LAS CASAS, Friar of the Order of Saint Dominic. 

(II.) Epitome of a letter on the same subject. 

(III.) Among the remedies which Friar Don Bartholomew de Las Casas Bishop 
•of the Eoyal City of XDhiaipa reported by order of ihe Emperor, the Kin®, our Lord, in 
the meetings -wrhich his Majesty ordered to be held by the prelates and learned men and 
grandees of Valladolid, in the year, one thousand five hundred and forty two, for the refor- 
mation of the Indies; the eighth in order is the i'ollowiiig', wherein twenty reasons aro 
assigned, hy which it is proved that the Indians should not be given to the Spaniards, 
neither in commission, noir in fieif, nor in vaissalage, nor in aaiy other 'Wiay whatsoever, if His 
Majesty according- to his desire would free them from the tyranny and perdition which 
■they suffer; as from the mouth of the dragons, and that they may not totally consume and 
kill them, and devastate that world of its' so infinite natural inhabitants, with whom it M-as, 
and we saw it, peopled. 

(IV.) Here are contained thirty most lawful propositions, in which are summarily 
and succinctly treated many things appertaining to the right which the church and the 
Christian princes have, or may have, over the infidels of whatever kind they may Ibe. Chiefly 
the true and strongest foundation is assigned on which is based and supported the title and 
supreme and universal lordship which the kings of Castile and Leon hold over the world 
of what we call the West Indies. By the which they are constituted universal lords Qiuid 
emperors in them, ower many kings. Other most remarkable thing's are also pointed out 
relative to the transaction which ha.* takfn place in that wor'Id, audi worthy to te seen, and 

(V.) Here is contained a dispute or controversy hetneen the Bishop Triar Bartholomew 
de Las Casas, formerly Bishop of the royal city of Chiapa, which is in the Indies, 
a part of New Spain, and the Doctor Gines de Sepulreda, Chronicler to the Emperor our 
Lard, in which the Doctor contended that the conquests of the Indies against the Indians 
wore lawful, and the Bishop on the contrary defended and affirmed them to liave been and 
"to be impossible to be so, but tyrannical, unjust, and iniquitous. Which question was 
exajnined and disputed in the presence of many learned theologians and j urists in a meeting 
which his Majesty ordered to be held in the year one thousand five hundred and fifty in the 
City of Valladolid. 

(VI.) This is a treatise which the Bishop of the Royal City of Chiapa, Friar Don 
Bartholomew de Las Casas composed by commission of the Royal Council of the Indies 
concerning the enslaving" of the natives. 

(VII.) Here are contained some devices and rules for the confe'ssors who have heard 
the confessions of the Spaniards who have or have had the charge of the Indians of the 
Indies of the Ocean Sea. 

(VIII.) Certain principles from which we to proceed in disputation to the mani- 
testation and defence of the jurisdiction of the Indians. 

(IX.) Treatise shewing the rights of the Kings of Spain over the Indies. 

30 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1553 A.D. 

The First Edition, with the Rare American Map. 

[45] GOMARA (Francisco Lopez de). Historia General tie Las Indias 
con todo el ctescubriniento y cosas notables que ban acaecido dende que se 
ganaron ata el ano de 1551. 

Printed in Black Letter, double columns. Title in red and black, with 
the Arms of Spain nearly filling the page, on reverse a list of the historians of 
the fndies, with ornamental border. 

With the two EXCESSIVELY RARE fuU-pagei woodcut Maps', one of which 
contains America, also large woodcut of a Bison (on reverse of folio 1 16, Vol. L), 
and another large woodcut of a Coat of Arms (in the second part). 

The Two Farts in one volume. Folio, old Spanish calf, r. e. 

Saragassa, Augustin Millan, 1553. 

-(See Illustration, Plate No. XV.). £195 

* * * The First Edition and Extremely Rare. With the very rare Maps, which aro 
generally lacking. 

The First Pairh relates to tbe eubj ugation of Peru. The second .part gives an account 
of the Conqijest of Mexico. 

This is a great historical Tvork, indispensable to the student of Spanish affairs in 
America after the Conquest. The dedication to Charles V. begins with these remarkable 
words : " The greatest event which has h.api)cned since the creation of the world (leaving 
aside the incarnation and death of Him who created it) is the discovery of the Indies." 

It affords us the most authentic views of the primitive condition of the Indians 
before tyranny had crushed, or civilization had corrupted them. 

GOMAEA prefixes a curious address to intending translators, wa.rning them to be 
accurate and to measure the full significance of the pregnant Sipanish phrases, also to pay 
special attention to proiper names. He further declares that h© is writing the boot in 
Latin, so that the translators may take no trouble in that language. His Latin version never 

ONLY IN ONE OR TWO COPIES. The Author in his address, " a los Impresores," by 
■whom he meant futuire reprinters of his work, begged them to omit nothing which he 
had taken care to insert in this original edition, maiormente las tablas de la tierra. It was 
this warning which induced Bellero in Antwerp to issue u. small Traca de la Tierra with 
his edition of 1554. The difference between Bellero's map and Gomara's proves that the 
Spanish Government had effectually su^ppresoed the latter, and that the Antwerp publisher 
was obliged to have a new design prp^pared which is in some respects decidedly inferior 
to the original in geographical accuracy. (See No. 47.) 

A fine copy, with only one or two slight defects, namely: The ton blank margin of 
title and outer margin of three leaves restored. Some verv slight facsimiling to the extreme 
bottom of the two maps, aad their outer margins extended. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W 31 

i554-5 A.D. 

Thk First Illustrated Edition. 

[46] COMARA (Francisco Lopez de). La historia general de las indias 

y Nueuo Mundo, con mas la conquista del Peru y de Mexico. 

Gronica de la Nueua Espana con la canquista de> Mexico y otras cosas 
notables: hechas por el valeroso Hernando Cortes. 

Printed in GOTHIC LETTER. 

On title page to each volume is a. large woodcut Coat of Arms of the 
Emperor Charles V., text printed in red and black. 

The first volume of " Historia " contains 32 large engravings on vi'ood, 
illustrating the Voyages of the Conquistadores and Battles with the American 

2 vols., folio, original vellum binding. 

Saragassa, 1554-5. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XVI.). , £95 

* • » extremely rae:b. the fibst ili/Ustii.4.ted edition. 

Francisco I/opez de Goraara was the Secretary of CORTES. He was the oldest of the 
Tegular historians of the N&w World. His early life, spent in the great mart of the American 
adveiiturers, seems to have, given him an inteirest in them, and a knowledge of their afiairs 
which led him to write their, history. The works he produced, hesides one or two of less 
consequence, were, first, his " History of the Indies," which, after the Spanish faslhioin, 
begins with the creation of the world, and ends with the gloTies of Sipain, though it is 
chiefly devoted to Columbus and the discovery and conquest of Peru; and, second, his 
" Chronicle of New Spain," which is the History and Life off Cortes. As the earliest records 
that were puiblished concerning affairs which already stirredi the whole of Christendom, these 
works had, at once, a great suoeesB. 

1554 A.D. 

[47] GOMARA (Lopez de). Historia d© Mexico, con el Descubrimiento 
'de la Nueva Espana, Conquistado por el muy illustre y valeroso Principe Don 
Fernando Cortes. . . Anadiose de la nuevo descripcion y traca de todas las 
Indias, con una Tabla Alphabetica de las materias, y hazanas memorables enella 

Illustrated with folding map of South America. Mexico, and the Southern 
portion of North America : " Brevis Exactaq. Totius Novi Orbis Eiusq Insularum 
Descriptio Recens A. Joan Bellero Edita." 

Thick small 8vo, full morocco. 

Antwerp, Por Juan Bellero, al Salmon, 1554. £12 12s 

* * * The interesting Map a-pipear'S for the first time in this edition. 

■SI MAGGS, BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1555 A.D. 

The Laws of Spanish America. 

Printed on Vellum. 

[48] SPANISH LAW. Las Siete Partidas del Sabio Rey Don Alonso et 
Nono, Nuevamente Glosados por el Licenciado Gregorio Lopez del Consejo Real: 
de Indias. 

The Seven Parts and Two Indices complete. The First Title printed ia 
Red and Black, the large Arms of Spain on each title. Adorned with; many- 
hundred Historiated Woodcut Initial Letters. 

Bound in 4 vols., thick folio, old Spanish calf. 

Salamanca, Andrea de Portonaris, i555- 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XVII.). £45tt 

* * * Printed entirely on thicit vellum. Probably the only copy so issued. 

* * * This is the great Spanish Code of Law, its preponderant elements were the 
Canoxi law and Roman law. In fact fch« general chairacter of the PARTIDAS is that of eax 
encjclopsedia or systematic compendii.m of these two legal eystems. The work is divided" 
into seven general headings, as foUcwts: — 

(1.) The Catholic Faith. 

(2.) Emperoirs, Kings. 

(3.) Justice. 

(i.) Marriage. 

(5.) Contracts. 

(6.) Wills. 

(7.) Criminal Law. 

Lopez's edition is still the best for practical purposes, and the one iised by the Law. 
Courts of Spain. FOR AMERICA IT IS OP THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE, for it is the- 
basis of the lajw of South America, and of the parts of North America which were onc« utder 
tlie Rule of Spain, viz., California, Texas, Florida, etc. 

Lopez, as stated on the title page, was a member of the Royal Council of the Indies,, 
and in his glosses are some interesting essays and notes on the New Wor^d, as: — 

" Indis Maris Oceani an juste bellum moveatur " 

(whether it is right to make war on the Indians, of the Oceanic nea). 

" Indi traseuntes ad oalidas r^ioues moriutur cet plurimu." 
(Indians crossing fronv cold to hot regions generally die). 

The first of these extends to 30 full columns, and he writes, that it is in the interest 
of the Pope and the Catholic Church, the Iting of Spain and the American Indians them»- 
selves that Spain should send Missionaries acoompariied with large armed forces to occupy- 
their territories. 

The Ancient Law of Spain, the New Testament, Thomas Aquinas, Cardinal Thomas 
De Vio, and all the Scholastic Philosophers, are cited to support this contention. 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. .33 

1554 A.D. 

[49] MEDINA (Pietro da). L'Arte d&l navegar. Tradotta de lingua 
Spagnola in volgar Italiano. 

Roman Letter, long lines to a full page. With large woodcut on title 
and many fine woodcut diagrams and large map of the world. 

4to, vellum. Venice, 1554. £25 

Medina's book was the first to treat of Navigation. This first Italian editiom pnb- 
liished in the same year as the first Freneli is notewortliy for the full x>age map, the left 
half of which is, devoted to the New World (Florida, Labrador, Newfoundland, Nfew Spain, 
Cuba, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru, Yucatan, etc.). 

1555 A.D. 

[50] MEDINA (Pietro da). L'Arte del Navegar. Another Edition. 

On title page is a large woodcut of a fleet of ships, numerous woodcuts 
and diagrams throughout the book, and on Folio 33 a fullnpage map of the 
New World. 

Small 4to, vellum. Venice, 1555. £25 

* * * The full-page map of the New World represents the results of Spanish discovery 
in 1540. It is interesting as showing the mouth of the Spirito Santo (the Mississippi), and the 
lands around the River and Gulf of St. Laurence. Newfoundland has not yet become an 
istead, the straits of Belle-isle being still unknown, and only a deep inlet divides it from 
Labiador. The Eiver Saguenay is shown ab its entry into the St. Laurence, which is a 
rencarkable feature in so early a map. 

1557 A.D. 

[5 1 J OVIEDO Y VALDES. Libro XX. de la Segunda Parte de la General 
Historia de las Indtas, Escripta por el Capitan Goncalo Fernandez de Oviedo 
y VaJdes. 

Large woodcut Arms on title. 

'Folio, half morocco, gilt. Valladolid, 1557. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XVIIL). £6* 

• * * EXCESSIVELY RARE. This XXth Book, which was published separately, was 
intended to form the first part of Volume II., but in consequence of the author's death no 
more was issued. 

Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo y Values was born in Madrid aibout 1478. He was of a 
noble family, and as a youth served as Page to the King. He was with the Court at Granada 
when the King received Columbusi on his return, in 1493. .Ini 1512.he was appointed Secretary 
to Gonsalus de Cordovo, but soon after determined to travel to the New Lands and joined 
the -expedition of Pedrarias d'Avila. In America he occupied several important offices, and 
was successively Governor of the Province of Cartagena and of Darien, Inspector of the Gofd 
Mines, and finally was named Chronicler General of the Indies, in 1532. 

He resided in America nearly 34 years, dnring which time he traversed the Atlantic 
12 times, chiefly on missions to lay the grievances of the colonies before the Spanish Coort. 
He returned to Spain fox the last time in 1556, and died at Valladolid in 1557. 

His intimate personal knowledge of men and events makes his history interesting 
and of the greatest importance. 

34 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1562 A.D. 

[52] FRANCK (Sebastian). Dat Wemltboeck Spiegel ende Beettenisse 
des glieheelen Aertbodems varii Sebastiaen Franck van Woerden> in vier 
Boeoken te weten in Asiami, Aphirioam, Europam ende Americamw Oook wat 
uan Nieugevonden Werelden endte Eyiattden niet wt Beroso, Joanne de Monte 
Villa, S Brandono historie, ende dier ghelijche Fabulen; maer wt aengenomenc 
gheloofweerdighe ervarene Werelt-beschryvers, met grooter moeyte tesamen 
gedragen, in een hantboeck ingelyft. 

Title printed in red and black, with large woodcut of " Adam and Eve," 
also printed in red and black. 

Folio, old binding of wooden boards covered with contemforary stamps 
of Justitia, Prudentia, Lucretia, Vanitas, etc. 

Holland, 1562. £12 10s 

* * * America occupies the last porticm of the book and extends to 46 pages. The 
heading of this isection is : " America dat vierde Bocek deter Geoffraphye, van Nieuwe 
onibekende Wereldeai Eylanden ende Aerdtryoken." 

The famous "Mirror of the World," the Title-Page in English, reads as follows: — 
" : onirror and likeness of the whole globe, set forth and a-nrangcd by 
Sebastian Pranck of Woerden (in Holland), in fouT books, namely, in Asia, Africa, Enrope, 
and Am.erica. Also of all the lands, nations, provinces, and islands comprised therein ; 
situation, size, plants, properties, and of the people and inhabitants thereof, names, shapes, 
mode of life, morals, religion, creeds, ceremonies, laws, governmeut, policy, m.ann6Vf5, cus- 
toms, waT, industry, fruits, animals, clothing and fashions, properly represented to the eye. 
Also something about the newly found world and islands, not from such like fables as those 
of Berosus, John of Monte Villa (Mandeville) and S. Brandon's history, but from accredited, 
trustworthy, eaperienced geographers, broiight together with pains from widely diffused 
books, and embodied and published in a single volume, the like of which in Dutch was 
never Ibefore puWiShed. 

" Come and behold the work of the Lord, so wonderful among the chili^ien of raei..'' 

1562 A.D. 

[52a] PTOLEI\flY. Ceographia Ptolemaei Alexandrini olim a Bihbaldo 
Pirckheimherio trajislata, et nunc multis codicibus graecis collata, pluribusque in 
locis ad pristinam veritatem redacta. A losepho Moletio Mathematico. 

New Edition, revised and annotated by Josephus Moletius. 

With 64 double-page maps. 

4to, half leather. 

Venice, 1562. £10 10s 

* * * Of the 64 maips, ten relate to. America, as follows: — 

Schomladia Nueva. Tierra Nueva. 

■ Orbis Desciriptio. Isola Spagnola Nova. 

Tienra Nova.. Isola Cuba Nova. 

. Brasil Nuova Tavola. Septentrionalium Partium Nova Tabula. 

Nueiva Hispania Tabula. Carta Marina Tavola. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 35 

1563 A.D. 

[53] ZARATE (Augustin de). Le Historie Delloi Scoprlmento e Coti- 
quista del Pew . . . nella quali si ha piena & particolar relatione delle 
cose successe in quelle bande, dal principio sino alia pacificatione delle Pro- 
vincie, si in quel che tocca alio scoprimento, come al successo, delle guerre civili 
occorse fra gli Spagnuoli & Capitani, che lo conquistarono. Nuiovameitte di 
Lingua Castigliana tradotte d^l S. Alfonso Ulloa. 

Small 4to, original vellum. 

Yinegia, 1 563 . £ 1 2 1 2S 


* * * Augiiste Zarate was sent to Peru in 1543 with Blasoo Nunes Vela. He took a very 
important part in the Civil Wars of that country, where he remained' many years. 

" Zarate wias a man of rank and education. His history, whether we attend to its 
matter or composition, is a book of considerable merit." (Rotoertson.) 

1564 A.D. 

[54] PTOLEMAEUS (C). La Ceografia, Nuouamente tradotta di 
Greco in Italiano da leronimo Ruscelli. Et con nuoue & bellissime figure. 

Roman Letter. With 64 maps. 

4to, original vellum, g. e. Venice, 1564. £10 lOS 

The following 10 M^s 'relate to America :— 

Schonladia Nueva Isola Cuba Noiva. 

Tienra Nova. Isioda Spaghola Nova. 

Brasil Nuova Tavola. Septentrionalium Partium Nova Tabula. 

Nueva Hispania Tabula. , Carta Marina Tavola. 

Tierra Nue\a. Oryjis Descriptio. ' 

1573 A.D. 

Specially Coloured Presentation Copy to Comte de Lalaing, 
Governor of Belgium. 

[55] ORTELIUS (Abraham). Thieatmnt' orbis terrarum. 

With 70 beautiful contemporaxy coloured maps and a frontispiece in gold 
and colours. 

Folio, kalf calf. Antwerp, 1573. £35 

In this Edition are 17 Maips which apipear here for the first time. 

A copy of extraordinary interest, having a special title in gold and colours and tiwo 
dedicatory leaves with a MS. inscription : " lUustrissinio domino D. Philippo Comiti de 
Lalain, Kannoniae praefecto ao Praetori summo exercitus generalium Statuum Belgii suipremo 
Duci Patriae libertaiis propugnatori acerrimo. Johannes. Sohii . geographus dedicaibat Anno 
1578." Also two pages of print dedicated to the Comte de Lalaing by Daniel Cellarius Ferimon- 
tanus, dated Flushing, 1578. 

The following maps relate to America: — 

1. Typus orbis terrarum. 60. Seiptentrionalium regiouum descriptio. 

i. Americae sive novi orbis, nova descriptio. 62. Tartariae sive Magni Chami regni typus 

4. Africae tabula nova. . . . 1570. S3. Indiae Orientalis, insularumque 

5. EuTopae. adjacemlium typusi 

36 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. 

1574 A.D. 

[56] MARTYR (Peter). De Rebus Ooeanicis et Novo Orfoe, decades 
tres, Eiusdem, De Babylonica legatione, libri III. De Rebus .-Ethiopicis, Indicis, 
Lusitanicis & Hispanicis, opuscula quedam Historica doctissima, quae hodi^ non 
facile alibi reperiuntur, Damiani A Goes Equitis Lusitani. 

8vo, original binding of stamfed pigskin. 

Cologne, Gervinus Calerius, 1574'. £5 5s 

*** This Edition contains tlie Three Decades, and in addition the "1>E INSULIS 
covered Islands, and Customs of their Inhabitants.) 

1574 A.D. 

[57] APIAN (Peter). Cosmographia . . . per Cemm^tn Frisium. 

Woodcut of Sphere on title. LARGE FOLDINQ WOODCUT " ChARTA COS- 
MOGRAPHICA " showing the Continent of AMERICA, and a number of woodcut 
diagrams in the text, some with movable discs and pointers. 

Small 4to, original vellum. 

Antwerp, 1S74. £12 12s 

* * * One of thei woodcuts with a moTable disc a-lso shows America. 

1575 A.D. 

[58] APIAN (Pedro). La Cosmographia de Pedro Apiarra^ corregiday 
anadida por Gemma Frisio, Medico y Mathematico. La manera de descriuir 
y situar los Lugafes, con el uso del Anillo Astronomico, del mismo Auctor 
Gemma Frisio. . . El Sitio y Descripcion de las Indias y Mundo Nuevo, sacada 
de la Historia de Francisco Lopez de Gomara, y de la Cosmographia de 
Jeronymo Girava Tarragonez. 

Illustrated with large Folding Map of the World, showing America. 
Four plates with movable discs, upon one of which America is mentioned, and 
numerous astronomical figures. 

Small 4to, half leather. 

Antwerp, 1575. £10 108 

••* In this edition the Chapter relating to America occiipies the two pages folio 34. 
foMowed by the lf>r!?e map of the world. The description of the Indies by Gomara, and 
Cosmographia of Girava, occupy 23 pp. 

Plate IX. 

The Xr^w Wori.u froji "The Adjiikm.'s Map. 

(Greatly Eeduced), in Ptoi.emy, ViK. 

See Item No. 17. 

Plate X. 

P^"^ zn 
^ ^ 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. 37 

With the Additional Four Leaves. 
A Welcome Home to Master Mariin Frobisher (after his North 

American Voyage). 
1579 A.D. 

[59] CHURCHYARDE (Thomas). A Discourse of the Queenes Maiesties 
Entertaineinent in Suiffollt aiMt Norffolk: With a description of many things 
then presently scene. 

Whereunto is adjoyned a commendation of Sir Humfrey Gilbert's ven- 
trous journey. 

In Verse. Woodcut device in centre of title, and woodcut border round. 

Small 4to. A Remarkably Fine Copy, bound by Lewis in. full morocco, 
gold borders on sides, gilt back, g. e. 

London : Im-prinied by Henrie Bynneman, servante to the Kight Honour- 
able Sir Christopher Hat ton (1579). £350 


" A Welcome home to Master Martin Frobusher, and all those Gentlemen and Souldiers, 
that have bene with him this last journey, in the Countrey called (Meia incognita) whiche 
welcome was written since this Booke was put to the Printing, am,d joyned to the same Booke, 
for a true testimony of Churchyardes good will, for the furtherance of Mayster Frobushers 

This is a most important book, both on account of it being an excessively rare 
Elizabethan volume of Poetry, and also on account of the tour leaves at end welcoming home 
Frobisher from his Famous Voyage to the Northern Parts of America, when he discovered 
Frobisher Bay and the Straits which now carry Hudson's name. 

" Frobisher sailed from Harwich on 31 May with a fleet of fifteen vessels, in three divi- 
sions, headed by the Aid, Judith, and Thomas Allen, for the ' North-West parts,' and the 
fancied treasures of Meta Incognita. Taking, a new route, he sailed down the Channel and 
along the Southern coast of England and Ireland, and sighted Cape Clear on 6 June. Hence 
he sailed north-west until the 20th, when he reached the south of Greenland, where he landed, 
and named it West England, giving the r.ame Charing Cross to the last Cliff of which he had 
sight as he sailed pasf two days later. On 2 July the fleet sighted the islands off Meta 
Incognita, but could not proceed on account of the ice. After losing himself in the ' Mistaken 
Streight ' (i.e., Hudson's) through no want of being warned by the more experienced 
Christopher Hall, master of the Aid, Frobisher anchored in the Countess of Warwick's Sound 
31 July, where he found Fenton in the Judith, who arrived there ten days before him. 
Meanwhile Hall in the Thomas Allen was beating up in the open two or three of the other 
vessels which, had lost their bearings in the storms and mist. After wasting nearly two 
months .in finding the rendezvous and repairing damages there, the only results were the aocd- 
dbntal discovery of a new strait by Frobisher, afterwards explored by Hudson, the further 
discovery of the upper part of Frobisher Bay by Best, and the loading of the soundest 
vessels with mineral that turned out to be worthless. The fleet sailed for England early in 
September, and arrived at various ports near the beginning of October; 

" One curious fact of geographical interest in this voyage of 1578 remains to be noted. 
The Emmanuel Buss of Bridgwater, as she came homeward, to the south-east of Priesland 
(I.e., Greenland), discovered an island in lat. 57i° north, and sailed along the coast three days, 
' the land seeming to be fruitful, full of woods, and a champaign country.' This island has 
been a source of perplexity to map-makers and navigators down to our day. It was doubtless 
an island, now submerged, a phenomenon by no means unknown in these regions, if we are to 
believe Euysch, in his map of the 1507 Ptolemy."' D.N.B. 

38 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1580 A.D. 

[59a] CHAVES (Jerome). Chranographiia o reportorio (telos tiempos, el 

mas copiqso y precisso que hasta ahora ha salido a luz. 

Portrait of the Author on title page, two woodcut maps, and a series of 
wood engravings of the Signs of the Zodiac, Phases of the Moony etc. 

Small 4to, vellum,. 

Seville, 1580. > £4 4s 

* * * Page 94 and verso of 95 are on the New World, and the discoveries of Christopher 
Cohimbus " De la Quarta Parte del Mundo, llamada Mundo Nuevo. Titttlo nuevo '' with a 
woodcut map shdwinp; the New Lands; and on page 99 reverse is a woodcut map entirely 
devoted to the New World. 

1585 A.D. 

[59b] BO'EMUS (J.). I Costumi. Le Leggi et L'Usanze Di Tutte Le 
Genti, Divisi in tre Libri . . . et Tradotti per Lucio Fauno . . 

Aggiuntovi di nuovo il quarto libro nel qua se narra I Costumi, et L'Usanze 
Dell' Indie Oooidentali, Overo Montfoi Novo: Da M. Pre, Cieronimo Giglio. 

Small 8vo, original vellum. 

Venice, 1585. £3 10s 

* * * GflGLIO'S' " De Costumi dell© genti del Mondo Nuovo " occupies the last 48 pp. 

1585 A.D. 

[60] FAVOLIUS (Hugo). Theatri Orbis Terrarum Enohiridion, Minori- 
bus Tabulis per Philippum Gallaeum Exaratum : et Carmine Heroico, ex Variis 
Geographis & Poetis Collecto. 

Small 4to, original vellum. 

Antwerp, 1585. £8 lOs 

* * * This curious volume written in hexameter verse is adoirned with numerous maps 
engraved on copper, of -which five are large double plates, one being the Map of the World, 
" Tiipus orbis terrarum," dated 1574, upom which is described America and " Terra Australis 
nondum cognitae." At page 4 is a small map entitled " Americae sive novi orbis nova 

All the maipsi are very finely engraved, and were done by the Celebrated Engraver, 
Philippe Galle. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 39 

Printed at Lima, 1594. 

With Original Manuscript Document relating to the Indians 

Signed by the Viceroy's Secretary. 

1594 A.D. 

[61J PERU. OrdenaniQas qite el Seitor Marquis de Canete, Visorey de 
estos Reynos del Peru mando hazer, para el remedio de los excesses, que los 
corregidores de Naturales hazen en tratar, y contrater con los Indies, y danos, 
y agravio-s que de esto leciven. Con otras cosas enderecades al bien y conser- 
vacion de los Indios. 
(at end) Por mandado del Virrey. Alvaro Ruyz de Nabamuel. 

7 pp., folio, original vellum. 

Im-presso en la Ciudad de los Reyes por jAntonio Ricardo de Turin 
{Lima), 1594. £35 

* * * At end are 4 pip. of Manuscript, being a series of fuTther Ordinances concerning 
the Indians. Signed by Alvaro Ruyz, by order of the Viceroy. 

This is, we believe, the earliest book printed at Lima. Unknown to Harrisse, " Im- 
premta en America." 

1595 A.D. 

[6ia] GONZALES DE MENDOZA (Joan). Historia de las cosas mas 
notables, ritos, costumbres del gran Reyno de la China. . . Con un Itine- 
rario del Nuievo Mundo (por Martin Ignacio), 

Thick small 8vo, contemporary calf. 

Medina del Campo, 1595. £25 

* * * Tliis was the product of three missions. The notes of Martin de Rada, or de 
Herrada, in the first expedition (along with Pedro Sarmiento) in 1575, and those of Gonzalez 
de Mendoza on his missioiu of 1578, enabled the latter to write the Historia. A third journey 
in 1581, by Martin Ignacio de Loyola, furnished the Itinerario, which includes Mexico and 
the Philippines. 

This Itinerario is very interesting. Fr. Ignacio on his Voyage to China went via the 
Canaries and St. Domingo, from there he passed to Vera Cruz, across Mexico, between 
Mexico and Acapulco, and re-embarked from this port for the Philippines and China. Although 
brief, the account of the Voyage is extremely interesting. He speaks of the Discovery of New 
Mexico by Ant. d'Espejo. 

40 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

The First Special Atlas of the New World. 
1597 A.D. 

[62] WYTFLIET (Cornelius). (Descriptionis Ptoteinaicae Augmentum.) 

The Complete Set of Nineteen Maps of America each occupying two 
PAGES, but without the general title and letterpress description. 
4to, old calf. 
Louvain, 1597. 
(See Illustration, Plate No. XIX.). £42 

***This is the EARLIEST DISTINCTLY AMEKICAN ATLAS. It is as important 
in tlie history of the early cartograjphy of the New AVorld as Ptolemy's Maps are in the 
study of the old. 

Nordenskibld states that the author has described a part of the globe entirely un- 
known to the ancients, in a manner completely different from the style of the Alexandrian 
geographer, and that the work does not contain a ma.j> or a single line of Ptolemy. 

Map No. 1, " Or.bis terrarum," is a copy of Meroator's map of the world of 1584. 
The western hemisphere outlines the northern and southern continents. North America is 
called " America sive India nova." The iinhnown, northwest coast is defined and is separated 
from Asia by " El sfcreto de Aniaii." A small inland sea, " mar diulce," is probably Hudson's 
bay. " No. Francia " is Labrador, north of which is " Estotilant." " Groenlant " is an 
Arctic island with " Groclant " to the west and " Islant " on the east. The outline of the 
southern continent is less accurate than that of the northern, and it has no general name. 
Terra del Fuego is represented as part of an indefinite Antarctic (region, and is entirely 
separated from the continent. Maps of special interest and value are : No. 2, " Chica Sive 
Patagonica et Australis terra," which Nordenskiold describes as a "beautiful" map; No. 10, 
an early maj) of Cuba; No. 13, "California," represented as a peninsula; No. 17, " Norutn- 
bega et Virginia"; and No. 1!), " Estotilandia et Laboratoris terra," which is also a moet 
interesting maip of the Arctic islands. '" Groenlandiae iparvsi," " Islandiae pairs," and 
" Frislant " appear to have been much better known than the mainland. The entire mai> 
shows the author's knowledge of the Zeno chaTt and the discoveries of the Zeno brothers. 

Contents : — 

STo. 1. 

Utriusque Hemispherii Delineatio. 


Chica sive Patagonica et Australia Terra. 




Plata Americae Provincia. 






Oastilla Aurifera. 


Eeeiduum Continentis cum Adiacenlibus Insulis. 




Cuba & Jamaica. 


Yucatana Regie et Fondura. 


Hispania Nova. 


Granata Nova et California. 


Anian & Quiiiira 


Conibas Eegio. 






Nova Francia et Canada 


Estotilandia et Laboratoris Terra. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 41 

1598 A.D. 

[63] JESUjT RELATIONS. Compendio de Alguas Cartas Que Este 
Anno de 97. vierao dos Padres da Compahhia de Jesu, que residem na India, 
& corte do grao Mogor, & nos Reinos da China, & Japao, & no.Br|mlj em que 

se contem varias cousas. . . CoUegidas por o padre Amador RelDello da mesma 

i2mo, vellum. 

Lisbon, 1598. £18 18s 

* * * Letters from the Portuguese Missionaries in Cbina, Japan, and Brazil. The 
Letters from) Brazil occupy pp. 213 to 240. 

De Bry's Voyages. 

1599 A.D. 

[63a] AMERICA. PART VII. Verisstma et luncundissima descriptio 
praecipvarumi quarundam Indiae regionum & Insulanim, quae quidem nuUis 
ante haec tempora visae cognitaeque, iam primum ab Ulrico Fabro Straubin- 
gensi, multo cum periculo inventae & ab eodem summo diligentia consignatae 
fuerunt, ex germanico in latinum sermonem conversa autore M. Gotardo Artus» 
Dantiscano. Illustrata vero pulcherrimis imaginibus, & in lucem emissa, studio 
& opera Theodorici de Bry piae memoriae, relictae viduae & filiorum. 

Elaborately engraved title page, and large engraving on page 7. 

Folio, half morocco. 1599. £12 lOS 

1601 A.D. 

[63b] GUZMAN (Louis de). Historia de las Missiones que han hecho 
los religiosos de la Companla de Jesus, en la India Oriental, y en los Reynos 
de la China y Japon. 

2 vols., folio, fine copy in full morocco, g. e. 

Alcala, 1601. £12 12s 

*** A VERY INTERESTING WORK, giving the history not only of the Missions to 
Japan, China, and India, but also a long account of the Missions in Brazil. This Brazilian 
section occupies nearly 40 pp. 

1603 A.D. 

[64] SAN ROMAN (Antonio). Historia General de la India Oriental 

los Descubrimientos y Conquistas que han hecho las armas de Portugal en el 
Brg^ly en partes de Africa y Asia; y de la Dilatacion del Santo Evangelio por 
iC^^teflas grandes Provincias, desde sus principias hasta 1557. 

With engraved title. 

Folio, fine copy in full calf gilt, r. e. 

Yalladolid, 1603. £18 18s 

* * * A very rare ajid important record chiefly concerning Brazil. 

The Author was a matiye of Valencia, and a priest of the Order of St. Benedict. 
" Get ouvrage eat un des plus importants qui aient ete publics sur les coiiquetes 
faites par lesi Portugais. II est rare d'en rencontrer un exemplaire complet." Sail-va. 
This was Salva's copy. 

42 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1604 A.D. 

[65] ACOSTA (Joseph de). The Naturall and Morall Historie of the 
East and West Indies. Intreating of the remarkeable things of Heaven, of the 
Elements, Mettalls, Plants and Beasts which are proper to that Country : 
Together with the Manners, Ceremonies, Lawes, Governments, and Warres of 
the Indians. 

Written in Spanish by the R. F. Joseph Acosta, and translated into 
English by E. G. 

Small 4to, fine co-py in full calf gilt, ;«. e. 

London, 1604. £14 14s 

The very rare First English Edition 

* * * Acosta oomiposed part of his -work in Peru, and the remainder on his return to 
EuToipe. Ediwin iGrimeston is said to btf the translator. 

A most important work, the best evidence being that it has been translated into 
almost every language in Europe. ^ 

The work is replete with details of the Aborigines, before their peculiar customs 
had been modified by contact with the whites. Although Acosta was one of the earliest, 
yet he was one of the most curious and accurate observers oif the customs and peculiarities 
of the Aborigines 

1605 A.D. 

[65a] CUERREIRO (Fr. Fernam). Relaoam annal das cousas que 
fezeram 03 padires da oompanhia de Jesus nas partes d^ India Oriental, & nc 
Brazil, Angola, Caho Verdte, CuM, nos annos 1602 & 1603, & do processo da 
conversam, & christandade daquellas partes, tirada das cartas dos mesmos 
padres que de la vieram. 

Small 4to, original vellum. 

Lisbon, 1605. £18 18s 

* * * Divided into four Books : — 

(1) Japan. 

(2) China and Malacca. 

(3) India. 

(4) Brazil, Angola, and Guinea. • 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 43 

1605 A.D. 

[65b] SMITH (Sir Thomas). Sir Thomas Smithes Voiage and Enter- 
tainment in Rushia. 

With the tragicall ends of two Emperors, and one Empresse, within one 
Moneth during his being tKere: And the miraculous preservation of the now 
raigning EMPEROR, esteemed dead for 18 yeares. 

Small 4to, handsomely bound by Bedford in full crushed levant morocco 
extra, g. e. 

Printed at London for Nathanyell Butter, 1605. £42 

* * * A Magnificent Copy, with large margins, of this exceedingly rare hook. 

The Author, Sir Thomas Smith, was born about 1558, and in June, 1604, he was 
appointed to be special ambassador to the Czar of Russia. 

" When the Bast India Company was formed in October, 1600, he was elected the first 
governor, and Avas so appointed by the charter dated 31st Dec. In 1604 he was appointed 
one of the receivers for the Duchy of Cornwall, and, in June, to be special ambassador to the 
Tsar of Russia. His grandfather. Sir Andrew Judd, >vas one of the founders of the Muscovy 
Company, and he himself would seem to have been largely Interested in the Muscovy trade. 
Sailing from Gravesend on 13th June, he, with his party, arrived at Archangel on 22nd July, 
and was conducted by way of Kholmogori and Vologhda to Jaroslav, where the Emperor then 
was-. In the course of the winter he obtained a grant of new privileges for the company, and 
in the spring went on to Moscow, Ti^hence he returned to Archangel and sailed for England on 
28th May. 

" In ,1603 Smith was re-elected governor of the East India Company, and with one 
breaK, 1606-7, continued to hold the office till July, 1621, during which! time the company's 
trade was developed and established. In January 1618-19 he was appointed one of the com- 
missioners for the settlement of the differences with the Dutch, which, however, after some 
years of discussion, remained for the time, unsettled. His connection with the Bast India 
Oonipany and the Muscovy Company led him to promote and siuipport voyages for the discovery 
of tihe North-West Passage, and his name, as given by William Baffin to Smith's Sound, stands 
as a memorial to all time of his enlightened and liberal energy. In 1609 he obtained the charter 
for the Virginia Company, of which he was the treasurer, an ofiice which he held till 1620, 
when, on being charged with enriching himself at the expense of the company, and on a demand 
for inquiry, he resigned. The charges against him, which were urged with great virulence, 
were formally pronounced to be false and. slanderous, though Smith was not held to be alto- 
gether free from blame; and the renewed inquiry was still going on, when he died at Sutton- 
at-Hone in Kent on Sept. 1625. He was buried at Sutton, where, in the church, there is an 
elaborate monument to his memory. The charges against him had met with no acceptance 
from the king; to the last he was consulted on all important matters relating to shipping and 
to eastern trade, and for several years was one of the chief commissioners of the Navy, as 
also governor of the French and Somer Islands companies." (D. N. B.) 

44 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1608-14 A.D. 

[66] DU JARRiC (Pierre). Histoire des choses plus memorables 
advenues tant ez Inttes Orientales que autres Pais de la desoouuerte des Portit- 
gais. En restablissement & progrez de la foy Chrestienme et Catholique : at 
Principalement de ce que les Religieux des la compagnie de Jesus y ont faict et 
endure pour la mesme fin. Le tout recueilly des lettres et outres histories qui 
en ont este escrites cy devant et mis en ordre par le Pierre du Jarric. 

3 vols., 4to, contemporary calf neat. 

Bordeaux, 1608-1614. £35 

* * * A Tery rd/re work, the three ■volumes of v.hich are seldom found together. 

Vol 2, pp. 256 to 360 are devoted to Brazil. The volumes, otherwise, relate chiefly to 
India, and China. '''-•".,■.:- . 

1610 A.O. 

[67] OLIVIER DU NORT. Description du penibie voyage fait entour 
de I'univers ou Globe Terrestre, par S^ Olivier Du Nort D'Utrecht, General de 
Quatre Navires . . . pour traversant le Destroict de Magellanes, descouvrir 
les Costes de Cica, Chili 8z Peru, & y trafiquer, & puis passant les Molucques, & 
circomnavigant le Globe du Monde . . . translate du Flamand en Francois. 

Engraving on title and 25 in text. 

Folio, half calf. 

Amsterdam , 1610. £27 lOs 

1610 A.D. 

[68] BRANT'S SHIP OF FOOLS. Aff-ghebeelde Narren ^leel-scliuyt, 

verciert met meer als hondert schoone Figuren. 

With descriptions in Dutch prose and verse. 

Copperplate vignette on title, and upwards of 100 very curious and 
interesting wood engravings. 

Small 4to, full dark green morocco, g. e. 

Leyden, 1610. , £5 55 

With the -wood engraving of Pliny as a Fool for staling that no more new landis 
were to found and the reference in the text concerning the New World. 

F'late X-I. 

CCarta terccra t>e relacio : enibiat)a pox fcrm 

00 coitti capitm i jufticia xmyoi ocl pucatan Uamaoo la nueua efpai]3 
t>clmaroccano:al mup altoppomirtflrimoafariiuicriflTimo fcno:oo 
Carlos emperaoo: fcmper augufto p rep oc cfpana nueftrojfmoKoel^ 
cofasfuceoioasimup oignaeoeaomiradoncnlaconquifta j^recupe** 
radon odamurgranoczinarauillofa duoao oeCemijrtltan:^ oelije 
otras piouinciae a clla fubjctag que fe rebelaron. €nla qual duoao i m 
cbas piouindas el oicbo capitan y cfpanoles conft^ieron granoes pfe 
fialaoas pictoziasoignas oeperpetuamemoiia.tHfTimcfmobaserdaj' 
don como ba oefcubierto el mar oel Sur: i otras mucbae i graoes pio 
uindas mup ricas oe minae oe 0:0 :pperla6:ppieo:a6 ptedofue: laprj 
tienen noticia queap efpeceria. 

Cortes' Tjiibb Lettier, 1523. 
See Item No. 22. 

Plate XPI. 

nadda^ capitan generalpojfumaieftadcnla 
ttueua jgrpanaSfniar occano enibioal iiiu)? 
altoi:mu]?pot^ntiirm]0 inuictifliitio fenoj 
oon Carloe emperadoifcniperanguftop 
Vqp oe (gfpana nueftro fenojienla qual eftaii 
jl^edrdoc aluafado "iBic^o godo)? eiwbia 
ronal oicbo capitan |femardo cones* 



CoKTES' Fourth Letter, 1525. 
See Item No. 2L 

MAGGS BRQS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 45 

1612 A.D. 

The First Printed Account of Hudson's Discoveries in North America, 

AND the Second Published Account of the Disco veR* of the Northern 

Coasts of Australia. By de Quiros. 

[69] HUDSON (Henry). Desoriptio ac delineatio Geographica Detec- 
tfonis Freti, sive, Transitus ad Ocoasum, supra terras Americanas, in Chjtiam 
atq; Japonem duoturi, Reoens investigati ab M. Henrioo Hudsono AngJo. Nar- 

ratio . . . super tractum, in quinta Orbis terrarum parfe, cui Austrlaliae 
Incognitae nomen est, recens detecto, Per Capitanem Petrum Ferdinandez de 

Woodcut of a Ship on reverse of title, large woodcut of Esquimaux, and 
3 large folding maps. 

Small 4to. Fine copy im contem-potary Spanish calf, with Arms of Mar- 
quis of Caracena, Spanish Governor-General of the Netherlccnds. 

Amsterdam, Gerard, 161 2. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XX.). £150 

* * * THE first edition of the most remarkable Collection of Voyages of Dis- 
covery of this iperiod.- 

The Editor has collected together in this jbook a relatiion. of the three miost 
maTYeilous discoveries of the previous years in the most unknown parts of the world, viz : 

^ (1) The Discovery of the North West passage to America, by Henry Eudsm.; 
including the Hudson River, amd Hudson Bay, etc. 

(3) The Discovery of the Northern Coasts of Australia, by Fernandez de Quiros. 

(3) The voyage of l-saao Massa to Siberia. 

For the Discovery of Hudson this is the first news printed conceirning the voiyage. 
For De Quiros it is the First Edition in Latin of his report to the King of STjain, where 
he gives par-tioulars of the countries of Terre Australe; and for Isaac Massa it i» also 
the First Edition of his Relation of Siberia. 

The volume is accompanied by 3 laxge Maps, najniely : — 

(1) Maip of the two Hemispheres, showing the discoveries of Hudson in Aimefica, 
and of De Quiros in Australia, also of Massa in Siberia. 

(2) Chart of the disc-overies of Hudson in North America, designed by Hudson 

(3) CJhart of the Northern Coask of Asia. 

In this, the FIRST EDITION, at the end of Massa's Treatise, is added a little dis- 
Fertatl6n on the possibility of a passage between Asia and America. This portion is omitted 
in the Second Edition. 

"Una cum deseriptione terrae Samoiedarum et Tingoesiorum, in Tartaria ad Ortum 
Freti Waygatg- sitae, nuperq. Imperio Muscovitaxum eubactae." 

46 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. 

1614 A.D. 

[70] COLOMBO (Fernando). HJstorie del Sig Don FemaiKto Colombo. 

Relatione della Vita, & de' fatti dell' Ammiraglio Don Chirlstoforo Colombo sue 
Padre. Et dello scoprimento, dell' Indie Occidentale, dette Mondo Nuovo, 
tradotte di lingua Spagnuola nell' Italiana. Con aggiunta di Lettere, & Testa- 
mento dell' Ammiraglio. 

i2mo, boazds. 

Milan, 161 4. £3 3s 

* * * The Spanish original is no longer in existence. This Italian Version holds 
consequently a place of great inLportance in the literature of American history, hcing the 
only somrce of information for many years of the life of Columibus. 

1615 A.D. 

[71J HERNANDEZ (Doctor Francisco). Quatro libros (te la naturaleza, 

y virtudes de las plantas, y animales que estan recevidos en el uso del medecina 
en la NuGva Espana, y la methodo, y correcion, y preparacion, que para admin- 
istrallas se requiere . . . aumentados por Francisco Ximenez. 

Small 4to, original vellum. 

Mexico, en casa de la Viuda de Diego Lofez Davalos, 161 5. £25 

The First Edition translated by XIMEiNEZ into Spanish from the Manuscript of 
Hernandez, which the latter sent home to the King. ' 

* * * The additions of Ximenez have greatly improved the original MSS. of Her- 
nandez; and the Mexican names appear in it in a more correct form. 

Hernandez was the royal physician and a famoois Naturalist. Philip II., sent him 
to Mexico to make ob.servations, and to describe its natural history. He was the first 
to open up to European Naturalists the treasures of the New Wot^ld. 

1617 A.D. 

[71a] STICLIAN (Thomas). Del Mondo Nuovo (in verse). 

Thick small i2mo, original vellum. 

Piacenza, 16 1 7. £4 4s 

* * * The First Edition of this curious popm on the New World. On the title is a 
small Map of America, engraved on copper. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 47 

161S A.D. 

[72] RALEIGH (Sir Walter). A Declaration of the Deineanor and 
Cariage of Sir Walter Raleigh, Knight, as well in his Voyage, as in and sithence 
his Returne; And of the true motiues and inducements which occasioned His 
Maiestie to Proceed in doing Justice vpon him, as it hath bene done. 

Small 4to, original limp vellum. A fine co-py of the FIRST EDITION with 
the blank leaf marked " A " and the Royal Arms on reverse of title. 

London, 161?,. . £10 lOs 

* * * This is the official statement of the circumstances attending Raleigh's fall and 
death, issued to ^(ippease the public 'whO' felt that the sentence pronounced in 1603 was unjust, 
and that the carrying of it into execution in 161S was base. This pamphlet deals with 
Raleigh's last Expedition to America, and gives in full the cause of its failure, etc. 

1620 A.D. 

[73] PORCACCHI (Thomas). L'Isole Piu Famose Del Moitdix. 

Engraved title, and 48 engraved maps, with letterpress descriptions. 

Large Paper Copy. Folio, original vellum. 

Padua, 1620. £6 6S 

* * * The American Maps, each with a long description, included in this volume are : — 

Temistitan. Isolia Cuba. 

Mexico. Jamaica. 

Mohdo Nuovo.. Isola de St. Giovanni. 

Isola Spagnuola. World Map. 

1621 A.D. 

Pictorial Account of Columbus's Second Voyage. 

[74] PHILOPONUS (Honorius). Nova Typis transaota Navigatio. Novi 

Orbis Indiae Occidentalis admodum Buelli Cataloni in Universam Americam, 
sifve Novum Orbem. 

With engraved title, very large folding plate of Christopher Columbus 
arriving in the New World and the arrival of the Missionaries, portrait of St. 
Brandan and of P. Buell, and 17 other full-page plates showing the Cruelties 
of the Indians, etc. 

Folio, half morocco. Munich, 1621. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XXL). ' £105 

One of the most curious and interesting pictorial volumes of Americana, and of 
high rarity. 

* * * Father Buell was sent out by the King of Spain to Christianise the New World. 
Pope Alexander VI. named him Vicar-General of the Indes Occidentales, of which he is 
regarded as the first patriarch. He was accompanied by twelve monks, and they embarked 
with iChristopher Columbus in J493, upon his .second voyag-e. Upon {BueU's arrival in 
America he had many differences with Columbus, and was one of those who epoke most 
spiteifuUy against him. Buell returned to Spain with the Admiral in order to justify his 

The plates are very inteires+ing and include full length portraits of Columbus and 
Father Buell, Indian tojtuires, battle eceties, the tobacco plant, Indian King smoking, a naval 
battle, etc., etc. They were engraved by W. Kilian. 

48 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1622 A.D. 

[75] HAWKINS (Sir Richard). The Observations of Sir Richard 
Hawkins, Knight, m His Voyage into the South Sea, Anno Domini 1 593. 

First Edition. Folio, original calf. 

London, Printed by I. D. for John Jaggard, anS are to be soldi at his 
shop at the Hand, and Starre in Fleete-streete, veere the Temple Gate, 1622. £25 

* * * Sir Bicbiard Hawkins' oonooption was r.ot only a ivojyag'e round the world, 
arriving at " the islaads of Japan, of the Philippines, and Moluccas, the kingdoms of China 
and East Indies, by the way of the Straits of Mfigellau and the South Sea," tout he designed 
principally, he tells us, " to make a perfect discovery of all those parts where he should 
arrive, as well known as unknown, with their longitudes and latitudes, the lying pf their 
coasts, their, head-lands, their .ports and toys, their cities, towns and .peaplings," their 
mai-ner of government, with the commodities which the countries yielded, and of which 
they have want and are in necessity. 

The account of the early part of the voyage, written by Hawkyns himself, is 
interesting from j;he intelligent descriptions of sea life and of the places at which the 
ships touched. On o Novemiber they anchored be<tween the Santa Anna Islands, to the 
North of Cape Frio. There they iput the sick on shore, and refreshed them with eea-fowl 
and such fruits as the islands afforded. Afterwards they watered at Isla Grande, to the 
West of Rio Janeiro: and on 18 December shaped their course fox the Straits of Magellan 
At Santa Anna they had emptied out and burnt the victualler; xM the mouth of the 
River Plate the pinnace deserted and made her way hoane again. The Dainty thus came 
alone to the Straits; passed through, not without danger; and on 19 April, 1594, anchored 
at the island of Mocha, where fresh provisions were procured. " I have not tasted better 
mutton anywhere," Hawkins noted. And so on to Valparaiso, w"here they plundered the 
town and ransomed the ships in the bay; thence going north, making a few prizes, they 
anchored on 18 June in the bay of San Matea. where on the. 19th they were found by two 
large Spanish ships, well armed and commanded by Don Beltran de Castro, brother-in-law of 
the viceroy, who had fitted them out etspressly to look for and capture or destroy these 
Knglish pirates. 

The crew of the Dainty had been reduced by deaths to about seventy-five; the 
Spiaijiards are said to have Numbered ten times as many, which is probable einough. 
Another estimate, making them "thirteen hundred men and boys," may be pronounced 
a gross exaggeration. The Dainty was stoutly defended, and she might .possibly have beaten 
off her assailants and made good her escape, but for the extreme carelessness with which 
she had been prepared for action. Hawkyns had left all the supervision as well as the 
prei)aration to the gunner, in whom he had perfect confidence, but who, in the hour of 
need, proved ignorant and incapable. There were no cartridges, much of the ammunition 
had been spoiled by damp, few of the guns were clear when they were wanted, and some 
of them had been loaded with the powder on top of tha shot. Hawkyns's own account 
of the action tells of such gross neglect and mismanagement, as to give rise to a suspicion 
that, whatever the gunner's faults, Hawkyns was not the " complete seaman " and rikijful 
commander that he would wish his readers to suppose. Of his stubborn courage, however, 
there is no doubt. The fight lasted through three days, till Hawkyns was canried below 
severely wounded. The ship was then almost knocked to pieces, with fourteen shot under 
water, seven or eight feet of water in the hold, and the pumps smashed; many cxf Oie men 
kiUed, many more wounded, and the rest mad drunk. Hawkyns therefore surrendejred on 
capitulation, Don Beltran irolemnly pledging himself "that he would give us our lives 
with -good entreaty, and send us as <3peedily as he could into our own country." (D. N. B.^ 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 49 

1622 A.D. 

[76] FLORIDA AND CUBA. Relacion de lo Sucedicto en lo$ Calednes 
V Fiota de Xierra Ftrme. 

10 pp., folio, wrafpers. 

{Madrid, 1622.) £105 

* * * The Original Spanish Issue of this excessively rare tract. 

Oa the 22iid of August, lfia2, the whole flett <A Tierra Firme asseBiMed in the Port 
of Havanna. On Sunday, the 4th of SeptemTjer, they weighed anchor and sailed. There 
were 28 ships with their Admiral, eight galleons, three pinnaces and other attendants upon 
the fleet. A tempest arose on Monday and continued until Tuesday. Those that were able 
put back to Havanna. Nine vessels were lost, two ships being wrecked on the Florida 
Coast. The tract gives the full list of th« Officers, jSailors and Passengers who were 
-drpiwned. This naval disaster was received with such interest in England, that the tract 
was translated into English, with the following title : — 

" A true relation of that which lately happened to the great Spanish Fleet, and 
•lalleons of Terira Firma in America, with many .strango dtliveries of captives and souldiers in 
the t©m.pest and other remarkable accidents, 1623." Of this English Edition only 3 copies 
aie known. The late Mr. G. D. Smith catalogued one of these for $900,00. This Spaaieh 
•Original is even rarer, as we cannot trace the sale of another coipy. 

The Famous Sermon to the Virginian Company. 
1622 A.D. 

iTj'] DONNE (John, Dean of St. Paul's). A Sermon upon the VIII.^ 
yerse of the I. Chapter of the Acts, preached to the Honourable Company of the 
"Virginian Plantation, 13th November, 1622. 

Small 4to. A very fine copy in full polished calf, g. e., by Riviere. 

London, 1622. £35 

* * * The First Edition of Donne's famous sermon before the early adventurers an 
"the Virginia Company. It may truly be described as the first missionary sermon painted 
^n the English language. 

so MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1622 A.D. 

The Fib ST Edition of Le Maire's Voyage. 

[78] HERRERA (Antonio de). NovUs Orbis. Metaphraste C. Barlaeo, 
Accesserunt & aliorum Indiae Occidentalis Descriptiones, & Navigationis 
nuperae Australis Jacobi le Maire Histor-ia. 

Illustrated with 17 Double Maps, COPPERPLATE PORTRAIT OF Le Maire, 
and several woodcuts in the text. 

Folio, full calf {title margined). 

Amsterdam, Michael Colin, 1622. ^ £18 18s 

* * * The portrait of LB MAIEE is very rare, and it is not mentioned in Brunet, 
Graesse, Leclerc, or in tlie " Nuggets." The last four pages of the second part contain a 
Vooaibulary of the langruage of the Solomon Isles. 

" It is erroneously stated in the " American Nuggets " that Barcia, in the preface 
to his edition of Herrera, repudiates the edition by Colin as full of errors. The fact is, 
that Barcia makes now^here any remark prejudicial to th« above publication of 1622, whici\ 
certainly contains a faithful translation of the "Description" of Herrera, and an equally 
faithful reproduction of the fourteen authentic maps. Barcia's remairk had reference only 
to the Amsterdam edition of 1721. The volume is highly valuable as containing the first 
edition of the genuine Voyage of Le ,Maire (also issued in Latin and Dutch in the same 
year) as distinguished from that which had been, through the Dutch India Company's 
jealousy of Le Maire, published by Blaeu under the nam© of Cornelius Schouten, who had 
commanded one of Le Maire's vessels. It concludes with the Spanish and English voyages 
to Magellan's Straits and the description of America given by Ordonez de Cevallos and 

1622 A.D. 

[79] WHITBOURNE (Captain Richard). A Discourse containing a 
Loving Invitation both Honourable, and profitable to all such as shall be 
Adventurers, either in person, or purse, for the advancement of his Majesties 
most hopefull Plantation in the New^Foumd-Landi, lately undertaken. Written 
by Captaine Richard Whitbourne of Exmouth, in the County of Devon. 

First Edition. 46 pp., small 4to, half calf. 

Imprinted at London by Felix Kyngston, 1622. £15 15s 

* * * This is the " Discourse " alone, Tvhich was separately published. It i.s dedicated 
to Henry Lord Oary, Viscount Falkland. 

Whitbourne gives a general description of Newfoundland, and invites settlers to 
the country 

Whitbourne was a Devonshire man, and served against the Armada in 1588, in a ship 
of his own. He had already made a voyage to Newfoundland about 1580. He met Sir 
IJuni/phrey Gilbert at St. Johns's a few years later, and frequently returned to the same 
shores afterwards. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 51 

1625-26 A.D. 

[80] PURCHAS (Samuel). Hakluytus Posthumus, on Purchase his Pil- 

Contayning a History of the World in Sea Voyages and Lande Travells 
by Englishmen, and others: O'f all the Circum-navigations of the Globe, all 
Voyages to the Cape, India, China, Japan, the Malay Archipelago, and of 
Travels by land in Asia, America, and elsewhere. 

Wherein Gods Wonders in Nature, and Providence, The Acts, Arts, Varie- 
ties and Vanities of Men, with a world of the Worlds Rarities, are by a world 
of Eywitnesse Authors, related to the World . . . All examined, abbre- 
viated, illustrated with notes, enlarged with discourses, adorned with pictures 
and expressed in Mapps. 4 vols. , folio. London, 1625-6. 

Purchas His Pilgrimage, or Relations of the World and the Religions 
observed in all ages and places discovered from the Creation imto this Present. 

Thei Fourth (and best) Edition, much inlarged with Additions, and illus- 
trated with Mappes (engraved title and one map in facsimile, a few leaves of 
vol. I stained). 

Together 5 vols.j folio, calf (jebacked). £25 

The contents of the vols, are as follows: — 

Vol. I. Voyasea and Travels of Ancient Kings, Patriarchs, Apostles and Philosophers; 
Voyages of Circumnavigation of the GHobe; and Voyages along the Coasts of Africa to the 
East Indies, Japan, China, the Philippine Islands, and the Peirsian and Ara.bian Gnifs. 

Vol. II. Voyages and Kelations of Africa, Ethiopia, Palestine, Arabia, Persia, and 
other pairts of Asia. 

Vol. III. Voyages -to Tartary, China, Russia, Noo-tli-West America, and the PolaT 

Vol. IV. Voyages tO' America, aiul the West Indies. 

Vol. V. (The Pilgrimage), ooritains a Theological - and Geographical History of Asia, 
Africa, and America. 

" We O'We to the zeal and vast erudition of this laborious man, one of the most 
celeibirated collections of voyages which have ever appeared; valuable alike for the abundance 
of its materials and its importance in the history of its early discoveries, especially those 
of the English." — Biographic Universelle. 

1627 A.D. 

[81 J SliMON (P. Fray Pedro). Primera Parte cte las Noticias historiates 
de las Conquistas cte Tierra Firme, en las indias Oceldentales. 

Small folio, original vellum. 

Cuenca, Domingo de la Yglesia, 1627. £12 12s 

* * * AN IMPORTANT WORK, containing the history of the Provinces of Cumana 
and Venezuela. Part I. is all that was published. 

52 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1628 A.D. 

[82] BRAZIL. TOMAIO DE VARGAS (Thomas). Restauracion de \a 
ciudad del Salvador, I Baia de Todos-Sanctos, en la provincia del Brasil. Por 
las Armas De Don Philippe IV. el Grande Rei Catholico de las Espanas. . . . 

Small 4to, original vellum. 

Madrid, 1628. £12 12s 

1630 A.D. 

[83] LEON [PINELO] (Antonio de). Tratado de confinnaciones reales 
de encomiaitdas, officios I Casos^ en que se requieren para las Indias Occi- 

Engraved title showing emblematic figures of Peru and Nova Hispania. 

Small 4to, calf.i 

Madrid, 1630. £8 lOs- 

* * * A Very Imporbant Work, oomposed from Original Documents. 

Antoaio de X.oon was born in Peru, he ■vras educated at Lima, and was named 
' Cilironioler of the Indies.' He wrote many important Tvorks, which, for the most part, 
only exist in manuscript. 

1631 A.D. 

[84] BRAZIL. Relacion de la Jornada que la Armada de su Magestetf 
a hecho al socorro del Brasil, y batalla que entre ella, y la de los estados de 
Olanda se dieron en doze de Septiembre deste ano de 1631 , en diez y ocho grados 
de altura a la bada del sur de la Equrnocial, y paraje de los Abrojos. 

4 pages, folio, half morocco. 

Seville, 163 1. £12 12s 

1632 A.D. 

[85] DIAZ DEL CASTILLO (iBernal). Historia Verdadera de la Con- 
quista de la Nueva Espana. 

With engraved title. Folio, vellum. 

Madrid (1632). £18 18s- 

* * * The First Edition of this rare Chronicle written by one of the Conqnistadores. 
and GOnliainijig the two additional leaves numbered Chapter OCXXLT. (for CCXII.) " Este 
oapitulo que es el ultimo del original . . ." -which were added after the completion of the- 


1632 A.D. 

[86] DIAZ DEL CASTILLO (Bernal). Historia Verdadera de la Con- 
quJsta de la Nueva Espana. 

Another Copy, a variation of the First Edition, having a printed title- 
instead of the engraved title, and before the additional two leaves were issued. 
Folio, original half calf. Madrid, 1632. £18 18s 



inftrudon linfoim^cio Ddoaind^ 

puellapo:d mm reuerendo padre 
memo2ta :p:imerofunt>dDo:t$lao: 
odmar ©ccanoty pojotrof rcligio 
fo0t)octO6 t$Ianiifmd02D63L9 4I 
oomnafue vito f ex^mimt>^yji,p 
mda poi d mur« 1fl« :S5 « d licem' 
ooZ^dlot^e Sadoual ^nquiftDoa 
y^ifmooim dla nueua Cfpana 
p02fu2l^agellat^« Xaqualfuecm^ 
pzdt^mTimicico poi mant)at)o t)d 
muf JR*©. t)6fraf 3[ua$uniarra' 
ga^merobtrpooefladuoaO: Ddco 
re/oocfu2l^ge(lat>«tc f afucofta^ 




• Cordova — Dootbina Christiana, liii. 
(Indian Catechism). 
One of the First Books pirinted in Mexico. 
See Hem No. 30. 

Plate XIV 

The Arms of Christopher Columbiis. 


See Item No 40. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 53 

1635 A.D. 

[87] WOOD (William). New England's Prospect. A true, lively, and 
experimental description of that part of America, commonly called New 
England : discovering the state of that Countrie, both as it stands to our new- 
come English Planters; and to the old Native Inhabitants. Laying downe that 
which may both enrich the knowledge of the mind-travelling Reader, or benefit 
the future Voyager. 

Folding woodcut map " The South part of New-England, as it is Planted 
this yeare, 1635." 

Small 4to, bound by Riviere in full levant morocco extra, g. e. 

Printed at London^ by Tho. Cotes for John Bellamie, 1635. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XXIL). £175 

* * * a veky beautiful and tall copy with the veky eaee map. 

Tbis is one of the most interesting of tho early New England books. 

The -vTOirik details the natuTal features of the country, tells of the habits and 
costoms of the Indians, etc. Am Indian vocabulary is placed at the end and takes precedence 
of the linguistic labors of Buger Williams, John Elliot, and others. It is possible that the 
auUior may have had the co-operation of both Williams and Elliot, who came to New 
BngUutd in 1631. The map, which is dated in each edition to correspond with its imprint, 
ia more correct and fuller in its details than in the previous issue. 

The majority of the few known ooipies of this work are in public institutions. 

1639 A.D. 

[88] WEIGEL (Johannes). Habitus praecipuorunt poputorutn tam 

Virorum quam Foeminarum^ olim singular! Johannis Weigelii Proplastis 
Nonmbergensis arte depicti & excusi, nunc vero debita diligentia denuo recusi 
Black Letter and Roman Letter. 

With fine figured woodcut title in compartments and magnificent fiiial 
pige and 220 full-page, full-length woodcut costume figures by John Weigel 
after the original drawings of Jobst Amman. 

Folio, crushed crimson morocco extra, g. e., by F. Bedford. 

Ulm, Johann Goerlin, 1639. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XXIIL). £65 

This book is excessively rare in a, complete state. Copies like the above in which 
imtwessions of the plates are absolutely magcificent are almost unknown. This copy ap- 
pears to be printed on specially thick paper. " Each cut has its title at top in Latin 
(Soman letter), at foot in German (Uothio letter), with verses in the latter language. The 
series emhracea all grades of society, different nationalities, and both sesces, from the Em- 
peror downwards, illustrating perhaps better thaji any book, the costume of the -period., 
whidi was very rich and costly, in the case of the more wealthy people." 

, The dresses appropriate to festivals, balls, manriages, are shewn, sometimes with 
2 or 3 figures on the page. 

Two of these beautiful cuts show the Natives of Brazil. .' 

54 MAGGSBROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 


1639 A.D. 

[88a] PIZARRO (Don Fernando). Varones illustres del Nuevo Mundo. 

Descubridores, conquistadores, y pacificadores del opulento, dilatado, y ppde- 
roso imperio de lasindias Occidentales. 

Folio, calf. J 

Madrid, 1639. £12 12s 

* * * This book was ■vrritten by one of the descendants of Pizarro, \vh6 here brings 
together the lives of Christopher Columbus, de Alonso de Ojeda, Fernand Cortez, Fjanc. 
Vizarro, Juan Pizarro, Diego de Almagro, Hern. Pizarro, Gonzalo I'izarro, & Diego Garcia 
de Parades 

Under the title o^ " Discurso legal y politico " Pizarro asks of King Philip IV. to 
extend to him the promise made by Cliarles V. tO' Don Francisco Pizarro to reward him 
for his Conquest of Peru by creating him Marquis and giving him twenty thousand rassaU. 

1642 A.D. 

[8g] MEXICO. Relacion de todo lo sucedido en estas Provincias de la 
Nueva Espana, desde la f ormacion de la Armada Real de Barlovento, despacho 
de flota, y successo della, hasta la salida deste primer Aviso del ano de 1642. 

4 pp., folio, boards. 1642. £10 lOS 

1643 A.D. 

[90] CORDOVA (Diego de). Vida, Virtudes, y milagros del apostol del 
Feru el venerable pe Fray Francisco Solano de la serafica orden de los menores 
de la regular observancia, patron de la Ciudad De Lima. . . segunda edicion 
anadida por el P Fray Alonso de Mendieta provincial de la S'a Provincia de 
los 12 Apostoles del Peru, y Procurador General de la Ciudad de los Reyes. 

With engraved title, in which is introduced a portrait of Solano, also 
engraved full-length portrait of the same. 

Thick small 4to, full calf. 

Madrid, 1643. £6 lOs 

Father SOLANO, born at Montilla, in 154.9, entered the Franciscan Oriler at 
the a^e of 20, went to Pern with the Viceroy Garcia Hurtado de Mendoza, Marquis de C^anete 
in 1689. A few days after his arrival at Lima he went to the provinces of Tucuman and of 
Bio de la Plata for the conversion of the Indians. 

His Biographer Diego de Cordova y Salinas, was Chronicler of the Province of Pern. 

1644 A.D. 

[90a] BRAZIL. Collection of 17 Documents in Portuguese relating to 
the administration of Antonio Telles da Sylva, Governor General of Brazil, and 
his difficulties with the Chamber at Bahia. The letters are signed by Antonio 
Telles da Sylva, and by Manoel Pereira Franco, etc., and certified with the 
signature of the Bishop of Brazil. 1644. £6 6s 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 55 

1644 A.D. 

, E91] COTTON (Rev. John, Teacher of the Church at Boston in New- 
England). The Keyes of the Kingdom of Heaven, and Power thereof, accord- 
ing to the Word of God. Tending to reconcile some present differences about 

Tlje Second time Imprinted. 

Published by Tho. Goodwin and Philip Nye. 

Small 4to, new boards. 

London, 1644. £3 3s 

1644-50 A.D. 

[gia] BAHIA in BRAZIL. 1644-1650. Collection of 14 Original Docu- 
ments in Portuguese relating to Antonio Macedo, a Soldier who fought in the 
Battles for this State, dated 1644-1650, containing the signatures of Antonio 
Telles da Sylva, and Conde Castello Melhor, and Joao Rodrigues de Vascon- 
cellos e Sousa, Governors of Brazil; £3 3s 

1645 A.D. 

[92] RIBAS (Rev. Andres Perez de). Historia de los triumphos do 
nuestra santa fee entre gentes las mas Barbaras, dtel Niievo Orbs: conse- 
guidos por los Soldados de la Milicia de la Compania de Jesus en las Missiones 
de la Provincia de Nueva-Espana. ... ' 

Small folio, morocco. 

Madrid, Por Alonso de Paredes, 1645. ^24 

* * * Eibas -was born in Cordova, in Andaducia, in 1576. Becoming a member of the 
Society of Jesus, lie went in 1604 to Mexico, and spent sixteen years in. untiring exertion fer- 
tile conversion of tlie Indians. This rare worlc contains many particulars reljiting; to the 
Indian tribes lof Cinaloa, in North Mexico and of California, not to be found elsewhere. 

1646 A.D. 

[93] BOOTH BY (Richard; Merchant). A briefe Disoovery or Descrip- 
tion of the most famous Islandl of Madagascar or St. Laurence m Asia neare 
unto East India; 

'also the Trading from Port to Port all India and Asia over, and the great profit 
gained thereby. 

Small 4to, fine copy in full russia gilt, uncut edges. 

London, -printed by E. G. for John Hardesty, 1646. £9 9S 

A iine 'Snd interesting copy of a very rare little bools:. This copy has on the blank 
margins some vialuable contemporary manuscript notes referring to s.tatements in the text. 

Chapter XV. (p. 62) commences with " The valouT of the English Nation against the 
Savages in Virginia and New England. , 

1646 A.D. 

[93a] BRAZIL. Autograph Letter in Portuguese Signed by Antonio 
Telles da Sylva, Governor General of Brazil, Sated 1646 from Bahia in Brazil, 
in which he complains to the King of Portugal about the irregular proceedings 
of Paulo Barbosa, Captain Major of Porto Seguro, where he committed terrible 
crimes.' £1 lOs 

56 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1648 A.D. 

[94] SOLORZANO PEREIRA (D. Jean de). Politica Imfiana Sacatta 
en Lengua Castellana de los dos Tomos Del Derecho, I Govierno Municipal de 
las Indias Oocidentales, en los quales se trata tcdo lo tocante al desciilii> 
miento, desoripcion, adquisicion i retencion de las indias. 

Thick folio, calf. Madrid, 1648. £12 12s 

*** This is the first Spanish translation of the " Disquisitionea do. Indiarum Jure." 

1649 A.D. 

[95] BRAZIL. Relacion de la Victoria quo los Portugueses de Pemam- 
buco alcangaron de los de la Compania del Brasil en los Garerapes a 19 de 
Febrero de 1649. 

Traducida del Aleman, Publicada en Viena de Austria. 

12 pp., small 4to, boards. {Madrid), 1649. . £10 lOs 

1649-55 A.D. 

[96] GONZALEZ DAVILA (Gil). Teatro Eclesiastico de la Primitiva 

ig^esia de las Indias OccidtentaleSi vidas de sus Arzobispos, Obispos y cosas 
memorables de sus sedes. 

With the rare" Map of Mechoacan. 

2 vols., small folio, vellum binding. 

Madrid, Diego^Diaz de la Carrera, 1649-55. £24 

* * * BXTBEMELY RAKE. It is a very curious -work, containing an account of the 
first Church Establishments in S'panish America, audi other important matters relating to its 
early history, as the introduction of arts and letters, printing, etc. The accounts of the 
various races of Indians, their creeds and maTiners, etc., are also highly valuable. At p. 23 
of the first volume, Davila notices the introduction of printing into Mexico in 1522, mentions 
the first printer,- Juan Pabios, and states that the iirst boot ipriuled -was the well-known 
Soala Paradisi of Joannes vClimacus. 

1650 A.D. 

Original Manuscript. 


Coloured drawing of Bacchus astride a cask. 

222 pp., small folio, vellum binding. 1650. £10 lOS 

* * * An interesting maivusoript confaining an epitome of Geography, wiritten in 
Latin in 1650 at Breda, by some scholar ifho studied under Prof. Joh. Philemon. The latter 
part of this Manuecfipt relates to Africa, and America; the first part with Tartaxy, 
Syria, Japan, China, Mongolia, India Orientalis, Jerusalem, Turkey, Bohemia, Hungary, etc. 

The Author writes of Columbus, Vespucci, Magellan, and Cortes, etc. 

* * * This Manuscript begins "with Spain and ends Tvith America. The manners, 
and customs of the various countries are detailed. The last entry gives an account of 
Magellan's ship Victory, which, after his death, returned from the Moluccas to Spain. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 57 

1652 A.D. 

[g8] HORN! US (G.)- De Originibus Amerioatiis. Libri Quatuor. Hagae 
Comitis. Sumptibus Adriani Vlacq. 1652. 

Bound with — 

BERKELIUS (A.). Genuina Stephani Byzantini de Urbilius et Populis 
Fragmenta. Latinam interpretationem & animadversiones adjecit. Accedit 
Haraionis Carthaginensium Regis Periplus. Graece & Latine. Lugduni in 
Batavi, Apud Danielem a Gaesbeeck, 1674. 

Two works in i volume. Small thick 8vo, vellum. £1 18s 

* * * The First Work was writteTi by request of Jean de Laet, who had already 
refuted the opinion of Grotius on the subject. 

1652 A.D. 

[98a] BRAZIL. Letter Patent in Portuguese signed by the Conde de 
Castello Melhor, Joao Roiz de Vasconcellos e Sousa, Governor General of Brazil, 
dated Bahia 1652, confirming Manoel da Costa in his post as Adjutant of the 
Sergeant Major in the Province of Bahia. The Seal contains the Arms of the 
Governor. £1 10s 

1654 A.D. 

[99] BRAZIL. BARRETO (Francisco). Relacaitl Diaria (to Sitio, e 

tomada da forte praca do Recife, recuperacao' das Capitanias de Itamarack.. 
Paraiba, Rio grande, Ciara, & Ilha de Fernao de Noronha, por Francisco Barreto- 
Mestre de campo general do Estado do Brasil, & Gouemador de Pemambuco., 

31 pp., small 4to, new boards. 

Lisbon, 1654. ' £5 5S 

1655-1656 A.D. 

[99a] BRAZIL. Colteotion of 6 Letters dated from Bahia in the years 

1655 and 1656, each comprising many pages, from the Conde de Athouguia, 
Governor and Captain General of Brazil, and written to King Joao IV. of 
Portugal, in which he alludes t6 the proceedings of the Desembargador 
Fernando de Maia Furtado. In another one he complains- of the barbarous 
treatment of the Tapuya Indians. He includes the Petition from the poor of 
Bahia. In another one he objects to the Orders which he has received to make 
the licentiate, Hieronymo de Burgos, Judge of Orfaos, embark for Rio de 
Janeiro, arid he adds a petition received from this functionary. The other letters 
refer to his administration in general. £6 6s- 

58 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1658 A.D. 

[100] PISON (G.)- Oe Indiae Utriusque rei Natural! et Medica. 

Engraved title page and many hundred woodcuts of plants, birds, fish, 
and animals. 

Thick folio, calf. 

Amsterdam, Elzevir, 1658. £3 lOs 

Comprises :— 

Pison-Historia naturalis et medica Indiae Oceidentalis, libri V. 

MarcgraTJus-Tractatus topographicus et meteorologicus Brasiliae, cum Eclipsi Solari, 

Bontius-Historiae natviralis et medica Indiae Orientalis, etc. 

1659-1663 A.D. 

[looa] BRAZIL. A Series of 15 Letters in Portuguese Signed by 
Francisco Barreto de Menezes, Governor General of Bahia, all addressed from 
Bahia to the King of Portugal, and dated as follows : — 
(i) 8th January, 1659. 

Representing the great loss which the Royal Treasury had under- 
gone owing to the recent orders that no ships were to leave the 
- (2) 19th September, 1659. 

Relating to the nomination of Joao Leitao de Faria as Captain, 
and of the Quarter Master Nicolao Aranha Pacheco. 
(3 & 4). Ditto. In the same year, and on the same subject. 

(5) 3rd May, 1661. 

Asking for power to supply the Fort of Bahia with sufficient powder 
for its defence, seeing that Peace had been broken between the 
Portuguese Crown and the United Provinces of Holland. 

(6) 25th May, 1661. 

Asking permission to resign, saying that he had governed that 
State sufficiently long, and asking the King to name a successor; 
and to allow himi permission to choose the ships in which he can 
travel in safety. 

(7) nth June, 1661. 

Asking for power to proceed to Bahia with regard to Salvador 
Correia de Sa e Benevides. 

(8) 14th May, 1662. 

Concerning economic administration, 
(g) 14th May, 1662. 

With reference to a report which appeared to be unfounded, and 
asking that Gaspar Malheiros Reymao should be punished because 
he had not behaved in the manner he ought to have. 

(10) 24th May, 1662. 

Referring to Doctor Jorge Secco de Macedo, Chancellor of the 
State of Bahia about the advice received. 

(11) 14th May, 1662.. 

Concerning a form which was necessary to be given to. the Gover- 
nors, declaring that they would allow boats to come from the 
Indies to the Ports of Bahia. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. Si^ 

Brazil — cantiiiued. , 

(12) 14th May, 1662. 

Treating of the barbarous war, and mentioning the Province of 
Parahiba, etc. With many interesting remarks. 

(13) isth May, 1662. 

Protesting against injustice that had been done in the cases of 
Andre Vidal de Negreiros and Francisco de Bryto Freire. 

(14) 26th October, 1662. 

Regarding his opinions about the wars of the barbarous Indians. 

(15) 1 5th February, 1663. 

Treating of the Reforms that were to be made in the Capital of 
Pernambucb and Rio de Janeiro. 

Original Documents of great importance to the Province of Bahia. 

£18 18s 

1662 A.D. 

[loi] dUADALUPE (Andres de). Histoiia de la Santa Proviitcia de los 
Angeles de la regular observancia, y orden de nuestro serafico padre San 

With the fine frontispiece. 

Folio. Fine cofy w full S'fanish calf. 

Madrid, For Mateo Fernandez, 1662. £6 10s 

* * * The author was Commissary General" of the Inflies, and the Franciscan Order 
of which he writes, laboured extensively in America, and has given its name to 
San FranciscO', Los Angeles, etc. His first notice of the New World is contained in his 
account of the letter of Martin de Valencia from Yucatan in 1.531. 

1663 A.D. 

North East Passage to China. 

[102] DE VEER (Gerrit). Verhael van de vier eerste Schip-Vaerden 
Der Hollandtsche en Zeeuwsche Soheppen^ Naar Nova Zembla^ iBy Noorden 
Noorwegen Moscovien ende Tartarien omna de Coninckrijcken Cathay en China, 

Woodcut of Ships on title page, and numerous curious cuts of the Arctic 

52 pp., small 4to, boards. 

Amsterdam, 1663. £10 lOs 

*** This comprises the Voyages of GtrTK de Vere in 1594, 1595, and 1596; and the 
" Jouirnal of Henry Hudson " being his last voyage of 1609. 

1671 A.D. 

[103] [CLODORE (J. de).] Relation de ce qui s'est pass6, dans les Isles 
& Terre-Ferme de I'Amerique, pendant la demiere Guerre avec I'Angleterre, & 
depuis en execution du Traitte de Breda. AvEC UN JOURNAL du dernier Voyage 
!du Sr de la Barre en la Terre-Ferme, & Isle de Cayenne, accompagne d'une 
exacte description du Pays, moeurs & naturel des Habitans. Le tout recueilly 
des Memoires des principaux Officiers qui ont commande en ces Pays. Par 

2 vols., i2mo, original calf. 

Paris, 167 1. £7 lOs 

*<m* This work is very important as a history of the Colonies, and for the wax 
between England and France in the West Indies 1666-1667. 

Le sieur Clodore, the supposed author of the book, was Governor of Martinique; 
he took a very active part in the hostilities. 

6o MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street,, London, W. 

1672 A.D. 

[104] JOSSELYN (John). New-England's Rarities discovered in iBirds, 

Beasts, Fishes, Serpents and Plants of that Country, together with the physical 
and chyrurgical remedies wherewith the Natives constantly use to cure their 
distempers, wounds and sores, also a perfect description of an Indian Squa, jh 
all her bravery; with a poem not improperly conferr'd upon her, lastly a Chrono- 
logical 'Table of the most remarkable passages in that Country amongst the 

Illustrated with cuts. 

First Edition. i6mo, handsomely bound by Riviere in full levant ■ 
morocco extra, g. e. 

London, Printed for G. Widdowes, 1672. £42 

*** Complete -vrith the folded plate, usually missing, the Catalt^ue of Books 2 pp. at 
.end,.fuid the Inal leaf containing a remarkable device of Widdovres, the printer. 

This is the earliest work on the Natural History of New England. 

1674 A.D. 

[105] LiCON (R.). Recueil de Divers Voyages faits en Afrique et en 

I'Amerique, qui n'ont point este encore publiez. Contenant I'Origine, les Moeuis, 
les Coutumes et le Commerce des habitans avec les traitez curieux touchant la 
Haute Ethyopie, la mer Rouge & le Pretre-Jean. Enrichi de Figures, et des 
Cartes Geographiques. 

4to, original calf. Paris, 1674. £3 18s 

1676 A.D. 

[106] CO LUIVIBUS (Christopher). Historie del Signor D, Femandp 

Colombo: relatione della vita, e de' fatti dell' Ammiragho D. Christoforo 
Colombo, suo padre : E dello scoprimento, ch'egli fece dell' Indie OccidentaB, 
dette Mondo Nuovo. Nuouajnente di lingua Spagnuola tradotte nell' Italians 
dal Signor Alfonso UUoa. 

i2mo, original vellum. Venice, 1676. £1 10s 

* * * A VEEY BARE EDITION. On the title is a little view of Venice. 

1680 A.D. 

Printed in Lima. 

[107] ARGENTINE. Relacion de lo que los Espanoles y Indtos de 
Buenos Ay res exeoutaron en defensa de la possession, que los Islas, y tierra 
firme de S. Gabriel tiene el Rey : y del desalojamiento de la gente d^.Biasilj 
que passo a poblur en dichas Islas por parte de la Corona de Portugal, ccm 
iDrden, e instrucciones de su Principe Regente. 

Royal Arms on title. 

8 pp., folio, boards. 

Imfressa en Lima, -por Diego de Lyra, 1680. £10 10s 


C Con P2<nilesioocfuaite39. ^po:t.:j^fio3, , 

i^^ameravfcgundapgrte oeteWP 

torn general oe laa^ndias con todo el oefcub:imicnto v cofas nota 

plcsquebanacaccidooendequcfcganaronafadanooe I, 51 Conlaeooufllaoe 
^ericoy Dcla nueuaffpana. (En Caragota. '553. 

See Item No. 45, 

Plate XVI. 






















Ij. \ 





















» .^ 





il %* 



O o 

04 'O 


O 23 








W o 

o S 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit -Street, London, W. 61 

1680 A.D. 

[107a] TOBACCO. DC EN AS (Francisco de). Dedaracioti de la iristta 

del ToJbaco del estanoo> por comision del Counsejo a el Senor Dom Aluaro 
Queypo de Llano y Valdes. 

4 pp., io\\o, boards. (1680.) £3 3s 

* * * An interesting dissertation on the History of Tobacco, its Medicinal «s©s, etc., 
and principally concerning the herb as found in America. 

1680 A.D. 

[108] PORTULANO. Maritime Chart of the Western World, showing 
NewFoundland, South America (Brazilian portion), Africa (froin Cape of Good 
Hope, the Gold Coast to the Mediterranean), Spain, France and England. 

Drawn in colours on a large sheet of vellum (size 21 by 12 inches), 

" Feita foi Mel Ferra," about 1680. £25 

* * * A very interes.ting Chart 1^ a Portuguese Hydrographer, the various parts &f 
the world are ornamented with flags of the Nations who were in possession. Brazil flies 
the Flag of Portugal; Cape of Good Hope, that of Holland. 

1680 A.D. 

[io8a] NORTH AMERICA divided into ite Principall Parts, where are 
distinguished the Severall States which belong 'to the English, Spanish and 

Dedicated to Charles IL, and sold by Wm. Berry. C. 1680. 

With the boundaries in colour, large map, size 22J by 35 inches. £5 5s 

1680-82 A.D. 

[log] PENNINGTON. A Brief Account of some of My Exercises from 
My Childhood Left with my Dear Daughter Gulielma Maria Penii. By Mary 
Pennington. Written by Edward Pennington. 1680. 

PENN (WiUiam). Counsel and Advice to his Dear Wife and Children. 

Worminghurst, 1682. 

HANSON (Ehzabeth). An Account of the Takii^ into Captivity by the 
Indians, Elizabeth Hanson, wife of J. Hanson, of Knox, in Dover Township in 
New England, with four children, a servant maid, with their preservation and 
redemption, etc., taken from her own mouth and put in as good order as the 
nature of the relation will permit, etc. Taken this Account by Saml Bonus in 
1728, who came from his journey it being the last in America in y« 9 M» 1728. 

A Copy of a Letter from Thom" Savage of Clifton to Richard Partridge 
of London concerning the Rebels, etc., at the fore mention' d place. 

Together in one volume. Manuscript, written in a clear hand. 

Small 4to, veltunt. £25 

(Continued over) 

62 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. 

Pennington — continued. 

* * * This is probably the maimscript from which was printed " Some Account of 
Circumstances in the Life of Mary Pennington," from her Manuscript left for her family. 

The first 97 pages give an account of the early life of Mary Pennington, formerly 
Mary Springet, the Mother of Gulielma Maria, the wife of William Penn. 

W'riting to her Grandson, Mary Pennington gives an account of her first husband 
S. Springet, .and the part he took in the Battle of Edgehill, and an account of his death 
during the siege of Arundel. 

Penn's advice to his wife and children was written when he left England for Pennsyl- 
vania in 1682. In this letter he commends them to God, and bids his wife and children live 
in the love of Truth, to be diligent in meetings of worship and buiuiness, and let meetings 
be kept once a day in the family. 

To the children he gives ad\ice concerning: their education, their love and respect 
for their Mother, and writes ; — 

" .... as far you that are like to be concern'd in the Government of Pennsyl- 
vania and my part of East Jeirsey, especially the first .... live therefore on the lines 
yourselves you would have the people live, then you have Eight and Boldness to punish the 

1684 A.D. 

[no] RODRIQUEZ (Father Manuel). EJ Maran<»n y Amazonas. His- 
toria de Los Descubrimientos* Entradas, y Reduccion de Naciones. Trabajos 
Malogrados de Algunos, Conquistadores, y Dichosos de Otros, assi Temporales, 
como Espirituales, en las Dilatadas Montanas y Mayores Rios de la America. 

Folio, boards. 

Madrid, en la Imfrenta de Antonio Goncalez de Reyes, 1684. £10 lOS 

* * * Father Eodriquez was a Jesuit .and Procurador General of the Indies at Madrid. 
Nearly the whole of Father Acuna'g " Descubri miento del gran Eio de las Amazones " is 
reprinted in this work. (See pages 93-149). 

At end of the volume isi appended " Compendio Historial e Indice Cbronologico 
Peruano y del Nuevo Eeyno de Granada " (which Pinelo gives as a distinct work). 

1685 A.D. 

[iioa] BRAZIL. Letter in Portuguese to Tlie King from Francisco de 
Sa de Menezes, Governor of Para, dated from Belem 1685, giving an account 
of the discovery of a silver mine. £1 Is 

MAUlib tSKUb., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 63 

1684-5 A.D. 

[ill] ESQUEMELINC (John). BucanJers of America: or, a True 
Acx:o;unt of the Most Remarkable Assaults Committed of late Years upon the 
Coasts of The West Indies, By the Bucaniers of Jamaica and Tortuga, Both 
English and French. Wherein are contained more especially, The unparallel'd 
Exploits of Sir Hejury Morgan, our English Jamaican Hero, who sack'd Puerto 
Velo, burnt Panama, &c. 

Written originally in Dutch, by, John Esquemeling, one of the Bucaniers, 
who was present at those Tragedies. 

The Second Edition, Corrected, and Inlarged with two Additional Rela- 
tions, viz. the one of Captain Cook, and the other of Captain Shajrp. 

Now faithfully rendred into English. 

The Four Parts Complete. 

(Illustrated with maps, portraits of the Buccaneers, and Scenes of their 

4to, original calf. 

London, 1684-5. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XXIV.). £68 

* * * The first three parts were written in Dutch by the Buccaneer Esquemeling. The 
translator's name is not known. 

The fourth part was written by the English Buccaneer Basil Eingrase. 

The publisher, William Crook, was sued foT Libel by Sir Henry Horgan, on account 
of the description of him as a pirate — in the London Gazette, June 8, 1685, the Publisher 
made his public Apology. 

" Westminster, June 1. There have been lately Printed and Published two Boofo, 
one l>y Will. Crook, the other by Tho. MaJthus, both Intltled The History of the Bucaniers : 
both which Books contained many False, Scandalous and Malitious Reflections on the Life 
and Actions of Six Henry Morgan of Jamaica Kt. The said Sir Henry Morgan hath by 
Judgment had in the Kingsbenoh-Court, recovered against the said Libel 200L. Damages. And 
on the humble Solicitation and' Request of William Crook, hath been pleased to withdraw 
his Action against the said Crook, and accept of his Submission and Acknowledgement in 

1686 A.D. 

[ii2] TREATY OF PEACE.* Good Correspondence and Neutrality in 
America, between King James II. and King Louis XIV. Concluded the ^^ th 
Day of November, i686. 

Small 4to, full new polished calf extra, gilt edges, by RiVIERE. 

London, Thomas Newcomb, i686. £3 3s 

* * * The " Articles " of the Treaty include agreements concerning the Fisheries, treat- 
ment of PlEATES, Shipping, etc. 

64 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street/London, W, 

16S7 A.D. 

[113] PERU. Valdtes (P. Rodrigo de, de la Compania de Jesus). Poema 
Heroyco Hispano-Latinoi Panegyrico de la Fimdacion, y Grandezas de la muy 
Noble, y Leal Ciudad de Lima. 

Smcill 4to, full morocco, g. e. 

Madrid, Antonio Roman, 1687. £12 12s 

* * * A VERY EAEE BOOK, unknown to Antonio. The Father Rodrigo de Valdes 
was born at Lima in 1609, entered the Society of Jesus at the age of 19, and was employed 
in Missions to the Indians in the province of Guaruohuri. He was afterwards Professor in 
the College of San Pablo till the year 1662. 

This work affords a remarkable instance of the affinity between the Latin and Spanish 
laagruage, for although written in Latin it is only necessary to change or add a letter to 
certain words and the Poem is in Spanish. 

William Penn's Own Copy, presented to him by the Translator. 

1687 A.D. 

[i 14] PENN (William). (No CROSS, No Crown, translated into Dutch) 
Zotlder Kruys Ceei* Kroon, door William Penn, Gouvemeur en Eygenvar van 
Pensylvania, en't nederdytsch gebracht door Wm. Sewel. 

Thick small 8vo, original calf, with " W. P." in gold on side. 

Amsterdam, 1687. £25 


'William Penn's copy, with his initials on the front cover, and the jollowing long 
presentation inscription on fly-leaf iy Wm. Sewel, the translator: — 

" Amico suo Charissimo Guiljelmo Penn hujus Tractatus Authori ipsum hunc 
libellum Belgioo Idiomate a se donatiim, sincerissime Amoris specimen quidem exignnm 
Animo tamen benevolo. — " Guiljelmus Sevelius. Amstelodamo 1687." 

1689 A.D. 

[115] CLEMENT (P. Claude). Tablas Chronologioas, en que se con- 
tienen los sucessos eclesiasticos, y seculares dei Espana, Africa, Indias, Orient- 
ales y Occidentales, desde su pnncipio, hasta el ano 1642. . . . Ilustradas, y 
anadidas desde el ano 1642 hasta el presente de 1689 per V. JOSEPH MiGUEL. 

Woodcut on title. 

Small 4to, vellum. Valencia, 1689. £4 lOS 

* * * In this Chronological Table, pages 164-261 deal exclusively with events in the 
New World from the year 1492 to 1688. 

1690 A.D. 

[ii6] SEIXAS Y LOVERA (Francisco). Descripcion GeograpNca, y 

Derrotero de la Region Austral Magallanica. 

Small 4to, old calf [title mounted and repaired). 

Madrid, 1690. £10 lOS 

* * * The author accompanied Tavernier on his Embassy to the Mogul, and returned 
to Spain by way of China, and the Straits of Magellan. He gives a good account of former 
writers and discoverers. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 65 

1692 A.D. 

[117] WELDE (T). A Short Story of the Rise^ Reigi^ and Ruin of the 
AnjtiriQmians, Familists, and Libertines That infected the CHURCHES OF New- 
England : And how they were Confuted by THE ASSEMBLY OF MINISTERS 
THERE : As also of the MAGISTRATES' proceedings in Court Against them. 
Together with God's strange Remarkable Judgments from Heaven upon' some 
of the Chief Fomenters of these Opinions; and the Lamentable Death of Mrs. 
Hutchison. Very fi.ti for theSe Times; here being the same Errors amongst us, 
and Acted by the same Spirit, etc. 

Small 4to, bound by Riviere in full folished calf , g. e. 

London, 1692. £18 18s 

* * * "A Tery rare aJid curious Tolume. The sweetness of Christian love is manifest in 
the sentences in which Mr. Welde gloats over Anne Hutchinson's banishment from Boston, 
ajid the massaore of herself and. her family by the Indians. He considered that the Almighty 
had himself interposed to bring- this punishment on her, for the gratification of the Saints 
of Boston." 

Suggestions for the Capture of Quebec in 1692. 
1692 A.D. 

[ II 7a] Q U EB EC. E bauche d'un Projet pour Enlever Kebec et Plaisance 
aveo line Brieve Desoription cfe ces dteux Places et le recensemont des habitans 
de Caitadaj comme aussi celuy des Sauvages qui demeurent aux environs des 
trois villes Francoises. 

A most interesting Manuscript of the highest Historical Importance, 
written in French, on 25 pp., folio, original binding. 1692. £31 lOs 

■ *** This Manuscript was evidently made by a French Canadian, most likely at the 
request of William Blathwayt, Secretary for War, in whose possession it was originally. T-t. 
is endcrsed by Blathwayt " Pour Quebec et Plaisance,'' and commences : — 

" Pour se rendre Maitre de la Nouvelle France il faut premierement se saisir de 
Quebec," etc. 

1692 A.D. 

L [ii7t>'] SO LIS (Antoine de). Histoire de ta Conquite dui Mexique, ou. 
de la Nouvelle EspagJie, par Fernand Cortez. 

Folding maps and plates. 

2 vols., i2mo, original calf. The Hague, 1692. £1 5S 

1698 A.D. 

[118] LAS CASAS (Bartolome, Eveque de Chiapa). Relation Des. 
Voyages et Des D^couvertes que Les Espagniote ont fait dans les Indes Occi^ 
dentales; Avec la Relation curieuse des Voyages du Sieur de Montauban,- 
Capitaine des Filbustiers, en Guinee Tan 1695. 


,i2mo, original calf . 

Amsterdam, 1698. £t 5s 

66 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1698 A.D. 

[119] BRAZIL. Giuseppe (Giovanni de S. Teresa Carmelitano Scalzo). 
Istoria Delle Guerre del Regno de Brasile. Accadute tra la Corona di Porto- 
gaJle e la Republica di Olando. 

2 parts in i vol, engraved title, 2 portraits and 23 large folding maps. 

Small folio, old red morocco, gilt lines, y. e. 

Roma, 1698. £10 10s 

A ■well written book by an autlior thorongrhly acquainted with the sabject. 

From the Library of 
Charles Stuart (the " Old Pretender.") 
1698 A.D. 

[120] GIUSEPPE DI S. TERESA. Istoria {telle Guerre det Regno del 
Brasile. Another Copy. 

With map and many fine engravings, many folding. 

2 parts in i volume, folio, mottled calf , with two-line gold fillets on\ sides 
and ornaments at inner angles, and the large Arms on sides of Charles Stuart 
{the Old Pretender^ and of Clementina Sobieski. 

Home, 1698. £42 

From the Library of " The Old Bretender," afterwards in the Library of Horace 
Walpole, and carries his book plate. 

1698 A.D. 

[i2oa] BRAZIL. Letter Patent in Portuguese signed by Arthur de 
Saae e Menezes, Governor of Rio de Janeiro, dated Rio de Janeiro 1698, and 
nominating Martin Correa Captain of the Infantry in the garrison of Nau Luzi- 
tana, for the protection of die new colony of Sacramento do Rio da Prata. 
The Seal contains the Arms of the Governor. £1 10s 

1699 A.D. 

[121] HACKE (Capt. Wm.). A Collection of Original Voyages. Con- 
taining: L Capt. Cowley's Voyage round the Globe. IL Capt. Sharp's Journey 
over the Isthmus of Darien. III. Capt. Wood's Voyage thro' the Streights of 
Magellan. IV. Mr. Robert's adventures among the Corsairs of the Levant. 

Illustrated with several Maps and Draughts. 

8vo, calf. 

London, 1699. £3 3s 

' MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 67 

1699 A.O. 

[12a] WAFER (Lionel). A New Voyage and Description of the Isthmus 
of Amerioa, Giving an Account of the Authbr's Abode there, The Form and 
Make of the Country, the Coasts, Hills, Rivers, &c., Woods, Soil, Weather, 
&c. Trees, Fruit, Beasts, Birds, Fish, &c. The Indian Inhabitants, their 
Features, Complexion, &c., their Manners, Customs, Employments, Marriages, 
Feasts, Hunting, Computation, Language, &c. With Remarkable Occurrences 
in the South Sea, and elsewhere. 

Illustrated with a Map and three Copperplates. 

Small 8vo, original calf. 

London, i6gg. £7 15s 

1700 A.D. 

[123] THE LORD'S PRAYER, In Above a Hundreci Languages, Ver- 
sions, and Characters. 

70 pp., small 4to, boai'ds {hole in last leaf). 

Londom, 1700. lOS 6d 

* * * Includes the " Lord's Prayer " ia Old Mexican, Virginian, and the Pooonchi 

1700 A.D. 

[124] BRAY (Rev. Thomas). The Acts of Dr. Bray's Visitation held at 
Annapolis in Maryland, May 23, 24, 25, Anno 1700. 

Folio, 17 pp. Bound by Riviere in full polished calf, t. e. g. 

London, 1700. £21 

* * * Dr. Briay -was appointed Commissary of th© Bishop of London, in Maryland, and 
left England for America in December, 1699, arriving' in Maryland in March, 1700; he at once 
set about repairing the breach made in the settlement of the parochial clergy. It was felt 
on all sides that Bray would do better service to the Church in Maryland by returning home 
and endeavouring to get the law, which bad been twice rejected there, re-enacted with the 
royal assent. He returned to England and found that the Quakers had raised 'prejudices 
against the establishment of the Church in Maryland. Bray refuted these and the bill was 
at last approved. 

In these "Acts" one section is "Troiposals for the Propagation of the Christian 
Religion, and for the reduction of the Quakers thereunto, in the Province of Pennsylvania." 

1700 A.D. 

[125] BRAY (Rev. Thomas). A Memorial' representing the Present 

State of Religion^ on the Continent of North America. 
Folio, 15 pp., full polished calf, g. e., by Riviere. 
London, 1700. £21 

: * * * With the final leaf " Proposals for the Propagation of the Christian Eeligiom 
in the several Provinces on the Continent of North America." 

08 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1703 A.D. 

[126] SOLORZANO PEREIRA (Don Juan de). Politioa liKliana. Obra 
de sumo trabajo, y de igual importanfiia, y \itilidad, no solo para los dq las 
Provincias de la Indias, sino de las de Espana. 

Folio, original vellum. Amberes, 1703. £6 lOs 

* * * This is the Spanish translation of the " Uisquisitiones de Indiaram Jure.^' 

1704 A.D. 

First Picture of Niagara Falls. 

[127] HENNEPIN (Father Louis). Voyage ou Nouvelle Decouuerte 
D'un Tres-Crand Pays, Dans L'Amerique', Entre le Nouireau Mexique et la 
Mei* GlacJale. 

Avec toutes les particularitez de ce Pais, & de Gelui connu sous lei nom 
de La Louisiane; les avantages qu'on en peut tirer par retablissement des 
Colonies, enrichie de Cartes Geographiques, augmente de quelques figures en 

Avec Un Voyage Qui contient une Relation exacte de I'Origine, Moeurs, 
Coutumes, Religion, Guerres & Voyages des Caraibes, Sauvages des Isles An- 
tilles de L'Amerique, Faite par le Sieur De La Borde, Tir6e du Cabinet de 
Monsr. Blondel. 

Engraved frontispiece, folding maps, and copperplate illustrations. 

Thick small 8vo, original calf, rebacked. 

Amsterdam, 1704. £9 9s 

Henmepin lived for eleven yeaTS in North America and penetrated further into the 
tken Unknown Interior than anyone before him. He gives an aooonnt of the 'biiilding: of 
a, New Fort on the River of the Illinois named by the Savages Chicago. 

1704 A.D. 

[128] LA WSON (Rev. Deodat). Christ's Fidelity tlie on»y Shteid against 

Satan's Mali^mty. Asserted in a Sermon Deliver'd at Salem-Village the 24th 
of March, 1692. Being Lecture-day there, and a time of Publick Examination, 
of some Suspected for Witchcraft. 

The Second Edition. Small Svo, full calf, g. e. 

Printed at Boston in 'New-England, and Reprinted in London, 1704. 

£5 5s 

1705 A.D. 

[129] JAMAICA. Hicl(ertngill (Capt.). Jamaioa Viewed, with all the 
Ports, Harbours, and their several Soundmgs, Towns, and Settlements there- 
unto belonging, together with the nature of its climate, with several other 
collateral observations and reflections upon the Island. 

Portrait. Small 4to, full mottled calf gilt, g. e. 

London, 1705. £6 6s 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 69 

1707 A.D. 

[130] JAMAICA. Sloane (Hans). A Voyage to the Islands of Madeira, 
Barbados, Nieves, S. Christophers and Jamaica, with the Natural History of 
the Herbs and. Trees, Four-footed Beasts, Fishes, Birds, Insects, Rqitiles, etc., 
of the last of those Islands. To which is prefix'd an Introducticm, wherein is 
an Account of the Inhabitants, Air, Waters, Diseases, Trade, etc., of that Place. 

• Folding map, and upwards of 270 folding, and double-paige plates illus- 
trative of the Natural History of Jamiaica. 

2 vols., thick royal 4to, full russia gilt (joints repaired). 

London, 1707. £8 8S 

1708 A.D. 

[131] DIEREVILLE (M.). ReMion du Voyage tfu Port Royal de i'Acadie 
oil de la Nouvelle Franc©. Dans laqueUe on voit un detail des divers mou- 
vemens de la Mer dans une Traversee de long cours; la description du pais, les 
Occupations, les manieres des differentesi Nations Sauvages, etc. 

Small 8vo, vellum. Rouen, 1708. £4 10s 

Most interesting relation. Interspersed with Poetry. 

1711 A.D. 

[132] BRAZIL. Relacam de Vitoria que os Portuguezes aioancarao no 
Rio de Janeyro contra os Francezes, etn 19, de Setembro (fe 1710. 

12 pp., small 4to, new boards. 

Lisbon, 171 1. £7 10s 

1711-17 A.D. 

Special Copy with Contemporary Views Inserted. 

[133] ATLAS GEOGRAPHUS; or A Compleat System of Geography, 
Ancient and Modem. 

5 vols., 4to, original calf. 

London, 1711-17. £21 

* * * Special Copy, having, in addition to the Maps issued with the Atlas, a large 
number of contemporary Views of Cities, etc., including the following American ones: — 

New York, a City in N. America, inhabited by English and Dutch, subject to the 
K. of England (54 x 4i). 

View of Town and C-astle of St. Augustine and the English Camps before it, June 20, 
1740, by Thos. Silver. 

Boston, a Town in .N. America, in N. Eng'laiid, and ye Capital of ye Plantation. 

Mexico, a Great City in N. America. 

EaTanma, a famous Seaport in the Isle of Cuba. 

Porto Bioo, a City in N. America. 

Ohagre, a Town in the W. Indies. 

Porto Bello, a City and. Seaport in N. America. 

Cartagena, a famous- Cily in N. America. . ■ 

70 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1715 A.D. 

[134] PARAQUAY. RIC'O (Padre Juan Joseph Rico Procurador General 
de la Compania de Jesus). ReparoSi que se han hechoi contra la buena con- 
ducta, y Govierno Civil de los Treinta Pueblos de Indios Guaranios, que estan a 
Cargo de la Compania de Jesus del Paraguay. 

36 pp., small 4to, mottled calf. 171 5. , £5 5& 

A defence of the Josiiits" treatment of Che Native Indians in Paraquay. 

1715 A.D. 

[135] NORTH AMERICA (Map of). 

Containing Newfoundland, New Scotland, New York, New Jersey, New 
England Pensylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and Carolina, with an engraving of 
a view of the Industry of the Beavers in Canada in mailing dams across rivers,, 
etc., also inset maps of Carolina, Charlestown, Louisiana, etc. 

Large and interesting map by H. Moll. 

Size 25 by 40 inches. 1715. £2 2s 

171P A.D. 

[136] ROGEiRS (Woodes). Voyage Autour du Moincfe, commence en 
1708 et fini en 171 1. Ou Ton a joint quelques Pieces curieuses touchant la 
Riviere des Amazones et la Guiane. 

Large folding maps. 

2 vols., i2mo, calf. 

Amsterdam, 1716. 18s- 

* * * In this book is found an account of the Scotch Sailor named Selkirk and his 
life oni the Island of Juaoa Feriiandez, whicJi furnished Defoe with the stihject of his famous, 
book Robinson Crusoe. 

1717 A.D. 

[137] RUMBO SEGURO y unico para Traer las Indtas a Espana y para 
Espana, y medio s ciertos para que aya en ella brevemente una Armada formid- 
able que guarle en seguiridad sus Costas y las de lai America y para que se 
mantenga siempre sinnmgun gravamen de suo Pueblos,, ni costo del Real Erario. 

70 pp. , folio, boards. 

{Madrid, 1717.) £10 lOs^ 

* * * Concerning the formation of a Spanish Company of Merchant Adventurers to' 
' trade with America and to gruard its coast •without cost to the State. 

171S A.D. 

[138] MAP OF LOUISIANA and' the Course of the Mississippi. 

With inset map of the Mouths of the River St. Louis and the Mobile River. 
Size 19I by 25I inches. 1718. £l IOK 

ivinuLra CKu:?., 34 & 35, Londuit Street, London, W. 71 

1719 A.D. 

[138a] VIRGINIA. A new map of Virginia, Marylantt^ and the Improved 
Parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey. 

With the boundaries in colours, revised by J. Senex. 

Size 19J by 22^ inches. 1719. 15S 

1720 A.D. 

[139] NEAL (Daniel). Th© History of New-EnglQnd^ containing an Im- 
partial Account of the Civil and Ecclesiastical Affairs of the Country to the 
Year of our Lord, 1700. 

To which is added The Present State of New-England. 

With a New and Accurate Map of the Country. 

And an Appendix Containing their Present Charter, their Ecclesiastical 
Discipline, and their Municipal-Laws. 

Large Folding Map of New-England. 

2 vols., 8vo, calf, gilt back. London, 1720. £3 15s 

1720 A.D. 

[139a] BRADFO'RD (Samuel), Lord Bishop of Carlile). A Sermon 
Preached before the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in 
Foreign Parts; On Friday the 19th of February, 1719. 

40 pp., small 4to, new boards. Landon, 1720. £1 Is 

* * * "■ I might have farther rfmiiided you, that some years since, iSome of the 
. chief lof the Clans, tot thnise, with whom we have to do in America, came amongst tis, to 

invite and encourage us to assist the<m in this work; in which, althoiugh the Society has 
not yet been a;ble to make that progress which it desired, in converting the Heathen, yet 
it has not failed to make good attempt towards it, and 'tis to he hoped, not without siome 
good success. And it isi an encouragement to hope, that there is some good inclinatioin in 
those pooT natives to embrace the Gospel." 

1721 A.D. 

[139b] WADDINCTON (Rev. Edward). A Sermon Preached before the 
Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts; on 
Friday the 17th of February, 1720. 

40 pp., small 4to, new boards. London, 1721. £1 Is 

* * * " Whether the American World! (for which >'e are now piore immediate3y 
concerned) had these glad Tydings brought to them in those Days, either by the Apostles 
themselves, or any of their immediate Successors, is a. Matter about which we have no 
certain Guide left to direct us, how to judge. 

"As therefore our Civil Acquaintance, by Trad© and Commerce, with the American 
World, became more intimate and extensive. Providence seemed thereby to call upon ub 
with a veriy loud and audible Voice, to begin a Spiritual Friendship arid Commerce with 
them tpo^ and to do all we could to make them Sharers with our selves in the Means of 
Grace Iitoe, in order to their beit^ so in the Enjoyment of Glory heireafter." 

72 MAGGS'BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. 

1722 A.D. 

toire (te I'Amerique Septentrionale. 

Enrichie de Figures. 

4 vols., post 8vo, original calf. Paris, 1722. £3 lOs 

"A History of the Indian natioivs of Canada, being- entirely devoted to that subject 
and the relations of the Fienoh with the natives. Much of his ■work is written from his 
own observation, and the remaindeT seems to have b^en derived from authentic sources," — 

1722 A.D. 

[141] BEVERLEY (R.). The History of Virginia, in Four Parts. 

(I.) The History of the First Settlement of Virginia to 1706. 

(II.) The natural Productions and Conveniences of the Country suited to 
Trade and Improvement. 

(III.) The Native Indians, their Religion, Laws, and Customs, in War 
and Peace. 

(IV.) The present State of the Country, as to the Polity of) the Govern- 
ment, and the Improvements of the Land, the lothi of June 1720. 

The Second Edition revis'd and enlarg'd by the AUTHOR. 

Frontispiece, and copperplate engravings of the Natives, etc. 

8vo, original calf. London, 1722. £9 9s 

* * * " Eobeirt Beverley, died 1716, a native of Virginia, was clerk of the Council 
about 1697, when Andros was governor." — Allibone. 

" A work of considerable merit, particularly relative to the numerous Indian tribes." 
— ^Pinkerton. 

1722-3 A.D. 

[142] GARCILASSO DE LA VEGA. Priimra Parte cte los Commen- 
tarios reales die el Origen dte los Inoas, su idolatria, leies, y govierno, vidas y 

HistoHa general de( Peru, guerras entre Pizarros y Almagros. 

2 vols, in I, folio, calf.. 

Madrid, 1722-23. £4 iqs 

1724 A.D. 

[143] DE SOUS (Antonio). The History of the Conquest of Mexioo by 
the Spaniards. 

Done into English from the Original Spanish, by Thomas Townsend. 

Portrait of Cortes, and other plates. 

