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Full text of "Monograph of Union "Mark" Lodge, No.1, Claremont, New Hampshire : an abstract from the records, with a list of its members"

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Union "Mark" 




M.'. E.'. H.'. P.'. WKBB CHAPTER, NO. 6. 

The original of this bool< is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

There are no known copyright restrictions in 
the United States on the use of the text. 



Union "Mark" lodge, 

No. 1, 

Claremont, New Hampshire. 




M.'. E.". H.". P.". WEBB CHAPTER, NO. 6. 





^^. H -^^ ^^ g 


( ? 3 /3 


The records of an o%anization, of which there was 
never but one chartered in this state, seemed to me to be 
of sufificient interest to place before the Companions of 
this Chapter ; and the fact of its having been organized 
prior to the establishment of Grand Chapter, and even 
before the Chapter itself, lends historical interest to the 
record of those men who nearly three-quarters of a cen- 
tury ago laid the foundations of our present Chapter and 


Claremont, N. H., September ist, 1891. 


The first recorded attempt at obtaining a dispensation 
for a " Mark Lodge " occurs in the records of " Hiram 
Lodge," on May 5th, 1802, when the Master, Daniel 
Barber, was instructed to procure a "marked lodge," 
and the sum of ten dollars was voted to pay for the same. 
The same vote was again taken September ist, in the 
same year, and the "Wardens & Secretary were instruct- 
ed to furnish a recommendation for that purpose." 

These dispensations were undoubtedly obtained for the 
purpose of conferring the " mark " upon Brother Daniel 
Barber, the newly elected Master, previous to his receiv- 
ing the Past Master's degree. The vote of September, was 
to enable Dr. Linus Stevens to receive the same degree. 
In each instance they were obtained from the Grand Mas- 
ter, and the sum of ten dollars was paid by the Lodge. 
The next record in connection with a "Mark Lodge 
occurs as follows : 

Albany, T,d July, i8i8. 
W. Brethren, 

I inclose the dispensation requested & wishing you prosperity in 
your individual and collective capacity, 

I am yours fraternally, 

Benjamin Tyler & i 
Joseph Rice and > 
associates. ) 

" The fee due for the dispensation and which goes to the General 
Grand Chapter is Twenty dollars which you will please to forward 
by mail." 


[ A Copy of the Dispensation^, 
To all Mark Master Masons — Greeting — 

Be it known that I, DeWitt Clinton, Grand High Priest of the 
General Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the United States of America, 
by virtue of the power vested in me by the Constitution of the General 
Grand Royal Arch Chapter aforesaid do by this letter of dispensation 
authorize and empower our worthy brethren Benjamin Tyler, Joseph 
Rice, John Taylor, Thomas Haxton ( Saxton,) Elisha Hitch- 
cock, Joseph Alden, Charles Higbee, Junior, James B. Andrews, 
Sam'l Higbee, Roswell Elmer, Zenas Hitchcock, junior, and 
Lemuel Hitchcock, and their associates, to form, open, and hold a 
lodge of Mark Master Masons in the Town c(f Claremont, in the State 
of New Hampshire, from the date hereof until the next meeting of the 
General Grand Royal Arch Chapter, ( unless it should be my pleasure 
to sooner revoke the same ) which lodge shall be called Union Mark 
Lodge, No. I, and I do hereby appoint Daniel Barber to be the 
first Master, Stephen Rice to be the first Senior Warden, and 
Nathan Bingham to be the first Junior Warden, divesting them 
with full power and authority to assemble upon lawful and proper oc- 
casions and to perform all such acts as have been and ought to be 
done for the advantage of Free Masonry. 

I ^■■^- ! 

Given under my hand & privy seal 
at the City of Albany, Anno Domini 
i8i8, of Masonry 5818. 


Superscribed. S3>^c. 

Messrs. Benjamin Tyler & 
Josph Rice, 


Cheshire County, 

New Hampshire. 

On July 13th following, the following Masons met at 
Zenas Hitchcock's hall* : 
Stephen Blanchard, Jr., Stephen Rice, Nathan 

*Zenas Hitchcock lived at what is now Cross's Hotel, West Claremont; kept store in the 
buudmg opposite; was born in the house now owned by Daniel Bowker. 


