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Beliefs and superstitions of the 

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Literary, Linguistic and other Cultural Relations 


Germany and America 


University of Pcnniylvania 

■^ f, 











Part of the material of the following pages was origin- 
ally collected and presented in partial fulfillment of the re- 
quirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the 
University of Pennsylvania. Since then the treatise has 
been revised throughout and much new material added. 
These additions consist, in the main, of parallels or cor- 
relates which were found in various European libraries or 
gathered by word of mouth in those districts of Germany 
from which most of the ancestors of the Pennsylvania Ger- 
mans emigrated to America. 

The aim of the present volume is two-fold. It is in- 
tended primarily as a contribution not only to American 
Folklore but more especially as a chapter in the larger field 
of German American relations, the pioneer exponent of 
which is the present Professor of the Germanic Languages 
and Literatures in the University of Pennsylvania. Other 
considerations, secondly, have made it imperative that the 
general public should be interested in the book. It has 
therefore been deemed advisable to adopt a simpler phonetic 
notation in reproducing the vernacular than might other- 
wise have been permissible. 

It should be emphasized that the contents of the present 
volume are to be regarded as a serious attempt at putting 
into permanent form a phase of folk-life which will soon 
disappear into the background and thus be irretrievably 
lost. This book is therefore not intended as a source of 
supply for those whose aim in speaking and writing about 
the Pennsylvania Germans seems to be to exaggerate and 

Special acknowledgment must be given to the following : 
to Professor Marion D. Learned for most valuable sug- 
gestions in the inception of the collection and for that en- 
couragement which alone comes from an inspiring leader; 



to Professor Daniel B. Shumway whose success in transla- 
tion has made his suggestions and corrections in the trans- 
lation of the dialect material invaluable; to Professors 
Priedrich Pfaff, of Freiburg, i. B., Karl Bohnenberger, of 
Tiibingen, and Paul Hintzelmann, of Heidelberg, for special 
favors in the respective University libraries; to Professor 
Theodor Zink, of Kaiserslautem, and Mr. H. Bauer, of 
Freiburg, i. B., for kindly assistance in indicating where 
many of the superstitions were to be found; to Professor 
Philip H. Fogel, of Princeton University; and finally to 
friends and acquaintances in Peimsylvania who made the 
collection of material possible. 
Philadelphia, 1915. 


Preface iii 

Introduction 1 

Bibliography and Abbreviations 23 

Childhood 31 

Future Husband 58 

Marriage 66 

Dreams 74 

Omens and Wishes 80 

Luck and Omens of Luck 98 

Omens of Death 114 

Death Omens Concerning Death 126 

Superstitions Connected with Death 129 

Witches 138 

Dogs and Cats 143 

Moving 148 

Homesickness 152 

Servants 154 

Stockraising and Veterinary Medical Superstitions 155 

Milk and Butter 177 

Cooking and Baking 187 

Vinegar 190 

Planting, Sowing and Beaping 194 

Trees 208 

Bees 216 

Snakes 219 

Weather 221 

Moon 242 

Signs of the Zodiac 245 

Special Days and Seasons 247 

Horseshoe . . : 264 

Hunting and Fishing 265 

Folk Medicine and Medical Superstitions 267 

Freckles 307 

Teeth 309 

Warts 316 

Rheumatism 327 

Croup 330 

Convulsions 332 

Whooping Cough 336 

Hair 340 

Sex 345 

Miscellaneous 358 


German colonization in the western hemisphere is al- 
most coeval with the discovery of America by Columbus. 
Under the aegis of the great German merchant princes, the 
Welsers and the Fuggers, attempts at colonization were 
made, before the third decade of the sixteenth century, on 
both coasts of South America. Welser's attempt resulted in 
the founding of "Klein Venedig," Venezuela, between 1528 
and 1535; Fugger's along the west coast, being a failure. 
There were German Protestants among the settlers at Port 
Royal (1562) and at Jamestown (1607). The first German 
of importance mentioned in connection with the Dutch settle- 
ments in New York was Peter Minnewit, although there 
were Germans among both the Dutch in New Netherlands 
and New Sweden on the Delaware (1638-1655). The Cre- 
felders came to Philadelphia on the sixth of October 1683, 
the most important date in the history of German emigra- 
tion to America. It is estimated that more than five millions 
of Germans have settled on our shores, and they constitute 
one of the most important factors in American history. 

The second decade of the nineteenth century seems to 
divide these German immigrants into two great classes, the 
former of whom came to escape religious persecution or be- 
cause of the devastations in the Rhenish Palatinate by the 
French ; the latter came as a result of political upheavals in 
the fatherland. It is obvious that those who have come since 
1818, and more especially those who followed in the wake of 
the 48-ers are drawn from quite different strata of society. 
The former settled in the country, the latter in the cities. It 
is those who came before 1818 who are the forebears of the 
Pennsylvania Germans. The immigrants settled in prac- 
tically every county in Pennsylvania, there being twenty- 
eight counties with distinctively Pennsylvania German 
settlements before 1850. Many of them migrated from Penn- 



sylvania to almost every state of the Union north of 36° 30', 
as well as Canada. 

The Pennsylvania Germans, as a whole, are the result 
of the great Pfdlsereimvanderung which began in 1709-10, 
With these Palatines came also some Swiss, and their 
presence is still felt dialectally in Lancaster and York coun- 
ties. However, the dialect of the superstitions given in the 
following pages is strikingly similar to that spoken in the 
Rhenish Palatinate at the present time. In order to ascer- 
tain whether the superstitions were extant in various sec- 
tions of Germany, the author read them in their native dia- 
lect to those who spoke allied dialects. It was exceedingly 
interesting to note the ease with which the dialect was 
understood throughout Baden and the Bhenish Palatinate, 
whereas in Swabia it was only with difficulty that the 
import of the material read was understood. After hear- 
ing probably a third of the superstitions of the present 
collection one of the Gymnasialprofessoren in Kaisers- 
lautern who has devoted considerable time to dialect 
study remarked: "Die ganz charakteristischen Ausdriicke 
des Pfalzers sind in der pennsylvanischdeutschen Mundart 
zu f inden. ' ' This statement is quoted here only for the pur- 
pose of contradicting those who say that "Pennsylvania 
German is nothing but a mixture of bad English and worse 
German." The most striking features of the dialect as 
shown by the text of the superstitions are : a purely German 
word order; the use of prepositions with the proper case, 
the absence of the imperfect tense except in tense auxiliar- 
ies, and the use of tun as an additional auxiliary of tense. 
The dialect student will therefore agree that Pennsylvania 
German takes rank with the most important dialects of Ger- 
many and that the presence of English words does not in 
any way militate against such position, for, after all, the 
vocabulary of a people is conditioned to a great extent by 
environment and other potent social influences. 

In the present study only the more distinctive Penn- 
sylvania German counties were taken into consideration, 


viz : Berks, Bucks, Carbon, Dauphin, Lebanon, Lehigh, Lan- 
caster, Monroe, Montgomery, Northampton, Northumber- 
land, Schuylkill, Snyder and York. They cover an area of 
more than 8000 square miles and have a population of more 
than one and one quarter millions. It is very much to be 
regretted that the directors of the United States Census 
have not seen fit to take cognizance of the dialectal pecul- 
iarities of our population, and therefore the census does not 
shed any light on the probable number of those who can 
speak a language other than English. It would seem a con- 
servative estimate to say that more than 500,000 people in 
Pennsylvania alone understand Pennsylvania German and 
that 300,000 speak the dialect. 

Almost all the Christian denominations are represented 
in the Pennsylvania population, with, however, few Presby- 
terians and Episcopalians ; for the Eef ormed Church in the 
United States is the German counterpart of the British 
Presbyterians. In this territory there are, so far as can be 
ascertained, only two Catholic settlements, one in Berks and 
the other in York coimty. Schafferstown, Lebanon county, 
was the oldest Jewish settlement in Pennsylvania, but with 
the exception of the cemetery there, there are no traces left 
of the Jewish community. The German Eef ormed (Refor- 
mirte) and Lutherans (Luteraner) were among the first 
settlers and are at the present time numerically stronger 
than any other of the denominations or sects. The Menno- 
nites (Monischte), to be sure, came earlier, but there are 
not very many of them except in Lancaster county. The 
Amish (Amische), also called "hooker" Mennonites are one 
of the dozen branches of the Mennonites. The Schwenk- 
feldians (Schwenkf elder) and Moravians (Hserrnhuter) 
came before 1741. The Methodists (Medodiste) are not 
numerous but there are many Evangelicals (Efgngelisehe) 
and the United Brethren (Fereinigte Brider or Schtr§,Wer). 
Chief among the sectaries are the Dunkards (Dunker), Sev- 
enth Day Adventists (Efretenser or Sibe Deger), Eiver 


Breth^e^ (Eetier Brider), Baptists, [?] (Widerdeifer), 
Weinbrennarians (Weinbrenner) and Brinsers or United 
Zion Children. Many of these wear "plain clothes" and 
some of them have no church buildings and worship in pri- 
vate houses. The Pennsylvania Germans have, in many re- 
spects, clung to the customs and beliefs which their ances- 
tors brought with them from the fatherland. In their devo- 
tions they still use their Amdt's Wahres Christentum and 
Stark's Gebetbuch, the German Bible and Catechism and 
Hymnbook. And there are still traces of the mysticism of 
Tauler, Bohme and Spener. 

Most of the denominations and sectaries are non- 
liturgical and have a free service, even though they may 
have an episcopal government. Many of them are close- 
communionists and forbid intermarriage. In many of the 
churches the sexes are still segregated after the fashion in 
the Stif tskirche in Tubingen. Where German is the pulpit 
language it is not the lumbering style of the present day Ger- 
man so often heard in German pulpits, but rather a simple 
modified Luther German without, in many instances, any 
serious effort at correctness in inflectional endings. In 
many sections of the Pennsylvania German territory Eng- 
lish is rapidly supplanting Pennsylvania German or Ger- 
man as the pulpit language under the influence of the public 
schools and a consequent apparent disregard for German. 

The Pennsylvania German takes considerable interest 
in education, as is shown by the number of so-called smaller 
colleges and other schools in this territory. Many of them 
were founded with the express purpose of preparing young 
men for the Christian ministry. Some of the schools in this 
territory were however not due to any German impulse. 
The principal schools and colleges in the Pennsylvania Ger- 
man district are : Keystone State Normal School in Berks ; 
Lebanon Valley College (United Brethren) and Albright 
College (United Evangelical) in Lebanon; Muhlenberg Col- 
lege (Lutheran) and AUentown College for Women (Ger- 
man Beformed) in Lehigh; Franklin and Marshall College 


(German Eeformed), Linden Hall Seminary (Moravian) 
and Millersville State Normal School in Lancaster ; Strouds- 
burg State Normal School in Monroe; Ursinus College 
(German Reformed) and Perkiomen Seminary (Schwenk- 
feldian) in Montgomery; Lehigh University (non-sectar- 
ian), Lafayette College (originally Presbyterian), Mora- 
vian College and Theological Seminary, Moravian Seminary 
for Young Ladies and Nazareth Hall (Moravian) in North- 
ampton; Freeburg College of Music and Susquehanna 
University (Lutheran) in Snyder ; York Collegiate Institute 
in York. Besides these, Pennsylvania College (Lutheran) 
in Gettysburg and Dickinson College (Methodist) in Carlisle 
draw many students from the Pennsylvania German field. 

But there is another phase to this picture which is 
equally important culturally — the traditions, beliefs and 
superstitions of the people. 

The material of the following pages was collected en- 
tirely by the author by word of mouth. No printed collec- 
tions, of which there are probably a score, were taken into 
consideration, as they are all small, the largest of them con- 
taining less than 150 superstitions. (Among these may be 
mentioned: several collections in the American Journal of 
Folklore; History of Lehigh and Carbon Counties; Folklore 
and Superstitious Beliefs of Lebanon County, by E. Grum- 
bine; Local Superstitions, in Proceedings of Lancaster 
County Historical Society; Phoebe Gibbons : The Pennsyl- 
vania Germans; etc. etc.) The author therefore had to begin 
collecting by asking his friends and acquaintances in his 
home county for any superstitions which they might know 
or have heard. These were immediately written down and 
read to the next person interviewed, for, "that reminds me" 
applies to superstitions as well as to stories. By this meth- 
od variants and new superstitions were gathered until the 
collection numbered about 500, after which the other Penn- 
sylvania German counties were canvassed in the same way. 
All material was written down just as it was given, for it 


was the author's purpose to get a permanent record of the 
spoken vernaqular with all its dialectal peculiarities. This 
accounts for the variations in spelling and word usage and 
is the main reason for publishing the superstitions in the 
original, since by this method it is made possible to have a 
permanent record of a distinctive German dialect on foreign 
soil and in the beginning of the twentieth century. 

To prove that virtually all the superstitions of the pres- 
ent collection are importations and in that sense survivals 
of German and British superstitions the use of correlates 
was decided upon. This was done wherever such correlates 
could be found in the voluminous literature in the field of 
folklore in the libraries of the University of Pennsylvania 
and Columbia University ; in the Eoyal Library in Berlin, tihe 
University libraries at Heidelberg, Tubingen and Freiburg; 
and in the British Museum in London. After this bibliog- 
raphy as well as unpublished manuscript material of Pro- 
fessors Pfaff, of Freiburg, and Bohnenberger, of Tiibingen, 
had been exhausted, the author resorted to the same meth- 
ods to find correlates in South Germany as had been suc- 
cessfully used in the Pennsylvania German field. Whenever 
a superstition was found to have a correlate, it was noted 
and is to be found imqiediately after the name of the coun- 
ties in which the respectivie superstition occurs here. In 
this way the author has added several hundred supersti- 
tions to the German collections. 

Research in the British Museum was undertaken with 
the express purpose of trying to ascertain how many of the 
superstitions in the present collection had a British, or 
German, or common origin. Unfortunately, the British 
have never paid much attention to superstitions and in this 
field are far outclassed by their German cousins. In al- 
most all the British collections we read this sentence: "and 
many more superstitions of the same kind. ' ' It is therefore 
impossible to even approximate the probable influence of 
British superstition, including, of course, the Iri6h and 
Scotch-Irish, on the Pennsylvania Germans. In the present 


collection less than a hundred are of purely British origin, 
and only 269 additional superstitions are common to both 
Great Britain and Germany, whereas over 1400 have Ger- 
man correlates. That this disparity is entirely too great 
is obvious and it shows only too plainly that the British 
Folklore Society has not done for Great Britain what the 
friends of Volkskunde have done for Germany in collecting 
and publishing every bit of folklore material. And more is 
the pity since much very valuable material will soon be ir- 
retrievably lost. Again, in the present collection 65 per cent, 
of the superstitions have German correlates, less than 5 per 
cent, purely British, 19 per cent. British and German, and 
about 20 per cent, seem to be indigenous to Pennsylvania 
German soil, an apparently very large percentage, which is 
however easily accounted for by the large number of 
variants, many of them occurring in only a single county. 
The word correlate as here .used_has two meanings: (1) 
that a Pennsylvania German superstition is a literal and 
exact survival or importation, e. g. wammer alles esst §.8 
Tif em disch is s§,kt mer als, es gebt gut wetter: wenn die auf 
den tisch gebrachten speisen rein aufgegessen werden, gibts 
am andern tag gut wetter {B8 33. 135) ; (2) that the under- 
lying thought is of similar import, e. g,, mer soil arg,nzwibel 
ins essichf ass du f er guter essich : Grant ist gut fiir gespenst 
Oder zauberei angehangt. (Z / D M 4. 42). Of these two 
classes the latter is best represented, and it does not seem 
difficult to explain why this should be so, when we stop 
to think that most of these superstitions and beliefs have 
been handed down from generation to generation by word 
of mouth and very few have been transmitted in book form, 
as is shown by the variants of the same superstition in dif- 
ferent localities. 

Almost every phase of activity is represented in the 
superstitions of the following pages. It is quite natural 
that childhood, marriage, death, luck, medicine and the 



weather should be so well represented. That Saints' Days 
are comparatively poorly represented is to be accounted 
for from the fact, that Catholicism has never had any ap- 
preciable influence among the Pennsylvania Germans and 
that the early German settlers came from Protestant terri- 
tory. A few of the superstitions can be traced back to Ger- 
manic heathendom. In tracing these survivals much valu- 
able information has been derived from Golther's Hand- 
huch der Germanischen Mythologie, Grimm's Deutsche My- 
thologie, Meyer's Germanische Mythologie, Meyer's Mythor 
logie der Germanen, and Wuttke's Der deutsche VoTksaher- 
glaube der Gegenivart. These books are mentioned here so 
as not to necessitate the constant repetition of citations. 

Tuesday, named for Tiw, Ziu, Tyr, and Thursday, 
named for Thor, Donar, are the favorite wedding days in 
most of the Pennsylvania German counties, although cus- 
tom varies in this respect in different localities. Donar 's 
hammer, mjolnir, is reflected in the superstition "for in- 
somnia put a rukschte under your pillow." The rukschte" 
is a roundish stone found lying on fenceposts and is the 
Pennsylvania German interpretation of the Donarheil or 
belemnite. Red objects such as the houseleek, the mountain 
ash, rowan-berries, the oak with its red bark, animals hav- 
ing a red color, even red objects, such as stockings, bands, 
garters, coats, wax tapers, etc., were sacred to him. Collar- 
gall may thus be prevented or cured by putting the skin of 
a weasel or oppossum under the collar. It is probably for 
the same reason that red flannel underwear is worn to pre- 
vent rheumatism. Since Donar was the god of marriage 
and since everything red was sacred to him, the tying of a 
piece of red flannel around the leg to stop puerperal hem- 
orrhage is a direct survival of the old paganism. "In Brit- 
ish superstition a piece of red tape was tied roimd one of 
the thighs of a woman in childbed, as it was supposed to 
mitigate the labor pains and to prevent mishap." {C F Y 
76). The tying of a piece of red wool or string about the 
finger to stop nosebleed, and the passing of red cord over 


the parts afflicted with erysipelas belong to the same cate- 
gory, notwithstanding the claim of those who maintain that 
they are based solely on the old similia similibus curmtur. 
Because Donar was the god of the hearth and the family, 
the kettlehook was sacred to him. Herein lies the source of 
the superstition of looking into the chimney to prevent 

The Anglo-Saxons picked the herbs which they used 
for medicinal purposes on Thursday, and in all the Penn- 
sylvania German counties it is customary to eat some 
greens, such as spinach, dandelion, etc., on Maundy Thurs- 
day to prevent fever. For~"Trvergrown" creep under a 
vine or bramble that has taken second root, or pass the 
"livergrown" child through a horse collar or through a 
rent or hole in a tree. In pagan times sick children were 
passed through a hole in an oak tree, or ash tree, or hip 
tree (Bosa canina) on three successive Thursdays. The 
reference to the horse collar is interesting because the horse 
was sacred to Wodan. 

Thor's image was put on the prow of the boat, the 
sailors in this manner imploring Thor for favorable winds. 
After the introduction of Christianity the image of Thor 
was supplanted by the crucifix and now the crucifix is re- 
placed by allegorical figures, in other words, a return to 

In early times cattle were driven to pasture for the first 
time on Thursdays, and in most Pennsylvania German 
counties you will not find a moving on Monday, Wednesday 
or Friday, and the place taken by cattle in the moving is 
likewise interesting. 

Eating something green on Maundy Thursday to pro- 
tect one's health or using an egg laid on Maundy Thursday 
to reduce hernia, combine in them pagan and Christian ele- 
ments, for in superstition Maundy Thursday is an excee<^ 
ingly lucky day. On Ascension Day, likewise a Thursdaj^ ) 
you may always expect a thunderstorm; you should never/ /^ 


sew on this day or frame a house, for lightning will strike 
anything which is made on this day. Curiously enough, this 
is the day to go fishing, whereas in Germany rivers are sup- 
posed to demand and receive a sacrifice on this day. Pick- 
ing one's teeth with a splinter from a tree struck by light- 
ning and never using such wood for building purposes or 
fuel, all reflect the Donar cult, just as do the tooth of the 
boar and the mouse, for they are the symbols of the flash of 
l ightning. / Shrove Tuesday has taken over some of the 
features of the festival in honor of Donar, for, at this time, 
the heathen Germans celebrated a preliminary festival in 
honor of the coming spring and the end of winter. The 
cakes which were eaten at this time are closely related to 
the Easter cakes in honor of Ostara, the goddess of the light 
of spring. This explains why one should eat a doughnut on 
Shrove Tuesday in order to live a year longer. Nor should 
any work be done on this day. 

In the entire heathen calendar no day was more sacred 
fcthan May 1, for it was dedicated to Donar. The night pre- 
ceding is Walpurgis night, the time when all spirits are 
freed. Both day and night are the time for charms and 
spells, and one can now understand why one should wash 
with dew on the first of May without, however, speaking a 
word, to get rid of freckles. Under the influence of Chris- 
tianity, many of the characteristics of the gods were trans- 
ferred to the devil. Thus, one frequently says of a red 
headed person: "rote hor uf em kopp, der deiBel im leib," 
or one says that "either a sorrel horse is tricky or his mas- 
ter is." So also, Judas, the man of Kerioth, is represented 
as having red hair and therefore he betrayed Christ. The 
fiery dragon, which disappears as soon as one speaks, and 
the cuckoo are also to be referred to Donar, 

The last of the major gods is Wodan, and it is for him 
that Wednesday is named. The Saxons, Frisians and lower 
Franks adopted the name Wuotanestac, but in High Ger- 
man territory the name Mittwoch remained, and it is prob- 
able that the High German tribes did not know of a god 


Wodan, which corresponded to Mercurius, at the time of 
the introduction of Roman names for the days of the week. 
North Germany seems to have been the home of the Wodan 
cult and it is not until rather late, probably the seventh cen- 
tury, that this Wodan cult reached High German territory. 
At all events, we can understand why "Mittwoch is ken 
dak," because, not being named for a god, it is a day of 
bad luck. Nothing of importance must be done on this day 
and it is extremely rare that a funeral is held on a Wednes- 
day. Wodan had a raven which he sent out each day to 
gather news for him, and he also summonded his heroes to 
Walhalla, therefore when a crow crosses one's path it is an 
omen of bad luck or death. It is also the Wodan cult that 
is responsible for the superstitions of the horse shoe and 
horseshoe nail. The horse was sacred to Wodan, as was 
also the horse head. It is probable that the use of a found 
bone in curing diseases is closely related to the Wodan cult 
because bones of horses were used in curing various dis- 

The broom which plays so great a role in witchcraft 
as well as in cleaning house and barn on Good Friday was 
sacred to Donar and Wodan because of its relation to light- 
ning. The most important remnant of the Wodan myth is 
to be found in "Der wilde Jager," the "Wild Huntsman," 
which survives in "der gwich jeger" with some non-essen- 
tial additions and variations. It is quite natural that the 
period between Christmas and Epiphany (Jan. 6) should 
be so well represented in superstition. The "Wild Hunts- 
man" is supposed to cause storms during this period. 
Therefore if it is windy between Christmas and New Year, 
there will be much fruit the coming year. St. Niklas, called 
"Belznikel" by the Pennsylvania Germans, can be traced 
back to Wodan. He usually wears a long white bearcTand 
distributes nuts, apples, etc., among the childrenjlt is a 
question also whether the "Mummers" do not hark back to 
the Wodan cult. 


The Germanic Venus is Frigg, and dies Veneris is 
translated into Freitag, Friday. She is known by many 
names and is hard to delineate in Germanic mythology. As 
the wife of Wodan she drives/in a chariot drawn by cats, as 
the cat is sacred to her. Shfe is a fructifying goddess and 
therefore sowing should be begun and finished on Friday. 
Many of the characteristics of Hel are transferred to her, 
and, as such, the owl is her messenger, and the hooting of 
the owl is an omen of death. 

^ It will be seen, then, that the days named for the sev- 
eral Germanic divinities play an important role in the 
everyday life of the people. As is to be expected, these 
gods were worshipped in many forms, and it is to these 
pagan rites that we can trace some of our present day 

When sacrifice was made to the gods much attention 
was paid to the viscera and blood of sacrifices, on the basis 
of which the priests prophesied. The horse was the most 
important sacrificial animal — ^more so even than human 
beings, for when humaxi beings were sacrificed it was 
usually criminals — and thus much significance attached to 
the neighing of horses. So, the neighing of horses at a 
funeral is the sign of another funeral soon. 

If a child was named for a god it was under the especial 
protection of that god. So there are compounds of As, 
Begin, Os, etc., as in Oscar, Reginald, Oswald, etc. It is 
likely that the same thought is expressed in names like Gott- 
hold, Gottfried, Gottlieb, Gottlob, and Godfrey and in giv- 
ing a saint's name to a child bom on a saint's day. 

The Germanic people naturally gave presents to their 
gods, and they were usually simple in kind, being prin- 
cipally food, milk, honey, fruits and fiowers. When the far- 
mer puts hay out of doors on Christmas eve, so that the 
dews of night might fall on it, and feeds the hay on Christ- 
mas day to horses and cattle, so that they may be healthy 
all the year; or if when one sets out bread into the open 
air on Christmas day to freeze and later eats such bread to 


prevent fevers, these practices may be regarded as survivals 
of the sacrifice offered by the Germanic peoples at the most 
important period in the entire pagan Germanic calendar, 
twelfthtide. Here -should J)ejnentioned also the' Christmas 
tree with its symbolic decorations, and the general custom 
among all peoples of Ger^manic extraction of having a sump* 
tuous dinner on Christmas day, £o¥~the3^are survivals of 
the solemn sacrificial feasts about the time of the winter 
solstice. The belief in the speaking of animals on Christ- 
mas eve between eleven and twelve o'clock comes from Ger- 
manic mythology, as does also the belief that a child born 
on Christmas day is extraordinarily lucky. The old super- 
stition of water in wells turning into wine for a space of 
three minutes during Christmas night is likewise pagan in 
its origin. 

The Germanic peoples held four great sacrifices during 
the year : when they drove their cattle to pasture in spring, 
about May; when they rounded them up in fall after har- 
vest, about September; about the time of the summer sol- 
stice to secure themselves against damage from hail and 
thimderstorm, as well as plagues ; in winter, for the coming 
year's crops. In the case of plague among the domestic 
animals the finest specimen of the flock or herd which was 
being devastated was selected for sacrifice, and the sex of 
the animal to be sacrificed was determined by the sex of 
the larger number of animals that had died. In such cases 
the sacrifice consisted in either burying the animal thus 
selected alive or beheading it. There is an echo of this 
sacrificial act in the Pennsylvania German superstition of 
burying the stillborn calf under the sill of the stable door. 

For our present purpose it is necessary to give some 
details of the ceremonies connected with Germanic sacrifice. 
Every one who wished to participate in the blessings of the 
sacrifice was required to contribute something to the sacri- 
ficial pyre, before virgin fire was applied to it. After the 
fire had died down, the herds were driven through the bum- 


ing embers: first pigs, then cows and horses, and finally 
geese. Men and women also ran through the flames, black- 
ening each other's faces with the sacred, healthgiving ashes. 
Fruit trees, meadows and fields were smoked with the 
burning embers. Some of the embers were taken home to 
rekindle the hearth fires which had been extinguished before 
the beginning of the sacrifice. The extinguished embere 
were placed in the manger to assure the health of the cattle. 
When, therefore, in all the Pennsylvania German cotmties, 
charcoal is fed to pigs to keep them healthy, we are dealing 
not with a scientifically attested hygienic fact but with a 
survival of a pagan sacrificial rite. The ashes of the noU 
fever were spread over fields as a preventive against cater- 
pillars and failure of crops. These ashes were also mixed 
with the fodder and fed to the cattle. The Christian Easter 
has supplanted many of the pagan rites of spring, and, 
therefore, when ashes obtained from fire on Good Friday 
are spread over trees and animals to prevent lice, and 
when ashes are thrown into trees on Ash Wednesday; 
when a twig is cut from every fruit tree on Ash Wednes- 
day, or when fruit trees are whipped on Good Friday, or 
nails driven into them for the same purpose, these super- 
stitions may likewise be regarded as survivals of old 
heathen practices. 

In another of the sacrifices, particularly that in July, 
which was more propitiatory in character, the animals se- 
lected for the sacrifice were beaten with whips from a 
sacred tree or bush, intertwined with wild flowers. These 
twigs and flowers were tied into a sort of brooms which 
were then tied to the tails of the animals, so that the dew 
of midsummer night might be collected in their fasces and 
they thus be endued with greater power. With such a broom 
the chief herdsman struck the cattle thrice, at the same time 
reciting a charm. It was thought that in this way all witch- 
es and disease-bringing spirits could be driven out. At the 
conclusion of the feasts these brooms were given to the far- 
mers and with them they swept their buildings to rid them 


of all harmful spirits. In Pennsylvania German superstiN^ 
tion house and barn are swept on Good Friday to rid them 
of lice and insure health to the occupants of both. Here j 
the dates do not agree, but the similarity is close enough to ( 
■warrant us in regarding the superstitions as a survival. The > 
broom plays a very important role here, for, while it is on 
brooms that witches ride through the air, the broom is used 
as a charm against witches, because of its relation to light- 
ning and thus to Wodan and Donar. The broom is used to 
thrash bewitched milk and also to discover witches, as no 
witch will step over a broom. ^ 

The holy water of the non-Catholic Pennsylvania Ger- ' 
man is obtained from the first snow in fall or the last snow 
in March, and it is good for sore eyes. There is a close con- 
nection between March snow water and the celebration in 
honor of spring. The pagan Germans also had holy 
water which was taken from the sacred spring after the pro- 
cession following the sacrificial feast had dropped cakes 
adorned with flowers into it. This water not only had cura- 
tive powers but it was used to drive out witches and evil 
spirits. After the fire had died down everyone rushed into 
it to search for remains of the sacrificial animals. In their 
search they had a special predilection for horns and the 
genitalia of the animals, which were used as charms. This 
explains why the genitalia of the cow are nailed into the 
horse stable to keep out witches. 

The simulacra consparsa farinae, mentioned in Indicu- 
lus Super stitionum 26, have reference to the cakes baked 
in the forms of various animals. At the several sacrifices, 
and particularly the Norse jolfest, it was the duty of every 
one to contribute something, and thus, not having animals 
to offer, the baked cakes were allowed as substitutes. Here 
then is the source of the Pennsylvania German Christmas 
cakes and the Christmas candies, for it is only at Christmas 
that these distinctive candies can be obtained. That they 
are usually red is also significant, for red and yellow are 
the colors of the sun. Nor do the images of lions and other 


Animals in any way militate against or disprove the pagan 
source of the custom. The presence of the five-pointed star 
among the cakes and the shepherd's crook among the can- 
dies illustrates the 6ft recurring attempt at injecting into a 
heathen custom a Christian symbolism, and it furthermore 
affords a striking instance of the union of heathen and 
Christian elements. To this category belong also the 
colored Easter egg and the Easter rabbit. The Easter egg 
with its red or yellow color — all sorts of colors are now 
common — ^is the emblem of life, or, as Wuttke puts it, "das 
sinnbild des neu beginnenden naturlebens." The rabbit, 
which is supposed to lay these eggs, is the symbol of fer- 
tility and as such is sacred both to Ostara, the goddess of 
spring, and to Hulda or Harke. We can thus see the 
double significance of the Easter egg. This helps us to un- 
derstand the superstition that the Easter egg does not rot, 
why it is used to reduce hernia and, incidentally, also, why 
so many eggs are eaten on Easter, notwithstanding the 
price of this staple article of food at Easter time. 

In early German times boundary stones were sacred 
to the gods, and any one who removed such a stone incurred 
the anger of the gods and could not be received by them. 
Herein lies the source of the superstition concerning the re- 
moval of the boundaiy stone. 

In ancient times the willow was used instead of rope 
in hanging certain malefactors and in the early Christian 
church the willow was used to punish those who did not at- 
tend early mass on Easter, so that the willow was, and still 
is, in disrepute, as we may infer from such formulae as 
these : whipping a child with a willow causes white swelling, 
or thrashing animals with willows causes oedema. 

In early times the implements used by the living were 
interred with the corpse. The free man was equipped as 
though going to war; the wife, on the other hand, as though 
she was going to start married life anew, and therefore she 
was adorned as a bride. This conception still holds in the 
custom of clothing a wife in her wedding dress instead of a 


shroud, and thus it has, in the folk mind, some remarkable 
properties, as it is placed under the child's head to cure it 
of convulsions. 

The superstitions concerning spitting in the fire and 
pointing the finger at a rainbow probably both have their 
origin in the veneration which the ancient Germans had for 
the nature elements as manifestations of the gods. 

Among the trees sacred to the gods was the elder, con- 
sequently it still plays a role in superstitions, particularly 
those concerning medicine. 

The superstitions connected with certain days of the 
week can be traced to the influence which the various Ger- 
manic divinities exercised on the popular mind. Thus, a 
child born on Sunday is lucky because Sunday is named for 
the sun, the celestial body, which plays the greatest role in 
every primitive religion. The Friday superstitions show 
greater contrasts than those of any other weekday. Where 
the pagan conception predominates, Friday is the luckiest 
of days, because it is the day of Frigg, the Germanic Venus. 
Therefore it is one of the most favored wedding days, as 
well as the day on which to begin sowing grain. "Where, on 
the other hand, the Christian influence predominates, Fri- 
day is the unluckiest of days, and nothing of importance 
must be done on the day, not even travelling. 

These, then, are a few survivals of Germanic heathen- 
dom in Pennsylvania German superstitions, although the 
list is by no means exhaustive. -It might also be inte;:^&ting 
to call attention to the content of the superstitions and to 
show, for example, how custom differs in the several coun- 
ties in regard to the wedding day or the place of cattle ia 
the moving; or to state that the negation of many of the 
superstitions is to be found in the same or adjacent coun- 
ties. Belief in witches has not died out here any more than 
in Great Britain or Germany, and pow'wowing is still prac- 
ticed to a greater or less extent. The "himmelsbrief " and 
its most recent successor, the endless chain of prayer are 
disdtissed elsewhere, (cf. Bibliography sub Fogel.) 


Another curious survival of a former period is to be 
seen in the use of socalled "bese bicher," such as Albertus 
Magnus, Egyptische Geheimnisse; Das Sechste und SiC' 
bente Buck Moses; Das Achte und Neunte Buck Mosis; and 
Homann's Der lang verhorgene Freund. The last named 
book, the subject of a very inaccurate article in the Journal 
of American Folklore, has gone through many editions and 
is to be found in both English and German versions on the 
shelves of several bookstores. While these books are con- 
sulted by many they are feared by others. 
^^ The casual reader will conclude from what has been 
f said in the preceding pages and from the superstitions con- 
jtained in this volume that the Pennsylvania Germans are 
/extremely superstitious. This assumption is hardly cor- 
rect. Their superstition has simply not taken a form sanc- 
tioned by other strata of society, for, in the last analysis, 
consulting palmists, fortune tellers and gypsies, spiritual- 
\ ism and Christian Science are no better than superstition. 

The problem of translation in the present volume was 
difficult by reason of the varied tastes and requirements of 
the reader. The Germanist would probably prefer a trans- 
lation more nearly literal than that usually given. As the 
language of the Pennsylvania German is direct, forceful, 
blunt, and at times coarse, the aim was to reproduce the 
content of the text rather than its grammar. Very fre- 
quently the translations have been toned down to meet the 
demands of those whose sensibilities might be shocked even 
in a scientific treatise. This is especially the case with the 
superstitions dealing with sex and medicine. In the latter 
case, the flavor of the original is sacrificed for technical cor- 
rectness, since accuracy of terminology is absolutely essen- 

While almost every lexicographer and phonetician has 
his own system of phonetic notation, the author regrets to 
have to add another to the already far too numerous sys- 


terns. It is remarkable that Germany with its many dialects 
and dialect dictionaries has no imiform system of phonetic 
notation. It is obvious that the presence of so many English 
words in the Pennsylvania German dialect precludes using 
any of the German systems, and the fact that the dialect of the 
present volume is German makes the use of any British or 
American system impossible, including even the attempt at 
a system prepared by the American Dialect Society. The 
systems of Passy, Vietor, Heilig, and Langenscheidt are 
likewise excluded because they are barely intelligible to a 
large number of readers of the present volume and are 
therefore impracticable. 

The dialect of this volume is distinctively German and 
it is essential that German tradition should be followed in 
the spelling. The English words in the text are spelled 
according to the same system, however awkward such words 
may at first appear. The law of assimilation of consonants 
has been observed and in, most cases the etymology of the 
word has determined its spelling although a few devia- 
tions have been deemed advisable, e. g., sin for sind, k final 
for ck, k, initial for ge (kgt = N. H, G. gehabt). Variations 
in spelling occur because of variation in the usage of indi- 
vidual words. On the whole, consistency has been striven 
for and in the instances where it has not been attained, the 
reader will remember that absolute consistency is not pos- 
sible in any living language. The following characters will 
be used : 

8B Short open e, approximating English a in carry; P. 
G. dserre, waerre. 

« Long open e, as in English bar; P. G. beer, ware, 

e Short close e when used initially or medially, as in 
English met, bed; N. H. G. fett, belt; P. G. fett, bett. 
Final e is open, approximating English short a, as in 
P. G. gebe. e is also used to indicate the obscure 
vowel in vocalic consonants, as in P. G. dril5er. 


a short open o, as in English what, hot; P. G. hftBe, wg,s. 

a Long broad English a, as in English law, broad; P. 
G. hSne, fSre. 

^. English short a as in English that. 

e Long close e as in non-diphthongized English a in 
hale, mate; N. H. G. sehr, gegen; P. G. ser, gSge. 

i Short * as in English pin; N. H. G. sind, licht; P. G. 
sin, lichtel. 

i i in English machine; N. H. G. long t as in mir; P. 
G. schtr. 

o Short « as in English hut; short o in N. H. G. kom- 
men; P. G. hot, gsoflfe. 

5 Long as in English home; N. H. G. boden, holen; 
P. G. hor, hole. 

n Short oo in English cook; short ii as in N. H. G. hund, 
kunst; P. G. hund, knnscht. 

Q Long 00 as in English pool; long i« as in N. H. G. 
schule, uhr; P. G. schiil ur. 

an as in English house; N. H. G. haus; P. G. haus. 

ei English long i in wine; N. H. G. ei in wein; P. G. wei. 

oi as in English toy; M. H. G. heu; P. G. hoi. 

b Bilabial stop when initial, surd lenis when final. P. 
G. butze, schtub. 

15 Voiced labiodental spirant with same value as Eng- 
lish V. P. G. gebe. 

d Dental stop when initial or medial, as in English 
dare; N. H. G. darf; P. G. daerf, bode. Surd lenis 
when final, as in N. H. G. tod; P. G. dot.. 

f Voiceless labiodental spirant, as in English finger; 
N. H. G. finger; P. G. &iger. 


g Voiced stop, as in English gift; N. H. G. gehen; P. 
G. gebe. When final it is a surd lenis k. 

g Palatal and used only medially, approximating Eng- 
lish velar consonantal i, and found only in words of 
German origin containing a medial g, as in P. G. aer- 
gel, rege. 

j Voiced front palatal approximating English y in 
year; as in N. H. G. jahr; P. G. jor. 

k Voiceless guttural stop as in English kin, kill; N. H. 
G. kater; P. G. kSter. 

1 Liquid as in English long; N. H, G. lang; P. G. lang. 

m Labial nasal, as in English must; N. H. G. niusst, 

n Dental nasal, as in English nut; N. H. G. niisse; P, G. 

ng Guttural nasal, as in English ringer; N. H. G. finger; 

P. G. finger, 
p Voiceless bilabial stop, as in English pain; N. H. G 

pein; P. G. pein. 

r Cerebral r with slighter trill than is customary in 
German speech. When final it is almost silent. 

s Surd dental spirant, as in English sit; N. H. G. was; 
P. G. wgs. 

s Sonant dental spirant, as in English risen; N. H, G. 

lesen ; In the P. G. there is no consistency in the use 

of surd and sonant s. 
sch The thickened sound for N. H. G. initial s consonant : 

N. H. G. sprache; P. G. schproch. 

t Voiceless dental stop, as in English hat; N. H. G. hut ; 
P. G. hut. 

w Bilabial spirant, as in English water; P. G. wonse. 
The labiodental spirant also occurs, the bilabial how- 
ever predominating. 


X Written for N. H. G. chs, as in N. H. G. wachsen; P. 
G. wgxe. 

z, tz Africate dental pronounced ts. When medial or final 
it is written ts, as in N. H. G. zehn; P. G. zSe; N. H. 
G. setzen; P. G. setze. 

ch spirant, front or velar, as in N. H. G, ich, ach; P. G. 
ich, gch. 

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1. Mer sakt gls schlechte kinner wiere ime schlechte zeche 

gebore. {C, D. Lb, Lnc. Mr, Na, 8c, Y) 

It is said of bad children that they were born under an 

evil star. 
Von basen kindern sagt man, sie seien untler einem 

schlechten steme, in einem bosen zeichen geboren. Z 5 

2. Wffir im Jener gebore is kg,nn geschpuker sene. (C) 

A person born in January can see ghosts. 

3. En kind wii uf der erscht Abril gebore is lebt net Igng. 


A child bom on April 1 will not live long. 

Aprilkinder sind ungliickskinder. Wu 85. 

4. Wffir im Moi gebore is waert net git. (Nu) 

A child born in May will not live long. 
Kinder, die am 1. Mai zur welt kommen, gehoren den 
hexen. Dr 184. 

5. En kind in der Wok gebore grikt hautgrgnkete, 

{Lnc, Y) 

A child bom in Libra will have skin diseases. 

ist ein waghals, probiert alles und hat gliick da- 

bei. Hlbg. 

6. En kind im Leb gebSre waert schtaerik. {C, D, Lb, 

Lnc, Mr, 8c, 8ny, Y) 

A child bom in the sign of Leo will become strong. 
Wenn ein kind im zeichen des Lowen geboren ist, wird es 
sehr stark. Z 3 

7. En kind in der Jungfrau gebore is gliklich. {D, Lnc, 

8c, 8n, Y; Heidelberg) 

Lucky the child that is bom in Virgo. 

8. En kind im Grebs gebore kummt net gut &" in der welt 

(Lnc, 8c) Oder get zurik'zus. {C, D, Lb, Mr, Sn, Y) 


A child born in the sign of the Crab will not prosper, or 

it will decline. 
Kinder, im zeichen des Krebses oder des Skorpions, "dcr 

rauhen dinger" geboren, sind ungllicklich und kommen 

in der welt nie recht fort. Wu 87. 
A child bom under the Crab will not do well in Ufe. 

D Y 143. 

9. W»r im Schtlr gebore is gebt en schtaerkopp. {Af) 
Any one bom in the sign of Taurus will be stubborn. 
Im Stier geboren wird das kind halsstarrig und ein dick- 
kopf, Wu 88. 

10. W»r im Fisch gebore is is immer daerschtich. {Bu) 

A man who was born in the sign of Pisces is always 

Wer im zeichen der Pische geboren ist, wird ein trinker. 

Wm 88. 

11. Kinner uf der Gwg.tem'ber gebore kenne gschpuker 

sene. {Be, G, Lnc, Mr, Na, T) 
Persons bom on Emberdays can see ghosts. 
Kinder, die im Quatember geboren sind, sehen geister. 

12. En SmrndSkskind waert schtolz. {Af) 

A child born on Sunday will become proud. 

Wer an einem Sonntag geboren worden, ist ein gliickskind. 

ZfDM 1. 235 
Bom on Sunday, you will never want. C P & P 499 

13. En Simndakskind waert b§,tzich. {C, ¥) 

A child bom on Sunday will become saucy. 
Es hot immer bissel en hochmut. Hlbg. 

14. En Mittwochskind hat ken guter kopp fer laerne. 


Any one born on Wednesday will be stupid. 

Bom on "Wednesday, sour and sad. C F & P 499 

15. En Mittwochskind lebt net Igng. {Be, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc 

Mt, Na, Nu, Sc, T) 

A child bom on Wednesday will not live long. 


16. En SgmschdUkskind waert en schlftpp nn muss inuner 

sch^ffe. (Bey Bu, C, D, Lb, Lnc, Mt, Nu, T) 

A child born on Saturday will be slovenly and must work 

for a livelihood. 
Saturday's child works hard for his living. D Y 2; C P 

& P499 

17. En kind as Sa'mschdaks nf di welt kummt eb di se'rBet 

gschafft is gebt en schl&pp. (Y) 
A child bom on Saturday before the daily routine work is 
done will be slovenly. 

18. En kind as der dreizet gebore is hot ken glik. (Af) 

Unlucky the child that is bom on the thirteenth of the 

19. Kinner wu uf der 8ibminzw9,n'zigscht September ge- 

b5re sin gleiche di weibsleit un schtaerik drinke. (D) 

Children bom on September 27 will be fond of women 
and strong drink. 

Der 27. September ist ein ungliickstag. Hlbg. 

He was bom in August, a periphrasis for a liquorish per- 
son. V 8 L 2, 111. 

20. Wgnn en kind uf di welt kummt wann en gewitter §m 

himmel sehtet waerts dod gschlftge fume gewitter. 
(Be, Lh; Heidelberg) 

A person bom during a thunderstorm will be killed by 

21. En kind muss 's §rscht m5l an der mutter Ire rechte 

bruscht drinke, no waerts net links. {Mt) 

A child must receive its first nursing at the right breast 

so that it will not become lefthanded. 
Wird das kind zuerst an die linke brust gelegt, so wird es 

linkshandig. B M IS 

22. En kind mit zwe hSrwserBel oder kt'schlek gebore waert 

gseheid. (C, D. Lnc, Y) 

A child that is bom with two cowlicks will be bright. 
Hat das kind zwei haarwirbel, wird es ein kluger mensch. 


23. Zwe hor'wsertSel uf me kind seim kopp bedeite es es 

gscheit waert. (C, D, Lnc) 

Two cowlicks on a child's head are a sign of brightness. 
Hat das kind zwei haarwirbel, wird es ein Muger mensch. 
Z 13 

24. En kind mit zwe horwserbel kummt weit rum in der 

welt. (Lnc) 

A child with two cowlicks lives in two kingdoms. C 8 A12 

Hat das kind zwei haarwirbel, wird es ein kluger mensch. 

Z 13 
If a child had two "crowns" on his head, it was a sign 

that he would eat his bread in two kingdoms. F B 12, 75 

25. En hor'waerbel uf me kind seim kopp bedeit §,s es en 

schtob'richer mensch gebt. {Bu, C, D, Lnc, Mt, Mr, 
Na, Nu; Heidelberg) 

A cowlick on a child's head is a sign of a stubborn dispo- 

26. En hor'waerbel uf me kind seim kopp bedeit en schtae'ri- 

ger mensch. (Bu) 

A child bom with a cowlick will become very strong. 

27. Wgnn en kind gedSft waert gebt merm pSr leffel foil 

dafwasser, n5 kgnns leicht laeme un gebt en seriger 

singer. (Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Na, So, 8n) 

When a child is baptized it is given a few teaspoonfuls of 

baptismal water, so that it may be bright and a good 

Soil ein kind schnell lesen lernen, so gibt man ihm von 

seinem ersten badewasser zu trinken. Z f d M i. 2 

28. W§nn en kind ged&ft waert gebt em di mutter glsemol' 

fum dSfw^Bser, so gs es ken heilschpells grikt. (Be, 

C, D, Lh, Mr, Nu, Sc, 8n) 

The water used in baptism is sometimes given as a cure for 
crying spells in children. 

Das gebrauchte taufwasser gilt als heilkraftig. B M 2i 

Water that has been used at the baptismal rite was re- 
garded as a preservative against witchcraft and was 
employed for various disorders. Dy 20 


29. WgJin en kind gedSf t waert gebt di mutter 'm ftlsemol' 

en leffel foil dSf wgsser, so gs es kind net hsert z&nt. 

{C, Lb, 8c, 8n) 

After baptism the mother sometimes gives the child a 

teaspoonful of the baptismal water to help it teethe. 
Die hebamme taucht heimlich den finger ins taufwasser 

und reibt damit das zahnfleisch des kindes, so zahnt es 

leicht. Wu 390 
"Wash out the mouth of the recently regenerated infant 

with the remaining sanctified water as a safeguard 

against toothache. C F Glou 1. 53. 

30. En kind gs der recht nSme net grikt wanns gedSft waert 

lebt net Igng. (Be, Lb, Lh, Mt) 

If in baptism the child does not receive the name intended 
for it, it will not live long. 

If a child is not given the name which was decided on by 
the parents before the birth of the child, the child will 
not live long. Bl N B 114 

Wenn das kind nicht richtig getauft, d. h. wenn in den 
taufformeln ein versehen gemacht wird, so muss der 
mensch zeitlebens als plagegeist umherirren, besonders 
als alp die menschen in der nacht plagen. W 390. 

31. En grank kind waert grM besser wanns mol ged&ft is. 

(Be, Bu, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, Sc, Y) 

A sick child will improve immediately after its baptism. 

Ein krankes kind kann man oft durch die taufe vom tode 

retten. Z f d M i. 2 
A child never thrives until after baptism. H N C 15 

32. Wgmmer gfrokt waert en kind i15er d&f zu hebe un 

s&kts §,b sSkt mers glik ab. (Lh) 
To decline to act as sponsor at a baptism will bring mis- 

33. Me kind daerf mer net der n§,me geBe fun leit §s schun 

aus der familie gschtasrtJe sin, oder es waert net §.lt. 

Uf) * 

A child must not be named after a deceased member of 
the family, or it will not live to be old. 


Eindem darf man nicht die vomamen von bereits ver- 
storbenen personen der familie geben, sonst werden sie 
nicht alt. B 8 33. 115. 

34. En kind gs E'fa ^dSft waert lebt net Igng. {Lh) 

If a child is christined Eve, it will not live long. 
SoUen kinder lange leben, lasse man die sohne Adam, die 
tochter Eva nennen. G 3. 26 

35. Wgnuuem kind seim fgder oder mutter n5n&mt is es's 

letscht as kummt. {Bu, Lb, Mr, Mt, Na, 8n, Y) 
There will be no more children in a family after one of 
them has been named for its father or mother. 

36. Wemmern kind seim fs,der oder mutter nonSmt lebts 

net Igng. (C) 

A child named for its parents will not live long. 
Wenn die kinder der eltern namen bekonmien, sterben sie 
eher als die eltern. 6 £ 45 

37. Wesch en kind mit dSfwgsser uns grikt en schgni haut. 

{Be, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, Nu, 8c, Sn; Heidelberg) 
Wash a child with the water of baptism and it will have 
a beautiful complexion. 

38. W$mmer en wlk zu zwet seho'kelt, wgxts kind ST. (Af) 

If two persons rock a cradle the child will be livergrown. 

39. Wgmmern l6ri wik schokelt w§xts kind &". (.4/) 

If you rock an empty cradle, the child will be livergrown. 
Zwei soUen nicht an einem kinde wiegen, es kommt da- 
durch aus seiner ruhe. G 3. 267 

40. Wgrnmem leri wtk seho'kelt schtelt merm kind der 

schlof. (Lnc, Nu, Sc, 8n, T) 

If you rock an empty cradle, you will rob a child of its 

Wenn man eine leere wiege schaukelt, stiehlt man dem 

kinde dem schlaf. Z 26 

41. W&mmern Igri wtk schokelt grikts kind bauchwe. (D, 

Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, 8c, 8n, Y) 


If the empty cradle be rocked, the baby will have colic. 

C 8 A 50 
Wenn man eine kere wiege schaukelt, bekommt das kind, 

welches sonst darin liegt, banchweh. Z 25 

42. Wgmmem le'ri wlk schokelt nemmt merm kind di ru. 

(Lb, Mr, Sn, Y) ^ 

If you rock an empty cradle, a child cannot rest. 
Eine ledige wiege soil niemand wiegen, sonst wiegt man 
dem kind die rnhe weg. 3. 22 

43. Mer daerf net ilS'ern kind schritte w§.nns Tif em bo'dem 

oder grund leit, oders wgxt net. (Af) 

Stepping over a child which is lying on the floor or ground 

will retard its growth. 
Wenn kinder auf der erde liegen und man schreitet iiber, 

sie hinweg, so bleiben sie sofort im wachstum stehen. 

B 8 33. 115 

44. Di mutter muss trm kind *s erscht pres'ent getSe. (Bu, 


The mother should give her child its first present. 

45. Me kind sei"peter muss ems erscht pres'ent geBe. (Be, 

Lb, Lh, Lnc, Na, Nu, Sn; Heidelberg) 

The godfather should give the first present to his godchild. 

46. Di god un der peter solle me kind 's Srscht buch kSfe, 

n6 laernts giit. (Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, 8n; Heidel- 

A child wiU be a bright pupil in school if the sponsors buy 
its first book. 

47. Wgnn en kind en jor 9,lt waert gebt merm en buch, no 

waerts gscheit. (Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na, Nu, 
8n, T; Heidelberg) 

If a child is given a book when it is a year old it will be 

48. En jung bobl Igkt mer net nf di links seit schunscht 

waerts links. (Bu, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Sn) 

A child will be left handed if it is laid on the left side. 


" - Eiri neugeborenes kind darf man nicht -amf'die'Enke seite 
zuerst legen, sonst wird es linkshandig. B 8 33. 116 

49. En kind, soil net schmake ebs en jor g,lt is oders 

schm§,kt nt net. {Lb) 

A child should not smell at' anything before it is a year 

old or it will never have a sense of smell. 
Riecht ein kind vor dem ersten jahr an etwaa, so lemt es 

hemach nicht riechen. G S. 277 

50. Kinner in bruns wesche mg,clit si sche". (Be, Lnc, Mt, 

Na, Y; Neustadt) 

Washing children with urine makes them handsome. 

51. Kinner soil mer di schtek nuf grgdle losse, n5 gebe si 

grSsse leit in der welt. {Bu, Lb, Mt, 8n; Heidel- 

Permit children to crawl upstairs and they will be illus- 

52. lEn kind muss mer nunnernemme eb mers nuf nemmt, 

no waBrts reich. (D) 

A child will become rich if it is carried down stairs be- 
fore being carried up stairs. 

53. Mer muss en kind der erscht dak g,s es gebore is uf 

der etJ'erscht schpeicher nemme im zum fenschter 
nausguke losse, no gebts en S.'gsen'ener mensch. 
(I); Kaiserslautern) 
A child should be carried to the garret on the day of its 

birth and allowed to look out of the garret window, 

then it will become a respected citizen. 

54. Mer muss schnell mit me junge kind di schtek uf un ab 

schpringe, no waerts flink. {Be, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na, 8c) 
Bun up and down the stairs with an infant and it will 

become spry. 
Der jiiugste pate nimmt das kind an der haustur und lauft 
, damit schnell nach der stube zur mutter, so wird das 

kind schnell. Wu 390 

55. En kind as net 's grscht x3i schtgk nuf gedrftge wsert 


kummt net noch em himmel. {Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, 

If a child is not carried upstairs before being carried 
down stairs it will not go to heaven. 

56. En kind ^s net 's erscht di schtek nuf gedrSge waert 

emaunt' zu nix. {Bu) 

If a child is not carried up stairs first it will never amount 
to anything. 

57. En kind waert net git wgnns net 's erscht di schtek nuf- 

gedrSge waert. {C,Na) 

A child will not live long tinless it is carried upstairs be- 
fore being carried down. 
Es stirbt. Hlbg. 

58. Mer muss en kind en schtok hecher nufnemme ob mers 

nunner nemmt so 3s es in di he kummt. (Be, Bu, 

Lb, Lh, Na, 8c) 

Carry a child up stairs before carrying it down stairs so 
that it may rise in the world. 

A child should go up in the world before it goes do^vn, 
else, it will never rise in after-life either to richer or dis- 
tinction. DY 8 

59. Mer muss en kind en schtok hecher nuf nemme eb 

mers nunner nemmt so gs es hoch singt. (Be, Bu, 

Lb, Lh, Lnc, Na, Nu, Sc) 

In order that a child raay be able to sing high notes it 

should be carried up stairs before it is carried down 


60. Wammers erscht en kind en schtok hecher nuf nemmt 

wserts gscheit. (Be, Bu, Lb, Lh, Na, 8c) 
If a child is carried up stairs first it will become quick- 

61. Wammern kind 's erscht en schtok hecher nuf nemmt 

wserts ei''biidisch. (D, Lh, Lnc) 

,,.If a child is first oarried up stairs it will become con- 

— r ceited and vain. - -- 


62. En kind waert schtolz wginmer 's erscht en schtok 

hecher drecht. (C) 

A child will become proud if it is first carried up stairs. 

63. Wgmmern kind net 's erscht nufnemmt muss mers 

erscht nunner nemme. {Be, Bu, Lb, Lh, Na) 
A child will die in infancy if it is not immediately after 
birth carried upstairs. 

64. En kind dserf mer net aus em hans nemme bis es gedif t 

is. (Af) 

Never take a child from home before it is baptized. 
Ein ungetauftes kind darf nicht aus dem hause getrajen 
werden. Dr 188 

65. Mer soil en kind net in der schpigel guke losse ebs en 

jor g,lt is oders waert schtolz. (-4/) 

If a child is permitted to look into a mirror before it is a 

year old it will become proud. 
Lasst man das kind unter einem jahr in den spiegel sehen, 

so wird es eitel und stolz. G 3. 29 

66. Wann fll leit en kind a'guke wgnns gedaft waert is es 

leicht verhext. {Bu, Lnc, Mr, Mt, 8n) 

If many look at a child while it is being baptized, it is 

easily bewitched. 
Wenn viele leute das kind bei der taufe ansehen, wird es 

leicht vermeint. Z 14 

67. Mer muss me kiild recht tsehureri S.'henke, so ^.s es en 

hocher gescht grikt. {Lh, Na, 8c) 
A child must be decked with jewelry, so that it may b* 
come highminded. 

68. Me kind muss mer recht tschu'elri STienka as es zn eb- 

bes kummt in der welt. {Lh, Na, Sc) 

A child must be decked with jewelry, if it is to amount 

to anything in the world. 
In den ersten bad des kindes wird ein goldstiick getan, da- 

mit es dem kind nie im leben an geld fehle. H M 1. 277 


69. Henk me kind recht tschu'elri a" so 9.S es reich waert. 

{Be, Lb, Lh, Mt, Na, 8c) 

Adorn a child with jewelry and it will become rich. 
Das kind darf vor der taufe kein geld sehen oder gold- 
schmuck tragen, sonst wird es habgierig. Wu 391 

70. En kind geb5re mit der nafi'elschnur um der hgls gebt 

en grosser pgp'lserer m^nn. (C) 
If a child is born with the umbilical cord about its neck, 
it will become great and popular. 

71. En kind wii en guter singer is gebt en engel, s' waert 

net §,lt. {Bu; Heidelberg) 

A child that sings very well will become an angel, it will 
not live to be old. 

72. Mer dasrf en kind net dSfe losse uf der dak ^s en leicht 

in der gme is. (Na, Y) 

A child should not be baptized on a day when there is a 

funeral in the congregation. 
Unmittelbar nach einer leichenbestattung soil man nicht 

taufen lassen, sonst folgt das kind dem toten nach. 

3. J, 489 

73. Me kind wanns nf di welt kummt muss mem glti windel 

a-'du" oders gebt en dib. (Bu; Heidelberg) 
If an old diaper is not put on a newborn child, it will 
become a thief. 

74. Me kind sei" erschti windel soil mer ferbrenne f er glik. 

{Be, Bu, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Y; Kaiser slautern) 
Bum the first diaper of a child for luck. 

75. "Wann en mutter ir kind net zu sene grikt uf der dSk 

was uf di welt kummt Itbt sis net. {Lnc) 

A mother will never love the child she is not permitted 

to see on the day it was born. 
Wenn eine mutter das neugeborene kind am ersten tage 

nicht zu gesichte bekommt, wird sie es nie lieben. Z 9 

76. W9,nn grgnke kinner mit gold schplle waem si wider 

gsund. {Lnc) 


If sick children play with money they will recover. 
Wenn kranke kinder mit geld spielen, genesen sie. Z 62 

77. Me kind daerf mer nix schtsBrges zu drinke gel5e ebs en 

jor git is oders wgxt nimmi. {Bu) 

Giving a child strong drink before it is a year old will 

stop its growth. 
Kindem nnd jungen hunden soil man keinen schnapps 

zu trinken geben, well sie nachher nicht mehr wachsen. 

y AB\. 487 

78. Wgnn en kind ebber nogenamt waert muss sell em en 

frg,k kafe. {Be, Lh) 

The person for whom a child is named must buy it a dress. 
Die gotte hat in friiheren jahren ihrem taufling am Klo- 
sentag ein "hemdle" geschenkt. A S 1. 391 

79. Wgmmern kind kitzelt ebs en jor git is waerts schtot'- 

terich. {Af; Heidelberg) 

A child will stammer if it is tickled before it is a year old. 

80. Di erscht laus wii maer uf me kind seim kopp finnt fer- 

drikt mer nf em gsgngbuch, n5 gebts en guter singer. 

(D, Lh, Lnc, Nu); uf der blbel, no waerts gscheid. 


The first louse found on a child's head should be crushed 

on the hymnbook and the child will become a good 

Die erste laus an einem kinde muss man auf dem gesang- 

buch knicken. Dann lemt das kind recht singen. 

Alem 27. 229 

81. Me kind soil mer di hor net schneide ebs en jor git is 

oder si fgUe aus. {Bu) 

A child's hair wiU fall out if cut before it is a year old. 

Sie wachsen schlecht und sind immer diinn. Hlbg. 

82. En kind waert net git wammers schert ebs en jor git is. 

(Be, Bu, C, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na, Sc, Y) 
If a child's hair is cut before it is a year old it will die 

83. De kinner soUe di h6r net gbgschnitte wsere eb si en j6r 


ftlt sin Oder si waere schw^ch. (Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, 

Lnc, Mt, Na, Nu, 8c, Y) 

Children will be weaklings if their hair is cut before they 

are a year old. 
Schneidet man einem kinde vor dem siebenten altersjahr 

die haare ab, so kann es nie zu vollkommenen kraften 

kommeii. Z f d M ^. 3 

84. En weibsmensch as ufgebindelt is daerf en kind net 

schere oders lebt net {D, Lh, Lnc; Heidel- 

A child will not live long if its hair is cut by a pregnant 

85. Mer soil en kind bei ni'm^nd gltes schlof e losse, 

schunscht schtserbts zee jor jinger. (Be, Bu, C, 

D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na, 8c, Y) 

Permitting a child to sleep with an old person shortens 

its life by ten years. 
Es ist eine fast allgemeine meinung, dass kinder nicht yon 

alten leuten geliebkost werden nnd nicht mit ihnen zu- 

sammen schlafen soUen. Wu 386 

86. Wanunern kind schlecht ebs en jor git is waerts schtot- 

terich. {Be, Na) 

A child that is whipped before it is a year old will stam- 

87. En kind d»rf mer net hake ebs en jor git is oder di 

schlek bat nochhser nix. (Af) 

If a child is whipped before it is a year old later punish- 

ment will be futile. 
Kinder unter einem jahre schlage man nicht, sonst werden 

sie hartschlagig. Alem. 27. 229 

88. Wgnimer ausfinne will was f aem hgndwaerik oder gschef t 

gs en kind sich mol wglt lekt mer en schtik geld, en 
blBel, en schtik hQ,ndw«rksgschser un en bottel hi". 
Des wB's deno' langt gebt sei'hgndwaerik. W&nns 
g.l5er noch der bottel Igngt gebts en sifer. {Be, Bu, 
D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, Y) 


To ascertain the occupatiou of the future man place be- 
fore the child a coin, a bible, a tool and a bottle. 
Whichever the child takes up first will be its future oc- 
cupation. If it however reaches for the bottle it will 
become a drunkard. 

Wonach das kind zuerst greift, das zeigt seine kiinftige 
lieblingsbeschaftigung an. G^ 3. p 488 

89. Wammern kind zum f enschter aus im nei' grgdle losst 

gebts en dib. {Af; Heidelberg) 
If a child is permitted to crawl in and out through a 
window it will become a thief. 

90. Wg,inmem kind zum f enschter naus'grgdle losst wgxts 

nimmi. (-4/) 

If a child is permitted to crawl out of a window it will 

stop growing. 
Man soil ein kind nicht zum fenster hinausheben, sonst 

wachst es nicht. Alem. 27. 229 

91. En kind gs sich fil brecht waxt gut. (D, Lnc, Y) 

If a child vomits frequently, it will grow rapidly. 
Speikindel, gedeihkindel. Dr. 210 

92. Wgnn der dokter 's kind ^''dut wgnns uf di welt kummt 

muss er gcht getSe §,8 er nummejd' 's kind mit em 
rechte &rm 's erscht ins hemmli schluppe losst, {Bu; 

When dressing a newborn infant the doctor should take 
care to put the child's right arm into the sleeve first. 

93. Mit wellre hgnd gs en bobbel 's erscht mol 's erscht in 

di gleder schluppt weisst ebs rechts oder links 

waert. {Be, Bu, Lb, Lnc, Mt, 8c; Heidelberg) 

The hand with which a child that is being dressed for the 

first time slips into its clothing shows whether it will be 

right handed or left handed. , 

94. En kind sott mit em rechtse trm 's erscht in der hemm- 
aermel schluppe. {Bu, C; Heidelberg) 

Put a child's right arm into the sleeve of its gown before 
the left. 


95. Mer soils net fser me jor uf en kind refere losse, ea 

grikt smmefleke. (Lb) 

If it rains on a child less than a year old, it will be 

Wird ein kind, ehe es ein jahr alt ist, beregnet, so be^ 

kommt es sommersprossen. V A 8 1. 486 

96. Mer soils net uf kinner reg'ere losse oder si grtge sum- 

merfleke. (Af) 

If it rains on a child the child will be freckled. 

97. En &'''gew8xe kind schmlrt mer mit gensfett. (Be) 

A livergrown child should be rubbed with goosegrease. 

98. En a'''gew§xe kind lekt mer nf di dire schwell un 

messts. Wgnns mo'l ilJer sell mos nans gewgxe is, 

wgxts nimmi a". (Lnc, Mr, Y) 

Lay a livergrown child on the door sill and measure it. 

As soon as it has outgrown this measure, the complaint 

will cease. 

99. En kind qs unner me rigel, schtrik oder so ebbes dserich 

schluppt wsxt net. {Be, Bu, Lb, Lnc, Mt, Y) 
If a child crawls under a rope, bar, etc., it will not grow. 
Man soil das kind nicht viuter etwas durchschliipfen las- 
sen sonst wachst es nicht. Alem 27. 229 

100. Mer soil me kind gelJe fun §llem wgs mer selber esst, 

schtmscht mgcht merm sei" haerz blute. (C, Lnc, 

Sn, Y) 

Befusing to share with your child everything you eat will 
make the child grieve. 

Einem kleinen kind soil man von allem, was man in sei- 
ner gegenwart isst, etwas geben, sonst blutet ihm das 
herz. Z 60 

101. En hufeise wu gU di negel noch drin sin me kind in di 

schokel gelekt hglts kind gsund. (D) 
Place a horseshoe with all the nails in it into a child's 

cradle, and the child will always be hale and hearty. 
Auch den kindem wird ein gefundenes hufeisen in die 

wiege gelegt. Wu 130 


102. Wgmmern Smmd&kskind ^n der schpigel hebt waerta 

schtolz. {Lb, Lnc, Y; Heidelberg) 
Let a child bom on Sunday look into a mirror and it will 
become proud. 

103. Der erscht f rfik gs en kind 5"grikt daerf ken $lter sei' 

schunscht waerts en schlgpp. {Be, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr; 

If the first dress put on a child is not a new one, it will 
become a slattern. 

104. En kind §.s zwe jor g,lt is is hglb so Ig^ng gs es waert. 

A child at the age of two has attained half its height. 
Drei jahre Htbg. 

105. W&xnmerme kind 's erschtmol di schtrimpelcher k~ 

dut, muss merm 's rechts 's erscht a'dii'', oders waert 
links. {Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, 8n; Heidelberg) 
When putting stockings on a child for the first time, the 

child will become lefthanded unless the right stocking is 

put on first. 

106. Kinner waerre net gros -wgmmer si summers gbge- 

went. {8c) 
If children are weaned in summer time they will die young. 

107. En kind gs mer gbgewent, warm di bem bile waert glei 

gr6. {Be,D,8c) 
If a child is weaned when the trees are in blossom, its hair 

will turn gray early. 
In der baumbltjte ist kein kind zn entwohnen, sonst be- 

kommt es graue haare. G 3. 767. 

108. Mer soil en kind net abgewene so lg,ng as schne leit, 

schunscht waerts jung gro; §, net wanns l&b fun de 
bem fgUt, schunscht waerts jung blot {Lb, Lh, 8c, 

A child should not be weaned as long as there is snow on 
the ground, else its hair will soon turn gray; nor when 
the leaves fall, else it will soon become bald. 


Eutwohneu darf die mutter das kind nicht, so lauge schnee 
liegt, sonst bekommt es zeitig weisse haare; auch nicht 
wenn das laub von den baumen fallt, sonst verliert es 
dieselben zeitig. B 8 33. 116 

109. 'S erscht wjisser as mern kind drin wescht muss mer 

zum el5erscht-schpeicher fenschter naus uf en b&m 
schitte, no grikts kind en hocher gescht. {D, Lnc, 
Mr, 8n) 
A person will become highminded if the water in which it 
was washed immediately after its birth is thrown out of 
the garret window and oh a tree. 
Das badwasser ist unter einen griinen baiun zu giessen, so 
bleiben die kinder stets frisch. G 3. 738 ; cf . also M D V 

110. Dafvp^sser schitt mer ilSern r6se schtok, no grikts 

rote b^ke. {Be, C, Lh, Lnc, Sn) 
A child will have red cheeks if the water used in baptism 

is poured over a rosebush. 
Das taufwasser muss mad nach der taufe in einen rosen- 

strauch schiitten, so bekommt das kind rote wangen. 

Wu 391 

111. En kind muss grM heile'w&nns uf di welt kummt. 

Wgnns net dut, bletscht mers bis es dut. {Bu, C, 
Lb, Lh, Mt, Na, 8c) 
A child should cry immediately after its birth, and it 

should be slapped until it does. 
Das kind gilt erst dann wirklich lebendig und lebensfahig, 
wenn es die vier wande beschrieen hat. Daher gibt man 
ihm wohl gleich nach der geburt einen klaps an den 
hintem, damit es sich ins leben schreie. M D V 107 

112. En kind waxt net bis es bezSlt is. {Lh, Lnc, Sc) 

A child will not grow until the doctor's fee is paid. 

113. Der dak ^s en kind gebore is soUe mg,nn un fra net 

ftl zg,mme schwetze. {Mt; Heidelberg) 
Husband and wife should not talk much to each other on 
the day when a child is bom. 


114. En kind daerf mer net ding, dingel, dingelche oder 

grot hese, schunscht wgxts net. {Be, Bu, C, Lh, 

If you call a child "thing" or "toad" it will not grow. 
Kinder darf man nicht ding, krot oder aas nennen, sonst 
verkommen sie. B 8 33. 115. 

115. Hes en kind seili oder wutzli, no wgxts. (Bu, D, Lnc, 

Mt, 8n) 
Call a child "piggy" and it will grow. 

116. En kind bosst mer net nfs maul bis es gezSnt hot 

oders zSnt haert. {Lb, Lh, Na, Sc, Y; Lustmann) 
A child should not be kissed on its mouth before it has cut 
its teeth or it will teethe hard. 

117. En kind art seim peter oder gedel no. {Be, C, D, Lh 

8c, 8n, T) 
A child will take after its godfather or godmother. 
Der taufling nimmt geistige eigenschaften von paten an. 
BA 210 

118. 'S erscht mol §.s mem kind aus em bans nemmt, daerf 

mers net zu junge keierte leit nemme, schunscht 
grige si a ens. {Be, C, D, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, Nu, T) 
The first time a child is taken out of doors it must not be 

taken to the home of a newly wedded couple, or else they 

too will soon have a child of their own. 
Verkehrt eine junge verheiratete frau mit anderen frauen, 

die in gesegneten umstanden sind, so wird auch sie bald 

kinder bekommen. A A S5 

119. Me kind sei" ngBelschnur hebt mer uf, no waerts 

gscheid. {D, Lnc, 8c) 

A child will become clever and bright if you preserve its 
umbilical cord. 

Von der nabelschnur des kindes muss eiu stiickchen aufbe- 
wahrt werden, so hat das kind so lange gliick, so lange 
man dasselbe sorgsam verwahrt. A A Si 

120. En kind wii mit Ignge hor uf di welt kummt waert net 


ftlt wgim selli hor net glei ausgene, (Be, C, Lh, 
Mr, Na, Sc, Y) 
A child bom with long hair will not live long unless it 

soon falls out. 
Kinder, welche mit langen haaren zur welt kommen, ster- 
benfriih. Wu 217 

121. Wgnn en kind mit ze" nf di welt kummt, l§bts net 

Igng. (.4/) 
A child bom with teeth won't live long. 
Kinder, die die zahne mit auf die welt bringen, verlieren sie 
und bekommen keine.neue, d. h. sie leben nicht lange. 
It is ill luck to be bom with teeth in the head. T 8 L2. 115 

122. Wgnn en kind im schlof Igclit hots bauchwe. (Bu, Mt, 

If a child smiles in its sleep, it has colic. 

123. En kind as im schlof lacht waert glei gridlich waker. 

{Be, Bu, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Sc, Sn) 
A child that smiles in its sleep will soon wake up fretful. 

124. Wann en kind im schlof lacht, sakt mer di engel dede 

mit im schpile. {Be, Bu, C, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Sc, Sn) 
If a child smiles in its sleep the angels are playing with it. 
Lachelt ein kind im schlaf, pflegt man zu sagen: jetzt 
schertzt sein schutzengelein mit ihm. V A 8 1, 492 

125. En kind gewent mer ab im Fisch. {C, D, Lnc, Sc; 

Wean a child in the sign of Pisces. 

126. Mer soli en kind net im Leb abgewene schunscht 

greischts wischt. {Be, C, Lh, Mr, Sc; Heidelberg) 
If a child is weaned in the sign of Leo it will yell like a lioa 

127. En kind gewent mer net ab wann di bem blie schunscht 

waerts jung grokeppich. {Sc) 

If a child is weaned while fruit trees are in blossom its 
hair will turn prematurely gray. Cf . 107 


128. Zaerniche kinner hokt mer uf en kglter scht5". {Bu, 

C, Lnc, Mr, Mt) 

Seat a peevish child on a cold stone. 

Zornige kinder scoU man auf einen kalten stein setzen. 

129. Wammerme kind sergleder flike muss ebs en jor git is, 

waBrts en schlgpp. {Be, C, 8, Lh, Mr, Me, Y; Hei- 
If a child's clothing must be mended before it is a year old 
it will become slovenly. 

130. Wammern kind kitzelt ebs en jor g,lt is wftxts S". (C) 

If a child is tickled before it is a year old it will be liver- 

131. En kind gs fll im gringel rum schpringt waert dumm. 

{Bu, C, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Nu, 8c, Sn) 
A child that whirls much will become stupid. 
Es wird dumm nnd dappig (tappisch). Hlig. 

132. Der esel hots kind aus der w§nd gschlg,ge. {Be, Bu, 

C, 8c) 
The donkey kicked the child out of the wall (it is a bastard) . 

133. Di kinner kumme aus de hole bem. {Be, C, Mr, Mt, 

Children come from hollow trees. 

134. Der schtorich bringt di kinner. {Be, Mr, 8c) 

The stork brings the children. 

This is common in Germany and England. 

135. Der dokter holt di kinner aus re grik oder aus fltsend 

wgsser un bringt em si. {Af) 
The physician fetches children from a creek or flowing 

Der bach bringt die kinder. Z / P M 2. 345 

136. Mer soil en kind net le leie losse in re schtub, schunscht 

schtele di hexe es. {Lnc) 
Never let a child lie alone in the room, the witches will 
steal it. 


Hat man das feuster offen stehen lassen, und ist niemand 
als das wiegekind in der stube, kommt gem eine heze 
zmn fenster herein und stiehlt das kind V A 81. 313 

137. Wg,mmern kind schpot oBeds aus em haus nemmt, 

waerts leicht ferhext. {Be, Lnc) 
If a child is taken out of doors late at night, it is easily 

Wenn man spat abends ein kind aus dem hause tragt, wird 

es leicht ferhext: Z 31 

138. Me kind sei" nachgeburt em im gsicht rum gerilSe 

macht em en scheni haut. {Be, D, Y) 
Rub the child's face with its placenta to make it fair of 

Das muttermal kann die hebamme gleich bei der entbin- 

dung vertilgen; sie muss die stelle, noch ehe es sonst 

jemand gesehen hat, mit der nachgeburt bedriicken 

Oder bestreiehen. Kn 155 

139. Wammern f rS, im kindbett bsucht soil mer sich nimmi 

setze wammers kind mol gsene hot kg,t. {Mr) 
If you call on a woman in confinement, do not sit down 
after you have seen the newborn child. 

140. Wgmmer aergets hfget wii en gle bobel is soil mer sich 

's ffirscht setze eb mers bobli fi-gukt, oder mer 
nemmt em di ru. {Be, D, Lb, Lnc, Nu, 8c, Sn, Y) 
If you make a call at a home where a child has just been 

bom take a seat before you look at the baby or you will 

cast a spell over it. 
Geht ein fremdes in die stube, so soil es niedersitzen, dass 

es den kindern die ruhe nicht mitnehme. 3. 15 

141. En kind gebore mit me bel iters gsicht is gliklich. 

It is an omen of good luck to be bom with a caul. 

Var. 1. Son kind wsert schtolz. {Be, D, Lb, Lnc, Na, Nu, 
8a, 8u, Y) 
Such a child will be proud. 