Folio, origimal calf (rebacked), 

London, \T2,i^. ' '; ' t ^ £2 lOs 

Plate XVllh 

^%ibio.jqc.^ch fcgunda parte Dela general 
biftoih Delae 3ndia9 . ;£fcrip ta pozel £apitan 
iSoncalo f ernandej t>c0nicdo,yBMcQM^ 
\ caTrdeoela foztale5a y puertoDe S>lctoE»omin 
Bnc trata Del eftrecbooe^l&agallane. 

e.(£n Udladolid.'poi ^'raiicifco f ernande5 oc (Co:doua 

OviEDO y Values — Libeo XX. de la General Histoeia db las Indias, 1557, 
See Item No. 5X, 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, Londbrt, W. 73 

1724 A.D. 

[144] LABAT (J. B.). Nouveau Voyage aux Isles de I'Amerique. Con- 
tenant L'Histoire Naturelle de ce Pays, TOrigine, les Moeurs, la Religioni et le 
Gouvemement des Habitans anciens et modernes, Les Guerres, Commerce et 
Manufactures qui y sont etablies, avec une Description de toutes ces isles. 

Numerous plates of Natural History, maps and plans. 

2 vols., 4to, full contemporary calf gilt, gilt leaves. FINE COPY. 

La Haye, 1724. £3 3S 

1725 A.D. 

[144a] WYNNE (Rev. John, Lord Bishop of St. Asaph)., A Sermon 
Preached before the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in 
Foreign Parts; at their Anniversary Meeting on Friday the 19th of Feb., 1724. 

31 pp., small ^to,'w.ew boards. 

London, 1725. £1 is 

* * * " We liave long had a great Door open'd to us, and very invitiiigr Opportunities, 
to maike some Attempts at least, to propagate the Gospel among Infidels, by our general 
Commerce in aW parts of the World; but more especially by our many Colonies and Settle- 
ments in America." 

1726 A.D. 

[145] KER (John). The Memoirs of John Ker of Kersland in North 
Britain, Esq. 

With an account of the Rise and Progress of the Ostend Company in the 
Austrian Netherlctnds. , 

With the scarce folding map of Louisiana and the Mississippi. 

2 vols., 8vo, calf. London, 1726. £2 2s 

John Ker, a Government spy, in the pay both of the Government and the Jacobites, 
was in 1713, a,ooording to his own testimony, sent on a private mission to Uie Bmi>eror of 
Austria in connection with a scheme for employing bllcaneers to harass the trade of Fiance 
and Spain. 

Volume II. deals with " the easy access the French have to all our Colonies, on the 
Continent in America, from Canada to Louisiana, by Land and Water, and tha;t without the 
aid of ourl neighbourly Indians it will not be in our power to prevent their Irruptions." 

Great importamce seems to be attached to the possibility of the French settling in 
Loiuisiana, and that they would be in a position to rain the trade with Jamaica, and become 
1 he masters of the Gulf of Mexico. 

1726 A.D. 

[146] DEFOE (Daniel). The Four Years' Voyages of Capt. George 

Roberts; being a series of Uncommon Events, which befell him in a Voyage to 
the Islands of the Canaries, Cape de Verde and Barbadoes, from whence he was 
bound to the Coast of Guiney, the mauiner of his being taken by Three Pyrate 
Ships, the Hardships he endur'd for about 20 days, etc. 

Maps and Plates. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, calf. 

London, 1726. £2 lOs 

74 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1728 A.D. 

[146a] REYNOLDS (Rev. Richard, Lord Bishop of Lincoln). A Sermon 
Preached before the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in 
Foreign Parts; at their Anniversary Meeting in the Parish-Church of St. Mary- 
le-Bow; On Friday the i6th of February, 1727. 

32 pp., small 4to, new boards. 

London, 1728. ^^ ^^ 

1729 A.D. 

[147] GARCIA (Gregorio). Origen de los Indios del Nuevo Mundo, e 

Indias Occidentales. . . . Segunda impresion, enmendada, y Anadida de 
Algunas Opiniones 6 cosas notables. 

Copperplate engraving on title of the Indians, and engraving of St. 
Thomas Aquinas. 

Folio, original vellum binding. 

Madrid, 1.729. £7 lOs 

*** Garcia's opinion, as opposed to the special theories of other writers, was that 
the American. Indians drew their origin from various races of the old world, including 
Chinese and Tartars. But all his learning on this subject is of less value than the positive 
facta concerning the native tribes, which he drew partly from his own experiences in the 
New World, and partly from a MS. work by Juan de Vetanzos (on© of the companions 
of Kzarro), and a mam specially skilled in the native languages); which was in the possession 
of Garcia, and which hasi never been published. The libro ultimo of Garcia's work contains 
the native Indian accounts of their origin, and is divided into sections which treat separately 
of the various distinct triljes of Mexico and Peru. 

1732 A.D. 

[147a] BERKELEY (Rev. George, Dean of Londonderry). A Sermon 
Preached before the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel 
in Foreign Pcirts; at their Anniversary Meeting in the Parish-Church of St. 
Mary-le- Bow, oni Friday, February 18, 1731. 

34 pp., small 4to, new boards. 

London, 1732. £1 Is 

* * » ff r 

■ The Native Indians, who are said to have been formerly many Thousands, 
within the compass of this Colony, do not at present amount to one Thoiisand, including 
every Age and Sex." 

" The NEGEOBS in the Government of Ehode Island are about half as many, more 
tlian the Indians; and both together scarce amount to a seventh Part of the whole Colony." 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 33, Conduit Street, London, W. 75 

1734 A.D. 

[148] JOHNSON (Captain Charles). A General History of the Lives 
and Adventures of the Most Famous Highwaymen, Murderers, Street- 
Robbers, &c. 

To which is added, A Genuine Account of the Voyages and Plunders of 
the most Notorious Pyrates. 

Interspersed with several diverting Tales, and pleasant Songs, and 
adorned with the Heads of the Most Remarkable Villains, curiously Engraven. 

Illustrated with 26 full-page plates. 

A Complete Copy of the Best Edition. 

Folio, original calf. London, 1734. £24 

Captain Avery (with lajge plate). 
Captain Martel. 

Captain Teach, alias Black Beaird (with large plate). 
Captain Edward England (with laTge plate). 
Caiptain Bartholomew Eoiberts (with large plate). 
Captain George Lowther (with large plate). 
Caiptain Edward Loiw (with large plate). 
Captain Henry Morgaai (with laxge plate), 
and others so faonous for their exploits on the American coast. 

Papal Bulls. 

1735 A.D. 

[149] PERU. URBAN Vill. (Pope). Bulla de la Santa Cruzada, con- 
cedida por la Santidad de Urbanq VIII, peira todos los Fieles Christianos, veci- 
nos, estantes y habitantes en las Provincias del Peru^ Tierra Fimie, If sus 
PartidOS, sujetas al Key Felipe Y , con grandes indulgencias, para socorro de la 
guerra contra Infieles como las heregias son trayciones formadas contra la Fe. 

Broadside.-'crudely printed on one side of a single large folio leaf. Wood- 
cut of SS. Peter and Paul and Papal Arms at top, and CardincJ's Arms and 
woodcut seal below. Madrid, 1735. £10 lOs 

1735 A.D. 

[150] PERU. URBAN VIII. (Pope). Bulla d& Composicion sobre los 

bienes mal havidos, y adquiridos, de Cuyos Proprios Duenos no Consta. Con- 
cedida por la Santidad de Urbano Octavo, en favor de los que ayudaren a los 
gastos de el Key Don Felipe Quinto, en las guerras contra Infieles, y Hereges, 
enemigos de nuestra Santa Fe Catholica, en las Provincias del Peru, Tierre 

Broadside, crudely printed on one side only of a single large folio leaf. 
Woodcut of SS. Peter and Paul and Papal Arms at top, and Cardinal's Arms 
and woodcut seal below. Madrid, 1735. £10 lOS 

7& MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

Papal Bull. 
1735 A.D. 

[151] PERU. CLEMENT X. (Pope), Bulla oonoeilida por la santidad 
de el Papa Clement X, prorrogada por la santidad del Papa Clemente XI, y 
mandada publicer por N.M.S.P. Clemente XII, para los Patriarcas, Primados, 
Arzobispos, Obispos, Clerigos Presbyteros Seculares del Peril) Tiei*ra Firme y 
SUS PailidoSi a quien estava prohibido el comer huevos, y cosas de leche en 
tiempo de Quarpsma, lo puidan comer durante la Predicacion de la Bulla de la 
Santa Cruzada. 

Broadside, printed on one side of a large 4to leaf. Woodcut of SS. Peter 
and Paul and Papal Arms at top, amd Cardinal's Arms and woodcut seal below. 
Madrid, 1735. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XXV.), £10 10s 

By this Bull the Clergy of Peru, to whom it was forliidden to eat eggs and Food pre- 
pared -wnith milk during Tjent, -were allowed to eat stich during the Crusade .against the 

1735 A.D. 

[151a] BRAZIL. Letter in Partuguese to the King of Portugal signed 
by Andre de Mello e Castro, Viceroy of Brazil, dated Bahia 1735, narrating 
the peril of the Colony of Sacramento on account of the Spaniards besieging 
that place, and the difficulties in sending the help for which the Governor oi 
Sacramento asked. 

Together with a memorial of the deposition made by order of His 
Excellency the Viceroy of that State, which could be used in case of revolt. 

Together with copies of two letters of the Relation of the Governor of 

A Remarkable Collection of Documents and! Letters tllustratii^ the 
difficulties of the Portuguese in the 18th Century. Extending in all to 11 pp., 
folio. £6 6s 

1738 A.D. 

[i'52] KEITH (Sir William, Bart.). The History of the British Plantations 

in America. With a Chronological Account of the most remarkable Things» 
which happen' d to the first Adventurers in their several Discoveries of that New 

Part I. (all published). 

Containing the History of Virginia; with Remarks on the Trade and 
Commerce of that Colony. 

4to, 187 pp., new half calf, g. e. 

London, 1738. £7 7s, 

* * * With the VERY LARGE FOLDING MAP of America containing interesting 
view of Fish Curing at Newfoundland; and the smaller folding map of Virginia. 

1739 A.D. 

[153] MEXICO, TEXAS, etc. LADROU DE GUEVARA (Antonio, 
Vecino del Nuevo Reyno de Leon). Notioias dte los Poblado®,.y tratos de que 
se componeA el Nueva Reynb de Leon, provincia de Coaguila, Nueva Estrema- 
dura, y Provincia de las Texas, Nuevas Philipinas, y la causa de sus pocos, 6 
ningunos aumentos. 

Folio, 32 pp., boards, ly^g. £15 15s 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 77 

1740 A.D. 

[153a] BENSON (Rev. Martin, Lord Bishop of Glocester). A Sermon 
Preached before the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in 
Foreign Parts; at their Anniversary Meeting in the Parish^Church of St. Mary.- 
le-Bow, On Friday, -February 15, 1739-40. 

32 pp., small 4to, new boards. 

London, 1740. £1 Is 

* * * " Besides the general Obligations -which -we of this Nation are under to pox)- 
pagata the Gospel, -we are obliged to it particularly -with lespect to our Colonies in America, 
both cm account of the great Benefits we receive from them, and the great Opportunities we 
have of maiking this Kecompeiice." 

"Besides many Islands, we have a large Continent, extending from North to Souith 
above 1,600 miles, including our New Settlement in Georgia; on all -which Continent Indian 
Nations are bordering. The harvest is utdonbtedly great, and the labourers as certainly 
are few." 

1744 A.D. 

[154] MALCOLM E (Rev. Dr.). Letters, Essays, and Other Tracts 
Illustrating the Antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland. Together with many 
Curious Discoveries of the Affinity betwixt the Language of tlie Aoteril^ns 
and the ancient Britons to the Greek and Latin, &c. Also Specimens of the 
Celtic, Welsh, Irish, Saxon and American Languages. 

8vo, original calf. 

London, 1744. £3 3s 

1745 A.D. 

[155] VESPUCIUS (Amerigo). Vita e lettere di Amerigo Vespucci Gen- 
tiiuoim} Fiorentinoi Raoodte e illustrate dall' abate Angelo Maria Bandini. 

Medallion' on title, and folding pedigree plate. 

Small 4to, original calf. 

Florence, 1745. £1 16s 

Original Manuscript. 

1746 A.D. 

[156] DANTINY (Don Marcello). Dialogos Familiares de la Agricifltura 

YntBaiia ent;re un Yrlandes Catholico y un Escoces Protestante donde se en- 
cuentra la piedra filosophal, y medicina unibersal de el contagio o enfermedad 
que los Espanoles padecen en su comercio de las Yndias, etc. 

Written in two parts on 622 pp. 

Folio, original calf. 1746. £10 lOs 

The (first .i>ortion of this manuscript gi\esl an account of jthe isufterings of the 
Spaniards during their commercial intercourse with the Indians The second i)art with 
the Exchequer amd the revenues from the various sources, suteh as Tobacco, Minerals, 
Wool, etc., etc. 

78 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35,Xonduit Street, London, W. 

1746 A.D. 

[157] VILLA-SENOR Y SANCHEZ (J. A. de). Theatra Americano, 

descripcion General de los Reynos, y provincias de la Nueva Espana, y sus 

Title printed in red and black within woodcut border. In each volume 
IS a full-page engraving representing tho King of Spain standing an a Globe of 
the New World; kneeling before him is the Author presenting his book, and a 
native presenting precious jewels. 

2 vols., folio, vellum. 

Mexico, 1746. 

(See Illustration, Frontispiece.) £2! 

*** One of the most impOTtant books ipaiiited in Mexico. The Author was Cootio- 
grapher for New Spain. By hij (position no one •was better able to -write the history, of the 
country, and his ivork is therefore consulted . irith the greatest copfidence. 

The part which, treats of the position of the Mexican population was written from 
the official .reports to the Magistrates in the district, and also from personal notices by the 
Author in the different voyages that he made in this part of the New World. 

1746 A.D. 

[158] BOTURINI BENADUCI (Lorenzo). Ittea de una nueva historia 
General cte la America Septentrional. Fundada sobre material copioso de 
hguras, symbolos, caracters, y geroglihcos, cantares, y manuscritos de autores 
Indios, ultimamente descubiertos. Catalogo del Museo Historic© Indiano de 


2 parts in i vol., small 4to, original calf. 

Madrid, 1746. £7 lOs 

* * * Written during am eight years' Tesidence . in Mexico, and as the result of a 
comsiderable aoquaintanoo with the manners and customs of the Indians; ancient manuscriipts 
and pictures preserved in the Monasteries, etc. It contains muclt important information 
not befoTe published. There has been no worthier workman in tlie field of Mexican 
Antiquities thani Boturini : even Lord Kingsborough^s name can scarcely be placed so tigh. 
Without the indefatigable and wisely-directed researches of the Hispano-Italian, a great 
portion of the native contributions to Mexican liistoiry would certainly have perislied. 

1747 A.D. 

[159] GOLDEN (Hon. CadwaUader). The History of the Free liulian 
Nations of Ganaidb, Which are dependent on the Province of New-York in 
America, and are the Barrier! between the English and French in that Part of 
the World, &c. 

With folding map. 

Svo, original calf. Loatdon, 1747. £5 5S 

***This is the First Complete Edition, containing additions and alterations. Ji 
o/iginally appeared in New York in 1747. It is the First General History of the Iroquois 
Indians, and wag written to thwart the efforts of the French to monopolize the Fur Trade. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 79 

1747 A.D, 

[160] STITH (William). Tlie History of the First Discovery anil Settfe- 
meiiit of Virginia, being an Essay towards a General History of this Colony. 

First Edition. 8vo, original calf. 

Williamsburg, Printed by. William Parks, 1747. £12 12s 

*** With the "Appeindix to the First Part of the History of Virginia. Williams- 
burgr, ITW." 

The very scarce First Edition o^f the First American Printed History of Virginia. 
The early C'ha iters in the Api>endix are of considerable value and importance. 

1748 A.D. 

[161] BICKHAIM (George). Tlie Britishi Monarchy; or, a New Chrono- 
gr^hical Description of all the Dominions subject to the King of Great Britain. 
Comprehending the British Isles, The American Colonies, The Electoral States, 
the, African and Indian Settlements. To which are added Alphabets in all the 
hands made use of ini this book. 

Illustrated with suitable Maps and Tables; likewise adorned with head- 
pieces and other embellishments. 
Folio, full calf. 

Lcnidon, 1748. £4 4S 

1749 A.D. 

[162] JUAN (Don Jorge) and ULLOA (Antonio de). ^ Dissertacion His- 

toriba, y geographica sobre el meridiano de Demarcacion entre los Dominios de 
Espana, y Portugal, y los parages por. donde passa en la America Meridionai, 
cGtafofme a los Tratados, y derechos de cada Estada, y las mas seguras, y 
madernas observaciones. 

Small 8vo, original vellum. 

Madrid, 1749. . £2 10s 

Papal Bull. 

1750 A.D. 

[163] PERU. URBAN Viii. (Pope). Bulla de Composicion sobre los 
Bienes mal HavidOS, y adquiridos, de Cuyos proprios duenos no consta. Con- 
cedida por la Santidad de Urbano Octova, en favor de los que ayudaren a los 
gastos de el Rey Fernando Serto, en las guerras contra In&eles, y Hereges, 
enmigos de nuestra Santa Fe en las Prowinoias del Peril, Tierra Fimie, y las 

Broadside, crudely printed on one side of a single large folio leaf. Wood- 
cut of SS. Peter and Paul and Papal Arms at top, and Cardinal's Arms and 
woodcut seal below. Madrid, 1750. £10 lOs 

-8o MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

Papal Bull. 
1750 A.D. 

[164] PERU. URBAN VIII. (Pope). Bulla de plem'ssitna indulgencia, 
COnoe(Ma por la Santidad de Urbano VIII, en favor, y ayuda de las Animas 
de los Fieles difuntos, para todas las tierras de Peril, Tierra Firme y Stis 

Broadside, printed on one side of a large 4to leaf. Woodcut of St. Peter 
and Papal Arms at top, and Cardinal's Arms and woodcut, seal below. 1750. 

£10 10s 

Papal Bull. 
1750 A.D. 

[165] PERU. URBAN Vlil. (Pope). Bulla dfe la Santa Cruzada, con- 
cedida por la Santidad de Urbano VIII, para todos los fieles Christianos, 
vecinos, estantes y habitantes en las proviiioias del Peru^ Tierra Firme, y sus 
PartidOS, sujetas al Rey Fernando Sexto con grandes Indulgencias, para 
socorro de la guerra centre Iiifieles. Como las heregias son trayciones formados 
contra la Fe. 

Broadside, crudely printed on one side of. a single large folio leaf. Wood- 
cut of S. Peter and Papal Arms at top, and Cardinal's Arms and woodcut seal 
below. Madrid, 1750. £10 lOs 

Papal Bull. 
1750 A.D. 

[1663 PERU. INNOCENT XI. Bulla concecKda por la santidad de el 
Papa Innocendo Undbciino, y mandada publicar por N.M.S.P. Benedicto 
Decimo Quarto, para los Patriarcas, Primados, Arzobispos, Obispos,";Clerigos 
Presbyteros Seculares del Peru, Tierra Firme^ y sus Partidos, a quien estava 
prohibido el comer huevos, y cosas de leche en tiempo de Quarelma. 

Broadside, printed on one side oifl a large 4to leaf. Woodcut of SS. 
Peter and Paul and Papal Arms at top, and Cardinal's Arms and woodcut seal 
at foot. 1750. £10 lOS' 

By this Bull the Clergy of Peru, to whom it was forbidden to eat eggs and Food pre- 
pared with milk during Lent, were allowed to eat such during the Crusade against the 

Papal Bull. 
1750 A.D. 

[167] MEXICO AND PHILIPPINES. URBAN Vlil. (Pope). Bulla 
cto la S^nta Cruzad^ concedida por la santidad de Urbano VIII, para tpdos los 
Fieles Christianos, vezinos, estantes, y habitantes en las Provincia de Nueva 
Espana, y Filiptnas sujetas al Rey Fernando VI, con grandes indulgencias 
para socorro de la guerra contra Infieles. 

Broadside, printed on one side of a large folio sheet. Woodcut of SS. 
Peter and Paul and Papal Arms at top, and Cardinal's Arms arid woodcut seal 
at foot. 1750. i^lOIOs 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 81 

Papal Bull. 
1750 A.D. 

contpostoion SObre los bienes mal haviclOS, y adquiridos, de Cuyos proprios 
duenos no consta. Concedida por la sahtidad de Urbano VIII, en favor de 
los que ayudaren a los gastos del Key Fernando VI, en las guerras contra In- 
fieles, y Hereges, enemigos de nuestra Santa Fe Catholica, en^ las Provincias de 
NuevarEspana, y Filipinas, y sus Partidos. 

Broadside, printed on one side of a single large folio leaf. Woodcut of 
SS. Peter and Paul and Papal Arms at top, and Cardinal's Arms and woodcut 
seal below. 1750. £10 lOs 

1752 A.D. 


A Series of 14 finely drawn coloured plans or charts by B. Agaera, aver- 
age size, 17 by 20. July 22nd, 1752. £10 lOs 

Pianos de los Puertos de : — 

Canal y Puerto de Bristol. Nueva Vera Cruz. 

Camarinas en la Costa de Galicia. Callao d© Lima. 

CopiBipo en Chile. la Ctoncepcion' de Chile. 

Bazbna. San Francisco de Ysla de Porto Rico 

Matamzas em Cutoa. Gorcnbion. 

Nueva Descripeion del Rio de la Plata. Acapu'Ico. 

Tslas de Bastimentos. Cavello en la costa de Caracas. 


1753 A.D. 

[170} PARAGUAY INDIANS. BARREDA (P. Joseph, de la Ci« 
de Jesus). Memorial que et P. Provincial (fel Paraguay, presento al S^^ 
Comisario Marques de Valdelirios, en que le Suplica que Suspenda las disposi- 
ciones de Guerra, contra los Indios de las Misiones. 

Manuscript, clearly written on 44 pp., folio, original vellum. 

Cordova de Tucuman, 19 de Julio, 1753. • £10 lOS 

* * * This Memorial is Tory important for the history of the Missions to' Paraguay. 
Bound up in the same volume are other Manuscript Reports concerning the Jesuits. 

1753 A.D. 

[171] BRAZIL. Relafam cuirioza do Sitio do Grao Para, terras de 
Mato-Grosso bondade do clima, e fertilidade daquellos terras, escrita pbr hum J' 
curiozo experienti daquelle Paez — ^Primeira parte. f 

8 pp., sm. 4to, wrappers. 1753. £4 15s 

82 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1755 A.D. 

[172] GOLDEN (Hon. C). History of the Five Indian Nations of Canada, 

which are dependent on the Province ofi New York, and are the Barrier between 
the EngHsh and French in that part of the World; to which are added accounts 
of the several other Nations of Indians ini North America. 

2 vols., i2mo, original calf. 

London, 1755. £3 lOs 

The first general history of the Iroquois Indians. It was written to tluwart the efforts 
of the French to monopolize the Fur Trade 

1756 A.D. 

[173] PARAQUAY. CHARLEVOIX (P. Francois Xavier de). Histoire 
du Paraqimy. 

Illustrated with folding maps and a ' ' Plan de la Ville de Buenos-Ayres. ' ' 

Original edition. 3 vols., 4tO', original calf. 

Paris, 1756. £3 15s 

The First Edition. 

1757 A.D. 

[174] CALIFORNIA. Venegas (Miguel). Notida de la California, y 

de su Conquista Temporal, y Eapiritual Hasta el Tiempo Presente. Sacada de la 
Historia Manuscrita, formada en Mexico ano de 1739, por el Padre Miguel 
Vetiegas, de la Compania de Jesus; y de otras Nbticias, y Relaciones antiguas, 
y modemas. . . Anadida de Algunos Mapas Particulares, y uno general 
de'ia America Septentrional, Asia Oriental, y Mar del Sur intermedio, formados ' 
sobre las Memorias mas recientes, y exactas, que se publican juntamente. 

Illustrated with 4 large folding Maps. 

3 vols., small 4to, original vellum binding. 

Madrid, 17^7. £15 15s 


*** The first map is one of California only; but as tliat name was used in a more 
limited-^ense than at present, the second map, which is general, supplies the deficiencies. 
This second ma$ is a very curious one, shiowing the entire Pacific sihores of Asia and America, 
with records of the latest explorations iby the Spaniards, Russians, and English, especiatly 
on the vjgpeT Californian shores, and Colamljia. 

1759 A.D. 

[175] NEW ENGLAND. The Charter Granted by their Majesties King 
William atid Queen Mary to the Inhabitants of the Province of the MassEi- 
chusetts Bay in New England. — ^Acts and Laws of His Majesty's Province of 
the Massachusetts Bay in New England. 

Together in i vol., folio, original calf (rebacked). 

Boston in New England, 1759. £10 lOs 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 83 

1760 A.D. 

[i;6] JEFFERYS (T.)- The Natural and Civil History of the French 
Dominions in North antf South America. 

Giving a particular Account of the 

Climate, Manufactures, 

Soil, Trade, 

Minerals, Commerce, 
Animals, and 

Vegetables, Languages, 

Together with the Religion, Government, Genius, Character, Manners and 
Customs of the Indians and other Inhabitants. 

Illustrated by maps and plans of the principal places, collected from the 
best Authorities, and engraved by T. Jefferys, Geographer to his Royal High- 
ness the Prince of Wales. 

Two parts in one volume. 

Part I. A Description o3 Canada and Louisiana. 

Part II. Part of the Islands of St. Domingo and St. Martin, The Islands 
of St. Bartholomew, Guadaloupe, Martinico, La Grenade, and The Island and 
Colony of Cayenne. 

Folio, original calf. 

London, i;6o. £16 16s 

The Map-s and Plaiis (nearly all of which are folding) inc-lude: — 

Map of CaJiada and the North Part of Louisiana. 

Plan oif the City of Quebec. 

Plan of the Town aaid Fortifications of Hontreal 

A New Map of Nova Scotia, and Cape Britain. 

Plan oif the City and Harbour of Louisburg. 

Autheiitio Plan of the Kiver St. Laurence, etc. 

North America from tlie French of Mr. D'Anville- 

Plan of New Orleans, the Capital of Louisiana 

The West Indies. 

The Island of Hispaniola. 

An Authentic Plan of the Town and Harbour of Cap-Franpois. 

Guadaloupe one of the Caribbee Islands 

Plan of the Town of Basse Terre. 

Martinico, one of the CarLblbee Islands. 

Plan of the Town and Citadel of Port Eoyal. 

Plan of the Town and Fort of Grenada 

The Island and" Colony of Cayemie. 

Plan of the Town of Cayenne. 

84 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 


[177] MAPS. A Series of IS largje foidii^ Maps published by Thos. 

Folio volume, old calf. 1760. £5 lOS 

Comprises : — 

Map of Canada and North Part of Louisiana 

Plan of City of Quebec. 

Plan of Town of Montreal. 

New Map of Nova Scotia and Cape Britain. 

Plan of Citj and Harbour of Looiisburg. 

Authentic Plan of EiTer St. Lawrence, with the Operations of the Siege of Quebec. 

North America, from the French of Mr. D'Anville, engr:aved with the bank Settlements 
of Virginia and Couirse of Ohio 

Plan of New Orleans. 

West Indies e^xhibiting tlie English, French, Spanish, Duteli, and Danssh Settle- 

Island of Hispaniola (St. Domingo). 

Town and Harbour of Cap Pranfois, etc. 

Printed in Mexico. 

1760 A. D. 

[178] GARCIA (P. Fr. Bartholome, of San Antonio inl the Province of 
Texas). Manual para aditiinistrar Ids Santos Sacramentos de Penitencia, 

Eucharistia, Extrema-Uncion, y Matrimonio : Dar Gracias despues de Comulgar, 
y Ayudar a Bien Morir a los Indios de las Naciones: Pajalates, Orejones, 
Pacaos, Pacoas, Tilijayas, Alasapas, Pausanes y otras muchas diferentes, que 
se hallan en las Missiones del Rio de San Antonio, y Rio Grande, pertenecientes 
^ el Colegio de la Santissima Cruz de la Ciudad de Queretaro, como son : Los 
Pacuaches, Mescales, Pampopas, Tacames, Chayopines, Venados, PamAques, y 
toda la Juventud de Pihuiques Borrados, Sanipaos, y Manos de Perro, 

Small 4to, original vellum. 

{Mexico') en la Imfrenta de los Herederos de Dona Maria de Rivera, 1 760. 


* * EXTKEiMELY KARE. Not knoiwn to Branet, Salva, or Brasseur de Bounbourg, 

nor is the author mentioned by Beristain, and there was no copy in the Andrade coUection. 

Lederc in his Bibl. Amer. believed that M. Maisonneuve's copy was the only one in Europe. 

>The author w^as a missionary among the Apache Indians of the Rio Grande del Noi"te. 

The book is the Manual for the Communion and Marriage Services. It is printed 
in double columns, on the one side the Spanisih version, and on the other the Apache. 

1761 A.D. 

[179] CANADA. Charfevoix (P. de). Journal of a Voyage to North 

America, undertaken by Order of the French King, containing the Geographi- 
cal Description aaid Natural History of that Country, particularly Canada. In 
a Series of Letters, translated from the French. 

Folding map. 

2 vols., 8vo, full tree calf, 

London, 1161. £5 lOs 

One of the best work? on Canada. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 85 

1761 A.D. 

[180] CANADA. Sentiments Relating to the Late Negotiation. 

4to, boards, uncut. 

London, 1761. £3 158 

* * * Relating to tlie nogotiatioixs between FranclB and Engrland, concerning Canada, 
etc., witli discussions on the merits and uses of the country gained by England, and what 
advantages the French should sitill retain as their rights, etc., 

1762 A.D. 

[182] 0€DEN (James). The British Lion Rous'd, or Acts of the British 
Worthies, a Poem in Nine Books. 

First Edition, Royal .8vo, handsomely bound im full crushed levant 
morocco, t. e. g., other edges entirely uncut. 

Manchester, 1762. £10 lOs 

* * * This poem, deals with France disturbing the Peace of British Settlements in 
America — Character of Amherst and Wolfe — Wolfe marches and embarks for Louisbourg 
witK Bosca.wen — ^Flleet a.t Halifax—Siege of Louisbourg— Townsend sails to serve at Quebeio 
undar Wolfe-^^fiagara ireduced by Sir William Johnson — Fleet before iQuebec^Battle beforo- 
Quebec — Wolfe and Momkton -n-ounded, etc. 

1763 A.D. 

[183] ENTICK (J.). Ceneitil History of the late War. Containing its 
Rise, Progress, and Extent in Europe, Asia, Africa, and 'America, and Exhibit- 
ing the State of the Belligerent Powers, Remarks on the Measures which led, 
Great Britain to Victory, Characters of the Statesmen, Description of the Seat 
of War, etc. 

Folding maps, plans, and charts, portraits of Naval and Military Officers, 

5 vols., 8vo, new half calf gilt. 

London, 1763. £2 15s 

Numerous ireferenees to operations in America, Capture of Quebec, Treaties with the ■ 
Inuij.ns, Lonisburg Expedition, etc. 

1763 A.D. 

[184] JAMAICA. Map of the Island of Jamaica (laid down from the 
Papers and -under the direction of Henry Moore, Esq., His Majesty's Lieutenant' 
Governor and Commander in Chief of that Island), in the years 1756-7-8-9-60 
and I from a great number of actual Surveys by Thos. Craskell, Engineer, and 
Jas. Simpson, Surveyor. 

Map of County of CornwaJI in Island of Jamaica. 

Map of County of Middlesex in Jamaica. 

The three Maps, each about 4 feet by 3 feet, mounted on linen and folded 
folio size, contemporary calf binding. 

London, 1763. £10 10s 

86, MAGGS BROS , 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1763 A.D. 

[185] WEST INDIES. Candtd and Impartial Considerations on the 
Nature of the Sugar Trade; the Comparative Importance of the British and 
French Islands in the West Indies: With The Value and Consequence of St. 
Lucia and Granada, truly stated. 

Illustrated with 3 very fine large folding maps. 

8vo, calf. London, 1763. £1 10s 

1765 A.D. 

[186] ROGERS (Robert). A Conolse Account of North America|: Con- 
taining A Description of the several British Colonies on that Continent, includ- 
ing the Islands of Newfoundland, Cape Breton, &c. As to Their Situation, 
Extent, Climate, Soil, Produce, Rise, Government, Religion, Present Boundaries, 
and the Number of Inhabitants supposed to be in each. Also of The Inte;rior, 
or Westerly Parts of the Country, upon the Rivers St. Laurence, the Mississippi, 
Christino, and the Great Lakes. To which is subjoined. An Account of the 
several Nations and Tribes of Indians residing in those Parts, as to their 
Customs, Manners, Government, Numbers, &c. 

Containing many Useful and Entertaining Facts, never before treated of. 

8vo. Fine cofy in the original calf. 

London, Printed for the Author, 1765. £7 10s 

1766 A.D. 

[187] [ROGERS (Major Robert).] Ponteaoh: or, The Savages of 
America. A Tragedy. 

8vo. Bound by Riviere in full crushed levant morocco, g. e. 

London, Priiated for the Author, and Sold by } . Millan, 1766. £28 

* * * The Author, Major Rogers, was born in New Ham'pshire He gained groat cele- 
brity as Co'imnander of " Bogers' Eangers " in the war with the French in North Amerioa. 
1755-60, and n, precipice near Lake George is named " Rogers' Slide " after his esca.pei down 
the precipice from the Indians. In 1759 he was sent by Sir Jeffery Amherst from Crown 
Point to destroy the Indian Village of St. Francis, near St. Lawrence River, and in 1760 
he wag ordered to take possession of Detroit and oiher western posts ceded by the French 
at the Fall of Quebec. 

Thi.s Tragedy of Bonteach is founded vipon the English Conquest of Canada, in whicli 
he tooik Siuch an important pairt. 

1768 A.D. 

[187a] SARMIENTO DB GAMBOA (Capt. Pedro). Viage al Estredio de 

MagallaneS) 1 579-80, y noticia de la expedicion que despues hizo para poblarle. 

Illustrated with 3 folding plates. 

Small 4to, vellum. Madrid, 1768. £5 5s 

*** The Journal of the Voyage of Sarmiento was printed from tlie original Manu- 
i?cript in the Royal Library at Madrid, and edited Ijy Don Bernardo Yri-Trte. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 87 

The Outbreak of the American Struggle for Independence 

as related by 

Thomas Hulton, Head of the Commission from England 

TO enforce the Stamp Act. 

The Original ManuscIripts. 

1788-80 A. D. 


the Proceedings of the People ini New England from the Esta&Hshinent of a 

Board of Customs in America, to the breaking out of the Rebellion in 1775." 

The Original Manuscript Account, written by Thomas Hulton, the head 

of the Commission from England to enforce the Stamp Act. 

Extending to 397 pages, written in a most legible! hand and forming a 
4to volume, original half binding. £250 

* * * This most interesting Record by one who had to administer the Stamp Act which 
was so odious to the American people, is divided into chapters as follows : — 

(1). Progress of Ajnerioan Revenue from the Act of the 6th Geo, 2nd to the 
Establishment! of a Board of Customs in America. 

(2). Obstructions to the Collection of a Revenue in America from the extent oftha 
Coast and the N'ature" of the Trades andl Commerce. 

(3). Obstructions, to the Revenue Laws from the temper of the People at the 
time of the Estattishment of the Board of Customs. 

{i). Insufficiency of former measures adopted for Security of the Revenue i» 

(.5). Modes of resistance to the operation of the Revenue Laws in America, 
1767, 1768. 

(6). Exertions of Government in support of its avithority in America, 1768. 
(7). Internal difficulties the Board of Customs had to combat with on its 

(8). Heads of the Paction at Boston on the Establishment of the Board of Customs. 
(9). Governor Bernard and Governor Hutchinson. 
(10). Oppositioon to the Revenue Laws at Boston 1769 and 1770. 
(11). Mr. Temple and Dr. Franklin. 

(12). Opposition by the Town of' Boston and the Province of Massachusetts Bay 
in 1772, 3 and 4, to the Revenue Laws. 

(13). Proceedings on the departure of Governor Hutchinson, June, 177i. 
(14). Proceedings of the People in the Province of Massachusetts Bay after the 
arrival of Genl. Gage as Governor, to the close of 1774. 

(15). Proceedings of the Provincial Congress of Massachusetts Bay, and the Coa- 
tinental Congress at Philadelphia, 1774. 

(16). Instances of Pe»Becufion in New England, whilst the Country was in a state 
of Anarchy, 1774. 

(17). Proceedings in the Province of Massachusetts Bay, whilst the Country was 
in a State of Anarchy and Rebellion, 1775. 

A Summary of the Persecutions and distresses undergone by the Commissioners 
of the Cusf6ms in America. 

Hulton, in the Summary of the Persecutions, relates that the day, he, with, the other 
Ccmmissioners landed, they were " exhibited in Effigy round the Town along with the 
Effigies of the Pope, Pretender and Devil, all which were cast into the bonfire at night — also 
that the Bostonians proposed to assassinate them on their iirst coming on shore. The Revenue 
Officers were tarred and feathered. The population became more and more violent, rioting 
— the Military firing upon them. The Commissioners Were accused as Enemies of the Province 
and abbettors of Murder, and it was resolved to prosecute them in the provisional Courts of 
Justice. The Commissioners, retire to Brooklyn. Hulton was there assaulted by a mob 
from Boston, who broke all the windows of his house and swore they would have him dead 
or alive. The Bostonians raid the East) India Company vessels and destroy the Cargoes of 
Tea by throwing them into the water. The fighting at Bunkers Hill. The battle with the 
rebels at Roxbury. The evacuation of Boston by the British Troops and flight of the 

88 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit "Street, London, W. 

Original Manuscripts. 
1768-80 A.D. 

[i88a} HULTON (Thomas). Two Letter Books. 

The first commencing (Boston) Aug. 23rd, 1768, and ending Quebec, 1776. 

The second commencing Halifax, June i8th, 1776, and ending September 

1st, 1780. 

The two volumes extend to 320 pages, 4to. £52 lOs 

* * * These Letter Books, give most vivid and realistic deeeriptions of his experiences, 
and tile terrible events in America of which he was one of the leading causes. He concludes 
the first volume with his opinions on the troubles : — 

" I am persuaded that the present war on the part of Great Britain was unavoid- 
able, without relinquishing her authority, and to anyone who lived in America, it was 
very apparent, that anarchy and ruin must be the conaeciuence of the general principles 
and practices. It was obvious that the great grievances the people laboured under, was 
the popular Constitution of thei^ Charter Government, and it had long been a reproach 
to Great Britain that she neglected to reform them." Etc. 

Original Manuscript. 

[i88b] HULTON (Thomas). A Biographtcaf Account of his various 
Travels, from' his early days to the end of his service with the Government. 

The Original Manuscript, written by Thomas Hulton. £31 lOS 

" It falls to the lot of few men to be called forth to such scenes of public action as 
to irake.the world desirous they shou'd transmit any record of their lives." ■ 

His travels were to Hamburg and Brunswick 1751, Antigua 1756-60, Germany 1761-3. 
On his return from Germany in 1763 he was appointed, to an office under the Board of Com- 
missioners of the Customs in London — to take the management of the Correspondence with 
the American Officers under the Board of Customs — " to receive all letters and Accounts 
from the American Officers and to prepare all the deepatches to ba sent to them — to note all 
the errors that appear, and propose all the remedies, and in short the whole management 
of this business to go through his hands." Prom this poet he was appointed the head of "the 
commissioners to put the Stamp Act into active movement and left England in 1767 for 
Boston and returned to England in 1776. 

Hulton remained in England fronv 1776 to 1783, and during most of this period he 
was endeavouring to obtain from the British Government his arrears of pay and pension, 
■and also compensation for loss of house, land, furniture, and money which he had to leave 
in America. 

Original Manuscript. 

[i88c] HULTON (Thomas). Observations in the course of Sundry 
Tours anil Voyages, including his European Tours, Voyage to Antigua, Ber- 
muda, St. Kitts, Trade of West Indies, Boston to Quebec. 

The Original Manuscript, extending to 230 pages, 4to, written by Thomas 
Hulton. £15 15s 

* * * 


Plate XIX. 

Plate XX. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 §t 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 89 

1769 A.D. 

[189] NODAL (Bartholome Garcia de). Relaciondel Viage al desoubri- 
mfento del Estreoho nuevo die Sani Vlnoente etc, las Derrotas de laj America 
Occidental por Manuel de Echavelar. 

With folding map of the Straits of St. Vincent and Magellan. 

2 vols, in I, small' 4to, original vellum. 

Cadiz (i76g). £8 10s 

* * * " The strait of San Vinoente Itad :been traversed by Le Maire shortly before the- 
brothers Nodal, and his Bame has remained to designate it. But the Spanish map has a 
special value, and is more detailed than Le Maire's." 

This was one of the most important expeditions of the 17th Century, and was mad© 
by order of King Philip III. to explore the strait newly discovered by Le 5I;iire and Schouten. 
The expedition left Lisbon 27 Sept., leiB, and returned 9 July, 1619. 

1770 A.D. 

[iQo} PARAGUAY. JRegno gesuiltico del Paraguay dimostrato do' docu- 
ment! piu olassioi de' medesitni padri della oompagnia, i quali confessano e 
mostrano ad evidenza la regia sovranita del R. P. generale con independenza, e; 
con odio Spagna. Anno 1760. 

Engraved frontispiece. 

Small 4to, boards. 

Lisbon, 1770. £1 5s 

1770 A.D. 

[191] PITTMAN (Captain Philip). The Present State of the European 
Settlements on the^ Mississippi; With a Geographical Description of that. River. 

Illustrated with 7 large folding maps and plans, and one smaller plan. 

4to, contemforary calf. 

London^ 1770. £21 

1770 A.D. 

[192] WYNNE (John H.). A General History of the British Empire in 
America. Containing an Historical, Political, and Commercial View of the 
English Settlements, including all the Countries in North America and the West 

Large folding map. 

2 vols., Svo, calf. 

London, 1770. £3 15s 

1770-1773 A.D. 

[192a] BRAZIL. CoileotkHi of 13 OfficJal Documents in Portuguese, 

dated from 1770 to 1773, addressed to the head of the Administration of the 
Captaincy of Pemambuco, eight being signed by the Marquez de Pombal, and 
five being signed by Conde de Oeyras. - £5 5s 

QO MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1771 A.D. 

[193] BOSSU (M.). Travels through that part of North America for- 
merly called Louisiana, translated from the French by J. R. Forster. Illus- 
trated with Notes relative chiefly to Natural History, to which is added a 
Systematic Catalogue of all the known Plants of English North America, etc. 

2 vols., 8vo. Fine cofy in the original calf. 

London, 1771. £6 6s 

1772 A.D. 

[194] KALM (Peter). Travels into North America; Containing its 
Natural History, and a circumstantial Account of its Plantations and Agricul- 
ture in general, with the Civil, Ecclesiastical and Commercial State of the Coun- 
try, the Manners of the Inhabitants, and several curious and Important 
Remarks on various subjects. Translated into English by John Reinhold Forster, 

Enriched with a Map, several Cuts for the illustration of Natural History, 
and-some additional Notes. 

Second Edition. 2 vols., 8vo, original calf. 

London, 1772. £5 10s 

1775 A.D. 

[195] CANADA. Quebec. An Account of the Proceedings of the British^ 

And other Protestant Inhabitants, of the Province of Quebeck, In North- 
America, In order ta obtain An House of Assembly in that Province. 

8vo, original calf. 

London, 1775. £1 18s 

1775 A.D. 

[196] BURKE (Edmund). The Speech of Edmund Burke, Esq.; on 

moving his resolutions for conciliation with the Colonies, March 22, 1775. 
4to. Yery fine uncut cofy in the original -pafer wrappers. 
London, Printed for J. Dodsley, 1775. £6 6s 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35. Conduit Street, London, W. gi 

1775 A.D. 

Probably Unique Broadside. 

[iQ7] INTELLIGENCE Extraordinary from Boston. 

Folio broadside, printed on both sides, -preserved in buckram case. 
Printed by Charles Brown, 1775. £25 

*** A very curious folio sheet, giving an account of Battle at Eoxborough. July 19, 

" I am now to give an account of the conrplete and most glorious victory gained over 
the Mercenaries by the gallant Provincials on the 19th of July, on which day Heaven gave 
up our enemies into our hands, and made us entire masters of this country, purchased by 
our ancestors. I shall endeavour to be as particular as the tumult of my joy will permit. 
July 18, our ■whole army, consisting-, with the 'reinforcements from Virgii:ia, Philadelphia,. 
New-York, aud Albany, of 80,000 foot, and 10,000 horse, having been reviewed by General 
Washington, and the Major Generals Lee, Ward, and Schuyler, it vias agreed in Council, to 
drive- the Enemy from their post on the Neck, and oblige them to evacuate Boston. 

" The defeat -was entirei; we pursued them intj Boston itself, took 2,000 prisoners, and 
destroyed their whole army, excepting a few Marines, who escaped with the Sailors on board 
the ships. Three of their Generals are among the dead. Gage, Hoiwe, Clinton, and Burgoyne ; 
Lord Percy w^as taiken prisoner by the hands of the resistless Ward, as he -was running 
through the streets of Boston. 

" We only lost two of our Generals, Lee and Putnam. With sorrow I must say, the 
former fell by the hands of Gen. Washington. Confident of his military abilities, he dis- 
puted the propriety of some orders, and said, 'he had seen service'; on -which the General 
shot hdm immediately through the head." 

1775 A.D. 

[198] VIRGINIA. FRY (Joshua) and JEFFERSON (Peter). A Map of 
the most inhabited part of Virginia, maintaining the -wholei of Maryland, with 
parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and North Carolina, measuring 47 by 3? 
inches, mounted on canvas and folded to small 4to size, and' dedicated to the 
Right Honourable George, Earl of Halifax, First Lord Commissioner, and 
to the Rest of the) Right Honourable and Honourable Comjnissioners, for Trade 
and Plantations, by Thomas Jefferys. 

Printed for R. Sayer. Loridon, {,177^)- £4 4s^ 

With vignette engraving of Virginian Merchants exporting their products. 

1775 A.D. 

[199] MISSISSIPPI. Course of tiM River. 

From the Balise to Fort Chartres, taken on an Expedition to the Illinois ^ 
in the latter end of the year 1765, by Lieut. Ross, of the 34th Regiment, im- 
proved frcmi the surveys of that River made by the French. 

Size 45^ by 14 inches, -with margins. 1775. £1 10s 

Q2 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1775 A.D. 

[200] PENNSYLVANIA. Map of Pennsylvania. 

Exhibiting not only the Improved Parts of that Province, but also its 
extensive frontiers, laid dowri from actual surveys, and chiefly from the late 
map ofvW. Scull, published in 1770, and humbly ascribed toi the Honourable 
Thomas Penn and Richard Penn, Esqs., true and absolute Proprietaries and 
Governors of the Province of Pennsylvania and the Territories thereunto belong- 

Engraved on two sheets. 

Size together 28 by 54 inches. 1775. £1 5s 

1775 A.D. 

[201] CAROLINA. An accurate Map of North and South Carolina, 

with their Indian Frontiers. 

Showing in a distinct mamner aU the mountains, rivers, swamps, marclies, 
bays, creeks, harbours, sand banks, and soundings on the coasts, with the roads 
and Indian paths, as well as the boundary of provincial lines, the several toAWi - 
ships and other divisions of the land in both the provinces, the whole from 
actual surveys by Henry Mouzon and others. 

With boundaries in colour. 

Size 36 by 56 inches. 1775. £1 iOS 

1775 A.D. 

[202] PENNSYLVANIA. Map of Pennsylvania exhibiting not only the 
improved parts of the Province, but also its extensive frontiers : laid down from 
actual surveys, and chiefly from the late Map of W. ScuU published in 1 770; 
and humbly inscribed To The Honourable Thomas Penn and Richard Penn 
Esquires True and Absolute Proprietors and Governors of the Province of 
Pennsylvania and the Territories thereunto belonging. 

Size about 5 feet by 2|, motmted on canvas. 

London, Published as the Act directs, 10 June, 1775. £3 lOs 

1775 A.D. 

[202a] BRAZIL. Document in Portuguese signed by Antonio de 
Noronha, Captain General, dated from Villa Rica in July, 1775, and addressed 
to the Marquez de Pombal, giving the history of the foundation, of the Cily 
of Cuyat6 in Villa Rica, and mentioning that companies of Colonial infantry 
should be exchanged for auxiliary unpaid troops. 

Together with copy of an Order prohibiting the establishment of new 
factories. £2 2s 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 93 

1775 A.D. 

[202b] BRAZIL. 1775. Officii Document in Portuguese signed by 
Don Antonio de Noronfia, Captain General, and dated from Villa Rica 2Jth 
July, 1775, to the Marquez de Pombal, giving an account of the establishiiient 
of his auxiliary troops in Villa Rica and Rio dos Montes, and answering the 
letter of the Marquez do Lavradio to hold in readiness the greater number of 
his auxiliary troops in the event of a march on Rio de Janeiro. 

Folio. 10 leaves. £3 10s 

1775 A.D. 

[203 J BOSTON. A Plan of the Battle on Bunker's Hill. Fought on 
the 17th of June, 1775. Ey an Officer on the spot. Showing the position of the 
American Forces and Line of Retreat. Also the position of the British Troops, 
with the Men-of-war, Transports, etc. 

Letterpress under. " The following Etescription of the Action near 
Boston, on the 17th of June is taken from a letter written by General Burgoyme 
to his nephew, Lord Stanley." 

On I sheet, size 19 by 13! inches. 1775. £8 8s 

[204] VIRGINIA. A Map of the most inhabited part of Virginia, con- 
taining the whole Province of Maryland, with part of Pennsylvania, New 
Jersey, and North Carolina, drawn by Joshua Fry and Peter Jefferson in 1775. 

With title in finely engraved vignette, showing merchants seated and 
standing on the quay surroimded by casks of tobacco. The names of the sur- 
veyors of different parts of the country are given. 

Size 20 by 48^ inches. Circa 1776. £1 lOs 

1775 A.D. 

[205] ST. LAWRENCE. A Chart of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. 

Composed from a great num,ber of actual surveys and other materials 
regulated and connected by Astronomical Observations. 

Size 25 by 20 inches, with margins. 1775. £1 10® 

1776 A.D. 

[206] NEW YORK. Map of the Province of New York. 

Reduced from the large drawing of that Province, compiled from actueil 
surveys by order of His Excellency William Try on, Esq., Captain General and 
Governor of the same, by Claude Joseph Sauthier, to which is added New 
Jersey, from the Topographical Observations of C. J. Sauthier and B. Ratzer. 

Large map showing part of Canada on the North, Lake Ontario, and 
country of the Six Nations on the West and on the South Delaware Bay. 

Engraved by W. Faden. 

Size 28i by 23! inches. 1776. £4 4s 

94 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, ' London, W. 

1776 A.D. 

[207] PHILADELPHIA. A Plan af the City of Philadelphia, the capital 
of Pennsylvania, from the Actual Survey of Benjamin Easburn, Surveyor- 
General, 1776. 

The town is viewed from across the Delaware River, with part of the shcMre 
of New Jersey and " Windmill Island " in foreground. Inset is a " Chart of 
Delaware Bay and River." 

Engraved by P. Andre. 

Size 20^ by 21 inches. 1776. £12 12s 

1776 A.D. 

[207a] JEFFERYS (Thomas). The Americait AtlaSj or a Geographical 
Description of the whole Continent of America, wherein are delineated at large, 
its several regions, countries, states and islands; and chiefly the BRITISH 
Colonies, composed from numerous surveys, several of which were made by 
order of Government by Major Holland, Lewis Evans, WiUiam Scull, and others 

. engraved on 49 Copper plates. ^ 

Atlas folio', half calf. London, 1776. £16 16s 

* * * The Complete Set of 30 Maps (many very large) on 4& sheets : — 

Nos. 1, 2, 3. North amd South America. 15 and 16. N&w England. 

4. Eussian Discoveries to 1763. 17. New York and New Jersey. 

5 and 6. North America according to 18. Lake Champlain. 

Treaty of Peace, 1763. 19. Province Quebec. 

7. Continent of America. 20. Pennsylvania. 

8. British Empire in America. 21 and 22. Virginia and Maryland. 

9. Eiver St. Lawrence. 23 and 24. North and South Carolina. 

10. Gulf St. Lawrence. 25. Florida. _ 

11. Island St. John. 26 Missisippi. 

12. Newfoundland. 27. Honduras. 

13. Banks of Newfoundland. 28 and 29. South America. 

14. Nova Scotia and Cape Briton. 30. Straits of Magellan. 

1776 A.D. 

[208] PAINE (Thomas). Common Sense; Addressed to the Inhabitants 
of America, &c. 

A New Edition, with several Additions in the Body of the Work. To 
which is added an APPENDIX; together with an Address to the People called 

99 pp., small 8voi, unbound. 

Philadelphia, Printed and Sold by W. & T. Bradford, 1776. £3 3» 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35. Conduit Street, London, W. QS 

1776 A.D. 

Ratzer Plan and View of New York. 
[209] NEW YORK. Plan of the City of New York and its Environs, 

Surveyed and laid down. Published Jan. 12, i;'76. 

Engraved on two large sheets. The lower half of' the second sheet 
occupied by a magnificent laj-ge oblong panoramic view of New York City, with 
title as follows: " S.W. View of the City of New York taken from the Gover- 
nours Island. . . ." £110 

This view is " dedicated by His Excellency's most Obedient Servant B. Ratzer, Lient. 
in His Majesty's 60th or Royal AmericaJi Regiment, to His Excellency Sir Heniy Moore, 
Bart., Captain General and Governor in Chief in and over His Majesty's Province of New 
York and the Territories depending thereon in America, Chancellor and Vice-AdmiraJ of 
the Same. 

The two sheets have never been joined, a decorative border line runs round three 
sides of both sheets. 

1776 A.D. 

[210] PAINE (Thomas). Common Sense; Addressed to the Inhabitants 
of America, On. the following interesting Subjects: — 

I. Of the Origin and Design of Government in general, with Concise 
Remarks on the English Constitution. 

II. Of Monarchy and Hereditary Succession. 

III. Thoughts on the present State of American Affairs. 

IV. Of the present Ability of America, with some miscellaneous Reflec- 

Written by an Englishman. 

76 pp., small 8vo, calf. 

Philadel-phia, Printed and Sold by R. Bell, 1776. £3 3s 

1776 A.D. 

[21 1 J A PLAN of the Attack of Fort Sullivan, the Key of Charlestown, 
in South Carolina, on the 28th of June, 1776, by His Majesty's Squadron, 
Commanded by Sir Peter Parker. 

With Letterpress under. " The foUowing Description of the Attack on 
Fort SuUivan was received in a Letter from Sir Peter Packer to Mr. Stephens, 
Secretciry of the Admiralty. 

Size 20 by 15I inches. 1776. £7 7s 

Shows the positions of the "Provincial Army," the British Forces under General 
Clinton, also the positions and names of the Vessels engaged. 

96 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1776 A.D. 

[212] A PLAN of New York Island, with part of Long Island, Staten 
Island, and East New Jersey. 

With a particular description of the engagement ori the Woody Heights 
of Long Island, between Flatbush and) Brooklyn, and on 2/th of August, 1776; 
between his Majesty's Forces commanded by General Howe and the Americans 
under Major General) Putnam, showing also the landing of the British Aimy on 
New York Island, and the taking of the City of New York, etc., on the 15th. 
September following, with the subsequent disposition of both the Armies. 

Names of the various British ships are given and references to the Battle 
of Long Island. 

Very finely engraved by W. Faden. 

Size 20| by 17 inches. 1776. £12 12s 

177i5 A.D. 

[213] THE SEAT OF ACTION between the British and American 
Forces, or. An Authentic Plan of the Western Part of Long Island, with the 
Engagement of the 27th August, 1776, between the King's Forces and the 
Americans; containing also Staten Island and thei Environs of Amboy and New 
York, with the Course of Hudson River from Courtland, the Great Magazine of 
the American Army, to Sandy Hook. 

From the surveys of Major Holland. 

Size 17! by I5f inches. 1776. £7 7s 

1776-9 A.D. 

[214} WAR FOR INDEPENDENCE. A Series of 6 Pamphlets. 

Paine (Thomas). Common Sense; addressed to the Inhabitants of 
America ... A new Edition, with several additions ... to which is 
added an Appendix, together with an address to the People called Quakers. 
Philadelphia, ■printed; London reprinted, 1776. 

Plain Truth; addressed to the Inhabitants of America, containing Re- 
marks on a late Pamphlet, entitled COMMON SENSE, written by Candidus. 
Philadelphia, printed; Londans reprinted, 1776. 

Additions to Common Sense; addressed to the Inhabitants of America., 
Philadelphia, printed; London reprinted , 177Q. 

Considerations on the Measures carrying on with respect tO' the British 
Colonies in North America, the Second Edition with Additions, and an Appen- 
dix relative to the present State of Affairs on that Continent. London (1776). 

Smith (William). Ani Oration in memory of General Montgomer>', and 
of the Officers and Soldiers who fell with him December 31, 1775, before 
Quebec. Second Edition. Philadelphia, printed; London reprinted, 1776. 

Calloway (Earl of). Letters to a Nobleman, on the Conduct of thei War 
in the Middle Colonies, with folding map " A plan ofl the Operations of the 
British Rebel Army in the Campaign, 1777." London, 1779. . , 

Together in i vol., 8vo, original calf. £10 lOs 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 07 

1777 A.D. 

.[215] TRATADO PRELIMINAR DE PAZ, e de limites na America 
menOiOnal, relativo aos estados, que nella possuem as coroas de Portugal, e 
de Hespanha. 

Small 4to, 31 pp., wrappers. 

Lisbon, 17 y/. £2 ics 

J T, *i** '^^^^ Peace Treaty settlingr the Bovmdaries of the American Colonies of Spain 
and l^ortug-al Teas signed at Madrid 1st Oct., 1777. 

1778 A.D. 


Published for the use of the Royal Navy of Great Britain by Joseph F. 
W. Des Barres . . . Under the direction of the Rt. Hon. the Lords Com- 
missioners of the Admiralty. 

Eight plates from the above, i.e. : — 

Five Coloured Views of the Isle of Sable (East End, etc.). 

View from the Camp at the East End of the Naked Sand Hills. (Coloured 

Coloured View of : Entrante of the Pond, West End of the Isle of Sable, 
Wrecker's Den, North Shore, (etc.). 

Isle of Sable. (Double Map). 1778. £8 8s 

1778 A.D. 

[217J CARVER (J.). Travels through the Interior Parts of North 

America, in the Years 1766, 1767, and 1768. 

Illustrated with Folding Maps, and copperplate engravings. 
First Edition. 8vo, origincd calf. 

London, Printed for the Author, 1778. £4 18& 

■*\* Paffes 420440 contain a Vocalbulary of the Chipeway Language. 

1778 A.D. 

[218] ALVAREZ (Don Francisco). Notioia (tel establecimieiito y pobla* 
oion (fe las oolonias Ingliesas en fa America septentrional; Religion, orden de 
gobierno, leyes y costumbres de sus naturales y habitantes; calidades de su 
clima, terreno, frutos, plantas y animales; y estado de su industria, artes, 
comercio y nav^gacion : Sacada de Varios Autores.. 

Small 4to, original calf. 

Madrid, 1778. £1 5s 

q8 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1780 A.D. 

Great Britain and Her Colonies. From its Commencement to the End of the 
Year 1779. Exhibiting a Circumstantial, Connected, and Complete Accoimt of 
the Real Causes, Rise, and Progress of the War, etc. 

With 12 portraits. 

8vo, original calf. 

London, 1780. £14 14s 

Imperfect Copy. Wianting the Lower Half of Title, Map and 1 I'or trait. 

The Portraits include : Sir Williajn Howe, John Hancock, Samuel Adams, George 
Washington, Robert Hopkins, Charles Lee, Lord Howe, General Putman, Benjamin Prai&ljn, 
David Wooster, Hora,tio Gates, " A Eeal American TJifle Man." 

The Portrait of MajoT^General Arnold is wanting. 

1780 A.D. 

[219a] BRAZIL. Autograph Letter in Portuguefie of Fraitcfsco Joao 
Roscio, dated 1780, to Martinho de Mello e Castro, informing him as to the 
manner in which a demarcation or gift of one hundred leagues of land might 
be made on the coast of Brazil to' the North of Cape Frio. 

This Original Document is very curious for the minute and detailed in- 
formation it gives, and especially for the valuable large coloured Folding Map 
of Parts of the Coast of Brazil, showing the Provinces of San Paulo, Minas 
Geraes, and Spirito Santo. £3 lOs 

1780 A.D. 

[220] CHALMERS (Goorge). Political Annals of the Present United 
Colonies from their Settlement to the Peace of 1 763. 

Compiled chiefly from records, and authorised O'ften by the insertion of 
State Papers. 

Thick 4to, original calf. 

London, 1780. £4 4s 

1780 A.D. 

[221] PLAN qf the Encampment and Position of the Amwy under His 
Excellency Lieut.-General Burgoyne at Swords House on Hudson's River near 
Stillwater on September 17th with the Positions of that part of the Army en- 
gaged on the 19th September, 1777. 

Drawn by W. C. Wilkinson, Lt. 62d Regt. Asst. Engr. 

Engraved by Wm. Faden. 1780. £9.98 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 99 

1780 A.O. 

[222] GALLOWAY (Earl of). Htetorioal and Political Reflections on 
the Rise and Progress of the Amerrcan Rebellion, In which the Causes of that 
Rebellion are pointed out, and the Policy and Necessity of offering to the 
Americans a System of Government founded in the Principles of the Britisii 
Constitution, are clearly demonstrated. 

By the AUTHOR OF LETTERS TO A NOBLEMAN, on the Conduct of the 
American War. 

8vo. Fine uncut copy in the original wraf-pers. 

London, 1780. £2 12s 6d 

1780-81 A.D. 

[223} GALLOWAY (Earl of). A Collection of 7 Pamphlets. 

Letters to a Noblennan on the Condisct of the War in the Middle Coloi^s. 

With folding map, " A Plan of the Operations of the British and Rebel 
Army in the Campaign 1777." London, 1780. 

A Reply to the Observations of Lieut. Gen. Sir William Howe. London, 

A Letter to the Right Honourable Lord Viscount H e on his Naval 

Conduct in the American War. 1 78 1 . 

Cool Thoughts on the Consequences to Great Britain of Americani In- 
dependence. 1 780. 

Pl^in Truths: or a Letter to the Author of Dispassionate Thoughts on 
the Amertcan War. 1780. 

A Cajidid Examination of the Mutual Claims of Great BritainI and the 
Colonies. 1780. 

Historicat and Political Reflections on the Rise and Progress of the 
American Rebelilion. 1780. 

Together, boimd in i vol., 8vo, half morocco gilt, g. e. £10 lOs 

The King of Spain's Copy. 
1782 A.D. 

[224 J NUIX (Don Juan). Reflexiones imparciales sobrei la humanidad 

de to® Espanoles em las india^ Contra los Pretendidos Filosofos y Politicos 
Para ilustrar las historias de MM. Raynal y Robertson. Escritas en Italiano' 
POR EL Abate Don Juan Nuix, y Traducidas con Algunas Notas Por D. Pedro 
Varela y UUoa. 

Large Paper Copy. 4to, a very handsome copy, in contemporary crim- 
son morocco, the Royal Arms of Spam on sides, gilt back, silk ends and fly- 
leaves, g. e. 

Madrid, 1782. £9 9s 

• * * From the Library of King Philip of Spain. 

lOO MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1783 A.D. 

[225] CLINTON (Lieutenant-General Sir Henry, .K.iB.). Th© Narrative 

of Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Clinton, K.B., relative to his Conduct during 
part of his Command of the King's Troops in North America; Particularly to 
that which respects the im fortunate Issue of the Campaign of 1781. 

With an Appendix containing Copies and Extracts of those Parts of his 
Correspondence with Lord George Germain, Earl Comwallis, Rear Adm^iral 
Graves, &c. 

Sixth Edition. London, 1783. 

CORNWALLIS (Earl). An Answer to that Part of the Narrative of 
Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Clinton, K.B., which relates to the Conduct of 
Lieutenant-General Earl Comwallis, during the Campaign in North-America, in 
the Year 1781. 

London, 1783. 

CLINTON (Lieutenant-General Sir Henry, K.B.). Observations on Some 
Parts of the Answer of Earl Comwallis to Sir Henry Clinton's Narrative. 
To which is added an Appendix; containing Extracts of Letters and other papers 
to which reference is necessary. 

London, 1783. 

The three Works in i volume, 8vo, half bound, and entirely uncut. 

London, 1783. £2 18s 

1783 A.D. 

[226] STRICTURES ON THE PEACE, with America, France, and 
8|ialn, Addressed to the Public at large. 

With a large Coloured Folding Map of America and the West Indies. 

18 pp., 8vo, boards. 

London, 1783. £2 5s 

1783-4 A.D. 

[226a] SO LIS (Antonio de). Historia de la Conquista de Mexico, 

poblacion y progresos de la America Septentrional conocida por el nombre de 
Nueva Espana. 

With maps, fine portraits, and many fine plates by Moreno and others. 

2 volumes, 4to, modern marbled calf, festoon borders on sides, inside 
dentelles, g. e. Madrid, 1783-4. £8 15s 

Pine clean copy of this the Best Edition which is now nncommon. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. loi 

1783 A.D. 

[227] JACKSON (Rev. William). Th© Constitutions of the Several 
lnd^>emtent States of America; The Declaration of Independence; and the 
Articles of Confederation between the said States. 

To which are now added, The Declaration of Rights; The Non-Importa- 
tion Agreement; and the Petition of Congress to the King delivered by Mr. Penn. 

With an Appendix, containing the Treaties between His Most Christian 
Majesty and the United States of America; the Provisionali Treaty with America 
And (Never before pubhshed) An Authentic Copy of the Treaty conclud'ed 
between their High Mightinesses the States-General, and the United States 
of America. 

8vo, fine co-py in half calf, uncut, t. e. g. 

London, Printed for J. Stockdale, 1783. £3 15s 

* * * With tlie very ■pare portTait of Was-hingrtoa, engraved by Sharp, known as the 
" DON'T TEEAX) ON MB " portrait. 

1786 A.D; 

[228] TRUXILLO (Fr. Manuer Maria). Exhortacion Pastoral, avisos 

importantes, y Reglamentos utiles. Que para la mejor observancia de la Disci- 
plina Regular, e ilustracion de la Literatura en todas las Provincias y Colegios 
Apost61icos de America y Filipinas. 

Folding plate listing the Franciscan Missions in America. 

Large Paper Copy. 4to, bound in contemforary red morocco, g. e. 

Madrid, 1786. £3 10s 

1786 A.D. 

[229] A NEW MAP of North America with the West India Islands, 

divided according to the Preliminary Articles of Peace, signed at Versailles, 
20th January, 1783. Wherein are particularly Distinguished the United States, 
. . . Laid down from the original materials of Gov. Pownall, 1783. 

With inset maps " The Passage of Land to California, Discovered by 
Father Eusebius Francis Kino, a Jesuit^ between 1698-1701," and " A Particular 
Map of Baffin and Hudson's Bay." 

Engrave^ on. two sheets. Pub. by R. Sayer, 1786. £1 lOs 

102 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1787 A.D. 

[230] CALIFORNIA. PALOU (R. P. L. Fr. Francisco). Relacion 
historica de la vida y apostolica tareas del venerable Padre Fray Junipero 
Serra, y de las Misiones que fundo en la California Septentrional, y nuevos 
establecimientos de Monterey. 

Portrait of Father Junipero Serra, and a Folding Map of California. 

Small 4to, half calf. 

Imfresa en Mexico, en la Imfrenta de Don Felipe de Zuniga y Ontiveros, 
calle del Esfiritu Santo, 1787. £18 18s 

*** The Missionary, Father Junipero Serra, spent, thirty -six years in California. 

The ■wonk is very important for the history of California, and is exceedingly raTe 
with the large folding Map. It is not merely a religious biography, but a most interesting 
account of the Travels of this ze^lo^s Missionary and his companions in Mexico and 

Serra was born on the Isle of Mallorca, in 1713. After visiting Mexico he went to 
California and founded several missions there, dying in 1784. Paloti succeeded Serra in the 
Presidency of the Californian Missions. 

1788 A.D. 

[23 1 J CORDON (W.). History of the Rise, Progress, and Establlsh- 

ment of the Independence of the United States of America, including an 
Account of the Late War and of the Thirteen Colonies from their Origin to that 

With 6 folding maps. 

4 vols., 8vo, half calf. 

London, 1788. £2 2s 

1788-93 A.D. 

[232] JOSE DE VARGAS Y PONCE (Captain). Relacion del ultimo 
viage al Estreoho de Magallanes de la Fragata de S. M. Santa Maria de la 
Cabeza en los Anos de 1 785 y 1 786. Extracto de todos los anteriores desde 
su Descubrimiento Impresos y MSS. y Noticia de los Habitantes, Suelo, Clima 
y Producciones del Estrecho. 

Apendice a la relacion deli viage al Magallanes de la Fragata de Cuerra 
Santa Maria de la. Cabeza, que contiene el de los paquebotes Santai Casilda y 
Santa Eulalia para completar el reconocimiento del Estrecho en los anos de 
1788 y 1789. . . Trabajado de Orden Superior. 

Portrait and numerous large folding plates. 

2 vols., 4to, original calf. 

Madrid, 1788-93. £4 4S- 

* * * Besides the Voyage of Captain Jose de Vargas Y Ponce, the previous expeditions, 
to the Straits of Maigellan are here desoriibed'. 

MAGGS BROS, 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 103 

1789 A.D. 

[?33] CANADA. RICHARDSON (Prof. Wm). The Cacique of Ontario. 

An Indian Tale. 

Vignette on title. 19 pp., small 4to, half morocco uncut. 

London, Printed for John Fieldimsg. N.D. (1789). £3 7S 6d 

1790 A.D. 

[234] BARTOLACHI (J. I.). OpusoillO Guadafupano. Annunciado en 
la Gazeta de Mexico (Tom. I. No. 53). 

Frontispiece and two illustrations. 

4to, full calf gilt, with the Coat of Arms of John W . de Kay, Sire of 
Coucy, on front in gold. 

Mexico, 1790. £5 5s 

An, aooount of the wonderfuL ap'parition of the image of the Virgin. 

1791 A.D. 

[235] LONG (J.). Voyages and Travels of an Indian Interpreter and 

Describing the Maimers and Customs of the North American Indians, with 
an Account of the Posts situated on the River Saint Lawrence, Lake Ontario, 
etc., to which is added a Vocabulary of the Chippeway Language, Names of 
Furs and Skins, in English and French, a List of Words in the Iroquois, Mohe- 
gan, Shawanee and Esquimeaux Tongues, and a Table shewing the Analogy 
between the Algonkin and Chippeway Languages. 

Folding map. 

4to, calf. London, 1791. £6 18s 

1791-2 A.D. 

[236] MANEIRO (Joannes Aloysius). De vitis aliqmot iVIexicanonfni 
aJiorumque qui sive virtUte, sive htteris Mexici imprimis floruerunt. 

3 vols., 8vo, fine copy in full calf, uncut, t. e. g. 

Bononiae, 1791-92. £6 SS 

* * * This very rare work contains 35 biographies of Jesuits 'born in America. 

Joannes Aloysius Maneiro was born at Vera-Cruz in 1722. By the Edict of Charles III. 
ha was obliged to become an Exile, he came with several of his companions as refugees to 
Italy, but happier than most of them he returned to Mexico in 1799, where he died in 1802. 

Vol. 1. contains biographies of: Juan de Villaviencio — Antonio Corro — Nicol. 
Cala.tayud — Franc. Perez— Aug. Marquez — JTranc. ZeTaJlos — Juan Rodriguez — ^D. Perez. 

Vol. II. biographies of : Nic. Arriola— Nic. Pae? — J. Campos — ^P. Roth — S. Davila — 
J. Melendez — J. Salgados — J. Fr. Lojwz — J. tJrhiola — J. Irra^'oiri — J. Bellidos — Xav. Gomea — 
M. MotnejanoB. 

Vol. III. biograT>hi^ of: Xav. Eiveri — X. Clavigero — ^V. Arnesi — J. Vallardi — ^A. 
Castro — (Appendix) : Pad Real — Jos. Cepeda — M. Castillo — ^Aug. Palomino — Mich. BabelU — 
Jos. Olayarrieta — ^P. Cegati — ^Manual Atoos — ^Ben. Velasco, 

104 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W.. 


[237] IMLAY (G.)- A Topographical Description of the Western. 
Territory of North America; Containing a Succinct Account of its Climate, 
Natural History, Population^ Agriculture, Manners and iCustoms, with an 
ample description of the several divisions into which that country is partitioned. 
And an accurate Statement of the various Tribes of Indians that inhabit the 
Frontier Country. 

To which is annexed, A Delineation of the Laws and Government of the 
State of Kentucky. Tending td shew the probable rise and grandeur of the 
American Empire. 

In a Series of Letters to a Friend in England. 

First Edition. 8vo, original wrafpers, uncut. 

Loitdon, 1792. £2 18s 

1794 A.D. 

[238} CLADERA (Christobal): investigaoiones Histbricas Sobre los 
Prinoipales Descubrimientos de los Espanoles en el Mar Ooeanoi en el Siglo X Vk 

y Principios del XVI. en Respuesta a la Memoria' de Mr. Otto sobre el verda- 
dero Descubridor de America. 

With the large folding Map of part of the Globe of Martin Behaim-, and 
5 engraved portraits, including Columbus anid Magellan,. 

Small 4to, original calf. 

Madrid, 179^. £5 5s 

1794 A.D. 

[239] [STEUBEN (Baron)]. Regulations for the Order and Discipline 

of the Troops of the United States, to which is prefixed the Articles of War, 
the Militia Law of the UNITED STATES and the Militia Law of South Carolina, 
also the Manual Exercise and Evolutions of the Cavalry. 

Folding plates. 

Svo, calf. Charleston, 1794. £3 3s 

A very scarce and interesting work on the Militia of the United States. 

1794 A.D. 

[240] STEDMAN (C). The History of the Origin, Progress and Ter- 
mination of the American War. 

Folding maps (as listed in the following number). 

2 vols., 4to, half calf. London, 1794. £4 18s 

■Plate XXL, 

Plate XXII. 

The South part of New-England, as it is 
Planted this ycare, 1655. 


' I I ' I ' ' ' i ' '' ' ' ' I ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 1^ , 

Wood's New Enhland's PB0SPE(a>— 1635. 
See Item No. 87. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 105 

Uncut Copy. 
1794 A.D. 

[241} STEDMAN (C). Th6 History of the Origin, Progress and Ter^ 

maitation of th© American War, by C. Stedman, who served under Sir W. Howe, 
Sir H. Clinton, and the Marquis Comwallis. 

2 vols., 4to, original boards, u^cut edges. 

London, 1794. £7 18s 

* * * Illustrated with 15 Maps (many large folding ones), viz. :— 

Plan of Action at Bunkers Hili. 

Sketch of General Grant's Position on Long Island. 

Map of North Part of New York Island. 

Plan of Operations under Sir W. Howe in New York and East New Jersey. 

Plan of Position which the Army under! Lt.-Gen. Burgoyne took at Saratoga. 

Plan of the) Attack of Forts Clinton and Montgomery upon Hud§ons Eiver. 

Sketch of Fayette's (position at Burres Hill. 

Plan of -Siege of Charlestown. 

Plan of Battle near Camden. 

Sketch of Catawba Eiver. 

Battle of Guildford. 

Sketch of Battle of Hohkirks Hill. 

Position of English and Krenoh Fleets, 5 Sept., 1781. 

Plan of Siege of York Town. 

Plan of S'iege of Savannah. 

1794 A.D. 

[242] WILLIAMS (S.). Natural and Civil History of Vermont. 

Folding map. 8vo, original calf. 

Walpole, N ewham-pshire , 1794. £2 lOs 

Coloured Copy. 
1796 A.D. 

[243] GUIANA. Stedman (Capt. J. G.). Narrative of a Five Years' 

Expedition against the Revolted Negros of Surinam, in Guiana, on the Wild 
Coast of South America: from the year 1772 to 1777- 

Illustrated with 8t> coloured plates designed from nature by the Author. 

2 vols., 4to, newly bound in half calf. 

London, 1796. £12 12s 

* * * Very scarce with the plates in colours.. 

1796 A.D. 

[244] WILLYAMS (Revi C). An Aocount of ttie Campafgn in tiie West 

Indies in 1794, under the command of Sir C. Grey and Vice-Admiral Sir* J. 
Jervis, with the reduction of the Islands of Martinique, St. Lucia, Guadaloupe, 
Mcurigalante, Desiada, etc. 

With map and plan. 4to, original boards, uncut. 

London, 1796. £5 lOS 

io6 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1797 A.D. 

[245] BRAZIL. Madre de Deos (Fr. Gaspar da). Memorias Para a 
Historia da Capitania de S. Vicente, Hoje Chamada de S. Paulo, do Estado 
do Brazil. 

Small 4to, original tvraffers, uncut. 

Lisbon, 1797. £1 10s 

* * * An important work for the history of the j>rovince of S. Paulo, Brazil, published 
by order of the Academy of Science, and composed from authentic documents. 

The! Editor, Fray GASPAE DA MADRE DE DEOS, was born at Sanctos, province 
of S. Piaul, in 1730, and became abbe general of his order in Brazil. 

1798 A.D. 

[246] WANSEY (H.). The Journal of an Excursion to the United States 
of North Ameri4^ in the Summer of 1794. 

i2mo, contemporary half russia gilt, g. e. 

Salisbury, 1798 (with imd State of Portrait of George Washington). 

£1 14s 

* * * From the library of Wm. Beckford with his MS. notes. 

1799 A.D. 

[247] LIANCOURT (Duke de La Rochefoucault). Travels through the 
United States of North America, the Country of the Iroquois, and Upper 
Canada, in the years 1795, 1796 and 1797, with an authentic account of Lower 

Three folding maps. 

2 vols., 4to, original calf. London, 1799. £5 Ss 

1802 A.D. 

[248] CALIFORNIA. Caliano (Don). Relacion del Viage Hecho por 
las Goletas Sutil y Mexicana en el ano de 1 792 para Reconocer el Estrecho dSi 
Fuca; con una Introduccion en que se da noticia de las Expediciones Executadas 
Anteriormente por los Espanoles en Busca. del Paso del Noroeste de la America. 

Text I volume, 4to, and the Atlas of Plates small folio. 

2yo\s., full calf . Madrid, 1^2. £21 

* * * One of the most important voyaffes miade to the Californian and Western Coasts 
lit North America, especially valuable on account of the series of nine lai'ge maps, viz. :— 

(1) The CJoast of California from Ac^pulco to Cape Perpetua. 

(2) Continuation of th© Californian Coast from Cape Perpetua to Goletas. 

(3) Continuation of the Californian Coast to the Bay of Bristol. 

(i) Plan of the Exploration along the Coast of California by Captain Vizcaino. 
(5) Plan of Port of San Diego. (6) Port and Bay of Monterey. 
(7) Plan of Los Amigos, at the Entrance of Nutfca Sound. 
(85 Plan of Port of Mulgrave. (9) Plan of the Port of Desengano. 
Besides these maps, there is a series of eight other plates (views, natives, etc.). 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 107 

1804 A.D. 

[249] WASHINGTON (George). Marshall (John). Life of George 
Wastlington, Commander-in-Chief of the American Forces, during the war 
which established the Independence of his Country and First President of the 
United States, to which is prefixed, an introduction containing a compendious 
view of the Colonies planted by the English on the Continent of North America. 

Illustrated with portrait of Washington, View of Mount Vernon, and 
two maps. 

Best Edition. 5 vols., 4to, original boards, wn'cut. 

London, 1804. £4 4s 

1807 A.D. 

[250] JANSON (Charles William). The Stranger In America: Contain- 
ing Observations made during a long residence in that country, on the Genius, 
Manners and Customs of the people of the Uniteid States; with Biogre^phical 
Particulars of Public Characters; Hints and Facts relative to the Arts, Sciences, 
Commerce, Agriculture, Manufactures, Emigration, and Th© Slave Trade. 

Engraved title, and 8 important plates. 

4to, original calf. 

Albion Press, London, '1807. £4 15s 

* * * Tlie plates include : — 

View of tlie City and Port of Philadelphia. 

View of Boston from the Bay. 

Plan of the City of Philadelphia. 

Phi'ladelphiiia Theatre. Etc., etc. 
D-rawn under the direction of the Author and engraved by M. Marigot. 

Admiral Cockburn's Copy. 
1807-8 A.D. 

[251] ARGENTINE. BuettOS Ayres. An Authentic Narrative of the 
Proceedings of the Expedition under the Command of Brigadier ^General Crau- 
f urd until its arrival at Monte Video; with an Account of the Operation against 
Buenos Ayres under the Command of Lieut. Gen. Whitelocke, by an Officer of 
the Expedition. 

Four folding maps. 

London, Printed for the Author, 1808. 

A Narrative' of the Expedition to, and the Storming' of Buenos Ayres by 
the British Army. By an Officer attached to the Expedition. 38 pp. 1807. 

In I vol., 8vo, calf. £9 9s 

• ' * From the library of Admiral George Cockburn, with his Arms on sides, and 
Bookplate inside cover. 

Bound up with the aborve is Captain Foote's Vindication of liis Conduct when Captaift 
of H.M.S. Sea Horse, 1807. 

io8 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W 

1807 A.D. 

[252] ARGENTINE. Buenos Ayres. A Narrative of The Expedition 
to, and the Storming of Buenos Ayres, by The iBritish Army, commanded by 
Lieutenant-General Whitelocke. By An Officei', attached to the Expedition. 

With engraved plate. 

38 pp., Svo, half morocco. Bath, 1807 £4 4s 

1808 A.D. 


[253] [ANDRE] SMITH (Joshua Hett). An Authentic Narrative of the 

Causes which led to the death of Major Andre. To which is added a Monody 
on the Death of Major Andre, by Miss Seward. 

Fine impression of the portrait of Andre, by Hopwood, and plate of the 
tomb, together with map. 

Svo, original boards, uncut. 

London, 1808. - £5 5s 

180» A.D. 

[254} LAMB (R.). An Originat and Authentic Journal of Ooourrenoes 
during the late American War^ from its commencement to the year 1783. 

8vo, original boards, uncut. 

Dublin, 1809. £2 15S 

1809-11 A.D. 

[255] LAMB (R.). An Original and Authentic Journal of Occurrences 
during the late American War, from its Commencement to the Year 1783. 

Dublin, 1809. 

Memoir of His Own Life. 

Dublin, 181 1. 

Together 2 vols., Svo, half morocco gilt, g. e. 

Dublin, 1809-11. £5 lOs 

1809 A.D. 

[256] LEWIS AND CLARKE, Travels from St Louis, by way of the 

Missouri and Columbia Rivers, to the Pacific Ocean; performed in the years 
1804-6. Containing delineations of the Manners, Customs, Religion, &c., of 
the Indians, and a summary of the statistical view of the Indian Nations, from 
the official communication of Meriwether Lewis. 

Illustrated with a map of the country. 

Svo, full original calf . 

London, i8og. £3 18s 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. log 

1809 A.D. 

[257] SOLIS, Historila de la. Conquiste de Mexico, Poblacion y pro- 
gressos de la America Septentriant. Nueva edicion Coregida por Don Agus- 
tine Lucis JoSse. 

3 vols., 8vo, calf. London, i8og. £1 10s 

1811 A.D. 

[258] WILLIAMS (Rev. John). The Captivity amt Deiiveranoe of Mr. 
John Williams, Pastor of theChurch in Deer&eld^ and Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, 
of Lancaster, who were taken:, together with their Families and Neighbors, by 
the French and Indians, and cajrned into Caxiada. Wrftten by themselves. 

Small 8vo, original calf. 

Brookfield, 181 1. £2 lOS 

1811 A.D. 

[259} HUMBOLDT (A. de). Essai Politique sur He Royaume de La 

Nouvelte-Espagne. Avec un Atlas, Physique et Geographique. 

3 volumes (2 volumes 4to, and atlas folio, containing twenty plates), half 
morocco. Paris, 181 1. £3 lOS 

1815 A.D. 

[260] BRAZIL. De Beauohamp (M. Alphonse). Histoire du Bii6sil« 

depuis sa decouverte' en 1500 jusqu'en 1810. 

With large folding map, and two fine French engraved plates. 

3 vols., 8vo, full calf, newly, rebacked, gilt, mottled edges. 

Paris, 18 1 5. £2 lOS 

*** Conta-ming : — Origin of the PortugTiese Monarchy. Portuguese Coouiueats in 
India and Africa. Discovery and Description of Brazil. Manners and Customs of the People. 
Origin and Progress of the Portuguese Establishments. Wars with the Natives and with 
other European Nations over Brazil. Its Civil, Political, and Commercial History, its 
Kevolutions and present State. 

1818 A.D. 


tin Pomposa). Los JesuJtas quitados y restituidos al Mundo. Historia de la 
Antigua California. 

213 pp., small 8vo, half morocco. 

Mexico, 1 8 16. £21 

* * * An excessively rare little book, printed for Subscribers only. 

A History of Old California and the wort done there by the Jesuit Missionaries; 
partly translated from the posthumous work of Father Clavigero and partly taken from the 
History of the Province of New. Spain, which was written by Father Alegie and never before 

no MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1816 A.D. 

[262] BRAZIL. KOSTER (H). Travels in Brazil. 

Illustrated with map, plan', and finely coloured plates. 

4to, half morocco gilt. 

London, 1816. £1 15s 

1816 A.D. 

[263] BARBE-MA1RBOI8 (M.). CompM tt'Arnoldl et {te ^r Henry 

Clinton contre les Etats-unis d'Amerique et contre le General Washington. 

Portrait of Washington and of General Arnold, dessine d'apr6s Nature 
par Du Simitier a Philadelphie, grave par Adam, also Plan of West Pqint, 1780. 

8vo, half calf. 

Paris, 1 8 16. £3 3s 

1816 A.D. 

[264] PARAQUAY. FUNES (Dr. Gregory). Ensayo de la Histona 
Civil del Paraquay, (Buenos-Ayres y Tucuman. 


3 vols., small 4to, original calf. 

Buenos-Ayres (1816). £5 10s 

* * * With the Autograph on title of each volume, of John Parish Kobertsom of 

A very important work, and tha best history of Paraquay composed from Original 
Documents. It also refers to ther celebrated revolution in 1780, at the head of irhich was 

1817 A.D. 

[265] BRADBURY (John). Travels in the Interior of America, in the 

Years 1809, 1810, and 181 1; including A Description of Upper Louisiana, 
together with the States of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Temiessee, with the 
Illinois and Western Territories, and containing Remarks and Observations 
useful to Persons emigrating to those Countries. 

8vo, half calf gilt, g. e. 

Liverpool, Printed for the Author, 1817. £3 18s 

1817 A.D. 

[266] ilAMES (William). A Full and Correct Account of the Chief 
Naval Occurrences of the late War between Great Britain and the United 
States of America, preceded by a Cursory Examination of the American 
Accounts of their Naval Actions fought previous to that period. 

With illustrations. Thick 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1817. £2 5« 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. in 

1818 A.D. 

[267] CUBA. Instrucoion para el govierno economioo y acbraitistrative 
de la Real Faotoria de Tabacos de la Isia de Cubar conforme al soberano 
decreto de 23 de Juneo de 18 17, impresa de orden-del Sr D. Alexandre Ramirez, 
Cjese superior e inspector de la Real Factoria de Tabacos. 

21 pp., folio, boards. 

Habana, 1818. £3 10s 

Duchess de Berry's Copy. 

1819 A.D. 

[268] TEXAS. L'Hdroine du Texas, ou Voyage de Madame . . . 
Aux Etats-jUnis et au Mexique. Orne d'une Gravure representant le Champ 
d'A&ite et le Camp retranche des Francais. Cet Ouvrage est termine par une 
Romcm^ce. Par Mr. G . . . n F . . . n. 

With engraved frontispiece of " Le Champ D'Asile." 

, 8vo. Fine copy from the Library of the Duchess de Berry; calf, Arms 
in gold on sides, and her book-flate inside cover. 

Paris, 1 8 19. £G 6s 

1826 A.D. 

[269] MEXICO. MONTEZUMA. Arbol Genealogico de Montezunm, 

Emperador di Mejico. 

A manuscript genealogical tree, drawn by a native, in crude colours from 

the original in the Museo Niegico, on a roll 18 ft. by i ft. 10 ins. 

Circa 1820. £5 5s 

This exteaobdinaby Genealogical Tree of the famous Moniezdma, Empeeoe as Mbxioo, 


OP Abhs, ETC. At the head of the roll are drawings of Don Melchora, Dn. Au^stin, Da. 
Juana Batista de Mendoza, and others, below which are the arms of Spain. 

1820 A.D. 

j;26Qa] RALFE (J.). The Naval Chronology of Great Britain: or^ an 

Historical Account of Naval and Maritime Events, from the Commencement of 
the War in 1803, to the end of the year 181 6, also particulars of the most im- 
portant Courts-Martial, Votes of Parliament, Lists of Flag-Officers in Commis- 
sion, and of Promotions for each year : the whole forming a complete Naval 
History of the above period. 

Portrait of George IV. printed in colours, and 59 very finely coloured 
plates of Naval Scenes, Battles, etc. 

3 vols., royal Svo. Fine Copy in the original! boards, uncut. 

London, 1820. £130 

* * * A very fine copy of this rare Work, in coloured state, including; the " Capture of 
the Chesapeake," " Capture of the Argus, 1813," &c., &e. 

112 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1823 A.D. 

[270} SLAVE TRADE. CLARKSON (T). Thoughts on the NecessHy 
of Improving the Condition of The Slaves in the British Colonies, with a view 
to their ultimate Emancipation; and on the practicabihty, the safety, and the 
advantages of the latter measure. 

60 pp., 8vo, boards. 

London, \%2i. .10s6d 

1823 A.D. 

[2;iJ SLAVE TRADE. HODGSON (Adam). A Letter to M. Jean- 
BaptiSte Say, on the Comparative Expense of Free and Slave Labour. 
Second Edition. 60 pp., 8vo, boards. 
Liverpool, Printed by James Smith, 1823. 10s 6d 

1823 A.D. 

[272] SLAVE TRADE. Negro Slavery; or, A View of some of the 
more prominent features of that state of society, as it exists in the United 
States of Amjerica and in the Colonies of the West Indies, especially in Jamaica. 

92 pp., 8vo, boards. 

London, 1823, lOs 6d 

1823 A.D. 

[273J SLAVE TRADE. WILBERFORCE (Wm.). An Appeal to the 
Religion, Justice, and Humanity of the inhabitants of the British Empire, on 

behalf of the Negro Slaves in the West Indies. 

A New Edition. 56 pp., 8vo, boards. 

London, 1823. lOs 6d 

1824 A.D. 

[274] SLAVE TRADE. COOPER (Thomas). Correspondence between 

Geoige Hibbert, Esq., and the Rev. T. Cooper, relative to the condition of the 
Negro Slaves in Jamaica, extracted from the Morning Chronicle : Also, A Libel 
on the Character of Mr. and Mrs. Cooper, Published, inl 1823, in several of the 
Jamaica Journals; With Notes and Remarks. 

67 pp., 8vo, boards. 

London, 1824. lOs 6d 

1824 A.D. 

[275 J SLAVE TRADE. COOPER (Thomas). Facts Illustrative of the 
Conditron of the Negro Slaves In Jamaica: With Notes and an Appendix. 
64 pp., 8vo, boards. 
London, 1824. lOs 6d 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 113 

1824 A.D. 

[276] SLAVE TRADE. COOPER (Thomas). A Letter to Robert 
Hibbert, Jun., Esq., in Reply to His Pamphlet, entitled " Facts Verified upon 
Oath, in Contradiction of the Report of the Rev, Thomas (^Tooper, concerning 
the general condition of the Slaves in Jamaica," &c., &c, To which are added, 
A Letter from Mrs. Cooper to R. Hibbert, Jun., Esq., and an Appendix, Con- 
taining An Exposure of the Falsehoods and Calumnies of that gentleman. 

90 pp., 8vo, boards. 

London, 1824. tOs 6d 

1824 A.D. 

[277] SLAVE TRADE. Debate iir the House of Commons, on the i6th 
Day of March, 1824, on the Measures adopted by His Majesty's Government, 
for the amelioration of the condition of the slave population in His Majesty's 
Dominions in the West Indies. 

71 pp., 8vo, boards. 

Lot?don, 1824. 10s 6d 

1824 A.D. 

[278] SLAVE TRADE. East India Su^ar, or an Inquiry respecting the 
Means of Improving the Quality and Reducing the Cost of Sugar raised by 
Free Lalaour in the East Indies. With an Appendix containing Proofs and 

41 pp., 8vo, boards. 

London, 1824. lOs 6d 

1824 A.D. 

[279] SLAVE TRADE. An Impartial Appeal to the Reason, Justice, 
and Patriotism of the People of Illinois on the Injurious Effects of Slave Labour. 

18 pp., 8vo, boards. 

Philadelfhia, Printed. London, Re-printed for the Society for the Miti- 
gation and Gradual Abolition of Slavery throughout the British Dominions, 
1834. 10s 6d 

1824 A.D. 

[280] SLAVE TRADE. Substance of a Speech delivered by John 
Joseph Gurney, Esq., at a Public Meeting of the Inhabitants of Norwich, on 
the 28th January, 18124, on the subject of British Colonial Slavery., 

16 pp., Svo, boards. 

'London {i?,2Ji^). ,. 10s 6d 

1 14 ' MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1824 A.D. 

[281] SLAVE TRADE. West-lndlait Pretensions Refuted; Beingr an 
Abstract from the Preface of a Work, entitled The Slavery of the British West- 
India Colonies Delineated, as it Exists in Law and Practice, and compared with 
the Slavery of other Countries, Ancient and Modem. 

24 pp., 8vo, boards. 

London, 1824. lOS 6ft 

1S24 A.D. 

[282] SLAVE TRADE. WINN (T. S.'). EmaiH>vation; or Practical 
Advice to British Slave-Holders : With Suggestions for the General Improve- 
ment of West India Affairs. 

Ill pp., 8vo, boards. 

London, 1824. 10s 6d 

' 1825 A.D. 

[283] SLAVE TRADE. Acooiint of a Shooting Excursion on the Moun* 
tains near DromiMy Estate, in the Parish of Trelawny, and Island of Jamaica, 
in the Month of October, 1824. 

164 pp., Svo, boards. London, 1825. lOS 6tf 

1825 A.D. 

[284} SLAVE TRADE. The Slave Colonies of Great Britain; or a Pic- 
ture of Negro Slavery drawn By the Colonists themselves : Being an Abstract 
of the Various Papers recently laid before Parliament on that subject. 

164 pp., 8vo, boards. 

London, 1825. lOS 6cf 

1825 A.D. 

para servir a'historia do Reino do Brazil, divididas em tres epocas da felici- 
dade, honra, e gloria; escriptas na corte do Rio de Janeiro no Anno de 1821. 

Ilidstrated with 4 folding maps. 

2 vols., small 4to, half morocco. 

LiSon, 1825. £3 lOS 

1825 A.D. 

[286] KEATING (William H.). Narrative of an Expedition to the Source 
of St Peter's River, Lake Wlnnepeek, Lake of the Woods, &c., Performed 
in the Year 1823, By Order of the Hon. J. C. Calhoun. 

Illustrated with folding map, portrait, and other plates. 

2 vols., 8vo, original boards, uncut. 

London, 1825. £2 15s 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 115 

1826 A.D. 

[287 J SLAVE TRADE. STEPHEN (James). England enslaved by 
her own Slave Colonies. An Address to the Electors and People of the United 

92 pp., 8vo, boards. 

London, 1826. lOs 6d 

1826 A.D. 

[288] JUAN (Jorge) and ULLOA (Antonio de). Notioias secretas de 

America. . . . Presentadas en informe secret© a Fernando V-I. Sacadas 
a Luz. Por Don David Barry. 

Illustrated with two portraits. 

2 vols._ in I, small folio, full calf. 

London, 1826. £15 15s 

* * * jf most interesting report mi the behaviour of the Spanish officials and priests 
in Peru, 'with details frequently ,of an extraordinary natuTe. Hence the secret character of 
the iwork, which was published in London, as it was not allowed to be printed ill Spain. 

1829 A.D. 

[289] MEXICO. HARDY (Lieut. R. W. H). Travels in the Interior 

of Mexico, in 1825, 1826, 1827 and 1828. 

Foldiiig map, 7 plates, and 3 vignettes. 

8vo, original boards, cut. 

London, 1829. £1 10s 

* * * From the Library of WILLIAM BTSCKrORD', Author of " Vathek." with->four 
pages filled with interesting notes in his autograph. 

1834-6 A.D. 

[290] MEXICO. DUPAIX (Capt.). Antiquity Mexicalnes^ Relation 
de Trois Expeditions ordonnee par Charles IV, pour la recherche des Antiquites 
du Pays, notamment ceUes de Mitea et de Palerque, suivie d'un paraUele de ces 
monuments avec ceux de I'Egypte, de I'Indostan, et du reste de I'ancien monde, 
par Lenoir, dissertations sur I'origine de I'ancienne population desi Deux Ameri- 
ques et les diverses Antiquites par Warden, etc. 

With 167 beautiful plates on India Paper. 

2 vols., folio, half morocco, gilt backs and gilt tops, uncut. 

Paris, Imprimerie Didot, 1S34-6. £5 10s 

ii6 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1835-55 A.D. 

[291] BRAZIL. COLES (Capt. Cowper). A Series of Original Water- 
Colour Drawings andPenoil Sketches, executed between 1835 and 1855, taken 
during his service in South America, Portugal, Greece, and the Crimea. 

Containing Views of Rio de Janeiro, Entrance to Rio de Janeiro, The 
Ball given on board the Hercule, at Rio, by the Prince de Joinville, to the 
ICmperor of Brazil, 1837, Constantinople, Cricket Match between the Lisbon 
Cricket Club and the British Squadron, 1850, a great numiber of Drawings taken 
during the Crimean War. 

Mounted in an oblong folio scrap book, half morocco. £20 

Captain C. Ck>les was the inyontor of the turret which was the first step towards the 
ouaver-sion from Wooden to Iron construction. 

1836 A.D. 

[292] TRUMBULL (Henry). History of the Discovery of America of 

the Landing of .our Forefathers, at Plymouth, and of their most remarkable 
Engagements with the Indians in New-England, from their first landing in 
1620, until the final subjugation of the Natives in 1679. 

To which is annexed the Particulars of almost every important Engage- 
ment with the Savages at the Westward to the Present Day.. Including the 
Defeat of Generals Braddock, Harmer and St. Clair, By the Indians at the West- 
ward; The Creek and Seminole War, &c. 

Large Folding Frontispiece of " Colonel Johnson's Engagement with the 
Savages, Oct. 5th, 1812," and two other engravings. 

8vo, original boards. 

Boston, Published by George Clark, 1836. £1 lOs 

1837 A.D. 

[293J ANTIQUITATES AMERICANAE sive soriptores septentrionales 
rerum Ante-Colutnbianarum in America. Samhng af de i Nordens Olds Krif- 
ter in deholdte Efterretninger om de Jamie Nordboers opdagelsesreiser til 
America fra 10 til 14 Aarhundrede ed. Societas Regia Antiquariorum Septen- 

With many reproductions of ancient MSS. and other facsimiles. 

Thick 4to, original wrappers. 

Copenhagen, 1837. £3 3s 

Very interesting collection of facts, referriiisf to the Discovery of America by the 
Norsemen before Columbus. 

1838 A.D. 

[294] CANADA. BENTHAM (Jeremy). Canada. Emancipate your 
Cofonies! An Unpublished Argument. 

18 pp., 8vo, boards. London, 1838. 7S 6d 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. 117 

1838 A.D. 

[295J HINMAN (R. R.). The Blue Laws of New Haven Celony, usually 
called Blue Laws of Connecticut; Quaker Laws of Plymouth and Massachusetts; 
Blue Laws of New York, Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina. First Record 
of Coimecticut : interesting extracts from Connecticut Records : Cases of Salem 
Witchcraft: Charges and Banishment of Rev. Roger Williams, &c.; and other 
Interesting and Instructive Antiquities. Compiled by An Antiquarian. 

Small 8vo, half calf , g. e. 

Hartford, 1838. £1 5s 

1838 A.D. 

[296} YUCATAN. WALDECK (F. de). Voyage Pittoresque et Archeo- 
logjque cEans la Province D'Yucatan les ann^es 1834 et 1836. 
Map and 22 plates, coloured and plain. 
Large paper copy. Atlas folio, half morocco. 
Paris, 1838. £3 lOs 

1839 A.D. 

[297} MEXICO. BLANCHARD (P.) and DAUZATS (A.). San Juan 
de UlCia ou relation de I' Expedition Franoaise au Mexique. 

Suivi de Notes et documents, et d'un ajpercu general sur I'etat actuel du 
Texas Par M. E. Maissin. 

Illustrated with a large num.ber of plates, and engravings in the text. 

Imperial 8vo, cloth. 

Paris, 1839. £1 5S 

1839 A.D. 

[298] CUBA. TACON (Don Miguel, Marques de la Union de Cuba). 
Jufcio dte Residencia del Escelentisimo Senor Don Miguel Tacon, Gobernador y 
Capitan General que 'fue de la Isla de Cuba. 

Coleccion de varios escritos presentados por su apoderado y defensor el 
Senor Don Jose Antonia de Olaneta, fiscal electo de la audiencia pretorial man- 
dada establecer en la ciudad'de la Habana, y dados a luz por el comercio, con 
un apendice que contiene las respectivas sentencias. 

Royal 8vo, original calf. 

- Philadelphia, 1839. £1 16s 

!i8 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1840 A.D. 

[299] CANADA. BEAUCLERK (Lord Charles). Lithographic Views 
Of Military Operations in Canada. Under His Excellency Sir John Colborne, 
during the late insurrection. 

7 Fine Coloured Lithographic Plates, accompanied by Notes Historical 
and Descriptive. 

4to, half calf. 

London, 1840. " £18 18s 

1841 A.D. 

[300] GUIANA. BENTLEY (C). Twelve Views in the Interior of 
Guiana after sketches taken duringi the Expedition carried on in the years 

Map and 12 fine large coloured lithographic plates, with descriptive text 
by R. H. Schomburgh. 

Large folio, half green morocco. 

London, 1841. £7 15s 

Atarapu or. Devil's Kook. Esmeralda on. the Orinoco. 

Pirara and Lake Amucu. Brazilian Fort St. Gabriel. 

Pur^-Piapa. Christmas Cataract. 

Boraima. Watu Ticaha, 

PuTumama. Caribi Village Anai. 

Junction, of the Kundanama with the Frontispiece. 

1845 A.D. 

[301] DARTNELL (G. R.). A Brief Narrative of the Shipwreck of the 
Transport " Premier," near the Mouth of the River St. Lawrence, .11843, having 
on board the Head Quarter Wing of the 2nd Battalion' of the) ist or Royal 
Regiment, proceeding from North America to the West Indies. 

Illustrated with several engravings. 

4to, cloth. 

London, 1845. £t Ss 

1847 A.D. 

[302] GILLIAM (Albert M.). Travels in Mexico, during the Years 1843 
and 44; Including A Description of California, the Principal Cities and Mining 
Districts of that Republic; the Oregon Territory, etc. 

A New and Complete Edition. 

Small 8vo, new half morocco. 

Aberdeen, 1847. £2 2s 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 119 

Travels in the Oregon and Rocky Mountains, 1845-6. 
1848 A.D. 

[303] OREGON. SMET (Rev. P. J. de). Missions de t'Oi^gon et 
Voyages aux Montagnes Rooheuses, aux sources de la Colombia, de I'Atha- 
basca et du Sascatshawin, en 1845-46. 

With 16 Engravings and 3 Maps. 

Thick i2mo, fine copy in Original Printed Wrappers. 

Gand., 1848. £3 3S 

• • * " A handsome volume, of over 400 pages, illustrated by engravings, and dedi- 
cated to Bishop Hughes, from the distant solitudes of the Rocky Mountains, by a pioxis 
Catholio priest, who devoted his life to the conversion of the Children of the Forest to 
Chxistianity. The book might properly enough be called a history of the religious ocoupa- 
tiom of Oregon, for it gives a minute account of all the missions that have been established, 
or attempted, in that vast and wonderful region to which the red men have been compelled 
to fly before the rising tide of civilization. 

" We have been more deeply interested in the contents .of this well-writtea volume, 
than ia any similar w<>rfc -that we have ever read. The Authoir seems to spread tRe gr6at 
wilderness out befo're ue like a map, and while kindling in our minds a sense of the infinite 
grandeur and beauty of Nature, inspires us at the time with something of the spirit of his 
own holy mission. The" very names of the 'solitary places from' whict he dates' Ms letters, 
not only startle us by their strangeness, but are linked with the most affecting associations. 
■ Foot of the Cross of Peace ' — ' Village of the Sacred Heart of Jesus ' — such are the names 
with which the Catholic Fathers christen the wilderness which is made glad by their labours." 
(Nerw York Evening Mirror.) 

1852 A.D. 

[304] COKE (Hon. Henry J.). A Ritfo iytet the Rocl(y Mountains to 
Oregon and Calif ornia. With a glance at some of the Tropical Islands, in- 
cluding the West Indies and the Sandwich Isles. 

8vo, origirtal cloth, uncut. London, 1'852. £2 lOs 

1852 A.D. 

[305] PANAMA CANAL. WILLIAMS (J. J.). El istmo Tehuantepec 
residto fiel reconocimiento que para la oonstruoion de un ferro-carril de coni^ 
municacion entre les Oceanos Atlantico y PaoifiGO. 

lUustrado con varios grabados y mapas. 

8vo, full calf gilt. Mexico, 1852. £2 lOs 

1853 A.D. 

[306] CANADA. DUNKIN (Christopher). Address at the Bar of the 
Leg^'slative Assembly of Canada, delivered on the i ith and 14th March, 1853, 
on behalf of certain Proprietors of Seigniories in Lov^rer Canada, against the 
.Second Reading of the Bill, intituled : " An Act to dehne Seigniorial rights in 
Lower Canada. 

Large folding map of the Champlain and St. Lawrence Railroad. 

8vo, wrappers. Quebec, 1853. 12s 6d 

.,i20 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1855 A.D. 

[307] PETIT-THOUARS (A. Du). Voyage Autour du Momfe Sitr la 
Frigate La Venus, 1836-39; Zoologie, Mammiferes, Oiseaux, Reptiles at Pois- 

With the Atlas of ^^ large and beautifully coloured plates of Animals, 
Birds, Reptiles, Fish, Molluscs, Zoophytes, etc. 

Royal 8vo, and large folio, 2 vols., new half maroon tnorocco gilt, uncut, 
t.^e. g. 

Paris, 1855. £5 15s 

Partly relating- to the Natural History of America. 

1860 A.D. 

[307a] AMERICA. Map of the World published in China c 186C. 

Comprising the two hemispheres, the one showing North and South America 
and the Southern Islands; the other Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. The 
names all printed in Chinese characters. 

Folio size. Circa i860. lOs 6d 

1862 A.D. 

[308] CANADA. CARMICHAEL'SMYTH (Maj.-Gen. Sir James). 
Precis of The Wars in Canada, from 1755 to the Treaty of Ghent in 1814. 
With Military and Political Reflections. By the late Maj.-Gen. Sir James 
Carmichael-Smyth, Bart. Edited by his son. Sir James Carmichael, Bart. 

8vo, original cloth. 

London, 1862. £1 16s 

* * * Inserted is an Autograph letter from Sir James Carmichael to Earl Grey, pre- 
senting' the T)ook, in which he writes : — 

" . . . .1 take the liberty of forwarding to Your Lordship a copy of the ' Precis 
of the Wars iji Canada. ' which was written :by my father, the late M. Oemeral Sir Jajnes 
Carmichael-Smyth, on his return from a military inspection of our North Amewcan Provinces. 

" This work was originally printed for pTiva,te circulation among official people only, 
by the desire of Hisi Grace the Duke of Wellington, and but few copies were consequently 

, "Eeeent events in the United States have however directed the attention of both 
XI.M. Govt, and the British public so strongly tow'ards the defences orf Canada, that it ap- 
l>eared to me, that all persons, interested in preserving its union with the Mother Country, 
might derive l[x)th-inform.ation and advajitage from the perusal of the opinions of an En- 
gineer Officer of great experience and high professional Teputation." 

1865 A.D. 

[309] BRAZIL. VASCONCELLOS (Padre Simao de). Chronica da 
Gompanhia d& Jesu do Estado dio Brasit e dio que Obraram seus filhos n'esta 
parte de Novo Mundo emi que se trata d^ Entrada da Cpmpanhia de Jesu nas 
Partes do Brasit. 

2 vols, in I, small 4to, half calf. 

Lisbon, 1865. £"• 168 

*** A very important chronicle for the years 1549-1570. 

irLAlE XXlil. 

io Peru habitus. 


Weiqei, — Habitus Populoeum — 1639. 
SfiH Ttfitn No. 88. 

Plate XXI V. 



See Item No. lli; 

MAQGS BRO'^., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 1.21. 

1865 A.D. 

[310] CILLMORE (Q. A.). Engineer and Artillery Operations against 
the Defences of Charleston Harbor in 1863. 

; Illustrated by Seventy-six plates (chiefly tinted) and engraved views. 

Tihick royal 8vo, original cloth. 

New York, 1865. £2 Ss 

1S65 A.D. 

[311} NOVIA SCOTIA. MURDOCK (6.) A History of Nova Sootia 
or Acat^. 

3 vols., 8vo, half morocco. 

Halifax, N.S., 1865. £3 3s 

Including' chapters on New France, Acadio, Pontrincourt, Jesuit Missions, Fishery, 
and Trade, Government, etc. 

1872 A.D. 

[312] COUTO (Don Bernardo). Dialogo Sobre la Historia de la Pin- 
tura en Mexico. 

Small 4to, full calf. 

Mexico, 1872. &2 2s 

122 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 



India, China, Japan, and The Philippines. 

The First Book to Mention Ceylon. 
1506 A.D. 

[313] INDIA. Gesta proxime per Portugallenses in India, Ethiopia vt 
aliis orientalibus terris. 

Black Letter, 

First Edition. 4to, vellum. 

Rome, Johanw Besicken, "jth November, 1506. £52 10s 

Copies of this the first edition are of eitrreme rarity. In. this most interesting worl 
the most notable feats of arms are summarily related which were accsjmplished by the 
Portuguese in Mombaza, Canano, Coohiii, etc., in the year 1505. This is apparently also the 
first work to bear mention of Ceylon (under the name of " Taprobana "). These events took 
place under the Viceroy alty of Piiancis d' Almeida, Count of Abrantes, who became Viceroy 
of Portuguese India in 1505. During his administration, the Portugnese discovered Ceylon, 
the Maldive Islands, and Madagascar, to which the name of St. Laurence was given. He 
intended subduing the whole of the Malabar Coast, but before he could put his project into 
execution, he quarrelled with Albuquerque and resigned. He was kil'ed by an arrow, near 
the Cajie of Orood Hope, in u, quarrel with the 'KaiRrs, on 1st Mairch, 1509, on hie retrtim 
journey to Europe. 

