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Cornell University Library 
G89 .C83 1909 

Chrstian topography of .Coamas Ind cpple 


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at the University Press 





THIS book is the partial result of a journey to Italy in 
the spring of 1904, and another to Mt. Sinai and again 
to Italy in 1905. Of both journeys the costs were defrayed by 
grants liberally made me by the Craven Committee, to whom 
I owe my sincerest thanks. My gratitude is no less due to the 
President and Fellows of Magdalen College, who by electing me 
to a Senior Demyship gave me the opportunity of spending on 
this and other research work time which must otherwise have 
been devoted^ to the weariness and vexation of earning a liveli- 

For the suggestion of this particular author I hardly know 
whether I am most indebted to Prof. Heiberg of Copenhagen, 
from whom the suggestion originally came, or to Monsieur 
Seymour de Ricci, who passed it on to me, and whose friendship 
enlivened days spent in collating a text, which even the most 
ardent admirers of Cosmas — if there are any such — must admit 
is not exhilarating as a whole. 

Since the main interest of the work is geographical, the 
Syndics of the Cambridge Press desired me to add notes on the 
geographical portions ; and I undertook and carried out that 
task to the best of my ability, though I could not help feeling 
some natural diffidence, since geography is a subject with which 
I am little familiar, and since in Cosmas' case there are special 
difficulties. The famous Adulitic Inscription, for instance, 
demands an intimate knowledge of the geography of Abyssinia 
and Ethiopia in the third or fourth century of our era : and 
those who have claimed such knowledge and treated of the 
subject, differ so greatly in their conclusions, and in some cases 
spend so much time and energy in throwing stones at one 
another, that, after wading through a sea of their pamphlets, 
I ended much where I began — with no personal views on the 



geography of those countries at such an obscure epoch. I have 
therefore generally contented myself with endeavouring to 
summarize such views as appear worthy of mention without 
attempting to decide between them. 

For these and any other notes that I have given I am under 
great indebtedness to McCrindle's annotated translation in the 
Hakluyt Society's publications and to Mr Beazley's section on 
Cosmas in his Dawn of Modern Geography \ the fullest and most 
illuminating sketch of Cosmas' work which has yet appeared. 

Those who have seen or heard of the MSS. may perhaps 
wonder why the magnificent illuminations with which all of 
them are furnished, are not reproduced. The chief reason is 
that of the illuminations of the oldest MS., which are far the 
best, Monsignor Stornaiolo was already preparing a facsimile 
edition, which has now appeared : and, though it might have 
been interesting to some few readers if the illuminations of the 
Laurentian or Sinaitic MSS. had been given in full for comparison 
with the Vatican volume, it would have increased the cost of 
publication materially, and besides, to be properly treated, would 
have required a greater knowledge of Byzantine art than I can 
claim. With the concurrence of the Press, I therefore thought 
it better to limit the illustrations to such few plans and pictures 
as seemed necessary for the comprehension of the text; and 
even those had to be further reduced to such as were likely 
to look more than a smudge when reproduced. Hence a few 
of the interesting pictures of animals described in the eleventh 
book had to be omitted. For the selected plates which appear 
in the volume I am indebted partly to the kindness of Prof. 
Biagi of the Laurentian library, and partly to the courtesy of 
Mr Beazley and the Clarendon Press, who have allowed me to 
reproduce the plates given in the Dawn of Modern Geography. 

My thanks are also due to Dr M. R. James for sending me 
what looks like a reference to Cosmas in two Cambridge MSS., 
and to Mgr. Stornaiolo for examining one or two doubtful points 
in the Vatican MS. for me. 

E. O. W. 

November 1909. 



Preface . v 

Addenda and Corrigenda ix 

Introduction i 

List of MSS. and Textual Criticism . . .15 

List of Signs 34 

List of Contents of the Books as given in the 

MSS 3 5 

Text . 37 

Notes 333 

Index of Biblical Quotations . . . 359 

Index of Personal Names 363 

Index of Geographical Names 367 

General Index 370 

Plates I— XIV . . . .at end of book 


References to and quotations from Cosmas are so rare even in Greek 
MSS. that one is disposed to regard him as a voice crying in the wilderness ; 
and certainly one would not look to find any traces of him in the western 
world. But Dr M. R. James has very kindly pointed out to me a passage 
occurring in two MSS. of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, both of English 
origin, which may almost certainly be reckoned as a reference to the Christian 
Topography. The two MSS. are nos. 183 and 320, and are probably of the 
tenth and eleventh centuries respectively, though Stubbs dated the latter of 
them as early as the eighth century. And the passage in question, which is 
on fols. 68 v to 69 1 ' of MS. 183, reads as follows: — Christianus historicus dicit 
longitudinem mundi esse XII milium, latitudo VI miliorum. Longitudo templi 
IX cubitos in longitudine et XXX cubitos in latitudine et XXX cubitos in 
altitudine. Tabernaculum habens longitudinis cubitorum XXX, latitudinis X, 
altitudinis aeque X. . . . De area noe CCC cubit in longit, in lat L cubitorum, 
in altit XXX cubitorum. As Dr James remarks, the dimensions of the world 
here given correspond exactly with those of Cosmas, and the name Christi- 
anus Historicus is not inappropriate. He has also pointed out to me a 
passage in a letter of Koaena, archbishop of York (767 to 781 A.D.), to 
Lullus of Mainz which he thinks may perhaps throw light on the composition 
of the MSS. The passage may be found in Jaffa's Monumenta Moguntina, 
p. 291, and runs : — Illud vero, quod de libris inquisisti, marinis aestibus terram 
advectantibus, omnino incognitum — nisi quia falsum — est. Ceterum libros 
cosmografiorum, necdum nobis ad manum venerunt ; nee alia apud nos 
exemplaria nisi picturis et litteris permolesta. lam sepius mihimet perscribere 
destinavi, sed non illorum potui scriptores adquirere ; forte, tuis adiutus 

The difficulty of finding copyists may perhaps point to Greek as the 
language of the cosmographers referred to : but in any case the presence of 
a copy of Cosmas, or of extracts from his work, in the west seems sufficiently 
attested by the passage just quoted. 

I append a regrettably long list of corrigenda, including some corrections 
of misprints and some alterations of the text, the latter mainly derived from 
a recollation of the portions of which photographs appear in Mgr. C. 
Stornaiolo's recently published work Le Miniature della Topografia Cristiana 
di Cosma Indicopleuste (Milano, 1908). 




8, 1. 26 read ' been, still.' 

11, 11. 5 and 31 read 'Erythraei.' 

40, 1. 34 after l om. S ' add ov V. 

62, 1. 3 read tov Notoj^ with V. 

62, 1. 6 read tovtco altering the footnote to tovto V 1 . 

62, 1. 31 read cos nal with V. 

74, 1. 15 read tov avdpa with V. 

82, 1. 2 delete the comma. 
















1. 20 read devrepos icrrlv, Tovreariv with V. 

1. 32 V has dirjicvovpevoi rightly. 

1. 24 V omits dprjv. 

1. 28 read rvrrov with VS. 

1. 13 read Aecnrorov f]pcov XpicrroO with V. 

1. 24 V reads yevopivr)?. 

1. 32 the heading should end at Koo~fi.o<p6pos and the paragraph 

begin with tovto. 
1. 30 delete 6. 

1. 36 for V 2 read V (man. rec). 
1. 18 V omits tov alcovos. 
1. 14 read appo^ov for appo^ov. 
1. 3 read avQpcotzivov with V. 
1. 20 read ovtos Mi^aias with V. 
1. 17 read iv tco ovpavco with V. 
1. 17 V omits ovtcos. 
1. 20 omit fj with V. 
1. 12 read dvo-ias with V. 
1. 25 V omits 6 Seos. 

I. 19 read irpbs tov erepov deleting the footnote. 

II. 19, 20 read eVi tov 8e6v \0nr6v deleting the footnote. 
1. 26 read dva.7r\r)pcoo~iv. 

I. 18 omit tcov dBavaTcov with V. 

1. 37 read Gen. i. 26 and add the same reference to 223, 1. 25. 

1. 30 for to-Tcov read Icttcov. 

1. 22 Koi KeKoXkrjTai is omitted by V. 


'What scholar has not laughed at the idea of Kosmas, the Alexandrian, 
that the sun retired behind a mountain to spend the night? And that the 
earth, the ocean and the fabulous mountain were all included and enclosed 
in a luminous oblong box of the exact shape of the tabernacle of Moses?" 

(M. Crawford, With the Immortals^ p. 208.) 

If some curious investigator had succeeded in obtaining from 
that " King of Arragon, a great mathematician, but not much 
troubled with Religion," who "said That had God consulted 
him when he made the World, he would have told him how 
to have framed it better 1 ,'' a complete scheme of the universe 
as he wished to fashion it, it would certainly have afforded 
considerable amusement to the reader ; hardly more, however, 
than the ideas of Cosmas Indicopleustes, a man much "troubled 
with religion," who set about to mould "this sorry scheme of 
things" not by any means according to his heart's desire — for 
in spite of the grotesqueness of his conception of the world, he 
seems to have been fully convinced that all had already been 
made for the best in this best of all possible worlds — but accord- 
ing to the statements made and the hints conveyed by the ''great 
cosmographer Moses." 

His scheme still exists in all its details in the work he called 
the Christian Topography ; but of the author himself little is 
known. Indeed his very name is by no means certain. Photius 2 , 

1 Glanvill's trans, of Le Bovier de Fontenelle's Plurality of Worlds (1702), p. 16. 

2 As the earliest reference to Cosmas, the passage from Photius {Cod. 36) is worth 
quoting in extenso. It runs: 'Aveyvibffdrj pifiXLov, o5 r\ iiriypatpi] Xpiariapdv j8//3\os, 
epfirjucla els ttjv 6kt&t€vxov. WaixtplXip bi tivi irpoo~<pU)vet to fii(!}\lov' yv 5e rdis 'IovgtIvov 
tov tQv 'Ywfiaiow jSacriXe'ws iifiipais ivatcft&jfutv. ' Awipx^Tat fiev oOv vw^p rivtav £KKkT}0'ia<T- 
TiK&v boyixaToiv, Tpa<piKais, us ibdicet, fiaprvpiats dycwifcffdcu. "Ean 8e raweivos ttjv 

W. I 


the earliest authority who quotes him, mentions and summarizes 
his work under the very indefinite title Xpcanavov ^?t/3Xo?; and 
two of the three MSS. give no name 1 . It is only the Laurentian 
MS. which contains the name Cosmas : and many scholars from 
Voss to Beazley have held that this is a mere nickname or 
invention of the scribe due to the fact that the work dealt with 
the /coo-fios, quoting in support of their theory the nickname 
Climacus given to one John who wrote a work called Climax. 
But the argument does not seem very conclusive, as one would 
have expected him in that case to be called Cosmicus rather 
than Cosmas. Besides the Laurentian MS. is supported by the 
MSS. of the Gospels which quote paragraphs from the fifth book 
of the Topography as catenae : and the name Cosmas was a very 
common name in Egypt, the writer's native land. Consequently 
there seems little reason for refusing to accept it provisionally 
at any rate, for the sake of calling him something, if not with 
absolute certainty' 2 . 

<ppa<nv Kal crwrd^ews ovSe 7-77S Koivrjs fier4x (av ' dXXa Kai riva Kara rr\v iaropiav drrldava 
avvridrjac, 8ib Kal fxvdiKibrepov /xaXXov 77 dXTjdiaTepov rjyeicrdcu rbv &v6puirov, SiKaiov. 
'Tirep u)V 8e Sbyfiara iviffrarai, £<tti ravra' "On 6 ovpavbs ovk £otl <r<pcupiK6s, oi>8£ 17 777, 
dXX' 6 p.ev wo~el, 77 8e e*repo/j.r)Kr}s, Kal KeKbXXrjrai ra iripara tov ovpavov wpbs ra 
iripara ttjs 777s. Kai on wdvres oi daripes Kivovvrai, dyyiXctv avrols rr) Kivrjoei Siclko- 
vovvtw, Kal irepd nva rotavra. Hoielrai Kal us kv TrapeKpdcrei /xvtj/htjv Kal rijs Yevicreus 
Kal rrjs 'Ei^Sou, SiaTpLfHei 8e 7-77 51777770-61 Kal 777 Seupla, d»s tirlirav 777s aKT\VT)s, itriTptx* 1 
8e Kal robs irpotp-qras, KaKeWev robs d-rroo-rbXovs. A^ei de 8n to fiiyedos e%et. b 77X105 
860 K\ip.&Th}v, Kal 0Y1 ol tiyyeXoi ovk elalv ev np ovpavcp, dXXa fxbvov virep to arepiufia 
Kal lied" 1 ti/jl&v. Kal on 6 Xpiarbs dveXduv dirb tt)s 77}?, els to fxera^b tou ovpavov Kal 
tov 0-repeup.aros elaijXde, Kal 8n rovrb 4cm Kal fiovov 77 ftaatXeia tuv ovpavuv. A^yei 8e 
Kal dXXa nva dXXoKora. Upo<T(puvei 8e robs p.ev <:£ avrov Xbyovs TLafupLXu nvl, t&v 8e 
Xotiruv ££ {oi yap wdvres avrov 8u8eKd elai) rbv /xev e'pSofJLov 'Avaarao'Lu, ev $ fin dVcard- 
XvtoI elaiv ol ovpavoi. Tbv oyboov fie, 8s ianv els ttjv ipSrjv 'E^kLov Kal eis rbv dvairo- tov 77X10U, Uerpu rrpoacpuvei, iv $, on Kal vne fj.vrjfxdnoe rd "Afffxara tuv a'cfidruv 
X^et. Oi Se Xoitrol riaaapes ov wpbs ri -rrpbauirov avrip o-vverdy-qaav. The Kbfffirjs 
referred to by the Scholiast on Apol. Rhod. iv. 262 as the author of a book called 
AtyviTTiaKd can hardly be our Cosmas, since he speaks of the Egyptians as the oldest 
of peoples, which Cosmas would hardly have allowed. 

1 The Vat. MS. has at the end of bk. VII. XpiaHvov irepl Stajxovrjs ovpavQv but that 
is merely a mistake for Xpio-riavov. The MS. at Smyrna entitles the fragments it 
contains Ma^i/xov ypd/xfxa Ko<rfUK7)v ypa<pr)v <pipuv ; but the name is written over an 
erasure of a shorter name. 

2 Some have referred the work to Pappus, who is mentioned by Suidas— IldTTTroj, 
'AXefrvSpevs, (ptXbvotpoSj yeyovus Kara rbv irpeafivTepov Qeo8b<xiov...pi{5Xla 8e avrov, 
Xwpoypacpla okov/xevtKrj, els rd riaaapa /SijSXfo T77S IlToXe/ialov fieydXrjs <rvvTa£ews 


For such details of his life as are known we are entirely 
dependent on hints gleaned from his book : and from that we 
learn that he was a native of Egypt, probably of Alexandria, 
and in early life a merchant. In that capacity he travelled far 
and wide, visiting Ceylon 1 , the Sinaitic Peninsula and Ethiopia. 
He was at Adulis* in Justin's reign at the time when the 
Axumite king Ellatzbaas, was preparing to invade the country 
. of the Homeritae (circ. 525 A.D.). Later in life he settled in 
Alexandria, developed indigestion, ophthalmia and various other 
ills, and probably became a monk 3 . The last statement again 
rests solely on the authority of the Laurentian MS., which calls 
him Koo-/j,a<; tiovaxos ; but it seems intrinsically probable, and a 
parallel instance of a merchant turning monk can be adduced 
from the second book, where Cosmas mentions a friend, Menas 
by name, who may perhaps have set him the precedent by 
turning monk at Rhaithou. One thing at least is only too evident, 
that whether monk or not Cosmas was a Christian and a most 
uncompromising Christian. It is the fact of all others on which 
he prided himself, and the one point which his readers are most 
likely to regret. Indeed the most pious of readers could hardly 
fail to reflect how much more interesting and useful his book 
would have been, had his zeal been less. Yet for all his piety 
there is grave doubt whether his Christianity was orthodox. 

vir6/j.vrjfia } irora/jLoi/s roiis iv Xt/3i^j7, 6veipoicpi.Ti.Ka. — and used by Moses of Khorene as 
one of his geographical authorities. But the list does not agree with that which 
Cosmas gives and there seems no reason for the identification. 

1 Vincent {Navigation of the Ancients, 1. p. in and 11. 480) expresses a doubt 
whether Cosmas had ever sailed beyond Bab-el-Mandeb, though he admits that he 
mentions Socotra as though he had seen it. Others too (e.g. Tennent and Lassen) 
have doubted whether he ever reached India or Ceylon, and thought he got all his 
information about the latter from Sopatrus who is mentioned in the xith book : but 
their arguments are not very conclusive and good authorities (e.g. Yule) disagree. 

2 Probably he like Scholasticus took ship at Adulis. 

3 According to D. T. Schermann (" Propheten und Apostellegenden," Harnack's 
Texte und U titer suchu.ngen, Bd. 31, Heft 3, 1907, p. 144) Codex Athous Iviron 60 
ascribes the tract on the Apostles generally attributed to Dorotheus to Cosmas Indi- 
copleustes and in the introductory life gives Cosmas' name in place of that of Dorotheus. 
That makes him bishop of Tyre in the days of Diocletian and martyr under Julian 
at 'Odvo-ffoiJiroXis, which is absurd, as it is quite inconsistent with the details given 
by Cosmas himself. 

I — 2 


De La Croze 1 denounced him as a Nestorian on the internal 
evidence furnished by the Topography. In it Cosmas confesses 
himself a pupil of Patricius ; Theodore of Mopsuestia and 
Diodorus of Tarsus, and a friend of Thomas of Edessa, who 
were all Nestorians, and many of his ideas were borrowed from 
them* Again in his denunciation of pestilent heretics he omits 
the Nestorians; and, when speaking of Christ 3 and the Incar- 
nation of the Word, he uses Nestorian modes of expression. 
McCrindle adds another argument, that he speaks in glowing 
terms of the growth of the church in the east, which was due to 
Nestorian missionary zeal. But he raises a doubt as to Cosmas' 
Nestorianism on the strength of one and only one passage — 
" that in which Cosmas addresses Mary as the Mother of God 
(313 C), an expression abhorrent to the Nestorians." If that 
is the only plea of defence, Cosmas, I fear, must stand convicted, 
as the best MS. omits those words 4 . 

Monk, heretic, or both, at any rate he took to writing books, 
of which the Topography alone survives. The rest are known 
only by name and such description as Cosmas himself gives 
when mentioning them. Two of them, the Delineation or Image 
of the Universe and of the Stellar Motion, made in imitation of the 
artificial sphere of the Pagans, and a treatise thereon addressed to 
the most pious Deacon Homologus, and the Commentary on the Song 
of Songs 5 , may be passed over without further mention and with- 
out regret: but the third, a work on geography addressed to one 
Constantinus, is a real and irreparable loss to students of ancient 
geography and indeed to the world in general. In it he described 
"all the earth, beyond the Ocean and this side of it, and all lands; 
and the southern parts from Alexandria to the south sea, namely 
the Nile and its neighbourhood, and the nations of all Egypt, 
and of Ethiopia; besides, the Arabian Gulf and its neighbour- 

1 Hist, du Christ, des Indes, I. pp. 40 — 56. 

2 e.g. in book v. pp. 252—6 he insists that only four Psalms apply to Christ. 

3 e.g. he invariably attaches deairdr^s to Xptaros and tojpios to 'Itjaovs. 

4 J. Kennedy ("The Child Krishna, Christianity," etc, Journal of the Royal 
Asiatic Soc, Oct. 1907, p. 959) refers to Cosmas as "the great Nestorian traveller 
and monk." 

5 Some have attributed to him also an "Explanation of the Psalms," but as I shall 
presently show, there seems no reason for attributing such a work to him. 


hood, and the nations again as far as the Ocean there ; and also 
the land between the river and the gulf, and the cities and the 
places and the nations in it." The book is much to be regretted, 
as Cosmas had travelled over a great part of the ground : and 
here, where he was not bound to a theological theory, his 
enquiring mind and his faculties as a raconteur could hardly 
fail to have produced a book of travels that would bear com- 
parison even with Herodotus. It is possible that the so-called 
eleventh book of the Topography, the book on Ceylon, is really 
an extract from this work. There is little doubt that it is not 
part of the Topography, as the best MS. omits it, and the Sinaitic 
MS. states clearly that it is erepos \6yos egcoOev t?)? /3l/3\ov. 
Whether it belongs to his geographical work or is a separate 
pamphlet, it at any rate gives some idea of what that work must 
have been 1 . 

Of what his existing work 2 is, it would require a universal 

1 The Topography as we now have it is not in the state in which it was originally 
edited. It at first consisted only of five books addressed to a certain Pamphilus. Then 
books vi. to x. were produced separately to explain difficulties felt by readers and 
answer attacks. There are signs, as I shall endeavour to show later, that it was not 
Cosmas himself who collected them and published them as a whole: and possibly part 
of book X. which is not found in V was added by the editor. Books XI. and XII. have 
little or no connection with the rest of the work, and would seem to have been added 
from among Cosmas' loose papers, or possibly taken from his other works. 

2 The date of the book is tolerably certain, though the exact year of its publication 
cannot be fixed. In the second book Cosmas says it is 25 years more or less since he 
was at Axum, and he was there when Elesbaas was preparing for his expedition against 
the Homeritae. That expedition probably took place in 525 a.d. (cp. Noldeke, Tabari, 
p. 188), though some (e.g. McCrindle and Beazley) date it 522 and others (e.g. Muir, 
Life of Mahomet) 523. Again at the beginning of the sixth book Cosmas refers to two 
eclipses in the present indiction, giving the dates as Mechir 12 and Mesori 24: these 
Krall identifies with the eclipses of 6 Feb. 547 and 17 Aug. 547 {Sitzungsb. der k. 
Akad. zu Wien, cxxi.). The book would therefore be written about the middle of the 
sixth century. 

Montfaucon argues that as he refers in book X., which is one of the additional 
books, to Timothy the younger as vvv TereXevTriicus, which he takes to mean "lately 
dead," and to Theodosius of Alexandria as an exile at Constantinople, when the first 
died in 535 a.d., and the latter was exiled in 536, Cosmas must have completed the 
original Topography before that date and already have begun to make additions. He 
therefore assumes that the date in the second book was altered when a collected 
edition was published (cp. also Beazley 1. p. 279). But it is unlikely that the reference 
to the eclipses should also have been added. Besides Theodosius lived an exile till 
567 or 568, and an indefinite phrase like vvv TereXevTTjKibs cannot be too closely 


specialist to give a clear idea or definition. The book is an 
indescribable medley, how indescribable may be inferred from 
the fact that while Cosmas himself called it a Christian Topo- 
graphy— -an excellent title as it cannot possibly convey any 
particular meaning to anybody— Photius, for lack of a sufficiently 
comprehensive term, drew a bow at a venture and defined it as a 
Commentary on the Octateuch. One can hardly deny that the 
work might as well be called that as anything else, since Cosmas 
quotes and comments on a considerable portion of the Octateuch. 
That however was not the main object of his work. His inten- 
tion was to refute the theory that the earth was round, and to 
prove that Moses' tabernacle in the wilderness was a model of 
the universe 1 . The earth he reiterates is a flat surface, its length 
twice its breadth 2 like the table of Shewbread, and above it, 
over the visible firmament, is a second story consisting of the 
two heavens 3 , supported by walls at the end of the earth and 
"glued" to it That was what the division of the Tabernacle 
into two parts by the veil signified 4 . This quaint idea had not 
even the merit of being original : several grave fathers of the 
church had interpreted Paul's mystical words that the Tabernacle 
and its contents were vTroSeuyfiara and avTiTvira rwv dX^Qivwv 
(Hebrews ix. 23, 24) to mean that it was a model of the earth, 
and consequently had imagined that they were living in just 
such an excentrically shaped world as Cosmas described. It 
was probably Theodore of Mopsuestia b that he mainly followed 

pressed. Nor need the title "bishop of Alexandria" mean that he was still legally 
bishop — a successor was appointed in 538 — as it would be the readiest way of dis- 
tinguishing him from other Theodosii even after that date. 

1 It is noticeable that both the shape of the world and the comparison to a place 
of worship were old Egyptian traditions. "The (Egyptian) temple was built in likeness 
of the world as known to the Egyptians. The earth as they believed was a flat and. 
hollow plane, longer than its width. The sky according to some extended overhead 
like an immense iron ceiling, and according to others, like a huge shallow vault" 
(Maspero, Manual of Egypt. Arch., tr. Edwards, 2 ed. p. 90). It is improbable how- 
ever that Cosmas, though a resident in Egypt, was influenced by profane art. 

2 Cp. Theodore of Mopsuestia. 

3 For two heavens cp. the Coptic treatise on the Mysteries of the Greek Letters (ed. 
Hebbelynck, p. 51). 

* He compares it too to Noah's ark. 

5 Cp. John Philoponus, On Creation, ill. 9. 


in his description as in his interpretations of Scripture : but 
others, Diodorus of Tarsus 1 , for instance, Severianus 2 of Gabala 
and Eusebius, regarded earth and heaven as a kind of two- 
storied house 3 - Cosmas however was apparently the first, and 
one hopes the only person to collect and develop into a system 
the strange cosmographical ideas which are hinted at in early 
theologians. He in all seriousness tries to produce an entire 
cosmic system based on the words of the " great cosmographer 
Moses," and not content with defining the shape, size and position 
of the earth, the heavens above the earth and the waters below 
the earth — and above it 4 too, for that matter — all come in for a 
share of his attention. The size of the sun, its nightly disappear- 
ance and revolution round a huge mountain 5 which rises some- 
where up in the north — out of the middle of nowhere presumably, 
as Cosmas does not define its precise position — the eclipses of 
sun and moon, the stars and their courses are all duly registered 
and explained in accordance with a flat world and Holy Writ. 
Even the location of the terrestial paradise presented no difficulty 

1 Cp. the summary of his book jcarct dfAapixivrjs in Photius Codex 223. 

2 Orations on Creation, especially no. 3. 

3 On the cosmographical opinions of the Fathers cp. Beazley, Dawn of Modern 
Geography, I. part v. Beazley refers to Letronne, " Opinions Cosmographiques des 
Peres" {Rev. des deux Mondes, March 15, 1834, P* 6° r ); Marinelli (tr. Neumann), 
Erdkunde bei den Kirchen-Vatem, Santaren, Essai sur Cosmographie, vol. I. pp. 314, 
315; Penkl, Geschickte der Erdkunde, pp. 85 — 90; Charton, Voyageurs Anciens et Mod.', 
and F. Denis, Le Alonde Enchanle. He also gives the following references to the 
Fathers: Lactantius, Inst. Div. III. 24; Augustine, De civ. Dei, XVI. 9; Chrysostom, 
Homily XIV. on Hebrews', for the comparison of the world to a tent or tabernacle and 
other points, Diodorus (ed. Migne), 1562 — -1580; Severianus, Orations on Creation 
(e.g. 1. 4, 5, 11. 3, 4 on the firmament; in. 1, 4, 5 against a round world); Procopius 
of Gaza, On Genesis ; Athanasius, Cotitra Gentes ; Caesarius, Dial. 1. ; for almost all 
Cosmas' theories (e.g. the length of the earth, the mountain behind which the sun sets, 
the duties of the angels), Theodore of Mopsuestia in John Philoponus, I. 16, 17, ill. 
9, 10 ; Basil, Hexaem. ill. 9 ; Cyril, Hieros. Catech. IX. 76 ; Eusebius, Commentary 
on Isaiah {Col. Nov. Patr. II. 511 b) ; Avitus, On the Creation, which is almost the 
same as Cosmas on Paradise. 

4 Cp. Ambrose on Gen. ii. 5. 

5 This also is parallel to the ancient Egyptian belief, and is found in Theodore of 

6 For this mountain (89 c — d) cp. the Ravenna Geographer, and Aethimus ch. 21, 
where it is placed in the west. According to Beazley it is an Indian conception con- 
tinued by the Arabic geographers. 


to him. It lay to the east beyond the ocean which encircles 
this world 1 . 

Sir H. Yule not inaptly compared Cosmas' two-storied world 
with its rounded top to " one of those huge receptacles in which 
female travellers of our day carry their dresses." And one can 
hardly help thinking how curiously similar it is to Rossetti's 
picture of the Blessed Damozel. Only Rossetti made a grave 
mistake about his angels, and placed them, if we may believe 
our author, in the wrong story. Cosmas indeed seems to have 
had a wonderfully poor opinion of the angels, and gives as the 
reason for the six days of creation that the deity, who could just 
as easily have accomplished it in one, took six days about it for 
the angels' sake, as their weak intelligence would not otherwise 
have grasped the mechanism of the thing. Moreover, he argues 
at great length, they are confined to this lower terrestial story, 
and are for ever running up and down a Jacob's ladder with a 
door at the top, through which they are not allowed to pass till 
we lords and ladies of creation have wiped out mother Eve's 
little peccadilloes and supplied them with the key. Their one 
recreation or employment is the management of a star apiece 2 : 
and yet they are quite contented with their position in "the 
keen air that blows between the worlds " — perhaps, one cannot 
help thinking, by reason of their aforesaid weakness of intellect. 

Though we who have inherited the wisdom of the ages have 
but little right to laugh at scientific pioneers, however wrong 
their conclusions may have been ; still theories such as these 
can hardly, as Mr Beazley has justly observed, appeal to us 
except as a monument of unconscious humour. Unconscious 
the humour certainly was : to Cosmas these ideas were the 
serious scientific side of his book, and the very touchstone of 
faith. He is never tired of inveighing against those obstinate 
wrong-headed pagans who believe in a round world and the 

1 This was the prevalent opinion among theologians, though Photius in his epitome 
of Philostorgius (ill. p. 10), who made the same assertion, admits that it is pure con- 
jecture. Philostorgius also and Severian {Or. v. 6) agree with Cosmas in making the 
four rivers of Paradise run under the earth and reappear in the Nile, Euphrates, Tigris 
and Pison. 

2 This duly is also assigned to them by Theodore of Mopsuestia. 


existence of Antipodes \ whose inhabitants must " incessantly 
stand on their head" and submit to the curiously uncanny 
sensation of rain raining upwards. Line upon line and verse 
upon verse of Holy Writ is hurled at his opponents with weari- 
some iteration 2 : and, as if that were not sufficient, he adduces 
a whole book of quotations from the Fathers in support of his 
system, a fortunate accident which has preserved almost all that 
survives of the Greek text of Athanasius' Festal Letters. 

Yet when he can momentarily get free from the obsession of 
his King Charles' head — the " great cosmographer Moses " — his 
work is full of the most miscellaneous interest ; and fortunately 
he was of a discursive mind and frequently gave way to digres- 
sions, reminiscences, and anecdotes. 

Theologians have unearthed other fragments of lost texts of 
the Fathers besides those of Athanasius' Festal Letters, information 
about the date of the Nativity, the rites of baptism, the canon- 
icity of the Catholic Epistles according to the various Churches 
and authorities, and the spot where the passage of the Red Sea 
took place. Interesting details too are given as to the spread of 
Christianity in Cosmas' day. The ordinary layman at any rate 
is somewhat surprised to find that in the sixth century churches 
and missionaries were at work from France and Spain in the west 
to India and Ceylon in the east, as well as across the whole of 
North Africa and Arabia, and still more surprised to find Persia 
as the missionizing centre for the east. Nor has a fresh examina- 
tion of the MSS. been utterly unrewarded, as it has added two 
other passages of some little interest to theologians, — another 
small quotation from the Athanasian Letters and a scholion 
referring to the spuriousness of the Gospel of Infancy (p. 144) 3 . 

1 Most of the Fathers objected to the Antipodes on one score or another, cp. 
Lactantius, Inst. Div. in. 24; Chrysostom, Homily XIV. on Hebrews ; Augustine, 
De civ. Dei, XVI. 9. Many Pagans agreed with them, e.g. Pliny, N.H. II. 65. 

2 The value and applicability of such quotations is well illustrated by the fact that 
Maundeville ch. xvn. uses precisely the same text (suspendi terram ex nichilo) to prove 
the existence of the Antipodes as Cosmas several times (e.g. pp. 79, 183) uses to 
disprove it. 

3 It is perhaps worth noting that Cosmas, though he seems to use the Sept. version 
of the O.T., once refers to Theodotion's version (93 b). It is therefore possible that he 
may preserve some variants taken from the unusual versions. 


Among travellers and geographers the man who knew the 
source of the Blue Nile centuries before it was " discovered " in 
quite modern times, who first noticed the Aramaic inscriptions 
on the rocks in the Wady Mokatteb, and who recorded incidents 
of voyages in eastern seas and travels across eastern lands as 
early as the sixth century is no unimportant figure. One cannot 
indeed claim for him the honour of being the first or the sole 
early authority on the lands he visited, as we have scattered 
references to others who, as merchants or ambassadors, traversed 
much the same ground : but, if not the first, he is one of the 
fullest and most reliable. 

A very close parallel to Cosmas' travels is found in the 
Pseudo-Palladius or Ambrosius, De Moribus Brachmanorum. 
There the author recounts that his informant, one Scholasticus, 
11 Shipping himself with certaine Merchants in the Red Sea, 
first came to the Towne of the Adulites, or the bay Adulicus, 
after that to the promontory Aromata, and a mart of the 
Troglodytes, and hence to places of the Assumites, and many 
days after to Muziris the mart of all India on this side Ganges, 
and having stayed a while there he passed over to the ile 
Taprobane 1 ." Iambulus too, a merchant, according to the account 
in Diodorus Siculus (bk. IT. 55), visited the coast of Ethiopia 2 , 
was taken prisoner and set adrift in a boat as a purificatory 
offering. He reached Ceylon, and after seven years was turned 
out of the country as a knave and went to India ; but for all the 
reliable information he gives one about the countries he visited, 
he might as well have gone to the mountains of the moon. 
Strabo (xv. 4) mentions merchants of his day, unlettered men, 
like Cosmas according to his own confession, who sailed from 
Egypt to India by the Nile and Arabian Gulf. Pliny too speaks 
of merchants visiting Ceylon in Claudius' reign (N.H. VI. 24); 
and Ammianus Marcellinus (XXII. 7) of a mercantile treaty 
between the Romans and the people of Ceylon while Julian 
was Emperor. 

1 Purchas, His Pilgrimes (ed. Hakluyt Soc. I. 240). 

2 It is probable that Cosmas too took ship at Adulis, as, after Caracalla's massacre 
at Alexandria in 215 a.d. put an end to direct trade with India, trade was transferred 
partly to Adulis, partly to the Persian Gulf (cp. J. Kennedy, Journ. of Royal As. Soc. 
i907» P- 953)- 


For Ethiopia again we have a few fragments of the account 
of Nonnosus, a contemporary of Cosmas, who was sent by- 
Justinian (circ. 535) on an embassy to Caicus, ruler of the 
Saracens, and thence on to Elesbaas at Axum (cp. Photius 
Cod. 3) ; and also the anonymous Periplus maris Erythpei. 

But then the narratives of Scholasticus and Iambulus are 
little better than fairy tales, and second-hand fairy tales to boot, 
while Nonnosus' work is lost save for a few insignificant frag- 
ments, and Strabo's merchants probably left no accounts behind 
them 1 . In Cosmas' case, on the other hand, though his separate 
geographical treatise is lost, there remain at any rate a whole 
book on Ceylon, the celebrated inscriptions of Adulis, which 
with the notes added by Cosmas give much information on 
Abyssinia, and other scattered passages most regretably buried 
in a dreary waste of theological sand 2 . * 

Perhaps however we must not give way too much to regret, 
for Cosmas' monasticism may have been as fortunate an accident 
as Marco Polo's capture and imprisonment by the Genoese, but 
for which he would probably have gone down into the grave 
without recording his experiences. It is not the only possible 
point of comparison between the two ; they possess at least one 
virtue and a certain number of descriptions in common. Their 
common virtue is a rare one in travellers — veracity 3 : the words 
of Marco Polo's preface : " Some things indeed there be therein 
which he beheld not : but these he heard from men of credit 
and veracity. And we shall set down things seen as seen, and 
things heard as heard only, so that no jot of falsehood may mar 
the truth of our Book, and that all who read it or hear it read 
may put full faith in the truth of all its contents," apply as well 
to the geographical and anecdotal part of Cosmas' book as to 

1 The author of the Periplus maris Erytkpei however has left a'n account of his 
journeys in much the same lands as Cosmas. He too visited Axum in Zoscales' reign 
(circ. 77 — 89 a.d.) and voyaged as far south along the coast of Africa as Rhapta; and 
had crossed to Western India by the monsoon. Like Cosmas he was a Greek-speaking 
inhabitant of, or settler in, Egypt. 

2 There are too, as Beazley points out, the earliest Christian maps which have come 
down to us. 

3 Photius says unjustly " dWa teal two. koto, ttjv laTopiav dwldava avvrtdrfat, Sib Kal 
fxvdiKuyrepov /ia\W tj &\7]diffTepov iryeio-dat top dvdpuirov, dUaiov.'' 


his own. Some, I believe, have had doubts of Cosmas' veracity, 
pointing to such an unimportant detail as the mention of a seal, 
an animal by no means common in tropical seas. But, apart 
from the fact that the first cousin of a seal may be found floating 
about the Red Sea answering to the name of a "dugong," a sixth 
century traveller who states quite openly that he has never seen 
a single unicorn requires no further testimony to his truthful- 
ness. To be sure he gives a picture and description of one after 
the pattern of four brazen statues which he had seen on the 
turrets of the king's palace in Ethiopia, but that was natural 
enough in an age when belief in unicorns was universal. Messer 
Marco was wiser in his generation, and knew that the unicorn 
was none other than the rhinoceros, " a passing ugly beast to 
look upon, and not in the least like that which stories tell of 
as being caught in the lap of a virgin." Cosmas had seen a 
rhinoceros in Ethiopia " standing at a safe distance," but had 
failed to trace the connection, probably because the statues 
represented the beast under the form of which stories tell. He 
and Polo share too descriptions of the giraffe, of the musk-deer, 
of the hippopotamus — all at least that either of them had ever 
seen of a hippopotamus, which was nothing more than one of 
its teeth, — of coconut milk, which both seem to have over- 
estimated, and of the king of Ceylon's giant ruby, the Kohinoor 
of early days. Only in Cosmas, and according to Yule in a 
Chinese historian of the next century, the gem is placed on the 
top of a pagoda, where " it shines from afar especially when the 
sun lights upon it, a spectacle glorious and beyond compare." 
Cosmas however is speaking from hearsay ; so, if there is any 
exaggeration as regards the size and splendour of that ruby, one 
cannot hold him guilty of it. It would surely be unfair to charge 
him with his informants' lack of veracity provided that he sets 
down fairly "things seen as seen, and things heard as heard"; 
and that is his invariable practice. If that distinction be borne 
in mind, it will, I think, be found that what he records as his 
own experiences are facts demonstrably true or at any rate 
intrinsically probable. For the stories reported from the 
mouths of friends or natives unfortunately the same cannot 
be said : generally indeed 


"they are just the rude tales that one hears 
in sadness or mirth, 
the records of wandering years ; 

and scant is their worth." 

That however is little to be regretted as it contributes some few 
amusing passages in a work which is sadly in need of them. 

Besides Cosmas is at his best in such passages and proves 
that he had considerable narrative ability : so that even the 
ordinary Gallio, who cares not a jot for a sentence or a half 
page more or less of the Church Fathers and very little for 
exactness in regard to the geography of Abyssinia in the fourth 
century, will find much to interest and more to amuse him in 
Cosmas' travel-sketches. 

Here for instance is a description of a voyage somewhere 

towards Zanzibar which bears a strange resemblance to a passage 

in Coleridge's Ancient Mariner. "There was," says Cosmas, 

" much tempestuous wind in the place," 

"And now the Storm-blast came and he 
was tyrannous and strong, 
he struck with his o'ertaking wings 
and chased us south along." 

"And on our right as we entered we saw a flock of birds flying, 

which they call <Tovcr<f)a, — the albatross," 

"At length did cross an Albatross, 
thorough the fog it came. 
As if it had been a Christian soul 
we hailed it in God's name." 

It was not however the bird that Cosmas' fellow-passengers 
hailed in God's name, but the helmsman to "put her about, and 
sail to the left up the bay, for fear we get swept away by the 
stream and carried into the Ocean and perish." With the usual 
timidity of old-world sailors they had no desire whatsoever to be 

"the first that ever burst 
into that silent sea." 

They were apparently successful in avoiding that disaster, 
and as they retired "the albatross did follow for a great distance, 
which showed that we were near the Ocean." 

Then there are curious tales of bartering under difficulties 


when neither party knew the other's tongue " and there was a 
sad lack of interpreters"; of how Sopatrus, his friend of 35 years 
ago, was set on an elephant and drummed in honour through 
the town by the king of Ceylon for his ready wit in proving the 
superiority of the Roman Emperor over the Persian King of 
Kings by a comparison of their respective coins 1 ; and of how 
he himself and his friend Menas set out at the request of the 
king of Axum with notebook in hand, like a pair of modern 
archaeological tourists, to copy the Ptolemaic inscription which 
he records. Quaintest of all is the yarn about the aypiofiovs, the 
yak apparently, about which " they say that if it catches its tail 
in the fork of a tree, it never lies down, but stands there unwilling 
to lose a hair of its tail. After a while come the natives and cut 
off its tail, and then it runs and leaves its tail behind it." Again 
there are amusing sidelights on the methods of old-world science. 
We have a delightful picture of a grave father abbot, Stephen of 
Antioch, "a true Christian and one who may be numbered among 
the perfect, thoroughly versed in lunar calculations, according, 
mark you, to the system we have laid down following the Holy 
Scriptures, and able to foretell with ease both solar and lunar 
eclipses," measuring his shadow at Antioch and Constantinople 
to calculate the size of the sun; and of Cosmas himself triumph- 
ally brandishing a round ball on the end of a pin in the face 
of the profane and godless persons who declared that a small 
circular body illumined by a larger body casts a conical shadow: 
"and to tell you the plain and honest truth they went away with 
their mouths open and their eyes dejectedly cast down." 

One cannot help admiring the enthusiastic inquisitiveness of 
the man and yet with it all there is the narrow bigoted monastic 
spirit of the dark ages. " Carved on the back of the throne we 
(he is speaking of himself and Menas examining the throne near 
the Ptolemaic inscription) found Herakles and Hermes. And 
my good friend and companion Menas said that Herakles was 
the symbol of might and Hermes of wealth. But I remembered 
the Acts and to the latter said him nay, remarking that Hermes 
should rather be taken for the symbol of speech. For so it is 

1 This may have been an old traveller's yarn ; cp, Pliny, N.H. vi. 24 and 
Solinus 56. 


written in the Acts ' They called Barnabas Zeus, but Paul 
Hermes, because he was the chief speaker.'" If only Menas 
had been able to convince him that "they didn't know every - 
thin' down in Judee " ! But it would have been difficult to 
convince him : he was obviously " a man addicted to opinions 
which I know not whether hee did holde more strangely or 

MSS. and Textual Criticism. 

The MSS. of an author so little likely to attract a wide circle 
of readers as Cosmas are, as one would expect, but few ; indeed 
only three at all complete MSS. are known to exist. Of these 
the oldest, and, in my opinion, the best, is V(= Vat. Gr. 699), an 
uncial MS. of the eighth or ninth 1 century. It contains only the 
first ten books, and, as the index of books, which is written at 
the beginning by the same hand as the text, only extends as far 
as the tenth book, it obviously never contained any more. After 
the index it begins with a virodeais, which partially corresponds 
to the second prologue of L ; but it omits the introductory 
prayer, first prologue and beginning of the second prologue 
which are found in L and Montfaucon's edition. 

The following passages are now missing owing to loss of 
leaves : 

192 C (oi;tg)9 ovv) — 201 A {ir\r}aiov gov earl) after f. 44, 
208C (-veo~6ai ical) — 212 A {CKaaTrjpiov ovtcos) after f. 47, 221 D 
(iv ravrrj rfj 777) — 224 C (evOeax; Odvarov) after f. 54, and 381 D 
(7rapaypa(f>rj erepa) — 384C (KaTaXvetrdai tyjv) after f, 108. 

Several leaves were misplaced when I first collated the MS., 
but have, I believe, now been restored to their original position. 

Accents except in a very few cases are not by the original 
hand, but by the corrector, who is referred to in the apparatus 
criticus as V 2 . Occasionally a later hand or later hands have 
altered words or inked over illegible passages, not always cor- 

1 Kondakoff, Hist, de Part By z. 1. pp. 136 — 151 argues for the seventh to eighth 
century; Unger, Byz. Kitnstgesch. for the tenth. New Palaeographical Soc. pt. II. 
plate 24 dates it as ninth century. 


The whole work is magnificently illustrated with illuminations 
which are generally held, except by Kondakoff, to be close copies 
of an antique original. There is much to be said for the view 
that Cosmas was his own artist, as some of them portray subjects 
with which any chance monastic artist would not have been 
familiar. The first picture in V (f. 12) for instance is one which 
has no connection with the text, and depicts an antelope between 
two banana trees. At any rate the artist must have worked 
under Cosmas' direction in drawing such pictures as the chair 
and pillar with inscriptions seen by Cosmas at Adulis : and 
Cosmas apparently added the descriptive headings round and 
within the rim of the pictures. That is proved by the use of 
native words (e.g. /xo£a = Ar. jy* a banana) and the mention 
of the little known port of Adulis, Gabaza, in the picture on 
f. I2 V . I have however in most cases omitted these picture- 
headings as they are generally of no value, and belong rather 
to a work on the illustrations such as that which Prof. Stornaiolo 
is producing than to an edition of the text. 

Reproductions of pictures from V may be found in Vincent's 
Navigation atid Commerce of the Ancients (the Adulis monument); 
Garrucci, Storia della arte Crist. III. plates 142 — 153 (a long 
theological series chiefly from the fifth book) ; Kondakoff, Hist, 
de Fart Byz. I. pp. 136 — 151; N. Alemanni, De Lateran. pariet. 
tab. VI.; D'Agincourt, Storia deW arte, Picture, tav. 34, and the 
Neiv Palaeographical Society, pt. II. p. 24. 

5 = no. 1 1 86 of the Greek MSS. in the Monastery of St 
Katherine at Mt Sinai (Gardthausen, Cat. Cod. Sin. p. 241). 
It is a folio of 211 leaves written in the eleventh century. Like 
L it contained twelve books, but is now deficient at the end, 
breaking off at the words eXefydvrwv nai (460 C). 

The beginning differs both from V and L. On f. 1 is the 
prologue — or first prologue as L and Montfaucon call it — then 
on f. 2 is the index of the twelve books {iriva^ avv ®e<w ravrrj^ 
•n)? BeXrov). Then follows the viroOecns beginning rivh %/oto-Tta- 
vi&iv as in V. At the end of the fifth book, the end that is 
to say of the original work, it has a prayer which is omitted 
in L, though in other respects L and S are very closely con- 


The following leaves are missing : 

One page after fol. 5, which ends at iraaiv (57 A), while fol. 6 
begins Aoroc a. 

Two pages after fol. 41, causing the omission of roiavra 
irepiypawTwv (132 C) to iv rr) yfj %ev- (136 C). 

Two more after fol. 69 {iiraicokovOovcriv — end of book IV.). 

And one after fol. 103 (/cal irepi, 249 A — o 8e ere/jo?, 252 B). 

Like L and V it is profusely illuminated, containing practi- 
cally the same illustrations as L. A few of these are reproduced 
in Kondakoff, Histoire de Vart. Byz., vol. I. 136 foil., vol. II. plate 1. 
(cf. also his Putesestvie na Sinai, pp. 137 — 143, plates 39 — 59). 

Laurentian Pint. IX. 28. The Laurentian MS. (L) is numbered 
Plut. IX. cod. 28 in the Laurentian Library at Florence : and is 
written in a minuscule hand of the eleventh century. This was 
the MS. from which Montfaucon edited his edition with only 
occasional glances at V, and so it contains in the main outlines 
at any rate — for to strict exactness Montfaucon's edition can 
make no claim — the text as there printed. It omits the summary 
of contents and begins with the title Avttj rj ftlflXos Xpio-Ttavifcrj 
To7roypa<f>ia — wvofiaafMevrj (Migne 52) in red. At the place where 
V begins the two texts do not fit exactly, L having a much 
shorter and to me untranslatable version of the first thirteen 
lines of page 56. It runs : ttoW&v yap ftoX&cov /cat /cpavwv kcli 
a<nrih(DV /cal 7ro\efjL(ov KLvqOevrcov Kara rrj<; i/c/c\r)(TLa<s ////// fcal 
TTpoadev S7)\(o0r)(r€Tai a/cpit3e<TT€p(o<; e/c t?)? Oeias ypa<f>r)$ viroTiOe- 
fievr}?. Where I have indicated a space the top corner of the 
page containing some four letters has been cut off: but it 
seems impossible to find any word of that length which would 
connect the sentence. 

In L as in V several transpositions and losses of pages have 
taken place. The order after fol. 4 which ends at i^elirov 56 B 

should be: 

fol. 13 teal 01 iv rfj iraXaia $6 B — to 6po<; 57 A. 

fol. 20 iv g5 tov vo/jlov 57 A — fol. 23 opcofievov 61 C. 

fol. 19 ovk iv oiK(p 61 C — a>? av Ta%a Ttz/69 (a mistake for 
dvTixOoves) 64 D. The rest of 64 I could not find. 

fol. 14 fiea-ov yap tov avw 65 A — fol. 18 end of book I. 

fol. 24 beginning of book II. — fol. 29 Kara ttjv Oelav 80 A. 

w. 2 


fol. 5 ypa<f>r)v eV ovSevl 80 A— fol. 12 irp(orr)v <ricr)vr\v Bta- 92 A. 
Then from fol. 30 on. 

After fol. 104 there is a leaf or more missing, as Montfaucon 
has indicated by a row of dots on page 200 D. Unfortunately V 
too is deficient here and S only partially fills the gap, so that one 
cannot tell exactly how much is missing : but the next six lines 
iyco el/ii — Trpoo-fcvvrjcreis are inserted by Montfaucon, as fol. 105 
begins with o,vtol<; ovR ov. 

Shortly after this there is another transposition; fols. 108 — 122 
containing fir] toX/hwv (216 a) — 6 Geo? tois (236c) and 123 — 130 
containing Koprlvac (204 D) — dp^erai /epovcov (216 A) should 
change places. 

Between fols. 139 and 140 and 233 — 234 there are gaps on 
pages 249 A and 393 which are however filled by V. 

L like V and S is elaborately illustrated, though the illumin- 
ations are not so finely executed as those of V. 

The MS. has been corrected throughout by another hand ; 
and in most cases where corrections occur, the first hand of L 
agrees with V and S: e.g. 313 B 6(f>el\€L 7ra? Xpto-Ttai/o9.../3to^ 
evdrj KdTaXkrfkov rfj ir'tarei VSL 1 , where L 2 corrects evOrj to €x eLV 
and V 2 proposes another solution, adding tcaropdovv after 7rl(TT€i. 

221 C ov So/cel X a pfo clvai dX)C varepov VSL 1 , where L 2 alters 
the last two words to dWd Xvwtjs. 

260 D r}pTTCLKe VL^S, 7T67raiK€ L 2 . 

These are rather favourable specimens of the work of the 
second hand, as in the first and last cases eyOH and exeiN and 
HpnAKe and nenAiKe might well be confused in an uncial hand, 
and in the second case aX)C varepov may come from the same 
words occurring just below. Generally its corrections are rather 
suspicious changes of bad grammar to good, e.g. o&rjyovvTos, 
<j>aivovTo^ and fcadoSrjryovvTos 197D, where the Nom. of the other 
MSS. may well be due to forgetfulness on Cosmas' part, as he is 
not a careful writer (cp. a similar instance, 225 c). Much more 
rarely L 2 agrees with V (e.g. 297 D arjfielov X ^ L, a. r) X dpi<; 
VL 2 ), or even with V 2 (e.g. 269 A TrXrjpcodrjaav 1 V, TrXrjpGyOelvw 
V 2 L 2 ). 

1 Where V stands alone, both here and in the App. crit., I generally omit accents, 
as none were used by the original scribe of V. 


Par. SuppL Gr. 844 (s. XVIII.) consists of copies of some of 
the pictures in L. 

Phillips 2581. By the kindness of Monsieur de Ricci, who 
informed me of a copy of L in the Phillips library at Cheltenham, 
and of Monsieur H. Omont, to whom he applied for information 
about it, I am enabled to quote the latter's description of it, 
though I have not myself seen the MS. : 

" Cosmae Indicopleustae Topographia Christiana. 

Die 21 junii 1682. Plut. 9 n. 28 Bibl. Laurent. Florent. 

Au bas du fol. 1 : ' Nesselii Bibl. Caes. in theolog. I. p. 326 ss.' 

XVII e s. Pap. petit in-4 (sans valeur). 

Ce MS. a la reliure en velin des MSS. de Meerman." 

P = Paris Gr. 2426 (Hainault Reg. 2733) (s. XVI.) contains 
on fol. 112 foil. "Cosmae Indicopleustae excerpta de Taprobane," 
copied by Nicholas de la Torre. The excerpts are from book XL, 
and consist of the whole of that book as far as iverpdirr) (449 A), 
except the section on the seal, dolphin and tortoise, and the list 
of Indian towns (445 D — 446 b). The text is handled freely, and 
seems, so far as one can judge from Strzygowski's specimens of 
the Smyrna MS., to resemble closely that manuscript. As a 
specimen I have given the readings of the early part of book XI., 
the sections on the beasts etc., in full, but have not continued to 
do so afterwards, as the variants are perfectly worthless. It was 
copied by Nicholas de la Torre possibly from the archetype of Z, 
though it contains more of the eleventh book than Z. 

Z = Smyrna B — 8. This MS. is described by Papadopoulos- 
Kerameus in his catalogue of the Smyrna library (1877) p. 32, 
no. 48 €i? 8° fieya, ifc <f>vX\a)v irepyap/qvov g6 teal iiro^V^ rov Id 
al&vos. " 'EiirMJMiviov dp^ieirLaKoirov Kvirpov irepl tov cfyva-LoXoyov, 
05 iXdXrjae irepl <f>v<re<os i/cdarov yevovs 6r)pi(ov T€ zeal irereivtov." 
...'EScopijOrj irapd rov iv Tlakaia <P(o/cai,a k. 'Ai/. l^apaXdfjbirovs. 

He does not mention the Cosmas, but Strzygowski has 
published a lengthy description of the MS. in the Byzantinisches 
Archiv 2 (1899). The part which contains the selections from 
Cosmas is pp. 156 — 192, and it bears the title Magifiov ypd/ju/jua 
fcoo-fiifcrfv ypa<j>rjv (fyepcoVy but the name Maximus is added later 
over a shorter erasure. Strzygowski describes it as merely a 
collection of pictures, with short passages of text attached to 


them; and even what text there is, is not as a rule faithfully 
copied but shortened. The passages it contains are: 

fols. 158—159, Migne 93 C d^oppi)? ovv hpa%dp,evo<; 6 0eo? rwv 
dfjLapnwv twv dv6 ] pa}ir<ov—g6 A rfv yap e%ovaa vyjro? irdaa irrjX^ 


fols. 168 — 169, M. 224 A — D Ai)to9 7rpa)T67r\a(TTO$ 'ASdp, 
rj^iwOr) irpoeiirelv — oiKOvofirjaavTa rd Kara tov avOpwrrov. 

fols. 184 — 192, book XI. except the sections on the fioax ^^ 
fjuovofcepw, ^otpeXa^o? kclI lirTroTrora/jbo^ which appear in the first 
part of the MS., containing the (pvaioXoyo? (pp. 125, 126, 135, 136). 

Strzygowski dates it as near 1100 A.D. and suggests that it 
may be derived from the Sinaitic MS. If we may judge from 
the passages quoted by him, the text has been cut down and 
shortened with the greatest freedom. I have not myself seen 
the MS. 

W= Vienna Theol. 9. At Vienna there is another frag- 
ment which is described by Lambecius and more carefully by 
Kollar. It is numbered cod. Theol. 9 (olim 272), and is a 
quarto volume " mediocriter antiquus," brought by A. Busbeck 
from Constantinople, f. 28 : The Cosmas text begins with the 
heading 77-/00? tov<$ XpiariavL^eiv /3ovXo/j,ivov$ /cal o~<j)aipav XeyovTes 
tov ovpavbv Koa/jud tov 'lvSucoTrXevaTov fiepi/ed, fxdXXov he irpo<$ 
tovs e£a). 

Then follows M. 60 C nrpwrov fiev ovv — 72 B ovk eanv adding 
rekos rd irepl tovtov. On fol. 32 it resumes with the title viro- 
diaeis XptaTiaviKal ifc tt}? Oeia? ypacprj? dirohei^eis e^oi/trat irepl 
axvf^drcov ovpavov followed by M. j6 A Xeyeu toLvvv 6 Oelos 
fcoo-fjLoypdfos — J? B ovk eiroirja-av, dnroXeoOascrav and on fol. 33, 
80 A — 84 A fcai ttclXlv ev t&> Ta)y8. Kpe/ivoov ttjv yrjv — ol ovpavol 
SirjyovvTdL ho£av 6eov k.t.X. 

The Cosmas selections end on fol. 34 with 337 kcu tovto to 
oX*)l ia to tne en d °f the page. It seems to be copied from S or 
more probably from a MS. closely similar to S. 

A number of MSS. of the Psalter and of the Gospels prefix 
sections from the fifth book of Cosmas as catenae. Of these I 
have examined several. 

i? 2 = Vat. Gr. 363 (s. x.) fol. 1, catena on Matthew. The 
beginning has been lost : what remains is [/Sajirriarij'; Krjpvaawv 


288 D to the end of the page, and a irapaypa^rj which is found 
in V, but omitted in L and Migne : 

fol. 48, catena on Mark (288 A— b) entitled Koo-fia IvSi/co- 

fol. 78 v , catena on Luke (289—292) Koafia 'IvSiKOTrXevaTov. 

fol. 125, catena on John (292—293) 777)0X070? Kooyia "IvSiko- 


R 1 = Vat. Gr. 756 (s. XL— XII.) fol. 98 Kocrfid 'IvhiKoirXevarov 
Trpooi/jiiov et? to Kara Mdp/cov evayyekiov (289 A — B): 

fol. 1 54 y , catena on Luke (289 — 292) Koo-fiov 'IvSi/coirXevaTov. 

MS. Cromwell 15 in the Bodleian Library (s. XI.), "olim 
Joachim hieromonachi, postea e monasterio rod Travro/cpaTopos 
apud montem Atho in Angliam advectus A.D. 1727." fol. 75 
Koo-p,a IvSoKOTrXeva-Tov irpooLficov et? to kcltcl Mdp/cov evayyekiov 

fol. 112, catena on Luke (289 — 292) ending at the end of the 
first 7rapaypa<j>7). 

Bodleian Arch. Seld. 29 (a.D. 1338), fol. 116, catena on Luke 
Koa/jud 'IvSiKOTrXevaTov. 

These I have collated, and have given some readings from the 
first two as specimens of their worthlessness rather than for any 
value attaching to them. Others are mentioned by Scrivener and 
Gregory, and Papadopoulos-Kerameus in his catalogue of the 
Evangelical school at Smyrna p. 50 copies the catena on Mark 
from codex T 2 apparently without identifying it, though he 
elsewhere 1 mentions another MS. with these sections from Cosmas 
as catenae to the Gospels. 

The MSS. which use a section from the fifth book of the 
Topography as a catena to the Psalms are equally numerous and 
in themselves equally unimportant. Their only interest indeed 
lies in the confusion which has prevailed about them and caused 
editors and others to ascribe to Cosmas a separate tractate on 
the Psalms, for which there is absolutely no evidence. That 
confusion is partly due to the fact that the section chosen as a 
catena is chosen from a passage (248 B — 249 B) where a leaf is 
missing in L, and Montfaucon with incredible carelessness has 
only copied a small part of the missing text from V. The con- 
sequence is that, as the MSS. which use the passage as a catena 

1 Catalogue of the Mavpoyopddrecos jS^SXtoftJtfq tcwd. a h ry aKevo<pv\ai<l(p, no. z. 


naturally preserve the whole text — and somewhat strangely add 
the headings which occur in various parts of a picture which 
was attached to the section on David, — people have been led 
to suppose that the text was not a simple copy of the Topo- 
graphy. The confusion has been increased by the ascription 
of the passage to other authors in some MSS. — for example it 
is printed among Chrysostom's spurious works in Migne, Pair, 
Gr. p. 532, where the title is taken from a codex Ottobonianus 
R. 25— and by the wilful alteration of the text in other MSS. 
MSS. of the simple class, containing the complete passage from 
Cosmas and the headings from the picture are : 

Vat. Gr. 342 (s. XII.), fol. 7 V , Kocrfid "IvSucoirXeiHTTOv 777)0X0709 
et9 toix; tyakfiovs. 

Vat. Gr. 525 (s. XII.), fol. 1, id. 

Venice Marc. Gr. 498 (s. XIV.), fol. 270, Koct/jlov "\v8itco7r\evo-Tov 
7700X0709 et9 T0U9 ^aX/xou9. 

Bodleian Baroc. 15 (s. XII.), fol. 22, Ko<r/na 'IvSc/coTrXevaTov 
et<? T0U9 yjraXfjiovf;. 

Other similar MSS. are mentioned by Karo and Lietzmann 
(e.g. Turin B. 1. 10, Ambros. B. 106 (s. X.), Moscow 358 (s. XI.), 
Vat. Gr. 1747). 

Two Parisian MSS. which I have also examined call for special 

Paris. Gr. 2743 (olim Colbertinus 1476, s. XVI. copied by 
J. Diassorinos), Koo-fjLa'IvBiK07r\€vcrTov e^rfyrjo-ts et9 7-01)9 ifraXfiovs, 
is the cod. Colbertinus mentioned by Montfaucon (Migne, p. 27), 
and both from the reference there and from the entry in Omont's 
catalogue one would be led to infer that Cosmas was the author 
of a commentary preserved in the MS. Really there is only the 
usual paragraph followed by a short section on the various 
ancient editions of the Psalter, taken from some author un- 
named or concocted by the scribe. This is followed by 
quotations from Athanasius, Basil, Gregory, etc. : and there is 
no reason for attributing anything but the ordinary section to 

Par. Gr. 169 (Mazarin-Reg. 3450, s. XIV.) is a MS. of pre- 
cisely the same kind, though in this case Omont attributes the 
long commentary contained in the MS. to Cosmas. But Cosmas* 
7700X0709 is succeeded by quotations from Gregory, Josephus 


and others, and any one of them has as good claims as Cosmas 
to the authorship of the Commentary. 

Some later MSS., mostly belonging to the fifteenth century or 
later, have this same section in an expanded form, with additional 
matter on the editions of the Psalter, differing from that men- 
tioned above, but equally worthless. How utterly unreliable 
they are is sufficiently proved by the confusion of names in 
the titles of the three which I have examined. 

Vallicellianus C. 4, fols. 434 — 5, Tov ao^coraTov WeWov 
'IvBi/coTrXevo-Tov irpoypafifMa Koc/ia tg3 yfraXrrjpla). This has 
been published by Sim. de Magistris ad Daniel. Apol. sent. 
Patrum de LXX. vir. vers., Dissert. IV. § II. p. 452 sqq. 

Par. Gr. 3179, copied by Bigot, ^Ivhacoifkeva-rov o-vyypafi/jua 
Koo-yita Tft) yjra\Tr)pi<p. 

Vat. Gr. 711, fol. 196, Koo-fia 'lvhucoifKevaTov tov 15ao~TiTopo$ 
[i.e. Cosmas Vestitor] Trpoypa/n/jba et'9 tou? ^froX/movs. 

Certainly none of these is worthy of the high-sounding 
title "A Commentary on the Psalms," or of Cosmas' pen : and 
apart from them there is not a tittle of evidence for such a work. 

As I have already treated the textual history and some of 
the more important questions concerned with it in an article in 
the Journal of Theological Studies 1 , I shall here content myself 
with a brief summary of my views. 

The three more or less complete MSS. fall clearly into two 
families distinguished among other things by the fact that while 
V contains only 10 books — and, as the index of books at the 
beginning shows, never had more — L and S contain 12. The 
ending too of the tenth book is different in the two recensions, 
that in L and S being fuller. Again, the paragraphs on the 
Prophets are arranged in the Septuagint order in V, in the order 
of the Vulgate, except that the Major Prophets are inserted in 
more or less chronological order among the Minor, in L and S. 
The end of the eighth and beginning of the ninth book varies 
also in the two recensions ; while the beginning of the first book 
differs in all three MSS. In deciding on the merits of these two 
recensions, the second point is the most important, and the 
textual critic is unusually favoured, as that point is settled 

1 Vol. vill. no. 32 (July, 1907), p. 607. 


without any possibility of dispute by an indubitably genuine 
passage which occurs in the text of all three MSS. and in the 
parallel text of the Chronicon Paschale\ That passage is perfectly 
natural if one keeps the order given by V, and utterly absurd if 
one follows L and S. The difference is that V follows the Sep- 
tuagint order, treating first the twelve Minor Prophets, then the 
twelve Major, while LS arrange them in the order Hosea, Joel, 
Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Isaiah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, 

1 Cosmas, the Chronicon Paschale, the Pseudo- Dorotheus etc. have the following 
paragraphs in common : 

Cosmas — 

Chron. Pasch. (ed. Dindorf) 

Cosmas = Chron 

. Pasch. (ed. Dindorf) 

224 A — B 

33, i—34» ^ 

268 B 

281, 5—9 

228 A— B 

34, 3— 17 

268 c 

281', 18 — 282, 6 

229 D — 232 B 

35, 16—36, 9 

268 D — 269 B 

29 2 > 5— 2 93, '* 

232C— 233 B 

41, 1 — 42, 8 

269 c 

283, 6—18 

236 D — 237 A 

9 2 . 5—15 

269 D — 272 A 

*95> 15— 2 9 6 » 4 

237 D — 24OC 

ioi, 13—103, 18 

272 B — C 

298, 4—13 

241 B — n 

IO4, l6 — 105, 21 

272 C — D 

284, 2 — 7 

244 A — C 

I08, I — IO9, 2 

272 D — 273 A 

284, 13—285, 3 

245 A— D 
248 B — 260 A 

I42, 4—I43, 17 
I58, 12 — 168, 3 

273 A— C 

285, 15—286, ii| 

286, 20 — 287, 1 j 

260 A — C 

274, 18—275, 13 

273 D — 276 D 

287, 1 — 289, 6 

260 D — 261 A 

275> 15—276, 12 

276 D — 277 B 

378, 15— 379* 11 

26 r B — C 

278, 8—279, 3 

277 c — 280 c 


264 A — B 

276, 16—277, 5 

280 c — 285 c 

443, 11—449, 19 

264 C 

279, 7—12 

296 B — C 

438, i—439« 7 

264 D 

279, 21—280, 5 

297 A — B 

433, 5—i9 

265 A— C 

289, 8—290, 14 

297 C — 3OI B 

439' 9—443. 7 

265 D — 268 A 

277, II—278, 'I 

For the relationship of the various versions see Mercati's article in the Journal of 
Theological Studies, April 1906, p. 404 (cp. also Oct. p. 101). Mercati there suggests 
that possibly Theodore of Mopsuestia or even Cosmas was the author. But the matter 
has been gone into more thoroughly by D. T. Schermann, " Propheten und Apostelle- 
genden" (Texle und Unters., 1907). He shows that there are various texts and that 
Cosmas is the earliest representative of the Dorotheus text, and argues that he is not 
the author because he adds irapay pa<f>ai. Seeing that Cosmas had a perfect mania for 
adding irapay pa<pal, that is no very certain proof: but combined with the fact that 
Cosmas omits the lives of the various personages, it is sufficient to lend great proba- 
bility if not conclusive proof to Schermann's view. Schermann sees no reason for 
placing the composition of the original work, from which Cosmas and the other 
authorities borrowed those sections, later than the second or third century, and 
thinks it may go back to a Hebrew or Syriac version. One may cite as a parallel 
for the existence of such books of biblical characters the fragments of a Coptic book of 
the same kind published by myself in the Journ. TheoL Stud., April 1908, p. 372. 


Jeremiah, Zephaniah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Haggai, Zechariah, 

Now at the end of the paragraph on Malachi occur in all 
the MSS. the words Xoiirbv eirl tovs reaaapa<; roi)? fjueydXovs 
fiaStovfiev 7r\r)pa>o-avT€<; crvv Beat rod? 4/3, which clearly assume 
the Septuagint order. It is obvious then that V is in this 
case the better MS.: as in the order adopted in LS those 
words occur at the end of the paragraphs on all the sixteen 
prophets. There they are perfectly meaningless: and it is 
inconceivable that, as Montfaucon suggested, Cosmas himself 
should in a second edition have altered the order without 
noticing the absurdity. Indeed it is strange that any Greek- 
speaking Christian should have altered the Septuagint order 
for one so eccentric : but the object of the change is not 
far to seek. Theodore of Mopsuestia, as we learn from 
Junilius Africanus, advocated an almost identical arrange- 
ment. This at first sight would seem a strong argument for 
attributing that order to Cosmas who, as has already been 
shown, was probably a Nestorian and certainly a follower of 
Theodore. But such an argument has no weight against the 
clear evidence in the text for the other order. If Cosmas was 
a Nestorian and a monk, then the community to which he 
belonged were no doubt Nestorians too : and even if he were 
not a monk, still most of his friends would be of the same 
persuasion. It is therefore highly probable that Cosmas' literary 
executor, whether it was the abbot of his monastery or merely 
a friend who superintended the recopying of the Topography, 
noticed that Cosmas had employed the ordinary Septuagint 
order and corrected the slip blindly in accordance with Nestorian 
principles. It was probably he too who added from Cosmas' 
loose papers the eleventh and twelfth books, which are not 
included in V : for, discursive as Cosmas is in his writing, he 
would harSly have added two books which have no conceivable 
bearing on the question discussed in the Topography, the shape 
of the world. This conclusion, if accepted, is of considerable 
importance, as it shows that the editor of the LS recension was 
a man of some knowledge of patristic literature, and one who 
thought himself entitled to take great liberties with the text 


he was editing : and consequently one cannot help regarding 
with the gravest suspicion any additions one may find in LS. 
Most likely, as I have suggested elsewhere, he was responsible 
for two references to Athanasius (161 C and 372 D), for the 
addition of paragraphs on Zachariah, Elisabeth, Mary, Anna, 
Simeon, and Christ (277 c — 280 C). The latter are omitted both 
by V and by the Chronicon Paschale y which has the paragraphs 
immediately preceding and following. To his account too one 
may lay the additional paragraph at the end of book VIII., and 
probably the supplementary quotations from the fathers in 
book X. (428 — 441). 

The question of additional paragraphs is one of particular 
difficulty in this work, as Cosmas admittedly wrote his own 
notes, and would seem to have added some in the margin as 
well as inserting others in the text. Those in the margin were 
of course likely to be entirely omitted by a copyist, or else to be 
inserted in the wrong place : so that even with the assistance of 
V it is sometimes doubtful to decide whether a note is original 
or not. But at any rate sufficient sins can be laid on the 
shoulders of the editor of the recension represented by LS to 
show that his work is entirely unreliable in comparison with V. 

With regard to the mutual relation of L and S, Gardthausen's 
suggestion that S might be a copy of L cannot be accepted, 
since S occasionally contains words which are omitted by L 
(e.g. the gloss, ol e^a)6ev iira^eWofievoi ireiOeLv 81a 7-779 6S/reo>9 
has crept into the text of S and W after aXlafcovTai, 60 C). 
Besides the two MSS. begin differently, L containing a dedi- 
cation to Pamphilus which is omitted both by S and V. How 
that dedication fits on to the viroOeaa of V and S, and who was 
the author of it, it is exceedingly difficult to say. The only 
suggestion that occurs to me is that it does not fit on at all, but 
was added in the margin by the editor, who thought a special 
dedication to Pamphilus necessary at the beginning of the first 
as well as the second book : whereas the first book is really 
addressed to all right-minded Christians, and Pamphilus is only 
mentioned later. Being in the margin it was omitted by S, but 
added by L, without being properly connected to the opening 
words of the viroOea^. The matter is however complicated by 


the erasure of some four or five letters just at the point of 
juncture in L. However that may be S is obviously not a copy 
of L but of its archetype, and, I think, a rather more reliable 
copy than L. Certainly it is more reliable than L in its present 
condition, for L has had the misfortune to be corrected through- 
out by another educated man who thought himself a better judge 
of what Cosmas ought to have written than Cosmas himself. 
The result is that where VS and the first hand of L agree in 
an ungrammatical construction, L 2 generally offers unimpeachable 
Greek. That of course might be accounted for by assuming that 
L drew his corrections from a better MS. : but there are instances 
where L 2 makes a correction where there would have been no 
necessity for correction had not L made a simple slip of the 
pen. For example at 228 A V and S read ovtos Igtiv 6 "A/3eX 
o c!>9 ev aivvy part, ixifxr^rrj^ tov ttclBov^ tov Xpio~Tov virdp^cov : 
here o became o? in L, and L 2 then " corrected " virdp^wv to 

W would seem to be copied from S or from a MS. closely 
similar to S, as they often omit or add the same words. Both 
omit T779 in 61 A etc rfjs toov rhao-dpcov i8r)fiLOvpy7]0r) and tov in 
61 C Betvol tov 7r\e/c€iv: both add it io~Teveiv after viroOeo-eis (65 C) 
and the words ol eBcoOev k.t.X. quoted above after dXla-Kovrac 
(60 c). There however W continues after otyem with the words 
iraKvv diraracrQai ravrrjv Xeyovat which are not found in S. 
Those words might have been added by the scribe, but on the 
other hand W occasionally contains words omitted by S (e.g. 
Ka\ kviico)? omitted by homoeoteleuton after ttXtjOvvtcko)^ 84 A) ; 
so that it is most probably derived from a twin of S rather than 
from S itself. 

The excellence of the illustrations in the Vatican copy has 
led Montfaucon to suppose that V may have been copied directly 
from Cosmas' manuscript 1 . But though it is near enough in point 
of time for such a thing to be possible, there is one objection, 
which appears to me to be insuperable. Cosmas, as he admits 
himself (57 B), annotated his text ; and the evidence of the MSS. 
makes it practically certain that, while some of his notes were 

1 Bayet, VArt Byz., p. 723, also suggests that it is copied from an original of the 
time of Justinian. 


written in the body of the text and only separated from it by a 
heading 7raparypa(j>ij, others were added in the margin. These 
naturally have occasionally crept into the text at the wrong 
place: and in some instances (e.g. J J B where 6 arrjcras — Svvarac 
precedes the quotation on which it is a comment) these wrong 
insertions are found in all three MSS. alike. We have therefore 
obviously to assume at least one common archetype later than 
Cosmas' copy as the parent of both recensions. 

This objection is fatal too to Montfaucon's view that V repre- 
sented an earlier edition and L a later edition made by Cosmas 
himself: as in that case it is inconceivable that copyists of two 
different MSS. would have inserted the same marginal note in the 
same wrong position in the text. Montfaucon speaks too as if 
the additional paragraphs and notes were always in L and not 
in V : but that is not by any means true. For example, both V 
and S preserve at the end of the fifth book, the end that is to 
say of the original Topography, a prayer which is omitted in L. 
Besides on Montfaucon's hypothesis one would expect that, when 
in one recension a note appears in the margin and in the other 
in the text, it would be V, the representative of the earlier recen- 
sion, which has it added in the margin, and LS in the text : 
whereas the reverse is almost always the case (e.g. ivravOa 
irpwrov — Tot9 eOveaiv 160 C and 7rapaypa(f>')j ) rtve? €<\>acrav — 
'Efe/aou 165 A, which in V are written in the text, in LS in 
the margin as scholia) 1 . 

These marginal additions would therefore seem to be an 
integral part of the text on which both recensions are based, 
and quite distinct from the alterations made in all probability, 
as I have suggested, by an editor after Cosmas' death. Of 
course, as he took considerable liberties with the text, he may 
have made additions to the notes too; but it is almost impossible 
to detect them when the original notes were added in such a 
confusing manner, and in most cases it is safer to credit Cosmas 

1 The confusion resulting from these irapaypacpal is rendered worse confounded by 
the addition of explanatory notes to the pictures, which have occasionally been trans- 
posed with the illustration, or even attached to another (e.g. els to. &icpa. — x&poi 8vo is 
transposed in V, so as to come after ttX&tos Toidvde under a picture to which it is 
inapplicable). For other examples see J. T. S., July 1907, p. 610 foil. 


himself with the notes, unless there is a very clear difference 
between the two recensions V and LS. 

At any rate as the additional irapaypa^at, are not more 
frequent in LS than in V, they afford no support to Montfaucon's 
view that L is a representative of a later edition than V : while 
the addition of the eleventh and twelfth books in LS, and the 
nature of the transposition of the paragraphs on the prophets 
make it extremely improbable that Cosmas himself was the 
person who made those alterations and edited the archetype 
from which L and S are derived. According to my view then 
the stemma codicum of the only important MSS. would be 

Cosmas copy 

Revised copy 

In that stemma X represents the common archetype whose 
existence it is necessary to assume between Cosmas' copy and 
our MSS. because of the irapaypa^ai which are found placed in 
the same obviously wrong position in both recensions ; and 
" Revised copy " the revision by some editor after Cosmas' 
death in which the additions of the last two books and the 
transpositions in the fifth book took place. Of course I do 
not wish to imply that there were no copies between Cosmas' 
copy and X, or between X and V, and X and the " Revised 
copy '' ; there may have been any number, but they would not 
materially affect the scheme. 

On the whole the manuscript evidence for the text is fairly 
good, as it is based on MSS. of two different recensions and all 


of a respectable age. But in point of orthography V, which is 
certainly the best MS., is far the most corrupt : and one cannot 
help reflecting whether in the case of a MS. so near the author's 
age, the corruptions are all due to the scribe or whether some of 
them at any rate should not be laid to the author's charge. All 
travellers are not good scholars or grammarians. Silvia 1 for 
instance wrote her peregrinations in a most barbarous Latin, 
though she was in all probability quite as well educated as 
Cosmas, who confesses that he had not received any elaborate 
training. It is therefore not unnatural that he should occasion- 
ally lose himself in a long sentence or use strange forms of 
words. Accordingly I have not hesitated to allow him to do 
so, when there is good evidence, though in matters of simple 
orthography, which may just as well be referred to the copyists, 
I have generally adhered to ordinary rules, unless there seemed 
good reason for departing from them. Thus when L and S, the 
only MSS. extant for the passages, both on two several occasions 
write Korpa<\>L%(o instead of Kpora<pi^co (441 C, 445 a), I have 
allowed it to remain. Other strange forms too well attested to 
abandon are \a/3pe<; for XaySi'Se? (209 B), SippiSes for Seppeis 
(381 A, 365 b), veovfMjvta for veo/mjvta or vov^vla (165 D, 188 B), 
8i,a7r€povvT€<;, aporpiovv (441 B). On the analogy of the two last 
I have written yavvelv for the senseless ^avvrjv of V 2 LSW 
(6S A). 

ttoUlXo? (368 a) and dpKeros (223 a) again seem to be used as 
adjs. of two declensions, and xeipoTrolrjTos as one of three (204 A). 

Whether diroXXvaiv for diroXXvovo-tv (313 C) and XeTTTvvcov 
koX Safid^cov for Xeirrvvov ical 8a/j,d£ov (109B) are admissible 
is perhaps more doubtful. But considering the uncertainty of 
the spelling in general I have not aimed at uniformity in the 
case of geographical and proper names. For example I admit 
!eXe8l/3a (96 B) though XieXeBifta is the form used in the 
eleventh book, and follow V in writing 'ABovXta (97 D) in spite 
of 'ABovXy (101 A), "ABovXt (Ace. 105 C) and 'ABovXeco? (101 C). 
I have also endeavoured to follow V in the spelling of the name 
Moses, and V's usual practice is to write Mcova^ as the Norn., 

1 I keep the usual form, though the name was apparently Etheria, cf. M. Ferotin, 
Le veritable anteur de la PMgr. Silviae la vierge espagnole Ethiria (Par. 1903). 


but to use the short form Mac- for the oblique cases. LS prefer 
the longer form throughout 1 . 

Among grammatical forms the most curious is eva used 
several times (284 C, 309 C, 445 c) in place of eV With so 
many instances to support the form it can hardly be con- 
sidered a mere slip of the copyist, and so I have retained it. 
Compare tovtov for tovto (377 A). 

Constructions according to sense — and occasionally according 
to nonsense — rather than according to strict rules of grammar 
are of frequent occurrence. Among the former one may call 
attention to dim tov ovpavov ovpavcov elircov, and to els irapa 
eh (2 1 2 A) ; which may perhaps be support enough to warrant 
the reading eh to evirapdheKTos elvai (140 C), but hardly a>9 
ehai...apxv ( x 96d), where sense gets the better of grammar. 
But carelessness gets the better of both sense and grammar 
in the case of false concords like \l6ovs...K€Ka\,vfjL/jLeva (2 13 A) 
and oirep eyevovTo (112 D). Nominative Absolutes too are com- 
paratively common (e.g. 200 B ical Btyfrevo-avTes, iropeveTai...o 
Mcovarr}*;, 425 D yap Kara Ge\r\vt]v api6p,6<; /caO 1 e/caaTOV firjva 
. . .yivo/xevos, 6 eviavros iroiel...)\ Accusative Absolutes not so 
common, but Karairavov to yvfjuvdciov (181 B) seems certain. 

Cases indeed are strangely handled. An Accusative for 
instance figures as the subject of a verb in 248 A ttjv Bocnv 
tov v6fiov...Trjv tcdOoBov irpofirjvvei. t*}V ht,ay<0yr)V...Tr)V...7rapa- 
hoaiv TTpoo-rj/jLaLvei,, an instance which supports the reading of the 
MSS. at 209 C Trjv Be a-T€(f>avrjv ttjv irepi^ ttjv irepav yrjv tov 
'Q/ceavov aqfiaivei, and makes McCrindle's emendation dvOpcairoL 
for dvOpcoTTovs (65 B) unnecessary. 

Even less respect is shown to grammatical rules for the use 
of cases in the sentence tov 'Aftpadfj, e/cXefd/xez/o? 6eo?...e , rray- 
yei\dfJLev6s re avTco Bwpeds fieyaXas &obo-eiv...fcal ^Te /3ij/JLa 7ro8o9 
avTco 8a>o-avTO<;...7rap€o-fcev'ao'€V ttlo-tov, eiviCTTdp,evos dyfrevBm e\7Tt- 
%etv... Scoped? (328 D — 329 A), where a Gen. takes the place of a 
Nom. and a Norn, agrees with an Ace. Both constructions — or 
lack of construction — find parallels elsewhere in Cosmas_ (e.g. 
197 A irepl tov ftcnrTicrdrjvcu tov XpierTOV dp^p^evo? Itcov X and 

1 Owing to the frequent occurrence of the name I do not mention this in the 
App. crit. • 


269 A TauTT/9 Be Tt}? xP 7 l<™w--f J >e/ J ' v VTai MarOdlo^ 7r\ypw6eicrav). 
Such instances support the reading -rroiova-a (68 A), though the 
whole sentence there is very uncertain. 

Again the construction frequently changes in an alarming 
way from a Gen. Abs. to a main clause or a kind^ of Norn. 
Abs., e.g. 197 D rjpgavTO fiaU&iv rov ®€ov...8iaireTavvvvro<:...ical 
6B V ywv...Kal <t>aivcov and 129D ijf™ /cal dpxnv X^erai, iravo- 
fievcov ixev yap tgov nrpwrvv paatXeiwv. ..dvaBeitcvvfievr)<; Be..., which 
support V's reading vi/cr/o-avros /j,ov...fcal KaTaio%vvavTO<$...tcai 
vTrofieivas Kal... r 7rpoa7)\oo<Tas ical e^aXetyas avetrTqv (124 B). 

Somewhat similar is the use of dvaBei^avTi (316 A) for the 
Norn., unless that is a corruption due to the Datives preceding it. 

There is good MS. evidence too for such readings as irpo? to 
. . .Be%6/jLe0a (336 A) and m el ye...edv rt9 vttoOoito (65 A) ; and, 
as they can scarcely be called more ungrammatical than some 
of the uses already mentioned, I have admitted them. 

Finally I would call attention to the strange use of the word 
Bi(j)po<; in the phrase Btypos rov wlva/cos (69 A), a use for which 
I can find no parallel. But egeovvres 409 A must surely be a 
corruption rather than a new word. 

ttXtjOvvco (352 C) and dvBpeico (104 c) both seem to be used 
intransitively; unless one prefers to follow Dillmann and Ditten- 
berger in reading avhpeicos for dvBpetcocras in the latter passage; 
while cfrikoo-otyovfjLcu is found governing an Ace. (45 1 A). 

V often preserves strange constructions which are changed so 
as to conform with normal rules in LS. Of course these may be 
corruptions due to the scribe of V, but it is more probable that 
the abnormal use should have been changed to the normal than 
vice versa. For example at 285 c V read ev fj...d<f>opwjjiev in 
place of the frequently recurring phrase eh rjv difiopwfxev, and the 
reading is supported both by the MSS. of the Ckron. Pasch. and 
by the parallel use at 360 D viroaTpefyeiv ev Bca<bOopa. V also 
favours the plural of abstract nouns (e.g. dOavaata^ 224 D, 
d(f)6apaia<; 297 A). 




V=Vat. Gr. 699 (V 2 = corrector) 

L = Laur. Plut. IX. 28 (L 2 = corrector) 

S = Sinai Gr. 1186 (S 2 = corrector) 

P = Par. Gr. 2426 

Z = Smyrna B — 8 

W = Vienna Theol. 9 

R! = Vat. Gr. 756 

R 2 = Vat. Gr. 363 

m = Montfaucon's text (ed. Migne) 




npo? tovs Xpt,<rTiavi%eiv fiev iOeXovras, Kara tou? egcoOev Se 
atyaipoeihrj tov ovpavov vojjLi^ovTa? elvat teal 8o%d£ovTa<;. 

Aoros B'. s 

T7rode<rei<; X.pio~Tt,avi/cal irepl ayrujuaTOiv teal TOiroOeaLas TravTos 
tov Koo-fiov, etc t9j<; Oeias Tpa<f>r)<; t<x? dirohel^et,? eyovcrai. 

Aoros F. 

"Oti fieftaia teal d^iQiricrTos ecTiv rj deia rpaefrrj, teal av/jL<f>cDvo<; 
avTt) kavrfj teal tcaO* eavrrjv Birjyov/Aevr) TlaXaid re teal Kaivrj 10 
AcadrjfCT}, arffjuatvovaa teal to ^prjaijiov twv a^rjfjbdrayv tov iravTos 


Aoros A'. 

1 AvaiceefaaXalcocris avvTOfios teal 8iaypa<f)r) twv o-^/juaTcov tov 
tcoo~fMov KaTa T7)v 0eLav Tpaefyrjv, teal tt)$ cr(f)aipa<z dvaTpoirrj. 15 

Aoros E'. 

'Ei> g> €&Ti tt)? aK7]vrf<; 7] 8taypa(f)rj, teal tcov 7rpo<fyr)Ta)V teal 
diroaToXeov rj avjJLefxovLa. 

AOrOS r, o-vv7}jbL/j,evo$. 
Tlepl fieyedov? rfkiov. 2Q 

Aoros 71. 

TTpo? ' ' AvacrTao~iov oti dteaTaXvToi elcriv ol ovpavoi. 

Aoros H'. 

52 Ei9 ttjv (phrjv 'Efe/aou, teal eh tov dvaTTo8iap,6v tov rfXiov. 

1. r&Se lveaTiv\ nival- avv 6eip ratJT'qs tt}s 5£\tov S, qui hunc indicem post 
prologum ponit. 1. XpiaTiavov \670s A' (et ceteros titulos) om. V. 4. elvai 

om. m. 6. XpiaTiavQit kclI S. 9. Pepala] + ko~r\v LSm. iartv om. Sm. 

10. iavnjvl m. 12. Kdfffiov] + avTt\ t\ /3£/3\os XpcffTiaviKr) Toiroypatpla ireptcK tikt) 

iravrbs tov k6<t/j.ov, wap' rj/nQu wvofiafffihri VS. 22. Ilpds — ovpavoi] irepl 5iap.ovrjs 

ovpav&v m. 



Aoros @'. 

"Etc fcaTaypa<f>r) acrrpcov teal dirohei^e^ e/c ttjs deia? ypa<f>r)<s. 

Aoros r. 

'Kprjcreis ayicov Trarepwv Bia<f)6pcov avfMJMDVOVcrai iracrrj ttj 
5 <Tvyypa<f>r}. 

Aoros IA'. 

"En e^oidev rrjs j3i/3Xoi/ KaraypaCpr} (<oa>v 'ivStucov, kclI irepl avr&v dirjyrjais. 
en kcu 7rep\ dev8pa>v /cat rrjs Tcnrpofidvrfs. 


JO (rrjpaivcov on 71-0XX01 tcov e£a>$ev dp^atatv (rvyypa(pe(av p.apTvpovo~L rrj dp\ai6- 

ttjti tS>v deiav Tpacpcov to>v dia Mcavaecos nai roav 7rpo(pT)Ta)v elpi)fi4vG>v t Kal on 
varepov irdvTGbv 01 "EXX^ves' (patvovrai pepaOrjKOTes ypappara, kcu irepi tg>v 0€io>v 
TpcKpeov eppifapevrju €%ovtcs ttjv dniaTiav. 

1. "En — ypa<prjs] Karaypa<f>i} 8p6/x.ov aarpiov S, irepl Sp6/xov AarpaiP Lm. ypa<f>7}$] 

+ &X.WV V 2 . 4. Xp-qaeis — avyypa<prj] XPVGUS iraripcav m, xPV aeis Trartpuv avvaSovaai 

t$ 6'Xoj avyypap.fiaTi S. 6. A0r02 IA — dniarLav oin. V. 7. 'in— Tawpopldi>T}s] 

KaTaypa<pT) wept ftpuv ' Iv8ikwv, Kal irepl Tairpopdvrjs vqaov m. 9. ETI — crrjpalpwv] 

AOrOS IB. "Et( Zrepos \6yos arjpaiviav m. 





EiV OVOflCLTl TOV YlcLTpb? teal TOV TlOV KoX TOV djlOV UveVfiaTO?, 

tt)<; fjutas TpMrvTroaraTov teal irpocnevvr)Tr\s ©eoT^TO?, 7-779 ofioovalov 5 
teal ^ooap^itcrjs TpidBos tov evb<; ®eov, 7rap' ov iraaa Boa is dyaOrj 
teai ttclv &(bpr)p,a TeXeiov avcoOev els rjfids tcaTeiaiv, dvoiyco rd 
fioyiXaXa teal fipaBvyXcoaaa ^eiXrf, 6 dp,apT(oXbs teal TaXas iyco, 
ireiroiOdis €7r aitTm, a>9 Bid rrjv twv aiTrjaavreov rbv \6yov Tairei- 
vcoaiv, teal rcov atcovovrcov dxjyeXeiav, Bcoaei irvevfia ao<f>ias, teal to 
Xoyov ev dvoi^ei tov aro/jbaros fiov, 6 rrj<; %dpiTos K.vpios, teal 
Trdvrcov rcov dyaOwv Tafilas, 6 ojv eirl irdvTCOV ©609, evXoyrjTOS 
els tovs aicova<f. d/jb-qv. 

53 a npoAoros. 

Tlpcbrov fjiev 7rdvTcov TrapateaXw tovs jieXXovTas evTvyydveiv 15 
rrjBe rfj fiifiXq), Tva iierd irdarjs Trpoaoxv^ Ka l iirifieXeias rrjv 
dvdyvaxTiv Troiijacovrai, teal fir/ irapepycos avrr)v BiaBpapbeiv, dXXa 
teal tovs tottovs teal rd cT^rjfjbara teal to 9 eyteei/Jievas laTopias, 
fierd irdat]S airovBrfS (fyiXoTTOvcos aTro/JidgoLVTO, teal fierd to reXos 
Be rrjs fiifiXov, eytevtydraiaav teal rd) rofiw to3 Trap r}fjuo)V yevofxevw 20 
irpbs rov fyCXoyjpiarov K-eovaravrivov, ev Sirep tcarayeypairrai 
irXarvrepeos rrdaa r) yrj, r) re irepav rov Qteeavov, teal avrrj, teal 
irdaai at %o)pai, en re teal rd voria fieprj rd diro 'AXe^avBpeias 
eft)9 rov voTiaiov 'Qtceavov, \eyco 8rj o Ne£Xo9 irorafMOS, teal at 

1. A8tt] 7j /3£/3Xos — thvofiaafihf} ponunt VS supra inter titulos tertii et quarti libri. 
4. 'Ev 6v6^aTi—dfjL7iu om. VS. 14. Hunc Up6\oyov om. V. IIPOAOrOS] 

•fa Lrn. 21. irpbs — Kcauffravrtvou eras, in S. 


Trapa/ceufAevat %&V at > *<" Ta *" V7 I T ^ 9 T€ AtyvirTov ^acrr)?, tcac 
AiOioTrias, hi re teal 'A/oo/3to? koXttos, teal ai wapa/ceL/Aevai B 
%w/oat /cat e^i/fly etas irdXiv tov avrov 'tl/ceavov, o/ioiw Kai rj fieo"rj 
yrj tov re 7rorafiov fcal tov koXttov, Kai ai 7ro\et9 tcai at ^wpat 
5 /cat to, eOvrj rd iv avrfj, 7roo? to Bettjai, tcl irap r/ficov fiev Xeyofieva 
aXrj6r) y ra he twv ivavTicov TJrevSf}, oY ou? /cat 7] /3t/3\o9 /cat at 
KaTaypafyal yeyovaaiv ai iyKet/ievat, irepi re fieyedovs rjXuov Xey<o, 
koX tt}<? Sia/ce/cavfiivrjs Kai &ia/3o(o/jLevr)<; avT&v doittrjTov 7775, ft>9 
irXda fxara Kai jjlvOov<; epevyofievcov. ^rjrrjaaTCDaav oe iraXiv tov 

10 o~Kdpt(f)ov rov TravTO? Kai ttj<; darpepas KLvr)o~€a><;, tov Trap rj/no)v 
yevofievov Kara fii/j,r}o~iv t?}? 6pyavtKrj<$ rwv k^codev o-(j)aipa<;, Kai 
rov irepl avTov Xoyov 73-009 tov 0eo<f>iXio~TaTOV SiaKovov O/noXoyov 
aTToo-TaXevTa, Kai iyKv^aToaaav, ogtls tc avv ®eo3 iKavos virdp^ei, C 
/jbd\io"Ta avv TavTrj rrj y8t/3\a>, «at tg> to/aw, e/c jSddpwv dveXeiv 

15 twv EiXXrjvLKoyv VTroOeaecov ttjv 7rXdvr)v. Tavra yap Tt9 Ta rpia 
XpLo-Tiavbs virdpywv Kai KToofievos, Kai tt) Oeia ydpuri irepl tt)v 
6eiav Tpacfrr/v eVt/LteXco? Kivov/xevos, paBl(o<; iXiy^et twv fJLvOoXoycov 
ttjv dvoiav. avvio-Ttjo-i yap oY avTov tov o-^fiaTo^, Kai rfjs tov 
Kocr/jbov KaTacrKevfjs Kai avTrjs TJ79 (pvaea)? twv irpayfjbdTWv, Ttjv 

20 Oelav rpa<f>r)v aXTjdeo-Tdrrjv ovaav Kai twv XpiaTiav&v to Kijpvyfia. 
eppeoade, oi "Kptariavol, iv Kvplco. 

npoAoros b'. 

Xpio-Tiaviicr) TOTToypcufiia nepieKTUcrj ttclvtos tov n6o~pov, diroSei^eis e^ovaa ex 
rrjs Betas Tpacpfjs, irepX r)S dp(pto~/3r)T€iv Xpto~Ttavovs ov deov. 

25 IlaXai p€v &kvovv eVi^etp^crai rrj Sirjyfjcrei rfj irapa (rov pot £vTa\$€ioyi, § 
elo-Cpeperai r) tov itclvtos Kocrpov crvo-Tao~is, & OeocptXrj $€0<pi\e T€ ko.1 YptO"rd<itXe 
Tldp(pi\c. el yap Kai £f$ovX6pr)v, ovk ibvvdprjv, fiia to, cJs ola-Qa Kai ax/Tos, ttj 
7ro\vxpovi(o pc KaTaKclaBai voo~cp. tg>v 8e ttvkvcov o-ov Se^aeayv ttjv voaov ttoodq) 
an cpov 7roir)o-apeveov, de^ou Xonrov to rrpooipiov t<ov £v ttj j3tj3Xa) Ke(paXaia>v, 

30 tovto pev as ttjv VTranorjv TrXrjpovvTi pot, tovto 8e (as ttjv evdvvrjv iirTorjpiva poi 
eneivrjp tx]v tov OKvrjpov 8ov\ov, r/v 6 aaTrjpios \6yos iv Toh EvayyeXtois dnecp^- 
vaTO. ko.1 pr)8e\s naTayiv(0(rKeT<o cos ToXprjpov ttjv aacptjveiav t&v Xdycoi/ rre^coy 
ttcoj /cat dv(opd\(os hi^iovTos- koX yap ivvoi&v 6p6a>v, ov <ppd(re(ov delrai 6 
Xpio-Tiavos. TToXXav yap j3o\ida>v, <a\ Kpavatv, K a\ do-iribaiv, <al iro\ep,a>v Ktvrj- 56 A 

?t 6£vt(cv Kara. Trjs eKKX^crias' 

v. dpp&pios L 2 . 9. ipevopJuw S. tov] t6 L. ii. yivSpevovS. 13. (atrruVS. 
22. IIPOAOrOS B'—'B/cfcX^as om. VS. 27. ipov\olp V v IA iSwaLp VV V. 

30. p*i om. m. 33. /cat 2 om.L. 35. 4 K K\ V< Tias] + j/// ml irpbedsv 8 v \w- 

e-qaeTai iicpipeaTepws i K ttjs deias ypcuprjs VTTOTidepivrjs (p. 39, 1. 10) L, omisso tihiln 
TnOGESIS et rel. 



Tives XpicrTiavl^eiv vo^b^evoi Kal tyjv Oeiav Tpa$r)v firjBev 
Xoyt^ofievot, aXXa 7repi(f>povovvT€s Kal virepfypovovvTes, Kara tovs 
ejjcouev <$>iXo<Totf>ovs, crcfxiipLtcbv elvat to o"xf}/j,a tov ovpavov viro- 
Xafiffavovcriv, ifc toov r)XiaKoov teal o-eXrjviaKOOv ifcXeiyjrewv TrXavoo- 5 
fievoi. irdarav toLvvv 7-179 ftifiXov rrjv VTroOecrtv els irevre fieprj 
dpfiooioos htetXofJbTjv. irpooTov irdvToov irpbs tovs elprj/juevovs teal 
TrXavoo pevovs o TrpooTos Xoyos iyeveTO, 00s ov Svvarbv tov Xpco-Tta- 
vl^eiv eOeXovTa dirdyeaOai tjj irtBavf/ toov e^oodev TrXavrj, erepa 
T*J? Beta? Tpa<f)f}s v7roTi0efievr}s. teal yap edv tis OeXtfo-eiev 10 
fiao~aviaa(, Tas ^FiXXrjvtKds viroSeo-ets, nrXaafJuaTa irdvToos evpfjaei 
Kal fivBdoBrj ao<j)lo~/jLaTa teal dSvvara TravTeXoos* elra Xolttov Trpos 

B tov aiTTjadfievov XpiaTiavov 6<$>elXovTa Xeyetv, Tovtoov dvaipov- 
fievoov, irolas %pr) dvTeiadyew virodeo'eis dXqdels; 6 hevTepos Xoyos 
iyeveTOy i^rjyovfievos tus Xpio-TiaviKas vTroOeaeis etc ttjs Betas 15 
Tpa<j>rjs Trpoepfto/jLevos, Kal SrjXoov iravTos tov koo-jmov to ayf)\ Jia i 
Kal qtl Tives toov e^ooBev iraXatoov ToiavTT)? Soljrjs eyevovTO. €LTa 
irdXtv ooaavel twos diropovvTos Kal XeyovTOS, YioBev SrjXov et 
d\r)6ev€L Mwvc^ Kal 01 7rpo<f>rJTai ToiavTa XeyovTes ; Tpnos 
Xoyos to d^ioiriaTov aTroheiKWcriv Mooo-eoos Kal tcov irpocfyrjTobv, 20 
Kal oTi ovk d<f> eavToov iXdXrjcrav, dXX' e'/c Betas airoKaXvyjreoos 
€[JLiTvevo~6evTes, Kal hoKtfxaaBevTes epyqy Kal irpdyfiaTi, irpoBeoo- 
ptjaavTes avTa ovtoos e^elirov Kal oi ev ttj JJaXaca ' Kai 01 ev tjj 

C Nea, Kal tl to xprjai/jiov toov a^rj/uudT ojv tov koc/jlov, Kal iroBev 
d<f>opfJLT)v Kal dpyr)v etryev Trjs ofya'ipas r) virovoia. eiTa iraXiv 25 
wepl toov ttuOovvtoov oifret irapaXaQelv Ta axVf JiaTa > ° TeTapTos 
Xoyos iyeveTO, ctvvto/jlos dvaKefyaXaloocris Kal hiaypafy-q toov Tcpoei- 
prj/nevGov VTrdpxcov, Kal ttjs acpalpas Kal toov dvTnrohoov rj avaTpoirr}. 
eiTa iraXiv irpbs tov atTrjcrdfievov ra? XpicrTiavLKas virodeaets o 
irepnrTOS Xoyos iyeveTO, SrjXoov 00s oi>x eavTols irXao-dfievoL, ovt€ 30 
veovs fJivBovs etyevpTjKOTes, elpijKafiev rj &Leypdyjrap,€V, aXX e'f airo- 
KaXvyfreoos Kal irpoaTa^eoos ©eou tov tov koo~{iov SrjiMovpyrjo-avTOS, 
OeoopTjo-avTes to eKfiayelov tov iravTos kov/xov, ttjv GKr)vr)v X,€7a) 
tt]v virb Mfixrew? KaTacrKevaaOeto-av, rjv Kal r) Nea av/x<j>Q)vcos 

7. dielXofiev S. 9- T\<iv V twv tfrdev m. 18. wcav S. 

20. /awu^wsS. 2r. i\d\r)(rav om. S. 22. dewpfaavTes S. 25. Kal 

apxhv om. V. 29. elra] e*ri LSm. 31. ' i<t>evp V ic6Tas V. 


«KTv™pa ™vt6s tov Koo-pov avrfv e^aev elvai, rjv « al BieX ^ v ° 
Ma>v*7}s Bid tov KaTaTreTdo-fJLaTos, ttjv fiiav els Bvo^ warotlQiw, 
KaOdirep teal 6 Beds if dp X VS ™v %wpov tov eva tov ^ diro tt)s yr}s 
eft)? tov ovpavov Sid tov o-TepemfJiaTos BieTkev els Bvo x^>P 0V ^> iv 
5 TJ} <TKi)vfi 7) encore pa real ivcorepa, ivravda tcaTWTepos^ koX ^ dvco- 
Tepos %&V>09. 6 /caTcoTepos fiev iarTiv 6 k6o-/jlos ovtos, o avwrepo? 
Be 6 fieWcov tcoo-fios, evQa teal 6 AeairoTTjs XpiaTOS Kara adpfca ire 
vetepwv dvaards, irpwTOS irdvroyv dveXrfkvOev, ica\ oi Sitcaioi fiera 
ravra irdXiv dveXevaovTai. teal oti diro tov 'ABdp, p.e%P^ Maxreoo?, 
io teal diro M««)o-6ft)<? eo)? 'Jcodvvov, teal diro 'Icodvvov irdvTes oi airo- 
<tto\ol zeal evayyeXio~Tal, crvfjufrcovoos irdvTes, iea\ Bia Xoycov /eat 
Sid tvttcov efelirov TT€pl Ttov Bvo tovtcov rcaTao~Tao~€(0V, tcai oti 

OvSeiS aVTWV Bl€(f)(6v7J<T€V, OVT€ TTp6 TaVTrfS ellT(i>V 6T€paV, OVT€ $>] A 

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15 Oeiov UvevfiaTOs ipnrveva Sevres, rd? Bvo novas KaTaaTaaeis 
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Hie desinit S fol. 5 V . 30. icdfievcu Lm. 32. ovtos V 2 . 

27. Matt. xxv. 34. 


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r. AOrOS nPOTOS S, qui hie incipit fol. 6. A0r02 om. V, KOZMA MONAXOT 
A0r02 A' Lm. 2. 0i\oura$ S. 5. £v t$ fitWovri al&vi L?m. 9. (iijSa/Mas 
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22. irpwroL W, qui hie incipit fol. 28. 25. es forepov— o-u^cuWra om. m, is 

del. L a . 28. dvareivavTes Lm. 29. Varepov] frepov W. aveKrlaavro 

irplv VSW. 

12. 2 Kings xvii. 32. 

26. rives] In margine codd. VLS est glossa oldirb {d-rrb. deest in VL) UXdravos. 

27. ivioi] V habet glossam ol 'Apio-roriXovs, L ol diro 'A[pto-Tor^\ou?]. 


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1. dwaTbit] + elvat LSWm. 3. a\L<TicovTai] + oi tfadev iirayyeWdfievoL rddeiv 

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1. i-rridotTLv m. opCovrai] obpavibv re Lm. 4. aw o<p parr ova 1 L, rvyxdvovai S 

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ecreodev teal e^coOev avrr)v elireaaLV Bit]fcovo~av Bid irdvTCOv o>9 airepi- 5 
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o airoo-ToXos, diroTp&rov, to^s ^x OVT(ts K^ v K , °P < l ,w<riv ^vo-cpefas, ti\v 8fc 
8vvap.iv o.tjttJs apvouLie'vovs. 

c Aoros B. 15 

'Tirodeaei^ XptcrTiavitcal irepl cryripjaTwv kcu tottoQ evicts iravTos 
tov Koo-fiov, e/c T779 Oetas Tpa^rf^ T<Z9 diroBei^ets e%ou<rat. 

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dvBpoiv davfiacrLcDv, avTos irdvTcov a/j,ei,vov olaOa, oo tc\ irdvTa 20 
<f>L\e Oeo^iXe re teal x/Ho-TO</u\e, /cat irdvTcov dylcov dvBpSiv 
<\>epd>wixe HdfifaXe, imyeiov fiev 'lepova-aXrjfi irdpoucos Tvy%dv(ov y 
ovpaviov Be crvv irpwTOTOKOLS ttoXlt^ diroyeypafifievos, dvcoOev 
aev ef aKor\s depfioTaTj) avvBeBefievos (piXla, ttjs Be tcaTcX irpoaanrov 
D 0ea9 vvvl diroXavcras ttj<; 0-779, ot€ tt) tov ®eov f3ovXj) ig'lepoaoXv- 25 
ficov 7rpo9 rj/jicis ivTavOa TJ) fieyla-Ty ' A\e%dvBpov iroXet irapeyevov, 
evoyXoyv r)fuv irepl tovtov ov BoeXenres, daOevwv rjfiayv TvyxavovTcov 
tg> awfjuaTi, Tals T€ o^e<rv teal 777 ^t]poTt)Ti rrJ9 yaaTpbs iroefynevcov, 

1. *i iv 8\(j)— iariv om. m. 2. «\wj SW. tt e pcy pd<f>erai L\?)S 2 W. 

t$ oipavy S 2 W. 3- evpedri(reT<u] + ws awfia ~Lm. 6. elff&yovres V. 

9! Io-tw] Hie deficit W f. 32 cum verbis t£\os rk irepl toijtov. 13. /x^ om. 

LSm. 15. AOrOS B] post ^xo^ at P onit L - *7- ^X<>^ a S. 19- V«s] + 

els tovto LSm. 20. w om. V. 23- crdf om. Lm. toWt^s] irpo^Tais 

L, koX Trpottrais m. 24. dep/xoT&TTis V. 27. SiiUires LSm. 

10. Rom. i. 22 sqq. 12. 2 Tim. iii. 5. 



Kal crvve^o)^ Xotirbv etc tovtov dcrOeveiais avyyah TrepnwrTovTCdv, 
aXXcos re Be Kal T779 e%<o6ev eyKVKXiov iraiBeia^ XetTrofievcov, /cat 
p7)ToptKTj^ Teyyr\<$ d/ioipovvToov, zeal crrco/jLvXta Xoycov 77 /co/jhtco 
yapaKTr\pi avvOelvai Xoyov ovk elBoTcov, Kal reus tov ftiov irXoKah 
5 do"%oXovp,eva)v. avrbs ovBev tjttov evo^Xcov tj/jllv ov 6\e\et7T£9, o>9 
Xoyov r)fia<; eyypa<f>ov ifcOelvac irepl T779 aKrjvfj^ T779 ev tjj eprjfiq) 
Bid Ma)i/o-e&>9 fcaTa<Tfceva<r6eicrr)<;, f) tu7T09 rjv Kal viroypafyr) iravro^ 73 A 
tov Koa/jiov, KaOa Kal irapovTi Bid ^coarjs (^owt}? i£r}<y7)crd/j,r)v, ovk 
OLKodev opftrjdels, ovB* ef epuavTOV irXaadfievo? rj crTo^aadfievo^, 

10 aXX* etc T03V Oeiwv Tpa^wv iraiBevOeh, Kal Bid ^cocrr)? Be (fxovfjs 
irapaXa(3oi>v viro tov Oecordrov dvBpbs Kal fieydXov BiBaaKaXov 
JlarptKLOv, 09 rdfyv Afipa/LuaLav irXrjpoyv, e/c XaXBaicov irapaye- 
yovu><$ dfia to3 ev dyioi<i Tore /jbaOijTj} ®cofia tc3 'ESeo-779 avT<& 
irawayov aKoXov6^cravTi f vvvl Be ev tg3 Bu£ai/Ti&> j3ovXrj(rei ®eov 

15 tov fttov fxeraXXd^avrt, fiereBcoKev Oeoaefieias Kal yvdtcreoac; d\r)0e- 
ardrrjf;, 09 Kal avTos vvvl eK 0ela<; ydpiTOS, ewl tol>9 vijrrjXovs Kal 
dp^iepaTiKOv? Opovovs dvr\yQri tt)9 0X779 T\.epaiBo<$, KaOoXiKO? 
€7TL<TK07ro<; Tcov avToOi KaTaaTaOeh. ifiov Be Xiav eh tovto diro- B 
povvTOS, fidXtara Bid tovs tyiXevicXrjfJiOvas, wv eviropo^ 77 BiaftoXrj, 

20 Kai TroXXas itXas tov (TKcoirreiv e^ovaa, okvos ouv rvycov fie 
Karel^ev. avTos Be irakiv TTpovrpeire^, KaTaKpifiacri jSap&v eirl to 
avyypa<f>eiv } ^>a<TK(ov rS /3i(p ^prjo-ipbov elvat to avvrayfia irpb^ 
p,d6r)criv Kal Karavorjaiv Oeiayv Boy/ubdrcov, Kal dvarpoTrrjv 'EXXt;- 
vlko)V 7rpoX7jyjreo)v, Kal ottcos awa$ 6 o-kottos T779 6eia<; Tpa^rj^ 

25 et9 T7)V fieXXovaav KaTaaraaiv d<popa, pidXiara tov * KttocttoXov 
XeyovTOS, OliSafiev -yolp, (j>7]<rLV y on eav r ciriyeios r\[i<av otK^a tov o-ki]vovs 
KaTaXvOp, oIko8o|*.i]V i\o\Ltv Ik 0€ov d\iipoiroti\Tov olxtav aluviov €v tois 
ovpavots. ravra Kai ra rotavra v/jlcov tyacrKOVTwv, Kal Tat9 t?}9 
0-779 6eoaefteia<$ KeXevaeaiv fiy Bvvd/juevos dvreiTreiv, KaOrJKa epav- C 

30 tov eh tovto, Ta? o-a9 ev%d<; avXXa^eaOat fxoi Oappcov t Trjv Te 
Setav x^P LV ypw Trpocryeveo-Oai BeopLevo? ev dvoigei tov aTopaTos, 
779 avev ovBev BwdfieOa KaTopOcocrat,, 07r&>9 Bvvr}6eir)/j,ev dvev 
K€KO/juyjrevfievov Kal TexvcKOv Xoyov, ev IBlwtlkoZ? Te Kal dirXda- 

3. k6httov L 2 m. 4. x^P^TiipaL (?) V 1 . 5. dtiKiires S. 7. 97] y S. 

riJTros Kal VTroypa<f>7) 97 v LSm. 8. <puuTJs] + w$ iv irapddo: LSm. 10. 5e om. 

LSm. 12. ws m. 13. aldtarjs VL 1 , 'E56r arjs m. 14. aKoXovdfoavTOS V 1 . 

vvv LSm. rrj m. 15. /j.eTa\\a£avTos VI^S. 18. twp om. Lm. 