Bingham, Thomas Saxton, Zenas Hitchcock, Roswell 
Elmer, Jno. Aluen, Charles Higbee, Jr., John Hitch- 
cock, Jr., John Tyler, Benj'm Tyler, Samu'l Higbee, 
and James B. Andrews. 

[Believers in the fatality of thirteen take notice — thir- 
teen men on the thirteenth of the month.] 

After reading the letter of dispensation a Lodoje of 
Mark Master Masons was opened in due form, the follow- 
ing serving as ofiScers Pro Tem : 

Master, R. W. Stephen Blanchard, Jr. 
Senior Warden, W. Stephen Rice. 
Junior Warden, W. Nathan Bingham. 
Secretary, Joseph Alden. 
Treasurer, Joseph Rice. 
M. Overseer, Thomas F. Saxton. 
Senior Overseer, Zenas Hitchcock. 
Junior Overseer, Roswell Elmer. 

Stewards i Charles Higbee, Jr. 
btewards, j j^^^ Hitchcock, Jr. 

Tyler, John Tyler. 

Thomas F. Saxton, Zenas Hitchcock and Stephen 
Rice were chosen a committee to form a code of By-Laws 
and seven dollars was determined upon as the fee for the 

Daniel Barber, Stephen Rice and Stephen Bing- 
ham were chosen to return thanks for the dispensation. 

John Hitchcock, Jr., Lemuel Hitchcock, Benjamin 
Tyler, Stephen Rice, and Charles Higbee, Jr., a com- 
mittee to furnish working tools. 

James P. Alden, Godfrey Stevens, and Charles A. 
Saxton were proposed and elected members and paid 
their initiation fees. 

The Lodge was then closed in form. 

Au£-usi 26th, 1818. The lodge met at Zenas Hitch- 
cock's hall, Stephen Rice acting as Master, Zenas 
Hitchcock as Senior Warden, Nathan Bingham as 
Junior Warden, and Joseph Alden as Secretary. 

Peter Niles and Daniel Chase were proposed for 
membership. The Lodge closed and reopened at the home 
of Ebenezek Rice, and Niles and Chase were elected 
and advanced. Jesse Hitchcock was proposed and it 
was voted to hold meetings hereafter in Ebenezer Rice's 

The appended By-Laws were adopted : 


Article I. The members of Union Mark Lodge, No. i, shall as- 
semble on the second Wednesday of November, February, May and 
August, at 2 o'clock, P. M. 

Art. II. Right W. Master may call a special meeting of the lodge 
upon any emergency, at his discretion, provided the members be duly 

Art. IV. The annual election of officers shall be holden on the 
second Wednesday of November, which ofiicers shall be R. W. Mas- 
ter, Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer, Secretary, Master 
Overseer, Senior Overseer, Junior Overseer, two Stewards & Tyler, 
all of which if required shall be chosen by ballot. 

Art. VII. Every meeting of the lodge shall be closed at a season- 
able hour. 

Art. V. The officers thus elected shall be installed as soon as may 
be and shall hold their offices till others are elected and installed in 
their room. 

*Ebenezer Rice lived at West Claremont, in the house now known as the Bancroft house. 




Article I. It shall be the duty of the R. W. Master to preside at 
all meetings and in his absence the next senior officer. 

Art. II. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to keep and render 
just and exact account of the funds and property entrusted to his care. 
He shall receive from the Secretary all the monies and securities be- 
longing to the lodge and shall pay them out, by order of the R. W. 
Master, agreeably to the vote of the lodge. 

Art. III. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a true and 
exact record of all proceedii%s of the lodge, with a list of the mem- 
bers and visitors attending each meeting. To collect and receive all 
fees which shall become due to the lodge, to keep a correct account 
of the same and pay them over to the Treasurer. To make returns 
agreeably to the G. G. R. Arch Constitution. To issue summonses 
for meetings of the lodge whenever directed by the R. W. Master or 
by vote of the members. He shall settle his accounts with the treas- 
urer at each annual meeting and oftener if required, and for his servi- 
ces shall receive such compensation as the lodge may from time to 
time determine. 

