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Full text of "List of field officers, regiments, and battalions in the Confederate States army, 1861-1865"

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J, V. Scaife 

E545.U58T7'" '"""""" '""''"^ 

^'ifwiMlMiImi'iiJ,,,?''''^*''^ regiments and b 


3 1924 030 921 138 


Cornell University 

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tine Cornell University Library. 

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Note. — The asterisk (*) opposite the name indicates tliat it has been taken from 
wliat purports to be the signature. 

Abbilt, Wyatt, Colouel 174th Virginia Militia. 

Abercrombie, Leonard Anderson, Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Texas In- 

Abercrombie,(*) Eobt. H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 4:5th Alabama 

Abernathy, Alfred H., Colonel 53d Tennessee Infantry. 

Abert,^*) George W., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 14th Mississippi In- 

AbiugtoD,(*) Hardeman A., Major 38th (formerly 8th, Looney's) Ten- 
nessee Infantry. 

Abney,(*) Joseph, Colonel 22d South Carolina Infantry ; Major 27th 
South Carolina Infantry; Major 1st Battalion South Carolina Sharp- 

Adair,(*) John A., Lieutenant-Colonel 4tli Kentucky Infantry. 

Adair,(*) \Vm. P., Colonel 2d Cherokee Mounted Rifles. 

Adaire(*) Thos. N., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th Mississippi 

Adams, C, Major Eawlings' Infantry Battalion, 2d Div., Missouri State 

Adams,(*) Chas. W., Colonel 23d (Adams') Arkansas Infantry; Major 
Adams' Battalion Arkansas Infantry. 

Adams,(*) Daniel W., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Louisiana Regu- 

Adams,(*) Fleming W., Colouel 38th Mississippi Infantry. 

Adams,(*) H. W., Colonel 53d Virginia Militia. 

Adams,(*) James P., Major 10th (also called 3d) Battalion South Caro- 
lina Cavalry. 

Adams, J. L., Major 7th Arkansas Cavalry. 

Adams,(*) James T., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 26th North Carolina 

Adams Joseph W., Major 44th Georgia Infantry. 

Adams P. B., Major 42d Virginia Infantry. 

Adams,(*) Samuel, Colonel 33d Alabama Infantry. 

Adams, T. C, Major 156th Virginia Militia. 

Adams,(*) Warren, Major 3d South Carolina Artillery Regiment (1st 
South Carolina Regulars or Enlisted men). 

Adams,(*) Wm. C, Lieutenant-Colonel 38th Arkansas Infantry. 

Adams,(*) Wirt, Colonel Wirt Adams' Mississippi Cavalry. 

Aderhold(*) Jacob W., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Confederate Infantry. 


Adrian,(») Thos. W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Battalion Tennes- 
see Cavalry. 

Aiken,(*) D.'VV.yatt, Colonel 7tli Soutli Carolina Infantry. 

Aiken, (*) Hugh K., Colonel 6th South Carolina Cavalry; Lieutenant- 
Colonel JCth Battalion South Carolina Cavalry. ^ 

Aiken,(*) James, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 13th Alabama in- 
fantry. , f „i.„^ 

Aiken,(*) John A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 63tl Tennessee iniancry. 

Aikin,(*) James E^, Major 9th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 

Akers,(*) Wm. T., Major 51st Virginia lufantry. 

Albert, H. St. G., Colonel 1st Virginia Militia, 7th Brigade. 

Albriglit, Wm. A.. Colonel 48th North Carolina Militia. 

Alcorn, (*) Milton S., Major 1st Mississippi Infantry. 

Alexander, Almerine M., Colonel 34th (also called 2d Partisans) iexas 

Alexander, Charles M,, Major 59th (afterward mounted) Tennessee In- 

Alexandcr,(*) David W., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th (Baxter Smith's, also 
called 4th) Tennessee Cavalry. (Canceled). 

Alexauder,(*) B. P., Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander's Battalion Artillery. 

Alexander, G. L., Major 16th (also called 4th) Battalion Alabama In- 

Alexan'der,(*) Thomas W., Lieutenant-Colonel 29th Georgia Infantry; 
M;ijor Floyd Legion, Georgia State Guard. 

Alexauder,(*) W. J., Major Frontier Cavalry Eegiment, Texas. 

Alldri(ige,(*) Enoch, Major 48th Alabama Infantry. 

Alldridge,(*) Jesse J., Lieutenant-Colonel 4Sth Alabama Infantry. 

Allen, (*) Alexander (J., Mnjor Istand 2d Tennessee Consolidated; Major 
27 tl> Tennessee Infantry. 

Allen, Augustus C, Major 19th Texas Infantry. 

Allen, (*) ilenry W., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 4th Louisiana Infantry. 

Allen, Jack, Lieutenant Colonel 3(1 Kentucky Cavalry. 

Allen, (*) James H., Lieutenant Colonel 5th Virginia Cavalry. 

Allen, (*) James W., Colonel 2d Virginia Infantry. 

Allen, John, Major 14th (Mitchell's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Alleu,(*) John K., Major 30th Mississippi Infantry, 

Allen, (*) Joseph V. H., Major 63d Georgia Infantry. 

Allen, (*) Lawrence M., Colonel 64th North (Jarolina Infantry; Lieuten- 
ant-Colonel 11th Battalion North Carolina Infantry. 

Allen, (*) Robert C, Majur, Colonel 2.S(h Virginia lufantry. 

Allen, (*) Kobert Dickinson, Major 17th Texas Infantry. ' 

Allen, (*) Robert Thos. Pritchard, Colonel 17th Texas InfantrJ^ 

Allen,(*) William A., Lieutenant Colonel 51st North Carolina Infantry. 

Allen, (*) William, Major 10th Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery. 

Allen, (*) William W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Alabama 

Alley, (*) Alexander K., Colonel 36th Tennessee Infantry. 

Allin,(*) Phillip T., Major 26th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 

Allison, (*) Robert D., Colonel 24th Tennessee Infantry; Colonel Alli- 
son's S(iuadrou Tennessee Cavalry. 

Allison, (*) W. B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 18th South Carolina In- 

AlIston,(*) Benjamin, Major 5th Virginia Cavalry, Prov. Array fdis 
banded); Major 19th Mississippi Infantry (temporarily assio-ni,i\ 

AUston, Ben., Ma^jor, P. A. C. S., temporary commander 4th Alabama 

Almon,(*) Moses T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Georgia Infantrv ' 

Alston, Chas., jr., Major 18th South Carolina Battalion Artillerv (Siege 

Alston, R. A. Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Tenunessee Cavalry ; Lieu- 
tenant Colonel 1st Special Battalion Kentucky Cavalry. 

Alston,(*) Robt. W., Major 12th (formerly 2d) North Carolina Infantry. 

Alston, (*) T. Pinckney, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st South Carolina 
Infantry (Provisional Army). 

Amacker,(*) O. P., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Louisiana Cavalry, 18G5. 

Amerine,(*) John P. W., Major 37 th Alabama Infantry; Colonel 57th 
(also called 54th) Alabama Infantry. 

Amis, James S., Colonel 42d North Carolina Militia. 

Anderson, (*) Benjamin, Major 1st Kentucky Infantry; Major, Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel 3d Kentucky Infantry. 

Anderson, (*) Charles D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Georgia In- 

Anderson, (*) Charles D., Colonel 21st Alabama Infantry; Major, Colonel 
20th Alabama Infantry. 

Anderson, David W., Major 44th Virginia Infantry. 

Anderson, (*) Edward C, jr., Major 24tb Battalion Georgia Cavalry; 
" Major 7th Georgia Cavalry. 

Anderson, (*) Frank P., Lieutenant-Colonel 59th Virgfuia Infantry. 

Anderson, (*) George B., Colonel 4th North Caroliua Infantry State 

Anderson, (*) George T., Colonel 11th Georgia Infantry. 

Anderson, (*) James B., Major 1st Louisiana Eegular Artillery Eegi- 

Anderson, (*) James W., Jlajor 1st Georgia Volunteers. 

Anderson, J. B., Major 1st Infantry Battalion Texas State Troops. 

Anderson, (*) John H., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d North Carolina Battalion 
Eeserves; Major 2d (Anderson's) Battalion Junior Eeserves; Colonel 
2d Eegiment North Carolina Junior Eeserves. 

Anderson, (*) John H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 8th (Fulton's) Ten- 
nessee Infantry. 

Anderson, J. J., Major 3d South Carolina State Troops. 

Anderson, Joseph, Major 19th (Dawson's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Anderson, (*) J. Patton, Colonel Ist Florida Infantry. 

Anderson, (*) Lemuel B., Major 7th Georgia Infantry. 

Anderson, (*) Paul F., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th (Baxter Smith's, also 
called 4tli) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Anderson, Eicbard, Lieutenant-Colonel 15th South Carolina Infantry. 

Anderson, (*) Eichard H., Colonel 3d South Carolina Artillery (1st 
South Carolina Itegulars or Enlisted Men.) 

Anderson,(*) Eobert H., Major 1st Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters; 
Colonel 5th Georgia Cavalry. 

Anderson, (*) Thomas Scott, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Texas Infantry; 
Colonel Anderson's Eegiment Texas Cavalry. 

Anderson,''*) William, Major Sontb Carolina Palmetto Sharpshooters. 

Andrews,(*) Clinton M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 19th North 
Caroliua Volunteers (2d North Carolina Cavalry). 

Andrews,(*) Garnett, Major, Lieutenant Colonel 8th Confederate Bat- 
talion Infantry. 

Andrews, (*)Hezekiali L., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 2d Battalion North 
Caroliua Infantry. 

Andrews, John F., Major GCth Georgia Infantry (declined appoint- 

Andrews,(*) Julius A., Colonel 32d (also called 15th) Texas Cavalry. 

FS,(*) Lorenzo D., Major 38t]i North Carolina Infantry. ,• 

Fs, R. Snowden, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Andrews' Batwuuu 


And rewti 

Atigiade, J. G., Colonel 1st Tennessee Zouaves. 

Ansley,(*) David H., Major 5tli Georgia Infantry. . -, 

Anthony,(*) Oliver P., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Slst Creoigia, in- 

Antrim, C. W., Major 88tli Virginia ililitia. 

Appleby,(*) M. T., Major 24th South Carolina Infantry. 

Arbogast,(*) James C, Major Slst Virginia Infantry. . t <• * 

Archer,(*) P. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Battalion Virginia Intantry 
(served as heavy artillery); Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Lattaliou Vir- 
ginia Reserves. 

Archer,(*) James J., Colonel 5th Texas Infantry. 

Archer, Robert B., Lieutenant Colonel 55th Virginia Infantry. 

Armant,(*) Leopold L., Major, Colonel 18th Louisiana Infantry. 

Armesy,(») Thomas D., Mnjor 33d Battalion Virginia Cavalry. 

Armfield,(*) Robert F., Lieut. Col. 38th North Carolina Infantry. 

Armistead,(*) Chas. G., Colonel 12th Mississippi Cavalry. 

Armistead, E. Herbert, Major, Lieut. Col. 22d Alabama Infantry. 

Armistead,(*) Frank S., Colonel 1st North Carolina Junior Reserves. 

Armistead, (*) Lewis A., Colonel 57th Virginia Infantry. 

Armistead, Robert B., Major 22(1 Alabama Infantry. 

Armstrong, D. F., Lieut. Col. Williamson's Arkansas Infantry Battalion. 

Armstrong,{*) Frank C, Colonel 3d Louisiana Infantry. 

Armstrong,(*) Joseph, Colonel 18th Georgia Inlantry. 

Armstrong, , Colonel 2d Division Georgia State Militia. 

Arnett,(*) Wm. W., Colonel 20th Virginia Cavalry. 

Arnold, Geo. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 50th (Coltart's, also known as 2Gth) 
Alabama Infantry. 

Arnold, John W., Major 9th South Carolina Reserves. 

Arnold, John W., Major 9th Georgia Infantry. 

Arnold, (•) Mark, Colonel 25th Virginia Militia. 

Arnold, P. M., Lieutenant-Colonel 25th Virginia Militia. 

Arnold, Reuben, Lieutenant-Colonel 29th Tennessee Infantry. 

Arnold, (*) Robt. B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Hampton Legion, South 

Arnold, (*) Wm. M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Georgia Infantry. 

Arrington, John A., Major Gordon's Regiment Arkansas Cavalry. 

Arrington,(*) Thos. M., Lieutenant-Colonel 31st (Hundley's) Alabama 

Ashby,(*) Henry M., Colonel 2d (Ashby's) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Ashby,(*) Turner, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 7th Virginia Cavalry. 

A8hcraft,(*) John B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 37th North Carolina 

Ashoraft,(*) Thomas C, Lieutenant-Colonel Ashcraft's Regiment Mis- 
sissippi Cavalry; Lieutenant Colonel 3d Battalion Mississipju. State 
Cavalry; Colonel Ashcraft's, Ham's, and Lowiy's Consolidated Mis- 
sissippi Cavalry Regiments. 

Ashe,(») Thos. P., Major 32d Alabama Infantry. 

Ashford, A. E., Major 35th Alabama Infantry. 

Ashford,(*) Frederick A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 16th Ala- 
bama Infantry. 

Ashford, (*) James A., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Tennessee Volunteers 

Ashford,(*) John, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 38th North Caro- 
liua Infantry. 

Asbley,(*) W. P. M., Lieutenant-Colonel 25th Georgia Infantry. 

Ashtou,(*) Eiehard W., Major 2d Louisiana Infantry. 

Atkiu8,(*) John D. C, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Tennessee Infantry. 

Atkins,(*) Thomas M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 49th Tennessee In- 

Atkinson,(*) Edmund N., Colonel 26th (Styles', also called 13th) Georgia 

Atkinson,(*) John Wilder, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Battalion 
Virginia Heavy Artillery. 

AugU8t,{*) Thos. P., Colonel 15th "Virginia Infantry. 

Auuspaugh, Chas., Major Botetourt Regiment, Virginia Home Guards. 

Austin, (*) John E., Major 14th Battalion Louisiana Sharpshooters. 

Austin,{*) John P., Major 9th Kentucky Cavalry. 

Austin, , Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Missouri Cavalry, 4th Division, 

Missouri State Guard. 

Autry,(*) James L., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 9th Mississippi Infan- 
try; Lieutenant Colonel 27th Mississii^pi Infantry. 

Avegno, Anatole P., Major 13th (Gibson's) Louisiana Infantry. 

Averett,(*) C. E., Major 1st Virginia Reserves. 

Avery, (*) Clark M., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 33d North Carolina 

Avery,(*) Isaac E., Major, Lieuteuant-Colonel, Colonel 6th North Caro- 
lina Infantry State Troops. 

Avery,(*) Isaac W., Colonel 4th (Avery's) Georgia Cavalry ; Lieuten- 
ant-Colonel 23d Battalion Georgia Cavalry. 

Avery,(*) John W., Major 17th South Carolina Infantry. 

Avery,(*) William T., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Alabama, Tennessee, and 
Mississippi Infantry. 

Aylett, (*) Wm. E., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 53d Virginia 

Aymett, Hans H., Major 63d Tennessee Infantry. 

Ayres,(*) Thomas H., Major 1st Virginia Infantry Battalion Local 
Defense, (Armory.) 

Baber,(*) Milton D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 38th (Shaver's) Arkansas 
Infantry; Colonel 45th Arkansas Infantry. 

Bacon, (*) E. H., jr., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 32d Georgia Infantry. 

Bacon, (*) Thomas G., Colonel 7th South Carolina Infantry; Colonel 
5th South Carolina Reserves. 

Bartger,(*) Edward, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Florida Infantry. 

Badham, John C, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th North Carolina Infan- 
try State Troops. 

Bagby,(*) Arthur P., Major, Colonel 7th Texas Cavalry. 

Bagby,(*) John R., Major 4th Virginia Heavy Artillery, which became 
the 34th Virginia Infantry ; Major 34th Virginia Infantry (formerly 
4th Virginia Heavy Artillery)., 

Bagley, Ed. F., Major Infantry JBattalion, Cobb's Georgia Legion. 

Bagley, William H., Major 68th North Carolina Infantry. 

Bailey, Benjamin, Colonel 72d North Carolina Militia. 

Bailey,(*) David J., Colonel 30th Georgia Infantry. 

Bailey,(*) James E., Colonel 49th Tennessee Infantry. 

Bailey, Robert Augustus, Major, Colonel 14th Virginia Cavalry; Major 
22d Virginia Intantry. 

Baily, David, Lieutenant-Colonel Camden County Georgia Militia. 

Bain,(*) Seneca McNeil, Lieutenant Colonel I6th Mississippi Infantry. 

Baine, D. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Alabama Infantry. 

Baird,(*) Alfred H., Lieutenaut-Colonel 65tli North Carolina VoluDteers. 
(6th North Carolina Cavalry); Major 5th Battalion North oaroii 

Bak^d^'fspruce M., Colonel 4th Texas Cavalry Eegiment, Arizona 

Baker^rrAlpheus, Colonel 4th Confederate Infante^ (after 54tli Ala- 
bama) Colonel 54th Alabama Infantry; Colonel 1st Alabama, ien^ 
nessee,and Mississippi Infantry; Lieutenant Colonel 7th Battalion 
Alabama Infantry. , „, ^„ T^o^imant 

Baker,(*) Boiling, Major 3d Virginia Battalion and after Kegiment 

Local Defense (Departmental). 
Baker, B. H., Lieuteuant-Colonel 6th Alabama Infantry. 
Baker^(*) John A., Colonel 41st North Carolina Volunteers (3d JSorth 

Carolina Cavalry). „ 

Baker,(*) John H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel l^tn Lreorgia 

Infantry. ^^ , , ^ ,. 

Baker,(*) Lawrence S., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 9th North Carohna 

Volunteers (1st North Carolina Cavalry). 
Baker,(*) Samuel E., Major, Colonel 16th Mississippi Infantry. 
Baker,(*)Thos. H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 55th Tennessee 

Baker,(*; Thomas M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d South Carolina Ar- 
tillery (1st South Carolina Eegulars). 
Baker,(*) Wm. N., Major 53d Tennessee Infantry. 
Baker,(*) Wm. T., Major 18th (Newsom's, also called 19th) Tennessee 

Balch, Eobert M., Major 3d (N. B. Forrest's) Tennessee Cavalry ; Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel 18th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 
Baldwin, Gaston W., Lieutenant-Colonel 30th (McNeill's) Arkansas In- 
Baldwin, John B., Colonel 52d Virginia Infantry; Colonel Augusta 

(Virginia) Raid Guards. 
Baldwin, (*) Eobert P., Colonel 31st Virginia Militia. 
Baldwin, (*) Wm. E., Colonel 14th Mississippi Infantry. 
Baldwin, W. W., Major Ordnance Battalion, Columbus, Ga. 
Bale,(*) Alfred P., Major 6th Georgia Cavalry. 

Balfour,(*) Jno. W., Major 18th Mississippi Infantry ; Lieutenant-Colonel 
31st Mississippi Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 6th (Balfour's) Battal- 
ion Mississippi Infantry ; Lieut. Col. 49th Mississippi Infantry. 
Ball,(*) Charles P., Colonel 8th (Hatch's, also called 9th) Alabama Cav- 
Ball,(*) Edward, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 51st Georgia Infantry. 
Ball,(*) Glover Ailing, Major 1st Florida Infantry. 
Eall,(*) Lewis, Major, Colonel 41st Mississippi Infantry. 
Ball, Martin V., Major 2d Infantry Eegiment, Virginia State Line. 
Ball,(*) Matt Dulany, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 11th Virginia Cavalry. 
Ball,(*) William B., Colonel 15th Virginia Cavalry. 
Balleuger,(*) Marcus E., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 23d Geor- 
gia Infantry. 
Ballentine,(*) Jno. G., Colonel Ballentine's (also called 2d Mississippi 

Partisan Eangers) Mississippi Cavalry. 
Bancroft,(*) Matthew V., Major 23d South Carolina Infantry. 
Bane,(*) John P., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th Texas In- 

BankS;(*) James O., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 43d Mississippi Infantry. 
Banks, Eichard O., Major 44th Georgia Infantry. 

Bankston, Jeff., Major ICtli Mississippi Infautry. 

Bauning,(*) James W., Major 28th Georgia lufantry. 

Barbee,(*) Andrew R,, Lieutenant-Colonel 22(1 Virginia Infantry. 

Barber, Flavel O., Major 3d Tennessee Volunteers. 

Biirbiere, Joseph, Major 4th Confederate Infantry (after 54th Alabama) ; 
Major Barbiere's Cavalry Battalion Alabama Reserves. 

Barbour, Thomas M., Major 43d Alabama Infantry. 

Barbour,(*) William M., Lieutenant- Colonel, Colonel 37th North Caro- 
lina Infantry. 

Barclay,(*) B. Sandy, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel lufantry Battalion, 
Phillips Georgia Legion. 

Barclay,(*) Hugh W., Lieutenant-Colonel Uth Georgia Cavalry ; Major 
30th Battalion Georgia Cavalry. 

Barclay,(*) Wm. P., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 23d Georgia Infantry. 

Barden,(*) Wm. A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 17th Georgia Infantry. 

Barham, Theodore G., Lieutenant-Colonel 24th Virginia Cavalry. 

Barker,(*) J. J. A., Major 3d Texas Cavalry. 

Barksdale, H. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Mississippi Cavalry. 

Barksdale, James A., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Mississippi Cavalry; 
Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Mississippi Cavalry State Troops. 

Barksdale,(*) William, Colonel ]3th Mississippi Infantry. 

Barkuloo,(*) William, Colonel 57th Georgia Infantry. 

Barnes,(*) Dixon, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 12th South Carolina In- 

Barnes, James W., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Texas Infantry State Troops ; 
Colonel Texas Reserve Corps. 

Barnes, William D., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Regiment Florida Reserves. 

Barnett, Timothy, Major, Colonel 2d Creek Regiment. 

Barnett,(*) T. T., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 3d Kentucky lufantry. 

Barnett, W. D.., Major 2d Battalion Arkansas Cavalry. 

Baruette, , Major 2d Battalion South Carolina Reserves. 

Barnhardt, J. C, Colonel 84th North Carolina Militia. 

Barr,(*) James, jr., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 10th Mississippi 

Barrier,(*) Rufus A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th North Carolina 
Infantry State Troops. 

Barringer,(*) Rufus, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th North Carolina 
Regiment (1st North Carolina Cavalry) ; temporarily attached to 
59th North Carolina Volunteers (4th North Carolina Cavalry). 

Barringer,(*) Wm. D,, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 28th North Carolina 

Barrow, James, Lieutenant-Colonel 64th Georgia Infantry. 

Barrow,(*) Robert H., Lieutenant Colonel 11th Louisiana Infantry. 

Barrow,(*) Robt. J., Colonel 4th Louisiana Infantry. 

Barry,(*) James B., Major 1st (McCulloch's) Texas Mounted Riflemen; 
Lieutenant-Colonel Frontier Regiment, Texas Cavalry. 

Barry,(*) John D., Major, Colonel 18th (formerly 8th) North Carolina 

Barry,(*) William S., Colonel 35th Mississippi lufantry. 

Barteau,(*) Clark R., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 2d (Barteau's, after- 
ward 22d) Tennessee Cavalry; Lieut-Col. Barteau's Tennessee Cavalry 

Bartlett, Frank A., Colonel Beauregard Regiment, Louisiana Militia. 

Barton, James M., Lieutenant-Colonel lOlh Texas Cavalry. 

Barton, (*) Seth M., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Arkansas Infantry. 

Barton,(*) William S., Major 30th Virginia Infantry. 


Bartow, P. S., Colonel 8tli Georgia Infantry. 
Basham, Oliver, Lieuteuaut-Colouel 7th Arkansas Cavalry. 
Basinger,(*) Wm. S., Major IStli Battalion Georgia Infa^t^y-.-p^j-i-aii™ 
Baskerville,(*) Charles, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th (also called M) UMid^nvn 

Mississippi Cavalry. „i icf TPYay 

Bass,(*) Frederick S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel ist J.exds 

Bass,(*) Mastin G., Major 69th Georgia Infantry. 
Bass,(*) Thomas Coke, Colonel 20th Texas Cavalry. -pi 

Batchelor,(*) S. S,, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Louisiana Keguiars. 
Bate, Henry C, Major 1st (also called 12th) Confederate Cavalry. 
Bate,(*) Wm. B., Colonel 2d Tennessee Infantry (Provisional Army). 
Batemaii, Thomas P., Lieutenant-Colonel 11th Tennessee Infantry. 
Bateman, Mannah W., Major 26th Louisiana Infantry. 
Bates,(*) James C, Major 9th Texas Cavalry. 
Bates,(*) Joseph, Colonel 13th Texas Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 

Bates' Battalion Texas Infantry. 
Batte,(*) Peter V., Major 44th Battalion Virginia Infantry. 
Battice,(*) Franceway, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st (Battice's) Choctaw Cav- 
alry Battalion. 
Battle,(*) Cullen A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 3d Alabama 

Battle, (*) Joel A., Colonel 20th Tennessee Infantry. 
Battlo,(*) 'Nicholas W., Lieutenaut-Culonel 30th Texas Cavalry (also 

called 1st Partisan Rangers). 
Baucnin,(*) George F., Ma,jor, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 8th Arkansas 

Baxter,(*) Eli H., jr., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 28th Texas Cavalry. 
Baxter,(*) James M., i\Iajor, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d South Carolina In- 
Baxter'^ Battalion Mississipi)i Cavalry, Series 1, Vol. XVII, p. 973. 
Baxter, G. L., Major, Baxter's Confederate Cavalry Battalion ; merged 

into Jeffrey Forrest's Alabama Cavalry. 
Baya,(*) William, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Florida Infantry. 
Baylor,(*) George W., Colonel 2d Texas Cavalry Regiment, Arizona 

Brigade; Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Texas Cavalry Battalion, Arizona 

Baylor,(*) John R., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Texas Cavalry (or Mounted 

Baylor,(*) Wm. S. H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 5th Virginia 

Beale,(*) Richard L. T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 9th Virginia 

Cavalry; Major 1st Battalion Virginia Cavalry. 
Bea]l,(*) David Edward, Lieutenant Colonel 18th Virginia Cavalry 
Beall,(*) James P., Major 2l8t (formerly llth) North Carolina Infantry 
Beall, Thomas, Lieutenant Colonel 5th Georgia Infantry. 
Beall, T. S., Major Beall's Battalion Alabama Cavalry 
Bean, Elwood M., Major Texas Reserve Corps. 
Bean,(*) Onslow, Major 3d (also called 14th) Battalion Tenne=!SPft Cav 

airy; Lieutenant Colonel 1st (Carter's) Tennessee Cavalrv 
Beard,(*) James H., Major 1st Battalion Louisiana lufau'trv Maior 

llLh Battalion Louisiana Infantry: Colonel Crescent Ree-im./nt- t ../ 

isiana Infantry. s'mcnt i.ou- 

Beard,(*) Wm. K., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Florida Infantry. 


Beasley,(*) Wm. F., Major 2d (Auderson's) JSTorth Carolina Battalion 
Reserves; Lieutenant-ColoDel 2d Regiment North "Oavoliua Junior 

Beaslej', W. P., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Cavalry Georgia State Guard. 

Beaty,(*) Chas. Roambrose, Major, Lieutenant Colonel 13th Texas Cav- 

Beauraont,(*) Thomas W., Lieutenant-Colonel 50th (old) Tennessee in-" 
fan try. 

Beek, Benjamin, Colonel 9th Georgia Infantry. 

Beck,(*) Franklin K., Colonel 23d Alabama Infantry. 

Beck,(*) James W., Major, Lieutenaut-Colonel Mth Georgia Infantry. 

Beckett, Newton J., Acting Major 1st Battalion Mississippi Infantrv 
(60 days). 

Beckham, (*) R. F., Major Stuart Horse Artillery, Virginia, 

Beckham, (*) Thomas C., Major 5th South Carolina Infantry. 

Beckley,(*) Henry M., Lieutenant-Colonel 45th Battalion Virginia In- 
fantry; LieutenantOolonel 1st Infantry Regiment Virginia State 

Bedford, H. H., Major 2d Missouri Cavalry, 1st Division, Missouri State 

Bee,(*) Barnard E., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d South Carolina Artillery 
(1st South Carolina Regulars). 

Beeson, Wm. E., Lieutenant-Colonel 9th (Maxey's, also called 8th) Texas 

Bell,(*) Charles J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 30th Louisiana Infantry. 

Bell, Hiram P., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 43d Georgia Infantry. 

Bell,(*) James M., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Cherokee Mounted Rifles; 
Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Cherokee Mounted Rifles. 

Bel],(*) James R., Major 12th Mississippi Infantry. 

Bell, Madison, Major 11th Georgia Cavalrj'. 

Bell, Robt. E., Major 20th Texas Infantry. 

Bell,(*) Samuel S., Colonel 37th (Bell's) Arkansas Infantry; Major 
29th (afterward 37th) Arkansas Infantry. 

Bell,(*) Tyree H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 12th Tennessee Infantry; 
Colonel 12th and 22d Tennessee Infantry Consolidated. 

Belo,(*) Alfred H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 55th North Carolina In- 

Belsches,(*) Benj. W., Major 13th Virginia Cavalry; Major ICth Battalion 
Virginia Cavalry. 

Beltzhoover,(*) Daniel, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Louisiana Ar- 

Benavides,(*) Santos, Major 33d Texas Cavalry; Colonel Benavides' 
Texas Cavalry. 

Benbow,(*) Henry L., Colonel 23d South Carolina Infantry. 

Bennett, Albert G., Major 12th Battalion Alabama Partisan Rangers. 

Bennett, E. R., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th (also called 7th) Mississippi In- 

Bennett,(*) Geo. W. C, Major MacDounld's Missouri Cavalry ; Major 
Missouri Cavalry ; Major 11th Battalion Missouri Cavalry. 

Bennett, G. W., Major 12th (also called 1st Partisan Rangers) Tennes- 
see Cavalry. 

Bennett,(*) James D., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Battalion Tennessee Cav- 
alry ; Colonel 9th Tennessee Cavalry. 

Bennett,(*) Matthew D., Major 4th Virginia Infantry. 

Bennett,(*) R. Tyler, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 14th (formerly 4th) 
North Carolina Infantry. 


Bennett, Thos. F., Colonel ISCth Virffinia Militia. 

Benniug,(*) Henry L., Colonel 17th Georgia Infantry. , m„^ 

Benson, Berry B., Major ]3th (also called Lst Partisan Rangeis; 

nesseo Cavalry. ii„.i w.nTpYns! 

Bentou,(*) Nat., Lieutenant-Colonel 36th (Woods', also calleaci^a) xeids 

Ben'ton,(^^)' Samuel, Colonel 34th (also called 37th) Mississippi Infantry. 
Bentley,(*) Wm. W., Major 24th Virginia Infantry. . . 

Berand,(*) Desire, Major 10th (Yellow Jacket) Battalion Ijouisiana 

Infantry. , ^. . . , „ , 

Borkeley,(*) Edmund, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Yirginia intantry. 
Berkeley,(*) Norborne, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel »th Virginia 

Berkeley,(*) Wm. N., Major 8th Virginia Infantry. 
Borkeley,(*) Wm. E., Major 21st Virginia Infantry. 
Herrv,(*) Thos. G., Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Texas Cavalry. 
Berry,(*) Thomas J., Major 4th (Stiles') Battalion Georgia Infantry; 

Lieutenant-Colonel 60th Georgia Infantry. 
Berrymau, Eichard C, Major 12th Missouri Infantry. 
Best,(*) Emory ¥., Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 23d Georgia 

Bethune,(*) William C, Lieutenant-Colonel o7th (also called 54th) 

Alabama Infantry. 
Betsiil,(*) Eolet J., Major 18th South Carolina Infantry. 
Betts,(*) Wm. H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Alabama Infantry. 
Bevier,(*) Eobt. S., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Missouri Infantry; Major 

2d Battalion Missouri Infantry, Colonel 5th Missouri Infantry, 3d 

Division, Missouri State Guard. 
Bibb,(*) Josepli B., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 23d Alabama Infantry. 
Bidwell,(*) Bell G , Major 30th Tennessee Infantry. 
Biffle,(*) Jacob B., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Battalion Teunesee Cavalry; 

Colonel 9th (Biffle's, also called 19th) Tennessee Cavalry. 
Bilbrey, Josiah JI., Major 25th Tennessee Infantry. 
Billopp,(*) W. W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 29th Georgia Infantry. 
Billups, Eobert S., Major 61st Virginia Militia. 

Binford,(*) James E., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 15th Mississippi In- 
Bingham,(*) Jabez, Major 8th Kentucky Infantry. 
Bingham, William, Colonel 46th North Carolina Militia. 
Binus,(») John E., Major 11th Tennessee Infantry ; Major lltb and 29th 

Tennessee Infantry Consolidated. 
Bird,(*) Edward, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 5th Georgia Cavalry; 

Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Battalion Georgia Cavalry. 
Bird, Francis W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 11th North Carolina In- 
Bird, Pickens B.. Major 9th Florida Infantry; Major 6th Battalion 

Florida Infantry. 
Bird, T. J., Major 1st Battalion Trans-Mississippi Cavalry Louisiana 
Birthright, C. E., Major 1st Missouri Infantry, 1st Division Missouri 

State Guard. ' 

Bishop, J. W., Major Harrell's Battalion Arkansas Cavalry 
Bishop,(*) Samuel L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel20th Louisiana Tnfar.f,.,T 
Bi8hop,(*) William H., Colonel 7th Mississippi Infantry, "''^'^t^^'^'^y- 
Bi8hop,(*) William P., Colonel 29th Tennessee Infantry. 
Bisiand, John R., Colonel Terre Bonne Eegiment, Louisiana Militin 
Bivins, James M., Major 19th (Thompson's) Battalion Georp-ia o^' *■ 

Guard. ^ ^^^^ 

ilaok, Erastus L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 23d (Lyles') Arkansas 

ilack,(*) George E., LientenantOolonel 63d Georgia Infantry. 

31ack,(*) Gideon B., Lieutenant-Colonel 55th Tennessee Infantry. 

31ack,(») Harvey Hannibal, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Texas In- 

31ack, Jno., Major 1st Arkansas Militia (30-days' men). 

31ack,(*) John L., Colonel Ist South Carolina Cavalry j Lieutenant- 
Colonel 1st Battalion South Carolina Cavalry. 

Black,(*) William T., Colonel 5th Georgia Infantry. 

Blackford,(*) Eugene, Major 5th Alabama Infantry. 

Blackford, (*) Wm. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Engineer Regiment. 

Blacknall,(*) Charles C, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 23d (for- 
merly 13th) North Carolina Infantrv. 

Blacknall,(*) T. H., Major 37th (Bell's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Blackwell,(*) John L., Major 5th Tennessee Cavalry. 

Blackwell, Wm. H., Major 3d Arkansas Cavalry. 

Blackwell, Y. H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Missouri Cavalry. 

Blain, James S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 26th (Styles', also called 
13th) Georgia Infantry. 

Blair,(*) James D., Colonel 2d Louisiana Cavalry. 

Blair,(*) John A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Mississippi Infantry. 

Blair,(*) Lovick Wm. R., Major 7th Battalion South Carolina Infantry. 

Blake,(*) Julius A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 27th South Carolina In- 
fantry ; Major 1st Battalion South Carolina Infantry. 

Blakey, D. T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Alabama Cavalry. 

Blanchard,(*i Albert G., Colonel 1st Louisiana Yolunteer Infantry. 

Bland,(*) Elbert, Lieutenant Colonel 7th South Carolina Infantry. 

Blanding,(*) James D., Lieut. Col., Colonel 9th South Carolina Infantry. 

Blanding,(*) Ormsby, Major 1st South Carolina Artillery. 

Blanford,(*) Mark H., Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Georgia Infantry. 

Blankenbeker,(*) E. Finks, Major 8M Virginia Militia. 

Blanton^ James 0., Major 3d (N. B. Forrest's) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Blantou, William C, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Northeast Missouri Cavalry. 

Bledsoe, Hiram M., Lieutenant-Colonel 6tu Missouri Infantry, 8th Di- 
vision, Missouri State Guard. 

Bledsoe,(*) Willis Scott, Major Stb (Baxter Smith's, also called 4th) Ten- 
nessee Cavalry. 

Blessing,(*) William, Major 23d Battalion Virginia Infantry. 

Blevins,(*) Absalom K., Major 29 Tennessee Infantry. 

Blount, J. H., Lieut. Col. 1st Cavalry Battalion Georgia Reserves. 

Blount,(*) Joseph G., Major 38th Battalion Virginia Artillery. 

Blount,(*) Nathan S., Major 7th Florida Infantry. 

Blount, Robert P., Lieutenant Colonel 9th Battalion Alabama Infantry. 

Blow,(*) George, jr., Lieutenant-Colonel 4lst Virginia Infantry. 

Blythe,(*) A. K., Colonel 44th Mississippi Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 
1st (Blythe's) Battalion Mississippi Infantry. 

Blythe,(*) Green L., Major 1st Mississippi Cavalry Battalion (or Min- 
ute Men) State Troops; Colonel 2d Mississippi State Partisan Rang- 

Board, (*) Francis H., Lieut. Col., Colonel 58th Virginia Infantry. 

Bocage, Jos. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Arkansas Infaritry. 

Bogart, E. G., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division 
Missouri State Guard. 

Boggan,(*) Walter J., Major 43d North Carolina Infantry. 

Boggess,(*) Abijah F., Major, Lieut. Col. 26th Tennessee Infantry. 

Boggess,(*) Jiles S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Texas Cavalry. 

Boggs,(*) Francis J., Major I2th Battalion Virginia Light^riu"' j- 

Boils * Thomas h!, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d (also ca^l^'l l^^l^^'p^^oHn'" 
olina Riiies; Major 5tli (also called 1st) Battalion South oaroima 

Bohanuan,(*) John G., Colonel 61st Virginia Militia. 

Bohannan, Lewis, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Missouri Cavalry, atn ijivi- 
sion, Missouri State Guard. . , -j. „ i 

Bohannon, L. 0., Colonel, ordered to Forth Missouri to recruit cavalry 
regiment for State service. 

Bolling,(*) IJ. S., Major Wanl's Texas Legion. ..... 

Bolton, Geo. W., Major 7th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri 
State Guard. , /-i t • ^ 

Bomar,(*) Thos. H., Major 38th Ga. Infantry (Wright's Ga. Legion). 

Bonaud,(*) A., Major 28th Battalion Georgia Artillery. 

Bond, Thomas H., Major 3d Battalion Virginia Reserves. 

Bone, Henry F., Major 11th Texas Cavalry. 

Bouham, D. W. C, Colonel 22d Mississippi Infantry. 

Bonneau, Poter, Colonel 19th South Carolina Militia. 

Bonner, Thos. Eeubeu, Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 18th Texas Infantry. 

Booker,(*) George B., Major 58th Virginia Infantry. 

Booker, Richard A., Colonel 3d Virginia Reserves. 

Bookter,(*) Edwin F., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 12th S. C. Infantry. 

Booue,(*) Bartley B., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Mississippi Infantry. 

Boone,(*) F. M., Lieutenant-Colonel 26th Mississippi Infantry. 

Boont,(*) Hannibal Uonostus, Major 13th Battalion Texas Cavalry. 

Booue, Lafayette, Major 1st (Stirman's) Regiment Arkansas Sharp- 

Boone,(*) Squire, Lieutenant-Colonel 15th (Hobbs') Arkansas Infantry; 
Colonel 15th (Boone's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Booton,(*) Daniel F., Major 3d Georgia Cavalry. 

Borden, (*) Thos. J., Major, Lieut. Col. 6th (also called 7th) Mississippi 

Border,(*) John' P., Col. Border's Regiment Texas Cavalry; Lieut. Ool. 
Anderson's Regiment Texas Cavalry; Lieut. Col. Border's Texas 
Cavalry Battalion. 

Borland, (*) Solon, Colonel 3d Arkansas Cavalry; Lieut. Col. 1st (Bor- 
land's) Battalion Arkansas Cavalry. 

Bosang,(*) Win. H., Major 11th B-tttalion Virginia Reserves. 

Bos8ieux,(*) Lonis J., Major 25th Battalion Va. Infantry Local Defense. 

Bost,(*) Jackson L., Major, Lieut. Col 37th North Carolina Infantry. 

Bostick, Joseph, Major 34th (formerly 4th Tenn., Prov. Army) Tenn. 

Bostick, if., Major 1st Missouri Cavalry, 5th Division, Missouri State 

Boston, (*) Eeuben B., Colonel 5th Virginia Cavalry. 

Boston, (*) Wm. J., Major 23d Georgia Infantry. 

Boswell, T. T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Virginia Reserved 

Bosworth,(*) Abel W., Major, Col. Crescent Regiment Louisiana In- 

Bottles,(*) James L., Lieutenant-Colonel 26th Tennessee Infantry 

Botts,(*) Lawson, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 2d Va Tnfinfr^r 

Botts,(») Walter B., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 5th Texas InfiTif,^ 

Botts, W. H., Major 8th (Fulton's) Tennessee Infantry. '"'"^':>- 

Bouchelle, Thomas, Colonel 2d Regiment N. C. Detailed Men. 

Boudinot, E. C, Major 1st Cherokee Mounted Rifles. 

JoughaD, Richard A., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Missouri Cavalry, 1st 
Division, Missouri State Guard. 

3ounds,(*) Joseph Murphy, Lieut. Col., Colonel 11th Texas Cavalry. 

3ourland,(*) James, Colonel Bourland's Eegiment Texas Cavalry. 

Bowdre, Albert R., Major 9th Mississippi Infantry. 

Bowen, C. W., Major 2d Mississippi State Partisan Rangers. 

Bowen,(*) Henry S., Colonel 22d Virginia Cavalry. 

Boweu,{*) John S., Colouel 1st Missouri Infantry. 

Bowen,(*) Kobert E., Lieut. Col., Colouel 2d (also called 1st) South 
Carolina Rifles. 

3owen,(*) Thomas P., Major, Lieut. Col. 8th Virginia Cavalry. 

Bowen,(*) Wiles L. L., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 4th Florida Infantry. 

Bowie, James W., Major Wright's Battalion Arliansas Cavalry; Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel Wright's Regiment Arkansas Cavalry. 

Bowles,(*) James W,, Major, Lieut. Col. 2d (Morgan's) Kentucky Cav- 

Bowles,(*) John S., Major 22d P>attalion Virginia Infantry. 

Bowles,(*) Pinckney D., Maj., Lieut. Col., Colonel 4th Alabama In- 

Bowman, Henry P., Major 15th (Russell's, also called 20th) Tennessee 

Bowman, (*) James H., Major 3d Kentucky Infantry. 

Bowman, John P., Major, 6th Mo. Inf., 8th Div., Mo. State Guard. 

Bowman, Samuel, Major 12th Missouri Cavalry. 

Bowyer,(*) Thomas M., Major Artillery, P. A. C. S. 

Boyce, , Major 1st Mo. Inf., 3d Div., Mo. State Guard. 

B(jyd,(*) Andrew J., Major, Lieut. Col. 45th North Carolina Infantry. 

3oyd,(*) James A., Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Louisiana Infantry. 

Boyd, John R., Lieut. Col. 1st Mo. luf. Battalion, 5th Division, Mo. 
State Guard. 

Boyd,(*) Joseph C, Major 3d Tennessee Infantry (Provisional Army). 

3oyd,(*) Samuel, Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Louisiana Infantry; Lieut. 
Col. 9th (also called 17th) Battalion Louisiana Infantry (temporary 

Boyd,(») Samuel H., Lieut. Col., Colonel 45th North Carolina Infantry. 

Boyd,(*) Waller M., Major 19th Virginia Infantry. 

Boyd, Wier, Colonel 52d Georgia Infantry. 

Boyd, Wm. W., Colonel 19th Georgia Infantry. 

Boykin, Edward M., Major 7th South Carolina Cavalry. 

Boykin, Francis M., Lieutenant-Colonel 31st Virginia Infantry. 

3oykin,(*) Stephen M., Major, Colonel 20th South Carolina Infantry. 

3oyles,(*) Wm., Colonel 56th Alabama Partisan Rangers; Major 15th 
Battalion Alabama Partisan Rangers. 

Boynton,(*) James S., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 30th Georgia In- 

3rabble,(*) Edmund C, Major 1st Battalion North Carolina Infantry; 
Colonel 32d North Carolina Infantry. 

Brackenridge,(*) John T., Major 33d Texas Cavalry. 

3radford,(*) Alsey H., Colonel 31st (A. H. Bradford's) Tennessee In- 

Bradford, (*) Charles M., Colonel 15th Louisiana Infantry; Lieutenant- 
Colonel 3d Battalion Louisiana Infantry; Mnjor 1st Regular Louisiana 
Infantry ; Col. Bradford's Regiment Texas Cavalry. 

Bradford, Henry. Major, 1st Florida Cavalry. 

Bradford, H. C, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Alabama Infantry. 

Jradford, James A. J., Colonel 10th North Carolina Volunteers (1st 
North Carolina Artillery). 


Bradford, James G., jr., Major 3d (also called 14th) Battalion Tennessee 

Bradford, (•) Jesse J., Major 37th Georgia Infantry. 

Bradford, Taul, Major 10th Alabama Infan try ; Lientenant-Ooionei outn 
Alabama Infantry. qo+v,\ w 

Bradford,(*) Wm. M., Colonel 31st (W. M. Bradford's, alter rfytn) len- 
nessee Infantry. 

Bradley, Benjamia P., Major 11th Battalion Virginia Cavalry. 

Bradley,(*) Benj. P., Major 1st Battalion Kentucky Mounted Kitles. 

Bradley, Jno. A., Lienteiiant-Golonel 5th South Carolina State Troops. 

Bradley, John M., Colonel 9th Arkansas Infantry. 

Bradley,(*) Jno. M., Major, Lieut. Col. 13th Mississippi Infantry. 

Biadley, J. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 34th Georgia Infantry. 

Bradshaw, A. C, Major Bradshaw's Battalion Georgia Cavalry. 

Bradshaw,(*) Charles W., Major, Lieut. Col. 42d North Carolina In- 

Bradshaw, John A., Colonel 70th North Carolina Militia. 

Bradshaw,(*) Oliver A., Maj., Lt. Col. 34th (formerly 4th Tenn., Provis- 
ional Army) Tenn. Inf ; Lieut. Col. 50th (new) Tenn. Inf. 

Brady,{*) Andrew, Major 15th Louisiana Infantry. 

Brailsford,(*) Edward D., Major 1st South Carolina Infantry (Provis- 
ional Army). 

Branch, (*) Lawrence O'B., Colonel 33d North Carolina Infantry. 

Brand, (*) Frederick B., Lieut. Col. Miles Legion, Louisiana. 

Brandon, Nathan, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Tennessee Infantry. 

Brandon, Ste])hen O. W., Major 10th Tennessee Infantry. 

Brandon,(*) Wm. L., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 21st Mississippi In- 
fantry ; Major, Lieut. Col. 1st (Brandon's) Battalion Infantry. 

Brauner,(*) Benjamin M., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Battalion Tennessee 

Brautly,(*) Wm. F., Major 15th Mississippi Infantry; Lieutenant-Col- 
onel, Colonel 29th Mississippi Infantry. 

Brashear, Ezra M., 2d Mo. Inf., 8th Div., Mo. State Guard. 

Brasher,(*) E. G., Major, Lieut. Col. 2d Arkansas Infantry. 

Brasher,(*) Seymour C., Major 10th Texas Jnfanti'v. 

Bratton,(*) Hugh L. W., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 24th Tennessee In- 

Brattou,(*) John, Colonel Cth South Carolina Infantry. 

Bratton John C, Mnjor 9th Arkansas Infantry. 

Brazelton,(*) William, jr., Lieuteiiant-Oolonel'Sd (also called 14th) Bat- 
talion Tennessee Cavalry ; Colonel 1st (Carter's) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Breathed, (*) James, Major Artillery Battalion. 

Breaux,(*) Gustavus A., ColonersOth Louisiana Infantry; Colonel 
Sumter Keginient, Louisiana Militia. 

Breazeale,(*) Winter W., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Louisiana Cavalry 
Major 33d Louisiana Partisan Eangers; Major Breazeale's Battalion 
Louisiana Partisan liangers. 

Breckenridge, P. G., Major 3d Infantry Regiment Virginia State Line 

Breckinndge,(*) Gary, Major, Lieutenant Colonel 2d (also called 30th) 
Virginia Cavalry. ' 

Breckinridge, Wm. C. P., Colonel 9th (also called 4th Mounted Rifles^ 
Ky. Cavalry; Major Breckinridge's Battalion Kentuckv Cavalrv 

Breedlove,(*) Ephraim B., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 45th AvLh^m., 
Infantry. Araoama 

Brenan,(*) Peter, Major 61st (also called 2Gtli) Georgia Infautrv 
Brenize'r, Addison G., Colonel 1st liegiment North Carolina T)«<-o;i i 
Men. Ji^i.L.iiiea 


Brent,(*) George William, Major 17th Virginia Infautry. 

BreDt,(*) Preston, Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. '6Sth Mississippi Infantry. 

Brent,(*) Thomas Y., jr., Major 5th Kentucky Cavalry. 

Brevard, (*) Theodore W., Colonel 11th Floridii Infantry; Major, Lieut. 
Col. 2d Battalion Florida Infantry. 

Brewer, George E., Major 46th Alabama Infantry. 

Brewer, O. H. P., Lieatenant-Colonel 2d Cherokee Mounted Rifles. 

Brewer, R. H., Major Brewer's Battalion Alabama Cavalry. 