31. KaTix^vV. 17. oMav axeipoTrol-riTov LS. 29. 0eo////a-e/3e*as V (? t A e er.). 

26. 2 Cor. v. 1. 


tois prjfiacnv, rrjv IBLav layby rfjs ydpiTos BeoKWOvcrr)?, BiBdcTKeiv 
T€ tou? avTrj? Tpo<pl/jLov<;, Kal BoyfiaTcov Oeiav etBrfaiv, Kal ftiov? 
avBpcov evapecrTcov, Kal a-yij/juara yevecrecos koct/jlov Xeyecv oZkttclk- 
Tft)9, fcai crvyypd<f>eiv irpoOvficos Kal fieTaBiBovac dcj)66vco<;, anrep Kal 
7) fie h irapa tov Beou Bcopedv iXdftofiev. 5 

TeXeaavTes toivvv, c3 OeocpiXe, tov irpwrov \6yov irepl tcov 
ireirXacr fievcov ^Kpuariavoiv, Kal iXey^avT€<; &>9 aSvvdroi? eTriyei- 
povcriv, bcrov evrjv, a>? kycoye olfiai, ov ttjv koct fiioTifTa tcov Xoycov 
dvaTpeireiv iiriyeLpovvTe^ (fir) yevoiTo), aWa tcl irXdafiara /ecu 
J) tov$ fiv0ov$ tcov 'JLXXtjvikcov vrroOeaecov dnrcoOovfievoi,, Kal irepas 10 
eTTLTeOetKOTes tco Xoycp, e^airrofieOa vvvl ttJ? vfierepas KeXevcrecos, 
viroOecreis XpccrriaviKcis iv tovtco Trpwrov tco BevTepco Xoycp 
Birjyovfievot irepl cryrjfiaTcov Kal TOiroOecrlas tov Kocrfiov, eW 
oi/to>9 tco TpiTco, on fteftaLa icTTiv Kal dgwTTLCTTCx; r) 6eia Tpacfrrf 
TlaXacd T€ Kal Kawrj Atad^KT), avTr) Kad* eavTrjv Birjyov/ievr) Kal 15 
dnrofyaivofievr) to yjpr)o~Lfiov tcov cryrjfidTcov, €Ti t€ irdXiv iv tco 
T€TapTco dvaK€cf)aXaitocnv Kal Biaypa<pr)v tcov tov Koafiov cryrj- 
fiaTcov, 6fi0LC0<; iv tco irifiTTTco Btaypacfrrjv Tr)s GKr)vr)<$ T779 iv tjj 
iprjficp KaTacTKevacrOeiarj^, Kal tcov irpo<j)r)TCov Kai airocrToXcov ttjv 
o~vficf)covLav. ecrTCo toivvv avTTj r) /3t/3\o9 ILpicTTiaviKr) To7roypacj)La 20 
76 A TrepteKTiKT] iravTos tov koct/iov irap rjficov covofiacrfievrj, aTroBetf-eis 
eypvera iK TJ79 Oelas 6W&>9 Tpa<f>r}<; } irepl 779 dficf>ia(3riT6iv ^KpicrTL- 
avovs ov Beov. ttjs ovv avcoOev, a>9 etprfTac, poirr)<; crvvepyovcrrj<; 
rjfitv Bid tcov vfieTeptov irpocrevycov, dpyofieda Xeyeiv t«9 fjfieTepas 
V7ro6eo-€i$. Xeyec toivvv 6 6elo$ Kocrfioypdcpos Mcovcrr}?, 'Ev dpxfi 25 
kiroiyyo-fv 6 0c6s tov ovpav6v Kal ttjv ^tjv. v7TOTi06fie6a toivvv ovpavbv 
obfia Kal yrjv irepieKTiKa tov TravTos virdpyeiv, a>? ireptexovTa to 
ttclv evBov kavTcov. otl Be Tav6* ovtcos e%ei, avTo<; irdXiv fioa 
'Ev -yap 2£ -qpepais iiroCTjo-ev 6 0cds tov ovpavov Kal ti^v -yTJv Kal iravTa tcL Iv 
avTots* OflOLCOS irdXiv Xeyec, Kal o-uvcTcXia-Or) 6 ovpavos Kal ^ yfj Kal irds 30 
6 Koo-uos avTtov. dvaKecfraXaoovfievos Be irdXiv, Kal ttjv fiiftXov ovo- 

■i. iavTijs V. 3. \tyeiv om. Lm. 7. ddOvarov (?) V 1 . 8. tov \6yov 

Lm. 14. oihru) L'm, ovrwi S. 16. &iro<patvo/JLivri] + Kal V. 17. twv — 

Siaypatp^v om. S. 18. iv rij ip^fnp] napa fi(av<r4ws Lm (-os L 2 ), iv ry ip^ifnp 5ia 

fjLwvo-iws S. 24. evx&v LSm. ras rj/xeripas — Mwv<rf)s om. V. 25. X^yet] 

Hie incipit W fol. 32. fiwo-rjs Lm. 28. avrtav V (corr. prima manu). 

30. bfiol<as Kai ttolKlv LSWm. 

25. Gen. i. 1. 29. Ex. xx. 11. 

30. Gen. ii. 1. 


fid^cov (f>7](riv outoj?, Avtij ij ptpXos "yev&rccos ovpavov Kal "y^s, (ocravei B 
Trepte/CTLKcov avrcov ovtcov, teal avvcrr] fiatveadav 6<pei\ovTCov ttclvtcov 
twv ev clvtoZ*;. el yap Kara, tov? ireTrXaa/jbevovi XptcrTiavous o 
ovpavbs fj,6vo<; irepie^ei to ttglv, ouk av eXeyev ttjv yrjv crvv tg> 
5 ovpavw, aXX , avTrj r\ ptpXos yev£o-6<as ovpavov. a\\a firjv TOVTO ov 
tyalverai 7re7roir)Ka)<;, ovtc erep6<; rt? ra>v irpo^rjTGov, evBrjXov &>? 
dficporepa olBev tov Travrbs irepieicTiica Tvyyaveiv, Kal 7ra? he o 
^ojoo? twv hiKaiwv Kal TrpofyrjTWV tov ovpavov aei o~vv rfj yfj 
avvarifJLaivova-iv. Kal clkovgov eKaarov XeyovTos' MeA/^tcreoeAC 

10 7rpa)T0<; evXoywv tov y A/3paa/j, (f)7)crlv ovtws, EvXo-yripivos 'Appdp. t<§ 
0€w Ttp tn|/£<rTO), os ?kti<t€v tov ovpavov Kal t^v ytjv * hevTepos Afipaafi C 
<p7}o~LV, 'EktcvoS ttjv X^P* r KOV """pos 0cdv tov v\|/uttov, 8s 2ktio-€v t6v ovpavov 
Kal tt^v "yijv. Kai TraXlV, 'YiroOcs rr]v \eipd o-ov viro tov p/rjpov p.ov, Kal 
e^opK^co o-€ Kvpiov tov @€ov tov ovpavov Kal tov ©cov ttjs "yTJs 1 - Kai ira\tv, 

15 Kvpios o 0eds tov ovpavov Kal ttjs Ytjs, 8s £Xa|3ev p.€ €K tov oI'kov tov iraTpos 
(jlov. Etx o Aauio, EvXoyt]u^voi vueis t<S Kvp£a> t<5 iroiTjo-avTi tov ovpavdv 
Kal ttjv Y>]v' Kai iraXtv, IldvTa 00-a tJ0€Xiio"€v eirofrqo-ev ev t<5 ovpavto Kal kv 
ttj yTIj /CGtt TTaXlV, Si) kot apxds, Kvpic, ttjv yrjv eGepeXiwcras, Kal €p"ya twv D 
X.€ipa>v o-ov €lo-lv 01 ovpavoL OyU,OWW9 £lo~7)e OVTG)$ (pr)0~LV, 'Eyw Kvpios 

20 6 ©cos crov 6 OTcpcwv tov ovpavov Kal kt^wv yrjv, ov ai xetpes €KTio-av irdo-av 
ttjv o-TpaTidv tov ovpavov. Za%apia(>, 'EktcCvwv t6v ovpavov Kal OepeXicov 
tt]v yr\v, Kal irXda-o-cov irvevp-a dvOpwirov ev avT«3. 

Hcraifia? oi/t&>? \eyet Kvpios 6 0e6s 6 iroiiio-as tov ovpavdv Kal ir^as 
avTov, 6 o-T€p ecu eras rr\v *yt]v Kal Ta Iv avVfj, Kal 8i8ovs ttvo-pv tw \a<5 tc5 eir' 

25 1 2e/ivoT€paj9 yap 6 Trtaroy 'A^paa/z Kara t^s irepvroy^s cos ftacriX.iKT)S (r(f)payi.8os 

ovirrjS) i^opKiaai j3ovX6fxevos tov l8iov 7raiSa, v-rro tov p/rjpov p.ov, €i7r€v, virodes 
tt]v X^tpd o-ov, avri roO, V7r6 ttjv Sclav cnfipayidci) tovt4o~tlv ttjv 7repiTopir)v. 

2. 6vtu)v om. Lm. 5. rovro ov in i - as. S. ovtio m. 8- KalJ + rcDr LSWm. 

9. arifxalvovvi LSWm. MeXxtceSex m « IO « EvXo7?7t6s m. a(3paafJL 

V 2 LSWm. 12. 7rp6s tov 0eoj/ LSW. 13. ^7ri LSWm. 14. rov ovpavov V 1 . 

/cai /////// Trjs L. 17. 7rdXij> om. m. 18. Kal to. tpya m. 20. 6 o-Tepewj/] 

om. 6 m. t6v om. LSWm. 21. Zax^as 5e m. 25. ^efivoripios — 

TrepiTOfJLTjv post -n?? y^v (1. 11) ponit V, post ttjs yijs (1. 14) LSWm. cbs /Sao\ — o^o-tjs 
post 7rat5a ponunt LSWm. 26. virbdes, elite, ttjv xelpk cov hrl t6v firjpdv 

fxov LSWm. 27. deiav] fia<n\iKT}v LSWm. 

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aTJTTjs, Kal Trvevua tois iraTovauv avrfjv 1 . Kal irakiy, 'E-yw Kvpios o-vvTeXtSv 
77 A iravTa, itfreiv* tov ovpavdv uovos, Kal 4<rr€peWa rqv -yTJv. Kal Traktv, 'E-ya> 
4iroCiio-a yf\v, Kal avepwirov itr avTtjs. 'E-yw ttj \eipl |xov eorepeWa r6v 
ovpavov' /cat iraXlv y Ovtws Xfyei Kvpios 6 ironjo-as tov ovpavdv, ovtos 6 
©cos 6 KaTaSeCgas ttjv yr\v Kal -ironjo-as avTijv' ovtos Siwpurev avTi^v, ovk els 5 
K€v6v eiroCi|<rev avTTJv, aXXa KaroiKEio-Bai. Kal iraXtv, 'E-yco eip.i irpwTos, Kal 
ey» cljii els t6v a'uova, Kal if x e£ P H- ov 40eueX£wo-ev T1 l v W* Ka ^ ^ Se|ia uov 
eBeueXCwo-ev tov ovpavov. Kal TTakiv, 'EireXaGov ©eov tov TroiTJo-avTa <re, tov 
iroii]<ravTa tov ovpavov Kal 8ep.eXiwo-a.vTa tt|*v -yTJv. Kal Traktv, Ovtws Xfyei 
Kvpios, 'O ovpavos p.01 Opovos, t} 8e -yTi viroiroSiov t<3v ttoBwv uov. iroiov oIkov 10 

B olKo8ottT]o-€T€ p.01, Xe'-yei Kvpios, rj t£s tottos ttjs KaTairavo-ews uov; ovxl i X € ^P 
uov 4iroCi]o-€V Tavra iravTa ; Kal irdkvv ' 8tJo-» tovs Xoyovs uov els r6 oroua 
cov, Kal vird ri\v o-Kidv ttjs x a P°S uov o*K€irao-co a-e, 4v tj* %<m\<ra r&v ovpavov 
Kal ttjv ytjv eGejjLeXLwo-a. #eal TTaXlV, 'O KaTe'x^v tov -yvpov tt^s Yrjs, Kal 01 
evoiKovvres 4v avrrj wo-el aKpCSes, 6 o-TTjo-as o»<$ Kaudpav tov ovpavov, Kal 81a- 15 
TeCvas «s o~kt)VT|v KaroiKeuv, 6 8i8ovs dp\0VTas els ov8ev apxeiv, ttjv 8e yfjv (5s 
ov8ev €iro(Tjo-€v 2 . o/iota)? /cat 'Iepe/z-ta? \iyei ovtcd?, Ot tov ovpavov Kal ttjv 

C YH V OVK 4iroXq<rav, aTroXeVOwo-av dird ttjs ytjs, Kal vTroKanodev tov ovpavov 
tovtov* Kvpios 6 iroiTJo-as ttjv yt|v, 4v ttj lo-xvi avTOv avop9wa"as Tqv oIkov- 
uevTjv 4v ttq cro4>ua avrov, Kal 4v ttj <ppovT)o*€i avTOv e^eVeivev t6v ovpavdv, Kal 20 
ttXtjOos vSotos €V ovpavco, Kal dva-ycov ve^e'Xas e| €0"xaTov ttjs "yrfs, doTpairds 
els veTOV liroCTjo-e, Kal elTf-ya^ev avepovs 4k 6T|cravpa>v avTwv * 4ua}pdv0T) irds 

1 '~E7ricrr]fjLavTeov eVrav^a, on 6 Trq£as avTov einev, cacravei tov ovpavov. 

2 HapaypcKprj. 'O o-rrjo-aSy cnrev, ox>x 6 orpeCpav, fj 6 TrepioTpeobeav dXX' 6 
OTT/cras Kal its nafidpav, onep rj /ieV K.ap.apa Svvarai p,ev to^raarBaij irepio-rpcifieo-dai 25 
de ov dvvarai. 

3. 4iroiT)<Ta]+T7}v LSWm. 4. ovtos] oiirus m. 5. ofJrws 8tibpi<rev W. 8. Geou 
tov 7roti7(ra»'r6s ce rou 7roi^(ravr6s...^eyu.eXtcio"ai'roj LS 2 Wm. 10. ttoioj' oTkov, Kal rd. 

£i-T}$. 6r}(TU) W. 11. oli<o5ofn?)<raTe S. 15. wo'ei] ws Lm. rbv otipavbv ws Ka/A&pav 
LSWm. 17. Kai om. m. lepe/udas otirm \4yei. Ovrtas ipeire avrois. Qeol 

oi LSWm. 18. dirb ttjs yijs om. LSWm. Hie desinit W fol. 33. 19. 6 Ktipios 
7rotr)(ras Lm. av&pdwae Lm. 21. {jS&twv LSWm. 0^^7076 LSm. 23. 'E7r«r7/- 
fiavriov — otipavbv ante verbum 'Htra'tas (p. 54, 1. 23) ponunt VLSW, post iraTovaiv 
ovtt]v m. In marginibus codicum L et S ascriptum est o-x^Xtov. iiruniiAelwais ivravda. 
24. 6 ffT-^aas — dijuarai ante verba 6 Kar^x^v k.t.X. (1. 14) ponunt codices omnes ; post 
verbum iwottjffev transposuit m. Ti.apaypa<pri om. LSWm, + Kal irdXiv V. 7} 6] V, 6 tJv 
L 1 SW, t; m. 25. 8wep fih SW, uairep jjjj r) L (17 in ras. al. m.). uitrwep r; m. 


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Jer. a. 11 — 14 


avOpwiros dir6 •yvwo-ews. o/Wa)? Kal AavtrjX ovtcqs Xeyet €K TTpoawTTOV 
T(bv rpta>v 7rat8(OV EvXo-ytiTc, ovpavol, tov Kvpuov' iv\oydr<a i] yi\ tov 

o Be diroaToXos 8t8do~K(ov tovs iv 'AOrjvats SetaiSatfiovas 
5 'Apeoiraytras, ovtcos e/36a, 'O 0«6s irotija-as tov koVuov Kal irdvTa rd 
ev avTcS, ovtos ovpavov Kal yfjs vnrdpxwv Kvpios. K at iraXtV 6V T7j 
Avfcaovla i/36a rot? irXav w pivots, Kal dvetv auTot? /3ovXo/utevoL<;, 
Kal ijueis ouoioiraOcis lo-ficv vuiv dvOpwiroi, cvayy€Xi|ou€VOt vuds diro tovhov 
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ovpavov Kal yfjs evBov virdp^ovat irdvra, irws olov re Xpto~Ttavbv 

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fiovov irdvra; 

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Kat rr)<z yr)s, OefxeXtovadat Xeyo/Jtev ttjv yr)v iirl ttjv eavrrjs da<f)d- 8o A 
Xetav nrapa tov Arj/uiovpyov irdXtv KaTct ttjv deiav Tpa<f>r)v iir 

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Kat iraXtv, IIov *rj$ Iv t<S Ocp-eXiovv p.€ ttjv ytjv ; dirayyciXov 8c* p-oi, el 4ir£- 
o-Tacrai crvvea-iv, tLs €*0€to tcI ucVpa avTijs, «t oT8a$ / r\ tCs 6 iirayay^v (nrapriov 
iir* avTtjs ,* €irl t£vos ol Kpfcoi avTTJs Treir^-Yao-i ,* rts 8c eortv 6 paXwv X£0ov 
aKpoYcoviatov Itt' avTi^v ; 6/J,0t(O<; Kal 6 Aav'1'8 (frrjcrtv, 'EBcucXfcoo-ev tt\v yi\v 

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aavTos ®€ov XeyofJtev avTrjv defieXtovaOat Kal TreptKpaTeiaOat. 

1. o{Jrws \£yei post iraldwp ponunt LSm. 2. evXoyeLTO)] etiXoyetro L 1 , etXoyeire m. 
4. &Tr6(TTo\os] + IlaG\os LSm. 5. /So£ LSm. 0eos wot^aas (om. 6) m. 

6. avT$ L(?) Sm. 9. £Q)vra. om. m. 14. oiovtcu VS (ot-). 16. fi6vov 

L(?) m. 18. airijs V. 20. X^et yap] Kal tt&Xiv W, qui hie incipit (f. 33). 

Kp-quv&v m. 23. eVt/faXcbi' Lm. 24. ai/rijs Lm. Kal 6] Kal iv 

T(p Lm. ide/AeXlbxr as L, 6 defxeXiwaas m. 25. t^ ofti* — ireptKpaTeivdai om. W. 

26. Kpareiffdai Lm. 

2. Dan. iii. 59, 74. 5. Acts xvii. 24. 8. Acts xi v. 15. 

n. Matt. xi. 25. 20. Jobxxvi. 7. 21. Job xxxviii. 5. 

24. Ps. civ. 5. 

20. KpefivQv] In margine habet S ax^Xiov, quod et W infra post verbum avrrji 
(1. 25) habet, rd <?7r' (l»7t' S) ovSevbs ouk 4$ Xoylaaadai. tI biroKaTW avrijs, oti <rToix<$oi>, ov 
Xdos, oi Kevbv (Kaivbv S) t6ttov, ovd' Orepdv rt. o/xws Kal rb iirl twos etiro) unravel ^tt' 
oidevbs (b'—o&devbs om. W). In L extat scholium, haud legibile. 


$ipu>v t« Td iravTd, <j)r)<TLV A.tto<tto\o<;, t<5 pij|j.aTk ttjs 8vva|i.ecos avTov. 
B el yap r\v viro/caTco avTTjs, y) e^coOev avTrjt olov BrjiroTe acbfjia, ov^ 
%<TT(iTO y dXXa KareTrnrTeVy tovto tyvai/cd>Tepov iv tg3 ttclgiv Oecopov- 
fievtp. el yap aepa Tts vttoOoito, rj vBcop, 97 irvp, irdvTwt iv tovtois 
KaTeirvirrev ftapvrepa tovtcov virdp^pvora, 009 /3apvrepav roivvv 5 

T03V oX(OV <T(D/ildT(0V> 6 ©609 aVTTJV 0€/JL€\lOV TOV TTaVTOS €07]K€V, 

eBpdaas rfj IBua datyaXeia. wcnrep yap Tt9 vttoOolto y&pov eva 
e%ovra (SaOos ir^yjav e/carbv, ye/jueo Be 6 %cbpo<; i/celvos o-cofiaTos 
irayvrkpov olov vBaTOs, /cpaTrjo-as Be Ti? XlOov tt) %eipl avaaOev 
dwoXvo'ei, irocrw BiaaTtj/juaTL yjpbvov to f3d0o<; /caTaXtfyjreTat ; epet 10 
Ti<? irdXiv tcaO* viroOecriv aypwv Teao~dpcov. ere Be XeirTOTepov 
o-dtfiaros viroOefievo? yefieiv rov y&pov, olov depot, iroacp nraXiv 
BoacTTj/jbaTC yjpbvov to fidOos /caTaXrfyjreTai ; BtjXovoti ftpa^vTepw, 

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fjuas wpas evpr\aei, teal ctl irdXiv XewTOTepov adypbaTo^ V7ro0ep,evo<;, 15 
fffumplov. /cal ctl ttoXlv XeiTTOTaTOv, iraXtv ftpayvTepov evprjcrei 
p>eyjpi /cal tov o~<ap,aTO<$ XeirTWop^evov /cal et? do~(t>p,aTov /caTavTrj- 
aavTos ef dvdy/crj? zeal 6 %povo<; eh ayjpovov Xrj^ai. ovtco? /cat 
evTavOa iv ovBevl aco/jbaTi iravTeXGis, dXX* dacvfLaTw, avay/cir} 
dyjpbvois /caTaXapufidveiv to fiapi> o-cbfia tov iravTot X (O P 0V T0 2 ° 
fiddos /cat laTaaOai. ovtcds ovv 6 @eo9 <pvcriKa)<; iir ovBevl, 
KaTa tv)v Tpacfcrjv, ttjv yrjv /cpe/Jido-a<; ical eBpdcras fcaTeiXrjcfrvZav 
to ftdOo? tov ydapov, i6ep,eXi(ocrev iirl ttjv do-^aXeiav avTrjs, ov 
KXiOrjo-eTaL et? tov altova tov aloovos. el Be teal irdXiv ef avai- 
Beias Tit <j)iXoveifccov, e^wdev yfjs teal ovpavov tottov vttoQoito e% 25 

D hepov dopaTOV /cal ireirXao-pievov aco/uaTos, direipov p>ev icai eir 
wneipov €7Ti Tti/o? Kaicelvo Xararai. o/jlcds avv ®eo3 /cal et9 tovto 
diravT&fiev <j>vo-i/ccoTepov. el /cal %«09 Ti9 vttoOoito tov X™P ov 



1. <f>4pouTai V^V), koI 6 &>rro<t>tpup W. <hfflP 'A7r6(TT.] om. W. 

i. inroKdrwdev Lm. 1j i&o$e» airTJs om. SW. 3- ro&rov LSWm. ry] 

rb V 1 , om. Lm. Beupov/tivov V'LSWm. 6. ai)i> post vavrbs ponunt SW. 

7. ydp] y&p el V 2 , idv Lm. 8. mjx«s Lm. 13. Ppaxvripov Lm. 

15. (jc&Aiaros vvodifievos om. Lm. 16. Ppaxvr&rov SW. 17. Karwrrfyrwros m. 
18. Xifcei Lm. 19. &a(an&™s VS^W. 20. rb papv ff&fia post 

'iffTaaOai et rb p&dos post x&P 0V ponunt LSWm. 23. iirl rty aafdXeiav avTijs 

om. V. 26. airopov fiev V 1 . 27. ffi/v Gey om. W. 29. ticelvov] Lacunam 

hie statuit McCrindle. 

1. Hebr. i. 3. 


on tov p,ev ovpavov Kov<f)ov real dvaytyepovs virdpxovTos, T779 Be 
7779 ftapeias Kal KaTOOcftepovs, dicpa Be atcpois avvBeBefieva, tov 
fiev dvcocfrepovs, T779 Be KaTwfapovs, aWrfka dvTL7repio-7rojfieva, 
avv^aard^ovac Kal dfcivrjra Bia/jbevovcriv. 0e/JLe\u*)cra<; tolvvv 
5 ©eo? tt]v yrjv eirl tt)v avTr\^ do~(f)d\etav, iiri/jLrjfCT) ovcrav, tov 
ovpavov kclt cucpa to?9 aicpois T779 7779 avveBrjaev, o~Tr\o~a ( i jjuev 
tcaTcoOev to, cucpa tov ovpavov i/c Teacrdpoov /juepojv, avcodev Be 
vyjrrjXoTaTa irdvv eirl to /jltjkos T779 777? tca/jLapooo-as, et9 Be TrXaTO? 
cucpa tov ovpavov airb tcaTwOev ecos avco Teiyj.cras Kal a7roK\evo-a<; 81 A 

10 tov %cbpov, olfcov, a>9 av T49 eliroi, TrajjL/jLeyeOr), a>9 ev Ta^ei OoXov 
tcafAapoeuBovs eiri^rjKOV^ iiroir)aev' 'O a-Ti^o-as -yap tov ovpavov «s 
Kapapav, (j)7jo-lv o Trpo^TT]^ c Jlcra('a<;. 7T€pl Be to KeKoWrjcrdat 
tov ovpavov T7J yfj, ev to3 'Ia)/3 yeypaiTTai oi/to>9, Ovpavov 8fc els 
yfjv 2k\iv€V, K€\vTai 8e wo-ir€p yr\ KoveCa' KEKoXXtjKa Sk aiJrov aio-irep X£0ov kv|3ov. 

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to yap /cXlvai avWov, Kal tcoWfjaai avTov Tfj yfj, eirl acfraipas 
ov BvvaTai voelo-Qai. 

Kal M&j(7779 Be Biaypd<f>a)v ev Trj ^Krjvrj tt/v Tpdire^av, tvttov B 

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yeveadai, Kal to ir\aTo<; TTTj^eax; ivos. ovtco? ovv } Kadcb<z elirev 
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avv tt) yfj, tov Kap,apoeiBov$, Kal r)p,el<; Xeyo/juev. Kal a>9 ev tg3 

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Xeyofiev. aXXa, Kal €K tov Mwuffew? fJbefiaOrjKOTe^ otl eirl to 
fifjKos ifkeov 77 777 eKTeTaTai, Xeyo/Aev ttoXlv, /jLe/jbaOrjKOTes irei- 
6eo~6aL ttj Qeia ovtcos Tpacfrfj. e%Ta Xolttov eireiBr] Kal Ta vBaTa 
Kal ayyeXovs Kai Tiva CTepa avv Trj yfj Kal avTa> rc5 irpooTO) ovpavoj 

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r)p,epa, wenrep IBlois KTiap J ao~L «e^/377/xe^09, e/c tcov vBaTayv irrf^a^ 
wairep ef 1^X779 tov BevTepov tovtov ovpavov Kal opwfievov, KaO^ 

8. 7tX(£tos] + rijs yijs SW, ttjs 717s ra Lm. 12. tov SW. 14. kovIcl LSW. 
15. KU)\eto~at V 1 , KeKoWlio-dcu m. 16. cwdtdevTai SW. 17. Kal /coXX^aat avrbv 

om. V. 18. dvvarai] + 5Xwj Lm. 22. 7670^6x0$ — 75 ora. SW. 24. X^yw- 
p.ev V 1 . wo-rrep Lm. 26. ficovo-r} V, /xwae^ws Lm. 32. Kal op&fxepov 

ovpavbv LSWm. 

11. Is. xl. 22. 13. Job xxxviii. 37, 38. 


OfioLOTTjra TW etBei, ov toj o")^7j/btaTt tov irpcoTOV ovpavov, Kal 
fieaa^et to infro? to diro t?}? yrjs ecos tov irpoTepov ovpavov. icaicel 
airXwo-a? eiCTeivei Bt oXov tov yojpov kcltcl to evpos, wo-irep ewl 
<rre7?7<? fleer}?, Kal avvBeo-fiet to o~Tepeoj/bta toj irpooTOJ ovpavoj, 
BteXoJv /cal fieplaa^ tcl Xotira vBaTa, to, fiev eirdvoj tov crTepeoj- 5 
/xaT09, Ta Be eh ttjv yr)v edaas viroKaTOJ tov CTepeco/jtaTos, Ka6a 
BtrjyetTat Oeios M&xtt}?, real irotel tov eva yajpov r\TOi oIkov, Bvo 
oXkovs, TovTecTiv dvdyatov /cat KaTayatov. 
D iraXtv yap Xeyet rj 6eia Tpacfjr} irepl tov BevTepov ovpavov 
OVTOJS, Trapa fiev toj Mcucri;, Kal eKctWev 6 0€ds to o-repewaa ovpavov, 10 
irapct Be ra> deaireo-toj AavtB, 'Ekt€£v»v t6v ovpavov wo-el S^Jpiv" eirdyet 
yap } *0 o-T€"ya^wv 4v v8ao-i t<x vireptoa avTov, cac^co? irept avTov tov 
CTepeoofAaTO? e^etirajv. TroWdtcis Be /cat tov? Bvo 0~vfjt7reptXafij3d- 
vovaa r] Ypa^rjy co? i<j> evos evLKWs itccfrcovet Xeyovaa Btd r Jlo~a'l'ov, 
'O o-njo-as tov ovpavdv wa-«l Kauapav, Kal 8iaTc£vas av-rdv «s o-kt]VT]V KaT0iK€iv, 15 
to fieVy ws Kap.dpav, iirt tov 7Tpo)Tov ovpavov, to Be, SiaTcCvas *5s o-kiiv^v, 
84 A irepl tov o~TepeojfiaTo<; eiirodaa, &><? avvBeBe/jtevov<; Kal 6fiotov$ toj 
eXBei d/jtcfjoTepovs evt/cws i/cqbcovr'/o-ao'a. 6 Be AavtB ovtojs Xeyet, 
01 ovpavol 8n]-yovvTai So£av 0€ov, iroCr\<riv 8i x.eip<3v avTov dvayycXXct to 
o-T€pew|xa, Bvi/coos fiev dpi^dfievot;, evt/cws Be /caTaXrj^a^. iiretBr) yap, 20 
/card to ttjs *Yi$pa'tBo<i yXooTTrjs IBtcofia, ovpavol /cal ovpavos ofiotojs 
i/c<f)Q)vetTat, avvBeBevTat Be Kal dfiifioTepot &>? el?, Kat bfiotoi etcrtv 
KaT avTO to eZSo? Kal ttjv irpoo'O^ftv, dBta<f)6poj<; rj Qeta Tpa(j>i] Kat 
7t\7]6vvtikw<; Kal evtK&s KaXel eirl tov ovpavov. tovtoj yap toj 
IBtojfiaTi K€%pr)fJtevo<; 6 fiaKaptos AavtB j3oa Aivcixe avrdv, 01 ovpavol 25 
t«v ovpavwv, tva eXirr} evtKOJTepov, 6 ovpavos tov ovpavov, eirt^epet yap 
B Kal t6 vSwp t6 vircpdva) twv ovpavcSv, crac^ws Kal ivTavOa, TrXrjOvvTtKOJ? 
fiev elwcbv, ovpav&v, irepl Be tov o-Tepecb/jtaTos Br)X(bo-a<; tov exovTos 
eirdvoj Ta vBaTa. eiroptevos yap T<p IBtcbfjtaTt, avrl tov etTrelv, 
6 ovpavds tov ovpavov, elirev, 01 ovpavol t»v ovpavwv. avTO? yap iraXiv 30 

1. irportpov LSWm. 3. aTrXws SW. 6. vttok&tio tov arepedfiaros om. SW. 
7. rbu fAh h>a SW. 8. dvdjyaLov S 1 , dpibyeov L J S 2 W, dpibyewv L 2 m, Karayaov 

V 1 , Kardjyaiov S 1 , Kardryeov L 1 S 2 W, Karibyewv L 2 m. 9. tt6.\lv 5e Lm. 14. eviKw 
om. SW. 15. ws Lm. olvtov om. Lm. 18. hu<G)s\ + ovpavbv SWm. 

19. tt}v 56£av m. tQv x«pwy m. 21. Kara] Kal V ( 2? ) L 1 . dfiolws 

om. L, D^DK^ m. 24. Kal iviKus om. S. 25. Ktxprjrai ws S. 26. efrrfls 

LSm. 27. Kal om. Lm. 

10. Gen. i. 8. n. Ps. civ. 2, 3. 14. Is. xl. 22. 

19. Ps. xviii. 1. 25. Ps. cxlviii. 4. 


/cat €T€p(OuL <f)7)0~LV 'O ovpavos tov ovpavov t<S Kvp(u), tt]v Sk yfjv e'SwKe tois 
vlois t«v av0pwir»v, ovpavov ovpavov KaXecras tov irpSyrov tov Kajxa- 
poeiBr), 09 ovpavos eari tov crTepeoofiaTos, <£>? dvcoTepo^ kcu vyjrrj- 
Xorepos avrov virdp^cov. Kal 6 Lepo<f)dvT7]<; Be M 6N7779 ev tQ> 
5 AevrepovofAicp (f>rjalv ovtcos, 'ISov Kvpfov tov ©cov o-ov 6 ovpavos, Kal 
6 ovpavos tov ovpavov, i] "yt] Kal irdvTa oo-a cVtIv €V avrjj. aXXa Kai 
fieyas dirocrToXos Ke^prjTao tovtq) tw ISico/xari /3oa)v, 'Hawv 8e to* C 
iroXCrevjia ev ov pa vols virdp\n, l£ ov Kal SfOTtjpa a7reK8cxo|ie6a, apgafievos 
fiev ttXtjOvvtikw?, iirl to eviKov Be Xrj^as, «£ ov, eviK&s eliroiv. 
io 7ro\KaKL<; Be real o AavtB KaraKe^pTjrat rw tolovtco IBidy/juan j3oa)v, 

Alv€lT€ TOV KvpiOV €K TWV ovpavwv, KCLI /JL€Ta TO €L7T€IV, OTL KdL 'Ek T1JS 
•vtjs atv€iT€ avTov, avVTeXitiV Xeyei, 'H e£o[j.oX6yr|o-i.s avVov 4irl yrjs Kal 
ovpavov, aXXa. kcli, Tai iroii]oravTi tovs ovpavovs cv omveVei, Kai bo~a kcltcl 
to (JLepos tovto SirjyetTai. 

15 to Be ayrjfia Tr}<; 7779 elirafxev eTTL/jLTjKes dirb dvaToXcov iirl 
Bvcfxas, /tat evpos dirb apKTOV iirl /jL€o~7)fi/3p£av, Sicupelcrdai Be 
TavTTjv eh Bvo, fieara£ovo~r)<; KVKXoOev T779 OaXdao-Tjs tov Xeyofievov 
irapa Toh e^co 'Qtceavov, Kal kvkXovo-jjs tclvttjv yrjv rjv vvv oIkov- 
/j,6v 01 avdpco7TOL, KaKeLvrjv 779 tcl aKpa tov ovpavov tois a,KpOL<$ 

20 avTr)<; avvBeBevTai, rj Kal kvkXol tov 'Qfceavbv, r)v ttotc ojkov/j,€v 
01 avOpwjroL kclto, avaToXas, irplv yevecrOai iirl Nwe tov tcaTa- 
fcXvafibv, evda Kal 6 irapdheta-6^ eo~Tiv. irepdaavTe*; eVt tov D 
teaTa/cXvo-fiov eh TavTrjv tt)v yrjv Sea ttj<$ kl/3(0tov 7rapaB6^a)<; 
tov 'Cliceavbv iirl tcl fieprj tt}<$ Ylepcrihos, ev8a Kal eKaOiaev r) 

25 KifScaTos et9 tcl opt) 'ApapaT, §iaa(£>o~ao~a tov Te Nwe koX T0U9 
Tpels vlovs avTov o~vv Tats yvvaL^lv avTcov, 009 elvao %vyci<; t£o~- 
aapa<>, Kal to, aXoya 7rdvTa, tcl /xev Kadapd dirb ^vy&v Tpta>v, 
tcl Be OrjpccoBr} dirb evb$ ^evyapiov, eireLBr) to irepiaabv ev dirb 85 A 
7rdvTcov T(bv KaOapcov OvaLav to3 ©eo3 dveviyKas <f>aiveTai, 6 Nwe* 

30 ooaTe ol p,ev avdpcoTrot ^vyal Teaaape^ r)o~av, tcl Be Kadapd aXoya 
dirb ^vyoiv Tpi&v, Kal Ta dypia dirb evb<; ^evyapiov. Kal irepdaaa-a 

3. ibs om. S. 7. airdaroXos] + IIoOXos LSm. 5^ Kal rd m. 9. X^as 

(/caraX^as m) 5£ iirl rb iviicdv, rd (t6 om. S) 41- LSm. 15. etirofieu L 2 S 2 m. 

iirl firjKos Lm. rty Sii/cnv LSm. 17. tcdicXadev L 2 S l m. 18. tclijttiv] 

+ tt)v~L. vvv om. m. 19. KaKelvyv ^s] KaKetvys S. 20. oiKov/xev V 1 S, 

gnovv (xkv Lm. 12. airb Lm. 25. /a/3wros tov Nwe Lm. 26. rpets om. m. 

27. icadapa wdyra LSm. 28. ra m. £v a-wb~\ eva. to V 1 . 

1. Ps. cxv. 16. 5. Deut. x. 14. 7. Philip, iii. 20. 

n. Ps. cxlviii. 1, 7, 13. 13. p s . exxxvi. 5. 


eh ttjv yrjv TavTTjv, eh rjv vvv etc rore oltcov/iev, BiafiejjbepiafievoL 
rrjv yrjv viol tov Nwe ol rpels, 6 Te Xrjfi Kal ol etc tovtov diro 
'A(j/a9 eo>9 eaco dvaToXcov tov 'Q/eeavov, teal 6 Xa/i /cal ol e/c 
tovtov airo ty)<; Svcreeos tgov Xeyofieveov TaBelpcov, eo>9 tov ^Qiceavov 
TTjfi AWioirlas T979 KaXovjAevrj? JSapfiapias, irepav ti irepa tov 5 
Apaftiov koXttov, irapaTeivovTes eo>9 T779 rjfieTepas OaXdao-r)?, 
Ua\a,Lo~TiV7)<; Xeyco Kal Qolvlkt)*;, iravTa tcl voticl fieprj, teal wdaav 

B ttjv Apafitav Trjv Ka6* rj/ias tccu ttjv KaXov/nevrjv 'EivSalfiova, teal 6 
'Ia^>€T teal ol eK tovtov diro to>v ftopeioTeptov fiepwv, tu>v MrjBttcwv 
Xeyco, teal XkvOcdv f^e^pt tov 'Q/ceai/oO KaTa Trjv Svcrcv, eo>9 efo> 10 
TaSeipcov, tcada teal iv tyj Yeveaei yeypainaL irapd tov Oeaireaiov 
M a)<Tea)9 irepl t&v Tpi&v tovtcov iv to> 8cajj,epLo-ficp Tr}? yr)<; oi/to)9, 
YLol 'Ia^T, rducp Kal Ma-yw-y, Kal Ma8at, Kal 'Ywovdv, Kal 'EXio-d, iva eCTTrj 
tcl virepftopeia edvr} tcov XkvOcov Kal M.r)8cov. eld* ovt(o<z "Icovas 
Kal ILXXaDiKovs, o/^oto>9 Kal 0op£X, Kal Ma><r«&x> Ka ^ ©iipas, iva 15 
to. wXrjaiov avTcov BrjXooar}. O^pas yap toi»9 ®pa,Ka<; KaXel, Kal 
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Ovvvcov, JSaKTpcov, 'lvBcov eo>9 tov 'ClKeavov. 

1. iK t6tc vvv Lm. 2. ol rpeis viol tov N. LSm. 3. &rw dirb Lm. 

4. TTjs om. Lm. yad-fipwv V, et sic infra. 5. aldiuirlas V. \eyo- 

ftfrris LSm. tl iripa om. LSm. 6. dppaplov L 2 , et sic infra. 

irapareivwv LSm. 7. iraXeaTtvTjs V. (pvvlicrjs V. 9. I&<pe0 L 2 . 

fiep&v om. LSm. 12. ovtojs] + \iyovros LSm. 13. fxaSai] L 1 . 

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Lm. 18. Kt?t/ous] o-Kvdlovs LS. 20. «l>ou^] x<w V. 21. euiXd S, 

'EX?7<ra m. 22. ofi-np-qr^ V. 24. (xe<xpar)fM V, fieaflpaelp. L. <ri5wWot/s 

L 2 m. 26. eXa^TasV. 'Ao-cr^o^ m. 27. iireKrdd'no-av VS, <?7re£e- 

Tdcrdyo-av L 1 . 28. otfew)' L 1 . 

13 — 21. Gen. x. 2 — 7. 25. Gen. a. 22. 


"EvOev ovv \aP6vres Kal oi egcodev, ek rpla fiepv Biaipovat 
iraaav ttjv yrjv, 'Aaiav teal Ai$vt)v Kal Evpwirr)v y 'Aaiav pev^ ttjv 
'KvardKriv tcaXovvres, Atfivyv Be Notov em T779 &v<reco<;, EvpwTryv D 
Be tov Boppav, ew? irdXiv T779 Av<rea>9 0X779. elalv Be ev ravry 
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fijuv 6 Kara ttjv 'Vauavlav airb twv Yaheip&v, vara to Bvtckov 
idpos T779 7779 elo-j3d\\cov } Kal 6 'Apa/3io? 6 tcaXovfievos 'Epvdpalos, 
Kal 6 Tiepo-iKos, elo-fiaWovTes dufyoTepoi e/c tov Xeyofievov Ziyylov, 

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Bapfiaptas, evQa Kal 77 777 T779 AWiowlas TeXo<; e%et. X<ra<Tiv Be 
to Xeybfievov Ziyytov, 01 ttjv 'IvBlktjv OdXaTTav BiairepoovTes, 88 A 
TrepaiTepco Tvy%dvov T779 XifiavcoTotyopov 7779 T779 KaXovp,evr)<; 
Bapfiaplas rjv Kal kvkXol 6 'ClKeavb?, eio~fidXX(ov eKelOev ek dfi- 

15 </>ot€/)ou9 tovs koXttovs. Kal 6 T€Ta/0T09 6/c tov ftopelov fiepov? T779 
7779 elo-fidXXcov dvaToXiKMTepos, 6 KaXov fievo? Kaairla OdXaaaa, 
tJtol 'TpKavia. ovtol yap abvoi ol koXttov irXeovTai, dBvvaTov 
virdpyovTos tov 'flKeavov irXeecrdaL Bid to 7rXr}6o$ tojv pevuaTcov, 
Kal T&v dvaBiBofiev(ov (It/uwv, kclI da^XvvovTcov Ta9 aKTivas tov 

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eK tov BeloVy &>9 etpvjTat, dvBpbs, tjtol Kal avTrjs T779 ireipas, ecrr)- B 
jiava, epnropias yap ydpiv eirXevcra tov<; Tpels koXttovs, tov Te 
KaTa ttjv 'PayfiavLav, Kal tov 'Apdfiiov Kal tov TLepaiKov, Kal 
airb tcov olkovvtcov Be i) Kal trXeovTWV tovs koXttovs aKpifiw*; 

25 /j,e/j,adr)Ka>s. 

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Tvyydvet) ovtco yap KaXovac to o-TOfia tov 'flKeavov, eKel eOewpov- 
aev eU Ta Be^td eiaep^opbevoyv rjawv, irXrj6o<; ireTeivcav TreTO/jbivcov 

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Kal Bvaaepiav ttoXXtjv ev tS T07r&), cocrTe BetXtav irdvTas' eXeyov 
yap TrdvTes ol ev to3 ttXoko e/jL7relpco<; h^ovTes, vavTai Te Kal 
eTrifiaTat,, oti €77^9 eo-p,ev tov 'flKeavov, Kal eXeyov too Kv/3epvi]Tr) 

2. 'A<rlav — ~Edpu)T7)v om. V, dalav \i(36r)v (om. Kal) S. 6. totjt^ V 2 LSm. 

7. Svainbv V. 8. dp/)d/3tos VL 2 et sic infra. 13. Xtpavorofapov V"L (et sic 

semper). 20. ti$ LSm. 21. delou dv5p6j, u>s eiprjTai, Lm. 22. ^6\7rows] 

+ to6tovs Lm. 24. k6\ttovs] tSttovs LSm. 28. ide&povv fi£i> m. 30. fiiKpuv V 1 , 
fiLKpcoW 2 . 32. ^xojtcs] + 7r\w7-7?/9es LSm. 


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ifc twv Be ireTeiv&v ifcetvojv toov /caXovfievcov crovo~^>a y r)/coXovdovv 


elvai tov *€L/ceav6v. 

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fcei/ievr}, togovtov evpia/ceTat e^ovaa vtyo? eh Ta fSopeia icai 
D BvTifcd, irepaiTepta tov y £l/ceavbv eyovaa eh ftdQos tceifxevov, tcl 
Be dvaToXi/cd /cal voTia fiepr) irepaiTepa) tov 'Q/ceavbv eypvaa ov/c 
eh ftdOos, dXX* lgov. fcal ef avTcov Be tg>v irpayfxaTwv eveo~Tiv 15 
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tcaXovvTao, C09 dvoy irov dvepyo^evot ical ftpaBvirXoovvTes ev to3 
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ep^ofievoi, ra^VTrXoovvTes, koX Bl oXiycov r)fJbepo3V tov irXovv 
dvvovTe?. ical 01 Bvo Be iroTafiol Tiyprjs real J^v<f>pdTr)<$, dirb twv 20 
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eve*, ra Be dvaToXi/cd ical voTia fiepr), &>9 y6ap,aXd icai etc tov 
r)Xiov irept6aXir6/jL€va, depfioTepa Tvyyavei, odev teal Ta adifxaTa 
twv oI/covvtwv fieXavoTepa Tvyydvei. Ta Be fiopeia /ecu BvTi/cd, <b<; 
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irepiOdXirovTe? Bid to /cpvo<;. ovTe Be iracra r) yr) avTrj ol/cetTat,- 
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/cal Xeyei 6 AavlB, "On ovtc l| «(;68a>v, ovre airo 8v<ru(3v, ovtc dird 4pr]pov 
2. diroUfieda V 1 , diroXo^eda Lm. 4. * K ^ Tod V 2 LSm. 6. iic 5t tuv 

V 2 Lm. 10. avaroXiKa koX om. m. 13. ^%«5<ri? S (man. rec). 15. ical om. Lm. 
18. ivurrpi^iv LSm. 21. p peiuv] + nep&v LSm. 27. 66ev— rvyx&vet om. 

LSm. 31. oi)re] ovtcj V. 33. dep^TrjTos Lm. 34. nal 6 /MiK&ptos Aavtd 

\4yei LSm, addito in S i» ™ faXfiy r$ ipSomKwrrv TeT&pr V . 

34. Ps. lxxv. 6. 


dpeW, ii~6Bov<; KaXcov ttjv avarokrjv, Bvcrpbds Be rd Bv'i/ca, eprj/iovs 
rd Xotird Bvo KXlpaTa, (bcravel rd virepfiopeia Kal rd virepvoTia' 
Tavra Be Kal ol e^codev iaTopovvres dXrjOevovaiv. 

tovtcov ovv ovtcq<z e^ovTcov, ipovpev, XapfidvovTes puev Kara TTJV 
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rd voTia fieprj, vyjrovpbevov teal fyalvovTa iirl tov fBoppdv iraarf 777 
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eirdvco tov 'QKeavov Bid to)v ffopeicov pepwv, iroiel ivTavda vvKTa, 
dyjpi kvkXcov eXOrj iraKiv €t? dvaToXds, Kal irtyovfievos TrdXcv Kara 

TO VOTLOV yLte/)0? KaTaXdptyei TCLVTTJV TTJV ol/COVfieVTJV, KdOd KOI 7) 

Beta Tpa<j>r) Xeyei Bed tov ao(f>ov %oXop,oi)VTos } 'AvarcXXei 6 r\Xios, Kal 

15 8xiv€i 6 tJXios, Kal As rdv tottov avTOv 2Xk€i" avaWXXuv avros €K€i irop€V€Tai 
Trpos votov, Kal kvkXoi irpos (3oppdv. kvkXoi kvkXcov, Kal 6irl kvkXovs avTOv D 
iiria-Tpifai t6 irvevua. to irvevpa ivTavBa tov dipa KaXe2> oti iv tc3 
depL kvkXgov, (f)7)o-lv, dirb avaToX&v eVi votov, Kal drro votov el$ 
Bvo-p,d<;, Kal dirb Bvapoov iirl ftoppav, Kal dirb /3oppd irdXiv iirl 

20 dvaToXds, vvKTas Kal r)p,epa<; aTrepyd^eTai Kal Tas Tpoirds. to 
yap KvkXoi kvkXcov, Kal cirl kvkXovs avTov l-rrio-TpecJKi, fl€Ta TOV opopov 
Kal ra9 Tpoirds icrrjpavev, ttXtjOwtlkco^ avTa i^enrcov. ov yap 
to irvevfia kvkXovv Xeyei, dXXa tov r)Xiov Bid tov 7rvevp,aTo<;, 
tovtscttlv tov depos. dXXa Kal o p,aKapio<; M.a>var}<; KeXev&Oel? 

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ecopaKec, Oeodev ttjv ii-coTepav CKrjvrjv tvttov tovtov tov bpcofievov 
Koa-piov yeveaOat ecfzrjaev. eppLrjvevoyv o 6elo<$ 'AttocttoXo? iv ttj TTpbs 
t E/8/oatoi'9 'Rttio-toXt} Kal ttjv iacoTepav tov KaTaireTaapaTo^; 
aKrjvrjv, tvttov twv ovpavitov, tovtzcttiv Trj<i /8ao-fc\eia? tgov ov- 

30 pavoov, coaravel T979 fieXXovo-r)? KaTao-Tdaecos, to KaTaTreTaapua ovtI 
tov crT€p€(op,aTO<; Xaftoov, b Kal pbecrd^ec ttjv ctk7]V7]v eh Bvo aKrjvd^, 
wairep Kat, t&> ovpavw Kat ttj yfj peaoXa^ovv to o~Tepeu>pa, eVot- 
Tjcrev Bvo Koapovs, tovtov Kal tov pueXXovTa* iv oS /j.£XXovti KoapLw 

1. tcl dvl'Ka m, ra Svtlko. L (-riK- al. m in ras.), tols duo-fibs VS. Zprma 5k 
LSm. 2. <Wo om. Lm. 9. yrjp iripav (om. tt\v) V. ra om. m. 

iwl LSm. \2. KVKKeiiou LSm. 14. crotpov] deiov Lm. 16. kvkXoi irpbs 

pofyav om. m. 18. ivl rbv vbrov LSm. 19. poppa] poppav V 1 . irdXtv om. m. 

20. ras om. m. 27. e/yi77»>etf a^] + 5e V (man. rec.) L 2 m. 28. Kal om. 

LSm. 32. ttjII yrjlj L. 

14. Eccl. i. 5, 6. 


elarjXOev irpwros vrpoBpofios virep rjfiwv Hpiarbs, iyKaivloas y)p!iv 
oBov irpocr<f>arov Kal ^doo-av. els Be rfjv irpcorrjv crKrjvrjv Biaypdfyei 

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rijs 7?;?, iv 77 KeXevei BwBeKa dprovs irpoOeo-ecas i<j>r)/j,epivovs riOe- 
adai, Kara rbv dpiOfiov tg>v BcoBeKa fjbTjvcov, els eKacrrrjv ycoviav rijs 
rpairety)s rpels dprovs, b yiverai rpoiral retro-apes, drrb fiTjv&v 
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kvkXcd, axravel TrXfjdos vBdrcov, rovrean rov 'Cl/ceavbv, koX rrdXiv 10 
kvkXw rov KV/xariov o~re<j>dvr)v iraXaiorrov kvkXco, rovreoriv rrjv 
irepav koX kvkXg) rov Tliceavov yfjv, evOa /card dvaroXas iceirai 
Kal 6 irapaBeiaos, evOa /cat rd d/cpa rov ovpavov rots dfcpois 
ovvBeBevrai rfjs yfjs. ov fiovov Be i/c ravrrjs rfjs Biaypa(f>fjs 

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yfjs BiBdcrKei, ore eijcoOev eavrfjs rov 'Q/ceavov e^ei /cvtcXovvra, Kal 
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Xvircov twv x 6t P« v tJH w ° v > Ka ^ air ° T1 1 S T1 S fc KaTT]pd<raTo Kvpios 6 0e6s. 
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iroifitrj, apxfl tckvov. olov 'ASd/i a 2^ fi 'Evas y Kaivav d MaXcXerjO e 'laper T 
'Ei/w^ £ MaOova-oika fj Aa/i^x ^ N&f i. 

3. fiev om. LSm. 14. avvUberai Lm. 17- aiir^s LSm. 24. av&iravtns 
VS. ' 27. iraiSevhfievoi V. 28. <payeiv— &\ov om. V. 30. Hanc Tapaypa<pr)v 
post verbum aairp&v ponit V ; LS in margine. irapaypa^] <y X ^iov LS. axP«] 

^wsL. 31. &PXV\ vp&TW LS- olop irpdm, i<rri yeveh ['A8A/*] f Sevripa. Ityd, 

TpCiTrj 'E^ws, Teraprri Kat[vav] et sic altera L. 

22. Gen. v. 29. 




tgov hUa yevewv i/ceivayv diro^Ahafju fie%p^ No3e, fxrfre ekaiov 
iaOtovTcov, ixrjre olvov dTroyevofievcov, p.Y)Te he Kpewv, fiovov he airo 
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ttVTi^v irao-as t&s i^e'pas ttjs £a>fjs crov. aKavOas Kal Tpip6Xovs dvaTcXei <roi, 
Kal 4>oL"yi1 T ° v X°P T0V T0V d-ypov' ev ISpcori tov irpoo-wirov crov cpdyg tov 

aprov crov. 

Tlapaypa(f)7j. 93 A 

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yeypaiTTaiy eTrLjjLeXrjadfJbevos Trjs d/jareXov, Kal OXlyfras etc tov 
KapTTov teal ttlwv irepLa-abv i/c tov yXevKovs, (jlijitco irelpav eycav 
tcov tolovtcov, e/uLe6vcr07i. ctl cpavepcoTepov Kal irepi tcov Kpewv 
otl hihdo~Kei avTOV o ®eo9 Xeycov y 'I8ov Se'SwKa vp.iv irdvTa ws Xd\ava 

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dirb irdvTCOV v/ids eaOLeiv Kal Kpeocpayeiv. Ovcrov ovv Kai eKyee 
to alfJba, Kal ovtcos cos Xdyavov to Kpeas <j)cvyeo~6e. irepL he tov 
eXalov, otl Kal avTO dirb i;vXov itrrlv, e£ ov ovk eXaftov 

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kXvo~/j,ov, ttcos yeypaTTTac, Kal f\v 6 "A$e\ Troi|niv irpopdTttv, Kal 
irpocri]V€YK«v dird twv irpwTOTOKwv Kal dir6 tcov cttccitcuv avTtov ; fir) Kpeocpa- 
yovvTes, htaTL eTrefxeXovvTo Trolfivrjs ; ttcos he Kal els dvcrlav 

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o-rjfialveL Kal fiia tgov eKhoaecov Xeyovcra, 'Eirl 8i Katv Kal 4irl 
rats 0v<r£ais avTov ovk evcirvpicrev, ft)? hrjXov OTL Ta 7rpoo~<f>epofieva 
irvpl delay KaTrjvaXlaKeTo. irepieiroiovvTO he irolfivcov els ydXa 

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LSm. 17. Kpea.(payeiv S, Kpeuxpaye'iv L* 2 . 18. outws] Tore LSm. 19. ^Kafiev S. 
21. iari om. Lm. 22. 6 om. LS 2 m. 25. d/co&rercu yap L 2 m. 28. rds 

dvalas Lm. 29. KaTavaXlaKero VS. 

5. Gen. iii. 17 — 19. 14. Gen. ix. 3, 4. 22. Gen. iv. 2, 4. 27. Gen. iv. 5. 


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e7rrjyayev tov teaTatcXvcr/jLov, hrjXov etc tov eiriKpaTrjaai to vhcop 
i7rl irXeiova yjpovov — rjptcei yap teat fiia r/fiepa rj teal hvo irdvTas 
diroXeo-ai — a\V iva teal ttjv teiftooTov hiairepdo-rj tov 'Qteeavbv, 
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a/cevfjs 7779 Tpaire^ ttj<; ev Tfj o-tcrjvf) fiadelv, otl irepav tov 

5. dpa^dfievos] de^dfieuos V, Spai-dfxevos 6 debs LSm. 8. teal rbv] rbv de LSm. 

j/s LSm. II. TrpoffTtdyjvaiV. iviyicei V, iviytcai LSm. 12. KpelrTwvV 1 , 

icpeiTTov LS. 14. tcu&tiq \oiirbv LSm. 15. diroyeveo-dat LSm. 18. iirl] 

tov m. rrXctov L 1 . 17 ora. Lm. 20, yap] + Kal LSm. «. i\arTovo6- 

fievov LS. 8tov Um. 23. v\prj\oT4pu}v LSm. eii5r{Kov U m. 25. ($Kov6fjL7}<rei> 
olfrws yeuiadai om. Lm. 26. tov v\{/ovs] ii\pos Sm. ///fJ^os L. 27. tttix&v Lm. 
ixovaa vif/os LSm. nyx*"] i V. \] addunt LS in margirje ^ret tt\v fclfiwrov tt\v 
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o-ov, t£s dvaPijcrcTat els tov ovpavov Karayayelv rjuiv avTTjv ; rj t£s irepdo-ei els 
5 to ire*pav ttjs GaXao-o-ris d^aYciv ijp.iv avTTjv ; eyyvs o-ov to prjpd eartv Iv to> 
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o-ov, Kal iv Tjj KapBla gov. iv ravrS dfMporepa BiBdlfas, ore Kal 

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hiairopd jievo^aL tov 'flKeavov, wairep ovv Kai et? tov ovpavov 
dveXOelv 6vr)TOV<; eVt rj/jias virdp^ovTa^. dXXd Kal l&apovx 6 
ypafi/naT€v<; 'lepe/juiov tov irpo(f)iJTOv, iv ttj iirco-ToXf/ eavTov irepl C 
(j>povrjcre(o<; avfAftovXevoov, BiBa^deh Be Kal vofjuifia Ma>cretw?, tcl 

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avTTJv, Kal KaTepcpao-ev avTi^v eK twv ve<peXa>v ; TCs 8t^pt] ire'pav ttjs 0aXdo-o-T)S 
Kal eSpev avTTJv; a>9 dBwdrcov Kal twv Bvo ovtcov. ovTe yap irepl 
t&v koXitcov t&v irXeofieveov Xeyei to irepav tt}? QaXaaar)^. Bvva- 
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irdvTcov 'lvBua, Kara to dptaTepbv fxepo<; elaiovTcov tov 'IvBikov 
ireXayovSy irepaiTepw ttoXv tov YiepcriKov koXttov, Kal t?)? vrjaov D 
tt)? KaXovfievrjs irapd fiev 'lvBoh, SeX,eSt/3a, 7rapd Be Toi^'^XXrjo'i,, 
Ta7rpo{3dvr), Ttyvio-Ta ovtcd KaXovfievrj, KVKXovp,evrj irdXiv ejf 

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iK Be^tcov V7T avTov. Kai <f>ao~iv ol 'IvBol tyiXoaofyoi ol KaXov- 
fievoi 1 Bpa , )(jJbdv€^, otl idv /3a\?79 dirb TtyvicrTa o-TrapTiov, BieXOelv 

6. €iTrys] + 6.8vvaT6v ianv LSm. 7. Kal Ka.Taya.yeli> S, Kanayayeiv L 1 . 

8. iariv Lm. 9. aury SL 1 . 11. V^tas post oipavov ponunt LSm. 17. Kal 
edpev — 0a\daar)s] ov \4yUP irepl rj/xeripas daXdao-rjs m. 19. toi/tovs] ra^TTjv m. 

aXXa /// irepl L. 20. irodovvTes] ol Trodovvres LSm. rd ora, Lm. 11. fiera^rjv 

V, fieTd^iov m. 28. 2eXe5t/3a V 2 . 29. Havpopdprjs L 2 , Tpairopdvr) m. 

ytgiulTJfi. Lm. 32. TfrvLrfas Lm. 

2. Deut. xxx. 8, 12 — 14. 15. Baruch iii. 29, 30. 


97 A Bid UepaiBo? ea><? 'Fcofiavlas, a>9 dirb kclvovqs to fiecraiTaTov tov 
tcoo-fiov iarlv, teal Taya dXrfOevovaiv. ttoXv yap dpiaTepd iaTiv, 
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BiaBoyr]^ €Tep(ov iOvSiv iv Hepo~iBi Bid 7779 7779, Bid Be 7779 6a\do-o~r)$ 
irdvv iroXXa Biaa-TrjfiaTa direypvaa dirb 7-779 Hepo-lBo?. ocrov yap 5 
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ra dpiarepa elo-epyofievos Tt? iv avry ttj T%ivio~Ta, fieTa to teal 
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kov koXitov oXov to IvBikov ireXayo? ea)9 Tairpo/3dvr}<} koX iireKeiva. 10 
BiaT€fivei ovv iroXXd BiaaTrffiara 6 Bid 7779 6Bov ipYOfievos dirb 
TfiWo-Ta iirl ILepaiBa, odev teal irXrjdo? fieTaljiov del iirl ttjv 
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airo 7779 ovv TfyvlaTas ct>9 dirb airapTiov opOcos iirl ttjv Bvaiv 15 
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Tfmo-ra e&)9 T779 dpyfj? 7-779 HepcriBos irdaa r) Ovvvia koX '\vBia, 
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ovk eXaTTov. Kai irdaa r) Uepaoov yo&pa /noval ir. teal dirb tov 20 
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vireppopelcov tottcov ea>9 tov Bv^avTtov, ov TrXelovs eio-l fiovwv v. 25 
C e/c T/79 yap Kacr7Tta9 OaXdcrarj^ t^9 eio-ftaXXovarjs sk tov 'Q.Keavov } 
BvvaTov o~TO')(dcracrQai Kai tcl doLKr}Ta Kai tcl olKovfieva twv fiepdv 
€K€LV(ov. Kai dirb tov T$v£avTt,ov irdXiv ea)9 ' A.Xe!;avBpeia<; fioval v '* 
Kai dirb ' &Xe%avBpeia<; e&)9 twv KaTapaKTCov fioval X' • Kai dirb Ttav 
KaTapaKTCDv eW Afco//,ea)9 fioval X' • Kai dirb T Af<w/xe(W9 66)9 to 30 
GLKpov 7779 hlQioirla^ TTjs XiflavcoTo^opov 77^9 T779 KaXovfievrj^; 

1. a>$ om. LSm. 7. 6 iirl LSm. 8. Tfrvtrfa Lm (-p m). rb om. L 1 . 

9. ££ avrov] £i-io S, £i-<adev Lm. 12. TfivriffTa S 1 , TjWoTay S 2 , Tfi^frfas Lm. 

13. ttj TfivijiTTa V, tt)s TfrviffTas S, rijs Tfivlrfas Lm. oi>5t ifKierat. ovde LSm. 

15. dwo yovv rijs Lm. airb ovv rijs S. TfrvLT^as Lm. 16. irXtov] rr\£op i) S, 

irXetov 7) Lm. 18. Tfyvrio-ra V, Tfrvto-Tas (ex T^t;-) S, T^ti'/r^as Lm. -r\ ovvvia V 1 , 
lovvvia V 2 , ^ ovvvia SL 2 , t'oi»i;/a L^. /cai 17 'Ij/5^a S. 21. vt\<n$T) V. ef9] ^7ri LSm. 
22. 7)(3r)pLap V. 23. yad-fjpwv V. 7r\^o^] + ^ LSm. 24. /ioj/ai LSm. 

27. /cai otKOv/j.eva (om. rd) V. 30, 31. £ws ciKpiov LSm. 


Bao/3a/Ha9, t/ti? Kal irapaiceiTai tco 'Q/ceavq) ov 7rXrjo'cov, aXXa 
fjuaicpav evovtra rrjv Sdaov yoapav vardr^v ovaav ra>u Aluiottcov 
yrjv, poped pi irXeov eXaTTOv, &>9 elvai 6/jlov fiovds a irXeov eXaTTov, 
ooare fcal Kara tovto dXrjOeveiv tt)v OeLav Tpa(j>r)v, huwkovv tov 
5 TrXcLTOV? TO /JLTJKOS Tr)<> 7179 VTroTLde/JbivrjV iroii]<r«is -yap, $r)<r\v, TV\V 
Tpdire£av wcravd rr\v viroYpcuj^v rfjs Ytjs p/f]Kos triyyjuv P', Kal irXaros irrjxcws D 
p. ids. 

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/j,e<r6yet,o$ p,ev ovaa, tov Be 'flfceavbv eireKeiva e^ovaa, oOev tcai ol 

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fiecroyeia real 7rpay/j,aTev6/nevoL KOfil^ovatv etj avT(ov ra irXelaTa 
rcov rjSvafidTcoVy Xiftavov, Kaaiav, KaXafiov /cat erepa iroXXd, Kal 
avro ttclXlv Bid OaXd(T<Tr)<; Ko/JLi^ovaiv ev rfj 'ABovXia, Kal ev to> 
'OfjLrjpLTy, Kal ev rf) eawrepa 'IvBia Kal ev rfj UepalBi. Kal ev 

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rovrearcv tov 'O/nrjpiTov, rjv irdXiv KaXel 6 Ki/pto? ev FtvayyeXlots; 
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rfjs Ba/3/3aota9, a>? yeiTvitoaa eh to irepav, Kal pdftBovs eftevvlvovs 
Kai 7TL07]kovs Kal %pvaiov ck Tr)<? KWioTTias, a>9 yeiTViwa-a wdarj 

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iraXiv Kai e/c to)v Xoycov tov Kvpiov KaTiBeiv, &>9 otl irepaTa 7*79 
KaXel avTOVs toi>9 T07roi>9, ovtcos Xeycov, BcurfXwro-a vorov 4ycp6i]<r6Tai 

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ircpdrwv ttjs ytjs aKovo-at ti^v tro<j>£av SoXop,(Svros. OVK aireyei yap Tr)S 
25 Bap/3aota9 Op,r)pLTr)<; t?;9 6aXdo~ar)<i fieaa^ovcrrjs iropeia^ rjfiepwv 
ota 6aXdo~arj<; Svo, rj$ Xonrbv eireKeuva 6 *ll/c6avo9 £gtlv to koXov- 
fievov Zlyyiov. 77 8e Xeyo/juevrj Xdaov Kal avTrj irX^aiov virdpyei B 
tou VtKeavov, &>9 Kal Trjs Xi/3avo)TO(f)6pov 7^9 irXirjaiov 6 y Q,Keavo<; 
virapyei, fxeTaXXa ^pvatov 7roXXd eypvera. eva Be irap eva 
30 evcavTov ^aatXev^ twv ' A^cofjLtTwv Bed tov ap^ovTOS tt}? 'Ayav 

1. d\\a Kal LSm. 1. ttjv A. yrjv L l , ttjs A. 7^5 L 2 m. 3. Ji] v m. 

tt\£ov 7) Sra. -rrXdov t) L, et sic infra. 5. <pr)<xlv om. Lm. 6. irrix&v] % V. 

7r?jxews] tt^x^os Lm, # V. 10. e/j] ivl LSm. 12. idefffidTuv V. Kaaalav L 2 S. 
/fdXa/xo»'] xaaaixov V. 13. atfroi LSm. aiSouXta V, dSoi'A?? LSm. 14. Ilepo-fSc.] 
+ toOto 5e avrb LSm. 15. 2d/Sa m. 17. pa<rl\i<r<raV. aaXofMaviSvafiaTa V. 

20. cudiwiriaV. & P pa(3iKou L 2 . 21. tfeu/ LSm, KadtMv V 1 . 22. X^wc om. 
LSm. 24. ttjs <ro<^as LSm. 26. eKeiva V 1 . /caXoiy/i^oi/] + ^<ce? LSm. 

^7- ta?7io»' V. 28. \ipavoTO(f)6pov V, et sic semper. 29. TroXXd xpwk" LSm. 

30. dfw/iT/TWI/ VL 1 . 

5. Ex. xxv. 23. 22. Matt. xii. 42. 


airoareXKei e/cet dv0pd>7rov<; iSlovs eveKev TrpayfiaTelas xpvcriov' 

<rvve1~ep'XpvTai Be avToh Kal erepoi iroXXol a-vfxirpayfjbaTevo^evoi, 

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rj irXeov iirdvw ov apea/cerai fieXovs, rj eh tou9 a\a$, rj eh to 10 

aiBrjpiov, Kal el(TT7]K€t Trape^co. eyy i£ei Be 6 tcvpeos tov /3oo9, teal 

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fidXiaTa Bid Ta aXoya' virocrTpe(f)OVT€<; Be airovBaioTepov, Xva /nrj 25 

ol xeificbves Kal ol veTol KaTaXdjSwaiv avTovs iv tjj 6Bq). irepl yap 

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ifc twv 7toXXgqv veToov ttoXXoI iroTafxol e!j avTOv eh Trjv oBov 

yivovTai. eo~Tiv Be 6 ^eifioov toov avToOi KaTa to irap r)pXv 6epo$, 

diro tov KaT klyviTTiovs "E7rt^)t /j,t)vo<; dpXV> ^ /&) ? Te\ou9 tov ®cb0 } 30 

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iroielv, iravTes Be enrl tov NetXoi/ eKyeovcri. 

TavTa Be tcl fiev oyfrei 7rapaXa/3a>v, Ta Be aKr/Kocos ef avTwv 

3. AvSpCov Lm. 4. yhwvTa.1 V 2 , ylvovrai LSm. 5. iravKav m. fxtya 

V^Sm. 6. dawdi Lm. 7. raura LSm. 9. 'tva] kv L 2 m, rj %va. L X S. 

12. 7}X9ev V. 13. 7)<f>i€t (77 in ras.) Lm. 15. avrov LSm. AiripxeTat] &vexdi}- 

pycre LSm. 18. ir\£<n>] + rj LSm. 19. Kal irpayp.aTev6p.evoi om. V. 20. iv 

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30. ri\ovs om. m. 33. irapeKafiov LSm. 


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6. ef}pofi€v LSm. roh om. LSm. 7. ^/)/*e//a S (et sic infra). 10. irpds 
LSm. 12. rjv ijyoOfAevos LSm. 13, 14. iaTiv — UroXefiaios om. V. 15. elal 
St ical to. LSm. 17. fiaaiXiwv LSm. 18. BeppU-rjs LS. 19. 'Hpa/cX^wj VS. 
22. Zvv&fiewv LSm. 23. TpojyXoSvTitcQit LS. -24. irpuroi Dittenberger. 

26. Tr6\e/uuK7)p] irpds tt)u 7rroXe/xat/cV L. 28. 5vva/xeui>] + Kal V. 32. fxibiav V, 
corr. in /xijSlav. 33. v<p' tavry] v<f>' i V 2 in ras. vir' avrbv LSm. 

11. Acts xiv. 12. 


Hepcroov iepd ef Alyvmov i^X^Vt Kal avafco/iiLcra<; fiera Tr}<> aWr)? 
ydtys t?}? diro tgov tottcov et? AlyviTTOv, Bvvdpueis direareiXev ota 

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p/qv. Ava, Kal Zcvyaftrjve, Kal ' Ayyafte 3 , Kal Tcdpuaa 4 , Kal 'AOayaovs, 
Kal KaXaa, Kal ^apbrjve edvos nrepav tov Net\ou iv BvaftdTOL? Kal 
XiovcoBeat, opeaiv ocKovvTas, iv oI? Bid iravTo^ vc<f)€Tol Kal Kpvrj Kal 

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Biaftdq v7reTa^a y eVetTa, Aaatve 5 , Kal Zaa, Kal YaftaXd, olKOVVTas 
nrap opeet 6epp,a>v vBaTcov ftXvovTt Kal KaTappvT(p, 'ATaX/tw 6 Kai 

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avT&v Xiyei Wvrj to. nipav tov NeiXov. 108 A 

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4. evpo/xeu LSm. 5. aTroXX6fieva V, atroWov/JLeva S' 2 . 8. avSpeiws Miiller 

et Dittenberger. /3a<rtXe/ou] + /iou LSm. 10. 7^$ LI £0j>ij LSm. dydfirj 

L 2 m, V 2 S, dyafilj L 1 . aiyoi-qv vLK-qixas V 2 , aiyti-qv ZvlKi)<ra LS, 'Liytiriv Kal 

vtKrj<ras m. 11. tujv irap 1 avrots wavTuv LSm. Kal avrQu] om. m, Kal aw 

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ddayao6s L. 13. aapuvc V, <re/j.r)vat LSm, Se^f^ coni. Dittenberger. 14. x iov ^' 
8eaaiv m. 15. ^aduTarot LS 2 m. /cara3tWii> LSm. 16. Xaaivai V 2 . 17. 6ptei 
Lagarde, opeai VLSm. fiXuowTi S, pXvfavai L 2 m. KarafipuTois L 2 m. 18, 20. Haec 
duo scholia om. Vm, quae quidem una sine distinctione scribit S. 18. d^w/i^ras S. 
20. <r[ov<r]KiwfiTas S. «. Hoc <rx6\iov om. Vm. 'ASovX&us L 2 , 'AdovXj L 1 , 

'ASouX/// S. ri7pT7rai'aj[j'] L. 22. Hanc irapaypatp-rju in textu post verbum Atfa 

ponunt VLSm. Pro ' irapaypa^ habenl LSm /cai, et pro Tta/xa, Tia/xcD. Tap.pri\a m. 
23. ai/roD V. 24. Hoc <x%. om. LS. [ra]ura V. 25. Hoc a\. om. Vm. 


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1. rayyairuv rCav (?) L 1 , rayyalras rovs Urn. 1. oUovvras V 1 (?) LSm. 

4. dwlve LSm. oinovvra. m. 6. tire\e£dfJi.r)v LSm. 8. 'Pai/o-wv LSm. fxeabyaia 
Lagarde, fieadyia V, fxeabyeta LSm. 9. o/KoOj/ras L. fieytaruv LSm. 10. awXare 
LS, SwXare m. 15. Appa^iras VL 2 . KtvedoKoXTrlras V '. 18. /c6/*r/s LS. <ra/3^wj/ 
LSm. 19. Hoc o-x- om. Vm. <?ws toO] ^/////// L, ^rt *ai Lagarde. ra om. S. 

20. Hoc <r*. in LS ad verbum 'Paiy<rw (1. 8) legitur. Xiyei SL. 21. Hoc ax- om. m. 
SwXdre 7<x/> rovs iwi rrjv pappaptav Tiypijras rovs irapaXlovs X^7« LS. 22. V in 

textu post verbum KivedoKoXirlras habet ; LS in margine sine titulo wapaypcupri sic 
legunt 'AppafilTas ivravda rods 'Opyplras KaXei, kclX Ku>ai8oKoXTiras rovs irapaXlovs 
'ASavlras /caX[et] (Trap' aXXois 'A. KaXovptvovs Lagarde). rovs] roh V' 2 . 24. V in „. 
textu post verbum iTroXep-qaa habet : LS in marg. sine tit. sic legunt Acvktjv K6f*yi> 
KaXet to Xeybp.evov AevKoyqv iirl rd pApi\ tG>v BXepptw ov irapd ddXaaaav. 25. V in 
textu post verbum evxapiariav (p. 76, 1. 3) habet : LS in marg. sine tit. sic legunt 
2a/3^wi' x^P av T0V 'OpTjpiTTjv X^-yei. 


%c6pa<; eiroXefirjaa. rrdvra Be ravra e6vq rrpcoros /cat jaovo<$ 
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Keirat, coomep /cat ra>v Bapftapea>Ta>v rcov koi tov Xlfiavov cp-Tropevofxevaiv. 

1. TavTa] + Ta LSm. 2. irpbs tov V 2 , irpuTov V 1 , tov LSm. 3. ws S 1 . 

6. iirolrjo-a a p£v\ iiroi7}<rdp,T}v V 2 . 8. ddo^X-rj V 2 , ddovXrjv LSm. 9. apei LSm : 
et sic infra. TrXwifrpivwv L J m. 10. {/<p' LSm. 12. its V, efro<n iirTa SL 1 (?). 
16. tovtols V, K€KpaTr)Ktos VL^. 17. t^Xos ttjs MBiowtas post Bapfiaplav ponunt LSm. 
20. t<x 5^ Xoi7rd LSm. iyy&0er] iyyin LSm. 6vtos(?) tQv Tdirwv V, tQv T6r<av ovres 
LSm. 22. wom.LS. 23. Zeprjvai LSm. 24. d&p-rjTwv VL 1 , dv^ovphtav V 2 . 
25. KaTadiKdaei. L, /caretSt/cdfa m. dppafiiTas L 2 , et sic semper. 26. aa^aicjv V, 
aaptwv LSm. 27. V in textu post verbum k6otxoi> habet : LS in marg. sine tit. 

sic legunt Zdaov Kal Xipavwrotpdpov KaXet rds irtpav tQv AWiottQv x&P™> tv* /*■& 2d<rou 
eh vbTov Kal 56a iv Ketp^vrjv, ttjv 6e fiappaplav eh vqtov Kal dvaToXi)v K€ip£vr}v ' papfiapla 
M iaTiv i} tov Xlfiavov iroiovaa 777. 77 5^ 2d<rou x&P a f.r.X. 


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?ws 6tov L 2 m. 32. r6// aur6// S. 

16. 1 Mac. i. 9. 20. Dan. ii. 34. 21. Dan. vii. 14. 

27. Dan. ii. 35. 30. Dan. vii. n, 12. 


€KaT€pov tTrjfiaivcov, on irapayivofievov tov AeairoTov Xpidrov 
iraaai at f3ao-i\eiat avrai avaipeOijaovTcu, Kal 97 twv Haftvkwvlwv, 
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5. iyivovro VL^S. 6. 068Z] otire LSm. 7. oi)5e] ofrre LSm. 9. rbv 

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31. aPTeHraxOMercu LSm. dreXeiJnjTos] d/cardXuTOS LSm. 32. /ikv yap US, 


yap V, ixkv L 2 . 

8. Dan. ii. 44. 11. Dan. vii. 13, 14. 25. Matt. xi. 13. 


fiaaiXeiwv Kal twv vo/jllkwv edwv, dvaBeiKvv/jLevr)? Be orav o ravrr)? 
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TIepcrwv fiaaiXeiov ovk ecrTiv eK twv Tlepawv, ovTe ck BiaBoxfy 

1. dvadeiKWfxivr] m. 4. va^ovxodovda-ojpV. 11. UTnjpeV^s V^. 

15. iyevrjdrj m. 22. els] t6 els L 2 m. 29. iirl r<£ LS 2 m. 31. virr]p^Tr]s 

^S 1 . 33. 9e6s om. Sm. r^s om. LSm. 

6. Dan. ii. 44. 14. Luke ii. 2. 21. Dan. ii. 44. 23. Luke i. 33. 


twv TTporepcov, a\X ef dXXijs dp^r}? vvv dva&Tav, tovt€<ttlv ex 
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fiara Lm. 18. oUovo/xl^] + S6£a t^ Qeipels tovs aiwvas a/ify LS. 19. 5em. 

23. ra> toiovtu) L 1 , to tolovtov L 2 . 30. 5] + aifTOV LSm. 

15. 1 Pet. v. 13. 

W. 6 


tov Be awb Ze(f>vpov Kal Bvct/jlcov KeVrol Kareypvo-iv^ tov Be Kara 
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30. &«*(?) L>. 


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1. a] ticra LSm. 4. Tlypr}s LSm. 7. Trapaypa<f>r) om. LSm. 8. cnj/jLoi- 
vai] + yap LS. 9. /neydX^ + rts LSm. iv tt} dvaroXr} LSm. 10. worafMUP 

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ravra fxtv irepl rofowv. iiravaiCTtov 5e iirl t8 trpoKeiixevov. LS. 20. £)s\ + ird\iv 


12. Epli. ii. -i> 



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Kal tov TravTO<; Xoyt^opuevoi SiaKoveiv Kal vTrrjpeTeiv cti inrep avTov 

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Tacrirav eireipaTo. dyvocov 8e iroOev avT(p 7rpoo-j3dXXei } eBedypei 

1. ayyc\i>iv V 1 . 5. 5£ om. m. 8. KaTe^pitprjcrav tV tov ovpavov LSm. 

9. irva ( = Truevfxa) V 1 . 11. yap Trahw om. LSm. 18. ^i.o"t\p.avTiov — on 

om. LSm. firf\ + yhp LSm. a I. iXwovvro LSm. a<pe\iri<rTlav V (-elav V) LS. 
23. a<pe\iri(TTlav US. 28. Zaeadai. om. LSm. 32. irpo<rfia\ri V 1 . 

8. Hebr. i. 14. 11. Rom. viii. 19 — 21. 


to, fiev aXoya evdea? el? rpo^rjv irpoaBpap,6vTa, avrbv Be re(o? eh 
ope%tv fjurj KLV7)6evra, dXXd rrepiaKorrovvra ra KaXkrj rcav <f>VTwv 
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dvOpwiro? Kai rrjv drrofyaGiv tov Oavdrov aKovaa?, Ttj et nal els 
121 A Y*l v aircXewrg. rovro tov? ayyeXov? rrdvv eXvrrei' r)6vp,ovv fiev 15 
yap Kai errl rol? ef avrwv 7rapaf3e/3r)K6o~tv, irXrjv efjaipera)? Bid 
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dv9pwTrois evSoKia, ttjv Xvtttjv &K€iW(\v Kai ttjv KaTtjfetav TTjv TzdXai 

3. Sfrdpcov om. LSm. atirbv vbfwv LSm. 7. ai)ry. 6 5e rbv vb/xov rbre m. 

10. 0ebs m. ir. avTTj'j + Tr} LSm. 12. Kai atirbs] K&Ke?vos LSm. 13, 14. Kai 
b avdpojiros LSm. 14. aKotiaas] + tin LSm. 17. ffwdovovfj^vos LSm. 4v a\>T<£ 
post KTlaeus transp. LSm. 18. ivtxvpw VL. 20. eavrbv V 2 . si. Beov 

om. V. 22. Kai T7js — Tifxuplas om. V. 26. KarepdWero LSm. 27. yevv-f}- 
C€L L 2 m. 

5. Gen. iii. 1. 14. Gen. iii. 19. 31. Luke ii. 14. 


Bid tov dv6p(oirov TeXeov diro^aXXo/jievoi, Kal %ai/)oi/T69 iirl rfj 
tov BevTepov 'ABdp, yevecrei. odev Kal iv Kaipw twv ireipao-fi&v, 
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tov cr/cd/jL/jLaTO? avTov KaTrjKovTio-ev, iv iroXXfj %apa yaipovTe<$> 
Bitjkovovv 7rpo0v/jL(o<;, &)<? yeypa7TTai y d)o~avel ovk cti iir iXiriBi 
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7rpo6vfjLQ)<; /j,€Ta ^apa9 TrpocreXOovTes Bitjkovovv avT&. 

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BvvTjOels 6 avTrjs irpfOToaTaTrj^ tovtov fcaTa/3a\eiv, iirifiovXeveiv 
rfp^aTo Bid tgov 'lovBaicov, Kal Br) ttjv ttXtjOvv avTwv Bieyetpas, icai 
CTTavpwaas Kal 6avaT(6o~a<;, iBotcei tovtov airaXXaTTeaOai. fieT 

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Kal irapaBo^ov, koX BvvaTr)<; } firjtceTi Qdvarov viroBeypiievos rj hrrepov 
ti KaO* oXov TrdOos, dXXd o~vv ttj d^>6apo~ia Kal aOavaaia icai ttjv D 
aTpeiTTOTTiTa tt)<; ^frvxi)^ /cofiicrdfAevos, Kal irdXiv els ovpavov ava- 
<f>ep6fj,evo<; Kal Bid T779 ve(j)eXrj<; inTO^ou/ievo?, Kal ft>9 iv 0pidfxj3(p 

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irdvT(ov iyKaiviGas rjpXv 6Bov 7rpoo~(f)aTov Kal ^coaav. Kal 01 fiev 
ayyeXoi Xevx^ifiovovvTes avvrjv(j)paivovTo tois dvdpa>7rois } evayye- 
Xi^ofievoi tov? fia0TjTa<; Kal t«9 yvvaiKas' 01 Be ivavTioi Oewfievoi 
eavTwv Te Kal TrdcrTjs ttjs KTicreax; dva)Tepav yevofievqv ttjv dvOpco- 

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avTr}<;, Kal iraXiv aBiKax; 0avaT(6o-avT€<;, ivveol fiefievrjKOTes Kal 
a^aveis TeXeico? Karrja^vvovTO. Bid tovto Kal 6 Kv/oto9 i/36a TOt9 124 A 
fiaurjTa'lSy 0aporctTe, €-y<i vevtKi^Ka tov koo-jjlov, Kai 7rdXlV, 'ISoii 8e8o>Ka 
v\iiv 4|ov<r(av irarciv eiravw 6'(j)6a)v Kal o-KopirCwv, Kal lirl irdtrav ti}v Svvauiv 

30 tov €x®P°^^ " va eiirrj TldXai fxev dfjiapTr)o-avTO<; tov dvOpcowov, r)viKa 
6 o<pi<; iv irapaBeicrcp avvefiaXev 7r/)09 avTov, ippeOr] avTa> t T^pijo-ei 
o-ov iTTcpvav, Kal ari> avVov Ke<t>aXi)v, ooaavei kftdpav Biaipeaea)? irpo? 

2. 'ASd/ioum: et infra. 4. $] $v SL, wv m. 8. TtW] + d\X' LSm. 

aWa om. LSm. 10. eireuoei V. 12. Kara^aWeiv V 1 . 18. 7rdXu'] 

+ /xeT^T€iTa LSm. e^s] + tov LSm. 23. rots nadrjTcus V. 24. Kal om. L J S. 
yeva/x^vr}u L a S. 26. Kal — davaribaavres om. LSm. 30. afxapr^ffavras V 1 . 

9. Matt. iv. 11. 28. John xvi. 33. 28. Luke x. 10. 

31. Gen. iii. 15. 


aXXrjXovs efiaXev, tov fir) ireldeaOai avTco tov dvOpcoirov* Kai rjv 
r) iraki) rore tar), aXXrjXovs Bwa/juevcov ftXayfrai, otl 6 fiev ocpts 
iiriTTjpiav Tr)v iTTepvav tov dvOpSirov, Saavel tt)v bBbv avrov, el 
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eavTco, Kai /jltj TrXavtofxevo^ ttjv 68bv, ttjv K€<f>aXr}v tov o(f>eco$ r)8vvaTo 
OXaaai, vvv\ Be viKrjcravTos fiov tov ocj>tv teal /caTata^vvavTo^ el? 
TeXos, Kai virep iravro^ tov yevovs dBiKcos 80* avTov tov OdvaTOV 
virofxelvas, Kai iv tco o~Tavpco to xetpoypacpov 7rpocrr)Xcoo-a<; Kai 
i^aXelyfra^, dvecrTi}V Tprffjuepo? ttjv vLktjv eynv Kara tov OavaTOV, 10 
Kai irdcrrj tt) dvdpcoTreia (pvcrec irpo^evo^; tj}? viKrjs yeyevr]/j,ai, Bf 
ifjiov et? Traaav ttjv dvOpcoTTOTrjTa Tr)<s vIktj^ BvaBpajjuovar]^. dap- 
0~€lT€ 0VV. 'I8ov Se'ScoKa vp.iv 4|ovo-£av Trartlv liravw 6'<pea>v Kai a-Kop-irtcuv^ Kai 
&ni irdo-av ti^v 8vvap.iv tov exJJpov. OVKCTl, <f>r)0~VV, OvBe TTJV WT&pvav 
v/jlcov BvvaTai ftXatyai, viroKaTco tcov ttoBcov v/jlcov KaTa7raTov/Juevo<;. 15 

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fLearffiftplav tov £vXov } i^e^Xrjdrj to BeiXivbv, ovtco? Kai tt) eKTrj 
rj/iepa, Spa f tov crcoTrjpiov aTavpbv 6 AeairoTrj^ XpiGTos KaTct 
crdp/ca virep avTov V7rep,€t,vev. Kai coenrep dirb tt}? TrapafSdcrecos 
ecos Trjs €K/3o\fj<; tov irapaBelaov, nrdvTes ol dyyeXoi r)6v(xovv 20 
o~<j)68pa, /jurjBev eXiri^ovre^ eTepov rj BidXvcnv tov dvdpcoirov, Kai 
eavTCOV, Kai tov iravTos, ovtcos Kai iirl tov 7rd0ov<; dirb copa<; 
€KTi}$ ea>9 eWaT7/9 r) ktigls nraaa i/jLeXavei/juovei, tco ctkotco irepi- 
j3e/3Xr]p,evr) iirl tco yevofievco dhiKw. Kai (oairep ivvaTrjv Spav ol 
8vo i^e^Xrjdrjo-av tov 7rapa8eio~ov, 6 T€ 'ASafju Kai r) Eva, ovtq)<; 25 
Kai Spav ivvdTTjv Aeo"7TOT7y9 X/3icrT09 KaTa ttjv yfrv^r)v Kai 6 
XrjaTr)^ elae^rjaav iv to> 7rapaSelcrq). iv avrfj ovv Trj r)p,epa iv 

D XI iirXdaOr) 6 'ASa/i, \eYa> Be Trj eKTrj, yeyovev Kai r) 7rapd/3ao~i<;, 
Kai r) Xvirrj tcov dyyeXtav, Kai r) dirocfyacTt,^ tov OavaTov, Kai r) 
€KJ3oXr) tov irapaBeicrov' ovrcos Kai els to irddos iv avTrj ttj rjfiepa 30 
iyeveTo Bta %vXov crTavpov 6 XcoTtjpios 6dvaT0<$ y Kai to irevQos ttjs 
/CTt<7€0)9, Kai to BeiXivov r) dirodecrLs tov irkvQovs Kai r) elcrftoXr) tov 
irapaBeicrov. 'Aut|v ^ap \(y<o 0-01, (frrjcrlv 6 %coTr)p tco XrjaTy, o-^cpov 
ja€t Ijjiov & kv tc3 irapa8E£o-a>. aXX! iirl to irpoKeifievov iiraveXOcopLev. 

1. ^aXe?] ffxolyTe LSm. 4. evpoiev V. avrov om. LSm. 9. virofid- 

vauros LSm. TrpoffrjXfSxrapros LSm. 10. itjakelrf/avros LSm. 14. oGre LSm. 

18. wpav £ktt)v LSm. 27. clo-yXdov LSm. 33. yap om. LSm. 34. el] 

tar) LSm. irapadelaig] + 56f a r<jj 0€<£ els tovs al&vas. apvf\v. LSm. irpotcdficvov] 

+ \onrov LSm. 

13. Luke x. 19. 33. Luke xxiii. 43. 


To KeifieVOV. 

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7tou? ol ayyeXoi tou? (jyOaprov? Kal Ovtjtovs' tovto yap Xeyei, Tfj 
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veKpcov dvaaTwcnv. ovk civ yap Tive<; ef avTwv Trapeftrjo-av, el fir) 

1. ot ^77eXot 5id roirs dudptiirovs Lm. 3. dvrjrovs Kal (pdaprofc Lm. 

4. fiaTaioTToveiv LSm. 6. fin] ^n V. 9. KaravKevdaai'Ta m. 11. din om. 
LSm. 14. bo^afavTai V 2 S 2 . 16. i) om. m. 19. Travofxiv^ VL 1 . 

21. 6\iav VSL 1 . 24. ol re] et ye LSm. avrovs Lm. oplfrvrai LSm. 

28. t£ om. m. 30. tt)v iXevdeplav om. V. iiridv/ioOvres /////// tcii/ttjs S. 

31. &rai> om. V. 

3. Rom. viii. 20. 11. Rom. viii. 21. 26. Rom. viii. 22. 


rovrov rov vofiov etXrjfyetcrav irapa rov ©eoO. oOev ol Trapaftdvres, 
eiri rrjv yrjv etc rov vsfrovs fcareppicprjcrav 'EBewpow yap, <f)7)<riv 6 
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4\af3oV KCLl aVTOL VOfJLOV, TL 0€l TTOieiV, teal TL fir) 7TOL61V, OVK, CLV 

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fievoi dcrrdrq) <j>opa 7repL<f>epovrai avv rfj eavrcbv acfraipa, iravXav 
rovrwv fir) eXTrl^ovres. 

1. tov om. LSm. ei\7)<paau/ V. 3. ws affTpa-n-^v post "LaravoLv transp. LSm. 

el yap — tirnrTov supra post verbum auaarGxriv (p. 88, 1. 32) ponunt LSm. 5. yap] 

5e LSm. 11. r\ 6. ypa<pTi] 6 airbcTokos LSm. 12. ct tis] tjtis LS. 

17. KaraXeLireiv V 1 . 24. vp.Qv(?) L 1 . 27. axnCbv om. Lm. virbX-qxpiv LSm. 

29. £\irl£o?Tes] + wore ytveffdcu LSm. 

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'Ez/ ttj a r)/iepa, Tovrecrriv rrj Kvpictfcr}, r) KaTaftoXr) tov Koafiov 
Kal r) apyr) tt)s KTiaea)? iyeveTO, d(j> eairepa^ dpgd/ji€VO<; o ®€09 
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depa, Kal to irvp to iv ttj yfj dvafiefALyfievov, Kal T01/9 ayyeXovs, 
v(f> ev TavTa irdvTd irapayayoov. Sid tovto iv avTjj ttj rjfiepa, koX 
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dvao~TavTO<i ovv tov dvOpobirov iv avTjj ttj vvktl ttjs K.vpt,afcr}<; 
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opaTrjv Kal aopcbTov twv o/jlolcov tv%€lv. Bed tovto elirev o \A.7ro- 
<TToXo9, 'AvaK€<}>a\ai(o<ra<r6ai to, iravTa iv Tip XpiortS, ra T€ iv tois ovpavois 

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ap\aia irapr\KQtv } l8ot> "y^7 ov€ tcCvto, Kaiva. Ta TTGLVTCL €L7T€V y OTt €V TO) B 
avOpwirw 0€(opovvTat opard Kal dbpaTa. 6 dOeTwv ovv to) X/oto"To5 
tt)v dvdpcoTTOTrjTa TeXeiav fir) virdp\€iv, OUT09 fteftXaTTTai, fir) 
iirio-Tafievos T771/ fieyaXrjv otKovofilav tov ®eo0, Kal to Boyfia to 

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icrTi Kal irdvv $i$Xa , KTai. 

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eV\eti|rei9 diTOTeXelaOai to-9 ttjs creXrjvr)? Kal tov rfkiov XoytK&s 
yap Kal evTaKTOO? Kal ofi>T€p&>9 t)/jlwv at dyyeXiKal Bvvdp,et<i Ta 
cr^ij/juaTa Kivovaai d-rroTeXovo-iv, epyov avTO K€KTrjfjbevac vvktos Kal D 
r)iiepa<s diTavaTOis. ovirep yap Tpowov ol efjcoOev Xeyovatv viroKaT- 

30 (O06V ttjs yr)<; KVKXeveiv avTa direpia-KeirTOis, ft>9 irpoaOev iBelx^Vi 

1. Tota haec irapaypacprj supra post ra vdura Katvd (p. 89, 1. 13) ponunt LSm. 
4- 8* m - 7- %v\\ L. 8. Tfl airy] avrrj rrj LSm. 13. rvyxdveiv LSm. 

15. 17'7-is V'LS. avaKaivlfrrai om. LSm. 16. ytyove] + rd LSm. 17. ry] 

+ AeffirdTjj LSm. 20. dedrrjTaj + avTTJs m, +airov L 2 . 16. ras om. m. 

14. Eph. i. 10. 15. 2 Cor. v. 17. 


firj avjiffaivov rfj <f>vaei tcov irpayfiaTcov, dXXd teal tg> ©€g3 evav- 
Tiovfievoi, rj/jbels atcoXovOovvTe? rfj Oeia Tpa<pfj, oXiyov irXayidaavTes 
tcS vo) ttjv irepityopav ryroi ttjv iropeiav rcov aarpcov, Bid tovtov tov 
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129 A ef dvdytcrj*} eiraKoXovBovaiv, teal ovre tw ©€g3 evavTiovjieda, ovre 5 
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hvvoiav koX BiBacrtcaXiav dvdpco7T(ov. irdXiv irepl twv recrcrdpav 
aroi^eldiv Xeyofiev, oti ttjv yrjv irp&Tov %r)pdv ovcrav eBpdaas 6 
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irdXiv dvcoTepov tovtq>v tov dkpa CTafjev yfrv^pov, real irdXiv 

dv(i)T€pOV TO TTVp, T0VT6CTI TO OepflOV, dfl^OTCpa TToXlV ft)? KOV- 

fyoTepa, eb? Be irdXiv ivavTia, Ofiov Ta Bvo ovv fieca to t€ vBcop 
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aXXrjXa, to fiev pevo-n}? (frvaeox; 6v, to Be ^avvt]^, d^oTepa Be 

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eirl Ta? ve<j>eXa<; dvayovTcov, teal to3 TrpoaTayiiaTi to> deico Biateo- 
vovvtcs €K7refjb7rovaiv oirovBdv to Oeiov irpoa'Tayfjba tceXevarot. Xeyei 

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0aXacr<rr|s, Kal kK\(<av avr6 €irl irpo<rcoirov ttjs yi\S, O/LtOtft)? teal Bid Za%apiOV $0 
OVTCOS, Alt€io-0€ tj€tov -rrapd Kvpiou KaO* wpav Trpwipov Kal o\j/ip.ov, Kal V€t6v 

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eirl 'HXlOV OVTOJ (jyrjalv, Kal i-ni<npvtytv t6 iraiSdpiov lirTOKis, Kal c-y^vcro 

1. o-vfipalpuv VS 1 , ffv/j.f3alvovTes L 2 m. 7. a.vdp<bir<j)v.~\ + Kal LSm. 

12. tovtov L^S 1 . 16. x a ^ v V^ in rs ^- V. 24. Tip] tQiv V 1 . 27. dydvTcw L 1 , 

avayay6vTwv S. 28. KeXei/<n; LS 2 m. 30. Zaxapfou] + <f>T)ffiv LSm. 

29. Amos ix. 6. 31. Zech. x. 1. 33. 1 Kings xviii. 44. 


ev tu> €p86p.a>, Kal l8ov vefyiXi) juKpd cos t\vos dv8pds, dvd-yovtra v8»p diro 
eaXdo-a-Tis. to Be aaXev6r)vat tt)v yr)v ovtc airb 7rvev/j,aT0$ Xeyofxev — 
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tovto yiveaOat Xeyofiev direptepyw^;. Xeyet yap r) Tpa<f>7j Sid tov 
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diroaroXayv Xeyet et9 rd<; Hpdi;ei<;, Kal eaaXevOii 6 toitos, ev *3 ijaav 
arwt)7|iivot, Kal eirXijcr0T)O-av airavTes IIv€ijfi.aTOS ay tov. Kal A//-a>9 be D 
7rpo(f>i]T7}<; Kal avTos ovtws Xeyet, Kvptos 6 0eds 6 iravroKpaTcop, 6 e<J>airTo- 
|x€vos ttjs -yrjs Kal o-aXevwv avrr\v' Kal irdXtv erepos TrpocprJTTjs, 'Kyyalos 
T o Be OVTOS, Ol/Tft>9 Xeyet, OTt "Eti dirafj e-yco o-eiVw ou jiovov ttjv yn v > dWd Kal 
tov ovpavov' Kal iraXtv 'Hcrai'ia?, 'Edv dvo££r]s tov ovpavov, Tpopos Xityerai 


Ilepl Se avTtwoBcov ovre elirelv i) aKovaat wept TOVTfov tcov 
fjtv6(ov r) Beta Tpa<j)rj' 'EiroC^o-c -yap, (prjatv, eg evos irdv 20vos 

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tovs reOa/Jt/jtevovs ev rfj yfj KaXet, olov iarrt to, "Iva «v t« ovojmiti 
'It](rov irdv -yovv kcl[xv}/t], eVovpaviW Kal erri'yei'cov Kal KaTaxGovtcov, tva etirrj 
dyyeXcov 009 ovpavicov, dvdpd)7ro)v &>9 eirtyetatv, KaTaydovtcov &>9 ev 

20 Tjj yrj Teda/jt/jbiv(OV. tovto yap efyrj eirl Trjs dvaaTao~eco<; ytveo~6at, 
otc iravTes ot Te kot ovpavov ayyeXot, ot Te KaTa yr)v avOpcoirot, 
Kal ot ev tjj yfj Teda/jt/jtevot veKpol avtaTa/jtevot iravTes, yovv k\i- 
vovotv ev tw ovofxaTt 'Irjcrov tS ®eo3. iraTelv yap Xeyo/jteda eiravoa 
t^9 7^9 Kal j3atvetv ev tt? yfj ojaavel eVava) -7-779 77)9, olov a>9 OTav 

25 Xeyrj y A^ScaKa vjiiv 4|ovo-Cav tov TraTeiv cirdvw 6'<j>e<ov Kal o-Kopir£tov. TO irarretv 
ovv to iirdvco Ttvbs XeyeTat iraTelv el Be eirdvoa Ttvbs waTov/jtev, B 
to dvTtiraTelv viroKaTco eo~Ttv ov iraTet. KaTa tovs ao^ovs Be to 
acfratpoetBes ovTe eirdvoa ovTe viroKaTw eyet' ovkovv ovt€ TraTov/jtev, 
ovTe dvTtTrdTovjieVy ovTe 0X0)9 ftatvo/jtev ev Tjj yfj, Kal irXacr/jtaTa 

30 Kal fjtvdoi etatv Ta kot auTot'9. 

Uept Be dyyeXcov Kal Bat/xovcov r) -^rvycov, irdvTas ireptypaiTTOv^ 

I. dvdpds om. Lm. 8. koX — X^yei] \iyet tt&Xlp o&tws LSm. 10. oSros oiirws] 
oOros L 2 m, oOtws L X S. 14. <f>T}<jlv~\ + b ' A.tt6<xto\os LSm. 15. ouxi LSm. 

eirl ttolvtl TrpoauTry (y in ras.) Lm. 20. irepl LSm. 23. ry 6ey] tov viov tov 

Qeov LSm. 24. ko.1 — r^s 7^5 om. LSm. 25. tov om. LSm. 29. &i>ti- 

iraTov/Jieda LSm. 31. irdvTa LSm. 

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Xeyei r) ueia Tpa<f>rj, Kal iv tc3 koo-/jlg) tovtg) BidyovTas, o><? orav 
Xeyt) 'A7ro<rToXo<? } ©eaTpov tyevijOiiiicv tu k6o-uo> Kal dyy€Kois Kal avOpw- 
irois, gk eis eva Koafiov BidyovTa?. dXXd Kal iv tw AavtrjX Xeyei 
wept avT(t)V OVTGSSy Kal 6 dpx<ov pao-iXeCas Ilepo-iov eUrrijrai 4£ evavrfas uov 
e'lKoo-i |i£av i]pipav. Kal ISou Mt\ai]X cts tcov dp\ovT«ov twv irpwTtov t^XOcv 5 
C PoT)0T)O-a£ uot, Kal avTov KaTeXenrov €K€t p.€Td tov apxovTos f3ao-iXe£as Ilepcrwv. 
Kal tJXGov o-vvertorai o-€ otra diravTij<r€Tai tu> Xaw o-ov 4ir €0"xaTa>v t<ov ijp,epa>v. 
iirL(T7]/jLavT€OV Be ivTavda ore Kal Kar edvos Kal Kara ftaaiXeiav 
ap^dyyeXoi BtoiKOvaiv <f>vXaTTOVT€<s' ov fjuovov Be dXXd Kal KaO' 
eva avdpcoTTOV ayyeXos eirerai (ftvXaTTcov, oj? orav Xeyy 7) eKKXrjala 10 
7T€pl Herpov iv rals Updjjeaiv 'O dyycXos avrov «rn.v' dXXd Kal 6 
Ktsjcuo? iv T^vayyeXioi? /3oa Xeycov, OL Y<ip dyytXoi avraiv SunravTos 
pXe'irovio-iv to irp6<ro)irov tou IlaTpos uov tov Iv tois ovpavois, O"a0ft)9 o^XftXTa? 
eva eKaarov rjfjboov dyyeXov e^etv, oBrjybv BrjXovoTi Kal fyvXaKa. 
TO OVV, €io-rrJK€i «| IvavrCas uov, Kai TO, f\kfav, Kai, dirfjXdcv, Kai, KarekeCirov 1 5 
aurov 4k€i, Kal oaa Toiavra TrepiypaiTTOov eiaiv. fiovov yap direpi- 
D ypatyov to %eiov, iravTayov Kal KaTa to avTO Kal ftxrauTW? ov 
'Edv -yap dvaPco, <f)T]0~lv 6 Aai/t'S, ds r6v ovpavov, trv d kKtV edv Karapco els 
tov aS-qv, irdp€i* kdv dva\d(3a> r&s Trrepvyds uov Kar* opGpov, Kal KaTaa-KTjvaorco 
els t& ^ayjara ttjs 0aXdo-o~T|S, iva eXirr\, T7]<; oi/0"6ft)?, Kal ^dp €K€i r\ \dp (rov 20 
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iirl Be dyyeXcov ov BvvaTov tovto voelv, KaTaXeiTrofievovs, co? ava)- 
Tep(o yeypaiTTai, iv totto). irepl Be tyv)(5)v, Kal avTa<; irepLypaiTTa^ 
Xeyei rj deia Tpacfrrj, Kal iv avTQ) tg> o-cofiaTt 7repiypd<peo~6ai, olov 
133 A EvXoyei, r\ ^X 1 ! H L0V > T0V ^P l <>v Kal iravra rd «vtos uov, (£>o~avei, Kai avTTj<; 25 
evBov Tvy)(avovo~r)<z* Kai TraXtv, ij KapSCa \lov Kal ij o-dp| p,ov, tva et7rr; 
i] xjnjxii uov Kal f o-dp! uov ' Kerfcp^Tai Be ovtI yjrv)(rj^ Ty KapBia, a>? eVet 
auT^? iBpv/j,ev7)<;, Kal evBov ovar]? tov ccofiaTO?, W9 OTaz^ iraXtv 
Xeyr),''Ev rr\ KapSCa uov i^Kpvij/a Ta Xo^id o-ov, tva etTT?;, 'Ev t^q ^X^ H" ov 
irdXlv, Kap8£av KaGapdv kt£o-ov cv eaol, 6 0«6s, tva et7r»?, ^vxijv. o 8e 30 

6. KariXiirov LSm. 7. S(ra] os V, ws m. 8. ivravda om. Lm. KaTa 

om. m. 9. fjJivov 8k] fiyv Lm. 15. rb ofiv — TrepiypaTTTwv el<nv supra post 

verbum ijfiepQv (1. 7) ponunt LSm. o5j/ om. LSm. KariXiirov V 2 LSm. 16. Hoa] 

In hoc verbo deficit S fol. 41*. aireplypawTov Lm. 18. eVei el Lm. 

19. opdpov] + wo-aveZ ^ t^ dvaToX^ Lm. 20. eVa om. m. 22. KaTa\enr6fA€)>oi. m. 
24. oroy] + Tt \tyei Lm. 26. ^a — <rdp£ fxov om. Lm. 29. trot;] + oVws aj/ ^17 

afidpru) <roi Lm. uou •] + Kal Lm. 

2. 1 Cor. iv. 9. 4. Dan. x. 13, 14. 11. Acts xii. 13. 

12. Matt, xviii. 10. 18. Ps. exxxix. 8—10. 25. Ps. ciii. 1. 

26. Ps. lxxxiv. 2. 29. Ps. cxix. 11. 30. Ps. li. 10. 


K.vpiO$ OVTCO <f)7)0~lv, Ov rd clo-iropcvoucva kolvol t&v avOpwirov ' els "yap ti)v 
KoiXCav X w P rt > Ka ^ € * s <i<p«8p«va ^PaXXerai" t<1 8* iKiropevoucva 4k ttjs KapSCas, 
(oaaveiy T^9 "tyv^S, iKtiva koivoi tov avGpwirov, otov irovrjpol 8iaXovi.o-p.ol, 
Kal ocra KaTaXeyet t8t(bp,aTa t»}9 yfrvxf}*;. erepoiOt he iraXtv Xeyet B 

5 €VTp67TTlK(OT€pOV TO*9 CUTOUT o\oi$ y 'H PacriXcta TOV 0€OV €VTOS VjlttV 

lo-Ttv, avrl tov etiretv, otl y O<f)etXeT€ fcaTa sfrvxrjv del eyetv eWo9 
v/jlgov ttjv fiaatXeiav tov Seov* /ecu irdXtv, tc3 irtaTevaavTt Xya'Tfi 
iirayyeXXeTat XeytOV, 'Ap-i^v Xl-ya) croi, o-qp-epov p,€T luov 2<rg Iv t<5 irapa- 
8tLo-w, to Iv t<3 irapaSeCo-w Tea)? (j>avepcoTaTa iv tottco Xeyet • oti he 
io kclto, ^fvy^v Xeyet Kal ov kclto, to atofia, hfjXov £/c tov Te6d<f>0at 
to o~S)fia tov Kvpiov virb 'Ifixnyflb iv 'lepoaoXvjiot*;, aXXa Kal to 
tov XrjGTov iv toZ? avTodi iTeOaiTTO. irpohriXoTaTa ovv KaTa Tyv 

y l rv XV v Xe7€i TO, Met' 4p.0V d a-rj(j.epov Iv t<3 -rrapa8eicra>. €TL he Kal 01 

TrXelovs twv evayyeXtaTOiv iirl tov davaTov tov Kvptov, 'Eglirvevo-ev, 

15 eiTrov, dxravel, eacoOev 6W09 tov 7rvev/j,aTO<;, TOVTeaTt Tr}$ ^vyf}?, 
i^rjXdev dwb tov acbfjuaTos. 6 yap aXXos, KXCvas ti^v K€<paXijv, Xeyet, 
d$r\Ktv to irvcvua. 

Kal TavTa fiev r/fitv elprjTat &>9 iv Tatjet vwoOh'ikt}^ XptaTta- C 
viktjs, e'/c TT79 6eia$ Tpa<f)r}<; Ktvovfievots, ov% eavTOts irXaaafievot^ 

20 rj aTOxaaafievois, dXX i aKpt/3(o<; it etOo pivot? toj ©ec3 toj hta tS>v 
7rpo<f>i)T(ov Kai dTTOGToXwv Kal avTov tov Tlov XaXijaavTi* irdvTcov 
yap to)v 0eXovTcov airo Xoyiafioiv lht<ov 7) iK aTO^aa/jucov eliretv ti 
toiovtov, Kal airopovvTcov Ta irXelaTa Kal a(paXXo/jLevo)v } Kal fir) 
ifycr'XyovTGdv to aKptftes €L7relv y 7rpo<? tov ©eoi> tov KTia-Trjv tov 

25 iravTos KaTa<f>vyelv ^pr) tov 6Wg)5 Xpto~Tiavdv, tov elhoTa to 7r<w9 
Kal to htaTi ; Iva firj TrXavcofievoi Kal irepi^epofievoi iravTi dvefico iv 
ttj hthaaKaXia tcov dvdpco7ro)v, KaOa Kal 6 'Attoo-toXo? /3oa, Iv t^ 
kv^cCo. twv Xo-y^v, Kal t^q iravovpyCa ttjs diraTT]s, evpeOcbfiev Kal 7]fiei<; GVV 
T&) Koo-fiG) KaTaKpLvofievoL. TavTa 8e avTa Kal iv t?) TlaXata 6 

30 Ma>cr7?9 iv Tot? 'ApiOpols KaTaXeyet Kal (ftrjo-iv, Kal dirty Kvpios irpds D 
Mwvo-TJv, AaXi]o-ov tois viols 'Io-pai]X, Kal Ipcts irpos avTOvs, Kal iroiT)o*aTO)o-av 
cavTOis Kpao-ircSa lirl t<i irTcpvyLa twv luaTtav avnov cts tos veveds avrwv, Kal 

1. <prj<Tiv outws Lm. 5. diro<rT6\ocs] 'IouSafots Lm. 7. TriaTetoPTi Lm. 

8. for)] el Lm. 9. rd iv r<£ irapaSdaip om. Lm. 22. ix om. Lm. 