Art. IV. It shall be the duty of the Stewards to take care of all 
the jewels, furniture and stores of the lodge, to provide necessary ac- 
commodations and refreshments, and to exhibit their bill for allow- 
ance and adjustment. 

Art. V. It shall be the duty of the Tyler to distribute summonses 
to attend seasonably, and he shall receive for his service fifty cents for 
each attendance. 

Art. VI. The Treasurer and Secretary shall give bonds to the R. 
W. Master and Wardens with good and sufficient sureties, for the 
faithful performance of their respective duties, which bonds shall be 
lodged in the hands of the R. W. Master for the time being. 



Article I. All propositions for advancement in this lodge shall 
be made by a member at a stated communication, and shall be laid 
over to the next regular meeting. 


Art. II. Every candidate at the time of his application shall de- 
posit in the hands of the Secretary the sum of three dollars. 

Art. III. No candidate shall be advanced in this lodge until he 
shall have received the degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, 
and Master Mason. 

Art. IV. No candidate can be admitted but by a unanimous vote ; 
if only one or two objections appear the ballot may be tried again if 
desired. The fees for advancement shall be Seven Dollars. 

Art. V. When a candidate is approved he must appear for ad- 
vancement within one year or his deposit will be forfeited and he 
must be balloted for over, if he apply again. 

Art. VI. No candidate shall be advanced in this lodge who has 
been rejected in any Mark Lodge. 



Article I. Every brother when he speaks shall rise and respect- 
fully address the presiding officer ; and only one shall be allowed to 
speak at a time, nor shall any member absent himself without permis- 

Art. II. No brother shall improperly disclose the rejection of any 
candidate, or other transactions of this lodge, on penalty of expulsion, 
if a member; if a visitor, of never being received again as such, and 
after the rejection of any candidate this article shall be read. 

Art. III. Every brother shall have a right to inform of any disor- 
derly conduct or improper behavior of a member, by complaint which 
shall be made to the lodge in writing at a regular communication, and 
shall ly over to the next regular communication, and the accused sum- 
moned to attend ; at which time the lodge shall proceed to hear the 
complaint, and, if upon examination, such complaint shall appear to 
be just and well grounded, the Brother offending shall be admonished, 
suspended or expelled at the discretion of the lodge, provided, how- 
ever, to suspend there shall be at least one-half the members present, 
and to expel, two-thirds. And in case a member refuse to comply 
with such due process the Lodge may proceed to take a vote of expul- 
sion ex parte. Provided, in all cases of expulsion two-thirds of the 
members present shall vote in its favor. 




Article I. The expenses of all special meetings called for the 
benefit of individuals shall be defrayed by said individuals unless 
otherwise directed at the time by the lodge. 

Art. II. The funds and property of the Lodge shall remain for- 
ever undivided and shall always be considered as the property of the 
existing members, who shall have sole management thereof and by 
vote at any regular meeting, dispose of the same for the benefit of the 
Lodge, or for the relief of indigent and distressed worthy Mark Mas- 
ter Masons or their widows and orphans, but no sum of money shall 
ever be granted, or any amount be allowed except at a regular meet- 


Article I. Every Mark Master Mason named in the dispensa- 
tion of this Lodge shall be considered a member, provided he attend 
and sign the by-laws. 

Art. II. Any Mark Master Mason wishing to become a member 
of this Lodge must be proposed at a regular meeting, and be unani- 
mously accepted by the members present and sign the by-laws. 

Art. III. These by-laws shall be read at every election of officers, 
previous to the choice, and shall be subject to alterations or amend- 
ment, provided the same be proposed in writing at a regular meeting 
and lie over for consideration till the next regular communication. 

September 30, 1818. David Parker, of Charlestown, 
was proposed for membership, and it was voted to hold 
the annual meeting on November i ith, at two o'clock P. 


November 11, 1818. The annual meeting made choice 
of the following officers : 

Rt. W. Master, Stephen Rice. 
Sen. Warden, Nathan Bingham. 


Jun. Warden, Zenas Hitchcock. 

Treasurer, Joseph Rice. 