Var. 2. un kgnn d»rich en serdschpigel sene. (J) 
And can see through a semaphora. 
Kommt das kind in der einbryonenhaut auf die welt^ so 
wird es ausserordentlich viel gliick haben. M D V 103 
I believe you were born with a caul on your head, you are 
such a favorite among the ladies. Y 8 L 2. 124 

142. En nei gebore kind muss mer wige, no wgxts erscht 

recht. {Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, Mt, Sc) 
A newborn infant, to grow rapidly, must be weighed. 
It is bad luck not to weigh a baby before it is dressed. 
C SA38 

143. En nei gebore kind daerf mer net wige, schunscht 

wgxts net. {Be, Lh, Lnc, Na, Nu, Sc, Sn, T; 

A newborn infant will not grow if it is weighed. 
If a new bom child is weighed, it will die or not thrive. 
Dj/9; CS439 , 

144. Sd gs en kind gschwind schwetze Isernt soil di got 

oder der peter em kind der leffel kSf e wus gUe dak 
mit esst, di got fers mgdel, der peter fer der bfi. 
iBe, Lh, Mt, Sc, Sn, Y) 
A child will learn to talk more quickly if the sponsors buy 
for it the spoon which it uses every day in eating. The 
godmother should buy the spoon for a girl and the god- 
father for a boy. 
Die paten soUen dem kind ein loffelchen kaufen, sonst lemt 
es geifem. O 3. 48 

Lemt das kind das sprechen lange nicht, so kauft ihm der 
gote einen loffel, womit man dem kinde zu essen gibt; 
langt es bald zu sprechen an. A 8 1. 392 

It was formerly the custom for the sponsors at baptism to 
present the children with spoons. D Eng 180 

145. Fll leit gebe ire kinner der n&me 9s im kalenner scht6t 

uf der d&k wu si gebSre sin. {Be, Bu, C, D, Lb, 
Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, Sc, Sn) 
A child bom on a saint's day, often bears the saint's name. 


En kind erhalt haufig (im katholischen Deutscbland) den 

namen des kalenderheiligen, an de^en tag es geboren iat. 

M DV113 
In many county parishes a child is invariably called by 

the name of the saint on whose day it may happen to 

have been born. D Eng 178; C 8 A 5 

146. Wftmmem bobbel an der bottel ufzikt soil mers nt di 

milich §,11 aus der bottel drinke losse. Selli gebt 

mer der k§,tz, n5 grikt di k^tz 's Q,bnemmes un nets 

kind. {Be, Lh, Lnc; Heidelberg) 

To prevent a child from having marasmus a small quan- 
tity of milk should be left in the bottle from which it is 
nursed. This milk should be given to the cat, which will 
then have marasmus. 

147. Wann en kind f erhext is nemm f um kind seim w^sser, 

dtis in en bottel nn sex n5dle dezii', no m^ch di 
bottel teit zu un f erschtekel si. {Lb, Lnc, T) 
If a child is bewitched put some of its urine and six new 

needles into a bottle, cork it tightly and hide the bottle. 
A bit of steel, such as a needle, protects one from witches. 

C 8 A 1417 
Several fetid and stinking matters, such as old urine, are 

excellent means for keeping away all evil intentioned 

spirits and ghosts. V 8 L 2. 1. 460 
Comment est bonne contre le rheume 1 'urine des J>etits 

enfans? V 8 L 2. 2. 489 

148. Wgnndme kind as juscht kumme is net en alti windel 

STdaacht, kgnns ken schtulggng mgche. {Bu; Hei- 
Unless a newborn child is clothed with an old diaper it 
cannot stool. 

149. W^mmerme kind as juscht uf di welt kumme is net en 

glti windel fi'dut grikts en weer &rsch. {Bu; Hei- 
Put an old diaper on the newborn child to prevent sore 


150. Glei ze", glei me. {Be, D, Lh, Lnc, Sic, Y; Heidelberg) 

If a child cuts its teeth very early, there will soon be an- 
other child in the family. 
Soon teeth, soon toes, i. e., another baby. H N C 19 

151. En kind gs mer in der schpigel guke losst ebs en jor 

git waBrt wsert schtolz. (Af) 
A child that is permitted to look into a mirror before it is 
a year old will be vain. 

Var. Der dritt dak losst mers nei''guke. (Be, D, Lb, Lh, 
Lnc, Mt, Na, Sn, Y) 

Permit it to look into the mirror when three days old. 
It is unlucky to allow a baby to see itself in a mirror before 
it is a year old. E Y 43 

152. En frk §s en bebi hot soil trm kind W9.sser ime finger- 

hut hole, no schlg,15erts net. {Lb, Lh, Mr, Y; Hei- 
A child will not drool if it is given water to drink out of 

a thimble. 
The first time after childbirth the mother went to fetch 
water, she did so, not in a pail but in her thimble or in 
a vessel of very small content, to prevent the child's 
mouth from continually running saliva. O Scot 6 

153. 'S erscht jor schneit mer me kind di negel net gb, mer 

beisst si §,b, schunscht wsBrts en dib un Isernt 

schtele. {Af) 
Do not cut an infant's nails before it is a year old or it 

will become a thief. 
Das erste jahr soil man die nagel des kindes abbeissen, 

nicht abschneiden, sonst kriegt es lange finger. Alem 

27. 229; G 3. 23 
Never cut an infant's nails until it is a twelvemonth old 

or it will be lightfingered and addicted to stealing. W 

Ir68,C 8A55 

154. W§mmern kind messt wg,xts nimmi. {Af) 

Measure a child and it will cease to grow. 
Misst man die lange eines kindes, dann wachst es nicht 
mehr. Z 32 


To measure a child is to measure it for its coffin. B F 181 

155. W§mmern kind engel best lebts net l^ng. (Lh) 

Call a child "angel" and it will not live long. 

156. En kind gs mer mit weide wipt wsert daerr (Y), oder 

grikt di auszering (C), oder die weitschwelling. 

(Lnc, 8c, Sn) 
A child whipped with willows will emaciate or develop 

tuberculosis or synovitis. 
Man darf das kind nicht mit einer weidenrute strafen 

sonst bekommt es abzehrung. Wu 393 ; 6 3. 416 

157. En kind gs uf di welt kummt nochdem gs sei" fgder 

gschtaerbe is kann faer enich ebbes brauche (Bu), 
fer blohiischte (Be, Y), faers besding.' (Be, D, Lb, 
Lh, Lnc, 8n, Y) 
A posthumous child can cure whooping cough, felons or 

anything else by powwowing. 
Nach des vaters tod geborene kinder haben die kraft, felle, 

die auf den augen wachsen, drei Preitage hinter einan- 

der abzublasen. G 3. 1009 
A posthumous child was said to possess the gift of curing 

almost any disease simply by looking at the patient. 

6 Scot 37 

158. "Wg,nn en kind katzehor ins maul grikt schtaerbts gn 

der aus'zering. {Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Y) 
If a child swallows a cat's hair it will die of tuberculosis. 
Wenn jemand ein katzenhaar schluckt, bekommt er die ab- 
zehrung. Z 800 
You will die if you get a cat's hair into your stomach. 
F /8 i 2. 1 401 

159. En grexich kind lekt mer in en sei nescht bis es wSrm 

is, no ferget em sei" grexe. {Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, Mr, 
Na, Nu, 8c, 8n, Y; Heidelberg) 

Lay a grunting child into a pig's lair to cure it of its 

160. *S kind wu dem no kummt ^s uf der erscht d&k fume 

zeche gebore is is wider en bu (bezw. en medel). 


Waun sich der zeche ^.ber der nekscht dak wexelt 
is 's nechscht wu kumint net fun der seme saert. 
(D, Lh) 

If a child is bom on the first day of a zodiacal sign, the 
next child to be bom will be of the same sex. If how- 
ever the sign of the zodiac changes, the sex of the child 
following will also change. 

Wenn ein frau an einem tage gebiert, auf welchem im 
Kalender noch mehrere tage mit demselben himmels- 
zeichen des tierkreises folgen, so folgen noch ebensoviel 
kinder desselben geschlechts. B S 33. 114. 

"When a birth takes place on the growing of the moon, the 
next child will be of the same sex, but if on the waning 
moon the sex will change. Corn 157 

161. 'S dreizent kind gebt en schpilmg,nn. (Mt) 

The thirteenth child will be a musician, i. e. no good. 

162. Der siBet su' gebt en grosser mg,nn. (D, Lnc, Y) 

The seventh son will be a famous man. 

Der siebente wird schon und gescheid. Slbg 

163. Der siBet su" gebt en paerre odem dokter. {Be, D, Na) 

The seventh son will be a clergyman or a physician. 

Der siebente sohn ist gliickselig etwas zu heilen, pflanzen 

oder sonst auszurichten. G 3. 180 
The seventh son will cure diseases. H 45 

164. Wann en m^jm sex kinner hot fun enre saert is 's silJet 

schur fun der gnre. {Lh, Mr; Heidelberg) 
There are never seven children of the same sex in succession 
in a family. 

165. Mer schtekt en kind &s juscht uf di welt kumme is 

grSd in kg-lt wasser, no waerts haert. {Be, D, Mt, 
Dip the newborn child into cold water immediately after 
birth to harden it. 

166. Gscheite kinner waerre net §lt. {Af) 

Precocious children will not live long. 
Gescheite kinder werden nicht alt, Z 43 


Children prematurely wise are said not to be long-lived. 
D Eng 176 

167. Wann en kind schtaBrbt as noch am drinke war soil 

mer sei" hemm der mutter an di bruscht lege, no 
grikt si ken drubel mit der milich. (Lh; Heidel- 
If a child dies before it is weaned lay its chemise on its 
mother's breasts to prevent them from becoming sore. 

168. Wann en kind aerik heilt hot di mutter hunger kat 

faer ebbes gs si net grikt hot. (C; Heidelberg) 
If a child cries constantly its mother was hungry during 
pregnancy for something which she never got. 

169. Wgnn en kind mit ze" uf di welt kummt is es en 

schleehti sein. {Be, Bu, D, Lnc, Mt, Sn, Y; Heidel- 
It is a bad sign to have a child born with teeth. 

170. 'S siBet kind gebt en grSsser mann. {D, Lnc, Y; 

The seventh child will be a prominent man. 

171. Wammern jung kind drakt un hot selfeert kens aerbts. 

(Bu, Lb, Lnc, Mt, Sn; Heidelberg) 
If you carry a young child and have none of your own 
you wiU soon have one too. 


172. W&nnd kgffi ausschittscht, wgnnd bsuch grikscht, 

kgnnscht 's pikter fume marm oder fr& sene. {Na; 
"When you pour the coffee from the cup you can see from 

the picture in the cup whether your visitor will be a man 

or a woman. 

173. W^mme weibsmensch der frak hinne nufgedret is laft 

re en widmann no. {D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Na, Nu) 

A woman whose skirt turns up in the back has a widower 

as a suitor. 
Schlagt sich der saum des kleides um, so wird man von ei- 

nem witwer geliebt. A A 20 

174. W§,mme weibsmensch der frak hinne nufgedret is, hot 

si en bo {Be, C, D, Lh, Mr, Mt) ; oder si waert dis- 
appoint seller dak (Sn) ; oder si grikt seller dSk 
noch geld, after si muss uf der fr9,k schpaue. {8n) 
If a woman 's dress turns up in the back she has a lover ; or 
it is an omen of disappointment that day ; or she will re- 
ceive some money, but she must spit on her dress. 

175. Wann en weibsmensch en daern oder hek noschleft laft 

re en bo no. {Be, Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, Mt, Na, Nu, Se, 

A bramble in a woman's skirt indicates a lover. 

Hangt sich ein dornenzweig an dich, so will dich ein witwer 
zur frau haben. A A 20 

176. Schpell en fir blettrich gleblat oBich di dlr un der 

erscht mannskaerl as zu der dir nei" kummt gebt 
dei' mann. {Af) 

Pin a four-leafed clover over the door and the first man 
to enter by that door will become your husband. 

Vierblattrigen klee soil man unter die sohlen legen, um eine 
person zu gewinnen. L V 152 
58 ' 


177. Henk en hinkelgnoche olSich di dir un der erscht 

mgnskaerl as rei" kummt gebt dei" mann. (Sn) 
Hang a wishbone above your door and the first man to en- 
ter will bfecome your husband. 

178. Mer soil en firblettrich gleblSt schluke un an sei" bo 

denke, no grikt mem. {Be, Lh, Na, Y) 

You will marry the man whom you think of while swallow- 
ing a four-leafed clover. 

Wer vierblatterigen klee findet, soil ihn wert halten; so- 
lang er ihn hat, wird er gliickselig sein. G 3. 119 

A four leaved clover is a beneficent attractor of the op- 
posite sex. H 25 

179. Eiif di Sent 4gnes a" uf der Sent 4gnes dSk (21. 

Jenner) si sott dich dei" mann sene losse, un sak: 
"St. 4gii6s, sei" en freind zu mir, loss mich di 
nacht mei" man (oder fra) sene. (Lh) 

On St. Agnes' day call upon St. Agnes beseeching her to 
show you your future spouse, saying: "St. Agnes be a 
friend of mine. Permit me this night to see my future 
spouse. ' ' 

Am Andreasabend, vor dem schlafengehen, am besten in 
der mitternach, spricht das heiratslustige madchen : " 
heiliger Andreas, ich bitte dich, du mogest lassen er- 
scheinen den herzallerliebsten meinen, wie er geht imd 
wie er steht, wie er mit mir zur kirche geht, im namen 
usw. Wu 249 

Sweet St. Agnes work thy fast, 

If ever I be to marry man. 

Or man be to marry me, 

I hope him this night to see. H N C 91 

180. Di med in re familie grige ken menner wgmmer p6- 

li§.ne fedre im bans hot. {Lh, Lnc, Y) 
Your daughters will not marry if there are any peacock's 

feathers in your house. 
Pfauenfedern bedeuten iiberhaupt ungliick. Hlbg. 
If peacock feathers are kept in a house for ornament, the 


young ladies in the house need never expect to be mar- 
ried. CFY2.76 

181. W§mmer p6li§,ne fedre im haus hot grige di med in 

der fgmilie menner. (Bu, Mt) 
Tour daughters will get married if you have peacock's 
feathers in the house. 

182. Obeds fer neij5r soil en medl di schtub auskere, no 

kann si ir mann im schpigl sene. {Be, Lnc, Nu, 8n) 

Sweep your room (or parlor?) backwards, on New Year's 

eve, and you will see your future husband in the mirror. 

In der Neujahi-snacht kann ein madchen ihren zukiinftigen 

auf diese weise erkennen: sie kehre nachts van 12 uhr 

nackt und rucklings die stube aus, dann erscheint im 

Spiegel Oder fenster das bild des brautigams. V A S 

1. 469. 

183. Wammer nein olJed nein schtaerne zelt, der erscht as 

mer hands schekt mit, hot der name fum m9.nn gs 
mer grikt. (Nu) 
Count nine stars on nine successive nights, and the first 
man with whom you shake hands bears the name of your 
future husband. 
Count nine stars on nine nights in succession, and the 
first young gentleman with whom you shake hands is to 
be your future husband. C 8 A 270 

184. Wammer ftr zwiWe namt un lekt si oBeds unners bett 

Oder unich der ofe, selli wii maergets ausgewaxe is 
hot der nSme fum mgnn as mer grikt. (Be, Lh, 
Mr, Sn) 

Take four onions, name them and place them under the 
bed or the stove in the evening. The one which has 
sprouted next morning bears the name of your future 
Die Gasteiner dirnen nehmen vier zwiebeln, stellen sie in 
die vier winkel der stube und geben ihnen namen von 
junggesellen ; die zwiebeln lassen sie stehen von "Weih- 
naehten bis auf Dreikonigstag, Wessen zwiebel nun 
keimt, der wird sich als freier nielden. 3. 956 


185. Wammer midd&ks zwischich elf un zwelfe esst dar 

was kummt gebt em sei" mann. {Be, Lh) 
The man who comes to your house between eleven and 
twelve while you are at dinner will be your future hus- 
,aber nur am Neujahrstag. Hlbg. 

186. Wann di mad di drebbe nuf fallt, grikt si en neier bo. 

If a servant girl falls upstairs she will have a new beau. 

187. Wann di mad di drebbe nuf fallt grikt si sibe jor ken 

mann. (Y; Heidelberg) 
If the servant girl falls up stairs she will not marry for 
seven years. 

188. Wann di mSd di drebbe nuf fallt, so fil drebbe as noch 

faer re sin, so ftl jor muss si warte, bis si en m^nn 
grikt. {Be, Lh, Lh, Mr, Mt, Na, 8n, Y) 
If a servant girl falls up stairs, the number of steps to the 

top of the stairs indicates the number of years which will 

elapse before she marries. 

189. Wammer neie schu grikt, soil mer si a'losse fer ins 

bett. Nachts kummt ener fer em si ausdii". Seller 
gebt em sei" mann. {Lh) 
When going to bed, keep on the new shoes which you have 

just bought, and the man who comes to take them off 

will be your future husband. 

190. Wffirs erscht zu re dtr nei" kummt wu en bruschtknoche 

fume hinkel obich der dir henkt gebt sellem medl 
wu en hi'kenkt bot sei" mann. {Be, Bu, C, Lh, Lnc, 
Mr, Mt, Su, Y) 

The first man to enter a room by a door over which a 
wishbone is placed, will become the husband of the girl 
who put it there. 
Put the breastbone of a fowl over the front door and the 
first one of the opposite sex that enters is to be your 
future companion. C 8 A 220 


191. ^ re hochzich soil mer sich kuche mit hein nemme 

un oBeds eb mer ins bett get en schtik defun' unichs 
koppekissi lege. Des wgs mer ngchts dramt defun 
waert em sei" mann (oder frS). (Af) 
Take home with you a piece of wedding cake. Before re- 
tiring put it under your pillow and the person you dream 
of will become your futur^ spouse. 
Am Andreastage nehmen oft' die madchen ihre kleider un- 
ter das kopfkissen um von ihrem zukiinftigeu mann zu 
traumen. Alem. 25, 52 
Place tiny scraps of bridecake under the pillow at night 
to dream of "him". H 9 

192. W^nn en medel bosscht wann en dgtteldautehasrz im 

maul hoscht muss sell medel dich gleiche. (D, T) 
Kissing a girl, with the heart of a turtledove in your mouth, 

acts as a .love charm. 
Dass dich cine lieben muss, nimm eine turteltaubenzung 
ins maul, rede mit ihr lieblich, kiisse sie damach auf 
den mund, so hat sie dich so lieb, dass sie dich nicht mehr 
lassen kann, oder sie kann dir nichts versagen. AM 2, 9 

393. En medl daerf net ^n bulSe denke eb si en mannshemm 
m§che kann un en boi'dek rund ausroUe. {Be, Lnc; 

A girl must not think of marrying until she can make a 
man 's shirt or roll a round pie crust. 

194. Dser wu mer drS," denkt wammern hinkelhaerzel ro 

schlukt gebt em sei" m^nn. (C, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, 
Na, Nu, Sn) 

Swallow a raw chicken heart and the one you are thinking 
of while doing it will be your future husband. 

195. Dr&k en eilehserzel im skh no wannde f il a'gsene sei' 

Witt bei de med. {D, Lb, Mr, Na, Y) 
If you would have the admiration of the opposite sex, 
carry the heart of an owl on your person. 

196. finer §,s ftl S'gsene sei" will bei de med muss finf- 

fingergraut im s&k nodrage. {Be, Lh, Mr, T) 


To gain the admiration of girls carry cinquefoil [potentilla 
canadensis) in your pocket. 

Die wurzel des fiinffingerkrauts Johannis vor sonnenauf- 
gang gegraben hilft zu mancherlei und erwirbt dem, der 
sie bei sich tragt, die zuneigung andrer. G 3. 850 

197. En droppe blut aus em linke glene finger me medl ins 

wasser gedii" macht sell medl em mann wus dut no- 
ISfe. (Lnc) ^ 

A drop of blood taken from the little finger of a man's 
left hand and put into the water which a girl is about 
to drink, will cause her to fall in love with him. 
WoUte man jemanden sich geneigt machen, so musste man 
einen tropfen schweiss von sich ins essen or in den trunk 
fallen lassen, den die geliebte person zu sich nahm, und 
sie war gezwungen zu lieben. Z f D Ml. 242 

198. Wgnn en weibsmensch sich f erschlappt iberm wesche 

grikt si en sifer. (5e, Lh, Lnc, Nu) 

If a woman wet her apron in washing her husband will 

be a drunkard. 
Weibsbilder oder frauennamen, so beim waschen nasse 

sehiirze bekommen, kriegen einen trinker zum mann. 

A 8 1. 415 
If a maid gets her clothes very wet when she is washing, she 

will have a drunken husband. C F L & B 1. G6; C 8 

4 368 

199. W§nnd zum medl witt un si will dich net, nemm zuker, 

dii'' den unich der arm bis er warm is un ire no ins 

drinke, no losst si dich. {Na, Y) 

Sugar which is held in the armpit until warm acts as an 

I aphrodisiac if put into the drink of a girl who spurns 
your advances. 

Man tragt obst, besonders einen apfel, oder weissbrot, oder 
ein stlick zucker so lange auf der blossen haut imter dem 
arme bis er vom schweiss durchdrvmgen ist und gibt es 
dem anderen (d. h. dem madchen) zu essen. Wu 366 


200. Schel en §bbel so as di schal g^nz bleibt un schmeis 

selli schal no iber di links schulter, Der buschtgfee 

wus ing,cht fgngt em seim bo sei" name a". (Bu, D, 

Lb, Lh, Lnc, Na, Nu) 

Pare an apple and then throw the whole paring on the floor 
over your left shoulder. The letter formed will be the 
initial of your beau's name. 

Wenn man einen apfel vom butzen zum stiel schalt, und 
zwar alles an einem stiick, diese schale sodann riickwarta 
iiber sich wirft, dann kommt der anfangsbuchstabe des 
kiinftigen mannes zum vorschein. V A 8 1. 478 

October 28th is the most propitious day for the dis- 
covery of the future one's initials. Take a fine round 
apple, peel it in one whole length. Take the paring. . 
in the right hand . . drop it over the left shoulder and it 
will form the initial of your future husband's name; if 
it breaks in pieces, you will die an old maid. H 70 

201. Mer soil en scblissel in di bibel lege §n der schtell 

Hohelied 8, 7. Wammer an der buschdaBe kummt 

"wii em seim bo sei' name a"fangt mit, dret sich der 

schlissel in der bibel. {Be, Bu) 

Take a key and place it in a bible on the seventh verse of 
the eighth chapter of the Song of Solomon. When you 
reach the initial letter of your sweetheart's name the 
key will turn in the bible. 

Die schliisselprobe geschieht f olgendermassen : in ein ge- 
sangbuch wird ein schliissel gesteckt, urn das buch ein 
band gebunden, dann der ring des eingesteckten schliis- 
sels auf die finger gesetzt, so dass er darauf umlauft, 
und nun geschehen fragen. G 3. 932. 

Divinations also by Bible and key. ct H N C 235-7 

If two persons wish to marry, they must take the churchkey 
and place it over Song of Solomon 8, 6-7. C F Suf 1. 95 

202. Mer muss blei schmelze un no daerich en loch ime 

schlissel in en gl&s wasser du" un w^se^'er di mottle 
sin, sell hgndwaerk hot der mann as mer grikt. 
(Be, D, Lh, Lh, Na, 8c, Y) 


Pour molten lead into a glass of water through the hole of 
a key. The figures thus formed represent the occupa- 
tion of your future husband. 

Giesst eine ledige in der Christnacht heiss blei in kaltes 
wasser, so bildet sich das handwerksgerat ihres kiinftigen 
brautigams. O 3. 97 ; 6? 3. 579 ; J5 /S 33 p 124 ; 6. und 7. 
Buck Moses p. iOO; C 8 A 288; H 5 

203. Koch en oi haert, schneits in der mitt dsericli un fill 
e" helft mit sals. Ess selli una wasser gedrunke un 
ge" no hinnerschich di schtek nuf f er ins bett. Der 
mgnnskaerl as dir n§,chts wasser bringt gebt dei" 
mann. (Be, Lh) 

Boil an egg hard, cut it in halves and fill one of them 
with salt. Eat this without drinking water, going back- 
ward up the stairs to bed. The man who will bring you 
water during the night will become your husband. 
Boil an egg hard, take out the yolk, and fill its place with 
salt. Eat it before going to bed. The one you dream of 
as bringing you water is your future husband. To be 
done by two girls in silence, going backward as they re- 
tire. C 8 A228;Dy 33 
If the dumbcake be eaten, strict silence must be observed 
from the moment the slice is cut. The person walks back- 
ward from the room, up the stairs, and after undressing 
goes to bed, still backwards. It is presumed that happy 
dreams of ' ' the loved one ' ' will occupy the hours of slum- 
ber. H12 

204. Wanns gschaerrwasser kocbt grikt mer silSe j5r ken 
mann. (Af; Neustadt) 

A boiling tea kettle is a sign of not getting married for 
seven years. 


205. Es heiere fil Dunnerschdakmargets frt. (D, Nu, 8n) 

There are many weddings early on Thursday mornings. 

206. Dinschdak un Duimerschdak sin di hoch'zichdSk. {Be, 

Bu, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, Nu, Sc, Sn, Y) 
Tuesday and Thursday are favorite wedding days. 
Zum heiraten ist der Dienstag gut. A 8 1. 390; Donners- 
tags heirat, gliickheirat. Wu 60. 

207. Es gebt a del hochziche Sunndaks. (J) 

There are some weddings on Sunday. 
Sunday is an exceptionally fortunate day upon which to 
enter the holy state. H 22 

208. Sginschdaks is der hochzichd&k unich de steilische 

leit un de nlger. {Lnc) 

Saturday is the wedding day among society folk and 

Hochzeiten werden gewohnlich am Samstag gehalten. Z 11& 

209. Es heiern a ftl Mittwochs. (D) 

Many weddings are held on Wednesday. 

210. Sg.mschdak un Sunnd&k sin di beschte hochzich d&k. 

{Be, C, Lb. Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na, 8c) 
Saturday and Sunday are the best wedding days. 
Sunday is an exceptionally fortunate day on which to enter 
the holy state. H 22 

211. Mer soil heire wann di zoier fun re ur eBer'schich 

gene, §,lso noch de sex ur. {D, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Y) 
Marry when the hands of the clock are moving upward, 

that is, after six o'clock. 
Das ehepaar bekommt viele kinder, wenn es sich zwischen 

llund 12 uhr, also den hochsten stundenzahlen trauen 

lasst. B M20 



212. Mer soil in ebbes gilentes heiere fer glik. {Be, D, 

Lnc, Mt, Na, Sn, T; Freiburg) 
Marry in something borrowed. 

213. Wann zwe in enre fgmilie heire ime jor hen si ken 

glik. (Af; Heidelberg) 

Two weddings in one family and within a year are unlucky. 

214. W§nn zwe par mingnner heire heiert 's ent em annere 

's glik wek. (Af; Heidelberg) 

If two couples are married at the same time by the same 
clergyman, one of them will be unhappy. 

215. Wammem schwaerzi katz a^'drefft nf em wek zum 

paerre fer heire bedeits as mer schlecht glik hot. 

{Be, C, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na, Sc, Y ; Heidelberg) 

It is a bad omen to meet a black cat when on one's way to 

the clergyman to get married. 
To meet a priesl, hare, cat, dog, lizard or serpent on 

going to church to get married was considered unlucky. 

C P <fc P 489 

216. Wann en weibsmensch heire will soil si di katz aus 

trm schii ftdre fer glik. {Lh, Sn) 

"When a girl is anxious to marry, she should feed the cat 

from her shoe. 
Wenn madchen heiraten woUen, sollen sie der katze 

schmeicheln und sie gut fiittern. Z 88 

217. Des was sei" hochzich gleder 's letscht auswert is der 

bas. {Lnc) 

Of a married couple the one who wears out the wedding 
clothes last will be boss in the family. 

218. Der erscht maerge as en par keiert hen dserf der mann 

seinre fra di hose net a'bite schunscht muss er sich 

sei" lebdak fun ire base losse. 

If a man offer his trousers to his wife the first morning of 

wedded life he will be henpecked. 
dann hat die f rau die hosen und zum mann sagt man, 

du steekst unter dem pantoffel. Slbg. 


219. En medl as ftl lacht uf der dak as si heiert muss in 

ire lebenszeit fil heile, (Af) 

A laughing bride becomes a weeping wife. 

Eine lachende braut wird eine weinende braut. Z 128 

220. Wi der dak as mer heiert, so di fginilie. Wanns 

regert hot mem schtru151iehi fgmilie (di fra muss fil 
heile) ; wanns schtaermt, fechte di leit fil (Af) ; is 
der dei'henker 16s. {Sc) 

As the weather on the weddingday, so the married life. 
Rain foreshadows trouble and sorrow; storm: quarrel or 

the devil is to pay. 
Grosser sturm am hochzeitstage oder bei der brautwasche 

bedeutet eine stiirmische ehe. 5 £f 33 p 118 

221. Wammer heiert ime schneschtaerm wsert mer reich. 

Marry in a snowstorm and you will become rich. 
Am hochzeitstage bedeutet sehnee eine gliickliehe ehe. G 
3. 1051 

222. Wanns me par uf die reder schnet uf der hochzichdak 

bleiBe si net lang beinanner. (Mt) 
If it snows on the carriage containing the bridal couple, 
they will soon separate. 

223. Di gleder as mer a"hot an seinre hochzich daerf mer 

net ausdii'' fer nacht, schunscht hot mer ken glik. 
(Lh; Heidelberg) 

Changing one's wedding clothes before night brings bad 

224. Wgnns regert wann en par heiert gelbts rotziche 

kinner. (C, Na; Heidelberg) 

If it rains while a couple is being married, they will have 
snivelling children. 

225. Wgnns schtasrmich is der d&k faer der hochzich be- 

deits druBel faer di fra; uf der hochzichdak faer der 
mann. (Be, D, Y; Freiburg) 

Stormy weather on the day before the wedding forebodes 
trouble for the bride ; on the wedding day, for the groom. 


226. Drei dak fser re ^misclie hochzich muss der m§,nn gs 

beire will seinre zukinf tiche f ra helf e 's sach f er 

di hochzich zur^cht grtge. (Lnc) 

Three days before an Amisli wedding the groom-to-he goes 

to the home of his prospective bride to aid in preparing 

for the wedding. 
Die brautleute diirfen an den letzten drei nachten vor der 

trauung nicht unter einem dache sehlafen. Z 111 

227. Wammer di hochzichgleder grad auswert waert mer 

reich. (Nu; Freiburg) 

"Wear out yonr wedding garments quickly and you will 
be wealthy. 

228. Leit as zu nix emaunte grige di deitsch b^nd in unner 

M§,ngamri, in ober Mangamri grikt si schir enich 
ebber. Wann si si net grige mene si in Bseriks, 
ober Boks un im nnnre end fun LechU si dete net 
giit schte". {Be, Bu, Lh, Mt, No) 
In lower Montgomery the ne 'er-do-well have a calathum- 
pian serenade ; in upper Montgomery almost every newly 
wedded couple is serenaded; in Berks, upper Bucks and 
the lower end of Lehigh the lack of a serenade is inter- 
preted as a lack of regard. 

229. Di hochzichgleder daerf mer sich net selbert mache, 

schnnscht hot mer ken glik. {Be, Lh, Lnc, Na, Sn, 


You will have no luck if you make your own trousseau. 

Das brautkleid darf sich die braut nie selbst nahen, da 

sie sonst in der ehe sorge und kummer hat, so dass sie 

es nicht ertragen kann. A A 22 

230. Fume neie keierte par, des wus erscht ins bett get 

schtaerbt s erscht. {C, Lb, Lnc, Y ; Lustnau) 
The first to go to bed on the wedding night will be the first 
to die. 

231. Wann en pSr as juscht keiert hen ins bett gen, dee wus 

erscht ei'schloft gSts erscht d5d. {Nu) 


"When a couple has just heen married, the first to fall asleep 

will be the first to die. 
"Wer von den brautleuten zuerst einschlaft, stirbt zuerst. 

O 3. 717 
The first to go to sleep on the wedding night will be the 

first to die. V S L 2. 9i 

232. So fil fegel as mer sent uf sei" hochzichdS,k, so fil 

kinner grikt mer, {D, Y) 

The number of birds seen on your wedding day indicates 
the number of your children. 

To see a flight of birds as a couple go to church to be mar- 
ried foretells many children. V 8 L 2. 6& 

233. Wgnn en medel in schwserze gleder heiert muss si fll 

drauergleder vrere. {Be, Bu, C, Lh, Mr, Mr, Na 
Nu, 8n, Y) oder hot unglik. {Be, Lh, Lns, 8n) 
If a girl wears a black wedding dress, she willl wear a 

mourner's weeds or will have bad luck. 
Wenn eine braut am hochzeitstage ein schwarzes kleid 

tragt, bedeutet es ungliick. Z 119 
It is unlucky to wear a black dress at a wedding. V 8 L 

2.1.277 iC 8 AS36 

234. En hochzich daerf mer net ufschibe oder mer hot ken 

glik. {Af; Heidelberg) 
Postponing a wedding day brings bad luck. 
It is bad luck to alter the day fixed for a wedding or a 
christening. V 8 L 2. 1. 233 

235. Wann en jingers ausre f^milie heiert misse di eldre 

lettiche schweschtre in seidne schtrimp dgnze. {Lh, 


If a younger sister marries before her older sisters, the 

older ones must dance in silk stockings. 
Green stockings were sent to any elder sister in Scotland 

if a younger sister was married before her, that she 

might wear them as a forsaken maiden at the dance which 

followed the wedding. J5 F 114 


236. W§,nn en jingers heiert, misse di eldre lettiche 

gschwischdre ime seidrok danze, {Be, Bu, D, Lb, 
Mt, Na, Nu, Sc) oder der bgkofe reite. (Af) 
If the youngest member of a family gets married the older 
single members must dance in a pig's trough, or they 
must ride on the bakeoven. 
Another curious custom which was once practiced in dif- 
ferent parts of the country was that of the elder sister 
dancing in a hog's trough in consequence of her younger 
sister marrying before her.... It was considered most 
correct to dance in green stockings. Dy id; C 8 A 

237. En medel muss ftl heile wanns regert uf der dak wus 

heiert. (Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na, Nu, 8c, 


A rainy wedding day forebodes a tearful married life. 

Wenn's am hochzeitstage regnet oder schneit, 

Hat das brautpaar streit. Z 141 

If it rains while the wedding party are on the journey to or 

from church, then a life of unhappiness is to be expected. 

D Eng 199 

238. En medl as net heilt wanns heiert muss fil heile 

noch'hjer. (Lnc) 

A laughing bride makes a weeping wife. 

Wenn die braut nicht bei der trauung weint, muss sie in 

der ehe viel weinen. Z 143 
The bride should weep on her wedding day. Dy 40 

239. Im Moi gebls ganz we'nich hoch'ziche. (Be, Bu, Lb, 

Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, 8c, Y) 

There are very few weddings in May. 

Im Mai werden keine hochzeiten gehalten, weil es der 

eselmonat ist. Z 116 
Marry in May and you'll rue the day. Dy 37 

240. W9,nn en witfra heiert soil si uf tr hochzichdSk en 

pSr hose flike. (Lnc) 


A widow should mend a pair of trousers on the day that 

she marries again. 
Wenn eine witwe heiratet, soil sie am hochzeittage eine hose 

flieken. Z 145 

241. Wammer gele blume an sich hot uf der hochzichdak 

hot mer ken glik. {Lnc, Na) 

Yellow flowers are unlucky on one's wedding day. 

Gelbe blumen bei hochzeiten bedeuten ungliick. Z 117 

242. Wann en mann heiert muss er uf seim hochzichdak 

en hemm a'halSe as sei" medl im gschenkt hot. (Lnc) 
A man should wear on his wedding day a shirt which his 

bride gave him. 
Der brautigam muss am hochzeitstage ein hemd tragen, das 

ihm die braut geschenkt hat. Z 137 

243. So lang as di hochzichgleder net ausgewore sin hot 

mer ken glik. (C, Lb, Lnc, Na, Sn, Y; Neiistadt) 
You will not be lucky until your wedding garments are 
worn out. 

244. Mer waert net reich bis mer sei" hochzichgleder ausge- 

wore hot. {Mt, Na) 

You will not be rich until your wedding clothes are worn 

245. Wammer heiert muss mer ibern besem schttl tschumpe 

ferglik. (Af) 

To have luck in married life, jump over a broomstick after 
the wedding. 

246. W§nn en par as juscht keiert hen hem kumme misse 

si ibern besem schritte, n5 wserre si net ferhext. 
{Be, Bu, C, Lb, Lnc, Mr, Na, Nu, 8c, Y) 

To prevent being bewitched a newly married couple should 
step over a broom on entering their house. 

Wenn ein ehepaar das haus zum erstenmal betritt, muss es 
iiber einen besen schreiten ; dann wird es nicht verhext. 

MARBU6E. 73 

247. W§,im en nei keiert p&r 's erschtmol in ir haus kumme 

misse si item besem schritte, no wserre si net fer- 
hext. {Be, Bu, Lb, Lh, Mr, Mt, Na, Nu, Sc, Sn, Y) 
When a newly wedded couple enter their own home for the 

first time they must step over a broom to prevent their 

being bewitched. 
Wenn ein neues ehepaar das haus zum ersten mal betritt, 

muss es &ber einen besen schreiten; dann wird es nicht 

verhext. Z 135 

248. 'S is schlecht glik f er me gs ens ausre fgrnilie zu heire 

in em jor. (Lh) 

It is bad luck for more than one of a family to get married 
within a year. 


249. Wg,miner faerm maergeesse f erzelt w&s mer di ngcht de- 

fer' gedrSmt hot wjerts wor. {Na; Freiburg) 
Relate the dream before breakfast and it will come true. 
C 8 A589 

250. Wftminer drSmt di geil gengde em daerich gebts 

rege. {Na) 

Dreaming of a runaway is a sign of rain. 

Es geht einem etwas durch. Hlbg. 

251. W§.mmer dramt mer det numierfgUe det mer in sinde 

fgUe. (Be, Lnc, Sc) 

If you dream of falling you will commit sin. 

Dann gibts ungliick. Hlbg. 

252. W§,mmer dramt funre leicht gebts en hochzich. {C, 

D, Lnc, Mt, Na, Nu, Sc, Y; Heidelberg) 

To dream of a funeral means a wedding. C 8 A 568 

253. Wgmmer dramt f mi katze bringt ebber en seriger lige- 

schtreit uf wegich em ebae'rtich wgnn si em beisse. 

(Be, C, Lnc, Y) 

If you dream of cats and especially if you are bitten by 

them you will be the subject of a scandal. 
Dann gibt's streit. Hlbg. 

254. Wgmmer fun milich dr&mt f^Ut mer aerik in lib mit 

ebber. (Lh, Mr) 

Dream of milk and you will fall violently in love. 
Wenn ein madchen oft von milch traumt, kommt sie zu 
faU. Wu 228 

255. W&mmer drSmt fun schne gebts ebbes gs em net 

bgsst. (C, Lb, Lh, Mr, Na; Freiburg) 
Something inopportune will happen if you dream of snow. 


256. Wammer fun oier dramt, gebts schtreit. {Af) 

Breaming of eggs indicates a quarrel. 

Wenn einem von eiem traumt, so bedeutet es streit und 

feindschaft. Alem 19. 166 ; Z 262 
To dream of eggs indicates that something is coming to 

cause much annoyance. G Scot 29 

257. W&mmer fun drekich wasser drSmt bedeits drutJel 

odern leicht. {Be, D, Lh, Mr, Mt, Na, Nu, 8c, 8n, Y) 
Dreaming of muddy water means trouble or a death. 
Wenn einem von triibem wasser traumt, so hat man bald 

verdruss. D M 2. 29 2 
If you dream of dirty water, bad news is at hand. H 31 

258. Wgrnmer dramt fun gross un drib wg-sser schtaerbt 

ens. (Af) 

Dreaming of high and muddy water is a sign of a death. 

259. W9.mmer fun hell w^ser drSmt bedeits glik (C, D, 

Lb, Mr, Mt, Na, 8c, 8n, Y) oder giite neiiclik§te 
(Lnc, Y) oder mer grikt gelt gschenkt inseit me 
miinet. (Lnc) 
Dreaming of clear water brings good luck or good news or 

a present of money within a month. 
Wenn man von wasser traumt, ist es ein schlechtes zeichen. 

Z 263-266 
Dreaming of water, if it be clear, will bring you good news. 


260. Wammer drSmt fun wasser bedeits drubel odern 

leicht. (Af) 

Dreaming of water means trouble or a funeral. 

Wenn jemand von wasser oder wasche traumt, stirbt je- 

mand aus der verwandschaft. DM2. 421. 61 
To dream of water means coming disease. 6 Scot 29 

261. Wammer drSmt fun hoch wasser bedeits en dod. {Y; 


Dreaming of high water is an omen of death. 

262. Fume dode drSme bedeit glik. {Be, Lb, Lnc; Heidel- 

It is a good omen to dream of the dead. 


263. W§mnier drSmt funre leicht gebts rege {Af) oder 

hoch wasser. {8c) 

Dreaming of a funeral is a sign of rain or high water. 

To dream of the dead is a sign of rain. C 8 A 501 

264. Es gebt hochzich wammer dramt fume dode. (F) 

Dreaming of the dead means a wedding. 
Ein traum von sterben bedeutet eine hochzeit in der ver- 
wandtschaft, und umgekehrt. L F 94 

265. Wammern pserti mgcht fer ebber, was mer selli ng,cht 

dramt waert wor. {Bu; Freiburg) 

If you give a party for some one, what you dream the 

night before the party will come true. 
Dreaming about balls, dances etc., indicates good fortune. 

266. Was mer dramt ame blatz wu mers erschtmol schloft 

waert wor. {Af) 

What you dream the first night you are in a strange house 

will come true. C 8 A 581 
Wenn jemand zaxn. erstenmal in ein haus kommt und darin 

schlaft, was ihm die erste nacht traumt, das wird wahr. 

GB 188 

267. Zel di balge im haus wuds erschtmol schlofscht un 

W9,s de selli nacht dramscht waert wor. {C, D, 
Sc, T) 

Count the crossbeams in the house in which you are sleep- 
ing for the first time and your dreams will come true. 

268. Wammer ime neie oder f remme haus schloft soil mer 

di dreppe zele ifierm schteknufge". Wg,s mer selli 

nacht dramt waert wor. {Af) 

Wer zum erstenmal in ein neues haus oder gemach kommt 

und darin schlaft, was ihm die erste nacht traumt, wird 

wahr. 6 3. 123 

269. Wgmmer driimt mer hett en zS" ferlore schtsrbt ens 

aus der f^milie. {Be, Lh, Lh, Na, 8c; Heidelberg) 
If you dream of having lost a tooth, some one in your fam- 
ily will die. 


If you dream that your teeth fall out, it signifies much sick- 
ness. n31;cf C 8A552. 

270. Dei" beschter freind schtaBrbt w&nnde dr&mscht dii 

hettscht en za" ferlore. (Sc) 

You will lose your most intimate friend if you dream that 

you had lost a tooth. 
If you dream of having a front tooth drop out, you will 

lose a near relative. C S A 552 

271. Wammer dr&mt mer grecht en zk~ geroppt uns det 

serik bliite sehtaerbt en ganz nekschter freint. {Be, 
Lh, Na) 

If you dream that there was profuse bleeding after the 
extraction of a tooth, a near relative will die. 

272. Wgmmer dramt mer grecht der federscht zi" geroppt 

sehtaerbt en nekschter freind. {Be, C, D, Lh, Lnc, 
Mr, Sc, 8n, Y) 

If you dream of having your front tooth extracted you will 
lose a near relative. 

273. Wammer dramt mer grecht en za" geroppt uns det 

we, schtserbt en f erwanter oder ens aus der f amilie. 

{C, D, Lb, Lnc, Mr, Mt, 8c, Sn; Heidelberg) 

If you dream of the painful extraction of a tooth, a relative 

or a member of your family will die. 
Teeth, to dream of, are the most unlucky of all things. H 31 

274. Wammer dramt mer grecht en zk~ geroppt uns det net 

we, sehtaerbt en freind. {D, Lb, Lnc, Na, Sc, Sn, 
Y; Heidelberg) 

Dreaming of the painless extraction of a tooth forebodes 
the death of a friend. 

275. Wgmmer drSmt mer kennt di gleder net finne, will 

mer aergets hi" §,ber mer kummt net hi". {C, Lb, Lh, 
Lnc, Mr, Na, Nu, Y ; Heidelberg) 
Dreaming that you cannot find your clothes is a sign that 
you will wish to go somewhere but will not succeed. 


276. Mer hert bgU fun re leicht wgmmer dramt mer det 

fil esse sene. {Be, C, Lb, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Nu, Sn, T) 
If you dream of a big meal you will soon hear of a funeral. 
Der traum von einer grossen mahlzeit bedeutet einen todes- 

faU. Z f D M2.100 
Breaming of eating portends sickness and death. H 29 

277. Fun re hochzich drame bedeit en leicht. (C, Lb, Lnc, 

Mt, Nu, 8c, Sn, 7) 

To dream of a wedding means a funeral. 

Wenn einem von hochzeiten traumt, bedeutet es einen bal- 

digen todesfall in der verwandt- oder nachbarschaft. 

,To dream of a wedding is grief and death will follow. Ir 


278. Wgs mer Freidakngchts dramt waert w6r. {Nu; 


What you dream on Friday night will come true. 

Friday night's dream, on the Saturday told, 

Is sure to come true, be it ever so old. D Eng 243 

279. Wammer dramt fume dode gebts wlscht wetter. (C, 

D, Lb, Lh, Mr. Na; Heidelberg) 
To dream of the dead is a sign of rain. C S'A 501; 6 
Scot 29. 

280. Mer grikt sehtreit wammer dramt fun k§.tze. {Bu, C, 

Lnc, Na) 

Dream of cats and you will quarrel. 

281. Wammer dr&mt fume schwserze gaul grikt mem 

brif. (C) 

Dream of a black house and you will receive a letter, cf. 
C 8 AiSG 

282. Wsmmer drSmt fun schlg,nge un ferzelts der nekscht 

dSk gebts sehtreit. {Lb) 

If you dream of snakes and relate your dream next day 
a quarrel will ensue. 



283. W&miner dramt fun schlange gebts schtreit. (Af) 

To dream of snakes means enemies. C 8 A 474 

284. W§mmer dramt fun schwserze geil gebt's schtreit, 

{Bu, Lh, Mt, 8c) 

Dreaming of black horses is a sign of a quarrel. 


285. Warm em di hSrschpelle net bleifie woUe will ebber 

zu em schwetze. (C, Lnc, Na, Nu, Y) 
If your hairpins keep coming out some one is thinking of 
you and wants to talk to you. 

286. Wami en weibsmensch ir schserz flikt hot si ken glik 

me. (Be, Lh, Lnc; Heidelberg) 

If a woman mends her apron she spoils her luck. 

287. Wannd iberm karteschpile gewinne witt, sottscht en 

firblettrich gleblat im sak drage. (Lh) 

Carry a four-leafed clover in your pocket, if you would 

win at cards. 
The possessor of the four leafed shamrock will have luck 

in gambling and racing. Ir 2. 103 

288. Wann maergets en schpinn gegich em kummt kammer 

bsuch ekschpekte. {Lb, Lnc) 

If a spider comes toward you in the morning you may ex- 
pect company. 

289. Wann en schpinn maergets gege em kummt grikt mer 

schtreit. {Lnc, T) 

If a spider comes toward you in the morning you will have 
a quarrel. 

290. Wgmmer ebber ebbes schaBrfes oder schpitziches 

schenkt, ferschneits di lib onless' si gebe der en sent. 


Presenting anyone with a sharp or pointed gift will sever 
friendship unless a cent is given in return. 

If a small coin or other article be given in exchange for 
a knife, etc. given as a present, no evil result will fol- 
low. E Y 4.6 

291. Wgnn sich blose uf der kaffi schtelle, soil mer si grSd 

abschame, sell is geld. {Af) 


Bubbles on a cup of coffee signify money. 

A sediment of the sugar in the form of froth rising to the 

top of the cup of tea is a sign that a present of money 

is coming. V 8 L 2. 1. 318; C S A 714 

292. Di blose §,s sicli ausewennich rum uf der kaffi schtelle 

sin geld. (Lb) 

The bubbles collecting on coffee on the rim of the cup are 

293. Di blose -wii sich uf der kaffi schtelle soil mer esse. 


Eat the bubbles collecting on coffee. 

294. Wammer fserm maBrge esse nist grikt mer seller dak 

bsuch. {Be, Lb, Lnc, Y) 

Sneezing before breakfast is a sign of company that day. 

G SA1%& 

295. Wammer ebbes winscht wgmi en schtaern fallt waerts 

wor. {Af) 

A wish made when a shooting star falls will come true. 

Wenn man, wahrend man eine sternschnuppe fallen sieht, 
einen wunsch tut, geht er in erfiillung. Z 1069 

If you see a shooting star, the wish you form before its dis- 
appearance will be fulfilled. V 8 L 2. \. 29,0; G S A 

296. Wammer Sunndaks di finger oder zee negel abscbneit, 

muss mer sich noch scheme. {Af; Lustman) 

If you cut your nails on Sunday you will do something 

you are ashamed of before the week is out. C 8 A 618 
It is unlucky to cut one 's nails on Sunday. H 54 

297. Wg,mmer runde lecher in di schiisole laft, wsert mer 

reich, {Af) 

Wearing round holes in the soles of your shoes is a sign 

of riches. 
"Wer ein rundes loch in die schuhsohle tritt wird reich. 

A 8 1. 397 
To wear out shoes and stockings on the ball or sole of the 

foot brings money. V 8 L 2. ^3 


298. "Wammer sich am disch ebbes nemmt un 's fgUt em, 

sUkt mer : wSr hot mers f ergunnt. (Af) 

If you are helping yourself to some food at the table and 

it falls, you usually say: who has begrudged it to me? 
Wenn ein stiick brot aus der hand fallt, ist es einem nicht 

gegonnt. Z 291 

299. Wann em die hand beisst soil mer si gxi holz reilbe. 


If your hand itches, rub it on wood. 

300. W^mme mensch di federschte ze" weit ausengmier 

schten, get er weit fun hem. (Bu) 

A person whose incisors are far apart will travel far from 

Wer weit auseinander stehende zahne hat, macht grosse 

reisen. Z 263 

301. Wgmme weibsmensch der frak hinne nufgedret is 

soil si druf schpautze, no grikt si en neier. (Y) 
If a woman 's dress is turned up in the back she should spit 
on it ; then she will get a new dress. 

302. Wammem lod hoi sent un grad druf winscht im di 

lod no nimmi fi-gukt, waert em sei" wunsch wor. {Lh, 
Na; Heidelberg) 

When you see a load of hay, make a wish on it ; do not look 
at the hay again and your wish will come true. 

303. Wammern schtrel fgUe losst waert mer disg,ppoint 

oder mer muss sich scheme. {Lnc, Nu) 

If while combing your hair you drop the comb ,you will be 

disappointed or have cause for shame. 
Dann gibt es was, wo einem nicht passt. Hlbg. 

304. Wann em di nas beisst grikt mem boss. {Lb, Y) 

If your nose itches, you will be kissed. 

305. W^nn em die nas beisst grikt mem brtf. {Be, D, 

Lnc, Mt, Na, Y) 

If your nose itches you will get a letter. 

Beisst es einem in der nase, so erfahrt man bald eine neu- 

igkeit. B 8 33^.125; Z 161; S H S 251 


306. W&nn em der fi.rsch beisst mints en gut butterjSr. 


An itching anus indicates a good butter year. 
Juckt einem der riicken, so wird die butter wohlfeiler. 
Z fDMi.Vlb 

307. Wgmmem weisser gaul sent sent mer glei en r5t- 

kopp. (C, D, Lb, Lnc, Mt, Nu, 8c, 8n, T) 
See a white horse, meet a red head. 

308. En teleffel fgUe bedeit ^s mer disappoint wsert. {Be, 

C, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Na, Nu, Sc, 8n, Y; Freiburg) 
The falling of a teaspoon indicates a disappoinment. 

309. Wgnn en grosser leffel fgUt kummt en bretmaul ins 

bans. {Be, Na) 

When a large spoon falls a braggart or an impudent per- 
son will soon appear. 
. . . .Dann kommt ein "sprichglobber". Hlhg. 

310. E" hane gret : do is giit wune ; der anner gret : 's waert 

net lang wsere. {Af; Freiburg) 
One cock crows, it is good to be here ; the other, don't crow, 
it won 't last long. 

311. Wgnn ens am schpigel schtet un 's scbtellt sich ens 

hinne 9,ns nn gukt nei"waerts disg.ppoint. {Be, Lnc, 

Looking over one's shoulder into a mirror will cause dis- 

312. W9,nn ens am schpigel schtet un 's schtellt sich ens 

hinne dra" un gukt nei" muss sell sich noch scheme. 
{D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Nu, 8g; Freiburg) 
Looking over some one's shoulder into a mirror will bring 

313. Wgnn ens nachts im bett nlst is di nekscht ngcht ens 

me oder ens wenicher. {Lh; Freiburg) 
If you sneeze in bed, some one mil come or depart within a 


314. W§,iamer mEergets grSd aus em bett schpringt ■wain- 

mer waker waert, fallt mer noch seller d&k, {Bu, 
Lh, Mt, Ncn; Kaiserslautern) 

Jump out of bed immediately on getting awake and you 
will have a fall during the day. 

315. Wammer sich ebbes am disch nemmt wii mer schun 

dafun uf em deller hot, secbt mer gewenlich: es 

kummt noch ebber bmigriches oder armes. (A/; 


The taking of an article of food at the table which you al- 
ready have on your plate indicates the coming of a poor or 
hungry person. 

316. W§mid en schpinn a~dreffscht sottscht si f erdrike, no 

grikscht ken wei hand. (Be, C, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Nu, 

8c, Sn, Y) oders besding. (Mr) 

Killing a spider at sight prevents sore hands ; or felons. 

317. Wffir sich 's letscht schtik brot uf em deller nemmt 

gebt en alt medel. {Af; Freiburg) 
Whoever eats the last piece of bread will be an old maid. 
C8A 1277 

318. Wammer ebbes net so as es en ring macht gebts en 

hochzich. (Bu, C, Lh^Mr,Y) 

If in sewing the material curls into a ring, it signifies a 

319. W^nn em di nfis beisst kmnmt en schpilicher, en 

Bchtibelmann. (Be, C, Lh, Mr, Mt, Na, 8c, Sn; 

If your nose itches it is a sign that a passionate person is 
coming to see you. 

320. Wann der hund nf em schwgnz rumfart gebts hoch- 

zich. {D, Lnc, Y; Freiburg) 

If a dog slides on his rump it signifies a wedding. 

321. "Wann en medel peift muss si schur en hurekind uf- 

ztge. {Be, Lh, Lnc, Y; Niirtingen) 

A whistling girl will surely have a bastard child. 


322. Wammer der bruschtguoche fume hinkel ferbrecht, 

des §,8 es kaerz schtik grikt heiert 's erscht. (Be, 
Bu, C, Lh, Mr, Mt, Na, Nu, 8c, 8n) ; 's letscht (Y) 
"When breaking the wishbone of a chicken, the one who gets 

the shorter piece will be the first to marry; the last. 
Whoever in pulling the merry thought of fowl apart gets 

the smaller half will be the first to marry. V S L 2. 332 

323. Wammer der bruschtgnoche fume hinkel ferbrecht, 

des, ■wias di schipp grikt lebt lenger as des w§.s di 
gruphak grikt, danns hot di schipp f er helfe 's an- 
ner zu begrabe. (Be, C, D, Lh, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, 
Na, Nu, Y; Stuttgart) 

When breaking the wishbone of a chicken, the person get- 
ting the longer piece will die first, (lit. the person get- 
ting the shovel will live longer than the person getting 
the mattock, for he has the shovel with which to help 
bury the other.) 

324. Wammer uf bsuch get un schtolpert mit em rechte 

fus eb mer ins haus kummt is mer willkomme. 

Wammer mit em linke schtolpert gengt mer besser 

wider hem . (Af) 

If in going visiting you stiunble with the right foot you will 
be welcome ; but if you stumble with the left foot, you 
had better return home at once. G 8 A 1328 

Wenn man stolpert, ist man nicht willkommen. Hlbg. 

325. W§nn zwe uf emol in der schpigel guke waert ens 

defim dis§,ppoint. (Be, C, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, 8c, 
8n, Y; Heidelberg) 

Of two persons looking into a mirror at the same time, one 
will be disappointed. 

326. Wammem schpigel ferbrecht muss mem hiirekind 

ufztge. (Lnc; Heidelberg) 

Breaking a mirror is a sign that you will have to raise 
an illegitimate child. 

327. W§.mmeni schpigel ferbrecht gebts en hochzich. (Be, 

Bu, Lh, Lnc. Sc; Freiburg) 
Breaking a mirror forbodes a wedding. 


328. Es gebt bsuch wgnn di katz sich wescht. (Af) 

A cat washing itself foretells visitors. 

Wenn sich die katze putzt, bedeutet es eiuen gast. G 3 

72;JS 8 33. 135; Z f DM 1. 237 
If the cat washes her face — a stranger. V 8 L 2. 1. 306 

329. Wgnn di katz sich wescht iin fSrt ibers or traerts 

wor. (D, Nu) 

If the cat passes her paw over the ear when washing, things 

will come true, i. e., visitors. 
Wenn die katze sich putzt fiber die ohren, 
Dann kommt der ritter mit stiefel und sporen. Z f D M 

2. 102 

330. Wgnn em di links hand beisst grikt mer geld. {Af; 


Itching of the palm of the left hand means that it will 

soon receive money. C 8 A 726 
An itching palm indicates money. Ir 2. 106. 

331. W&nns fil gnebb in der nets gebt wg.ininer gm nee is 

schafft mer ame hochzichgled. (Af) 

If the thread kinks badly in sewing, it is a sign of a wed- 

Wenn beim nahen viele nadein abbrechen, naht man an 
einem hochzeitskleid. Hlbg. 

If cotton knots in working, speedy marriage of the person 
for whom the article of clothing is intended. V 8 L 2. 
1.319; C 8 A 401 

332. Wgnmier ebbes neies esst wu mer sell jor noch net 

gesse hot kat, soil mer druf winsche, no waerts wor 

was mer winscht. {C, D, Lh, Lne, Na, Nu, 8c; 


If you wish on the first thing you eat in the season, the 

wish will come true. C 8 A 442 
Dann wiinsche: "so was gutes mochtest du jeden tag 

haben." Hlbg. 
A wish is formed on first eating any fruit or vegetable for 

the first time in the season that produces it. V 8 L 2. 



333. Es bedeit hochzich wg,mmer di schtek: nuf fgUt. (Be, 

Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, 'Sc; Freiburg) 
Falling up a stairs is a sign of a wedding. 
If you stumble up stairs you will be married the same year. 
V8L2.1. 321. 

334. W&mmer di schtek nuf fgUt grikt met fer sifee jor ken 

mann. [Be, D, Lh, Lnc, Sc; Freiburg) 

Tumble up stairs and you will not get married within seven 

Tumble up stairs and you will not get married within the 

year. C S A 377 

335. Wgim em di fussol beisst bedeits g.s mer uf neier 

grund kummt. (Be, Bu, C, Lb, Lh, Na, Nu, Sn, Y) 
If the sole of your foot itches you will walk over strange 

The itching of the sole of the foot is an omen that you will 

walk over strange ground. V 8 L 2.1. 285; S d; C 8 13 

336. En tebl&tt in seim te finne ment bsuch ; wanns Jiaert 

is, kununt en mannskserl; wgnn wech, en weibs- 


If you find a tea stem in the tea, it is a sign you will have 

a visitor. If it is hard, it is a man ; if soft, a woman. C 

8 A 776 
Wenn man ein teeblatt in dem tee findet, pflegt man zu 

sagen: "das bedeutet auch wieder besuch". Hlhg. 
A floating teastalk indicates a beau. V 8 L 2. 1. 318 

337. W§nn der hane zu der dir nei" gret gebts bsuch. (Af; 


If the cock crows into the room you may expect visitors. 
The crowing of the cock on the threshold indicates the ar- 
rival of strangers. G Scot 140 ; C P <& P 549 

338. Sing fer si15e un du heilscht fer elfe. (C, D, Lb, Lnc, 

Mt, Na, 8c, Y) 

Sing before seven 

Cry before eleven. 

Wer am morgen lacht, weint am abend. Z 327 


It was accounted unlucky to sing before breakfast. G Scot 
31;G8A 1316 , 

339. Wann zwe sich aus em seme W9,sser wesche waem si 

schtreitich fer nacht. (Af) 

Two persons washing in the same water will quarrel before 

Wenn zwei menschen sich in demselben wasser waschen, 

gibt es streit. Wu 314 
If two persons wash their hands together in the same basin 

they will be sure to fall out before bed time. H N C 112 

340. Wann sich zwe aus em seme wasser wesche, fechte si 

wgnns zwet nei" schpant. {Bu, D, Lnc, Na, Nu, 

Y; Heidelberg) 

If two persons use the same water to wash they will quarrel 

unless the one who washes last spits into the water. 
Wash in the same water with another and you will fall out 

before night. Either spit in the water or make a cross 

in the soapsuds. T S L 2. 157 

341. Mer soil sich net zu zwet am seme handduch abdrikle 

eksept mer drets rum, schunscht wsert mer schtreit* 

ich. {Af) 

When two persons wipe their hands on the same towel they 

will quarrel unless the second one turns it. 
Wenn zwei menschen sich an demselben handtuch abtrock- 

nen, werden sie einander feind. Wu 405 

342. W§,mmer enich ebbes letz i'dut grikt mer ebbes 

gschenkt. (Af) 

If you put on a garment wrongside out, you will receive a 

Wer ein kleidungsstiick verkehrt anzieht, hat gliick. A 

J 250 
In case an article of dress is put on accidentally inside out, 

it is an omen of success. D Y 

343. Wammer mit em linkse fuss 's erscht aus em bett get, 

get es seller dSk gUes letz. (Af) 
If you get up with your left foot first, everything will go 
wrong that day. 


Wer mit dem linken fuss zuerst aus dem bett steigt, dem 
geht den ganzen tag alles verkehrt. B S 33. 213 

344. Wg-nn ens gridlich is sakt mer : du biseht 's hinnerscht 

's federscht ufgscht8,nne. (Af; Heidelberg) 

One says to a person who is crabbed: "You got up out of 

bed wrong". 
Wer riicklings aus dem bett steigt, dem geht den ganzen 

tag alles verkehrt. B 8 33. 213 

345. Wammer maergets hinnerschich aus em bett get, get 

em seller dak alles 's hinnerscht federscht. {Af) 
Things will go wrong all day if you get up backwards. 
To get out of bed with the left foot first, renders you cross 
and unfortunate all the day. E Y 4A 

346. Wann em der schaerzbendel ufget, denkt ebber an em. 

{Be, C, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, Sn, Y) 

If your apronstrings become untied, some one is thinking 
of you. 

Wenn ein madchen den schurz verliert, oder das strumpf- 
band, sagt man, der schatz habe dran gedacht. V A 8 

To lose your apron or garter shows that your lover is think- 
ing of you. Corn 165 ; C 8 A 364 

347. En pok uf der zung bedeit as du geloge hoscht.. Schpau 

no drei mol ins f eier un si get wek. {Nu, 8n) 

A pimple on the tongue indicates that you have told an 

untruth. Spitting into fire three times will cause it to 

Wer blasen auf die zunge bekommt, wird sogleich belogen, 

er soil dreimal ausspeien und dem belliger alles bose an- 

wiinschen. G 3. 311 
A blister will rise upon one's tongue that tells a lie. V 

8 L2.1. 296 

348. Mit re hausdtr oder me schtul zu schpile bedeit schtreit 

in der fgrnilie. {Be, Lh, Na, Sn; Heidelberg) 
To play with a door or twirl a chair implies a family quar- 


To twist a chair round on its legs indicates a quarrel. V S 
L 2. 157; C 8 A 1279 

349. Si sage mer greclit schlek wginmer mit re hausdtr oder 

me schtul schplle d§t. (Be) 

To play with a door or a chair forebodes a whipping. 
Twirling an empty chair indicates that a whipping is in 
store for the transgressor. C 8 A 1280 

350. Warm ens fil kaffi grauns im koppche hot muss es fll 

heile. {C,Lh,8c,8n) 

Many coffee grounds on the bottom of the cup forebode 

many tears. 
Wann viel kaffeesatz im kumchen ist, muss man viel grei- 

nen. Hlbg. 

351. Wammer fergesst was mer sage hot woUe wSrs ge- 

loge. {Af) 

Forgetting what you were about to say is an omen that it 

was an untruth. 
Wer wahrend des sprechens vergisst, was er sagen wollte, 
war im begriff, eine liige zu sagen. B /S 33 p 136 

352. W§s de winscht uf di erscht schtaern as de senscht 

•wtert wor. {Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Nw, Sc, 8n; 


A wish made at the sight of the first star will come true. 

353. Wgmi em der schplUumbe fg-llt is es erscht vm. kummt 

en schlgpp, oders get eni faert oder wann keni kummt 

is mer si selbaert. (Af) 

If you drop the dishcloth it is a sign that a slovenly person 

is coming or leaving, or, in case nobody turns up, you 

are the sloven yourself. 

354. WiBrs kaerz end fum bruschtgnoche grikt muss -s 

erscht schokle. (Sc) 

The one who gets the short end of the wishbone will be 
the first to rock the cradle. 


355. "Wsim en dischmesser etSerschich uf em disch leit, 

gebts schtreit in der f9,niilie. (Bu, Lh, Mt, Sn) 

A tableknife lying with the edge turned up forebodes a 

quarrel in the family. 
Es ist nicht gut, dass man ein messer auf den riicken lege. 

G B 369 

356. En flo uf der hand, en brif fum land. (Lnc) 

A flea on your hand, a letter from the country. 
Ein floh auf der hand, ein brief vom land. Z 236 

357. Wann noch roif edem ime frak sin wammem S'dut, is 

er nocli net bezalt. {Af; Freiburg) 
Putting on a dress with bastingthreads still ill it means that 
it is not paid for. 

358. Wammer daerich en schpinneweb Iktt grikt mer ball 

en neier. (Lnc) 

Putting on a dress with bastingthreads still in it indicates 
that you will soon get a new one. 

359. Wammer daerich en schpinneweb laft drefft mern 

freint §,". {Lnc, Nu; Freiburg) 

If you walk through a spider web you will meet a friend. 

360. Wann en schpekmaus ins haus flikt is der deibel der- 

noch. (Lnc, 8n; Heidelberg) 

If a bat flies into your house the devil is after you. 

361. Me gerechte regerts ins grSb, me ungerechte in di 

hochzich. (Be, C, D, Mr, Na, Sc, Sn, Y; Heidelberg) 
It rains on the fimeral day of the righteous, and on the 
wedding day of the unrighteous. 

362. Wann iberm nee di nodel f erbreoht, heiert des, fer des 

as mers gled m^cht, ebs gled ausgewore is. (Z>, 

Lnc, ¥\) 

If a needle breaks while sewing, the person for whom the 

dress is being made will be married before it is worn out. 
Bricht man drei nadeln ab beim nahen eines kleidungs- 

stiickes, so wird die tragerin braut darin. A A 5 


363. Wammer an ebbes denkt un ntst debei wserts wor. {Af) 

Sneezing while thinking of something is a sign that it will 

come true. 
Beniessen eines vorfalles bedeutet dessen bestatigung. 

L V 232 

364. 'S gebt bsucb wsnn en sober uf der bode f allt un bleibt 

schteke. (5m, Mr, M*, ^o), odem messer. {Be) 
A pair of scissors or a knife falling to the ground and 

sticking fast indicates visitors. 
Wenn eine schere oder ein messer auf den boden fallt und 

mit der spitze stecken bleibt, kommt ein besuch. Z 

244; C 8 A151 

365. Wann der hund sich in der schtub roUt bedeits bsuch. 

{Af; Heidelberg) 

A dog rolling on the floor indicates visitors. 

366. Wann der bund der kajrpet ufkikt, gebts bsuch. (^m; 


If the dog disarranges the carpet, you will have visitors. 

367. So fil fleke as mer hot uf de fingernegel, so fil jor lebt 

mer noch. {D, Lb, Lnc, Na, Y ; Heidelberg) 
The number of spots on your fingernails indicates the num- 
ber of years that you still have to live. 
To have white specks on one's fingernails shows that hap- 
piness is in store. H 51 

368. So fil fleke as mer uf de fingernegel hot, s6 fil presents 

grikt mer di Grischdak. {D, Lnc, Mt, Sn) 

You will receive a Christmas present for each white spot 

on your fingernails. 
Blumen, d. h. flecken auf dem daumen bedeuten geschenke 

oder einen gewinn an der lotterie. B 8 33. 138 
White specks on one's fingernails are sometimes called 

gifts. n51;C8A 116 

369. Der deibel gukt raus wammer n§,chts in der schpigel 

gukt. {Be, Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh,Nu, Sn, Y) 
The devil stares at you when you look into a mirror at 


Welcher des nachts in einen spiegel sieht, der sieht deii 
teufel darin. Z / P il/ 3. 315 

To look into a mirror at dusk or nighttime, unless the room 
is well lighted, is not pleasant: for there is a dread of 
something uncanny peeping over the shoulders; such 
an apparition would portend death. H 56 

370. Fil mike im summer, fil granket. {Bu, Y ; Kaiser s- 


Many flies, much sickness. 

371. Wamis im summer fil mike hot is g^nz wenich granket. 

Many fiies in summer, little sickness. 

There is a superstition in Italy that when there are no 

flies in summer the cholera is sure to come. V 8 L 

2. 627 

372. Mer soil net ofteds in der schpigel guke oder mer gukt 

em deibel in der arsch. {Be, Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, Mr, 


You will look at the devil's rump if you look into a mir- 
ror at night. 

Wenn man bei der nacht in den spiegel sieht, schaut der 
teufel heraus. Z Sli; 3. 104 

It is ill luck to see one 's face in the mirror by candle light. 
V S L2. 173 

373. Wg,nn ems or brennt denkt ebber an em. (C, Mt, 8c) 

Mt, 8c) 

If your ear bums, someone is thinking of you. 
If the ear tingles somebody is talking about you. 8 & C 
8 13 

374. Wann ems links or beisst schwetzt ebber schlecht fun 

em. {Af) 
If your left ear burns, some one is speaking evil about you. 
Boses wird von einem gesprochen, wenn ihm das linke ohr 

klingt. Z 195 
If one's left ear bums, then the friends are "picking holes 

in one 's jacket. " ff 59 


375. Wgnn ems recht or beisst schwetzt ebber gut fun em. 


If the right ear itches, some one is speaking well of you. 

Klingt einem das rechte ohr, wird gut von einem gespro- 

chen. Z 194 
If one's right ear gets very hot it shows that one's friends 

are speaking in laudatory terms of one. H 59 

376. Wann ems links or brennt, beisst mer in der schaerz 

un sikt: ich hoff du beisscht der in di zung. (D, 

Lnc, Mr, Y) 

If your left ear bums, bite your apron and say: I hope 
you will bite your tongue. 

Wenn einem die ohren klingen, so beisst man in den linken 
rock- oder schurzenzipfel oder in den ellbogen, so beisst 
sich der verleumder auf die zunge. Wu 287; 3. 802 

When your left cheek burns, some one is abusing you. 
A knot tide in the apron-string will cause the slanderer 
to bite his or her tongue. Corn 170; C 8 A 1342 

377. Wann en g&feel fallt kummt en mannskaerl. (Af) 

If a fork drops, the visitor will be a man. C 8 A 764 

378. Wgnn en butschermesser f§,llt kummt der parre. {Be, 

C, D, Lnc, Na, Nu, Sc, Y) 

If a butcherknife falls it is a sign of a visit from your 

379. W&nn en messer fgllt kummt en weibsmensch. {Af; 


If a knife is dropped a woman will come. 
If you drop a knife, it is a sign a lady is coming to see 
you. 0/8 A 764; or 105 

S80. Maergets w^mmer ufscbtet muss mer der recbts fuss 
's erscht a"du", schunscht grikt mer schtreit eb olSed. 
{Be, Bu, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Nu, 8c, 8n, Y; Freiburg) 
Upon getting Tjp in the morning, clothe the right foot first 

to avoid a quarrel during the day. 
To clothe the left foot before the right is a sign of mis- 
fortune. D r 85 


381. Wg,iin zwe leit mirmgnner ebbes s&ge kummt noch en 

esel. {Lh; Kaiserslautern) 

If two persons say the same thing at the same time you 
may expect an ass. 

382. "W^mmern butze fume inpchlichlicht mit em finger ^b- 

roppt un er brennt em net gleicht sell medel em vm. 
mer selli zeit dra" denkt. {Be, Bu, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na, 
Sc, Sn, Y) 
If you can snuff a tallow candle with the fingers without 

burning them, the girl whom you are thinking of at the 

time loves you. 

383. "W^mmer ibers greitz li9.nds schekd gebts hoehzich. 

{Lnc, Na, 8c, 8n, Y; Heidelberg) 
If you cross arms in shaking hands it is a sign of a 

384. Wann en schpinn gegich em kummt oder is uf em ka,m- 

mer bsuch ekschpekte. {Lh, Lnc; Heidelberg) 
If a spider comes toward you or gets on you, you will get 

385. Wammer di hose uf de gni daerich wert waert mer reich. 


Wearing holes into the trousers at the knees is a sign of 

386. Wammer di hose uf em sitz daerich wert wsert mer irni. 


Wearing holes into the seat of the trousers is an omen of 

387. Wammer ebbes esst as mer sell jor noch net gesse hot 

kat, soil mer druf winsche; was mer winseht wsert 

wor. {G, D, Lh, Lnc, Na, Nu, 8c) 

When eating anything for the first time in a season, make 

a wish and the wish will come true. 
man wiinscht, so was gutes mochte man jeden tag 

haben. Hlbg. 


388. Wammer Mundak msergets fer de nein ur geld grikt, 

grikt mer fU selli woch after W9.inmer ausgebt fser de 

nein ur muss mer selli woch fll ausgefte, (Af) 

If you receive money on Monday morning before nine, 

you will receive money all week; but if you pay out 

money before nine on Monday morning you will have 

to pay out money all week. 

389. Der butze fum fettlicbt weist weller wek as em sei" bo 

haerkummt. {Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, Nu, 


The wick of the lard lamp indicates the direction from 

which you may expect a beau. 
Oder besueh. Heidelberg. 

390. Wann em di nas beisst grikt mer en boss. {Bu, Lb, 

Lnc, Sn, Y) 

If your nose itches, you will be kissed. 
If your nose itches, you will be kissed by a fool. V S L 
2. 1. 284 

391. Wann em di nas beisst grikt mer schtreit. {Bu, C, D, 

Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, Nu, Sc) 
If the nose itches it is a sign of a quarrel. 
Juckt einem die nase, so reizt man einem zum zom. Z f 
DM3.n5;C8A 1355; V 8 L 2. 1. 284. 

392. Wann em di nas beisst waert mer bes seller dak. {Mt) 

If your nose itches you will become angry during the day. 
Itching of the nose is an omen that you will be crossed. 
V 8L2.1. 284 

393. Wann em die nas beisst grikt mern brtf. {Af) 

If your nose itches, you will receive a letter. C 8 A 1361 
An itching in the nose indicates that a letter is lying in the 
postoffice for you. Scot 27 

394. Wann ems recht ak beisst sent mer ebbes g»rn; es 

links, net gaern. {Af) 

If your right eye itches you will see something pleasing; 
the left, something disagreeable. 


Wenn einem vormittags das reehte auge beisst, so wird man 
etwas gem sehen; wenn das linke, so hat man leid. 
Wu 218 

Itching of the right eye — ^you will laugh; itching of the 
left, you will cry. V S L 2. 1. 286; C S A 1349, 1350 

395. So ftl dubbe as mer uf de fingernegel hot, so ftl jor 

lebt mer noch. (D, Lb, Na, Nu, Sc) 

The number of spots on your fingernails indicates the num- 
ber of years you will live. 

So viele weissen "dubbe" auf den fingernageln, so viele 
jahre muss man warten, bis man heiratet. Hlig. 


396. Ng,gel en hufeise obich di dtr fer glik. {Be, Bu, Lh, 


Nail a horseshore over the door for luck. 

Ein auf der strasse gefimdenes hufeisen, welehes auf die 
haustiir genagelt wird, mit der offenen seite nach aussen, 
ist eine machtige schutzwehr gegen alle bosen geister. . . . 

397. Wann em en loch in der schaerz brennt grikt mer dru- 

feel wiis loch is. Wg,nns f §,nne is kummt der druBel ; 
wgnn hinne, is er ferbei. {Lnc, Nu; Heidelberg) 
A hole burned into an apron is a bad omen. If the hole 
is in the front of the apron trouble and sorrow are in 
store for you ; if in the back, they are past. 

398. En schaufel oder grubh§,k ins haus zu nenune bringt 

schlecht glik. (Nu; Kaiser slautem) 

It is unlucky to take a shovel or mattock into the house. 

399. Wanns erscht as di neijor in em sei" haus kummt en 

weibsmensch is bedeits unglik fer sell jor ; en mann, 

glik, (D, Lnc, T; Heidelberg) 

If the first visitor on New Year's is a woman, you will have 

bad luck all year ; if a man, good luck. 
Of. y ^ /Sf 1. 469; Z / D M 2. 421 

400. Wammer dehem faertget faer uf bsuch ge" un 's 

schpringt em en katz itJer der wek gengt mer juscht 
so giit hem. {Y) 

If when leaving home to make a visit a cat crosses your 
path you would just as well turn back. 

401. Wammer schisse get un's schpringt en k9,tz faer em 

iber di schtross det mer besser rumdree un hSm ge". 
{Be, C, D, Lb, Lnc, Mt, Na, Nu, 8n, Y) 
If a cat crosses your path when starting out to go hunt- 
ing, you would better turn back. 


402. Wgmmern schwserzi kgtz schpot ng,chts fi'drefft be- 

deits schlecht glik ; en weissi, gutes. {Be, Bu, C, D, 

Lb, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, Sc, Y) 

Meeting a black cat late at night indicates bad luck; a 

white one, good luck. 
Eine iiber den weg laufende katze, besonders eine schwarze, 

bedeutet ungliick. Wu 200 

403. En schpinn dodmache bringt em schlecht glik. {Bu, 


Killing a spider brings bad luck. 

Man darf vormittags keine spinne toten. Wu 206 

404. Mer dasrf bei leibe net uf en pement gret drete, oder 

mer hot unglik. {Lnc; Heidelberg) 
Absolutely never step on a grating in a pavement, it brings 
bad luck. 

405. Es bedeit gut glik wgmmern freint net gr^d kennt 

wammern S'drefft. {Lnc; Heidelberg) 

It is a sign of good luck not to recognize a friend alone. 

406. Wgrnmer em Homan sei" buch net im haus hot hot mer 

ken glik. {Lnc, Y) 

The possession of Hohmann's "Long Lost Friend" brings 
good luck. 