26. Kal diarl (om. to) Lm. 31. Kal (post avrovs) om. Lm. 

1. Matt. xv. 17. 5. Luke xvii. 21. 8. Luke xxiii. 43. 

14. Mark xv. 37, 39, Luke xxiii. 43. 16. Matt, xxvii. 50. 

28. Eph. iv. 14. 30. Num. xv. 38—41. 


€iri0T)<r€Tai 4irl to" KpacnrcSa t«v impvyiatv KX&>(rua vcxkivGivov. Kal 'icrrai vp.iv 
Iv tois Kpao-ir48ois, Kal o\|/€<r0€ Kal nvq<r6TjT€ irdvTcov tcov €vtoX<Sv Kvpfov, Kal 
iroiT]cr€T€ auras, Kal ov SiaaTpa<f>i|<r€<r0€ oirC<r(i> t<3v Siavouov vpov Kal o-n-Ccra) tcov 
6<)>6aX|i(Sv vucuv, 4v ots vp,€ts €Kiropv€V€T€ oirC<r« avVcSv, oirws av p.VTjo-0TJT€ Kal 
136 A iroii]<rTjT€ irdtras Tas Iv-roXas uov, Kal <fcrecr0€ a-yiot tw 0€<3 vp<3v. 'E-yw Kvpios 5 
6 0€os vjuSv, 6 lla-ya-yaiv vads 4k ttjs At-yvirTov, ttvai vp,<ov 0cds, «y<»> Kvpios 6 
0€os v|i<ov. (Ta<f>i(TT€pov Kal avTos StSafjas, oirep Kal 6 ' AttocttoXos 
eSiSafez/, firj KaraKoXovOeiv Tat? ISlais ivvoiais, dXXa fidXXov to£? 
Oeiois irpoGTay/jLaaiv. yevono Be »7/i,a?, co ri/iia K€<f>aXr), tovtcov 
fiev aTre^ecrdai, tcov Oeicov Be avTeyeaQai^ cir^ai? ttj<$ ar}<; dyico- io 
ctvvtj*;, yjpitniaviKcoTaTe irdrep, 07ra>? evpoipuev €\eo? Kal ydpiv 
evcoirtov tov Qpbvov ttjs ^aptTO? €i? rovs alcovas. dfirjv. 

Aoros r. 

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avTrj eavrfj Kal Kad' eavTrjv BLTjyovfievr), YiaXatd re Kal Kaivr) 15 
B AiadqKr), arj/jLalvovaa Kal to xprjcrt/iov tcov a^rj/jbaTcov tov iravTos 


TIpcoTOv ol dvOpcoiroi fieTcu tov KaTaKXva/nbv eirl t?)? deofid^ov 
TTvpyoTroiias €$' vyfrTjXov yevofievoi, KaTavoovvT€<; crvve^cos Tot? 
d(TTpois, v7rco7rT€Vcrav irXavcb/nevoi TavTrjv ttjv Bojjav elvai, tovt- 20 
€0"Tt a<f>aipo€i&r) tov ovpavov. T$a/3vXcovicov yap 01/0-7/5 t?}? iroXeco? 
evda tov irvpyov coKoBopLOW, ILaXBaicov avayKt) irpcoTov ec^evpepua 
to toiovto, odev Kal j3ap/3apiK7]i> crcfraipav e^eipyacravTo. ol eK tov 
yevow; toivvv tov ^Afipadp,, KaXBaioc v7rdp%ovT€<;, Kal KaTeXdovTes 
eh AiyvTTTOV, avTol pueTeBcoKav toZs AlywirTiois TavTrjs ty\<$ Soft;?. 25 
7roXv7rpayfjLOviKcoT€pov iraXiv dcpopfifjs Bpa^dpuevoi ol AlyvTTTioi, 
eireTeivav Kal avTol TavTrjv ttjv 86^av, e6>? otov Kal ol "EXX??^? 
C TTapoiK7\aavTe^ iv AlyvTTTco y UvOayopas, TlXaTcov tc, Kal Ei/Sofo? 
KvlBios, ol (j)i,X6ao<f)oi, Kal avTol TauTTj? pbeTaXaftovTes irXeov Ti 
Kal avTol bire^eipydcravTo Ik tcov TrpcoTcov Xa/36vT€? Ta? dcf)opp,d<i. 30 

■z. tfaadel + atirciL,. 3. dvoiwp m. 4. iiciropeieffde L (-ea- in ras.). 

5. woi^ffeTC V 1 , TrotTjTe m. 6. i/xuv om. m. 10. rdv §k dclup Lm. 

11. evpwfiep Lm. 20. elvat ri)v d6£cu> Lm. Toireari om. Lm. 23. toioutov Lm. 
24. Toivvv om. Lm. 27. oVe L 1 . 



M.era tov KaTaKXucr/jLOv, tcov dvQpcoircov Xolttov irXt]OvvdevTCov 
ecrco iv rjj 'AvaToXfj, evda rj kiJBcotos e/cadecrOrj, fcaOcbs yeypairTai, 
Kivr)aavTes puKpco irpos eirl ra e£co, evpav ireBLov ev yrj Zevvadp. 
5 pbia<s Be <y\d>TTT)<; 6We9 oi Travre?, 6p,o0vp,aB6v BieXoyi^ovTO XeyovTes, 
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cf>6elpat,, diroXovyjeOa iravTe*;. dXXd BevTe, irXivdevcrcop,ev irXtvOovq, 
/cat OTTTrjaay/iev auras irvpl, Iva to?9 vBacriv dvTe^cocriVy /cat dcr<f>dX- D 

10 to) oiKoBopujcravTes iroirjacopiev irvpyov vtyrjXov, ov rj KecpaXrj ecnai 
e&)? tov ovpavov, Iva tov /xev KaTaKXvcrpuov pvaOevTes, crco6cop,ev ev 
tco irvpyco. ev^epcos Be wpos avrov irapaTa^co/jueOa e/9 iroXefiov, 
iyyvraroi avrov ovres, ea>9 eapuev ofjuov irdvTes, irplv r\ BiaaKopiri- 
o~6cop,ev. tovto yap BrjXot to Xeyecv, KaV iroiij<ra>}i.£v eavTwv ovofj.a, irpd 

15 tov 8iao-n-apTJvcu ^|ids €irl irpoo-(07rov irdo"i]S tt]S Yrjs. ap^UfieVOV TOIVVV 
oifCoSouelv Kal TVpaVVLKQ) TpOTTQ) j3ov\6fjL6VOl 6LS TOV OVpaVOV dveX- 

6elv> 6 <f)iXdv6 y>a>7ro? Kal evcnrXayxyos ©eo?, elBcos Kal 7rpoeiSa>9 ov 
eKTiaev avOaipeTov Kal avTefjovcrtov avOpcoirov, Bvvap.iv puev tov iv 
avTco XoytKov, tt)V daOeveiav Be tt)? aifTOv o-apKos, airXay^yLcrOel^ 

20 fidXXov r/irep 6pyiadel<;> TreiroiTjKev ttclXlv oiKovofilav p,eyaXr\v^ p,rj 

idcras avTovs dvovrjTa Kapivecv Kal p.o^delv fieTa tov yap avvTpl- 137 A 
fieaOaL tco KapuaTco, BiefyOeipovTO iravTeXco^ e<f> vyjrovs yevo/nevoi, 
ck Te t>7? o-<f>oBpoT7}TO<; tcov dvifxcov dvcoOev KaTa/3aXXo/jL€voi, Kal 
ttj eyyvTTjTi tov tjXlov KaTaKavcrov/juevoi, Kal tt) eKTrXifj^et, tov 

25 vyfrovs crKOTOvpbevoL irdXiv Kal KaTa<f>epop,evoi. Bcaipel ovv avT&v 
Kal avyyel tt\v yXwTTav et9 7roXXa<t, Kal Travel p,ev tyj<; ddeov 
p,aviaSy BiaaKopiTi^ei Be avTovs Kal KaTQiKi^ei el<z Trdaav ttjv y9\v. 
avTt) rj aWia tov Bi,afiepio~p,ov twv e6v<ov Kal t?)? KaT0iKia<i t?}<? 
eirl t^9 7^9. €7r eaycuTtov ovv tcov rj/juepcov evBoKrjcras 6 ®609 iv 

30 Tot9 dvdpcoTTOLS, KaOa yey paiTTai, 'Ev dvOpwirois evSoKfa, IBLa fiovXf 
Kal dyadoTTjTL dvayayelv avTovs eh tov ovpavov, ttjv rjpueTepav 

1. Hanc irapaypafirjv infra post verbum Aiyvrrrov (140 b) ponit V. 2. \olttov 
tG)v avdpwirwv Lra. 4. evpov Lm. [Sei/J^ad/j] hie incipit S fol. 42, aevadp V 2 L. 

7. Trd\u> avTi^ LSm. dpytadfyai y]fxiv (om. Kal) LSm. 8. d7ro\\6^ue0a V, 

diro\il)fjL€0a L^m. 9. dvr^xovaiv VL x S l . 14. eavroTs m. 15. ird<n\% om. 

LSm. 20. TJirep 6pytadel$~\ etirep dp. V, 7} trepiop. LSm. 24. KaraKavfiaroi- 

fxevoi m. 29. i(rx^ T0J V 1 S 1 (?). 

14. Gen. xi. 4. 30. Luke ii. 14. 


airapxvv t^rd fi r)pLepa^ t?}? avavraaew dvrjyayev eh tov 
Bovpavov 7rpofi7)vv(ov Be -irakiv /cal tcjv Xolttwv avdpdnroyv ttjv 
dvoBov iv rfj rjfiepa -nfc v Bid TLvevpLaros dylov avvd%as, #9 ttotc 
BieiXev yXaxrara^ ovpavoOev toi$ diroa-roXo^ BiBcocri, /cal i\6\ow 
Y X«<rorais tA (M-yaXcta T<ni € ov, K a6»s rl livedo, f8£8ov avTois diro^etyyeo-eai, 5 
ware tovs 7rapt,<rTap,€Vov<; irdv-ra^ i/c irdvTwv rcov idvwv avvrjy- 
p.evov<; d/coveiv e/caaTov rfj IBLq BiaXe/CTW rd pueyaXeta tov Seov, 
teal yv&vac t^i> evBo/ciav tov %eov rjv rjvBotcrjo-ev iv tol? dvOpcoiroi^ 
on itot€ 01 rvpavvovvres /cal fiovXo/Jievoi dvOpooTroi eh tov ovpavbv 
dveXOelv, dirpa/CTOi p,e\JLevr\Kacnv* evBo/ccq Be ®eov vvv et? ovpavbv 10 
01 ttigtoi dvatfiepovTat, 1 . 

To /celfievov. 

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Bevro irdaav ttjv o~o(f>lav rcov Alyv7rTLQ)v, TrapaXa/So&v Bid tt}? 15 
oi/re&)9 /cal avrbs ttjv atyalpav Kai ttjv daTpovopilaVy r) teal /juayeiav, 
Kai ra iepoy\v<f>ifca ypdfifiara, ptaXXov Be avfifioXa ypafifidrcov 
ypdfjbfiara yap oviroa r)v, /cat a7rXw? elirelv, irdcrq^ avT&v rr)? 
ao<f>La$ fieToxos yeyovebs, KaOd Birjyelrai r) Oeia Tpa<f)rj, dvBpcodel? 
1 40 A Kai £r)\o)Tr}<; virdp^cov fiaXXov rod irarplov eOvovs, <j>ovevei tov 20 
AlyviTTiov, Kai <j>oj3r)6el<; e<f>vyev iirl rd fieprf Trjs M.aBid/j,, iv fj 

1 Tlapaypcufir). 'EvTavBa ecp' vyfrqXov yevopevoi oi irpatTOL avOpanroi tov 
Trvpyov (OKodopovv, Kai av^vas rois cio~Tpois virovoovvTes^ Kai 6pa>vres ra pev 
Toav acrrpoiv dvep^opeva, ra be Karep^opcva, rpoirov riva. a>s iir\ pjj^avrjs arpf(f>6- 
pevou v7ra>7TT€V(rav Trpbs to a(paipoei8rj elvai tov ovpavov. ^yvorjaav yap Kai 25 
to o~xrjpa ttjs yrjs, <a\ otl vito ayyfkoav Kivovvrai ev tco dept. 81a. tovto ttjv 
virovoiav Tavrqv ea\ov, tcls 7rvXas Tavras tcls biairepwcras tov Trvpyov eiroirja-av, 
p.r)xava)pevoi ndvTodev, iva prj 8r)8ev £k tcov vdaTatv tov KaTaK\vo-pov KarafSXqdj} 
6 7rvpyos' 6poia>s Kai ttjv tt\lv6ov ookoSo/aow, Iva toIs vdaai 8rj6ev avTe^rj. ovtu>s 
yap eaTLv 6 rrvpyos olKobopovpevos. (paa\ be KaTe^etv tov rrXaTOvs to bida"rrjpa 30 
137 ^ ™ v 8epe\l(ov Tp'ia erri rpia piKia. Xeyovai be Kai tt)v avobov e^<*)6ev avrbv kvkXco 
%X eiv i lva °* ia T ^ )V 8vpibo>v (pa>Ta bexv Tai h avobos. 

1. ttjs] + avTod LSm. 3. <rvvd\f/as m. 4. 5£8u)Ke m. 8. tov Qeou om. 
LSm. 11. &va<p£povTai.] + 861-a r^J co<p<£ Kai evcTr\dyx vi $ ® e V> T V ^aOra x a P'f°A l ^''V 
tois dvdpibirois. dpr)v. LSm. 15. ireiraidevTO V, eiraidevero m. 16. ttjv v° 

om. m. 17. t& om. LSm. 21. padtdv m. 22. Trapaypa<pr) — avooos] In 

LS extat in textu post verbum dpty (1. n, v'. var. lect.). In V deest. In margine 
codd. LS extat scholium tjjrei tov irvpyov els t6 t^Xos too (3ip\Lov. 29. ovros L'S. 

4. Acts ii. 4 — 6 f u. 19- Acts vii. 22 foil. 

w. 7 


yrjp,a<; eiroir^cre iralhas hvo. 7rotfiatvcov he ra Trpoftara tov thtov 
irevOepov i dirrjyayev eVt to Xivatov opos, /cal 0ecopei rrjv oirracnav 
iiceivrjs ttjs fidrov, &>9 irvpl /caTe<j)XeyeTO r) /3aT09, ical ov fcare- 
fcaUro. elra irpoa-hpaptovTa Ihelv to fxeya Oavfjta, irpoGKaXeiTat 
5 avTov ayyeXos ©eoO eir ovo/jlclti tov ©eov, /cat, irpoTpeireTat aireX- 
Oelv irpb^ j3ao-i\ia $apcw ev AZyv7TT<p, eirl tw igayayeiv tov$ 
vlovs *\crparjX i/c t?}? hovXetas t&v Alyv7TTt(ov. tov he irapaiTov- 
fievov htd to dhvvaTOV tov nrpayfiaTOs (iOecopei yap &>? fiovos 
avOpcaTros p,dyecrQai 777)09 toiovtov /xeyav j3aat,Xea ov hvvaTat), 

10 OappaXecoTepov 6 ©€09 htd tov dyyeXov dwepyd^eTai v7ro/Jttp,vrja/ccov 
avTov to)v irpoiraTopwv avTov } otl Ik o-Telpas /cal yeyrjpa/coTwv J$ 
irapaho^cos avvecrTrjaaTO e6vo<$ fjteya /cat iroXv. /cat irpoirapa- 
&/cevd£ei 81a 7-779 pd/38ov tt)<; ev ttj %e£Ot avTov OavfiaTovpyelv 
ev o?9 KaTaTrXayel? 6 M war}? tol<; $av/jtao~L, ireideTat direXOelv 

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iraprjyayev o ®eo9, nvold T€ 7rpcoTa /cat irola hevTepa } /cat /cade^rjs. 

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25 /cat T049 lo-parjXtTais, oY avTOiv he /cal iraatv ofiov tol$ dvOpcDTrots, 

otl 7Ti<rro9 rjv tw ©e&> eirl iraatv oh Xeyet /cat irotet, 7rpoofjtaXt^cov 

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z/ol>? /cal Xeyetv, otl AdKTtiXos 0cov 4<mv o^tos. fieTa/3aX(ov ovv ttjv 

■1. dvriyayev LSm. aivaiov L 2 ; 3. iicetviiv LSm. 5. tov om. LSm. 

9. &v0pi0Tros] + w LSm. fityaSL 1 . 15. Atymrrov] Inde sequitur in V wapa- 

ypatp-t). Merd rbv KaraicXvo-fibv k.t.\. (p. 96, 1. 1), et post verbum avatpipovrat (p. 97, 
1. 11) titulusrd Kelfievov. 16. (ism. 17. nade^s] Lacunam hie statuit McCrindle. 
Fortasse irapaypa^ supradicta est inserenda. 22. fyeiv om. m. 23. irapa- 

<rKev&fci\ + yovv m. 25. avrbvY. 26. irpo<rofj.a\lfapV. 27. evirap&deicTOP Lm. 
28. ovvexwpovv re LS, avvexwpovvTb re m. avfipaWeip V 2 . 31. tierapaXeTv L 1 . 

31. Ex. viii. 19. 



(jyvcnv Tcbv vSdrcov el? al/xa, /cat, diroKTeiva^ tou? iyQvas, Kal irdXiv 
to alfia et? fiScop £a>v teal yovifjuov, Kal o-^iaaq irdXiv ttjv 'ILpvOpdv 
Qakaoaav, Kal T6t^tcra<? evdev tcaicelOev epnrpoaQev twv ^laparjXiT&v 
D teal T(ov Alyvirricop, €V7rapd8e/CTO$ rjv avTol? /jletol tclvtcl Xeycov, 
Etirev 6 0€oV r€VT]0i]Ta> a-Tepe'a)p.a cv p.eoru> tov uSa/ros, Kal ftrrai 8iaxa>p(£ov 5 
dvd (xe'o-ov vScitos Kal vSaros, Kal kyivero ovtws. iraXlv TTOirjaa^ GKOTOS 
i<pei~f)$ Tpeiq r)pL€pa<; irapa rots Aiyv7TTLOL<!, iv Be toi<; *Io-par)XLTat,<; 
<£«<?, irdXiv evirapdBeKTOS rjv Xeywv, Kal o-ko'tos r\v eirdvca tijs dpvo-o-ov. 
Kal d-ntv 6 ©eos' revqO^Tco <f>a>$. Kal Sie^upitrcv 6 0t6s dvd p.ecrov tov 
4>(i)tos Kal dvd p.eo-ov tov o-kotovs' Kai v7T€u€TO irpdiTrjv Kal SevTepav io 
Kal rpiT'Tjv rjjJLepav avev Bp6p,ov r)Xiov Kal o~eXrjvr)^ Kal a<TTp(ov, 
\€ya)V, Aiexjutpurtv 6 0€^s avd u&rov tov (Jxotos Kal dvd, u&rov tov o-kotovs. 
141 A elra 1rah.1v il^dyei tovs /Sarpd^ov^ €K tov iroTafiov Kal rovs 
GtcvuTras 6K tt)? yfjs, Kal 7n,arb<i rjv Xeycov, Eforev 6 0«os 'Ega^a-y^rco 
Td vSaTa *|fu)(ds £co<ras, Kal 4y4v€to ovtws" Kai TTaXlv, Etircv 6 0cos 'Ega-ya- 15 
yiro> t] yfj t68« Kal toSc, Kal 4y«v€to ovtws' ofJLOMD<; Kai ra Xonra irapdho^a 
irdvTa. varepov iravT(ov rd irpcoTOTOKa diroKreiva^, ttlctto^ r\v 
Xeytov vaTepov irdvToav y 'Eirofojo-cv 6 0eos tov dvOpuirov. Kal KaOdirep 
etprffiev, irpoirapacTKevd^et, avrbv ttigtov toI<s 'laparjXlTais ifi ol$ 
eXeyev re Kal eirpaTTev, o^eauv opojai ra yevo/ieva. 20 

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Bia fJTjpas rrjv 'QpvOpav 6dXao~o~av, Kal dyayovTO? iirl to %iva 
opo<; y iv a> r\v €Q>paKQ)<; rrjv oirraaiav ttjv Oelav, en Oavfiarovpycov 
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Kal (fxoval aaXiriyycov ovpavoOev rj^ovaSiv iyevovTO, Kal irpo^ai- 25 
vovtcov elf; fiel^ov tjkovovto' Kal dveXXrj Kal yvo(f>(p Kal gkotg> 
eK<poj3i]o-a<5 auTou? ovtcos <f)o/3epd)TaTa, s~w Mcoafj efiirpoadev tov 
Xaov SieXeyeTO eirl t?}? vetyeXr)s. Kal tot€ dveveyKas eirl to opos 
pf rjfAepas irapaaKevd^ei dcriTov Siafieivat,, Kpvyjras iv Trj ve<f>eXrf 
Tpoirov Tiva i!;lo-T7)cnv avTOV TrdvTcov T(bv yrjtvcov, Kal iroiel avTov 30 
irdvT(ov iiriXadeo-Qat Kal tov ijv fiaOcov ck twv KiyvrrTicov, dva- 
yevvSav wairep /S/3€</>09 iv firjTpa, p,eTa re jj! rjixepas 8iafiop(j>cov Kal 

2. irdXiv om. LSm. 10. virepidero L 2 . 14. oGedsom. LSm. 16. rdom. m. 
19. i<p J ] iv LSm. 24. Kairvlfa Lm. 26. Kal 0v£k\y post <tk&t($ ponunt LSm. 
28. d7ro TTJs LSm. opos re jl V. 29. irapaffKevdfei om. LSm. 32. fiera. 

/Z LSm. 

5. Geo. i. 6. 8. Gen. i. 2 — 4. 14. Gen. i. 20. 

15. Gen. i. 24. 18. Gen. i. 27. 



yfrv^Syv avTov, teal fxera ravra diroKaXviTTei clvtq) b'cra re ireiroi'qicev 
ev re tj)? ko<t /jlotto lias ef rj/jbepcus, e7rl eTepai? ef rjfiepais Beitcvvcov 
6Y oTTTacritov avTrjv etceivrjv rrjv tcoo-fioTrouav, Kara irpoaonrov 
epya£op>evo<; to tcad' r)p,epav, olov ev rfj irpcoTrj r)p,epa ovpavov tov 
5 TrpwroVy ical yr\v ol/cov 7ra/j,p,eye67], teal eacuBev avTov vBcop, depa, C 
wvp to dvap,ep,iyp,evov ev Ttj yfj, o~k6to<;, dyyeXovs, v<f> ev aOpoans 
etc tov p/r)Bap,r) fir)$a/j,(i)<; 6W09 TrdvTa Trapayayoov totc (f>covfj 
Xprjo-d/jbevos 7rpo9 iratBeiav tcov dyyeXcav, irapdyei teal to (j)a><; el? 
avTov tov ol/cov, <f)Q)Ticra<; nrdvTa a>9 eirl \vyyov. eiTa ttj BevTepa 

10 f)P>epq etc tov vBcltos tcaTaatcevd^ei to crTepecopba, b avvBel tcaTa- 
/jueaoOev tov irtyovs tov ovpavov, fiepl^ov tcl vBaTa dvcoSev teal 
KaTCoOev fiecoXafiovv. yivovTai ovv y&poi Bvo wcravel dvdyatov 
teal tcaTayatov, wv to p,ev tcaTayaiov rjppoaev eh BiaiTav elvat tw 
OvrjTG) teal Tpe7rTa> ftttp tovto)' to Be dvdyatov tS fxeXXovTi 

15 ddavaTtp teal aTpetTTW ftl(p Trpo^Toifiaaev. 


MeTa to yeveaSat irapa Seov ttj BevTepa r)p,epa to o~Tepeo)/j,a D 
to jxecraaav tov kva ^copov, ical irotrjaav avTov Bvo ^copovs, ovBev 
€Ti irepl ttjs fieWovo-r}? tcaTao-Tacreaxi, TOVTecrTi tov dvcoTepov 

20 %a>pov, fjbeyas Moxjt}? e^rjyrja-aTO, dXXd irdvTa tov Xoyov eTpeyfrev 
irepl TavTrjv tt)v KaTaaTaa-tv, tout&o-tiv tov tcaTWTepov ^copov, 
Xeycov &><? avvrjyayev tcl vBaTa, ical e^rjyayev etc T779 7779 Ta %\&>oa 
/cai Ta fuXa, oyLtota)? tov ovpavov aaTpovs KaTeKocrp^qcrev, ical trdXiv 
etc tcov vBaTcov egtjyayev tcl TTTrjvd ical tcl evvBpa £<*>a, 6p,oL(o<; 

25 irdXtv e/c tt}$ 7779 £a>a epb^jrv^a aXoya ical tov dvdpayirov. eiTa 
irdXtv leeXevaOeU ttjv o~kt^t)v 7roLrjcraL tcaTa p^ip^o-Lv tov tcoo-pov, 
tt)v pbiav o-fcrjvrjv BieXcov Bed tov tcaTaireTdo p,aTO$, eU Bvo Treirovr)- 
tcev, eacoTepav ical egcoTepav, teal et'9 p>ev ttjv egcoTepav BLairavTo? 144 A 
ol iepel? Ta<; XaTpeias eireTeXovv, ayaavel ev to3 teoo-pLco tovtco, eh 

3° Be tt)v ecrcoTepav, el p,r) aVaf tov ivLavTOv /xoz/09 6 ap^iepev^ ovk 
elcrrjpxeTo, (haavel ev t& dvaTepcp %cwoa) ev rot9 ovpavoU- Bid 

1. airb VLS. fierh ravra diroKaX^irrei L 2 m, fierairoKaXijirreL VS. 

2. rrjs] rah rijs L 8 m. ^ irtpats Lm. 3. avrijv om. m. 7. T 6re~\ fidv-p LSm. 

9. rbv om. V. 10. narafxtowdev VL. 11. pepifav V^S. ia. avdyatov 

Kal Kartiyaiov S 1 , avibyeov ical Kardryeov S 2 L, apfryeuv /cai naribyewv m, et sic infra. 
13. wv om. LSm. 17. devrtpav ijfiipav V 2 . 22. X up* V 1 . 23. o/xolus] 

+ KalLm. 25. &a om. LSm. 29. raj Xarpdas ol lepets Lm (sed in L verba 

ol lepecs erasa sunt ante rets). 30. ovk om, LSm. 


rovro teat, aftaros avrols rjv Biarravrbs 17 ecrtorepa a/crjvr), a>? rvirov 
iire^ovaa rcov ovpavlcov. vo/jlovs Be /ecu $dpr\ Kai KoXaarrjpia, Kai 
iraiBeias rots irapa/3aivovcrt,v i^rjyrjadfjbevos KaraXXrjXcos ©609 &v 
eiricrrevOrj e^yrjaaaOai els iraiBeiav CFwreivovra, irapaaKevdaas 
Kai Oav/xarovpyelv, olovel rovs Alyvirriovs Bca(j)6pois irXrjyals Kai 5 
rifioypiais irepi/SaXoiVy ofiouos teal oca ireiroirjKev iv rfj eprjfMp eiri 
rals ap,apriais Kai irapafiaaeai rcov 'laparjXiroiyv, a>9 irdvras 

B dira>Xeaev rovs T779 yeveds eKeivijs, p,r} KaraXetyas e£ avrwv el 
fir} Bvo /cal puovovs, reXos ea^Koas /ecu avrbs avv rfj yeved i/celvrj. 

Toi) Be Aecrirorov Xpicrrot) irapayevofievov iirl crwrrjpla iravrbs 10 
rov /c6<T/jLov, iravaai fiev rrjv irapovaav Kardaraaiv, dvaBel^ac Be 
rrjv fieXXovaav, /cat BiapprjBrjv avrov Ktjpvrrovros rjyyiKevai rrjv 
ftaatXetav ra>v ovpavwv, KaraXXrjXws tc3 Krjpvy/jbarc Kai ra Oav- 
juara ireiroirjKev eiri evepyeala rdov dvdpwircav, fxrjre ev ro crvvoXov 
eiri ri/xcopla dvdpwirov ireiroirjKws, Baifiovcovras iXev6epS>v, voaovv- 15 
ras loofievos, irapeijxevovs pcovvvs, %ft)\ou9 dvopOwv, rv<j>Xo)v dva- 
irXdrrcov 6<f)daXp,ovs, kcdcjxjov Biavolycov aKoas, /jLoytXdXoov airoXvcov 
ras yXcocaas, Xeirpovs tca6alpcov, %rjpovs els evKparov fierafiaXXcov 
ftiov, irrjyds a I fiop pay el<; roov dvdpcoircov diro(ppdrrcov Bvvdjiei, 

O veKpovs Bta<j>Oapevras Kai o^ovras dva%a\K€V(OV f Kai ^dovras Bpo- 20 
jjlov e/cTeXeiv irapaaKevafov, davXovs Orjaavpovs irray^ols evay- 
yeXi^opuevos, irvev/ndrcov (Bias zeal OaXdrrrjs Ov/jlov iirinjirjaet 
Karairavtov, Kai raXXa irdvra direp dp/juoBia rvyyavei rov evayye- 
Xikov Kijpvyfiaros Kai rrjs pueXXovarjs Karao-rdo-ecos' ev avrfj yap 
rfj Karaardaei haifxwv ovk evo'^Xel, dadeveta ov irdpecrTiv, fiaXaKta 25 
(frvyaBeverai, /j,eX&v f3Xd/3r) Kai aKpaaia Kai evBeia, Kai aifiareov 
irrjyal Kai aToi'yeiwv KivqaeiSy /cal eo"^aro<; e^Opbs Odvaros 
dvaipelrai. ravra irdvra Oetopovvrcav r<£v lovBauov, eireiBrj ovyi 
ev arfpeiov elBov avrov ireiroirjKora iirl rifxcopla avOpcoirwv, ei firj 
Bvo jxovov, ovk eiri avdpcoirov Be, aXX* eiri rovs %oi/oou9 /cat rrjv 3° 

D crvKrjv, els aXoya Kai dyfrv^ov, irpbs evBeigtv Kai avrd yevofieva t^9 
avrov Bvvdfiecos, eizeyeipovv eyKaXelv avr<p iraXiv Xeyovres, ©eXojxev 
dird <rov <rT)|i€iov t8«iv, rovriariv ojjloiov M.cocrecos iirl rifMDpva dvOpcoircov 

1. r\v atirois LSm. rbirov V. 2. tx oX} * ' LSm. rb» ovpdviov V 2 . 

3. Geos] avrbs LSm. <2v Lm. 5. oioveis V. 14. In margine ad verba wre 

£v K.T.X habent VS scholium &6a> Kai to. \eybfieva irai.8i.Ka rod Xpiarov \f/ev87j elcrl Kai 
irXAfffiara. 16. diraWdrruu Lm. 19. §iov] + fypavddoas x«pas ei5 irpdrTtav 

LSm. 23. ra a\\a LSm. id. Tre<pvyd5eurai LSm. 28. oixl] otire V. 

32. Matt. xii. 38. 


yivofxevov. 6 Be Ku/cmo? yvovs avTcav ra? evOvfjurfcrei,?, aireKpivaro 
7T/J0? dVTOVS Xey(OV, T £l yeved irovTjpd Kal p,oixaXts. CT|p,€iov €iri£nT€i, Kal 
crjuetov ov 8o0i]<r€Tai avTg, el p/i} r& o-T|U€iov 'Iwvd tov irpo<pT]TOV. WCTirep 
yap e/juecvev 'leovas evBo/juv^cov ev rfj kolXicl tov ktjtow; rpels 
5 r]fjbepa<;, Kal fierd ravra ^wv dBtd(j>6opo<i i^rjXOev, ovtcos Kay on 
TeXevrwv Kal fxevtov ev tyj yfj Tpels rjfiepas, fierd ravra fyov 
a<f)0apTo$ €K v€Kp&v dviarafiai. aXXoTe Be irdXcv ore to <f>pa- 
yeXXcov ck ct^olvlcov eirolrjcrev, Kal e^eftaXev iravra^ Ik tov iepov, 
eXeyov avrS, TC SeiKvveis o-tjpetov on Tavra iroicts; Kairoi 7roXXdov 145 ■& 

io (TTjfieLcov yevofjuevcov irap avrov' 6 Be irdXtv eXeyev avTois Avo-are 
tov vadv tovtov, Kal ev rpio-lv r)p.epais e-yepw avVov, eir afJL<pOTepa)V Ta aura 
airoKpivofievo's^ Xeyco Brj ttjv tov awfjuaro^ eavrov dvaaTacriv, iva 
eLTrrj/'Orav IBrjTe fie eK veKpwv dvtcTTdfievov, Kal eirl ovofiari /xov 
Ta davfjuara ytvojieva, rore yvcoaeaOe ttjv rjfierepav Bvvafjbtv Kal 

15 tov rjfjueTepov evayyeXio-fiov, oti rj ip,}) irapovala ovk eirl Tifjuopla 
to)V dv0p(D7TCDV ylveTat, dXX* eirl ttj dvacrTaaet Kal ttj dOavaala 
Kal ttj d<j)6apcriq Kal ttj aTpeirTOT^Tt Kal ttj fj,aKapioT7)Tt rf) 
irapeyoyievri tois dvOpwirois. KaraXXtfXax; ovv d>v eBlBacrKev Kal 
Ta arjfjbela elpyd^eTo. tovto Be avrb Kal 6 M.aT0a2o<; BrjXoi Xeycov 

20 OVTCOS, Kal irepiTj-yev 6 Tqo-ovs toLs -rroXeis Kal Tas K<6p,as, 8i8do-K&»v ev Tats B 
o-vva-ywYats avT<3v, Kal KTjpvo-crcav to EvayyeXiov rr\<s pacriXeias, Kal eepa-irevtov 
•nwav voVov Kal irdcrav fj.aXa.Kiav, iva eLTTrj, AvaXoya (OV eKT)pVTTev 
Oav/iaTa epya£op,evos. 6 Be 'Icodvvrjs 6 evayyeXiarrj^ ovtoos (fyrjaiv, 
OTL II0XX0I tc5v fjtaOTjTcov avTov dirrj\0ov els Ta dir£o"a>, Kal ovkcti u,6t avTov 

25 irepieTraTovv. e'X.CYev ovv Kal avTos tois 8w8eKa Mi) Kal vp.eis Oe'XeTe direXOeiv; 
6 8e IleTpos Ta^vTaTa Ik irpoo-wirov irdvTtov d7roKpiv6p.evos c'ciSt], Kvpie, irpos 
T^va aTreXevo-opeOa ; prp.aTa £wtjs alwviov ^ts' Kal i]p.€is Tr€irio-TevKap,ev, oti 
o-^ et 6 dyios tov 0eov. tovto Xeycov Kai avTos, f Airep r}p,d<$ Bt,Bdo-Kei<;, 
opw/juev Kal Be epycov irapa aov ytvo/jueva • eirayyeXXr) yap fffiiv C 

30 ^corjv Kai ^aatXetav alooviov, Kal irdvra tcl ytvo/jueva irapd crov eh 
farjv to)v dvOpwiTWv op&fjbev avvTeivovTa. 7ra>9 ovv e^ofiev ere 

1. w om. m. 5. d5id00o/)os] &<p6apTos L. 6. /xerai/ra V 1 . 8. ireiroi-qKe 

LSm. 17. avrov LSm. 13. iwl to 6v6(j.aTi V 2 . 16. tG>v om. LSm. 

18. o$v w\ owwv ( = ovpavu>v) V. c5v om. m. 23. <f>r)<riv oOtus LSm. 

25. EXeyev — avrbs] etirev odv 6 'Irjtrovs m. 28. atrros] + 8n LSm. 2q. e-rray- 

7A17 V, ivayy^\€i US, iwayytXkeis m. 30. alwviou] iirovpdviop LSm. 

2. Matt. xii. 39. 9. John ii. 18. 10. John ii. 19. 

20. Matt. ix. 33. 24. John vi. 66—69. 


KaTaXeiireiv, Kal irep(p irpoaKoXXaaOai ; r) fiepl? ovv r)fxwv (xeTa 
gov io~Tiv, Kvpie 'Irjaov ~KpcaT€. dfjbrjv. 

airoprj(T€Lev K av Tt9 Xeywv, Udo<; firjBe ev ai/Tov trijfiefov 

7T67r0l7]fC0T0<; 7T/0O9 TlfJLGOplaV dvOpCOTTCOV, KaddlTep €(j>7)<;, to <j)pa- 

yeXXiov Xaftwv, eTviTTycrev tov$ ev tco vatp ttwXovvtgl*;, Kal efe- 5 
fiaXev etc tov lepov; 'AIIOKPISIS • yfrevBo^ to Xeyofievov ovtc 
6TV7TTr)<T€v yap oA.ft>5 avdpccnrov, aXXd Sav^ao-Trj teal irpeirovarj Kal 
afco\ov0a> Tagei eyjpr)GaTo* Ta yap aXoya /nova eTvirTyaev, &>? 
yeypaTTTat,, Kal iroi^o-as cppa-y&Xiov Ik <rxoivfo>v, ^paXcv irdvTas U tov 
Upov, tci re irpopaTa Kal tovs poas, tva e'Lirrj, oti TavTa a>9 e/JAJrvya 10 
fiev, akoya Be, eTvirTqa-ev, direXavvGiv irdvTa etc tov lepov Ta Kal 
7rpoo-<f>ep6p,€va et<? dvalav /caTa v6(jlov, BrjXwv Kal Bid tovtov 
iraveaOai tt)v 'lovBa'iKrjv KaTacTaaiv. Ta Be dyfrv^a Kal aval- 
D adyTa oldrjcrev Kal KaTeaTpetyev, a>? yey panrTai, Kal t«v KoXXvpio-T«v 
€^€X€€V Ta K^puara, Kal Tas Tpaire^as KaW<rTpe|f6v. tov<S Be XoyiKOW ovBe 15 
eTVTTTrjaev, ovtc ^oOrjaev, dXXd Xoyat eiraiBevaev, g>9 yey pairTau, Kal 
ro?9 tt&Xovo-iv Ta9 TrepiaTepds elirev "ApaT€ Tavro IvtcvOcv, Kal uij ttowit* 
tov oIkov tov IlaTpos aov oIkov 4p.irop£ov, Bta iravTODV BrfXwaas, otl Ta 
7rpoo-<f)€p6/jLeva ev ttj TrpcoTrj o-kijvtj KaTa vojjlov eh Qvcriav, iravQr)- 
aovTai, €T€pa Be Tt9 KaTao~Taai<i avTeiaaydyaeTai, dpp,o%ovcra ttj 20 
148 A eo-coTepa crKrjvf,, rjTis Kal TV7ro<; r)v tqjv ovpavicov, TovTeo~Tiv tt)? 
fieXXovo~r)<; KaTaaTacreays. eKeivfov Be twv 'lovBalcov, aicrOofievwv 
(w? tt)v iravXav Tr}<? 'lovBa'iKrj? KaracrTdo-ecos avTols yvtTT€TO, eire- 
^tjtovv a\)TOV XeyovTes, TC SeiKvvcis o-tjimov, oti TavTa iroiets ; Be irp6<i 
avTovs dpixoBiays ef avTov tov irpoKetp^evov alviyp^aTcoBoo^ iroiycreiv 25 
eTTTfyyelXaTo, Xeyco Br} tyjv KaTnXvcriv tov vaov, Kal tt)v avaKaLviaiv 
avTov, oti r) fiev KaTaXvais tov vaov, r\yovv tov awfiaTO^ avTov, 
KaTaXvals eo~TLV tov Koa/juov tovtov r) Be dvaKaivio~i<$ Kal dXXayr) 
tov vaov, rjyovv tov o~wp,aTo<; avTov, dvdBei%L<$ t?}<? p,eXXovar)<s KaTa- 
t7Tcf(7€ft)9. diroo~dt)^eTai ovv p,oi> 6 X0709, <w ovto<;, a>9 oti TiiroTe ov 30 
ireiroL7)Kev ivrl TOfiaypla dvOpcoirov, dXX' eirl evepyearia koBcl Kal 

1. KaTokiirew LS. j{\ Kal y\ Lm. 3. 5' om. LSm. 4. £<p-q LSm. 

6. \f/€v8h LSm. 7. d(\ws] + tov m. 10. ws] ovv LSm. 11. tt&vto. 

om. LSm. 15. rd xip/ia LSm. ov8e] otire LSm. 16. \6yqi] cL\oya LSm. 

20. dvTtdod^fferai V 2 . 26. itreyyelXaTO V, iirriyyvaTo L 2 m, iinryyveiTo L X S. 

30. 6 om. L^m. ovk iTrolriffev LSm. 31. Kada om. LSm. 

9. John ii. 15. 14. John ii. 15. 17. John ii. 16. 

24. John ii. 18. 


aVTO? krepcoOt j3oa Ov yap (MrrciXcv 6 Uarr]p tov Ylov, Hva KpCvfl tov B 
koo-jiov, dXX* tva <ra>0fj 6 koct(j.os Si' avVov. 

To Keifievov. 

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Kal Traidevuv LSm. 27. tCjv 81a] to 8ta LSm. 32. iirio-TeWe S. 

1. John iii. 17. 25. Luke x. 18. 


Mi\ v€o<J>vtov, iva. jnj rv<|)ai06Vs eis Kptua Kal iro/yC8a cuweoTj tov 8tapo'Xov, 
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Kal alo-drjTrjv Kal aXoyov, Kal ttjv dXXrjv dbparov Kal voepdv Kal 30 
XoyiKrjv Ta he aWa irdvTa eK Ttav ovtcdv iraprfyaye, hod tovtov 

1. Kal Trayida om. m. z. 8id(3o\os rv(fxadels] diafioOeis V 1 . tVa fir] iradri 

om. LSm. 3. dirdaroXos] + rb LSm. 11. Kal om. m. eavrols V 1 . 

12. 6iom. m. 18. aoparus] + evdim LS, +6 0e6s m. 20. irapayaybv— 
ovtos om. V. 25. iravres] + oi m. 26. rdv om. Lm. 

1. 1 Tim. iii. 16. 5. Gen. iii. 5. 16. Gen. i. 5. 

18. Gen. i. 3. 24. Job xxxviii. 7. 


irdXiv BiBd^at avrovs irpoOepbevos, &)? auro? etrj irdvT(OV tlov 
kt io~ fidrcov dXoycov re /cal Xoyi/ccov, alaOrjTcov /cal votjtcov, oparcav 
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ovpavov iir otyecriv ai/Tcov, irrj^as i/c tcov vBaTcov tcaO* ofioLOTrjTa 
tco ecBei tov irpcoTOv ovpavov. kcli irdXtv Bia tovtov iBiBdcr/covTO, 


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avTrjv yrjv ttjv £rjpav 6vop,ao~as, cos Aeo~7roT?79 ovofia avTrj TeOeo/ccos, 
coairep real to aTepecofia i/cdXecrev ovpavov. elra i^ayet, e/c Trjs 7179 
cnrepfiaTa ica\ floTavas koX irav ^Xcopbv ko\ %vXa BiBdcr/ccov cos 

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dyvtbfAoves irepl tov ireiroL^/coTa, eirl ttj ireTricrTevfiivrj avTols irapa 
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/cal ttj irpoaovarj Bvvdfiet, /cal Xoyco <j)Vcra>fievoi, tt]v Trpoepyop.evqv B 

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eavTov<; el? tovto avTop,aTco<; irpoeXOelv, Xeyco Brj 6 Bid/3oXo<; 6 ttjv 
e^ovatav tov depos iricrTevQels, /cal eTcpot avv avTco erepa ireiTi- 

4. y\v\ ovv L 2 m. 12. aOrV] + ttjv m. avry Svofxa Lm. 16. ££tjs Lm. 

21. a/ta — Stfvetv om. m. 25. awoKavovaiv V. 28. vpoaeXddvres V 2 . 

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LSm. 34. TreirKjTev/j.fros LSm. 


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j. TrpoffKijvr}(rlv re Kal TtfiTjv L,Sm. 6. rbv om. m. 7. irepl to ttjv m. 

9. Tri^TrT-rfl + Tiixipa LSm. 5ia<popa om. m. 11. irdpTaj + ra, LSm. 13. t« 
t£ws SL 1 . 17. aiiTov LSm. 19. 5^ m. 22. vepUxovvt m. 25. 7) <re\r)vr) m. 
27. Kal els} els (om. Kal) L 2 m. 28. diairepovaiv V. 29. drjfiiovpyrjdhTes 

om. U*m. &vdp(airoL L 1 S. 30. els] + r6 L 2 m. 


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1. els ora. LSm. virovpywu Vm. Fortasse inrovpyodv. irbcw L 2 m. irXfoip 
L 2 m. z. els to irorl^eiv LSm. 3. Kai aKapiruv om. LS, Kai aK&pjruv £{>\u)v 

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fieydXa om. m. aurwv V. re] tc LSm. 26. ivijv airobs LSm. 31. d\6yov 

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20. yfiipav om. LSm. 22. iXeivev VL*S\ 23. to]+i» LSm. 26. irifurrgV. 
30. ttws om. LSm. 

10. Luke xv. 7. 


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Kal epweTa, to irav crtofxa irepl ttjv yrjv elXovfieva, ovTe ev ef avTtov 

1. TjfjLipg. ova. LSm. 1. <rvvd\f/as LSm. 3. tols (pcoffrrjpat L 2 m. tov 

ovpavov VL 2 m. 9. t^ om. LSm. rbv toijtov m. 10. avv'] iv US. 

13. Kal Troi^ffcj/j.€v r65e om. LSm. 15. TrpotcaTefidWeTo m. 20. avrQv Lm. 

ypdfjLfiaros LSm. 23. avrb L 1 . 

21. Gen. i. 1. 25. Rom. i. 23. 


Bvvarai rbv ovpavbv Karorrreveiv. ITAAIN. rd Trrrjvd irdvra, 
BiiroBa ovra, teal fiecrov tov o-cofiaTO? rovs 7roo\z9 dvaXoyw? eypvra, 

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6 avOpwTTos ovx ap,a tov 6r[Xeo<$ yeyovev, dXXd p,ovwTaro<;, eW 

3. TT€T6fJi€va LSm. 8. uv om. m. els] eV V. 16. ipy&fravrat m. 

17. &vvfivoQ<riv VUS, dvvfivQ(riv (-ovaiv L X S) fiera \6yov LSm. 56vra LS 2 !!!. 

24. tV om. V 1 . 25. oiVJoV 1 . 30. napirdv US. 36. ov perk tov V 2 . 


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KaTeXOelv eV tov opovs 1 . 

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10. iavrov] avrov V. 12. virayayCav m. I3 . ^ a \e LSm. 

iivyuatv m. 91. vpoaKovaat V. 27. Ka L om. LSm. T G>v om. LSm. 

30. ivTavda—Wvwip-} Haec verba in textu post verbum Spovs, titulo vapaypa^ 
premisso, in V inveniuntur: in margine autem ut <r X ^ov in LS. iyypifm 

8e£dfievoi L. 

16. Gen. ii. 23. 22. Gen. ii. 18. 


Etra fjuera tclvtcl irpocnaTTei avTqj X/cqvrjv eirLTeXeaat Kara 


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/cat, 8e/ea to 7r\aT09, Kal /j,eo-oXaj3i]cra<; KaTaireTaa'/na fiecroOev, iroiel 5 
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vov tt)v OdXaaaav, tov Xeyo/juevov 'ilfceavov. etTa Kal irept^ tovtov 
161 A irdXtv kvkXw o~Tecf)dv7)v TraXatcnov, o-rjjMaivova-av ttjv irepav yrjv, 

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tov ovpavov tov irpcoTov tov KafiapoeiBov^ to?9 aKpois T779 7^9 
irdvTodev eirepeiBeTav. etTa Kal tt)v Xvyyiav eh to votiov fiepos 
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tov9 <f>coo~Tr)pa<; irdvTa<; o-rj/jbaivovcriv. fieTa Be to KaTaireTao-fia 20 
7] BevTepa %KV)vr}, 97 Xeyop,evrj " Ayta dyi(ov, Kal r) /«/3&>to9 tov 
fiapTVpiov, Kal to iXacrTijpiov, Kal virepdvoa Xe/30f/3t/A Bogrj? KaTa- 
aKtd^ovTa to lXao~T7]piov. tvitos iaTlv, KaTa tov ^ AiroaToXoVy tcov 
ovpavi(ov dirb tov o-TepecofiaTos eirl tov dvcorepov ovpavov, wairep 
dirb tov KaTaireTaa fjuaTOS ea>9 tov to'i^ov T779 iaooTepas aKrjvf}?, 25 
B Troiovcra tov e&coTepov y&pov x . 

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repos TravToav tuv crvyypcKpicov eoTtv 6 Mcavarjs. 

5. Zffudev Lm, 6. i) 5Z devripa LSm. 8. tov opufihov Kb<rp.ov LSm. 

10. denaSuo LSm. II. Zx ovaa (fX ^ " 7 ? 5 m TravToSairovs LSm. 12. deKa86o LSm. 
15. Kal tarty LSm. 18. 5£ om. m. 19. £ir'] iv V 1 . 22. x^po^^ V 1 . 

Karaada^ov V (corr. prima manu). 23. a tuttos L 2 . 24. iirl rbv — KaTaireTdfffiaros 
om. L. 27. Hanc wapaypa(f>7)v habent Vm in textu post verbum x&P ov \ LS in 

margine ut ox^ l0V ' Mwcr^s] juwi/cr^j iyivero LS. Kal] ws L. 29. iarlv] + avrbs LS. 
MwVo-rjs] + in (fin SL 1 ) 5e Kal 6 fxiyas ' ASavdaios iv r% ipiaKoar% ivdrr) aurov eopraa- 
tlktJ, 'ivda Kavovlfci (Kapov- S) tt}v ypacpyv, Kal avrbs tcl 8fioia Xiyei, 8tl irpb Muvaios 
(-ws S) oi>K rjo-av ypd/ipaTa LS. Post MwuV^s habet m titulum To Ketfxevov. 

W. 8 


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5 virb tov ®eov, avyypd<j)ei ttjv fiiftXov ttjs Teveo-eco?, Xeycov 'Ev dpxtf 
lirodjo-cv 6 0€os tov ovpavov, Kal ti^v -yTjv, dp^rjv yeveaeax; kogjmov irapd C 
®€Oi) yivofiivrjv ft>9 TrepieKTiKO)v 7rdvT(ov virapyovTOiv Kal evBoOev 
ovtcov irdvTcov tcov Xoittwv KTCo-fiaTcov, wvrrep a/j,a avTOis /cat cov fieTa 
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io ttjs TrpadTTj? Kal eft>? T779 k'fCTJ)? TeXeo~a<; irdvTCL to. evBov virdp^ovTa 
ovpavov Kal 777?, Kal ttj e(BB6fir) KaTairavaavTa tov ®ebv elpTjKcos 
Kal firjBev ipyaadfxevov, Bid to ireifXrjpcdaOai irdo-av Ttjv KTiaiv, 

Kal fit} XeiTTeiV Tl TTJ KaXXlO~Tr) dpfJLOVLa TOV KOG/lOV, TOT€ TTcCklV 

iiri<\>epei Avttj ij p£(3\os ovpavov Kal -y^s, dpK€Tov rjyqadfievo^ irdvTa 

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avTOis, Kal tjj tpSofxfj KaWiravo-ev diro irdvTcov twv '4pyu>v avTOv, tov Tj'pfjaTo D 

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elal irdvTa tov ovpavov Kal 7-779 7^9, Kal oti irpb tcov £' rjfiepwv 

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fjuapTvpov/xevov Kal Bo^aoSevTO^, iv fjuev Tjj UaXaid virb tov %eov> 
iv Be t9) Nea virb tov *Kpio~Tov y Kal eTepcov Be Oeofyopwv irpo^Ttav 
Kal aTTOGToXtov Gvv\xapTvpovvT(iyv avTQ) irepl 7rdvTcov irepi re t&v 

3. a-vyyevevatp VL ] S. 6. dpxh V 1 . 7. irepieKTiKyv it&ptuv virdpxovaav V 2 . 

16. iTTolyvev — i^8ofijj] avvertXecre, Kal m. 25. x^P as m « 2 9- otipavwv m. 

30. fieydXov om. V 1 - 

5. Gen. i. 1. 14. Gen. ii. 4. 16. Gen. ii. 3. 

26. Ex. xxv. 40. 


o-Xflfiarcw T?j? /crto-eo)? dirdcrr)^, tcaOdirep iv toj irpo tovtov Xoy<p 
irapeOrjKapev, Kal irepl avTrj? jf}? KTiaeoy^ Kara irdvTa avp(f>a>vovv- 
tq)v ai/Tw, tl<; ovto) crteaid? Kal r)Xi0io<; teal ireTrXao-pevos, paXicrTa 
tcai ovop,a%(ov eavTov Xpiariavov, diriarija'etev rrj ToaavTr) dXrjdela 
teat vepa papTvpla, Kal ov%l paXXov /cinjra? eh yyv ivrpair^cerat 5 
tov O'xKov tcov papTvpi&v, rrjv i/cXoyrjv, rd$ d7roKaXvyjrei<;, ttjv 

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■i. irdXiv om. LSm. 10. tov 6\va.Trobi.<xfxbv (VS ?) m. AvairodlaavTos m. 

11. 8wpa om. m. 14. vaiSuv om. m. 7/] Kal m. 15. tt)\ikovtov] + t6j' LSm. 
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m, TTTOc/naTos twv L 2 . 28. TreTropdevfxivyjv V. 29. Haec irapaypatp-q in 

textu cod. V post verbum ivavrtovs (1. 9) legitur, codd. LS autem in margine habent, 
m post verbum 'Efe/c^ inseruit. Trapaypatprj] om. L, ax^ov S. 30. o-rjuelov] 

+ to{)tov L. "EfcicLov] + T6 Kelfizvov m. 


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7779, Kal tcov TreTpwv /cal tov vaov to /caTaireTacriJba Biappayiv ; 10 
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tov ovpavov, dirb T779 7779 ecos tov aTepeobfiaTOS, Kal irdXiv ttjv iv tco 20 
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2, 9 

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irapd8o£a Kal peyaka 6avp.aTa Ka\ al 7rpopprjo-eLs- fj di-ioTrio-Tia UXaTcovos, Kal 30 

168 B 'ApioroTeXovr, Ii.ToXep.aiov Kal tcov \olttcov, ck \jrr)<pcov yivcoo-KCiv eKXeiytv rjXiov 
Kal o~€\tjvt]? } e'lye Kav ovtcos akrjBeva'coo'iv. 

4. iirl] + tov LSm. 9. 777 ffe\-qvr} L 2 m. 17. aX om. V. ep&vvvov LSm. 

20. Kal om. LSm. 24. Haec verba post airoKaTiaT-qaev (1. 8) in V, titulo irapaypa<j>i) 
praemisso, leguntur: in LSm post o-eXfyrjs sine titulo. veofxrjvla L 2 m. 26. Haec irap. 
habet V in textu post verbum X/h(tt6s (1. 17), LS ut ax^ L0V ad verba T ^) v yevopArrpr 2k- 
\ei\j/w (1. 8), m in textu post bireppalvei. 27. rd iradbs L. 28. S\m L. 4%e\ei.irev V . 
29. i} a£ioTn<rria — aXrjdetcrbxriv] Cum praecedente wap. coniunguntur haec verba in cod. 
V j in LS ut scholium ad verbum 'AiroardXov inveniuntur. 31. 'ApwTOTeXovs] 

+ /ccuL. Xot7rwv] + TO L. 32. a\r)dev<rov<riv SL 1 , aXrjdetiovatv L 2 . 

2. Matt. viii. 29. 6. Matt. xiv. 30. 


Kat ravra fiev tov? rore dvOpcoTrovs yivofieva irapeaKevaaav 
ireldecrOai Kal irepl tcov TrpopprjaecDV r\fias he ai i/cpa<rei<; twv 
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riocraKis fiO^Xtjo-a «rLo-vva-ya-y€iv r& T€Kva «rov, ov Tpoirov cirio-vvd-yei opvis tows 
veoao-ovs vtt6 tAs irripvyas, Kal ovk ^SeX^o-aTc. 'ISov d<pi€Tcu 6 oIkos vjawv 
gpi)u.os. elra diro^rfvafievov aifTov kcltcl tov vaov, ol fiaOrjTal 

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els oIktov clvtov Kivrjo-cocri, Kal Tr)v epeovrjv tt)v Kara tov vaov 
avaKaXecrrjTai' rjhecrav yap Kal eiricrTevov iravTa Ta irpoXaXov- 
fieva Trap* avTOv yivetrQai. 6 he yvovs 77-00? avTOvs <f>r)criv BXcVctc 

I c iravTa Tavra ; dp.f|v X£ya> vji.iv, ov p,f| cL<f>cOf) X£0os lirl XCGov, os ov KaTaXvOi]- 
o-€Tai. eKeivoi Be cpoftrjdevTes, rftrvyacrav, fir\KeTi elirovTes tl irepl 
tovtov. eK tot€ ovv iXdovTes ol fi Pcofiaioi, Kal tov vaov Kal Trjv 
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yevofievas. BicoKOfxevoi ydp iroTe irdvv ol ILpia'Tiavol i% *¥Xkr)V(ov 
Kal 'lovSaloov, veviKr\Kaai Kal tovs StooKOVTas els eavTovs ei\Kvo~av. 169 A 
30 6/jlolcos Kal ttjv ^KKXrjo-lav iroTe fir) KaTaj3aXXofievr)V } dXXa, irXrjOv- 
vofievrjv, Kal ofioloos iraaav ttjv yfjv Trjs SiBao-KaXias tov AeairoTOV 
Xpio"ToO 7rXr]pa)0elaav, Kal eVt irXrjpovfievqv, Kal to JLvayyeXtov 

I. to Kelfievov. Kal m. 7. ra vocrala. eavrijs m. 8. a<f>leTai] + vfuv m. 

12. Kivf}<jov<nv V 1 . 13. XaXov/xeva LSm. 15. dfaOfj] + t55e 111. ov] + fXT] m. 

16. n] to m. 17. ol om. m. 24. TrXtjaOrio'eo'dai rijs a&rov LSm. 26. Krjpvx- 
077<reTai LSm. ov] + £>v L. 28. irdvv om. LS. 30. 7rore /at}] fxrjSirrore L. 

31. bfxolw] + de LS. 

7. Matt, xxiii. 37, 38. 11. Matt. xxiv. 1. 14. Matt. xxiv. 1. 

22. John xvi. 33. 22. Matt. xvi. 18. 24. Matt. xiii. 33. 

26. Matt. xxiv. 14. 


/crjpvTTOfievov iv oXqy to3 Koa-fxtp' oirep iv irXeioai tottols Trapcbv 
IBcov teal /JL€fia6r)K<0<; &>9 eVt T779 dXrjOela? dirayyeXcb. 

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ireXayos ea-riv, KaX i/cKXijo-ia XpiaTiavayv icrTiv eVet KaX fcXrjpi/col 
Kai ttlo-toI, ovk olBa Be el KaX irepanepayy ojioiay^ teal eh ttjv Xeyo- 5 

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o/xoiw? KaX iv rfj vrjo-a* rfj /caXov/juevr) Aioo-KoplBovs Kara to avrb 
IvBikov ireXayos, evOa KaX ol 7rapoiKovvre<; * EXX^vlo-tX XaXovciv, 
irdpotKOi t6)v YlToXefJualoyv roiv fxera ' AXeljavBpov rov M.atce86va to 
VTrapftovrcov, KaX KXrjpLKOt elatv €K UepcriBos ^eiporovovfievov KaX 
irefiirofievoi iv to*9 avrodi, KaX XpiariavoX TrXrjdos' rjv vrjaov 
irapeirXevaa fiev, ov KarrjXOov he iv avrfj' o~vveTV%ov Be avBpdo~i 
tcjv iKei ^KXXtjvco-tX XaXovaiv, iXOovaiv iv rfj AlQioirLa. o/jlolco? 
Be KaX iirX Ba«Tpoi9, tcaX Ovvvois, KaX TLepaai*;, KaX Xoiiro2<$ 'IvBot?, 15 
KaX Hepaap/jLeviois, KaX M^Sot?, KaX \E\a/UTat9 KaX Tracy tjj %<&pa 
WepaiBos KaX iKKXri<Tiai aireipoi Kai iiriaKoiroi, KaX XptcrTiavoX 

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ofioicos Be KaX iirX ttjv AiQioirlav, A^cofirfv re KaX iracrav rrjv 
rreptveopov, "A/m/3a? re tou9 QvBat,fiovas, tou9 vvv KaXovfievov? 20 
'OfjLrjpiTas, iraaav 'Apaftiav KaX TLaXaLo~TLvi)v f <Pocvlkt)v re KaX 
iracrav Svplav KaX *AvTi6%eiav f^e^pt Mecro7roTayLua?, Noy6aTa9 re 
KaX Tapafidvras, AtyvirTov Kai Aiftvrjv KaX HevTairoXiv, 'AcftpiKrjv 
KaX ^Aavpiravtav ea)9 YaBeLpcov, tcl irpbs votov Travra^ov iKKXt\(riai 
XpicrriavSiV elart, KaX iirio-Koiroi, fjudprvpeg, p,ovat ) ovTe^ ) rjav^aaraX 25 
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oyu,ota)9 irdXiv JJLiXiKiav, 'Acriav, YLainraBoKiaV) AatyKrjv, KaX Ylovrov, 
KaX tcl vTrepfiopeca p>epr\ HkvOwv, KaX 'TpKavwv, 'T&povXXav, B01A,- 
ydpcov, 'FiXXaBtKGJV re KaX 'IXXvpicov, AaXfidrcov, Tordcov, ^Trav&v, 

D'Peofiaiayv, Qpdyycov, KaX Xocttcov edvwv p^e\pi rcov YaBeiptov rov 3° 
'Xl/ceaz/oO Kara to ftopeiov fiepos, TriaTevaavrmv KaX KarayyeX- 
Xovrcov to KuayyeXiov rov X.pLo~rov, KaX ttjv avdo-rao-iv ttjv i/c 
veKpoov ofioXoyovvrcov. KaX TrXiypovfjievas opcofiev ret? irpopprio-eis 

eh irdvTa rov koo~\iov. 

2. eWov V 2 . d7ra77cXw post fAe/xadTjicios ponunt LSm. d7ra77^X\w m. 

6. KaXiavaV. II. vir&pxovTes LS. 12. XpurTtav&v Lm. 20. dppa^as L 2 . 

2i. appafilav IA UaXacffrtvas V. 12. vufidras LSm. 24. rd] tlov 

McCrindle. 28. Kai om. LSm. 29. TSdduv V. IffwavQu V 2 L 2 m. 


Tloto? Ideate part]?, rj YivOayopa^, rj UXareov, rj ' ApierroreXrjs, rj 
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27. <bs om. LSm. 28. 8e om. LSm. valv L 2 m, vcltju S. 

28. Gen. iv. 16. 


hiairavTo^ viol tov %eov eicakovvTO' ol he irepi tov Kd'iv, a>9 
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4. Ted7] P LU)fj.ti>r}v V 1 . t6. X^yet LSm. 18. 'Iw/SeX] om. V, 96/3eX L 2 m. 

19. 5 A5as L^. 20. 'Iou/3aX] vv ov(3a\ V, vlov ou^SaX L l S. 'Iw/3eX] 96j8eX m. 

22. 9a>/3eX LS. ^XXas LS. 23. re om. LSm. 33. re k6<thov <?<rrl Lm. 

17. Gen. iv. 7. 19. Gen. iv. 20. 21. Gen. iv. 21. 

22. Gen. iv. 22. 


Te^vcbv Kal €7rt(TT7]fjLr)<; XoyiKrjs ; pur) 01/0-779 yap XagevTiKrjs Kal 
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1. Kal t€ktovikt}s om. LSm. 3. <pv\a.KT)}> LSm. woXireiau m. 4. 8dev m. 
6. rifJLveiv] + rots m. J 2. €vp^<ruffiv m. 13. Kpdrruv V 1 , Kpetrrov LS. 

16. t&v irpibrwv m. 17. ai] del m. 26. Kara<puyeiv V. 28. Kal /cara- 

ffKev&friv om. V. 30. afa\oO/j.ei>oi V. 31. iytvero LSm. 32. ofo>] + 7ap 

Lm. dpvidwv LSm. 

19. Sirach i. 1. 22. Gen. i. 1. 


fiev i/c cnrepfiaroSy ra Be ef wS)v ; Kal el tovto dXrjOh, dfia tc5 
®ec3 dvQpoairoi Kal opvcOes, 6K o-irepfiaTo^ Kal G)ov, rjaav, rj ovk 
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IO -n-pocrwTrov tt]S yfjs, opicras irpoo-TEra'yfievovs Kaipovs, Kal -rds 6po0€O"Cas ttjs 
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tov irapaheiaov. 

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d/jbij^avov elirelV) el firj Ik Oeias diroKaXv'tyecos Ti? I^ddr), r) e'/c t&v 
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1 . ra] ol S, 6 L 1 . -i. cooCJ + wvV, + c5v LS (fortasse in archetypo wov scriptum 
est), +^m. 5. vwoKvxpovai L 2 m. 7. rod 'ATroardXov L 2 m. dpefy 

Tr&yy V 2 LS. 8. yijs K6p(.o$ vir&pxuv m + otiic iv x^poTronf}TOLS uaols KaroiKei, oiidk 

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7}] ego, ei V, /cai LSm. 12. /ccdrorye m. 20. Kpelrrop LS. 26. 7fy> ^] V 2 , 

7a 77 V 1 , 7<xp LSm. 

6. Gen. i. 26. 7. Acts xvii. 24 — :28. 


7rpo<j>rJTat, Ae<77TOT?7? Xpto"T09 real 01 airoaToXoi, &>9 7roA,\a/et9 
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d<f>C€Tai, to els irapaXaupdvcTai iva elirr} ev rco ovpavw, feat ets 

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D Kvpfov o-ov, (ocavel €t9 tov ovpavov Kal irdXtv, IIoXXol dtr6 dvaToXwv 15 
Kal 8v<rpa>v ^ovcriv, Kal dvaxXiG^jo-ovTai p-crd ' Appadp, Iv rf pao~iXe£a tov ©eov ' 
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to iroXfrrevua Iv ovpavois virapx^i, 4£ ov Kal StoT-qpa direKSexopeGa Kvpiov 20 
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pavtois Iv XpurTcp 'Itjo-ov* /cat ITaXiVj KaTa o-kottov 8iwko> ds to ppapciov 
ttjs dvw kXt^o-cws" /cat ira\iv, *H 8c dvw 'IepovaraX^p. IXevGlpa Io-tIv, fJTis 25 
IotIv aTJTT)p irdvTcov T]p.wv" /cat TTakiV, "09ev, dSeXtpol d-yiot KXf^o-ea>s e-irovpaviov 
p^TOXot* «at 7ra\iv, Ovkctu i<rrk glvoi Kal irdpoiKoi, dXXd omviroXtTai twv 
d*y£a>v, Kal oLkcioi tov ©cov* /cat TTaXtv, HCtrrti 'Appadp. TrapwKT]o-6V els tt^v 
7fjv ttjs etrcLyyektas, ws dXXoTptav, Iv o-Kt)va£s KaTOiKirjo-as uerd 'Io-aaK Kal 

5. KaTcuywv V 2 , Karwycuov Lm. dvuyaiov m. 6. x&P 0V om ' m « 

8. -yafilfovrai m. 01776X01] + rou m. GeoO om. V 1 . 9. roS om. m. 

iniXo', ^pet LSm. 10. /cara/SoXrJs] + roO m. 13. rb eTs — &<pleTcu om. m. 

17. 5e 2 om. LSm. 21. 'Iijaovv ] + Xpiardu m . 22. etirepV 2 . 26. Travruv 
om. m. 

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'IaKwp Tiov o-vvkXtjpovouwv ttjs avVfjs* efjeSexETO "ydp T1 h v T0V S 0«u«X£ovs «'x ovorav 
iroXiv, t^s t€xv(ttjs Kal Sijiuovp-yos 6 0€<js * /cal iraXtv, Kal ei a«v UeLvt]* B 
ep.vT][x6ve\)o-av, d<f>' ^s €|€pr]o-av, ct^ov dv Kaipov dvaKapJ/ai' vvv 8e Kpcfrrrovos 
opc-yovrai, tovt«ttiv errovpavtav. 8io ovk kiraurjfyvtrai avTOvS 6 0*6s, 0cos 
5 €iriKaX€i(r9at avTtSv* i]To£uao-ev Kal "ydp avTOis iroXiv* Kdi irdXcv, 'AXXd irpoa-e- 
Xt]Xv0ar£ Siwv opei Kal iroXei 0€ov £<Svtos, 'Icpovo-aX-fiji iirovpav£a>, Kal |tvpido-iv 
a-yycXuv iravTVYvpci, Kal 'EkkXtjo-Coi irpwroTOKtov diro-yE-ypauue'vttv iv ovpavols, Kal 
KpiTtj 0«<5 irdvTwv, Kal irvevuao-i SiKaCuv tcteXciwjxcVuv, Kal SiaOrJKijs veas p-ta-iTT] 
'I-qo-oiJ, Kal aifiaTL pavTurjiov, Kpefrrrova XaXovvTi irapd t6v "ApeX. /cat TraKiv, 
io Ov *ydp ^x°H L6V "^ € p^vovo-av iroXiv, dXXd t^|V pAXovo-av «ri£r]Tovu€V, evda 
Kal avTos 6 Aecr7roT7;<? XpicrTos Kara <rdp/ca elcrrjXdev, /ca#a>9 /ecu 
iv TLvayyekiOLS Xeyet iv t&> Kara Kovtcav o£5to>?, Kal i^aytv avTovs C 
i-a>s irpos BrjOavfav, Kal eirdpas Tds X^P 0,5 g^tov evXd-ytja-ev avTovs' Kal iv t« 
evXcyciv avrovs, 8i€(ttt| air' civtojv, Kal dvccpe'pETO eis tov ovpavov' KCLL TTCiKlV 

i$ ev Tai? Tipa^ecriv (jyrjcriv, Kal ws aT«v££ovT€s f\o-av «ls tov ovpavov, iropevo- 
(ic'vov avTov, Kal l8ov dvSpes Svo irapcurWJKCio'av avTOis ev eo-Orjcrtcri XcvKais, o£ 
Kal ctirav ' "AvSpcs TaXiXaioi, ri carT^JKarc PXcVovtes cts tov ovpavov ; oStos 
6 'Irjo'ovs 6 dva\T|(|)0€LS d<|>' vp.a>v els tov ovpavov, ovtcus IXevoCTai, ov rporrov 
e0cdo-ao-0c avTov iropcvoucvov €ts tov ovpavov. TraXiv yap ^€y€t o airo- 

20 CTToXos IlauXo?, Ov -yap els x €l P°' n " ^ 1 l Ta d-yia «lo-t]X0ev 6 Xpiords, avT^rvrra 
t«v dXijOivcuv, dXX' els avTov tov ovpavov* Kai 7Ta\lv, Toiovtos *ydp ^piv J} 
^irpeircv dpxicpEvs oo~ios aKaKos ap.Lavros K€XwpLcrp.«vos diro twv d^apruXuv Kal 
v\|/i]XoTEpos T<uv ovpavwv "y^vop-tvos* 7Ta\tV, 'Lrxvpdv irapaKXi^o-iv ^x°P €V 
ot KaTa^tryovTCS Kparfjo-ai ttjs irpoKCia^vqs IXirfSos, ^v a>S a-yKvpav ?x oVT€S ^S 

25 *|™X*is do-<j>aXr] tc Kal ^epaiav, Kal elo-cpxou^vqv els to IcaiTcpov tou KaTaireTao- 
(xaros, oirov irpoSpofios v-ircp ^|(iwv €to-f)X0€V 'Ii]0-ovs, KaTd t^|v Ta|iv MeXxuo-fS^K 
dpxupeijs -yevojicvos «ls tov ala>va* icai iraKlV, "Exovtes ovv, d8eX<|>ol, Trapp-r|o-Lav 
«ls ttjv €to-o8ov twv d*y£wv iv tw ai'p.aTL 'I-rjo-ov, tjv eveKaivtcrev ^jp,iv 686v -irpoo*- 
<|»aTOV Kal £<So-av, 8td tov KaTaircTao-uaTOS, tovt^ottiv tt]S o-apK09 avTov, Kal 

1. ai>T7)s] + iirayyeXlas V 2 . 3. ttjrjXdov m. vwi m. 5. Kal 1° om. m. 
7. irpwTOTbxwv] + rwu m. 8. rrpe^fiart m. 9. Kpeirrov L. rdv] rd// L. 
10. ^^a — elorjkdev om. m. 13. Kal tyhero iv m. 14. e£Xo7eu'] + auTo^ LSm. 
16. eadrJTi XevKrj m. 17. elirov V 2 m. ifxfiXtirovTts L 1 (?) S 2 m. 18. ds rdv 
ovpavbv om. LS. oSros LS. 20. 6 om. LS. 2r. oupa»'6j'] + ^Oi/ 4fi<pavi<r0rjvat 
tu) TrpoaibTry tov deou LSm. 22. 8<rios — ovpavwv om. m. 24. /cara^eifyopres LS. 

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181 A iepia. pe-yav hr\ tov oIkov tov 0cov, irpoo-cpxtop-eOa jjlctcI dXijOivfjs icapSCas kv 
irXr]po<j>op£a ir£<rT€<o$, eppav-rio-pe'voi xds KapSCas diro orvveiS^orcttS irovT|pas, Kal 
XtXoupe'voi to trwpa v8an Ka0apw, Karex^pcv T^v op-oXo^iav ttjs cXirtSoS CLKXivtj* 
wurros ^dp 6 orayyeiXapcvos. 

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eirayyeXiats, Kal rats roiavTat,? dXrjdeai 7rpopprj<r€<riv, at Kal €K 
twv ef apXV? KTL(rOivTcov Kal rjTOLfiaa/ievcov, a>? elirev, dirb Kara- 
fioXfj? Koa/Jbov irapa, tov Seov %(6p(oi> 8vo, Kal t?}? TOLavTTj? KaTa- 
o-K€vij$ BeiKVWTai ak7}0Lval Kal avfKJxovovcrai tg> BbyfiaTL t&v 
H.pio~TLav(ov, at v7ro0ecreL<;, Kal to. TeXrj ; a>9 otl 6 ®eo? 7rpa>TOV 10 
opicras Tr)v vvv KaTaaTacrLv OvrjTrjv Kal TpeiTTrjV, 7T/30? yvfivacriav 
tov XoyiKOV, Kal Bid ireipas ayayoav, els vo~Tepov Travel to>v fio^/dcw 
Kal Trj<i TraiBeias tov Koafiov, Kal dvaBeiKvvai tov fiiXXovTa, X a P l ~ 
£ofievo$ ayada alcovia, dvevBeiav, dirdOeiaVy dOavaaiaVy afydapalav, 
dTp€7rTOT7jTa } yvcoaiv TeXeiav, BLKaioo~vvrfv y dyia&fibv, diro\vTp(ao~iv ) i? 
B fiaKapLOTrjTa els tou? al&vas. dfirjv. ov yap Kadcos 01 eijcoOev 
XrjpqyBovvTes XeyovcriVy dlBitos fieveiv Tr)v vvv KaTao-Tacriv, %acpe- 
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t&v dyoovcov tovtcov Kal T7J9 (/>6opa$ fir) Bvvdfievbv ttot€ iravXav 
Sovvac to3 Koc/JLcp, a\\' oarffiepai Kal TrpoaTiQevTa <f>6opav, Kal 20 
7rd6rj, Kal OdvaTOV, Kal dr/obvas, Kal fir) la^yovTa d0Xa t€)v 
dyoovcov, rj GT€<f)dvov<; yapiaacrQaiy KaTairavov to yvfivdaLov. 
coairep yap avTov viroTiQevTai 779 rfviroprfaev vX??9 Brffiiovpybv 
yeyevrjaOat, fiovov, ovtgx; avTov Kal vvv viroTidevTaL fir) eviro- 
povvTa tovtov fBeXTLOv irotrjo-ai, aTrio-TOvvTes Kal ttj dvaa-Taaei 25 
T(ov acofiaTCOv, &>9 ov BvvaTov 6W09, Kal Trdarj Trj 6eia Tpa<j>fj. 
C Bed tovto 01 TaXave?, Kal to ac^aipLKOV o-')(r)l ia T °v ovpavov &>9 
dXrjdes TrapahexpVTai, dirLa-TovvTes Kal jSBeXvTTOfievot iraaav ttjv 
deiav Tpa<f>r)v, Kal &>9 ypaobBeLS fivdovs, d7roo-Tp€<f>6fi€voi ttjv dXrj- 
deLav Tffiiv Be fir) yevoLTO Kav^aaOaL, el fir) iv irday 777 Beta 30 
Fpa^yrjy Be ^9 KOGfios 6 ej-codev rjfiLV io~Tavpa)Tai, Kal rjfiels t&> 
€^q)0€v KoafMp. yevotTo Be rjfias, to 6eo<f>cXiaTaTe Kal ^>tXo^/ot<7T6 
UaTep HdfifaXe, o~vv ev^cota dyaOfj Ta Oela XoyLa do-ird^eadai, 

I. iv ir\7}po<popL$ — Kapoias om. V. 5. ov] 6 US 2 , 6 m. 8. rats rotaiJrats 

KaraffKevais m. 10. irp&Tov om. Lm. 12. ^ox^pQiv LSm. 18. aduvwrov m. 
10. to&tuv om. m. 21. rdv om. V 1 . 22. x a pl <Tao '& ai ] + Kal ov m. Kara- 

irajjuv US, Kara-navovra L 2 m. 31. iaravpurai m. 32. Kal <pi\bxp^re 

om. LSm. 


tcl Be tcov evavTtcov diroaetecrOat, fiovXijo-et tov KpeiTTOvos, kcli 
avvepyela tov irdvTcov rjficov ^icoTrjpos Xpto~TOV, \ie& ov tco Tlarpt, 
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iravTore, /cat els tovs dreXevTTjTovs alcovas tcov alcovcov. dpt7]v. 

5 Aoros A'. 

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Kara tt)v deiav Tpacfyrjv, fcal tt)? crcf>atpa<; r) avarpoirrj. 

YeypaiTTat *Ev apxfj €iro£T|0-ev 6 0€os tov oupavov Kal «rfl)v yfjv. ota~ 
ypdcpopuev toivvv tov irpcoTov ovpavov apta Ty yfj, tov KaptapoetBfj, 

10 dicpa aicpois crvvBeBep^evov ' KaOcos Be ivBe^eTat avTov ypa<\>f) irapa- 
Bovvat ireirot^Kapbev, t£co<; KaTa to wXdytov to BvTtKov tj to 
dvaToXtKov tcl yap avrd Bvo nrXdyta Tolyoi elatv diroKaTcoBev 
eo)? avTrjs avco ttj? Kapudpas. eo~Tt Be Kal to crTepecopta KaTa 
pecrov crvvBeBepuevov tco irpcoTco ovpavco, ev co etatv eirt vcotov Ta 184 A 

15 vBaTa, KaT a\)Tr)v ttjv Oeiav Tpacfrrfv. ecrTtv ovv r/ Beats Kal to 
a^rjpua ToiovBe 1 ' 

'A7ro ttjs yrjs e&)<? tov o-TepecbptaTOS %copo<} irpcoTos eciTt, 6 
KocrpLos ovtos, ev co elatv dyyeXot Kal dvdpcoirot, Kal irdaa r) vvv 
KaTaaTaai<z' diro tov aTepecbptaTOS ecos t?}? Kapudpa<; avco, %cop6<i 

20 eo~Tiv BevTepos, rj ftaatXeta tcov ovpavcov, evda 6 X/cho-to? dva- 
Xrjcj)6els irpcoTos irdvTcov etarjXOev, eyKatvlaas r\plv oBov 7rpocr<f>aTov B 
Kal t^coaav. 

KaTa ptev to irXdytov to Bvtlkov, rj to dvaroXtKov, TOtovBe 
a^rjpa e%ei J pLaKp6v"f co? inrl OoXov p,eydXrj<$' KaTa Be tu voTta 

25 Kal ftopeta pteprj to p,rJKO<; diroBetKvvatv. gcttiv ovv to a^rjpta Kal 

1 Ei? ra a<pa ttjs yrjs Kara ra Teaaapa p-ept} civttjs, 6 ovpavbs avrff KeecoXX^rai 
rots eavTov aKpois, ttolcov a"xr)p.a Kvftov coaavel T€Tpdy<ovoVj avioBcv 8e e<f>* vyfrovs 
Kap.apoeidT)S e\t(r(r6p.€vos Kara to pj)KOS y kcli ytverai wy 06\os p.eyaXr)' Karapiicrodev 
30 5e o-vvdeberai kcli to aTep€(op.a, ko.\ yiv*Tai ^o>poi dvo. 

4. dTe\evT7jTovs om. LSm. 5. AOrOS A', post avarpoiri] (1. 7) tr. L. 6. 5ia- 
7pa07j] + TiDj' L 2 m. 7. /cat om. L 1 . 17 om. LSm. 17. £ltti irp&Tos LSm. 

19. dvio tt)s Kapdpas LSm. 24. fiLKpbp m. 27. els tcl &Kpa — x&P 01 <^°] Haec 
verba habent LS post 7016^55 (1. 16) : V autem sub pictura quae sequitur verba TrXdro? 
tol6v8c (185 a). 30. Kal i°] KaTa LSm. 

8. Gen. i. 1. 



Ovtos 7rpc5T09 ovpavos 6 KafiapoeiBrjs, 6 iv rf} irp(OTrj r^fxepa 
yeyovw, 6 dfia rrj yf), irepl ov Xeyeo 'Haatas 'O o-T-fjo-as tov oupavov 
wo-el Kap.apav" o KaTafieaoOev Be avrov avvBeBepbevos, 6 iv tj) Bevrepa 
rjfiepa yeyovcos €<ttiv, irepl ov iiTL<f>ep€i iraXiv r Ho~ata<; Xeycov Kal 5 
SiaTetvas avTov cos ctktjv^v KaroiKEkv* o Be Aau2"8 \eyei irepl avrov 
C 'EktcCvcov tov oupavov «<r€l Seppiv* Kal aat^earepov BrfKayv \eyei c 
a-Tcya^wv Iv vSacriv rd virepwa avTov. eVt a/cpa ovpavov Kal aKpa yrjs 
ttj$ Tpa<f>7)<? /nvqfiovevovcrr)?, ov Bvvarai iirl crfyaipas voetaOai. 
TlaXlV \eyet HtTtXia? Ovtws \iyti Kvpios, 6 iroi^jo-as tov ovpavov, Kal 10 
■mjgas avTov* o Be 'AttocttoXos LTaOXo? ecf)?] 6/jlolq}$, Kal ttjs o-ktivtjs 
ttjs oXtjOlvtjs t)v ^itt)|€v 6 Kvpios, Kal ovk avGpwTros. afL(j)OTepot, iGTafievov 
\eyovre<; Kal ireir^yoTa iv rrj yf}, Kal ov irepL^epofxevov. tcl aKpa 
tov ovpavov ra Trap eKcurepa avv toZs aKpois ttjs yrjs elalv avv- 
BeBefiiva* rrrepl wv ev too 'Ifc)/3 yeypawTac, Ovpavov 8J «ls "yfjv KkXivcv, 15 
K^vrai 8k wcnrep -yf] Kovia* k€k6\Xt)kci 8£ avTov totrirep X£0ov kv(3ov. irepL 
D Be tiJ? 77J? yeypaiTTat iraXiv ev tg5 Ig>/3, 'O Kpcuviov t^jv yi\v 4ir' 
ovBevos, dxravel p-r) e^ovaav v7rofcaT(o tl. 6 Be Aav'l'B o-vfMfxovcos, 
fjbj) evprjKcos eiri twos avTrjv rjBpacr/jLevrjv, ecfrrj, €0eu€\iw<r€v t^|v -yfjv 
lirl ttjv aV(j>a\€iav avrfjs, a)o~avel avTrjv e<f> eavTrjv irapa o-ov Oefie- 20 
\ia)0€Lcrav, Kal ov'xjl iiri twos. 

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arTepecofia, Kal tcl vyjrT] ttjs yrjs ttjs fjLeo-oTaTrjs, 17? vvv KaTOLKodfiev, 
Kal tov *£lKeavov irept^ avTijs, Kal iv avrfj tovs Teaaapas koXttovs 
elo-fiaWovTas tov? Trkeo^evovs, 'Pcofia'tKov, 'ApdffLov, TlepaLKov, 25 
185 A K.dcnriov, tjtol 'TpKavov. irept^ Be iraXiv tov y Q,Keavov ttjv yrjv 
ttjv irepaVj ev6a Kal 6 TrapdBeLaos Kara dvaroXas Keirai. 8ta- 
ypd<f)OfjL€V toivvv ttclKlv to TrXaTos rea)? ttjs yrjs, Kai tov 'flKeavov 
Kal twv koXttcov, koX tyjs irepav yrj$ Kal tov TrapdBeLcov, edovTeg 
Tecos tcl vtyr) avTrjs, ottohs evavvoiTTOS yevrjTaL tols OecofievoLs. 3° 

1. irapaypa.Q'f) om. L. 5. itrriv om. LSm. 7. rbv om. m. 8. Kal 777s 

(om. aKpa) LSm. n. IlaDXos ^77 om. LSm. \i. Kal om. L 1 . &/x<f>oT4pois US. 
13. '4tl tcl aKpa LSm. 14. ra om. LSm. <rvv8e8e/j.£va elat LSm. 

16. \Ldtoi> V 1 , \ld(p m. Kvfiovi V 1 . 19. 6 6efie\t.wu L 2 m. 23. fJceaaiTdTr)! 

LSm. 25. apafiiKov L 1 Sm, appafiiKbv L 2 . 27. irtpa S. 30. eva^voirra LS 2 m. 

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10. Is. xlii. 5. n- Hebr. viii. -i. 15. Job xxxviii. 38. 

17. Job xxvi. 7. 19. Ps. civ. 5. 

W. 9 


eari, Be to o"xfjfia T % 7*?S iraat]^ tear avTrjv rrjv enrifydveiav Kal 
to wXaTos ToiovBe' 

Ei? TavTrjv ttjv yr)v ttjv irepav tov *£l/c€avov iravTa^odev afcpa 
tols aicpoLs 6 ovpavos 6 nrpwTO^ 6 KafiapoeiBrjs avvBeBeTai, KaTa 
5 (A€V to Bvtikov fiepos Kal dvaToXiKov TOi^o? opObs a>9 avco e/JL- 
/3alvo)V evplcneeTav, KaTa Be to votlov kol fiopeiov Tol^of; fiev 
taos to tcaTwOev, eft>9 <f>avepov KaTa tov tvttov 6W09 Ka/judpas, B 
avoyQev Be vyjrr/XoTaTO^ eXiaaofievos, a>9 6oXo<; XovTpov p,eydXrj y 
fcctTCdOev weX/jba e^ovaa ttjv yrjv, ai>To<; Te tol%o<; /ecu /cafidpa 

io virapyjuiv. eVra tcaOa Kai rrpwrjv €(^>r)fjbev TroWd/cis, to o-Tepem/jua 
fieaa fjLeaois e^r/7rXco/jbevov KaTa to £hfro9, avvBeBeTai clvtS tg> 
ovpavd), tva yevrjTat Bvo y&poi dvdyaiov teal KaTayaiov. eo~Ti 
Be ^w/309 e*9 TOVTeaTL to KCLTcvyaLov, ev6a eicrlv r) yr) Kal to 
vBcop teal tcl Xolttcl GTOiyela real ao~Tpa } 6 #0071.09 0UT09 diro tt)<; 

15 yr)<$ eft>9 tov GTepedafiaTO*;, yrjv /nev e^cov eBaqbos, to'i^ov? Be etc 
tov irpdiTov ovpavov, o-Teyrjv Be to o~Tepe(Ofjua' Kal cltto tov o~Tep€(t)- 
/x.aT09 e&)9 t?}9 fcafidpas tov TrpcoTov ovpavov, ^ai/309 BevTepos, 
TOVTecrTtv r) ftacnXeia to)v ovpavwv, evOa Kal AetnroTr)? XpiGTO<; 
dvacrTas diro tcov vexpeov dveXrjXvOev, Kal 01 BLicaioi fjueTa TavTa C 

20 fieXXovaiv dvtevat, ovpavov fiev tjtol to crTepewfia eyo&v eBa(f>o$, 
Kal ovpavov tov 7rpwT0v tol^ov^ Kal GTeyr\v KafiapoeiBr). Biaypd- 
<j)Ofiev irdXiv Kal to vyjros Kal a^fjp,a TavTrjs T779 yrj<$ } 779 vvv 
oLKovfiev oi dvOpayrroi, rj ecrTtv eo~(o6ev tov 7 Q.Keavov KVKXevofjbevr), 
ev 77 elo-tv Kal oi Teao-apes koXttoi oi TrXeo^ievot. ecrTi Be tcl dva- 

25 toXlkcl avTr}$ fieprj Kal tcl voTia, , )(afir)Xa, fiopeia Kal Bvtlkcl 
v\jrr)XoTaTa, ^dafiaXoo^ Kal dveirataOrjTai^ Keifievr). ogov ovv 
7r\aT09 eyei r) yr), toctovtov e^ei Kal vyfros KaTa Ta ftopeta Kal 
BvTLKa fieprj. ecrTtv ovv KaTa to evBe^ofievov Biaypdyfrai to o-yr)fxa 

30 Uapaypa(f>i]. 

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dvdo-Trjfia Be avTr)$ tt)<; fieaoTaTT)^ Kal Ta irtyr} Ta KaTa ffopeia 

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ytvuvrai S 2 Lm. avdyeiov V 2 . Karayeiov V, et sic infra. 16. artyr) V 1 . 

25. xo-P-w* V. 30. irapaypa.<t>7i\ om. V, qui haec verba (i) y7)—4iravrj%ei) 

picturae subiungil. 32. /xeo-airdr^s LS 2 m. /caret] + to. V 2 L 2 m. 


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1. ivrevdev LSm. 5. al om. LSm. 8. irpbs fiofipav, kvkXoi om. m. 

10. iiraprjKei L' 2 m. 11. to Kilfievov om. V. 17. virep LSm. 19. rdde] 

+ to LSm. 21. SiWtcu VLS. 23. Kara om. V 1 . 26. vttok&tu) LSm. 

27. veofiTjvla L 2 m. 

6. Eccl. i. 5, 6. 



ToiavTT] yvcZcris — t»J? eTTtocfceXovs fiaXXov yivbpbevoi yvcocreco^, tjth; 
eXirLBa xprjo-rrjv koI co^eXi^v e^iroiel rah r)fieTepai$ yjrvxafc, fjv 
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trxfifia, KaOd ttj Fpacjyfj Bokgl, Bvo xebpovs Xeyopev yeyevrjcrdai, eva 

1 Sub pictura quae sequitur habet V ko\ ravra fxev <o S eve^xero biaypa- 
cf>rjvaL 7re7roir)ica[j.ev ciKoXovdovvres rjj Oeia ypa<Pfj' diaypdxjfcofiev tq'lvvv koi 
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4. ddiKovat LSm. 8el£to/xev V 1 . 5. Kark fidpeiop (om, to) Lm. 12. 5ta- 

ypa\f/u) V 1 , biayp6.(f>op.ev m. 21. iira.Ko\ov6ov<nv] Hie deficit S f. 6g v . 

24. HlavTuv (to ex al. m.)L. &pe\-ri\v9ev Lm. 25. ovtol m. 26. to om. m. 
28. Kal ravTa — Ktvetadai om. m ; L in margine ut ax6\Lov habet, V sub pictura. 
baov idtxcTo V. 29. 8ia.yp6.xl/opev L. 


apfxo^ovTa Tavrt) rfj KaraaTaaei, /ecu tov dXkov eva dpfiofyvTa 
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avaSpofir) T<ov eiTTCL 7rXavrjT(ov iroOev yiperai; tcov afyaipoiv to 
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tlvos, Kal iir aireLpov. ttoo<; ovv ^vctlkcl hLaXeyeaOe ; ttgos Be Kal 
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7. elvai om. Lra. 8. d\X' — 4\irifov(n om. V. 9. 'in supra post 6/xo\oy€iv 

(1. 8) ponunt Lm. dirXapiis L. 17. viroTlde<rde.'] + £pJ)TTi<ns. (rubrica) L. 19. fi-q 
r^j'os] m. tov Kba/xov om. m. 20. <$>Qovi\o"r\Te. VL. ai. tj/xip] + avTrjv Lm. 

25. ws] w V. icXdraKas V, /cXwra/cos Lm. 26. d^ovos L, dfavos m. t\ om. Lm. 

PVXwyl + V V. 29. 5i^x et m « 3 2 - Avaffrpov m. 


Tocravrai vjjucov crcfraipat,; Kal ri to ^petwSe? avrcov ; ap ov irpo- 
SrjXov ore dveXiricTTa XpicrTLaviKrjs Sof^s hiaXeyeaOe ; Tavra yap 
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yeyevrjaOai, to 7rav, teal Trolrjacv rplrov ovpavov ev avrais fxr) 

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e7Tio-T^/JL7], Troarj irap' vfuv cro^ia, 77-00-77 avveai^, iroarj evavTiOT^ \ 
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r) to3 Seoj, to5 ©6ft>, rj ra> /xafKova, ra> p,afjb(ova. teal irdXiv avTOS B 
Oia TlavXoV poa Ov SvvacrOt Tpaire'^s KvpCov jjict^civ, Kal Tpairc^qs 8<u- 

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8iKaioo-vvqs Kal dvofj.ias ; ^ tCs KoivcoWa <|>c«>tI irpos <tkotos ; Tts 8c <tv|j,<|>uvt|o-is 
Xpto-rov irp6$ BcXidp ; rj ris [J-tpls mo-rov |X€Ta dirto-nov ; tCs 8c trvyKaraQto-is 
vaui Ocov p.CT<x elScuXtov ; 

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ypairTai ev Tfl Yeveaei ; aXXa Kal to crocjiGJTepov, dvTiiroha*; vttoti- 
6ecr6e tou? dvOpcoirovs ev oXy ttj yfj TrepnraTOVVTas. 8iaypd<f>ofi€v C 
30 toIvvv KaO^ vfid^ TTjv yrjv Kal tovs dvTi7ro8a<i' Kal 7ra? Tt? ev v/jllv 
e%cov oyjreLS vyoeis Kal Xoyiafiov^ crd)(f>povas } irepta-Tpe-^et oj? av 

5. dtdiov m. awfrvrai V 1 , awfaTou L 2 m. 6. TrXai'^rai L 2 m. 9. k6(T/j.ov] 

+ oi) Lm. 11. tiirep V 1 . 12. fioiXeadai om. L" 2 m, pov\e<rde V 2 . 13. dta- 

\iytadai. VL 1 . 18. Qeu Oey V 2 (del. ry). fiajxwq. /xafiuvq. V 2 (del. Ty). 

fxa/JifJiuvq. (bis) Lm. 21. 5t/cato<ri5v]j Kal avofxla m. 1} ris] rfs §£ Lm. 

17. J^piffTi^ m. BeXtdX m. ttictCov L, iriffTU) m. awlffrov m. 

24. fX€<T0LiT<xT7}v Lm. 26. v7t6] + tQv Lm. 27. /iera to] fxera (om. to) V. 

31. TrepiTptyei m. 

17. Matt. vi. 24. 19. 1 Cor. x. 21. 20. 2 Cor. vi. 14 — 16. 


fiovXrjTCU TTjv yrjv, zeal etVaTO), el irdvTes ol dvTiTroBes hvvavrai 
opQioi Kara tclvtov elvac a\X ovk dv Bel^ayaiv el koX dvaivxyvTtos 
epovaiv. ovt<0$ ovv 717709 tcl$ vfieTepa^ TrXao-Ta? kclI ovk dXr)6et<; 
virodecrew, Kai rd avprnepda^ara twv vfieTepcov Xoycov dvcbfiaXa, 
teat afcaTaXXr)\a } kclI da-va-Tara, kclI kXqvqv ov tov TvypvTa vtto- 5 
fievovra, /cat, irepMpopdv irXeiova T779 da-rdrov tcai irepL^epofjbevqf; 
Trap vfuv fivOifcrjs o-<f>aLpa$. Sto, ^iXo^pia-Te Tldrep, tovto yap 
tov Xoyov tov rerdprov reXo? iroi'qcrdp.evo^ dp^ofjuac, fierd ttjv 
Biaypcwfyrjv t<£v dvriiroBcov, koX tov irefiirrov Xoyov, &>9 eTrrjyyeXp.aL 
D tt) afj <f)iXo6e<p ^v^fj, rf}? o~K7}vrj<; ttjv Biaypa<f>r]V ti)? ev rrj eprffup 10 
vtto M(ovo~e<o<; tcaTacrKevaa-Oeicrri*; Trocqaaa-Oat, fiovXrfcreL tov irdv- 
tcov rjfioov 2&)Tr)/309 l&eov 1 - 

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a7roo~ToXcov r\ crvficfccovia. 15 

Tlepl Be rr)? o-Krjvrjs T779 ev ttj epijfMp Bid Moxreo)? KaTacr/ceva- 
aOeio-rjs, Kaipos Xolitov koX avTr}<; ttjv Bt,aypa<f>r)V iroirjaaarOai, icaOd 
KObi 7rapeXdf3o/juev e/c tov QeiOTaTOV BiBao-fcdXov dvBpb$, dirb tt}? 
Oeias Tpa<f>f}<; Tas d<f>opfxd<; zeal Ta<; fiapTvpias 7roir)o~a/j,evov, dp%a- 
193 A fjuevov dirb t>}9 i^oBov avTo3v T779 ef AlyvirTov, rjviica Ta TrpcoTOTOfca 20 
tojv Alyv7TTL(ov iTeXevTcuv, T7]v vo-Tepav 7rXr]yrjv Beijd/j,eva Bid 
Mwcew?, ore Kai to Tidcr^a e<f)ayov QvaavTes ol 'laparjXiTat 
opOcoc, irepie^(iio~iJLevoi Ta$ 6a(f)va^, real Ta? pd/3Bov<; ev tcu$ X e P <TL 
KaTexjovTes, eTOtfiot 77-/DO? eljoBov, ttj irpcoTrj tov irpd&Tov firjvbs d<f> 
eairepas, T6o~o-apeo~fcaiBefcdTT]v 17877 eypvGT]^ t?}? o-eXijvrjs. oirep 25 
atctdv teat tvttov eTeXovv twv fieXXovToyv yiveaOai eirl tov A€o-7t6tov 

1 Post finem libri iv habet L picturam, cui est titulus ol napa twv e£o) 
Xeyofievoi avTinobes. In margine picturae scripta sunt haec verba dpdlov 
ovtos tov o~xr)fiaTOS tov dvOpojirov Kara tclvtov ol Teacrapes laTap-evoi ttws ovk 
eltrtv opdiot; aXX' oirov ff &v (TTpisfffjs avrovs ol Teao'apes ovk clarlv opOioi. was 30 
ovv Bvvcltov bi£ao~&ai Tas Toiavras yfsevdels viroOio-eis; ttws be nakiv eirl tovs 
reo'O'apas Kara tclvtov diivarai v€t6s yeveadai; 07T€p ovv fj (^tvais /cat 6 vovs ov 
7rapadi)^€Tai ti paTijv VTroTtBea-Qe; 

•l. tcaTavTov L l . 3. ipova-iv] Hie deficit V fol. 4i v . 7. In margine habet 

L scholium [ ]yt<rBev [ ]<pv\\wv [ ] t6 arj: 13. AOrOS E'] Hie incipit S fol. 70. 
19. iroit]<rdp.evos i dpl-dp-evos McCrindle. 20. if; om. L 1 . ^t/ca//// to. L. 

136 XPIITIANIKH TOnorPA4>lA Lib. V. 

yipiarov, d<f>ecrea)<z Xeyco BovXela<; TvpavviKrjs, zeal dvaKTuaeax; 
Koafjbov e£ dvaardaecos veKpcov iKTeXovfievrjs, teal KaTairavaecd^ 
av0pdo7r(ov alwvLas. iv avT&> yap toj Kaipoj fyaiveTat, kcli o Koa/xo^ 
irapd %eov irapa^Oel^, Kal dpyr)v iayrjKO}^ iv avT<p' o/Wa>9 Kal 
5 iirl tov No3e, /nerd tov KciTafc\vcr/j,6v } dpyrj irdXtv koct/jlov iv B 
avT(p irdXiv e£ Alyv7TTOV iXevOepia twv ^IcrparjXiTwv iv avTco 
1rdK.1v /col rj ovWrj-^ris rod Aeo~7TOTOv X^cttoO Kara crap/ca iic 
T>}9 TlapOevov yeyevr)Tai } tov Sevrepov 'ASayit, tov dpyrjyov tt}<; 
BevTepas KaTacrTaaew^ • Kal iv avTcp r) dvaaTacris rj airo ve/epwv 

10 yevofievrj tov ILvplov r}/bL(bv 'Irjo-ov Xpto~TOv KaTa adp/ca. <f>aal 
Be Kal ttjv KaOoXitcrjv dvdaTacnv iv avTa> irakiv yeveaOai. fiapTv- 
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fjLvaTrjpiwv. avTa Be iraXiv Ta irpdypbaTa KaXec avTrjv ttjv e/c 

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ttjv KaTaTravaiv, Kal ttjv ecaoBov ttjv et9 tov ovpavbv, dvTl twv 
iircyelcov ovpdvia, dvTi irpoaKaipcov alcovia. TavTa Be irdvTa Bid 

35 tov Kvptov rjfjuobv 'Jtjctov X/3t<7ToO KaTwpOcoQr) tco yevet tS)v dvOpco- 

1 3. ijyoijfxevoL] + Kal IAn. 
21. Hebr. x. 1. 


ttcov. <TKiav ovv tovtov tov vofiov fcaXel* eiKova Be Kal yapaKTr)pas, 
ra Bca tcov XptaTiavcov eirLTeXovfieva fjLvaTrjpia, olov ti Xeyco, tov 
a/juvov tov Ovojjuevov, ovtl tov irdOovs tov Xpio-Tov, KaOdirep Kal 6 
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teal 'Icodvvrjs Be 6 Ba.7TTtcrT^9 ovtcos Xeyei, "18c 6 d^vos tov 0eov 6 5 

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iprjfjiov Biaycoyrj, Kal vo/jlov Soais, Kal aKTjvoTrrjyia, rjfilv Bid/3ao~i$ 10 
/5a7TTfcryU,aT09, Kal Btaycoyr) ' EiKKkrjo-ias Kal YlvevfxaTOS dyiov Scoped' 
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iroi7)TO<i KaTairavat^' eKeivois irpoaKaipo^ £cor), 7]pXv alcovia ^corj, 
BiKaioavvq t€, Kal dyiaa/juds, Kal diroXvTpcocTis, Kal jjuaKaptoTrjs. 15 

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dnro tcov veKpcov. 

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Trvpos, 6 BtairavTO^ irpodycov Kal KaOoBrjycov avTovs, eXOcov OTrucrSev 3° 
avTcov, eKcoXvae tovs AlyvirTiovs crv/Jb/Jbi^at tols ^IcrparjXiTaLS- ecTa 
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'lapatiXiTCOv, KeXevei 6 ©609 tco Mcovcrfj Tvyjrai Tjj paftBcp tt)v 
OdXacrcrav Kal Biapprj^aL avTrjv. iroirjcra*; ovv to irpoaTa^Oev Kal 

1. tovtwv L 2 m. 7. dXodpevrou] + dyyiXov L. 19. adpKa] + iT€pos tov L 2 ; 

+ 'irepbs re ov m. 22. Ka.Tao~TT€v86i>TU)i'] + ovi> L 2 m. 23. avTWv] + x e P°~l L (in 

marg.) m. 26. 5£ om. L 2 m. 28. Kal Xonrbv L 2 m. 

4. 1 Cor. v. 7. 5. John i. 29. 


Tvyjras Btaipel to vBcop, evOev KcuceWev Tet^o? yevofievov, teal Biaire- 
pwaiv ol ^laparjXiTac ol KlyvirTiot, Be p>era tcov apfidrcav irdvre^, 
ore Kara fieaov eyevovTO t?J9 0aXdo~o-rj<;, Bmokovtcs tov9 '\o~parjXiTa<;, D 
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5 KaraTrovTtodevTes. eo~Ti Be clvtos 6 totto? ev tq> Xeyofievco K.Xvo~/j,aTi, 
aTrep^o/juevoov Be^ca eirl to 6po<$. evda zeal to, lx^V t(Sv Tpoy&v twv 
apfjLaTwv avToov <f>alvovTCU, eo)9 0aXdaarj<; dirb l/cavov tottov <f>cuv6- 
fjueva, teal elaeTi Kal vvv aco^ofieva, et? crrj/juela toIs dirlcrTOL^, ov 

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tov Icoavvrjv ex T779 'EXto-a/SeT, tg> €KTG> firjvl avTrjs Kal r) TlapOevo? 
evTjyyeXiaOrj, C09 elvao toj irpWToy firjvl dp%tfv, Be/caTy yap tov 

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irpojTOv /jbrjvos, e/CT09 fJbrjv r)v TrdvTox; Tjj 'EXKra/3er, tca-Ta TTjV TWV 
YiVayyeXiwv wapaBoatv del yap 6 ©eo9 Tai/Trjv Trjv Tagiv e<f>vXa%ev 
Kal (f>v\aTTei. eveaTL Be yvwvai, eireiBr) /cal irdvTes avTr)v Trjv 
yevvav tov XptaTOV 7rXrjpovfievov tov evvaTOV /j,r]vds dirb T579 

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ttoiovcfi tt)v yevvav. Kal dkrjOevei fxev Kal 6 evayye\io-Tr}<; Kal ol 
'lepoo-oXvfxZTai- ov-% r) aKplfieia Be ovtods e%et, aXX ev avTrj tjj 

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eopTas o/jlov iroiovcra Xrjdrjv Troirjo-y fiia? ef avTolv, ivofiodeTrjo-e 
p,ead%eiv BwBeKa r)p,epa<; KaTa tov dpiOfiov twv aTroaToXoav, Kal 

1. K&KeWev] Kal tvdw m. 8. <ry}fxdov L 2 m. 14. apxv LS. 21. fxyv] 

fiiv m. 27. Kvpiov] Xpia-rbv m. apxbfievos ws] apx^/xevov m. 

27. Luke iii. 23. 


ovto)? yiveaOat Trjv eoprrjv twv ^irufraviGiv, wavrep ivojxoOeTrjae 
kcli Trjv T€<T<Taparcov0r)fJL€pov vqcrreiav tov YLvpLov, rjv irpb? tov 
hidftoXov fieXXcov dycovl^ecrdac ivrjaTevaev, avvTeXelaOat iv ttj tov 
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dymvi^ojievoc teal jjujiovjievoi, irapaXdfiayjxev to ird6o<s teal Trjv 5 
C avaa-Taa-LV tov Kvplov. ov jievTOt Tah avTah r)ixepai<$ iyeveTo. 
ovtw; ovv Kal tcl 'EiirMpdvia tov AeairoTov rjj&o&v Xpt<7ToO ivojxo- 
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Toh 'JL7ri<f>avioi<;' Trj he yevva jjbvrjjirjv iiriTeXovcri tov Aav'l'h Kal 10 
'latcwfiov tov diroaToKov, ov irdvTOis Tjj avTrj rjfxepa /ecu twv hvo 
TeXevTrjadvTcov, d\V G09 ye olfiai, Xva fcal avTol firj e^coOev tt}? 
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jivrjjirjv irdvTes, tov Sebv hid wavTcov ho^d^ovTe^. dfjurjv. 

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r/fiepas ve<f>eXrjv avToh eh a-Keirrjv hiaireTavvvvTos dirb tov Kav- 
o~g)vo<; tov rjXtov, teal ohrjyojv civtovs iv avTrj, Kal vvktos iv cttvXw 
irvpos cfxiLVcov, Kal KaOohrjycov avTOvs Tvdo-av ttjv eprjfjuov, KaOtos 20 
yeypCLTTTdl Awirfroo-e ve${kr\v €ls ox&njv avrols, Kal irvp tov ^norC<rai awrois 
rr\v vvKTa. eo-TLV ovv KCLTaypdyfrat, Kal tovto Toccoo-Be' 

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vvv fcaXovfiev r lPaC0ov, evOa rjaav heKahvo irrjyal, Kal o aTeXe^rj 
200 A <J)otviKcov. ai fiev irrjyai elcreTi Kau vvv aco^ovTac. oi he ^otV^/ce? 25 
ttoXv irXelovs eyevovTo. e&)? he twv ivTavOa, he^ta Trjv OdXaaaav 
etyoVf Kal el; evcovvjMov Trjv eprjjiov airo he twv evTavda ttjv dva) 
iirl to opo$ /3ahl^ovo-iv, oiriaw Xonrov Trjv 0aXao~o~av edaavTes, Ta 
Trpoaco he Trjv eprjjiov ftahl^ovTes. evOa yevofievcov dva jieaov 'EAet//, 
Kal tov Xcvalov opovs, eKel KaTeXrjXvOev eV avTovs to jidvva' evOa 30 
Kal 7r/)a)T»9 io-aftftaTiaav Kara Ta$ ivToXa?, as hehcoKev 6 ®eo? 

1. Te<r<rapaicovTrifi€pov L X S. 7. XptcrroO] 'It7<to0 m. 8. dvwKaldeica m. 

yevviaeus S, yevvqaetas L 2 m. 11. Kal ante Trj aury transp. m. 15- 7? om. L 1 !!!. 
19. ddrjyovvros L 2 m. 20. (pahovros L 2 m. KadodriyovvTos L 2 m. 23. 'E\ee2/x m. 
24. dvofcaldeKa m. koX — irrjyaX] at Lm. 28. rod Spovs m. 

21. Ps. CV. 39. 

i 4 o XPIITIANIKH TOnorPA4>IA Lib. V. 

to5 Mcovaf} aypd<f>(0<z iv M.eppa. eartv ovv Kal ravra Siaypayfrai 

OVTft)? 1, 

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5 el? rjv i/cei Kal opTvyojjLijrpa KaTrjXOev iir avTovs eis eairepav, /cat, 
et? to Trpco'l to fidvva, i/cel iraXiv rjp^avTO irpwTOv aafiftaTi&iv, B 
tov fidvva BiaTTjpovfiivov dirb Trjs 6/cttjs Kal tov o~a/3/3aTOv y iv 
aXXrj Be rjfxepa p,r) Bvvapevov fieivai, dXX' iiro£ovTO<; kcli a<f>avi%°- 
fjbivov Kal Bid tovto BiBao-KOfjievoi aa/3^aTi^eiv rjdeXrjaav yap 

10 Tive<; Kal T<p aa/3ftdT(p o-vXXe^ai, Kal ov% evpov } KaOd yeypairTai. 

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yiayvarjq /jueTa tqjv irpecrfivTepwv (Kal r/ pdfiBo? iv tt) %etpt 

avTov) els Xcoprjfl to opos, tovt£o~tlv iv ro5 Zivaitp, iyyvs ovtl 

15 ttjs <&apdv to? dirb /jliXiwv ef. Kal iKel iraTa^avTos ttjv ireTpav, 
ippvrjcrav vBaTa 7roXXd, Kal eiriev 6 Xabs, Kaddirep Kal Aav'i'B iv 
tyaXfJUOLS /3oa, AUfSpTjgev ireVpav ev epTJfJ-w, Kal eirorio-ev av-roi)s »S ev dpvo-o\}> 
-iroWfj, /cat iraXiv, AieppT^ev irerpav, Kal eppvijcrav vSaTa, iiropevO-qo-av Iv C 
avuSpois irorajiol, Kai 7raXlV, Kal l^-ya-yev i58wp Ik ireVpas, Kal KaT^a-yev 

20 (as iroTap.o^s v8aTa. Be 'A7r6o~To\os TlavXoS <$>r)0-lv "Eirivov -ydp 4k 
irv€V|iaTiKTJs ctKo\ov0ov<rT|s irerpas' 1^ 8e ireTpa r\v o Xpio-Tos, iva eiTTjj, KJirep 
iKeivovs €K t?}9 ir&Tpas BayjriXes vBcop aKoXovOovv a<pOovo)<; iiroTi^ev, 
oi/Tft)? rjfjLiv ^(ooTTOid vdfiaTa irape^eTai 6 Xjchctto9 Bid toov fivcrTr)- 
picov, ov TI/7T09 fjv 7} 7T6Tpa. fcaK€i Be ttoXiv KaTaTToXefMrjaaVTes 

25 tov Afj,aXrJK iTpoirwcravTO' iKel iraXiv viravTa 'loOcop ro5 ya/j,{3p<u 
avTov Ta) Wicovarj, /xera Svo iraiBwv avTov Kal tyjs yvvaiKo<$ ai)Tov' 
tjv yap o Mft)i/o-»}9 diroo-Tpetyas Trjv yvvaiKa avTov Kal Ta TeKva. 

1 ovtojs] In margine picturae habent LS glossam \iv\rav6a avWet-avres 

eva yofiwp, /xeTpov ovtco Kakovfievov, eveftakov ei? ayyos xpvwovv, crTafxvov ovtcos 

30 nakovfievov, [raCrjet avvera^ev avrols Kvpios els diarrfprjcrLv rats p-era ravra yevcals 

Kal %Qt)K.av els rrjv Kificorov tov paprvpiov //// <a\ rfjv crKrjvrjv iiroir^arav. ^X°P r }"yV^ 1 l 

8e avrols Kal rj 6prvyop,T]Tpa, rpiaKOvra fjpepas, to 8e pavva ///j Tea-o-apaKOvra. 

5. tjv] tt)v m. 9. toOtov L 2 . 12. 5nJ/evo-&i>Tb)v (-\j/rj- L) avr&v Urn. 