Brewer, Septimus L., Lieutenant-Colonel 27th Georgia Infantry. 

Brewster,(*) James P., Major 5Gth (also called 55th) Georgia Infantry. 

Bridges, Henry W., Lieutenant Colonel 1st (Stirman's) Regiment Ar- 
kansas Shari)shooters; Major Bridges' Battalion Arkansas Sharp- 
shooters; Major, commanding troops under S. D. Lee in Mississippi. 

Bridgers, Johu L., Lieutenant-Colonel 10th North Carolina Volunteers 
(1st North Carolina Artillery). 

Bri(igford,(*) D. B., Major Ist Battalion Virginia Infautry, Regulars. 

BridgmaD,(*) John M., "Major 4th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 

Brien,(*) L, Tiernan, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Virginia Cavalry. 

Briggs,(*) Benjamin F., Major IGth (formerly 6th) North Carolina In- 

Bringier, Amedee, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Louisiana Cavalry. 

Broadfoot,(*) Charles W., Lieutenant Colonel 1st North Carolina Junior 
Reserves; Major 1st Battalion North Carolina Junior Reserves. 

Brockeubrough,(*) John M., Colonel 40th Virginia Infantry. 

Brockenbrough, , Colonel 2d Virginia Reserves. 

Brockett,(*) Edgar L., Major J2th Virginia Infantry. 

Brockman,(*) Beuj. T., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 13th S. C. Infantry. 

Broke Arm, Major Osage Battaliou. 

Bromley, W. C, Colonel 4th Mississippi Infantry (or Minute Men) 
State Troops. 

Bronaugh, Wm. N., Major 2d Battalion Arkansas Infuntry. 

Broocks,(*) John H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 27th Texas Cavalry 
(1st Texas (Whitfleld'sj Legion). 

Brooks, A. G., Colonel 3od North Carolina ?.Iilitia. 

Brooks, (*) Iverson Lea, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 26th Arkansas 

Brooks, (*) John S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 20th (formerly 10th) 
North Carolina Infantry. 

Brooks, Terrell, Major 6th Regiment North Carolina Senior Reserves. 

Brooks,(*) Thorndyke, Lientenaut-Coloncl 15th Tennessee Infantry. 

Brooks, T., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Regiment Local Defense Troops, 
Macon, Ga. 

Brooks,(*) Wm. H., Colonel 34th (also called 2d) Arkansas Infantry; 
Major 1st (Brooks') Battalion Arkansas Cavalry. 

Brooks,(*) Wm. M., Colonel 3d Alabama Reserves. 

Broome,(*) James A., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 14th Alabama Infan- 

Broughton, Dempsey W., Major 20th Texas Cavalry. . 

Browder,(*) Bartlett M., Colonel 51st Teunessee Infantry. 

Brown, A. D., acting Major Brown's Mississippi(l) Battaliou Infantry 
(found in Featherston's Brigade, return Army of Tennessee July 31, 

Brown, Alexander H., Colonel 1st Charleston Reserves, South Caro- 

Brown, (*) Alex. J., Colonel 55th Teunessee Infantry. 

Brow]),(*) A. R., Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Arkansas Infantry. 
21739 2 


Brown, Benjamin, Colonel 1st Missouri Cavalry, 6th Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard. A/Tainr 
Brown, Benjamin F., Lieutenant-Colonel 6tli Georgia Cavalry ; xudjoi 

Cavalry Battalion, Smitli's Georgia Legion. 

Brown. (*) Blackburn H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 27th xennessee 

Brown, (*) Drurv J., Colonel 36th Mississippi Infantry. 

Brown, (*) Daniel T., Lieutenant-Colonel I6th Tennessee Infantry. 

Brown,(*) Eilward, Lieutenant-Colonel 36th Mississippi Infantry. 

Brown, (*) Hamilton A., Lieut. Col., Colonel 1st North Carolina In- 
fantry iState Troops. 

Browu,(*) Henry K., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 2d Arkansas Mounted 

Brown, (*) Jack, Colonel 59th Georgia Infantry. 

Brown,(*) James P., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 59th Tennessee Infan- 

Brown, James S., Major 46th Tennessee Infantry. 

Brown, Jno. C, Major 12th Alabama Infantry. 

Brown, (*) John C, Colonel 3d Tennessee Volunteers. 

Brown, (*) John B., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 42d North Carolina 

Brown, (*j John Thompson, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Virginia 

Brown, (*) Joseph, Major 35th (formerly 5th Tennessee, Provisional 
Army) Ti-nnessee Infantry. 

Brown, (*) Joseph K, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 14t.h South Carolina 

Brown, (*) J. Welsman, Major, Lieuteuant-Colonel 2d South Carolina 

Brown, (*) Owen N., Major 37th North Carolina Infantry. 

Brown, (*) R. G., Major 6th Mississippi Cavalry. 

Brown, (*) Eeuben K., Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Texas Infantry ; Colonel 
35th (Brown's) Texas Cavalry; Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Battalion 
Texas Cavalry. 

Brown, (*) Eidgely, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Battalion Maryland Cav- 
alry ; Colonel 1st Maryland Cavalry. 

Brown, Sheridan li.. Major 53d Georgia Infanti^. 

Blown, T. B , Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Alabama Cavalry. 

Brown, (*) Thomas, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Missouri Infantry 
Battalion, 1st Division, Missouri State Guard. 

Brown, (*) Thomas J., Major 42d North Carolina Infantry. 

Brown, Thomas E., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Batlalion South Carolina 

Brown, (*) Uriah T., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 28th Tennessee Infan- 

Brown, (*) William N., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 20th Missis- 
sippi Infantry. 

Browu,(*) W. Le Eoy, Lieutenant Colonel 5th Virginia Battalion Local 
Defense (Arsenal). 

Brown, , Lieut. Col. 1st Georgia State Troops. 

Browne,(*) William H., Colonel 45th Virginia Infantry 

Browiie,(*) William M,, Colonel 1st Batlalion Virginia' Cavalrv Loeal 
Defense Troops. •' 

Browning, A. F., Lieutenant-Colonel 18th South Carolina Militia 

Brownlow, William W. J., Major 32d Tennessee Infantry • Maior tpm 
porarily attached to 35th (formerly 5th Tennessee, Provisional Armv\ 
Tennessee Infantry. ^imy; 

Broyles, Charles E., Major, Colonel 36th (Glenn's) Georgia Infantry. 

Bruce, James D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 47th Virginia Infantry. 

Brnce, Tliomas, Colonel Bruce's Missouri Cavalry, 2d Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard. 

Brumby, A. V., Colonel 14th Georgia Infantry. 

Bruster,{*) Ebenezer, Major '29th Virginia Infantry. 

Bryan,(*) David F., IMajor 26th (O'Neal's) Alabama Infantry. 

Bryan, (*) Goode, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel I6th Georgia Infantry. 

Bryan, (») J. M., Major 1st (Bryan's) Cherokee Cavalry Battalion. 

Bryan, (*) John G,, Major 37th North Carolina Infantry. 

Bryan,(*) King, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 5lh Texas Infantry. 

Bryan, Moses Austin, Major 4th Texas Infantry State Troops. 

Bryson,(*) Samuel C, Mnjor, LieiUenaut-Coloiiel 25th (formerly 16th) 
Nortli Carolina Infantry. 

Buchanan, (*) Felix G., Major 1st Tennessee Infantry, Provisional Army. 

Buchanan, (*) John H., Major 2d Mississippi Infantry. 

Bnchel,(*) Augustus, Colonel 1st (Buchel's) Texas Cavalry; Lieuten- 
ant-Colonel 3d Texas Infantry. 

Bnck.(*) John A., Major 22d (also called 1st Indian Texas Regiment) 
Texas Cavalry. 

Buck, William A., Colonel 24th Alabama Infantry ; Colonel 4th Ala- 
bama Militia (90 days). 

Buckner, G. W., Acting Major 1st Arkansas and Louisiana Battalion 

BuckniT,(*) Thomas K., Lieutenant-Colonel 44th Virginia Infantry. 

Buford,(*) John W., Lieutenant Colonel 9th Tennessee Infantry; Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel 6th and 9th Tennessee Infantry Consolidated. 

Buie,(*) Duncan, Major 4th Battalion Louisiana Infantry. 

Bulger,(*) Michael J., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 47th Alabama In- 

Bulger, W. D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Alabama iieserves. 

Bull,{*) Gustavus A., Lieutenant Colonel 35th Georgia Infantry; found 
also on Confederate register as Major of 4th Battalion Georgia In- 

Bull,(*) John P., Major, Lieutenant- Colonel Morgan's (also called 2d) 
Arkansas Cavalry ; Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Arkansas Cavalry. 

Bullard.(*) James G., Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Mississippi Infantry. 

Bu!litt,('*) William G., Major 6th Kentucky Cavalry; Major Bullitt's 
Battalion Kentucky Cavalry. 

Bullock, Edward C, Colonel 18th Alabama Infantry. 

Bullock, (*) Eobert, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 7th Florida Infantry. 

Bullock, Kobert S., Major 8th Kentucky Cavalry. 

Bunch, (*) Bryan B., jr., Major 5th Tennessee Infantry. 

Bunu,(*) Henry G., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th (McNair's) Arkansas In- 
fantry ; Colonel 3Ist Arkansas Infantry (temporary command). 

Burbridge,(*) John Q., Colonel 2d (also called 1st) Missouri Infantry; 
Colonel 4th Missouri Cavalry; Colonel 1st Missouri Infantry, 3d Di- 
vision Missouri State Guard ; Colonel Burbridge's Missouri Cavalry, 
2d Division, Missouri State Guard. 

Burford,(*) Nathaniel M., Colonel 19th Texas Cavalry. 

Bnrford,(*) William G., Major 8th (Fulton's) Tennessee Infantry. 

Burgin, Thomas A., Lieutenant Colonel 3d Battalion (or Minute Men) 
Mississippi State Troops. 

Burgwyn,(*) Henry K., jr., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 26th North 
Carolina Infantry. 

Burke,(*) Joseph K., Major Stowe's Battalion North Carolina Reserves; 
Major 5th Regiment North Carolina Senior Reserves. 


Burke, Martin, Major, Lienteiiaiit-Oolonel 1st Missouri Infantry. 

Burke,(*) Ross E., Ma,jor, Lieutenaut-Colonel, Colonel 2d Ijouisiana 

Burke,(*)' Thomas M., Major 55tli Virginia Infantry. 

Burks, Jesse S,, Colonel 42d Virsiinia Infantry. 

Burks,(*) John C, Colonel 11th Teras Cavalry. 

Burks,(*) J. H., Major 4tb Georgia Reserves. tt-- • ■ rr 

Burks.(*) JiichardH., Colonel Botetourt Regiment Virginia Home 
Guards; Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Virginia Cavalry. 

Burks, Robert S., Lieutenant-Colonel Botetourt Regiment \ irginia 
Home Guards. 

Burleson,(*) Andrew Bell, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Texas Cavalry. 

Burleson, Edward, Major 1st (McCuUoch's) Texas Mounted Riflemen. 

Burnet,(*) Jas., Major 9th (Maxey's, also called 8th) Texas Infantry; 
Major 1st Battalion Texas Sharpshooters. 

Burnett, Uenry C, Colonel 8th Kentucky Infantry. 

Burnett,(*) Jno. H., Colonel 13th Texas Cavalry. 

Buruett,(*) Tlioruas J., Major 17th Alabama Infantry. 

Burns, A. D., Major 1st Texas Partisan Rangers. 

Burns,(*) James Randolph, Lieut. Col. 35th (Likens') Texas Cavalry; 
Lieut. Col. Burns' Texas Cavalry Battalion. 

Burns, John T., Major 0th Georgia Cavalry. 

Bnriis,(*) Simon P., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d (Huuter'e, changed to 8th) 
Missouri Infantry; Colonel 8th (Burns', changed to 11th) Missouri 
Infantry; Colonel 11th Missouri Infantry. 

Burr, J. G., Colonel Masouborougli Home Guards, North Carolina Bat- 

Burr, Win. U., Major 30th Alabama Infantry. 

Burroughs, (*) Eilgar, Major 11th Battalion Virginia Cavalry; Major 
15th Virginia Cavalry. 

Burrow, (*) Renbeu, Major 12th (also called 1st Partisan Rangers) Ten- 
nessee Cavalry. 

Burt, E. R., Colonel 18th Mississippi Infantry. 

Burt,(*) William G., Lieut. Col., Colonel 22d South Carolina Infantry. 

Burton, Augustus W., Jlajor 12th (formerly 2(1) North Carolina Infantry. 

Burtwell, Jno. R. B., Colonel 11th (also called 10th) Alabama Cavalry ; 
Major 21st Battalion 'I'eniiessee Cavalry. 

Burwell, W. P., Major 2d Virginia Heavy Artillery. 

Bush,(*) Louis, IMajor, Lieut. Col. ISih Louisiana Infantry (last commis- 
sion declined); Colonel 7th Louisiana Cavalry. 

Bush, Win. M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 34th (also called 2d Partisans) 
Texas Cavalry. 

Bussey,(*) Hezekiah, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 27th Georgia Infantry. 

Buster, M. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 9th (Clark's) Missouri Infantry; 
Lieutenant-Colonel Buster's Battalion Arkansas Cavalry: Majot Lieu- 
tenant Colonel of J. J. Clarksou's Missouri Infantry Battalion. 

Buswell,(*) Thomas, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Virginia Militia. 

Butler,(*) Andrew P., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st South Carolina 
Infantry (Provisional Army). 

Butler, E. G. W., jr.. Major 11th Louisiana Infantry. 

Butler,(*) Jno. A., Lientenant Colonel 2d Tenuessee Infantry (Provi- 
sional Army). 

Butler,(*) J. R.. Colonel 3d Kentucky Cavalry. 

Butler,(*) Loudon, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Louisiana Infantry 

Butler,(*) Matthew (J., Colonel 2d South Carolina Cavalry Major 
Hampton (South Carolina) Legion. ' •' 


Bntler, Sumuel F., Major, Lienteiiant-Coloucl lltli Mississipin Infantry!. 

Butler,(*) William, LiLnitenantColoiiel, Colonel 3d South Carolina 
■Artillery (1st South Carolina Regnlarw). 

Butler, Wm. L., Mnjor, Lieutenaut-Colom I 23th Alabama Infantry. 

Butler,(*) Wm. R., Lieutenant Colonel 18th Tennessee Infantry. 

Butt, Edg^ai M., Major, Colonel 2d Georgia Infantry. 

Bynum,(*) Geo. W., Major Ham's Mississippi Cavalry. 

Byuum,(*) Tom, Major 9th (also called 17th) Battalion Louisiana 

Bynum,(*) William P., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 2d North Carolina 
Infantry State Troops. 

Byrd.(*) Stephen D. M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 26th South Carolina 
Infantry; Major (ith Battalion South Carolina lulantry. 

Byrd,(*) William, Lieutenant Colonel 14th Texas Infantry. 

Byrd, Wm. M., Colonel 1st Alabama Militia. 

Byrd, Wm. W., Major 10th Battalion Virginia Reserves. 

Cabell, (*) George C. Major, Lieutenant-Colonel ]8;h Virginia Infantry, 

Cabell,(*) Henry C, Lieut. Col., Colonel 1st Virginia Artillery. 

Cabell, (*) J. Grattan, Major, Lieutenant- Colonel 6th Virginia Cavalry. 

Cabell, (*) Joseph R., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 38th Virginia 

Cage, Duncan S., Lieutenant-Colonel 26th Louisiana Infantry. 

Cage, Jolin B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Confederate Cavalry. 

Cain, James G., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 28th Georgia Infantry. 

Cain, W. R., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Arkansas Infantry. 

Calahan, W. G., Major 18th Georgia Infantry. 

Caldwell,(*) Alexander W., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 27th Tennessee 

Caldwell, John H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel lOth Alabama Infantry. 

Caldwell, (*) John W., Major 1st Kentucky Cavalry ; Major, Lieuten- 
ant-Colonel, Colonel 9th (also called 5th) Kentucky Infantry ; Major, 
Lieut. Col. 5th Kentucky Infantry (latter appointment c.inceled). 

Caldwell, (*) Josiah H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 7th (Jackmau's, 
afterward 16th) Missouri Infantry. 

Caldwell, (*) Robert P., Major 12th Tennessee Infantry. 

Caldwell, , Major 1st Battalion Louisiana State Cavalry. 

Calhoon, S. S., Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Mississippi Infantry. 

Calhoun, (*) P. Ludlow, Lieutenant Colonel 13th South Carolina In- 

Calhoun,!*) Wm. Ransom, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st South Carolina Ar- 
tillery Battalion ; Colonel 1st South Carolina Artillery Regiment. 

Call,(*) Geo. W., Major 2d Florida Infantry. 

Callcote,(*) Alexander D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Virginia In- 

Calloway, Abner S., Lieutenant- Colonel 55th Korth Carolina Infantry. 

Calmese,(*) Fielding H., Major 23d Virginia Cavalry. 

Camak,(*) Thomas, Major Infantry*Battalion, Cobb's Georgia Legion. 

Camden, (*) G. D., jr., IMajor 9th Battalion Virginia Infantry. 

Camden, J. D., Major 23d Virginia Infantry. 

Cameron, (*) Allen, Major Waul's Texas Legion. 

Cameron, (*) F. J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Arkansas Infantry. 

Cameron,(*) John F., Slajor, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d (formerly 18th Ar- 
kansas) Confederate Infantry. 

Camfleld, Charles H., M'ajor 2t)tii Battalion Georgia Cavalry. 

Camp,(*) John L., Colonel 14th Texas Cavalry. 

Camp,(*) Raleigh S., Major 40th Georgia Infantry. 


Camp, Thompson, Major 14th Texas Cavalry; Colouel 2d Texas In- 
fantry State Troops. 

Camp, Wm. A., Major 36th Tennessee Infantry. 

Campbell,(*) Alexander W., Colonel 33d Tennessee Infantry. 

Campbell, Andrew J., Major, 48th (Voorhies') Tennessee Infantry. 

Campbell, Chas. C, Major 1st Missouri Infantry. 

Campbell, Churchill G., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Kentucky Cavalry. 

Campbell,!*) Francis L., Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 13th (Gib- 
sou's) Louisiana Infantry. 

Campbell,(*) James A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 27th Missis- 
■ sippi Infantry. 

Campbell, (*) James C, Major 48th Yirsinia Infantry. 

Campbell, (*) James C, Major 18th Mississippi Infantry. 

Campbell,(*) James M., Major 47th Alabama Infantry. 

Campbell, (*) John A., Colouel 48th Virginia Infantry. 

Campbell, Josiah A. P., Lieutenant-Colonel 40th Mississippi Infantry. 

Campbell, (*) L. A., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 3d Missouri Cavalry. 

Campbell, (*) Leonidas C, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Battalion Missouri 
Cavalry; Lieut. Col. (ith Battalion Missouri Cavalry; Lieutenant- 
Colonel 3d Missouri Cavalry. 

Campbell,(*) Reuben P., Colouel 7th ]Srorth Carolina Infantry State 

Carapbell,(*) Robert, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 11th (also called 9th) 
South Carolina Infantry. 

Campbell, Thomas J., Major 5th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 

Campbell, Wm.H., IMajor, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Battalion South Caro- 
lina Light Artillery. 

Campbell, William P., Major 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles. 

Camron,(*) Orville G., Major 1st Battalion Kentucky Mounted Rifles. 

Candler, A. D., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Georgia Reserves. 

Canfield,(*) Mercer, Major Crescent Regiment, Louisiana Infantry. 

Canon, John Job, Ma,jor, Lieutenant-Colonel 22d Texas Infantry. 

Cansler, Adolphns Philip, Major 1st Alabama, Tennessee, and Missis- 
sippi Regiment. 

Cantey, James, Colonel 15th Alabama Infantry. 

Cantrell, Robert, Lieutenant-Colonel 23d Tennessee Infantry. 

Cant\vell,(*) Edward, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th (formerly 2d) North Car- 
olina Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 59th North Carolina Volunteers 
(4th North Carolina Cavalry). 

Cantwell,(*) John L., Colonel 51st North Carolina Infantry; Colonel 
30th North Carolina Militia. 

Capers,(*) Ellison, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 24th South Carolina 

Oapers,(*) Henry D., Ma^jor, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Battalion Georgia 

Capers,(*) James H., Major 13th Battalion Louisiana Partisan Rangers. 

Capers, J. Hickson, Major 3d Arkansas Infantry. 

Capers,(*) Richard L., Major 3d (Pargoud's) Louisiana Cavalry; Major, 
Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Battalion Louisiana Partisan Rano-ers- Col- 
onel 5th Louisiana Cavalry. *' ' 

Capers,(*) W. C, Major 1st Louisiana Artillery. 

Caraway,(*) Nathaniel Jackson, Major llth Texas Infantry 

Garden, Albert G., Lieutenant-Colonel 18th Tennessee Infai'itrv 

Carew, John E., Colonel 3d South Carolina State Troops; Colouel 18th 
South Carolina Militia. 

Caigile, C. M., Major 10th Arkansas Infantry. 


Cai'ltoa,(*) Charles H., Major 15fch (Polk's) Arkansas lufantry; Ool- 

ouel Carlton's Eeglmeut Arkansas Cavalry. 
Carmical,(*) George H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 7th Georgia 

Carniichael,(*) Abner B., Major 26th North Carolina Infantry. 

Carpenter,(*) John N., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 2d Alabama 

Carpenter,(*) Joseph, Lieutenant-Colonel 27th Virginia Infantry (ap- 
l)oiutraent declined). 

Carpenter, Simeon, Lieutenant-Colonel 82d Virginia Militia. 

Carr,(*) George W., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 57th Virginia Infantry. 

Carrington, Henry, Major 3d Virginia Cavalry. 

Carrington,(*) Henry A., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 18th Virginia 

Carrington, (*) Isaac H., Major 38th Virginia Infantry. 

Carroll, Charles A., Colonel Carroll's Regiment Arkansas Cavalry, 

Carroll, (*) Charles M., Colonel 15th Tennessee Infantry. 

Carroll, De Eosey, Colonel 1st Arkansas Cavalry State Troops, 1861. 

Carroll, D. W., Colonel 18th (Carroll's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Carroll, Joseph A., Major 29th Texas Cavalry. 

Carroll, (*) William H., Colonel 37th (formerly 7th Tennessee, Provi- 
sional Army) Tennessee Infantry ; Colonel Ist East Tennessee EiHes. 

Carson, (*) John T., Major 12th Georgia Infantry. 

Carson, Eobert P., Lieutenant-Colonel 37th Virginia Infantry. 

Cars well, Nathaniel A., Lieutenant-Colonel 22d Infantry Battalion Geor- 
gia State Guard. 

.Carswell,(*) Eeuben W., Lieutenant Colonel 48th Georgia Infantry. 

Carter, Benjamin F., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Texas Infantry. 

Carter,(*) David M., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th North Carolina Infantry 
State Troops. 

Carter,(*) George Washington, Colonel 21st Texas Cavalry. 

Carter, Haley M., Lieutenant-Colonel 18th (also called 10th) Battalion 
Louisiana Cavalry. 

Carter,(*) Hill, Colonel 52d Virgin'a Militia. 

Carter,(*) James E., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d (also called 14th) Battalion 
Tennessee Cavalry; Colonel 1st (Carter's) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Carter, James W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 45th Georgia Infantry. 

Carter,(*) James W., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 13th Mississippi In- 

Carter, J. C, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Texas Cavalry State Troops; Major 
2d Cavalry Battalion Texas State Troops. 

Ca.rter,(*) John C, Lieutenant-Colonel 34th Alabama Infantry. 

Carter,(*) John C, Colonel 38th (formerly 8th, Looney's) Tennessee In- 

Carter,(*) John W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Virginia Infantyr Bat- 
talion Local Defense (Quartermaster's). 

Carter, Mosco B., Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Tennessee Infantry. 

Carter, Nathan W., Colonel 21st (N. W. Carter's) Tennessee Cavalry 

Carter, Richard W., Major 2d Alabama Cavalry. 

Carter, E. S., Major, Lieutenant- Colonel 7th Mississippi Infantry. 

Carter,(*) E. Welby, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Virginia 

Carter,(*) Samuel A., Major 45th Tennessee lufantry. 

Carter,(*) T. H., Lieutenant-Colonel Carter's Battalion Artillery. 

Carter,(*) Thomas M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d (Bur bridge's, also 
called Istl Missouri Infantrv. 


Carter,(*) William F., Major 2d (Burbridge's, also called 1st) Missouri 

shooters. . . ,,.,.,. 

Carver, D. C, Lieuteuant-Golonel 88th Virgiina Militia. 
Gary, George W., Major 44th Alabama Infantry. 
Gary, John B., Lieutenant-Colonel 32d Virginia Infantry. 

0.iry,(*) N. R., Major 39th Virginia Infantry (disbanded) ; Major 19th 

Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery. 
Cary,(*) R. Milton, Golonel 30th Virginia Infantry. ^ , , 

Cash,(*) Bllerbee B. G., Colonel 8th South Carolina Infantry; Colonel 

2d South Carolina Reserves. , -, ^ , -rr- ■ ■ 

Caskie,(*) Robert A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Golonel lUth Virginia 

Cason,(*) Caleb McKnight Lieutenant-Colonel 31st (A. H. Bradford's) 

Tennessee Infantry. 
Gasseday, Alexander, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Kentucky Infantry. 
Cassel,(*) J. T., Major 2d Special Battalion Kentucky Cavalry. 
Caswell, Theodore D., Major 4th Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters. 
Cathey,(*) William H., Major 15th Texas Cavalry- 
Cato, William W., Lieuteiiant-Colonel 37th Regiment (Military Dis- 
trict) Georgia. 
Caton,(*) William R., Major 23d Texas Cavalry. 
Caudill,(*) Benjamin E., Golonel 13th Kentucky Cavalry (also called 

10th Kentucky Mounted Rifles and 11th Kentucky Mounted Rifles). 
Caudill, David J., Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Kentucky Cavalry (also 

called 10th Kentucky Mounted Rifles and 11th Kentucky Mounted 

Caudle, John H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 34th Texas Cavalry 

(also called 2d Partisans). 
Oawthorn, James, Colonel 4th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri 

State Guard. 
Gayce,(*) Henry P., Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Texas Infantry; Major of 

Bates' Battalion Texas Infantry. 
Cayce, Stewart W., Lieutenant Colonel 21st Alabama Infantry ; Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel 1st Mobile Volunteers, Local Defense Troops. 
Gearnal, J. T., Golonel 1st Missouri Cavalry, 5th Division, Missouri 

State Guard. 
Cecil, William P., Major 23d Battalion Virginia Infantry. 
Chadick,(*) William D., Lieutensint-Colonel 50th (iilso "known as 26th, 

Coltart's) Alabama Infantry; Major 2d (also called 8th) Battalion 

Alabama Infantry. 
Chalmers, A. H., Major of Major's Missouri Cavalry Regiment, 3d 

Division, Missouri State Guard. 
Ghalmers,(*) Alexander H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel ISth Battalion 

Mississippi Cavalry; Colonel 18th Mississippi Cavalry Regiment- 

Colonel Chalmers' Consolidated Mississippi Cavalry Re"-imeut. ' 

Chalmers, (*) James R., Colonel 9th Mississippi Infantry. " 
Chambers,(*) Pinckney B., Major 49th North Carolina Infantry 
Chambliss,(*) John R., jr., Golonel 41st Virginia Infantry ; Colonel 13th 

Virginia Cavalry. 
Chambliss,(*) N. R., Major 1st Kentucky Cavalry. 
Chambliss,(*) Samuel L., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d (Pargoud's) Louisiam, 

Cavalry; Lieut. Ool. 13th Battalion Louisiana Partisan Rangers ' 


jhancller, Greene C, Colonel 8th Mississippi Infantry. 

3han(ller,(*) Joseph N., Lieutenant-Colonel 24th Georgia Infantry. 

jhapin,(*) \Vm. P., Major 8th (Dibrell's, also called 13th) Tennessee 

Chapman, (*) William H., Major 43d Battalion Virginia Cavalry; Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel Mosby's Regiment Virginia Partisan Rangers. 

3harlton,(*) Richard, Lieutenant-Colonel 33d ( Hardcastle's) Mississippi 
Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 45t,h Mississippi Infantry. 

Sharlton, William W., Major 2d Georgia Infantry. 

Uhastain, E. W., Lieutenant Colonel I'st Georgia Regulars ; Colonel 8th 
Regiment Georgia State Troops. 

Dhatfield,(*) Wm. M., Major 20th ]\Iississippi Infantry. 

Dheairs,(*) Nathaniel F., Major 3d Tennessee Volunteers. 

Dh'eek,(*) William H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 9th North Carolina 
Volunteers (1st North Carolina Cavalry). 

Dhekote, Samuel, Lieutenant Colonel 1st Creek Regiment. 

Dheiiault, David W., Colonel 11th Kentucky Cavalry. 

Cheney, W. F., Lieutenant-Colonel Avoyelles Regiment, Louisiana 

Uhenoweth,(*) Benjamin D., Major 2lst Texas Cavalry. 

Ohenoweth,(*) John Thos., Major 13th Kentucky Cavalry (also called 
10th Kentucky Mounted Rifles and 11th Kentucky Mounted Rifles). 

Uhenoweth,(*) Joseph H., Major 31st Virginia Infantry. 

Ohenoweth,(*) J. Q., Major 3d Kentucky Cavalry. 

Cherry, D. E.. Colonel 15th North Carolina Militia. 

Ohester,(*) John, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 51st Teunessee Infantry. 

(ihew,(*) Robert S., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 30th Virginia Infantry. 

Ghew,(*) R. P., Major Chew's Battalion Artillery. 

Childress,(*) James R., Lieutenant Colonel 40th Mississipi)i Infantry. 

Childs,(*) Frederick L., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 2d Battalion North 
Carolina Local Defense Troops. 

Chiles, Elijah, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division 
Missouri State Guard. 

Chiles, Richard B., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Missouri Cavalry; Lieuten- 
ant-Colonel Extra Cavalry Battalion, 4th Division, Missouri State 

Chiles, W. P., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Missouri Infantry, 5th Division, 
Missouri State Guard. 

Chilton, (*) George W., Major 3d Texas Cavalry. 

Chism, Howard, Major 1st Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri 
State Guard. 

Chisum,(*) Isham, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 2d Texas Partisan 
Rangers (originally Stone's Regiment). 

Chrisman, Francis M., Major Chrisman's Battalion Arkansas Cavalry. 

Chrisman,(*) Geo., Major 7th Battalion Virginia Reserves. 

Christian, (*) Bat. D., Major 52d Virginia Militia. 

Christian, (*) Chas. B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 49th Virginia Infantry. 

Christian, Edmond J., Major 23d (formerly 13th) North Carolina In- 

Christian,(*) Samuel P., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Texas Cavalry. 

Christian, (*) Wm. S , Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 55th Virginia 

Christie,(*) Daniel Harvey, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 2'!d (for- 
merly 13th) North Carolina Infantry. 

Christy,(*) George W., Major 6th Louisiana Infantry. 

Church,(*) Lucius A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Florida Infantry. 


Ob urchin, Thos. J., Colonel 1st Arkansas Mounted Eifles. 

Church well,(*) William M., Colonel 4tU (Churchwell's, »™l^^"!^3 
Tennessee, Provisional Army; Colonel 34th (formerly 4th Provision 
Army) Tennessee Infantry. ^ „ tt i 

C]ack,(*) Calvin J., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 3d Tennessee Volu: 

Clack,(*) Franklin H., Major 16th Battalion Louisiana Infantry; Lie. 
tenant Colonel Crescent Regiment Louisiana Infantry ; Ooloneldc 
Eegiment Louisiana Infantry ; Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Battalion Coi 

federate Infantry. . . .^.v^-- 

Clack, George, Colonel Continental Eegiment, Louisiana Militia. 
01aiborne,(*) James R., Major 37th Battalion Virginia Cavalry. 
Clalborne,(*) Thomas, Captain, P. A. 0. S., temporary commander j 

Colonel 6th Confederate Cavalry. 
Claiborne,(*) Thos. D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Confederate Ca' 

airy; Lieutenant-Colouel 10th Georgia Cavalry. 
Claiborne,(*) Wm. C, Colonel 7th Confederate Cavalry; Lieutenan 

Colonel 4th Battalion North Carolina Partisan Eaugers. 
Clauton,(*) James H., Colonel 1st Alabama Cavalry. 
Clanton^ Turner, jr.. Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Alabama Cavalrj 
Clark, B. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Battalion Louisiana State Cavalr 
Chirk, (*) Edward, Colonel 14th Texas Infantry. 
Ciark,(*) Edward A., Major 51st Tennessee Infantry. 
Claik,(*) George M., Major 34th North Carolina Infantry. 
Clark, H. E., Colonel (Jlark's Missouri Cavalry. 
Clark, (*) John B., jr., Colonel 9th (Clark's) Missouri Infantry; Majo 

Colonel 1st Missouri Infantry, 3d Division Missouri State Guard. 
Clark, (*) John M., Colonel 46tli Tennessee Infantry. 
Clark, (*) J. W., Major 31st Arkansas Infantry. 
Clark, (*) Walter McK., Major 1st North Carolina Junior Eeserves 

Major 4th Battalion North Carolina Eeserves. 
Clark, (*) Whitfield, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 39th Alabaii 

Clark,(*) Wm., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th (also called 8th) Texi 

Clark, (*) Wm. H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 46th Mississip; 

Clarke,(*) Chas. H., Major 15th Virginia Infantry. 
Clarke, Edward Y., Major IGth Battalion Georgia Cavalry. 
Clarke,(*) J. Lyle, Lieutenant-Colonel 30th Battalion Virginia Shar 

Claike,(*) Eobert, Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Mississippi Infantry. 
Clarke,(*) Thomas Erskine, Major 8th Florida Infantry. 
Clarke,(*) William J., Colonel 24th (formerly 14th) North Carolina I 

Clarke,(*) Wm. L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Kentucky Infantry 
Clark's Battalion Missouri Infantry, seiies i, vol. x pt. ii. 
Clarkson,(*) James J., Colonel Clarksou's Battalion Missouri Cavalr 

Colonel 5th Missouri Infantry, 8th Division, Missouri State Guard 
Clarkson, John N,, Colonel 3d Infantry Eegiment Virginia State Liu 
C]ay.(*) Charles C, Major 1st (Jackson's, afterward 7th) Tenness 

Clay,(*) Ezekiel P., Lieutenant- Colonel 3d Battalion Kentucky Mount 

Claybrooke,(*) Frederick, Major 20th Tennessee Infantry. 
Clayton, (*) George Wesley, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 62d Nor 
Carolina Infantry. 


C)layton,(*) Henry D., Colonel SQth Alabama Infantry; Colonel 1st 

Alabama Infantry. 
0]ebiirne,(*) Patrick E., Colonel 1st (Cleburne's) Arkansas Infantry; 
Colonel 15th (Cleburne's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Clement,(*) Adam, Major 11th Virginia Infantry (appointment can- 

Clement,(*) Wm. B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 10th Virginia 

Clements, Newton N., Lieutenant-Colonel 50th (also known as 26th, 
Coltart's) Alabama Infantry. 

Cleveland, L. C, Major 1st Infantry Texas State Troops. 

Cleveland,(*) Stephen B., Major Wirt Adams' Mississippi Cavalry. 

Cleveland,(*) Wilde C, Major, Lieutenant-OolonelGth Georgia Infantry. 

Clifton, James M., Major lOtli (also called ith) Battalion Alabama In- 

Clifton, Wm. C, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 39th Alabama Infantry. 

Clinch, (*) Duncan L., Colonel 4th (Clinch's) Georgia Cavalry; Major, 
Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Battalion Georgia Cavalry. 

Clinch, (*) Henry A., Major 1st Louisiana Artillery. 

Clingman,(*) Thomas L., Colonel 25th (formerly 15th) Korth Carolina 

Cloptou,(*) Albert G , Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Texas Infantry. 

Cloud,(*) Abel J., Lieutenant-Colonel 16th (formerly 6th) North Caro- 
lina Infantry. 

Cloud, George, Major 1st Seminole Cavalry Battalion. 

Clough, Jeremiah M., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Texas Infantry. 

Cluke, Eoy S., Colonel 8th Kentucky Cavalry. 

Clyburn,(*) Benjamin E., Major 2d South Carolina Infantry. 

Clyburn,(*) T. Frank, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th South Carolina 

Coarser, John W., Lieutenant-Colonel Morgan's Eegiment Arkansas 
Cavalry (also called 2d). 

Cobb,(*) Howell, Colonel 16th Georgia Intantry. 

Cobb,(*) Norvell, Major, Colonel 44th Virginia Infantry. 

Cobb,(*) Pharaoh A., Major 2d (Ashby's) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Oobb,(*) Thomas E. E., Colonel Cobb's Georgia Legion. 

Cobbs,(*) Paul M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 30th (Eogan's, also called 
39th) Arkansas Intantry. 

Cochran, (*) James, Colonel 14th Virginia Cavalry. 

Cochran, Thomas M., Lieutenant-Colonel '2d Arkansas Cavalry. 

Cocke.(*) John B., Colonel Hawthorn's Arkansas Infantry. 

Cocke, P. St. George, Colonel 19th Virginia Infantry. 

Cockrell,(*) Francis M., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 2d (Burbridge's, 
also called 1st) Missouri Infantry. 

Cofer,(*) Martin H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 6th Kentucky Infantry ; 
Lieutenant-Colouel 1st (Cofer's) Battalion Kentucky Infantry. 

Coflee,(*) Chatham, Acting Major 11th Tennessee Cavalry. 

CoHee, Jno. A., Major 20th Georgia Infantry. 

Coftee,(*) John T., Colonel 6th Missouri Cavalry; Colonel 6th Missouri 
Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri State Guard. 

Coffee,(*) Patrick H., Major 16th Tennessee Infantry. 

Coffman,(*) Isaac G., Major 10th Virginia Infantry. 

Cohoon,(*) John T. P. C, Lieutenant Colonel 6th Battalion North Caro- 
lina Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel Cohoou's Battalion Virginia In- 

Coiuer,(*) David W., Lieutenant-Colonel 32d Virginia Militia. 


Ooit,{*) John T., Lienteuant-Oolouel IStli Texas Cavalry. 

Coker,(*) James L., Major 6tU South Oarolioa Infantry. 

ColbertJ*) Wallace Bruce, Colonel 40th Mississippi Infantry. , 

OoIcockVf*) Chas. J., Colonel 3d South Carolina Cavalry ; Lieutenant- 
Colonel 8th (also called 2d) Battalion South Carolina Cavalry. 

Co!e,(*) Christopher C, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 22d (formerly 12th) 
North Carolina Infantry. -r j, ^ t • 

Cole,(*) James C, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Confederate Infantry; Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel 5th (Smith's, also called 9th) Confederate Infantry; 
Major 21st Tennessee Infantry. 

Cole, Peter H., Major 13th Tennessee Infantry. 

Coleman, (*) Augustas A., Colonel 40th Alabama Infantry. 

Coleman, Cicero, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Kentucky Cavalry. 

C()!eman,(*) Clayton G., jr., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 23d Virginia In- 

Coleman.(*) David, Colonel 39th North Carolina Infantry. 

Coleman, (*) Henry E., Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 12th (formerly 2d) 
North Carolina Infantry. 

Coleman, (*) James T., Major Miles Legion, Louisiana Yoliinteers. 

Coleman, J. G., IMajor 1st Texas Cavalry State Troops. 

Ooleman,(*) Lewis M., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Virginia Artillery. 

Coleman, Thomas K., Major 4th Alabama Infantry. 

Coleman, W. O., Colonel 46th Arkansas Infantry. 

Coles, Thomas R., Major 37th Virginia Militia. 

Collins, (*) Chas. Read, Major, Colonel 15th Virginia Cavalry. 

Collins, (*) Joseph, Lieutenant-Colonel 18th Louisiana Infantry. 

Collins, N. D., Colonel Collins' Mississippi Cavalry Regiment. 

Colms,(*) Stephen H., Major 1st (Colms', also called 20th) Battalion 
Tennessee Infantry; Colonel 50th (new) Tennessee Infantry. 

CoIquitt,(*) Alfred H., Colonel 6th Georgia Infantry. 

Colouitt,(*) John W., .Major, Colonellst (Colquitt's) Arkansas Infantry ; 
Major Ist (Pagan's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Colquitt, Peyton H., Colonel 46th Georgia Infantry. 

Colston, (*) Raleigh E., Colonel 16th Virginia Infantry. 

Colston, (*) Raleigh T., Ma;ior, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Virginia Infantry. 

Coltart,(*) John G., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Alabama Infantry (12 
months) ; Colonel 50th (also known as 26th, Coltart's) Alabama In- 
fantry ; Lieut. Col. 3d (Coltart's) Battalion Alabama Infantry. 

Colton, John F., Colonel 62d North Carolina Militia. 

Colvin,(*) Chas. H., Colonel 6ih Alabama Cavalry. 

Compton, John R., Colonel 198th Virginia Militia. 

Cone,(*) James G., Major 47th Georgia Infantry. 

Cone,(*) Joseph S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 47th Georgia Infantry. 

Conerly, James M., Lieut. Col. 2d Regiment Mississippi Infantry (or 
Minute Men) State Troops. 

Conn, Chas. A., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 45th Georgia Infantry. 

Oonually,(*) John K., Colonel 55th North Carolina Infantry. 

Conner,(*) James, Colonel 22d (formerly 12th) North Carolina Infantry. 

Conner,(*) James, Major Hampton (South Carolina) Legion. 

Conner,(*) Wm. G., Major, Lieut. Col. Jeff. Davis Mississippi Legion. 

Conner,(*) Z. T., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 12th Georgia Infantry 

Connor,(*) George W., Major, Lieut. Col. 5th Kentucky Infantry 

Couoley,(*) John F., Lieut. Col., Colonel 29th Alabama Infantry -Lieut. 
Col. 4th Battalion Alabama Infantry. ' 

Couyers, Wm. D., Major Infantry Battalion, Cobb's Georgia Le"-ion 

Cook,(*) Alphonso P., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Virginia Cavalry " 


)ook,(*) Edward B., Mnjor 2d Battalion Virginia Reserves. 

yOok,(*) Edmund C, Colonel 32d Tennessee Infantry. 

}ook,(») F. W. C, Major 23d Infantry Battalion Georgia State Guard. 

'ook,(*) Gustave, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 8th Texas Cavalry. 

}ook, Hatch, Major 60th Alabama Infantry ; Major 3d Infantry Bat- 
talion, Hilliard's Alabama Legion. 

3ook, Henry P., Major 2d Mississippi Infantry Battalion (or Minute 
Men) State Troops. 

3ook,(') Joseph J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Battalion Texas Ar- 
tillery; Colonel 1st Regiment Texas Artillery. 

jOok,(*) Philip, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th Georgia Infantry. 

3ook,(*) RobertT., Miijor, Lieutenant-Colonel Infantry Battalion, Phil- 
lips Georgia Legion. 

Jook, W. D. S., Lieutenant Colonel 12th Arkansas* Infantry. 

jOok,(*) Wm. L., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th (Avery's) Georgia CaS^alrj-. 

]ooke, H. W., Major 4th Cavalry Texas State Troops. 

3ooke,(*) Jas. B., Colonel 59th Tennessee Infantry. 

3ooke,(*) John R.. Colonel 27th North Carolina Infantry. 

Dooke,(*) Oliver H., Lieutenant Colonel 49th Georgia Infantry. 

3ooper,(*) Albert G., Lieutenant-Colonel 9th (Biffle's, also called 19th) 
Tennessee Cavalry. 

jooper, Douglas II., Colonel 1st Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted 

Jooper, James F., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Georgia Infantry. 

jooper, John, Major 11th Infantry Battalion Georgia State Guard. 

Jooper,(*) Stephen, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Missouri Infantry, 

Jooper,(*) Sylvester C, Major 4Ctb Tennchsee Infantry. 

Jooper, John F., Major 8th Georgia Infantry. 

Jooper, Thomas L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Georgia Infantry. 

Jooper,(*) Wm. P., Major 31st Virginia Infantry. 

Jopeland, Jno. R., Colonel 59th Virginia Militia. 

Joppens,(*) Georges Auguste Gaston, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Battalion 
Lonisiaua Zouaves (signs as G. Coppens). 

Joppens,(*) Marie Alfred, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Battalion Louisiana 
Zouaves (signs as Alfred Coppens). 

Jordiiig,(*) Jerome B., Lieutenant Colonel 49th Tennessee Infantry. 

jorley,(*) Jas. L., Lieutenant-Colonel 60th Virginia Infantry. 

JorIey,(*) Jno. A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 23d Texas Cavalry. 

Jorley, S:iml., Major Dobbin's Arkansas Cavalry (also called 1st). 

Joraiier,(*) Charles E., Major 1st Louisiana Volunteers. 

Jorn, F. M., Major, Lieut. Col. 3d (also called 11th) Confederate Cavalry. 

Jorner, John B., Major 1st Mo. Cavalry, 4th Biv. Mo. State Guard. 

Joriis,(*) James M., Colonel 8th Virginia Cavalry. 

Jorpening,(*) D. J., Colonel 5th North Carolina Regiment Senior Re- 

Jorpre\v,(*) Thos. J., Lieut. Col., Colonel 6th Virginia Infantry. 

JorEe,(*) Montgomery D., Colonel 17th Virginia Infantry. 

Jotter,(*) Hamilton W., Major 38th (formerly 8th, Looney's) Tennessee 

Jetton, Richard C, Lieutenant-Colonel 44th North Carolina Infantry. 

Joucb,(*) Henry M., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Arkansas Infantry. 

Jouncill,(*) Edward C, Major, Colonel 16tb Mississippi Infantry. 

Jouncill,(*) James C, Lieutenant Colonel 2l)th Virginia Infantry. 

Jounselmau, Lawrence W., Lieutenant Colonel 2d Missouri Infantry, 
8th Division, Missouri State Guard. 

yOuplaud,(*) A. J., Lieutenant Colonel 11th Texas Infantry. 

Couzens,(*) Wm. H., Major 2d Missouri Cavalry; Major 1st Missoun 
Cavalry Battalion. 1st Division, Missouri State Guard. 

Covedo, John 8., Major Camden County Georgia Militia. 

Cowan, (*) Robert H., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d North Carolina intantry 
State Troops; Colonel 18th North Carolina Infantry. 

Cowau,(*) Kobert V., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 33d North 
Carolina Infantry. 

Cowand,(*) David G., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 3id North 
Carolina Infantry, 

Coward,(*) A., Colonel 5th South Carolina Infantry. 

Cowles,(*) Wm. H. H., Maiof, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th North Carolina 
Volunteers (1st North Carolina Cavalry). 

Cox,(*) Daniel L., Major 2d South Carolina Eifles. 

Cox,(*) Fleet W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 40th Virginia Infantry. 

Cox,(*) J. J., Major 2d Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters. 

Cox,(*) John T., Colonel 1st (also called 12th) Confederate Cavalry, 

Cox,(*) Nicholas N., Colonel 10th Tennessee Cavalry; Major 2d Battal- 
ion Tennessee Cavalry ; Major Cox's Battalion Tennessee Cavalry, 

Cox,(*) William E., Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 2d North Car- 
olina Infantry State Troops. 

Craig,(*) Washington De La Fayette, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 10th 
Texas Cavalry. 

Craig, William, Major 20th Georgia Infantry. 

Craige,(*) James A., Major 57th North Carolina Infantry. 

Craiidall, Lee, Colonel 47th Arkansas Infantry, 

Craue, James P., Major 2d Maryland Infantry (appointment canceled.) 

Cratcn,(*) Marshall D.. Colonel 50th North Carolina Infantry ; Lieuten- 
aut-Colonel 35th North Carolina Infantry. 

Craveus,(*) Jerry C, Major 11th Missouri Cavalry, 

Cravens, Jesse L., Colonel 5th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri 
State Guard. 

Craveus,(*) Jordan E., Colonel 21st (Cravens') Arkansas Infantry. 

Crawford, (*) Anderson F., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 13th Texas 

Crawford,(*) Gibson M., Major 44th Tennessee Infantry. 

Crawford, James, Colonel 2ist Alabama Infantry, • 

Crawford, John H., Colonel 60th (also called 79th) Tennessee Infantry. 

Crawford, (*) John P., Major, Lieut. Col. 51st Georgia Infantry, 

Crawford, (*) Martin J., Colonel 3d Georgia Cavalry. 

Crawford, Robert W., Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Missouri Cavalry, 8th 
Division Missouri State Guard; Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Missouri In- 
fantry, 8th Division, Missouri State Guard. 

Crawford, Wm. A., Lieutenant-Colonel Crawford's Battalion Arkansas 
Infantry; Colonel 1st (Crawford's) .Arkansas Cavalry; Lieutenant- 
Colonel 1st (Pagan's) Arkiinsas Infantry. 

Crawford, Wm. P., Lieutenant Colonel 28th Georgia Infantry. 

Crawford,(*) William L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Texas In- 

Crawley,(*) Wm. J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel Holcombe 
South Carolina Legion. 

Creasman,(*) William B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 29th 

North Carolina Infantry. 
Crenshaw,(*) James H., Lieutenant-Colonel 23d Virginia Infxntrv 
Crenshaw,(*) James R., Lieutenant-Colonel 15th Virginia Infaiitrv 

Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Virginia Infantry (disbanded) ' 

Crenshaw, John B., Major 91st Virginia Militia. 

Orensliaw, W. L., Major 33d Arkansas Infantry. 