407. Mer daerf net unich me geilskopp dserich schluppe, mer 

hot ken glik. {Lb, Lnc, Mr, Sc, Y) 
To pass under a horse's head brings bad luck. 
Weim eine sehwangere frau zwischen dem leib und dem 
kopf eines tieres durchgeht, so kann sie dann nicht ge- 
baren, wenn sie nicht wahrend der geburtswehen wieder 
zwischen dem leib und dem kopf eines tieres riickwarts 
durchgeht. L 369 

408. njer ebber sei" schulter in der schpigel guke bringt 

schlecht glik. {Be, C, Lnc, Mr, Nu, Sc, Y; Neustadt) 
Looking into a mirror over some one 's shoulders brings bad 


409. Wgmmer nist bedeits gut glik un mer sSkt ala : gsund- 

het. {Af) 

Sneezing presages good luck and the customary salutation 

is: "Your health!" 
The customary salutation is: "God bless you." C P & P 


410, Wann en weibsmensch der schserz ^xident^Uy letz §l~- 

dut grikt si ebbes geschenkt. {Mt; Heidelberg) 
Putting on an apron wrongside out by mistake presages 
a gift. 

411. Wann en weibsmensch der schserz unwissend letz 

^'dut is si gliklich. W&nn si en rumdret gebts en 
unglik in der fgrnilie. (Af; Heidelberg) 
Accidentally putting on one's apron wrongside out is 
lucky; turning it will bring accident or misfortune. 

412. Wgmmer geld finnt soil mers net ausgelBe oder mer 

gebt sei" glik wek, {Be, Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, 
Na, 8c, 8n) 

To find money and keep it insures good luck. C 8 A 718 
It is ill luck to keep found money, therefore it should be 
spent. C P d; P 5S1 

413. Der links hinnerscht fuss fume has qs mer nachts ime 

kaerichhof schisst bringt em glik w§,mmern nodrikt, 

(Be, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Nu, 8n, Y) 

Wearing the left hind foot of a rabbit shot at night time in 
a cemetery brings good luck. 

Die pfoten des fliichtigen und mit offenen augen schlafen- 
den hasen auf dem leib getragen sind fiir den rekruten 
ein mittel, militarf rei zu werden ; sie bringen, neben das 
kopfkissen gelegt, gesunden sehlaf. B M 21 

414. Wgnn di fenschtre schittle un 's is net windich, oder 

der of e grgcht, oder w§,nns enichi zucht im haus gebt 
wii ken urs9,ch derfor is gebts en unglik (C, D, Lb, 
Lnc, Mt, Na, Nu, 8c; Heidelberg) ; oder schtaerbt 
ebber. (Y; Heidelberg) 


If the windows rattle and it is not windy, or if the stove 
cracks, or if there is any inexplicable noise in the house, 
it forebodes accident or death. 

415. En lerer dodewage a'dreffe bedeit unglik ; en gfiUter, 

glik. (Be, Lnc, Sc; Heidelberg) 
Meeting an empty hearse is unlucky; one containing a 
corpse, lucky. 

416. Wammer sich maergets ^.^dut tins reisst en gnopp 9,b, 

bedeites en unglik seller dak. {Lnc, Y) 

Tearing off a button when dressing in the morning is a 

bad omen. 
Wenn morgens beim ankleiden ein knopf losbricht, bedeu- 

tet es ungliick fiir den betreffenden tag. Z 241 

417. W§,nn en k§,tz an em vorbei get is es gut glik ; en hund, 

schlecht. {Nu; Freiburg) 

A cat passing you brings good luck ; a dog, bad luck. 

418. Gewittere uf der Himmelfaerdak bringe unglik. {Lnc) 

Thunderstorms on Ascension Day bring bad luck. 

419. Wammer drei loges fligel in der hut dut hot mer fil 

glik ebbes zu finne. {Lh) 

Wearing three locust wings in one's hat gives exceptional 
luck in finding things. 

420. W&mmer gens a"drefft bedeits en unglik. {Be, Lnc; 

Kaiser slautern) 

To meet geese is a sign of bad luck. 

421. Wann em sei' fingemegel weisse blake hen bltts hols 

noch fer em sei" lad. {Be, C, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Na, Sc) 
"White spots on the fingernails indicate that the wood for 

one's coffin is still in the tree. 
Wer an den daumennageln weisse flecken hat, bleibt in sei- 

nem vaterland. G 3. 1070 
Weisse flecken auf den nageln der rechten hand bedeuten 

gluck. Z 191 

422. Wann em di rechts hand beisst grikt mem haudidu'. 



If your right hand itches you will shake hands with some 

Itching of the right hand indicates that one is soon to meet 

a stranger with whom he will shake hands. S H 8 259 

423. Wgnn di hinkel gree un di weibsleit peife is es en 

schlechti sein. {Af) 

It is a had omen to hear a hen crowing or a woman whist- 

"Wenn ein madchen pfeift, so weint unsre liebe frau. Z f 
Z) ilf 430 

A crowing hen, a whistling girl and a black cat are con- 
sidered most unlucky. Ir 2. 63 

424. Wgmmer ime f^sst hot mer gut glik, after mer muss 

si sergets schunscht bei grige. {Be, 8c, T; Kaisers- 

It is a sign of good luck to hive stray bees. 
It is considered lucky for a stray swarm of bees to settle 
near your house. Com 137 

425. W^nn re frS, der schaerz ufget un er f g,llt re g.b, f erltrt 

si Ir mg,nn. (Be, C, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, Nu, Y) 

If a woman's apronstrings become untied and the apron 

falls to the floor she will lose her husband. 
Verliert ein frau oder magd auf der gasse das strumpfband, 

so ist ihr der mann oder freier ungetreu. G 3. 124; C 

S A365 

426. Wammer di schtrimp tinbedenkt letz §,"dut grikt mer 

ebbes geschenkt. {D, Lh, Lnc, 8n, Y; Heidelberg) 
Accidentally putting on the stockings wrong side out 

means a present. 
It is lucky to put on stockings wrongside out, but unlucky 

to turn them on discovering the mistake. D F 85 

427. Wg-mmer der schasrz letz &"dut, soil mem so losse oder 

mer tschentscht sei" glik. {Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, 

Changing an apron put on wrong side out alters the luck. 
Changing a garment put on wrong side out alters the luck. 
V SL2.28 


428. Wsmmer uf me greizwek geld finnt, soil mers leie 

losse, schunscht hot mer unglik. {Be, Bu, C, Lb, 
Lnc, Mt) 

Never pick up money from crossroads, it will bring bad 

Wenn man auf einem kreuzwege geld findet, soil man es 

liegen lassen. Z 319 
It is a bad omen to find money. D F 132 ; C P c& P 477 

429. Wann em di recht hand beisst grikt mer seller dUk 

noch geld. {Af; Heidelberg) 

If the right hand itches, you will receive money. C 8 A 

Itching of the palm of the right hand indicates a gift. 

y ^ £ 2. 1. 283 

430. Wgnn en komet' gm himmel schtet gebts grik. (Af) 

A comet is a sign of war. 
Bin komet bedeutet krieg. Z 1065 ; Wu 196 
Comets announce the approach of wars, seditions, changes 
of kingdoms and the like. V S L 2. 556 

431. Wammer mol dehem g,bgschtjert hot fer sergets hi" 

ge' un mer hot ebbes fergesse, soil mer net zurikge" 

fers hole, oder mer hot ken glik. (Af) 

It is unlucky to turn back for anything after you have set 

Wer aus dem hause geht und etwas vergessen hat, darf 
nicht wieder umkehren um es zu holen, sonst hat er an 
dem tage kein gliick. Braucht er das vergessene notwen- 
dig so muss er es durch einen anderen holen lassen. 
B 8 33. 139 
It is ill luck to go back for any purpose after having set 
out. V 8L2.n2;C8A656 

432. Wammer sich gBer im haus hi' hokt wgmmer zurik- 

ggnge is ebbes zu hSle nochdem as mer schun 
gschtart hot k§,t fer aergets hi" ge", hot mer doch 
glik. {D,Lb,Lh) 


If you sit down for a moment when you return home to 
get something which you had forgotten until after you 
had set out, you will avert misfortune. 

If however you are compelled to it, fail not to sit down. 
It averts some of the evil. V S L 2. 172; C 8 A 658 

433. Wginmer f errest' soil merm erschte bettelmaim §.s mer 

d'drefft en daler gebe, no hot mer glik. {Lh, Na; 


You will have a successful journey if you give a dollar to 

the first beggar whom you meet. 
It is bad luck to refuse charity to a beggar woman, when 

setting out on a journey. V 8 L 2. 161 

434. Unnere leder daerich lafe bringt scUecht glik. {Lb, 

Lnc, Mr, 8c; Heidelberg) 

Passing under a ladder brings bad luck. 

Dr. Johnson objected to going imder a ladder. C P & P 

It is ill luck to walk under a ladder set against a wall. 

V 8L2. 162 

435. Wammern rotkopp a'drefft un sent net glei en weisser 

gaul gebts en unglik. {Bu) 

If you meet a redhead and do not soon see a white horse 
you will have an accident. 

To meet a man with red hair or a woman with a red pet- 
ticoat the first thing in the morning forebodes evil. Ir 
2. 114 

436. Mer daerf ken omberell' im bans ufschpanne 

schunscht gebts en unglik. {Af) 

Opening an umbrella in the house means bad luck. 
Es gibt streit. Hlhg. 

Opening an umbrella in the house brings trouble to your- 
self or the inmates. V 8 L2.14t9,; C 8 A105 

437. Schwalme soil mer keni schtsse oder dodschlgge, mer 

hot ken glik. {Af) 

You will have no luck if you shoot or kill swallows. 


Man soil keine schwalben schiessen, denn das bringt un- 

gliick. Z f D M2.'t20 
It is unlucky to kill a swallow. H 54 

438. Wgnn em nachts di zwe ore singe bedeits gut glik. 


Both ears tingling at night is a good omen. 
Both left and right 
Are good at night. C S A 1347 

Tingling of the ears, you will hear sudden news. V 8 L 
2. 1. 286 

439. W§,nii en fremmer mgnn ame haus zu enre dir nerget 

un zu re annere naus, nemmt er de leit tr glik mit. 
(Af; Heidelberg) 

A stranger entering your home by one door and leaving 
it by another takes away your luck. 

440. Wgmmer in en haus get soil liier sich setze oder mer 

nemmt de leit di ru. {Be, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Sc, Sn, Y) 
Always sit down when you enter a house or you will rob 

the family of its peace. 
Wenn man jemand in seinem hause besucht soil man sich 

setzen, sonst nimmt man die ruhe mit. B 8 33. 135 

441. En fremmer mann muss sich immer hi"hoke w§,nn er 

g.n en fremm haus kummt oder er nemmt de leit di 

ru. {Be, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na, 8c, Sn, ¥) 

On entering a house a stranger must always be seated or he 

will rob the family of its peace. 
Geht ein fremder aus dem zimmer ohne sich gesetzt zu 

haben, so nimmt er ruhe und frieden mit fort. AA 15 

442. W§,nn en hund unich me fenschter heilt bedeits un- 

glik. {Be, D, Lb, Lnc, Mt, Na, 8n) 

The whining of a dog beneath a window is a sign of bad 

Hundeheulen bedeutet ungliick. G 3. 159 

443. Wann dern schwaerzi k§,tz iber der wek ISft gebts en 

unglik. {Bu, C, Lb, Mr, Mt, Na) 

If a black cat crosses your path it is a bad omen. 


It is an Irish superstition that if you go on a journey and 
meet a cat you should turn back. Ir 2. 20 

444. Mer hot glik seller d&k wgrnmer msBrgets drei m6l 

ntsst. (Be, Lnc, Mt) 

Sneezing thrice in the morning brings luck for the day. 
Wenn man friih morgens dreimal niest bedeutet es gliick 
oder eine angenehme uberraschung. Z 234 

445. Mer daerf nimand as faertget no'guke oders hot ken 

glik. {Lnc) 

Never watch a person out of sight, for it will bring bad 

It is unlucky to watch any one out of sight. II N C 117 ; 

C 8 A 1304 

446. Wgnn en schpinn maergets gegich em kmnmt bringt si 

em glik seller dak. {Bw, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Sn, T) 
A spider approaching you in the morning is an omen of 

good luck. 
Eine spinne, welche sich dem menschen des morgens nahert 
(ihm in den weg lauft) bringt gliick, des nachmittags un- 

gluck fur den tag. B 8 33. 135 ; G 3. 134 
"When a spider is found on our clothes we use to say, some 

money is coming toward us. H N C 111 

447. En grixel ime haus ment glik. {Be, D, Lb, Lnc, Mt) 

oder unglik. {Be, 8c) 

A cricket in the house is an omen of luck or of misfortune. 
Grillen in dem hause bedeuten gliick. Z 783 ; G 3. 313 
The cricket is looked upon as the most lucky inmate of a 

house and woe to the person who may happen to kill 

one. W Ir. 74 

448. Wgmmem schpel ufhebt mit em kopp gegich em hot 

mer unglik. {Lh, 8c, 8n) 

Picking a pin with the head toward you will bring bad 

Man darf kein spitziges ding aufheben. Hlig. 

449. W^nn en schpel uf em bodem leit mit em kopp ge^ch 

em bedeits glik. {Be, C, Lb, Mr, Na, 8n, Y) 


A pin on the floor with the head toward you brings good 

450. Wammem schpel sent leie mit em schpitzich end 

gegich em is es glik. (Lb) 

It is lucky to see a pin lying with the point toward you. 

451. En schpel ufheCe bringt glik. (Af; Heidelberg) 

Picking up a pin brings good luck. 

See a pin and pick it up, 

All the day you'll have good luck. 8 & C 8 9; DY 98 

452. Wgmmern finfblettrich glebldtt finnt hot mer fil glik. 

(Be, Bu, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Nu) 
To find a five-leafed clover is very lucky. 
Gegen verhexung soil gut sein, wenn man fiinfblatterigen 
klee bei sich tragt. V A 8 1. 330 

453. W9,mmem finfblettrich gleblat finnt hot mer ken glik. 

(G, D, Mr, Na, 8c, 8n) 

To find a five-leafed clover is unlucky. C 8 A 699 
Wenn man einen fiinfklee findet, bedeutet es ungliick. 
Z 924 

454. Es gebt en unglik wammern finfblettrich gleblSt finnt. 

(Ncn, Sn) 

Finding a five-leaved clover is a sign of bad luck. 

455. En schreksagicher mgnn a^zudreffe bedeit glik. {Be, 

C, Lnc, Na, Y; Neustadt) 
Meeting a crosseyed man brings luck. 
It is good luck to meet a squinting person of the opposite 
sex. V 8 L2.20 

456. En schreksSgicher m§nn S'dreffe bedeit unglik. (Sn) 

Meeting a crosseyed man means bad luck. 

467. Es bedeit unglik en schrSksSgichi frh ^'zudreffe. 
(Be, C, Lnc, Na, T; Neustadt) 
It is bad luck to miset a cross-eyed woman. 
It is good luck to meet a squinting person of the opposite 
sex. V 8 L2.20 


458. Wgimner di schtek nuf f§llt hot mer glik. {Be, Lnc, 


Falling up steps brings good luck. 

To tumble up stairs brings good luck. F ;Sf i 2. 20 

459. Wg,nn maergets 's erscht as ins haus komt en m§,nns- 

kaerl is hot mer glik. {Be, Lnc; Heidelberg) 

If the first person to visit you in the morning is a man, it 

will bring you good luck. 
It is unlucky to meet a eat, dog or woman when going out 

first in the morning. Ir 2. 105 

460. Wgnmier schpotjors der saffron net raus roppt tin 

uf di schtross schmeisst hot mer ken glik. (L6) 
If saffron is not pulled in fall and thrown into the street 
you will not have good luck. 

461. Wgmmern schpel oder enich ebbes schpitziches, 

odern messer geschenkt grikt, muss mers mit me 
sent bezSle, schunscht bringts em schlecht glik. {Be, 
C, D, Lnc, Mr, Sc, 8n, Y; Heidelberg) 
A pin or anything pointed or a knife, given as a present, 
will bring ill luck imless a cent is paid as recompense. 
Var. Mer muss si erscht in der rokaermel schteke 
un no nemme. {Nu) 
Stick it into the coatsleeve before accepting it. 

462. W&nn dem weissi kgtz iber die schtross schpringt, 

gengscht besser wider hem. {Lnc) 

If a white cat crosses your path, you had better turn back. 

463. Wgnn dern schwaerzi k§tz iber di schtross schpringt, 

gescht besser wider hem. {Mr, Nu) 

You had better turn back if a black cat crosses your path. 

464. Waim em en hSs iber die schtros schpringt, bedeits 

nnglik, §ber winner di schtrSs naus fser em hSr 
schpringt bedeits glik. {Lnc, Na, Sc, Y; Heidel- 

A rabbit crossing your path is an omen of ill luck ; but if 
it runs along ahead of you, good luck. 


465. Di zwe schtrimp soil mers erscht itTdvL" un no di scM, 
no hot mer me glik. {Bu, C, Lnc, Sn, Y; Heidel- 
It is luckier to put on both stockings first and then the 

466. Wammern schpel uf em bodem leie sent mit em kopp 

gegich em bedeits glik. {Be, C, Lnc, Mr, Na, Sn, T) 
It is a good omen to see a pin lying on the floor with the 

head towards you. 
Wenn man eine nadel findet, die einem die kappe zukehrt, 

wird man gliick haben. G B 424 
It is unlucky to find a pin with the point toward you. F 

SL2. 178 

467. Wann en schpel uf em bodem leit un mer sent sie mit 

em kopp gegich em hot mer unglik. {Lb, Lnc, 8c, 
Sn; Heidelberg) 

A pin on the floor with the head towards you means bad 

468. Mer kerts glik naus wammer di kich fer sunnufgg,ng 

kert. {Lb; Heidelberg) 

You will sweep out your luck if you sweep out the kitchen 
before sunrise. 

469. Di kich soil mer net noch sunnunnerggng auskere, mer 

kerts glik naus. {Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Nu, Sc, Sn, 

Y; Heidelberg) 

Never sweep the kitchen after sunset, you will sweep out 

your luck. 
Never sweep out your kitchen after sunset or you will 

sweep out your luck. C 8 A 651 

470. Noch de fir iir oder w§,nn di sunn unner is kert mers 

haus net aus oder mer kerts glik naus. {Lh) 
The house must not be swept after 4 P. M., or after sunset, 
or you will sweep out your luck. 

470. Ngchts es haus auskere bringt unglik. (J) 
Sweeping the house at night brings bad luck. 


472. Mer dserf ken kerdrek zu der dtr nauskere, mer kerts 

glik wek. (Af) 

You must not sweep the dirt out of your house, you will 
sweep away good forutne. 

Man kehrt ihn herein, nicht hinauH. Hlbg. 

It is ill luck to sweep the dust out of your house by the 
front door. You sweep away good fortune of your fam- 
ily. It must be swept inwards and carried out in a bas- 
ket or shovel and no harm will follow. V 8 L 2. 176 

473. War glik hot mit karte hot gewenlich kens mit de 

weibsleit. (C, Z>, Lh, Lnc, Sc, Sn) 
Lucky at cards, unlucky in love. 
Wer gliick im spiel hat, hat ungliick in der liebe. B S 

33. 198 
Lucky at cards, unlucky in love. V 8 L 2. 80 

474. W^nnd en schpigel ferbrechscht, hoscht ken glik m5. 


Your luck is gone if you break a mirror. 

475. Wgmmer aergets ht" get uns schpringt em en h&s iBer 

der wek, gengt mer besser zurik oders det em en un- 

glik wederfSre. {D, Lb, Lh, Na, 8c, ¥) 

If a rabbit crosses your path when going on a journey, you 

had better return or an acident will befall you. 
Wer verreist, imd es lauft ihm ein base iiber den weg, das 

ist nicht gut. G 3. 10; C P <£ P 477 

476. Wammern fir blettrich gleblat finnt, soil mers gb- 

roppe un esse fer glik. {¥) 

If you find a four leaved clover, pluck it and eat it for 

477. Wg^mmern fir blettrich glebl&t finnt soil mers net gb- 

roppe, schunscht ferhaust mer sei" glik. {Be, G, D, 
Lb, Lh, Lnc, 8c) 

If you find a four leaved clover, don 't pluck it, or you will 
spoil your luck. 


478. Wg^im zwe leit minng^nuer IMe dserf utmgnd 

gschwischich ne daerichl&fe schunscht hot kens ken 

glik. (Af) 

When two persons are walking together, nothing must 
eome in between them, or it will spoil the luck of both. 

"Wenn man mit einer zweiten person auf einem geschafts- 
oder spazierwege begriffen ist, darf man keine dritte per- 
son zwischen sich durch lassen; dieselbe nimmt beiden 
ersten sonst das gliick mit. B 8 33. 139 

t.'y, Daerich en sehpinneweb l&fe bringt gut glik. {Lh, 
Lnc, Na, Sc) 

Walking through a spiderweb brings good luck. 
Wem friihmorgens eine spinne iiber den rock kriecht, der 
wird des tages gliickselig sein. B G 208 

480. Sibe jor hot mer ken glik wammem schpigel ferbrecht. 

{Be, Lb, Lnc, Y; Heidelberg) 

Breaking a looking glass forebodes seven years of ill luck. 
Breaking a looking glass means seven years of trouble or 
sorrow. V 8 L 2. 18i; C 8 AllO 

481. En schpigel ferbreche bedeit en unglik. {Af; Hei- 


It is unlucky to break a mirror. 

It is unlucky to break a looking glass. V 8 L 2. 184 

482. Wann en 9,lti fra zu em gelofe kummt ments en un- 

glik. {Lnc) 

Meeting an old woman is a bad omen. 

Es ist nicht gut, wer morgens ausgeht, und es begegnet 

ihm ein alt weib. G 3. 58 
For a sportsman to met an old woman when going out 

shooting is a sure sign of bad sport. V 8 L 2. 201 

483. Wammer baerik nuf fallt bedeits glik. {Be, Bu, C, Lb, 

Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, 8c) 
Falling up hill brings luck. 

484. Wffir en ftrblettrich gleblSt nodrSkt hot glik. {Bu, C, 

D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Nu, Sc, Sn, Y) 


Carry a four leaved clover for luck. 

Wer vierblattrigen klee findet, soil ihn wert halten; so 

lang er ihn hat, wird er gliickselig sein. O 3. 119 
The possessor of the four leaved shamrock will have luck 

in gambling, luck in racing, and witchcraft will have no 

power over him. Ir 2. 103 

485. Grosse schwaerze schlgnge sene bringt schlecht glik. 


Seeing big blacksnakes brings bad luck. 

486. Wammer fische get un 's laf t em en weibsmenseh ilSer 

der wek fgngt mer ken fisch seller dak. {C, Mt) 
If a woman crosses your path when going fishing you won't 
catch any fish. 

487. Wgminer sich ebbes a'nee oder Alike losst wgmmers 

^'hot, grikt mern feind. (Nu) 

If you let anyone sew or mend anything when you have it 
on, you will get an enemy. 

488. Wgmmer sich ebbes a'nee oder flike losst wammers 

8,~hot, net mer sehmserze k" fer jeder schtich. {C, 8c) 
If you let anyone sew or mend anything while you have it 
on you will sew on a pain with each stitch. 

489. Mer soil ntmand nix iTnee losse w§,mmers ^'hot 

oders Itkt ebber weich em. {Lb, Lnc, Sc) 
If you let anybody sew anything while you have it on, 
some one will lie about you. 

490. Mer soil nini§,nd nix a'nee oder mer net em drnl5el 

a". (C, Lnc) 

Never sew anything on for any one or you will sew trouble 

491. Mer soil nlmand nix S,"nge oder mer net em di gidanke 

fescht. {Lb,Sc) 

Never let anyone sew anything while you have it on, or 
he will sew your thoughts in. 


492. Wammer ebber em ebbes li'iiee losst wammers fi'liot, 

nets em 's glik wek. (Be, Lb, Lh, 8c) 
If anyone sews anything while you have it on, he will sew 
your good luck away. 

493. Mer soli nimand nix ^'nee winners a'hot oder mer net 

drubel k". {Be, C, D, Lh, Lnc) 

If anyone sews or mends anything while you have it on, 
he will sew trouble on. 

494. Mer soil nimgnd nix a^nee losse wammers a'hot oder 

mer waert dumm. {Be, Bu, D, Lb, Lh, Na, Nu, Sn) 
If one has anything sewed or mended while he has it on, 

he will become a simpleton. 
Wer sich das zeug am leibe flicken, einen knopf oder band 
annahen lasst, verliert das gedachtnis, seine kraft oder 
verunreinigt sich noch im tode. B 8 33. 181 

495. Wgnn en schtaern fallt un mer sents iber di links ^.xel 

bedeits schlecht glik. {D) 

Seeing a meteor over one's left shoulder means bad luck. 

496. Wammer der neimiind 's erschtmol iber di links §xel 

sent mi hot geld in der hand, grikt mer me, {Lb, T; 


If, when you see the new moon for the first time over your 

left shoulder, you have money in your hand, you will get 

more money. 


497. Wann em di leine in der hgnd zgmmerl&fe lebt mer 

net Igng. (Lnc) 

If the lines in the palm of your hand run together, you 

will not live long. 
Wenn die falten in der hand zusammenlaufen, lebt man 

nicht lange. Z 189 

498. Wann in der kaerich gebet wsert fern grgnkes uns ia 

alles schtill, schtaerbts. (Lh) 

If there is perfect silence in church while prayers are be- 
ing offered for a sick person, he will die. 

Herrscht beim krankengebet in der kirche voUige stille, 
so stirbt der kranke ; hustet einer oder rauscht etwas, so 
bleibt er leben. G 3. 490 

499. Wg-nns windschtill is uf Neijor schtaerlSe fil glte leit. 

(Be, Lb, Lh, Mr, Nu, 8c; Heidelberg) 
If it is perfectly calm on New Year's, many old folks will 

500. Wgnn en schtaem nfs bans fallt get ens nans. {Be, 


If a meteor falls on a house, some one there will die. 
Bin haus, bei welchem ein stern niederfallt, darin wird 
nachstens einer sterben. G 3. 1115 

501. Wammer midd§,ks frisch brot uf em disch hot un di 

ur schlgkt 12 wgmmer am disch hokt, schtaerbt ens 
aus der familie, (D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Y) 
If the clock strikes twelve when taking dinner at which 
fresh bread is served, some one will die in the family. 

502. "W§,nn di geil greische schtaerbe fil leit. (Bu, Lb, Lnc, 


If horses neigh there will be many deaths. 
"Wenn die pferde ungewohnlich stark wiehem, so bedeutet 
es krieg. Wu 199 

114 ' 


503. Wffir en weissi schpinn sent schtaerbt. (Na) 

He who sees a white spider will die. 
Wenn's eine kreuzspiime ist. Hlbg. 

504. Wgnns hausrot grext gebts en unglik in der freind- 

schgft oders schtserbt ens. {Bu, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, 

Nu, Sn, Y) 

Creaking furniture is an omen of death or misfortune 

among your relatives. 
Es stirbt jemand im hause, wenn dielen, schranke, tische 

usw krachen. Wu 212 

505. W§,nn di hinkel obeds gaxe gebts en leicht. (Af) 

The cackling of hens in the evening is an omen of death. 
Wenn die hiihner nachmittags nach der melkzeit gackem, 
so muss bald jemand im hause sterben. Wu 202 

506. Wgnn en hinkel gret bedeits en leicht. (Af) 

A crowing hen is a sign of a death. 
Krahende hennen bedeuten ungliick. G 3. 83 

507. Es schtasrbt ens aus der freindschgft wgnn di hinkel 

maergets fri ggxe. (Be, C, D, Lh, Na; Kcdserslau- 


A relative will die if the hens cackle early in the morning. 

508. Wg,nn di hinkel msergets frt gg,xe gebts en leicht; 

obeds schpot, en hochzich. {Lnc, Y; Freiburg) 
Cackling of hens early in the morning presages a death; 
late at night, a wedding. 

509. Wann en schmesmik ins haus flikt hert mer fun re 

leicht. (Bu, Lh, Lnc, Na) 

If a blowfly enters your house you will hear of a death. 

510. Wann grautschtek 's erscht jor schlsse gebts en leicht. 

{Mr; Heidelberg) 

Cabbage plants running to seed the first year are an omen 
of death. 

511. Wgnn rotribe 's erscht jor schisse un sume grige be- 

deits en leicht. (C; Heidelberg) 

If beets run to seed the first year it presages a funeral. 


512. Wgnn die ur zwelf e schlakt wgininer am disch is, gebts 

en leicht oder bsuch. (Be, Bu, D, Lb, Lh, Mt, Na, 

A clock striking twelve while taking dinner presages a 
death in the family or visitors. 

513. W^mmer f ergesst del f um in der ofe zu du' wam- 

mer am bake is schtserbt en g9,nz nekschter freind. 

A very near relative will die if you forget to put in the 
oven all the articles you intended to bake. 

514. Wgmmem schpigel ferbrecht gebts en leicht. (Af) 

Breaking a mirror is an omen of death. 

515. Wgnns brot iberm bgke in der mitt nf schpringt bedeits 

en leicht. {Be, Bu, C, D, Lh, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Sc, Sn, 
Y; Kaiserslautern) 

If the crust of a loaf of bread cracks across the middle it 
forebodes a death in the family. 

516. W§nn di brotgruscht losschpringt iberm bgke 

schtaerbt ens aus der familie. (.4/) 
If the crust separates from the loaf of bread while baking, 
it is an omen of death in the family. 

517. Wffir SunndSks gr9,nk waert schtet nimmi uf. {Be, 

Bu, C, D, Lh, Lh, Lnc, Na, Nu, 8c, T) 
If you fall sick on Sunday you will not get well. 
Wenn man am Sonntage krank wird, muss man sterben. 
Wu 59 

518. Wgnn en dischmesser eberschich uf em disch leit, 

gebts en leicht. {Be) 

A table knife lying on the table with the edge upward fore- 
bodes a death. 

519. Wann em sei" schatte ken kopp hot der obed fer nei- 

j5r, muss mer inner me jor schtaerbe. (D) 
If your shadow is headless on New Year's eve, you will di« 
within a year. 


Weihnachtsabends, wessen schatten bei eingebrachtem 
licht keinen kopf hat, der stirbt in selbigem jahr. G 
3. 55 

520. Wgnn en hund unich em fenschter heilt bedeits en 

leicht. {Be, Mr, Nu, Y) 

The whining of a dog beneath a window is an omen of 

If a dog is heard to howl near the house of a sick person 

all .hope of his recovery is given up. Ir 2. 2 

521. Wgnn di geil unriiich sinn gebts en leicht. {Be, C, 

D, Lb, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, 8c, 8n, Y; Heidelberg) 
If horses are restless it is an omen of death. 

522. Es schtaerbt ens aus der familie wanmer en loch in di 

dir macht oder ausre wand reist fern fenschter nei*" 

zu mache. {Lnc, Mr, Na; Freiburg) 

There will be a death in the family if a window is put into 

a door or wall of the house. 
To rebuild a house is always fatal to one member of the 

family. D Y 54 

523. Wammer fergesst en leb brot aus em ofe zu nemme, 

schtaerbt ens. {Lb, Lnc, Sn) 

Forgetting to take a loaf of bread out of the oven will cause 

a death. 
If you overturn a loaf of bread in the oven, you will have 

a death in the house. C F Suf 1. 30 

524. "Wann en grankes es maul im bett uf schpsrrt is es en 

schlechti sein. {Bu, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Nu, Sn, Y; 


Yawning while sick in bed is a bad omen. 

525. Wammem leri wik schokelt, schtserbts kiad ball. 


Rock an empty cradle and the child will not live long. 

Wird eine leere wiege geschaukelt, stirbt das sonst darin 

liegende kind bald. Z 24 
Hocking a child's empty cradle will kill the child. H N C 

18; C 8 A49 


526. W9,mmern schpigel ferbrecht gebts en leicht. (Be, 

Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Na, Nu, Ss, Y) 

To break a looking glass is a sign of death in the family 

before the year closes. C 8 A 1204 
"When a mirror breaks it presages a death. B T 42 

527. Wgnn en piktscher fun der w^nd f allt bedeits en leicht. 

A picture falling from the wall is an omen of death. 
Wenn ein bild von der wand fallt, bedeutet dies langluck. 

"When pictures fall from the wall it forebodes a death in 

the family. E T i2 

528. "Wann en hinkel gret gebts en leicht. (Af) 

If a hen crows there wiU be a fimeral. 

Krahende hennen bedeuten ungliick. 3. 83 

The crowing of the hen foretells death. V S L 2. 550 

529. Wann en hund heilt gebts en leicht. (Af) 

When a dog howls there will be a funeral. 

Wenn ein hund vor einem hause heult, so zeigt dies den 

nahen tod eines bewohners desselben an. Z f D Ml. 408 
If a dog howls three successive nights against a house, that 

house will soon be in mourning. Y S L2. 550 

530. "W§nn di hSne fil gree gebts en leicht. {Bu) 

The continual crowing of cocks indicates a funeral. 
Young cocks crowing at night are a death warning. V 8 
L 2. 550 

531. Wg,nn en grixl sich ins haus schg,fft bedeits en leicht. 

{Be, D, Lh, 8c, J) 

If a cricket gets into a house, there will be a death. 

Das zirpen der grillen im hause bedeutet einen nahen todes- 

fall in der familie. B 8 33. 119 , Z f D M 1. 236; C P 

The chirping of crickets foretells of death. V 8 L 2. 550 

532. Wg,nn di ur uf gmol schte" bleibt gebts en imglik odern 

leicht. {Af) 


If the clock stops suddenly there will be an accident or a 

Wenn die uhr plotzlich stehen bleibt, so gesehieht ein un- 

gliick, meistens ein todesfall. V A 8 1. ilA, M 8 T 268 

533. W^nn en gr§,nkes gm bettsach zoppt schtaerbs ball. 

{Be, Bu, C, Lb, Lh, Mt, Na, Nu, Y) 

If a sick person pulls at the bedclothes he will soon die. 

Wenn ein kranker an der bettdecke pfliickt, stirbt er bald. 

Picking the bedclothes forebodes impending dissolution. 

V 8L2. 573 

534. W^mmem gr^b uf der schtros §,"drefft, ments en 

leicht. {Lh) 

Meeting a crow on the street is the sign of a funeral. 
When a single crow flies over you, it is the sign of a fun- 
eral ; two, of a wedding. V 8 L2.1. 335 

535. Grtne Grischdak, fetter kaerichbof. {Af) 

Green Christmas, means a fat churchyard. 

A green Yule means a fat kirkyard. V 8 L 2. 1. 215 

536. W§,mmer fergesst en fruchtschemel zu see, schtaerbt 

mer sell jor. {Be, Lb, Lh, Lnc, 8c, 8n, Y) 

If, while sowing grain, you miss a strip, you will die within 

a year. 
If the drill go from one end of the field to the other with- 
out depositing any seed, some one on the farm will die. 

V 8 L2. 570 

When sowing grain, if a strip of land is missed there will 
be a death inside of a year. C 8 A 1228 

537. W^mnier ferfelt en roi zu blgnze im gkrde, scbtaerbt 

mer sell jor {Be, D, Lb, Lnc, Na, 8c, 8n) ; oder wam- 
mer ferfelt in &" loch ebbes zu blanze. {Be, D, Lb, 
Lnc, Nu, Sn, Y) 
If while planting vegetables in the garden, you miss a row 

or even a single hole, you will die that year. 
Vergisst der saemann ein ackerbeet zu saen, so muss er 

sterben. M D V 223 


538. Wann en schpigel ferbrecht itJerm ztge schtaerbt §ns. 

(Be, Bu, Lb, Lnc, 8c, Y) oders gebt en tmglik, {Mt, 
Na; Freiburg) 

If a mirror breaks when moving some one will die or therfl 
will be an accident. 

539. Wanuner drSmt es wSr em en zS" rausgfgUe, schtaerbt 

ebber in der freindschaft (Be, Bu, C, D, Lh, Lnc, 
Mt, Na, Nu, Sn) oder em sei" beschter freind (Nu, 
Sc, Y; Heidelberg) 
To dream of losing a tooth means the death ot a relative 

or one 's best friend. 
To dream of losing a friend means a death. V S L2. 552 ; 

C 8A5i9 
If a man dream that his teeth fall out, he will hear next 

day of the death of a friend or relative. V 8 L 2. 299 

540. Wann en kind heilt wgnns gedSft waert, schtaerbta 

jung. (Lh) 

If a child cries while being baptized, it will die young. 
Wenn das kind bei der taufe schreit, wird es nicht alt. 
Wu 222 

541. W^nn en f ogel ins haus flikt ments §,8 bgU ens schtaerbt 

oders gebt en imglik. (Af) 

A bird flying into the house is an omen of death or ill luck. 
When a bird flies into a room and out again it forebodes 
the death of some inmate. V S L2. 557 

542. Wann en grautschtok odern rotriBeschtok 's aerscht 

jor schisst, schtaerbt ens aus der fgmilie. {Be, C, D, 

Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, Nu) 

If cabbage or a beet (Beta vulgaris) shoots the first year, 

some one in the family will die. 
Wenn eine kohlpflanze im ersten jahr bliite tragt, bedeutet 

es tod. W207;6 3. 1114 

543. Wgnn dreize' am disch hoke, schtaerbt ens defun inner- 

me jor. (Af) 

If thirteen sit down to a meal, one of them will die within 
a year. 


Wenn bei einer festlichkeit zufallig dreizehn personen an 
einem tische speisen, stirbt einer von ihnen im laufe dea 
jahres. B 8 33. 119; G 3. 555; Z 255; C P & P 211; 
V SL2. 560 

544. Wann en grautschtok es erscht jor weisse blatter grikt 

bedeits en leicht. {Be, C, Lb, Mr, No), Nu, 8c, Sn, Y) 
If a cabbage plant has white leaves, it means a funeral. 
Wenn eine kohlpflanze im ersten jahr weisse stellen an den 

blattern bekommt, entsteht in dem hause des besitzers 

ein ungliicksfall. G 3. 1114 
If in a row of beans one should come up white instead of 

green, it means a death in the family within the year. 

V 8L2. 570 

545. Es daerf ke" ungradi nummer an der disch ge", 

schunscht scbtaerbt ens. (Bu, D,Lb, Lnc, Na, Sn) 
The number of persons sitting down to a meal must never 
be odd, else one will die. 

546. En grautschtok 's ^erscht jor siime grige ment en 

leicht. (Be, C, D, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, Nu, Sn, Y) 

If a cabbage goes to seed the first year, it portends a death. 

Wenn eine kohlpflanze im ersten jahr weisse stellen an den 

in dem hause des besitzers ein ungliicksfall. G 3. 1114 

547. Wg,nn di geil greische an re leicht schtaerbt glei wider 

ens. {Af; Heidelberg) 

Neighing of horses at a funeral indicates another death. 
A horse neighing at your door betokens coming grief. V 
8 L2.1. 327 

548. Wann obschtbem schpotjors bite, schtaerbt ens in der 

familie. (Af) 

The blossoming of fruit trees in fall is a sign of death. 

Wenn ein apfel- oder birnbaum im herbst bliiht, gibt es 

eine leiche, bes. des hausherrn, Wu 207 
The flowering of a tree twice in the same year is a death 

omen. V 8 L 2. 558 


540. Wftim en kind di ^tSerschte z§" 's ersoht grikt, I8bts 
net Igng. (Be, Bu, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, 8c, 8n, Y) 
If a child cuts the upper teeth firat it will not live long. 
Wenn ein kind die zwei vorderen zahncheu zuerst oben 
kriegt, dann zahnt das kind unter dem boden, d. h. es 
stirbt unter dem zahnen. Alem 27. 229 ; Wu 217 
If an infant cut its front tooth in the upper gums, it would 
be shortlived. Scot 48 

550. W&nn en dodes en kk uf hot, ments gs glei wider §ns 

schtaerbt uns gukt ebs glei nokummt. (Af) 

If the eye or eyes of a corpse remain unclosed, there will 

be another death, for it is looking for the next one to 

Wenn dem verstorbenen trotz alles zudriicken die augen 

offen stehen bleiben, stirbt bald einer aus der familie 

nach. B S 32.119, Z f D M 4t.U8; M D V 270 ; Z 424 
If the eyes of a corpse are difficult to close it is said they 

arc looking after a follower. V 8 L 2. 571 

551. Wftnn ens ibler wsert Sunnd&ks gets d6d. {Bu, Lnc, 

Mt, Nu; Heidelberg) 

If a person becomes worse on Sunday he will die. 

552. W&nn di gr^nket sich Sunnd&ks wekselt is es en 

schlechti sein. (Be, Bu, D, Lnc, Mt, Y; Heidelberg) 
If a sick person becomes worse on Sunday it is a bad sign. 

553. Wannen gr^nkes Sunnd&ks besser is, is es en schlechti 

sein 8,8 es drifter kummt; w^nns Sunnd8,ks fttJer 
schlimmer is, is es besser di wooh di-uf. {Be, Bu, 
Mt, 8n, Y) 
Improvement in the condition of a sick person on Sunday 

is a bad sign ; but if the patient is worse he will be better 

the ensuing week. 
Wenn sich der kranke am Sonntag beser fiililt als an den 

andem tagen, so stirbt er. Wu 221 
In Scotland illness was expected to be more severe on Sun- 

day than on any other day ; and a relapse was anticipated 

if the patient felt easier. 5 F 133 


554. En nei hemm muss mer wesche eb mers 8,'dut, 

schunscht wg,mmer gr&nk drin waert wart mer nimmi 

gsund. i8c,¥; Heidelberg) 

A new shirt must be washed before it is worn, for in case 

you are taken sick in an unwashed shirt, you will never 

get well. 

555. Wgmmem nei gled S'dut un wsert grgnk drin waert mer 

nimmi gsund. (Be, D, Lh, Na, 8c, 8n, Y) 
If you are taken sick while wearing a new article of cloth- 
ing for the first time, you will never get well. 

556. Wgnn di ur zwelf e schlgkt wammer gm disch gm bete 

is faerm esse, gebts en leicht. {Lnc) 
If a clock strikes twelve while saying grace there will be a 

"Wenn die turmuhr wahrend des lautens zum gebet schlagt, 

so stirbt bald jemand aus der Gemeinde. Wu 215 

557. "W§,nn der bakofe singt schtaerbt ens. (Be, Bu, Mt; 


If the bake oven sings it is an omen of death. 

558. Wann ebbes ferbrecht as ggnz wSr uns w&r nlm§nd 

um de wek, gebts en leicht in sellem haus. (Af) 

If anything breaks without being touched or handled, it 

means a funeral. 
Wenn ein trinkglas oder eine fensterscheibe von selbst zer- 

springt, stirbt jemand im hause. Wu 212 

559. Wanns dunnert in der darre wgld 
Schtaerbt jung un alt. (Be, Lb, Mt, 8c, 8n) 

If it thunders when the woods are bare, both old and yoiuig 

will die. 
Wann's dunnert iiwwern dorre wald, 
Geht's iiwwer jung und alt. Alem 20. 286 

560. Wgnn di kroner 9,llz§,mme unferhofft hem kumme, 

kumme si 's nekscht mol hem gn en leicht. {Be, C, 
D, Lb, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Y; Freiburg) 
If all the children come home unexpectedly, they will come 
home next time to a funeral. 


561. Wu der wipperwill nekscht greischt gebts en leicht. 

{Be, D, Lb, Lh, Na, T) 

The call of the whipporwill nearby is an omen of death. 
Der ruf der enle bedeutet nahen todesfall in der familie. 
B 8 33. 119 

562. Wgnns windschtill is uf der Unschuldich Kindelsdak 

schtaerbe ftl kinner 's nekscht jor. (Be, Lh) 

If the weather is calm on Innocents' day (Dec. 28), many 

children will die the following year. 
Am tage "der unsehuldigen kindlein (28. Dez.) bedcuten 

lammerwolken, schafchen, fiir wochnerinnen ein un- 

gliickliehes jahr, und es werden bes. viel knaben sterben. 

Wu 197 

564. Wgmmer Sunndaks grg,nk wsert waert mer ninuni 

gsund. (Be, Lnc, 8c; Heidelberg) 

If you are taken sick on Sunday your sickness wiU be fatal. 

563. W^nns gewittre gebt nf der Himmelferdik schtaerbe 

fil im kindbett. (Bu, C, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Sc) 
Many women will die in confinement if there are thunder- 
storms on Ascension Day. 

565. Wannd grgnk bischt un si muke dich aus enre schtub 

in di anner, waerscht nimmi gsund. {Be, Lnc, Sc; 

Change a sick person from one room to another and he will 

566. Wanns jingscht oders eltscht ^m disch ntst hert mer 

fun re leicht. {Be, Bu, C, Lh, Na, Sc, Y; Kaisers- 

If the youngest or oldest sneeze at the table you will hear 
of a funeral. 

567. Wgnn ens maergets 9,m disch nlst, hert mer fun re 

leicht. {Sn) 

Sneeze at the breakfast table and you will hear of a funeral. 

568. Wgnn ens g,m diach nlst hSrt mer fun re leicht. {Be, 

Bu, Lb, Lh, Mt, Na, Sc) 

Sneezing at the table is a sign, of death. 


569. Wftminer zwifele blgnzt un ferfelt en roi schtserbt ens. 

{Be, D, Lnc, Sn) 

If you miss a row in planting onions, some one will die. 

570. Wgnns nix wi glene gummere an di schtek gebt, gebts 

en leicht. (Mr) 

If cucumbers bear only small fruit, it forbodes a funeral. 

571. Wg,mmer der Qu§,tember Mittwoch wescht un waert 

grgnk waert mer nimmi gsnnd. (Lb; Heidelberg) 
If you wash on the Wednesday nearest an Emberday and 
are taken sick, you will never get well. 

572. W§,nn di eile nekscht am haus greische gebts en leicht. 


The hooting of owls near a house is an omen of death. 


573. "W&nii ens fun de dr§ger schtolpert gebts noch en 

leicht. iBu,Mt) 

The stumbling of a pallbearer is an omen of another fun- 

574. Wgnn di dreger gs en dddes drkge fserme haus 

schtoppe, schtserbt ens aus sellem haus. (Be, Lb, 

If pallbearers stop in front of a house, some one in that 

house will soon die. 
Wenn ein leichenzug vor dem hause stehen bleibt, stirbt 

jemand im hause. Wu 213 

575. Wgnns in en gr&b regert schtserbt noch en nekschter 

freind. (D, Lnc, Y) 

If it rains into an open grave a near relative will die. 
Wenn es in ein neues grab regnet, so stirbt bald wieder 
jemand. Wu 197 

576. Wgnn en dodewage schtopt uf em wek gebts noch en 

leicht. {Be, Bu, C, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na, 8c, Sn) 
If a hearse stops on the way to the cemetery or church, 

another funeral may be expected. 
Der leichenwagen darf unterwegs nirgends stehen bleiben. 


577. Wgnn en grSb ei'f §,llt gebts b&U wider en leicht. {Be, 

C, D, Lnc, Mr, Nu, Sc, Y) 

If a grave caves in there will soon be another funeral. 

Wenn ein grab einsinkt, kommt bald eine leiche. Z 409 

578. Wgnn en leicht ferbei is uf em kaerichhof uns get en 

weibsmensch 's erscht fum kaerichhof is es nekscht 
§s schtserbt wider en weibsmensch ; wgnn en mg,nns- 
kserl, en mgnnskffirl. {Be, Lh, Lnc, Mr; Heidelberg) 
The sex of the first person to leave the cemetery after the 
funeral forebodes the sex of the next person to die. 


If the first person a funeral procession meets on taking a 
corpse to the church for interment is a male, a female is 
sure to be the next who dies in the village, and vice versa. 
Ben 2. 49 

579. Wann di leit aerik schtaerik life oder f&re gn re leicht 

gebts glei mder eni. {Bu, D, Lnc, Mt) 

There will soon be another death if the funeral procession 

moves very rapidly. 
Wenn die pferde am leichenwagen stehen bleiben oder zu 

rasch eilen, so folgt noch eine leiche. Wu 199 
If when the funeral left the house, the company walked 

very quickly, it was a bad omen. N Scot 63 

580. Wann en nekschter freind zu echpot an en leicht 

kummt gebts glei wider eni. {Be, Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, 

Na; Heidelberg) 

If a near relative is late at a funeral, it is an omen that 

there will soon be another death. 
If any one comes to the funeral after the procession starts, 

another death will occur in the same house. C S A 1192 

581. Wann di leicht ferzottelt fum haus faertget gebts glei 

wider eni. (Bu, C) 

If the funeral procession leaves the house in a scattered, 

straggling manner, there will soon be another funeral. 
If, when a fimeral left the house the company should go 

in a scattered straggling manner, this was an omen that 

before long another funeral would leave the same house. 

N Scot 63 

582. Wgnn ens schtaerbt un wsert net gr&d kalt nn schteif , 

schtaerbt glei wider ens. (Be, Bu, C, Lh, Lnc, Mt, 


If a corpse does not become cold and rigid immediately 

after death, there will soon be another death in the fam- 

Wird ein leichnam nicht bald kalt und starr, so holt er 

binnen jahresfrist ein weiteres familienglied. V A S 

1. 476; (7 3. 368; MDy 272 


If the neck of a dead child remains flexible for several 
hours after its decease, it portends that some person in 
that house will die in a short time. V S L 2. 571 

583. Wann en dodes in der kaerich oder uf em kaerichhof 

mit em kopp gege hem leit, schtaerbt wider ens. (Be) 
If the body of the deceased in church or on cemetery faces 

its home, there will soon be another funeral. 
Dass der verstorbene nicht mehr kommt, so tragt man ihn 

mit dem kopf zuerst aus dem haus. A 8 1. 396 
The custom of placing the corpse with the feet toward the 

door has descended from early times. V 8 L 2. 584 

584. Wgmi der kaericliliof itf is gschwische Grrischdak un 

Neijor gebts fil leichte sell jor, {Be, C, D, Lh, Lnc, 

Mr, Mt, Na, Sc, Y) 

If there are any funerals between Christmas and New "5 ear, 
there will be many funerals in that congregation the fol- 
lowing year. 

Begrabnisse in der zeit der zwolfnachte bedeuten viele 
todesfaUe. Wu 63 

A death in Christmastide betokens many more. V S L 
2. 1. 234 

585. "Waims so ferhudelt heerget an re leicht, gebts glei 

wider eni. (Af) 

If everything is in confusion at a funeral there will soon be 
another one. 

586. Wgnns singe so schlecht get an re leicht gebts glei 

wider eni. (Bu, Lh, Mt, Na, Sn) 

If singing at a funeral is wretched there will soon be an- 
other funeral. 

Wenn der gesang beim aussingen einer leiche sehr hell und 
weit klingt, so stirbt gleich wieder jemand. En p. 164 

587. Mer daerf en leicht net schtoppe oders get glei ens no. 

{Af; Heidelberg) 

A funeral procession must not halt or another death will 
soon follow. 


588. Mer dserf net zele wi ftl fure gn re leicht sin. {Be, Lb, 

Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, Nu) 

Never count the number of vehicles in a funeral procession. 

es bedeutet ungliick. Hlbg. 

589. En dodes begrabt mer net mit rings un so weiter a". 


All jewelry should be taken from the corpse before burial. 
Dem verstorbenen soil man alle ringe usw. abnehmen, sonst 
kann er nicht selig werden. Z 432 

590. Wgmmern ierdlichtel sent bedeits gs en mann gschtaer- 

be is un zurikkumme is un seine leinfense nogukt. 

{Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, 8n) 

An ignis fatuus is the spirit of the deceased who has re- 
turned to earth to look after his line fences. 

Irrlichter sind die seelen solcher, die grenzsteine verriickt 
haben. Wu 478, 475 

591. Wann fil kinner ngnner no aus re familie schtser^e, 

soil mer guke ebs erscht as gschtaerBe is net ferleicht 

ebbes fun de dodegleder ins maul gzoge hot. {Be, 


If there are many deaths in a family in rapid succession, 
the grave of the first of those to die should be opened, to 
see whether the corpse has not drawn a part of its shroud 
into its mouth. 

Der tote muss so angekleidet werden, dass er nichts von 
seiner kleidung in den mund bekommen kann, sonst zieht 
er bald einen nahen verwandten durch den tod zu sich. 
BSp. 120 

592. Wg,nn ens schtaerbt, get gUes was es gblanzt hot noch 

un noch dot. {Bu, Lh, Lnc, Mt) 
Everything planted by a person before his death will grad- 
ually die. 



Stirbt der saemann in Westfalen im laufe des jahres, so 
gedeit die von ihm gesaete frucht nicht mehr. M DV 224 

593. WsBr sich faercht soil en dodes H'rege. {Be, C, D, Lb, 

Lh, Mr, Na, Nu, 8c, Y) 
A fearful person should touch a corpse. 
War grosse angsten hat, riihr an die grosse zehe eines toten, 
so wird er frei davon. G 3. 544 

594. Wgim di leicht am haus fsertget muss mer di ime rike 

Oder si gene dod {Sc) oder si sin nix me w»rt. (Be, 

Lh, Lh) 

Move the bee hive when the funeral leaves the house to pre- 
vent the bees from dying or becoming worthless. 

Stirbt jemand im hause, soil man die bienenkorbe riioken, 
sonst stehen die bienen ab. 6 3. 576 

On the death of a relative the bees are acquainted of the 
event by moving the hive. 8 t& C 8 9 

595. Mer muss ken grabschte" fern dodes uf du' eb en jor 

f erbei is, schunscht schtaerbt wider ens. (Be, Bu, Lb, 
At least a year should elapse before a tombstone is erected 

to the memory of the deceased, else there will be another 

funeral in the family, 
Dann kommt noch eins auf die welt und es stirbt 

noch eins. Hlbg. 

596. W§,mmem gltd abnemme losst un mer hot noch serf e 

schmaerze im schtumbe, is f erleicht 's gbgenumme 
dSl net grSd im grSb. {Be, Bu, D, Lh, Nu, 8c, 8n, Y) 
If you have great pain after an amputation, the amputated 

member is probably not buried straight. 
Wenn man einen fuss abnehmen muss, so muss man ihn 

aufrecht begraben, sonst- tut er immer noch weh. V A S 


597. Mer soil sich di grefige gbschneide mit me dSde seim 

bg,ll5trmesser. {Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Nu, 8n, 

Y; Freiburg) 

Cut your corns with a dead man's razor. 


598. Wftinmer sich bglMrt mit me dode mgnn seim b&lWr- 

messer, grikt mern weisser bSrt. (Bu; Heidelberg) 
If you shave with a dead man 's razor, your beard will turn 
prematurely gray. 

599. Mer f erltrt der giruch w^mmer gn blume richt g.s uf 

me grfib wgxe oder uf re l&d gelege hen. {Bu, Lh, 
Lnc, 8n, Y) 

Smelling at flowers which grow on a grave or have lain On 
a coffin will destroy the sense of smell. 

An blumen oder kranzen, die auf dem sarge des toten oder 
auf seinem grabhiigel liegen, darf man nicht riechen, 
sonst verliert man den geruch. B 8 33. 120 

600. Blumeschtek daerf mer keni aus em kaerichhof hemhole 

im bl§nze, es schtaerbt ens aus der f amilie. {Be, G, 
D, Lnc, Mr, Na, Nu, Sn, Y; Heidelberg) 
Some member of the family will die if flowers which grew 
in a cemetery are brought home and planted. 

601. Wgnn ens im haus schtaerbt, misse di blumeschtek 

rumgschtellt waerre. {Bu, C, Lnc, Mr, Na) 

Potted plants should be rearranged immediately after a 

death in the family. 
Nach einem todesfaU soil man blumentopfe verstellen, die 

pflanzen sterben sonst ab. Alem 6. 174 

602. Wgnnd en gicht'roseschtok wek'gebscht schtaerbt ens 

aus der fami'lie in'nerme jor. {Be, C, D, Lh, Lnc, 
Mt; Heidelberg) 

If you present some one with a peony plant (Paeonia offici- 
nalis), some one of your family will die within a year. 

603. Wgim ens zurik'gukt g,n re leicht schtaerbt glei wider 

5ns. {Be, Bu, Lb, Lnc, Mr, Na, Sc, Sn) 

If any one in a fimeral procession looks back there will 

soon be another funeral. 
Bel dem leichenzuge darf keiner der begleitenden sich 

nmsehen, sonst stirbt er bald. Wu 466 


604. Wgnn en gr§nkes bang is es misst schtaertJe, duts ; 

wgnns gber schtaerlBe will kanns net. {Be, Lh) 

If a sick person is afraid he will have to die, he will die ; 

if however he wants to die, he can 't. 
Fiirchtet sich ein kranker vor dem tode, dapn stirbt er; 

sehnt er sich nach dem tode, wird er gesund. Z 413 

605. So g,s en grankes leichter schtaerBe kgnn branch mer 

em juscht 's koppekissi weknemme, no schtaerbts 
glei. (Af) 

So that a sick person may die easily, take away his pillow. 
Dem sterbenden muss man das kissen unter dem kopf fort- 

nehmen, dann wird ihm der tod leichter. B S 33. 119 ; 

Z / D itf 4. 4 

606. Wann ebber g,s Ime hot net schtaerbe kann, soil mer 

der imekaerb rike, no schtaerbt er glei. {Be, Lh, Lh) 
If a bee owner lingers and cannot die, move the bee hive 
and death will soon come. 

607. Wann eris net schtaerbe kgnn muss mer gUes im haus 

ufschlise, schublSde am gUes. {Lnc, Mr, Mt, 8n; 


If a sick person cannot die, all locks, doors, drawers etc. 
should be unlocked. 

Boxes in the house being unlocked makes them die easy. 
V SL2. 577. 

In many places it is supposed that the departure of life is 
delayed so long as any locks or bolts in the house are 
fastened, as they are supposed to hinder the soul in 
taking its leave of the body. Z> Eng 229 

608. Wgnn ens net schtaerBe kg,nn muss mer der baerme- 

di'kel §n der ur schtoppe. {Be, Bu, C, Lb, Lh, Lnc, 
Mr, Mt, Na, Sn, Y) 

If a person dies hard, stop the clock and the end will soon 

Wenn jemand im sterben liegt, muss man die uhr stehen 

lassen. Wu 457 


609. Wg,nn en grankes net schtaerlSe k§,nn nemmt mem fun 

de federe wu er druf leit, n5 schtaerbts glei. {Be, 

C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, 8c, 8n, Y) 

To hasten dissolution, remove the feather bed or pillows 

from imder the sick person. 
Wenn ein kranker oder sterbender huhner-, tauben- oder 

andere vogelfedem imter sich hat, so kann er nicht 

sterben. G B 529 
In Yorkshire occurs the notion that cocks' feathers in a 

bed retard death. D Y 59 

610. Wann en grankes net schtserlSe kann lekt merms 

teschtement' u'nich der kopp. (C, 8c) 

To hasten death, put a Testament under the head of the 

sick person. 
Man legt dem sterbenden eine bibel oder ein gesangbueh 

unter das kinn. Wu 458. 

611. Wanns hesst 's waer ebber gschtaerbe nn er is net, lebts 

noch lang. (Af) 

A person erroneously reported dead will live for a long 

Von wem es irriger weise heisst, er sei gestorben, wird sehr 

lange leben. Z 358 

612. In alte zeite hen si §,ls en dodes uf en bord gelekt un 

der kopp driber nunner henke losse, so as es dod 
grid in der himmel guke hot kenne. {Be, Lh, Sn) 

In olden times the corpse was laid on a board, so that the 
head hung down over the back of the board and thus 
enabled the deceased to look straight into heaven. 

Nach dem waschen und ankleiden der leiche wird in Ober- 
franken der tote auf das totenbett gelegt. L V 104 

613. Wanndme dode e'nich gled a'duscht fume lebe'ndiche 

warts glei grank un a nimmi gsund oder schtaerbt 
glei no. {Be, D, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Sn, Y) 

It the clothes of some one living are used as a shroud for 
a corpse, that person will soon fall fatally ill or die. 


Kein getragenes hemde soil man zum sterbekittel schenken, 
sonst zehrt der, dem es gehorte, so lange ab, bis das 
hemde verwest ist. G 3. 1063 

A corpse is not allowed to be buried in the clothes of a 
living person, lest as the clothes rot in the grave, that 
person to whom they belonged should waste away and 
perish. D r83; C 8 A\2m 

614. Mer muss es fenschter ufm§,clie wgnn ens schterbt, 

so gs di sel naus kgnn. {Be, Bu, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Y) 
Open the windows in the death chamber immediately after 

death so that the soul can get out. 
Die fenster in der stube des gestorbenen offnet man sofort, 

damit die seele hinausfliegen konne. L 372 ; 3. 191 
In West Gloucestershire they throw open the windows at 

the moment of death. T 8 L 2. 577 
Doors and windows should be opened and the locks in 

the house unfastened at the moment of dissolution, to 

facilitate the spirit's departure. V 8 L 2. 577; Guy 

Mannering, chap. 27. 

615. Di tme muss mer rike va^na. di leicht faertget oder si 

gene dod {Sc) oder sin nix me w»rt. {Be, Lb, Lh) 
The bee hives should be moved when the funeral leaves the 

house, else the bees will die or be worthless. 
The bee hives should be turned at the moment the corpse 

is carried out of the house. V 8 L 2. 590 

616. Lek en dodes uf wa'sem, sell h^lts. {Mr, 8c) 

A corpse should be laid on sod to prevent decomposition. 
A fresh sod laid on the breast of the corpse prevents de- 
cay. V 8 L2. 586 

617. FU leit ferhenke di schpigel mit grep wgnn ens dod 

leit im haus. {Af) 

Mirrors should be covered with crepe immediately after a 
death in the house. 

Die leiche darf sich in keinem spiegel sehen, sonst holt sie 
sich einen aus der familie nach. Man muss daher den 
spiegel aus dem totenzimmer entfemen oder ihn wenig- 


stens mit einem laken verhangen. B 8 33. 119 ; M D V 
Looking glasses and all shining objects in the room are to 
be covered with white cloths and the clock is stopped 
and shrouded to show that with him time is over. V 8 L 
2. 590. 

618. Wgnn ebber schtaerbt muss mer di piktschers im 

leichehaus ge'ich di wg,nd dree. (Be, C, D, Mr, Na, 


Pictures must be turned to the wall in the house of 

Sobald jemand gestorben ist, verhangt man die bilder usw. 

bis nach dem begrabnis mit weissen tiichern. Wu 459; 

C 8 A 1243. 

619. Wg,nii ens schtaerbt muss mer di schpigel rumdree. 


The mirrors should be turned to the wall immediately 

after death in the family. 
Die leiche darf sich in keinem spiegel sehen, sonst holt sie 

sich einen aus der familie nach. B 8 33. 119 

620. Wanns me d5de ins grSb regert, gets dod in der hun- 

mel (Be, Lb, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, Y) oder wanns nei" 
schnet. (Be) 

If it rains or snows into a grave the dead will go to heaven. 
"Wenn es in ein neues grab regnet, so ist der gestorbene 

selig. Wu 197. 
If rain falls on a coffin it is supposed to indicate that the 

soul of the departed has arrived safe. V 8 L 2. 591 

621. Wems ins grSb regert is gut ernert. (Nu) 

Well cared for is he into whose grave it rains. 

622. W§,nn ens fersof'fe is un mer k§nns net finne, dut 

mer'n leb brSt ufs wgsser. Wii der kaerper leit bleibt 
der iSb brot schte". (Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, 
Nu, 8c, 8n, Y) 

If any one has been drowned and the body cannot be 
found, throw a loaf of bread into the water. The loaf 


will remain motionless over the spot where the corpse 

Um die leiche eines ertrunkenen zu finden, schreibt man 
seinen namen auf ein brot und wirft es ins wasser, so 
schwimmt es an den ort, wo der ertrunkene liegt. L 344 

A mode of discovering a body drowned in a stream or 
river was to put a loaf into the water at the spot where 
the unfortunate fell. The loaf floated down the stream 
till it came above the body when it began to whirl round 
and round. G Scot 208 

623. Es waert fll en licht gebrennt in der schtub wun dodes 

leit. (Af) 

A light is frec[uently burned in the room where the corpse 

reposes until the day of burial. 
In dem zimmer, in dem die leiche liegt, darf bis zur be- 

erdigung derselben das licht nicht ausgehen, sonst spukt 

der tote oder zieht bald einen noch lebenden nach sich. 

B 8 33. 119 
A candle or two were kept burning constantly beside the 

corpse. 6 Scot 207 ; 8 H 8 241 

624. Wammer der schpigel net rum'dret §.n re leicht gebts 

glei wider eni. (D) 

If the mirror is not turned to the wall while the corpse is 
still in the house there will soon be another funeral. 


625. En Bchtreissel hexegraut soil mer uf der S§.nt Johftn- 

nisdSk an di dir henke. Sell halt di hexe draus. 
{Bu, C, D, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Nu, 8c) un di mike wek. 

Fasten a sprig of St. John's wort {Hypericum perfora- 
tum.) to the door to keep out witches or flies. 
Johanniskraut vertreibt hexen und teufel, daher dieser aus 
bosheit alle blatter mit der nadel durchsticht. G 3. 190 

626. En gensfus uf di schtgUdir mache halt di hexe draus. 

{Be, C, D, Lh, Lnc, Na, Sn) 

Put the foot of a goose [draw a pentagram?] on the stable 

door to keep the witches out. 
Macht man ein trudenfuss an die tiir, so miissen die hexen 

fern bleiben. G 3. 644 

627. Wgnn di ki ferhext sin nagelt mern gro'tefus g.n di 

dir no gen di hexe wek uns si k draus. {Be, C, 

D, Lh, Lh, Lnc, Na, 8c) 

Nail a toad's foot over the stable door to drive and keep 

the witches out of the stable. 
Macht man einen trudenfuss an die tiir, so miissen die 

hexen fern bleiben. G 3. 644 

628. Mgch gro'tefls mit greid an di bett'lad, sell halt di 

hexe wek {Be, Mr) oder i'newennich o'bichs fensch- 

ter oder dir. {Mr) 

To keep away witches, draw toads' feet with chalk on the 

bedstead or in the room above window or door. 
Gegen hexen werden in der nacht vor neujahr und drei 

konige drei kreuze an die stalltiire gemacht. Alem 20. 


629. Schneid re schwaerze kgtz di ore ab, f erbrenn di ore 

un flder der hex selli esch. {Lnc; Kaiserslautern) 
Cut off the ears of a black cat, bum them and feed the 
ashes to the witch. 




630. Wgrnmer ferhext is soil mer der bese fser di dtr l§ge, 

uns erscht gs der wek kummt un schtellt en uf is di 

hex. (Af) 

When bewitched, lay the broom before the door. The first 

person to come along and pick it up is the witch. 
Legt man einer hexe einen besen so in den weg, dass sie 

dariiber schreiten muss, so wird sie unmachtig und kann 

kein imgliick stiften. G 3. 250 

631. Wgnunern leb brot ins wg-sser schmeisst ferdreibts di 

hexe. {Nu, Y; Kaiserslautern) 

Throwing a loaf of bread into water will drive out witches. 

632. Wgnns brot net get is es ferhext. {Be, Lnc, Y; Hei- 


If bread won't rise, it is bewitched. 

633. Fasr en hex zu f gnge, schneit mer di zwe hemm'aermel 

aus em seim mann seim hemm un ferbrennt si. {Be, 
Lb, Y; Neustadt) 

To discover a witch: cut the two sleeves out of your hus- 
band's shirt and bum them. 

634. Schtell der besemschtll in di dtr, no kumme ken hexe 

ins haus. {Na; Heidelberg) 

Put the broomstick against the jamb of the door and no 
witch can enter. 

635. W§nnd ausfinne witt w»r di hex is, ge'drS, "un m5l si 

ab un nemm en flint wud en zee sent schtik nei'ge- 
ISde hoseht un schlss noch em bild. Wuds bild 
dreffscht, hot di hex en masrik uf em leib. {Lh) 
To discover a witch: draw a picture of the suspect, load 
your gun with a dime, and shoot at the picture. The 
spot where you hit the picture wiU correspond to the 
mark to be found on the body of the witch. 
Eine hexe kann man verwimden, wenn man mit einem 
geldstiick schiesst. Wu 160 

636. "W&nn en hex im haus is soli mer mit der linke h^nd 

en hgndfoU grop s§lz ins feier schmeisse. {Be, Lnc, 


If there is a witch in the house throw a handful of coarse 

salt into the fire with the left hand. 
Sind verdachtige leute im hause gewesen, so wirft man 

salz ins feuer. Wu 283 

637. W&nn en kind ferhext is soil mer sei" hemmli auszige 

i'Ber der kopp so as es letz is un di sermli {Lnc, 8n, 

Y) Oder gleder {Nu) hinner di dtr fescht petze. 


"When a child is bewitched pull its shirt over the head 

wrongside out and wedge the sleeves or clothes behind 

the door. 

638. Mer soil ken g,b'gschtumpter besem ins freie schtelle 

schunscht nemme di hexe en un reide druf dserich di 

luft. {Lh,Na) 

Witches will take a wom-off broom and ride on it through 

the air. 
Die hexen reiten auf besen und mistgabeln. Z 514 

639. Wgnn ebber ferhext is 's erscht gs kummt fer ebbes 

lene di hex. (Af) 

If you are bewitched the first person to come to you to 

borrow from you is the witch. 
Hat eine was verhext und man verbrennt es, so kommt die 

hexe und will etwas entlehnen. G 3. 645 

640. En hex schritt net t'bem besemschteke. (Lnc) 

A witch will not step over a broomstick. 
Die hexe stosst den besen weg, gute leute schreiten driiber. 

641. Wgnn en hund ferhext is §-s er net blgffe (gauze, Lnc) 

kann, branch merh juscht "wgsser" hese, no kgnn er 
wider bl&ffe. (Be, Bu, C, D, Lh, Lnc, 8c, Sn, Y; 

If a dog is bewitched so that he can't bark, call him 
"water" and he will be cured. 

642. Mer ISd enhor'nikugel in enferhex'tiflint. {G,Mr; 

Load a bewitched gun with a bullet of hair. 


643. Wsfln en flint f erliext is schtekt mer zwe schpelle ilSer 

ngnner so §.8 es en greiz m9.cht uf der flint. {C, D, 
Mr, Mt, Na, 8c, 8n, Y) 

When a gun is bewitched stick two pins on the gun in the 
fonn of a cross. 

644. Wammer gm sefkoche is un en -weibsmensch kummt is 

di sef ferhext. (Lnc, 8c, T) 

If you are boiling soap and a woman happens along, the 
soap will be bewitched. 

645. W^nn di hex wek is is gewen'lich en schwaerzi k^tz 

do. {Be, C, Lb, Lnc) ' 

"When the witch disappears, a black cat appears. 

In schwarzer katzengestalt kommen die hexen geme. V A 

8 1. 325 
The familiar form of a witch is always a black cat. Ir 2. 


646. Es mgcht di hexe kumme wgnnd sitSe neie nodle ime 

kind sei" wasser in en bottel duscht un si no ei"- 

schlisscht. {Be, Lb; Kaiserslautern) 

The witches will appear if you put seven new needles and 

some urine of a child into a bottle and then put the 

bottle under lock and key. 

647. Wgnn en mgnn en firblet'terich glebiat nodr&kt kg,im 

en nimgnd ferhexe. {Bu, C, Lh, 8c) 

Wear a four-leafed clover and nobody can bewitch you. 

Gegen verhexnng soil gut sein, wenn man fiinfblattrigen 

klee bei sich tragt. V A 8 1. 330 
"Witchcraft will have no power over the possessor of the 

four-leafed shamrock. Ir 2. 103 

648. En ki'fotz in der geilschtg,!! kenkt hglt di hexe draus. 


Hang the vagina of the cow into the horse stable to keep 

out witches. 
[This is a direct survival of the old Germanic heathendom. 

Of. Golther, Handbuch der Oermamschen Mythologie, 

pp. 575-6.] 


649. En ferhexti flint k&mmer mit re hSr'ne kugel fixe. (C, 


Load a bewitched gun with a bullet made of hair. 

650. W§nn en flint ferhext is muss mer si mit re sillSerne 

kugel l&de. (C, D, Lh, Mr, Mt, Na, 8c, Sn, T) 

To break the spell in a bewitched gun, load the gun with 

a silver bullet. 
Silver is always considered an antidote against witchcraft. 

C F Nu4t. 54 

651. Dtt"en zee sent schtik in en ferhexti flint. (Be) 

Put a dime into a bewitched gun. 

Verwunden und toten kann man die hexe, wenn man ein 
silbernes geldstiick auf sie sehiesst. Ww 283 

652. WgJin en flint ferhext is muss mer si mit re silBerne 

kugel lade. {C, D, Lh, Mr, Mt, Na, Sc, 8n,Y) 

To break the spell in a bewitched gun, load the gun with a 

silver bullet or a dime. 
Eine hexe kann man verwunden, wenn man mit einem 

stiick erbsilber oder einem geldstiick sehiesst. Wu 160 
Shoot at a witch, if you wish to hit her, either with a 

crooked sixpence or with one having a hole in it. C F Nu 


653. Wgnn en flint ferhext is, lek si in en grik im loss was- 

ser daerich l&fe. No kg,nn di hex nimmi pisse bis si 
zu der kummt. {Bu, Mt) 

If you lay a bewitched gun into a creek the witch can 't 
urinate until she comes to you for forgiveness. 

654. Oierschale muss mer ferbrenne, so as di hexe ken 

gewalt hen iber di himmel. {Lnc; Heidelberg) 
To prevent chickens from being bewitched, the eggshells 
should always be burned. 


655. En schwserzi k&tz bringt unglik. {Bu, C, D, Lb, Mt, 


A black cat brings bad luck. 

Man soil im hause keine scliwarze katze halten, sondem 
eine graue. Alem 20. 284 

656. En schwaerzi katz is es glik uf me h6f. (Be, D, Lh, 

Lnc, Mr, Na, Nu, 8c) 

A black cat brings luck to the premises. 

If a black cat comes of her own accord to your house, keep 
her, she is a good spirit ; but do not bring her, she must 
come freely, of her own good will. W Ir 69 

657. Wann en schwaerzi kg,tz em engege kimmit, bringt si 

em glik. {Lh, Mr, Na, Sc, T) 
Meeting a black cat is an omen of luck. 
If a strange cat comes to your house and remains domesti- 
cated it brings good fortune. F B 1. 8 

658. En schwserzi kg,tz is en unglik in re fgmi'lie. {Be, 

Lh, Lnc, Na, T; Heidelberg) 

A black cat brings bad luck into a family. 

659. WSr hund un katze gleicht, gleicht sei' mg,nn oder f rfi. 


A person fond of dogs and cats will make a good husband 

or wife. 
Wer die katzen gerne mag, mag auch die madchen. V A 8 

1. 117 
Welche jungfer die katzen lieb hat, die bekommt einen 

frommen mann. Q R 552 

660. W&mmer junge kgtze ^'rekt eb si di Sge uf hen losst 

di ftlt si ferhun'gere. {Af) 

If you touch kittens before their eyes are open, the mother 

cat will let them starve. 
Dann kriegen sie "matze" augen. Hlhg. 


661. Enich ebbes wu fume wi'diche hund gebisse is wsert in 

nein d&k, nein woche, nein mii'net oder nein jor 

widich. (Af) 

An animal or human being that was bitten by a mad dog 

will go mad in nine days, nine weeks, nine months or 

nine years. 
Die wasserscheu nach einem biss von einem tollen hunde 

soil am 9. tage, in der 9. woche, im 9. monat, oder nach 

9 jahren auftreten. A J 257 

662. Wammern katz schlsst hot mer ken glik. (Bu, Na) 

Shoot a cat and your luck is gone. 

663. Wammern katz schisst hot mer ken glik mit de geil. 


If you shoot a cat, you will have bad luck with your horses. 

664. Wammern katz schisst hot mer sil5e jor ken glik. (Af) 

Seven years of bad luck follow the killing of a cat. 

"Wer eine katze totet, hat 7 jahre lang kein gliick. W 72 

665. Wammer dr schptUumbe im k^ffi kocht un gebt dr 

kgtz oderm hund defu'n, life si net faert. (D, Lh) 
If you boil the dishcloth in coffee and give some of it to 
dog or cat, they will not stray from home. 

666. W^nn di katz sich Sun'dak maergets wescht, seller 

wek wu. der schwanz hfpoint kummt der bsuch h»r. 

(Lb, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, 8c, Sn, T) 

The direction in which the cat's tail points when she washes 

herself on Sunday morning indicates the direction from 

which visitors may be expected. 

667. Di flint oder bix wu mern katz mit schisst dut nix me 

dete. (Af) 

The gun or rifle with which you shoot a cat won't kiU after 

668. Wammern hund Wasser oder Feier hesst k^nn en nt'- 

mg,nd ferhexe. (Be, D, Mt, Lnc, 8c, 8n, Y) 


Call a dog "Water" or "Fire" and he can't be bewitched, 
Um den hund vor behexung zu schiitzen, nennt man ihn 

"Wasser oder Strom, denn das wasser kaun nicht behext 

werden. Wu 434 

669. Wann en katz ir junge fum wasser weknemmt gebts 

hochwgsser. {Lnc, Nu) 

When a cat removes her kittens from near the bank of a 
stream, it is a sign of high water, 

670. En hund get der net faert ^s aus deim schii fresse 

losscht. {Be,Sn,T) 

Let a dog eat out of your shoe and he will not stray away. 

Um hunde dem menschen anhanglich zu machen, legt man 
sich ein stiick weissbrot unter die ferse, lauft damit, bis 
man in schweiss kommt imd gibt das so vom schweiss 
durchdrungene brot dem hunde zu fressen, Wu 433 

671. En bei'gelof ni ka,tz bleibt wgmmere di dobe nf em 

o'fereibt. (Be) 

A stray cat will not run away, if you rub her paws on the 

Damit katz und hund nicht entlaufen, treibe man sie drei- 

mal um den herd und reibe sie an die feuermauer. 

If a cat from a distance becomes restless and tries to make 

her escape, put her into the cold oven, for it is said that 

the effect upon her will be that she will forget her former 

home as completely as if she had lapped Lethe's water, 

i?- 12 1,8 

672. So gs en hund net fasrtlaft, wsermt merm brot u'nich 

em arm un fi'derts em. (Be, C, D, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, 

Sc, 8n, Y) 

To prevent a dog from running away feed him some bread 

which you have warmed in your arm pits. 
Wenn man einen hund schnell an sich gewohnen will, so 

lege man brot oder kase unter die achsel, laufe, bis man 

in schweiss kommt und gebe ihm dann das brot. V 798 • 

V A SI. 118 


673. So gs di kfttz {Be, D, Lb, Lh, Mt, Sc, 8n, Y), oder der 

hund (D, Na) net fsertlift, soil mer ne di ftr disch- 

eke absch&tee xax ins f resse du". 