15. Kard^avros m. 16. 6 Aavtd m. 10. IlaOXos om. m. 21. tiawep S 2 , wairep m. 
22. iirdrtffev m. 23. 6 om. S. 27. t£kvo] Hie deficit Lfol. i04 v . In m addita sunt 
haec verba iyu) dp.t KOptos 6 0e6s crou, 3aris i^rjyaySv ere itc yrjs AiytiirTOV, ££ oticov 200 D 

17. Ps. lxxviii. 15. 18. Ps. cv. 41. 19. Ps. lxxviii. 16. 

20. 1 Cor. x. 4. 


rjvifca ei&ev ttjv oirraaiav tov dyyekov iv rfj iptffMp teal ifiaXaiciaOrj. 
evda Kal tov aKKov vlbv 'HaeTrcfacbpa d/cp6f3v<TTov ovra Trepierefiev. 
eo~Tiv ovv kcli ravTa hiaypdtyai ovtcos. 

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toj yicovcrfj iv cttv\<£> vecfreXrjs, fieTa tclvtcl BeiKwaiv 6 ©eo? toj r 
Xacp ttjv (f>o/3epav i/ceLvrjv OTTTacrlav, wo~T6 TTToeZadai tov Xabv Kal 
ipo^eiaOai (T(f)oBpa, tov opovs tyXeyofievov feat tov kclttvov &)? dirb 
KdfiLvov dviovTos. real o~koto<; teal yv6(f>o<; Trapfjv teal OveXXa, Kal 
<j)(Dvai aaXiriyyeav rj^ovo-cov eyivovTO. KaiceZ dvayaywv tov ixeya\y\ 
Mcovo~ea Kal Kpvyjras iv t$ ve<f>eXfj clctltov €7tj. TeaaapdicovTa 10 
rjfiepas, totc $e[fcvvo-iv avT(£ $1 otttciglcdv 7T&)5 rjp^aTo irotrjo-ai 

TOV KOO~fJLOV. KOI 7rap6T6LV€V TT\V TTOLTjatV ilTi €% r)/J,epai<;, KCLI T7} 

efiSofir} KaTeTravaev. teal ovtoos BtBcoac tov vo/jlov iyypd<f)CD<;. eaTtv 
o$v r] Biaypa(j)rj twv 7rpO€i,pr}/jb€V(ov ovtcos. 

avTots, ovSVov \i.i\ \a,Tp€v<ms avTOis. y Ov X^xJ/'fl t6 ovoua KvpCov tov @cov j$ 
a-ov lirl (JLaTaia)* ov -yap |x^| Ka0apurT| Kvpios tov XapovTa to 6'vop.a avTOv lirl 
|iaTa£a>. 8' Mv/jo-0t]tl t^v T)(JLepav t(Sv Zapparwv, dyidt^iv avT^jv. "Eg rj{JL6pas 
Ipyq. Kal irot^o-€ts Travra tci 'ipyo- o-oV ttj 8£ TJp<epa ttj J HaPPa/ra KvpCca t« 
0€(3 o-ov • ov iroi^jo-Eis Iv avrf irdv ^pyov, <rv Kal 6 vios o-ov, Kal t) QvYaT-rjp o-ov 3 
20 1 A 6 irais o-ov, Kal r\ irai8£o-KT] o-ov, 6 Povs o-ov, Kal to vtto^vyiov o-ov, Kal 6 Trpoa-T|- 2 o 
Xvtos 6 -n-a.poi.Kwv 4v 0-0C. e' T£p,a tov iraWpa o-ov Kal t^jv p.T|Tepa o-ov, Xva 
€v 0-01. Y€Vi]Tai, Kal tva uaKpoxpovios 7€vtj iirl tt)s 7t)s. S"' Ov $ov€v<T6i<5. | Ov 
uoixevo-eis* i]' Ov k\6]/€is. 8' Ov i|/€v8ouapTvpTJo-€is KaTcl tov irXT|o-£ov o-ov 
uaprvpCav \J/€v8fj. 1 Ovk I , m0vp,^o-€ts t^|v ^vvaiKa tov irX^o-fov o-ov, ov8J tov 
d-ypdv avTov, ov8^ tov iratSa avTov, ov8i ri\v iraiSCo-K-qv avTov, ovhk tovs p6as 25 
avTovj ov8^ to viro^vyi-ov avTov, ov8^ irdv kttjvos avTov, ov8£ 00-a t<S irXT|o-£ov 
o-ov !o-t£. 

dovXetas. ovk taovrai aoc deal ^repot irXrjv ifiov. ov iroL-qae^ aeavrcd dScoXov, ovSe 
Travrbs dfioiw/na, Haa iv rip ovpavip &vu), Kal oaa ip rr\ yrj, Kal 6aa iv tois tiSaaiv 
vitok&tu) r-^s 7^s. ov irpoo-Kw-qo-eis, omissis fylica — oVtws (p. 14 1, 11. 1 — 14). 

3. ovTcas] Hie deficit S fol. 74 v . Incipit post unius paginae lacunam in verbo 
Tplr(p. 14. ovtws] Post hoc verbum habet S picturam ; inde reliqua pagina ; 

spatium fortasse 9 vel 10 versuum deest. Incipit fol. 76 verbis ov Xi§ffl (1. 15). 
15. avrois] Incipit L fol. 105. ai. e om. Lm. 22. S" om. Lm. 

f om. m. 23. tf om. m. 0' om. Lm. 24. t' om. Lm. 

15. Ex. xx. 6 — 17. 


To iceifievov. 

AoiTTOV 1 KaT€\rj\v6oTO^ aifTOV €K TOV OpOV? TrpOGTCLTTSTCLl V7T0 

®€ov troielv ttjv o-ferjvrjVy fj TU7TO? rjv <*>v ewpaicei iv r<p opei, Xeyc* 
8r), tov TTCLVTOS KOO~fJbOV TO eKjiayelov ' "Opa yap, (j)rjatv } iroifyrcis iravTa B 
5 Kara tov tvitov tov Seix^vra <rot Iv t<5 opci. O 06 fJLCLKapiOS LTat/Xo? 
aTToaToXos ttjv fiev 7rpci)Tr}v o-ktjvtjv tvitov tov koc/jlov Tovfov iv 
TJ) 7r^09 'EySpatoi'? 'E7rto"To\^ elirev elvav cf)r)o~lv yap Etx«v jjlJv -yip 
Kal T| irpa>TT| 8iKai(6|iaTa XaTpeCas, to t« a-yiov koo-jukov. <TKt\vi\ "yap KaT6- 
O-K€VaO-0H T) TrpftJTT], 4v fl i\ T€ Xv^vfa, Kal T) Tpdire^a Kal -fj 7rpo0€o-is T<OV apTWV, 

io iJTis XfyeTai "A^ia. elirwv fiev avTtjv Koa-fiiKov, (haavel tvitov tov 
KOcrpLov tovtov, iTrrjvey Kev 'Ev ^ i\ t€ Xv^via, Lva elirr), Toit<i (/xoo-Trjpas, 
Kal i\ Tpdire^a, TOVt£o~TLV rj yrj, Kal f| irpoOeo-is tcov dpTtov, Xva €i7Ty TOV? 
iviavGLOVs fcap7rov<; avTrj^, tjtis, (prjalv, X£yeTai "A-yia, Tva hrfkdaarj, 
ttjv irpooTrjv o-fcr)vrjv. elra Kal irepl t?5? SevTepa? <f>r}crlv, Toiovtov C 

i 5 2x°l 1€V dp\i€pia, «Ss Ikc10io-€v «v ScJ-iqL tov Opovov ttjs jwyaXwo-vvijs tv tois ovpavots, 
twv d-yfov XeiTOvp-yos, Kal ttjs o-ktjvtjs ttjs dXTjOivfjs, t]V ^ittj^cv 6 Kvpios Kal ovk 
dvBpcairos. Kai TTa\lV> Xpioros 8fc Trapa-yevo|A€VOS dpxiepeis twv jj-cXXovtwv 
d"ya0u>v, 8id ttjs p.€^ovos Kal TeXaoWpas o-KTjvfjs, ov x €l P ' 7r0lT Y r0v > tovt&ttiv, ov 
TavT-rjs ttjs kt£o-6ws, ov8£ 8i* afyiaTos Tpd-ywv Kal v,6tr\a>v, 8id 8£ tov LSfov 

20 a'LfiaTos clo-rjXOev 4<|>dira£ «ls Ta d-via, aiwvtav XvTpwo-iv €vpd|A€VOS* feat wd\iv, 
Ov -yap €ts x €L P oiro ^ T l Ta ^7 ta eto-tjXBev 6 Xpio-Tds avT^Tuira twv dX^divcav, dXX* 
els avTov t6v ovpavov vvv ep.<|>avLa'6-fjvai rtS Trpoo-wTra) tov @cov, aXrjuivrjV fiev 
aKrjvrjv tov ovpavov etVftW, avTiTVira he tcl Bia tov Maxrea)? /caTa- 

1 Ante \ol7t6v habet V inter duas picturae partes haec verba : evravBa 
2 5 V&&Q 11 ) o fieyas Moivarjs fiera ras recraapaKOvra (re add. V 2 ) fjficpas iv aXkais !£ 
Tjfiepais iSelv 8i OTrraaicov iras iv reus e£ f)/iepais iiroir^aev 6 Qebs tov ovpavov 
Kal ttjv yrjv ko.1 irdvTa to. iv avTols. koto, tcl^lv (naTai-LV V 1 ) pias eKdo-Tijs r)p,epas 
6 6e6s Karedapprjo-cv ko.\ o~vyypa.y\rai TavTa, So£acrBels ko.) to irpoo-anrov vno tov 
Beov. In parte superiore picturae depingitur Moovo-rjs tov vop.ov \apftdva>v vno 
30 (napa S) Qeoii : in parte inferiore Mavarjs eavdev rrjs ve(f)4\r)s a(3pa>Tos Biapeivas 
rjpepas TcaaapaKovTa ko\ vvktos Teao-apaKovTa. Et sic S in margine. 

■1. \onrbv\ Hie incipit V fol. 47 v . vwd] + tov Lm. 2. sjt SL 1 . 4. <t>-qalv 

om. LSm. 8. diKcuwTa L. 9. t&v om. m. 10. dwiov /xev] etiro/xev SL 1 , 

diruiv Uhn. 13. iviavaialovs L. SrjXLjaj)] etirr) LSm. 14. ttjv Trpibryv] 

Tivk ( = Ti)v a) US. 16. Kal i° om. L 1 , 17. 5^ om. LSm. 21. eiaTjXde 

Xptcrris L. 23. to. om. m. 

4. Ex. xxv. 40. 7. Hebr. ix. 1, -z. 14. Hebr. viii. 1, 2. 

17. Hebr. ix. 11, 12. 21. Hebr. ix. 24. 


D (TtcevacdivTa. odev tcl Maxrew? yeipoirovqTa KaXel, tcl Be akrjOvva 
a^eipoirolrjTa. irpoaTa^deX^ ovv iroirjcrai,, iroiel Ka6o&$ iBe'i^dr) 
avT(p to TrapdSeiyfia rfj? o~K7)vfj<;, feed to irapaBeLyfia iravTcov tcov 
a/cevcov avTrjs, KaX ttjv kl/3(DTov tov fiaprvpiov, KaX to IXaaTrjpLov 
to eiravo), KaX tcl Bvo xepovftXfju eKTeivovTa t«? TTTepvyas, KaX 5 
avaKia^ovTCL iTrdvcoOev to IXaarTripLov, o/Wa><? KaX to KaTaireTaa-fia 
teal ttjv xrpdire^av KaX ttjv Xv^yiav, KaX t<z<? av\aia<; T779 o-KTjvrjs, 
Xva elirr) to, o'Keirdap.aTa to, irpSiTa, ical tcl? BeppeL<; t«? Tpi^ivas 
204 A to,? dirb eplcov alycov, Xva etirr) aTWirTa • irdXiv, KaX avTa BevTepa 

o-/ce7rdo~fjLaTa tt}<? aKTjvfjs, ojjlolg)*; KaX tcl Tp'iTa etc BepfiaTtov irvppo)v, 1° 
koX depLvcov, a? i/cdXovv 8i<j)6ipa<;, iroiKika irdvTa davfiao-Ta. €0~tlv 
Be 7) 8taypa<f>r} T779 o-Krjvfjs ovtw 


i ^7rio"r}/jbavTeov evTavOa iraXw, otl ireirn^yvlav o~Kr]V7}v irapa tov 
®€ov XeyeL ttjv dXrjOivrjv, TovTeorTLV tov ovpavov, I 5 

"ETI IIAPArPA^H. KaX irdXtv dxeipoTroliyTOV KaXel avTrjv 
KaX TeXeiav aKrjvrjv, TovTeaTiv tov ovpavov &)9 irapa tov %eov 
yevop,evt]v. ^eipOTroitJTrjv yap KaXel ttjv aKrjvrjv, rjv M.a)crrj<; KaTe- 


"ETI IlAPArPA^>H. KaTa dvTihiao-To\r}V Be ttj? o-Kr)vf}<; Tr}<; 20 
vtto M&)0"€6)? KaTacTKevaa-Oeiar^q dXTjdcvrjv TavTrjv KaXel, ax? del 
avTrjs Biafjb€vovo-7j<;, iKeivr)? Be KaTaXvo/jLevrjs. 

"ETI avXalas tcl? KopTLvas KaXel, o{rra>9 Be koXovclv avTas 
KaX ol e^coOev 'AttlkoX XeyovTes avXaia to fieya KaX ttolklXov 
TrapaTreTao-fia. 'TirepLBris 6 pr)T<op ev to> KaTa UaTpoKXeovs Xoyq), 25 
B Ot Z\ ivvla ap\ovT€s €i<ttu»vto kv tr <tto£, 4>pa£o|i€voi to pipos avTfjs avXaCa* 
o/Wa>9 KaX MevavBpos, ZtutmIov, tktyavra, (ivpov, otvov, avXaCav 1 - 

1 Ad picturam habent VLS glossam ra OTrtadca rrjs (TKrjvrjs. oruXot e£ arrb 
it a^j' yivofievm it 0, koi 8vo cttvKoi els ras yatvias cltto it <o yivofievai t<ov oktc!) 
(ttvXcop tt I. tovto to itXcltos rrjs (TKTjvrjs. %x 0V(Ta fit)\6v (TvpTov Xeyofievov eirl- 3° 
irao-rpov. fioxXol 8ta ra>v yjra\i8a>v SuKvovfxevai (sic !). /xo^Xos fiecros dia rebv 
travtbmv duKvovfj-evos. po)(Xoi 8ta tg>v \jra\i8a>v biiKvovjievai (sic !). 

6. rb iXaarripiov tir&vwdev LSm. 7. aii\as LSm. 11. 8i<pde'pas] + Kai LSm. 
16. TapaypcHp-fi om. LSm. 17. rovrkanv om. LSm. 18. x^? oiro ^\ TOV LSm. 

20. irapaypatpT} om. LSm. 23. Kohd ras Koprlvas LSm. 27. OTWinreiov L, 

vrfainQV S, (TTviTTeiov m. auXaia L J S (ta in ras.). 29. yij V bis $=ylvovrat). 

30. ^x ovaa — SuKvotfievat (32) om. LS. 


Ol eifcoari cttv\ol, etKocri craviBe? elcrlv lardfievai, airb Trrj^eco^ 
liia? ijfjbtav to irXaTo? eKaart]^ cravlBo? • yivovTai roiv el/coai cttvXcov 
Trrj^eL^ X'* tovto to fjbrJKO? tt}? o-KTjvrjs. al fiao-eis Be ai/Tcov BtirXal 
rjcrav eacodev zeal e^coOev irepicrTacrai ttjv aavLBa • dpyvpal Be rjcrav 
5 al /3acret9. al Be Ke<f>a\iBe<; difKal rjo~av, ^pvaal Be, ofioicos Kal al 
tyaXiBes /cat al cravlBes Kal ol fio^Xoi Kal 01 ay/ccDvicricoc ol Be 
ay/ccoviafcoi elcrlv Bvo fjv\a ^pvaepuiracrTa, Kal KaOrfKcofjueva eh 
e/cdo~Tr)v aavLBa, aTpecfro/jLeva teal dvTnrliTTOVTa d\\r)\oi<;, Xva o~vv- 
Becrfievcoaiv irdcras tcls cravlBas' avTol ol dyfccovLCTKoi zeal ol fio^ol 

10 Bia tcov BaKTvXlcov, tjtol tcov yjraXlBcov, BuKVOvfievot, iBecrfievov 
dcrcpaXcos iraaav ttjv cr/CTjvrjv ' 6 Be 7re/a7TT09 fjuoxXos 6 fiecros, ov C 
Bed tcov BaKTvXicov ypeTo, dXXd Bid fieaov tcov aavlBcov BuKveiTo, 
G/ccnrTtov ovacov tcov aavlBcov 7r/?o? irXeiova do~(f)dXeiav Trjs cr/crjvrjs. 
to Be vyjro<; e/eacn-779 aaviBos irnfj^ecov Be/ca r)v, teal to 7r\aVo9 7779 

15 crK7]vr}<; nrrj^ewv Be/ca r)v, KaX 6 aXXos T0t^09 Ofioto? r)v tovtco tco 
Tofycp. OTe to KaTaireTaafia tov vaov ea^iaOrj eirl tov irdOov^ 
tov Kvplov et9 Bvo, ev TavTcp Tpia eo-rjfiavev, irpcoTov ttjv ToXfiav 
tcov 'lovBalcov Bir}Xey%ev ttjv /caTa tov Kvplov yevofxevjjv, a>9 
irevdovvTos tov 6elov vaov KaX Trepicryjb^opLevov, BevTepov, oti KaTa- 

20 XvBrjaovTai ra *\ovBaiKa, Kal crvyxvOijcrovTai dvatpovfjuevr]^ t^9 
7rpd)TT]<; cTKt)vr\<$, Tplrov, otl 7] ecrcoTepa crKrjvr} r) depavr/s, Kal aftaTO? 
iraaiv, Kal tols lepevaiv ovcra, KaTacfravrfs /cat (3aTT) TOt9 dvOpdyrrot*; 
yeyovev. Bo^a Bia nravTa tc3 {3acri\eL tcov atcovcov ©€ft) el$ toi»9 D 
alcovas. dfirjv. 

25 Ylapaypatyrj. 

'EtVTavOa Mcocrfjt; fieTa to d^LcoOijvai ev tQ> opei tcov OTTTacnoov 
CKelvcov tcov (f)of3epcov, irpoaTaTTeTai irapa tov %eov irotrjcraL aKrjvrjv 
KaTa tov tvttov bv ecopciKei ev too Spec, tvttov ovcrav 7raj/T09 tov 
KOa/JLOV "Opa -yap, (j)7]crLV, iroi^o-cis iravTa Kard tov tvitov tov 8€ix0€VTa 205 D 
30 o-oi ev t<5 opci. eTreiBrj ovv iSeiftOfi avTco 7r&)9 eTroirjcrev 6 0609 tov 
ovpavov Kal ttjv yrjv, Kal Tjj BevTepa i)p,epa KaTap,ecro6ev i7TOL7)o~ev 
to aTepecjOjjua, Kal eirotrjaev tov eva %copov Bvo ^copov^, koI avTos 

i. ylvoPTai] + ovv m. 5. rjffav air\ai LSm. Kal al \f/a\tSes om. LSm. 

12. dtiKvelro — aavLdow om. LSm. 14. rjv] £v m. 15. rjv]$v m. 16. to 

w&dos LSm. i\. cktjpt] &<pavr}s V (om. 7/). 23. 9ew] Xpio~T$ LSm. 24. dfi'/jp] 
Post hoc verbum sequitur in LSm, to Kel/xevov. aljTi) — Sepix&ruv. Inde irapaypatp^. 
ivravOa k.t.X. 16. £pTav8a] + 6 LSm. 

29. Ex. xxv. 39. 


o/xo«»9 Kara tov tvttov ov icopd/eei, eiroirja-ev ttjv o-ktjvtjv, Kal 
edrjtcev Karap>eao6ev KaTaTreraa-fia, ical BteXcbv €Trolr)o~ev tt)v fjuiav 
afcrjvrjv et9 Svo, i^corepav Kal iacorepav. 6 'AttocttoXo? ovv ttjv 
egcoTepav tov koo-jjlov tovtov tvttov i^etwev, Xeyoiv oi/tg)?, Et\€v 
uAv "yap Kal rj Trpa>TT) o-ktjv?| 8iKaicop.aTa Xa/rpeias, to t€ d-yiov koctjjllkov. o-kt)v?| 5 
•yap KaT€o-K6vao-0Ti tj irpMTT), 4v tf tj t€ XvxvCa, Kal tj Tpairejja Kal tj irpoGecris twv 
dpTiov, fjns XfyeTai "A-yia, coaravet, tvttov eire^d tov koct/jlov tovtov ev 
208 A o5 io~Tiv rj yf), Kal 01 Kapirol Kal 01 (jxoo-Trjpes. elra Kal ttjv hevrepav 
epfirjveViOV <j)r}cnv OVT(0<;, Xpwrrds & irapaY€v6u€vos dpxupevs twv ucXXovtwv 
d-yaOwv, 8 id ttjs ucCgovos Kal nXnoripas o"KT)vf)s, ov x €L P 07rOL1 l TOX, i tovWotiv ov IO 
TavTTjs ttjs K-Ko-ews, ovSfc 81 a^axos Tpa7«v Kal \i6<r\tav, 8id 8fc tov tSfov 
al'paTos cla-fjXOcv l^dirag els tcu "A-yia, alcovCav Xvrpwo-iv evpapevos, W0~avel, 
f Q&irep apxiepev? anal; tov eviavTOv elaep^eTat eZ? ttjv iacoTepav 
o~K7}vrjv 81 aifiaTos Tpdycov Kal /jloq-^cov^ i^t\eov/ULevo<; tov Xaov, 
ovtws Kai o X/3t(TT09 elarjXdev eh tt)v dyeip0TT0i7)T0V o-Krjvrjv, Iva 15 
€LTrr), rov ovpavov, i<f>dTraf; alwviav \vTpcoo~iv evpdfievos' Kal TrdXiv, 
Ov yap ets x €l P° ,,ro ^ T l Ta "A-yia eto-fjXOcv 6 Xpurros, avTCruira twv cCXtjOivwv, dXV 

B ds avTov tov ovpavov' Kai iraXiv Xeyei, SkicIv Yap €t^€v 6 vopos twv 
ucXXovtmv dyaBav ' a>9 ev o~Kiaypa<f>ia yap TrpoeTvirov hid tt)? io-coTepas 
aK7)vr)s Trjv avoBov tov &€o~ttotov XpiaTov Kara adpKa, Kal tcov 20 
hiKaiwv dvOpcoTrcjv ttjv e'lo~oSov. 66 ev irakiv vovdeToyv eTTKfyepec, 
"E\ovt€S ovv, d8eX<J>ol, irappijo-Cav els t?|v €'&ro8ov twv 'A-yCwv, ijv €V€KaCvio-€v 
fjuiv 686v irp6o~<f>aTov Kal ^<rav, 81a tov KaTair€Tao-uaTos, tovt^otiv ttjs o-apKos 
avTov, Kal lipid \Ltyav en\ t6v oIkov tov 0eov, irpoa-epxupicda \ierd dXr)0ivf)s 
KapSias" Kal TrdXiv StjXcov &><? eVco et9 tov ovpavov iaTiv 6 XpiaTOSj 25 
\iyet *Ov irpo^0£To 6 0«os iXao-TT|ptov kv t» ovtov atjiaTi, eireior) Kal to 

O l\ao~T7]piov eaco eh tt)V hevrepav cKrjvrjv eKeiTO. Kal aXka Be 

TroWa, ToiavTa evKeivrai Tat? 'E7rtcrToXat9 tov Attoo~to\ov, Kal 

Trdo-7) Trj deia Tpa<f>fj. 

204 D To Ketfievov. 30 

Avtt) 7) 8iaypa<f)r) Trjs aKrjvfjf; yvfivf}<;. rd 8e TrpwTa avTrjs 

o-KeTrdc/jLaTa rjv vtpavTa TroiKika ef vaKivd(ov Kal Trop<f>vpa<; kckXco- 

3. tawripav Kal ^(aripav LSm. 5. Kal om. Lm. 6. tG>v om. m. 

7. toIjtov] tov LSm. 8. 61 fiyviaioi Kapirol LSm. 14. a'i/xaros] + Kal V. 
16. evpd/Mevos S 2 . 17. 6 om. LS. 22. ayl<av] + £v t$ atp-aTi'Iyo-ov LSm. 

aveKaiviffev m. 24. irpooepx6fJLeda VL^S 1 . 32. ffKeirda/iara avTTJs Lm. 
irop<p6pas xal K€K\(a<rfi4vrjs pfoffov LSm. 

4. Hebr. ix. 1, -i. 9. Hebr. ix. n, 12. 17. Hebr. ix. 24. 

18. Hebr. x. 1, 22. Hebr. x, 19 — 21. 26. Rom. iii. 15. 

W, 10 


cr/jLevr/s, ftvcrcrov, teal kokklvov, wairep kclI to /caTaTreTaer/jLa, a real 
avXala<s KaXel r) Ypatyr/. rjcrav Be &>9 Koprivai eiri/xr/ieew ei/cocrt, r/' 
Tn/ykwv tjv to fjLrj/cos tt}<; fAias, Kai B' irr/^ei^ to 7r\<zT09* e' Be avXaias 
6/jlov fcetcoXXrjcrOai Xeyet,, teal irdXiv o/jlolcos e Xolttov, av/jLJ3oXr) tcov 
5 e' teal e KaTa/iecroQev eh to %etXo? T779 /iicis /cpiteoi, teal eh to 
^eZA.09 7-779 eTepa<$ dytci/Xai. teal f/pov Ta9 dyievXas eirl tou9 ac/o£/cou9, 205 A 
Kai crvveBecr/jLevov Ta9 Be/ca 6/iov, g>? eirl twv Xeyo/ieveov criyicrTpo- 
ttvXwv, rj o~Tp(OfiaTO$eo-fj,(ov } r) o>9 eirl twv BtacraKLcov. OTe Be Biy- 
povv Ttjv afcrjvrjv ev 777 dirapTia, irevTe fjaav Kai irevTe, teal avral 

10 Biaipovfievac feed ftacTTa^o/ievai. tovto Be avTO fcal eirl twv BevTepwv 
aKeiracr/iaTayv eiroiovv, twv airb twv alyeiwv ovtohv Be cttvittoSv, a? 
kcli beppei? etcaXovv. ta /iev rjcrav X oe irr/ywv r)v r) /jLia, be 
itt/YG&v irdXiv to irXaTo*}. r/crav Be ofiov e fcal aXXai s~ o/jlov. ical 
crvvrjiTTovTo irdXiv Bia twv ayrcvXwv zeal twv Kpiiecov, teal iylvero 

1 5 irdXiv r) iracra fua. to fifjtcos ovv Tr)s crteijpf)? irr/ywv rjv X'. tc yap 
cttvXol rjcrav, iva elirrj eravlBes, airb wr/xecos ar' to irXaTO?, yivovTai 
7r?}^6t9 V * eiTa teal itXclto? cttvXol r' diro irr/^ewg a^-?', yivovTai B 
irr/yeLS 6' . teal eh t«9 ywvia? cttvXol ft' airb irr/%€W<s to rj/jLicrv 
yivovTai twv rj cttvXwv irrj%eLS 1 irdvToOev f)a<f>aXLcr/ievoL airb twv 

20 fio^Xcov. al avXalau ovv crvvaiTTbp.evai at 1 eiroiovv eh 7r\aT09 
Trrfxeis fi, leal eieaXviTTov oXov to /jLrj/eo<; TJ79 cncrjvris, teal tov oirierQev 
Tol%ov> eyovTa in/ro9 7r^€t9 i, 6/jlov 7r?;^et9 /*'• ol Be etKocri oktq) 
7T);^€t9 to firjfcos toov avXaioav eKaXvirTov to irXaTOS tt/9 crtcrjvrjs 
TOVTecrTiv 7T^€49 i * teal Bvo Tofycov twv Trap etcaTepa to vyfros 

25 airb irriywv 1 yivovTai, aXXoi 7r^et9 k, 6/jlov 7TVX ei,<i ^'* V°~ av Be 
airb ier/ \ evBrjXov irapd eva tttj^vv ecr/eeirev tov eva toi^ov, iea\ tov 
CTepov irapa irr/yyv eva' al Be Beppeis al airb cttvjttwv teal tovs 
aXXov? Bvo 7T^^et9 eerKeirov rjcrav yap airb iri/yewv X' to /jly/kos 
e/cao-T7?9, ?) Be ireptcrcrr) /iia Beppi<; eh ttjv Ovpav T179 crier/vr)? /caT€- C 

30 Ke^aXacrTO. Biaypd<f>ofiev ovv iea\ avTwv to elBo$. ecrTiv ovv 
outg)9, a/ia teal Ta Tpia crKewdcr/iaTa Ta airb Bep/iaTcov 1 . 

1 In codice S post picturam quae hie exstat sequuntur verba irapaypafyi). 
TCLvrd flcriv to. amen dcrfiara rrjs anr)vr]s, ra irpSara koi tcl bevrepa Kai to. rpira. 

3. irrjxtwv] # V. 7n?X ei s] it V, et sic semper. 4. \onr6v] [Xoiiras] 

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27. ha ir^xw LSm. 29- Karex^XaoTO V. 31. a/*a] + 5£LSm. r/)£ra V. 


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r. napay paipl] eri LSm. vs. ird\ip ipec tis LSm. II. iKreiveffdai m. In 

verbo iireKret- desinit V fol. 46". 12. ij de—iyivero om. Lm. 13. <?7t«5tj] + 5£ m. 
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30, if Se ffT€<pavi) if iripi]- Lm. 

19. Eccl. i. 5, 6. 


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incipit fol. 45. ai. di&rt m. 22. vlbv <roi Lm. Kal — 'Iw&vvtjv om. Lm. 

23. aurd LS 2 m. 24. Xa/3etv om. m. top Xady L 2 m. 25. irXrjpovvTat LSm. 

27. rd Kvp.aTiov— ovpavov] Haec verba in margine cod. V inveniuntur titulo trap. 
praemisso; in LS sine titulo. TpetrTov L. 28. tvttop S. 

10. Rom. iii. 15. 12. Hebr. ix. 11, 12. 20. Luke i. 13. 


a<f>eaiv too koct/jLG) yapi^ofievov. dfieXei avTO? 6 *\(odvvr)<$ haKTvXo- 
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ttjv eTepav, Kal dvaKXco/juevac ef dpiaTepcov eVt Ta hefjed, Kal diro 
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Xov avTov, eK xpvaovrjfiaTo? Kal dXrjdivr)? iropcfrvpas, Kal Kvdvov 

6. i) CKrjvyj KaTaKeKaKvfxfiivtj om. V, to Kel/xevov m. 8. t'] 5c65e/ca LS, t/3' m. 

10. l/xdrta^ + iK LSm. 11. Kal rpeTs om. LSm. 13. i;s] 17s V, eh LS, Kal m. 

17. KeXetei — ai/Xrjs om. Lm. 18. 6iafia\ re d/xa m. 20. TrairvXeibvtov LSm. 

71. ipravda— fidvys om. LSm. 26. Koavfi^puTos m. 27. 7ro5^/>« m. 

28. iirl LSm. 31. ai)rwj> L 1 . 

2. John i. 29. 


213 A XP a) / JLaTOf >> Ka & /3v<r<rov, teal leoteielvov /ca6v(f>ao~/j,evai rjaav at eir(o- 
/uSe9 TroLKtXai. teal Bvo XiOoi cfiapdyBov iirl tov<: Bvo w/jlovs 
avrov el? Ta? iirco/jblBa^ yeyXvfi/nevoc tc\ ovo/iara tcjv BooBe/ca 
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teal Twv Tcco-dpcov xpcofiaTcov tca0v<j)ao-fjL€vov i iroiteiXoVy e%ov zeal 
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teal ^covrjv 7roiteLXi]v, irepie^covvvev avcodev virb to o-ttjOos tov 
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ovv teal avTO to <ryr\p.a tov lepecos teaTaypdyfrai toiovtov 1 . 30 

1 Ad picturam pontificis habent VLS glossam evravOa ro <txw<l t&v 
ivbvfiaroiv tov lepeas dieypdyj/afiev €fnrpo(rdo<f)avT) kol o7ria8o(f)au^. aKpifiiarepov 
de ev rrj e^ijyqaei bedrjXarcu irep\ avrov. 

3. deKddvo LSm. 5. airi9a/xTJs—Kal om. LSm. 9. koX om. Lm. 

KeKoKkqp.e'va, LSm. 12. K/)0(r(rwTa LSm. ireirXrjyfiiva m. 19. 6 om. LSm. 

Kvavovj/I xpd/**™* L - dirb] + Tov LSm. si. ?y om. LSm. 30. roidude LSm. 


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eva \L60v eKekevaev evTavda Be iireiBr) Kal al <j)v\al Kal al 

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1.' tol om. VL. 4. dcic&Svo LSm. ip'] deic&dvo LSm. 6. 2va om. LSm. 

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Troirjaei V 2 LS. 24. Kwdtbvuv LSm. 30. awepx6vT<av m. , 

32. Deut. ii. 7. 


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I. fieydXyu tt]v~\ pey. Kal m. Te<r<rap6.K0VTa] re /Z V. Geiy] + aov m. 

3. <xov om. m. iTv\{bdT)<rav\ + 1 Sou m. T€<r<rap6.KovTa] re p. V '. 4. yvuxret 

LS. h om. m. iraiSetxrei VLS. 5. Qebs] + aov m. /a'] re pZ V 1 . 

9. to V 1 m. 15. Kal — Trotelp om. LSm. 17. Su^ora V 1 . 19. Xax - 

^a V. 21. «-ard roC] /raroi/ V 1 . 22. [auvvt] VLS. 28. afHtptaP V. 

3r. 7rapa] + Tou m. 

2. Deut. viii. 4, 5. 5. Deut. xxix. 4. 17. Ps. lxxviii. 20. 


ypd/ifjuara veaxrTi, Kai wairep TraiBevTrjpico ^av^a) tt) iprffitp XPV" 
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1. V^XV] + ^" LSm. 2. fj.']T€fiY. KaTafiaZevaasV. 3. \£yw 5^ om. 

LSm. 4. reus om. LSm. 5. yeypafi/iivois V. 8. airepais LS, 

airepais [dirapais] m. .15. dirofiev LS 2 m, etiriofiev S 1 . 16. iicet enetvw V 1 . 

25. nwel V 2 . 'AapAu] Hie desinit L fol. 109/. 27. dvalpovres Lm. 
28. Haec irapaypa.<p-f) a V omissa est. 


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6. Xiyetv S, Xfyei ego. II. o^'rws] Hie incipit L fol. no. Ka6' ix. iv tt} ip. 
LSm. 13. vlov] + tov LSm. 16. 3£ om. m. 19. alwviov LSm. 26. $ V. 

24, 25. Gal. iii. 19. 


aOavacria^ teal fAateapioTrjTos teal ttclvtos ayadov ocrov ivhe^eTai 
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35 toi>9 TraTpidpxas, teal tqvt<dv Ta Teteva teal Ta9 etc tovtcov hcohetea 

3. yvuaew V. 8. 4irol-q<re LSm. fxkv om. L 2 Sm. 16. tuv] to, V. 

22. fikv] re LSm. 28. aTepyd^rat m. 29. &ire\iri<TTlau LSm. 33. St' ov] 

8ta LSm. 34. /cal om. LSm. 


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1. aTrepm.* 2. Kado8iryTi<T(uV. 4. t§j om. m. 7. K-qpiffaovras] 

om. L^S, irpo<t>r)Tei5<ravTas L 2 m. 9. Kal 2°] + i} L 2 m. 14. irdffr}s] + Trjs LSm. 

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26. tov om. LSm. 31. fiddrjaiv yiv. dfirfx- LSm. 32. dXX' 0ffTtpor] d\Xa 

Xu7r?7S L 2 m. 

14. 1 Cor. xv. 21. 31. Hebr. xii. ri. 


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fieWova-jj Karaardaei, /cat irkr^poyaai rbv eavrov dvcoOev teal ef 
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20 AAAM KAI ETA. 224 A 

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K€<f>a\t) iariv koI Uarrjp rov fieWovros al&vos. outo9 wdXiv 

4. diaypiifafiev V 1 . 6. 'Iijaov] + rod Nai;^ LSm. 9. g<rriv ovv oOrws 

om. LSm. Hie desinit V fol. 53 v . 14. 8ta.ypd<punep m. 20. KAI ETA om. m. 
22. il-] iK tt)s m. 

24. Matt. xix. 4 sqq. 28. Eph. v. 32. 


7rpcwTo? r)l;i(60r) eltccbv ®eov yeviaOac teal KXr\Qr)vai % ewl Be tov 

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dWd teal 7rpo<j>rjTt,teov ^apio-fiaTO? rj^iwaev. <\>tig\v yap irepl t^9 3° 

15. irapapd<rrj m. ivroK-rju^ + o L 1 , +£ L 2 . irapa,pdi>Tos koX firj S. wapafi&VTt 
I J J I ftij Lha. 16. tov om. m. d\\A] Hie incipit V fol. 54. 17. y.ovov\vbiu# 
LSm. 18. avyxb>pv ffa s V. 21. <f>pov^ffei] irpoypdvei LSm. 22. 8i&Kpi<Ttv om. 
LSm. 24. LSm. 25. koX om. LSm. olKovofiyiaavri LSm. 26. 2rt 
om. m. 27. TrdXw om. LSm. 28. icai tin LSm. 30. K^p&yfiaros m. 

3. Col. i. 15. 12. Rom. v. 14. 

160 XPIZTIANIKH T01"T0rPA<t>IA Lib. V. 

ywaiKO? avTOV, Kal (KaXecrev to 6'vop.a avTtjs Za>f|, oti avTTj p.^TT]p irdvTuv 
t«v Jwvtwv. ovk tjv yap rrjs avrov Bvvdfiea><; irpoiBelv, otl iroir)Gei 225 A 
tcocr/JLOV avOpwircdV €K rrjs yvvaiKO? avTov, el fir/ Oeia Bvva/us Kal 
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Xio? Kaivhs twv dvdpouircov icrTLV. ov fiovov Be avTO?, dXXa Kal 
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(prjalv yap irepl avTfjs, Kal crvXXa(3oiJo-a $r€K€V vidv, Kal eKaXecrev to ovopa B 
avTov 2-^0, X£yovo~a *E£av4<rrr]<r£v jjloi 6 0€os <rir^pp.a £r«pov dvri "AfkX, ov 

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6 0t6s tov 'A8dp, Kar cfcova 0eov tiro^crev avTov ' apo-ev Kal Qf\Xv eirobjo'ev 
avTovs, Kal ijvXoyijo-cv avTOvs. Kal eirwvopaa-ev to 6'vop.a avTov 'A8dp, n 
rjptpa kiroir\a-tv avTOvs. ^T)o-ev hi 'ASdp TpiaKovTa Kal 8iaKoo-ia ^tt], Kal C 
4"Y^wtjo-€v KaTa t^|v IS^av avTov, Kal KaTa. ri\v elKova avrov. Kal e-rrcovop-ao-tv 

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%r)0, &)<? OefieXiov ovTa irdvTcov dvdpo)7r(ov, Kal tfrepovTa tov<; ISlovs 
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tov ®eov Xeyei TeOeiKevat ovo/xa to> irpwT(p dvOpayirw, Kal tov 
av6p(OTTOv Tjj yvvaiKi, Kal dp,<j)OTepov<; tco tSkvo). ck tcov Be koto, 

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Tvyxdvovcrai BiBdaKOVTai Ta irepl Seov. 6 yap dvOpauro^ crvv- 
Becrfjios t*9 ojv Trdo~r)<s /CTtcrect)9, ecKcov Be Seov, TraiBevTrjpiov Tvyyavei 
Ta irepl avTov oiKovofjuov/ieva Kal avTov Kal TrdvTcov toov XoytKwv. 

7. T^om. LSm. 8. tfe^Xios] + raw &vdpd)iru)v LSm. t6] 6 LSin. 

12. oflrus] tovtois LSm. TrpofiXtirovca] Xtyovaa LSm. 13. iiriovd/xaffev m. 

14. i^aviariiffi yap L'S- i^aviar-qae yap m. 19. airov] + tov LSm. 31. tov 

yap avdp&rrov <rwS4a/j.ov ovtos L 2 m. 32. eiVaw] Kal elicdvos Lha. 

1. Gen. iii. 20. 13. Gen. iv. 25. 20. Gen. v. 1 — 3. 


D afiaprijo-avTos yap avrov Kal Xa/36vTos ttjv diro^aavv tov Oavdrov, 
ovtoi e6pr)vovv } Kal eavT&v teal tov ttclvto? afyekTTMTTiav Xoyt^o- 
fievoL' opoovres Be irdXiv tov ®eov avTov eTTLfieXovfjuevov, eveX- 
TriaTiav Ttva irpoaeXd^avov irepl avTov /cal irepl ai/Toov. tovto 
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troi T7)v eXirlBa TTjv avTols aTTOKei/jbivrjv djroXafifidvcoaLv viol ®eou 10 
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ayyeXot, €K t<ov irepl tov dvdpcoirov oiKovo/jbov/JLevayv BiBdatcovTat 
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Sid rfjs *EKKXti<rCas -i\ itoXvitoCkiXos tov 0€ov <ro<j>£a, CYW^G)? Bia T775 'E/c/cXiy- 
alas eliroov avTov? BiBdaKeaOai ttjv tov ®eov o~o<f>iav. 15 

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tov OavaTov to Bokovv KpaTos. ovtos eaTiv "A/3eX a>9 iv 
alvvyfiaTL fiifjLTjTrjs tov irdOovs tov XpiaTod v7rdp^(ov y b? Bia <f)6ovov 
dya0(ov epycov viro tov dBeX<j)0v dBiKoos direKTavdrj, irepl ov Kai o 
1 AttoVtoXo? TlavXos ev Trj 737)0? 'JLftpatovs *YLiriaToXrj $v\cnv 'AXXd 
B irpoo-€Xi]Xv0aT€ ZuSv opei, Kal irdXei 0«ov ^wvtos 'Iepouo-aX^ja lirovpavC^, Kal 25 
fxvpiacriv ayyeXtov iraviryvpct, Kal 'EKKXrjo-Ca irpwTOTOKwv diro7€-Ypa|i,p.^v»v iv 
ovpavots, Kal KpiTg @6(^ irdvTtav, Kal irv€u|ia<ri 8iKa£wv TCTeXewoa^vwv, Kal 
SiaO^KT]S v^as (1€<t£tii 'Iti<rov, Kal aty-aTi pavTiorp,ov, Kpctrrov XoXovvti irapc? 
tov "Ap«X. 

2. direXmcrTlav LSm. 5. 6 Kfytos SrjXot LSm. 7. ivaprlov] + aWov LSm. 
10. dTToXafjL^dtfovffCfV. 13- iSowl<us} + fr rots iirovpwlou m. 16. TOtp&p 

wpopdrw om. m. 17. 8s] ws m. 21. ^(rrt^ + A Lm. 6 ws] fls ws LSm. 

22. virdpxet L%n. 26. ^ oipavoft diroyeypawfrwv m. 27. otyai'v L. 

28. Kpelrrova m. 29. t6v] t6// L. 

5. Luke xv. 7. 7- Rom. viii. 20, 21. 13. Eph. iii. 10. 

24. Hebr. xii. 22 — 24. 





'FivravOa helfcvvTCLi aafyeo-Tepov tov Biicatov "A/3e\ TeXevrrj- 
cravTO?, g><? ov /car opyrjv 6 Oavaros tg> dv6pw7T(p eTrevrjvefCTai, oti 
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davdrov avrov. kol on perd Qdvarov ftoa, BrjX&v Bid tovtov, a>9 C 
7raXivBpop,rjo-ei et? %oar)v. kcli iraXiv 6 8dvaro<z p,r) avyxeoprjOels 
eVt rov dpLaprrjaavra irpooTov €7reXdeiv, dXX eVt rov piy dpaprrj- 
aavra, Bei/cwTai /caTaXvop,evo<;, a>? rrjv irpdaTrjv €<poBov dBl/ceos 

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ov^l eVt dpapTcoXov oOev evecrnv p,a6eiv, on aaOpa 6ep,eXia 
redeircev 6 OdvaTo?. Bed tovto Tayj,o~Ta fcaTaXvdrjo-eTaiy o teal 
yeyovev eVt tov AeairoTOV X/ck<7toi) KaraXvOev avrov to Bokovv 
tcpaTO?. Bo^a tS e'f dpyf)*; eo)? Te\ou9 ol/covop,r}o~avTL Ta /card 

15 tov dv6pco7rov. etc tovtov BeitcvvTai iraXiv, p,rj kclt opyrjv elvai 
tov ddvaTOV, oti fcal ol papTvpovp,evoi Bi/caioi elvai awpoi teal ftia 
TeXevT(bo~iv, ol Be p,apTvpovpevot dfiapToaXol, TrXrjpcbo-avTef; Ta? 
r)p,epa<} eavT(ov, ev p,aicp<p yrjpei €TeXevTr)o~av. dira£ Ydp diroKcircu 
irapd 0€ov Tots dvOpircoirois diro0av€iv, KdOa (f)rjo~tv A.7TOO~to\o$, etc J) 

20 tov irXeiovos avTO Trpoa-enrobv ovre yap irdvTes dirodvrjO'KOvaiv, 
ovtc Ad^apos koX ov<i v)yeipev K.vpio<; aXXous aira% pbvov dire- 
davov dXX y iva eXirrj oti TrdvTes ev Tjj Ka?rudrrdGei TavTy ovres ol 
dvQpoiiroi 6vr)To\ v'irdp'XpvTes kol ovtcd*; KTicrOevTes viro ®eov. p,eTa 
tovto erepa Tt? tcaTaaTaai*; eireiadyeTai /cpeiTTcav, Biatcplvovaa 

25 Bi/caiovs real dBLicovs, evo-eftels /cal dcrefieis, ev fj ddvaTos ovkcti 

'ETI Tives e<f>Tjo-av, oti dpapTrjo-avTOS tov irpooTOv dv@pa>7rov, 
Kai \ay8oz/T09 ttjv a7ro<paatv tov Oavdrov, i/c t?}? irpoaovari<; avTco 229 A 
ddavacia? et? dvrjTOTrjTa p,eTe/3\i]dr}, real BfjOev epp,r)vevovTe<i 

30 Xeyovaiv, oti to elirelv tov ®ebv, *H 8* dv ^^p«j <j>d-yxi dv6 tov gvXov, 
BavdTO) aTToOav-Q, OvrjTov avrov yeviaOai ecprjo'ev op&pev yap avrov 
pr) evOeox; Kara ttjv aTreikrfv diroOavovTa, &>9 Br/Xov oti tovto 

5. Trapk] + tov LSm. 6. 817X0 v m. tovto m. 13. Ka.Ta\vdfrTos US. 

16. /3ig om. m. 20. avTwp LSm. Trpoenrw m. 21. dXX' oi)s V^L 1 , 

dXX' ol L 2 , d\Xoi m. 22. dXX' om. L 2 m. 23. avdpwiro^ + Kal LSm. 

Kal om. LSm. 27. #ri om. V. 28. £k r^y] itcris m. 

18. Hebr. ix. 27. 30. Gen. ii. 17. 


» « » / 

ai/ro) awtTTerai, otl AOdvaTO? a>v yevrjarj 6vr)T0<;, tva dXrfdevcrecev, 
(fyrjo-iv, r) diro^aai^ tov ®eov. oOev Kal ol ef avrov yevvoofievoc, 
Tjj TraTpifcjj a7ro<f)da€i viroTriirTovTes, OvrjTol yevvcoVTac. teal el 
tovto aXrjde?, 7TW9 VTroTre<T(dv kclt avTov? "A/3eA, rf) dTrocpdaet,, 
Kai dvr)Tos yevvrjOels, 8i/caio$ Be dva<f)avel<; Kal irapOevo^, ovk 5 
aptceTO? eyevero r) dirofyacris eV* avrov, a\V irepa irdXtv TifMopiq 
viroireiTTioKev, Xeyco Br) rfj dcopla; rrodev ovv avTa> tovto irpoae- 

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fievcov Kal dvrjrdov BiKaicov BiaTr]pela6at, fir) Oavelv, obcTrep opwfiev 10 
teat eirl tov 'Evcb^ viroireo~6vTO<; fiev Kal avrov rfj iraTpiKr) diro- 
(pacei, <w<? <j)aT€, Kal yvvaiKa icr^rjKOTOf; Kal TeKva, irelpav Be 
BavaTov p,r) eiXrjcpoTos, tov Be "A/@e\ firjTe yvvaiKa firjTe TeKva 
€<T)(7]/c6to$ ; 7TW? £e Kal tov Kaiv atTrjcrafievov Odvarov hid Trjv 
dBe\<t>0KT0vlav, 6 ®eo9 ov BlBcoacv, dXXd fidXXov /3apvTepa Tificopia 15 
irapaBiBcoaiv tco crTeveiv Kal Tpkfieiv eirl 7-779 7779, Kal diraXXayr)v 
tovtov tov KaKOV tov BavaTov elvai Xeyei; <&r)crlv yap, lids 6 
airoicrcCvas Kaiv eirrd cKSiKovjicva 7rapaXva, iva ei-Try, TloWas Tificopia^ 

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diroKTeivcov avrov. ecrTiv ovv Kal &k tovtov IBeiv, a>9 tov BiKaiov, 20 
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KaTaBcKa^ec, dXX' erepa, rj Kal 6 irpcoTOs iroTe irapeKaXei Kara- 
BiKaaOrjvai, Kal irapaKaXcov ovk ervx^v ; 3° 

1. airr£ om.m. airb LS. 2. <pa<rlv McCrindle. 6. dp/cerf LSm. 

7. ovvom. LSm. 14. U ora. LSm. 16. rbWhSm. 17. 7ap] ovv LSm. 

18. Kd'Cv om. m. 20. diroKTtvvwv LS. 23. dXXA] +^a\\oi' LSm. 
26. avrbs V 1 , atrrov S. 

17. Gen. iv. 15. 


1 64 XPIITIANIKH T0n0rPA4>IA Lib. V. 


OvT09 €0~Ti,V 'Ez>tt>% 7T/90? OP OlTTfc 7? OUTTO^adl^ TOV OaVOTOV 

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t?79 ^c«)^9 T779 yivo/j,evr)s diroOavelv. 
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tt v\ avcodev Be 7T a ' einavvdyoyv yap <f>r)crlv, Iloi^o-cts avT^jv, Kal els 

2. otire V 2 LSm. 3. Qeov] + tov LSm. 5. rbv dvdpuvov m. 13. Kal 

evapear-rjo-ews om. Lm. 18. irodeivriv LSm. 19. 7a/)] + 6 LSm. 22. Kuram. 
23. t^s 6i-ijTr)Tos om. m. 2.5. <5p7^»'] + toC LSm. 26. X^yoyTos m. 

30. auT?7 — Ko<rfxo<p6po$ om. S, aOr?/ — ki/3wtou om. Lm. 32. Karudev— v'~\ fort fitv 

K&rudev irr)x&v v' LSm. 33. 7ri7X ews fttas LSm. 

19. Hebr. xi. 5. 33. Gen. vi. 16. 


Trfjx^V orvvTtX&reis. TO Be V>{ro<; 7T A,' • BietXeV OVV eh T0669 CTTJKOV? TOV<$ 

O X 7r, a7ro Tri)yjx>v 1 to tnjro? i/cdaTOV arjKOV' Auopo<J>a -yap Kal Tpici>po<|>a 
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iropa ovTa, tov Be ovpdviov fieXXovTa elvai. 10 


Otrro? eaTiv Neoe 6 TeXeios BiKaios wv ev 777 yevea aitTOv, 
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<f)7]0~iv yap r) Tpa<J>7) 'Eg€Vt]i|/€v 8* N«€ diro tov otfvov, Kal %yv<a SVa IttoCijo-cv 
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KaTapa^ Ta fieXXovTa Xeyei, Kal Toh aXXois a>9 ev Ta^ei evXo- 
ylas Ta eaofieva, Kal <j)r)o~iv, Ev\oyr)r6s Kvpios 6 0«os tov S^)(i, Kal 
TTaXlV, IIXaTvvai 6 ©e6s tw 'Id<J>e0, Kal KaTotK-qo-drco cv to is o-KT]VGO|xacri tov 
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Xevaav avToh, dWa tg> ©eo5 eBovXevov %vXo<f)6pov<; yap Kal 
vBpo(f>6pov<i toT vaw tov Oeou avTovs KaTeo-TTjaavTO, ov yap 25 
233 A eavToh. ti ovv ea-TiVj rj trdvT(D<; Trpopprjah eo~Tiv, &>? tg> X/jk7t&> 
SovXevovai Kal avTol, tc3 4k tov Xtj/jl virdpyovTi Kara adpKa; to 
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aifTov evXoyrjTos eaTiv ; dXX* ein<j>epei' IIXaTvvai 6 ©eds r<S 'ld<j>€0, KaV 
KaToiKijardTCD, (baavel ©eo?, tv tois a-KT]v«(tao-tv tov S^ji,* virepftaTov 30 
avTqy elprjKQ)?, Xva y ovtw 'Ev\oyr\r6s Kvptos 6 0«ds tov S^ip., Kal 

[. 7r X'] tt7}Xu>v rpi&KOPTa L, irtix&v v m« 2. X'] v m. rb 81 ii\f/os L^S. 

4. avu m. 5. froZey LSm. 9. depoiropovvTa LSm. 12. tA«os] 

+ Kal m. 8ik<uu)v V 1 . 15. atfrd SL l , ai)ri L 2 m. 17. 6 9e6s KiJ/)ios m. 

18. 'Id0€T L^Sm. oUois m. 24. fv\o<p6povs VS, £vyo<p6povs ra. 25. Gw V 1 . 

27. 5ouXei}<roi/<n L 2 m. 28. rl — 2)^/4 om. m. 

■a. Gen. vi. 16. 14. Gen. ix. 24. if, 28. Gen. ix. 26, 27. 


KaToiK^o-aTw kv rots o-KTjvwuao-iv tou S^jj. * Xonrhv, IIXaTvvai 6 0€o$ r$ 
'Ictyce* Kal yap Kal tw 'ld<f>eO Kal rS Xavadv iirXaTwev Kal 
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adpKa TreiroirjTai tol? e'/c rov Ztj/jl virdpyovaiv, KaOairep irepi tov 
Aeairorov XpiGTOV yey painai Kara crdpKa' 'Ev c5 KaroiKet irdv to 
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io rjgtdydr) irpoenrelv, tcov Kara rrjv oiKOVofiiav tov Aeo-irorov Xpcarov 


Kal iirl tovtov <ra<f>ecrTepov SetKWTai ax; ov Kar opyrjv to> 
dvdpcoTra) 6 ddvaros nrpoaevrjveKTai, ocrov yap Kara to irpoae^e^ 

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Kkvo~(i£>, Kara Be to dXrjOes, Bid rr}<; dcopla? tcov dfiapncov cbv eiyov 
nroirjaai KovfyiaOevres, tovtov Be a>? KeifxrjXiov iljaiperov 6i>to9, 
Sia<j)v\aTTOfievov Kal ovtco<; 7rpovoov/jbevov, dXrjdes to irpo^s r)p,(bv 
Xeyofjuevov, oti ov KaT opyrjv iirevrjveKTai to3 dvOpwira) 6 OdvaTO*;, 

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6r)pa<; fan}?. Kal yap Nwe too-ovto BiatyvXayOels Kal vrpovorjOels 
vtto tov ©€o£) Trjv 6B6v tov BavaTOV ovk i^e<f>vyev. KaKelvoi ol 
diroXofxevoi ov clyov viropuelvai fieT oXiyov OavaTov co? OvtjtoI, a)? 
KaT opyrjv Bid Tr)$ dwplas virefievov, 6D<f>eXr)6evTe<; jmoXXov Kal 

25 iTTiKOVcfyiaOevTes twv ttoXXwv d/juapTicov wv rj/MeXXov Trpoo~Tt,6evai 
fwz/Te?. TTjv avTrjv Be TipJrjv Kal evXoyiav Kal iirayyeXiav Kal 
TovTw tt>? toj 7rpcoTq) dvOp(oirti>, Kal €Ti irXeov dvaveol 6 ®eo9 
Xeycov Kal {vXeYTio-ev 6 0€os t6v N«€, Kal to^s viovs avTOv, Kal ctircv avTots 
Av|av€<r6€ Kal irXTjOvvco-Oe, Kal irXTjpcoo-aT* t^jv yfjv, Kal KaTaKVpicv<raT€ avrfjs. D 

30 Kal 6 Tp6[j.os v|iwv Kal 6 <|>6pos £<rrai lirl Trdo-i tois kt^v€<ti ttjs yffi, Kal kir\ 
irdvTa Td opvea tov ovpavov, Kal eirl iraVTa tA Kivovp,cva 4irl tt)s *y*lS, Kal lirl 
iravras tovs ixOvas Tf)s 6aXdo■o"r^s• virA \ctpas va»v 8^8 wKa' Kal Trdv €pTr«Tov 

1. 'Id^er L J S (et sic infra). r£ — t# V, r$ — rbv L J S, rbu — rbv Lhn. 

7' TV — i/TT&pxovTi m. trepl V, 4vl LS, iic m. 17. Koviptffdtvrw Um. 

28. 6 9e6s om. LSm. 30. bfiQv post 06/Sos transp. m. KT'qvefri] dqplots m. 

Kal om. m. 3L opvea] irereiva m. 32. ifiiv m. 

8. Col. ii. 9. 28. Gen. ix. 1 — -4. 


o €<ttiv l&v dp,iy Ha-rai d% ppcocriv" cos \d\ava xopTOv 8e'8cuKa i\»Xv Travra. irX-fjv 
Kpias iv atfian t|n>\fjs ov $<xyta-Q^ Kal /jlct oXiya 'O U\i<ov atjia avOpcoirov, 
dvrl tov crtjiaTos avTOv £kxv04jo-€T(U, on iv elxovi 0«ov iirott\<ra t6v tfvOpwirov. 
ihov hrjXov io~Tiv oti Kal irpo T779 7rapal3do~€(D<; teal fieTa togovtov 
2 36 A xpovov TT79 irapaffdaeco^, rrjv avrrjv tijultjv /cal igovcriav Kal 5 
Kvpeiav hehcoKev TfiS dvOpobirq) • vvvl he Kal irXeov, oti irpo fiev 7-779 
7rapa/3a<r€(o<i iv r<£ irapaheio'tp airb ttclvto*; %vXov iKeXev&ev 
iadieiv tov dvOpmirov, ttXtjv ei/09' fierd he ttjv ifcfioXrjv tov irapa- 
heiaov, ovk en diro £vXov iKeXevaev avroy ecrOLeiv, aXXa diro tcov 
(rirep/juaToyv T779 7779. Traihevaa? ovv rd<; Betca yeveds eicelvas 6 10 
®eo9 iv rfj trepav yfj tt) dfcavOdahei hid i;7]pd<; irdvv Kal p.o'xOrjpd^ 
£0)779, tou9 fierd ravra hid tov Nwe iv rfj yfj ravrrj hieTrepaaev, Kal 
era^ev elvai, tcpeiTrovi Tvyxjavovcrr}, Kal er^ehov icrrj tov irapaheiaov y 
KeXevaas irdvTcov diroyeveaQai /cal fjvXayv /capwl/jbcov /cal cnrepiiaTcov 
ofjuov, €tl T6 irXeov Kal Kpecotfiayeiv. 15 

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Ka\ evcnrXdyxyov %eov hvaneTrjo-eiev Xeycov /caT opyrjv ®eov tov 
OdvaTov to) dvOpcoTTto irpoayeveaOaty ical ov^l jjloXXov txo <tj<w9 /cal 
evxapiaTcos vorjaeiev ; orarep iraihevaai /3ovXo/jievo<; 6 ®eo9 to 
dvdpcoTrivov yevos, txo<£&>9 tov OdvaTov ttj afxapTia tov irpcoTO- 20 
TrXdcTov iireppi^ev, iva /Mo-rjTrjv avTcp ttjv dfiapTiav dTrepydar)Tai, 
hid he Trj$ <f)vXaKrj<i tov IjvXov Tfjs £©779 "f" i/c/cdcov'f avTov, /cal eh 
ttoOov irdXiv iraihevcov tt)9 dOavaala?' to5 yap elirelv tov ®ebv, 
M'/jTroTC IktcCv^j rfjv X € ^P a > Ka ^ a^T rai T ov |v\ov rfjs £«t)s, Kal tjbct-y-Q, Kal tfya-erai 
ds t6v atuva, nroOov Tivd Kal epcoTa /cal eXiriha XPV ' T W V T( p dvQpd>irto 25 
dOavaaias Trpo/caTefidXeTO, hid tov avdptoirov he Kal Trdcrais Tat9 
dopaTOis hvvdfieciv. ovhe yap ti toov eirayyeXioov tgdv irpo ttjs 

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Kal irXeov hehcoKev, Kal tPjs iircovvixia^ T779 eiKOVo? 7779 eavTov ttjv 
d%iav hid tov Na>e iireTeivev, "On iv eUovt 0cov <j>r}o~lv brotr\<ra r6v 30 
avOpwirov. eirl tovto ovv 6 ®609 iiToirjaev tov av0pco7rov, &o~Te iv 

i. ra irdvra m. -i. ijsvxvs om » m * Avdp&irov om. V. 4. 8tl 

irpo (om. Kal) LSm. 9. avrbv om. LSm. 13. Kpelrrov V. 17. ov 

5vcir€Tr}(reie m. tov deov LSm. 22. iKKdaiv V 1 , iKKaluv V 2 , iKKaK&v S, 

€K(3a\uv L (-/3a\- in ras. al. m.) m. Kal om. V. 23. iraiSeioiv avrbv rijs m. 

rb V. 24. X e *P a avT °v Kat X(£/S]7 airb tov m. 27. bvv&fieai V 1 . 28. ical 

traibevffas Lm. 30. <pT)fflv om. LSm. 31. tovtoj LS. 

2. Gen. ix. 6. 24. Gen. iii. 22. 30. Gen. i. 27. 


T7) irapovarf £a>$ 6vr)rbv KaX rpeirrbv Bidyeiv, KaX fxera tt)v ivravOa 
iraiBeiav, ddavarov aTrepydarrjTcu. <f>av€pa>T€pov Be iraXiv €o~tlv 

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5 TTOV 6 ©60?, fCCtl TOVTO TToXiV %dpl(TfjLCl 7Tp0(pr)T€ia<; 6 ©609 ft>9 T0t9 

7rpa>T0t<; dvOpaTrois fiereBcoKev. e^et Be ical Tiva SfioioxTLV o No3e 
7rpo9 tov A€<t7t6t7)v Xpio-Tov Kara adpKa. 6)<r7rep yap €K TOV 
<f>vpd(jLa,TO<; tSv 7rpcoTcov dvOpwircov, Bie<j>vXd%07) KaX fxeT^ve^Or} 
eh icpeiTTOva yrjv 777)09 to /jltj virovorjaat tou9 dvBpomovs, a>9 fieTa- J) 
io fieXeta tlvI /caTayivwa/ccov tov eavTOV irXaafiaTo^ o AeffTroTr)? 
©eo9 tov9 dvOpcoirovs KaTa/cXvafiM Bte<j>6eopev' ovt(o<s KaX eiri tov 
AeairoTOV XpiaTov /caTa adpKa /jlovo? etc tov <f>vpafiaT0<z t<£v 
dvOpoJirtov eXtf<j)dr) 77*^09 cru>TT)piav iravTO^ tov Koa-fjuov, zeal eh 
/cpeiTTOva /cat ovpdviov iroXiTeiav teal Biaywyfjv /jbeTeaTT}. Bolja 

15 Tft) ©60). dfJLTjV. 


Outo9 io~TLV MeA/^o-eSe/c, 6 7rr)XiK0<; lepev? tov ©eov tov 
v^Lgtov, 6 tou9 fcaTa vofxov M&)0"eci)9 lepeh aTToheicaTcov. ovtos 
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lepcoavvrjv p^rjTe e/c BiaBoyfis eTepcov lepeoyv 7rapaXaf3a)v, p,r\Te 
€T€/ooi9 lepevaiv irapairep^a^. 0UT09 i&Tiv 6 firj Kara vofiov 
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iepovpycov. ovto9 eo~Ttv 6 tov TraTpidp^v *A/3pad/j, evXoyyaaf;, 

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af t&)^6t9 ToaovTtov dyadcbv /htjvvt^. 


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30 0UT09 //.0V09 ef avT&v €K TrpoaLpeaeco^ 18 la? dveBel^Orj lepevs tov 
®eov tov vyfrla-TOV, KaX fiaaiXevs ttj^ 'lepovo-aXrjfi, Kaff 1 SfioioTrjTa 
tov Tlov tov ®€ov m KaX Ta KaXXiaTa irdvTcov t6>v KTiafiaTCOV, iv B 

1. frrevdep LSm. 3. to Kpeirrov LSm. 5. ws om. LSm. 13. toO 

Trai^ds LSm. t6. BASIAETS KAI IEPETS om. m. 18. fiwvfftws LJSm. 

fjLiavaios L 2 (et sic infra). 22. irapairefi\//dfi€vos LSm. 27. /u^j/uttJs] + yheaQai 

L (infra lineam fortasse al. m.) +ylpe<r$cu m. 


ot? aei to dvOpdnrivov yevos a-Trjpl^eraC re Kal €v<j>paiveTai, tear a 
ttjv Tpa(j>t}Vy Trpoo~e<f>epev lepela tw ®ea). OVT09 o>9 (3acnXev$ 
7rai/TO)9 tcai tov vtt avrov BioiKOVfievov Xaov iv tovtoi? avaarpe- 
<j>ecr6ai vovOctwv, BieTeXei, avrfj tjj ra^et lepovpywv Kal if;iXeov- 
fievo<i irepi tov iBLov XaoO' Xavavaios fievToi virdp^oov Kal twv 5 
Xavavaicov ftaaiXevs, fir) wv ire yevovs twv irpoiraTopcov 'A/3 pad fi, 
dXXa yvcocrTos mv ttj<; yeveaXoyias tojv irpoiraTopcav 'AffpaafiiaiajVj 
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BevTepa ti$ KaTacTTatTis fieTa tt)v ivTavOa tprfv T0Z9 dvOpdoTrois 25 


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avTov eiroirjcraTo 6 6)eo9, d eK veveKpcofievov cra>fiaTO<; Kal veveKpoa- 

1. dv6pd)TTiov S 1 , dvdpdjveiov Lm. i. te/od m. ws om. L X S. 6 L 2 m. 

3. Travros L J S. 6. 'A/3/aad/* om. LSm. 7. 'Appafiialwp LSm. 11. i) 

'Vesica — iropevdeia-a Urn. 12. iraph, tov K. m. 13. yj /cat om. L 2 m. 

17. fw^s tAos Lm. 18. Kal bfiotwaiv LSm. 20. Kal 6/xo/ws— 0e6-p?Ta om. 

LSm. 28. fityas om. LSm. 29. irarplSa re LSm. t£ om. LSm. 

31. veKpoi/j^vov V 1 . 

13. Gen. xxv. 23. 


fievrjt; firjTpas fivpidBas avo~Tr)o-d/ji,€vo<;, 6 tov eiiXoyrj/mevov Kapirbv 
o*>9 airo pi&s <j)vcra<; rat tco&fiG), Be ov o KOGfios evXoyeiTai Kai 
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avTov, o ka-nv XpwTos' Bi epycov Be, ore tov fiovoyevrj vlov els Overlay 
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Kal tov uovo-yevfj irpoo-eVfttpev, 6 Tas eTrayycXfas dva8e|duevos " irpos ov eXaX^OT], 
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SwaTos 6 0«os, o6ev avTov Kal ev irapaPoX-f} tKopCcraTo' irdXlV yap Kai ev B 
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Td tt^| ovto t5s 6'vTa, os irap* eXn-i8a 4V 4XirC8i eirCffTevo-ev, ets to v€V€cr0cu avVdv 
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TaeTijs irov t5irdpx«v, Kal t?|v veKpcocriv tt)s u^JTpas 2dpas. els 8e t^jv 4iraYYeXfav 

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€Xo*y(o-0T| avTiu els SiKaioarvvTjv. ovk kypa^r\ 8« 81' avTov povov, oti 1X0^0*61] C 
avT<a" dXXd Kal 81 vuds, ots pe'XXeL Xo-y^eo-Oai tois itiot€vovo-iv 4irl t6v lyefpavTa 
'It]ctovv tov Kvpiov rjpwv Ik vcKpuv, os -n-aptSoOt) 8id Td irapairTup.aTa t]pa>v, Kal 

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iravTa avfiftoXa rjaav Kal tvttoi tov KaTa HLpicrTOV fivcrTrjplov tov 

30 TraOovs Kal Trjs avacrTao-ew iraaa yap rj Tpa<f>rj 7rpo9 tovtov tov 
gkottov d(f>opa. 

2. <pve V 1 , <pvs V 2 . 6 ora. V. evXoyrjTcu LS. 7. avrov. ov 

X^yet, Kal rots airipfxacri, a>s iwl ttoW&v dXX' (is iwl evds, /cat t^J airipixari aov, 6s m. 
5s LSm. 6Y1 m. /ttoi'oyej'j/^ V. 9. Ideiv] tva tdrj m. 10. IlaOXos 

om. LSm. 12. iyelpew m. 15. fa;o7rotoiWo$ m. 16. ws 6Wa om. LS. 

6's] Kal m. eV'] A/ m. 19. 2a/5/$as LSm. -21. 5id /rai m. 22. t-ypafa m. 

23. 6V ^ds LSm. 26. aviyKri L 1 . 29. rou i° om. L 1 . 

4. Gen. xxviii. 14. 6. Gal. iii. 16. 8. John viii. 56. 

10. Hebr. ii. 17 — 19. 14. Rom. iv. 17 — 25. 



D E« tovtov irp&Tov tov *A/3pad/j, dpyerai 6 ©eo? diroKaXvirTeiv 

km 01a Xoytov, zeal Bod tvttcov ttjv fieXXovo-av KardcrTaaiv eXoyi- 
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Bvalav tov vlov tov dyaTrrjTov, &>9 Evvcltcli ttoXiv 6 ©eo? e/c ve/cpcov 5 
avacrTrjo-aL avTov, Kal irapaa^elv avToj Ka6d ttj Tpa<f>fj Bokci. o6ev 
Kal iv ILvayyeXiois fiifivrjTcu 6 K.vpt,o<> tov tvttov t?)? dvalas tov 
'A/3pad/jL, tffiipav ttjv eavTov KaXeaas tov tvttov. teal Bi iirayye- 
Xi(OV Be i8i]Xov CLVTO) Xiywv, 'EvevXoyrjO^o-ovTai ^v <rol Kal iv t« <nrlp|i,aT£ 
(TOV iraVTa rd ^0VT|, 07T€p T7]V KCLTa XplCTOV ol/COVO/JLlCLV CtUTft) iBtfXoV. IO 

^ETI. 7rpoyv(oo~T7]<; d>v 6 ®eo9 Kal €t£a>? } oti Ik tov 'Aftpadfj, 
fieXXet Trpoep^eaOai 81 ov ttjv dvdo~Tao~iv Kal tov dvaKaivia'p.hv 
241 A tov TravTOS ipyd&Tat, CKXiyeTai tov ttccttov 'Aftpadp,, Boicip,dcra<; 
iv ttcLo-iv, (W9 ovk aVat'pa)? iKXeyeTac, Kal diro p.ev twv XaXBaLwv 
do~Tpov6/j,cdv ovtojv Kal do~TpoXoyoyv 7rio~T0TaTov avTov evprjKG)?, 15 
p,eTa<f)ip€i 7rpd$ tou? yorjTas tov<; Xeyoftevovs Kaprjvovs' KaKel 
ttigtos dvaabavels, KeXeveTai tcov elBcoXoXaTpwv Xavavatcov ttjv 
yrjv ovk€lv. KaKel dvwTepos evpeOels Kal irpos ovBefilav twv Tpiwv 
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fxdXXov inroKvyjras, twv fjueydXwv iirayyeXiwv Kal Bwpewv tov ®eo{) 20 
rj^iwdrj, dKOvaTTjs yeveadai, Kal oti dirb tov Girkp^aTo^ avTov 
irpoep^eTai 6 ttjv evXoyiav Kal ttjv iirayyeXiav tg> koc/jlw Be' 
eavTov irpwTOv BeiKvvs, Bi ov Kal ttjv dvdo-Taaiv Kal ttjv iirayye- 
B Xlav yap'dCpTai tg> KOo~p,w, ktlo~t7)<; Kal dvaKaivLo~Trj<> tov Koo~p.ov. 
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T&) opeiy evOa Kal 6 Aecr7roT7/<? Xpio~To<; dvala virep TravTos tov 
Koo-fjbov dvrjve'xdT}, Kal tov ceoTijpiov crTavpov vTrofiefievrjKev. Boga 
Tat ®€fi3 rjfioov. d/xrjv. 


Outo? laaaKy cvyKXrjpovo/nos twv iirayyeXioov Kal twv 30 
evXoyiwv tov ©eoO, twv yevofxevcav 7rpo9 ^Aftpadp, tov avTov 
7raTepa, 09 tvttos iyeveTO Trj<% crtyayrjs tov AeairoTov Xpio~TOv, 

1. irp&Tw t$ Urn. 5. eh 6v<rlav LSm. 9. \4yuu] + oTL LSm. 

17. Xavavalwi' om. m. 19. £kk\Ivos ttjv 656v m. 30. 'lead*] + 6 L 2 . 

tQp iirayyektQv Kal twv evXoyi&v'} tuiu iirayyeKiwu Kal t&v iwayyeXiuiv V 1 , tu>v 8wpe&i> 
Kal r&v iirayyeki&v V 2 . 

9. Gen. xxviii. 14. 


Tpirjfiepax; ftaBiaas eVl to Oavelv, teal fierd ravra £wv VTrocrrpe- 
TJra<;, 6 iv rols IBlols ayioi? ra fu\a 7779 iavrov 6vaia<i /3ao~rd^a<; } 
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5 facodels, ovirep avraXXay/ia irpo^arov io~<f)dyr}, /cal rjKOvaev 6 
TTaTtjp irapa ©€OU, "On ovk €<f>eicrco tov viov o-ov tov dywrr^rov' o{/TG>9 
Kal iirl rov Xpiarov tov Tlov tov %eov \e\eKTai,, "Os -ye tov 18£ov 
Ylov ovk e<j>eCo-aTo, dXX* virip T)|uSv iravTwv irapihuKiv avT^v, Kav rj o~apg 
icTTvv fiovT) r) BoOelaa v7T€p rr}<; tov KocTfiov £a>?79, iiretBr} dBvvarov 

10 rrjv 0eoT7jra davelv ttjs aapKos BiBofievT]?, tov oBlov Tlov BiBocrOai 
Xiyei r) rpa(f>7), dvTaWayfjba Kal dvTtBet^iv ovaav tov vlov Kara. 
tov tvttov tov fiaKaplov 'lead*, ovtws yap Kal elirev KvpLos, 
OTL 'Af3padp Ti-yaXXidcraTO ISciv rfjv t)|xt'pav tJjv tfx^v, Kal ctScv, Kal\. 
ovt6<$ ea'Tiv 'lcraaK 6 aKovalw^ TrapaBovs ttjv eTrrjyyeXfJLevqv avrS 

15 Kal tg> irarpl avTov eiikoyiav viro tov ®eov, tw IaKOj/3 <f>do~K(ov, D 

AovXcvo-oTcoo-av o-oi ^6vt), Kal irpoa-Kvvijo-dTwo-dv 0*01 apxovTes' Kal ylvov Kvpios 

tov aSe\<|>ov o-ov, Kal irpoo"Kwfjo'OVO-£v croi viol tov -rrarpos (rov ' 6 KaTapwfUvos 

0"6, iTriKaTapaTOS, 6 Sk tv\oy<av <re, eu\oyr]p.e'vos. TavTa Be TTaVTa €7Tl TOV 

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&o"T€ at evKoylai eirl tov irpoaBoKCOfievov ef avriav AeaTTOTrjv Xpt- 
cttov 7rapa/j,€vovo~iv, 7T/oo9 ov 7ra? o o-kottos t?79 ^eta? Vpa<j>7]<; d<f>opa- 


25 oi>TO<$ avyKX7)pov6fJLO^ tcov tov XpicrTOv Bcopecov Kal iiray- 244 A 
yekiwv yevo/ievos, Kal tvttov tov Aecnrorov Xpio-Tov, 05 Kal avTOS 
£77-0 toO 7raT/oo? irapaXaftcov ttjv evkoylav, ov^ o5 iftovkero v!a> 
7rapeBcoK€v, aU' c5 ©eo? ojKOvo/Arjcrev Bodfjvai. Bo^a tw> koto, % 
irdvTa o~o<f>co<; oIkovo/xovvtl rd Kara rov dvOpcoirov. 

1. Tprffiepos LSm. 8iapa5L<ras m. T(p m. 3. tov ufiov m. 4. 6 rrj] 6V1 V. 
5. 4<pdyri m. 6. aov ayairrjTod (om. tov) m. 7. ws ^S. tov Idlov Tlov] 

tov mi tov vv V 1 . 8. irapib (atcev jjavrbv L. 10. 848oo~dcu Lm. 13. £56?v] 

iVa ^87? m. 14. 6 'Lraii/c m. 16. Trpoo~Kvwrio~a.T<a<rav <re LS. 17. (rot] + oi LSm. 
18. aVavra Lm. 19. ou/c V 1 . 24. Trapaypa<pr) om. LSm. 27. To0] + t'5foy 

LSm. 28. 6 om. V. 29. aj>0/)W7ro»'] + 0e<£ tj/jlQv. 'A/atJi' LSm. 

6. Gen. xxii. 16. 7. Rom. viii. 32. 13. John viii. 56. 

16. Gen. xxvii. 29. 



Outo? IaKa>j3 y teal auro? avy/cXrjpovofio? Ttav eiTayyeXiuyv tov 
®€o0, e/c8e%o/A6j/o9 Kal aifTos ttjv tov? Oefieklow; fyovaav iroXiv, 
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<Jxitov Kal £a>o~av rjv Kal irpoXeyei 6 fjuiyas 'Ia/ca>y@ 7rapa7ri/jL7reov 
tc3 t$ta> u/«3 'lovBa, evXoytov avrbv ef ov Kal 6 twv eirayyekiSyv 
Kal evKoytoyv ave<f>aiv€TO Kv/ho9 'Irjaovs XptcrTbs, (Jmlctkcov ovtco*; 10 
'Iov8a, crl alvecraicrav 01 aScX<|>o£ o-ov, at \^ph crov eirl vwrov twv £x.0pa>v crov' 
irpoo-KvvTicroiJcriv <roi viol tov irarpos crov. ctkv|xvos X^ovtos 'Iov8a, Ik pXacn-ov, 
vU p.ov, (lv^tjs' dvairecrcov Ikoiu^0t]S ws \l<av, Kal as encvavos' t£s eyepei avrov ; 
ovk €kXc£\|/€i apx<ov e| 'IovSa, Kal Vj^ovuevos *k twv UTjpuv avTov, cms dv S^XO^l 
to. diroKeCpcva avTto, Kal avrd$ irpocr8oK£a €0vu>v. 8co-ucvW irpds auircXov tov 15 

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OToXf|V avTOv, Kal kv aijiari a-Ta<j>vXijs ttjv TrepiPoXr^v avrov. ^apoiroiol ol 
o<f>6aXuol avrov diro otvov, Kal XcvkoI 01 o86vtcs avrov f) -ydXa. Kai TOVTOV 
ov irpo(T€.KvvT)(jav ol viol tov Trarpos avrov, aXka TovvavTiov avTO$ 
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ovv OTi iraaa r) nrpo^Teia avTrj eh tov ef avrov TSftdevTa AeaTroTrjv 
XpLGTOV Kara aaptca eo-^ev to Trepas, to T6 SvvaTOV Kal fiaaikiKov 
avrov TrapicrTcoo-a, Kal to 7rd6o<; Kal ttjv ck tov irdOovs fiaKapiav 


Tlapaypa<f>rj. 25 

Kal ovtos 'Ta/ca>y3 crvvapidfiovfievos tol$ Bvo TpiTO? nraTpi- 

D dpxrjs, oi>x otav fiev Kal avTos tfdeXev ef ap%^9 yrjfiai yvvatKa 

yrjfias, \eya> By ttjv Alav, to3 i!; avTrjs TCTapTO) rexP&vrt, tovtcgti 

tc3 'lovSa, ra<? evkoyla? Kal Ta9 iirayyeXlas KaTefidXeTO, a>9 &f)\ov 

€K tovtov, OTi ov^ ®? &rv%&f oltoBrjiTOTe 7] evKoyla BieTpexev, d\X 30 

1. 'IoiJSas 'Ia/cc6/S V, 'Ia/cw/3 'Iotfoas LS. 2. ofrros 6 'Ia/cwjS m. 7. 6 Ae<rir6Tr]i 
Xpurrds post &<rav transp. LSm. 9. I5ly] + airrov LSm. 10. KaUtfXo-yiwi/ om. 

LSm. 11. aip£(T€<rav VLS. 12. cot i/2oi V, ere ol viol LS (c in ras.), <roi ol 

v ' lo l m . 15. airy] avrwp S. t\ trpoaboKla m. 17. x a P 07rotoi V^^, 

Xapovol V 2 LS 2 . 18. y;r^ oT^oi/ m. 28. Aefav L 2 . 30. ola5^7rorc S. 

11. Gen. xlix. 3 — 12. 


if oov av€<f>a(,v€To 6 AeaTTOTT]*; XpiO"T09 fcara crdp/ca, 6 T779 Sevrepas 
tcaTa<TTa<re(D<; dpfflyos. eveaTi Be fiaOelv /cal ef avrov tov 'IovBa t 
ft)? ovk €K 7-779 IBias yvvaucbs, a\V etc 7779 vvfjuf)^ ®dfiap yevea- 
XoyelcrOai to tovtov airepfjia, ef ov Kal 6 tcov evXoyi&v dve<j>aiv€TO 
5 Kvpio?. 

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ftovT€<; irapa %eov evevXoyeiaQai iv avTols Kal iv Tat wirepiiaTi 
avTwv irdvTa tcl €0vt), 6/jloIco? teal, ' 8«o-« tt^v yf|v TavTt|v Kal t<«> 

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krepav Tivd /caTao-Tao-iv, 81 779 diroXTj^ovTai tw$ iirayyeXias. oOev 
Kal iv Kaipoj tov dv^CKeiv, irapeBLBov e/eao-7-09 avT(ov 7-771/ evXoyiav 
anrep 6 ©€09 (pKovofjLrja-ev. b'Oev 77 Tpa<f>r) o!>9 Orjaavpi^ovaa tov9 
7TaTepa9, e/3oa, Kal vpoa-iriQr] irp6s rotis ira/r^pas avrov* 7T6pt EKaCTOV 

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els tt)v fieXXovaav KaTaaTaaiv. 


Ovtos io~Tiv 6 fiiyas Meouo-779, 6 t£>v irapaBo^cov arjfieicov Kal 
TepaTCOV TrotrjTrjs, 6 7-779 KTiaecos KOo~/j,oypd<j)o<;, 6 cr/aafc tov dXrjQivov 

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tlcov XvTpdyaaadaij to irdo-ya Kal tt/v irpoa^vaiv tov aifiaTos, 
7roi7)0'dfievo<; ttjv hidj3ao~iv 7-779 6aXdo-o~r)<$ 009 eVt ySa7TTt<r/AaT09 • 

25 81a Trjs ve<j)iXi)<; irpofi^vvtov ttjv 86a lv tov vofiov, Kal 7-779 eptjfiov 
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TTpOTVTTOVfieVOS, TOV 0(f>lV TOV ^aXKOVV €<f> V^TjXov GTrjGaS, TO 

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vTrep^vrjs, Bid irXeiovcov OavfiaTeov IcrTopovfievrj ! ti Be Bel Xeyeiv 

3. 6s S 2 . 13. ttdev] + Kal irdXiv LSm. 14. Kal — airov post \4yovaa pon. 

LSm. 17. MfiT2H2 om. VL, MA2H2 m. 18. Muvaijs V, M&wrijs m. 

19. 6 o-/acus] os /cai V 1 . -20. *ca2 — 5e5o^a<r/,c^os om. Lm. y7rd toO Geou S. 

23. irpbxvcriP m. 25. SiJatj' in. t^j/ t^s ifrq/J-ov LSm. 28. trpoKar^- 


7e\tt» V. 29. t^s 7^5 ^7ra77fMas (om. 7-775) m. 

8. Gen. xxviii. 13. 14. Gen. xlix. 33. 


teal irepl rrj? afcrjvfj? T779 01/0779 i/cfiayetov iravro? tov tcoo-fiov, iv 

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depiav Kal vloOeaiav ^api^o/nivov. Xvrpovrai yap rov? 'lcrparjXLras 
€K 7779 BovXetas tojv Alyvwricov, rrjv Trpooyvaiv tov atfiaros Kal to 
irdo-ya TrpoBiaypayjrd/jbevo?' rrjv 'EpvOpdv ddXacraav Sia/3i/3do-a<;, 
rb /3d7TTio-fia irporvKol' rr)v $6o~iv tov vo/jbov, rov dyiov TLvevfiaTos 30 

2. iirixov L 2 m, iirtyovTos VV-S. 5. Oeo$ iifuap ' airov aicofoeffde. Kal 6 

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i£o\odpev0-n<T€Tai ij xpvxh airy iK m. 7. ijrts] et tis VS 2 . eUraKofot US, el<r- 

aKofaei L 2 . 8. 6 om. LS. 9. Kal om. m. 10. dpafoet.— Mwa/3, Kal 

om. V. apxovTas L. virord^C] trpovofj^dveL m. tovs om. LSm. II. ovk 

ViL 1 . 19. fibvov LSm. dp^act m. 22. avwTpk<pero m. 

26. ^ om. V. 27. vodeffiav V. 28. Trpfoiw m. 30. TrpoStCTJJTroi; LSm. 

5. Deut. xviii. 15, 18. 9> l8 - Num - xxiv> r 7- 


ttjv KaOoBov TTpo/jLTjvvec TTjv Biaycoyrjv t?}? eprj/juov, rrjv rrjs JLkkXt}- 
o~ia$ irapdBoaw irpoarjfiaLvet,' tt/v eicroBov rfj<; 7779 tt)<? eirayyeXias, 
to rcbv ovpavwv olicr]Ti]piov, Bid tov BtaBo^pv eavTOv, Trpoefxrjvvaev 
to irpoGwirov viro ©eoO Bo^aadeU, t«? fiera ravra Bo£a<; pepi/cco? 
5 7rpoBi>eypdd>€TO. ov fiovov Be Bid tv7T(dv, dXXa koli 01a Xoycov B 
TrpoefyrjTevcrev ire pi tov Kara XpicrTov fivcTrjpiov. kcli iraXiv t<ov 
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ev /jivo~Tripioi$ 6e(opr)<ra<; dveypdyjraro' 7rpQ)rr)<; Kal BevTepa? fcara- 
10 o*Tao"6Q>9 tov$ TV7TOU5 vireBei^ev. B6£a t&> del 0"0<£<M9 Bid tcov 
eavrov Tpo<f>ifi(ov oIkovo/jlovvti rd Kara to dvOpcoireiov yevos. 

To Keifievov. 

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Nau?}, Kal fiera tovs yevo/jievovs Kpirds ev tc5 ^laparfk, eiriXafto- 

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rjyeipev avToi? 6 ©eo? ftacriXea re evdperov, BUaiov re Kal irpo- 
<f>r)Tr)v, 0? cvvera^ev ftiftXov yfraXficov pv , eK HvevfiaTO? dylov C 
Kivovfievos, ifAfierpoi)*; Kara to fierpov to iBiov tt}<; 'E/3pata? 
yXcoTTrjs, Kal ififieXcos fieTa pvOfiov, Kal opydvcov Biatyopcov, Kal 

20 opfflcrecov, Kal (pB&v avTovs aBcov. r/v yap auT09 KaTeyusv KiOdpav 
el^ev Be Kal p^oooi;? v<f) eavTov Bia<j)opov$ /JUKpcov irpo^rjTcbvy ovtg)? 
yap eKaXovv tovs irapafxevovTa^ TOi? irpotyrjTai*;, 7roXXaKi<; Be Kal 
vlovs 7rpo<f)r)T(ov avTOV$ atvofjua^ov, eyovT(av Bidfyopa opyava, tov 
fxev Kv/j,/3a\a> tov Be avXovs, tov Be Tvyjnava^ tov Be adXiriyyas, 

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Xlovs. €KaaTO$ Be ^0009 egapxov el^ev, 6 fiev eXeyeTO 'Ao-a</), aXXos 
'lBcOoiffjL } cTepoi viol Ko/ae, okXos AlOdfi 'lo-parjXiTr}*;, 6T6/0O9 Mcoo-fjs 
dv6 ptoTTOs tov ®eov. 7]viKa Toivvv eKLvetTO eK tov TlvevfiaTos, 
Trpoenrelv Tt irepl ttJ? al%iJLaXa)o~ia<; tov Xaov, rj irepl t?}? eiravoBov D 

30 avT(ov, rf irepl r/Owv BcBacrKaXiKcov, rj irepl Trpovolas, i) irepl tov 
AeairoTov XoicrToO, crvveTiOei e^yu,€Toa)9 tov yfraX/jbov eKaaTov, el? 

9. TTJi irpd)T7}S m. 10. del om. LSm. 12. t6 Kei/ievov om. V. 13. MwuWa 
LSm. 16. ^acriX^a ivaperov (om. re) LSm. itpo^Ttiv rhv AautS m. 18. 'Ej3- 
pal'KTJs LSm. 21. vtp' iavrov 5ia<p6povs om. V. ouru LSm. 23. avrov V, 

wvofxafav V 1 , 6vo/xa£wj> V 2 . 25. piotcaXlovs LS, povicoXlovs m. 26. elxou m. 

27. Mwvafy LSm. 29. irpoeiircv m. rt $ irepl LSm. 30. 5tdaaKa\iKa m. 


jjbiav viroOeaiv avvreivovra' Bia tovto yap teal fieydXoi /cal fiiKpol 
yfraXfioi' teal irapeBlBov evl X°P^ $ eBoKLfia^ev rf rjp/io^ev irapa- 
BiBoadai, teal rjBev avTov iv eteeivw TrpcoTov tc3 X°P ( ?' €t> ^ TrdXiv 
iBoKifiaaev Kara fieaov tov yjraXfiov, teal a\\(p X°P^ irapaBovvat 
to \oitt6v tov tyaXfiov tot€ avTr) 7) BiaBoxv tov pv6 fjuov iKaXelro 5 
BidyfraX/ia. Sctc teal oTav Tot? Xeyojievois /3o/ca\tois tJtoi, <pBoi$ 
KarafxeaoOev yfraXfiov r)deXev irapaBovvat, totc itcaXeiTo wBrj Bia- 
249 A yfraXfiaTO?* iiretBri'Trep ol wBol &te BtaBox^S irapeXdfi^avov to Xoittov 
tov yjraXfiov aBeiv. fiadelv Be eveo~Tiv tq> fiovkofieveo irepl tovtov 
itc tov yey pd<f>6ai iv Tat? UapaXenrofjuivaLs t&v JSaaiXei&v ovto>9, 10 
Kal Tj<r«v t-Jjv u>8t)v rav-r^v 4v X€ipl 'Acrd<|> tov trpo^f\rov. fji€Ta to irapa- 
Bovvai Be ovtco<; irpSiTOv tov TJraXfibv, Xotirbv HtcaoTos %o/309, Kat 
tea& eavTov teal 6jio6v/j,aB6v fieTa Tepyfrecnv teal pvdfiov, tcov fiev 
tovto 1$ toZ? opyavoiSi TOiv Be iv eteeivoi?, avTMfrGavtos fjBov tov 
yfraXfibv fi€Ta 6pxv°~ €a)< * et ? Bo^av tov Seov. evecrTiv Be vrdXiv 15 
Kal irepl tovtov fiadelv, a>9 avTos BC eavTov 6 Aav'l'B dvaXaf$a>v 
itc Ttov dXXocfrvXav ttjv tcifteoTov wpxycaTO epjirpoaOev avTrjSy Kal 
oveiBtcrdels viro 77)9 IBlas yvvaiKO? M e\%o\ e<f>r) IIa££o|icu Kal ^ekda-o^ai 
B Ivavrfov Kvpiov • ov fiovov yap ovk eiravaaTo, dXka. Kal iirtTeiveiv 
tol TQiavTa iirrjyyelXaTO. Tive<; Be fir) irpocrea-xv^Tes Tfj Ta^ei Kal 20 
t{) cLKpif^eia TavTrj, firjTe OeXrjaavTe? iK tcov elBoTeov BiBaxOrjvai, 
6t<? aWrjyoptas iTpanvqcraVy firjBe vrdvTas elvai tov Aav'l'B tovs 
^a\/*ou9 diroipTjvdfievot,, dXXa twv iK tov AavtB 7rapaXa/i/3a- 
vovTOiv <f>avep6)<s ii; avT&v elprjKOTes. birep ttotc AttocttoXos rj 
6 Kvpi09 twos dXXov iirl yfraXfiov ovk ifivrj/jLovevaav el fir} tov 25 


6 fieyas 0VT09 AavlB 6 7rpo(j>rJTr}<; irpoiraTcop tjIjmoOt) elvai kutcl 
adpKa tov Aea7roTOV XpicrTOV, irpos ov iraaa r) fieydXr) Kal dXrjOivr) 
Kal alwvios crcoTrjpia tov Seov irXrfpovTaLy e/c riJ9 plfo? T °v 3° 
*A/3paaji Bia tov 'lcaaK Kal tov 'lovBa virdpx^v, 09 Kal ftiftXov 
cvveOrjKev tyaXfi&v pv BC eavTov Kal tq)v irpo(j)r}T(ov twv vtt 

1. Kal fieyaKoi post \f/a\fxol tr. LSm. v. 48oKlfiaff€P m. 3. ydov m. 4. ptoovV. 
6. (fidols ifTOi pwicaXlois (jSok- S 1 , Povko\- m) LSm. 11. dirty m. 12. S£ om. L, 
post ftera ponit m. 13, 14. t&v— t&v] ol — ol L 2 m. 14. avrupAvw] hie deficit L 
(fol. I39 v ). 16. Kal irepl tovtov padetv] fxadeiv Kal irepl ov S 2 in ras., et hie deficit 

S(fol. io3 v ). 20. irpoa^x oVT€sm ' 2 7- rrapaypaQri— ypa<pTjs (p. 178, 1. [4) om. m. 

11. 1 Chron. xvi. 7. 18. 1 Chron. xv. 30. 

W. 12 


avTov iv 7TV6VfiaTi dyl<p Kivovfievo? dvafieXTretv, iv fj evprjcrets a>9 
iv irapaBelaai iraaav Tpo<f>rjv Trvev/iaTiKrfv 7rdo~7)<; tP}<; oiKOVopias 
tov ®eov t?)? Bid rSiV irpo^yr)T(ov Kr\pw)(Qei<n)$ teal KaTayyeXOelcrr)?. 
Bofja tc3 eKOLcrrore oIkovo/jlovvti @ew ra Kara to av6p(o7reiov 
5 yevo<$. Biaypdqbofiev ovv avTov tov AavtB Kade^ofievov teal tow 
%opov<; efnrpoaOev avTov Be^ia Kal dpicrTepa, bwcDS yvco T£9 teal 
ttjv Oeav auT^9 T779 Tafeo>9, fieTa TavTa XeyovTe? /ecu ov? clvtos 
rj^LoaOr} Trpoecirecv TJraX/j,ov<; Trepl T779 /caTo) tov AeeriroTTjv XpLcnbv 
ol/covo filets, TTOLKikcv? civtovs iv Tjj crvvOecrei Kal Biaqbop(D<$ ivaX- 
10 Xaf«9 Tft) 0")(7}p>aTLcrpi,a). irepl TraOov? teal dvacrTaaeoi^i 7779 dvOpeo- 

7TOT77T09 aVTOV elpr]K(b<Z iv TTCLCTIV 0/Z,0tG)9 fCol 7T6pl Tr}? OeOTrjTO? 

&>9 dtBios teal 8r)pLiovpy6$ icrTi t&v dirdvTeov Kal dvcueaivicrTrjs 
tov iravTos, 77-/009 bv depopa 7ra9 6 oveo7ro9 7-779 0€O7TV6Vcttov 

15 Outo9 6 /neya? Aav'lB 6 /3ao~i\ev<; teal 7rpo<fyf)Tri$, 6 kcltcX ttjv 
KapBlav tov Kvplov yeyovoo?, 717)09 bv 6 ©609, a>9 iirl tov 'Appadp,, 
KaTaXXijXco*; ra9 iirayyeXia^ irdXtv iiroirjcraTO, to aireppua avTov 
6t9 tov alwva fievew iirayye iXd/Aevo?, KaX tov Opovov avTov dBid- C 
Bo^ov ttjs fiacriXela? diroob'qvdfievo'i. iireiBrj yap 6 'Afipaap, 

20 TraTpiBa teal yevo? leaTaXetya? iirlcrTevcrev (£)e&>, KaTaXkrjkais 
iraTepa t<ov iOv&v avTov irotelv virecr^eTo, teal evXoyeiv irdvTa tcl 
eOvrj Bl avTov Kal tov crirepfiaTOS avTov, tovt&cttlv Xpio-Tov' 
o{/t&>9 Kal iirl tov Aavl'B, iTreiBrjirep /3acrA,eu9 r)v Kal evdpeaTO? 
avTtp, KaTaXKrjXws Kal avT<p inr^yy elXaTO Kal to cnrepfia Kal tov 

25 Opovov Trjs ftao-Ckeia? d8id8o%ov Biajievew, TovTecrTiv irdXiv X/h- 
cttov. outo9 o Aav'lB y^ceodrj ck TivevfiaTO*; dylov irpoeLirelv irepl 
tov AecriroTov Xpio~TOv yjra\p,ovs B' y tov /3', Kal tov tj', Kal tov 

flB , Kal TOV p6\ 0\0V$ T0U9 B' } Bl OXOV 669 aVTOV 6fcp7//Cft)9. Kal 

yap Kal 6 AecnroTrjs X/otcrT09 /cal ol drrocrToXoi fyaivovTai Kal Ik D 
30 twv B' tyaX/jL&v Xa/36vT6<; fiapTvplav irepl avTov, olov tl Xeyeo, iv 
rat9 Tlpdgecn tcov dirocrToXwv irdvTes ol diroaToXot irpoaevxpiMevoi 
T(3 0eo5 eXeyoV) 'Eir' aX^Cus yap opuvrjxOilo-av Iv rf iroXci TavTtj 4irl tov 
a-ytov irai&a <rov 'Itjo-ovv Sv ^xp^as. 'HpcbBrjs re Kal Uqvtios UiXaTO? 

1. &vafj.4\ir€Lu] ego : ava^Xirw V. 4. aiw V. 15. ovtos] incipit L (fol. 140). 
16. KvpLov] om. V 1 , Oeov V 2 . 19. pa<ri\etas] + 6fiolm Lm. 21. irartpa 

iduuv (om. w) m. iroi^auv V 2 m. 23. oi/rw m. 26. aylov om. m. 

27. t6v re /j.5' V. -29. yap Kal] om. Kal V. 32. iirl rhv ayiov -rratbd aov 

'It)<tovp] iwl 'I-qaov m. 

32. Acts iv. 27. 


rov /3' yfraXfiov eh avrov e/cXa/36^T6?. o/jloicos rrdXiv eh avrd<; Ta<; 
Upaffeis ore 6 HavXos BteXeyero eh rrjv o~vvaya)yr}v 'Aj/Tio^eta? 
T^5 TUlGtBias, OVTCO? €(j)r), Kal fjp.eis vjjtas cvayycXi^oueOa t9|v irpos tovs 
ira/rtpas cirayyeXCav yevop.lvr\v t on TavTtjv 6 0€os €Kir€irXf}pa>K€v tois tIkvois 
T[p.wv, dvaa-TT|cras 'lT|oroiiv, «S Kal Iv tw \|/a\|xui yiypairrai t<5 SeuTtpcj, Ylos p-ov 5 
252 A «t trv, 4-yti crr|[i€pov •y€<yevvT|Ko <r€' TTJV yewrjatv €7rl T?}? ava(7Ta<T€«i)9 
€fc\a{3coi>, Kal fcvpaxra? Kal avrbs a>9 8euT6/?09 'sfraXfibs eh avrov 
€tp7)TaLy Kada Kal rrdvres 01 a7roc7ToAot eirrov. Kal ravra fjuev irepl 
t^9 dvOpayTrorrjTos avrov ' to yap irepi T779 deorrjros avrov iv rovray 
TO) yjraXfup elpr)p,evov earl touto, IIoLp.avets avVovs kv papStp <ri8r|p$ Kal 10 
c5s <tk€wos K6pap.€ws arvvTpfo|«is awovs, (oaavet to io~yypov Kai Bvvarov 7779 
0€OT7)ro<; yvobplaa? iv ravra), tov dvaKawiafiov rjroi dvarrKaafiov 
r<0V dvdpdoTrcov o-rjfjLavas. to ydp 0~K€VO$ tov K€pafl€C0<! avvTpifSo- 
fievov, firjirw 7rpoo-Ofii\rjo~av irvpl, Several dvaTrXaafiov. 

'O/x.0tft>9 Kal rov oyBoov eh avrov irdXiv ecprjKev, eh rrjv avrov 15 
deorrjra elirwv ra wpara tov yfraXfjuov, Kada Kal avrbs 6 AeaTrorrj^ 
Xp4<TT09 fiaprvpel irepl rovrov iv t<£ RvayyeXtco, orav fiera rcov 
B kKoBodv iirev^>rjfiovv Xeyovres, 'X2o-avvd tw vi<5 Aav'CS* cvXcyrjacvos 6 
epxo|ievos 4v dvduaTt KvpCov. Kal irreiBr) fir) Xayyov ol 'lovBaioi iirL- 
Ti/jLcLv roh 0^X0^9 Kal roh vr)TTioL<s (rjv yap irapdBo^a to. opcbfieva, 20 
7rat8e9 Kal Orfkd^ovra Kal vqirva Kal fjLaOrjral Kal o^Xol iirev^r]- 
p,ovvre<s Kal tov v/jlvov dvaKpd^ovres avray), irreyeipovv rr)v fiefiyfriv 
iirippLirreLVj Kal <paai rrpos avrov, Ovk oLkovcis rC ovtoi X£yovo-iv ; o Be 
erepos €vayye\io~Trj<i tyrjaiv, Tivis Ik tov o^Xou ^Xeyov auT<G, *EiriTC|iT|<rov 
tois ua8r|Tats <rov, d)o~avel, OTt Bvcr(f>r)/iet<s KaraBexofievos v/mvov, 09 rat 25 
®e<5 fiovqy apfio^ei, eKarepoc rov avrov vovv e%oz/T€9' 77-/009 01)9 
Kupto? dyrjaiV, TO?9 fiev, Not, ovSiiron dviyvotre, on 'Ek o-Top.aT05 vr\irL<av 
Kal 0T|Xaj;ovTG>v Karr\fn(<r<a atvov; BiapprjBrjv (ftrjaas rov oyBoov eh avrov 
C elpfjaOai yfraXfJiov iv avrS Kal aivt^dfjLevo<; ore Ov% dpird^co ra 
t&> ®€63 rrpoaovra, rovro ydp elfiv, Kada Kal 6 'A7toctto\o9 fioa, 30 

2. 'AvTtoxl&s m- 3* n«(T65e^as V. u/*?y m. 5. t)/j.Qv] oot&v ijfxiv m. 

t£ Bcvripy yiypairrai m. 7. Kal airrds add. supra in V. ravrbv m. 9. airov om. 
Lm. 10. toOto] t6 Lm. icai om. m. 11. cr/cei}^ L. 12. tcu)tc£| + Kal LSm. 
ijrot rbv Lm. 19. /crxi/oj^res Lm. 20. tovs oxXous V 1 . 22. fiifxyf/Lv] irevaiv Lm. 
23. </>77crij> V. 24. eiJa77eXtcrTT7s] Hie incipit S f. 104. 25. ri LSm. 29. otk 
VMetsicfol. i8o,l. 1). 

3. Actsxiii. 32, 33. 10. Ps. ii. 9. 18. Matt. xxi. 9. 

23, 27. Matt. xxi. 16. 24. Luke xix. 39. 

12 — 2 


Ov\ 6.pTTa.y\i6v r\yr]craTO to etvai i'cra ©cu, d\\' kavrov €K€Vw(rcv, jj,opcf)-f|V SovXov 
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irla \ paPal, avvKardpaa-i^ evairXa^vo^ ! 7r<w? Bia Trjs BiBao~Ka- D 

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Sofjfl Kal Tijifj ecrT6<|)avcop.evov, Kai TTaXiV, Ov -ydp dyyc'Xois VTT€ra£€v T-f|v oikov- 
p.evt]v t^v pAXovo-av, irepl -ffc XaXovuev* aXXa tlvl avTtjv vireTa^ev, c3 

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irdvTa, <jyrjo-lv, ovScv d<J>fjK€V avT<3 dvviroTaKTOv. 0UT&)9 T0?9 f E^patOt9 
7rto-TOfc9 elp7)KO)<;, to, avTa Kal to?9 "EXXrjo-iv eXeye Kal (frrjaiv, TWs 
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lv SiKatoo-vvtj, Iv dv8pl, <5 «pio-€v, irfo-Tiv irapao^cov irdo-tv, dvaor^a-as avTov 4k B 
V€Kpwv. Ofioleo? Kal TleTpos, "On avros eo-Tiv 6 cupio-jilvos viro tov ©cov 
KpiTf|s 1<x>vti»v Kal veKpwv. 

i. Kal tQ)v fiadrjTiov (om. 7T€pl) LSm. 4. rots om. V. 6. dvaicpafci Lm, 

dvatcpafri ///// S. 7. aury (v in ras. al. m.) L, avrbv S. 13. u) ycai] 6s /ca* L^, 
ws /cal L 2 m. fi^ta rd] a^ta SL 1 (?), om. L 2 m. 16. airbaroXos ITaOXos LSm. 

19. w] e/Tre LSm. 20. Aiefxaprtpero m. ?r. fjiifiv^ffKr} avrov, ^ wi6s dudpibwov, 8ti 
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avrou, Kal Kark<TTy}oas avrbv i-jrl Ta tyya tCov x^P^v cov. Trdpra i»7r^ra^as vttok&tuj t&v 
■n-oduv avrov. 'Ev ydp m. 11. <f>7)<rlp om. m. 23. 2Xe7e] X^yet LSm. 

24. rots avOpibnois irdffL m. 25. 5c6ti m. /cpii/at LS. 27. 6 om. m. 

r. Philip, ii. 6. ■*. Luke xix. 40. 15. Ps. viii. 4. 

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0/iotft>9 rrdXiv elirev et? avrov 6 Aav'lB Kal rov /j>B' ifraX/Jbdv, 
iv w rrdXiv Kal rrepl rf)? Oeorrjros avrov (frauverai Xey&v, Kal rrepl 
tyjs dv0poyrr6rrjro^ ols fjuaprvpel irdXw 6 fia/capcrr]*; HavXo? iv rfj 
777)09 'Effpatov? 'Eario-ToXy, Xeycov out&>9, npds 8* tov Yldv, 6 6p6vos 
crov 6 ©eds, «ls tov aicova tov alavos* papSos €v0VTt]Tos rj papSos Tfjs pao-iXcCas 5 
o-ov. rovro irepl T779 0€ot7)to<; avrov elprjKcbs, Xeyet ev0ew$ Kal irepl 
T779 dv0pa>7r6rr}ro<; avrov, Kal ^env, 'H«ydirT|o-as 8ikchoo-vvtiv, Kal iyl- 
C otjo-as aSiK^av, Sid tovto <L\pitriv tre 6 0€os, 6 0cos o-ov 2\cuov cryaXXido-cws 
irapd tovs ji€t6\ovs o-ov. ov yap 7) Oeorrj? Bid ro dyarrr\aai BiKaio- 
avvrjv Kal fiiarjo~ai dBiKiav ftpUrai, ovre oXcos yjpierai, ovre Seov 10 
e%€f avr6)(pr]fjba yap ©605 eariv* aXh! rj dv0pco7r6rr)<; avrov \pierai 
eXatov ayaXXiaaecos, iva elrrr) r<p Tlvevfiari tc3 ayiay, rrapa rov<$ 
fiero'xpvs avrrjs, rovreariv rrapa rrdvras row XptcrTov?. 77 yap 
0e6rr)$ /a€to%ou9 aXkovs ovk e^er eh yap iari ©eo9, 6 re Uarrjp, 
Kai o Tto9, Kal ro Hvevfia ro Hyiov rj Be avOpcoTrorijs rod Xpiarov 15 
iravra^ row avOptarrovs, fxdXicrra rovs HLpio-rovs, eyei fjueroxovs. 
Bid rovro yap ore rrapa rrdvras i"£piG0i) 77 dv0pa)7r6rrj<; rod Xpiarov, 
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Be avrov rbv -yjraXfjLbv rrepl rod ^Kpiarov Kal rrj? 'EiKKXrjo-ias, a>9 eVt 20 
/3ao-t\ea>9 vv/jm/ziov Kal vvfi<j>r}<; ftao-iXlBos egeiTroov, BiereXeo-ev. 

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auT09 o Kvpios Xeycov 77-/009 'lovBaiovs, IIws ovv AavtS iv Ilvc^a™ 
ayio) Kvpiov avTov koAei \£ya>v EIttcv 6 Kvpios tu KvpCcp p.ov, KdOov Ik Sc^iwv 
(jlov, ^o)S dv OcS tovs lupous o-ov v7roir68iov tco v iroSwv o*ov ; d vlos avTov Iotiv, 2 5 
ttws Kvpios avTov €o-tiv; ro fiev Kvpios avTov C09 ®eov o-a^>w9 rrpoeirrmv 
ro Be Kddov Ik 8e|uov p.ov o~a<f>cb<; rfj dv0pco7r6rrjri dp/no^ei' rb yap, 
KdOov TftJ fxr) Ka0e^ofiev<p Xeyei • i) Be 0ebrr\<$ iBpvrai et9 rrjv oiKeiav 
256 A fiaKaptorrjra Trap 1 erepov fiei^ovos p,rj emrperro^evr), r) rrporperro- 

fievT) et9 rovro ■ a\\' ?; dv0po)7r6rrj<; rov Xpiarov virb t^9 rjvayfAevrfs 30 
auT^ d^coplarco^ 0eorif]ro^ emrperrerai, aKovovaa, KdOov !£ 8€|i<3v |iov, 
coaavely 'Et/ t§ 6/a5 ti/jltj. ovre yap Befjid ovre dpiarepa e^ei 6 

1. t6p re fid' V. 3. ofs] $ m. 6. ffoy om. V 1 . 7. atfroO om. LSm. 

8. avofxlav LS. 10. dvofdav LSm. 10. otire SXws xP^ €Tai om - V. 14. 6 irarTjp 
(om. re) LSm. 19. AW 5£ tov XptaTov Kal ttjs 'B/c/cXT/o-^as avrbv tov \j/ahfibv, us 

LSm. 31. irtXeaev LSm. 24. (ryfy om. m. 25. ^ws &j/ — 7ro5w^ <ro0 

om. LS. el ovv Aavtd /caXet aiJrdv Kijpiov, ttws uids aiJrou ^crrt; m. 16. Qeos LSm. 
27. Kadi^ov LSm. 29. fiaKapidTrjTaj + Tifja^v re Kai dbi-av LSm. 