Only one other copy erppears to be known, and that in the Biblioth^iine Kationate, 
Paris, from which in the year 1906 a privately printed reproduction of 60 copies was made. 

1523 A.D. 

[314] INDIA AND PERSIA. VARTHEMA (Ludovico de). Ithwrario 
nola Egypto^ nela Suria, nela Arabia, Desert et Felice, nela Persia, nela India 
& nela Ethiopia. La fede, el vivere & costumi de tutte le prefate provincie. 

Roman Letter, long lines. With large woodcut on title of the author 
inscribing his discoveries on a terrestrial globe, above a fine ship vnth sail fuU 
set before the wind; numerous woodcut capitals. 

4to, \%th century calf gilt. Arms of Prince Eugkne of Savoy om sides 
{" Padelou-p relieur" in an old hand on fly-leaf). 

Milan, Joanne Angela Scinzenzeler , 30/^ April, 1523. 

(See Illustration on Cover.) £25 

• • * A riNE COPY OF AN EXCEEDINGLY RAEE BOOK. As nsmal. the two leavBH 
of Table at end are missing. 

"The Travels of Ludo\ico d« Varthema acre among the most important for the early 
de'CTiption of thp EH=t. Errnt, Arabia, Persia, India, tlie Islands of the Orient, the Moluceos, 
and the Cape of Good Hope." 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 123 

Tlie Far Eas^— continued. 
1553 A.D. 

[315] INDIA. PERONDINUS (Petrus). Magni Tamerlanis Scytharuin 
Imperatoris Vita a Petro Perondinus Pratense Consoripta. 

Small 8vo, vellum. Florence, 1553. £1 lOs 

The First European Book to Contain Chinese and Japanese Characters. 

1575 A.D. 

[316] JAPAN. Missionary Letters. Cartas que Ids Padres Hermano& 
de la Compania de Jesus, que andan en los Reynos de Japon escrivieron a los 
da la misma Compania desde el ano de 1549 hasta el de 1571 . . . pn las- 
quales se da noticia de las varias costumbres y Idolatrias de aquella Gentili- 
dad : y se cuenta el principio y successo y bondad de lbs Christianos de aquellas 

Small 4to, cloik. Alcala, 1575. £35 

* * * Aa exceedingriy rare oolleotion of I^etters from eighty-eigrht Missionaries in Japan 
and China, duiringi the yeans 1549 to' 1571, written, by the Jesuits, Francois Xavieir, de Almeida,. 
.). Fernaaidez, de Acosta, de Fig-ueredo, G. Vilela, L. Firoes, etc. 

This is the iirst Enrope-aa -book in ■which Chinese and Japanesei characters apipear,. 
'being nine years prior to the Ortelins Atlas, -whioh has hitherto been thought to be the Iirst to 
contain, tihose characters. 

1379 A.D. 

[317] JAPAN. Lettere Diverse DaKe indie Orientali di nuovo Venute: 

Le quali narrano molte cose notabili del gran Regno del Giappone, negli Anni. 
1574, 157s & 1576- Scritte dalli Reverendi Padri della Compagnia di Giesu; 
& di Portughese tradotte nel Volgare Italiano. 

i2mo, vellum. Turin, 1579. £10 lOs- 

* • * Comprises letters from the Celebrated Missionaries Cabral and Carnero. 

15S6 A.D. 


(P.. Maestro Giovanni). Historia dfella China, Descritta nella lingua Spag- 
nuola. Et ,tradotta nell' Italiana, dal M. Francesco Avanzo. 

i2mo, vellum. Venetia, 1586.. £12 12s 

*** This was the product of three missions. The notes of Martin de Eada, or de 
Herradia, in the first expedition (alone" with Pedro de Sarmiento) in 1375, and those of 
Gonzalez die STendoza on his mission of 1578, ena.bled the latter to write the Historia. A third 
journey in 1581, by Martin Ignacio de Loyola, furnished the Itinerario, which includes Mexico- 
and the Philipipines. 

This Itinerario is very interesting. Fr. Ignacio on his voyage to China went via the 

.Canaries and St. Dominique, from there he passed to Vera Cruz, across Mexico, between 
Mexico audi Acapuloo, and re-embarked from this port for the Philippines and Chima. A,l- 

..thoug'li brief, the a.ocount of the Voyage is extremely interesting. He speaks of the Discovery 
of New Mexico by Ant. d'Bspejo. 

124 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, Londcxn, W. 

The Far East — continued. 

1587 A.D. 

[319] INDIA. GOULART (Simon). Histoire de Portugal contenant 
des entreprises, navigations, & gestes memorables des Portugallois, tant en 
la cmiqt^este (te Indes Orientales par eux descouvertes, qu' es guerres d'Afrique 
& autres exploits, depuis I'an mil quatre cens nonante six. . . . 

Comprinse en vingt Livres, dont les douze premiers sont traduits du 
Latin de Jerosme Osorius, Evesque de Sylves en Algarve, les huit suyvans prins 
de Lopez Castagnede & d' autres Historiens. 

Nouvellement mise en Francois, par S. G. S. avec un discours du fruict 
qu' on peut recueillir de la lecture de ceste histoire, & ample Indice des mitieres 
principales y contenues. 

Thick small 8vo, original calf. 

Paris, 1587. £2 15s 

1588 A.D. 

[320] INDIA, CHINA AND JAPAN. REBELLO (Fr. Amador). Alguns 
Capitulos ti radios (kis cartas que vieram esta anno de 1588. dos Padres dai 
Companhia de Jesu que andam nas partes da India, China^ Japao & Reino de 
Angola, impresses pera se poderem con mais facilidade comunicar a muitas 
pessoas que os pedem. Collegidos por o Padre Amador Rebellb da mesma 
Companhia, procurador general das provincias da India, & Brasil, &c. 

Woodcut device on last leaf. 

Small Svo. Fine copy in\ full morocco extra. 

Lisbon, 15818. £21 

• • * Exceedingly Bare. 

India comprises folios 1 to 15 j China, " De Cartas dos Padres que andam na China," 
folios 15 to 30; Japan, 30 to 58; Angola and Congo, folios 69 to 61. 

1595 A.D. 

[321J CHINA. CENTENO (Amaro). Historia de cosas del Onente 
primer y segunda parte. Contiene una descripcion general de los Reynos de 
Assia con las cosas mas notables dellos. La Historia de los Tartaros y su 
Origen y principio. Las cosas del Reyno de Egipto. La Historia y sucesos 
del Reyno de Hierusalem. 

Two parts in i vol., small 4to. Fine copy in full morocco, g. e. 

Cordova, I ig$. £15 15s 

* * * This work is divided into two parts, the first of which contains a tramslatioin 
of the Oriental chronicle of Haytom, the Armenian; and the second is a history of the 
Orusades. Hayton's history never appeared in any other Spanish form. It is' a ralnable 
Teoord of the Mongolian dynasty established by Chingiz Khan. 

MAGGS BROS.. 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 125 

The Far East — continued. 
1596 A.D. 

Joan). Historia cte tdiS oosas mas noitaJble^, ritos y costumbres, Del gran Reyno 
de la China, sabidas assi por los libros de los mesmos Chinas, como por relacion 
de Religiosos y otras personas que an estado en d dicho Reyno. Con un 
Itinerario del Nuevo Mundo. 

i2mo, half calf. 

Antwer-p, 1596. £10 lOs 

*•* This -was the product of three mis-sioiis. The notes of Martin de liada, or d© 
Herradia, in the first cexpedition (along -wiith Pedro de Sarmiento) in 1575, and those of 
Gromzalez de Mendoza on his mission of 1578, enabled the latter to write the Historia. A third 
journey in 1581, by Martin Iguacio de Loyola, furnished the Itinerario, which includes 
Mexico and the Philippines. • 

JThis Itinerario is very interesting'. Fr. Ignacio on his voyage to China went via the 
Canaries and S. Dominique, from there he passed to Vera Cruz, across Mexico, between 
Mexico and Acapulco, and ire-embarked from this Port for the Philippines and China. Al- 
thoug'h brief, the account of the Voyage is extremely interesting. He 9p«aks of the Discovery 
of Nerw Mexico by Ant. d'Bspejo. 

1598 A.D. 

[323] INDIA. PERUSCHI (}. B.). Historica relatio de potentls^mi 
regis Mogor, a Magna Tamerlane oriunt^ vita moribus^ et summa in Chris- 
tianam religionem propensione. De omnium Japoniae regnorum. 

8vo, folished calf, two-line fillet border on sides, gilt back, inside den- 
telles, g. e. 

Mayence, 1598. " &1 7S 

1601 A.D. 

[324] JAPAN. RIBADENEIRA (Marcelo de). Historia de las Islas del 

Archipi^lago^ y Reyno de la Gran China, Tartaria, Cochinchina, Malaca, Siam, 
Camboxa y Japon, y de lo sucedido en eUos a los Religiosos Descalcos de la 
Orden del Seraphico Padre San Francisco, de la Provincia de San Gregorio de 
las Philippinas. . . . 

Arms of the Franciscans on title. 

Thick small 4to. Very fvme copy bound in full levant morocco extra, r. e. 

Barcelona, 1601. £31 lOs 


The Author, a Franciscani Missionary, worked chiefly in Japan, and was present at the 
martyrdom there oif six of his companions. 

126 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

The Far East — continued. 
1601-4 A.D. 


Quinta pars indiae Orientalid: Qua continetur descriptio navigationis 
qucLm Hollandi cuini octonis navibus in terras Or ientales, in lavanas & Moluc- 
canas Insulas, Bantam, Bamdam & Tbmatem, &c. susceperunt: qui 1598 
Amstdredamo solventes, partim 1599, partim 1600. . . . Icones in aes in- 
cisae & editae a Jo. Theod. & Jo. Israele de Bry. 

Frankfort, 1601. 

Indiae' Orienitalis Pars VI. Descriptionem auriferi regni Guineae. Illus- 
trata iconibus, a J.^ T. & J. I. de Bry. Frankfort, 1604. 

The two parts in one vol., half morocco. £18 16s 

1604 A.D. 

1*326] INDIA AND JAPAN. GUERRERO (Fernan). Relaoion anual 
de tas oosas que han> heoho los padres de la Compania de Jesus en la Indik 
Oriental y Japon, en los anos de i 600. y i 601. y del progresso de la conver- 
sion y Christiandad de aquellas partes. Sacada de las cartas generaJes que han 
venido de alia, por el Padre Feman Guerrero de la Compania de Jesus, natural 
de Almodovar de Portugal. . . . Traduzida de Portugues en Castellano por 
el Padre Antonio Colaco. 

Small 4to, original calf. 

YaUadolid, 1604. £15 15s 

* * * An importajit book, dealing -with the Missionary work of the Jesuits in India, 
Japan, the Philippines, etc 

1605 A.D. 

[32;} CHINA. DIEGO QE PANTOJA. Relacion de la entrada de 
algunos Padres de la Compania dei Jesus en la China, y particulares successos 
quieron, y de cosas muy notables que vieron el mismo Re3'no. 

First Edition. i2imo, original vellum. 

Seville, 1605. £10 10s 

1606-7 A.D. 


Indiae Orientalis Pars Septimia; Navigationes duas, Primam, a Georgio 
Spilbergio, trium navium praefecto, Ann. 1601. ex Selandia in Indiam Orien- 
talem: Alteram, a Casparo Balby, Anno 1579. ex Alepo Babyloniam versus, ad 
regnum Pegu usque continuatam continens. . . . Auctore M. Gotardo 
Arthusio iconibus illustrata, a J. T. et J. I. de Bry. 

Frankfort, 1606. 

MAGGS BROS.. 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. 127 

The Far Lscst— continued. 
De Bry — continued. 

Indiae Orientalis Pars Octava: Navigationes quinque, Primam, a Jacobo 
Neccio, ab i6cx3. usque ad 1603. Secundam.'a Johanne Hermaimo de Bree, ah 
1602. usq ad 1604. Tertiam, a Comelio Nicolai. Quartam, a Comelio de Vena. 
Quintain, sub Stephano de Hagen in Indiam Orientalem susQeptas, e^. Auc- 
tore M. Gotardo Arthusio icoaiibus per J. T. & J. I. de Bry. 

Frankfort, 1607. 

The two parts in i vol., small folio, half morocco. 

Frankfort, 1606-1607. £10 10s 

1608-14 A.D. 

[329] INDIA. JARRIC (Pierre Du). Histoire des ohoses plus itiemor- 
ables a(fveiives tant ez Indes Orientalesi quo autres pais de la dfescouuerte des 
Portugais. En I'establissement et Catholique, et Principalement de ce que 
les Religieux de la compagnie de Jesus y ont frict et endure pour la mesme fin. 
Le tout recueilly des lettres et outres histoires qui en ont este escrites cy devant 
et mis en ordre par Pierre du Jarric. 

3 vols., 4to, contemporary calf neat. 

Bourdeaux, 1608-1614. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XXVL); £35 

Only two other complete copies of this interesting and valuable work appeair to have 
occurred for sale. 

1609 A.D. 

[330] INDIA. ARGENSOLA (Bartolome Leonardo de). Gonqulsta de 
las Islas Malucas. 

Beautifully engraved title page. 

Folio, original vellum. 

Madrid, 1609. £12 12s 

* • * This important -work for the history of Spanish and Portuguese exploration 5m 
the Indies includes some interesting details relative to the voyages of Drake and Magellajo. 

1610 A.D. 

[331] INDIA AND PERSIA. TEIXEIRA (Pedro). Relaciones de Pedro 
Teixeira d'el origen descendencia y suocessioti dei los Reyes de Persia, y de* 
Harmuz, y de un viage hecho per el mismo autor dende la India Oriental hasta 
Italia por tierra. 

Thick smdl 8vo. Fine co-py bound in full levant morocco, g. e. 

Antwerp, 1610. £10 10s 

• • • A very curious and interesting book. The Indian section occupies 115 pp. 

128 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

The Far East — continued. 

1612 A.D. 

[332] INDIA. COVERTE (Capt. Robert). A True antf almost Incred- 
ible report of an Englishman, that (being cast away in the good Ship called 
the Assention in Cambaya the farthest part of the East Indies) Travelled by 
Land through many unknowne Kingdomes and great Cities; with a Discovery 
of a Great Emperour called the Great MogoU, a Prince not till now knowne to 
our English Nation. 

Small 4to, half morocco. London, 16 12. £9 9s 

1613 A.D. 

[333] PERSIA. SHERLEY (Sir Antony). His Relation of his Travels 
into Persia, the Dangers and Distresses which befell him in his passage, both 
by Sea and Land, and his strange and unexpected deliverances. 

His Magnificent entertainement in Persia, his Honourable imployment 
there-hence, as Embassadour to the Princes of Christendome, the cause of his 
disapointmesnt there-in, with his advice to his brother, Sir Robert Sherley. Also, 
a True Relation of the great Magnificence, Valour, Prudence, Justice, Temper- 
ance, and other manifold Vertues of Abas, now King of Persia, with his great 
Conquests whereby he hath enlarged his Dominions. 

Penned by Sr Anthony Sherley, and recommended to his brother Sir 
Robert Sherley being now in possession of the like Honourable employment. 

Small 4to, f/Ke cofy in crimson morocco, g. e. 

London, 1613. £12 12s 

* * * Excessively Eare. An Abstract of this Voyage Tvill be found in Purclias' Pilgrims, 
vol. 2. As is invariably the case, this coipy does not oomtain the portrait. 

1614 A.D. 

[334] INDIA, JAPAN, etc. SUAREZ DE FIGUEROA (C). Historra y 
Anal Relaoton de las cosas que Hiziieron los Padres db la Compania cte Jesus 
por las Partes de Oriente y Otras. 

Small 4to, vellum. Madrid, 1614. £14 14s 

* * * The JeSTiit Missionaries' Relations concerning their experiences in Japan, Indiia, 
Cochin China, Malabar Coast, and Africa. 

1614 A.D. 

[335] CHINA. MENDEZ PINTO (Fernando). Peregrinacam em que 
da oonUi de muytas e muyto estranhas cousas que vio & ouuio no reyno (fci 
China, no da Tartaria, no do Sornau, que vulgarmente se chama Siao, no do 
Calaminhan, no de Pegu, etc. 

Small folio, old calf. Lisbon, 1614. £18 18s 

* * * FIRST EDITION OF THIS FAMOUS WOEK. Pinto returned to Lisbon in 1558 
having been absent since 1537. He was in Japan in 1546-7, and was^the first European to 
familiarise the Christian world with that rediscovered (1542) country. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 129 

The Far East — continued. 

1615 A.D. 

[336] INDIA AND CHINA. MONFART (Mons). An Exact and 
Curious Survey of all th© East Indies, even to Canton, the chiefe Cittie of 
China: All duly performed by land, by Monsieur de Monfart, the like ■whereof 
was never hitherto, brought to an end. 

Wherein also are described the huge Dominions of the greati Mogor, to 
whom that honorable Knight, Sir Thomas Roe, was lately sent Ambassador from 
the King. 

Newly translated out of the Travailers Manuscript. 
. 40 pp., small 4to, half calf gilt. 

London, Printed by Thomas Dawson, 161 5. £14 14s 

1616 A.D. 

[337] CEYLON. Relaoion Verdadlera del Espantoso Terremioto que ef 

Ano passado de 161 5, sevio en la Isla de Ceilao en las Indias Orientales. Dase 
cuenta de los edi&cios q arruynoi, y muerte de muchas personae; y assi mismo de 
los presasios, y senales que antes del se vieron por muchos dias, assi en el 
cielo, como en la tierra com otrasi muchas cosas del mismo propositoi 

4 pp., folio, new boards. 

Lisbon, 1 616. £4 4s 

1617 A.D. 

[338] JAPAN. PI N H EYRO (Fr. Louis). Relacion del Sucesso que tuuo 
nuestra Sanita F6 en los Reyno® dbl Japon^ des de el ano de seyscientos y doze 
hasta el de seyscientos y quinze, Imperando Cubosama. 

Dirigida A'La Magestad Catolica del Rey Filippo Tercero nuestro Senor. 

Arms of Spain on title. 

Small folio, original vellum. 

Madrid, 161 7. £15 15s 

of their persecutions and martyrdom, and of those of the Japanese converts, from 1612 to 

Original Manuscript of the Annual Letter. 

1618 A.D. 

[338a] JAPAN. Missionary Letter. Annuadte Japan do Anno de 1618. 

The Original Manuscript letter sent by the Jesuit Missionary to his Superior, 
relating to the events in Japan for the year 1618, including persecution and 
martyrdom of the Missionaries and Native Christians. 

- Small folio, written on 76 pages of "Native fa-per, some leaves damaged 
in the text through the corroding effects of the ink on the Native paper. 

Original binding. £52 10s 

* * * Actual Manuscript Letters sent by the early Missionaries are of excessive rarity. 

130 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

The Far East — continued. 

Original Manuscript of the Annual Letter. 
1622 A.D. 

[338b] JAPAN. Missionary Letter. Annua tie Japan do Anno de 1622. 

Pera. . . . Reverendo in Christo Padre Mutio Vitellesohi, Preposito General 
da Compa. de Jesus. 

4to, original binding. £52 lOs 

* * * The Original Manuscript Relation sent home by this celebrated Missionary, and 
written and signed by his Secretary : — 

" October 4, 1622. Jeronimo Dios Junior." 
The letter extends to one hundred e'osely written Ito pages, and is probably the most 
important Missionary record that was sent home by this famous Priest. 

1624 A.D. 

[339] JAPAN. Relacion Breve de los Crandes y Rigurosos Martyrtos 

que el ano passado de 1622. dieron en le Japon, 118' illustrissimos Martyres, 
sacada principalmente de las cartas de los Padres de la Compania de Jesus 
que alii residen : y de lo que han referido muchas personas de aquel Reyno, que 
en dos Navios~ llegaron a la Ciudad de Malina a 12. de Agosto de 1623. 

8 pp. , small /).to. Fine copy in full calf. 

Barcelona, 1624. £10 10s 

1625 A.D. 

[340] JAPAN. CARCES (Fr. Garcia). Relacion de la Persecucion que 
Huvo en la Igilesia d« Jaf}On. y de los Insignes Martires que gloriosamente 
dieron sus vidas en defensa de nuestra Santa Fe, el ano de 1622. 

Small 4to, full morocco, g. e. 

Madrid, for Luis Sanchez, 1625. £13 13s 

* * * Fr. Garcia Garces was born at Molina about 1560, he died at Macao in 1628. 

1627 A.D. 

[341] THIBET. ANDRADE (Padre Antonio: de la Compania de Jesus, 
Portugues). Nu3vo descubrlmiento del gran Cathayo, o Reynos de Tibet en 
el ano 1624. 

First Edition. 24 pp., small 4to, boards. 

Madrid, 1627. £15 15s 

Father Andrade was the first European, after Marco Polo, to penetrate into Thibet. 
This is his first account sent home, dated from Agra, 8th November, 1624. 

1628 A.D. 

[342] TIBET. ANDRADE (Padre Antonio). SO'gunda Carta. Prosi- 
que el descubrimiento del gran Catayo; o Reynos de gran Thibet, por el Padre 
Antonio de Andrada, de la Compania de Jesus, Portugues, escrita a su General, 
y embiada del Virrev de la Irdia a su Magestad en este ano de 1627. 

12 pp., folio, half morocco. 

'^Se^ovia, 1628. £15 15s 

Andrade's relation of his second visit to Thibet, dated at end from Chaparangne. 
Court of the King of Grand Thibet, 15th August, 1626. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London. W. 131 

The Far East — continued. 

1628 A.D. 

[343] INDIA. VEICA (Manoel da). Relacam Cenerat ^o Estado da 

Clirtstandtetle de Ethiopia; Reducam dos Scismaticos; Entrada, & Recebimento 
do Patriarcha Dom Affonso Memdes; Obediencia dada polo Emperador Selta 
segued com toda sua Corte a Igreja Romana; & do que de novo socedeo no 
descobrimeto do Thybet, a que chamam, gram Catayo. 

Composta, e Copiada Das Cartas que os Padres da Companhia; de Jesu, 
escreu6ram da India Oriental dos Annos de 1624. 1625. 1626. 

Small 4to, calf. 

Lisbon, 1628. £6 6s 

* * * Book III. is entirely devoted to Thibet and Cathay. 

1629 A.D. 

[344] JAPAN. MANCANO DE HARD (Fr. Melchor). Histoiia del 
martyrio que 1 7 religiosos die la provinoia del Santo Rosario de Filipinas, de 

la orden de Sajito Domingo, padecieron en el populoso Imperio de Japan. 

Colegida de relaciones fide dignas embiadas del dicho Imperio de Japon, 
y de testigos oculares que assistieron al dicho martyrio. 

Small 4to, original vellum. 

Madrid, 1629. £12 12s 

* * * Fr. Melolior Mancano de Haro was Vicar Greneial of the Jesuits in Japan and 
the Philippines. 

1631 A.D. 

[346] JAPAN. Martyrio que con su Provincial y otros siete Religiosos 
de la Companla d© Jesus^ .padecio el P. Baltasar de Torres en el Japon, sacado 
, f ielmente de cartas autenticas que de alii han venido. 

4 pp., small 4to, new boards. 

Barcelona, 163 1. £5 5S- 

1633 A.D. 

[347] CHINA. BARRI (Christopher). CiOchin-China: Containing many 
admirable Rarities and Singularities of that Countrey. 

Extracted out of an Italian Relation, lately presented tot the Pope, by 
Christophoro Barri, that lived certaine yeeres there. And published by Robert 

SmaJl 4to, half calf gilt. 

London, Printed by Robert Raworth, 1633. £15 15s 

132 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

The Far East — continued. 

1638 A.D. 

[348] JAPAN. AC OSTA (Father Nicolas de). Breve RetacEon del Mar- 
tirio del Padre Francisco Marcelo Mastrillo de la Compania de Jesus, Martiriz 
ado en Nangasaqui, Ciudad del Japon en 17 de Octubre de 1637. 

16 pp., small 4to, boards (1638). £5 5s 

1639 A.D. 

[349] JAPAN. BATISTA DE LANUZA (Don Miguel). Estado de la 
porseguida iglesja del Xapon^ Prodigioso Milagro del Apostol de las Indias S. 
Francisco Xavier de la Compania de Jesus, e ilustre Muerte del Venerable 
Padre Marcelo Mastrilo. 

Small 4to, calf. 

Saragossa, 1639. £16 IBs 


1642 A.D. 

[350] CHINA. SEMMEDO (Fr. Alvaro). Iitiperle d3 la China, y cul- 

tura evangelica en ^1, por los Religiosos de la Compania de Jesus. 

Compuesto por el Padre Alvaro Semmedo, Procurador General de la pro- 
vincia de la China, Ano de 1640. 

Publicado por Manuel de Faria Sousa Cavallero de la Orden de Christo, 
y de la Casa Real. 

First Edition. Small 4to, half morocco. 

Madrid, 1642. £5 5s 

* * * Fr. Alvaro Semmedo was Jesuit Procurador General for China, to whl«h country 
he went in 1640. 

1642 A.D. 

[351] INDIA. MINOR (Capt. Wm.\ A most Execrable and Barbarous 
Murder done by an East Indian Devil, or, a Native of Java Major in the Road 
of Bantam, aboard an English ship called the Coster on the 22 of October last, 

Wherein is shewed how the wicked ViUain came to the said Ship, and hid 
himself till it was very dark, and then he murdered all the men that were 
aboard, except the Cooke and three boys; and lastly how the murderer himself 
was justly requited. 

Very curious woodcut of the murderer, a krees in each hand, killing 
the sailors. 

Small 4to, old silk binding. 

London, 1642. £14 14S 

Plate XXV. 




I prorrogada por la Santidad del Papa Clemcnte Vndccimo , y mandada publicar por N. M. S. P. 

Clrmenre Duodecimo . que al prefente rige, y govierna la Santa ScdeApoftoIica,piralo5 

iPatriarcas.Piimados.Arzobifpos^Obifpos, ClerigosPresbyteros Secularcs dd Peru. Tic ra 

Firmly fusPartido^. a quien eftava prohibido el comer huevos , y cofasdc leche en titmpo dc 

Qiuarefma , lo puedan comer durante la tercera Prcdicacion dc U dccima Concefsion, que (e 

ha de hazer al mifmo tiempo'que la tercera Predicacionde la dccima quarca Coacelaon 

dc la Bulla dc la Santa Cruzada dc Vivos, Difumos, y Compoficion. 

de que fc valid la Mageftad de Dies pat a mo- 
ver . y alentar a fu Pueblo , a que facudiclTe de A 
cuello cl pcfado yugo de la efclavitud de Paraon^ 
y emprendieffe con valor , y esfucrf o la conquift:. 
de la Tierra de Promifsion , fue proponcrks , qui 
era tan piodigiofa fu t'crtilidad, que corrian por ella 
arroyos de micl, y Icchc: In tcrram , qui fluit U&e, 
et mcUe. Afsi fe rcficrc en el capitulo tcrccro deJ 
Exodo , y en otros higares , para que con las efpe- 
ranf as de ji;ozar dc tan fuave alimcnto, vtnciencn 
lasdificultides,ypeligros,que fe les huvieran de ofrcccr en las batallas . que avian dedir* 
tantos. y tan valientes cnemigos,y llegaffcn a la poffcfsion dc la tierra prometida con felicidad 
EfteexemplopareccimitalaCabczadclalglelia Catholica, conccdicndo a fushiiosDucdan 
vfar dc lafticmios. tcmplando el rigor, y diipcnfando en la auAtridad de la Quarefma para aue 
recrcados en parte con die alimcnto, con mas faciiidad fecxcrcitcn cnlos^unosdeaquelfa- 
gradoticmpo.ycnciendoloscncmigosinvifibks^quc pretenden eftorvarnos la entrada dcla 
tierra de promifsion celeftiah y los vifiblcs , que con continuas guerras procuran molcftar la 
Iglefia Cathohca, focorricndo a los Exercitos de la Mageftad Cathohca , que con tan crecidas 
expenfas fe cfta emplcando fiempre en dcfsnderla, y ampararla. Con ellc intento concedio cfti 

in I 

Bulla nueftro muy Santo P. Vrbano Ofiavo , y la prorrogo nueftro muy Santo Padre Clemcnte 
j Decimo,de_fclice recordacion^ por fu Breve de ficte dc Junio dc mil ftifcientos y fetcnta , oara 

la Sta,Stde,Obifpo dc Malaga, del Confejb' de fu Mageftad 7Go7c.nTdo7dd'RTardrcrftina"' 

I que pucda el Clero vfar dc huevos, y lafticinios en aque'l fanto ticmpo7dando deTimofna''por 
cfta Bulla lo que fciialarcmos Nos D.Fr.Gafpar dc Molina y Oi^icdo.por la grada dc Dios-^y dc 

Comiffario Apoftolico General de la Santa Cruzada . y demas gracias , en todos los Reynos v 
Scnorios dc fu Mag. Y por quanto vos diftcis un pcfo dc 

plata enlayada, para cfta fanta cxpedicion , y empreffa. os damos licenda para cue en cl dicho 
tiempo. durante la dicha predicacionde la Bulla de la Santa Cruzada,podais comer huevos , 
y coias dc kchc. Dada en Madrid a de mfl fctccientos y trcinta y cinco aiioV 


Bull gl' Cuemeni X. for Pebu- 
See Item No. ISl. 


Plate XXVI. 






tant ez Indes Otienwies , que i' 
auttes pais de la defcouuej;te 
des Portugais, 
£» i'eftabUjfemem & progriz. de la fty f K ; 
' Chrefiicnne & CaMi<i«»t '^i 

Et princtpalement dc cc que les Rellgieux de li E 
Compagnie de I E s v s y ont fiuft , «c H 

cnduri poar U mefine fin, ^^ 

"bepnis qu'Us y font tntte\ 
iufyu'i Can i«oo. 

•de France & de Nauarre i 

Lovis XIIl. 


Pai Simon MiLtAS^s tmptimeut 

ocdinurc du 'B^<xfi%iiO, 

^ Pierne .C(mq 







AdnJu PlijiiaceAiiihedii. 


Jakbic— HisToiEE DES Choses plub Memobables Advenvbs. 
See II ('111 No. 329. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 133 

Th© Far East — continued. 
1643 A.D. 

[352] CHINA. SEMEDO (P. Alvaro). Relatione (fella Grantfe Monar- 
(^a della Cina. 

With engraved t%le and portrait. 

Small 4to, original vellum. Fine cofy. 

Rome, 1643. £4 4S 

1645 A.D. 

[353] CHINA. MENDEZ PINTO (Fernando). Historta Oriental cte las 
peregrinaoiones en los Reyno® de la China, Tartaria, Sornao, (Siam), Feguu, 
Martavan, y otros, traduzida de Portuguese en Castellano por Herrera Mal- 

Woodcut Arms on title. 

Small folio, Spanish calf. 

Valencia, 1645. £6 lOS 

1646 A.D. 

Early Dutch Voyages to the East Indies. 

[354] INDIA. COMMELINS (Isaac). Collection of Voyages. The 

Complete Set of 21 Voyages to the East Indies made by the Early Dutch 

Profusely illustrated with copperplate engravings and maps. 

Bound in 2 vols., thick oblong 4to. 1646. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XXVIL). £63 

A most remarkable and interesting collection. It comprises : — 

I. De Voyagien ghedaen naer Nova Zembla, Noorwegen, Moseovien ende Tartarien 
om, nae de Coningrijcken van Cathay ende China; 71 pp. with 31 plates. 

II. Eerste Voyagie der Hollanderen naer de Oost-Indien, onder het beleydt van 
Cornelis Houtman; 112 pp. with 44 plates. 

III. Voyagie gedaen naer de Oost-Indien, onder den Admiral Jacob van Neck, ende 
Vice-Admiral Wybrant van Waerwijck; 56 pp. with 26 plates. 

IV. Voyagie naer de Oost-Indien gedestineert, door de Strate Magalanes, geda€n bj 
Capiteyn Sibaldt de Weert; 31 pp. with 8 plates. 

V. Voyagie gedaen naer de Oost-Indien door de Straete Magalanes, door den 
Admiral Olivier van Noort; .')6 pp. with 25 plates. 

VI. Voyagie onder het Admira'schap, van Pieter Both, ghedaen by den Capiteyn 
PauluB van Caerden; 20 pp. 

VH. De tweede Voyagie van Jacob van Neck naer de Oost-Indien; 51 pp. with 
4 plates. 

VIII. Dry Voyagien. (1) Onder den Adrairael Steven vander Vagen; (21 Naet Achin 
in Sumatra door Cornelis Pieterszende Guil. Senecal; (3) Extract uyt her Journael van 
der Admiral Jacob van Heemskerck; 31 pp. 

IX. Twee Voyagien ^naer de Oost-Indien. (1) Onder den Admirael Wolfart Har- 
mansz. (2) Onder Cornelis van Veen; 27 pp. 

(Continued over) 

X34 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

The Far East — continued. 
Commelins' Voyages — continued. 

X. Voyagie onder den Admirael Joris van Spilbergen.-A.D." 1601-1604; 62 pp. with S> 
plates (should be 10). 

XI. Voyagie geduen naer de Oost-Indien, onder den Admirael Wybrant van 
Warwijck ende Vice-Adin irael Sebaldt de Waerdt; 88 pp. with 6 plates. 

XII. Der tweede Voyagie onder Steven vander Hagen. Item de reyse van't Schip 
Delft, naer de Custe van Choromandel ; 91 pp. with 13 plates. 

XIII. Voyagie onder Cornells Matelieff de Jonge; 191 pp. with 11 plates. 

XIV. Lofielijcke A^oyagie op Oost-Indien met 8 Schepen int jaer 1606 onder' Admiral 
Paulus van Caerden; 48 pp. 

XV. Voyagie gedaen naer de Oost-Indian, China, Philipines, ende bgleggende 
Eijckeni in der jare 1607; 214 pp. 

XVI. De Eeysen van I'ieter van den Broeok (Aden, Mocha, Ormvis, Batavia, &c.) ; 
110 pp. with 12 plates. 

XVII. Beschrijvinge van't Coninekrijcke Guzaratta, ende Decean; 112 pp. 
XVni. Voyagie van Cornells Schouten ende Jacob le Maire; 118 pp. with 25 plates. 

XIX. De Voyagie door de Straete Le Mayre naer de Oost-lndien onder Jacques 
rHermite; 79 pp. with ,5 plates. 

XX. Journael ende Verhael van de Oost-Indische Eeyse, gedaen by der Admirael 
Wybrant Sohram; met den See-Slach met den vermaerden See-roover Claes Compaeh, 
&e. ; 94 pp. With 3 plates. 

XXI. Voyagie naer de Oost-Indien gedaen door Hendrick Hagenaer; 217 pp. 

1651'3 A.D. 

[335] CHINA. RHODES (Alexandre de, de la Compagnie de Jesus). 
Histoire ttu royaume de Tunquin^ et des grands progrez que la predication de 
I'evangile y a faits en la conversiori des In&delles., Depuis I'Annee 1627, jus- 
ques a I'Annee 1646. Translated into French by R. P. Henry Albi. 

With folding map. Lyon, 165 1. 

Divers Voyages et Missions du P. Alexandre de Rhodes en la Chine, 

& autres Royaumes de I'Orient, Avec son retour en Europe par la Perse & 
I'Armenie. Le tout divise en trois parties. 

With large folding map. Paris, 1653. 

Together, in i vol., thick small 4to, original calf. 1651-1653. £10 lOs 

1652 A.D. 

[356] INDIA. DARELL (John). Strange Newes from th' Indies: or,^ 
East-India Passages further discovered; 

partly discovering the Manner and Tenour of East-India Trade hitherto, to- 
gether with part of the wofull and sad sufferings of William Courten . . . 
pointing at a foundation ajnd regulation of that hitherto much abused East- 
India Trade, so vast, spacious,' necessary, and of extraordinary high concern- 
ment to enrich and advance Commonwealths, being the Trade of trades, the 
Magazen of Merchandizers, the honour of Nations, and the glory of this world. 

Small 4to, full calf neat. . 

London, 1652. v £17 17S- 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 135 

The Far East — continued. 

1661 A.D. 

(Fr.). Gustosa reiacicn y Aiegres Nuevas Para To(fa la Christiandad, de los 

successes felicissimos que tiene al presente nuestra santa Fe, y Religion Cato- 
iica, comunicando sus luzes en las mas remotas partes de la tierra, y Indias, en 
las dilatadissimas Provincias Gentiles de China, y Islas de Japon; con algunas 
gloriosas muertes, y Christianos triunfos, nuevamente sucedidos en aquellas 

8 pp. , small 4to, morocco. 

Valencia (1661). £10 lOs 

1663 A.D. 

[358] INDIA, CHINA, JAPAN, ETC. PINTO (Fernand Mendez). The 
Voyages and Adventures of : During his travels for the space of one and 
twenty years in the Kingdoms of Ethiopia, China, Tartaria, Cauchin-china, 
Calaminham, Siam, Pegu, Japan and a great part of the East Indies. 

With a relation and description of most of the places thereof; their reli- 
gion, laws, riches, customs, and government in time of war. 

The Second Edition Corrected and Amended. 

Folio, original calf. 

London, 1663. £6 6s 

1663 A.D. 

[359] CHINA, TISSANIER Qoseph). Relation du voyage du P. Joseph 
Tissanier de la Compagnie de Jesus, depuis la France, iusqu' au royaume de 

Avec ce qui s'est passe de plus memorable dans cette Mission, durant les 
annees 1658, 1659 & 1660. 

i2mo, calf. Paris, 1663. £6 lOs 

1666 A.D. 

[360] INDIA. GIUSEPPE Dl SANTA MARIA (Fr.). Prima Spedi- 
tione all Indie Orientali. 

With a very large folding map of the Malabar Coast. 

Small 4to, original vellum. 

Rome, 1666. ^ ' £3 lOs 

* * * The Avitliqr was sent by Pope Alexander VII. to evangelize the Kingdom of 
Malabar, he describes his journey out and back, the customs and manners of the natives, etc. 

136 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

The Far East — continued. 

The Original Issue. 
1667 A.D. 

[361} PHILIPPINES. COMBES (Rev. Francisco). Historia de las Islas 

de Mindanaoi, lolo y sus adyacentes. 

Madrid, por los herederos de Pablo Val. 1667. 

The Excessively Rare Orjginal Issue. 

Folio, vellum. 

Madrid, 1667. £42 

* * * " This history . . . has always been considered one of the most valuable 
pearlt. of Philippine literature, for Combes was an uncommonly intelligent observer who 
personally visited most of the localities which he describes, while occupying himself a high 
position in his order, so that he not only wrote but made history. His hook and that of 
Forrest . . . were up to the time of Semper's travels the authorities followed hjy all 
geographers, although it is improbable that more than a few ever saw Combes' original, 
of which In all Middle Europe only one example is to be found (Chamisso's copy given to the 
Prussian State Library in Berlin). . . . Especially interesting are the notes on the 
Negritos, showing that two hundred years ago they were comparatively common in localities 
in Mindanao where they have now entirely disappeared. The zoologist too will be interested 
in P. Combes' statement that wild elephants were to be found then in the islands.^' — Trans- 
lated from Bllumentritt. 

1667 A.D. 

[362] PHILIPPINES. COMBES (Rev. Francisco). Historia de las Islas 
de Mindanao, lolo y sus adyacentes. Madrid, por los herederos de Pablo Val. 

The Re-issue, with long introduction of 144 columns and Notes of 138 
columns, by W. E. Retana. 

Folio, full S-panish calf. Madrid, 1897. £® 6^ 

* * * Only 500 Copies Privately Printed of this Ee-issue of the Excessively Bare Original 
Edition edited by Eetana. 

" The commentary is especially valuable in giving information on the history of those 
islands, derived from imprinted sources. The preface contains Combes' biography, the 
history of Mindanao, and ethnographical, linguistic, and bibliographical notices. As Eetana 
is an excellent bibliographer, he is at his best here, while in history his point of view is very 
partisan. In the linguistic portions we find traces of the pen of P. Pastells, long a missionary 
in Mindanao and superior of the Jesuit missions, province of Mindanao. - . . In this 
portion twenty-nine Ave Marias in different Mindanao and Philippine languages are printed." 
—Translated frgra Blumentritt. 

1667 A.D. 

[363] CHINA. KIRCHER (A). China Monumentis Necnon Variis 
Naturae et Artis Spectaculis Aliarumque Rerum Memorabilium Argumentis 

Engraved frontispiece, portrait, large folding', map, and numerous other 

Folio, vellum. Amstelodami, 1667. £4 4S 

MAGGS BROS.. 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 13; 

The Far East — continued. 
1670 A.D. 

[364] JAPAN. MONTANUS (A). Atlas Japaimensis, being Remark- 
able Addresses by Way of Embassy from the East-'Imdia Company of the 
United Provinces to the Emperor of Japan., containing a Description of their 
several Territories, Cities, Temples, Fortresses, Religions, Laws, Customs, Soil, 
Plants, Beasts, Hills, the Character of the Ancient and Modem Japanners, etc. 
English' d by John Ogilby. 

Illustrated with upwards of 100 folding and fuU-page plates, and en- 
gravings in the text. 

Folio, calf {rebacked). London' 1670. £4 15s 

1670 A.D. 

[365] CHINA. PALAFOIX (M. de). HIstoire de la ci^nqueste de la 
Chii^ pai" les Tartares. Contenant Plusieurs Choses Remarquables, touchant 
la Religion, les Moeurs, & les Coutumes de ces deux Nations, & principalement 
de la demiere. Et traduite en Frangois par le Sieur Colle, dedie a' Monseigneur 
le Dauphin. 

Small 8vo, calf. Paris, 1670. ' £3 10s 

1671 A.D. 

[365a] CHINA. GOUVEA (Antonio de). Innocenti^ Victrix siye Sen- 
tentia Comitiorum Imperii Sinici pro Innocentia Christianae Religionis Lata 
juridice per Annum 1669. ... Sinico-Latine exposita. 

Small folio, original binding. 

In Quamcheu metropoli -provinciae Quamtum in 'Regno Sinarum. 1671. 
(See Illustration, Plate No. XXVIII.). £52 10s 

*** One of the rarest of thei Books printed by the Jesuit Missionaries in China. 
It is printed in the Chinese manner the characters being cut on wooden blocks, and on 
Chinese native paper. It contains 90 printed pages, the first containing a remarkable frontis- 
piece consisting of a black ground with the design and letters of the title in white cut from 
a wooden block, representing a circle of light, in the centre of which are the letters I.H.S. 
with the Cross and instruments of the Passion. 

The book is printed, throxighout in Chinese and Latin (one or two leaves a little 

Only three other copies appear to be known (two of these in the Bibliotheque Nationule, 
Paris, and one in the British Museum). 

1672 A.D. 

[366] CHINA. ROUCEMONT (P. Francisco). Relaoam do Estado 
Politico' e Espiritual do Imperio da China, pellos annos de 1659 ateo de 1666. 
Escrita em Latim pello P. Francisco Rogemont da Copanhia de Jesus, Flamengo, 
Missionariq no mesmo Imperio da China. Traduzida por hum Religioso da 
mesma Companhia de Jesus. 

., Small 4to, 229 pp., half sheefskin.. 

Lisbon, 1672. £7 lOS 

1.^8 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

The Far East — continued. 
1673 A.D. 

[367} JAPAN. VARENI US' (Bernard). Desoriptio regni Japoniae et 

Small 8vo, original calf. 

Cantabrigiae, 1673. £3 15s 

* * * With interesting manuscript notes on the margins of several leaves. 

1673 A.D. 

[368] PERSIA. DESLANDES (A. D.). Les beautez cte la Pet^e, ou la 

Description de ce qu'il y a de plus curieux dans ce royaume. Avec une relation 
de quelques avantures maritimes. de L[ouis M[arat], (Pilote Real des Galores 
de France). 

With frontispiece, large map and many fine plates drawn on the spot. 
4to, original calf. Paris, 1673. £3 10s 

"Volume recherche a cause des figure dont on a reoonnu l'exactitvi,de " 

1674 A.D. 

Original Manuscript. 

[369] INDIA. A Journal or Narrative of the Praceedings betweene the 

Commissioners appointed by His Majestie and the Commissioners Deputed by 
the States Generall, pursuant to the Treaty of Peace made at Westminster 
^ February 167I concerning a Treaty Marine to be observed throughout all the 
World. And also an Article particularly relating to the English and Dutch 
East India Companyes, Concluded in the Year 1674. 

Manuscript written in a contemporary hand. 

268 pp., folio, old calf gilt. 1674. £31 lOs 

* * * This Manuscript is of great interest and importance for the History of the East 
India Trade, as at this time the Dutch maritime power was supreme, and they owned a great 
number of islands and ports in the East Indies. 

The Journal starts with a copy of the Royal appointment of the Commissioners by 
King Charles li. to meet with the Commissioners deputed by the States General of the United 
Provinces, to draw up the terms of a new Marine Treaty, including trade with the East Indies. 

Full particulars are given with the Minutes of the Meetings of the Commissioners at 
EishmoDger's Hall, London, between Jujy, 1674, and February, 1675. v 

At the first meeting of the Commissioners it was decided that they should " first 
proceed upon the Treaty Marine and then upon the business of the Bast Indies and deliver 

a project of Instructions and alterations to be made in tie treaty Marine in 

regard to the present Treaty Marine, with the United Provinces, is to determine in or about 
the month of November next, that in the first place consideration be had of frameing a new 
one, and in the doeing thereof to avoid those things which are found in the present Treaty 
to be unequall, inconvenient and impracticable " 

Following these preliminary instructions is a letter from the King appointing Mr. 
Bedford to be Secretary, and giving a brief outline of what is desired of the Commissioners, 
after which is a copy of the preliminary terms in Dutch and English, with eadh article 
separately discussed. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 139 

The Far East — continued. 
1676 A.D. 

[370] CHINA. N'AVARRETE (Domingo Fernandez). TratadOS His- 

toricos, Politicos, ethicos y religiosos de la monarchia de China. Descripcion 
breve de aquel imperio, y exemplos raros de emperadores y magistrates. 

Folio, original vellum. Madrid, 1676. £10 lOs 

* * * A very rare and early work on tlie history of China, its Government, its Litera- 
ture, its Eeiligion, etc. A large section (pp. 289 — 450) relates to the voyages of the Author in 
Mexico, the Philippines, China, Malaca, India & Madagascar. The final section of the book 
<pp. 451—528) is " Deoretos^ y Proipasioiones Calificadas en Eoma, For Orden de la Sacra Congre- 
gacion del Santo Ofioio. Quaesita Missionariorum Chinae, seu Sinarum." " 

1676 A.D. 

[371] INDIA. TAVERNIEiR (J. B.). Les Six Voyages qu'il a fait eri 
Turquie, en Perse, et aux Indes, pendant I'espace de quarante ams, & par toutes 
les routes que Ton peut tenir. 

Illustrated with numerous plates (chiefly large folding ones). 

3 vols., thick small 4to, original calf. 

Paris, 1676. £4 4S 

1681 A.D. 

[372] INDIA. MARTINEZ DE LA PUENTE (Joseph). Cotiifientfio de 
ios descuibrimientos, conquistas, y guerras de la India Oriental, y sus Islas, 
iritroduccion del comercio Portugues en las Malucas, descripcion de la India, de 
sus Islas, etc. 

Title printed in, red and black. 

Small 4to, original vellum. 

Madrid, 1681. £5 5s 

***'A history of Portugniese and Spani^li discoverie* in the East from the time of 
Vasoo do Qajaa to that of Philip III. 

1681 A.D. 

[373] CEYLON. KNOX (Robert). An Historical Relation of the Island 
Ceylon, in the East-Indies: Together With an Account of the Detaining in 
Captivity the Author, and divers other Englishmen now living there, and of the 
Author's Miraculous Escape. 

Illustrated with Figures, and a Map of the Island. 

First Edition. Folio. Fine copy in old full calf. 

London, 168 1. £11 lis 

140 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W, 

The Far East — continued. 

1683 A.D. 

Printed in Mexico. 

[374] JAPAN. BALTHASSAR DE MEDINA (Fr.). VMa, Martyrio, y 

beati&cacion del invicto proto-martyr del Japon San Felipe de Jesus. Patron de 
Mexico su Patria, Imperial Corte de Nueva Espana en el Nuevo Mundo. 

Title printed in red and black. Small 4to, original vellum. 

Mexico, for Juan de Rib era, 1683. £15 15s 


St. Philip de Jesus was a Mexican Indian, who entered a Religious Order and was 
sent as a. Mjissionary to the Philippines; and afterwards to Japajii where he was one of thp 
twenty-six Proto-Martyrs. Balthassar de Medina, his Biographer, was his'torian of Mexico. 

1683 A.D. 

[375] PHILIPPINES. GARCIA (Francisco). Vicfa y martyrio de el 
venerable Padre Diego Luis de Sanvitoresi de la; Compania de Jesus, primer 
apostol de las Islas Marianas, y sucessos de estas Islas, desde el Ano 1668, asta 
1681. Por el Padre Francisco Garcia, de la Compania de Jesus. 

. Engraved portrait. Small 4to, original vellum. 
Madrid, 1683. £8 IDs 

* * * Book v., being pages 379 to 537, is devoted to the Life of Father Diego Luis de San- 
vitores, and his Mission in the Philippines, till his martyrdom in the year 1681. 

This is not only a biography of Father Diego Luis de Sanvitores. but it is also a history 
of the Philippines. 

Sanvitores was born in Burgos in 1627 and went to the Philippines in 1662, where he 
learned/ Tagalo, entered into the country of Taytay, and later on devoted himself to preach- 
ing in lyiindanao. In 1667 he left for Acapulco, and from that Port he went to the Mariana 

1687 A.D. 

[376] INDIA, eto. TACHARD (Guy). Voyage de Siam des Peres 
Jesuites, Envoyes par le Roy, aux Indes & a la Chine. Avec leurs observations 
Astronomiques, & leurs Remarques de Physique, de Geographic, d'Hydro- 
graphie, et d'Histoire. 

With engraved frontispiece, and 30 curious and interesting engraved 
plates, many folding. 

i2mo, calf, rebacked. Amsterdam, 1687. £2 lOs 

1690 A.D. 

[377] SIAM. A Full> and True Relation of the Great and Woncterful 
Revolution that hapned lately in the Kingdom of Siam in the East Indies, 

Also of the Expulsioni of the Jesuits, Missionary, Priests, Officers and 
Soldiers of the French Nation out of that Kingdom. 

^ Small 4to, half morocco gilt. London, i6go. £6 18s 

Plate XXVII. 

Plate XXVllI. 



Antony de Gouvea — Innocentia Yictbix. 

Canton, China, 1671. 

See Item No. 365a. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Qonduit Street. London, W. 141 

The Far East — continued. 

1694 A.D. 

[378] FRiKIUS' (Christopher), HESSE (Elias) and SCHWEITZER (C). 
Aanrmriclyke -reyisen na eit ctoor Oost-lndien: Gedaen van Christophorus 
Frikius, Chirurgija; Elias Hesse. Berge, .Schrijver: Christophorus Schweitzer, 
Boekhbudert: Yeder bysonder, van't Jaer 1675. tot 1686 (translated into Dutch 
by S. de Vries). 

Engraved frontispiece and plates. 

Small 4to, uellum. Utrecht, 1694. £7 lOS 

1699 A.D. 

[379] INDIA. A Dialogue between a Director of the New East-India 
Company, and one of the Committee for preparing By-Laws for the said Com- 
pany. In which those for a Rotation of Directors, and the preventing of Bribes 
are particularly debated. 

29 pp., small 4to, new boards. 

London, Printed' for Andrew Bell, 1699. £1 Is 

1700 A.D. 

[379a] CHINA. CASTNER (Caspar). Relatio Sepulturae Magno 
Orientis Apostolo S. Framsco Xaverio ereotae in Insula Sanciano Anno 1700. 

Small folio, Native binding. (Peking) China, 1700. _ ^ 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XXIX.). ' £52 10s 

* * * Printed in the Chinese manner from characters cut ooi wooden blocks, and 
consisting of 32 leaves of native paper, the last three pages occupied with engravings on 
wood, namel'y : — 

(1) " Ichnographia Sepulturae S. Francisci Xaverii in Sanciano Sinarum Insula 
recens erectae Anno 1700." (A plan of the grave of S. Francis Xavier). 

(2) Plan of Sancian. 

(3) The China Sea near Sancian. 
Excessively Eare. 

The only copies known are in the Eoyal Library at Brussels. 

* * * Oiie of the most interesting books issued from the Missionary Press in China. It 
is an account of the Magnificent Sepulchre erected that same year in the Island of Sancian, 
where the famous Apostle to India and Japan died in 1552. 

1704 A.D. 

[380] CHINA. R6ponse a 1^ tettre de Messieurs des Missions Etran- 
g6res, au pape, sur les ceremonies Chinoises . . . lettre de Messieurs des 
Missions Etrangeres au Pape, sur les idolatries et les superstitions Chinoises. 

The two parts in one vol., smair4to, original calf. C. 1704. £6 6s 

* * * Bound up at end is a manuscript document of 8 pp. : — 

" Ordonnance du Legate a latere qui condamne les ceremonies chinoises sur un deeret 
du St. Siege du 20 noveinbre 1704 et par la les Jesuites perdent leur proces contre Messieurs des 
niissians etrangeres." 

142 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

Tte Far East — continued. 
1709 A.D. 

[381J INDIA. CATROU (F. F). The General History of the Mogol 

Empire, From its Foundation by Tamerlane, to the late Emperor Orangzeb. 
Extracted from the Memoirs of M. Manouchi, A Venetian, and Chief Physitian 
to Orangzeb for above Forty Years. 

Small 8vo, calf. London, i7<^. £1 lOs 

1712 A.D. 

[382] CHINA. Copia de carta del rey de la China, escrita a la santidad 
del Papa Clemente Undezimo, Traducida por el Padre Secretario de Indias de 
la Compania de Jesus. 

3 pp., small 4to, new boards. Murcia, 1712. £4 4s 

Printed at the Town of Hang-Tcheou-Fou. 
1712 A.D. 

[383} CHINA. LEAL DE CASTRO (Felix). Relaoion sincera, y ver 

dadera de la justa defension, de las Regalias, y privilegios de la Corona de 
Portugal en la Ciudad de Macao. 

8vo, original covers. 

Imfressa en Hiang Xan con las Licencias necessarias , 17.12. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XXX.). £25 

An exceedingly rare relation printed at a Missionary Press on Chinese Paper in native 
style from wooden blocks cut in the Chinese manner and printed in the Chinese way on one 
side of the paper only. 

This is the first, and probably the only book, printed at the town of HiangrXa^ (Eang- 
Tcheou-Fou) in the province of Tche-Kiang, China. It is " A Defence of the privileges of the 
Crown of Portugal within the city of Macao, 1712." 

1712 A.D. 

[384] KAEMiPFER (Engelb). Amoenitatum exoticarum politico- 
phystco-medicaruni fasciculi v. quibus oont. relationes, observationes et de- 
scriptiones rerum Persicarum et ulterioris Asiae. 

With numerous fine folding and other plates. 

Thick 4to, original vellum. Lemgo, 17 12. £S 5s 

Fasc. 1 and 2 refer especially to Persia; 3 to India and Japan; i to the Palm-Tree ; 
B to Japanese Plants with their names in. Chinese. " Fort recherche et peu eommun." — Brunet. 

1714 A.D. 

[385] CHINA. GONZALES DE S. PIERRE (Rev. Francois, Religieux 
de rOrdre de S. Dominique, & Missionnaire Apostolique). Relation de) la 
nouvelle persecution de la Chine, jusqu'a la mort du Cardinal de Tournon. 

i2mo, calf. 1714. £7 10s 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. I43 

The Far East — continued. 
1715 A.D. 

[386] INDIA. CATROU (Fr. Francois). Historre General© dc ('Empire 
du Mogol depuis sa Foundation jusqu'a present. Sur les Memoires Portugais 
de M. Manouchi. 

4to, original Calf. 

Paris, 171 5. £1 16s 

1722 A.D. 

[387] INDIA. MANDEVILE (Sir John). The Voyages and Travels Of : 

Wherein is set down the Way to the Holy Land, and to Hierusalem : As also to 
the Lands of the Great Caan, and of Prestor John; to India, and divers other 
Countries: Together with many and strange Marvels therein. 

Illustrated with a great number of crude woodcuts. 

Small 4to, calf, gilt. 

London, 1722. £8 8s 

1717 A.D. 

[387a] CHINA. JESUIT MISSION. Informatio Pro Veritate Contra 
iniquiorem famam sparsam per Sinas cum caliunnia in, PP. Soc. Jesu, & Detri- 
mento Missionis. Communicata Missionariis in Imperio Sinensi. 

Folio, Native binding. {Canton, China), 1717. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XXXI. ). £31 lOs 

* * * Printedi in the Chinese manner, the letters being cut on wooden blocks, and con- 
sisting of 94 leaves numbered on the margins in Chinese numerals. 

EXCESSIVELY RARE. Only two other copies appear to be known, namely, in the 
British Museum and the Bibliotheoa Nazionale of Palermo. 

This book was forbidden by the Inquisition in a decree of the 24fcli January, 1736. 

1725 A.D. 

[388] INDIA. MANDEVILE (Sir John). The Travels and Voyages of : 

Containing An Exact Description of the- Way to Hierusalem, Great Caan, India, 
the Country of Prestor John, and many other Eastern] Countries: With an 
Account of many strange Monsters, and whatever is curious and Remarkable 

With curious woodcut illustrations. 

i2mo, old calf. 

London, circa 1725. £3 3s 

144 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35. Conduit Street, London/W. 

The Far East — continued. 
1726 A.D. 

[389] INDIA. LUILLIER (Le Sr.). Nouveaii Voyage aux Crandes 

IndeSi avec une instruction pour le commerces des Indes Orieritales. Et la 
description de plusieurs Isles, Villes, & Rivieres; I'Hi&toire des Plantes & des 
animaux qu'on y trouve. Avec un Traite des Maladies particulieres aux Pays 
Orientaux. , 

Frontispiece. i2mo. Rotterdam, 1726. £2 2s 

1731 A.D. 

[390] CHINA. FARIA Y SOUSA (Manuel de). Imperio de la China, 

y cultura evangelica en el por los religiosos de la Compania de Jesus. Sacado 
de las noticias del Padre Alvaro Semmedo. 

Folio, Spanish calf. Lisbon, i73i- £5 5s 

*** A valuable and important work on the history of China. 

1734 A.D. 

Printed in Mexico. 

[391} CHINA. FELIPE DE TOLEDO (Fr.). Relaoion cte los Admfr- 
abies Progressa De Notra Sart,ta Fe Catholica en tos Reynos de Cochinchina, y 
Candioxa, por la Predicacion de los Religiosos Franciscos Descalzos Espanoles, 
Hijos de la Santa Provincia de San Gregorio de Philipinas. 

22 pp., small 4to, full leather. 

Imfressa en Mexico: por Joseph Bernardo de Ho gal, 1734. £10 lOs 

1735 A.D. 

[392] PHILIPPINES. Exaota, y puntual relacion: de las memorables 
hazanas de los Espanoles de las Islas Filipinas en las Indias Orientales; y como 
despues de aver derrotado al rebelde Malinog, y a muchos Reyes Moros, corona- 
ton por Rey de Mindanao cil hijo del Sultan de aqUel Reyno, que es amigo de 
los Espanoles, haziendole tributario, y sacando otras ventajas a favor de 
E^ana, y de nuestra Santa F^ Catholica. 

12 pp., small 4to, wrappers. 

Impressa en Manila, 1734. Rcimpressa en Valencia, 1735. £6 lOs 

1738-41 A.D. 

[393] CHINA. DU HALDE (J. B.). A Description of the Empire of 
China and Chinese-Tartary, Together with the Kingdoms of Korea, and Tibet ; 
Containing the Geography emd History (Natural as well as Civil) of those 
Countries. With Notes by the Translator. 

Illustrated with 42 Maps (many large folding ones) and 22 plates. 

2 vols., folio, original calf. London, 1738-41. £4 4s 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 145 

The Fiar East — continued. 
1748 A.D. 

[394] CHINA. Copia de Carta, del Emperador de la China, escrita a 
nuestro santissimo Padre Benedicto XIV. Pidiendo a su santidad una Prin- 
cesa de Europa en Matrimpnio, con la solemne Promessa (entre otras) de estab- 
lecer una mutua correspondencia con su Santidad. 

Traducida DEL IDIOMA CHINE AL CastellaNO, por el Padre Secretario de 
Indias de la Compania de Jesus, residente en la Corte Romana, este ano de 1748. 

4 pp., small 4to, new boards. Madrid, 1748. £4 4s 

The Letter of the Chinese Emperor to the Pope asking for a European Princess in 

1748 A.D. 

[395] CHINA. KIENLONC (Emperor of China). Khait i arakha Mouk- 
(ten f f0ritchi(»urouni bitklie. 

The original Manchu text of the poem composed by the Emperor Kieii- 
long in praise of the town of Mukden in Manchuria. The magnificent first and 
imperial edition. 

Royal 8vo, yellow silk binding. Pekin, 1748. 

Accompanying the above is the French translation issued in 1 770 : — 

Eloge {fe la ville cte Moukden et de ses environs, poeme compost pai* 
Kfenlong, Empereur de la Chine et da la Tartaric. Traduit en Frangois par 
le P. Amiot, missionnaire a Peking, et public par Monsieur Deguignes. 

8vo, calf. Paris, 1770. 

Together 2 vols. £10 lOs 

1751 A.D. 

[396] CHINA. Relapao summaria da Prizam, Tormenites, e glorioso 
Martyrio dos veneraveis padres Antonio Joseph, Portuguez, e Tristram de 
Attimis, Italiano, Ambos da Companhia de Jesus, da Vice-Provincia da China. 

38 pp., small 4to, wrafifers. Lisbon, 1751. £2 10s 

1756 A.D. 

Missions to the Philippines, China and Japan. 

[397] MARTINEZ (Rev. Domingo). Compendio historico, de la Apos- 
tolica provincia de San Gregorio de Philipinas de religiosos menores descalzos 
de N. P. San Francisco, en que se declaran sus heroycas empressas, por varios 
reynos, y provincias del Assia : con las) vidas, martyrios, y hechos, y en par- 
ticular de sus VenerableS) Hijos, y Missiones, desde su Fundacion, hasta 1708 
dividese, en tres libros. El primero compendia todo lo que toca a esta pro- 
vincia, h Islas Philipinas ... el segundo a la Gran China, Cochinchina, y 
otros Reynos ... y el tercero de lo perteneciente a el Japon. 

Folio. Fine co-py in half levant morocco, t. e. g. 

Madrid, 1756. £7 lOS 

146 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

The Far East — continued'. 

1778 A.D. 

[398] CHINA. Persecucion contra la religion Christiana, y martirio 
que padecieron en la provincia de Fokien en la China cinco religiosos dominicos. 

Frontispiece with portraits of the five Martyrs. 

Small 4to, original vellum. Valencia, 1778. £4 4S 

* * * The five Missionary Martyrs were : Pedro Sanz (1747) ; Francisco Serrano ; 
Francisco Diaz; Fr. Jnan Alcober; Fr. Joaquin Royo. 

1782-3 A.D. 

[399] INDIA. Report from the Select Comimittee, appointed to take 
into Consideration the State of the Administration of Justice in the Provinces 
of Bengal, Bahar, and Orissa. 

Comprising First Report, Second Report, Supplement to Second Report, 
and 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and loth Reports. 

4 vols., folio, kalf calf. 1782-3. £3 3s^ 

1796 A.D. 

[400] INDIA. 'CAMPBELL (Capt. D.). A Narrative of the Extra- 
ortKnary Adventures and Sufferings by Shipwreck and Imprisonment, of 

Donald Campbell of Barbreck; with the singular humours of his Tartar Guide 
Hassaji Artaz : comprising The Occurrences of Four Years and Five Days in an 
Overland Journey to India. 

i2mo, half calf, m. e. London, ijg^. 12S 6d 

1799 A.D. 

[401} CHINA. Eastern Anecdotes of Exemplary Characters, wdth 
Sketches of the Chinese History. Designed for Youth. 

8vo, calf. London, 1799. 128 6tf 

1801 A.D. 

The Oldest Encyclopedia Originally Composed in Chinese iioo B.C. 
[402] CHINA. Eul Ya Yan Thou. The Eul ya, collection of Chinese 
Characters according to subjects with explanation and appearance of the items 
described and a commentary edited by Kwo-Po (who lived in the third century). 
With numerous woodcuts. 

3 vols., folio, Chinese binding. 1801. £14 14s 

Magnificent edition on white paper of tht- most aaoient enioyclopedda of Chinese- 
characters with the meaning explained and reproduced in the shape which they have at the 
present time. According to the authorities quoted in Kienlong's great catalogue the author 
of this book was Tchew Kong, brother of the Emperor Wen-Wang (1100 b.c). Afterwards the 
book was added to by Confucius and his disciples. The edition we offer for sale was made 
after the edition which appeared in the time of the Song Dynasty (2nd century a.d.). It i» 
divided into 19 sections and contains numerous woodcuts of the objects described. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 147 

The Far East — continued. 

With the Painted Arms of Napoleon's Marshall, Joachim Murat, as- 
Grand Admiral of France. 
1801 A.D. 

[403] INDIA, TAYLOR. Lettres Politiqiies, Commerciales et litter- 
aires sur I'lltdei. Ou vues et interets de 1' Angleterre relativement a la Russie a 
I'Hindustan et a I'Egypt, dediees a M. Dundas, Ministre de la Guerre a Londres. 

8vo, contemporary French calf, fully gilt back, festooned borders on 
sides, inside dentelles, with the fainted Arms on sides heightened in gold attd 
colours of Joachim Murat, Grand Admiral of France and Marshal of Napoleon. 

Paris, 1 801.. £52 lOs 

Painted Arms of the Epoch of Napoleon are almost unknown. The Arms of Joaohim 
Murat, who bepame at a later date Grand Duke of Cleves and Berg, King of the two Sicilies 
and King of Naples, are reproduced in the Armorial du Premier Empire, published by the 
"Viscount Reverend and the Comte Villeroy. Books with the Arms of Joachim Mnrat as Gtrand 
Admiral of France ard of exceeding rarity. 

toria de las Islas Philipinas. 

Small 4to, vellum. 

Impreso en Sampaloc {Philippines'), 1803. £7 10s 

* * * " This is a book of pleasant reading, and it is a pity that no new edition has been 
made of it, because it is so appreciated and so studied in Manilla that it is absolutely impos- 
sible to find even one copy of it." Eetana. 

1824 A.D. 

[405] INDIA. FORREST (Lieut.-Col.). A Picturesque Tour altmg 
the Rivers Ganges and Jumna, in India. 

Consisting- of tvventy-four highly finished and coloured views^ a map, 
and vignettes, from original drawings made on the spot; with illustratiens, his- 
torical and descriptive. 

Large 4to, new half calf. 

London, Ackermann, 1824. £11 Us 

1827 A.D. 

[406] INDIA. KEPPEL (Captain the Hon. George). Personal Narra- 
tive Of a Journey from India to England, (By Bussorah, Bagdad, The Ruins of 
JBabylon, Curdistan, The Court of Persia, The Western Shore of the Caspian 
.Sea, Astrakhan, Nishney Novogorod, Moscow, and St. Petersburgh: In the 
Year 1824. 

Illustrated with folding map, 3 coloured plates, and 8 illustrations in 
the text. 

/[to, full calf . London, 1827. 14s 

148 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35. Conduit Street, London, W. 

The Far East — continued. 
1827 A.D. 

£407] INDIA. KEPPEL (Captain the Hon. George). Persaital Narra^ 
tive of a Journey fromi Initia to England, by Bussorah, Bagdad, The Ruins of 
Babylon, Curdistan, The Court of Persia, The Western Shore of the Caspian 
Sea, Astrakhan, I\ishney Novogbrod, Moscow, and St. Petersburgh, in the 
Year 1824. 

Folding map arid three coloured plates. 

2 vols., 8vo, half calf. London, 1827. 14s 

1833 A.D. 

[408] PHILIPPINES. VILLACORTA (Francisco). Acfministraciofl 
espiritual cfe ios Padres Agustinos Calzactos tie la Provinoia del Dulce Nombre 
de Jesus de las Islas Filipinas con la especificacion de todos Ios Religiosos in- 
dividuos de ella, niimero de almas que estan a su cargo, conVentos que tienen en 
el dia, Misiones y Curatos que administran, anos de la fundacion de unos y 
otros y Estadistica de ellos. 

SmaU 4to, original calf. 

Yalladolid, 1833. £3 15s 

1833 A.D. 

£409] PHILIPPINES. VILLACORTA (Francisco). Ditto. Another 
Copy, to which has been added a series of 1 1 Maps of the Philippines, by 
Emanuel Blanco, 1832. 

Small 4to, half calf. 

Valladolid, 1833. £5 5s 

1836 A.D. 

[410] CHINA. GONSALVES (J. A.). Vocabularum Latino-Sinicum. 

Pronuntiatione Mandarina Latinis Literis Expressa. 

i2mo, original morocco 

Macao, 1836. £6 6s 

1837 A.D. 

[411] CHINA. JULIEN (Stanilas). Resumid des Prinolpaux Traites 
Chinois suir la Culture des Muriers, et I' Education des vers ^ Sole. 

Numerous plates illustrating the culture of the Silkworm. 

divo,,half calf. Paris, 1837. £1 6s 

Presentation copy, with Autograph Inscription : "AM. Le Ministre do I'lnstruction 
Publiqu©, TTomiag^ du Traducteur, Stas. Juilien." 

Plate XXIX. 

0" . 

I— (■ 








'i' CaJxto-J\.y^ftxopclxi 

Gaspar Castnisr— Relatio Sepcltitkae, S. Fbancisco Xavebio. 

China, 1700. 

See Item No. 379a. 

Plate XXX. 


sincercL^J vcriadew 

E^nSci Cuidctii JcJmaio . 

j.0rei3)0ct0r2)9eilxjM^ Cadre 
&itl(i mumcL CiiiaciL 

jmr£(i mJikna yZc^iu, 
an iojficcpxixu ncccGdvlai 

See Item No, 383, 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 14;, 

The Far East — continued. 

Printed at Manilla. 
1840 A.D. 

[412] CHINA AND PHILIPPINES. MARTI (Domingo). Carta en que 
se refiereit varies martirios y persecueion de la Mission, que la provincia del 
santissimo rosario del orden da predicadores de estas islas tiene en el Reyno de 
Ttmkin; y es prosecucion esta de la que se imprimio en el ano pasado. 

Small 4to, morocco. 

resa, en Sto. Thomas de Manila, 1840. £5 5s 

1848 A.D. 

Original Manuscript, with Drawings. 

[413] INDIA, ETC. SIDDONS (George R.). The Private Journal of 
tlK Wanderings of an Olll Trooper in 1846-1848, being his Adventures in 
India, China and South Africa. 

The Original Manuscript neatly written on 230 pages and illustrated with 
portrait of thfe Author and 6 clever original drawings in water colour. 

8vo, original binding. 1848. £5 5s 

* * * Siddons w as an ofBeer in the Bengal Light Cavalry, and after the Proclamation 
of Peace with the Sikhs, obtained leave of e^bsenee and proceeded to Calcutta, Madras, Ceylon, 
thence to China (Hong Kong, Canton, etc.), and back to Calcutta, from thence to Cape Town. 

1850 A.D. 

[414] PHILIPPINES. BUZETA (Manuel). Diooionario Geografico, 

estadistico, historico, de las Islas Filipinas. 

Engraved title, folding plan of Manilla, and numerous folding tables. 
2 vols., royal 8vo, original morocco. Madrid, 1850. £1 lOs 

1855 A.D. 

Printed at Manilla. 

[415] PHILIPPINES. HEURTA (Felix de). Estado geografico, topo- 
grafico, estadistico, historico-religioso de la provincia de S. Gregorio Magno, 
de religiosos menores descalzos de la regular y mas estrecha observancia de 
N. S. P. S. Francisco en las Islas Filipinas : Comprende el niimerq de Religiosos 
Conventos, Pueblos, situacion de estos, anos de su fundacion, Tributos, Almas, 
producciones, industria, cosas, y casos especiales de su administracion espiritual, 
en le Archipielago Filipino, desde su fundacion en 1577 hasta 1853. 

First Edition. Small 4to, original wrappers, uncut. 

Manila, i8$$. Imprenta de los Amigos del Pais. £3 3S 

* * * A very important book for the history of the Philippines, containing indispensable 
details concerning the administration of the Franciscans. 

At the end ot fhe volumo is a. large folddn^r sheet, entitled : — " Estado de los religiosos 
y religjoBas de la Pj:ovinoia de S: Gregorio Magno, de Padres Franciscos Deisoalzos en las 
diversas casas que tiene, en las islas Filipinas j Espaiia, con espresion de CxiTas Parrocos v 
deraas ministerios que ocupan en el afio de 1855." 

150 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

The Far East — continued. 

1857 A.D. 

[416] CHINA. ALVAREZ Y TEJERO (D. Luis Prudencio). Resena 
historica del Gran Imperioi de China. Noticias y detalles sobre este antiguo 

8vo, clotk. Madrid, 1857. £2 lOs 

* * * This gives a detailed account of the Antiquity and Population of China, its Laws, 
Customs of the inhabitants, language, religion, agriculture and industries. ' 

1858 A.D. 

[417] INDIA. PRINSEP (James). Essays on Indian Antiquities, His- 
toric, Numismatic and Palaeographic. To which are added "his Useful Tables, 
illustrative of Indian History, Chronology, Modern Coinages, Weights, 
Measures, etc. Edited, with Notes and additional matter, by Edward Thomas. 

With numerous illustrations. 

2 vols., 8vo, original cloth, uncut. 

London, 1858. £5 5s 

1860 A.D. 

[418] CHINA. Ultimas Noticias de las Misiones Espanolas del Tunkin, 

extractadas de la correspondencia recibida de los SS Vicarios Apostolicos, 
Vicarios Provinciales y Misioneros Dominicos, de orden del M. R. P. Provincial 
Fr. Rafael de Castro por el R. P. Fr. Francisco Guinza. 

76 pp., 8vo, unbound. 

Manila, i860. ' 12s 6d 

1860 A.D. 

[419] INDIA. BASTOS (Antonio). Descobrimenito da Imfia. 

Descripcao dos factos heroicos realisados pedos portuguezes com assombro do 
mundo Noevo, desde a partida de Y.asco da Gama em busca da India ate as 
pazes celebradas com Nizamoxa depois das victorias de Goa e Chaul. 

i2mo, red morocco. Lisbon (i860). 15s 

1860 A.D. 

[420] INDIA. DURHAM (W. T.; Ensign 76th Regiment). A Sub- 
altern's Life in Madras, being the Adventures of Ensign Blobbs, " of Ours," 
by W. T. D. 

20 large lithographic plates, filled with humourous engravings of Indian 
Life of the period. 

Oblong folio, handsomely bound in half red morocco gilt, top edges gilt. 
Madras, circa i860. £5 5S 

MAGGS BROS , 34 & 35, Conduit Street, Londbn, W. • 151 

The Far East — continued. 

1864 A. D. 

[421] PHILIPPINES. Resumen Histbrico de las Misiones que la pro- 
vincia del santisimo Rosario de Filipanas de la orden de predicadores tuvo en 
la Isla Formosa : de su nueva Instalacion en nuestros dias y principales sucesos 
ocurridos en ellas hasta el presente. - 

Estado actual de las Misiones que la provincia tiene en el Imperio dd la 
China, principales sucesos ocurridos desde 1862 hasta el presente. 

Ultimas noticias de las Misiones que la Dicha Provincia tiene en el Reino 
da Tunquin. 

Small 4to, roan. 

Manila, 1864. £2 15s 

* * * At tlie end of Dedica/tion are the autograph signatures af Domingo Treserra, 
' Prior Provincial de esta -Provincia del Santisimo Eoaario de Filipinas del Orden d© Pre- 
dicadores " ; and Gonsales, tJie Secretaxy. 

1885 A.D. 

[421a] CHINA. HIRTH (F.). China and th© Roman Orient: Researches 

into Their Ancient and Mediaeval Relations as represented in Old Chinese 

Illustrated with Folding Map and plates. 

8vo, half leather. Shanghai, 1885. £10 lOs 

* * * A very rare book of wMcli only a few copies were printed. • 

" The mystery oonnected with that country in the Far West, desoribed by ancient 

Oiiincse authors under the name of Ta-ts'in, has occupied the sinological woirld at intervals 

since the beginjiing of the last century. The task which I thought had still to be performed 

in oonnieotion ■wiith this interesting subject was:— 

1. The collection of all Chinese texts oiniiBodying information, on the subjeSt; 

2. The translation of these texts as far as they were new to the public, and the 
retranslation of poTtions already kmown. but hitherto imperfectly rendered; 

3. The identification of factsi contained in these Chinese texts. 

My interpretation of these records leads to- the oonclusioai that tlie ancient country 
of Ta-ts'in, called Fu-lin during the mididle ages, vras not the Roman Empire with Rome as its 
capital, but merely its oriental part, viz., Syria, E^ypt, and Asia Minor; and Syriia in the 
first instance. If aipplied to the Roman Orient the greater part of the facts mentioned by 
the Chinese dan be traced, and a xeasonable explanation may be found for them without 
resorting to imiptrobaibilities; while, if applied to the whole empire, or to Italy, or to any 
other part of ancient Rome, the matter contained in the Chinese tradition does not agree 
with Teality. As I read the Chinese notices they contain tolerably exact statements regarding 
the contemporaneous geography of western Asia; they would indeed b^ " puei-ile nonsense" — 
aa I believe Colonel Yule .calls them isomewhere in his Cathay— if applied to any other part 
of the world." (Author's Prefooe.) 

152 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35 j Conduit Street, Londcm, W. 

The Far East — continued. 

Presentation Copies from the Author. 
1877-84 A.D. 

[422] INDIA. TAGORE (Rajah Sir Sourindro Mohuiij Mus.Doc., 
C.O.I.E., etc.). Colleotkni of 24 of his works, all bound in full native morocco, 
gilt tooling on back' and sides, g. e. With a Royal monogram on title of each 
volume, and many, with Tagore's stamp at beginning or end. Eacl^ volume 
also has a gilt stamp on front cover which appears to be that of Tagore. 

Together, 24 vols. £25 

The Works comprise : — 

Tdravati, a Tale. 8vo. Stanhope Press, Calcutta, N. D. {j:irca 1880). 

Dramatic Sentiments of the Aryas. A brief view of Hindu Drama." 
Slightly water stained. 8vo. Stam'hope Press. Published by) the Author. 
Calcutta, 1 88 1. 

Roma-Kavya, or a Short Sketch of Roman History, from the earliest days 
of Antiquity to the Present Time, in Sanskrit Verse. With Tagore's English 
Translation facing the Sariskrit. 8vo. Stanhope Press, Calcutta, 1880. 

Roma-Poema. iBeing an Italian) translation by Comm. Pietro Bemabo 
Silorata from Tagore's English version of his Roma-Kavya, with the English 
and Italian translations facing. 8vo. Rome, 1880. 

The Caste System of the Hindus, 8vo. Catholic Orphan Press. Cal- 
cutta, 1884. 

Bharatiya Natya Rahasya, or a Treatise on Hindu Drama. In Bengali. 
Square i6mo. New Bengal Press, Calcutta, 1878. 

Short Notices Of Hindu rAusical Instrumemts. 24mo. Calcutta, 187;. 

Haratattva-Didhitihi, or a Commentary on the Religious Vyavasthas of 
the Hindus quoted from various Tantras, Puranas and other ancient authori- 
ties by the Illustrious Harakumara Tagore. Published by Sourindra Mohan 
Tagore. Thick 8vo. Girisa-V idydratna Press, Calcutta, 1877. 

* * * In Bengaitt, with, the Introduction and List of 337 authorities in English. 

Veni-Sanhdra Natal<a, or The Binding of the Braid, a Sanskrit Drama," 
by Bhatta-Narayana. Done into English by S. M,, Tagore. 8vo. Stanhope 
Press, Calcutta, 1880. 

* * * With 11 folding ancestral table of the Tagore family. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 153 

The Far East — continued. 
India: Tagore — continued. 

A Few Specitnens of Indian Songs. 8vo. Calcutta, 1879. 

The Orders of Knighthood^ British and Foreign, with a brief review of 
the Titles of Rank and Merit in Ancient Hindusthan. In 3 parts. 4to. Cal- 
cutta, 1884. 

* * * With a portrait and 3 coloured plates. 

Theory of Sanskrit Music, compiled from the Ancient Authorities. Bvp. 
Calcutta, 1875. 

Musi oat Scales of the Hindus: with Remarks on the Applicability of 
Harmony to Hindu Music. 8vo. Calcutta, 1884. 

Himiiu! Music fromi Various Authors. .Plates. Thick 8vo. Second 
Edition. Calcutta, 1882. 

Mani>-Mala, or a Treatise on Gems. Portrait, plates and other illustra- 
tions. 2 vols., thick 8vo. Calcutta, 1879. 

The Tweinty-two Musicat Srutis of the Hindus. i6mo. Calcutta, 1886. 

Sangita-Sastra-PravesikS, or a Resume in BengaH of the Principles of 
Hindu Music as laid down in the Sanskrit Authorities. Post 8vo. Calcutta, 

Sangita-Darpana^ or The Mirror of Music, by Damodara Misra. Edited 
with notes by Tagore. 8vo. Calcutta, 1881. 

Kavi^Rahasyam, or a Root-Lexicon within a Poem by Bbatta Halayu- 
dha. Edited with Notes by Tagore., 8vo. Roy Press, Calcutta, 11879. 

Fifty Tunes, Composed and Set to Music, by S. M. Tagore. 8vo. 
Calcutta, 1878. 

(Coiver slightly wormed.) 

Six Principal Ragas of thci Hindus, with a brief view of Hindu Music. 
Third Edition. Large 4to. Calcutta, i?)&/^. 

The Twenty Prinaipal Kavyakaras of the Hindus, or Extracts from the 
Works of twenty of the most renowned Literati of India. An Offering to the- 
Sixth International Congress of Orientalists. Frontispiece. Large 4to. Cal- 
cutta, 1883. 

The Eight Prinoipa) Rasas of the Hindus, with Miirtti and Vrindaka, 
or Tableaux and Dramatic Pieces illustrating their Character. With g plates. 
Large 4to. Calcutta, 1880. 

The Ten Principal Avataras of the Hindus, with a short history of each 
Incarnation" and Directions for the Representation of the Murttis as Tableaux. 
Vivants. With 12 plates. Large 4to. Calcutta, i88a. 

1 54 MAGGS BROS , 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

The Far East — continued. 

1&92 A.D. 

[423] PHILIPPINES. HUERTA (Francisco de Santa Ines). Bibli6teca 
Historica Filipina. Cronica de la provincia de San Gregorio Magno de religio- 
sos descalzos de N. S. P. San Francisco en las Islas Filipans, China, Japon, etc. 

2 vols., small 4to, half morocco. 

Manila, i8g2. £2 lOs 

* * * A Very Important Chronicle, published for the first time from Original Mann- 

The Author writes ©specially fro'n the point of view of the geograiphical, historical, 
ivnd general notices, and not of the purely religious part referring to the history of the Order. 
It is therefore a specially important Chronic-e. 

Fr. Huerta, the Author, was born in Peiiarauda, and after becoming a Monk went to 
the Philippines, where he arrived in 1674. In 1676 he was nominated Chronicler of the 
Province, and in carrying out his charge he wrote the work described above, and which 
contains the history of the Order from 1576 to 1627. He died in 1713. 

1906 A.D. 

[424] INDIA. ETTINCHAUSEN (Maurice L.). Harsa Vardhana. Em- 

pereur et Poete de I'lnde Septentrionale (606-648 A.D.). Etude sur sa vie et 
son temps. 

Royal 8vo, original wrafpers, uncut. 

Louvain, igo6. 6s 

The only monograph on the life and times of India's greatest native Emperor, with 
chapters on the Social and Religious Conditions of India in the 7th Century. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 &. 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 155 

Th© Fai" East — continued. 

ALEXANDER WYLIE (1815-1887), 

ALEXANDER WYLIE, Celebrated Missimmy and Chinese Scholar, 
was born in London on 6th April, 181^, and was the youngest son of an oil and 
colour merchant in Drury Lane. His father came front Scotland about 1791- 
When a year old Alexander was sent to Scotland and -placed under the care of 
a relative who lived on the Grampians . He was educated in a grammar school 
at Drumlithie in Kincardineshire , and after his return to London in a school at 
Chelsea. On leaving school he was apprenticed to a cabiniet-maker . 

Having picked up at a bookstall ct. copy of Joseph Henri de Premare's 
" Notitia Linguae Sinicae," he learned sufficient Latin to read it, and its perusal 
led him to study the Chinese language. Procuring from the British and Foreign 
Bible Society a copy of the New Testament in Chinese, he began to read it, com- 
piling a dictionary of symbols as he proceeded. When James Legge returned 
to England in 18^6 he required a superirntendent for the London Missionary' s 
Society's printing establishment at Shanghai. Wylie visited Legge, who found 
with surprise that he had so far mastered Chinese without assistance as to be 
able to read the gospels with tolerable accuracy. The, London Missionary 
Society engaged him and sent him to the offices of (Sir) Charles Reed for six 
months to study printing, while Legge instructed him in\ Chinese. On 26th 
August, 184.7, ^^ arrived at Shanghai, his salary being paid by the Bible 

While in charge of the printing press he learned the French, German, 
Russian, Manchu, and Mongol languages, besides acquiring some knowledge of 
Greek, Uigur, and Sanskrit. He was deeply read in the history, geography, 
religio7i, philosophy , arts, and sciences of Eastern Asia, and had a wide acquain- 
tance with Chinese literature. His knowledge of Chinese mathematics was 
unique. He made frequent expeditions with other missionaries into the interior 
of the country , and more than once erncountered grave perils. In 18^8 he accom- 
panied Lord Elgin in his expedition up the Yang-tsze as a. temporary agent of 
the Bible Society. He left Shanghai for England in i860, and returning in 
1863 as a permanent agent of the society, travelled through St. Petersburg and 
Siberia to Peking. He continued in\ charge of the agency until 1877. In 186S 
he accompanied Griffith John, the Wesley an missionary , on a journey of two 
thousand five hundred miles, proceeding up the Ycmg-tsze to the capital of Sze- 
chuan, thence to the source of the Han, and then to Hankow and Shanghai, hi 
this tour he visited many places hitherto unknown to Europeans. 

In ten years he dispersed among the people over a million copies of 
portions of the Bible. In 1877 , owing to the failure of his eyesight from 
incessant proof-reading, he returned to England. 

Although a protestant, Wylie was on good terms with many of the Jesuit 
and Dominican priests in China, and the Greek archimandrite was his personal 
friend. His translations and publications were of great service to Chinese 
scholars, and Henri Cordier states that Wylie' s library was the foundation of 

156 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. Londoii, W. 

The Far East — continued. 


A Collection of Important Mcuiuscripts in his Autograph, as follows:— 

Alexander Wylie's Letter Books. 

[425] The Original Letter Books of this famous Missionary and Chinese 
Scholar, being copies in full in his own hand of all the more important letters 
written by him from 1864 to 1882, comprising many hundreds of letters, some 
of considerable length, dealing with current events of the time in China, and 
covering the period of his journey with Griffith John of 2,500 miles up the 
Yang-tsze to the course of the Han, and then to Hankow and Shanghai. 

5 vols., 4to and folio, half calf and vellum £31 lOs 

* * * These Letter Books form a biography of the famous Missionary from t86* to 1888, 
and diaily detailed aoaount of his experiences, both in hi'S literary labours and in Ids wOTk 
for Christianity. 

[426] Notes on tlie Journey to Hankow, starting in June, 1864; and 
other Diaries and Jouriials. 

Comprised in 6 Memorandum Books. Small 4to. In the Autograph of 
Alexander Wylie. £10 lOs 

[427] Original Manuscript Note Book in EngHsh and Chinese, contain- 
ing many entries by Wylie dated from 1866 to 1870. (Notes of Letters received 
and sent : various matters connected with the sale of the Bible in Chinese, &c.). 

i2mo, vellum. £1 5s 

[428] Twelve small Memorandum Books containing a large number of 
entries by Wylie (some of considerable interest), including the account of a 
Journey through the province of Swatow. 

12 vols., I2m6. 1863-72. £4 4s 

[429] Mr. Littledale's pedestrian journey to Ecliang and back to 

Manuscript in the Autograph of Alexander Wylie. 

27 pp., small 4to, boards. 1863. £2 lOs 





C ontra iniquiorem famtm fparfanx 





In Imperio Sinenfi. 
Anno 1717. 

See Item No. 387*.. 

Plate XXXII. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35. Conduit Street, London, W. 15; 

The Far East — continued. 

Alexander Wylie's Manuscripts — continued. 

[430] Journal of H, E. Koli Sung-taon^ Ainbassador. from China Vi 
England; translated from the Chinese by Alexander Wylie, with a long intro- 

The Original Manuscript in the Autograph of the Translator. 

64 leaves, folio, half morocco. Circa 1877. ' £10 lOs 

*** A MOST INTEEEoTlNG JOURNAL. Wylie's "Introductory Chapter-" extends 
to 15 pp., in. which he gives a synopsis of other Chinese narratives of travels. 

Koh Sung-taon's embassy to England was on account of the massacre of the interpreter 
attachied to the British Expedition of 1875 which oriossed China from Burmah to Bhamo. 

Wylie writes ; — 

" The intelligent appreciation of European institutions shewn by his Excellency, his 
ready adaptation to the novel circumstances in which he is placed, and the general suavity 
and good feeling that have marked his intercouise with all who have been -brought into 
contact with him, have gained for him the esteem of Englishmen, and form a~ guarantee 
of the power for good that his influence will exert in his own country. 

" We venture to think that such will be the estimate of those who read this first instaJ- 
ment of his journal since leaving China. The variety of topics touched upon, and the candour 
with which he compares the progress of the West, with the stagnant institutions of hin 
own country, are apt to take us by surprise, as coming from an Oriental, and a native of 
one of the most conservative of Empires. 

" The geography, the politics, the manners and customs, of a'most every country on 
the way, come in for cursory remarks; and scarcely a day passes — of what appears to Aavo 
been a voyage of much suffering — that he does not introduce some topic of interest; taking 
up by turns most of the great questions that have been recently occupying the attention of 
the public. 

" The subject of the religions of the World come in for a share of attention also, 
but on this head, his ideas are but hazy. The conclusipn he comes to is that the country 
of Confucius will compare favourably among the kingdoms bf the Globe, in its universal 
toleiation of creeds of every caste." 

[431] Eudid's Elements of Geometry (Ke ho yuen pun). 

Translated into Chinese by Alexander Wylie, with many geometrical 

The Original Manuscript of this Famous Translation of the great Mathe- 
matical Classic, written on about. 560 pp. in Chinese characters. 

Thick 4to, half morocco. 1857. £21 

* * * This was one of Wylie's most famous literary works, and it consists of Books 
7 to 15 of Euclid. Apparently he had the help of Native Scholars. 

"The accompanying transi'ation of the last nine Books of Euclid, was undertaken in 
ac-ordance with the earnest desire of the native scholar, whose name (Le Shen-lan) is 
appended as the writer. His peculiar qualifications for the work were an inducement to 
proceed with it, and tended very mateiially to lighten the brrden, wh^c^ would iti other 
circumfitances falll on the foreign translator, while his name may be looked mpon as » 
guaiantee for accuracy in detail. The first draught was little more than half done, when 
application was made by Han Ying-pfe, a Keu-jin of Sung-keang, for permission to print it 
at his own expense. The finished manuscript was committed to his care, and during the 
prcoess of cutting the blocks, the work had the benefit of being revised by Koo Kwan-kw?ing 
and Chang Wan-hoo, two talented scho'ars in the neighbourhood. 

" To accompany this issue with an apology would almost seem out of place. Truth 
is one, and while we seek to promote its advancement in science, we are but preparing the 
way for its development in that loftier knowledge, which as Christian men and Missionaries, 
it is our chief desire to see consummated." — ^A. Wylie. 

158 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

The Fai* East — continued. 

Atexander Wylie's Manuscripts — continued. 

[432] Tho Religious Beliefs of the Chinese and Introchiction of 
Christianity by Europeans. 

The Original Manuscript in the Autograph of Alexander Wyhe. 

150 pp., 4to, half morocco. Circa i860. JE15 15s 

* * * A very important Manuscript treating of the religion of the Chinese from 
earliest times. 

[433] Chinese Researches. A Volume with some 175 pages of 
Manuscript by Alexander Wylie, comprising many of his important contribu- 
tions to the History and Literature of China. 

Folio, vellum. £10 lOs 

* * * Comprises : — An Essay on the Chinese Language as compared with the English— 
The Literature of China — ^Essay on China — Notes contributed by him for Sir Henry Yule's 
" Cathay and the Way Thither " — ^Relics of Biiddha, — a long article on the Observatory at 
Peking — Synopsis of paper on the Mongol Instruments — History of Corea — On Howorth's 
History of the Mongols — etc. 

[434} Buddhist Classics, etc. Original Manuscript in the Autograph of 
Alexander Wylie. 

40 pp., 4to. Circa i860. £2 108 

{435] 1*0 calculate the period elapsed since the IMoon's Perigee at any 
given time. Original Manuscript in the autograph of Alexander Wylie, written 
partly in Chinese characters, and partly in English. 

35 pp., small 4to, wraf-pers. Circa i860. £2 10s 

[436] Chinese Chronology. Original Manuscript in the Autograph of 
Alexander Wylie. 

41 pp., 4to, wrappers. Circa i860. £2 lOs 

[437] The Chow Ritual. (Book I.). 

Manuscript in the Autograph of Alexander Wylie. 

37 pp., small 4to, wrapper. Circa i860. £1 5s 

[438] Course of the River Yang-Tsze Keang from Hankow. 

Manuscript in the Autograph of Alexander Wylie. 

26 pp., 4to, boards. Circa i860. £2 lOs 

[439] "^^ Famous Arohway in the Hamlet of Kew^Yung Kwan, and a 

record of the inscriptions which it carries. 

Original Manuscript in the Autograph of Alexander Wylie. 

26 pp., 4to, wrappers. Circa i860. £2 lOs 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. i5g 

The Far East — continued. 

Alexander Wylie's Manuscripts — continued. 

[440] Filial Piety Classic. 

Manuscript in the Autograph of Alexander Wylie. 

33 pp., small 4to, wraffer. Circa i860. £1 Ts 

* * * This Manuscript gives the Sayings of Confucius on Filial Piety. 

[441] The Keen-E "Parallactic instrument." 

Original Manuscript in the Autograph of Alexander Wylie. 

22 pp., 4to, boards. Circa i860. £1 5s 

[442] l\Aanchoo Words and Rules for their transliteration into English. 

Original Manuscript in the Autograph of Alexander Wylie. 

27 pp., small 4to, wraffer s. Circa i860. £2 10s 

[443] Names of Persons in the Han-shoo (in Chinese and English). 

Original Manuscript by Alexander Wylie. 

Folio, vellum. Circa i86c. £1 5s 

[444J Nestorian Tablet of Se-Can-Foo. The Original Manuscript of 
this important Essay, in the Autograph of Alexander Wylie. 

18 pp., folio, boards. £5 5S 

* * * The Manuscript commences : — 

" AmO'ng the lapidary memorials of mediaeval China few monuments have attained 
a greater celebrity both in Europe and within the Empire than the eo-called Nestorian 
tablet of Se-gan-foo." 

[445] Notes on Chinese Astronomy from the Native Annals. 

Manuscript in the Autograph of Alexander Wylie. 

38 pp., small 4to, wraffer. Circa i860. £2 lOs 

[446] On Chinese Literary Works, etc. 

Original Manuscript in the Autograph of Alexander Wylie. 

27 pp., 4to, wraffers. Circa i860. £2 lOs 

[447] On the Existence of a Christian Sabbath in China. 

Original Manuscript in the Autograph of Alexander Wylie. 

38 pp., small 4to, wraffers. Circa i860. £2 lOS 

i6o MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35. Conduit Street, London, W. 

The Far East — continued. 

Atexantter Wylie's Manuscrqi'ts — continued. 

[448} Titles of Office, Dignity, &o., in tiie Ham-sitoo. 

The Original Manuscript in Chinese and English by Alexander Wylie. 
Folio, half calf. Circa 1865. £1 lOs 

[449] Six Memoramdumi Boolts containing a quantity of interesting 
Notes on Chinese matters, in the Autograph of Alexander Wylie. Circii i860. 

£3 10s 

[450] Statement of tlie Case of Tseang Yung-Che. Alexander Wyhe's 
Draft Report to the British Authorities concerning the arrest and execution of 
this Native. 

gpp., 4to, boards. £1 lOs 

* * * Tseang Tung-Che left Shanghai on' the 23rcl April, 1858, to procure information 
regarding public events for publication in the North China Herald. He was however cap- 
- tured as a spy and condemned to death. 

[451] The Tae-Ping Insurgents in China. Original Manuscript 32 pp. 
in the Autograph of Alexander Wylie. 

4to, boards. Circa i860. £2 lOs 

[452] The Rituail of tliei Chinese IMohamtnectans in Chinese and Arabic 
Characters on blue paper. 

Manuscript in the Autograph of Alexander Wylie. 

145 pp., small 4to. Native' Chinese binding. Circa v86o. £15 15S 

[453] Translation of a Hebrew Letter. Peace upon Israel. 

" To the holy congregation dwelling Kae-fung-foo in' the province of 
Ho-nan, peace, from men in the great islands of BRITAIN, which are very far 
from your country," etc. 

Manuscript in the autograph of Alexander Wylie. 

14 pp., small 4to, wrappers. Circa 1850. £4 4s 

Contemporary translation oi'the letter that was sen! in 1850 to the long lost Chinese 
Jews of ITaifungfoo, together with a list of the questions that were Risked of them. 

[454] Aishin Gurun nl Suduri. Geschichte des Coldenen Reiches (in 

Manchu and German). 

Manuscript in the Autograph of Alexander Wylie. 

39 pp., small 4to. C. i860. £1 10s 

MAGGS BROS., 34 8z 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 161 

The Far East — continued. 

Alexander Wylie's Manuscripts — continued. 

[455] Auf Kaiserliohen Befehl verfasster und vermelirter Spiegel der 
Mandshuspraoiie. (Essay on the Imperial Manchu Grammar in German). 

Manuscript in the Autograph of Alexander Wylie. 

40 pp., small 4to. Circa i860. £1 10s 

[456]' A ParceJ of Manuscript Material in Wylie's Autograph on matters 
of Chinese interest. 

Folio and quarto size. £2 lOs 

*** Mainly material for his '^' CliiBese Eesearehes," etc. 

[457] Japanese) Crammar. Manuscript in the Autograph of Alexander 

32 pp., 4to. Circa i860. £4 lOs 

[458] List of Tracts and Books Printed at Batavia. 

Manuscript in the Autograph of Alexander Wylie, giving the number of 
pages, copies printed and the years of issue. 

26 pp., 4to. Circa i860. lOS 6d 

1 62 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 



Turkey and Palestine, 

1495 A.D. 

[459] JOANNES DE HEES. Itinerarius Johannis de Hese presbyteria 
Jherusalem describens dispositiones terrarum insularum, montium, & 
aquarum, ac etiam quedam mirabilia et pericula per diversas partes mundi con- 
tingentia lucidissime enarrans. Tractatus de decern nationibus et sectis Chris- 
tianorum. Epistola Johannis Soldani ad Pium Papam secimdum. Epistola 
responsoria ejusdem Pii Pape ad Soldanum. Joannis Presbyteri maximi In- 
dorum et Ethiopum Christianorum Imperatoris et Patriarche Epistola ad Eman- 
uelem Rhome gubematorem de ritu et moribus Indorum deque ejus potentia, 
divitiis et excellentia. Tractatus pulcherrimus de situ et dispositione regionum 
et insularum totius Indie necnon de rerum mirabilium ac gentium diversitate. 

Black Letter, long lines, 36 to a full page, 22 leaves (last blank) with 
signatures, text rubricated. 

4to, half calf. 

Absque nota (" Expliciunt duo tractatuli de mirabilibus rerum & statu 
totius Indiae ac Principe eorum Presbytero Johanne "). 

{Coloniae, C. de Zieriksee, circa 1495?). £10 10s 

Hain *8535. British Museum Catalogue I.A. 2500. An extremely rare edition of which 
it is said only one other copy is in existence. 

1501 A.D. 

[460] DE ADEPTIONE Constantinoplitane Urbis aCrecie. De acquisi 
tione urbis Hierusalem ac Terre Sancte. De extirpatione cunctorum Thurcorum 
ac Sarracenorum. Quedam pauce sacre scripture auctoritates de pestilentia et 
hujusmodi. * 

Black Letter, 31 long lines to a full page. With signatures. With wood- 
cut of infant Jesus with orb and oak twig. 

4to, vellum. 

Augsburg, Johann Froschauer, 2$(k December, 1501. £12 12s 

Not in Proctor. Not in British Museum or Bodleian Library. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. 163 

The Near East — continued. 

1513 A.D. 

[461] CAOURSIN. Historia von Rhodis Wie ritterlich sie sich gehalten 
mit dem Tyrannischen Keiser Machomet uss Turckye, lustig zu lesen (ubersetzt 
von Johann Adelphus). 

Printed in Black Letter, double columns. 

Large cut on title, and 33 large spirited woodcuts. 

Folio, straight- grained green morocco extra, g. e., by Ramage. 

Strassburg, Martin Flach, 15 13. £18 18s 

Proctor, 10147. 

1516 A.D. 

[462] METHODIUS (Sanctus). Methodius Primus Olimptade et postea 
Tyri civitatum Episcopus sub Diocleciano Imperatore in Calcide civitate (que 
Nigropontum appelatur ut divus scribit Hieronimus Martyrios) coronatur: qui 
cum'eruditissimus esset vir multa edidit documenta et presertim de Mundi Crea- 
tione eidem in carcere revelata . passus fuit quartadecima Kalendas Octobris. 

Gothic Letter, with 61 quaint and curious woodcuts. 

Small 4to, full vellum. 

Basilee, 15 16. - £14 14s 

* * * This collection of Prophecies enjoyed an immense popularity in the fifteenth and 
sixteenth centuries. They were wrongly ascribed to St. Methodius, Bishop of Patara, who died 
in the 4th century. It is considered that the more prohable author was Methodius, Patriarch 
of Constantinople in 1240. 

The woodcuts illustrate the various events mentioned in the prophecies. On the title- 
page occurs a large woodcut of the author, in prison, receiving the revelations from an 
angel; other events illustrated include: — ^Conflicts between Christians and Turks, Gog and 
Magog, Necromancers, Turks and Saracens, the Recovery of Jerusalem, the Seven-Headed and 
Ten-Horned Monster, the Taking of Constantinople by the Turks, etc., etc. 

1522 A.D. 

[463] BREYDEN'BACH' (Bernard de). Le grant voyage de Hierusalem 
divis^ eii dteux parties. En la premiere est traicte des peregrinations de la 
saincte cite de Hierusalem. Du Mont Saincte Katherine de Sinay et autres lieux 
sainctz avec les a, b, c, des lettres Grecques, Caldees, Hebraiquea et Arabicques, 
avec aucuns langaiges des T'urcz translatez en irangois. 

En la seconde partie est traicte des Croisees et Etntreprinses faictes par 
les Ro;ys et Princes Chrestiens pour la Recouvrance de la Terre Saincte et aug- 
mentation de la Foy comme Charles Martel, Pepin, Charlemagne, le Roy Saincte 
Loys, Godefroy de Buillon et autres qui ont conqueste la cite de Hierusalem. 

''■ ' Des guerres des Turcz et Tartarins, La prinse de Constantinople, du siege 
de Rhodes, la prinse de Grenade, avec I'hystoire de Sophie, les guerres et 
batailles entre le grant Turq et le grant Souldan faictes depuis naguferes. Le 
Chemin et Voyage de Romme avec les stations des eglises ou, sont les grands 
Pardons,.-,, - 

(Continued over) 

i64 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

The Near East — continued. 

Breydenbach (Bernard A€)^continued. 

Black Letter, title in red and black. With two very large folding wood- 
cuts, one being a large panoramic view of Jerusalem and its surroundings, and 
numerous woodcuts in the text. 

Two parts in i volume. 

4to, calf gilt. 

Paris, four Frangois Regnault, 20 mars, 1522. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XXXIL). £55 

This Edition in French by Nicole le Huen is not a literal ibanslatios op Breydbnbaoh's 
Voyages 'because, althohgh the French author has followed Breydenbach -chapter by chapter 
and has ebproduced his plates while pr.eseevinj the main body of the original, he has oft en- 
ADDED much of his own. 

In this very rare edition Part II. contains an " account of the wars that took place 


additions which deal CHIEFLY WITH THE PORTUGESE CONQUEST OP INDIA. Title and some preliminaiy 
leaves wormed. 

In this work are given the two letters from Pietro Pasquaglio giving an account of 
Caspar Cortereal's exploration of the coasts of Labrador. 

(Harrisse Additions No. 71). 

1529 A.D. 

[464] HAYTHON. Liber Historianini partius Orientis, sive passagium 
Terrae Sanctae, Haythono, Ordinis Praemonstratensis Authore, scriptus anno 
Redemptoris nostri M.CCC. 

Title with ornamental woodcut border. 

Small 4to, crushed brown morocco gilt, g. e., by F. Bedford. 

Haganoae per lohann Sec. {eriurn), 1529. £12 12s 

• » » First Edition of the Latin version of the travels of this early voyager, and exces- 
sively rare. "The travels of Hayton into the Holy Land and hie history of Asia^' is one 
of the most valuable accounts of the East. 

1533 A.D. 

[465] KOECK (Peter). Description ci& la Court du Grand Turt;, Soli- 
mans faisant son seiour en Constantinople, avec la maniere des Vestemens de 
ceux de sa Suite. 

A series of engravings on wood by Peter Koeck, joined together and 
forming one long panorama (measuring t\ feet by 1 5 inches) with descriptions 
in French. 

Folded to' folio, and preserved in a buckram lettered portfolio. (1533.) 

(See Illustration, Plate N6. XXXIIL). £42 

The Artist Peter Koeck was born at Aalst in 1502. He settled at Constantinople, 
where he painted scenes of Turkish Life. Ho died in Brussels in 1550. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Strpet, London, W. 165 

The Near East — continued. 
1533 A.D. 

Panorama of Constantin6ple, 1533. 

[466] KOECK (Peter). Journey to Constantinople. 

A series of engravings on wood by Peter Koeok, joined) together and 
forming one long panorama (ipeasuring 15 feet by 12 inches) of a caravan 
traversing the coimtry outside Constantinople and its arrival into that City. 

Folded to oblong folio, and freserved in a buckram lettered fortfolio. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XXXIV.). £42 

1539 A.D. 

[467] RAMBERTI (Benedetto). LJbri tr© defle COSE DE TUROHI. Nel 

primo si descriue il viaggio da Venetia a Costantinopoli : N6l secondo, la Porta, 
cioe la corte de Soltan' Soleymano: Nel terzo il modo del reggere il stato & 
imperio suo. 

Vemce, Aldus, 1539. 

First Edition. 

DIALOCI (fi AMORE, composti per Leone medic^ tfi Natione Hebreo, 

et dipoi fatto christiano. SECOND EDITION. Venice, Aldus, 1541. 

Together in one^volume, post 8vo, original vellum. £3 3s 

1550 A.D. 

[468] MAHOMED. Machumutis eiusque successonmi vitae ciootrina ac 
ipse Alcoran, quo velut authenico legum divinarum codice Agareni et Turcae, 
aliisque Christo adversantes populi reguntur. ' Ex Arabica lingua in Latinan 
transferri curavit, etc., studio T. Bibliandri. 

Folio, original vellum, two-line fillet border on sides, mth the Arms on 
sides of J. A. de Thou {first Arms), g. e. 

Zurich, 1550. £15 15s 

The woek contains m *ddition to a tbansiation of the Koran; confutations bi MsLANOTHOir, 


1551 A.D. 

[469] MENAIRNO (D. A.). I Costutni, et la Vite de Turchi. Trqdotte 
per M. Lodovico Domenichi.^ 

Post Svo, vellum. 

Florence, 1551. £2 2s 

1.66 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

The Near East — continued. 

1555 A.D. 

[470] ROCCA (Vicente) Cavallere Valenciano. Hystoria en ia qual se 
trata de ia origen y guerras que heni tenidio los Turcos, desde su< comienco 
hasta nuestros tiempos; con muy notables successos que coii diversas gentes y 
naciones les hcin acontescido; y de las costumbres y vida de ellos. 

With large woodcut of the Arms of Don Carlos de Borja, Duque de Gandia 
on the title-page, title-page printed in red and black. Black Letter, double 

Folio, old calf. 

Valencia, 1555. £10 lOS 

Salva No. 3388. " Este bella y rara edicion." The work is divided into three books; 
a large part of the first book treats of the Crusades to the Holy Land by Conrad, Frederick 
Barbarossa, Philip of France, King Richard Coeur de Lion of England, etc. The second 
book deals chiefly with the various victories and conquests of Charles V. and the Venetian 
Republic in their constant fights with the Moors on the African Coasts. The third book is 
entirely devoted to the customs and mode of life of the Turlra. 

1556 A.D. 

[471] ROC€A (Vicente). Hystoria en ia qitai se trata de ia origen y 
guerras que iian tenido ios Turco®, desde su comiencoi hasta nuestros tiempos. 

Title printed in red and black, with very large woodcut of the Arms of 

Gothic Letter. Small folio, old calf. 

Valencia, I '^'^6. £10 ICS 

1580 A.D. 

[472] CEORGIEVITZ (Bartholemaeus). De origine Imperii Turcorum 
eorumque administratione & discipiina, brevia quaedem capita netationis ioco 
oolieeta. Cui Libellus de Turcorum moribus adjectus est cum praefatione D. 
Philippi Melanthonis. 

■With numerous woodcut heads of Turkis'h Emperors and soldiers. 

8vo, modern vellum. 

Wittemberg, 1560. £10 lOs 

Bbunet does not mention this little book by a HnNGAEiAN OR Ceoat author on the 
" Manners of the Turks and the Origin and Administration op the Turkish Empire," which la 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 167 

The Hear East — continued. 

1562 A.D. 

[474] NICETAS, Historia degli imperatori Greci, descritta da Nicetas 
Accominato Da Chone; di quali seguono dove lascia il Zonara dal 11 17 fine al 
1203. a questi sono aggiunti gli Annali degli Imperatori di Constantinopoli con 
I'Historia delli parti dell 'Oriente scritta da Haithone parente del Re d'Armenia. 
Tradotti in lingua Italiana da Joseppe Horologgi. 

4to, calf. Venice, 1562. lOs 6d 

1568 A.D. 

[475] GEORCIEVIZ (Barth). De Turcaruiii moribus Epitome. Ex 

variis aeditionibus adauctum opus, et linguae Turcicae principiis locupletatum. 

With many charming half-page woodcuts. 

i2mo, origiftal vellum. 