Scrape the .four comers of the table and put the scrapings 

into the food of dog or cat and they will not leave their 

Man schabt drei oder vier tischecken an und tut dies dem 

vieh in den trank, um es zu gewohnen. Wu 435 

674. En kgtz g.s mer net bei der n8,cht holt laft em faert. 

{Be, C, D, Lh, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, 8c, 8n, Y; Heidel- 
Fetch a cat at night if you would have her stay. 

675. Wgmmern kgtz in der schpigel g^ke losst laft si net 

fsBrt. {Be, Bu, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Na, 8c, Y) 

Show the cat her image in the mirror and she'U stay. 

Haustiere besonders katzen macht man anhanglich, wenn 

man sie dreimal in den spiegel sehen lasst Alem. 

20. 284 

676. Wgmmern hund grikt soil mem loch in di dtreschwell 

bore wu mer uf un gb get, fum hund seine hor fanne 
uf der schtsern abschneide, oder di hor fum tip fum 
sehwgnz {Lnc) un selli hor no ins loch dii'". No 
m§cht mem zappe un schlakt en in drei schtrech 
nei", nn der hund get net faert. {Be, C, Lb, Lh, 
Na, 8c) 

To prevent a dog from rimning away, bore a hole into the 
doorsill, cut a heft of hair from the front of the dog's 
head or the hair from the tip of his tail and put it into 
the hole. There make a peg and close up the hole with 
it, driving the peg home with three blows. 

677. Wann em sei' kind faert is muss mer sei" nSme drei 

mol rufe daerich en gnaerreloch un gege sunn'uf. 
{Bu, 8c, Y) 

If your child is lost, call it three times through a knothole 
facing the east. 


678. Wgnn em sei" hund fart is soil mer nein maerge daerich 

en gnaerreloch gege stmn'uf em hund rufe, gber der 
ochtem halte, no kummt er zuri'k, (Be, Bu, Lb, Lh, 
Mr, Mt, Na, 8c) 
If your dog is lost call him through a knothole facing the 

east nine mornings in succession, holding your breath, 

and the dog will return. 
1st einem ein hund fortgekommen, so muss man ihn an 

drei abenden wahrend des abendlautens dreimal durch 

ein wagenrad mit namen rufen, so kommt er wieder. 

Wit 434 

679. "Wg.nn en hund gautzt, roppt mem f en' raus 

un schtekt en 's un'nerscht *s etJerscht nei", sell 

schtopts. (8n) 

If a dog barks, pull a fence rail out of the ground and 
put it back upside down. 

"When you hear a dog howl, take off your shoe from the 
left foot, and spit upon the sole, place it on the ground 
bottom upwards and your foot upon the place you spat 
upon, which will not only preserve you from harm, but 
stop the howling of the dog. D Eng 101 

680. Schneit re k§,tz hor fum schwanz ab un dr&k si im 

rechte schu, no llift der di katz net fsert. (Nu; 

Cut some hair from the cat's tail and wear it in your shoe, 
and the cat will not stray away. 

681. Wgmmern hund schserrt wii er sich net grgtze kgnn 

bleibt er. {Be, Na) 

If you scratch a dog where he can't scratch himself he 
won't run away. 

682. Schab di disch'eke gb un fider si em hund, no IMt er 

net faert. {Lh, Mr) 

Scrape the comers of the kitchen table and feed the scrap- 
ings to the dog to prevent him from running away. 

Schabe dem hunde oben am tiseh von den vier tischecken 
ab und gib ihm zu fressen. Hoh 15 


683. 'S §rscht gs mer in en haus dut wu mer ht'ztkt is di 

bgk'mol. {Bu,D; Freiburg) 

The first article to be carried into a house at a moving is 
the kneading trough. 

684. Wanuner gme zuk der ofe 's erscht ins haus dut fechte 

dileitftl. iD,8c) 

At a moving, never put the stove into the house first, or 
there will be many quarrels. 

685. 'S is gut glik ebbes zurik'zulosse wgromer ztkt. {Be, 

Mt; Heidelberg) 

Leaving something behind when removing is a lucky omen. 

686. 41ter besem daerf mer ke'ner mitnemme wgrnmer zikt. 

(D, Lnc, 8c; Heidelberg) 

Never take an old broom when moving. 

687. Mer hot ken glik wgrnmer zikt un nemmt oier mit. 

{Bu, D, Lb, Lnc, Mr,Mt, 8n) 

Never take eggs with you when moving. 

Die braut muss ein brot und andere lebensmittel in das 

neue haus mitbringen, aber nie darf sie eier mitbringen. 


688. Wgnn en f^mi'lie aergets ht"zikt soil merm kind grM 

k§,lt wgsser gebe, no grikts ken hemwe. (D) 
The child should be given some cold water immediately 
after moving to prevent its becoming homesick. 

689. Wann ebbes ferbrecht ame zuk gebts unglik. (Be, 

8c, 8n, Y) 

If anything breaks during a moving it forebodes bad luck. 

690. j^e zuk miiss ebbes fun gl§,s ferbreche un w§nns 

juscht e" schtik is oder mer hot ken glik. {Bu, C, 
D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt; Heidelberg) 
The breaking of glassware, even if only a single piece, at 
a moving is lucky. 



691. M'r soil me m^nn gs uf seim pr^'perti wunt net helfe 

zlge Oder mer nemmt ems glik. (Be, Lh, Sc) 
It is unlucky to help your tenant in moving. 

692. Eb mer zlkt muss mer zu'ker, s^ls mi peffer ins bans 

du" wu mer M'zikt, no hot mer glik. {Lnc, Na, 8n, 

Before removing to a new home, send on ahead some sugar, 
salt, and pepper ; this will bring good luck. 

Wenn man salz tmd brot zuerst in ein haus bringt, das 
man bezieht, so hat man darin keinen lebensmangel. 
Q 3. 1142 

To place a Bible, some salt and some oatmeal in the cup- 
board of a dwelling house on entering on the occupation 
of it brings peace and plenty. V 8 L 2. 132 

694. Wammer aer'gets ht"zikt, soil mem be'sem mi en leb 

brot fgnnehsl'r schike, no grikt mer ken hemwe. 
(C, B, Lh, Lnc, Na, Y; Heidelberg) 
"When removing to another house, you should send a broom 
and a loaf of bread on ahead, to prevent homesickness. 

695. Wgrnmer zikt soil mer di katz net mitnemme oder mer 

hot ken glik. {Af; Heidelberg) 
Taking the cat with you when moving brings bad luck. 
When changing your residence it is unlucky to bring a cat 
with you. W Ir 69 

696. Mer dserf di k^tz net mitnemme der dSk wn mer 

ztkt, mer muss si schpeter hole. {Af) 

You must not take the cat with you the day you move, it 

should be fetched later. 
Die katze muss allein kommen. Mlbg. 

697. Di kgtz dae'ref mer gkc net mitnemme wgmmer zlkt. 

{Bu, Mt) 

The cat must not be taken along when moving. 
It is unlucky to take a cat with you in removing. C P dt P 

MOVING. 149 

698. Wgim en fremmi k§tz in em sei" bans kummt grfid 

w^mmer gezSge is soil mer si pglte fer glik. {8n; 

If a stray cat comes into your house immediately after 
moving keep her for luck. 

699. Wgrnmer in en nei haus zikt, schtaerbt ens aus der 

fg,mi'lie oders gebt ens dezu'. {Nu) 

Move into a new house and there will be a death or a birth 

in the family. 
Aus einem neuerbauten hause wird spatestens im zweiten 

jahre eine leiche getragen. Wu 209 
To build or even rebuild a house is always fatal to one 

member of the family. D Y 54: 

700. Freidaks gflitzt— kserz gsitzt. {C, Lnc, Mr, 8c, Sn) 

Friday flittings 

Short sittings. 

Am Preitag darf man die wohnung oder den dienst nicht 

wechseln. Wu 61 
Never move into a new house on Friday. W Ir 63 

701. Me zuk dSrf mer net nSguke oder si hen ken glik. 

{Bu, Lb, Lnc, Mt, Na; Kaiserslautern) 
Never watch a moving out of sight, for it will bring bad 

702. W&mmer Mittwochs oder FreidSks zikt hot mer ken 

glik {Be, C, Lb, Lh, Mr, Na, Nu, Sc, 8n) oder mer 

hot fil grgnke leit. (do.) 

Moving on Wednesday or Friday will bring bad luck or 

much sickness. 
Mittwoch und Freitag sind verworfene hexentage. 3. 


703. Wg,mmer Miind&ks ztkt hot mer ken glik. {Be, C, Lb, 

Lh, Mr, Na, Nu, 8c, 8n) 

It is bad luck to move on Monday. 

Man muss auf keinen Montag in den dienst treten, in ein 

haus Ziehen, oder sonst was beginnen, solches wird sonst 

nicht wochenalt. G 3. 1140 


No one should remove on a Monday, because the house 
affairs wUl not thrive. T 8L2.1. 260 

704. Mittwochs gflitzt— kaerz gsitzt. {Be, Bu, Mt, Mr, Na) 


Wednesday flitting 

Short sitting. 

705. Wjer S^m'schdaks zikt bleibt net l^ng. {Be, G, D, 

.Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, Nu, Sc, Sn, Y; Heidelberg) 
Move on Saturday and you will not stay long. 
Never remove from a house or leave a situation on Satur- 
day. Ir 2. 115 

706. W§,mmer zikt muss mer kt faniie hser schike scliunscht 

hot mer ken glik. {Be, Bu, Lh, Mr, Mt, Na, Nu, 

Sc, 8n, Y; Freiburg) 

The covins should be sent on ahead of the moving. 

707. 4^me zuk gen di kt hinneno'. {C, D, Lb, Lnc; Heidel- 


The cattle follow the moving. 


708- Wgnn ens hem'we hot soil merm en messerschpitze 
foil grund fume greiz'pad im gSrde in der kaffi du". 
{C, D, Lh, Lnc, Na, 8n, Y) 
As much ground taken from a cross-path in the garden 

as will cover the point of a knife, will cure homesickness 

when put into coffee. 
Wenn jemand in die fremde zieht, so soil man ihm, ohne 

dass er es weiss, kaffee kochen, in den man erde von 

einem frischen grab getan hat, damit er nicht heimweh 

bekonune. E Z 4n 

709. De weibsleit net mer sg.lz un brot in der nn'nerrok, 

no grige si ken hemwe. {Mt, Na, Lb, Sc) 
"Women will not become homesick if you sew salt and bread 

into their petticoats. 
"Wer aber in die fremde zieht, nimmt ein stiick hausbrot 

mit sich, dann ist er unterwegs sicher vor bosen geistern 

und bleibt in der feme frei von heimweh. Wu 129; 

cf . Wu 282 

710. Wg,nn ens 's hemwe hot, soil mer sei'gledufmache 

un sglz in di sam nee. (Be, Lnc, Na, 8c, Sn, Y) 
If a person is homesick, rip some part of his clothing and 
sew salt into the seam. 

711. Wgrnmer ebber un'wissend S9.IZ in der ho'ses§k net 

grikts ken hemwe. (Be, C, Lb, Lnc, Na, Nu, Sc, Sn, 

Sew some salt in a man's trouser pocket without his 
knowing it, and he will not become homesick. 

712. So as ens 's hemw8 net grikt soUe di leit wiis 

dehem is im fl'sglz ins hemm nee. {Be, Lb, Lh, Lnc, 

Mr, Mt, Na, Sn, Y) 

If a person gets homesick let some one in the family 

where the person is staying sew coarse salt (or rock salt) 

into his shirt. 



713. Wg-nn ens hemwe hot soil mer gmnd fun de- 

hem' mitnemme un en tm in der kgffi du". {Be, Bu, 

Take ground with you from home and put it into your 
coffee to cure homesickness. 

714. Mer soils hemm ausztge un letz S'du", no grikt mer 

ken hemwe. {Af) 

To prevent homesickness take off the shirt and put it on 

again wrong side out. 
Gegen heimweh schiitzt man sich, wenn man das hemd 

verkehrt anzieht. W« 408 

715. Mer soil der kg,'ffi dserich der schptUumbe seie, no 

grikt mer ken hemwe. {Be, Bu, C, D, Lh, Mr, Mt, 

Sc, 8n) 

To prevent homesickness, strain coffee through a dish cloth. 


716. Koch der neie mad der schplUumbe im kS'ffi, no laft 

si net fsBrt. (C, Mt, Na, 8c, 8n, Y ; Freiburg) 
Boil the dishcloth in coffee, so that your servant will not 

717. Sei der neie mid w§,sser daerich der schptUumbe, no 

laft si der net fsert. (C, 8c, 8n, Y) 
Water strained through a dishcloth and given to the new 
servant to drink will prevent her leaving her new home. 

718. Wannd en neii mad grikscht, mach. si grad en emer 

foil wasser hole. (Lb, Lh, Na, 8c, 8n, Y) 

Require the new servant girl to fetch a bucket of water 

immediately on her arrival. 
Wenn eiae magd neu anzieht, so muss sie vor allem einen 

eimer wasser holen, dann bleibt sie dem hause treu. 


719. Di nei mad muss grad zum schanschte" nufguke, no 

grikt si ken hemwe. (Af) 

The new servant girl must look up the chimney im- 
mediately on her arrival to prevent homesickness. 

Die magd gewohnt sich an, wenn sie zum kamin ihres 
diensthauses hinaufsieht. B M 20 

720. Ne der neie mad salz in di gleder, {Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, 

Mt, Na, Nu, 8n, Y) 

Sew some salt into your new servant's clothes. 

721. Schab der neie mad fun der direschwell ab un dus re 

ins esse, no laft si net fsert. {C, Lnc, Mr, 8c, 8n, Y) 
Put some of the scrapings of the doorsill into your new 
servant's food, so that she will not become homesick and 

II • ' • 


722. Wannd en neii mM grikscht schab di disch'eke §,b un 

dus re ins esse, no laft si net faert. {Be, C, Lb, Lh, 

Lnc, Mr, Na, Nu, Sc, Sn, Y) 

Scrape the edges of the kitchen table and put the scrapings 

into the victuals of your new servant girl; then she 

won't be homesick and leave. 

723. Di nei mad sott di bglge zele oBeds wg,nn si ins bett 

get, no grikt si ken hemwe. (C, Sc) 
The new servant should count the timbers in her room 
the first night she sleeps in her new home. 

724. Wammer Samschdaks ei''schtet bleibt mer net 

{C, Sc; Heidelberg) 

If you hire out and begin work on Saturday you won't 
stay long. 


725. Wann en kti der i'drich f erlore hot soil mern schpU- 

lumbe schtele un en re ftdre. {Bu, C, D, Lb, Mr, 
Nu, Sc, Y) 

If a cow has indigestion, steal a dishcloth and feed it to 

726. Wgnn en ku der i'drich ferlore hot soil mer rergets 

hfge" un en schtik brot schtele uns der ku fldre. 
{Be, Bu, C, Lh, Lnc, Mt, 8,c, Sn) 
To cure indigestion [lit. if a cow has lost its cud] in a 
cow, feed it some bread which you have stolen. 

727. W§nn en kii der t'drich ferlore hot soil mer butter- 

brot fume noch'ber hole xms re fldre alSer mer daerf 

nix schwetze. (Lnc, Nu; Kaiserslautern) 

A cow's indigestion may be cured by going to a neighbor's 

house and in silence getting a piece of bread and butter, 

which is fed to the cow. 

728. Wann en gaul gfaun'dert is, nemm en abbel oder 

gru'mbir, schneit si in der mitt daerich, dii" drei 

wischel hor nei" fume ferbaergne blatz un fiders 'm 

gaul. (Be, Lnc, Na, 8c; Neustadt) 

Three locks of hair, cut from a person's private parts and 
placed between the halves of an apple or potato, when 
fed to the horse, will cure founder (laminitis). 

729. Ftder me gaul as gf aundert is en f ei'gschnittni wi'sel- 

haut. (C, Lnc, Mt, Sc) 

Cure founder (laminitis) by feeding the horse a weasel's 
pelt cut fine. 

730. H5r fun drei ferborgne bletz nemmt en faunder. 


Hair taken from three private parts of a hiunan being 

and given to a horse will cure founder (laminitis). 
Wenn sich eine kuh blaht, nimm drei haare von einer 

frauen scham und gib sie der kuh ein. Alem 8. 125 


731. En gaul mit zwe kl'schlek is ex'trS gut. (C, Mr, Y) 

A horse with two cowlicks on its head is extra fine. 
Hat das kind zwei haarwirbel, wird es ein kluger mensch. 

732. "W§nn en ku dik waert ni9.cht mer si itJern schtrik oder 

fens tschnmpe. {Bu, C) 

Cure tympanitis in a cow by making it jump a rope or a 

733. Reibs we eider §,n re ku mit me hunnskopp. {Be, Lnc, 

Mt, Sc, Y; Kaiser slautern) 

Cure manitis in a cow by rubbing the udder with a dog's 

734. Wg,nn en gaul schpite hot, reibt mern mit me hunns- 

koppgnoche. {Be, C, Sc) 

Rub the spavined leg of a horse with a dog's skull. 

735. WindggUe gme gaul reibt mer mit me hunnskopp im 

lekt en no o'Bich di dir im geilsscht§,ll. {D, Lnc, 
Mr, 8n, Y; Kaiser slautern.) 

Bub windgalls on a horse with the skull of a dog, then lay 
it on the doorjamb in the horse stable. 

736. Schneider, schneider, sak mer wa mei" ki sin oder ich 

ropp ders lengscht be" raus. {Be, Bu, C, Lb, Lh, 

Mr, Mt, Na, Nu, Sc, 8n) 

Spider, spider [probably the vine beetle, Lethrus cepha- 

lotes] tell me where my cows are, or I'll tear off your 

longest leg. 
Wenn der hirt den langbein an einem beine halt, so weist 

das tier mit dem andem bein nach der richtung, wo er 

sein verlaufenes vieh zu suchen hat. L 330 

737. Fer ringbon binnt mern leBen'dichi grot druf bis si 

dod is. {Lnc, Sn) 

Tie a living toad on a ringbone and leave it there till dead. 

Gegen den krebs der brust des weibes hilft eine krote da- 
rauf gebunden, nachdem man vorher fiber dieselbe das 
kreuzeszeiehen gemacht hat. V A S 1. 485 


738. Wgnn der schtgll foil schpinneweb xa, is 's fi gsund. 

(C, D, Lh, Lnc, Na, Nu) 

When the stable is covered with cobwebs the live stock is 

Im stalle, in dem spinnen sind, ist das vieh gesund. Z f 

D M1.236;Z 833 

739. Eeib re ku ir gschwoUe eider mit mUich. (Bu) 

Eub the udder of a cow suffering with mahitis with milk. 

740. Wgim en ku en gschwoUe eider hot, soil di melkern 's 

eider reibe. mit me wolkie im'nerrok {Be, Bu, B, 
Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, Nu, 8c, Sn) oder mit em nn'- 
nerroksSm. (D, Mr, Na) 
To cure manitis, rub the udder with a woolen petticoat or 

the hem of the petticoat. 
Lasse der kuh ein weibsbild mit dem letzten teil des rockes 

iiber das geschwoUene eiter (einer kuh) fahren, so wird 

die geschwulst naehlassen, wenn sie noch nicht iiberhand 

genommen hat. Alem 11. 93 

741. Bassem haut is gut fer kumetbloder. {Lh) 

The pelt of the oppossum cures coUargall. 
Am kummet befestigt man gegen hexen ein dachsfell. 
Wu 452 

742. Fer ku'metbloder dii'' en wis'selhaut u'nichs kumet. 

Be, Bu, Lb, Lnc, Mt, Na, Sc, Sn, Y; Heidelberg) 
To cure coUargall fasten the pelt of a weasel on the collar. 

743. En kalb as mer uf'zige will, soil mer juscht nein ims 

gn der ku saufe losse. {Sc) 

A calf which is to be raised should suck the cow only three 
days [lit. nine meals]. 

744. En kglb ^s mer uf'zige will, biant mer i" drei d&k fer 

folUicht. {Be,Lh,Mr,Y) 
Wean a calf three days before full moon. 
Kalber miissen bei voUmond entwohnt werden, oder bei 
zunehmendem. Wu 443 


745. 'S erscht fealb fume rind ztkt mer net uf, mer fer- 

k&fts. {Af) 

The first calf dropped by a cow should not be raised, it 

should be sold. 
Das erstgeborene kalb einer jungen kuh (farsenkalb) darf 

nicht geziichtet werden, weil jede erstgeburt zur zucht 

untauglich ist. B 8 33, p. 127 

746. Eeib kol'el un fett uf all di sei so as si net fechte 

wgnnd en fremmi ziine in der sehtall duscht. (Sn) 

Grease all the pigs with coal oil and fat upon putting a 

strange pig into their pen, to prevent them from fighting. 

747. Sei fechte net w^mmer si §11 mit kol'el schmtrt. (2), 

Nu, 8n) 

Pigs will not fight if all of them are greased with coal oil. 

748. Mer schmtrt all di sei mit brg,n'dewei" oder daer w§m- 

mern neii zune in der schtall dut. {D, Lb, Mt, Nu, 

Sc, Sn) 

Rub whisky or tar on the backs of all the pigs when putting 

an additional pig into their pen. 
Wird zur kuh ein fremdes kalb gebunden, so streicht man 

die mauler beider mit branntwein, dann gewohnen sie 

sich an einander. Alem 20. 282 

749. Wammem sau zu annere in der sem scht§,ll dut, muss 

mer si mit daerbedt'n schmire, no kenne si di fremm 

net fun de annere kenne. (Af) 

Pigs will not be able to distinguish the additional pig put 

into their pen if turpentine is put on the backs of all of 


750. Wammem neii ku grikt soil mer, eb mer si zu de 

annere dut, all de kt en wischel hor fun der schtsern 

zwische de haerner abschneide, no fechte di kt net. 

(Be, Na, 8c, Y) 

Before driving the newly purchased cow into the herd cut 
a tuft of hair from the head of each animal, between 
the horns, and the newcomer will not be homed by the 


Man schneidet der kuh zwischen den ohren einen biischel 
haare ab und vergrabt ihn vor die stalltiir, so gewohnt 
sie sich ans haus. Wu 439 

751. W«r sei" ft erscht fidert di nei'jornacht hots 

schenscht fi sell jor. (Be, Lh, Lnc, Mr) 

"Who feeds his stock first on New Year's night has the 

sleekest animals all year. 
Merkwiirdig ist, dasz seit uralter zeit der glaube lebt, das 
futter, welches nach der [Karfreitags] naehmittemachts- 
stunde, je balder, desto besser, dem vieh gegeben wird, 
dasz das besondere kraft gebe. In der Saulgauer gegend 
standen die leute oft schon um 2 uhr auf. Wer jetzt 
noch zuerst erwacht, muss in den stall. A 8 1. 387 

752. Wammern kii druke schte" losst, melkt mer si 's 

letscht mol uf der bo'dem, (C, Lb, Na, Sc) 
The last time a cow is milked before going dry she should 
be milked on the ground. 

753. Wammern kii druke schte" will losse melkt mer si 's 

letscht mol Sunndaks. (Be, C, Lh, Lh, Lnc, Na, 8n, 


To dry up a cow she should be milked the last time on 

Eine abgemolkene kuh lasst man Sonntags trocken stehen. 

Wu 447 

764. En mannskaerl soil en rind 's erscht mol melke n5 
schlakts rind noch'hier net. {Be, Bu, D, Lh, Lh, 
Mr, Mt, Na, Sc; Heidelberg) 

To prevent a heifer from kicking during milking, it should 
be milked the first time by a man. 

755, Wann en kii blii'tichi mi'lich gebt melkt mer di milich 
dserich der jut fun re sau. {Lh, Na) 
If a cow gives bloody milk, milk it through the atlas bone 

of a pig. 
Man milkt die milch durch eine schweinsblase. Wu 445 


756. Wann en os'fogel ifter di scheier flikt gebts d5d fl. 

{D, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Y) 

If a turkey buzzard flies over a bam some of the cattle will 

Wenn die raben fiber ein haus fliegen und schreien, so 

stirbt eins aus demselben. Alem 19. 166 

757. Wsminer di junge sei im Leb fua der 16s dut greische 

si wlscht. (Be) 

If pigs are weaned in the sign of Leo they will squeal con- 

758. Wgmmer ft schlacht, daerf mers net dauere oders get 

lang net dod. (Af) 

If you pity an animal which is being slaughtered, it will 

die hard. 
Wenn man ein vieh, das geschlachtet wird, beklaget, so 

kann es nicht ersterben. Q B 561 

759. Wammern ges'bok halt ferdrage di ki net. {Be, Bu, 

Mt; Freiburg) 

A billy-goat on a farm prevents cows from miscarrying. 

It is still a generally received opinion that a goat kept 
about an inn or farmstead is not only conducive to the 
health of the other domestic animals, but also brings 
good luck to the owner. Den 2. 75 

760. Di schtell dserf mer net mischte obeds noch sunn- 

un'nergang oder maergets fer sxinnuf'g§,ng, 
schunscht nemmt merm fi 's glik. (Be, C, Lh, Lnc) 
Cattle will not thrive if their stalls are cleaned before sun- 
rise or after sunset. 
Man muss es vor sonnenaufgang und nach sonnenunter- 

gang besorgen. Hlhg. 
To clean a stable after dusk brings ill luck. V 8 L 2. 150 

761. Wammern schei'erschwalm dotmgcht gebe di ki blut'- 

ichi mi'lich. (Be, Bu, D, Lh, Lh, Lnc, Na, Nu, 


Kill a barn swallow and the cows will give bloody milk. 


Wenn man eine schwalbe totet odef fort treibt, geben die 
kiihe rote milch nind man hat ungllick mit dem vieh. 

If a robin or swallow is killed the farmer will be punished 
with bloody milk from his cows. V S L 2. 203 

762. Di ki gelSe a roti milich wammern grot dotmacht. 

(Be, Bu, C, Na, 8c, Sn) 

The cows will also give bloody milk if you kill a toad. 

763. Ft wsert daerr oder grikt gelwg-sser wammers mit 

weide h§kt. {Be, Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, Mr, Na, Nu, Sc, 


If you strike cattle or horses with a willow wand they will 

emaciate or have oedema. 
Das vieh soil nie mit einer weidenrute geschlagen werden. 

Alem 20. 282 
Mit einem geschalten stecken schlage man weder vieh 

noch menschen, denn was damit geschlagen wird, muss 

verdorren. G 3. 416. 

764. Me k§,lb schneit mer hor fum schwanz ab un ftdert si 

der ku, no blaerrt si net. {Lnc, Nu) 

A cow will not low if it is fed with the hair cut from the 

tip of the calf's tail. 
Soil ein kalb entwohnt werden, so schneidet man ihm ein 

biischel haare von der stirn und gibt es der kuh unter 

das fressen, so briillt sie dem kalbe nicht nach. Wu 443 
Hair cut off a calf's tail and put in the cow's ear makes 

her forget the calf when it is taken from her. V S L 

2. 401 

765. Fun de hor fum kalb seinre schtsern abgeschnitte un 

der kii gfidert mgcht as di kii ken hemwe grikt. 

(P, Lnc, Na, Nu, Sn, Y) 

A cow will not miss her calf if it is fed with a tuft of hair 
cut from the front of the calf's head. 

Soil ein kalb entwohnt werden, so schneidet man ihm ein 
biischel haare von der stirn und gibt es der kuh unter 
das fressen, so briillt sie dem kalb nich nach. Wu 443 


766. Wxr schwserze k&tze hot, hot glik mit de geil. (Be ; 


Black cats bring luck to horses. 

767. Freidaks soil mer ken geilschtell ausmischte. {Be, 

Lnc, Sc, Y) 

Horse stables must not be cleaned on Friday. 

Am Freitag darf man nicht mist ausfahren. Wu 61 

768. Zwillingskelfeer fun en're ssert zikt mer uf, ^ter net 

wann si net ^Ue zwe bul'lekelCer oder §.lle zwe kt- 

kelber sin. {Lh, Lnc, Mr, 8c, Y) 

Raise twin calves if they are both of the same sex, but not 
if they are of different sex. 

Zwillingsvieh ist gliickbringend und wird hoch bezahlt. 
Wu 434 

When twin calves are bom they may be both perfect bull 
or perfect cow calves. When one is a bull calf and the 
other is a cow calf, the latter in general will not breed 
from malformation of the genital organs. V 8 L 2. 624 

769. Me lame gaul biimt mer halbergaul urns be' no gebts 

wider en ggnzer gaul. {Bu; Freiburg) 
Cure lameness in a horse by tying dock {Bumex crispm) 
roimd the lame leg. 

770. Wann en kii der wolf im schwanz hot, schlitzt mem 

uf un dut sals un peffer nei' (Af) un rus {C, 8c) 
un binnt der schwanz wider zii. (Freiburg) 
If a cow has "wolf" in the tail, make an incision into the 
tail, put salt and pepper and soot in it, then bandage it 
Worm in the tail is a sort of imaginary disease wonder- 
fully common in homed cattle, to cure which the general 
fashion is to make in it a perpendicular incision near 
to the end, and to rub therein a composition of salt, 
soot, tar, turpentine and garlic, tightly enveloping all 
with a rag and cord. Den 2. 66 


771. Wgnn en ku der wi'derferkau ferltrt hot si hole haer- 

ner un der wolf im schwgnz. No bort mer en loch in 
jeder hsern un schtritzt fun ire egne milich nei". 
Wanns haern net blut is si schlimm grgnk. No 
schlitzt mer der schwanz uf und dut salz, oder sglz 
un peffer, oder rus uf der schwanz un binnts zu. 
No maeht mern bgUe fun holler oder fum gfusser 
wu sich in willne gleder sgmmelt un schibt en der 
hals nunner. Sell gebt re der I'drich. Oder mer 
schitt re salzwasser in di ore. {Af) 
When a cow has indigestion, she has "hollow horns" and 
' ' wolf in the tail. ' ' Bore a hole into each horn and inject 
some of the cow's milk into it. If there is no bleeding, 
she is seriously sick. Lance the tail and put salt, or 
salt and pepper, or soot on the bony part of the tail, and 
bandage it. Make a ball of elder bark or of the fuzz 
which collects in woolen clothing and make her swallow 
it by pushing it down her throat. Or pour salt water 
into her ears. This will restore the cud, i. e. cure the in- 

772. Wann en ku der wi'derferkau ferltrt, hot si hole hser- 

ner un der wolf im schwanz. N5 bort mern loch in 

jeder hsern un schtritzt fun tre egne mi'lich nei". 

Wgnns horn net bliit is si schlimm grank. N5 mg,eht 

mern bg-Ue fun holler rinn un schtbts re der hals 

nunner. (Af) 

When a cow has indigestion it has "hollow horns" and 
"wolf in the tail." Bore a hole into each horn and in- 
ject some of the cow's milk into it. If there is no 
bleeding, the cow is seriously sick. Make a ball from 
the bark of the elder bush and push it down her throat. 

Bohre ein loch in das horn, das hohl ist, und melke von der 
namlichen kuh milch imd spritze sie in das horn. Dies 
ist die allerbeste kur fiir hohle kuhhomer. Hoh p. 36 

773. Wgnn en schtik ft der i'drich ferlore hot, schmirt 

mern schtik butterbrot un dut en zwi'Bel druf . Sell 
schibt mer no der kii der h^ls nuimer. {Be) 



To cure indigestion in cattle, make an onion sandwich 

and push it down the cow's throat. 
Der kuh gibt man nach dem kalben butterbrot, mit kreide 

und safran bestrichen, zu fressen, dann gibt sie gute 

milch. Wu 443 

774. Schtel en schptUumbe un wi'kel en me l&me gaul urns 

bg~. {C,D,Mr,Mt,Sc,Y) 

Steal a dishcloth and tie it roimd the horse's lame leg. 

775. Schtel me weibsmensch der schserzbendel mi binn en 

em gaul ums be' wu er ferrenkt hot. (Be, Na, T; 

Tie a stolen apron string round the sprained leg of the 

776. Me Ifime gaul binnt mern gschtolner sg'kbendel fume 

flaur'sg,k ums be". {Be, Lb, Lh, Mr, Na, 8c, Sn) 
Tie a string, which has been stolen from a flour bag, round 

the leg of the lame horse. 
Ein gestohlenes band vom mehlsack gilt fiir heilsam. 6 

2. 952 

777. Ftder de sei ho'lzkole, no bleibe si gsund. {Af) 

Feed charcoal to pigs to keep them healthy. 
[This is a direct survival of the old Germanic heathendom. 
Cf. Oolther, Mythol. 575-6; also Alem. 20.283.] 

778. Di seicher dut mer S9.'mschd§,ks fun der 16s, no roUt 

si wider glei. {Be, D, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, 8n, Y) 
, -If pigs are weaned on Saturday the sow will come in heat 
Donnerstags Elbg. 

779. Wann leit geblokt sin g,s kelber zu frt kumme, grSbt 

mer ens defu'n unner di scht^Udlr, no kumme si 

recht. {Bu, Lh, Lnc, Sc) 

If you are troubled with calves being born too soon bury 

one under the stable door and they will come at the right 



780. Wann en ku der wi'derferka f erlore hot gebt mer re 

sauerdek. (Be, Lnc, 8c, Sn, Y; Heidelberg) 
When a cow has indigestion feed it old fashioned yeast. 

781. Ringbon f erget wammern lelSen'dichi grot druf binnt 

bis si dod is. {Lnc, Sc) 

Tie a live toad on a ringbone and keep it there tiU it dies. 

782. Wann en ku Mittwochs kglbt daerf mers kalb net nf- 

zige mitau's mer schneit em k§lb en schtik fum or 

§,b, schmeissts wek un sSkt: do, Mittwoch, hoscht 

dei" sgch. (Be) 

A calf born on Wednesday must not be raised unless you 
cut off a piece of the calf's ear and throw it away, 
saying: here, Wednesday, is your share. 

Die, die Mittwoche auf die welt kommen, bleiben nicht 
lange leben. Hlbg. 

783. En bull daerf en kii juscht dreimol tscliumpe, 

schunscht ferdr§,kt si. (Bu, Mt; Freiburg) 

If a cow is covered more than three times she will abort. 

784. Wann en kii fermacht, schneit mer re di hor an der 

desch §,b un schitt re si ei", no ferdrakt si nimmi. 
{Lh, Lnc, Sn, Y ; Freiburg) 

If a cow aborts, cut off her vaginal hair and give them 
to her internally. 

785. W§,nn lose nimmi rollich waerre soUe, nagelt mer en 

alter kupperner bens in der drok. {Sn, Y) 
Nail an old copper penny into the pig's trough to prevent 
cestruation of the sows. 

786. Schitt re schpi'liche los sefich wg,sser ei", sell 

schtopts. {Be, Lb, Lh, Na, Sn) 

To stop cestrus in a sow give it some soapy water. 

787. Nggel de sei kupper in der dr5k, no waerre si net rol- 

lich. {C,8c,8n) 

Copper nailed in the pig's trough wiU prevent cestruation. 


788. Wann en l5s schpilich waert, schitt re 's sefew9,sser 

fum bglBire ua di hor gs mer sich im bglMre g,b- 
schneit ei", oder mer gebts re im saufe. {Af) 
"When a sow comes in oestrum give it the soapy water and 
the lather after shaving, either directly or in its food. 

789. So as en sau nimmi roUt duseht pS.r schrot mit re 

hoUerflint daerich di fotz in der dr§,ks§k. (C, Lh, 

To prevent oestration in sows insert, hy means of a elder 
popgun, several shot per vaginam into the uterus. 

790. So as en los nimmi roUt dut mer pHr schrot in ir drak- 

sak mit re hoUerflint. (C, Lh, 8c, T; Heidelberg) 
To prevent oestruation in sows insert, by means of a blow- 
gun made of elder wood, a few shot into its uterus. 

791. Me gaul en ku'metbloder zu f erdreifte, waerm di hgnd 

an deim gemech un schtreich di bloder no mit sellre 
hgnd. (Be) 

To cure coUargall warm your hand on your exterior geni- 
tals and with that hand rub the sore. 

792. Fer kumetbloder am gaul. Der mann as schtri'gelt 

soil sei"" hand an^eim sekel waerme un si no uf di 
kumetbloder hebe bis si ab'gekllt is. Des muss er 
drei maerge hinnich nanner no du". (Be, Lh, Lnc, 
Na, 8c) 

To cure coUargall. The man who curries the horse should 
warm his hand on his penis and hold it on the collar 
gall until the hand has cooled off. This should be done 
three mornings in succession. 

793. Wgnn en gaul en ku'metbloder hot, reib si mit deim 

egne geme'ch. (Be, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, 8c; Kaisers- 


Cure coUargall in horses by rubbing your privates on it. 

794. Wg,nn en gelser um'g§,ng k§t hot mit seinre f rl, f erre'kt 

em alles as er schneit der ngkscht dS,k. (Be, Lh, 
Mr, Mt; Heidelberg) 


If a gelder had intercourse with his wife, every animal that 
he unsexes next day will die. 

795. Schitt me gaul gs gfaun'dert is me weibsmensch Ir 

blitz ei". (C, 8c; Kaiserslautern) 
To cure founder in a horse give it human menstrual dis- 

796. Ftdre kii §s net dri'gend bleibt du'libiine blotter. 

{Bu; Heidelberg) 

If a cow does not stay fertile, feed her tulip leaves (TuMpa 

191. Warm en kii sich net butze kann noch 'm kalbe, muss 
mer re brot ftdre. {Be, Lh) 
If a cow retains the afterbirth feed her some bread. 
Wenn eine kuh sich nach dem kalben nicht reinigen kann, 
so gibt man ihr sieben nuszsattel und brot. Wu 443 

798. Wgnn en ku net dr&gich bleibt f tdert mer re di/ schale 

fun aus'gebrite oier. {Be, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, Sc; 

If a cow does not stay fertile feed her the shells of in- 
cubated eggs. 

799. Wann en gaul gfaun'dert is, nemm en frischer 

menschedrek, wikel en in en willner lumbe un diin 

um gaul sei~ gebi'ss, {Af) 

To cure founder (laminitis) wrap human feces in a woolen 

rag and tie it to the horse 's bit. 
Wider die rehe, nimm dem pferd seinen zaum imd ziehe 

das gebiss durch menschenkot, zaume das pferd damit 

auf und hebe ihm die nasenlocher zu bis er niesen muss. 

Eo p. 85 ; cf . Alem 20. 282 

800. Wgnn en kii dik is schmirt mern schtro'sel mit daer 

un schlbts der kii ins maul, {Af) 
Cover a strawband with tar and force it into the cow's 
mouth, to cure her of tympanitis. 


Um der aufblahving des viehes vom klee zu helfen, nimmt 
man ein strohseil tind taucht den knopf davon in teer 
und steckt dem kranken vieh den geteerten knopf ins 
maul und bindet das sell hintei" den homern zusammen. 
Ho p. 129; at Z fDMi. 116 

801. Warm en ku f erdrg,kt f ergrSbt mers k§,lb aus'ewennich 

am kischt&U an der dtr xm'ich der dg,chdraps wii di 

ki driver lafe misse. {Be, Bu, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, 8c, 


"When a cow aborts bury the dead-born calf under the 
barn eaves just outside the cow stable door. 

Dies erepierte bald, es wurde imter der stalltiire vergraben, 
und der viehfall unterblieb von da an. J O A 3. 15. 

Wenn dem bauer ein fiillen oder kalb zu wiederholten 
malen fallt, so vergrabt ers im garten. 3. 838 

Ein totenkopf im pferdestall vergraben gibt den pferden 
gedeihen. G 3. 815 

The untimely calf is carefully buried beneath the thres- 
hold of the cow-byre, the admitted object being to avert 
a like disaster. C F T 2. 68 

802. Fer re'ichket, bruns me gaul ufs fuder. {Be, Na, 8c, 


To cure founder from overfeeding urinate on the horse's 

Wenn ein pferd zur rehe ist, so schneide man dem pferde 
von alien vier fiissen kreuzweise von den warzen, die es 
inwendig imter den knien hat, tue es zusammen in dei- 
nem urin und giesse ihm solches in die ohren. Ho p. 86 

803. W§,nn en gaul di ko'lik hot oders wasser net m^che 

k§nn, loss en kel'leresel em gaul der bibs nufgr§,dle. 


To cure colic or retention of urine in a horse, let a wood- 
louse crawl up the horse's sheath. 

Wenn ein pferd nicht stallen kann, nimm drei lause von 
einem knaben, der unter 7 jahren alt ist, und stecke sie 
dem pferde in den schlauch. Ho p. 84 


804. Reib schpate ame gaul mit me ganze gnoche. (Af) 

Rub the spavined leg of a horse with a whole bone. 

Du nimmst einen knochen, wo du ihn findest, darfst ihn 
aber nicht suchen, und reibst damit dem pferde das 
gewachs; es muss aber im abnehmenden licht geschehen. 
Das gewachs wird alsdann gewiss vergehen. Lege aber 
den knochen wieder, wie er gelegen. Hoh p. 38 

805. W§,nn en kH dik is schitt re mischtbrt ei". (La, Na, 


To cure tympanitis in a cow give it manure drainings. 
Einige nehmen 1 peint starkes mistwasser und schlitten 
solches dem aufgeblahten vieh ein. Ho p. 129 

806. W9.nn en kii dik is schtecht mer si. (Be, Lh, Mt) 

Puncture a bloated cow, i. e., if she has tympanitis. 
In den wannst stechen ist das sicherste mittel fiir auf- 
blahung. Ho p. 130 

807. Fer hiBs ame gaul, schitt em wasser ei" fun wescli §,s 

fun der blitz fersaut is. (Sc, Y) 

Give a heavy horse water in which menstruous cloths have 

been washed. 
Fiir rehe ross oder rindvieh: nimm ein hemd oder leilach 

von einer frau an, welche ihre monatliche zeit hat, leg' 

selbiges ins frische wasser, lass selbiges von dem wasser 

trinken. AMI. 18 

808. En ku brillt net fer ir kglb wg.mmer fum kalb seine 

hor am schwanz abschneit un binnt si der kii in di 
kett." (Bu) 

Dock the calf's tail and tie it into the cow's chain to pre- 
vent the cow from lowing for her calf. 

809. Sehneid em kalb di horwserbel ab uf em greitz, fahne 

uf em bu'kel uf de schuldre, un zwische de ore un 
fider si der ku no brillt si net fer Ir kglb. (Lh, Lnc, 
Nu, Sc, 8n, Y) 
Cut the cowlicks from the calf's spine, shoulder blades 

and between the ears; feed them to the cow to prevent 

homesickness for the calf. 


Verkauft man ein kalb, soil man demselben mit cinem 
wisch haar iiber den riicken hinabfahren, diesen wisch 
der kuh zu fressen geben, so bekommt sie keine langweil 
nach dem kalb. Y .4 SI. 121 

810. Wammern kglb hin'nerscMch di dir naus dut un sSkt : 

ich geb dem sent so gs der dei" mutter net no 
blaerrt, dut si §. net. (Be, Lh, Mr, Sc) 
A cow will not low for its calf if when backing the calf 
out of the stable you say: I'll give you a cent, so that 
your mother will not become homesick for you. 
Man gibt dem kalb gekautes brot uad spricht: "hier, 
kalb, ist dein f utter, vergiss deine mutter." Wu 443 

811. KSfte sei dut mer hin'nerscMch in der schtall. (Be, 

C, Lh, Lnc, Na, Nu, Sc, Sn, Y) 
Newly purchased pigs should be backed into the sty. 
Die schweine werden beim kaufe riickwarts in den sack 
gesteckt. Alem 20. 283 

812. IlSerm geilschtall aus'butze soil mer a'chtgeBe as ken 

schpin'neweb in der geilsdrok falle schunscht fer- 
gifts di geU. (Be, Lh, Lnc, Mt; Niirdingen) 
In cleaning the horse stable take care that no cobwebs fall 
into the manger, for it will poison the horses. 

813. Wgnn di ki ken milich getJe, schtet mer maer'gets uf, 

schwetzt nix, get naus in der kischtall, melkt di kt 
un schitt di milich no ins bri'bi (Lh), ins feier (Lb). 
No gefie di kt wider milich. 
If the flow of milk in cows is scant, get up early and before 

having spoken a word to any one milk the cows and 

pour the milk into the privy or fire. 
Ist die milch blau, giesst man sie mehrmals in den abort; 

sie wird dann fiir die hexen nutzlos und diese dadnrcb 

vertrieben. Alem 20. 283 

814. En Mittwochskglb ztkt mer juscht so giit net nf, *s 

gebt en'ihau nix draus. (Be, C, D, Lh, Mr, Na, 8c, 


Calves born on Wednesday should not be raised, they won't 

turn out well. 
Kalber, die an einem Mittwoch geboren werden, sollen 

schnell zu grunde gehen. Z f D M 1. 238; Alem. 20. 

282; G3. 127 

815. W&mmere ku 's kalb nemmt muss mer der schaerz 

un'ich di dir schmeise, no gfrikt si 's hemwe net. 

{JBe, Bu, Lh) 

When taking the calf from the cow, throw an apron over 

the sill of the stable door and the cow will not become 

homesick for its calf. 
Man breitet in Baden einen schurz auf den boden, filhrt 

die kuh hiniiber, wenn sie heimweh nach ihrem friiheren 

stalle hat. M P 7 213 

816. 'S kg,lb muss mer hin'nerschich di dir naus du" un in 

em o'chtem, no blaerrt di ku net. {Af) 

If you baok the calf out of the stable while holding your 

breath, the cow wiU not low for its calf. 
Die kuh wird schweigend imd mit zuriickgehaltenem atem 

in den stall gefiihrt, so schreit sie dann nicht. Wu 439 

817. "Wg,mmern kglb gb'gewene will, dut mers hin'nerschich 

zu der dir naus, no brillt di ku net. {Af) 
When ready to wean a calf, back it out of the stable and 
the cow will not low fqr it. 

818. Wgrnmern kglb ferkSft muss mers hin'nerschich di 

dir naus dii'', no brillt di ku net. {Af) 

The calf which has been sold should be backed out of the 

stable, so that the cow will not low for it. 
Verkauft maji ein kalb, so zieht man es verkehrt aus dem 

stall. MBV 21Z 

819. Mer henkt me kglb sei" h9^1sbg,nd der kii ins ref, no 

blaerrt di ku net wammers k^lb ferk&ft. {Be, Bu, 
D, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, Sc, 8n, Y; Heidelberg) 
If you hang the calf's collar on the hay rack in the cow 
stable the cow will not low for its calf. 


820. Wsmmers kalb ferkSft, binnt merm k&lb sei' hg,ls- 

b&nd der ku in di kett, no grikt di kus hemwS net. 

{Lh, Lnc, Mt, Y) 

If the calf's collar is fastened to the cow's chain the cow 

will not be homesick for its calf. 
Verkauft man ein kalb, so zieht man es verkehrt aus dem 

stall imd wickelt dessen strick der mutter zur trostung 

•am die homer. M DV 213 

821. Wgrnmern neii kii grikt soil mer re fun de bg,ngs 

gbschneide, di zottle fume schptUumbe ferschneide, 
un des no all in re pann mixe uns di ku no aus der 
p§,nn f resse losse, no grikt si ken hemwe. {Lnc, 8n, 
Y; Ettlingen) 
Cut oflf the foretop of the newly purchased cow, cut up 

the shreds of a dishcloth, put all into a pan and mix it. 

Let the cow eat this and she will not become homesick. 

822. Bi'ssk§,tzegraut is gut fer leis. (Mr, Sc; Kaisers- 


Skunkcabbage (symplocarpus foetidus) is a good remedy 
for lice. 

823. Wann en ku nix wi bu'Uekelber drakt, f ergrfibt mer Ir 

butzich (oder butzing) g,n en gb'belbSm, so grikt si 

kikelber. (Lh, Sc) 

If a cow drops nothing but bull calves, bury the afterbirth 

under an apple-tree and she will bear heifer calves. 
Dass eine kuh kein stier- sondern ein kuhkalb bringt, 

nimm ihre reinigung, wenn sie kalbert, und grabe sie 

unter einen apfelbaum, so tragt sie ein kuhkalb. A M 


824. W§nn en rind en k§,lb grikt reibscht em rind di butz 

dreimol ilSers greitz, no sclil8,kts net wgmmers 

melkt. (Be, Lh, Mt, Sn) 

When a heifer drops its first calf, rub the placenta three 

times over the heifer's spine and it will never kick 

during milking. 


825. Wftnn en ku blu'tichi mi'lich gebt schitt mer si in en 

scht&keloch un schtekt der schtfike n6 wider gn sei" 

blgtz. {Be, Lnc, Sn; Lustnau) 

If a cow gives bloody milk, pull out one of the cross stakes 

of a worm fence, pour the milk into it and replace the 


826. W&nnd en ku kSfscht lek der schtok (C, Na, Sc) oder 

en'ichi wip {D, Sc, 8n) wud di ku gedri'be hoscht 
mit in'newennich gn di dt'resohwell un loss di ku 
drtber l&f e, no grikt si ders hemwe net. 
Place the stick or the whip, with which you drove your 

newly purchased cow, inside the door along the sill, and 

your cow will not be homesick. 
Ein stecken wird quer iiber den eingang gelegt, so dass der 

ochs iiber diesen hinwegschreiten muss. Alem 8. 125 

827. Di nei ku grikts hemwe net wgnnd en scbte" mit'- 

nemmscht wud si kSft hoscht un en der ku in der 

drok schmeischt. (C, Lnc, Mt, Sc, Sn) 

A cow will not be homesick if you take with you a stone 

from the place where you bought the cow and place it 

in the manger. 

828. Wgnnd en kii kafscht, musscht der schtok wild si 

gdriBe hoscht mit, hinnich di ku schtelle, no grikt di 
ku 's hemwe net. {Be, D, Lb, Lh, Mr, Na, Sc, Y) 
A cow will not become homesick if you place the stick, 
with which you drove the cow, behind her. 

829. Henk en hunnskopp in der ktschtgll, no ferdr&ge di 

kinet. {Mt) 

To prevent abortion in cows, hang a dog's skull in the 
cow stable. 

830. Di kt ferdr&ge net wgmmern rin'nsggU in der kl- 

schtsU henkt. {Be, Lh, Mr, Mt, Na, Nu, Sc, Y ; 

Cows will not abort if a bovine gallsac is hung in the cow 


831. Eeib en ku'metbloder mit me schte" un f ergr&tJ en n6 

in flisend wg,8ser. (D, Lh, 8c, 8n; Kaiserslmtern) 
Eub a collargall with a stone and bury the stone in the 
bed of a stream. 

832. Wann en ku ferdra'kt ng,gelt mern alter kuj^erner 

sent in der drok. {Be, D. Lnc, T) 

If a cow aborts, nail an old copper penny into its trough. 

Altes eisen an den trog gehangt Hlbg. 

833. Dii%ks ribbe in der sei'schtgU gedu" ferdreiBe sei- 

leis. (Mt, 8n, Y; Heidelberg) 

Eibs of tobacco, placed in the pigsty, will drive out lice. 

834. S&B'sefrg,s ferdreibt di leis im seischtg,!!. (C, D, Na, 

Nu, 8c, Sn) 

Sassafras {Sassafras officinalis) will drive out lice in the 

835. WoUebletter in der seisclitg.ll kenkt ferdreifte seileis. 

Be, Bu, Mr, Mt, 8^) 

Put mullein leaves {Verhascum thapsus) into the pigsty 
to drive out lice. 

836. W^mmern kglb a-binnt muss mer s&ge: Do, Kun- 

schali'ler, sauf. {Lh, Lh, Mr, Na) 
When you wean a calf, say: Here, constable, drink. 
Der anbindende soil selbst dabei trinken, wenn das kalb 
angebunden wird. Swab 

837. Wgnn en kii 's milichf iter hot -wescht mer sich di hend 

mit ire milieli un no schtreicht mer di ku der lange 
wek am leib naus gr&d fum eider wek. {Be, Bu, Lh, 
Lnc, Mt, Na, 8n, Y; Heidelberg) 
To cure garget, wash your hands with the cow's milk and 

then pass the hand along its belly, starting from the 


838. W9.nn en schtik ft uf di welt kummt soil merm en 

schtik fun seim 5r abschneide un sS,ge: do, Mitt- 
woch, hoscht dei" sach. {Lh, Lh, Mt, 8c) 


Cut off a part of the ear of a calf born on Wednesday and 
throw it away, saying: "Here, Wednesday, take your 

Was Mittwochs auf die welt kommt, ist nichts nutz. Hlbg. 

839. Wgmmer aergets seicher h5lt muss mer recht schtaerik 

f Sre un net unnerwe'ks schtope, no schtope di seicher 

net wSxe. {Be, Lh, Lnc, 8c) 

When fetching shoats from any place, drive very fast and 

do not stop on the way, so that the growth of the (little) 

pigs will not be interrupted. 
Man soil nicht stark fahren. Hlig. 

840. Wammer sei Samschdaks holt hot mer ken glik mit. 


If you fetch pigs on Saturday they will not thrive. 

841. Wammer di ki 's grschtmol in di wet dut, s5kt mer: 

"fress net wi en wolf," no waerre si net dik, {Be, 

Bu, Lh, Lh, Mr, Na, 8c; Kaiser slautern) 

To prevent cows from having tympanitis when taken to 

pasture for the first time, you should say: do not eat 

like a wolf. 

842. Fern gschwoUe eider, weschs mit te §.8 fun junge 

weide gemacht is. {Lnc, 8n) 

Reduce the swelling of the udder by bathing it with tea 

made of willow shoots. 
von allerhand wiesenkrauter. Hlig. 

843. Jimge schof dut mer Sunnd^ks fum mu'tterschof , no 

gebts jung schof wider en mutterschof. {Na; Hei- 

If lambs are weaned on Sunday they will become brood- 

844. Disem'ber sei bleiBe gle~ un grutzich. {Be, D, Lh, 8c; 


Pigs bom in December will not grow large. 


845. Wammer aergets junge sei h5lt tin schtopt xif em h§m- 

wek get ens defu'n dod. (Be, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na, 8c, 
8n; Heidelberg) 

When fetching shoats never stop on the way home, one of 
them is sure to die if you do. 

846. Ftdre ku gs der i'drich ferlore hot 's gfusser in gleder. 

(C, Na, Sc; Kaisersldutern) 

To cure indigestion in a cow feed it the fuzz collected in 

847. Wgnn en kii der i'drich f erl5re hot, ft'derscht re saner- 

grant Oder m9,krel. (C, Na, Sc; Freiburg) 
To cure indigestion in a cow give her some mackerel or 


848. Wgnnde butter drescht, dre jusclit e"wek sctimscht 

drescht en wider uf. {Af; Heidelberg) 
"When making butter, turn the crank in only one direction, 
or you will undo it. 

849. "Wammer g,m butter dree is un er will net zg,nime ge", 

soil mer s&ge : Butter, butter, butter dich, 'S is ken 

aer'geri hex wt ich. {Bu, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, 

Nu, Sc) 

If butter is slow in coming, say : 

Butter, butter, come. 

There 's no greater witch than I. 

Come, butter, come. 
Come, butter, come, 
Peter 's waiting at the gate 
Waiting for a buttered cake. 
Come, butter, come. E 67 

850. Wammer butter dret, soil mer sSge: "butter, butter, 

grimmel dicb," no get er gschwinder z^mme. {Be, 
Bu, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Nu, 8c; Heidelberg) 
When churning butter, it will come sooner if you say: 
butter, butter, come. 

851. Wann der butter net zamme ge" will, soil mem but- 

schermesser nei" renne. {Be, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Na, 
Sc, 8n, Y) 

If butter won't come, jab the milk with a butcher knife. 

Ein weib, das butter riihren will, soil ein dreikreuziges 

messer ans fass stecken, so gerat die butter. G 3. 70 

852. Wann di mil'ich ferhext is as mer ken butter dree 

kann, soil mer mit em mi'schthoke nei" ge". {Be) 
If milk is bewitched so that butter won't come in churning, 
put the dimg hook into the mUk. 


Man macht die mistgabel gluhend und traufelt etwas Ton 
der milch aus dem fass kreuzweise darauf uad steckt die 
gliihende gabel ins fass, nimmt sie dann herans und 
buttert, alles aber schweigend, so kommt die hexe und 
bittet um einlass. Wu 449 

853. Warm di hexe im butterfgss sin soil mem gUdich else 

nei" du", sell dreibt si aus. (Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, Na, 


If the butter won't come, the milk is bewitched. To drive 
out the witches, put red hot iron into the chum. 

Wenn beim buttermachen die milch lange nicht bricht, 
nehme man einen kiichelspiess, mache ihn gliihend und 
stosse ihn in den butterkiibel. 6eschieht das, wird die 
hexe damit gebrannt und die milch bricht. Z 554 

At the present day the good housewife puts a hot iron into 
the cream during the process of churning to expel the 
witch from the churn. D Y 170 

854. Wann di mil'ich ferhext is muss mer di flint lade mit 

silBergeld an'schtgtt schrot un no in di milich 

schisse. (Be, Lh, Sc) 

Shoot a charge of silver coin instead of shot into bewitched 

milk and the witch will disappear. 
Eine hexe kann man nur verwunden, wenn man mit einem 

stiick erbsilber oder einem geldstiick schiesst. Wu 160 
Silver is always considered an antidote against witchcraft. 

C F Nu^. 54 

855. Wann di mil'ich ferhext is muss mer si f erschneide un 

ins feier schitte un ferbrenne. (Be, Bu, C, D, Lb, 

Lh, Mr, Nu, 8c, 8n) 

Cut bewitched milk with a knife, pour it into the fire and 

bum it. 
Sind kiihe und milch behext, so sticht und hackt man mit 

messem, gabeln usw. in die milch. Wu 284 

856. Ferhexti mil'ich schlakt mer mit weisdaerne, sell 

schlecht di hexe raus. (Be) 

Drive witches out of milk by beating it with hawthorn. 

Man hackt sie mit der siehel. El 


857. W§.nn di hexe im butterfgss sin schtsst mer nei' mit 

der schrotflint. {Be, Lnc, Na; Kaiserslautern) 
When witches infest the chum shoot into it with a shot- 

858. Wgnn di mil'ich ferhext is dut mer si in en pann uf 

der ofe irn schtecht nei", no get di hex raus. (C, Na) 
Put bewitched milk into a pan, set it on the stove and 

thrust a knife or fork into it. 
Bote milch einer behexten kuh muss kochend mit ruten ge- 
peitscht werden. Der schmerz zwingt die hexe sich zu 
melden und die kuh zu heilen. O 3. 540 

859. En ku wu blut'ichi mil'ich gebt is ferhext. {Af) 

Bloody milk indicates a bewitched cow. 
Eote milch einer behexten kuh muss kochend mit ruten 
gepeitscht werden. 6? 3. 540 

860. W9.mmer der butter net zammedrge kann, sin di hexe 

drin. (Af) 

If the butter will not chum, the cream ia bewitched. 

Wenn man die butter nieht zusammen bringt, sind die 

hexen darin. Z 325 
If a witchwoman overlooks the churn the butter wiU be 

carried off to her own chum, though she has nothing but 

water in it. W Ir 50 

861. Wg-nn di mil'ich ferhext is soil mem gltdich eise nei" 

dii". (Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Na, Sc) 

Thrust red-hot iron into bewitched milk. 

Wenn beim buttermachen die milch lange nicht bricht, 
nehme man einen kiichelspiess, mache ihn gliihend und 
stosse ihn in den butterkiibel. Geschieht das, wird die 
hexe damit gebrannt und die milch bricht. Z 554 

At the present day the good housewife puts a hot iron into 
the cream during the process of chtu-uing to expel the 
witch from the chum. D Y 170 


862. Mit Kaerfreidaks oier kftmmer gut brauche {Be, 

C, Lb, Lh, Mr, Nu, Sc, Y) 

Eggs laid on Qood Friday are used in powwowing. 

Eier, welche von schwarzeu hennen am Karfreitag gelegt 

werden, behalt man fieissig auf ; denn sie soUen in ver- 

schiedenen dingen wunderbare wirkung haben. V A 8 

2.78; Wull 
An egg laid on Good Friday ia preserved as a charm. Y S 

L 2. 1. 224 

863. KserfreidSks oier faule net. {Be, C, Lb, Lh, Mr, Mt, 

Nu, Sc, Y) 

Eggs laid on Good Friday will not decay. 

Karfreitagseier faulen nicht. Wu 74 

864. Mer dserf net mit der h^nd in en gin'ihinkelnescht 

Ignge Oder di gin'ihinkel gen nimmi ufs nescht. {Be, 
Bu, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Sc, Sn, Y; Heidelberg) 
If you touch the nest of a guinea hen with your hand, it 
will abandon its nest. 

865. Oier g,s mer middaks um zwelf ur {Be, Na, Sc, Sn, Y) 

Oder maergets fer de sexe (C) setzt geSe lauder 


If you set a hen at high noon or before 6 A. M. hen chicks 

will be hatched. 
Eier legt man zum briiten hin in der mittagszeit, meist 

13, uud wiinscht in einem spruche: zwolf huhner und 

einen hahn. Wu 429 

866. De brt'iche hinkel binnt mem roter bendel gn der 

Bchwgnz. {Na) 

Tie a red string about the tails of broody hens. 

867. Di brihiakel schtekt mer unner wgsser, sell schtopt 

ne tr brie. {C, Mt, Na, Sc; Heidelberg) 
Broody hens should be ducked. 


868. Wgim hinkel net uf 'geSe woUe brte, f &rt mer si uf em 

Bchub'kserich rum. {Lh; Lustnau) 
Haul broody hens on a wheelbarrow. 

869. Di oierschale soil mer immer f erbremie so §,s di hiiikel 

's oierfresse net laerne. (D, Lb, Lh; Heidelberg) 
Egg shells should be burned so as to prevent hens from 
acquiring the habit of eating their own eggs. 

870. Aus oier wu uf der Kaerfrei'dSk gelekt sin gebts 

schek'iche hinkel. {Lh, Lnc, Na) 

Chickens hatched from eggs laid on Good Friday will be 

Hiihnereier vom Karfreitag geben hiihner, die jahrlich die 

farbe andern. Wu 74 

871. Wgmmer di oier setzt ^s uf der Grl'dun'nerschdSk 

gelekt sin gebts lauter schek'iche hinkel. {Be, C, 

Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, Sc, Sn) 

Chickens hatched from eggs laid on Maundy Thursday—— / 
will be speckled. 

Hiihner aus Griindonnerstags gelegten eiern gebrutet an- 
dern alle jahr ihre farbe. O 3. 344 

872. Di Grischdakngcht schpannt mem schtrik so weit §,s 

di hinkel rumlafe, no hole di woi ken hinkel. {C, 

Lh, Lnc, T) 

If on Christmas night you stretch a rope to as far as the 

chickens roam, hawks will not prey on them. 
In der Christtagnacht steekt man eine diinggabel auf den 

mist, dann verliert sich kein huhn. Lust 

873. Oier gs mer setze will muss mer so rii'ich hendle gs 

meglich. {Af; Heidelberg) 

Eggs for setting should be handled as gently as possible. 

874. Wgrnmer drei saerte^frucht di Grischd&kngcht naus- 

schtellt un f tdert si n5 de hinkel de GrischdSk- un 
Neijormaerge, kann ken -woi selli hinkel grlge. {Be, 
Lh, Sc; Heidelberg) 


Hawks will not catch the chickens which were fed on 
Christmas and New Year's mornings with three kinds 
of grain which had been set out on Christmas night. 

875. Welschksim ei'"'gewecht in fett wii ffisenachtkuche 

drin gebgke sin waerre fidert mer de welschhinkel, 
no gen si net f aert ir oier zu lege. (Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na) 
Turkey hens will not lay their eggs away from home if they 

are fed with com which has been soaked in the lard in 

which doughnuts were baked. 
Willst du gliick mit den hennen haben, d. h. so dass sie dir 

nicht verlaufen, so gibt man ihnen ein in schmalz ge^ 

rostetes brot; desgleichen tue neu angekauften hennen; 

sie bleiben. J. iSf 1. 400 

876. En ungliksoi schmeisst mer hin'nerschich i't5ern, 

no gets unglik mit faert. {Af) 

Throw a dwarf egg backwards over a building and the bad 

luck will accompany the egg. 
Auffallend kleine hiihuereier, sogenannte ungliickseier, 

miissen "hinterschtowerscht" d. h. nach hinten iibers 

dach geworfen werden. Alem 20. 284 

877. En ungliksoi muss mer itJern dach schmeisse, oder 

mer hot ken glik. (Af) 

It is lucky to throw a dwarf egg over a barn. 

Wenn eine henne zwergeilein legt, soil man sie iibers dach 

werfen. Bringt man's hinaus, so hat man gliick; wenn 

nicht, so ungliick. V A S 1. 125 

878. Wgnns f ri gewittre gebt sin di gens gut ufzige. {Be, 

If there are thunderstorms early in spring, it is an easy 

matter to raise geese. 
Wenn es am Palmsonntag regnet, gedeihen die jungeu 

ganse nicht. Wu 73 

879. Wgnn di oier se'rik wol'f el sin bez&lts de hinkel net fts 

si Ir firschlecher auswere. {Be, Bu, C, D, Lnc, Mr, 
Mt, Na, 8c, Sn, Y; Heidelberg) 


When eggs are very cheap it doesn't pay a hen to wear 
out its cloaca. 

880. W9.mmer oier setzt daerf mer net §,m disch defu'n 

schwetze schunscht kumme si net gut raus. {Be, G, 
D, Lb, Lh, Mt, 8c; Heidelberg) 
Do not discuss the setting of hens at meal time, the eggs 
won't hatch. 

881. Gluke setzt mer zwische elfe un zwelfe. (C, 8c) 

Hens should be set between eleven and twelve. 
Will man eine henne setzen, so muss dies an einem Preitag 
mittags um 11 uhr geschehen. V A 8 1. 473 

882. Wgmmer di gluke fam'midaks setzt kumme di junge 

en d&k oder zwe frier raus. {D, Mr, 8c) 
Chickens will hatch a day or two sooner if the hens are set 
during the forenoon. 

883. Hinkel setzt mer Sunnddks zwi'schieh elfe un zwelfe 

wg,nn der parre der sege schprecht, no kumme si gut 

raus, {Be, Lh, Mr, Na) 

To insure a good hatch, set hens on Sunday between eleven 

and twelve when the benediction is pronounced in 

Eine henne setze man briiten, wahrend die leute aus der 

kirche gehen, dann kriechen viele Juiige aus. G 3. 18 

884. Hinkel setzt mer in der Jungfra, no kumme si gut 

raus. {Lh, Lnc, Na, Nu, 8c, 8n, Y; Heidelberg) 
If hens are set in the sign of Virgo the eggs will hatch well. 

885. En gluk setzt mer mit re ungrade nummer oier. {Af) 

Set a hen on an odd nimiber of eggs. 

Biner bruthenne legt man eine vmgerade zahl eier unter. 

Alem 27. 241 
Hens should sit on an odd number of eggs and not always 

alike. V S L 2. U 

886. Wgnn em en hinkel dod get, muss mers iBer di lein 

drfige, n5 g6t kens me dod, {Be, Lb, Lh, Mt, 8n, Y) 
Carry a dead chicken beyond the confines of your own 
premises to prevent others from dying. 


Wenn friiher den leuten mehrere stiick vieh hinter einan- 
der tot blieben, dann brachten sie ein totes stiick iiber 
die grenze des dorfes und banden es an einen busoh fest. 
Dann starb ihnen kein vieh mehr. B 8 33. 170 

The animal which had died of plague or some other serious 
disorder was carried at night to a neighboring pro- 
prietor's land and buried. B F <i7 

887. Hinkel gs im Moi rauskumme grige Moischtq,gger. 


Chickens hatched in May wiU have staggers, i. e. will not 

Sie sin nix nutz. Hlbg. 
Eggs should not be placed below a hen for hatching during 

the month of May. Hence the saying : May chickens is 

aye eheepin. G Scot 141 

888. Del leit hebe Kaerf reid&ksoier nf fun em jor zum g,n'- 

nere. Si sin gut fer brauche mit. {Be, Bu, Lb, Lh, 
Mr, Mt, Sc, Sn, Y; Heidelberg) 
Some persons keep eggs laid on Good Friday from one 
year to the next. They are used in powwowing. 

889. W§,imnern bri hinkel setzt, muss en weibsmensch di 

oier im schserz naus dr&ge fer setze. (Af) 

Eggs will hatch better if carried to the stable by a woman 

in her apron. 
To secure hen birds the woman who sets the hen should 

carry the eggs in her chemise to the hatching nest. O 

Scot 141 

890. Schpitz'iche oier ge15e h§ne, runde hinkel. (Be, Bu, 

C, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, Sc, Sn, Y) 

Cocks will be hatched from pointed eggs, hens from round 

Bunden eiem entschliipfen h^hner, spitzen hahne. Aletn 
20. 284; Z 695 

Short hen-eggs produce female birds; the long eggs, male 
birds. O Scot 141 


891. Wsun en dotter en brokl drek hot gebt sell oi en h&ne. 
(Lb, Y; Heidelberg) 

A speek of dirt on the yolk of the egg shows that a male 
chick will be hatched from it. 

■892. Wgnn en hinkel gret m^chs grS.d dod. {Be, Lnc; Hei- 
Crowing hens should be killed at once. 

893. Eb mer oierschale wekscbmeisst soli mer si ferdri'ke, 

schunscht nemme di hexe si fern bot. (Be, C, Lh, 

Lnc, Mr, 8c; Heidelberg) 

Egg shells should be crushed before they are thrown away, 
else the witches will use them as boats. 

People ought to remember that egg shells are favorite re- 
treats of the fairies, therefore the judicious eater should 
always break the shell after use to prevent the fairy 
sprite from taking up his lodgment therein. Ir 2. 102 

894. Di oierschale muss mer ferbreche, so as di hexe si net 

jii'se kenne. {Be, C, Lnc, Sc; Heidelberg) 
• Egg shells should be broken up, so that witches can't use 

895. Wammer di oier im schs&rz nausdrakt fer setze gebts 

lander hinkel. (Be, Bu, Lb, Lnc, Mt, Na, Nu, Sn, 
Y; Heidelberg) 

If a setting of eggs is carried to the nest in an apron you 
may expect nothing but puUets. 

896. Mer soil ken hinkel setze so as di junge rauskumme 

im Tschiilei'. {Mr; Heidelberg) 

A chicken in July is not worth a fly. {Mt) 

897. Wgnn di hinkel net lege woUe t^kscht en sein im hin- 

kelschtall uf "oier zee sents dutzend," no lege si 
giwiss, {Bu) 

"When hens don't lay tack up a sign "Eggs, 10 cts. a dozai," 
and they will certainly begin to lay. 


898. W§,mmer oschter oier im haus h§,lt ifeers jor sohtaerbt 

ens aus der f§,milie. {Lnc, Nu; Kaiserslautem) 
If Easter eggs are kept for more than a year some one in 
the family will die. 

899. Oier §,s mer seize will (Jaerf mer net iber W9.sser drS,ge 

Oder si kumme net ra,us. {Be, D, Lnc, Sn, Y ; Hei- 
If eggs are carried over a stream they won 't hatch. 

900. En m^nnskserl muss di oier fer setze ime weibshut 

nausdrage, wgnns hinkel gebe soil. {Be, Lb, Lh, 

Lnc, Mt, Na, Sn, Y) 

To secure hen-hirds, the hen should be set with eggs carried 

in a woman's bonnet by a man. 
Wer eine bruthenne setzt und kiichlein mit hauben erzielen 

mochte, setzt selbst eine haube oder einen hut auf den 

kopf. BMll 

901. Wgnn en mannskaerl di oier im hut nausdrakt fer 

setze gebts h&ne. {Be, Lb, Lnc, Na, Y) 

If the eggs for hatching are carried by a man in his hat, 

only male birds will be hatched. 
Ein mann darf keine bruthenne setzen. Hlbg. 

902. Wgnn en weibsmensch oier setzt muss si si im bonnert 

nausdrage. {C) 

"When setting hens the eggs should be carried in a bonnet. 

903. Sg-ssefr^s is gQt fer hinkelleis. {C, D, Mt, Na, Sc, Y) 

Sassafras {sassafras officinale) will drive out chicken lice. 


904. Sauergraut dasrf mer net im Fisch ei'mache schunscht 

waerts schleimich. {D,Lnc,8n,Y; Heidelberg) 

If sauerkraut is made in the sign of Pisces it will become 

905. Brot §.s mer uf der Hinunelferdak b§,kt waert net 

grotzich. {D, Lh) 

Bread baked on Ascension Day will not become mouldy. 

Es schimmelt nicht. Hlhg. 

906. W§mmer satz m^cht dut mer drei schmserte weibsleit 

nei' no get er. (Lnc) 

"When starting yeast, put in the names of three capable 

907. "Wg,mmer satz m^cht soil mer k m^nnsleit nei' dii. (Lh) 

When starting yeast, put into it also the names of some men. 

908. Wg.mmer satz m§,clit soil mer drei bese weil5er nei' dii. 

Be, C, D, Lh, Lnc, Na, 8c, Sn, Y; Lustman) 

When starting yeast, put into it the names of three shrews. 

909. Wg-nn der koch sich dod fresst begrabt mem miich 

der feierhgerd. (Be) 

If the cook dies from gluttony, he should be buried under 
the hearth. 

910. Wann der koch ferhungert, begrabt mern unich der 

feierhserd. {Lh, Lnc, Sn; Heidelberg) 
A starving cook should be buried under the hearth. 

911. Der d§,k ^s mer bakt dserf mer net im garde schaffe 

oders s§,eh waert mildaieh. (Be, Mr, Na, Y) 
Vegetables cultivated on baking day will mildew. 
Wer sich beim backen mit laiben beschaftigt, soUe an dem 
tage nicht in den garten gehen, sonst bringe er maul- 
wurfliaufen da hinein. BMW 


912. En weibsmensch soil ken aerebse oder bone bl9,nze uf 

tr bskdak. {Lh, Na, Sc, Y ; Heidelberg) 
A woman should not plant peas or beans on the day that 
she does her baking. 

913. Uf der Kaerf reidik daerf mer net bg,k^ oders g&rtessch 

waert mild&ich. {Be, C, Lh, Lnc, Sc, 8n; Heidel- 


Baking on Good Friday will cause garden truck to mildew. 

914. Der Igdwaerik brennt der net 5" iBerm kocbe wannd en 

kappemer sent odem psersching schte" in der kessel 
lekscht. {Bu) 

When boiling applebutter put a copper cent or a peach- 
stone into the kettle to prevent it from scorching. 
Man legt einen pfirsichkem hinein. Hlbg. 

915. Wainmer ken drechterkuche b^kt w^mmer ausge- 

drosche hot, gebt selli frucht ken gut mel un di 
weibsleit hen ken gut glik mit tnn bgkes. (D, Lh;) 

Funnelcakes should be baked after all the grain has been 
threshed, else the flour made of that grain wiU not be 
good and the housewives will have poor luck at baking. 

916. W^nn di brotgruscht losschpringt iBerm b^ke is der 

bekr drin. {Be, Bu, C, D, Lb, Mr, Mtt, Na, Sc) 

If the crust separates from the loaf of bread, the baker is 

in it. 
Wenn im brote ein hohler raum ist, sagt man : "da ist eine 

backerseele drinnen." Z 494 

917. Mer daerf net kere w^mmer brot b^kt oders brot gelk 

net in di he. {Lnc, Nu) 

If you sweep the kitchen on baking-dayj the bread will 

not rise. 
Wer teig im troge hat, kehre die stube nicht aus, bis der 

teig hinausgetragen st, sonst kehrt er ein brot mit hin- 

aus. 3. 33 


918. Wsmmer kuche b^kt un will h§,te 9,3 si luk waerre muss 
mer juscht ene wek rire. {C, D, Lb, Lh, Mr, Mt, 
Nu, Sc; Heidelberg) 
To make cake light, it must always be stirred the same way. 

C8A 1144 
lb cooking all the stirring must be done from left to right. 

Scot 30 


919. Der essich zftppt mer 9,b der Srscht Freidakmaerte 

noch nei licht wgnns glor is. {Be, Lnc, Mt, Na, 8n) 
Draw vinegar on the first Friday morning after new moon, 

provided the weather is clear. 
Am Freitag fiillt man den essich auf . Lust. 

920. Der essich muss mer der erscht Freidak im neie licht 

rumz&ppe no waert er s5 gl6r §.8 wftsser. {Af; Frei- 
Vinegar should be drawn off and put back into the barrel 

on the first Friday after new moon and it will be clear 

as water. 

921. Schreib di nSme fun drei bese weibsleit uf en schtik 

bgblr un dus ins essich fgss, sell gebt schserfer es- 
sich. {Af; Heidelberg) 
Write the name of three shrews on a piece of paper and 

put it into the vinegar barrel if you would have strong 


922. 'S gebt schserf er essich w&nnd recht bes bischt wgnnd 

drS" schg,ffscht. {Lb, Lnc, Na) 

If you are angry while making vinegar the vinegar will 
become better. 

923. Wgrnmer essich mgcht misse drei weibsleit nei" bloae. 


Vinegar will be strong if three women blow into the barrel. 

924. W§mmer der essich gbz^ppt muss mer &n drei bese 

weibsleit denke no waert der essich gut. (Af) 
Think of three shrews whenever you work at vinegar, to 

make it good. 
Den besten essig erh&lt man, wenn man denselben am Frei- 
tag ansetzt und drei bose weiber hinein wiinscht. Alem 
19. 163 



925. Du" hes brot ins essichf9,ss fer schtaeriger essich. 

(Bu, Mt) 

Hot bread put into the vinegar barrel will make strong 

926. Orgn zwiWe ins essichfgss gedu" mgeht schtaerger es- 

sich. {Af) 

To make strong vinegar put common Indian turnips {Ari- 

mema tnphyllum) into the barrel. 
Grant ist gut fiir gespenst und zauberei angehangt. Z f 
D M 4. 42 

927. En fra mit kind daerf net an essich ge. (Lfe, Lnc, 8c, 

A pregnant woman should not tap vinegar. 

928. En weibsmensch daerf net an der essich oder wei" ge' 

w^nn si ir granket hot, oder er schtet &b. (Af) 
Wine or vinegar will turn flat if the vinegar barrel or the 

wine cask is touched by a woman in her periods. 
Die unreinheit der frau wirkt auf aUes, womit sie in be- 
riihrung kommt. Sie soil das weinfass nicht beriihren, 
der wein konnte umstehen ; das essigf ass nicht anfassen, 
es konnten wiirmer darin entstehen. B M 21 

929. Wannd am essich schaffscht un bes bischt oder fer- 

zaernscht des as dra" schafft gebts schtaeriger essich. 