4. Hebr. i. 8. 7, 19. Hebr. i. 9. 23,31. Matt. xxii. 43, 44. 


©eo9, direplypafyos virdpxcov dXXa tovto avrfj Xeyet, otl KdOov 
iv rrj ififj Tifxfj, axravel, Et9 irpoacairov i/jubv, <w? cikcov ®eo0, iravri 
ro5 KoafLG) BeiKWfievrj. ovto>$ yap teal AavirjX Kal avrw 48601] rj Tipf| 

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tov avrov tyaXfiov, <j>r)crlv irepl tyj<; OeorrjTOs, 'Ek -yao-Tpos irpo icoenpopou 
ky£wr\o-d <rc, oWaz/et toO ITaT/Do? 7rpo? rov Tioi> /caTa t^z/ OeorijTa B 
XeyovTos, ore irpo 7rdar)<$ rrjq /m<rea>9 a>? a7ro yacrrpbs, to ofioovatov 
OeXcov arjfiavcu, ov% varepov rrpoftaXwVy oU' ei> ifiavT&> <re e^oav 

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p€rapc\f)0^jo*€Tat * Zv Upevs els tov alwva kcito. ttjv Tafjiv M€X\kt€84k* ou 
7a/3 17 deoT7)<; leparevei 7) Xarpevei, dXXa fidXXov avTrj Xarpeverat 

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OVT(D$ y Ka0coo-irep Kal 'Aapwv, outws Kal 6 Xpioros ov\ lavTov 486|ao"€v 
■y€v&r0ai apxtepea, aW 6 XaX-r|cras irpos avTdv Yios pov el <rv, €-y<i crVjpcpov C 
7€-y€vvT|Kd <Tc. Ka6o»$ Kal iv erepa) Xeyet 2i> Upevs «ls tov alwva KaTd 

20 ti'jv Ta|iv MeXxwrtS^K, iravra rd irepl rf}? dv0pco7roTr]TO<; avrov 

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Aeo~7roT7)v Xpicrrov Kal fiovov elirev. ov yap eKoivoiroiei rd tov 
AeairoTov fiera tcov SovXcov, dXX' Ihia rd tov A€o~tt6tov W9 

25 AeairoTov e^elirev, Kal t« twv BovXoav &)? BovXcov. ova Be erepa 
e^eXaftov ol diroo-ToXoi e/c tS)v yjraXfJboov, ov% &>9 eh avTov Kvpiws 
elprjfieva elfeXaftov, aXV a><? dp/io^ovTa Tjj vwoOecrei, olov, AicucpC- 
o-avTO rd i|idTid p.ov eavTots Kal eirl tov 1p.aTio-p.6v pov ^aXov KXfjpov, Kal 
TO "EStoKav eis to ppwpd pov X°M V > KaL T0 npowpccpriv tov Ktipiov svannov 

30 pov SiauavTos, Kai 'AvafBds els v>pos , oxH 1,0 ^" Tev<r€V atXK ,a ^ a) °"^ av ' Kai oa~a 

3. kavijjk \tyei LSm. i) TI/X7) Kal i) paaiXela V, tj (3a<ri\da Kai t\ ti^uj LS, 

ij fiao-iXeia m. 4. Xoi?ra ^XXa Kal LSm. 8. ttjs om. LSm. cos om. LSm. 

16. IlaOXos om. LSm. \4y<ap ante ^ r^ transp. LSm. 17. Kaddirep m. 

18. yevrjQrjvat. m. 19. iyivvqaa m. 20. rd om. V. 22. fiaKapios LSm. 

24. Aeairdrov Xpiarov fiera LSm. 27. 5e efMeptaavro V 1 . 28. eaurots — Kkrjpov 

om. m. 29. el's jSpctya (om. rd) m. 30. ?7XAiaXc6reu<ras LSm. 

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D tovtois ofxota to? dpfio^ovra ry viroOeaei avTeav e%eXafiov. olov 
eirotrja-ev teal 6 fiatcapLTr]? IlauXo?, ttjv xprj<nv MwoSm ttjv iv tg> 
AevTepovofiLO) fierapaXcov ei'9 ttjv IBlav vir66ecnv y 009 apfiofyvaav, 
Xeywv OVTCDS, Ui\ d^s Iv Tfj KapSia c-ov, Tfs ctvapTJcreTai <=ls tov ovpavov ; 
tovtcotiv Xpurrov Kara-ya^iy* tj, Tfe tca/rap^o-erai €ts <H|v aPv<r<rov; tovt&ttiv 5 
XpioTov Ik v€Kpwv ava-ya^iv" /ieTa<f>pdo~a^ ttjv / Xpy)o'iv ft>9 dpfjboBtav 
€i9 ttjv IBiav vTroOe&iv. oi/Be yap dpfio^ovacv to, Xoiird rcov 
yfraXp,a>v ei? tov A€<t7t6t7)v Xpto-rov, ef ftTy Ttva ii;€\a/3ov, olov 
et? to Aic|i€p£cravTo Ta Lpana jjlov cavTois, eiteoerTOS TrpSiTQ'S ecrTiv Acyet 
2 57 ■"■ °^ et ? CLVTOVy MaKpdv airo rrjs o-wnjpCas p.ov 01 X0701 t«v •n-apaTrno|iaT»v IO 
(jlov, 07T6/> avapfjLoo~TOv teal d<rvfi(f)covov rfj 6eia Tpa<f)fj • teal cratyrj? 


8' yfraXfimv t&v et9 tov AeairoTrjv Xpt&Tov elprjfAevayv, 0X01 81 oXov 
avT& dpfio^ovaiv. ovt€ ydp, teaOd zeal irp&Tov elira^ev, eteotvo- 
irolei fiatcdpio? Aav'l'B to, el$ tov AeairoTrjv Xpio-Tov Xeyofieva 15 
fX€Ta tcov Xeyo/jbeveov eh eTepov? Tivds. <j>alveTat yap teal at/To? 

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*PY*tfl « v <roppaTw; 09 direicplvaTO Xiycov, 'O Ila-Wip |aov gcos apn ep-ya- 
^€Tat, Kayci ep-ydgopai.. oVe Be toIs /j,a07jTai<; avTov evetcdXovv } tyrjcriv, 

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^€crnv (payciv, el jm 1 ! tois Up€v<Tt (xovov ,* BiapptfBrjv to3 IIaT/0t eavTOv 
dvTiBiao-TeWcov tov<; fiaOrjTas Be toI<} irpo^rjTai^, r\yovv tqIs 
iepevaw, d>9 Bovkovs 7T/0O9 BovXovs, teal «? f lov 7T/30? iraTepa. 

Uapaypa<f>7) Kara irapevOea-cv tcetfjuevrj. 

ot€ jjLeT€fiop<l)a)07} 6 Kvpio? rjfjL&v 'Irjaovs 6 XptaTos epnrpoo~Qev 25 
TleTpov teal 'latccoftov teal y \a>dvvov eU to opos teal wefydrj ev Bogy 
fieyaXrjy teal M&xn}? teal 'H\ta9 avXkaXovvre? avTQ), Oewprjo-avTes 

01 fj,a6r)Tal ttjv vTrepftdWovcrav Bo^av, et? eteirXTj^LV teal Tepyjnv 

2. fxaKapLos LSm. Mwvffius LSm. 6. ayayeiv m. 9. etKo<rros irpCoros V, 
elkolttos irpGrros ij/&\fios L, /ca' \f/A\fios m. 12. toiovtov L 2 m. 13. tQv 5' 

Totiruv LSm. 14. Trpibrju elp^Kafiev LSm. 17. 'IouSguoi] + X^yopres LSm. 

18. 5s] ws V, o£s m. 19. Kdvw ipydfoficu om. LSm. 20. 5aut5 6s LS, 

AautS 8re iirelvaaev avrbs ko.1 ol fier* airov, Trias elarfkdev els rbv oIkov tov Qeov ical m. 
21. ti-etTTtv] i^ov r)v avT(p m. <pay€iv, ovde rots pier' adrov, el m. 24. irapa- 

yp&<f>7) — KeifiivT] om. Lm. 25. T\p.dv 'I^croOs 6 Xpiarbs] els rb opos LSm. 26. els 
rb opos Kal u<f>dr} om. LSm. 27. Mwi/a^s LSm. <rvve\d\ovv LSm. 

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Kal iroOov teal epcora teal eiriOvjjblav tov KaXkov? eKeivov iyevovTo. 
diroKptdel? Be UeTpos, rpoirov tlvol Kal avTo? aXXo? clvt aWov 
yeyovco?, KarairXayel? rfj 6ea eXeyev tco 'Itjctov, 'EirwrraTa, KaXov 
fjpias cS8c (jicivai, cboavel, 'I Sou KaXrj Oea icai to7T09, XafnrpoTr]?, koi C 
5 Bo^a virepfidXXovcra' Start, KaTep^ofieOa evOev, el? X e ^P a< * TtaXw 
eXQelv tcov OeXovTcov rffiiv eTufSovXeveiv Kal dXifSetrOai, BiairavTo? 
toitov etc T07rov iieTepxpixevoi Kal BicoKOfievoi ; El 6e\as oSv irot^o-wjwv 
<58c Tpcis o-Ki]Vcls, o-ol |i.Cav, Kal Mwo-fl |Uav, koI 'HXfa ufov. Kal eireiBr) 
laoTifiov rjyrj<raro 6 UeTpo?, Mcocrea Kal 'JlXlav tov Kvpiov, 

io crvvapLdfirjcra? e|f Icrov tcl? crKrjva?, fi'iav eKacrTcp elircov, eiricrTj- 
fiatverat 6 evayyeXicrTr}? Kovkcl? Xeycov ovtco?, M-fj ciSus o Xlyei, 
cocravel, 'HyvorjKcb? 6 UeTpo?, ra Kara tov Kvpiov ovtco? ec\>6ey- 
£aro. evOeco? Be ovpavodev vecfreXr] eireaKiacre, Kal i%cbpicrev 
Mcocrea re Kal 'HXiav, Kal direKpv^ev airb tcov fiaOrjrcov rov 

15 Be 'lrjaovv fiovov ev fiecrcp BaKTvXoBeiKTcov 6 Ylarrjp, BeiKVvei to2? D 
fia6r)Tal? \eycov 03tos €<ttiv 6 Ylos n-ou 6 a*yairT]Tds Kal ckX€\€yh- €V05 j «m»tov 
ukovctc. TlXavacrOe, cprjcrlv, tovtov fjuer eKelvcov efycrovvTe?* ovto? 
yap fiov ecTTiv 6 Tib?, eKelvoi Be, coenrep Kal vfiel?, BovXoc. tovtov 
ovv cb? AecnroTov Kal ifiov Tlov Kara irdvTa aKOveTe. 

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Ovtco? Kal 6 TrpocjyrjTrj? AaviB, tco UvevfiaTi tco dyico kvvov- 
fievo?, ovk avepLt,f~ev ^yBrfv tcl tyj? vrroOeaeco? tov AecnroTov fieTo. 
viroOecreco? BovXcov, aXX* IBlkco? el? ttjv viroOecriv tov Acctttotov tov? 
Tecrcrapa? tovtov? -^akfiovf; rj^tcoOr] irpoenrelv Kal crvvTa^ai, tov? 260 A 
25 Be aXkov? irdvTa? el? erepcov ir poo-coir cov, rj TrpaypLaTcov, rj IcrTOpicov, 
Koivcocj>e\rj BiBacrKaXiav toI? iracriv eKTiOefxevo?. Bia tovto Kal 
efifieKco? Kal fieTa pvO/juov avTa e^ehrev, Xva evKCLToya Kal evfivr]- 
/novevTa toI? iraaiv cb$ Tepwva yevcovTat. Kal tovto evBrjXov, co? 
ev irdcrai? Tat? iKKXrjcrlai? tov koct/jlov dBSfieva tcl tov Aav'iS 

1. {para Kal om. LSm. 2. 6 Il^rpos LSm. 3. ko\6v] + icrnv m. 

4. dvcu LSm. 6. 4\delv om. LSm. &rij8ouXeO<rai LSm. 8. fiuxrel L 2 . 

9. /xuertav V 1 . 12. otfrws om. LSm. 14. fx<a<r£av V, fiwvata LSm. re om. LSm. 
16. 6 ayanyrbs ical iicKeXeyfiipos] 4v $ rjtiSSKyaa m. 17. tovto m. 18. ujffirep V, 
Ka6(b<nrep LS, Kad&wcp m. 20. iiravd\rj\f/is (-Xi^ts V 1 ) tuv irpoTipuu] to Kel/ievov LSm. 
21. o(Jtws] + ovv LSm. 22. ttjs virodfoew twv BotiXuv LSm. 23. eis om. m. 

26. SiA toOto — i^elwev om. m. 27. Kal fiera] om. >cal LSm. 29. ra om. LSm. 

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evpijcrofiev, teat, (jyehov vtto irdvTtov dvdpojTrcov fii/epcov re teal 
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1. tt&j/tuv rwv avdpdiirwv m. i. Kad' eK. q.86/ieva] fieXcrd/ieva LSm. 

5. a£lav~\ + diaypaQriv LSm. 7. HAIAS om. L. 6 Trpo$r\T"r\% 'HXJas S. 

rb Kelfievov V, qui totum hoc caput post verba altavas. api^v. (fol. 186, 1. 3) transponit. 
8. ovrds iffnv LSm. 9. oipavoftpafieiv Lm. 10. 6 om. LSm. 17. rous om. LSm. 
20. roi>s &YY^ 0VS VL 2 S. 22. irapaypcMpr) els tov 'HXlav V. 23. ws om. LSm. 
24. ifdetl-ev L 2 m. 25. irpoKare^dWeTO m. 26. oi>pavoj3aTe2v LSm. 28. oi5- 
pavbv~\ &4pa LSm. 


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Tifiepa Tfl Tpfrrrj avacn-r|cr6pe0a Ivainov avTOv Kal *yv<o<r6p.€0a * €tf TCLVT7)<$ T^<» 

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r)p.wv ; KaTa Tds Tpaipds, Kal on iTacpr], Kal otl I^YcpTai ttj r|p.Epa. rg Tpfrrfl 
Kara. Tas Tpacpds. TO 7«/3 eyr|vepTcu Tjj T)p>lpa ttj Tpfrrj| Kara Tds Tpacpds, 
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dyiov %eov ovofidcras tov y Iov8av. eVt iraktv 6 avTos Trpofyrjir)?, 

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A7t6o~to\o<> IlaOXo? eirl tt}? dvaa-Taaeco^. 

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I. eirupepr) V. 3. avrou L. 4. (bate V, a 6 Trpo<prjTt}S dxrrje S. 5. oi5tos] 

+ 6 L 2 m. 7. ^pTraAcey] HiraiKcu U (in ras.) m. 8. 6 7rX^as LSm. vyiacreL 

rjfias ora. V. £v] /cai L 2 in ras. 9. ^ava<TTY]a6/xeda Kal fyad/xeda m. yvuxrd- 

fxeda] frad/ieda L (sed fa al. m.). 10. X^ei IlaOXos LSm. 12. irai 5n— 

^77j7eprai] rd yap iy^yeprai /cat 6V1 ^7a0?7 LS, rb yap hA<pt) Kal 8ti iy^yeprai. m. 
13. rb yap — rpa^as om. LSm. 14. ap/xdfav LSm. 19. 'IotfSa V 1 . 20. ^k 

davarov — at/rods om. Lm. 81k7}V. 21. trou to Khrpov m. 22. ^Tri] 7rept LSm. 
24. roO Ku/)£ou om. LSm. 25. /cai yvwad/xeda] /cat faabfieda L 2 ; om. m. 

6. Hos. vi. i, 2. 10. 1 Cor. xv. 3. 15. Hos. ix. 12; xi. 12. 

20. Hos. xiii. 14; 1 Cor. xv. 55. 25. Hos. vi. 2. 


aoov ttjv Slktjv irpoKaTrjyyeCkev, 7tg>9 ovk iKTrXijTreaOai Set ttjv 
tov ©eoO a<f)aTov <f>t\av$ pair lav, ttjv €kcmttot€ irpovoovfJLevrjv tov 
av6p(oirelov yevovs; Bolja rfj dveKBirjy^T<p avrov Scoped. 

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tov AeairoTOV Xpio~TOv ovtco? Slotl *I8ov kyw o-TcpccSv ppovT^v, Kal kt^wv 
204 IS irv€ vp.a, Kal dirayycXXuv els dvOpwirovs tov Xpiordv avTov* €TC \ey€l *Ev Tfl 
TJulpa €K€iv-{] avao-TT|(ra) rjjv <rKT)vf|V Aav'1'8 t-^v irenrcoKViav, Kal dvoiKoSouYjcra) 
to. ireiTTcoKOTa avn-fjs, Kal avoiKo8our|cra> avT^jv kclGcos at r|U€pai tov aluivos, oirws 
* K t T l T ^ crw<rlv °* KaToXotirot t<3v avGpw-n-wv tov Kvptov Kal irdvTa Ta 20vt), c<j>' 1° 
ovs e-7riKtKXT|Tai to ovoud p.ov hr* avxovs, Xe'-yti Kvpios 6 iroiwv TavTa. Tai/T?/9 
tP}$ %pi]o~€cos /JbifivrfTat 'Ia/cw^o? o dir6o~To\o<; iv Tafc Upd^eac tcov 


Kal ovtos av/jb(j>wv(o<; tg> irpcoTw, tov XpicrTov /caTayyeWei, 15 
Si ov yiveTai tov wavToq koct/jlov tj o~<OTT]pla, Kal ird\vv ttjv a/crjvrjv 
Aavl'S dveyelpeiv TreirTcoKvlav, 81 avTov iirayyeWeTat, <S)eo9, Kal 

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Ovtos 6 Mi^ata? 6 TptTOs o? r)^i(60rj Kal avTos irpoenreiv trepl 20 
268 A t^9 iXevo-ecos tov Aco-ttotov XpicrTov, Kal <f>rjo~i,v, Kal, <rv BtjOXc^, *yfj 
tov *E<f>pa6d, oXvyooros «t o-v tov clvat kv \iXtdo-iv 'IovSa. 4k o-ov jjlol 4|eXcv- 
o-exai tov etvcu els dp\0VTa kv tw 'I<rpa^X, Kal ai ££0801 avTov air dp\T]S k£ 
^jaepwv alt3vos. TavTrjv ttjv XP^ aLV \aftovT€<i ol dpxiepei? Kal ypap,- 
fxaT€2<; tcov 'lovSalcov, 'HpcoSov avTov? diraiTovvTOS irov 6 X/)fc«rT09 25 
yevvaTat, ecfyrjaav, 'Ev BtieXeJu ttjs 'IovSaCas, odev Kal tol>9 Mdr/ovs iirl 

TTJV Br]0\e€/JL TOT6 d7T€CrT€lX€V. €TC \iy€l 6 »UT09 7TpO(j)7]Tr}<; } Avtos 
€irio-Tp€'4/€v Kal olKT6ipVjo-€i ijuds, Kal KaTa8vo-€i Tas daapT^as ^|U»v, Kal airoppi\|rci 

4. AMDS] 6 irpo<priTT}s 'A/ttwj LSm. B'] V S, om. L. 5. /3'] rpiTos LSm. 

6. 5i6ti om. LSm. 8, 9. /ca2— aiJr^s om. LS. 9- airijSy Kal ra KareffKafifiim 

atiTTJs ava<rrf)ff(a. Kal m. 10. kK^r-f\aovaw V 1 . Xot7ro2 m. rd? Ki/ptoi/ om. m. 

14. irapaypaQT) om. V. 17. 6 0eds LSm. 19. 6 irpo(p^T7)s Mixafas LSm. 

20. rpfrros 8s] tpSojxos LSm. si. 7^ toD] okos m. 22. iri om. m. # ov L. 

23. ^ t^] tov m. al om. m. 26. roiis om. m. ^Tri ttjv] iv V. 27. aurof d m. 
28. adiiclas m. airop'p'i<pr)<rovTcu m. 

6. Amos iv. 13. 7- Amos ix. n, 12. si. Mic. v. 2. 

26. Matt. ii. 5. 27. Mic. vii. 19, 20. 


els to. pa0T] tt]S 0a\acra-T]S 7rdo*as tcls dSiKtas t|(xcov # 8aj<ra els a\T)0€Lav tu 
'IaKoip. 2Xeos tw 'APpadfj., kciGoti oipocrc rots iraTpdcriv T)p.wv Kara rds rjucpas 
Tas c'uirpoo-Ocv. 

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dpyovTa t&5 'IcrpaTjX eyetpofievov Trpofirjvvei, 8c ov yiveTai KaraX- 
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Xrj^iv rj/na? oBrjyojv. 86%a tw etcdcrTOTe croc^etf? oikovoiiovvtl koli 
irpoXeyovTi <*)e&) to, kclto, tov avOpwrrov, 

10 IHHA A'. 261 B 

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tov Aeo-woTriv Xpio-Tov fivo-Trjplov, <f>rjalv yap ovtcos, Kal &ttcu p,€Ta 
rauTa, ck\€w diro tov HvcvuaTos p-ov cirl irdo*av crdpKa, Kal irpotpTiTCvo-ovoHV 01 
viol vp.u>v Kal al Qvyaripes vucov* Kal 01 Trpco-^VTCpoi vp-wv Ivtjttvlols ev\JirvLacr0T|- 

15 coVTai, Kal 01 vtavicTKOL vpv opdcreis 6\\/ovrai. Kai yc cirl tovs SovXovs pou 26 1 C 
Kal eirl Tas BovXas pov cv rats TJpipais CKcCvais tn\€ia diro tov IIvcvuaTos (tov. 
Kal 8o)o-o) TtpaTa lv ovpavcS Kal lirl rfjs *yf|S, atua, Kal iri>p, Kal druCSa Kairvov. 
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fjucpav KvpCov tt|v ue-ydXi^v Kal t-n-Kpavf). Kal eo-Tai, irds os dv ImKaXcVTjTai 

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6t€ tj KaOohos tov dylov UvevfiaTO? enrl tov? cnroo-Tokovs iv Trj 
rjp,epa 7779 v eyeveTo. 


25 Kat ovto<; Ta KaTa tov /caipov tov Aecr7roTov X/h<xtoi) yevofieva 261 D 

Sid Hvev/j,aTO<; dylov OavfxaTa, Trpo(f>r)Teia<i y evvirvia Kal opdaeis 

ev TavTQ), Kal Trjs /ieydXr)<; Kal <f>o/3epas Kal iirt^avov^ Trapovaias 

tov AeawoTov XptcrTot) ttjv r\p*epav irpo/jurjvvety otov yeyovev Bia- 

tyopws fiev eiri tov laycrrjcf) Kal tcov /juaytov kwt ovap xprj/jLaTiadevTCDV, 

I. iraacu al afiaprtai m. 2. ZXeov m. ufytocras m. 7. ry icdfffJUf) Lm. 

10. IOHA A'] 6 TrpotprjTrjs 'Iw^X 1(3' S] LSm. 11. 5'] 6 detrepos LSm. 

12. Xpiarbv om. V 1 . J4. evvirvia. m. 15. 7eom.n1. 16. /xou om. LSm. 

18. rijv om. V 1 . 20. /xaKapios LSm. 21. atroffrbXtav ffvvirXrjpov/JiivTjs] aw t 

ir\T}poviJ.4vTjs V. 23. iweytveTo Sm. iireylvero L. 26. dad/nara diet UveifJLaros 
ayiov LSm. 27. rai^Ty] aury LSm. 

12. Joel ii. 28 — 32. 


&>9 BrjXol tcl ^vayyeXia' Bi opdaecov Be Xvpecbv xprjfiaTto'deh viro 
tov Uvevfiaros eh ras dr/KaXas tov AeaTroTTjv vireBe^aTO, "Avva 
irdXiv r) tov <£>avovr)X dvOofioXoyovfjuevrj tw Kuptw irepl avTOV' 
irpo(j)7jTevovT€f; Be, &>? y 'Aya/3os teal al Ovyarepes QCXbrnrov. Kal 
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O A7TOO"ToXo9, *ft [i€V Y^-P 8i8oto.i X670S o-o<j>£as, kripia irpo<|>T]T€£a, eTtpw yivr\ 
■yXaxrcraiv, ercptu 8c ipp/qvcCa yk<atr<rCtv, Irepcd papier p-axa tap.aTO>v, iTepw Xo-yos IO 
■yvtoorecos, CTcpcu irCoris, ercpu tvepY%ara 8vva|iea>v, aX\a> SiaKpuris 7rv€\>p.a.Twv, 
irdvTa 8e ^<|>t| to «v Kal to avTo Ilvevjta, Sicupovv I8ia Ikclcttw k<x0«s (3ovXeTcu. 
Bolja to3 8ta irdvTwv t&v 7rpo<f)r}T(oi> irpop^vvovTi TavTa ©eaJ, 
eh tol»9 alcovas. d/ATjp. 

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Ovto? 'AftBioit 6 e, <pT)o-lv, Kal avTos dijicodel? Trpoeiirelv irepl 
TOV Kara X/0WTOZ> fJLVO'TrjpiOV OVTOJS, Aioti eyyus T|pepa Kvpiov eirl irdvTa 
to, 28vt] • elprjTat fiev tcaTa to irpo^etpov irepl tcov ZkvO&v, TOVTeaTi 
tov Yoay Kal tov Maycby, KVpccoTepov Be dp/jbo^ei eirl tov Aeo^iroTOv 
XotoTToO* eirMfyepet yap fi€T oXuya, 'Ev Se t<5 opa 2«Av '{a-rai rj <r«TT|p£a. 20 

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SiQ)^, Kal eirl irdvTa ra eOvrj, Biappr)Br)v KrjpvTTei. B6l-a tq> ©eaJ 
eh tov<; al&va?. dfirjv. 

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fiiyvvev T7)V dvda-Taaiv tov X.pto-Tov' <j>rjalv yap Kupto9, 

i. beairbriiv Xpiffrbv LSm. 4. Trpo<j>7)re6ovTOS V. 9. tripy Trpo<p7}Tda — 

rb 2p] tripif) 5t irlans ev t$ avrip TLvetfiaTi a\Ay 5^ x a p' l<r f JLaTa l*H&rw iv ry avr$ 
UveOfian, &\\(p Be ivepy/ifiara dvv&fiewv, aXXy 5e rrpo^Teia, &XK(p 5e diaicplffeis irvev 
fjuLrtdv, trfpii} 8e y£vi) y\wff<rwv, dWy 5e ep^rjveta y\w<rau>v. iravra 8e raOra ivepyel rb 
tv m. 10. irtpy 8e eppvqvela y\w<r<ru>v om. LS. II. 8wap.em L. diaKpiaeis L. 

12. airrb om. V 1 . ' 14. alwvas rQv atevwv LSm. 15. ABAIOT] IIPOSHTHS 
ABAIOT LSm. E' om. Lm, A' S. 16. 'A^5toi» 6 e'] 6 'A/35/ou r^rapros LSm. 

17. 17 T^pa LSm. 19. toO Ma7u»7 L (roO in ras. al. m.). T771 Mav^v S 

(t in ras.). tirl] irepl m. ii. Kvplov om. m. 25. IfiNAS] IIPO- 

*HTHS K2NAS LSm. f' om. Lm, e' S. 26. S"'] tt^tttos LSm. ?rpoe^- 

j/i»<re LSm. 

o. i Cor. xii. 8— 11. 17- Obad. i. 15. 20. Obad. i. 17. 

190 XPIITIANIKH T0rT0rPA<t>IA Lib. V. 

"i^o-irtp 'Iwvds epetvev ev ttj KOiXia tov ktjtovs TpeiS Tipepas Kal TpciS VVKTas, 
ovtws eWcu koA 6 Yios tov avOpcSirov ev ttj KapSCa ttjs yfjs Tpets T]p.e'pas Kal 
Tpets vvKTas. axrirep /yap to /c^to? d8id<f>6opov i^fiecre tov 'lavav, 
ovto)9 /cat 6 Ta<j)o<; tov AeaTroTrjv XpicrTov i^rjfieaev ei? /epeiT- 
5 Tova £(07)v. 


Kal ovto? tov Td<f>ov Kal ttjv 7rapd8o!jov dvdaTaaiv /ecu d<j>- 
Oapaiav &>9 iv Tvirqt hi epycov irpoefi^vvaev tov AeairoTov fjfjL&v 
XpiaTov, Si ov Kal rj dvaKTiais Kal r) dvaKe^aXaicoo-is iravrcov 265 A 
10 dvOpaowcDv oiKovofjieiTai. Soga tg> TavTa ttoiovvti ©ea>. dfirjv. 

NAOTM 71. 2 68B 

Ovto? Naoijfi f r)%id>6r) Kal avTo? irpoenrelv irepl 7779 dva- 

orao-ew? tov AeairoTOV XpiaTOv, Kal <\yqaiv, 'EopTaj^, 'IovSa, tAs copras 

(tov, diroSos T<p Kvp(a> xds evxds crov, Sioti ov prj irpoa-0«S<riv «ti tov SuXGeiv 

15 Sid °"°v «U TraXaCaxTLV ' o^VTCtlXcO'Tai, e£flpTai. dve'Pi] ep.<j>vcrcSv ets TrpoVwirov 

crov, egaipovpcvoS ore ck 0Xiv|/ews. 268 C 


IIw? «rat OUT09 o~vfi<j>(bvco<; ^aipeiv irapeyyva irepl t^9 Kara 

Xpio-Tov Kal t^9 r)/J>eT€pa<; dvao'Tao'ea)?, to diraXaicdTOv tj/jlwv 

20 Trpoarjfiaivcov, tovt€0~tiv ttjv a<\>6apaiav Kal ttjv adavaalav. Solja 
tg> ©eaJ. d/jLfjv. 


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dvaCTTacreO)^ TOV KpiaTOV 0#TG>9, "I8eT€ ol KaTa<j>povT)Tal, Kal e-n-ipXe^axe 
25 Kal 0av|idcraT€, Kal d<{>av£o-Oi]Tc, Sioti c-yw €p*yov Ip-yd^opai ev Tats tipe'pats vpwv 
o ov |j.-^ itio-t6vo-tjt€, edv Tis eKSiTjyfjTai. TavTTjv ttjv %pv\Glv dpfioSicos 6 
Uavkos €7rl t^9 dvaaTdaeca? tov AeairoTov XpiaTov igiXafiev iv 268 D 
5 AvTio^eia t?)9 YliaiSias. 

2. koX i° om. m. 4. ofrros m. Xptarbu om. m. 8. ws om. SL. ws — 
Xpio-roO] tov XptoTov Mirov 81' ^/rywf L 2 m. 9. xai ^ Trdi'rwv avd. &vo\kt. ko1 ava.K€<pa- 
"Kaluats S, 77 rwi' dv^. footer, koI apaKe<f>akaLu)<rts (om. xai i°) Lm. 11. IIPO^HTHS 
NAOTM ( + H' S) LSm. 12. 67500s LSm. 14. to; Kupfy] om. m, Kvptip LS. 

Trpoffdrjcruo-iv m. 18. o~vpup&v<0S om. LSm. 20. t^j/ i° om. V. 22. IIPO- 
*HTHS AMBAKOTM ( + 0' S) LSm. 23. oiW)4-6 LSm. v '] 6 ^aros LSm. 
24. Kvplov LS. 25. ^au/Ad<rare] + ^au/Ado"ia m. IpYOJ' e^w m. 

1. Matt. xii. 40. 13. Nah. i. 15, ii. 1. 24. Hab. i. 5 ; Acts xiii. 41. 



O/ioto)? Kal ovtos 7rapdBo^a Kal gltticttcl toi$ dvdpcoTrot,*;, 
fiaXtara tol? KaTa<j>povr}Tai$, irpdyfiaTa, StjXovoti irepl dvaard- 
creo)?, iirayyeKKeTai irpoa'qfialveiv. Sofa tc3 ®ec3. dfirjv. 

so<i>onia:s e\ 5 

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keCTTTOTOV XplQ-TOV' Kal <f>7J(TLV OUTO)?, ' Em<j>av^jo-€Tai Kvpios eir avTovs, 
Kal e£o\o8peva-ei irdvTas tovs Gtovs tuv tGvcov ttjs "yfjs, Kal irpoo-KvWjcrovcriv 
avT(3 Macros ck tov toitov avTov iraarai at vi)<rot t«v I0vwv* TTCiKlV 
\eyei oti |A€Taa-Tp€\|/io cirl Xaovs ^Xwo-o-av els "ycvcdv avrijs, tov 4iriKaXcio-8ai 10 
iravras to ovop.a KvpCov, tov SovXevav avTcS \>tt6 £v-yov £va Ik TrcpaTwv TroTauwv 
AlGioTrias ota-ovo-tv Ovo-tav |iof Kai iraKtv \eyei Xcupe o-<}>6Spa, Qvyartp 
Suov, cv<|>pa(vov Kal KaTarlpirov, Ov-yaTcp 'IcpovcraX'/ju* ircpiciXev Kvpios to. 
d8i.KT|(j.aTa. <rov, XeXurpiocrcu ck x €l P° s c\6p(5v o*ov. (3ao-iXcvs 'Lrpa^X 6 Kvpios 
lv (ji^o-cp o-ov, ovk o^xi kokcL £ri. a7T€/o TrdvTO, fcvpicbrepov iirl tou 15 

Ae0-7TOTOU XpttTTOV dpfJ,6%€l. 

269 D Hapaypa<f>ij. 

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KaOaipeaiVy Kal tcov iducov ttjv Trpo? tov Seov Bid tov XpiaTov 
eTnaTpo^v, irp6Br]X6<i ia.Tiv aTj/xatvcov. 20 


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keaTTOTov X/ot<rroi), a>? et? irpoacoirov ZopoftdfteX Ta apfjuo^ovTa 
tco Aeo-7TOT77 Xpl0~Tq>, \iycov Kal 0^o-oaa£ o-« o-<J>pa-yi8a, Sioti or* tfpeTi- 
o-duiiv, Xe'-yc 1 Kvpios 6 ©cos iravTOKpaTwp, Kaddirep Kal 'Icodvvr)? 6 25 
evayyekiaTT)^ Xeyei tovtov -yap 6 iraTf|p €o-<|>pdYio-€v 6 0€os. 

3. S^XtSj/. oVt S. 5. nPO^HTHS S. LS. 9'] om, Lm, 1a S. 

6. o5tos] + 6 LSm. <?j/56caTos LSm. 9. awry] ai5rd»/ L. a*roO] + /ca! L. 

10. \tyei— ^aom. m. 13. Siwv] iX^TV, + /c^puo-ffe, d&yarep'IepovffaX^fi m. 

/caraT^7rouJ + ^ oXtjs Kapdtas, <rv m. 14. XeXtrpuaai—aov om. m. fiaaCkefoei L 2 . 
i om. m. 15. 6fetV 2 LSm. £ti] ou/c^rt LSm. 19. rou] + Aevirdrov LSm^ 

20. wpod^Xus LSm. eo-nv vt^JoXvtav\ iiriff^alpei L 2 m. arffxaivuv] + A6£a rip 

Oey els robs aiwvas. 'A^. LSm. *i. ArrEOS V. nPO^HTHS AITAI02 
LSm. I' om. Lm, IA' S. 22. a-y^os V 1 . *' om. LSm. 24. <re om. LSm. 
rupkrum m. 25. 6 6eds om. S. TravTOKp&Twp—Qefc om. m. 

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24. Hag. ii. 23. 26. John vi. 27. 



Outo? 6 vaos iariv 6 viro Zopo/3df3e\ KTiaOels fiera rrjv 

eirdvoBov irepl ov o Zayapias Xeyei, At x^P* 5 ZopoPa|3eX 40ep.€X£«o-av 

tov oIkov tovtov, Kal at X £ ^P £S ovtov eiriT«X«rov(Tiv avTov. irepi OV Kai 

5 ol 'lovBaioi Tft> Kuptft) eXeyov 'Ev T€<r<rapaKOVTa Kal ?| «T€<riv wkoSou^Ot) 

6 vaos oStos Kal crv ev rpicrlv r)p.cpais t-ytptts avTov. 


Kal ovtos els irpoaoa'Trov Ztopof3d/3eX rd Kara tov Aea7roT7jv 
XpiaTov Trpofirjvvei oV ov yiveTai irdvTcov t&v eOvtov r) o~(OTr)pia. 


Ovtos Za^aplas id teal aifTOS d^imOels irpoenrelv irepl t?}? 

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KT|pvcrcrt X a P$> 6v'Y aTC P 'Icpovo-aX^a ' ISov 6 Baa-iXcvs trov epxerai Sfcaios Kal 
o-<a£<ov, avros irpavs Kal €ttiP<=Pt]kws eirl vTro^v-yiov Kal irtoXov V€OV. Virep- 

15 /3oXik5)<; fiev els tov ZopO/3dj3eX eiprjKev tclvttjv ttjv %pr\aiv ttjv 
Be €KJ3aacv Kvplcos eoyev eirl tov AeairoTov XpiaTov. cti Xeyei 
Kal tpw irpds avrov Ti al irX^Yal avrai at avap-ecrov twv xcipwv crov ; Kal cpc? 273 A 
rt As lirX^ynv ev tw oKkw t<2 dyain\T<a uov* Kal fi€T oXiya TraXiV, Hara^ot 
tov iroi|i€va, Kal 8iao-Kopmo-0^jo-ovTai to, irpoBaTa -rijs iroiav-qs. TttVTTfs Trjs 

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r)p,eXXev TrapaBiBoaOai, ets eavTov avTrjv eiprjadai elprjKa>s. 


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ttjv eXevatv Trpofjurjvvtov tov AeawoTOv XpiaTov, 6o~tis ev eavTm 
25 eBeilje Kal Trjs BevTepas KaTao-Taoeays tt)v dp%rjv. Sofa t^ t&v 
bXcov (B)ec3 els tol»? alwvas. d/nijv. 


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T<bv KaTa ttjv oitcovofJLiav tov AeaTTOTOV Xpio~TOV' Xeyei Be Kal 

2. ovtos — <r(i)Tr)pla (1. 9) om. LSm. 8. Kal om. LS. 10. IIPO^HTHS 

ZAXAPIAS LSm. 11. ta' om. LSm. 12. x a ^P 0ls LSm. 13. x a wl v<f>6dpa 
LS, om. m. £pxerai\+<rot LSm. 15. ttjv Zfcfiaaiv 8£ LSm. 16. Xpiarov] + &s els 
vpoffuirov Zopo/3d/3eX LSm. 17. aurai dvapJaav (om. al) m. 18. u>s 7rXi^y7;i' V. twj' 
d7air77Tw v V. 20. t£ om. LSm. 21. ra^v LSm. eiprjtrdai om. LSm. 

23. #x era '' — d/tijv] X^wj*, /ca2 ipfirjveijuiv tov Aeairorov XpiaTov irepl ttjs KaTaaT&aeios 
t*)» dpx¥ LSm. 27. nP0<f>HTH2 MAAAXIAS LSm. IB'om. Lm, i<T' S. 
28. ouros] + 6 LSm. i/3' om. LSm. 7rcpl om. VL^. 

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2j$T& avTOS OVTCQS Aioti dird avaToXwv &os Svo-awv to ovojxa uov 8e86^a<rTai kv 
Tots ?0v€(TiVj Kal iv iravTl toitu Ovutapa irpocrd-yeTai tu£ uou, Kal QwCa 
KaOapd. Siotl (J-e'"ya to ovop,d p.ou 4v Tots £0V6a-i, Xe-yti Kv'ptos iravTOKpdTwp, 
/cat 7ra\tV Xeyei 'ISoii fyw ^air-oo-rcXw tov ayycXov uov Kal 4iripX&|/€Tai 
68ov irpd irpoo-wirov <rov. TavTrjv Be T^y XPV <rLV Kav ° Ku/Jto? €49 5 
eavrbv i^&Xafiev, Kal eh tov ^airTCarrjv 'Icodvvrjv. en Xeyei 6 
O-UT09 irpo^TjTT]^ Kal dvaTeXei tlutv Tots 4>oPovp.€vois to 6'vop.d o~ov -fjXios 
SiKcuocrvivrjs, Kal l'ao-is Iv Tats irT^pv|iv aikou* Kal efjcXevo-co-Ge, Kal o-Kiprfyr€Te 
us uoo"xdpia €K Se<rp.c3v dvei|i£va. Kal KaTairaTTJa-6T€ dvouous, Siotl &rovTai 
©■iroSos tiiroKaTO) t«v iro8d>v vp.wv 4v ttJ ^aepa V}v c'yco iroia>, X£y€i Kvptos iravTO- IO 
C KpaTwp. Kal l8ov kya diroo-reXu tfp.iv 'HXiW t6v 06O"PCtt|V irplv IXGctv -^ae'pav 
KvpCov t^v upydXijv Kal 4iri<j>avT). Ka6cb<; elirev 6 K.vpios to?9 JovBaiois, 
on, edv 0eXrjT€ } Be^aade irepl 'Icodvvov tov ^airriarov, Avtos Io-tiv 
'HXtas 6 (xeXXwv 2px€o-8ai. Xotirov eVt tov$ reaaapa^ tou9 (xeyaXovs 
/3aBiov/jbev irXn^payaavTe^ avv ©ec3 tou9 t/3'. r 5 


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tov XotaTot) eaofieva TrpoefJbrjvvo'ev, Kal tt)v fieyaXyv iraXiv Kai 
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*i\Xlav <f>7)o~lv €Ti ireptovTa. Bolja tu Ta irdvTa KTiaavTi ©€&>, Kai 20 

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'lovSaoous irepl twv iirayyeXiwv tov Seov, (ov irpos tovs iraTGpas 
€7roi,rjo-aTO, oVo)? irdvTa tcl edvrj evXoyeiv vireayeTO iv tw airep- 25 
paTi tov 'Afipadp,, Sid t^9 KaTa tov AecnroTrjV XptaTov olKovofxia^, 
Kal oVft)? iXvTpcbaaTO avTovs 6 ®eo9 irpda^v eV t^9 SovXeia? twv 
AlyviTTLcov fieTa $pa%iovo<i vyfrrjXov, Kal SeScoKev avTol? tt\v yrjv 

■i, 3. Kal~i$ve<n om. V. 4. £yu om. LSm. 5. irpb om. VL J S. <rov, 

corr. ex fiov V. Se Kal 6 K. ttjv x- (om. 5£ Kal m) LSm. 7. crou] /<oi; L. 

8. <?£eXetf<7-erai V. 9. avifvovs m. ro. 77 LSm. 11. dirotrr AXu LS. 

AMc] + tV LSm. 12. 6 om. LSm. 13. tin] + kclI LSm. d^aa-datV. 

15. o-^ + rvm. 16. irapaypcupri om. V. 17. otfrws m. 18. t£ 

Xpt<TT y SL 1 (?). 22. ri Kel/xeuov om. V. 23. Kal jxer' 6\lyov. iravm LS. 

24. wv] Twy V. 25. e«)Xo7^o-ai LSm. 28. ^Sw/cej/ LSm. 

1. Mai. i. 11. 4. Mai. iii. 1. 7. Mai. iv. 2— 5. 

13. Matt. xi. 14. 

w. r 3 


T?}? sir alexias, /cat oVo)? Kal alxfidXcoToi et? T$a/3v\G)va viro 
Na/3ovxo&ov6<rop aira^drjaovTaij Kal iraXiv ei/Sofo)? iiravrjgovo-iv, 276/ 
Kal irdXcv irelaovrac kclkcl viro 'Avtco^ov teal ra>v irepii; i0va>v, 
Kal oVft)? teal tovtcov hwdpuei Oeia ire pcyevcovTaf real rore 
5 7rpo<rSo/C(0/jLevo<; etc tov airepfiaTo? 'Aftpaa/j, rj^ei iirl crcoTrjpLa 
iravTO<$ tov Kocrpbov, Kara Tas avcodev eirayyeXia?. tovto to 
epyov TOiV irpo$r)TO)v. 

Tive^ pbev ovv e'£ avTcov eavToh avveypa^jrav ta? I8la$ /3//3Xou9, 
olov 6 Aav'lB avvOeh Tr)v /3l(3Xov twv ^aXpuoiV, Kal AavirjX iv Ty 

10 diyjxaXtoGiq KeXevaOels ypdyjrat airep avTw 8t' opdaewv direKa- 
Xv(f>07], rj Kal aXXoL Tive<$. ol Be Xoiirol ov% eavTOts avveypacfrov, 
dXXd ypa/uLfiaTei*; r)aav iv tc3 lepw, oc eypa<j)ov kicdcrTOV irpo<f>r)Tov, 
a>? iirl r)p,epoXoyiov, Xoyov. teal r)vtKa aireo~TeXXeTO viro %eov 
irpo^rjTTj^ Krjpv^ai rj irepl 'lepovcraXrjfi, otl pueXXet, au^fxaXoaTL- B 

15 ^eaOat, rj irepl 1<afiap€La<;, rj irepl eTepcov toitcdv, r) irepl Trj<; 
iiravoBov, rj irepl * AvTioyov, rj irepl twv irepi% eOvwv, rj irepl avTov 
tov AecriroTOv TLpuaTov, naff rjv r/fiepav irpoe(f>rjTevev, eypa<j)ov iv 
tg) Xoycp tov irpocf)t]TOv eiceivov o eicrjpvTTev, irepl evhs irpdyfiaTOS' 
Kal iraXiv pueTa /caipov, el efcrjpv^ev irepl eTepov irpdypLaTO?, iraXiv 

20 eypa(f>ov, viroTacrcrovTes eZ? tov avTov Xoyov, a>9 apyjqv icetyaXaiov 
iroiovpuevoi o ifcrjpvTTev, Kal ovtcos iracrav Tr)v j3l/3Xov avTov 
GvveTiOeaav. odev eo~Tiv evpelv iv Tats avToyv fiiftXois /ce<f)dXaiov 
dpfjbo^ov eh Tr)v alyjLaXtoGiav Ba/3vXcovo<;, rj els Tr)v iirdvoBov, Kal 
ev6ea)<; irepl Xpfcrroi) eTepov, Kal avdis ttoXlv irepl Trjs aiyjLa- 

25 XtoGias Kal Trj<$ iiravooov XeyovTa. Kal dirXws elirecv, idv fir) 
irapaTeTr)pr]fjLev(o<; Tt9 dvayvat, avyKe^vfieva Ta irXeicTa evprjaei. 
ov fjbovov Se, aXXd Kal at BacriXelai tovtco toj Tpoirq* iv to> iepm 
iypd(f>r)o~av KaTa fj,epo<; y to) %aoijX Ta tov l^aovX Kara puepos iv 
to3 Katpfp tov XaovX, Ta eW tov XaovX, iv to3 Kaipco tov AavtB, 

30 Ta e&>? tov Aav'18, 6/jlolo)<? Ta eKaaTov /SacrtXea)? KaTa tov lBiov 
Kaipov iypa<j)ovTO. o/jlomos hypa<pov Kal iv to?9 aKptviot^ tcov 
3ao~iXi(ov a9 KaXovfiev TlapaXetirofieva?. Tr)v Be UevTaTev^ov 
Met)u<j?79 eypayfrev, laTopiav irpoyeyovoTcov, Kal yivofievcov, Kal 

1. Kal 2 om. LSm. aiX/^aXwrots V 1 . 1. pera 86fijs LSm. 4. 6ttws to6tu)v 
(om. Kal) LSm. irepiyev^ovrai LSm, TreptyivovTat V 1 . 14. Krjptifai] + tl LSm. 

17. £ypa<f>ev LS. 18. 8s iKifjpvTTev V 2 , 6 iKrjpvi-ev m. 4kt)pvtt€v~\ + tovt£<ttl LSm. 
20. rbv] avTbv rbv SL 2 m, avrou L 1 . 21. iKr/pv^e m. 25. \4yov m. 28. Kara, 
/xtpos 2 — £ws rod Saoi>X om. V. 30. fiacrChtus] + to, LSm. 

Lib. V. XPI2TIANIKH TOnorPA4>IA 195 

ia-ofiivcov. 'lrjo-ovs irdXiv rrjv IBlav f3L/3Xov tov<; Kpira? irdXiv 
iv tc3 tepoS, ijyovv iv rf/ (tktjvj} • ofjuoim real tv)v 'Pot/0 ' %oXoji(ov 
iraXiv ra cBia eypayfrev, rd? re UapoLfiias, teal ra "Ao-fiara, 
D feat tov l&icKkr)Gia(7Tr)v. o~o<£ta9 yap yapiv elXrjcjycas irapd 
®eo0, zeal iravra avOpwrrov vovOeT&v o~o(f>co<; avacrrpefyecrOai, iv 5 
T&Be tgS f3la), irpo<j)7]T6la^ yap ydpiv ovk elXrjfai. oaovs o&v 
€vpop,ev 7rpo^>r]T6ia<; d£ia)devTa$ einrelv irepl keairoTov Xpiarov 
ird^a/JLev. gtl Be ypatyofxev Kal irepl tcov aXXcov Teo~o~dpcov irpo- 
<f>T)TQ)Vj oo~a r)%ia)6r)<Tav irpoearetv, irepl 7779 Kara tov AecnroTrjv 
Xpttrroj/ olicovofuas, iv rj a<f>opa iras o a /cotton ttjs Oeias Vpacf>rj<;. 10 
7rpo<j)epo/jL€v Tolvvv irpanov tov fieyaXoobcovoTaTOv 'Haatav, 0? teal 
Tvirtp Kal X6ya> r)%i<ddr) IBelv /cal irpoeiirelv irepl tov KttTa XpicrTdv 


265 A H2AIA2. 

Outo9 /ueya? 'Hcrata? u/09 tov 'A/xq)?, 09 tvttg) fiev irpoelBev 15 


iirl Opovov V'yjrrjXov /cal ewppfievov, Kal 2epa(J>elp. €icrWJK€i<rav ktjkXco 
avrov, S| irripvyes t<S evi, Kal ££ irTepvycs t« cvl, eavTa KaTaKaXvirrovTa, Kal 
&<pa£ov ^Tcpos irpos ^repov, "A-yios, frytos, a-yios Kvpios 2a.paw9, irX^pijs iracra 
rj Tfj ttjs 86|tjs awov. iirl tovtoc? direa-TdXrj ev twv Zepatyelp,, teal 20 
eXaftev tj) XafilBt avOpaica airb tov 6vo-iao~TT)plov, /cal rj-yfraTO twv 
265 B ^evXewv avTov Xeycov^ Tovto ctyeXei toLs dvojiCas trov, o-acfxvs Boa 77)9 
6Sjrea)9 7779 BeixOeiarjs, Kal tov vjjlvov, Kal tov tvitov, BiBa^Oel^ 
irpo/jLTjvvcrai to Kara ILpiGTOV p,vo-Tr}piov. cti Be irdXtv Kal Xoytp 
<f>T]0~lv OVTCQ?, 'tis irpopaTov lirl o-^a-y^v y\\^t\, Kal cos ap.v£s IvavT^ov tov 25 
KcCpavTos avTov acjicovos. TavTTjv Tr\v XP^I°~ tv ° etV^o0^O9 AWioyjr 
dvayvovs, tov QiXittttov nrapeKaXet epp,r)vevdf)vaL avT&> avTTjv, 09 
TayiGTa irepl tov keairoTOV XptcrTOV avTqi avTrjv epfjbrjvevcrev 
elprjaBau virb tov 7rpo(j)iJTov. elra iraXiv Xeyet, "AvGpwiros 4v irXtpfj 

6. y&p om. L%i. 7. ebretv — Xpia-rov] irepl ttjs Kara rbv Aeo-irdTijv Xpiarbv 

olKovofilas LSm. 9. -Jrepl — oUovofiLas om. LSm. II. irpQrov post 'Her atav 

transp. LSm. 14. H2AIAS] om. V, IIPOSHTHS H2AIAS ( + fS) LSm. 

15. 02 om. LSm. 19. irpbs] + tov LS. ^re/jew] + Kal fiieyov m. iraffa 7) yrj] 

6 odpavbs Kal 7) yrj ira<ra LS. 21. avdpaKa om. m. 22. af^apHas LSm. 25. oiJrws 
07?cr^ LSm. 26. KelpovTos L 2 m. aur^ om. m. t7;j/ om. V. 

17. Is. vi. *, 3. 22. Is. vi. 7. 25. Is. liii. 3; Acts viii. 32. 

29. Is. liii. 3. 

13 — 2 


<3v, Kal clSws 4>^pctv uaXaKCav' /cat iraXiv, "On dvouCav ovk eirofojccv, ov8e 
€vpe'6i] 86Xos 4v T(5 <TTO}jiaTi avTOv. Kal Kvpios PovXtTai KaOapCcai avVov dxrh 
t^s irXtiyfjs, Kal 8ei£ai avT<3 (jxSs* «at irakiv, Ovtws Xfyei Kvpios, 'I8ov kyto 265 C 
lupaXu cts Tot 0euA.ia 2i(iv X£0ov ttoXvtcX'ii, aKpo-ywviaiov, €VTip.ov els Ta 0€pAia 
5 avrfjs. Kal 6 ttio-tcvwv 4V avT(5 ov af| KaTaio^vvB-fj • Kai TraXlV, "Eorai iv 
t(j T)p.€pa IkcCvu tj p^a tov 'Ieo-al, Kal 6 dvio-Tauevos d'pxci-v 40v«v, lir* avT<3 
ifOvT] IXiriovo-iv* Kal TraXiv, Ilvcvua KvpCov 4V 4p.€, ov eWcv ^XP 1 °"^ V K- 6 - 
tovto dvayvovs 6 Kvpios iv rfj avvaycoyfj tois %aj3/3aaiv, elirev, 
'Au-fjv \iyu> vp.iv, o-fyepov kir\r\p<aQr\ i\ Tpa$i\ avrr\ iv tois »o-lv vuwv. 

10 Tlapaypa(j)ij. 

Kat ovtos ixeyaXo^xovoraTOfi f Hcra/ia? /cat Bia \oya>v /cat 01a 
oTrraatayv irpoepb'qvvcrev rot? avdpa)7rois Kal tt)v t?}? dyias TptaSo?, 265 D 
TovrecrTLV tov evos ©eo£, ofioXoyiav, Kal T779 dvOpayrreias (fivo-ecos 
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15 So^a tg3 iravTore oikovojuovvti ao(f)(os to dvd pdnretov yevos 1 . 


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Kaipw tov ttclOovs. ttclKiv \kyei 6 avTOS TrpocfrijTT)?, *I8oi> Tjplpai 

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2 5 iv f] a.TTOTT€pTT€l KOI t6v 7TpO(f)r)Tl]V 'HXlOJ/ €Tl TTCpLOVTa. b6^a TW TO. TTaVTCL KTL- 

£ovti 0e<u Kai irakiv dvaKTi^ovri. dprjv. 

1. (xaXaKlas LSm. 2. evpidrj om. m. 56Xoi> m. dirb om. m. 3. 7tXt;7^s] 
+ 'Edv dodrj irepl afxapTlas t\ \pvxh vjaw', oi/'erai (nr^pfxa p.aKpbfiiov, Kal jSoiJXerai Kvpios 
&<pekelv airb tov irbvov ttjs tpvxys avrov m. Kal i° om. m. 4. iroXvTeXij} + {kXcktov 
LSm. 5. iw' ai/Tip om. m. 6. apxew] + Tiov m. 7. ou — /*e om. LSm. 

11. Kal i° et 2° om. LSm. 15. ir&VTa aotpQs oIkovo/aovvti Tip avdpwirdip {ip in 

ras. S) yhei (ei in ras. S) LSm. 16. nPO^HTHS IEPEMIAS (+1' S) LSm. 

17. 'Iepep,las'] + 6 5^/caros LSm. /cai atfrds d^iw^ei s LSm. 21. irX-qpiadeia^ 

V 2 L' 2 m. 23. 7ra/3a7pa07j] + £repa L 2 . Haec irapaypa<fyq tota in cod. V deest. 

Trpocp'rjTais al. m. in ras. L. 

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epxovTai, Xe'-yei Kvpios, Kal SiaOrjo' tw oiku> 'Ia-pa-f^X Kal tw olkw 'IovSa 
Sia6t|KT|v Kaivf|V, ov KaTol T-fjv 8ia0T]KT)V tjv lirofrjcra tois iraTpdo-iv avT«v, iv 
T)p-€pa eiriXapope'vou pov ttjs \€ipos avT<3v, If-aYa'vciv avVoils Ik yf\s AtyvirTOv, 
oti avTol ovk eve'peivav iv T^j SiaOTJKf] p,ov, Ka-yw T)p.€'X-qcra avVcov, <pT]0-lv Kvpios' 
oti avnj i\ 8ia0T)KT] p.ov, rjv SiaGrjcropcu Ttp ot'K<j> 'Io-pa-fpX p,€Ta tAs rjpepas cKcCvas, 5 
<f>T]<rlv Kvpios, AiSovs vouovs pou errl Sidvoiav axiTwv, Kal eirl KapSCav aurwv 
269 B tTTL-ypaxj/w avTovs, Kal ^oropai. avrois els 0e6v, Kal avTol feVovTaC pot eis Xa6v. 
Kal ov a"f| 8i8d£a>o-iv ?Kao-TOS t6v d8eX<f>ov avVov, Kal c'kclo-tos tov irX^jo-iov avTOv, 
Xe'-ycov, TvcSOi tov Kvpiov* on irdvTcs el8r|o-o\jo-tv p.6 d-rro piKpov avrcov €cos 
pe-ydXov avTwv, oti iXews co-opou rats aSiK^ais avTwv, Kal twv dpap-riajv avTcov 1° 
ov u^| pvT]o-8t5 in. Kal tclvtt}? /JLefivrjTai 6 'Attoo-toXos iv rrj 7Tpo? 
f E^patou? ^ttmttoXtj. 

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ocTTi? dp^rjyo^ io~Tiv rrjs SefTepa? KaTao~Tao~eW aa<^>e<nepov yap 15 
Kal 7rp(i)T7]v Kal Sevripav Kardaraa-iv Trpo/jLrjvvei, tjtis hevrepa 
apyr)v eo")(€v iirl tov AeairoTov XpicrTov. 86%a tg> ®ea> et? toi/? 
alcbvas. dfMrjV. 


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TTpoetTrelv irepl T779 Kara, Xpto-Toz/ oLKovofjuLas, Kai ^rjaiv, Kal pvo-opai 

avTovs air6 irao-«v t<Sv dvopiwv avVwv, Kal KaGapiw avTovs* Kal feVovTaC pot 

2 7 2 A €ts Xaov, Kal eyw eVofiai avTOis els 0«ov. Kal 6 SovXos pov AavtS dpx«v iv 

p.eo-cp avTwv, Kal iroip/?|V ets eWai irdvTwv, oti Iv tois irpoord-ypao-Cv pov iropcv- 

o-ovTaf Kal TrcCklV \iyec Kal d-mv irpos p.€ To vStap towto to cKiropevopevov 25 

tls t-?|v TaXiXatav t-^v irpos dvaToXds, Kal KaTt'paivev eirl t^|v 'ApapCav, Kal 

TJpXtTO to* iirl t^|v 0dXao-o-av «irl to v8wp ttjs 8i€KpoXf)s, Kal v-yido-ci tA vSaTa, 

Kal ^a-Tai irao-a tyv\i\ twv Xvhov twv €K^€6vt»v Kal kir\ irdvTa €<j>* a dv lirtXGi] 

Ik€i 6 iroTap.os, ^o-€Tai. 

1. iirolr)<ra] bie&tyiiv LSm. 3. pov om. L^m. 4. K&yw] Kal LS. 5. iv 

T^L. 6. 5i5oi>s] + d(b<rw m. ^?ri i°] e^s ttju m. «:ap5fas m. 7. 7pd^w m. 

Kal Hvonai—Oebv om. LS. auroi oin. LS. 8. dde\<pov] Tr\-q<nov LS, ttoHttjv m. 

TrXiJo-ioj'] dde\<pbv LSm. 10. avrwi/ i° om. LS. 12. "Pw/xafous LSm. 14. Kal 
om. LSm. rd om. L^. 19. IEZEKIHA] om. V, nPO^HTHZ IEZEKIHA 
( + IB'S)LSm. 20. ovtos] + 6 LSm. 21. Kal 2 om. LSm. 22. atfrwi/] 

w»/ foaproaav iv airah m. 23. ^cb] + Kuptos m. 24. /cal om. m. ^<rrai ante 

ttoi/xV tr.m. 26. rr?v 3 om.m. 27. iKpoXfy LS. d7ido-ei L 2 . 28 /cal 2 om. m. 

21. Ezek. xxxvii. 23, 24. 25. Ezek. xlvii. 8, 9. 



Kal ovtos o/xo/ct)? rots aWois alvurTerat 7rpofir)vv<i)v t?J? 
Sevrepas rjfiwv Karaardaecos tov dp^rjybv Kal tyjv irokireiav. 272 B 
Sofa Tft) ra TravTa ao(pcb<; olkovo/aovvtc ®ea>. dpurfv. 


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irpoeiirelv wepl rov Aecnrorov Xpiarov, kcll <f>7jcnv ovtcos Kal 
yvwo"rj Kal o-vWjo-cis airo c|68od Xo-yov rov diroKpiOfjvaC <roi, ical tov oi.Ko8o|rr]0TJvai 
'Iepovo-aX^p., cms Xpicrrov tj-yovutvov, e(38o[xd8es cirrd Kal ipSopaSes l£fJKOVTa 8vo, 
IO /eal ra \oi,ird' Kal 7rd\LV, Kal €Tp^j0ii X(0os dvev x,€ipc!>v, Kal eiraTafjev -r^v cfoova 
Kal eyeveTo 6 X£0os wa-el opos 11.67a, Kal eirX^pwo-ev irdo-av T-fjv yt)V /cat iraXiv, 
Kal ISov |i€Ta T(5v V€<j>eXd>v tov ovpavov cos vlos dvBpwTrov 6px.op.cvos, Kal &0S tov 
IlaXaiov tuv T|p.€pt3v tyQatrev. Kal avTt3 eS60r) tj Tip/r| Kal tj e£oucria, Kal toL 272 C 
Xoiird ocra epp€0r|. 

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crrjpbdvas Kal rbv Kaipov Kal rrjv Trpoaovaav avrw e^ovcriav, Kal 
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ev irdcrr) rfj yf, d Kal crvv ©ec3 irdvTa yeybvatri, Kal ert yevrjcrerai. 
20 $6fja tg3 Sea irdvroiv twv irpo^Twv irpoKaTayyeiXavTL ravra ®ea>. 


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25 puevos wpoBpapLetv rov Kvpiov avrov, 6 p,eya<$ evdairiov rov ©eoO, 277 A 

6 irpoSpopbo^ tov Kvpiov, eTocpbd^cov avrco \abv KareaKevao-pLevov, 

6 twv 7rpocf)r)Tcov dvoorepos, Kal rcov dirocrToXcov irpoyev ear epos, o 

2. Kalom. LSm. 5. AANIHA] om. V. nP0<£>HTH2 AANIHA ( + IF S) 
LSm. 6. ovtos~\ + 6 LSm. 8. yvwats V 2 , yvihaei SL 1 (?). <roi om. m. 

olKodofiijaat. m. 10. Kal 3 om. LSm. iiraTa^ev — fJ-iya] £\4tttvp€ to Sffrpaicov, 

rbv aldqpov, rbv x^^ov, rbv (Lpyvpov, top xpwbv, m. 11. CoaeX] om. L, els S. 

ira<xav om. LS. 12. Kal i° om. LSm. 13. e'QOacev'] + Kal irpoa^x^V a^"V m. 

idddrj] + i] dpxv ^al m. Kal 77] + /3a<n\efa, Kal wavres 61 Xaoi, (pv\al Kal ykCxrvai ai)r<^ 

8ov\e\j(rovau>. 'H m. 14. ocra om. LSm. 22. K2ANNHS n. om. V. 

25. ^auroO LSm. 26. Xpicrrov m. 

7. Dan. ix. 25. 10. Dan. ii. 34, 35. 12. Dan. vii. 13, 14. 


fieao? t^5 TlaXaLas teal Kauvrj^ AiaOrftcr)?, 6 TeXevTaios iv vo/jlm, 
teat rfj? Nea? VTroSi/cTT]?, 6 irapovTa tov C^ecriroTqv Xpiarbv iraaiv 
viroBeucvix;, 6 rfj atcXrjpaycoyia iravTas dvdpwirov^ virepalpcov, teal 
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HXlov 7rpoe\0(bv, teal tov 'HXiav virepfialvcov tg3 paiTTi^eiv tov 5 
Kvpiov, X6%voq 6 tcatofievos irpb tov rjXiov t?}<? Bttcaioavv^. 
ovtos TrapovTCL tov Kvpiov viroBeiKwat, Xiycov "18c 6 duvds tov ©eov 
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dp-apxiav TOV koo-jjlou aipOVTCL, CO? airaWcLTTOVTa TOV KOafJLOV Tr)<; 

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fjLTjTepa o-vvTrpo<f>r}Ta<; tce/CTrj/Jbevos, 09 ov fiovov tov tt}? BevTepas 15 
tcaTao-Tao-eco? dp^rjybv irapovTa tov AeaTroTiyv XpiaTov viroBeiK- 
vvaiv, a\Xa teat, tcpcTrjv ai>Tov tov iravTOs VTroipaCvei Xeyaav 05 to 
ittvov kv Tg xctpl avTOv, Kal 8taKa9apL€i T-fjv aXtova avTOv, Kal o-vvdg£i tov p.€v 
o"itov els Tfjv diro0T)KT]v, to 8e ci\vpov KaTaKavcrct irvpl dvfiiirrtp. OVTOf iraXlV 
C ftacnXeiav ovpavtov Trpo/CTjpvTTei, teal oBoiroiel T<p fxeT clvtov ipx°~ 20 
fJ>ev<p, teal iv eavTS epym BeitcvvovTi ttjv ftao-iXeiav tcov ovpavcov, 
iJtis io~TLv BevTepa teal tcaivrj tcaTao-Tao-^. Bo^a tS Ta irdvTOb ite 
tov fjurj ovtos eh to elvai irapayayovTL ©eco, teal irdXiv iv Xpio-TQ) 
dvatcTi^ovTi. d/jurjv 1 . 


ovtos Zaxapias 6 lepevs, na\ avros 7rpo(pr)Teias d^uoSels, e/3oa irepl re tov Idiov 
t£kvov, ajxa 8i Kal tov A€o-7totov XpLQ-Tov, ovt<os, Kal o-v, TraiStov, TrpO([>i]Ti]s 
'Y\J/£ffTov k\t)0t]o-t|- TTpo-n-opevo-T] ^dp irp6 -rrpoorwirov Kvp£ov,*ai 68ovs 


avTJ7 f) 7rpo(f)rJTis 'EXttrd^er, tJtis e< ILvcvparos dylov rj^iwBr) ir pocpijTeveiv 7repi 
D Tf tov AeaTTOTov Xptorov Kal TTJs dyias UapdevoV) Xeyovcra ovtoos, Kal ttoOcv (jlol 

5. r^J Chron. Pasch., to V, iv ry LSm. 12. p.iyas] + ovtos LSm. 17. aMv 
diro<palv€L tov wavrbs elvai LSm. 18. p,ev om. m. 19. 6.irodi]K't\v\ + avrov m. 

22. Kal Kaivr] om. LSm. 25 — 32, p. 200, 11. 6 — 33. Haec verba in cod. V desunt. 

7. John i. 29. 17. Luke iii. 17. 27. Luke i. 76. 32. Luke i. 43. 


UpoXoyo? irepl twv diroaroXcov. 280 C 

KaOa/rrep ovv eiTTjyyeCKdfJieOa tovs apyaiovs avdpwirovs Sei^at, 

K.a\ tovs 7rpo(fri]Ta<; irdvTas irepl tov Kara Xpiarov p,V(TTr)piov 

irpoeiprjKOTCK;, Kai oti irdvTes diro tov irpoaroTrXaaTOV 'ASa/A ^XP L 

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TOVTO tva 1] P^TTJp TOV KupiOU (JLOV 2X8j] TTpOS p€ >' 'A/X<pdVepOl 7rpOK1]pVTT€lV d£lG)- 

QevTes o re Trarrjp nai f) prjrrjp tov Upobpopov irepX tov AecnroTOV Xpio~Tov. avrcS 
f) 86£a o~vv Harp! nai dyico TLvevpaTi els tovs alavas. dprjv. 


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TiKTopivov tx]v d£/ai/, Kai <prjo~iv y *I8ov yap, diro tov vvv paKapiovo-£ fie Trdcrai al 
"y€V€al, oti liro(T]0'€ p.01 p.e*yaXeia 6 8waT6s. dvTcXdpeTo 'Io-pai^X -rraiSos avTov, 
p.VT]o-8if]vai IXeovs, KaGws eXaXTjo-e Trpos tovs iraWpas iipwv, tu 'Appadp Kai to> 280 A 

15 o"ir€pp.aTi avTov 2«s atwvos. ai>Ta> rj 86£;a els tovs alcovas to>v alatvcov. dprjv. 

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picrpov avT<ov, irapao-Tijcrai avTov tw Kvpiw, KaOcos ■ye , yp a ' n " rau 

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napeKaXet tov Qe6v, diroXvdrjvcu Trjs ^ca^y, na.$(bs rjv avTto Ke^prjpaTto'pevov vwo 

tov UvevpaTOS, Xeyav ovtojs, Nvv diroXveis t6v SovXdv o-ov, Aco-iroTa, Kaid to B 

prjp.d cov iv etprivn, otl el8ov 01 6())0aXp.o£ pov to o-wTi^piov o-ov, o rVoCpao-as Kara 

25 -irpoo-wTrov irdvTwv tov Xawv, cpws ds diroKdXv\(/tv €0v<3v, Kai Sd^av Xaov o-ov 'Io-paijX. 


ovtos 6 AeanoTTjs tcov oXoji/ Xpitrroy, 7repi ov irdo~a it po(pr]Te'ia toIs dvBpaiirois 
Trpoepr]vv6r), 7rpbs bv dcpopq ndaa Kt/criy, Kai Trdcra yXcocrcra i£op,o\oyrjo~eTai i els 
dotjav Qeov KapnTovo-a yovv. Xpio~Tos to nepas irdarjs it pocprjreias, 6 /cpir^j 
30 £o>vtq)v kol veicpwv, to (pas to in tov (Jxotos, 6 Ylos tov Qeov tov {avTos, co Trdcra 
r\ ktlo~ls VTTOTeTaKTai iirovpavioiV) Kai imyelooVj /cat KaTa^6ov[o)v, oo~tis ko.1 8t' 
eavrov efioa, 'O vopos Kai 01 irpocpTJTai 'e"a>s 'Iwdvvov 7rpo£Ki]pv|av t6v Xpto"Tov. C 
avrai rj d6£a crvv Ilarpl Kai rc5 dyta) TLvevpaTt els tovs altovas. dp,r)v. 

1. 717)6X0705 — dirocTTbXwu om. V. 4. Mxpu L 2 Sm. 13. 6'rt — 5war6s] ical 

tt&Xiv m. 20. 2TME(2N 6 rrp. om. L. 6 irp. om. m. 

\i. Luke i. 48, 49, 54, 55. 19. Luke ii. 22. 23. Luke ii. 29— 32. 

32. Matt. xi. r3- 


tovto TreTroirj/cafjLev, oirep /cal 6 AecriroTr)^ XpLarbs /cal ol tovtov 
fxauT^rai /cat ottocttoXoi BiapprfBrjv Xoarbv ifcrjpv^av, 009 eariv T£9 
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7rpa>T09 r)fitv eBei^ev 6 Ae(77roT7;9 XptaTos clvckttcls 4k tcov ve/cpcov, 

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ovre tcov vecoTepcov, ovre tcov apyaicov, krepav 7rore /caTacrTacnv, r) 
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rdaOijaravt dXX otl dp£dfievo$ 6 ©eo9 iroLrjaat rrjv ktlctiv irdcrav, 
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TroXitTeveaOai, effi ovtcos ttiv fieXXovcrav, et9 rjv dcf>opa 7ra9 6 cr/coTrbs 
tov Seov tcai tcov TrpocprfTcov avrov. alcr)(vvecr8cocrav tolvvv f/ EX- 
Xrjves ol crvvatBiov tco ®eco tov /cocrfiov v7TOTi6efievoi, /cal TrpoffiOTrjv 
fcctTayyeXXovres, /cal avdcrTacnv crcofiaTcov dOeTovvTe?, alcr^vve- 
crdcocrav kciI ol tovtcov eira/coXovOoi, ol y^piGTiavl^eiv fiev Bokovvtcs, 15 
281 A t© Be epyco tcl tcov 'KXXtjvcov cppovovvTes, ol XeyovTes a^atpoetBrj 
elvai tov ovpavov. ovBev yap eTepov /cal avTol XeyovcrLV, cov 01 
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€T€pav KaTacrTacrLv. ala^yvecrOcoaav yiavi^aloi ical M.ap/CLcovLcrTal } 20 
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Tepav crdp/ca /cal octoi ddeTovcnv ra9 r)fi€Tepa$ yjrvxds crvv tco vol' 
avTcov, TOVTecTTiv Euti>%^9, "A/D6409, ' AjToXivdpLos, /cat irdvTes ol 
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yovvTe<; eva Sebv ev Tpicriv virocrTdcrecnv yvcopL^o/xevov Te /cal 
Trpocr/evvov/juevov, nroir)T7]v ovpavov /cal 7779 virdpyovTa, /cal tt)<; 

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fjurjTe tt)<; r)fjL€Tepa<; crap/ebs dvdaTacnv opioXoyovvTes, fjurjTe dyyeXov, 
fJbrjTe TTvev/na. alcr^vveaOcoaav tcov 'lovBalcov ol cltvigtoi ol tov 30 
7rpocrBo/ccop,€VOV fir) Begdfievoi, fiijTe 'KpiaTiavi/crjv avdcrTacnv 6fio- 
XoyovvTes, dXXa TotavTrjv oiav vvv TroXiTevbfieQa, 7a|xoi)vT6s »cal 
Yajj.t50ji.evou evye Be evye, %apd Te /cal dyaXXiacns toIs ovtco? 

5. (tk6t(j}] McCrindle, <TKoir£ VLSm. 6. fxeravra V 1 , /^erarau L 1 . ir&iroTe 

LSm. 12. Tolvvu] + oim. 16. tcl 8t tpya LSm. rd om. LS 2 . 17. ical 

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24. 'AiroWivdpios m. oi] foot LSm. 28. aiaxwiadwaav— dvdffTaa-iv] fii} m. 

32. Matt. xxiv. 38. 


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T01/9, to Be TrpoTifiaadat, eTepcov, ov Bcopov tovto, aXX' eTOifiacria 

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virap^Lv tovtov tov koct/jlov eK^pvI-ev, rj dtBiov elvai tov Kocrfjuov 

8. ^ ora. ra. 11. tovto om. LSra. (prjalu om. LSm. 12. ws b\v LSm. 

14. tripm S, fripov Lm. 18. /call — kSo-jxov om. LSm. 18. trpoenrwv V 1 . 

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■\-irepl LSm. Z<ttlv LSm. 27. Kal twv 2 om. LSm. 32. i) om. V 1 . 

3. Matt. xi. 13. 4. Matt. xi. 12. 10. Matt. xx. 23. 

16. Matt. xxv. 34. 


cnretyrjvaTO) 77 r)6eTr)aev ttjv tgov croofJidTGov r)jjuwv dvaaracriv, rj Trjv 
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[XT|o-aT€ t^v]V vp.iv Pao-tXetav airo KaTaPoXfjs Koo-pov, TTepl Be TGOV 10 
dcreftcov, a>9 orav toZs ff evoovvfiGOV Xeyy, Ilopeveo-Oe air* Ipov, ol KaTi]- 
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fiev fyovTes, eva Be fir) e^ovTes, p,eo~oi Tives elaiv, e^coOev fievetv 
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to, fieXXovTa. ovBe yap evrjv rjficis aXXw? d/covo~at, fjurjira) irelpav 

1. 7)/j.G)v om. LSm. 4. icai i° om. LSm. 6. Si ora. LSm. y m. 8. ei/cre- 
/3ets S 2 . 13. els rbv ovpavbv L,Sm. 17. ir^vre at] e' LSm. 19. iXerjfioffivrjv] 
+ <bs <ppbvi.fxoi LSm. 22. diriXdcre L 2 m. 23. ^w LSm. 28,29. ^ LSm. 

9. Matt- xxv. 34. 11. Matt. xxv. 41. 22. Matt. xxv. 12. 


etXrjcfroTas Kaivcov tivcov TrpaypuaTcov, a\V ocrov evrjv aiviyfiaTcoBcos 
etiretV, eiirev, ore '{7jj.oi.w0t} tj pa<riXe£a twv ovpavwv dvOpwira) pacriXeL, o<rris D 
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fieiadai rj (j>avTao-Orjvat, el fir) evTos avTCJV tcov irpayp>dTcov 

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avTov avaT^XXovra e-rrl SiKaCovs Kal cl8ikovs, Kal ppe\a)v lir a^aGovs Kal irovt]- 
povs, outo)? kcu ev Tjj fjueXXovtrr) KaTacrTaaeo kolvov Bcopov irdai 

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fiaaiXeLav, etVe ttjv Tifjucoptav, etVe avoBov ev ovpavco, etVe jjlovtjv 

irepl ttjv yrjv,'eoTe irepl ttjv fiecrrjv to^lv. irdvTa Be alcovia Kal C 

1. 771/ LS 2 m. 8. oiire 2 ] obU V. ra 2 om. S 1 . 9. iartv] $ti m. 

9,11. KpetTTov L^. 11. ov] tov LSm. 14. Kal /3ojo/36/?v Kai LSm. 

20. -qv om. LSm. 22. Kpeirrcav V. ov dwarov] olMvcltov m. 23. 6Vra L L S. 

€vdv/j.7]drjvai Lm. 25. yey6fxeda V. 28. avrov om. LSm. dvar^Wuu LSm. 

30. x u} plfc Ta1 ' m - 

2. Matt. xxii. 2. 25. 1 Cor. ii. 9. 27. Matt. v. 45. 


airepavTa Tvyydvei, /cal ret dyaOd teal ra tovtcov ^eLpicrra. kclO- 
oXov Be e/ceivrj r) KaTci<TTaat<; T779 ivravOa 7roXv /cal irdvv ttoXv 
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ovv teal tov irp&Tov twv evayyeXio~Tmv Mardaiov \eyovra irepl 



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teal avTO$ rd'lepocroXvfjLa tcaTaXnrelv, alTrjadvTcov avTOv tivcov twv 
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Xpwrroij, vlov AavtS, vlov 'Appa<l|x, tovto Xeycov, Hpb<; v/ids, go TriaTO- 
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ttjv yevea-iv Birjyov/jLai, 07T&)5 dpxvi^ eaTi BevTepas /caTaaTdo-em, 

3. St om. LSm. 5. di^Xdjs L 2 Sm. koX om. L 2 S 2 m. 9. iv rj] ds i)v 

LSm. 10. hayptyoixev S 2 . 13. A'j ETArrEAISTHS LSm. 14. 60m. 
LSm. 17,18. KaraXeLireiv V 1 . 19. Kvplov] + avroh LSm. 11. rats m. 

avyypa<pais m. 25. kuI 2° om. m. 31. devrtpas] ttjs ne\\ov<rr}s LSm. 

22. Matt. i. 1. 


tcatvoTTpeTrcos o-vXXrjtydels fcaX Te%0el<; Kal iv Trdcrr] BtKaioavvrj Kal 
ayioTrjTL dva/juapTijTcos iroXcTevadfievos. cocnrep yap o Trpayro- B 
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dvoBov Trj(; et? tov ovpavov, el Kal fjurj iv raS TeXec, a\X' ovv ye iv 
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iaTiv, tov XptaTOV irapaytvofievov, dvaBecKwcrOai. aXXa Kal iv 
tois fAaKapLcr/jLOLS Kai ev iraarj ttj o~vyypa<j)f}, fjuefJuvrfTai j3ao-iXeia<; 

3. avdpwiros om. LSm. 8. iraprfxQv (bis) m. 13. re om. LSm. 

17. &ve<f>(ivri LSm- 21. €kot7) V, iKOPTrjs LSm. 25. Oavdrov] + to m. 

26. avrbs] + 6 LSm. 27. el om. m, 29. [Ba]7rr£<T7^s] Hie incipit R 2 . 

30. y Iov8aias] + Kal m. ijyyLKe yap m. 

29. Matt. iii. 1, 2. 


ovpavwv, e£a£p6TG>5 Be ore 777)09 tov$ <&api,craiov<; real ^aSSov/caiovs 
BiaXeyofjuevo? irepl dvacrrdaeo)^ 6 Kvpcos (jyrjcrlv outo)?, 'Ev -yap rfj 
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TpcKfrrjs. 25 

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dp^dfievo^, rjris kcll two9 io-rlv tt)$ eK veKp&v dvacrTdcrew, Xeyco 

1. SiaX^erat R 2 . <pr)<rlv] \t-yuv LSm. 3. iKyafii^ovrai m. AyyeXoi] 

+ tov m. Qeov om. R 2 . eWc ante us transp. LSR 2 , om. m. rep om. m. 

4. rov pate. M. rod eiayyeXiffrov LSR 2 m. 6. vapaypa(pr)—d^v om. LSm. 

11. T7)s] + atT7}sR 2 . 14. MAPK02] + ETArrBAISTHS LSm. 15. dethepos 
TLfrpov {IHrpos R 2 ) iv 'P^U LSR 2 m. 17. 6picrdfj.evos] avyypa^dfievos LSm. 

18. B&vaTOv R 2 . 19. tow om. R 2 . 41. auroi) ypaQfy LSm. 7pa0fy»R 1 - 2 . 

28. gypaxf/er R 2 , dviypa\f/ev R 1 . 

2. Matt. xxii. 30. 


Srj T779 fcaivrj'i Kal ovpaviov iroXiTeia^, 07tg)? re iftaTTTLadr), real 
i7ro\LT€v6r), teal direKTavdrj, Kal avian], zeal ek ovpavovs dveXij- 
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5 irepl tovtcov ©ec3 Kal vvv TrXrjpoocravTi, Kal TrXrjpovvTi. dpujv. 


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aifTOj oaairep Kal 7rapa$e8a>Kei avTQ), dp^dpevo^ dirb T779 yevecreay^ 
'Icodvvov, tovto BiSdcTKcov, oti Kal tov TlpoBpopuov r\ yeveens irapd- 

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XafBovTO? M.aT0aiov gkottov, elprjKons KaTa dvairoBtapibv tov? avTov 
irpoyovovs, a>? Kal 6K tov Aav'lS Kal tov 'Affpadp,, ctl t6 irapa- 
T€i,va<; a>9 €K tov 'A8a//. virdpyei, pur) evprjKax; vaTepov Ttva, eirl D 

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irkao-TOv 'ABdp,. eiTa irakw Kal avTo$ opoia toIs aXXoi? elpTjKa)?, 
irepl tov /3a7TTicrp l aTo<;, Kal tcov 7reipaapL0)v, 6Ti te Kal tov OavaTov 
Kal T779 dvao-Tao~€Q)<; • p,eTa TavTa Kal iv avT(p to> EvayyeXiq), Kal 

25 iv Tats Tlpd^ecriv tt)v dvohov avTov ttjv eh tov ovpavbv dirayyeXXei, 
Kal OTi ovtcds irdXiv iXevaeTac. Kal TeXetot Kal avTos ttjv eavTOv 
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8i8do~K(ov Kal tov eavTov puadrjTrjv tov OeorftiXr) ®e6(f)t,Xov. 

3. tutos R 1 . T) om. R 2 . 4. 86£a — dfjarju om. R 1 . 5. irepl toOtuv 

om. LSR 2 m. vvv om. R 2 . Kal TrXijpovvTt. om. R 2 . 6. T'] ETATrE- 

AI2THS LSm. 7. ovtos] + 6 R 1 - 2 . 9. TpaTTO/xivov^ m. 10. \4yuv 

LSR 1<2 m. 11. irpibTyv m. 13. 8<rcnrep — airy om. R 1 - 2 . rrape'SwKev LSR 1>2 m. 
14. ye"vvr)(Tis LS. 15. clvtt)i> LSR ] - 2 m. 18. Kal i° om. LSR 1>2 m. Zti re] efre 
VR 1 - 2 . 19. nva om. R 2 . iirl rbv debu \onrbu LSm. 23. re om. V. 

25. iTrayytWei L'SR 1 - 2 . 26. &ti om. R 2 . oCros R 1 - 2 . ttjv iepav avrov R 1 . 

27. avyy pa<py]v LSR 12 m. irpoadoKovai R 2 - 3 . 

11. Luke i. 4. 20. Luke iii. 38. 


2 9 2 A Uapaypa(j>rj. 

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aXXois i^elireVy dp^dpevos dirb Tr)<; yeveaeax; tov UpoBpofiov, iXBidv 
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o/Ltota)? teal tt)v evayyekucrjv, Xeyco Br) fiaTTTio-fia, davarov, teal 5 
avaaraatv. e? varepov fcal avros ttjv avoBov ttjv eh tov ovpavbv 
KaTtjyyeiXev, evOa ia-rlv to T779 BevTepas rjficov tcaTac-TcLo-eas tcaroL- 
fcrjTrjpiov. Boga tw ef apXH* iTOifidaavTi, Kal TrpofJbrjvvaavTL irepl 
TovTGiV ©6c3, Kal vvv 7rX7jp(oaavTt, Kal irXrjpovvTL. dfirjv. 

TIapaypa<j)rj. 10 

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B cvyyeXav ttjv Bo^oXoyuav, irrl tt) yeveaec tov Aco-ttotov Xpio~Tov 
Kara adpica yaipbvTwv Kal dyaXXioovTcov Kal XeyovTcov A6£a *v 
v<|/£<rrois 0€cj>, Kal lirl yijs eLp-rfjvt], Iv dvOpcoirois «v8oK£a, TTJV TTaXai KaTTJ- 
(f>> iavTcov, ttjv Bid tov TTpaiTOifKacTTOv avdpcoirov, vvv anode- 15 
fievoi, Kal 'xalpovTes iirl tjj tov BevTepov 'ABd/j, yevecec. 

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dya7TG)/jL€V0<; viro tov XpiaTOV, iirl to o-ttjOo? tov Kvplov dvaKe- 
KXifiivos, 6 €K€idev ft><? e? devvdov Trrjyr)$ Ta fivo-Trjpia dpvo-dfievo?, 20 
<y iv 'E^ea-ft) BidyovTi iireBoOrjaav to)v eTepcov Tpiwv evayyeXiaT&v 
biro tS)V •KiaT&v at avyypa<j)al, Kal Be^dfievo<; ev e%eiv fiev avTa? 
d7T€<f)7]vaTO, Tiva Be iv avTols 7rapaXeXei<f>dai e^rj, wriva Kal dvay- 
C Kaiov r)v BtrjyrjaaaOai. Kal irapaKXrjOel? viro tojv ttio-t&v, igedeTo 
Kal avTOS ttjv eavTov o~vyypa<j>r)v, Tpoirov Tiva 7rapaXeXeifJLfieva>v 25 
dveirXrjpcoo'Lv, olov irepl tov iv K.ava ydp>ov y irepl NiKoBrjfiov, irepl 

1. irapaypa<fni om. R 1 . 2. o&ros] + 6 LSR 12 m. avrijs om. LSm. wv] V, 

om. rell. fierd. ravra USR L . 3- tov om. R 1 . 4- Kal l0 ] 8i Rl - _ iiri ~ 

fe Kal om. R 2 . ytveaiv V, yivvrja-ip rell. /caret v6/j.ov] aurov LSR 12 m. 5. dfiolus] 
+ 5^LSR 12 m. Kal 2° om. LSm. 6. tov om. m. 10. irapaypa^ri] om. V, 

+ WpaL 2 m. 12. 7ej/^et V, 761/^o-ei rell. 15- ai)ra>j/ m. 16. Kal om. m. 

7ei/eo-ei V, yevviiaei rell. 17. IOANNHS— Ata^/c^ (p. 210, 1. 26)] Haec verba in cod. V 
post finem sequentis Tapaypatpijs transp. sunt. A'] GEOAOrOS LSm. 18. offros] 
6 deo\6yos LSm. Wra/)Tos] ^apX°s LSm. ir\elov V 2 . 20. appvd/ievos LS. 

apvbuevos m. 21. e7re5o^ V 1 . 22. atfrds /**? LS. ^ om. m. 25. Tivd] 
+ r«i/ L. irapa\e\ei/JLfi£vov av€ir\^p(a<re m. 

13. Luke ii. 14. 

w. J 4 


•n)? ^afiapeiTtSos, irepl tov ftacnXiteov, irepl tov ite yeveTrjs tv<J>Xov, 
irepl Aa^apou, irepl tov tov *Iov8av dyava/CTelv Blol ttjv dXelyfracrav 
rov l&vpiov fivp<p, irepl twv irpoaeXOovTcov 'ILXXfjvcov, irepl tov 
viirTrjpos, teal irepl eTepcov hih)acncaXi5iv iv fxecrop elprjfieveov, irepl 
5 tov TlapatcXrJTOV, efcupeTft)? he zeal irepl t?}? OeoTrjTos tov X/ch<xtoi) 
<f>avepcQ<; ter)pvf;a<;, real 6ep>eXiov t?/? eavTov crvyy pa(f>r)<; avTO irpoa- 
Tfiljas, airep airavia irapaXeXei/JL/xeva to?? aXXots rjv. dpi^d/ievo? 
tolvvv dirb tt)? OeoTrjTos fieTeXfjXvOev ev0eo)<; teal iirl ttjv dvOpco- 
iroTrjTa avTOV, eliratv teal avros ocra to?? aXXoi? irpoeiprjTO, D 

10 fidirTiapa, ireipao-fiovs, Odvarov teal dvdcrTaatv. elra irpoa- 
TiOrjatv ocra fjueTa ttjv dvdcrTaatv ireiroirjteev, &>? tcov OvpSiv 
tee/eXeicr/jLevcov elcrfjXdev, go? ehet^ev tcls %elpa<; teal tow iroSas 
teal T7]v irXevpaVy g>? crvvecf>ayev teal avveiriev avTol?, ft>? crvvooBot- 
iroprjcrev, &>? iteparei tov<; 6<f)0aX/j,ov<; avrcov tov opav avTOV, &>? [<w?] 

15 effovXeTO dOpoov irapeylveTO teal aOpoov irdXtv direXcfiirdveTo, ft>? 
BiBacrtcaXi/ccof; Tjj Mapt,a eXeyev, M^j p.ov a-nrov, BtSdcrtccDv Bia, tovtov 
to? tcov dOavdrcov r) Stayayyr) fiera Ovtjtcov ov% dpfio^ei, aXXa 
fidXXov iv ovpava) Icttiv tSv ddavaTcov r) Siaycoyrj avTwv. ovtq)<; 
yap teal eiricfrepei, Owrtu ya.p avaf&ptjKa irpis rbv ira*r4pa \iov evua 

20 p>eXX(o avievaiy iv a> icnlv teal twv ddavaTcav r) hiaycoyrj. Bta 
tovto teal eXeyev avTjj direXOetv, teal elirelv tois fiadrjTais, ort 
'Avaftaivco eh tov ovpavov, evOa teal v/JLets fieXXeTe dvievai. ravra 293 A 
irdvTa crvyy payfrdfievos teal avTos, ireXecre Tr)i/ eavTov ypa<f>r)v, eva 
crteoirov eyjav crvv to?? aXXoi? evayyeXicrTals, rov StSdtjat, oti etc 

25 TavTrjs t?;? tcaTao~Tacr€(0<$ iirl ttjv fieXXovcrav Set d(f>opav, irpos rjv 
defropq irdera r) OeoirvevcrTos ypaefcrj, HaXaid tc teal Kaivrj AiaOij/erj. 


Kal ovtos tt}? Nea? AiaOrjtcijs tcijpvl; dvaqSavels, Ta irapa- 

XeXeifipeva to2<$ aXXots evayyeXicrTaZs avyypayfrdfMevo^, teal dva- 

30 irXrjpcocras Ta Xoara Toh aXXot?, 6p,ola)<> igeiirev, ftdirTiaiia, 

1. ycvvTTjS V, yevpvfTTJs LS. 2. irepl tov Aafapov LSm. 4. 8rt Zrepov 

8i8a<Tica\€iov h p.. elprjfievop R 2 . i/ifUfft^ V 1 . 6. kclI V, om. rell. avTov 

LSR 2 m. airrb L, avr$ rell. irpoo-rd^as V, irpordfas rell. 9. oaa] us V 1 . 

8aa] + Kal LSR 2 m. 10.<rp.ous] ^airi(Tp.ovs R 2 . elra] + tt&Klv LSR 2 !!!. 

14. avrwv om. LSR 2 m. rou]+/4nu [ws] add. ego; om. V US, ore L 2 m. 

15. irapeylveTO Kal tidpoov om. LS. 16. tovtwv LSR 2 m. 18 — 20. avTwv— 8iayu>yf} 
om. LSR 2 m. 21. \e"yet LSR 2 m. 24. tov om. LSR'^m. 26. ypaQi) om. LSR 2 m. 

16, 19. John xx. 17, 


iroXtreiav, Oavarov, /cat avacrraatv, Kal avoSov ttjv et? tov 
ovpavov, kvOa early twv aOavdrcov teal Sifcalcov dvOpcbirtov teal 
ayyeXcov to tcaToitcrjTijpiov, tovt4<ttiv tt)<; Bevrepa? KaTao~Tacreio$ 
tottos. Sofa to5 ravra €Tot/udcravn, teal irpo^vvaavT^ teal 
€ti 7r\r}povvTi. dfirjv. 5 


** Outo? Uerpos 6 Kopv<f>alo<; tcov dtrocrToXcoVy 6 tcI$ «\et? ttJ? 
ftacrCXeias tcov ovpavcov iricrTevOel^y iv eavTco TeOe/jLeXtcofjbivrjv 
€%a)v ttjv Rtetc\r)(riav, rpirov dpvr)crd/j,evo<z teal rpirov ofMoXo- 
yrjeras, o yevvaicos tov crravpov tcaratedpa irapaKaXcov virofieivai, 10 
teai ovro<s tov avTOV to?9 evayyeXiarai*; dirocrco^cov crteoirov ovtco? 
iv TaiS TLpaf-ecriv €<f)T) 'Itjo-ovv tov Na£«paiov, dv8pa airoSeSeiY^vov diro 
rov 0€ov els vpas 8wd|i€o-i, Kal repaa-t, Kal o-qfieiois, ols ciroCi)<T6V Si 1 avVov 
6 0eos €V pi<ru> vfxcov, Kadcus avTol oi'8a.T€. tovtov xfj irpowpicrp.ev'n povXfj Kal 
irpoYva)<r€t tot) 0eov £k8otov, 8id \eup6s avojiwv irpoo-Tnf]£avT€S, avtCKart' Sv 15 
o 0eos dv&rrT]<r€, Xv<ras Tds <58ivas tov GavaTov' etTa 7rapaKaTlC0V, Tovtov 
tov 'Iijo'ovv dveorijo^v 6 0eo% oS irdvTgs T|p.CLS Icfiev [idpi-upes. Tfj Sc^ta ovv 
tov 0€ov tivf/coBcls, tt|v T€ eirayyeXfav tov Hv£vp.aTos tov dylov Xa(3wv irapd 
tov IlaTpds, €|€X«€v tovto, o vp.€ts p\£ir€T€ Kal aKovcTC. ov ydp Aavt'8 avtfir] 
els tov ovpavov* \iyei 8e avxos, Etirev 6 Kvpios tw KvpCut \iov, KdOov etc Seguov 20 
p.ov, 'tots dv 0(3 tovs lx.0povs crov viroiroSiov twv iroSaJv crov. dcrc^aXcos ovv 
ywucrKira irds oIkos 'Io-pa^X, oti Kvpiov Kal Xpiordv 6 ©cos avTov errofrrjo-tv, 
tovtov t£v 'It|o-ovv ov v(i6i$ eo-ravpworaTC. (TKOirrjTeov evravda, ttcos 
iraerav rrjv irrrodecriv twv evayyeXucrrSiV et? oXt7ou9 iravv cttl^ov^ 
Trepieypatyev, elireov irepl avrov Kal ttjv Ope^afxevrjv &)? airb 25 

D NafapeT, >cal 0Tt airb Seov dvrjp rvyxdvet, a>9 Sevrepo? 'ASdfi, 
Kal ore 81 avrov ra Oavfidcria elpyd^ero 6 ©eo<?, Kal on crvyx^- 
prjaet 6eia direKravdr) vtrb tcov dvofjucov, Kal on ©eo? avrov 
dvicnrjcrev dOdvarov Kal aTpetrrov, tovto yap €</)r) f Avo-as Tds 

6. IIETP02] + AnOSTOAOS LSm. 7. rijs /3a<n\e£as om. m. 8. £avT$] 
t$ iavrov bfxoKoyiq. L 2 m. rwt Oe/xeXiufiiveiu S. 10. KaraK&pav LSm. 12. d7r6 
roO ^. airodeSetyfitvov m. faro LS- 13- S^d/ieo-t] + re LS. 14. wpi<rfi4v V m. 

15. v^o-eiLS. ^5orov] + Xa/36«/res m. x«P^ in. dvelXere L 2 m. 

16. TrdXiv Kanwj/ LSm. 18. tc om. L. tov ayiov irvev^aros m. 
19. S] + vvvm. 20. rous oiipai'oiJs m. 21. ouv om. L ! S. 22. 0V1] + Kal LS. 
atfrdp 6 Geds LSm. 25. ibsom. LSm. a7r6 VL^, avrbv Urn. 28. ^?]^aLSm. 

12. Acts ii. 22— 24. 16. Acts ii. 32— 36. 29. Acts ii. 24. 



o>8ivas tov Gavdrov, teal oti rrj deia Bwdfiei irTrepvty&ueis ei<; 
ovpavov dveXrjXvdev, KCLKeWev /careTre/jL'yfrev to Ylvevfia to ayiov. 
ov yap eVe/309 dvrj\6ev et? tov ovpavov, r) Aaui'S, dXX avTO$ o 
Kvpio?, irepl ov koX Aav'lB elirev Etirev 6 Kvpios t«5 Kvpta p.ov, KdOov 
5 «k ScfjuSv p-ov, itos av 0t3 tovs €x,0povs o-ov viroiroSiov t»v iroSwv <rov, /cat, 
'Ao-<paX(Ss Kvpiov Kal Xpio-Tov 6 0eos avTov liroC-rjo-tv. 

y 'EiTi Be ttcCKiv Xeyeo 7rpb$ TLopvrjXiov outo)?, 'Itjo-ovv tov aird 2 96 A 
Na£apeT, <os ?XP 10 " €V *vrdv 6 0eos IIvcvpaTi d-yCw Kal Swdpci, <os 8iijX0€V 
cvcpYCTwy Kal Iwuevos iravTas tovs KaTa8vvao-T£vop.€*vovs viro 1 tov Siaf&Xov, oti 

106 0«ds ifv U£t' avTov, Kal T]}j.€is p.apTvp«s iravTcov <3v cirofajo-cv ev t€ tjJ X"P a 
twv 'IovScu'wv Kal ev 'Icpovo-aX^p.' ov Kal dveiXav Kpepdo-avTes €irl (jvXov. tovtov 
6 0€os ij'y€ip£V ttj Tp^T-jj T), Kal ^8&>kcv avTov cp<j>avi] Y€veo-0ai. ov itovtI tco 
XauJ, aXXd udpTvo-iv tois irpoK€\€i,poTOVTip4vois viro tov 0€ov t|(, oirivts 
crvv€<|>d70[x€v Kal o-vvnrCop.fiv avTcS, p.£Ta to aVaorfjvai o.vt6v ck veKpcov. Kal 

15 iraprjYyeiXev ^) KT]pv£ai tb Xaa>, Kal 8iap.apTvpao-0aC oti avros ^crriv 6 wpio- 

fX^VOS V1TO TOV 0€OV KpiTfjS £WVTWV Kal VfKpWV. TOIJTU) TTaVTCS 01 irpocpfJTai B 

uapTvpovo"iv, a<peo-iv duapTuov Xaf3eiv Bid tov ovopaTos avTov TrdVra tov 
iriorcvovTa els avTov. ofjLOiws iraXiv, OT€ tov %cbXov IdaaTO, ovtco 
<f)7)0~LV, M€TavoT|o-aTt ovv Kal 67n.crTp€v|/aT€ els to e£aXei<|>0f|vai vutov tols duap- 

20 T^as, 8ir(i>s dv 2X0woriv Kaipol dva\J/vg£<os, Kal dirocrrc^Xfl t<Jv irpoKexeipio-u^vov 'Irjcrovv Xpio-Tov, ov 8cl ovpavov p.€V 8e'£ao-0aL oi\pi \p6vcov diroKaTao"Tdo"£ws 
TrdvTwv, cSv IXaXi^ccv 6 0c6s 8id orojiaTos iravrcov twv dyi<av air' aicovos avTov 
irpoKp^TcSv. Kal fiefiVTjTat ttj<; ^prjaeco^ Mtwcrea)? to, IIpocp^TTjv vutv 
dvao-T^jo-€i Ktipios 6 0€os" Kal irahiv €7Ti(j)ep€L, Kal ttovtcs 8c 01 irpoij>fjTai. 

25 d-n-6 2apovT|X, Kal twv Ka0c|fjs, ocroi cXdX-qo-av Kal KaT^yyciXav rds Tjpepas C 
TavTas* vp.eis Iotc viol tc5v 7rpo(pT]Ta>v Kal rf|s 8ia0^KT]S, tjs 8ie'0€To 6 0«os irpds 
tovs iraT^pas vpeSv, \(y<av irpos 'Appada' Kal «v t<5 o-rreppaTL o-ov ^v€vXoyh0^J- 
crovTat irdo-at al iraTpial tt^s 7TJS. irpwTOV 6 0eds dvaor/jo-as tov iraiSa 
avTov, dir^oTCiXev avTov 6vXo*yovvTa T|pds, 4v t«5 d < rroo'Tpa<|>fjvai ^Kao~rov dir6 twv 

30 irovTjpuSv vp.(3v. TOVTOt? iraaiv fiapTvpet Kal 6 fiaKapios IleTpo?, 

3. &vrjk6ev\ r« AveXrjXvdev LSm. 4. «rai] + 6m. 6. Ki/piov] + aiJr^i/ LSm. 
6 0e6s ai)rdv om. Lm. avrov om. S. 8. ws 2 ] 6s m. 10. rj/xels] + £<r/x€P m. 

11. Kal 2 om. m. d^elXov LS 2 m. 13. tov om. L. 14. icai o-vveirlofiev om. S 1 . 
16. oi L 2 (in ras.). 20. dvai/'^ews] + a7r6 7rpo(rd)irov tov Kvpiov m. irpoK€KT}pvy- 

ItAvov m. 22. twv om. m. a7^wj/] + TWJ' LS. Att' aZa?i/os om. m. 25. irpoKaT^y- 
y€i\av m. 27. fyiwj' m. eV om. m. ^z/eyXo7?7^(rovTat] + &> croi LS. 29. ai>roO] 
+ 'It/o-oOi' m. u/tas LS. airoo-Tptyeiv LSm. 30. naKaplTTjs LSm. 

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axrirep Kai 01 evayyeXiaTal, /ecu oti wdvTes ol Trpotyfjrai irpo- 
KaTTjyyeiXav Tavra irdvTa, oti 6 @eo? BevTepav Tiva Kcnaaraaiv 
iccuvrjv TrcTroirj/cev Kal iroiel, rjv tcai irpoKaTrjyyeiXev Bid aTO/iaro^ 
Travrcov tcjv Trpo^Tjrwv, zeal ovtc wpb TavTt)^ tt)<$ KaTacrrdaeaxi 
eiirev erepav elvau, ovre fiera ttjv fieXXovo-av erepav dnretyrjvaTO) 5 
dXXa fiera iravTcov rcov 7rpo<j)TjTa>v teal diroaToXoav Bvo jiovov 
i^eiwev, ravTrfv Kal ttjv fieXXovaav. 

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Xovto eh tov ovpavbv dveXOelv, tovtcov tcl? yXd>o~aa<; o-^laa^ 10 
©eo? ampdicTovs TreiroiTjKev. eV ia^drov t&v tcaipow eifi arcoTTjpia 
t&v dvOpdairaiv irapayeyova><;, Kal ttjv rj/neTepav <j>vo~iv eh ovpavbv 
dvayayoyv, iv rjfiepa. ttjs v 7rpofiTjvvcov Kal t<ov Xoittcov ttjv dvoBov, 
Bid HvevfiaTO? dylov ovpavoOev irdXiv Ta? yXoaaaa^ crvvdl;a$, Toh 
airoaToXois BiBcjciv. teal o~Ta0eh tyjs Neas ravrr)? AiaOrftcTj? 15 
fieyas KTjpv^ lierpo^, iv jieato BTjjiTjyopSiv^ real a? iiriaTevdifj irapa 
XpiaTov KXeiBas tcov ovpav&v ftao-Tdfav, effoa fierd irappTjaia^ a 
/cal ol evayyeXiaTal avveypdyfravTO, j3a7TTia/jia, iroXiTelav, OdvaTQV, 
297 A dvdaTaaiv, aSavaaiav, ydpiv Kal d^Oapcla^. tovto yap fiovXerai 

Xeyeiv, Avo-as rds «8ivas tov 0avaTov' teal 6fjuoi(o<; ttjv dvoBov ttjv eh 20 
tov ovpavbv, fcai Kaipov? dvayjrv^eco^ KaXei Trjv fieXXovaav fcard- 
o-Taatv, fcal tovttjv Xeyec ttjv Trpoe'irTjyyeXpievTjv evXoyiav t<£ 
'A/3/oaa/A, Kal Bid irdvTcov t&v irpo^TjTwv aifTTjv KTjpvTTOfievTjv 
eirl irdvTa Ta eOvrj, Kal dp-)(Tjybv avTTjs tov H^eairoTTjv XpicrTov 
elvai, Be ov irdvTa tcl eOvrj evXoyovvTai. Sofa tw TavTa eToifid- 25 
aavTi Kal nrpop/rjvva'avTi %eco Kai vvv irXTipooaavTi Kai ctl 
TrXrjpovvTU dfiTJv. 


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irpaiToBtdKovo^t 6 tov fieyav HavXov, en fyXcoTTjv virdpxovTa tov 3° 
B vo/iov, fovea lBlov KeKTTjfj,evo<; } 6 fi6vo<; fieTa irdcrT^ avvaycoyrj^ 

6. /A6j>asLSm. n. £<tx&tov'] + 8t Urn. 13. iv] rrj LSm. 19. &<pdapalav 
LSm. 25. euXoyovvrai) + Kai 5o£df£wrai vaph Qeov LSm. 26. Kal irpofirfvij- 

cavTi—dfi-flv om. Lm. Kal TrpowvuoavTi Gey om. S. 28. STE*ANOS ora. LS. 

29. ovtos 2t. (om. &) LS. 

20. Acts ii. 24. 


dycovt^o/ievos, 6 tov dy<ovodeT7)v irpbs ttjv 6ea v egavaaTqaas. 
ovtos 6 Oecopwv tovs ovpavovs Scrjvotyfievovs, Kal tov Tlov tov 
dvdpdyjrov eaTCJTa etc Sefjiojv tov Seov. 7rdarjs yap ttjs Oeias 
Ypa^>i)s KaOrjfievov Xeyovarjs, ovtos eo~Ta>Ta elBev rj yap a<j>o8pOTT)s 
5 tov dywvos eirl ttjv Oeav tov drycovodeTrjv egaveaTrjaev. bQev Kal 
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TavTTjv, dXXa crv avTos Begat to irvevfid /jlov. l8ov fcal ovtos Ta 
avTa tols dXXois teal elhev teal KtjpvTTei, a>9 eh tov ovpavov eo-Tiv 
100 Xpi(7T09, tt)s BevTepas /caTao~Tdo~e(o<z ap^rjyos, ov irapaKaXel 
teal avTov avToQi Befjaadat,. 


Kal ovtos TJ79 Nea9 &ia6r)K7}s /crjpvl; koX dyoovio-Trjs 0epfju6s C 
virdpyjtov avToh d<f)6aX/j,oh ededcraTo 7rvev/jLaTiK(OTepov tov Itjaovv 

15 eacoOev ovTa tov oTepecbfiaTos, bv Kal Xtda^o/ievos irapa/ca\el 
8ef;ao-0ai avTov to irvevfjba. ovtos irpos tov? 'Iov8alovs egeTeivev 
/jLeydXrjv Brjfirjyopiav, ev fj avTOvs rj\ey%e (pove'as tov Irjaov yeyo- 
voTas. Sid tovtov Kal avros iricrTOV/jLevos rjfias, airep Kal ol 
TTp&TOL elprjKaaiv, OdvaTOv Kal dvdaTaacv Kal dvoBov eh tov 

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vvv TrXT)p(i>aavTi Kal ctl 7rXr)povvTi. afjurfv. 


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Tagidp^ys, 6 ev eavTQ) eyuzv tov Xpto~Tov XaXovvTa, 6 Ta a"Tiyp,aTa D 

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y RKKXr)o-Las, 6 fivptovs OavaTovs Ka6* e.KaaTV)v virep tyjs ^KKX7)aias 
v7ro/jLevcoVy ev Kf/na) Kav^co/xevos Kal Tah IBtais daOeveiats, 
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XaXoov irdaiv toIs eOveaiv, 6 ttotc Bkvkttjs, vvv 8e BiayKOfievos, 6 

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Kal irdXvv eh tov irapdBeiaov, 6 twv dpprjTCdv prjfiaTcov aKOvaTrjs, 

3. t^s om. m. 14. ide&frro m. 17. airods — 'l7)<rov om. V. 18. foairep 

LSm. 19. Kal i° om. LSm. 21. in om. LSm. 22. IIATAOS AIIO- 

STOAOS om. VLS. 27. Ka2] + <fr LSm. 28. pXtfrvffav m. 

7. Acts vii. 60. 


o tg>v TrvevfjLariKoov ^apiafxarcov /ce/cpifievo? Sucao-Tr)?, 6 fiiya<; 
Kavovapxn^t fcal vTrepftaivayv toi>9 Aot7rot>9 SiSaa/caXovs T779 'E/c/eA/*/- 
ertas, HavXos, ov o dairaapib^ iv irdaais rals iTriGToXais avrov, a>9 
300 A iv ra^ev (rrjfjbeiov, 17 %ap*9 € '°" T ^ I/ T °£ K.vpiov. ovto? /cadoXov iv 
Trdaais rats eavrov iiri(TTo\aZ^ ) a>9 tfBrj yevopevos iv rfj Sevripa 5 
Karaardaei, yeyrjdco*; kcl\ 7re7rot#a)9 BiareXeZ, Zwrj-yeipev, Kal (mv«a- 
0wt€v, (f)a<TKCOV, Iv rots lirovpav£oi.s, /ecu, Tg IXirtfJi €<rt60T|p.€v, /eat aWa fivpia, 
a vvv /caraXeyeiv ov/c ev^epis. ivlayv Be fivrj/jbouevo-ofiev, iva firj 
tov Xoyov /j.t}kvvco/jl€v. Xeyet tolvvv iv rfj 777309 KoptvOiovs irpoaTr) 
HL'iriO'ToXf) OVTCOS, El Iv t-q £w[j Tavrg Iv XpiaraX t)Xttlkot€s lo-p.ev p.ovov, IO 
IXceivorepoi TravTa»v avOpcoirwv eo-p^v. aXAa Tt, w TlavXe, p.€Ta tt)V 
ivTavda £<t>r}v, iroiav aXXrjv iXwl^eiv ofyeiXofiev ; Nat, (frrjalv, 
€<ttiv Tt9 KpetTTcov £cor), io")(ypd /cal ovpdvios, /ze#' optcov irapa 
%eov iirovyyeKKofievr] • (frrjcrlv yap, 'Ev <3 irepio-o-oTcpov |3ovX6uevos 6 0eos 
B liriScigai tols k\t)povo|m>is Tfjs lirayyeXCas to dpeTadeTOV Tfjs povXfjs avrov, 15 
€|M<rCTevo-€V opica>, I'va Sid 8vo TrpcrypaTtov dueraO^Tcav, Iv 0L9 dSvvaTov \|/€vo-ao-0cu 
Oeov, lo~\vpdv irapaKXT)<riv ^\a>|icv, 01 KaTacpvyovres KpctTfjorai Tfjs irpoK£ip.lvi]S 
IXirCSos, r\ v ws a^Kvpav ex.op.ev T *) s t ,v X'H s > do"<J>aXfj T€ Kal f3e|3a(av, Kal €lo*€p\o- 
pe'vr]v els to larcoTepov tov KaTaireTao-p.aTos, oirov irpoSpouos vtrtp f|p.cov elerfjXOev 
'Itjctovs Kara ttjv to£iv MeX^urcSeK apx^peus ■yevopevos els tov attova' /cat 20 
TraXiv, rLvwo-KovT€S fy.av vfjids Kpe^TTova virapgLV Iv ovpavots Kal p-e'vovcrav * 
KCLL irdXlV, Aio pao-iXetav dVdXevTov TrapaXaapdvovTes ' /Cat TTaXtV, Ov -ydp 
^X.o(iev t«8€ jJLlvovo-av iroXtv, aXXa t^v ulXXouo-av liriJftTovucv ' /cat TTaKlV, 
C IIapd"y€i ydp t<J crxTjaa tov Koo-p.ov tovtov* /cat TraXtV, 'H 8« €v<rep€ia irpds 
irdvTa co<j>e'XLp.ds Iotiv, lirayyeXCas 'i\ova-a 5«t]S ttjs vvv Kal Tfjs (JLeXXovonjs * /cat 25 
TTCiXlV, 'ASeX^ol, l-yci luainrov ovira> Xo-y^ofiai KaT€tXT]<|)lvai * ?v 8e, Td aev dirCo-» 
lirt.Xav8av6p.6VOS, toiS 8e ^atrpoo^EV lircKTCiv6p.EV0S ; Kaid o-kottov Skokw els to 
ppapetov Tfjs dvw KX^jo-ews tov 0eov, Iv Xpiorai 'I-qo-ov. oo-ot ovv TlXeioi, tovto 
<ppovwp,ev* Kal irdXtv, 'Hp,<5v 8e to iroXCTevpa Iv ovpavots vTrapxci, e| ov Kal 

1. K€Kpv/x/x4vos L%i. 4. i} om. ^Sm. 8. fivrffjioveiaufiev V 1 , fJt,vr)fioveij- 

aafJuvS. 9. Ko/j«>0foi's] + T?/ L J S. 10. iv Xpiar^ om. LSm : post eoy/,ej> 

transp. m. n. w om. LSm. 12. iXirlfav 6<pel\o(jLev~\ iXirtfr/xev LSm. 