Cre\rs,{*) OLas. 0., Colonel 2(1 Georgia Cavalry. 

0rew8,(*) J. M., Colonel 58th Tennessee Infantry ; Lientenant-Colonel 
Crews' Battalion Tennessee Infantry ; Lieutenant-Colonel 26th Bat- 
talion Tennessee Cavalry ; Major Nixon's Tennessee Cavalry Eegi- 

Critcher,(*) John, Lieutenant-Colonel 15th Virginia Cavalry ; Major 
15tU Battalion Virginia Cavalry. 

Crittenden, Charles T., Major 13th Virginia Infantry. 

Crittenden, Robt. F., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 33d Alabama 

Crittenden, Stanley S., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d South Carolina Eeserves. 

Orockett,(*) Eobert H., Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 18th 
(Carroll's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Croft,(*) Edward, Major, Lieut. Col. 14th South Carolina Infantry. 

Cromwell, Blisha, Major, Lieut. Col. 44th North Carolina Infantry. 

Orook,(*) David 0., Major 28th Tennessee Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel, 
Colonel 28th and 84th Tennessee Infantry Consolidated. 

Crook, James. Major 27th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 

Crook, (*) Williams J., Major 13th Tennessee Infantry. 

Cross, David C, Colonel 5th Arkansas Infantry. 

Cros8land,(*) Edward, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Kentucky In- 
fantry; Colonel 7th Kentucky Infantry. 

Crow,(*) James M., Major 9th Alabama Infantry. 

Crow,(*) William 0., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 26th Louisiana In- 

Crowder,(*) John A., Major 19th South Carolina Infantry. 

Crowder,(*) Jno. T., Lieutenant-Colonel 31st (also called 27th) Georgia 

Crudap,(*) Archibald D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 47th North Caro- 
lina Infantry. 

Crump,(*) Chas. A., Colonel 26th Virginia Infantry; Colonel ICth 
Virginia Infantry. 

Crump,(*) E. P., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 1st Battalion Texas Cav- 
alry ; Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Texas Partisan Rangers. 

Crump, Wm. N., Lieutenant Colonel 49th Alabama Infantry. 

Crumpler, Lewis H., Major 59th Alabama Infantry. 

Crumpler, Thomas N., Major 9th North Carolina Volunteers (1st North 
Carolina Cavalry). 

Crutchfield, Stapletou, Major 9th Virginia Infantry; Colonel 16th 
Virginia Infantry ; Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 58th Virginia Infantry. 

Culberson, (*) Augustus B., Lientenant-Colonel Cth Battalion Cavalry, 
Georgia State Guard. 

Culberson,(*) David B., Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 18th Texas Infantry. 

Cnlp,(*) Jno. E., Major, Lieut. Col. 17th South Carolina Infantry. 

Culpepper,(*) James M., Major 6th Georgia Infantry. 

Culver, Isaac F., Major 6th Alabama Infantry. 

Cumby,(*) Eobt. H., Colonel 3d Texas Cavalry. 

Camming, Alfred, Lientenant-Colonel,' Colonel 10th Georgia Infantry. 

Cumming,(*) John B., Colonel 5th Georgia Reserves; Lieutenant-Colo- 
nel, Colonel 20th Georgia Infantry. 

Curaining,(*) Montgomery, Lieut. Col. 2d Battalion Georgia Cavalry. 

Cnmmiiig,(*) Pleasant W. H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th (Jack- 
man's, afterward 16th) Missouri Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 16th 
(formerly 7th) Missouri Infantry. 

Cummings,(*) Arthur C, Colouel'SSd Virginia Infantry. 


Oummings.f*) David H., Colonel 19tli Tennessee Infantry. 
Oumminis, Thomas B., Lieutenant-Golonel 9th Missouri Cavalry, 8th 

Division, Missouri State Guard. . ^ ^ , Ktv, r»wi=;«„ 

Gundifi; W. H., Lieutenant-Golonel 1st Missouri Infantry, 5th iUvision, 

Missouri State Guard. 
(Cunningham, Arthur S., Lieutenant-Golonel, temi.orary commander 
10th Alabama Infantry February 1863 ; Lieutenant-Colonel, tempo- 
rary commander 40th Virginia Infantry. ,, , ^. , 
Cunningham, (*) Charles J. L., Major, Colonel 57th (also called 54tli) 

Alabama Infantry. , ^-, ^ ^r- ■ ■ t e 4. 

Cimningham,(*) Geo. A., Lieutenant Colonel 51st Virginia Infantry. 
Cunningham, James, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Alabama Cavalry. 
Cunningham, John, Major Ist(Symons') Regiment Georgia Eeserves. 
Cunningham, John, Major Cunningham's BattaHon South Carolina Ee- 
Cunningham, John F., Major 67tli Virginia Militia. 
Cunningham,(* ) Preston D., Lieut. Col.,Colonel 28th Tennessee Infantry. 
Cunningham, (*) Kichard H., Lieutenant-Golonel 21st Virginia Infantry. 
Cunningham, Robert, Lieut. Col. 10th Mo. Cavalry, 8th Div., Mo. State 

Curlee,(*) Wm. P., Lieutenant-Colonel Ham's Mississippi Cavalry; 

Lieutenant-Colouel Ashcraft's, Ham's, and Lowry's Consolidated 

Mississippi Cavalry Regiment. 
Curley,(*) Barnard, Major 5th Infantry Georgia State Guard. 
Curliu,(*) Martin W., Major 4th Virginia Battalion Local Defense 

Gurry,(*) Duncan, Major 50th Georgia Infantry. 
Curtis,(*) George W., Lieutenant-Colonel 23d Virginia Infantry. 
Curtis,(*) WilliamE.,Lieutenaut-Colonel, Colonel 41st Georgia Infantry, 
Outshaw,(*) Wilfred E., Major Jones' Battalion Artillery. 
Cutts,(*) Allen S., Major, Lieut. CoL, Colonel 11th Battalion Georgia 

Cypert, J. N., Major 7th Battalion Arkansas Cavalry. 
Dabney, Wm. H., Colonel 1st Infantry Georgia State Guard. 
Dale, Matt., Major 1st Texas Infantry. 

Dalton, James S., Lieutenant-Colonel 45th North Carolina Infantry. 
Daly,(*) Andrew, Lieutenant Colonel Daly's Battalion Texas Cavalry. 
Daly, John N., Lieut. Col., Col. 18th (Carroll's) Arkansas Infantry. 
Dancy, Clifton, Lieutenant Colonel 24tb Mississippi Infantry. 
Danfortb,(*) Jno. B., Colonel 1st Virginia State Reserves, Second Class 

Daniel, (*) Charles P., Major, Colonel 5th Georgia infantry. 
Daniel, James E., Lieut. Col. 27lh Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 
Daniel, James J., Colonel 1st Regiment Florida Reserves. 
Daniel, Jno. W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 15th Texas Infantry. 
Daniel, John W L., Major 15th Alabama Infantry. 
Daniel, Junius, Colonel 14th (formerly 4th) North Carolina Infantry; 

Colonel 45tli North Carolina Infantry 
Daniel, (*) William A., Lieutenant Colonel 46th Georgia Infantry. 
Danley,(*) Benj. P., Lieutenant Colonel 3d Arkansas Cavalry. 
Dantzler,{*) Olin M., Lieutenant Colonel 20th South Carolina Infantry: 

Colonel 22d South Carolina Infantry. 
Darden, Stephens Heard, Colonel 5th Infantry Texas State Troops 
Dargau,(*) AlonzoT., Lieutenant-Golonel 2Ist South Carolina lut^iiitrv. 
Dark,(*) ,Ios. N., Major 25th Texas Cavalry. luiauwj. 

Darnell, (*) Nicholas H., Colonel 18th Texas Cavalry. 


Darst, James H., Major 185th Virginia Militia. 

Daughert.v,(*) Davis G., Major 3lst Arkansas Infantry, 

Daugbert.v,(*) Fertlinaiid H., Lieutenant Colonel 8th (Dibrell's, also 
called 13th) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Davant, PbilipE., Lieutenant-Colonel 38th Georgia Infantry; Major 3d 
Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters. 

Davant,(*) Richard J., jr., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Georgia Cav- 
alry ; Major 2d Battalion Georgia Cavalry. 

Davenport. John H., Major 30th Texas Cavalry (also called Ist Par- 
tisan Rangers). 

Davenport,(*) John M., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 39th Virginia Mi- 

Davenport, Stephen, Major Davenport's Battalion Mississippi State 

Daves, Joel T., Major 19th Texas Cavalry. 

Davidsou,(*) A. H., Major, Lieutenant- Colonel 1st Texas Battalion (also 
called ith), Arizona Brigade. 

Davidson, (*) Hugh H., Lieutenant-Colonel 39th North Carolina In- 

Davidson,(*) James L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Alabama Ee- 

Davidson,(*) Jtobt. H. M., Major, Lieut. Col., 6th Florida Infantry. 

Davidson, (*) Thomas J., Colonel 23d (also called 2d and 3d) Mississippi 

Davidson, (*) William L., Major Davidson's Battalion North Carolina 
Infantry; Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 7th North Carolina In- 
fantry State Troops. 

Davie,(*) James Madison, Major, Colonel 36th Arkansas Infantry. 

Davies, John N., Major 7th Georgia Cavalry. 

Davies,(*) T. W. W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 28th Alabama In- 

Davis,(*) Alexander M., Major 45th Virginia Infantry. 

Davis, Benjamin F., Major 5th Florida Infantry. 

Davis, Benjamin T., Major S2d Tennessee Infantry. 

Davis,(*) Champion T. N'., Colonel 16th (formerly Gth) North Carolina 

Davis, C. M., Colonel 10th Georgia State Troops. 

Davis, (*) David S., Major 66th North Carolina Infantry. 

Davis,(*) Henry C., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th South Carolina 

Davis, .Henry C, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Mississippi and Tennessee Bat- 
talion (retired March 17, 1865). 

Davis,(*) James C, Major 17th Tennessee Infantry. 

Davis, James L , Major 11th South Carolina Reserves. 

Davis,(*) James T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 49th North Carolina 

Davis,(*) J. Lucius, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Battalion Virginia Cavalry; 
Colonel 10th Virginia Cavalry; Colonel 46th Virginia Infantry. 

Davis,(*) John B., Colonel 15th South Carolina Infantry. 

Davis,(*) John E., Major of Davis' Battalion Tennessee Cavalry; Major 
8th (Baxter Smith's, also called 4th) Tennessee Cavalry (canceled). 

Davis, John W,, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Alabama Infantry. 

Davis, Joseph E., Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Mississippi Infantry. 

Davis, M. D., Major 1st (Fagan's and Monroe's) Arkansas Cavalry. 

Davis, Matthew L., jr., Colonel lyth North Carolina Infantry (2d North 
Carolina Cavalry). 
21739 3' 


Davis,(*) Kewton N., Major, Lieutenaut-Oolonel, Colonel 24tli Alabama 
Infantry. ,. ^, , 

Davis, Nicb., Lieutenant Colonel 2d (also called 8th) Battalion Alabama 
Infantry (temporarily commanding 19tb Alabama Infantry, declined 

Davis,(*) Samuel, Lieutenant-Colonel 25tli Tennessee Infantry. 

Davis, Samuel Boyer, Major 7th Battalion Texas Infantry; Major of 
Debrav's Battalion Texas Cavalry. 

Davis, Samuel W., Major 18th Tennessee Infantry. 

Davis, William George M., Lieut. Col., Colonel 1st Florida Cavalry. 

Davis,(*) William S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th (formerly 2d) 
Nortli Carolina Infantry; Lieutenant Colonel 23d (formerly 13th) 
North Carolina Infantry (tempoaary command). 

Davis, W. L., Major 7th Mississippi Cavalry (also called 1st Missis- 
sippi Partisan i-iangers). 

Davis, Zimmerman, Colonel 5th South Carolina Cavalry. 

Davison, Samuel, Major 89th Virginia Militia. 

Davitte,(*) Samuel W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Georgia 

Dawson, ("*) C. L., Colonel 19th (Dawson's) Arkansas Infantry; Colonel 
Dawson's Arkansas Infantry Regiment. 

Dawson, (*) George O., Major 8th Georgia Infantry. 

Dawson, John W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 154th Senior Tennessee 
Infantry; Major 13th and 154tli Tennessee Infantry Consolidated. 

Dawson, Jonathan S., Colonel 46th Tennessee Infantry. 

Dawson, Martin, Major 30th (Rogau's, also called 39th) Arkansas In- 

Dawson, (*) Reginald H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Alabama In- 

Dawson, William A., Lieutenant-Colonel 15th (Stewart's, also called 
14th) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Day, Charles B., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Georgia Infantry; Major 18th 
Battalion Georgia State Guard. 

Day,(*) George W., Major, Lieutenant- Colonel 12th Battalion Ten- 
nessee Cavalry. 

Deadrick,(*) James G., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Tennessee 

Deakins,(*) George S., Major 35th (formerly 5th Tennessee, Prov. 
Army) Tennessee Infantry. 

Dean,(*) 'John M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Arkansas Infantry. 

Dean,(*) Robert A., Major 19th Mississippi Infantry. 

Dean,(*) William T., Major, Lieutenaut-Oolonel 5th Louisiana Infantry. 

Dearing,(*) James, Major 38th Battalion Virginia Artillery. 

Dearing,(*) James, Colonel Dearing's Confederate Cavalrv (also called 
8th). -^ ^ 

Dearing,(*) St. Clair, Lieutenant-Colonel 25th (formerlv 15th) North 

Carolina Inftintry. 
Bearing, William, Colonel 54th Tennessee Infantry 
Dearrnout,(*) W., Colonel 122d Virginia Militia. 
Doas, Zach. C, Colonel 22d Alabama Infantry. 
Deason,(*) John B., Colonel 3d Mississippi lufantrv 
Deatberage,(*) W. W., Colonel 34111 Virj^inia Militia 
Deavcnport,(*) M. W., Major 34tb (also called 2d Partisans) Texas Cav- 


Deaver,(*) William H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 60th North Carolina 


De Bardelebei],(*) A. W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 56tli Alabama 
Tartisan Eangers. 

De Bauu,(*) James, Major 9th Battalion Louisiana Cavalry. 

De Blanc,(*) Alcibiades, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 8th Louisi- 
ana Infantry. 

De Borclenave,(*) Fulgence, Major 1st Battalion Louisiana Zouaves. 

De Bow,{*) William A., Major 2d (Barteau's, afterwards 22d) Tennes- 
see Cavalry. 

Debray,(*) Xavier Blanchard, Major 2d Texas Infantry ; Colonel 26th 
Texas Cavalry ; Lieutenant-Colonel of Debray's Battalion Texas 

De Choiseul, Charles, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Louisiana Infantry. 

De Clouet,{*) Alexander, Colonel 26th Louisiana Infantry. 

Dedniaii, James M., Lieut. Col., Colonel 20th Alabama Infantry. 

De Gournay,(*) P. F., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 12th Battaliou Louis- 
iana Artillery. 

De Graffenried, Francis H., Major 4th Georgia Infantry. 

DeLagnel,(*) Johnston, Major 20th Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery, 

Delony,(*) William G., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Cavalry Battalion, 
Cobb's Georgia Legion. 

De Marigny,(*) Mandeville, Colonel 10th Louisiana Infantry. 

De Mprse,(*) Charles, Colonel 29th Texas Cavalry. 

De Moss,(*) Wm. B., Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 10th Tennessee 
Cavalry ; Lieutenant-Colonel 10th and 11th Tennessee Cavalry Con- 

Dendy,(*) Stiles P., Major 2d South Carolina Rifles. 

Denis,(*) Jules C, Lieutenant Colonel 10th Louisiana Infantry ; Colonel 
32d Louisiana Infantry ; Colonel 1st Eegiment Mississippi Cavalry 

Dennett,(*) William B., Lieutenant-Colonel 24tb Alabama Infantry. 

Denny, W. R., Lieutenant-Colonel 31st Virginia Militia. 

Dennis, Charles J., Major 27th Georgia Infantry. 

Dennis, James B., Major 15th Mississippi Infantry. 

Dennis, Thomas C., Colonel 84th Virginia Militia. 

Derby,(*) Charles A., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 44th Alabama In- 

De Eosset,(*) William L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 3d North 
Carolina Infantry State Troops. 

Derrick,(*) Clarence, Lieutenant-Colonel 23d Battalion Virginia In- 

Derrysaw, Jacob, Major 1st Creek Eegiment. 

De Eussy, Lewis G., Colonel 2d Louisiana Infantry. 

De Saussure,(*) William D., Colonel 15th South Carolina Infantry. 

Desha, Benjamin, Major 9th Kentucky Infantry. 

Desha,(*) F. W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Battalion Arkansas 

Desha, Joseph, Acting Major Desba's Battalion Kentucky Infantry. 

De Treville,(*) Robert, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d South Carolina 
Artillery (1st South Carolina Eegulars); Colonel 17th South Catolina 

Devane,(*) Duncan J., Major 20th (formerly 10th) North Carolina In- 

Devane,(*) William S., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 61st North Carolina 

De Walt,(*) Kerr B., Colonel 1st Infantry Texas State Troops ; Major 
Texas Eeserve Corps. 


Dewey, George S., Major 9th North Carolina Volunteers (1st North Car- 
olina Cavalry). 

De Witt, C. C, Major Texas Reserve Corps. 

Deyerle, Andrew J., Colonel 42d Virginia Infantry. 

Deyerle,(*) John S., Major 54tb Virginia Infantry. 

Dial, William H., Major 1st Regiment Florida Reserves. 

Diamond, George R., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 10th (May's) Keu- 
tuclry Cavalry. 

Diamond, James J., Lieutenant- Colonel, Colonel 11th Texas Cavalry. 

Diamond,(*) Jobn R., Lieutenant-Colonel Bourland's Regiment Texas 

Diamoiid,(*) William W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Texas Cavalry. 
Dibrell,(*) George G., Lieutenant-Colonel 25th Tennessee Infantry; Col- 
onel 8th (Dibrell's, also called 13th) Tennessee Cavalry. 
Dickey, (*) James, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 51st Georgia Infantry. 
Dickey, James B., Major 55th Alabama Infantry. 
Dickey,(*) Stephen M., Major 5lst Virginia Infantry. 
Dickins,(*) Jobn R., Colonel 5th Mississippi Infantry; Major 12th 

Mississippi Infantry. 
Dillard, James P., Colonel 70th Korth Carolina Militia. 
Dillard,(*) Jobn J., Major 35th Arkansas Infantry. 
Dillard, (*) Jobn L., Colonel 64th Virginia Militia. 
Dillard, (*) Miles A., Lieutenant-Colonel 9th (Maxey's, also called 8th) 

Texas Infantry. 
Dillon, Edward, Colonel 2d (also called 4th) Mississippi Cavalry. 
Dills, , Major Dills' Missouri Infantry Battalion, 6th Division, 

Missouri State Guard. 
Dilwortb,(*) William Scott, Colonel 3d Florida Infantry. 
Dingle, J. Hervey, jr.. Major Hampton South Carolina Legion. 
Dismukes,(*) William H., Lieutenant-Colonel 19th (Sraead's and Doek- 

ery's) Arkansas Infantry. 
Dixon, (*) Edward, Major 14th (formerly 4th) North Carolina Infantry. 
Doak, William K., Major 2d Tennessee Infantry (Provisional Army). 
Doan, Jobn F., Lieutenant-Colonel 11th Alabama Cavalry. 
Dobbin, (*) Archibald S., Col. Dobbin's Regiment Arkansas Cavalry. 
Dobbins, Jos. J., Major 1st (Wheeler's, afterward Gth) Tenn. Cavalry. 
Dockery,(*) Oliver H., Lieute^iant Colonel 38th North Carolina Infantry. 
Dockery,(*) Tbos. C, Major 22d Mississippi Infantry. 
Dockery,(*) Thos. P., Colonel 19tb (Smead's and Dockery's) Arkansas 

Infantry; Colonel 5tb Arkansas Infantry State Tioops, 1861. 
Dodd,(*) Natban, Major 61st (also called 81st) Tennessee Infantry. 
Dodson, Eli, Lieutenant- Colonel, Colonel 14th (Mitchell's) Arkansas 

Dodson,(*) Elijah M., Major 1st Confederate Infantry. 
Dodson, (*) J. N., Ma,jor, Lientenant-Colonel 9th Texas Cavalry. 
Doles,(*) George, Colonel 4th Georgia Infantry. 
Donald, (*) George L., Major 13th Mississippi infantry. 
Donelson,(*) John, Major 2d Texas Cavalry (or Mounted Rifles). 
DonnaId,(*) David L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d South Carolina 


Donnell,(*) David M., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 16th Tennessee 

Donnell, Robert, Major 22d Alabama Infantry. 
Dooley,(*) John, Major 1st Virginia Infantry. 

Dorman, James B., Major 3d Virginia Artillery, Local Defense Troops. 
Dorongb, Thomas T., Major 34tb Georgia Infantry. 


Dorsey, Caleb, Lieutenant-Colonel Slayback's Missouri Eegiment. 

Dorsey, Ed E., Major, Lieutenant-Colouel 1st Maryland Infantry. 

Dorsey,(*) Gustavus W., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Maryland Cavalry. 

Dorsey, Jasper N., Lieutenant-Colonel liTth Georgia Infantry. 

Dortch, John B., Captain, commanding 2d Consolidated Kentucky Bat- 

Doss,(*) Washington L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 14th Mis- 
sissippi Infantrji 

Dotson,(*) James M., Major 10th Mississippi Infantry. 

Dotson,(*) Josephus, Lieutenant Colonel 17th (Eector's) Arkansas In- 
fantry ; Lieutenant-Colonel Eector's Arkansas Eegiment (12 months). 

Douglas,(*) Beverly B., Major 5Lh Virginia Cavalry. 

Douglas, Hugh T., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Battalion Engineers ; Colonel 
4th Eegiment Engineer Troops. 

Douglass,(*) De Witt Clinton, Major Douglass' Battalion Tennessee 

Douglass,(*) Henry L., Colonel 9th Tennessee Infantry. 

Douglass,(*) Marcellus, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 13th Georgia In- 

Douglass,(*) William F., Major 6th Arkansas Infantry. 

Dowd,(*) Henry A., Colonel 15th (formerly 5th) North Carolina Infantry. 

Dowd,(*) William P., Colonel 21th Mississippi Infantry. 

D'owdell,(*) James P., Colonel 37th Alabama Infantry. 

Dowdle, William M., Major 21st (Cravens') Arkansas Infantry. 

Downer, William S., Major 1st Virginia Battalion Local Defense (Ar- 

Downing, Joseph, Major 37th Virginia Militia, 

Downs, (*) George, Major 19th Virginia Cavalry. 

Doyal,(*) Leonard T., Colonel 53d Georgia Infantry. 

Doyle,(*) Eobert L., Lieuteuant-Colonel G2d (also called 1st Virginia 
Partisan Rangers) Virginia Infantry. 

Drake,(*) Jabez L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 33d (Hurst's) 
Mississippi Infantry. 

Drake,(*) James H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Virginia 

Drake,(*) Joseph, Colonel 4th Mississippi Infantry. 

Drane,(*) James W., Major, Lieut.-Col. 31st Mississippi Infantry. 

Draughan, (*) Walter, Lieutenant-Colonel 30tli North Carolina Infantry. 

Draughon,(*) James W., Major 31st Louisiana Infantry. 

Dreux,(*) Charles D., Lieut. Col. 1st Battalion Louisiana Infantry. 

Dr^w, John, Colonel Drew's Cherokee Mounted Eifies (also called 1st 
and 2d Cherokee Mounted EiiiLs). 

Driver, Wm. T., Major 2d Tennessee Infantry (Provisional Army). 

Du Bose,(*) Dudley M., Colonel 15fch Georgia Infantry. 

Dabroca,(*) Edgar M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 13th (Gibson's) Lou- 
isiana Infantry. 

Duckworth, Wm. L., Major, Lieutpuant-Colonel, Colonel 1st (Jackson's, 
afterward 7th) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Dudley, E, H., Major 21st (N. W. Carter's) Tennessee Cavalry (un- 

• official). 

Duff,(*) James, Colonel 33d Texas Cavalry; Major, Lieutenaut-Colonel 
14th Battalion Texas Cavalry. 

Duff,(*)Wm. L., Major 17th Mississippi Infantry; Colonel 8th Missis- 
sippi Cavalry ; Lieutenant-Colonel 19th (Duff's) Battalion Mississippi 

Duffield, 0. B., Major 8th Battalion Virginia Cavalry. 


Dufify, Patrick, Major 20th Tennessee Infantry. 

DuflV,(*) Patrick B., Lieutenant-Colonel 25th Virginia Infantry. 

DattV,(*) Eobert J., Major Ist Missouri Infantry. 

Diifrgan, James B., Major 49th Georgia Infantry. 

Diike,(*) Basil W., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 2d (Morgan's) Kentucky 

Duke,(*) Richard Thomas Walker, Colonel 4Gth Virginia Infantry; 
Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Battalion Virginia Reserves. 

Dula,(*) Thomas J., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 58th Forth Carolina 

Dulany,(*) Richard H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 7th Virginia Cav- 

Dumonteil,(*) Felix, Colonel 14th Confederate Cavalry; Major 10th 
Louisiana Infantry. 

Dunaway, George O., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Cavalry Texas State 

Duncan, (•) Blanton, Lieutenant Colonel 1st (Duncan's) Battalion Ken- 
tucky Infantry. 

Duncan,(*) David R., Major 13th South Carolina Infantry. 

Duncan,(*) James H., Major, Lieut.-Col. 19th Mississippi Infantry. 

Duncan, (*) Jeptha, Major 6th Missouri Infantry. 

Duncan, (*) Johnson K., Major, Colonel 1st Louisiana Artillery. 

Duncan, (*) E. A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Arkansas Infantry. 

Duncan, (*) William A., Major 25th Tennessee Infantry. 

Duncan, (*) William H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st South 
Carolina Volunteers. 

Dungan,(*) Robert H., Lieut.-Col., Colonel 48th Virginia Infantry. 

Dunklin, (*) James H., Major, Lieut. Col. 33d Alabama Infantry. 

DnDlop,(*) Isaac L., Colonel 9th Arkansas Infantry. 

Dunlop,(*) James E., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Georgia Cavalry. 

Dunlop, Samuel J. C, Major, Colonel 4Gth Georgia Infantry. 

Dunn,(*) Ambrose C, Lieut.-Col. 37th Battalion Virginia Cavalry. 

Dunn,(*) David C, Lieutenant-Colonel 63d Virginia Infantry. 

Duiin,(*) John A., Lieutenant-Colonel 36th Tennessee Infantry. 

Dunovant,(*) John, Colonel 3d South Carolina Artillery (1st South Car- 
olina Regulars) ; Colonel 5th South Carolina Cavalry. 

Dunovant,(*) Richard G. M., Colonel 12th South Carolina Infantry. 

Dnnwody,(f ) Henry M., Major 51st Georgia Infantry. 

Dunwody,(*) John, Major, LieuteuautColonel 7th Georgia Infantry. 

Dupeire, St. L., Major Dupeire's Louisiana Zouave Battalion. 

Durham, (*) John A., Major 49th Georgia Infantry. 

Durr,(*) R. J., Major 39th Mississippi Infantry. 

Dwyer,(*) Robert D. A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d (Burbridge's, 
also called 1st) Missouri Infantry; Major Burbridge's Missouri Cav- 
alry, 2d Division, Missouri State Guard. 

Dye, James T., Major 51st Alabama Partisan Rangers. 

Dyer,(*) Beverly L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Tennessee Infan- 

Dyer,(*) David, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 57th Virginia Infan- 

Dyer,(*) Samuel M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Mississippi Infantry. 
Eager,(*) Robert, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Mississippi Infantry 
Eagle,(*) James P., Major 2d Arkansas Mounted Rifles. 
Eaker, Jonas, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Missouri Infantry, 1st Division, 
Missouri State Guard. ' 


Eakin,(*) William L., Lieiitenant-Colouel, Colonel 59th Tennessee In- 
fantiy ; Major 1st (Bakin'a) Battalion Tennessee Infantry. 

Bakle,(*) B. Frank, Major 14tli Virginia Cavalry. 

Barle, F. E., Major 34th (also called 2d) Arkansas Infantry. 

Earle, J. P., Major 3d Arkansas Cavalry. 

Earle,(*) E. G., Colonel 2d Alabama Cavalry. 

Earle,(*) Samuel G., Colonel 3d Arkansas Cavalry. 

Early,(*) Jnbal A., Colonel 24th Virginia Infantry. 

Earp,(*) C. E., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 10th Texas Cavalry. 

Easley, Samuel A., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Cavalry Texas State'Troops. 

Easley, W. K., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d South Carolina Cavalry; Major 
4th (also called 3d) Battalion South Carolina Cavalry. 

Easterling,(*) William K., Lieutenant Colonel 46th Mississippi Infantry. 

Baston,(*) Thomas S., Major 32d Alabama Infantry. ^ 

Batherly,(*) Jonathan, Lieutenant Colonel 28tb Tennessee Infantry. 

Echols, James W., Lieutenant-Colonel 34th Alabama Infantry. 

Echols, John ET., Major 2d Alabama Eeserves. 

Echols,(*) John, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 27th Virginia Infantry. 

Echols,(*) P. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Mississippi Cavalry. 

Ector, Matthew Duncan, Colonel 14th Texas Cavalry. 

Ector, Walton, Colonel 13th Georgia Infantry. 

Ector, Wiley B., Major 10th Texas Cavalry. 

Edgar,(*) George M., Major 26th Battalion Virginia Infantry. 

Edinouds,(*) Edward C, Colonel 38th Virginia Infantry. 

Edmoudson, A. C, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Mississipjii State Partisan 

Edmondson,(*) James H., Colonel 11th Tennessee Cavalry. 

Edmondson,(*) James K., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 27th Virginia 

Bdmondson, P. M., Major 8th Virginia Cavalry. 

Edmonston,(*) J., Lieutenant Colonel Edmoustoa's Louisiana Battalion 

Edmundson,(*) David, Lieutenant-Colonel 21st Virginia Cavalry; Lieu 
tenant-Colonel 5th Infantry Eegiment Virginia State Line. 

Edmundson,(*) Henry A., Lieutenant-Colonel 54th Vi7'ginia Infantry 
Colonel 25th Virginia Cavalry; Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 27th Bat 
talion Virginia Partisan Eangers ; Major 53d Virginia Infantry. 

Edwards,(*) A. C, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 47th Georgia Infantry, 

Edwards, David, Major 2d Eegiment Korth Carolina Detailed Men. 

Edwards, J. C, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th South Carolina Cavalry. 

Bdwards,(*) Jeptha, Colonel 49th (also called 31st, Hale's) Alabama 

Edwards, Joseph J., Major 68th North Carolina Infantry. 

Edwards,(*) Oliver B., Colonel 13th South Carolina Infantry. 

Eells,(*) John, Major 5th Virginia Cavalry. 

Egbert, Daniel, Major Border's Eegiment Texas Cavalry. 

Elford,(*) Charles J., Colonel 16th South Carolina Infantry; Colonel 3d 
South Carolina Eeserves. 

Bliason,(*) William A., Lieutenant-Colonel 49th North Carolina In- 

Ellington, {*) A. B., Major 3d Eegiment North Carolina Junior Ee- 

Ellington, (*) James B., Major 8th Battalion North Carolina Eeserves. 

Elliott,(*) Benjamin, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st (Elliott's, also 
called 10th) Missouri Cavalry Battalion ; Colouel 2d Missouri In- 
fantry Eegiment, 8th Division, Missouri State Guard. 

Elliott, James E., Major, Lieutenant-Colouel 30th Alabama Infantry. 


Elliott, Stephen, jr.. Colonel Holcombe South Carolina Legion. 
Elliott,(*) Wyatt M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 25th Battalion Virginia 

Infantry Local Defense. 
Ellis,(*) Anderson, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 54th North Carolina In- 

Ellis,(*) Daniel H., Colonel 11th (also called 9th) South Carolina In- 
fantry. • . T ^ i. 

Ellis,(*) John T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Virginia lulantry. 

Ellis, William L. A., Major 62d Georgia Partisan Rangers. 

Ellison, (*) Jesse, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th (also called 10th) Missouri 

Ellsberry, T. W., Major 5th Arkansas Infantry. 

Elmore, "Henry M., Colonel 20th Texas Infantry. 

Elzev,(*) Arnold, Colonel 1st Maryland Infantry. 

Emanuel,(*) William P., Major 4th South Carolina Cavalry ; Major 12th 
Battalion South Carolina Cavalry. 

Embry,(*) Benjamin T., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 2d Arkansas 
Mounted Eifles. 

Emrich, (*) John P., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Alabama Infantry. 

Ennett,(*) William T., Major 3d North Carolina Infantry State Troop's. 

Ennis,(*) Philip J., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Virginia Battalion Local 
Defense (Arsenal). 

Erson,(*) Eric, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 52d North Carolina Infantry. 

Erwin,(*) Eugene, Colonel 6th Missouri Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 
3d (also called 5th) Battalion Missouri Infantry ; Major Ist Missouri 
Infantry Regiment, 8th Division, Missouri State Guard. 

Erwiu, Marcusj Major 2d Battalion North Carolina Infantry. 

Erwin, William H., Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Missouri Cavalry; Colonel 
10th Missouri Cavalry Regiment, 8th Division, Missouri State Guard. 

Eshleman,(*) Benjamin F., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Washington 
(Louisiana) Artillery. 

Estes,(*) John B., Lieutenant- Colonel, Colonel 44th Georgia Infantry. 

Estes,(*) John W., Lieutenant-Colonel 52d Tennessee Infantry. 

Estes, Wm. E., Major 32d (also called loth) Texas Cavalry. 

Estes, W. N., Lieutenant- Colonel, Colonel 3d (also called 11th) Confed- 
erate Cavalry; Major 11th Battalion Alabama Cavalry. 

Etheredge,(*) William H., Major 41st Virginia Infantry. 

Euliss, Alfred B., Major 48th North Carolina Militia. 

Evans,(*) Clement A., Major, Colonel 31st (also called 27th) Georgia 

Evans, Dudley, Lieutenant- Colonel 20th Virginia Cavalry. 

Evans, Henry G., Lieutenant-Colonel 48th (Nixon's) Tennessee In- 

Evans, J. A., Major Crews' Battalion Tennessee Infantry. 

Evans, Jho. C, Major 4th South Carolina State Troops. 

Evans, John W., Colonel C4th Georgia Infantry. 

Evans,(*) Jonathan, Major 24th (formerly 14th) North Carolina In- 

Evans,(*) Marcus Lagrand, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Sth Texas Cav- 

Evans, Moses P. T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Virginia Infantry. 
Evans, Peter G., Colonel 63d North Carolina Volunteers (5th North 

Carolina Cavalry). ^ 

Evans,(*) Stephen B., Lieut. Col. 63d North Carolina Volunteers f5th 

North Carolina Cavalry). ^ 

Evaus,(*) Thomas J., Colonel 19th Va. Militia (afterward 2d State 



Evans,(*) T. S., Major 11th Mississippi Infantry. 

Everett, Peter M., Major .^d Battaliou Keutucky Mounted Eifles. 

Ewell,(*) Benjamin S., Colonel 32d Virginia Infantry. 

E\vers,(*) Wui. M., Major 3d Virginia lieserves. 

Ewiug, A. G., Lieut. Col. Stli (Fulton's) Tennessee Infantry. 

Ewin,(*) Henry C, Major 44tli Tennessee Infantry. 

Fagan,(*) James F., Colonel 1st (Fagan's and Monroe's) Arkansas In- 
fantry ; Co'onel 1st (Fagan's) Arkansas Cavalry. 

Fain, (*) Joel C, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 6ch Georgia Cavalry. 

Fain, (*) John S., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 65th Georgia Infantry; 
Lieutenant Colonel Infantry Battalion, Smith's Georgia Legion. 

Fain,(*) Richard G., Colonel 63d Tennessee Infantry. 

Fair,(*) Eobert A., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th South Carolina Infantrv. 

Faison,(*) Franklin J., Lieut. Col. 20th (formerly 10th) North Carolina 

Faison,(*) Paul F., Major 14th (formerly 4th) North Carolina Infantry; 
Colonel 56th North Carolina Infantry. 

Falconer,(*) Thos. A., Major 34th (also called 37th) Mississippi Infantry. 

Falconuet, Eugene F., Major 9th Alabama Cavalry ; Major 14th Bat- 
talion Alabama Cavalry. 

Falkner,(*) Jefferson, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Confederate Cavalry. 

Falkner,(*) Wm. C, Colonel 2d Mississippi Infantry ; Colonel 7th (also 
called 1st Miss. Partisan Jiangers) Mississippi Cavalry. 

Fannin, James H., Colonel 1st (Fannin's) Georgia Eeserves. 

Fant,(*) Albert E., Colonel 5th Mississippi Infantry. 

Faribault,(*) George H., Lieut. Col., Colonel 47th North Carolina In- 

Farinholt,(*) Benjamin L., Lieut. Col., Colonel 1st Virginia Eeserves. 

Faris, Wilson, Major 48th Virginia Infantry. 

Fariss,(*) Eobert C, Lieutenant-Colonel 17tb Alabama Infantry. 

Farley^ John D., Major 4th Mississippi Infantry Battalion (or Minute 
Men) State Troops. 

Farmer, B. J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 2d Missouri Infantry, 1st Division, 
Missouri State Guard. 

Farmer, Samuel, Major 16th Arkansas Infantry. 

Farquharson,(*) Robert, Colonel 41st Tennessee Infantry. 

Farrar,(*) Fred. H., jr., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Louisiana Eegu- 
lar Infantry; Colonel Pointe Couple Regiment, Louisiana Militia. 

Farrar,(*) Lochlin Johnson, Major 12tb Texas Cavalry. 

Farrell,(*) Michael, Lieut.-Col., Colonel 15th Mississippi Infantry. 

FarringtOD, S., Lieut. Col. 1st Missouri Infantry Regiment, 3d Div. 
Mo. State Guard. 

Farris, Oliver B., Major 2d (Barteau's) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Farrow.(*) T. Stobo, Major, Lieut. Col. 13th South Carolina Infantry. 

Faucett,(*) Samuel F. M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Mississippi 

Faulkner,' Henry H., Major 16th Tennessee Infantry. 

Faulkner, Thomas L., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th (Livingston'^) Alabama 

raulkner,(*) W. W., Colonel 12th Kentucky Cavalry. 

Faiintlero^,(*) Robert B., Major 55th Virginia Infantry. 

Favrot,(*) H. M., Lieut. Col. 2d Battalion Louisiana State Cavalry. 

Payth, Wm. H., Major Gordon's Regiment Arkansas Cavalry. 

Feagin,(») Isaac B., Lieutenant-Colonel 15th Alabama Infantry. 

Peatherston,(*) Lucius, Colonel 5th Arkansas Infantry ; Colonel 13th 
Arkansas Infantry ; Colonel 5th and 13th Arkansas Infantry Con- 


Featherston.r*) Winfield S., Colonel 17th Mississippi lufantry. 

Teaster, Elbert S., Major 4tii Missouri Infautry Eegiment, 8th Div., 
Mo. State Guard, .oj t.j- • 

Feene.y,(*) William A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 42(1 Missis- 
sippi Infantry. r. i -rr- • 

Feild,(*) Everard Meade, Major, Lieutenant- Colonel, Col. 12th Virginia 


Felld,(*) Hume E., Major, Colonel 1st Tennessee Volunteers; Col. 1st 
and 2d Tennessee Consolidated. 

Feild,(*) Wm. M., Lieut. Col. 3d Virginia Cavalry. 

Felton, L. M., Major 12th Cavalry Georgia State Guard. 

Feltus,(*) Abram M., Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Mississippi Infantry. 

Ferebee,(*) Dennis D., Colonel 59th North Carolina Volunteers (4th N. 
O. Cavalry). 

Fergus, W. C, Major 42d Alabama Infautry. 

Ferguson, (*) Milton J., Colonel 16th Virginia Cavalry. 

Ferguson, (*) Samuel W., Colonel 5th South Carolina Cavalry. 

Ferguson, Samuel W., Lieutenant-Colonel 28th Mississippi Cavalry. 

Ferguson, (*) Thomas B., Major 6th South Carolina Cavalry. 

Ferne.vhough,(*) George JM , Major 35th Battalion Virginia Cavalry. 

Ferrell, Mickleberry P., Major 14th Alabama Infantry. 

Fenill,(*) Stephen C, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Texas Cavalry. 

rickliu,(*) Beiijaniin F., Lieutenant-i-!olonel 45th Virginia Infantry. 

Fielding, {*) William H., Major 59th Georgia Infantry. 

Field, (*) Charles W., Colonel 6th Virginia Cavalry. 

Field, George, Major 11th Alabama Infantry. 

Field, Joseph tl., Colonel 8th Confederate Cavalry. 

Fiehler, James M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Georgia Infantry. 

Fielding, (*) Wm. C, Major 24th Tennessee lufantry. 

Fife,(*) William E., Major, Lieut. Col. 36th Virginia Infantry. 

Findlay, C. D., Lieytenant-Colonel 5th Georgia Eeserves. 

Findley,(*) J. J., Major 52d Georgia Infautry. 

Finegau,(*) Joseph, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Battalion Florida lufantry 

Fiulay,(*) Luke W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Tennessee Vols. 

Finley,(*) Jesse J., Colonel 6th Florida lufantry. 

Finney, (*) Louis C. H., Lieut. Col. 39th Virginia Infantry (disbanded). 

Finney, Wm. W., Lien tenant-Colonel 50th Virginia Infantry. 

Finter, CuUen W., Major 2d Virginia Militia. 

Fiser,(*) John C, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 17th Mississippi In- 

Fisher, Charles P., Colonel 6th North Carolina Infantry State Troops. 

Fisher,(*) Ehoads, Major 6th Texas lufantry. 

Fisk,(*) Stuart W., Colonel 25th Louisiana Infantry. 

Fite,(*) John A., Maj., Lieut. Col., Colonel 7th Tennessee Infantry. 

Fitzgerald,(*) Edward, Major, Colonel 154th Senior Tennessee Infantry. 

Fitzgerald,(*} John P., Major, Lieut. Col. 23d Virginia Infantry. 

Fitz Gerald, (*) Wm. H., Major, Lieut. Col. 21st Mississippi Infantry. 

Fitzhugh,(*) Henry, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Virginia Cavalry. 

Fitzhugh,(*) Patrick tl.. Major 26th Virginia Infantry, 

Fitzhugh,(*) William, Colonel 16th Texas Cavalry 

Virginia Militia. 
Pleming,(*) David G., Colonel 22d South Carolina Infantry. 


Fleming, David P., Major 10th Missouri Cavalry Eegimeiit, 8th Division, 
Missouri State Guard. 

Fleming, William O., Major, Lieuteaaut Oolonel 50th Georgia Infantry. 

Flemming,(*) John A., Major, Lieuteuant-Oolouel 49th North Carolina 

Fletcher,(*) James H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Arkansas In- 

Fletcher,(*) Eichard J., Major llth Alabama Infantry. 

Flewellen,(*) James T., Lieutenant-Colonel 39th Alabama Infantry. 

Flippin, Wm. S., Major 1st Tennessee Zouaves. 

Florence, , Major 5th Missouri Infantry Kegiment (mounted), 5th 

Division, Missouri State Guard. 

Flournoy,(*) Cabell E., Major 6th Virginia Cavalry. 

Flournoy,(*) Camp, Major 19th Louisiana Infantry. 

Flournoy,{*) George, Colonel 16th Texas Infantry. 

Flournoy,(*) Peter 0., Colonel 2d (Burbridge's, also called 1st) Mis- 
souri Infantry. 

Floumoy, R. W., Colonel 1st Division Georgia State Militia. 

Flournoy,(*) Thomas S., Major, Colonel 6th Virginia Cavalry. 

Flowerree,(*) Chas. C, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 7th Virginia 

Flowers, Geo. W., Major, Lieut. Col. 38th North Carolina Infantry. 

Flowers, John Y., Major 38th Georgia Infantry (Wright's Legion). 

Floyd, Henry H., Colonel Camden County Georgia Militia. 

Floyd, Jno. J., Colonel 10th Cavalry Georgia State Guard. 

Floyd, Eichard F., Colonel 8th Florida Infantry. 

Floyd,(*) Watt. W., Lieutenant-Colouel 17th Tennessee Infantry. 

Floyd, W. J., Major Chalmers' Consolidated Regiment Mississippi Cav- 

Fly, George W. L., Major 2d Texas Infantry. 

Flyut,(*) Guilford G., Colonel 8th Mississippi Infantry. 

Flynt, Tilman W., Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Georgia Infantry. 

Foard,(*) Robt. L., Major 13th Texas Infantry. 

Folk,(*) Geo. N., Colonel 65th North Carolina Volunteers (6th N. C. 
Cavalry); Lieutenant-Col. 7th Battalion North Carolina Cavalry. 

Folsom,(*) Robert W., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 14th Georgia In- 

Folsom,(*) Sampson, Colonel 1st Choctaw Cavalry Regiment. 

Folsom, Simpson N., Major 1st (Battice's) Choctaw Cavalry Battalion ; 
Colonel 1st Choctaw War Regiment. 

Fontaine,(*) Clement R., Major, Colonel 57th Virginia Infantry. 

Fon<-aine,(*) Sidney T., Major 7th Battalion Texas Artillery. 

Footman, William, Major Commissary Battalion, Florida Cavalry (tem- 

Forbes,(*) Wm. A., Colonel 14th Tennessee Infantry. 

Ford, Barney, Lieutenant-Colonel Ford's Battalion Arkansas Cavalry. 

Ford, C. H., Major 1st Virginia Infantry Battalion Local Defense (Ar- 

Ford,(*) Francis M., Lieutenant-Colonel 18th Georgia Infantry. 

Ford,(*) John S., Colonel 2d Texas Cavalry (or Mounted Rifles). 

Ford,(*) Martin J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Volunteers Georgia. 

Ford, S. S., Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Arkansas Infantry. 

Ford, Wm. H., Major Balleutine's (also called 2d Mississippi Partisan 
Rangers) Mississippi Cavalry. 

Foikner,(*) Sam'l, Colonel 73d North Carolina Militia. 

Forney, Daniel P., Major 2d Alabama Infantry. 


Forney,(*) George H., Major Lient.-Col. 1st Battalion Ooufederate 

rorney,(*) John H., Colonel 10th Alabama Infantry. 

Forney, Wm. H., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 10th Alabama Infantry. 

Forno,(*) Henry, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 5th Louisiana Infantry, 

Forrest, (*) Jeffrey E., Colonel Forrest's Regiment Alabama Cavalry; 
Major 8th (DibrelPs, also called 13th) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Forrest, Jesse A., Colonel 16th (Wilson's, also called 21st) Tennessee 

Forrest,(») Nathan B., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 3d (Forrest's) Ten- 
nessee Cavalry. 

Forsberg,(») Augustus, Lieut. Col., Colonel 51st Virginia Infantry. 

Forsyth,(*) Charles, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 3d Alabama Infantry. 

Forsyth,!*) John, Colonel 3d Alabama Militia. 

Forsyth, (*) Robert C, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Battalion Alabama Ar- 

Fort,(*) William, Colonel 2d South Carolina State Troops (6 months). 

Fort, , Lieutenant Colonel 6ch Missouri Infantry Eegiment, 3d Di- 
vision, Missouri State Guard. 

Foster,(*) B. B., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d South Carolina Infantry, 

Foster, Thomas J., Colonel Foster's Eegiment Alabama Volunteers, 

Foster, William G., (Colonel 6)th Georgia Infantry. 

Foster,(*)William M., Major 5th South Carolina Infantry, 

Foster, Wm. E., Major 5th Battalion Virginia Infantry, 

Fouch6, E. T., Major 8th Confederate Infantry Battalion. 

Fournet, G. A., Major 33d Lonisiana Infantry. 

Fournet,(*) Valsin A,, Lieutenant Colonel 10th Battalion Louisiana In- 
fantry ; Lieutenant-Colonel 33d Louisiana Infantry. 

Foute, A. M., Lieutenant Colonel Memphis Battalion Infantry (also 
called 3d Battalion). 

Fowle,(*) Daniel G., Lieutenant-Colonel 31st North Carolina Infautry. 

Fowler, Andrew J., Lieutenant Colonel 2Uth Texas Cavalry. 

Fowler,(*) Jno. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 8lh Infantry Georgia State 

Fowler,(*) Pleasant, Lieutenant-Colonel 14th (Mitchell's) Arkansas 

Foxworth,(*) Franklin W., Major 38th Mississippi Infantry. 

Francis, John C, Lieutenant Colonel 30th Alabama Infantry. 

Francis,(*) John W., Major 25th (formerly 15th) North Carolina In- 

Franklin,(*) Alexander H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 11th Mississippi 

Franklin, B. H., Colonel Franklin's Cavalry Regiment, 2d Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard. 

Franklin,(*) Cyrus, Colonel 7th (Franklin's) Missouri Infantry Iftegi- 
ment; Colonel 2d Northeast Cavalry Regiment. 

Franklin, James J., Major 25th (also called 30th) Arkansas Infantry. 

Frayser,(*) E. Dudley, Lieutenant-Colonel 37th (formerly 7th Tenn., 
Prov, Army) Tennessee Infantry; Lieut.-Col. 15th and 37 th Tennessee 
lufantry Consolidated. 

Frazer, (*) George M., Major P. T. Herbert's Texas Battalion, Arizona 

Frazer,(*) John W., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Alabama Infantrv: Colonel 

28th Alabama Infantry. 
Frazer,(*) Philip F., Major 27th Virginia Infantry. 
Frazier, W. L. H., Major of Frazier's Battalion Missouri Infautry. 