Secretary, Joseph Alden. 

M. O., Thomas F. Saxton; S. O., Godfrey Stevens; J. O., 

C. A. Saxton. 
Stewards, John Tyler, John Hitchcock. 
Tyler, Peter Niles. 

Voted — That the Lodge meet on the first Thursday of 
each month for four months, and thereafter until it was 
deemed expedient to change. 

Jesse Hitchcock was elected and received his degree 
and it was voted to hire the hall of Daniel Chase for 
four months. 

[ Chase's hall was occupied by the Lodge and was the 
upper story of what is now the Sullivan House.] 

December 3, 1818. David Parker was elected and • 
Daniel Bond proposed. One dollar was voted for re- 
freshment, and sixty cents for a record book. The treas- 
urer was also authorized to purchase a book for his own 
use. The Lodge was then closed, and followed by a 
special when Daniel Bond was rejected, but it was recon- 
sidered and laid over one meeting, to January 17, 1819, 
when he was elected, and with David Parker received 
the degree. 

The next meeting occurred June 3, 18 19. James A. 
Gregg was proposed and elected at a special immediately 
following, and on July ist he received the work. 

August 15th, 1816. A resolution was presented rela- 
tive to the disposition of the funds of the Lodge. It was 
laid upon the table until the next regular meeting. An 
order for S3j^c. postage paid by Joseph Alden was voted 


paid, and also i8c. to Nathan Bingham for postage on 
letter of thanks to DeWitt Clii^ton. It was voted that 
an address be expected from Jno. P. Alden, and then 
closed in form. 

September 2, 1819. The Brothers met at Daniel 
Chase's hall. Five Dollars was voted to Daniel Chase 
for use of hall. Three Dollars to Peter Niles for Tyling, 
and David Parker's "mark" was by his request recorded, 
(a chisel and mallet.) The following resolution was 
adopted : ^ 

Resolved, That all the funds of Union Mark Lodge, No. i, remain- 
ing after defraying expenses of the lodge, be given to the following 
brethren : Stephen Rice, Nathan Bingham, Zenas Hitchcock, 
J. P. Alden, Joseph Rice, Thomas F. Saxton, Godfrey Ste- 
vens, Daniel Barber, Charles A. Saxton, John Hitchcock, 
Jr., John Tyler, Joseph Alden, Roswell Elmer, Daniel 
Chase, Peter Niles, Benj'm Tyler, Elisha Hitchcock, Joseph 
Hitchcock, Samuel Hitchcock, Charles Higbee, Samuel Hig- 
BEE, James B. Andrews, Daniel Bond, Jr., David Parker, and 
James A. Gregg, a majority of whom, at any meeting of which all 
the above mentioned ( if practicable and without great inconvenience ) 
are notified shall have power to dispose of as they think most proper 
for the best interests of Masonry. 

Resolved, That Brother Joseph Rice be requested to give his re- 
ceipt to a committee of three to be chosen by the lodge, for said dona- 
tion and to be kept by them for the benefit of the above mentioned 
brethren ; which committee or a majority of them are authorized to 
call a meeting of the members, at such time and place as they think 
proper, by complying with the foregoing resolution. 

Resolved, That the funds constituting this donation remain in the 
hands of Brother Joseph Rice until called for in the manner above 

Voted, That Godfrey Stevens, Zenas Hitchcock, 
and Daniel Chase constitute a committee for th§ above 
mentioned purpose, 


Voted, To accept as the amount, the account exhibited 
by Brother Joseph Rice's book. 

Voted, That all the papers and books of Union Mark 
Lodge, No. I, be deposited in the hands of the committee. 

August 20, 1820. A meeting was held in Chase's Hall 
for the purpose of disposing of the funds of "Union Mark 
Lodge, No. I." 

Present — Brothers Elisha Hitchcock, Daniel Bond, 
Jr., Daniel Chase, James B. Andrews, Peter Niles, 
Zenas Hitchcock, Roswell Elmer, Charles A. Sax- 
ton, John Tyler, Nathan Bingham, Joseph Rice, God- 
frey Stevens, and Charles Higbee. 