17. Ka.Ta<pe&yovT€S LS. 21. ifyias] eV ^aurots m. iv oOpavois om. L. 

25. iirayyeXlav LSm. 26. rd] raw L 2 . 27. ^7ri m. 

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2toTfjpa dircK8cx.op.c6a Kvpiov lTja"ovv, os ^tra<r\r]\LO.rl<r€i to crwpa Tfjs Taircivw- 
o-cws I'jttwv, cis to -y€v^cr0ai avTo (nufxp.op4>ov t<S ovouaTi ttjs 86|r)s airrov* /cat 
TTdXlv, IIpoo-Scx6p.cvoi Tf|v pa.Ka.piav cXirCSa Kal lirupdvciav ttjs Sogijs tov 
p€-yaXov 0cov, Kal Ewrfjpos T|p<3v 'Itjo-OV XpiorTOV' ATai TTClKiV, El ovv OTJVl]- D 
5 "ycpBiiTc t<5 Xpio-Tol, Ta avw Jtjtcitc, o5 6 Xpioros co-tiv cv 8c£ia tov 0cov Ka0fj- 
p.cvos, Ta avw (ppovciTC, p^ to. cirl ttjs vfjs" /cat ttoKlv, Tovto "yap vp.iv Xe'vopev 
ev Xo7<j> KvpCov, oti tjucis ol £<3vtcs, ol ircpiXciirop-cvoi cis ri\v irapovcrCav tov 
KvpCov, ov p^| (pGacrwptv tovs Koip/rjOcvTas. oti avTos 6 Kvpios cv KcXcvo-paTi, 
cv <pu>vfl dp\ayy(kov, Kal cv caXiriyyi 0cov KaTa|3T|o-€Tai air' ovpavov, Kal ol 

10 vcKpol cv Xpio-Ttu dvao-TTJcrovTat irptorov. circira T)p.cts ot £<Svtcs, ot ircpiXcwro- 301 A 
pevoi, apa <rvv avTots dpirayrjo"op,c0a cv ve<f>e'\ai.s, els diravrtjauv tov KvpCov cis 
a€*pa, Kal ovtoi irdvTOTC crOv Kvp£a> ecropeOa. cocrre irapaKaXciTC aXX^Xovs cv 
tois Xoyois tovtois* Kai 7ra\iv, Ot -ydp ToiavTa XfyovTes, lp.<pavC£ovo-iv oti 
Tra/rpiSa ciri^TjTOvo-iv. Kal ei p,cv IkcCvtjs cp.vrjp.ovcvo-av, a«p' tJs cgcpijo-av, ctxov 

15 av Kaipdv dvaKaptxpai ' vvv 8c Kpc^TTovos opc^ovTai, tovtcVtiv cirovpavCov. 816 
ovk 4iraioxvvcTai avTovs 6 0cds, ©cos ciuKaXcurOai avTaJv" ^To£p,ao~cv ^dp avTOis 
iroXiv" Kai TToktv, 'E|c8cx€to ydp Tf|v Totis 0cp.eXfovs '4\ov<rav iroXiv, tjs 
tcxv£tijs Kal 8T]p.iovpyos 6 0cos" Kal 7ra\iv } Taiv dyCwv XcwovpYos Kal ttjs 
o-KTjvfjs ttjs dXTjOtvrjs, t]v S-irTjf-cv o Kvpios Kal ovk avdpwiros. aXXa, Kal €V B 

20 racs Upa^eaiv ore to3 <&r}<TT<p Kal tc3 ^Kypiinra eirl /3ijp,aT0<; 
$t,e\eyero y ravrd (frrjaLv, IIcpl t]s 4XttC8os c-yKaXovuai vird 'Iov8a£»v, Pao-iXcu, 
rl dirio-rov KpfvcTai irap' vp.iv, cl 6 0c6s vcKpoiJs cycCpci ; /cat TraXlV, "EvcKa 
tovtwv *Iov8atot o-vXXap6pcvo( p.c cv t<{> tcpw, lircipuvTo 8ia\cip£o*ao-0ai. citikov- 
p£as ovv TVYx<iv«v Tfjs dird tou 0cov, dxpt ttjs T|ptpas TavTTis ^o-TT)Ka, uapTvpo- 

25 uevos piKpw tc Kal pt-ydXa), ovScv cktos \lye>v tov tc ot Trpo<|>T|Tai tXaXTjcrav 
p.cXX6vT(ov Y(veo*0at Kal Mwo-fjs' cl ira0TjTos 6 Xpio-Tos, cl irpwTOS c^ dvao-Tao-cws 
vcKptov, <|>ws pv^XXci KaTayycXXciv t<3 tc Xaco Kal tois 20vco-i. Kal €L 0e\t]<7OfJL€V 
iraaas ra<; tov ' Kito(tto\ov xptfo-eis avaXi^aaOai irepl tovtov, 
cr^ehbv Ta? 18' avrov ^TriaroXa^ oY oXov evpi^aofxev irepl tovtov 

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€7r€i<yofie0a 8pa/JLeiv, odev Kal TrapayyeXkei Xeycav, SirovSdo-wucv 

1. 'Irjrovv] + Xpurrdv m. 14. i/j.vr)n6t>evov LSm. ££i)\dov m. 20. Srai/ LS. 
91. U7r6] + 7w m. paaiXeO om. m. 23. tovV«i»] + o2 LSm. /*c] oWa LS, om. m. 
24. tux&v LSm. 7rapd m. /Maprvpoijfievos LSm. 25. oi55^t V. 27. re 

om. m. 28. Tas xpM €li T °v 'Air. LSm. 

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€lcr€X0€tv ets €K€ivt]v t^v KaTdirauoav, KCLTcuTravaiv ai/Trjv elprj/cws a>9 
€T€pa$ fir} ovarjs fjuer avrrjv, dXXd Kal ftaaiXeiav dcrdXevTOVj Xva 
etirrj BiaBo^rjv fir) fyovaav. 

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r)^ov<Trj<; fieydXr)? adXirvyyo^ i>ea? iv to?9 eOveaiv, 777? avvayovar)^ 
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avrov iicXoyr) e|* ovpavwv tov ^Irjaov Trpoa/caXeaafievov eyevero, 
teal fiaOwv ovtc r)irei6r}aev ttj ovpavlw oTTTaaia; ovtos irdXtv 
dpirayeh irepiwv iv 177 vvv icaTaaTaaet, ew<; TpLTov ovpavov, twv 10 
dyyeXwv Ta? Taf e*9 iOedaaTo, twv dopaTwv Bvvdfiewv Trjv XecTovp- 
yiav KaTwrrTevaev, twv 'Ap%wv, real twv 'Ef ovaiwv, teal ILvpioTrfTwv, 
kcll iracrtov twv Bvvdfiewv twv icaTwvofiaafievwv, ififiaTevaa? zeal 
KaTOTTTpio-Oels Trjv Btaicoviav iftoa Ov\\ irdvTes eto-l XciTovp-yiicd irvev- 
D |iara, els Siaieovtav diro(TTeW6|x€va, Sid tovs [xeWovTas K\-qpovo|i€iv crcorrfpCav. 15 
OUT09 Ka\ Trjv TTOTe tcl^lv tov dvTLiceifievov, C09 Trj$ efoutrta? tov 
depos V7rr}p%ev } itjelirev, teal Trjv diro tov Tv<f>ov ef ovpavwv irTwatv 
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i^etirwv. K€<f>aXrjv oXov tov aw/j,aTO$ a>9 avwrepov tov AecnroTrjv 
Xpio-Tov irpoaelirev. virepdvw yap elirev 7ra<n?9 dpyfi<$, fcal i£ov- 25 
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fievov, ov /jlovov iv tw alwvc tovtw, dXXa teal iv tw fieXXovTf /cat,, 
avvTOfiws eiirelv, OUT09 io~Tiv 6 twv ovpaviwv TayfjuaTWv /cat t^9 
'Fi/c/cXrjo-ias BiBdo-/caXo<; fieyas ical i^rjyrtTr)^ ical OavfiaaTOS, Tr)s 
vvv /cal Tr}<; fieXXovcrr)? /jlovwv /caTao-Tacrewv fivrjfiovevwv /cai tt)^ 30 
dOavaaias, ical dfydapaias rr)<; Trape^o/ievr)? r)filv viro tov Seov 
iv rw fieXXovTt,, ical Tr}? dTpeTTTOTrjTO*;, ical irdvTwv twv dyadwv 

8. oipavov LSm. 16. oVtw LSm. 18. £p6a LSm. 19. ird\iv] + Kal V 2 ^. 
07101 Lm. 11. rvxeiv LSm. 24. 8s V 2 . 25. Xpiarbv) + ko.tcl <rdpKa LSm. 
-rrpoaetirdiP LSm. 29. davfiaffrbs] avrbs LSm. 30. fxbvov Karaardaew LSm. 

31. Kal acpdapcrlas — p.iWovrL om. LSm. 

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218 XPI2TIANIKH TOnorPA4>IA Lib. V. 

t&v virepfcoo-filcov, wv tt)v Bvvap,iv XoyiaaaQai ov Bvvdp,e0a. Boj;a 
tc5 ravra irdvTa irpoeToipbdaavTi Kal 7rpofir)vv<ravTi, teal vvv 
irXrjpaxravTi, Kal irX^povvTi ©eco eh tov$ alwvas. dfnjv. 


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eiraivei KaTayyeWo/jLevrjv iv oXa> tg> /co<r/iG), Kat, o/jLOTTtarovs 
airoKtCkei. KopivOlov? Be, co? TrpcoTjv <j>t,\o<ro<f>ov<; tov koo-jiov 
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1. Tr&VTa om. LSm. 4. £ri] irapaypa.^'f) L ! S, irapaypa^ iripa L 2 m. 

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13. fMeraTide/xivovs LSm. ws] Kal LSm. 17. £pxop.ti>ovs LSm. 

31. Hebr. iii. 14. 


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2. aryplfav LSm. 3. «s m. 6. <f>avepa.l m. 7. ^k5tj\os LSm. 

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marg. (irpoicetfxevov S 2 ). Aoiirbv rb Kelfievov S in textu. Td Ktlfxevov Lm. 26. Xonrbv 
om. LSm. 28. ws LSm. 30. Tovro\ + y&p LSm. 

3. 1 Tim. iii. 15. 


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teaTOTTTpi^ofJieda, teal ttjv avTrjv elteova, rjv 'Kvpios e%€i, ^Ta/iop- 
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1. to om. LSm. StcXtbj'] 5tj\ov V. 6. fAeWotiajj] + t'q LSm. 8. yuuait] 
+ Kal 56^a LSm. 10. irapayeuo/xipuv m. n. yiyv6fxepoi LSm. 12. Apck- 

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+ e/sm. 25. tov LSm. 26. ^k yap — avrov om. V. 29. 6 om. LSm. 

5£ om. LSm. 

18. 2 Cor. iii. 18. 26. John i. 16. 


B Trpo? ^ayrjv avviaTafievoi,, ovtgx; Trpoa-erd^drj/jLev GiTi^eaOai fivaTt,- 
Koarepov tov <ro>/j,aTos koX ai/j,a,To<; tov AearroTov Xpio-rov, iirei- 
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4 . rbetvat] Ui-av m. 5- &W$ ™- l6 ' ^l-& V a8pd^eu]rb K^evou 

LSm 18. YevMm. 23. &Wb <cadas] Kaddirep yhp LSm. 25. rip 

aMarom. V. 26. vlodeviav L 2 Sm. 27. ^Yw V^S. Tr^e^art om. S^. 

28. iKiropevoi^vov L 1 . 


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2. Kal ir^pa] iripa 5e LSm. 8. aaibfiaros m. 11. airjj V. 

12. TrpoletcriVLyirpoeieHTLvV 2 . 24. /cali°om. m. 25. 6ti] + 6 LSm. 26. Porjra] 
+ re LSm. \oytKa — dvip-h ova. Lm. 27. (pdapra re Kal &<f>dapTa L (om. re) Sm. 
deUvvffiv LSm. nva] + elvat LSm. 28. elvai om. L 2 m. 31. 56^a] + ro0m. 

21. Gen. i. 26. 30. 1 Cor. xi. 7. 


teaTaateevaaavTa* to Be, icaO' 6p.oi«a-<,v, Tavrrjv e^ei rrjv evvoiav, 
oTiirep ABafi Trarrjp eyevero teal ov% uto?, irpofiaXXcov etc ty)<; 
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teal tov Uvev/iaTOS tov dylov tt)v dvdaTaaiv. dXX y ovv ye Ta 
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5. aitrov LSm. rbv /itv—ovtrias om. V. vpo^a\(oP V. 6. iripm ko\ 

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dre om. m. 17. tt) fieXKofov 5^ V 2 . 31. d7ro]+ tov LSm. 24. 6 Se 

fiaxdpios (om. icai) LSm. 25. el-rev LSm. rd om. LSm. 

32. Gen. xi. 7. 


|3avT€S <rvv\i<a^.tv avTwv tcLs ^Xiao-cas' TO Be Zevrt OVK €TC €7TL Bvo flOVCOV 
Bvvarai voelcrdaL, dXXa Kal enrl rptwv feat 7rXecovcov. iraXiv ovv 
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10 IlaTpos, Kdl tov Ylov, Kal tov dyiov IIvcvuaTOS, €V OVOfJUa fl€V eiTTOOV, €t? 

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0VT0JS, T0T6 ^o-ovTat Svo ev Tip d-ypw, cts 7rapaXa(i,pdv€Tai, Kal cts d(f>CeTai, Kal 

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yrj. elTa Kal tovs ev rc3 /ivXqy, tovs BovXov? Xeyei, oti Kal dirb 

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elircbv, Kal to 6rjXvKa><; eVi tcov BevTepoiv, iarjfjbavev ttjv Bca<j>opdv 313 A 
tov yevovs, etVe appeves evpeOrjaovTai, etVe OrfXeiai, eh re tow 
BiKaiovs el'9 T€ tov9 dfiapToSXovs. 

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Kels BevTepa 'YLirio-ToXfj Xeycov ovtojs, 'Ev t^ diroKaXviJ/ei tov Kvptev 

1. rb 8£ 5evTe om. Sm. Seure] + Kara^dures <rvyx^ <a l xev oAtwp rcls 7Xc6ccras L. 

2. Kal i° om. LSm. 13. 7rpcirwj m. 16. a77^\oi»s re Kal avdp&irovs LSm. 

19. 6 efj (bis) m. Kal 2° om. m. 20. /aijXwvi m. 21. ir\ov<rlov$] + efre 

iTTUxofc m. 22. Kal om. S 1 . eOp^rai m. 26. el] ol LSm. 28. ets re...efs re] 
€tT€...efre m. 31. devripas 'EttiotoX^s V 1 . 

6. Is. vi. 3. 9. Matt, xxviii. 19. 14. Gen. i. 20. 

19. Matt. xxiv. 40. 31. 2 Thess. i. 7 — 10. 


'It1<tov dV ovpavov jjlct dyy4X<ov 8vvdp,€a>s avTov, ^v irupl c}>\oyos 8i8ovrogr 
€k8lkt|o-lv rots |jl^| elSoo-iv Ocov, Kal Tots p.'f) tiiraKOvov<riv tu EvayyeXfw tov 
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Kal dird Tf\s Sogtjs rf\s t<rx,vos avTofi, OTav &0fl IvSogacrOfjvai 4v tois dyCois 

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t&v dytcov TraTptapx&v, 7rpo(f>r)Ta)v, diroaToXcov, fiapTvptov, 6/ioXo- 30 

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avT&v aKoOcrai rr)v e^aiperov Kal fiaKaplav eKeivrfv (jxovrjv rr)v 

Xeyovarav, Acvt€, 01 euXoyri^voi tov IlaTpos |iov, KXr]povop.^o-aTe ttjv ^TOt(j.a<r- 

1. 'I^aou] + XpiffTov LSm. 3. 6\edpov altbviov m. irpofftbirov] + tov m. 5. oV 
8\wv \4ywv] 8t)\up LSm. 14. evBij] tyetv L 8 m. Karopdovv om. V^Sm. 15. t& 
ivdvrta om. V 1 LSm. 16. alperiKy om. LSm. 18. &<popp.r}u — irXdvrjs om. LSm. 
22. eZ] ^ LSm. 23. \f/ev<rap.4viov hSm. 28. diro\\6ov<xt L 2 m. 29. €«Jxctts] + r^s 
Se<rirotpr)s iifidv QeordKov, Kal LSm. 31. rots] t^s V. 32. rty 2 om. LSm. 

33. Matt. xxv. 34. 

W. 15 


(ji€VT]V tytv pao-iXeCav 1 dird KaTapoXtjs koo-uov. aVTW r) Bo^a (TW Ylarpt 
teal 'Aylw Tlvev/juarc et<? rou9 alwvas twv alwvwv. d/j,rjv. 

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atveiTC avTov €V tois v\|/f<TTOts, alveiT€ avrov TrdvT€S dyyeXoi avTov, Trdcrai 
al 8vvdp.€is avTov, tjXios Kal creX^jvt], iravTa Td d<TTpa Kal to <}>«s, 07)Xwo~a$ 

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tou? ayyeXovs, iraXiv eTrnpepet Alvci/rc avTov ol ovpavol t»v ovpavuv 
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crv/jLcfxovoos too Maxret virepdvw 6W09 tov aTepewjiaTO<;, /caTa to 

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tov Kvpiov, v8aTa irdvTa Td eiravw tov ovpavov, 0~a<j)W$ Kai aVTOL TOV 
v8aTO<? tov iirdvw tov ovpavov fJbvrjpuovevaavTe^, tcl Be aXXa irdvTa 
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fjbe/jLViJTai Xe^yft)^ c O IktcCvwv tov ovpavov t5o-el Seppiv, 6 o-TeydjJttv iv vSaci 
Ta vTrcpwa avTov, 6 7row3v tovs dyyeXovs avTov irveuuaTa, Kai ai/TO? TraXiV 
dvwTepa Ta vBaTa Ta tov aTepewfJbaTO^ a>9 iv virepww ovTa Kal 
crTeyrjv virdpypvTa. elO* ovtw iraXuv Kal twv dyyeXwv jJbvr}fxovevaa<i. 

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ovpavov, cl |x^j 6 Ik tov ovpavov KaTa(3ds. ei /Jbr) yap iv Trj BevTepa KaTa- 
GTacrei ovTe ayyeXot ovTe avdpwrroi eioepypvTai iv tw ovpavw, 
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Kal ol tw Kavbvi avTov GTOiyovvTe*; irdvTe^ elaeXevcrovTai. d%Lwo~ov 

1 /3ao-iXeiav] Hie habet S in marg. Cv T€l T h v ficurikuav t&v ovpavav els to 
t4\os tov /3ij3Xiov. 

1. abv — nvetf/ActTi om. LSm. -z. tQv atdjvwp om. LSm. 3. irapaypaffl — 

afxiju (p. 227, 1. 4) om. LSm. 14. Mwa-77 V 1 . 

5. 1 Cor. iv. 9. 7, 12. Ps. cxlviii. 1 — 4. 16. Dan. iii. 60. 

21. Ps. ciii. ■£. 25. John iii. 13. 


Kai 17/x.a?, fyiXdvOpwire, (noi-^ovvra^ fiev T<p <tg> kcuvovi Kai irtarev- 
ovras, ava%iov$ Be ovtcl? Bid tcl davaTpo^a rjfjLwv epya, 6 fiovos 
fieyaXoBaypo? Kai oiKTippxov real iroXv eXeos vitdp^cov Xcorrjp fffioov 
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TOV KOCflOV, Kai OTL ol ILpiGTiaVol fldXXoV GTTOVTai Tat? eavTwv 10 

appals BeiKvvovTes Kai Ta TeXrj aKoXovOa Tah eavTwv ap^ais, Kai 
ev TavTco /j/rjwovTes ttjv dyadoT7)Ta tov ®eov, tj]v irapeypwav 
iravXav Tip iraiBevTripiw tovtw Kai Toh drywo~i, Kai Tjj <p0opa, Kai 
tg> davaTtp, dvaBeiljavTi Be ev tg> Aeo-TroTrj X/hcttgS ddavacriav, 
dfyQapaiaV) aTpeirTOTTjTa, Kai fiaKapioTrjTa, dyiao-fiov, Kai BiKaio- 15 
avvrjv alwviov iraa-i tols dvOpwirois, wawep rjv €TOLfido~a<; diro 
KaTa/3oXfj$ Koo-fjuov, tov BevTepov %wpov, tov ev Toh ovpavoh, ttjv 
BevTepav KaTacrTao~iv, Ka6 direp Kai hid t?)? o~K7)vf)<; irdXiv ev tvitw 
irpoeBrjXwaev rjfMv, Kai oti dveXirio-Tos eo~Tiv rj twv 'TLXXrjvwv Bo^a, 
B firfTe SevTepav KaTaaTaaiv irpoaBoKWVTWV, fxrjTe iriaTevovTWv dvd- 20 
GTaaLv eaeo-Oai tgov r)/j,eTepwv cwfJbaTWV, aXXd irXavwvTwv Kai 
irXavw/Jievwv, fieTa T779 eavTwv o~<j>aipa<; d/jua KvXiop,evoi Tah <f>peo~lv, 
dBvvarov eivai vopitpvTes tw %ew avaa'Trjaai Ta awfiaTa irdvTWV 
twv dvdpanrcov, dtyeiXovTes a>9 ao<j>oi yvwvai, otl el KpiTr)$ eaTiv 6 
®609 evvoiwv Kai KapBiwv irdvTwv dvOpwirwv Kai BvvaTai SiaKpivai 25 
t<29 ivvoias eKao~Tov Ta9 dir alwvos, 7r<w9 ovyi fiaXXov BvvaTai 
o~(op,ara BiaKpivaL eKao~TOv dvdpwrrov. et yap Ta tov irvev p,aTo<; 
BvvaTai BiaKpivai, 7roXX<p fxdXXov Ta acofjiaTa. Tivaaaei yap 

1 Post finem irapaypa^rjs habet V duas picturas, quibus subdit verba 
6 ovpewos ovvbebipevos 177 yrj kol 8icupe0els Kara pepos. laratv yap ras Svo 30 
Kapapas koi tovs ft tv\ovs (corn roi^ovs) rovs trap eKdrepa, nal rfj avaXoyla 
t£)V Kau.dpcov eXitrtrav tov eva tv)(ov (corr. rolxov), koi (rvvdeapevcov eVt tov 
erepov diroreXei o\ov to o~j(rjpa tov Koo-pov. 

5. irapay pcup-q. 6 <rKoirbs LSm. 6. ?ws t£\ovs om. LSm. 8. direp 

KCLTevKetaaev om. LSm. 9. drfhwaavTes m. n. demriovTes— dpxah om. V. 

12. Totry m. 14. dva8el£avTes m. 15. Kai paKapibT-rrra om. m. 23. vopl- 
fovres elvcu LSm. 24. el om. VL^S. 

l 5— 2 


nraaav rrjv ktigiv €K Oe/JueXicov ovpavov kcli yrjv ctfia /cat ra Xonra 
GTOiyela ev rrj avvreXeia, Kal e/caarov avrwv dirohvhoaa-iv o Kare^eu 
crS/jba dv6poo7T6Lov, hiaKptvofjuevov^JTrb rfjs avrov Bvva/jLecos. wairep 
yap ev kogkivw KoorKivevcov Tt? to fyrov fxevov /neaov evprjaei, ovrca Q 
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"Etc yap airafj lyw treCo-v, <fir)0~lv 8ia tov 7rpo<f)r)TOV, ov aovov T-fjv yfjv, dXXd 
Kal tov ovpavov. to 8e, JIti airag, elirev, BrjXoi 6 'AttwtoXo? rrjv rwv 
caXevofJievodv fjuerdaracnv &)9 TreiroiTjfjievcov, wa fieivrj ra firj aaXevo- 
fieva. Aid pao-iXeCav do-dXevTOV TrapaXap,pdvovT€S, eXouev X*P tv & 1 ' ^ s Xarpcv- 

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o - aXev8'fja"0VTai * Kal totc 6'<|/ovTai t<Sv Yiov tov dvOpcoTrov epx,6uevov ev vec^eXais D 
uerd Swdpecos Kal 86£t]s itoXXtjs. Kal tot€ diroo-TeXei tovs ctyye'Xovs avTov ueTd 

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ye'Xov, Kal ev o'dXmyyi 0eov KaTa^^a-cTai air* ovpavov, Kal 01 veKpol ev Xpiorai 
dvao-r^o-ovTai irpaiTOV. eVeira T)fieis 01 £<3vt€S, 01 ir€piX6iir6p.6voi, d|ia avv avTois 

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o-vv KvpCw eVoueOa, ware irapaKaXeiTe dXXVjXovs ev tois Xoyois tovtois. O/Z-OtO)? 
Xeyei iv ttj Trpos KopovOlovs irpccrr) ^iriaroXfj *I8ov avo-TTJpiov vaiv 
Xe'-yw. irdvTes p.ev ov Koi|ii]8T]o-6fi.e6a, irdvTes 8e dXXa-yr)cr6u€0a ev dTojito, kv 
pwr^J o<j>0aXaov, ev t^ eo-xaTtj o-dXirtyyt. oraXiriorei ydp, Kal 01 veKpol dvao-'Wj- 

2C o-ovTai d<j>6apToi, Kal T|uets ctXXa"yt)O"6p,€0a. Set -ydp to 4>6apTov tovto ev8vo-ao-0ai 
d(f)9apcrLav. Kal t6 0vt]TOV tovto ev8vo*ao-0ai dGavacriav. TaVTa TWV XotO"Tt- 

avcov tol evayyeXia, avrat rcov ttmtt&v at fieydXai Kal Oavpbao'Tal 
iX7TiSe<;, dvdo-rao-i^ veKpobv Kal fiacnXela ovpavwv r)rotfiao-/jL€vr) dirb 

4. yap om. LSm. fitaov] /xtjv m. 5. fj.£<rov LS. 7. elireiv, 6 'A. StjKoi 

LSm. 9. Xarpeijiofxev ni. 10. fxera] +al8ovs, Kal m. 5e»J<rews LSm. 12. ^7r2 

tt]v yrju om. m. 13. rdre] + (pap^crerai to trrj/xeiov tov Yiov tov avdpwirov iv t$ 

ovpavy ' Kal t6t€ Kb\j/ovTai iraaai al <pv\al ttjs yrjs Kal m. iirl tQv ve<pe\wv tov 

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aWayTjo-d/jieda om. m. 24. iyepd-qaovTai m. 

6. Hag. ii. 7. 9. Hebr. xii. 28. ir. Matt. xxiv. 29— 31. 

17. r Thess. iv. 16—18. 22. 1 Cor. xv. 51, 52. 


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21. tois L 2 Sm. 22. Trpoip-ffTais LSm. 25. 6/*o£a>s] + ko2 LSm. 29. Kara- 

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supra al. m.), h oh ax>T$ LS, aiiry m. 12. awex&PWt tc LSm. 28. r6re 

Kal] Kal outw m. 33. jjlov L 1 . 

19. Matt. xxv. 34. 25. Deut. xxxii. 8. 27. Rom. xi. 25. 

30. Luke xx. 36. 


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LSm. 7. ETXH om. V, ETXH— dfify (1. 15) om. L. 19. AOrOS r' 

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4. Kal om. S 1 . aiirovs V^S. 5. ivravBa t$ 'AXefavdpela LSm. 6. rpta- 
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19. Gen. iii. 2%. 


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1. KpetTToveiV 1 , KpetTTOv L^S 1 . rvyxavofor) V 1 L 1 S. 2. Rnj V'L ] S. 

7. Sous L'-'m. 8. €Tn<XTd/j.€vov L 2 m. i\irl£eiv~\ + Tas LSm. 9. 'IcparjX m. 

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L 2 m. 26. icruT^pav /ecu i^uripav LSm. 28, 30. fis LSm. 

13. Gen. xxv. 23. 


Tov HXlov ttjv dvdXrj^friv Kal rov Bid tov irvpivov ap/tarcx; 
Bpopuov Ti? Karavooov iKTrXrjTTopuevos crKOirrjcreiev, a>9 T6Tipr)Tai rwv 
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ovpavov Tt9 KaTOTTTevcov, Kal tou? dyyeXovs \ew^€LfiovovvTa<; Kal 
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25. dSvra V 2 LSm. 33. fierk m. irpoppfoewv LSm. 

6. Luke ii. 14. 


evpijaec 7rpooT7}<; teal BevTepas puovcov KaTaaTaaecov avrovs fiefivi)- 

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apftrj? ra9 /3' KaTao-Tacreis KTtcravTa, Kal iraiBevaavTa iv ttj irpcoTrj 

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irdvTcov, Kal aKoXovOov Kal dp/JuoBiov t{} KaTaaKevfj tov Koo-fiov, Kal 
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TTpoKaTaaKevdaas, tovtov fiev els TavTrjv ttjv KardaTaaiv, tov Be 

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fieXXovTcov Tificov Kal tt}<; dvoBov T779 eh tov ovpavov dpfioBlodS 

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1. fxbvov /carao-rdcrews LSm. 1. irpb rrjs irp<I}Tr)s] irp&TTjs 7rpwf^s V. Trp^TTjs LS. 
irpb TrpvoTrjs m. 3. /caTa<rrci<rewp \6yov] naraXoyov m. 10. Qeov top om. LSm. 

15. Trdpas Kal pm. LSm. 16. airov] + 8e LSm. 30. 'Iov8cuoi] + t6v LSm. 


dvoBov iv ovpavco tcov dvdpcoircov irtcrTevovcTiv ecrecrOat, dXX* avrov 
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Be pbrj Bo^d^ovaai acpalpav, TOVTeaTiv 'lovBalot, ical XapbapeiTai, 

4. <ri>v — HveijfiaTi om. LSm. alCovas^ + Tuv al&vwv LSm. 5. ofJrws LS. 

6. 7)pov\i?idr)] + d Geos LSm. 7. tov]t6W. ii. Su V^S. 16. 5t Bevripav 

LSm. 17. els om. m. Xdyy — trapadtaei om. LSm. 19. 8e%cjfxeda S, d^aadai 

rjfids L 2 m. 5e^6fxe6a] + avT<$ ij 56£a els tovs al&vas tGjv alibvuv. a/j.fy. LSm. 

2. Matt. xxv. 34. 


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Kaudpas Kai tovs dvo roi^ovs rovs nap* eKarepa, kcu rfj dvaXoyia rav napapGav 

2. iroLTJcrav tovs] Troi^ffavra VL 1 S. 5. Kal dwoylveadat om. LSm. 8. ol 

Sa55ou/catot L%i. 12. iKya/j.l^ovrai m. 13. d<nv\ tov Qeov m. 15. Kal om. Lm. 
17. iv toTs Xp. m. <rvv] iv LSm. 18. t6v ovpavov om. S 1 . 19. iv] p.iv L. 

21. /A^rc LSm. 24. Kal devripas (om. ttjs) m. 26. yap iyevfidrjpev] itroi^- 

dv/iev m. 29. els — alCovas om. LSm. 31. 6 ovpavbs — tov Kdfffiov (p. 242, 

1. 22) om. V, qui in margine habet ax^f-ov. ol O-codev to o-xvf^ tovto viroridevTai. 
9. Matt. xxii. 28. 12. Matt. xxii. 30. 26. 1 Cor. iv. 9. 

W. 16 


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1. XpiffTtavov] XpiaTivov V, XpHTTiavio m, om. LS. 4. avaaTaais V. 

5. irpbTepov LSm. 6. ykp] + Kal tovto LSm. 13. tovtcov LSm. 14. uxrirep m. 
19. ov8e—KaTa\v6pevov om. S 1 . 23. Kal tovto] Hie incipit W (fol. 34). 

rd pAyedos tov ijKLov LSm. 27. airb L 2 m. 28. [rots <T<bpaaiv\ tG>v 

ffwp&Tiav m, tQv aup&Tcav VLSW. 30. peya\avx&<n.v V. atfrwp m, 

diro<TTpe<p6pevoi] Hie deficit W. 


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8. Kai] 8Z L. TrpoaepxtifJ-evoi LSm. 9. ovw j t5e V 1 , oStos tide LS 2 , ovtos 

■f)8T) m. 11. irpo&di/xevos m, irpodifievos VLS. 17. dStiviQ 7repi.iretp€Tat. om. S 1 . 

ii. Toypa<f>iav V 1 , <rx^7M a T ^ "ipa^>iKbv V man. r ,c. 24. <r<pcupav LSm. 30. 0"x»?- 
fi&T(s)v — dtaypatpty om. m. 34. crv/nrepdvavTos S 2 . 

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eiri^epofjievov irXrjOvvriKco, teal ro irXr^OvvriKov eviKco, cos orav Xeyrj, 
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ovpavov ejTMpepei yap, Kal to" v8«p to wcpdvw twv ovpavwv, iva enrrj, 

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eviK&s Be KaraXrj^as, 'iva Be e/carepov ro avrb arj/navr}, on avrrj 

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ovpavov ovpavov KaXeaas rov irpwrov Kal dvoorepov ovpavov, 09 

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ovpavos Kai ovpavos avrov, rovreariv, 6 virepdvay avrov. Ke^prj- 

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eviK&s Be KaraXrj^as, dvrl rov eirrelv, e£ oov, l| o5, etprjKev. Bvo 
yap ovpavuiv yevofievcov irapd rov ®eov, ws Btrjyeirai, 6 fiaKapurrjs 
Mcoo-fjs, Kal o-vvBovfievcov dXXrfXois, irore fjuev 7rXrj0vvriKws r) Oeia 

6. wpuTotv V 1 . ,8. dv&yKT) om. V, av&yicji L. 11. 5ia<poptiv L 1 . 

24. ws L^S. 26. wffirep—Kelfxwos om. LSm. 6 om. V 1 . 

13. Ps. cxlviii. 4. 1 f.. Ps. xix. 1. 23. Ps. cxv. 16. 

27. Peut, x. 14. V 30. Phil, iii. 2Q< 




TpCHpr) 7T€pl CLVT&V 7T016L TOV X6yOV } 7T0T6 8e eVtKW^, /CdOd €lp7]Tat,, 

8id to iSlajfjia ttjs yXcoTTrjs' Kal ore Kara ti avvairTOvraL dXXTjXoa 
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344 A f)pira')(6aL &os Tpfrrov ovpavov* ovrc elal yap Tpet? ovpavol, oi/re 5 
7r\e/ou9> ovre tovto ftovXercu Xiyecv, ovtc ivavrtovrat tg3 M.coo-fj, 
a\V on ^pird^Qai Xeyei dirb •n}? 7779 oXov to 8idaT7)/j,a tov vyfrov? 
tov ovpavov, irapd to Tpvrov clvtov, Xva e'tirr). togovtov eirr)p6r)v 
a7ro tyjs yfjs, a>9 irepiXeiTreaBal jjlol to Tpvrov tov BiacrTrffiaTo? 
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e^coTepav Kal ecwTepav, (oairep tovtov tov ^copov Kal tov tovtov 

1. woieiTcu LSm. 2. 5ta om. LSm. 6. fiuaei V 2 , et sic infra. 

7. "Kiyeiv m. 8. iir^pdrj L J S. 10. oSy om. S. 12. dTrocroXos] + IlaOXoj 

LSm. 13. £k Geov ^xofiev m. 14. al&viop om. m. 21. r6 S^. 

iffitfjLavev om. V. 27. oiiSe m. 30. roO iravros LSm. 

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avooTepov atvtTTOfxevos, ko.1 els p-^v t^)v TrpwTnv 8id ttovtos ot Upets tAs 
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real dXTjdivb^, teal atcovtos, Kal d/cardXvTOs, evOa yiverav rj al&vta 
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cooTTjpta teal r) crKijvr) alcovtot Tvyyavovcriv, fcaOa, irdXtv yeypaiTTai 
Kal ol |i€v irXeioves cUriv Upeis, 8id to Oavdra) KcaXvecrdat irapapiveiv ' 6 hk 8td 

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to €VTU-yxdv€iv virip T)p.u>v. tolovtos ^dp i\[uv 'iirptirev dpx^pevs, oo-tos, aKaicos, 345 A 
d|iCavTos, K£)ta>pio-|jivos d-n-6 twv d|iapT«Xcov, Kal v\|fqXoT€pos tc3v ovpavcov yevo- 
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aUSva, /cat to, irdvTo™, SrjXot to a/caTaXvTov tov 7rpdy/naTO<;. el 
yap o tepevs dirapd^aTos eo~Ttv, iravTcos Kal r) ctktjvt} evOa lepovpyel 
aTrapdfiaTos ecTtv, Tovrea-Ttv dBtdBo^os. Kal eTepco6t irakiv, A16 
f3ao-iXe(av do-dXevTOV TapaXaupdvovTEs, tva eiirt) fiovipbTjv, Kat afJteTa- 

25 KtvrjTOV, Kal dxaTaXvTOV, Kal BiaBo^rjv ptr) eyovaav Kal irdXtv, 
E7rov8ao-w|x€v elcreXOciv ets ckcCvtjv t^v KaTairauo-iv, KaTairavcrtv avTrjv B 
elprjKO&s, a>9 aStaBo^ov, Kal /Ltrj pteTavdaTa? irahtv yivop,evov<} } 
aXA,' ael iv avTto tw ovpavcp KaTairavovTa^. Kal irdXtv, "Exovtcs 
ovv dp\iep^a \i.(yav. SieXi^XvOoTa tovs ox'pavovis, 'Itjcovv tov Ytov tov Ocov 

30 KpaTov(i€v t^s on-oXo-y^as' to, SuX-qXuGoTa tous oupavo^s, tva etirrj tov 

1. iepe?j] + e^a(j-(j' m. 2. iiriTeXovvTes m. juiw ora. m. 3. 5t' a?/iaros— 
a0ea-i»'] oi; x<«>/>is a^aros, ^aur^ re «:ai m. 5. 6 a7r6(rroXos IlaOXos LSm. 6. iSp 

om. LSra. 11. ^^a] + /cal LSm. aluvta] altivtos LSm. 13. aWj'tot] 

alibvios L. 17. ^/AWf] aiJrwy L. 22. 6 om. m. 26. cnrovb&faiJLtv m. 

27. yevofifrovs L l S. 28. dXX'] + efr LSm. 30. KparQfiev L^. efTTfl] 

+ SieX^Xu^ora LSm. 

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ovpavov, Kara to lSlgo/acl tt)? yXooTTT)^, teal ecrcoOev ovra tcov Bvo 
ovpavoov, (»? iv atcrjvfj d^etpoTroifJTG). teal TraXiv, "Exovtcs ovv 
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apx>€pevs &rrr]K€V KaO' Tjp.epav XeiTovp^oov, Kal rds avrds ttoXXclkis irpoa-^epcov 
Gucrfos, al'rives ov8£itot€ SvvavTai irepteXeiv dp.ap"Kas- ovtos 8e p.£av virep dp.ap- 
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ydp Trpoo*<popd TCTeXeCwKCV «is to 8iT]V€Kes Toiis d^ia^o^vovs * €i, KaOa €<J)7], 15 
€4? to BirjveKes Ka64%€Tai iv Be^ia tov ®eov fJbeTa to 7rd0o<; Kal 
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XvofMevrjv ; (pijalv yap, T<3v dyCav XcirovpYos Kal ri\s o-k^vtjs ttjs dX^Qivfjs, 
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-ZA& A aKaTaXvTov i^eiiroov. Kal irdXtv, "AvBpwiroi -ydp KaTa tov uc^ovos 30 
ouvvovo-iv, Kal 7rdoT]S avTots avTiXcyfas ire'pas «ts PePaCwo-tv opKOS. iv ^ 
ir€pio-o-oT«pov povX6|i€vos 6 0€os Iiri8€i|ai tois kXtipov6|jlois t<)s ^irayyeXCas to 

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14. B,v om. m. 15. els rb dnjveKes om. LSm. 16. Kadtfrrai — Siypeices om. S 1 . 

20. oidip irepl lepuxrOvrjs m. 21. Kal irepiaabrepov — fiapTvpeirai (1. 24)] Kal ird\iv, 

M.apTvpeim. 24. <ri>] + d V (add. al. m. supra). 25. yeyoptvai. om. LSm. 

3 1 . pefialtafftv] -r 6 V 2 m. 

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c£|i€Td0«Tov t^s povX^s av-rov cp.ecri'Tcvo-cv opKw, fra Sid p' irpa-yuaTtov aperaterav, 
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virapgiv Kal u£vovo-av. 

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iropcvouai cToi|iao-ai vjjliv tottov. rrjv 01 k cav rov Tiarpos fJiov Xeyei ro 

1. iVa — /caTa7rerdcr/iaros (1. 4)] Kal waXiv m. 2. ^ ofs om. US. 10. /cati°] + 6m. 
13. wcrei (?) V 1 . 14. ^iri^TrroOfxep LSm. 16. Kara om. L 1 . 17. 6 Xpicrr6s 

^crrtj' m. 19. Kadeftfievos LSm. 20. £/ce? oPv LSm. 22. iirjiaxOvQr) LSm. 

6 Geds 0e6s al. m. in ras. V. /caXeicrflcu LSm. 24. paaCkdav'\ + airb icara|3oX^s 

Kbapov m. 28. ti om. V 1 . 30. tfri om. m. 31. /jlov om. LSm. 

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KaroiK7)TqpLOv i to iv rots ovpavol?. iv tovto) ovv, <f>r)<rlv, icrrlv 
vfimv to fcaTOtKrjTijptov to r)Toi\iacr^kvov vplv irapd tov Tl dTpo?. 
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etp.1 ey«, tva Kal vp-eis rVe, dav/juaalcos 7raplo~Tr}a'iv aKaTaXvrov eivai 

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dvio-TafjL€VOL oiKelv, tovtov tov iv to?<? ovpavols KaTaXvofiivov. 
Kal avvTOfiayf; elirelv, dvapiOfirjTol elcri o"%e$bv at XPV°~ €t S * v T V *5 
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Ta T€ ttJ? iacoTepas, irpb<; tov dva>T€pov Kal ovpdvtov ^copov. 77-/909 
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tjBtj irepl Trjs dvaardcreoys tov Kpiarov, €Ti 8e afKf>ij3aWovTa<; 25 
irepl Trjs Koivfjs dvaaTacrecos tgov dvdp(07T(ov, iraXtv tois avTols 
ivOvfirjfiaatv eyjpi)0~aTO, Kai (f)7)o~iv Et 8e Xpia-ros K'qpvo-o-CTai) oti «k 
V€Kpa>v eyfiyeprai, irws X^yovo-iv ev vp.iv rivls, on dvdo-Tao-is vEKpcov ovk ^o-tiv ; 
el 8e dvao-Tacris vCKpcav ovk ^cttlv, ov8^ Xpio-Tos e^^epTai • el hk Xpioros ovk 
ey^YepTai, kcvov apa Kal to K^pxryjxa r\\idv, kcW| Kal t) tticttis ^jauv, wcravei, 30 
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o~aT6 oti rjyepOr) dirb t&v veKpwv, 7tg5? ov TnaTevTeov oti BvvaTov 

5. oTov^ + iyw m. otdare, Kal ttjv ddov otSare LSm. 8. rodro] rb L, om. m. 

vwb m. 13. rbv om. LSm. 15. avapidfnjTat LSm. x/ M 7 trets ] + a ' LSm. 

20. tirl] £vi S, els L 2 m. 28. rives iv vfuv m. 30. Kal i° om. m. Kal 2 ] 5£ m. 
vfxdv L^. 31. vfJier^pas V 1 . 32. irem<jTev[j.&ris LSm. 

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teal wclvtcls tqv$ Xoittovs eyeipearOai; 6 yap BvvdfLevos eva eyelpai, 
teal TravTas Bvvarat, eyelpai, etTa iwiipipeij Evpio-KoueOa 8* Kal O 
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dvSpwTTov OavaTos, Kal 81 dvdpc&irov dvdo-Tao-is v€Kp<3v. tcai OTjXcov OQ~Tl<$ 
20 eo~Tiv 6 7rpwTO? dvOpcoTros, Bl ov ddvaTos irapeLarj^Or}, Kal Bev- 
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0^o-ovTat. etTa irdXtv fieT oXiya Xeyev 'Eirel rC iroi-fjo-ovo-iv 01 paim^o- 

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BvvovTes ev to) dyi<p vhaTi, Kal dva8vvovT€$, direvTevdev /Mftov/juevoi 
OdvaTov Kal dvdcrTao~iv, eXTriSi Kal eirayyeXia tt)? ck veKpwv 
dvaaTdaew tl p.aT'qv, (f>rjcrlv, TavTa iroLovfiev, /mtj o-Tot^ovvTe^ 

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TovTes too~ovt(£> 7rXi]0€i, Kal TTpoX^yjret Koap,iK\) fMa^ojaevoi ; Xonrbv 
ireipaTai irdXiv fieT oXiya ef dvTt0eo~6a)<; (f>vo~tK€OT€pov Bed irapa- 

1. tt&vtcls] + Kal SL 1 . 4. apa] av V 1 , del. V 2 . 14. owaTws V. dvd- 

<rTrj<Tiv V 1 ,\(jiv V 2 . 15. dvdpibiruv om. LSm. 17. &> ora. LSm. 

19. avdpuirov i°] + 6 LSm. 20. 06] + 6 LSm. Kal — avedelxQy om. m. 24. /cal 
oy S 2 . 25. auTcDv] ru)?' venpwv m. 27. yui/iotf/iwot] 7p. [xvoti/xevot S in marg. 

2. 1 Cor. xv. 15. 7. 1 Cor. xv. 16, 17. 18. 1 Cor. xv. 21. 

22. 1 Cor. xv. 22. 23. 1 Cor. xv. 29, 30. 


SeiyfidTO? ireiOeiv, Kai tf>y}<riv 'AXX' Ipct ns, ir«s i-ycCpovTai oi vcKpo£; 
iro£a> 8e <r<o|i.aTi ^pxovTai; airoicpLV6Tai BrjOev kcli Xeyet "A<j>pov, crv 
<rir€Cpeis ov ^b>oiroi£iTaL, kdv p.^ irpwTov diro0dvx|. Kal 6 o-rrttpeis, ov to o-«ua 

B to Y€vvi]<r6p.€vov crireCpEis, dXXd -yupvov kokkov, d tu^ci <t£tov, t( tivos twv Xoiitwv. 
6 8e 0eos 8(8oj(tlv avT<3 crcupa KaGws , f|0iXi]o-€V, Kal kao-iu) twv o-ireppdTwv tSiov 5 
o-c5|xa. touto Xiycov ' KvaXoyLcraa-Qe, <o av0pa)7roi, ore yv/juvos kokkos 
(nreipo/jLevo*; ev rrj yr), irpcorov p,ev StaXveTai. tovto yap Xeyei,, 'Eav 
/at; irp&TOv a7ro$dvr} y eireira dvahih6p.evo<$ rrj tov Seov Bwd/juei T€ 
Kai Trpovoia, fiera ttoXXt)? So&peas re Kal t€%^?, teal wpaLorrjro^ 
avacfratverai, dvrl evbs kokkov ttoXXoo-tos, dvrl yvfivov evSeSvfievo? io 
Kai Qr\Ka<$ €^cov y dvrl evaXcoTov Kal eve7r7}pedo~Tov, €o~T7]piyp,evo<; 
Kal fteftoriOri/uLevos, €%cqv dvOepLKas, iv dftkafifc hiafjueivrj diro twv 
dhiKrjaat 8vva/jb6V(ov. avrb ovv tovto to <f>6apev Kal fieTaftXrjOev 
et? yrjv acofia, Kal iraXtv ev dptOfiat irXeiovi Kal OavfiaaTat KaXXet, 

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Trpovoia? tov Ta irdvTa B7]fMiovpyfjaavTo<; ®eov. 

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8e rtav <rir€pp.dTwv dvaXoYovv K8iov o-wpa 8£8a><riv, Iva elirr), Ovk aXXoTpiov f 
ovSe Ijevov, dXX* ofioiov crcb/jba 7rXrjdvvov eKaaTto, Kal dvaXoyovv 
SlBcocflv. eiTa irdXiv, fieTa to avvKplvai adpKas Biatfropovs, Kal 20 
aoj/juaTa iwiyeta Kal eirovpdvia, Kal 7roXXr/v Setfa? avT&v ttjv 
Oia(fiopav eirayet Ovtws teal f| dvdo-Tao-is twv vcKpaiv. o-TrdptTai iv <{>0opa, 
e^eipeTCU iv d<|>6ap<rta ' o-rreipeTCU iv driuCa, iyeCperai iv 86|-p ' (nrdperai iv 
dcrGeveia, i-yefperai iv 8vvdp.€i* <rircCp€Tai o-wp.a xJtuxikoVj kyelperai oroJ|xa irvcv- 
partKov. eld ioTi <r<a\ia \|/vxik6v, ^<tti Kal irv€vp.aTiKov. ovtois Kal ^YP a ' n " ra S 2 5 
'E-ye'vero 6 irpwTos dvBpunros 'A8dp els ^X^ v Xl^ frav > ° e'crxa.Tos 'A8dp els irvevpa 
^(ooiroiovv. dXX* oiJ TrpcoTov to irvcvpaTiKov, dXXd to x|/vx ik ^ v j ^ireiTa t6 irveu- 
paTLKov. 6 irpcoTos dvGpwiros eK -y^s x ot - K ° s ' ° ScvTCpos dvOpuiros 6 Kvpios i| 
ovpavov> olos 6 x ol - K ° s ' toiovtoi Kal ol x°^ K0 V Ka ^ °^°s o iirovpdvios, toiovtoi 
Kal 01 eirovpavioL. Kal KaGcis ecpope'crapev rr\v eUova tov x 0lK0 ^ <popio*ou€V Kal 30 

J} ttjv elKova tov e-rrovpavLov. tovto 8e' <j>T]p.i, d8eX<pol, oti <rdp| Kal atua pao-iXc^av 

3. wpwrov] om. m ; irpbrepov L. 4. yevTjffSfiepov Uhoa.. rtix 01 LS. 

5. ai/7-4) dldioai m. o-Trepfi&TCJvl-hTb n). 6. 6ri] + d LSm. 8. ^ om. Lra. 

irpbrepov ~Lm. 9. /tterd om. LSm. re om. LSm. 11. imjpedffrov m. 

17. Xo7£<ra<r0e] + oft? L 2 m. 6 om. m. 19. TrXrjdiJVwv L 1 m. 24. aireiperai 

aQ/ua — iirovpavlov (1. 31)] /cai rd ^^s. E7ra TrdXti' m. 27. i-weira Trvevfiarucdv 

(om. rd) S. 

1. 1 Cor. xv. 35 — 38. 17. 1 Cor. xv. 38. 22. r Cor. xv. 42 — 50. 


Qtov K\T)povop.fja-cu ov SvvaTat, ov8i T) 4>0opd tT|v d<f>0apa-(av KXr|povop.€i. /3ov- 

Xerai ivravOa eic irapaXkrfKov (j>vcri,Kcorepov iirv)(eipGiV ireiOeiv rov? 
iv ry <ro(f)la rod koct/jlov dvaarpetpopbevovs, Kal e/c rod Kara rov 
gZtov irapaheiyparo? pbereXrjXvdev iirl rrjv rcov ve/cpcov dvdcrracrcv 
5 Xeycov, on coairep 6 crlro? airelperai Kal hiaXverat, ovrcos teal ra 
acopbara rcov dvOpcoircov cnretpopLeva veicpa iv rfj yfj StaXverai, Kal 
cocnrep fiera 7roXXr}<; irpoadrjtcr)? Kal dacf>a\eia<; Kal /caWov? ava- 
SlSotcll, ovrco feat ra acopbara rcov dvOpcoircov fiera iroXXr}? rip/q? 
Kal 80^97? Kal 8vvdpueco<; real d(f)dr'ov KaXXovs avlcrravrai, hiaKpivo- 

10 fiev a vtto tt)? rravrohvvapov aocpias, Kal d<f)drov la^yo? rov ra 353 ** 
irdvra Kriaavro? Kal dvaKrl^ovro? ®eov. iv w yap aroi^eico 
evpedr} acopua dvOpcoireiov Se$a7ravr]p,evov Kal ireirefifievov, viro 
erepcov pbvpicov crcopbdrcov rtvaaaopuevov, iv rrj iaydrrj rjpuepa, ix 
Oep,e\lcov ra ^rjrovpbeva rals ISiaos yjrv)^ai<; airoc^ic^cocTLv. Kal coairep 

15 iv koctklvco craXevopuevcp rb tyrovfievov puecrov evpicTKerai, ovrco Kal 
ra acopbara rcov dvOpcoircov^ aaXevop,evcov rcov aroiyeicov, Kal rivaa- 
aopuevcov, ra %7]Tov/j,eva et? pueaov dyovrai. Kal ov Oavfxaarov tovto 
tco ©€&)• a>9 yap Kpirrj? iariv Kaphicov Kal Xoyiapbcov Kal ivvoicov, 
Kal hiaKpivei eKaarov i£ alcovos row KaB* eKaarov %p6vov Xoyia- 

20 /jlov? T€ Kal ivvoia? p-e^pi rr\<$ avvreXeias, ovtco Kal Bvvarbv avra 
iartv rb evreXearepov Trotrjaat Kal acopbara €K acopudrcov SiaKplvai' B 
"Eti -yap aira£ iy<b, <f)7)0~LV, cracrcu ov |x6vov ri\v "Yfjv, dXXd Kal tov ovpavov. 
to Be, Hn aira|, SrjXot rrjv rcov aaXevopbevcov pberdaraacv, &>? Trerroir\- 
fievcov, ova fieivr) ra p/r) caXevopeva, iva elirr), on iv ttj avvreXeia 

25 rivaled en cuwa^, irdvTa o~a\evcov, 7T/0O9 ttjv eKaarov ihlav perd- 
Oecrtv. &>? 77877 yap avrojv 7r€7roir)p,evcov ef dp%f}<;, Kal cpdopdv rj 
rpoTT7]v vtto pueivavr tov, pdhuov iirl rrjv oiKeiav tyvaiv eKaarov 
pberappvdpbiao), iva Kal rov Xolttov p,eivcoatv iv Kpeirrovi Kara- 
ardaei, p,r]Kerc kXovov rj crdXov viropbivovra. 

3° 'AXXa rrdXiv ipel Tt? IIcS? ra avra rjpucov croop,ara dvlaravrai, 
77877 TreTrepLpbeva Kal p,era/3Xr)6evra els erepa puvpta acopbara; 7rpo? 
rovrov ipovpuev, on coairep rjpbels fu/cpol ovres io~diop,ev adpKa? 
erepa? TroXXds, olov ftocov, ^oipcov, Kal erepcov Siacfiopcov, Kal C 
ireretvooVy Kal l%6v(OV, Kai irerrropueva av^ovai ro rjpL&repov acopLa, 

1. SOvavrat L 2 m. 3. &i>a<TTp€<pofi4vovs tov icbfffiov LSm. 5. SiaXiJovrai 

LSm. 11. avaicaiplfovTos LSm. 15. o~a\evon£v<# ora. LSm. 17. Tovroom. 
LSm. 22. crdao), <f>r)<rlv Lm. 23. 'in om. Lm. 32. tovto LSm. 

22. Hag. ii. 6. 


/at) /jLeTaftaXkofievov, fjurjre aXXo avrl aXXov yivofievov, aXXd fievei 


waa'XpvTGiv, /cat, t&v r/fjuerepcov crcofidrcov iv toi? GTOiyelois dva- 
XvdevTcov, pqBicos Kivrjaet tlvI ra<; IBeas d7rofca6t,<TTa,fievas dv iBois, 
oia/cptvofievas virb ttJ? dela? Bwdfieox;. wairep yap ^oovtcov tj/jlcov 5 
ov fiera/SoWerac airb t?)? to>v erepcov KOivcovias, tov ®eo£) ovtco 
oiaralja/jLevov, ovto)<; koI TeXevTcovTow, ev^epGys virb ttjs avrov 
ovvd/jL6(o<; BiaKpivbfieva aoo^erat dnb 7-779 el$ erepov /j,eTaj3oXf)$. 
bpa Be irdXtv, davfidaie, tov ^ KnroaToXov ovpaviovs dvOpcoirovs teal 
D iTTLyeiOVS XeyOVTa Kal «s ec}>opeo-ap.ev, <j)r)0~lv, ri\v eixova tov xoiKOVf 1° 
TOVT60~TtVy TOV 'ABdfl T7}V 6vr)T0T7)Ta f KCU TTJV dadiv€l(LV, KOI TTJV 
<f>UOpav, <|>op€(rw}A€V Kal t^jv tuKova tov kirovpaviov, TOVTe&TlV, TOV TTpoXa- 

fiovTos Kal dveXObvTos, tjBtj iv tois ovpavots etc T779 t&v vetepcov 
avao-Tao~€(0<i, Xeyco Brj tov XpiaTov /caTa aaptca tov yevofievov 
BvvaTov Kal d<j>0dpTOv, Kal ddavaTov Kal BeBofjaa/juevov, Kal r)p,€i<; 15 
o/jlomds a\)T<p ovpdvioi ytvo/ievoi. KaXcos Be Kal to, ecpopcVauev, 77877 

€L7T(OV, Kat TO, <|>OpHra>U€V, tt>? TToXlV €7Tt (XeXXoVTO^ TTpoeiTTCOV* Bid 

tovto irdXtv yeyrfdws Kal dyaXXo/Jbevos KeKpayev "Orav 8£ to <|>6apT6v 
tovto IvSvo-iyrai d<j>9apo-£av, Kal to Ovtjtov tovto ivSvo-ijTai d6avao~Cav, totc 
356 A yev^crerai 6 Xo'-yos 6 ■yc-ypap.p.evos, Kanir6Qr\ 6 «ts vikos. ttov o-ov, 20 
OdvaTE, to vikos; ttov o-ov, <jL8i], to Kevrpov; ivcl enrrj A.<f>avr)<; yevr)o~€Tai 
KaTairodels o OdvaTos, ttjs £g)77<? vTrepvtKGoar/s iv rj/xiv. Bed tovto 
fiorjacofiev, TLov aov iaTiv y OavaTe, r) virep-qtyavla ; Kal o~ov, aBrj, 
to KpaTos ; Xolttov aTroBLBoyat, to oXov tg3 (£)e&) Bid tov XpiaTov 
olKOVOfJL7)dev, Kat (f>7]0~iv Tw 8e 0€(3 \dpis tm 8i86vti tjuiv to vikos, 8toL tov 25 
Kvpfov T)p.d.v 'Iijo-ov Xpio-Tov iva eliry TavTrjv ttjv vlktjv ttjv Kara tov 
OavaTov, tt)v Bod tov ^KpiaTov, iBcoptfo-aTo rjfilv 6 twv oXcjv ©eo?, 
a> TrpeireL B6i;a y Kal evyapicrTia Bta wavTos. dpurfv. ovBev eTepov 
Kal tovtols ypd\fra<>, el /jlt) direp Kal tois i£ 'lovBalcov yeypd^rjKev, 
otl e'/c tt}? KaTao-Taaecos TavTijs ttj<$ iTTLKrjpov, iwl ttjv /neXXovaav 30 
B fjueTepx°l J ' e 6 a > TovTecrTO tov ovpdvtov y&pov, bv Kal KaXel ftaaiXeiav 
ovpavwv, co? fiacrtXevovTcov rjfjbwv KaTa twv irad&v, Kal ttjs <f>6opa<;, 
Kal tov OavaTOV, Kal iv iljaipeTtp %(opL(p alwvlcp Kal dpfioBla) 

1. avraXov V 1 , dj/r' &\\ov V 2 . 4. etdois V. r2. <f>opt<rofiev V2S 1 , et sic 

infra. 18. &n^y ayev m. 19. a<pdap<riai> — ivdOarjrai om. LS- 21. to pikos — 

qStj om. m. 23. ^orqcofiev V '. 27. tov] + 'Itjctov m. 

10. 1 Cor. xv. 49. 18. 1 Cor. xv. 54, 55. 25. 1 Cor. xv. 57. 


BtayovTcav, b Kal fieTaa^fiaTi^o^ievoi oltto <j)6opa<; els d<j)6apcriav, 

Tovto yap Kal dvcoTepco eTreo-rjfirjvaTO 6 ' Attoo-toXos iv tg5 Kara 
tov kokkov tov ctltov VTroBelyfiaTc, co? oti m apaBeiy fiai i (j)6apT(p 
5 7T/do<? d<f)0apo~lav ij^prja-aTO Xeycov M^ vop,iar)Te tovtg> Kara irdvTa 
6fjboL(o<; eyeiv to, virohetypLara' tovto ydp vpZv Xeyco, oti €tl 0vrj- 
tovs rjjJLas virdpypvTas r) TpeiTTovs {tovto yap Xeyet, alfia Kal 
o-dp/ca), dvevBeKTOV io~Tiv KXrjpovofielv /3ao~t,Xeiav ovpavcov, el fir/ 
Trp&Tov etc veKpGiv d(f>0apTOi, teal dOdvaToi, Kal aTpeiTToi dvaaTO)- C 
io fjuev. dXXa Kal 6 Kvpios tcS avT(p v7roBeiyp,aTi i^prja-aTO, 6Ve 
Ttves tcov 'JLXXtjvwv irapeKaXeaav tov ^lXlttitov Bel%ai avTols tov 
'Irjaovv, irpbs bv 6 ILvpios dirayyeiXavTa dire$r]vaTo Xeycov 'Edv 
pvf) 6 kokkos tov o-Ctov ireo-»v els t-^jv yfjv diroBdvg, avVos p.6vos \l(vh' edv 8e 
diroOavTj, iroXvv Kapirov <pepei, Xva eiirrj, tl fxe ftovXovTai vvv IBelv, 

I 5 OUTOJ? 6p<£>fA€VOV €VKaTa<f>pOV7]TOV, ft)? KOKKOV fJLOVOV CTITOV Virdp- 

yovTa; el fir) ydp airoOdva) go? kokkos, Kal dvao~Tco go? a , Tayys i 
tbpaioSy a<f)6apTOS, Kal dOdvaTos, Kal aTpeiTTos yevo/xevos, Kal iv 
to> ovofiaTL fjuov Bvvdfieis Kal o~7)/j,ela yevrjacovTai, ov yvcbaovTai 
tt]v rj/ieTepav Bvvafiiv T€ Kal Bofjav. o/jlolcds Kal 'Icodvvr/s 6 Ba7r- 

20 TLCTTrj<; irepl tov JiLvpuov BtaXeyofievos, Kal airevBcov Beiijai avTov 
iv ttj fieXXovorr) KaTaaTaaei xpiTr/v tov iravTos ovTa, tg3 KaTa tov D 
aiTOv viroBelyfiaTi Kal avTos i^prjcraTo, Kal (frr/aw ovtcos, 05 rd 
tttvov ev T|j X €l P^ o.vrov, Ka ^ SiaKaGapici t^v dXuva avTou, Kal o-vva£ei tov piv 
oriTov ets xf|V diroO'fJKijv, to 8e d^vpov KaraKavo-ci trvpl ao-peo-Tu). rjVlKa Be 

25 Kal Trpbs avTOvs tou? ' RXXr/vas diroTeivo/jLevos iv 'AOrjvats 6 
YlavXos iv too 'Apetft) irdyw, tI cfyrjacv ; "AvSpcs 'AB^vaioi, KaTd irdvTa 
ws 8ci<ri8aip.oveo-Tepovs vp,ds 0€u>pa>. Sicp^op^evos ydp, Kal dvaOewpuv r6 crcBda-- 
p.ara vip-wv, evpov Kal pcouov 4v <5 cire'y^pci'TTo, 'A-yvwo-Tta 0€(S. 8v ovv a7VoovvT€S 
€vo-6p€iT€, tovtov iya KaTayye'XXft) vp.iv. 6 0eos 6 iroi^jo-as tov koo-uov Kal 

30 irdvTa Ta ^v avTw, ovtos ovpavov Kal yr\<$ virdp^wv Kvpios, ovk iv x €l P ' ir o , '^TOi.s 357 A 
vaois KaroiKCi, ov8i ijiro yeiptav dvOpwirwv GepaireveTai, Trpoor8€6p.€v6s tivos, avros 
8i8ovs irdo-i j^co^v Kal irvo^v KaTa irdvTa. iiroCi]or€V T6 l£ evos irdv ^Gvos 

1. 8 om. LSm. d^dapatav] + Kal V. 4. t6v om. m. 5. roOro V 1 !, 2 , 

oOrw S 1 . 6. Tra.padeiyfxa.Ta LSm. ^rt om. LSm. 7. u/xas V. 15. /xivoj' 

ws /c6/c/cox/ LSm. 16. 6 i° om. m. 18. oi5] + /A7j LSm. 23. /^ey om. V^. 

24. o-troi'] + ai)rou m. 29. /ca7a; L. KarayeXoi VL 1 . 30. Kiyptos 

vvapxuv m. 32. TTfoV /cai fw^ m. Kara] Kal ra m. ^ evbs] + atLiaros m, 

^ aiw^os LS. 

12. John xii. 24. 22. Matt. iii. 12. 26. Acts xvii. 22 — 31. 


avGpcoTrcov Ka-roiKciv 4irl irdv to irpotrairov ttjs yf\S, 6pfrras irpoT€Ta'ya4vovs Kcupous, 
Kal tcIs opoQeo-ias rfjs KaToiK^as avTwv £tjt«Iv tov 0€dv, cl apa 7* \)ri]Xa<p^(rci€V 
avTov ^ cvpotcVj kcutoi ov p.aKpdv dir6 ivds IkcLo-tov tjluov virdpxovTa. iv atn-to 
"ydp £top.€v Kal Kivovp.e0a Kal tcrpiv, cos KaC tivcs t<3v Ka6' vjias TroiTjTaJv clp^Kacriv * 
tov yap Kal ylvo? to-piv. ye'vos ovv VTrdp\0VT€S tov 0€ov, ovk d4>aXopev vou^civ tj 
B XP V0 "k?> ^ cLp-yvp(tp, ^ \i8tu, xapayuan TfyyT|s Kal 4v0vp.fjcr€us dvOpuirov, to 0eiov 
etvai opotov. tovs ji^v ovv XP 0V0V S ttjs ayvofas vTT€pi8e&v 6 ©cos Ta vvv Trapa^ - 
•ye'XXei TrdcrLV avOpwTTOLs iravTaxov [i€Tavo€tv, Ka86n ^o-rrjo-cv Tjpepav, 4v -g piXXa 
KpCv€LV tJjv oIkovu4vt]v 4v SuKaLocriJVT] 4v avSpl cS topicre, ttCo-tiv irapao-xciv iraonv, 
dvao-Tt^o-as aiWdv 4k v€Kpwv, ovBev efcros Kai tovtoi? etTrcov, wv 7rpcor)v 10 
tois TTMJTevGaaiv e£ 'lovBai&v Kal 'YiXXrjvcov elirev, otl ©eo<? 
direpiypa^o^ virdpyjav /cat iravToBvvafJio*;, ov rjyeipev etc veKpcov 
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fievrjv iv 8iKatoo~vvr) y avTov 6pl<ra<; KpiTrjv tov iravro^. 

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SeicriSaLpovLas, 6 T€ TiavXo? Kai Ol IovBaiOl } Kal ircpf tivos 'Itjo-ov t€0vtjk6tos, 

2. ^rjTTJffat m. Kirpiov m. \prj\a<p-f)<jeiav LSm. 3. 1)] ego, el V, Kal LSm. 
tcalToiye m. 6. XP va< f % dpyfyy LSm. 8. rots avdpwirois irdai LSm. 8i6tl m. 
10. elprjK&s LSm. 13. Kpivat m. 17. irapadidovs — axupuv om. V. 20. Kal 

om. m. 23. ir&\iv] + <pT)<Tl LSm. 25. ^repoij + oi/ V 2 . 30. 5n)y)j(T6/JLevos 

LSm. 31. ^rp-^/Mara LSm. 

15. Eph. i. 20. 20 — 26. Acts xvii. 18, 19, 32. 31. Acts xxv. 19. 


ov &|>ao-K€v 6 IlavXos £tjv. eiriTpairel^ irap avrwv 6 IlauXo? fiera irap- 
pricrias \afiirpa rf} <pcovrj ifioa Ilepl i^s IXirCSos l-yKaXovnai viro 'IovSaCwv, 
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pap-rupopevos p-iKpcp T€ Kal ue^dXa), ov8ev cktos Xe'-ywv, <5v T€ ol irpotpfjTai 
eXdXt](rav peXXovroov "yCveo~0ai, Kal Macros. el iraO^ros 6 Xpio-Tos, el -irpwTOS 
ef- dvaordo-ews veKpcSv, <}>a3s p-^XXet KaTav-yAXeiv ti3 tc Xau», Kal rots evVecriv. 
ofiolcos ttglKlv Kal avTOL? rots airla-Toi^ 'IouSatot?, 7rap avrSiv 

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egeXlgaTo tovs iraTepas Vjp.iov, Kal tov Xa6v vt|/cocrev ev Tff irapoiKCa ev yf 
AtvvirTca, Kal p,€Td ppa\£ovos vxJ/tjXov e^-yaYev avVovs Ig avVfjs, Kal <5s Teo-crapa- 
KOVTaeTfj \povov eTpoTrotpopTjcrev avTovs ev ttj epfjutp. Kal KaOeXwv <£Qvr\ euro* 4v B 

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KOVTa. Kal |xeTa ravra e'SwKev Kpvrds tws 2apovf)X irpocp^JTov. KaKeiOev tjttjo-civto 
pacnXe'a, Kal e'Stoxev avTols tov SaovX vtov Kls, dvSpa eK cpvXfjs err) 
T€o*o-apaKOVTa. Kal p.eTacrT^jo-as avTOv rfyeipev tov AavlS avTOis els PatriXea, to 
Kal etirev jiapTvp^joras, Evpov AavlS tov tov 'Iecal, dvSpa Kara T-fjv KapSCav fiov, 

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eirayyeXCav f-yaYev tw 'Icrpa^X a-cuT-qpiav, TrpoKTjpvgavTOS 'Iwdvvov irpo irpoctoirov 
Tfjs eUr68ov avTov pdirTitrp.a peTavoCas iravTl tw Xa<5 'Io-pa'fjX. ws 8e eirX'/jpov C 
'Iwdvviis tov 8p6(tov, e^e-yev, T£ epe virovoevre etvat ; ovk el(Jil eyci, dXX* l8ov 
^p\€Tat peT 1 epe, ov ovk elpl d|ios to v7r68T|pa tcov ttoSwv Xvo-at. dvSpes 

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Tfjs o-wTT]p£as TavT-qs elaireo-TaXi]. 01 ydp KaToiKovvTes £v 'Iepovo-aX^ii, Kal 01 
dp\ovTes avTtov, tovtov d'yVo'/jo-avTes, Kal Tas <|)(i)vds tcov irpo<|>T|TcSv, Tds KaTd 
irav SdppaTov avaYLvwo-Kope'vas, KpCvavTes eirXT)p(ao-av. Kal p-r|8ep^av alTfav 
OavaTov eiSpovTes, 'pTyjo'avTO dvaipedfjvai avTov. cos 8e iTe^eo-av irdvTa tA irepl 

30 avTov ■ye'ypapp.eva, KaBeXovTes diro tov ^vXov, '<lQr\Kav els pvrjpelov" 6 8e 0eds 

2. iyKahovfxat, /3acrtXeO 'Ayplirwa, vtrb tQv 'Iov$alo)V m. 3. Kpiverai 7rap' vfilv m. 
4. /jl€ Sura om. m. 5. vapa m. 6. fiaprvpotifxevos m. 8. re om. m. 

12. ti\f/(i)<rev om. V. 13. Afyt57rry] + oOs LS. 15. KaTa.Kk7)po86TT]<reu 

aureus m. 16. /cal Atera ravra superius ante cus transp. m. Sa^tovTjX] + toO m. 

17. ai)rois] + 6 Gees LSm. /xevia/xlv LS, (3epia/j.i}v V 1 . 18. a&rots r6y 

Aavio m. e/s jSaaiX^a om. m. 21. ijyeipe m. Swr^pa 'I^croui' m. 

22. ^TrXiypou] + 6 m. 23. rlva p.€ m. 25. v/uv m. 26. TaiJr^s om. LS. 

dire<TTdX?7 m. 29. ^r^(ravro] + IIiXdTov LSm. dVavra m. 

2. Acts xxvi. 7, 8. 4. Acts xxvi. 21 — 23. 10. Acts xiii. 16 — 41.. 


D TJ-ycipcv avTov U vcKpuv' 8s u$Qr\ lirl ^pas irXcfovs tois <rvvavapdo-iv avT<£ 
airo tt^s TaXtXaCas ets 'Iepouo-aX^ix, o'invts vvv eto-i udpTvpes avTov irpds tov 
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oti Tavnjv 6 0€ds €K7r€irX^jpuK€ tois Wkvois avVcov rjutv, dvao-Wjous 'Itjo-ovv, «Js 
iv t<£ 4/aXp.cJ •yfypairrai tu p', Yios pov «t o-v, ly^ o-Vjfwpov Ycy^vvuKa <re. on 5 

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€l'pT]K6v, oti Aco<r» vuiv tcL oo-ia AavtB Ta iriord. 810 Kal Iv IWpcp X^-yci Ov 

8a)tr€Ls t6v ootlov o-ov ISciv 8ia<f>0opdv. Aavl'8 ucv ydp I8fa -yev€<£ virqpeHjo-as 

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8ia(j>0opav* 8v 8i 6 ®€os rfyeipev, ovk etSev 8ia<|>6opdv. yvwo-rov ovv vpiv &rrw, IO 
av8pes d5e\<j>ol, on Sid tovtov a<f>€o~is dp.apnwv KaTayy^XXcTai, diro irdvTaiv cov 
ovk ■#|8vvVj0Tp'€ iv vop.o) Mwcrews 8iKcuw0f|vai, Iv tovt<i> was 6 irio-Tevwv Sikcuovtcu. 
pXe-ir€T€ ovv p,^| lirlXO'g l(|>' vjxds to elpTjulvov Iv rots irpo<j>^JTats "I8€T€, ot KttTa- 
$povT\ra\ } Kal Oav|ido-aTE, Kal d^avfrrOijTe, on 2p-yov ep-yd£ l-yw Iv Tais 
T)p.€pai.s vu»v, » ov p/fj irwrT€vo-T)T€, lav tis iKSiTyyiJTai vp.iv. Kai tovtoi? 15 
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baa tols aXXois irpoeLprjKe, OdvaTOV, dvdaTaaiv, Kal ftaaiXelav 
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aTjfjLeuois re Kal ripaat Kal Bvvdfieaiv, ot? iiroiovv avros re Kal 
TrdvTes 01 dirocrrokoi evavrlov 'JLWijvayv re Kal 'Yovhalcov, Tnar&v 20 
Kal dirlaroyv, €tl re Kal Trpopptjaeai, Kal eKpdcreai /3e/3aioi)v avTOvs 
iv Traaiv, airep virep^aivei tov Kocrfxov tovtov, os Kal lKava>o-6v avrovs, 
Ka6o)<i ypd<j)€C II aOXo?, 8iaKovovs Kaivr^s Aia6^Kt)S, ov ypappaTos, dXXd 
irvevaaros * to *ydp 7pdp.p.a diroKT^vvci, tA 8e 7rv€v|ia ^woiroiei, iva 6L7T7), EiK 
tov ®€ov iyevo/jueOa iKavol Bia twv o-r}fiei(ov tov dyiov Wvevfiaro^, 25 
€t? to irelQeiv TOiavTa Si$do~KOVT€<;. BiaKOVovs yap qp,a<; o ®eo? 
KaTeaTrjaev tt)? Kat^i}? Kal ^(ooirotov At,a6i]Kr)S, ov tov iraXatov 
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aXXa t?7? Bvvdfiecos ttjs fooTroiov, tovt&ctti, tov dylov Uvev/xaTOS' 
BOev ttoXlv Xeyei 'tis p.^| Ipxo^'vov Si p.ov irpds v|i.ds, l<j>vo-iw0T)o-dv tiv«s. 30 

■i. vvv om. m. 4. ireirX^puKe L. avrwv ijfuv] i}fiuv LS- ws] + «alLSm. 

5. r<fj /3' yiypairrat m. 6. els 8ia<pdopav LSm. 10. 8v—dia(pdop&v om. S 1 . 

6 om. m. ?ittw ufuv Lm. 11. tovtov] + vyXv m. KaTayy4\\erai] + kuI m. 

12. <bi°] + T<£m. diKatoviai ovrai V. 14. iyw tpydfrfiai m. 15. <£] fi VLS. 
18. ir&vTa WS. 23. icada LSm. 24. airotcTevei V, diroKTelvet m. 

28. davaTovv LS, ^dyaTOJ/ m. 29. 5w(£/A€WS t^s] Swd^ews (om. t^s) m, 5. 

tov LS 1 (?). 30. Aiou de V. 

22. 2 Cor. iii. 6. 30- x Cor - iv - l8 » x 9- 





IXcvcropai 8e raxe'^s, lav 6 Kvpios GcXrjo-fl, Kal -yvoacropai ov t6v \6yov twv 
7TC<{>vo-ia>|i4vcov, aXXd rfjv 8uvap.iv. ov "yap ev X6-ya> rj (3ao-i.Xeia tov 0€ov, aXX' 
Iv Swapa, «/a et7r?7, OTt rrdvra Xoyov virepftalvei 6 Xoyos rr)s 
jSaaiXeias rcov ovpavcov, Kal fxdrjjv <pvacovrai rives, Bid Xoyov 
5 avvicrrav ireipoafievoi. /jlovov yap d^ioiricrros ecrriv etc rr)s Bvvd- 
fiecos rov dylov Hvevfiaros Kal rcov etj avrov irapaKoXovOovvrcov 

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ravra fiev irepl rovrcov. rives Be Xeyovcriv /at) elvai ev rco koct\lco 
roifs dyyeXovs, aU' ev rco dvcorepco Kal ovpavico yo&pto' rrpbs ov? 
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el p-^i 6 ck tov ovpavov Ka/rapas, 6 Ylos tov dvGpwirov, 6 aiv Iv tu ovpavw, 
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dvcorepov yjiopov, el fir) tov Aeairorrjv ILpitrrov. 6 Be dirocrroXos D 

20 TIavXos <f)r)criv ©iarpov €Y€v/j0T]p.€v t<S Koo-p.0)' Kal o~r)/j,aivcov riva 
Xeyei koct/jlov, eirrjyayev, dyylXois Kal dvGpwirois, iva eiirrj Hapa 
rrdvrcov cbs ev Oedrpco QecopovfxeQa ev rcoBe rco %<w/)&>, Xeyco Br}, 
dyyeXcov Kal dvdpcoircov, cos ev evl X^PV dvrcov 'rrdvrcov rovrcov 
re KaKeivcov. eira rraXiv, 'H -yap diroKapa8oK(a ttjs kt£o-£«s t^jv diroKa- 

25 Xv»J/iv twv vlwv tov 0cov dir€K8lx€Tai, Kai <bo~avei rivos avrco diropovvros 

Kal Xeyovros Tivos X^P lv V Tl ^"oiovcra ravrr)v direKBexerai ; eirrj- 364 A 
yayev /cat <f)r)o~iv Ttf 7ap p-aTaioT^Tt i\ ktCo-is vircTa^T] ov\ eKovo-a, iva 
eiirr}, Ev r<p KocrfMp rovrco rS (j>6apro) Kal rperrrco, — ravrrjv yap 
KaXei fjiaraiorrjra, — eKeXevo~6r)crav KaO* VTrorayrjv rov ©eoO ol 

30. dyyeXoi BovXeveiv Kal aKovres ' evrevdev yivooaKO/xev Bid rov ov\ 
iKovo-a, on irepi XoyiKcov Xeyei, Kal vojmos avrols earlv ovros. 

1. rax^ws] + x/)6s v/xas LSm. 4. (pvaiuvTcu m. 5. fibvos m. 8. el] 

rj LSm. 9. 6s om. LS. dXX' ddwarel V 2 , dXXd abvparel S, d\Xi ei/duvareT L 1 . 

12. Kal ovpav l(p om. LSm. 17. avdp&wov] GeoO Lm. 18. drjXdJaaaaV. 

19. fir)] + airbv LSm. 27. naTaidrrjTa] + y LSm. 29. rov oin. LS. 

ol ayyeXoi om. LSm. 30. tou] to LSm. 31. icrrlv airoh LSm. 

8. 2 Cor. xiii. 3. t6. John iii. 13. 20. 1 Cor. iv. 9. 

24. Rom. viii. 19. 27. Rom. viii. 20. 


'FriTTco, (j>7)<rlv 6 aTTop&v Kal 7TW9 TrdXiv SovXevovaiv, vvv ki- 
vovvres iravra; * AwotcpLverai ' Nat, <f>r}alv, oaov fjuev 7rpo<? to 
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rjvei^ovTO SovXeveiv Kal irovuv virep tj/jlcov €ti fiaraico^. dXXa, 
<j>rjo~lv, Sid tov viroTafjavTa eV iXwlSi, tovto Xeycov, oti iXirlSa 5 
Ttva SeScoKev avTols 6 @eo? eaeaOal ti yjpr\cri\iov fi€Ta ^povov 

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povvTai tov dav&Tov teal ttj<; <j)6opa<; Kal twv fiaTalcov tovtcov, 
teal diroXrf'^rovTai ttjv iXirlSa tov ®eov tcai ttjv So^av tt)v aitrois io 
dirotceifjLevrjv. Sid tovto iirrjveyKev "Oti Kal auTfj fj kt£o-is eXevOepw- 
0^|<r€Tai diro Tfjs SovXcCas Tfjs <f>8opds «ts tJ)v IXcvOepfav Tfjs 86(-tjs twv- t^kvwv 
tov 0€ov* Kal iraXiv eTepcoOl <j)r)0~lV Ou\l irdvTes clo-lv XeiTovp-yiicd irvev- 
jxaTa, els SiaKovCav diro<TT€XX6|j.cva 8id totjs fitXXovTas KXT]povop.€iv <rwrt\pCav ; 
wdvTa? 6/jlov eiTrwv et? Siatcovia<s TeTayfievovs to)v dvOpcoTrcov, &><? 15 
a/xa avTols ovtcov els tov jfopov tovtov Kal 7rdXiv } "Iva Yvwpio-0fj 
vvv Tais dp\ats Kal rals «f;ovo-£ais 8id Tfjs *EKKXi]o-Cas fj iroXvirofraXos tov ©€ov 

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Kal iraiSevofievov^ elirev €K tqjv KaTa tov dv0pco7rov oikovo/jiov- 
fievcov. to yap elireiv, 8id Tfjs 'EicicXijo-Cas, Sia to>v dvdpcoTrcov 20 
TrpoSrjXca*; iatffjiavev. 

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dirb t>)? yfjs ea>9 tov ovpavov KXifjuaKa, TavTt)<$ Se eirl Kopv<f>f}<; 
ia-TWTa tov ©eoi/ Kal tou? dyyeXov? dvafiaivovTas Kal KaTa- 
ftaivovTas eir avTrj^s' dvaftalvovTas irpoTepov bpdv eSo%€V, Kal 25 
ovtco KaTaftaivovTas. eiTa Kal iraXiv 6 avTos iOecoprjaev irXrido*; 
dyyeXcov, 0^? Kal TrapefifioXrjv ©eou eKaXeaev. o/xot&)9 M«wcr^9 
Svo fjuev ovpavwv ifjLV7)fi6v€vo-ev fxovcov yevofjueveoVy Xiyco Srj tov iv 
&PXV avv T V YV yevofievov, Kal tov f3' tov iv ttj ff r)pipq yeyovoTos, 
ov Kal aTep€Q)/j,a KaXel. 6/AOta)? Se Kal auTO? iroXXaKis Kal ttj 30 
"Ayap, Kal to 'Affpaap,, Kal tS A&t, Kal avTw tw 'Ia«:a>/i?, Kal 

1. 8ov\ei5[a]ovai m. 3. 'Addfiov m. 4. 2tl superius ante 5ov\e6eiv transp. 
LSm. 5. \£y(a m. 8. iXevdepQvrai V 2 LSm. 10. diroX^wvTaL LS 2 m. 

12. Tfjs <p6opas om. m. vluv m. 13. everepwdi V. 15. BuxkovUv m. 

16. ovras L 2 m. 17. £];ov<rlais] + £p rots iwovpavlois m. 18. atiroi/s iurauda 

LSm. 20. r$ L 2 S. 25. bpav ?8o%€i>] '48ei& Lm. 26. Kal om. LSm. 

27. 9eo0 om. LSm. 28. ifivri/j.6peve m. 

11. Rom. viii. 21. 13. Hebr. i. 14. 16. Eph. iii. 10. 

17 — 2 


eTepov? dyyeXov? StaKovrjcrafievov? Xeyei ev tS %&>/og> tovtg). tcai J) 
ev rfj jjLeydXrj Be coBrj ovtco? (ftrjcrlv, Ev<J>pdv0T]T€, ovpavol, aua avVcS, Kal 
irpoo-Kvvi]<raTa)(rav avTu> ttovtcs a^cXoi 0cov, fieTa TOV? ovpavov? €L7T(t)V 
tov<; dyyeXov? iv r<p %w/5w tovtw' oOev iTriavvfjyjrev, Ev<|>pdv0T)T€, 
5 20vij, p.€Ta tov Xaov avTov, irdXtv tov? iv avrS to> %&>/>&> elir&v ofjbolco? 
fcai o Aav'l'B too ctkottw Mg>i>ct€<w? aKoXovdwv, Kai avTO? fiera tov 
Maxrea yevofievo? irpo(f)rjTr}? y Biatpwv rd re iv to?? ovpavol? Kal 
tcl ewi tt)? yv)?, ovtco <$>r}criv Alvcfrre tov Kvpiov Ik twv ovpavaiv, alveiTe 
avVdv 4v tois vx|/£o"tois. aivciTe avTov, irdvTes oi dyycXot avTov* alv€iTe avVov, 

io iratrai al 8wdp.eis avTov* aKoXovOco? diro tov aTepeco/jLaTO? Kal tov 365 A, 
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dyyeXov? y tov? avTov? ecTrcbv /cal BvvdfieL?. Xolitov irdXtv tcl a/jua 
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Kal to 4»cSs. etc tovtov dvarpeyet el? tov dvd)T€pov ycopov, Kai <f>r)aiv 

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ovpavov. ovpavov ovpavov KaXeaa? tov irpa>TOV, b? ovpavo? io~Ttv 
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elprjKw? y evBrjXo? io~Tiv elBob? Ta irpoTepa vrrroKaTco. 

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aiwva, Kal ets r6v aluva tov alwvos' -n-poora-yud €0eTo, Kal ov 7rapeXcvo-€Tai.. 
eiTa Xonrbv peTepyeTaL Kal irepl ttjv yrjv, Kal Xeyet irdvTa tcl ev 

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avOpoyirov €Ta%ev Kal irdXiv eyKekeveTai Xeycov Alveo-aTuo-av to 
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Xolttov tcl irdvTa crvvdirTev Xeycov 'H €go|ioX67T]<ris avVoii €irl -y*js Kal 
ovpavov, dfia hrjXdycras oti Kal eaayOev yr)s Kal ovpavov elaiv irdvTa. 

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iiroti\a-iv 6 0«3s t^v ovpavov Kal T-fjv "yfjv, Kal irdvTa Ta Iv avVois. €TL <j)ave- 
pcoTepov SriXwaas irdvTas tov? dyyeXov? eocoOev ovTa? ovpavov 
Kal 7779, Kal irepiypafo/jLevov? vir aitTcov. Iti ttoXlv ev eTeptp C 

5. afcy om. LSm. x^v] + toi5tv LS. 22. iiro^drjaav m. 27. 6Vt— 

Xtyuv om. V. 29. SrjXiba as] + (hs LSm. 30. atfrds] + <fv m. <bs om. Lm. 

2. Deut. xxxii. 43. 8. Ps. cxlviii. 1,2. 13. Ps. cxlviii. 3. 

15, 17. Ps. cxlviii. 4. 21. Ps. cxlviii. 5, 6. 25. Ps. cxlviii. 13. 

30. Ex. xx. 11. 


\e7efc o A auto, 'EktcCvuv t6v ovpavov «<rel Se'ppiv, 6 <rriyal<u>v Iv vScuriv 

T& tnrepwa avTOV, <Ta<£<W9 7T€pi TOt) aT€p€QJfiaTO<t eilTODV, G>9 TOL^LV 

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7«p Kvpiws /eaXovvTcu ret dvcoOev aKeirovra tt)v aKrjvrjv, eire Ifidria 
eiev, €iT€ airo Tpiy&v. elra hriGvvdirTei teal <j>r)(riv 6 ti8«Is v6j>tj t^v 5 
err(paa-iv atiTov, 6 TrcpiiraTrav cirl Trrtpvywv dvc'pwv, 6 iroiwv toiJs ayyiXovs chJtov 
irvcvuara, Kal tovs XciToup-yovs avTOv irupds ^Xo-ya. 7ra\ii/ 0L7T0 TOV o~T€- 
peco/zaTo? €7rt Ta Kara) v€<f>G>v Kal dvifioyv fjLvrjfiovevaa?, imjya/yev 
o/uov eivai Kal tow; dyyiXovs, rot»9 avTov? Kal \eiTOVpyov<; Ka\eaa<;. 
Kai TavTa fiev o Aavt'B. fieTeXOcofJiev Br) Kal eVt tov fieyaXocjyvec- io 
D TaTov AavtrjX tov 7rpo<f>rJTr)v. tl (f>rjaiv gk irpoao^irov tov vfivov 
TO)v Tpicov iraiBcov ; EvXo-ycitc, iravTa to, 2pya KvpCov, toV Kvpiov. €vXoy€it€, 
ovpavoi, tov Kvpiov. cvXo-yeiTe, ayycXoi KvpCov, tov Kvptov. evXo^eire, vSaTa 
iravra to, lirdva> tov ovpavov, t6v Kvpiov. Kai avTO<$ (JL€Ta TOU9 OVpavQVS T(OV 
ayyeXcov fLvrjfjLovevo'as, fir) KaTa\i7ra)v Be dfivrjfiovevTa Kal Ta iiravG) 15 
tov ovpavov ovTa vBaTa' ttj aKoXovOia iraKiv xprjo-dfievo?, dve- 
\a/3ev tov \6yov, Kal €K t&v viroKCbTcoOev BevT€p(bcra<; TOU9 dyyeXovs, 
Bvvd/iet,<; avTov? i^elwev, iv ols iiria-vvrj^ev rfkiov Kal o-eXtjvrjv, Kal 
ao~Tpa, Kal ofiftpovs, Kal Bpocrovs, Kal avifiovs, fcal irvp Kal ^u%09, 
368 A Kal Kavfia, Kal ve<f>e\a<;, Kal vi<j>eTov<?, Kal aaTpaTra,?, Kal trdvTa Ta 20 
irepl tov depa Kal tcl vBaTa Kal Trjv yrjv. eirofievo*; tS tc Aav'l'B 
Kal toj Ma)t/a-$ vaTepov Kal airro9 to. irepl tov dvOpwirov ecprjKev, 
Si bv to, irpoTepa irdvTa yeyovaaiv. avvSecr/jLO? yap rt9 <&v 6 
avOpcoTTOS Trdarj? tt)<; KTia-ea)^ Kal ivkyypov (j>i\ia<;, if; dvdyKt)^ 
irdvTa Ta irpo€tpr)jjbeva Trepte^ei KaTa Tiva dvaXoylav. ev yap 25 
eiprjTaL irapa to?9 eijcodev fiiKpbs Kocrybos o av6payiro$. 

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ctto\ol, aefJLVOTaTfp j3l<p KaTaKeKoa-fiTj/juevoc, Kal TrapaBeSo&KOTe*; 
eavTOVS virep tt)9 evcrefSeias fivpLOi? 7ra0rj/j,acriv Kal davaTOLS, 
Kada yeypaiTTai, *f2v ovk ^v agios 6 Koo-pos, €tl Se Kal irapdSo^a 30 
wdpjTroKXa \6ya> fir) v7ro/3a\\6/j,€va, Kal Svvd/j,ei<; ttoikiXov? ipya- 
crdfjLevoi, Kal irapa %zov Ixavoi yevofievoi eh to htBd^at Kal Treiaat 

vs. iv T&fa LSm. 3. Stfpis L l S 2 , dttfeis L 2 m. 5. 6 TiBeU] dels m. 

7. irvedfia S 1 . 10. de m. 12. Ktipiov] + i/xveire Kal {/wepvif/ovre avrbv 

els roi/5 alupas m. 13. ei\oye?re, dyyeXoi — tov Ktipiov (1. 14) om. m. 14. virepavb) 
LS. 23. rd fftivSefffios S (in ras.). wv Kal ivtxvpov <j>. icavros rod k6<t/j.ov 6 

avO. LSm. 26. I£w LSm. 31. iroiKlXas L 2 m. 

1. Ps. civ. 2, 3. 5. Ps. civ. 9. 12. Dan. iii. 57 — 59. 30. Hebr. xi. 38. 


/cat 7repLV0(TT7](Tai> tt)V vir ovpavbv, Kal eXKvaai Trdvra ra edvq B 
eh tt}v evaejSeiav, irepl twv tolovtcov Bvo tcaraaTaaeoav etprjKao-iv, 
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ayyeXayv Kal dvOpwircov e^elnrov, Kal tov dvwTepov %cbpov o/jlolq)<; 
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vavro. iroiav ovv diroXoyiav e^ovaiv ol ire7rXao~ fievot Xpio~Tiavoi, 
ol TOUTOt? irdcriv diricrTovvTes, Kal KaraXvecrdai XeyovTe? tov$ 
ovpavoi)?, ev ols r) /3e/3aia teal /jlovl/jlo? Kal dKard\vTO<$ r}p>(ov ekirls 
Tvyyavei, rj irapa tov ®eov r\p!iv diroKei/jLevr} ; irepl 779 /3oa 6 

10 IlaOXo?, rt A oc|>0aXp6s ovk ctScv, Kal ovs ovk tjkovo-€V, KaV eirl KapSCav dvOpwxrov 
ovk ave'Pt], a iyroly.aa'tv 6 ©eos toiS a7ttirai<rtv avrov* KCU TToXlV, Ovk a|ia 
rd ira0T|p.aTa tov vvv Kcupov irpos ri\v ptXXovcrav 8o£av diroKaXv(|>0f|vai els T]pds* C 
O/JLOMOS 7Ta\iJ' y To yap irapavKKa eXa^pov ttjs 0X{v|/ews T)|xaiv, els virepftoX^v 
Ka6' tnrepPoXriv, alcoviov pdpos 86|t]S KaTep-ya^Tau Tjp.iv, pr) o-kottoijvtwv Tjpuiv 

1 5 to. pXeTropeva, aXXd tcl pr) pXe-n-opeva. xd *ydp pXe-rropeva, irpoo-Kaipa' Ta ol 

\i.1\ pXeTropeva, alwvia. tovto Xeycov, on 'Rav avTiTaXavTevays %vy<p 
Ta? 6\l"tyeL$ rov Kocfiov tovtov, Kal Ta dyaOd tov p,eXXovTO<; 
alGiVOs, evpeOrjGovTat, KaG* v7repf3o\7)v ftapovvTa tj) Bo^rj ttjv 
i\a<j)poTr}Ta Kal K0V<f>0T7)Ta tcjv evs vwepfioXrjv irpoaKaipaiv Kal 

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yap, <j)r)o~lv, to, ^Xeirofxeva, tovt€cttiv, tcl tov kog/jlov tovtov, irpoa- 
Kaipd elw Ta Be p,rj ^Xeirofieva, tovtco-tiv to, tov dvunTepov Kal 
ovpavlov yapovy t)tol koo-jmov, alcovca Tvy%dvovcnv. i]Brj Bel Kal D 
i/c t&v T&aOoXiK&v irapayayelv fxapTvpiav irepl tovtov. KaKel 

25 XeXeKTai Ets a kiriQv[i.ov<riv ayY^^ot irapaKt)\|/ai, iva eXirrj Ov7rco Kal 
avTol TeTV^rfKaa-L toov diroKeLfMevtov f)plv ev too ovpavS dyaOSiv, 
dXX ovTe IBelv avTa Kal avTol vvv d^tovvTac. o/xocov yap eaTiv 

Kal TOVTO Tip TOV A/TTOGToXoV p7)T(p TOJ XeyOVTL "On -irdcra i] KrC<TlS 

<rvvorT€vdj€i Kal <rvvw8£v€L dxpt tov vvv, ooaavel, TlapvvovTai Kal ol ayyeXoi 
30 ttj Tpoirfj, o-Tevd%ovTe$ fJbeTa irdar}^ t?)? KTicrecos, eXevOepias l/netpo- 
fievot. 7rw? olov T€ eXiTL^eiv tov? ovpavov? KaTaXvecrdai, Kal 
eTepovs Kaivov? elo-dyeadai ; tyevBrj yap BeUvvvTai irdvTa Ta 
irpoXex^evTa, oti Kal rjToifiao-fJbevoi elal Kal aKaTaXvToi, Kal oirov 

5. dTre^f/varo S 1 . 7. Kal om. m. 13. icad' vtt. els vir. m. 20. 7rap' 

aura LSm. toijtov tov K6crfxov LSm. 22. ra 2 om. m. 23. ^$7/ Set] m, etdet 
5e V, t)5?; 8e LS. 30. iXevdeplap WS. 31. ttws] + o5v LSm. otovrat SL X (?). 

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369 A etarjXOev X/oa<tto?, elaep^ofieOa. aXXd <f>evaKio-fios tls Kal dirarrj 
€i<Th iravTa ra ypafybfieva iv rjj Oeia Tpa(j>r), Kara tov fivOov tcov 
eTrnfkacFTGiv HLpiarTiavGiv, aXXax; re Be Kal KaTaXvofievav, <#? 
(f>aacv } tS)v ovpav&v, Kal erepoav dvTeiaayofievoiv, avdytcr] kclto,- 
XveaOai teal tov iv clvtoIs ovra Xpio~TOV, teal erepov kclivqv Xpiarbv 5 
euaayeaOat o~vv tow iripot^ kcuvois ovpavols, el dpa <rvv XptcrT&> 
Sec r)fia<s elvai. dX)C airaye T77? droiria^ ! eU Ke<\>aXr)v avT&v 
rpdirono r) Bva<f>r)fila ! c H|awv ydp, (prjalv 6 'AttocttoA.o?, to irdKC- 
Tev\ia 4v ovpavots wapx", «£ ofi Kal Surrjpa dircKSExopeOa Kvpiov *It]<rovv, 
tva ei7T7j Ei/celvovs Xeym tov? ovpavov?, ef gov Kal irpoaBoKoofiev 10 
tov Kvpiov iXevo~eo~6ai t fieTaa-y^fiari^ovTa r)fia<; dirb fyOopas eh 
a<j>dapo-iav, Kal ava<f>epovTa r)p.a<; ev6a Kal irpb r)fiS)V avrbs elo~eXrj- 
B Xvdev. tovto yap Kal iv erepa) Xeyei, irpoBpofiov virep r/fioov avrbv 

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Tpa(f)(bv, Trapepfirjvevovaiv to elprjfjuevov irapd tov Kvpiov, Xeyco 
orj, 'O aupavos Kal t] -yfj irapcXcvo-ovTai, 01 8e Xo-yoi uov ov p/J| 7rap4X8<o<riv, 
dyvoovvTe<; otl KaO' v7rep/3oXr)v ecprjTat,, r/fieis avTois tt)v evvoiav 
epfirjvevarofiev Xeyei yap, ^vBe^Sfievov io~Tiv tovtovs fiev KaTa- 
Xveadac, toi)<? Be Xoyovs fiov ovBeiroTe* Kal irdXtv to elprjfievov 20 
Top AavLO, 2v KaT ap\ds, Kvpic, rf|v yf\v €0efj.e\l!wo-as, Kal fcpya tc5v \€ipcav 
(tov elcTLv 01 ovpavot' avTol diroXovvTai, trv 8e 8ia|A€V€is, fir) VOOVVT€$ OTl 
Kal ivTavOa KaTa dvTiBiaaToXrjv tov dyevrJTov ®eov ra yevijTa 
C dirdXkvfieva iKaXeaev, a>? pJq irpoTepov ovTa, vo~Tepov 8e yevofieva' 
Kal el fiovXoiTO, to dyevijTOv, mo-jrep fir) ovTa avTa iraprjyaye, irakiv 25 
Kal ovTa BvvaTat, diroXeaai,. to yap dyevijTov vir ovSevbs yevo- 
fievov, Kal vtt ovBevbs diroXXvTai' to Se yevrjTov, Kal diroXeadai 
SvvaTat,, tov iroirjo-avTOS fidXcaTa fiovXo/aevov. 6/holco<; Kal to iv 
TfltZ? KadoXlKals eiprjfievov, 'Ev f ovpavol irupou|j.£Voi XvG^jo-ovTat, <rroix€ia 
8e Kava-ovueva -HjK€Tai. Kaivovs Be ovpavov<i Kal Kaivrjv yrjv, Kal to, 30 
iirayyeXfiaTa avTov dp,ado)<; Kal tovto iKXa/juftdvovTes, fir) o-vvievTes 
to Xeyofievov, dXX' avTo^prjfia tovtov? fiev KaTaXveaOat Xeyovatv, 

1. el<rrj\0ei>] + d S. 5. Xpiarbv kolivov LSm. 6. (ricJ + T^LSm. 17. 61 

5k — iraptKduaLv om. S 1 . 19. ipfir)V€6<rui/xev V 1 S 1 . 25. ay£vvr)TOv V 2 S. 

27. 5^] yap L. 28. iv raFs kol6. to LSm. 29. <ttoix^o: 8k] Kal aroix&a m. 
31. Kal tovto om. LSm. 

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29. 2 Pet. iii. 12. 


6T€pov<; Be icaivovs ela-dyeadai, oirep evavTiov iarlv irdcrr)<i T779 Betas 
Fpa^rjs. el yap iv rots ovpavois evOa vvv 6 Xpio~TO<i dveXf)Xv6ev ) 
dvaaras diro tcov veKpcov, a<j)6apT0<; rep a (opart teal drpeirro^ Kara 
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Beta Tpafyrj, 7T6J? olov re icniv tovtovs fiev toi)<? ovpavov? icara- 
XvecrOau, Kal erepovs tcaivov? elcrdyecQai ; el yap olfcrjrrfpiov iariv 
teal vvv d<j>0dpTCt)v teal dOavdrcov teal drpeirroyv 6 iv rols ovpavols 
^wpo9, 7TW9 teal rjfJLas ov Several dv vara fievovs d<j)dapTOV<; teai 

io dOavdrovs teal drpeirrov^ yivoLievovs ; airaye ovv tt}? roiavrr)? 
fjLavLas ! ov yap fieTafie/jbeXr}Tai 6 ©eo? e<£' oh vreTroiTjtcev, tovtovs 
p,ev diroXvcov, erepovs he elcrdycov. dXXd iraaav ttjv ktlclv eiri 
to tepeiTTOv dvatcacvl^et, tcaOd teal iroXXateis elprJKa/juev. ei yap o 
dvdpeoTTOs, 6 avvBecrfio^ wv irdcr}^ KTLcrea)?, dvatcaLVi^erai, tcara re 

15 to aaofia dcfidapTos teal dOdvaros, teal tear a ye rrjv yjrv^ijv arpeiTTO^ 372 A 
ytvofxevos, evBrjXov otl irdvra rd o-Toiyeia, e|f (ov teai avvKevrai to 
cr&fia tov dvOpcoTroVf teal irdvTa rd Xoyited, avyyevr) bvra teai, avra 
Kara yjrv)(r)V tov dvOpooirov, dvateaivi^ovrai teal et<? fSeXritocriv 
epyovrai; avaKej>akai<aa-a<rQa\. yap rd irdvra <f>r]0-lv o KiroaToXo^i 

20 tv T<p Xpia-Tui, Td iv tois ovpavots, Kal rd eiri ttjs yf\$* ^ a >^ TTaXiV, 
Et tis iv T<p XpioTw, Kaivf| kt£o-is* Ta apxata irapfjXOcv, l8ov yiyovtv Ta 
irdvTa Kcuvd, teaivd Xeycov Ta iravTa, ttjv dvateatvicriv irdvTeov t&v 
ovtcov dvatce<f)aXaLCDo~iv yap elireov Kal teaivrjv ktlctlv, oY eteaTepov 
to avTo eo-tffiavev, iv t&> XotcrToS rjBr) yevofievrjv. wairep yap Kal 

25 XpicrTos Kara o~dpKa dvao~Ta<; dirb tcov veKpwv, ovk dXXos tjv 
XptcrTo? irapd tov TeTeXevTijKOTa, dXX' avTO<; r)V Kal tov 
OdvaTov virofieiva^, o/aolox; Kara ttjv dvdcrTaaiv KpeiTTCDV yevo- B 
Lievos TcaOcbv Kal OavaTov ovt&)? Kal irdaa rj ktio~l<;, lit) diroXXv- 
Lievr), a\V r) avrrj virdp^ovcra eirl to KpeiTTOv fiedlaTaTai • "Eerrrio-ev 

30 ydp avra els tov ala>va Kal els t6v alwva tov aluvos, irpoo-raYua ^6cto Kal ov 

i. oSroi ol oi/pavol LSm. 4. yevdfxevos] + iv oh m. 5. tQv om. LSm. 

10. ovv om. Lm. 12. dXXct] + Kal LSm. 13. avaKaivlaet m. Kal om. m. 

14. ira(TT)s] + Ti)s LSm. avaKaivlfferai m. 15. to om. m. 76 om. m. 

16. ov 8rj\ov m. 18. Kara] + tt)v LSm. avaKaivlvovTai m. Kal — tyxovrai 

om. V. 19. <p7)(riv 6 'AirdaToXos om. V. 20. ra i°] + re LSm. 21. tjtis L. 

ktIo-is] + avaKaivLfc<r0e V rec. m. in marg. trapijXdov m. 24. Kal om. 

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irapcXcvo-ercu, <f>7)<rlv to Oelov Xoyiov, Bia tovto ovk dyylKwv 4ireXap€TO 
6 ©cos, dWd <nr^pp,aros 'Appadp, tcaOa yeypaiTTat. el yap etreXa^eTO 
ayyeXcov, ra Xoyi/ed fiovov rfism^ov ava/caLvL%€(r0ai, to? crvyyevr) 
avTciyv ovtcl ' vvvl Be a-irepfiaTO? *A/3padfi €7riXa/36fievo<i> TovrearTt,, 
aoifiaro^ real ^1^7)9 Xoyitcrjs, kcl\ dvayaywv eh tov ovpdviov x&pov, 5 
irdar) rfj KTiaet eXiriBa o-coTrjplas TrpoKarefiakeTO. to ev Tah ovv 

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teavo-ovpeva •HjKCTai' kcuvoiis 84 ovpavovs Kal Kcuvf|v yfjv, TOVTOV eftei TOV 
vovv y oti poityBbv, a>9 eV ptirrj 6<f>0aXfiov, &airep ev ^covevTrjpLq) 
irvpovfievoL, /cat KaOapL^ofievot, ttjv eirl to KpeiTTov dXXayrjv biro- io 
fievovaiv to, o~TOi%€ia irdvTa. teal ol ovpavol real r) yr), Kaiv&v 
aitTcbv tovtcov yivofievcov teal ttj KaTaaTaaei tt\$ iroXiTela^ evaX- 
XaTTOfievcov, a>? to irapa rS HavXq* Xeyofievov, napdyei yap to <r\T]p,a 
tov koo-uov tovtov, o&aaveX, 'H vvv iroXiTevofievrj /cardo'Taai,^, tt)9 
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(f>l\ov] + Kal ' A.0ai>d<rios 6 'AKefavdpelas iirl<rKoiros LSm. 31. avrov om. LSm. 
<pa<rlv arrets LSm. 

j. Hebr. ii. 16. 7. 2 Pet. iii. 12. 13. 1 Cor. vii. 31. 


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4. imyiypawTcu LSm. 5. 6 7rpecj3iyrepos — Kvplq., koX om, V. 8. elrat 

tQv diro<rT6\(av LSm. 11. aXXats dvffl] 5v<rl raOrais LSm. Zrepoi] + 5^ LSm. 

12. fiT)] + al LSm. 13. i] om. LSm. 17 a' om. LSm. y\ 3 om. LSm. 

a 2 om. LSm. 20. ol 2 ] ws LSm. 22. 6 Qebs ante e/5ws tr. LSm. 26. iirl 
yjjs LSm. 

5. 2 John i. 1. 3 John i. 1. 


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10. ^ LSm. 12. ireTTolrjKe LSm. 13. Kal ra &\f/vxa om. m. 14. iavrotis L, l S, 
ai>T(av L 2 , aifTov m. 15. evdex^rai V 1 . 16. tj/juv om. LSm. 17. avvrpt^] 

re rpifirj L 2 m. 18. avay&fieda m. 20. aWvtos m. 11. Kal irpbvoiav (om. 

tt)v) LS. 23. deidrrjTa LS. 24. voQ/xev V 1 L 1 S 2 , voovfiiv re Kal bp&fiev om. S 1 . 

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om. LSm. 29. i<rx& T(av m - 3 1 - e * 7re L 2 m. 

18. Rom. i. 20. 28. Hebr. i. 1. 


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6 ©€09 Bid T60V 7Tp0(j>7JTMV, TpOTTOU? Be T7]V TTOlKlXiaV aVTCOV TCOV 

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3. 6irTa<nG)v\ + uv LSm. 16. &k orn. VL T S. 26. ^t^uj Lra. 

28. kclXoi* m. oUetov] Idlov LSm. 30. ireireipafxtvois LS. 32. irapa- 

dexofitvwv L 1 S > Trapadidofx&w L 2 m. 

17. Hebr. xii. 11. 


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5. 6 om. V. 10. koX 2 om. L 2 m. 13. rod om. V 1 . 17. airb LSm. 

TTJs Taforjs m, Taurijs rrjs S, ratfrfls L 1 (7-775 add. supra al. m.). 18. teal i°] 

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27. Kdfivovra LSm. 28. efrroi] m, dirouv VLS. 33. <rTe<pavo<t>opovi>T£s m. 


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1. yivtio-KOfirjv (sic) m. <pi?i<ravTa m. 2. t{\€lov] + t6t€ m. 7. ^L 1 , 

8. rj 6] rj (om. 6) LSm. 9. dKovadrwaau LSm. 11. ov<rav om. LSm. Kal 

om. L 2 m. 16. ws om. LSm. tw om. LSm. rdtfxav] + els m. Kpeirrov US. 
17. avayivniatp L 2 . 22. (is om. Lm. Kal i°] + tL L 2 , +tL Kal m. 25. &pfi6- 
5iai LSm. irepl <rxr)fiaros (om. tov) Lm. 26. ax- ovpavov (om. tov) LSm. 

t^j om. LSm. 28. aw ay /ndv as] + tol m. tovtw] + Kal m. 29. TrdXtv, 

ffweTeXiadf} (om. Aral) m. 

1. 1 Cor. xiii. 9. 4. Eph. iv. 13. 27. Gen. i. 1. 29. Gen. ii. 1. 


tov KoafJbov avToov evBov avr&v VTrdpxovTO?. Kal ird\iv y 'Ev -yap 
£(■ f||A€pcus €tto(t]o-€v 6 0€ds tov ovpaviv Kal T-f|v yf\v } Kal iravra Td iv avTots* 
oivavei irdXiv evBov avTcov irdvTwv virapftovTcov, Kal irepieKTiK&v 
avT&v ovtcov. Kal irdXiv, Kal KaT£iravo-€v 6 0c6s rf i^pa t^ €p86uj| 
airo iraVTttv tcov £p-ya>v aiJTOv, <Sv TjpgaTO d 0cos troi-fjo-ai. wcavei, OTl Kal 5 
D rjp^aro Brf/juovpyelv, Kal eXrj^ev Brj/jLiovpycov Kal irdXiv, Avrrj i\ 
ptpXos vevea-ews ovpavov Kal yfjs, ftxraj/et, A#T?7 r) y3t/3\09 BirjyeiTat Trjv 
yeveaiv tov iravTos koo-jjlov, tfri<; irepiypdfyeTai iv ovpavw Kal yfj. 
Kat ira\iv irepl tov a^ij/naTos <j>r)o~iv 'Hcrafca?, '0 or^o-as t6v ovpavdv 
«s Kauapav, Kal Sia-mvas avTov «s o-ktjv^v KaToiKCtv, TO fA€V } «s, 10 
irept tov irpa>Tov, to Be, Siaravas ws <TKTjvf|v, irepl tov /5' elprjKG)?, 
Bij\ovotc tt>9 oIkov \eyei, ev0a ockovccv, r\yovv KaTaaKrjvovo'iv 
Tives. Kai irdXiv o Aav'l'B, 'EktcCvwv tov ovpavov coo-el 8^piv> irepl 
381 A tov CTepedb/jLaTOS Xeycov wo-el Sc^piv Be \eyei, dxravel to, o~Keirda- 

fjuaTa to, dvcaOev aKeirovra ttjv o'ktjvtjv, ola £' av elev, eiTe Tplyiva, 15 
elVe ifjLciTia* BeppiBes yap Kvplcos KaXovvTat tcl avotdev a-Keirda- 
fiaTa to, o~K€7TOVTa tt)V crK7]vrjv. dfiiXei iirt>(f>epev 'O o-TCYa^wv kv 
vSao-iv tcl virepua avTov, o~a<f>eo~T€pov fcai (TTeyqv Kai irepl avTOV tov 
o-TepecbfiaTo? i%eiird)v. irepl tov KeKoWrjadai tov ovpavov Trj yfj, 
B ovtod (f)Tjalv iv Ttt> 'Ia>& Ovpavov 8* «ts vfjv cIkXivcv* K^Tai hk cocnrcp y-fi 20 
Kovta* K€KoXXT)Ka 8£ avTdv tocnrep XiQov Kvpov, arj/jLawcov OTl KeKhlTai et? 
yrjv, Kal KeKoXKrjTat &><? /ci)/3o? KaTwOev, (baavel TeTpdycovos. irepl 
tov firjBev elvat viroKaTco ttJ? 77}?, ovtco? <f)r)&lv iv to3 'Ift)/S, 'O Kpc|i- 
v«v Ti\v Yn v ^ ov'8ev£s, Qjaavel, fir) e%ovo~av viroKaTco ti. ofioia)^ 
iraXiv iv avTG), 'Eirl tCvos ot kp^koi avTfjs TreiHj-yacnv ; G&oavel, Oxjk 25 
ecTTtv ti viroKaToy, iv cS ireirrjyev. iv Be tq> AavtB outco? \eyet 
'EOeueXCtooras r?|v ytjv eirl t^|v do-<f>a\€i.av avTijs, Wtt eXlTr), avTrjv e^>' 
eavTrjv OefieXtcoOeta-av, Kal ovxl ini twos. 