{Be, D, Lb, Lnc, Mr, Mt, a, Nu, 8c, 8n, Y) 

If you are or become angry while working at vinegar, or 

if you can enrage the one who is working at vinegar, the 

vinegar will become strong. 
Wer essig ansetzt, muss sauer dazu schauen und hose sein, 

sonst misrat der essig. G 3. 81 

930. Schittl 's essichfass im helle dak. {Be, Nu; Frei- 


The vinegar barrels should be shaken on a clear day. 

931. 'S essichfass schittlt mer im brillende Leb. {8n; Hei- 


Shake the vinegar barrels in the sign of the roaring Leo. 



932. Im Leb schafft mer gm essich. {Af; Freiburg) 

Vinegar should be handled only in the sign of Leo. 

933. 'S essichfass schittlt mer uf foUicht no gebts guter 

essich. {Be, Lb, Lnc, Sc, 8n, T; Freiburg) 
Shake the vinegar barrel at full moon. 

934. Nemm drei drauberanke, nam si \m du" si ins essich- 

fgss, no gebts g^ter essich. {Af; Freiburg) 
To make strong vinegar cut three tendrils of a grapevine, 
name them, and put them into the barrel. 

935. Der essich waert drib wammem uf en drffier dak fb- 

zappt. {Be, C, D, Lh, Mt, Nu, Sc; Lustman) 
Vinegar will become cloudy if drawn on a cloudy day. 

936. En alter sent zii gummere gedu" wammer si sauer 

m9,cht maeht si recht sauer. {Bu) 
Put an old cent into the vinegar used in pickling cucum- 
bers to make them sourer. 

937. Wann di leicht aus em haus faertget soil ens di essich 

f esser schittle, no waert der essich schtaeriger. {Be, 
D, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, Sc, Sn) 
Vinegar will become stronger if the barrels are moved or 
shaken immediately after the funeral leaves the house. 

938. Di essichfesser muss mer rike vrg,nn ens schtaerbt 

schunscht schtet der essich gb. {Be, D, Lb, Lnc, 

Mr, Sc, Y) 

Vinegar will become stale unless the vinegar barrels are 

moved when there is a death in the household. 
Mit dem eintritt des todes riittelt man den essig. M D V 


939. In der Ggllewoch (der sechzent Oktober) dserf mer 

ken sauergraut efmg.che, es waert bitter. {Af) 
If sauerkraut is made during the week of Gallus, it will 

be bitter. 
Auf Gallus (16. Oktober) darf man kein kraut einmachen, 

Bonst wird es bitter. Z f V 1896. 183 


940. En ng,scht fmne w^sserpitschbim in seider oder essich 

gschtellt m§,cht schtaerger essich. {Be, D, Lb, Lnc, 
Mr, Nu, Sn) 

A sycamore twig put into cider or vinegar will make the 
vinegar strong. 

941. Fer schtaerger essich du" drei drauSergnke nei". {Af; 


To -imake stfoi^ vinegar, put ilito it three cuttings of a 


942. Gfumbtre blg,nzt mer im zunemmede im Leb. {Af; 


Plant potatoes in the increase of the moon in. Leo. 

943. Di bune blanzt mer im tberscbteede. {Af; Heidel- 

Plant beans when the horns of the moon point upward. 

944. Der ribsiime set mer uf der PSterk^tt (der erscht 

Aguscbt) Oder Larenzius (der zeet Aguscht. {Be, 
Lh, 8c, 8n) 

Sow turnips on Peter Ketten or Laurentius. 
Saet man die riiben zu spat nach Lorenzen, so wachsen die 
riiben nur noch in den sehwanzen. Z f V 1894. 127 

945. Wammer net geblSkt sei' will mit terdfle, set mer der 

siime olSeds wami di smin umier is oder maergets eb 

si uf is. {Be, C, Lh, Na, 8c, 8n) 

If seed is sown after sunset or before sunrise fleabeetles 

will not infect the plants. 
Gegen erdflohe : man bringt den diinger vor sonnenaufgang 

aus dem stall auf den haufen, so bekommt das damit ge- 

diingte feld keine flohe. Wu 416 

946. Ebbel as in der Gallewoch geroppt waern waern bitter. 

{Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, 8c, 8n, Y; Hei- 

If apples are picked in the week of Gallus (Oct. 16) they 
will be bitter. 

947. In der Gallewoch (sechzet OktSber) roppt mer di 

ebbel. {Bu) 

Apples should be picked in the week of the sixteenth of 



948. In der Q-elwO(Hli (im Moi) daerf mer ken welschkaern 
bl^nze, schunscht waerts gel. {C, D, Lh, Lnc, 8c, 8n, 

T; Ettlmgen) 

Com must not be planted in yellow [?] week, else it will 
become yellow. 

949. Im Grischmiinet blukt mer net, seller miinet muss 

mer der grand rage losse. {Be, C, Lh, Lh, Lnc, Mr, 
Mt, Nu, 8c, 8n; Heidelberg) 

No ploughing should be done in December, the soil should 
have a rest that month. 

950. Wann di qugtemberdak h6ch im munet sin waert di 

frucht deier, (Af) 

Grain will be high in price if the Emberdays come late in 

the month. 
Hat der Quatember eine hohe datumzahl, so wird das ge- 

treide teuer. Z fV 1891. 190 

951. TJf der Asche Mittwoch soil mer esch in der gfirte 

schtree, no grikts g&rtesach ken leis. {Af; Hei- 

Spread ashes over the garden on Ash Wednesday to prevent 
lice on garden vegetables. 

952. Wanns difer sehne hot uf di Fasengcht gebts linger 

flax sell jor. {Bu, Mt) 

The length of flax is indicated by the depth of snow on 
Shrove Tuesday. 

953. Ken rege uf der erscbt Moi 

Gebts h ken hoi. {D, Y; Heidelberg) 
No rain on the first of May 
And there'll be no hay. 

954. W&mmer reddich schtekt muss mer s^ge : so Igng §3 

mei" Srm, so dik as mei" be". {Bu, Mt) 

"When sowing radish seed say : as long as my arm, as thick 

as my leg. 
Stecken die weiber kraut, so sagen sie: "Dursche wie mein 
diekes bein, haide wie mein kopf, blatter wie meine 
schiirze, so werde mein kraut." O 3. 518 


955. DSerm reddich see muss mer B&ge: so lang gs mei" 

Snn, so dik ^.s mei" &rsch. {Be, Lb) 
When sowing radish seed say : as Icaig as my arm and as 
big as my buttocks. 

956. Wainmern flgx der Srsch weisst wsert er hoch. {Bu, C, 

Lb, Lh, Mr, Nu, Sa, Sn) 
Flax "will grow tall if you show it your buttocks. 
Wie schiesst der flachs erst in Ostpreussen empor, wenn die 

f rauen ihm am Johannisabend plStdich ihren blossen hin- 

tem zeigen ! M D V 227 

957. Wann di weibsleit mit em §,radi bios Ide is es zeit fer 

welschkaern blanze. (8n) 

It is time to plant corn when wom^i throw off the blankets 
in bed at night. 

958. W§Jin di loges aerik bite gebts en. gfit welschksBrnjor. 

{Be, Bu, C, D, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, Nu, 8n, Y) 
If locust trees bloom profusely, the com crop will be good. 
Dann gibts uberhaupt einen guten sommer. Elbg. 

959. In der mukewoch [oder mikewoch] set mer ken weze. 

Lb, Nu, Y) 

No wheat should be sowed during Fly ■Week[?] [Mikleta, 

Sept. 18?]. 
Am tage Mauritii [22. Sept.] soil man keinen waitzen saen, 

er wird sonst russig. G B 567 

960. In der Greizwoch set mer ken wgze. {D, Lb, Lnc, Sn; 


No wheat should be sowed during the we^ of the Elevation 
of the Holy Cross [September 14] . 

961. Di biine blgnzt mer in der Jungfrau. {Be, Bu, Lb, 

Lnc, Mt, Na, 8c, Y) 

Plant beans in the sign of Virgo. 

Gut fiir bohnen ist das zeichen der Jungfrau. B A 300 

962. Der KserfreidSk soil mer grautsiime ae©. {Mr) 

Sow cabbage seed on Qood Friday. 

It is lucky to sow aU kinds of ^irden seeds on <3'ood Friday. 


963. Uf der Kserf reidik soil raer blumesume se« un blume 

blanze, no bite si gut. (C, Lb, Lnc, Sc) 

Sow flower seed and plant flowering plants on Good Friday, 

so that the plants may bear many flowers. 
Karfreitag gilt als gliicldicher saetag. Z f D M 2. 102 
It is lucky to sow all kinds of garden seeds on Good Friday. 

H. 50 

964. Grumbire gs mer nommidSks blanzt geSe net gut aus. 


Potatoes will not yield well if planted in the afternoon. 

Kartoffeln miissen vormittags gelegt werden. Wu 424 

965. Grumblre bl^n^t mer der hunnertscht dik. {D, Lnc, 

Na, Nu, Sn, Fq 

Plant potatoes on the hundredth day of the year. 
Kartoffeln pflaazt man am besten am 100. tage des jahres. 

966. En f rl, dserf ken pgterli ausbl§,nze schunscht schtaerbt 

tr mann. {Be, Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, Mr, Nu, Sc, Y) 

A woman will lose her husband if she transplants parsley. 

Ausgegrabene petersilieowurzein darf man nicht wieder 

pflanzen, sonst pflanzt man den gatten in die erde. 

Wu 425 

967. W§,mmer pgterli ausblanzt hot mer ken glik. (Na) 

You will have no luck if you transplant parsley. 
It is iinlucky to transplant parsley. H 57 

968. Wg,mmern peterli scbtok blanzt sehtserbt em sei" 

bescWer freint'. (Lb) 

Your best friend will die if you plant parsley. 

Ausgegrabene petersilienwurzeln darf man nicht wieder 

pflanzen, sonst pflanzt man seinen besten freund in die 

erde. Wu 425 

969. Mer muss ken peterli ins haus bianze oders schtaerbt 

gns aus em haus. (Af) 

A member of the family will die if you transplant parsley 
into pots. 


Ausgegrabene petersilienwurzeln darf man nicht wieder 
pflanzen, sonst pflanzt man seinen besten freund oder den 
gatten in die erde, bringt ihm den tod. Wu 425 

It is unlucky to transplant parsley. V S L2. 168 

970. Maerze schtSb is gold wart. {Bu, Mt, Sc) 

Dust in March is worth its weight in gold. 
A peck o' March dust is worth its waicht in goud. 6 Scot 

971. En hgndf oil Maerze schtSb is so fil wJert §s en buschel 

fmcht. {Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na, 8n; Heidelberg) 

A handful of dust in March is worth a bushel of grain. 

972. Zwische KaerfreidSk un Oschtre dserf mer net im garte 

schaffe, selli zeit hot Jesus in der serd gelege. (Be, 
Lh, Sn) 
No gardening should be done between Good Friday and 

Easter, for during that time Jesus lay buried. 
Karfreitag und Samstag darauf getraut man sicih nicht in 

der erde zu arbeiten, um Christus nicht im grab zu be- 

unruhigen. 3. 706 ; H N C 81 

973. Im unnerschteende miind soil nix geblgnzt waerre gs 

an de schteke nuf soil, wi zum beischpil biine un 

aerbse. {Af; Heidelberg) 

Climbing plants, e. g., beans and peas should not be planted 

in the decrease of the moon (or when the horns of the 

moon are turned downward. 
Plant peas and potatoes in the increase of the moon. C 

8 A 1120 

974. Wg,nmier gum'mere im Zwilling blanzt gebts fil. {Na; 


If cucumbers are planted in the sign of Gemini they will 
bear Well. 

975. Wammer wisse will welli sod'f rucht di bescht is nemmt 

mer drei ere fun der erschte I5d, drei fuu der mit- 
telscbte un drei fun der letschte. Mer m^cht si aus, 
un bl9,nzt si, un dt wus bescht ufget nemmt mer no 
fer di sod, (Lh) 


To ascertain which grain to take for seeding, take three ears 
from the first load of grain hauled into the bam, three 
from the middle load, and three from the last. Sow the 
grains contained in these ears and that which sprouts 
first indicates which is the best seed grain. 

Neun tage vor Weihnachten wird getreide in einem von 
erde gefiillten napf gesat, und aus dem keimen und der 
hohe desselben am Christtage der Emtesegen des kom- 
menden jahres prophezeit. W 83 

976. Di bune bl9,nzt mer uf der Bonif g'zius (der finf t Jfini) , 

no gebts ffl. (Be, G, Lb, Lh, Mr, Na) 
For a large crop of beans, plant them on Bonifacius. 
Die bohnen soil man am Bonifaziustage mittags zwischen 
11 und 12 eigentlich wenn die glocke 12 uhr schlagt, 
stecken, dann hangen sich die stocke voU. Alem 19. 164 

977. Schmir di scbipp wti mer gaer'delt mit mit fasenacht- 

fett, so as es ken waerm in der garde gebt. (C) 
Before digging the garden grease the spade with Shrove 

Tuesday cakefat so as to keep worms away. 
Man schmiert die sehippe mit ol. Hlhg. 

978. Eb mer ^'f^ngt frucht hemfare reibt mer di frucbt'- 

gable mit fasenachtf ett, no kumme di wi'ble net in 

di scheier. (Na, Sc, 8n) 

Before beginning to haul grain from the fields, grease the 
grain forks with lard in which doughnuts h&,ve been 
baked, to prevent weevils from getting into the grain. 

979. Eb mer a'f angt frucht luemfkre schmirt mer der le'der- 

wage mit fasenachtf ett, no kumme di r^tte net in di 

frucht. (Be, D, Lh, Lnc, 8c, Y) 

Before beginning to house grain grease the wheels of the 

wagon with lard in which doughnuts have been baked. 
Fasffliachtsschmalz ist wunderschmalz. Bs wird auch ver- 

wendet zum einreiben der pflugschar. B M 24 

980. Mer soils bluk'schar mit fSsenachtfett schmire eb mer 

a'fgngt bliige, no fresse di waerm *s welschksem net 
ab. (Be, Lh, Na) 


Cutworijis will not destroy the young cora if the plough- 
share is greased with doughnut fat before beginning to 

In Steieirmark beschmiert der hausaJteste aUes eisen am 
ersten ins feld fahrffliden pflug mit dem speck der am 
Oster Sonntag geweiht war. M DV 219; B M 2i 

981. Welschkaern blanzt met im Grebs oder Leb. (Af) 

Plant corn in Cancer or Leo. 
Man pflanzt es im Lowen. Hlbg. 

982. W^imner ken Srn'kichelcher bgkt wgrnmer mit der 

ffirn faertich is gerot' di sot net. {Lh; Nurtingen) 
The coming year's crops will be a failure unless you bake 
doughnuts at the end of harvest. 

983. Wammer der glesume net im unnerschteende set 

schtellt sich der gle oBe ufs l^nd. (Af) 
If cloverseed is not sown in the decrease of the moon, the 
clover will sit on the ground. 

984. Der glesume set mer im unnerschtecaide Grebs, no 

gfrirt er net raus. (Af; SeideUjerg) 
Clover will not freeze out in winter if the seed is sown in 
the decrease of the moon in Cancer. 

985. Rot'rilSe bl§,nzt mer im Leb, no bleiSe si rot. (Be^ D, 

Lh, Lnc, Na; Heidelberg) 

Beets will remain red if planted in Iteto. 

986. Wgmmer l^nge gummere hgfee will muss en manns- 

kaerl si blgnze. (Be, C, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na, Sc, 8n, Y; 


If large cucumbers are wanted, a man should plant them. 

987. Dl grumbtre bl§,nzt mer in de dunkle a§chtS. {Af; 


Plant potatoes in the dark of the moon. 

988. Di grum'bire bl|,nzt mer im Wasserm^nn. (D, Nu, 


Plant potatoes in Aquarius. 

Nicht im Wassermann. Hlbg. 


980. Di grumbire bl§,nzt mer im Widder no gebts wider, 
{Sn, Y; Heidelberg) 
For a good crop plant potatoes in Aries. 

990. 'S gebt schene grautblg,nze fum siime as mer uf der 

Gertrudsdak (der sittezet Maerz) oder der Detlaus- 
dak (der enundreissichscht Mssrz) set. {Be, G, Lb, 
Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, 8c, 8n, Y) 
For fine cabbage plants, sow the seed on Gertrude's day 

(Mar. 17) or Detlau's day (March 31). 
17. Marz. St Gertraud war die erste gartnerin, darum soil 

man an diesem tage "garteln". Z 1236 

991. Zwible as uf der enunzwan'ziclisclit Mserz geblgnzt sin 

gebe gSt aus, (Be, Bu, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, 8c, 8n) 
If you plant onions on March 21 you may expect a good 

Dann schiessen sie alle. Heidelberg. 

992. Welsehkaern im Schitz geblg,nzt grikt fll lS,b glBer 

wenich kolbe. (Be, Bu, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, 8c, 8n, Y; 

Com planted in Sagittarius will be rich in foliage but poor 
in ears. 

993. Wammer di sot Miand4ks oder Mittwochs S^f^ngt 

schtaerbt ens aus der fami'lie. {Lh, Y) 

If fall sowing is begun on Monday or Wednesday, some one 

in the family will die. 
Mittwochs soil man nicht saen. Heidelberg. 

994. Der glesume set mer im Grebs, no grikt er giite 

waerzle. {Af; Heidelberg) 

Clover will have bushy roots if the seed is sown in the sign 
of Cancer. 

995. Zelat'siime set mer im Grebs, no grikt er giite waerzle. 

{C, D, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Nu, 8n) 

If lettuce is sown in Cancer the lettuce will have good roots. 

996. Grumbire bl§,nzt mer in de dunkle nachte, d&ks fser 

nei licht, no gebts fil un schene. {C, Lh, Mr, Na, Nu, 
8c, 8n, Y; Heidelberg) 



The potatoe crop will be large and the potatoes of good 
size if the potatoes are planted in the dark of the moon, 
i. e. the day before new moon. 

997. Grumbire im Schte'bok geblanzt geBe nix wi glgne. 

{Be, C, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Nw, Y; Heidelberg) 
Potatoes planted in Capricomns will be small. 

998. Freidaks fgngt mer a" see un Freidaks gebt mer uf, 

no hot mem guti sern. Wammer faer sellem fser- 
tich waert, muss mer der sgk nf di fens henke un 
daert henke losse bis wider Freidak un no faertich 
mg,che. {Be, Lh, Lnc, Mt, 8c, T) 
Begin sowing on Friday and end on Friday, and you will 
have a good harvest. If you can finish before Friday, 
hang the grainbag on the fence until the following Fri- 
day when the sowing should be completed. 
An einem Freitag muss man zum erstenmal einspannen 
und die emte beginnen. Wu 61 

999. Di sot muss mer der sem dak ufgeBe as mer druf 

a'gfgnge hot. {8n) 

Begin and finish sowing on the same weekday. 

1000. Der buch'weze set mer uf der si'Beschlefer. {Be, C, 
Lb, Lh, Mr, Nu, 8c, 8n, Y; Freiburg) 

Sow buckwheat on Seven Sleepers (June 27). 

1001. In de Hunnsdak dsBrf mer net am graut, 's waert 
lausich. {C, Lb, Lh, Mr, Na, 8c, 8n, Y) 

Cabbage plants cultivated during dogdays will be infected 

with plantlice. 
Sie werden flohig. Heidelberg. 

1002. Wgmmer blumeschtek ztge will muss mer sich di 
neschtelcher schtele wu mer si defun' zlge will. {Af; 

To be successful in raising flowering plants, steal the slips. 

1003. Wgmmer blume bl§.nzt soil mer sich grad h^hoke, no 
ggn si net in di he. {C, Lh, 8c, Y; Lnstncm) 

If you sit down immediately after planting flowers they 
will be short and stocky. 


1004. Blume blgnzt mer im Grebs, no waerre si ni'def un 
bret. {Be, Lnc, Mr, Na, 8c; Freiburg) 
Flowering plants set in Cancer wiU grow low and stocky. 

1005. Im Fisch soil mer ken gummere blg,nze. {Be, Lb, 


Never plant cucumbers in Pisces. 

1006. Grumbtre gs mer im Grabs blg,nzt waerre zwg'kich. 

{Af; Heidelberg) 

Potatoes planted in Cancer will not grow round and smooth. 

1007. Di grutze, fum blgnzVelschkaern daerf mer net fer- 
brenne oders welschkaern grikt der br§nt. {Af; Hei- 

If the cobs, from which seed com has been taken, are 
burned, there will be much comsmut. 

1008. Wftmrnern gwendelschtok blgnzt soil mer sich. druf 
hoke Oder er w§xt net. {Be, Lh, Mr, Mt, 8c) 
Unless you sit on thyme (thymus vulgaris) after planting 

it, it will not grow. 

1009. Wg,mmer blanze, oder so ebbes grikt daerf mer sich 
net bedgnke oder si wgxe net. {Af) 

Never thank anyone for plants for the garden ; they wiU not 

grow if you do. 
Fiir geliehenen samen darf man nicht danken, sonst gedeiht 

er nicht. Wu 405 

1010. Wg-mmer pe'terli blgnzt waxt er net mitaus' mer 
bmnst grscht ins loch. {Bu, Lh, 8c) 

Urinate into the hole where you expect to plant parsley or 

it won't grow. 
Beim krautsetzen setzen sich die frauen gegenseitig nieder. 

M DV228 

1011. Wg,s im Schitz geblgnzt is schtsst. {Af) 

Everything planted in Sagittarius will run to seed. 

Im schlitzen wird alles hoch. Pflanzen, die nicht hoch 

gehen sollen, darf man also nicht im schiitzen saen. 

B S 33. 128 


1012. 4Jles 98 mar im Leb blg,nzt w^xt aerik. {Af; Heidel- 


Everythingr planted in Leo will grow well. 

1013. Im Zwilling blanzt mer di bfine oder gummere. (Af; 

Plant beans and encumbers in Gemini. 

1014. Mer soil nix in der W9,sserin§.nn see, oders wart 
•wg,ssericli. (Af) 

Everything planted in Aquarius will be watery. 

Friiclite, welche man weich liebt, miissen im Wassermann 
odCT den Fischen gesat werden, weil dann die pflanzen 
oder friichte saftig werden. B S 33. 128 

1015. Der Sifieschlef er lekt mer di zwiWe um, no waerre si 
diker. {Be, Bu, C, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Na, 8c) 

Bend over the tops of onions on Seven Sleepers (June 27) 

to make them grow large. 
Dann schiessen sie nicht. Elbg. 

1016. Peter nn Paul 

Mg,cht em kaern di waerzel f aul. (Af) 

On Peter and Paul's day (June 29) rye begins to die. 

Peter and Paul. 

Machen dem kom die wurzel faul. Alem 25. 243 

1017. Im Fisch blg,nzt mer gummere un reddicb, no waerre 

si Isng. (Af) 

Cucumbers and radishes planted in Pisces will grow to good 

1018. Grumblre bl&nzt mer in de dunkle ng,chte xm uf di 
wok. (C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, Sc, Y; Hei- 

Plant potatoes in the last quarter and in Libra. 

1019. Di grumbtre blgnzt mer in der wok o'derm Lgb, n6 
wlge si schwgr. {Af; Heidelberg) 

Potatoes planted in Libra or Leo will weigh very heavy. 


1020. Biln« Oder gummere in der Jungfrau geblgnzt dun 
nix wt bite, si henke net k". (Af) 

Beans or potatoes planted in Yirgo blossom profusely but 

do not bear. 
Man soil keine grundbimeu in dem zeichen der Jungfrau 

pflanzen, sonst verbliUien sie alle. Alem 19. 166 

1021. Di gummere blanzt mer net im Grebs, si diin nix wl 

r&nke. (Be, Bu, G, D, Lh, Mt, Na, Nu, Sc, Y) 

If you plant cucumbers in the sign of Cancer they will 

shoot tendrils all season and not bear. 
Qurken steckt man im zeichen des Skorpions. Wu 426 

1022. In der Jungfrau blgnzt mer di bhuaae rum. {Af; 

Transplant flowering plants in Virgo. 

1023. Di blumeschtek blgnzt mer im zu'nemmede in der 
Jungfrau. {Af; Heidelberg) 

Plant flowering plants in Virgo in the increase of the moon. 

1024. GSrdezeiat' scMsst net wammern im unnerschteende 
blgnzt. {Be, Bu, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Sc, 8n, ¥; 

Plant lettuce in the decrease of the moon to prevent it from 
running to seed. 

1025. Schtekebune gen net §n de schteke nuf wftmmer si 
im unnerschteende blgnzt. (-4/) 

Pole beans will not climb if planted wh«i the horns of the 

moon turn down. 
(Jewachse, die ihre frucht iiber der erde tragen, miissen bei 

zunehmenden mond gesaet werden. Wu 58 

1026. Di gum'mere blgnzt mer im Fisch no waerre si gl&tt. 


If you plant cucumbers in the sign of Pisces, tiie cucum- 
bers will be smooth. 

1027. Blumeschtek as mer uf der Kserfreidftk blgnzt grtge 

Bchekiche blume. {Na) 


Flowering plants planted on Good Friday will bear varie- 
gated flowers. 

Blumen am Griindonnerstag gesaet erhalten schone farbea. 
Wu 73 

1028. Wsmmer ebbes blg,nzt in Gottes nSme wg,xts. (Nu) 
Anything planted in the name of God will grow. 

"In Gottes namen sa i mein lein", sagt die saerin. A J 196 

1029. Welschkaern daarf mer kens blg,nze uf en d&tem wu 
en null hinne dra' is. '(D, T; Freiburg) 

Com must not be planted on a date ending in a cipher. 

1030. En blumeschtok §s maer fume grfib schtelt wgxt net. 

(Be, Lb, Mt, Sn) 

A flowering plant stolen from a grave will not grow. 
Beisst man blumen von grabem.ab, so kommt sie der tote 
als sein eigentum wieder holen. Dr 304 

1031. Der h§,t!er ei-schmlre, der buch'weze ei'scht&be. {Be, 
Bu, Lnc, Mt, Na, 8c, Y) 

Sow oats in wet, buckwheat in dry ground. 
Der hafer gedeiht, wenn der zur aussaat gehende bauer mit 
wasser bespritzt wird. Wu 420. 

1032. Wammer pe'terli siime set un er wgxt gebts en kind 
in di fgini'lie; wgnn net, schtserbt ens aus der fg,- 
mi'lie. (D) 

If one sows parsley seed and it sprouts, it means an addition 

to the family; if not, a death. 
Es stirbt jemaud im hause, wenn gesate petersilie nicht auf- 
geht. Wu 213 

1033. Wgmmer di frucht hemf&rt soil mer b&l'sem ftb- 

schneide un uf der bare lege eb mer di frucht druf 
dut, no kumme di rgtte net in di frucht. {Be, Na, 
Sc, Sn; Heidelberg) 

To keep rats out of the grain, cut spearmint {mentha viri- 
dis) and put it in the mow before putting any grain there. 

1034. Glesume set mer der erscht Abril'. {D, Lnc, T; 

Clover seed should be sowed on April 1. 


1035. In der Blu'mefra daerf mer ken grum'bire bl&nze. 

(D; Heidelberg) 

Do not plant potatoes in Virgo. 

1036. Es gebt di lengschte gummere wgmmer si der 
lengscht dak blanzt. (Lnc; Heidelberg) 

To raise the largest cucumbers, plant them on the longest 

1037. Blanz ken rot'ri^e im Schte-bok, si waerre haert. (Be, 
Nu, 8c) 

Beets planted in Capricomus become hard. 
Kartoffeln diirfen nicht im Steinbock gepflanzt werden, 
sonst werden sie hart. Wu 424 

1038. Mserze schne is so gut wi en kot misclit. (Be, Lnc) 
March snows are as efficacious as a coat of manure. 
April schnee diingt, Marz schnee frisst. Z 1305 

1039. Schne unnerbluge is jnscht so g5t fern f eld as miscM 
unk§'lik. {Af) 

Turning down snow with a plow is as good for a field aa 

manure and lime. 
April schnee diingt Z 1305 

1040. Grant un diilSakblanze blanzt mer der hunnert dftk. 


Plant cabbage and tobacco on the hundredth day. 

1041. Wammer di grnmbire uf der Sent Pg,tricksdak blanzt 
gebts grosse un si ge'be giit aus. {C, Lnc, Mt, Nu, 
8n, Y) 

If you plant potatoes on St. Patrick's day potatoes will be 
large and the crop big. 


1042. Bern dr&ge net wammeme net Neijor a'schtsst. {Be, 
Bu, C, Lh, Mr, Mt, Na, Sc, Sn) 

Pniit trees will not bear unless they are wassailed on New 

Year's Eve. 
On Twelftheven, in Devonshire, it is customary for the far- 
mer to leave his warm fireside, accompanied by a band 
of rustics, with guns, blunderbusses, etc., presenting an 
appearance which at other times would be somewhat 
alarming. Thus armed, the band proceeds to an adjoin- 
ing orchard, where is selected one of the most fruitful 
and aged of the appletrees, grouping round which they 
stand and offer up their invocations in the following 
quaint doggerel rhyme : 

"Here's to thee, 

Old apple tree! 

Whence thou mayest bud. 

And when thou mayest blow. 

And whence thou mayest bear 

Apples enow : 

Hats full, 

Caps full. 

Bushels, bushels, sacks full. 

And my pockets full too ! 

Huzza! huzza!" 
The cider jug then passed round, and, with many a hearty 
shout, the party fire off their guns, char^^d with powder 
only, amidst the branches DA 278-280 

1043. De obschtbem winscht mer Neijor, no dr&ge si besser. 

Trees will bear better, if you wish them a Happy New 

Man wiinscht dem obstbaum ein neues jahr in der Wetter- 

au wie in Hannover und Brandenburg. Auf diese weise 

macht man ihn fruchtbar. M D V 206 

TRESS. 209 

It is the custom in the cider district of Sussex to worsle 
(wassail) the apple trees on New Year's Eve. F Bl.lB 

1044. Wgnn en b&m net dr&ge will muss mer nei" scMsse. 


Shoot into a tree that will not bear fruit. 

Obstbaume werden fruchtbar gemac^t, wenn man unter 
sie sehiesst. Wu 426 

The custom of firing under appletrees is not entirely de- 
funct in Devonshire. D E C 4B 

1045. Wgmmern schtro'sel una da eb'belbem binut drSge si 
besser. (.4/) 

Appletrees will bear better if you wisp the trunks with 

1046. Di Neijor wikelt mer en schtro'sel um di obschtbem. 


Wrap a wisp of straw round fruit trees on New Year's. 
In der Neujahrsnacht umwickeki die bauern mit einem 
strohseil ihre obstbaume. M D V 206 

1047. Wgnn en uf'gebindelt weibsmensch en bSm schittelt 
drakter. {C,Mr) 

If a pregnant woman shakes a fruit tree, it will bear. 

1048. Bern henke ae'rik a' w§.mmer si uf der Esche'pudel 
mit escb scbtret. {Af; Heidelberg) 

Trees will bear very well if they are strewn with ashes on 
Ash Wednesday. 

1049. Jederm obschbim g,s net drSkt, seiineit mer der 
Eschemitt'woch en wip g,b. {D, Sn) 

Cut a twig on Ash Wednesday, from every fruit tree which 

does not bear fruit, to make it fruitful. 
Das tut man an den birnbaumen. Rlbg. 

1060. Der KaerfreidSk schittelt mer di bem as net dri,ge 
wolte. (C,Mr,8c,8n,Y)_ 

Trees that will not bear should be shaken on Good Friday. 
Obstbaume werden f ruchbar gemacht, wenn man sie f riih 
am Karfreitag stark schiittelt. Wu 426 


1051. Mer scMg,kt negel in en hkm gs net dthge will. (Mr, 
Mt, Sc, Y) 

Drive nails into trunks of trees that will not bear. 

Am Karfreitag macht man kleine hammerlein aus holz und 
sehlagt die baume damit, dann gerat das obst gut. V 
A 8 1. 472 / 

1052. Bern wn net drage woUe muss mer der Kaerfreidftk 
wipe. (Lnc, Sn, Y} 

Trees tha^ will not bear should be whipped on Good Friday. 
Baume werdai fruchtbar gemaeht, wenn man sie in der 

Weihnachtszeit priigelt oder am Karfreitag stark schiit- 

telt. Wu 426 
Whipping a walnut tree tends to increase the product and 

improve the flavor of the fruit. D Eng 25 

1053. Wgnn bem net drSge woUe henkt mer eise drl". 

(Be, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, 8c, 8n, Y; Heidelberg) 
Hang pieces of iron on fruit trees that will not bear. 

1054. Wann en bam net drage will bort piern loch in der 

schtamm nn schlakt en zg,ppe nei* fume b&m §s 
drecht. {C,Sc) ' 

If a tree will not bear bore a hole into its trunk and plug 
up the hole with wood from a tree that bears well. 

1055. Bern wu wider ausschlgge solle misse im zu'nemmede 
gb'kgkt waerre. {Af) 

If trees are to sprout again they should be felled in the in- 
crease of the moon. 
Baume, welche wieder aus der wurzel ausschlagen sollen, 

miissen im zunehmenden mond gefallt werden. B S 

33. 128 
It is lucky to fell trees at the wane of the moon. E 51 

1056. En schof as glei ferrekt wanns uf di welt kummt 
henkt mer uf en a,bbelbSm, no drakt der abbelb&m. 
{Be, C, D, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, Nu, Sc, 8n, Y) 

An appletree will bear fruit if a dead lamb is hung on its 

TREES. 211 

A lamb that is dropped dead or that dies while still very 
young is customarily hung up in a tree — ^properly in a 
thorn, though any fruit- or berry-bearing tree will do. 
C JP r 2. 68 

1057. Wammer bem im f olllicht blanzt, drkge si aerik. (Be, 
D, Lnc, 8c; Heidelberg) 

Trees planted at full moon will bear very well. 

1058. Uf der ebbel dak (der finfunzwan'sicbscht Maerz) eb 

suim'ufgang schittelt mer di ebbelbem, n5 drSge si 
immer gut {Sn; Heidelberg) 

Appletrees will always bear well if shaken on March 25 
before sunrise. 

1059. Wgmmern bam blgnzt dret mern fescht mit der sunn. 

{Be, C, Lnc, Na, Nu, 8c, Y; Heidelberg) 
When planting a tree tramp the ground in the direction of 
the sun, i. e. from east to west. 

1060. En bSm im ab'nemmede geblgnzt gebt ken obscht. 

(Be, C, Lnc, Mr, Nu, 8c; Heidelberg) 
Trees planted in the decrease of the moon will not bear. 

1061. Mer blanzt nt en bam M" wu ener gsqht&nne hot. 

{Be, Lh; Kaiser slautern) 

Never plant a tree on the spot where a tree had stood. 

1062. Wg,nnd en bam rum'blanzscht, dH" di sem seid gegich 
di sunn as drin wSr. {Af; Gapping en) 

"When transplanting a tree be careful to have the same side 
facing the south. 

1063. En bam drl,kt noch'emol so fil W9,nn en f r§. mit kind 

en helf t blanze un hebt en mit de zwe hend i'berm 
bl^nze. {Be, Lb;. Heidelberg) 

If a pregnant woman helps to plant a tree by holding it 
with both hands the tree will bear doubly well. 

1064. Wann en bSm net dr^ge will wi'kelt mern lumbe der 
oBed faer Grischdak noch sunn'unnerggng un mer 
s&kt : 


In dffire n^cht is Grischtus gebore. 

Du bischt noch nl f erf r5re. 

Ich wi'kel dich tnit Itunbe. 

Nau henksoht du dich mit glumpe. {Be, Lh) 

If a tree does not bear fruit, tie rags around its trunk on 

Christmas eve before sunset, saying: 
Christ was bom on Christmas eve. 
You shall not freeze but live. 
With these rags I wrap you round 
That in much fruit you may abound. 
Aehnliches. Freiburg. 

1065. Wsmmern b&m nuf gukt wgnn en weibsmensch druf 

is waert mer blind. {Bu, D, Lb, Lh, Mr, Mt, Na, Y) 
You will become blind if you look up into a tree while a 

woman is on the tree. 
Wer auf einen baum sieht, auf dem eine weibsperson sitzt, 

wird blind. 6 3.621 

1066. Wgnns gsdiwi'schich Grischd&k un Neijor windicb 
is, schpile di ebbelbem, no gebts fll 5bsc1it. {Be, D, 
Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na, 8c, Y) 

If there are high winds between Christmas and New Year, 

the trees copulate and there will be much fruit. 
1st es zum Neujahr windig, so gibt es viel obst. Wit 197 

1067. Wgnn en hkm fg.lsch bllt un en weibsmensch in fg- 
mi'lie umschtende schittelt en, gebt er frucht. {Be, 
Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Sn, Y; Heidelberg) 

A tree which blossoms but does not bear will begin to bear 
if it is shaken by a pregnant woman. 

1068. Wann bem net drSge woUe muss en fr& mit kind si 
frtjors schittle W9.nn si bite. {Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, 
Lnc, Mr, Na, Nu, Sn, Y; Heidelberg) 

If trees will not bear they should be shaken, while in blos- 
som, by a pregnant woman. 

1069. 'S holz fume bSm wiis gewitter nei" gschlgge hot 
dserf mer net uimer me dg,ch ferbrenne wege feier 
im haus. {Be, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, Sn,£) 

TR3SES. 213 

WocmI from a tree struck by lightning must never be burned 

in a house for fear of fire. 
Holz von baumen, in welche der blitz geschlagen, darf man 

nicht im haus verbrennen, well sonst das feuer aus dem 

ofen herauslauft, und man kann es nur durch geweihte 

wasser loschen. Wu 97 

1070. 'S holz fume bSm wus gewitter nei" gschlg,ge hot 
dserf mer net nemme fern haus oder scheier baue, 
sehunscht schleehts gewitter k daert nei". (C, Mr, 

Wood from a tree struck by lightoing must never be used 
in the construction of a house or bam, or the latter will 
also be struck by lightning. 

Das hok eines vom blitz getroffenen baumes darf nicht zum 
banen verwandt werden, sonst schlagt der blitz ein. 

1071. Mer daerf ken holz wus giwitter nei" gschl&ge hot 
k§,t ime haus ferbrenne, sehunscht schlgkts gewitter 
a ins haus. {Be, C, Lnc, Mr) 

If wood from a tree which was struck by lightning is 
burned in a stove, lightning will strike the house. 

1072. Obschtbem un drauBe'ranke schneit mer im foil licht. 


Fruit trees and grapevines should be pruned at full moon. 

1073. Bauholz muss mer im Disem'ber hg^ke. {8c; Heidel- 


Trees for building purposes should be felled in December. 

1074 Posehte were lenger wg,mmer si 's un'nerscht 's 
etJerscht ei' grkht (D; Heidelberg) 
Fence posts will wear much longer if they are set upside 

1075. Wammer bauholz hgkt W9,nn di s§.ft drin is wsBrts 
holz wsermich. {Be, G, Mr; Heidelberg) 
If trees are felled while the sap is rising the timber will 
become wormeaten. 


1076. Holz g,8 uf di Neijor k§.kt waert wert fll leiiger fer 
poschte un so dings. {Lh, Nu, Sc, 8n; Heidelberg) 

Posts, etc., will last much longer if the trees are cut down 
on New Year's. <^ 

1077. Holz hg,kt mer im Leb, sell mgchts scbtaB'rik. (Lh; 

Fell trees in the sign of Leo and the timber will be strong. 

1078. Di n^cht'gschserre soil mer gn psersching bem auelere, 

no dri,ge si besser, oder mer soil weder si brunse. 
(Af; Heidelberg) 

Empty the pot at the peachtree or urinate against it, so 
that it will bear better. 

1079. De bem mi blu'meschtek muss mer Neijor winsche 

schunscht gebts nix raus. (Be, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na, 

8c, Sn) 

Trees and flowering plants will not thrive unless you wish 

them a Happy New Year. 
Die bauem wiinschen dem obstbaum ein neues jahr in dcr 

Wetterau, Hannover und Brandenburg. M D V 206 

1080. Bem gs drage soUe muss mer im zunemmede rum- 
blgnze, trime, zweige oder bledle. (Af) 

If trees are transplanted, trimmed, grafted or budded in 
the increase of the moon they will bear much fruit. 

Das umpflanzen junger baume, das schneiden derselben, 
kopulieren, okulieren, pfropfen usw. muss im zunehmen- 
den mond geschehen. B S 33. 128 

1081. "Wg-nn en bam net drage will, schlg^kt mer negel nei". 

(C, D,Lb, Mr, Na, Nu, 8c, Sn, T) 

If a tree will not bear fruit, drive nails into it. 

1082. "Wgnn en tSm net dr&ge will ISd mem mit else un 

schte". (Af) 

If a tree will not bear fruit load it with iron and stones. 
Packt man im Brandenburgischen schwere steine zwischen 
die zweige, so werden sie schwer tragen. M D V 207 

TREES. 216 

1083. Wann di bem im Horning dik mit eis sin gebts fll 
frucht. (Lnc) 

A thick coating of ice on trees in February foretells much 

1084. "W§nn di bem winters mit eis sin gebts fll obscht 's 
nekscht jor. {Af; Heidelberg) 

An ice storm in winter foretells a large fruit crop. 

1085. Wann di bem bile in de dunkle ngchte gebts ken 
Sbscht. (J) 

If trees blossom in the dark of the moon they will not 
bear fruit. 

1086. Wanns zii fil in di bltt regert gebts ken 5bscht. (C, 
Lb, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, 8c) 

There will be no fruit if there is much rain during the 
time when the fruit trees are in blossom. 

1087. Es gebt ken obscht wanns in di bltt we'derlecht. (Be, 
Bu, D, Lh, Mt, Nu, 8c, 8n) 

There will be no fruit if there is any lightning during the 

time when fruit trees are in blossom. 
Blitzt es in die baumbliite, so fiirchtet man fur das gedei- 

hen des obstes. Z fV 1894. 82 

1088. Der si'bet Maerz schneit mem wip Q.b fun jederm bam 
un schmeisst si wek, no gebts sell jor fll obscht. 
(Be, D; Freiburg) 

Cut a twig from each fruit tree on the seventh of March, 
throw it away and the trees will bear well. 

1089. Bem drage besser W9,mmern schtro'sel um der 

schtamm binnt. (Af) 

Trees will bear more fruit if a band of straw is wrapped 

round the trunk. 
Am Christabend oder auch in der Neujahrsnacht umwick- 

eln die bauem mit eiiiem strohseil ihre obstbaume. M 

D F206 


1090. Di Grrischdakn^cht zwische elfe un zwelfe waem di 
ime leteen'dich un grgdle haus |,m kelSich rum, 's 
mgcht nix aus wt kglt gs es is. {Be, C, D, Lh, Lnc, 
Mr, Na, Sn; Freiburg) 

Ob Christmas ni^ between, eleven and twelve, bees lose 
their niunbness and crawl on the outside of the hive, no 
matter how cold the weather may be. 

1091. Di Grischdakn^cht zwische elfe un zwelfe grg,dle di 
Ime au'eewemiich g.m ketieh rum. {Be, Na, Lnc, 

On Christmas eve between eleven and twelve bees crawl 
about on the outside of the hive. 

1092. Der Imekaerb muss mer mulfte, un wgnns juscht pftr 
zoU is, wann ens schtserbt oder di fane sin nix me 
wSrt. {Bu) 

Move the bee hive, even if only a few inches, immediately 
after a death in the family, or else the bees will be worth- 

1093. Uf der zwe un zwaa'aichscht Fe^beweri soil mer net 
fum seine egne grund ge" scbunsclit gen ran di tme 
faert. {Be, Bu, C, Lh, 8c) 
If you leave your premises on February 22 (St. Peter's) 

you will lose your bees. 
Am Lichtmess darf der bienenvater nicht verreisen und 

nicht aus dem hause gehen, sonst fliegen im friihling 

die schwarme fort. Wu 428 

1094 Wgnn di ime in der wok schwaerme, gebts ffl hunich 
in seller kgschte, {Bu, C, Lh, Lnc, Na, Nu, 8n; 

If bees swarm in Libra they will gather much honey. 

BEES. 217 

1095. Wftinmer ime fasst gs schunscht aBrgets beikumme 
hot mer glik. {Be, 8c, Y) 

It is good luck to be able to hive a strange swarm of bees. 
It is good luck to have a strange swarm of bees settle in 
your garden or to find one. V 8 L 2. 17 

1096. De ime muss mer di leicht a'sage oder si sin nix me 
waert. (Lh, Nu, 8c, Y) 

A death in the family must be announced to the bees or 

tiiey will be worthless. 
Der tod des hausherm muss den bienen angesagt werden, 

sonst gehen sie ein. Die stocke werden mit flor behangt. 

Alem 20. 285 
Bees have to be informed of the death of their owner. D 

E C204: 

1097. Wammern leb brot 's un'nerscht seberscht lekt un 

schtekt no en butscbermesser nei", gene di ime net 

fasrt i'berm schwaerme. {Bu; Freiburg) 

"When bees swarm they will not leave your premises if you 

run a butcherfcaife into a loaf of bread that is turned 

upside down. 

1098. Wann di ime scbwaerme un woUe faert macht mer en 
gotterbaerm'lichi zueht oder schisst nei", no henke 
si sich dehem' an en bam. (Be, Bu, Lh, Mt) 

Bees will settle on a tree at home if you make an out- 
landish noise or shoot into the swarm. 

Schwarmt ein immen, so wird mit gieskannen, pfannen- 
deckeln, blechen aller art ein holliseher larm gemacht; 
einmal, mn den schwarm zum niedersitzen zu bringen, 
sodann um die nachbarsleute von dem rechtlichen an- 
spruch an den schwarmenden immen in kenntnis zu 
setzen. V A 8 1. 126 

The instruments used for bringing down a swarm of bees 
are generally the frying-pan and one of the house door- 
keys. D Eng 124 

1099. W&nndr di ime net wolle, scbtelscht dem schwserm. 

(Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Nu, 8c; Kaiserslautern) 
Steal a swarm of bees to make your bees thrive. 


1100. W9,nn em en tm schteeht, get si dot. {Af) 
A bee dies after stinging. 

Ihr eigener stich verursacht der biene den tod. M D V 216 

1101. Wammer der och'tem h§,lt wann em di hummle no 

gene schteche si em net. (JE?e, C, D, Lh, Lnc, Mr, 
Mt, Na, Nu, Sc, 8n; Kaiserslautern) 
Bumblebees will not sting you if you hold your breath while 
they are pursuing you. 

1102. Mser dut be'king sode an en hummle nescht, no 
schteche di hummle seller munet net. (Bu, Mt) 
Put baking soda on a bumble bee's nest and the bumble 

bees will not sting all month. 


1103. Wg,mmern schl§,ng sent sikt mer: "ferfluch'ti 

schlang", no kgnn si net faert. (Lh) 
"When you ^ee a snake you should say "cursed snake" and 
it cannot move. 

Gott hat alles erschaffen, und alles war gut, 
Als du allein, schlange, seiest verfucht; 
Verflucht sollst du sein und dein gift. 

t t t 
Zing, zing, zing. Hoh 35 

1104. En haernschlgjig hot en hasm im schwgnz un w^s si 

mit sellem schwanz schtecht get dod un wgnns en 
Mm is. (Be, Lh, Na) 

A homed snake has a deadly horn in its tail, for anything 
struck by that tail will die even though it be a tree. 

1105. Wun schl^n'ge hit&r is sin a schlange um de wek. 

{Be, Lh) 

"Wherever there are dragon flies there are snakes. 

1106. Es gebt en ssert schlange as mer ref schlange hest. 

Si schteke der schwgnz ins maul un schpringe wt en 

ring, un was si dreffe get dod. (Be, Lh) 

There is a species of snakes called hoop snake. It puts its 

tail into its mouth and runs like a hoop, and anything 

hit by it will die. 
Das sind die ringelschlangen. Hlbg. 

1107. Wg,mmern schlang ferbrennt dreibts di schlange 
aus. {Lb, Mt, Y; Kaiserslautern) 

Burning a snake will drive out snakes. 

1108. Alte dischlumbe ferbrenne halt di hausschl9,nge wek. 

{C, Lnc, Na, Sc) 

Burn old dish cloths to drive out garter snakes. 
Man muss all die alten lumpen verbrennen, die es in der 
kiiche gibt. Hlhg. 

219 : 


1109. Wii alte schu ferbrennt wserre bleiBe ken schlsnge 
um de wek. {Be, Bu, C, D, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na, Sc, T) 
Burning old shoes will drive out snakes. 

1110. Wgrniner zwiWe im ho'seagk nodr&kt oder di be" 
reibt mit zwiWe, beise em di rg.sselsclil9nge net. (C, 
Lh, Mr, Sc) 

Rattle snakes will not bite you if you have onions in your 
trousers pocket or if you rub onions on your legs. 

Am 25. Janner soil man ejn Goimacht brot und knoblauch 
essen, dann wird man im Jahre von schlangen nicht be- 
schadigt. Z 1163 

1111. En schlang get net dod bis di sunn unner is. (Af; 

A snake will not die before sunset. 

Snakes when scotched will live till sundown. T 8 L 2. 


1112. Wgnns schpotjors a-fg.ngt schnee s&kt mer : di bio- 
baer'ger roppe gens. {Lh) 

When it begins to snow in fall, you say : the people along 
the Blue Mountains are plucking geese. 

Wann es schneit, sagt man : Dem federmann ist der sack 
aufgebrochen. V A 8 1. 198 

1113. W^nn di gren'fige we dun gebts wlscht wetter. (Af) 
Aching corns are a sign of rain. 

Das schmerzen der hiihneraugen bedeutet regenwetter. Z 

Pricking corns are a sign of rain. F B Z. 215 

1114. Wgnn der wipperwill' greischt gebts rege. (Mt) 
The cry of the whippoorwill presages rain. 

1 115. So HI d&k as es sin f um erscbte schne bis f olUicht, so 
fil schne gebts ime winter. (Bu, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, 
Mt, Na, Nu, 8c, 8n, Y; Freiburg) 

The number of snows during winter is indicated by the 
number of days from the first snow in fall to the next 
following full moon. 

1116. Wgnn di hinkel sich im Agu'scht mause gebts en 
haerter winter, im Oktober en leichter. {Bu, C, Mr, 

If chickens moult in August, winter will be severe; in 
October, mild. 

1117. Wg,nn di hinkel fe'driche be' un fis grige bedeits en 
haerter winter. (Af,- Heidelberg) 

If the lower legs of chickens are well covered with feathers, 
the winter will be severe. 

1118. So fil dSk as noeh sin f um grschte schnS bis zum end 

fum miinet, so ftl schne gebts seller winter. (Lh, 

Lnc, Sn) 



The number of days between the date of the first snow 
and the end of the month indicates the number of snows 
during the winter. 

1119. Grine Grischdak, weise Osclitre. {Af; Heidelberg) 
Green Christmas, white Easter. 

1120. Wann di hinkel sich f§,nne 's erscht mause is der 
forwinter haert; wann hinne, der nochwinter. {Be, 
Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Nu, 8c, Sn, Y) 

If chickens moult first on the fore part of their body, the 
early part of winter will be severe; if on the rear, the 
end of winter. 

1121. Wann di Maeri'che druke iber der bse'rik get (der 
zwet Tschulei') is es sex woche druke. (Af) 

If it is clear on the Visitation of the Virgin there will be 

no rain for six weeks. 
Geht Maria iibers gebirg bei sonnensehein, 
So wird der Juli trocken sein. 
Tritt aber an diesem tage regenwetter ein, 
Drauf wird es unbestandig noch vier wochen sein. Z 1384 

1122. Die Maeri'clie get i'Ber der bse'rik, tr schweschter 
bsuche. {Be, Bu, D, Lh, Na, Sc, Y) 

The Virgin crosses the mountains to visit her sister. 

1123. Wgnn di Maeri'che nass i'Ber der bae'rik get (der zwet 

Tschulei') gebts ken keschte. {Be, Bu, D, Lh, Mt, 
Na; Heidelberg) 

If it rains on the Visitation of the Virgin the chestnut 
crop will be a failure. 

1124. Wann di Maeri'che nass i'ber der bae'rik get (der zwet 

Tschulei') kummt si druke zurik' (der fuf'zet 
Agu'scht) un w§,nn si druke ni'ber get, kummt si 
nass zuri'k. {Af) 
If it rains on the Visitation of the Virgin (July 2) there 

will be a dry spell when she returns (Aug. 15) and vice 

Wenn es regnet, da die Muttergottes iiber das gebirg geht, 

regnet es, bis sie wieder zuriickkehrt. Z 1383 


1125. Wanns wetter ngchts ufglort hg.lts net Igng, {Af; 

If it clears up at night, clear weather will not last long. 

C S Am& 

1126. Wii di erschte gewittere frijors daerich zige gen si 's 
ganz jor daerich. (-4/) 

Subsequent thunderstorms follow the direction of the first 

thunder storm in spring. 
Wie das erste gewitter geht, so gehen alle; es zeigt den 

weg, den alle gehen werden. A J 239 

1127. Mer soil zwelf frische zwiWe nemme, si name, we'nich 

aushiliche, si no mit salz fiUe un uf der gser'ret 
drage un si zwelf dak droBe leie losse. Di zwiWe 
wus salz drin ferschmolze is hen di name fun de 
nasse miinet. {Be, Lb, Lh, Sc) 

The weather for the year is determined by taking twelve 
onions, naming them, one for each month, hollowing 
them slightly and filling them with salt. The wet months 
of the year are indicated by the onions in which the salt 
is melted. 
In der Christnacht legt man etwas salz in zwolf mit den 
monatsnamen bezeichnete zwiebelschalen. Wenn mor- 
gens viel oder wenig salz in einer schale geschmolzen ist, 
so bedeutet das den grad der feuehtigkeit des monata. 
Z f D M1.24:0 

1128. Wanns 's erscht mol schnet, so fil schne gebts §s der 
da'tum is. {Af; Freiburg) 

The day of the month of the first snowstorm indicates the 
number of snows during the winter. 

1129. "Wg-nns uf di Pingschte regert bade sell jor di rege 
nix. {Lnc) 

Rains will not be beneficial if it rains on Whitsuntide. 

1130. Wanns uf di Pingschte regert regerts sifte Sunn- 
dak. {Lnc, Na) 

Rain on Whitsunday is followed by seven rainy Sundays. 


1131. Wanns uf der Him'melfaerdak regert, b§,de sell jor 

di rege nix. {Af) 

If it rains on Ascension day, rains will do no good for the 
rest of the summer. 

1132. W^nns uf Kgrfrei'dak re'gert gebts hocher wind un 
netfilhoi. \8n) 

If it rains on Good Friday, you may look for high winds 
and little hay. 

1133. Wgnns uf Kaerfrei'dak re'gert, drikle di rege grSd uf 
un bade nix. {Af) 

If it rains on Good Friday, rains all summer long will do 

no good. 
Wenn es am Karfreitag regnet, so wird die erde das ganze 

jahr nicht satt. Wu 72 

1134. Wanns uf der Kaerfrei'dak regert, regerts silSe Sun- 

dak. {Af) 

Seven rainy Sundays follow rain on Good Friday. 
Wenn es am Ostersonntag regnet, regnet es sechs Sonntage 
nach einander. Z 1294 

1135. Wann di hine 6'beds faer nein iir gree gebts rege. 


The crowing of cocks before nine at night indicates rain. 

Wenn die hahne krahen, gibt es regen. A J 235 

1136. W^nn di po'hane greiscbe gebts rege. {Af) 
The crying of peacocks denotes rain. 

Wenn die pfauen schteien, gibt es regen. A J 235 
Peacocks crying much denotes rain. H 119 

1137. W^nn di po'hane 6'beds greisehe gebts rege. {Af) 

The cry of peacocks in the evening indicates rain. 
Wenn die pfauen sehreien, gibt es regen. A J 235 

1138. Wgnn di eile uf em bae'rik greisehe gebts sche' wet- 
ter ; uf de beind, wlschtes. {Sc) 

If owls hoot from the hills it indicates clear weather; if 
from pine trees, disagreeable weather. 


1139. Wgnn di eile greische fiEr nacht oder maergets wann 
di dSk'helling do is gebts wischt wetter. (Lnc) 

If owls hoot at nightfall or after daybreak, it indicates 
bad weather. 

1140. Wann di eile o'Beds greische gebts rege. (Af) 
The hooting of owls at dusk indicates rain. 

3141. Wgnn di hinkel im rege rum life gebts noch mener 
rege. {Af; Heidelberg) 
Chickens walking about in the rain is a sign of more rain. 

1142. Wl der finft dSk im mu'net, so is der ganz mu'net. 


As is the weather on the fifth day of the month, so it will 

be the rest of the month. 
Wie das wetter am ersten Dienstag, so ist der ganze monat. 


1143. Wl der letscht Freid&k im mH'net, so is der nekscht 
mu'net. (Af) 

As the last Friday of the month, so the following month. 
C S AMO .. 

1144. Wann en maulwserf grund rausschmeisst, gebts rege. 


The burrowing of a mole is a sign of rain. 
Wenn der maulwurf die erde aufwirft, wird schleehtes 
wetter. Z 987 

1145. W9,nns regert uf der Tschann Huss (6. Tschulei'), 
gebts ken nuss. {D, Lnc, Sc, Sn) 

The nut crop will be poor if it rains on John Huss' day. 
Regnet's auf Johaunistag, so verderben die ntisse und ge- 
raten die beeren. G 3. 116 

1146. Hocher wilder wser'miit, dtfer schne. {Af; Heidel- 

Tall bitterweed {ambrosia artemisiaefoUa) , deep snow. 


1147. Wann en vlv mit me messne gschaerr fll zucht mgcht 

will si wind hgte, gebts solitaermisoh wetter, (C, 
Lh, Sn; Heidelberg) 

If a clock with brass works ticks very loud it is a sign of 
stormy weather. 

1148. Wanns fri im jor dunnert gebts en gut frucht j6r. 

(Bu, C, Lh, Mt, Nu, 8c, Y). 

Early thunderstorms are a sign of good crops. 

Donnert es friihe, gibt es ein fruchtbares jahr. Z 1024 

1149. A-'gelofne drink'gleser bedeite wischt wetter. {Af) 

When the glass sweats it is a sign of rain. C 8 A 1016 
Wenn vom wasser die glaser anlaufen, wird schones wet- 
ter. Z 1052 

1150. W§,nn di binkel se'rik schpringe wanns a"f§,ngt regere 

schtopts glei. {Af; Heidelberg) 
If chickens run for shelter when it begins to rain, the rain 
will not last long. 

1151. Wammer wund- oder gliderschmserze hot gebts 

wischt wetter. (Af) 

Pain in a scar or the bones indicates rain. 

1152. Maerge rege nn alter weiber danz hglte net lang &~. 


Morning showers and old women's dancing do not last 

Morgenregen und alter weiber tauz dauern nicht lang. 


1153. Wanns maergets faer sibe gewittere hot gebts seller 

dak sibe gewittere. {Be, Bu, D, Lh, Mr, Mt, Nu, 8c, 

If there is a thunderstorm before 7 A. M. there will be 
seven thunderstorms that day. 

1154. W§nns maergets fri gewittere gebt gebts noch mener 

seller dak. {Af) 
Thunder in the morning 

WEATHER. , 227 

All the day storming. C 8 AdSO 

Wenn es morgens friih schon ein donnerwetter gibt, so 
mlissen noch mehr den tag kommen. A S 1. 401 

1155. Wann fil eis is zwische Grischdik un Neij5r gebts 
ftf obscht. (Af) 

Much ice between Christmas and New Year is a sign of a 
big fruit crop. 

1156. So l§,nge eiszappe as es hot zwische Grischd§,k ua 
Neijor, so dif schne gebts seller winter. {C, Lnc, 
Mr, Mt, Nu, 8n) 

The length of icicles between Christmas and New Year 
indicates the depth of snow during the winter. 

1157. Lange eiszappe faer Neijor bedeite langer flax *s 

nekscbt jor. {Bu, C, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Nu, Sn, Y) 
Long icicles before New Year indicate long flax next year. 
Lange eiszapfen am hausdache im winter vor neujahr be- 

deuten langen flachs fiir das nachste jahr. J5 S 33. p 


1158. Wanns lange eiszappe hot uf di F&'senacht gebta 

langer flax sell jor. {Be, C, Lh, Lnc, Mr,. Na, Nu, 
Sn, Y; Heidelberg) 

The length of icicles on Shrove Tuesday indicates the 
length of the flax that year. 

1159. Wann en ii'mens grand raus schmeist gebts rege. 

{Na, Nu) 

Ant hills are a sign of rain. 

1160. Wann di amschle ae'rik singe is es sein fer rege. 

{Lnc, Nu) 

If robins sing merrily, it is a sign of rain. 

Wenn der fink schreit, gibt es regen. A J 235 

1161. Wann der schmok grad in di he get gebts glor wetter 

gber wanner so uf em bo'dem naus gr§,delt gebts 
wischt wetter. {Af) 

Smoke, rising, is a sign of clear weather; falling, of rain. 
Wenn es den ranch stark niederdriickt, gibt es regen. A 
J 235' 


1162. Wanns regert wg,nn di sunn scheint gebts drei d&k 
rege. {Be, D, Lnc, Sn, Y; Heidelberg) 

Rain falling while the svm shines indicates rain for three 

1163. Es regert uf der Kserfrei'dSk un w^nns juscht drei 
droppe sin. (Be, Lb, Lnc, Na, Y) 

There will be rain on Good Friday, even if only three 

Am Karfreitag scheint nicht die sonne, weil an diesem 

tage Christus gekreuzigt worden. Z 1275 

1164. Uf der finft Tschulei' regerts gSm. (Be, Lh, Na) 
It usually rains on July 5. 

1165. Wanns maergets en re'gebbge hot gebts schtaerm; 
ofteds, glorts uf. (Mt; Heidelberg) 

Rainbow in the morning, 
Sailors take warning; 
Rainbow at night, 
Sailor's delight. C 8 A 995 

1166. Wann di weibsleit l&fe gebts rege. (Na) 

When many women are seen on the street, it will rain next 
day. C S A 1005 

1167. Di g,lte weiber hen tr schl5fkgppe haus, nau gebts 
rege. {Af; Lemhirche) 

When the old women display their nightcaps, you may 
expect rain. [Spider webs are meant.] 

1168. Wann schpinneneschter maergets n§,ss sin gebts ken 

rege. {Bu, Mt) 

If cobwebs on the grass are wet in the morning, there is 
no rain in sight. 

1169. Wgnn di sohpinne neschter baue gebts rege. {Af; 

Cobwebs on the grass are a sign of rain. 

1170. W§,nn winters di geil dufte gebts geli'nd wetter. 

{Be, Lh, Na; Heidelberg) 


If in winter horses arc covered with hoar frost, it indicates 
mild weather. 

1171. Wann di gens uf'rlrisch sin gebts schtaerm. (Be, 
Bu, Lb, Lnc, Sc, Sn; Heidelberg) 

Restless, noisy geese are a sign of storm. 

1172. Wann di wilde gens hoch fllge wserts -wSmi; nider, 
kftlt. (Af) 

If wild geese fly high in the air it indicates warm weather ; 

if they fly near the ground, it will be cold. 
Fliegen die sehwalben hoch, bedeuten sie gntes wetter; 

fliegen sie nahe am boden, kommt regen. Z 757 

1173. Gewittre im herbsoht, w&rm; im frijor, kalt. (Lb, 
Lnc, 8c, Y; Heidelberg) 

Thunderstorms in fall are followed by warm weather; in 
spring by cold. 

1174. Wanns ISb 's erscht fum gi'bel fun de bem f^Ut gebts 

en leichter winter ; f g,llts 's erscbt nebe rum, gebts 

en hserter winter. {Be, Bu, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, 

Nu, Y ; Heidelberg) 

If the tops of trees are bare while the sides are still covered 
with leaves, the winter will be mild; if the leaves fall 
first from the sides, the winter will be severe. 

1175. Wt di drei serschte hunnsdak, so di drei erschte 
munet im neie jor. {Be, Bu, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, 
Na; Heidelberg) 

The weather of the first three dog days foretells the weather 
of the first three months of the new year. 

1176. W§,nn di w«rm schpotjors hoch haus sin gebts en 
leichter winter. {Af; Heidelberg) 

When earth worms lie near the surface late in fall, the 
winter will be mild. 

1177. Mi'lich waert fil gschwinder saner wanns gewittre 
hot -wd so. {Af; Heidelberg) 

Thimdergtorms cause milk to turn sour much more quickly. 


1178. W§,nn der grund im Disem'ber ufget, get er ftUe 
munet uf. {Af; Heidelberg) 

If frost leaves the ground in December there will be a 
thaw every month. 

1179. W^miner bis'kg,tze rtcht, gebts gelind wetter. {Bu, 
C, Lh,Mr, Sc, Y) 

It is a sign of mild weather in winter if you smell skunks. 

1180. Wammer bis'katzegraut richt gebts rege. {Bu, C, 

Mr, 8c) ^ 

If you smell skunk cabbage {Symplocarpus foetid/us) there 
will be rain. 

1181. W§,mmer di bis'katze richt (schmakt, Lnc, Y), gebts 

rege. {Be, C, D, Lh, Mr, Mt, Na, Nu, 8c; Heidel- 
If you smell skunks it means rain. 

1182. W§,niis milz an re sau dik is gebts en hsBrter winter — 
gm fe'derschte end en haerter forwinter; am hin- 
nerschte, en haerter nochwinter. {Af; Heidelberg) 
The thickness of the pancreas of a pig foretells the severity 

of winter : the fore part for the first half of winter ; and 
the hind part for the second half of winter. 

1183. Wann en raub an de enner schwserz is, is der a'fang 
uns end fuin winter haert; wg.nn di mitt, dann di 
mitt fum winter. (Be, C, Lb, Lnc, Nu, 8n, Y) 

The color of the caterpillar foretells the severity of winter : 
if the ends are black, the beginning and the end of 
winter will be hard; if the middle, then the middle of 

Eine ganz schwarze raupe bedeutet eincn strengen winter. 

1184. Grlg,tteis im Maerz best mem obscht schtaerm. (Be, 
D, Lb, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Nu, 8c, Y) 

If there is an ice storm in March there will be an abun- 
dance of fruit. 
Wenn es glatteis hat, gibt's kein obst. Hlig. 


3185. W§.nns uf Aller Heil un Sel (der erscht un der zwet 
Nofem'ber) sche" is bleibts noch sex woche sche"; 
is 's wetter 9,Ber rau, dann is der winter do. (Af; 
If the weather is fine on All Saints and All Souls there 

will be six more weeks of fine weather; if however it is 

cold and raw, winter is at hand. 

1186. Wann en dre aergel get gebts rege. (Be, Na; Heidel- 


"When you hear a grind organ it means rain. 

1187. Wanns bascbt §ni we'lschkaern dik is, gebts en hserter 

winter; wanns welschksem zum bg,scht raus waxt 

gebts en gelinder. (Af) 

Thick husk on com foretells a hard winter; if the husk 

is so short that the ears protrude, the winter will be 


1188. "W9,nns in en re'geboge regert, gebts drei dak rege. 


If it rains while there is a rainbow there will be rain for 

three days. 
1st ein regenbogen, bleibt lange schlecht wetter. Z 1010 

1189. Wann di sunn wasser zikt gebts wischt wetter. (Af) 

There will be a change of weather if the sim draws water. 
Wenn die sonne wasser zieht, wird schlechtes wetter. Z 

1190. W^nn der re'gefogel greiscbt gebts rege. (Af) 

The call of the rain crow (or American cuckoo, cocyx ame- 

riccmus) indicates rain. 
Wenn der "Wangener Gott, so nennt man auf dem Bitten 

den baumhacker (speeht) schreit, regnet es bald. Z 972 

1191. Wann en labfrosch greiscbt gebts rege. (Af) 

The call of the tree frog indicates rain. 
Eegenanzeichen ist es, wenn der laubfrosch schreit. A J 


1192. Schibt <ier Jg,k6bus (der finf un zwgnzichscht 
Tschulei') weise wolke in di he, so gebts im winter 
heifich sohne. (Lh, Lnc, Mr, Sn, Y) 

Cumulus clouds on Jacob's day (July 25) foretell deep 

snow in winter. 
25. Juli. Der vonnittag des Jakobitages bedeutet die zeit 

vor Weihnachten, und der nacbmittag die zeit nach 

Weihnachten, woraus man sehen kann, wie die wit- 

terung sein werde. Z 1390 

1193. W§iin di grgbe hoch in der he sin gebts schtaerm. 


Crows flying high foretell storm. 

Wenn die krahen hoch fliegen, gibt es regen. A J 235 

1194. Wann gens dike feine fedre hen gebts en haerter 
winter. {Bu, Mt; Heidelberg) 

Heavy down on geese foretells a hard winter. 

1195. Wanns regert uf Qu9,tem'ber gebts en'unzw§,nzich 
dik rege. {Lh, T; Heidelberg) 

Eain on an Emberday is followed by three weeks of rain. 

1196. Wanns drei dak regert fasr Qug,tem'ber is es drei 
miinet nass ; wgnns druke is is es drei mnnet druke. 
{Lb, Sc, Y; Heidelberg) 

The weather three days before Emberday foretells the 
weather for the next quarter. 

1197. Wgnns fi schpotjors in re drupp wet gebts en haerter 
whiter. (Be, D, Lnc) 

If in fall cattle graze close together, there will be a severe 

1198. Wann di raube schpotjors schpot haus rumgr^dle 
gebts en leichter winter. {Lh; Heidelberg) 

If caterpillars are seen late in fall the winter will be mild. 

1199. Wgnn di schof en diker belz hen gebts en haerter 
winter. {Be, Bu, D, Lnc, Mt, 8c, 8n, Y; Heidel- 

Very heavy fleece oil sheep indicates a hard winter. 


1200. Wann gewittre un'nergen un kumme wider zurik', 
kumme si haert. {Bu, Mt) 

If a thunderstorm passes and returns, the storm will be 

.... dann kommen sie viel hef tiger wie so. Hlbg. 

1201. Heser summer, kalter winter. {Af; Heidelberg) 

A cold winter is followed by a hot summer, and vice versa. 
C S A957 

1202. Wamis maergets ne'blich is un der ne'Bel get in di 
he, gebts ball rege; wg,nn er fallt, gebts en schener 
dak. {Be,Lh,Na) 

If morning fog rises, it will raiu before the day is over; 

if it falls, the day will be fine. 
Steigt morgens der nebel, gibt's regen; 
Sinkt er morgens, wird's schon. Z 1429 

1203. Wgnn der wind iber di haber schtobble blost gets 

em schpotjor zu. {Be, Lh; Heidelberg) 
Cold weather comes after the wind has blown over the oats 
stubble. C 8 A935 

1204. Dunner i'ber der blote wald, kg,lt; 

Dunner i'ber der grine wg,ld, warm. (Be, Lb, Na, 
8n, T; Heidelberg) 

Thunder while the trees are bare is followed by cold 
weather ; when the trees are green, warm. 

1205. Wammer alles esst as uf em disch is, sSkt mer 
als: "es gebt giit wetter." (Af) 

If you eat all the food on the table, the saying is: "There 

will be fine weather." 
Wenn die auf den tisch gebraehten speisen rein aufge- 

gessen warden, gibt es am anderen tag gut wetter. B S 

33. 135 

1206. Wammer di tren weit hert gebts wischt wetter, ge- 
me'nerhand rege. {Be, Lh, Na) 

If you hear trains at great distances it is a sign of bad 

weather, usually rain. 
Eine anderung der witterung tritt ein, wenn't hellhorig 

is. B A 297 


1207. "W§,im di mike d'henkisch sin gebts rege. {Lh, Lnc, 

If flies are exceptionally annoying it is a sign of rain. 
Sind die blinnen flei'n sehr blutdurstig, so gibt's bald 
regen. E A 297 

1208. Wgims bl5se uf wasser gebt wgnns regert regerts 
drei dak. {Mt) 

If you see large bubbles on water while it is raining, it is 

a sign of three days of rain. 
Stehen wahrend des regens grosse blasen auf den pfiitzen, 

dann regnet es noch drei tage hintereinander. E A 297 

1209. Wann der himmel dik foil schtserne is gebts der 
nekscht dak rege. (Z), Lnc, Y) 

If the stars are remarkably clear and bright there will be 

rain next day. 
Wenn die steme recht funkeln, ist es ein regenzeichen. 

When stars twinkle much or when they look near, a change 

of weather is looked for. F B 2. 473 

1210. W^nn di felder en ganzer winter mit schne zii sin 
gebts en giiti sern. {Be, Lh; Heidelberg) 

If the fields are covered with snow all winter there will be 

good crops next year. 
Abundant wheat crops never follow a mild winter. F B 
4. 132 

1211. Wann winters di bem un §lles dik gereift sin gebts 
geli'nd wetter. {Be, Lh, Na; Heidelberg) 

A heavy hoarfrost is always followed by mild weather. 
If hoarfrost continues for two days, it commonly ends the 
third day with foul weather. F B 2. 480 

1212. Wgnn der Insching [or Insch] 's pul'fer hsern §,n der 
miind henke kann gebts glor wetter. {Bu, Mt) 
When the Indian can hang his powder horn on the moon, 

the weather will be clear. C S A 991 


1213. W^nn der muud un'nerschich schtet gebts rege. 

{Af; Heidelberg) 

If the horns of the moon are turned downwards it is a 

sign of rain. 
"When the horns of the moon turn down, the moon holds 

no water, like a basin, and then it comes down. D Eng 


1214. Wann der mund uf em bukel leit gebts di nekschte 

drei dak ken rege. (Lb, Lnc, Na, 8n, Y; Heidel- 
If the horns of the moon turn upwards there will be no 

rain for three days. 
When the horns of the moon turn upwards there will be 

no rain. D Eng 39 

1215. Wann di sei rumscHpringe un hen Holz im maul gebts 
ball schtaerm. (Bu, C, D, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Sn, Y; Hei- 

If hogs run about with pieces of wood in their mouths, it 

foretells storm. 
In Ireland, to see the pigs running about the farmyard 

with straws in their mouth foretells an approaching 

storm. D Eng 116 

1216. Wgnn en k§,tz uf der seit leit un dret der kopp e't!er- 
schich waerts windich. {Be, C, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Na, Nu, 
Sc, Sn, Y) 

A cat lying on its side and turning its face upward fore- 
tells stormy weather. 

There is scarcely a movement of the cat which is not sup- 
posed to have some significance. D Eng 106 

1217. Wann der bund sich uf der bukel lekt gebts schtaerm. 

(C, 8c) 

A dog lying on its back indicates stormy weather. 

If dogs roll on the ground and scratch or become drowsy 

and stupid, a change in the weather may be expected. 

D Eng 103 


1218. Der zwet HsBr'ning is Gnind'sau dSk. Wgnn di 
gnindsau ir schg,tte sent get si zurik' in tr loch un 
es is noch sex woche kg,lt; w§,nn si en gBer net sSnt 
is es frijor. {Af) 

February second is Oroundhog day. If the groundhog sees 
its shadow it returns to its lair and winter will continue 
for six weeks; if it does not see its shadow, spring is at 

Am Marialichtmesstag kriecht der bar, der fuchs oder der 
dachs aus seinem loch. Sieht er dann die sonne friih 
aufgehen, kehrt er um und kriecht um vierzig tage wie- 
der hinein. 1st aber ein schlechtes wetter, bleibt er 
vome an der hohle, denn es wird ein "friihes" jahr. 
Z 1176 

If the weather on Candlemas Day, Feb. 2, be bright and 
clear, there will be a long continuance of cold wintry 
weather. B 107 

1219. Ngsser ^xiV un kiler Moi 

Fillt keller un scheier un bringt ftl hoi. {Bu, C, D, 

Mt, Na, Nu, 8c, 8n, Y) 

A wet April and cool May 

Fills cellar and bam and brings much hay. 

April warm, Mai kiihl, Juni nass, 

Fiillt dem bauer scheuer und fass. Z 1307 

A cold May is kindly 

And fills the bam finely. H 111 

1220. Drukner Abril', ng,sser Moi 
Bringt en scheier foil hoi. {Af) 

A dry April and a cool May 
Fills the bam with hay. 

A dry May and a rainy June 

Puts the farmer's pipe in tune. H 112 

1221. So ftl netJel im Jener, so ftl reife im Moi. {Lb, Lh, 
Mr, Na, 8c, Sn; Heidelberg) 


The number of fogs in January determines the number of 

frosts in May. 
As many mists in March, so many frosts in May. H 109 

1222. Wgnn der Mserz rei' kummt wl en Igmm get er naua 
wt en leb. {Af; Heidelberg) 

If March comes in like a lamb, it goes out like a lion. 
If March comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb and 
vice versa. H 108 

1223. W^nn di grg,be greische gebts rege. (C) 
The cawing of crows indicates rain. 

CrowB cawing louder than usual is a sign of rain. H 118 

1224. Wgnn deichle schwitze gebts rege. (Af) 
The sweating of water pipes is a sign of rain. 
Wenn brunnenrohren schwitzen, regnet es bald. Z 992 

1225. Wgnn di schte~ schwitze gebts rege. {Bu) 
The sweating of stones indicates rain. 

The sweating of stone pillars denotes rain. H 118 

1226. W&nn di grgbe nider fltge gebts wech wetter. {Na, 
Sc; Freiburg) 

When crows fly close to the ground it indicates mild, i. e., 

wet weather. 
If a heron or bittern, flies low the air is becoming charged 

with vapor. H 118 

1227. Mer daBrf net noch me gewitter oder gn der himmel 
mit em finger weise. {Bu, Lb, Lh) 

You must never point your finger at a thunderstorm or at 

the sky. 
Wer mit dem finger auf ein wetter deutet, den verschlagt 

es, denn der finger zieht das wetter an. V A 8 1. 193 ; 

cf . GB.SSi&BS 33. 185 
It is ill luck to point at the quarter of the heavens where 

lightning is expected to come from. V 8 L 2. 178 

1228. Wg,nn di sunn FreidSk 5^eds drib nnnerget, regerts 

Sunndaks. {Lnc) 


If the sun sets in a cloud on Friday evening, it will rain 

on Sunday. 
A rainy Friday, a rainy Sunday ; 
A fair Friday, a fair Sunday. D Eng 242 

i i29. Wi 's wetter fun zee bis zwe so is es der gftnz d&k, 
(Be, D, Lb, Lnc, Mr, Sc, Sn, Y) 
The weather between ten and two 
Tells what the day will do. 
Between twelve and two 
You will see what the day will do. Corn 136 ; C S A 963 

1230. Wanns msBrgets faer de siBe regert un di grg,bbe 
greische waerrts iberdem' hell. {Be, D, Lb, Lh, Mr, 
Mt, Na, Nu, Sc, Sn, Y; Heidelberg) 

If it rains before 7 A. M. and the crows are cawing, it will 
soon clear off. 