Elisha Hitchcock was chosen moderator and God- 
frey Stevens clerk ; it was — 

Resolved, "That the funds of Union Mark Lodge amounting to 
thirty-one dollars and thirty-iive cents be given to Webb Chapter of 
Royal Arch Masons and the committee were authorized to give up 
Brother Rice's receipt on his payment of said sum to Webb Chap- 

Resolved, " That the books and writings be deposited with the Sec- 
retary of Webb Chapter." 

The meeting was then adjourned sine die. 

After an existence of two years, during which time it 
held ten meetings and conferred the Mark Degree upon 
six candidates, they doubtless surrendered its dispensa- 
tion to make room for Webb Chapter, which was organ- 
ized the July following, and, as the records above show, 
they were knowing of its intended organization. The 
Grand Chapter of New Hampshire was organized June 10, 
1819, and adopted regulations July 12, 1820, of which Article 


IX reads: "No warrant shall be granted by this Grand 
Chapter, for holding a Mark Masters, Past Masters or 
Most Excellent Masters Lodge, independently of a Royal 
Arch Chapter." The last two meetings were obviously 
held in conformity with these facts. 



ORGANIZED JULY 13th, 1818. 


Stephen Blanchard, Jr., July 13, 1818, to November ii, 181J 
Stephen Rice, November 11, 1818, to August 20, 1820. 


Stephen Rice, July 13, 1818, to November 11, 1818. 
Nathan Bingham, November 11, 1818, to August 20, 1818. 


Nathan Bingham, July 13, 1818, to November 11, 1818. 
Zenas Hitchcock, November 11, i8i8, to August 20, 1820. 

Joseph Alden, July 13, 1818, to August 20, 1820. 

Joseph Rice, July 13, 1818, to August 20, 1820. 



Alden, Joseph, (Capt.) Claremont. Born November 
2 1 St, 1779. « 

Secretary, July 13th, 1818, to August 20th, 1820. Took 
degrees in Hiram Lodge as follows : E. A. April 6th, 
1814; F. C. November 2d, 1814; M. M. January 4th, 1815. 
He was a charter member of the " Mark Lodge," also of 
Webb Chapter and Columbian Council. 

Alden, Jonathan P., Claremont. 

Took his Lodge degrees in Hiram Lodge as follows : 
E. A. December 3d, 1817; F. C. February 3d, 1818; M. 
M. March 4th, 18 18. Suspended from Hiram Lodge in 
1825 for one year, for intemperance. Charter member of 
the "Mark Lodge." 

Andrews, James B., Claremont. (Married February 9th, 
1812, by Dan'l Barber.) 

Took Lodge degrees in Hiram Lodge as follows : E. 
A. November 4th, 1812; F. C. April 7th, 1813; M. M. 
April 7th, 1 8 13. Was a charter member of the "Mark 
Lodge," Webb Chapter, and Columbian Council. 


Barber, Daniel, (Rev.) Claremont. Born in Simsbury, 
Conn., October 2d, 1756. 

A charter member of Hiram Lodge, No. 9, and its first 
Senior Warden; Master, 1799 to 1802; one of the first 
District Deputy Grand Masters, serving continuously from 
1803 (when they were first appointed) until 181 1. Was 
appointed by the dispensation as Master of "Union Mark 
Lodge " but the records do not show him to have been 
present at any of the meetings except November nth, 
1 8 18, at which time the Stewards book credits him as free 
of assessment for refreshments. He probably received 
his first degrees in Simsbury, Conn., where he was 
ordained Deacon in the Episcopal church, October 29th, 
1786. In 1795 he removed from Manchester, Vt., to 
Claremont, and became rector of Union church where he 
continued until November iSth, 1818, when he avowed 
himself a Roman Catholic, and conformed to that church. 
In 1801 Dartmouth College conferred upon him the 
degree of Master of Arts. Batchelder, in the " History of 
the Eastern Diocese," says of him : " Under his ministry 
the Episcopal Church in Claremont made considerable 
progress ; he was not a man of culture but he had consid- 
erable natural ability, and his public performances were 
respectable and effective. In his vocation he was devout 
and diligent." These words may also apply to his " ma- 
sonic life," and that he was consistent in his conversion 
is evident from the fact that he withdrew from his masonic 
obligations in February, 1822, at about which time he 
removed to Connecticut, and subsequently to St. Inigoes, 
Md., where he died in 1834. 