Paris, Jerome Marnef, 1568. £5 lOs 

This work is divided as follows : — ^De Turcanim ritu et Caeremoniis. De militia. De 
agricultura. A Turkish Grammar (20 pages). De afflictione tam captivonim quam sub 
tributo viventium Christianorvim, etc. 

1575 A.D. 

[476] POSTEL (Guillaume). Des Histoires Oriertitales et principalement 

des Turkes ou Turchikes et Schitiques ou Tartaresques et aultres qui en sont 
descendues. Oeuvre pour la tierce fois augmente. 

i6mo, green levcmt morocco extra, g. e., by Pratt, Millet Arms in gold on 

Paris, H. de Marnef, 1575. £6 ©S 

The above contains MCCH additional matter and I^•CI.BDES an interesting TcBKISH VoCABtltARY 

1576 A.D. 

[477] NICOLAY (Nicolo de). Le navigatiotii et viaggi nella Turchia; 

. . . Nouamente tradotto di Francese in volgare, de Francesco Flori da LiUa, 

Illustrated with 60 full-page wood engravings of Turkish Costume. 

Small 4to, original vellum. 

■ ' Antwerp, 1576. £10 lOs 

i68 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

The Near East — continued. 

1578 A.D. 

[478] LONICER (Nicolas). Erste (und Ander) Theil des Hoffhaitimg 
Des TiJrokiSOhen . Keysers und Othomanischen Reichsbeschreibung, darinn 
nicht allein der Tiircken Empter, Beuelchs und Kriegsleuthen, Gewalt Dienst 
Besoldung und Nammen, so in dem Tiirckischen hoff Sein, biszher unbekannt 
angezeigt, etc. 

Numerous fine woodcuts. 

Folio, original vellum. 

Basel, SebastiaxmHemichpetri, 1578. £5 5s 

1578 A.D. 

[479] CHRONICORUM TURCICORUM, in quibus Turcorum Origo, 

Principes, Imperatores, Bella, Praelia, Caedes, Victoriae, et Mahometicae reli- 
gionis Instituta, &c. ace. Narratio de Bajazethis filiorum Seditionibus, &c. &c. 


Folio, original calf, with Arms on sides.^ 

Francfort, 1578. £4 lOs 

OontaiES Lonioer's Accomit of the Origin and Emperor,? of tliue Turks, and of the Laws 
and Ealigion of tlie Mahomedans, as well as an Epitome of Turkish History. 
M. Barletus. liife and History of Scanderberg. 
I. M. Stella. On the Devastation of Hungary. 
Leonard of Chios. On the Capture of Constantinople. 
Sabellicus. The Battle on the Soncis between Turks and Venetians. 
And a number of other historians on the Turks and their wars in Europe. 

1579 A.D. 

[480] TORRES Y AGUILERA (Hieronymo de). Chronica, y recopila- 
cion de varios successos de guerral que ha acontescido en Italia y partes de 
Levante y Berberia, desde la Isla de Chipre ano de M.D.LXX. hasta que se 
perdio la Goleta y fuerte de Tunez en^ el de M.D.LXXIIII. 

Small 4to. Fine co-py in full Spanish morocco. 

. Saragossa, i$7g. £5 5S 

1585 A.D. 

[481] NICHOL AY (Nicholas). The Navigations, peregrinations and 
voyages, made into Turkic by Nicholas Nicholay Daulphinois, Lord of Arfeuile, 
Ch'amberlaine and Geographer ordinarie to the King of Fraunce : conteining 
sundry singularities which the Author hath there scene and observed : Devided. 
into four Bookes. 

Illustrated with 60 full-length Costume plates of the Men and Women of 

Small 4to. Fine copy in full calf, g. e. 

London, 1585. £15 15* 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 169 

The Near East — continued. 
1586 A.D. 

[482] NICOLAY (Nicolas de). Disoours et histoire veritable <d^& navi- 

gationSi peregrinations et voyages, faicts en la Turquie. 

Avec plusieurs belles & memorables Histoires, advenues en nostra temps. 

Plus, les figures au naturel, tant d'hommes que de. Femmes selon la diver- 
site des nations, leur port, maintien habits, loyx, Religion, & facon de viure, 
tant en temps de paix comme de guerre., 

Illustrated with 61 wood engravings. 

Sniall 4to. Yery handsome copy in full levant morocco extra, g. e. 
•Antwerp, 1586. £15 15s 

1595 A.D. 

[483] MINADOI (J. T.). Th© History of the Warres between© the 
Turkes and the Persians. 

Containing the description of all such matters, as pertaine to the Religion, 
to the Forces, to the Government, and to the Countries of the Kingdom of the 
Persians, translated by Abraham Hartwell. 

With the rare folding copperplate map. 

Small 4to (500 pp.). 'A -fine cofy in original vellum. 

Imprinted at London by John Wolfe, 1595. £19 19s 

1599 A.D. 

[484] DOUSA (George). Itinere suo Constantin<spolitano epistoia. 

Accesserunt veteres Inscriptiones Byzantio & ex reliqua Graecia nunc primum 
in lucem^editae, cum' quibusdam doctorum virorum epistolis. 

Small 8vo, boards. 

Antwerp, 1599. £1 5s 

1603 A.D. 

[485] A TRUE AND STRANGE DISCOURSE of the Travailes of Two 
English Pilgrimes; What admirable accidents befell them in their Journey to 
Jerusalem, Gaza, Grand Cayro, Alexandria, and other Places; also what rare 
Antiquities, Monuments, and Notable Memories (concording with the ancient 
remembrances in the Holy Scriptures), they sawe in. Terra Sancta, with a perfect 
description of the Old and New Jerusalem, and scituation of the Countries about 

Black Letter, woodcut border round title. 

Small 4to, full calf gilt, g. e. 

Imprinted at London, for Thomas Archer , 1603. £6 6SI 

I/O MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

The Near East — continued., 

1606 A.D. 

[486] PALERNE FORESIEN (Jean). P6r<6grination6, ou il est traicte 
de plusieurs singularites et antiquites, remarciuees ^s provinces d'Egypte, 
Arabic deserte et pierreuse. Terra Sainte, Syrie, Natolie, Grece et plusieurs 
isles etc. avec la maniere de vivre des Mores et Turcs . . plus est adjoute 
un petit dictionnaire en laingage fran^ois, italien, grec vulgaire, turc, mores- 
que ou arabe, et esclavon, necessaire a ceux qui desirent faire le voyage. 

2 vols., i2nio, contemporary French citron morocco, back gilt, g. e. 

Lyon, Jean Pillehatte, 1606. £5 5s 

Brunet : " Cette relation . . devenue rare." 

1612 A.D. 

[487J LAVENDER (T.). The Travels of Foure English Men and a 
preacher into Africa^ Asia, Troy, Bythlnia, Thracia, and to the Blacke Sea; 

and into Syria, Cilicia, Pisidia, Mesopotamia, Damascus, Camaan, Galilee, 
Samaria, Judea, Palestine, Jerusalem, Jericho, and to the Red Sea. Begum in 
the Yeere of Jubile 1600, and by some of them finished in the yeere 161 1, and 
others not yet returned. 

Small 4to. Black Letter, very fine copy in full levmni morocco gilt, g. e. 

London, 1612. £12 12s 

1613 A.D. 

[488] A TRUE DECLARATION of the Arrivall of Cornelius Haga (with 
others that accompanied hijn) Ambassadour for the generall States of the 
United Netherlands, at the great Citie of Constantinople. 

Together with the Entertainement unto them given, by the T'urke, when 
they came to his Palace, and what Priviledges were by him granted unto the 
said united Provinces. 

And also, The Copie of certaine Letters, sent unto the said States of 
the Netherlands, from Constantinople. 

Faithfully translated out of the Dutch Copie. 

. 2g pp. , small 4to, half calf gilt. 

London, Printed for Thomas Archer, 1613. £10 lOs 

1614 A.D. 

[489] RADZIVILL (N. C). Jerosolymitana Peregrinatio. 

Engraved Frontispiece. 

Folio, boards. Antwerp, 1614. £2 18s 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 171 

The Near East — continued. 

1617 A.D. 

[490] MORYSON (Fynes). An itinerary, containing his Ten A'eeies 
Travail through the Twelve Dominions of Germany, Bohmerlandj Switzerland, 
Netherland, Denmarke, Poland, Italy, Turkey, France, England, Scotland, 
and Ireland 

First Edition. Folio. Fine copy in original calf. 

London, 1617. £7 18s 

* * * The first part supplies a jonrnal of his travels through Europe, Scotland, and 
Ireland, with plans of the chief cities, full descriptions of their monuments, " as also tie 
rates of hiring coaches and horses from place to place with each day's expenses for diet, horse- 
meat, and the like." The second part is a history of Tyrone's rebellion, replete with invalu- 
able documents of state, and autheontio detaila respecting the English forces engaged. The 
third part consists of essays on the advantages of travel, on the geography of various countries 
of Europe, and on their differences in national costume, character, religion, arid constitutional 

Moryson is a sober and truthful writer. He delights in statistics respecting the mileage 
of his daily journeys and the, varieties in the valties of the coins he encountered. His descrip" 
tions of the inns in which helodged, of the costume and the food of the countries visited, 
render his work invaluable to the social historian. 

1619 A.D. 

[491] BEAUVAU (Baron Henry). Relation Joumaliere du Voyage du 
Levant faiot et d^orit par haut et pui^nt Seigneur Henry die Beauvau, reveu, 

augmentee et enrichy par I'autheur de pourtraicts des lieux les plus remar- 

With many engravings. 

4to, vellum. Nancy, par Jacob Garnich, 1619. £10 lOs 

Brunet : " Edition la plus reeherohee de cette relation." 

Beauvau travelled to Daltmati^, Albania, Greece, Cyprus, Palestine, and Egypt. Fine 

1628 A.D. 

[492] RQBSON (Charles). Newes from Aleppo. A Letter written to 
T. V. B. of D. Vicar of Cockfield in Southsex. Containing many remarkable 
occurrences observed by him in his journey thither. 

19 pp., small 4to, half calf. 

London; Printed for M. S., 1628. £5 5s 

1633 A.D. 

[493 J BUSBECK (A. G). Omnia quae extant. 

i2mo, original calf. 

Leyden, ex officina Elzeviriana, 1633. lOs 6d 

Willems 380. First collective edition of the letters of the celebrated diplomat and 
traveller, referring entirely to Txirkey. 

i;2 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. 

The Near East — continued.. 
1635 A.D. 

[494] GRIMESTON (Edward). The History of the Serrail, and of the 

Court of the Grand Seigneur, Erapei^ur of the Turkes. Wherein is seene the 
Image of the Othoman Greatnesse, A Table of humane passions, and the 
Examples of the inconstant prosperities of the Court: followed by The His- 
tory of the Court of the King of China. Written in French by the Seigneur 
Michael Baudier of Languedoc. Translated by E. G. 

248 pp., small 4to, morocco, g. e. 

London, 1635, £1© lOS 

1640-68 A.D. 


[495] RELAZIONE iM Bailaggio di Constaittinopte del Cavalier Aloise 
Cotltarini dal 1636 sin I'anno 1640. 

Guerra fra Turchi e Persiani 1587 di Gio Miqheli. 

"Diario del N. H. Aloise Molin, Gentilhomme invitto a Constantinople 

Clearly written manuscript in 6 vols., 4to, boards. 

1640-1668. £10 10s 

Collection of the wbitinss of vaeious Italian historians, relating to Consiantikoplb and 
THS Ottoman Empire., 

1654 A.D. 

[496] CUSPINIAN (Joannes), De Turcarum origine, rehgione, ac 
immanissima eorum in Christianos tyrannide; deque viis per quas Christian! 
Principes Turcas profligarei et invadere facile possent. 

Leyden, Jo. Maire, 1654. 

VOET (Paul). D© DuelliS Kcitis ©t illioitis. Utrecht, 1646. 

The two works bound in one volume. i2mo', origirml calf. 18s 

1664 A.D. 

[497] QUICLET. Les voyages de M. Quidet a Constantinople par 

terre, enrichls d^Annotations par ie Sieur P.M.L. » 

i2mo, calf\ Paris, 1664. £1 lOs 

First Edition. The author started from Venice in 1657 and travelled via Eagusa, Bosna 
Serai, Bolgrad, Adrianople to Constantinople. 

1674 A.D. 

[498] SMITH rihomas). Epistola de morlbus ao institutis Turcarum 
oui anneotitur brevis Constantinopoleos notitia. 

2 vols, in I, 8vo, original calf. Oxford, 1674. 16s 

Plate XXXm.' 

Plate XXXIV. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. 173 

The Near East — continued. 

1675 A.D. 

[499] MAIMBOURG. Histoire des Croisades pottV la Delivrance de la 
Terre Sakite. 

With numerous vignettes and the engraved frontispiece.. 
4to, calf. Presentation copy' with the author's signed inscriftion to 
Joachim de Dreux de Breze, Abbe du Folgoet, amd with his Arms on the sides. 
Paris, 1675. £1 5s 

1680 A.D. 

[500] FOX (G.}. To the Great Turk, and his King at Ar^ers. To- 
gether with A Postcript of George Pattison's taking the Ttirks, and setting 
them on their own Shoar. 

Small 4to, 6o(W^y. London, 1680. £2 lOs 

1684 A.D, 

[501] NUOVA, e verlssinia relatione della gran soorreriia, Che hanno 
fatto nd Paese del Turco i due Principi, Giosafat, et il principe Steffano Ting- 
hil, Con la presa di tre gran Fortezze di Habeleh, Zerbit, & Gezan de Bure. Con 
la morte di cento milla Tiirchi tagliant a pezzi. 

4 pp. , small 4to, wrappers. Livorno, 1684. £2 2s 

1685 A.D. 

[502] DISTINTA relazione dell^ Presa della oitta di Cassovia aU' armi 
Imperiali Comandate dal Sig. MaresciaJ Caprara, Seuita li 25. Ottobre 1685. 
Ed acquisto di Zolnoch, et altri Luoghi di la daJ Tibisco, Colla prigionia del 
Ribelle Tfekeli seguita in Varadirio, e trasmesso incatenato da queLBass^ in 

4 pp., small 4to, vellum. Bologna, 1685. £2 2S 

1803-4 A.D. 

[503] MAYER (Luigi). Views in Palestine, from Original Drawings. 
'Witii an Historical and Descriptive Account of the Country, and its 
Remarkable Places. 

Views in the> Ottoman Empire, 

With some curious selections from The Islands of Rhodes and Cyprus, 
and the Celebrated Cities of Corinth^ Carthage, and Tripoli : from the Original 
Drawings in the possession of Sir R. Ainslie, taken during his Embassy to 
Constantinople. With historical Observations and incidental Illustrations of 
the Manners and Customs of the Natives of the Country. 

Illustrated with 48 magnificent aquatint plates in colour. 

Together in l vol., folio, half calf. 

London, 1803-4. £4 10s 

174 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, V;. 



1472 A.D. 

With the Famous "World Map" of 1472. Printed by .the First 

Printer at Augsburg. 

[504] ISIDORUS HISPALENSIS. Etymologiammi libri XX. 

Roman Letter, 38 long lines to a full page. Capital spaces, with guide- 
letters, spaces alsQ for Greek words in text. Capitals supplied in red. 

With 3 full-page woodcuts, one in the shape O'f a spider (folded), and the 
famous " World Map " and other woodcut diagrams. 

Folio, old oak boards covered with stamped -pigskin. 

{Augsburg), Gtintlier Zainer, igth N ovember , 1472. £75 

Hain *9273. Procter 1532. Schreiber 4266. British Museum Catalogue, Vol. II., p. 317. 
This is said hy Hain to| be the first book printed in Roonan letters in Germany with a date. 
\ ' • Aji extremelly Interesting book not only for its scientific encyclopedic contents and its 
famous World-Map, but also for its typographical peculiarities. 

" Some of the pages of this book have uneven line-endings, ajid many are set crookedly. 
Appareijtly two pages were printed at a time. In the new monograph of Dr. Schramm (1920) 
entirely devoted tio the woodcuts of Giinther Zainer of Augsburg, there are exact reproductions 
of the four woodcuts, namely of the " Stemma stirpis humanae," " Arbor consanguinitatis," 
" the Aibor Affinitatis " and " the World-Map." 

Only i Copies of. this impoktant scientific book ix U.S.A. (i.ccordikg to Census). 

1475 A.D. 

A Magnificent Copy of the First Edition of Ptolomy, 1475. 

[505] PTOLEMAEUS (Claudius). Cosmographia. 

(Tramslated into Latin' by Jacobus Angelus of Scarparia, and edited by 
Angelus Vadius and Barnabas Picardus of Vicenza.) 

Roman Letter. Red and blue initial letters painted. Woodcut diagrams. 

Small folio, original vellum. 

Vicenza, Hermann Lichtenstein, i^th September, 1475. £135 

Hain *13536. P'roctor 7139. Eames-Sabin No. 66469. 

This is the( famous first edition of Ptolemy's Geography. A book that was so popular 
that more than a score of editions were published in the hundred years follo*ing its first 
appearance. No maps were issued with this the First Edition. 

This is the first book printed by Hermann Lichtenstein, and is one of the earliest books 
printed at Vicenza, where printing commenced in Spring 1474. 

A magnificent copy with the/ widest possible margins. 

Okly 7 libraries in U.S.A. possess copies (accordinq to Census). 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, Londcm, W. 175 

Early Geographical VIorks— continued. 
1475 A.D. 

First Edition of Ptolomy, 1475. 
[506] PTOLEMAEUS (Claudius). CosiliOgraphia. (In Latin.) 
Another Copy. 

Small folio, criminal vellum {text stained). 

Vicema, Hermami Lichtenstein, i-^ih September, 1475. £95 

Hain *13536. Proctor 7139. 

1475 A.D. 

Compendium of Geographical Knowledge of the Greeks and Romans. 
[507] SOLINUS (Caius Julius). De inirabilibus mundi. 

Roman Letter, 26 long lines to a full page. Capital spaces. 

4to, vellum {title remargined'). 

{Rome, Johannes Schurener, de Bofardia about 1475.) £21 


Hain *14874.. Proctor 3190. British Museum Catalogue, VoJ. IV., p. 59. 
This work is better knofrn under the name Polyhistor, it is divided into 50 chapters 
and is a Compendium of the Geographical knowledge of the' Greeks and Romans. 
Only 2 Copies in U.S.A. (according to Census). 

1477-85 A.D. 

The Earliest Atlas of the Mediterranean. 

[508] BARTOLOMMEO DA LI SONETTI (Zamberto). Isolario. 

First Edition, Black Letter, 56 leaves, long lines, containing 49 
remarkable full and double-page woodcut maps of the Islands of the Mediter- 
ranean, coloured by a contemporary hand. 

4to, crimson morocco, t. e. g., s. n. 

{Venice, Gulielmus of Piar^cerreto , called Afiiina mla, not before 1477 nor 
after 1485). 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XXXV.). £25 

Hain 2538- and 14890. Proctor 5107. Small worm holes in a few leaves, first leaves 
stained and several maps shaved at head, a few leaves repaired. An exceedingly rare and 
valuable book, both on accoxint of its being an early specimen of poetry in Italian and as the 
earliest Atlas of the Mediterranean. The date should be before 1485, as the elaborate crypto- 
gram at the beginning gives the name of the then reigning Doge (Giovanne Mocenigo) whose 
period was from 1447 to 14S5 according to Dibdin (Aedes Altiiorp II., No. 1305), the 'book 
was published about 1477. Panizzi (Bibiliotlieoa Grenvilliana) thought it appeared from 1478 
to 1485. Both may be correct according to the cryptogram. Brunei empha.sises the excessive 
rarity of the book. 

OjjLY 2 Copies ix U.S.A. 

ij'a MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

Early Geographical Works — contin-ued. 
1478 A.D. 

[509] piONYSIUS AFER (Alexandrinus). CosniOgraph'ra; de situ 
orbis habitabilis Antonii Bechariae traductio. 

Roman Letter, 26 long lines to a full page. 

Printed in red and black, with handsome woodcut initial letters. 

4to, vellum. Venice, 1478. £18 183 

Haiu *6227. Proctor 4137. Pellechet 4294. Tine Copy. 

1478 A.D. 

On Astrology and Cosmography. 

[510] SACROBUSiTO [(Johannes de); John Holywood of Hahfa.\. j Opus 
sphaericum. Accedit Gerardi Cremonensis Theorica Planetarum. 

Roman Letter, 25 lo!ng lines to a full page. With numerous astronomical 
woodcuts (coloured) and very pretty floreate ornamental capitals. 

Venice, Franz Renner, 1478. £14 14s 

Hain *14108. Proctor 4175. 

1480 A.D. 

First Book Printed at Treviso by Johannes Rubeus. 
[511] STRABO (Gnosius). Geographiae libri XVEI. 

Roman Letter, 39 Icmg lines to a full page. 

Folio, old vellum. 
{Treviso), Johannes Rubeus, 26th August, 1480. £52 10s 

Hain-Coipinger *15089. VouUieme (Berlin) 3612. Proctor 6493. 

1482 A.D. 

[512] POMPONIUS MELA. Gosmographia sive De situ Orbls. Una 

cum Prisciani ex Dionysio Thessalonicensi de situ Orbis interpretation^. 

Black Letter, long lines, 30 toi a full page. Rubric on first leal of te.xt 
printed in red. With very interesting woodcut map of the World on first ^eaf 
verso, with 2 large and 5 smaller woodcut ornamental capitals. 

4to, half morocco, g. e. 

Venice, Erhard Ratdolt, \%th July, 1482. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XXXVI.). £52 10s 

Hain *11019. Proctor 4385. Essling 274. 


by the use of smaller gothio types and broader type-page, Eatdolt was able to add tli6 treatise 
of Dionysius to that of Mela within the same number of leaves as he had used for the- Mela 
alone in 1478. The text is preceded by a woodcut map of the worid, displayed as if hung on 
the wall of a room of which four of the ornamental pillars and part of the ceiling are shown. 
Above the map is a blank shield, ajid above this, touching the ceiling, floral festoooia. Along 
the wall, divided by the shield, is the inscription : ' Novellae etati ad geographietimioulatos 
calles humano viro neoessarios flores aspirati votu benemoreti ponit.' " 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. \^^ 

Eariy Geographical \lfii\vs^contimied. 
1488 A.D. 

With Woodcuts Printed in Colours. 

[513] SACRaBUSTO [(Johannes de), or John Holywood.] Sphera 

Roman Letter, printed in red and black, 35 long lines to a page, with two 
fine full-page woodcuts, and numerous wooodcut diagrams and printer's device. 

4to, vellum. 

Venice, Hieronymus de Sanctis, U'ith Johann Lucilius Santntter, Xist 
March, 1488. »25 

Hain. *1«12. Proctor 5183. Essling 260 

Pine Copy. 

" With a fine frontispiece representing Astronomia enthroned between ' Vrania musa 
caelestis ' and ' Ptolemaens princeps astronomor ' (praised by Dr. Lippmann as ' not unworthy 
to have been executed after some design of the' elder Bellini ') and numerous diagrams, some 
of them printed in black, yellow, and red', some pictorial, e.g., those illustrating the 'Radius 
visualis ' and ' Vmbra perpendicularis.' As was pointed out by the Prince d'EesIing the 
verses in praise of the printers distinctl(y assert that the ' invention ■" of the designs was 
Santritter's, and the cutting by Hieronymus de Sanctis. Whether Santritter may be credited 
on this evidence with the design of the frontispiece is perhaps doubtful. The identification 
of his temporary partner as a. woodcutter is the more interesting since . besides this he issued 
•other illustrated books, a Flore di virtu with a frontispiece of a rather grim-looking Friar 
in a Garden, the important edition of the Meditatione sopra la passione di Cristo, in which 
some of the blocks of the early Venetian blockbook reappear slightly cut down (this with a 
certain ' Cornelius '), and in this same year 1488, and also with Santritter, the De ente et 
«ssentiis of Thomas Aquinas, with a fine cut of a boy and a burning-glass." A. W. Pollard. 
Catalc^fue of Early ItaJiau Books in the Library of C. W. Dyson Perrins. 

In addition to the diagrams printed in red, blaK!k, and yellow, a few are coloured 
by hand, 

OxLY 3 Copies in U.S.A. (accokdixg to Ckn'stts). 

1490 A.D. 

With Scientific Woodcuts, some Printed in Colours. 

[514] SACROBUSTO [Qoaimes de); -John Holywood, of Halifax.] 
Sphaera nuimti. 

Roman Letter, 41 long lines to a full page. With publisher's device 
printed in red. With full-page Venetian woodcut of Astronomia, Urania and 
Ptolemy, and numerous diagrams printed in red, black and yellow. 

4to, vellum. 

Venice (Bonetus Locatellus [for Octavicmus Scotus], ^th October, 14Q0). 


Hain *U113. Proctor 5023. Essling 261. 

Only 9 libeaeies in U.S.A. possess copies (.4ccohding to Census). 

1/8 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35. Conduit Street, London, W. 

Early Geographical Works — continued. 

1490 A.D. 

The Rome Ptolemy of 1490 with Metal Engraved Maps. 

[515] PTOLEMAEUS. Co$inogra{>hk latino interprote Jacobo Angelo 
ex emend. Domitii Calderini. 

53 lines to a page. 

Roman Letter, double columns, with 27 beautifully engraved copperplate 
maps. A few pages stained by the damp and some pages repaired. 
2 vols, in I, folio, sealskin, g. e. 

Rome, Petrus de Turre, ^th November, 1490. £52 

Hain-Copinger *13541. Proctor 3966. This is the Second Issue of the First Edition with 
Maps (the first issue with maps appeared in 1478). The finely engraved maps are the work of 
Conrad Sweynheym and Arnold Buckinck. They include a World Map, 10 maps of Europe, 
i of Africa, and 12 of Asia. The text of this rare edition which contains the metal engraved 
maps of the 1478 edition begins with the Eegistrum Alphbeticum and ends with " De locis ac 
mirabillibus mundi." Duly 10 libraries in U.S.A. possess copies of this fine book. 

1491 A.D. 

[516] AENEAS SYLVIUS, Piccolomini; Pope Pius IL In Europam. 

Black Letter, 33 long lines to a full page. Capital spaces. 

4to, vellum. 

{Memminsgen, Albrecht Kunne, not after March, 1491.) £12 12s 

Hain *25S. British Museum Catalogue, Vol. III.; p. 605. Pellechet 179. Proctor 2781. 
Voullieme (Berlin) 1616. 

" Bishop Otto of Constancy, to whom the >>onlc is dedicated, died on 19th or 21st 
ifaroh, 1491." 

1494 A.D. 

[517] STRABO (Gnosius). De situ orbis libri XVII e graeco traitocti 
Greg. Typhernale ao Guarino Veronense interpretibus. 

Roman Letter, 61 long lines to a full page. 
Venice, Johannes Rubeus, 7,ZtH January, 1494. 

Not VD- Hain. Copinger 5661. No copy in British Sfuseum or m Bodleian Library. 
Okly 1 Copy in U.S.A (accoedisg to Census). 

Bound up with: 

JUSTINUS (Marcus Junianus) and FLORUS. Gestorum Romanorum 

Roman Letter, 59 long lines to a full page. With signatures. 

{yenice, Johannes Rubeus, 1494-95). 

Both books boimd in one vol. Folio. Old Monastic binding of oak 
boards half covered with white pigskin. From the Monastery at Waiblingen. 

£14 14s 

Hain *96.54. Proctor 5139. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 179 

Earfy Geographical Works — continued.' 

1494 A.D. 

[518] STRABO (Gnosius). De situ orbis libri XVII e graeco traducti 
Greg. Typhemale ac Guarino Veronense 'mterpretibus. 

Roman Letter, 61 long lines to a full page. Marginalia. Capital spaces. 
Folio, vellum. 

(Venice), Johannes {Rubeus), 2i^th Afril, 1494. £10 10s 

Hain 15090. Proctor 5135. 

1495 A.D. 

[519] MELA (Pomponius). Cosmographia seii de situ orbis. 

Roman Letter, 27 long lines to a full page. Woodcut initial letters. 
4to, vellum. 

{Venice, Ckristo-pherus de Pensis, about 1495). £12 12s 

Hain *11013. Proctor 5259. 

1498 A.D. 

[520} SOLINUS. De memoraljbus inuncti. 

Black Letter, 40 lines to a full page. Capital spaces, with guide-letters. 
4to, vellum. 

Venice, Johannes Rubeus, loth March, 1498. " £10 lOs 

Hain *1J.885. Proctor 5H6. Xo copy in the Bodleian Library. 

1498 A.D. 

[521] PAUSANIAS HISTORICUS. Atticae descriptio: Auctores Vetus- 

tissimi ([Myrsilius Lesbius, de origine Italiae et Turrenorum. M. Porcius Cato, 
de origine gentium et urbium Italicarum. Archilochus, de temporibus. Metas- 
thenes, de Judicio Temporum et Annalium Persarum. Philonis, Breviarum de 
Temporibus. Antoninus Pius. Itinerarium. Berosus. Manethon, etc.). 

Roman Letter, 29 long lines to a full page. 

Venice, Bernardinus de Vitalibus, 1498. 

Hain 12527. Copinger 724. Proctor 5527. 

Bouttd up with: 

PAUSANIAS HISTORICUS. Domttius Calderinus e Graeoo traduxit. 

Roman Letter, 3 1 long lines to a full page. 
Hain 12526. Proctor 5613. 

Bound up. with: 

POMPONIUS LACTUS. Romanae Historiae. 

Roman Letter, 28 long lines to a full page. 

Venice, Bernardinus de Vitalibus, 12th December, 1500. 

Hain *9831. Proctor 5537. 

Bound 141 with: 

SOLINUS. De memoraMbus mundl. 

Roman Letter. Venice, 1493. 

The four works in i volume, 4to, russia gilt. £14 14s 

Hain *14881. Proctor 5116. 

i8o MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35. Conduit Street, London. W. 

Eariy Geographical Works — continued. 

1499 A.O. 

[522] DIONYSIUS AFER, SEU PERIEGETA. CosmograpMa, seu de 

situ orbis. 

Roman Letter, 40 long lines to a full page. Printed marginalia. Fine 
printer's device of J. Petit on title. 

4to, boards. 

Paris, Georg Wolf and Thielmann Kerver, for Jean Petit, 22nd June, 
1499. £5 Ss^ 

Hain *G230. Pellechet 4296. Proctor 8384. 
Only 3 Copies in U.S.A. (accobdinq to Census). 

1500 A.D. 

With the Curious' World-Map. 

[523 J MACROBIUS (Aurelius Theodosius). In Somnitmi Scipionis ex- 
positionis et Saturnalia. 

Roman Letter, 45 long lines to a f uU page. With a fine ornamental wood- 
cut, a curious large map of the world and mathematical diagrams. Capital 
spaces, with guide-letters. 

Folio, vellum. 

Venice, Philippus Pincius, 2gtk October, 1500. £10 lOs- 

Haiu *10430. Proctor 5326. No copy in the British- Museum. 
Only 3 Copies in U.S.A. (according to Census). 

1503 A.D. 

[524} SO LIN US. De ni8«K>>rabl1ibus Mundi. Diligenter annotatus & 
indici aJphabetico prenotatis. 

With Jeam.' Petit's fine woodcut device on title. 

8vo, half bound. 

Paris, Jean Petit (1503). £3 3S- 

1512 A.D. 

[525] HYCINUS. De Mundi et Sphere ao UtriusqiK Partium Declara' 
tioira cum Planetis et Variis Si'gnis Historiatts. 

With fine large woodcut on title page, numerous woodcuts of the signs of 
the zodiac and the planets, etc. 

4to, half vellum. 

Venice, Sessa, 1512. £4 lOS^ 

Plate XXXV. 



Krom B^BTOLOMMEO Dalxi Son^t.-Isolahio 
Circa. l«i. 
(The First Atlas of the Mediterranean). 
^ See Item Xo. 508. 

Plate XXXVI. 

51 lW/////////////////^///4 


ff////////A////////////// ////////////M////^^^^^^^ 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Ccmduit Street, London, W. 181 

Early Geographical Works — continued. 
1526 A.D. 

[526] JOANNES DE SiACROBUSTO [(John Holywood), an EngUshman.] 
Opusculum de Sphera Muiuii Joanitis de Sacrobusto; cum additionibus; at 
familiarissimo commentario Petri Cirueli Darocensis; nunc recenter correctis a 
sue autore; i'ntersertis etiam egregiis questionibus domini Petri d^ Aliaco. 

Black and Roman Letter, double columns, title within fine woodcut border, 
fine woodcut of the "Sphere" on reverse of title within woodcut border, 
repeated on last leaf, numerous woodcut diagrams and initial letters. 

Folio, calf. 

Alcala de Henares, Michaelis de Eguia, 1526. £10 lOs 

Salva 3812. Magniftcent copy of the first Spanish edition of the Englishman, John 
Holywood's famous treatise on the Sphere. Salva calls it " Hermosa edicion." 

1538 A.D. 

[527] SOLINUS. Rerum toto Orbe Memorabiiium thesaurus. Pomponii 
Melae ^ situ orbis. 

With the famous folding woodcut map. 

■ Folio, original vellum. Basel, 1538. £3 3s 

1556 A.D. 

[528] FRIZON (Gemma). Les Prtncipes cfAstronomie et Cosmographie, 

avec I'usage du Globe; plus est adjouste I'usage de I'anneau Astronomic, et 
I'exposition de la Mappemohde; mis en langue Francois par Claude de Boissiere. 

Numerous woodcuts Eind diagrams. 

Small 8vo, original vellum, 

Paris, 1556. £1 lOs 

1565 A.D. 

[529] MAGNUS (Olaus). Historia delle genti et cfella natura delle cose 
settentrionali. Novamente tradotta in lingua Toscana. 

With numerous woodcuts, and the "famous copperplate engraving of the 
Map of Scandinavia and Northern Europe. 

Folio, half vellum. 

Venice, Giunti, 1565. £21 

Excellent copy of a fine hook. The First Italian Teaxslation of Olacs Magxus. 

i82 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

Earty Geographical Works — continued. 

1567 A.D. 

[530] MAGNUS (Olaus). Historia cte gentium Septentriotialium, de 

morum rituum, superstitionum, exercitiorum, diversitate etc. 

With numerous woodcuts and fine large folding map of Scandinavia and 
Northern Europe. 

Small thick folio, old calf. 

Basel, 1567. £10 10® 

1664 A.D. 

[531J VARENIUS (Bernhard). Geographitoa generalis, in qua aifec- 
tiones generales tellures explicantur. 

With frontispiece and maps. 

8vo, crimson morocco extra, with elegant gilt line scrolls, gilt and 
gauffered edges fainted with flowers, by Bardet and Boylan. 

Amsterdam, Elzevir, 1664. £5 5s 

Willems 1330. 

1690 A.D. 


Original manuscript clearly written, 103 pp. 

Small 8vo, original calf. (At end " Finis Geografhia, datae anr.o 
Domini i6go.") ' 10s 6d 


(I.) Authors and Titles. 

Account of tiie ProceeiUngs of Inliabitants 

■ of Qaobeo. 1775 No. 195 

A,ooata (Joseph de) East and West Indies, 

1«M 65 

AcQsta (Nicholas de) Breve Kelaeion del 
'Martiro del F. M. Mastrillo, 1638 ... 348 

Aeneas Sylvius, In Buropam, 1491 516 

Albertini (F. de) Mirabilibiis NoTae & 

■ Veteris Urbis Romae, 1510 13 

—' — ditto, 1515 19 

Alvarez (F.) Noticia de las Colonias Ingleses 

en la America, 1778 218 

Alvarez y Tejero (L. P.) Eesena historica de 

China, 1857 416 

America (North) Map, 1786 229 

Andrade (Antonio) Nuevo deseubrimiento 

del Gran Cathayo, 1627 341 

Segunda Carta, 1628 343 

Andre (Major) see Smith (J. H.) 
Annua de Japon de anno 1618 (Manuscript) 


— ditto, 1622 (Manuscript) 338b 

Autigtuitatee Amerioanae, 1837 293 

Apian (Peter) Cosmographicus, 1529, 1545, 

1574, 1575 27, 37, 57, 58 

Argensola tB. L. de) Conquista de las Isilas 

Malucas, 1609 330 

Authentic Narrative of Expedition under 

Generals Crawfurd and Whitelocke, 1808, 

Atlantic Neptune (plates from), 1778 216 

Atlas Geographus, 1711-17 133 

Baequevilte de la Potherie, Historie de 

I'Amerique Septentrionale, 1722 140 

Balthassar de Bledina (Fr.) Vida, Martyrio, 
y beatiflcacion de San Felipe de Jesus, 

'1683. 374 

BiittaBar de Torres (Fr.) Martyrio en Japon. 

r slgai 346 

Barbe-Marbois (M.) Oomplot d'Arnold, 1816 

■ . ■ ■ 263. 

Barreda (Joseph) Memorial que el P. Pro- 
vincial de, Paraguay presento, 1753 ... 170 

Barreto (P.) Eelacam da Brasil 99 

Barri (C.) Cochin-China, 1633 347 

Bartolaohi (J. J.) Opusculo GuadalupaHO, 

1790 234 

Bartolommeo (J.) Isolario, 1485 508 

Bastes (A.) Desoobrimento da India, 1860 ... 

Batista de Lanuza (M.) Estado de la per- 

eeguida Iglesia del Xapon, 1639 349 

Beauclerk (Lord C.) Views of Military Oper^ 

ations in Canada, 1840 299 

Beauvau (Henry) Kelation du Voyage du 

Levant, 1619 491 

Benson (Eev. M., Bp. Gloucester) Mission- 
ary Sermon, 1740 153a 

Bentham (J.) Canada, Emancipate your 

Colonies, 1838 294 

Bentley (C.) Views in Guiana, 1841 30O 

Bergomas (J. P.) Chronicarum, 1506, 1518 ... 

10, 18 
Berkeley (Rev. G.) Missionary Sermon, 1732 

147 \ 

Beverley (E.) Virginia, 1722 141 

Bickham (G.) British Monarchy, 1748 ... 161 
Biondo (M. A.) De Navigatione. 1546 ...... 38 

Blanchard (P.) and Dauzats (A.) San Juan 

de Ulua, 1839 297 

Boemus (J.) Omnium Gentium Mores, 1542 


— — I Costiimi, 1585 59e 

Boothby (E.) Discovery of Madagascar, 

1646 93 

Bordone (B.) Isolario, 1537 31 

Bossu (M.) Travels through N. America, 

1771 193 

Boston, Plan of Battle of Bunker's Hill, 

1775 203- 

Boturini Benaduci (L.) Nueva Historia de 
la America Septentrional, 1746 1.5S 

mDlCUS— Continued. 

a.) AUTHORS AND TITLES— Continued. 

Bradbury (J.) Travels in Interior of 
America, 1817 £65 

Bradford (Rev. S. Bp. of Carlisle) Mission- 
ary Sermon, 1720 139a 

Brandt (S.) Stultifera Navis, 1498 7 

(in Dutch), 1610 68 

Bray CRev. T.) Acts of Dr. Bray's Visita- 
tion, 1700 124 

Memorial of State of Keligion, 1700 ... 


Brazil; Various MS. Documents and Letters, 

1644 to 1780 90a, 91a, 93a, 98a, 99a, 

100a, 110a, 120a, 151a, 192a, 202a, 202b, 219a 

Breydenbach (Bde.) Grant Voyage de Hieru- 
ealem, 1522 463 

Burke (B.) Speech for Conciliation with 
Colonies, 1775 196 

Busbeck (A. G.) Omnia quae extant, 1633 .. 


Buzeta (M.) De las Pilipinas, 1850 414 

Campbell (Capt. D.) Narrative of Ship- 
wreck, 1796 400 

Caoursin, Historia von Rhodis, 1513 i6\ 

Carmichael-Smith (Sir J.) Precis of Wars 
in Canada 308 

Carolina, Map, 1775 201 

Attack on Fort Sullivan, 1776 211 

Cartas que Ids Padres Hermanos escrivieron 
de Japon. 1575 316 

Carvajal (B.) Oratio ad Alexandrum VTI., 
1493 1 

Carver (J.) Travels through N. America, 
1778 217 

Castner (G.) Relatio Sepulturae S. Francisco 
Xaverio, 1700 379a 

Catrou (F. F.) Mogol Empire, 1709, 1715 

381, 3S(i 

Centeno (A.) Historia del Oriente, 1595... 321 

Chalmers (G.) Political Annals of United 
Colonies, 1780 220 

Charlevoix (P. Xavier Op) Paraguay. 1756... 

(P. de) Voyage to N. America, 1761... 


Charts of South American Coast, 1752... 169 

Chaves (J.) Chronographia, 1580 59a 

Chronicorum Turcicorum, 1578 479 

Churchyarde (T.) Discourse of Queenes 
Entertainment, 1579 59 

Cladera (C.) Investigaciones Historicas, 
1794 238 

Clarkson (T.) Improving Condition of 
Slaves, 1823 270 

Clement X. (Pope) Bulla ... del Peru, 
1735 151 

Clement (Claude) Tablas Chronologicas 115 

Clinton (Sir H.) Narrative, 1783 225 

Clodore (J. de) Eelation de la Gueri© avec 

I'Anffleterre, 1671 103 

Coke (H. J.) Ride over Rocky Mountains. 

1852 804 

Colden (C.) Five Indian Nations, 1747, 1755... 

159. 172 
Coles (Capt. C.) Drawings of Brazil, etc. 291 
Columbus (Christopher) Epistola (The 

Second Letter of Columbus), 1494 4 

• Second Voyage 74 

Columbus (Fernando) Historie . . Rela- 
tione della Vita de Christoforo Colombo, 

1614, 1676 70,106 

Combes (Rev. F.) Historic de las Isles de 

Mindanao, 1667 861 

Ec-issuc by Retana, 1897 3S2 

Commelins (I.) Collection of Voyages, 1646... 

Compendio de alguas Cartes . . . China, 

Japan and Brazil, 1598 63 

Contarini (A.) Relazione del Barlaggio de 

Constantinople, 1640 495 

Cooper (T.) Correspondence re Slaves, 1824... 


Facts re Slaves, 1824 375 

Letter to Hibbert, 1824 876 

Copia de Carta del Rey de la China, 1712. 

1748 382, 89i. 

Cordova (D. de) Vida de Francisco Solano, 

1643 90 

(Pedro de) Doctrina Cristiano para 

Instrucioin de los Indios, Memco, 1544 86 
Cornwallis (Earl) Answer to Sir Henr^ 

Clinton, 1783 321 

Cortes (Fernando) Carta tercera, 1523 22 

La quarta relaeion, 1525 J4 

La Preclara Narrations, 1524 23 

Cosmographiae Introductio, 1507 11 

Cotton (Rev. J.) Keyes of Heaven, 1644 ... 01 
Contx) (13.) Dialogo de la Pintura en Mextoo 

1872 , 812 

Coverte (Capt. R.) True . . . Report of an 

Englishman, 1612 832 

Cuepinian (J.) De Turearum Orig'me, 165i... 

Dantiny (M.) Dialogos, Agrieultura In- 
diana, 1746 156 

Darell CJ.) Strange Newes from Indies. 

1652 056 

Dartnell (G. R.) Shipwreck of "Premier," 

1845 BOl 

De Adeptione Constantinopolitane, 1501... 460 
Debate in H. of Commons on Slaves, 1824 277 

LNDICUS— Continued: 
(I.) AUTHORS AND TITLES— Continued. 

j«»De Beauohamp (A.) Histoire cUi Bresil, 

1815 '.. 260 

DeBry's Voyages— America, pars vii., 1599 


— Indiae,. pars v. at vi., 16014 325 

— pars vii. et viii, 1606-7 328 

Defoe (D.) Voyages of Capt. Roberts, 1726... 

Deelandes (A. D.) Beautez de la Perse, 

1673 368 

De Solis (A.) Conquest of Mexico, 1724... 143 
De Veer (G.) Vier eerste Schip-Vaerden, 

1663 102 

Dialogue, Director of iSew Egst-India Co., 

1699 379 

Diaz del Castillo (B.) Conquista de la Nueva 

. .Espana, 1632 85, 86 

Diego de Paatoja, Eelacian dos Padres en la 

.. China, 1605 327 

Diereville (M.) Voyage de la Nouvelle 

, France, 1708 131 

Dionysius Afer (A.) Cosniographia, 1478, 

1499 '. 509, 522 

Distinta relazione, 1685 502 

Doeonas {P. de) Dedaracion de la Visita del 

Tobacco, 1680 107a 

Donne (John) Sermon to Virginia Company, 

1622 77 

Donsa (G.) Itinere suo Constantinopolitano, 

V : 1,599 ., , 484 

Dii Halde (J. B.) Empire of China, 1738-41... 
, 393 

jDn Jarric (J.) Indes Orientales, 1608-14 

, . 66, 339 

Dimkin (C.) Address' to Legislative of 

Canada, 1853 306 

Dupaix (Capt.l Antiquities Mexicaines, 

1834-6 290 

Durham (W. T.) Subaltern's Life in Madras, 

1860 420 

East India Sugar, 1824 .' 278 

Eastern Anecdotes, 1799 401 

Enciso (M. P. de) Suma de Geographia, 

1519 ; 21 

Eiitinck (J.) Late War,, 1763 183 

^fisqliemeling (J.) - Bucaniers of America, 

' 1684-5 11] 

'Ettinghausen (M. L.) Harsa Vardhana, 

1906 424 

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ditto, 1554 47 

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INBICUS— Continued. 

(I.) AUTHORS ATSi'J) TITLBS— Continued. 

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INDICES— Continued. 
(X.) AUTHORS AND TITLES— Continued. 

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England and Holland relating to Bast 

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cion de la Mission, 1840 412 

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mmC^S— Continued. 

(I.) AUTHORS AND TITUES— Continued. 

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6, 512, 518 
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North America divided into its principal' 

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208, 210, 214 
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pero Serra, 1787 V^tt 

Penn 'W.) No Cross, Nrt Crown (in T)TitcK), 
1687 "4 

Counsel and Ad>viee to Wife and Ohil- 

dren 109 

PenniTigton (M.) Brief Aect/unt of Child- 
hood 109 

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Persecucion contra la religion Christiana 6ii 
China, 1778 SW 

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Navigatio. 1621 H 

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Santa F^ en japon, 1617 33S 

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1658 1»*» 

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Mnndo, 1639 88a 

Pomponius Mela. See Mela. 

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1620 73 

Poitulano, 1680 108 

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mmCES— Continued. 
a.) AUTHOKS AND TITLES— C(witi»mcd. 

Ptolemy, 1175, 1490. 1511, 1513, 1541, 1548, 1552, 

1563il 564 It, 17, 34, 41, 42, 52a, 54. 5nr, 

506, 515 
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Relaoam de Vitoria contra os Francezes, 

1711 132 

Relaoam do eitio do Grano Para, 1753... 171 
Relacao eummaria . . . Afartyrio en China, 

1751 396 

Relacion breve . . . Martyrios en Japon, 

1624 339 

Relacion de la Armada al eocorro del Brasil, 

1631 84 

Relacion de la Victoria quo los Portugueses 

aJan^aron de los de la Compania del 

Brasils 1649 95 

Relacion de lo Sucedido en los Galeones y 
Plota de Tierra Firme. 1622 76 

Relacion de todo lo sucedido en Nueva 
Espana, 1612 89 

Relacion verdadera de Anno 1615 337 

R^ponse a la lettre sur les ceremonies 

Chinoises, 1704 3sn 

Report from select Committee re Bengal, 

1782-3 P"" 

Restimen Historieo de la?Misiones, 1864... 421 
Reynolds (Rev. R. Bp. Lincoln) Missionary 

Sermon, 1727 H6a 

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Voyages et Missions en Chine, 1653 S'iS 

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Japon. 1601 324 

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triumphos de Santa F^, 1645 92 

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470, 471 

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1684 IIB 

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Ponteach, 1766 187 

(Woodes) Voyage, 1716 136 

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1672 366 

Rumbo seguro y unico para traer las Indias. 

1717 137 

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1525 „ 25 

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Filipina, 1892 W 

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India, 1603 6^ 

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1768 187a 

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8. 3, 8 

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Austral Maga'lanica, 1690 IIS 

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Relatione della Cina. 1643 352 

Sentiments relating to late Negotiation. 

1761 180 

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Siam, Great and Wonderful Eevolution. 

1690 377 

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quistas de Tierra Firme, 1627 81 

Slave Colonies of Great Britain. 1825.... ""'4 

Slcane (H.) Voyage. 1707 130 

Smet (Rev. P. J. de) Missions de I'Or^gon, 

1848 303 

INDICES— ConimMerf. 
(I.) AUTHOES ANB TITUBS— Continued. 

Sj[iith, J. H.) Authentic Narrative of Major 
Andre, 1808 253 

(Sir T.) Voiage, 1605 65» 

(Thomas) Turcarnm, 167i 498 

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1493, 1498, 1503, 1538.. .507, 520, 521, 524, 527 

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1783-4, 1809 117b 226a 257 

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161«, 1703 94, 126 

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Vellum, 1555 48 

Stedman (C.) American War, 1794... 240, 241 

Stedman (Capt. J. G.) Expedition in Guiana, 
1796 243 

Stephen (J.) England enslaved, 1826 287 

Steuben (Baron) Regulations . . . Troop of 
U.S.A., 1794 .*. 239 

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Stith (W,) Virginia, 1747 ISO 

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Strictures on Peace, 1783 226 

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. Cuba, 

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1801 403 

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1610 .•. 331 

Torrarum Orbis Bescriptio, 16.50 97 

Texas, L'Heroine du Texas, 1819 268 

Tissanier (J.) Voyage, 1663 359 

Tomai» de Vareas (T.) Eestauraeion de la 

Ciudad del Salvador, 1628 82 

Torres y Aguilera (11. de) Chronica, 1579 480 

Tratado de Paz, Portugal e de Hespanha, 
: 1777 21.') 

Treaty of Peace, 1686 112 

True and Strange discourse of Travailes of 
Two English Pilgrimes, 1603 48."> 

Ti'ue declaration of arrivall of Cornelius 
Haga, 1613 ....„ 48S 

Trumbull (H.) History of Biscovery of 
America, 1836 292 

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1783 228 

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Bulla . . . Nueva Espana y Eilipinas, 

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1494 5 

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de Ciudad de Lima, 1687 113 

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Geographica, 1664 531 

Varthema (L.) Itinerario, 1523 314 

^— Vaseonoellos (S. de) Chronica . . . Brasil, 
1865 309 

Veiga (M. da) Eelacam do Estado da Chris- 
tandade, 1628 342 

Venegas (M.) California, 1757 174 

Vespuccius (A.) See Albertini. 

Vita, 1745 155 

Villacorta (F.) Administraeion . . de la 
Islas Filipinas, 1833 408, 409 

Villa-Senor y Sanchez (J. A. de) Theatro 
Americano, 1746 1.57 

Virginia, Map by Fry and Jefferson, 
1775 193 

• Map of most inhabited part, 1776... 204 

New Map, 1719 138a 

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1622 338n 

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1721 13?3 

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Waldeck (F. de) Voyage . . . Yucatan, 1838, 


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Washington (George) Life, by Marshall, 

1804 240 

Weigel (J.) Habitus, 1639 gs 

INDICES— Continued. 
(I.) AUTHORS AND TITLES— Continued. 

Welde .(T.) Short Story of Rise of Anti- 
noinians that infected Churches of New 
England, 1692 11? 

West Indian Pretensions refuted, 1824... 281 

West Indies, ^Candid Considerations re Sugar 
Trade, 1763 18.5 

Whitbourne (Capt. R.) Loving Invitation 
—Newfoundland, 1622 79 

Whitelocke (General) Expedition to Buenos 
Ayres, 1807 2.51, 2.52 

Wilberforce (W.) Appeal to Justice, 1823 273 

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(J. J.) El Istmo Tehuantepee, 1852... 


Williams (S.). History of Vermont, 1794... 242 

Willyams (Rev. C.) Campaign in W. Indies, 
1796 2(1 

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Wylie (Alexander) Manuscripts 425-458 

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Empire in America, 1770 192 

Wynne CRev. J., Bp. St. Asaph) Missionary 
Sermon, 1725 141a 

Wytfliet (C.) Descriptionis Ptolemaicae, 
1597 '62 

Zarate (A. de) Historie . . . Conquista de] 
Peru, 1563 53 

(II.) Subject Index, 

Ambeica 1 to 312, 318, 322, 330, 374 

Abgbntihb 107, 251, 252 

Atlas. (See Maps.) 

Beazil 63, 64, 66, 82, 84, 88, 90a, 91a, 93a, 95. 

98a, 99, 99a, 100a, 107, 110a, 119, 120, 120a, 
132, 151a, 171, 192a, 202a, 202b, 219a, 245, 
260, 262, 285, 291, 309 

BnLis. See PapaJ Bulls. 

CaufOrnia 174, 230, 248, 261, 304 

Canaba 69, 79, 117a, 131. 140, 169, 172, 179, 

186, 187, 195, 205, 233, 247, 258, 286, 294, 
299, 301, 306, 308, 311, 359 

Cabwjna 201, 211, 239, 310 

Catmsism fob Indians 38 

Chika 6lA, 63, 63b, 66, 80, 102, 180, 318, 

320, 321, 322, 324, 327, 334, 335, 342, 347, 350. 
352. 353, .354, 355, 357, 358, 363. 365, 365a 
366, 370, 379a, 380, 382, 383, 384, 385, 387a, 
390, 391, 393, 394, 395, 396, 397, 398, 401, 
402, 410, 411, 412, 416, 421, 422a, 431 

Cosmography 6. 11, 27, 37, 43, 57, 58, 69a, 

418. 609, 528 
Cuba 76, 267, i9A 

Florida 76, 243 

Guiana 30fJ 

Ii.HKOis 266, 279 

India 63, 63b, 64, 6.5a. 66. 80. 93, 115, ?V8 313. 

314, 315, 317, 319, 320, 321, 3?3, 325, 396, 328, 
329, 330, 331, 332, 334. 336, 337, 342. 351, 354. 
356, 357, 368, 360, 369, 371, 372, 373, S'R. 379, 
381, 384, 386, 389, 399, 400. 403. 405, 406, 407. 
417, 418, 419, 420, 422, 424, 463 

Indiana 265 

Jamaica ... 129, 130, 184, 272. 274, 275, 276, 283 

Japan 63, 63b, 6,5a, 80, 316, 317, 3^0. 323, 

324, 326, 334, 338, 338a, 3.S8b, 339, 340, 344, 
346, 348, 349, 357, 358, 364. 367, 374. 379s, 
384, 397, 457 

mDICES— Co ntmued. 
(IL). SUBJECT W^^X— Continued. 

JesuW Missions ...... 61a, 63, 63^, 65a, 74, 92, 

101, 134, 170, 190, 230, 236, 261, 316, 318, 
320, 322, 326, 327, 334, 338, 338a, 338b, 333, 
340, 341, 342, 343, 344, 346, 348, 349, 350, 
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, 397, 398, 408, 412, 418, 421 

Kentucky 237, 265 

LoDi8iASA~ 138, 14.5, 193, 265 

Madagascae 93 

Maps 12, 14, 17, 31, 34, 41, 42, 43, 52a, 54, 

55, 62. 108, 108a, 133, 135, 138, 138a, 169, 

177, 198, 199, 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, 
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llAKYLAND .-. 124, 125 

Mexico - 22, 23, 24, 45, 46, 47, 85, 86, 89, 

92, 96, 117b, 143, 153, 158, 167, 168, 226a, 
236, 257, 261, 269, 290, 297, 302, 312 

Mexico (Books printed in) 36, 71, 1.j7, 

178, 234, 289, 305, 374, 391 

Missions (See Jesviit). 

Ohio 265 

Oregon 303, 304 

Palestine 25, 80, 321, 387, 388, 459, 460, 

462, 463, 464, 470, 471, 485, 486, 487, 489, 
491, 499, 503 

Papal Bulls ; 149, 150, 151, 163, 164^, 165, 

166, 167, 168 

Paraguay 134, 170, 173, 190, 26i 

Persia 314, 331, 333, 368, 384, 483, 495 

Peru 32, 40, 45, 46, 47, 53, 61, 67, 83, 90, 

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Philippines 61a, 80, 153, 167, 168, 228, 318, 

322, 326, 354, 357, 361, 362, 375, 392, 404, 
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Slaves 270, 271, 272, 273, 274, 275, 276, 

277, 278, 279, 280, 281, 282, 283, 284, 287 

Tennessee , 265 

Texas 153, 26S 

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Tobacco 40, 107a, 267 

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Virginia 77, 138a, 152, 160, 198, 204 

West Indies 65, 103, 111, 129, 130, 146, 

184, 185, 244, 272, 273, 274, 275, 276, 277, 
281, 282, 283 








Oriental iOccidental JSTaut 

^a"ezFe1j^BM§uitrnan,Sm6rJe la Caja. 
\de^u^*fum-.,DiMuetie2sieJma aeuzsTpK 
ye^'MofouesJe TbmliM^onaS^mo, tonde 
\deValdepettas,0ran Candlhr ^ las In 
\diAS,1iprero§mBn^ dela Carom deAra 
\^on, iConfejodeJlatia, Capian delos cier, 
lyosdahodeJajuardade laMealper 
fona iSwniltefde Corps, 

Por el Lioeociatio Antonio ae Leon 

Relator cki 5upremoiJReal 

Consejo die lasJndias. 

- : Con PrimUpo . 
EnM^dnd, Pofluan Qanxgtez^'. 


yiawj^atif, ,^_^M 

Titl6-pa"e from " I^inelo, Epitome de la Biblioteca Oriental y Occidental. 
" First Edition of the First American Bibliography. 

Miulvid, 1629. ,.. — „„^ — 

See Item No. 

No. 412 1921 







Selected from the Stock of 



34 &- 35, Conduit Street 
New Bond Street, London, W, 

Telegraphic Ss' Cable Address: "Bibliolite, London." Tel.: "Mayfair, 5831." 

Books can be sent on Approval, if desired, subject to all expenses 
of carriage being paid and decision made within two days of receipt. 


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1482 A.D. 

[i] POMPONIUS MELA. Cosmographia sive De situ Oiliis. Unactmi 
Prisciani ex Dionysia Thessalanioensi de situ Orbis interpretatione. 

Black Letter, long lines, 30 to a full page. Rubric on first leaf of text 
printed in red. With very interesting woodcut map of the World on verso of 
first leaf and with two large and five smaller woodcut ornamental capitals., 

4to, half morocco, g.e. 

Venice, ErKard Ratdolt, lith July, 1482. £52 lOs 

Church No. 1. Hain *11019. 

On the verso of leaf A 1 is a modified Ptolemaic Map of the World engrayed on wood, 
which shows Europe, Asia, and the northern portion of Africa. On the latter we find the 
Nile, with its sources in two lakes, one directly on the equator, and tJhe other just south of 
it. These lakes correspond in place with those now called the Albert and Victoria Nyanza, 
showing that their location was surmised, if not actually known to geographers, at least four 
centuries before their late re-discovery. At the south, streams rising in mountains flow into 
these lakes. TIhe Niger in western Africa is also laid down. 

This map is a very early example of true chiaroscuro printing. 

Of Pomponius Mela nothing whatever is known, but he is believed to have lived in 
the time of the Emperor Claudius. This is one of the earliest geographical works, the 
editio prinoeps of which appeared in 1471. It is written in a clear and simple style and 
notwithstanding its conciseness is enlivened with interesting descriptions of manners and 

In the Church Catalogue only five other copies are mentioned (British Museum; 
Bodleian; University Library, Cambridge, England; John Carter Brown; ajid IjenoK 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1497 A.D. 

[2] BRANT (Sebastian). Stultifera Navls. [The Ship of Fools]. 
Roman letter. 
■ With numerous large woodcuts. 

Small 4to, Citron morocco, Greek fillet border on sides, inside dentelles, 
g.e., by Bozerian. 

Basel, Jokannis Bergman de Olpe; 1st August, 1497. £31 lOs 

Harrisse B.A.V. Additions No. 5. Church No. 13. Hain *3750. 

Sebastian Brant, a German satirical poet, wrote the " Ship of Pools," a poem which 
enjoyed considerable popularity in its time, and was translated into Latin and the principeil 
European languages. The popularity of this work is attested by the fact that four different 
editions of the Latin edition were publis:hed in 1497. 

The following passage is of interest for itte early allusion to the New World. 

Prestita cosmographi lustrat documenta Strabonis 

Intactu tota nil sinit orbe quidem. 
Quid geometer enim tantas in peetore curas 

Concipis : incassum cireulus ista terit. 
Plinius erravit : quamvis spectabilis auctor : 

Errores varies & Ptolomeus habet. 
Invanum siquide nmltorum corda laborant : 

Bebus in incertis quos ita sudor agit. 
Antea que fuerat priscis incognita tellus : 

Exposita est ooulis & manifesta patet. 
Hesperie oecidue rex Perdinandus in alto 

Aequore nunc gentes repperit innumeras. 

Brant here repudiates the errors of Pliny and Ptolemy for stating that there was 
no land beyond the sea to the West, and gives a full page engraving of Pliny as a " Fool." 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1497 A.D. 

The First Letter of Columbus., First German Translation. 


Gothic Type, beneath title a fine woodcut of the King of Spain 


14 pp. Small 4to. Fine cofy, handsomely bound by Bedford in full 
crushed Levant morocco extra, g.e. 

Strassburg, 1497. 

(See iLLUSTiiATiON, Plate No. I.). 

Harrisse B.A.V. No. 19. Church No. 14. 

Title reads (in translation) : — 

" A fin«, beautiful reading concerning several islands lately discovered by the King 
of Spain; giving an account of great and wonderful things found in said Islands." 




MAGGS BROS , 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1498 A.D. 

Pedro Alvarez Cabral's (the discoverer of Brazil) copy of one of the 

earliest books referring to the new world, and containing the 

FIRST Spanish MAp of the World. 


Roman letters, 27 lines to a full page. 

With a woodcut graduated planisphere extending over two whole pages, 
and the famous world map and fine woodcut initial letters. 
4to, original calf, gilt back. 
Salamanca {Printer of Ant. Nebrissensis), 1498. £37S 


On the first page of the preface is the following passage (in translation) :— 

" In addition to those two furthest lands many more have been found, for towards 
the West, Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain have discovered inhabited land.'" 


Harrisse B.A.V. Additions No. 8. Haebler 553. Hain 11021. 



22 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

Heywood (Vetex)— continued. 

Bligh iprobably thinking that a boy of his tend-er years would omly be an encumbrance. Wher 
the mutineers split into two parties at Tahiti, Heywood -was one of those who cremained there; 
and -when, on 23 March, 1791, the Pandora, under the command of Caiptain Edward Edwardsi 
anrived in search of the mutineers, Heywood with Stewart, a fellow-midshipman, at once 
went off to her in a. canoe^ 

They were immediately put in irons; and the others at Tahiti having been appre- 
hended, they were all, to the number of fourteen, thrust, ihand-cuffed and heavily 
ironed, into a, sort of cage eleven feet long, built on the after part of the quarter deck, 
to which air and light were admitted through two iron gratings each about nine inches 
square. Of the mutineers who had quitted Tahiti nothing could be discoveired in a prolonged 
search. On 28 Aug. the Pantloira, in attempting to pasis through Endeavour Straits, struck 
on the reef since known by her iname, and: was totally lost. No official attempt was made to 
release the prisoners, but a few minutes before the ship went down the master-at-arms pri- 
vately let the keys of the irons fall through the grating, and Heywood with some of his- 
comipanions managed to get out; the rest, Stewart among them, went down with the ship.'' 

" Edwards had assumed these men to be deserving of the severest punishment. All 
the shipwrecked crew naturaUy suffered privations; but the prisoners were left stark naked, 
a;llowed no shelter, and insufficient food. Both at Batavia, and on the passage to the Cape 
of Giood Hope in a Dutch merchant ship, they were treated with excessive severity. At the 
Carpe Heywood was removed into the GoTgon, whetre he was allowed daily exercise on deck, 
and was confined with only one leg in irons. The Gorgon arrived at Spithead on 19 June, 
1792, when Heywood was sent on board the Hector of 74 guns, whose captain, afterwards Sir 
George Montague, treated him with humanity. On 12 Sept. he, with the oither prisoners, was 
brought befdre a court-martial. The trial lasted for six days, and on the 18th they were all 
sentenced to death; but Heywood was recommended ta mercy in the strongest terms; and 
the Earl of Chatham, then first Lord of tlie Admiralty, was so convinced of Heywood's 
innocence that he obtained for him an unconditional pardon. Lord Hood, who had been 
president of the Court, advised him to continue in the service, and offered to take him in 
the Victory 

"In August 1800 Heywood was promoted to be commander; and on 5 April 1803 was 
confirmed in post rank. He ihad previously commanded post ships, by acting order from 
Admiral Eainier, and had, in addition to the ordinary course of duty, completed the survey 
of a gireat part of the east coast o-f Ceylon, 'from which the admiralty charts were afterwards 
published. In 1806 Heywood was flag-captain to Eear-Admiral George Murray in the Poly- 
phemus at the Cape of Good Hope and in. the Eiver Plate; in 1808 he commanded the Donegal 
off Btrest and in the Bay of Biscay. In 1809 he was appointed to tlie Nereus frigate, in which 
he went out to the Mediterranean, and in April 1810 brought back to England the remains 
of Lord Collingwood." 

1802 A.D. 

[6oi] BARRINCTON (George). History of New South Wales, includ- 
ing Botany Bay, Port Jackson, Parramatta, Sydney, and all its Dependencies, 
from the original discovery of the Island, with the Customs and Manners of 
the Natives. 

With coloured plates of Natural History, Native Customs, etc. 

8vo, full original calf, full gilt back. 

London, 1802. £1 8s 

BaPrington was a native of Kildarp, Ireland; he was deported to New South Wales 
as a convict and becam* Officer of the Peace at Parramatta. 

MAGGS BROS.,: 3.4 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 23 

1803 A.D. 

[6oia] OTAHEITE., Cession of tK« District of Matavai in the Islands 
of Otaheite toi Capt. James Wilson, for the use of the Missionaries. 

Europeans and natives grouped around a chief who is addressing them, 
high hills in background. 

Stipple engraving by Bartolozzi after R. Smirke, R.A. 

Size 24 by 31 inches, with margins. 1803. £3 10s 

1803 A.D. 

[602] GRANT (James). The Narrative of a Voyage of Discovery, per- 
formed in His Majesty's Vessel " The Lady Nelson," of Sixty Tons Burthen, 
with sliding Keels, in the years 1800, 1801 and 1802, to New South Wales. 

Illustrated with large folding sketch of the Sliding Keel, also large fold- 
ing map and 6 copperplates. 

4to, original boards, uncut. 

London, 1803. £3 3s 

Iniohides Tomarks on, the hitherto uakn&wn parts of Ne-w Holland, various details of 
his Interviews with the Natives of New South Wales, observations on the Soil, Natural 
P'r.oduotions, ©to. 

1803 A.D. 

[603] HOCKIN (Rev. John Pearce). A Supplement to the Account of 

the Pelew Islands; Compiled from the Journals of the Panther and Endeavour, 
two vessels sent by the HonI East India Co. to these islands in the year 1790, 
and from the Oral Communication of Captain H. Wilson. 

Plates. 4to, half calf. 

London, 1803. £2 2s 

1803 A.D. 

[604] GRANT (J.). Narrative of a voyage of discovery performed in 
his Majesty's vessel " The Lady Nelson," of 60 tons, in the years 1800, 1801 
and 1802, to New South Wales. 

With folding maps, and fine full-page plates (one coloured). 

4to, half calf. 

London, 1803. £3 3s 

Including' remarks on the Caipe de Verd Islands, Cape of Good( Hope, the hitherto 
imknown parts of New Holland, discovered by him in his passage (the first ever attempted 
from Europe), through the Streight separating that Island from the land discovered by Van 
Diemen, together with various details of his interviews with the natives of New South Wales, 
etc. To which is prefixed an account of the origin of sliding keels, and the advantages resulting. 

1805 A.D. 

[606] TUCKEY (J. H). An Account of a Voyage to Establish a Colony 
at Port Philip; in Bass's Strait, on the South Coast of New South Wales, in His 
Majesty's Ship Calcutta, in the years 1802-3-4. 

8vo, half calf. 

London, 1805. 16s 6d 

^4 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W 

1S07 A.D. 

[607] PERON (F. A.) and FREYCINET (L). Voyage de Decouvertes, 

aux Terras Australes, sur les Corvettes le Geografhe, le Naturaliste, et la Goelette 
le Casuarina, pendant les Annees, 18CX3-1804. 

2 vols., 4to, and the Atlas, containing 41 fine plates of Views, Natural 
History, Portraits of Natives, mostly coloured, and some printed in colours, and 
14 large folding maps and plans. 

Together 3 vols., half calf, 

Paris, 1807. £7 lOs 

1808 A.D. 

[608] WEBBER (James). Views in the South Seas, from drawings by 
the late James Webber, Draftsman on board the " Resolution," Captain James 
Cooke, from the year 1 776-1 780. With letterpress description of the various 
scenery. These plates form a new series, and are the same size as those engraved 
from Capt. Cooke's last voyage. 

The complete set of 16 large and beautifully coloured plates with 
descriptive text. 

Large folio, original binding. 

London, 1808- £7 lOs 

The Views compTise : — 
Queen Charlotte's Sound, New Zealand. 
Boats of the Friendly Islands. 
Canoe of Otahaite. 
Plaintain Tree. 

View in Oheitepeha Bay, Otaheite. 
Chief of Oheitepeha lying in state. 
Harbour of Taloo, Eimeo. 
Toopapaoo of a Chief. 

" Kesiolution " breaking through the ice with the "Discovery " in tha distance in danger. 
Narta or sledge for burdens in Kamtschatka. 
Balagans or Summer Habitation, Kamtschatka. 
View in Macao {2 plates). 
Island of Pulo Condore. 
Island of Craoatoa. 
Fan Palm, Island of Cracatoa. 

1810 A.D. 

[6og] IDEA GENERAL del discurso y de las Memorias ptiblicadas por 
la direccion Hidrografica sobre los fund^mentos que ha tenidto' para la con- 
struDcion disi las Cartas de Marear, que ha dado a Luz desdte 1 797. 

37 pp., i2mo, wrap-pers. 

Madrid, i8io. £1 lOs 

* * * An interesting little book on Hydrography, includes " Observaciones practicadas 
en las Islas Marianas y Filipinas, en la Nueva Holanda, y en el Archipelago de los Amigos." 


H E C H O S 



Quarto Marques dc Canctc. 


SandoudttDuque de Lerma,i£arques de Denia,dre. 


Suarcz dc Figucroa. 

EN MJT>%ID, EnklmprcntaRcal. 

Ano M. DC. XIII. 

Title Page from Scaeez de Figueeoa. Hechos de Dos Gaecia de Mexdqza. 

iladrid, 1613. 
See Item No, 572. 

Plate V. 

a 9 
n bo 

a a 


^S =3 -ii 



MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 25 

1810 A.D. 

[610] BARRINCTON (George, Superintendent of the CoHvicts). 
Accoitnl of a Voyagie to New Southi Wates; to which is prefixed a detail of hi> 
Life, Trials, Speeches, etc. London, 1810. 

The History of New South Wales, including Botany Bay, Port Jackson, 
Parramatta, Sydney, and all its dependencies; and an Account of the English 
Colony. London, 1810. 

Together, illustrated with portrait and a number of coloured plates. 

2 vols., %vo, original boards, uncut. £3 5s 

1810 A.D. 

[611] Another Copy of both vols. 

2 vols., 8vo, original half calf gilt. 

London, 1810. £2 15s 

1813 A.D. 

[612] TURNBULL (John). A Voyage Round the World, in the Years 
1800, 1£01, 1802, 1803, and 1804; in which the author visited Madeira, the 
Brazils, Cape of Good Hope, the English Settlements of Botany Bay and Nor- 
folk Island, and the principal Islands in the Pacific Ocean. With a Continuation 
of their History to the Present Period. 

4to, half calf. 

London, 1813. £2 

1814 A.D. 

[613] FLINDERS (Matthew). A Voyage to Terra Australia for the 
purpose of completing the discovery in the years 1801 to 1803 in H.M.S. Investi- 
gator, and subsequently in the armed vessel Porpoise and Cumberland schooner,, 
with an Account of the Shipwreck of the Porpoise. Arrival of " Cumberland " 
at Mauritius and Imprisonment of the Commander during ^\ years on that 


2 vols., royal 4to, half calf, and Atlas of Charts, folio. 

London, 1814 £10 19s- 

1818 A.D. 

[614] MARINER (W.). An aooount of the natives in the Tonga Islands, 

in the South Pacific Ocean. , With an original grammar and vocabulary of their 
language. Compiled and arranged from the extensive communications of Mr. 
Wm. Mariner, several years resfdeait in those islands, by John Martin. 

Second Edition, with additions. 

With folding map and plate. 

2 vols., 8vo, half calf. 

London, 1818. ' £2 lOs 

Presentation copy from tlie author 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. g 

1510 A.D. 

[7] ALBERTINI (Franc, de). Opusciilunii d^ Mirabilibus novae ©t 
Veteris Urbis Romae. 

Woodcut border to title. Printed in Roman letters, 27 long lines to the 
full page. 

Small 4to, original vellum binding. 

Rome, 1510. £12 12s 

Harrisse Bl A.V. 64.. Ghurch Ko. 33a. 


The author of this work, in the masterly way in which he discourses upon the 
anliiquities of Roane, shows himself to have been one of the most learned archaelogists of 
his day. After speaking of the Rome of the past, he proceeds, in his third book, to the 
consideration of the New Rome, and finishes the work with a chapter on Florence, in which 
he enumerates its orators, writers, painters, and other famous men among whom, on 
the recto of lihe last printed leaf, appears a reference to Vespuccius, and his discovery of 
New Islands. This allusion is of considerable interest, and as translated reads as follows : 
" In the New World Albericus Vespulsius, a Florentine, sent by the Most Faithful King 
of Portugal, and later by the Catholic King of Spain, first discovered New IslandjS, and 
unknown places, as appears in his Libellum, in which he graphically describes the stars and 
New Islands, and as also appears in his Epistle on (/he New WorSd, to Laurentius de Medici, 
the younger. 

These words plainly indicate the existence of two books by Vespuccius prior to 1510. 

In addition to the Church copy, the Church Catalogue was only able to quote other 
copies in two libraries (British. Museum and Lenox Libraries). 

1521 A.D. 

[8] PADILLA (Juan de). Lofii doze Triiumphos (te los doze Apostoles; 
feohos por et oartuixano; proifesso in Sancta Maria de las cuevas en Seville. 

Black Letter, double columns. Title within large woodcut representing 
the twelve Apostles, printed in red and black, and very fine large woodcut of 
the head of Jesus on reverse of title, large woodcut of the Saints and of the 
town of Jerusalem printed in red and black, a few smaller cuts. 

Folio, vellum {few headlines shaved^. 

Sevilla, Juan Yarela, 1521. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. IL). £75 

Harrisse, B.A.V., Additions No. 67. NOT IN THE CHURCH CATALOGUE. 
In Triumph IX., Chapter II., there is the following reference : — 
Ya declinava de las Fortunadas 
Yslas; Aqueste ligero Centauro; 
AUi do las perlas hallo conel auro 
Colon por las Ondas jamas navegadas. 
Lasdiras faetas de fuego mezcladas 
Yva tirando con fuerca de trueno'; 
El cielo de turva d© mncho serino 
Y mas que las nuves en alto levadas. 
Discuren ligeras sin rienda ni freno. 
The author is Juan de Padilla, born in 1468, and who died sometime after 1518 
Ticknor quoting Sarmiento, says that Juan Padilla rose to important ecclesiastical authority 
under the crown and in the Order of the Carthusians. 

lo MAGGS BROS., 34 Si 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1532 A.D. 

Cortes' Second and Third Letters, 

WITH additional 

Account of the Franciscan Missionary Schools in Mexico. 

PETRI MARTYRIS LIBELLO. His aooesseruint Epistofae duaa cfe felicissimo 
apiid Indus Evangelii inoremento, quas superioribus hisce diebus qititHam 
fratres Mmo>. ab In^fia in Hispaniiam transmissemnt. Item Epitome cTe in» 
venttis nuper Indian populis idlolatris ad fidem Christie atque adeo ad Eocliesiam 
Catholioam oonvertenidi^ autore N. Herbon. 

Roman letter, long lines, with portrait of the Emperor Charles V. on 
title-page enclosed in a border displaying 25 escutcheons of Spanish towns and 
provinces (repeated twice), and printer's mark on the last leaf. 

Small folio, boards. 

Cologne, Arnold Birckman, Se-ptember, 1532. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. III.). £65 

Second Latin Edition of the Seconfd and Third Letters. 

Harrisse B.A.V. No. 168. Church No. 63. 

This edition contains besides the Second and Third Letters of Cortes in Latin, Peter 
Martyr's " De Insulis," and a. letter from Martin, de Valencia, dated June 12th, 1531, at 
the Convent of Thalmanaco, in Yucatan, with others sent from Mexico by Bishop Zumarraga 
(the first Bishop of Mexico) giving an account of the Franciscan Schools in Mexico for the 
teaching and conversion of the Indians. HThe Church Catalogue only knew of copies in the 
following Libraries : British Museum, Huth, John Carter Brown, American Geographical 
Society, Lenox, Hoe, Long Island Historical Society, Library Company of P.hiladelphia, Library 
of Congress, and Ayer Library. 

Hernando Cortes, the Conqueror of Mexico, was born in 1485, and died near Seville, 
Dlec- 2, 1547 In 1629 his remains were exhumed and taken to the City of Mexico, hut their 
present resting place is unknown. He mjide his first voyage to the New World in 1504. In 
1511 he returned, having joined Vala:squez' expedition to Cuba as the commander's executive 
officer, a position in which he served with distinction. 

In 1518 he persuaded Valasquez to aippoint him commander of u, party to explore 
Mexico. At the last mo<ment Valasquez appears to have regretted the appointment, but 
Cortis hastened his preparations and left Santiago on the 18th of Nov., 1518, landing on 
the shores of Mexico of the fourth of the following March. He sailed along the, 
finally taking possession of Tabasco. At San Juan de Vlloa he first learned of the extensive 
empire over which Montezuma ruled, and decided upon its conquest. He thereupon founded 
the city of Vera Cruz, caused himself to be appointed Captain^General of the colony, scuttled 
his ships, and set out on his march towards the city of Mexico, .iftcr four battles he entered 
Tlascala September 8, 1519, and soon after pushed on towards Mexico, reaching that city early 
in November with a force of some 6,000 natives and a mere handftil of Spaniards. He seized 
Montezuma and placed him in irons, but afterwards restored him to a semblance of liberty. 

An attempt at this juncture by Valasquez to compel him, to surrender his command 
temporarily diverted him from his object. He promptly captured Narvaez and the army 
which had been sent against him, recruiting his own forces from, the defeated troops. He 
then returned to Mexico only to find that the people had risen against the Spaniards. Driven 
from the city, a battle was fought on the plains of Otumba, in which Cortis won such a 
decisive and bloody victory as to re-establish his prestige. 

While carrying on his invasion he wrote a series of Letters to the Mmperor Charles V.. 
giving u, detailed^ account of his progress. These are the basis of almost all that is known 
of the events which took place during that notable conquest. 

MAGGS BROS , 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 11 

1533 A.D. 

[10] COLUMBUS (Christopher). 

Bellum Christianorum Principum contra Saracenos autore Roberto 

Cristophorus Colom de primae Insularum, in Mari Indico sitarum, lustra- 
tione, quae sub rege Ferdinando Hispaniarum facta est. 

Small folio, half vellum. 

Basle, HemicusPetrus, i^^2i- ^^^ 

Harrisse B.A.V. No. 175. Church No. 66. 


The author of this contemporary Chronicle of the First Crusade was a monk called 
Robert, in the cloi'ster of the Monastery of Saint Remigius, at Rheims, of which he was the 

Be accompanied Godfrey de Bouillon to the Holy Land, and in this work describes 
as an eye-witness the events of the years 1095-1099. 

printer's mark is not found in our copy), 

1533 A.D. 

[i i] MARTYR (Peter). De riebirs Oceanicis & Orbe Novo decades tres: 
.... Legationis Babylonicae Libri Tres: 

Folio {J}lank margin, of title repaired), half morocco, g. e. 

Basle, Joamzes Bebelius, 1533. £35 

Harrisse B.A.V. No. 176. Churdi Na. 65. 

This work contains the first three Decades and an abridgment of the Fourth, contain- 
ing the discoveries of Columbus, Vespucius and Cabot, and new discoveries by Cortes. 


12 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1534 A.D. 

[12] MARTYR (Peter) and others. Historia de L'Indie Occidientale. 

With the large two-page map and the three large woodcuts. 

3 parts in i vol., sm. 4to, limf vellum. 

Venice, 1534. £25 

Harrisse, B.A.V. 190. Church No. 69. 

The work is divided into three parts which are seldom, found together. The first 
seems to have been taken, in great part, from the Decades of Peter Martyr; and the second, 
from the work: of Oviedo, printed at Toledo in 1526. The third part is a translation, with 
additions, of the anomymous work, " La Conquista del Peru," printed at Sevilla in 1.534, 
This third part has sometimes been wrongly described as a translation of Francisco Xeres', 
" Verdadera Eelacion d* la Conquista del Peru," also printed at Seville, in 1534. 

The large doubte map is the earliest one of Saint Domingo. It is very rare. Harrisse 
describes another large map (of the West Indies) but of that only one copy is known, in the 
Lenocx Library. 

Ours is an interesting copy which has some contemporary MS. notes in the margin; 
title and last few leaves sligitly wormed. 


Pietra Martire d'Anghiera, better known by his Latinized name Petrus Martyr, the 
first historian of America, was born at Arona, in July, about 1455, and died at Grenada, 
in Spain, in 1526. Be possessed eminent ability and learning, and is believed to have been 
the first writer to notice in his works the discovery of America by his countryman Columbus, 
as he is the first who published a treatise descriptive of the peculiarities of the natives 
of the New World. In 1483 he went to Rome where he became acquainted with Carjiinat 
Ascanio Sforza and Pomponius Laetus, to both of whom many of his letters were addressed. 
He was extremely fond of letter-writing, and, having a wide circle of correspondents, it 
■was no doubt owing^to him that the news of Columbus's discovery, which he probably received 
from the discoverer himself, became speedily known to a number of notable people outside 
of Spain. Harrisse in his " Notes on Columbus " has reprinted three of these letters. 

In 1494 he was ordained a priest and appointed as tutor to the children of Ferdinand 
and Isabella. Seven years later he was sent on a. diplomatic mission to Hgyjyt, an account 
of which he has given us in his Legatio Babylomica. {Printed at end of above icork). 

He was the friend and contemporary of Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Cortes, Magellan, 
Cabot, and Vespuccius. From, personal contact with these discoverers, as well as from his 
official position as a member of the Council for the Indies, which afforded him the free 
inspection of documents of undoubted authenticity, he was enabled to obtain, at first-hand, 
m,uch valuable information regarding the discoveries mai'Je by the early navigators. These 
facts he embodied in his Decades, which were based upon his extensive correspondence, but 
were written with more care and give more ample details. His works were held in highest 
esteem by his contemporaries and have always been placed in the highest rank of authorities 
on- the history of the first association of the Indians with the Europeans, and are indis- 
pensable as a. primary source for the history of early Aynerican discoveries. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 13 

1539 A.D. 

[13] DIAZ DE YSLA (Ruy). TrmtaOo ootttre el maJ seipentino; que 

vulgarmente en Espana es llamado bubas que fue ordenado en el Ospital de 
todos Ids Santos de Lisbona. 

Black Letter, woodcut title printed in red and black, woodcut initial 
letters, double columns. 

Folio, calf. 

Sevilla, Dominico de Robertis, 1539. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. IV.). £350 

Harrisse B.A.V. Additions, No. 122. 


The translatioa of the most imporfeuit passage relating to the origin of the Idiseafio 
is as follows : — 

" Of the origin and birth of this serpentine disease of the Island Hispaniola. The 
disease which appeared and was seen in Spain in the year of the Lord one thousand four 
hundred and ninety and three in the city of Barcelona; the wlhich city was infected and in 
consequence the whole of Europe and tihe universe of all known countries which are within 
reach of one another; the which evil had its origin and birth of old in the lelanid which 
to-day is called Hispaniola; this island was discovered and found by iie Admiral Don 
ChristobaJ. Colon and up to the present there lias been intercourse and communication with 
the people there. 

" And as this disease from its own heat is very contagious and easily communicated 
it was quickly seen in his own navy. Arid as this disease had never before been seen or 
known by the Spaniards, those mem who felt pains and other effects of the said infirmity 
attributed it to the work they did at sea or to otiher causes according to w'hat seemed fit 
to ©very single one of them. And at the time the Adidiral Don Christobal Colon came 
to Spain the King and Queen of Spain went to tihe City of Barcelona, etc. In the following 
year 1494 the most Christian King Charles of France hired many people and passed into 
Italy, and among them were many Spaniards who had been infected by this said infirmity 
and they started to infect the rest witli this said infirmity. ... In the Island of His- 
paniola of old the Indians liad called it Guaynaras also Hipas aaid Taybas and Yeas." 

In the preface which is used to dedicate the book to King John III. of Portugal the 
author states that) a million men at least had Idled of this disease because of their ignorance, 
which might be prevented by the nations having their attentions called to his treatise which 
was founded on iis experience of over ten years as a salaried surgeon in the Lisbon hospital. 



14 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1540 A.D. 

[14] GUAZZO (Marco). Historie (fj tuitti le cose tlegne di metnorie qual 
del aiuio 1524 sinoi a questoi presente sono occorso nella Italia, nella Provenza, 
nella Franza, nella Piccardia, nella Inghilterra . . . ed altri luoglii. 

Woodcut portrait. 

Small 4to, calf. 

Vemce, I S40. £6 6s 

Harrisse B.A.V. Additions No. 124 

This contains the chapter Isola de Oro, which is a history of Francisco Pizzaro in Peru. 


1540 A.D. 

[15] PICOOLOMINI (A.). De la Sfera del Mond^. Libri IV. in lingua 
Toscana. Delie Stelle Fisse. 

With numerous woodcuts of stars and mathematical diagrams, woodcut 
initials, etc. 

2 vols, in I, 4to, vellum. 

Venice, 1540. £5 5s 

An important early work on cosmography and astronomy 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 15 

1543-4 A. D. 

One of the Rarest Specimens of Mexican Typography and 

First Edition of the Famous Manual of Christianity for the American 

Indians. The TKird Dated Book Printed in America. 


Title within woodcut border, surmounted with the Bishop's Arms. 

Black Letter, small 4to, Old Sfanish calf. 

Mexico, 1543-4. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. V.). £250 

Harrisse No. 249. (Harrisse only knew of two copies). 



1545 A. D. 

[17] APIANUS (Petrus). Cosmographia, per Cennnam Frisium restituta. 

With movable revolving diagrams on the recto of Folios 28 and 49, and 
on the V'erso of Folios 8, 9, and 11, and folding large cordiform map, size 

(7f by I of inches). 

4to, fine copy, original lim-p vellum. 

Antwerp, 1545. £14 14s 

Harrisse B.A.V. No. 262. Churcih No. 84. 

Peter Bienevitz, better known under his Latinized name Petrus Apiauns, was a. Pro- 
fessor of Astronomy at the University of Ingolstadt, for more than thirty years. He was an 
inventor of astronomical instruments and designed one of the earliest maps which contains 
tlie name America. His mathematical and astronomical works, notwithstanding his geo- 
graphical blxuJders, must always take a prominent rank among those relating to the dis- 
coveries in the Western Hemisphere. 

This edition, of Apianus contains the second impression of the large folding map of 
the World wlhich first appeared in the French edition of the previous year^ The name 
America appears in the lower part, and in the upper part the word " Baocalearum." Refer- 
ences to America appear in the text on folios 30 and 48. On folio 30 there is a special chapter 
devoted entirely to America. 

The large map of the World shows both North and South America, the southern 
part bearing the name America, and the Northern the word "-Baocalearum." 

i6 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1550 A. D. 

Cortes' Second Relation. 

[18] CORTES (Hernando). Von Dem Newen Hi^anien, so im meer 
gegem nidergang, zwo gantz lustige und Fruchtreiche Historian ... In 
hochteutsche Sprach von Xysto Betuleio und Andrea Diethero. 

Title printed in red and black. GOTHIC LETTER. 

The two parts in one volume, small folio, half vellum. 

Augsburg, 1550. [Sold] 


These two parts contain a German translation of the second and third letters 
of Cortes, preceded by Peter Martyr's fourth Decade. Eight chapters added at the 
end are the most valuable part of the book, and consist of -a. Relation of the affairs of 
Venezuela by a German, who had gone out in the expedition sent by Welser of Augsburg, 
dated at Caro in Venezuela, 1540. This is in six chapters ; the seventh and eighth are letters 
from OvlMo, the historian, dated San Domingo, 1543, chiefly concerning Orellana's expedition 
up the river Maranon, and the warlike Amazons who bad opposed him. 

The full Title reads in translation : — Hernando Cortes. Concerning New Spain, 
which is situabed in the Ocean, towards the West. Two very interesting and useful stories. 
To the most powerful and invincible Charles V, and King of Spain, the first of which was 
written only in tihe year 1520, and wherein is mentioned, in a thorough and most reliable 
manner, of tbe Western countries, and especially of the most celebrated city of Temixtitan; 
fie second, in 1524, relating how Temixtitian, which had revolted, was conquered. Then of 
several splendid victories, together with i<he discovery of the Southern Sea, which is believed 
to Be tfie Indian Ocean; besides, of many other countries in the -.Indies which have been 
discovered from 1536 to 1542; containing many things useful and interesting, mentioned and 
indicated in a concise form, under the title of each history. First, written in tbe Spanish 
language, by Cortes himself, and afterwards translated into Latin by Dr. Peter Savorgnan, 
of Porli; lastly, into Higb German. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 17 

1552-3 A.D. 

A Complete Set of the First Editions of the Works of the 
" Protector of the Indians." 

[ 1 9] LAS C ASAS (Bartholome de). Complete Set of his Rare American 
TreatiseSi namely : — 

(I.) Brevissima relacion de la destruycion de las Indias. 

(II.) Lo que se sigue es iin Pedaco de una carta y relacion que escrivo 
cierto hombre, etc. 

(III.) Entre los remedies que don fray Bartolome de las Casas .... 
referio por mandado del Emperador ... en los ayuntamietos q mando 
hazer su Magestad para reformacion de las Indias. 

(IV.) Aqui se contiene treynta proposiciones muy juridicas . . . al de- 
recho q la yglesia y los princi'pes christianos tienen o puede tener sobre los 
mfieles, etc. 

(V.) Aqui se contiene vna disputa . . . entre el obispo Bartholome 
de la Casas ... y el doctor Gines le Sepulveda: sobre q el doctor conten- 
dia : q las conquistas de las Indias contra los Indios eran licitas, etc. 

(VI.) Un tratado Sobre la materia de los Indios que se han hechoi en 
ellas esclavos. 

(VII.) Aqui se cotiene unos auisos y reglas para Iqs confessores q oyeren 
confessiones de los Espanolos que son o han sido' en cargo a los Indios de las 
Indias del mar Oceano. 

(VIII.) Principia quedam ex quibus procedendum est in disputatione ad 
manifestandam et defendendam Justiciam Indorum. 

(IX.) Tratado comprobatorio del Imperio soberano y principado 
uniuersal que los Reyes de Castilla y Leon tienen sobre las Indias. 

4to, russia. 

Seville, Trugillo, 1552-3. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. VI.). £105 

Churcli Catalogue Nos. 87-96. 


II. These four leaves which are appended to the Brevissima Relacion are usually 
mentioned as a separate tract, though it is really a part of that work. It contains the 

(Continued over.) 

i8 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

Las Casas (Bartholome de) — continued. 

narrative of a Spanisli traveller Wio witnessed some of the cruelties practised upon the 
natives by the Spaniards. 

III. This tract gives the eighth of the proposed remedies, and assigns twenty reasons 
to prove that the Indians should not be given to the Spaniards in any form of slavery. 

1V> The Bishop, during his absence in Mexico attending a council, had written 
twelve rules to the confessors whom he had appointed in his diooese to govern them in giving 
absolution. T'he rites of the Church were, by a Bull of Pope Paul III., refused to all who 
held Indians in slavery, and restitution of goods obtained by violence from them was required 
by the rules of the Bisjhop founded upon this great authority. Complaint having been made 
to the Council of the Indies of the rigour of these rules, the thirty propositions were written 
to sustain them. 

V. This tiract contains a strong enunciation of Las Casas' convictions, which grew 
out of his controversy with Sepulveda. It contains, first, a summary, by Domingo de Soto, 
of the differences between the two idisputants; second., the argiuments of Sepulveda; and 
third, the twelve replies of Las Casas to the same. 

VI. This tract contains judicial authorities and reasons why the natives should be 
restored to freedom. 

VII. This tract was written in America in 1546 or 1547, for the direction of Con- 
fessors, during Las Casas' attendance at the council held in the City of Mexico, in 1547, and 
may first have been printed in that city. By these rules the Confessors of his Bishopric 
were instructed to deny t3ie offices of the Church to all such persons as held repartimientos, 
or who did not restore the avails of unrequited labour to the Indians. 

VIII. This tract gives the principles on which Las Casas conducts his defence of 
tho rights of the natives, and was evidently written to fajniliarize the Clergy with the prin- 
ciples upon which he based his whole tlheory of the rights of the Indians to personal liberty 
and rights of property. 

IX. The purpose of this tract is to prove the sovereign Empire and universal 
dominion by which the Kings of Castille and Leon held the West Indies. 

EXCESSIVELY RARE. A Complete Set of these original treatises, containing the 
nine parts as issued. ALL FIRST EDITIONS. With titlei-pages nearly all printed in red 
and black with wootlcut borders. Parts 3 and 5 eacTi with the final blank leaf and genuine 
printed cancel slips of two lines each> The slips appear in but a few other copies, among 
which are those in the British Museum, Rothschild, and Lenox Libraries. 


Bartolome de Las Casas, tpe Apostle to the Indians of the Sixteenth Century, was 
born in Seville in 1474 of aristocratic lineage, and died at Madrid in 1566. In 1502 he went 
with Nicolas de Ovando to Hispaniola, where he settled, and in 1510 was ordained a priest. 
In 1511 he went as curate to a village in Cuba. He soon began, to preach against the 
atrocious wrongs committed by the Spaniards against the natives, under a. system of slavery 

MAGGSBROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. ig 

Las C'asas (Bartholome de) — continued. 

the most cruel and destructive the world has ever known. TJiis drew .upon him the 
animosity of his sordid countrymen. Unable, by any means in his power, to check this 
cruelty, in 1515 he returned to Spain to make a personal appeal to his sovereign. Ferdinand's 
death, which happened soon after his arrival in Seville, put an end to his hoves in this 
direction, but he found sympathetic friends in Cardinal Ximenes and Adrian, the Regents, 
though he encountered general hostility to his views. 

He returned to Hispaniola Not: 11, 1516, fortified with the title of the " Protector of 
the Indians." He made numerous voyages between the Indies and Spain, in his endeavours 
to alleviatf their condition. At last wearied with his efforts and lack of success, he retired 
to a Dominican convent in San Domingo, in 1522. JSe there spent eight years in retirement, 
occupied in study and writing. In 1539, while in Spain, he wrote " The Destruction of the 
Indies," one of the most gruesome books ever written. (NO. 19 (1) OF OUR CATALOGUE). 

It was not at firit allowed to be printed, but was submitted to the Emperor and his 
ministers. Twelve years later the work was published with a dedication to Philip, the heir to 
the throne. Though the number of victims was contested, it should be remarked that the acts 
of cruelty which he described were never called in question. 

It was at this time, while detained in Spain by the Council for the Ijidies, that he 
won his grand and decisive triumph in securing the promulgation of the New Laws for the 
Indies by Charles V ., the Leyes y Ordenanfos Nuevam,ente hechas, por su Magestad, Alcala, 
1543; the decisive clause of which commanded that for no cause whatever should any Indian 
thereafter he made a slave. 

In 1544 he was consecrated Bishop of Chiapa, and on July 4 embarked for Hispaniola 
with forty-four monks. Besigning his bishopric, he returned to Spain for the last time in 
1547, and three years later engaged in his bold controversy with Sepulveda, who with Oviedo 
were his most formidable opponents at the Spanish Court. 

In 1552-1553, at Seville, Las Casas printed the series of nine tracts usually cited by 
the title of the first, " Brevissima relacion de la destruycion del las Indias." These are our 
principal sources of information in regard to his allegations against the Spanish oppressors 
of the Indians. (NO. 19 OF OUE CATALOGUE). 

The writings of Las Casas afforded a most formido/ble weapon for any nation on ill 
terms with the Spaniards. Num.ercms editicms were printed in Holland dniring its war with 
Spain. Similarly translations appeared in France and England. 

There has recently appeared some disposition among historical writers to attempt 
to minimize the honor which Las Casas has so long held in the estimation of the world, if 
not to prove him am unsuccessful and disappointed man. 

Fiske, however, happily expresses the well-nigh universal esteem in which Las Casas 
is held, when he characterizes him, as " .i. figure which is in some respects the most beautiful 
and sublime in the annals of Christianity since the Apostolic age." His labours for the 
amelioration of the condition of the Indians under Spanish domination certainly presents 
a picture of self-sacrifice and devotion which will continue to inspire the admiration of 
mankind so long as the Christian religion shall endure. 

20 MAGGS BROS.. 34 & 31;, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1553 A.D. 

The Only Copy Known of the Contemporary Account from Lima, in Peru, 
OF the Outbreak of the Last Revolt of the Conquistadors. 


'Black Letter, woodcut border on title, large woodcut of cavalry and 
artillery occupying half the title-page. 

8 pp., 4to, half bound, g. e. 

Sevilla, 1553. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. VII.). £250 



The last two pages are devoted to a relation of the crime of a son of Doctor Beltran. 
of the Royal Council, Ventura Beltran, by name, who having returned from the Indies witli 
more debts than money, was bewitdhed by the devil, and poisoned his wife in Madrid. 

Francisco Hernandez Giron followed Pizarro in 1532 and distinguished himself during 
the conquest of Peru. He became rich and powerful, and was highly esteemed by the Spanish 
Conquistadors whom, in secret he incited to disaffection towards Spain. 

In 1553 he was ordered to put down the revolt of the Province of Charcot, but 
took advantage of the death of the Viceroy Don Antonio de Mendoza, who had died in July, 
1552, to head a formidable insurrection with the object of maintaining the right of the 
conquerors to exact forced service from the Indians. During the interregnum between the 
death of Don Antonio de Mendoza the last Viceroy and the arrival of his successor, the 
country was ruled by the judges of the Audiencia. Giron raised troops in 1553 at Cuzco 
and flying the standard of revolt he drew to himself all the Spaniards who had been engaged 
in the factions of Almagro and Pizarro. He arrested the governor of Cuzco and seized 
the reigns of government. He defeated the Royal Spanish troops and shortly afterwards 
defeated the army of the judges at Chuquinga in May, 1554. He did not know how to profit 
by this victory and was hopelessly routed at Pucara on \lth October, 1554. He was abandoned 
by his troops, captured in the mountains to which he had retired, and on 7th December, was 
executed at Lima. This was the lalst revolt of the Conq"J.istadors of Peru. In July, 1555, 
Don Andres Hurtado de Mendoza, Marquis of Canete, entered Lima as Viceroy of Peru, and 
ruled with an iron hand for six years. He at length brought the turbulent Conquistadors 
to their knees, and completely stamped out the previous anarchy. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1554 A.D. 

[21 ] MEDINA (Pedro de). L'Arte dell navegar, ini laqual si oontengotr 
le regole, deohiarationi, secretin & avisi, alia bona navegatioin necessarij. 

Roman Letter, long lines to a full page. With large woodcut of varioi; 
types of ships on title and numerous fine woodcut diagrams in the text, an 
large map of the world. 

Small 4to, vellum. 

Yenice, 1554. £2 

Churcli No. 98. 

The aufhor, wlio was with. Cortes, may be said to have l)een the founder of tl 
literature of seamanship. He was entrusted by the King with the examination of pilots an 
sailing-masters for the West Indies, taught navigation, and was held in high esteem as 

This book was most popular with the successors of Columbus and was translated ini 
several la'nguages. The map may be taken as embodying the result of Spanish discovery i 
1540, as reported to him by the pilots, with whom his official position as examiner brougl 
him into constant intercourse. It siows the mouth of the Mississippi, " E.SPT. SAN.," an 
the lands around the river and Gulf of the Saint Lawrence. Newfoundland had not y( 
been discovered to be an, island. The river Saguenay is here indicated, a remarkable featui 
in so early a, map. 

The full-page map is noteworthy; a heavy graduated and numbered black line draw 
vertically near the centre, divides the Spanish from the Portuguese possessions. 

On the map we find in that portion of it which is devoted to the New World tl: 
following places, Tlorida, Labrador, Newfoundland, New Spain, Cuba, Jamaica, Mexico, Pen 
"yucatan, etc. 



22 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1555 A.D. 

Only One other Copy known. 
First Collection of Jesuit Missionary Relations in Spanish. 


Black Letter, title within woodcut border of flowers, birds and monkeys, 

Small 4to, calf. 

Lisbon, Joan Alvarez, I5S5- 

(See Illustration, Plate No. VIII.). £250 

Cordier Cols. 43-44i. Not in Rodrigues, BibHotheoa Brasilica. 

national LIBRAET. __™._^j., 


The volume contains nine letters written by Jesuit missionaries to their European 

Letter from Brother Pero Correa to a, Brazilian missionary (this letter refers to the 
conversions made by Father Nobrega among the Carija and Tupiniquines Indians). 

Letter from Brother Joseph from Brazil to the Jesuit Fathers {about the mission in 
the Province of Piratininga; the conversion of the Ibiraja/ra Indians by Father Correa; 
account of the death of Father Juan de Soim., the companion of Father Correa). 

Letter from Brother Joseph from, Brazil (another letter of the sarnie missionary dated 
15 March, 1555, from, the mission of the Province of Piratininga). 

Letter from Father Juan de Aspilcueta (very interesting account of the travels of 
this missionary in the interior of Brazil, in which he speaks of the Tapuya, Cathiguzu, 
Tamoya Indians; the Indian Festivals, fruits and animals, etc. This letter is dated St. 
John's daiy 1555, from Porto Seguro). 

Letter from. Brother Arias Blando writing from, Goa, 23rd December, 1554, from the 
College of St. Paul de Goa, and speaking of Fernando Mendez Pinto. 

Letter from Brother Beman Mendez of the Company of Jesus {dated 5th April. 1554, 
from the Malacca College). This letter is from, the celebrated traveller Fernando Mendez 
Pinto; he wrote it while he was a novice and intended entering the Order of Jesuits. 

Letter from. Father Mestre Melchior, from, Malacca, dated 3rd December, 1.'i54. 

Letter from Brother Pedro de Alcaceva, from Goa in 1554, information about some 
things referring to the customs and laws of the kingdom, of China, which a man who had 
been a captive there for six years related in Malacca in, the Jesuit College {this curious 
document is attributed to tlpe traveller Fernando Mendez Pinto). 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 23 

1561 A.D. 

[23] ALVAREZ (Francisco}. Historia (te las Cosas de Ethiopia, en la 

qual se cuenta muy copiosamente, el estado y potecia del emperador della, (que 
es el q muchos han pensadd ser el preste Juan) con: otras infinitas particulari- 
dades, assi de la religio de aqueiUa gete, como de sus cerimonias. Copia de 
diversas cartas de algimos padres y hermanos de la co^mpania de Jesus. Rece- 
bidas 1555. delas grancfes maramilias, q dios nuestro senor obra en augmenta 
d© la satit F© oatolica, en las Indias ctel Rey de Portugal!, y en el reyno d' Japon. 
y en la tierra d^J||^., Con la description d'las vanas leyes y costumbres de 
la gente del gran ireyno de la China y otras tierras nuevamete, descubiertas. 

With the Arms of Don Artal de Alagon, Conde de Sagasto, engraved on 
wood on the title-page. 

Black Letter, double columns. Folio, calf. 

Saragassa, 1561. 

(See Illustration, Plate IX.). £85 

Eodrigues 143. Very rare Spanish, edition made by Thomas Padilla, from the Portu- 

Alvarez was sent by King Manoel of Portugal to Ethiopia with the Ambassador Duarte 
Galvao, he remained six years in Abyssinia, and this work contains a full a<;cou!nt of tlhis 
inteiesting voyage. 

On folio 66 begins the second part, with separate title, the Jesuit relations from Brazil, 
in Spanisih, which end on Polio 80. 

Title reads in translation as follows : — 

" Copy of various letters from some Fathers and Brothers of the Order of Jesuits, 
received in 1555, of the great marvels which our Lord has accomplished in augmentin'j the 
Holy Catholic faith in the Indies, belonging to the King of Portugal, and in the kingdom 
of Japan, and in the land of Brazil. With the defscription of the various laws and custo'ms 
of the people in the grand kingdom, of China, and other lands recently discovered." 

1563 A.D. 

[24] ZARATE (A.). Lei Historie dello Sooprimento et conquista del 

Peru, nelle quali si ha plena et particolar relatione delle cosie successe in quelle 
bande, dal principio imo alia paci&catiotne delle Provincie, si in quel che tocca 
alio scoprimento, come al successo deUe guerre civili occorse fra gli Spagnuoli 
et Capitani, che lo conquistarono. Nuovamente di lingua castigliana, tradotte 
dal S. AlfonsO' UUoa. 

4to, boards. 

Venice, 1563. £15 15s 

Zarate, the Comptroller of Accounts for Castile, was sent out as treasurer-general, 
with the first viceroy, Blasco Nunez de Vela, to examine into the financial affairs of Peru, 
where he remained many years. He carefully collected notes and materials in his jovirnai 
during his residence at Lima, and, on his return to Spain, began the compilation of a 
history from the discovery of Pizarro to the departure of Gasca He had access to the best 
official sources of information, and his work is of great tistorioal value, though strongly 
prejudiced and tedious and inelegant in its style. The original manuscript is preserved at 

Zarate was a man of rank and education. His history, whether we attend to its 
matter or composition, is a book of considerable merit. 


24 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35. Conduit Street, London, W. 

1565 A. D. 

[25J MUNSTER (Sebastian). La Cosmographie Universelle ccntenant 
Ja situation cfe toutes les parties du Mande. 

Illustrated with 14 double woodcut maps, double woodcut views of cities, 
and some hundreds of other woodcut views, figures, etc. 
Thick folio, old calf (rebacked). 
Paris, 1565. £7 lOs 

The maps include the world map showing America, with Brazil, Florida, Magellan 
Straits and Cuba, and also one of North and South America, entitled " La Table des Isles 
Tieufves, lesquelles on appelle Isles d'Oceident et d'Indie pour divers regardz." Pages 1265-1282 
give a description of the Kew World, headed : " Des Nouvelles Isles, comment, quand & par 
qui elles ont estees trouvees," illustrated with 15 curious cuts. 

1572 A.D. 

[26] EPiSTOLA patrutn Lusitanorum Societatis iSesu ad socios qui 

Romae versantur, de Duodeoim eiusdem Societatis pro Catholica Fid^ inter- 
fectis, Mense Septentbri 1571. 

22 pp., i2mo, calf. Nafles, 1572. £21 


* * * The letter from tlhe Jesuits in Portugal, concerning the Martyrdom of their 
celebrated Missionary to Brazil, Azevedo and his companions, in the month of September, 
1571. .-„,.. ■a.s- 

1572 A.D. 

[27] BOEMUS. Omnium fere gentium nostraeque aetatis nationum 
habitus ©t effigies. In eosdem Joannis Slujierii epigrammata. 

With 120 full-page woodcuts of male and female costumes. 

i2mo, morocco, inside denielles, g. e. 

Antwerf, 1572. £7 lOs 

No copy in the Church Catalogue. 

Contains two woodcuts of Brazilian men and women with the following verses :— 

" La Brasilienne." " Le Bresilien." 

■" Les femmes la, sont vestues ainsi, " L'Homme du lieu auquel le Bresil croist 

Que se pourtraict le monstre et represents. Est tel qu'icy, a I'oeil il apparoist. 

La des guenons, et Perroquetz aussl Leur naturel exercice s'applique 

Aux estrangiers elles mettent en vente." Couper Bresil, pour on faire trafique." 

The woodcufis were made by a Flemish artist, Antonius Bosch, called Sylvius. The 
French verses are by Francois Descerpz. 

1576 A.D. 

[28} PORCACCHI (Thomas). L'Isole Piu Famose del Mondo. 

Engraved title, and 48 finely engraved maps, with extensive letterpress 
description to each one. 

First Edition. Folio, vellum. Venice, 1576. £6 10s 

* * * The eight American Maps included in this valume, each of which has a long 
description, are: — Temistitan, Mexico, Mondo Nuovo, Isola Spagnuola, Isola Cuba, Jamaica, 
Isola de St. Giovanni, Mappamonda. 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 25. 

1580 A.O. 

[29] FROBISHER (Martin). De Navigatione in Regionis Occidentis et 
Septentrioilis Narratio historica, e Gallico sermone in Latinum translata per 

J. T. Freigium. 

Folding woodcut Frontispiece of Greenlanders with Canoes, Spearing, 
fish, etc. 

i2mo, Russia gilt, g. e. 

Noribergae, in officina Catharinae Geslachen, 1580. £45 





" Frobisher sailed from Harwich, on 31 May with, a fleet of fifteen vessels, in three 
divisions, headed by the Aid, Judith, and Thomas Allen, for the ' North- West parts,' and the 
fancied treasures of Meta Incognita. Taking a new route, he sailed down the Channel and 
along the Southern coast of England and Ireland, and sighted Cape Clear on 6 June. Hence- 
he sailed north-west until tjhe 20th, when he reached the south of Greenland, where he landed, 
and named it West England, giving the name Charing Cross to the last Cliff of which lie had 
sight as he sailed past two days later. On 2 July the fleet sighted the islands ofi Meta. 
Incognita, but could not proceed on account of the ice. After losing himself in the ' Mistaken 
Straight ' (i.e., Hudson's) through no want of being warned by the more experienced 
Christopher Hall, master of the Aid, Frobisher anchored in the Countess of Wajwiek's Sound 
31 July, where he found Fenton in the Judith, who arrived there ten days before him. 
Meanwhile Hall in the Thomas Allen was beating up in the open two or three of the other 
vessels whicli had lost their bearings in the storms and mist. After wasting nearly two- 
months in finding the rendezvous and repairing damages there, the only results were the acci- 
dental discovery of a new strait by Frobisher, afterwards explored by Hudson, the further 
discovery of the upper part of Frobisher Bay by Best, and the loading of the soundest 
vessels with mineral that turned out to be worthless. The fleet sailed for England early in- 
September, and arrived at various ports near the beginning of October. 