Frederick, (*) A. D., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 2(1 Soutli Carolina Ar- 

Fre(lerick,(*) James D., Major lOth (also called 3d) Battalion Georgia 

Freeman, D. C, Major Freeman's Battalion Kentucky Infantry. 

Freeman, Geo. C, Major 45th Alabama Infantry. 

Freeman, Jno. M., Major 3d Cavalry Georgia State Guards. 

Freeman,(*) Jno. R,, Lieut.-Col. Floyd Legion, Georgia State Guard. 

Freeman, (*) Thomas J., Colonel 23d Tennessee Infantry. 

Freeman, Thomas K., Colonel Freeman's Missouri Cavalry. 

French,(*) James M., Major, Colonel 63d Virginia Infantry. 

French,(*) William Poster, Lieut. Col. 3d Regiment Forth Carolina 
Junior Reserves ; Major 7th North Carolina Battalion Reserves. 

French,(*) William H., Colonel 17th Virginia Cavalry; Lieut. Col. 
French's Battalion Virginia Cavalry. 

Frierson,(*) Wm., Lieu ten ant- Colonel 27 th Tennessee Infantry. 

Fri8toe,(*) Edward T., Colonel Fristoe's Regiment Missouri Cavalry. 

Frost(») Thos. C, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st (McCuUoch's) Mounted Rifle- 

Fry,(*) Birket D., Colonel 13th Alabama Infantry. 

Fry, Hugh Walker, jr.. Major 46th Virginia Infantry. 

Fry,(*) Wm. H., Lieut. Col. 1st Virginia Infantry. 

-Frye, Moses C, Major Cherokee Battalion. 

Fulcrod,(*) Philip, Lieutenant Colonel Border's Regiment Texas Cav- 
alry ; Lieut. Col. Fulcrod's Cadets, Battalion Texas Cavalry. 

Fulkerson,(*) Abraham, Major 19th Tennessee Intautry; Lieut. Col., 
Colonel 63d Tennessee Infantry. 

Fulkerson,(*) Samuel V., Colonel 37th Virginia Infantry. 

Fulkerson, (*) Wm. H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 63d Tennessee In- 

Fuller, Anthony C, LieutanantColonel 9th South Carolina Reserves. 

Fuller,(*) Chas. A., Lieut. Col., Colonel 1st Louisiana Aitillery. 

Fuller, Haley G., Majjor 6th Battalion Cavalry Georgia State Guard. 

Fultou,(*) Alfred S., 'Colonel 8th (Fulton's) Tennessee Infantry. 

Fulton,(*) John S., Major, Colonel 44th Tennessee Infantry. 

FuIton,(*) Saunders, Major, Lieut. Col. 21st (formerly 11th) North Caro- 
lina Infantry. 

Fulton, Winston, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Regiment North Carolina 
Detailed Men. 

Fuuk,(*) Jno. H. S., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 5tb Virginia Infantry. 

Funsten, David, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel ILth Virginia Infautry. 

Funsten,(*) Oliver R., Major 7th Virginia Cavalry ; Lieutenant-Col- 
onel 17th Battalion Virginia Cavalry; Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 
11th Virginia Cavalry. 

Gadberry,(*) James M., Colonel 18th South Carolina Infantry. 

Gaillard,(») Franklin, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d South Carolina 

Gaillard,(*) Peter C, Colonel 27th South Carolina Infantry; Lieuten- 
ant-Colonel 1st Battalion South Carolina Infautry ; Lieut. Col. 
Charleston Battalion, South Carolina. 

Gaines, Frank Y., Major 3d Alabama Cavalry. 

Gaines,(*) John F., Lieutenant Colonel 53d Alabama Partisan Rangers. 

Gaiues,(*) Richard, Major !)th (Clark's) Missouri Infantry; Major Sth 
Battalion Missouri Infantry. 

Gaither.(*) Beal, Major, Colonel 27th Arkansas Infautry. 

Gallaway,(*) Thomas S., jr.. Major, Colonel 22d (formerly 12th) North 
Carolina Infantry. 


Gallie,(*) John B., Major 23d Battalion Georgia Siege Artillery. 
Galloway, Morton G., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Arkansas 

Mounted Eifles. 
Gait, E. M., Colonel 1st Regiment Georgia State Troops. 
Gamble,{*) Eoger L., Major 20th Georgia Infantry. 
Gano, Kichard M., Colonel 7th Kentucky Cavalry ; Lieutenant-Colonel 

Gano's Battalion Texas Cavalry. 

Gant, , Colonel 4th Eegiment, 2d Brigade, Georgia State Troops. 

Gantt,(*) Edward W., Colonel 12th Arkansas Infantry. 

Gantt,(*) P. Hay, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 11th (also called 9th) 

South Carolina Infantry. 
Gautt, George, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 
Gantt,(*) Henry, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 19th Virginia Infantry. 
Gardner,(*) James, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 27th Georgia Infantry. 
Gardner,(*) Eobert D., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Virginia Infantry. 
Gardner,(*) Thomas F., Major, Lieut. Col. 29th North Carolina Infantry. 
Gardner, Thomas N., Major 26th (Styles', also called 13th) Georgia In- 
Gardner, Wm. M., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 8th Georgia Infantry. 
Garland,(*) Hugh A., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 1st Missouri Infantry; 

Major, Lieut. Col. 1st and 4th Missouri Infantry Consolidated. 
Garland, (*) Eobert E., Colonel 6th Texas Infantry. 
Garland, (*) Samuel, jr., Colonel Hth Virginia Infantry. 
Garland, William D., Lieutenant-Colonel 41st 'Virginia Militia. 
Garland, (*) William H., Lieutenant Colonel 14th Confederate Cavalry; 

Major Garland's Battalion Mississippi Cavalry. 
Garlington,(*) A. C, Major Holcombe South Carolina Legion. 
Garlington,(*) Benjamin C, Major, Lieut. Col. 3d South Carolina In- 
Garnett,(*) J. J., Lieutenant-Colonel Garnett's Battalion Artillery. 
Garnett, Kichard B., Lieutenant Colonel Infantry Battalion, Cobb's 

Georgia Legion. 
Garnett,(*) Thomas S., Lieut* Col., Colonel 48th Virginia Infantry. 
Garrett,(*) George W. B., Major 23d Mississippi Infantry. 
Garrett,(*) Joshua L., Major 26th Virginia Infantrj'. 
Garrett,(*) Thomas M., Colonel 5th JSTorth Carolina Infantry State 

Garrett,(*) William K"., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel C4th North Carolina 

Garrison, (*) Fleming H., Major 14th Texas Cavalry. 
Garrott,(*) Isham W., Colonel 20th Alabama Infantry. 
Gartrell, Lucius J.. Colonel 7th Georgia Infantry. 
Garviu,(*) John S'., Major 3d (Smith's) Battalion Alabama Infantry; 

Major, Lieut. Col. 26th (O'Neal's) Alabama Infantry. 
Gary,(*) Blartin W., Lieut. Col. Colonel Hampton South Carolina Legion. 
Gaston, Matthew A., Major 18th Texas Infantry. 
Gates,(*) Elijah, Colonel 1st Missouri Cavalrv; Lieutenant-Colonel 1st 

Missouri Cavalry, 5th Division, Missouri State Guard. 
Gates,(*) James T., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Mississippi Infantry. 
Gaulden, William B., Colonel Coast Guard Battalion, Georgia Militia. 
Gause,(*) Lucian C, Major, Colonel 32d Arkansas Infantry 
Gause,(*) WiUiam E., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 3d (also called 2d) 

Missouri Infantry; Major 2d Missouri Infantry, 4th Division, Missouri 

^FebTuary^l'sS'''"' °^ ^" ^^' ^'^''^^'''^ Tennessee Cavalry, organized 


Gayle, (*) Bristor B,, Colonel 12tb Alabama Infantry. 

Gee, {*) Bolivar ET., Major, Lieutenaut-Golonel 59th Georgia Infantry. 

Gee, (*) James M., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Arkansas Cavalry; Colonel 
15tli (Gee's) Arliansas Infantry. 

Gee, (*) James T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Battalion Alabama 

Gee, (*) John H., Major 11th Florida Infantry ; Major 4th Florida 
Infantry Battalion. 

Gee, (*) Joseph J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Mississippi Infantry. 

Genette, (*) Jones, Major 154th Senior Tennessee Infantry. 

Geogbegan, John A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 29th Arkansas Infantry. 

George, (*) Forney, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 18tb (formerly 8th) North 
Carolina Infantry. 

George, (*) James, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st (Rector's War Regiment) 
Arkansas Volunteers. 

George, (*) James Z., Colonel 5th Mississippi Cavalry; Lieutenant-Col- 
onel 19th (George's) Battalion Mississippi Cavalry. 

6eoTge,(*) J. N"., Major Moreland's Hegiment Alabama Cavalry. 

George,(*) Newton J., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Tennessee Infantry (Pro- 
visional Array). 

(Terald,(*)G. B., Major 18th Mississippi Infantry. 

Gerard, (*) Aristides, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 13th (Gibson's) Lou- 
isiana Infantry. 

Gholsou, Milton G., Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Tennessee Infantry. 

Gholston, James S., Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 16th Georgia 

Gibbens,(*) William McD., Major 40th Mississippi Infantry. 

Gibbes, Wade Hampton, Major 13th Battalion Virginia Artillery. 

Gibbons,(*) Simeon B., Colonel 10th Virginia Infantry. 

Gibbs,(*) George C, Colonel 42d North Carolina Infantry. 

Gibbs, J. G,, Major North Carolina Prison Guard Battalion. 

Gibson, Aurelius W., Major 45th Georgia Infantry. 

Gil)son,(*) John A., Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Virginia Cavalry. 

Gibson, John Catlett, Lient. Col., Colonel 49tli Virginia Infantry. 

Gibson, John H., Major 18th Alabama Battalion Partisan Rangers; 
Major 16th (also called 4th) Battalion Alabama Infantry. 

Gibson, (*) Randall L., Colonel 13th (Gibson's) Louisiana Infantry. 

Gibson, Samuel, Major 26th Arkansas Infantry. 

Gibson, (*) William, Colonel 48th Georgia Infantry. 

Gibson, , Major 21st Battalion Alabama Infantry. 

Giddings,(*) De Witt Clinton, Lieutenant-Colonel 21st Texas Cavalry. 

Gilbert, T. H., Major 50th (Coltart's, formerly known as 26th) Alabama 

Gilbert, , Major 20th (Nixon's) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Gilbreath,(*) Montgomery, Lieutenant-Colonel 31st (Hale's) Alabama 

Gilchrist, James G., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 45tb Alabama Infantry. 

Giles,(*) James, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 29th Virginia In- 

Giles,(*) John R., Major 63d Georgia Infantry. 

triles,(*) John R. R., Colonel 5th South Carolina Infantry. 

Gilhan7,(*) William, Colonel 21st Virginia Infantry. 

Gilkey, Charles A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Jackson (-ounty (after- 
ward 12th) Missouri Cavalry.* 

Gill, William P., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Battalion South Carolina 

Gillespie,(*) Clayton Crawford, Colonel 25tli Texas Cavalry. 

Gillesi)ie,(*) D. A., Colonel 7th Arkansas Infantry. 

Gillespie,{*; Francis M,, Major 31st Mississippi Infantry. 

Gillespie, (*) Henry C, Lienteuant-Colonel 2d (Asliby's) Tennessee 

Gillespie,(*) James W., Colonel 43d Tennessee Infantry (afterward 
Mounted Infantry). 

Gillett,(*)L. E., Major Wells' (also called 34tb) Kegiment Texas Cavalry. 

Gillette,(*) Joseph E., Major 13th Virginia Cavalry. 

Gilliam,(*) Henry A., Major 17th (formerly 7th) Horth Carolina In- 

Gilliam, (*) James S., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 9th Virginia Infantry. 

Gilliam,(*) William 'A., Lieutenant-Colonel 60th Virginia Infantry. 

Gilmer,(*) John A., jr., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 27th J^orth 
Carolina Infantry. 

Gilmor,(*) Harry W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Battalion Maryland 

Gilmore,(*) Jerome B., Lieut. Col., Colonel 3d Louisiana Infantry. 

Giltner,(*) H. L., Colonel 4tb Kentucky Cavalry. 

Gipson,(*) William, Major 2d Arkansas Mounted Eifles; Major Gip- 
son's Battalion Arkansas Cavalry. 

Girardey, V. J. B., Acting Major Augusta Arsenal Battalion, Georgia. 

Girault,(*) J. F., Colonel Confederate Guards, Louisiana Militia. 

Gist,(*) Joseph F., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel loth South Caro- 
lina Infantry. 

Gist,(*) William M., Major 15th South Carolina Infantry. 

Gladden, (*) Adley H., Colonel 1st Louisiana Regulars. 

Glass, Wm. W,, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 51st Virginia Militia. 

Glenn, (*) Jesse A., Colonel 3Cth (Glenn's) Georgia Infantry. 

Glenn, J. N., Lieutenant-Colonel Idth Cavalry Georgia State Guard. 

Glenn, (*) Jno. E., Major 1st (Cleburne's) Arkansas Infantry ; Colonel 
36th Arkansas Infantry ; Lieutenant-Colonel 28th Arkansas Infantry. 

Glenn, (*) Luther J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Infantry Battalion, 
Cobb's Georgia Legion. 

Glover, John V., Major 25th South Carolina Infantry. 

Glover,(*) Thomas C, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 21st Georgia Infantry. 

Glover, Thomas J., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st South Carolina 

Gober,(*) Daniel, Major, Colonel 16th Louisiana Infantry ; Colonel 16th 
and 25th Louisiana Consolidated ; temporarily commanding Mounted 
Infantry Regiment in East Louisiana in 1864. 

Godfrey, William, Lieutenant-Colonel 11th Infantry Georgia State 

Godwin, Aaron S., Lieut. Col. 48th (Voorhies') Tennessee Infantry. 

Godwin, (*) Archibald C, Colonel 57th North Carolina Infantry. 

Godwin, (*) David J., Lieutenant-Colonel 14tli Virginia Infantry; Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel, Colonel 9th Virginia Infantry. 

Godwin, D. E., Major 4th Battalion Virginia Reserves. 

Goforth,(») Alexander M., Major 1st (Carter's) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Goggans,(*) Elijah J., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th South Carolina Infantry. 

Goggin,(*) James M., Major 32d Virginia Infantry; Major of Goggiu's 
Battalion Virginia Infantry. 

Goldsborough,(*) William W., Major 2d Maryland Infantry; Major 1st 
Battalion Maryland Infantry. 

Goldsby, Thos. J., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Alabama Infantry. 

Goldsmith,(*) Washington L., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 11th Georgia 


Golladay,(*) Edward J., Lieutenant-Colonel 38th (formerly 8th, Loo- 
ney's) Tennessee Infantry ; LieuteuantColouel 5th (Golladay's) Bat- 
talion Alabama Infantry. 

Golladay,(*) Jacob B., Major 33d Virginia Infantry. 

Gooch, Jno. S., Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Tennessee Infantry. 

Good,(*) Chaplin, Lieuteuaut-Colouel Wells' (also called'34th) Eegi- 
ment Texas Cavalry. 

Goodall,(*) David L., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Tennessee Infantry (Prov. 

Goodbar, Joseph, Major J6th Tennessee Infantry. 

Goode,(*) Charles T., Major 19Lh Battalion Georgia Cavalry; Major 
11th Georgia Infantry ; Colonel 10th Confederate Cavalry, 

Goode, Edmund, Colonel 58th Virginia Infantry. 

Goode,(*) E. J., Colonel 7th Mississippi Infantry. 

Goode,(*) John Thomas, Colonel 4th Virginia Heavy Artillery, which 
became 34th Virginia Infantry ; Colonel 34th Virginia Infantry 
(formerly 4th Virginia Heavy Artillery). 

Goode,(*) Thomas P., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 3d Virginia Cavalry. 

Goodgarae,(*) John C, Major, Lieut. Col. 12th Alabama Infantry. 

Gooding,(*) John J., Major 11th (also called 9th) South Carolina In- 

Goodlett,(*) Spartan D., Lieut. Col., Col. 22d South Carolina Infantry. 

Goodman,(*) Gustavus Augustus, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Vir- 
ginia Infantry. 

Goodner,(*) John F., Lieut. Col., Colonel 7th Tennessee Infantry. 

Goodwin, (•) Edward, Lieut. Col., Colonel 35th Alabama Infantry. 

Goodwyn,(*) A. D., Major, Lieut. Col. 2d South Carolina Infantry. 

Goodwyn,(*) McGavock, Major, Lieutenant Colonel 15th Louisiana In- 
fantry; Major 7th Battalion Louisiana Infantry. 

Goodwyn, Wm. S., Colonel 45th Alabama Infantry. 

Gordon,(*) Anderson, Colonel Gordon's Regiment Arkansas Cavalry, 

Gordon, Augustus M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Cth Alabama Infantry. 

Gordon,(*) B, Frank, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 5th Missouri 

Gordon, Eugene C, Major 25th Battalion Alabama Cavalry. 

Gordon,(*) George A., Colonel 63d Georgia Infantry; Major 13th Bat- 
talion Georgia Infantry. 

Gordon, (*) George P., Major 5th Missouri Cavalry. 

Gordon, (*) George T., Major, Lieut. Col. 34th North Carolina Infantry. 

Gordon, (*) Geo. W., Lieut. Col., Colonel 11th Tennessee Infantry. 

Gordon, James, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d (also called 4th) Mississippi 

Gordon, (*) James B., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 9th North Carolina 
Volunteers (1st N. C. Cavalry). 

Gordon,(*) James C, Major, Lieut. Col. 1st Confederate Infantry. 

Gordon, (*) J. B., Major 6th Arkansas Infantry. 

Gordon, (*) John B., Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 6th Alabama 

Gordon, Thomas M., Lieutenant Colonel 3d Tennessee Volunteers. 

Gordon, Wm, W., Colonel 27th Virginia Infantry. 

Gordon, W. W., LieuteuantColouel 11th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 

Gore,(*) Mounce L., Colonel 8th (Dibrell's, also called 13th) Tennessee 

Go8s,(*) John W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel South Carolina Palmetto 

C^ould,(*) Nicholas C, Colonel 23d Texas Cavalry. 
21739 4 


Gould, Robert S., Major 6th Battalion Texas Cavalry. 

Gouldin,(*) John Milton, Major, Lieut. Ool. 30th Virginia Infantry. 

Gouldiug, B. B,., Colonel 9th Georgia Infontry. 

Gourdin, Robert N., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Charleston Reserves, South 

Govan,(*) Daniel C, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 2d Arkansas Infantry. 

Govau, Geo. M., Major 24th Mississippi Infantry. 

Grace,(*) Benj. F., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 26th (Styles', also called 
13th) Georgia Infantry. 

Grace, Philip T., Major 33d Virginia Infantry. 

Grace,(*) William, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 10th Tennessee Infantry. 

Gracie,(*) Archibald, jr.. Major 11 th Alabama Infantry; Colouel 4;5fl 
Alabama Infantry; Major Grade's Special Battalion Alabama In- 

Grady,{*) William S., Major 25th (formerly 15th) North Carolina Infantry. 

Graham, (*) David P., Ma;jor 51st Virginia Infantry. 

Graham, (*) John W., Major 5Gtl|^ North Carolina infantry. 

Graham, N. S., Lieutenant-Colonel 55th Alabama Infantry. 

Graham, (*)'Eobert F., Colonel 21st South Carolina Infantry. 

Graham, (*) Robert H., Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Texas Infantry. 

Graham, (*) Thos. B., Mnjor 20th Mississippi Infantry. 

Graham, (*) William L., Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Virginia Cavalry. 

Grambling, Enoch G., Major Cherokee Legion, Georgia State Guard. 

Grammer,(*) John, jr., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 53d Virginia 

Granbery, Joseph G., Colonel 4th North Carolina Militia. 

Granbury,(*) Hiram Brinson, Major, Lieut. t)ol.. Colonel 7th Texas In- 
fantry; Colonel Bailey's Consolidated Tennessee Regiment (tem- 
porary command). 

Grant, Isaac A., Lieutenant-Colonel 23d Texas Cavalry. 

Gratiot, John E., Colonel 3d Arkansas Infantry State Troops, 1861. 

Graves,(*) B. Y., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 21st (formerly 11th) North 
Caroliua Infantry. 

Graves,(*) George A., Lieutenant- Colonel 22d (formerly 12th) North 
Carolina Infantry (appointment declined). 

Graves,(*) John A., Major, Lieut. Col. 47th North Carolina Infantry. 

Graves, John R., Colonel 2d Missouri Infantry, 8th Division, Missouri 
State Guard. 

Graves,(*) Wm. F., Major 2d (also called 30th) Virginia Cavalry. 

Gray,(*) Edward F., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Texas Infantry. 

Gray,(*) Henry, Colonel 28th Louisiana Infantry. 

Gray,(*) Harvey, Major 64th Virginia Mounted Infant'ry. 

Gray, John F., Major 48th (Voorhies') Tennessee Infantry. 

Gray, John W., Major 8th Battalion Georgia Infantry. 

Gray,(*) Robert H., Lieutenant-Colonel 22d (formerly 12th) North Car- 
olina Infantry. 

Graybill,(*) Tu'lly, Major, Colonel 28th Georgia Infantry. 

Grayson, A. D., Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Arkansas Infantry. 

Green, Allen J., Lieutenant-Colonel 23d South Carolina Infantry. 

Green,(*) Chas. J., Major 47th Virginia Infantry. 

Green,(*) Francis M., Major, Colonel 11th Mississippi Infantry. 

Green,(*) John Shac, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 6th Virginia 

Greon,(*) John Uriah, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 12th (also called Ist 

Partisan Rangers) Tennessee Cavalry. 
G-Veen,(*) John W., Major 3l\ Eugiqeer Regiment, 


Green, Martin E., Colonel Green's Missouri Cavalry Eegiraeut, 2tl Divis- 
ion Missouri State Guard. 

Green,(*) Peter V,, Mnjor, Lieut. Col., Colonel 5th Arkansas Infantry ; 
Major 13tb Arkansas Infantry ; Major, Lieut. Col. 5tli and 13th Ar- 
kansas Infantry Consolidaled. 

Green, (*) Thomas, Colonel 5th Texas Cavalry. 

Green, (*) Wharton J., Lieut. Col. 2d Battalion North Carolina Infantry. 

Green,(*). William, Major 11th Tennessee Infantry. 

Green, (*) William E., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 56th Virginia Infantry. 

Green, William F., Ma-jor 15th (formerly 5th) North Carolina Infantry. 

Green, William J., Lieutenant-Colonel 47th Virginia Infantry. 

Greene, (*) Alexander A., Lieutenant-Colonel .STth Alabama Infantry. 

Greenei(*) Colton, Colonel 3d Missouri Cavalry. 

Greenwood, A. G., tirst Colonel 26th Arkansas Infantry. 

Greer,(*) Elkanah, Colonel 3d Texas Cavalry. 

Greer,(*) Henry Clay, Lieutenant-Colonel 15th (Russell's, also called 
20th) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Greer,(*) Hugh D,, Lieutenant-Colonel 38th (formerly 8th, Loouey's) 
Tennessee Infantry. 

Gregg,(*) Edward Pearsall, Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 16th Texas Cavalry. 

Gregg,(*) John, Colonel 7th Texas Infantry. 

Gregg,(*) Maxcy, Colonel 1st South Carolina Infantry (Prov. Army). 

Gregg, Nathan, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 60th (also called 79th) Ten- 
nessee Infantry. 

Gregory, (*) Edward H., Major 10th Mississippi Infantry. 

Gregory,(*) Nathaniel A., Major 2d Regiment North Carolina Junior 

Gresham, Thomas Robert, Colonel 87th Virginia Militia : Lieutenant- 
Colonel 9th Virginia Militia. 

Grice, Daniel, Major 3d South Carolina Reserves. 

Grice,(*) Washington L., Major, Lieut. Col. 45th Georgia Infantry. 

Grider, Jesse S., Lieutenant-Colonel McGehee's Arkansas Regiment. 

Grieve, Miller, jr.. Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Georgia Regulars. 

Griffin, (*) Eli S., Major, Lieutenant- Colonel 26th (Styles', also called 
13th) Georgia Infantry. 

Gri£an,(*) James B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Hampton South Caro- 
lina Legion (declined appointment as colonel). 

Gri£fln,(*) J. B,, Major 3d Georgia Reserves. 

Griflan,(*) Joel R.. Colonel 62d Georgia Partisan Rangers ; Major, Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel 1 5th Batt. Georgia Partisan Rangers; Colonel 8th 
Georgia Cavalry. 

Griffin, (*) Sidney 'H.. Lieutenant- Colonel 31st Louisiana Infantry. 

GrifaD,^*) Thomas M., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 18th Mississippi 

Grifan,{*) William H., Lieutenant-Colonel 21st Texas Infantry; Major, 
Lieutenant-Colonel GrifiQn's Battalion Texas Infantry. 

Grifiis, John C, Major 18th Georgia Infantry. 

Grifath,(*) John, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 17th (Rector's) Arkansas 
Infantry; Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel Rector's Arkansas Regiment 
(12 months). 

Grifflth,(*) Jacob W., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Kentucky Cavalry ; Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel 3d Kentucky Cavalry. 

GrifQth,(*) John S., Lieutenant Colonel 6th Texas Cavalry. 

Griffith, {*) Richard, Colonel 12th Mississipiti Infantry. 

Griggs,(*) George K., Major, Lieutenant- Colonel, Colonel 38th Virginia 


Grigsby,(*) Andrew J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 27tli Vir- 
ginia Infantry. 

Grigsby,{*)' J. Warren, Colonel 6th Kentucky Cavalry. 

Grigsby,(*) Thomas K., Lieutenant-Colonel 4'Jth Tennessee Infantry. 

Grinies,(*) Bryan, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th North Caro- 
lina Infantry State Troops. 

Grimes,(*) George M., Major 1st South Carolina Volunteers. 

Grimsley,(*) Daniel A., Major 0th Virginia Cavalry. 

Grirasley, W. C, Miijor 4th Missouri Infantry, 1st Division, Missouri 
State Guard. 

Grinsted,(*) H. L., Colonel 33d Arkansas Infantry. 

Grogan,(*) Michael A., Major, Lieut. Col. 2d Louisiana Infantry. 

Groner,(*) Virginius D., Lieutenant-Colonel 59th North Carolina Vol- 
unteers (4th North Carolina (Javalry) ; Col. 61st Virginia Infantry. 

Groves, John P., Major 1st Infantry Georgia State Guards. 

Groves,(*) William L., Major 35th Georgia Infantry. 

Guerry, Theodore L., Lieutenant-Colonel 11th Geor.gia Infantry. 

Guess,(*) George W., Lieutenant-Colonel 31st Texas Cavalry. 

Guillet,(*) Charles, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2()th Louisiana Infantry, 

Guilmartin, Lawrence J., Major 22d Battalion Georgia Siege Artillery. 

Guion,(*) Henry T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 10th North Carolina 
Volunteers (1st North Carolina Artillery). 

Gulley,(*) Bzekiah S., Major, Lieut. Col. 40th Alabama Infantry. 

Gunnels, (*) George M., Major 3d Battalion South Carolina Infantry. 

Gunter, Thomas M., Lieutenant-Colonel 34th (also called 2d) Arkansas 
Infantry ; Lieutenant-Colonel Gunter's Arkansas Battalion Cavalry. 

Gunter, William T., Major 1st Battalion Alabama Partisan Hangers. 

Gurley,(*) B., Major 5th Infantry Georgia State Guard. 

Gurley,(*) Edward Jeremiah, Colonel 30th Texas Cavalry (also called 
1st Partisan Hangers). 

Guthrie,(*) John F., Ma/jor 20th Tennessee Infantry. 

Guthrie,(*) Lawson, Major 43d Tennessee Infantry (after Mounted 

Guy,(*) John H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Battalion Virginia 

Guy,(*) W. S., Lieutenant-Colonel 13th (formerly 3d) North Carolina 

Guyton,(*) Cineinnatus S., Lieutenant-Colonel 57th Georgia Infantry. 

Gwynne,(*) Andrew D., Major 50th (also known as 26th, Coltart's) 
Alabama Infantry ; Lieutenant-Colonel 38th (formerly 8th, Loouey's) 
Tennessee Infiiutry. 

Hadden,(*) William M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st South Carolina 

Haddox, C. B., Major 34th Virginia Militia. 

Hagan, James, Major Wirt Adams' Mississippi Cavalry. 

Hagan,(*) James, Colonel 3d Alabama Cavalry. 

Hagood,(*) James P., Colonel 1st South Carolina Volunteers. 

Hagood,(*) Johnson, Colonel 1st South Carolina Volunteers. 

Hair8ton,(*) Peter, jr., Lieutenant-Colonel 24th Virginia Infantry. 

Hale,(*) Henry S., Major 7th Kentucky Infantry. 

Hale, Smith D., Colonel 31st (Hale's, afterwards 49th) Alabama Tn- 
fantry (never took command). 

Hale,(*) Stephen P., Lieutenant-Colonel 11th Alabama Infantry (tem- 
porarily m command of 9th Alabama Infantry June 1862) 

Hale, Stephen P., Colonel 4th Missouri Infantry, 8th Div., Missouri 
State Guard, ' 


Hale,(*) William J., LieutenantColouel 2d Tennessee Infantry (rrov. 

Hall,(*) Alexander, Lieutenant-Colonel 45tli Tennessee Infantry. 
Hall,(*) Boiling, jr., Colonel 59tli Alabama lafantry; Lieut, Col. 2d 

Batt. Infantry, Hilliard's Alabama Legion. 
Hall,(») Edward D., Colonel 4.Gth North Carolina Infantry; Major 7tli 

North Carolina Infantry State Troops. 
Hall, George A., Lieutenant- Colon el 28th Georgia Infantry. Found 

also on Confederate Register as Major 8th Battalion Georgia Infantry. 
Hall,(*) Henry G., Major, Lieut. Col. 28th Texas Cavalry. 
Hall,(*) Houston, Major G2d (also called 1st Partisan Rangers) Virginia 

Hali,(*) Jno. G., Lieutenant-Colonel 51st Tennessee Infantry. 
Hall,(*) Josephus M., Lieut. Col., Colonel 5th Alabama Infantry. 
Hall,(*) Matthew E., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 48th Georgia Infantry. 
Hall,(*) Robert J., Major 33d (Hurst's) Mississippi Infantry. 
Hall, Winchester, Major, Colonel 26th Louisiana Infantry. 
Hallonquist, (*) James H., Major, Lieut.-Col., 2d Battalion Alabama 

Halsey,(*) Stephen P., Major 21st Virginia Cavalry. 
Ham,(*) Joseph H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 16th Virginia Infantry. 
BamjC) T. W., Major 16th Battalion Mississippi Cavalry State Troops; 

Colonel Ham's Mississippi Cavalry. 
Hambleton, John W., Major loth Tennessee Infantry. 
Harabrick, J. M., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th (Russell's) Alabama Cavalry. 
Hambrict, Jno. T., Major I3th (formerly 3d) North Carolina Infantry. 
Hambrick,(*) Joseph A., Major 24th Virginia Infantry. 
Hamilton, A. S., Lieutenant-Colonel C6th (also called 6oth) Georgia 

Hamilton, (*) A. S., Lientenant-Colonel 1st Mississippi Infantry. 
Hamilton,(*) Daniel H.,. Lieut. Col., Col. 1st South Carolina Infantry 

(Prov. Army). 
Hamilton,(*) D. H., jr.. Major 13th (formerly 3d) North Carolina Infantry. 
Hamilton, John S., Major 1st Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri 

State Guard. 
Hamilton, (*) Joseph, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Infantry Battalion, 

Phillips Georgia Legion. 
Hamilton, Oliver P., Major, Lieut. Col. Hamilton's Battalion Tennessee 

Hamilton, William, Major 19th Georgia Infantry. 
Hamiter,(*) David H., Major 19th (Dawson's) Arkansas Infantry. 
Hammerskold, Charles J., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 34th North Caro- 
lina Infantry. 
Hammet, J, P.. Major 24th Virginia Infantry. 
Hammock, Porter, Major 2d Cherokee Mounted Eifles. 
Hammond, Andrew J., Major 24th South Carolina Infantry. 
Hammond.(*) George W., Major, Lieut. Col. 60th Virginia Infantry. 
Hammond;(*) Gray W., Major, Lieut. Col. I5th (formerly 5th) North 

Carolina In fan tr v. 
Hamner,r*) H. A., Major of Griffin's Battalion Texas Infantry. 
Hampton, Bzekiel H., Major 29th North Carolina Infantry. 
Harapton,(*) Frank, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d South Carolina Cavalry. 
Hampton,(*) Geo. J., Major, Lieut. Col. 4th Texas Cavalry. 
Hampton, *) Henry, Major 4th Tennessee Volunteers. 
Hampton, (*) Wade, Colonel Hampton South Carolina Legion. 
Hauce,(*) J. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 53d Georgia Infantry. 


Hancock, Bzekiel W., Lieut. Col., Colonel 7tliEegiment North Carolina 

Hancock,(*) John M., Major 2cl Battalion North Carolina Infantry. 

Handley, James M., Major 46th Alabama Infantry. 

Hanes,(*) Garland B., Major 57th Virginia Infantry. 

Hankins, (*) E. L., Major Ashcraft's Eegimeut Mississippi Cavalry; 
Major 3d Battalion Mississippi State Cavalry. 

Hanlon,(*) Joseph, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Louisiana Infantry. 

Hanna, W. S., Lieutenant-Colonel 36th Arkansas Infantry ; Major 28tli 
Arkansas Infantry. 

IIannon,(*) Moses W., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Alabama Cavalry; Colonel 
53d Alabama Partisan Eangers. 

Hansbrough,{*) George W., Lieut. Col. 9th Battalion Virginia Infantry. 

Hanson,(*) Eoger W., Colonel 2d Kentucky Infantry. 

Hanvey,(*) George M., Major 12th Battalion Georgia Artillery. 

IIard,(*) John S., Major 7th South Carolina Infantry. 

Hardaway,(*) Eobert A., Major 1st Virginia Artillery. 

Hardcastle,(*) Aaron B., Colonel 33d (Hardcastle's) Mississippi Infan- 
try; Colonel 45th Mississippi Infantry; Major 3d (Hardcastle's) Bat- 
talion Mississippi Infantry. 

Hardeman, (*) Isaac, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Georgia Infantry. 

Hardeman, (*) Peter, Lieut. Col., Colonel 1st Texas Cavalry Eegt.. Ari- 
zona Brigade; Lieut. Col. Hardeman's Battalion Texas Cavalry, 
Arizona Brigade. 

Hardeman, {*) Thomas, jr.. Major 2d Independent Battalion Georgia 
Infantry ; Colonel 45th Georgia Infantry, 

Hardeman,(*) William P., Colonel 1st Texas Cavalry Eegt., Arizona 
Brigade ; Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th Texas Cavalry. 

Harden, E. E., Major 1st Georgia Eegulars. 

Harden, J. E., Major 2d Cherokee Mounted Eifles. 

Hardie, Joseph, Major Hardie's Cavalry Battalion Alabama Reserves. 

Hardin,(*) Mark B., Major 9th Virginia Infantry; Major ISth Battalion 
Virginia Artillery. 

Hardin,(*) Thomas J., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 19th Mississippi Infantry. 

Harding,(*) Cyrus, jr., Major, 5th Virginia Cavalry; Major 5th and 
15th Virginia, Cavalry Consolidated. 

Harding,(*) Henry, Major 61st North Carolina Infantry. 

Harding,(*) Eichard J., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 1st Texas Infantry. 

Hardwick,(*) Wm. M., Major, Lieut.-Col. 48th Alabama Infantry. 

Hardy,(*) vVm. E., Lieutenaut-Colonel Dawson's Arkansas Infantry; 
Major, Lienteuant-Colonel 24th Arkansas Infantry 

Hardy (*) Washington M., Major, Colonel 60th North Carolina Infantry. 

Hargett, I lynn, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Infantrv Georgia State Guard. 

Hargrove,(*) Lemuel, Major, LientenantColonei39th Alabama Infantry. 

Hargrove,(*) Tazewell L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 44th North Caro- 
lina Infantry. 

Harkie,(*) 0. B., Colonel 55th Georgia Infantry. 
Harkins, David P., Lieut. Col. 1st Choctaw Cavalry Eegiment. 
Men) State Troop's ^'^ ^^egiment Mississippi Infantry (or Minute 

Srn^n S'aT ^^j ^'^'^^'^^l Harllec's Legion South Carolina Militia. 
Harman,(*) Asher Waterman, Colonel 12th Virginia Cavalry. 
Harman(*) Austin, Major 54th Virginia Infantry. 
Harman, B. Desha, Colonel Harman's Confederate Cavalry Eegiment; 
(also called Harman's Mississippi Cavalry Eegiment.) ^ J^egiment, 
Harman,C) Edwin H., Lieutenant-Colonel 45th Virginia Infantry 

Btarman,(*) Mioliael Or,, Liout.-Col., Colonel 52d Virginia Infantry. 

Hannan(*) Williani H., Lieiit.-Col., Colonel 5th Virginia Infantry. 

narman,{*) Wm. N., Major 47th Battalion Virginia Cavalry. 

flarnessi(*) Wm. H., M.njor 11th Virginia Cavajry ; Colonel 14th Vir- 
ginia Militia, 18th Brigade. 

]Iarper,(*) A. E., Major, Lieutenant- Colonel 1st Georgia Cavalry. 

Harper, A. Y., Lieut. Col. 6th (also called 7th) Mississippi Infantry. 

Harper, Henry H., Major 14tb South Carolina Infantry. 

Harper,(*) Kenton, Colonel 5th Virginia Infantry. 

Harper, E. B., Major 13th Battaliou Mississippi Infantry. 

Harper,(*) Robert W., Major, Colonel 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles. 

Harper, S. J., Lieutenant-Colonel 36th Mississippi Infantry. 

Harper, W. B., Major Ist Battalion Mississippi Infantry (or Minute 
Men) State Troops. 

Harper,(*] Wilson, Major 25th Virginia Infantry. 

Harrell, Geo. A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Tennessee Infantry. 

Harrell,(*) Jarrett N., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st North Carolina In- 
fantry State Troops. 

Harrell, John M., Lieut.-Col. Harrell's Battalion Arkansas Cavalry. 

Harrell, Wm. V., Major Lewis' Battalion Alabama Cavalry. 

Harrington, Pinkuey C, Major, Lieut. Col. 14th Confederate Cavalry. 

Harris, (*) Abram, Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Texas Cavalry. 

Harris,(*) Benjamin J., Major 47th. Virginia Militia. 

Harris, Chas. J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 59th Georgia Infantry; 
Colonel 3d Georgia Reserves. 

Harris, James T., Major 15th (Cleburne's, also called 1st) Arkansas 

Harris, J. L., Major 2d Mississippi Cavalry. 

Harris, Jno. G., Majjor 20th Alabama Infantry. 

Harris,(*) Jno. L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Tennessee Infantry. 

Harris,(*) John L., Lieutenant-Colonel 24th (formerly 14th) North Caro- 
lina Infantry. 

Harris,(*) John L,, Major 3d Battalion Georgia Cavalry; Lieutenant- 
Colonel 4th (Clinch's) Georgia Cavalry. 

Harris, John W., Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Alabama Infantry. 

Harris, Joseph D., Lieut. Col. 1st Chickasaw Cavalry Battalion. 

Harris,(*) Merry B., Lieut. Col., Colonel 12th Mississippi Infantry. 

narris,(') Nathaniel H., Maj., Lieut. Col., ColonellOth Mississippi 

Harris, Nicholas C, Lieut. Col. Harris' Battalion Virginia Heavy Artil- 

Harris,(*) Robert A., Major 2d (or 1st Special) Battalion Louisiana In- 

Harris, Sampson W., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Georgia Infantry. 

Harris, Simon, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 10th (also called 12th) Mis- 
souri Infantry. 

Harris,(*) Skidmore, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Georgia Infantry ; Colonel 
43d Georgia Infantry. 

Harris, (*) Thos. W., Major 2d ( Harris') Battalion Mississippi State Cav- 
alry ; Lieutenant-Colonel Ashcraft's Regiment Mississippi Cavalry. 

Harris, Wm. A., Major, Lieutenant- Colonel 14th Georgia Infantry. 

Harris, William T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Georgia Infantry. 

Harrison,(*) Archibald T., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 30th Virginia 

Harrison, Carter H., Major 11th Virginia Infantry. 
Harrison, (*) Francis E., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st South 

Carolina Rifles. 


Harrison, (*) Georjre P., jr., Colonel 32d Georgia Infantry. 

Harrison, (*) Isaac F., Major Wirt Adams' Mississii)pi Cavalry; Major, 

Lieut. Col. 15th Battalion Louisiana Cavalry ; Colonel 3d (Harrison's) 

Louisiana Cavalry. 
Harrison, (*) Isham, Colonel Cth Mississippi Cavalry; Major 13th Mis- 
sissippi Infantry. 
Harrison, James, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Infantry Regiment Virginia 

State Line. 
Harrison, (*) James E., Lieutenant Colonel, Col. 15th Texas Infantry; 

Major 1st (Speight's) Battalion Texas Infantry. 
Harrison, (*) John .J., Major 11th (also called 9th) S. C. Infantry. 
Harrison, (*) Julien, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 6th Virginia Calvary. 
Harrison, Randolph, Lient.-Col., Col. dCth Virginia Infantry ; Lieut. Col. 

4th Virginia Heavy Artillery (after called 34th Virginia Infantry) ; 

Lieut. Col, 34th Virginia Infantry. 
Harrison, (*) Richard, Major, Lieut.-Col., Col. 43d Mississippi Infantry. 
Harrison, (*) Robert, Major 2d Florida Cavalry. 
Harrison, (*) Samuel R., Major, Colonel 1st Louisiana Volunteers. 
Harrison, (*) Thomas, Major, Lieut.-Col., Colonel 8th Texas Cavalry. 
Harrison, William, Colonel 6th Louisiana Cavalry. 
Harrison, Wni. M., Major 0th (Maxey's, also called 8tli) Texas Infantry. 
Harrod,(*) J no., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 33d (Hurst's) Mississippi 

Hart,(*) Alex., Major 5th Louisiana Infantry. 

Hart,(*) Benj. R, Major, L'ieut.-('ol., Colonel 22d Alabama Infintry. 
Hart,(*) John R., Colonel 6tii Georgia Cavalry ; Lieutenant-Colonel 

Cavalry Battalion, Smith's Georgia Legion. 
Hart,(*) Robert A., Colonel 30th (Hart's) Arkansas Infantry; Lieut.- 
Col. 30th (McNeill's) Arkansas Infantry. 
Hart,(*) Robert D., Major 43d Alabama Infantry. 
Hartley, Henry K., Lieat.-C'ol. 4th Missonn Cavalry, 8th Division, 

Missouri State Guard. 
Hartley, Thomas J., Major 4th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri 

State Guard. 
Hartridge,(*) Alfred L., Major 27th Battalion Georgia Infantry. 
Hartsfield,(*) W. F., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 53d Georgia Infantry. 
Hartwell, Wm.. -Major Ist Mobile Volunteers, Local Defense Troops. 
Harvey, (*) Reuben F., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Arkansas Infantry. 
Hash, John J., Major 1st Missouri Infantry Battalion, 6th Division, 

Missouri State Guard. 
Haskell, (*) Alexander C, Colonel 7th South Carolina Cavalry. 
Haskell, (*) Alex. M., Major 6th Texas Infantry. 

Haskins,(*) David C, Maj., Lieut.-Col. 3d Teun.'^Jnf. (Provisional Army). 
Hatch, Lemuel D., Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 8th (Hatch's, 

also called 9tli) Alabama Cavalry. 
Hatch, (*) Lewis M., Colonel 23d South Carolina Infantry; Lieut. Col. 

Hatch's Battalion South Carolina Infantry. 
Hatcher,(*) Daniel C, Major 7th Virginia Cavalry. 
Hately,(*) John C, Colonel 5th Florida lufantrv.' 
Hathaway,(*) Joseph F., Major 36th Arkansas Infantry. 
Hatton,(*) Robert, Colonel 7th Tennessee Infantry. 
Haven, William S., Major 2(»Dh Arkansas Infantry. 
Hawes,(*) James M., Col. 2d Kentucky Infantry. 
Hawes, Richard, Major 5th Kentucky Infantry. 
Hawes,(*) Richard R., Mnjor 10th Georgia Infantry. 
Hawkins, A. T,, Major f 5th Battaliou Mississippi Sharpshooters. 


Hawkins, B. W., Lieut.Col. Hawkins' Missouri Cavalry Eegiment, 2d 

Division, Missouri State Guard. 
Hawkiny,(*) Edwin li., Lie-uteuant-Colonel, Colonel 27tli Texas Cav- 
alry (1st Texas Legion). 
Hawkins,(*) Hiram, Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 5th Kentucky Infantry. 
Hawkins, James M., Major Nashville Battalion Infantry. 
Hawkins, Pink., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Creek Regiment. 
Hawkins,(*) Willis A., Major, Lieut.Col. 12th Georgia Infantry. 
Hawkin8,(*) Wm. S., Major 11th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 
Hawpe,(*) Tresevant C, Colonel 31st Texas Calvary. 
Hawthorn, (*) Alexander T., Lieut.Col., Colonel 6th Arkansas Infantry ; 

Col. Hawthorn's Arkansas Infantry. 
Hayes, George B., Major 3d Georgia Infantry. 
Haynes,(*) Alexander, Major, Lieut. -Col. 29th Virginia Infantry. 
Haynes,(*) Chas. L., Lientenant-Colonel 27th Virginia Infantry. 
Haynes,(*) Milton A., Lieutenant Colonel Tennessee Artillery Corps ; 

Lieutenant Colonel 1st Tennessee Light Artillery. 
Haynes,(*) Peril C, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th (Starnes', also called 3d) 

Tenneseee Cavalry. 
Hays, Abram B., Major 1st Chickasaw Cavalry Eegiment. 
Hays,(*) A. J., Lieutenant-Colonel 27th Mississippi Infantry. 
Hays,(*) Harry T., Colonel 7th Louisiana Infantry. 
Hays, J. L., Lieutenant Colonel 31st Arkansas Infantry. 
Hays,(*) Thomas H., Majjor 6th Kentucky Infantry ; Major 1st (Gofer's) 

Battalion Kentucky Infantry. 
Hays, Upton, Colonel Jackson County (after 12th) Missouri Cavalry ; 

Lieut.Col. 1st Missouri Cavalry, 8 Division, Missouri State Guard. 
Haywood, (*) Edward Graham, Lient.-Col., Colonel 7th North Carolina 

Head,(*) Jno. W., Colonel 30th Tennessee Infantry. 
Heard,(*) S. S., Colonel 17th Louisiana Infantry. 
Hearin, Wm. J., Major, Lieut. Col.,38th Alabama Infantry, 
Hearn,(*) John P., Major 15th Tennessee Infantry. 
Hearn,(*) William C, Lieutenant-Colonel 4lst Mississippi Infantry. 
Hearnsberger,(*) Stephen Z., Lieutenant-Colonel 15th Georgia Infantry. 
Heath, A. J., Colonel 41st North Carolina Militia. 
Hubert; Louis, Colonel 3d Louisiana Intantry. 
H6bert,(*) Paul O., Colonel 1st Louisiana Artillery. 
Heck, Jonathan M., Lieutenant-Colonel 25th Virginia Infantry. 
Hecknian, David P., Major 57th Virginia Infantry. 
Hedgpeth,(*) Isaac N., Lieuteuant-Colouel, Col. 6th Missouri Infantry; 

Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Missouri Infantry, 1st Division, Missouri State 

Guard; Major Hedgpeth's Battalion Missouri Infantry. 
Hedrick, John J., Colonel 40th North Carolina Volunteers, (3d North 

Carolina Artillery.) 
Heiman,(*) Adolphus, Colonel 10th Tennessee Infantry. 
Heiskell.(*) Carrick W., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 19th Tennessee Infantry. 
Helm, Benjamin Hardin, Colonel 1st Kentucky Cavalry. 
Helvenston, Alexander H., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 16th Ala. Infantry. 
Hemphill, J. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 15th Mississippi Infantry. 
Henagan,(») John W., Lieut. Col., Colonel 8th South Carolina Infantry. 
Henderson,(») C. C, Lieut. Col., Colonel 40th Tennessee Infantry; 

Lieut.-Col.. Col. 5th (Walker's) Confederate Infantry Eegiment. 
Henderson, John T., Colonel 8th Infantry Georgia State Guard. 
Henderson,(*) Marzarine J., Major, Lieut.-Col. 3d Arkansas Cavalry. 
Henderson, O. C, Major 1st Battalion Virginia Infantry. 

Henderson,(*) Eobert J., Colonel 42d Georgia Infantry. 

Henderson, W. G., Major 5th Mississippi Cavalry. 

Hendon,(*) W. T. Major 6tli (also called 7tb) Mississippi Infantry. 

Hendricli,^*) Henry, Major 30tli Georgia Infantry. 

Hendricks,(*) Sterling B., Lieutenant Colonel 17tli Texas Cavalry. 

Henegan, Charles S., Major 3Gth Alabama Infantry. 

Henley,(*) John A., Major 3d Virginia Eegiment Local Defense (De- 

Hcnuingsen,(*) Charles P., Colonel 59th Virginia Infantry. 