Bingham, Stephen, Claremont. 

Was a charter member and on the committee to return 
thanks for dispensation. Was not a member of any of the 
masonic orders in Claremont, and was not present at any 
of the meetings of Union Mark Lodge. 

Bingham, Nathan, Claremont. 

Admitted to membership in Hiram Lodge, January 2d, 
1811. Junior Warden, 4812-13; Master, 1814-15-16, 
1830, [836-37, 1840; Junior Warden of Mark Lodge, 
July 13th, 1818, to November nth, 1818; Senior Warden 
of Mark Lodge, November nth, 1818, to August 20th, 
1820. Was a charter member of "Webb Chapter," and 
iirst King; High Priest in 1823, 1830, 1833, 1845-46; 
King in 1821-22-27-28-29-36-37 to 41, inclusive, and 
1844; Grand Scribe in 1823 ; charter member and Deputy 
Master of " Columbian Council '' from its organization in 
1822 until it became dormant in 1832; was a prominent 
member of the Episcopal church, and was buried from 
that church November ist, 1858. 

Blanchard, Stephen, Hopkinton. 

Although the records of the Lodge mention his attend- 
ance as Master at its organization, yet the fact that 
he was not present at any subsequent meetings, leads me 
to believe he was from Hopkinton. He was, at the date 
of the organization of Union Mark Lodge, Junior Grand 
Warden of the State, also State Grand Lecturer, and a 
member of Trinity R. A. Chapter, No. 2, then located at 
Hopkinton, and of which many Claremont masons were 


members. He was a Past High Priest of that Chapter, 
and from a pamphlet of forty pages in our possession, 
published in 1817, entitled, "A letter addressed to Ethan 
Smith, Cong't'l minister at Hopkinton," occasioned by 
sermon, "Episcopacy examined," he was evidently a 
scholarly gentleman. Born in Medford, Mass., July ist, 
1763 ; died in Hopkinton, N. H., March i6th, 1829. 

Bond, Daniel, Jr., Claremont. Born June nth, 1792. 

Took Lodge degrees in Hiram Lodge as follows : E. 
A. February 7th, 1816; F. C. May ist, 1816; M. M. 
September 4th, 1816. Treasurer, 1853-54. Junior War- 
den, 1 841. Senior Warden, 1824. Received Mark de- 
gree in "Union Mark Lodge" July 7th, 1819. Was a 
charter member of "Webb Chapter," taking the P. M., 
M. E. M. and R. A. degrees on August 20th, 1821, and 
served as First Principal Sojourner. Charter member of 
"Columbian Council" April isth, 1822. Was made an 
honorary member of Hiram Lodge, March 4th, 1874. Died 
March 17th, 1882, aged 90 years. 

Chase, Daniel, Claremont. Born in 1767. 

Took Lodge degrees in Hiram Lodge as follows : E. 
A. March ist, 1815; F. C. August 2d, 1815 ; M. M. De- 
cember 6th, 181 5. Treasurer, 1833 to 1840. Grand 
Junior Warden, 1838. Grand Senior Warden, 1839. 
Deputy Grand Master, 1840-41-42. The various masonic 
bodies met in his hall, which was in the hotel kept by 
him, and now known as the " Sullivan House." Took 
Mark degree, August 20th, 1818. Charter member of 
"Webb Chapter," taking degrees August 20th, 1821, and 


served as Steward many years. Charter member of Co- 
lumbian Council, April 15th, 1822. Died December 2d, 
1840, aged 73 years. 