1. Zvdov ai)T(av'] + ovT<i)v Kai iravrds tov tcda/xov £v8ov airrwv vTrapxbvTUv V. virap- 
x6vto)u LS. 3. Zvdop — virapx6vT(t}v, Kal om. V. 5. 6 Geos om. m. 8. fi'oTis m. 
10. aiJroc om. m. axret Ka/xapav L. II. 7rpi&rou] + oiJpaj'oD LSm. 12. I^^a] 

+ /cai LSm. 14. wtra^etj + ws LSm. ffKeirdafiara &pojdep (om. ra) L 1 . 

16. 5^/3/fos L 1 S, 54ppeis L 2 m. 18. (JSaTt m. o-r^yrjv irepl (om. Kal) L 2 m. 

19. 7re/3l] + 5^ L 2 m. irepl tov KeKoXkijadai — Terpdyuvos infra post iirt twos (1. 28) 

ponunt LSm. 21. Xldwv V, Xftty m. 22. 7re/3l] + 5e LSm. 26. ^v 5£ — X^yei] 
6 5£ AauW LSm. 27. ide/xeKluffe LSm. 

1. Ex. xx. 11. 4. Gen. ii. z. 6. Gen. v. 1. 

9. Is. xl. 22. 13. Ps. civ. 2. 17. Ps. civ. 3. 

20. Job xxxviii. 37, 38. 23. Job xxvi. 7. 25. Job xxxviii. 6. 

27. Ps. civ. 5. 


Tu7ro? ovv eo~Tiv irdaa r) aKrjvr) tov Travrb? Koapuov, Ka6a 
BiijyeiTai 6 6eio<; ' Kir6o~ToXo^' irepl fiev 7779 e^coTepa<; o#to>9 Xeya>v 
Etxev H-^v y&p Kal t) irpwrr] <tkt]W| 8iKai&S|iaTa XaTpctas, to tc a-yiov koo-jilkov, 
Koa/jLiKov avrrjv <f}rjo~as, axravel tov Koa/nov tovtov tvttov virdp- 
5 ypvaav irepl Be t?}? iacoTepas ovtco tfyqalu Ov y&p ets x ci P ' iro£l T ra 
a-yia elcrfjXGev 6 XpicrTos, avTCrvira t<3v a\i]0ivuv, aXX* els avTOV tov ovpavov, 
dXrjOivd fiev tov ovpavov eiTroav, dvTiTwrra Be, ttjv iacorepav aKTjvrjv* 
KaravoeiTco ovv 6 dvayivcbo~KQ)V tg> a-^qfiaTi tov ovpavov Kal T779 O 
7779 Kal TW eKTV7ra>fiaTi, TovTeaTiv ttjv aKrjvrjv, 7r«9 dpfioBia irdvTa 

10 Tvyydvovaiv 7$ BoyfiaTi tw l^picrTiaviKw, oti Bvo 'X&poi elal tov 
iravTo<i Koo-fiov, ovtos Kal dvcoTepos, rjToifiaafievoi diro KaTafioXr)? 
KocTfiov* 0UT09 fiev ev Tjj vvv KaTaaTaaei BeBoTai dyyeXoi? Kal 
dvOpoairoi^, Kal 6 dvwTepos ev tt) fieXXovar] KaTaaTaaei ef dva&Ta- 
<reft)9 veKpwv BiBoTat to?9 BiKatoi? dvQpdiroi^ Kal dyyekois. r) yap 

15 T(ov eijcoOev 7roXv^>7jfio<i o-<f>acpa ou^ dpfio^ei KaOoXov toj XpiaTia- 
viKo> Krjpvy/JbaTt, dXXa fidXXov tovtois dp/io^ei, 7-019 dvaaTaaiv 
veKposv fir) eXiri^ovaiv, fifjTe erepav KaTaaTaaiv irapa tovttjv, T019 
del ev yeveaei Kal <j>0opa Bid/yew tov avfiiravTa Koafiov Xeyovaiv. 

Tlapaypa<j>r). D 

20 Et fiev et9 ttjv irpwTrjv o~<f>aipav, evOa io-rlv r) a-eXrjvq, Xeyovaiv 
ol tt;9 7rXdvr]<; BtBdaKaXoi tov Aea7roT7}v XpiaTov elaievai, irpeirov 
fiev ev 7rp(tiT0i<; tt} avTCJV irXdvrj, oti fieTa 7-779 Oeov avT&v Xeyovaiv 
avTOV Bidyeiv. BevTepov oti vaarr)^ 01/0-779 T779 afyalpas eiTraTcoaav, 
el dfia T779 aeXrjvr)*;, a>9 l^Ovs ev vBaTi, BiaTefivei to ovpdviov aoj/ia, 

25 T7)V evavTiav flaBl^cov, 7) ttjv evOelav d/ia tS iravTi fltaicos KvXleTat, 
direp Kal TavTa KaTayeXaaTa. TpiTov oti virepavw ai)Tov elaiv 01 
CTepoi irXavrJTai vp,wv deal, Xeyco Br}, c E/>//.^9, 'AippoBiTrj, "H\t09, 
"A/0779, Zev9, K/90^o9, o iraTrjp t&v Oecov vficov, 0I9 Kal e^copdOrjTe 
OvovTes, eireiTa Kal ol dirXavel^ oikoc tcov BeKaBvo ^coBicov Kal 0/384AJ 

30 Xr' BcKavoL Kal 7ru><; ov tyevBeTai Ka0 y u/xa9 ' hirocrToXo^ 
<f>ao~K(0V 'YTTcpavw avTOV eivai, Trd<ri]s dpx^s, Kal tgouo-Cas, Kal 8vvd|Mo>s, 
Kal KvptOTtjTos, Kal iravTos ovoaaTOS 6vop.a^ott^vov ; €1 Be ev Tjj ft acpaipa 

3. okt)v1) om. L. 4. KOfffUKov ai>TT}v <f>-fj(ras om. V. 7. &\i)duri)P V^S. 

10. irbpoi m. 11. Kai] + 6LSm. 12. ^ om. V. 15. iro\. a<f>alpa tuv ^ . 

LSm. 17. irap' dirty, dWct LSm. 18. &] + T i? LSm. Xtyovaiv] Hie 

deficit V fol. io8 v . 19. irapaypa<p^] + ^Tipa Una. 24. ry oefcqvQ m. 

26. Sirep L^. 31. atirCjv US. 

3. Hebr. ix. 1. 5. Hebr. ix. 24. 31. Eph. i. 21. 


<t>r)(Tovaiv avrbv elvai, rd avra irdXtv avTot? airavTriaeTai, teal e* 
ev tt) y Kai ev ttj o /eat ev ttj e tcai ev rrj r /cat ei/ t# c; /cat ei> t# 
17' /cat iv tt) 6' eLiraxriv avrbv virepdvay iravTCOv, evpeOrjaeTai yfrevBos 
to irapd tc3 'AirocrToXip elprj/jbivov, on airb tt)? 7rpa>Tr)<; ajcrjvf)?, 
TovreaTiv, cltto tov /cocrfjLov tovtov, eVt Trjv BevTepav elcreXrjXvBev 5 
o Xp*crT09, Tovreo-TiVy et? toi/ ovpdviov y&pov, alcoviav XvTpcoaiv 
evpafjbevos, eVcm?? 01/0-77? Kai ov BevTepa?. 6 dyairwv ovv XpiaTiavos 
B elvai, rrj deia Tpa<f>fj eireTai, /cal ov^l tt airaTr) twv e^coOev eVt- 
(TTTjpi^eTat, rrj iroXvOetav Kai laodetav BiBaarKovay, /cal oXeOpov 
Tat? ^Jrir^at? ipmoiova-ri. 10 

To Kelfievov. 
Uao~o5v oui/ tg3i> cr<f>atpwv Kara to o-ui/e%e? Keifieveov, koX 
vaarodv ovctojv, 7ra)? ivBe^eTai voelv iv avTqi tg3 o-^rj/juaTt avd- 
aracTLv vetcp&v eaeaOai, /cal dvoBov avTwv yuveadai iv ovpava>, 
Kai /3a<Ti\ev6t,v iv ovpavoj tol>? dvQpwirovs, TOVTeaTcv, iv rrj 15 
BevTepa aKrjvfj, ev6a Kai tov XptaTov Xeyet, i) Ypa<j>rj rjBrj eicrievai 
irpwrov irdvroiv ; Kai rd aXXa irdvra ocra irpoeipr\Tai. a/co\oi/#o)? 
yap ol e^codev rrjv crcfraipav Bo^d^ovTes, ovre dvdaraaiv veKpcov 
6p,oXoyovo~iv, ovt€ tt)v dvoBov avrwv tt)v et? rbv ovpavbv Xeyovcriv, 
ovre vBara Xeyovatv elvai iirdvay tov ovpavov, ovre dXXdo~crea6at 20 

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toov daTpwv, Kai t&v KaOetjfjs, ovTe oti Tt? dvrfkOev fieTa o~(Dfiaro<; 
7ravT€\w<; et? tov ovpavbv, ovTe dvep^eTat. aXX' ol pkv avTcov Tas 
tyvyds fiovas /jb€Ta Qdvarov 7repL7ro\ev€iv o~vv Ty afyaipa, Kai opav 
ryroi yivcoaKeiv wdvTa \eyovo~iv ol Be Kai fjueTevacofiaTcoaLV ftov- 2 5 
XovTai, dXXoi Kai TrpoftiOTrjv daird^ovTai' o?? /cat erreTat Xeyeiv 
if; aKoXovOla*;, KarciXveaOai Trjv o-^aipav, ryrot irdaa^ Kai iraaav 
a-G3fiaTLKr)v <f>vcnv diroXXvcrOaL Kai virooTpkfyeiv et? tt)v dpyalav 
TaPiv Tas ^f%a?, &airep Kai ol irepl tov Oavfjudo'iov 'Qpiyevrjv 
Bo£d£ovo~i,' irepoi Be del dvapyov Kai aTeXevTrjTOv avrbv tov 3° 
ovpavbv qbao-lv elvai, Kai iv yeveaei Kai iv <j>6opa del Bidyeiv tov 
Koo-fiov, oh avvdyeTai yaipeaiKaKov fiaXXov, fj dBvvaTov, r) <j>0o- 

D vepbv tov ®ebv Xeyeiv, r\yovv TravTeXw^ dOetav Bo^d^eiv. dvoiKetov 
yap to oi/TO)? irdvTOTe fievecv tov koct/jlov iv yeveaei, Kai <f>6opa, 

1. el om. L X S. 3- irdvT&w] + Kai m. 7. ivaTtjs] deur^pas Lm. oi> 

devrtpas] ovx>> ivwnfs L 2 m.j 9. irohvdelai S. 27. <r<paipav'] Hie incipit V 

fol. 100. 31- (paffKovffiv LSm. 32. x e P <r ^ KaK0V V. 6,5\jvap.ov LSm. 
34. ybp] + Qeit> LSm. 

w. 18 


ical erepa Be 7rdfJb7ro\\a diropa tovtols ttclctlv dvaKviTTei. jjlovol 
Be rekeioi ^Kpianavol virdpyovcriv, &>9 ard^ve^ ev<re/3eia<; fiecrov 
dfeavOoov /cat ^avicov oWe?, ol 7Tlctt€vovt€<; Trdar) ry Beta Tpa<f>f}, 
HaXaia re zeal Kaivrj AiadijKj), Kal fjutfre irpb ravrrj^ tt)? Kara- 
5 o-Tao-eox? elvai erepav XeyovTes, /jur/re fierd ttjv fieXXovcrav erepav 
diroc^aivofxevoi, aXXd t«9 Bvo fiovas, a? teal rj tcaraypacf)?) dp/J,oBl(o<z 
BetKvvcnv, otl e'/c ravT7)<; 7-779 KaTacrTacreoos eVl ttjv fieXXovcrav Kal 
ovpdviov /JLerep^ofieOa, Kal irdXiv, rore crvv Kvplw Bidyo/jiev, KaOdwep 385 A 
irdcra rj deia Tpacprj BiaXeyeTai, dptjdfievov fiev tov Seov Brjfiiovp- 

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yia? Kara tov dvcoOev avrov Kal e'f dp^rjs ctkottov. aXXoKOTa 
roivvv crvveypayjrev, co fieXTicrTe, bv elprjfcas TreirXacrfxevov fiaXXov 
Xptcrriavov, rovs ovpavovs KaraXveadau Xeycov, 01/9 /cal crcfiaipoeiBei*; 
Bo^d^ei Kara ttjv vttoO^ktjv twv etjcodev, teal tovtovs del irepio~Tpe- 

15 cfrecrdai, fivdovs fidXXov ypacoBei? dvaypa^dfxevos, r) XpicrTiaviKa 
Boy/juara, ovBevl to crvvoXov aKoXovOrjcras, el //-*) etc fiepovs tco 
XprjcTTG) *£lptyevr), tt)? yap Bo^rj^ tcov ILpicTTiav&v iravTeXtos 
rjXXoTpLcovTai rd Trap avTOv crvyypac\>evTa. 

"TfieTepov Be dv eirj Xoittov Kplvai ical avyfcplvai etcacrTov Boy/xa B 

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6<2s XpicTTiavbv, tov evo~ej3elv /3ovX6fj,evov, TrpocrTeOrjvai. iroXXrjv 
yap diraTrfv opco Kal BoXov tov avyypayjra/xevov tovs fivdovs, Kal 
tco ovpavco to crfyaipiKov o")(f}/j,a Bcopovfievov, Kal iraXiv tovtov 
KaTaXveaOai XeyovTos. eyco yap, co 7rpoacf>iXeaTaTe, ovtco? Kara 

25 tt)V Qeiav Tpacprjv (ppoved, Oappco Be Kal ae tocovtov elvai olos 
Kayco, ILpicrTiavov eirofievov rat9 Oeiais Tpacpais, Kal ttj 7rapaB6o~et 
t?}? dyias 'RKKXrjalas <f>aaKovarj TltaTevco ei? eva %ebv, tovt€o~tc, 
HaTepa, Kal Tlov, Kal dyiov IlfeO/xa, TptdBa 6/jloovgiov, Kal eh 
o-apKos dvdo-Taaiv y el<$ fxiav dyiav, KadoXtKrjv Kal dirocrToXtKijv 

3° ^FiKKXTjaiav, ft>9 Kal avTO to %v/jl/3oXov Xeyec TriaTevco dvdtTTaaiv 
eaecrdai veKpwv, Kal ^corjv tov fjueXXovTos alaypos' Kal €09 ol te/>et9 C 
6/ao/q)9 evyovTai, irepl fxev t&v 7rpoo~(j)ep6vTcov ovtcos XeyovTes To 
evyapio~Tr]piov t&v BovXcov crov wpoo-Be^ai els to ovpdviov Kal 
eXXoyi/jiov crov OvaiacrTrjptov, et'9 Ta /xeye6r) crov toov ovpavdov, 

2. XpiaTiavoi rAetoi LSm. 3. frfaviwv Kal aKavduv LSm. 5. Xtyovres 

ertpav LSm. 6. /cat om. LSm. 14. a7ro<TTp{<pe(rdcu S 2 . 18. rjWorpiov- 

rat V 1 , aTrrjWoTpiuTcu LSm. 20. CXW ^ tv 1 "*]/* 01 - Lm. 22. Tods] + vvv m. 
31. ol om. Lm. 


d,7roBiBov<; avToh glvtI (jyOapTOJV a(f>9apTa, dvrl TrpoaKaipwv alcovta, 
avrv eTrtyeicov ovpdvia, irepl Be twv KeKOifjLrjfievcov ovto>?, Trjv tyvxyv 
TodBe avdiravaov avvaveyelpcov Kal ttjv adp/ca avTov, ev rj av 
f)/jt>epq GDpiaas Kara ra? dXrjOeh Kal dyfrevBeh aov eTrayyeXtas, oh 
Kayco iirKTwdTTTO) eirev^p fievo? a/ua avToh to vttoXolttov Xeycov 5 
71/jlcv Be Xpio'Ttavd rd TeXrj Kal evdpeara evdyirtov o~ov ydpio-ai, eh 
Tou? alwvas. dfj/rjv. 

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atTrjo-afAevov ' AvaToXiov. 

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tov dvaTrohta-fJiov tov rjXiov. 

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twv dvOpco7rcop avTo tovto tovs avyy pdfyeiv ti eOeXovTas yjreyovo~iv, 15 
ft>5 eh 7rpdy/jbaTa KaQievTas eavTovs, igbv avToh dirrjXXd')(6ai 
Ka/naTOVy Kal rjo-v^ov BiaTpifSrjs dnroXaveiv ol he Kal tcl eiriirova, 
ft)? /j,7}Bev Xoyi^ofievoi ttjv ypa^rjv, ev KpvirTw OevTes, rjpe/nova-Lv 
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aavTes, twv TeTpairoBwv to fxeTpov iroiovvTai' ol Be Kal ev Xoya> 20 
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twv vewv avyypa<py, ovBe irpoaeyeiv avTrj d^iovo~LV, el Kal Xiav 
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eviropos r] BiaftoXr), Kal iroXXa^ vXas tov crKWTTTeiv eypwa 7T/0O9 25 
ttjv twv yjroywv KaraaKevrjv, rjv 6 <j)66vos d<f>66vw<$ X°P r i r i € ^- Ta ^ T ^ 
KaT epavTOV Xoyii^o/juevos, dveftaXXofArjv, iroXXaKW crov oxXtfaavTos, 
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vevOrjvai alTrfaavTOS* aXX! ovk oZ8' 07Tft>9 avTos veviKt]Ka^ vvv, 

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yelpuv m. 4' Kal arj/evdeis om. LSm. 6. tj/aQv VL a S. 8. Xpiffriapov — 

'Aj/aroMou om. Lm. ir. /SacriX&os tt}$ 'lovdaias om. LSm. 13. Sva&pecrou 

elvaL rb rO>v LSm. 15. tous] tov US, rb m. 16. i&v avrbs SL 1 . 18. iv] 

+ rt5m. 20. rerpabupV. 21. iravevboictfieio'dcu m. 24. tt&vtws m. 

20. P€vLK7i<ra$ avrbs {-tov m) LSm. 



(o Oav/ubao-tcoTare, real tov okvov dcpetXov tov r)/j,eTepov, T0V9 to 
TTOvelv irpoyprjfxevovs fir) Xei'rreuv cpdcrKcov iv tco filco, ol<? airovBr) 
ra irdvTcov avaycvdocrtceiv, Kal BoKt/jbd^eiv rd BLacpepovTa Kara tov 
Oelov KttocttoXov, cov el? Tvyydveis /cat avro?. aljiov yap Kal B 
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cocpeXecav Svvarai, ttjs crrjs dv etf) irepl Tavra avvecrecos" /cal firjv 
ical to Bid a7rovBr)s eyeiv irepl dirdvTcov fiavOdveiv ri to iv avTols 

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del tfiv vo/jll^cov. OTe Be owi&T] tov ^eva^rjpelfJb tov tcov 'Aacrvpluiv 

I. t6] rip L X S. 6. t6 i°] <rol m. 9. iravriav LSm. 17. 5iayy4\\(a 

V 2 L 2 S. 22. bfxolm 6 eUoffrbs LSm. 23. adrov om. m. 'Axaf] a?ra£ LSm. 

26. avrbuV. 28. tyxwraiV 2 . 31. 6 om. LSm. 33. rw aevaxetpeifx V 1 . 
aavplwv VL, et sic infra. 

24. Is. vii. 14. 30. John xii. 34. 


paaCkea iroXefirjaaL Tr)v 'lovBalav, dveXOelv Be teal iv 'lepovcraXrjfi 
iropdrjaai avTr)v, aKovaas tcl irapd tov deofidypv ^ayjrd/cov XeXey- 
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avTco, Biappr)%as Tr)v $acrLXLKr)v eaOrjra, Kal evBvadfievos adiacov, 
Kat x ovv ircLcrdfievos, elarjXdev iv tco vaco, iKerevcov tov Seov 5 
pvaOrjvat etc tcov AcrcrvpLcov. elaaKovcrOevTos Be avTOV, Kal dvai- 
peOevTCOV iv fiia vvktl Blol tov dyyeXov etcaTOv oyBorjKovTa irevre 
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irXeov tt)v virovoiav rjv el^ev irpoTepov, eavTov irdvTCos elvai Xeycov 10 
tov 7rpo<f>i]T€v6fjL€vov Xpco~TOv. 60 ev ttoXlv i/c ttjs iirdpaecos TOV 
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iv tco vaco } /eaTa to Beov, evyapio-Tr\o~ai teal Bovvat B6i~av tco Seep, 
dXXd fieydXa i<j>p6vei r) icad' eavTov, cos yey pavRTai iv Tats Uapa- 

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avTOV tcov apeTcov, ovk els TeXos eXacrev KaTaireaelv, dXXa irkfiireL 20 
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01 fxev yap tcov ^lovBalcov eXeyov, /jbrjBeTTOTe tov XpiaTOv diroOvrj- 

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ivoLLi^ev eavTov fir) dirodvrjcrKeLv iroTe' rep Be irpoadelvaL teal 
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otl dvicTTaTaL diro veKpiov. Bl eKaTepcov yap eBLBa^dr) fir) elvaL 
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bvvauei fxrj elvcu avrov Xpio-rov, Xeycov Td^ai irepl tov oI'kou o"ov diroOvrfo-KCis 

3. 6 om. LSm. 9. i^e^aiojffev Lm. iirl] 2tl LSm. 14. ?) om. LSm. 

16. eyKartXiirev m. avrbv] + Kal m. 17. 6 del] del (om. 6) m. 25. t<£] rb V. 
27. 8e irpoffdeivai] 5' iiri<rTij(rai L 2 m. 29. ("diddxOy] + ira^d/ievo! kv t-q dppuarla 

LSm. 31. ov pijv dXkd — fiacrikelas <rov (p. 278, 1. 34)] Haec verba post etvai 6 

Xpurrbs in LSm inveniuntur. ov /xi}v] om. m. 

15. 2 Chron. xxxii. 26, 3 r. 22, 32. Is. xxxviii. 1. 


fcXavaas 7ri/ep(os, /cat, p,eTavorjo-a$ ical o~Tpa(f>el<; ev Tjj /cXivy eiri 
tov Totyov, evda avveftaivev elvat tov vabv, fcaOcos e#o? eariv toIs 
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ovBeTTOTe KoXoftcoOrjaovTai, al r)p,epai avTOV, /cat ws twos Kara 
d7roat,(07rr)o-iv avTw XeyovTO?, oti Tavrd gov evdvfLovfievov, tL o~ol 

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IBelv eirl tt)? yrjs, irevre teal Be/ca p,6va err] Xonrd eycav ^rjaaL. C 

Yelp, Kal ov tii°"tl5 " t - va f'^ffj Atd^ov ra Kara ve, rivi fteXXety rrapadovvat ttjv 
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av 6 vrrb tS>v it po<pr)T(ov KrjpvTTopevos Xpioros 1 , 6 d8iddo)(ov e^wv ttjv )8ao"iXeiav, 
dWa. biaSoxrjv navTas e^eis ait, nai ov icaXfos rjpeXrjo-as 7roir)o~at rtxi/a, Iva 3^9 ^* 
SiaSe^wvrat aov ttjv ftaatXeiav. (ppovTiaov ovv bia6io~6aL vvv Kal elni, Tiva 
eas diddoxpv ttjs /3aoriXeiay crov. 

5. -jrpoad-qKTjv LSm. 14. avrov LSm. 16. ravra LSm. 18. et7ra V. 

24. 2ws] + o5LSm. 25. X^wi* om. LSm. 28. ixbvov LSm. Xoi7r6f LSm. 

33. elweiv Lm. 

9, 12, 15. Is. xxxviii. 10. 18. Is. xxxviii. n. 23. Luke ii. 26. 


Ovk£ti ov |xti t8u avBpuirov Ik tijs o-vyyevcCas uov, tW elV^ M.€Ta 7«/3 
ra oeKairevTe cttj tt}? irpodeafxias tt}<? £0)779 r/9 eXaftov irapa 
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Xoyio-fAov, Kal to Beov tov Xoiirov Xoyiadfxevos, eyvcav otl TeXo? 

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fie, wcrirep t<7To? yvvaiKOS epidevo/jbevrjs eTOL/no? tov Tp/r)6r\vai. 'Ev tjj 
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diro -ydp ttjs T|pe'pas gas ttjs vvktos irapcSoOiiv, Xva eXirrj, 'Ei> CKelvq) TOLVVV 15 
too Kaipai T779 6/4779 appoaaTias &cnrep XeovTi <f>oi3epa> arvvTpifiovTi 
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Xpi<JToO, 'iis irpoparov lirl <r<paY-f|v ifx® 1 !* olvtI tov, d^OrjcreTaL. *E|^Xnrov 
yap pov ol o(p0aXp,ol diro tov pXiirciv p.e els to vy]/os tov ovpavov irpds tov 
Kvpiov, os I^CXcto p.6, Kal dcpcfXero p.ov t^v dSvvi)V ttjs x|/vxt)s. Kvpie, Kal ircpl 
avri]s vdp dvr\^(kr\ 0-01, tW €t7T»7, Kat ToaovTOV dveTeivov TO 6/Xfia 
Tfjs Siavoia? diro^XeTrtov eh to vyjros tov ovpavov, tt/jo? o~e tov 30 

2. £rr) post ttjs fwTjs tr. LSm. 77s om. m. 4. KartXenrov V 1 . 7. fwr)s 

ff^w LS. fw^s ^x w m « 8. eTrti 0?7<rtJ' ^X^e LSm. 11. tij larbs om. m. 

12. TovriffTiv om. LSm. KariXeiirev V 1 . 13. ipidovfjifrrjs LSm. 15. 7<xp 

om. LSm. 1-775 2 om. m. r8. Kal om. LSm. 21. o£eis V. 22. xeXe/ais m. 

2 3« XP oyos ] XP^ V0V L 2 S. 25. roiouro V 1 . 7repi — Xpiarov om. LSm. 

27. /iov oi 6<j>d. fiov V. d?rd om. m. fie om. m. 28. ^etXaro V^. 

d^efXaro m. /cai 2 om. LSm. 30. Sicwo/as] + /xov LSm. 

1, 4, 8, 11. Is. xxxviii. n, 12. 13. Is. xxxviii. 13. 19. Is. xxxviii. 14. 
26. Is. liii. 7. 26. Is. xxxviii. 14. 


tcov oXcov acoTrjpa Sebv dvaTi6e/J,evo<; Trjv rfj? 6/4779 tyvXV** oBvvrjv, 
rjv real d<f>elXov Trap 1 ipuov, avricrTpiylras to rrjs vireprjc^avia^ elBo? B 
et9 Taireivcoaiv teal viraKor)v deoae^eta^, virep 979 fcal hunravTos, 
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irdo-as tcLs dp-api-fas uov, Xva ctirrj, *^!;r]y€ipa<z yap p^ov Tr)v irvorjv rfj 
crfj irapaKkrjcreL, Kal e^cra, eVio-T/je^a? pov Trjv yfrv^rjv diroXXv- 
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epavTov airaTrjcrco Ta virep ipue <f>avTa%6pevo<;. Xap,fidvco yap 

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€7T€cr6aL, dWa Kal ip>avTov Kavoviaco Trap oXov tov T779 £<of)$ fiov 

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vaco, fir) d<t>caTdp,evo<; r) dpueXcov en iv T0Z9 avToOt TrapaylvecrOai. 
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Xaftcov Kai tcov le iTCov tt)v TrpocdrJKrjv ttjs fa)?)? eyrjfiev evOiax; 
Kal iyevvrjaev tov Mavdacnyv, ov BcoBeKa ir&v idcras irXrjpr) 

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TrXrjpcocra*; iv tjj ftaaCXeia p,€Ta tt)v dppcoo~Tiav Ta r?}9 TrpoaOrjK'q^ 
tov ®eo0 €T7] le . Kal avTa puev irepl tt;9 cpBrjs direp Kal BrjXa 
Tvyxjdvovcnv Ta Trpoeiprjfjuiva iv tco irpootpbico e/c tt}<? KaTa p,epo$ 

1. yf/vxyvV 1 ' 4. evxapuTT-riaw LSm. 6. /aov yap LSra. 7. cwrptyas 

LSm. 8. 77s] els LS ; om. m. ra 6irl<rw LSm. 9. ivTrpbadai evirpoadev (corr. 
ep.-) V. ifiwpoadeU. 10. <re i°] + K6pie L. q.8 v m. 14. ti toiovto LSm. 

cum. 15. x^'^a/t^ou] Hie deficit L fol. 233 v . ei5Xo7^o-w] + ae S. 17. &p- 

ayye\ov<nS. 20. iroi-qau S. 22. o^oy] + kv S. 9eou] + ^ouS. 26. ■*) 

om. S. 27. 6 om. S. 32. raura S. irepl] ra S. 

4. Is. xxxviii. 16, 17. 9. Is. xxxviii. 18, 19. 


epfjLTjveias <w? tov irpoeip'qfievov Xoyia/mov aTreaa^ev 6 'Efe/aa?. 
dptcTeov Be Xeyew a>? eirriyyeXfiai irepl tov dvairoBtafiov tov 
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vavTos] /cat wauTos V. 15. Kov<pov~\ Hie incipit L fol. 234. 17. irpoaevxns LSm. 
20. rplrri u>pq. Lm. 21. otide] otire LSm. 25. fiaXXov tov ovpavov Lm. 

26. air&vTUfv m. 27. iraripa] + tGjv LSm. 30. ttjXikovtov LSm. 34. ypoxrrbv m. 

15. 2 Kings xx. 10. 


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avT^v, ofiov Kal to 0")(rj/jba BrjXcbcras, oti ft)? Ka/jbdpa eaTlv, Kal 

i. MepwSax m. Ba\a8at> m. 4. ^roOvras] + rovs V 2 . 5. tov om. LSm. 

8. 7rp6s om. V. 11. d i° ora. m. 15. iirtcrTeCkev m. dyair7}fi^v(p LS, 

iiyairriixtvy m. 16. roi/Ty m. 18. irpCiTov m. 21. ifiddifc m. 25. /cat 
irepieKTtKrj om. LSm. 

31. Is. xl. 12. 32. Is. xlii. 5. 


GTTjaas teal irrj^a^^ /ecu fir) cTpe^ofievov, ehroav. toiclvtcl Be avy- 
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Ovpas \aXicas o-vvTptya>, Kal uo^Xovs o-iStjpovs o-vvKXdo-«, Kal Scucw 0*01 Oijo-av- IO 
397 ^ P ov S <rKOT€ivois, diroKpvcpovs, aopdxovs dvo££a> o-oi, tva -yvaJs on |-y» Kvpios 6 
©cos, 6 KaXcov to 6'vopd <rov, 0eos 'Lrpa^jX. eVckev 'Ia.Ka,p tov iraiSos uov, Kal 
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C uoi tov oUoSopfjo-at avTtp oIkov iv 'Iepovo-aX^p ev tt\ 'IovSaCa. tCs l| vuwv 30 

I. Ta rotauTa LSm. 9. gov m. 10. avvOXdau LS. II. avolau m. 

12. 0e6s i°]-r<roi/ m. troy] + 6 m. heKev 'laparfK, 'ivenev 'Ia/ccb/3 LS. rou t. ^tt. 
'Iaicaj/3 m. 13. fiov 2°] o~ov m. 14. SikcuootJj't/s] + jScwtX^a m. 16. ov8e LSm. 

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eVetr/ce^aro ^tt' e*yue m. 30. or/co^ awry m. ' lepovffaXTjfi] + ttj m. 4v vfuv 


6. Is. xlv. 1 — 4. 14. Is. xlv. 13. 25. 2 Chron. xxxvi. 22, 23. 


diro iravros tov Xaov avVov ; 2<ttcu 6 0e6s uct avTov, Kal ava^Tta. opa, 
davfidcrie, 7rco? eavTQj ofjuoXoyel dveyvcoKevai ttjv /3i/3Xov Hcratov, 
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irdXiv dv6pd)7rivov virofieivas, Kal eirapOels tt)v Bidvoiav, tovtovs 
/jlcto, irdaTjs yapas vireBegaTO, els oIkccov KXeos' elo"qyayev 86400 A 

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avTols tovs Oqaavpovs Kal irdvTa tov ttXovtov avTov. tot€ irakiv 
direo-TaXr) Ha-atia? 7T/0O? avTov eiravopdo^v ttjv Bidvoiav avTOV y Kai 
<j>T)0-lV 7T/309 avTov, elpdivevOfxevo^, TC Xe-youcriv 01 av0pa)irot oStoi; Kal 
irdGev i^Kao-tv irpos vi ; Kai ctircv 'E^eKLas 'Ek yr\<s 7roppu>9ev i]Kaa-iv irpos p.e 

3° 4k Ba^vXcSvos. direv irdXiv 'H<raCas TC dSocrav Iv ru o\!k« <rov; Be, 
iyvcoKGis oti elBojs ipcoTa, ttjv dXrjOeiav Xeyei, Kal ^>rjo~iv irpos 
avTOV Ilavra tA 4v t« oKko> p.ov €i8o<rav, Kal ouk ?cttiv 4v to o\!ko» p-ov, 6 ovk 
€\!8oo-av, dXXcL Kal Td Iv tois G^cravpous pov. TOTe \67et 7T/309 a\)TOV W? 

1. airo] iK LSm. atfrou] + *a2 m. 6e6s] + aurou LSm. 5. it&vtwv LSm. 

71-0X775 V 1 , 7roXX?;s V 2 . 8. Xtyovros L 2 m. 11. Trem<TTev/x£voiV. 14. irpuroi m. 

15. t&v om. LSm. 19. Kal om. LSm. 22. irpeofivTtpwv L 1 (?) S, irpe<r- 

fievrCbv L 2 m. 25. rod om. Lm. 27. avrov om. V. 

8. Is. xl. 22. 28. Is. xxxix. 3. 32. Is. xxxix. 4. 


ev Ta^ei aTreikfjs, KoXafyi^cov avTov rrjv eirapaiv ttjs Biavolas, ra 
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Kal Xeiovs ev Tats eiKoaiv dvaypd<j>ovcnv. oti Be Kal eirl tovtcov 

3. X^yet KiJ/)ios om. m. \r](pd^(r€Tai m. 4. idyaatptffap m. 5. Kal i° — 
cnr&SovTas] Kal oi% viro\ei<f>dri<TeTai prjfia 5 dire Ktipios. Kal oi viol <rov, ol i£e\ev(rovTai 
4k <rov, oOs y€vpr)<reis, \r)\p€Tai Kal foot/rat eitvovxoi m. KaraXliriiHnv LS. 6. tirfa- 

dovrasVL. 8. irpeafivrasV. 9. ae] + yap LSm. iraideOeadai 

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+ Kal diKaioafor) LS. 28. avrov] avruv V. 30. dXXd /cai] dXX' LSm. 

z. Is. xxxix. 5 — 7. 20. Is. xxxix. 8. 


7roXKa Oavfiara, /ecu irapdBo^a, fcal aTroKaXvyjreis, Kal Trpopprjaei^ 
teal TroXXrj dxf>eXeia wapd re Ba/3iA<yytot?, Kal NLrfBois, Kal Uepo-ais 401 A 
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irdvTa avOpcoftov Ta Oeia Kal Ta dvOpooiriva irpdy/maTa. yevoiTo 

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tcov rj/jieTepayv SiSaGKaXcov Kal 7-779 0-779 dSeXifioTTjTos, Ta irdvTa 
(f>iX6xpio-T€ l . 

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tov rfklov. 

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clcrlv tov eviavaiaiov kvkXov koI tcov Kapnav Trjs yi}s, Kadairep 7rpoeipr}Tai fiev 
iv tji o~nr)vfi, naT€ypd<prj 8e iv r<5 ivvarod Adytp - ovtcds kcu vvv KaTeypd^rap.ev tov 
kvkXov to>v doobeKa prjvwv tov ivtavTov, €Ko.o~tov p.rjv6s tovs icaprrovs, €V)(apio~- 404 « 
tovvt€S tS ttclvtoov doTrjpi Geaj, KdOaiTcp kcu AatuS iv TLvevp.aTi aylca Kivovpevos 

■?0 Xe'yet iv yj/aXp-op npos tov Qcov ovtcos, EvXoyntrov tov <TT€(j)avov tov IviavTOv tt]s 
XPT]o-t6tt]t6s o-ov, Oavpao-lods o~Te<pavov xpt)o~tott)tos tov kvkXov tcov SwSe/ca 
prjvSiv tov iviavTov it-enrav, ats o~Te(pavovvTa pev ava>6cv tco icaXXei tt)v yrjv, 
av^dvovTa be Kai TrcnalvovTa 81a. Trjs tcjv o~TOl)^ei(OV Kpacrecas, r)v at doparot 8vvd- 
p,eis iKTekovai, tovs prjviaiovs avTrjs Kapnovs. Sia tovto irdXiv iirr)yaye^ Kal 

4. peydXovs L 1 . 7. -rrpoae'Tai-ev V. otfrws del 6 Qebs m. io- €Karepovs V 1 . 

19. Kal dvdp<J}TTLva (ora. tcl) m. 23. HpiaTiavov — ijXlov om. LSm. 25. rd 

Keipevov. "too-rrep m. uxnrep — iv KvpLaj (p. 287, 1. 36) om. V: sub pictura quae 

verbum cpiXbxpwre sequitur posita sunt haec verba in LS. 31. ry kOkXoj JJS. 

30, 34. Ps. lxv. 11. 


Aoros ©'. 

Tlepl Bpo/nov darpcov. 
O kvk\o<; twv BccaBvo firjvcov avcorepo? virdpymv, real tovtov 
/caTa>T€po$ tov rjXiov, teal tovtov irdXiv /caTa>T€po<z 6 ttjs a-eXrjvr)?. 
o-rjfjiaivei Be tovto t] Oela Tpa(f>r} Bid t?}? tcaTacrtcevfjs t^? Xv^via?, 5 
Bia T<av ef d/jL<j)OT€pcov twv fiepcov avTr)<; Tpicov Kal Tpi<ov KaXa- 
fjbiatcoyv KVKXoeiB&v TrpoiovToov, el? tov evb<; irpoTpeyei. Kal tov 
fiev rjXiov icaO* -ijfiepav 6 tcjv t,/3' /jltjvcjv kvkXos irpoTpe^et, fiolpav 
fiiav, et>? evpio~Keo~6ai tov rfXiov iv TpiaKOVTa rj/juepais Biarpe^ovTa 
tov eva firjva, Kal outcd? iv iff' firjo-lv diroTeXelv tov ivtavTOV, 10 

404 D vcTepovvTa, ft>? elptfTai, icaO* r/fiepav fiolpav fjuiav. tov Be kvkXov 

t?}? creXrjvr}*; tov rjXiov irpOTpe^ei fiolpas Ba>Be/ca fcaO' efcdaTrjv 
rj/iepav, a>? evpio-fceaOat, ttjv aeXrfvrjv iv TpidicovTa rjfiepai? vo-T€- 
povcav airoTeXeiv oXov tov kvkXov, tovt€o-tlv, firjva eva. el Be Tt? 
ef? dvTLaTp6(f>ov povXrjOeir) voelv, tov fiev rjXiov 6 tt}? aeXrfvrps 15 
kvkXos vo~Tepel Kad* etcdo-Trjv rjfiepav fjLoipa? iff kcli XeirTa tlvcl' 
tov Be dvcoTepov irdvT(ov kvkXov, TOVTecrTi, tcov iff firfvcov, vo~Tepel 

405 A o kvkXos tov rjXiov Kad* eKaaTrjv rjfiepav fiolpav fiiav. TavTa Be 

kivovctiv at doparoi Bvvdfieis, evTaKTas teal XoyiKoi)? KaTa ftovXrjo-iv 
®eov, vofiov tovtov eiXrjcfroTes Trap avTov, KaOd yeypa7TTai iv to5 20 
Aai'l'O, Ev\o7€lt€ tov Kv'piov, iravT€S ayyeXoi avTov, 8vvaTol W\vi, ttoiovvtcs 
t&v Xo-yov avTov, tov clkovo-cu ttjs 4 >wv 'H s t< * v Xaywv civtov. evXcy^TC tov 

to. ireSCa <rov irXT]O-0i]orovTai iti6tt)tos, <ai ttoXiv, 'HroCfiacras rr\v Tpo<JM?|v avrwv, 
404 B OTi ovtus i] eTOi(Jtao-£a • «ai erepcodi 8e ndXtv (pt}o~\v ovtcos, IlavTa irpos trk irpoo"- 

8okcoctl Sovvai tt]v Tpo<J>i]V aviTwv €l$ evKaipov, axravet, 'EKaarta Kaipco dpfio8icos 25 
rjfxas €Toifid£<ov eKTpe<peis. dXXa^ov 5e 7rep\ rijs dvayKaLOTdrrjs fjpcov Tpo<prjs, rjv 
7] rpoirr) tov depovs direpya£op.4vri els tovs rpeis p.rjvas c<pe£rjs didaxri, (prjalv 
ourcoff, 'Air6 Kapirov o-Ctov ical ol'vou Kal IXatov avTwv cirXTjOuvGijo-av, i^aicricos 
irakw iv rfj ev^apiaria ttjv tu^iv (pvXd^as^ icai irptoTOv p.ev eliraiv tov vitov, 
Bevrepov tov oivov, Kai Tpvrov to e\aiov, KaBdnep e£ eiikoylas Qeov Sta t5>v 3° 
XoyiKcov raypdrav, dyyekcov Xe-yw Kai dvOpanav, eis tovs Tpels p^vas tov depovs 
€(pe£r}s KaT€pyd£ovTai. \P*I °^ v TtdvTa XpicrTiavov p.r) irapipycos p-r)K a>s erv^ei/ 
ttjv 6eiav Tpa(f)f]v dvayivdto'Keiv, Kadd Kal eg dp%rjs TrapeKoXeaa, dWd pcra 
C enrovdrjs ko.1 Tat-eons rrjs 7rpoorT}KOvo-r}s, tva Kai r\ Beta X^P IS ^ T V V irpoalpeaiv fjpcov 
diroSe^ap.evT], avvepybs r)p,5)v yivryrai, els to dvvaaSai yivaaKetv ra peyaXeia tov 35 
Qeov. avTG> rj 86£a els tovs alwvas. dpJ]v. eppavBe, XptVTiavol iv Kvpla. 

■1. irepi 5p6p.ov aaTpcov om. V. 7. KvkXoeiSQs L 2 . 11. tov Se kvkKov Lm. 

12. 0] i) LSm. 20. tovto LSm. 7rap' avTov om. Lm. 21. irdvTes] + ol L 2 . 
35. dvade^ap^vTj m. 

21. Ps. ciii. 20, 21. 23. Ps. lxv. 9. 24. Ps. civ. 27. 28. Ps. iv. 7. 


Kvptov, irdcrai al Svvaueis avrov, XeiTOvpYol avTov itoiovvt€S to 0e'\T)|ia avTov. 
avTco rj B6%a eh tovs al(bva<$. a/j,r)v\ 

tovs kvkXovs tovtovs, ovs tcaTeypdyjrafiev, ov/c ovpavovs o~<fiai- 
poeiBeis, avve^els /cat vaarovs tols o~(o/naac /ecu hiatyaveis, Kara 
5 Trjv T&V e^coOev \rjp<oc)iav KaTeypd^afxev, aKka iropeias darpcov 
/cv/eXotfiepeis depicts, Bid twv dyyeXcov etcTeXov/jLevas, OeXovTes 
(TTjfiavai,, tovtovs tcaTerypdyjrafiev, iv eixrvvoTTTa tols Oecofievois 

'Ez/ to5 /3' Xoyw p,ep,vr)fie6a elirovTes, tovs dyyeXovs Kiveiv tovs 405 D 

10 fpcocjTrjpas, teal rd darpa, kci\ rd aXXa irdvra, a><? irpos Siafcoviav 
TOiv dvOpcoTTwv TCTayfievovs' ivravOa Be kcu to a")(7]fjLa fcare- 
ypdyjrafiev, a>? evhe^erai avrb ypa<fifj irapaBovvai. e'xpfxev yap 
/napTvptas e/c ttjs Oeias Tparfirjs air)p>aivovo~as otl ravra ovtcos 
e%ei. otl fiev yap KVKXofpoprjTtKcos fuvovvrai, jxatcapios Aavl'8 

15 <rr]fMaivet Xeycov EvXoYijo-eis tov o-W<j>avov tov Ivmlvtov ttjs xP1 trT °' rr l TO s 
<rov, Oavpaaiws tov kvkXov tcov ift fxrjvwv aTe<f>avov e^enrcbv, ths 

1 Kai ravras Kara to prJKOs rav rpicov kvkXcov nopeias tcov dcodeKa o'Ikcov to>v 
dcrripcov Kai tcov bvo peydXcov (pcocjTrjpcov, eK re $elas fiorjdeias Ktvovpcvoi, Ik re 
tcov (paivopevcov 8ta Trjs oyjrecos avXXoyi^opevoi, cos ivrjv rjpds ILpicrTiaviKcos ei7reii/, 

20 i^rjyrjcrdpeda' Trepl 8e Trjs Kara ttXcitos tcov 8vo peydXcov (pcocrTrjpcov 7ropeias, 40c B 
/zeraj3do"eo!)v re, dv68cov re not Ka068cov, o~vv68cov Kai TravcriXr\vcov, (Tvv8io~pcov 
re Kai iK8iap€Tpcov 8p6pcov^ irapaXXd^cov re Kai (pdorecoi/, Kai opaXcov Kivrjcrccov 
Kai dvcopdXcov, Kai /3opeiou Ttiparos Kai votlov, Kai Xonrcov ovopaTcov tov fiovXovTai 
oi cktos ovopdfeiv, iv ois Tas eVAei^ets tcov avTcov (pcocrTrjpcav ■^rj(pi^ovo'i ) Tols 

25 eldoo-L Ka\ (piXoo-oCpovai irepl rd roiavra ttjv yjsrjCpov 7rapa^a)poCfiei/, yp-rjfpt^eiv re 
Kai TrpoXeyctv e K.Xei\j/ , € is 7 p.r}8ev rjficls eK tovtov /3\a7rrdjuevoi, dXXd paXXov Ka\ 
(Tvvio~Tdpevoi. et yap Ta TOiavTa ovopaTa, Tas peTa(3do~eis Xe'-yca, Kai dvoBovs Kai 
Ka668ovs, Kai ret Xoi7ra rrdvTa ev tco r/pere'pa) ad)£ovTai axrjpaTi, aKatpos fj (piXo- 
veiKia. ovdev yap eTepov detKvvvai. €0~7rovddo~ap,Gv Sia TavTrjs fjpcov Trjs rrpay- Q* 

30 p,aT€tas, r) on Kai avTai al e'KXei'^eis dpfpoTepcov tcov (pcoo~Tr)pcov avp(3alvovo~i re 
Kai app,6£ovo~iv iv tovtco tco rjpcTepcp o-x^JpaTi, avTov tov ovpavov pr]86Xcos kivov- 
pivov drrb avaToXcov eVi Bvapas, fj diro 8vo~pcov eVi dvaToXds y prjTe crcpaipoetBovs 
ovtos, rj a<paipcov 7roXXcov } dXXd tcov dcTTpcov kcu tcov (pcocrTrjpcov iv ra> de'pi 81a 
tcov XoyiKcov Bvvdpecov Kai tov dpopov Kai ttjv Taljiv iKTcXovvrcov, ko.1 tov o~x^- 

35 paTos tcov 8vo ovpavcov Kai Trjs yrjs o-co£opevcov } Kara Trjv 0eiav Tpacprjv. iv co Tas 
8vo KaTao-Tacreis, Trjv re vvv ko.1 Trjv piXXovcrav , e'£ dp%rjs 6 Qebs elpydcraTo. 

■i. auDvas] + twv aiibvcov LSm. 5. Xypcodlav] Hie deficit L fol. 24i v . 

KaTcypd\papev — yhcovTcti om. m. 7ropeiai V. 17. Kai ratfras — elpyacraTO (1. 36)] 

om. V. Post verbum apty posita sunt haec verba in LSm. prJKos] + ttjs L 2 . 

15. Ps. lxv. n. 


<TT€<\>avovvTa tw KaXXei dvoaOev rrjv yfjv, 66 ev eirr\veyKev^ Kal toL 
ireSCa <rov irXijo-6ijo-ovTai iti6tt]tos. to> yap kvkXo) Kal ttj Bia8o%fj twv 
408 A Tpo7TQ)v, 01 Kapwol T779 yrj$ av^ovai re teal ireiralvovrai. ov firjv 
aXXa Kal Mfflcij? ev jjl&v tS tvttg) rfjs 7^9, Tovriari rfj Tpawe^rj, 
dvcodev eOrjKev kvkX<p tou9 i/3' T779 irpoOeae&s a/)T0i/9 Kara, ycaviav 5 
Tpel^y arj/jbaivcov fiev Bid twv ywviwv tcl? 8' Tpoira? airo firjvayv y , 
Bid Be tov kvkXov tov? l/3' fifjvas, Bid Be twv aprayv tovs eviavalovs 
Kapirov? T779 77)9, aiviyfiaTcoBols kvkXov tov? p/r\va^ epyaadfjievos 
avwOev <TT€<f)avovvTa ttjv yfjv. 6fiola)<z Kal tcls iff <f>vXas kvkXg) 
TrdXiv 77)9 <TK7]vr\^ eTaj-ev, €t9 dvaToXas Tpels, Kal et9 votov Tpels, 10 
Kal et9 Bvcrfias rpels, Kal el? fioppdv Tpei<f ef avaroXwv p,ev 
dp^dfievo?, elra dvia>v eVt tov votov, Kal iraXiv Karicbv eirl ttjv 
Bvariv, elra Kal to Xoittov tov j3oppav BiaTpe^cov, KaTa ttjv kivtjo-lv 
twv a&Tpoov Kal T779 Oeaeax; T779 yrjs. 
B Tovtov Be tov kvkXov ol e^coOev ^coBiaKov KaXovaiv, ovirep Kal *5 
avrbv KaTa ttjv avTcov vttoOtjktjv BevTepov KaTeypdyjrajnev. tolk? 
Be aXXov? €7tto, 0&9 KaXovai TrXavqTas, ev ttj Xvyyia M.coo-f}<; 
aiviy/jLaTcoB&s eirTa Xv'xyov? eOrjKev, o~Trjo-a<; avTijv eh tov votov, 
&o~t€ (fraiveiv ttj Tpawe^rj eVt tov fioppav, arj/jiaivcov ap,a 6Y avTwv 
e/38o/j,dBa r)fiepo3v, Bid irdvT(ov ar)p,aivcov r}/j,epa$, e/38o/jid8a<;, fifjvaSj 20 
Tpo7ra9, iviavTov. Bid fiev t&v i^rj/iepivcov dpTcov tu>v KaO* eKao-Trjv 
f}p,epav veapwv TiOefievasv rjfjbepa^ BrjXwv, Bid Be toov eirTa Xv^ycov, 
efiBofidBa, Bid Be tov dpiOfiov twv iff pJr\vas, Bid. Be tcov B' ycoviaiv 
Ta9 Tpo7ra9, Bid Be tov kvkXov tov eviavTov irepl &v ev ttj rrpb<: 

'EyS/0atOV9 O #€409 , A7TOO"TOX09 OVTCO <f)7)0-lV El p.*v °^ v ty itr\ -yfjs, 2 5 
C ov8* dv tv Upevs> ovtcov t»v irpoop^epovTcov KaTa vopov ras Ovaias* o^Ttvcs 
viroSeCYpxurb Kal ctkio. XaTpcvovcriv twv cirovpavtwv, KaGcis Kcxpt]|iaTi(rTai. Moxrijs, 
p.eXXuv &iriT€X,€iv t^|v <rKt\vr\v. "Opa •ydp 3 fatrlv, ironjcrcis iravTa Kara tov tuitov, 
tov SeixO^VTa a-oi kv t<S opet. dXXa Kal 6 <ro^)09 z,oXo/jUDV toj avTQ) 
7TV€VfiaTi Tft) 0ei(p o~o<j)io~d€i<; <j>r)o~iv 'AvaT^XXei 6 jjXios, Kal 8vv€i 6 tjXios, 3° 
Kal «ls tov toitov avTov ^Xkci. avTos dvaT^XXo>v €K«t iropeveTai irpds votov, Kal 
kvkXoi 7Tpos poppdv, kvkXoi kvkXcov Kal lirl kvkXovs avrov iropivtrai to irvcvp,a. 

ii. fitv om. m. 12. elra om. LSm. 15. tiirepVUS. 16. aiiTol m, 

ai5rd V 2 . 19. ws <ne^avr\v V 1 . 25. tjv om. m ; add. in marg. L. 26. rjv 

om. m. ovt<*>v] + tQv lepwv m. Karal + rbv m. ra 8Qpa m. 27. virodely/iaTim. 
r<£ /awi»<t]7 LS. 28. fitWovri IA tV om. L X S. 0t;o-2j/ om. L. Troirjays m. 

29. dXXa — 0970-^] 6 5^ XoXofiwv m. ai)r^] + ^LS. 30. ry Se^ om. LS. 

31. dyarAXwy afrrbs m. /cal 2 om. L. 32. 7rpds pofibav, kvkXoi om. LSm. 

25. Hebr. viii. 4, 5. 30. Eccl. i. 5, 6. 

w. 19 


Kal OUT09 rd avTOL tw Moxtt} Kal tw Aav'lB e^eiirwv, oti dirb puev 
dvaToXwv dveicnv iirl tov votov, Kal Bed tov /3oppa kvkXcvcov rd? 
Tj007r«? Kal tov fieyav kvkXov tov iviavTov direpyd^eTai iv tw dipt 
BiaT peywv " tovto yap XeyeL, IIopeveTai t6 irvevp-a, waavec, ev tc5 dept. D 
5 oti Be Kal virb twv dopaTwv Bvvafiewv KCVovvTai, Kal tovto crr)/j,aivei 
7] Qeia Ypa<j)r}, Xeyovaa ovtcos, Ttj y^p uaTaioTTjTi r\ ktCo-is virtrdyr\, ovx 
eKOvVa, aXXd 8id tov viroTaf-avTa lir' IXttCSi, on Kal avri\ r\ ktCo-is IXevOepw- 
0^j<rcTai aird rf\s SovXeias Ttjs <j>6opas els t?jv eXevBepiav ttjs §6%i)S twv t&vwv 
tov Ocov, tovt€o~tw, iv Tjj avvTeXela iXevOepovvTac ol dyyeXoc dirb 

io TavTiys T?)? BovXelas Kal t?}? XeiTOvpyia? rj<; iroiovaiv Sid tovs 
dvOpayrrovs, twv avdpwirwv dOavaTwv Kal aTpeirTcov yivop,evwv y 
Kal p,r)K€TL Beofievwv twv tolovtcov, KaOd Kal iv JLvayyeXtois 6 
Kupto? ovtws Trepl avvTeXeias Xeyei At -yip 8wdp.€is t»v ovpavav 
o-aXevBrjo-ovTai, Kal ol d(rr(pe<s tov ovpavov irco-ovvTai 4irl ttjv yi\v. TO 06, 409 A 

15 a-a\€v8fyrovTai, dirb ttjs avTwv Ta^ecD? Xeyec. aatf>w<; ovv iXevOepov- 
fievcov twv dyyeXwv, twv avTa Ta do~Tpa Kal Ta Xotird klvqvvtwv 
t?}? Tafea)? Kal ttjs XeiTovpyias TavTrjs, iriiTTeiv eh yrjv efajaev 
Ta cicTTpa. 

Ka£ to nrapa tov KttogtoXov elprj/j,evov to, Otyl iraWts elo-l 

20 XeiTovp-yiKa irv€V)|i,aTa els SiaKovtav airoo-TeXXoucva 8id tovs p&\ovTas KXiipo- 
vouetv o-a)TTjp£av, aacfreaTepov BrjXol, irdvTas avTovs Bid tov<? dvOpw- 
7roi/5 XetTovpyovvTas Kal BtaKovovvTas vvKTa? re Kal r/fiepas, Kal 
Ta aXXa irdvTa ipya^o/jbevovs els dvairavaLv Kal yjpeiav twv 
dvOpwTrwv. ore yap tovtwv ovk€ti xpV^^v, iKelvoi ttjs BovXelas 

25 TavTTjs Kal t?5? ScaKovia? iXevOepovvTau ^i^eovvTerf Ta do~Tpa iirl 
ttjv yrjv. ttclXiv tov dnroGToXov HavXov 7roXXov<; kottows Kal 
OXi-tyeis Kal BiwyiAovs virep Tr}$ 'E/c/cA-Tyo-ta? viro^ievovTO^, Kal 
Xolttov iK tov ttXijOovs twv iTTijpTTjfievwv klvBvvwv KaToXiywpeiv 
dvayKa&ftevov, rj Oeia %apt? BC oTTTaaiwv av^vwv avWbv irapefiv- B 

30 OeiTO firj direiirelv, dXX* iirLjievetv, Kal BtaKOvelv -irpb<; avfyaiv Kal 
irX'qOvafibv t?}<; 'EKKXrjalas. BirjyelTat ovv rjfjiiv avTO? iK tovtwv 
Bvo aiTias, atTives o-Tj/xaivovaiv rj p,ev wepl kottov, rj Be irepl /iLcrOov. 
TL ydp <f)7}o-Lv; Ot8a avOpcoirov irpd e T «v 18', drs h a-^an, tire Ikt^s tov 

1. fxwelW 2 . 3. fx^ya S. x 4 . /cai— yrjv om. m. yrjv] + ras 5wdyt*eis tuv 

oipavwv rods ayyfrovs koXuiv LSm. 20. Xeirovpylap m. 24. xPXlt^^v m. 

25. ifrovvres] Forte tfrdovvres m. 33. dpdpwwou] + iv Xpurry m. o-^art] 
+ ovk olda m. 

6. Rom. viii. 20, 21. 13. Matt. xxiv. 29. 19. Hebr. i. 14. 33. 2 Cor. xii. 2. 


0-wp.a-ros, ovk otSa, 6 0€os oT8ev, dp-rrcryevTa tov toiovtov i-ws rptrov ovpavov' 
/cat iraXiv (f}7)o~iv Kal o?8a tov toiovtov avOpwirov oti ijpir6/yT] €is t6v 
irapdScurov, Kal tJkovo-cv appr|Ta pT|pa.Ta, a. ovk l^ov dv0pwira> \a\fjo-cu, Biap- 
prjBrjv ra kclO* eavTov ft>? eh aXXov Trpoaoyirov Birjyovfievos* OlBa, 
<f>7}<rlv } ifiavTov, w KopivOioi, el xpV oX&s eXdelv et9 bwTatr'ias Kal 5 
C dTroKaXvtyeis Kvptov, TrapaBo^co^ 7rco<? /cat virep Xoyov dpirayevTa 
€t? fnf-o? iroXvy Xeyco Brj, tov Biao~TrffxaTo<; tov cltto ty}<; 7^5 €&)? tov 
aTepecojiaTO? to Bifiotpov, to? irepiXenrecrdai fxoi tov iravTos vtyovs 
tov ovpavov to Tpirov. teal tl to aiTiov t?}<? apirayfj*; TavTrjs avv 
©ee5 Xe^oa. iireiBr) at abparoi Bvvdpieis icaTa to vyjros tovto ev6a 10 
6 TiavXos 7]pTrdyr) BiaKOvovaai tco Oeicp irpoaTaypiaTi Bid tov$ 
dvdpooTrov^ kivovgi to, do~Tpa dKaTairavaTU)? Kal dvevBoTcos vvkto? 
Kal rjfjbepa^, tovtov eveKa Kal tov YlavXov dpirdaa<; dvrjyayev €Kei, 
Bcikvvcov avTcp ttjv dvevBoTov avTtov \eiTovpyiav rjv hid tovs 
dv6pa)Trov<; iroiovaiv, a>9 XoyiKcbs, Kal evTaKTeos, Kal evpvOpicDS, Kal *5 
o"o<^W9 fieTa 7roXXov kottov Kal airovBr)^ Kal piepip>vr)<; BovXevovre<$, 
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2. ^ws Tpirov ovpavov m. 5. ifmvr<f V. 8. rb ora. Lm. 12. avevdv- 

dcrrws Urn. 13. To(iT(av m. Kal 2° om. V. dv^yayep] + 2<as V 2 LSm. 

24. <rvvo5ivowres V. 25. ol om. LSm. 31. diroriB^vrai LSm. 32. r(av\ 

rbv L 1 , tov m. 33. i^aip4r<fi LSm. 

■t. 2 Cor. xii. 3. 

19 — 2 

292 XPI2TIANIKH TOnorPA<t>IA Lib. IX. 

tcov aopciTcov Bvvdfiecov BiaTrfpovfievai /juera vpvcov feat, Tracrrjs 
Ttfir)*;, i/cel iraXiv dpirdcra^ tov JJavXov, BeiKwaiv avTco t€G)9 
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veKpcov, ofioicos Kal dyyeXoo fieff r)ficov eXevOepovfievoi Tr)<s BovXelas, 
KaX pi7TT0VTes Ta daTpa eiri Tr)v yr)v, ico filer covTai koi avTol Trjv 
aTpeTTTOTryra Kai Trjv eXevdeplav, ov /3alvofiev eireKeiva, koX 
vofiev to CTepecofia, elaepyofievoi et'9 Tr)v tcov ovpavicov ftaaCXeiav 

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tov aifiaTo^ Tpoirrjv. dBvvaTov ovv elirev Ovijtov r) TpeirTov ovTa 
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4>6opd t^v d<})0ap(rCav KXr)povo|X€t ' iraXiv Kai tovto TrpoaeOrjKev, BrfXcov 

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fidXXov Kal TVCpXovfievot, ryrrep coc\>eXovfievoi, ovtcos eo~Ti Kal 6 
Ovtjtos, r) 6 €tl T/367TT09 cov, r) cf)6apT0<$, vTrepftfjvat tou9 opovs 

6. irX-ripdaavTi L 2 m. 7. Ttip^travrt L 2 m. 9. Kal om. S. 19. odv om. L 2 m. 
irapa] + tov LSm. 22. 7^] + e/^L 2 m. 24. ovpavwv LSm. 26. tcXypovo- 

peiv m. 27. TpovrjUm. 33. jJTrep d)<pe\ou/j.ei>oi om. V. 

14. Hebr. i. 14. 25, 28. 1 Cor. xv. 50. 


4^A %t}T(ov teal irpoa eyy Lcrai avrfj rfj o3oo ttJ? j3acnXela? tcov ovpavcov, 
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tov 6vrjTOV kol TpeiTTov, cb? e^ovTo? avTOV r)8ea /cat XvTrrjpd, zeal 
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tt)v ftao-£XeLav twv ovpavdov, o~r)/j,avaL ftovXofievo? djBaTOV? elvai 
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fiaaiXelav, evOa dOavacrla zeal aTpeiTTOTJ)? tca\ fiaKo^pioTr]^ KpaTei. 3° 
iv ttj ovv o~WTeXela iravop^evcov twv dyyeXcov tov irepitTTpefyeiv 
tov? <p(oo~Tr)pa? tca\ ttitttovtcov tcoV do-Tpcov f ov/c eTi yepovfiip, /cat 
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ovtco? fay, dXXd pbeTdpaioL yevopuevoi ol Butcaioi, /cat ttjv TrpoacfaaTOv 

3. 7W om. LSm. 7. xa^cV] + Kal m. &it6<tto\os] IlaOXos LSm. 12. to6tov 
tov k6<t/xov LSm. 15. tov 8t £v\ov L 1 . 17. Tcp] rb S l m. 32. ^rt] + ra 

LSm. kcl1] + t) L 2 m. 

5. Hebr. i. 4. 17. Gen. iii. 22. 


6Bbv oBevovTes, teal T&fivovres to o-repecofia avv T<p ^.ea-irorrj XptcrTO), 
Trjv fiaaikeiav tt}? fa)?)? KXrjpovofiovcnv. d^icoaov koX r)fias <rvv D 
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KaX tottcov, Kadd)? vfiels <j)ar6' dXX ol rjfieTepov UaTepes, ol koX 

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ev Toi/T(p toj Xoy(p fiapTvpia<; TLaTepcov, tqjv koX Trap avTols, elre 

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eXey%ov, a>9 KaXo3<; Kal fiefiapTvprjfievoJS irapd irdvTwv diroaToXtov 
Te, Kal TrpocfrrfToov, koX SthaaKaXcov, Keladai Trjv rffierepav crvy- 
ypacfrrjv. 7raptTco Be eh fiecrov 7T/oojto9 o fieyas ^Oavdcno^, Ta 
avTa r)filv KrjpvTTCov. 

1. K\t]povofj.if<Tovaiv LSm. 5. AOrOS 0' om. LSm. 7. Xpfous 

ttartpuv om. V. 10. yeuofxivr} V X S. 14. TiJiruv m. 16. tolovtov V 2 Lm. 

18. SoKeiTe — vfi€Tipav om. S 1 . 21. fx.rj fj.r)Sevl m. firj rt] jx-q ye LSm. 24. Kal 

om. L 1 . 25. iv om. LSm. 27. ypa<pT}v LSm. 

16. i Cor. xii. 28. 


*A0avacr[ov £/c Trjs eopTatTTiicris. 

YevoiTO B dv teal irap r/fioiyv irpenrovTw^ eha-etedaTOTe fiev, 
fiaXLara Be ev Tah rjfiepai? t?)9 eopTrjs, fir) fibvov dtcpoaral, aXXd 
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diToXafielv \apdv. eicel yap ^/z-a?, a>? iiri to dvdyaiov tou9 fJLaOiiTa^, 

2. daeKacTore] tudarore LS. 4. yevd/xeOa LS. 10. /cari ego, Kal VLS, icai 
els m. 16. IC XC (om. 6) LS. airAvruv S. 19. SiSaxOy L. 21. Karacr-fiar] LS. 
25. (bs ao-rpawT} om. LS. 28. 'iva LS. airavriav LS. 29. a\T}diPrjs L 2 . 

t?i$\ eras. L 2 . {t&<n?s] fw^s S, faypas L 2 . 30. iirovpdviov'] iv ovpavois LS. 


etrl ttjv 6eiav /cat a<j)6apTov 6Vr&)9 kariaaiv 6 \0709 KaXei fxeT 
avrwv. ivravOa fiev iraBoav virep fjfioov, eKel Be ras ovpaviovs 
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XcoTrjp teal TavTrjv eXa^pdv Te teal XPV°~ T V V KaTeaKevacrev. 

10 Tov avTov etc 7-779 avTrjs. 

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7-779 dfiapTLas yevofievoi G09 01 diravTrja-avTe^ tco ^coTrjpi totc, ovtch 
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eirl ttjs Tpair^rjs p-ov ev tr pa<riXeCa \iov. ewl BeiTTVOV TOIVVV TO fieya Kal 

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E'lIcreXGe els t^|V \apdv tov KvpCov trov. 

3. irpbs tt)v k\tj<tiv om. LS. 8. ovpauoiis] &i>6pii>irovs LS. n. irapa- 

\ap.fidvoi>Tes LS. 24. £v rots veipacrnois p.ov om. LS. 25. ha] + Kal L'S. 

28. wffirep] ws LS. 30. V ^todeu Kal tawdev LS. 

24. Luke xxii. 28— 30. 29. 2 Cor. vii. 1, 33. Matt. xxv. 21. 

Lib. X. XPI2TIANIKH T0norPA4>IA 29? 

Tov avTov £k T?}? /jl@' iopTaariKYJ<i. 

K.€/c\r]iJL60a yap, d8eX<f>ol, Kal vvv avvKaXov^evoi vtto t?)? 
(TO(f>La<i zeal Kara, ttjv evayyeXiKr)v irapa^oXrjv iirl to Belirvov 
eicelvo to fxeya to virepKoafxiov Kal irdarj tt) kt'io~6i. Siap/covv, tVt 
to Tlda^a Srj Xeyco, tov TvQkvTa "KpLorov. To «ydp irao-xa ij|A«v 5 

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els t?|v x a P^ v T0 ^ KvpCov opov. 

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Xevvaap iTreyeiprjaav, XP eia Kat Vpw oiTTrja-ai irXivOov iv irvpl, 
Kal ^rfTelv aa(j>a\Tov clvtI TrrjXov. avveyyOtjaav yap iKelvtov at 
yXwaaai, Kal KaTeXvBr) to epyov. tj/jllv Be 6 Kvptos tt)v 686v 
iv€Kalvio~e Sta tov ISlov at/j,aT0<;, Kal evKoXov avTr)v KaTeaKevaae. 

Kal 7rdXtv. 25 

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o-aTOy aXX' OTi Kal KeKXeio-fievrjv TavTtjv iroTe ttjv ttvXtjv iXdwv 
rfvoi^e. KeKXeio~Tai yap oVret)? if; otov tov 'ABdp, iljeffaXev e'/c tov 
Trapa^eiaov T779 Tpvcftrjs, Kal eTa^ev to, xepov/31/jL, Kal ttjv (j>Xoyivrjv 
pofi<f>aiav ttjv o-Tp6(f)OfJL€vr}V (pvXdaaecv ttjv 6B6v tov IjvXov tt}? J&)?79, 30 

4. /cW(T«] + t6 LS. 11. £<tti v°] 2ti S. Kal— ian om. LS. 15. wd\iv 

om. LS. 16. to om. S 1 . 21. Semap LS. 24. KaTe<rice6a{e m. 

28. Stov] 8re US. 

5. 1 Cor. v. 7. 8. Matt. xxv. 21. 12. Hebr. xiii. 14. 

17. Ps. cxv. 16. 

298 XPIITIANIKH T0n0rPA4>IA Lib. X. 

vvv Be iKT€Tafiivrjv Kal irXeiovt xdpiTi Kal <f>iXav6poyrrLq ificpavels 
avTo? o Ka07]fjLcvo<i 67rl tcjv 'XjepovftlfL, elo-rjyayev e*9 fJ>ev tov irapa- 
Beiaov jJLeO' eavTOv tov ofioXoyrjaavTa Xyarrfv. ei? Be tov ovpavov o 
auro? irpoBpojio^ virep rj/icov elaeXOcov, iraaiv aveireTacre Ta$ 6vpa<z. 

5 Kal iraXtv. 

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r)p7rdo~0r] oY avrr)<s &»? TpiTOV ovpavov, ecopafcoos Ta T€ avw, 
Xolttov /caTepxofievos, KaT^yel Kal r)fjia<; evayyeXi^6fJLevo<; Ta 
7T/30? f E/9pa/ou? ypafyevTa. Ov -ydp irpoo-€XT]Xv0aT€, Xeycov, tyr\\a$ta- 

IO p.^va> opei, Kal KCKavp.4va> irvpl, Kal -yvo<f>a> Kal £o<|>a> Kal OveXX-n, Kal craXiriyyos 
TJX.V) Ka ^ ^wvfl pujidTODV. dXXd irpoo-cXTjXvOaTe Sicav opei Kal iroXa @eov £«vtos, 
'IcpovaraX^ju cirovpav£a>, Kal uvpidtriv dyyeXwv, iraviryvpci, Kal EKKXt]o*Ca irpwTO- 
tokcdv dTro-y€7paap.^vo)v 4v ovpavots. Tt? OUtf ai> ev^aiTO fieTa TOVTCOV 
eyetv tj)v ava) avvoBov ; Tt9 oltc ayairrjaei fieTa tovtcov airoypa- 

15 (f>€o~0at; cva Kal fieT avT&v afcovcrrj Attire, ol cvXoYTjpivoi tov IlaTpos (jlov, 
KaTaK\i]povofXT|o-aTe t^|v ■fJTOipiaa-p.^VTjv vatv Pao~iXe£av diro KaTa|3oXj]S koo-jjlov. 

Tov avTov €K tt)s yLte' eopTaaTiicris. 

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KOLVcovtav eTTiyLvaycncovTes, Kal elairopevoofieOa et'9 tcl ayta } ft>? 

20 yeypaTTTai, evOa Kal irpoSpouos virlp i]|j.wv elo-fjXOev 'Itjo-ovs, atwviav 

XvTpwcriv evpdp.€Vos. 

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Kal aXXoTpiovs ttote 6Wa9, ylvecrdai crvfiiToXiTas tq)v ayiw, Kal 

25 TeKva %pr}fjLaTio~aL ttjs avw r Iepovo-aXr)fi, 779 TU7ro9 J7V ?7i> wKoBofirjaev 
^aXofjbcov. el yap KaTa tvttov tov Beu^OevTa ev to3 opei iravTa 
ireiToirjKev Ma)cr7)9, tutto9 r\v BtjXovoti rj ev Tjj aKrjvfj XaTpeia tcov 
ev ovpavols fjbvaT7)p[cov, et? a OeXcov Kal ^/xa9 eicreXdelv 6 Kvpios 
coBo7TOLr)o~ev i\\uv ri\v 68ov irp6o-<|»aTov Kal \l4vovo-ov. ft)9 06 iravTa 

30 tvttos tjv tcl TraXai T&v vecov, ovtco tvttov t^9 civco %apci<; Kal 7} vvv 
ecTTiv eopTt]. eh rjv ep^ofxevoi fieTa yjraXficbv Kal (pBcov irvevfiaTLKCOV 
ap%6/jLeda twv vrjaTeiwv. 

1. ifuf>ai>i<r$ els V (man. rec). 3. ovpavbv avrbs (om. 6) LS. 7. re to, LS. 
10. Kal £6<p({) om. LS. Kal adXviyyos — prj/xdrup om. S. I J. £Qvtos om. LS. 

16. KKT/jpovo/x^aare LS. 22. tov — avrijs] Kal tt&Xiv LS. In V tov haud legibile est. 
26. aoXofidjv L. Ko.T&] + 7-dp LS. 30. 7raXcu<x LS. x a P^ s ] X w P as V. 32. dpx^/xe^am. 

6. Phil. iii. 14. 9. Hebr. xii. 18 — 23. 15. Matt. xxv. 34. 

20. Hebr. vi. 20, viii. 12. 29. Hebr. x. 20. 


416 B Karavoei tov fjueyav tovtov 8(,&do~/eaXov 7tg>9 irav to cr^rj/Ma 
tov /cocTfiov avv r<p Boyfiarc oftot'o)? r)fuv awe^a)? /caTaXeyei rrjv 
pao~iXeiav tq>v ovpavoov, dvdyaiov fieya icai virepKOcr^iov, Biap/covv 
C Tjj KTiaet elirtov, /cai irp6hpop,ov virep v/jlwv yevo/nevov iv avra> tov 
Aea7roT7)v ILpio-Tov icqpVTTei, icai Tj/Aa? avveicrepyeaQai avTol iv ttj 5 
hevTepa irapovaia /3oa, teal to, EfcreMte «ls t^v x a p<*v tov KvpCov o-ov, 
ei$ avTo to avayaiov Xiyei, tovtccttlv, tov ovpavov tov ovpavov, 
rjTOL Tf]v j3ao~iXeiav tcov ovpavwv, teal oti diro icaTaftoXf]*; koct/jlov 
rjTOi/jLaaTcu tol<; avQ poaTzoi^ viro tov ®eov, icai oti tvtto? io-Ttv r) 

KCLTa M 6)0-?5l/ CTKTJVr} TWV OVpaVlCOV. elirOLTWO-aV Ol <f>tX6vet/COL, 7TC09 10 

ov o-vfjLtfxovel rjfuv 6 fieyas ovto<; Bi8do~icaXo<; ; rj 7rw? ijevqv 68bv 
irapa ttjv iicicXrjaiaaTc/crjv i^ahicrajjuev; dXX diraye ttJ? tovtcov 
p.aT avoir ovias ! teat irpocrOrjaayfiev tovtco /cat tov kclt i/celvov icaipbv 
Tprjyopiov tov N atyav&vbv vir avToov ptdXicrTa Biapoco/jtevov, 
Ta avTa to> irpo avTov /cat rj/jtlv i^ayyeXXovTa. T 5 

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tov et9 to Wdaya. 

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Trjpiov, fji€Ta t?}9 civco yppoaT atrial, Stao")^tcrco/jtev to TrpwTov 
KaTaireTaafjua, toj hevTepca 7rpoo~e\.0co/jtev, el? tcl " Ay ta twv dytcov 20 
7rapaKvyjrQ)fiev. etTrco to fjtel^ov, rjfjtas avToi><; Ovaoifxev toj dea>. 
teal 07JT09 Ta bfioia toj irpo avTov i^elirev, irepl tov cy^fxaTO^ 
irpwTOv zeal SevTepov fiovov KaTaizeTacrp^a icai dvatap-Tijptov cIttojv 
teal irepl tojv dyyeXojv, 009 teal avTwv /cat rjfjtwv iv to> irpojTqj 
KaTaTreTao-fiaTi eVt ovtcov, iirtOvptovvTajv Se afjta ijfiiv iv toj 25 
SevTepo) 7rapaKvyjraL 7tgj9 ov irpohrjXov oti fjevrjv 6B6v fj dXXoTpiav 
ov/c ij3a8lo-a/J,ev irapa tjjv ifc/cXrjo-LacrTifajv ; alcr^vveo-Qoio-av ovv 
ol (piXoveifcoi, tt/v o-v/j,(f>covtav T779 'R/e/cXTja-Las op&vTes, icai /jurj 
hvaireTeiTOiaav eh rjpLa^ • cricXrjpbv yap avToi? 7rpo9 tcevTpa XatcTi- 
£etv. dXXd /cal tov TpiTOv 7rapaycvyeo/j,ev [xeTa tovtov yeyovoTa 30 

3. dpdyyaiov L. fdyav V 1 . 10. odpav&v LSm. 12. dX\' om. LSm. 

13. irpoffdrjffo/xev V 2 . Kal — Kaipbv om. LSm. 14. t6v om. V 1 . Nafraufypbv] 

NaftafoO 6u L, Naftaj'foi} 6v S, Nafravfov rbv m. 16. N cwfrav £rjvov V, NafiafoO S, 
l$a£tau£ov Lm. devripov om. LSm. 17. els t6 om. LSm. 19. diaax&fxev Lm. 
21. elirw — irapaKvyj/at (1. 26) om. m. etwwfiev L 1 (?) S. 21. ofioia tCjv L ! S. 

24. Trpu)T(p om. LS. 26. 01)] ovv US, ovv ov L 2 m. 6tl] + ov L 2 m. 27. ovk 

om. LSm. 29. avrol L^. 30. irapdyojfiev Lm. 

6. Matt. xxv. 21. 

300 XPIITIANIKH TOnorPA4>!A Lib. X. 

kclt ifcetvo tcatpou, tov tt)<; ^AXe^avBpecov eirldKoirov %60<\>lXov, Kai 
avTov fjLCLpTvpovvTa tois rjjjbeTepois, fiaXXov Be ttj dXqoeia. 

®eocf>iXov i/c Tf}<z a 6opTa<TTLKT]<i. 417 A 

"Iva tcov yrjivcov avco yevo/jievoi irpd^ecov eh tov vtyrjXov tt)? 
5 aperi)*; oIkov, Kaddirep oi fiaOrjral, cpdycofiev ev tco avayaico to 
irdcrya, eypvT€$ fieO* eavTCOv tov virep tjjjlcov rvdevra Xpiarov, 
oXov avTov &>? %cor)v eo-diovres. 

Tov avrov etc tt)? i eopraaTUcrj?. 

r '\va irdXiv to irapaireTacrfjia Kai KaXvfifia tt)? Xe£eco$ avacnei- 

10 XavT€<? } dvaKeKaXvfi/xevco irpocrcoirco, rrjv BiajiaT7)piov tov Oeiov 
Tldcr^a iravrjyvpiv KaTOiTTpi^ovTai, (SocovTes tco Irjcrov, Tlov QiXas 
hot,[La<rci\L(v <rot to ird<rx a >* ore Kai fiadovTe? Trap avrov ev avayaico 
Belv eirneXelv tovto, avco tcov yeoBecrrepcov irpayfiaTcov, eyivovro 
eh ra r/ Ayta tcov dyicov, Bpofiaioi rfj yvcofirj jBaBi^ovres, ev6a o B 

15 X/9to-TO? avTos virep rjficov elcrrjXdev, tov koto, tov tvttov ap^iepeco? 
ireiravKe Tr\v %peiav, r)filv aicoviav XvTpcocriv evpafievos, Kai virep 
rjficov ificfravicrOeh tco irpoacoirco tov %eov, rore fiev yap ciiral; tov 
eviavTov fiovo? 6 dp^iepevs elcrijpyeTO eh to. " Ay va tcov dyicov, 
ej*co tov Xaov fievovros, hid to fiiKpbv ttjs Bvvdfiecos • 6 Be Xcorrjp 

20 iirij3d<;, dBeiav Tot? /3ovXofievoi<; elcreXdeZv BeBcoKev. 

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r/ Ayia dyicov, evda 6 AecriroTrjs XpLo-TO? irpoBpofio? virep rjficov 
elcrrjXdev, ov tvttos r)v 6 /card tt)v ctktjvt/v lS/icoaeco<i dp^iepev<;, 
ificpaviadrjvai tco irpocrcoirco tov ®eov, /cat Bri tois ftovXofievois 

2 5 dBeiav BeBco/cev tov eiareXOelv eh tu " Ay ta tcov dyicov, tovtccttiv, C 
eh T7]V ftacriXeiav tcov ovpavcov. Xeyercoaav ol Trj? fiepiBos tcov 
airoo"%icrTcov irpocrTaTai, nrco? i*evr)v oBov efiaBlcrafAev irapd ttjv 
e/ctcXr)criacrTiicr)v ; irco? ovk alBovvTai tcov IBicov HaTepcov tov<; 
Xoyov? dXXa tovtcov /lev a)? ovtcos epiaTitccov ; Kai tovtov Be 

3. 9eo0^Xou] + a\e%avbpwov LS, + &\e%av dpius m. 8. t'] airiji LSm. 9. Kai 
Kakv/jLfxa om. LSm. 11. KaToirTpl^orres S, KaTOirTpt<TU)/j.ev Uhoa. 12. ffoi] 

+ <paye?v Lm. tin V. 13. &v<6 — Trpayfidriov} dva-y ulip devripuu vpayfidrcov LS, 

dvayai(j) dr) 8. Trpayfi&TWv m. 15. d<T7)\dev~\ + Kai L 2 m. ij. ydp om. LSm. 

20. daeXdeiv om. m. 11. dyia dytuv om. LSm. 25. rod om. LSm. 

27. Trpbs ravra LSm. 29. fiev om. L 2 m. 6ptw £pi(TTU<Qu~\ alperiKwv tivrutsv L T S, 
aZpert/ctDf tivrwv Karaxf/evdovres L 2 m. Kai om. L 1 . 

1 j. Matt. xxvi. 17. 


irapaBpafiovTes iirl tov tear itceivo Kaipov o~vvfivo-T7)v, tov TT79 
Taj3dX(ou eiricTKoirov Xevrjpiavov, reraprov fi€Te\6cofiev, fiaprv- 
povvra o"^eB6v iraar) rrj rj/xerepa o~vyypa(f>fj. 

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Tfj yap irpwrrj r)fiepa eTroirjae ra<; vXa? toov KTto-fiaTWV, tclls 5 
Be aXXais rjfiepais rrjv fioptjxocriv Kal rrjv BiaKoafirjo-iv t&v ktig- 
D fidrcov, olov rt, Xeyco, 'Fiirotrjo-ev tov ovpavov fir) ovra, ov tovtov, 
dU(i tov virepav<D ' outo? yap Tjj Seurepa r)fiepa iyeveTO. iiroiTjaev 
©eo9 tov ovpavov rov dvwTepov '0 ovpavds tov ovpavov t<5 Kvpfo, 
T-f|v 8e y^v ^8wk€ tois viois t«3v avOpwirwv. virepdvoj Be eo~Tiv tovtov, 10 
teal a>5 iv oi/c<p Btcopocfxp fieaoXaj3r)<; re yrj fieo~r\. ovtcos &><? eva 
qXkov KTiaas 6 ©eo? rov Koafiov fiecrrjv o-riyrjv eOrjKev rov ovpavov 
tovtov, zeal virepdvco to\ vBaTa. Bid tovto Aav'lB Xeyei, e vnyayav 
iv vSao-iv ra virepwa avTov. iiroL7)aev ovv tov ovpavov fir) bvTa, tt)v 
yrjv fir) ovo~av, Ta? d(3vo~aov<; fir) 01/0-a?, dvefiovs, depa, irvp, vBcop' 15 
irdvTOiv tojv yevofievwv Tas vXa$ iv Tjj wpcoTr) rjfiepa iiroLrfaev. 
420 A dX)C ipel Ti? otl ykypairTai fiev, oti eTroirjcrev tov ovpavov Kal tt)v 
yrjv, irepl Be vBaTcov ica\ irvpbs /cal depo$ ov yeypaiTTai. irpooTOV 
fiev ovv, dBeXcfrol, elira&v tov ovpavov Ka\ Trjv yrjv yeyevrjadai, etc 
TOiV irepieypvTViv to, irepieyofieva r)pfirjvevcrev. 20 

Kal fied' eTepa' 

EfcTCt dr)p 7T0T€ iyeveTO, a/cove" Kal irvevjut 0€ov eire(|>epeTo ciravco 
t(5v v8aT«v. to Trvevfia Be ov to dytov Xeyec evTavOa' ov yap tj) 
KTio-ei avvaptdfietTai to olktio-tov dWd irvevfia tcaXel Trjv tov 
ae/309 Kivrjaiv. 25 

Kal Trakiv. 

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dyye\ov<z dacofxaTovs iTroirjaev. (oairep ovv iirl tojv ylrv^cbv Kal 30 
€7rt t&v dyyeXoyv, ovtcq Kal iirl tov Trvpbs cgtiv IBelv, to irvp to 

1. fidprvpa LSm. 4. Zevriptavov]-^ iTrurKSrov Ya^dXiav LSm. tov om. m. 

10. tV — avdp&irwv] Kal LSm. 11. fieaoXafieiV 2 . fieaoXafiecrai rrjs yrjs fdaov L 2 m. 
26. Kal irdXiv om. LSm. 

9. Ps. cxv. 16. 13. Ps. civ. 3. 22. Gen. i. 2. 27. Gen. i. 3. 


avco dvev vXrjs, to irvp to Karco fiera vXrj^' to yap dvco irvp B 
avyyeve? tov koltq) eo~Tiv, wairep kcl\ at ^v^al rjficov avyyevels 
elai roiv dyyeXcov. ttw?; fcadori icdiceivoi irvevp.aTa y Kal ovtol 
5 UdXiv Xeyet. 

UdvTa ovv iyevero, irvp, a/Suo-0-09, avefiot, ra recraapa aroi^ela, 
yr), 7rvp, dr)p, vhcop " Kal yap airep TrapeXenrev, a>? iv 7rapaBol~<p 
ava/C€<f)a\aiovTai Mqjo - ^? Xeyeov 'Ev -yap ig %epai$ lirohjo-ev 6 Ocds tov 
ovpavov Kal t?)v yrjv, Kal iravTa rci Iv avTois. GMTTTep 06 €7TL TOV aoofXaTO^ 
10 ovk elirev iravTa tcl fieXr), ovhe iirl tt?? &r]fuovpyia<; iifrjpiOfitfaaTo, 
el Kal iravTa o-vvKaTeo-KevdaOrj t&5 koct/jlo). el he /jltj rjv iv tc5 
Kocrfup to wvp, ovk civ arjfiepov diro irerpa^ irvp i!je/3aXXeTo Kal 
diro %vX(*)v 7rapaTpL/36fJL€vov yap to f;vXov irvp yevva' el he fir) 
el'yev i) (j>vo~i$, iroOev yevva ; C 

15 Tov avTov eK tov hevTepov Xoyov. 

El/ TJJ oevTepa r)fiepa Etirev 6 0€os Y€vn0TJTG> a-Ttpt'wpa Iv pe'crw tov 
vSaTos, Kal 'io-rai Staj^top^ov avaulo-ov vSaros Kal vSaTos. eTT0l7]0~ev TOV 
ovpavbv, ov tov iirdva), dXXa tov 6pco/jievov } e'f vhaTcov 7rrj£a$ eo? 
KpvcrraXXov. ^ovXofxaL he aoi TrapacrTYjcrai Trpdyfia' TroXXa yap 

20 ttj oyjret fxaXXov i) to5 Xoyw irapahihoTai. tovto to vhcop virepel^ev, 
<f>epe elirelv, Tr}<? 7779 Trrj^eis nrevTe. elra Etircv 6 0€os ^vi^tw 
<rTep€a)(ia Iv alo-tp tov vSaTos' /cat Xoarbv iv fieaw tcov vhaTcov eircvyr) 
irrjyfMa KpvaTaXXcohes, Kal €KOV(j>Lo~ev to r)ficav tov vhaTos dvco, 
Kal direXiirev to r^/itav KaTco, KaOcos yey paiTTai revi^™ o-rcpluua D 

25 Iv pe<ra> tov vSaTos, Kal ^o*Tai Sia^wp^ov avapecrov vSaros Kal vSaTos. Ota 
tl Be avTo KaXel aTepecofia; €7rei$r) diro dpaccov vSaTcov Kal StaXe- 
XvfjLevwv avTo eaTepecoaev. Sea tovto Kal Aavl'B <f>r)o~iv AIvcitc avTov 
Iv o-TtpewaaTt 8vvduca>s avTov* Kat iva eTeptp %pr)o~cofiat, viroheuyixaTi, 
wo"irep KairvoSj eireihav diro i~vXcov Kal irvpbs dva8o6f}, rjpaicofievov 

30 eo-Tt^ Kal K€^avvo)fievov, eireihdv he hpdfirj eh vyjros, els ve<f>eXr)<; 

3. Kaicetvai LSm. irvevfia LSm. 5. Kal trdXiv LSm. 7. (55w/>, 

difjp LSm. fKiwev LS 1 , FKeurev L 2 m. 11. e£ 2° — Kb<rfx<$ om. V. 12. irvp 

2 om. LSm. i£e(3&\eTo L 2 S. 13. 8t) V. 14. '4<xx^v LS. 

18. ovpavbv~\ + tovtov LSm. dVw LSm. 22. e/i/xecw V 1 (et sic infra). 

24. dir^Xenrev V 1 . 25. dva/J^aov om. L 1 . 26. KaXet a^r6 LSm. 28. irapa.- 

Seiy/xari m. 29. ^k LSm. ripaiufiivos Kal Kexo-vvu/i^vos kariv m, ^(rTfy om. SL 1 , 

post Kexavvw/xtvov ponit L 2 . 30. 5£ om. m. dvadpdfir) Lm, dvdpdfirj S. ve<pi\rju US. 

8. Ex. xx. 11. 16, 2i, 24. Gen. i. 6. 27. Ps. cl. 1. 


Tra^vTrjra fxeTappvd [il^eTai, o#t<w9 t&v vSdrcov tcov r)paL(OfJiev(ov 
ttjv <f>vo~Lv o ©eo<? vyjrcbcras ewrj^ev ava). Kal otl dXrjOis £<tti 
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avco ijoaTa ; 7T/0O9 iroiav %pr)aLv ; Xva Tt? ttltj ; Xva t£<? irXevarrj ; otl 
fiev yap kcTLV vBaTa avco, fJuapTvpel 6 Aav'l'B Xeycov Kal t6 v8wp rd 

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Ta ireXdyq i/celva tcov vBaTcov, Xva Xnralvr} Kal iiraXel^>rj avTov to, 
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airo tt]S Spocrov tov ovpavov Kal airo ttjs itioti]tos ti]S y^s. 

Kat /j,ed* erepa* 25 

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diroTeXel tcl eirdvco tov ovpavov* ov jjlovov yap avvTrjpeL tov 

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irepmei. el yap r)v BLatfyavrjs 6 ovpavos, oXrj rj avyr) avco eTpe^ev. 


1. iraxorr} S. rip <f>6<riv tQ>v Tipaiu/j^vwu LSm. 3. 6 om. m. 

5. Toiler] V 2 (bis), 77/itVea S (bis). tuv uddruv om. L 2 m. vdarow om. US. 

7. 6 om. LSm. 9. tirel 8k L 2 (corr. ex 5rj) m. 12. vTr&rrpawe Lm. 

14. (ppvyfj LSm. 16. rj] elev L J S. tyei V 1 , fyv om - LSm. 

17. 6 Geos om. LSm. 18. tQv] + Avudev LSm. 21. ve<p4\7)W. 22. 60m. 

L a S. crrctcet S. 23. £\eyev om. L 1 Sm, £(pr) L 2 . 24. dwo i°] £k LS, 

Ik rdv m. dirb 2 om. LSm. 26. 8i om. LSm. 29. 6 om. LS 1 . 

3. Is. li. 6. 7. Ps. cxlviii. 4. 23. Gen. xxvii. 28. 


to yap irvp dvco<j>epe<i ov eprjfiov Tr)v yrjv KaTeXlfiiravev • Bta 
tovto ovv cTvveiriXrfaev tov ovpavov avcoOev direlpoi? vBacriv, iva 
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e^eis Be Kal iv creavTco tov t€%vitov rr)v elteova' Kal irpoae^e, 
5 irapaKaXco. opicrai fioi Tr)v Kecf>aXr)v ravrrjv tov ovpavov rov 
avco, ra iirdvco Tr)s yXcoTTrjs rov aXXov ovpavov, rovriari, to 
crTepecofia, o6ev /cal ovpavicrKO? KaXeiTai, avco iv Toh aoparois 
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fievrj, cocnrep 6 ovpavbs 6 avco iv Toh vorjToh, o Be Kocrfios iv rot? 
io XaXovfievoi?. 

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tt)v aftvcraov Tore, ev vBcop virdpypvcrav, ifiepicrev eh to avco vBcop, 
eh Ta? daXdcrcras, eh iroTafiovs, eh irrjyd?, eh Xifivas, eh cfypeaTa, 
ovtco koX to cfrcos ev virdpypv, fiovoeiBes, icaTaTeficov 6 Te%viTr}<; 

25 ifiepicrev, eh rfXiov, Kal aeXrjvrjv, /cal dcrTpa. 

Kat fie6* erepa' 

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fiaTatoXoyov ov yap iiroirjaev crcftaipav KvXiofievrjv, dXX\ 0^9 cbrjcriv 

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fiaTaioXoyois, Kal fir) Toh 7rpocf)r)Ti/coh Xoyois, oiirep Xeyovcriv oti 

4. iavT$ LSm. 6. otipav6p~\ + dvai L 2 m. 7. avco iv"] avwdev LSm. 

8. y\Qa(ra.] + iJLrj US, +77 L 2 m. 9. dvwdev m. 11. 7'] avrou m. 13. Are] 

on V 1 . 14. \ourbv om. LSm. raom. LSm. 16. ouj/] + 6LSm. 17. ijfdpq,'] 
+ 6m. 21. K6<r/j.T)<rtv LSm. 22. Zvvbpov V. 24. Kararefiv 6/j.euou L,Sm. 

■25. tfXtov, els aeX. Kal els LSm. 29. Cxrel L 2 m. avrbv om. m. 30. (TKrjvfiv] 
-r KaTOiKetv Lm. 31. etirep LS. 

29. Is. xl. 22. 


B dpyr)v Kol Te\o9 e^ec 6 ovpavo?' Bid tovto ovv Kal 6 rfK,i,o<; ovk 
avafiaivetv XeyeTai Trap avTois, d\\' e^ep^eaQai. Xeyec yap i) 
Tpa<j>r} 'E|f|X0€v 6 ijXios €ir\ T-fjv yr\v f ovk dvrjXOe. zeal irdXw (jyrjalv 
'Air* aKpov tov ovpavov t| ££o8os ain-ov, kclI to KaTavTT]p.a avVov gas atcpov 
tov ovpavov, OVK CLVoBoS' el Be 0~<f>aipd €0~TlV f aKpov ovk ev€f TO 5 
yap iravTaypQev 7repi<f)€pe<;, ttov e^ei to aKpov; dpa ovv 6 AavtB 
liovos tovto Xeyei } r) Kal 6 ^(OTifjp ; cLkovgov avTov tov Kvplov 
XeyoVTO? "Otov 2X0xi ^ Yws tov dvOpwirov Iv Tjj 8o£fl avTov, diroo-TcXei tovs 
dyyeXovs avTov pexd ^t^dX^s cdXiri-yyos ko.1 cfxov^s fieYaX^s, Kal o-vvd£ovcri tovs 
IkXcktovs avTov air' aKpov tov ovpavov &os aKpov avTov. ty)TOVfJL€V Be irdXtv IO 

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elprjKafiev. dXXd Kara tqv<$ efjco, vtto ttjv yrjv, Ka6* r)fia<; Be tou? 
ttjv o~K7]vrjv avTov XeyovTas, irpoae^e^ 7rapaKaXa> t el fir) Biayfrev- 
BeTai to prjfia' dXX eryjet o~<f)payl8a fie/jLapTvprj/ievrjv vtto tt)<> 
dXrjdeias. awTpkyei Be fiov t{} <f>pdo~et kol totto?' Ta yap 15 
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ewaSy apKTov Be eKelae, Kal fiearjfijSplav ivddBe, Kal Bvaiv eKel, 
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BvvovTa, dXXd Ta fiopeta fiepr) BcaTpe^ovTa, Kal (Dairep vtto Tiva 20 
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tov Bpofiov, Kal Tpe%ovTa KaTa Ta ftopeia fiepr), Kal KaTaXafi/3d- 

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avTt) fiapTvpov/Jievrj, ov 7rapaypa(j)0/J,evr] } 'AvariWn yap, <$>r)a\v, 6 fjXios, 25 
Kal Svvci 6 fjXios, Kal els tov toitov avTov ^Xkcl* dvaTeXXwv avTos €K€i, iropcvcTai 
irpos votov, Kal kvkXoi irpds ^oppdv, kvkXoi kvkXwv, TropeveTai Kal cirl kvkXovs 
avTov €irio-rpe<pet to irvevaa. /3\67re OVV aVTOV KaTa fjLeo-T)/J,/3puav Tpe- 
yovTa, Kal tov ffoppav KVKXovvTa, Kal fjudde. 

1. yovv LSm. 4. rd om. m. 5. avo8os] + &pa L 2 m. aepcupa] 

irepi<pep7)S L 2 m, ffa<pe<JTipa S. 7. tovto fxbvos Lm. Alcove ovv tovto LSm. 

g # £ v — cliitov] Kal m. 9. fieydXrjs i° om. m. Kal i° om. m. £irt<rvvd£ov<n m. 

10. avTov i°] + ^f tQv Teaffdpujv dvi/xojv m. rod om. m. ovpavov Kal 2ws LSm. 
n. el ovVws tyei om. LSm. t$. t^ om. L 5 Sm. 17. t6v om. Lm. 19. Kal 

om. V. 11. tov avrov m. 23. &m LSm. 24. 70UJ' 6] ovv LSm. 

26. avros dvariWuv m. 

3.. Gen. xix. 23. 4. Ps. xix. 6. 8. Matt. xxiv. 30, 31. 

25. Eccl. i. 5, 6. 

W. 20 

3 o6 XPIITIANIKH TOnorPA4)|A Lib. X. 

Kal fieO* ere pa' 
HdvTa ovv TTeiOeTdi %eov vofup. ovpavbs ecrTijfcev, ovk IBla 
Bvvdfiei f3ao~Ta%6fievo<;, dXXa 6ei(p Xoyrp io~Tepeco/jbevo<;. orav yap 
diropr)o~<D irm ovpavb? e£ vBaTcov irew^KTav, Xvet fiov tt)v diro- 
5 piav 6 fia/cdpLOS AavlB Xeyeov T<5 Xo-yo* "Kvpiov ol ovpavol coTepcwO^o-av. 4 2 5 * 
Sid tl ia-repewOrjo-av ; eVetSr) diro vBaTcov. ovBeiroTe yap to 
arepebv XeyeTai eaT€pe(60rj' aXXo yap io~Tepe(00r}, Kai aXXo to 
elvai aTepeov aTepewOev ovv Xeyerat, OTav to rjpauofievov icai 
Ke^avvay/juivov irayfj, 

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Ovtco to BevBpov i/celvo ov <f>vo~tv el^ev davaTOiroiov yvoDO'eco^ 
ipyaaTLKrjv, dXX' diro T779 irepl avTO yevofxevrj^ tS 'ASa/x Tpay<pBta<; 
eXaftev to ovofia. Xvco Be to irpdy/xa avvTOficos, ov yap airopel 
7] Beia Tpafyrj. arjfxepov e^ofxev fipcofia o-oyTrjpiov, ov fieTe^ovaiv 

*5 ol ttio'toL dpa avTO to Bcopov (fyvat/crjv eyei o~(OTT]piav. el Bia 
ttjv iTriKaXov/jbivrjv Bo^av e^et? eveyypov diro t&v irapovTcov, tl 
dfufytflaXXeLs irepl twv 7rpoXa/36vT(ov ; i/cel ftpco/jLa BavaToiroibv, B 
&Be fipoifia ^(oottolov. el TavTa (fyvaei croj^ei, teal ov Trj ydpiTi y 
Ka/celvo Trj <j)vo~ec dvetXev, Kal ov Trj irpoBeo-ei^ el tovto to /3pa>fia 

20 {ftvaei aco^ei, Kal ov ttj ydpiTi, KaKelvo <f>vo-ei dvaipei, Kal ov irapa- 

Kal fied* eTepa eV tov B' Xoyov. 

Kat yap ol dyyeXot yevo/xevoi, avvepyol fiev ovk r)aav tov 

®eou, dXXa XeiTovpyol, vfivovvTes, ev^apiaTovvTe^, oti eyevovTo, 

25 elBoTe<; oti irpb tovtov ovk oWe?, UvevfiaTi dyaBoTrjTO? yevo/juevot, 

eaTrjKeaav Bewpoi, (BXeirovTes /xovov Ta yevo/xeva /jlct avT&v Kal 

p>€T avToix;' efiXeirov yap ovpavbv Ik tov fir) 6W09 yevo/nevov, Kal 

e^eirXrjaaovTO' efiXeirov BaXaaaav d<f>opc^ofievrjv, Kal iBavfia^ov 

eBecopovv yrjv Koa/jLovfieviyv, Kal e(j)poTTOv. oti Be ovk rjo~av dyyeXot 

30 Gvvepyol, dXX' rj Oav/iaaTal, Xeyet 6 ®eo9 to3 'Ito^ "Otc €iroCow currpa, 

TJvtcrdv p.€ iraVTES ayyeXoi |iov Kal vp.vt]crav. 

4. 6 ovpavbs LSm. 6. 5ia ri £<rTepe<J}dr)<rai> ; om. LSm. 7. iaTepeddrj] 

Zrtpwdi m. yhp om. m. 10. tov clvtou iic LSm. 13. 5£] yap LS, re m. 

15. 5Qpov] 8ti>5poi> LSm. el] i) VLS. 20. tj om. LSm. 22. koX fxed' 

tTepa] tov avToQ LSm. 23. yevd/xevoi om. S. 26. <?<rT77/ce<raj/] + 5£ LSm (-eiaau). 
29. on] 6 L 1 . rj(rai>~\ + ol L 2 m. 

5. Ps. xxxiii. 6. 30. Job xxxviii. 7. 


Kttl fieO* €T6pa m 

' E/3\e7rei> tov ' d/xaprdvovra, dXXa irpoedpa tov? ef 
avrov SifcaioirpayovvTas' eftXeirev ifcftaWofievov ck tov irapa- 
oeiaov, aXXd wpoecopa otl rjTOifiaarrai avT& j3aai\€ta. to 8e 
davfiaarovy otl koI irpb rov irapaBelaov r) ftao-ikeia iyevero. ri 5 
ovv davfid^ec^; el i^e^XrfOr) tov irapaheiaov ; ottov re 6avfiao~TOv 
otl irpo tov irapa8eiaov r) ftacrLXeia t&v ovpavcov avTQ> rjTolfiao-TaL, 
Kauai? Xeyei O ^CdTrjp Acvtc oi evXoy^fitVoi tov IlaTpos p-ov, KXiipovop.'lj<raT€ 
T^|V T)TOL|xao-(xevT]v TJp.iv Pao-iXei'av cl-ito KarapoXfjs KO<rpo\J ; 

D 'E/c tov y Xoyov. 10 

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aeXrfvrjv. irpoae^e, to yap vorj/ia ftadv' €XPV V 7^/° clvttjv Trj 
T€TapTr} r)fiipa yevofievrjv, &>9 TeTapTaiav (f>aLveo-6ai. dXXa ttclXlv, 
el tjv T€TapTala y to axpov Trj? 8vo~€(o<; ov KaTeuyev. evpeOrj ovv 
TfKeov€KTOVO~a kvSe/ca r)fiepa?' TeTapraia yap i<\>alveTo &>? irevTe- 15 
tcaiSexaTaia. evBe/ea rjixepa? Xolttov ttX€ov€kt€L r) o-eXrjvrj tov 
rfkioVy ov ttj r Koir\o'eiy aXXd ttj (fiavaeo. 81a tovto d tote iirXeo- 
veKTrjaev, dTro8i8(oo~i tg3 rfXi<p. o yap Kara areXrjvrjv dpidjibs Ka0* 
eicao~TOv firjva diro €L/coo~ievvea rffxiav r)fiepwv yLvofievos, 6 iviavTo? 
428 A iroiel ev tol? 8e/ea8vo firjalv r)fiepa? tv8' . lav yap ovtoh yjrrj^>Lar}? 20 
dirb eiKoo-cevvea rjfiLarv r)fiepS)v tov firjva, ytvovTai tov iviavTov 
rjfiepat tv8' } iva as iirXeoveKTrjaev tote rjfiepa? r) aeXtjvr), /car 
eviavTOV d7ro8l8o)0'L to> rfxiw. o TJrr)<f)LO~Tr)<i yjrrjcfyt^eTco. 

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dfcovovre? Trap 1 uvtov Trjv Toaavrrjv o~vfx<f)(oviav tt)v irpb? 7] fid?, 25 
wepl tov o-yrjfiaro? tov ovpavov tov tc irporepov ical tov 8evT6pov, 
Kal tojv 8vo %(0pcov, ov? to aTepecofia fieo~oXa(Sovv iiroirjo'ev, teal 
otl ov o-<$aZpa, aXXd Ka/idpa iarlv 6 ovpavos 6 7rpcoTos, /card Trjv 
deiav Tpa<f)r)v, Kal 6 8evTepo<; ovtos 6 opwfLevos ovpavbs ef v8aTcov 
eTrdyr), Kal f3ao-Ta%ei ra v8a,Ta, 8id to fir) 8taXveo~0ai Trj Oepfir) 30 

B tcov daTpwv, aXXd avvTrfpelo-Oai Trj ^v^et tcov vBaTcov, Kal otl 
r) 8poo~o<; €K tov aTep€(OfiaTO<i iaTtv, Kal irepl rov 8p6fxov 8e twv 

3. £k tov om. LSm. 4. avrip i]ToL/xa<TTat t\ fia<r. LSm. 6. re] ye LSm. 

8. KaTaKKTjpovofiTjffaTe m. 10. tov avrov, in LSm. 17. a] fila US. 19. tov 
iviavrbv L 2 m. 20. ij/xep&v lAn. TpLdKoalas irevT-qKovTa T£<r<rapas L'S, TputKoalw 

ir. reo-o-apwv L 2 m. 24. av om. LSm. 26. wepl] + re LSm. re om. LSm. 

30. depfi&rrjTi LSm. 

8- Matt. xxv. 34. 

20 — 2 

3 o8 XPI2TIANIKH TOnorPA<t>IA Lib. X. 

acrrpcov, &>9 Bid T(iv fiopelwv fjuepwv rijv vvktcl Biarpe^ovTcov, /cat 
irepl tcov dyyeXonv, &>? o~vv tg3 ovpavS yevopuevcov /cal Oecopcov ovtwv 
T779 efjarj/jLepov Br)p,iovpyla<; rov %eov, /cal BiBacrKopievcov /cai e/cirXrjT- 
TOfjL€V(ov, /cal irepl yjrv^cov Be <$>iXoo~o<frovvTa, a>9 ev T049 o~a>p,aai 
5 Trepi/cXeiopbeva/v /cal ev crcopaaiv ivepyovvrcov. 7ro>9 ovk ifi<f>payrj- 
aerai irdv crrofia XaXovv dBiKa Kara rov ®eov, kcli kcl6 tj^lwv 
toov rrjv deiav Vpafyrjv Kara rrjv eKKXrjaiaaTiKr)v irapdBoaiv 
/jLeXercovrcov, kcli i$j avrijs BiaXeyopevcov ; IBov yap eBeiydyj on 
/cal oi 7rpo<f>rJTac, ical oi dirocrToXoi, /cal evayyeXiarav, /cat avro? 

10 6 T&vpios, /cal irdaa r) 6c La Tpafyr), en Be /cal oi trap avrois eire O 
dXrj6eia } elre irpocjidaeiy OpvXXovpievoi irarepes re /cal BiBdaKaXoi 
fjurj Biacjxovovvres TOt9 rj/jueTepois, aXXd irdvTes fiapTVpov&t, TW 
rj/jLerepa) \6<y(p l y otl ov %evr)v ovre ayvcocrrov rfjs eKKXrjo-ias 6Bov 
ifiaBlo-afjuev dXXa Kara rrjv evvoiav rr)<; OeLas ypa<j)7]<i eiptf/cafiev 

15 Tvdvra /cal Kareypd^rapbev. ov puovov Be, dXXa teal t&v e\*(o6ev 
iraXaiwv reOeiKapiev puaprvpia^ avpufxtivovaas tg3 r)p,€Tepa> Xoyq) 
ct>9 7rapaB6o~€(o<; yevvr)p,a. 0eo9 p>apTV$, eira dirocrroXoi, 'TrpocjyfJTai, 
dyicov irarepayv 7to\v(ovv/jlos ^opo9, dirocr^icrroiv evioi /cal t&v 
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1 Post verbum Xdyw (1. 13) sic pergunt LSm : ottos- hv 4k ndvrav to 
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2. cos om. LSm. 4. <pi\oo-o<f>ovvTos L 2 m. 5. ttws odv ovk L 2 m. 

6. ddiKlav LSm. 9. teal ol way. LSm. 12. 5ia<f>(avovvTis elai L. 26. AOrOS I' 
om. LSm. Hie deficit V. Reliqua additamenta esse videntur. 


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t??9 e\erjfioavvTj(;. Tejivei tov depa, irapepyeTai Tr)v areXrjvrjv, Tefivei 

9. T)/*£pas m, ri/jLipa. US, ijfitpav L 2 . 10. <rr}/j,eia] ay/xt-ia Zpya SL^?), tpya L 2 m. 
12,13. pffi/L'S. 14. iv fifoy] Gm. L 2 m. 28. delfa/xev m. 32. rlfuotU. $$ 
fieydka — tov deov (p. 310, 1. 6)] BX&re ir6<rov karlv ij iXeypLoavvr). iavrifi irapafidWei 6 
Geos tov i\efip.ova. Tlv&rfc yap, <pi)fflv, olKxtpp-oves, KaOws 6 IlaTTjp v|*wv 6 oupdvios 
oiKTLpfiwv €<ttCv. £&v £\Qv & O&vaTos, iicei p\hei to. xp^ftara m. 