Henry, (*) E. G., Major 18th Mississippi Infantry. 

Henry, James L., Lient. Col. 14th Battalion ISlorth Carolina Cavalry. 

Henry,(*) John F., Major 4th Tennessee Volunteers. 

Heury,(*) Patrick, Major 28th Texas Cavalry. 

Henrj,(*) P. M., Colonel of Henry's Eegiment Virginia Eeserves; 
Lieutenant Colonel 5th Battalion Virginia Eeserves. 

Heury,(*) E. E., Major 38th Arkansas Infantry, 

Henry, E. W., Major, 8th Kentucky Infantry. 

Henry, Samuel, Lieut. Col., Colonel 9th Alabama Infantry. 

Henry's Battalion Tennessee Infantry, Series 1, Vol. VII. 

Hensley,(*) James O., Major 10th Battalion Virginia Artillery. 

Herbert,(*) Arthur, Major, Lieut". Col., Colonel 17th Virginia Infantry. 

Herbert,(*) Hilary A.,iMajor, Lieut. Col., Colonel 8th Alabama Infantry. 

Herbert,(*) James E., Major, Lieut. Col. 1st Battalion Maryland Infan- 
try; Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Maryland Infantry. 

Herbert,(*) P. T., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Texas Cavalry; Lieut. Col. 
of Herbert's Texas Battalion, Arizona Brigade. 

Herndon, D. C, Major 1st Battalion Mississippi Cavalry. 

Herudon, Thomas H., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 36th Alabama Infantry. 

Herr, B. P., Major 1st Missouri Infantry Battalion, 1st Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard. 

Herrell,. Jesse P., Major, Lieut. Col. 7th (Jackman's, afterward 16th) 
Missouri Infantry. 

Herrell, (*) William V., Major Lewis' Battalion Alabama Cavalry. 

Herrick,(*) Charles H., Colonel 22d (formerly 23d) Louisiana Infantry. 

Herring,(*) Calvin, Major 27th Forth Carolina Infantry; 

Herring,(*) John B., Major, Lieut. Col. 5th Mississippi Infantry. 

Hester, James T., Major 23d Alabama Infantry. 

Heth, Henry, Colonel 45th Virginia Infantry. 

Hewitt,(*) James W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Kentucky Infantry. 

Hewitt, Eobert A., Lieut.-Col. 2d Missouri Infantry, 4th Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard. 

Hewlett, Wra. A., Lieutenant-Colonel 56th Alabama Partisan Eangers; 
Major 13th Alabama Partisan Eaugers. 

Heyward,(*) Wm. C, Colonel 11th (also called 9th) South Carolina 

Hickersou,(*) Charles N., Major, Lieut.-Col 37th K C. Infantry. 

Hicks, J. M., Major 9th Mississippi Infantry. 

IIicks,(*) William, Lieutenant-Colonel 32d Arkansas Infantry. 

Higginbotham,(*) John C, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 25th Virginia 
Infantry. * 

Higgins,(*) Edward, LieuteuantColonel, Colonel 21st (Patton's) Louis- 
iana Infaiitry. 

Higgins,(*) Hiram H., Major 40th Tennessee Infantry; Major 5th 
(Walker's) Confederate Infantry. 

Higley,(*) John H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 40th Alabama In- 
fantry; Colonel 2d Alabama Militia. 


Sill. A, A. Franklin, Major 1st Georgia Regulars. 

,aill,(*) Albert A., Major, Lieut. Ool. 4Sth North Carolina Infantry. 

Hill, Andrew A., Major Hill's Battalion North Carolina Reserves. 

Hill,(*) Ambrose P., Colonel 13th Virginia Infantry. 

Hill, Benj., Lieut. Col. Cherokee Legion, Georgia State Guard. 

Hill,{*) Benjamin J., Colonel 35th (formerly 5th Tenn., Prov. Army) 
Tennessee Infantry. 

Hill, Chas. H., Major 6th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 

Hill,(*) Daniel H., Col. 1st North Carolina Infantry (6 months.) 

Hill, Daniel P., Lieut.Col. 31st (also called 137th) Georgia lufantrv. 

Hill,(*) D. F., Major 24th South Carolina Infantry. 

Hill,(*) George H., Major 17th (formerly 7th) North Carolina Infantry 
(temporarily attached). 

Hill,(*) James C, Major 4Gth Virginia Infantry. 

Hill, J. M., Colonel 9th Regiment, 3d Brigade Georgia State Troops. 

Hill, Jno. A., Major 7th Arkansas Infantry. 

Hill,(*) Jno. F., Colonel 16tli Arkansas Infantry ; Colonel 7th Arkan- 
sas Cavalry. 

Hill,(*) Junius L., Major, Lieut.-Col. 7th North Carolina Infantry State 

Hill, J. W., Major 8th (Mitchell's) Missouri Infantry. 

Hill,(*) Lewis H., Lieutenant-Colonel 61st Alabama Infantry. 

Hill,(*) Mnnson R., Colonel 47th Tennessee Infantry. 

Hill,{*) Robert C, Colonel 48th North Carolina Infantry. 

Hill,(*) William J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th North Carolina In- 
fantry State Troops. 

Hill, , Major 4th (Peel's) Arkansas Infantry, 

Hilliard,(*) Henry W., Colonel Hilliard's Alabama Legion. 

flillsman,(*) John H., Major 55th Tennessee Infantry. 

Hilton, Miel, Major 22d South Carolina Infantry. 

Hindman,(*) Thos. Carmichael, Colonel 2d Arkansas Infantry. 

Hines,(*) James S., Major 1st North Carolina Infantry State Troops. 

Hinsdale,(*) John W., Colonel 3d liegiment North Carolina Junior 

Hinton,(*) James W., Colonel 68th North Carolina Infantry ; Major, 
Lieutenant-Colonel 8th North Carolina Infantry State Troops. 

Hoadley,(*) F. W., Major 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery. 

Hobbs, James H., Lieut.Col., Col. loth (McRae's) Arkansas Infantry; 
Colonel 15th (Hobbs') Arkansas Infantry. 

Hobby,(*) A. M., Colonel 8th (Hobby's) Texas Infantry; Major 8th 
Battalion Texas Infantry. 

Hobson,(*) Alexander M., Major 4th Virginia Cavalry. 

Hobson,(*) Amson W., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 3d Arkansas Cav- 

Hobson,(*) Caleb B., Lieutenant-Colonel 51st North Carolina Infantry. 

Hobson, E. Lafayette, Major, Lieut.-Col., Colonel 5th Alabama Infantry 

Hobson, Joseph A., Lieut.-Col. Hepry's Regiment Va. Reserves. 

Hodge,(*) Benjamin L., Colonel 19th Louisiana Infantry. 

Hodges,(*) James G., Colonel l4th Virginia Infantry. 

Hodges,(*) Jno. J.. Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Louisiana Infantry. 

Hodges,(*) Lafayette, Major, Lieut.-Col. 41st Mississippi Infantry. 

Hodges, Wesley C, Lieut.-Col., Colonel 17th Georgia Infantry. 

Hodges, W. Ludlow, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st South Carolina State 
Troops (6 months). • 

Hodgson, (*) Joseph, Colonel 7th Alabama Cavalry. 

Hoffmann,(*) Gustave, Major 7th Texas Cavalry. 


HofiFman,(*) Jolm S., Major, Colonel 31st Virginia Infantry. 
Hogaa, Kidgway B., LieutenantUolonel 19th Georgia Infantry. 
Hoge,(*) iidward F., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 9th Georgia Infantry. 
Hoke,(*) John F., Colonel 2M (formerly 13th) North Carolina Infan- 
try ; Colonel 4th EegimentNorth Carolina Senior Eeserves. 
Hoke,(*) Kobert F., Colonel 21st (formerly llth) North Carolina In- 
fantry; Maj., Lieut.-Col., Col. 33d North Carolina Infantry; Major 1st 
North Carolina Infantry (6 months). 
Hoke,(*) Williaui J., Colonel 38th North Carolina Infantry. 
Holcombe, Edward J?., Lieutenant-Colonel 17th Alabama Infantry. 
Holden,(*) Wm. 6., Maj., Lieut.-Col., Colonel 53d Tennessee Infantry. 
Holder,(*) Wm. D., Colonel 17th Mississippi Infantry. 
Holladay,(*) John B., Major 3d Battalion Kentucky Mounted Eifles. 
Holland, (*) Daniel P., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Special Battalion Florida 

Holland, D. D., Lieut. Col. 1st Battalion Cavalry Texas State Troons. 
Holland,(*) Orlando S.. Lieut.-Ool., Colonel 37th Mississippi Infantry. 
Holland, William A., Major 40th North Carolina Vols. (3d North Caro- 
lina Artillery). 
Ho]land,(*) W. T., Major 32d Georgia Infantry. 
Holladay,(*) Francis D., Major 16th Virginia Infantry. 
HolIiday,(*) Frederick W. M., Major, Colonel 33d Virginia Infantry. 
Holliday, Henry B., Major 27th Georgia Infantry. 
Holliugsworth,(*) James M., Lieut.-Col. 19th Louisiana Infantry. 
Holloway, Edmond B., Colonel 1st Missouri Infantry, 8th Division, 

Missouri State Guard. 
Holman, Cyrus K., Major 27th Texas Cavalry (1st Texas Legion). 
Holman,(*) Daniel W., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel llth Tennessee 
Calvary; Colonel 10th and llth Tennessee Cavalry Consolidated; 
Major Holman's Battaliou Tennessee Cavalry; Major 1st Tennessee 
Infantry (Provisional Army). 
Holman,(*) James H., Lieuteuaiit-Colonel 1st Tennessee Infantrv (Pro- 
visional Army). 

Holman, (*) Johu B., Major 2Sth and 84th Tennessee Infantry Consoli- 

Holmes,(*) Benjamin, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Missouri Infantry; Major 
9th (White's, also called 12th) Missouri Infantry. 

Holmes,(*) Benjamin E., Major 1st Mississippi Artillery. 

Holmes.(*) James C, Major 30th North Carolina Infantry. 

Holm(>s,(*) Stokely M., Major 36th (Woods' also called 32d) Texas Cav- 

Holmes,(*) Thomas F., Major 35th Mississippi Infantry. 
Holmes, W. E., Lieutenant-Colonel 47th Tennessee Infantry. 
Ho mes(*j William E., Lieutenant Colonel 2d Georgia Infantry, 
Holt,(*) Boiling H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 35th Georgia 
Infantry. *' 

CT°I^A7T^^"^*''r?"^.^•. ^■' ^^'^"'^- ^ol-, Colonel 3d Kentucky Infantry. 
Uolt(*) John H., Major, Lieut.-Col. 1st Battalion, Hilliard's Alabama 

Holt,(*) Willis C, Major, Lieutenant-Col., Colonel lOtli Georgia Infantry. 
Holt/claw,(*) James T., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 18th Alabama Infantry. 
Hood, Arthur Lieutenant-Colonel 29th Battalion Georgia Cavalry: 

Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Georgia Cavalry. 
Hood,(*) John B., Colonel 4t1i Texas Infkntry 
Hood, W. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Battalion Virginia Eeserves 


Hooks, Boaz F., Major 3d Battaliou N. 0. Senior Eeserves; Major 8th 
Eegiment North Garoliua Reserves. 

Hook8,(*) Eobert W., Lieutenant-Oolouel 11th Texas Cavalry. 

Hoole,(*) AxiHa J., Lieutenaut-Colonel 8th South Carolina Infantry. 

Hooper, George W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Alabama Infantry. 

Hooper, James C, Lieut.Col., Colonel 6th (after 11th) Missouri Cavalry; 
Lieutenant-Colonel 11th Missouri Cavalry. 

Hooper, Juo. W., Major 19th Georgia Infantry. 

Hooper,(*) Thomas W., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 21st Georgia Infantry. 

Hopkins,{*) Chas. F., Colonel 10th Florida Infantry; Major, Lieuten- 
ant Colonel 1st Special Battalion Florida Infantry. 

Hopkius,(*) Edward, Colonel 4th Florida lufantry. 

Hopkins, (*) Warren M., Colonel 25th Virginia Cavalry. 

Horn, Daniel H., Lieutenant-Colonel 33d Alabama Infantry. 

Horn, O. P., Major 4th Virginia Militia, 7th Brigade. 

Horne,(*) Wm. E. B., Major 29th Virginia Infantry. 

Hoskins, , Lieut.-Col. Majors' Missouri Cavalry Eegiment, 3d 

Division, Missouri State Guard. 

Hottel, J. A., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Virginia Militia, 7th Brigade. 

Houok, Wm. A., Lieutenant-Colonel 34th ISTorth Carolina Infantry. 

Hough, (*) Wade H., Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Louisiana Infantry. 

Houn8hell,(*) David S.. Major 51st Virginia Infantry; Major 23d Vir- 
ginia Infantry Battalion; Colonel 4th Infantry Eegiment Virginia 
State Line. 

House,(*) John L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Tennessee Volunteers ; 
Lieutenaut-Colonel 1st and 2d Tennessee Consolidated. 

Housand, C. B., Major Extra Battalion Missouri Infantry, 4th Division, 
Missouri State Guard 

Hovi8,(*) L. B., Lieuteuant-Colonel 7th (also called 1st Mississippi Parti- 
san Eangers) Mississippi Cavalry. 

Howard, (*) James E., Colonel 3d Confederate Cavalry (also called 11th) 
Lieut. Col. 11th Battalion Alabama Cavalry. 

Howard,(*) John, Major 2d ISTorth Carolina Infantry State Troops. 

Howard,(*) Josepli D., Major 48th (Voorhies') Tennessee Infantry. 

Howard, (*) John K., Major, Lieut. Col. 7th Tennessee Infantry. 

Howard,(*) T. B., jr.. Major Howard's (also called 27th) Battalion 
Georgia Infantry. 

Howell,(*) E. A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Arkansas Infantry ; 
Major 5th and 13th Arkansas Infantry Consolidated; Major 13th 
Arkansas Infantry. 

Howland, B. J., Major 1st Cherokee Mounted Eifles. 

Hoxey, Thomas E., Major of Bradford's Eegiment Texas Cavalry. 

Hoyle, E. W., Major 7th Georgia Infantry. 

Hubard,(*) James L., Lieutenant-Colonel 44th Virginia Infantry. 

Hubbard, (*) Josiah E., Major 42d Tennessee Infantry. 

Hubbard,(*) Eicbard Bennett, Lieut. Col. 5th (Hubbard's) Battalion 
Texas Infantry; Colonel 22d Texas Infantry. 

Hubbell,(*) Pinley L., Major, Lieuteuant-Colonel 3d (also called 2d) Mis- 
souri Infantry. 

Hudgings,(*) Lemuel T., Major 41st Alabama Infantry. 

Hudson, G. L., Major 10th Cavalry Georgia State Guard. 

Hudson,(*) Joshua B., Lieut. Col. 26th South Carolina Infantry ; Major 
9th Battalion South Carolina Infantry. 

Hudson, Samuel H., Major 3 1st (A. H. Bradford's) Tennessee Infantry. 

Huff,(*) James T., Major 60th North Carolina Infantry. 

Huffman, J. M,, Lieutenaut-Coloael 7th Kentucky Cavalry, 


Hnfstedler,(*) Eli, Lieut. Col. 25tli (also called 30th) Arkansas iDfantry. 

Huger,(*) Daniel B., Colonel 1st Alabama Eeseives; Major 25th Ala- 
bama Infantry (temporarily commanding.) 

Hiiger.(*) Frauli, Lieutenant-Colonel Huger's Battalion Artillery. 

Huggins,(*) James H., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 23d Georgia Infantry. 

Huglies,(*) Adolpbus A., Colonel 27tb Alabama Infantry. 

Hugbes,(*) Abner A., Lieut. Col. 4Sth Alabama Infantry. 

Hughes, Daniel G., Major 22d Infantry Battalion Georgia State Guard. 

Hughes,(*) Henry, Colonel 12th Mississippi Infantry. 

Hughes.(*) Harry H., Major 9th (Clark's) Missouri Infantry. 

Hug'hes, John T., Colonel 1st Missouri Infantry, 4th Division Missouri 
State Guard. 

Hughes, Simon P., Lieut. Col. 23d (Adams') Arkansas Infantry. 

Hughes' Battalion IMissouri Infantry, series 1, vol. X, pt. II. 

Hughs,(*) John M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 25th Tennessee 

Hughs,(*) Thomas E., Lieutenant-Colonel 48rh (Nixon's) Tennessee 
Infantry ;. Lieutenant-Colonel 2*lth (Nixon's) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Hugueuin,(*) Thomas A., Major 3d South Carolina Artillery (1st South 
Carolina Eegulars). 

Hnguley,(*) George W., Major, Lieut. Col. 59th Alabama In'antry. 

Hull, Edward B., Lieut.-Col. 2d (Burbridge's, also called 1st) Missouri 
Infantry ; Lieut.-Col. Burbridge's Cavalry Eegimeut, 2d Div., Mo. 
State Guard. 

Hull,(*) E. Newton, Major 66th (also called 65tli) Georgia Infantry. 

Hulme,(*) Isaac N., Lieut.-Col., Colonel 42d Tennessee Infantry. 

Hulsey,(*) William H., Major, Lieutenant- Colonel 42d Georgia Infantry. 

Humble, Thomas C, Major 31st Louisiana Infantry. 

Humes,(*) James W.. Lieutenant-Colonel 31st (W. M. Bradford's, after 
39th) Tennessee Infantry. 

Humphreys,(*) Benjamin G., Colonel 21st Mississippi Infantry. 

Humphreys,(*) David W., Major, Lieatenant-Colonel 2d Mississippi 

Humphreys, (*) Wm. W., Maj. Palmetto Sharpshooters, South Carolina. 

Hundley, (*) Daniel E., Colonel 31st (Hundley's) Alabama Infantry. 

Hundley, (*) William B., Major 5th Georgia Infantry. 

Hundley,(*) Wm. H., Major, Lieuteuant-Colouel 12th Battalion Ala- 
bama Partisan Eangers; Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Alabama Cavalry. 

Hunley,(*) Peter P., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 18th Alabama Infantry. 

Hunt, A. A., Colonel 2d Georgia Partisan Eangers. 

Hunt,(*) B. P., Major 8th Battalion Georgia Infantry. 

Huut,(*) Edward P., Major 37th (formerly 7th Tennessee Provisional 
Army) Tennessee Infantry. 

Hunt, George B., Major 13th Arkansas Infantry. 

Huut,(*) Isaac P., Major, Lieuteuaut-Coloiiel, Colonel 13th South Caro- 
lina Infantry. 

Hunt,(*) James P., Colonel 4th Florida Infantry. 

Hunt, John W., Colonel 44tU North Carolina Militia. 

Hunt,(*) Theodore G., Colonel 5th Louisiana Infantry. 

Hunt,(*) Thomas Hart, Colonel 9th Kentucky Infantry. 

Hunt, Wm. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 26th (O'Neal's) Alabama Infantry; 
Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 35tli Alabama Infantry. 

Hunter, De Witt C, Colonel 2d (Hunter's, afterward Sth) Missouri 
Infantry; Col. Hunter's Missouri Cavalry, 1864; Colonel 7th Mo. 
Cavalry, 8th Div. Mo., State Guard. 

Hunter,(*) P. Winston, Colonel 2d Alabama Cavalry. 


Hunter, George E., Lieutenant-Colonel 59th Georgia Infantry. 

Hunter, Jason H., Major 2d Mo. Cavalry Battalion, 1st Division., Mo. 
State Guard ; Lieut. Col. 4tli Mo. Infantry, 1st Division, Missouri 
State Guard. 

Hunter,(*) S. B., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 4tli Louisiana Infantry. 

Hunter,(*) Sherod, Major 2d Texas Cavalry Kegimeut, Arizona Brigade. 

Hunter, Wm. L., Colonel 1st Chickasaw Cavalry Eegiment (rejected). 

Huuton,(*) Eppa, Colonel 8tli Virgiuia Infantry. 

Hurst,(*) David W., Colonel 33d (Hurst's) Mississippi Infantry. 

Hurst, Edgar V., Colonel 3d Mo. Infantry, Sth Div., Mo. State Guard. 

Hort,(*) Cbas. S., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 9tli Tennessee Infantry; 
Colonel 6tli and (Jtli Tennessee Consolidated. 

Ilurtt,(*) Daniel W., Major 2d North Carolina Infantry State Troops. 

Huske,(*) Benjamin 11., Major ISth North Carolina Infantry. 

Huston, (*) George, Major, Lieut. Col. 33d Virginia Infantry. 

Hutcheson,(*) Jno. B., Lieutenant Colonel 2d (Morgan's) Kentucky 

Hutcherson, Thomas, Colonel 23d Georgia Infantry. 

Hutchins,(*) Andrew J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 19th Georgia 

Hntchins,(*) Nathan L., jr., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Battalion Georgia 

Hutchison, (*) A. S., Lieut. Col., Colonel 19th (Dawson's) Arkansas In- 
fantrv (commanding 19th and 24th, temporarily attached). 

Hutchison, (*) Wm. O., Major, Lieut. Col. 3Gth (Woods', also called 32d) 
Texas Cavalry. 

Hutson, William F., Lieut.-Col. 11th South Carolina Eeserves. 

Hutter,(*) Jas. liisque. Major 11th Virginia Infantry. 

Hutto,(*) John C, Major 50th (also known as 26tb, Coltart's) Alabama 

Hutton,(*) Elihu, Major 20th Virgiuia Cavalry. 

Hyams, Samuel M., jr., Colonel 7th (also called 1st Miss. Partisan 
Hangers) Mississippi Cavalry (temporary command); Lieutenant- 
Colonel 2d Missouri Cavalry; Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Louisiana In- 

Hyatt,(*) Arthur W., Lieut. Col. Crescent Eegiment Louisiana Infantry. 

Hyde, , Lieut.-Col. 3d Mo. Infantry, 3d Division, Mo. State Guard. 

Hyllested,(*) Waldemar, Major 1st Battalion Louisiana Zouaves. 

Hyman,(*) Joseph H., Major, Lieut.-Col., Colonel 13th (formerly 3d) 
N. C. Infantry. 

Hynes, Andrew E., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Kentucky Infantry. 

Ihrie,(*) Eoss E., Lieutenant-Colonel 15th (formerly 5th) North Caro- 
lina Infantry. 

Iraboden,(*) George W., Colonel 18th Virginia Cavalry; Major 62d (also 
called 1st Partisan Eangers) Virginia Infantry. 

Imboden,(*) John D., Colonel 62d (also called 1st Partisan Eangers) 
Virginia Infantry. 

Inge,(*) E. P., Lieutenant-Colonel 18th Alabama Infantry. 

luge, William M., Major 12th Battalion Mississippi Partisan Eangers; 
Colonel 10th (also known as 12th) Mississippi Cavalry. 

lugersoll, Andrew J., Lieutenant-Colonel 21st Alabama Infantry. 

Ingram, Augustus J., Major 12th Alabama Cavalry. 

Ingram, (*) Tillman, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Florida Infantry. 

Iiizer,(*) Jno. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 58th Alabama Infantry. 

Irby, Thomas E., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Alabama Infantry. 

Iredell, James J., Major 2d Battalion North Carolina Infantry (tempo- 
rarily assigned) ; Major 53d North Carolina Infantry, 

Ireland, (*) Jiio., Major, Lienn Col. Sth (Hobby's) Texas Infantry. 

Irviue,(*) J. S., Major lltb Battalion Texas Cavalry and Infantry. 

Irving,(*) CbarlesE., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Virginia Cavalry. 

Irwin, (*) Thomas K., Major 3d Alabama Militia. 

Isom,(*) Newton A., Major 29th Mississippi Infantry. 

Ison,(*) Francis M., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 2d Georgia Cavalry. 

Iverson, Alfred, Colonel 20th (formerly lOtb) North Carolina Infantry. 

Iversou,(*) John F., Lieutenant Colonel Sth Georgia Infantry. 

Ives, Samuel S., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 35th Alabama Infantry. 

Ivor,(*) W. B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel ICth South Carolina Infantry. 

Ivy,(*) Edward, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 21st (Patton's) Louisiana 

Izard, Allen C, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 11th (also called 9tb) South 
Carolina Infantry. 

Jackmau, Sidney D., Colonel 7th (Jackman's, afterward 16th) Missouri 

Jackson,(*) Alfred H., Lieutenant-Colonel 31st Virginia Infantry. 

Jackson, (*) Andrew, jr.. Colonel 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery. 

Jackson,(*) Andrew, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th South Carolina Infantry. 

Jackson, Congreve, Colonel 2d Missouri Infantry, 3d Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard. 

Jackson, George, Major 14th Virginia Cavalry. 

Jackson, (*) James, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 27th Alabama Infantry. 

Jackson, (*) James W., Lieut. Col., Colonel 47th Alabama Infantry. 

Jackson, (*) J. F. B., Lieutenant-Colonel 39th Georgia Infantry. 

Jackson, (*) John K., Colonel Sth Georgia Infantry. 

Jackson, John M., Major 34th Georgia Infantry; " 

Jacksou,(*) Thomas E., Colonel Virginia State Line Artillery. 

Jackson, (*) William A., Lieutenant-Colonel 22d Virginia Infantry; 
Lieutenant-Colonel 4tli Infantry Regiment Virginia State Line. 

Jackson, (*) Wm. H., Colonel 1st (Jackson's, afterward 7th) Tennessee 

Jackson, (*) William L., Colonel 31st Virginia Infantry; Colonel 19th 
Virginia Cavalry; Lieut.-Col. Jackson's Battalion Virginia Cavalry. 

Jacovvay, Jno. A., Lieutenant Colonel 31st Arkansas Infantry. 

James, (*) George S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Battalion South 
Carolina Infantry. 

James, Lemuel, Lieutenant-Colonel 61st Virginia Militia. 

James,(*) Samuel L., Major 6th Louisiana Infantry. 

James,(*) Waddy T., Lieutenant-Colonel 57th Virginia Infantry. 

Jamison, (*) S. G., Major 3d Virginia Regiment Local Defense (Depart- 

Jamison, (*) Thos. E., Major 48th (Voorhies') Tennessee Infantry. 

Jaqnes, J., Major Jaques' Battalion Mississippi (?) Infantry (found in 
Ector's Brigade, Return Army of Tennessee, July 31, 1364). 

Jaques, Samuel R., Major 1st City Battalion, Coluuibus, Ga. 

Jaqaess,(*) John A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Louisiana 

Jarmon,(*) Wm. R., Major Sth Texas Cavalry. 

Jarnigan, Rufus A., Major 19th Tennessee Infantry. 

Jarrett,(*) J. M., Colonel 109th North Carolina Militia. 

Jarvis, Wm. H., Major 3d Battalion Virginia Reserves. 

Jayne,(*) Joseph M., Colonel 48th Mississippi Infantry. 

Jeans,(*) Beal G., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel Jackson County (after 
12th) Missouri Cavalry. 

Jeff Davis Regiment, Louisiana Militia, Series 1, Vol. VI, 

• 65 

Jeff6rs,(*) William L., Colonel 8tb Missouri Cavalry ; Lieutenant-Colo- 
nel 2d Missouri Cavalry, 1st Division, Missouri State Guard. 

Jeffords, (*) Eobt. J., Lieuteuant-Colouel 5th South Carolina Cavalry; 
Major 17th Battalion South Carolina Cavalry. 

Jeffries, John M., Major 41st Alabama Infantry. 

Jenifer,(*) Walter H., Colonel 8th Virginia Cavalry. 

Jenkins,(*) Albert Cr., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Virginia Cavalry. 

Jenkins, Charles S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 64th Georgia Infantry. 

Jenkins,(*) John, Major 3d South Carolina Cavalry. 

Jenkins,(*) Micah, Colonel 5th South Carolina Infantry; Colonel South 
Carolina Palmetto Sharpshooters. 

Jenkins,(*) Thos. F., Major 53d Alabama Partisan Eangers. 

Jenkins,(*) William A., Lieut. Col. 46th North Carolina Infantry. 

Jennings, D. L., Major 2d Missouri Infantry Battalion, 1st Division, 
Missouri State Guard. 

Jerome,(*) Robert P., Major 15th (formerly 5th) North Carolina In- 

Jessee,(*) Geo. M., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Confederate Battalion Cav- 
alry ; Major Jessee's Battalion Kentucky Mounted Eifles. 

Jett, Benjamin P., Major 17th (Rector's) Arkansas Infantry; Major 
Rector's Arkansas Regiment (12 months). 

Jett, Wm. G., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Infantry Texas State Troops. 

Jewett,(*) Origen Sibley, Major 38th Alabama Infantry. 

Jinkins, Mansfield D., Lieutenant-Colonel 31st (A. H. Bradford's) Ten- 
nessee Infantry. 

John8,(*) Benjamin P., Major, Lieut.-Col. 7th Mississippi Infantry. 

John8,(*) Wm. M. R., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Tennessee Infantry. 

Johnson,(*) Abda, Colonel 40th Georgia Infantry. 

Johnson,(*) Adam R., Colonel 10th (Johnson's) Kentucky Partisan 

Johnson, A. H., Major 1st Alabama Cavalry. 

Johnson, (*) Alfred W., Colonel Johnson's Regiment Arkansas Infantry. 

Johnson, B. C, Major 31st (Bale's) Alabama Infantry. 

Johnson, (•) Benjamin I., Lieut. Col. Hampton South Carolina Legion. 

Johnson, Benjamin W., Colonel 15th (Johnson's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Johnson, B. G., Lieut.-Col. Johnson's Arkansas Infantry Battalion. 

Johnson,(*) Bradley T., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 1st Maryland Infantry. 

Johnson, Edward, Colonel 12th Georgia Infantry. 

Johnson, H. P., Colonel 20th Arkansas Infantry. 

Johnson, Hiram H., Major 3d Georgia Cavalry. 

Johnson, James B., Lieutenant- Colonel 3d Confederate Infantry; Major 
1st Battalion Arkansas Infantry. 

Johuson,(*) James C, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 22d Battalion Vir- 
ginia Infantry. 

Johnson, James P., Lieutenant-Colonel 31st Arkansas Infantry. 

Johnson, James H., Major 14th Tennessee Infantry. 

Johnson, (*) James M., Major, Lieut. Col. 30th Mississippi Infantry, 

Johnson, James M., Major 44th Tennessee Infantry. 

Johnson,(*) James T., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 35th North Carolina 

Johuson,(*) J. A. W., Colonel 34th Georgia Infantry. 

Johnson, (*) J. B., Colonel 4th Cavalry Texas State Troops. 

Johnson, Jefferson, Major 18th Georgia Infantry. 

Johnson, Jeptha C, Lieutenant Colonel 37th (Bell's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Johnson, (*) John B., Major, Lieut.-Col. 29th Tennessee Infantry. 
21739 5 


Johnson, John E., Colonel Oth Virginia Cavalry ; Lieutenant-Colonel 

1st Battalion Va. Cavalry 
Johnson, John H., Colonel 46th Virginia Milit?a. 
Johnson, John K., Major 20th Texas Cavalry. 

Johnson John William, Lieutenant-Colonel 46th Tennessee Infantry. 
Johnson Joseph A., Lieutenant Colonel 2d Mississippi State Cavalry. ■ 
Johnson, Louis W., Major 10th Alabama Infantry. 
Johnson,(*) Lucius J., Major 17th (formerly 7th) North Carolina In- 

Johnson,'(*) Middleton Tait, Colonel 14th Texas Cavalry. 
Johnson, K. W., Major 4th (Roddey's) Alabama Cavalry. 
Johnson,(*) Thomas, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Battalion Kentucky 

Mounted Eifles. , ^ . -r ^ ^ 

Johnson, Thomas C, Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Georgia Infantry. 

Johnson,(*) Thomas H., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d South Carolina Cavalry; 
Major 8th (also called 2d) Battalion South Carolina Cavalry. 

Johnson,(*) Waldo P., Major 1st Battalion Missouri Infantry; Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel 4th Missouri Infantry. 

Johnson, W. W., Colonel Johnson's Special Battalion, Louisiana. 

Johnson, (*) William A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th (Eod- 
dey's) Alabama Cavalry. 

Johnson,(*) Wm. B., Lieut. Col. 33d (Hurst's) Mississippi Infantry. 

Johnson, Wm. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 22d Texas Cavalry (also called 
1st Indian Texas Cavalry). 

Johnson, , Colonel 3d Regiment, 1st Brigade, Georgia State 


Johnston, (*) Alfred, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Kentucky Infantry. 

Johnston, Chas. B., Major 21st Alabama Infantry. 

Johnston, (*) George D., Major, Lieutenant- Colonel, Colonel 25th Ala- 
bama Infantry. 

Johnston,(*) Geo. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 17th (formerly 7th) North 
Carolina Infantry. 

Johnston, J. A., Lieut. Col. Carroll's Eegiment Arkansas Cavalry. 

Johnston,(*) John Y., Major 47th Alabama Infantry. 

Johnston, Miles E., Lieut.-Col. 25th Battalion Alabama Cavalry. 

Johnston,* Eobert, Colonel 3d Virginia Cavalry. 

Johnston,(*) Eobert A., Lieut.-Col., Colonel 2d Kentucky Infantry; 
Lieutenant Colonel 9tb (also called 5th, Hunt's) Kentucky Infantry. 

Johnston, (*) Eobert D., Lieutenant-Colonel Colonel 23d (formerly 13th) 
North Carolina Infantry. 

Johnston,(*) Samuel, Colonel 89th Virginia Militia. 

Johnston, (*) Thomas H., Major, Colonel 1st Mississippi Infantry. 

Johnston, (*) William A., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 14th (formerly 
4th) North Carolina Infantry. 

Johnston, (*) Wm. Preston, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Kentucky Infantry; 
Major 3d Kentucky Infantry; Major 2d Kentucky Infantry. 

Jolly,(*) John J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 43d Alabama Infantry. 

Jones, Abraham, Major, Lieut. Col. 19th South Carolina Infantry. 

Jones, A. C, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 44th Virginia Infantry. 

Jones, Allen C, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 5th Alabama Infantry. 

Jones, Andrew F., Colonel 1st Missouri Cavalry, 1st Division, Missouri 
State Guard. 

Jones, Andrew J., Major, Lieutenant- Colonel 27th Mississippi Infantry. 

Jones, Bart., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th (also designated as 1st) Battalion 
Arkansas Infantry. 

Jones,(*) Beuhring H., Lieut. Col., Colonel 60th Virginia Infantry. 


Jones,(*) Bushrod, Lieutenant-Colonel 9tb (also called 5th) Battalion 
Alabama Infantry; Colonel oStli Alabama Infantry. 

JoDes,(*) Oadwalader, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 12th South Carolina 

JoEes,(*) Charles, Lieutenant-Colonel 17th Louisiana Infantry. 

Jones, C. M., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Georgia Reserves. 

Jones,(*) Dudley Wm., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 9th Texas Cavalry. 

Jones, Daniel W., Major, Colonel 20th Arkansas Infantry. 

Jones, Edward P., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 28th Mississippi Cavalry. 

Jones, Egbert J., Colonel 4th Alabama Infantry. 

Jones,(*) Brvine P., Lieut. Col., Colonel 2d South Carolina Infantry. 

Jones,(*) E. P., Colonel 109th Virginia Militia. 

Jones, E. T., Lieutenant-Colonel 15th Battalion Cavalry Georgia State 

Jones, (*) Francis B., Major 2d Virginia Infantry. 

Jones,(*) George H., Colonel 22d Georgia Infantry. 

Jones,(*) Geo. W., Major 3d Tennessee Volunteers. 

Jones, George W., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 17th Texas Infantry. 

Jones,(*) Hamilton C, jr., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 57th North Caro- 
lina Infantry. 

Jones,(*) Hilary P., Major, Lieut. Col. Jones' Battalion Artillery. 

Jones,(*) James, Colonel 14th South Carolina Infantry. 

Jones, James F., Colonel 1st Virginia Infantry Local Defense Troops. 

Jones,(*) James H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 11th Texas Infantry. 

Jones, Jno. A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 44th Alabama Infantry. 

Jones, John A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 20th Georgia Infantry. 

Jones, John B., Major 14th Battalion Infantry Georgia State Guard. 

Jones,(*) John F., Major 3d Georgia Infantry. 

Jones, John G.. Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 35th North Caro- 
lina Infantry. 

Jones,(*) John E., Lieutenant-Colonel 33d Virginia Infantry. 

Jones,(*) John T. (signs as John Jones), Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 
26th North Carolina Infantry (temporary appointment). 

Jones, John W., Major 6th (Balfour's) Battalion Miss. Infantry. 

Jones,(*) Joseph, Lieutenant-Colonel 59th Virginia Infantry. 

Jones, Joseph H., Major 55th Alabama Infantry. 

Jones,(*) Joseph P., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th North Carolina Infantry 
State Troops. 

Jones, J. P., Colonel 17th Alabama Infantry (signs as J. Jones, tem- 
porary appointment). 

Jone8,(*) J. S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 24th South Carolina Infantry. 

Jones. Malcolm D., Maj. 9th Georgia Cavalry. 

Jonesi(*) O. R., Lieutenant Colonel 109th North Carolina Militia. 

Jones,(*) Richard W., Lieut. Col., Colonel 14th Louisiana Infantry. 

Jones, Richard W., Lieut. Col. 1st Infantry Georgia State Guard. 

Jones,(*) Richard W., Maj. 12th Virginia Infantry. 

Jones, Robert B., Major i7th Louisiana Infantry. 

Jones, Robert S., Colonel 22d Georgia Infantry. 

Jones,(*) Robt. T., Colonel 12th Alabama Infantry. 

Jones,(*) Samuel, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 22d (formerly 23d) Louisi- 
ana Infantry. 

Jones,(*) Samuel H., Lieut. Col. 2d Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 

Jones,(*) Seaborn, jr., Lieutenant-Colonel Infantry Battalion, Phillips 
Georgia Legion. 

Jones, S. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Georgia Infantry. 

Jones,(*) Theodore A., Major 33d ( Hardcastle's) Mississippi Infantry. 


Jones, Thomas L., Major, Lieut. Ool. 13th (formerly 2d) North Carolina 

lufantiy. ■ -r i- j. 

Jones (*) Thomas M., Colonel 27th IMississippi Infantry. 
Jones (*) Thomas P., Major 64th North Carolina Infantry. 
Jones (*) Tignal W., Colonel 1st Texas Cavalry State Troops. 
Jones'* Timothy P., Lieutenant Colonel 6th Tennessee Infantry. 
Jones',!*) Warner P., Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 33d Tennessee Infantry. 
Jones,{*) Warner T., Colonel 21st Virginia Militia. 
Jones,(*) Waters B., Major, Colonel 60th Georgia Infantry. 
Jones,(*) Win. A., Lieut. Col. 55th Tennessee Infantry. 
Jones,(*) Wm. E., Colonel 1st Virginia Cavalry; Colonel 7th Virginia 

Jones, Wm. E., Major 9th Kentucky Cavalry. 
Joues,(*) William H., Major 48th North Carolina Infantry. 
Jones,(*) Win. M., Maior 9th Georgia Infantry. 
Jones, Willis J., Major 1st Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Rifles. 
Jordan, Charles K.,'Lieuteuant-Colonel 35th Mississippi Infantry. 
Jordan, B. C, Lieutf-nant-Colonel 12th Arkansas Infantry. 
Jordan, (*) John T., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 49th Georgia Infantry. 
Jordan, (*) John V., Colonel 31st North Carolina Infantry. 
Jordan, Powhatan, Maj., Lieut.-Col. 7th Texas Cavalry. 
Jordan, (*) Tyler C, Major finger's Battalion Artillery. 
Jordan, William F., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Georgia Infantry. 
Josey,(*) Jno. E., Major Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 15th (Polk's) 

Arkansas Infantry. 
Joyner,(*) William H., Major 18th Tennessee Infantry. 
Judge,(*) Thomas J., Colonel 14th Alabama Infantry. 
Julian, (*) Wm. R., Lieut. Col. Julian's Alabama Cavalry Battalion. 
Jumper, John, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Seminole Cavalry Battalion. 
Kalfus, Columbus C, Major 1st Missouri Cavalry, 1st Division, Missouri 

State Guard. 
Kamey,(*) Sanford J., Col. 57th Virginia Militia. 
Kampmann,(*) John H., Major 3d Texas Infantry. 
Karr,(*) P. C, Major 32d Mississippi Infantry. 
Kasey,(*) John G.', Major, Lieut. Col. 58th Virginia Infantry. 
Kavanaugh,(*) James R., Major 9th Louisiana Infantry. 
Kearney, (*) Walter G., Lieutenant-Colonel 18th Mississippi Infantry. 
Kearse,(*) Francis, Lieutenant- Colonel 50th Georgia Infantry. 
Keeble,(*) Richard H., Lieut. Col., Colonel 23d Tennessee Infantry. 
Keen,(*) Elisha F., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 57th Virginia Infantry; 

Major of Keen's Battalion Virginia Infantry. 
Keener,(*) John C, Major, Lieut. Col. 58th North Carolina Infantry. 
Keep, Henry V., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Confederate Infantry. 
Keirn,(*) Walter L., Major, Lieut. Col. 3Sth Mississippi Infantry. 
Keith, Bradford, Major 1st Missouri Infantry. 

Keith, (*) James A,, Lieutenant Colonel 64th North Carolina Infantry. 
Keitt,(*) Laurence M., Colonel 20th South Carolina Infantry. 
Kell,(*) James T., Major, Lieut. Col. 30th North Carolina Infantry. 
Kellar,(*) Andrew J., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 4th Tenn. Infantry; 

Colonel 4th and 5th Tennessee Infantry Consolidated. 
Kelley,(*) Chas. C, Major 14th Georgia Infantry. 
Kelley,(*) David C, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 3d (Forrest's) 

Tennessee Infantry; Lieut. Col, 26th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 
Kelley, W. R., Lieutenant Colonel 20th Arkansas Infantry. 
Kellogg,(*) Henry C, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 43d Georgia Infantry. 
Kelly,(*) Alfred D., Major 21st Virginia Infantry. 


Kelly,(*) Henry B., Colonel 8th Louisiana Infantry. 
Kelly, (*) J. H., Colonel 1st Louisiana Infantry. 

Kelly, (*) John H., Colonel 8tti Arkansas Infantry; Major 9th Battalion 
Arlsansas Infantry; Major 14th (McCarver's) Regiment Arkansas 
Infantry; Col., temporarily commanding 44th Tennessee Infantry. 

Kelly,(*) John M., Major 35t'h North Carolina Infantry. 

Kelly, ■, Colonel Kelly's Missouri Infantry Regiment, 6th Divis- 
ion, Missouri State Guard. 

Kelsey,(*) E. G-., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 44th. Mississippi Infantry. 

Kelso,(*) George W,. Major 9th Tennessee Infantry. 

Kemper,(*) James L., Colonel 7th Virginia Infantry. 

Kenan, (*) Daniel L., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 6tli Florida Infantry. 

Kenan, (*) Thomas S., Colonel 43d North Carolina Infantry. 

Kendall,(*) James S., Major 26th North Carolina Infantry, 

Kendrick,(*) Henry F., Major 22d Virginia Cavalry. 

Kendrick, Meredith, Major 37th Georgia Infantry. 

Kenedy, James B., Major 21st Battalion Infantry Georgia State Guard ; 
Major Wright's Cavalry Regiment (also called 12th) Georgia State 

Kennard,(*) John R., Major 10th Texas Infantry. 

Kennedy,(*) Hyder A., Major, Lieut. Col. 19th Louisiana Infantry. 

Kennedy,(*) John B. G., Lieut. Col. 5th Battalion Louisiana Infantry ; 
Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 21st (Kennedy's) Louisiana Infantry. 

Kennedy,(*) John D., Colonel 2d South Carolina Infantry. 

KeDnedy,(*) John T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 62d Georgia Partisan 
Rangers ; Lieut. Col. 16th Battalion North Carolina Cavalry. 

Kennedy,(*) Julius B., Major 27th Mississippi Infantry. 

Kennon,(*) Richard E., Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 3d Georgia Cavalry. 

Kent,(*) Frederick M., Major, Lieut. Col. 1st Louisiana Regulars. 

Kent,(*) James, Coloner44th Alabama Infantry. 

Kent,(*) Joseph P., Major 4th Virginia Infantry. 

Kershaw,(*) Joseph B., Colonel 2d South Carolina Infantry. 

Kesler,(*) Joseph K., Major 19th Virginia Cavalry; Lieutenant-Colo- 
nel 46th Battalion Virginia Cavalry ; Lieut. Col. 26th Va. Cavalry. 

Ketchum,(*) Charles T., Colonel 38th Alabama Infantry. 

Key,(*) David M., Lieutenant-Colonel 43d Tennessee Infantry (after- 
ward mounted infantry). 

Key, John C, iMajor 44th Georgia Infantry. 

Key, Jno. C. G., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 4th Texas Infantry. 

Key, P. C, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Cavalry Georgia State Guard. 

Kibbee, Chas. C, Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Georgia Infantry. 

Kiddoo, John F., Major 5th Georgia Infantry. 

Kilgore, B. M., Major 3d Mississippi Cavalry State Troops; Major 4th 
Mississippi Infantry (or Minute Men) State Troops. 

Kilgore, Dawson L., Major 6ch Arkansas Infantry ; Lieut. Col. 1st 
(Crawford's) Regiment A.rkausas Cavalry. 

Kilpatrick,(*) Franklin Whitney, Colonel 1st South Carolina Volun- 
teers; Major, Colonel South Carolina Palmetto Sharpshooters (latter 
appointment declined). 

Kilpatrick, William H., Major 5th Battalion Mississippi Infantry. 

Kirabell,(*) Jno. C, Major 32d Alabama Infantry. 

Kimbrough,(*) George R., Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Alabama Infantry. 

King,(*) Barrington S., Lieutenant-Colonel Cavalry Battalion, Cobb's 
Georgia Legion ; Lieut.-Col. 9th Georgia Cavalry. 

King, Benjamin, Colonel 1st Mississippi Infantry (or Minute Men) State 


King, Geo. W., Colonel 22d Ecgiment Arkansas Infantry. 

King,(*) H. Ulay, Major King's Battalion Kentucky Cavalry; Colonel 

1st (also called 12tb) Confederate Cavalry; Major 6th Confederate 

King H. 'VV., Major 14th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Div., Mo. State Guard. 
King,(*) Jas. P., Major 1st (Rector's War Begiment) Arkansas Volun- 
teers; Colonel 35tii Arkansas Infantry. 
King, James E., Acting Major Eoswell Battalion Cavalry, Georgia 

Local Defense. 
King,(*) J. Floyd, Major, Lieut. Col. 13th Battalion Virginia Artillery. 
King,(*) J. Horace, Colonel 9th Alabama Infantry. 
King,(*) John B., Major 1st (Carter's) Tenn. Cavalry. 
King, Porter, Lieutenant Colonel 41st Alabama Infantry. 
King,(*) Wm. Henry, Mnjor, Lieut. Col., Colonel 18th Texas Infantry. 
Kinloch, (*) John M., Lieut. Col. 23d South Carolina Infantry. 
Kinsey, Benjamin F., Lieutenant-Colonel 34th Virginia Militia. 
Kirby, Edmund, Lieut. Col. 58tli North Carolina Infantry. 
Kirby,(*) J. E., Major 3d Battalion Texas Infantry. 
Kirk, Elijah P., Major 15tli (Stewart's, also called 14th) Tennessee 

Cavalry. . 

Kirkland,(*) Benjamin B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st South Carolina 

Kirkland,(*) William W., Colonel 21st (formerly 11th) North Carolina 

Kirkpatrick,(*) M. L., Lieut. Col. 51st Alabama Partisan Eangers. 
Kiftley, Cave J., Lieut. Col. 2d Missouri Infantry, 8th Div., Mo. State 

Kirtley, George E., Ma,jor 5th Missouri Cavalry. 
Kiser,(*) Juo. F., IMajor 7th Georgia Infantry. 
Kitchen, (*) Solomon G., Colonel 7th (also called' 10th) Missouri Cavalry; 

Lieut.Col. Kitchen's Battalion Missouri Infantry; ?Iajor, Lieut.-Col. 

2d Missouri Cavalry, 1st Div., Mo. State Guard. 
Knight,(*) Charles W., Lieut. Col. 31st North Carolina Infantry. 
Knight, Gazaway B., Lieutenant-Colonel Infantry Battalion, Cobb's 

Georgia Legion. 
Knight, John, Major 41st Georgia Infantry. 
Knight,(*) Levi J., Major 29th Georgia Infantry. 
Knott, John C, Major 12th Louisiana Infantry. 
Knott,(*) John L., Major 12th Virginia Cavalry, 
Knox,(*) Samuel L., Major 1st Alabama Infantry. 
Koiner,(*) Absalom, Ma,jor 5th Virginia Infantry. 
Kuhn,(*) John H., Major, Lieut. Col. 2d ( Ashby's) Tenn. Cavalry. 
Kyle, Osceola, Lieutenant-Colonel 4Gth Alabama Infantry. 
Labuzan(*) Augustin S., Major 3d Battalion TexasArtill'ery. 
Lackland, Francis, Lieut. Col. 2d Virginia Infantry. 
Lady,(*) Jno. B., Major, Lieut. Col. 20th Virginia Cavalry. 
Lallersredt,(*) Lawrence D., Major 22d Georgia Infantry. 
Lamar,(*) Charles A. L., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Battalion Georgia In- 
fantry ; Colonel 26th (Lamar's) Georgia Infantry. 
Lamar,(*) Jefierson M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Infantry Battalion, 

Cobb's Georgia Legion. 
Lamar,(*) John H., IMajor, Lieut. Col. 7th Battalion Georgia Infantry; 

Major 2()th (Lamar's) Georgia Infantry; Col. (ilst Georgia Infantry. 
Lamar, L. M., Major Ijieii.t. Col, Colonel 8th Georgia Infantry. 