" One curious fact of geographical interest in this voyage of 1578 remains to be noted. 
The Emmanuel Buss of Bridgwater, as she came homeward, to the southeast of Friesland' 
(i.e., Greenland), discovered an island in lat. 57J° north, and sailed along the coast three days, 
' the land seeming to be fruitful, full of woods, and a champaign country.' This island has 
been a source of perplexity to map-makers and navigators down to our day. It was doubtless 
an island, now submerged, a phenomenon by no means unknown in these regions, if we are- 
to believe Euysch, in his map of the 1507 Ptolemy." D.N.B. 


26 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1586 A.D. 

[30] GONSALES DE MENDOZA (P. Maestro Giovanni). Historia deila 
'China, Descritta nella lingua Spagnuola. Et tradotta nell' Italiana, dal M. 
Francesco Avanzo. 

i2mo, calf. 

Venice, 1586. £12 12s 

* * * This was the product of three missions. The notes of Martin de Eada, or de 
ITerrada, in the first expedition (along with Pedro de Sarmiento) in 1575, and those of 
'Gonzalez de Mendoza on his mission of 1578, enabled the latter to write the Historia. A third 
lonrnej' in 1581, by Martin Ignaeio de Loyola, furnished the Itinerario, which includes Mexico 
and the Philippines. 

This Itinerario is Tery interesting. Pr. Ignaeio on his voyage to China went via the 
■Canaries and St. Dominique, from there he passed to Vei'a Cruz, across Mexico, between 
Mexico and Aeapulco, and re-embarked from this port for the Philippines and China. 
Although brief, the account of the voyage is extremely interesting. He spealvs of the 
Discovery of New Mexico by Ant. d'Espejo. 


1587 A.D. 


Sphaera. Addita suitt qicaedam ad expFanationem eoruirt quae in 
sphaera dicimtur facientia. 

With numerous woodcuts. 

T2mo, limf vellum. 

Venice, 1587. £2 2s 


1589 A.D. 

[32] ACOSTA (Father Joseph de) Soc. Jes. De natura Novi Orbis iibri 
II, et de promulgations Evangelii apud barbaros, sive de procuranda indorum 
.salute Iibri Vi. 

First Edition. i2mo, half vellum. 

Salamanca, i^ig. £10 lOs 

Thi3 work is one of the most interesting books published by the early Spanish writers 
on America. Dedicated to King Philip II. of Spain. 

Acosta was a missionary in Peru from 1571 to 1576, after which he lived in Mexico for 
two years. He was a, careful and accurate observer of all that he saw, and his work is of 
great intrinsic value. Part of the work was written during his stay in Peru, and it was 
completed after his return to Spain. 

The title reads in translation as follows : — 

" Two books about the nature of the New World and of the preaching of the Gospel 
-to the barbarians, or six books about obtaining salvation for the Indians." 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 27 

1589 A.D. 

[33] ICONES Heroum Bellica virtute maxima itlustriumi, illustratae elo- 
giis a Valentino Thiilone. 

With numerous fine full-page portraits. 

4to, vellum. 

Basel, 1589. £5 5s. 

Contains t'he portraits of Christopher Columbus, Cortez, Francis Pizarro, etc.. witli 
appropriate verses. 


1590 A.D. 

First Edition of Vecellio's Famous Costume Plates. 

[34] VECELLIO (Cesare). Habiti antichii et motterni df diverse parti d^l'l 

With 420 woodcuts of male and female costumes. 

Thick 8vo, dark brown levant morocco, two-line fillet border on sides , 
gilt -panel back, inside dentelles, g. e. 

Venice, 1590. £10 10s 

First Edition. These remarkable woodcuts were engraved after the designs of Titian, 
the author's uncle. 

Leaves 432-499 are, devoted to the costumes of the inhabitants of Asia and America.. 
(59 costumes in all.) 


28 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1592 A.D. 

[34a] RAGCUAGLIO d'Aloune Missioiti dell' Indie Oriental!, & Oooi- 
dentali. Cavato da alcuni avisi scritti gli anni 1 590 & 1 591 . Da i PP. Pietro 
Martinez, Provinciale dell' India Orientale, Giovanni d'Atienza, Provinciale del 
Peru, Pietro Diaz, Provinciale del Mexico. Al Rever. P. Generale della Com- 
pagmia di Giesu, & raccolto dal Padre Gasparo Spitilli della medesima Com- 

i2mo, new boards. 

Rome, 1592. £75 

Contents: California, and Mexico. Cavato de Alcune lettere del P. Martino Perez 
■della Compagnia di Giesu, soritta dalla nuova missione della Provincia di Zinaloa alii 
Padri del Messioo nel mese di Deoembre 1591. 12 pp. Sinolloa is the Mexican Province 
facing Lower California. There is an interesting reference to California in this Letter, 
California being mentioned by name. The translation of this passage reads : " That Province 
is more than 300 leagues distant from the City of Mexico, and extends over the mountains. On 
the right is the Mountain of the TepehuaJii Indians and on the left tihe sea (half-a-day's 
journey), and on the other side the Bay extends to| Zibola and California which are Pro- 
-vinoes situated towards the West and are very large and populous. And on the other side 
of the Mountain the famous New Mexico lies two days' journey oS." 

Peru. Cavato da Una del Padre Allesandro Valignano, al Padre Eettore di' Manila 
nelle Filippine a 18 di Pebraio 1591. Della Missione della Cina.. DELLE MISSIONI DEL 
I'BEU. Coaoerning the six Jesuit Colleges, three Eesidenoee and four missions in Peru, 
•iat Lima, Cuzoo, Tuccaman, Itatin, etc., 18 pp. 

This is one of the scarest Jesuit Missionary relations, and is tlie first edition. A 
French translatiom. was only published two years later. 


1592 A.D. 


With fine woodcut on title-page of a ship in full sail. 

Folio, vellum. 

Barcelona, 1592. £15 15s 

This is the Catalan translation of the famous " Consolado da Mare." 

This work contains everything that has to do with the sea and sailors. Courts of 
Admiralty, merchant vessels aaid their customs, ships of war and Admirals, harbour rules, 
•etc., etc. 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 29 

1597 A.D. 

Illuminated Manuscript for the Grand Inquisitor of Mexico. 

A beautifully written Manuscript on vellum, in a neat Roman hand, long 
lines, 20 to a page, 48 11. (7^ inches by Sts^- 

Richly adorned with three full-page Miniatures : — 
(i) The Elaborate Arms of Philip II. of Spain. 

(2) Full-length portrait of Pedro de Cordova, the Apostle to the Indians. 

(3) A Beautiful Representation of the Crucifixion. 

All these Miniatures are executed in colovurs, and have a rich border of 
gold with flower designs. 

The volume is further adorned with a number of (large Initial Letters in 
gold and colours, and each page is written within a gold border of a rope design. 

Small 4to, Spanish binding of old red velvet, with silver centre and corner 
:pieces, catches, and clasps, g. e. 1597. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. X.). £150 



.30 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1600 A.D. 

Manual for the Conversion of the Indians. 
[37] BiAPTISTA (Fray Joan; Lector de Theologia, y Guardian del Con- 
vento dei Sanctiago Tiatiluleo; de la Provincia del Sancto Evangelio). Advert 
tencias para los ConfessDres de los Naturales; primera parte. 

i2mo, old calf. 

Mexico, En el Convento de Sanctiago Tlatiluleo, for M. Ocharte, 1600. 


* * * An exceedingly rare volume on the Religious 'Instruction of tlie American Indians, 
printed in the Convent of Tlatilulo in Mexico. The Catechism is printed in double columns 
in Meisicau and Spanish. 

The Author, Juan Baptista, was born in Mexico in 1555 and was one of the most 
distinguished and learned men in the New World. He was Professor of Philosophy and of 
Theology in the College of the Monastery, one of his pupils being Juan de Torquemada, the 
historian of the Indians. 

Baptiste made a special study of the native Mexican language, which he completely 
mastered. He died in 1615. 


1S01 A.D. 

[38] GUZMAN (Louis de). Historia de las Missiones que han hecfio los 
retigiosos de ta Compania de Jesus, en la India Oriienital, y en los Reynos de la 
China y Japon. 

2 vols., folio, calf. 

Alcala, 1 60 1. £52 lOS 

* * * A VERY INTERESTING WORK, giving the history not only of the Missions to 
Japan, China, and India; but also a long account of the Missions in Brazil. This Brazilian 
section occupies nearly 40 pp-. 


1603 A.D. 

The. Jesuit Missionary Successes in Peru. 

[38a] TO'RRES RUBIO (Padre Diego de). Soc. Jes. Relatione Breve 
circa il frutto che si raccogiie con gli Indiarti di quel Regno. Done si raccon- 
tano anche alcuni particolari notabili succesi gli armi prossimi passati.. Al fine 
s'aggiunge la lettera annua dell' Isole Filippine del 1600. 

i2mo, new boards. 93 pp. 

Rome, Luigi Zannetti, 1603. £52 lOs 

The relation of Torres Rubio also contains copies of the following letters: Belli 
Padri Gio Romero, e Gasparo di Monroy di Tucuman. Del Padre Ajidrca Ortiz di Santa 
Croce della Serra. Del Padre Diego Samaniego di Santa Croce della Serra. Lettera del 
V. Diego Vazquez della residentia di lulii al Padre Provinciale. 

The latter portion of the book contains the annual letter from the Philippines written 
by Fatlher Francesco Vaez, June 10, 1601, and contains the reports from the Jesuit Resi- 
dences all Manilla, Antipole, Zebu, Samar, Dulac, and Alangalan. 

Father Diego de Torres Rubio spent nearly all his life in Peru, and was the author 
of various grammars and vocabularies in the Quiehua and Aymara languagesi. H« was the- 
Procurator of the Jesuit Order in Peru. 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. ji 

1603 A.D. 

[39] BENES (Juan Botero). RelacioiiGS imiwersales ctel munido. 

With vignette on title and very large fine folding map of the world. Fold- 
ing maps of Europe, of Asia, Africa, very fine large map of North America, 
made in Valladolid in 1598, by Fernando de Solis, by Order of Don Antonio 
Lopez de Calatayud, and showing parts of Australia. 

Folio, calf. 

Valladolid, 1603. £18 18S 

Contents. — Part I.; First book, Europe; second book, Asia; third book, Africa; fourth 
book, America. 




The second part of the hook is devoted to the greatness of states, beginning with 
Britain, Borne, the Empire of China., the Kingdom of Siam, the King of Callicut, and the 
Grand Mogul, the King of Persia, the King of Japan, tJie Empire of Prester John, the great 
Turk. The author then describes the European possessions of the King of Spain, passing on 
io his possessionts in the New World and Philippines. 

The author states that the Christian population of Brazil in 1591 consisted of 11,000 
Portuguese families, 40,000 negroes, and 50,000 Indians. This is the first edition of the exceed- 
ingly rare Spanish translation (the work was originally written in Italian). 

Rodrigues was unable to add a copy to his collectiorL. 


32 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1604 A.D. 

The Only Copy Known. 

[40] MONS'ALVE (Fray Miguel de), a Dominican Missionary in Peru. 

4to, vellum. 

{Lima, 1604.) £210 


Ihe author gives w short glossary of Indian terms and u. list of Indians who live with 
the Spaniards, or in their service. In the preface he states that he has been a rover 
throughout America. He has visited Peru, New Oranada, Dom-ingo, Porto Rico, Cuba, 
JarruUca, Mexico, New Andalusia, etc. He calls tlie King's attention to the fact that tnuch 
silver and gold is being yearly exported from Mexico, Peru, and the Nuevo Reyno (de 
Granada) illegally without paying excise to the Crown. In. the same way sugar and shvves 
are being dealt with in Porto Rico, Caracas, Jamaica, San Domingo, Cuba, etc., without 
paying excise to the King. Not only Spaniards are defrauding the Royal revenues, but Eng- 
lish, French and Portuguese. He states that the whole of the mines were busy defrauding 
the King and that he lost 200,000 pesetas yearly in this manner from, the mines alcmt. 
The state of disorganisation in the Spanish provinces was surpassing all belief. The author 
proposes to tell the King a secret by which he can multiply the riches conning from, the Indies 
many times and add to their population. The author spent 37 years among the " Miserables 
Indios." He alleges that the Indians were terribly maltreated and murdered to enrich 
their Spanish taskmasters. He describes the means to obtain more than one million pesos 
yearly for the King in addition to what he was already receiving from Peru, without raising 
the taxes. 

From th© Library of anrl with the old bookplate of Antonio Alvarez de Abreu, Member 
of the Supreme Council of the Indies. 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 33 

1605 A.D. 

[41] CARCILASSO DE LA VEGA (el Inca). Primera parte de los com- 
mentarios reales, que tratan del origen de ios Inoas, reyes que fueron del Peru, 
de su idolatria, leyes, y govierno en paz y en guerra; de sus vidas y conquis- 
tas, y repubiica, antes que los Espanoles passaron a el. 

Small folio, old calf. 

Lisbon, Pedro Crasbeeck, 1608(9). 

First Edition. 

Together with the second voliime. 

Historia general del Peru. Trata el descubrimiento del, y como lo 
ganaron los Espanoles. Las guerras civiles que huvo entre Pigaxros, y Alma- 
gros, sobre la partija de la tierra. Castigo y levantamiento de tiranos, y otras 
sucessos particulares que en la Historia se contienen. 

Folio, calf. 

First Edition. Together 2 volumes. 

Cordova, Yiuda de Andres Barrera, 1617. £45 

These two volumes, the second of which was printed eight years after the first and 
in. a different town (and in a different country), are rarely to be found united and still more 
rarely in good condition. The second, volume is printed in a larger size than the first. 

The first volume bears the name of the Franciscan Convent of Leyria (Portugal) in 
gold letters on upper cover. 

Garcilasso de la Vega, the author, was a son of one of the amquerors of Peru, hy 
his wife, Chimpa Ocllo, a grand-daughter of the great Inca Tupac, Yupanqui, the last 
native monarch of Peru. He was proud of both paternal and maternal origin, and assumed 
the Spanish name of the first, while he was careful to ossert his Incarial descent. He was 
a gentleman of refinement and possessed of much learning, speaking Spanish and Quichua 
from infancy. A descendant of the proud race of the Incas, he was a iriost industriozis and 
careful historian of the eril fortunes of his race, as well as a chronicler of the victories of 
its conquerors. 

1606 A.D. 

[42] GARCIA DE CESPEDES (Andres). Reghniento de Navegacion q 
mando hazer el Rey nuestro Senor por orden de su oonsejo Real de las Incfias. 

With engraved frontispiece, engraved folding map (showing California), 
and numerous cuts in the text. 

Folio, kalf bound. 

Madrid, 1606. £25 

A learned and very important work for the history of mathematics and hydrography. 
The second part (the hydrography) contains an excellent guide for navigating from Spain 
to Souti America and in addition many interesting documents are to be found therein relating 
to the dispute as to the line of demarcation between Portugal and Spain. 

Cespedes, who was the royal mathematician and eosmographer of the Indies, com- 
posed some furtter works on astronomy, which were however not published. 


34 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1609 A.D. 

[43] GUERREIRO (Fernao). Relaoam Annal Das Cousas que fezeram 
OS Padres da Companhia de Jesus nas partes da India Oriental, & em alguas 
outras da conquistia deste reyno do anno de 606 & 607. & do processo da 001^ 
versao, & Ohrlstanctode daquellas partes. Tirada das cartas dos mesmos 
padres que de la vierao. 

4to, calf. 

Libson, 1609. £44 

The work is divided into four books; the first treats of Japan and China, the second 
of India (Malacca, Madure, Malabar, etc.), the third of Goa, Mogor, Din, Abyssinia/. Book 
IV. is entirely devoted to Brazil and Guinea (leaves 191-204). 

Kodrigues, No. 1170. " This relation is very important for the minute details which 
are given in i*." Guerreiro's books have always been rare, aaid this is one of the rarest. 


1609 A.D. 

The King of Spain's Instruction for the Humane Treatment of the 


[44] MONTESCLAROSi (Marques de). " El Rey, Marques de Montes- 

Ciaros, Virrey, Governador y Capitain General de las Provincias del Piru, mande 
dar las Ordenes que paracieron convenientes, sobre el servicio personal allvio, 
y buen tratamiento de los Indios." 

Folio, calf. 

Madrid, 1609. £45 

Unique copy of an official publication referring to the treatiment of the Indians of 
America, especially with reference to work in the minea. The King orders all workers in 
the mines, both slaves, Indians, and blacks, to be occupied equally, whether they wish to or 
not. He wishes clothes to be sold to the Indians at cheap prices, and those who would cheat 
{hem to be severely punished, etc., etc. The King wishes the Indians to be treated with all 
Humanity (as then knoiwn). 

At end is a slip of paper containing the autograph signature of the Marques de 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 35 

1610 A.D. 

The First Printed History of the Discovery and Conquest of 

New Mexico. 
[45] VILLAGRA (Gaspar de). Historia de la Nueva Mexico. (In verse.) 

With woodcut portrait of the author at the age of 55. 

8vo, Spanish morocco. 

Alcala, 1610. £45 

One of the rarest op Spanish books on New Mexico. 

The author narrates the deeds of Don. Juan de Onate, the discoverer and conqueror 
of New Mexico, and describes the customs of the original Indian inhabitants. (Title, 
portrait, and leaf in facsimile, last leaf mounted). 

1611 A.D. 

[46] FEIrtN ANDEZ (Alonso). Historia eclesiastioa do nuestros tiempos, 
que es compendio de los exoelentes frutos que enellos el estado eclesiastico y 
sagradas rehgiones ha hecho y hazen en la conversion do idolatras y reducion 
de hereges. Y de los ilustres martirios de varones Apostolicos, que en estas 
heroioas empressas Itan padeotdo. 

With engraved vignette on title-page. 

Folio, vellum. 

Toledo, 161 1. £15 15s 

Alonso Fernandez, a Dominican monk, was born at Flaceacia and became General 
of the Dominican Order and died in the Convent of his native town in 1687. Pages 1-190, or 
nearly half of the book, contain the ecclesiastical history of the Spanish Americas. Pages 
191-330 are devoted to Japan, China, the Philippines, India and Africa> Tie principal part 
of this work relates to the manners and conversion of the Indians and the progress of religion 
in America. It contains also valuable biographical sketches of the friars who studied the 
native languages, and accounts of the works they composed in this branch of philology. On 
page 122 it is stated that the Escala of San Juan Climaeo was the first book printed in Mexico, 
in 1534. The date is 1532 according to Gonzalez Davila. 


[47] SUAREZ DE FICUERGA (Doctor Christoval). Heohos de Don Gar- 
cia Hurtado de Mendoza, quarto Marques de Canete. 

Small 4to, calf. 

Madrid, 161 3. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XL). £75 

A very rare and important volume concerning the discoveries in South America. 

Garcia Hurtado de Mendoza was Captain General of Chile and the twelfth Viceroy of 
Peru (1590-1596). Sent by his father (then Viceroy of Peru) to Chile, he distinguished him- 
self in the wars against the Araucan Indians, whom he vanquished in seven battles. In 
the present biography is given a valuable description of this war and also of the incidents 
which happened during his Vioeroyalty. 

Suarez de Figueroa gives in this book an account of the expeditions of Drake, Caven- 
dish and Hawkins, and battles with these famous English explorers, including the sacking 
of the Port of Nombre de Dioe. 

36 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1613 A.D. 

Printed in Mexico. 

[48] LOSSA (Francisco). Vida cfe Gregorio L6pez, en algunos lugares 
de esta Nueva Espana, y prinoipalmente en el Puebto de Sancta Fee, dos leguas 
de la Ciud^d de Mexico. 

Woodcut Coat of Arms on reverse of title. 

i2mo, handsomely bound in full morocco, sides covered with gold tooling. 

Mexico, en la Emprenta de Juan Ruyz, 1613. £31 lOs 

* * * The First Edition of this important work, which was frequently reprinted during 
the 17th century. Gregory Lopez was born in 1542, he went! to Mexico in 1562, and died at 
Santa Fe in 1596, after having dwelt many years among the Chichimec Indians. He is 
supposed to have been an illegitimate son of Philip II. of Spain. At his hermitage at Santa 
Fe he was visited by all distinguished visitors to Mexico. 


1614 A.D. 

[49] ALDRETE (Bernardo). Varias Antiguedades d^ Espana Africa y 

otras Provincias. 

Engraved title and maps. 

Thick 4to, old calf, gilt edges. 

Amberes, 1614. £10 lOs 

P. 567. The author objects strongly to the use of the word " America " to designate 
tEe new world. " The New World is improperly called America through the vain presump- 
tion of those who want to deprive Spain of what is right. It is certain that the first man 
who gave Columbus advice of the New World was Alonso Sanchez de Huelva, a sailor born in 
Huelva, who had crossed the ocean in a great storm. Father Joseph de Acosta mentions this 
fact, but does not mention his name, which is given by the Inca Lasso de la Vega. It was 
however known and notorious in the whole of Andalusia, and our historians should mention 
it. It was also a Spaniard who predicted the Discovery of the New World (Seneca in Medaeam 
verse 374), etc., etc." 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 37 

1617 A.D. 

History of the First Expedition to 
California, Florida and New Mexico. 

[50] FICUEROA (P. Francisco de; Procurador de las Provincias de las 
Indias). Memorial presentacto a Su Magestad, acerca del Martyrio de nueue 
Religiosos y de otros dos religiosos, uno del Orden de S Domingo y otro de 
San Francisco. 

12 pp., sm. 4to, calf. 

Barcelona, 1617. £105 


The book begins as follows: — "Sir; Francisco de Fiaueroa, of the Company of Jesios, 
Procurator of the Provinces of the Indies, declares as follows: Because of the rebellion of 
the Indians, caUed Tepehuanes, Zinaloas, and other tribes, which took place at the end of 
the year 1617; were reduced to the populations of San Luis de la Paz, and others; with this 
■an end was put to the many deaths that took place, and damages to the Royal Treasury, 
and to private people, which were exceptional, many discoveries took place of different tribes 
of Indians, such as the Tepehuanes, of Topia, San Andres, Xixenes, the Parras, and 
Zinaloa, 150, 200, & 300 leagues of Mexico, in the northern part, and this was Xew Mexico." 

At the end the author has Jiimself corrected the date (1600), the date of the martyrdom 
of Father Gonzalo de Tapia, to 1594 in pen and ink. 


1618 A.D. 

Life of "the Apostle of Brazil." 

[51] BERETARI US (Sebastian). Vida del Padre Joseph de Ancheta 
<sic) de la Compania de Jesus, y provincial del Brasil. Traduzida de latin en 
ca.stellano por el P. Estevan de Patemina de la misma compania, y natural de 

i2mo, calf. 

Salamanca, 1618. £10 lOs 

This translation, of the life of Father Ajnchleta, called " the Apostle of Brazil," -was 
made by a Jesuit Father, who left his Order after having taught philosophy and theology 
at Salamanca and Valladolid. 


38 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1619 yV.D. 

Secret Sailing Instructions for all Spanish Boats returning 

FROM America. 

[52] ORDENANCAS para remedio de los d^os e inconvenientes, que se 
siguen de los d&soamino®, y. arribadas malioiosas de los navios, que navegan 
a las Indias Ooidentales. 

Folio, morocco. 

Madrid, 16 ig. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XIL). £85 

These insttuctions were given by King Philip II., in 1590, and were kept as State 
secrets till th« year 1619, when they were printed by order of King Philip III., in order 
that they might be presented to the chiefs of the fleets and captains of the boats. The book 
is not quoted or mentioned anywhere, not even in Spanish works. 

The Ordenaincas are the secret sailing instructions for all Spanish ships sailing from 
the Indies, and are of the greatest interest. Among the orders is one forbidding any ship 
to sail from America without a convoy; others forbidding ships returning from the Iiidies to 
enter Portuguese harbours under any pretext, not even fishing boats were allowed to take 
off any member of a crew from a boat coming from tlie Indies; no cargo was to be carried 
in the Admiral's ship, etc., etc. 


1620 A.D. 

[53} GARO DE TORRES. Relaoion de los servicios que hizo a S. M. 
Don Alonso de Sotomayor. . . en las provi'ncias de Chile y Tierra Firme, 
donde fue Capitan General. 

4to, crushed morocco, border on sides, inside dentelles, g. e. 

Madrid, 1620. £25 

Very important for the passages concerning Francis Drake, and for its truthful 
account of the happenings in Chile, Peru, and other parts of America. Caro de Torres was 
present on the occasion of which he speaks. The book contains an account of the colonization 
of Panama by the Spanish, and of the sacking of Panama and Nombre de Dios by the English 
under Sir Francis Drake. 

The last two pages of the book have been mended, and on the last page there are 
some words in facsimile. 


1620 A.D. 

[54] PORGACCHI (Thomas). L'Isole Pill Famose Del Mondo. 

Engraved title, and 48 engraved maps with letterpress descriptions. 

Folio, original vellum. 

Padua, 1620. £4 4S 

* * * The American Maps, each with a long description, included in this volume are: — 
Temistitan, Mexico, Mondo Nuovo, Isola Spagnuola, Isola Cuba, Jamaica, Isola de St. Giovanni,. 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 3.5, Conduit Street, London, W. 39 

1621 A.D. 

The famous Extirpation of Idolatry in Peru. 
[55] ARRIACA (Pablo Joseph de). Soc Jes. Extirpaciom de ia idola- 
tria diel Piru. 

4to, calf. 

Lima, Geronymo de Contreras, 162 1. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XIII.). £175 

greatest importance for the HISTORY" OF THE STEPS TAKEN FOR THE 
EVANGELISATION OP PERU, BY THE JESUITS. The chapters are as follows :— 

Chapter 1. How idolatry in the Archbishopric of Lima is to be discovered. 

Chapter 2. What things are worshipped today by the Indians, and in what their 
idolatry consists. 

Chapter 3. The priests of idolatry. 

Chapter 4. What is ofiered in their sacrifloes, and how. 

Chapter 5. What feasts are held by the Huacas. 

Chapter 6. Of the abuses and superstitions of the Indians. 

Chapter 7. Of the reasons and causes of tlie idolatries of the Indians of to-day. 

Chapter 8. Other causes of the idolatries of the Indians. 

Chapter 9. The numerous idolatries of the Provinces which have" not yet been visited. 

Cliapter 10. The Provinces which are visited contain much idolatry. 

Chapter 11. The means of uprooting idolatry. 

Chapter 12. How and what is to be done by the visiting Priest to extirpate idolatry. 

Chapter 13. What the visitador and the missionaries must do when among the people, 
and how they must divide their time and their sermons. 

Chapter 14. How the visit must be begun. 

Chapter 15. How the Indians must be examined, etc. 

Chapters 16 & 17. How the visit must be continued, etc. 

Chapter 18. The state of the remedies of the extirpation of idolatry in this Arch- 
bishopric in the beginning of Lent, 1621. 

Chapter 19. The state of Christianity in this Archbishopric and other parts of Peru. 

Chapter 20. The great importance of the missions; further, edict and constitutions 
against idolatry; form of absolution; litany to the feast of the Cross; and at end a vocabu- 
lary of native words used in the text, which are explained in Spanish. 

This is one of the books wtich the newly-founded Cortes Society of America is intend- 
ing to print in English in tlieir new series of " Documents and Narratives concerning the 
Discovery and Conquest of Latin America." 


40 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1622 A.D. 

Spanish Play on the Noble Deeds of the Great Viceroy of Peru. 

[56] BELMONTE BERMUDEZ (Luis de). Algunas Hazanas (fe las 
hechas die Don Garcia Hurtacto de Mendo^a, Marques de Canete. 

4to, old calf. 

Madrid, 1622. £75 

The author of this book accompanied Mendana (the discoverer of the Solomon 
Islands), and Fernando Quiros, when they discovered Austtralia. Belmonte is the author 
of the extensive history of the Australian regions and was the chronicler of the expedition. 

The above work is a comedy in which the following are the Spanish characters : — 
The Marques de Canete; Don Felipe de Mendoza, his brother; Eeynoso, master of the camp, 
etc.; and there are twelve other Indian personages among the actors. 

This book is a drama celebrating the deeds of Don Garcia Hurtado de ^Mendo^a, 
Marques de Canete, tlie famous Viceroy of Peru. 

Belmonte was secretary to Quiros during the voyage of 1606. He remained faithfiil 
to Quiros in his adversity and after his master's death became a poet of some celebrity. He- 
had edited " The Memorials " for him, stood by him to the last, and after his death went to 
Mexico, and appears to have returned in 1616. In 1618 he settled in Madrid. Eleven of his 
plays are known; Tiolimior mentians them as being a mixture of what is sacred and what 
is profane. 

1623 A.D. 

[57] LAMEGO (Manuel Rodriguez). Assiento y capitulacion que se 
tomo con Manuel Rodriguez Lamego, sobre la renta y provicion general de 
Esclavos negros que se' navegan a las Indias por tiempo de ocho anos y precio 
de ciento y veinte mil ducados cada ano. Ano de 1623. 

Folio, new boards. 

Madrid, 1623. £25 

An oificial document of the greatest importance for the slave trade in the Spanisli 
Colonies in America. On the last page it is authenticated and approved by Greg. Perez de 
Andrade, an official of the secretariat of the Council of the Indies for Peru (autograph 

The title reads in translation as follows ; — 

" The contract and stipulation which was made witli Manuel Rodriguez aljout the 
revenue and general stock of negro slaves, which are to be sent to the Indies during a period 
of eight years, at the price of 120,000 ducats each year." 


Plate III. 









ad Carolum V. Rom . Imperatorem Narrationes,cum alio 

quodatn Petri Martyris ad Clementem V I !• Pon- 

tificem Maximum confimilis argumenti 


?His accEflerunt Epiftp'a: duat,de feliciflimo apudlndos 
uangelii increment©, duas fuperioribus hifce diebus qui- 
damfratres Miilo.ab India in Hirpaniamtranfmifernnt. 

H Item Epitome de inuentis nuper India: populis idololatris 

ad fidem Chrifti.atqj adeo ad Ecclefram Catholicam conucr- 

tendis,AutoreR. P. F- NicolaoHerborn,regularisobfer- 

uantix,ordinis Minorum Gcnerali Commiflario 


il Venduntur In ptnoul Gallinii 
Anno M. D. XXXII. 









Title-page from Cortes' Second and Thied Letteks, with additional account ot the 
Franciscan Missionary Schools in- Mexico. 
:ne, 1532. 

tiEon p:rittkgto imperial 
?od ref DC i^o:mgaL, 

/ f „ 

ferpcmmorqucDuIgarmcn , 





Dia5 Dcyfla^ , 






Title-page from " IJiAz dk ysla, Teactado contrA el Mal Seepentinq/' 

Sevilla, 1539. 
See Item No. IS. _i^:z::_z_ 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 41 

1624 A.D. 

The Misadventures of a Viceroy of Mexico. 
[58] MEMORIAL de lo siDceditfo en la Ciuttacl de Mexico, desde et dia 
primero de Noviembrej de 1623 liasta quienze dtei Enero de 1624. 

Folio, calf. 

(Mexico), 1624. £31 lOs 

Very important docum&D.t consisting of 25 leaves, and certainly printed in Mexico 
in 1624. 

D(m Diego Carillo de Mendoza y Pimentel, Marquis of Gelves, seventeenth Viceroy 
of Mexico, succeeded to his title in September, 1621; his nature was hard and he was subject 
to fits of temper. From the beginning of his rule he decided to clear the roads of the high- 
waymen with which they were infested. He disbelieved everything that was told him about 
the inundations to which the City of Mexico wds subject, and in order to show that the 
height of the Lagoons could prevent the floods from, taking place, he had the dykes of the 
Rio de Cuautitlan broken through. The river immediately covered the lagoons amd was 
the cause that in December, 1623, at the time of the rains the town was inundated. The 
quarrels that he had with the Archbishop Juan Perez de la Sema caused the revolt to break 
out in the month of January, 1624, which obliged the Viceroy to seek refuge in the Convent 
of San Francisco, whiqh he only left to re-embark for Spain at the end of the same year. 

The Archbishop was recalled and named Bishop of Zamorra. 

This document is written in favour of the Archbishop. As soon as the Marquis de 
Gelves returned home he answered this Memorial with some Pamphlets of his own in 1625. 


1624 A.D. 

[59] ATTAYDE (Antonio de, Capitao Geral du Armada de Portugal). 
Cargos que resuJtarao da devassa que os Governadores de Portugal mandarao 
tirar de Dotni Antonio de Attayde, Aoeroa du perda da nao da India^ Nossa 
Senhora da Conceissao, que os inimigos queimarao o Anno de 1621. E. 
Resposta de Domi Antonio a o® Cargos. 

62 pp., folio. Together with the 

Sentenoas dadas sobre a ctevassa quie se tirou de Dom Antonio de 
Attayde^ Capitao General da Armada de Portugal. 

8 pp., 4to. 

The two works in one vol., folio, leather [a little wormed). 

Lisbon, 1624. £15 15s 

* * * The official Report of the Court Martial and Findings of the Court on the Portu- 
guese Captain-General for allowing the Dutch to capture the treasure ship " Nossa Senhora 
<Ja Conceipao " frcgj^Pr,^^^ At this period tie Dutch were gaining the mastery over the 
Portuguese Colony of B raST. 


42 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London. W. 

1624 A.D. 

[60] ANCHIETA. Eloge du P. Joseph Anquieta, tte la Compagnie cfe 
ilesus; Lequei moitrut au Brasil ie 9. de Juin 1597, lai^sant un bruit universet 
de sa saintet^, & de ses miracles, apres avoir sem6 la saint Foyi ert oes pais-la 
i'espace de quarante-quatre ans. 

8vo, half morocco. 

Paris, Cramoisy, 1624. £10 lOS 

Very rare account of the " Apostle of Brazil." 

1625 A.D. 

The Only Copy known of the Oporto Edition. 

[61] BRAZIL. Relaoami verdadeira dte tiido o suooedido na restauraQao 
da Bahia de todos os Sanctos desd^ dia, em que partirao as armadas de sua 

Magestade, te'o em que em a dira Cidade forao aryorados seus estadartes com 
grande gloria de Deos, exaltagao do Rey & Reyno, nome de seus vassallos que 
nesta empresa se acharao anihilacao & perda dos rebeldes Olandezes ali 

16 pp., sm. 4to, vellum. Porto, 1625. £31 lOs 

* * * The only copy known of this very rare relation of the recapture of Bahia from 
the Dutch by the Portuguese and Spaniards, attributed to Joao de Medeiros Correa. 
Unknown to Eodrigues. It was also printed in Lisbon the same year and only three copies 
of that issue are known. 


1625 A.D. 

[62] DAVILA PADILLA (Fr. Augustin). Historia de la Furufacion y 
disGurso db la Provincia de Santiago de Mexico de la Orden de Predicadores 
por las vidas de sus varones insignes y oasos notables db Nueva Elspana. 

Edicion Segunda. 

With engraved vignette on title. 

Folio, lim-p vellum. 

Brussels, 1625. £15 15s 


(A small repair to blank of titte and leaf 1, and last six lines of final leaf of index 
in fa<:simile.) 

All editions of this important work are of extreme rarity-. It contains some of the 
most valuable materials in existence for the history of t.he Spanish Conquest and settlements 
in America; as well as of the manners, language, and religions of the aborigines. Davila 
Padilla was born in Mexico in 1562, and had the fullest opportunities of obtaining authentic 
information. He is the earliest writer who mentions the estiablishment of Printing in the 
New World, and the fact ttat the Scala Coeli of St. Joannes Climaous translated by his 
namesake Juan de Estrada from the Latin version, was entitled to (Ihe distinction of being 
the first book printed in America (abovit 1535-6). 

The author was made Archbishop of San Domingo in 1599 and died in 1604. He used 
as a source the manuscript of Fray Diego Duran, then unpublis.hed. 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 43 

1625 A.D. 

With the Rare Folding Plan of Bahia. 
[63] GUERREIRO (Father Bartolameu). Jornada dos vassalos da Coroa 
de Portugal', pera se recuperar a cidad^ do Salvador, na Bahya de todos os 
Santos, toinada polios Olandbzes, a oito de Mayo de 1625. 

With a fine large folding plan of Bahia. 

4to, vellum. 

Lisbon, 1625. £52 10s 


Rodrigues 1168 


1625 A.D. 

[64] PUROHAS (Samuel). Hakluytus Posthumus, or Purchase his 

Contayning a History of the World in Sea Voyages and Lande Travells 
by Englishman, and others: of all the Circum-navigations of the Globe, all 
Voyages to the Cape, India, China, Japan, the Malay Archipelago, and of 
Travels by land in. Asia, America, and elsewhere. 

Wherein Gods Wonders in. Nature, and Providence, The Acts, Arts, 
Varieties and Vanities of Men, with a world of the Worlds Rarities, axe by a 
world of Eywitnesse Authors, related to the World . . . All examined, 
abbreviated, illustrated with notes, enlarged with discourses, adorned with 
pictures and expressed in Mapps. 

4 vols., folio. 

Purchas His Pilgrimage^ or Relations of the World and the Religions 
observed in all ages and places discovered from the Creation unto this 

The Fourth (and best) Edition, much inlarged with Additions. 

With numerous engraved maps and plans, including a fine copy of the 
very scarce folding map of Virginia, also the folding map of New Foundland, 
New France and New England. (Engraved title to vol. i in facsimile). 

Together 5 vols., original calf, rebacked. 

London, 1625-6. £40 

The contents of tie vols, are as follows: — 

Vol. I. Voyages and Travels of Ancient Kings, Apostles and Philosophers; Voyages 
of Circumnavigation of the Globe ; and Voyages along the Coasts of Africa to the East Indies, 
Japan, China, the Philippine Islands, and the Persian and Arabian Gulfs. 

Vol. II. Voyages and Relations of Africa, Ethiopia, Palestine, Arabia, Persia, and 

(Continued over)- 

44 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

Purchas — continued. 

other parts of Asia. Vol-. MI. Voyages to Tartary, China, Russia, North-West America, 
and the Polar Regions. 

Vol. IV. Contayning English Voyages to Ohe Bast, West, and South parts of America; 
many Sea and Land Fights, Invasions and Victories against the Spaniards in those parts, 
and the Spanish Islands and coast towns; Plantations in Guiana, and adventures of Bnglish- 
nien amongst the Americans; Voyages \a and about Southern America; Voyages to, and 
lande travels in Florida, Virginia, and other parts of N. America; French Plantings, Spanisii 
Supplandings, English Plantations, Discoveries, Acts and Occurrences, in Virginia and 
Summer Islands, 1606-24; English Discoveries and Plantations in New England, New-found- 
land; with the Patent and Voyages to New Scotland; Relations also of the Fleets set forth 
by Queene Elizabeth against the Spaniards. 

Vol V. Purdhaa, his Pilgrimage* Book VIII comprises : Relations of the Discoveries, 
Regions, and Religions, of the New World; of New France, Virginia, Florida, New Spaine, 
with other regions of America, Mexicana, and of their Religions. 

In this is contained the substance of over 1,200 separate narrators of the world's 
eyplcrations, telling their stories in their own language. It contains much material that 
had not previously been printed. This is one of the fullest and most important collections 
of voyages and travels in the English language; a part of the third, and fifth, and all of the 
fourth volume, being devoted to voyages to America. 

[64a] DITTO. Another Copy. 5 vols., folio, original calf. 

London, 1625-6. £21 

* * * Slightly defective, Vol. 1 wanting the Engraved Title. Vol. 2, Title and one 
leaf damaged. Vol. 3, some leaves at end of table stained. Vol. 4, has the Virginia map in 
facsimile. Otherwise a good sound copy, 

1625 A.D. 

[65] FREITAS (Fr. Seraphino de). D© justo imperio Lusltanorum 

Asiatico. Title printed in red and black. 

4to, calf. 

Valladolid, 1625. £12 12s 

In this work Seraphino de Freitas attacks Grotius, wiho objected to the Portuguese 
control of the Seas. 


1625 A.D. 

[66] CARPENTER (Nathanael). Geography Delineated fortii in two 
bookes. Containing the Sphaericall and Topicall Parts thereof. 

With numerous geographical diagrams. 

4to, Rrn-p vellum. 

Oxford, 1625. £1 5S 

1628 A.D. 

[67] BRAZIL. TOMAIO DE V ARC AS (Thomas). Restauraolon de la 
chiliad (tel Salvador, I Baia de Todos-Sanctos , en la provincia del Brasil. Por 
las Armas De Don Philippe IV. el Grande Rei Catholico de las Espanas. . . . 

Small 4to, calf. 

Madrid, 1628. £15 15s 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 45 

1628 A.D. 

The Annual Missionary Letters. 

[68] HISTOIRE tfe ce qui s'est passe en Etiiiopie, Malabar, Bras^ et 
es Indes Orientales. Tiree des Lettres escrites es annees 1620 jusques arTo24. 
Addressee au R. P. Mutio Vitelleschi, General de la Compagnie de Jesus. 
Traduite de I'ltalien en Frangois par un Pere de la mesme Compagnie (par le 
Fere Jean Varde). 

8vo, half calf. 

Paris, 1628. £24 

Rodrigues, No. 1226. Pages 149-170 are devoted exclusively to Braail; they contain 
an abridgmeinl of the letters sent to Europe by Father Ferdinand Cardim, and are signed 
Michael Baralho D'Aranjo. 

In addition to the Brazilian items there are letters from Ethiopia, Malabar, Macao, 
Goa, Cochin-China, etc., which contain many curious details about tlie manners and inhabi- 
tants of the country, 


1629 A.D. 

First Edition of the First American Bibliography. 

[6q} LEON PINELO (Antonio de). Epitome cfe la Btblioteca Oriental y 
Occidental; nautica y geografioa. 

With finely engraved title. 

4to, old calf. 

Madrid, 162Q. 

(See Illustration, Frontispiece). £63 

Very fine copy of the first edition which is now excessively rare, of the first American 
Bibliography which was ever printed. Most copies want the engraved frontispiece, which is 
in our copy. 

This work is extremely important for American bibliographers and is generally cited 
under the name of Pinelo, which was a, surname adopted by Antonio de Leon named " The 
Chronicler of Che Indies." 

The author was born in Peru, and educated at Lima. He wrote many important 
works which for the most part only exist in manuscript. (See also our No. 72a, p. 52 of this 

46 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1630 A.D. 

" The Secret Maps of tfie Americas ami the Indies secured from the secret 

Portuguese Archives by the Spanish Secret Service, in 1681, by Order 

OF A Governor of Mexico, and Presented by him to the King of Spain, 

AND the Council of the Indies, on April i6th, 1692." 

[70] TEIXEIRA [Joad, Cosmographer of the King of Portugal.] 

Ornamental title and 28 maps carefully drawn with pen and ink and 
tinted (size 18 by 28 inches). 

Folio, levant morocco, by Riviere. 

Lisbon, 1630. 

(See Illustrations, Plates Nos. XIV., XV., XVI.). £750 


(1). " Primera de Demarcaciones entre Costilla y Portugal. Mapa de todo el Mundo." 
(Double page). 

(2). " Segundo Mapa. De Demostraciones de Puertos de Cartaxena, Puerto Belo, 
Bavana, y Santa Marta." (i plans of the above ports). 

(3). " Tercero Mapa de Europa, Africa y Parte de la America." {Double page). 

(i). " Quarto Mapa de los Puertos principales de Espana y de las YsUis de las 
Canarias, y terteras y delos de casta del Brasil y Rio de la Plata." {Double page containing 
17 plams of the above ports, including plans of the Ports of Bahia, Porto Seguro, Porto do 
Spirito Sancto, Rio 'de Janeiro, Porto de San Vicente, Rio Grande, Porto da Parayba, and a 
plan of the mouth of the Rio da Prata). 

(5)j. " Quinto Mapa de la Verdadera demarcacion de la America nieridional y castas 
de Guinea y Cafres." (Double page, at bottom is shewn outline map of the Northern part 
of Terra Incognita Austral). 

(6). " Sesto Afapa de diversos Puertos y fortalezas de las castas de Africa, Etiopia, 
y de la India Oriental." (Double page, containing 13 fine plans of the ports nientumed 
ahtme, including views of the Island of St. Helena, Loanda, an^d the port of Angola, and 
detailed views of Goa, Diu, Gamao, Bassim, Chaul, Mangalore, Barcalor, Cannanore, Cran- 

(7). " Septimo Mapa del Archipielago de la India Oriental." (Double page, at bottom 
is shewn map of " Terra Incognita Austral," shewing various places with the following not^s: 
" Nuca antara descuberta par Manoel Godinho de Eredia, ana. 1601; Terra descuberta Pelos 
Holandezes, aque chamaro, Endracht, ou Concordia; Dedalis Landt; F. Eoltmans Eylanden; 

(8). " Octavo Mapa de Puertos de la India Oriental y parte de su casta." {Double 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 47 

The Secret Maps — continued. 

page, containing twelve plans of ports as above, including Colombo, Manilla, GaU, Cochin, 
Mozambique, Mombasa, and a very fine plan of the coast of India OTid the port of Goa). 

(9). " Noveno Mapa de las Costas de la Persia, Asia, Tartarid, y China." (Double 

(10). " Dezimo Mapa de otros Puertos de la India, y Mar Roxo, y de las Yslas de las 
Moluccas y Phelipinas." (Double page, showing 18 plans and maps as abm)e, including the 
Straits of Manilla, plan of the Bed Sea, and its ports, Suez, Muscat). 

(11). " Onceno Mapa de las Costcts de la Asia y de la America sentrional (North 
America)." (Double page, showing the coasts of California, New Spain and Mexico, Florida, 
etc., and below. Northern Australia, with the Solomon Islands, and land marked " Terra que 
descobrio o Capitao P. Fernandez de Queiros, ano. 1606." 

(12). " Duo dezimo Mapa de los Puertos de la Navidad y de Aca/pulco en Nueva 
Espana." (Two plans of these ports in New Spain). 

(13). " Decimo tercio Mapa de Grulanda (Greenland) y de la Moscovia." (iDouble 
page, showing Greenland, Iceland, Great Britain and Ireland, Nova Zembla, Scandinavia, and 
the northern borders of Russia). 

(li). " Decimo quarto Mappa de las Tierras del Norte." (Double page, map of the 
Baltic, Scandinavia, Finland, Northern Germany, Livonia, and northern Russia). 

(15). " Decimo quinto Mapa de las Terras del Flandes." (Double page map of the 

(16). " Decimo sexto Mapa de algunos Puertos de la Italia." (Six plans of ports as 
above, including Palermo, Messina, Malta, Villa Franca, and Taranto). 

(17). "Decimo septimo Mapa de diversas terras del Mundo." (Double page, showing 
Southern Europe, as far as Constantinople and north Africa from, Morocco to Palestine, 
including the whole of the Mediterramean). 

(18). " Decimo otavo Mapa Puertos de Levante." (flans of five ports as above, 
including Gallipoli, Alexandria, Alexandretta, Constantinople and the Sea of Marrnora). 
(19). " Decimo nono Mapa Cmtas y Mares de Levante." (Double page). 

(20). " Vixesimo Mapa de Yslas que tiene la entrada del el Formosa Rio de las 
Amazonas." (Double page, this description is attributed to Antonio Vicente of Pernambuco). 

(21). " Vixesimo prima Mapa de las Yslas de Levante par Derotas." (Double page). 

(22). " Vixesimo segundo Mapa de las tierras Maritimas Incognitas de Batonga." 
(Double page, being a map of South America, 'showing the gold and silver mines, etc., copper, 
iron and lead mines, all beautifully tinted). 

(23). " Vixesimo tercio Mapa de las Tierras de la Costa hasta La India Oriental." 
(Double page, this is a map of South Africa, from the Cape of Good Hope a little above 
Lorenzo Marquez). 

(24). " Vixesimo Quarto Mapa de la Costa del Norweste y Norte de la India, y Ysla 
de Ceilan." (Double page). 

(25). " Vixesimo Quinito Mapa Puertos Ysla de Lamocha y de Santa Maria, y de la 
Costa del Mar del Sur y tierra firme de Chile y del Peru." (Containitig eight plans and 
views of the above islands and ports in Chile, and Peru). 

(26). " Vixesimo seito Mar del Sur y Castas del hasta las Yslas de los Ladrones." 
(Double page, showing an enormous stretch of country called "Terra Incognita Austral" 
stretching from the equinoxial line to the Antarctic circle. The northern portion of which 
is labelled " Terra que descobrio au Capitao P. Fernandez de Queiros, anno. 1606"). 

(27). Map of Tierra del Fuego and below map of northern Australia, labelled " Tierra 
Incognita en la Interior estos Sierras son todas Insulos perlos dos Ylos que el ano de 157G 

(Confiniied OTer) 

48 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

The Secret Maps — continued. 

dtscuhrio Juan Fernan de Gallego." {On this map Lemaire Straits are noted, as well as the 
Straits of Magellan and an the Tierra del Fuego there is a manuscript note that in 1678 
26 Dutchmen from the Maluccas laiided there, nearby the English discovered a population 
who had plenty of gold). 

(28). A later map of Tierra del Fuego made by Don Francisco de Seixas y Lovera, 
ano. de 1690. With a reference to the expedition of Pedro Sarmiento de Garnboa in 1681 
to a British colony established with a, fort in 1675, and to another English colony established 
before 1650. 

Insebted befobe the Pobtuouese title ahe two blank leaves with the following insceip- 
HONs, IN Spanish : — 

" Mapas generates originates y universales de Todo el Orbe eon los Puertos principales 
y Fortelezas de Ambas Itidias, y una descripcion topographica de la region Austral MagaU 
Umica ano. de 1692, que ofrece Al Bey Nuestro Senor en su Heal y Supremo Consejo de las 
Indias el Capitan Don Francesco de Seixas y Lovera eleito alcalde Mayor Governador de la 
Provincia de Tacuba el en Reyno de la Nueva Espana por su Magestad Siendo Presidente en 
el referido consejo el Exmo. Senor Marques de los Velez gentilhonnbre de Camas de su 
Magestad, y de sus consejos de Estado y guerra y superintendente general de todos Las 
Armadas maritimas de esta Monorchia. Por mano del Senor Don Manuel Garcia de 


The second blank leaf has the following dedication in Spanish, and reads as follows : — 

" Tabla de las materias que se contienen en este libro. Primeramente en este primero 
mapa se demuOstra por los Portugese! la demarcacion de las Conquistas entre las dos Coronas 
el qual Mapa es el que ordinarimente ensenan en los Congresos que se an ofrecido y ofrecen 
entre Castilla y Portugal para pormedio del enganar los Ministeros Portugeses alos Castel- 
lanok- por que en este dicho Mapa introducen los Portugeses el engano sacando la tierra del 
Brazil den leguas mas al Oriente de lo que deve esta para por este medio meter en su. demar- 
cacion el Rio de la Plata que no esta en la de ellos Porque en la distancia que ay de la Costa 
mas immediata del Brasil a. la de Malagueta en Guinea por la escala del dicho mapa ay de 
distancia de la una a la crtra Costra quatrocientas y diez leguas, y assi ensenando los Portu- 
geses acia el Poniente la tierra del Brasil en el Cabo de San Vicente osurpan las dichas cien 
leguas consituenda el Meridiano de 360, grados de la Equinocial mas de 8 grades fuera desulugar 
porque deve Estar los dichos 8 grados mas acia el Oriente y assi sene que en este primera 
Mapa senalan distintamente la Costa del Brasil que en el quinto Mapa por quanto en el 
frimero dicha la Costa del Brasil por el Cabo de San Agustin de la Guinea o Malagueta las 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 49 

The Secret Maps — continued. 

dichas quatrocientas y dies leguas, y en el segundo Mapa, y mas distancia con muy poca 
diferencia entre estcts dos Castas .porque este que se llama segundo mapa lo es en este lihro 
de las demarcadones entre las dos Coronias por quanta el primero es el su puesto y el que se 
llama segundo es el quinto mapa de este libro en que los Portuges^s ponen las Castas del 
Brasil y las de la Africa, Etiopica, como deven estar. 

" Abriguase esta verdad porque en la distancia que ay desde el Bio de la Plata hasta el 
■Cabo de liueno Espardma su ponen en el prim.era mapa que ay de la una u, ta otra parte 1,100 
leguas y en el segundo mapa de la otra demarcacion verdadera que es en el quinto m^apa de 
■este libro tnanijiestan los Portugeses que ay desde el Rio de La Plata a el Cabo de Buena 
E/sperama 1,200 leguas de distancia con que las 100 leguas que ay de diferencia, son las que 
los Portugeses osurpan por poner dentro de su demarcacion el Rio de La Plata que esta las 
dichas 100 leguas fuera de ella, loqual assi se manifiesta con toda evidencia por los dichos 
mapas, echos pen' las mayores hcnnbres que tuvo la Corona de Portugal, de harden de ella, 
•que con esta, cautela tenia este libro de mapas original en su Bibhotlieca de la Ciudad y 
Archiva Real de Lisboa de adonde el ana 1681 le saco par servir a su Magestad el Capitan 
Don Francisco Seixas y Lovera, por yntelixencias y dinera, que para ella tuva por conozer la 
i/rande importancia de este libra para la Corona de Castilla pues sabre ser original para azer 
los mapas de toda el Munda es verdadera y mana escripto toda sin averse impresso asta aora 
el quAil ademas de haver Costado mas de 4,000 Escudos de Plata para azerse se oouparon muchos 
•anos en su disposicion per la qual se premio despues del Levantam.iento de Portugal al dueno 
del, que fue dcm Gerdnimo de Ataide, uno de los primeras titulos de aquel Reyna, que antes 
jue general de las Armadas Navales de la India Oriental. 

" Con el qual libro sirve el Capitan Don Francisco de Seixas y Lovera a su Magestad 
■en su Real Suprem-o consejo de las Indias, sienda Presidente en el, el exmo. Senor Marques 
de los Velez, par mano del Don Manuel Garcia de Bustamente del consejo de su Magestad y 
su secretario, etc. 

" Ta al fin de este mismo libro un mapa de demastracion de las Castas y Yslas de la 
region Austral Magallanica que canto da certeza a dispuesto eldicho Don Francesco de Seixas 
con practica y iheorica suficiente. 

" Canto de lo contenido en este libro se sirvira su Magestad del en los Congresos contra 
Portugal y dem,as a mas tendra el consejo Real de Indias este original para saber lo cierte 
■que se ofresca en la m,uchas dudas que se Snelen afrecer con las demastraciones que muchos 
pretendientes presentan en el consejo sienda de ellas la major parte enciertas con que podien- 
dase por este medio aberiguar la verdad sera su Magestad m,ejar servida pues esta a laganos 
menos que para grandes Monarchias. 

Madrid, de Abril, 16 de 1692 anos. (Signed) Don Francesco de Seyxas y Lovera." 

Translation of liHis dedication reads as follows : — 




(Continued over) 

so MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

The Secret Maps — continued. 




MAGGS BROS., 34 Sz 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 51 

The Secret Maps — continued. 






1630 A.D. 

[71] MENDOZA CLorenzo de). Suplioacioit a su Magestad Catolica ttel 
Rey, ante sus Reales consejos de Portugal' y de las Indias, en; defensa de los 

58 pp., sm. 4to, new boards. 

Madrid, 1630. £6 6s 

* * * 

A defence of the Portuguese rights in Ajnerica. The author was Archbishop 
of Lisbon and l>resbitero y Comissario del Santo Ofieio en la villa imperial de Potosi (in 


1632 A.D. 

[72] BRAZIL. BREDAN (Daniel). Desengatio a los pueblos del Brasil, 

y demas portes en los Indias Occidentales, para quitarles las dudas y falsas 
unaginaciones que podrian tener acera de las Declaraciones de los Illustrissimos 
Senores Estados Generales, y los Administradores de la Compania. 

14 pp., sm. 4to, wra-p-pers. 

Amsterdam, 1632. £21 

^ « # 

A defence of the actions of the Dutch " Compania de las Indias Occidentales " 
■H-ntten from Holland for circulation in Brazil, at the period when Holland had possession 
of that country. Not in Eodrigues. NO COPY IN THE CHURCH CATALOGUE 

52 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1636 A.D. 

The First Book on " American Drinks." 

[72a] LEON PiNELO (Antonio). Question moral si el chocolate que- 
branta el ayuno eclesiastico. Tratise de otras bebidas y confecciones que se 
usan en varias provincias. 

With finely engraved title by J. de Courbes. 

4to, polished calf extra, inside dentelles, g. e., by F. Bedford. 

Madrid, Viuda de Juan Goncalez, 1636. £25- 

The " question moral " is whether it is a mortal sin for ecclesiastics to drink chocolate 
before celebrating Mass. Tobacco is referred to in several places, and folios 36 — 42 are 
devoted to discussion as to whether tobacco may be smoked before Commnnion, as to the 
nature of tobacco, its use and names, and wliether the use of tobacco breaks the fast. 

Antonio de Leon was born in Peru, and studied at Lima. He was named " The- 
Chronicler of the Indies," amid is the author of the famous and very rare first American 
Bibliography ever printed (our No. 69). 

The book is dedicated to the governor of the Indies, and the autlior mentions in his 
preface that he has investigated all the principal drinks which have been discovered in the 
world, especially in the New World of the Indies, that is, America. In his work Pinelo 
discusses all American drinks, used by the Indians in New Spain, Peru, Nicaragua, Guatamala, 
etlc, etc. The author com^pfeins that the American Indians drink too much. He mentions 
118 different drinks, not including mixed drinks. 

1637 A.D. 

Trade with Mexico and the Philippines. 

[73] CRAY Y MONFALCON (Don Juan, Procurator General of the Philip- 
pines in Madrid). Memorial Informatorio al Rey Nuestro Senor en su Reat 
y supremo oonseio de las Indias. Por la Insigne y siempre leal 
Manila, oabe^a de las Islas Filipinas. Scbre las pretensiones de Aquella 
Ciudad, y Islas, y sus Vezino^ y Moradoresi, y commercio con la Nueva Espana. 

With vignette on title. 

84 pp., folio, half bound. 

Madrid, Imfrenta del Reyno, 1637. £75- 

This extremely rare volume is not quoted by Pinelo Antonio mentions the author 
but does not mention this work. 

Tavera No. 1244. " The most important document for the history of the commerce- 
and the products of the Philippine Islands." 

It contain'! at the end a resume of the history of the Philippines, 

Grau lays stress on four chief points; firstly, in what form and in wtat quantily 
there should be trade with the Philippine Islands. Secondly, if permission should be given 
to a larger extenti than heretofore to send merchajidise from the Philippines to Mexico and 
return the valine thereof in silver. Thirdly, if the permission already given to send mer- 
chandise should apply to goods of Chinese provenance or only to native products of the 
country. Fourthly, if permission should be given anew for Peru to trade to Mexico because 
of the damage that the Philippines had suffered when this said trade had been susfmnded. 

It is interesting to note in this connection that in 1593, by a Eoyal decree dated 11th 
January, fche merchants of the Philippines were forbidden to go to China to buy merchandise. 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 53 

1638 A.D. 

The Missionary History of Peru, 

[74] CALANCHA (Antonio de la). Coronica moralizada del Ordeit de 
San Augustrni ern el Peru, con sucesos exemplares en esta Monarquia. 

With finely engraved frontispiece showing Augustinian monks preaching 
to American Indians, and large plate of the Martyrdom by impalement of Diego 
Ortez (at Vilcabamba), engraved by De Jode, which is nearly always wanting. 

Thick folio, vellum. 

Barcelona, 1638. 1^52 lOs 

" This chronicle is very important for the civil and ecclesiastical history of Peru.'" 
Copies with the large plate are of the greatest rarity. 


1639 A.D. 

The Missionary History of Paraguay. 
[75] RUIZ DE MONTOYA (Antonio), Soc. Jes. Conquista espirituai 
heoha por los reigiosos die la Compania dte Jesus, en las Provincias dtel Para- 
guay, Parana^ Uruguay, y Tape. 

4to, vellum. 

Madrid, 1639. £52 lOs 

VERY RARE. The Maximilian collection did not include any copy. 

A history of the Jesuits of Paraguay and tli« surrounding countries, containing much 
valuable information on the Indians, their Religious Rites, etc. 

Patlher Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, celebrated Missionary of Paraguay, was born at 
Lima in 1593. He joined the Jesuit Order in 1606 and was s.6nt by them as a missionary to 
America. He converted over a hundred thousand Indiansi He died at Lima in 1652. 


1639 A.D. 

[76] LOBKOWiTZ (J. Caramuel). Philippus Pmdens Caroli V. Imp. 
Filius Lusitaniae^ Algarbiae, indiae^ Brasiliae', Legitimus rex demonstratus. 

With beautifully engraved coatsof-arms, title-page and 25 magnificent 
portraits of- the Kings and Queens of Portugal. 
Folio, vellum. 
A.ntwerf, Plantin, 1639. £10 lOs 

Not in Rodrigues. 

This very important work is devoted to proving the claims of Philip, the son of Charles- 
v., as the only legitimate King of Brasil, India and Porttugal. 

1639 A.D. 

\_Tl\ JOSEF DE ZiSNEROS, Comisario general en el Peru. Discuirso 
en ef ifisign& Autoi de^ la F6, celebrado en esta Real Ciudad de Lima a veinte y 
tres de Enero, de 1639. 

4to, roan. 

Lima, Geronymo de Contreras, 1639. £10 10s 

Very impoTtant sermon preached at an Axito de Fe held on tihe 23rd January, 1639, 
by tihe Commissary General in Peru of th« Franciscan Order, who was a high official of the 
Inquisition-. It is dedicated to the Viceroy and Captain General of Peru, Don Luis Geronymo 
de Cabrera y Bobadilla. 


54 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1640 A.D. 

The Indian Catechism of Brazil. 

[78] MONTOYA (Father Antonio Ruiz de), Soc. Jes. Cateoisma de la 
iengua Cuarani. (In Guarani and Spanish). 

Double columns, i2mo, vellum, gilt back, g. e. 

Madrid, Diego Diaz de la Carrera, 1640. £125 

We liave been nnable to trace another copy of tihis extraordinary rare Catechism in 
the language of the Guarani Indians, which is the name of the language spoken in a very 
large part of the South East portion of South America (Paraguay, Uraguay, Brazil) ; one 
of the dialects, the Tupi, has become the current language of Brazil, and it is called " Lingoa 
■Geral do Brasil." Father Ruiz de Montoya, the celebrated missionary of Paraguay, was 
born at Lima in 1583, and entered the Order of Jesuits in 1606. He was sent to the missions 
■where he converted more than 100,000 Indians. 

This learned missionary died at Lima in 1652. He was a most active missionary and 
at the same time a most excellent linguist. Even Eodrigues was unable to add a copy of 
this book to his collection as the work is so rare. 

1642 A.D. 

[79] RELACAO verdadeira d€s Sucessos do Conde de Castelmelhor, 

preso na cidade de Cartagena de Indias, & hoje livre, por particular merce do 
Ceo, & favor del Rey Dom Joao IV, na cidade de Lisboa. 

With woodcut of Royal Arms on title. 

4to, vellum. 

Lisbon, 1642. £10 lOs 


1642 A.D. 

[80] BRAZIL. ANDRADA LEiTAO (Dr. Francisco de. Ambassador to 
Holland). Copia d>as ProposipoGS e seound^ allegapain presentau acerca da 
restituicao da Cidade de S Paulo de Loanda em Angoto, & da Ilha, & Cidade 
de San Thome, acerca da Ilha, Cidade & districto do Maranham, & outros lug- 
ares, Cidades & fortalezas, Naos, & navios guerreados, usurpados & tornados 
por OS vassallos delles, despois do tratado da paz renovada com os ditos Sen- 
hores Ordens Geraes 14 Junio 1642. 

28 pp., small 4to, calf. 

Lisbon, 1642. £25 

* * * A very rare tract concerning the return to Portugal of the various cities and 
districts in Brazil captured by the Dutch. Eodrigues mentions tihis book but was unable 
to find a copy to add to his collection. NOT IN THE CHURCH CATALOGUE. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 55 

1642 A.D. 

The Jesuit Missionaries in Brazil. 
[81] GUERREIRO (Bertholameu, Soc. Jes.). Cloriosa Coroa d'esforca- 
cfos ReJigiosos da Compamhiia d^ Jesu mortos polla Fe Catdolica nas Conquiistas 
dos Reynfls d^ Coroa de Portugal. 

With finely engraved title-page. 

Folio, old calf, gilt and gauffred edges. 

Lisbon, 1G42. *35 


Very interesting: work which, contains much valuable material for the history of the 
missions in South America, Asia, and the Orient in the 16th and early 17th eenfuries. There 
are many ourious eulogies of tlhese missionaries, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian, 
and among them some of the most ardent propagiators of Christianity among the indians, 
such as Jose de Ancihieta, Saint Francis Xavier, etc. 

This is the only edition which has been publislhed of this important Chronicle of the 
Jesuit Order, and it is this circumstance which partly explains the extreme rarity of copies. 
No copy of this work has appeared for sale for many years; even Pinto de Mates in his 
Manual of Portuguese Bibliography confessed that he had never seen a copy for sale. 

The third part of the book is entirely devoted to Brazil from I1he first expedition of 
the six Jesuits wlho in 1549 accompanied Thome de Souza under tlie direction of Father Manoel 
da Nobreda. 

1642 A.D. 

[82] ANDRADE. LEITAM (Francisco dej Embaixador extraordinario 
nos Estados de Olanda). Disoursoi Politico) sobre se aver de iargar a coroa 

de Portugal, Angola, S. Thome & Maranhao, exclamado aos Altos & Poderosos 
Estados de Olanda. 

Large Arms of Portugal on title. 

12 pp., small 4to, new boards. 

Lisbon, 1642. £12 12s 

* * * Written by the Portuguese Ambassador to Holland, two years after Portugal 
had thrown off tihe Spanish Yoke and after Holland had restored igrgiZjiJ to Portugal. It is 
a proposal that Portugal and Holland should combine against the common enemy Spain 
and thus protect their American and other Colonies. NOT IN THE CHURCH CATALOGUE. 

1644 A.D. 

[83] CHILI. Al Secretario Juan Baptista Sanz Navarretej Secretario 
en el Real de las Indias, de la parte de la Nueva Espana. Disposicion, que se 
deve tener, para Acabar la Guerra de Chile, poblar a Valdivia, y demcis Fuercas 
necessarias, remitida su razon. 

16 pp., small 4to, new boards. 

{Madrid, 1644.) £12 12s 

* * * A very interesting Memorial concerning the Conquest of Chili, with many 
nofices about the Indians. NOT IN THE CHURCH CATALOGUE. 

56 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1645 A.D. 

The Most Comprehensive, History of the Jesuit Missionaries. 

[84] NIEREMBERG (Juan Eusebio). Volume I. Ideas d© Virtud en 
Algimos Claras Varanes de la Compama de Jesus. 

Madrid, Maria de Quinones, 1643. 

Volume II. Firmamentoi religioso d© luzidos astros, en algunos claros 
varones de la Compania de Jesus Cumplense en este tomo, ye en el antecedente 
una Centuria entera. 

Madrid, Maria de Quinones, 1644. 

Volume III. Honor del gran Patriaoa San Ignaoio de Loyola^ fumdador 
de la Compania dte Jesus, enque se profione su vida y la del Apostol de las 
Indias S. Francisco Xavier. Con la milagrosa historia del admirable Padre 
Marcelo Mastrilli, etc. 

Madrid, Maria de Quinones, 1645. 

Volume IV. Vidas exemplares y venerables memorias de algunos claros 
varones de la Compania de Jesus, de los quales es este tomo IV. 

Madrid, Alonso de Paredes, iQji^'J. £35 

We will only quote the notices referring to Ajnerica contained in these four volumes 
althougih they are full of valuable information about Japan, China and India. 

Volume 1, Pages 241-256, Life of Ignacio de Azevedo, martyred in Brazil with 39 
eompanimis; pp. 256-258, Life of Francisco Perez Godoy, one of Azeved-o^s 39 companions; 
pp. 258-263, Life of Pedro Diaz and eleven Jesuits martyred on the wa,y to Brazil with Azevedo; 
pp. 513-557, Life of Joseph of .inchieta, the Apostle of Brazil, who spent H years with the 

Vol. II. pp. 230-263, Life of Marciel de Lorencana, the Apostle of Parana, he arrived 
in Lima in 1592 and spent 39 years in converting the Indians of Paraguay, his life contains 
interesting accounts of the Paraguay missions; pp. 362-385, Life of Diego de Saura, who died 
in Manilla from an illness contracted in the interests of the country; pp. 476-489, Lives of 
Roque Goncalez, Juan del Castillo and Alonzo Rodriguez, martyred in the Paraguay missions, 
1628; pp. 489-493, Lives of Pedro Correa and Juan de Sossa, martyred hy Brazilian Indians in 
1654; pp. 504-506, Life and martyrdom, of Hernando de Tobar, martyredi by the Tepeguano 
Indians of Nueva Biscaya in 1616; pp. 507-521, Lives of seven missionaries martyred hy the 
same Indians in 1616 and following years; pp. 544-548, Life of Goncalo de Papia, of the mis'sion 
of New Spain, who was killed by the Indians in the Province of Sinaloa in 1.594; pp. 676-693, 
Life of Pablo Joseph de Arriaga, who remained 37 years in Peru and is well known by his 
treatise on the extirpation- of Indian idolatry; pp. 693-704, Life of Juan Dario of .lltavilla, 
who spent his life among the Indians of the Tucuman Province; pp. 713-717, Life of FranciUco 
Pinto, born in Pemambuco in 1553, killed in 1608 by the Indians who lived on the sihores of 
the river Maranon; etc., etc. 

Vol. IV. Life of Julio Pascual, martyred by the Indians of the Province of Sinaloa; 
pp. 86-88, Life of Manuel Martinez, martyred in the same Province; pp. 113-137, Life of Juan 
Seh Parricio, provincial of Peru, born in 1546, died in 1622; pp. 200-206, Life of Pedro Oravina, 
■a missionary for over 30 years in the Province of Cinaloa {died 1635); pp. 206-213, Life of 
Caspar Osorio Valderradana, martyred by the Chiriguani Indiarts (Paraguay in 1639); pp. 
■Z14-215, Life of Ant. Ripario, martyred with Osorio; pp. 246-253, Life of Migual de Fuentes, 
who spent 20 years in the missions of 'Peru, etc., etc.; pp. 604-607, Lives of Juan B. Segura 
and Luis de Quiros, martyred in Florida (P1568); pp. 607-610, Life of Pedro Martinez, the 
jirst martyr of Florida (1554) ; pp. 685-687, Life of Diego de Torres Rubio, who spent nearly 
aXl his life in Peru, and wrote grammars and vocwbularies in the Quichua and Aymara 
languages, etc., etc. 


Plate V. 

Title-page of " Zumaekaga., Dooteina beeve." 

One of the rarest specimens of Jfexican Typography and First Edition of the Famous Manvial 

of Christianity for the American Indians. The third dated Book Printed m America. 

Mexico, 1543-4. 
See Item No. 16. 


CJ^jcuifTima t da 

diaetcoicQida poz el B btrpo oo 
fmt: Bartolomeoe lee Cafaa/o 
Cafaud oela o:den oe Sacto ^o 

Title-page of one of Las Casas' AmebiIcan Treatises, the first of a Complete Set of 9, 

Seville, 1552-3. 
See Item No. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 57" 

1646 A.D. 

[85] OVALLE (Alonso de). HistoHca Relatione del Regno de Cile e 
delle Missioili, e ministerii che esercita in quelle la Compagnia di Giesu. 

With large folding map, 14 full-page engraved plates, and 18 woodcuts 
(plans, houses and maps). Twelve cuts are views of the different buildings 
belonging to) the Jesuits in the Province of Chili, and six are plans of the Ports 
of Valparaiso, Coquimbo, Quintero, Concepcion, Isle of Saint Mary and the 
Island of Mocha. 

Small folio, limf vellum (a few margins slightly wormed). 

Rome, 1646. £2S 

First Italian issue of the best history of Cliili, which appeared at the same time as^ 
the Latin issue. The plates are curious^ One at page 58 represents a miraculous tree like 
Jesus crucified, growing in the valley of Limadhe, in Chili; another the sudden appearance- 
of the Virgin at a battle between the natives and the Spaniards; others, the various game;;, 
costumes, etc., of t'£e Indians. 

Most copies of this edition are usually wanting some of the plates. 

Father Ovalle, born at Santiago del Chile in 1601, wrote Ihis great work while he- 
was acting as Procurator of his Province at Rome. He died at Lima in 1651. 


1648 A.D. 

[86] CHILI. Chaparro (P. Juan Gonzalez; de la Compania de Jesus). 
Relacion del Gran, Terremoto; o tremblor die tierra que assolo toda la Cuidad 
(de Santiago) de Chile en el Nuevo Mundo. 

Small 4to, 4 pp., calf. 

Seville, 1648. £5 5& 

* * * An account of the terrible eartlhquate of the 13th of May, 1617, which completely 
destroyed the City of Santiago and the effects of wlhich were felt over the greater part ol 

1648 A.D. 

[87] HOOKER (Thomas, late Pastor of Church of Hartford upon Connec- 
ticutt in New England). A Survey of the Summe of Church Disciphne. Where- 
in the Way of the Churches of New England is warranted out of the Word, and: 
all exceptions of weight, which are made against it, answered. 

4to, calf (rebackea). 

London, 1648. £3 3a 


1649 A.D. 

[88] BRAZIL. BERNARDO DE BRAG A (Lente de Theologia na Pro- 
vincia do Brasil & Abbade de S. Bento de Pernambuco). Sermam quei Pregou 
na fesfa que fez o Mestre de> Campo Andrfe Vidal dte Negreiros. 

28 pp., small 4to, new boards. 

Lisbon, 1649. £5 5& 

* * * Sermon preached by Father Bernardo de Braga on the Feast of Our Lady of 
Nazaretlh, after the sermon of Fatlher Mathew of St. Francis, who had renounced the- 
Bishopric of Meliapor in East India in order to become Commissioner of Infantry in BraziU 


58 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. 

1650 A.D. 

[89] TAMARIZ DE CARMONA (Antonip). Relacion y ttescri^cian del 
Tem]>lo Real de la Ciudad de la Puebia de los Angeles en la Nueva Espalia^ y 

su Catedral. Que de order! de su Magestad acalbo, y consagro a 18 de Abril de 

1649 el Senor Don Juan de Palafox y Mendoga, del Consejo Real de las Indias, 
y O'bispo desta Diocesi; su despedida, y salida para los Re3mos de Espana. 
Con dos Cartas Pastorales del mismo. 

4to, vellum. 

{Mexico), 1650. £6 6s 


The above is a, description of the Cathedral in the city of Puebia de loa Angeles, in 
ISTew Spain. It was consecrated on the 18fih of April, 1649, by Bishop Palafox y Mendoya. 
The book also describes the departure of the Bishop for Spain, and gives two of his pastoral 

1650 A.D. 

Original Missionary MS. Vocabulary of the Guarani Language. 

[90} VOCABULARIO de lingua Guarani. 

Original manuscript written by a missionary in the 1 7th century on about 
350 pages of paper, being a Portuguese-Guarani vocabulary. 

Folio, calf. 

{Brazil, ca. 1650.) £42 

The Guarani language is spoken in a considerable part of the South Eastern portion 
of South America, Paraguay, Uraguay, Brazil, and one of the dialects Ihas become the common 
language of Brazil. 

1650 A.D. 

[91] ROXAS (Alonso de). Al Rey Nuestro senor, poi" la Provinoia de 
la Compamia dte Jesus de la Nueva Espana. En Satisfacion de un libro de el 
visitador obispd D. Juan de Palafox y Mendoza. Publicado en nombre de el 
.dean, y cabildo de su iglesia catedral de la Puebia de los Angeles. 

278 pp., 4to, vellum. 

{Mexico, about 1650.) £10 lOs 

Father Akmso de Eoxas, the author of tihis Memorial, was the procurator general 
of the Jesuit Order for the province of New Spain. Palafox answered this memorial in 1652 
ill a folio volume of 157 pages. 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 59 

1650 A.D. 

[92] COTTON rjohn, Teacher of the Church of Christ in Boston in New 
England). Of the Holinesse of Cliurch-Membei's. 

Small 4to, full russia gilt, g. e. *■* in 

London, 1650. *' '•"^ 

A Treatise written after Cotton, was temporarily suspended for the disuse of the 
" ceremonies " in Boston. 


1650 A.D. 

Printed in Mexico. 

[93] MEXICO. Relacion del Solemne Jubileo de las Missiones, que los 
Padres de la Compania cte ilesus, celebraron y administraron este Ano' de 1649, 
en la Ci'udad de Mexioo par orden del Senor D. Juan de Manozca, Arcobispo 
desta Metropoli. 

20 pp., small 4to, wra-pfers. 

Mexico, 1650. £6 6s 

* * * A relation of the Jubilee of the Jesuit Catholic Missions in Mexico 


1652 A.D. 

The Portuguese Missionaries in America. 

[94] CARDOSO (George). Agiologio Lusitano dos Sanotos, e Varoens 
illustres em virtude do Reinq die Portugal, e suas Conquistas. 

4 vols., folio, old calf. 

Lisbon, 16^2. £25 

Bare Hagiology of tlhe Portuguese Saints a<nd Missionaries in America and the Orient, 
referring to their work at Amboyna, Bassora, Brazil, Cambodia, Ceylon, China, Japan, 
Nagasaki, Goa, India, Morocco, Nagapatam, San Paolk>, San Vicente (Brazil), (Sumatra, San 
Thome, Guadalupe, Macassar, Porteseguro (Brazil), Timur, Bengal, Cochin-China, Madure, 
Mocambique, Canton, Ceuta, Pegu, etc. 


1652 A.D. 

[95] PALAFOX Y MENDOZA (Juan de), Bishop. Al Rey Nuestro Senor. 

Satisfacion al Memorial de Los Religiosos dejla Compania de Jesus de la Nueva- 
Espana. Por La Dignidad Episcopal de la Puebla de Los Angeles Sobre la 
Execucion, y Obediencia del Breve Apostolico de Nuestro Xantisimo Padre Inno- 
cencio X. Expedido en su favor a XIIIL de Mayo de M.DC.XLVIIL y Passado 
Repetidamente, y Mandado Executar por el Supremo Consejo de las Indias. En 
el qual determino su santidad veinte y seis Decretos Sacramentales, y Jurisdic- 
cionales, importantes al bien de las Almas. 

Folio, vellum. 

Madrid, 1652. £5 5s 

Memorial presented to the King by tha famous Bishop of Puebla de los Angeles. It 
was an answer to the attack of Fatter Alonso de Eoxas. 


6o MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1652 A.D. 

Printed in Mexico. 

[96] PALAFOX Y MENDOZA (Juan de). Bishop. Al Rey Nuesti-O Senor. 

Satis facion Al Memorial De Los Religiosos de La Compania del Nom'bre de Jesus 
-de la Nueva-Espana. For La Dignidad Episcopal de la Puabla de los Angelos. 
Sobre La Execucion, y Obediencia del Breve Apostolicoi de N. Santissimo' Padre 
Innocencio X. Expedido en su Favor a XIIII de Mayo' de M. DC. XL VIII. Pas- 
sado repetidamente, y mandado executar por el Supremo Consejo de la Indias. 
En el qual determino su Santidad veinte y seis Decretos Sacramentales, y Juris- 
diccionales, importantes al bien de las almas. 

157 leaves, folio, half calf. 

{Mexico), 1652. £10 lOs 

Memorial presented to the King ty the famous Bishop of Puebla de los Angeles. It 
-was an answer to the attack of Father Alonso de Eoxas. 

1653 A.D. 

The First English Edition. 

[97] CAMBRIDGE PLATFORM. A Platform af diurch^Disoipline: 

Gathered out of the Word of God, and agreed upon by the Elders and Messen- 
gers of the Churches assembled in the Synod at Cambridge in New-England : 
To be presented to the Churches and General Court for their Consideration and 
Acceptance in the Lord. 

The First English Edition, edited with a Preface by Edward 


29 PP-, small 4to, uncut as issued. 

Printed in N em-England; and Reprinted in London for Peter Cole, 1653. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. XVII.). £105 


EDWAKD WlNSLOW, the famous leader of the Pilgrim Fathers, was at this time 
:in England getting Parliament to pass an Act for the Proinoting and Propagation of the 
Gospel of Jesus Christ in New England. 

This book is the Celehroited CAMBBIDOE PLATFORM, in which is embodied the 
ecclesiastical policy of New England Congregationalism-. 

The work was the result of the deliberations of the synod called in May, 1646, and 
■ continued by adjournment to August, 1648. " It is," says Dexter, " a terse, clear, and well- 
balanced summary of the general system which had been already outlined in the treatises 
.of the New England Elders; enlarged by being carried to its logical conclusions on a few 
points which had never been fully developed." John Cotton, of whom, Roger Williams wrote 
that the people of Massachusetts " could hardly believe that Ood wonild suffer Mr. Cottim 
to err," possibly had the largest agency in the preparation of this work, notwithstanditig 
.the fact that the original manuscript is in the handwriting of Richard Mather. 

The First Edition, printed in Cambridge, 1649, sold at Auction in 1913, for $3425.00. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 61 

1654 A.D. 

[98] PALAFOX AND THE JESUITS. Ultimo breve d^ la SantidatI de 
Innecencio X. Del ano de M.DC.LIIII. Sobre Algunas differencias Espiri- 
tuales, Jurisdiccionales, y Sacrament ales, que se siguieron entre la Jurisdiccian 
Episcopal de la Puebla de los Angeles, y los Religiosos de la Compania de Jesus 
de laj Nueva-Eapana, en el qual se confirma los dos Breves antecedentes del ano 
de 1647, y de 165 1, y se pone silencio perpetuo, declarando la Apostolica Sede 
toda la cotroversia, y los puntos que por una y otra parte se consultaron. A 
<iue se figuieron tres Ceduks Reales, idespachadas pqr el Real Cosejo de las 
Indias, para que se execute, y cumpla. Y el dbedecimiento del Reverendissimo 
P. General dela Compania e del P. Procurador. 

Folio, calf. 

{Madrid, 1654.) £10 10s 

See also Noe. 95 and 96 of this Catalogue for other works on the controversy between 
the Bishop of Puebla de los Angeles and the Jesuits. 

1659 A.D. 

Privately Printed Contemporary Account of the Peruvian Missionaries. 
[99] ACUNA (Gonsalez dej). Imformie a N.R.P.M. general dtel orden de 
Prediccadores^ Fray Jhoani Baptista de Marinis. 

With engraved title-page. 

4to, vellum. 

Madrid, 1659. . £25 

The above privately-printed work is an account of the state of tihe Province of St. 
John the Baptist in Peru, rendered by the author to the General of the Order. He gives » 
•complete account of the historical facts connected with Peru, Venezuela, New Spain, etc., etc. 

We have been unable to find any reference to the sale of a copy of this book, which 
■comprises 448 pages of important facts and bibliographies of missionaries and important 

1661 A.D. 

[100] CLUVERIUS (P.). InitraduotJonis in Universam Geographicutn 
Libri VI. 

With many interesting maps (some 46 in num^ber), including a very fine 
folding map of America (showing California, etc.), and a fine large world map. 
4to, half calf, g. e. 
Amsterdam, 1661. £3 lOs 

1662 A.D. 

[loi] XARQUE (Francisco). Vidia Prodigiosa dell Padrei Antonio Ruiz 
(fe Montoya. 

4to, calf. 

Saragassa,. 1662. £5 5s 

Father Ruiz de Montoya, the celebrated Jesuit missionary of Paraguay, was born at 
Lima in 1583. He joined the Jesuit Order in 1606 and became a missionary. During his 
lifetime he converted over a hundred thousand Indians. In 1652 he died at Lima 


62 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1662 A.D. 

[102] RELACION diet 6nquentro que tuvieroni dos Naos de las Indias 
Ooci'd'entales, con una esquadra de Fragatas de Guerra Turques cas a la vista. 
de Tarifa, y sobre el Cabo de Trafalgar, este ano de 1662. 

Large woodcut at top of title. 

4 pp., folio, new boards. 

Madrid, 1662. £6 6s- 

*** An interesting relation of the sucoessful defeiioe of the American Treasure Ships 
against a vastly superior fleet of Turkish pirates when nearly home. 


1663 A.D. 

History of the Jesuit Missionaries in Brazil. 

[103] VASCONCELLOS (Padre Simao de). Chrotiioa da Companhia de 
Jesu do Estado do Brasil e do que obraraoi seus filhos mesta parte do Novo 
MimdO'. Tomo Primeiro (all published) do Entrada da Companhia de Jesu nas 
partes do Brasil et dos fimdamentos que nellas lani^arao & continuarao seus 
Religiosos em quanto' alii trabalhou o Padre Manoel da Nobrega, Fundador*, & 
primeiro Provincial com sua vide & morte digna de memoria; e algunas noticias 
antecedentes curiosas, e necessarias das cousas daquelle Estado. 

With finely engraved frontispiece. 

Folio, calf. 

Lisbon, 1663. . £31 lOs 

Chronicle of tihe greatest importance for the years ISlO-lsyOi 

The Contents are; Notieias curiosas, 188 pp.; Chronica, 479 pp.; Verses of Father 
Joseph Ainchieta in praise of the Virgin, pp. 481-528; and Ind©x» 

" One of ite best works published in the 17tlh century," according to Innocenoio. 

Father Simao de Vaseonoellos was born in Oporto in 1597 and died at Rio de Janeiro- 
in 1671. He was Procurator General of the Jesuits at Rome and Provincial of Brazil. H& 
was the companion of Father Vieira on his voyage to Lisbon in 1641 and then went to Rome. 


1663 A.D. 

Portugal the First Missionary Kingdom. 

[104 J SO USA (Antonio de). Proposta que o secretario de estado An^ 
tonio de Sousa de Maced^ fez vooalmente pof mandad^' de Sua Magestade, 

ajunta dos Ecclesiasticos, Cathedraticos, & outras Pessoas doutas, & Ministros 
de Tribunaes. No Conuento de S. Francisco de Lisboa. 

4to, new boards. Lisbon, 1663. £5 5s 

The author refers to the fact that the Churclies were without prelates, whole provinces 
of this kingdom and all the islands and the conquered lands (in America and India) were 
totally in want of the sacrament of Confirmation, and as regards the greater part also in 
want of the sacrament of the extreme unction for want of oil, and there was no oil for cere- 
monies of Baptism. Other nations were not in want of them and the natives were begging 
for these things from the enemies of Portugal, to whom Portugal had first preached the 
Gospel; Portugal was the first kingdom of tJie world wlhieh was first Christian and Catholic,, 
it was the first missionary kingdom and the most glorious one. 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 63 

1666 A.D. 

[105] DAVIES (J). The history of the Caribby-islands, viz. Barbadoes, 
St. Christopher, St. Vincent, Martinico, Dominico, Barbouthos, Montserrat, 
-Nevis, Antego, etc., in all twenty-eight. With a Caribbian vocabulary. 

With numerous curious full-page plates. 

Folio, old calf, rebacked. 

London, 1666. £3 lOs 


1669 A.D. 

[106] SARMIENTO DE LOS SALVADORES (Agustin). Clarin de la 
JVurora y Excelenoias de< lai Reyna dei los Angeles Maria. 

With engraved portrait of the author. 

4to, old calf gilt. 

Lima, Joseph de Contreras, i66q. £4 10s 

The author was Rector of the Parish Church of St. Sebastian in the City of Lima 
in Peru, and formerly a Royal Official in the Tribunals of tihe " Santa Cruz " in New Spain, 
and tihen a cleric in the Archbishopric of Lima. NOT IN THE CHURCH CATALOGUE. 

1670 A.D. 

[107] GARCILASSO DE LA VECA. Histoire de la Floride ou relation 
de se qui s'est passe au voyage de Ferdinand de Soto, ou la conquete de ce 

i2mo, red morocco, inside dentelles, g. e. 

Paris, 1670. £4 4s 


This is a contemporary narrative of Hernando de Soto's Conquest of Florida, and 
-the second to be published. The work is based upon the relations of eye-witnesses and was 
written forty years after the eventb which it narrates, and with the professed object of 
•doing justice to the memory of De Soto. Field, in his Indian Bibliography, devotes a long 
note to this author and Ihis works. 

1670 A.D. 

[108] R ESP U EST A que dio cierto ministro al Rey Philipe sobre las oosas 
de Portugal. 

4 PP- , 4to- 

N.P., about 1670. £2 2s 

The author asks the King in what way the millions from the Indies were spent. He 
states that the Portuguese conquered tIhe East Indies and barbarous nations; Holland was 
conquered in Brazil (which is a part of America, the author states) by the Portuguese. 


64 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1671 A.D. 

[109] LA RUA (Fernando de). Commissary General of the Franciscara 
Order for iNiew Spain. Iitfomie qu© hizo al rey Nuiestro Senor, en virtud de su 
real sedula el Padre Frey Fernando de La Rua . . ano de 1669; dado a. 

la estampa el P. Matheo de Heredia, procurador general en la corte de Madrid 
cino de 1671. 

Folio, new boards. 

Madrid, 1671. £10 lOs 

Very fine copy of a document wihich is extraordinarily interesting because it gives 
a detailed accoTint of the State of the Franciscan mission in Mexico in 1669. 


1672 A.D. 

[no] VEITIA LINAGE (Joseph de). Norte de ta Contratracion de la& 
Iridias Ocoidtentales (en la qual se trata de la Creacion y origen de la Real 
Audiencia, de los Tribunales del Consul ado, de la plata, y oro, y de los assien- 
tos, de los licencias de commerciar en las Indias, de las Armadas y Flotes, los. 
Pilotes, y un 'Epitome de los Puertos de las Indias, etc.), 

With finely engraved frontispiece. 

2 vols., folio, calf. 

Sevilla, 1672. £10 10s 

Rodrigues 2470. 

This work contlains a resume ol the laws and institutions of Spaiii~li .\merica; it i."? 
rare and spoken highly of by Salva. 

Veitia Linage of Burgos, who was a royal treasurer, had a rather cihe<juered career. 
An embezzlement from the Royal Treasure took place between Acapulco and Vera Cruz in 
the year 1709, in its transmission ihomewards from the Philippine Islands through tihose- 
townfi. Accusation was made against Veitia, the author of the above book. 


1672 A.D. 

[hi J LO'ARTE (Fr. Lucas). Historia de (a Vida, Milagros, y Virtudes 
del Glorioso San Luis Bertran, del orden de Predicadores. 

Small 4to, original vellum. 

Madrid, 1672. £6 lOs- 

* * * St. Luis Bertran was the celebrated Missionary to the American Indians. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 65 

1672 A.D. 

" The Apostle of Brazil." 

[112] VASCONCELLOS (Father Simon de). VMa do Veneraver padre 
Joseph de Anoltieta, da Companhiia de Jesu, taumaturgo do Novo Mundo, na 
Provinoia do Brasil. 

With remarkable engraved portrait, showing Anchieta taming wild beasts. 

Folio, calf. 

Lisbon, 1672. £25 

Eodrigues 2460, " Earissimo." 

Father Joseph Anchieta weis born on the Island of Teneriffe in 1533, and joined the 
Noviciate of the Jesuits at Coinibra at the age of 17< He embarked in 1553 for Brazil, Vhere 
he spent the rest of his life and converted tihe Indians very successfully. He died in the 
Capitania of Espiritu Santo in 1597. He has been named " The Apostle of Brazil." 


1673 A.D. 

Published for the Use of the Missionaries in Mexico. 
[113] VETANCURT (Fray. Aug. de). Arte de lengua Mexioana, dis- 
puesto por orden, y mandato de N. Rmo P Fr. Francisco Trevino, Predicador 
Theologo, Padre de la Santa Provincia de Burgos, y Comissario^General de 
todas las de la Nueva-Espana. 

Small 4to, cloth. 

Mexico, 1673. £21 

One of the most valuable and rarest Mexican Grammars. Published for use of the 
missionaries in -Mexico. 

Father August de Bethencourt was born in Mexico in 1620, became a Franciscan 
Missionary at a, very early age, and spent nearly the wiole of his life among the Indians. 
He ihad a profound knowledge of the Mexican language. He died at the age of 80-. 


1675 A.D. 

Original Manuscript. 

A Manuscript of 86 pp. 
Small 4to, limf vellum. 
Circa 1675. £35 

An interestijig manuscript ending with the following : " The premises considered and 
redressed the people of England would recover their antient glory and greatness, and in 
short time be the highest and most powerful people in Europe." Etc. 

It is a powerful treatise concerning the tradei of Great Britain and tlhe cause of its 

(Continued over) 

66 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35. Conduit Street, London, W. 

Promotion of Trade In England — continued. 

decline. The Author states how the Dutch have captured practically the whole of England's 
trade with Europe, even capturing tihe produce of our Colonies, and whereas formerly the 
Dutch had no manufactures they now manufacture in huge quantities woollen and other 
textile goods, which they export to all parts of the world. 

nhe chief reason given for the rise of the Dutch is that we have allowed them to 
monopolize the fisiheries, thus giving them enicouragement to build ships, and the great 
number of their fishermen have enabled them to man a great Navy whidh has become a 
dominant power on the seas, and that they ihave allied themselves with the Princes of Ger- 
many " and so elevated with their vast armies and strength of their league, Germanie having 
in 200 years not been so united, tlhat now, instead of seeking or designing a good peace, they 
discourse of nothing more than the ruine of France itselfe." 

The Author further states that instead of seeking an alliance with Holland, we should 
have made alliance with France, " A peace between England & France may bee maintained, 
but betwixt England and Holland never, nor a peace long unlesse Holland and Zeeland would 
bee brought to another sort of regulation in Trade than they could ever yet be brought too." 

The treatise deals with many very interesting details as to the amount and values of 
the Fisheries in various years, and of the textile goods. It further relates the aggression 
of the Dutch in the Englislh Colonies in America and how in self defence we had to seize 
their Colony of New Amsterdam (now New York). 

" In Onno 1601 several Merchants of Holland set out 17 Armatures for to seize, plunder 
and make prize of all Spanish ships and vessels in the West Indies or to burn and destroy 
any of the Spanish towns and villages in those parts, and for t(he better effecting their designe 
they received liberty of Queen Elizabeth to loan some harbour about the Island Manhattan, 
Ac, betwixt the degree of 40 and 41 where they could finde tihe most convenient places for 
their cleaning and refitting their ships, here they built a large magazine for their purpose 
which they fortified with four bastions and called the place Statns Isle, settled 3 factories, 
one there, the Snd on the south west point of the Manhattan Isle, where since was built New 
Amsterdam, a 3rd on a point of land called Pauls Hook, where they drove a very considerable 
trade with the Native Indians for several sorts of Furs, and made bold witlh the Queens 
Grace, so farr that they began a Colony there and called it New Netherlands, and in the 
year 1608 forced an English ship nander the Command of our Capt. Smith to strike to the 
States flag, wihicih King James, though a peaceable prince, so highly resented that he com- 
missioned Sir Samuel Argal to sail thither with five men of war to destroy the said Colony, 
which was accordingly effected, and they engaged never to plant there ajgain, and yet the 
West India Company of HoUand in the year 1620 began a) Colony there a second time, hav- 
ing made their position so strong in the English Court that they were not disturbed till 
the year 1664, at which time, such was the general complaint of the English Merchant, and 
als3 of the English Planters that live under their government, that althougih there was peace 
betwixt the Mafias of Great Britain and the States of the United Provinces, His Maiesty 
commissioned Colonel Richard Nichols and some other gentlemen to dispossess the West 
Indian Company of the said Colony and to incorporate it into the English Monarchy as 
soon as the said ships arrived the Governor and Inhabitants quietly surrendered themselves 
and became subjects of England under the Government of His Highness the Duke of York." 

"The great want of trade the English are reduced to, by the Hollanders having by fraud 
and deceit taken out of ooir mouths, and are in a fair way to have our plantations at their 
sole disposing also, for since the beginning of the Civil War, they have had at least, 2 parts 
of 3 of all the profits by Trade arising from the said Colonies, for demonstration, to Virginia 
since the year 1642, they of Holland and Zeeland, have sent, one year with another sixty 
sails of ships, I am informed from the said Colony ihave brought from thence 46000 hogsheads 
of Tobacco yearly. To Barbadoes they have employed above 40 sails of good ships <x) 
Christopher, 17 sails, to Nevis 12, to Antoga 8 and to Mon-soral 3 or 4 ships, to the damage 
in the total of ten millions of pounds sterling which the English nation would have had in 
the exchange of our commodity into these Colonies this eleven years. Etc., etc." 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 67 

1673-1703 A.D. 

The Legal Status of Jews in America, etc. 

concerning the Customs from the year 1673 to 1703. Copied from a MS. of 
Mr. T. White which was taken from the originals in the Custody of the Com- 
missioners of the Customs. 

Unpubhshed contemporary Manuscript very legibly written with a com- 
plete index. 

Folio, calf. £52 lOs 








68 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1675 A.D. 

The Dutch and Portuguese in Brazil. 

[115] FREYRE (Francisco de Brito). Nova Lusrtania; historia da guerra 

With finely engraved frontispiece engraved by Berain. 

Freyre (Francisco de Brito). Viage da Aitnada dia Companhia do com- 
mercio, e frotas do Estado do Brasil. A Cargo do General Francisco de Brito 

2 works in i. 

Lisbon, 1675. £42 

These two wm-ks are of the greatest importance for the early history of Brasil when 
the Partugueise were in continual ccmflict with the Dutch, both armed and commercial. That 
the Portuguese were successful in maintaining their great South American Colony is greatly 
duB to the prowess of General Brito de Freyre. He was twice Admiral of the Portuguese 
Fleet in Brasil and in 1654 he obliged the Dutch to evacuate Pernam.buco. In 1656 he escorted 
170 ships laden with a cargo of rich treasure from Brasil to Lishori. It is this great achieve- 
ment of which an account is given which is bound up in this volume. 

This very rare work which Antonio had never seen is divided into ten books, of which 
the first is devoted to the history of the discovery of Brasil and of the first colonies which 
were founded there., The nine following books treat of the histwy of the war in Brazil 
against the Dutch from 1623-1638. 


1676 A.D. 

[ii6] SPEED (John)^ Tlie Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain, 

presenting an exact geography of the Kingdom of England, Scotland, Ireland : 
Together with a Prospect of the most famous parts of the World, viz., Asia, 
Africa, Europe, America. To this new edition are added in the Prospect of 
the world, the Empire of Great Mogul, Palestine, with the rest of the East -Indies, 
the Empire of Russia. 

Atlas folio, original calf. 

London, 1676. £5 5s 

The most complete edition with the extra American Maps, etc. 

1677 A.D. 

[117] HEYLIN (P.). Cosmographie In four bookes, containing the 
chorography and history of the whole world. 

With engraved frontispiece and large folding maps. 

Folio, old calf. 

London, 1677. £2 2s 

Part II. of the fourth book (pp. 83-154), is entirely devoted to America, to which a 
very fine large folding map dated 1663 is addedv 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 69 

1679 A.D. 

[118] PENN (William). An Address to Protestants upon the Present 
Conjuncture. In two parts. 

Small ^to, half morocco. 1679. "15s 


1679 A.D. 

Early History of Brazil. . 

[119] RAPHAEL DE JESUS. Castrioto Lusitano Parte I. Entrepresa, w 
e Restauracao de Pemambuco; & das Capitanias Confinantes. Varios, e belli- ' 
cos successos entre Portuguezes, e Belgas. Acontecidos pello discurso de vinte 
e quatro annos, e tirados de noticias, relagoes & memorias certas. 

With finely engraved frontispiece giving a portrait of J. F. Vieira, Cas- 
trioto Lusitano. 

Folio, calf. 

Lisbon, idyg. £25 

This precious work is at the greatest impoxtanc© for the history of Brazil. It contains 
a complete history of that country during the period"^ of the war between the Portuguese 
and the Dutch whicli took place in. the years 1623-1654. jltl also contains a complete history 
of Fernandez Vieira, who captured Pemambuco and the other Brazilian towns which were 
in the hands of the Dutch. No other part of this book has ever appeared. 

Father Raphael de Jesus of the Benedictine Order was born in Guimaraens in 1614. 
At the age of 15 he entered the Convent De La Victoria at Porto where he studied. He was 
principally interested in preatihing, and for a period of 20 years he preached at the court of 
Ifisbon and in some of the Spanish towns. He was then made preacher general of his Order. 
In 1665 he became rector of the College Da Estrella; in 1668 he was Procurator General in 
Oporto; in 1673 Abbot of the Convent of San Andre de Rendufe; in 1676 Procurator General 
in the town of Braga, and lastly Abbot of the Lisbon Convent of the Benedictine monks in 
1679. On the llth of November, 1681, the King appointed him Historian General of the 
kingdom,. He died on the 23r'(i December, 1693. 


1681 A.D. 

The First Book Printed in America on Astronomy. 
[i2o] KINO (Eusebio Francisco), Soc. Jes. Exposicran astronomica 

de eli GOnteta, que el ano de i68o, por lo meses de Noviembre, y Diziembre, 
y este ano de i68i. por los meses de Enero y Febrero, se ha visto en todo el 
mundo, y le ha observado en la ciudad de Cadiz. 

With large woodcut on title-page, and very large folding engraving of 
the constellations, etc., to illustrate the course of the comet. 

4to, morocco, inside dentelles, g. e. 

Mexico, Francisco Rodriguez Lupercio, i68i. £52 10s 



70 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1681 A.D. 

[i2i] ORDENANZAS del Consejo Real de las Indfas. Nuevamente 
recopiladas y por el Rey Don Felipe IV, para su Gobierno establecidas 1636. 

With fine vignette on title. 

Small folio, vellum. 

Madrid, 1681. £10 lOs 

Important for the administrative ihistory of the Council of the Indies. It is the 
only edition cited by Pinelo. 


1682 A.D. 

[122] MEXICO. BALTHASSAR DE MEDIHA (F.). Chronica de la 
Santa Provinoia de San Diego de Mexico^ de Religiosos Descalcos de N.S.P.S. 
Francisco en la NUEVA ESPANA. Vidas de illustres, y venerables Varones, que 
la ban edificado con exelentes virtudes. 

Engraved title in compartments, and a full-page map of the Province 
of San Diego. 

Folio, original calf. 

Mexico, 1652. £42 

* * * An exceedingly rare chronicle of the Franciscan Order in Me.xioo, the Author 
was a native, born in the City of Mexico, and was Lecfurer ©f Theology to his Order and the 
Historian of Mexico. 

It is of great importance for the early history of California and New Mexico, in addi- 
tion to its long descriptions, historical, geograpMcal and religious, of the State of Mexico — 
particularly interesting is the paragraph in which the Author gives an account of the first 
book printed in Mexico in 153.5 — a book which is at present entirely lost. 


1682 A.D. 

[123] NIEUHOFS (J.). Gedenl(weerdige Brasilianese Zee-en Lant-Reize 
Behelzenite Al het geen op dezelve is voorgevallen. Beneffens een bondige 
beschrijving van gantsch Neerlants Brasil. 

Map of Brazil, very numerous copperplates of views, Natural History, 
Manners and Customs, portrait, etc. 

2 vols, in I, thick folio, full original calf, gilt. 

Amsterdam, 1682. £3 lOS 

The celebrated Dutch traveller remained nine years in Brazil, from 1640 to 1649, and 
has published many interesting and important documents for the history of the 1645 insur- 
rection. The author is considered one of the best authorities on that period. He was the 
agent of the India Company and lived at Pernambueo, as a super cargo. After nino years 
in Brazil he returned to Holland and after the loss of Brazil he placed his services at the 
disposal of the East India Company. He was sent to China, goiverned Ceylon and returning 
to Holland he was again urged to go out again aa his services were so much appreciated. 
He accepted the offer, but never to return, as he fell into the hands of the natives of 
Madagascar. His brother published the work. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 71 

1684 A.D. 

[124] J'(USTEL) (H.). Recueil de divers Voyages faits en Afrique et en 
I'Amerique, qui n'ont point este encore publiez; le tout enrichie de Figures, et 
de Cartes Geographiques. 

Numerous plates and large folding maps. 

4to, original calf, rebacked. 

Paris, 1684. £3 3S 

Nioliubes Ligon's Histoire de I'lsle des Barbades— Relation de Testat de la Jamaique 
—Relation, de I'lsle des Barbades— Bescription de I'Isle de St. Christopbe— Relation de 
I'Origine, Moeurs, Constumes, Guerres et Voyages dee Caraibes Sauvages, etc. 


1684 A.D. 

[125] SOiLIS (Antonio de). Historia de la Conquista d^ Mexico, pobla- 
cion y progresses ,de la America Septentrional conocida por el nombre de Nueva 

With engraved frontispiece. 

Folio, limp vellum. 

Madrid, 1684. £10 10s 

Magnificent copy of the First Edition of the classical history of t)he Conquest and 
Colonisation of Mexico). 


16S5 A.D. 

[126] SANDIN (Alonso). Respuesta a una Relacioit Sumaria, que salio 

a luz, y se publico en el Reyno de la Nueva Espana, por parte de los Ministros 
de su Magestad de la Real Audiencia de la Ciudad de Manila en las Islas 
Philipinas, en que intentan dar satisfaccion de lo obrado por dichos Ministros, 
en las repetidas conpetencias, que estos anos ban tenido con Don Fray Phelipe 
Pardo, Arcobispo de dicha Ciudad de Manila. Responde a ella Fray Alonso 
Sandin, de la Orden de Predicadores, Difinidor, y Procurador General de la 
Provincia del Santissimo Rosario en dichas Islas Philipinas, poder aviente de 
dicho senor Arcobispo en la.Corte de su Magestad. 

Folio, calf. 

{Madrid, 1685.) £10 10s 

In reality the relation to which Eater Sandin alludes was printed in Manilla, but 
it was not really published, but only circulated in New Spain. 
Tavera 2542. 

The title reads in translation as follows: — 

" Ariswer to a summary relation which appeared and was published in the kingdom 
oj New Spain, on the part of the ministers to ihis Majesty in the Royal Magistracy in the 
city of Manilla in the Philippine Islands, in which satisfaction is given to these m,inisters, 
who for m,any years have worked with Fray Phelipe Pardo, Archbishop of the said city of 
Manilla. Fray Alonso Sandin, of the Order of Preachers, Procurator General of the Province 
of the most Holy Rosary, in the said Philippine Islands, answers this relation, on behalf of 
tb i said Archbishop, in the Court of his Majesty." 

72 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

16S5 A.D. 

[127] PENN (William) and tite DUKE OF BUCKINGHAM. Three 
Tracts, viz. : 

I. A Short Discourse upon the reasonableness of men's having a religion 
or worship of God, by His Grace George Duke of Buckingham. 

London, 1685. 

II. A short answer to His Grace the D. of Buckingham's Paper. 
London, 1685. 

III. A Defence of the Duke of Buckingham's Book. . . From the ex- 
ceptions of a nameless author. By the Pensilvaniun. 

London, 1685. 

3 tracts bound in i vol., small 4to, half morocco. 

London, 1685. £2 5s 


1688 A.D. 

[128] ECHAVE Y ASSU (Francisco de). La Estrella cte Lima conver> 
ticfa en Sol sobre sus tres Coroiiias. El B. Toribo Alfonso Mogrobexo, su 
segundo Arzobispo celebrado con epitalamios sacros y solemnes cultos por su 
Esposa la Santa Iglesia Metropolitana de Lima. Descripcion sacro-politica de 
las Grandezas de la Ciudad de Lima, y compendio historica-Eclesiastico de su 
Santa Iglesia Metropolitana. 

With finely engraved frontispiece and large portrait of the Saint. 

Small folio, calf. 

Amberes, 1688. £5 5s 

The above is a life of the famous patron, saint of Lima, the second Archbishop, Saint 
Torribio, In addit'ion the author gives an account of the city of Lima from both the 
ecclesiastical and political point of view. He also gives a full description of the Lima 


1689 A.D. 

[129] COPIA de una real Cedula de 23 de Abril de 1689. dirigida al 
Senor Virrey del Peru, d^ndole plena facultad para ajustar, y conoluir con el 
Consulado d6 Lima la prorrogacion de los Assientos de Averias^ y demas 
derechos que tiene a su cargo. 

Folio, unbound. 

Madrid, 1689. £2 lOs 

The title reads in translation, as follows : — 

" Copy of a Royal Letter, dated the 23rd of April, 1689, directed to the Lord Viceroy 
of Peru, giving him full power to negotiate with tlhe Consulate of Lima, about the revenues- 
and contracts of damages sustained by merchandise and all other Dues that have reference to 
his office." 


Plate VII. 

CCrcflado X)c vm caita m^ 
biadaoc laciuclad oc lo 
|ca$ cfta ciudad oc feui 
tandot>c comofe baalirado" 
end cmcoj-antflco bcrriidej 

rado: nfo feilo:: i alTi mefmo 
occomocntonclard awtura 
bdtran jpoj(q matjo fu nin^er 

Title-page of fhe only copy known of the Contemporary Account from Lima, in Vcrv! 
of^t'he Outbreak of the last revolt of the Conquistador?\ 
"■ Frakcisco Hekkandez Gieon. Tbeslado de una Carta " 
,- , r- Sevilla, 1553. 

Plate VIII. 

Copia dc vnas 

Cartas dealgunos padres yhcrma 
nosdela companiadelefus queef 
>i ^/^'criuieron dcia India, Upon, y Bra 
\ Ti 7/^ i l(-j} alos padres yheriDanosdcla xnif 
macotppatiiaien Portugal trada 
dadas de portuguesen caftella 
no. FueioreccbidascI ano 
dcmil y(^uinientos y 

^Acabaronfe a trcze dias dclnjcs 

dc Dcziember. Por loan 


Ano. M. D. L V. 

Title-page of the First Collection of Jesuit Missionary KeUitions in Spanish. 

Lisbon, 15.55. 
See Hem No. 22. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. n 

1689 A.D. 

relating to the Great Revolutions in England and Scotland. 

12 parts in i volume, small 4to, new half calf. 

London, 1689. ^3 3s 

* * * Part 6 contains : " A Narrative of the Miseries of New England, by reason of 
an Arbitrary Government erected there." " That a Colony so considerable as New England 
is, should be discouraged, is not for tihe Honour and Interest of the English Nation; in as 
much as the people there are generally Sober, Industrious, Well-Disciplin'd, and apt for 
ilartial Affairs; so that he that is Sovereign of New England, may by means thereof (when 
he pleaseth) be Emperor of America." Concerning Massachusets Colony, Plimouth Colony, 
Conecticot Colony, Boston, New-York, Oharles-town. Also "The Petition and Address of 
John Gibson and George Willow on the behalf of the Inhabitants of Cambridge in New 

1690 A.D. 

Christian Doctrines for the Indians in their Native Tongue. 

[131] RUIZ BLANCO (Father Matias). A Franciscan Missionary. 
Conversion df© Piritu. De Indios Cumanagotos, Palenques, y Otros. Sus 
Principos, y Incrementos que oy tiene, con todas las cosas mas singulares de 
Pais, politica, y ritos de sus naturales, practica que se observa en su Reduccion, 
y otras cosas dignas de memoria. 

i2mo, vellum. 

Madrid, i6go. £105 

Pages 112-160 of this work contain " Practica que ay en la Ensenanfa de los Indios, 
y un directiuo para que los Eeligiosos puedan commodamentei instruirlos las cosas essen- 
ciales de la Religion Christiana." 

This is a collection of the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church in the language of 
the Indians of New Andalusia and New Barcelona. 

At the end of the work are verses in the Indian langruage to celebrate Christmas. 