37. Luke vi. 36. 


r<29 clktZvcis tov rfkiov, els avra<; dvep^erat ras dyfrlSas tov ovpavov, 
aW' ovre iicel Lcrarat, aXXci Kal tov ovpavov tov ovpavov irapa-^ 
Tpe%ei, teal tovs $7]fjLov<; toov dyyeXcov koX Ta<; dvcoTepa? 8Xa$ Bvvd~ C 
fieis, Kal avTa> irapio~TaTai tw Opova* tg3 ftacriXiKOj. Kai i£ avTf}$ 
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777 6Wa>9 fypovrjcrei. /3a/3at 77-00-77 (ptXla. to, yap p,vaT7]pia avTov 

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tov crTavpov. fifJKOs ivTavOa Xoyos Bel£ai. 7TW9 ao<j>La<; tjv tovto, 

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Ka/rd t?|v ev8oKtav avrov, (f)7}0~iv, rjv irpo^GeTO kv avToi' TOVT€aTl, TOVTO 

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€t9 to, K€<f)dXaiov to Xeyov, K€<})dXatov 8^ lirl tois X««yo^vois. 

30 Uov elo~t,v ol XeyovTes BoveiaOai tov ovpavov; irov elcriv ol 
o-(fhacpo€iBrj avTov elvai aTro^aivo/xevot ; dfupOTepa yap Tama 
dvrjprjTat ivTavda. 

5. <pr)<rl] + yap L 2 . 10. rovrtari— ^eX^/iaros aiirov (1. 12) om. m. 15. Taov] 

fi€?tov m. fyTrjcrasL?. 16. <ru/i^ax^as] ev/jLTjxavlas m. 18. rd i° om. m. 19. tou 
om. m. Ma/cpds m. 5e/£ei L 2 . 5ct?at 6 \6yos m. 23. t&nr&v om. m. 24. 6e m. 
25. yiyovev] /3oiiXerat m. 26. « om. m. 31. aTro<j>ati>6}ievoi om. m. 

5. Acts x. 4. 9, 22. Eph. i. 8, 9. 29. Hebr. viii. 1. 


lov avrov, ifc tov v7ro/JLV^fJiaTO<; eh to Kecj>aXatov to Xeyov 
Kal Sid tovto 8ta0T|KT]S Was u€0"£t»)S k<rrC. 7TW? Icttiv viroSely/xaTa tclvto, tcov ev Toh ovpavoh; Tiva 
oe KaXel tcl ev to?? ovpavoh; tcl r)/jL€Tepa, Kal iirovpdvta tcl 
fjiieTepa, kclv ev tt} yfj eiriTeXrJTac, iirel Kal dyyeXot ev tj) yy 5 
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aU' eirovpdvid elciv. Kal tL Xeyco, ecf>dvr) ; eirl ttJ? 7179 fxev ovv 
Sidyet, cocrirep ovv ev tco irapaheicrcp ; a)OC ovSev tovto' iirovpdvta 
yap elcriv, Kal rjfiwv to iroXiTevfid eo~Tiv ev Toh ovpavoh, kclv toU 
evTavOa iroXiTevcbfieOa. 10 

Kat fied' eTepa' 

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t<x?. Tiva? Br) tovtovs ; tovs irepl TIavXov Xeyco, oiTtve? ev tt} yrj 
ovtcs, ev tco ovpavco BteTptpov. Kal Tt Xeyco, ev tco ovpavco; 
vyfrrjXoTepoi r)o~av Kal tov ovpavov, Kal eh tov dXXov ovpavbv 15 
irpbs avTov dvrjXdov tov ®eov. 

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Kal Toh Ka6* r)/j,a<; irepl Te tov crxrj/jLaTos Qavp,acrico<$ e^elirev. 
irepl fjiev tov cv)(r)fiaTO^, dirb tcov irepl Tr)v yrjv toitcov, KaTa irpocr- 
C j3aciv dvicov eco<; tov Bpovov tov ftaaiXtKov, Tr)v dvoBov Ka\to<; Kal 20 
KaTa Tagiv €^r}yr)o~d/jL€Vo<;. irpcoTOV Oeh tov depa, euTa ttjv creXrjvrjv, 
eireura tov rfXiov, avQi<$ to crTepecofia, eld* ovtco<; irdXiv tov ovpavbv 
tov ovpavov, irXeov Bvo ovpavcov fir) elircov, Kal KcoficoBcov tov^ 
crcjyalpav aifTov XeyovTa<; } Kal KivelaOat avTov dirocfraivop.e'vovs, Kal 
irepl tcov dyyeXcov Kal tcov X.epovj3lfi, ev tco koct/jlco tovtco d/na 25 
r)fuv irdvTa<; elprjKco^, oti ovSe eh avTcov Teco? tov koct/jlov tovtov 
virepeiTTTj, irepl 8e tov BoyfiaTO? irdXiv dcrcj)aXco<; xprjcrdfievos avv 
tco cr^rjfiaTt, Kal to dp/no^ov tco a^rjfiaTC Boyfia, Tpavco? Strjyrjcrd- 
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yeyovev, Kal irdXiv/'OTi 6 <t)eo9 avOpcoirov dvco KaOicrai ftovXeTat eh 30 
oiKovo/jLtav tcov Kaipcov Kal dvaKefyaXaicoaw eirovpavicov Kai eiriyeicov. 
ovtco yap Kal fnKrHjpLov tov OcX^a-ros tov Oeov tovto e^eiirev. iroir)cra<z 

1. tov 2°] + al>Tov lAn. 3. raura t&v] to&tuv L j S. 4. ovpavois'] + vvv; 

*Apa rbv ovpavbv, dXXa tovs &yy£\ovs; ov8ev Tofawv, dXXa m. 6. Kal ra X. m. 

7. icTi m. 8. ov8& m. 9. £o~ti m. rots ora. m. 10. 7roXtreu6/*e^a Lm. 

12. rd Vyj/os iiceivo m. 13. 5e m. 15. Kal i° om. m. els tov a\\ov ovpavov] tov 
dWou ovpavov, Kal m. 16. t6v om. m. 19. irp6(3aaiv m. 27. ffi>v om. m. 

28. Kal to — cx^art om. m. 30. els olKovo/xlav — i^eiirev] Kal tcl i^rjs m. 

2. Hebr. viii. 6. 32. Eph. i. 9. 


yap 6 ©€09 tov ovpavov Kal ttjv yrjv, rf} hevrepa rjpuepa iraXiv to D 
<TTepecop,a ireiroir\Kev Kal dels KaTafieaoOev tov in^ot/9, BieTXev 


r' rj/Aepa TeXeaas irdvTa tov Koapbov tovtov, eU vaTepov irdvTwv 
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tov avOpwrrov e£ dwaaoov t&v <f>vo~€cov ev ^wov TreiroLrjKev. iw 
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dvaBeij^Orjvai, ovtov irdXiv tov crvvBeapLov tov wavTo? Koo~p,ov 
6paTo3v Kal dopaTcov, tovt€0~ti, tov dvOpcoTrov Xaficbv, teal ef 
io dvaaTaaecos veicpwv dvaKaiviaas Kal KpeiTTOva Trofqaas, et? ov- 
pavov, T0VT6CTTIV, €i? TOV /?' ^OjpOV, r\TOl KOCTflOV TTpO TTaVTCDV 

elarjyayev. dvaKefyaXaiaicn,? yap icai avdiCTiais T£9 cpKovofjueiTO 
irapd tov ©eou iv toj dvQpoairw, o>9 avvBeafKp ovtl eirovpavimv 433 ■"■ 
Kal eTriyeloiv, TOVTecrTiv, opaTwv ts irdvTcov Kal dopaT(ov. 

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tov BcX^juaTos tov ©eoO avTa i^ehre KaT evBoKuav, Kal tov itc 
tov irapaBeio-ov BicoxdevTa, &>9 pLeptarj/nevov Bed ttjv irapaKor^v, 
i%ai(f>vr}<} ovpdviov Bi evBoKiav Seov yeyovoTa eKijpv^ev eirl 
dvaK€<pa\aLoocr€C tov iravTO^, fiaftal <rv/j,(f)a)via ttjs 1 E/c/c\r/<rta9* 

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irvevfiaTLKT). 7rc«J9 ov KaTaKpiTO^ o tovtois ivavTiovfievos ; ®ee 
toov oXcov Kvpie, fiefiataycrov rj/juas iv T0t9 pvaTTj plot,? aov Bia- 
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25 rjfjLeis crvv ttj y FiKKXr}o~la a7rocrTpe(f)6pL€0a. aXXd Kal tovto) irepas 
B6vT6<i, ejBBopuov fidpTvpa 7rapaydyo)/jbev av/jL7rXrjpovvTa Trjs deias 
Aiad^KT}^ [UaXaias Te] koi Katvrj<i Ta avpu^oXa. el yap lirl 8vo 
Kal TpiaJv p-apTupcov <rTa6^o-€Tai ttciv pfjp-a, eipr)Tai ev Tjj Qeia Ypad>7), 
iroaqy /jloXXov eirl to?9 f ' ' T779 yap TeXeLas Bia6r)K7)<$ avpiftoXa 

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<$>lX(ovo<; eiriGKOTTov Kapirddov, eK tov virofjuvrjixaTo^ tcov 'Ao-fidTcov, C 
et'9 to prjTOV to Xeyov • EIo-tjvcyk^v ue 6 pa<ri\€^s €ls to Taawtov avrou. 

Tov Be iirovpavlov fiaaiXeods to Tapuetov, BtjXovotl to o-wpua, 
35 eavT<p (pKoBofirjo-ev oIkov, eiretTa Be Kal 97 tojv ovpavcov ftaaCXela, . 

13. dvrl m. 16. Kal evdoiclav LS. 27. IlaXatas re] ora. LS, IlaXataj m. 

33. rb 2 om. Sm. 

15. Eph. i. 9. 27. Matt, xviii. 16. 33. Song ii. 4. 


Lov avrov et? TO, #iX.T]<raTft) p.€ airo <j>iXt]|xaTo>v o-Top.aTOS avTOv. 

Fikaftev yap fiev Tto? roO Seov toi» av0p(oirov, bv iveBvcraTO 
airo T779 EtKfcXrjo-ias, /cat avian eBeaKev avrfj irdXtv eh KOivonviav 
avrrj*; dyiav ttjv aapiea eh fieTaXrjyfnv. 

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Karoorepov aBov f3v0bv fcarekOcDv, iiceWev dvao-irdaei tov TeOve&Ta. 

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av€L\rj(j>€v 7 Kal 6 av0p(oiro<;, ov i<j>6peo~ev. ovtos a>paL(o07j tjj 7*79 
deoT-rjTos QipawTTjTi av/JL/jLop<f>(o0€l<;, Kal lBpvv0r) iv tjj twv ovpav&v 
/3acri\eia iv Be^id tov ®eov. 

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®eov if; avT&v tcov epycov vorjo-ai cotyeiXes. 

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tov o"%rjfji,aTO<; Kal tov B6yp,aTO$ diroaoo^ovTa m Kal irepl fiev tov 20 
436 A o"xrj/j,aTO<;, Tafxielov ©eou ttjv fiaaCkeiav tcov ovpavwv Ka\eo~avTa, 
Ta/xieiov Be ea-Tiv to iawTepov Kal dafyaXecrTepov tov oikov ^wprjfjia, 
b Kal ftacrCKeiav ovpavwv elirev. irepl Be tov BoypaTOs, iv avTw 
toj Tafitetq) y TOVTeaTiv, iv ttj ftao-iXela twv ovpavwv, Ka0eo~0evTa 
Kal lBpvv0evTa tov av0poyirov, bv 6 @)eo? i<j>6peo-ev Kal tov 0avaTOv 25 
dveairaaev Kal ttj<; iv Be^ca Tiftr)? r/^iayaev. ir&<z ovv oi iOeXo- 
<f)l\e'X0poi ftoaicnv &>9 ^evrjv Tiva oBov Kal fjurjBevl iyvcocrfievrjv 
iftaBio-afiev ; iravo-da0G>o~av t^? i0eXoKaKov ftavias, Kal firj o~vko- 
(pavTetTcoaav r)fjid<;' 0eos yap 6 SikcucGv, t($ 6 KaraicpCvwv; o ©€09 ydp 
7T/0g3to9 T0Z9 r)fi€Tepoi<; fiapTVpel, eirena irpo$r\Tai, Kal diroo-ToXot, 30 
Kal evayye\io~Tal, Kal twv TlaTepcov iro\v<ovv/jLo$ ^0/009, e|f a>v 
TlaTepcov Kal vfieh iviov<s <f>aTe B€^eo-0ai' cti Be Kal iraXatol 
B twv e^a)0ev crvyy panels tol<? r/fieTepois eh evia o-vvecpcovijaav. 

3. airy L 2 m. 7. Kad' g.5r)v Lha. 10. 0^] o$X V L 2 m. 11. oti] $ ra. 

15- tw\ T L, rb m. 21. rafimov] + tov Lm. 

1. Song i. 2. 5. Song vii. 5. 29. Rom. viii. 34. 


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1. nbvuv L 2 m. 8. iraTpbs] tt\s S 1 , irvs S 2 V. 


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22. t))v ipvxty i(i<pt\ox<>>p& f -'L'm. 24. ^apawdfifitav m. 

2, 19, 21. Matt. xxvi. 39. 9. Luke xxii. 44. 18. Is. liii. 7. 


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TrpoacpKeioiTaiy to Treivyv Xeyas, Kal Biyjrfjv, Kal virvovv Kal kott- 

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Seov, Kal Si rfjid^ yeyovws avdpwrros, Kal ttjv ttj? OeoTrjTo? 

1. Kal om. L. 1. tvd] + K<xl L 2 m. 5. II acrxwv m. 10. tariv] + Sia 

twp 2fr/<av teal m. 12. {>&vvv<ri S. 19. irpoaotKelurai US. 25. tCjv] tov L 2 m. 
26. eKT&Treiv m. 27. irpoay6pev(ru> L' 2 . 30. l-qaovs xP tffT0 ^ (om. 6} Lm. 

6. John iv. 6. 14. John x. 30. 


eTriSeitcvvTai Svva/Miv, teal t/J? dvOpayjroTrjTos <f>v\aTTei tou9 vo/hovs, 
birep t)v T€ teal €<ttlv Sid twv ar}fiei(ov TriaTovfievos, fcai b yevecrOai 
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irdo-iv direiQovvT^y rj dvTi\iyovT€<; ; 7TW9 ov teaTa irdvTa fie/jiapTv- 
pr)u,evr) 17 rjfieTepa ypa<j>rj yvrjcriov ttj<; itCKXrjaiaaTiKT]'} irapaSoaeoa^ 30 
yevvrj fia; <8)eo9 fidpTVS, €iTa diroaToXoi, irpo^>rjTai y dyicov 7raTepa>v 

7TO\VQ)VVflO<; %Oj0O9. 

17. tqvtov m. 27. 'Ekk\t}<tIo.s] + <pa<rl 5tj\ov6tl L 2 m. 

6, 8. John xvi. 7. 15. 1 Thess. iv. 16. 


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Kal irepl rfjs Tairpo^dvrj^ vr)<rov. 


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Kal BevBpa BvvacrOai eKpc^ovv, ev avTols fxdXtaTa to ep/irpoaOev. 
tovs Be 6(f>6a\/jLOv<; kcitco irepl t«<? yvdOous eyei. <fio/3ep(t)TaTov 

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ird%o<; tov Bep/JLaTo<; avTov ^Tjpaivo/xevov, BaKTvAovs Teao-apas, Kal 
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£ovTe$' Ta Be t?}? Aldioirias dypid elai Kal dvrj/j,epa. D 

1. AOrOS IA' om. L. 2. Kal ir. 5. 'IvSikCjv om. m. 4. irepl tov 

pivoicepm P, irepl p'lvoKe'pov Z. 5. 'Pivdicepos P. 7. dvpiov, dadXevTa evp. 

airoT€iv6/xeva P. 8. tcl 4v m. ev clvtois enpifyvv P. /waXiora — ^fxirpoadev om. P. 

9. <po(3epd)TaTov — dvTLKeifxevov om. P. n. icTL Pm. Kal om. P. 12. £i?pai- 

vbfxevov om. P. 13. e^tot om. P. dvrl <nb-f]pov om. P. Kal— yrjv om. P. 

13. dporpiOxTi L 2 m. 14. Trj Idla 8ia\4KTcp om. P. 15. 'Apovij Salt, &pov tj Lm, 

dpovl P. 16. 'iva om. P 1 , 'iva r\ P 2 . dpovl P, "Apov, y t6 Lm. 5i& tov dpoval P. 
8e tov Lm. dpoTpiq.v L 2 m. 17. 81a to <rxvf*a rb P. 19. dirb — Kal i° 

om. P. KaTeyytadeu L 1 S. 22. irepl tov TavpeXtyavros P. 23. ftovj + o Z. 

Tavp4\e<pas PZ. Kal om. P. 7-77 i° et 2 om. PZ. 25. iwre'pews UP. 27. Kpo- 
Ta<pl{ovTes m. 28. 5£] yap P. 



H Be Kap.r)Xo7rdpBaXc<i iv rfi AWioiria fiovrj evpio-fceTcu. teal 
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TavTa a>5 oiBa/xev Bieypdyjrafiev. 10 

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ei<> tou? /ca/jL7rov<;. (f>ao~l Be irepl avTov oti idv dvTiXd(3r)Tai BevBpov 
Trj<; ovpas, ovKeTi KXtveTai, dXX* iCTarai drjBoiys €^(ov idaai p,iav 15 
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ovpav, Kai TOTe <j>evyei to irav tt)<; ovpas diroXeaa^. avTrj r) (frvais 



To Be fjiifcpov ^ojov iaTiv 6 //,do"^o9* KaXovo~i Be avTO 777 IBla 20 
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1. KafuX\o7rdp8a\is L, KafieWoTrdpda^is S. i. i] 8t — evptaKerai) tovto 5£ 

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6. \€KdvT]v fieydXriP P. dvo om. P. 7. els ttjv yr\v om. P. Kai 2° om. P. 

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icrlv iv ry 'IvdiKy X U P$ P- J 4* ^ € om * P* J 5- T V °&PQ- P« drid/jots L. d?;5wj — 

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eKacrTos Be ftoTpvs Bi<j)vXXov e^ei aKeirov, ^Xcopov Be irdvv eo~Tiv, 
wairep r) %poa tov Trrjydvov. 

i. TtWapas om. m. oiinas om. P. 2. 8e om. P. <po(3epov — aKaTafidxyrov 

om. P. 3. £x eL P« ^X vv &vt6v xal iav Siuwtjtcu e£s Kprjfivov P. 56£ei LS. 

5. Kal Kar. &vTto-rpe'<peTai om. P. 6. TOiavra — Xiyovaa] X^et 5^ r\ deia ypatpr) P. 

dela om. Lm. 8. Xtovros Kal ra ^ijs' 56%av Kal Treiroidr}(nv Sid tt&vtuv 

/xaprvpoCaa rb frov P. 13. XOIPEAA^OS] xoipeX^0as P, XOIPEAA^OS KAI 

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15. milOIIOTAMOS om. LSm, irepl iTnroiroTdfjLov P. 16. t6v be om. P. ty " m - 
ij- om. P. 17. /xeydXovs om. P. te' P. ire'-rrpaKa LS. 18. h i° et 2 om. P. 
19. IIEPI ninEPAIAS PZ, om. LS, IIIIIEPI m. 20. tovto— hip^ UaaTOv 

dtvdpov t6 tov -nnripeus (iriir^paiosZ) tripy PZ. Treire'peios L 2 m. 22. \e7rrd om. P. 

23. ^KaoTov 8e /36rpu^ SL 1 . GKkirriv P. 24. xP°^ a Si 1 ^. 

7. Ps. xxii. 21. 8. Ps. xxix. 6. 10. Num. xxiii. 22. 



To oe aXXo rcov vapyeXXuayv early ra>v Xeyofjuevcov, rovreart roav 
fieydXcov fcapvcov rcov 'IvBikwv. rrapaXXdrreu Be rov <j)olvi/co<; 
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iv rot? jealous, ov ftdXXei Be Kapirbv, el firj Bvo rj rpia (madia 5 
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rravv, odev Kal ii~ avrwv rrivovauv ol *lvBol dvrl oivov. Xeyerai Be 
ro irivofMevov 'Voy^oaovpa rjBv irdvv. rpvyoo/ievov Be teal irapa- 
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ro iirl ro oarpatcov avrov y koX fxevei ro vBcop et? ro fxeaov dirr^Krov, 
/j,expt>S brov teal avro efcXiirr}. idv Be teal rrXeov Trapa/jbelvrj rayyl^ei 
o fcaprrbs avrov o rrenTTjyoo^, Kal ov Bvvarai ero /3p(o0r}vai,. 


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yeX(i>V7]v a(f>d£ovre<; ia6io/j,ev, rr)v Be (Jxoktjv ov aQd&vres, dXXa 
Korpatyl^ovres, ft)? errl rcov l^Ovoov rcov peydXcov. Kal rb fiev 
Kpeas rrjs yeXcovrjs, &)? rrpoftdrov, earl fie'Ka/j/^rov' rb Be rov 
8eX<f>LVO<>, ft)? yoipov, p.eXapstybv Be Kal ftpo/jbcbBes' rb Be t?)? 20 
(jxoKT)?, ft>? yoipov, XevKov, Kal d/Bpofjuov. 


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fjLLKpal TroXXal rrdvv, rrdaaL Be yXvKv vBcop eyovaai, Kal vapyeXXia. 
daaofiadal Be ft)? iirl ro rrXelarov irdaai eiaiv. e^ec Be rj vr\ao<$ 
7) /xeydXr), Kadws (f>ao~iv ol eyywpioi, yavBia rpiaKOcna et? re fjurJKos 

1. IIEPI I. KAPTON PZ ; om. LS ; APrEAAIA m. 2. to 8i—'Iv5tKu>y om. PZ. 
vapyeWluv ego (cf. 1. 27), dpyeWiuv LSm (et sic infra, 1. 6). 4. reXeidrepos P. 

6. ttclvv Kal i)5eta om. P. ydta SL l . 7. &f om. P. rov om. P. 9. rb wivbixevov 
om. P. i)Sv iravv om. P. 10. avrcp LP. t6] tt\v P. &pye\\iv LSP, dpyiWiov m. 
irpb§a<ri.v m. Kara. irp6(XL3atnv om. P. 11. avrov om. P. 13. £n om. P. 

14. $12KH — XEAONH addidit m. 15. <pd}K7)v—&ppofiov (1. 21) om. P. ijv om. m. 
18. KporatpifyvTes m. 23. rtp i°] t^ m. 26. Trnripeios L. del rives m. 

27. apye'Xkia L 2 m. 

W. 21 


6p,oLco$ Kal 7rXaro9, tovt€o~tlv filXta ivvaKoaia. Bvo Be /JacrtXet? 
elcriv iv tt) vrjaq), ivavrioi dXXrjXcov 6 el<? eyeav tov vclklvOov, teal 
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tt)v e/etcXTjo-iacrTi/crjv XeiTOvpyLav. ol Be iyywpLOL teal ol @ao-i\el<;, 
dXXocftvXol elatv. lepa Be 7roXXa eyovaiv iv avTrj ttj vrjaa)' els 
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Kal dirb fiev twv ivBoTepcov, Xeyco Br) t?}9 T£ivlo~Ta teal eTepcov 

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T^avBdvav, Kal oo~a teaTcu %(6pav elai' Kal fieTaffaXXec T019 ii;cDTepa) y 
Xeyco Br) Trj MaXe, iv y to Tviirepi yiveTaL, Kal tjj KaXXidva, evda 
6 %aXKo<> yiveTai, Kal arjcrafjuivd %vXa, Kal eTepa IfiaTia' ecrTi yap 
Kal avTi) p,eya ipnropiov. o/jlolco^ Kal ^,lvBov, ev6a o p,bayo^ Kal 

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'OfirjpiTr), Kal Trj 'ABovXrj, Kal ttoXlv Ta diro eKaaTov twv elprj- 
/meveov ifiTTOplcov Be^ofxevrj, Kal tols ivBoTepco fieTa^aXXovcra, Kal 
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Q-PXV T *? < * ^vBiKr}<$. Biatpel yap 6 *\vBb<$ iroTapios, TOVTeaTiv, 6 

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TLepaiBa, Kal tt)v 'IvBlav. elalv ovv Ta Xafiirpd ipjirbpia Tr}<; 
'IvBtKrjs TavTa, ^tvBov, *Oppo6d, K.aXXtava, 2,t>/3a)p y r) MaXe, 
irevTe ifxiropia e^ovaa /3dXXovTa to Treirepi, UdpTi, Mayyapovd, 
%aXo7raTava } NaXoiraTava, TiovBairaTava, Xonrbv efa> &><? airo 

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to dXafiavBrjvbv f eVra e<f>ei;r)s Xolttov to KapvoefrvXXov, Kal to Xolttov 

9. tva. i° et 2 SL 1 ?, iv L 2 m. 10. ov] 2x ov SL J P. 11. airbv m. 13. fiio-qri^ 
Pm. 14. T^ivia-ras LS 2 m. 15. dXojjav L. i;v\oKapu6<pv\\ov om. m. 

17. irlwep L 1 , iriirepi L 2 m. 19. Kal 3 ] f) m. 20. KoarSptv S, Koardpiv L. 

'kvbpoGT&xw m» vapdoffraxuv Lassen. yiverai om. m. 27. 'OfydOa, L 2 m, 

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ev TToKXf). ravra 6 %a>Trarpo<; r)p,iv Birfyrjaaro, zeal oi p,er 35 

1. fj^Ta^av L. 3. SteXe5ij3d L X S. 22. %ko.gtov m. 23. X67V m. 

24. fioviras LSha. 25. n<\iapl<r<.ov L 2 m, fJuXkiaplfftov P, et sic infra. 28. 6ppv£ov] 
eitpb^ov L 2 m, tyPpv^oir P. 

21 2 


avTov oVt6? iv Ty vrjcrcp eKelvrj airo 'ASouA/^? airekOovre?. tovtodv 
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dvaXcoaa^ to vBcop Bid tcov eXecpdvTcov teal ittttcov, kcli tov crTpaTO- 
ireBov, vcrTepov Bid %r]pa<; irepdcras, ttjv ttoXlv irapeXaftev. ovtol 
teal tov crfidpayBov XiOov dyaTTCocriv, real et? tov o~Tec\>avov avTcov 

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irXeov 17 eXaTTOv. 6 Be ttjs 2te\eSt/3a, Kai tovs iXecj>avTa<; ovs e%et, 
Kai tov? fonrovs, tovs fjuev iXecfravTas, Trrj^iafico dyopd^ei, fjueTpeiTai 

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fiacriXels, rjfjbepovaLv e/c tov dypov rou? iXecfyavTa?, Kai KTcovTai 

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cf)dvTcov 7roXXa/c4?, 6ecopovvTO<; tov ^acnXeco^. fiecrd^ovcn yap tou? 
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35 CTVfiPdXXovaiv avTov?, Kai Tat? 7rpo/3oo-KLat, tvtttovltiv aXXryXovs, 

1. iireKdbvTes m. 6. oiivoi L 1 . 12. tov om. Lm. 14. avrbv m. 

22. ol ttjs MdXi S. 23. 2ieAe5i/3a S, Sie\e5ijSa L 1 . 25. oCrws S 1 . 31. fieyd- 
'$ov<n S. 35. TrpofHocK-qo-eo-L (?) L 1 . 


^XP L ° irpoTepos avTcov irapaLTTjcreTat. 6B6vTa$ Be /neydXovs ol 
IvolkoI ovk eyovcriv^ viKKa teal edv <ry&<riv, irpl^ovcriv avrovs Bid 
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UepalBc, /cal ev tcv 'OfirjpLTy, /cal ev rrj *Ycofiavia. /cal ravra 
7rapec\rj(f)co<; eypatya. irdcrav Be rr)v 'IvBucrjv, Kal rr)v Ovvviav 
452 A Biatpel 6 <f>eio~cov iroTafios. KaXelrai yap irapa rrj deia Ypacprj r) 10 
yrj ttJ? IvBi/cijs ^copa?, EviXar* ovtcos ydp yey pairrai ev rfj Yevecrei, 
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€K€i ovv €<rriv to \pvorCov, to 81 \pvcriov ri\<s yi\s iKeCvtjs kclXov' Ik«i 4<ttiv 6 
av6pa£, Ka\ 6 XC0os 6 irpda-Lvos, yr)v EutXaT aacj>ecTTepov avrrjv ovofidaras. 15 
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22. tovto S. 28. Mw&reos L 2 . 29. fiefiadyKdres] + Kal S. 

12. Gen. ii. 10 — 12. 17. 1 Chron. i. 8, 9. 


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4. Geou m. 7. ical om. m. 10. gidovpov SL 1 (?). 11. SijXol — /xvpLoirXdaavres 
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vbfxov m. 8. (TTadypiov L 2 m (et sic infra). 20. "EkX-^pes om. Lm. dvaTeivtrcoo-aif L. 

33. Is. xl. 22. 


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€7rl TOOV KaipCOV Tr}? 67T cBf) /Aid? TOV AeaTTOTOV XptCTToO, Bid TOOV 

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dVTOv Kdl tt)v eh ovpdvovs civoBov. vvv\ Be xpovov ttoXXov Bid- 15 
BpdfiovTOSj teal toov o~r}fjL6Lcov TTdvad/nivcov, ooairep \r)6riv Tivd 
eXdfiov e/eeuvr)? 7-779 irlaTeoos, Kdl iirl ttjv irpOTepav dviBpdfjtov 
BeiaiBdi/JLOvLav, dBvvdTov elvdi XeyovT€<; dvdcrTdcriv i/c veKpcov 
eo~ea6dL dvdp(t)7TQ)v, Kal civoBov iv TOO OVpdVOO. Bid TOVTO ical 
461 A (3 din la pud fjuev dVTOvs €vpi&K€L<; eypvTd*;, Kdl TO a<f)dipt,Kov o-^rjfid 20 

€X 6LV T ° V OVpdVOV Bo£d£oVTd<? } 7T/90? TO TTJV dvd<TTdGLV TOOV GOOfJLdTOOV 

aOeTrjOrjvdi Kdl tt\v civoBov di/TOOV tt)v iv too ovpdvoo. TdVTd &>? iiri 
to irXetaTov nrdp ' EXX^crt Kal povois evprjcrei Tt? <focXocro(f)ovp,evov<;, 
totj? Xoyov$ Kal Tcis e'/cXe/S/ret? &>? en acfodipiKov aj(r)p>aTO^ 7rpo/3aX- 
Xofievov? a>9 Oelov tl /JbdOrjfid, els o Kdl dirdTOOVTdL Kdl airdTooGi. 25 
Blo Kdl r)pL€L<; iirl tcl G^rj/judTd Kdl tovs tottovs tov irdVTO? kog/jlov, 

Kdl TOOV CLGTpOOV TTJV 7T€pi(f>0pdV 0pp>7]GdVTe<; Kdl dVTtGTpdTeVGdfJL€VOl 

7T/D0? dvTovs €k toov OeLoov Tpd(f>oov KdTeypd\jrdfji€v, BetKvvvdi enrev- 


5. rpoTTTju m. to. tovtov ovv 8p m. 11. to6tovs L 2 m. 24. 7rpo/3aXX6- 

fxevos L 1 . 


(p. 48, 1. 4.) Agathias {Hist. II. 15) speaking of a slight earthquake at 
Alexandria in 554 A.D. mentions this belief that Egypt was free from such 
shocks (oi 8r] ovv ra roiavra (pv<ri6XoyovvTes ttjv Pdyvirriav <f)a<r\ \a>pav ov 

7ra>7TOT€ <T€l€(rdcU TTeCpVKeVdl, 0)ff 8f) X^a/ZaAjJl/ T€ aT€^VQ>S KOI VTTTldV KCU fJKlOTO. 

<rr}payya>$r]) evrevOev re ovk ep.<popovpevT)v. el 8e ye kcli vTro8e£airo, dXX' avro- 
parats vtto ^avvoTijTos Oapa e^arpi^opevqv). 

(p. 48, 1. 10.) Cosmas is probably referring to the overthrow of Antioch 
by an earthquake in May 526 A.D. (cf. Evagrius IV. 5): a similar occurrence 
took place in July 551, but the book seems to have been written before that 
date. Evagrius mentions other earthquakes at Antioch in 459 A.D. (11. 12), 
580 a.d. (v. 17), and 589A.D. (vi. 8). 

(p. 60, 1. 21.) On ancient views of the position of the Terrestrial Paradise 
cf. Baring-Gould, Curious Myths pp. 250 — 65. Most of the ancient theologians 
placed it like Cosmas in the East beyond the Ocean. In a 9th century map 
at Strassburg and several other early maps it is placed in China. In Prester 
John's letter it is stated to be three days' journey from his kingdom, while 
several authorities of the 12th or 13th centuries regard it as an island rather 
further south, opposite the mouth of the Ganges, or even identify it with 

(p. 61, 1. 4.) Td8eipa=the modern Cadiz. It received the name Gadir 
(Gr. TdBeipa, Lat. Gades) from the Phoenicians, who in early times settled 
a colony there. Many other names were given to it, for example Eumelus 
(Plat. Critias 114), Cotinussa, and Aphrodisias, though some (e.g. Tzetzes 
vill. 715) distinguish between Cotinussa the town and the island Gades. 
It was also sometimes identified with Tartessus. Compare Pliny N. H. 
IV. 36. 120 where a long list of names is given, Strabo in. 168, Dionysius 
Per. 455, 6, Avienus Descr. Orb. Terr. 610 — 16: and for suggested 
etymologies, Stephanus Et. Mag. 

(p. 61, 1. 5.) Barbaria is a vague term for the east coast of Africa. 
McCrindle notes, "Barbaria extended from the Straits of Bab-el-Mandeb to 
the Aromatic Cape, now called Cape Guardafui." Ptolemy however in his 
Geography (1. c. 17 and IV. 7. 4) applies it as a general designation 
to the coast regions of East Africa from the Aromatic Cape (i.e. Guardafui, 
the southern point of the land of the Troglodytes) southward as far as 
Zanzibar, beyond which his knowledge did not extend. The author of the 

334 NOTES 

Periplus Mar. Er. § 2 (Geogr. Gr. Min. 258) again says that Barbaria, fj 
fiapfiapucr) x™P a -> extended southward from Berenice, the great seaport in 
the south of Egypt, not far from the Tropic, to the Aromatic Cape, and with 
him Cosmas agrees. Its chief town was Rhapta according to Ptolemy. 

(p. 61, 1. 13 foil.) With this passage compare Josephus Ant. Jud. 1. 6 
tovs pev yap vvv v(\f 'EXX^i/gjj/ TaXdras icaXovpcvovs, Topapels 8e \eyopivovs, 
Topdprjs eKTicre, Maycayqs 8e tovs an* avrov Maydtyas ovopacrOevTas Sicicre, Suvdas 
8 {in* avTG>v ir poo-ay opevofievovs. rav 8i 'lacpeflov 7rat8a>v, 'lc&vdvov <ai Ma8ov, 
drro pev tov Md8ov Madaloi ylvovrai edvos, oi irpbs 'EWrjvav Mrjdoi KiKkqvTaiy 
oVo fie 'loovdvov 'lama kol irdvres "iLWrjves yeyovavi. KaroiKi^ei 8e <al Qofirjkos 
Qo(3r]\ovs, olnves iv rots vvv "iftrjpes KaXovvrai. ko.1 Moaox^vol 8* vno Moo-d^ov 
ktio-0€VT€s Ka7nrd8oK€s pev apri Keic\T]vTai....Qelpas 8e Qeipas pev etcdXeaev av 
rjp$(Vj "EWrjves 8e Qpquas avrovs peToavopaaav . ... J'EXiads p.ev 'EXicratous eKaikeaev 
<ov r}p)(ev, AloXeis 8e vvv elo~L Qapo~6s 8e ©apcreis', ovtch yap eKaXelro to rraXaiov 
t) KiXi/a'a. . . .~Ke6tpos 8e ~Ke$ipa rrjv vrjaov eo~x ev - Kvirpos avrr) vvv tcaXelrai. 

Von Gutschmid says Cosmas followed Epiphanius, who also speaks of 
the division of the nations (Adv. Haer. II. 703) and who is the authority 
from whom Cosmas took several of his theories. 

(p. 62, 1. 17.) The belief that the Caspian was a bay of the Ocean was 
common in antiquity. Hecataeus made it a bay of the Eastern Ocean ; and 
Patrocles in Alexander's time asserted that one could sail from India to it. 
Herodotus however and Aristotle and Ptolemy knew that it was a land- 
locked sea : but after Ptolemy geographical knowledge to a great extent 
relapsed, and the old belief occurs in Strabo, Arrian, Pliny, Solinus, 
Martianus Capella and others. Some of the Arabs too, Abu Zeyd for 
instance, make the same mistake, but not Mas'udi. 

(p. 62, 1. 26.) €0-<oTe'pa 'Iv8ia— South Arabia; comp. Lipsius, Afiokr. 
Apost. Gesch. 1. 283 foil. 

(p. 62, 1. 27.) Zlyyiov in Cosmas denotes the East coast of Africa beyond 
Bab el-Mandeb. Zaneddin 'Umar ibn al-Wardi, quoted in Salt's Travels 
p. 56, says that the "land of the Zinji lies opposite to that of Sind" and that 
"its inhabitants traffic in elephants' teeth, panthers' skins and silk." The 
modern name Zanzibar contains the same word and means "sea of Zinzi." 
Ptolemy I. 17. 9 and IV. 7. 1 1 mentions a similarly named promontory Ziyyis, 
generally identified with Ras el-Kire. 

(p. 66, 1. 27.) pla rav €k86o-€0}v] It is noticeable that Cosmas here quotes 
another of the Greek versions of the Old Testament, and not as usual the 
Septuagint. It was apparently the edition of Theodotion which read 
eirvpio-ev or tTTvplaaev in place of the Sept. npoa-ecrx^v. 

(p. 68, 1. 22.) peragiv] The form of this word varies between perdgtov 
and pard^mv. It is only found in late Gr., and also in late Latin {metaxa 
or mataxd), in the sense of silk, though in the sense of " a rope " it is as 
early as Lucilius (Fest. s. v. Rodus). It was more commonly called pira^a 
(also peragcs, cf. bk. XI.) and sericum from the name for the inhabitants of 
Northern China, the Seres, from whom it was imported. It was brought 

NOTES 335 

chiefly by an overland route to Persia or India (Gibbon, ch. XL.) and thence 
dispersed to the west. Hence according to Procopius the clothes made of 
it were formerly called /W7S1K17, but in his time, which was also Cosmas' time, 
a-TjpiKTj. Cosmas refers also to its importation by sea through Ceylon from 
T^lvicrra, the land of the Sinae, which may mean Southern China, or more 
probably Malaya, Cochin China and the coast of the Gulf of Siam. 

(p. 68, 1. 28.) For 2eXeSt/3a or SuXedlfia and Tairpoftdvr) see notes on 
bk. XL 

(p. 68, 1. 32.) On the Brachmans and their learning cf. the book De 
Moribus Brachmanorum attributed to Palladius (and to Ambrose), and also 
Amm. Marc. xxm. 6; xxviil 1. 

(p. 68, 1. 32.) Sina or Thina {JPeripius M. E. 64) is the ordinary name 
of the country of the Sinae ; and Tzinista is simply a Persian or Indian form 
meaning "land of Tzina.'' Sina seems to have been the name of the silk- 
bearing regions reached by sea, Cochin China and possibly Malaya: while 
Seres was the title of the Chinese proper, reached by overland routes. Comp. 
Yule, Cathay^ 1. p. 33 foil. Gronovius in his note on Pomponius Mela I. 2 
suggests Siam as the land of the Sinae. The Seres were known as early as 
the time of Ctesias and Onesicritus; the Sinae do not seem to have been 
known so early, but are mentioned by Ptolemy VII. 5. 

(p. 69, 1. 6.) McCrindle states, "The Persian Gulf has a length of 650 
English miles, while the distance from Ceylon to the Malacca Peninsula 
only is nearly twice that distance," and from the mouth of the Persian Gulf 
to Ceylon is " not very far short of two thousand miles." 

(p. 69, 1. II.) For the routes used in the silk trade compare Gibbon, 
Decline and Fall ch. XL, where he specifies an overland route from China 
to Syria via Persia, and another through Thibet to India and thence by sea. 
Cf. also the Periplus 64 and Ptol. 1. 11. 

(p. 69, 1. 18.) OvwLa is probably the right reading as the Huns are 
mentioned in bk. XL as inhabiting northern India. 

(p. 69, I. 24.) Cosmas' estimate of the world's size is rather larger than 
usual. Aristotle says some mathematicians had measured it in his time and 
found it 400,000 stadia (about 40,000 miles) and he accepts their estimate. 
Eratosthenes made the circuit 250,000 stadia; and the length and breadth of 
the habitable world 77,800 X 38,000 stadia. Posidonius reduced the circuit 
to 180,000 stadia (Strabo II. 2); and Ptolemy followed him. Cf. Tozer, 
Class. Geogr. 169 foil. 

(p. 69, 1. 30.) "A£c0/i4s, also called 'Aga^ by LS in the picture of Ptolemy's 
chair, "Agovfxis by Stephanus, Avgovpis by Procopius, *A%ovfir) by Ptolemy and 
Avgovfjir} by Malalas, is the modern Axum in the land of Tigre. The name 
of the town itself is first found in Ptolemy (IV. 7, 8) though the Periplus 
already mentions the inhabitants Av^ovfxiraij generally spelled 'Aga>fiiTal, 
though the MSS. of Cosmas several times write 'A^cop/rai afterwards correcting 
it, while once in V it is altered by the second hand to 'Av^ov/jirat. AEQ- 
MEIT&N is found on an inscription, and AZQMI+ on a coin (cf. Littmann 

336 NOTES 

Zs. f. Assyriologie XX. (1907), p. 172 foil. Nonnosus speaks of it as the 
largest town and the capital of Aethiopia. 

(p. 70, 1. 13.) Adulis is the modern Thulla or Zula (*HA= plain) near 
Annesley Bay. It is reckoned by Nonnosus as 15 days journey from Axum, 
though it is really less. According to Pliny (N. H. vi. 172) it was founded 
by runaway Egyptian slaves, but the story is probably based on a false 
etymology. The fact that this and some other inscriptions from the neigh- 
bourhood are in Greek need not incline us to accept Pliny's story, as there 
were undoubtedly a number of Greeks resident in and visiting it as an 
important trading centre with the East at this time. Strabo does not 
mention it ; but by the time of the king who erected the inscription which 
follows it was the main port of the Troglodytae and Aethiopians. Its 
importance was probably partly due to the fact that the old trade-route 
to Aethiopia through Meroe was destroyed about 22 B.C., partly to the 
massacre at Alexandria by Caracalla which interrupted direct intercourse 
with India. Both Cosmas and Scholasticus seem to have shipped at Adulis 
to sail east. On a recent excavation there cf. Sundstrom Adulis 1 ruiner 
(Le Monde Oriental, vol. 11. fasc. 1 (1907), p. 15), and a translation with 
supplementary matter by Littmann (Zs./. Assyriologie XX. (1907), p. 172). 

The form of the name is uncertain. Procopius, Nonnosus and Palladius 
have * AhovXis which Stephanus says was the better form. The Periplus 
(ch. 4) gives 'AdovXi (or 'ASouXet). The Cosmas MSS. vary here between 
'AdovXla and 'AbovXrj in the Dat. — they all read 'aSouX?/ ioi C — while in the 
picture that follows V has a Nom. A'ldovXis and a Gen. 'AdovXecos. A similar 
Gen. is found in VL X S in 101 C, where L 2 has changed the form to 'AdovXrjs. 
At 105 D V 1 has the Ace. ASovXt, which is probably correct, changed by V 2 to 
'aSovXtj, while LS have 'AdovXrjv. The MSS. of Ptolemy (iv. 7. 2) vary 
between 'AdovXts, 'AdovXei and 'AfiouXeia. 

(p. 70, 1. 14.) The Homeritae or 'A/zepIrai (Nonnosus and Malalas 456) 
inhabited Arabia Felix and are first mentioned by Pliny (A^. H. VI. 158, 161) 
and the Periplus 23. Compare also Marc. Per. Maris Ext. 18 (Miiller 
Geogr. Gr. Min. 527) and Ptolemy III. 7. 19. Up to the middle of the first 
century they were subject to their neighbours the Sabaeans. Cosmas 
is wrong in identifying them with the Arabitae, as they seem to have 
inhabited territory to the north-west of the latter. 

(p. 70, 1. 27.) For Sasu compare p. 76 below. Cosmas apparently 
thought it the same as Sesea, which would be in the south-east part of the 
Somali peninsula near the Italian colony Hobia : and so would be the 
eastern rather than the western boundary of the king's conquests. Glaser 
therefore proposes to read Kasu, which is mentioned in the Axumite inscrip- 
tion and was near Meroe. But Miiller opposes this view, quoting the 
Periplus (18), which says that the ocean took a tuin to the west along 
Aethiopia and Africa: and, considering the uncertainty which prevailed about 
the south of Africa, it seems unnecessary to alter the text, especially as 
Harris heard of a kingdom called Sousa towards the south and south-west 

NOTES 337 

of the Schoa. This Saint-Martin believed to be identical with Kafa. The 
earlier writers Niebuhr and Mannert proposed to identify Sasu with Schoa, 
but that is improbable. Zaneddin 'Umar ibn al-Wardi mentions a country 
called Sofalat al-Dhab adjoining the eastern borders of the Zinji of which he 
says " the most remarkable product is the quantity of native gold " : and 
probably the unnamed mines mentioned by Agatharcides in Diod. Sic, ill., 
12 — 14 are the same. 

(p. 70, 1. 30.) "The Agau people is the native race spread over the 
Abyssinian plateau both to east and west of Lake Tana." (McCrindle.) 

(p, 71, 1. 5.) This dumb commerce is frequently mentioned by older 
travellers in all parts of the world. In Africa, for instance, by Herodotus 
(iv. 196), Catamosto (comp. Beazley, Dawn I., p. 192), and Shaw's Travels 
through Barbary (ed. Mavor xil. 125), a passage which closely resembles 
this : in China by the Periplus M. E. 65 ; in Ceylon by Pliny N. H. VI. 24 
(comp. Tennent 1. 568) : and in the Land of Darkness by Ibn Batuta (ed. 
Lee, 79). 

(p. 71, 1. 9.) rayxdpa] For this word cf. Anthol. Pal. xv. 25. 7, 8 is yap 
ftayfjLov opfjs fJi€ pr]T€ ray\ovpov \ ttXivBois p.r\T 'AXvfirjs Trayevra (3a>Xois, where 
the Schol. says rdyxpvpos 6 \pv<ros. f) 8e Xe£is Ilepa-LKT]. Cf. Lagarde Ges. 
Abh. p. 227 and Rel. tur. eccL Gr. pp. ix., x., where he compares it with 

Aethiop. *f*VhG s = ro7ra£iov, Arab.jl&j (tankar) = chrysocolla, Afghan aSjS 

or aCJ (tankah or tangah) = gold. 

(p. 71, 1. 27.) The Nile here spoken of is the Blue or Abyssinian Nile, 
rediscovered by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century, and again later by 
the Jesuits, and by Bruce in the eighteenth. Ptolemy (iv. 7) already knew 
of the two lakes from which it flows. Seneca (A r . Q. vi. 8) gives the account 
of two centurions sent by Nero to find the source of the Nile. They reached 
great swamps and a rock from which the stream seemed to spring. Compare 
also Pomponius Mela 1. 9 and in. 10 and Solinus 29. Julius Honorius (p. 29, 
ed. Riese) speaks of it as flowing from the lake Foloe, which seems to be a 
mistake for Koloe. 

(p. 72, 1. 6.) Ela is the modern 'Akabah at the head of the Gulf of 
Akabah or Elanitic Gulf. It is identical with the Elath of Deut. ii. 8, the 
Elana of Ptolemy v. 17. 1, the Ailane of Josephus vni. 6 and the Aeila of 
Philostorgius III. 6. 

(p. 72, 1. 25.) After 'EWtjvik&v V has on f. 12 a picture of an antelope 
between two trees, with the heading ravrd ela-c to. Xeyopeva fioga oi (poiviices oi 
^IvdfjKivoi, though there is nothing in the text to call for such a picture nor 
does the word p,6£a ( = Arabic j^, a banana or plantain) occur in the text of 
Cosmas. Again on the verso of f. 12 is a picture of the 686s dndyova-a diro 
'AdovXeais els "A^ccfiiv and AWioires ne^vovTes. In the picture the column 
and chair of Ptolemy are represented and some place-names are given, 
reXaviov Tapd£as } A'&ovXis, Bakaaaa, 2a/xi'5i, "Agctfus. It is noticeable that 
neither Gabaza nor Samidi occur in the text. The former was the port of 



338 NOTES 

Adulis, and according to Greek authorities was 20 stadia from Adulis. 
Sandstrom thinks it is rather to be identified with a town at the foot of the 
hills called Gamez, south-east of Zula, though now they are some distance 
from the sea, than with the modern port Malcato, which is further north. 

(p. 72, 1. 28.) This Abyssinian king's name has been recognised by 
Ludolf as equivalent to the Ethiopian Ela Asbeha (or Asbah), to which the 
reading of V 'EAAar£/3aa? approaches more closely than the various forms 
found in other Greek writers ('EXeo-pds Mart. Arethae, 'EXeo-fidas Nonnosus, 
Photius and Theophanes, 'EXecrfioas Malalas III. 196). He was also called 
Caleb and afterwards regarded as a martyr. Salt ( Voyage to Abys. p. 468) 
identifies him with Anda or Amda. 

Salt says that the main occasion of the expedition here referred to 
was the murder of St Arethas. Miiller (Geogr. Gr. Min.) refers it more 
generally to the slaying of Christian merchants at the instigation of the 
Jews, while the Diet. Chris. Biog. II. 70 foil, says Dhu Nuwas became a 
Jew and persecuted Christians in retaliation. So too Beazley referring 
to Ludolf, Hist. Aeth. II. 4, T. Wright, Early Christianity in Arabia, and 
John Malalas, pt. II. 193 — 6. Noldeke (Tabari, p. 188) gives the Arabic 
version that Dhu Nuwas of Yemen was stirred up by a Jew whose children 
were murdered to fight the Nefranians. They called in the king of Abyssinia, 
Ellatzbaas, who did not need much persuasion as he had previously been 
king of Yemen. He made elaborate preparations from 525 — 526 A.D., and 
called on Justinus to furnish him with ships of transport. In 526 he sailed 
from Adulis, defeated the army of Yemen, took the city Taphar and slew the 
king of the Homerites. 

This passage is particularly important as it fixes the date of Cosmas' 
travels and more roughly the date of the publication of his work. As 
Cosmas was there during the preparations, this makes the date of his 
travels in Abyssinia 525 A.D., and the date of the publication of the book 
"some five and twenty years" later eire. 550 a.d. 

(p. 7^, 1. 1.) 'PaWov is the ancient name of Tor, which is identified with 
the biblical Elim (comp. p. 139). It is now the quarantine port of the pilgrims 
to Meccah and still contains a small monastery of Greek monks connected 
with that of Sinai. 

(p. 73, 1. 14.) The Ptolemy who set up this inscription was Ptolemy III. 
Euergetes (247 — 221 B.C.); and it is the only surviving inscription recording 
his achievements in the expedition to Asia against Seleucus II., which he 
undertook soon after his accession. His father Ptolemy II. Philadelphus 
married in succession two ladies. of the name of Arsinoe, the first of them, 
Arsinoe daughter of Lysimachus of Thrace, being the mother of Ptolemy III. 

(p. 72f> !• I9-") Theocr. xvn. 26 also ascribes descent from Hercules to 
the Ptolemies: probably because some supposed Ptolemy I. to be the son of 
Philip of Macedon, not of Lagus, and Caranus the oldest king of Macedon 
was a son of Hercules. 

(p. 72n !• 2a ) The subject-kingdoms here mentioned are no exaggeration. 

NOTES 339 

Cyrenaica had been regained by Ptolemy II. Philadelphia, and other in- 
scriptions bear witness to the fact that the south coast of Asia was subject 
to the Ptolemies (e.g. Dittenberger, Or. Gr. Inscr., nos. 55, 57, 58) and to 
the subjection of the Cyclades (e.g. Ditt. 25). 

(p. 73, 1. 23.) TpoayodvTai seems to be the invariable form in Greek in- 
scriptions and in Latin MSS. and conforms with the name as it appears in 
hieroglyphic Egyptian inscriptions and Pliny. In Greek MSS. both Tpayodvrai 
and TpcoyXoBiirat. are found, but the latter is probably a later alteration in 
the case of the older authors. Here, as Dittenberger suggests, Cosmas is 
probably responsible for the fault. On the Trogodytae compare Diod. Sic. 
l - 3°- 3> HI. 32 — 33; and Strabo xvi. 4. 4, xvn. 1. 53. 

(p* 73j !• 24.) On Ptolemy's invasion of Ethiopia compare Diod. Sic. I. 

37- 5- 

(p. 73, 1. 27.) Theocritus xvn. 87 refers to Cilicia and Pamphylia as 
possessions of Ptolemy Philadelphus II. so that apparently they must have 
been lost in the interval. Possibly, as Niese {Gesch. dergr. Staaten 11. p. 139) 
suggests, they were given to Antiochus II. at the peace between him and 
Philadelphus in the year 250 B.C. 

Only Ephesus and Miletus are known to have been under the rule of the 
Ptolemies, but possibly part of Ionia may have belonged to them too (comp. 
Niese, p. 135). 

(p. 73, 1. 28.) An Egyptian hieroglyphic inscription from Latonpolis 
supports this statement with regard to Thrace: compare also for Thrace 
and the Hellespont Polybius v. 34. 7—8. 

(p. 73, 1. 29.) The Indian elephants were apparently taken from Seleucus : 
Seleucus Nicator had received a present of 300 from Sandrocottus, king of 

(P« 73> 1- 31-) Niese (11. p. 148) doubts if he crossed the Euphrates: 
but Jerome {Commentary on Daniel, xi. 8) speaks of his conquest of the 
''superiores partes trans Euphratem, et propemodum universam Asiam." 

(p. 73, 1. 32.) The Latonpolis inscription also mentions Persia, Susa and 
Armenia among the conquered countries : comp. also Justin xxvil. 1, 9. 

(p. 74, 1. 1.) Ptolemy won his title Euergetes by recapturing the statues 
of the gods carried off by Cambyses and his successors. 

(p. 74, 1. 3.) These canals are a very doubtful point. Bigot translates as 
though he thought they were canals dug by Ptolemy on purpose to transport 
his troops, but does not commit himself to suggesting where they were dug. 
Vincent believed the phrase referred to the canals near Susa, as Susiana 
was intersected by canals. Chishull thought he meant the canals of the 
Euphrates and Tigris (comp. Strabo XVI. 1. 9). Droysen prefers the expedition 
through those canals mentioned by Pliny N. H. ix. 6. But this rather 
disagrees with the account given in other authors (e.g. Justin xxvn. 19) 
which says that Ptolemy was recalled from Asia by sedition at home. 
Niese (11. p. 149) follows Boeckh in assigning this clause to a new ex- 
pedition through the Nile canals after his return from Asia. 

22 — 2 

34 o NOTES 

(p. 74, 1. 6.) Salt was the first to point out that the inscription on the 
chair was not a continuation of the other as Cosmas wrongly states, but 
a much later production, thereby dispelling the doubts which had previously 
been held as to its genuineness. He at first referred the inscription to king 
Aeizanas, the author of another Greek inscription which he discovered at 
Axum, who is known also from the letter of Constantine to Aizanas and Sazanas, 
preserved by Athanasius (Apol. ad Const., Migne, XXV. 636). This would 
have made its date about 350 a.d. But the suggestion was soon refuted on 
the ground that the changes both in the language and in the Axumite 
kingdom proved this inscription to be much earlier than that found by Salt ; 
and he himself afterwards withdrew his suggestion. Saint-Martin proposed 
Ela Azguagua (144 — 221 a.d.), or Ela Auda (101 — 131 A.D.), because they 
were the only kings, except one of the fourth century, who according to the 
Abyssinian list reigned 27 years. Others (e.g. Muller in his Epigr. 
Denkmaler aus Abess. 1894) have suggested Zoscales, the Axumite king 
mentioned in the Periplus, as the author. Mommsen thought this inscription 
more recent than Zoscales, because in it the Moscophagi, who in the Periplus 
are subject to Zoscales, are under petty tyrants, and no Arabian possessions 
are mentioned. But Dillman and the most recent editor Dittenberger 
believe it to be earlier, probably dating from the first half of the first century, 
as it refers to the founder of the Axumite kingdom. They suppose that the 
desolation of the old trade route through Meroe after. the war of C. Petronius 
in 22 B.C., — a desolation which lasted to the time of Pliny (comp. N. H. VI. 
181 — 185) — gave the Axumite king the chance of extending his kingdom. 
Glaser however, partly on the same ground as Mommsen and partly because 
he maintains some of the names to refer to Arabian possessions not subject to 
Axum till later, argues for a later date, — about the end of the third century. 
He also has doubts whether it is by an Axumite king at all, and suggests it 
is rather by a victorious enemy, possibly the Himyaritic king As'ad. At the 
same time he does not think it is impossible that it should be by Ptolemy. 
But, as Muller points out, the formulae closely resemble the inscription 
of Aeizanas; and it is extremely doubtful that As'ad or any Himyaritic king 
would use Greek. Besides the man refers to Arabia as ntpav rr/s BaXdao-ris; 
and expressly says he was the first Axumite king to conquer the surrounding 
districts, some of which certainly belonged to Zoscales. 

(p. 74, 1. 10.) Td£r) Salt identified with Ade-Gada, a town in the north 
of Tigre: but Saint-Martin and more recent authorities recognise in it the 
name of the Abyssinians, who spoke what is still called Geez. Ludolf (Hist. 
Aeth. 1. 1 and Comm. 56) shows that till the seventh century the name 
Agazi survived. Pliny also mentions a town Gaza, south of Adulis (N. H. VI. 
174), and this Glaser prefers. 

(p. 74, 1. 10.) 'Aya/xe] Agame is still an important province of Tigre 
east of Axum. 

2iyvr)v<i] Saint-Martin connects Sigye (or Siguene) with Tzigam, a 
large Agau tribe, now west of Lake Tzana: but Dillmann thinks this 

NOTES 341 

people is too distant, as the inscription is here speaking of places close 
to Axum. 

(p. 74, 1. 12.) Aiia is probably identical with the Hawa (or Elwa) of the 
Acts of Andrew and Bartholomew (Lipsius, Apokr. Apost.-Gesch. II. 2. 85). 
It is also mentioned by the Periplus M. E. (Miiller, G. G.M. I. 257) and 
Moses of Khorene's geography (cf. Saint- Martin, Mtmoires hist, et gdogr. sur 
PArme'nie II. 344). Nonnosus, the contemporary of Cosmas, tells us that Avr\ 
is between Axum and Adulis. It is generally identified with Adoua ( = city 
of Oua) the modern capital of Tigre : though Bent (Sacred City of the Eth., 
p. 143 foil.) and Miiller prefer Yeha, on the grounds that there are ancient 
remains there and none at Adoua, and an inscription found by Bent at Yeha 
reads "He built his house AW." Miiller thinks that the name was connected 
with the Sabaean worship of Baal-Ava, and that the Aualites on the Aualitic 
Gulf (Ptol. IV. 7. 10), further south of Zula, were Arabian settlers and had 
a fortress at Yeha to trade with the Sabaeans. 

Tidfiaa] Dittenberger notices that this name is written with a simple / 
in this inscription and in Salt's inscription of the fourth century, but with a tz 
in Cosmas' note, and remarks that the sibilant is still preserved in the modern 
name Ceyam. The name occurs several times in Abyssinian geographical 

inscriptions as Sijamo or Tsijamo (X^T*:), but the exact position is 
unknown, though Dittenberger thinks Cosmas is wrong in placing it across 
the Nile. Glaser compares it with the Arabic ^Lol^J (Tihamah) or ^oLo (Tiam). 

Zingabene is unknown, unless it is, as Dillmann suggested, a mistake 
for, or an alternative form of, Zingarene, which might be the modern Zia 
Zangaren in Hamasen. j 

(p. 74, 1. 22.) Tafipe\d = Gambela, a valley in the province of Enderta. 
Montfaucon recognized these words as a marginal note by Cosmas which 
has been wrongly inserted in the text. The river referred to is not the Nile 
proper, but its eastern tributary the Takazze which joins the Atbara in Nubia 
before it reaches the Nile. Together they formed the Astaboras of the 


Angabe like Tiama defies the ingenuity of the critics, though Glaser 

thinks it is possibly identical with hll'd (Angab or Angabe) of Schwein- 
furth's inscription at Kohaito. This however does not determine its position. 
He also refers to Ptolemy's "AyyTj <a>fxr} in Arabia Felix, but admits it is not 


Athagaus and Kalaa Saint-Martin identified with Addago and Kalawe, 
two districts to the left of the Takazze near the mountains of Semen. But 
Dillmann rejects this identification, and agrees with Montfaucon in making 
the former part of the Agau people, and the latter the people now called 
Kelau. Glaser and Dittenberger recognise in the latter the Koloe of the 
Periplus (§ 4) and Ptolemy (iv. 78), which was possibly Halai in the S.E. 
corner of Tigre, or according to Bent Kohaito where there are ancient ruins. 
The Periplus describes Koloe as three days' journey inland from Adulis, and 

342 NOTES 

five from Axum. Glaser also compares the Arabic name c*}H& (Kala') 

found in Yemen : and with Koloe the plural c$Jlf» (Kulu') or d^JL^ 

(Kulu'ah): and with the former people the Hadhramitic race-name $Ji\ 

(p. 74, 1. 13.) 2dfxive or 2efirjvat without doubt indicates the modern 
Semen Mountains, which rise to a height of 15,000 feet. Cosmas elsewhere 
(108 C) tells us they were used as a place of banishment by the kings of 

Axum. Glaser gives the Arabic form as £>++** Sumain. 

(p. 74, 1. 16.) Lasine was identified by Saint-Martin with the land of the 
Basena or Bazen on the northern frontier of Tigre, by Van Kloeden with 

Lasta and Aina : and compared by Glaser with iwUJ (la'asanah), the plural 

form of (^jL^jJ (li's&n), the name of a race in the Tihama of Yemen. It seems, 

however, better to leave it uncertain with Dillmann and Dittenberger. 

Zad the older commentators identified with Tsocha in the east of 
Begemder, but again the identification is uncertain. 

TafiaXd Glaser compares with 4JU». (Jebelah) in the Mountains of South 
Yemen. But probably all three of these doubtful places are to be sought to 
the north of Axum (Dittenberger). 

(p. 74, 1. 17.) 'AraX/x© is compared by Glaser with^Jtiic in Hamdani's 
Jezirat al-^arab 83, 3. Dittenberger rejects this and all other suggestions 
without committing himself to any new view. With Beyd compare the 
fiovyaeirat of Salt's inscription, and the fiovyea of Epiphanius, Haeres. 
II. 703, and the "fl^p of the Geez inscriptions. Dillmann says the name is 
common in the Geez inscriptions and in Arabic geographers. Saint-Martin 
identifies them with the modern nomadic Nubian tribes called Bicharieh. 
In an expanded Coptic translation of Epiphanius' work De Gemmis, the 
name occurs in the form Bougaioi (cf. The Classical Quarterly, Vol. ill., 
p. 196), and in the Latin translation of that work as Bugaei. 

(p. 75, 1. 1.) The Tangaites, according to the same authorities, are part 
of the same tribe, and have given their name to the country of Taka, 
extending from the river Atbara in Tigre to Sauakin on the Red Sea. 

(p. 75, 1. 4.) 'Awlve /cat MenVe] These tribes have been assigned by 
various commentators to all four points of the compass. Saint-Martin put 
them northwards from Axum : but Dillmann objects that Egypt is mentioned 
as the northern boundary, and these should rather lie south or west towards 
the Sahara. McCrindle states that the fact that they lived in a mountainous 
region shows that their position was eastwards towards the Red Sea. And 
finally, Glaser compares the former with the Hebrew and Arabic words 

fW or J3J1, dLUsl (A'nanah) or aJJj>.\ (Ahnanah), without stating anything 

further about those names, and the latter with aXLo (Matinah) at the foot of 
Jebel Hadir Nebbi Su'aib: but he hesitates to state that they are identical. 

NOTES 343 

"Seo-e'a," says Saint-Martin, "ought to designate a part at least of the 
Somali people, of which one of the principal tribes bears still the name of 
Issa.'' Glaser compares the name with the Arabic name 3«. fl «. f (Sa'si'ah). 
But again it seems safer to leave it uncertain with Dillmann and Dittenberger. 

(p. 75, 1. 8.) Montfaucon thought the Rhausi were the people of Rhapta, 
which according to Ptolemy was the capital of Barbaria (iv. 7. 41): and 
others, among them Franz and Saint-Martin refer to the Rhapsii of Ptolemy 
(iv. 8), who according to Saint-Martin still exist in the interior to the south of 
Abyssinia and are called the Arousi. But Dittenberger thinks they are too 
distant to be the persons here referred to. 

(p. 75, 1. 10.) 26\aT€, probably to the south of Adulis on the seashore 

(p. 75, 1. 15.) The Red Sea is here used in the extended sense of the 
Arabian Gulf (cf. Ditt., Or. Gr. Inscr. 69). Dillmann suggests that the 
Axumite king must have obtained his fleet largely from the Romans, as he 
cannot have had an extensive one himself. 

(p. 75, 1. 15.) The 'Appa&rai are generally taken to mean Arabs in 
general; but Dittenberger observes that the Cinaedocolpitae were also 
Arabs, so that probably it denotes a special branch of them, living to the 
north of the Cinaedocolpitae. Lagarde placed them near Leuce Come. 
Dillmann and Glaser take this and the succeeding names to indicate the 
tribes of the Arabic coastland from Janbo to the north of Yemen. 

For the KivaidoicokirtTcu and their towns compare Ptolemy VI. 7. 5, VII. 
20. 17 and 23. 10. Saint-Martin thinks them to have been a branch of the 
tribe of Kinda, who occupied the Hedjaz. Dillmann compares the Arabic 
name Kinana. 

(p. 75, 1. 18.) For Aevicrj Kcofir} compare Strabo XVI. 4. 23 Acvktj Kapn] 
rrjs NajSarmW yijs opiov peya, and Per. M. E. 19, which says it was two 
or three days' sail from Mvos oppos on the way to Petra and the Nabathaei. 
It was the extreme south point of the Nabathaei and the Roman Empire, 
and is probably identical with the modern port Hauara. Dittenberger thinks 
the AevKoyrjv of the note to be a corruption, as that name is not found 
elsewhere. At any rate, as Lagarde pointed out, iwl must be used in the 
sense of 'opposite to,' as the Blemyes lived in Nubia, not in Arabia, and 
it is therefore preferable to els, the reading of V. On this tribe cf. Revillont, 
Mini, de VAcad. des Inscr. 1874, Sdr. I. /3Ae>ves with one p is the form 
used by the poets (cf. Pauly-Wissowa ill. p. 566 sqq.) and is found in Salt's 
inscription. They were generally located in Nubia on the Upper Nile, but 
Cosmas seems to imply that they extended to the shore of the Red Sea. 
By some they were credited with a mouth in their breasts and no head (cf. 
Pliny N. H. I. I. 46 ; Mela I. 6). On the Sabaeans compare Ptolemy VI. 7. 33, 
Strabo XVI. 4. 2 and 19, Pliny N. H. VI. 161, xn. 66 and Mela III. 79- Their 
capital was Mariaba (Marib), and they were masters of the Homeritae, not, 
as Cosmas says, merely a part of them. 

(p. 75, 1. 35.) The Adanitae were the inhabitants of the modern Aden, 

344 NOTES 

anciently known as 'Adavrj (Philostorgius, Hist. Ecc. III. 4) or EuSai/iaw 
'Apafila (Ptol. vi. 7. 9, 6, Periplus 26). Pliny calls it Athenae (vi. 159), 
Mela (in. 80) Arabia. The 'Apaftla Evdaipcov here mentioned is of course 
not this town, but the whole country of Yemen. 

(p. 76, 1. 3.) For this address to Ares compare Aeizanas' words in 
Salt's inscription vrrep 8e ev^apicrrias tov ip.ov yevio-avros olvikt]tov "Apecos 
dveOrjua avrto avhpiavTa ^pvcrovv a Km apyopaiov eva ko\ ^oXkovs y eV dyada. 
In the Axumite inscriptions the form is Mahrem, which Lagarde thinks 
equivalent to the Bahram of the Persians. 

(p. 76, 1. 17.) Ethiopia, as this passage among others shows, was not in 
ancient times a name for the territory of the inhabitants of the Abyssinian 
mountains and Tigre, but for that of the people of the plains to the west and 
south of them. 

(p. 82, 1. 16.) The KaTaypa<j)r) referred to is a coloured oblong, the length 
being about three times the breadth, with a rim round the outside. Round 
it are given the points of the compass ; at the centre of the top votos ; at the 
centre of the bottom fioppds ; on the left-hand side at the top xeipepivr) 
dvaroXf}, in the centre d7rr)\ia>Tr)s y and at the bottom depivrj di/aroXq, on the 
right at the top x €L H- € P'- v l Svcns, in the centre £<f$vpos, and at the bottom 
BepivT) 8va-Ls. It is found on V fol. 96, L fol. 196 v. and S fol. 146 v. 

(p. 119, 1. 3 foil.) For the early spread of Christianity, compare Gibbon 
{Decline a?id Fal/, ch. xx.) and Amobius {Adversus Gentes, 11. 12). The 
latter writing in the third century, says : "Enumerari enim possunt, atque in 
usum computationis venire ea, quae in India gesta sunt, apud Seras, Persas, 
et Medos; in Arabia, Aegypto; in Asia, Syria; apud Galatas, Parthos, 
Phrygas; in Achaia, Macedonia, Epizo; in insulis et provinciis omnibus, 
quae sol oriens atque occidens lustrat." Tertullian also (Adv. Jud. I. 7) 
mentions Babylonia, Persia, India, Ethiopia, Asia, Germany, Britain, 
Mauretania, the Getuli and the Romans, as people to whom Christianity 
had extended: and Sozomen (Hist. Eccl. II. 6) the Gauls, Goths, Celts and 
Iberians. Legend attributed the conversion of most nations to the Apostles 
(cp. Lipsius, Apokr. Apost.-Gesch. I. 25 foil.). Many of them according to 
different legends visited different countries, so that, except in such cases as 
that of Thomas, to whom legend consistently attributes the conversion of 
India, one cannot assert the localities very definitely. But among countries 
mentioned by Cosmas one may call attention to legendary visits of Andrew 
to Scythia, Matthew to Parthia and Great Armenia, Bartholomew to India, 
Abyssinia and Upper Egypt, Jude to Armenia and the Blemyes, and Simon 
of Cana to the Iberians. 

For notes on Taprobane, Male and Calliana, see bk. XI. 

When Christianity reached India is a subject of much dispute. According 
to early tradition Parthia and India were visited by St Thomas, and he first 
planted a church there. Bartholomew also was supposed to have visited 
India, and we have it on the authority of Clement and Origen that their 
friend Pantaenus went to South India towards the end of the second century 

NOTES 345 

and found there men acquainted with the Gospel of Matthew in Hebrew, 
which had been brought thither by Bartholomew. Eusebius (Eccl. Hist. v. 
10) also refers to his mission. Sir W. Hunter inferred that those men were 
a Jewish colony, and that Thomas really did visit Persia and Afghanistan, 
and Bartholomew Malabar : but Milne Rae (Syrian Church in India) doubts 
if there were any Jews there so early, and appears to doubt too whether the 
tradition about the Apostles and the statements of Clement and Origen had 
any foundation in fact. He prefers to assign the foundation of a mission in 
India to the Nestorians of the early sixth century, supporting his view by 
Cosmas' statement that the bishop came from Persia, which was the strong- 
hold of the Nestorians. There are other proofs of Nestorian influence at 
that time, for example an inscription from a Nestorian tomb as early as 
547 a.d. quoted by Chwolson (Trans, of Russian Arch. Soc. Or. Sect., Vol. III., 
pt. i, 1886 — 7): but there seem to be earlier traces of Christianity in Ceylon 
at any rate, since Labourte (Le Christianisme dans Pemftire Perse, p. 606) 
refers to a monastery of St Thomas there in the middle of the fourth century. 
Besides the statement of Clement and Origen seems fairly definite. There 
was also a curious tradition that Ceylon was visited by the Eunuch of 
Candace (cf. Hough, Hist, of Chris tia?iity in India, Vol. II. pp. 30, 32, 42). 
Christianity probably died out there soon after Cosmas' time, as Ibn Wahab 
and Abu Zeyd (9th cent.) do not refer to it, though they mention Jews and 
Manichaeans. Marco Polo too refers to the people as idolaters. 

Dioscorides is the Greek name for Socotra, which according to McCrindle 
is derived from the Skt. Dwipa Sukhadara (Island abode of bliss). The 
island and the fact that there were Greeks there is mentioned in the Periplus 
Maris Erythraei (ch. 30). Christianity there is mentioned also by the two 
Arab travellers of the ninth century and by Abu'1-feda. If, as is probable, 
it is the island from which Theophilus the apostle to the Homeritae came, 
it may have been converted by him when he returned to it on his embassy 
in 356 A.D. Marco Polo (ill. 32) states that "Their archbishop has nothing 
to do with the Pope of Rome, but is subject to the great Archbishop who 
lives at Baudas (Baghdad)," which agrees with Abu'l-feda's statement that 
they were Nestorians. Yule, however, notes that certain practices of their 
church (e.g. circumcision) support De Barros' statement that they were 
Jacobite Christians of the Abyssinian stock, and says that Christianity has 
now entirely disappeared. 

The Huns here referred to are probably the White Huns (cf. bk. xi.), 
who according to Drouin (Mimoire sur les Huns Ephthalites) adopted the 
Nestorian alphabet in the fifth century. Drouin quotes Elisaeus, an Armenian 
of that century, for the statement that Christianity had spread over all the 
nations between the Roman dominions and India in the time of Iazdgerd II. 
(438—457 A.D.). 

The ordinary account, given by Sozomen (11. 8), Moses of Khorene (in. 8), 
and Agathangelos (m — 132), places the conversion of the Armenians under 
Tiridates by Gregory in the middle of the fourth century. Sozomen thinks 

346 NOTES 

the Persians were afterwards converted by intercourse with them. But 
Euseb. {Eccl Hist. ill. 23) states that the Persians were converted in the 
Apostolic age, and elsewhere {Praefi. Evang. VI. 10) he quotes Bardaisan, 
a writer of the third century, for references to Christianity among the 
Parthians, Medes and Persians. Besides, at the Council of Nicaea appeared 
John, bishop of the church of Persia and Great India (i.e. North India). On 
the Armenians see F. Tournebize, Atude stir la conversion de VAwninie 
{Rev. de FOr. Chrei., Sen II., tome 2, 1907). The Ethiopian and Axumite 
church owed its foundation according to Rufinus to Frumentius early in the 
fourth century. Frumentius had been taken prisoner there as a child, and after 
returning to Egypt was sent out by Athanasius as bishop. Rufinus, it must 
be admitted, refers to the place as India, but the letter of Constantine to the 
king of Axum in Athanasius' Apology to Constantine shows that Ethiopia is 
meant. Sozomen (11. 24) and Theodoretus (1. 33) give the same story : but 
Philostorgius (ill. 6) speaks as if Theophilus converted them in 356 A.D. 
More probably Theophilus was Frumentius' successor. 

The Homeritae of Arabia Felix were apparently visited by missionaries 
about the same time as the Ethiopians. Philostorgius (ill. 6) states that 
Theophilus, a native of Divus, or Socotra, — though Gregory of Nyssa calls 
him a Blemyan — was sent to them by Constantine in 356 A.D. (compare 
also Socrates, H. E. iv. 36 ; Rufinus, H. E. II. 6). The Synaxarium Con- 
stantinoftolitanum (June 3) preserves a tradition that the Eunuch of Candace 
preached there as well as in Ceylon. Eusebius {Hist. Eccl. vi. 19) states 
that Origen was sent to Arabia by Demetrius of Alexandria to preach at the 
request of the ruler of Arabia. 

"The Garamantes were the inhabitants of the great oasis in the Libyan 
desert called Phazania, and now Fezzan, but the name was often used in a 
wider sense to denote the people of northern Africa who lived to the south of 
the Syrtis" (McCrindle). 

Pentapolis, so called from its five chief cities, Cyrene, Berenice, Arsinoe, 
Ptolemais and Apollonia, denotes the province Cyrenaica ; while Africa 
means the land between it and Mauretania. 

Southern Gades, Yule suggests, may be Tingis, or Cape Spartel, called by 
Strabo Koteis. But it does not seem impossible that to. 7rp6s vorov should 
go with the whole of the last words, not with Gades alone. 

Gibbon (ch. xlii.) says that the Lazi were a tribe on the north of Colchos 
in the time of Pliny, Arrian and Ptolemy, but that they afterwards " imposed 
their name and dominion'' on the kingdom of Colchos, and that after a 
relapse " in the beginning of the sixth century their influence was restored 
by the introduction of Christianity, which the Mingrelians still profess with 
becoming zeal." 

The Heruli were a tribe originally German, who with the Goths under 
Odoacer overthrew the western empire in 476 A.D. They dwelt north of the 
Euxine, and were converted in Justinian's reign {c. 537 A.D.) ; compare 
Evagrius IV. 20, Procop. Goth. 11. 13 foil. The Goths according to 

NOTES 347 

Philostorgius (n. 5) were converted by captives taken from Cappadocia and 
Galatia in Valerian's reign. Afterwards under their bishop Urphilas or 
Ulphilas they embraced Arianism (comp. Socrates IV. 34, and Theodoretus 

IV. 37). 

(p. 135, 1. 12.) Cosmas here at the end of book IV draws a picture of four 
men standing at the four poles of a round world. The ridicule of the theory 
of a round world and people at the Antipodes is intensified by the dispropor- 
tion between the size of the men and the world on which they are standing. 
Ananias of Shirag objected to a round world on the score that the people on 
it would look "like flies round an apple," but even he did not figure them as 
full-sized men standing round a child's ball. Cosmas' objections were shared 
by a host, indeed by the majority, of the Fathers, as one may see from 
Beazley's note on the passage, and many classical authorities agreed with 
them, for example Herodotus. The Pythagoreans were the first to suggest 
the sphere, not because they had any proofs to give in support of it, but 
because they considered it the most perfect figure. Proofs were not forth- 
coming probably till the time of Eudoxus. Aristotle sought to prove it from 
the law of gravitation and from the spherical shape of the moon at eclipses. 
Strabo first used the inference from the disappearance of ships at sea. At 
the same time he, like Eratosthenes, regards the habitable part of it as an 
irregular oblong, comparing it to the Greek chlamys, which was about twice 
as long as it was broad with an irregular piece at each end. The result 
would be almost the same shape as that given in Cosmas' map (cf. Tozer, 
Class. Geogr. 167 — 8, etc.). 

(p. 138, 1. 5.) The name Clysma is given to the whole of the western 
branch of the Red Sea by Eusebius and Philostorgius (ill. 8), the latter 
adding that it was so called from the town at the head of it. Epiphanius 
too {Haer. II. 668) mentions to Kaa-rpov tov K\vo-fxaros as one of the three 
ports of the Red Sea, apparently in the position of or near Suez. Compare 
also the Peregrinatio Silviae (ed. Gamurrini, p. in). 

(p. 242, 1. 23.) The o-)^jfxa represents the sun as a circular ball, with a 
man's head and shoulders clearly visible in it. Below it is the earth, 
a slightly smaller circular ball with ten small square excrescences starting 
near the centre of the top and running round the right side. Six perpen- 
dicular rays fall from the sun striking the five uppermost excrescences, which 
are presumably supposed to represent the KXifiara. It is found on V fol. 16 v., 
L fol. 196 v. and S fol. 33 V. 

(p. 318, 1. 2.) This title is misleading and probably not genuine, as many 
of the animals included are admittedly not natives of India, but of other 
countries visited by Cosmas : e.g. the giraffe, hippopotamus, etc. 

(p. 318, 1. 4.) Cosmas appears to have known only the African species, 
the two-horned rhinoceros. As a rule ancient authors refer rather to the 
one-horned species, e.g. Agatharcides (Muller, Geogr. Gr. Min. 1. 158), Pliny 
{N. H. Vlll. 71). 

348 NOTES 

Both Sperman ( Voyage au Cap de Bonne-Esp. II. 307) and Salt ( Travels, 
p. 4T6) mention the mobility of the horns as facts confirmed by natives. The 
hostility of the rhinoceros to the elephant is a commonplace of all ancient 
authors who refer to the beast. Agatharcides (lb. p. 158) says "tovto nepl rfjs 

vofirjs ae\ 8ia<pep€Tat iktcpavri." 

Pliny (N. H. VIII. 7) calls it "hostis elephanto'' and Solinus (Pol. 30. 21) 
follows him. Compare also the account of the method of fighting in Sindbad's 
Second Voyage, and the modern account in Marryat's Bushboys. 

(p. 318, 1. 15.) If we read dpovrj dpia-i instead of apov rj apuri, as Salt 
(Travels, p. 417) suggests, we get the modern Tigre name for the rhinoceros 
AC*B:*^**fl (arweharis). In Amharic according to Salt it is }\(D~£ : *VGfl 
(aweer haris): but Isenberg writes it aiiraris. Cosmas is correct too in his 
translation of the component parts, as "arwe" is Amharic for a "beast" and 
"haras" or "'aras" means "to plough" according to Isenberg (Amh. Diet.) 
and Dillmann (Lex. ling. Aeth.). Ludolf took the latter part for the Arabic 
cAf/*" (harish) "unicorn." 

(p. 318, 1. 23.) The ravpeXacpos is presumably the buffalo, though Cuvier 
states that it was originally Indian and was brought to Egypt and Europe 
during the Middle Ages. 

(p- 3 l 9> 1- !•) Cosmas apparently thinks his picture sufficiently describes 
the giraffe, as he gives no description. Pliny (N. H. VIII. 18. 27) and Solinus 
(30. 19) state that its neck is like that of a horse, its feet like those of an ox, 
its head like a camel's head; and give the Aethiopian name as nabun. 
Sindbad (Voyage 3) says that in shape and colour it is like a camel. 
Compare also Marco Polo (ed. Yule), ill. 34. 

As the pictures of the giraffe and several other animals are not 
reproduced, it may perhaps be as well to describe them here. On fol. 267 v. 
of L are drawings of the giraffe on the left and the dypiofiovs on the right 
facing each other. The giraffe is surprisingly like a giraffe, considering that 
it is meant to be one. The only faults one can find with it are that its neck 
is not so long as it should be and as it appears in Montfaucon's plate, nor do 
its hindquarters drop properly. On the other hand it is correctly fitted with 
two short horns, which Montfaucon has omitted, and its nozzle is raised, not 
drooping as he represents it. The colouring is much rubbed, and I am not 
sure whether it was originally dappled or not. The dypioftovs is an ox-like 
animal with a bushy tail, which is unaccountably caught in the perfectly 
smooth trunk of a short tree. Its neck is preternaturally long, about as long 
as the giraffe's, and nearly as thick as the animal's body. Behind the tree 
stands a figure in a short tunic with a girdle and a kind of skull-cap or 
helmet, with his arm raised, brandishing a sword. By his left knee, attached 
to the girdle, hangs a bag, which is omitted by Montfaucon, who also repre- 
sents the animal's forelegs as far too much advanced and gives it a mane, 
which I cannot see in the original. The picture of the pepper tree is more 
faithfully reproduced by Montfaucon. On the right are two short trees with 

NOTES 349 

straight stems and tops as in Montfaucon, only broader. The shape is most 
easily indicated by an outline. Below these tops hang on 
each side two pods like coco-pods. On the left rises a 
trailing vine-like plant which after running up straight for 
some height bends in an arch to the right and hangs hori- 
zontally over the tops of the two short trees. Between it and 
the nearest of those shorter trees stands *. negro with a bag, 
who is gathering something from the foliage of the short tree. 
This and the next three animals all occur together in the 
bottom margin of fol. 269 r. 

For the seal the best I can say is that it looks less of a 
moon-calf than Montfaucon's draughtsman chose to make it: 
but a sea-calf it certainly is with two pointed ears and a muzzle raised to 
bellow. It is seated on a tail which is curled under the body and stands up 
perpendicularly on the other side of it, culminating in a kind of fan with two 
pointed ends. The body is something between a seal's and a bear's ; and in 
front it rests on two fins prolonged until they look more like a bear's paws 
than a seal's fins. They are not, however, calves' legs as in Montfaucon's 

The dolphin is very much more like a dolphin. Its head is not so clearly 
defined as it is in Montfaucon's picture : there is, as there should be, a dorsal 
fin on its back, and the animal is "taking a header," not swimming on the 
surface of the water, — indeed there is no water. 

The x € ^ v V i s j as Montfaucon represents it, a spotted circular body with 
two protruding arms and a head. 

On fol. 272 r. is a picture of a lion killing a horse, as in Montfaucon, save 
that it is turned the other way, which is also the case with the seal, dolphin 
and x^nvr). On 272 V. is an elephant facing to the left, not to the right as 
in Montfaucon. It does not appear to have been graced with a tail, unless 
that appendage has been rubbed off. 

Similar pictures of all the animals existed in S, foil. 201 — 5. But the 
margins of foil. 201 and 205 have been cut off, and the picture of the 
rhinoceros, ravpeXacpos, giraffe, dypioftovs and elephants are now missing. 

(p. 319, 1. 11.) The dypiopovs is the "yak" or "bos grunniens." "This 
animal," says Cuvier, "mentioned by Aelian, was originally from the moun- 
tains of Thibet. Its tail constitutes the standard still used by the Turks to 
designate their superior officers." McCrindle, however, takes Cosmas to 
refer to the chowri (^Jj^3^-) or fly-flapper used in India, particularly on 
occasions of state and parade. £>k (tugh), the Turkish name for the 

horse-tail standard, is probably the word here represented as Tov<pa. The 
yak's tail is similarly used by the Chinese. 

(p. 319, 1. 19.) Cosmas is correct in his description of the musk-deer and 
the musk bag, which is confined to the male. But it is not a native of any 
country he visited, being found in the mountainous region between Siberia, 
China and Thibet. Compare Marco Polo's description (ed. Yule I. 57). 

350 NOTES 

Kasturi (^£)>**»»^) is Hindustani for "musk," but Lassen says that in 
the Himalayas the name is also applied to the animal. 

(p. 319, 1. 25.) The belief in a unicorn among the Greeks was at least as 
old as the days of Ctesias : and subsequent writers recognise more than one, 
perhaps as many as five different species, — the one-horned horse, the one- 
horned ox, the Indian ass, the oryx and the monoceros. Aelian {Nat. An. 
xvi. 20) mentioned a one-horned Indian beast which was of the size of a horse 
with feet like an elephant, tail like a pig, and a twisted horn ; it was too wild 
to be caught except when young. Pliny {N H. vill. 73) and Solinus (52. 39) 
describe it in almost the same terms, and both of them mention another 
one-horned Indian beast of somewhat similar appearance, called by Pliny 
" leucocrota," by Solinus "eale." Aristotle {Nat. An. ill. p. 668) also 
recognises two ixovoKepara, the oryx and the Indian ass, but does not 
describe them. 

Most modern commentators identify the unicorn with the rhinoceros, 
which agrees well enough with Marco Polo's account (ill. 9, "They have 
hair like that of a buffalo, feet like those of an elephant, and a horn in the 
middle of the forehead, which is black and very thick"), but not so well with 
this horse-like beast, and still less with the two "unicorns in the temple of 
Mecca, not very common in other places," described by Varthema {Travels, 
ed. Hakluyt Soc. p. 47). Considering his extreme accuracy and veracity, his 
account is worth quoting : "The elder is formed like a colt of 30 months old, 
and he has a horn in the forehead, which horn is about three bracchia in length. 
The other unicorn is like a colt of one year old, and he has a horn about four 
palms long. The colour of the said animal resembles that of a dark bay 
horse and his head resembles that of a stag ; his neck is not very long, and 
he has some thin and short hair which hangs on one side; his legs are 
slender and lean like those of a goat ; the foot is a little cloven in the fore- 
part, and long and goat-like, and there are some hairs on the hind-part of 
the said legs." This description fairly fits the picture given by Cosmas, and 
according to Varthema they came from Ethiopia. That he saw them there 
is practically no doubt; and they were not rhinoceroses, as he knew the 
rhinoceros (cf. p. 87 at Zaila, " I also saw here other cows, which had a single 
horn in the forehead, which horn is a palmo and a half in length, and turns 
more towards the back of the cow than forwards"). It is possible, as the 
editor suggests, that they were freaks of some species of antelope. This view 
is supported by the detail mentioned by Cosmas, that in jumping down 
a height it turns a somersault on to its horn, which according to Yule and 
McCrindle holds good of the oryx. 

The biblical unicorn is generally identified with the wild ox. 

There is, or was in Hue's day, a Chinese tradition too that the unicorn 
exists in Thibet, and Lon-Hoa-Tchon says it is called " serou," a name still 
known to Indian sportsmen. According to G. Maxwell {In Malay Forests, 
p. 168) it is identical with the Naemorhaedus or "goat-antelope," but is not 
one-horned. Lon-Hoa-Tchon states that the Mongols confound this unicorn 
with the rhinoceros. 

'NOTES 351 

(p. 320, 1. 14.) The name "hog-deer" has been in modern times applied 
to three different animals, two small Indian deer, Axis porcinus and Axis 
maculatus, and the Indian hog or Sus babyrussa. From the illustration the 
latter would appear to be the animal intended by Cosmas, though Yule 
thinks this species is confined to the Archipelago. He compares Pliny's 
description of an Indian swine (N. H. VIII. 78). 

(p. 320, 1. 17.) For hippopotamus' tusks comp. Marco Polo (in. 33). He 
too had only seen the "boars'" tusks weighing 14 lbs., and speaks of the 
beast from hearsay as a " boar as big as a great buffalo." 

(p. 320, 1. 19.) Pliny (N. H. XII. 26) and Solinus (55) compare the pepper- 
tree or plant to the juniper, and notice two different kinds, piper album and 
piper longum. Closer to Cosmas' description is that of Maundeville, ch. xv., 
"And you shall understand that the pepper grows like a wild vine, which is 
planted close by the trees of that wood to sustain it; the fruit hangs like 
bunches of grapes." Cp. Ibn Khardadbah (Yule, Cathay 1. clxxv.), "The 
mariners say every bunch of pepper has over it a leaf that shelters it from the 
rain. When the rain ceases the leaf turns aside ; if the rain recommences, 
the leaf again covers the fruit." 

(p. 32 1, 1.2.) vapye\\ia = Skt. *fTT^C3f <ST, narikela, Pers. and Hind, ijttrjv, 
narjil. According to Tennent it is first mentioned in Ceylon in the Mahatvanso 
(161 B.C.). 

(p. 321, 1. 6.) For the coco-nut milk compare Marco Polo (ill. 10), 
"The inside of the meat of the nut is filled with a liquor like clear fresh 
water, but better to the taste, and more delicate than wine or any other 
drink that ever existed"; and Ibn Batuta (ed. Lee, p. 60), who says it is 
made of the nut taken out and macerated, which then becomes milk in taste 
and colour. 

Yule (Cathay II. 362), commenting on John de Marignoli, whose descrip- 
tion is very like that of Cosmas — "The Nargil is the Indian nut. Its tree 
has a most delicate bark and very handsome leaves like those of the date- 
palm.... Inside the shell is a pulp of some two fingers thick, which is 
excellent eating and tastes almost like almonds.... Inside of this there is 
a liquor which bubbles like new milk and turns to an excellent wine'' — 
suggests that "possibly Cosmas has confounded the coco-nut milk with the 
coco-palm toddy (i.e. sap drawn and fermented). For sura is the name 
applied on the Malabar coast to the latter. Roncho may represent lanha, 
the name applied there to the nut when ripe, but still soft." 

(p. 321, 1. 14.) For the ^eAcoW of Ceylon comp. Ael. A^. An. xvi. 17. 
The Periplus also refers to their exportation from Ceylon (§ 61) and from 
Adulis and the Aualites (§§ 6, 7). 

(p. 321, 1. 14.) The <f)(0Kr), if it means "seal," is a puzzle, as Cosmas 
cannot have seen seals in his voyages in eastern and southern seas ; but the 
dugong (Halicore), which to the uninitiated closely resembles it, is found in the 
Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. Tennent [Ceylon n. 557) says there are 
plenty on the coast near Adam's Peak. Their flesh was represented to him 

352 NOTES 

as closely resembling veal. Though according to Cuvier " the head of a seal 
resembles that of a dog," and Albinovanus Pedo (quoted by Seneca, Suas. I. 
15) calls seals "aequorei canes," Cosmas' picture certainly rather exaggerates 
the resemblance. 

(p. 321, 1. 24.) The name SieXedifia for Ceylon is obviously the same as 
the modern Arabic <**+>jJoj~i, Serendib (cf. the Serinda of Procopius, the 
embassy from the Serendivi and Divi in Amm. Marc. XXII. 7. 10, the simple 
Dibou of Philostorgius), and the Sirindibenoi of the Coptic translation of 
Epiphanius De Gemmis {Classical Quarterly III. p. 218). It is a compound 
meaning apparently the island of the Salai — as Ptolemy (VII. 4. 1) calls the 

inhabitants ; the latter part -diba being the Skt. ^T^T, dwipa (Hind. w*J,S, 
dib), while the former part is preserved in the name Salike, mentioned by 
Ptolemy (vn. 4. 1) and Stephanus (sub voce Taprobane) as the name of 
Ceylon in their days, and probably also in the more recent forms Zeilan, 
Sailan, Ceylon, etc. According to McCrindle and Burton (Ar. Nights VI. 
p. 64) the source of these forms is " Sihalam " (pronounced Silam), the Pali 

form of the Skt. "Pfnf^T, sinhala (from T*JT| "a lion") — a name that was 
applied to the hero Vijaya. 

The Greek name Taprobane is at least as old as Megasthenes [c. 300 B.C.) 
and is the commonest classical name for the island. Authorities differ 
as to whether it is a corruption of Tamraparni, "copper-coloured leaf," 
a name given to Ceylon by its Indian conqueror Vijaya (cf. Turner's 
Mahawanso, p. 55), or of Dwipa- Ravana (Island of Ravana), a name used 
by the Brahmanical writers. 

None of the classical writers seem to know the Skt. name Lanka ; but 
some of them mention another name 2ifj.ovv8ov (Zificovdov Marc. Heracl.); or 
na\ai<nfj.ovvdov ; the proper reading is in most cases doubtful. This is 
generally mentioned as the old name of the island as opposed to SaAiKi^, 
the modern name (e.g. by Ptolemy, Stephanus and Marc. Heracl. § 35), but 
the Peripius (Miiller, Geogr. Gr. Min. 301) seems to speak of this as the 
modern name and Ta7rpoj3dvrj as the old name. 

Possibly Pliny (N. H. VI. 24) is right in stating that Palaesimundus was 
the name of the most celebrated town there. That at any rate seems more 
probable than the suggestion of Is. Voss in his note on Pomponius Mela ill. 7, 
"Prius, ut opinor, fuit Uakovai^wv : Palou vel Polou Indis est insula. UaKov- 
ai/jLOiv itaque Siamensium insula, hoc est, Sinensium, ut iam diximus." 

Van der Tunk, however, thinks it is a Javanese name, puloh selan = island 
of gems ; comparing it with the Skt. Ratna-dwipa and Arabic Jezirat al-yakut 
(OyUI Ctjjj.*.) (cf. Yule, Marco Polo 11. p. 255). 

Pliny also says that the inhabitants of Ceylon were at first called 
Antichthones, as it was supposed to be the Antipodes (N. H. VI. 22), and 
also Palaeogoni by Megasthenes. 

(p. 321, 1. 26.) The pepper country is Malabar: comp. the Arabic name 
Jj&i}\ jOj (balad al-falfal). 

NOTES 353 

(p. 321, 1. 26.) These islands are apparently the Maldives and Laccadives. 
Ptolemy also mentions them, giving their number as 1378. Palladius (in 
Pseudo-Callisthenes in. 7) calls them the Maniolae. 

Palladius (Laus. Hist. ill. 7) mentions these islands under the same 
name, but gives their number as 1000. They are possibly the Divi of 

(p. 321, 1. 29.) The word yavdia according to Tennent {Ceylon II. 543 
note) is the word still in use in Ceylon in the form " gaou " and Wk means 
the distance a man can walk in an hour... a somewhat indeterminate length 
according to the nature of the ground to be traversed." 

(p. 321, 1. 29.) The ancients were very badly informed as to the size, 
shape and position of Ceylon. Cosmas' estimate of the size almost agrees 
with that of Ptolemy (vn. 4. 1), who makes it 900 miles by 750. Most of the 
ancients, following Eratosthenes, give its extent as 7000 stadia by 5000 (Pliny, 
N. H. vi. 22). Strabo (n. 1. 14, xv. 14) makes it 5000 stadia in the direction 
of Ethiopia and 8000 in the direction of India and makes it reach to the 
extreme south of the habitable world. Hipparchus, quoted in Mela (in. 7. 7), 
regarded it as a separate continent ; and Ptolemy makes it reach 2° below 
the equator and nearly 3 higher than it actually extends. The ambassadors 
to Claudius (Pliny vi. 22) exaggerated still more, speaking of 10000 stadia : 
and the mistake continues as late as the time of Marco Polo, who makes it 
2400 miles in circuit in his day, and formerly as much as 3600. 

Almost the only dissentient voices are Onesicritus and Iambulus (cf. Diod. 
Sic. 11. 55), who reduce it to 5000 stadia in circuit. According to Tennent 
the Hindus and Arabs have the same extravagant ideas ; but Sindbad is 
nearly right in estimating it as 250 miles by 100. Fa Hian also, nearly 
a century and a half before Cosmas, was almost correct in his estimate. Its 
extreme length is actually 27 \\ miles, and its greatest width 137^, its circuit 
somewhat under 700 miles. Its position too was uncertain. Onesicritus 
counted it 20 days' sail from India, Strabo (xv. 14) seven days south of India. 
Ptolemy (1. 17. 9) located it east of the mouth of the Indus, while the author 
of the Periplus thought it extended so far west as almost to touch Africa, and 
the Scholiast to Dionysius Periegetes (596) counted it an island of Africa. 

(p. 322, 1. 1.) Sulaiman, one of Renaudot's two Mahommedan travellers, 
also speaks of two kings, and Abu Zaid says that Kalah, which he regards as 
an island, was subject to the king of Zabedj, an extensive maritime kingdom 
including Malacca, Borneo, Java, etc. 

(p. 322, 1. 2.) There is some doubt as to the meaning of the words ex<»v 
rbv UklvOov. The most natural meaning would be that assigned it by 
Thevenot, "the part of the island where jacinths are found," i.e. the southern 
part. In which case the port referred to would probably be that suggested 
by Bertolacci {Ceylon, pp. 18, 19), Mantotte, not far from the old capital 
Anarajapoora. But Tennent (1. 563 foil.) objects that the port was at the 
south end of the island, and Pliny certainly states as much definitely. 
Tennent consequently takes the "hyacinth country" to mean the part whose 

w. 2 3 



king possessed the celebrated great " ruby of Ceylon " — which ruby was 
probably a carbuncle or amethyst — and the port to be "Point de Galle," as 
Abu Zaid calls it Kalah (cf. also the Garshasp Namah in Ouseley's Travels I. 
48), and not Trinquemale as Gibbon supposed. Is. Voss {Mela, p. 572) had 
already identified it with Point de Galle. 

(p. 322, 1. 9.) This seems jto be the first mention of the famous great ruby 
"As long as one's hand, and as big as a man's arm, without spot, shining like 
fire, not to be bought for money'' (Marco Polo in. 14). Hwen Thsang, 
a century later than Cosmas, tells us that it was at Anarajapoora on the 
spire of the Buddha Tooth temple, and the Arabs knew of it. It is also 
mentioned by Jordan de Severac about 1323. Corsali (in Ramusis, vol. I. 
p. 180), however, thought it was a carbuncle, and in that case it may be the 
"red palace-illuminator" which, according to Chinese records, was sold to the 
Emperor of China early in the 14th century. Tennent, however, on the 
authority of Dana's Mineralogy (n. 196), thinks it was probably an amethyst, 
a stone " which is found in large chrystals in Ceylon, and which modern 
mineralogists believe to be the 'hyacinth' of the ancients." The eminence 
on which the temple stood Tennent identifies with Mihintala, the sacred hill 
near Anarajapoora {Ceylon 1. 543, 4). 

(p. 322, 1. 13.) For the extensive trade with Ceylon in early times by 
Chinese, Arabs, Persians, Indians and Tamils compare Tennent (1. 540), and 
for the trade of Persia in particular II. 100 notes. 

The Periplus also mentions tottikci 7r\ola, which Tennent (1. 541) thinks 
must have been manned by Malabars, Arabs, Persians, etc., as the Cingalese 
had no shipping worth mentioning themselves. 

(p. 322, 1. 14.) ev8oTepa)v = east of Cape Comorin. 

Tennent (1. 590) says that sandal-wood (Skt. chandana) is mentioned by 
the Chinese travellers as an export from Ceylon, but is no longer found there. 

(p. 322, 1. 17.) Male is probably the Malabar coast, though Voss (Mela 
571) decides for one of the Maldive islands, saying that the natives declare 
that the name of the group is derived from Male, the chief island and seat of 
the king. 

(p. 322, 1. 17.) Calliana = Kalyana (fortunate city), near Bombay. It is 
mentioned also in the Periplus 52, 53. 

(p. 322, 1. 18.) o-rjo-afjiiva £v\a] mentioned also in the Periplus. Yule 
identifies with "sissi" or " shisham,'' a valuable Indian timber. 

(p. 322, 1. 19.) 2iv8ov is probably Diul-Sind at the mouth of the Indus 
(McCrindle, cf. Yule). 

(p. 322, 1. 27.) Orrhotha is probably some place on the western coast 
of Gujarat, being like Pliny's Horatae an incorrect form of Sorath, or 
Saurashtra, the Surastrene of Ptolemy (vii. 1, 2) and the Periplus (ch. 41), 
that is Gujarat. Others identify it with Surat : but that was not a place of 
importance in ancient times. 

Sibor is called Simylla by Ptolemy (vn. 1. 6), and Saimur or Jaimur by 
the Arab geographers. Yule identifies it wkh Chaul or Chenwal, 23 miles 

NOTES 355 

south of Bombay, and {Cathay I. clxxxviii. and 227) compares it with 
Ptolemy's Suppara, Jordanus' Supera, Ibn Haukal and Edrisi's Subara (four 
or five days from Kambaia), Abu'l-Feda's Sufalah. Reinaud thought it 
represented the Sanskrit Subahlika. Mangarouth = Mangalor. 

(p. 322, 1. 29.) On Salopatana, Nalopatana, Poudapatana, McCrindle 
notes, "These three ports appear to have been situated on the coast of 
Cottonarike, the pepper country somewhere between Mangalor and Calicut. 
The termination patana means 'town.' Poudapatana means 'new town,' 
and the place so called may be identified with Ptolemy's Podoperoura." 
Yule {Cathay II. 453) identifies it with the Pudripatam, Pudipatanam, 
Puripatanam, etc. of various mediaeval travellers, and with Budfattan of 
Ibn Batuta, " In Ibn Batuta's time it was under the same prince as Jurfattan 
(which we have identified with Cananor), was a considerable city on a great 
estuary, and one of the finest ports on the coast." 

(p. 322, 1. 32.) Tennent (11. 129 and 556) suggests that the reference 
is either to the chank fishery at Mantotte (comp. Abu Zaid), or possibly to 
oyster fisheries at Bentotte. Compare Marco Polo III. 16 on the pearl fisheries 
between Ceylon and India. Yule {Cathay 1. clxxviii.) suggests Marava or 
Marawar opposite Ceylon ; Walkenaer a town apparently otherwise unknown, 
" Morilloum opposite Ceylon." 

With Ka/3e'p compare Ptolemy's Chaveris, which is identified by Burnell 
with Kaveripattam, a little to the north of Tranquebar, at the mouth of 

the Podu-Kaveri. Kaveran (^RT^T/ means saffron in Skt. 

(p. 322, 1. 33.) The meaning of akafiavdrjvov is uncertain. Yule {Cathay I. 
clxxviii.) notes that " Pliny speaks of alabandic carbuncles and of an alabandic 
black marble, both called from a city in Caria. The French apply the name 
almandine or albandine to a species of ruby (cf. Pliny, N. H. xxxvii. 25 ; 
xxxvi. 13). If rubies be meant it is just possible that Pegu may be in 

(p. 323, 1. 2.) " Cosmas was the first who laid down China's correct 
boundary on the east by the Ocean" (McCrindle). 

(p. 323, 1. 7.) Tennent (1. p. 542, note 2) makes the following comment 
on this passage: "Cosmas wrote between a.d. 545 and a.d. 550; and the 
voyage of Sopatrus to Ceylon had been made thirty years before. Kumaara 
Daas reigned from A.D. 515 to A.D. 524." Beazley (1. p. 191) thinks this date 
too early, the voyage probably being made after A.D. 527. But Cosmas 
actually states that the man had been dead 35 years, which puts his death 
in 515 A.D. at the latest ; and there is no reason for supposing that he took 
this voyage in his last year and told it to Cosmas at once— he would rather 
seem to be relating an old adventure. Consequently the voyage should 
probably be dated considerably earlier, near the beginning of the sixth 
century. So far as the story is concerned Sopatrus need never have been 
to Ceylon at all, for it is probably an old traveller's tale, at least as old as 
the time of Pliny, who relates a tale {N. H. vi. 24) which looks like the original 
from which this is derived by a natural process of exaggeration. 


356 NOTES 

(p. 323, 1. 18.) Vincent (II. p. 511) has noted the fact that in his interview 
with the Greek native of Egypt the king addressed him as av 'Pco/j.ev {= ^3j), 
the traditional name of any race ruling at Constantinople. 

(p. 323. 1. 25.) vofitafia] The aureus of Constantine, of which there were 
72 to the lb. of gold. 

fitXiapio-Lov = the silver drachm, 20 to the dark or stater: cf. Periplus, 

§ 42. 

(p. 324, 1. 6.) The White Huns was according to Gibbon (ch. 26) a name 

given to the first colony of Huns that left their native land in the fourth century 

and migrated south west to the plains of Sogdiana, on the eastern side of the 

Caspian. They were also called the Ephthalites or Nephthalites. The fact 

that Cosmas here mentions them in northern India supports, as Sir W. 

Hunter has pointed out {Indian Etnpzre, p. 170), Dr J. Ferguson's idea that it 

was the White Huns who overthrew the Guptas between 465 and 470 A.D. 

Dr Ferguson "places the great battles of Korur and Maushari, which freed 

India from the Sakas and Hunas," between 524 and 544 A.D. Yule {Cathay I. 

clxxx.) calls them the Yueichi or Yetas and refers to Lassen 11. 771 and IN. 

584. V. Saint-Martin and Drouin have written special monographs on them. 

They are first mentioned in Dionysius Perieg. 730. 

(p. 324, 1. 12.) Compare Hdt. VII. 42, where Xerxes' army drank up the 

(p. 324, 1. 14.) " Emeralds were found in the mines of Upper Egypt, and 
were no doubt shipped from Adule for the Indian markets by the Ethiopian 
traders who bought them from the Blemmyes. If taken to Barygaza (Bharoch) 
they could be transported thence by a frequented trade-route to Ujjain, thence 
to Kabul, and thence over the Hindu Kush to the regions of the Oxus" 

(p. 324, 1. 27.) Marco Polo HI. 17 (and I. 15, etc.) mentions the importa- 
tion of horses from Persia, Kis and Hormes, Dofar and Soer and Aden to 
India, because the few native horses there were "wretched wry-legged weeds, 
not fit to ride." 

(p. 325, 1. 3.) On Ethiopian elephant taming comp. Yule's Marco Polo 
11. 367 — 8. 

(p. 325, 1. 32.) Berosus was by birth a Babylonian and a priest of Bel ; 
he wrote a book in Greek on Babylonian or Chaldaean history, which he 
dedicated to Antiochus I Soter (281 — 262 B.C.). The work is now lost, but 
fragments of it are preserved in Josephus, Eusebius and some of the Christian 
fathers, who seem to have derived their knowledge of it mainly from Apollo- 
dorus and Alexander Polyhistor. McCrindle suggests that Cosmas borrowed 
his knowledge from Josephus : but he must certainly have used other works 
as well, as the names of the ten kings before the flood are not found in 

(p. 326, 1. 16.) Cosmas seems to be quoting from Plato's Timaeus III. 
24 E — 25 A, either from memory or perhaps merely from hearsay. It is not 
Timaeus who makes the statement about Atlantis, but Critias quoting the 

NOTES 357 

words of an Egyptian priest to Solon. Nor again are the ten generations 
mentioned in the dialogue. Later Cosmas makes an even worse mistake, 
substituting Solomon for Solon. 

(p. 327, 1. 4.) This list of names is derived from the second book of 
Berosus, and is also preserved in Eusebius {Chron. p. 5, ed. Mai) and Syncellus 
(p. 39 B). They seem to have derived their information from Apollodorus 
and Alexander Polyhistor. The names as given in Muller's edition {Frag. 
Hist. Gr. II. 499) are 

Alorus "AXcopos. 

Alaparus 'AXdirapos. 

Almelon y Ap.r)\a>v. 

Ammenon 'Ap.p.evcov. 

Amegalarus MeydXapos. 

Davonus Adavos. 

Edoranchus Evedvpaxos. 

Amemphsinus y Ap,€p.\jnv6s. 

Otiartes 'Qridpr^s. 

Xisuthrus Sio-ovdpos. 

But their estimate of the time the kings reigned seems to be more moderate 
than that of Cosmas. Eusebius, following Berosus, gives it as 120 sari, 
"Nempe quadraginta tres annorum myriadas annosque bis mille." 

(p. 327, 1. 11.) Manetho was an Egyptian priest who wrote a history of 
Egypt drawn from the priestly records, which is now unfortunately lost, as 
the surviving fragments are among the chief authorities for the early history 
of Egypt. Josephus attacks him in Contra Apionem 1. § 26 foil. 

Chaeremon was an Alexandrian and probably head of the Museum. He 
was afterwards one of Nero's preceptors. His history of Egypt, which 
Josephus {Contra Ap. 1. 23) accuses of wilful falsehood, is now lost except 
for a few fragments. 

Apollonius, surnamed Molon, or better son of Molon, was a famous 
rhetorician of Rhodes, who, while teaching oratory at Rome from 81 B.C., 
instructed both Cicero and Caesar (cf. Cic. Brut. 307, 312, 316 ; Suet. Caes. 4). 
Josephus {Contra Ap. II. 37) and Alexander Polyhistor mention a work by 
him against the Jews. 

Lysimachus was an Alexandrian grammarian of the latter half of the 
second century. Josephus (C Ap. 1. 34; II. 14. 35) mentions a work called 
AlyvTTTiaKa which was probably by him. 

Apion, a native of Egypt, taught rhetoric in Rome under Tiberius and 
Claudius (cf. Pliny, N. H. praef. 25). He wrote a work on Egypt in which 
he attacked the Jews, and a separate diatribe against the Jews, which provoked 
an answer from Josephus in the Contra Apionem II. 1 foil. 

(p. 327, 1. 17.) Comp. Manetho in Josephus {Contra Ap. 1. 28) 6 p,ev yap 

avrov €k4\€VCT€v i^opiaai rrjs Alyvirrov tovs XeXai^rjpevovs. 

(p. 328, 1. 18.) Comp. Plato's Timaeus IN. 22 B. It is of course the 

358 NOTES 

Egyptian priest who makes the remark to Solon, not Solomon (!) to 

(p. 330, 1. 16.) Comp. Josephus, Ant. xi. 8. 5. 

(p. 330, 1. 22.) Comp. Josephus, Ant. XII. 2. Tryphon is a mistake for 
Demetrius Phalereus the librarian of Alexandria. 

(p. 330, 1. 32.) Comp. Josephus, Contra Ap. II. 5. Ptolemy Physcon 
reigned from B.C. 170 — 117. 


i. i (76 a, 156D, 161 c, 176 c, 181 D, 

380 c), 2, 3 (420 A), 2—4 (I40 D), 

3, 5 (149 b), 6 (140 d, 420 c, d), 
8 (81 d), 20, 24, 27 (141 a), 26 

(176 D, 309 B, 312 A, C), 27 

(236 C). 

II. I (76 A, 380 C), 2 (380 C), 3 

(161 c), 4 (76 a, 161 c), 10—12 
(452 a), 17 (229 a), 18 (260 B), 

23 (160 B). 

III. I (I20 D), 5 (149 A), IS (124 A), 

17 — 19 (92 d), 19 (120 d), 20 

(224 D), 22 (236 B, 328C, 413 B). 

IV. 2—5 (93 B), 15 (229 B), 7, 16, 
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V. I (380 D), 1—3 (225 B, C), 29 

(92 C). 
vi. 16 (232 B). 
ix. 1—4, 6 (233 C, D), 3, 4 (93 A )> 

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(l6l D, 200 B). 


XV. 38—41 (135 D— 1 36 A). 
XXIII. 22 (444 C). 

xxiv. 17 (245 C). 


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viii. 4, 5 (216 B).