1231. Eege fser sibe, glor faer elfe. (C, D, Lh, Mr, Sc) 
Bain before seven, clear before eleven. Scot 154 -^CSA 

Eegnet 's vbrmittag, so wird nachmittag noch beaser wetter. 
G 3. 826 

1232. Wgnn der miind eber'sehich schtet gebts glor wetter. 

(Af; Heidelberg) 

The horns of the moon turned upward indicate clear 

When the new moon has her horns upward she is said to 
be "on her back" and it is commonly believed to be- 
token fine weather. ^ Y 45 

Should the new moon lie on its back, it is a sign it will be 
dry that month, for the moon would hold water. C 8 A 

1233. Del leit kenne s&ge w^s f er wetter as es der nekscht 
winter gebt wann si der bruschtgnoche fun re ggns 
sene. {Be, Lh) 

Some persons can predict the weather of the coming winter 
from the breast bone of a goosis. 


If the breast of the roast goose when held up to the light 
shows dark upon the whole rather than otherwise, we 
shall have a severe winter throughout; if mottled 
variable, the lighter aspects betokening snow, the darker, 
frosts. The general transparency of the boiie denotes an 
open winter, the front part foretelling the state of that 
season before Christmas, the inner part the weather 
after Christmas. C J" Y 2. 70 

1234. Wann di katz gras fresst gebts ball rege. (Af) 
If a cat eats grass, it is a sign of rain. 

Wenn die katze gras frisst, regnet's bald. V A 8 1. 117 

1235. Fil hi'kemiss, ha'selniss, walniss un keschte bedeite 

en hserter winter, (Be, Bu, Lh, Mt) 

An abundant crop of shellbarks, hazlenuts, walnuts and 

chestnuts foretells a severe winter. 
Viele haselniisse deuten auf einen strengen winter. Wu 
' 207 
When there was an abundant crop of wild fruits there was 

to be a severe winter. G Scot 148 

1236. Wann di hane uf der fens hoke gebts rege. (Af; 

If roosters sit on a fence it is a sign of rain. 

1237. Wanns uf der Art Tschulei' regert waern di keschte 

wsBrmich, (Sn) 

If it rains on July 4, chestnuts will be wormy. 

1238. Wanns uf di Pingschte regert, gebts ken keschte. 


Bain on Whitsundays means no chestnuts. 

Regnet's auf Johannistag, 

Ist's der haselniisse plag. Z 1361 

1239. Wanns regert uf der si'berschlef er gebts ken keschte. 

(Be, G, Lh, Imc, Mt, Y) 

Rain on Seven Sleepers (June 27) means a poor chestnut 

Wenn es am Siebenschlafer, 27. Jimi, regnet, so regnet os 

sieben tage oder sieben wochen lang hintereinander. 

E A291 


1240. Wann der hund gras fresst gebts ball rege. (Af) 
If a dog eats grass it means rain. 

Pressen die hunde gras, so gibt's bald regen. B A 297 
A dog eating grass prognosticated rain. G Scot 127 

1241. Wgnn di sunn Mittwochs drib un'nerget regerts bis 
Sunndak. (Af; Heidelberg) 

If it is cloudy at sunset on Wednesday it will rain before 

1242. W§,nn di sunn Mittwochs hell un'nerget, gebts ken 
rege fer Sunndik. (Be) 

A clear sunset on Wednesday means clear weather till 

1243. Wann di sunn Dun'nerschd§ks drib un'nerget regerts 

Sunndaks. {Bu, C, Lh, Mr, Mt, Nu, 8c, 8n; Heidel- 

If it is cloudy at sunset on Thursday evening it will rain 
on Sunday. 

1244. Wgnns SunndSks drib is regerts fer Mittwoch. (Af; 

If the sun sets in a cloud on Sunday it will rain before 

1245. Wann di sunn Sunndaks drib un'nerget regerts fer 
Mittwoch. (Bu, D, Na, Nu, 8c, 8n; Freiburg) 

If it is cloudy at sunset on Sunday you may expect rain 
before Wednesday. 

1246. Wanns uf di Pingschte regert regerts site Sunnd&k 
hen'drgnn. (Af; Freiburg) 

If it rains on Whitsunday it will rain on the following 
seven Sundays. 

1247. Wanns Mittwochs hell is regerts net fer SunndSk. 


If Wednesday is clear it will not rain before Sunday. 


1248. Wg,nn der mund en ring hot gebts rege oder schn§. 


A disc around the moon indicates rain or snow. Scot 

152; C 8 A995 
Hat der mond einen hof, kommt regen. Z 980 

1249. Wgnn en ring um der mund is, so fil schtaeme as drin 
sin, so fil dSk is es noch sche". (Af; Heidelberg) 
A circle around the moon means rain, and the number of 

stars insid^ the circle denotes the number of days until 
it will rain. C 5 A 996 


1250. Im duukle mund kert mers haus aus, no grikt mer 
ken schabe oder schpinne. {Be, D, Lb, Lnc, Mr, Nu, 
Sc, Sn) 

Sweep the house in the dark of the moon and you will have 

neither moths nor spiders. 
Wenn man das haus bei neumond reinigt, kommen spin- 

nen ins haus. Wu 58 

1251. Wammer fens macht im iBerschteende gfrlrt si raus. 

{Af; Heidelberg) 

Fences built when the horns of the moon turn up will 
freeze out of the ground. 

1252. W§,mmern dach schindelt muss mers im im'- 
nerschteende dTJ", no bleiCe di schindle grad nf em 
dach; im i'berschteende dree si sich uf ; mit bord'- 
waks is es 's sem. {Af; Heidelberg) 

Shingle the roof in the decrease of the moon, so that the 
shingles are put on when the horns of the moon are 
turned up, and they will warp and rise up. The same 
thing holds true of board walks. 

1253. Wgnn der miind uf em scheint nachts im bett waert 
mer naer'risch. {Lh, Lnc, Mr, Nu, Sn, Y) 

You will go crazy if the moon shines on you in bed. 
Scheint der mond auf ein ungetauftes kind, wird es mond- 
siichtig. G 3. 1034 

1254. Di gre'nage [oder gre'Sge] schneit mer im gbnem- 
mede ab. {Af; Heidelberg) 

Corns should be cut in the wane of the moon. 

1255. Im nei'miind schneit mer di fingernegel gb f er gut 
glik. {C, Lnc, 8c, Sn) 

Cut fingernails in new moon for good luck. 

MOON. 243 

1256. Im neie licht soil mer di fingernegel abschneide, zS"- 
we zu ferhite. {Be, Bu, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na, Nu, Tf 

Cutting fingernails in new moon prevents toothache. 

1257. Kg,'ng,d§, dischtle ge im Leb im Agu'scht gb'kgkt 
waern, schlage nimmi aus. {Be, C, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, 

If Canada thistles are cut in August in the sign of Leo, 

they will not sprout again. 
If brush and thistles are cut down in the full moon in 

August when the sign is in the heart, they will never 

grow again. C 8 A 1125 

1258. Gschmokt flesch soil mer im lere licht aus em schmSk 
nemme ii5 gebts ken waerm dra". {Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, 
Mr, Mt, Na, 8c, 8n, ¥) 

Smoked meats should be taken out of the smoke house in 

the dark of the moon to prevent them from becoming 

Die schweine werden im abnehmenden mond geschlachtet, 

damit der speck nicht von ungeziefer heimgesucht werde. 

Alem 25. 51 

1259. Es flesch fun fi oder sei §,s im zu'nemmede gschlgcht 
waert sohnaerrt net so wischt ei~ iberm koche oder 
brote oder w§,mmers ei"salzt un schmokt. {Af; 

The meat of animals killed in the increase of the moon 

will not shrink in the pot or in curing. 
If a pig is killed in the wane of the moon, the bacon will 

not smell and the meat be unwholesome. V 8 L 2.1. 

Kill any animal for meat in the increase of the moon and 

it wiU increase in the pot. C 8 A 1127 ; Wu 450 

1260. W9,mmerm neimiind geld weist, grikt mer me. {Be, 
D, Lnc, Mr, Na, Nu, Sn) 

Show the new moon money and you will have more. 


Wer kein geld hat, Mte dass ihm der neumond in den leeren 
beutel scheine, sonst leidet er den ganzen monat geld- 
mangel. Q 3. 107 

Money in the pocket must be burned when the first sight 
of the new moon was caught. Scot 151 ; C 8 A 1101 

1261. Wgnn der mund uf em scheint im bett, ferzlkts ems 
gsicht, {D, Lh, Lnc, Y) 

Your features will be distorted if the moon shines on you 

while asleep. 
Man soil die bettlade nie so stellen, dass der mond dem 

schlafenden ins gesicht scheint, weil man nicht gut 

schlaft. V A8\. 188 
It was looked upon as dangerous to sleep with the moon 

shining on the face, for the whole face, particularly the 

mouth, became twisted. Q Scot 152 

1262. Wann der miind uf fisch oder flesch scheint waerts 
grid schtinkich. {Bu, Lb, Lh, Lnc) 

If the moon shines on fish or meat, they will spoil. 

Fish hung in moon light was supposed to acquire poisonous 

properties. G Scot 1112 
If the moon shines on fish, they will spoil. C S A 1112 

1263. Wammer der neimiind 's erschtmol Sdnt il5er di links 

schulter bedeits unglik. {Be, Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, 

Mr, Nu, Sn, Y; Heidelberg) 

Seeing the new moon for the first time over the left 

shoulder is unlucky. 
To see the new moon over the left shoulder is unlucky. 

V SL2. 182 

1264. Fense m§cht mer im unnerschte "end©. {Af; Frei- 

Build fences when the horns of the moon are turned down. 

1265. W&mmer sich di zee negl im ufgeende gb'schneit, 
wgxe di negl ins letSe. {Bu, D, Lnc, Mt, 8c; Heidel- 

Toe nails cut in the increase of the moon will become in- 


1266. In der Wok dut mers flesch aus em sclmiok. {Af; 

Meats should be taken out of smoke in Libra. 

1267. Sauergraut im Fisch ei'gemacht waert w^ssrich. 

{Na, 8c; Heidelberg) 

Sourkraut made in the sign of Pisces will become watery. 

1268. Schof schert mer in der Wok, n5 grtge si ken leis. 

{Be, 8c, Sn, Y) 

Sheep will not become lousy if shorn in the sign of Libra. 

imd die haare wachsen wieder. Hlhg. 

1269. Im Leb daerf mer net scUachte. {Be) 

No butchering should be done in the sign of Leo. 

1270. Im Leb dserf mer ken flesch ei'sglze, schunscht wserts 
leBen'dich. {Be, Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, 8n, Y) 

If meats are salted in the sign of Leo they will become 

Im Lowen salzt man es ein. Hlbg. 

1271. MsBr soil net schlgchte ime leBen'didie zeche, 
schunscht grikts flesch waerm. {Be) 

Meats will become wormy if the animals are slaughtered 
in a living sign. 

1272. 'S f i soil mer in der Wok schl^chte, no wlkts schwgr. 


The slaughtered cattle will be heavy if butchered in the 
sign of Libra. 

1273. Im Fisch get mer net uf bsuch, 's regert immer. {Bu; 

Never go visiting in the sign of Pisces, as it always rains 



1274. Mer soils flesch net aus em schinokhaus nemme ime 

lefeen'diche zeche schunscht grikts •waerm. {Be, Bu, 

C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na, Nu, 8c, 8n; Heidelberg) 

Smoked meats should not be taken from the smoke h6nse 

during a period, the zodiacal sign of which is a living 

being, to prevent them from becoming wormy as they 

otherwise wjll. 


1275. Heilich wasser kummt fun MsBrze soline und is gut 
ferweeage. {8n,Y; Freiburg) 

March snow water is holy water and is good for sore eyes. 

1276. Im Maerz schneit mer di draube rg,nke. Sell wgsser 
is glit fer wee age. {Bu; Freiburg) 

Prune grapevines in March. The sap is good for sore eyes. 

1277. Wammer sei" mann sene will muss mer der schpi'gel 
i'Ber der brumie hete uf AUer Heil un Sel (der 
erscht un zwet NoSem'ber). (Lb, Lh, Y; Freiburg) 
If you would see your future husband, hold a mirror over 

a well on All Saints and All Souls (Nov. 1 & 2). 

1278. Wammer Samschdaks a'^fg.ngt en haus bleschtre 
fallt di bleschtring runner. {Lnc; Heidelberg) 

If you begin plastering a house on Saturday the plastering 
will fall off. 

1279. Sis wun'nerselte as Mittwochs en leicht k§.lte waerd. 

{Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, Mr, 8c, 8n), aber net in Bserks 

un L9.n'geschter. 

Funerals are very rarely held on "Wednesday, except in 

Berks and Lancaster. 
Mittwoch imd Freitag gelten in Siiddeutschland als un- 
gliickstage. M D V 175 

1280. Mittwochs daerf mer net wesche schunscht hot mer 
ken glik mit em ft. {Be, Lh, Na, Sc) 

If Wednesday is washday you will have bad luck with 
your cattle. 

1281. "Wammer Mittwochs wescht gen em di sei dod. {Be) 
Your pigs will die if you do washing on "Wednesday. 

1282. FreidSks muss mer ^'fange see un Freidaks ufgeBe. 

{Be, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Sc, Y) 


Begin sowing of grain on Friday and finish it on Friday. 
An einem Freitag muss man zum erstenmal einspannen 
und die emte beginnen. Wit 61 

1283. "Wgnnd en feind hoscM, gescht drS," und gtscht en 
kugel uf di Grischd&kngcht zwisclie elf und zwelfe 
uf me greiz'wek. Selli kugel IMscM no un scMsscht 
si un si drefft dei" feind, 's m§,clit nix aus vra er is. 
{Be, C, Lb, Lh, Na, 8c, T) 

Cast a bnllet on a crossroad on Christmas night between 

eleven and twelve. Load it into your gun and it will 

hit your enemy wherever he may be. 
Preikugeln, die immer treifen, giesst man in der Weih- 

nachtsmitternacht schweigend auf einem kreuzwege. 

Wu 452 

1284. Grischdak olSeds zwische elfe un zwelfe muss mer in 
der ki'schtall ge' wg,mmers fl here will schwetze. 

Cattle talk between eleven and twelve on Christmas night. 
In der Christnacht konnen die kiihe sprechen. Z f D M 
3. 20 

1285. Uf der Him'melfaerd&k daerf mer net nee oders ge- 
witter schlgkt em in di scheier. (Af) 

Lightning will strike your bam if you sew on Ascension 

In das haus, wo auf Himmelfahrt genaht oder auch nur 

eine nadel eingefadelt wird, schlagt das gewitter. Q 3. 


1286. Uf Him'melfaerd&k daerf mer net f&re oder mer hot 

en unglik. (Be, Bu, C, D, Lh, Lh, Mt, Na, Sn, T; 

If you take a drive on Ascension day you will have an 

1287. Uf der Him'melfaerdSk daerf mer net im grund 

schg,ffe. (Bu, C, Lh, Lh, Mr, Na, Nu, 8c, 8n, T) 
Never till the soil on Ascension day. 


1288. Uf der Him'melfaerdak daerf mer net sch§,ffe oders 
gewitter schl^kt in e'nich ebbes §s mer dra' sch&fft. 
{Af; Heidelberg) 

Lightning will strike anything on which yoii worked on 
Ascension day. 

1289. Uf der Him'melfaerdak daerf mer nix du' exe'pt fische 
ge". {Be,Bu,C,Lh,Mt,Na,8c,8n) 

The only thing you may do on Ascension day is go fishing. 

1290. Uf der Him'melfaerdak soil mer site saerte te drinke, 
no grikt mer sell jor ken aer'blichi granket. (Lfe, Sn) 
By drinking seven kinds of tea on Ascension day you will 

escape contagious diseases for the rest of the year. 
Am Fronleichnamstag Hlhg. 

1291. Uf Neijormaerge soil mern brotwaerscht esse so gs 
mers ganz jor schtaerik un gref'tich is. {Be, C, Lh; 

If you eat sausage on New Tear's you will be robust all 

1292. Uf der Piusdak (der elft Tschulei') hen di schlange 
tr pik'nik. (Lh) 

Snakes have their picnic on Pius' day. 

1293. Obeds faer Grischdak soil mer drei saerte esse naus 
ufs fenschter schtelle, un der nekscht maerge esst 
mer n5 en maulfoU fun jedre saert. Wammer des 
dut, grikt mer sell jor ken fiber. (Lh; Heidelberg) 
To prevent fevers you should put three kinds of food on 

the sill outside of the window on Christmas eve, and on 
Christmas morning you should eat some of each kind of 

1294. Wammer Mittwochs oder Freid§.ks fun de hexe 

schwetzt here si 's mitau's mer sakt: seidrek fasr 
di ore, (Be, Lh, Mr) 

If you speak of witches on Wednesday or Friday they 
will hear you unless you say: pigs' dung for the ears. 


Ehe man iiber hexen spricht, soil man sagen: "dreck und 
kot fiir die ohren!" Sonst konnen sie einem schaden, 
wenn man zu wenig gesegnet ist. Z 524 

1295. Wgmmer Mittwochs un Freidaks fun de hexe 

schwetzt here si es mitau's mer duts u'tich seim 
eg'ne d§,ch un mer nennt der dak. {Be) 
"When you talk of witches on Wednesdays or Fridays they 
will hear you unless you speak of them only under your 
own roof and mention the day. 
On Fridays the fairies obtrusively enter houses and have 
even the impudence, it is said, to lift the pot to see what 
the family have on the fire for dinner. Any mention 
of them should be prefixed by saying, "a blessing attend 
their departing and travelling! This day is Friday 
and they will not hear us." This prevents Fairy ill- 
will coming upon the narrator for anything he may 
chance to say. S H 8 19 

1296. Uf di Fa'sen§,cht dserf mer net nee oder mer net de 
hinkel di sBrscli'lecher zu as si net lege kenne. {Be, 
Lb, Lh, Mt, Na, Nu, 8c, 8n, Y) 

If you sew on Shrove Tuesday you will sew up the hens' 
cloacse and prevent them from laying eggs. 

Fastnacht darf nicht geflickt werden, sonst "flickt man 
den hiihnern die locher zu ' ' und sie legen nicht. Z f D 
M 1. 200 

1297. W§,s mer Freidaks a~fangt bringt em giit glik. (Mr) 
Anything begun on Friday brings good luck. 

1298. Wammer Mittwoclis a~f9,ngt ebbes zu schaffe 
m§,clit mer fil miste'ks. (Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, Mr, Na, 
Nu, Sc, Sn) 

If you begin any work on Wednesday you will make many 

Mittwochs ist ein verworfener hexentag. Besucht ein kind 

Mittwochs zuerst die schule, so lemt es nichts. G 3. 613 

1299. Wammer Mittwochs ebbes &'f 9,ngt wsert mer l^ng net 
fser'tich. (Mt, Na, 8c) 

What you begin on Wednesday will take long to finish. 


3300. Der KaerfreidSk kert mer §11 di schtulbe aus un fer- 
brennt seller drek, no hot mer glik. (D, Lnc, Sc, 
Sweeping all the rooms on Good Friday and burning the 

sweepings brings good luck. 
Kehrt man am Karfreitag seine stube nach einer entgegen- 

gesetzten richtung als gewohnlich, z. b. statt vorwarts 

riickwarts, so ist man vor schwaben u. s. w. gesichert. 

V A 8 2. 18 

1301. Zwische Grischdik un Neijor dserf mer net schpinne, 
un di schpule misse ler kasch'pelt sei" fsBr Grisch'- 
dkk, wanns sach giit were soil. (Be, C, Lh, Lnc, Mt, 
Sc, 8n) 

If homespun is to wear well there should be no spinning 
between Christmas and New Year and the spools should 
be empty before Christmas. 

Vor den Zwolfen miissen die madchen ihre spule leer has- 
peln und diirfen wahrend der zeit nicht spinnen. Was 
auf der spule sitzen bleibt oder zugesponnen wird, hat 
doch.keinen halt. B S 33. 126; M D V 252 

1302. Uf der Kserfreidak daerf mer net misehte, schunscht 
maeht mer de hexe di dtr uf. (Be, Lh, Y) 
Stables must not be cleaned on Good Friday lest the witches 

Am Karfreitag halt man es gefahrlich irgend etwas aus 
dem hause abzugeben, well dadureh dem einfluss von 
hexen tiir und tor geoffinet werde. V A S 1. 322 

1303. Uf Kaerfreidak soil mer ken flesch esse ausgenumme 
fisch, scliunscht hot mer ken glik mit seim ft. (Lh, 
Lnc, Nu, Sc, Sn; Heidelberg) 

Tour cattle etc. will not thrive if you eat any meat other 
than fish on Good Friday. 

1304. Mer lekt hoi naus di Grischd§,kn9,cht so as der dS. 
druf kumme kann. Di Grischdikmserge fi'dert merm 
ft sell hoi, no get em sell jor ken ft dod. {Be,C, Lh, 
Lnc, Sc, Sn) 


None of your cattle will die throughdut the year if on 
Christmas morning you feed them the hay which was 
put out of doors the night before to collect the Chriest- 
mas night dews. 

Viele fiittern das vieh zu Weihnachten und Ostem mit heu, 
das liber naeht der tau draussen genetzt hat. M D V 
213 ; Alem 20. 281 

1305. Uf Qu§,tem'ber daerf mer ken fi schl§,chte — 9.ber fei" 
mache, {D, Lb, Lh, Mr, Na, 8c; Stuttgart) 

You must not butcher beef on an Ember day but you may 
cut it up. 

1306. Uf der Qugtem^er daerf mer net wesche oder mer 
hot unglik. {Be, C, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na, 8c, Sn, T; 

"Washing on an Ember day is unlucky. 

1307. Uf Quatem'ber daerf mer ken flesch ei*'salze. . (Lb, 
8c; Freiburg) 

Never cure meat on an Ember day. 

1308. Uf Qngtem'ber daerf mer net schl§,chte. (Mr, 8c; 

Never slaughter any cattle on an Ember day. 

1309. Wser uf Quatem'ber wescht waert grg,nk. {Be, C, 
Lnc, Mt, Na, 8c; Freiburg) 

You will become sick if you do any washing on an Ember 

3310, W9,mmer uf Qug.tem'ber wescht ggt em en schtik f! 
dod. {Nu) 
If you wash on an Ember day a head of cattle will die. 

1311. Wammer uf der Quatem'ber wescht get em ken f! 
dod bis der Qugtem'ber wider kummt. {Be, Lnc; 

If you do washing on to Ember day none of your cattle 
will die before the next Ember day. 


1312. Uf Qugtem'ber dserf mer net schlgchte oders gen em 

sell jor so fil schtik fl dod gs mer uf Qugtem'ber 
gschl&cht hot. (C) 

As many cattle will die during the year as are slaughtered 
on any Ember day. 

1313. Mittwochs soil mer ken bedin'tes ei'schte" losse, 
oders bleibt net Igng. {Be, Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, Mr, 
Mt, Na, Sc, Sn, Y) 

Any one who enters your service on a Wednesday will not 

stay long. 
Keine magd wechselt Mittwochs den dienst. 3. 613 

1314. De blume muss mer Neijor winsche oder si bite net. 

{Bu, D, Lb, Lh, Mr, Nu, Sc) 

Plants will not bloom unless you wish them a happy New 

Die blumen muss man auf Neujahr verstellen, sonst gehen 

sie kaput. Hlhg. 

1315. Uf der Kajrfrei'd&k daerf mer net nee. {Af) 
No sewing must be done on Good Friday. 

Am Karfreitag darf man nichts nahen, sonst sticht man 
sich das ganze jahr in die finger. B 8 33. 122 

1316. Uf di GrischdSknacht soil mer wasser nausschtelle 
un was druf gfrirt waert wor. {Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, 
Nil, Sc) 

The designs formed on water which is set out on Christmas 
night to freeze are omens of the future. 

In der Christnacht stellt man mit wasser gefiillte schiis- 
seln aus. Lauft das wasser Tiber nacht iiber, so tritt im 
kommenden jahr der Inn aus. Z f D M 2. 421 

1317. Di Grischdaknacht selitellt mer wasser naus un was 
druf gfrirt gebt em mgnn sei" hgnd'wserik. {Mr, 

The forms in the ice which form on water which is set out 
on Christmas night indicate the occupation of your future 


1318. Wsmmer sich FreidSks wescht soil mer di hend ab- 

driMe ebs gsicht, no grikt mer ken zk~vre. {Lb, Lh) 
You will not get toothache if when wa^ng on Friday 

you dry your hands before drying the face. 
Wer sich morgens gewaschen hat, muss mit dem abtrocknen 
am kleinen finger anfangen und bis zum daumen jeden 
finger einzeln abtrocknen, dann erst die arme imd zu- 
letzt das gesicht. Er wird dann nie zahnschmerz be- 
kommen. B S 33. 138 

1319. Mer drakts un'gezifer all faert wammer uf der Esche- 
mittwoch 's haus auskert un seller drek no me §,n'- 
nere mann uf sei" land drSkt. (Lb, Lh, Na, 8c, 8n; 

You will rid your house of vermin if you sweep your house 
on Ash Wednesday and throw the sweepings on some 
one else's property. 

1320. Wammer leis im haus hot soil mers haus uf di F&se- 
nacht auskere un der ker'drek uf me an'nere sei~ 
land drage, no gen si wek. {Be, Lh, Sc) 

To get rid of lice in the house sweep it on Shrove Tuesday 
and put the sweepings on some one else's property. 

An Fastnacht muss die frau oder magd die stube aus- 
kehren und es nackt tun, und den kehricht vor die tiir 
eines andern werfen, so bekommt dieses die flohe. Wu 

1321. Uf der Pannekuchedak soil mer gkr nix schaffe. {C, 
Lnc, Mr, Na, Sc) 

No work whatever should be done on Pancake day. 

An Fastnacht miissen pfannenkuchen gegessen werden. 
Man darf nicht aufs feld gehen, nicht nahen oder flicken, 
nicht zum brunnen gehen, nicht stricken, haspeln, spin- 
nen u. s. w. Wu 83 

1322. Di esch as es uf di Flsenacht gebt soil mer der 

Eschemittwoch uf ft un hinkel schtree di leis zu fer- 
dreibe oder ab'zuha,lte. {Af) 

Shrove Tuesday ashes spread on cattle and poultry on Ash 
Wednesday will keep them clean of lice. 


Die asche von feuer, mit dem an Pastnaeht odef Ascher- 
mittwoch gebacken wurde, in den htihnerstall gestreut, 
vertreibt das ungeziefer. B M 2i 

1H23. Uf di Fasengcht kert mer di scheier aus. (Be, Lb, 
Lh, Lnc, Na, Nu, Sc, 8n) 
Sweep the barn on Shrove Tuesday. 
Jeder bauer mistet am fastnachtdienstag seinen hiihner- 

stall, da dieser dann frei von hiihnerlausen ist. Alem 

20. 284 

J.324. 'S haus sott uf der Detlausdak (der en'undrei- 
sichscht Maerz) ausgebutzt wserre uns sach naus- 
gschittelt, no gebts ken un'gezifer ins haus. {Be, 
C, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na, Nu, Sc, Y; Nurdingen) 
If you clean house on Detlaus' day and hang everything 
put, you will have no vermin in your house all year. 

1325. Der te as mer uf der Tschann Huss (der sext 
Tschulei') un der Mseri'eheim (der fufzet Augu'scht) 
sammelt is noch'emol so schtaerik gs d»r as mer §n 
enichme annere dak sammelt. {Lh, Sc, Y) 

Tea gathered on John Huss and Virgin Mary is twice as 
strong as that gathered at any other time. 

An den meisten orten in der Tirol werden krauter am 14. 
August gepfliickt ; die weihe findet aber am feste Maria 
Himmelfahrt statt. Z f D M1.33S 

1326. Mittwoch is ken dak. {Af) 
Wednesday is no day at all. 

Mittwoch ist schon seinem namen nach kein voUer tag. 
Wu 60 

3327. Der Kserfrei'dak dasrf mer net kere oder mer grikt 
sell jor fil mike ins haus. {Nu) 
If you sweep on Good Friday you will have many flies all 

Man schafft iiberhaupt niehts. Hlbg. 

1328. Der HimmelfaerdSk sammelt mer nein saerte grant 
oder alle blanz as blit fer fiber. {Lnc, Y ; Heidel- 

Gr f: 


To cure fever gather nine species of herbs or any phano- 
gamic plant flowering on Ascension day. 

1320. Wginmer sei" wesch di Neijor draus henke losst 
muss mer alle dak in sellem jor wesche. {D, T) 
If your wash hangs out on New Year's, you will have to 

wash daily all year. 
Wie das neue jahr anfangt, so geht das ganze jahr fort. 
Wu 66 

1330. Mittwochs dserf mer net wesche. (Lnc, Y) 
Don't wash on Wednesday. 

Am Mittwoch darf man den stall nicht reinigen. Wu 60 ; 
cf. Wu 61 

1331. Wammer en scheier uf der Him'melfaerdak nfschlgkt, 

schlakts giwit'ter nei". {Lnc, Nu; Heidelberg) 
If a barn is raised on Ascension day, lightning will strike 

1 332. Kaerf rei'daks esse di A'mische ken brek'f escht. (Lnc) 
' The Amish do without breakfeast on Good Friday. 

Da muss man niichtern bleiben bis mittag. Elbg. 

1333. Wammer di Grischdak oder Neijornacht unner me 

bam en kugel gist sent mer der deibel. (Lb) 

If you cast a bullet on Christmas or New Year's night, you 

will see the devil. 
In der Weihnachtsnacht kann man den teufel beschworen 

Wu 262 

] 334. Der erscht Freidak im neie licht soil mer schlaclite. 
(Bu, Sc) 
Butchering should be done on the first Friday in new moon, 

1335. 'S flesch nemmt mer uf der Detlausdak aus em 
schmok. (Mr, Sc) 

Meats should be taken out of the smoke house on Detlaua 
day (March 31). 

1336. Uf der Ori" Punnersclid§,k muss mer ebbes grtnes 

esse, schunscht grikt mer der gretz in sellem jor. 
{Be, Lb, Lh, Mr, Mt) 


Unless you eat some thing green on Maundy Thursday, you 

will get the itch. 
In den zwolf nachten erbsen, linsen, bohnen nicht zu essen, 

sonst bekommt man die kratze. G 3. 56 

1337. Mer grikt ken leis W9,mmer ebbes grines esst uf der 

Grt" Dun'nersehdak. {Nu) 

You will not become lousy if you eat something green on 
Maundy Thursday. 

1338. Uf der Gri~ Dun'nerschdSk soli mer ebbes grines _ 
esse, no grikt mer ken flber. {Be, C, Lb, Lh, Mr, 
Mt, Na, Sc, 8n) 

Bat some green vegetables on Maundy Thursday to prevent 

Wer am Griinen Donnerstage nicht neunerlei kraut isst, 

der bekommt das fieber. O B 503 

1339. Uf der Abdgns dak soil mer di dserne mee un di 
fense butze. {C, D, Lb, Lh, Mr, Na, Nu, Sc, Sn, P) 
Briars and brambles ishould be cut and fences cleaned on 

Abdon's day. 
Am tage Abdon (30. Juli) rotte man schilf aus teichen, 
domer aus feldern, so wachsen sie nicht wieder. O 3. 

3340. Wammer uf der Abdans d^k mit me sak'messer 
daerich di rinn fume bam schneit, get der bam dot — 
aber der dak is ferschofte im kalen'ner. (Af) 
Draw fhe blade of a pocketknife through the bark of a 

tree and the tree will die — but the date given in the 

almanac is not the correct one. 
Am Beatrixtage (29. Juli), auch "Abdom" genannt, wohl 

deshaib, well nach dem alten kalender der 30. Juli S. 

Abdom und Sennen geweiht war, muss man jaten, un- 

kraut und ungeziefer vertilgen. Baume, straucher luid 

alle pflanzen an diesem tage geschnitten, vertrocknen. 

B 8 33. 123 

1341. Uf der AVdgns dkk henkt mer di gleder naus. {Lb, 
Lnc, Mr) 


Clothing should be hung out on Abdon's day. 
Karfreitags die kleider an die sonne gehangt, kommt weder 
motte noch schabe hinein. G 3. 355 

1342. Uf der Ab'd^ns dak kert mers bans hinnerschich 
aus, sell ferdreibts ungeziffer. (Be, Bu, C, Lh, Lnc, 
Mt, Sc) 

Sweep your house backwards on Abdon's day (July 29 or 

30) to exterminate vermin. 
Am S. Abdonstage muss man ungeziefer vertilgen. B 8 

33. 123 

1343. Di Grischdaknacht is es wasser in de brunne drei 
minu'te lang wei". (Lnc) 

ry On Christmas night water in wells is changed into wine for 

three minutes. 
Christnaehts, zwischen elf und zwolf, ist das wasser wein. 

1344. Is es wasser nau wei' — 

Sakt der deiW, du bischt mei". (Lnc) 
Has the water now turned to wine? 
Saith the devil: thou art mine. 

1345. Mit Maerze scbne wasser kgrnmer di bescht sef kocbe. 

(Nu; Kaiserslautern) 

March snowwater makes the best soap. 

1346. Im Maerz gebts es bescht mel. (Na; Kaiserslautern); 
The best flour is made in March. 

1347. Mittwochs un FreidS,ks dserf mer ken sehtell aus- 
mischte, (D) 

Stables must not be cleaned on Wednesday or Friday. 
Mittwochs und Freitags darf man keinen stall ausmisten. 
Alem 19. 164 

1348. Mittwochs daerf mer di sehtell net ausmischte. {Be, 

The manure must not be taken out of stables on Wednes- 
Mittwochs darf man keinen stall ausmisten. Alem 19. 164 


1349. Mer hot ken glik mit em fi w§,mmer di schtell zwische 
Grischdak un Neijor ausmischt. (Be, Lb, Lh, Lnc, 
Mr, 8c, T) 

Your cattle will not thrive if you clean the stables between 
Christmas and New Year. 

Mit der Spermaeht darf misten nicht besorgt werden. M 
D F252 

1350. Z\Fische Grischdak un Neijor soil mer ken schtell 
butze Oder mischte schunscht hot mer druBel mit de 
hexe. (Be, Lh, Sc, Sn) 

Stables should not be cleaned or dunged between Christ- 
mas and New Year, or you will have trouble with witches. 

In den Zwolften darf kein mist ausgefahren werden, sonst 
kommt ungeziefer, krankheit, tod und allerlei unheil in 
das haus. Wu 64 

1351. Zwische Grischd§,k un Neijor dasrf mer net dresche 
und net mischte. (Be, Lb) 

Between Christmas and New Year you must not thresh or 
dung the stables. 

Man soil in den Zwolfen nicht dreschen, das getreide ver- 
diirbe, so weit der schall gehort wird. 3. 418 

1352. Zwi'schich Grischdak un Neij5r soil mer sich net 
"wesche un net Avesche un a net rumschtripe oder 
mser hot ken glik. (Be, Lb, Lh, Mr, 8c; Heidelberg) 
You ought not to take a bath or wash or change clothing 

between Christmas and New Year, for you will have no 

1353. W§,mmer zwische GrischdS,k un Neijor wescht wsert 
mer grgnk. (Lb) 

If you wash between Christmas and New Year you will 

become sick. 
In den "Zwolfen" darf man nicht waschen lassen, sonst 

wird man im neuen jahr krank. ASS 


1354. Zwische GriscM&k un Neijor soil mer sich net wesche 
oder rumschtripe, oder mer hot ken glik. {Be, Lb, 
Lh, Mr, 8c) 

If you take a bath or change clothing between Christmas 
and New Year you Ayill have bad luck. 

1355. Zwischich Grischdak un Neijor daerf mer sich net 

mmschtripe oder mer waert foil gschwsere. {Be, 
Bu, C, Lh, Lh, Mr, Mt, Na, 8c, 8n) 
If you change underwear between Christmas and New 

Year you will be full of boils. 
Man darf am Neujahr kein frisches hemd anziehen und 
keine apfel essen, sonst bekommt man schwaren. Wu 65 

1356. Uf di Neijor daerf mer ken sauBer hemm a"du~ oder 
mer grikt gschware. {Be, D, Lb, Lh, Mr, Na, Nu, 
Sc, 8n; Kaiserslautern) 

Never put on a clean shirt on New Year's for fear of having 
- • boils: 

1357. Uf di Neijor daerf mer ken ebbel oder niss esse oder 
mer waert foil gschwsere. (C) 

Eating apples or nuts on New Year's causes boils. 
Man darf am Neujahr keine apfel essen, sonst bekommt 
man schwaren. Wu 65 

1358. Schneid di negel g^Ue Freid&k ab, no grikscht ken 
koppwe. {Lb) 

Cut your nails every Friday to prevent headache. 

1359. In de HunnsdSk daerf mer net schwimme ge~ oder 
mer grikt gschw»re. {Af; Heidelberg) 

You will have boils if you go swimming during the Dog 

Bathing in the Dog days is more dangerous than at other 

times. V 8 L2. 615 

1360. Freidaks soil mer nix neies a'f^nge, mer hot ken 
glik mit. {Af) 

Work begun on Friday will never turn out well. 
Am Dienstag imd Freitag soil man keine neue arbeit an- 
fangen, denn man hat miserfolg dabei. Wu 70 


It is on Fridays that fairies have the most power to work 
evil ; therefore Friday is an unlucky day to begin work, 
or to go on a journey or to have a wedding. Ir 2. 212 

1361. Wg,mmer Sg,mschd&ks a'f angt ebbes zu sch^ffe waert 
mer l§,ng net faer'tich. {Af; Heidelberg) 

It will take a long time to complete anything that is begun 

on Saturday. 
Never begin to make a dress on Saturday or the wearer will 

die within the year. Ir 2. 115 

1362. Uf di Griscbdak soil mer brot nauslege so as es 
gfrlrt. Wgmmer sell esst grikt mer ken fiber. (Be, 
Lh, Sc, 8n) 

Eat bread frozen on Christmas day to prevent fever. 
Sat man in der Christnacht brosamen, so gehen sie auf. 
Z f DM2.43.2; cf . also A S I. 382 

1363. Di Grriscbtblum get di Grischdakn§eht zwische elf 
un zwelfe uf , wann di kt schwetze, 's mgcht nix aus 
wt k§,lt as es is. {Af) 

The Christmas plant {Helleborus viridis) will bloom on 

Christmas night between eleven and twelve, when cattle 

talk, regardless of the weather. 
In der mitternachtstunde der Christnacht spriesst der 

hopfen, auch bei schnee, fingerlang empor. Wu 69 ; cf. 

Thorntrees blossom at twelve o'clock on the pight of the 

Nativity to commemorate the Savior's birth. D E C 52 

1364. Freidiks is en ungliksdHk fer e'nicb ebbes S.'fange. 

(Bu, C, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, Nu, 8n, Y) 

Never begin anything on Friday, it is an unlucky day. 

In katholischen landem ist Freitag der ungliicklichste tag. 
Wu 61 

AUes ist nichts, was man Freitags anfangt. Elbg. 

Never undertake any business of importance on Wednes- 
days or Fridays. W Ir 63 

1365. Mittwochs un Freidaks soil mer net tr§,ble ge". (Nu) 
You should not begin a journey on Wednesday or Friday. 


Am Freitag darf man nicht verreisen. Wu 61 
Never begin a journey on Friday. W Ir 63 

] 366. Mittwoch is en ungliks dSk. (Be, Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, 
Lnc, Mt, Na, Nu, 8c, 8n) 
Wednesday is an unlucky day. 
Mittwoch und Freitag gelten in Siiddeutschland als un- 

gliiekstage. M D V 175 
Those that begin journeys on Wednesday shall run through 

much danger. D Eng 241 

1367. Mittwoch is der bescht dak fun §,11. (Lnc, Sc, 8n) 
Wednesday is the best day of all. 

In Devonshire Tuesdays and Wednesdays are regarded as 
lucky days. D Eng 240 

1368. Uf Grisohdak soil mer ken flesch esse eksept' fun 
fe'derfl. W&nuner anner flesch esst hot mer ken 
glik mit em ft. (Lh, Mr) 

Tou will have no luck with your cattle if on Christmas 

you eat any meat other than poultry. 
Isst man in den zwolften fleisch, so fallt das beste vieh im 

stall. 6 3. 814 

1369. W^mmer MUndaks ebbes fser'tich ni§,cht kammer 

selli woch fil sch^ffe. (Af; Heidelberg) 
If you complete a piece of work on Monday you will ac- 
complish much that week. 

1370. Regewasser fum Him'melfaerd§,k is gut f er wee age. 

(Be, C, D, Lh, Mt, Na,8c, 8n,Y; Heidelberg) 

Water from Ascension day rain will cure sore eyes. 

For weakness of the eyes, use rain water collected in a 
clean open vessel in the month of June. It may then be 
bottled. V S L2.'i95 

For weak eyes, use rain water that falls on Holy Thurs- 
day. V8L2A95 

1371. Wser di Grischd&kng,cht gebore is sent gschpnker un 

kgnns fi here schwetze. (Be, Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, 

Nu, 8c, 8n) 

Var. k§nn fer e'nich ebbes branche. (Af). 


A person bom on Christmas night can hear csattle talk and 

can see ghosts. 
Wer am Johannistage oder an einem Sonn- oder Festtage 

geboren ist, kann geister und zukiinftiges sehen. B S 

33. 123 
A child born on Christmas day or on Good Friday will be ( 

able to see spirits. V S L 2. 1. 218 

1372. Der sitiezet Tschun is en unglicksdak. (Lnc) 
June 17 is unlucky. 


1373. Wgmmern hiifeise findt hot mer glik. {Af) 
Finding a horse shoe is lucky. Z 237 

To find and pick up an old horse shoe or a rusty nail or a 
crooked pin brings good luck. V 8 L 2.21^ 

1374. En gfunne hiifeise mit all de negel drin is gut fer 
brauche mit. {Lnc, 8c, Y) 

Powwow with a horse shoe which has the regulation number 
of nails and which was cast by a horse. 

1375. Maer daerf net ame hiifeise f erbei'fare oder mser hot 
ken glik. {Bu, Mt; Heidelberg) 

It is not lucky to drive past a horse shoe. 



1376. WgJin en weibsmensch me j&khund di nas mit Irm 

schaBrz reibt get er der ggnz dak 's hin'nerschtfe'- 
dersclit uf der schpur. {Lh; Heidelberg) 
If a woman rubs her apron over the nose of a hunting dog 
he will be worthless all day. 

1377. Der Himmelfaerdak is der f isch dak. {Be,Bu,C,Lh, 
Lh, Mt, Na, 8c, 8n; Kaiserslautern) 

Ascension day is the time when you should go fishing for 
the first time in spring. 

1378. Wammer fische get uns laft en weibsmensch i'fter 
der wek k^mmer seller dak ken fisch fgnge. {C) 
If a woman crosses your path when going fishing, you 

won't catch any fish. 
Wenn einem jager des morgens ein altes weib begegnet, so 
soil er nur wieder heimgehen. Z f D M iA8 

1379. Mer muss ufs bet schpaue eb mer nei''schmeist, no 
beise di fisch besser. {Af) 

Always spit on bait before casting. 

Man muss speien auf den koder, den man an die angel be- 

festigt hat, well dann der fisch besser beisst und fester 

hangt. L 332 

1380. Wg-nn iberm fische di schlgngehiter sich uf di gaert 

Oder lein hoke kammer ken fisch f9.nge. {Be, Lh; 


You won't catch any fish if a dragon fly alights on your 

rod or line. 
When boys go fishing, the dragon flies point out the places 

where the fish are by setting on the banks or flags, in the 

proper direction. D Eng 134 

1381. Wammer flucht iberm fische fgngt mer nix. {Be, Lh, 




If you swear while fishing you will not catch any fish. 
If you swear, you'll catch no fish. V 8 L 2. 138 

1382. Uf Kserfreidik soil mer 's erscht mol im jor fische 
ge", no beise di fisch 's g9,nz jor, (Be, G, D, Lb, 
Lh, Mr, T) 
You will have good lo(A: in fishing all year if you fish the 

first time in the year on Good Friday. 
Am Griinen Donnerstag und Karfreitag geht man fischen. 



1383. W^mmer di heibs hot soil mer sich gme seinescht 

reibe. {C, Y) 

To stop Mves, rub yourself on the pigs' litter. 

1384. En weisser wol'licher bendel um en gnechel gebunne 
kjurt grundgretz. (Nu) 

A white woolen cord tied about the ankle cures ground 

1385. Grumbire sin gut fer peils. {Be, D, Lb, Lb) 
Potatoes are good for piles. 

1386. Wann ens di wi'Belsucht hot schtekt mers in en 
mel'sak, oder reibts mit ksern'mel. (Af) 

To cure nettleraoh, crawl into a flourbag, or rub with rye 

Wer die nesselsueht hat, muss riickwarts in einen frisch 

ausgeschiitteten mehlsack hineinkriechen, dann vergeht 

sie an demselben tag. B 8 33. 133 

1387. Wasser un'ichs bett gschtellt soil gut sei" gs en 
grankes sich net ufleit. {Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Na, 
Sn, J) 

Water placed under the sick person's bed is said to prevent 

where the fish are by sitting on the banks or flags, in the 

bed sores. 
Eingefass mit kaltem wasser taglich frisch unter das bett 

eines schwerkranken gesetzt, schiitzt vor dem wundliegen. 

B 8 33. 142 

1388. Sohtell en hafe wu noch gar nix drin war un'ichs bett, 
so 9s en grgnkes sich net ufleit. {Na) 

To prevent bedsores place a hitherto unused crock under 
the bed. 

1389. Lek di ax u'nichs bett so as en grg,nkes sich net uf- 
leit. {Be, Lnc) 

Lay the axe under the bed to prevent bedsores. 


1390. Mer soil en emer w§.sser un'ichs bett schtelle wgnn 
ens n9,chts schwitzt, no fergets. (Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, 
Lnc, Y) 

A pail of water put under the bed will stop nightsweat. 
For cramp keep a pan of clean water under the bed. T S 
L 2. 592 

1391. Der schnuppe 16s zu wserre, rich dreimol in der schu. 

{Nu, Y) 

To cure coryza, sniff three times into your shoe. 
Ein weib, die den schnupfen hat, soil in des mannes schuhe 
rieehen. Q 3. 361 

1392. Fer mut'terwe tkr mit em finger zwische de zee 
daerich un rich no drS.". {Lb, Y) 

For hysteria, pass your finger between your toes and smell 
at it. 

1393. Wammer sich en rflk'schte" un'ichs kop'pekissi 
lekt k9,mmer giit schlofe. {Be, D. Lb, Lnc, Mr, Na, 
Sn, Y) 

1^ If you put a small roundish stone, found lying on fence- 
posts in the country districts, under your pillow, it will 
induce sleep. 
[This is probably an echo of the Donarkeil.] 
"Wer nicht wohl sehlafen kann, kind oder alt, dem soil man 
einen ruhewiseh unter das kopfkissen legen: das ist 
stroh, was wagf rauen unter den riicken legen ; man muss 
ihn aber diesen leuten stillschweigend wegnehmen. G 3. 

1394. Wammern schlil5er in der hg,nd hot soil mer hSsefett 

oSe uf di hg,nd schmtre, sell ztkt en raus. {C, Mt, 


You can extract a splinter lodged in the hand by greasing 

the back of the hand with rabbit grease. 
Hasenfett soil fremde korper aus den wunden Ziehen. L V 



The sloughs of snakes are also used for extractmg thorns. 
Thus, if the thorn has fastened in the palm, the slough 
must be applied to the back of the hand, for its virtue 
is repellent, not attractive. B F 156 

3395. Me kind gs viraerm hot lekt mer fei~gem§cht glSs uf 
derngM. {Be,Na,-Sc) 
Put pulverized glass on the navel of the child afflicted with 

Die probe, ob ein kind wiirmer hat, wird in der Pfalz so 

angestellt, dass man eine mit blei und mit "spitzglas" 

und zuweilen mit "venerischem" glas gefiillte nussschale 

auf den nabel bindet. L V 132 

1396. 'S -w&sser fun nein gekochte oier dreibt me medel Ir 
kind ab. {Bu) 

Drinking the water in which nine eggs were boiled will 
cause abortion. 

Die geburt zu befordern, lasst man zwei eier wie gewohn- 
lich sieden, und gibt der frau ein paar loffel von dem 
wasser, darin die eier gekocht sind, ein. L V 166 

1397. Mer muss der recht schtrump 's erscht a~du" koppwe 
Oder za" we zu ferhtte. {Lb; Kaiserslautern) 

•^- To prevent headache or toothache put on your right stock- 
ing first. 
Wer am abend, wenn er ins bett geht, zuerst den linken 
schuh und strumpf abzieht und am andem morgen den 
strumpf, der vorher am linkai bein gewesen, dem rech- 
ten anzieht, der bleibt von zahnweh verschont. E. Z ^% 

1398. "Wammer sich ferschtre'nt hot soil mem gidse'rrti 

olehaut drum binne. {C, Na, Sc) 
V A dried eelsMn around the part cures a sprain. 

1399. Wann en be'Bi schla'teert, fgngt mern fischel, ztkts 
em kind daerichs maul, §,ber mer muss 's fischel wider 
zurik' ins wasser du" ebs dod get. {Be, Lb, Lh, Lnc, 
Mr, Mt, Na, Nu, 8n, T) 

When a baby slobbers pass a small fish through its mouth, 
returning the fish alive into water. 


For whooping cough, put a live trout into the child's 
mouth, fasting. Then put it back alive into the stream. 

1400. Fer wildfeier, schmir gens'drek, gschabter holler 
un schof inschlich druf. (Lb, Y) 

A salve made of sheep tallow, scrapings from elder and 
goose dimg will cure erysipelas. 

1401. Wasser fmn erschte scline im winter is gut fer wee 

§,ge. (Be, Bu, Lb, Mt, Sc, 8n, Y; Heidelberg) 
\^ Water from the first snow in winter is good for sore eyes. 

1402. Wammer zwitele im s§,k nodrakt, grikt mer ken 
pserble. {Lb, 8n, Y) 

s.' To prevent smallpox carry onions in your pocket. 

1403. Mer grikt ken paer'ble wg,mmer dei'Bels drek im sftk 
nodrakt. {Bu, Lb, Mt, 8n, Y; Lenskirche) 
Assafoetida carried in the pocket will prevent smallpox. 

1404. Te muss mer im schatte daerre. {Na) 

Herbs for medicinal purposes must not be dried in the 

.... in der sonne. Hlbg. 

1405. Drau'beschtokbliit is gut fern most9.'sch wgxe mgche. 

{Lnc, Nu; Kaiserslautern) 
i — - Sap of grapevines will make a moustache grow. 

1406. Fer sotbrenne beb di bend un'icb di ffirm bis si wS,rm 

sin un rich no dra". {Lb, Y; Neustadt) 

To cure waterbrash, warm your hands under the arm pita 
and then smell them. 

1407. W^mmers besding' am finger hot daerf mer num'me 

jo ken zwible esse, schunscht belts sei" lebe net. 
{Lb; Heidelberg) 

When you have a felon, never eat onions, or it will never 


1408. Wann ens di ko'lik hot, schabt mer di fir disch'eke 
ab un gebts em ei". (Be; Kaiserslautern) 

For colic, scrape the corners of the table and take the 
scrapings internally. 

1409. Gesbruns is gut fer ni're gr§,nket. (Na; Heidel- 

Goat urine is good for kidney disease. 

1410. Mer soil en bendel um der finger binne wammer f er- 
gesslich is. (Na) 

Tie a string about the finger if you are forgetful. 
Man bindet einen knopf in das sacktuch. Hlbg. 

1411. Wanuners gift hot brunst mer druf. (Bu, Mt; Frei- 


Urinate on ivy poison. 

1412. Fer red'le oder sch§,'lgch rausbringe, soil mer te fun 
schof'gnodle drinke. {Be, Bu, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, 
Mi, 8c, 8n, Y; Freiburg) 

Drink a decoction of water and sheep dung to produce rash 
in measles or scarlet fever. 

1413. Fer kaltfi'ber soil mer sei" e'ge wasser drinke. {Be, 
Lb; Kaiserslcmtern) 

Drink of your own urine to cure ague. 

1414. Schlak ka'lik mit Maerze schne. 'S heidel as sich 
ufs wgsser schtellt macht en giit blaschter. {Be, 
Lnc, Sc, Sn, Y; Freiburg) 

Slake lime with March snow. The membrane which forms 
on the water makes a good ointment. 

1415. Mer schabt di fingernegel ab un duts in brandewei". 
"Wann en sauf'lodl sell drinkt kammerm's saufe gb'- 

Scrapings of fingernails put into whiskey and given a 
drunkard to drink will cure him of his inebriety. 

Wenn man einem wasser zu trinken gibt, in das "nagel- 
schabete" geworfen wurde, so bekommt der betreffende 
die auszehrung. Y A 8 1. 488 


1416. W8,mmerii we maul hot soil mer ins feier schpaue. 

{Be, C, Lb, Sc) 

Spitting into fire cures a sore mouth. 

1417. Wammer Ibs feier schpaut, grikt mem we maul. 

{Lh, Na, Sn) 

Spitting into fire (i. e. a stove) causes a sore mouth. 
Ins feuer darf man nicht spucken, sonst bekommt man ein 
griudmaul oder blasen auf die zunge. Wu 14 

1418. Eotrifte esse mg,clit rot blut. {Bu, Mt) 
i^ For anaemia or impurity of the blood, eat beets. 

Wenn man rote riiben isst, bekommt man rote backen. 
Wu 67 

1419. Wgrnmer nggelfluss oder besding' hot, soil mer der 
we finger re katz ins 5r schteke. {Be, Lh) 

To ciu-e whitlow or felon put the sore finger into a cat's 

Wurm im finger (panoritium) heilt man, indem man den 

finger eine zeitlang einer katze ins ohr steckt. Wu 347 

1420. Wann em di nas blut, soil mer drei droppe blut uf 

en hessi feierschaufel dropse losse, im si no runner 
du". Des dut mer drei mol. {Bu; Heidelberg) 
To stop nose bleed, let three drops of blood fall on a 

heated fire shovel and then remove them. This should 

be done three times. 

1421. DrSk peilswaerzel no fer peils. {Be, Lb, Lnc, Mt, 
Na, 8c, Sn, Y) 

Carry horse balsam {Collinsonia canadensis) as a cure for 

1422. Wgmmer kaernblit esst grikt mer ken fiber. {Be) 
Eating rye blossoms prevents fever. 

Um sich das ganze jahr gegen fieber und allerhand 
krankheiten zu schiitzen, muss man von dem ersten 
roggen, welchen man im friihjahr bliihen sieht, drei 
bliihende ahren stillschweigend durch den mimd Ziehen 
imd die dabei abgestreiften bliiten verschlucken. B S 
33. 131 


1423. Wginmer drek in en Sk grikt, soil mers ^nner &k 
reitSe. (Lb) 

Remove a foreign substance from the eye by rubbing the 

other eye. 
Pallt einem etwas ins auge, so reibt man das andere auge. 

Wu 350 

3424. Wgininern rgsselschlang dodmache kann as si sich 
net beisst, brot mer si wt en 61 un esst si. Sell kjiirt 
di aus'zering. (D, Lnc, 8n) 
A rattlesnake, killed without biting itself, should be fried 

like an eel, and eaten, to cure tuberculosis. 
Bin in schlangenblut getauchter faden luu den hals ge- 
tragen heilt blutspucken. Wu 116 

1425. W^imd der schlixer hoscht, setz dich uf en schtiil, 

schtell en glas wg,sser nelSich dich, dii"' we'nich w§,s- 

ser in di ore mit de glene finger un hglt si drin bis 

du 's wgsser all gedrunke hoscht. (C; Kaiser s- 


i"^ For hiccoughs: sit down, with a glass of water by your 

side, let some one put a little water into each ear with 

the little finger of each hand and keep the fingers there 

until you have drunk the water, 

1426. Wg-nuner di drei erschte feilcher esst as mer frljors 
finnt grikt mer sell jor ken fl'Ber. (Na) 

}f To prevent fever for the entire year, eat the first three 
violets found in spring. 
Vor kaltem fieber schiitzt man sich, wenn man das erste 
erblickte veilchen kaut. Wu 353 

1427. Wg.nnd schlixre musscht, ess we'nich zuker. {Af; 

For hiccoughs eat a little sugar. 

1428. Ebber ^s mit grampp behgft' is soil msergets uf- 

schte", nix schwetze un naus ge" un en alter- 
mannschtok blgnze. (Be, T) 


If a person is subject to cramps he should immediately 
on getting up and without speaking a word plant some 
southern wood (Artemisia abrotcmwm). 

Bin madchen von einem bosen geiste genommen, der mlt 
ihr zur holle fahren woUte, raffte aber noch mit der hand 
allermannshermkraut zusammen, das am boden stand, 
da musste der geist sie loslassen. Z f D M 1. 201 

1429. Mer schtreicht en licht i'feem dodes un reibts n5 gn 
de gren'age, sell ferdreibt si. {Be, Lh) 

Corns will disappear if rubbed with a candle which was 
rubbed on a corpse. 

1430. 'S fett gs mer grikt fum bglsemabbel ausbrote helt 
e'nich ebbes. (Be, Lh, Lnc, Na, Sc, Y) 

The fat in which a balsam apple (Echinccystis lohata) is 
fried has healing properties. 

1431. Loss en balsemabbel in en bottl wg,xe, un wgnn er 

ausgewaxe is dut mer drinke druf. Wgmmer sell 

uf e'nich ebbes schitt oder reibt, belts 's gschwind. 

(Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, 8c, Y) 

Grow a wild balsam apple (Echinocystis lobata) in a 
bottle ; when ripe, fill the bottle with whisky. This will 
heal any wound on which it is poured or rubbed. 

1432. Wammern nis sohpell hot soU mer der tip fun der 
nSs a''guke mit de zwe kge. {Lnc, 8n; Kaiser s- 

Look at the tip of your nose with both eyes to stop sneezing. 

1433. Der dampp fun wol'legraut te is gut fer zwang. 

{Lnc, Y) 

Tea made of mullein {Verhascum thapsus) cures tenesmus. 
. . . .WoUblumentee. El 

1434. Der dampp fun schwserzer te is giit fer zwgng. {Lh, 
Lh, Lnc, Y; Kaiser slautern) 

Steam from black tea stops tenesmus. 


1435. Fer zwang : Grab pokwaerzle, koch si un hok dich 
i'Ber der dgmpp. {Be, Se, ¥) 

To stop tenesmus : take of the roots of pokeweed {Phyto- 
lacca decandra) , boil them and sit over the steam coming 
from the vessel. 

1436. Drak geilskeschte no fer peils. {Be, Lb, Lnc, Na, 
Y; Heidelberg) 

Carry horse chestnuts {Aesculus hippocastanum) for 

1437. Fer ketffir', reib geils'keschte fei" un sohnupp si. 

{Be, Lnc, Na, Sn, Y; Heidelberg) 
To cure catarrh, grate horse chestnuts {Aesculus hippo- 
castanum) a,n.A snuff them. 

1438. Fer falletgranket schluk en rasselschlangehaerz. {D, 


To cure epilepsy, swallow the heart of a rattlesnake. 

1439. Ebbes ferscbtren'tes oder ferrenk'tes muss mer im- 
mer un'nerschich reibe. {Be, Bu, Lnc, Mt, 8c, Sn, 
Y; Heidelberg) 

Sprains or dislocations should always be rubbed downward. 

1440. Dser'bendel um di gnecbel binne kjurt kalte fts. 

(2?, Y) 

Cure cold feet by tying tar rope about the ankles. 

1441. Faer muttergichtre schpau uf en scbte" un grfib en 
un'ich der dachdraf. {D, Lnc, Y) 

To stop puerperal convulsions, spit on a stone and bury it 
under the eaves. 

1442. Nemm en kol ins maul wannd sot brennes hosoht. 

{Lnc, Nu) 

Put coal into your mouth to stop water brash (Pyrosis). 

1443. Fsers besding' g,m finger petz der finger hinnich di 
dir. {Bu) 

To cure a felon, place the finger between the door and its 
jamb and have some one close the door. 


1444. Wannd der um'iaf hoscht, lek der finger in en wgge 
gles un 8&k: ich begrfib dich. (Na; Kaiserslau- 

To cure run-a-round (paronychia), put the finger in a rut 
in the street, saying : I bury thee. 

1445. 'S wgsser fun draulbe rgnke gs mer im Mserz achneit 
is gilt fer wee Sge. (Bu; Freiburg) 

The sap of grapevines pruned in March is good for sore 

1446. Wee age wescht mer mit drauBewftsser. Na; Frei- 


Bathe sore eyes with the sap of grapevines. 

1447. Schlb en bruch zurik' mit me bigeleise. {Lb, Lnc) 
Use a sadiron in reducing a hernia. 

1448. Mer schtbt en bruch zurik' mit me gschmid'ne nggel, 

schlakt en no in holz un halt en im drukne. (Be, 
Lb, Lnc, Nu, 8n; Heidelberg) 

In reducing a hernia use a forged nail, which should then 
be driven into wood and kept in a dry place. 

1449. Wgmmer seitschteche hot, hebt mem schte' uf, 

schpaut hi" wu er gele'ge hot, lekt der schte" no 

wider hi" un s&kt: nemm mei" schteches ewek'. 

Mer duts drei m5l im je'dermol der ochtem. 

(Af; Heidelberg) 

To stop stitches in the side (pleurodynia) pick up a stone, 
spit on the spot and replace the stone, saying : take away 
my stitching pain, at the same time holding the breath. 
This should be done three times. 

1450. W^nn en kind gb'nemmes hot, schtel en leffel un 
fi'ders kind mit sellem leffel. {C, Y) 

Cure marasmus in a child by feeding it with a stolen spoon. 

1451. En bei'del grikt fume schnitter un um der hals kenkt 
un daerte gelosst bis er fun sellSert sbfgUt is en giiti 
kjiir fer hglswe. {Bu, Mt; Kaiserslautern) 


To cure sore throat, get from a gelder the scrotum of an 
animal castrated by him, hang it about the neck and 
leave it there till it falls off. 

1452. Fer nggelfluss: schtek der finger in en un'gebort 
loch un sSk: Ich schtek dich in en un'gebort loch. 
N^gel, mach dich wider dmf. (Be, C, Lb, Lh, 8n, 
T; Heidelberg) 

For whitlow, put the sore finger in a natural hole, saying : 
Nail, I put thee in an unbored hole. Now grow in place 

1453. Wammern hiif' eise finnt mit §11 de negel drin m^cht 
mem schtgng defun', nn mit sellre schtgng hess ge- 
m§cht brennt met der biss fume wi'diche hund aus, 
no wasrt mer net wt'dich. (Be, Lh, Mt, 8c) 

To prevent rabies as a result of the bite of a mad dog, 
cauterize the wound with the heated bar of iron made 
from a found horseshoe containing the regulation number 
of nails. 

In Westhausen ist ein eisemer schliissel, von welchem sie 
sagen. . . .er habe die kraft, dass wann ein mensch oder 
vieh von einem wiitigen hunde oder rasenden tier ge- 
bissen oder sonsten verletzt, damit gebrennet werde, so 
heile es den schaden wunderlich. A 8 1. 106 

1454. En diker hals schtreicht mer mit der butzing, n6 f er- 
get' er. (Be, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Na, 8c, 8n; Freiburg) 
Eub a goiter with an afterbirth. 

1455. En a'gewgxe kind schtekt mer dserich en ku'met. 

{Af; Freiburg) 

Pass a livergrown child through a horse collar. 

1456. Wann ebber der schlixer hot soil mem ferschreke. 


Frighten the person suffering with hiccough. 
Weim einer den schnaggel hat, soil man ihn erschrccken. 


1457. W^rmners lab fun dae'richw§,x elbierschicli Q.^'schtribt 

un macht en te defun', macht der te em breche; 
un'nerschich, laxirt' er. (C, B, Lnc, Mr, Nu, Sc, Sn, 

The leaves of boneset {Eupatormm perfoliatum) stripped 

upwards and made into a tea, will act as an emetic; 

stripped downwards, a purgative. 
Schabt man ein stiick holunderwurzel naish oben, so dient 

der saft zum breehen, schabt man es nach unten, so dient 

er zum abfiihren. Wu 322 

1458. En ggnz schwaerz hinkel dod gemacht une blut fer- 

schitt, mitz^mmte fe'dre gebrit un gekocht, un en 
supp defun gekocht un gesse is en scbiiri kjiir fern 
feschter leib. {Lh, Lnc) 
Kill a chicken without shedding blood, boil it, feathers and 

all, and make soup of it, which, when eaten, will cure 

Eiae kindbetterin darf nur suppe von einem ganz schwar- 

zen huhu bekommen. Z f D M i.! 

1459. Mer grikt ken fiber wammer schlosse esst. {Be, Lb, 
Lh, Mr, 8n) 

Eating hailstones prevents fever. 
.... Man soil keine essen. Hlbg. 

1460. Mer waert sell jor net grank wammer pSr schlSsse 
esst fum erschte schlossewetter im jor. {Be, Lnc, 
Mr, 8n) 

Eating a few hailstones from the first hailstorm of the year 
prevents sickness for the rest of the year. 

1461. Gift reibt mer mit gl&sgraut, {Af; Nurtingen) 
Cure ivy poison by rubbing pale touch-me-not {Impatiens 

pallida) on it. 

3462. Uf Kserfreidak esst mer drei hsert gekoclite oier, no 
grikt mer ken fiber. {Be, Lh, Lh, 8c) 
Eat three hard boiled eggs on Good Friday to prevent an 

attack of fever. 
Karfreitagseier sind fiir die mannsleute, damit sie kein 

fieber bekommen im lauf des jahres. Alem 25. 109 


1463. En gewex' mgcht mer ngss mit schpautz ferm esse. 

(Be, Lnc, Y; Heidelberg) 
Moisten a tumor with fasting spittle. 

1464. Ni'derer wilder waer'niiit in sisse milich gekocht un 

druf gebunne so oft as es kalt waert, is gut fer 
pesohtbloder. {Be, Lb, Lh, Mr, Nu; Heidelberg) 
To cure a carbunde, boil bitterweed {Ambrosia artemisiae- 

folia) in sweet milk, and apply it as a poultice, replacing 

it as soon as cool. , 

1465. Brot uf der Kaerf reidak gebake macht en giit pol'tis 
fern wund hele. {Be, C, Lh, 8n; Freiburg) 

A healing poultice is made of bread baked on Good Friday. 

1466. Wginmer sichs nf der kopp regere losst in de hunns- 
dak grikt mer fil koppwe oder di hor gen em aus. 
{Be, C, Lh, Lnc, 8n, Y; Heidelberg) 

Rain falling on the head during dogdays will cause head- 
ache or baldness. 

1467. Wgmmer ens mit hess fett schmtrt leit sichs net uf. 

{Be, Bu, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, Sn; Heidelberg) 

To prevent bedsores grease the sick person with hot lard. 

1468. Wammers gsicht mit molke wescht grikt mern scheni 
weissi haut. {Bu, C, Lb, Mr, Na, 8c, 8n, Y; Hei- 

Washing the face with whey produces a fine complexion. 

1469. W§,mmern scheni weissi haut haBe will muss mer 

sich mit em Inmbe abbutze wu mer di milichk^nne 
mit auswescht. {Be, D, Lh, Lnc, Mt, 8n, Y) 
Washing the face with the cloth used in washing milkcans 

produces a beautiful white complexion. 
Man wascht das gesieht mit milch. Hlhg. 

1470. W^nn en kind abnemmes hot schmirt merm 6'teeds 

der bukel mit hu'nich un msergets schabt mern ab 
mit 'm rik fume balBlr'messer. So macht mers drei 
mol. {Lh, Na) 


To cure marasmus : cover the back of the child with honey, 
at night, and next morning scrape it with the back of a 
razor. This should be done three times. 

Man schabt ihn mit einem messer ab. Hlhg. 

1471. Fer §,l>'nemine8 fi'dert mers kind aus *m k&tze 

schaerlfte (D, Lb, Lnc, Nu, Sc) ; g.t5er di kg,tz get d6d, 

For marasmus, feed the child from the cat's dish; but the 
cat will die. 

1472. Fer gb'nemmes macht merm kind supp, ftdert si 'm 
aus me neie blettche, ftlSer mer muss der katz &, d6l 
gelbe. Des dut mer drei mol. (Be, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, 
Mt, Nu, Sn, Y) 

For marasmus, give the child soup from a new saucer, but 
the cat should be given some of it. This should be done 
three times. 

1473. Wammer leibschmaerze hot soil mern bitters drinke 

9.teers glas mitk&fe. (C, Lh, Sc) 

To cure griping, drink bitters, but pay for the glass also. 

1474. Fer seitschteche : heb en schte~ uf, schpau dreimol 
druf un schmeiss en hin'nerschich wek. (Be, Bu, C, 
D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, Sc, Y; Heidelberg) 

To stop stitches in the side, pick up a stone, spit on it three 
times and throw it backwards over your shoulder. 

1475. W&mmers scbteche in der seit hot soil mern schte" 
ufhetee, dreimol druf schpaue un en wider ht'lege 
grad mA er w5r. {Be, Bu, D, Lb, Lh, Mt, Nu, Sc, Y) 
To stop stitches in the side (pleurodynia) : pick up a 

stone, spit on it three times and put the stone back in its 
Wenn man seitenstechen hat, nimmt man einen stein auf , 
spuckt ihn auf jener seite, auf der er lag, und legt ihn 
an die f riihere statte. Dies hilft. Z 179 


1476. Mer grikt der grampp net wg,mmer schwimme get 
wginmers erscht uf en schte' schpaut un en no 's 
unnerscht 's e'Berscht hi'lekt. {Be; Freiburg) 

To prevent cramps when swimming, pick up a stone, spit 
on it and replace it upside down. 

1477. W§mmer schwimme get muss mer uf en schte" 

schpaue un en no ins wasser schmeiBse, no grikt mer 
der grampp net. (Be, Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na; 

Before starting to swim, pick up a stone, spit on it and 
throw it unto the water. This will prevent cramps. 

1478. Wammer der schlixer hot soil mer sich f orbige so g,s 

di hend uf der bo'dem reche un dreimol sage: o 

schlixer, ich wott, du wJerscht in meim arsch. (Lh; 


To stop hiccough, bend forward so that the hands touch 

the ground and say: hiccough, I would you were in 

my buttocks. 

1479. Wammem gewex' an sich hot, soil mer me dode en 
bendel um der finger binne un seller bendel no ums 
gewex', a'bem wider runner nemme faer der leicht 
un en in di lad lege. 'S gewex' ferget wann der 
bendel ferfault is. (D, Lb, Lh, Na, Sn) 

Cure a tumor by tying around it a string which had been 
tied around the finger of a corpse. Eemove the string 
and put it in the cofSn, and the tumor will disappear 
when the string has decayed. 

1480. Bettpisser gebt mer en gebrot'ni maus zu esse (C, 
Lnc, Mr, Na) oder mer b§,kt ne en pei fun meis un 
fl'derts ne. (Lb, Mt, Na) 

Pried mouse or mouse pie cures bedwetting. 
Pissen kinder in das bett, so gebe man ihnen eine gebratene 
maus zu essen. Z 45 

3481. En bettpisser losst mer in en grSb pisse, no ferge'ts. 
(Be, C, Lh, Lnc, Na, Sn, T) 

19 ' ■ , 


A child that wets the bed should piddle into a grave. 

Gegen das bettpissen ist gut, wenn der pisser nachts um 
zwolf uhr auf den kirchhof geht, wenn gerade ein 
frisches grab geoffnet worden ist und keck in dasselbe 
hinein pisst. Er wird von stund an das bett trocken 
lassen. A S 1. 406 

Those who suffered from a weak bladder had to stand 
astride at the head of an open grave after the coffin had 
been lowered but before being filled in, and then walk 
backwards to the foot of the same. Bl N B 146 

1482. Me bettpisser fidert mer en waerschtel fume sei'fetzel 
gemacht. {Be, Lh, Mr, Y) 

If a child wets the bed, it should eat a little sausage made 

of the pudendum of a pig. 
Man gibt dem bettpisser die pudenda eines schweines ge- 

braten zu essen, ohne dass er es weiss. L V 136 

1483. W9.nn kinner ins bett pisse, gebt mer ne en gebrot'ni 
maus zu esse. (C, Lb, Lnc, Mr, Na) 

To cure bedwetting in children give them a fried mouse. 
Pissen kinder in das bett, so gebe man ihnen eine gebratene 
maus zu essen. Z 45 

The mouse, being roasted, is good to be given to children 
that piss their bed. V S L 2. 503 

1484. Bletsch me bettpisser der arsch mit der satzbritsch 

oderm hudelwiseh. (C, D, Sc; Lustnau) 

Spank the bedwetter with a yeastladle or a bakeoven mop. 

1485. En bettpisser wipt mer mit me hu'dellumbe. (Be, 

Whip a bedwetter with a bakeoven mop. 

1486. Me bett'pisser schpellt mer kes'bable an der arsch. 

(Bu; Kaiser slautern) 

Cure a child of bedwetting by putting common mallow 
{Maiva rotundifolia) on its posteriors. 

1487. "Wip en bettpisser mit re wip as in em jor giwaxe is. 



Whip a bedwetter with a yearling twig. 

1488. Ferbrech en z§,m'me gibg,k'ner leb brot Iberm kopp 
fume kind §,s ins bett pisst. Sell sohtopts bettpisse. 
(Be, C, D, Lh, Lh, Na, T) 

To cure bcdwetting break a twin loaf over the child's head. 
Binem kinde, das schwerlich reden lemet, soil man ein in 

backofen zusammen gebacken brodt iiber dem kopf von 

einander brechen. 6 B 854 

1489. Mer drakt en schtreissel e'renpreis im sg^k no, no 
waert mer de ganze dSk net mid. (Be, Lh, Mt) 
Carry a sprig of speedwell ("Terowica officinalis) and you 

will not be fatigued all day. 
Zum wandern, daas man nieht miide wird, nimm zu dir 
beifuss oder eisenkraut, so wirst nieht miide, es beisst 
dich auch kein natter oder hund. Alem 16. 59 

1490. Der dokter daerf mer net gg,nz gb'bezHle schunscht 
muss mem glei wider bole. {Bu, D, Lh, Lh, Lnc, 
Mr, Mt, Na, Sn, Y; Freiburg) 

You mustn 't pay the doctor in full or there will be a sick- 
ness in the family. C 8 A 1282 

1491. "Wgnn ebber der seblixer hot kammem ferdreiBe 

wammer sikt: du hoscht ebbes gschtole. {Af; 

A remedy to cure hiccoughs is to scare the person by saying: 
you have stolen something. 

1492. Wgnn ens a' gew§,xe is muss es dreimol binnerschich 
urns discbbe" gradle. {Af) 

"When livergrown, crawl three times roimd the leg of a 

table backwards^ 
Bei dem "anwachsen" wird das kind dreimal durch die 

stuhlbeine oder durch leitersprossen gesteckt. Wu 338 

1493. Wg-nn em di nSs bint soil mem scbte" ufhebe, drei 

droppe blut druf dropse losse un der scbte" wider 
ht"lege, grid wl er wSr. {Af) 


For nose bleed : pick up a stone, let three drops of blood 
fall on it and put the stone back in its original place. 

Gegen das zahnweh: man hebe ungesehen einen stein von 
der strasse auf, speie dreimal auf die seite hin, auf wel- 
cher er gelegen war und setze ihn wieder so an die stelle, 
wie er vorher gelegen hatte. V A 8 483 

1494. Wgnnd wund bischt hok dich mit em blosse Srsch uf 
frisch geblukter grund. (Mr, 8c, 8n) 

When chafed in the crotch sit with bared posteriors on 

newly ploughed soil. 
For a sore leg the fairies recommend earth, but particularly 

red clay of a certain small loch. S H S 61 

1495. Fer wund, schpre feiner -weze schtab dri15er. (Be, 
Mr; Heidelberg) 

Put wheat dust on any chafed parts of the body. 

1496. Fer wund unich de ffirm reib frischer grund druf. 

(Bu, C, Mr, Sn, Y) 

When chafed under the arm pits, rub fresh ground on the 

1497. Fer wund soil mer bitter waer'mut im sg,k nodrSge. 

(Be, D, Lnc, 8c, 8n, T) 

When chafed carry bitterweed {Ambrosia artemmaefolia) 
in the pocket. 

1498. Wgmmer wund is zwische de be" roppt mer hoUer- 

l&b 9,b wii der dS noch druf is un lekts druf. (C, 
Mr, 8n) 

When chafed in the crotch put on elderberry leaves fresh 
with dew. i 

1499. W§,mmer wund is muss mer liollerlSb gbroppe wu 

der da noch druf is un im sSk n6 drSge. {Be, C, Lh, 
Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, Y; Freiburg) 

When chafed pluck elderberry fresh with dew and put 
them into your pocket. 

1500. Mer'reddich is gut fer rotlSfe. (Na, 8c; Freiburg) 
Horse radish is good for inflammation. 


1501. Sei'ore bletter sin gut fer rotlSfe. (C, 8c) 

Common plaintain leaves {plantago maior) are good for 

1502. En weissi zwilBel ztkt gift aus re wund. (C, Sc; 

Tie a white onion on a wound to neutralize the poison. 

1503. Fer l9,k'tscM, glopp rotritJe bletter, binn si in en 
lumbe un dii'' si uf di wnnd. (Lnc) 

Crushed leaves of beets (Beta vulgaris) put in a rag and 
tied on a wound will cure lockjaw. 

1504. Wgrnmer frisch gegrafi'ne rotrffie uf en lgk'tsch& 
wund dut, ztkts 's gift raus. {Be, Lh, 8c, 8n) 
Fresh beets (Beta vulgaris) cure lockjaw. 

1505. Rotribe bletter sin gut fer rotlSfe. {Af; Freiburg) 
Beet leaves are a cure for inflammation. 

1506. Kllwgsser mgcht en sche'ni weissi haut. (Be, Bu, 

C, Lb, Lh, Mr, Na, 8c) 

Water in which a blacksmith has cooled his iron makes a 

beautiful, white skin. 
Kratzige sollen sich mit wasser waschen, worin der schmied 

gliihendes eisen gelegt hat. V A S 1. 486 

1507. Uf der Him'melfaerd&k sammelt mer te fer rur. (.Be, 
Bu, C, D, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Nu, 8c, 8n, Y) 

Herbs for dysentery should be gathered on Ascension day. 
An St. Johannis des Taufers tag sei wider allerhand krank- 

heiten und zustande des leibea gut wurzel und krauter 

graben. A S 1. 379 

1508. WSrs kierfllre net schtende k8,nn soil sich en bSge 

schreibbg,bir' uf di bruscht lege. (Lh, Lnc, Mt, Sn, 

Wearing a sheet of writing paper on the chest will pre- 
vent carsickneas. 