Lamar,(*) Lucius Q. C, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 19th Mississippi 


Lamar, Thomas B,, Lieuteuant-Oolonel, Colonel 5tli Florida Infantry. 

Lamar,(*) Thomas G., Major 2d Battalion South Carolina Artillery ; 
Colonel 2d South Carolina Artillery. 

Lamb,(*) Jno. C, Major 29th Georgia Infantry. 

Lamb,(*) John C, Lieutenant-Colonel 17th (formerly 7th) Xorth Caro- 
lina Infantry. 

Lamb,(*) Jonathan J., Major, Colonel 5tli Tennessee Infantry; Colonel 
4th and 5tli Tennessee Infantry Consolidated. 

Lamb,(*) William, Colonel 36th North OarolinaVolunteers, (2d N. 0. 

Lambetb,(*) Joseph H., Major 14th (formerly 4th) North Carolina In- 

Lampkin, Alexander W., Major 2d Alabama Militia ; Colonel 1st Mobile 

Lampley,(*) Harris D., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 45th Alabama Infantry. 

Land,(*) Ceth S., Major 26tli South Carolina Infantry. 

Landis,(*) Absalom L., Major 17th Tennessee Infantry. 

Landis, John C, Major 1st Missouri Artillery Battalion, 5th Di^rision, 
Missouri State Guard. 

Landry, (*) Joseph O., Lieut. Col. 22d Louisiana Infantry Consolidated; 
Lieutenant-Colonel 29th (also called 28th) Louisiana Infantry. 

Lane, A. J., Colonel 49th Georgia Infantry. 

Lane,(*) Henry, Major 42d Virginia Infantry. 

Lane,(*) James H., Colonel 28th North Carolina Infantry; Major 1st 
North Carolina Infantry (G months). 

Lane, J. M., Major 2d Cavalry Georgia State Guard. 

Laue,(*) John, Major, Lieut. Col. 11th Battalion Georgia Artillery. 

Lane,(*) John E., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 26th North Caro- 
lina Infantry. 

Lane,(*) Walter P., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Texas Cavalry; Ool. 1st 
Texas Partisan Rangers. 

Lane, Wm. A., Lieutenant-Colonel 26th (Styles', also called 13th) 
Georgia Infantry. 

Lang,(*) David, Colonel 8th Florida Infantry. 

Lang, David B., Major, Lieut.-Col. 62d (also called 1st Partisan Rangers) 
Virginia Infantry. 

Langhorne,(*) Daniel A., Lieutenant-Colonel 42d Virginia Infantry. 

Langhorne, John S., Major 2d (also called 30th) Virginia Cavalry. 

Langhorne,(*) Maurice S., Maj., Lieut.-Col., Col. 11th Virginia Infantry. 

Langley,(*) Frank H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Virginia Infantry. 

Langston, William C, Major 5th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard. 

Lanier,(*) Thomas C, Lieut. Col., Colonel 42d Alabama Infantry. 

Lankford,(*) A. R., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 38th Alabama Infantry. 

Lankford,(*) William C, Major 47th North Carolina Infantry. 

Lannom, William D., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Kentucky Infantry; Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel 12th Kentucky Cavalry. 

Larey,(*) Peter H., Major 1st Battalion Georgia Infantry. 

Lary, Washington T., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Alabama Cavalry. 

Lash,(*) Jacob A., Major 4th Florida Infantry. 

Laswell, George S., Major, Lieut. Col. 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles. 

Latham, (*) Louis C, Major 1st North Carolina Infantry State Troops. 

Latimer, Reuben, Major 7th Infantry Georgia State-Guard. 

Latta, Joseph W., Major 66th North Carolina Infantry (canceled). 

Lavender, Frank M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Tennessee Infantry. 

Lavender,(*) J. G., Major 110th Virginia Militia. 


Law (*) Evander Mclver, Lieut. Col., Colonel 4th Alabama Infantry. 

Law (*) George W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Missouri Cavalry. 

Law, Junius A., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Alabama Eeserves. 

Lawhon, J., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Mississippi Infantry (or Minute 
Men) State Troops. . 

Lawrence,(*) Robt. J., Major, Lieut. Col. 14th Mississippi Infantry. 

Lawson,(*) Charles N., Ma,jor 55th Virginia Infantry. 

Lawson,(*) John, Major 59th Virginia Infantry. 

Lavvther,(*) Eobert E., Major 1st Missouri Cavalry; Colonel Lawtber's 
Temporary Eegiment of Dismounted Missouri Cavalry; Colonel 10th 
Missouri Cavalry. 

Lawton,(*) Wm. J., Colonel 2d Georgia Cavalry. 

Lav,{*) Benjamin D., Colonel Lay's Eegt. Mississippi Cavalry. 

Lay,(*) Louis, Lieutenant- Colon el 6th Louisiana Infantry. 

Layton,(*) Pierre S., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th Miss. Infantry. 

Lea,(*) Allen, Major 2d (also known as 19th) Battalion Alabama 

Lea,(*) Benj. .J., Colonel 52d Tennessee Infantry. 

Lea,(*) John W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 5th North Caro- 
lina Infantry State Troops. 

Leach, James M., Lieutenant-Colonel 21st (formerly 11th) North Caro- 
lina Infantry. 

Leak, John W., Lieutenant- Colonel 23d (formerly 13th) North Carolina 

Leavell, H. C, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Kentucky Cavalry. 

Le Baron, William A., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Alabama Militia, 

Ledbetter, Daniel A., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 1st South Carolina Rifles. 

Lee, Augustus H., Major 3d Georgia Infantry. 

Lee,(*) Baker P., jr.. Major 32d Virginia Infantry. 

Lee, Charles C, Colonel 37th North Carolina Infantry ; Lieut.-Col. 1st 
North Carolina Infantry (6 months). 

Lee,(*) Edwin G., Major, LieutenantOolonel, Col. 33d Virginia Infantry. 

Lee,(*) Fitzhugh, Lieut. Col., Colonel 1st Virginia Cavalry. 

Lee,(*) George W., Lieutenant-Colonel 25th Battalion Georgia Cav- 
alry (Provost Battalion, Atlanta, Ga.) ; Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 
38th Georgia Infantry (Wright's Georgia Legion); Lieutenant- Colon el 
3d Cavalry Battalion Georgia State Guard (Atlanta Fire Battalion). 

Lee, Henderson L., Major 38th Virginia Infantry. 

Lee,(*) Herbert D., Major 16th (formerly 6th) North Carolina Infantry. 

Lee,(*} L. C, Major 48th Mississippi Infantry. 

Lee,(*) Philip, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Kentucky Infantry. 

Lee,(*) P. Lynch, Lieutenant-Colonel 16th (Johnson's) Arkansas Infan- 
try ; Major 15th (Gee's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Lee,(*) Stephen, Colonel 16th (formerly 6th) North Carolina Infantry. 

Lee,(*) Stephen D., Colonel (temporarily) 4th Virginia Cavalry. 

Lee,(*) Stephen D., Major Hampton South Carolina Legion. 

Lee,(*) Wm. H. F., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 9th Virginia Cavalry. 

Lee, William E., Major 10th (May's) Kentucky Cavalry. 

Leeds,(*) Paul B., Major ISth Louisiana Infantry. 

Le Flore,(*) Mitchell, Major 1st Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Rifles. 

Leftwich, Joel B., Lieut. Col. 3d Virginia Eeserves. 

Legett,(*) John M., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 10th Louisiana Infantry. 

Legg,(*) G. W. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th South Carolina Infantry. 

Leigh, J. Wickham, Major 4th Virginia Heavy Artillery. 

Leigh, (*) Eichard W., Lieutenant-Colonel 43d Mississippi Infantry. 


Leigli, William, Lieutenaut-Colonel 29th Virginia Infantry; Major 53d 
Virginia Infantry. 

Leramon, Alexander C, Major 5th Missouri Infantry, 8th Division, 
Missouri State Guard. 

Lemoyue, George W., Colonel 17th (Lemoyne's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Lesesne,(*) Henry H., Major 23d South Carolina Infantry. 

Lesley,(*) John T., Major '4th Florida Infantry. 

Jjester,(*) Germain A., Major, Lieut.-Col. 8th Louisiana Infantry. 

Lester, George N., Colonel 7th Infantry Georgia State Guard. 

Lester,(*) James D., Colonel 22d Mississippi Infantry. 

Lester,(*) Eichard P., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 14th Georgia Infantry. 

Le8ter,{*) William, Major, Lieut. Col. 13th South Carolina Infantry. 

Lester, William C, Major 43d Georgia Infantry. 

Lesueur,(*) Charles M., Major 4th Texas Cavalry. 

Letcher,(*) Samuel H., Lieut. Col., Colonel 58th Virginia Infantry. 

Leventhorpe,(*) Collett, Colonel 11th North Carolina Troops ; Colonel 
34th North Carolina Infantry. 

Levy,(*) William M., Colonel 2d Louisiana Infantry. 

Lewellen,(*) John Eichard, Major, Lieut.-Col. 12th Virginia Infantry, 

Lewelling, Thos., Lieut. Col. 22d Texas Cavalry. 

Lewers,(*) Thomas, Lieut. Col., Major Wirt Adams' Mississippi Cavalry. 

Lewie,(*) Frederick S., Major, Lieut. Col. 15th South Carolina Infantry. 

Lewie,(*) G. A., Lieut. Col. 2d South Carolina State Troops (6 months). 

Lewis, Abner McC, Major 2d Georgia Infantry. 

Lewis, Edward A., Lieutenaui-Colouel 1st Missouri Cavalry, 1st Divis- 
ion, Missouri State Guard. 

Lewis, H. B., Major 25th Virginia Militia. 

Lewis, (*) Henry G., Major, Lieut. Col. 32d North Carolina Infantry. 

Lewis, Ivey F., Major Jeff. Davis Mississippi Legion. 

Lewis,(*) James H., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st (Wheeler's, afterward 6th) 
Tennessee Cavalry. 

Lewis,(*) Joseph C, Lieut. Col., Colonel 25th Louisiana Infantry. 

Lewis,(*) Joseph H., Colonel Cth Kentucky Infantry. 

Lewis,(*) Levin M., Lieut. Col. 7th (Jackinan's, afterward 16th) Mis- 
souri Infantry ; Col. 16th (formerly 7th) Missouri Infantry ; Colonel 
3d Missouri Infantry, 5th Division, Missouri State Guard. 

Lewis, Meriweather, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Virginia Cavalry. 

Lewis,(*) Eobert N., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 34th Tennessee 

Lewis,(*) Thomas H., Major Lewis' Battalion AlabamatDavalry. 

Lewis, Tom, Acting Lieut. Col. 3d Choctaw Eegiment. 

Lewis,(*) Thomas W., Major 2d (Woodward's) Kentucky Cavalry. 

Lewis,(*) Trevanion D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 8th Louis- 
iana Infantry. 

Lewis,(*) William G., Lieutenant-Colonel 43d North Carolina Infantry ; 
Major 33d North Carolina Infantry. 

Leyden,(*) A., Major 9th Battalion Georgia Artillery. 

Liddell,(*) Philip P., Lieut. Col., Colonel Uth Mississippi Infantry. 

Liggiu, , Lieut. Col. 1st Arkansas Militia (30 days). 

Lightfoot,(*) C. B., Lieut. Col. Lightfoot's Battalion Virginia Artillery. 

Lightfoot(*) Chas. E., Major, Lieut. Col 6th North Carolina Infantry 
State Troops; Colonel 22d (formerly 12th) North Carolina Infantry. 

Lightfoot,(*) James N., Lieut, Col., Colonel 6th Alabama Infantry. 

Likens,(*) James B., Major 6th (Likens') Battalion Texas Infantry; 
Colonel 35th (Likens') Texas Cavalry. 

Liles, Edward E., Lieut. Col. 31st North Carolina Infantry, 



Lillard.r*) John M., Colonel 2Ctli Tenuessee Infantry. 

Lillartl,(*) Newtorf J., Lieut. Col., Colonel 3cl Tennessee Infantry (P: 

Lilley,(*) John D., Major, Lieut. Col. 52d Virginia Infantry. 

Lilley,(*) Eobert D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 25th Virginia Infantry. 

Lindsay,(*) A. J., Colonel Lindsay's Kegiment Mississippi Cavalry. 

Lindsay,(*) Eobert H., Major, Lieut. Col. 16th Louisiana Infantry. 

Linkons,(*) Beniamin K., Lieutenant-Colonel 36th Virginia Infantry. , 

Lipscomb, George H., Major 27th Mississippi Infantry. 

Lipscomb,(*) Tlios. C, Major, Lient. Col. 6th Mississippi Cavalry. 

Lipscomb,(*) Thomas J., Major, Lieut.-Col., Col. 2d South Carolina 

Little,{*) Benjamin F.,Licuteuant-Colonel 52d North Carolina lufantiy. 

Little, Francis H., Colonel lltli Georgia Infantry. 

Little, Stinson, Major 1st (Colquitt's) Arkansas [nfantry. 

Littlefleld, Asahel,' Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Battalion Georgia Infantry; 
Colonel 33d Georgia Infantry. 

Littrell, Leroy N., Lieut. Col. 37th Virginia Militia. 

Livingston,(*) Daniel, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st South Carolina 

Livingston, (*) Henry J., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Alabama Cavalry; 
Colonel 8th (Livingston's) Alabama Cavalry. 

Livingston, (*) James W., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 1st South Carolina 

Livingston, Thomas E., Major 1st Missouri Cavalry Battalion, 1st In- 
dian Brigade. 

Lloy(l,(*) W. D. C, Major 9th (also called 5th) Battalion Alabama 

Locke, (*) Matt. F., Colonel 10th Texas Cavalry. 

Locke,(*) Michael B., Lietiteuant Colonel 1st Alabama Infantry. 

Locke,(*) Eobt. W., Major 42d Mississippi Infantry. 

Lockert,(*) James W., Major, Lieut. Col. 14th Tennessee Infantry. 

Lockhart,(*) Harrison C, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 50th (old) Ten- 
nessee Infantry. 

Lockkart, H. C, Lieut. Col. Lockkart's Battalion Alabama Exemj)ts. 

Lockridge,(*) Samuel A , Major 5th Texas Cavalry. 

Loering, Sampson, Major 1st Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Eifles. 

Lofton, (*) John T., Lieut. Col., Colonel 0th Georgia Infantry. 

Lofton, (*) William A., Major, Colonel Otli Infantry Georgia State Guard. 

Logan, (*) Geo. Wm., Lieut. Col. ChalmetteEegiinent Louisiana Militia; 
Lieut.-Col. 2d Louisana Battalion Heavy Artillery. 

Logan, (*) John L., Colonel 11th Arkansas Infantry. 

Logan, (*) Eobt. H., Lieutenant-Colonel . 

Logan, (*) Thos. M., Major, Lieut.-Col., Col. Hampton South Carolina 

Logan's Battalion Arkansas Infantry, Series 1, Vol. VIII. 

Logwood, (*) Thos. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Battalion Tennessee 
(Cavalry; Lieut.-Col., Colonel 15th and 10th Tennessee Cavalry con- 
solidated and known as 15th ; Col. 16th (Logwood's) Tennessee Cav- 
alry; Lieut. Col. of Nixon's Tennessee Cavalry Regiment. 

Lomax,(*)Lunsford L., Colonel 11th Virginia Cavalry. 

Loraax,(*) Tenuent, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 3d Alabama Infantry. 

Long, James A., Major 13tli Georgia Infantry. 

Long,(*) James A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel llth Tennessee 

Long, John O., Lieutenant-Colonel 22d (formerly 12th) North Carolina 


Long,(*) J. W., Major 20th Artansas Infantry. 

Longraire,(*) Jobn J., Major 23(1 Alabama Infantry. 

Longstreer, Anderson P., Lieut. Col. Wright's Cavalry Eegiment (also 

called 12ch) Georgia Stiite Guard. 
Loomis,(*) Jno. Q., Colonel 25th Alabama Infantry; Lieut. Col. 1st 

Battalion Alabama Infantry. 
Looney, Abraham M., Major 1st Tennessee Volunteers. 
LooMey,(*) Robt. P., Colonel 3Sth (formerly 8th, Looney's) Tennessee 

Looscau,(*) Michael, Major 1st Texas Cavalry Eegiment, Arizona Bri- 
gade; Major 1st Texas Battalion (also called 4th) Cavalry Eegiment 

Arizona Brigade. 
Lott, Elias Everett, Lieutenant-Colonel 22d Texas Infantry; Major 5th 

(Hubbard's) Battalion Texas Infantry. 
Loud,(*) Philologua H., Major 10th Georgia Infantry. 
Loudermilk,(*) Jno., Major 36tb (Glenn's) Georgia Infantry. 
Love, Andrew P., Major (acting) 4th Battalion Alabama Cavalry. 
Love,(*) James P., Major 59th Tennessee Infantry. 
Love,(*) James E., jr., Lieut. Col. Infantry Eegiment, Thomas' Korth 

Carolina Legion. 
Love, Joseph B., Lieut. Col. Freeman's Eegiment Missouri Cavalry. 
Love,(*) Matthew JST., Major, Lieut. Col. 25th (formerly 15th) E"orth 

Carolina Infantry. 
Love,(*) Eobert G. A., Lieutenant-Colonel 16th (formerly 6th) North 

Carolina Infantry ; Colonel 02d North Carolina Infantry. 
Love, Samuel T., Major 27th Tennessee Infantry. 
Love,(*) Thaddeus li., Major 24th (formerly 14th) N. C. Infantry. 
Lovejoy,(*) George S., Lieutenant-Colonel 14th (formerly 4th) North 

Carolina Infantry. 
Lovell, William S., Ma-jor 1st Battalion Georgia Infantry ; Major 36th 

(Villepigue's) Georgia Infantry ; Major 1st Confederate Infantry (for- 
merly 36th Georgia Infantry). 
Lovell,(*) William S., Lieutenant-Colonel 23d (after 22d) Louisiana 

Lovern, James, Major 5th Missouri Infantry, 3d Div,, Mo. State Guard. 
Lowe, Aden, Colonel 3d Missouri Infantry, 1st Div., Mo. State Guard. 
Lowe, Jno. G., Major 2:jd Tennessee Infantry. 
Lowe,(*) Jno. H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 31st (also called 27th) 

Georgia Infantry. 
Lowe,(*) Samuel D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 28th North 

Carolina Infantry. 
Lowe,(*) Thomas L., Lieutenant- Colonel 28th North Carolina Infantry. 
Lowrance,(*) William Lee J., Colonel 34th North Carolina Infantry. 
Lowrey,(*) Mark P., Colonel 32d Mississippi Infantry. 
Lowry', James M., Lieutenant-Colonel 29th North Carolina Infantry. 
Lowry,(*) Eobert, Major, Col. 6th (also called 7th) Mississippi Infantry. 
Lowrv,(*) Wra. B.. Major, Lieutenant Colonel 11th Mississippi Infantry. 
Lowry,(*) W. L., Lieut. Col., Colonel 2d Mississippi State Cavalry. 
Lowther,(*) Alexander A., Major, Lieut.-Col., Colonel 15th Alabama 

Lubbock, Thomas S., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 8th Texas Cavalry. 
Lucas,(*) Henry C, Major 20th Tennessee Infantry. 
Lucas, Hugh R., Major 11th Tennessee Infantry. 

Lucas,(*) J. Jonathan, Major 15th Battalion South Carolina Artillery. 
Lucas, Thomas E., Major 8th South Carolina Infantry, 
Luckett,(*) Philip N., Colonel 3d Texas Infantry. 

7 b' 

Luffman,(*) William, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel lltli Georgia Infantry. 

Luke,(*) G. Gratiott, Lieutenant-Colonel 56th North Carolina Infantry. 

Lumpkin, Samuel P., Lieut. Col., Colonel 44th Georgia Infantry. 

Lundy, William T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Virginia Infantry. 

Luse,(*) William H., Lieutenant-Colonel 18th Mississippi Infantry. 

Lutz, Levi P., Major 1st Virginia Militia. 

Lyell,(*) Jno. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 47th Virginia Infantry. 

Lyles,(*) John M., Major 17th Mississippi Infantry. 

Lyles,(*) Oliver P., Colonel 2.3d (Lyles') Arkansas Infantry. 

Lyles.(*) Wm. L., Lieutenant Colonel 24th Mississippi Infantry. 

Lynam,(*) Thos. H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Mississippi Infantry. 

Lynch,(*) Connally H., Lieutenant-Colonel 63d Virginia Infantry. 

Lynch, (*) Michael, Major 21st Georgia Infantry. 

Lynn,(*) David A., Major, ColoneJ 49th Tennessee Infantry. 

Lyon,(*) Hylan B., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 8th Kentucky Infantry. 

Lyon,(*) Richard, Colonel 6th Arkansas Infantry. 

Lythgoe,(*) Augustus J., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 19th South Caro- 
lina Infantry. 

Lytle,(*) Ephraim P., Lieutenant-Colonel 45th Tennessee Infantry, 

Mabrey, James W., Lieutenant-Ci)lonel 57th Alabama Infantry. 

Mabry,(*) Charles W., Major 19th Georgia Infantry. 

Mabry,(*) Hinchie P., Lieut. Col., Colonel 3d Texas Cavalry. 

McAfee, (*) A. L., Major 6th Battalion Confederate Infantry. 

McAfee,(*) Lre M., Major, l-ieut. Col., Col. 49th North Carolina Infantry. 

McAlexander, Edward, Major, Lieut. Col. 27th Alabama Infantry. 

McAlister,(*) Alexander C.', Blajor, Lieut. Col. 46th N. C. Infantry. 

McAllister,(*) Joseph L., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Georgia Cavalry. 

McAlpine, Chas. R., Major 61st Virginia Infantry. 

McAnerney,(*) John, jr., Lt. Col., Col. 3d Va. Regiment Local Defense, 

McArthur,(*) Arthur, jr., Major 6th Louisiana Infantry. 

McArthur,(*) Chas. W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 61st (also called 
26th) Georgia Infantry. 

McBee,(*) Joshua T., Major 28th Mississippi Cavalry. 

McBride, Andrew J., Colonel 10th Georgia Infantry. 

McCain, (*) Henry V., Major 12th Louisiana Infantry. 

McOaleb, James H., Colonel 1st Arkansas Militia (30 days). 

McCall, James K.,. Major Atlanta Arsenal Battalion, Georgia. 

McCammon, W. Y., Lieut. Col. 9th Arkansas Infantry. 

McCann, Eichard, hlajor 9th Tennessee Cavalry. 

McCarley,(*) Moses, Lieutenant-Colonel 23d Mississippi Infantry. 

McCarty,(*) J. L., Colonel 2d (also called 4th) Mississippi Cavalry. 

McCarver,(*) John S., Colonel 14th (McCarver's) Arkansas Infantry. 

McCarver,(*) Samuel H., Major 25th Tennessee Infantry. 

McCaskill, John, Lieut. Col. SdOonfederate Cavalry. 

McCauley, -Tohn C, Major 7th Arkansas Infantry. 

McCausland,(*) John A., Colonel 36th Virginia Infantry. 

McCay,(*) Robert C, Major 38th Mississippi Infantry. 

McClanimy,(*) Chas. W., jr., Major 41st North Carolina Volunteers 
(3d North Carolina Cavalry). 

McClanahan, Meredith M., Major 41st Virginia Militia. 

McClarty, John, Major, Lieut. Col. 17th Texas Cavalry. 

McClellau,(*) George R., Lieut. Col. 5th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 

McClellan,(*) James P., Major 4th Battalion Florida Infantry : Lieuten- 
ant-Colonel lltli Florida Infantry. 

McClellan, Wm. B., Lieutenant-Colonel 25th Alabama Infantry ; Lieut. 
Col. 6th (McOlellan's) Battalion Alabama Infantry, 


McOlolland, Eobt. H., Major iOtb Tennessee Infantry. 

McGluug,(*) Francis B., Major, LieuteuantOolouel Ist Confederate In- 
fantry Battalion. 

McClure,(*) liobert G., Lieutenant-Colonel 41st Tennessee Infantry. 

McGollum,(*) Levi, Major, LieutenautColonel 42d Tennessee Infantry. 

McGomb,(*) William. Major, Lieut.-Col., Col. 14tli Tennessee Infantry. 

McConnell, J. T., Colonel 39th Georgia Infantry. 

McConuell,(*) Sylvester P., Major 25th Virginia Cavalry. 

McConnell, Thomas M., Major 26th Tennessee Infantry. 

McGoole,(*) Thomas E., Lieut. Col. 31st Virginia Militia. 

McGord,(*) Henry J., Lieut. Col., Colonel 35tb Arkansas Infantry. 

McGord, James Ebenezer, Colonel Frontier Regiment Texas Cavalry. 

McGord, Eobt. A., Major 14th Alabama Infantry. 

McGorkle, Matthe\¥ L,, Major McCorkle's Battalion North Carolina 
Senior Reserves. 

McGorkle,(*)Wm. H., Major, Lieut.-Col. 12th South Carolina Infantry. 

McGormick,(*) Abner H., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Florida Cavalry. 

McGown,(*) James, Colonel 5th Missouri Infantry ; Lieutenant-Colonel, 
Golouel 2d Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri State Guard; 
Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Battalion Missouri Infantry. 

McGown,(*) John P., Colonel Tennessee Artillery Corps; Colonel 1st 
Tennessee Light Artillery. 

McGoy, Franklin J., Major 21st Alabama Infantry. 

McCoy, Henry E., Major 34th Alabama Infantry. 

McGrady,(*) Edward, jr.. Major, Lieutenant Colonel 1st South Carolina 
Infantry (Prov. Army). 

McGray,{*) Thos. H., Colonel 31st Arkansas Infantry ; Major McCray's 
Battalion Arkansas Infantry. 

McCreary,{*) Chas. W., Maj., Col. 1st South Carolina Infantry (Prov. 

McGreary, James B., Major, Lieut. Col. 11th Kentucky Cavalry. 

McGunoch,(*) Henry E., Colonel 1st (McCulloch's) 'Texas Mounted 

McGulloch,(*) Joseph B., Major 4th (McNair's) Arkansas Infantry. 

McGQlloch,(*) Robert, Lieut. Col. 4th Battalion Missouri Cavalry : Col- 
onel 2d Missouri Cavalry. 

McGulloch,(*) Robert A., Major, Lieut. Col. 2d Missouri Cavalry. 

McGullohs,(*) William H., Major, Lieut. Col. 35th Georgia Infantry. 

McGullough, Frisby H., Lieutenant-Colonel Franklin's Northeast Mis- 
souri Regiment; Lieut. Col. 2d Northeast Missouri Cavalry. 

McCiillough,(*) James, Lieut. Col., Col. 16th South Carolina Infantry. 

McCune,(*) Samuel, Col. 32d Va. Militia; Major 3d Battalion Valley 

McCiirry,(*) B. C, Lieutenant-Colonel 22d Georgia Infantry. 

McGurtain, Jackson, Lieut. Col. 1st (McCurtain's) Choctaw Battalion; 
Colonel 3d Choctaw Regiment. 

McGutchen,(*) J. S. Kerr, Major, Lieut. Col. 31st Virginia Infantry. 

i\[cDaniel,(*) Charles A., Colonel 41st Georgia Infantry. 

McUaniel, Coleman A., Colonel 44th Tennessee Infantry. 

McDaniel, Henry D., Major 11th Georgia Infantry. 

McDaDiel,(*) Wm. W., Major Infantry Battalion, Cobb's Georgia Legion. 

McDaniels, Washington, Major 1st (Elliott's) Mo. Battalion Cavalry. 

McDonald,(*) Angus W., Colonel 7th Virginia Cavalry. 

McDonald, Charles, Major 18th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry j Major 
26th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 

McDonald,(*) Edward H., Major 11th Virginia Cavalry; Colonel 
77tli Virginia Militia. 

McDonald, (*) Bmmett, Colonel McDonald's Missouri Cavalry. 

McDonald, Enoch, Major 40tli Mississippi Infantry. 

McDonald, (*) James, Lieut. Col. 26th (Lamar's) Georgia Infantry. 

McDonald, (*) James E., Major 51st North Carolina Infantry. 

McDonald, (*) Jesse 0., Major 4th (Clinch's) Georgia Cavalry. 

McDonald, (*) John C, Major, Lieut. Col. 22d Virginia Infantry. 

McDonald, (*) Jose])h E., Major 55th Tennessee Infantry. 

McDonald,(*) William A., Lieutenant-Colonel 26th (Styles', also called 
13th) Georgia Infantry. 

McDonell,(*) Thaddeus A., Major, Lieut. Col. 1st Florida Infantry. 

McDougall,(*) Myford, Major Crescent Eegiment Louisiana Infantry. 

McDowell, (*) Byron G., Major 62d North Carolina Infantry. 

McDowell,!*) Harvey, Major 2d Kentucky Infantry. 

McDowell,(*) James C. S.,' Lieut. Col., Colonel 54th F. C. Infantry. 

McDowell, (*) James K., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d (also called 2d) 
Missouri Infantry. 

McDowell,(*) John A., Major, LieutCoL, Colonel 1st K C. Infantry. 

McDowell, (*) John L., Lieut. Col. 34th North Carolina Infantry. 

McDowell,!*) Joseph A., Colonel 60th North Carolina Infantry. 

McDowell, William W., Major 60th North Carolina Infantry. 

McDufiie,(*) James Y., Lieutenant-Colonel 61st (also called 26th) Geor- 
gia Infantry. 

McElroy,(*) John S., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 16th (formerly 6th) 
N. C. Infantry. 

McElroy,(*) Kennon, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 13th Mississippi Inf. 

McElvany, James T., Major 35th Georgia Infantry. 

McEnery,(*) Jno., Major, Lieut. Col. 4th Battalion Louisiana Infantry. 

McEwen.(*) .Johu L., jr., Lieutenant-Colonel 44th Tennessee Infantry. 

McParland,(*) Robert, Major 31st (W. M. Bradford's, after 39th) Ten- 
nessee Infantry. 

Macfarlaue,(*) Archibald, Colonel 1st and 4th Missouri Infantry Con- 
solidated ; Colonel 4th Missouri Infantry ; Major Macfarlane's Mis- 
souri Infantry Battalion, 

McFailane,(*) John A., Major 34th Battalion Virginia Cavalry. 

McGaughy,(*) Jno. H., Major, Lieut. Col. 16th Alabama Infantry. 

MacGavock-,(*) Randall W., Lieut. Col., ColouellOth Tennessee Infantry. 

McGee,(*) John, Major 37th JNIississippi Infantry. 

McGee, (*) Jose])h B., Major 34th North Carolina Infantry. 

McGee, J. W., Major 17tii Battalion Infantry Georgia State Guard. 

McGehee,(*) Edward F., Lieutenant-Colonel 25th Mississippi Infantry ; 
Lieutennnt-Colouel 2cl Confederate Infantry. 

McGehee, James, Colonel McGehee's Arkansas Eegiment. 

McGill,(*) John W., Lieutenant-Colonel 18th (formerly 8th) North Caro- 
lina Infantry. 

McGinnis,(*) Noble L., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 2d Texas Infantry. 

McGlashan,(*) Peter, Colonel 50th Georgia lutantry. 

McGoodwin, Al., Major 3d Kentucky Infantry. 

McGowan,(*) Samuel, Lieut. Col., Colonel 14th South Carolina Infantry. 

McGregor, C. E., Major 5th Georgia Eeserves. 

McGregor, Donelson, Lieut. Col. 1st (Colquitt's) Arkansas Infantry. 

McGriff, Patrick A., Major 11th Infantry Georgia State Guard. 

McGruder(*) Zachariah 8., Lieut. Col. 10th Virginia Cavalry. 

McGuire,(*) John P., Major, Colonel 32d Tennessee Infantry. 

McGuirk,(*) John, Col. 3d Mississippi Cavalry, State Troops ; Colonel 
3d Mississippi Cavalry; Lieutenant-Colonel 17th Mississippi Infantry. 

McHenry, James, Major 1st Creek Eegiment. 

lcIntosh,(*) Chilly, Colonel 2d Creek liegimeiit ; Lieut.-Col. Ist Creek 
Cavalry Battalion. 

[cintosh, Daniel N , Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Creek Regiment. 

Iclntosh, D. G., Major Mcintosh's Artillery Battalion. 

IcInfcosh,(*) James, Colonel 2d Arkansas Mounted Rifles. 

[cintosh, (*) Wm. M., Major, Lieutenant-Colouel, Colonel 15th Georgia 

[cintosh, William R., Lieut. Col. 1st Creek Regiment. 

Iclntyre, Archibald T., Colonel 11th Infantry Georgia State Guard; 
Major Mclntyre's Battalion Georgia State Guard. 

[clver,(*) George W., Major, Lieut. Col. 21st South Carolina Infantry. 

IcJunldn, W. S., Major 7th South Carolina Reserves. 

[cKamy,(*) Jas. A., Major, Lt. Col. Cavalry Battalion, Thomas' North 
Carolina Legion. 

[cKamy,(*) Samuel L., Major 29th Tennessee Infantry. 

[cKamy,(*) Wm. H., Major 43d Tennessee Infantry (afterward 
Mounted Infantry). 

[cKay, John, Major 4th Battalion Arkansas Infantry. 

[cKay,(*) John A. D., Major 31st North Carolina Infantry. 

[cKean, John G., Major 19th (Dawson's) Arkansas Infantry. 

[cKelvaine,(*) Robert P., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 24th Missis- 
sippi Infantry. 

IcKenuie, M., Colonel 88th Virginia Militia. 

rcKenzie,(*) George W., Lieutenant Colonel 13th Battalion Tennessee 
Cavalry ; Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 5th Tenn. Cavalry. 

IcKethan,(*) Hector, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 51st North Carolina 

[cKinney,(*) Christopher C, Major Lieut.-Col. 8th (Fulton's) Tennes- 
see Infantry. 

[cKinney,(*) Robert M., Colonel 15th (formerly 5th) North Carolina 

[cKinney, , Colonel 4th Missouri Infantry, 3d Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard. 

[cKinstry,(*) Alexander, Colonel 32d Alabama Infantry. 

[cKis8ick,(*) Isaac G., Lieut.JCol. 7th South Carolina Cavalry. 

IcKoin, James L., Colonel 55th Tennesspe Infantry. 

[cKowen,(*) Jno. C, Lieutenant-Colonel Powers' Regiment Louis- 
iana and Mississipjii Cavalry. 

[cKoy, Almond A., Colonel 8th Regiment North Carolina Reserves. 

[cLain,(*) Robert, Colonel 37th Mississippi Infantry. 

[cLauchlin,(*) Murdock McR., Major 38th North Carolina Infantry. 

[cLaughlin, Martin V., Major 1st Tennessee Infantry (Provisional 

[cLaurin, Cornelius, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Mississippi Cavalry ; Major 
McLaurin's Battalion Mississippi Cavalry. 

lcLai]rin,(*) L. L., Lieutenant-Colonel 27th Louisiana Infantry. 

xLaws,(*) Lafayette, Colonel 10th Georgia Infantry. 

:cLean,(*) Angus D., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 6th Florida Infantry. 

McLean, James B., Major 2d Cavalry Texas State Troops. 

McLean, James R., Major 7th Regiment North Carolina Reserves; Ma- 
jor Camp Stokes Light Duty Battalion. 

cLean, Nathaniel, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Regiment North Carolina 


cLemore,(*) Amos, Major 27th Mississippi Infantry. 

cLemore, OwenK., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Alabama Infantry; 

Major 14th Alabama Infantry. 

McLemore,(*) William S,, Colonel 4th (Starnes', also called 3d) Teunei 

see Cavalry. , . , , t j? i. 

McLennan,(*) John D., Lieuteuaiit Colonel 59th Alabama Infantr; 

Maior 4th Battalion Alabama Artillery, Hilliard's Ala. Legion. 
McLeod,(*) Donald McDonald, JVIajor 8th South Carolina Infantry. 
McLeod, Hugh, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Texas Infantr 
McLeod,(*) Marcus D. L., Major 9th North Carolina Volunteers (Is 

N. C.Cavalry). ^^ , ^ , , . 

McLin,(*) John B., Major 1st East Tennessee Cavalry; Colonel 5t 

Tennessee Cavalry. 
McLure,(*) Edward C, Major 6th South Carolina Infantry. 
McMackin, Andrew J., Major 54th Tennessee Infantry. 
McMahon,(*) John J., Colonel 63d Virginia Infantry. 
McMaster,!*) Fitz William, Lieut. Col., Colonel 17th South Carolin 

McMichael,(*) Paul A., Lieutenant Colonel 20th South Caroliualnfantrj 
McMillan,{*) H. W., Lieutenant Colonel 33d Arkansas Infantry. 
McMillan, {*) Eobert, Colonel 24th Georgia Infantry. 
McMillan,(*) Robert E., Major 24th Georgia Infantry. 
McMullan,(*) Mark J., Major 22d Battalion Georgia Siege Artillery. 
McMurray,!*) Erancis, Major 23d Alabama Infantry. 
McMurry^(*) James A., Colonel 31th Tennessee Infantry. 
McMurry,(*) Lipscomb P.. Major, Colonel 22d Tennessee Infautrj 

Lieutenant- Colonel 12th and 22d Tennessee Infantry Consolidated. 
McMurtrey,(*) E. L., Lieutenant-Colonel McMurtrey's Battalion Arkai 

sas Cavalry. 
McNair,(*) Evander, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th (McNair's) Arkai 

sas Infantry. 
Mc]Srairy,(*) Frank K"., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Battalion Tennesse 

McNeely,(*) James A., Major, Colonel 13th Arkansas Infantry. 
McNeill, {*) Aden, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Mississippi Infantry. 
McNeill, (*) A. J., Colonel 30th (McNeill's) Arkansas Infantry. 
McNeill, A. .L, Colonel 4th Louisiana Cavalry; Major McNeill's Ba' 

talion Louisiana Cavalry. 
McNeill,(*) Henry C, Lieut.-Col., Colonel 5th Texas Cavalry. 
McNeill,(*) Henry C, Major, Lieut-Col 33d Tennessee Inlantry. 
McNeill, (*) James H., Major, Colonel 63d North Carolina Volunteei 

(5th N. C. Cavalry). 
McNeill,(*) Neill McK., Major 46th North Carolina Infantry. 
McPhail,(*) John B,, Major 56th Virginia Infantry. 
McPhaill,(*) Hugh A., Major 5th Texas Cavalry. 
McPheeter8,(*) Geo. P., Lieut. Col., Colonel Crescent Eegiment Louii 

iana Infantry. 
McQuiddy,(*) Thomas J., Major 3d Battalion Missouri Cavalry. 
MacEae,(*) Alexander, Major 1st Battalion N. C, Heavy Artillery. 
MacKae,(*) Archibald P., Major 61st (also called 26th) Georgia Infantr 
McEae,(*) Dandridge, Major 3d Battalion Arkansas Infantry; Colom 

15th (McRae's) Arkansas Infantry ; Colonel 28th (McEae's Erne 

geucy) Arkansas Infantry. 
McEae,(*) Duncan K., Colonel 5th North Carolina Infantry State Troop 
McEae,(*) Henry, Major 8th North Carolina Infantry State Troops. 
McEae,(*) James B., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Mississippi Infantry. 
McEae, J. C, Major McEae's North Carolina Battalion. 
McEae,(*) Eobert B., Major 7th North Carolina Infantry State Troop 
McEae,(*) William, Lieut. Col., Colonel 15th (formerly 5th) North Ga 

olina Infantry. 


McReynolds,(*) Felix C, Major 21st Texas Infantry. 

McReynolds,(*) James H., Major 9th (Maxey's, also called 8th) Texas 

McKeynolds,(*) Joseph T., Major 37th (formerly 7tli Tennessee, Provi- 
sional Army) Tennessee Infantry. 

MeSpadden,(*) Samuel K., Major, Lieut.-Col., Colonel 19th Alabama 

McSwean, Colin, Major 39th Alabama Infantry. 

Mc Waters, James A., Lieut. Col. 33d Louisiana Partisan Kangers. 

McWhorter, Eliphalet A., Major Gth Alabama Cavalry. 

Maddox, (*) Robert P., Lieutenant-Colonel 42d Georgia Infantry ;. Colo- 
nel 2d Georgia Reserves. 

Maddox,(*) Wm. A., Major 17th Louisiana Infantry. 

Madison, George T., Lieut. Col. 3d Texas Cavalry Regiment, Arizona 
Brigade; Lieut. Col. 3d Battalion Texas Cavalry, Arizona Brigade. 

Maflett,(*) Robt. C, Major, Lieut. Col. 3d South Carolina Infantry. 

Magee, Jacob O., Major 2d Regiment Mississippi Infantry (or Minute 
Men) State Troops. 

Magenis,(*) A. J., Lieutenant-Colonel 27th Arkansas Infantry. 

M;igevney,(*) Michael, jr., Lieut. Col., Colonel 154th Senior Tennessee 

Magill,(*) William J., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Georgia Eegulars. 

Magoffin, Elijah, Major 10th (also called 12th) Missouri Infantry. 

Magrath, Edward, Col.lst Regiment Charleston Guards, South Carolina. 

Magruder,(*) Edward J., Major, Lieut. Col. 8th Georgia Infantry. 

Magruder,(*) Jno. Bowie, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 57th Vir- 
ginia Infantry. 

Mahone,(*) William, Colonel 6th Virginia Infantry. 

Maius,(*) Samuel P., Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Texas Cavalry. 

Major, Elliott D., Major 1st Northeast Missouri Cavalry ; Major 7th 
(Franklin's) Regiment Missouri Infantry. 

Major,(*) Jas. P., Colonel Major's Missouri Cavalry Regiment, 3d Divis- 
ion, Missouri State Guard. 

Malcolm, Green, Major 1st Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 

Mallett,(*) Edward, Major, Lieutenant- Colonel 61st North Carolina 

Mallett,(*) Peter, Colonel Mallett's Battalion North Carolina Infantry. 

Mallory,(*) Chas. K., Colonel 115th Virginia Militia. 

Mallory,(*) Francis, Colonel 55th Virginia Infantry. 

Malone,(*) Fred'k J., Major, Colonel 3l8t Texas Cavalry. 

Malone, Jas. C, jr., Colonel 9th Alabama Cavalry ; Lieutenant-Colo- 
nel 14th Battalion Alabama Cavalry. 

Malone, James C, Major 2d Battalion Confederate Infantry. 

Malone, John M., Major 12th Kentucky Cavalry. 

Maltbie,{*) Richard, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Georgia Infantry, 

Maney,(*) Frank, Major 24th Battalion Tennessee Sharpshooters. 

Maney,(*) George, Colonel 1st Tennessee Volunteers. 

Mangbam,(*) Samuel W., Col. 5th Georgia Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 
6th Infantry Georgia State Guard. 

Mangham,(*)Thomas W., Lieut. Col., Colonel 30th Georgia Infantry. 

Mangum,(*) Thomas H,,Major 25th Mississippi Infantry ; Major 2d Con- 
federate Infantry. 

Manigault,(*) Arthur M., Colonel 10th South Carolina Infantry, 

Manigault,(*) Edward, Major 6th Battalion South Carolina Infantry ; 
Major 18th Battalion South Carolina Artillery. 

Manlove,{*) Thomas B., Lieutenant-Colonel 4Sth Mississippi Infantry; 
Lieut. Col. 2d Mississippi Infantry Battalion. 
21739 6 


]\Tnnly,{*) John H., Lient. Col. 1st Eegimeiit Texas Artilleiy. 

Mann, Walter L., Col. Mann's Kegimeut Texas Cavalry ; Lieut. Col. 
Bradford's Regiment Texas Cavalry. 

Mann,(*)William tl., Major 5-lth Georgia Infantry. 

Maun, , Colonel 5th Eeginient Georgia State Troops. 

Manning, Seaborn M.. Lieutenant-Colonel 49th Georgia Infantry. 

Manniug,(*) Van H., Major, Colonel 3d Arkatisas Infantry. 

Manning,(*) Wni. H., Major Gth Louisiana Infantry. 

Manning,(*) William E., Colonel 50th Georgia Infantry. 

Marks,('*) Alberts., Major, Colonel 17th Tennessee Infantry. 

Marks,(*) Leon D., Colonel 27th Louisiana Infantry. 

Marks, Matthew E., Major 2d Alabama Cavalry. 

Marks, Samuel B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, 13th Alabama Infantry. 

Marks,(*) Samuel F., Colonel 11th Louisiana Infantry. 

Marks,(*) Washington, Major 22d (formerly 33d) Louisiana Infantry; 
Major 22d Louisiana Consolidated. 

Marmaduke,(*) John S., Colonel 3d Confederate Infantry ; Lieutenant- 
Colonel 1st Battalion Arkansas Infantry. 

Marrast, John C, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 22d Alabama Infantry. 

Marsh, Edward S., Major 4th North Carolina Infantry State Troops. 

Marshall, (*) J. Foster, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel Ist South Carolina 

Marshall, (*) James K., Colonel 52d ISTorth Carolina Infantry. 

Marshall, (*) John, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th Texas Infantry. 

Marshall, J. W., Colonel 17th Tennessee Cavalry. 

Marshall, L. L., Major 2d Mississiiipi State Cavalry; Major Asheraft's, 
Ham's and Lowry's Consolidated Mississippi Cavalry Eegiments. 

Marshall, L. M., Lieutenant-Colonel 15th (Stewart's) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Marshall, (*) Thomas, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Virginia Cavalry. 

Martin, Barclay, Major 9th (Biffle's, also called 19th) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Martin, Geo. A., Lieutenant-Colonel 3Sth Virginia Infantry. 

Martin, (*) Jacob T., Acting Lieut. Col. 11th Tennessee Cavalry. 

Martin, James B., Lieutenant-Colonel lOtli Alabama Infantry. 

Jlarlin,(*) James T., Major 7th Arkansas Infantry. 

Martin, John D., Major 154th Senior Tennessee Infantry. 

Martin, (*) John D., Colonel 25th Mississippi Infantry ; Colonel 2d Con- 
federate Infantry). 

Mattin, Jno. M., Colonel 9th Florida Infantry ; Lieut. Col. 6th Battalion 
Florida Infantry. 

Martin, John W., Colonel 1st Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri 
State Guard; Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Missouri Infantry, Sth Divis- 
ion, Missouri State Guard. 

Martin, Jos. C, IMajor 30th (MolSTeiU's) Arkansas Infantry; Major 30th 
(Hart's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Martin,(*) Leonidas M., Colonel 5th Texas Partisan Eangers ; Major 
10th Battalion Texas Cavalry. 

Martin, (*) Luther H. O., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Cavalry Georgia Stale 

Martin, (*) Matt., Colonel 23d Tennessee Infantry. 

Martin, (*) Eawley White, Ma;)or, Lieut. Col. 53d Virginia Infantry. 

Martin, (*) E. M., Lieutenant-Colonel 10th (Johnson's) Kentucky Par- 
tisan Eangers. 

Martiu, Samuel H., Lieutenant Colonel 1st Chickasaw Cavalry Eegi- 
nient (rejected). 

Martin, Thomas A., Major 13th North Carolina Infantry. 

Martin, Wm., Major, Lieut. Col. 56th Alabama Partisan Rangers. 


jrartin,{*) William, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Goorgiii Tiegiilars. 

Martin, (*) William, Lieutenant-(Jolonel 42d Viijiiiiia Iiilanti-.y. 

Martin, (*) Wni. E., Colonel 1st South Carolina JMouiited Militia. 

Martin, (*) William F., Colonel 17tb (formerly 7tli) Nortli Carolina In- 

Martin, (*) Wm. H., Major 4tU Texas Infantry. 

Martin, (*) Wm. H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st (Colquitt's) Arkan- 
sas Infantry. 

Martin, (*) Wm. J., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel lltb North Carolina 

Martin, (*) William T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel Jefl'. Davis 
Legion ; Major 20 Mississippi Cavalry Battalion. 

Martin, (*) Wiii. VVhitnel, Major 2r)th Louisiana Infantry. 

Martin, , Major 2d Battalion Texas Infantry. 

Martz,(*)Dorilas Henry Lee, Lieutenant-Colonel lOth Vir_gii)ia Infantry. 

Marye,(*) Morton, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 17th Virginia Infantry. 

Masliburn,(*) Elislia, INIajor, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Florida Infantry. 

Mason, (*) Alex., Major 11th Louisiana Infantry. 

Mason, A. P., Colonel (not confirmed) 2d Mississippi Cavalry. 

Mason, Arniistead T., Major 34tli (also called 37th) Mississippi Infantry. 

Mason, (*] Enoch, Lieutenant-Colonel 16tli Louisiana Infantry. 

Mason, Samuel J., Lieut. Col. 11th (McCarver's) Keginient Arkansas 
Infarrtry; Lieut. Col. 9th Battalion Arkansas Infautry. 

Massey,(*) C. K., Major 20th Mississippi Infantry. 

Massi6,(*) James W., Lieutenant-Colonel 51st Virginia Infantry. 

Massie, Josiali C, Lieutenant-Colonel 9tli (Nichols', also called 5th) 
Texas Infantry (0 months). 

Massie,(*) Thomas B., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 12th Virginia Cavalry. 

Masien,(*) William K., Lieutenant-Colonel loth Texas Cavalry. 

Mastin, J., Colonel 71st North Carolina JMilitia. 

Matlieny, Wm. G., Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 21st (Cravens') Arkansas 

Matheson, Walter H., Major 17th (l-Jector's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Mathews,(*) James D., Major, Lieut. Col,, Colonel 38th Georgia Infantry 
(Wright's Georgia Legion). 