Elmer, Roswell, Claremont. (Married, January 31st, 

Took Lodge degrees in Hiram Lodge as follows : E. 
A. November Sth, 1815; F. C. April 3d, 1816; M. M. 
June Sth, 1816. Junior Warden, 18 19-20-2 1-33-34 -3 5. 
Secretary, 1832. Senior Warden, 1823-30-36. Master, 
1824-5. A charter member of Union Mark Lodge, also 
charter member of "Webb Chapter," having taken his 
degrees, previous to its organization, in Keene. Served 
as Secretary from its organization in 1821 to 1823. 
Scribe in 1827-28-29-35-36. King in 1830-33-34. High 
Priest in 1831-32. Charter member of Columbian Coun- 
cil, April 15th, 1822, and Recorder from 1829 to 1830. 
Dimitted from Claremont bodies in 1839. 

Gregg, James A., Unity. 

Took Mark degrees June 3d, 1819. Was a charter 
member of Webb Chapter, taking all the other degrees 
except the Mark on August 20th, 1821. Counil degrees 
in "Columbian, No. 2," May 20th, 1822. Recorder of 
Council from May, 1824, to May, 1825. 

Higbee, Charles, Jr., Claremont. Born in 1785. 

Took degrees in Hiram Lodge as follows : E. A. 
March 5th, 1806; F. C. October ist, 1806; M. M. March 
4th, 1807. A charter member of "Union Mark Lodge," 


" Webb Chapter," and " Columbian Council." Died Feb- 
ruary 7th, 1864, aged 79 years. 

HiGBEE, Samuel, Claremont. 

Took Lodge degrees in Hiram Lodge as follows : E. 
A. May 6th, 1812; F. C. November 4th, 1812; M. M. 
February 3d, 181 3 ; and a charter member of Union Mark 
Lodge. Died August 7th, 1852, aged 63 years. Samuel 
and Charles Higbee were brothers. 

Hitchcock, John, Jr., Claremont. Born April 30th, 

Hiram Lodge as follows : E. A. February 2d, 1803 ; F. 
C. March 2d, 1803 ; M. M. July 22d, 1803. A charter 
member of Union Mark Lodge. Buried by the Lodge, 
January 31st, 1858, aged "JJ years. Was father of five 
sons all of whom were members of Hiram Lodge, No. 9. 

Hitchcock, Lemuel, Claremont. Born November 14th, 

Hiram Lodge : E. A. February 3d, 1802; F. C. March 
3d, 1802; M. M. March 26th, 1802. Secretary, 1805 and 
1806. Junior Warden, 1808. Senior Warden, 1809. A 
charter member of Union Mark Lodge. John, Jr., and 
Lemuel were brothers, and sons of John, one of the first 
settlers of the town. 

Hitchcock, Jesse, Claremont. 

Hiram Lodge: E. A. December 3d, 1817; F. C. Febru- 
ary 3d, 18 18; M. M. April I St, 1818. Took "Mark" 


degree November nth, 1818. A son of John, Jr., and 
brother to Zenas. 

HiTCHCOCKj Zenas, Claremont. Born November 27th, 

Hiram Lodge: E. A. May sth, 18 13; F. C. March 2d, 
1814; M. M. March 2d, 1814. Senior Warden, 1818. 
Master, 1819 and 1820. Charter member of Union Mark 
Lodge. Died February 13th, 1822, and was buried by 
Hiram Lodge with hono^. 

NiLES, Peter, Claremont. 

Admitted to Hiram Lodge, October 3d, 1810. Took 
Mark degree August 26th, 1818. Was a charter member 
of Webb Chapter, taking degrees with exception of Mark 
August 20th, 1 82 1. Columbian Council May 20th, 1822. 

Parker, David, (Col.,) Charlestown. Born April 4th, 

Took masonic Lodge degrees in Faithful Lodge, No. 
12, of Charlestown. Joined Hiram Lodge, June 4th, 
1845, o" account of No. 12 forfeiting its charter. Took 
Mark degree January 7th, 1819. Had passed the chair 
on the organization of Webb Chapter, and took the M. E. 
M. and Royal Arch, August 20th, 1821. Took Council 
degrees in Columbian, No. 2, on May 20th, 1820. T. I. 
Master in 1830 and 183 1. Grand Master of Guards, 
Grand Council, in 1830. Was District Deputy Grand 
Master during the years 1839 to 1845, inclusive. He 
lived in the house now occupied by Edwin Hubbard, at 


North Charlestown. He was a prosperous farmer and a 
prominent man. His title of Colonel was given by rea- 
son of his serving in that capacity in the i6th Regiment 
of State Militia. He died May 4th, 1846. Scribe in 
1830-33-34-39-40. King in 1831-32-35. High Priest 
in 1836-37-38-41-42-43-44. Grand Scribe in 1839-40. 
Grand King in 1841-42. Deputy Grand High Priest in 
1843. Grand High Priest in 1844-45. 