3509. Wgmmer haert k9.It hot soil mer wiski brenne un 
6'Beds eb mer ins bett get defun' nemme. ITSerm 
brenne soil mer glBer der wiski dreimol ausblose un 
wider a'sditeke un no brenne losse bis er ausge- 
brennt hot. {Af) 

To cure a heavy cold drink some burned whisky before 
going to bed. During the process of burning the whisky 
the ilame should be extinguished and relit three times, 
after which it should be permitted to bum until all the 
alcohol is burned out. 

1510. Wffirs haerzglobbe hot, soil en schte" ufhe^e, dreimSl 

druf schpaue un en no hinnerschisch wekschmeisse. 
{.Be, Bu, G, Lb, Lh, Mt, Na, Nu, Sn, Y; Freiburg) 
Cure palpitation of the heart by spitting thrice on a stone 
and throwing it backwards over your shoulder. 

1511. Gre~age schneit mer in der Wok. (Lb) 
Cut corns in Idbra. 

1512. Grren'&ge schneit mer im §,b'nemmede. (-4/) 
Cut corns in the decrease of the moon. 

AUes, was abnehmeu soil, muss bei abnehmendem mond ge- 
schehen. Wu 57 

1513. Der schnuppe los zu wterre, f&r mit de finger zwische 

de zee daerich un rich no drS,". {Be, C, Lh, Mr, 

Na, Nu, 8c, Sn) 

To cure coryza, pass your finger between yoiu* toes and 

smell it. 
Fiir den schnupfen — wenn du deine schuhe und striimpfe 

ausziehst, so fahre mit dem finger durch alle zehen imd 

rieche daran. Eoh 13 

1514. Fer heits, reib dich sei'drok. {Mt) 

To stop hives, rub yourself against a pig's trough. 

1515. Wammer mit der schtaern aergets weder schtSsst, so 

gs es en gnopp gebt, drikt mer mit re messergling 
druf, no get der gnopp wek. Des is & gut fer bloe 
age. {Lh) 


Press a knifeblade on a bump on the forehead or a black 

Wenn ein kind auf den kopf fallt, driickt man mit einem 

messer kreuzweise auf die stelle, so wird keine beule. 


1516. Gmnmereschaie te is gut fer gr^mp. (Mr; Heidel- 

Tea made from encumber peelings is good for cramps. 

1517. Wammer finf finger graut im sak no drakt waert mer 
net fergess'lich. (D, Lb, Lh, Mr, 8n) 

Carry einquefoil {Potentilla Canadensis) to prevent for- 

1518. Wasser fun Kserfrei'daks schne is gut fer wee age. 


Water from snow which fell on Good Friday cures sore 

Augenkrankheiten werden geheilt durch Osterwasser. Wu 


1519. Schmeisz en schip foil feier ilSer di fei'erich r5s. 

{Be, G, D, Lb, Lh, Mr, Mt, Na, Nu, 8c, 8n) 
Throw a shovelful of hot coals over the part of the body 
afflicted with erysipelas. 

1520. Mer muss brauche losse for wildfeier. (Af) 
Powwowing cures erysipelas. 

Die rose wird oft besprochen. Wu 172 

1521. Waer di fei'erich ros oders -wildfeier hot, soil sich 
feier mit schtal un feierschte" dritJer schlage losse. 
(Be, G, B, Lh, Lnc, Na, 8c, 8n, Y) 

To cure erysipelas, strike sparks over the afflicted parts 

with flint and steel. 
Die rose wird geheilt, wenn der kranke sich von jemand, 

der mit ihm gleichen taufnamen hat, mit stahl und stein 

funken darauf schlagen lasst. G 3. 383 

1522. Fer schnuppe, far mit em finger daerich der firseh 
un rich no drl". (8c, 8n) 


For a cold in the head pass your finger over your anus and 
smell it. 

1523. Drik en bruch zurik' mit schwaerzwserzel un h§,lt si 

druf bis si warm is; no blanzt mer di wserzel un 

wann si wakst get der bruch wek. {Be, 8c, T) 

Reduce hernia by the use of blackroot which should be 

held on the hernia until warm. It should be then 

planted, and if it grows the hernia will be cured. 

Briiche werden reponiert und frisch ausgehobene pflanzen 

vom bruchkraut, sedum telephium, oder eine zwiebel auf 

die bruchstelle gebunden, welch' letztere man nach eini- 

ger zeit umgekehrt wieder iu die erde pflanzt. L V 119 

1524. Wann ebbes en fell ibers ak grikt, henkt merm en 
fellgnopp a". Der fellgnopp is en sak fun unge- 
wesche duch gem§,cht ; in der sg.k dut mer brot, salz 
un weze. No henkt mem dem a" as es fell hot, ame 
bendel wn ken gnopp nei" gemacht is. Mer muss en 
henke losse, bis er fun selbert abf&Ut. {Bu, Lh, Mt, 
8c, 8n) 

If a person or animal develops a false membrane over the 
eye [diphteritic ophthalmia? or paunus in keratitis? 
or opacity in cataract] suspend from its neck by a 
string in which there are no knots a bag made of un- 
washed material and containing bread, salt and wheat. 
Wear this bag till it drops off of its own accord. 

In der Pfalz werden "w«he augen", besonders flecken an 
menschen und vieh geheilt mit der "augenblume" auf 
dem blossen riicken getragen. Sie besteht in eiaem 
sackchen aus grauem ungebleichtem tuch, worin eiuige 
korner salz, brod und kampfer sand. L V 227 

1525. Wannd der schlixer hoscht, drink W9,sser un dank 
gn ens as dich gleicht. (Mt, 8c) 

To cure hiccoughs, drink some water, at the same time 
thinking of some one who loves you. 

1526. Fer schlixer drink drei, sibe oder nein schluk w^s- 
ser une gschnauft. (C, Mr) 


To stop hiccough, drink three, seven or nine swallows of 
water without taking breath. 

1527. Wier der schlixer hot, soil sex schlilk wasser drinke 

une gschnauft. (Af) 

To stop hiccoughs drink six swallows of water without 

taking breath. 
Wenn man den sehnaggel hat, muss man neunmal wasser 

schlucken, ohne atem zu ziehen. Z 220 

1528. Bliit kg,tnmer schtille, wgmmers sgkmesser aus em 

sgk in der anner dut. {D, Y; Lustnau) 
To stanch a hemorrhage, transfer the pocket knife from 
one pocket to the other. 

1529. Dem wu der schlixer hot hebt mern sakmessergling 
uf di zung. (D, Y; Kaiser slautern) 

Press the blade of a pocket Imife on the tongue of the 
person suffering with hiccough. 

1530. Des wii der schlixer hot, soil denke wSrs nekscht 

zum kokt hot in der kaBrich, 's letscht mol as kaerich 

war. {No) 

To stop hiccough try to recall who sat next to you in 

church at the last service. 
Schlucker vergeht, wenn man an die reihe denkt, wo man 

zuletzt in der kirche stand. L V 241 

1531. Wann ebbers wildfeier hot, nemme si sei' wasser 
zum hexe dokter. {Lb, Lnc, Na, Y ; Heidelberg) 
To cure erysipelas, the patient's urine should be taken to 

the witch doctor. 
Water-kester, a mediciner who professes to tell the disease 
by the cast or appearance of the urine. C F Y 2. 171 

1532. Du" milich fun schelgraut uf tme oder hummle 

schtich. (Bu, Mt) 

Put the milk of celandine on the sting of bees or bumble 

1533. Di milich fun schelgraut ferdreibt gift. (Na) 

The milk of celandine {CheUdoniwm maius) kiUs ivy 


1534. Du" em gs di fgUet granket hot 's hemm letz aus un 
leks me dode unich der kopp in di lid. (Lh, Lnc, Y; 

To cure epilepsy, remove the suffei-er 's shirt wrongside out 
and place it in a coffin under the head of a corpse. 

In Aberdeenshire, when a man is first seized with epilepsy, 
his clothes should be burned on the spot where he fell. 
B F 72 

1 535. W§,mi dich en im schtecht, heb en tscM'dewgk druf. 

(Lnc, Y) 

For bee sting put a tobacco quid on it. 

1536. Fer Ime schtich, heb lette druf. (Mr) 
Apply clay to a bee sting. 

Use the mud remedy for wasp stings. F B 8. 389 

1537. Wgnn em en im schtecht nemmt mem schibl lette, 
brunst druf, m5,cht en me oder we'nicher dinn un 
hebt en no uf der schtich. Sell ztkts gift raus. (Be, 
D, Lh, Lh, Lnc, Na, 8c, 8n, Y; Heidelberg) 

To stop the smarting of a bee sting apply some clay kneaded 
and thinned with urine. 

1538. Wa'sem 's un'nerscht 's eBe'rscht gedret' un un'ichs 
bett gelekt soil helfe as en grgnkes sich net ufleit. 
{Be, Lnc, Sn, Y; Ettlingen) 

Sod turned upside down and placed under the bed pre- 
vents bedsores. 

1539. Wi'kel en gled wu ens drin gschtaerlSe is urns del wu 
de grg,mp hoscht, no ferget er. {Lnc, Y; Freiburg) 
Wrap the garment, in which a person died, round the parts 

afflicted with cramps. 
A piece of the linen wrap taken from a corpse will cure 
the swelling of a limb if tied round the part affected. 
Ir 1. 154 

1540. Fer gglsucht : hil'ich en gel'rfb aus, du~ fum pgtsient' 
seim wasser nei" un henk si in der schftn'schtS" in 
der schmok. {Be, C, Lh, Mr, 8c, Y) 


For jaundice : hollow out a common carrot {Dauctls 

cflrota,), fill it with the patient's urine, then smoke it in 

the chimney or hearth. 
Gegen gelbsucht: man fiillt eine ausgehohlte mohrriibe mit 

wasser oder mit dem ham des kranken und lasst sie im 

kamine vertrocknen. Wu 339 
In Staffordshire, to cure jaundice, a bladder is filled with 

the patient's urine and placed near a fire; as the water 

dries up, the jaundice goes. JB ^ 56 

1541. Wammer sich an ebbes schneit oder f ergrgtzt brunnst 
mer uf di wunt. (Af) 

Urinate on a cut or scratch. 

1542. en grot un heb si uf di wund. Wann si dSdget, 
f§.ng noch eni un heb si druf , un so f aert bis si leben- 
dich uf der wund bleibt. Des is en scbiiri kjur faer 
schlgnge biss. (Lh, Lnc, Sc; Heidelberg) 

To cure snake bite : Catch a toad and tie it on the wound. 

If the toad dies, repeat the operation until the toad 

remains alive. 
Als besonders heilsam gegen geschnittene wunden gilt men- 

schenham, fiir gerissene der kot. V A S 1. 487 
Gegen den krebs der brust des weibes hilft eine krote, 

drauf gebunden, naehdem man vorher Tiber dieselbe das 

kreuzeszeichen gemacht hat. V A S 1. 485 
In some districts it is believed that a toad, proverbial for 

being poisonous in itself, be applied to a cancer, it will 

suck out the poison of the disease and thus cause a cure. 

V S L2.2. 488 

1543. Fer gichtre grab drei gle'dewaerzel fun dem jor un 

schneit jeder waerzel in drei schtiker, fedel si ei" un 
henk si em kind k". {Lh, Lb, Mr, Sc, Sn, Y) 
To cure convulsions: dig three burdock roots {lappa offici- 
nalis) of that year's growth, cut each into three pieces, 
thread them and wear them. 
Dann werden die kinder nicht krank. Hlhg. 
For convulsions, wear a necklace of beads turned from 
the root of the peony; V 8 L2.2. 491 


3544. Oschtersunnd^s soil mer Kserfreid&ksoier esse, ud 
grikt mer ken bruch. {Be, Lh, Mr, Sn) 
To prevent hernia you shotQd, on Easter Sunday, eat eggs 

laid on Good Friday. 
Karfreitagseier, am Ostersonntag niichtem gegessen, be- 

hiiten vor bruchschaden. Wm 74 ; V S L2.1. 224 

1545. Wgmmer wee &ge hot un sent ebber ^s mer schun 
lang nimmi gsene hot, kjurts si. {Na; Neustadt) 
Seeing a person whom you have not seen for a long time 

cures sore eyes. 
The sight of ye 's good for sore eyes. Irish; A J F 5. 116 

1546. Lek en sauBerer schpinneweb uf en wund fts se'rik 
blut. {Af; Heidelberg) 

A fresh cobweb will staunch the flow of blood. 
The spider's web is an excellent styptic. W Ir 27 

1547. W^nn ens orewe hot soil merm di grol'lichscht h5r 
g,s mer gme ntger finne kg,nn ins or dH". {D, Lnc, 

To cure earache, put into the ear the kinkiest hair to be 

found on a negro. 
Some wool taken from a black sheep and worn constantly 

in the ear is a sure remedy for earache. W Ir 27 

1548. En schtik schtrik wn en mensch sich kenkt hot mit 
kjiirt fg,llet grgnket. {Be, Lb, Lnc, Sn, T) 

A piece of the rope with which some one has committed 

suicide will cure epilepsy. 
Aus dem nagel, an welchem sich einer erhangt hat, schmie- 

det man eiseme ringe, welehe gichtkranke an der reehten 

hand tragen. Wu 138 
A halter with which one had been hanged was regarded 

within recent times as a cure for headache, if tied round 

the head. B F 100 

1549. Fer n§,sbliite, lek en sillier schtik ins h^lsgnik. {C, 
Mr, Mt, Sc) 

Press a silver coin on the back of the neck to stop nose 

Lege etwas recht kaltes in das genick. Hlbg. 


1550. Der erschte grot gs mer frtjSrs im gSrte s§nt schneit 

mers recht be' g.b, duts in en sak un henkts 8,". Sell 
ferdreibt di 'weitschwelling. (Lh; Kaiserslautern) 
Cutting of the right leg of the first toad seen in a garden 

cures synovitis. 
To cure violent fits, kill a toad, put one of its legs in a bag 

and wear it suspended by a string around the neck. Corn 


1551. Fers besding' soil mem maulwserf hetJe bis er d6d is. 

(Be, Lb, Lnc, Mt, 8c, 8n, Y) 

A mole held in the hand until dead will cure a felon. 

Wenn man einen maulwurf in der hand langsam sterben 

lasst, so kann man mit dieser hand alleriei iibel heilen, 

besonders den vrarm' im finger, beulen u. s. w. Wv, 315 
The touch of a man who has caught a mole and rubbed it 

slowly and gently between his hands until it dies, will 

work a cure. B F 161 

1552. Mer soil gamber in en s§k nee un en sich winters uf 
di haut Tif di bruscbt henke, no bleibt mer der g^nz 
winter gsund. {Be, Lh) 

Wear on your chest next to the skin a small bag con- 
taining camphor. This will ward off sickness during the 

Some carry on their person a small bag containing camphor 
under the notion that it wards off any kind of infection. 
2) Eng 168 

1553. Wammer ebbes wees obe nf der hand hot soil mer 
hSse fett ine'wennich in di hand dii"; sell dreibts 
wek. {Be, C, D, Lh, Mt, Nu, 8c, 8n; Heidelberg) 
The fat of a rabbit put in the palm of the hand will heal 

a sore on the top of the hand. 
Var. Schir g'nich fett duts. {Bu, Mt) 
Almost any fat will do the same. 

1554. En warmer ki'drek poltis nemmt rotlSfe aus re wund 
Oder zikt en gschwSre zamme. {Af) 

Poultice a wound with warm cow dung to reduce inflam- 
mation or to draw a boil to a head. 


Auf die geschwoUene hand, das geschwollene bein, lege 

man mist. Alem, 27. 229 
In the south of Hampshire a plaster of warm cowdung is 

applied to open wounds. B F 161 

1555. Unich me daBrn'eschtok §,8 otJe zgrnmegewaxe is 

daBiich schluppe is gut fer der huschte. Mer muss 
9,15er gegich sunnuf dsBrich schluppe, {Lh, Lnc) 
To cure a cough, crawl toward the east underneath a briar 

which has taken root at both ends. 
A child with whooping cough should be drawn backwards 

through a bramble rooted at both ends. V S L 2. 500 
Vielfach kommt ein abstreifen der krankheit vor, welches, 
wenn es durch astlocher, baumspalten etc. geschieht, sich 
mit dem libertragen auf baumen beriihrt, aber auch durch 
hohle steine, leitersprossen imd andere ein durchkriechen 
ermoglichende dinge geschieht ; es sind fast lauter dingc, 
die an sich eine heilige geltung haben, also als heilend 
und unheilabnehmend gelten; natiirlich wird es meist 
nur bei kindem angewandt. Lahme miissen vor sonnen- 
aufgang schweigend durch eine gespaltene eiche krie- 
chen. Biickgratsverkriimmungen heilt man, indem man 
das kranke kind einigemal durch einen aus der erde her- 
ausgewachsenen bogen einer wurzel zieht u. s. w. Wu 337 

1556. Wammer en weer hals hot soil mer en woUner 

schtrump um der hals binne. (Lh) 
Tie a woolen stocking about a sore throat. 

1557. Wgmmern weer hals hot soil mer der links schtrump 
um der h§,ls binne. (Af) 

For sore throat wear the left stocking around the neck. 
Halsschmerzen und heiserkeit heilt man, wenn man sich 

abends einen linken oder umgedrehten strumpf um den 

hals bindet. Wu 357 
For sore throat apply as a wrapping for the night the sole 

of a stocking taken warm off the foot. V S L 2. 512 

1558. Wammer unferschtert un ruich schlofe will w§mmer 
im bett is, secht mer : 

Kopp schlof, Srsch w§,ch. 

Wgnn ebbes kummt, d§,nn graoh. (Af; Freiburg) 


If you would sleep soundly all night, say : 

Head, sleep on; buttocks, stand guard! 
Should any one come, sound the alarm. 
1559. W9,mmer me mensch sei' schtulggng ferbrennt grikt 
ern weer arsch. {Bu, Lb, Lh, Mt, Y) 
Burning human feces causes a sore anus. 
3560. Waer an der wek scheisst grikt en wek'scMsser. (Be, 
Bu, D, Lh, Lnc, Mt, 8c, 8n, Y; Heidelberg) 
If you defecate along the roadside you will get a sty. 

1561. Draufee bletter sin gut f er rotlafe aus ebbes nemme. 

{Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Na, Nu, 8c, 8n) 

Grape leaves reduce inflammation. 

Nimm wilde traubenblatter, bahe sie beim feuer, dasa sie 
ein wenig walk werden ; lege sie des abends, wenn du zu 
bette gehen willst, auf den gesehwulst, wiederhole es 
einigemal, so wird der gesehwulst gewiss vergehen. Ho 

1562. Nemm MaerienVaerzel pSr zoU l^ng, sehneit si in 
bl§tte un f edel si nngrad ei' un dii"' si a". Der neint 
dak duscht si aus un f e'delscht ^nnere grad so ei" ; 
un so dreimol, aber grab si §,llem6l un'ich der dach- 
drap, no get alles ausfarisch, flis'sich oder grin'dich 
ewek'. (Be, D, Lb, Lh, Nu, 8c) 

To cure scrofula: dig the roots of wild marjoram (origa- 
num vulgar e), cut them crosswise, thread an uneven 
number of pieces and wear them as a necklace. Remove 
them on the ninth day, threading others; repeat twice, 
each time burying them under the eaves. 
Man kann drei klettenwurzeln an einem Preitag vor der 
sonnen aufgang ausgraben, von jeder wurzel drei radlein 
schneiden, in ein tiichlein nahen, liber das schwindende 
glied binden und es zwei bis vier tage lang darauf liegen 
lassen, hemach es wieder wie zuvor nehmen, und so lange 
gebrauch davon machen, bis das glied nicht mehr schwin- 
det. Die wurzeln mogen griin oder dlirre sein, welches 
gleichviel ist, wenn sie nur an einem Freitag vor der 
sonnen aufgang gegraben worden sind. Ist an vielen 
menschen und vieh probiert worden. A Ml. 20 


1563. Binn en wollner bendel urn en ferschtrent oder fer- 
renkti h9,nd. (D) 

Tie a woolen cord around a sprained hand or wrist. 

1564. En schpinn g,n der h§,ls kenkt kjurt kglt ffber. (Be, 

C, Lh, Lnc) 

Suspending a spider from your neck will cure ague. 

Gregen fieber: man naht drei spinnen ohne sie mit bloszer 
hand anzufaseen in ein beutelchen, tiilgt es zwei tage am 
halse und wirft es dann riickwarts ijj, ein wasser und 
lauft ohne sich umzusehen nach hause. Wu 335 

Elias Ashmole, who was suffering from ague, hung three 
spiders about his neck and they took his ague away. Deo 
gratias. BF m 

1565. En -gropp reibt mer mit me dode gnoche. {8n) 
Rub a goitre with a bone from a carcass. 

Den kropf bestreicht man mit totenbeinen, u. s. w. Wu 349 
A goitre will disappear if rubbed with the hand of a corpse. 
J? J\r C 153 

1566. En geweks' schtreicht mer mit der hand fume dode, 
no gets wek so schtae'rik as der dod ferfault. {Be, 
C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Nu, 8c, Y) 

Stroke a tumor with the hand of a corpse, and it will dis- 
appear with the decomposition of the corpse. 

Man bestreiche die krankheit mit einer totenhand. Die 
leiche nimmt die auf sie Ubertragene krankheit mit ins 
grab; das gilt besonders von haut- und andern ausser- 
liehen krankheiten. Wu 334 

In Storrington not many years ago a young woman afflicted 
■with goitre was taken by her friends to the side of an 
open coffin that the hand of the dead should touch it 
twice. B F 101 

1567. En mut'termSl muss mer mit re d5de hg,nd 
schtreiche, no get si wek. {Af; Freiburg) 

A birthmark will disappear if rubbed with the hand of a 

The belief in the efficacy of a dead hand in curing diseases 

in Cornwall is marvellous. Com 152 


1568. Gensfett is gut fer schier e'nich ebbes. (Af) 
Goosegrease is good for almost any ailment. 

Bel catarrhalisclien leiden emp£elilt man hals uud brust 

mit ^Insefett einzureiben. L V 240 
Her [goose] grease is excellent (Probatum est) 
For such a numbness in their joints molest ; 
For the Sciatica, Cramp, or Gout. 
It either cures or eases, out of doubt. V 8 L 2. 497 

1569. W§,sser fun sehne §,8 es im Maerz gebt is gut fer 
sehwache age. {Af; Heidelberg) 

March snow water strengthens weak eyes. 
Catch the last snow of the season (e. g., in April), melt and 
put into bottle. It will cure sore eyes. C 8 A 838 

1570. XJn'gsalsner butter is gut fer wunde hele. (Be, Lh) 
Unsalted butter has healing properties. 

Ungesalzene Griindonnerstagsbutter heilt alle wunden. Z 
f V 1891, 180 

If during the moneth of May before you salt your butter, 
you save a lumpe thereof and put it into a vessell, and 
so set it into the sun for the space of that moneth, you 
shall find it exceeding soveraigne and medicinable for 
woundes, straines, aches, and such like grievances. V S 
L 2. 506 

1571. Reib en wek'schisser mit me hochzichring. (Lb) 
Rub a stye with a wedding ring. 

Rub stye in the eye with a plain gold ring, preferably a 
wedding ring. V 8L2.5U; C P £sf P 205 ; C 8 A 866 

1572. Mer soil di haut fun re 51 §.8 im Moi gf§.nge is waerre 
um en glid as f erschtrent' is wikle. (Be, C, Lh, Lnc, 
Mt, Na, Sc; Heidelberg) 

To cure a sprain wrap the skin of an eel caught in May 
around the parts. 

Var. 1 im Maerz (Lb, Mt, Nu, 8n) 

in March 
Var. 2 en'icM olehaut. (Bu, Lb, Lh, Na, Nu, 




any eelskiu. 
Eelskins are wrapped round the wrist as a prevention of 
sprains. V 8 L 2. 512 

1573. "Wannd dich hgkscht mit re ax schmtr si mit fett un 
lek si Tinichs bett. (Af) 

After you have cut yourself with an axe, cover it with 
grease and lay it under the bed. 

Bei einem erlittenen stich oder sehnitt oder bei einem tritt 
in einen na^l soil man unberufen das verletzende werk- 
zeug sogleich mit fett oder wagenschmiere bestreichen 
imd an einem uuzuganglichai ort aufheben. L V 205 

1574. Di ax wii mer sich nut hakt soil mer mit fett schmire 
un im druk'ne halte. (Af) 

If you cut yourself with an axe, grease it with lard and 

keep it in a dry place. 
Hat man sich geschnitten, so bestreiche man das messer 

oder die schere, womit man sich verwundet, dick mit fett 

und lege sie unter nennimg der drei heiligen namen an 

eine trockne stelle. Wii 345 

1575. Wannd in en nagel dretscht, schtek en in fett un 
grkh en no un'ich der dachdrgp. (Af) 

Put the nail, into which you have stepped, into fat and 
bury it under the eaves. 

1576. Wgnnd in en nggel dretscht, ropp der nagel raus, 

schtek en in fett un h9,lt en im drukne. (Af) 
After having stepped on a nail, pull it out, put it in fat, and 

keep it in a dry place. 
Wer sich schneidet oder schticht, muss das messer oder die 

schere dick mit fett beschmieren, und in den drei heil. 

namen an eine trockene stelle legen. Sobald das messer 

dann trocken ist, wird das wehe heil. Z f D M 1. 199 
In the midland country, to cure a horse lamed by a nail, 

the farmers will thrust the nail into a piece of bacon and 

wait for the foot to heal. B F 55 

1577. W^nnd in en nggel dretscht, ropp en raus, schtek 
en in fett un schtek en no in der schan'schtS". (Be, 
Lh, Mr, Y) 


If you step in a nail, pull it out, put it into fat and then 
in the chimney [i. e. fireplace]. 

A man, who "stuck a nail in his foot," was told hy a neigh- 
bor to pull it out, grease it and hang it up in the 
' ' chimbly, ' ' otherwise he might have lockjaw. C 8 A 819 

1578. Wammer sich mit e'nich me schneitgschaerr we dut, 

soil mers gschaerr giit ei-schmtre oder zii binne, n5 
belt di wund glei. (Be, Bu, C, D, Lb, Lnc, Mr, Mt, 
Na, Nu, 8c, Y) 
The edged tool with which you have cut yourself should be 

weU greased or wrapped up, so that the wound will soon 

Wenn man sich mit einem messer oder einer sense beschadigt 

hat, soil man nicht nur die wunde, sondem auch das werk- 

zeug, mit dem der schaden verursacht wurde, fleissig ver- 

binden. Dadurch wird die wunde so geheilt, dass nicht 

einmal eine narbe iibrig bleibt. Z 222 
The knife with which a man has cut himself should be 

rubbed with fat, that the healing of the cut may be 

hastened. BF 55 

1579. Wammer der mumps bot reibt mer sicb ^me sei' 
dr6k. (Af) 

When suffering with mumps, rub the swollen part on a 

pig's trough. 
Ein schleissen vom sautrog hilft wider die "augenwarrle", 

wenn man mit einem solchen span das auge dreimal 

bestreicht. V A 8 1. ^84: 
Wrap the child in a blanket, take it to the pigsty, rub the 

child's head to the back of a pig and the mumps will leave 

it and pass from the child to the animal. Ir. 2. 95 

3580. Scbtreicb en scbuss'bloder mit re dode h§,nd. (C, 

Pass the hand of a corpse over hordeolum. 
A dead man's hand is supposed to have the qualily of dis- 
pelling humors. F Rl. 227 

1581. Heb en schmutzicher deller uf en wekscbisser. (Lh) 
Hold a greasy plate on a sty. 


1582. Fer schussljlSder braucht mer mit me sdunutziche 
deller. (Be, C) 

Powwow for sty with a greasy plate. 

1583. W^mmem scliusSbl5der odem wekschisser ^m fik 
hot, muss mer en schmutz'icher deller S'guke. (D, 
Lnc, Mr, Mt, Y) 

To cure a sty, look at a greasy plate. 

Fiir die schossblattem halt man «inen h«issen irdenen 

deckel vor das auge, welcher die hitze aus dem auge 

Ziehen soil. L V 228 

1584. Fer nisblute binnt mem wollner bendel um der gig' 
finger. {Af) 

Tie a woolen string about the little finger to stop nosebleed. 
Gegen das nasenbluten : man binde den kleinen finger der 
linken hand fest mit einen faden zu. V A S 1. 480 

1585. Fer nSsblute soil mer en roter bendel um der hgls 
binne. (Af) 

To stop bleeding of the nose, tie a red string round the neck. 
To prevent nosebleeding people are told to this day to wear 

a skein of scarlet silk thread round the neck, tied with 

nine knots down the front. B F 111 

1586. Fer nSsbliite soil mern schtik zeiting bghlr' e weU 
kaue. {Lh, Lnc, Mt) 

For nosebleed, chew newspaper. 

1587. Fer n&sblute kau bgblr' un driks tmicli di elSerscht 
lefts. (Lh, Lnc, T) 

For nosebleed, chew paper and put it between the gums and 

the upper lip. 
Bei nasenbluten empfiehlt man ein stiickchen zusammenge- 
legtes fliesspapier zwischen den gaumen und den unteren 

teil der zunge zu legen. L V 196 

1588. Fer nSsbliite schitt wgsser der bukel nmmer. (Lnc) 
Pour cold water down the back of the person suffering from 

Lege etwas recht kaltes in das genick. Hlbg. 


1589. Fer n&sbliite schitt mer kftlt wftsser ins gnik. (Af) 
Dash cold water onto the nape of the neck to stop nose- 

Kalt wasser oder essig. Hlbg. 

1590. Drik en schtik silBer nnich di e'Serscht lefts, wgnn 

di nSs blut. {Be, C, D, Lb, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, 8c, Y) 
Press a silver coin against the gums and the upper lip to 

stop bleeding of the nose. 
Nasenbluten hort auf , wenn man ein zweigroschenstiick auf 

den oberen teil der nase driickt. Wu 347 

1591. Henk en schlissel uf der bukel, nSs blnte zu schtope. 

(Bu, C, Mr, Na, 8c) 
Hang a key down the back to stop nosebleed. 
Gegen nasenbluten empfiehlt man einen schliissel oder ein 

stiick zwiebel in den nacken zu legen. L V 197 
A key worn hanging about the neck by a string prevents 

nosebleed. C 8 A. 804 

1592. Wgnn der di n&s blut denk wSrs nekscht zu der kokt 
hot in der kse'rich 's letscbt mol gs kserich w&r. (Lh) 
To stop nosebleed, recall who set next to you in church at 

the last service. 

1593. En schlissel oder sent der bukel nunner fglle losse 
schtopts nSsblute. (Af) 

Drop a key or a cent down the back to stop nosebleed. 
Lege etwas recht kaltes in das genick. Elbg. 
The common remedy for nosebleeding is, slip a key down 
between clothes and skin. B F 183; C S A856 

1594. En ole haut um der irm gebunne schtopt n&sblute. 

{Be, Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, Mr, Na, Nu, Y) 
An eelskin tied round the arm will stop nosebleed. 

1595. En wund gschwind zu hele, dii" essich un hemge- 
mgchti sef druf . {Mr, Sc) 

To heal a wound quickly, apply vinegar and homemade 


1596. So as en wund ken brgnnt grikt, kocht mer ledde in 
essich un duts druf. {Be, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Na, 8n, Y) 
To prevent a wound from becoming gang^'enous, put on it 

some clay boiled in vinegar. 
Bei contusionen wird kaltes wasser oder lehm mit essig 
aufgelegt. L V 204 

1597. Mer grikt ken weer finger wginmer schpinneneschter 
mit em finger losmacht. (C, 8c) 

You will not have sore fingers if you use your fingers in re- 
moving a spider web. 
Wickle einen wehen finger in ein spinnweb. Hlig. 

1598. Wammem schpinn ferdrikt mit em finger grikt mer 
ken weer finger. {Be, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, Nu, Sc, 

If you crush a spider with your finger, you won't have sore 

Spinnen darf man nicht verdriicken. Hlbg. 

1599. Wgnn en gr^nkes recht faerze kann is es xd der 
bessering. {C, D, 8c, 8n; Heidelberg) 

Breaking wind freely while sick in bed is a good sign. 

1600. W§,nn en gr§,nkes im bett nlsst waerts wider gsnnd. 


Sneezing while sick in bed is a good sign. 
Wenn ein kranker niest, so wird er wieder gesund. Wu 

He hath sneezed thrice: turn him out of the hospital. Y 

SL 2.1. 30i; CPcfcP542 

1601. 'S is en giiti sein wgnn sich me grgnke der bibs 
schtellt. {C, 8c) 

It is a good sign if a sick person has an erection. 

1602. Wgnn ens grg-nk is im bett nn scbpserts maul uf is es 
en schlechti sein. {Bu, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Nu, 8n, Y; 

^ Heidelberg) 

It is a bad omen for a person who is sick in bed to yawn. 


1603. Di drei erschte kaer'nere gs mer frijors sent bite soil 
mer schluke mit de drei hoche wserte, no grikt mer 
sell jot ken fiber. {Mt; Heidelberg) 

To prevent fever swallow the first three rye heads, which 
you see in spring, in the name of the Trinity. 

1604. W§,nn ens di f§,l'let grgnket hot, soil mer fun seine 
gleder ferbrenne. (Sn; Kaiserslautern) 

Bum some of the clothes of a person afflicted with epilepsy. 

1605. Wann bube schwimme gen soUe si an de be" nunner 
brimse, no grige si der gramp net. (Sn) 

When boys go swimming they should urinate down their 
own legs to prevent cramps. 

1606. 'S wasser fun nein gekochte oier dreibt me medel 
ir kind g,b. (Bu) 

The water in which nine eggs were boiled will cause abor- 

1607. Mer soil schwobe in en sgk nee un gn der hals henke, 
granket abzuhglte. {Be, Lnc, Y; Heidelberg) 
Sew roaches into a bag and suspend it from the neck to 

ward off disease. 

1608. Enich ebber §,8 en maulwasrf in der hand bebt bis er 
dod is grikts mittel net. {Be, Lnc, Na, 8c, Y; Hei- 

If you hold a mole in your hand till it is dead you will never 
have a felon. 

1 609. Wammem gewex' hot s§kt mer dreim5l in der ka?')-; < 

w§,im der paerre der sege schprecht: 
was ich S.-guk is en sind, 
was ich schtreich, ferschwind. {Be) 
■ If you have a tumor say three times in church while the 

- benediction is pronounced: 

"What I look at is sin. 
What I stroke, may it vanish. 


Wenn einer ein gewache oder sonst was boses von warzen 
an sich hat, soil er in die kirche gehen, und wenn er zwei 
personen mit einander sprechen sieht, soil er das gewaehs 
beriihren und dreimal sprechen : was ich sehe, das is eine 
siind, was ich greife, das verschwind. A M 1. 39 

1610. Reib gift mit milich fun milich grant oder schelgrant. 

{Bu, Lb, Lnc, Mt, 8c, 8n; Heidelberg) 
For ivy poison use the milk of milkweed or celadine. 

1611. Fer achnnppe, rich dreimol in der schu. {Nu, T) 
For coryza, sniff into a shoe thrice. 

Ein weib, die den schnupf en hat, soil dreimal in des mannes 
schuh riechen. 

1613. Fer schnuppe, fSr mit em finger zwische de z6e 
dse'rich un rich drU". {Be, C, Lh, Mr, Na, Nu, 8c, 

For coryza, pass your finger between your toes and smeU 

at it. 
Fiir den schnupfen, wenn du deine schuhe und striimpfe 

ausziehst, so fahre mit dem finger durch alle zehen und 

rieche daran. Hoh 13 

1614. Fer mutterwe far mit de finger daerich di zee un rich 
drr. {D,Lb,T) 

For hysteria, pass your finger between your toes and smell 
at it. 

1615. Bliit zu schtille : guk di wand schtaerr 5" un blinsel 
net, un zel hin'nerschich fun fuf'zich bis drei. {Be, 
Bu, Lb, Lh, Mr, Mt, 8n, Y) 

To stop hemorrhage ; stare at the waU and count backwards 

from fifty to three. 
Fange an von funfzig bis auf drei zuruck zu zahlen. Wenn 
du bis an drei kommst, dann bist du fertig und das blut 

ist gestillt. Hoh. 26 


1616. Mer kgmi mit me schmutziche deller brauche fer 
wekschisser. {Be, C) 

Powwow with a greasy plate for sty. 

1617. Geilskeschte sin gut fer peils. {Lb, Lnc, Mt, Na, 
Sn, Y; Ettenheim) 

Horsechestnuts are good for piles. 

1618. Mer soil woUe bletter no drfige fer peils. {Be, Bu, 
Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt) 

For piles, carry mullein leav«s on your person. 

1619. Wginmer peils hot soil mer sich uf woUe bletter 
hoke. {Mr, Na; Ettenheim) 

Sit on mullein leaves to ease piles. 

1620. Wgmmern maulwaerf in der hgnd hebt bis er dod is 
grikt mers besding' net. {Bu, C, Lnc, Mr, Sc, Sn) 
Hold a mole in your hand until it is dead and you will 

never have a felon. 

1621. W^mmern hgfe wu noch nix drin war mit wg,sser 
un'ichs bett schtellt leit sichs gr8,nk net uf. {Na; 

A never-before-used crock fiUed with water and placed im- 
der the bed will prevent bedsores. 

1622. W§,sser un'ichs bett gschtellt is gut fer n^cht- 
schwitze. {D, 8n; Freiburg) 

Set water under the bed to cure nightsweat. 

1623. Mer soil drei grumbire im sak nodrage fer peils. 
D, Lh, Na) 

Keep three potatoes in your pocket as a cure for piles. 

1624. Wgnnd der di zee'negl uf der Kaerfrei'dSk 

schneitscht, wgxe si der ins lebe. {¥) 
If you cut your toenails on Good Friday they will become 


1625. Wginmer geblokt' is mit ket»r' soil mer g.lle 6l5ed 
fun seim egne wgsser di n&s nuf schnuppe s5 ^s es 
in der hgls kummt. Mer soils g,l^er rausschpaue. 
{Be, Lh, Na; Neustadt) 

To cure catarrh snuflf your own urine at night, but spit 
it out. 

Comment est bonne coutre le rheume 1 'urine dee petita en- 
fans? y;Si2. 2. 489 

1626. Wgmmer grgnk is soil mer Sunndaks 's erscht m6l 
ufschte". {Be) 

- Tou should always get up from a sickbed for the first time 

on a Sunday. 

1627. W8,mmer grg,iik is soil mer Sunndaks net ufschte' 
fer uf bleilSe schunscht hq.ppent ebbes. {Af) 
Never get up out of a sickbed on Sunday for fear of dire 

Wenn man am sonntag krank wird, muss man sterben. 


1628. Summerfleke zu ferdrelBe soli mer si mit d§,fwg.sser 
wesche. {Af; Stuttgart) 

Remove freckles by washing them with the water of bap- 

1629. Wgnns uf em re'gert wgnn di sunn scheint grikt mer 

summerfleke. {Bu, C, Mr, Mt) 

Bain falling on you while the sun is shining causes freckles. 
Wenn es regnet^ wahrend die soune scheint, und der regen 
auf die nase oder ins gesicht fallt, bekommet man "ross- 
mucken" (sommersprossen). V A 8 1. 196 

1630. Wgnns uf em re'gert wann en re'geboge schtet grikt 
mer simimerfleke, {Af) 

If rains falls on you while there is a rainbow, you will get 

1631. Wgmmer sich di summerfleke uf der ierscht Moi mit 

da wescht kammer sich si uf di aerm oder di be" 

schlage, no grikt mer si daert hi". {Af) 

If you wash your freckles with dew on May 1, you can 

transfer them to you arms or legs by hitting those parts 

of your body. 

Washing the face with dew gathered on the morning of the 

first of May kept it from becoming freckled. G Scot 151 

1632. Der erscM Moi soil mer grad aus em bett nausge" 
un sich mit em da §s uf weze oder grSs is wesche di 
summerfleke zu f erdreiSe, after mer muss es unbe- 

. schraue dii'', sell is, mer daerf nix schwetze. (Af) 
Var. unwarze. {Be,Bu,C,D,Mt,Sc,Y) 
Rise early on the first of May and without dressing or speak- 
ing wash with dew collected on wheat or grass. The 
freckles will disappear. 

and warts. 



Die sommersproBsen vergehen, wenn man sich in monat Mai 
mit tau von roggen wascht. V A 8 1. 486 

Sich am 1. Mai mit morgentau waschen vertreibt sommer- 
sprossen. Wu 76 

1633. Wesch summerfleke mit wSsser gs uf me grfibscht§" 
schtet, no gen si wek. {Be, Lh) 

Wash freckles with water collected on tombstones. 
Mit regenwasser, das auf leichensteinen stehen bleibt, ver- 
treibt man sommersprossen. Q 3. 1025 

1634. Im Mserz wescht mer sich mit schtumpewg,sser sum- 
merfleke zu ferdreilbe. (Af; Heidelberg) 

To destroy freckles wash them in March with water col- 
lected in the hollow of a stump. 
and warts. 

1635. Der erscht Moi wescht mer di sunnefleke mit d&. 

{Lnc, Nu) 

Wash freckles with dew on the first of May. 
Sich am 1. Mai mit morgentau waschen vertreibt die som- 
mersprossen. Wu 76 

1636. Maerze da is gut fer summerfleke. {Lnc, Na, T; 

March dews are good for freckles. 

1637. Summerfleke ferge'ne wgmmer si reibt mit me f risch- 
gelek'te Kserfreidiksoi uns no uimer der dgchdrMt 
fergrSbt. {Be, C, Lnc, Mr, 8n; Freiburg) 
Freckles wiU disappear if rubbed with a freshly laid Gh)od 

Friday egg. The egg should then be buried under the 

1638. Wftims me kind ins gsicht re'gert ebs en j6r git is 
waerts rosch'tich un sum'merflekich. {Af; Heidel- 

If rain strikes a child's face before it is a year old its com- 
plexion will become rusty and freckled. 


1639. Wg,mmer di z6' schtserrt mit holz wus gewitter nei" 
gsclilgge hot schtopts 's zS,~ w6 ^tJer di z6" f aule em 
raus. {C, Nu, 8c) 

If teeth are picked with wood from a tree which was struck 
by lightning the toothache will cease but the teeth will 

1640. Wgnuner zk'vre hot, soil mem schlitier nemme fume 
b&m wiis gewitter nei'gschlage hot mi demit' im zS" 
rumschtaerre bis er blijt. (Af) 

To cure toothache pick the tooth with a splinter from a tree 

which was struck by lightning, 
Vom blitz abgerissene baumsplitter als zahnstocher benutzt 

stillen den zahnschmerz und schlitzen vor demselben. B. 
. S. 33. 131. 

1641. SunndSks schneit mer di negel gb, zft^we zu ferhtte. 


Cut your nails on Sunday to prevent toothache. 

1642. Schneit der di negel gUe Freid&k gb, n5 grikscht 
ken za'we. (Af) 

Cutting the nails on Friday prevents toothache. V 8 L 2. 

Man beschneide alle Freitage seine nagel an handen und 

flissen, und so wird man vor zahnweh bewahrt, oder ver- 

liert dasselbe, wenn man damit behaftet ist. V A 8 1. 


1643. En kind zSnt leichter wg,mmem di z&^'Iit mit me oi 
reibt, sell oi n6 kocht uns dem kind fi'dert. {C, Lh, 
Lnc, Mr, 8n, Y; Heidelberg) 

A child will cut its teeth more easily if you rub its gums 
with an egg, then boil the egg and let the child eat it. 



1644. So g,s en kind net so haert zS.nt, henk en meisel g,n en 
bendel bis es dod Is, n5 binn em kind seller bendel 
urn der h^ls un loss en daert bis es en f erllrt. (Lh, 

To ease dentition in a child hang a niouse by a string until 
it is dead; then tie the string about the child's neck and 
leave it there until it loses it. 

"Wenn die eltem oder verwandten den kopf einer lebenden 
maus abbeissen und seiches in ein leinenes eingenaht dem 
kinde anhangen ohne jedoch einen knopf in den faden 
Oder das band zu machen, wird das zahngeschaft gut von 
statten gehen. L V 126 

1645. Wgnn en kind zant henkt mer drei meis gme bendel 
bis si dod sin, no henkt merm kind seller bendel &". 
(Lh, Lnc, 8c) 

Put around the child's neck during dentition a string by 
which three mice had been hanged. 

Das kind zahnt leichter, wenn die mutter oder der vater 
oder der pate drei lebendigen mausen den kopf abreisst 
und unbeschrieen dem kinde anhangt, wobei aber kein 
knoten in das band gemacht werden darf. Wu 393 

1646. Wgnns kind gm zane is reibt merm der gume mit em 
daume. (D, Mr, Na) 

Rub the child's hard palate during dentition with your 

Man reibe das zahnfleisch. Hlbg. 

1647. Me kind reibt mer di zIT'lkt mit me oi, no Igkt mers 
wek. (Be) 

In dentition rub a child's gums with an egg, and keep it. 
Znr forderung des zahnens oder iiberhaupt des gedeihens 

beriihrt man des kindes mxmd mit einem ei. M 8 V 103 ; 

Wu 392 

1648. Schmlr me kind wii g.m zSne is der gmne mit b&se- 
haem {Lb, Sc), gtSer ebs kind sex munet 9,lt is. (Mt) 
To aid dentition, rub a child's gums with rabbit's brain, be- 
fore it is, however, six months old. 

TSETH. 311 

Siede das him eines haseu und reibe den kindern das zahn- 
fleisch damit, so wachsen die zahne ohne schmerzen. So 
68; i y 126 

1649. Wgnn en kind ha&rt zant soil mer der kgffi wu mers 
brot mit a'wescht em kind zu drinke gelbe. {Be) 
Coffee with -which bread is varnished should be given to the 

child to aid it in dentition. 
Die warzen soUen vergehen, wenn sie mit bestohlenem 
streichwasser (zum iiberstreichen des brodes ehe es in 
den backofen kommet) wascht. L Y 187 

1650. Mer grikt ken za^we wgmmer §,l'lem6l as mer sich 
wescht dreimol mit hend foil "wasser Mnne gn de 
ore hf" fart. {Be) 

To prevent toothache you should, when washing your face, 

pass the hand full of water three times behind the ears. 
Wenn man alMglich mit frischem wasser mittelst des gold- 
fingers hinter den ohren wascht, wird man nicht von 
zahnweh befallen werdeu. L Y 233 
3651. Mer soil nix abbeisse vra en ratt dra" gegnQ.'Bert hot, 
schunseht faule em di ze" aus. {Be, C, D, Lb, Lh) 
Your teeth will decay if you eat anything at which rats 

have nibbled. 
The same superstition is known in Hlhg. cf. Zfd M 3. 316 
Eating cheese or anything that has been nibbled at gives 
you sore throat. Y 8 L2. 152 
1652. 'S erschtmol §,8 en kind an en fremmer blatz kummt 
schmirt merm di zS'lat mit fett fum flesch brode 
grad aus der pg-nn, no zSnts net haert. {Be, Lh) 
To ease dentition, grease the child's gums with fat from the 
pan in which meat was fried. This should be done on the 
first visit of the child. 
Gegen das herzgespann der kleinen kinder : man darf nur 
das fett vom braten aus einer bratpfanne nehmen, und 
zwar wenn man das andere fett ausgegossen hat : was also 
noch in der pfanne kleben bleibt, wird nur mit einem 
finger iiber den boden derselben heraus gestrichen und 
dem kinde die brust damit geschmiert. A M 1. 16 


1653. Di ze' faille em raus w§.miner an ebbes kaut wii 
schun ebber schtmscht drS' gekaut hot. (Lnc; Hei- 

Your teeth will decay completely if you nibble at anything 
at which some one else has nibbled. 

1654. Wammer g,lle mserge der links schtrump 's §rscht 
^'zikt, grikt mer ken za'tre. (C, Lb, Lh, Na, 8n, T) 
oder weer hgls. (C) 

Put on the left stocking first and you will have no tooth- 
ache, or sore throat. 

If you always put your left stocking and shoe on first, it 
prevents toothache. In Sussex the right. V 8 L 2. 515 

1655. En geroppter zi," soil mer grSd in der ofe schteke. 

An extracted tooth should be put into the fire at once. V 

SL2. 162 
Ben ausgezogenen zahn soil man verbrennen. B 8 33. 25 

1656. Fer za'we: reib di ze' mit re schlgngebaut. {Lnc, 


Rubbing the teeth with a snakeskin will cure toothache. 
The cast skyn of a serpent is medicinable. V 8 L2.1. 397 ; 
D Eng 157 

1657. Za"we zu f erdrei'fte, schtaBrt mer der zS." mit re n5del 
wu mern dode gled mit gemgcM hot. {S, 8c; Frei- 


Pick a tooth with a needle used in making a shroud to stop 

1658. Wgmmer zS'we hot, schtaert mer ^m. za" mit me 
nSgel aus re Lid, g,15er der zk~ fault no raus. {Na, 
Picking a sore tooth with a coffinnail will stop toothache, 

but the tooth will decay. 

1659. En n&gel aus re l&d ime zS" rum'gschtaert ferdreibt 
zS'we. {Be, C, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, 8c, 8n, Y) 

To cure toothache, pick the tooth with a cofSnnail. 
Sargnagel heilen auch zahnschmerzen. Wu 135 

TEETH. 313 

1660. Wgmmern schlgngehaut wu di schlang frijors raus- 
gschluppt is mit de ze" ufhebt, un hin'nerschicli lift, 
so f U schritt as mer hin'nerschicli get, so f 11 jor hglt 
di haut 's za-we wek. (Be, Lh, Sc, Sn) 

The number of steps you take backward while holding be- 
tween your teeth the skin shed by a snake indicates the 
number of years you will not suffer toothache. 

The cast skyn of a serpent is medicinable. V S L 2. 1. 397 

1661. Wammern za" roppe losst soil mern mit hem nemme 
un in en meisloch schmeisse, n5 wasrts net we. (Af) 
To prevent sore gums after the extracting of a tooth, take 

the tooth home with you and throw it into a mouse hole. 
Wenn das kind die zahne wechselt, so muss man den ausge- 
f allenen oder ausgezogenen zahn in ein mauseloch stecken. 
B S 33. 116 

1662. W§,mmer ins feier schpaut grikt mer za-we. {Lnc, 

Spitting into fire causes toothache. 

Wer ins feuer spuckt, bekommt zahnweh. Z 308 

1663. Mer grikt ken za''we wammer immer 's erscht in der 
recht roksermel schluppt. (Lb; Kaiserslautern) 
To prevent toothache, always slip into the right coat sleeve 


1664. En kind zant leichter wammerm di za'l&t reibt mit 
de rassle fun re rasselschlang. (Be, Lnc) 

A child will cut its teeth more easily if its gums are rubbed 
with the rattles of a rattlesnaike. 

1665. Wann en kind 's erschtmol zum nacht'mol gange war 

soils grad wanns hem kummt in en abbel beisse, n6 
grikts ken za'we. {Be; Freiburg) 
To prevent toothache a person should bite into an apple 
immediately upon coming home after his first communion. 

1666. Fer za-we beiss en weisser hunns'gnodl ab. (D, Lnc; 

To stop toothache bite off a white dog turd. 


1667. En kind z§,nt leichter wg,mmem der kg.uim fume 
gschlgchte hSne daerichs maul zikt eb der hSne dod 
is. {D, Lnc, Y) 

To ease dentition pass the comb of decapitated cock through 
the mouth of the child before the cock is fully dead. 

Bin oft bewahrtes mittel fiir schmerzloses zahnen der 
kinder. Man schneidet dem haushahn mit einer schere in 
den kamm nnd bestreicht mit dem hervorkommenden bint 
die "biller" einmal oder zweimal. Dr 213 

1668. Wgmmer der haern'zS" fun re sau nddrakt grikt mer 
ken za"we. {Af; Heidelberg) 

Carry with you the braintooth [ ?Probably the lower max- 
illary] of a hog to prevent toothache. 

1669. W§,mmer immer di hend ab'driklt faerm gsicht grikt 
mer ken za'we. {Lh) 

Wiping one's hands before the face prevents toothache. 
Zahnschmerzen vergehen fiir immer, wenn man sich mor- 

gens nach dem waschen die hande zuerst abtrocknet. 

Z FY 1891. 193 

1670. En kind zSnt net so haert wammerm en MsezS" 
a-henkt. {Af; Heidelberg) 

To aid dentition suspend a rabbit's tooth about the child's 

1671. Di finger un zeenegel grabt mer u'nich der daoh- 
drap uf der winterseit ei', no grikt mer ken za^we, 
{Be, C, Lh, Mr, Na; Freiburg) 

To prevent toothache bury the parings of fingernails and 
toenails under the eaves on the north side of the house. 

1672. Wann en kind am zane is zants leichter wgmmerm 

en fischel daBrichs maul zikt. {Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, Mr, 
Mt, Nu, 8n) 
Pass a small fish through the mouth of a teething child to 

ease its dentition. 
.... fischbein. Frmbwrg 

TEETH. 315 

1673. Wsnn em en zS," rausfftUt, schmeisst mem in en meis- 
loeh mi s^t : meisel, meisel, ich geb dem ^Iter zh', 
geb mern neier defor'. (Af) 
j^'^hen a tooth drops out, throw it into a mouse hole and 
say: mousey, mousey, I am giving you an old tooth, 
give me a new one in its stead. 
Wenn einem kinde ein zahn ausfallt, muss es denselben in 
ein mausloch werfen und sagen: maus, du hast einen 
alten zahn, bring mir bald einen neuen. Z 61 


1674. Mer m§,cht di w&rz blute, n6(d) reibt mem wfirzicher 

abbel drifter un f ergrabt en unnerm d9,c]idrap. {Bu, 

Lb, Lnc, Mr, Na, Sn, Y) 

Scarify a wart and rub it with a warty apple. Btiry the 

apple under the eaves and the wart will disappear. 
Eitze die warz mit einem spitzigen instrument bis sie blutet ; 

fange dieses blut mit einem gesehalten apfel auf und gib 

es den sauen. Am besten tut man dieses beim abnehmen- 

den mond. Ho 109; cf. L V 186 
Sometimes an apple will be cut in slices and when all the 

warts have been rubbed, the slices will be buried. B F 


1675. Mer schneit en zwiftel in zwe, reibt di w&rz mit de 

schtiker fun der zwiftel, schtekt si no -wider zamme 
un fergrabt si unner der dachdraft, (Af) 
Halve an onion, rub the wart with the halves, put the pieces 

together and bury them under the eaves. 
Warzen vergehen, wenn man sie mit einer zerschnittenen 

roten hauszwiebel reibt. Ho p 40 cf. L V 186 
Rub warts with two halves of an apple cut in two ; then tie 

the halves together. V SL2. 517 

1676. Warze reibt mer mit glene schte"cher un schmeisst 

si no in en grab. (Be; Freiburg) 
Rub warts with pebbles and throw them into a grave. . 

1677. Warze reibt mer mit blut fume ganz schwasrze hinkel. 

{Be; Freiburg) 

Rub warts with the blood of a chicken which has nothing 
but black feathers. 

1678. Wgrnmern grot d6d'mg,cht grikt mer wSrze an di 

finger. (Be, Bu, Lb, Lnc, Mt, 8c, 8n, T; Heidel- 

If you kill a toad you will get warts on your fingers. 


WABTS. 317 

1680. En w&rz an re ku trm eider h§sst mer ftsche, no get 
si wek. (Be) 

Call a wart on a cow's udder "ash" [?] and it will dis- 

1681. Di mi'lich fun schelgraut ferdreibt wkrze. (Af; 

The milky juice of celandine (chelidonium maius) drives 

away warts. 
The wart is to be anointed with the juice of some acrid 

plant. FBI. 225 

1682. En wSrz reibt mer mit me glene schte" un schmeisst 

en no iter di links schulder, gBer mer daerf nix 
schwetze, no get si wek. {Be, Bu, D, Lb, Lh, Mt, Nu, 
Sn, Y) 
Eub a wart in silence with a pebble, throw it over the left 

shoulder and the wart will disappear. 
Eub warts with pebbles; put one for each wart in a bag 

and throw it over the left shoulder. The person who 

picks up the bag gets the warts. V 8 L 2. 517 
If you rub your warts with a pebble, wrap the pebble in 

paper and throw it away. C 8A907; D M199; B F 4tl 

1683. En schtik grum'bir uf en warz gerite un no unich 
der dacMraft gegrabe soil warze ferdreiBe. (.4/) 

Warts are said to disappear if rubbed with a piece of a 
potato which is then buried under the eaves. 

Man bestreiche die warzen mit rohen kartofifeln und 
vergrabt sie dann in der dammerung oder bei mondschein 
sehweigend unter die dachtraufe. Wu 331 

1684. En weohi grini W9,lnis uf warze geri'fee un no unich 
der dachdrap gegrafte nemmt wSrze wek. {Be, Bu, 
C, D, Lb, Lnc, Mt, Nu, Sc, Y; Freiburg) 

Remove warts by rubbing them with soft green wahiuts. 
Bury the walnuts under the eaves. 

1685. Eeib en wlirz mit re grlne walnis. {Sn) 
Rub a wart with a green walnut. 


1686. W&rze zu ferdreiBe muss mer di hgnd fume dSde 

dritJer schtreiche. {Be, Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, Mr, Mt, 

Net, Nu, 8c, Y) 

Warts will disappear if you rub them with the hand of a 

Muttermale, warzen oder soustige auswiiehse kann man 
vertreiben, wenn man mit der hand einer leiche unter 
anrufuug Qottes dreimal iiber kreuz dariiber hinstreicht. 
B 8 33. 140 

A dead man 's hand is supposed to have the quality of dis- 
pelling humors. FBI. 227 

1687. Warze zu ferdreifie, reib si mit bune un grfib sell! 
bune n5 u'nich der dg,ch'drgp. {Be, Bu, C, D, Lh, 
Mr, Mt, Nu, Sc, 8n, Y) 

To get rid of warts, rub them with beans and bury the 

beans under the eaves. 
As this beanshell rots away 
So my warts shall soon decay. F R 1. 221 

1688. Mgch en schlitz in en bun un reib si ilSer di w&rz. 

{Be, C) 
Slit a bean and rub it over the wart. 

1689. Du" mi'lich fun mi'lichgraut uf warze. {Be, Bu, Lb, 
Lh, Lnc, Nu, 8c, 8n, Y) 

Put the milk of common milkweed {Osdepias Comuti) on 

The wart is to be anointed with the milk or juice of some 

acrid plant. F B 1. 225; C S A 894, 

1690. Der kopp fume h&ne as mer juscht gschlgcht hot soil 
mer uf en wSrz reitSe. {Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, Mr, Na, 
Nu, 8n; Freiburg) 

To remove a wart rub it with the head of a rooster that has 
just been killed ; and then bury the head under the eaves. 

To remove warts : Take an eel and cut off the head. Rub 
the warts with the blood of the head. Then bury the 
head in the ground. When the head is rotten, the wart 
faUsoif. ff66 

WARTS. 319 

1691. Wammer zwe sent reite uf me gaul sfikt mer : 
Fedder ritter, hinner fitter! 

Nemm mei" warze mit der ! {Be, Lb, Lh, Mt, 8c, Y) 
When you see two person riding on one horse, say: For- 
ward rider, rear rider, take my warts with you. 
Zwei reiter auf einem pferd, 
Der hintere ist meine warze wert. Z f D M 2. 102 
In Kent, if a man wets his forefinger with saliva and rubs 
the wart he wishes to get rid of three times in the same 
direction as a passing funeral, saying each time, "My 
wart goes with you", a cure will soon follow. B F 4:3 

1692. Eeib en warz mit re schpek'schwSrt un henk di 
schpek'schwart no §n en gbbelbam, so as di fegel si 
fresse. (Lh) 

Eub a wart with the rind of bacon and hang it on an apple 
tree so that the birds may eat it. 

Gegen warzen: man bestreicht sie mit einem stiick speck 
und hangt dieses an einen baum; sobald der speck ver- 
trocknet, schwinden aueh die warzen. Wu 338 

In Cheshire, steal a piece of bacon and rub the warts with 
it, then cut a slit in the bark of an ash tree and slip the 
bacon under a piece of the bark. B F B8 

1693. Eeib en warz mit re welschkanksern un fergrab si 
unicli der dachdrgp. (Be, Lnc) 

Rub a wart with a grain of com and bury it under the 

Will man warzen vertreiben, so mnziehe man jede dreimal 

mit der spitze eines gerstenkornes und setze dieses in die 

erde. Z 199 
A Scotch version bids the sufferer wrap up in a parcel 

as many grains of barley as there are warts and lay the 

parcel on the public road. Whoever finds and opens it 

receives the warts. B F 42 

1694. en warz bliite mit me nggel aus re lad, no get 

si wek. {Be, D, Lnc, Sc; Freiburg) 
Scratch a wart with a nail taken from a coflSn until the 
wart bleeds and it will disappear. 


1695. Eeib en schpillumbe itJer warze un gratj en no much 
der dachdrap. {Be, Lb, Lnc, 8c, Sn, Y) 

Blib warts with a dishcloth and bury it under the eaves. 
Man reibt warzen mit einem alten lumpen aus einem frem- 
den hause und scharrt ihn dann in die erde. L Y 186 

1696. Warze zu ferdreibe muss mer si mit me gschtolne 

schpillumbe reibe. {Be, C, D, Lb, Lnc, Mr, Na, Nu, 
Sc, 8n, T) 

To get rid of warts rub them with a stolen dishcloth. 
Man reibt warzen mit einem alten lumpen aus einem frem- 
den hause und scharrt ihn dann in die erde. L Y 186 

1697. Warze soil mer mit biine reibe im no in der bakofe 

schmeisse un fsertschpringe as mer si net hert fer- 
grache. {D, Lh, Nu) 
Rub warts with beans, then throw the beans into the bake- 

room, running away so as not to hear them burst. 
In den gliihenden baekofen muss man so yiele erbaen 

werfen, als man warzen hat, sogleich aber wegspringen, 

dass man's nicht "pratzeln" hort, sonst wird's schlim- 

mer. Y A S 1. 484 

1698. Uf der Ab'dansdak reibt mer warze, gren'age un so 

dergleiche. {Be, C, Lb, Lh, Mt, Sc, 8n, Y) 
Rub corns, warts, etc., on Abdon's day (July 29 or 30). 
Am Abdonsdag sticht man dreimal mit einer nadel in 

warzen, wehen, hiihneraugen und dergl., um sie zu ver- 

treiben. B S 33. 123 

1699. Eeib warze mit em wesch'lumbe wii en dodes ge- 
wesche is wasrre mit un fergrab en no unich der 
dachdraf. {Lb, Lnc, Sn, Y) 

Rub warts with the washrag with which a corpse was 
washed and then bury the rag under the eaves. 

Das tuch, mit dem dem sterbenden der schweiss abgetrock- 
net wurde, wird aufbewahrt, denn man kann mit ihm 
leicht wunden heilen. B A 225 

WARTS. 321 

1700. Wirze kammer ferdreiBe wg,nuner si maergets mit 

schpautz ng,ss mgcht eb mer ebbes gesse hot. {Be, 

Bu, D, Lb, Lnc, 8n, Y; Lustnau) 

To drive away warts, wet them in the morning with fasting 

Rubbing warts night and morning with fasting spittle will 

remove them. B F 184 

1701. Mer soil en kaf t in en scbtik hols schneide f er all di 
wSrze g,s mer hot, no sel schtik hols driber reibe nn 
no in der grund grabe. Wanns hols f erfault is gen 
di wirze wek. (Be, Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, Mr, Mt, Na, 

Cut as many notches in a piece of wood as you have warts, 
rub them with the notched wood and bury it. When the 
wood has decayed the warts will disappear. 

Man nimmt ein stiickchen holz, schneidet so viel "krappen" 
hinein als man leichdornen hat und wirft es am Sonntag 
in den klingebeutel. Z f D M 1.199 

Take an elderstick, cutting a notch in it for each wart and 
then burying it to rot in muck. V S L 2. 517; G 8 A 

1702. Warze muss mer mitre gschtolne schpekschwart 
reibe, no gen si wek. (Af) 

Eub warts with a stolen piece of rind of bacon. 
Rub warts with a piece of stolen beef and bury it in the 
garden. Corn 148 

1703. En warz kammer mit re hor §,bbinne. {Af; Heidel- 


Get rid of warts by tying them with a hair. 
Tying a horsehair around each wart is considered efficaciotis. 

1704. En warz kammer mit me seidne fadem abbinne. {D, 
Lb, Mt, Na,Sc, Y; Heidelberg) 

Get rid of a wart by tying it with a silken thread. 

1705. Be en grautbl§.tt bis es wech is, reibs i'bern w&rz un 
gebs no me gaul oder re ku zu fresse. {Be, Lb, Y) 


To remove a wart, rub it with a cabbage that has been 
toasted until it is soft and then feed it to a horse or cow. 

1706. Mer soil rosei'nekaerne uf wkrze binne. {Bu; Hei- 

Tie raisinseeds on warts. 

1707. Warze soil mer ae'rik reifee mit hinkelfis. (C) 
Rub a wart thoroughly with chicken feet. 

1708. Wgmmern w&rz wescht mit wgsser gs uf me ki'drek 

schtet, noch me rege, get si wek. (C, Lnc, Nu) 
Wash a wart with water collected on cattle droppings. 
"Warzen vertreibt man mit regenwasser, das auf kuhfladeu 
liegt. Z 202 

1709. Mer soil en warz mit der sohii'sol reiSe. {C, Lnc, 
Mr, Mt, Na, 8c, 8n; Kaiserslautern) 

Rub a wart with the sole of your shoe. 

1710. 'S s§lz wii mern warz mit reibt soil mer no in der 
bgk'ofe schmeisse. {Bu; Heidelberg) 

Rub a wart with salt which is then thrown into a bakeoven. 

1711. Eeib en warz mit re liek fmne gb'belbdm un blrik si 
no unner. (Nu) 

Rub a wart with a dead apple twig and plough it under. 

1712. Wammer drei mol mit em rechte fiiss i'bern warz 
reibt, get si wek. {Na, 8n; Lustnau) 

Pass the right foot three times over a wart and the wart will 

1713. Eeib en warz mit me gfunn'ne gnoehe mi lek en no 
grad wider hi" wt er gele'ge hot. {Lnc) 

If you find an old bone, rub the wart with it and lay it 
down exactly as you found it. C S A 887 

Warzen vertreibt mann, wenn man sie mit einem gefunde- 
nen knochen bestreicht. Wu 341 

1714. Wann ens as sei" fgder ni net gsgne hot en wfirz mit 

schpautz n§ss mgcht get si wek. {Be, D, Lb, Lh, 
Lnc, Mt, 8c, 7) 
The spittle of a posthumous person removes warts. 

WABTS. 323 

1715. En wkrz ame gaul hesst mer gsche, no get si wek. 

{Be; Ettenheim) 
If you call a wart on a horse "asche" it will disappear. 

1716. En w&rz §,me gaul seinre nSs schmirt mer mit fett 
aus re fett'amschel. {8c; Ettenheim) 

Grease a wart on the nose of a horse with tallow from an 
old-fashioned tallowdip. 

1717. En warz an re ku hesst mer schtof'f el, no get si wek, 

{Y; Ettenheim) 

Say "blockhead" [probably the German stoffel] to a wart 
on a cow and the wart will disappear. 

1718. Wann en gaul en warz hot, sakt mer hus'tsch^k, no 
get si wek, {Be, Lh; Ettenheim) 

Say "sick em, jack" [?] to a wart on a horse and it will 

1719. Zii re warz sakt mer, ge" §,wek' dii grot. (Be, Lb, 
Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na, Sn; Lustnau) 

To remove a wart, say: "Toad, get out!" 

1720. Di erscht grot as mer frijors finnt soil mer uf em 

sei" warze reiBe bis si dod is, no gen di w&rze wek. 
{Be, D,Lb, Lh, Sc; Freiburg) 

Take the first toad which you find in spring and rub it on 
warts until it dies. This will cure warts. 

1721. Uf der erscht, zwet un dritt Moi wescht mer di 
warze mit da un schlakt sich si ht" wii mer si hi" 
hg'be will. {D, Lnc, Nu, Sc) 

Wash warts with dew on the first three mornings in May, 
and with the hands hit the part of the body where you 
want the warts. 
und man greift hinten an. Hlbg. 

1722. Eeib di wSrz mit re schpekschwart im 8,b'nemmede 
un fergrab si unner der dgchdrgp. {Af) 

Rub the warts with the rind of bacon in the decrease of the 
moon and bury it under the eaves. 


1723. Eeib en wSrz mit re schpekschw&rt un fergrSb si 
u'nioh der dgcMrgp. {Af) 

Eub a wart with the rind of bacon and bury it under the 

Andere nehmen speekschwarten, wischen sie iiber die 

leichdomen, und werfen sie bei einem begrabnisse, nach- 

dem sie ein vaterunser gebetet, ins grab. Zf D Ml. 199 
Rub warts with the fat side of a piece of bacon with the 

rind on. C P &P 535 

1724. Wesch warze mit schtum'bewasser. {Af) 

Wash warts with water standing in the hollow of stumps. 
Warzen vertreibt man durch regenwasser, welches sich auf 
einem eichenstumpf gesammelt hat. Wu 244 

1725. Warze reibt mer mit me sent un grabt en no u'nich 

der'drap. {Af) 

Rub warts with a cent and bury it under the eaves. 
Das ist gut fiir krampfadem. Freiburg 

1726. Ferkaf di warze fern sent un lek der sent no wek gs 

er net gejiisd' waert. {Af) 

Sell your warts for a cent and put the money away so that 
it will not be used. 

1727. Mer k&ft warze ab mit me sent un schmeisst der sent 
no wek.' {Af) 

Sell your warts for a cent and then throw it away. 

1728. WSrze kammer ferdreibe mit braucbe. Mer s&kt 

drei 5bed hen'dr§,n : Nei'miind, w§,s ich S'guk, nemm 

zii ; was ich schtreicb, nemm ab. {Af) 

Warts may be removed by saying the following powwowing 

formula on three successive evenings: New moon, what 

I behold, may it increase, what I stroke, may it decrease. 

Wenn der mond im wachsen ist, dann stellt man sich 

abends oder nachts an das offne fenster, schaut fest in 

den mond, indess man die warze mit dem zeigefinger 

beriihrt und leise reibt, dabei muss man dreimal sprechen : 

"was ich sehe, wachse, was ich fiihle, nehme ab." Dieses 

dreimal getan und die warze fallt mit dem abnehmenden 

mond ab. Zf D M 2. 101 

WABTS. 325 

1729. "Wsmmer grote k'rekt gxikt mer -w^rze. (Af; Kai- 

Touching a toad will cause warts to appear. C 8 A 882 

1730. Wann em en grot ferpisst grikt mer wSrze. {Af; 

Toad urine causes warts. 

1731. Schtel en schtik ka'lik un reibs nf en wSrz. {Mr; 

Steal a piece of lime and rub it on a wart. 

1732. W9,nn en kii en wl,rz am eider hot hesst mer si 
"feik", no get si wek. {Bu, C, Lb, Lh, Mr, Na, Nu, 
8c; Lustnau) 

Call a wart on a cow's udder "fig" and it will disappear, 
[cf. Muret-Sanders, Deutsches Worteriuch sub Feige.] 

1734. Wammer wasser nemmt fer gscliaBrr wesohe wii oier 

drin gekocht ware grikt mer warze an di hend. {Be, 
C, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Nu, Sc ,8n, Y) 
To wash dishes in water in which eggs have been boiled is a 

sure way to have warts. 
In dem wasser, in dem eier gekocht wurden, darf man sich 

die hande nicht waschen, sonst bekommt man warzen an 

die hande. A A 9 
"Washing the hands in water in which eggs have been boiled 

causes warts to grow. E Y i6 

1735. Wammer ebber di wSrze zelt waert er si 15s after mer 
grikt si selftert. {Af) 

If anyone counts your warts you will get rid of them but ' 

the person counting them will get them. 
Wenn man die warzen von einem andem zahlen lasst, so 

wird man davon befreit und der zahler bekommt sie. Z 

200; B S 33. 140; F A S 1. 483; C 8 A 874; V 8 L 


1736. Mer nemmt en bendel un macht en gnopp nei" fer 
jeder warz; no w§,mmer ment mer het si all, zelt 
mer di gnepp un di wSrze. Wammer §,6er net gnepp 


gemgcht hot f er 9.II di warze, gen juscht di ewek' wii 

mer gnepp def or gemgcM hot. No grabt mer seller 

bendel u'nich der dgchdraps. (Be, Lh, Lnc, Na, Sc, 

Sn, Y) 

Tie knots into a string, one for each wart. A wart will dis- 
appear for each of the knots originally tied. Bury the 
string under the eaves. 

Mach an einen faden so viele kuopfe, als du warzeu hast, 
und wirf ihn hinter dich oder vergrab ihn im miste oder 
unter einer dachrinne, und die warzen fallen ab, so bald 
er fault. .^ 198 ; (? 3. 785 

A piece of string to be tied in knots, one for each wart, 
touching them successively with their respective knots and 
then burning the string. V 8 L 2. 517 

1737. Der weschlmnbe wu en dodes gewesche is waerre mit 

reibt mer uf wSrze un fergrabt en no u'nich der 
d§,chdraf. (Lb, Lnc, 8n, T) 

Rub the washrag used in washing a corpse over warts and 
bury it under the eaves. 

1738. Reib en warz mit re roe grum'bir. {Be, Bu, C, Lnc, 
Mr, Mt, Nu, Sc, T) 

Rub a wart with a raw potato. 

Man bestreiche warzen mit rohen kartoffeln. Wu 331 


1739. Mer soil dcr hjernzS" fun re sau d'henke f er ru'medis. 
Be, Lb, Lnc, Mr, Nu, 8n) 

For rheumatism, wear the eyetooth of a pig. 
Der zahu des ebers ist bild des blitzes tiud schiitzt gegen 
zahnweh. Wu 97 

1740. Mer soil drei grumblre im ho'sesak nodrage f er ru'- 
medis. {Be, Bu, Lb, Lh, Mr, Nu, 8n) 

As a prevention or cure for rheumatism carry three potatoes 
in your pants pocket. 

1741. W8,mmer der drei'ekich gnoche ime hinnerschunke 
im sak nodrakt grikt mer ken ru'medis. (Be, Bu, 
D, Lh, Sc) 

To prevent rheumatism carry in your pocket the triangular 
bone from a ham. 

Vor rheumatismus bleibt man bewahrt, wenn man von dem 
kugelgelenk eines sehinkenbeines die obere halfte ab- 
schneidet, dasselbe durehsticht und mit einem bindfaden 
das schliisselbund bindet und mit demselben stets in 
der tasche tragt. Schon vorhandenes rhemna vergeht da- 
durch allmahlich. A A 91 

1742. Wgmmer di ru'medis hot soil mem kup'perner sent 
in di schii dii"'. {Mr, 8c) 

To cure rheumatism, put a copper cent into your shoe. 

1743. Mer drakt en schtik elektri'siti im sak no, no grikt 
mer ken ru'meplis oder wammer si hot waert mer si 
los. {Be, C, Lnc, Mr) 

Carry a piece of electricity [a piece of burnt-out carbon 
from an arc light] as a prevention or cure for rheuma- 

1744. Mer soil en bens nodrage fer ru'medis. {Be, Lnc, 
Mr, Mt, Na, 8c, 8n, Y) 

Carry a penny on your person to cure rheumatism. 



1745. En htifnagelring is gut fer ru'medis. (Be, C, D, Nu, 

A ring made of a horseshoe nail is good for rheumatism. 

1746. Drak en messner ring fer ru'medis. (Be, Lnc, Mt, 

Wear a brass ring to cure rheumatism. 

1747. Glasne kepp u'nich di bettschtoUe gemacht soUe ru'- 
medis ferhite. (D, Lh, Lnc; Kaiser slautern) 

To prevent rheumatism, put glass knobs under the bed 

1748. En gidaerr'ti olehaut um en gnechel gebunne kjurt 

ru'medis Tm halt si h "wek. {Af; Freiburg) 
A dried eelskin tied about a joint cures and prevents rheu- 

1749. Lers wasser wud di fis obeds drin gewesche hoscht 

net bis de nekechte d&k aus, oder du grikscht di 
ru'm?,dis. {Lb) 
Do not throw out the water in which yon washed your feet 

in the evening until the next day, for fear of rheumatism. 
Ein gebrauchtes fussbad soil nicht eher als den andem tag 

ausgegossen werden, man giesst sonst das gltick mit weg. 

G 3. 350 

1750. S wasser wu mer sei" fts 66eds gewe'sche hot soil 
mer numme jo auslere, schunscht grikt mer di ru'- 
medis. {Be, Lh, Lnc, 8c, T) 

By all means throw out the water in which you have washed 

your feet to prevent rheumatism. 
Water that has been used to bathe the feet must be put 

outside the door at night for fear of fairies. F B i. 351 

1751. Du grikscht ken ru'medis w^nnd en nagel fun re 
lad nodrakscht. {C, Nu, 8c, 8n, Y) 

Carry a coffin nail to prevent rheumatism. 
For cramp, wear coflSn rings dug out of a grave. T 8 L 2. 
2. 492 


1752. Fer ru'medis mach en ring aus me ng,gel fume hiif- 

eise wu di negel noch drin sin un wer der ring. 
{Be, C, D, Nu, Sn, Y) 

If you find a horseshoe containing eight nails, have a ring 
made of one of these nails and wear it to cure rheu- 

Man macht auch krampfringe aus hufeisen. Wu 130 

1753. En gsalzner m^'kerel uf di fis gebunne is gut fer 
ru'medis. {Lnc, Y) 

A salted mackerel tied on the feet cures rheumatism. 

A raw salt herring with the hone taken out applied to the 

neck, tying a handkerchief over it and keeping it on all 

night, cures sore throat. V 8 L2. 512 

1754. Fer ru'medis, drak grum'blre im sak no. {Be, Bu, 
Lb, Lh, Mr, Mt, Na, Sn) 

Carry potatoes in your pocket as a prevention against rheu- 

Gegen gicht, worunter ausser der eigentlichen gicht noch 
viele in gliederreissen oder lahmung sich bekundenden 
krankheiten verstanden werden: Man tragt drei gebet- 
telte kartoffeln auf dem blossen leibe, bis sie verwelkt 
sind. Wu 356 

For rheumatism carry a raw potato or the piece of one. 
V SL2. 509 

1755. Fer rumetis soil mer en geilskeseht im sak n5 drage. 


Carry a horse chestnut in your pocket for rheiunatism. 
Um gicht und rheiunatismus zu heilen oder zu verhiiten, 

muss man eine ungerade zahl rosskastanien bei sich 

tragen. Wu 356 
For rheumatism carry a horse chestnut. V 8 L 2. 509 



1756. Mess en kind mit me sohtik holler un lek 's n5 hi" wu 
ken sunn un ken mund ane scheint, no grikts der 
schtikfluss net wanns mol longer gew§,xe is as der 
schteke. (Be; Freiburg) 

Measure a child with an elderberry wand and put it where 
the rays of neither sun or moon strike it. The child will 
not have croup after it has grown taller than the wand. 