Father Mnthias Suiz Blanco was commissary and Apostolic preacher of the missions 
of Piritu, and was horn at Estepa. He became professor of the Franciscan Order at Sevilla, 
in 1666. In 1670 he left as a missionary for active work in the missions of New Andalusia, 
Cumana, etc. He evangelised the Tharacudres Indians, founded the mission of St. John the 
Fvangelist, and then went to the Topocuare Indians, where he founded another mission 
called San Lorenzo de Aguaricuar. In 1701 he returned to Spain, where he died about the 
near 1705. According to Father Caulin, in whose work we find these notices. Father Ruiz de 
Blanco composed several works relating to the history and languages of the Indians of tliese 
Provinces. All are lost with the exception of the above, " The Conversion de Piritu." 

The Provinces of Cumana and New .indalusia are now called Venezuela, and the 
Cumanagota language was spoken by the Indians who dwelt on the borders of the Orinoco 

74 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. 

1692 A.D. 

[132] WELDE (Thomas) and JOHN WINTHROP. A Short Story of the 
Rise, Reign and Ruiti of the Antinoinians, Familists, and Libertines, tJhat 
infected the Churches of New England, and how they were confuted by the 
assembly of ministers there; as also of the magistrates' proceedings in court 
against them, together with God's strange and remarkable judgements from 
Heaven upon some of the chief fomenters of these opinions and the lamentable 
death of Mrs. Hutchison. 

Small 4to, folished calf, g. e., by Riviere. 

London, 1692. £18 18s 

Winsor says John Cotton's " Way of the Congregational Churches " furnished him 
with a clue to the fact that the principal part of this book was written by Winthrop. 

Welde arrived in Boston in 1632 and was immediately ordained a, minister at Eoxbury. 
He was associated with John Eliot ajid Richard Mather in the preparation of the " Bay 
Psalm Book." 

" Th« Sweetness of Christian loive is manifest in the sentences in which Mr. Welde 
gloats over Anne Hutchinson's banishment from Boston, and the massacre of herself and her 
family by the Indians. He considered that the Almighty had himself interposed to bring 
this punishment on her, for the gratification of the Saints of Boston." 

1692 A.D. 

[133] LLAMOSAS (Lorenzo de las). Relacion en que se tratan las 
principalies ntaterias del Reyno del Peru. 

Folio, calf. 

1692. £10 10s 

Very curious work, the following are some of the matters treated. " Noticia de las 
materias universales del Keyno del Peru' " ; " Casas de moneda de Lima y Cuzco " ; " Del 
comercio " ; " Despacho de Armada y Pyratas " ; " De una novedeid que intentaron los 
Indies " ; " De las murallas de Lima." 


1696 A.D. 

In Defence of the Ecclesiastical Status of the Missionaries 


[134] R ESP U EST A d6 la Seraphioa Provincia de el Nuevo Reyno de 
Granada, en el Peru, a un Exhorto hecho a su Provincial, y Definitorio, por 
Don Carlos de Alcedo y Sotomayor, Oidor de la Audiencia de aquel Reyno, y 
Visitador de sus Naturales, sobre que restituyesse a la Mission del Choco, un 
Religioso extraido de ella por los motivos que en este papel se contienen. 

Folio, half morocco. 

{Madrid, 1696). £21 

A most interesting privately printed document. A Franciscan Missionary " Padre 
Predicador Fray Joseph de Cordova " of the Mission of the Provinces of " El Choco " in the 
New Kingdom of Granada, ihad been removed from his mission by Don Carlos de Alcedo y 
Sotomayor, on a charge of trading with the enemy and selling arms and clothes to them. In 
this " Respuesta," the Provincial of the Franciscan Order and his colleagues protest against 
tms action, defend their colleague and object to lay interference with the ecclesiastical status 
of the missionaries. 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 75 

1697 A.D. 

[i3Sj CUBERO (Don Pedro Sebastian). Descripcioit general del M undo 
y notables sucessos que ham sucedSdio en el, con la armonia de sus tiempos,, 
ritos, ceremonias, costumbres, y trages de sus Naciones, y Varones ilustres que 
en el ha avido. 

With full-page woodcut. 

4to, calf {wormed^. 

Valencia, 1697. £12 12s 

Leolero meutiane the existence of tMs work, but never saw a copy. 

Father Pedro Sebastian Cubero, celebrated traveller of the 17th century, was the first 
to go round the world from West to East, partly by lands. He was sent by the Propaganda of 
Eome to evangelise Asia On his journey, which lasted nearly seven years, he crossed Ger- 
many, Hungary, Treinsylvania, Poland, Eussia, Tartary, Persia, India. From Goa he took 
a boat to China. On ihis return to Europe, he visited the Philippines and returned to Vera 
Cruz to embark for Cadiz. 

His relation is rare but the second part (the above volume) is far rarer than the 
first. His work is of great importance for the details contained therein on America, China, 
Russia and Poland, etc. 


1699 A.D. 

[136] DARIEN. Information: concernant I' Affaire de Darien. (8 leaves, 

with fly-title, as issued). 

Small 4to, new vellum, fore-edges uncut. 

(No place or date, but circa 1699-1700). £7 lOs 

In favour of Spain in the affair of the occupation of Darien by the Scotch settlers. 

1700 A.D. 

[137] MORDEN (Robert). Geography Rectified; or, a Description of 
the World, in all its Kingdoms, Provinces, Countries, Islands, Cities, Towns, 
Seas, Rivers, Bays, Capes, Ports; Their Ancient and Present Names, Inhabitants, 
Situations, Histories, Customs, Governments, &c.; As also their Commodities, 
Coins, Weights, and Measures, compared with those at London. 

Illustrated with Sevelnty-eight engraved Maps, and ia copious index. 
Fourth Edition, enlarged. 

Thick 4to, original calf. 

London, 1700. £3 lOS 

* * * Pages 542-626 are devoted to America, and contain descriptions of Florida, Carolina, 
Virginia and Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, New England, New York, New Mexico, 
and California, etc., and 17 engraved American maps, including those of California, Florida, 
Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New England and New York, Chili, Brazil, Peru, etc 

76 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London. W. 

1700 A.D. 

[138] DARIEN SCHEME. The Original Papers and Letters, relating 
to the Scots Compaxiy, trading to Africa and the Indies, and a Supplement. 

Two pamphlets. 

8vo, uncut, wrappers. 

1700. £5 5s 

* * * "\In order to obviate all Misrepresentations that may happen on either side in 
the Heat of Debate, it is thought fit to publish the following originals without any Reflection." 

At p. 34, " A Letter from the Company tlo his Majesty giving an Account of their 
Colony's arrival at Darien " ; at p. 40, Relation of the Warlike Designs of the Spaniards of 
Panama and Carthagena against the colony, and of their seizure of the goods from the Com- 
panie's ship, the Dolphin, wrecked near Carthagena; Eoyal Proclamations from Jamaica, 
Barbadoes, New York, etc., forbidding the giving of any help to the Scots Company. 

The Darien Scheme was the project of Wm. Paterson — the founder of the Bank of 
England — for a Scotch company with headquarters on the Isthmus of Panama, as a counter- 
part to the British East India Company. It was opposed by William III. and failed owing 
to the opposition of the Spaniards and the unhealthy climate. 


1701 A.D. 

Project for the Conversion of the Bolivian Indians. 

[139] TAPIA (Francisco de). Representacion que haze el R. P. hector 
Fray Francisco de Tapia, Pro-Ministro de la Provincia de San Antonio de los 
Charcas en el Reyno del Peru, para el Capitulo General que se celebro en Roma 
el ano passado de mil y sete cientos, al Rey nuestro Senor, y a su Real consejo 
de las Indias, sobre la Conversion de los In&eles de la Provincia de Apolovanua, 
y sus Confines, en el distnto del Obispado de la Ciudad de La Paz, y nuevo 
camino que abrio para su mejor consecucion. 

Folio, half morocco. 

{Madrid, 1701). £21 

An interesting project of tihe Franciscan missionary, Francisco de Tapia, to arrange 
for the conversion of the Indians living in the Province of Apolobamba (Bolivia) and sur- 
rounding districts. He gives details of former arrangements and of the conversions of other 
Indian Tribes and a detailed geographical account of their territories and a new route that 
had been discovered to reach Apolobamba City and territory 


1703 A.D. 

[140] DELISLE (Guillaume). Carte du Canada ou de la Nouvelle France 
et des Decouvertes qui y ont 6t6 faites. Dressee sur plusieurs observations 
et sur un grand nombre de Relations imprimees ou manuscrites. 

Size 26 by 20 inches. 

Paris, 1703. 12s 6d 

MAGGS BROS.. 34 & 35. Conduit Street, London, W. 77 

1704 A.D. 

[141] LILLINGSTON (Colonel Luke, Commander in Chief of the Land 
Forces in the/ Expedition to the West Indies). Reflections on Mr. Burchet's 

Memoirs, or, Remarks on his Account of Captain Wilmot's Expedition to the 
West Indies. 

Small 8vo, original calf. 

London, 1704. * 

*** Colonel LiHingston was Lieutenant-Colonel of Colonel Tfoulkes's regiment of foot 
in the Martinique expedition in February to October, 1693. His brother Jarvis Lilhngston, 
an officer of Gustavus Hamilton's (20th) foot, was made Major in Pfoulkes s, and died on the 
expedition. Colonel Ffoulkes also died on the expedition, and Luke Lillingston obtained tihe 
colonelcy. The expedition miscarried, and Lillingston's regiment was put on board the 
homeward-bound men-of-war at Newfoundland and Boston to supply the place of seamen. 
The regiment, 670 strong, was broken at Plymouth by order of Lord Cutts, and reformed 
with six hundred men of the regiment and six hundred of Colt, Norcott, and Farrington 
(29th foot), in December, 1694, and embarked as a reinforcement for Jamaica in January, 1695. 
That island, still suffering from the effects of the Port Eoyal earthquake of 1692, had been 
harried by buccaneering attacks from the French settlement in Hispaniola (St. Domingo). 
A naval squadron, under Captain Robert Wilmot, witlh Lillingston's troops on board, acting 
in concert with the Spaniards, took and destroyed the French port of Porto Paix, Hispaniola. 
Thereupon the English troops withdrew to Jamaica, and Governor William Beeston reported 
that Lillingston's regiment was so weak and sickly that he had to send them into the country 
for change of air. Lillingiston went home to recruit, and made various claims on the Govern- 
ment. His regiment disappeared from the rolls on the peace of Ryswick, and he published 
this reply to Burchett's account of the Porto Paix business, to wihieh Burchett issued a 

1704 A.D. 

[142] VOYAGES. Churchill's Collection of Voyages and Travels, some 
now first printed from Original Manuscripts, others translated out of Foreign 
Languages, and now first published in English, to which are added some few 
that have formerly appear'd in English, but deserve to be reprinted. 

Illustrated with maps and cuts. 

4 vols., folio, original calf. 

London, 1704. £7 15s 

Includes : — 

Naverette (Fernandez) Account of Empire of China. 

Brawern and Herckemann's Voyage to Chili in America. 

Monek (Capt. John) Dangerous Voyage to Hudson's Straits. 

Nieuhoff's Voyages into Brazil. 

Smith (Capt. John) Travels and Adventures in America. 

James's (Capt. T.) Voyage in his intended Discovery of the North-West Passage into 

South Seas, 1631-2. 
Ovalle (Alonso de) Kingdom of Chili. 

Gemelli (Dr.) Voyage round the World (India, China, New Spain, etc.). 
History of Paraigiuay, etc., by Nicholos del Techo. 
Ten Rhyne's account of Cape of Good Hope. 

78 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. 

1705 A.D. 

[143] LAHONTAN (Baron de). Voyages dans I'Amerique Septentrion- 

ale, qui contieiment une Relation des differens Peuples qui y habitent; la nature 
de leur Gouvemement; leur Commerce; leurs Coutumes; leur Religion; & leur 
maniere de f aire la Guerre. 

Illustrated with 3 maps and 20 plates. 

Second. Edition. 2 vols, in i, thick small 8vo, vellum. 

Amsterdam, 1705. • £4 4s 


1708 A.D. 

[144] DU PERIER (M.). A General History of all Voyages and Travels 

throughout the Old and New World. 

Frontispiece and 3 plates. 

8vo, original calf. 

London, 1708. £2 lOs 

Contents : — Account of the first Discoveries in America, great Mortality of Spaniards 
there, etc. Christopher Colnmbtie, Cortez, Ckbot, etc. The work is chiefly descriptive of 

1709 A.D. 

Catechism in the Language of the Kariri Indians. 

[145] NANTES (Bernardo de). KatecismOi Indico da lingua Kariris, 

acrescentado de varias practicas doutrinaes, e moraes, adaptadas ao genio, e 
capacidade dos Indios do Brasil. 

i2mo, old calf. 

Lisbon, 1709. £21 

Very rare. The author states in the dedication to King John V., of Portugal, that 
he had been teaching among, the Indians for 23 years. In the preface the author says that 
at first sight this -work migJit appear useless in view of the fact that " another catechism 
m the same language had been published a few years before," but he demonstrates that 
there is a great deal of difference between the language of the Kariri Indians of the Rio San 
Francisco or Dzubucua Indians, of which he treatls, and that of the Kariri-Kippea, for whose 
benefit the other catechism had be«n published. fPhe Portuguese and Kariri are printed 
facing one another. The author was a French Capuchin missionary born at Nantes. 

Ludewig calls these the Sabuja Indians and states that they live in the Province of 
Bahia, near Cocheira and now inhabit the village of Caranquejo and Villa de Pedro Branca. 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit St;:eet, London, W. 79 

1709 A.D. 

[146] MOIL (Herman). Atlas Manuale: or, a New Sett of Maps of 
all Pajjibs of the Earth, as well Asia, Africa and America, as Europe. Wherein 
Geography is rectify'd, by Reforming the Old Maps according to the Modem 
Observations, And the Coasts of all Countries are laid down, agreeable to 
Mr. Edmund Halley's own Map., The Maps Engraven on Copper, and coloured. 

Title in red and<ti»lack. 

8vo, original calf. 

London, 1709. £1 lOs 

* * * Complete Set of 43 maps, including 9 of America. Maps 35 and 36 are curious 
as showing California as an island, separated from the mainland by the Gulf of California 
and the North and South Straitls. 


1710 A.D. 

[147] THE FOUR INDIAN KINGS. A BaUad printed on 2 leaves. 

Part I. How a beautiful Lady conquered one of the Indian Kings. 

Part II. The Lady's Answer to the Indian King's request. 

2 leaves, 4to, uncut, new half levant morocco. 

{London, 1710). £6 6s 

* * * Ballad conoerning the four Indian Kings who came to England to lay their 
grievances against France, at the Queen's feet, and ihow the youngest felt in love with an 
English lady, but how she refused him until he should become a Christian. 

The Indian Kings were brought to England by Col. Nicholsoai, Governor of Mary- 
land in 1710, and on April 19 were received in audience by Queen Anne. 

1710 A.D. 

[148] DE L'ISLE (Guillaume). Carte tfu Canada ou de la Nouvelle 
France, et des Decouvertes qui y ont ete faites., Dressee sur plusieurs observa- 
tions at sur un grand nombre de Relations imprimees ou manuscrites. 

Size 40 by 20 inches. 

Amsterdam, {circa 17 lo). 12s 6d 

1711 A.D. 

[149] OVIEDO (Luisi Antonio de). Vida d& Sta Rosa de Santa Maria, 
natural dei Liktia, y Patrona d&li Peru^ — Poetna Heroyco. 

Engraved emblematic plate. 

Small 4to, old calf. , 

Madrid, 1711. £4 4s 

* * * Sta Eosa is the Patron Saint of Peru. She was a native of Lima, baptized and 
confirmed by Vicente de Valverde, the first Bishop of Peru, and was the first disciple in 
America of St. Catherine of Siena. 


8o MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1712 A.D. 

[150] (EXPOSICiON QUE HACE A S.M.) la Ciiidad de Santa ¥6 (fe la 
Vera Cruz, det Rio dei la Plata^ em eli Reyno' det Peru. 

14 pp., folio, nezv boards. 

(1712). ^ £6 6s 

* * * An address to the King of Spain treating of the troubles between the City of 
Santa Fe with the City of Buenos Ayres. NOT IN CHUECH CATALOGUE. 

1716 A.D. 

The Missions to the Orizes Indians of Brazil. 

Os Orizes Coinquistados, ou Noticia da Conversam dos indomitos Orizes Pro- 
cazes, povos habitantes, & guerreyros do Certao do Brasil, novamente 
reduzidos a Santa Fe Catholica, & a obediencia da coroa Portugueza, com a 
qual se descreve tambem a aspereza do sitioi da sua habitacao, a cegueyra da 
sua idolatria & barbaridade dos seus ritos. 

16 pp., sm. 4to, half morocco, t. e. g. 

Lisbon, 1716. £31 10s 

Eodrigues, 1690. 

*** An exceedingly rare Relation of these war-like Indians of Brazil, their subju- 
fation and the successful atte^mpts of the missions to convert them to Christianity. NOT IN 

1719 A.D. 

Constitutions of the Archbishopric of Bahia. 

[152] MO'NTEYRO DE VIDE. Constituiciones primeyras do arce 
da Bahia, feytas, e ordenidas pelo Senhor Don Sebastio Monteyro da 
Vide, Argebispo, propostas, e aceytas em o sinodo diecasano que o dito Senhor 
celebrou em 12 de Junho do anno de 1707. 

With finely engraved frontispiece containing the portrait of Archbishop 
of Monteyro de Vide, fifth Archbishop of Bahia and medallion portraits of 
his predecessors. 

Folio, old calf. 

Lisbon, 1719. £25 

This is the first edition of the valuable and very scarce first constitutions of the 
Archbishopric of Bahia of Brazil. The first 470 pages contain the t«xt of the Constitutions 
as such; pp. 473-593 are the index ttn the same; pp. 595-618 contain a relation of the proceed- 
ings and sessions of the diocesan synod which took place in Bahia on the 12th June, 1707. 
At the end there is a 32-page catalogue of the Bishops of Brazil up to the year 1756. Finally 
there are 118 pages containing the rules of the ecclesiastical court of Bahia. 

The Bishoprics of Brazil are still governed to-day by these Constitutions, which 
revoked all previous rules and enactions of former Bishops. 

At the end of the " permissions to print " is a protest of the Crown Procurator 
reserving all Crown rights in case any of the Constitutions shoTild offend the Royal juris- 
diction in any way. 

Not in Eodriguesi. 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 81 

1720 A.D. 

[153] PROYECTO PARA GALEONES^ y Flotas, de el Peru, y Nuewa- 
Espana y para Navios cfe Registro>, y Avisos que Havegaren a ambos Reyno®. 

26 pp., folio, wrappers. 

Cadez, 1720. £3 3s 

* * * Instructions concerning ships arrivinjg at ports in Spanish America and the 
duties on commodities, etc. NOT IN CHURCH CATALOGUE. 

1720 A.D. 

[154] MAP of Eastern: Canada and New FouHdiland. Canada Orientale 
neir America Settentrionale descritta dal P. Mro. Coronelli M.C. Cosmografo 
della Seren. Republica di Venetia. 

Size 24 by 18 inches. 

Venice {circa 1720). lOs 6d 

1720 A.D. 

[155] MOLL (H.). A New Map of the North Parts of America claimed 
by France unidter ye names of Louisiana, Mississipi, Canada, and New France, 
with ye adjoining Territories of Englamd and Spain. With insert view of the 
Indian Fort SasquesaJricinok, and inset maps of The Harbour of Annapolis 
Royal, and Mouth of the Mississipi and Mobile Rivers. 

Size about 2 feet by 3 feet. Outlines in colour. 

{London), 1720. £1 5s 

1722 A.D. 

The Discovery of Nayarita. 

[156] MEXICO. Relacion' die la Conquista de la Provincia de los 
Nayaritas, eni el Reyno de la Nueva Espana, que consiguieron las Armas de 
su Magestad a principios de este ano de 1722. 

30 pp., small 4to, new boards. 

Madrid (1722). £25 

*** A very rare relation written by a, Jesuit) Father. 

The Province of Nayarita was discovered in 1718 through an Indian coming from 
this district to Moxioa He was dressed in the costume of the Ancient Chiehimees. 

82 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. 

1723 A.D. 

The Great History of Venezuela. 

[157] OVIEDO Y BANOS (Joseph). Historta de la conquista, y pobla- 
cion cte la Provincia de Venezuela. Primera Parte (all published). 

Folio, calf. 

Madrid, 1723. £16 16s 

•Fine copy of a, rare work. Oviedo y Banos, 'born at Santiago de Leon, near Caracas, 
in Venezuela, composed his book with the help of ancient documents which were then still 
extant in the archives of Caracas. He was influenced by their bad state of preservation to 
write his history in order to save them from destruction. They have probably long since 
disappeared in the revol/utions that have been a blight of that part of Si. America. The 
first part only of this work was written and published. 

1723 A.D. 

Original Manuscript with Signature of William Penn and Others. 

[158] PENNINGTON. Original Certificate of John Kingsley, Chief 
Justice of Pensylvajnia, certifying that the annexed affirmation of James 
Logan, Thomas Jenny and Mary Holcombe, concerning the marriage of Isaac 
Pennington and Ann Biles, and the Birth of Edward Pennington their son, 
were made before him July, 1749. 

Also the original Certificate of Issac Pennington and Ann Biles, signed 
by them and 52 other Quakers, who were present at the ceremony, which took 
place on 7th October, 1723., 

Together 4 pp., folio, and certificates (on vellum). Folio. £15 15s 

Besides the above-mentioned certificate is — 

(1) Signed affirmation of Sarah Growden that she saw Isaac Pennington married to 
her sister Ann Biles, and that she signed the certificate. 

(2) Signed affirmation of Thos. Jenney that he also subscribed to the certificate of 

(3) The original certificate of Birth of Isaac Pennington, dated 22 September. 1708, on 
vellum. This document is signed by Wm. Penn, Lettie Penn, Hannah Penn and others. 

(4) Signed affirmation of John Logan that the document, shown to his relative, of 
the birth of Isaac Pennington was signed by the late William Penn, Proprietor of Pensylvania. 

(5) Signed affirmation of Mary Holcombe that Ann Pennington, wife of Isaac 
Pennington, was safely delivered of a sou, named Edward. 

1723 A.D. 

[159] CASTRO (Francisco Antonio de). Laureola sacra de la vida y 
martirio del Padre Diego Luis de Sanvitores, primer Apostot de la islas 


i2mo, limf vellum. 

Madrid, 1723. ' £6 Gs 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 83 

1723 A.D. 

[160] GARCIA DE LA CONCEPCION (Joseph). Historia Bethlehemi- 
tica, vida exemplar, y admirable del P. Pedro d,e San Joseph Betancur, funda- 
dor de el regular instituto de Bethlehen en las Indias Ocxndentales. 

With one engraved plate. 

Folio, half calf. 

Seville, 172-^1. £12 12s 

This rare work is divided into three books, the first of which contains the life of 
Father Betheneonrt, the founder of the Order of Bethlehem in Mexico. The work further 
contains the history of this Order and the life of the chief missionaries. It furnishes us 
with important documents for the history of the Monastic Orders in Mexico'. 

Father Joseph Bethencourl was a descendant of the celebrated John de Bethencourt, 
the discoverer of the Canary Islands. 


1725 A.D. 

The Great History of the Spaniards in America. 

[161} HERRERA (Antonio de). Historia general de ios liechos de los 
Castelliaiios en las Islas i TierrarFierme diel Mar Oceano. 

With g engraved title-pages and 14 maps. 

8 vols, in 5, sm. folio, old calf. 

Madrid, 1725-1730. £52 lOs 

0/ the greatest importance for the history of the conquest, colo7iies and progress of 
the Spaniards in America. On the title-pages are the engraved portraits of the most famous 
missionaries, generals, governors, and soldiers who served in America during its conquest 
and occupation, views of America, etc. 

This is the geni^ine best edition of the work, 'edited by the learned Barcia, which, 
although in preparation since 1725, did not appear till 1729. Another similar edition, in i 
vols., folio, with portraits, was brought out at Antwerp in 1728, one year previously, in haste, 
to forestall the work which Barcia had in hand, but of course it is an inferior production, 
disfigured with faults, and omitting the fourteen maps which are unavoidably necessary for 
the understanding of the description. It contains also so-called jyortraits of the Incas of 
Peru, which are merely copies of De Bry's fictitious engraving's, while Bracia's edition gives 
the genuine designs which Herrera himself had used after the native pictures. 

According to Perez Pastor (Imprenta en Madrid, nos. 784 & 1334) the 14 engraved 
maps are in many cases the first of many of the American provinces described, and the 
portraits of tKe conquistadores and other historical personages given on the title-pages are 
the most authentic that are known. More than half of the last 'volume is occupied by a 
remarkably full index (225 ff.), " Tabla general de las c(fsas rwtables y personas cmitenddas 
en la Descripcion de las Indias Occidentales, i en los 8 Decadas." In additimi to the 8 
Decadas, at the beginning of Vol. I., is Herrera's " Descripcion de las Indias Occidentales." 


84 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1726 A.D. 

[162] PENA MONTENEGRO (Alonso de la). Itiiterario para Parochas 

(te IndiOSi, en que tratan las materias mas particulares, tocantes a ellos, para 
su buena adn:iinistracion. 

4to, old calf. 

Amberes, 1726. £9 9s 

Very important work whieli was much used in t'he Indies, as is shown by the numerous 
editions which succeeded this. 


1726 A.D. 

Missions to the Chiquito Indians. 

[163] FERNANDEZ (Juan Patricio). Relacion historial cfe las Missiones 

de los Indios, que Uaman Chicquitos, qiie estan a cargo de los Padres de la 
Compania de Jesus de la Provincia del Paraguay. 

Sm. 4to, original vellum. 

Madrid, 1726. £25 

* * * The First Edition of this important work, containing details infinitely precious 
on the Chiquito Indians and on those of the neighbouring nations. It has been translated 
into Italian, German, and Latin. NOT IN CHURCH CATALOGUE. 

1728 A.D. 

[164] RIVERA MARQUEI (Pedro de). Conitinente Americano, 

Argonauta de las Costas de Nueva-Espana, y Tierra-Firme, Islas y Baxos de 
esta Navegacion, longitud, y altura de Polo, de sus Puertos, y noticias de estas 

8vo, calf. 

Madrid, 1728. £6 6S 

The author spent the years 1695-1725 on sea and land in the service of the King of 
Spain, and gives the full account of all 'his knowledge of the Americas in this work. H« 
describes the Cities of Santa F6 (New Mcixico), Monterey, etc., and begins his work with a 
description of Florida. 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London,-" W. 85 

1729 A.D. 

[165] GARCIA (Gregorio). Origen de los Indios del Nuevo Mundo, e 

Indias OccidentaJes. . . . Segunda impresion, enmendada, y Anadida de 
Algunas Opiniones 6 cosas notables. . . . 

Copperplate engraving on title of the Indians, and engraving of St. 
Thomas Aquinas. 

Folio, calf. 

Madrid, \T2(^. £15 15s 

* * * Garcia's opinion, as opposed to the special theories of other writers, was that 
the American Indians drew their origin from various races of the old world, including 
Chinese and Tartars. But all his learning on this subject is of less value than the positi\e 
facts concerning the native tribes, which he drew partly from his own experiences in the 
!New World, and partly from a. MS. work by Juan de Vetanzos (one of the companions 
of Pizarro, and a man specially skilled in the native languages), which was in the possession 
of Garcia, and which has never been published. The libro' ultimo of Garcia's work contains 
the native Indian accounts of their origin, and is divided into sections which treat separately 
of the various distinct tribes of Mexico and Peru. 


1730 A.D. 

Best History of Portuguese America. 

[166] ROC HA PITTA (Sebastiano). Historia da America Portugueza, 

desde o aimo de 1500 do seu descobrimento ate o de 1724. 

Folio, calf. 

Lisbon, 1730. £31 10s 

The best history of Portuguese America and a very scarce book. Not in Church 

ROCHA PITTA was horn in Bahia in 1660 and died in the year 1738. At the age of 
22 he left the University of Coimbra, vihere he took his degree, to return to Bahia, where 
he got married. He made up his mind to write a histoid of Brazil, and he spent years 
in collecting documents in the Monasteries of Brazil and Portugal, where he went in order 
to study French, Dutch and Italian for the purposes of his history. In 1728, after in years 
of study, he began to print his history, which appeared in 1730. It was universally well 
received, and King John V. appointed him u. member of his household in consequence. 

1731 A.D. 

" The Founder of Historical Geography." 

[167] CALVAO (Antonio). TratadO' dos descobrimentos antigos e 
modernos, feitos ate e era de de 15 So, com os nomes particulares das pessoas 
que OS fizerao; e em que tempos, e as suas alturas, e dos desvairados caminhos 
por onde a pimenta, e especiarias veeyo da Indiia as nossas pcirtes. 

Folio, calf. 

Lisbon, 173 1. £10 lOs 

Bare second edition. The work is divided into two parts. The first entitled 
" Descobrimentos en diversos annce e tempos e quem forao os primeiros que navegarao." 
The second is entitled " Descobrimentos das Antilhas e Indias polios Espanhoes feitas," 

(Continued over) 

86 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

Calvao — continued. 

and begins with an ' account of the discovery of America by Coliumbils. The discoveries of 
Cortes, Cabral, Pizarro, aJid all the other famous adventurers are described till the year 
3550, the last expedition described being the English expedition tinder Richarte Trebuli 
<Sir Richard Grenville). 

There is an English translation published in English in 1601 under the title of 
" Discoveries of the World, written in the Portugall tongue by Antonie Galvano, corrected, 
and now published in English by E. Hakloiyty 

In this work is given a valuable chronological list of all the discoveries, ancient and 
modern, made down to the year 1550. The writer, who may be styled the founder of his- 
t'orical geography, spent the early part of his Ufe in the East Indies, where he distinguished 
himself in an expedition which reduced the Moluccas to Portuguese rule. The original edition 
was so rare even in Hakluyt's time that he says he could never get a sight of a copy. 


1733 A.D. 

On the " Gran Chaco." 

[i68] LOZANO (Pedro). Descripcion chorographica del Terranov Rios, 
Arboles y Animales de las dilatadissimas Provincias del Gran Chaco, 
GUALAMBA : y de los ritos y costumbres de las iimumerables Naciones barbaras, 
e inifieles que le habitan : con una cabal relacion historica de lo que en ellas ban 
obrado para conquistarlas algunos Govemadores, y Ministros Reales; y los 
Missioneros Jesuitas para reducirlas a la Fe del verdadero Dios. 

Complete with the very large folding map. 

Sm. 4to, original vellum. 

Cordova, 1733. £42 

* * * The only work published on the Gran Chaco (Spanish Great Hunting Ground), 
a vast region in the middle of South America, extending tilirough Eastern Bolivia, Western 
Paraguay, and the North of the Argentine Republic. It was printed by order of Padre Ant. 
Machoni, Rector of the College of Tuouman and Procurer General at Rome for the Province 
of Paraguay, " Copies with the map are of great rarity." " A very rare book and in much 
reciueBt," Dibdin. NOT IN CHURCH CATALOGUE. 

1733 A.D. 

[169] CONCEICAO (Fray Apollinario da). Primazia Serafica no regiam 

da America. Novo descobrimento de Santos, e vene raveis religiosos da orden 
Serafica, que emmobricem o novo mundo' com suas virtudes, e accoens. 

4to, old calf. 

Lisbon, 1733. £12 12s 

The mosc important chronicle of the Franciscan Order in Brazil. The author was 
born in Lisbon in 1692; he left with his family for Rio de Janeiro and took the Franciscan 
vow in the convent of the town of Saint Paulo in 1711. He died about 1760. 


1733 A.D. 

[170] CONCEICAO. Another copy on thick and large paper. £16 16s 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. 87 

1734 A.D. 

[i;^!] CASSANI (Joseph), S.J. Glorias del seguiMlp siglo de la Cam- 
pania de Jesus, dibuxadas en las vidas, y elogios del algunos de Varones 
ilustres que han florecido desde el ano de 1640. 

Tomo I (y VII en el orden de Varones ilustres). All published. 

Folio, calf. 

Madrid, 1734. ** 

Tills is Volume VII. of the life of the Jesuit missionaries written by Fathers Nierem- 
berg and Cassani, which was published from 1643 to 1734. 

Pages 552-689 of this volume, under the heading of " Mission en la Canada," contains 
an abridged history of this mission from the year 1646-1730 and the life of 42 Jesuit 
missionaries who died in Canada. 

In addition pages 303-551 are devoted to the Jesuit missionaries in the Ethiopian 
mission and to the lives of the 43 Jesuits who worked there. 


1735 A.D. 

[172] WEST INDIES. Voto de un Mtnistro del Rey de Espana, sobre 
pertenecer a esta Corona la ISLA DE SANTA Cruz, una de las de Barlovento, en 
las Indias Oocidentales, y no poder condescender S.M. Catholica a la venta, 
que de ella hizo S. M. el Rey de Dinamarca. 

56 pp., sm. 4to, new boards. 

{Madrid, 1735). £6 6s 

* * * A tract against the sale of the IslaJid of Santa, Cruz by Spain to Denmark. NOT 

1736 A.D. 

[173] EXTRACTO historial del expedientei que petide en el censejo real, 
y supremo de las Indias, a instanoia die la oiudad de Manilla, y demas de las 
islas Philippinas, sobre la forma en que se ha de hacer, y continuar el comercio, 
y contratacion de los texidos de China en Nueva-Espana, etc. Formado, y 
adjustado de orden- del Rey, y acuerdo del mismo consejo, y a costa de su 
Magestand, por un Ministro de la Tabla, sobre los Papeles, y Documentos 
entregados por la secretaria de Nueva-Espana, y otras memorias particuiares, 

Folio, vellum. 

Madrid, 1736. £10 lOs 

This important work, which may be attributed to Don Joseph de Abreu, one of the 
most distinguished lawyers of Spain, contains invaluable documents for the commercial 
history of the Spanish Colonies in the 18th century. It was composed by order of the King 
and the Council of the Indies, and the author had at his disposal important unpublished 
official documents on which his work is based. Printed at the expense of the Kina; cA Soain, 
the volume was not published nor allowed to be sold. NOT IN CHCTECH CATALOGUE. 

88 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W, 

1737 A.D. 

" The Apostle of North America." 

[174] (MARGIL.) ESPiNOSA (Isidro Felis de). El Peregrino Septen- 
trional Atlanta; delineado en la Vida del P. F. Antonio Margil de Jesus, Pre- 
fecto de las Missiones de Propaganda fide en todas las Indias Occidentales. 

With curious portrait of Fathei- Margil preaching to the Indians. 

4to, limp vellum. 

Mexico, iTiJ. £15 15s 


Of considerable Central American interest. 

Padre Margil's travels and piety, both of which are depicted in this volume, obtained 
for him the name of " Apostle of Guatemala and North Americi).." He directed the Colleges 
of S S. Cruz de Jueretaro, Guatemala and Zacateeas. He was born at Valencia in 1657 and 
entered the Franciscan Order at the age of 16. He disembarked at Vera Cruz in 1683 to go 
to the Convent of the Holy Cross of Queretaro. He spent the greater parfj of his life in the 
Indian Missions in New Spain, Guatemala, Nueva Galicia and Nueva Bizcaya, where he made 
many converts. He died at Mexico in 1726. 


1738 A.D. 

[175] SAN ANTONIO (Padre Fr. Juan Francisco de). Chronicas de la 
Apostolica Provincia (te San Gregorio' db Religlosos descaizos de San Fran- 
ciseo en las Islas Philipinas, China, Japon, etc. 

Printed on a fine silky rice paper. With extraordinary and finely 
engraved frontispiece to Volume III. 

3 vols., sm. folio, limf vellum. 

Im-pressa en la Imfrenta del uso de la propria Provincia, sita en> el Con- 
vent de Nuestra Senora de Loreto del Pueblo de Sampalo, Extra-muros de la 
Ciudad de Manila; Por Fr. Juan de Sotillo, 1738-1744. £45 

The third volume, "Missions of China and Japan," especially is of extreme rarity; 
very few copies of the work have ever reached ETi'rope. The work possesses an American 
as well as an, Asiatic interest, because of the constlant shifting of the missionaries from one 
to another seat of labour. The names of Mexico, Guatemala, Paraguay, etc., are thickly 
studded through the pages. Volumes I. and II. contain the History of the Franciscan Order 
in the Philippines from their foundation till 1741. It is one of the most important chronicles 
relating to the Philippines, China and Japan. 


Plate DC. 


1 -^^ 











C3i*t4^;©Mti5unbs eadres pbermano? 

afiooemilf qmnieiilo^ dn^attaf dn 

CO, 3©cl4^ toftdca tttjif aiiijl30 , ^ oios 

nucftrofeiioz otna en angmf tope la fan 


portugaK^cnelTKc^notJjlapon , f en 

la tkrrabe 0wfil.^h laoeftriptiontJ 

laevariaeWc^^lPcoftumbice oela 

gentcoelgran ifllcpnoDc la China 

g otFa0 ttcrrasJttieHamSf feoefsi 

cnbierta0,en iqtQi^ l^e ntieoas 

t>cgraiMe admtracion p 

















A Title from " Alvarez, P. Histoeia de las Cosas de Ethiopia," etc. 
Sarasossa, 1561. 

Plate X. 

lUiiiiiiniitpd Miiiiiilui-p in ^(ilil :iim1 (•(iloiiis (if I 'cd lo do ( '(irdovii. AikisIIc to llio liidiiins, 
a iiiiiiiutuie froiii iiri illiiiiiiiiiiled iM mii iisi-ript (in velhnn niiide for tlie Grand IiKjiiisiior 

of Jlexico in 1597. 
X;e"la de la Confiadia de los Senores ]n(|iiisidorevS de la Inqnisicioii de Mexico, 

Mexico, 159 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. 85 

1738 A.D. 

[176] KEITH (Sir William, Bart.). The History of the British Planta- 
tions in Amerioa. With a Chronological Account of the most remarkable 
Things, which happen' d to the first ADVENTURERS m their several Discoveries 
of that New World. 

Part I. (all published). 

Containing the History of Virginia; with Remarks on the Trade and 
Commerce of that Colony. 

4to, 187 pp., new half calf, g. e. 

London, 1738. ^7 7S 

* * * With the VERY LARGE FOLDING MAP of America containing interesting 
view of Eish Curing at Newfoundland; and the smaller folding) map of Virginia. 

This history of Virginia was to have been one of a series of the English Plantations. 
This was the only one of the series ever published. The work was undertaken at the instance 
of the Society for the Encouragement of Learning, and printed at its expense. Keith depended 
almost entirely for his information on Beverley, and brings the narrative down to 1723. The 
author was governor of Virginia from 1717-1726. Jefferson says: "He is agreeable enouph 
in style, and passes over events of little importiance. Of course he is short, and would be 
preferred by a foreigner." 

1738 A.D. The " Apostle of Brazil." 

[177] ANCHIETA (Giuseppe). Vita del venerabil sen/o di Dio P. 
Giuseppe Anchibta dlell^ Compi^liia dl Gesu detto> l'Apo®toto del Brasie, 

cavata da Processi Autentici formati per la sua Beatificazione. Da un Sacer- 
dote della medesima Compagnia. 

With curious portrait of the Saint, taming lions, tigers and snalces. 

Rome, 1738. £7 lOs 

Not in Rodrigues. 

Father Anchieta was born on the island of Teneriffe in 1533. He went to the Univer- 
sity of Coimbra, and at the age of eighteen he joined the Jesuit Order. In 1553 he left Lisbon 
for Brazil, as a missionary, arriving in Bahia in July of the same year. From 1547 the 
Jesuits were eslablished in Brazil. In 1553 he left for San Vicente, where Father Nobrigii 
was in residence. He then left via Rio for Bahia, where he was ordained Priest in 1566. There 
he became a friend of \Ignacio de Azevedo, who in 1570, with 39 other Monks, was murdered 
by pirates near the Isle of Palms. Anchieta was sent to Bahia, where he founded a College;, 
later he became Director of th« College of San Vicente, and at a later date I'rovincial of 
Brazil. He specially devoted himself to missions to the Indians and obtained marvellous 
results, whence he was named " The Apostle of Brazil." He died in 1597 at the age of C4, 
of which he had -spent 46 years in the service of the Jesuit Order. 


1739 A.D. 

[178] AN ACT for naturalizing such foreign Protestants, and others 
therein mentioned, ias are settled, or shall settle in any of His Majesty's 
Colonies in America. 

Folio, boards. 

London, 1739. £1 10s 

* * * " Foreigners living 7 years in any of our colonies, to be deemed natives, on 
taking the Oaths. Quakers to subscribe the Declaration of Fidelity. Each qualified Person 
to receive the Sacrament, except Quakers and Jews. Jews taking the Oath may omit some 
Christian Expressions," etc. 

<)o MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, Ivondon, W. 

1740 A.D. 

[179] LOZANO (Padre Pedro). Carta esciita por un Missionero de la 
Compatlia de Jesus del Paraguay, al Padre Juan Joseph Rico procurador 
General de dicha Provincia en esta Corte, en que le re&ere el estado presente 
de aquella Provincia, y sus Mission es, assi antiguas, como nuevas, entre Chris- 
tianos y Gentiles. 

Small 4to, 60 pp. 

{Cordova, 1740.) £6 6s 

* * * A very rare Missionary letter, which contains a most interesting relation of 
tEe Jesuit Missions among the Indians otf Paraquay. 

Padre Pedro Lozano was Chronicler of tfli© Province of Tucuman. 

1740 A.D. 

[180] WHITEFIELD (Rev. George). A Continuation of the Rev. Mr. 
Whitefield's Joumall From his Embarking after the Embargo toi his Arrival 
at Savannah, in Georgia. 

8vo, new boards. 

London, 1740. £1 Is 

Headings : " Journal at Pensylvania, New York, Philadelphia, Maryland, North 
•Carolina and Georgia." NOT IN CHUECH CATALOGUE. 

1741 A.D. 

[181] ESI ABA (Don Sebastian de; Virrey de Sante Fe). Diario dC todO 
lo ocurridoi en \& expugnaoion de los fuertes de Bocachica, y sitio de la Ciudad 
de Cartagena de las Indias. 

With very large folding plan of the City of Cartagena. 

22 pp. , small 4to, imaffers. 

Madrid, 1741. £12 12s 

* * * The official Spanish account of the successful defence of Cartagena when attacked 
by Admiral Vernon in 17«. NOT IN CHUECH CATALOGUE. 

1741 A.D. 

[182] BRITISH EMPIRE in America, containing the History of the 
Discovery, Settlement, Progress and State of the British Colonies on the Con- 
tinent and Islands of America. With the continuation of the History, and the 
variation in the State and Trade of those Colonies from 1710 till the present 

With numerous engraved folding maps. 

2 vols., 8vo, original calf. 

London, 1741. £6 6s 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 91 

1741 A.D. 

[183] GUMILLA (P.Joseph). Et Orinoco ilustrado, Historia natural^ 
civil y geographica de este gran rio, y de sus caudalosas vertientes, govierno, 
usos y costumbres de los Indios sus habitadores, con nuevas, y utiles noticias 
de Animales, Arboles, Frutos, Aceytes, Resinas, Yervas, y Raices medicinales; 
Y sobre todo, se hallaran conversiones muy singulares a nuestra Santa Fe, y 
cases de mucha edi&cacion. 

With folding map of the New Kingdom of Granada, and plates. 

4to, Aalf calf. 

Madrid, 1741. £10 lOs 

riKST EDITION of this famous work. 

Gumilla lived from 1690 to about 1758; thirty years of his life were spent among the 
triber. of the Orinoco. " Precieux pour la multitude de renseignements qu'il renferme " 
Brasseur de Bourbourg. 

Father Gumilla was sent at an early age to the American missions. While acting as 
a missionary he studied the history of the countries which he was evangelising. As Superior 
of the missions of the Orinoco he visited the banks of thisi great river as far as the obstacles 
allowed which he met at every step. In 1738 he became director of the College of Carthagena, 
but left in the same year for Spain. It was at Madrid that he finally wrote his celebrated 
work, which he based on the manuscripts of Fathers Mercado and Eibera. Father Gumilla 
returned to America where he died. 

The first volume of the history contains the geographical description of the course of 
the Orinoco and remarks cm the customs and usages of the Indian tribe living on its bank. 


1741 A.D. 

[184J COLOMBIA. Diario de todo lo ocifrrido en la expugnacion de 
los Fuertes de Bocaohiioa, y sitio de la Ciudad de Cartagena de las Indias; 
Formado da los pliegos remitidos a su Magestad por el Virrey Don Sebastian 
de Eslaba. 

23 pp., small 4to, new boards. 

{Madrid), 1741. £8 10& 

* * * An account of tdie successful Spanish defence of Cartagena ifhen attacked by 
the English Fleet under Admiral Vernon and Brigadier General Wentworth. NOT IN 

1741 A.D. 

[185] DIARIO de todo lo ocurrido en la expugnacion de los Fuertes de 
Bocachica, y Sitio' de la Ciudad de Cartagena de las Indias. Formado de los 
Pliegos Remitidos a su Magestad (que Dios guajrde) por el Virrey de Santa Fe 
F. Sebastian de Estaba con D. Pecro de Mur, su Ayudante General. 

4to, half calf. 

Barcelona, 1 741. £5 5S- 


Q2 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1741 A.D. 

[186] AN ACT for restraining and preventing several unwarrantable 
Schemes and Undertakings in His Majesty's Colonies and' Plantations in 

Folio, boards. 

London, 1741. lOs 6d 

* * * Concerning the issuing of shares by unlicenced companies, etc 

1742 A.D. 

" The Apostle of North America." 

[187J (MARCIL.) ESPINOSA (Isidro Felis de). El peregrine Septen* 

trional Atlante; delineado en la Vida del Padre Fr. Antonio Margil de Jesus, 
Prefecto de las Misiones de Propaganda Fide en todas las Indias Occidentales. 

With curious portrait of Father Margil preaching to the Indians. 

4to, calf. 

Valencia, 17^2. £10 lOs 


Or considerabte Central American interest. 

Padre Margil's travels and piety, both of which are depicted in this volume, obtained 
for him tho name of " Apostle of Guatemala and North America." He directed the Colleges 
of S S. Cruz de Queretaro, Guatemala and Zacatecas. He was born at Valencia in 1657. and 
entered the Franciscan Order at the age of 16. He disembarked at Vera Cruz in 1683 to 
go to the Convent of the Holy Cross of Queretaro. He spent the greatier part of his life 
in the Indian Missions in New Spain, Guatemala, Nueva Galicia and Neuva Bizcaya, where 
he made many converts. He died at Mexico, 1726. 


1742 A.D. 

[i88] PERU. Estado Politico def Reyno del Peru con algunos arbitrios 
para su mayor aumento y Mejor gobierno, que dirije a S. M., un leal y zeloso 

loo pp., 4to, boards. 1742. £3 10s 


1743 A.D. 

Life and Death of Father Azevedo. 

[189] CABRAL (Antonio). Relacione delia vita, e Martirio del venera- 
bil Padre Ignazio de Azevedo, Ucciso dagli Eretici con altri trentanove della 
Compagnia de Gesu', Cavata da' Processi autenlici formati per la lore Canoniz- 

Vignette on title, and large folding plate of Azevedo and 39 Companions 
being killed off Brazil. 

4to, vellum. 

Rome, 1741. £10 lOs 

First edition. Not in Rodrigues. NOT IN CHURCH CATALOGUE. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 93 

1743 A.D. 

[190] CHAUNCY (Charles, D.D., Pastor of the first Church of Christ 
in Boston). Seasonable Theugltts on the Stat© of Reltgkm in New England. 

With Account of the Antinomians, Familists, and Libertines, who infected these 
Churches, above an hundred years ago, etc. 
8vo, fine cofy in original calf. 

Boston, Printed by Rogers and Fowle, for Samuel Eliot, in Cornhill, 
1743. £1 is 

Wibh long list of subscribers, which includes the names of the Governors of Massa- 
chusetts Bay, Comnecticut, Rhode Island, and Providence Plantations, etc. 

1744 A.D. 

[191] VOYAGES. HARRIS (John). A Complete Collection of Voyages 
and Travels, consisting of above Six Hundred of the most authentic Writers. 
Illustrated by proper Charts, Maps and Cuts. 

2 vols., folio, original calf {rebacked). 

London, 17^4. £5 5s 

* * * This collection includes : Voyages of Columbus, Magellan, Drake, Cavendish. 
Dampier^s Voyage to New. Holland and New Guinea. SheLrock's Voyage Eound the World. 
Tasman's Voyage of Discovery. Various travels to the Bast Indies, China and Japan, Etc., etc. 

1744 A.D. 

[192] CHARLEVOIX (Father Pierre de). Soc. Jes. Histoire ©t dtJSOrip- 
tion generale db lai Nouvelte France avec le Journal Historique d^un voyage fait 
par ordre du Roi dans Am^rique Septentrionale.^ 

With remarkably fine and numerous large folding maps of Canada. 

3 vols., 4to, original calf. 

Paris, 1744. £9 9s 

A very fine copy of the original edition of one of tihe best books on Canada. 

1744 A.D. 

[193] PHILIP v., KING OF SPAIN. Decreto de la Magestad de Rey 
CathOilico Pheltpe V„ Sobre varias acusaciones dadas en su Real Consejo de 
Yndias contra los Jesuitas del Paraguay, y la Carte de . . . D. F. Joseph 
de Peralta del Orden de S. Domingo, Obispo de Buenos-Ayres, que cita el Rey 
en su decreto. Y las Cartas tambien de su Magestad Catholica al Provincial 
del Paraguay. 

55 PP-) 4to, boards. 

N a files, 1744. £7 10s 

In favour of the Jesuits in the Paraguay. NOT IN THE CHUECH CATALOGUE. 

94 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1744 A.D. 

[194] AN ACT for granting a Liberty to carry Sugars of tlie Croivth, 
Prodtice, or Manufacture' of any of His Majesty's Sugar Colonies in America, 

from the said colonies directly to foreign Parts in Ships built in Great Britain, 
and navigated according to Law, etc. 

Folio, . boards. 

London, 1744. 10s 6d 

1746 A.D. 

On Texas! Presentation Copy from the Author. 

[195] ESPINOSA (Fray Isidro Fehs de). Clironica apostolica y sera- 
pliica de totfos los colegios de propaganda fide de esta Nueva Espana de 
Missioneros Franciscanos observantes. 

Parte primera. 

Folio, vellum. • 

Mexico, Yiuda de D. J. B. de Hogal, 17^6. £31 10s 

A work of the greatest rarity and importance. A few chapter headings : " Descubri- 
miento de la provineia de los Assinais, llamados Texas " ; " Providencias que dio el Sr. Conde 
de Galve para la provineia de los Texas, y todo lo que sucedio hasta el ano de 93 en que 
se retiraron todos los Misioneros " ; ' Descripcion de la provineia de los Texas, costumbres 
de los INDIOS, y la variedad de sus ritos, idolattias y supersticiosas ceremoniaa" 

The author treats of the rites, customs and manners of the Indians of the region 
of Guatemala, Iricaragua, Honduras, Talamanca, Laoandon, Rio Grande, Charguez, Rio de 
San Antonio. 

This is a presentation copy from the author (two lines in his autograph) to the College 
of St. Roque de Calamucha. 


1746 A.D. 

New York's First Contribution to Science. 

[196] GOLDEN (Cadwallader) An Explication of tlie First Causes of 
Action in Matter; and of the Cause of Gravitation. 

8vo, 75 pp., uncut in lettered buckram -portfolio. 

"New York: Printed in the Year 1745. London Reprinted : for J. 
Brindley, 1746. £12 lOs 

* * * The first London Edition and exceedingly rare 

This work. New York's first contribution to soienee, was written by Lieutenant- 
Governor Cadv.'allader Colden, and is the first draft of chapters 1 and 2 of his larger work 
-Principle of Action in Matter, which appeared in London, 1752. The work excited much 
comment at the time of its publication. 

Colden, one of the first of American scientists, was a friend of Linnaeus and Franklin, 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 95 

Golden (Cadwallader) — continued. 

and was also prominent in political life, being Acting Governor of New York during the 

Stamp Act agitation, at wtieh time lie was burned in efSgy in Bowling Green. 

The work seems to have become scarce as early as 1786, for in January of that year 
Mr. Jeffersom, writing to Francis Hopkinson, observes : — " Many, many years ago, Cadwallader 
Golden wrote a very small pamphlet on the subjects of Attraction and Impulsion, a copy of 
which he sent toMonsieur de Bufton.- He was so charmed with it that he put it into the hands 
of a friend to translate, who lost it.' It has ever since weighed upon his mind, and he has 
made repeated trials to have it found in England. But in vain> He applied to me. I am 
in hopes if you write a line to the booksellers of Philadelphia to rummage tiheir shops, that 
some of them will find it. Or perhaps some of the careful old people of Philadelphia or 
New Jersey may have preserved a copy. Whether Hopkinson was successful does not appear." 
— ^Menzies Catalogue. 

1746 A.D. 

Life of the Missionary Father Vieyra "the Great." 

[197] B'ARROS (Father Antonio de, S.J.). Vida do apostolico Padre 
Antonio Vieyra da Cotnpanhia de Jesus, chamado por Antonomasia " O 
Grande," acclamada no Mundo por principe dos oradores evangelicos, pregador 
incomparavel dos reys de Portugal, varao esclarecido em virtudes, e letras divi- 
nas, e humanas, Restaurador das Missoes do Marajihao, e Pore. 

With full-page portrait of Vieyra converting the Indians, and vignettes. 

Folio, calf. 

Lisbon, 1746. £8 8S 

Eodrigues 348. 

Father Antonio de Barros was born at Lisbon in 1697 and became the Superior of 
the Jesuits in that town. He died at Lisbon in 1754. 


1746 A.D. 

[ig8] AN ACT for tte better Encouragemeiit of the Tradls of His 
Majesqr's; Sugar Colonies in America in the West Indies. 

Folio, boards. 

London, 1746. 14s 

*** "Mariners Belonging to Privateers or Trading Ships, not to be impressed; for 

the better encouragement of His Majesty's Ships, and private ships of War, and the annoying 

and diminishing the Power and Wealth of his Majesty's Enemies in those parts," unless any 

of the colonies are threatened with invasion, when they may be impressed. 

1746 A.D. 

[199] AN ACT to continue two Acts of Parliament; one for encouraging 
the Growth of Coffee in Hisi Majesty's Plantations in America, and the Other 
for the better securing and encouraging the Trade of His Majesty's Sugar 
Colonies in America (in the West Indies). 

Folio, boards, 

London, 1746. IQs gj 

96 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. 

1747 A.D. 

[200] EXTRACTS from the several treaties subsisting between Great 
Britain and other l<ingtIoms and States, of such articles and clauses as relate 
to the duty and conduct of the commaniders of the King of Great Britain's ships 
of war. 

Second edition. 

4to, old calf. 

London, 1747. £2 2s 

Among the many references to America is the " American treaty " of 1686 with France; 
the treaty of peace at Utrecht, 1713; the American treaty of commerce of 1686 (conjfirming 
the treaty of Breda, of 1667); the treaties with Spain; the marine treaty of Utrecht with 
Spain, 1713; the treaty of Munster, 1648; the American treaty of 1670 with Spain; the treaty 
of peace at Utrecht, 1713, etc. 


1747 A.D. 

[201 J GOLDEN (Hon. Cadwallader). The History of the Fiwe Indian 
Nations of Canada, Which are dependent on the Province of Newf-York in 

America, and are the Barrier between the English and French in that Part of 
the World, &c. 

With folding map. 

8vo, orignal calf. 

London, 1747. £5 5s 

* * * This is the First Complete Edition, eontaining, additions and alterations. It 
originally appeared in New Yorlc in 1747^ It is the First General History of the Iroquois 
Indians, and was written to thwart lihe efforts of the French to monopolize the Fur Trade. 

Golden was a most intelligent observer, and is frank and positive in stating his 
conviction that the Indians had been degraded and demoralized by their intercourse with the 

1747 A.D. 

[202] LINCOLN (Bishop of). A Sermon Preached before the Incorpor- 
ated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, at their 
Anniversary Meeting in the Parish Church, of Mary-le-Bow, on Friday, Feb. 
20th, 1746. Together with an Abstract of the Proceedings of the Society; for 
the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, containing references to some 
parts of America. Also a List of the Sum Total of Benefactions, Salaries, 
etc., expended in New England, New York, Permsylvanian, etc. 

64 pp., 4to, sewn. 

London, 1747. £1 5s 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. Q7 

1748 A.D. 

With a View of Buenos Ayres. 
[203] FERREIRA DA SYLVA (Silvestre). Relacao do Sitio que o Cover- 
nador de Buenos Aires, D. Miguel de Salcedo poz' no anno de 1735, a' Pretga 
de nova Colonia do Sacramento, sendo Governador da mesma Praga, Antonio 
Pedro de Vasconcellos. 

With five plans, including a view of ' ' Buenos Aires. ' ' 

4to, calf. 

Lisbon, 1748. £12 12s 

The author of this relation was a standard bearer in the fortress during the siege. 
The colony of Sacramento was founded in 1678 by the Portuguese and taken two years later 
by the Spaniards, who restored it to the Portuguese in 1681, according to the peace treaty 
3nade between Portugal and Spain. 

It was, however, taken and retaken several times till 1777, when it was finally destroyed 
by the Spaniards. 


1748 A.D. 

[204] OiRDENANZAS de su Magestad par el Covierno Militar, PolitHio, 
y Economioo de su Armada Naval. 

Two parts, with fine vignettes, engraved by Moreno. 

4to. The dedication copy to King F erdinand VI. , of Spain, most 
elaborately bound in red morocco, sides fully covered with ornamental borders, 
and inlaid leather, with the Royal Arms in centre of each cover , and the Royal 
Crown repeated several times on the back, g. e. 

Madrid, Juan de Zuniga, 1748. £35 

Volume I. contains the Orders for travels to America, which occaty pages 386-418, and 
are entitled '' De los Viag€S a America." 


1748 A.D. 

[205] ANSON (George). A Voyage round the World in the years 1740-4. 

By George Anson, Commander in Chief of a Squadron of His Majesty's Ships, 
sent upon an Expedition to the South-Seas. Compiled by Richard Walter, M.A. 

With Charts of the Southern Part of South America, of Part of the 
Pacific Ocean, and of the Track of the Centurion round the World. 

Fourth Edition, thick 8vo, old calf. 

London, 1748. 14s 


q8 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1749 A.D. 

A [206] BERREDO (Bernardo Pereira de). Annafis Historicos de Estado 

^ do Maranhao em que se da Noticia cto seu descobrimeiito e tudo o mais que 
nelle temi suioceifido desdei o anno em que foy dtescuberto ate de 1 718. 

Folio, calf. 

Lisbon, 1749. £25 

Rodrigues 388. 

First edition of this most important work. According to Varnhagen, " It is one of 
the most valuable books in existence for tihe history of Brazil." " One of the rarest books 
and at the same time one of the best private histories of Brazil." — Leclero. 

Berredo was governor of Maranon and Captain General of Mazagan in Morocco. He 
died on March 13th, 1748, at Lisbon, before the book was printed. 


1749 A.D. 

[207] AN ACT for encouraging the People known by the Name of 
Unttas Fratrum or United Brethren^ toi settle in His Majesty's Colonies in 

Folio, boards. 

London, 1749. 12s 6d 

* * * The United Brethren or Moravians to be allowed freedom of conscience, allowed 
to make a solemn affirmation in lieu of oatih, to pay a certain rate instead of military 
service. Not allowed to serve on juries or give evidence, etc. 

1750 A.D. 

[208] MANUSCRIPT Account of North and South America, extending 
to over 1,100 pages. Divided into three sections: — 

North America, comprising, Mexico or New Spain, New Mexico or 
Granada, Florida, Terra Canadensis (Canada and the British Settlements and 
Colonies), Terra Arctica. 

South America, comprising Terra Firma (New Andalusia), Peru, Land 
of the Amazons, Brazil, Chyli, Paraguay, Terra Magellanica, Terra ^'\ntarctica. 

The American Islands, French, Spanish and British. 

2 vols., small thick 4to, old calf. 

Circa 1750. £7 lOs 

* * * The whole is sub-divided into the Spanish, Portuguese, British and French 
Dominions. The British settlements comprise Carolina (in which Georgia is iucloided), 
Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, New Engl^and, New Scotland and 
New Britain, The Islands belonging to Great Britain, Hudson's Bay, and also some five pages 
on New Edinburgh and the Darien Scheme. Six pages are devoted fo California. The French 
section also contains accounts oi Florida, Louisiana, New France, Canada. There are also 
special notes devoted to all the principal towns in. N. & S. America. With an extensive 
index at the end of each volume. 

MAGGS BROS.. 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. gg 

1750 A.O. 

[209] AN ACT for enoouragitig the Growth and Culture of Raw Silk in 
His Majesty's Colonies or Plantations in America, To enter England free of 

Folio, boards. 

London, 1750. lOs 6cl 

1750 A.D. 

[210] REPRESENTAOION A Su Magestad Por la Congregaolon del 
Oratio d^< San Phelipe Nerl dle< ta Ciudad dtei Lima. En Defensa de la exen- 
cion que la complete segun las Constituciones del Institute aprobadas por la 
Santa Sede, y deferentes Bulas, y Breves Apostolicos, para tratar, resolver, y 
expedir todas las cosas del interior govierno de la Congregacion en lo espiritual, 
y temporal, con exclusion del muy Reverendo Arzobispo de Lima, y sin que este 
pueda intervenir, ni introducirse en dicho interior govierno en visita, ni fuera 
de ella. 

Folio, limf vellum. 

{Madrid, 1 750.) £5 5s 

Very interesting work in defence of the rights of the congregation of the oratory 
of St Philip of Neri to rule themselives without inspection or interference on the part of 
the Archbishop of Lima. NOT IN THE CHURCH CATALOGUE. 

1751 A.D. 

[211] VIDAL (Manuel). Augustinos de Salamanca. Historia del Con- 
vento de S. Augustin de Dicha Ciudad. 

2 vols., folio, half morocco, gilt backs. 

Salamanca, 1751- £6 6s 

Very important Convent Chronicle, giving full accounts of the Augustine Missions in 
Africa, etc.; the life of Luis Lopez de Solis, Archbishop of Lima; Alonso de Villarroel, Arch- 
bishop Elect oif Mexico; Pedro de Solier, Bishop of Porto Rico and Archbishop of Santo 
Domingo, Primate of the Indies; Alonso de Castro, Bishop of Nueva Caceres in the Philip- 
pines; Saint Augustine de Corunna of Popayan; Diego de Guevara, Bishop of Camarines in 
tEe Philippines; Francisco Sarmiento y Luna, Bishop of Meohoaieam; Gregorio de Alaroom, 
Bishop of Nueve Caceres, Bishqp Elect of Cuba-, Juan Cicardo, Bishop Elect of Buenos Aires, 
etc., eto. 

In addition the life of Alvaro de Benavente, Apostolic Missionary to China; Augustin 
de Corona, Visitlor General of Peru; Francisco del Corral, Royal Visitor of Peru; Juan de 
Vivero, Councillor to Don Francisco de Toledo, Viceroy of Peru in the formation of the laws 
of that Empire; Martin de Rada, twice Ambassador from the King of Spain to the Emperor 
of China. 

There are many particulars about the missionary work in Chili, Mexico, the Philip- 
pines, China, Japan, Peru, etc., eto. 


lOO MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. 

1751 A.D. 

[212] AN ACT for encouraging the making of Pott Ashes and Pearl 
Ashes in the' British Plantations in America. 

Folio, boards. 

London, 1751. lOs 6d 

* * * " Whereas the making of Pott Ashes and Pearl Ashes in the British Plantations 
in America, would be advajitageous to the trade of tihis nation, as Great Quantities tliereof 
are used in the manufacture of soap, and other manufactures of this Kingdom; which at 
present being chiefly furnished from foreign parts, the supply of that necessary commodity 
is uncertain, and the price often exorbitant." 

1752 A.D. 


With 2 folding maps. Amerique Septentrionale and Amerique ^vleri- 

2 vols., small 8vo, calf. 

Paris, 1752. £1 lOs 


1752 A.D. 

[214] AN ACT for avoiding and putting an end to certain Doubts and 
Questions, relating to the Attestation of Wills and Codicils, concerning Real 
Estates, in that Part of Great Britain called England, and in His Majesty's 
Colonies and Plantations in America. 

Folio, boards. 

London, 1752. ' lOs 6d 

1753 A.D. 

[215] COLOMBIA. SOTO Y MARNE (Francisco, Comissario^General 
y Aposolico de las Provincias Minoritas del Peru). Copia die tft Relacion y 
Diario Critioo-Nautico de ell Viage que desde la Ciudad de Cadiz a la Carta- 
gena de Indias. 

40 pp., small 4to, new boards. 

Madrid, 1753. £10 lOs 

***A meet interesting Relation, giving minute details of the Voyage from Spain 
to South America, and a description of Martinique. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & ?,5, Conduit Street, London, loi 

1754 A.D. 

[216] LOZANO (Pedro S. J). Historia d© la Compania cfe> Jesus en ia 
Provincia del Paraguay. 

2 vols,, folio, calf.' Madrid, 1754-55- £52 lOs 

First Edition. Exceedingly rare and valuable work, wliieh is based on first-class 
documents. In the short preface to Volume I., Father Lozano speaks at length of a history 
by Father Pastor (Idled in 1658) in 2 volumes, which ^has not been published and is lost, and 
which certainly formed the basis of the above work. 


1755 A.D. 

[217] DOUGLASS (William). A Summary, Historical and Political, of 
the First Planting, Progressive Improvements, and Present State of the British 
Settlements in Nobth-America. 

Large Folding Map. 2 vols., 8vo, original calf. 

Boston, New-England, Printed: London, re-frinted for R. Baldwin, 
1755. £5 5s 

* * * " This Historical Summary concerning the British Continent plantations in 
North America, w« published in loose sheets by way of pamphlet; which in their nature are 
temporary, and soon lost; but as it is generally well received, that it may be more ijermanent, 
we publish it in two large octavo voiumes." 

Vol. I., part 1, contains general affairs, viz., some account! of ancient and modern 
colonies, the first grants and settling of our continent colonies and West-India Islands, and 
the adjoining French and Spanish settlement. Vol. I., part 2, contains, 1, The Hudson's-bay 
company's settlements, and their fur and skin trade. 2, Newfoundland cod-fishery. 3, The 
province of Nova Scotia; the vicissitudes under the British and French jurisdictions. 4, The 
several grants united by a new charter in the province of Massachusetts-bay. 

Vol. II., concerning the other British provinces of North-America, viz., New- 
Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, East and West Jersies, Pensylvania, Maryland, anrl 
Virginia. Throughout is interspered several miscellaneous affairs, such as the natural 
history, the distempers at times epidemical, and the endemial diseases, with their paper 

The writer acknowledges that in the afiair of Commodore Knowles's impress in the 
harbour of Boston, Nov. 17i7, there was somewhat of passionate warmth and indiscretion, 
merely in affection to Boston, and country of New-En sfland, his altera patria; but not with 
rancour or malice, having no personal acquaintance with Mr. Knowles; therefore from common 
fame, he only narrates his peculiar temper, his severity in discipline, and not so much regard 
as some other sea commanders have for the mercantile interest, by impressing their men, 
when hiO thought the public service required it : his courage is not questioned ; tie insinua^ 
tion concerning his personal conra^e has been construed amiss; the refusing of challenges 
from masters of merchant ships, whose men !he had impressed, is no slur. 

The writer declares that he had no other intention, than by setting the affair in a 
strong light, to contribute towards extending to the continent ooJonies, particularly to New- 
England, a late act of parliament against impressing of sailors in the sugar West-India 
Islands. Therefore as ^his affair was temporary, of mo use, and may give offence, it is sup- 
pressed in the present publication of tlhis first volume of the Summary.. Admiral Knowlles 
-since he eail'd from Boston, has been iappy in successful expeditions, particularly in reducing 
the fort of Port-Louis of Hispaniola, and in beating a superior Spanish sqnadrom off the 

102 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1755 A.D. 

[218] RIBADENEYRA y BARRIENTOS (Antonio Joachin de). Manual 
compendi'O cte el Regio Patroitato Indiano, para su mas facil uso en las mate- 
rias conducentes a la practica. 

With engraved frontispiece and vignettes. 

Small folio, calf. 

Madrid, 1755. *5 5S 

Kne copy of aa uncommon book in which the author has reproduced the whole of 
the Papal Bulls reilattog to the " Patronato Real " of the Indies. 

1756 A.D. 

Montcalm's Relation. 
[219] MONTCALM (Louis Joseph). Relation de la prise des Forts de 
Choueguen, ou Oswego; & de ce qui s'est passe cette annee en Canada. 

Small 4to, new boards. 

{Grenoble, Cuchef), i;56. *52 lOs 

The Original Issue of this almost unique pamphlet, of which only one other Copy is 
known, viz., that in the Church Library, and which was found by Henry Harrisse among 
some others relating to Canada, printed at Grenoble by Cuchet, between the years 1754 and 
1760, which seemed sufficient evidence for attributing the work to his press. 

This very important relation gives an account of the most important military event 
of 1756. Oswego was a strong strategic point between the French and English settlements. 
Com,mMnding the fur trade as it did, its possession was of vital importance to the French. 
In August, Montcalm suddenly appeared before the place, and on the lith it fell into his 
hands. The French took 16,400 prisoners and 113 pieces of cannon, five war vessels on the 
lake, etc. After destroying the fortifications Montcalm, returned to Fort Carillon. He wrote 
to the minister of war," Les dispoisitionls que j'avois arreties sont si fort contre les regies 
ordinaires que I'anidace qui a ete mise dans cette entreprise doit passer pour tem,erite en 

This attack and capture was one of the baldeist undertakings of the war, gave great 
encouragement to the French, and. produced the greatest effect in France; hence this plaquette. 


1756 A.D. 

[220] ORDONNANCE DU ROI, Portant declaration de guerre oontre 
le Roi d'Angleterre. Du g Juin 1756. 

Small 4to, new boards. 

Paris, 1756. ^ £5 5s 

* * * Containing the reasons for the Declaration of War against EngLand, foremost of 
which is the aggression of the English in the French American Colonies, especially Canada. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. 103 

1756 A.D. 

[22 1] RELACAO abbreviaiia da Republioa que os religiosos Jesuitas das 
Provincias d© Portl^jal, e Hespanha, estabelecerao nos Dominios Ultramarinos 
das duas monajxhias, e da Guerra, que nelles tem movido, e sustendado contra 
OS Exercitos Hespanhoes, e Portuguezes. 

i2mo, boards. 

[Lisbon, i;56.) £2 2s 


1756 A. p. 

[222] COIMiPENDIUM of Authentic and Entertaining Vo>y^;ies. 

Illustrated and adorned with a variety of genuine Charts, Maps, Plans, 
Heads, etc., curiously engrawed. 

Seven Volumes, post 8vo, original calf. 

London, 1756. £3 lOs 

* * * Dealing for the most part witli American Voyages. Comprising : — 

The Four Voyages of Columbus, 129 pp. With folding map of W. Indies and one plate. 

Conquest of MJeacico by Cortes, 290 pp. Engraved portrait of Cortes. Folding map of 
Mexico, Plani of Vera Cruz, view of Mexico City, etc. 

Conquest of Peru by Pizarro. Engraved plates and plan of Lima. 

Voyages for the Discovery of Florida, Magellan's Voyages, Drake's Voyages, Ealeigh's, 
Sir Thos. Howe's, Capt. John Monks' Voyage to Greenland, Capt., Thos. James's Voyage to 
discover the N.W. Passage, Nieuhoff's Voyages, Lionel Wafer's Voyage to the Isthmus of 
America, Expedition against Carthagena, Dampier's Voyages, Roger's, Anson's, Gemelli's 
Voyages. Including maps of Straits of Magellan, Virginia and Maryland, Peru and Chili, 
Greenland, Hudson's Bay, Brazil, Darien and Panama, Carthagena, Portobello, and numerous 

Also Voyages of Indian and East Indian interest, with numerous maps and plates. 

1757 A.D. 

[223] AN ACT to extend the Liberty granted by an: Act of thei Twenty 
third Year of the Reign of His present Majesty, of importing Bar Iron from 
his Majesty's Colonies in Ameritea^ into the Port of London, to the rest of the 
Ports of Great Britain, and for repealing certain Clauses in the said Act. 

Folio, boards. 

London, 1757. 12s 6d 

" An Act to encourage the Importation of Pig and Bar Iron from His Majesty's 
•Colonies in America; and to prevent the Erection of any Mill or other Engin for slitting or 
rolling of iron; or any Plateing Forge to work with a Tilt Hammer; or any Furnace for 
making Steel in any of the said Colonies." American iron to be imported into England free 
of duty. 

104 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, 

1757 A.D. 

The Original Edition. 

[224] CALIFORNIA. VENECAS (Miguel). Noticia dte la California, y 

de su Conquista Temporal, y Espiritual Hasta el Tiempo Presente. Sacada de la 
Historia Manuscrita, formada en Mexico ano de 1739, por el Padre Miguel 
Venegas, de la Compania de Jesus; y de otras Noticias, y Rel'aciones antiguas, 
y modemas. . . AnadidA DE AlgunoS Mapas ParticULARES, y uno general 
de la America Septentrional, Asia Oriental, y Mar del Sur intermedio, formados 
sobre las Memorias mas recientes,- y exactas, que se publican, juntamente. 

Illustrated with 4 large folding Maps. 

3 vols., small 4tG, original vellum binding. 

Madrid, 1757. £31 lOS 


* * * The first! map is one of California only ; but as that name was used in a more 
limited sense than at present, the second map, which is general, supplies the deficiencies. 
This second map is a very curious one, showing the entire Pacific shores of Asia and America, 
with records of the latest explorations by the Spaniards, Eiissians, and English, especially 
on the upper Californian shores, and Columbia. 


1757 A.D. 

[225] ROBLES (Antonio de). ResguardO' contra el Olvidoi, en el breve 
compendio de la vida admirable, y virtudes heroycas del. Sr Dr. D. Alonso de 
Cuevas Davalos, Obispo eleoto db Nicaragua, oonsagrad'o dei Oaxaca, Arzo> 
bispo de Mexico^ su Patrio. [Together with a Memorial Sfermon by Francisco 
de Siles.] 

4t0', calf. 

Mexico, 1757. £5 5s 


1758 A.D. 

[226] MARQUES (Father Simon). Brasilia Pontificia, sive speciales 
f acultates pontificiae, quae Brasiliae ^iscopis conceduntur, et singulis decenniis 
renovantur, cum notationibus evulgatae. Accessit Appendix pro casibus in 
Brasilia reservatis cum desiderata eorurn expositione. 

Folio, old calf. 

Lisbon, 1758. £15 15s 

This work is invailuable for the ecclesiastical history of Brazil. 

Eather Simon Marques, was born at Coimbra in 1684 and at the age of 17 joined the 
Jesuit Order. He went to Brazil in 1702 nnd taught at Rio de Janeiro. He became Rector of 
the Jesuif College at Rio de Janeiro, synodal examiner and finally Provincial. 


Plate XL 

H E C H O S 



Quarto Marques dc Canctc. 

SandoHdlfPHque de Lerma,i£arques is Dema,&e. 


Suarcz dc Figucroa. 

EH MjTt^lD, EnlalmprcntaRcal. 

Ano M. DC. XIII. 

Title-page from Scarez de Figueeoa. Hechos de Don Gaecu de Mexdoza. 

Madrid, 1613. 

Plate XII. 



losdanos,e Inconuenlentes.qiie fefiguen de los 

defcaminos, y arribadasmaliciofas dclos 

nauios que nauegan a las Indias 


CO:^ Lie ET^CItyd 

EnMadrid,porlavludade Alonfo Martin. 

Anode i<?j^. 

Title-pag3 of the Secret Sailing Instructions for all Spanish Beats returning from America. 

Madrid, 1619. 
See Item No, 52. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 105 

1758 A.D. 

Catechism in the Mexican Language. 

[227] RIPALDA (Padre Geronymo de). Cateoismo Mexicano, Que con- 
tiene toda la Doctrina Christiana. 
Small 8vo, half morocco. 
Mexico, 1758. £6 lOS 

* * * A very rare Catechism in the Mexican language, translated fro«m the Latin by 
Father Ignacio de Paredes. With two title pages, the first in Spanish, second in ilexican. 

This being a School-book for Indians a few pages have' naturally been worn with 
much use. 


1759 A.D. 

[228] MEXICAN CATECHISM. Catecismo breve en lengua Otorni 
dispuesto por et P. Frcincisco de Miranda de la Companra de Jesus. 

14 pp., i2mo, wrappers. 

Impresso en Mexico, en la Imprenta de la Bibliotkeca Mexicana, i^SQ- 

£5 5S 

* * ♦ Exceedingly Rare Catechism in the Mexican language. NOT IN THE CHURCH 

1760 A.D. 

[229] ifEFFERY (Thos.). An Authentic plan of the River St. Laurence 
from Siflery, to the Fall of Montmorenci, with the Operations of the Siege of 
Quebec under the Command of Vice-Adm. Saunders and Major-Gen. Wolfe 
down to the 5 Sept., 1759. 

With insets, Part of the Upper River of St. Laurence, and A View of the 
Action gained by the English on Sep. 13, 1759, near Quebec, and small con- 
temporary portraits of General Wolfe, Admiral Saunders and Secretary Pitt 
pasted on. 

Size 19 in. by 14 in. 

{London, circa 1760.) £3 18s 

1760 A.D. 

[230] PEREIRA (Nuno Marquez). Compendio narrative de Peregrine 

da America^ em que se tratam varios discursos espirituaes, e moraes, com 
muitas advertencias, e documemtos contre os abusos, que se achao introduzidos 
pela malicia diabolica no estado de Brazil. 

4to, calf. 

Lisbon, 1760. £21 

This is a very curious relation of a voyage in the Provinces of Brazil. The author 
was born at Cairu, a town which is fourteen leagues from Bahia. At that time Bahia was 
the capital of Portuguese America. 

This is a fine copy of the best edition of the book. 


io6 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W 

1761 A.O. 

The Great History of the Franciscan Missions in Brazil. 

[231] JAB'OiATAM (Antonio de Santa Maria). Ofbe Serafico nowo 

Brasilico, descoberto, estabelecido, e cultivado a influxos. da nova Luz de 
Italia, Estrella Brilhajite de Hespanha, Luzido sol de Padua, Aatroi mayor do 
Ceo de Francisco, o thaumaturgo Portuguez Sto. Antonio. Parte Primeira [all 
published] da Chronica dos Frades menores de Provincia do Brasil., 

With finely engraved frontispiece containing a map of Brazil (which is 
generally wanting). 

Folio, old calf. 

Lisbon, 1761. £35 

FIRST EDITION. This chronicle is of the greatest importance for the history of 
Brazil and of the Indians since its discovery by Cabral. It is one of the very best histories 
of Brazil. The engraved frontispiece, of which our copy contains a fine example, is wanting 
in nearly all copies. 

Father Antonio JaboataS of the province of St. Antonio of Brazil, was born at 
Freguessa de Santo Amuro, in the district of Recife, in 1695, and was appointed Chronicler 
of his Order. The date of his death is uncertain. Innocencio gives a full list of his works. 


1761 ^.D. 

[232] LONDON MAGAZINE (The). Centleinait's Monthly intelligencer. 

Vol. 30, 1 761. 

With 19 folding plates and maps. 

Thick 8vo, original half binding. 

London, R. Baldwin, 1761. £5 15s 

* * * Contains much interesting news about America and Canada, and includes the 
following Views and Maps : — 

Map op the Isles of Montbeal. 

Plan of the Straits of St. Maey, and Michilimakinac. 

Map of the River Mississippi from the Sea to Bayagoulas. 

Plan of New Orleans. 

New York : South Prospect of the City of New York (a large folding view), first state. 

Philadelphia : East Prospect of the City of Philadelphia (large folding view). 

A New Map of Virginia, by T. Kitehin, Geographer. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 3,5, Conduit Street. London, W. 10; 

1763 A.D. 

[233] ENTICK (J.). General History of the late War. Containing its 
Rise, Progress, and Event, in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, and Exhibit- 
ing the State of the Belligerent Powers, Remarks on the Measures which led 
Great Britain to Victory, Characters of the Statesmen, Description of the Seat 
of War, etc. 

With numerous folding maps, plans, and charts, portraits of naval and 
military officers, etc. 

5 vols., 8vo, full orignal calf. 

London,' \Tf>i. Fine Copy. £3 5s 

* * * Numerous references to the operatione in America, Capture of Quebec, Treaties 
with th'6 Indians, Louisberg Expedition, Transactions in Nova Scotia, etc., and with a num- 
ber of fine engraved folding maps and portraits of American interest, including A New and 
Accurate Map of North America, including the British Acquisitions gained by the Late 
War, 1763; Operations at the Siege of Quebec with inset of the Action on the heights of 
Abraham; New and Accurate Map of Seat of War in W. Indies, and plan of city and harbour 
of Havannah; Island of Martinique; portraits of Pitt, Wolfe, Sir Chas. Saunders, General 
Monokton, etc., etc. 

1764 A.D. 

[234} AN AGTI for granting certaim Duties in. the British Colonies and 
Plantations in Ameriica. 

Folio, boards, 26 pp. 

London, 1764. lOs 6d 

* * * " Whereas it is juet and necessary, that a revenue be raised, in your Majesty's 
Dominions in America, for defraying the Expenses of defending, protecting, and securing the 
same," taxes are to be placed on various foreign products entering America, such as Foreign 
Sugars, Indigo, Coffee, Wines, Stuffs, etc. 

1765 A.D. 

[235] PER El R A (Nuno Marquez). Compentlio narrativo de Preregrino 

da America, em que se tratam varios discursos espirituaes, e moraes, com 
muitas advertencias, e documentos contra os abusos, que se achao introduzidos 
pela malicia diabolica no estado de Brazil. 

4to, calf. 

Lisbon, 1765. £10 10s 

This is a very curious relation of a voyage in the Provinces of Brazil. The author 
was born at Cairu, a town which is fourteen leagues from Bahia. At that time Bahia was 
the capital of Portuguese America. , 


io8 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1765 A.D. 

[236] CHILI. FEBRIS (P. Andres). Arte de la lengua general del 
Reyno de CMIe, con un dialogo Chileno-Hispano muy curioso; a que se anade 
La Doctrina Christiana, esto es, Rezo, Catechismo, Coplas, Confesionario, y 
Platicas; lo mas en lengua Chilena y Castellana: y por fin un Vocabulario 
Hispano-Chileno, y un Calepino Chileno-Hispano mas copiosa. 

Thick i2mo, full morocco. Lima, 1765. £16 i16s 

* * * A most important work on the native languages of South America. 

The Author, Andre Febris, a Jesuit, was born in Cologne, he was Missionary in Peru 
at the time of the suppression of his order. 


1765 A.D. 

Only 25 Copies Privately Printed. 

[237J WOLFE (General). An Apology for the Life and Actions of 
General Wolfe, against the misrepresentations in a pamphlet, called, " A Coun- 
ter Address to the Public with some other remarks on that performance. ' ' 

8vo, 67 pp., new boards. London, 176$. £25 

* * * Exceedingly rare, only 25 copies having been privately printed. The author was 
Israel Ma.uduit, the Agent-England for Massachusetts, and one of the famous pamphleteers 
during the American War. NO COPY IN THE CHURCH CATALOGUE. 

1765 A.D. 

[23S] LE CAT. Traite dte la oouleur de la peaui hutnaine en general, 

de celle des negres, en particulier^ et de la metamorphose d'une de ces couleurs 
en r autre, soit de naissance, soit accidentellement. With frontispiece after 
Gravelot. 8vo, green morocco, gilt back. Amsterdam, 176^. £1 16s 


1766 A.D. 

[239] CALLANDER (John). Terra Australis Cognita; or Voyages to 
the Terra Australis, or Southern Hemisphere, during the i6th, 17th, and 18th 
Centuries. Containing an account of the Manners of the People, and the Pro- 
ductions of the Coimtries, hitherto found in the Southern Latitudes; . the 
Advantages that may result from further Discoveries on this great Continent, 
and the Methods of establishing Colonies there, to the advantage of Great 
iBritain. With a Preface by the Editor, in which some geographical, nautical, 
and commercial Questions are discussed. With large folding maps of Straits 
of Magellan, The Southern Hemisphere, and Australia. 3 vols., 8vo, new half 
calf, m. e. 

Edinburgh, 1766. £5 5S 

* * * With presentation inscription from the author. Containing Francisco de Ulloa's 
voyage to N.W. of California, 74 pp.; Villegognon's to South America; Dralte's, Americo 
Vesputio's, Magellan's, Camargo's, Cavendish's, Sarmiento's. Fenton's, Silva's, John Winter's, 
Hawkin's, Nodal's, Hy. Brewer's, Wm. Dampier's, Lionel Wafer's, Narborough's, Sharp's, 
Cowley's, vdyages to S. America and the Straits of Magellan; and numerous other voyages to 
the South Seas, East Indies, Australia, etcj., many of which had not appeared in English 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 109 

1767 A.D. 

Magnificent Manuscript Portulan. 

[240] PORTULANO. MANUSCRIPT ATLAS containing 16 very fine 
large double-page maritime charts (21 by 30 inches), drawn in Indian ink and 
carefully tinted by a Spanish Navigator, of the Philippine Islands andi neigh- 
bouring seas, showing everywhere emendations on the maps of the Freach and 
other contemporary cartographers. 

Large folio, boards. {S-pain, about 1767). £110 

Contents : — ■ 

(1) " Carta plana q.' contiene la primera parte del Estrecho de Malaca desde la Punta 
del Key hasta las Yslas de Daru, segun Mr. Apres-." 

(2) " Carta plana, segunda parte del Estrecho de Malaca desde las Yslas de Baru 
hasta la de Pulo' Timon segun la d. Mr. Dapres, con hun piano particular de la Punta de la 
Romania y sus Bajos." ,. . . , ■ 

(3) " Carta plana ttue contiene la Isla de Java. Nuevemente enmendada y corresida 
desde dize leguas ael Leste de la Ysla Noessa Combam hasta la Punta de Winenou, segun las 
Obserrac. echas con el Navio ' El Buen Consejo,' Mandado por D. Juan de Czisens. Ano de 

(i) " Carta plana descripcion de las Yslas de Java y Sumatra que contiene el Estrecho 
de Somda. Desde la Punda d. Vineror. hasta la IsJas de los Grandes Arboles, segun la d 
Mr. Bapres con algunas Enmiendas, como es la Coloeacion del la Ysla Norhac 4 Millaa mas- 
Al N. cxue la que tiene d; Auotor, etc" 

(5) " Nueva Carta del Estrecho de Banca, segun las mareassiones hechas con el Navio 
espanol nombrado, ' El Buen Coneejo/ manifiesta el parase del E. de la Isla de Banca; segun 
la discripoian eoha por El Capitan Gaspar, vecino de Manila, que lo ha papado en dos 
Oceasiones, tiene la enmienda de algunos bajos, e Yslas, y otros que no tiene la Carte de 
Mr, Bapres echa em Manila ano de 1766." 

(6) " Carta de las Mares, comprehendidas entre el Estrecho de Banca, y Puerto Timon, 
o Timor, con la descripcion de estas Yslas, segun un Piano particular de ellas. Contiene la 
Parte Oriental del Estrecho de Malaca, y algunas enmiendas. hechas a la de Monsieur Apres." 

(7) " Carta plana que contiene la Navegacion desde Pulo Timor hasta la Ysla Sapata 
con la Berrota saoada por el Navio, 'El Buen Consejo' hasta la Vista de Pula Condor con 
la Cantidad del Fondo Hallado en esta Travesia." 

(8) " Carta que contiene la Navegacion desde Pulozapata liasta Manila. Con un parte 
Ai la Costa de la Ysla Luzon, y la Paragoa, situadas por las de los Mejores Pilotos y Practicos 
de Estos Mares, deferente de la de Mr. Bapres, y otras varias Estrangeras." 

(9) "Carta reducida prima parte del Archipielago de San Lasaro, o Yslas PhiliDina.s 
Corregida en parte por varias demarcaciones echas por los mejores pilotos, y Practices de 
ella copia da en Manila ano de 1767." 

(10) " Carta reducida segunda parte del Arehipielago> San Lazaro." 

(11) " K.-. Piano d© la costa de Ylocosin Punto Major; B. Piano del Puerto de Mangai-in 
en la Punta del S. de la Ysla de Mindoso; C. Piano dei Punta de Capones, Situada en la 
Costa Occidental de la Ysla de Lueson; D. Piano del Puerto de Sylonguin., en la costa occi- 
dental de la ysla de Luczon." 

(12) " A. Piano de el Puerto de Sual, situado en la Ysila Lueson, dentro del Saco de 
Bolinao; B. Piano del Puerto de Palaubi y Abagata, situadcs en la Costa Occidental de la 
Ysla de.Luson; C. Piano del Puerto de SaJi Picon, situado' en' la Ysla Camiguin; D. Piano 
del Puerto de Bangui, situado en la costa septentrionail de la Ysla, de Lueson." 

(13) " Carta reducida/ Tersera parte de la Navegacion de Philipinas al Punto de 
Acapulco segun la de Bon Pedro Fraslin, Piloto Practico de esta Carrera." (Showing the 
coast of California). 

(14) " A. Piano del Puerto de Palapaz situado al O.N.O. del Cabo del Rpirito Santo. 
B. Descripcion del Punto de Sisiran, situado en la Costa Oriental de la Ysla Luzon. C. 

(Continued over) 

no MAGGvS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London. 

Portulano — continued. 

Piano del Puerto de San Vicente en el Cabo del Engano, D. Piano del Puerto de Lampones, 
eituado en la Costa. Oriental de la Ysla Luzon." ' ' 

(15) " Carta Eeducida. Segunda parte de la Navegaeion de Philipinas a el Puerto 
de Aeapulco." 

(16) " Carta Eeducida. Primera parte de la NavegacioQ de Manila al Puerto de 
Aeapulco. Ano de 1766." 

The M. Dapres referred to, whose ma,ps are corrected in so many places by the 
Spanish Cartographer, is Jean Baptiste Nicolas Benis d'Apres de Mannevillette, whose 
"Neptune Oriental" was first published in 1745; a further edition appeared in 1775, and a 
supplement in 1781- 

1767 A.D. 

Printed in Mexico. 

[241] VALCARCEL (Domingo) y Felix Vetianoiio Malo. Reales exequias 
de la serenissima senora Da Ysabel Farnecio princesa de Parma, y reyna de las 
Espanas : celebradas en la santa iglesia cathedral en. la imperial corte mexicana. 

With 16 emblematic engravings and a folding plate of the catefalque in 
the Cathedral. 

4to, calf. 

Mexico, 1767. £6 6s 



1768 A.D. 

[242] CAUSA Jesuttica dei Portugal', o documentos autenticos, bulas, 
leyes reales, despachos de lasecretaris de estado, y otras piezas originales, Que 
precedieron a la Reforma, y motivaron despues la expulsion de los Jesuitas de 
ios Dominios de Portugal. En que se halla la Republica del Paraguay, y 
Maranon, Que contiene la relacion de la Guerra que sustentaron los Jesuitas, 
contra las Tropas, Espanolas, y Portuguesas, en el Uruguay, y Parana. 

4to, vellum. 

Madrid, 1768. £10 lOs 

Interesting work containing all the documents, bulls, etc., referring to the war 

between the Jesuits and tihe Portuguese and Spanish troops in Uruguay and Parana. NOT 


1768 A.D. 

[243] BOSTON. AMES (N.). An Astronomical Diary or Almanack for 

1768. Calculated for the Meridian of Boston, New England, the Courts in 
Massachusetts Bay, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, etc., etc. 

Small 8vo, new boards, UNCUT. 

Boston, U.S.A., 1768. 18s 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. m 

1768 A.D. 

[244] HOWARD (Middleton). The Conquest of Quebec: a Poem. 

Sm. 4to, original wraffers, uncut. 

Oxford, 1768. £2 10s 

This poem secured the Chancellor's Prize for the best English Poem on the Conquest 

1768 A.D. 

[245] OLDMIXON (John). The British Empire in America, containing 
the History of the Discovery, Settlement, Progress and present state of all the 
Biitish Colonies, on the Continent and Islands of America. 

With numerous finely engraved folding maps, including A New Map of 
North America (with California as an island); New Map of New Foundland, 
New Scotland, etc.; Virginia and Maryland; Carolina; Bermudos; Barbadoes; 
Jamaica; etc., by Herman' MoU. 

2 vols., 8vo, original calf. 

London, 1768. £3 lOs 

1769 A.D. 

[246] NODAL (Bartholome Garcia de). Retaoion del Viage al ctesciibri- 
miento del Estrecho nuevo de San Vinoente etc, las Derrotas de la America 
Occidental por Manuel de Echavelar. 

With folding map of the Straits of St. Vincent and Magellan." 

2 vols, in I, small 4to, original vellum. 

Cadiz (1760). £8 lOs 

The work gives an account of the Spanish expedition sents out by order of Philip III., 
immediately after the return of Schouten's expedition, for the exploration of the Magellan 
Straits. The brothers Nodal sailed from Lisbon on 27th December, 1618, and did not return 
until July 9 of the following year. They had with them two Dutch pilots, Jan de Witte, 
named in the narrative, and Valentine Jansz, who wrote another account of the same voyage, 
which is preserved in the Archives of the Hague. They had both been with Schouten on his 
voyage. Tlie Strait Le Maire was le-ehristened Saint Vincent, which name it retained for 
some time on Spanish maps. 

The map accompanying this work is supposed to have been suppressed. It enters 
more into detail than that of Le Maire. 

112 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, 

1769 A.D. 

[247] SANCHO DE SANTA JUSTA Y RUFINA (Basilio). Exemplares 
cte carta que et lilo y Rmo. Senor D. Basilio Sanoho< dte Santa y Ruflna Arzo- 
bispo d© Manila^ Metropolitano de las Islas Philpinas escrivio al Muy Ilustre 
Senor Govemador, y Capitan General de las mismas, Mariscal de Campo D. 
Joseph Raon, con el motive de haberse efectuado por un Senor Ministro de la 
Real Audiencia la supression de unos Impresses, instructivos de la conducta, 
y doctrinas de los Regulares de la Compania, dados al publico en Madrid Con 
Superior permiso y que conduxo a Philipinas la Fragata de su Magestad nom- 
brada La Venus; el ano^ de 17691; de Edicto. Que su Senora illustrissima 
mando publicar verificada la dicha supression, para aquietar las conciencias 
de los Fieles de su Diocesi; De respuesta en que su senoria illustrissima para 
mstruccion de su Pueblo, satisface a los escrupulos de cierto Theologo, que de 
resultas de la pUblicacion del Edicto le escrivio una carta censurando los Im- 
pressos referidos. 

With engraved frontispiece containing a portrait of Charles III., King 
of Spain, above four statues representing America, Asia, Africa and Europe. 

Small folio, calf. 

Manilla (1769). £10 lOS 

This very interesting work refers to the suppression of pamphlets attacking the con- 
duct and doctrines of the Jesuits, -which were published in Madrid, and brought to the 
rhiHppinee in 1769, in H.M. frigate " La Venue." The Archbishop wished the suppression 
of the pamphlets to be discontinued, which caused much trouble among the public. NOT IN 

1769 A.p. 

[248] iVIACELLAN'S VOYACE. ORTEGA (Casimbro de). Resumen 
Hfstorico diel prvmier Viage tieclno al rededor del Mutidlo^ emprendido por Her- 
nando de Magallanes, y llevado' felizmente a termino por el famoso Capitain 
Espanol Juan Sebastian del Cano. 

Frontispiece. 55 pp., sm. 4to, calf. 

Madrid, 1769. £2 lOs 


1769 A.D. 

[249] MAUDUIT (Israel). A Short View of the History of the Colony 
of Massachusetts Bay, with respect to their Original Charter and Constitu- 

71 pp., 8vo, new. boards. 

London, 176Q. £2 2s 

* * * "In all the late American disturbances, and in every attempt against the 
Authority of the British Government, the People of Massachusetts Bay have taken the lead. 
Every new Move towards Independence has been theirs. And in every fresh Mode of Resis- 
tance against the Laws, they have first set the Example and then issued their admonitory 
Letters tO' tihe other Colonies to follow it," etc. 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 113 

1769 A.D. 

[250] LOiRENZANA (F. A.). Concilios Mexioanos Provinoiales primero 
y segundo cetebrados eit la Muy noble, y muy real ciudad de Mexico en los 

anos 1555 y 1565. 

With vignettes. 

4to, vellum. 

Mexico, 1769. *6 "S 

Very important collection of the Mexican Provincial Councils published here for the 
first time from original documents by the learned Archbishop of Mexico. The first Mexican 
council took place in 1555 under the presidency of the Archbishop Alonzo de Montufar. 

In addition to the Mexican provincial councils Lorenzana has printed in this volume 
a catalogue and biography of the Archbishops of Mexico, of the Bishops of Puebla (preceded 
by the Bulk relating to the election of the Church of that town) of Guatemala, Antiequera, 
Michoacan, Guadalaxara, Yucatan, and Durango. 


1770 A.D. 

[25 1 J COfiTES (Hernando). Historia de Nuevar-Espana, aumentada 
com otros documentos, y motas. Por Don Francisco Antonio Lorenzana, Arzo- 
bispo de Mexico. 

With vignette on title, frontispiece engraved by Navarro-, a folding map 
of New Spain, engraved in 1769, large folding plate of the great Temple of 
Mexico, 31 plates of Mexican hieroglyphics, and large folding map of Cali- 
fornia, by the pilot Domingo del Castillo, and a full-page plate of the ancient 
Mexican calendar. 

4to, vellum. 

Mexico, 1770. £7 10s 

Extremely importaJit work containing valuable documents on the history of the 
Conquest of Mexico. The mere fact that the three celebrated letters of Cortes (second, third 
and fourth) are reprinted in this volume, together with the notes of the learned Archbishop 
of Mexico, add to its value. Between pages 176 and 177 is a facsimile on 31 full-page engraved 
plates of a Mexican book in hieroglyphical characters (together "with the transcription and 
Spanish translation), which contains a list of tihe different towns which paid tribute to the 
Emperor Montezuma before the Spanish conquest. NOT IN THE CHURCH CATALOGUE. 

1770 A..D. 

[252} CALLOWAY (Jos., late Speaker of the House of Assembly of 

The Examination before the House of Commons, in a Committee on 
the American Papers, with Explanatory Notes. Second Edition. 86 pp., 8vo. 

London, 1770.' 

Letters to a Nobleman on the Conduct of the War in the Middle 
Colonies. 93 pp. Large folding plan of the British and Rebel Army in the 
Campaign. 4th Edition. 1777. 

A Letter to the Rigtht Honourable Lord Viscount H — e^ on his naval 
conduct in the American War. Second Edition, corrected. 50 pp. 

A Reply to the Observations of Lieut.-Gen. Sir William Howe. 148 pp. 

Four Pamphlets together in i vol., 8vo, half calf. £8 lOs 

114 MAGGS-BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1771 A.D. 

[253] BOSSiU (M). Travels tlirouglt that part of North America 
formerly callled Louisiiana, translated from the French by J. R. Forster. 
Illustrated with Notes relative chiefly to Natural History, to which is added a 
Systematic Catalogue of all the known Plants of English North America, etc. 

2 vols., 8vo, fine copy in the original calf. 

London, 1771. £6 6s 


1771 A.D. 


Original Manuscript. Clearly written on upwards of 350 pp. 

Folio, vellum. 

Circa 1771-gs. ^5 5S 

Written chiefly in English, shewing the position of Portuguese trade with England 
and other ecrantries. 

Comprising a fuill account of British imports to and exports from Portugal; quajitity 
of Portuguese and foreign grain in the corn market of Lisbon on 1st Jan., 1790; table of 
figures shewing the commerce of Portugal with foreign nations in 1776; copies of various 
letters and despatches from foreign consuls and ministers; questions from the Marquis of 
Carmarthen concerning the Slaves of Africa, to be sold in the Colonies belonging to the 
Portuguese in East and West Indies; extracts from the Duke of Leed's letter coecerning 
Tobacco; 'explanation of Portuguese coin; tables of figures stating the Exports and Imports 
with Holland, Russia, Sweden, France, Italy and Spain; number of merchant ships entered 
in Lisbon in the years 1774-87. 

Including a draft letter to the Hon. Robert Walpole, in which the writer announces his 
intention of collecting into one view the commerce between Great Britain and Portugal, the 
effect of the great earthquake of 1755, and the destruction of the temporary wooden custom 
house by fire, 1764, oni trade. The writer also discusses the contraband trade carried on by 
the Portuguese with the inhabitants of Buenos Ayres, etc., etc., etc. 

1771 A.D. 

[255] RAMSAY (A.). An Historical Essay on the English Cotistitup 

tlon. ., . wherein the Right of Parliament, to Tax our distant Provinces, is 
explained, and Justified, upon such constitutional Principles as will afford an 
equal Security to the iColonists, as to their Brethren at Home. 

8vo, uncut, original wraffers. 

London, 1771. £3 3S 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 115 

1771 A.D. 

[256] AN ACT for allowing the importation of Saitetf Beef, Pork, 
Bacon, and Butter, from the British DonrinEons in America, for a limited time. 

Folio, boards. 

London, 1771. lOs 6d 

1772 A.D. 

[257] AN ACT for further continufnig two Acts made in the Sixth and 
Ninth Years of His Majes^'s Reig;n^ for punishing Mutiny and Desertion, 
and for the better Payment of the Army and their Quarters, in His Majesty's 
Dominions In America. Extended till March 24th, 1774. 

Folio, boards. 

London, 1772. lOs 6d 

1772 A.D. 

[258] AN ACT extending thei time of an " Act for importation of Salted 
Beef, Pork, Bacon, and Butter, from Ireland, and from the British Dominions 

In America, for a limited time." Further continued till March ist, 1773. 

Folio, boards. 

London, 1772. _ lOs 6d 

1772 A.D. 

[259] AN ACT for granting a Drawback of Part of the Customs upon 
the Expoirtation of Tea to Ireland^ and the British Dominions in America; 

for allowing the Importation of Rice from the British Plantations into the Ports 
of Bristol, Liverpoole, Lancaster, and Whitehaven, for immediate exportation 
to foreign Parts. 

Folio, 12 pp., boards. 

London, 1772. 18s 

* * * To encourage the tea traffic with Ireland and the British Dominions in America, 
and to try and prevent smuggling; three-fifths of the tax is to be withdrawn for five years, etc. 

1772 A.D. 

Printed in Mexico. 

[260] CATECiSMO para uso de los Parrocos, hecho por el IV Concilio 
Provincial Mexicano celebradO> 1771. 

With engraved plate. 

4to, old calf. 

Mexico, Printed by order of the Holy Council, 1772. £10 lOs 


ii6 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1772 A.D. 

[261] ULLOiA/ (Antonio de). Notioias Amerioanas: Entretenimientos 
phisicos-historicos sobre la America Meridional, y la Septentrional Oriental. 
Territorios, Climas, Produciones, vegetales, animales, minerales. De los Indies 
naturales de aquellos Paises, sus costumhres, y u^s. Soibre la Lengua y sobre 
el modo en que pasaron los primeros Pobladores. 

8vo, old calf. 

Madrid, 1772. £2 lOS 

First) Edition. 

Leclerc, " Ouvrage curieux et fort interessant." 


1773 A.D. 

[262] MASERES (Francois), Avocat anglois. Memoire a Defense' d'lin 
Plan D'Acte cfd Parlement pour I'etabliissiement ties Loix (te> la Provikice de 
Quebec, centre Les Objections de Mr. Francois Joseph Cugnet, Gentilhomme 

Folio, wraffers. 

Londres, 1773. £6 6s 

Francois Maseres, an Englishman, was formerly H. Britannic Majesty's Prooureiir- 
Genera' in" the Province of Quebec; while Fr. Joseph Cugnet, a Canadian, was the Fremch 
Secretary to the Governor and Council of Quebec. NOT IN THE CHURCH CATALOGUE. 

1773 A.D. 

[263] AN ACT for allowing: the Importation of Wheat, Wheat-flour, 
Indian Com, Indian' Meal, Biscuit, Pease, Beans, Tares, Callivancies, and aJl 
other sorts ef Pulse, from his Majesty's COilonies In America, into this King- 
dom, for a limited Time, free of Duty. 

Folio, boards. 

London, 177^. lOs 6d 

1774 A.D. 

[264] A MAP of the most inhabited part of New England, containing 
the Provinces of Massachusets Bay and New Hampshire, with the Colonies of 
Cenecticut and Rhode Island. Divided into Counties and townships. 

With two inset plans. Plan of Boston Harbour, and Plan of the town 
of Boston, and inset engraving of the landing of the Mayflower at Plymouth 
Rock, 1620. 

Two large sheets, 20 by 40 inches, by Thos. Jeffery. 

London, 1774. £2 5S 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 11; 

1774 A.D. 

Pamphlets as follows: — 

Letters ffom a Famtei", in Pennsylvania, To' the Inhabitants of the 
British Colonies. 

136 pp. Philadelphia Printed: and London Re-frinted for J. 'Almon, 

A New Essay (By the Pennsylvanian Farmer) on the Constitutional 
Power of Great-Britain over the Coloniesi in America; with the Resolves of the 
Committee for the Province of Pennsylvania, and their instructions to their 
Representatives in Assembly. 

1 26- pp. Philadelphia Printed: and London Re-printed for J 'Almon, 

Montcalm (Marquis de). Letters from the Marquis de Montcalm^ 

Governor^General of Canada; to Messrs. De ;Berryer & De La Mole, In the Years 
1757, 1758, and 1759. With an English Translation. French and English on 
opposite pages. 

28 pp. London: Printed for J. Almo7t, 1777. 

An Appeal to the Justice and Interests of the People of Great Britain, 

in the present disputes with America, By an Old Member of Parliament. 

The Fourth Edition, Corrected. 

46 pp. London: Printed for J. Almon, 1776. 

A Secorrdi Appeal to the Justitie and Interests of the People, on the 

Measures respecting America. By the Author of the First. 

90 pp. London: Printed for J. Almon, 1775. 

A Speech, Intended to have been delivered in the House of Commons, 
in support of the Petition from the General Congress at Philadelphia. By the 
Author of an Appeal to the Justice and Interests of Great-Britain. 

66 pp. London: Printed for J. Almon, 1775. 

Zubly (John J.). A Sermont on Amerioan Affairs, preached At the 
Opening of the Provincial Congress of Georgia. Addressed to the Right 
Honourable The Earl of Dartmouth. With an Appendix, giving a Concise 
Accoimt of the Struggles of Swisserland to recover their Liberty. 

73 pp. Philadelphia Printed: and London Re-printed for J. Almon, 

Estwiok (Samuel). A Letter to the Reverend Josiah Tucker, D.D>, 

Dean of Gloucester, in answer to His Humble Address and Earnest Appeal, 
&c. With a Postscript, in which the Present War against America is shewn 
to be the effect, not of the causes assigned by him and others, but of a fixed 

(Contimied over) 

ii8 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Coiiduit Street, London, W. 

American War for Independence — continued. 

Plan orf Administration, foimded in system: The Landed opposed to the Com- 
mercial Interest of the State, being as the I^eans in order to the End.' 

125 pp. London: Printed for J. Almon, 1776. 

The Plea of th© Colonies, On the Charges brought against them by 
Lord M — d, and Others, in a Letter to His Lordship. 

47 pp. London: Printed for J. Almon, iTJ^. 

Comnioni Sense'; Addressed to the Inhabitants of America. A New 
Edition, with several Additions in the Body of the work. To which is added 
an Appendix, together with an Address to the People called Quakers. 

54 pp. Philadelphia Printed: London Re-frinted, iTJ^. 

Plain Truithi: Addressed to the Inhabitants of America, containing 
Remarks ori a late Pamphlet, intitled Common Sense. Written by Candidus. 
Second, Edition. 

47 pp. Philadelphia Printed: London Re-printed, 1776. 
Adttitions to Common Seinse; Addressed to the Inhabitants of America. 
47 pp. Philadelphia Printed: London Re-printed, 1776. 

Extracts from the Votes and Proceedings of the American Continental 
Congress, held at Philadelphia, on the Fifth of September, 1774. 
59 pp. Philadelphia Printed : London Re-printed, 177^. 

Journal of thei Proceedirtigs of th® Congress, held at Philadelphia, 
Sqstember 5th, 1774. To which is added (Being now first printed by 
Authority) An Authentic Copy of the Petition to the King. 

66 pp. London: Printed for J. Almon, 177^. 

Journal of the Proceedings of the' Congress, held at Philadelphia, 
May loth, 1775. 

200 pp. Philadelphia Printed: London Re-printed, 1776. 
Journal of the Provinciali Congress of South Carolina, 1776. 

134 pp. Charles -Town Printed: London Re-printed, 1776. 
Together, 'bound in 4 vols., 8vo, contemporary half calf. £10 lOS 

1774 A.D. 

" T'HE Laws of the Indies." 

[266] RECOPILACION de Leyes dte los Reynos de las indias. Man- 
dadas imprimir, y publicar por la Magestad Catolica del Rey Don Carlos IT. 
Tercera Edicion. Double columns. 

With fine vignettes on titles. 

4 vols., folio, old calf, gilt backs. 

Madrid, 1774. £10 lOS 

With tHe great " Indioe General." An extreme'ly important and rare collection of 
tha Laws of the Indies, which are the basis of many of the Laws of the tJiS.A. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. iig 

1775 A.D. 

[267] JEFFERY (Thos). An Exact Cihart of the Riwei' St, Laurence, 

from Fort Frontenac to the Island of Anticosti shewing the Soundings, Rocks, 
Shoals, &c., with Views of the Lands and all necessary instructions for navi- 
gating that river to Quebec. 

With inset maps of The Seven Islands, Passage from Cape Torment into 
the South Charmel of Orleans Island, Road of 'Tadousac, and printed instruc- 
tions for sailing up the river. 

3 by 3 feet. 

London, 1775. £1 IS 

1775 A.D. 

[268] AN ACCURATE MAP of North Amien'oa Describing and distin- 
guishing the British and Spanish Dominions on this, great Continent according 
to the TVeaty of 1 763 , also all the West India Islands belqniging to and possessed 
by the several European Princes and States. 

With inset maps of Baffin and Hudson's Bay and the Passage by Land 
to California discovered by Father Eusabius Francis Kino, and also the Articles 
of the Treaty of Peace. 

2 large sheets, 21 inches by 4 feet. 

London, 1775. £1 lOs 

1775 A.D. 

[269] BOSTON. BICKERSTAFF'S Boston Almanach for 1775, Cal- 
culated for the Meridian of Boston, N.E.; with Account of the Inhabitants of 
New Zealand. 

With woodcut portrait of natives, and the substance of the First Charter 
granted to the Province of Massachusetts Bay. 

Post 8vo, sezved, uncut. 

Boston, 1775. £1 10s 


1776 A.D. 

[270] THE THEATRE OF WAR in North America, with the Roads and 
a Table of Distances. With inset, " Evan's Polym.etric Table of America show- 
ing the DistcUices between the Principal Towns, Forts, and other Places in the 
British Colonies." 