Matlock, Charles H., Lieutenant Colonel 1st Arkansas Mounted Eifles; 
Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 32d Arkansas Infantry ; Lieut.Col. Mat- 
lock's Battalion Arkansas Cavalry. 

Matthews, Charles W., Lieutenant-Colonel 17th Georgia Infantry. 

Matthews,(*) John J., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Georgia Infantry. 

Mattison, Charles S., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th South Carolina Infautry; 
Major 4th Battalion South Carolina Infantry. 

Mattison, George W., Major 31st (Hundley's) Alabama Infantry. 

Mattison, H. 8., Major 13th Battalion South Carolina Infantry. 

M;uildin,(*) Tyirie Harris, Lieutenant Colonel 3d Alabama Cavalry. 

Manpiu,(*) Wm. A., Colonel 4th Virginia Militia. 

Manpin,(-*) Wm. D., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Missouri Cavalry. 

Maurin,(*) Victor, Major Kichardson's Battalion Artillery. 

Maury,(*) Dabney H., Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Mississippi Infantry. 

Manryj Henry, Colonel 2d Alabama Inlantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 32d 
Alabama Infantry. " 

Maury,(*) Henry, Colonel 15th Confederate Cavalry. 

Maury, (*) Kicbard L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 24th Virginialnfantry. 

Maxey,(*)_ Samuel B., Coi. 9th (Maxey's, also called 8tb) Texas Infantry. 

Maxsou,(*) George W., Major Gtb Kentucky Infantry. 
, Maxwell, (*) G. Troup, Major, Lieuteuant-Coloael, Colonel 1st Florida 


Miixwell.(*) Wm. L., Major, LieutentautOolonel Ballentine's (also 
called '/d Mississippi Partisan Eaiigers) Mississippi Cavalry. 

May (*) Andrew J., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colo'jel5th Kentucky Infantry; 
Major May's Battalion Kentucky Mounted Rifles; Colonel 10th 
(May's) Kentucky Cavalry. ,. ^-r • , ^ . , 

May,(*) James H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 4tli (McNair's) Arkansas 
Infantry. (Found also on Confederate Register as Major 7tb Arkan- 
sas Battalion.) 

May,(*) Jolin P., Major 12th Virginia Infantry. 

May, Joseph J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Kith Alabama Infantry. 

Mayhew,(*) Thomas W., Major 33d North Carolina Infantry. 

Mayo,(*) James M., Major 59th North Carolina Volunteers (4th North 
Carolina Cavalry). 

Mayo, James W., Major, 2d Georgia Cavalry. 

Mayo,(*) Joseph, jr., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 3d Virginia Infantry. 

Mayo,(*) Robert M., Major, Colonel 47th Virginia Infantry, 

Ma'yraut,(*) John W., Major 11th Texas Cavalry. 

Mayrant,(*) William N., Major 5th Texas Partisan Rangers. 

Mayson,(*) Hamilton. Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 7th Mississippi Infantry. 

Mead(*), Lemuel G., Major 25th Battalion Alabama Cavalry. 

Meiins, John H., Colonel 17th South Carolina Infantry. 

Means, Robert S., Major, Lieut. Col. 17th South Carolina Infantry. 

Meares,(*) Gaston, Colonel 3d North Carolina Infantry State Troops. 

Meares,(*) Oliver P., Lieutenant-Colonel 18th (formerly 8th) North Car- 
olina Infantry. 

Mecaslilj,(*) John H., Major 3d Battalion Cavalry Georgia State Guard 
(Atlanta Fire Battalion). 

Meek, A. T., Major 2d Arkansas Infantry. 

Mell,(*) Pat., Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Battalion Mounted Rifles Geor- 
gia State Guard (also called 9th Battalion Cavalry Georgia State 

Mell,(*) P. H., Colonel 9th Infantry Georgia State Guard. 

Mellett, F. M., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th South Carolina State Troops. 

Mellon, (*) Thos. A., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 3d Mississippi Infantry. 

Menard',(*) Medard, Major, Lieut. Col. 26th Texas Cavalry, 

Menger,(*) Bruce, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Louisiana Infantry. 

Mercer, F. C, Major 3d Regiment Mississipja Infantry (or Minute Men) 
State Troops. 

Mercer, (*) Hugh W., Colonel Isi Volunteers Georgia. 

Mercer, (*) John T., Colonel 21st Georgia Infantry ; Lieutenant-Colonel 
4th (Mercer's) Battalion Georgia Infantry. 

Merrick, (*) Geo. W., Major, Lieut. Col. 22d Texas Cavalry. 

Merrick, T. D., Colonel 10th Arkansas Infantry. 

Merriwether's Battalion South Carolina Reserves. 

Messick(*) E. H., Major 14th (Mitchell's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Messick,(*) J. H., Major 14th (Mitchell's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Messick,(*) Otis M., Major, Lieut. Col, Colonel llth Texas Cavalry. 

Messick, W. R., Acting Major 4th Special Battalion Kentucky Cavalry. 

Mesten,(*) J. F., Major 1st Cavalry Mississippi Reserves. 

Metts, David W.,Lieutenaut'Colonel 5th Mississippi Infantry (or Minute 
Men) State Troops ; Lieut. Col. 1st Cavaky Mississippi Reserves. 

Meyer, Benjamin W., Major 1st (Meyer's) Battalion Cherokee Cavalry. 

Miles, (*) Wm. R., Colonel Miles Louisiana Legion. 

Millard, (*) David T., Major Millard's (also called 1st, 8th, and 9th) 
North Carolina Battalion Junior Reserves. 

Millen,(*) John M., Lieutenant-Colonel Sthi Georgia Cavalry; Major, 
Lieut. -Col. 20th Battalion Georgia Partisan Rangers, 


Miller, (*) Alexander, Maj. 21st (formerly lltli) North Carolina Infantry. 

Miller, C. 0., Colonel 21st (Kennedy's) Louisiana Infantry (notified of 
appointment, but failed to obtain commission.) 

Miller, Crill, Lieut. Col. 2d Texas Partisan Hangers. 

Mill('r,(*) Daniel B., Major 3d Battalion South Carolina Infantry. 

Miller, Eli H., Major 34th North Carolina Infantry. 

Miller,(*) George McD., Major, Lieut. Col.. Colonel 1st South Carolina 

Miller,(*) Horace H., Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Mississippi Infantry ; 
Colonel 9th Mississippi Cavalry. 

Miller,(*) Hugh K, Colonel 42d Mississippi Infantry. 

Miller, John, Major 8th Biittalion Arkansas Infantry. 

Miller,(*) John H., Major, Lieut. Col. 1st Battalion Mississippi Cavalry. 

Miller,(*) John L., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 12th South Carolina Infantry. 

Miller,(*) Joseph Zachariab, Major, Lieut.°Col. 17th Texas Infantry. 

Mlller,(*) Lovick P., Lieutenant-Colonel (ith South Carolina Cavalry; 
Major 23d South Carolina Infantry. 

Miller, Merritt B., Major Washington Artillery, Louisiana. " 

Miller, M. S., Lieutenant-Colonel 11th Arkansas Infantry. 

Mmer,(*) T C. H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 17th Tennessee Infantry. 

Miller, Thomas G., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 41st Tennessee Infantry. 

Miller, W. A. J., Ma-ior 1st Battalion Valley Reserves, VirgiQia. 

Miller,(*) William, Colonel 1st Florida Infantry. 

]\liller, , Major 8th Battalion Virginia Reserves. 

Millett,(*) Joseph H., Major 4th Kentucky Infantry. 

Millican,(*) Wm. T., Lieut. Col., Colonel 15th Georgia Infantr3'. 

Mills, (*) Andrew G., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Mississippi Infantry; 
Major 9th Mississippi Infantry. 

Mills,(*) Julius, Major 17th South Carolina Infantry. 

Mills,(*) Roger Q., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 10th Texas Infantry. 

Millsap, R. W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Arkansas Infantry. 

Milton, G. B., Major Bruce's Missouri Cavalry Regiment, 2d Division, 
Missouri State Guard. 

Milton, Wm. H., Major 6th Battalion Florida Cavalry. 

Milton, William P., Lieutenant-Colonel 39th Georgia Infantry. 

Mimms, A,, Major 20th South Carolina Infantry. 

Miuis,(*) Wm. J., Major 43d Alabama Infantry. 

Minetreo,(*) Joseph P., Major, Lieut. Col. 41st Virginia Infantry. 

Minford, VV., Major 1st; Virginia Infantry. 

Minor,(*) John, Major 10th Tennessee Cavalry; Major 10th and 11th 
Tennessee Cavalry Consolidated. 

Minor, R. D., Major 4th Virginia Battalion Local Defense (ISTaval). 

Minter,(*) John A., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 54th Alabama Infantry; 
Lieut. Col. 4th Confederate Infantry ; Major, Lieut.-Col. 40th Ten- 
nessee Infantry ; Major, Lieut. Col. 5th (Walker's) Confederate In- 
fantry Regiment. 

Mirick, William, Major 1st Missouri Infantry, 4th Division, Missouri 
State Guard. 

Mitchell, (*) Addison, Colonel 45th Tennessee Infantry. 
■Mitchell, (*) Charles S., Colonel 8th (Mitchell's) Missouri Infantry ; Lieu- 
tenant Colonel 7th Battalion Missouri Infantry. 

Mitchell, (*) Julius C. B., Colonel 34th Alabama Infantry; Lieutenant- 
Colonel 13th Alabama Infantry. 

Mitchell, (*) M. C, Colonel 14th (Mitchell's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Mitchell,(*) Rush J., Major 46th North Carolina Infantry, 

Mitchell, Thomas A., Major 8th Mississippi Cavalry. 

' ^"S'S"' 

Mitcliell.f*) William D., Licnt.-Ool., Colonel 29lh Georgia Inlantry. 

Mitcbell,(*) Win. L., Lieuleiiaiit-Golonel 22(1 (lonnerly 12tli) North Car- 
olina Iiilaiitrv. 

Mitcbell, William 11., Major ISth Battalion Mississippi Cavalry. 

Moffett,(*)Cliniles J. ,Mnjor 2d Independent Battalion Georgia Infantry. 

Moflett, HniittT J'., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 37th Tennessee Infantry. 

Moiiaghan,(*) William,' Major, Colonel 6th Louisiana Infantry. 

Moniei\(*) Henry D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 10th Louisiana 

Mouroe,(*) Alex., Major 18th Virginia Cavalry ; Colonel 114th Virginia 

Moiiroe,{*) James C, Lieutenant Colonel 1st (Fagan's) Arkansas In- 
fantry; Colonel 1st (Fagan's and IMonroe's) Arkansas Cavalry. 

Montiigiie,(*) Edgar B., Colonel 32d S^irginia Inlantry; Lieutenant- 
Colonel 53d Virginia Infaiitry ; Major of Montague's Battalion Vir- 
ginia Infantry. 

]Vrontaigiie,(*) Kaymond, Major 1st Louisiana Artillery. 

Montgomery, Alex B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Georgia Infantry 
(temjioraiily assigned). 

Montgomery, F. A., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Mississippi Cavalry. 

Montgoinery(*) John G. M., Major 13th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry ; 
Lieutenant Colonel 5th Tennessee Cavalry. 

Montgomery, Joseph T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Battalion 
Georgia Artillery. 

.Montgomery, W. E., Major Montgomery's Battalion Cavalry Missis- 
sippi State Troops. 

Montgomery, (*) Wm. J., Major 28th North Carolina Infantry. 

Moody, (*) Andrew E., Major 8th Mississippi Infantry. 

Moody, (*) Daniel N., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 21st Mississippi Infantry. 

Moody. (*) Wm. Lewis, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 7th Texas 

Moody,(*)YoungM., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 43d Alabama Infantry. 

Moore(*) Alexander D., Colonel G6lh North Carolina Infantry. 

Moore,(*) Aided C, Colonel 29th Virginia Infantry. 

Moore, Benjamin B., Major 3d Battalion Mississippi Infantry (orMiuute 
Men) State Troops. 

Moore,(*) Beriah F., Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Tennessee Infantry. 

Moore,(*) Calvin H., Major, Lienteuant-Colonel 25th Louisiana Infantry. 

Moore,{') Edwin L., Major 2d Virginia Infantry. 

l\Iooie. George F., Colonel 17th Texas Cavalry. 

Moore,(*) Harrison, Major 21st (Cravens') Arkansas Infantry. 

Moore, James, Lieutenant-Colonel 44th Mississippi Infantry. 

Moore,(*) James B., Major 17th Georgia Infantry. 

Moore, (*) James B., Major 45th Tennessee Infantry. 

Moore,(*) James li.. Major 5th Mississipi)i Infantry. 

Moore(*) John B., Major 1st South Carolina Rifles. 

Moore,(*) Jno. C, Colonel 2d Texas Infantry. 

Moore, John C, Lieuteuant-Colonel 1st Regiment Local Defense Troops, 
Augusta, Ga. 

Moore, John J., Major 52d Georgia Infantry. 

Moore,(*) John L., Major 13th Georgia Infantry ; Lieutenant-Colonel 3d 
Georgia Reserves. 

Moore,(*) John v., Colonel 2d South Carolina Rifles; Lieut.-Col. 5lh 
Battalion South Carolina Rifles 

Moore,!*) John W., Major 3d Battalion North Carolina Light Artillery. 

Moore,(*) Lewis T., Colouel 31st Virginia Militia; Lieut." Col. 4th Vir- 
ginia Infantry, 


Mo()H',{*) Patrick T., Colonel 1st Virginia Infantry. 

Moore,(*) llobert H., Major Infantry liattalion, Smith's Georgia Legion ; 
Lientenant-Oolonel, Colonel 65th Georgia Infantry. 

Moore,(*) Roger, Major, Lieut. Col. 41' * North Carolina Volunteers (3d 
North Carolina Cavalry). 

Moore, (*) Sydenham, Colonel 11th Alabama Infantry. 

Moore,(*) Walter K, Major, Colonel 2d Florida Infantry. 

Moore,(*) William H., Colonel 43d Mississippi Infantry; Colonel 11th 
Mississippi Infantry. 

Moore,(*) Wm. L., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel Sth (Fulton's) Tennes- 
see Infantry. 

Moore,(*) William M., Lieut. Col., Colonel 10th (also called 12th) Mis- 
souri Infantry. 

Moore, William P., Lieutenant-Colonel 32d Tennessee Infantry. 

Moorman, (*) George, Lieutenant-Colonel Moorman's Mississippi Cav- 
alry Battalion. 

Moragne, W. C, Colonel 19th South Carolina Infantry. 

Morehea(l(*) James T., jr., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 53d North 
Carolina Infantry. 

Morehead, J. C, Colonel Morehead's Kentucky Partisan Eaugers. 

Morehead,(*) Jno. H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 45th North Carolina 

Moreland, J. S., Ma,jor Moreland's Battalion Alabama Sharpshooters. 

Morelaiid, M. iJ., Colonel Moreland's Alabama Qavalry. 

Moreland, William S., Major Fire Battalion (Exempts), Alabama. 

Morelook, (*) Wm. C, Majjor 3d Tennessee Infantry (Provisional Army). 

Moreno,(*) Stephen A., Major 17tb Alabama Infantry (temporary ap- 

Morgan, (*) Asa S., Colonel 26th Arkansas Infantry. 

Morgan, Charles C, Major 18th Texas Cavaliy. 

Morgan, C. L. Major Morgan's Texas Cavalry Battalion. 

Morgan, Edward F., Major Sth Battalion Georgia Infantry. 

Morgan, G. W.. Major 2d (Morgan's) Kentucky Cavalry. 

Morgan, (*) George W., Maj.3d Tennessee Infantry (Provisional Army). 

Morgan, (*) Hiram S., Major Terrell's Texas Begiment Cavalry. 

Morgan,(*) James B., Major, Lieut. Col. 29th Mississippi Infantry. 

Morgan, James M., Major 31st Arkansas Infantry. 

Morgan, (*) John H., Colonel 2d (Morgan's) Kentucky Cavalry. 

Morgan, John T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Alabama Infantry; 
Colonel 51st Alabama Partisan Rangers. 

Morgan, (*) Joseph H., Major 5th South Carolina Cavalry ; Major 14th 
(also called 2d) Battalion South Carolina Cavalry. 

Morgan, (*) Richard C, Colonel Morgan's Regiment Kentucky Cavalry; 
Colonel 2d Special Battalion Kentucky Cavalry. 

Morgan, (*) Robert jarrel. Colonel 3Gth Tennessee Infantry. 

Morgaii,(*) Thomas J., Colonel Morgan's Arkansas Cavalry. 

Morgan, (*) William A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Vir- 
ginia Cavalry. 

Morgan, (*) Wi'lliam E., Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Tennessee Infantry. 

Morgan, (*) William H., Major 3d Mississippi Infantry. 

Morgan,(*) Wiliia,m Y., Major 2oth (formerly 15th) N. C. Infantry. 

Morgan, , Colonel 57th Tennessee InfantrJ^ 

Morin, J. M., Lieut. Col. 3d Battalion Cavalry Texas State Troops. 

Morris,(*) Benjamin, Major 4th Battalion Alabama Infantry; Major, 
Lieutenant-Colonel 29th Alabama Infantry. 

Morris,^*) Nathan M., Major 14th Tennessee Infantry. 


Morris, Eobert F., Colonel 179th Virginia Militia. 

Morris,(*) William G., Major, Lieut. Col. 37th North Carohna Infantry. 

Morris, Z. F., Acting Major Morris' Independent Battalion Va. Infantry. 

Morrison, (*) Charles H., Colonel Slst Louisiana Infantry; Lieuteuant- 
Colonel 6th Battalion Louisiana Infantry. 

Morrison, (*) Emmett M., Major, Lieut. Col. 15th Virginia Infantry. 

Morrison, (*) James J., Lientenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Georgia Cav- 
alry; Lieutenant-Colonel 21st Georgia Infantry; Major 4th (Mercer's) 
Battalion Georgia Infantry. 

Morton, George H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d (Barteau's, afterward 
22d) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Morton, J. Quin, Major 9th (Clark's) Missouri Infantry; Major Clark- 
son's Battalion Missouri Cavalry. 

Morton, R. C, Major 7th Battalion Virginia Infantry, Local Defense 

Morton, T. J., Lieutenant-Colonel 53d Tennessee Infantry. , 

Mosby, (*) John S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 43d Battalion Virginia 
Cavalry; Colotiel Mosby's Eegiment Virginia Partisan Eaugers. 

Mosby,(*) Eobert G,, Major 59th Virginia Infantry. 

'Moseley,(*) Edgar F., Major, Lieut. Col. 1st Virginia Artillery. 

Moseley, Hillery, Lieut. Col. 42d Mississippi Infantry. 

Moseley,(*) John B., Major 21st Virginia Infantry. 

Moseley,(*) William P., Lieutenant-Colonel 21st Virginia Infantry. 

Moses, G. C, Lieut. Ool. 1st Battalion North Carolina Home Guard. 

Moses, Sidney A., Major 8th (Livingston's) Alabama Cavalry. 

Moss,(*) Adolphus A., Lieut. Col. Moss' Battalion North Carolina Ee- 
serves ; Colonel 6th Eegiment North Carolina Senior Eeserves. 

Mqss,(*) James W., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 2d Kentucky Infantry. 

Mott,(*) Christo])her H., Colonel 19th Mississippi Infantry. 

Mounger, (*) John C. L., sr., Major, Lieut. Col. 9th Georgia Infantry. 

Mouton,(*) Alfred, Colonel 18th Louisiana Infantry. 

Mouton,(*) William, Major 18th Louisiana Infantry ; Major 7th Louis- 
iana Cavalry. 

Moxley, Wm. M., Major 18th Alabama Infantry. 

Muldrow, Henry L., Lieutenant-Colonel 11th Mississippi Cavalry. 

Mullen, (*) John W., Lieut. Col. 2d Texas Cavalry Eegiment, Arizona 
Brigade; Lieut. Col. 12th Texas Cavalry ; Lieut. Col. Mullen's Texas 
Cavalry Battalion, Arizona Brigade. 

Mullins,(*) John, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 19th Mississippi Infantry. 

MuUius, John, Major 5th Va. Cavalry, Prov. Army (disbanded). 

Mum ford, Wm. P., Major 1st Virginia Infantry. 

Munford, (*) John D., Major 1st Battalion Virginia Infantry (Eegulars). 

Munford,(*) Thomas T., Lieut. Col., Col. 2d (aluo called 30th) Virginia 

Munford, William, Lieutenant Colonel 17th Virginia Infantry. 

Munuerlyn, Charles J., Lieut. Col. Commissary Battalion Florida Cav- 
alry (temporary). 

Muuroe, Tboaias B., jr., Major 4th Kentucky Infantry. 

Murcliisou,(*) John E., Major, Lieut. Col. 8th North Carolina InfautiT 
State Troops. 

Murchison,(*) Kenneth M., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 54th N. C. Infantry. 

Murden,(*) Edgar O., Major, Lieut. Col. 23d South Carolina Infantry". 

]\Iurfee, James T., Lieutenant-Colonel 41st Alabama Infantry. 

Murphey,(*) Virgil 8., Major, Colonel 17th Alabama Infantry. 

Murphy, J., Major 2d Missouri Infantry, 5th Division, Missouri State 


Murphy, Eobt. H., Lieutenaut-Oolonel 30th Tennessee Infantry. 

Murphy, Samuel J., Lieutenant-Oolonel Murphy's Independent Ala- 
bama Cavalry Battalion. 

Murray,(*) Edward, Lieutenant-Oolotiel 49th Virginia Infantry. 

Murray, George M., Lieut. Col. 15th (Polk's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Murray, James H., Lieut. Col. 16th (Logwood's) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Murray,(*) John E., Lieut. Col., Colonel 5th Arkansas Infantry ; Col- 
onel 5th and 13th Arkansas Infantry Consolidated; Lieut. Col. 13th 
Arkansas Infantry. 

Murray,(*) John P., Colonel 28th Tennessee Infantry ; Colonel Mur- 
ray's Eegiment (called also 4th) Tennessee Cavalry. ■ 

Murray,(*) Thos. B., Lieutenant-Colonel 22d Battalion Tennessee In- 
fantry Sharpshooters : Lieutenant-Colonel 16tb Tennessee Infantry. 

Murray, (*) Thomas H., Major 2d (Hunter's, afterwards 8th) Missouri In- 
fantry ; Major, Lieutenanr-Cjolonel 8th (Burns', changed to 11th) Mis- 
souri Infantry; Major 4th Mo. Infantry, 8th Div., Mo. State Guard. 

Murrell, E. K., Lieut. Col. 2d Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri 
State Guard; Major 8th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri 
State Guard. 

Musgrove, James, Major 4th Mo. Cavalry, 8th Div., Mo. State Guard. 

Musgrove, , Major Musgrove's Battalion Alabama Cavalry. 

Musser, Eichard H,, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Batt. Missouri Infantry ; 
Lieutenant Colonel 9th (Clark's) Missouri Infantry. 

Myers,(*) Franklin M., Major 35th Battalion Virginia Cavalry. 

Myers,(*) Geo. B., Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Mississippi Infantry. 

Myers,(*) Jno. J., Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 26th Texas Cavalry ; Major 
ot Debray's Battalion Texas Cavalry. 

Myers,(*) Eobt. A., Major 1st (Buchel's) Texas Cavalry. 

Myers,(*) Samuel B., Major 7tii Virginia Cavalry. 

Myers, Thomas J., Major 3d Battalion Florida Cavalry. 

Myers,(*) T. J., Lieutenant Colonel 15th Confederate Cavalry. 

Mynheir, (*) William, Major, Acting Colonel, 5th Kentucky Infantry. 

Nadenbou8ch,(*) Jno. Q. A., Lieut. Col., Colonel 2d Virginia Infantry. 

Nail, Jonathan, Major Chickasaw Cavalry Battalion. 

Nail, Duke, Major 8th Alabama Infantry. 

Nail, Mark S,, Major 41st Georgia Infantry. 

Nance,(*) James D., Lieut. Col., Colonel 3d South Carolina Infantry. 

Napier, Leroy, jr., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Battalion Georgia Infantry. 

Napier, LeEoy, Major 2d Alabama Oav»lry (temporary command). 

Napier,(*) Thomas Alonzo, "Colonel Napier's Battalion Tenn. Cavalry. 

Napier, Thomas W., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Kentucky Cavalry. 

Nash,(*) Edwin A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 4ih Georgia Infantry. 

Nash, Jesse G., Major 41st Alabama Infantry. 

Nathusius,(*) Otto, Major Waul's Texas Legion. 
' Neal,(*) James H., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 19th Georgia Infantry. 

Neal, J. M., Lieutenant Colonel 47th North Carolina Militia. 

Ncal, Jno. E., Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 

Neal, Joseph, Lieut. Col. 5th Arkansas Infantry State Troops, 1861. 

Neal, Wm. T., Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Arkansas Infantry. 

Neely,(*) James J., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Infantry Georgia State 
Guard ; Lieut. Col. 1st (Fannin's) Eegiment Georgia Eeserves. 

Neely,(*) Jas. J., Colonel 14th (also called 13th) Tennessee Cavalry, 

Neely,(*) Eufus P., Colonel 4th Ti-nnessee Volunteers. 

J^eff,(*) John P., Colonel 33d Virginia Infantry. 

Neill~ G. P., Colonel 30th Mississippi Infantry. 

Neill, James. P., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 23d Tennessee Infantry. 

Neilson, C. P., Lieutenant-Colouel SSil Mississippi Infautry. 

]SIeUigaii,(*) James, Major, Lieut. Gol. 1st Louisiaua Volunteers. 

Nelms,(*) diaries G., 'Maior, Lieut. Ool. 22d Mississippi Infantry. 

Nelsoij,(*) Allison, Golonel 10th Texas Infantry. 

Nelson, (*) Andrew M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 42d Missis- 
sippi Infantry. 

Nelson, (*) NoefL., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 12tli Lousiaiia Infantry. 

I<relsou,(*) Patrick H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 7tli Batt. South Carolina Infantry. 

Nelson, Thomas M., Lieut. Col. 6th Mississippi Cavalry. 

Nelson, (*) Thos. P., Major 4th Mississippi Infantry. 

Nelson, (*) William, Major 31st Battalion Virginia Light Artillery. 

Nesbit, Kalph, Lieut. Ool. Nesbit's Infantry Battalion South Carolina 
State Troops. 

Nesbitt,(*) Niles, Major 1st South Carolina Cavalry. 

Ne Smith, S. Perry, Major 6th Alabama Infantry. 

Nethereutt,(*) John H., Lieut. Col., Colonel 66th North Carolina In- 
fantry ; Major 8th North Carolina Battalion Partisan Piangers. 

Newell, John H., Major 3d Virginia Militia. 

Newman, (*) Tazewell W., Colonel 17th Tennessee Infantry ; Colonel Battalion Tennessee Infantry ; Major 45th Tennessee Infantry 
(supernumerary during consolidation). 

Newsom, John E., Major 4th (Lioddey's) Alabama Cavali^y. 

Newsom, Jno. P., Colonel 18th (Newsom's) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Newton, f*) .Tames M., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Georgia Infantry. 

Newton, (*) James W., Major 5th Virginia Infantry. 

Newton, (*) Robert C, Colonel oth Arkansas Cavalry. 

Neyland,(*) Robert Reese, Lieutenant-Colouel 24th Texas Cavalry. 

Neyland, Wm. Madison, Lieutenant-Colonel 25th Texas Cavalry. 

Nicholls,(*) Francis T., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Louisiana Infantry; 
Colonel 15th Louisiana Infantry (appointed but never commanded.) 

Nichols, E. B., Colonel 9th (Nichols', also called 5th) Texas Infantry 
(6 months). 

Nichols, George W., Major 6th (after 11th) Missouri Cavalry. 

Nichols, Isaac B., Acting Major Nichols' Florida Battalion Reserves, 
Series 1, Vol. xxxv, pt. ii. 

Nicholson, (*) Andrew J., Lieutenant-Colonel 11th Texas Cavalry. 

Nicholson, (*) Benjamin E., Major Hampton South Carolina Legion. 

Nienieyer,(*) William F., Lieutenant-Colonel 61st Virginia Infantry. 

Nighbert, James A., Major 1st Infantry Eegiment Virginia State Line. 

Nisbet,(*) J. Coo]»er, C6loner66th Georgia Infantry. 

Nisbet,(*) John W., Major 26th Battalion Georgia Infantry. 

Nisbet,(*) Eeuben B., Lieutenant Colonel '^d Georgia Infantry. 

Nix,(*) F. M., Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Battalion Georgia Cavalry. 

Nixon, (*) George H., Major 23d Tennessee Infantry; Colonel 4Sth 
(Nixon's) Tennessee Infantry; Col. 20th (Nixon's) Tenu. Cavalry;" 
Col. of Nixon's Tenn. Cavalry Eegiment. 

Nixon, (*) James O., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Louisiana Cavalry. 

Noble,(*) John I., Major Confederate Guards, Louisiana Militia. 

Noble,(*) Bebron M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 17th Texas Cavalry. 

-Nolan, (*) Mat., Major 2d Texas Cavalry. 

Nolan, (*) Michael, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Louisiana Volunteers. 

Noles,(*) L. L., Major L'5th (also called 30th) Arkansas Infantry. 

Norman, James M., Major 4th Mississippi Cavalry. 

Norman, Matthew J., Major Fristoe's Regiment Missouri Cavalry. 

Norment.(*) George M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 34th North Carolina 


Norment,(*) Richard M., Major 4Gtli North Carolina Infiintry. 

Norris, John S., Major Infantry Battalion, Pliillips Georgia Legion. 

>'orris, M. E., Lieutenant-Colonel 1-Uli Mississippi luCantry. 

]^orton,(-*) Geo. F., .Major 1st Virginia Infautry. 

Norton, (*) Joseph J., Major, Lientenaut Colonel 1st South Carolina 

Norwood,(*) Alexander S., M^ijor, Colonel 27th Louisiana Infantry. 

Norwood, (*) Isaiah T., Major, Colonel 2d Louisiana Infantry. 

Norwood, Jno. II., Lieutenant Colonel 42d Tennessee Infantry, 

Norwood,(*) John H., Lieutenaut-Colouel 55th Alabama Infantiy ; Major 
6th Battalion Alabama Infantry. 

Nounnan,(*) James H., Major 16th Virginia Cavalry. 

Nuckols,(*) Joseph P., jr., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th Ken- 
tucky Infantry. 

Nnnn,(*) Elisha' P., Major 45th Mississippi Infantry ; Major 3d (Wil- 
liams') Battalion Mississippi Infantry. 

Nunnally, Aaron D., Major 6th Infantry Georgia State Guard. 

Oates,(*) Wm. (3., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 15th Alabama Infantry. 

Oatis,(*) Martin A., Major 22d Mississippi Infantry. 

O'Banuon, Lawrence W., Major 1st Battalion Confederate Infantry. 

O'Brien, (*) Alfred G., Major, Lieut. Col. 13th Mississippi Infantry. 

O'Oain, Watson A., Major 1st South Carolina Volunteers. 

()chiltree,(*) Wm. B., Colonel 18th Texas Infantry. 

0'(Jounell,(*) James, Lieutenant-Colonel 22d South Carolina Infantry. 

Odell,(*) James J.. Lieutenant-Colonel 26th Tennessee Infantry. 

Udell, (*) Laban, Major 22d (formerly 12th) North Carolina Infantry. 

0'Forrall,(*) Charles T., Lieutenant-Colonel 23d Virginia Cavalry; 
Major of O'Ferrall's Battalion Virginia Cavalry. 

Ofl'att,(*) Nathaniel, Major, Lieut. Col. 6th Louisiana Infantry. 

Ogdeu,(*) Frederick N., Major 8th Battalion Louisiana Artillery. 

Ogden, Samuel, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th (McNair's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Oglesby, L. W., Colonel 8th (Pulton's) Tennessee Infantry. 

O'Hara, Tbeodore, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Alabama Infantry. 

O'Kane, Walter S., Lieut. Col., Col. 4th Missouri Infantry, 8th Division, 
Missouri State Guard. 

01d,(*) Charles, Major, Lieutenant Colonel 4th Virginia Cavalry. 

Oldham, (*) TIjos., Colonel 41st Virginia Militia. 

O'Leary, Stephen, Major 13th Louisiana Infantry. 

Oliver, James M., Colonel 47th Alabama Infantry. 

Oliver, John E., Ma;ior of Mann's liegiment Texas Cavalry. 

01iver,(*) Robert P., Major 16th Louisiana Infantry. 

Oliver, , Lieutenant Colonel 52d Tennessee Infantry. 

Oliveros, J. B., Lieutenant-OolouelOrdnance Battalion, (J(dumbus, Ga. 

01rastead,(*) Charles H., Major, Colonel 1st Volunteers Georgia. 

0'Neal,(*) Edward A., Major, Lieut. Col. 9th Alabama Infantry; Col- 
onel 26th ((.)'Neal's) Alabama Infantry. 

0'Neal,(*) William P., Lieutenant Colouel 32d Tennessee Infantry. 

O'Neil, James M., LientenantrColouel 1st (Fagan's and Monroe's) 
Arkansas Cavalry. 

O'Neill, (*) Charles C., Major 16th South Carolina Infantry. 

O'Neill, (*) John, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel lUth Tennessee 

Orr,(*) J. A., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th (Orr's) Battalion Mississippi In- 
fantry; Colonel 31st Mississippi Infantry. 

Orr,(*) James L., Colonel 1st South Carolina Rifles. 

Osborn, N. C, Major 1st Cavalry Battalion Georgia Reserves. 


()sborne,(*) Edwin A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4tli North 
Carolina Infantry State Troops. 

Oswald, (*) Theodore, Major 4th Battalion Texas Infantry (6 months). 

Otey,(*) Kirkwood, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 11th Virginia 

Otey,(*) Peter, Major 30th Battalion Virginia Sharpshooters. 

Ontlaw,(*) Drew A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Tennessee Infan- 
try; Major Outlaw's Battalion Mississippi Partisan Rangers. 

Owen, D. Jackson, Major 4th (Avery's) Georgia Cavalry. 

Owen,(*) Jno. J., Major 29th Georgia Infantry. 

Owen, John L., Major Hawkins' Missouri Cavalry Regiment, 2d Divis- 
ion, Missouri State Guard. 

Owen,(*) Moses T., Major (declined) 1st South Carolina Cavalry. 

Owen, T. B., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, 
Missouri State Guard. 

Oweu,(*) Thomas H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 3d Virginia Cavalry. 

Owen,(*) Washington G., Major 10th (Johnson's) Kentucky Partisan 

Owen,(*) William Miller, Major 13th Battalion Virginia Artillery; 
Major. Lieutenant-Colonel Washington Artillery, Louisiana. 

Owens,(*) George W., Major 26th Texas Cavalry ; Major of Terrell's 
Regiment Texas Cavalry. 

Owens, (*) Jno. C, Major 9th Virginia InfantrJ^ 

Owens, (*) Robert A., Lieut. Col., Colonel 46th Tennessee Infantry. 

Owens.(*) VVilliam A., Colonel 53d North Carolina Infantry; Lieut. 
Col. llth North Carolina State Troops; Maj'. 34th North Carolina 

Owens, Wm. J., Colonel 3d Mississippi Infantry (or Minute Men) State 

Ownbey,(*) R. L., Major 109th North Carolina Militia. 

Ozier, Josepli D., Lieut. Col. 18th (Newsom's) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Page, John, Major 1st (McCurtain's) Choctaw Battalion. 

Page (*) John C, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Virginia Infantry. 

Page, (*) Powhatan R., Lieut. Col., Colonel 26th Virginia Infantry. 

Page,(*) R. C. M., Majoi' Carter's Battalion Artillery. 

Page,(*) Thomas J., Colonel Page's Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery. 

Paine,(*) P. J., Ma;jor 16th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 

Palmer, F. G., Major, Lieut. Col. Holcombe South Carolina Legion. 

Palmer, John B., Colonel 58th North Carolina Infantry; Lieutenant- 
Colonel 5th Battalion North Carolina Partisan Rangers. 

Palraer,(*) Joseph, Major 14th Battalion Georgia Artillery. 

Palmer,(*) Joseph B., Colonel 18th Tennessee Infantry. 

l'almer,(*) Solomon, Major 19th Alabama Infantry. 

Palmer,(*) William H., Major 1st Virginia Infantry. 

Panky, D. Y., Lieutenant Colonel 1st Missouri Infantry, 1st Division, 
Missouri State Guard. 

Pannill, Joseph, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Virginia Heavy Artillery. 

Pardiie,(*) L. B., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Battalion Mississippi Infantry. 

Pargoud, J. Frank, Colonel 3d (Pargoud's) Louisiana Cavalry. 

Pavham,(*) William Allen, Lieut. Col., Colonel 41st Virginia Infantry. 

Parham, Wm. Thos., Major 16th (Wilson's, also called 21st) Tennessee 
Cavalry ; Major 18th (Newsom's) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Parish, W. N., Lieutenant-Colonel 18th (Carroll's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Park,(*) James M., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 7th Mississippi Cavalry 
(also called 1st Mississippi Partisan Rangers.) 

Park,(*) John W., Major 1st (Fannin's) Georgia Reserves. 


rarker,(*) Trancis M., Colonel 30th North Carolina Infantry. 

Parker, H. S., Major Cavalry Battalion, Waul's Texas Legion. 

Parker, James P., Lientenant-Colonel 1st Mississippi Artillery. 

Parker,(*) Nathan, Major 4tb Kentucky Cavalry. 

Parker,(*) Tully P., Major 26th Mississippi Infantry. 

Parker, William, Lieut. Col. 62d (also called 80th) Tenuessee Infantry. 

Parker,(*) Wm. C, Major 1st Missouri Cavalry. 

Parkes, Benjamin ¥., Major 22d Texas Infautry. 

Parks,(*) Marcus A., Lieut. Col., Colonel .5L'd North Caroilina Infantry. 

Parks, Eobert C. Lieut. Col. 1st Cheiokee Mounted Rifles. 

Parks, Wm. H., Major 2d Infantry Texas State Troo]>s. 

Parr,(*) Lewis J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 38th Georgia Infantry 

(Wright's Georgia Legion). 
Parrish,(*) Henry T., Lieut. Col., Colonel ICth Virginia Infantry. 
Parrish,(*) William, Major 2d (Barteau's, afterwards 22d) Tennessee 

Parrott, James, Major 8th Missouri Cavalry; Lieutenant-Colonel 4th 

Missouri Infantry, 1st Division, Missouri State Guard. 
Parsley,(*) William M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d North Carolina 

Infantry State Troops. 
Parsons, (*) Wm. H., Colonel 12th Texas Cavalry. 
Partiii,(*) Chas. P., Major 3Cth Mississippi Infantry. 
Partlow,(*) Jno. M., Major 20th South Carolina Infantry. 
Partridge, Eobert H., Major 15th Confederate Cavalry. 
Pate,(*) H. Clay, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel oth Virginia Cavalry ; 

Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Battalion Virginia Cavalry. 
Pate, Jno. H., Major 49th Georgia Infantry. 
Patrick, (*) Marsh M., Major 154th Senior Tennessee Infantry. 
Patrick, Wm., Major 17th Battalion Virginia Cavalry. 
Patterson, (*) Jno., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Tennessee Volunteers. 
Patterson, Josiab, Colonel 5th Alabama Cavalry. 

Patterson, (*) Thomas H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 30th Ala. Infantry. 
Patterson,}*) Wm. C, Maj., Lieut. Col. 30th Alabama Infantry. 
Patterson, (*) Wm. K., Colonel 8th Arkansas Infantry. 

Patterson, , Lientenant-Colonel 2d Arkansas Infantry. 

Patton,(*) Archibald K., Lieutenant Colonel 15th (Cleburne's) Arkansas 

Infantry; Lieut. Col. 1st (Cleburne's) Arkansas Infantry. 
Patton,(*) George S., Lieut. Col., Colonel 22d Virginia Inluutry. 
Patton,(*) Isaac W., Col. 21st (Patton's) Louisiana Int^mtry ; Col. 22d 

Louisiana Infantry Consolidated ; Major 23d (after 22d) Louisiana 

Patton, John, Major Extra Cavalry Battalion, 4th Division, Missouri 

State Guard. 
Pattoo,(*) John M., jr., Lieut. Col., Colonel 21st Virginia Infantry. 
Patton,(*) Oliver A., Lieut. Col. Patton's Kentucky Partisan Eangers. 
Patton, Thomas, Colonel 2d Missouri Infantry, 4th Division, Missouri 

State Guard. 
Patton, (*) Waller Tazewell, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 7th 

Virginia Infantry. 
Patton, (*) Wm. S., Lieut. Col, 37th Mississippi Infantry. 
Patty, Obed., Major 10th Arkansas Iniantry. 
Panl,(*) Samuel B., Lieutenant-Colonel 28th Virginia Infantry. 
Paxton,(*) Blisha P., Major 27th Virginia Infautry. 
Payne, John W., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Divis- 
ion, Missouri State Cruard, 


Payne (*) Eobert N., Major, Colonel 33cl Tennessee Infantry ; Major 31st 
(A. H. Bradford's) and 33d Tennessee Infantry Consolidated. 

Payne,(*) William H., Major, Lientenant-Colouel, Colonel 4tli Virginia 

Peacher, , Major 4th Missouri Infantry, 3d Division, Missouri 

State Guard. 

Pencock,Tboinas P., Major 9tb Infantry Georgia State Guard. 

Peak,(*) Wni. W., Major 31st Texas Cavalry. 

Peareey, Andrew J., Lieutenant Colonel 11th Missouri Cavalry, 8tli 
Division, Missouri State Guard. 

Pearcy, Jacob W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 65th Georgia Infantry. 

Pease',(*) Geo. W., Major, Lieut. Col 50th (new) Tennessee Infantry. 

Peatross.(*) Eobert O.', Major 30tli Virginia Infantry. 

Peay,(*) Gordon Isr.,LieuteuaiitColonel Gth Arkansas Infantry. 

Peck,(*) William 11., Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. -Oth Louisiana Infantry. 

Peebles, Thomas H., LieutenautColonel 21th Tennessee Infantry. 

Peebles,(*) Wm.H., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel lltL Georg'ia Infantry. 

Peek, George P., Major 8th Mississippi Infantry. 

Peel,(*) Saml. W., Colonel 4th (Peel's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Pecry,(*) William B., Major oth Mississippi Cavalry. 

Peery, Win. F., Colonel, recruiting Missouri Cavalry Regiment. 

Pegg, Thomas, Major Drew's Cherokee Mounted Uitles (also called 1st 
and 2d Cherokee Mounted Rifles). 

Pegram, Jno., LieutenautColonel 2()th Virginia Infantry (disbanded). 

Pegraui,(*)Wm.G., Major 34th (also called 37th) Mississippi Infantry. 

Pegram, (*) William J., Lieut. Col.Pegram's Battalion Artillery. 

Pegues,(*) Christopher C, Colonel 5th Alabama Infantry. 

Pegues,(*) C. M., Major 29th (also called 28tl)) Louisiana Infnntry. 

Pegaes, Josiah James, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Alabama Cavalry. 

Pence,(*) Thomas W., Major 39th North Carolina Infantry. 

Pelham,(*) John, Major Stuart Horse Artillery, Virginia. 

Pell, James, Lieutenant-Colonel Gth Confederate Cavalry. 

Pemberton, John S., Lieut. Col. 12th Cavalry Georgia St at^ Guard. 

Pender,(*) William D., Colonel 13t.h (formerly 3d) North Carolina In- 
fantry ; Colonel Cth North Carolina Infantry State Troops. 

Pendleton, (*) Albert G., Major 4th Virginia Infantry. 

Pendleton, (*) Edward, Lieutenant Colonel, Col. 15th Louisiana Infantry; 
Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Battalion Louisiana Infantry. 

Pendleton, Joseph H., Major 23d Virginia Infantry. 

Pendleton, (*) P. C, Major 50th Georgia Infantry." 

Pendleton, S.T., Major 19th Va. Miliiia (afterward 2d State Reserves). 

Penn,(*) Davidson 13., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 7th Louisiana Infantry. 

Peiin,(*) John E., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 42d Virginia Infantry. 

Pennington, A. H., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 23d Arkansas Infantry. 

Pennington, (*) William P., Major, Lieut. Col. 4th Louisiana Infantry. 

Peoples, S. J., Major Carlton's Regiment Arkansas Cavalry. 

Pepper, Kufus K., LieutenautColonel 21st (formerly lltb) North Caro- 
lina Infantry. 

Percy, William A., Lieut. Col. 21th Battalion Mississipjji Cavalry. 

Perkins, Lynville J., Major 50th Virginia Infantry. 

Perkins, (*) Saml. \\m., LieutenantColonel 35th (Brown's) -Texas Cav- 
alry; Major 12th Battalion Texas Cavalry. 

Perkins, , Major 6th Missouri infantry, ;id Diviision, Missouri 

State Guard. 

Perrin,(*) Abner, Colonel 14th South Carolina Infantry. 

rerriD,(*) James M., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 1st South Carolina Rifles. 


\'rnii,(*) T»ol)t. O., Colonel lltli Mississippi Oavah-y; Lieuteuaiit- 
Ooloiicl Perriii's Battalion Mississippi State Cavalry. " 

;'errin,(*) Wni. K., Major 26th Virginia Infantry. 

'cviy(*) Edward Ainswortb, Colonel 2d Florida Infantry. 

;'erry,(*) Jolm J., Major 2d (also called 4tb) Mississippi Cavalry. 

'crry, Madison Starke, Colonel 7th Florida Infantry. 

'erry,(*) Stei)hen S., Major 13th Texas Infantry. 

>rry,(*) William F., Major, Lieut. Co!., Col d4th Alabama Infantry. 

?crsoii,(*) IJicliard J., Major oth (Smith's) Confederate Infantry. 

Persnn8,(*) A. W., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 5">th Georgia Infantry. 

?etcrs,(*) William E., Colonel 21st Virginia Cavalry; Lieutenant-Col- 
onel, Colonel 45tb Virginia Infantry; Colonel 2d Infantry Kegiinent 
Virginia State Liin^. 

[\-ttigrew,(*) James J., Colonel 22d (formerly 12th) N. C. Infantry. 

Pcttigresv, James !{., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 34tli (also called 2d^ 
Arkansa Infantry. 

Pettus' (Allen T.) I3attalion Infantry Arkansas State Troops, Series 1, 
Vol. XXXIV, pt. I. 

Poitns, Edmund "W., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 20tb Alabama Infantry. 

Potty, (*) Charles Q., Major 49th North Carolina Infantry. 

Petty,(*) Eobt. E,, Major 35th North Carolina Infantry. 

Pot\Viiy,(*) Oliver C, Lieutenant-Colonel 35th North Carolina Infantry. 

Pi'yton,(*) Chas. S., Major, LieutenautColonel 19th Virginia Infantry. 

Peyton, (*) E. A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Mississippi Infantry; 
Major Peyton's Battalion Cavalry, Mississippi State Troops. 

Peyton, Ilobert L. Y., Colonel 3(1 Missouri Cavalry, Sth Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard. 

Peyton, (*) Thomas G., Major, Lieut.-Col. 15th Virginia Infantry. 

Pfohl,(*) W. J., Major 21st (formerly 11th) North Carolina Infantry. 

Plieelan, William G., Colonel 2d Missouri Infantry, 1st Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard. 

Phifei', Charles W., Major Phifer's Battalion Arkansas Cavalry. 

Phinips,(*) Alex. H., jr.. Major Gth Texas Infantry. 

Pliil ips,{*)Chas. D., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 52d Georgia Infantry. 

Pliillips,(J*) James, Maj. Sth (Burns', changed to Ilth) Missouri Infantry. 

Pliillips, (*) James J.,' Colonel 9tli Virginia Infantry. 

Pl]illips,(*) Jetterson C, Major 3d Virginia Cavalry ; Lieutenant-Col- 
onel, Col. 13th Virginia Cavalry. 

Phi]lips.(*) John Lott, Major 3d Florida Infantry. 

Phillips'. Joseph, Colonel 3d Texas Cavali;j' Eegiment, Arizona Brigade. 

Pliillips,(*) Pleasant J., Colonel 31st (also called 27th) Georgia Intantry. 

Pliillips,(*) Seabortie M , Colonel 10th Mississippi Infantry. 

Phillips, (*) William, Colonel Phillips Georgia Legion; Major Oth Bat- 
talion Cavalry Georgia State Guard. 

Phillips, Wm. S,, Lieutemmt Colonel 47th Georgia Infantry. 

Pbilpott,(*) Benjamin A., LieuU'nant-Colouel I'-ith (also called Sth) 
Texas Infantry. 

Phipps,(*) Frank L., Major 12tli Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 

Phipps,(*) Richard W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 19th Missis- 
sippi Infantry. 

PickeiTs,(*) Samuel B., Lieut. CoL, Colonel 12th Alabama Infantry. 

Pickering, Alfred S., Major 20th Alabama Infantry. 

['iokett,('*) Alexander C, Col. 10th (also called 12th) Missouri Infantry. 

?ickett.(*) Edward, jr., Colonel 21st Tennessee Infantry. 

^ickett,(*) Edward Bradford, Major 25th Texiis Cavalry. 

Pickett, *) George B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Texas Cavalry. 

Pickett,(*) John H., Major 17th Georgia Infantry. 

Pickett, (*) Eichard O., Colonel 10th Alabama Cavalry. 