Rice, Joseph, Claremont. 

Hiram Lodge: E. A. March 3d, 1802 ; F. C. April 7th, 
1802; M. M. October 6th, 1802. A charter member of 
Union Mark Lodge. Treasurer of Hiram Lodge from 
1817 to 1824. Treasurer of Mark Lodge during its 
existence. A charter member and Treasurer of Webb 
Chapter, 1821-28. Columbian Council, November iSth, 
1822. Died April 24th, 1829, aged 60 years. 

Rice, Stephen, Claremont. 

Took Lodge degrees in Hiram Lodge : E. A. October 
7th, 1801 ; F. C. November 4th, i8oi ; M. M. December 
7th, 1801. A charter member of Union Mark Lodge, and 
also of Webb Chapter and Columbian Council. Was first 
Senior Warden of the Mark Lodge, and Master from 
November nth, 1818 to August 20th, 1820. Recorder 
of Columbian Council at its organization and until 1823. 
Died December 28th, 1826. 

Saxton, Thomas F., (M. D.,) Claremont. 

Took degrees in Hiram Lodge : E. A. February 3d, 
1813; F. C. November 3d, 1818; M. M. April 6th, 1814. 


A charter member of Mark Lodge. Took Chapter de- 
grees in Webb Chapter. Dimitted from Lodge in 1822, 
and removed to Windsor, Vt., where he died. 

Saxton, Charles A., Claremont. 

Took degrees in Hiram Lodge : E. A. February 3d, 
1818; F. C. May 6th, 1818 ; M. M. July ist, 1818. A 
charter member of Mark Lodge and Webb Chapter. 
Dimitted from Lodge in June, 1822, and removed to 
Windsor, Vt. Was a son of Thomas F. 

Stevens, Godfrey, Claremont. Born September loth, 

Hiram Lodge as follows : Charter member of Union 
Mark Lodge and first Scribe of Webb Chapter. Charter 
member of Columbian Council, and Secretary from 1825 
to 1829. Was Secretary of Hiram Lodge in 1820. Jun- 
ior Warden, 1821-22. Master, 1823. District Deputy 
Grand Master, 1838. Secretary of Webb Chapter, 1824- 
28. Grand Scribe, 1824. Grand Principal Conductor of 
the Grand Council, at its organization in Keene, July 9th, 
1823. Died September 14th, 1842, aged 46 years.. Was 
a brother of Paran Stevens, founder of Stevens's High 

Tyler, Benj'm, Jr., Claremont. 

Took degrees in Hiram Lodge : E. A. December 3d, 
1816; F. C. January 7th, 1801 ; M. M. April 2d, 1801. A 
charter member of Union Mark Lodge, Webb Chapter 
and Columbian Council. Junior Warden, Hiram Lodge, 
1805 and 1806. Died February i8th, 1826, aged 55 years, 
and was buried by the Lodge. 


Tyler, John, Claremont. 

Took degrees in Hiram Lodge: E. A. December 3d, 
1800; F. C. January 7th, 1801 ; M. M. April 2d, 1801. A 
charter member of Mark Lodge and Webb Chapter. A 
brother of Benj'm, Jr., both sons of Colonel Benj'm 
Tyler, one of the first settlers of the town. 

The above few facts are all that can be learned of these 
ancient brethren. The disposition in those days to make 
as few records as possible leaves many matters in doubt. 
No records of death were kept in the town until 1854, or 
thereabouts, and nearly all of these men had passed to 
"the Grand Lodge above" before that date. Those 
whose deaths are noted have been found in the records of 
the Lodge or by visits to the churchyards where they lie 
buried. That they " builded better than they knew " it is 
but just for us to record, believing that "he who remem- 
bers not his ancestors deserves not recognition by his 

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