The lower portion of the sheet ccxntains " A Compendious Account of the 
British Colonies in North-America, and' a Table of the various populations." 
Size 21 inches by 30 inches. 
London, 1776. (Slight stains). £1 Is 

IBO MAGGS BROS.. 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1776 A.D. 

[270a] HOLLAND (Major). The Prowince® of New Yorkj and New Jersey; 

with part of Pensilvania, and the Province of Quebec. 

With insets of : — Plan of the City of New York; Chart of the Mouth of 
Hudson's River, from Sandy Hook to New York; Plan of Amboy with its En- 

Size I ft. 1 1 ins. , by 4ft. 5in. 

London, August 7th, 1776. £2 2s 

1776 A.D. 

[271] POWNALL (T., M.P.). A TopographicaJ Desoription of suoh 
parts of Norttt America as arei oonitained in tlie annexed IMap of the Middle 
Britishi Colonies, &c., in North America. By the late Governor of Massa- 
chusetts Bay and South Carolina, and Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey. 
46 pp. 

With appendix 16 pp. containing accounts of various travels. 

With very large engraved folding map of the Middle British Colonies in 
North America by Lewis Evans, with the additions of New England and Border- 
ing Parts of Canada by T. Pownall. 

Folio, uncut, original wrapfers. 

London, 1776. £15 15s 


1776 A.D. 

[272] SMITH (W.). Thei history of the Province of New York from the 
first discovery. To- which is annexed a description of the country, an account 
of the inhabitants, their trade, religious and political state, and the constitu- 
tion of the courts of justice in that colony. 

8vo. Fine copy in\ original boards, uncut. 

London, 1776. £5 5s 

This yiavk is the first history of New York. The author was graduated from Yale 
College in 1745, became a distingiuished lawyer of New York, and later was Chief Justice 
of the Province. Being a. Loyalist during the Eevolutiojiary War, after the contest was 
over he moved to Canada, where he was also appointed Chief Justice. This work as pub- 
lished brought the history of the Colony down to the year 1736. In it the writer anticipates 
some of the events of the war from 17.54-60, which took place while he was writing it. 

Plate XIIL 


D E L A 





Por el Padre Pablo lofeph de Arriaga dc la 
Compaiiiadc lESVS. 








Poi GERONYModeCoNTRER AS ImprelTor dc Libfos. 
C'o« Lxeticict. AnO ld2r. 

Title-page of Alriaga's famous work on the Evangelisation of Peru ,by the Jesuits. 

The only copy known to us. 

Lima, 1621. 

See Item No. 55. 

Plate XIV 

Jfeproduct.ion (ai-™<l.v re,].. eel) „r pa.-( „r n„e of ti.e 8eciet of t,l,e Amerie.,s and (lie 

Indies (dated lh3n) ; sec-.ned iion, (he l'.„(nKnese Archives by tlie Spanish Secret Service in 

1681 by (irder ot a. Covernor cif irexico and presented by him to the King- of Spain nnd the 

Conncil of the Indies on April 16, 1692. 

See Item No, 70. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W, 121 

1776 A.D. 

[273 J PAINE (Thomas). Coitimion Sense: Addressed to the Inhabitants 
of America, on the following interesting Subjects: — 

I. Of the Origin and Design of Government in general, with Concise 
Remarks on the English Constitution.! 

II. Of Monarchy and Hereditary Succession. 

III. Thoughts on the present State of American Affairs. 

IV. Of the present Ability of America, with some miscellaneous Reflec- 

Written by an ENGLISHMAN. 

76 pp., small 8vo, calf. 

Philadelphia, Printed and. Sold by R. Bell, 1776. £3 3s 

Paine met Franklin in London, and was persuaded by him to emigrate to America. 
Be settled in PMladelphia in 1775, where in the fallowing year, at the suggestion of Dr. 
Benjamin Rush, he wrote and published this work, for which the legislature of Pensylvania 
voted him ^6500. The work was so successful that it went through several editions in Phila- 
delphia and the other Colonies, not less than 100,000 copies of it being sold. 

It was written for the purpose of inducing the British colonists of America to renounce 
the sovereignty of the King and declare their independence. The American editions contain 
reflexions on the King and Government of Great Britain, which were omitted in the English 

1776 A^. 

[274] TUCKER (Dean ot Glocester). A Series Of Answers to certain 

popular objections, against separating from the rebellious Colonies, and dis- 
carding them entirely; being the Concluding Tract on the subject of American 

8vo, boards. 

Glocester, \Tjb. £1 iQs- 

Josiah Tucker, the Dean of Gloucester, wrote a long series of tracts, exceeding over 
a period of ten years, in which he advocates the peaoefirl separation of America from the 
Crown. His views, which now appear thoroughly sagacious, were considered at the time 
as visionary and exasperating. 

1777 A.D. 

[275] MARMO'NTEL. Les Inoas, ou la destruction de I'Empire de 

With fine impressions of the frontispiece and 10 plates after Moreau. 
Engraved by De Launay, Duclos, DeGhendt, Helman, Leveau, Nee and Simonet. 
2 vols., 8vo, Old French marbled calf. 

Paris, 1777. £2 lOs^ 


122 MAGGS BROS.. 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London. W. 

1777 A.D, 

[276] A NEW MAP of the Whole Contineiit of America, divided into 
North and South and West Indies, witii a descriptive account of th^ European 
Possessions as settled by the Definitive Treaty of Peace Concluded at Paris 
Feb. 10, 1763. 

With large inset map of Baffin's and Hudson's Bays, and lists of the 
various European possessions, also the Articles of the Treaty of Peace. 

2 large sheets, 21 inches by 4 feet. 

London, 1777. £1 15s 

1777 A.D. 

[277J PRICE (Richard). Additionali Observations on the Nature and 
Value of Civil Liberty and the War with America; also Observations on Schemes 
for raising Money by Public Loans. 

8vo, boards. 

London, 1777. lOs 6d 

In recognition of bis services in the cause of liberty. Dr. Prioe was presented with 
the Freedom of the CitJy of London, and it is said that the encoairagement derived from 
this book liad no inconsiderable share in determining the American colonists to declare their 

1778 A.D. 

[278] BARROS (Joao de), and COUTO (Diogo do). Da Asia. Xova 
Edicao. ' 

With maps and three portraits. 

24 vols., small Svo, old calf, gilt backs. 

Lisbon, Regia Offifina Typografica, 1778-1788. £12 12s 

The best account of the early discoveries of the Portuguese. In this edition all that 
appeared of the original work has been reprintied and the missing portions supplied from 
other sources. 

!Rirst collective edition of all the Becades of Barros and Couto The tenth and 
eleventh decades were first published in the above edition. The eleventh decade, by Diogo 
do Couto, the original manuscript of which has disappeared and has not been recovered, 
consists of a resum^ of " Peitos que os Portugueses fizeram no descobrimento dos mares, e 
conquistas das terras do Oriente, em quanto governaram a India !Manoel de Souza Coutinho, 
e Mathias d© Alboquerqua 

Th€> work is divided up as follows : — 

Vols. 1-8. Joa de Barros' 4 Decades. 

Volt. 9. Life of J. de Barros by Manoel Severin de Faria, and general index to the 
four Decades of his " Asia." 

Vols. 10-23. Life of Diogo de Couto and his eleven " Decades." 

Vol. 24. General Index to Couto's Decades. 

Eodrigues, Bibliotheca Brasiliana, No. 351. 

The " Asia " contains the fullest historical account of the voyages and conquests 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 123 

Barros (Joao de), and Couto (Diogo do)continued. 

of th6 Portuguese in the East, including Africa, Brazil, etc. Barros, wlio is one of the most 
correct and classical of Portuguese writers, is universally esteemed as a historian. He was 
born about 1496 and died at the age of 74. He served three Portiuguese Kings— Manuel, John 
III. and Sebastian. Couto was the chronicler and chief Keeper of the famous Archives of 
Torre do Tombo (which are still preserved in Lisbon), and died in 1616. The histories of 
Cabral (the discoverer of Brazil), Vasco da Gama, the Albuquerques, Tristan da Cumha, are 
all fully treated by the most competent Portuguese historian, who had all the Archives of 
the Indies at his disposal. 

1779 A.D. 

[279] A NEW and Correct Map of North America^ with the West India 
Islands. Divided according to the last Treaty of Peace, concluded at Paris 
loth Feb., 1763. Wherein are particularly Distinguished the Several Provinces 
pjid Colonies which compose the British Empire, laid down according to the 
Latest Surveys and Corrected from the Original Materials of Cover. Pownall, 

I With inset map of Baffin and Hudson's Bay. 

Also, inset map " The Passage by Land to CALIFORNIA, discover' d by 
Father Eusebius Francis Kino a Jesuit; between the years i6g8 and 1701, before 
which, and for a considerable time since California has always been described 
in all Charts and- Maps as an Island." 

Together with the Articles of the Treaty of Peace concerning the Division 
of the Colonies and' Islands. 

Two large sheets, each measuring 21 inches by 4 feet. 

London, 1779. £1 lOs 

1779 A.D. 

[280] CARVER (J.). Travels through the Interior Parts of North 
Amerioa, in the Years 1766, 1767, c.nd 1768. 

Illustrated with Folding Maps, and copperplate engravings. 

Second Edition, 8vo, original calf. 

London, Printed for the Author, 1779. £2 18S 

* * * Pages 420-440 contain a Vocabulary of .the Chipeway Language. 

1779 A.D. 

[281] PERU. BOUSO (Dr. Joachin). Oracion Panegyrioa con que la 
Real Universildad dtei San Marcos (te Lima, Capital del Peru, celebro en su Reci- 
bimiento a Manuel de Guirior, Teniente General de la Real Armada, Virrey 
Gobernador y Capitan General de estos Reynos del Peru y Chile. 

Small 4to, original vellum binding. 

Lima, en la Jmfrenta de los Ninos Huersanos (1779). £5 5s 

* * * With portrait of Guirior, engraved by Vasquez at Lima. 

124 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1779 A.D, 

[282] C'AULIN (Antonio). Historia Coroi-Graphica, natural >• evangelica 
de la Nueva Andalucia, provincias de Cumana, Guayana, y Vertientes del Rio 

With engraved frontispiece, large folding map, and three fine plates of 
martyred missionaries and Indians, 

Folio, S-panish calf. 

Madrid, lyyg. £12 12s 

The map is a. very fine caie, on a large scale, and was executed by Louis Surville 
under the order of Don Joseph Gahez, a noted name in Spanish American history. Caulin 
spent .many years as a missionary in the Northern regions of South America, ameng the In- 
dians, and his descriptions are the most truthful which are extant. He gives lomg descriptions 
about the customs, habits, natiiral laroducts, and precious stones which are to be found in 
many parts of America. 

The author also gives many details on the famous missionaries among the American 


1779 A.D. 

[283] HOWE (Lord). A Letter to the Right HonauraMe Lord Viscount, 

H — e, on his Naval Conduct in the American War. 

Svo, unbound, uncut. 

London, \77g. ^ £1 14s 


1780 A.D. 

[284] CHALMERS (George). Political Annals of the Present United 
Colonies from their Settlement to the Peace of 1763. 

Compiled chiefly from records, and authorised often by the insertion of 
State Papers. 

Thick 4to, original calf. 

London, 1780. £4 4s 

Chalmers, who was a clerk on the Board of Trade, made a very thorough study of the 
State Papers, and came to the conclusion that the colonists from the start not only quietly 
assumed, but really aimed at an independence. It should however, be remembered, that- he 
wrote after the event, and gives no opinion for his nuthorityi 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London. W. 125 

1780 A.D. 

[285] BURCOYNE (Lieutenant-General). A State of the ExpedltUm 
from Canada^ as laid before the House of Commons, by Lieutenant-General 
Burgoyne, and verified by Evidence; with a Collection of Authentic Documents, 
and an addition of many circumstances which were prevented from appearing 
before the House by the prorogation of Parliament. . Written' and Collected by 
Himself, and dedicated to the Officers of the Army he Commanded. 

With 6 large Folding Maps and Plans. 

Second Edition. 8vo, original boards, uncut. 

London, 1780. £3 3s 

1781 A.D. 

Colonel Simcoe's Copy. 

[286] HOWE (Lieut. -Gen. Sir Wilham). The Narrative Of Lieut. Gen. 
Sir Williain Howe^ in A Committee of the House of Commons, on the 29th of 
April, 1779, relative to His Conduct, during his late command of the King's 
Troops in North Am.eTica: Tb which are added, Some Observations upon a 
Pamphlet, entitled Letters to a Nobleman. 

Third Edition. 110 pp., 4to, original half calf. 

London: H. Baldwin, 1781. £15 15s 

* * * 

Prom the Library of Lien*. Col. Simcoe, the famous CommaJider of the " Queen's 
Eaagers" in the American War; and the first Governor of Upper Canada; with his book- 
plate inside cover, and with many marginal notes and comments in pencil, some initialed 
by him. 

1781 A.D. 

[287] FLORIDA. Diario (te' las operaciones de la expediicion contra 
La Plaza dte PaiizaoolA condulda per las Armas de S. W. Cat6lica, baxo las 
ordenes del Mariscal de Campo B. Bernardo de Galvez. 

48 pp., small 4to, wra-pfers. 

{Havana, 178 1.) £16 16s 

* * * An extremely rare relation of the re-capture of the chief port of Florida by the 
Spaniards, with the Articles of Capitulation agreed upon by the English. 

Panzaeola, town and port of Florida, situated on the Bay of St. Marie de Galvez, was 
taken by the French in 1719. It was ceded to England in 1762 by the Treaty of Versailles. 
In 1781, an expedition commanded by Bernardo de Galvez, re-took it from the English. It is 
an account of this expedition which is given in the present tract. 


126 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1782 A.D. 

[288] NUIX (Juan). imparoiales sobre la humanidad die 

tos Espanoles ert las Indias. Contra los pretendidos filosofos y politicos. 
Para ilustrar las historias de MM. Raynal y Robertson. Traducidas con algu- 
nas notas por D. Pedro Varela y UUoa. 

4to, calf. 

Madrid, 1782. £2 2s 


1783 A.D. 

[289] CLINTON (Lt. -General Sir Henry). The Narrative of Lieutenant- 
Ceneral Sir Henry CliintOin, K.B., relative to his Conduct during part of his 
command of the King's Troops in' North America; particularly tO' that which 
respects the unfortunate issue of the Campaign in 1781. With an Appendix 
containing copies and extracts of those parts of his correspondence with Lord 
George Germain, Earl Comwallis, Rear Admiral Graves, &c. 

Sixth Edition. 112 pp. 

London, 1783. 

CORNWALL IS (Earl). An Answer to that part of the Narrative of 
Lieutenant-Generat Sir Henry Clinton, K.B., which relates to the Conduct of 
Lieutenant-General Earl Cornwallis, during the Campaign in North-America, in 
the year 1781. 

260 pp. London, 1783. 

CLINTON (Lt. -General Sir Henry). Observations on som© parts of the 
Answer of Earl Cornwallis to Sir Henry Clinton's Narrati^e^ To which is 
added An Appendix; containing Extracts of Letters and other Papers, to which 
reference is necessary. 

113 pp. London, 1783. 

Together 3 vols, in i, 8vo, original half calf, edges uncut. £2 18s 

1783 A.D. 

[290] CORNWALLIS (Earl). An Answer to that part of the Narrative 
of Lieut. General Sir Henry Clinton which relates to the Conduct of Lieut. 
General Earl Cornwallis, during the Campaign in North America in the year 

8vo, 260 pp., uncut in its original wrappers. 

London, 1783. £2 2s 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 127 

1783 A.D. 

[291] GALVEZ (Bernardo, Governador y Capitani General de la Luisiana 
y Florida Occidental). Reales Cedillas en que el Rey se sirve hacer mercetl 
de Titulo de Castilla, con la denominacion de Conde de Galvez, y la adicion de 
una Flor de Lis de Oro en Campo azul para el Escudo de sus Armas. 

With engraving of his new Coat oi Arms. 

22 pp., folio, new boards. 

Madrid, i;83. £8 lOs 

* * * Describing Galvez's successful career in North America, the re^captur© of Florida, 
etc., as reasons for creating him a Count. 


1783 A.D. 

[292] A HEW MAP of Nortll America, with the West India Islands. 
Divided according to the Preliminary Articles of Peace signed at Y'ersailles, 
20th January, 1783, wherein are particularly Distinguished the United States, 
and the Several Provinces, Governments, which compose the British Dominions. 

With inset map of Baffin and Hudson's Bay; also inset map of " The 
Passage by Land to California discover'd by Father Eusebius Francis 'Kino, a 

2 sheets, each 21 inches by 4 feet. 

London, 1783. £1 lOS 

1783 A.D. 

[293] MAPS. RUSSELL (J.). A Collection of Nine Folding Maps of 

the varioiis parts of North and South America and West IndSes. 1 783-1 800. 

Folded to Svo size, original calf. £3 3s 

Including : — 
General Map of North America. 

Map of United States of America, according to Treaty of Peace of 17S3. 
Northern or New England States of America. 
Middle States of America. 
Southern States (portion of map missing). 
Plan of the City of Washington. Etc., etc., etc: 


1784 A.D. 

Catechism Printed in Mexico. 

[294] RIPALDA (Geronimo de). Cateoismo y exposicion breve dte la 
doctrina Christiana. 

With engraved frontispiece and vignette on title. 

4to, calf. 

Puebla de los Angeles, 1784. £4 4s 


128 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

17S5 A.D. 

[295] VALVERDE (Antonio Sanchez). Idea (tel valor dela Isia Espa- 
nola, y utilidades, que de ella puede sacar su monarquia. 

With large folding map of the Island of San Domingo. 

4to, calf. 

Madrid, 1785. £5 5s 

Don Antonio Valverde has written an excellent history of the Spanish Island of 
San Domingo, helped by the materials which his father collected for twenthy years. He was 
also greatly aided by the fact that he was born therei and lived there for many years 


1785 A.D. 

[296] CALIFORNIA. EstadO> de las Misiones de la Nueba Califontia, 

sacado de los informes de los Misioneros que formaron' a ultimos de Deciemibre, 

Original Manuscript, one page, folio, giving in columns the state, with 
the Crops, Cattle, etc., of the Catholic Missions in California, and listing the 
Missions of San Diego, San Juan, San Gabriel, San Antonio, San Francisco, 
and others. 

Unbound. 1785. £3 3s 

1786 A.D. 

[297] A NEW MAP of the Whiole Continant of Anverioa, divided into 
North and South and West Indies. Wherein are exactly described The United 
States of North America, as well as the Several European Possessions according 
to the Preliminaries of Peace signed at Versailles January 20th, 1783. Com- 
piled from Mr. D'Anville's Maps of that Continent, with the addition of the 
Spanish Discoveries in 1775 to the North of CALIFORNIA, and corrected in the 
several parts belonging to Great Britain, from the original Materials of Gover- 
nor Powell. 

With inset map of the Countries adjoining tO' Baffin's and Hudson's 
Bays, and lists of all the possessions in America belonging to the various 

Two large sheets, each 4 feet by 21 inches. 

London, 1786. £1 10s 

1787 A.D. 

[298] QUEBEC. Manuscript Observations upon the Oral and Written 
Evidence adduced during the Investigation ordered in Consequence of the 
Address of the Legislative Council so far as respects the Court of Common 
Pleas for the District of Quebec, dated Quebec, 30th October, 1787. With 
Supplemental Observations, dated 3rd November, 1787. 

90 pp., folio. 1787. £4 4s 

Apparently the Official Draft Papers concerning the Investigation into the delay of 
.lustice at Quebec. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 129 

1787 A.D. 

[299] TARLETON (Lieut.-Col. Sir Banastre). A Histary of the Cam- 
paigns of 1780 and 1781, in the Southern Provinces of North America. 

With large folding map of the Marches of Lord Cornwallis in the 
Southern Provinces, comprehending the two Carolinas with Virginia and Mary- 
land, and the Delaware Counties. Plans of the sieges of Charles Town and 
York Town and the battles of Camden and Guildford. 

First Edition. Thick 4to, old calf. 

London, 1787. ^5 5s 

This book has great value, especialltsr because it contains many documents that cannot 
be found elsewhere without great labour. Portions of the work are trustworthy; but as a 
narrative it is spoiled by the vanity of the author, who distorts events in order to place his 
own services in a favourable light. 

The work begins with D'Estaingi's Fruitless Attack on Savannah in the Autumn of 
1779, and proceeds with great minuteness , of detail to give the military events of the Carolinas 
and Virginia down to the surrender of Cornwallis at York Town, October 19, 1781. 

The history is in general a compilation of the official letters of the British officers 
both in the sea and land service, and of the American and French commanders, which had 
appeared in the newspapers; together with Lord Eawdon's campaign, from the ''Remem- 
brancer " and " Annual Register." 

Tarleton's unjust discriminations and criticisms called forth • a caustic review by 
McKenzie, who in turn was answered by George Hanger. 

The Church Catalogue only knew of copies in the British Museum, John Carter Brown 
and Lenox Libraries. 

1787 A.D. 

" The Pearl of America." 

[300] JULIAN (Antonio). La peria de la Amerioa^ proviitoia de Santa 
Marta, reconocida^ observada, y expuesta en discursos hi^oricos. 

With a folding map of the Province of Santa Marta. 

4to, calf. 

Madrid, 1787. £7 lOs 

The work is divided into three parts of which the first deals with the wealth and 
commerce of the province of Santa Marta, the seoomd is devoted to the Indian tribes (Indies 
Tayronas, Arnacos, Tupcs, Chimilas, Motilones, Guagiros), of that province; the third deals 
entirely with the ports and rivers. 

The fourteenth discurso relates to the Guagira language. The author says that it is 
clear, short and sonorous, and it appears to him to be the best American-Indian language. 
He states that he had a dictionary of this tongue in his possession, given him by a cleric, 
a brother of the Cacique Don Cacilio. 

The province of Santa Marta is situated in new Granada. It is one of the four provinces 
which were originally formed out of the Columbian district of Magdalena. 


1788 A.D. 

[301] SABA (Onuphrius Prat de). Vicennalia saora Peruviana sive de 
viris Pemvianis religtone ilustribus hiisce viginti annis gleri«>sa' morte fimctis. 

8vo, calf, gilt florcd border on sides, gilt back. 

Ferrara, 1788. £3 lOs 

The above contains biographies of 15 Jesuit missionaries in Peru, most of whom died 
in Italy, where they took refuge after their expulsion from Peru. Most of the Jesuits worked 
among the Moxo Indians. 


I30 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1789 A.D. 

[302] CLAVIGERO (F. S.)- Storta della California. 

With large folding map of California. 

2 vols, in I, 8vo, half bound, uncut cofy. 

Venice, 1789. £10 lOs 

Bradford 939. Eare first edition. 

Tlie author has used with great skill the manuscripts of Fathers Michael Del Barco 
and Lucas Ventura, who had spent majay years in Californiai. Clavigero was born in Vera- 
Crnz in 1781, and was a member of <Jhe Company of Jeeus> He spent more than 30 years of 
his life searching for and compiling documents for his History of Mexico. After the suppres- 
sion of the Order he sought refuge in Italy and died in Bologna in 1787. 


1789 A.D. 

[303] DIXON' (Captain G.). A Voyage- Rouindi th© World, but more 
particularly to the North-West Coast of America, performed in 1785, 1786, 
1787, and 1788 in the " KING GEORGE " and " Queen Charlotte." 

Numerous folding plates and maps. 

4to, hcdf calf. 

London, 1789. £2 12s 6d 


1789 A.D. 

[304] PORTLOCK (N.). A voyagie round the world but more particu- 
larly to the north-west of America, performed in 17(85, 1786, 1787, 1788, in 
" The King George " and " Queen Charlotte," Captains Portlock and Dixon. 

With portrait, maps and plates. 

4to, half calf. 

London, 1789. £4 4s 


1789 A.D. 

[305] COOPER (Rev.). The History of North America. Containing, 
A Review of the Customs and Manners of the Original Inhabitants; The first 
Settlement of the British Colonies, their Rise and Progress, from The earliest 
Period to the Time of their becoming United, free and independent States. 

With plates. 

London, 1789. 16s 6d 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 131 

1790 A.D. 

Queen Marie Antoineite's Copy. 

[306] DE LESSEPS (M.). Journal Hi&torique du Voyage 
Lessepsj Consul de France, employ^ dans I'exp^dition de M. Ie> oomte de la 
Pdrouse, en quialite d'tnterprfete du Roi; Depuis I'instant ou il a quitte les fre- 
gates Francoises au port Saint-Pierre & Saint-Paul du Kamtschatka, jusqu a 
arrivee en France, le 17 Octobre 1788. 

With two folding maps. 

2 vols., 8vol Paris, Imfrimerie Roy ale, i7go. 


(See Illustration, Plate No. XVIII. ). £250 

* * * Books from the library of the ill-fated Marie Antoinette, who was guillotined in 
1793, seldom come into the market, as practicailly all her books were given over in 1800 to the 

Bibliotheque Nationale and Versailles Library. 

1790 A.D. 

[307] COUTO (Diogo do). Observagces sobre as prinoipaes oausas da 
Deoadenoia dos Portuiguezes ma Asia escritas por Diogo do Couto, em forma 

de Dialogo, com titulo de Soldado Pratico publicedas por Antonio Caetano do 

4to, wraffers, uncut. 

Lisbon, 1790. , 18s 


1791 A.D. 

[308] GUMILLA (P. Joseph). Historia natural, civil y geografioa de 
las Naciones situadas en las RiverasI def Rio Orinoco. 

With portrait, map, and 6 plates of antiquities. 
2 vols., small 4to, calj . 

Barcelona, 1791. £10 IDs 

This is the best edition. Gumilla lived from 1690 to about 1758; thirty years of Ms 

(Continued over.) 

132 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

Cumilla (P. Joseph) — continued. 

life were spent among the tribes cxf the Orinoco. " Precieux pour la multitude de renseigne- 
ments qu'il renferme " Brasseur de Bourbourg. 

Father Gumilla was sent' at an early age to the American missions. While acting as 
u missionary he studied the history of the countries which he was evangelising. As Superior 
of the missions of the Orinoco he visited the banks of this great river as far as the obstacles 
allowed which he met at every step. In 1738 he became director of the College of Carthagena, 
but left in the same year for Spain). It was at Madrid that he finally wrote his celebrated 
work, which he based on the manuscripts of Fathers Mercado and Eibera. Father Gumilla 
returned to America where he died. 

The first volume of the history contains the geographical description of the course of 
the Orinoco and remarks on the customs and usages of the Indian tribe living on its banks. 


1790 A.D. 

[309] COLOMBOl (Felipe). Ell Job de la ley d© graoia, retratado en la 
admirable vida del sirvo de dios Padre Fray Pedro Urraca, nacido al mtmdo en 
la villa de Xadraque, a la religion en el convento de la Ciudad de Quito, al 
cielo en el de la Ciudad de Lima en el Peru. 

With fine portrait. 

4to, vellum. 

N.P. 1790. 15s 

The above book is a biography of Father Pedro Urraca, who was born in Xadraque, 
took orders at Quito, and died in Lima in Peru, where he was active as a. missionary. 


1790 A.D. 

[310] EDWARDS (Rev. Mr. Jonathan). A Faithful Narrative of the 
Surprisiiiig Work of Cod in the oomversion of maniy hundred souls in North- 
ampton and New England. In a letter to the Rev. Dr. Benjamin Colman, of 
Boston. By the Rev. Mr. Edwards, minister of Northampton. To which is 
added, " True Grace distinguished from the Experience of Devils," in a 
Sermon preached before the Synod of New York. New American Edition. 

Small 8vo, original half calf. 

Elizabeth Town, i/go. £1 lOs 

This is an account of the " Great Revival " which began in New England, in 1734, and 
lasted for fifteen years, and in which Edwards and George Whitefield took the most prominent 

The work is written in the form of a letter to Dr. Colman, of Boston, and was sent 
by him to London, and there published by Dr. Isaac Watts and Dr. John Guyse, with a long 
preface signed by both of those divines. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 133 

1791 A.D. 

[3 1 1] UNITED STATES. ACTS passed at the First Session of the Con- 
^gresEv of the United Btates bf America, begun and held at the City of New- 
York on Wednesday the Fourth of March in the Year 1789, and of the Inde- 
pendence of the United States the thirteenth. 

160 pp. Philadelphia: Printed by Francis Chiids and John Swaine, 
Printers to the United States, i/gi. 

ACTS passed at the Second Session of the Congress of the United States 
of America, begun and held at the City of New- York, on Monday the Fourth 
of January, in Ihe year 1790: and of the Independence of the United States 
the fourteenth. To which are added the Treaties betwixt the United States 
and Foreign Nations. 

414 pp. Philadelphia: Printed by Francis Chiids and John Swaine, 
Printers to the United States. 1791. 

ACTS passed at the Third Session of the Corigress of the United States 
of America, begun and held at the City of Philadelphia, on Monday the sixth 
of December, in the Year 1790: and of the Independence of the United States 
the fifteenth. Toi which is added an Appendix, containing Resolves, &c., of 
the Old Congress. 

I30 pp. Philadelphia: Printed by, Francis Chiids atid John Swaine, 
Printers to the United States. 1791. 

Together 3 vols, in i, 8vo, half calf. 

Philadelphia, 1791. £5 5S 

1791 A.D. 

[312] PAINE (Thomas). A Letter to the Earl of Shelbume, now Mar- 
quis of Lansdowne, on his Speech, July 10, 1782, respecting the acknowledg- 
ment of American Independence:! with an Appendix, containing Thoughts on 
the Peace, and probable advantages thereof. 

New Edition. Svo, wrappers, uncut. 

London, 1791. 8s 6d 


1792 A.D. 

[313] ULLOA (Antonio de). Noticias Americanas; Entretenimientos 
phisicos-historicos sobre la America Meridional, y la Septentrianal Oriental 
Territorios, Climas, Produciones, vegetales, animales, minerales. De los Indios 
naturales de aquellos Paises, sus costumbres, y usos. Sobre la Lengua y sobre 
el modo en que pasaron los primeros Pobladores. 

8vo, calf, gilt, g. e. 

Madrid, 1792. £2 2s 


134 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1793 A.D. 

[314] INSTRUCGION pam el mcjor Regivneni db tos establecimiGtitos 
fixos fte Marine en Cartagena de Indias, Montevideo, y S. Bias die Califomias. 

4 pp., folio, wrappers. 

Madrid, 1793. £3 3s 


1794 A.D. 

[315] A NEW MAP of thie whole Continent of America, divided into 
North and South and West Indies. Wherein are exactly described The United 
States of North America, as well as the Several European Possessions according 
to the Preliminaries of Peace signed at Versailles January 20th, 1783. Com- 
piled from Mr. D'Anville's Maps of that Continent, with the addition of the 
Spanish Discoveries in 1775 to the North of CALIFORNIA, and corrected in the 
several parts belonging to Great Britain, from the original Materials of Gover- 
nor Pownall. 

With inset map of the Countries adjoining to Baffin's and Hudson's 
Bays, and lists of all the possessions in America belonging to the various 

Two large sheets, each 4 feet by 21 inches. 

London, 1794. ^^ ^Os 

1794 A.D. 

[316] COUTINHO (J. J. C. A.), Bishop of Pernambuco, Brazil. Ensaio 
Econontfco sobre o Comercio die PortugaJi e suas Colonies. 

4to, old calf. 

Lisbon, 1794. £2 2s 

First Edition of this important work. Not in Rodrigues, who only mentions _ the 
second edition of 1816. This work is dedicated tio the Prince of Brazil. NOT IN THE 

1794 A.D. 

[317] WILLIAMS (Samuel). The Natural and Civil History of Vermont. 

Large folding map. 

8vo, original calf. 

Printed at Walpole, New Hampshire, 1794. £1 5s 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. 135 

1795 A.D. 

History of the Dominican Missionaries, printed in Mexico. 

[318] HIDALGO (Miguel). Clorias Dominicafias en su esclaracido, e 

ilustre militar tercer orden. Contiene e. Origen de este Instituto, su antigue- 
dad; con la relacion del origen y establicimento del Santo Tribunal de la Fe, 
y del de sus Familiares, y Ministros. 

With two fuE-page plates, one of Saint Dominic. 

Printed on thick paper. Large paper copy, green morocco, floral border 
oH sides, gilt back, g. e. 

Mexico, 1795. £5 5s 

NOT in the church CATALOGUE. 

1795 A.D. 

[319] UNITED STATES REVENUES. Report of the Secretary of the 
Treasury, for the Improvement and better Management of the Revenues of 
the United States; read in the House of Representatives of the United States, 
February 2nd, 1795. 

II pp., 8vo, wrafpers. 

Philadelphia, lygS- £1 5s 


1795 A.D. 

[320] FIGUEIRA (Luiz). Arte da gratnmatica da lingua do> Brasil. ./ 

Ouarta Impressao. 

Bvo, calf. 

Lisbon, 1795. £3 lOs 

Rodrigues, No. 1002. 

The author was born in 1573 at Almodovar and entered the Company of Jesus in 
1592. He was sent to Brazil and became the companion of Father Francis Pinto, who was 
killed by the Indiansi. Father Figueira escaped the danger and returned to Portugal after 
he had spent more than twenty years as a missionary, in order to obtain fresh missionaries. 
On his return he was shipwrecked at the mouth of the River Amazon and was massacred 
with 13 companions in July, 1643. 


136 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1796 A.D. 

[321] WASHINGTON (George). Epistles, Damestict, Confittential and 
Official, writtemi about the Coimimenceiment of the Americani Contest, whem he 
entered on the Command of the Army of the United States. 

8vo, original boards, uncut. 

New York Printed, London Reprinted, 1796. £1 6s 

" An infamous barefaced forgery manufactured in New York at the Headquarters of 
the British Army under ye wing of the British Commander in Chief for the purpose of 
Blackeng. ye charactier of Genl. Washington and degrading him in the opinion of congress of 
America, but wch on ye contrary they contemned and laughed at and for wch noble attempt 
ye fabricator was rewarded by a British Pension." — Contemporary MS. note in a copy of this 


1796 A.D. 

[322] STEDMAN (J. G.). Narrative of a five year's expedJtioti against 

the revolted negroes of Surikiam ini Guiana, on the wild coast of South America, 
from the year 1772 to 1777. Elucidating the history of that country and 
describing its productions, with an account of the Indians of Guiana, and 
.negroes of Guinea. 

With 80 fine plates, mostly by Blake, some by Bartolozzi, and other good 
engravers, and maps. 

2 vols., 4to, half calf. 

London, 1796. £3 3s 


1796 A.D. 

panied the Message of the President of the United States to both Houses of 
Congress, April 3rd, 1798. 

Charleston, April 26th, 1798. 

Priestlteiy (Dr.). Coptes of Original Letters recently written by Persons 
in Paris, to Dr. Priestley in America. Taken on board of a neutral Vessel. 
London, 1798. 

Letter fromi Edmutid Burkei to a Noble Lord on the Attacks made upon 
him and his pension in the House of Lords. With passing references to the 
loss of the American Colonies. 

London, 1796. 

Three tracts in i vol., 8vo, old half calf. 

1796-8. 15s 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 137 

1795 A.D. 

[324] AMERICAN INDIANS. An Aot for establishing! trading houses 
with the Indian Tribes (Fourth Congress of the United States at the First 
Session begun and held at the City of Philadelphia, December 7th, 1795). 
Signed in print at end by Geo. Washington' as President, Jonathan Dayton, 
Speaker, and John Adams, Vice-President. 

3 pp., folio, unbound. 

Philadel-phia, 1796. £2 lOs 


1796 A.D. 

Spanish Treaty of Friendship with the United States. 

[325] REAL CEDULA de S.M. y Seitores diel ConsejOi en que se manda 
observar y guardar el' Tratado dte Amistad, Limites y Navegacion concluido 
y ratificado entre su Real Persona y loS Estados Ureidos de Aimerrca. 

30 pp., folio, unbound. 

Madrid, 1796. £7 7s 

* * * The Treaty of Friendship between Spain and United States negotiated by George 


1796 A.D. 

[326] WILLYAMS (Rev. C). An Aocoimt of the Campaign in the West 
Indies in 1794, under the command of Sir C. Grey and Vice- Admiral Sir J. 
Jervis, with the reduction of the Islands of Martinique, St. Lucia, Guadaloupe, 
Marigalante, Desiada, etc. 

With map and plan. 

4to, original boards, uncut. 

London, 17^. £5 lOS 


1796 A.D. 

[327] AMERICA. An Address fretn Robert Coodioe Harper, of South 
Carolina, to his Constituents, containing his reasons for approving of the 
Treaty of Amity, commerce and navigation with Great Britain. To which is 
annexed a letter from Governor Jay to the Author. 

8vo, new boards. 

Philadelphia, 1796. 18s 


138 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1796 A.D. 

[328] AMERICA. Th© Speeoh of Mr. Airjes, in the House of ML. 
Representatives of the United States, when in; committee of the whole, on 
Thursday, April 28th, 1796. In support of the following motion: Resolved 
that it is. expedient to pass the laws necessary to carry into effect the Treaty 
lately concluded between the United States and the King of Great Britain. 

8vo, new boards. 

Philadelphia, 1796. £1 lOs 


179S A.D. 

[329] GILBERT (William). The Hurricane: A Theosophical and Western 
Eclogue. To which is subjoined, A Solitary Effusion in a Summer's Evening. 

8vo, original cloth, uncut. 

London, 1796. £1 lOs 

*** "It gives, and is gTonnded on, a Theosophical view of tlie relation between 
America and Europe." 

1796 A.D. 

[330] PAINE (T.). The Decline and Fall of the English System of 

8vo, new boards, uncut. 

Philadelphia, 170^. £1 


1796 A.D. 

[331] JAMAICA. The Proceedings of the Governor and Assembly of 
Jamaica, in regard to the Maroon Negroes : Published by Order of the 

To which is prefixed. An Introductory Account, containing Observations 
on the Disposition, Character, Manners, and Habits of Life of the Maroons, 
and a Detail of the Origin, Progress, and Termination of the Late War between 
those People and the White Inhaibitants. 

Frontispiece. 8vo, calf. 

London, 1796. £1 5s 


Plate XV. 

p pW/t.;j,J,M;)p qgSg»g^l l l )J^^ l | | /.^ l BBa g dc Limri, no >(.tl, do Siil nu ColH Ao 

iTcvto ae. Patt/L no'A' do Sul ^^2 Qc\\.h 

li'cproductioii of part of one ut' the Secret Map^ of the Aniericcis and the Imlies (dated liiSII") ; 
secnred from the Portuguese Archives by tl(e Spanish Secret Service in Itisl Viy order of ,i 
Governor of Mexico and presented by hiui to the King of Spain and the Council of the 

Indies on April 16, 1692. 

In See Item No. 70. 


l.Vproilucfion (reduced) of ir,\ii of (.uv ol' ilie Secret Miips of the Aiiiericiis and the Indies 

(dated 1630); secured Ironi the J'ortntJiiese Archives by the Spanish Secret Service in 1H81 

by order of a Governor of Mexico and presented by him to the King of Spain and the 

Covmcil of the indies on April 16, 1692. 

See Item No. 70. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35. Conduit Street. London, W. 159 

1797 A.D. 

Documents Signed by the Father of Queen Victoria whilst 
Commander-in-Chief in British North America. 

[332] NOVA SCOTIA. Am Extensive Colleotion of Origiinal Papers 

connected with the Army in Nova Scotia in the year 1797, comprising nearly 
One Hundred and Forty Documents, each one signed by the Duke of Kent, 
son of George III., and father of Queen Victoria. With numerous other Signa- 
tures attached. 

I vol., thick folio. £15 15s 

* * * The Duke of Kent was at this period Commander-in-Chief of the Forces in British 
North America. 

1797 A.D. 

[333] EDWARDS (Bryan). Alt Historical' Surve>y of the French Colony 
in the Island of St. Domingo, comprehending a short accoiuit of its Ancient 
Government, Political State, Population, Productions, and Ejqjorts, a Narra- 
tive of the Calamities whidi have desolated the country ever since the year 
1789, with some reflections on their Causes, etc. 

4to, original calf. London, 1797. £1 1s 


1797 A.D. 

[334] AMERICA. A Case, respectmg British debts, lately determined 
in the circuit court of the United States for North Carolina district. Presided 
by C. J. Ellsworth. Hamilton versus Eaton. 

8vo, new boards. 

Nembern, lygy. £1 16s 


1797 A.D. 

[335] HARPER (Robert Goodloe). Observations on the Dispute 
between th© United States and France^ addressed to his Constituents, in 
May, 1797. 

Svo, half calf. 

London, lyg^. £1 


140 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Streei., London, W. 

1798 A.D. 

[336] HEATH (Major^eneral William). Memoirs, containing Anec- 
dotes, details of Skirmishes, iBattles, and other Militajry Events, during the 
American War. 

With portrait inserted. 

8vo, old calf. 

Boston, August, 1798. £2 lOs 

Tills is one of the most valuable/ of tlie contemporaneous narratives of the Revolution. 
Heath was present at the Battle of Lexington soon after Percy took command, on the British 
side. It was reprinted in 1904, as one of the series of " Source hooks of American History." 

1798 A.D. 

[337] SIMOOE (Lieut. General, Governor of Upper Canada). Ode- to 
Major-Ceneral Siiimcoie (by Henry Drury). 

76 pp., 4to, wraffers. 

Privately Printed, Exeter, 1798. £2 lOS 

* * * Inserted is an Autograph Letter from the Author to General Simcoe. 

Simcoe commanded the famous native regiment, The Queen's Rangers, in the Americein 
AVar ; he Was the first Governor of Upper Canada. NOT IN CHURCH CATALOGUE. 

1798 A.D. 

[338] THE DUBLIN MAGAZINE, and Irish Monthly Register for 1798. 

8vO', original half binding. 

Dublin, 1798. £8 8s 

Illustrated with copper-plate engravings of : — 

George WashingtcoQ. George III. 

Marquis CornwaLlis. Lord Nelson. 

In the Carson Sale, the Washington Portrait alone sold for §80. 

1798 A.D. 

[339] UNITED STATES. A short account of the Principal Proceedings 
of Congress m the late session^ and a sketch of the state of affair's, from 
Robert Goodloe Harper of South Carolina to one of his Constituents. 

8vo, new boards. 

Philadelphia, 1798. £1 Is 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 141 

179S A.D. 

[340] AMERICA. Am Address to the People of America, on the pros- 
pect of War with France. Recommended to the perusal of the People of Great 
Britain by a true friend to his Country. 

8vo, new boards. 1798. ISs 


1798 A.D. 

[341 J AMERICA, HARPER (Robert Goodloe). Observations on the 
dispute between the United States and Francei, addressed to his Constituents 
in May, 1797. 

8vo, boards. 

London, 1798. 10s 6d 


1799 A.D. 

[342] WELD (Isaac, Junior). Travels through the States of North 

Annerica, and the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canaxia, during the Years 
179s, 1796, and 1797. 

Illustrated and emibellished with 16 fine plates, and large folding map. 

4to, original calf. 

London, 1799. £4 4s 

* * * From the Library of Lieut.-Col. Simooe, the famous Commander of the " Queen's 
Rangers " in the American War, and the first Governor of Upper Canada; with his hook-plate 
inside cover. 

1799 A.D. 

[343] SIMiCOE (Lieut. General, Governor of Upper Canada). A Letter 
'in answer to an attack upotii himi whioh appeared in the translation of the 
Duke de Liancourt's Travels. 

18 pp., 4t0', wrap-pers. 

Privately Issued, 1799. £5 5s 

* * * " The Sheets before me (of Liancourt's Travels) are, I think uniformly mis- 
statements, and tlhose on points (such as the Canada Constitution) where he had the subject 
matter in print. In respect to any part of my public conduct, that will be always ready 
to meet discussion; but, I trust, our American emmity has ceased, and I know, that under God, 
I am the instrument that prevented war between the two countries." 


142 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1799 A. D. 

Original Manuscript Journals. 

[344 j CURTIS (Admiral Sir Roger). " A, Book cantajning views, head'- 
lands, cO'asts, etc., descriptions of Harbours and Roadsteads, and miscel- 
laneous articles, relative to Naval affairs." 

Original Manuscript Journals, Memoranda, etc., kept on board H.M.S. 
Lancaster, Indiaiman, and other ships bound for the Cape of Good Hope, 1799- 

Five full-page and twelvel smaller original coloured drawings, by Admiral 
Sir Roger Curtis. 

FoliO', original half binding. £25 

The Coloured Views comprise : — 

Cape Brabant, Mauritius. 

View of the Isle of Prance between Black River and Port Louis. 

View of the Isle of Prance between Port Louis and Cape Brabant. 

View of Port Louis, Mauritius. 

Isle de Groa. 

Porto Santo. 

Appearance of Cape Infanta. 

Appearance of Cape Recif. 

Appearance of Las Sunas. 

Appearance of St. Blaire. 

Remarkable Saddle in the land off Algoa Bay. 

Appearance of the Isle de St. Croix, 

Land about Cape LagiuUasi. 

Land about Cape LagiuUaS'. 

Island of St. Helena (3 views). 

Roger Curtis entered tihe Navy in 1762, and after brilliant service in all parts of 
the world, was promoted Commander-in-Chief at the Cape of Good Hope, leaving England in 
1799 on the Lancaster, together with the West India, and Mediterranean Convoys, and those 
vessels bound for the Cape, in all 200 sail. 

After three montlhs difftcult sail, the fleet arrived at Table Bay, and from there H.M. 
Ships Lancaster, Rattlesnake, Euphrosyne, and Adamant started for Mauritius, and the neigh- 
bouring islands. 

These journals contain many interesting historical and nautical facts, accounts of the 
French possession in the Indian Ocean, Polypi or luminous animals and other phenomena. 

The following are some of the chief headings : — 

(1) Cruise from England to the Cape in the Lancaster under Vice-Admiral Sir Roger 
Curtis, calling at Funchal Bay, and other ports. 

(2) Long Historical and Geograpihical description of Madeira, Mauritius, Isle of 
Bourbon, Eodrigues, eto. 

(3) Remarks on the description of Megellanic Cloude, Polypi or luminous animals, 
Corpo Santo, Birds, etc. , 

(4) Process of heaving down H.M.S. Rattlesnake in Saldanha Bay, for the purpose of 
new coppering her, 1800. 

(5) Remarks made during a passage to Mauritius in July, 1800. 

(6) Narrative of a Cruise off the Isle of France and position of the Squadron under 
command of Capt. Hotham. 

(7) Native Prisoners. 

(8) Cruise from St. Mary's Island to Table Bay and Algoa Bay, 1801. 

(9) Pilotage in Falmouth Harbour, Plymouth Sound, Gibraltar. 

(10) Anchorage. 

(11) State of the Cape at the beginning of 1802, under Sir G. Yonge's Government. 

(12) Return Voyage to England. 
Etc., etc., eto. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London. W. 143 

1800 A.D. 

[345] WELD (I.). Travels through the States of North America, and 

the Provinces of Upper) and Lower Canada, during the years 1795, 1796, and 

With map and 13 plates. 

Third Edition. 2 vols., 8vo, half calf. 

London, 1800. £2 2s 


1800 A.D. 

[346] ARROWSMITH (A.). A Map of the Uiwtecl States of North 
America, drawn from a number of critical researches. 

A very large map on four sheets (size of each sheet 28 by 24 inches), Avith 
inset view of the Falls of Niagara, each sheet mounted on linen and folded to 
4to size, in the original half calf full-off case. 

Circa 1800. £2 2S 


1800 A.D. 

[347] WILLOCK (John). Voyages to various parts of the Worifi^ and 

Remarks on different Countries in Europe, Africa, and America, with the Cus- 
toms and Maimers of the Inhabitants. 

Svo, original calf. 

Penrith, circa 1800. £1 5s 

* * * Chap. I. An account of a Voyage to the West Inclies and America, during the 
American War, including an account of the burning of part of St. John's, Antigua, May 20, 
1782, and a short description of New York and LongMsIand. Chap. II. Voyage to New York, 
1782-1783, and entry into the service of the American States. Chap. III. Voyage from Virginia 
to Spain. Chap. VIJI. Voyage to Canada, a short account of Quebec and a river journey to 
Montreal, &c. 


1800 A.D. 

[348] THOfiiUS (Raphael). De paeto sou taliaco zaraiamn iibri II, in 

paetisugorium gratiam, aeque ac praecipue colentium soteropolitanis Brasiliae 
in arvis, denuo typis commissi, curante Fr. Josepho Mariano Velloso. 

With engraved frontispiece and numerous plates. 

4to, original wraffers. 

Lisbon, 1800. £1 5s 

144 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London. W. 

1800 A.D. 

[349] PAINE (Thomas). Agrarian Justice, opposed to Agrarian Law 
and to Agrarian Monopoly, being a Plani for Melioratmg the Condition of Man 
by Creating in every Nation a National Fund. 

8vo, new boards, uncut. 

Philadelphia, Printed by R. Folwell for Benjamin Franklin Bache, circa 
1800. 18s 


1800 A.D. 

[350] THE PROSPECT before us. 

Vol. I, 8'Vo, new boards. 

Richmond-Virginia, 1800. £1 16s 

The design of this book is to exhibit the multiplied corruptions of the Federal Govern- 
ment, and more especially the misconduct of the President, Mr. Adams. 

1800 A.D. 

[351] PROCEEDINGS of the Virginia Assembly, on the Answers of 
Sundry States, to their Resolutions, passed in December, 1798. 

8vo, new boards. 

Philadelphia, 1800. £1 10s 

1800 A.D. 

[352] A BRIEF Statement of Opinions^ given in the Board of Commis- 
sioners, under the sixth article of the Treaty of hraity. Commerce & Navigation, 
with Great Britain; with an Appendix containing certain articles of the treatise 
with Great 'Britain; and references to opinions delivered by Judges of the 
supreme & circuit courts of the United States; by one of the Commissioners. 

8vo, new boards. 

Philadelphia, 1800. £1 5s 

1800 A.D. 

[353] WASHINGTON. CHAUDRON (Le F. Simon). Oraison Funfebre, 
du Frere George Washington Pronono6e le premier Janvier 1800, dans la loge 
Francaise, L'Amenite. 28 pp. 

Discours adresses par le Venerable F : de la Grange, aux officiers de la 
G: Loge, Aux Epouses des Magons et aux Visiteurs. 5 pp. 

8vo, neiv boards. 

Philadelphia, 1800. £1 lOs 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 145 

1800 A.D. 

[354] DESULTORY Reflections on the New Polrtioaf Aspects of puMio 
affairs, in the United States of America, since the commencement of the year 

8vo, new boards. 

'New York, 1800. £1 lOs 

" If there was ever a time for war, it was tliat in which America made her exhibitions 

of hostility to keep peace An armed & hostile peace, under a popnlar form of 

Government, is of all conditions the most preposterous. . ." 

1800 A.D. 

[355] WASHINGTON (G.). Letters from His Excellmoy Geoi^ Wasli- 
ington. President of the United States of America, to Sir J. Sinclair, IBart., 
M.A., on Agriculture, and other interesting topics. Erigraved from the original 
letters, so as to be an exact fascimile of the handwriting of that celebrated 

4to, half calf. 

London, i?><x>. £2 2s 

1800 A.D. 

[356] WASHINGTON (George). Po>titioal Legaoies, to which is annexed 
an appendix containing an account of his Illness, Death, and the National 
Tributes of Respect paid to his Memory. With a Biographical Outline of his 
Life and Character. 

With the rare portrait of Washington. 

Svo, original calf. 

Boston, 1800. £2 2s 

Dedicated to Mrs. Washington. 

1801 A.D. 

Colonel Simcoe's Copy. 
[357] MACKENZIE (Alexander). Voyages from MontreaJ, on the 

n^l ^k Laurence, through the Contment of North America, to the Frozen and 
Pacific Oceans; m the Years 1789 and 1793. With a Preliminary Account of 
the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the Fur Trade of that Country. 

Illustrated with portrait and large folding maps. 

4to. Fine copy, in straight-grain red morocco, g. e. 

London, 1801. £-|2 -128 

* * * Presentation Copy to General Simcoe. who commanded the " Queen's Kangeis " 
during the American War, and the first Governor General of Canada. With inscription to 
him on fly-leaf, and the General's book-plate inside cover. 

146 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35. Conduit Street, London, W. 

1801 A.D. 

[358] MACKENZIE (Alexander). Voyages fromi Montreal on the River 
St. Laurence through the Continent of North America, to the Frozen and Pacific 
Oceans; In the Years .1789 and 1793- With a preliminary account of' the rise, 
progress, and present state of the fur trade of that country. 

With portrait and large folding maps. 

4to, calf. 

London, 1801. £6 10s 

1801 A.D. 

[359] WASHINGTON (George). Oraison Funebre du Frere> George 

Washington, prononoeel le premier Janvier 1800 dans la loge Frari^aise 
L'Amenite, par le Frere Simon Cfiaudron, orateur de. la loge. 

35 pp., 8vo, wrappers. 

Philadelphia, 1801. £1 lOs 

* • * A Masonic Funeral Oration on Washington at the French Lodge at Philadelphia. 

1803 A.D. 

[360] DUVALLON. Vue de la Colonte Espanole du Mississippi, ou des 
Provinces de Louisiane et Floride Otcidentale; en Tannee 1802. Par un obser- 
vateur resident sur les lieux. B . . . Duvallon, editeur. 

With two coloured folding maps. 

8vo, wrappers, uncut. 

Paris, 1803. £3 lOS 

" Sur les nombreuses relations que nous avons de la Louisiane, ces observations 
ont ravarata^e d'offrir le dernier etat d'un pays si vaste et des contrees que l''avoisinent." 

1803 A.D. 

[361J ORDENANZA GENERAL formada de orden de su Magestad; y 

mandada imprimir y puiblicar para el gobiemo e instruccion de Intendentes, 
Subdelegados, y demas empleados en Indias. 

Large Paper Copy. Folio, red morocco, gilt back, g. e. 

Madrid, viuda de Ibarra, 1803. £3 3s 

Administrative document issued by Charles III. and promulgated by Charles IV. of 

[361a] Another Copy. Ordinary paper, calf. £2 2s 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. I47 

1804 A.D. 

[362] MERRILL (0. C). The Happiness of America. An Oration 
delivered at Shaftabury on the fourth of July, 1804. 

8vo, boards, uncut. 

Bennington, 1804. ^^ ^®^ 

***With Che signature of Saftord Eobinson on title, a Colonel on Washington's 
staff, who fought at Bennington. 

1£05 A.D. 

[363] FULLARTON (Col.). A Refutation of the Pamphlet which Colonel 
Picton addressed to Lord Hobart (relating to Trinidad). 

4to, original wrappers. 

London, 1805. 12s 6d 

Presentation Copy to " The Marquis of Townshend from the Author." 

1806 A.D. 

[364J ARGENTINE. A la Recomquista de 1^ Capital cte Buenos-Ayres 
pop las Trapas tie mar y tierra,, a las ordenes del Capitan de Navio, Don San- 
tiago Liniers. 12 Agosto de 1806 (in verse). 

4 pp., small 4to, new boards. 

Buenos Aires, tn la imprenta de Ninos Expositos, 1806. £10 lOS 

1806 A.D. 

[365] MANUAL EXERCISE and Evolutions of the Cavalry, as prac- 
tised in the late American Army. 

Small 8vo, calf. 

Concord, 1806. £2 5s 

1809 A.D. 

[366] JEFFERSON (Thomas). The Inaugural Speeches and Messages 
of Thomas Jefferson, late President of the 'United '.States, together with 
the Inaugural Speech of James Madison, his Successor in Of&ce. 

Post 8vo, new boards, uncut. 

Boston, 1809. 18s 

1810 A.D. 

[367] STEELE (R.). Tour through Part of the Atlantie; er, Recollec- 
tions from Madeira, The Azores, and Newfoundland. Visited in the Summer 
of 180Q in H.M.S. "Vestal." 

With chart of the ship's Track. 

8vo, calf. 

London, 1810. £1 Is 

148 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1810 A.D. 

[368] IDEA General del disourso y d^ las Memorias publicadas por la 
direccfon Hidrografica sobre los fundamientos que ha tenido para la construio* 
cioni de las Cartas de Marear, que ha dado a Luz desde 1797. 

37 pp., i2mo, wrafpers. 

Madrid, 18 10. £1 lOs 

* * * An interesting little book on Hydrography, includes " Observaciones praeticadas 
en las Islas Marianas y Filipinas, en la Nueva Holanda, y en el Archipelago de los Amigos,"' 
" Observaciones astronomicas en Puerto-Eico, Cartagena. Havana y Vera Cruz." 

1810 A.D. 

[369] PAREDES (Gregorio). Almanaque PeriianOj y guia de forastieros. 
para el ano de 181 1. 

i2mo, old calf. 

Lima, 1810. £3 3s 

Contains a list of all the officials of State. 

1811 A.D. 

[370] PIKE (Z. M.). Exploratory travels through the western terri- 
tories of North America^ comprising a voyage from St. Louis, on the Missis- 
sippi, to the source, and a journey through the interior of Louisiana, and the 
North-Eastern Provinces of New Spain, Performed in the years 1805, 1806, 1807, 
by Order of the Government of the United States. 

With folding map of Louisiana) and a part of New Mexico, and a map 
of the Mississippi River. 

4to, Russia. 

London, 181 1. £6 lOs 

1811 A.D. 

[37 1 J VENEZUELA. Ignacio de Cortabarria (Antonio, comisionada 
Regio para la Pacificacion General de las Provincias de Venezuela). 

A Los Pueblos de las Provincias de Caracas, Barinas, Cumana, y Nueva 

59 pp., small 4to, new boards. 

{Madrid, 181 1.) £6 Gs 

* * * Venezuela and Colombia declared their Independence of Spain in 1811, and after 
eleven years of warfare succeeded in effecting their liberation. This pamphlet was printed for 
circulation to gather together the Eoyalisfcs in Venezuela to support the Crown of Spain. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 14^ 

1811 A.D. 

[372] CORTABARRIA (D. Antonio Ignacio; Comisionado Regio para la 
Pacificacion General de las Provincias de Venezuela). 

(Proclama) a los vecinos y habitantes de las Provincias de Caracas, 
Barinas, Cumana, y Nueva Barcelona. 

8 pp., folio, unbound. 

Puerto Rico, 1811. £5 5s 

* * * A Proclamation for reconciliation with the Mother Country of the Revolted 
I'rovince of Venezuela, 

1811 A.D. 

[373] AN INQUIRY into the Past and Present relations of France and 
tlie United States of America. 

Svo, neiv boccrds. 

London, 181 1. £1 lOs 

An article, from the first volume of the American Review, presumably written by 
Mr. Walsh ; comprising some letters written by ihim to Robert Goodloe Harper ; upon England 
and France. 

1811 A.D. 

[374] CANDELADA (D. Juan Lopez; Redactor de la Gazeta de Mexico). 
Ruina tfe Ik Nueva Espana, si se declara el comercio libra con los extrangeros. 
84 pp., small 4to, wrappers. 
Cadez, 181 1. £2 10s 

* * * An interesting political economy pamphlet against Free Trade; showing the 
Commerce of Mexico, California, Yucatan, etc., wifh South America, etc. 

1812 A.D. 

[375] WASHINGTON (G). Farewirell Address to th© People of the 
United States. 

With the rare portrait of Washington, engraved by Reed. 

F'cap. 8vo, original boards. 

Windsor, U.S.A., 1812. £1 5s 

1812 A.D. 

[376] MAWE (John). Travels in the Interior of Brazil^ particularly in , 
the Gold and diamond districts of that Country. Including a Voyage to the I 
Rio de la Plata,, and an Historical Sketch of the Revolution of Buenos Ayres. 

With 8 plates, one coloured, and a map. 

4to, half calf. 

London, 1812. •jgg 

ISO MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1813 A.D. 

[377] THE COSPELSi according to St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke, 
and St. John translated into the language of The Esquimaux Indians on the 
coast of Labrador; by the Missionaries of the Unitas Fratrum or United 
Brethren residing at Nain, Okkak and Hopedale. 

Printed for the use of the Mission by The British and Foreign Bible 

8vo. 'A very handsome co-py from the Library of the Duke of Cam- 
bridge in contemporary full blue morocco extra, sides decorated in gold, full 
gilt back, inside dentelles and silk fly and end leaves, g. e. 

Londo7t, 1813. £4 4s 

* * * Tlie First Edition of the three Gospels — St. John's Gospel, though mentioned on 
the title cage, ia mot included. 

1814 A.D. 

[378] LEWIS & CLARK. Travels to the source of the Missouri Rwer, 

and across the American Continent to the Pacific Oceani. Performed by order 
of the government of the United States, in the years 1804, 5, & 6. Published 
from the official report and illustrated by a map of the route and other maps. 

4to, calf (rebacked). 

London, 1814. £7 16s 

1815 A.D. 

[379] PRESAS (Jose de). Representaciorii que eleva all Rey Don Fer- 
nando VII, Don Jose de Presas, contador que fue de la provincia de Granada, 
con motivo de las persecuciones que sufrio en aquella ciudad . . per 

adicto a la actual familia reinante y especialmente a la Serenisima Senora Prin- 
cesa del Brasil. 

4to, wrappers. 

Cordova, 1815. £1 16s- 

Jose da Presas was apparently persecuted for his devotion to the cause of Donna 
Carlota Joaquina du Bourbon Infanta of Spain and Princess of Brazil. 

1815 A.D. 

[380] AN Exposition of the Causes and Character of the late War with 
Great Britain, published by Authority of the American Government. 

8vo, new boards. 

London, 1815. £1 16s 

An interesting and important exposition drawn up by the American Government, 
as an appeal to the people, in, order to point out the necessity of efficient preparations that 
would assure tihe successful termination of the Campaign of 1815; by the expulsion of the 
British from every part of the American Continent. 

" This document is official, & comes . . . . from the pen of Mr. Madison himself, 
or from that of Mr. Monroe*. It has been published in all the American newspapers. . . ." 

MAGGS BROS , 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. IS' 

1815 A.D. 

[381] MERRILL (0. C). An Oration, delivered at the Meeting House 
in Bennington, Vermont, on the Sixteenth of August, Anno Domini 181 5. 

8vo. Bennington, Yt. Darius Clark, August, 181 5. £2 lOS 

1815 A.D. 

[382] BALTIMORE. Niles Weekly Register. Numbers 183 to 195. 
March 4, 1815, till May 27, 1815. 

Bound in i vol., small folio, old half calf. 

Baltimore, 1815. £1 1s 

Contains important details of the War of 1815, references to Champlain, etc. 

1815 A.D. 

[383] LEWIS AND CLARKE. Travels to the Source of the Missouri 
River aiDd Across the Americam Cantinemt to the Pacific Oceaiii. Performed 
by order of the Government of the United States, in the years 1804-6. 

Published from the official report and illustrated by a map of the route 
and other maps. 

3 vols., 8vo, original calf, gilt back. 

London, 1815. £4 lOs 

1816 A.D. 

[384] CAREY (Ma the w). The Olive Branch; or. Faults on both sides, 
Federal and Democratic. A serious appeal on the necessity of mutual forgive- 
ness and harmony. 

7th Edition, enlarged. Thick post 8vo, vi. e. 

Middlebury, Yt., 1816. 15s 

1817 A.D. 

[385] REID (J.) and JOHN HENRY EATON. The Life of Andrew 
Jackson, Major General in the Service of the U.S.; comprising the history of 
the war in the south from the commencement of the Greek campaign to the 
termination of hostilities before New Orleans. 

With finei portrait and 4 folding maps. 

8vo, calf. 

Fhiladelfhia, 1817. 14s 

152 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1817 A.D. 

[386} CAZAL (Padre Manoel Ayres de). Corografia Brazilica, ou rela- 
cao historico-geografica do reyno do Bra^zil. 

2 vols., 4to, calf. 

Rio de Janeiro, 181 7. £3 lOs 

Important work dedicated to the King. First volume contains the history of tihe 
discovery of America and Brazil, followed by a description of the Provinces of San Pedro, do 
Parana, Uruguay, San Catalina, San Paulo, Matogrosso. Goyez, Minas Geraes. 

The second volume containe a description of the other Provinces of Brazil, i.e., Rio 
Janeiro, Bspirito Santo, Porto Seguro, Bahia, Sergipe d'El-Bei, Pernambuco, Parahiha, Rio 
Grande do Norte, Ciara, Piauhy, Maranhao, Para, Solimoes, Guiana. 

1817 A.D. 

[387] SILVA PORTO (Manoel Joaquim da). Elogio por oocaziao do 

fausto, e gloriozo successo das Armas Portuguezas contra os insurgents de 
PernambucO'. (In verse). 

Svo. Rio de Janeiro, 1817. £1 10s 

Unknown to Rodrigues. Dedicated to King John V]I., King of Portugal and Brazil. 

1817 A.D. 

[388] SHILLIBEER (Lieut. J). Narrative of the Briton^s Voyage to 

Pitcaim Islanitl, including an Interesting Sketch of the present state of the 
Brazils and of Spanish South America. 

Illustrated with frontispiece and eighteen Etchings by the Author, from 
drawings on the spot. 

Svo, original boards. 

Taunton, 1817. lOs 6d 

1819 A.D. 

[389] EDWARDS (B.). The history, civil andi oommercial, of the 
British West lndlie<% with a cofitinuati^ni to the present time. 

With maps and plates. 

Fifth Edition. 5 vols. Svo, and i vol. 4to (containing the maps and 
plates), ini all 6 vols. ^ half morocco, gilt hacks, t. e. g., by De Covcrly. 

London, 1S19. £4 4s 

1819 A.D. 

[390] BURNEY (James). Chronological history of North^Eastern 
voyages of discovery and of the early eastern navigations of the Russians. 

With large folding map. 

Svo, boards. 

London, 1819. £1 lOs 

Contents : — Captain James Cook on the North West Coast of America; Captain Cook 
through Bering's Strait and in the Sea north of the Strait; Journey of Hedenstrom to the 
New Siberia; Voyage of Commodore Bering and Captain Tschirikow to America; etc., etc. 

MAGGS iBROS., 34 &'35, Conduit Street, London, W. I53 

1819 A.D. 

[390a] HIPPISLEY (G). A Narrative of the Expedition to the Rivers 
Orinoco ami Apur\6, in South America; which sailed from England in Novem- 
ber, 1 8 17, and Joined the Patriotic Forces in Venezuela and Caraccas. By a 
late Colonel of the First Venezuelian Hussars, in the service of the Republic, 
and Colonel-Commandant of the British Brigade in South America. 

Thick 8vo, half contemporary morocco, m. e. 

London, 1819. ^^ '®s 

* * * An interesting account of the barbarous war between the Spanish Royalists and 
the Republicans in Venezuela, and of the British Brigade, the majority of whom died from 
disease and exposure. Casting doubt on the final triumph of Bolivar, owing to ihis utter 
incompetence, etc. 

1S21 A.D. 

[391] CABRERA DE NEVARES (Miguel). Memoria sobre el estado 
actuat de las Amerik;as y medio de paoificarlas. 

72 pp., i2mo, original wrappers. 

Madrid, 1821. £2 lOs 

* * * A memorial to conciliate the Revolted Spanish Colonies in America with Spain. 

1821 A.D. 

[392] VENEZUELA. Manifiestos de la oorrespondenoia que ha medi- 
ado entre los Cenerales Condle de Cartagena y Don Miguel de> la Torre, jefes 
del ejercito de Costa-firme, con el de los disidentes Don Simon Bolivar, desde 
el restablecimiento de la Constitucion hasta la e scandalosa e inesperada roptura 
del armistico por Bolivar. 

90 pp., small 4to, new boards. 

Madrid, 1821. £5 10s 

* * * A very important tract concerning the Independence of Venezuela. 

1822 A.D. 

[392a] WILSON (Alex.), BONAPARTE (Chs. Lucian), JARDINE (Sir 
Wm.). American Ornithology; or, The Natural History of the Birds of the 
United States. 

Portrait and 97 finely coloured plates of birds. 

3 vols., half morocco, t, e. g. 

London and Edinbicrgh, 1832. £7 10s 

* * * Containing in addition, accounts of many travels through the U.S.A. in search 
foT birds. 

154 MAGGS BROS , 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1822 A.D. 

[393] DO'BRIZHOFFER (M.). An account of the Abipones, an eques- 
trian people of Paraguay. From the Latin of Martin Dobrizhoffer, eighteen 
years a missionary in that coimitry. (Translated by Southey.) 

3 vols., 8vo, sprinkled calf, by Bedford. 

London, 1822. £3 3s 

Lowndes, " A singularly interesting and curious work, containing the most complete 
and extraordinary description of savage life that has ever been published."' 

1823 A.D. 

[394] COIUMEUS. Codice 'Diipiontatioo CoilofnbO'Ainerk;ans ossia 
Raocoltei dil Doouimenti OriginaJi e inediti, spettanti a Cnstoforo Colombo alia 
scoperta ed al Governo dell' America. 

Portrait and several plates. 

4to, full russia, joints repaired, g. e. 

Geneva, 1823. £2 2s 

1823 A.D. 

[395] HUNTER (John D.). Memoirs of a Captivity among the Indians 
of North Amcfioa, from childhood to the age of nineteen; with anecdotes 
descriptive of their manners and customs. To which is added some account 
of the soil, climate, and vegetable productions of the territory westward of 
the Mississippi. 

8vo, boards, uncut. 

London, 1823. 18$ 

1823 A.D. 

[396] MAWE (John). Travels in the interior of Brazil. With notices 
on its Climate, Agriculture, Commerce, Population, Mines, Manners, and Cus- 
toms; and a particular account of the Gold and Diamond Districts. Including 
a Voyage to the Rio de la Plata. 

With coloured plates. 

8vo, boards, uncut. 

London, 1823. 12s 6d 

1824 A.D. 

[397] BULLOCK (W.). DescriptJoni of the Unique Exhibitioni called 
Ancient Mexico; collected on the spot in 1823 by the assistance of the 
Mexican Government, and now open for public inspection at the Egyptian Hall, 

With large folding plate of the Exhibition. 

8vo, new boards. 

London, 1824. 10s 6d 

Plate XVII. 


O F 


Gathered out of the Word of God, 

and agreed upon by the E l d e R s and 

Meflengers of the C h u r c h e s 

affembled in.the5;i»o^ at 



To be prefented to the Churches and general Court 

for their Confideration and Acceptance 

in the Lord. 

How amiable arethj TabernAciei, O LordofHofis ? Pfal. 84.1. 

Lord I have loved the Habitation of thj Honfe, and place ^'here Thinsr 
Honordwtlleth. Pfal. 26. 8. 

One thing have I de/tred «/ the Lord, that 1 mttfiikjifter, that I may drveH 
in the Houfe of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the 
Ldrdf and to inquire in his Temfle- Pfal. 27. 4. 

"^UTMi'xtiNeV'Englandi and Reprinted in Z»oWfl» for Peter Csle, at 
- thefignofthe Printing-Prefs in Cornhil^ near the ^ 
Royal Exhcange. i 6 j 3> 

Title-page from the First English Edition of " Thk Cambridge Platform." 

London, 1653. 
See Item No. 97. 

Plate XVIII. 

Uc Les*-'i)h. Joiinial lH;s(iirii[iii' 'In \'<iy;it;i' dans I'expiMlitiiin dii C'liiiite do la l'erouse>. 

2 V(ds. I'aris, 179(i. 

liolUld for JlUIlK .\NTOINIiTTK, QuKIiN OF i'lnXCE, 

See Item !No. 306. 

MAGGS BROS:, 34 &.35, Conduit Street, London, W. 155 

1824 A.D. 

[398] GRAHAM (Maria). Journal of a Voyage to Brazil and Residence 
there during part of the years 182 1 , 2 and 3 . 

Illustrated with eleven plates and nine vignette engravings, 

4to, original boards, uncut. 

London, 1824. £1 Is 

1S25 A.D. 

[399] BOMTEMPO (J. M.). Trabal'hos medicos offerecidos a 
Magestade Don Pedro I. imperador do Brazil. 

4to, original wraf-pers. 

Rio de Janeiro, 1825. £2 2s 

Containing- a memorial on some illnesses of Eio de Janeiro, and especially on the 
general abuse and pernicious effects of quinine; and a plan for the medical ehirurgical Academy 
in Eio de Janeiro. 

1825 A.D. 

[400] MANIFESTACIO'N que, de la criminal conducta del Jeneral 
Olajieta hace a S.M. el Virei del Peru. Reimpresa a peticion del Brigadier D. 
Andres Garcia Camba. 

4tq, wrappers. 

Manilla., Imfrenta de Samfaloc, 1825. £3 10s 

The manifestation was written by Jose de la Serna, and is dated Cuzco, 15th July, 1824. 
In addition to this there are no less thaii 36 documents printed at the end. The whole matter 
refers to the conduct of General Olaneta in Peru during the Revolution. 

1825 A.D. 

[401] RIBEIRO DE SAIMPAIO (F. Xavier). Diario da Viagemi que em 
visita e correicao das povoacoes da oapitania de S. Jose do Rioi Negro fez o 
Ouvidor, e Intendente geral da mesma F. X. Ribeiro de Sampaio no anno de 
1774 e 1775. Vindica-se, o direito dos seus verdadeiros limites pela parte do 
Peru, nova Granada, e Guyana. E tratase a questao da existencia das Amazonas 
Americanas, e do f amoso lago dourado. 


Lisbon, 1825. £1 10s 

The question is seriously discussed of the existence of American Amazons. 

IS6 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W, 

1827 A.D. 

[402] DE ROOS (F. F.). Personal narrative of travels in the United 
States and Canada in 1826, with remarks on the present state of the American 


With plates, printed by Hullmandel, including N. York and the Narrows 
taken going up the Hudson, " A View of Halifax, Chester, Mass., Waterworks 
of Philadelphia," etc., and a large folding view of Quebec. 

8vo, boards. 

London, 1827. 15s 

1827 A.D. 

[40.S] QUEBEC. Afntanac (The) and iBritish American Royal Kalen- 
dar for 1827. With Civil List of the Province of Lower Canada in English 
and French, etc. 

i6mo, original wra-pfers. 

Quebec, 1827. £2 2s 

1827 A.D. 

[404] CASTRO (Fray Manuel). Sagrada Mision de^ Agustinos Recoie- 
tos a las CUatro Parted del MlindO^ apoyada en principios teologicos y docu- 
mentos historicos. Elogio de esta Orden a su Capitulo' General ano 1820. 

8vo, calf. 

Huesca, 1827. £2 2s 

1828 A.D. 

[406] BELTRAMI (J. C). A Pilgrimiage in Europe and America, lead- 
ing to the discovery of the sources of the Mississippi and Bloody River, with 
a description of the whole course of the former and of the Ohio. 

With portrait and maps. 

2 vols. , 8vo, russia, 

London, 1828. £2 10s 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 157 

1828 A.D. 

[407] JURAS REALES (Baron de). Entratenimientos (fe im prisionero 
en tas Provincias en Rio de la Plata. 

With engraved frontispieces and plates. 

2 vols., 8vo, calf. 

Barcelona, 1828. £2 2S 

Among the contents are : Differences of suicides in America from those in Eiirope ; 
observations on the music of the Indians; on the ancient and modern cannibalism among the 
American nations; of the capacity of the Indians for forming abstract and general ideas; 
knowledge of astronomy, geometry, arithmetic, among the ancient Indians; on an antique 
painting of the Taraseo Indians; on the violent propensity which the Indians have for 
idolatry; etc. 

1828 A.D. 

[408} BURFORD (Robert). Description of a View of th© City of St. 
Sebastian, and the Bay of Rio Janeiro, now exhibiting in the Panorama, 
Leicester Square. 

Large folding view of Rio Janeiro. 

8vo, new boards. 

London, 1828. 15s 

1828 A.D. 

[409] WARD (H. G.). Mexico in 1827. By His Majesty's Charge 
d' Affaires in that Country during the Years 1825, 1826, and part of 1827. 

Folding view of Mexico City and numerous other plates. 
First Edition. 2 vols., thick 8vo, new half calf, gilt, m. e. 

London, 1828. £2 2s. 

1828 A.D. 

[410] MEXIOO. Treaty of Amity, Commerce, ancf Navigation, between 
His Majesty and the United States of Mexico. Together with twa additional 
articles thereunto annexed. Signed at London, December 26th, 1826. Pre- 
sented to both Houses of Parliament, by Command of His Majesty. 1828. 

13 pp., folio, unbound. 

London, 1828. 6s 

1829 A.D. 

[41 1] HEAD (G.). Forest Scenes and Incitfents in the Wildd of North 

America: being a Diary of a Winter's Route from Halifax to the Canadas, 
and four months' Residence in the Woods of Lakes Huron and' Simcoe. 

Post 8vo, half morocco gilt, tof edges gilt. 

London, 1829. 12s Stf 

158 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1829 A.D. 

[412] BRITO (P. J. Miguel de). Memoria politioa sobre a oapitaitia 
de Santa Catharina escripta no Rio de Janeiro em o Anno de 1816. 

With large folding maps and plates. 

4to, wrap-pers, uncut. 

Lisbon, 1829. £2 2s 

Eodrigues, No. 170. Important monograph on tflie district of Saint Catharina, in Brazil. 

1830 A.D. 

[413} COLLINS (S. n.). The Emigrant's guide to and description of 

the U.S. of America^ including several authentic and highly important letters 
from English emigrants now in America, to their friends in England. 

i2mo, cloth. 

Hull, about 1830. 15s 

1830 A.D. 

[414] WALSH (Rev. R.). Notices of Brazil in 1828 and 1829. 

With large folding plan of Rio de Janeiro and 20 plates, including views 
•of Rio de Janeiro, S. Jose, S. Joao d'el Rey, etc. 

2 vols., 8vo, half calf. 

London, 1830. £1 Is 

1830 A.D. 

[415] LINATI. Costumes et Moeurs de Mextque. Une collection de 
trente trois planches. 

4to, half russia gilt, t. e. g. 

Londres {Engelmann), 1830. £4 lOs 

* * * Thirty-three colonred plates of the Costumes of Mexico. 

1S31 A.D. 

[416] QUEBEC. BUR FORD (Robert). Description of the View of the 
City of Quebec, now exhibiting at the Panorama, Leicester Square. 
Folding plate. 
8vo, new boards. 
London, 1 83 1. 15s 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. isg 

1831 A.D. 

[417] BALANZA del Commericio de Espana coni nuestras Americas y las 
jHitenoias extranjeras en el ano tfe 1827. 

Folio, calf. 

Madrid, 1831. £3 lOs 

1832 A.D. 

[418] CARVALHO E CUNHA (Benigno Jose de). A navegaQ^O aerea / 
«u a maneira segura d6 viaijar peloi Ar para qualquer parte dk)i mundo. 

i2mo, half calf, t. e. g. 

Bahia, 1832. £10 ICs 

This little work, printed in Brazil, is dedicated by the author to the Portuguese 
•emigrants in Brazil who had left Portugal, maltreated by England under Wellington's 
jninistry, because of their devotion to Queen Maria II. 

The author spent many years trying to find an ancient city which he imagined in the 
neighbourhood of Bahia, but died before finding it. 

Unknown to Eodrigues and Blake. 

1834 A.D. 

[419] NIAGARA. BURFORD (R.). Description of a View of the Falls 
of Niagara, exhibited at the Panorama, Leicester Square. 

Folding view. 

Bvo, new boards. 

London, 1834. 8s 6d 

1834 A.D. 

[420] BURFORD (Robert). Description of a View of the City of New 
York, now exhibiting at the Panorama, Leicester Square. Painted by the 
Proprietor from drawings taken by him in the Autumn of 1832. 

With two narrow oblong views of New York, looking up Chatham Street, 
and up Broadway, and text descriptive of all the buildings and points of 
interest, and a short general account of New York. 

8vo, new boards. 

London, 1834. 18s 

1834 A.D. 

[421] HAWKINS. Picture of Quebec. With Historical Recollections. 

Engraved title-page and 14 plates, chiefly views of Quebec, from 
Originals, by A. J. Russell. 

8vo, original cloth. 

Quebec, 1834. £2 5s 

i60 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1835 A.D. 

[422] LOUREIRO (Manoel Jose Gomes). Memorias dos Estab&lecN 
mentos Partuguezes a I'Este do Cabo da Bao Esperan^a. 

8vo, half bound. 

Usbon, 1835. £2 2s 

Refers to the Portuguese Colonies in Brazil, Goa, Mocanibique, Delagoa Bay, Timur, 
East Africa, etc. 

1836 A.D. 

[423] PERU. BURFORD (Robert). Description of a View of th© City 
of Lima and the surroundimg country, now exhibiting at the Panorama, 
Leicester Square. 

Folding plate. 

Svo, nezv boards. 

London, 1836. 8s 6d 

1S38 A.D. 

[424] REPORT upon the Finances and Internal Improvements of the 

State of New York, 1838. 

Post 8vo, half morocco, g. e. 

Repinted at Neiv York. N.D. lOS 6d 

1838 A.D. 

[425] TEXAS. Ordinances and Decrees of the 'Consultetion^ Pro- 
visional Government of Texas and the Convention which assembled at Wash- 
ington March i, 1836. Houston, 1838. 

Brealcing away from the Mexican Confederacy. 155 pp. 

Laws of the Republic of Texas. 4 vols., Houston, 1838-g. 

Together 5 vols, in i, thick Svo, old half calf. 

Houston, 1838-9. £2 lOs 

1839 A.D. 

[426] HEAD (Sir Francis B.). A Narrative. 

Crown Svo, uncut. 

London, 1S39. 12s 6d 

The above narrative is a result of Sir Francis Head's experience in the administra- 
tion of Upper Canada, from 1835 to 1838. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 161 

1839 A.D. 

[427] PARISH (W.). Buenos Ayres and the Provinces of the Rio de la 
Plata; their present state, trade and debt; with some account from original 
documents of the progress of geographical .discovery in those parts of S. 
America during the last 60 years. 

With large folding map, plan and plates. 

8vo, cloth. 

London, 1839. 12s 6d 

1839 A.D. 

[428] HEAD (Sir Francis B.). A Narrative. 

Second Edition. 8vo, cloth. 

London, 1839. lOs 6d 

Tlie above narrative is a result of Sir Francis Head's experience in the administra- 
tion of Upper Canada, fromi 1835 to 1838. 

1841 A.D. 

[429] CATLIN (Geo.). Letters and Notes on the Manner^ Customs, 
and Conditicms of the North American Indians. 

Written during eight years' travel, amongst the wildest tribes of Indians 
in 1 83 2- 1 839. 400 engravings from the Author's original paintings. 

Original Edition. 2 vols., imperial 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1841. £3 3S 

1841 A.D. 

[430] BENTLEY (Charles). Twelve Views in the Interior of Guiana; 

from drawings executed after sketches taken during the Expedition, carried 
on in the years 1835-1839 under the directioii of the Royal Geographical Society 
of London. With descriptive letterpress by Rob. H. Schomburgk, accompanied 
by illustrations on wood. 

Map of Guayana, and series of 12 magnificently coloured views. 

Folio, original -pictorial boards. 

London, 1841. £12 12s 

1841 A.D. 

[431] A NARRATIVE of the Early Days and Remembrances of Oceola 
Nikkanochee^ Prince of Econchatti, a young Seminole Indian: son of the King 
of the Red Hills, in Florida : with a brief history of his nation, and his renowned 
uncle Oceola, and amusing tales, illustrative of Indian Life in Florida. 

Written by his Guardian., Illustrated. 

8vo, half green morocco gilt, g. e. 

London, 1841. £1 

i62 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London. W. 

1843 A.D. 

[432] BOLIVAR. Desoripcion da los honores funebres consagrados a 
ios restos del liberador Simon Bolivar, decretados en 1842. 

Royal 8vo, Sfanish calf. 

Caracas, 1843. £2 2s 

1843 A.D. 

[433] LIFE IN MEXIG'O during a Residence of Two Years in that 
Country, by Madame C — de la B — ,. with Preface by W. H. Prescott. 
First Edition. 8vo, original cloth. 
London, 1843. £1 5s 

" The present work is the result of observations made during a two years' residence 
in Mexico, by a lady, whose position there made her intimately acquainted with its society, 
and opened to ier the vast sources of information in regard to whatever could interest an 
enlightened foreigner. It consists of letters written to the members of her own family, and, 
really, not intended originally — however incredible the assertion — for publication. 

1845 A.D. 

[434] CHALMERS (George). An Introduction to tite History of the 
Revolt of th© American Coioniles; being a Comprehensive view of its origin, 
derived from the State Papers contained in the Public Offices of Great Britain. 

2 vols., 8vo, original cloth, unzut. 

Boston, 1845. 15s 

1848 A.D. 

[435J CALIFORNIA. FREMONT (Brevet Capt J C ) Narrative of 
the Exploring Expedition to tPiei Rocky MomntainSj in the year 1842, and to 
Oregon and North California in the years. 1843-4. 

Large folding map and 4 plates. 

8vo, original cloth, uncut. 

London, 1846. £1 10s 

1846 A.D. 

[436] WARBURTON (Eliot). Hochelaga; or, England in the New 


Second Edition, revised. 2 vols., 8vo, original cloth. 

London, 1846. 15s 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, Londcm, V,'. 163 

1S47 A.D. 

[437] RAMIREZ (J. F.). Prooeso (te resittenoia contra Petro de Atva- 
rado y Nuiio die Guzman. Ilustrado' con estampas sacadas de los antiguos 
codices Mexicanos y, notas y noticias biografi.cas. 

With portrait of Alvarado and three very interesting coloured plates 
after Mexican manuscripts. , 

8vo, Mlf calf. 

Mexico, 1847. £1 5s 

Interesting account of the law suits against the early conquistadors of Mexico for 
their cruelty. The case against Nuno de Guzman alleged the torture and murder of Calt- 
zontzin, King of Meehocam, were due to Guzman, and the illustrations given seem to show 
that the natives believed t.o at the time. 

1847 A.D. 

[438] HENRION (iBaron). Histoiire g^ndrale dCs Missions catholiques 
depuis le Xill e si^clte jusqu'a nos jours. 

With many folding' maps and plates. 

4 vols., 4to, half morocco. 

Paris, 1847. £5 5S 

Contains accounts of the Catholic Missions in America from their arrival with 
Columbus in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Bogota, Rio de la Plata, North and South 
America, Florida, New Mexico, Canada, Nova Scotia, Paraguay, etc., etc. 

1847 A.D. 

[439] PHILLIPS (John). Mexico Illustrated. With Descriptive Letter- 
press in Spanish and English, and 26 plates. Lithographed by A. Rider. 
Folio, half morocco. 
London, 1848. £2 10s 

1847 A.D. 

[43^a] COSiS'E (Philip Hy.). The Birds of Jamaica. Assisted by 
Richard Hill, Esq., of Spanish-Town. 

Thick post 8vo, original cloth, uncut. 

London, 1847. 8s 6d 

1848 A.D. 

[440] RALEIGH (Sir Walter). The Discovery of the Large, Ricli, and 

Beautiful Empire of Guiana^ with a relation of the Great and Golden City of 
Manoa (which the Spaniards call El Dorado). Performed in the Year 1595. 

Reprinted from the Edition of 1596, with some unpublished documents 
relative to that Country. Edited with copious explajiatory notes and a bio- 
graphical Memoir by Sir Robert H. Schomburgk. 

With a folding map. 

8vo, original cloth, uncut. 

London, Hakluyt Society, 1848. £6 6S 

i64 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London. W 

1849 A.D. 

[441] MAYNARDE (Thos.). Sii- Francis Drake his Voyage, 1595, To- 
gether with the Spanish Account of Drake's Attack on Puerto Rico. Edited, 
from the original manuscripts, by W. D. Cooley. 

8vo, original cloth, uncut. 

London, Hakluyt Society, 1849. £1 10s 

1850 A.D. 

Coloured Copy. 

[442] MEXICO illustrated in twenty-six drawings by John PhilHps and 
A. Rider (no letterpress). 

26 magnificent coloured plates drawn on stone. 

Atlas folio, original -portfolio. 

Circa 1850. £10 10s 

1851 A.D. 

[443] BURFORD (Robert). Desoription of Views of the Falls of Niagara 

and the City of Jerusalem, now exhibiting in the large circle of the Panorama, 
Leicester Square. 

With long oblong views of Niagara and Jerusalem. 

8vo, new boards. 1851. lOs 6d 

1851 A.D. 

[444J ARTEC Ul (Jose). Cronica de la Provincia de San Francisco de 

8vo, half calf. 

Mexico, 1851. £1 10s 

Keprint of the first edition printed at Mexico, 1737, together with a continuation : 
" Memorias para la continuacion de la Cronica acopiadas por Fr. Antonio Galvez, aiio de 1827." 

1853 A.D. 

[445] BURFORD (R.). Description of a View of the City of Mexico and 

Surrounding Country, exhibiting in the Panorama, Leicester Square. 
Folding view. 
8vo, new boards. 
London, 1853. lOs 6d 

1857 A.D. 

[445a] HERBERT (Hy. Wm.). Frank Forester's Horse and Horseman- 
ship of the United States and British Provinces of North America. 

With 14 engraved portraits of racehorses, vignette title on India paper, 
and 60 wood engravings. 

2 vols., royal 8vo, original cloth. 

New York, 1857. 16s 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 165 

1858 A.D. 

Chronicle of the Franciscan Missionaries in Brazil. 

[446] JA60ATAM (Antonio de Santa Maria). Nowe Orbe Serafico 
Brasilico ou Chronica cfos Frades Menores da Provincia do Brasil. 

5 vols, in 2, 8vo, half roan. 

Rio de Janeiro, 1858-1862. £5 10s 

The first 2 vols, are a reprint of the work that was published in Lisbon in 1761, while 
vols. 3 — 5 are published for the first time from the manuscript in tihe Archives in the Fran- 
ciscan Convent at Bahia. This chronicle of the Franciscan Missionaries appears complete 
for the first time in these volumes. 

1858 A.D. 

[447] MOLLHAUSEN (Baldwin). Diary of a Journey from the Missis- 
sippi to the Coasts of the Pacifio with a U.S. Govt. Expedition. With an iin- 
troduction by Alex, von Humboldt.. Translated by Mrs. Percy Sinnett. 

With large folding map, 11 coloured plates and 12 woodcuts. 

2 vols., Svo, original cloth, uncut. 

'London, 1858. £2 15s 

1859 A.D. 

[448] CHAMPLAIN (Samuel). Narrative of a Voyage to the West 
Indies and Mexico in the years 1599-1602. Translated from the original and 
unpublished manuscript, with a Biographical Notice and Notes by Alice Wil- 
mere. Edited by Norton Shaw. 

With maps and illustrations. 

Svo, original cloth, uncut. 

London, Hakluyt Society, 1859. £1 5s 

1859 A.D. 

Original Manuscript. 

[449] LOG BOOK. Log of H.M. Ship "Pearl," Cafrtaiti Sotheby. 

Begun January ist, 1856, ended June i6th, 1859. 

Original Manuscript Log Book, with a Diary of the Naval Brigade's 
landing and work in India. 

Adorned with many very fine coloured drawings, plans, etc., with a 
drawing of the Ship, surrounded with floral border (as frontispiece). Com- 
prising II coloured drawings, ig pen and ink sketches, 4 coloured sectional 
plans, and 3 maps, by the master's assistant, E. T. R. Merewether. 

Folio, half morocco. £16 16s 

Containing coloured views of Places visited by the " Pearl " on its voyage round the 
world, including a view of Punchal; Straits of Magellan (Chilian penal settlement); Volcan 

(Continued over.) 

166 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35. Conduit Street, London. W. 

Log Book — continued. 

San Miguel; Cape Froward; Glacier in Maria Cove; Esplanade in Calcutta; Caun Island; 
Gulf of Nicona;, Sandwich Islands; Cape Pillar; Etc., etc., and three Maps showing the track 
" from Calloa to Panama and Guatinoloj," " South American Chart, from Eio to Valparaiso 
and Calloa," and " Nortlh Chincha Island." 

At the beginning of the volume are four coloured plans of " Transverse Section of the 
Boat," "Upper and Lower Decks," and "Plan of Holds Engine and Store Room"; with 
minute and carefully-executed measurements to each. 

The " Pearl," the first of a new class of 21 gun corvettes, was commissioned in 1885 
by Captain Sotheby, and was armed with the prospect of a Baltic Expedition, but the Russian 
war being over, she was fitted out for a long foreign voyage. 

In 1856 she sailed for the Pacific, calling at Madeira, Rio de Janeiro, and passing 
through the Straits of Magellan, Sandwich Isles, arrived at Valparaiso, and from there sailed 
on to Chincha Island, and finally reached the China Seas. 

The " Pearl " was then ordered to proceed with the " Shannon " for Calcutta, and 
there took part in the great Indian Rebellion. 

Very soon the " Pearl's " Naval Brigade, of 175 men and officers, landed, and fought) 
in conjunction with the Goorkha and Sikh Forces, a diary of which occurs in the Log Book, 
with remarks, etc.. Camp Captangunga, Camp Dumvoreahgunga, Cajnp Bustee, etc., etc. 

When peace was declared the Naval Brigade marched to Allahabad and then on to 
Calcutta, where they were entertained in the Town Hall. 

The homeward voyage was made via Madras, and Trincomale© and the Cape, arriving 
at Plymouth in June, 1859. 

* * * Accompanying, this Log Book is a copy of The Cruise of the " Pearl " round the 
World by Rev. A. Williams; with an account of the operations of the Naval Brigade in 
India. 8vo, cloth. London, 1859. 

1859 A.D. 

[450] DAWSON (S. J.). Report on the Exploration of the Country 

between Lake Superior and the Red River Settlement, and between the latter 
place and the Assiniboine and Saskatchewan. 

3 large folding maps. 

Folio, original binding. 

Toronto, 1859. £2 lOS 

1860 A.D. 

[451] GUTIERREZ (Juan M.). Apuntes Btograficos de Escritores, 

Oradores y hombres de Estado dte la Republioa Argentina. 
i2mo, half morocco. 
Buenos Aires, i860. 12s 6d 

In addition to the 23 biographies contained in the work, there are two important 
essays : " La Quiehua en Santiago " and " A Confederapao dos Tamayos." 

1860 A.D. 

[452] HICKMAN (WilHam, B A.). Sketches on the NIpisaguit, a river 
of New Brunswick. 

Large 4to, original cloth, gilt. 

Halifax, N.S. and London, i860. £14 14s 

* * • A series of 8 finely-coloured plates of Bathurst and the river Nipisaguit, with 
interesting descriptive text to each plate of the salmon, fishing, etc. 

MAGGS BROS., 3.4 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 167 

1860 A.D. 

[453] SCHOOLCRAFT (H. R). Archives of Aboriginal knowledge oon- 
taining all the original papers laicf before Congress respecting the history, 

antiquities, language, ethnology, pictography, rites, superstitions and mytho- 
logy of the Indian tribes of the United States. 

With numerous plates, many coloured, and all full-pa^e. 

6 vols., 4to, original cloth. 

Philadelphia, i860. £22 10« 

1861 A.D. 

[454] BOLLAERT (William, F.R.G.S.). The Expedition of Pedro de 
Ursua and Lope de Aguirre in search of El Doradk> andl Omagua in 1560-1. 

Translated from Fray Pedro Simon's " Sixth Historical Notice of the Conquest 
of Tierra Firme." Introduction by Clements R. Markham. 

With folding map of north of South America, showing the Track of the 

8vo, original cloth {worn), uncut. 

London, Hakluyt Society, 1861. £1 Is 

1862 A.D. 

[455] CATLIN (George, Author of "The North-American Indians," 
etc.). Th© Breath of Life: or, Mal-respiration and its Effects upon the Enjoy- 
ments and Life of Man. 

26 humourous engravings, printed in facsimile of the original manuscript. 

Svo, original boards. 

London, 1862. £1 2s 6(1 

1863 A.D. 

[456] BATES (H. W.). The Naturalist on the River Amazon, a Record 
of Adventures, Habits of Animals, Sketches of Bra.zilian and Indian Life, and 
Aspects of Nature under the Equator, during eleven years of Travel. 

With numerous illustrations. 

First Edition. 2 vols., post 8vo, original cloth, uncut. 

London, 1863. £1 16s 

1864 A.D. 

[458] CIEZA DE LEON (Pedro de). Trav^ A.D. 1532-50. Contained 
in the First Part of his Chronicle of Peru. Translated and Edited, with Notes 
and an Introduction, by Clements R. Markham. 

Folding map of Peru, Quito and New Granada. 

Svo, original cloth, uncut. 

London, Hakluyt Society, 1864. £1 5S 

* * * Presentation copy from the translator with autographed inscription. 

i68 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1864 A.D. 

[459] CARAYON (August). Premiere Mission des J^suites au Camufa. 

Lettres et Documents inedits. 

8vo, half roan. 

Paris, 1864. £2 2s 

Contains 31 unpublished letters of Jesuits from Canada. 

1865 A.D. 

[460] ANDACOYA (Pascual de). Narrative of the Prooeeffings of 
Pedrarias Davilai in the Provinces of Tierra Firme or Castilla del Oro; euid of 

the Discovery of the South Sea and the Coasts of Peru and Nicaragua. Trans- 
lated and Edited, with Notes and an Introduction, by dements R. Markham., 

With folding majp of the Isthmus of Panama at the time of its discovery. 

8vo, original cloth, uncut. 

London, Hakluyt Society, 1865. 12s 6d 

1865 A.D. 

[461 J VASCON'CELLO® (Simao de). Chronioa d& Coimpanhia d^ Jesu 
do Estad^ do Brasil et do que obraram seus fiihos n'esta parte> do novo Mundlo. 

. E Algumas Noticias curiosas e mecessarias das cousas d'aquelle 
estado. Tomo primeiro (e unico). 

Second Revised Edition, with additions. 2 vols., 8vo, wrafpers. 

Lisbon, 1865. £2 2s 

Rodrignes 2459. Second and revised edition of the Jesuit Father's great work, of 
which the first edition appeared in 1663. 

1865 A.D. 

[462J HUERTA (FeUx de). Estado geografico^ topografico, estadis- 
tico, historico-religioso de la Provincia de San Gregorio Magno de religiosos 
maiores de San Francisco en las Islas Filipinas. Comprende el numero de 
religiosos, Conventos, Pueblos, situacion de estos anos de su fundacion tribu- 
tes, almas pruducciones, industrias cosas y casos especiales de su administra- 
cion espiritual, en el Archipielago Filipino desde 1577 hasta 1865. 

Thick 8vo, half morocco. 

Binondo, 1865. £1 5s 

Copies of this book, which was printed in the Philippine Islands, are scarce; it is 
interesting as giving an account of all the Convents in Mexico, China, Formosa, Japan, Siam, 
etc. A list of the 173 Franciscans martyred in Japan, etc., etc. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. i6g 

1866 A.D. 

[463] LISBOA (Conselheiro). Relacao de lima Viagem a Venezuela, 
Nova Granada e Equador. 

With numerous maps, tables, lithographic plates of costume, and views, 
including those of Caracas, Bogota, Quito, etc. 

8vo, half morocco, gilt. 

Brussels, 1866. £1 Is 

1866 A.D. 

[463a] KING (Major W. Ross). The Sportsman and Naturalist in 

Canada^ or notes on the Natural History of the Game, Game iBirds, and Fish 
of that Country. 

Illustrated with coloured plates and woodcuts. 

Large Svo, new half morocco, t. e. g. 

London, 1866. £2 2s 

[463'b] — DITTO. ' Original cloth, uncut. London, 1866. £1 14s 

1868 A.D. 

[464J MAJOR (Richard Henry). The Life of Prince Henry of Portugal, 
surnamed The Navigator. Comprising- the discovery, within one Century, of 
half the World. From Authentic Documents. 

With 5 illustrations and many maps, etc. 

8vo, original cloth, uncut. 

London, 1868. £1 Is 

1869 A.D. 

[465] BURTON (Richard F.). Explorations of The Highlaiids of the J 

Brazil'; with a full account of the Gold and Diamond Mines. Also, canoeing r 
down 1,500 miles of the great river Sao Francisco, from Sahara to the Sea. 

With large folding map and plates. 

2 vols., 8vo, cloth. 

London, i86g. £3 3s 

J70 MAGGS BROS., 34 &,35, Conduit Street/ London, W. 

1870 A.D. 

[466] LA TEILLAIS (;C. de). Etude Historique, Economique et Politi- 
que sur les Colonies Portugaises. Leur Passe, Leur Avenir d'apres les Decrets 
de Nov. et Dec. 1 869. 

8vo, half morocco. 

Paris, 1870. 10s 6d 

1871 A.D. 

[467] MAFFEII (Eugenio) y Ramon Rua Figueroa (Bibliografia Mineral 
Hispano-Americana). Apuntes para una BibNofheca EspartoFa de libros etc 
relatives al conocimiiento de las riquezas minerales concernientes a lal Penin- 
sula y a posesiones de Ultramar. 

Double columns. 2 vols., 8vo, half morocco. 

Madrid, 1871. £2 lOs 

The above is arranged alphabetically by author's names, and contains in addition d 
very full index. 

1873 A.D. 

[468] [PONCE (Alonso.)] Reiacioit de algunas cosas que sucedicion 
al Padre Alonso Ponce en las provincias de Nueva Espana, siendo> Comisario 
General de Aquellas Partes. Escrita por dos Religiosos, sus companeros. Ahora. 
por primera vez impressa. 

2 vols., 8vo, half morocco. 

Madrid, 1873. £5 5s 

First Editionj. Printed for the first time from the original manuscript. Alonso Ponce 
left Spain for Mexico in 1584, and this account of his trarels and work there, by two of hie 
companions, is of great value for the early history of that country, and also of Nicaragua, 
Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Eica, and Cuba, all of which he visited. Ponce was appointed 
" Comisario General " of the Order of St. Francis in Mexico in 1584. His two companioas, 
the aufJhors of this work, were probably Alonso de San Juan and Antonio de Ciudad-Eeal. 

1874 A.D. 

[469] EMIGRANTS, ETC. The Original Lists of Persons of Quality, 

Emigrants, Religious Exiles, Political Rebels, Apprentices, Maidens Pressed, 
and others who went from Great Britain to the American Plantations, 1600- 
1700, with their Ages, the Localities where they formerly lived in the Mother 
Country, the Names of the Ships in which they embarked, etc., edited by 
J. C. Hotten. 

■ Thick 4to, original buckram, uncut. 1874. £3 5s 

MAGGS -BROS. , 34 & ' 3 5 , Ccmduit : Street, London, W. 171 

1875 A.D. 

[471] LAS CASAS (Bartolome). Historia de la^ Inifias ahora por pri- 
mera vez cfatta a Luz por El Marqiwsi de ta Fuensanta del Valte y Jose Sanoho 

6 vols., 8vo, Spanish calf, gilt backs. 

Madrid, 1875-1879. £5 lOs 

First Edition. Published from the original MSS. 

1876 A.D. 

[472] CATLIN (George). Illustrations of the Manners, Customs, and 
Condition of the North Amerilcati Indians. 

With 360 coloured engravings from the Author's original paintings. 
2 vols., royal 8vo, original cloth, uncut. 1876. £6 lOs 

This edition with the plates in colour is very scarce. 

1876 A.D. 

[473] TOVAR (Manuel). Apuntes para la Historia Eolesiastica dtel 
Peru hasta el gobterno del VII Arzobispo. 

Lima, 1873. 

Part II. Historia del; Arzobispado db Lima desde el VIII hasta el XVII 
Arzobispo por Pedro Garcia y Sanz. 

Lima, 1876. 

2 vols., 8vo, half morocco. £2 2s 

1877 A.D. 

[474J BLACKMORE (W.). The North American Indians, and particu- 
larly of the Hostile Tribes of the Plains; principal Indian events since 1862, etc.; 
being an Introduction to Col. R. J. Dodge's " Hunting Grounds of the Great 

8vo, wrappers. 

London, Printed for Private Circulation only, l8^y. lOs 6d 

Presentation copy from the author. 

1877 A.D. 

[475] AZPURUA (Ramon). Biografias de Hombres Notables de His- 
;paniOk-Anii6rica. Obra mandada publicar por el Ejecutivo Nacional de Vene- 

4 vols., half bound. 

Caracas, 1877. £1) 16s' 

Important for the history of the Revolt of the American Colonice from Spain since 

1810 ; it includes the lives of Bolivar, Miranda, Sarmiento, Belgrano, and in all 258 biographies 

•of South American Patriots. 

i;2 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London. W, 

1880 A.D. 

[476] ELIAS DE M01IN6 (Antonio). Ensayo cte una Bibliografia Hter- 
aria tfe Espana y America. 

8vo, calf. 

Madrid, about 1880. 15s 

1880 A.D. 

[477] SAAVEDRA GUZMAN (Antonio de), a native of Mexico El 
Peregrmo Indiana. (In verse.) 

Madrid, 1599. Reprint. 

8vo, half roan. 

Mexico, 1880. £1 5S 

Only one copy is known of the first edition. Very rare reprint by leazbaleeta. An epic 
on the adventures of Cortez from the time he set sail from Cuba till he conquered the City 
of Mexico. 

1881 A.D. 

[478] PIEDRAHITA (Liicas Fernandez), Bishop of Santa Fe de Bogota. 
Historia general (to las Conquistas del Nuevo Reino de Granada. 

8vo, Spanish calf. 

Bagota, 1881. £1 lOs 

Eeprint of the Amberes edition of 1688. " The work was composed during' the author's 
stay in Madrid, where he was enabled to use the original MSS. of Gonzalo Ximeuez de Quesada, 
the conqueror of New Granada, who was also the first European to penetrate the mountains 
of Cundinamarca. New Granada is one of tihe parts of America about which we possess the 
fewest documents." Only the parte primera was ever published of this important work, the 
standard history of the early times of New Granada. It brings, the narrative down to 1562, 
and begins with an account of the natives and their custtoms, laws, and kingdoms for many 
years previous to the conquest. " L'auteur de cet ouvrage, natif de la. Novivelle-Grenade, etait 
un ihomme parfaitement verse dans I'histoire de son pays." — Brasseur de Bourbourg. 

1881 A.D. 

[479] BAFFIN (Wm.). Voyages 1612-1622. Edited with Notes and 
an Introduction by Clements R. Maxkham; C.B., F.R.S. 

Portrait of Sir Thos. Smith and 9 maps. 

8vo, original cloth, uncut. 

London, Hakluyt Society , 1881. 12s 6d 

1881 A.D. 

[480] TEJERA (F.). Perfiles venezolanos, o galeria de hombres cele- 
■ ires de Venezuela en las letras, sciencias y artes. 

With portraits. 8vo, half calf. 

Caracas, 1881. £1 lOS 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. 173 

1882 A.D. 

[48 1 j LA REA (Alonso de). Cronica de ta Orden de San Francisco, 
Provinoia die Sani Pedroi y San Pablo de Mechoacan en le Nueva Espana. 

Mexico, 1643. Repint. 

8vo, half roan. 

Mexico, 1882. 10s 6d 

1882 A.D. 

[482] SAiLDAMANDO (£. T.)- Los antiguos Jesuitas el Peru. Bibio- 
grafias y apuntes para su historia. 

8vo, half bound. 

Lima, 1882. £2 2s 

Very importsmt biographical' and bibliographical account of the Jesuit Fathers who 
worked in Peru and of their books. 

1882 A.D. 

[483J BLAKE (A. V. A. S.). Diocionario Bibliographico Brazileiro. 

7 vols., 8vo, calf, fillet border on sides, panel back. f 

Rio de Janeiro, 1883-1902. £10 lOs 

Tine copy of the indispensable Bibliography of Brazil. 

1882 A.D. 

[484] RIVERO (Juan). Historia de las Misiones tte Los Llanos de Casa* 
nare y lios Rios Orinoco y Meta esorita el ano de 1736. 

8vo, half calf. 

Bogota, 1883. £1 Is 

First edition of this important work, which had remained in manuscript from 1736 till 

1883 A.D. 

[485] PIMENTEL (Francisco).. Historia oritica de^ la Literatura y de 
las Ciencias en Mexico. Poetas. 

With portraits. 

8vo, half calf, panel back. 

Mexico, 1883. £2 10s 

174 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street. London, W. 

1884 A.D. 

[486] CANTO (Ernesto). Quem deu a notne aoi Labrador. 

With facsimile of a document. 

23 pp., folio, unbound. 

Ponta Delgada-llha de S. Miguel, 1884. , ., £2 lOs 

* * * A very rare pamphlet printed on the Island of St. Michafel in the Azores, and 
showing that the name was derived from the Portuguese word Lavrador, and that Juan 
FernaJidez, lavrador, who accompanied the Bristol Merchants, was the actual discoverer. 

1884 A.D. 

[487] SILVA (J.-M. Pereira da). Nactonalidade, Lingua e Litteratura 
de Portugal e Brazil. 

Half morocco, t. e. g. 

Paris, 1884. 12s 6d 

1884 A.D. 

[488] SAMPER (J. M). Ei libertador Simon Bolivar. 

" With portrait. 
8vo, half calf, 
Buenos Aires, 1884. 15s 

1885 A.D. 

[489] GONZALEZ (Jose Eleuterio). Notioias y docomentos para la 
historia del Estado de Nuevo-Leon. 

Second Augmented and Revised Edition. 

2 vols., 8vo, half roan. 

Monterey, 1885. £1 lOs 

1886 A.D. 

[490] BASALENQUE (Diego). Historia d& la Provincia de San Nicolas 
de Tolentino de Michoacan, del orden de S. Augustin. 

3 vols, in 2, half calf. 

Mexico, 1886. , £1 5s 

Eeprint of this important work, which appeared in 1673. 

Father Diego Basalenque was the Chronicler of the Order of St. Augustin, and was 
in 1623 Provincial of the Convent of San Luis Potori bt Me;xico and died in Michoacan in 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. i;5 

1886 A.D. 

[491] CARDUS (J.). Las misiones Franciscanas entre los infieles de 

Bolivia. Descripcion del estado de alias en 1 883 y 1 884 con una noticia sobre 
los Caminos y tribus Salvajes. Una muestra de varias lenguas. , 

With large folding map. 

8vo, half bound. 

Barcelona, 1886. £2 2s 

Contains intereatSng vocabularies of the Indian tongues, 30 difierent languages. 

1887 A.D. 

[492] ORTEGA (Jose). Historia del Nayarit, Sonora, Sinaloa y Ambas 
Californias que con el tituloi de Apostolicos afarmes de la Compania de Jesus 
en la America septentrional, Se publico anonima en Barcelona 1754. 

New Edition with a prologue by Manuel de Olaguibel. 

8vo, half roan. 

Mexico, 1887. £2 lOs 

Reprint of one of the most important works on the early history of California. 

Of considerable importance to the Californians. Some passages make it appear that 
the writer was identical) with the Jesuit Jose Ortega, who published a Cora Dictionary at 
Mexico in 1732; but the prologue shows that he incorporated in a continuous narrative the 
reports of others besides himself. He laboured for thirty years in Lower California, and in 
the regions between the Colorado and the Gila rivers; he had the us© of the MS. papers of 
Busebio Kino in which " estan coordenados sus viajes, empressas, y descubrimientoe." The 
account which he gives of Kino's life and labours contains references to monumental remains 
of earlier inhabitants in those .regions, and is the chief source of biographical information 
concerning that distinguished geographer. It forms one of the three libros into which the 
book is divided. The author enlarges upon purely historical events and anthropological' facts 
to a greater degree than most theological writers. 