1757. Mer muss en kind wii der schtikfluss hot ufs milz 
schtelle fume schtik fl as mer juscht gschlacht hot 
un druf bleilae losse bis 's milz k§,lt is. (Be) 

To cure croup, the sufferer should stand on the warm spleen 
of a freshly slaughtered steer and remain standing on it 
until the spleen is cold. 

1758. En hem'gschpunn'ner woU'icher fade um der hals 
kenkt kjiirt schtikfluss. (Be, Lb, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, 
Nu, 8c, 8n, ¥) 

A homespun woolen thread tied about the neck will cure 

Ein woUener strumpf. Freiburg 

1759. En kind as der schtikfluss hot schtellt mer an en 
echebam, schlakt en nagel o'Bich em kind seim kopp 
in der b&m so as fum kind seine hor dezH' kumme. 
Sell schtopt en. (Lnc) 

A child suffering from croup can be cured if you place it 
against an oak tree and drive a nail into the tree above 
the child's head in such a manner that some of the child's 
hair is included. 

Certain oak trees in Birkhampstead in Hertfordshire were 
long famous for the cure of ague. A lock of hair was 
pegged into an oak and then, by a sudden wrench, trans- 
ferred from the head of the patient to the tree. JB i" 39 

CROUP. 381 

1760. Mer nemmt en kind g,s der schtikfluss hot, schtellts 
§,n en echebSm nn schlgkt en n§,gel o'Bich em kopp in 
der b&m. Wanns kind dasrt drifter naus gewaxe is 
grikts ken schtik'fluss me". {Be, Bu, C, Lb, Lh. 
Lnc, Na, Nu, Sn) 

Place a child suffering with croup against an oak tree and 
drive a nail into the tree directly above the child's head. 
The child will not have croup after it has grown taller 
than the mark in the tree. 

Man stellt es an einen zwetsehgen baum. Eaiserslautern 

1761. Wann en kind der selitik'fluss hot soil der peter en 
nagel o'ftich em kind seim kopp in en b§.m schlage. 
Wanns mol dasrt drifter naus gewaxe is grikts der 
schtikfluss nimmi. (Af; Freiburg) 

To cure a child of croup the godfather of the child should 
stand it upright against a tree, and drive a nail into the 
tree above the child's head. The croup wiU disappear as 
soon as the child has outgrown this mark. 

1762. Dii' hor fume kind as schtikfluss hot in en loch g,s de 
in di w§nd gebort hoscht, z^pp sell loch no zii uns 
kind grikt der schtikfluss nimmi. (Lnc) 

Put some hair of a child that has croup into a hole bored 
in the wall, plug up the hole, and the croup will be cured. 


3763. Wgnn en kind di gichtrg hot I6kt merni en gfmine 
hufeise as en gaul sich nun'nergerisse hot nn wu g,ll 
di negel noch drin sin unichs koppekissi. {Be, Lb, 
Lh, Mt, Na, Nu, Sc, 8n, Y; Freiburg) 
To cure a child of convulsions lay under its pillow a horse- 
shoe containing the regulation number of horseshoe nails 
and which was cast by a horse. 

1764. Wg,mniem hiifeise finnt wii all di negel noch drin sin 

soil mer selli negel me kind S'henke, no grikts ken 

gichtre. (Be, Lb, Lh, Mt, Na, Y) 

If you find a horseshoe with seven (or eight) nails in it, sus- 
pend those nails from the neck of the child as a preven- 
tive against convulsions. 

Kranke kinder heilt man, indem man ihnen ein gefundenes 
noch mit den nagein versehenes, aber nicht mit der hand 
beriihrtes hufeisen auflegt. Wu 360 

1765. "Wann en kind gichtre hot dekt mers mit seim f§,der 

seim hochzichrok zu. (Nu) 

"When a child has convulsions cover it with its father's wed- 
ding coat. 

So oft die mutter aus der wochenstube geht, lege sie etwas 
von des vaters kleidem auf das kind, so kann es nicht 
ausgewechselt werden. 6 3. 744 

1766. Gkm §,s ni net n§,ss wS.r un fume kind unner site j5r 
§,lt gschpunne is gut fer gichtre wammers S^henkt 
un henke losst bis en fun selBert g,bfallt. (Be, Bu, 
Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, 8c, 8n, Y) 

Yam that has never been wet and was spun by a child less 

than seven years of age will cure convulsions, if worn 

round the neck until it falls off. 
Wer ein hemd an tragt, von gam gewoben, das ein madchen 

unter sieben jahren gesponnen, der hat glUck darin. 

3.115; cf.ffohp 53; ry 124 


1767. Wgnns irscht hemm ^s mer me kind STdvA noch net 

gewesche w&r grikts kind di gichtre net. {Bu; Hei- 

A child will not have convulsions if the first chemise worn 
by the child had never been washed. 

1768. Di erscht schl5s as mer sent nochdem' g,s en kind nf 

di welt kummt soil merm kind fidre, no grikts ken 
gichtre. {Be, 8c; Lustnau) 

A child will not have convulsions if it eats the first hail- 
stone seen after its birth. 

1769. Der Sge zk" fun re sau fi'kenkt schtoppt gichtre. 

{Be, D, Lnc, Mr, 8n; Heidelberg) 
Suspend the eyetooth [1] of a pig from a child's neck to 
cure convulsions. 

1770. DSfwasser schitt mer i'ftern gichtrose schtok, n6 
grikt sell kind ken gichtre. {Be, Lh, Lnc, 8n, Y: 

The water used in baptizing a child should be poured over 
a peony bush to prevent convulsions in the child. 

1771. Fer gichtre lekt merm kind en gfunne hiifeise wu 
§,11 di negel noch drin sin u'nich der kopp. {Af) 
Cure convulsions in a child by laying luider its head a found 

horseshoe containing eight nails. 
Dem kind ein hufeisen unter den kopf gelegt ist ein gut 
mittel fur gichter. M SV 117 

1772. Wgnn en kind gichtre hot henkt merm en schtik 

schtrik wii ebber sich kenkt hot mit uf di bruscht. 

{Be, Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Nu, 8c, 8n, Y) 
To stop convulsions in a child, lay on its chest a piece of 

the rope with which some one has committed suicide. 
Der strick des gehenkten gilt als glucksmittel. B M 21 

1773. Wgnn kinner gichtre hen soil mer si net S.-rege, 's 
dnt ne so we. {Bu, Lh, Mr, Na) 

Do not touch children in convulsion, it increases their suf- 


Hat ein kind die gichter, so darf man seine glieder nicfat 
beriihren, da sie sonst lahm werden. Alem 19. 166 

1774. En kind §,s gichtre hot dekt mer mit seim f gder seim 
rok zu. (Nu) 

Cover a child suffering with convulsions with its father's 

So oft die mutter aus der wochenstube geht, lege sie etwaa 
von des vaters kleidem auf das kind, so kann es nicht 
ausgeweehselt werden. G 3. 744. 

The father's shirt wrapped round the newborn babe was es- 
teemed a preservative against the child being stolen by 
the fairies. S H 8 B7 

1775. Heb me kind sei" nabelschniir uf , dri'kel si un lek si 
wek. W§nns kind gichtre grikt, nemm di natSel- 
sohnur, mgch si f ei", rtr si in brei un fider em kind 
der brei. Sell ferdreibt di gichtre. (Lfe, Lh, Lnc, 

Take the child's umbilical cord, dry it and preserve it. 

"When the child is seized with convulsions, pulverize it, 

mix it with pap and feed the child with it. This will 

cure convulsions. 
Die abgefallene nabelschnur dem kinde in brei eingegeben, 

macht dieses gelehrt, bewahrt vor fallsucht oder vor 

gichtern. B M 17 

1776. Me kind as gichtre hot lekt mer fun de el'dre tre 
hochzichgleder u'nich der kopp. (Af) 

A part of the parents' bridal trousseau placed under the 

child's head will stop convulsions. 
Gegen gichter legt die mutter dem kinde ihre seidne 

brautschiirze unter das kopfchen. L V 125 

1777. Schtell en kind as gichtre hot gn di wand, bor en loch 

in en bord in der wand, dii'' fum kind seine hor nei" 

un zgpps loch zii. No grikts ken gichtre me". (Lb) 

Bore a hole into a board in the wall, put into it some of the 

hair of a child suffering from convulsions, thrai plug up 
the hole. This will cure convulsions. 


1778. W§,mmern lumbe iSern gichtroseblum binnt un no V 
kind mit sellem lumbe wescht, grikts di gichtre net. 
{Be, Lnc, Mt; Heidelberg) 

To prevent convulsions wash the child with a rag that had 

been tied over a peony flower. 
Peony doth help epilepsies. C P cfc P 173 
During teething wear a necklace of beads turned from the 

root of the peony. V 8 L 2. 514 

1779. Me kind sals in di hend un zwlMe uf di fis gebunne 

scbtopt gichtre. {Be, Bu, C, D, Lb, Lnc, Mt, Y; 


Salt put in the hands and onions tied to the feet of the suf- 
ferer will cure convulsions. 

"When a child has convulsions rub its hands with a raw 
onion. C P Y 170 

1780. Fer gichtre binn em kind zwible uf di iMs. {Bu, Mt. 

To cure convulsions, tie onions to the child's feet. 
When a child has convulsions rub its hands with a raw 
onion. C P Y 2. 170 


1781. Fer bio hiisch'te, du" nein wserm in en bottel un f er- 

schtekl si. {Lnc) 

To cure whooping cough, put nine worms into a bottle and 
hide it. 

1782. Di belle fun re rgsselschlang a'kenkt kjurt der bl5 

hiisch'te. (Mt) 
Wear the rattles of a rattlesnake to cure whooping cough. 

1783. Katzesupp is gut fer bio hiisch'te. (Z>) 
Cat soup is good for whooping cough. 
Katzenfleisch ist gut gegen schwindsucht. Wu 127 

1784. Dafwgsser is gut fer bio hiisch'te. (D) 
Water of baptism is good for whooping cough. 

Das taufwasser wirkt heilend bei kinderkrankheiten. Wu 

1785. En kel'leresel ime sgk um der hgls kenkt is giit fer 
blohusch'te. (Y) 

A wood louse suspended from the neck in a bag is good for 
whooping cough. 

1786. Te fun bloe gleblume is gut fer der bio husch'te. {Be, 
Lb, Lnc, Sc, Sn, Y) 

Tea made of blue clover blossoms is good for whooping 

Tee von schliisselblumen ... Fr 

1787. DrSk rime fun sei'leder no fer bio hiisch'te. {Be, D, 
Lnc, Sn, Y) 

Wear strips of leather made of pigskin to cure whooping 

1788. Schtel mi'lich fer bio husch'te. {Lnc) 
Drink stolen milk, to cure whooping cough. 

336 1 


1789. Mer soil nachts esse schtele fser bio husch'te. {Be, 
Bu, Mt; Heidelberg) 

Eatables stolen at night cure whooping cough. 

1790. Fer bio huschte schtelt mer bio bgnd un binnts an 

sich. {Be, Lb, Lnc, Mr, Mt, 8c, Sn, T) 
To cure whooping cough, steal a piece of blue ribbon and 

wear it. 
Gegen halsweh hilft, wenn man ein blaues schniirlein um 

den hals bindet. Z 187 

1791. Wgnn en kind as der bio husch'te hot en niger bosst 

get em sei" bio hiisch'te wek. {Be, Bu, Lb, Lnc, Mr, 
Mt, Nu, 8c, 8n, Y) 
Kissing a negro will cure a child of whooping cough. 

1792. W§,nn en kind en niger bosst ebs en jor §lt is grikts 

der bl5 husch'te net. {Be, Bu, Lb, Lnc, Mt, Nu) 
If a child kisses a negro before it is a year old it will never 
get the whooping cough. 

1793. Wann ens der bio husch'te hot binnt mern schpinn 
in en fingerhut un henkts Im a". {Nu) 

Tie a spider into a thimble and suspend it from the neck of 
the person with the whooping cough. 

1794. Mer kaft rot band im schtor gber mer bezSlts net; 
no binnt mers um en fingerhiit wun schpinn drin is 
\m henkts me kind a" as der bio husch'te hot. {Lb, 
Lnc, Mr, T) 

Go to the store and get a piece of red ribbon, without how- 
ever paying for it, tie it around a thimble in which there 
is a spider and suspend it from the neck of a child 
suffering with whooping cough. 

In Berlin geht man in neuester zeit, um heiserkeit, bosen 
hals, kehlkopfkrankheit imd dgl. zu heilen, in einen 
posamentierladen unter den Linden und fordert ein 
stiickchen floret band, man erhalt ein solches schweigend, 
bezahlt nichts, und dankt auch nicht — es soU ein ver- 
machtnis sein — und maeht sich oder einem andem das 
bandchen lun den hals, worauf die schmerzen verschwin- 
den; wenn man bezahlt oder dankt, so wirkt es nicht. 


1795, Mae're milich is gut fer der bio husch'te. {Af) 
Mare's milk is good for wheeling cough. 

1796. Di haut wu en schlgng frijors rausschluppt soil mer 

fei" schneide uniine kind fidre as der bio husoli'te 
hot. (Lnc) 

Cut up and feed to the child the cast off skin of a snake to 
cure it of whooping cough. 

1797. Fer bl5 hiiscb'te, mer soil aus me bloe tombler drinke 

as mer gschtole hot. {Lb, Lnc, Mr, 8c) 
To cure whooping cough drink from a stolen blue tumbler, 

1798. Wann ens der bio husch'te hot, soil mer mi'lich 

schtele grad fun der kii wek un si ei" gete. {Be, 
C, Lb, Lh, Mr, Mt, Na, Sc; Freiburg) 
To cure whooping cough, steal milk from a cow and give it 
to the child. 

1799. Wann ens der bl5 husch'te hot, soil mem oi lene fun 

leit 9.S ir napie net f erlegelt hen, 's koche un em kind 
fidre, {C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Na, 8c, Y) 
To cure whooping cough, feed the child an egg gotten from 
persona who have not changed their names by marriage, 

1800, Henk en schpinn um der hals, sell kjiirt bio husch'te. 

Suspend a spider from your neck to cure whooping cough. 

1801, Wann en kind bl6 hiisch'te hot, f§ng en schpinn, du" 

si in en sak un henk si em kind k". {Be, Lnc, Na, 
Y; Freiburg) 
A spider put in a bag and hung around a child's neck will 

cure it of whooping cough. 
Few spiders tied up in a bag and worn round the neck will 

keep off fever and ague. W Ir 27 

1802, En wnsch h5r fume mensch wii sei" fg.der sei" lelSe 
net gsene hot kjurt der bio husch'te {D, Lh, Lnc, 
Mt, 8c, Y) Oder die gichtre {Lb) wammer der wusch 
uf der haut n5dr&kt. 


A lock of hair of a posthumous child will cure whooping 
cough or convulsions, if it is worn on the skin. 

For whooping cough, a lock of hair cut from the head of a 
person who never saw his father, is to be tied up in a 
piece of cloth and worn round the neck. W Ir 22 

1803. Fer bloMschte soil mer butterbrot {Be, Bu, D, Sc) 

Oder brot (Af) oder esse (Af) grtge fun leit gs ir 
n&me net ferheiert hen. (Kaiserslautern) 
Bread and butter, bread, or something to eat given you by 
persons who have not changed their name through mar- 
riage will cTire whooping cough. 
To cure whooping cough, let the patient be taken to the 
house of a married woman whose maiden name is the 
same as that of her husband and let her give the invalid 
something to eat — "a piece" — and a cure will speedily 
follow. G Scsi 46 

1804. Ens as der blohuschte hot sott aus me bloe gschserr 
esse. {C,Sc; Stuttgart) 

Eat from a blue dish to cure whooping cough. 

1805. W§,nn ens der blohHsoh'te hot, fangt mem fisch aus 

em wasser un lossts dra" riche oder losst der fisch 
ufs schnaufe, no get der hiischte wek. {LJi, Lnc, Sn) 
To cure whooping cough : take a fish out of water and let 
the sufferer smell at it or let the fish breathe on the suf- 
To cure whooping cough put a trout's mouth into the 
patient's. V8L2.501; W Ir 13 

1806. Wann en kind der blohusch'te hot, soil mers daerich 

en tonnel nemme. {Lh) 
Cure a child of whooping cough by taking it through a 

To cure whooping cough a child should be carried through 

the smoke of a limekiln, 6t through gas-works. V 8 L 2. 



1807. Aus'gschtrelte h5r dserf mer net ferbrenne schunscht 
waert mer dumm. (C, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Na, Nu, Y; Hei- 

Burning one's combings makes one stupid. 

1808. Ausgschtrelte hor ferbrenne ferur'sacht kopp'we, 

(C, D, Mr, Nu, 8c, Y) 
Burning combings causes headaches. 

1809. Wgmmer aus'gschtrelte hor ferbrennt g5n em noch 
mer aus. (C, 8c) 

If you bum your combings, you will lose still more hair. 

1810. Hor daerf mer keni ferbrenni, 's mgcht em dumm. 

(Lnc, Na) 

Burning the combings of your hair makes you stupid. 
. . . Dumm und tappig. Hlbg. 

1811. Hor im Leb g-bgschnitte waerre dik, schtsBrik un lang. 


Hair cut in Leo will become heavy, strong and long. 
Im zeichen des Lowen und im wachsen des mondes werden 
die haare geschert. Hof 76 

1812. Wammer hor nausschmeisst so §,s di fegel neschter 
mit baue waert mer blot. {Be, Bu, C, D, Lh, Lnc, Mt, 
Na, 8c, Y) 

If you throw your hair out and birds build nests with it, 

you will become bald. 
Wenn man abgeschnittene haare in das freie wirft und die 

spatzen damit nester bauen, bekommt man einen ausschlag 

auf dem kopf. Z 181 

1813. Wgnnd en weissi hor rausroppscht kumme sibe §n tr 
leicht. {Be, Lh; Heidelberg) 

If you pull a white hair, seven will come to its funeral. 


HAIE. 341 

1814. Rote hor uf em kopp, der deifeel im leib, (D, Y; 

Red hair indicates a "spit fire". C 8 A 125 

1815. Mer waert fergesslich. w§,mmer sich oBeds schtrelt. 

(Be, Bu, Lnc, Mt, Na, Sc, 8n, Y; Heidelberg) 
Combing the hair after dark makes one forgetful. 

1816. W§,miner sich olbeds mit me feine schtrel schtrelt 
waert mer fergess'lich. (Na) 

If you comb after dark with a fine toothed comb it will make 

you forgetful. C S 4 1291 
. . . verzerrt man den verstand. Hlbg. 

1817. Wann em en schpekmaus uf der kopp fltkt grikt mer 
groe hor. (Na, Sn, Y; Heidelberg) 

If a bat flies on your head you will get gray hair. 

1818. Aus'gschtrelte hor muss mer sergets ame dunkle bl§tz 
halte schunscht grikt mer koppwe. (Lnc) 

Unless combings are kept in a dark place you will have 
much headache. 

Abgeschnittene haare muss man an einen ort hinlegen, wo 
weder sonne noch mond scheint, also in die erde unter 
einen stein und dgl. Baut ein vogel mit solchen haaren, 
so bekommt man kopfweh. Y A S 1. 493 

1819. Mer losst sich's erschtmol baWi're im neie licht, no 
grikt mer dike wiskers. (Lnc) 

Shave for the first time at new moon if you would have a 
heavy beard. 

1820. Di hor schneit mer im zu'nemmede gb. (Af; Heidel- 

Cut hair in the increase of the moon. 

1821. R5te hor un §.le heke 

W&xe selte uf giite fleke. (Be, Mt, Na, Y) 

Red hair and smooth alder {Almus serrulata) seldom grow 

in good soil. 
. . . Wachsen selten auf gutem boden. Hlhg. 


1822. Wgrnmer sichs uf der kopp regere losst daBrich di 
hnnnsd&k gen em di hor aus. (Be, C, Lh, Lnc, Sn, 
Y; Heidelberg) 

Rain falling on the bare head during dog days will cause 
the hair to fall out. 

1823. Wanns em in de hunnsd§,k uf der kopp regert grikt 
mer fil koppwe. {Be, Lh, Lnc, 8n, Y) 

You will have much headache if rain falls on you head dur- 
ing the dog days. 

1824. Aus'gschtrelte hor soil mer net wekschmeisse, 

schimscht wann fegel neschter mit baue grikt mer 

koppwe. (Af) 

If birds builds nests with the combings of your hair, you 

will suflfer with headaches. 
Abgeschnittene haare soil man verbrennen oder vergraben, 
denn sonst werden sie von vogeln zum nesterbauen benutzt 
nnd dies verursacht kopfweh. Z 180; S H 8 237 

1825. Di hor as es gebt wammer sich schere losst soil mer 
net wekschmeisse, schunscht w^nn di fegel neschter 
mit baue grikt mer koppwe. (Be) 

Never throw away hair that has been cut off, for, if birds 
build nests with it you will suffer with headaches. 

The cuttings of your hair should not be thrown where birds 
can find them; for they will take them to build their 
nests and then you will have headaches all the year after. 
Ir 2. 105 

1826. Hor losst mer immer im zunemmede abschneide. 


Hair should be cut in the increase of the moon. 
Bei zunehmendem monde muss man haare imd nagel 
schneiden. Wm 58; C S A 1132; V 8 L 2. 1. 248 

1827. Wannd dich schtrelscht mit me dode seim schtrel 
f&Ue di hor aus, oder w^nnd dich bg.lBl'rscht mit seim 
bglbir'messer un schneitscht dich helts net. (Af) 
Tour hair will fall out if you use a dead person's comb, or 

if when shaving with a dead man's razor you cut your- 
self, the wound will not heal. 

HAIB. 343 

Eamm und mesger, womit ein toter gekammt und geschoren 
worden ist, muss mit in den sarg gelegt werden, sonst 
fallen denen, die sieh ihrer bedienen, die haare aus, oder 
er schneidet sich damit schwer heilende wunden. B 8 
33. 120 

1828. Di hor gen em net aus wammer sich der erscht Frei- 

dak im neie licht schere losst. {Af; Heidelberg) 
Hair will not fall out if cut on the first Friday in new 

1829. Wann em en schpekmaus uf der kopp secht, wsert mer 

blot. {Be, Bu, C, D, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, 8c, Y) 
If a bat wets your hair, you will become bald. 
Wenn man bei naeht bhne kopfbedeckung ausgeht, so pissen 

einem die fledermause auf den kopf und man bekommt 

einen kahlkopf . 

1830. Wann em en schpekmaus in di hor kummt, waert mer 
blot. {Be, Bu, C, Lh, Lh, Mr, Mt, Nu, Y) 

If a bat gets into your hair, you will become bald. 
"Wenn man bei nacht ohne kopfbedeckung ausgeht, ver- 
wickelff sieh die fledermause ins haar. Z f D M 

1831. En weibsmensch soil ken mann schere oder si nemmt 

em sei' grefte. {Be, Lb, Lnc, 8c, 8n, Y; Heidelberg) 
If a woman cuts a man 's hair he will lose his strength. 

1832. Im ab'nemmede soil mer sich net schere losse, 

schunscht wsert mer blot. {Af; Heidelberg) 
Cutting the hair in the decrease of the moon causes bald- 

1833. Dae'rich di hunnsdak dae'ref mer di hor net wesche 
oder mer grikt gschwsere. {Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, 
Mr, Na, 8c, Y; Freiburg) 

The scalp should not be shampooed during the dog days for 

fear of boils. 
Bathing ia the dog days is more dangerous than at other 

times. V SL2. 615 


1834. Di hor gs mer sich ausschtrglt sott mer ferbrenne. 


The combings of your hair should be burned. 
Combings of hair should be burnt. V 8 L2. 166 

1835. Wamme kind di hor ifternannernei'"' leie gebts en 

li'derlicher mensch, (Lnc) 

The child whose hair is stubborn will become vicious and 

Hat ein kind verschiedene haarlagen, wird es ein lieder- 

licher mensch. Z 34. 


The superstitions under this rubric are printed in a separate fascicle which 
will be sent on request to those subscribers of the book who want it for purely 
scientific use. 


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1913. Di nserre fer glik, di §rme fer kinner. {Af; Heidel- 

Fools for luck, the poor for children. 

1914. "Wser mit feier schpUt pisst ins bett. [Af) 
If you play with fire you will wet the bed. 

Welcher mit einem finger oder stecken in die asche schreibt 
Oder mit dem feuer spielt, das ist ein wahrhaftig zeichen, 
dass er ins bett gebrunzt hat oder wird's tun. Zf D M 

1915. Wammer schtol'pert get mer zurik' Tin duts i'Ber. 

(Be, Bu, C, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, Sc, Sn, Y) 
If you stumble, go back and start over again. 
Wenn einer mit dem fusz anstosst, so er zur haustiir hinaus- 
geht, soUe er wieder zuriickk^ren, woUe er anders kein 
ungliick auf dem weg erleiden. A S 1. 378 

1916. Wammer ilSerm schpile alles gewinne will, muss mer 
re schpekmans 's hserz le'Ben'dich rausschneide nn 
an di hand binne \m mer rans schpllt mit. (Be, C, 
h. Lb, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Sc, Y) 

If you would win at cards, cut the heart out of a bat alive, 
and tie it to the hand with which you deal. 

Binde mit einem roten seidenen f aden das herz einer fleder- 
maus an den arm, womit du auswirfst, so wirst du beim 
spiel alles gewinnen. Z 619 

1917. Wammer am nagle is un schlecht oft nebe drS,, secht 
mer als : dir waxt er noch. (Be, Bu, D, Lh, Lnc, Mr, 
Mt, Na, Sc, Sn,Y) 

If in driving nails you miss them frequently, the saying 
goes : You are not yet full grown. 

1918. Mer soil nix fun der schtross ufhebe, 's is ferleicht 
gebraucht waerre mit. (Be, C, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Na, Sn, 





Never pick up anything from the street, it may have been 

used in powwowing. 
Einen bandel mit knoten soil man nicht vom weg auf heben ; 

wer einen aufhebt, bekommt warzen. V A 8 1. 499 

1919. Zigei'ner kenne me du~ gs §,niiere leit. {Bu, C, Lnc, 

Gipsies can do things that other people can't. 

Zigeuner konnen und wissen mehr, als andere leute. Z 600 

1920. Wammer ebbes leicht aus'wenmch Iserne will lekt 
mers buch u'nichs koppekissi wammer ins bett get. 

{Be, Bu, C, D, Lnc, Mt, Sc, 8n) 

If you want to learn anything by heart put the book under 

the pillow when you go to bed. 
Wenn man das buch, woraus man lernen will, unter das 

kopfkissen legt und darauf schlaft, merkt man das zu 

lemende leichter. Z 281 

1921. Der e'wich jeger (Be, D, Lb, Nu), der si15e jeger {Be, 

C, D, Lb, Lh, Nu, Y) hot sei" hauns bei sich, blost 

sei" haern im jakt di leit in eng'schte. 

The Spirit Hunter is accompanied by his hounds, blows his 
horn and terrifies the people. 

Und schiesst nichts. Hlhg. 

Gespenster zogen aberall herum in ganzen schwarmen, der 
wilde jager machte jagd, mit ketten fing um mittemacht 
ein unhold an zu larmen. A S 1. 372 ; Wu 17, 18 

Gabriel's hounds sounded exactly like the questings of a 
dozen beagles on the foot of a race but not so loud, and 
highly suggestive of the supernatural. H N G 130 

1922. Wann ebber schloft un mer dut em sei' fissole in 
wgrm wasser brunst er ins bett. {Be, D, Lh, Lnc, 
Mt, Na, Nu, Sn; Heidelberg) 

Applying warm water to the feet of a sleeping person will 
make him wet the bed. 

1923. Mer k9,nn ens ins bett brunse mache wammerm di 
hend in wirem wgsser lekt. {Mt; Heidelberg) 
Putting a sleeping person's hand into warm water will 

make him wet the bed. 


1924. War l^nge finger hot schtelt gSm. {Af; Heidel- 

A person with long fingers is likely to be a kleptomaniac. 

1925. Wammer sich S'dut un dut di schii 's letscht &", muss 
mer sich noch scheme. {Be, Su, C, D, Lh, Lnc, Mr, 
Na, Nu; Heidelberg) 

If you put on your shoes last while dressing, you will have 
cause to feel ashamed. 

1926. Wgmmer di schii a'dut fer de hose muss mer sich 
scheme. (Na, Y; Freiburg) 

You wiU have cause to feel ashamed if you put on your 
shoes before putting on your trousers. 

1927. Wammer de mannsleit ir hemmer um em bukel bi'gelt 
waerre si bes. (C, Na, Y) 

Ironing the backs of men 's shirts makes the men irritable. 

1928. Di hemmer dserf mer net uf em bukel bigle oder mer 
grikt en beser mgma. (C, Na, Sn; Nurtvngen) 
Ironing the backs of shirts forebodes a crabbed (future) 


1929. Di hemmer soil mer net uf em bukel bigle oder mer 
grikt bu'kelwg. {Be, D, Lnc, Na) 

Ironing the backs of shirts causes lumbago. 

1630. Di hemmer soil mer net uf em bukel bigle oder mer 
grikt gschwaere. {Lh, 8n) 
Ironing the backs of shirts causes boils to the wearer. 

1931. Wammerme manns'kaerl sei' hemm uf em bukel 

biglt waert er faul. {Be, Bu, Lh, Lnc, Sn) 
Ironing the back of a man 's shirt makes him indolent. 

1932. De mannsleit Ir hemmer daerf mer net uf em bukel 
binne oder si grtge rik'we. {Lh) 

Men shirts must not be tied on the back, it causes backache. 


1933. De mgnnsleit ir hemmer daerf mer net uf em bukel 
binne, si waerre so bes. (Lb, Y) 

Men will become very angry if you tie their shirts on the 

1934. Di hemmer daerf mer net uf em bukel bigle schunscht 
bigelt mers glik raus. (Lh, Imc, 8n, Y; Nurtingen) 
If you iron the back of a shirt the wearer will not have any 


1935. W&mmern neii sut 's »rscht mol 8,'dut muss mer der 

Schneider rausglobbe oder si wert net g&t. (Nu, Sc) 
"When wearing a suit for the first time, it must be beaten to 

beat the tailor out of it, or it will not wear well. 
Wenn einer ein neues kleid anhat, soli man ihm darauf 

schlagen mit worten: "das neue muss man klopfen, das 

alte muss man stopfen"; dadurch bekommt das kleid 

langere dauer. G 3. 922 

1936. En neii sut soil mers erscht mol in di kae'rich S'du*', 
no w§.rt si ftl lenger. (Be) 

Wear a new suit for the first time when yon go to church, 

and the suit will wear much longer. 
Wear a garment for the first time on Sunday and it will 

wear twice as long. V S L 2. 1. 253 

1937. W»r der wipperwill (Lh) oder gu'kuk (Af) 's erscht- 
mol frtjors hert soil sei" geldsak schittle, no hot er 
immer geld. 

You will always have money if you shake your purse when 
you hear the call of the whippoorwill or cuckoo for the 
first time in spring. 

Wer im friihjahr zum ersten mal den kuckuk rufen hort 
und kein geld in der tasche hat, leidet das ganze jahr 
mangel; hat er indess welches bei sich, wird er in dem 
jahr keine not haben. B 8 33. 121 ; V 8 A 1. 124 

On first hearing the cuckoo, turn the money in your pocket 
and wish for something. Y S L 2. 1. 280 

1938. W^mmer frijors der wipperwill' 's jerscht mol hert, 

soil mem b8erzlb§,m schlage, no grikt mer ken rikwe. 


Turn a sommersoult when you hear the call of the whippoor- 
will for the first time in spring and you will not have any 

Sieht der bauer zum erstenmal im jahr den storch, so wirft 
er sich zu erde, walzt sich herum, und bleibt nun das 
ganze jahr frei von riickenweh. Q 3. 986 

1939. Wsmmer der esel nennt, 

Kummt er gerennt. {Af; Heidelberg) 

Speak of the devil and you will hear the flopping of hia 

Wenn man an jemand denkt oder von ihm spricht, ist er 

nicht weit. B S 33. 135 
Talk of the devil and he'll appear. F jS I 2. 1. 320 

1940. Kalte hend, w§.rm hserz. {Af) 
Cold hands and a warm heart. 
Kalte hande, warmes herz. Z 357 

A cold hand and a warm heart. V 8 L 2.1. 294 

1941. Wammer sals ferschitt gebts schtreit. {Af) 
Spilling salt means a quarrel. 

Wenn das salzf asz umf allt, bedeutet es zank. jB A 290 
To upset salt is exceedingly luilucky and a bad omen. Ir 

1942. Wg-nnd sgls ferschitt hoscht, scluneiss defun' iteer di 
links gksel. {C, 8c, 8n) 

When you have spilled salt throw some of it over the left 

To upset salt is exceedingly unlucky and a bad omen; to 
avert evil gather up the salt and fling it over the right 
shoulder into the fire, with the left hand. Ir 2. 104 

1943. Schtreit zu ferhtte wannde sals ferschitt hoscht, fer- 
brenn defun'. {Af; Neustadt) 

To prevent a quarrel when you have spilled salt, you should 

bum some of it. 
To avert the evil from upsetting salt, gather up the salt and 

fling it over the right shoulder into the fire, with the left 

hand. Jr 2. 104 


1944. Wu Bchw§,lme hi" baue schlgkt ken giwit'ter ei". 

Lightning will never strike a building where swallows have 

built their nests. 
Wo die schwalmen nisten, schlagt der blitz nicht ein. Z 

It is good luck to have swallows or martins build in tbe 

eaves or chimneys. V 8 L 2. 17 

1945. Wgnnd ruich schlofe witt, schtells bett gege naerde. 

{Lh; Heidelberg) 

Your bed should face the north, if you wish to sleep 

It is good luck to sleep with your head and feet lying north 

and south. V8L2.21 

1946. Mer muss irmner di sem dir nausge" das mer nei" 
get. {Af; Heidelberg) 

Always leave by the door by which you enter. 
It is ill luck to leave the church by a different door from 
that you came in at. V 8 L 2. 93 

1947. Wffirn himmelsbrtf im haus hot, hot ken unglik. {Be, 

C, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Na, Sc, Sn, Y) 

The "letter of Jesus Christ" protects the house in which 
it is found from misfortune. 

cf. FAS 1.201-2; BA292 

In the south of England a copy of the apocryphal letter of 
our Lord to Abgarus, King of Edessa, is often past«d on 
cottage walls to prevent witchcraft. H N C 194 

' 1948. Weibsleit wu peif e un hinkel wii gree 
Soil mer der hals rumdree. (Af) 
Whistling girls and crowing hens come to a bad end. 
Ein huhn, das kraht wie ein hahn, deutet ungluck an. Man 
soil ihm den hals umdrehen. B A 289 

1949. Ich winsch dern glik'selich jor 
Fun hlr an bis ans scheierdor, 
Der kopp foil leis, der Srsch foil grind 
Un jedes jor en hQrekind. {Be, Lh) 


I wish you a happy new year 
From here to the barndoor, 
A lousy head, a scabby arse, 
And each year a bastard child. 

Ik wiinsche jich en slechtet niet jar 
Hunderdusend liise up einen har, 
En kopp vull sehorwe 
Un en ars vull worme. R A 233 

1950. Di scM un schtrimp muss mer im bett aus- und a'dii", 

no bleibt mer lang sche". (Be, Bu, Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, 
Sn; Kaiserslautem) 

To retain your beauty you should take off and put on your 
shoes and stockings in bed. 

1951. Der erscht schuss wu mer aus re neie flint schist 
macht nix dod. {Bu, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Na, Nu, 

The first shot from a new gun will not kill. 
Den ersten schuss feuert man in die luft. Hlhg. 

1952. Wgnnde fil r§tte hoscht, dii"' en sent in en bexli un 

draks uf en greizwek, no waerre si f erge~. {Be, Lnc) 
To get rid of rats : put a cent into a small box and lay the 
box on a crossroad. 

1953. Mer soil ken buch IBer n&cht uf leie losse oder mer 
f ergesst gUes as mer drin gilaemt hot. {Be, D, Y) 
Never let a ,book lie open at night, or you wiU forget all you 

have learned in it. 
Du bist eine schlapp, maeh doch dein buch zu. Hlbg. 

1954. Wammern nagel dserich en gnaerre schlage will reibt 

mern an enre seit der nas nuf un di anner nunner ; 
no ferschplit der gnaerre net. {Lnc) 
To drive a nail through a knot without splitting the board, 
rub the nail up one side of the nose and down the other. 

1955. Rothoriche leit un fixgeil hen e" sinn — si sinn §lle 
zwe falsch. {Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na, Nu, So, 


Bed-haired persons and sorrel horses are both treacherous. 
Rothaarigen leuten soil man nicht trauen, denn sie sind 
bos und falBch. Z 169 

1956. Schwotte oder w&nze zu f erdreiBe, binn drei glte sent 
un drei schwolBe oder wanze in en sak un lek si uf en 
greitschtros. Wser der sak ufhebt kaft di schwobe 
oder wgnze. (J./) 

To get rid of roaches or bedbugs, put three of them and 

three old cents into a bag and place them on a cross road. 

Whoever picks up the bag buys the roaches or bed bugs. 
Wanzen vertreibt man, wenn man in der karf reitagsmitter- 

nacht eine schajchtel vol! auf einen kremweg stellt. Wm 


1957. ScbwoBe kaminer 16s wserre wammer si in re m9,tches 
bgx oder e'nichre b§x mit me dekel uf en greitz- 
schtros dr&kt. {hnc) 

To get rid of roaches, put them into a match box or any 
box with a lid and place it on a cross road. 

1958. Mer gchneit sich en gabel fume baselnisbim w§,mmer 

suche will f er wasser. Mer hebt di gg,bel in der h§,nd 
un wu si sich nun'nerzikt^ daert kammer wasser finne 
wammer dif ginunk' grabt. (Be, Bu, C, Lb, Lh, 
Lnc, Na) 

Use the divining rod when in search of a spring or well. 
Cut a V-shaped twig from a hazle tree, hold it in your 
hand; where it dips, you will find water — if you dig 
deep enough. 
The Divining Hod is known also as the Drowsing Rod, 
Moses' Rod, and the Virgula. It is a v-form twig, each 
limb being from ten inches to twelve inches long, cut 
from a cherry tree, hazle or white thorn. It is used for 
the purpose of discovering subterranean water springs 
and lodes of ore. H 99 

1959. Wammer fer wasser suche will n^mmt mem g,bbel 
n§scht gnseht^tts en h^selnisngscht. (C, Mr, 8c, 


Cut a V-shaped twig from an apple tree instead of a hazle 
tree for use as a divining rod. 

1960. Wsminer fer wgsser suche will schneit mer sich en 
psBr'sching zweik fun dem jor. (Z), Nu, Y) 

Cut a V-shaped twig of the year's growth for use as a 
divining rod. 

1961. Schtreich en rotseidner bendel I'fter wildfei'er. {Be, 
Lnc; Heidelberg) 

Pass a red silk cord over parts affected by erysipelas. 

1962. Wammer ens am grose zee h3.1t grikt wg,nns im schlof 

schwetzt, sgkts em e'nich ebbes gs es wes. (Af) 

If you seize a person by the great toe while he is talking in 

his sleep, he will tell you anything he knows. 
Will man von einem sehlafenden geheimnisse erfahren, 
fasse man ihn an der grossen zehe und frage ihn herz- 
haft, was man will. Nur muss man sich hiiten, den 
namen des sehlafenden zu nennen, well er sonst erwacht. 
V AS 1A97 

1963. 'S bog'gi oder der wage f erbrecht der, wannd i'berm 
wageschmtre di reder zurik'zus drescht. {Lb, Mr, 

Your buggy or wagon will break down if you turn the 
wheels backward when greasing them. 

1964. W§.mmer di reder zurik'zus dret wammer der wage 

schmirt kumme di hexe hialch em. {€) 
Witches will bother you if you turn the wheels of a wagon 
backward when greasing them. 

1965. Wgmmer di reder zurik'zus dret i'Berm wage 

schmire, waern di geil fglsch. {C, D, Mr, Mt, Na, 8c) 
If you turn the wheels backward when greasing them, your 
horses will balk. 

1966. Wgmmer i'fterm wage schmire di reder zurik'zus drSt 
waert der w§ge ^Uemol hes gs mern jusd bis mer der 
wgge wider rumschmlrt. {Lnc) 


If the wheels are turned backwards in greasing a wagon, an 
axle will become hot every time the wagon is used until 
all wheels are greased again. 

1967. Iberm wgge schmire daerf mer di re'der net zurik'zus 

dree schunscht get der w§ge haert, oder wgmmern 
guti IM glade hot, det mer scht&le. {Bu, C, Lnc, Mr, 
Mt, 8c, Y) 
In greasing a wagon, do not turn the wheels backward or 

the wagon will run hard; or if the wagon is heavily 

loaded, it will be stalled. 
Beim einteeren der wagen fangt man immer rechts an, sonst 

werden die pf erde miide. Wu 406 

1968. W^nn ebber uf me §,n'nere mgnn seim l^nd schise 

get, branch di fr§, wii uf em land wunt juscht der 

schaerz IBer di schulter schmeise, no get em jeger 's 

gewer net los. {Be, Lh,Lnc, 8c) 

If any one trespasses on another's land for the purpose of 
gunning the former's wife needs only to throw her apron 
over her shoulder and the gunner's gun will miss fire, 

Ein altes weib verhindert dem jager das treffen, wenn sie 
die schiirze mit einem zipfel aufschiirzt. TF« 291 

1969. Di leit wu Ir s§ch immer im haus rum'schtelle kumme 

zn nix. 

If you keep moving your furniture around, you'll be poor. 

C 8 A 1456 
. . Sind unstete menschen. Elbg. 

1970. Al'lemol as mer sich jert soil mem f&sengchtkuche 

esse no lebt mer noch en jor lenger. {Lb, Lnc, 8n; 

Eat a doughnut on your birthday and you will live another 

1971. WSr en »rdschpigel hot kgnn e'nich ebbes sene. Mit 

so me schpigel kammer meind un lecher in der Srd 
finne. {¥) 

You can see anything by the aid of a semaphora. It is also 
used to discover ore or subterranean caverns. 


Der erdspiegel entdeckt personen verborgene schatze und 
andere verborgenen dinge. Wu 245 

1972. Di flint soil mer butze mit em haerz fun re schpek- 
maus, n5 drefft mer alles as mer denno' schist. (Be) 
Swab the gun with the heart of a bat and you will hit any- 
thing that you aim at. 

Unfehlbaren schuss erlangt man, wenn man eine lebendige 
fledermaus zerreisst und die kugeln in das blut taucht. 

1973. Mer soil nt net ebber en nodel oder schpel mit em 
schpitz'iche end ge^e schunscht ferschtechts di lib. 


In giving a needle or pin or any pointed instrument to any 
one, never hand it with the point toward the person, for 
it will destroy your friendship. 

Der verleiher einer steck- oder nahnadel darf sie dem 
leihenden nicht selbst in die hand geben, sondem vor 
ihm hinlegen oder hinstecken, sonst werden sich beide 
feindlich gesinnt. J5 8 33. 142 

1974. En weibsmensch as ems brot dik scbneit mgcbt en 
guti scbtif mutter. (Af) 

The woman that cuts thick slices of bread will make a good 

Weil sie einem nichts drauf schmieren will. Elbg. 

1975. Wammer fegelneschter finnt un schwetzt am disch 
defun' gen di schl&nge dra". {Lnc, Nu; Kaisers- 

If you find a bird's nest and talk about it at the table, 
snakes will destroy it. 

1976. Wammer uf junge f egel scbnauf t eb si di §,ge uf hen, 

losse di glte si ferhungre. (C, 8c, Y) 

If you breathe on young birds before their eyes are opened, 

the parent birds will let them starve. 
Dann gehen sie kaputt. Hlbg. 

1977. Wammer fegel a"rekt eb si di kge uf hen, lossi di 
alte si ferreke. {Bu, C, Mr, Mt, 8c, T) 


If you touch, biyds before their eyes are opened, the parent 
birds will let them starve. 

1978. Mer soil ken bettschtrik iBers greiz schp&ntie, mer hot 
greiz gnmik so. (Y) 

The bed cord should not be stretched cross wise, you have 
cares and sorrows enough without it. 

1979. Mer soil ken gnopp iliers greiz S"nee, mer hot greiz 
gnunk' so. {Be,Lnc, Na, Sn; Heidelberg) 

In sewing on buttons take care not to cross the stitches, 
lest you add to your sorrows. 

1980. 'S wasser fum erechte schne is heilich wasser. {Bu, 
Lb, Lnc, Mt; Heidelberg) 

Water from the first snow is holy water. 

1981. En ganz er'licher mgnn muss en pusch h6r in der 
hgnd hg,t5e. (Na, T) 

4- perfectly upright man should have a tuft of hair in his 

1982. WSr re weisse daub di zung rausnemmt un lekt si 

sich u'nich di zung kgnn daerich en paertischenw^nd 
sene. (Lh) 

Cut out the tongue of a white pigeon, place it under your 
tongue, and you can look through a partition wall. 

1983. Wammer am feiermgche is uns will net brenne soil 
mer drei bese weibsleit nei'du". {Be, Lnc, Y; Frei- 

If when you are starting a fire it will not bum, put the 
names of three scolds into it. 

1984. "Warn mostq,seh' rese will un kann net muss di 

e'berscht lefts mit stser rSm oder me hin'keldrek 
schmtre un no in re dunkle ngcht en schwserzi katz 
es gb'schleke losse. {Af; Heidelberg) 
If you want to raise a moustache and cannot, rub sweet 

cream or chickendung on the lip and let a black eat lick 

it on a dark night. 


1985. Wann en f ux'gaxil ken naube hot hot sei' toischter si. 

(Afj- Heidelb-erg) 

If a sorrel is not tricky, its owner is. 

1986. Fer jeder schtich as de Sunndlks machscht rennt der 
der deibel en gU'dichi schtriknodel dserich di zung. 

For every stitch you take on Sunday the devil will run a 

red hot knitting needle through your tongue. 
. . Rennt der teuf el in der woch im haus herum. Hlhg. 

1987. Wgmmern dr§.ch S'ruf t grikt mer geld. (Lnc, Y) 

Call upon a dragon [or meteor?] for money. 

1988. Wgnn en maulwaerf im killer is hg,lts di rg,tte draus. 

(Lnc, Nu; Heidelberg) 

A mole in the cellar will keep out rats. 

1989. Wg,mmers maul mit em schptHnmbe ^.bbutzt, grikt 
mern horich maul. (Be, Bu, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, Sc; 

"Wiping the mouth with a dish cloth causes hair to grow on 
your lips. 

1990. So §s en flint giit dodmacht dut mer fum bliit fiime 
gedi'r as mer gschosse hot in der \M. (D, 8c) 

To give a gun greater power put into the gun barrel some 
of the blood of an animal you have shot. 

Tue blut von einem maulwurf in den lauf ^wischen das 
pulver und blei. Hoh 18 

1991. Ge" immer zum seme falter naus as de nei"gescht. 


Always enter and leave through the same bars. 

1992. Wannde ebbes ferlore hoscht, schpau in die hand un 

schlak mit em finger druf. Wiis menscht schpautz 

hi'fltkt, in sellre direk'schen leit was mer ferlore hot. 

(Bu; Freiburg) 

To find something you have lost : spit into the palm of your 
hand, hit the spittle with one finger and the direction in 
which the greater part of the spittle flies will indicate 
where the lost article can be found. 


1993. Wgnn schanschte' schwglme in en schtub kumme, 
drSge si wgnze ias bett. {Be, Bu, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mt, 
Sc, Sn, T; Freiburg) 

Chimney swallows bring bedbugs. 

1994. Schnuerte leit machens bett msergets, faule mitt&ks, 
sei obeds. {Bu; Heidelberg) 

Good housewives make the beds in the morning; lazy ones 
at noon, slatterns and pigs at night. 

1995. 'S hot ener en aerd'lichtel gsene un hot em drei sent 
&"'gebote wanns em hem leichte det. 'S hots gedu", 
un no wi er hem knmme is hot erm di drei sent net 
gebe wolle, g,bers hot juscht gewart bis es si grikt 
hot. {Lh) 

Once upon a time a man saw a will-o'-the-wisp and he of- 
fered it three cents if it would guide him home. Having 
done so, he declined to give it the promised reward but it 
just waited until it got its money. 

Feuermanner (auch lichtertrager, feurige landsknechte) 
sind ziemlich harmlos, wenn sie nicht beleidigt werden; 
sind gegen versprochenen lohn, einen kreuzer, einige 
pfennige oder brotkrumen, dem menschen gefallig, be- 
sonders den fuhrleuten die sie rufen, leuchten ihnen nach 
hause, imd dergleichen ; gibt man ihnen das versprochene, 
irgend sine kleinigkeit, nicht, so fuhren sie den menschen 
durch die Itifte davon oder ziinden ihm das haus an. 

1996. Di sch&le fun sume gummere lekt mer in di f rucht- 
kgmmer, di wible zu ferdreibe. {Be, Lh; Heidel- 

Put the shells of seed cucumbers into the granary to drive 

out weevils. 
Cucumbers were regarded infallible in driving vermin away. 

CP &P232 

1997. W§mmer hinnerschtfe'derscht schwetzt is mer hin- 
nerschtfe'derscht ufgscht§inne. {Af; Heidelberg) 
If a person jumbles his words in speaking he got up wrong. 


1998. W§,mmer sell bei name nennt q,s ^n em denkt wgmmer 
di schpel wider nei'schtekt un si bleibt f^scht hot 
mers recht genSmt. {Lnc, Na, Nu, Y; Heidelberg) 
If the pin, which has become loosened because some one waa 

thinking of you, remains in its proper place, you have 
guessed the name of the person. 

1999. Masrgets rot, 6'beds dot. (Bu; Freiburg) 

Morning red, evening dead. 

2000. Wammer em der rok'aermel nufgukt, sent mer 

schtseme. (Lnc, Nu) 
Look up a man 's coatsleeve and you will see stars. 

2001. Wgmmer in der busch get un dret uf aer'graut, f erlirt 
mer sich. (Af) 

You will lose your way in the woods if you step on rattle- 
snake plantain. 

Wenn man uber das kraut hinweg schreitet, ohne es zu 
wissen, so get man irre (daher irrkraut). Wu 99 

2002. Wann par leit en drg,ch sene, soUe si net z^mme 
schwetze schunscht f erget' er grad. {Be, Bu, C, Lb, 
Lh, Mr, Mt, Na, Sc, Sn, T) 

If several persons see a meteor at the same time they should 

remain silent, or it will disappear at once. 
Wenn man ruft "der draehe zieht", so entflieht er. Wu 46 

2003. Mer soil ken reche uf der kopp lege, schunscht heile 
di engel im himmel. {Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, Mt, Na, Nu) 
Do not let a rake lie on the ground with the teeth upwards, 

it makes the angels weep. 
Man soil keinen rechen mit den zahnen nach oben gerichtet 
liegen lassen, well es den engeln beim laufen wehe tut, 
denn die engelein sind barfuss. V A S 1. 492 

2004. Mer soil ken brot uf der kopp lege schunscht heile di 
engel im himmel. {Be, C, D, Lb, Lh, Mt, Na, Nu) 
Do not lay a loaf of bread on its round side, it makes the 

angels weep. 
Wenn brot auf der runden seite liegt, hat der teufel gewalt 
dariiber. Zf D M 1. 2i3 


20G5. Wffir enich ebbes in der pgim mit em mfesser schttftt, 
grikt seitsehtechie. (Lnc) 
If you stir anything in a pan with a knifie you will have a 

pain in yoilr side. 
Wer essen oder trinken mit dera tnferaer uiarfihrt, bekonunt 

leibschneiden. G 3. 1052 

2006. W^ der k^f fi oder t§ mit em messer rtrt grikt seit- 
schteche. {C, Lh, Lnc, 8c) 

You will have a stitch in the side if you stir coffee or tea 

with a knife. 
Wer essen oder trinken mit d«T gabel umriihrt bekommt 

leibstechai. G 3. 1052 

2007. So fil schtich §,s mer nemmt wgiQmer febbes 9.11 ebber 
§,"net, so fil drene. (Se, Lh, Na, 8c) 

Each stitch which you take while sewing or mending some- 
thing while the person is wearing it means a tear. 

2008. Wammer hexe fer grexe zu ebber sSkt, kglm er net 
da' was er du" hot woUe. (Be, Lh) 

If you say "hexe fer grexe" to a person he cannot do what 

he intended. 
Man sa^ hexe fer drexe. Hlhg. 

2009. Wammer ebber ebbes fi^net net merm schmaerze a' 
fer jeder schtich. (C) 

Each stitch you take while sewing something on a person 
means one additional pain. 

2010. Ne me melisch ebbes h" wanners 5"hot un du nescht 
ems glik wek. (Bu, Lh, 8c) 

You will lose your luck if you permit anyone to mend your 
clothes while you are wearihg them. 

2011. Wgmmer me mensch ebbes S,"ngt winners S-'hot, net 
merm di gedgnke f escht (Bu, Lb, Na, 8c) 

If you sew or inend anything on a person he will become 


2012. Wgrnmerme mensch ebbes a"net winners a'hot, net 
merm drufiel i". {C,D,Lh,Lnc,8c) 

You will sow on trouble if you mend any garment while it 
is being worn. 

2013. Wammer ebber ebbes a'aet winners ^'hot, grikt em 
f eind f er jeder scbtich. (Nu) 

Bach stitch which you take while sewing or mending a gar- 
ment while it is being worn, means one enemy. 

2014. Wg,mmerme mensch ebbes a'net wanners H'Lot, waert 
er dumm un fergess'lich. {Be, Bu, D, Lb, Lh, Mt, 
Na, Nu, Sc) 

If you mend or sew at a garment while a person is wearing 
it, the wearer will become stupid and forgetful. 

Wer sich das zeug am leibe flicken, einen knopf oder ein 
band annahen lasst, verliert das gedaehtnis, seine kraft 
oder verunreinigt sich im tode. B 8 33. 136 

2015. Wammer gscbeid sei" will muss mer drei scbnitz esse, 
aber net me. (Af; Heidelberg) 

To become wise, eat three pieces of dried fruit, but no more. 

2016. Wannde ebbes senscbt wandre in der nacht uns will 

der di hand gebe, geb sim net oder si fgUt der g,b 
(C, Lb, Lh, Mr, 8c, Y). Geb em en schnuppduch. 

If a spirit wandering about at night wants to shake hands 
with you, do not do it, for your hand wiU drop off. Give 
your handkerchief. 

Wer einen geist fragt, wodurch er erlost werden konne, 
muss es aueh voUbringen, sonst hat er vor demselben 
keine ruhe mehr ; versprieht man es, so f ordert der geist 
einen handschlag oder ein pfand. Die hand darf man 
ihm aber nicht reichen, sonst verbrennt sie, well jener 
schon vom qualenden feuer ergriffen ist, man darf ihm 
nur ein tuch oder etwas ahnliches reichen. Wu 483 

2017. Der jut is der gnoche wii der deibel in di sei gfSre is 

{Be, Bu, Lb, Lh, Mt, Sc, Y). Er best k 's joch. 
The atlas bone [?] marks the spot where the devU entered 
the swine. It is also called the yoke. 



Die sail hat dem "hoehriicken" im genick ein wirbelbein, 
das da aussieht, als sitze ein madchen im zaber. Dies 
nennt man die "saujimgfer"; wei- diese beim essen be- 
kommt, wird ausgelacht — denn es eine jiidin. V A 8 1. 

2018. Wgnn en medel me mgnnskaerl sei" hut uf 'dut, will si 

en boss. {Be, Lh, Na) 
If a girl wears a man's hat, she wants a kiss. 
Wenn man einem madchen einen mannshut aufsetzt, be- 
kommt sie noch sieben jahre keinen mann. Dr 226 

2019. W^mmer fun hem is un drefft der sem mensch p&r 
mol seller dak a", muss ens defun' trite, wann si 
n§,nner 's dritt mol ^-dreffe. {Be, Lh) 

If, when away from home, you meet the same person the 
third time in one day you must treat him. 

Wenn zwei menschen an demselben tage einander ofter 
begegnen, so ist einer dem andem etwas schuldig. Wu 

2020. Wammer am sef koche is uns schmeist em ebber br5t 

Oder brotgrimmie in der kessel waert di sef net. {Lh) 
If while boiling soap, some one throws bread or breadcrumbs 

into the kettle, the soap wiU not be a success. 
Wenn beim butterausriihren der rahm nicht brechen will, 
wirft man drei brotbrockelein in den drei hochsten namen 
ins riihrfass, so geht's bald aus. V A 8 1. 397 

2021. Wammer §.m sefkoche is uns kummt en m^imskserl, 
muss er si schtarre, no gebts sef. {C, 8c, Y; Lust- 

If, when you are boiling soap, a man happens along, make 
him stir it, or the soap will not come. 

2022. Iberm sef koche muss mer mit me s^s'sefr^s 
schteke rtre. {Lh, Lnc, Mr) 

When making soap, stir it with a sassafras stick. 
To make soap, stir it with a sassafras stick in the dark of 
the moon. A F J U. 33 


2023. Wsmmer §,n der mse'rik get, soil mer der erscht kSfr 
net ge~ losse schunscht kammer sei" s§ch seller d&k 
net ansferk&fe. (Af) 

If you attend market, don 't let the first customer leave mth- 

out making a purchase, or you can't dispose of your 

Wer mit waare zum markt geht, darf den ersten kaufer 

nicht gehen lassen, auch wenn er ihm noch so wenig bietet. 

B 8 33. 140 

2024. Wgnn in re f g,mi'lie lauter buBe sin. un noch ken m6d, 

d&nn hescht der letscht bu Adam, no gebts med, (C, 


To break a succession of male children in a family, one of 

them should be named Adam and the next child to be 

bom will be a girl. 

2025. Wgmmern neii sut grikt uns erscht mol fi'dut sott 
mer ebbes gschenktes drfi" oder drin hg.Be schunscht 
hot mer ken glik mit der sut. Fer di iir' bettle 
sich fll mannsleit en pS.r ho'sedreger mit der sut. 

The first time you wear a new suit it should contain a pres- 
ent of some kind. For this reason many men request 
that a pair of suspenders be included. 

Wer ein neues Meid zum erstenmal anzieht, darf es nicht 
leer anziehen, sondem muss sich vorher irgend etwas 
schenken lassen imd in die tasche stecken, sonst hat er in 
und mit dem kleid kein gliick. B 8 33, 247 

2026. Wgrnmem nagel fun re lad ime dtb sei" fussdg.bbe 
schlg,kt, grikt ern weer fiiss. {Lnc, Na, Sn) 

If you drive a coffinnail into a thief's footsteps he will get 

a sore foot. 
Sargnagel in die fussspuhr eines di»bes geschlagen wirken 

d«ssen tod. Wu 135 

2027. Fer glik 9,n der lottert' drSk en schpekmaushserz im 
bgkebuch no. {Be, Lnc, Y) 


"When playing the lottery, carry the heart of a bat in your 

Bin fledermauskopf im geldbeutel bringt ihm gewinn. Z 


2028. Mer soil der kopp fun re schpek'maus nodrfige, no 
gewinnt mer alles §8 mer schptlt defor'. {Be, Lnc) 
Carry the head of a bat with you to bring luck in any game. 
Ein fledermauskopf im geldbeutel des spielers bringt ihm 

gewinn. Z 776 

2029. Dr&k en schpekmaus hserz im sak no, wgnnde gewinne 
witt i'fterm k&rte schpl'le. {Be, C, Mr, Sc) 

Carry in your pocket the heart of a bat if you would win 

at cards. 
Gliick im spiel hat, wer das herz einer eule, den stein aus 

dem riicken einer fledermaus oder den kopf eines weid- 

hopfs bei sich tragt. 6 3. 251 

2030. Wgmmer en leb brot 's un'nerscht 's e'Berscht hl"- 
lekt, gebts schtreit. {Be, C, Lh, Na, 8n, T) 

If you place a loaf of bread on its head, you will have a 

Man soil das liebe brot nicht auf dem riicken liegen lassen. 

G 3.278 

2031. Wannd der ellboge weder rennscht duts so we §s 

wg-mmer sei" mgun ferltrt oder gs -wgnn em der 
m§nn sehtaerbt. {Be, Bu, C, D, Lh, Mr, Mt, Sc; 

A blow on the crazy bone is as distressing as the loss or 
death of one's husband. 

2032. Wammern kopche" [kaf'fi] ausschitt un nSs kopohe 
wider uf schtellt kammer sage wi fil leit ^s uf bsuch 
kumme bei de ring gs im kopche sin. {Be, Lh, Lh, 
Na, Sn, Y) 

The number of rings in the cup after the coffee has been 
drunk indicate the number of visitors to be expected. 


2033. Negel g,s mer jusd fer fens mgche soil mer in §1 
dunke, no hg,lt di fens fil lenger. (D) 

Fences will last much longer if the nails used in making 

them are dipped in oil. 
. . Dann fault's nicht bald. Hlhg. 

2034. Wammem blu'meschtok schittelt wgnn en re'geboge 

schtet, grikt er sche'kiche blume. {Be, Lh, Lnc, Mr, 
Y; Freiburg) 

If you shake a flowering plant while there is a rainbow, the 
flowers will be speckled. 

2035. "Wgnimer aergets hl-gschikt waert fer ebbes hole un 

sciitol'bert oder fallt uf em wek, get mer zurik' un 
dutsitJer. {Bu,Mr,Mt) 

If you stumble or fall while on an errand you must go back 
and start over again. 

2036. Wgmmer get ebbes zu hole un schtol'bert uf em wek 
fergesst mer was mer hole hot wolle. {Af; Heidel- 

If you stumble while going on an errand, you will forget 
what you were sent for. 

2037. Wann en re'geboge am himmel schtet soil 'mem 
Faterun'ser bete. {Be) 

Eepeat the Lord's Prayer when you see a rainbow. 
Bei einem gewitter kniet man sich in der stube zum 
allgemeinen gebet nieder. Zf D M2. 102 

2038. Es hot nachts immer en ffirdlicht gerufe: "WH soil 
ich en M" du" ? " 'S is en gsoffner der wek gg-nge un 
hots kert, un sei" antwort war : "Ei, dii ferdammter 
esel, diin ht" wud en grikt hoscht. " Sell hot di ggnz 
bisness gsettelt. {Af) 

Every night an ignis fatuus was heard to say: "where 
shall I put it?" A drunken man who came along heard 
the question, and answering said: "Why, put it where 
you got it, you damned fool." That settled the whole 


In sehr vielen fallen kommt es darauf an, dass der meuach 
das wort der gerechtigkeit ausspricht, um eine verschul- 
dete seele zu retten. Wenn menschen, die grenzsteine 
verriickt haben — einer der haufigsten falle — ^naeh dem 
tode als feuermanner und dergleiohen den grenzstein auf 
der sehulter tragen miissen, so fragen Me jeden vor- 
iibergehenden, "was soil ieh mit ihm anfangenf" oder 
"wo soil ich ihm hintragen?" da muss man antworten: 
"trage ihn bin, wo du ihn weggenommen hast", so ist er 
erlost. Sehr oft kommt es vor, dass sehr einf altige, ja be- 
trunkene leute das erlosende wort finden. Wu 482. 

2039. Mer soil ken knecht oder mSd faertfare. (D) 
Servants when leaving should not be taken home with the 

employer's team. 

2040. Mer soil sei" brendes net fsertf&re oder mer hot ken 
glik un der brendes S net. (Be, Bu, D, Lb, Lh, Na, 
Sc; Freiburg) 

It is bad luck to both employer and apprentice if the latter 
is taken away in the former's conveyance. 

2041. En grosi fr& un en grdsi scheier sin kem mg,nn ken 

sch&de. (Be, C, Lb, Lh, Lnc, Mr, Na, Nu, 8n, T; 
A large wife and a large bam bring luck to any man. 

2042. Wgnn em en schpekmaus uf der kopp fllkt grikt mer 
wgnze. {Bu, Mt, Na) 

If a bat flies on your head you will have bed bugs. 

2043. Ftl leit sin b§ng fer der paerre zu schike Ine 's ngcht'- 
mol zu gebe, si mene si misste schtaerlBe. (Be, Lh, 

Many persons are afraid to summon their pastor to give 

them communion, because they are afraid that they must 

then die. 
Manche schieben das abendmahl auf dem kranken bett 

moglichst hinaus, weil sie glauben dann jedenfalls 

sterben zu miissen. Wu 141 


2044. Wg-nnde ebbes an der i'nee losscht Ukt ebber weich 

der. {Lb, Lnc, 8c) 
If your clothuig is mended while on you somebody will lie 

about you. 
If you have your clothes mended on your back, you will be 

ill-spoken of. C F Suf 1. 128 

2045. Mer soil nix an em §,"nee losse schunscht net mern 
lik a" fer jeder schtieh. (C, Lb, Lnc, Mr, Na, 8c, 8n) 
If you have your clothes mended on your back you will be 

ill-spoken of. D J 82 

2046. Mer soil nix an em k'nee losse oder mer grikt en 
feind fer jeder scbtich. (Nu) 

An enemy for every stitch will be the result of having your 
clothes mended on your pereon. 

2047. W§,mmer sich ebbes a~nee losscht wgmmers ^'hot 
wsert mer dnmm. {Mt) 

You will become stupid if you permit anyone to mend any 
of your garments while wearing them. 

2048. Wammer unwissend der schserz letz ^'dut, soil mem 

so losse oder mer tschendzhd sei" glik. {Bu, C, D; 

If you put on your apron unwittingly inside out, you must 
not change it, for by so doing you will change yoiu: luck. 
Wer ein kleidungsstuck verkehrt anzieht, hat gliick. A J 

2049. Mer soil ken pre'sent mache zu seim beschte freind 
funre scbpel oder mer ferschtecht di lib, oder fume 
messer oder re scher oder mer ferschneit si. (Af) 
Never present a friend with a pin, knife or scissors, or you 

will puncture, sever or cut the friendship. 
Es darf kein freund dem freunde ein schneidendes oder 
spitziges instrument, als messer, scheere u.s.w. schenken, 
es zersehneidet die li«be oder freundschaft. B S 33. 118 ; 


2050. Des wu braucht daerf ken breis mgche f er sei' jer^et 

schunscht b§,ts nix. (Af) 

Powwowing will be of no avail if the powwower sets a price 
on his work. 

Fiir ihre kuren diirfen die weisen leute niemals etwas for- 
dern, sonst helfen sie nichts; sie diirfen nur freiwillige 
gesehenke annehmen. Wu. 147 

Another important character whose supernatural powers 
are still credited is the "charmer." She is generally an 
elderly woman of good reputation and supposed to be 
gifted with extraordinary powers by means of which she 
performs her wonderful feats of skill. By her incanta- 
tions and mysterious ceremonials she stops blood, cures 
all manner of diseases and is, in short, regarded as almost 
a miracle worker. . . . These supposed charmers do not 
always, however, make a trade of their art; for on the 
contrary, it is suposed by some of them that any oflfer of 
pecuniary remuneration would break the spell and render 
the charm of no effect. D Y 72-3 

2051. Was zwet sich dritt sich, 

What happens twice, happens thrice. 

Wenn an einem tage zwei gaste kommen wird der dritte 

bald nach folgen. Z 391 ; Zfd M 2. 421 
If you break two things, you wiU break a third. V S L 

2. 526 

2052. Wammer gridlich is sage si als: du bischt mit em 
linkse fus 's erscht aus em bett. (Af) 

When one is cross and crabbed, people usually say: you 

got out of bed with the left foot first. 
To get out of bed with the left foot first renders you cross 

and unfortunate all the day. E Y ^i 

2053. Schu as greische sin noch. net bezalt. {Be, Bu, C, Lb, 
Lnc, Mr, Mt, Na, Nu, 8n) 

Creaking shoes are still unpaid. 

Wenn die stief eln oder schuhe knarren, dann sind sie noch 

nicht bezahlt. Wu 212 
If your new boots creak, the shoemaker is still unpaid. E 

Y 45. 


2054. Nemm en hor fume menscli un ztk si zwische em 
daumenggel ume fingernggel dae'rich. Wgnn di h6r 
sich ufgroUt, is seller mensch schpankich. {Be, Bu, 
Lh, Mt) 

Scrape the thumbnail and a fingernail along a hair. If the 
hair curls the owner is high-tempered. 

Solch ein mensch ist recht zomig. Hlbg. 

To find out if a person is proud. Take a hair of the head 
and pull it tightly between the nails of the first finger 
and the thumb. If it curls, its owner is proud, and the 
amount of curl it takes is the measure of pride. Scot 

Scrape the thumbnail and the fingernail along a hair, and 
if, by the third time it curls up, the owner is high- 
tempered. C 8 A136 

2055. Mer nemmt en slrdsclipigel f er geld finne. (D) 
Use a semaphora to discover hidden treasures 

2056. Di grabe, eile, woi un so weiter ^s mer schisst, nggelt 
mer gn di scheier. (Be, Lh) 

Crows, owls, hawks and so forth are shot and nailed to the 

Die weihen imd hake sucht man dadurch vom hofe fern zu 
halten, da^ man dergleichen tiere mit ausgespannten 
fliigein an das scheuertor nagelt. V A 8 1. 125 

The practice of nailing field vermin (weasles, jays, and 
others) on the walls of country houses has some magical 
bearing on certain animals supposed to be embodied 
witches. y8 L 2. 1. 446 

2057. En mSdel mit me dike h&ls hot dike be". (Be, Lh; 

A girl with a fat neck has fat legs, 

2058. W&mmers brauchbuch ins ek schtellt dreibts §11 di 
meis aus. (D) 

Place the spellbook into the corner of room and it will drive 
out all the mice. 


2059. Wammer der enunnein'iziclischt P^glm im grlk n6 

drSkt dun em di kugle nix. (Z>) 
If you carry the ninety-first Psalm with you in the army 
bullets will not hurt you. 

2060. Wammer der wibberwill' hert soil mer sich rolle no 

grikt mer ken ftCer. (Bu) 

Roll yourself when you hear a whippoorwiU to prevent 

2061. Wammer der wibberwill' hert soil mer sich rolle no 
grikt mer ken rikwe. (Na) 

Roll yourself when you hear a whippoorwill to prevent 

backache or lumbago. 
Wenn man den kuckuk hort ... Kl 

2062. Wgnn e'nich ebber unner siSe jor en maurwaerf hebt 
bis er dod is kann er brauche fer enich ebbes g.s f 6r- 
f^Ut. {Be, Bu, D, Lb, Lh, La, Nu, Sc) 

If a person under seven years of age holds a mole in his 

hand until it is dead, he can powwow for any thing that 

Wenn man einen maulwurf langsam in der hand sterben 

lasst, so kann man mit dieser hand aEerlei iibel heilen. 


2063. Wann en f rS gut f eiermgche Ic^nn hot si en schmierter 
mgnn. {Be, D, Lb, Lnc, Nu, ¥) 

If a wife can kindle a good fire she has a good husband. 

2064. W§.nn en f rS gut f eiermgche k&im grikt si en schmaer- 
ter m§,nn. {Bu, C, Mr, Mt, Nu, Sc, 8n, Y) 

If a woman can kindle a good fire she will get a good hus- 

2065. W^nn en m^nn gut feierm9.che kann hot er en 
schmserti irh. {Af) 

If a man can kindle a good fire he has a good wife. 

2066. En be'si fra is gewen'lich en guter feiermftcher. (.4// 

A scolding woman can usually make a good fire. 


2067. Wemmers maul g,b'butzt mit em schptUumbe .grikt 

mern ho'rich maul. {8c, Y) 

If a woman wipes her mouth with a dishcloth she will get 
a hairy lip. 

2068. Wgmmer in en fogelneseht schnauft gen di glte 
nimmi druf. (Bu, Mt; Heidelberg) 

If you breathe into a bird's nest the birds will forsake it. 

2069. Wammer in. en f o'gelnescht schnauft ws^re di oier 
faul, {Lnc, Nu; Heidelberg) 

If you breathe into a bird's nest the eggs will rot. 

2070. Der weschlumbe wu mer en dodes mit wescht is gCit 
fer brauche. {Lb, Lnc, Sn, Y) 

The washrag used in washing a corpse is used in powwow- 

2071. Wammer feier m9.cht uns will net brenne soil mer 

drei bese weibsleit nei" dii'. {Be, Lnc, Y; Frei- 
If you kindle a fire and it does not bum, write the names 

of three scolds on a piece of paper and throw it into the 


2072. Wannd en maulwaerf in der hand hebscht bis er dod is 
kgnnscht me an'nere m§,nn 's glik wek hebe mit. 
{Mt; Heidelberg) 

If you hold a mole in your hand imtil it dies you can rob a 
man of his luck. 

2073. Wg.mmer wesch'be b&nne will secht mer dreimol in 

em ochtem : 

Weschbli, weschbli, schtech mich net, 
Bis der deibel der sege schprecht. {Be, C, Lb, Lh, 
Lnc, 8c) 

To charm wasps so that won't sting, say: 
Little wasp, little wasp, don't sting me till the devil pro- 
nounces the benediction. 
Wespen, ich bonne euch, beisst ihr mich, bonn' ich eueh, 
fresst ihr mich, derreiss' ich euch. Zf D M 2. 423 


2074. Wg,mmer sich im busch ferlore hot soil mer der rok 

rumdree. (Bu, D, Mt, 8c; Niirtingen) 
When lost in the woods, turn your coat inside out. 

2075. Wg.nnd dich ime busch ferlore hoscht, guk gme hkm 
nuf. (Nu; Kaiser slautern) 

"When lost in the woods look up a tree. 

2076. Wgnnd dich im busch ferlore hoscht drg drei mol 
rum, no kummscht wider raus. (8n; Kaisers- 

"When lost in the woods turn around three times and you 
will find your way out. 

2077. "Wgnnd dich im busch ferlore hoscht nemm drei 
schritt hin'nerschich, no kgimscht der wek wider 
finne. {8c; Kaiserslautem) 

"When lost in the woods take three steps backward and you 
will find your way out. 

2078. Dre del" sek rum wgmid dich im busch ferlore 
hoscht, no kummscht wider raus. (Be, 8c, 8n, Y) 
If you are lost in the woods, turn your pockets inside out. 
Hat man sich im wald verirrt, so muss man die taachen um- 

kehren, wahi-scheinlich um den hineingefallenen irrssamen 
herauszubringen. Wu 407 

If you have lost your way in the woods, turn your pocket 
inside out. Com 123 

2079. Wsmmer in der busch get un ferltrt sich, muss mer 
en schtik gled letz a'du", no k^mmer wider aus em 
busch. {Be,C,Lnc,8n,Y) 

If you are lost in the woods, take off a garment, turn it in- 
side out and put it on again. 

Hat man sich im wald verirrt, so muss man die schiirze 
verkehrt umbinden. Wu 407 

"When you have lost your way turn some article of dress in- 
side out. V S L2.1. 428 


2080. Wsmmer sich in busch f erlore hot, wekselt mer sich 

di schu, n5 kummt mer wider raus. {Bu, Lb, Lh, Mr, 

Mt, Na, Nu, 8c, 8n) 

If you are lost in the woods, change your shoes and you will 

find your way out. 
Hat man sich im walde verirrt, so muss man die schuhe 

wechseln. Wu 407 

2081. Wgrnmer sich zwische Grischdlk un Neijor wescht is 
mers ganz jor sauber, {Be, Lnc, Mr, Na, Sn) 

If you take a bath between Christmas and New Year you 
will be clean all year. 

2082. SchalSe kammer fasrtdrage wammer pSr in drei glene 
hefe binnt un si an di fens henkt. {Be, Lb, Lh) 
Rid the house of moths by tying a few into three small 

crocks and hanging them on a fence. 

2083. Wann em der schubendel ufget denkt ebber §,n em. 
W^mmern no binnt muss mer den bei name nenne 
was §n em denkt schunseht bleibt er net zii. {Af) 
If your shoe laces become untied some one is thinking of 

you. In retying them name the person who is thinking 
of you and the shoe laces will remain tied. 

2084. En frS. muss me mann un en mann re irk sSge wi 
zu brauche, schunseht batts nix. {Af) 

The powwowing formula must always be communicated to 
a person of the opposite sex, else it will lose its effect. 

Sympathien miissen sich maner von frauen und frauen von 
mannem lehren lessen, sohst sind sie imwirksam. O 3. 

2085. En guter feiermg,cher macht en giiter m§,nn. {Af; 

A man who can kindle a fire easily will make a model hus- 


Monograph Series 

1. Translations of German Poetry m American Magaeines 1741-1810. 

By Edward Ziegler Davis, Ph.D. 234 pp. Price $1.65 

2. The Barmony Society. A C!bapter in German American Culture 

History. By John Archibald Bole, Ph.D. 179 pp. 30 Illustra- 
tions. Price $1.50 

3. Friedridk Schiller in, America. A Contribution to the literature of 

the Poet's Centenary, 1905. By BUwood Comly Parry, Ph.D. 

117 pp. Price $1.25 

4. The Influence of Salomon Gessner upon English Literature. By 

Bertha Reed. 119 pp. Price $1.25 

5. The German Settlement Society of Philadelphia and Its Colony, 

Eermkmn, Missouri. By William G. Beck. 193 pp. Price .... $1.50 

6. Philipp Waldedk's Diary of the American Efvolution. With Intro- 

duction and Photographic Beproductions. By H. D. Learned. 

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8. The Settlement of the German Coast of Louisiana and the Creoles 

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9. Early German Music in Philadelphia. By B. B. Drummond, Ph.D. 

112 pp. Price $1.25 

10. ' ' TTnele Tom's Cabin" in Germany. By Grace Edith MaeLean, Ph.D. 

102 pp. Price $1.50 

11. The Germans in Texas. A Study in Immigration. By Gilbert Gid- 

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12. The American Ethnographical Survey. Oonestoga Expedition. M. 

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18. Beliefs and Superstitions of the Pennsylvania Gernums. By Edwin 

M. Fogel, Ph.D. 386 pp. Price $3.S0 

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