1888 A.D. 

[493] AMUNATEGUI (Miguel Luis). Las primeras representaciones 
dram^ticas en Chile. 

8vo, cloth. 

Santiago de Chile, 1888. 10s 6d 

1889 A.D. 

[494] HUES (Robert). Traotatus de Globis, et eorum usu. A Treatise 
descriptive of the Globes constructed by Emery Molyneux, and published in 
I ^92. Edited with Annotated Indices and an Introduction, by Clements R. 
Markham, C.B., iF.R.S. With a frontispiece. 

8vo, original cloth, uncut. 

London, Hakluyt Society, 1889. 12s 6d 

1/6 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, .London, W. 

1890 A.D. 

Magnificent Work on Ancient Mexico. 

[495] PENAFIEL (Dr. Antonio). Motiuments of Ancient Mexican Art, 
Ornamenits, Mythology, Tributes, and Monuments. Upwards of 300 
FINE LARGE PLATES, containing NUMEROUS COLOURED and plain examples of 
Vases, Metals, Arms, Utensils, Instruments, Urns, Sepulchres, Statues. Written 
Monuments, Mythology, etc., etc. THE TEXT IN SPANISH, FRENCH, AND 

3 vols, (i vol. Text, and 2 Portfolio Plates). Large folio, original boards, 
cloth back, as issued. 

Berlin, 1890. (Pub. ;^45.) £18 

1890 A.D. 

[49Sa] CORY (Charles B.). The Birds Of the Bahama Islands. Con- 
taining many birds new to the Islands, and a num^ber of undescribed winter 
plumages of North American Birds. 

With 8 coloured plates. 

Revised Edition. Thick 4to, original cloth, uncut. 

Boston, U.S.A., 1890. £3 3s 

1890 A.D. 

[496] CHIRINO (Pedro). Relacion de las Islas Filipinas y de lo que en 
ellas han trabagadO' los padres de la Compania de Jesus. 

Second Edition. 8vo, half roan. 

Manila, 1890. lOs 6d 

The first edition of this valuable chronicle was published in 1604 at Rome, but is not 
mentioned in Tavera's bibliography. 

1890 A.D. 

[497] SANTOS Y SALAZAR (Br. D. Manuel de los). Imienciin de la 
Santa Cruiz por Santa Elena. Coloquio escrito en Mexicano. Lo tradujo libre- 
mente al Castellano F.P.T. 

Small 4to, full blue' morocco, uncut, t. e. g. 

Mexico, 1890. 18s 

* * * No. 34 of 50 copies only printed ; Presentation copy. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. in 

1891 A.D. 

[498] RIVER PLATE. Conquest of the River Plate (i535-i555)- 

I. Voyage of Ulrich Schmidt to the Rivers La Plata and Paraguai. From 
the original German Edition, 1567. 

IL The Commentaries of Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca. From the 
original Spanish Edition, 1555. 

Translated for the Hakluyt Society. With Notes and an Introduction 
by Luis L. Dominguez. 

Folding map of South America in the XVIth Century. 

8vo, original cloth, uncut. 

London, Hakluyt Society, 1891. £1 4s 

1891 A.D. 

[499] TELLO (Antonio). Libro segundo de la cronioa miscelanea die fa 
Conqtiisui espirrtual y temporal de la Santa Provincia de Xaligco en el nuevo 
reino de la CaliOia y Nueva Vizcaya y desoubrimiento del' Nuevo Mexico. 

8vo, half calf. 

Guadalajara, 1891. £3 3s 

1891 A.D. 

[500] ENRICH (Francisco). Historia de la Compania de Jesus en Chile. 

2 vols., 8vo, half calf.. 

Barcelona, 1891. £1 lOs 

1891 A.D. 

[501] COLUMBUS. Libros y Autografos de D. Cristobal Colon. Dis- 
cursos Leidos ante la Real Academia Sevillana de Buenas Letras en la recep- 
cion piiblica del Dr. D. Simon de la Rosa y Lopez el 29 de Junio de 1891. 

4to, half calf, uncut. 

Sevilla, 1891. 15S 

1892 A.D. 

[502] COLUMBUS. Autografos de Cristdbal Colon y Papeles de 
America. Los Publica la Duquesa de Berwick y de Alba, Condesa de Siruela. 

With ten facsimile letters, etc. 

Folio, half buckram, original wrafpers bound in, uncut. 

Madrid, 1892. £2 lOs 

178 MAGGS BROS , 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1892 A.D. 

[503] KRETSCHMER (Konrad). Die Entdeckung Amerikas in Ihrer 
Bodeutunig fuer die Gesohichite des Weldbildes. 

With an atlas of 40 coloured! plates in folio. 

3 vols., small folio and folio, half vellum. 

London, 1892. £* 4s 

Of the greatest value for the early nomotology of America. Contents :— 

Chapter 1., How the ancients imagined tih© world. 

Chapter 2. How the middle ages imsigined the world. 

Chapter 3. The knowledge of the Atlantic Ocean before Columbus. 

Chapter 4. The world as it was imagined to be in the time of Columbus. 

Chapter 5. The New World. 

Chapter '6. America, a Continent by itself. 

1892 A.D. 

[504] PIKE (Warburton).- Tlie barren ground of Northern Canada. 

With large folding map. 

8vo, cloth. 

London, 1892. £3 lOs 

1892 A.D. 

[505] COLUMBUS. HARRISSE (Henry). Christophe Colomb devant 

Royal Svo, original fafer covers, uncut. 

Paris, 1892. 14s 

1892 A.D. 

[506] COLUMBUS. Cristobal Colon. Historia de su vida y viajes 
cscrita en Frances por el Conde Roselly de Lorgues, continuada con documen- 
tos ineditos importantes relativos al segundo matrimonio de Colon con Dona 
Beatriz Enriquez de Cordoba, traducida por D. Pelegrin Casabo y Pages. 

Numerous coloured plates. 

3 vols., thick 4to, original half morocco gilt, g. e. 

Barcelona, 1892. £1 lOs 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 179 

1893 A.D. 

[507] COLUMBUS (Christopher). His own book of Privileges 1502. 

Photographic facsimile of the manuscript in the Archives of the Foreign Office 
in Paris, now for the first time published, with expanded text translation into 
English and an Historical Introduction. The Transliteration and Translation 
by George F. Barwiok, B.A., of the British Museum. The Introduction by- 
Henry Harrisse. The whole compiled and edited with preface by Benjamin 
Franklin Stevens. 

Frontispiece (emblasoned Arms of Columbus) and several plates printed 
in colours. 

Thick folio, original wooden boards backed in pigskin, brass clasps, 
antique style, uncut, as issued. 

London, 1893. £2 2S 

1893 A.D. 

[508] RUIDIAZ Y CAR AVI A (Eugenic). La Florida. Su conquista y 
colonizaciori por Pedro Menendez de Aides. 

With portraits, maps and plates. 

2 vols., 8vo, half morocco. 

Madrid, 1893-4. ^2 2s 

At end of the second volume is a " Bibliografid de la Antigua Florida (1524-1730)." 

1893 A.D. 

[509] MONNER SANS (R.). De algunos Catalanes ilustres en ef Rio 
de la Plara. 

i2mo, half calf. 

Buenos Aires, 1893. 5s 

1893 A.D. 

[510] MARCEL (G). Reproductions de Cartes et de Globes relatifs k 
la decou vertei de I'Am^rique^ du i6 au i8 si^cle, avec texte explicatif. 

With an atlas of 40 plates. 

2 vols., 4to and folio. 

Paris, 1893. £2 lOs 

1893 A.D. 

[510a] ROOSEVELT (Theodore). The Wilderness Hunter. An 

Account of the big game of the United States and its Chase with Horse, Hound, 
and Rifle. 

Numerous plates and other Illustrations. 

8vo, original buckram. 

New York and London, 1893. 6s 

•i8o MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1894 A.D. 

[511] TERR IS (Jules de). Quatrifeme Centenaire de la Ddcouverte de 
i'Amdrique. Rapport a M. le Marquis de Croizier sur les travaux du Comite 
de Vaucluse. 

8vo, full morocco, g. e. 

Bar-le-Duc, 1894. 18s 

* * * An account of the fourth centenary celebrations of the Discovery of America, in 
France, and more especially in the Vaucluse Department. 

1894 A.D. 

[512] UZIELLI (G.). La vita e i tempi di Paolo Dal Pozzo Toscanelli. 

Ricerche e studi. 

With full-page portrait, plans, tables, etc. 

Folio, cloth. 

Rome, 1894. £3 3s 

The standard work on Toscanelli, the great cartographer and the friend of Christopher 

One of the plates is a reconstructdon of the map sent by Toscanelli to King Alfonso V. 
of Portugal and to Christopher Columbus. 

1895 A.D. 

[513] MEXICAN PICTURE MANUSCRIPT. Facsimile in colours of 
the Codex Colombino. In Panorama form, linen mounted, with total length 
of 20 feet. Produced for the " Comision Mexicana en la Exposicion de 

Small oblong folio, full green morocco covers. 

Madrid, circa 1895. £5 5s 

1895 A.D. 

[514} MEXICAN PICTURE MANUSCRIPT. Facsimile in colours of 
the Codex Por&rio Diaz. In Panorama form with a total length of 14 feet 
and reproductions on back and front. Produced for " La Comision Mexicana 
en la Exposicion de Madrid." 

Linen mounted and folded to oblong 4to size, in full green morocco 

Madrid, circa 1895. £5 5s 

1896 A.D. 

[515] FERNANDEZ (Juan Patricio), Sec. Jes. Rela«»6ni historiaJ de las 
Misiottes de los Indios ChiquitoS que en Paraguay tienen los Padres de la 
Coimpania de Jesus. 

2 vols., small 8vo, half calf. 

Asuncion del Paraguay, i8g6. 10s 6d 

Eeprint of the famous Indian mission book first published by Father Geroninio J. 
Herron in 1726, in Madrid. 

This work, published only three years after the death of Father Fernandez, contains 
most Taluable details on the Chiquitos Indians and on some of their neighbours. It was so 
important that it was rapidly translated into Italian, German and Latin. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. iSi 


ji896 A.Di 

[5 16] ASSISiBRASiL (J. F. de). Do Govemo Presidencial na R^pttblica 

8vo, 370 pp., half morocco, t. e. g. 

Lisboru, 1896. lOs 6d 

* * * With interesting presentation inscription from the author. 

'■ s ■- -' 

1897 A.D. 

[517] HAMY (Dr. £. T.). Galerie Amdricaitie du Mus^ cfEttino- 

graflhie dui Trooadl^rO'. Choix de Pieces Archeologiques et Ethnographiques 
decrites e:t publiees par le( Dr. E. T. Hamy. 

'Being a collection of 60 plates O'f old- Mexican and other American 
ren:iains, with full descriptive letterpress. 

In two portfolios, large folio. Paris, 1897. £3 3s 

1897 A.D. 

[518] RECORDS OF NEW AMSTERDAM, from 1653 to 1675 A.D. 
Minutes of the Court of Burgomasters and Schepens. Edited by Berthold 

7 vols. (Index inclusive). 8vp, uncut, calf. 

Published ihider Authority of the City of New York, by the Knicker- 
bocker Press, 1897. £3 3s 

" This work contains the earliest Dutdh records that have been preserved by the 
Territory included in the present City of New York, the earlier ones having long ago dis- 
appeared. Translated from the Dutch Manuscript by Edmund B. O'Callaghan." 

1899 A.D. 

[519] DUDLEY (Robert). Voyage to the West Indies, 1594-1595, 

narrated by Capt. Wyatt, by himself, and by Abram Kendall, Master. Edited 
by George F. Warner, M.A., F.S.A. 

With portrait, facsimile letter and large facsimile map. 

8vo, original cloth, uncut. 

London, Hakluyt Society, 1899. £1 Is 

1899 A.D. 

[520] FELIX DE ESPINOSiA (Isidro). Cronica dte la Provincia Francis- 
cana de los Apostoles San Pedro y San Pablo dle> Michoacan. La pubhca por 
vez primera Doctor Nicolas Leon. 

With portrait. 

8vo, half roan. 

Mexico, 1899. £1 lOs 

i82 MAGGS BROS.,r34 & 35, Conduit Street, London. W. 

1900 A.D. 

[521] SA (Simao Pereira de).. Historia Topograpliica e Bellica da 
Nova ColonJia do Sacramentoi do Rio da Prata. Editada pela primeira Vez 
pelo Lyceo Litterario Portuguez, do Rio de Janeiro, e copiada do original de 
Simao Pereira de Sa. 

With several plates. , 

4to, vellum gili, g. e. 

Rio de Janeiro, 1900. lOs 6d 

* * * Interesting presentation copy from the Lyceo Litterario Portuguez. One of two 
special copies printed on " papel Hollanda, encaderna^ao pergaminho." 

1900 A.D. 

[522] N. (M. T. A.). Principe dfe Nassau. (Conde Joao Mauricio). 
Govemador do Brazil Neerlandez. Ensaio Biographico. 

With a portrait. 

i2mo, half cloth. 1900. lOs 6d 

1900 A.D. 

[523] CANDIDO (Antonio.). Discurso proferido xm Theatro de S. Joao 
da CUfcaicte, doi Porto na noite de 19 die> Maio de 1900 em que as Associapoes 
Cofnmerciaes« Industriaes e Agricolas da Mesma cidade festejaram solemne- 
mente o 40 Centenario do Descobrimento do Brazil. . 

With a portrait. 

4to, original decorative wrapfers. 

Porto, \goo. 6s 

1900 A.D. 

[524] ASSOCIACAO do quarto Centenario do Descobrimento do Brasil. 

Livro do Centenario, 1500-igoo. 

3 vols., royal 8vo, full morocco, gilt, g. e. 

Rio de Janeiro, 1900-2. £3 3& 

* * * Special copy, being one of two copies printed on English Crown Court paper. 
Divided into 15 sections : The Discovery ; Religion ; Literature ; Education ; Fine Arts ; 

Sciences; Engineering; Minerals,' Industries; Labour; Commerce; Navigation and Finance; 
Military and Naval organisation; Foreign relations. 

1901 A.D. 

[525] COURBOIN (Albert). Chez les indiens, notes at souvenirs d'un 
sejour dans I'Amazonie. 

Royal 8vo, full limp morocco, g. e. 

Antwerp, 1901. 8s 6d 

* * * Interesting presentation copy from the Author. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 183 

1901 A.D. 

[526], AZEVEDO (J. Lucio de). Os Jesiiitas no Crao-Para. Suas 
missoes e a Colonizacio. Bosquejo historico com' varies documentos ineditos. 

With large folding map, shewing the missions of the Jesuits in Grao- 
Para atid Maranao, from a map drawn in 1753, and a folding plate shewmg 
the view of the city of Belim in Grand-Para. 

Royal 8vo, half morocco, t. e. g. 

Lisbon, 1901. *2 10s 

1901 A.D. 

[527] RENE-MORENO (GaKriel). Bolivia y Argentina. Notas Bie- 
graficas y Bibliograficas. 

8vo, half morocco. 

Santiago de Chile, 1 90 1. £1 18s 

1901 A.D. 

[528] CHANTRE Y HERRERA. Historia de las Misiones de (a Com- 
pania de Jesus en el Maranon E^anol, 1637-1767. 

%\o,.half, morocco. 

Madrid, igoi. . £1 5s 

1902 A.D. 

[529} COLUMBUS. La Lettre et la Carte de ToscaneUi a Femam 
Martinz, chanoine de Lisbonne, et a Christophe Colomb. Etude Critique par 
M. le Chanoine Casabianca. 

Large 8vo, cloth. 

Pans, igo2. lOs 6d 

1902 A.D. 

[530] FARIA E CASTRO (Jose Carlos de). L'Infant domi Henrique le 

Navigateitr. L'Ouverture de la Grande Navigation a travers I'Ocean au 
XVe Siecle. 

4to, full calf, g. e. 

Paris, 1902. 9s 

1902 A.D. 

[531] COLUMBUS. Nuevos Autografos de Cristobal Colon y Rela- 
Cidnes de Ultramar. Los Publica la Duquesa de Berwick y de Alba, Con- 
desa de Siruela. 

With five plates. 

4to, half calf. 

Madrid, igo2. £2 10s 

i84 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35. Conduit Street, London, W. 

1902 A.D. 

[532] ANRIQUE (N.) & SUVA (Ignacio). Ensayo tte una Bibliografia 
Historioa y jeografica de Chile. 

Thid< 8vo, half morocco. 

Santiago de Chile, 1902. £2 10s 

1903 A.D. 

[534] WALDSEEMULLER (Martin). The Oldest Map with the Name 
Amerioa of the year 1507 and the Carte Marina of the year 1516 by M. Wald- 
seemijller (Ilacomilus). Edited with the Assistance of the Imperial Academy 
of Sciences at Vienna by Prof. Jos. Fischer, S.J., and Prof. Fr. R. von Wieser. 

With numerous illustrations and 26 large folding plates. 

Folio, half morocco. 

Innsbruck, 1903. £4 lOs 

* * * Containifig reproductions and descriptions of many of the early maps, and 26 fine 
folding plates of tte World map of 1507 and the Carte 5Iarina of 1516. 

1903 A.D. 

TIE, ALFRED 'PICARD, E. RECLUS, ETC. Le Mexfque au (tebut du 
XX Sifecle. 

With maps and plans. 

Special Copy printed on Japan vellum paper. 

2 vols., 4to, crimson morocco, inside dentelles, g. e., by Engel. 

Paris, 1903. £3 3s 

1903 A.D. 

[536] HERSENT (M. Georges). Repubique Argentine. Son Present- 
Son Avenir. Port du Rosario. 

With 6 coloured maps and numerous illustrations. 

Large 4to, full red morocco. 

{Paris). __ 1903. 12s 6d 

1904 A.D. 

[537] MARTINIQUE. LACROiX (A.). La Montagne Pel6e et ses Erup- 
tions. Ouvrage public par I'Ac^demie des Sciences. 

With 238 illustrations and 31 plates. 

Large thick 4to, full blue levant morocco. 

Paris, 1904. £4 4s 

* * * The account of the eruption of Mont PeMe on May 8, 1902, when a large part of 
Sfartinique was devastated, and the city of Saint-Pierre and 30,000 inhabitants wiped out in 
a few seconds. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 185 

1904 A.b. 

[538] GUIANA. ANDRE (Eugene). A Naturalist in the Guianas. With 

a Preface by Dr. J. Scott Keltie. 

With 34 plates, some coloured, and a map.i 

8vo, original cloth, uncut. 

London, 1904. 12s 6d 

1904 A.D. 

[S38a] HORNADAY (Wm. T.). The American Natural History. A 

Foundation of useful knowledge of the higher animals _of North America. 

Illustrated with 227 original drawings by Beard, Rungius, Sawyer, etc., 
116 photographs, and numerous charts and maps. 

Small thick 4to, cloth. 

London, 1904. 8s 6d 

1905 A.D. 

[539] VERGARA Y VERGARA (Jose Maria). Historia de la Literatura 
en Nueva Granada. Desde la Conquista hasta la independencia (i 538-1 820). 
Segimda edicion con prologo y anotaciones de Antonio Gomez Restrepo. 

With portrait. 

8vo, half cloth. 

Bogota, 1905. 7s 6d 

1905 A.D. 

[540] RENE-MORENO. Ensayo de una bibliografia general de los 
peHoflioos de Bolivia, (i 825-1905.) 

8vo, half morocco. 

Santiago de Chile, 1905. £1 Is 

1906 A.D. 

[541] GARCIA IRIGOYEN (Carlos). Santo ToribiOi Nuevos Estudios 
sobre la vida y gobiemo de Santo Toribio (arzobispo de Lima). 

With portrait amd plates. 

Lima, 1906-1908. £1 lOs 

An exhaustive life of St. Toribio, second Archbishop of Lima, written on the occasion 
of the tereentary of his death; Vol. IV contains " Ineditos del Archivo de Sevilla " ; Vol. V, 
" Las Fiestas Centenarias." 

1906 A.D. 

[542] LE POINTE (Henri). Les Fastes Militaires et Coloniauix du Por- 
tugal sous la Maison de Braganoe (1640 a nos Jours). 
With portrait of Dom Carlos L 
Royal 8vo, full red levant morocco, gilt, t. e. g. 
Paris, 1906. 15s 

18(3 MAGGS BROS.. 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London. W. 

1907 A.D. 

[543] WRIGHT (M.R.). The New Brazil, its resources and attractions, 
historical, descriptive and industrial. 

Second Edition, revised and enlarged. 

With hundreds of illustrations. 

4to, crimson morocco , gilt fillet borders on sides, gilt -panel backs, with 
Arms of Portugal on sides in coloured mosaic, inside doublures richly gilt and 
tooled of blue morocco, inside dentelles, silk brocade end-fafers, g. e. 

Philadelphia, 1907. £3 lOs 

A magnificent piece of binding for presentation. 

1907 A.D. 

[544] GARCIA (Genaro). Los Calendarios Mexicanos per Mariano 
Fernandez de Echeverria y Veytia.. Edicion del Museo Nacional de Mexico. 

Illustrations in the text, portrait, and 8 coloured plates. 

Folio, original wrappers. 

Mexico City, 1907. 15s 

1907 A.D. 

[545] RENE-MiO'RENO. BO'livia y Peru, nuevas notas historicas y biblio- 

8vo, half morocco. 

Santiago, 1907. £1 lOs 

190S A.D. 

[546] MARTIN BEHAIM, His Life and His Globe, by E. G. Ravenstein. 

With portrait, facsimile of the globe printed in colours, 1 1 maps, and 
17 illustrations. 

4to, original half -canvas. 

London, 1908. £1 5s 

Martin Behaim has been credited with having greatly advanced the art of navigation, 
and with having made extensive voyages of discovery under the flag of Portugal, bnt is best 
known as the author of a remarkable globe which he was maJcing at Nuremberg while Colum- 
bufc was crossing the American Ocean in search of the riches of the east. Schedel in the 
famous Nuremberg Chronicle gives us Behaim's own. version of a voyage along the west coast 
of Africa, stating that the King of Portugal, Juan II, sent in 1483 James Canus, a native of 
Portugal, and Martin Behaim of Nuremberg, with some galleys to Ethiopia; that they went 
to the Southern Sea, near the coast, and after crossing the line, reached the New World, 
when they happened to look towards the East, their shadow, at noon, appeared on the right ; 
that in that region they discovered lands, heretofore unknown, which had not been searched 
afte'- by any people for many years, except the Genoese, and that in vain; finally, that after 
a navigation of twenty-six months they returned to Portugal; and in proof of their dis- 
covery brought pepper and grana paradisi, thus claiming the honour of the Discovery of the 
New World claimed for Martin Behaim. 

MAGGS BROS.,. 34 & 35, Conduit Street. Londpn, W. 187 

1908 A.D. 

[547] RODRIGUEZ (J.)- Recuerdo de la inauguracion del San Agus- 
tin de Lima. 

With illustrations. 

8vo, cloth. 

Lima, Privately Printed, igo8. 7s 6d 

An account of the earliest Convent and. Church of Saint Augusten, which was founded 
by the first mission of AugustSine Monks who landed on 1st June, 1551, Father Andres de Salazar 
at their head. 

1909 A.D. 

[548] ACOSTA DE SAMPER (Soledad). Republioa de Colombia. Biblio- 
theca Historical Epoca de la Independencia y Presidentes de la Republica 
de Nueva Granada. 

2 vols., i2mo, half bound. 

Bogota, iQog-io. 8s 6d 

Important for the history of the Revolt of the Columbians from Spain, Bolivar, eto. 

1909 A.D. 

[549] FELIX (G.). Vasoo de Gama^ celebre Navigateur PortugaSs 

Portrait and several other plates and illustrations. 

Royal 8vo, half buckram, uncut, t. e. g. 

Tours (1909). 8s 6d 

1909 A.D. 

[550] AMUNATEGUI SOLAR (Domingo). Las Enoomiendas de< indi- 
jenas en Gliile. 

8vo, cloth. 

Santiago de Chile, 1909. £1 10s 

1910 A.D. 

[551] GERSTE(A.). N otes sur la medicine et les botanique des anciens 
M^xioains. Deuxieme edition revue et corrigee. 
8vo, cloth. 
Rome, 1910. 12s 6d 

1910 A.D. 

[552] SANGHEZ LABRADOR (Jose). El Paraguay GatoUco. 

With numerous plates, some folding, and maps. 

2 vols., 8vo, half calf. 

Buenos Aires, 1910. £2 lOs 

First edition of this work which is of the greatest importance owing tto the historical, 
geographical, and ethnological material contained therein. The author was born in Spain 
in 1717 and entered the Order of Jesuits in 1731. The contents comprise his important 
monograph on the Mbaya Indians, which fills a void in our knowledge of the American 

1 88' MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1911 A.D. 

[553] THE KING'S BOOK OF QUEBEC. [With Preface by Earl Grey]. 

Folding map amd 36 illustrations (some in colours) and portraits. 

2 vols., small 4to, new half morocco extra, uncut, t. e. g., by Riviere. 

Ottawa, -igii. £7 7s 

" The object of this volume is twofold. To unite more closely Canadians of French and 
of British descent; and to create a public opinion in favour of preserving the Battlefields of 
Quebec in a manner worthy of their traditions." — Earl Grey. 

This forms the Memorial Volume of the Quebec Terceutemary Celebrations of July, 1908. 
Its preparation has been, entrusted to Dp. Doughty, the Dominioil Archivist, and to Colonel 
Wood, of Quebec, the author of " The Fight for Canada." 

The Contents consist op : — 

HisTOEicAL Background : — Conditions in Europe — Jacques Cartier — Samuel Champlain — 
The Missionaries — ^The Intendant Talon — Frontenac — ^La Salle — The Struggle for Supremacy. 

Tercential Quebec, by Lieut.-Col. Wood :— introductory — Preparation — Celebratiom^-The 

* * * Only a small number of copies were issued. 

1911 A.D. 

[554] CORAZON DE MARIA (Fabo del). Restoracton de la Provincia 
de la banidelaria. 

With portrait and plates. 

8vo, cloth. 

Bogota, igii. 7s 6d 

This is an account of the Augustin missionaries in Columbia. 

1912 A.D. 

[555] TORRES LANZAS (Pedro), independencia dfe America. Frientes 
para su estudio. Catalogo de documentos conservados en el archivo general 
de Indias de Sevilla. 

5 vols., 8vo, Spanish calf. 

Madrid, 191 2. £4 4s 

1913 A.D. 

[556] AC U ADO (Fray Pedro de). Historia dte Venezuela, esciita en 
1581 por Fray Pedro de Aguado. 

2 vols., 8vo, original wrappers. 

Caracas, 1913-1915. 15s 

First edition printed from an unpublished Manuscript in the Library of the Royal 
Academy of History, Madrid. 


(I). Authors and Titles. 

Aeos-ta (Joseph) De Natura Novi Orbis, 

1589 No. 32 

Acosta de Samper (S.) Colombia, 1909-10.. .548 
Acuna (6. de) Informe del orden de Pre- 

dicadores. 1B59 99 

Act for naturalizing, 1739 178 

Act, for preventing schemes, 1741 186 

Act for Sugar, 1744 : 194 

Act for Trade, 1746 198 

Act to continue Parliament, 1746 , 199 

Act for United Brethren, 1749 207 

Act for Culture of Silk, 1750 209 

Act for making Potash, 1751 212 

Act re Wills, 1752 214 

Act to extend Liberty, 1757 223 

Act for Duties, 1764 234 

Act for importation of Salted Beef, 1771. ..256 

Act for Mutiny, 1774 257 

Act for Beef, Pork, etc., 1772 258 

Act for Tea, 1772 259 

Act for Wheat, 1773 263 

Address from R. G. Harper, 1796 327 

Aguado (P. de) Venezuela, 1913-15 556 

Albertini (P. de) Mirabilibus Novae et 

Veteris Urbis Eomae, 1510 7 

Aldrete (B.) Varias Antiguedades, 1614 ... 49 
Alvarez (F.) Historia de las cosas de Ethi- 
opia, 1561 23 

American War for Independence, Pamph- 
lets, 1774 265 

America. Map of N.A., 1775 268 

Map of Theatre of War, 1776 270 

Map of Continent, 1777 276 

New and correct Map, 1779 279 

Map, 1753 292 

New Map, 1786 297 

■ New Map, 1794 315 

American Indians, Act for trading, 1796.. .324 
America, Address to the People, 1798 ... 340 

• MS. account, 1750 208 

Ames (N.) Almanach, 1768 243 

Ames' Speech, 1796 328 

Amunat«gui (M. L.) Drama en Chile, 

1888 r 493 

Amunategui Solar (D.) Indijenas en Chile, 

1909 550 

-Anchieta (J.) Vita, 1738 177 

(Joseph) Eloge, 1624 , HO 

Andagoya (P. de) Narrative, 1865 460 

Andrada Leitao (F. de) Proposicoes resti- 

tuicao de S. Paulo, 1642 80 

Andrada Leitao (F. de) Discurso, 1642 ... 82. 
Andre (E.) Naturalist in Guineas, 1904 ... 538- 
Andrews (J.) War with America, 1785 ... 470' 
Anrique (N.) and Silva (J.) Biblio. Chile, 

1902 532- 

Anson (G.) Voyage, 1748 205. 

Apianus (P.) Cosmographia, 1545 17 

Argentine, Reconquista de Buenos Aires, 

1806 364 

Arriaga (Joseph de) Estirpacion de la idola- 

tria del Peru, 1621 55 

Arrowsmith, Map of U.S., 1800 346 

Artegui (J.) Cronica, 1851 444 

Assis Brasil (J. F. de) De Governo Presi- 

dencial, 1896 516 

—Associacao do Quarto Centenario Brazil, 

1900-2 524 

Attayde (Antonio de) Cargos, 1624 59 

Attorney and Solicitor General's Opinions, 

1673-1703 114a 

Azevedo (J. L. de) Os Jesuitas, 1901 526 

Azpurua (R.) Biografias, 1877 475 

Baffin (W.) Voyages, 1881 .^ 479 

Balanza Del Comercio de Espana, 1831 ... 417 
Balthassar de Medina (F.) Chronica, 1652 ... 

Baltimore, Nile's Weekly Register, 1815. ..352 
Baptista (J.), Advertencias para los Con- 

fessores de los naturales, 1600 37 

Barros (A. de) Vida do Antonio Vieyra, 

1746 197 

(J. de) and Couto (D. de) Asia, 

1778-88 278 

Basalenque (D.) Historia Provincia de S. 

Nicolas, 1886 490 

.^iiBates (H. W.) Naturalist on Amazon, 1863... 

Behaim (Martin) His Life and Globe. 1908... 

Belmonte Bermudez (Luis de) Algunas Ha- 

zauas de los Hechos del Marques de 

Canete. 1622 56 

Beltrami (J. C.) Pilgrimage, 1828 406 

Benes (J. B.) Relaciones Universales, 1603... 


INDICES — Continued , 

(I.) AUTHORS AND TITLES— Continued. 

Bentley (C.) Views in Guiana, 1841 430 

Beretarivis (S.) Vida del Padre J. de An- 

ehieta, 1618 51 

Bernardo de Braga, Sermam, 1649 88 

■■«»Berredo (B. P. de) Maranhao, 1749 20G 

Biekerstaff's' Boston Almanac, 1755 269 

Blackmore (W.) N.A. Indians, 1877 474 

«.31ake (A.) Bibliografia Brasileiro, 1883- 

1902 483 

wBoemns, Nationum habitus, 1572 27 

Bolivar; Deseripcion Funebres, 1843 432 

Bollaert (W.) Expedition of P. de Ursua, 

1861 454 

Bomtempo (J. M.) Trabalhos Medicos, 1825... 

Bonaparte (E. de) etc., Le Mexique, 1903 ... 


Bossu (M.) Travels, 1771 253 

Bouso (Dr. J.) Oracion, 1779 281 

Brajit (S.) Stultifera Navis, 1497 2 

Bredan (D.) Desengano a los pueblos del 

Brasil, 1632 72 

Brief Statement, 1800 3.52 

British Empire in America, 1741 182 

Brito (P. J. M. de) Memoria, 1829 412 

Bullock (W.) Ancient Mexico, 1824 397 

Burford's View of Niagara, 1851 443 

«»Burford's View of Eio de Janeiro, 1828 ... 408 
Burgoyne (Lt.) Expedition from Canada, 

1780 285 

Burney (J.) Voyages, 1819 390 

-"•Burton (E. F.) Highlands of Brazil, 1869... 

Cabral (A.) Vita del Padre Azevedo, 1743... 


(Pedro Alvarez) His copy of Pompo- 

nius Mela, 1498 4 

Cabrera de Nevares (M.) Memoria, 1821. ..391 
Callander (J.) Terra Australis, 1766 ... 239 

-Cambridge Platform, 1653 97 

Canada; Map of Eastern Canada, 1720 ... 154 

Candido (A.) Diseurso, 1900 .523 

Canto (E.) Labrador, 1884 486 

Carayon (A.) Jesuites au Canada, 1864 ... 4.59 

Cardoso (G.) Agiologio, 1652 94 

Cardus (jJ.) Misiones Prancisoanas, 1886 ... 


Carey (M.) Olive Branch, 1816 384 

Caro de Torres; Eelacion, 1620 53 

■Carpenter (N.) Geography, 1625 66 

<:!arvalho e Cunha (B. J. de) Navegapao, 

1832 *18 

Carver (J.) Travels, 1779 280 

Cassani (J.) Glorias de la Com. Jesus, 1734... 

Castro (F. A. de) Vida del Padre Diego Luiz 

de Sanvitores, 1723 1,59 

Castro (M.) Misiom, 1827 404 

Catechismo, 1771 260 

Catecismo breve, 1759 228 

Catlin (G.) Breath of Life, 1862 455 

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429 & 472 

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INDICES— Cpntinued. 
(I.) AUTHORS AND TITLES— Continued, 

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INDICES— CoKimued. 

(I.) AUTHORS AND TITLES— Continued. 

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1811 373 

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Brasilico, 1858-62 446 

Jamaica. — Proceedings, 1796 331 

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INDICES— Continued. 

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Guarani, 1640 73 

^•Morden (R.) Geography, 1700 137 

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INDICES— Continued. 
(I.) AUTHORS AND TITLES— Continued. 

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Memorial, 1652 95. 96 

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and Duke of Buckingham. Three 

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ditto, 1765 235 

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ditto (Cabral's Copy), 1498 4 

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Portulano, 1767 240 

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Promotion of trade in England, 1675 ... 114 

Prospect before us, 1800 350 

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64. 64a 
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bueo, 1679 119 

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. . . de Mexico, 1597 36 

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Jackson, 1817 385 

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Bahia, 1625 61 

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1722 156 

Relacion del enquentro que tuvieron dos 

Naos, 1662 102 

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Bolivia, 1901 527 

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Reyno de Granada, 1696 134 


(I.) AUTHOES AND TITLES— Continued. 

Respuesta que dio cierto ministro, 1670... 108 
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1755 218 

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cano, 1728 164. 

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1757 225 

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Indiano, 1880 477 

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de la Santa Cruz, 1890 497 

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ghillibeer (Lieut. J.) Briton's Voyage to 

Pitcairn, 1817 388 

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©Brazil, 1884 487 

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Marques de Canete, 1613 47 

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gacao, 1630 70 

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Topia (F. de) Eepresentaoion, 1701 139 

Tomaio de Vargas (T.) Eestauracion del 

Salvador, 1628 67 

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America, 1912 5-55 

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ditto, 1792 313 

United States. Acts, 1791 311 

Case respecting British Debts, 1797... 


Documents, 1798 323 

Real Cedula, 1796 325 

Revenues, 1795 319 

Short Account of Congress, 1798... 339 

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Inventis Narrationes, 1532 9 

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..^asconcellos (S. de) Chronica, 1663 103 

>■= ditto, 1865 461 

■ Vida de Joseph de Anchieta, 1672... 112 

Vecellio (C.) Habiti, 1590 3* 

Veitia Linage (J. de) Indias Occidentales, 

1672 110 

Venegas (M.) California, 1757 224 

Venezuela, Manifiestos, 1821 392 

Vergara y Vergara (J. M.) Lit. Nueva 

Granada, 1905 .539 

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INDICES — Continued. 
(I.)' AUTHORS AND TITLES— Contmued. 

Vetancurt (A. de) Arte de lingua Mexicana, 

1673 113 

Vidal (M.) Historia del Convento de S. 

Augustin, 1751 211 

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Letters, 1800 355 

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Political 'Legacies, 1800 356 

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Peru, 1563 24 

Zumarraga (Bishop) De Insulis Nuper 

Inventis, 1532 9 

Doctrina Breve, 1543-4 16 

(II). Subject Index. 

American Indians (Books on and for)... 16, 19, 
32, 37, 38, 40, 41, 44, 55, 78, 111, 113, 131, 
139, 145, 163, 174, 227, ^28, 294, 324, 377, 
395, 429, 431, 453, 472, 474, 477 

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Frontispiece from Jcax Fbancisco be San Antonio, Cl,rorrrcas de la Provincia de San Gregorio 

de rehgiosos de S. Francisco en las Islas Philipinas, China, Japon etc 

Sanipaloc (Snburb of Manillii). 1738—17-14. 

No. 413 1921 






Australasia, China, Japan, 
India, Turkey and Africa. 

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Plate I. 

Engraved 'J'itle ii iiiii Momn's SrcKsos im ],vs lf<n« Iiulii'in- 
Mexii-i), 16(l!l. 
See Items Xus. 5ti7 iiiul 713\. 


[Numeration of items continued from Part I. Catalogue No. 412.] 


The Discovery of the Australasian Archipelago 

as related by De Qairos in his Memorials to the 

King of Spain, A.D. 16094613. 

{See Items Nos. 567 to 572; Pages 5 to 12) 

The voyage of Quiros mas the first event in the story of Antarctic en- 
terprise. Its object was the discovery of the Southern Continent and the 
annexjation of the South Pole. It luas thS dream* of an enthusiast . It was a 
failure, but not altogether a barren failure. Others of another nation were to 
follow up his idea, but he opened the glorious record of Antarctic discovery. 
Captain Cook made known the Southern C ontinent imagined by Quiros , and 
actually seen by Torres. Captain; Cook first crossed the Antarctic circle, and 
searched all round it for the supposed coast-lines of Quiros. Great cominunities 
were to arise in the Southern Continent, in Australia and Neiv Zealand, but not 
of Spanish race. The achievements of the peoples of the Iberian peninsula ivere 
of vast importance to the world; but they cavie to an end ivith the! voyage of 
Quiros. The mantle of discovery fell on other shoidders. 

Pedro Fernandez de Quiros was born at Evora, in Portugal, in 1565. 
In 1 595 he accepted the post of chief pilot in the ship of Alvaro de Mendana, 
who had received a concession to colonize the Solomon Islands, which he had 
discovered thirty years before. The expedition cuhninated at the Island of 
Santa Cruz, a new discovery, with the slaughter of the old Camp-Master, the 
deaths of Mendana, and his brother-in-law Don Lorenzo, the succession of the 

(Continued over) 

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The Discovery of the Australasiani Archipelago — continued. 

widow. Dona Isabel, to the command of the expedition, and the disastrous 
voyage to Manilla. Quiros brought a sinking ship, with rotten spars and 
rigging, safely over an unknown Sea from Santa Lruz to Manilla. It was during 
this voyage, and while gaining experience in the navigation of the Pacific OcearL 
and the treatment of natives, that Quiros conceived his grand project. He was 
a cartographer, and, in studying existing maps, he saw a great Southern con- 
tinent extending across the ocean, from the Strait of Magellan to New Guinea. 
He thought that here was a discovery as famous as had been made by Columbus 
or Da Gama. Another great continent extending to the South Pole to be! added 
to the dominions of his sovereign, with millions of souls to be saved and brought 
within the fold of the Church. He devoted his life to the realisation of this 
glorious dream with unswerving devotion, undaunted by difficulties or wearisome 
delays to his dying day; literally killed by Councils and Committees; but 
succumbing only with his last breath. He became a man with one idea. 

The Duke of Cesa, Spanish Ambassador at Rome, was so much interested 
in Quiros' s project that he assembled the most eminent geographers to examine 
and refort to him upon it. 'The Duke introduced him to the Pope demerit VIII 
and they gave him letters of recommendation to the Spanish Government. Quiros 
arrived at Madrid in 1602, and had interviews with King Philip III. Within a 
year he had obtained a royal order, addressed to the Viceroy of Peru, instruct- 
ing that dignitary to fit out two ships at Callao , to enable Quiros to undertake 
an expedition for the discovery of the Antarctic continent. 

Quiros sailed for Peru in the summer of 1603. He was shipwrecked near 
Curagoa, in the W est Indies, and had to pass some time at Caraccas. Quiros 
arrived at Lima quite destitute, owing to the refusal of the royal officials on 
the route to give him any pecuniary assistance, although they had positive 
orders to do so. He found shelter in the house of a potter; and it wees some 
days before he could get an audience of the Count of Monterey, who was then 
Viceroy of Peru. Eventually the Viceroy recognised the necessity for carrying 
out the royal orders. Vessels were tardily bought and fitted out at Callao, for 
the expedition of Quiros, in the last months of 1605. There were two ships 
and a launch. The ship chosen for Quiros was called the Capitana, and named 
San Pedro y San Pablo. She was 150 tons. The other ship was called the 
Almiranta, 120 tons. They carried one hundred and thirty men and six friars. 

Luis Vaez de Torres, the second in command tirtder Quiros, was a good 
sailor and pilot, an energetic and capable leader, and loyal to his chief. 
But his most faithful and devoted friertd was young Luis de Belmonte Ber- 
mudez. Born at Seville in about 1585, this youth had gone out to seek his for- 
tune, first in Mexico and then at Lima. Fired by the stories told him of the 
Araucanian war in distant Chile, he composed a panegyric on the youthful 
deeds of the Marquis of, Canete, the first product of his muse. {See item No. 
573 in this Catalogue). 

Quiros complained bitterly of the delay in fitting out the expedition, 
which obliged him to sail so late in the year. He considered thai he should 

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The Discovery of the Australasian Archipeiege — continued. 

have sailed not later than the i,th of October. He did not obtain his despatch, 
until the 21st of December. 

Quiros came to a fatal decision to alter his course. He adds in one of 
his Memorials that winter was approaching, that there was a mutinous spirit 
among his crew, that he was ill in bed. If Quiros had continued on his course 
he would have discovered New Zealand, and his dream would have been partly 

Quiros fortunately came upon Toumaco, the principal Island of what is 
vow called the Duff group. Here he found a native chief from whom he 
received such detailed information respecting the distance of islands, and, as 
was understood, even C ontinental lartds to the southward , that the most san- 
guine hopes appeared to be approaching realisation. The project of going to 
Santa Cruz was abandoned, and Quiros steered south, fully anticipating the 
consummation of his dreams of discovery. Nor was he destined to be alto- 
gether disappointed. Island after island ^ all lofty and thickly inhabited , rose 
above the horizon; and at last he sighted such extensive coast-lines that he 
believed the Southern Continent to be spread out before him. The Islands of 
the New Hebrides Group, such as Aurora, Leper, and P£ntecost , overlapping 
each other to the south east, seemed to him to be. continuous coast-lines , while 
to the south west was the lartd which he named lAustrialia del Espiritu Sainto. 
All appeared to his vivid imagination to be one continuous Continental land. 
The vessels anchored in the Port of Vera Cruz, on the southern extreme of the 
great Bay of St. Philip and St. James. He had found the largest Island of 
what Caftain Cook named the New Hebrides Group, yet not a very large island. 
He showed his belief by his grandiose proceedings. There was a ceretnony 
of taking possession in the names of the Church, of the Pope, and of the King. 
Quiros took possession of " All this Region of the South, as far as the Pole, 
which from this time shall be called Austrialia del Espiritu Santo, with all its 
dependencies for ever, and so long as right exists," in the name of King Philip 
III. A great city was to be founded and named " The New Jerusalem," and 
its river was to be the Jordan. All the municipal and royal officers were 
nominated , and a knightly order of Espiritu Santo was instituted, subject to 
confirmation by the King. There were processions, religious dances. High 
Masses and fireworks. 

The great navigator had two serious drawbacks in his rejoicing. He 
was disabled by a serious illness; and the natives, owing to the misconduct 
of the Spaniards, were persistently hostile. After being at anchor in this Port 
of Vera Cruz, from the yd of May to the %th June, 1606, the little fleet sailed 
with the object of completing the discovery of the Southern Continent. 

Then came the catastrophe. It cam.e on to blow hard and it was resolved 
to return to the anchorage. Quiros was in despair; at last he determined to 
make for Santa Cruz. It was resolved to cross the line and make for Acapulco; 
a four months' voyage. Quiros bewailed his position, but consoled himself 

(Cojitinned over) 

4 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

The Discovery of the Australasian Archipelago — continued. 

with the reflection that his return would at least enable him to make known his 
discovery , and to urge upon the King, and his Councils, the im-portance of 
completing them. He also felt confident in Torres, his second in command, 
who was left behind, on board the Almiranta. Quiros hoped his discoveries 
would be continued by Torres, and he rejoiced when some years afterwards 
he received the news of the successful voyage of Torres. 

After waiting for some days for the Capitana with Quiros on board, 
Torres continued his voyage and discovered the Bay and Islands at the East 
end of New Guinea. He discovered Basilisk Island, Jenkins Bay, and China 
Strait {all later re-discovered by Morsby). He also discovered the Port of 
Monteray, on the south coast of New Guinea. From Triton Bay Torres pro- 
ceeded to Ternate, whence he continued his course to Manilla. His letters to 
CATALOGUE), and to the King, from that place, are dated June and 
July, 1607. 

Qtiiros landed at Acapulco, was very coldly received by the officials at 
Mexico, and reached, Madric^ on the gth of October, 1607. He was quite 
destitute. He only had two maravedis , which he gave ta a beggar. But his 
faithful young Secretary remained true to him. During the first eleven days, 
he had not money to\ buy\ ink or paper. He wrote his first Memorial on the 
flyleaves of a pamphlet. He got the money for printing it by selling his 
clothes. To print the second, he sold] his bedding; for the third, hi pawned, 
the royal banner under which he had taken possession of Espiritu Santo. After 
seventeen months' of extreme penury , the King granted hijii 500 ducats. 

Quiros tells us that he sent in fifty memorials in fifty months. Of these, 
eight have been preserved {For two additional ones, hitherto unktiown, see 
Nos. 570 and 571 of this Catalogue). The first was written in 1607. 
He describes the events of the voyage, and m.akes excuses for altering 
course when he had reached 26° S., and for having parted company with 
Torres. He explains his view that the Antarctic continent runs from Espiritu 
Santo S.E. to Magellan Strait, a land of vast extent; " a neiii> world. ^^ He 
says that he gave the najne of " Austrialia del Espiritu Santo " from His 
Majesty's title of Austria. 

Worn out by delays and obstruction, he gladly accepted the promise to 
give him command of a new expedition. Ignorant of the contra-des-pacho , he 
put his trust in the honour of the new Viceroy of Peru, Don Francisco de Borja, 
with whom he proceeded on the voyage to Peru, accompanied by his wife and 
two children. He thought that at lengtJi his grand ideas were to be realised. 
Fortunately, he was saved from being undeceived by a timely death at Panama 
on his way out. He died at the age of fifty, driven to his grave by Councils 
and Committees. His faithful Secretary, Belmonte Bermudez, who had edited 
the Memorials for him, stood by him to the last. 

[Adapted from Sir Clements Markhaiu's Preface to the " Voyages of Quiros," Hakluyt 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1609 A.D. 

The Discovery of the Marquesas Islands and the Isle of Santa Cruz 
BY De Mendana and De Quiros. 

[567] MORCA (Antonio de). Sucesos de las Sslas Philipinas. 

With finely engraved title shewing a view of the Philippine Islands. 

4to, old calf. Mexico, 1609. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. I.). £250 

This is the original issue of De Morgans work on the Philippine Islands, Moluccas, 
Siam, Cambodia, China, and Japan, at the close of +he 16th century. It is extremely rare, 
andi tJiere isi no copy of it im. the National Library, Paris. The oaitalogne pof the G-renTille 
L>ibra.ry In the British Museum states that " This boofe, printed in Mexico, is foi that 
reason probably, unknown to bibliographers, though a book of great rarity." In the Dialogo 
Cortesano Philipino of Father Joseph Torrubia, published in Madrid, 1736, the Inhabitant 
of the Court of Madrid says, that he has nrot heaird of such a book nor of the author; the 
Philippine Spaniard answers him that the boot was ipirinted in Mexico in 1609, and is now 
Boaroely to be found, but that he possesses a. copy ; and he describes De Morga as a man in 
whom arms and science were united in a most friendly manner, and says that he composed 
bis book from original documents, sine© he was the first Auditor of tflie Audiencia of Manilla. 

De Morga is less remarkable tor his literary merits than for his qualities as a jurist 
and administrator and a commander. His book is rather an historical tlian a geographical 
work, but the account of A] vara De Mendana's second voyage by his pilot Fernandez de 
Quiros, given by De Morgia, is of great importance. 

On the voyage Mendana and Quiros discovered the Marquesas Islands and the Island of 
Santa Ctuz. 

The Philippines had a great advantage over the British colonie; (accoxding to the Hon. 
H. E. J. Stanley, in his tran.,lation ot De Moi-ga's book published for the Hakluyt Society), in 
the active co'-operation of the Monks, who were not very numerous, but ratheir were 
insufficient in numbeT for the work they had, to do. 

Tavera No. 1776. The only copies fcnpiwn to Tavera were in the British Museum, 
National Library, Madrid, Private Library of the King' of Spain, andi a copy in the Academy 
of History, Madrid. 

6 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1610 A.D. 

Proposals for Colonising Australasia and converting 

THE Natives in i6io. 

Only One other Copy Known. 

[568] QUIROS (Pedro Fernandez de). (Relacron y Memorial at Rey y su 

consejo de Indtas acerca de la Australia, su descubrimiento y usos y costume 

bres de sus habitantes.) 

The seventh extant Memorial. 

46 pp., folio, vellum. {Madrid, 1610). 

(See Illustration, Plate No. II.). £950 



After a preliminary appeal to the King, Quiros begins as follows : — "The greatness 
of the newly discovered lands (judging from what I saw, and frovn what Luis Yaez de Torres, 
the Admiral under my command, wrote to your Maje'sty and to me), is well established. Its 
length is as much as all Europe, and Asia Mirurr, as far ais the Caspian, with all the islaTuis 
of the Mediterranean and the Ocean which encompasses. That hidden pari: is one fourth of 
the world, and of such capacity that double the kingdoms of which your Majesty is at present 
the Lord, coiM fit into it, and this without any neighbourhood of Turhs or Moors, or cithers 
of the nations which are prone to cause disquiet and unrest on their borders. 

" All the lands that were seen fall within the Torid Zone, and a part of them touch the 
Equator, the latitude of which may perhaps go as far a* 90 degrees, others somewhat lerss; 
and if they turn out as they promise, there will be lands thai are Antipodal to the greater 
part of Africa, to the greater Asia, to all Europe, and to Florida. I woulsl remark that the 
lands I saw in 15° are much better than Spain (as will be seen presently), and that others 
should be an earthly paradise. 

" The population is numerous, the colours of the people are white, black, tawny, shades 
of Mulattos, Indians, and crosses of one and the other. Some have their hair black, thick 
and loose, others have it twisted and curly, others middy and fine; these differences being 
indicative of much interccmrse and commerce. For the above reason o« well as owing tn the 
excellence of the land, and because up to the present date we were in no hurry to go there. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 7 

De Quiros, Relacion — continued. 

also btcause they do not work in silvermines, and do other hard work for ourselves, and 
for many other reasons, it is to be believed that these people are very\ numerous; but they 
do not kmyw any kind of art, fortified places, nor army, kings nor law; being nothing more 
ihan simple, heathens, divided into tribes, and with little friendship between them. Their 
arms are bows and arrows without (poisonous) herbs, clubs, sticks, lances, and wooden darts. 
It is a decent people, clean, cheerful and reasonable, and so grateful have I found them that 
there is reason to hope that with the aid of Divine providence, and by gentle means, it will 
be very easy to pacify, to indoctrinate, and to content them. Tlhese three measures are very 
necessary in the beginning, that afterwards all may walk towards those Holy ends they ought 
to seek, in great or small thing's, with all the verities. 

" Their houses are of wood and roofed with palm leaves. They make much use of 
mother-of-pearl shells for chisels, planes, isaws; while they wear large and small plates of it 
round their necks. They do not know what riches they possess, and value highly articles of 
our own make, such as knives, beads, mirrors, and such like. They have their boats well 
made, and sufficient for passing from one island to another, whidh they can. see, or which they 
estimate to be a day or two days off. All this ils an indication of a civilized people." 

He n\e)xt describes the fruits, trees and vegetable^-, flesh, food, and fisl^. He also 
describas the silver, pearls, gold and spice. " The industry of the Spaniards in raising the 
native products will make the products of this country better and more profitable than what 
is raised in Peru or New Spain. Altogether this land will be made so rich that it alone will 
suffice to supply America, and to enrich Spain. The natives are not to be looked upon as 
having our needs, tastes and desires, nor our estimation of thinffs; but as men who seek, 
with the least work poslsible to pass their lives, not to tire themselves about the rest of the 
things which tire us." 

He tJien describes the Bay of St. Philip and St. James and the Port of Vera Cruz :— 
" At break of day, and afterwardsi we found great harmony, caused by millions of different 
sorts of little birds, like nightingales, thrushes, larks, linnets, millions of iswallows, paroquets 
and parrots, which were seen. We smelt many odours of flowers, like orange flowers, from 
which I judged that the climate was mild. 

" Here may presently be built u. very great and popular city, whose inhabitants will 
enjoy the above mentioned commoditiels and riches, as well as those which my small imagina- 
tion is unable to set forth, and those which time will show. They can. keep up communication 
with the Provinces of Chili, Peru, Panama, Nicaragua, Gudtainala, New Spain, the Moluccas 
and the Philippineie ; of all of which lands your Majesty is lord. 

" I do not exaggerate if I say that it can maintain and accommodate two hundred 
thousand Spaniards, in fine that is the world of which Spain is the centre, and^so far as it is 
u body, this is the nail. This point should be well considered. 

" I well believe by the prudent counsel, magnanimity, and Christian piety of your 
Majesty, that, with much care, the matter will be considered touching the settlement of those 
important lands now discovered; the principal obligation being not to leave them desert, 
but to make this the means of making our Lord God known in all of them, believed in, 
worshipped, and served, as now the Devil is served. Also this has to be the door by which 
so many people charged by your Majesty, have to enter for aood, and to avoid the cares that 
would arise if enemies of the Roman Church should come to show their false doctrines and 
convert all the blessings I have set forth into great evils, and call themselves lordts of the 

" If his conjectures made Cristobal Colon pertinacious, they make me ai importunate 
respecting what I isaw and felt and what I offer; for which may your Majesty command that 
such order may be taken as wiU enable the enterprise to be put forward, and I will give full 

" My Lord, this is a great work, for the Devil wages Such mortal war, and it is not 
well that he should be able to do so much, your Majesty being the defender of the right." 

(Continued over) 

8 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

De Quiros, Relacion — continued. 

Next follows an. account of what the Indiariis of the Island of Taumaco said concerning 
pearls, u, chapter of the second Memorial presented to the King (now lost). 

Then follows the intercfsting report by Hernando de los Bios, the Procurator of the 
rhilippines, of a voyage to New Guinea, by a Portuguese named Miguel Roxo de Brito. An 
extract follows from a letter received bxj Quiros dated 15th June, 1607, from his second m 
command, Luis Vaez de Torres, and which reached him on the last of August, 1609, relating 
the discovery of the Strait which now hears his name, which separates .iustralia from New 

Now follows a long report hy Ruy Gonzalez de Sequeira, the Governor of the Maluccas, 
referring to natives who liad arrived from New Guinea, and of many islands that were 
hitherto unknown in the neighbourhood of New Guinea and of the Tierra .iuntral. 

Quiros then reprints the contents of his sixteenth Memorial, which contain^ many 
references to Spanish policy in Chili, and urging the King to send out missioaries to convert 
the natives. He records his conversation with Pope Clement VIII., who told him that his 
demands were just. He makes detailed proposals for the govemmemt of the newly-discovered 
land, and for the good treatment of the natives, and for their conversion. He pays much 
attention ta the seamanship of the proposed c.vped-ition, and to the navigating maps and the 
general management of the expedition. He writes much about Columbus's expedition and 
compares himself to Columbus, Da Gama and Magellan, as well as to Cortes and Pizarro. He 
asks for the following to be sent with him: eighty laymen and clerics, including Don Mancio 
del Vrena, twelve Spanish Capuchin monks {they had written him 102 letters). Fray 
Bernardino, and Fray .indres del Alameyda, both Dominican monks, six captains, who had 
offered to accompany him, etc., etc., and subm,i.ts detailed estimates. 



" The Captain Pedro Fernarulez de Quiros, whmn Your Majesty has ordered to prepare 
to return to Peru, in order to prosecute the discovery and settlement of the unknown 
Southern lariiDs, has printed several memorials i)i this Court, and recently a very long one, 
in which he discourses on the expedition he commanded, and treats indirectly of many other 
things touching the government of tlie Indies, and other subjects well le\t alone; and has given 
and distributed these memorials among various people, both of this nutioii and foreigner's. 
a proceeding which may serious inconvenience, as well frotn the information that 
foreigner.^- may be able to gather, and thus send notices of those lanil-s and of the navigation 
to their countrymen, as from the fact that most of the affairs treated of in the said memorial 
ere misrepresented. It, therefore, seems convenient that Your Majesty should order all these 
■memorials and papers that have been printed, with the originals, to be recovered; and that 
no oiiiers be published without permission from Your Majesty in Council. 

" Your Majesty will order what is for your service. Madrid, October 31st, 1610" {then 
in the handwriting of King Philiij III.) as follows: — 


Plate II. 



L Capitan Pedro Fernandez dc 

Qoiros. VM.ordena y manda ifuConfejo de Indias,que 
me dcdefpachos a mi fatisfacion, para queelVirrey del 
Pirujine de lo que fueremeneAer a la poblacion de las tie- 
rfas Au(lrales,adondeV.M.fefiruemandarme ir. Siempre 
tuueporcierio,qu^clamores dslasgentesdefcubiertas, y pordefcubrir,mi 
buenafee,conmisjuftas peticiones,auian deherir los piadofos oydos,y 
moiier elanimoCliriftianode V.Mabs grandezas deltas dosgrardes yli 
beralestnercedes queaceto,con todala liumildad a mi pof5ible,y porellas 
doy aV.M.infinltas gracias:y promerodar la vida,con el amor y verdad, 
que hafta aquilohehecho.firuiendo aefta grande emprefa. Senor, fus ma- 
yoresbienesjo'mayores males de aqueilasiierrasy gentes,eftan en elte fu 
bueno,omalprincipio:pore(lo deuo reprefentar denueuodos memoria- 
lesnum.S.y num.i<J. delos To. queen .^Idifcurfo d? tres alios defta mi pre- 
tenfionenefta Gorte,di a V.M.eflo a fin de queV. M. los tenga per tefti- 
gos viuosdemibuena voluntad,y de loquepadeauer obrado,y fe me de- 
ue per no auefine ayudado: y porque fi yo faltare, fiman a V- M. de def • 
pertadoryy de guiaalosquehuuierendecontinuar efle gran cafe. El pri- 
merocontienelas grandezas y riquezasdelastierras todas 
las relaciones que aV. M.fe ban dado,enrazon dtUas mueflro a V. 
tadoelraundo,redazido a cres pontos: lo que es dorado, reprefenta todas 
Usrierras fabidastloazul losmar.^s yanaiiegadosdo p,irt;incogni 
ta.yeneftaloquefe vadefcubriendo. Sencr, no ay mas que vn mundo, y 
deftjuesquetrato dedefcubtir lo que del falta, he pintado mas de 2cc. de 
inuchas fortnas,y de.«nuchos tamanos. En elfegundo digo,los peligrosque 
aquellastierrascorrencon fus gentes, yjunramenre las Indiasiel quinto 
conuienegaftar V. M. fuiiaiiendapor v'na vei ; quantos bienes de anibos 
generosefte empleo hademontar, y aflegurar en todos tiempcj. Digo lo 
quefedeuehazerenUegando;muc(lro la plantadelaciudad,yco!iTo erte- 
Uanoayapleitos ciuiles,yelmodoenloscruninales. Muellro como los na- 
turaldshande fer doirinados,enfeftidos,h.!zeiidados,defendidos y fnftema- 
dos enpazy)ufticia, y tambien parte del demas gouiernopara con ellos, y' 
losnueftrosry otrosmuchos auifos importantifsimo5,y muy frutuofos,quc 
tbdbs ellos con feiscientashoj IS de papelquetengoefcritasjy otrasmuchas, 
queporrolicicarefta obradexe deefcriuir,lo redu2go ados punios. Elpri- 
mero, que V. M. fe Grua darmeinfiruciones delo que deuo, y puedoha- 
ierenefteferuiciodeDios.y de V.M. con feguridad de mi conciencij. El 
fegundo,vntaldefpaclioy perfonasEcclefiafiicasy feculares.que conellas 
V.M.puedaencaoiinary affegurartodoquanto pretende, efpiritual y tem- 
poralde aquella quarta del mundo,en cuyo nombre.y en pago de mis ferui- 
cios,fopUcoaV.M.eficazaiente,fedignede leery confidsrareflos efctitos, 
y p«ner temedio en quanto fuenan. 

A La 


¥\\-i\ Page fnim Dr. Qi'iRds" 7tli E.vtanl Kelation Id IheKiii^; (if Spain, with his pnipu'^als fcir 
Ciilonisiiii; Australasia and ciinyertiii}; the Natives. 
(Madrid, IBIO). 
See Item No. .5GS 

1 l.'Vl U, 111. 



L Capitan Pedro Fernandez de Q^ros. Lj parteincognita Auftral 
esjuriamentequirtadelGlobojfin iaberfcfi es tisrra,ofi es agUJ,o 
que partes tiencde las dos:paraagua parece niucho, y defptoporcio 
para buena forma : escapazde caber en eiladentro delas doi Zonal 
habitables diez Eiiropas,y quando fea de tierra la mitad,iercio o quar 
to,f<;rancinco,otres,y vntercio,odoi y mediaiy fino fuere mas tierra s que las vif 
las.tienende largo cofno defdeaquialcnarCafpio,adonde cabeii vn Pontifice Ro- 
niino,elEinperador de Aletnania,V.M.contodos fusEftadoSilaSerenifsima Caf» 
«Je Auftiia,y Reynos deVngtia,y Bohemia,cjbenlos Reyes deFracia, Ingliterra, 
Dmj!narca,PoIonia,Noruega,y elgranDuque de Mofcobiaxabe el gran Turco 
contodoquantopoflee.y U Senoria de Venecia, ytodoslosotros Principes y Re- 
publicas que cotieoe de infinitas naciones,hafl;a Tartaros Precopenfei. En fuma las 
tierras nneuainente defcubiertascon fus Islas dequinzegrados hafta medio,ya oa 
pueden dexar de fertanto como la Europa,o de feis a fiete Erpiiias,y puede fer que 
feanveinte,cincuent«,yraasdefetenta,cotnolomo(Vre a V.M.aquien fuplico efi- 
cazmente,re firua de eftimar la merced fingular q nueftro Seiior le haze,y confide- 
rar la que fue feruido hazerme,pues teniendo el tnundo Ueno de fieruos fuyos,y de 
V jrones fabios y praticos,prudentes y ricos,fio de mi folicitudjO de mis nadas,todo 
el valor de tan grande obra,por la qualhize.y hago todo quanto pu-ie y puedo,y di 
go lo qu? tengo dicho muchas veze5,y por mayor lo figuieme en efte vliimo uifi- 

2 Yaespaffadoelafioquft V.M.meiJlandd efperar.ydcnecl medio, y no veofe 
trata de defpaehartne,ni fiquiera affeguranini efperan^a de <5 lo he de fer algun dia.' 

3 Si V.M.fe(iruedarine(coino lo deue a Dios yafa perfont Real)defpacho co- 
uenientejy atietnpoque pueda,yaquenofuy enlosgaleonej delos anospaffados 
yprereniejapreftartnepjrairen los del afio que viene,y concedermelas perfonsi 
eclefiafticas y feglares que pido aqui tan neceffarias,para fundamento cierto y firme 
deaquel grande edificio,faItaporllegaraLiina,y enellabufcar,yefcogergctes,api 
rejar nauios.Ueuar de refpeto las cofas que han de ay udar a la falud, v eltir,y fufieto, 
armas para !adefenfa,municiones,herrainictas,hierro,y cobre,contodoj los adere 
tes pirs boluerfe a nauegaf .En fuma todo quanto es menefter para el culto diuino, 
adquiriry conferuarChriftiana y prudenteme^te.y refcatsr con los lndios,y con- 
tentarlos. ' ' 

4 Esnece(rariofaliratiempo<5 fepropiopara aquellj nauegicion,en laqml.y 
en todo el difcurfo defdc aqui no fe defcuydara Satanaj,que Dios vecera,y fera fer 
uido fe Ueguedichofamente al puerto dela Veracruz en la bahiade San Feiipe y Sa 
iiago(nouecientas leguas menos.y de mas feguro viaje de ida y buelta.que ay de 
Mexico aFilipinas)adondeluego fon raenefter hornos de cal,ladril!o,y texas, rom- 
per peiias,cortjr arboles,aferrarmaderas,hazervnfuerie que lofea,y tenerle bien 
artillado,y guarnecido,pira poder defenderfedeeneioigos de Europa,o de la tie- 
rra,',' delo. que mi'^fe pueden ofrecer. 

5 Conuienecriir,plantar,fernbrar,coger,ybufcarde comer, quees vn eoemigo 
comun conrinuo,queno Ic pucdemitar lino con pan y fenicjanrC!. 

e Fibricarb.ixelespequenos,parj t)uea vela y remo lepusda comodamentedef- 
■**'*lihrir,y<r32inarpor cnire Islas y baxioi,y tambien nauios de mis y demenospor- 
''' t2|Con todislusxircias y vebs,bot3s dc niaderay de bjrro,ba(limentos,cor. lo de- 

mr. nec«(Tifio a los viajesque fclundchazsr aFJlipipasjLima,y Mexico, en que 

A fs 


First Vu'^e frtini JJk Quiros' IJiikiunvn Ji|.|iit,riai t.i ilic Kiiih ,,f .Spiiiii, with rplerence to 
Philipp Ul's J'Jxpoditinii :ini| ( 'iilmiizid imi of Caliliiviiiii in ICOB a.d., and his 
for Colonizing Aiist rahisia and converting (lie Natives 
(Madrid, 1613). 

Rpp [fciii IVn ^7' 


MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1610 A.D. 

Manuscript Relatjon. 

[569] QUIROS (Pedro Fernandez de). SEQUEIRA (Ruy Gonzalez de). 
Relacion d>el Capitan Sequetra, Governador que fue del Maluco, en razon de las 
Co®as que hay en las Tierras del descubrinriiento del Capitan Quires. 

Manuscript presumably in the Autograph of Luis de Belmonte 
Bermudez, the famous Secretary to Quiros, and well-known Poet and 

4 pp., folio. 

Madrid (1610). £105 




lo MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1611 A.D. 

An Unknown and Unpublished Manuscript Memorial by De Quiros, 

with reference to the discovery and further colonization of 

Australasia and Conversion of its Inhabitants. 

[570] QUIROS (Pedro Fernandez de). (Relaciotii y Memorial a Su Mages- 
tad en vista del Papel que le leyo Juan de Civita, enque nuovamente of rece ir a 
poblar las tierras Australes, proponiendo los medios oonduoend^s.) 

Manuscript presumably in the Autograph of Luis de Belmonte 
^ Bermudez, the famous Secretary of Quiros, and well-xnown Poet and 

4 pp., folio. 

Madrid {about 1611). £350 





MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. II 

1613 A.D. 

An Unknown Printed Memorial by De Quiros with reference to 

Philip III.'s Expedition to and Colonization of California in 1606 a.d. 

AND His Proposals for Colonizing Australasia, and converting the 

[571 J QUIROS (Pedro Fernandez de). (Relacfon y Memorial al Rey y 
su consejo de Indlias acerca ikt\ {fescubrimiento de la Australia.) 

An unknown Memorial. 

8 pp., folio, vellum. Madrid (1613). 

(See Illustration, Plate No. III.). £650 

no copy op this memorial has hitherto been known, ajsid its con- 
TiEnts have never been published. 





This must have been one of the last memorials sent in by De Quiroj, as two years laler 
he was sent to Peru and died on the way out at Panama. 

12 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1613 A.D. 

The First Attempt to Colonize Polynesia, Published in 1613. 

[572] SUAREZ DE FICUEROA (Doctor Christoval). Heches de Don 
Garcia Hurrtacfo de Mcndoza, quarto Marques de Canete. 

Small 4to, calf. Madrid, 161 3. 

(See Illustration, Plate No. IV.). £75 

A very rare and important volume concerning the discoveries in South America, and 
also one of the earliest bookg cioneerning tlie " South Sea.s " 

Garcia Hurtado de M©ndo>za was Captain General of Chili and the twelfth Yicer<jy 
of Peru (1590-1596). Sent by his father (then Viceroy of Peru) to Chili, he distinguished 
himself in the wars against the Araucan Indians-, wliom he vanctuish«d in seven battles. In 
the present biography is given a valuable description of this war and also of the incidents 
which happened during his Vice-Royalty. 

It was under his government that the Marquesa.-i and Santa Cruz Islands were dis- 
covered by Altvaro de Mendana, who had for pilot Fernandez de QuircnG. Suarez de Pigueroa 
gives in this book an account (of the discovery; also of the expeditions of Drake, Cavendish, 
and Hawking, and battles with (these famO'Us English explorers, including the sacking of the 
I'ort of the City of Nombre de Dios. 

The expedition to the Southern Seas occupies pp. 238-292, in which is given a minute 
description of th© discovery of the Marquei^as and Santa Cruz Islands — (the SoUomon Islands 
had been discovered a few years earlier by Mendana). On his return to Peru from this 
eaTiier expedition he endeavoured to organize another expedition to colonize the Islands, 
but it was not till 1595 that he, with Quiros as second in command, was enabled to set sail 
ftor this pupposiC. Mendana, however, died on Santa Cruz, and the expedition eventually 
collapsed. Even the positioai of the Solomon Islands was now veiled in uncertainty, and they 
were quite lost sight of until, in 1767, two centuries later, Carteret lighted on their Eastern 

Sir Clements Markham, in his " Voyages of Quino-s," published by the Hakluyt 'Society, 
makes considerable mentioiii of this book, and write=! : " In the work entitled Heclios del 
Marques de Canete, a life of one of the Viceroys of Peru, by Cristoval Suarez die Figueroa, 
Book VI., contains an abbreviated version of th« narrative in the Historia, generally copied 
word for word. Numerons details are omitted, particularly such as a^re derogatory to the 
Spanish character. There are also a few passages which are not in the Historia. Suarez 
de Figueroa tells us that he had the nairrativ© of Quiros before him as he wrote. The account 
in the woxk of Suarez de Pigueroa was the only version of the second voyage of Mendana 
that was known to our historians of Pacific vnyage«. Dalrymple and Buirney. 

Quiros was thirty years of ase when he accepted the post of Chief Pilot in the ship 
of Alvaroi de Mendana, who had received a. concpsiion to colonise tiw Solomon Islands, which 
he had disaovered tliirty years before. Quiros' joined thig expedition wilh some misgivings, 
caused by the quarrelsome character of the Camp Jfaster, the want of order and discipline, 
a-nd the position assuimed by the Commander's wife and her brothers. Mendana was more 
than twenty years older than Quiros. Th© Pilot's position was one of some difficult^'; for 
while on one side he had to exercise tact in his intercourse with the family clique, on the 
other hie found it difficult to avoid firiction with a, most impracticable and quarrelsome oUd 
soldier who was Camp Master, and who had a feud with the brothers-in-law of Mendana. 
which continued to increase in, bitterness. The expedition culminated at the island of Santa 
Cruz, a new disjcnvery, ivitli the slaughter of the old Camp ^Master, the deaths of Mendana 
and his brother-in-law Don Lorenzo, the suocessinn of the widow. Dona Isabel, to the com- 
mand of the e.\-peditioii, and disastrous voyage to Manilla. 

It wag during this voyage, and while pjaininof experienne in th© navigation of the Pacific 
Ocean and the treatment of natives, that QuIto-b conceived his grand project. He was a 
cartographer, and, in studying existiiiio: iniap^, he saw a g-reat Southern coinibinent extending 
acro'ss th© ocean, from th.e Btrait of Magellan toi New Guinea. He thought tliat here wa.s a 
discovery as famous as had been made by Columbus or Da. Gaima. He thought that here was 
nolt only a great continent extending to the South Pole to be added to the dominions of his 
sovereign, but millions of souls to lie saved and brought within tlie fold of the Church. He 
devoted his life to the realisation of this glorious dream with unswerving devotion, never 
turning aside "to the right hand or to the left; undaunted by difficulties or wearisome delays 
to his dying day; literally killed bv Oouncilsi and Committees; but succumbing only with 
his last breath. He became a man with one idea." 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 13 

1622 A.D. 

[573] BELMONTE BERMUDEI (Luis de). Algunas Hazanas de las 
muchas de Doni Garcia Hitrtado de MendOQa, Marques de Canete. 

4to, old calf. 

Madrid, 1622. £75 

Th« author of this book accompanied Jlendana (Tlie Discoverer of the Solomon Islands), 
aji'd Fernando Quiros, when they discovered An^.rtralasia. Belmonte is the author of the ex- 
tensive history of the Australasian regions, and was the chronicler of the expedition. 

The abo've work is a play in which the following are the Spanish! characters : — 
The Marques de Canete; Eon "Felipe de Mendoza. his brother; Eeynoso, master of the camp, 
etc., and there axe twelve other IncUaii personages among: the actoTs. 

The drama celebrates the deeds of Doii Garcia Hurtado de ilendo'pa, Marques de 
Canete, the famous A'ieexoy of Peru. 

Belmonte was secretary to Quiros during the v03-age of 1606. He remained faitlifui 
to QuiTos iiij his adversity, and after his master's death became a poet of some oelebritj-. 
He had edited " The Memorials " for him, stood by him to the last, and after his death 
wemt to Mexico, and appears to have returned in 1616. In 1618 he settled in Madrid. Eleven 
of his plays are known; Tieknor mentions them as being a mixture of what is saored and 
what is profane. 

1694 A.D. 

[574] NARBOROUCH (J.). Jasmen Tasman, John Wood, and Frederick 
Marten. An account of several late voyages aiid discoveries to the South and 
North. Towards the Streights of Magellan, the South Seas, the vast Tracts of 
Land beyond Hollandia Nova, &c. To which are annexed a large Introduction 
and Supplement, giving an account of other navigations to those regions of 
the Globe. 

With folding maps and plates. 

8vo, calf. 

London, 1694. £3 15s 

1744 A.D. 

[575] VOYAGES. HARRIS (John). A Complete Collection of Voyages 
and Travelsij consisting of above Six Hundred of the most authentic Writers. 
Illustrated by proper Charts, Maps and Cuts. 
2 vols., folio, original calf (rebacked). 
London, 1744. £5 5s 

***This Qolleotion includes Magellan, Drake, Cavendish.— Dampier'.s Vovage to New 
Holland and New Guinea.— Sherlock's A'oyage round the TTorld.— Tasman's Voyage of Dis- 
covery —Various Travels to the East Indies, China, and Japan. Etc., etc. 

M MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1766 A.D. 

[576] CALLANDER (John). Terra Australis Cognita: or Voyages to 
the Terra Australia, or Southern Hemisphere, during the i6th, 17th, and 18th 
Centuries. Containing an account of the Manners of the People, and the Pro- 
ductions of the Countries, hitherto found in the Southern Latitudes; the Advan- 
tages that may result from further Discoveries on this great Continent, and the 
Methods of establishing Colonies there, to the advantage of Great Britain. With 
a Preface by the Editor, in which some geographical, nautical, and commercial 
Questions are discussed. 

With large folding maps of Straits of Magellan, the Southern Hemis- 
phere, £md Australia. 

3 vols., 8vo, new half calf. 

Edinburgh, 1766. £5 5s 

* * * With presentation inscription from the author. Containing Drake's, Amerieo 
Vesputio's, Magellan's, Caniargo's, Cavendisli's, Sarmiento's, Fentom's, Silva's, John Winter's, 
Hawkin's, Nodal's, Hy. Brewer's, Wm. Dampier's, Lionel Wat'ea-'s, Nairboroiigh's, .Sharp's, 
Cowley's, Voyages to S. America and the Straits of Magellan; and numerous other Voyages 
to the South Seas, East Indies, Australia, etc., many of -mhich had not appeared in English 

1773 A.D. 

[577] COOK (Captain). Three Voyages Round the World. Complete 
Set, comprising: — 

Hawkesworthi's account of the Voyages of Capts. Cook, Carteret, Byron 
and WaHis, for making discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere. 

3 vols. London, 1773. 

Voyage towards the South Pole, and Round the World, by Capt. Cook. 

2 vols. London, i779- 

Voyage to the Pacifici in 1 778-80 by Cook and King. 

3 vols, text and large folio atlas of plates. London, 17)85. 

Together 8 vols. 4to, and large folio atlas, full original calf , rebacked, 

London, 1773-1785. £21 


1774 A.D. 

[578] OTAHEITE. Oberea, Queen of Otaheite. An Epistle from 
Oberea, Queen of Otaheite, to Joseph Banks, Esq., translated by T. Q. Z., and 
enriched with Historical and 'Explanatory Notes. 

4to, half calf. 

London, \Tji,. £2 10s 

MAGGS BROS.. 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 15 

1775 A.D. 

[579] COOK(Capt.). MARA (John). Journal of the Resolution's Voyage 

In 1772, '3, '4, and '5. On Discovery to the Southern Hemisphere, by which 
the Non-Existence of an Undiscovered Continent, between the Equator and the 
50th Degree of Southern Latitude is demonstratively proved. Also a Journal 
of the Adventure's Voyage in the years 1772, '3, '4. 

Illustrated with a chart, in which the tracks of both Vessels are accurately 
laid down, and other cuts. 

8vo, new half folished calf , gilt, g. e. 

London, 1775. £5 5s 

This is tlie very rare acoount of the secoiui voyage, published surreptitiously and 
amonSyittouslly about 18 months before Cook's own account. Probably John, Mairra ('Ma,ra), 
one of th« gunner's mates, supplied material from Eis private journal, whihch was put inito 
shape by some literary iperson in the pay of Newbery. Page 325 says : " Some (offioers) who 
had kept a memorial by iway lof exercise .... reserved! their labouirs to giratify theiT 
friends. Of this kind is the journal now submitted to the public." The preface discloses 
considerable knowledge of private matters oonneetod with the voyage, and gives an account of 
the causes which led Mr. Banks and his staff to withdraw in high dudgeon from the expedition 
at the last mioment. Many of the particulairs of the voyage are additional. 

1776 A.D. 

[581] [COOK (James). J A Second Voyage rounil the World In 1772- 

4to, half calf. 

London, 1776. £10 10s 

* * * Another exceedingly rare surreptitious account of Cook's Second Voyage, printed 
from the journal of one of the crew. 

Towards ithe end of the account it is stated that Captain Cook had orders from the 
Lords Oommissionexs of the Admiralty " to send all Journais, Papeffs, and Writings, relating 
to the Voyage, to the Admiralty Oflice for their first perusal, and who further reptuested 
them not to divulge any particulars of their voyage when they arrived on siiore, and to give 
no direct answers to any questions asked relative thereto." A search was immediately made, 
and all tihe Journals and Papers that could be found were put into a box " to be sent to the 
Admiralty Office by the first opportunity that offered." 

This account was therefore printed from one of the Journals which could not be 
found by Captain Cook. It is for this reason that the Author's name does not occur. 

1777 A.D. 

[582] FORSTER (George). A Voyage round the World, in His Britannic 
Majesty's Sloop, Resolution, commanded by Capt. James Cook, during the 
Years 1772, '3, '4 and '5. 

With large folding chart of the Southern Hemisphere. 

2 vols., thick 4to, original calf, rebacked. 

London, 1777. £2 7s 6d 

Forster was the naturalist during Captain Cook's voyage. 


MAGGS BROS.. 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1777-1779 A.D. 

Captain Cook's Third Voyage to the South Seas. 


[S82a} WEBBER (J). A most interesting collection of forty-six Water- 
Colour Drawings made by this artist, who accompanied Captain Cook on his 
third and last voyage. The drawings depict costumes, customs, portraits of 
the natives, and the topography of the islands visited. The drawings are 
mounted in a large folio album, green morocco gilt, the sizes varying from 
gj inches by 6g inches, to 16 inches by 25! inches. 

(See Illustrations, Plates Nos. V. and VI.). £1,250 

This Unique Collection, comprisee : — 

A View of Christmas Harbour in Kerque- 

len's Land. 
The Inside of a Hippfth, in New Zealand. 
A View at Anamooka. 

The Reception of Captain Cook, in Hapaee. 
A Night Dance by Men in Hapaee. 
A Night Dance by Women in Hapaee. 
Poulaho, King of the Friendly Islands, 

drinking Kava. 
A Flatooka, or Moral in Tongataboo. Large 

drawing (varying from the engraved view). 
A Human Sacrifice, in a Morai, in Otaheite. 
The Body of a Tee, a Chief, as Preserved 

after Death, Otaheite. 
A Young Woman of Otaheite bringing u, 

A Danoe in Otaieite. 

Another scene. A Dante in Otaheite, in- 
terior. Not Engraved. 
A War Canoe, with Warriors. 
A View of Huaheine (varying from the 

engraved view). 
A Morai, in Atooi. 

The Inside of the House in the Morai, in 
■ Atooi. 

An Inland View in Atooi. 
An Inland View in Atooi. Another View. 
A Man of Nootka Sound. 
A Woman of Nootka Sound. 
A View of the Habitations in Nootka Sound. 

The Inside of a House in Nootka Sound. 

A View of Snug Corner Cove, in Prince 
William's hound. 

A Man of Irince William's Sound. 

A Woman of Prince William's Sound. 

A Man of Oonalashka. 

A Woman of Oonalashka. 

Cances of Oonalashka. 

The Tschuktsehi and Their Habitations. 

Sea Horses. 

Inhabifeants of Norton Sound and Their 

The Inside of a House in Oonalashka. 

Tereoboo', King of Owyhee, bringing pre- 
sents to Captain Cook. 

A Man of the Sandwich Islands, Dancing. 

A Canoe of the Sandwich Islands, the 
Rowers Masked. 

A Man of the Sandwich Islands in a Mask. 

A View of Karalcakooa, in Owyhee. 

A Sledge of Kamtschatka. 

A View of the Town and Harbour of St. 
Peter and St. Paul, in Kamtschatka. 

Summer and Winter Habitations, in Kamt- 

Natives in the Interior of a Hut. 

View on Sea Shore, large tres in centre. 

View of a Tomb. 

View of a Tomb on Sea Shore. 

Engraved portraits of Captain James Cook, by J. K. Sherwin and F. Bartolozzi, and 
Captain James King, by F. Bartolozzi, are also inserted in the volume. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 17 

1778 A.D. 

[583] FORSTER (John Reinold). Observations made during a Voyage 

Round the Worlds on Physical Geography and Natural History. 

Folding chart, comparing the languages of the South Sea Islands, also 
chart of the Islands, according to the inhabitants of O'Taheitee. 

4to, half morocco. London, 1778. 18S 6d 

* * * Coimmenoing witli a journal cf the Voyage round the World in H.M.S. Eesolu- 
tion, 1772-5, Captain Cook's Second "Voyage. 

1779 A.D. 

[583a] THE DEATH of Captain Cook. He is standing by the sea- 
shore, being stabbed in the back by a savage, numerous natives in conflict with 
English, boat to left. 

Large and fine engraving, the figures by Bartolozzi, landscape by Byrne 
after J. Webber. 

Size 19 by 24 inches, large margin. 1784. £2 2s 

1780 A.D. 

[584] ELEGY on Captain Cook, by Miss Seward. With illustrative notes. 

First Edition. 4to, fine cofy, very handsomely bound by Sangorski in 
half dark blue morocco extra, gilt leaves. 

London, 1780. £4 lOs 

1784 A.D. 

[585] COOK (Capt.). Third Voyage. A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean, 
performed by Captains Cook, Clerke, and Gore, in the years 1776-80. Being 
a copious, comprehensive, and satisfactory Abridgment of the Voyage written 
by Capts. Cook and King. 

With engraved portrait and numerous plates and maps. 

4 vols., 8vo, calf. London, 1784. 18s 

1784 A.D. 

[586] PAR KIHSON (Sydney). A Joiimal Of a Voyage to the South Seas, 

in his Majesty's Ship the Endeavour: faithfully transcribed from the papers 
of the late Sydney Parkinson. To which is now added, Remarks on the Preface 
by the late John Fothergill, M.D., etc., and an appendix containing an account 
of the Voyages of Byron, Wallis, Carteret, Bougainville, Cook, and Clerke. 

Portrait and 29 views and maps. 

Large thick 4to, original calf, rebacked. 

London, 1784. £3 3s 

*** Large paper copy, complete witli the additional part 

-1 8 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35. Conduit Street, London, W, 

1767 A.D. 

[587] EDEN (William). Th© History of New Holland. From its First 
Discovery in 16 16, to the present time. With a particular Account of its Pro- 
duce and Inhabitants; and a description of Botany Bay, also a List of the Naval, 
Marine, Military, and Civil Establishments, to which is prefixed an Introduc- 
tory Discourse on Banishment. 

With 2 folding maps. 

8vo, half calf. London, 1787. £1 16s 

1787 A.D. 

[588] Another Copy. 

8vo, full calf gilt. London, 1787. £1 16s 

1788 A.D. 

[589] KEATE (George). An Account of the Pelew Islancts, situated in 
the Western part of the Pacific Ocean. 

Portrait of Capt. Wilson and 16 plates of natives, views, etc. 

4to, original calf. London, 1788. £1 1s 

1789 A.D. 

[589a] SOUTH SEA ISLANDS, etc. (Vide Cook's last Voyage, Vols. 
2 and 3). 

View in the Island of Cracatoa. 

The Plantain Tree in the Island of Cracatoa. 

The Fan PaI'mi in the Island of Cracatoa. 

View of the Harbour of Taloo in the Islands of Eimeo. 

View in Macao. 

View in Macao^ including the residence of Camoens when he wrote his 

Series of six aquatints in colours by J. Webber. 

Size \\\ by 16J inches, with margins. 1789. The set, £3 3s 

1789 A.D. 

[590] PHILIP (Governor). The Voyage to Botany Bay; with an Account 

of the Establishment of the Colonies of Port Jackson and Norfolk Island. To 
which are added the Journals of Lieuts. Shortland, Watts, Ball, and Capt. 
Marshall; with' an account of their new discoveries. 

Embellished with fifty-five Copper Plates, the Maps and Charts taken 
from Actual Surveys, and the Plans and Views drawn on the Spot. 

Thick 4to, original calf (rebacked): 

London, 1789. £1 lOs 

*** With remarks on, transportation to America; account of Eio de Janeiro; Cape 
of Good Hope, N. South. Wales; Sydney Oove, Otaheite, List of Convicts sent to N.S.W., etc. 

MAGGS BROS., 34^ 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 19 

1789 A. D. 

[591J COOK (Capt.). The Death of Captain Cocik. A grand serious 
pantomimic Ballet, in Three Parts. As now exhibiting in Paris with uncommon 
applause, with the original French Music, New Scenery, Machinery and other 
decorations. As performed at the Theatre-Royal, Covent Garden. 

19 pp., new half brown morocco gilt, t. e. g. 

London, 1789. £7 lOs 

17£9 A.D. 

Presentation Copy. 

[592] KEATE (George). Ahi Account of the Pelew Islands, situated in 
the Western Part of the Paci&c Ocean, composed from the Journals and Com- 
munications of Captain Henry Wilson and some of his officers who in August, 
1783, were there shipwrecked in the Antelope. 

Illustrated with portrait of Capt. Wilson, 16 plates of native ornaments, 
portraits of natives, views, etc. 

4to, original calf. 

London, Printed for Captain Wilson, 17)89. £2 15s 

* * * PTesentation Coipy to Tluos. Pennant, the celebrated Antiquary, with Author b 
inscription <m. fly-leaf. 

1790 A.D. 

[593] WHITE (John). Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales. 

Illustrated with 65 plates of Animals, Birds, Lizards, Serpents, curious 
Cones of Trees, and other Natural Production. 

One of the Special Copies with all the plates finely coloured. 

4to, contemporary calf. 

London, 1790. £3 18s 

1790 A.D. 

[594] PHILLIP (Arthur). Voyage to Botany Bay. With an Account 
of the Establishment of the Colonies of Port Jackson and Norfolk Island, with 
the Journals and Discoveries of Lieut. Shortland, etc. 

Portrait, folding maps, views, and plates of Natural History Subjects. 

Royal 8vo, half calf. 

London, Stockdale, 1790. £1 10s 

1790 A.D. 

[595] THE MUTINEERS tumingi Lieut. Bligh and Part of the Officers 
and Crew adrift fromi H.M.S. the " Bounty." 

Aquatint by and after R. Dodd. 

Size iS'i by 23 inches, with margins. 1790. £9 9s 

20 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

1793 A.D. 

[596] BARRINCTON (George). A Voyage to Botany Bay, with a 
Description of the Country, Maimers, Customs, Rehgion, etc., of the Natives. 
Illustrated title-page and frontispiece. 
i2mo, new boards. 
London, 1793. £1 8s 

1795 A.D. 

[597] PARKER (Capt. John). Voyage round the World, written by his 


8vo, original half calf. 

London, 1795. £1 16s 

Includes descriptions of Australia, New Soutli Wales, New Zealand, etc. 

179S A.D. 

[598] MARCHAND (£.). Voyage Autour dit Monde pentfaitt les Annies 
1790-92. precede d'une Introduction Historique auquel on a joint des Recher- 
ches sur les terres Australes de Drake et un examen critique du Voyage de 

3 vols., and atlas of 15 folding maps. 

4 vols., 4to, original boards, uncut. 

Paris, 1796. £4 15S- 

1800 A.D. 

[599] BARRINCTON (George). A Voyage to Botany Bay, with a 
description of the Country, manners, customs, religion, &c., of the Natives. 

Also : A Sequel to Barrtngton's Voyage to New South Wales, comprising 
an interesting narrative of the Transactions and Behaviour of the Convicts; Pro- 
gress of the Colony; Register of Crimes; Anecdotes of most notorious Characters 
that have been transported to New South Wales. 

Front and vignette title to first part. 

Two parts bound inl one vol., post 8vo, cloth. 

1st part, London, N.D. {circa 1800). 2nd part, London, 1801. £1 Is 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 2; 

1800 A.D. 

The Manuscript Joitrnals, etc., of 
Peter Heywood 

(Originally one of the Mutineers of " The Bounty "). 

[600] HEYWOOD (Peter). Nautical Remarks and Memoranda of Occur- 
rences, etc., on board His Majesty's Ships St. Thomas, Polyphemus, Donegal, 
Nereus, and others between the years 1800 and 18 10. 

The Original Manuscript Journals, mostly in the hand of Peter Hey- 
wood, with some entries by his clerk. These, however, are in every case signed 
at end by Heywood. 

These Journals are not mere Log Books, but filled with most interesting 
remarks connected with the various voyages, of which a few headings are given 

Comprised in 3 vols., folio, original bindings. . £65 

(1) Remarks on a Passage from Madras, through the (Straitg of Malacca, the China 
Seas, and on to Amboina. 19 (pp. 

(2) Eemarts and Observations on a Passage across the Bay of Bengal from Madras 
to Diamond Island and in ihe Gulph) of Martaban. 1801. 8 pp. 

(3) Remarks on the passage and anchorage between the Island of Chedduba and the 
Main Land, giving a very interesting account of his reception by the Rajah of that place. 7 pp. 

(4) Instructions for Ships having occasion to pass within the Shoals which Hay ofi the 
X.E. Coast of Ceylon. 5 pp. 

(5) Observations on the wind and weather in the Java and Barda Seas. 15 pp. 

(6) On a Passage from the Straits of Malacca to ths Eastward in His Majesty's Ship 
Fox. 5i pp. 

(7) From Madras to Prince of Wales' Island. 

(8) From China to Penang. 3 pp. 

(9) Voyage of. H.M.S. Polyphemus, 1807, to the Cape of Good Hope, giving a critical 
account of Cai>e Towni and St. Helena, Voyage to South America, Mionte Video, etc., remark- 
ing: "The most unexpeoted had ta.ken place at Buenos Ayres and compelled the Military Chief 
to promise to evacuate Monte Video by the 7 of Sept., and to withdraw all the British Troops 
from South America." Oapt. Heywood gives a long account of the doings of the Squadxon 
during this unhappy expedition under Col. Whiitlocke, making many keen critical remarks 
on the affair. 

(10) Voyage of the Nereus to the River Plats, Brazil, etc. 

(11) Cape of Good Hope. Nov., 1796. Extract of u. Letter. 2j pp. 

(12) Remarks on a passage across the Bay of Bengal from Madras to Diamond Island. 
8 pp. 

(13) In H.M.S. Donegal 1809 — giving interesting account of his services under Admiral 
Gambler against .the French. Etc., eta 

Peter Heywood entered the Navy in October, 1786, and made his first voyage as mirl- 
shipman on board " The Bounty " discovery ship, and sailed in her on the voyage to TaTiiti. 

" When the mutiny broke out on 28 April, 1789, Heywood was confined by the mutineers, 
but was allowed to come on deck when the launch was ready to receive Bligh and his party. 
The boat, however, could not hold them all, and Heywood with some others wa^ left behind, 

(Continued over) 

22 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 

Heywood (Peter) — continued. 

Bligh iprobably thinking that a boy of his tend-er years -would only be an encnmbrance. Whet 
the mutineers split into two parties at Tahiti, Hey-wood -w-as one of those who iremained there; 
and -when, on 23 March, 1791, the Pandora, under the command of Caiptain Edward Edwardsi 
arrived in search of the mutineers, Heywood -B'ith iStewart, a feUow-midshipiman, at once 
went off to her in a canoe. 

They were immediately put in irons; and the others at Tahiti having been appre- 
hended, they were all, to the number of fourteen, thrust, ihand-cufied and heavily 
ironed, into a sort of cage eleven feet long, built on the after part of the quarter deck, 
to which air and light were admitted through two iron gratings each about nine inches 
square. Of the mutineers -who had quitted Tahiti nothing ooulld be discoverred in a prolonged 
sea/rch. On 28 Aug. the Pandora, in attempting to pass through Endeavour Straits, struck 
on the reef since known by her aiiame, audi was totally lo&t. No official attempt was mad« to 
release the prisoners, but a few minutes before the ship went down the master-at-arms pri- 
vately let the keys of the irons fall through the grating, and Heywood with gome of his- 
companions managed to get out; the rest, Stewart among them, went doiwn with the ship.'' 

" Ed-wards had assumed these men to be deserving of the seveirest punishment. Aill 
the shipwrecked crew naturaliy suffered privations; but the prisoners -were left stark naked, 
allowed no shelter, a.nd insufficient food. Both at Batavia, and on the passage to the Cape 
of Giood Hope in a Dutoh merchant ship, they -were treated with excessive severity. At the 
Caipe Heywood was removed into the Goigon, where he was allowed daily exercise on deck, 
aJidi was confined with only one leg in irons. The Gorgon arrived a.t Spithead on 19 June, 
1792, when Heyvi'ood -was sent oa board the Hector of 71 guns, whose captain, afterwards Sir 
George Montague, treated him with humanity. On 12 Sept. he, with the other prisoners, was 
brought befoire a court-martial. The trial lasted for six days, and on the 18th they were all 
sentenced to death; but Heywood was recommended ta mercy in the strongest terms; and 
the Earl of Chatham, th"en first Lord of the Admiralty, was so convinced of Heywood's 
innocence that he obtained for him an unconditional pardon. Lord Hood, who had been 
president of the Court, advised him to continue in the service, and offered to take him in 
the Victory 

" In August 1800 Heywood was promoted to 'be commander ; and on 5 April 1803 was 
confirmed in post rank. He ihad previously commanded post ships, by acting order from. 
Admiral Eainier, and had, in addition to the ordinary course of duty, completed the survey 
of a gireat part of the east coast of Ceylon, 'from which the admiralty charts were afterwarda 
published. In 1806 Heywood was flag-captain to Eear-Admiral George Murray in the Poly- 
phemus at the Cape of Good Hope and in the Eiver Plate; in 1808 he commanded the Donegal 
off Brest and in the Bay of Biscay. In 1809 he was appointed to th.e Nereus frigate, in which 
he went out to the Mediterranean, and in April 1810 brought back to England the remains 
of Lord Collingwood." 

1802 A.D. 

[601] BARRINCTON (George). History of New South Wales, includ- 
ing Botany Bay, Port Jackson, Parramatta, Sydney, and all its Dependencies, 
from the original discovery of the Island, -with the Customs and Manners of 

the Natives. 

With coloured plates of Natural History, Native CustoiUs, etc. 

8vo, full original calf, full gilt back. 

London, 1802. £1 8s 

Barirington was a native of Kildare, Ireland; he was deported to New South 'Wales 
as a convict and became Officer of the Peace at Parramatta. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 23 

1803 A.D. 

[60 1 a] OTAHEITE.1 Cession of the District of IMatavai in the Islands 
of Otaheite to> Capt. James Wilson, for the use of the Missionaries. 

Europeans and natives grouped around a chief who is addressing them, 
high hills in background. 

Stipple engraving by Bartolozzi after R. Smirke, R.A. 

Size 24 by 31 inches, with margins. 1803. £3 lOs 

1803 A.D. 

[602] GRANT (James). The Narrative of a Voyage of Discovery, per- 
formed in His Majesty's Vessel " The Lady Nelson," of Sixty Tons Burthen, 
with sliding Keels, in the years 1800, 1801 and 1802, to New South Wales. 

Illustrated with large folding sketch of the Sliding Keel, also large fold- 
ing map and 6 copperplates. 

4to, original boards, uncut. 

London, 1803. £3 3s 

Inicludes Temarks oa the hitherto unknown parts of New Holland, various details of 
his Interviews with, the Natives of New South Wales, observations on the Soil, Natufail 
Pxoductions, etc. 

1803 A.D. 

[603] HOC KIN (Rev. John Pearce). A Supplement to the Account of 

the Pelew Islands; Compiled from the Journals of the Panther and Endeavour, 
two vessels sent by the HonI East India Co. to these islands in the year 1790, 
and from the Oral Communication of Captain H. Wilson. 

Plates. 4to, half calf. 

London, 1803. £2 2s 

1803 A.D. 

[604] GRANT (J.). Narrative of a voyage of discovery performed in 
his Majesty's vessel " Tbe Lady Nelson," ofl 60 tons, in the years 1800, 1801 
and 1802, to New South Wales. 

With folding maps, and fine full-page plates (one coloured). 

4to, half calf. 

London, 1803. £3 3s 

Including' remarks on the Caipe de Verd Islands, Cape of Grood) Hope, the hitherto nfwn parts of New Holland, discovered by him in his passage (the first ever attempted 
from Europe), through the Streight separating that Island from the land discovered by Van 
Diemen, together with various details of his interviews with the natives of New South Wales, 
etc. To which is prefixed an account of the origin of sliding keels, and the advantages resulting. 

1805 A.D. 

[606] TUCKEY (J. H.). An Account of a Voyage to Establish a Colony 
at Port Philip; in Bass's Strait, on the South Coast of New South Wales, in His 

Majesty's Ship Calcutta, in the years 1802-3-4. 
8vo, half calf. 
London, 1805. 16s 6d 

2 4 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W 

1S07 A.D. 

[607] PERON (F. A.) and FREYCINET (L.). Voyage de Decouvertes, 

aux Terras Australes, sur les Corvettes le Geographe, le Naturaliste, et la Goelette 
le Casuarina, pendant les Annees, 1 800- 1804. 

2 vols., 4to, and the Atlas, containing 41 fine plates of Views, Natural 
History, Portraits of Natives, mostly coloured, and some printed in colours, and 
14 large folding maps and plans. 

Together 3 vols., half calf. 

Paris, 1807. £7 10s 

1808 A.D. 

[608] WEBBER (James). Views in the South Seas, from drawings by 
the late James Webber, Draftsmein on board the " Resolution," Captain James 
Cooke, from the year 1 776-1 780. With letterpress description of the various 
scenery. These plates form a new series, and are the same size as those engraved 
from Capt. Cooke's last voyage. 

The complete set of 16 large and beautifully coloured plates with 
descriptive text. 

Large folio, original binding. 

London, 1808. £7 lOs 

The Views oo.inprise : — 
Queen Charlotte's Sound, JSfew Zealand 
Boats of tTie Friendly Islands. 
Canoe of Otahaite. 
Plaintain Tree. 

View in Oheitepeha Bay, Otaheite. 
Chief of Oheitepeha lying in state. 
Harbour of Taloo, Eimeo. 
Toopaipaoo of a Chief. 

" Resolution " breaking through the ice with the "DiscOTery " in the distance in danger. 
Narta or sledge for burdens in Kamtschatka. 
Balagans or Summer Habitation, Kamtschatka. 
View in Macao (2 plates). 
Island of Pulo Condore. 
Island of Cracatoa. 
Fan Palm, Island of Cracatoa. 

1810 A.D. 

[609} IDEA GENERAL del discurso y de las Metnorias pioblicadas por 
la direccion Hidrografica sohre los fund^mentos que ha temdO' para la con- 
stmccion dl& las Cartas de Marear, que ha dado a Luz desdie 1 797. 

37 pp., i2mo, wra-pfers. 

Madrid, i8io. £1 10s 

* * * An interesting Mttle book on Hydrography, includes " Observaciones practicadas 
en las Islas Marianas y Filipinas, en la Nueva Holanda, y en el Archipelago de los Amigos." 


H E C H O S 



Quarto Marques dc Canctc. 


SandoHdlf mque de Urtna, Uarques de Denia,&c. 



EN MJT >^W, EnklmprcntaRcal. 

Ano M. DC. XIII. 

Title Page from Sdakez de Figceeoa. Hechos de Don Garcia de Mexdqza 

Madrid, 1613. 
See Item No. 572. 

Plate V 

; ^, I; "-^ 

- :^ 1 - '/^ 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 25 

1810 A.D. 

[610] BARRINCTON (George, Superintendent of the Convicts). 
Accoiirtt af a Voyage to Mew South Wates; to which is prefixed a detail of his 
Life, Trials, Speeches, etc. London, 1810. 

Th« History of New South Wales, including Botany Bay, Port Jackson, 
Parramatta, Sydney, and all its dependencies; and an Account of the English 
Colony. London, 18 10. 

Together, illustrated with portrait and a number of coloured plates. 

2 vols., %vo, original boards, uncut. £3 5S 

1810 A.D. 

[611] Another Copy of both vols. 

2 vols., Svo, original half calf gilt. 

London, 1810. £2 15s 

1813 A.D. 

[612] TURNBULL (John). A Voyage RoiMid the WorW, in the Years 
1800, 1£;01, 1802, 1803, annd 1804; in which the author visited Madeira, the 
Brazils, Cape of Good Hope, the English Settlements of Botany Bay and Nor- 
folk Island, and the principal Islands in the Pacific Ocean. With a Continuation 
of their History to the Present Period. 

4to, half calf. 

London, 1813. *2 

1814 A.D. 

[613] FLINDERS (Matthew). A Voyage to Terra Australia for the 
purpose of completing the discovery in the years 1801 to 1803 in H.M.S. Investi- 
gator, and subsequently in the armed vessel Porpoise and Cumberland schooner,, 
with an Account of the Shipwreck of the Porpoise. Arrival of " Cumberland " 
at Mauritius and Imprisonment of the Commander during 6i years on that 


2 vols., royal 4to, half calf, and Atlas of Charts, folio. 

London, 1814 £10 13S- 

1818 A.D. 

[614] MARINER (W.). An acoount of the natives In the Tonga Islands, 

in the South Pacific Ocean. With an original grammar and vocabulary of their 
language. Compiled and arranged from the extensive communications of Mr. 
Wm. Mariner, several years resfdent in those islands, by John Martin. 

Second Edition, with additions. 

With folding map and plate. 

2 vols., Svo, half calf. 

London, 1818. £2 10s 

Presentation copy from tlie author 

26 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Stieet, London, W. 

1819 A.D. 

[615] VAUX (James Hardy). Memoirs, written by Himself and the 
supplement, a new and Comprehensive Vocabulary of the Flash Language. 
2 vols. First Edition. Half calf, uncut. 
London, 18 19. £1 2s 6d 

***With accovmts of his two transportations to Australia for felony, arrival at 
Port Jackson, landing at Sydney, life at Hawkesbuxy, Castle-Hill, and Parramatta, etc. 

1820 A.D. 

[616] OXLEY (J.). Journals of Two Expeditions into the Interior of 
New South Wales in 1817-18. 

Folding maps, views of scenery, coloured portrait of native. 

4to, half calf , edges uncut. 

London, 1820. £2 15s 

1820 A.D. 

[617] JEFFREYS (Lieut. Ch.). Geographical and Descriptive Delinea- 
tions of the Island^ of Van Diemen's Land. 

Svo, half calf. 

London, 1820. £1 5s 

1821 A.D. 

[618] COOK (James). The three voyages of Captain James Cook round 
the world. 

With map and portrait. 

j vols., Svo, half calf. 

London, 1821. £7 7s 

The handiest edition of Cook's voyages. 

1822 A.D. 

[619] EVANS (G. W.). A GeographJoal, Historical, and Topographical 
description of Van Diemen's Land^ with important hints to Emigrants, and 
useful information respecting the Application for Grants of Land; together with 
a list of the most necessary articles for persons to take out. 

Embellished by a correct map of Hobart Town. 

Svo, boards, uncut. 

London, 1822. 16s 

This is one of the copiBS poiblished without the large chart. 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Conduit Street, London, W. 27 

1822 A.D. 

[620] WILSON (Capt. J.). MemoirSi, containing an Account of his 
Voyage to the South Seas, Enterprises in India, etc., by J. Griffin. 

Portrait of King of Taheite. 

Small 8vo, oxiginal calf. 

Boston,- \%22. £1 Is 

1823 A-D. 

[621] ARAGO (J.). Narrative of a Voyage Round the World in the 

Uranie and Physicienne Corvettes, commanded by Capt. Freycinet, in 1817-20, 
with the Report made to the Academy of Sciences on the General Results of 
the Expedition. 

26 large lithographic plates of manners and customs, portraits of natives 
and map. 

4to, half calf. 

London, 1823. £3 10a 

1824 A.D. 

[621a] VAN DIEMEN'S LAND, Very Early Survey of. 

Chart of Van Diemen's Land from the best Authorities and from Actual 
Surveys and Measurements, by Thomas Soott, Assistant Surveyor General of 
Lands in the Island. Most respectfully dedicated to his honour Wm. Sorrell, 
Esq., Lieut. -Governor of Van Diemen's Land, etc. 

Very large map, size 36 by 24^ inches, with margins. 

Engraved by Charles Thomson, of Edinburgh, from the original survey 
brought home by Captain Dixon, of the Ship Skelton, of Whitby, 1824. 

Published 1824. £4 4s 

This map contains table of references, gi%'ing names of the principal Grants and 
Owners, with positions on the Map. Also the distances from Hobart Town to the various 
towns. Some very interesting remarks are printed on the map, i.e. : — 


"The Conviclis are transported from Hobart Town to this place. The Settlement is 
upon Sarahs Island, near the upper end of the Harbour. There is a Lieut, stationed there 
as Commandant. Two small Vessels are added to the Establishment to carry provisions and 
prisoners to the Settlement. Small vessels only can cross the bar at the Mouth. 

" The Passage across from Macquarie Harbour to the Derwent is not yet practicable. 

" Several of the runaway Convicts from the latter place in attempting to reach the 
Berwent have died on the road, another party after having killed one of their comrades to 
preserve their own lives were obliged to return and gave themselves up to the Command- 
ment." Etic., etc 

The North North-West of the Island is marked: "THUS PART OF THE COUNTRY 

" P-S. — It was the intention of the Colonial Government to make a Survey of the 
North-Western partis of Van Dieman's Land in the Summer, between 1823 and 1824, say the 
months of November, December, and January. A vessel was also to be despatched to co- 
operate with the Land Expedition on that part of the Coast." Etc. 

28 MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35. Conduit Street, London, W. 

1824 A.D. 

[622] SHOBERL (F.). South Sea Islands, being a description of the 
manners, customs, character, and state of Society among the various tribes 
scattered over the Great Ocean, called the Pacific, or the South Sea. 

Illustrated with 26 finely coloured plates of the various Natives, etc. 

2 vols., i2mo, stamped calf. 

London, 1824. £1 14s 

1827 A.D. 

[623] SWEET (Robert). Flora Australasica, or a Selection of Hand- 
some or Curious Plants, Natives of New Holland, and the South Sea Islands, 
containing Coloured Figures and Descriptions of some of the Choicest Species. 

Royal 8vo, half morocco. 

London, 1827-8. £3 15s 

Containing 56 coloured plates by E. D. Smith, Botanical Artist, with descriptions by E. 

1827 A.D. 

[624J WAKEFIELD (Edward Gibbon). The Trial Of Edward Gibbon 
Wakefield, William Wakefield, and Frances Wakefieldl, indicted with one 
Edward Thevenot, a servant for the conspiracy and for the abduction of Miss 
Helen Turner, the only child and heiress of William Turner, Esq. , of Shrigley 
Park, in the County of Chester. 

8vo, boards. 

London, 1827. £1 5s 

Edward Gibbon Wakefield, son of a land-agent in London, was born in 1796. He was 
employed at the Embassy at Turin, 1814 — 1816, eloped with a ward of court 1816, was attached 
to the Embassy at Paris, 1820-26. He abducted Miss Turner, an heires-s in 18216, imprisoned 
1826-9, and his marriage cancelled in Parliament. He afterwards emigrated to Australia. 
He urged reforms in the administration of the Australian Colonies, procured the discon- 
tinuance of free grants of land in New South Wales, 1831, secured formation of South Austra- 
lian Association, 1834 (Colony founded 1836). 

He became London agent to the New Zealand Land Company, 1839 — 1846, he went 
to Wellingiion, New ZeaJand, 1853, and published a number of political pamphlets. (D.N.B.). 

1S29 A.D. 

[625] WIDOWSON (Henry). Present State of Van Diemen's Land, 

comprising an Account of its Agricultural Capabilities, with Observations on the 
Present State of Farming, etc., pursued in that Colony, and other important 
matters connected with Emigration. 

Folding map. 

8vo, half calf. 

London, 1825. 15S 

MAGGS BROS., 34 & 35, Co