Pickler, J. P., Major 1st Missouri Cavalry Battalion, 1st Indian Brigad 

Picolet,(*J Arthur, Major 30th Louisiana Infantry. 

Pierce, J. W., Major 1st Choctaw Battalion Cavalry, Mississippi. 

Pierce, (*) Junius J., Major 24th Alabama Infantry. 

Piercey, A. J., Major 1st Missouri Cavalry Battalion, 1st Indian Brigad 

Pierson,(*) David, Major, Lieut. Col. 3d Louisiana Infantry. 

Pillans, Palmer J., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Alabama Militia. 

Pinckard, James S., Major 8th Infantry Georgia State Guard. 

Pinckard,(*) Lucius, Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 14th Alabama Infantr 

Pinckard, (*) Wm. E., Major 61st (also called 59th) Alabama Infantr 

Pinkney,(*) William Elder, Major, Lieut. Col. 8th Battalion Louisiai 

Pindall,(*) Lebbeus A., Major 9th Battalion Missouri Sharpshooters. 
Pindall X. J., Lieut. Col. 5tb Mo. Infantry, 3 Div., Mo. State Guard. 
Pinson(*), E, A., Colonel 1st Mississippi Cavalry. 
Pirtle, M. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 22d Tennessee Infantry. 
Pitman.(*) Eobert. W., Lieuteuaut-Colouel, Colonel 13th Tennessee Ii 

fantry; Lieut. Col. 13th and 154th Tennessee Infantry Consolidate( 
Pitner,(*) Tilmon H., Mfijor 39th Georgia Infantry. 
Pittman, James M., Major 16th Arkansas Infantry. 
Pitts,(*) Fountain E., Colonel 61st falso called 81st) Tennessee Infantr; 
Pixlee,(*) Benjamin T., Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Arkansas Infantry. 
Piatt, Charles A , Lieut. Col., 18th Battalion Infantry Georgia Stat 

Plattsmier,(*) John T., Lieut. Col. 21st (Patton's) Louisiana Infantry. 
Player,{*) Samuel T., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 49th Georgia Infantry 
Pleasants, J. C, Colonel 29th Arkansas Infantry. 
Poage,(*) Alpheus W., Major, Lieut. Col. 4th (also called 5th) Virgini 

Poage,(*) Thomas, Colonel 50th Virginia Infantry. 
Poague,(*) William T., Major Poague's Battalion Artillery. 
Poe,(*) James T., Major 11th Arkansas Infantry ; Major Poe's Bal 

talion Arkansas Cavalry. 
Poe, Wm. T., Major 8th (also called 9th) Alabama Cavalry. ' 
Poe, Wilson W., Acting Major Poe's Battalion Florida Eeserves, Serie 

1, Vol. xxsv, pt. II. 
Poindexter,(*) Parke, Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Virginia Infantry. 
Poindexter, , Colonel 6th Missourilnfantry, 3d Div., Missouri Stat 

Guard. • 
Pointer, Marcellus, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Alabama Cavalry. 
Polk, (*) Cadwallader, Lieut. Col. Hawthorn's Arkansas Infantry. 
Polk, L. E., Colonel 15th (Polk's) Arkansas Infantry. 
Pond,(*) Preston, jr., Colonel 16th Louisiana Infantry. 
Pondor,(*) Willis M., Colonel 12th Missouri Infantry; Lieutenant-Col 

onel 9th (White's, also called 12th) Missouri Infantry; Major 3d Mis 

soun Infantry, 1st Division, Missouri State Guard. 
Pons,(*) John M., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Florida Infantry'. 
Pool,(*) M. L., Major 56th (also called 55th) Georgia Infantry. 
Pool, (*) Stephen D., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 10th Volunteers (Is 

JNorth Carolina Artillery). 
Pool,(*) Thomas W,, Major, Colonel 28th Louisiana Infantry. 
Poore,(*) Eobt. H., Major 14th Virginia Infantry. 
Pope,(*) Henry, Major 7th Mississippi Infantry. 
Pope,(*) Eiddick, Major 5th Arkansas Infantry. 


Pope's Kentucky Battalion, Series 1, vol. ii. 

Porclier,(*) Julius T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 10th South Carolina 

Porter, Bradshaw W., Major 0th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 
Porter, Eilward B., Lieut. Col. 3(1 (Forrest's) Tennessee Cavalry. 
Porter,(*) George C, Major, Coloriel Cth Tennessee Infantry; Colonel 

6th and 9th Tennessee Infantry Consolidated. 
Porter, J. M., Colonel Saint Landry Regiment, Louisiana Militia. 
Porter, John C, Colonel 3d Virginia Artillery. 
Porter,(*) Josei)h C, Colonel 1st Northeast Missouri Cavalry ; Lieut. 

Uol. Green's Cavalry Regiment, 2d Division, Missouri State (iuard. 
Porter, Mitchell T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Alabama Infantry. 
Porterfield,(*) Geo. A., Colonel 25th Virginia Infantry. 
Portis, John W,, Colonel 42d Alabama Infantry. 
Portis, William N., Major Morgan's (also called 2d) Regiment Arkansas 

Portlock,(*) B. E., jr.. Colonel 24th Arkansas Infantry. 
Posey,(*) Carnot, Colonel 16th Mississippi Infantry. 
Postlethwaite, A. J., Lieut. Col. 4th Battalion Mississippi Infantry (or 

minute men) State Troops. 
Pound, Wm. M., Lieut. Col. 12th Battalion Mississippi Partisan Rangers. 
Powel,(*) Samuel, Colonel 29th Tennessee Infantry. 
Powell, D.Lee, Lieutenant Colonel 19th Va. Militia (afterward 2d State 

Powell, Jno. R., Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Alabama Cavalrj'. 
Powell, (*) Richard H., Major 3d Alabama Infantry. 
Powell,(*j Eobt. M., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 5th Texas Infantry. 
Powell, (*) Thomas IS., Major 10th Louisiana Infantry. 
Powell, W. A., Major 2d Georgia Eeserves. 

Powers,(*) Frank P., Colonel 14th (Mitchell's) Arkansas Infantry. 
Powers, Frank P., Col. Powers' Regiment Louisiana and Miss. Cavalry. 
Powers, Thomas, Major 2d Missouri Infantry, 1st Division, Missouri 

State Guard. 
Prados, John B., Major 8th Louisiana Infantry. 
Prather,(*) John S., Major, Lieut. Col. 8th Confederate Cavalry. 
Prentice,(*) Clarence J., Lieut. Col. 7th Confederate Cavalry Battalion ; 

Major M Battalion Kentucky Cavalry. 
Pressley,(*) James F., Lieut. Col., Colonel 10th South Carolina In- 
fantry; Colonel 19th South Carolina Infantry (temporary command). 
Pressley,(*) John G.. Lieutenant-Colonel 25th South Carolina Infantry. 
Presstman,(*) S. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Engineer Eegiment; Major 

Presstmau's Battalion Engineer TrooiJS. 
Prestidge,(*) James S., Major, Lieutenant-C^olonel 22d Miss. Infantry. 
Preston, C. H., Major 5th Infantry Eegiment Virginia State Line. 
Preston, (*) James T., Colonel 4th Virginia Infantry. 
Preston, (*) Jno. Thos. Lewis, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Virginia Infantry. 
Preston, (*) Robert T., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th (also called 5th) Virginia 

Eeserves; Colonel 5th Infantry Regiment Virginia State Line; Col- 
onel 28th Virginia Infantry. 
Preston, (*) William J., Lieutenant Colonel 4th Missouri Cavalry; Major 

Preston's Missouri Cavalry Battalion. 
Prewitt,(*) Eussell G., Major 15th Mississippi Infantry. 
Price, Edwin, Lieut. Col. isi Missouri Infantry, 3d Division, Missouri 

State Guard; Colonel 3d Missouri Infantry, 3d Division, Missouri 

State Guard. 
Price, Felix, Colonel 14th Georgia Iniantry. 
21739 7 


Price,(*) Hawkins F., Major 10th Battalion Mounted Eifles Georgia 
State Guard (also called 9tli Battalion Cavalry Georgia State Guard). 

Price, John A., Major 8th Arkansas Infantry. 

Price, J. v., Colonel 11th Eegiment Georgia State Troops. 

Price, William J., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th JSTorth Carolina Infantry 
State Troops. 

Pride,(*) Kodolphus T., Major, Lieut. Col. 31st (also called 27th) Geor- 
gia Infantry. 

Pridemore,(*) Auburn L., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 64th Virginia 
Mounted Infantry. 

Priest, John W., Lieut. Col. 5th Missouri Infantry Battalion, Missouri 
State Guard. 

Prince, Thomas McC, Ma,ior 22d Alabama Infantry. 

Priutup,(*) Daniel S., Major 55th Georgia Infantrj', 

Prior, John N., Major 4th North Carolina Senior Reserves. 

Pritchard,(*) James A., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 3d (also called 2d) 
Missouri Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Missouri Infantry, 4tli 
Division, Missouri State Guard. 

Pritchard, Solomon S., Lieutenant-Colonel 51st Virginia Militia. 

Pritchard,(*) William E., Lieut. Col. 22d Batt. Georgia Siege Artillery. 

Pritchett, J. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 22d Georgia Infantry. , 

Proftitt,(*) Bacchus S., Major, Lieut. Col. 29th North Carolina Infantry. 

Proffltt,(*) William W., Lieut. Col. 58th North Carolina Infantry. 
• Pi'oskaner, Adolph, Major 12th Alabama Infantry. 

Proveuce,(*) David, Colonel IGth Arkansas Infantry; Lieutenant-Col- 
onel 3d Arkansas Infantry State Troops, 1861. 

Pruden,(*) Wm. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 32d Georgia Infantry. 

Pryor,(*) Moses T., Lieutenant-Ooloriel 4th Kentucky Cavalry. 

Pryor,(*) Koger A., Colonel 3d Virginia Infantry. 

Pryor, Wm. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Virginia Infantry. 

Puckett,(*)Wm. B.C., Major Cavalry Battalion, Phillips Georgia Legion. 

Pullen,(*) E. J., Major 4th Louisiana Infantry. 

Pull.-r,(*) John W., Major 5th Virginia Cavalry. 

Purdie,(*) Thomas J., Lieut.-Col., Colonel 18th (formerly 8th) North 
Carolina Infantry. 

Purdy,(*) Lem., Major 14th Texas Cavalry. 

Purl, James, Major 12th Tennessee Infantry. 

Purves,(*) George, Major 21st (Patton's) Louisiana Infantry. 

Puryear,(*) Jno. B., Major 11th Texas Cavalry. 

Pyles,(*) Lewis G., Major, Lieut.-Col., Colonel 2d Florida Infantry. 

Pyron,(*) Ciiarles L., Major, Colonel 2d Texas Cavalry. 

Q.uarles,(*) Wm. A., Colonel 42d Tennessee Infantry. ' 

Quattlebaum,(*) Paul J., Major 5th Texas Infantry. 

Quattlebaum, Walter, Major 9.d South Carolina State Troops (6 

Quayle,(*) William, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Texas Cavalry. 

Quin, W. Monroe, Major 39th Mississippi Infantry. 

Quinn, D. H., Colonel 2d Mississippi Infantry (or Minute Men) State 

Eadcliffe,(*) James D., Colonel 18th (formerly 8th) North Carolina In- 
fantry ; Colonel 61st North Carolina Infantry. 

Eadford,(*) John T., Lieutenant-Colonel «2d Virginia Cavalry; Major 
4th Infantry Regiment Virginia State Line. 

Eadford,(*) Eichard C. W., Colonel 2d (also called 30th) Virginia Cav- 
alry;. Colonel 1st Infantry Eegiment Virginia State Line. 

Ragsdale,(*) Samuel G., Miijor of Eagsdale's Battalion Texas Cavalry: 
Major of Daly's Battalion Texas Cavalry. 


Eaguet,(*) Henry W., Major 4th Texas Cavalry. 

Eailey, Charles E., Lieuteaant-Colonel Ooufederate Guards, Louisiana 

Eaine,(*)James W., Major 12tli (also called 8th) Texas Infantry. 
Eaiuey,(*) Alexis T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Texas 

Eains,(*) George W., Col. 1st Regiment Local Defense Troops, Augusta, 

Eiuns,(*) James E., Colonel 11th Tennessee Infantry, 
llains, Wm. W., Major list Virginia Militia. 
Eamsaur,(*) Lee M., Major, Lieut. Co!., Colonel 1st Arkansas Mounted. 

Eamsay,(*) David, Major 1st Battalion South Carolina Infantry. 
Eamsay, Whiteford S., Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Georgia Infantry. 
Eamseur, Stephen D., Major 10th North Carolina Volunteers (1st North 

CaroHna Artillery) ; Colonel 49th North Carolina Infantry. 
Eamsey,(*) James N., Colonel 1st Georgia Volunteers (disbanded). 
Eamsey,(*) Win. H., Lieutenant Colonel 57th Virginia Infantry. 
Eaud, 0«car E., Lieutenant-Colonel 2Cth North Carolina Infantry 

Kandal,(*) Ilorace, Colonel 28th Texas Cavalry. 
Eandall, Samuel J., Major 5th Mississippi Infantry (or Minute Men) 

State Troops. 
Eandals,(*) Ben., Major 16th Tennessee Infantry. 
Eandell,(*) Gabriel H., Major 39th Georgia Infantry. 
Eandle, James A., Major of Anderson's Cavalry Texas State Troops. 
Eandle,(*) Thos. G., \iajor 52d Tennessee Infantry. 
Eandolph,(*) E. G., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 9th Louisiana Infantry. 
Eandolph,(*) P. C, Major, Lieut.Col. 7th Alabama Cavalry. 
EaadoIph,,(^) Geo. W^ Colonel 1st Virginia Artillery ; Major Richmond 

Howitzers, Virginia Artillery. 
Eandolph, John L., Major 9th Battalion Texas Partisan Eangers. 
Eaudolph,(*) Peyton, Major 1st Engineer Eegimeut. 
Eaudolph,(*) Eobt., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Virginia Cavalry. 
Eandolph, (*) Wm. Welford, LieutenautColenel 2d Virginia Infantry. 
Eaukin,(*) Nathaniel P., Major 2(jth North Carolina Infantry. 
Eankin,(*) Peter T., Major 4th (Starnes', also called 3d) Tennessee 

Eankin, Eufus M., Major 37th North Carolina Infantry. 
Eankin,(*) Samuel C, Major 45th North Carolina Infantry. 
Eankin,(*) Wm. A., Lieutenant-Colonel 9tii Mississippi Infantry. 
Eankin, (*) William E,, Major 37th North Carolina Infantry. 
Eankin, (*) Wm. S., Major, Lieut. Col. 21st (formerly llth) North Caro- 
lina Infantry. 
Eansom,(*) Matthew W., Lieut. Col., Colonel 1st North Carolina In- 
fantry State Troops ; Colonel 35th North Carolina Infantry. 
Eansom, Eobt, jr., Colonel 9th North Carolina Volunteers (1st N. C. 

Eapley, W. P., Major 3d Battalion Mo. Infantry, 1st Div., Mo. State 

Eaplcy,(*) Wm. P., Major 12th Battalion Arkansas Sharpshooters. 
Eawlings, S. A., Lieut. Col. Eawliugs' Battalion Mo. Infantry, 2d Div., 

Mo. State Guard. 
Eawls, Morgan, Lieutenant-Colonel 54th Georgia Infantry. 
Eaxsdale,(*) Prank M., Major 16th Louisiana Infantry. 
Ray,(*) Duncan W., Lieutenant-Colonel 9th South Carolina Infantry. 


Eay,(*) James M., LieutenaiitOoloiiel 6()fch Nortli Carolina Infantry. 

Ka.yburD,(*) Leander M., Major 8th Texas Cavalry. 

Rayburn, Wm. A., Major 1st (also called lOtli and 20tli) Battalion Mis- 
sissippi Sharpshooters. 

Eea,(*) Constantine, Major 4(ith Mississippi Jnfautry ; Major Eea's Bat- 
talion Mississippi Sharpshooters. 

Eead,(*) J. Harleston, Mnior 21st South Carolina Infantry. 

Eead,(*) John P. W., Major 38th Battalion Virginia Aitillery. 

Eeadins-,(*) Thomas E., Major 19th Mississippi Infantry. 

Eeady,(*) Horace, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 23d Tennessee Infantry. 

Ee(!tor,(*) Frank A., Colonel 1st (Eector's War Regiment) Arkansas 
Volunteers; Colonel 17th (Eector's) Arkansas Infantry; Colonel 
Eector's Arkansas Infantry (13 months). 

Eedden, E. D., Major 26th (O'Neal's) Alabama Infantry. 

Eedding, A. F., Colonel 7th Eegiraent Georgia State Troops. 

Eedditt,(' ) William Antoine, Major 17th Louisiana Infantry. 

Eedwine, Hulum D. E., Major 10th Texas Cavalry. 

Eedwine,(*) Martin C, Major 2d Louisiana Infantry. 

Eedwood, Eichard H., Major 8th (Hatch's, also called 9th) Alabama 

Eedwood, (*) Wm. H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Texas Infantry. 

Eeece,(*) Jno. M., Major 3d Battalion North Carolina Junior Eeserves. 

Eeed, Abner, Maj Perrin's Battalion Mississippi State Cavalry; Major 
11th Mississippi Cavalry. 

Eeed, W. M., Lieut Col. 5th Mississippi Cavalry. 

Eeed, Wyly M., Lieutenant-Colonel 55th Tennessee Infantry. 

Eeeder, Wm. C, Major, Lieut. Col. 26th (O'Neal's) Alabama Infantry. 

Eeedy, Jno. W., Major 3d Arkansas Infantry. 

Eeese,(*) John J., Lieut. Colonel 3d Tennessee Infantry (Prov. Army). 

Eeese, Warren S., Colonel 12th Alabama Cavalry. 

Eeeves,(*) Geo. E., Colonel 11th Texas Cavalry. 

Eeeves, Eichard E., Major 28th North Carolina Infantry. 

Eeeves,(*) Wm. N.,iIajor 4th Batt. Artillery, tlilliiird's Alabama' Legion. 

Eeger, Albert G., Major 25th Virginia Infantry. 

Eeicbard, (*) Augustus, Colonel 20th Louisiana Infantry. 

Eeid, (*) H. J., Lieutenant Colonel 22d Mississippi Infantry, 

Eeid,(*) James S., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Georgia Infantry. 

Eeid, (*) John C, Lieut. Col., Colonel 28th Alabama Infantry, 

Eeid, J. T., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Battalion Georgia Infantry. 

Eeid,(*) L. Wilber, Lieutenant-Colonel 36th Virginia Infantry. 

Eeid, Peter C, Major 2d Virginia Militia. 

Eeid, T. J., Major 2d Arkansas Cavalry. 

Eeid,(*) T. J., jr., Major, Colonel 12th Arkansas Infantry. 

Eeift; A. v., Major, Lieut.^Col. 1st (Pagan's and Monroe's) Arkansas 

Eeilly, James, Major 10th North Carolina Volunteers (1st North Caro- 
lina Artillery). 

Eeily.{*) James, Colonel 4th Texas Cavalry. 

Eeutfro,(*) Wm. H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 27th Georgia Infantry. 

Eepass, W. G., Major 7tli Confederate Battalion. 

Eeves, T., Major Eeves' Missouri Cavalry Battalion. 

Eeynolds, A. D., jMajor Henry's Regiment Virginia Reserves, 

Ecynolds,(*) Alexander W., Colonel 50th Virginia Infantry. 

Eeyuolds,(*) Arthur E., Colonel 26th Mississippi Infantry. 

Eeynolds,(*) Daniel H,, Major, Lieut.-Col., Colonel 1st Arkansas Mounted 

. • 101 

Eeyiiolds,(*) Frauds A., Major, Lient. Col. 39th North Carolina Infantry, 

Eeynolds,(*) Geo. W., Major 29th Mississippi Infantry. 

Eeyiiolds,(*) Flugh A., Major, Lieut. Col. 30th Mississippi Infantry. 

Keynolds, Lemuel M., Lieut. Gol. 1st Chickasaw Cavalry Battalion. 

l{e.vnolds,{*) Reuben O., Major, Colonel 11th Mississippi Infantry. 

Keynokls, Samuel H., Colonel 31st Virginia Infantry; Lieutenant-Col- 
onel 51st Virginia Infantry (declined.) 

Reynolds, Simon D., Major 62d (also called 80th) Tennessee Infantry. 

Reynolds,(*) Win. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 15th (Boone's) Arkansas In- 
fantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 15th (Hobbs') Arkansas Infantry. 

Rbea,(*) James A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 60th (also called 79th) 
Tennessee Infantry. 

Rbett,(*) Alfred, Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 1st South Carolina Artillery. 

Rice,(*) Evan, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 55th Virginia Infantry. 

Eice,(*) Horace, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 29th Tennessee Infantry; 
Colonel nth and 29th Tennessee Infantry Consolidated. 

Eice,(*) Olin F., Colonel 2d Alabama Reserves. 

Rice, P. H., Colonel 3d Confederate Cavalry. 

Eice,(*) Wra. G., Maj., Lieut.-Col. 3d Battalion South Carolina Infantry. 

Eice,(*) Zachariah A., Major Cavalry Battalion, Cobb's Georgia Legion. 

Rich,(*) Lucius L., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Missouri Infantry. 

Eicb,(*) William W., Lieutenant-Colonel Cavalry Battalion, Phillips 
Georgia Legion. 

Eicbards, A. E., Major Mosby's Regiment Virginia Partisan Rangers. 

Eicliards,(*)Daniel T., Lieutenant Colonel 6ijh Virginia Cavalry. 

Eicbards,(*) Jno. S., Major 3d Louisiana Infantry. 

Ricbards,(*) Wm. C, Mafor 9th Battalion Mississippi Sharpshooters ; 
Colonel 9th Mississippi Infantry. . 

Ricliardson,(*) Andrew J., Major 23d Virginia Infantry. 

Richardson,(*) Charles, Major, Lieut. Col. Richardson's Battalion Artil- 
lery ; Major Garnett's Battalion Artillery. 

Ricbardson",(*) George W., Colonel 47th Virginia Infantry. 

Eicbardson,(*) Jesse M,, Major 42d Virginia Infantry. 

Ricbardson, J. M., Major 21st (formerly lltli) North Carolina Infantry. 

Eicbardson,(*) John A., Lieut. Col. 36th North Carolina Volunteers (2d 
North Carolina Artillery). 

Eicbardson,(*) John H., Lieut. Col., Colonel 46th Virginia Infantry; 
Major 39th Battalion Virginia Cavalry ; Col. 179th Virginia Militia. 

Eichardson,(*) John Q., Major 52d North Carolina Infantry. 

Ricbardson, (*) Robert, Colonel 17th Louisiana Infantry. 

Richardson, (*) Robert V., Colonel 12th (also called 1st Partisan Ran- 
gers) Tenn. Cavalry. 

Ricbardson, T. J. M., Col. 3d Cavalry Texas State Troops. 

Richardson, (*) Wm. C, Major 53d Tennessee Infantry. 

Richardson, (*) Wm. J., Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Virginia Infantry. 
■ Ricbmond,(*) -James B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 64th Virginia 
Mounted Infantry. 

Riddick,(*) Richard H., Colonel 34th North Carolina Infantry. 

Rider, B. C, Major 89th Virginia Militia. 

Ridley, Alonzo, Major 3d Texas Cavalry Regiment, Arizona Brigade. 

Riely, J. C, Major 31st Virginia Militia. 

Eierson,(*) John W., Major 53d North Carolina Infantry. 

Riggs,(*) James M., Lieutenant-Colonel 27th Arkansas Infantry. 

Rightor, *) Nicholas H., Lieut. Col. 1st Battalion Louisiana Infantry. 

Riley,(*) Amos C, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Missouri Infantry ; 
Lieut. Col., Col. 1st and 4th Missouri Consolidated. 



Eiley, James, Lieut. Gol. 1st Oboctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Rifles. 

Eingo,(*) D. W., Lieut, Col. Johnson's Regiment Arkansas Infantry. 

Rion,(*) Jas. H., Major 7th Battalion South Carolina Infantry. 

Riorilan, Edward, Major 4th Texas Cavalry Regiment, Arizona Bri- 
gade; Lieut. Col. 1st Texas Cavalry Regiment, Arizona Brigade. 

Ripley,(*) Roswell S., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st South Carolina Artillery 

Division, Missouri State Guard. 
Eobb, Alfred, Lieut. Col. 49th Tennessee Infantry. 
Robbins, W. Black, Major 4th Alabama Infantry, 
Roberts,(*) Calvit, Major Moorman's Battalion Mississippi Cavalry. 
Roberts, Charles M., Major 14th Battalion North Carolina Cavalry. 
Roberts, B., Major 24th Battalion Mississippi Cavalry. 
Roberts,(*) Johii, Lieutenant-Colonel 23d South Carolina Infantry. 
Roberts,(*) Oran M., Colonel 11th Texas Infantry. 
Roberts,(*) Philetus W., Colonel 14th (formerly 4th) North Carolina 

Roberts,(*) R. B., Lieutenant-Colonel 35th (formerly 5th Tennessee, 

Prov. Army) Tennessee Infantry. 
Roberts,(*) Thomas B., Colonel 1st South Carolina State Troops (6 

Eoberts,(*) Wm. P., iVIajor, Colonel 19th North Carolina Volunteers (2d 

North Carolina Cavalry). 
Robertson, A. T., Lieutenant Colonel 22d Tennessee Infantry. 
Robertson, (*) Beverly H., Colonel 4th Virginia Cavalry. 
Robertson, Christo!)her W., Major 60th (old) Tennessee Infantry. 
Robertson, C. S., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st (also called 12th) Confederate 

Robertson, Francis M., Col. 1st Charleston Reserves, South Carolina. 
Robertson, (*) H. G., Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Arkansas Infantry. 
Robertson, (*) James E., Major 20th Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery. 
Robertson, (*) James T., Major, Lieut. Col; 1st South Carolina Rifles. 
Robertson, (*) James W., Colonel 35th Alabama Infantry. 
Robertson, Jerome B., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 5th Texas Infantry. 
Robertson, (*) Jno. C, Lieutenant-Colonel Terrell's Regiment Texas 

Roliertsou, Jno. R.. Major 24th Virginia Cavalry ; Major 32d Battalion 

Virginia Cavalry ; Major 42d Battalion Virginia Cavalry. 
Robertson, Richard J., Major 12th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, 

Missouri State Guard. 
Robertson, (*) Richard L., Major 21st (Patton's) Louisiana Infantry. 
Robins, (*) Josiah, Major 3d Alabama Cavalry. 

Robins,(*) Wm. T., Lieutenant-Colonel 24th Virginia Cavalry ; Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel 40th Battalion Virginia Cavalry ; Lieutenant-Colonel 

42d Battalion Virginia Infantry. 
Robinson, E. C, Colonel 54th Virginia Militia. 
Robinson, Henry C, Colonel 5th Mississippi Infantry (or Minute Men) 

State Troops. 
Robinson, (*) Israel, Lieut. Col. 67th Virginia Militia. 
Robinson, James F., Major 23d (Adams') Arkansas Infantry. 
Robinson, (*) Jno. A., Major, Lieut. Col. 25th Virginia Infantry. 
Robinson, J. W., Major Robinson's Missouri Infantry Battalion, 2d 

Division, Missouri State Guard. 


Eobinson, Walter Calvin, Lieutenant-Colonel 36tli Arkansas Infantry. 

Robinson, William G., Lieut. Col., Colonel 19th North. Carolina Vol- 
unteers (2d North Carolina Cavalry). 

Eobinson, William H.,Col. 12th Georgia Cavalry Georgia State Guard. 

Eobi8on,(*) Wm. D., Colonel 2d Tennessee Infantry (Provisional 

Eockwell, (*) William S., Lieut. Col, 1st Volunteers Georgia. 

Eoclcley,(*) Philip D., Colonel 4th (Eoddey's) Alabama Cavalry, 

Eodes,(*) Eobert E., Colonel 5th Alabama Infantry. 

Eoff, Charles L., Major Bourland's Eegiment Texas Cavalry. 

Eogan,(*) James W., Colonel 30th (Eogau's, also called 39th) Arkansas 
Infantry; Major and Lieut. Col. 30th (McNeill's) Arkansas Infantry; 
Lieut. Col. 30th (Hart's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Eogers, Andrew J., Major 8th North Caroliua Infantry State Troops. 

Eogers, Augustus H., Major 14th Texas Infantry. 

Eogers, B. W., Major 12th Texas Cavalry. 

Eogers,(*) H. A., Major 9th Tennessee Infantry. 

Eogers,(*j Henry A., Major, Lieut. Col. 13th (formerly 3d) North Caro- 
lina Infantry. 

Eogers,(*) George T., Major, Colonel 6th Virginia Infantry. 

Eogers, (*) James A., Major 54th North Carolina Infantry. 

Eogers, Jefferson C, Major 5th Texas Infantry. 

Eogers, Jefferson W., Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Arkansas Infantry. 

Eogers,(*) Juo. B., Major 4th Kentucky Infantry. 

Eogers,(*) John P., Colonel 1st East Tenn. (afterward 5th) Cavalry. 

Eogers.^*) Juo. V.]3., Major 19th North Carolina Volunteers (2d North 
Carolina (Cavalry). 

Eogers, Leonard, Major 1st South Carolina Eifles. 

Eogers, L. M., Major 3d Cavalry Texas State Troops. 

Eogers, (*) Madison, Lieutenant-Colonel 17th Louisiana Infantry. 

Eogers,(*) Matthew E., Major 45th Georgia Infantry. 

Rogers,(*) Sion H., Colonel 47th North Carolina Infantry. 

Eogers,(*) S. St. George, Lieuteuant-Colonel 2d Florida infantry. 

Eogers, W. E., Major 33d Mississippi Infantry. 

Eogers, (*) Wm P., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 2d Texas Infantry. 

Eollins,(*) Eichard D. P., Major 9th Battalion South Carolina Infantry; 
Major Nesbit's South Carolina Infantry Battalion State Troops. 

EomaD,(*) Alfred, Lieutenant Colonel ISth Louisiana Infantry. 

Eonald,(*) Charles A., Colonel 4th Virginia Inftmtry. 

Eoper,(*) James T., Colonel 60th North Carolina Militia. 

Eorer,(*) Walter A., Major, Lieut-Col. 20th Mississippi Infantry. 

Eose,(*) James G., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 61st (also called 81st) 
Tennessee Infantry. 

Eoss,(*) Albert B., Major 20th Georgia Infantry. 

Eoss,(*) D. Lee, Lieutenant-Colonel 15Gth Virginia Militia. 

Eoss(*) Egbert A., Major 11th North Carolina State Troops. 

Eoss,(*) George W., Major 2d Independent Battalion Georgia Infantry. 

Eoss,(*) Jesse A., Major 4th Arkansas Battalion Infantry. 

Eoss,(*) John D. H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 52d Virginia Infantry. 

Eoss,(*) Lawrence S., Major, Colonel 6th Texas Cavalry. 

Eoss,(*) Peter P., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Texas Cavalry. 

Ross,(*) William B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Tennessee Volun- 

Eoss,(*) Wm. E., Lieutenant-Colonel 39th Mississippi Infantry. 
Eoss, William P., Lieutenant-Colonel Drew's Cherokee Mounted Eitles 
(also called 1st and 2d Mounted Eifles). 


Eosscr,(*) J. Travis, Major 10th Virgiaia Cavalry. 

Eosser, Thomas H., Lieut.-Ool.,Ool. 1st Mo. Infantry, 8th Div., Mo. State 

Eosser,(*) Thomas L., Colonel 5th Virginia Cavalry. 
Eosser's Battalion Missouri Infantry, Series 1, Vol. x, pt. ii. 
Eountree. 0. N., Colonel 8th Georgia Militia. 
Eouutree,(*) Lee C, Major 13th Texas Infantry; Major 35th (Brown's) 

Texas Cavalry. 
Eountree, (*) Thomas H., Major llth Texas Infantry. 
Eouse, Napoleon B., Lieut.-Col. 22cl Alabama Infantry. 
Eouse, E. A., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d South Carolina State Troops. 
Eowan, (*) John A., Colonel 62d (also called SOfch) Tennessee Infantry. 
Eowan,(*) Johr, M., Col. 108th Va. Militia ; Col. l.S9th Va. Militia. 
Eowan, (*) Wm. S., Major 60th Virginia Infantry. 
Eowe,(*) David P., Major 12th (formerly 2d) North Carolina Infantry. 
Eowell,(*) Cornelius D., Major 26th South Carolina Infantry. 
Eowland, Alexander M., Major 1st Georgia Light Duty Men, Macon, Ga. 
Rowley, E. P., Major 1st Battalion Engineers. 
Eoyston,(*) Young L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel -8th Alabama 

Eucker,(*) Edmund W., Major 16th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry; 

Colonel Eucker's (1st Tennessee) Legion Cavalry. 
Eudler,(*) Anthony P., Major 3d Battalion Georgia Infantry; Colonel 

37th (^eorgia Infantry. 
Eudolph, John B., Major 10th Confederate Cavalry. 
Eufif, S. Z., Lieutenant-Colonel. Colonel 18th Georgia Infantry. 
Euffner, (*) Henry D., Major 26th Va. Cavalry; Ma;jor 46th Battalion 

Virginia Cavalry. 
Euf6n, Shep., Major 18th Alabama Infantry. 
Euflin,(*) Thos , Major, Lieut.-Col., Col. 9th North Carolina Volunteers 

(1st North Carolina Cavalry). 
Euflfin,(*) Thomas, jr., Lieutenant-Colonel 13th (formerly 3d) North 

Cai-oliua Infantry, 
liunnels, Hal. G., Major 2d Texas Infantry. 

Eusk,(*) James E., Colonel Cherokee Legion Georgia State Guard, 
!!ussell,(*) Alfred A., Col. 4th (liussell's) Alabama Cavalry ; Major 7th 

Alabama Infantry (12 months) ; Lieutenant-Colonel 15th Battalion 

Tennessee Cavalry. 
l*ussell,(*) Daniel E., Colonel 20th Mississippi Infantry. 
Liussell,(*) John E., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 34th (also called 2d 

Partisans) Texas Cavalry. 
* ;;ussell,(*) Eobt. Milton, Colonel 12th Tennessee Infantry; Colonel 15th 

(Eussell's, also called 20th) Tennessee Cavalry. 
Uussell,(*) Samuel D., Major, Lieut.-Col., Colonel 3d Louisiana Infantry. 
Itussell,(*) W. Lee, Major 22d (formerly 12th) North Carolina Infantry. 
ilust,(*) Albert, Colonel 3d Arkansas Infantry. 
Uust,(*) Armistead Thomson Mason, Colonel 19th Virginia Infantry. 
Uuth, Fred., Major 3d Mo. Infantry, 8th Div., Mo. State Guard, 
Uutherford, James, Lieut.-Col. 7th Arkansas Infantry. 
itutherford,(*) Wm. D., Maj., Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 3d South Caro- 
lina Infantry. 
Uutledge,(*) B. Huger, Colonel 4th South Carolina Cavalry. 
liutledge,(*) Henry M., Major, Lieut.-Col., Colonel 25th (formerly 15th) 

North Carolina Infantry. 
Eyals,(*) Henry J., Major 50th North Carolina Infantry. 
ltyan,(*) John, Lieutenant-Colonel 17th Alabama Infantry (temporary 



llyan, John J., Oolouel lltli South Oavoliua Jiesorves. 

Kyiiii, Win. A., Major 18th Texas Caviilry. 

K>laiider,(*) John E., Major 10th (also called 3d) Battalion Georgia 

Sadler, Lucian P., Major 5tli South Carolina State Troops. 

St. John, Columbus B., Major 48th Alabama Infantry. 

St Paul,(*) Henry, Acting Major 7th Battalion Louisiana Infantry. 

Safiell,(*) Kichard M., Major, Colonel 26th Tennessee Infanti-y. 

Sale, Melville W., Major iith (also called 10th) Alabama Cavalry. 

Salisbury, William L. Colonel 5th Infantry Georgia State Guard; 
Major 5th Georgia Infantry. 

Salyer,(*) Logan H. iT., Major, Lieut.Col. 50th Virginia Infantry. 

Sanderlin, Willis B., Major 68th North Carolina Infantry. 

Samuel, (*) D. Todd, Major, Lieut. Col. 3d Battalion Missouri Cavalry; 
Major 1st Missouri Infantry, 5th Division Missouri State Guard. 

Sanders, (*) C. C, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 24th Georgia Infantry. 

Sanders,(*) Edward J., Major 9th Mississippi Cavalry ; Major 17th 
Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 

Sanders,(*) Jno. C. C, Colonel 11th Alabama Infantry. 

Sanders, (*) llichard C, Lieut. Col. 25th Tennessee Infantry. 

Sanders, Wm. C, Major 45th Virginia Infantry. 

Sanders,(*) Valerius P., Major 15th Texas Cavalry. 

Sandford,(*) Thos. B., Major 9th (White's, also called 3d and 12th) 
Missouri Infantry. 

Sands, (*) Kobert M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Alabama Infantry. 

Sanford,(*) John W. A., Colonel -COth Alabama Infantry; Lieut. Col. 
3d Battalion Infantry, Hilliard's Alabama Legion. 

Saufley,(*) W. P., Major of Saufley's Scouting Battalion, Texas. 

Saunders, (*) Andrew D., Major 55th Virginia Infantry. 

Saunders, James P., Colonel 1st Missouri Infantry, 5th Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard. 

Saunders,(*) Joseph Bf., Major, Lieut. Col. 33d North Carolina Infantry. 

Saunders, Samuel H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 42d Virginia Infantry. 

Sannders,(*) Wm. A., Major 9th Virginia Militia; Major 87th Virginia 

Saunders, William L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 46th North 
Carolina Infantry. 

Saunders, Xenophon B,, Major ICth Texas Infantry. 

Savage, Alexander, Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Virginia Cavalry. 

Savage,(*) Edward, -Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d North Carolina In- 
fantry State Troops. 

Savage, James H., Major 19th Alabama Infantry. 

Savage,(*) John H., Colonel 16th Tennessee Infantry. 

Sawyer,(*) Benjamin P., Major, Lieut. Col. 24th Alabama Infantry. 

Sayers, A., Major 2d Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri State 

Sayles, John, Colonel 4th Infantry Texas State Troops. 

Scaife,(*) Ferdinand, Lieutenant-Colonel 18th South Carolina Infantry. 

Scaife, J. W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 2d Arkansas Infantry. 

Scales, Alfred M., Col. 13th (formerly 3d) North Carolina Infantry. 

Scales, Joseph A., Major Cherokee Battalion. 

Scales,(*) Junius I., Lieut. Col., Colonel 30th Mississippi Infantry. 

Schaller,(*) Frank, Lieut. Col., Colouel 22d Mississippi Infantry, 

Schenck,(*) Henry F., Major 6Gth North Carolina Infantry. 

Schlater, Gervais, Major 1st Louisiana Cavalry. 

Schnable, J. A., Colonel in Shelby's Division 1864. 

Scoggiiis, L. Cx., Major 3d Battalion Cavalry Texas State Troops. 

Scott,(*) Andrew V., Major 23d Virginia Infantry. 

Scott, (Jliarles L., Major 4th Alabama Infantry. 

Scott, George W., Major, Lieut. Gol. 5tli Battalion Florida Cavalry. 

Scott,(*) H. C, Major Jackson Hospital Battalion, Virginia Infantry. 

Scott,(*) John, Major 24th Battalion Partisan Bangers. 

Scott, John, Colonel, Virginia and Arkansas in 1863. 

Scott,(*) John S., Colonel 1st Louisiana Cavalry. 

Scott,(*) Joseph v.. Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Virginia Infantry. 

Scott, R., Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Battalion Arkansas Infantry. 

Scott,(*) ThaddeusB., Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Georgia Infantry. 

Scott,(*)Tbomas M., Colonel 12th Louisiana Infantry. 

Scott,(*) Winfrey B., Major 19th Louisiana Infantry. 

Scott,(*) Wm. C, Colonel 44th Virginia Infantry. 

Scott,(*) Wm. L., Lieutenant Colonel 21st (formerly 11th) North Car- 
olina Infantry. 

Scott,(*) Wm. W., Major 1st Special Battalion Florida Infantry ; Lieut. 
Col. 10th Florida Infantry. 

Scott, Colonel 8th Regiment, 3d Brigade, Georgia State Troops. 

Screven, {*) Jobn, Major 18th Battalion Georgia Infantry. 

Screven, (*) Thomas E., Major, Lieut. Col. 2d South Carolina Cavalry. 

Scruggs, (*) D. E., Major, Lieut. Col. 2d Virginia Battalion Local De- 
fense, (Quartermaster's); Colonel 2d Regiment Infantry Local Defense 

Scrnggs,(*) Lawrence H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Alabama 

Scurry(*) William R., Lieutenant Colonel 4th Texas Cavalry. 

Seago,(*) Eli M., Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Georgia Infantry. 

Seaie, Elias T., Major 13th Texas Cavalry. 

Searcy. (*) Anderson, Colonel 45th Tennessee Infantry. 

Seawell,(*) William H., Major, Lieat.Col. 21st Virginia Militia. 

Sears,(*) Claudius W., Colonel 46th Mississippi Infantry. 

8ecrest,(*) Andrew J., Lientenant-Colonel6th South Carolina Infantry ; 
Colonel 6th South Carolina Reserves. 

Si'ddon.(*) John, Maj. 1st Battalion Virginia Infantry (Regulars). 

Seibels,(*) Emmet, Major Lieut. Col. 7th South Carolina Infantry. 

Seibels, John J., Colonel 6th Alabama Infantry. 

Seibert,(*) Jaines H., Colonel 3d Virginia Militia. 

Self,(*) David W., Major 17th Louisiana Infantry. 
'Semmes,(*) Paul J., Colonel 2d Georgia Infantry. 

Senceudiver,(*) Jacob, Colonel 67th Virginia Militia. 

Senteny,(*) Pembroke S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d (Burbridge's, 
also called 1st) Missouri Infantry. 

Settle, Marcus George, Lieut. Batt'n Inf. Texas State Troops. 

Settle, Thomas, Colonel 21st (formerly lltb) North Carolina Infantry 
(appointment declined). 

Sevier, Theodore F., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Tennessee Volunteers. 

Seyuiour,(*) Isaac G., Colonel 6th Louisiana Infantry. 

Shaaft;(*) Arthur, Major 1st Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters. 

Shackelford, (•*) Thaddeus H., Major 4th Confederate Infantry; Major, 
Lieutenant-Colonel 54th Alabama Infantry. 

Shackleford,(*)Jno.C., Lieut. Col. IstTennessee Infantry (Prov. Army). 

Shacklett,(*) A. R., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Kentucky Infantry. 

Shacklett, , Major Green's Missouri Cavalry Regiment, 2d Divis- 
ion, Missouri State Guard. 

Shaler,(*) James R., Colonel 27th Arkansas Infantry. 


Shall,(*) David F., Major 3d Arkansas Cavalry. 

Shanks, David, Maior, LieutenantOolonel Jackson Oouutj Cavah_\ 
(afterwards 12tli), Miasonri; Colonel 12th Missouri Cavalry. 

Shannon, (*) Denman W., Major, Lieut. Col. 5tli Texas Cavalry. 

Sbannou,(*) George W., Lieutenant-Colonel llth Mississippi Infantry. 

Shannon, (*) James J., Lieutenant- Col on el 16th Mississip))i Infantry. 

Shannon, (*) Peter J., Major, Lieut. Col. 15th Georgia Infantry. 

Shannou,(*) Samuel E., Major, Lieut. Col. 24th Tennessee Infantry. 

Sharp,(*j Jacob H., Colonel 44th Mississippi Infantry. 

Shari), John J. A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 23d Georgia Infantry. 

Sharp,{*) Samuel, Major 31st (A. H.Bradford's) Tennessee Infantry. 

Sharp, Thomas H,, Major, Lieut. Col. 17th (formerly 7th) North Carolina 

Sharpe,(*) Geo. W., Major 38th North Carolina Infantry. 

Shaver, M. V., Major Freeman's Missouri Cavalry Regiment. 

Shaver,(*) R. G., Colonel 7th Arkansas Infantry; Colonel 38th Arkansas 

Shaw,(*) A. J., Major 10th South Carolina Infantry. 

Shaw,(*) Henry M., Colonel 8th North Carolina Infantry State Troops. 

Shaw,(*) Jo., Major of Hamilton's Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 

Shaw,(*) Thos. P., Lieut. Col., Colonel I9th South Carolina Infantry. 

Shaw, Wm. A., Lieutenant-(!olonel 49th Tennessee Infantry. 

Shawhau, John, Major 1st Battalion Kentucky Cavalry. 

Slie.a,(*) Daniel D., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th (Hobby's) Texas Infantry. 

Shearon,(*) Thomas R., Major 47th Tennessee Infantry. 

Sheco, Martin, Lieutenant-Colonel Chickasaw Cavalry Battalion. 

Shedd,(*) James N., Major 22d South Carolina Infantry ; Lieutenant- 
Oolonel Cth South Carolina Reserves. 

Sheffield, (*) James L., Colonel 48th Alabama Infantry. 

Sliefifield, Pliny, Major, Lieut.-Col. 50th Georgia Infantry. 

Shelby,(*) Joseph O., Colonel 5th Missouri Cavalry. 

Shelby,(*) W. B., Colonel 39th Mississippi Infantry. 

Shelley, Charles M., Colonel 30th Alabama Infantry. 

Shelley,(*) James E., Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Alabama Infantry. 

Shelley,(*) J. D., Lieutenant-Colonel llth Battalion Louisiana Infantry. 

Shelor,(*) Wm. B., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 54th Virginia Infantry. 

Shelton,(*) Edward O., Lieutenant-Colonel 5Lst Tennessee Infantry. 

8helton,(*) Wm. D., Major 14th Virginia Infailtry. 

Shepard,(*) James E., Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Texas Infantry. 

Shepard,(*) Samuel G., Major, Lieut.-Col. 7th Tennessee Infantry. 

Shepherd, P. B., Lieutenant Colonel 5th Battalion Alabama Infantry 
(temporarv commander). 

Shepherd, William S., Major, Lieut. Col. 2d Georgia Infantry. 

Sherburne, H. Newton, Major 18th (also called 10th) Battalion Louis- 
iana Cavalry. 

Sherrard,(*) John B., Major 13th Virginia_Infantry. 

Sherri!l,(*) L. J., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th is^entucky Infantry. 

Shied, (*) Henry S., Lieutenant-Colonel 44th Tennessee Infantry. 

Shields, John P., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Virginia Artillery, Local De- 
. fcnse Troops. 

8hields,(*) Thomas, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Batt. Louisiana Infantry; 
Lieutenant-Colonel 3()th Louisiana Infantry. 

Shingler,(*) W. Pinkney, Colonel 7th South Carolina Cavalry ; Lieut.- 
Col., Col. Holcombe South Carolina Legion. 

Shiiiholsor,(*) .John W., Major 57th (also called 54th) Georgia Infantry. 

Shipley, James S., Major 61st Virginia Militia. 


Shipp,(*) Scott, Major 21st Virginia Infantry 

8hivers,(*) James A., MajorTth Battalion Cavalry Georgia State Guard. 

Shivers,(*) Wm. E., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Louisiana 

Shober,(*) Charles E., Major 4otli North Carolina Infantry; Lieut.-Col. 
2(1 Battalion, North Carolina Infantry; Colonel 7th Eegime at North 
Carolina Reserves. 

Shoft'ner, Martiu, Major 34th North Carolina Infantry. 

Shooter, Washington P., Lieutenant-Colonel Ist South Carolina In- 
fantry (Prov. Army). 

Shorter, Eli S., Lieut. Col. 18th Alabama Infantry. 

Shotwell, Keubeu H., Lieutenant-Colonel 35th Mississippi Infantry. 

Shoup, Francis A., Major Shoup's Battalion Arliausas Artillery. 

Showalter,(*) Daniel, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Texas Cavalry Eegiment, 
Arizona Brigade. 

Shriver,(*) Daniel M., Major, Lieut. Col. 27th Virginia Infantry. 

Shryoclv,(*) Ciiarles E., Colonel 51st Virginia Militia. 

Shiiler, Alfred, Major 18th South Carolina Militia. 

Shuler, AVilliam, Lieutenant-Colonel 11th (also called 9th) South Caro- 
lina Infantry. 

Shv,(*) Wm. M., Major. Lieut. Col., Colonel 20th Tennessee Infantry. 

Sibert,(*) James H., Colonel 3d Virginia Militia, 7th Brigade. 

Sigwald, (*) C. B., Major 24th South Carolina Infantry. 

Siiies,(*) Jesse H., Major 10th Georgia Cavalry; Major 7th Confederate 

Siler, Thaddeus P., Major 7th North Carolina Cavalry Battalion; Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel 65th North Carolina Volunteers (tJth N. C. Cavalry). 

Sillers,(*) William W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 30th North Carolina 

Silver,(*) Samuel M., Lieutenant-Colonel 58tli North Carolina Infantry. 

Simington, Thomas S., Lieutenant-Colonel 25tli (also called .{Oth) Ar- 
kansas Infantry. 

Simkin8,(*) .lohn C, Major, Lieutenant Colonel 3d South Carolina Ar- 
tillery (1st South Carolina Regulars or Enlisted Men). 

Simmons, (*) John S., Major 1st JVIississippi Cavalry. 

Simmons, (*) Thomas J., Lieut. Col., Colonel 45th Georgia Infantry. 

Simmons, William E., Major 3d Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters. 

Simras, Gilmore F., Licutenaiit-Oolouel 77th Virginia Militia. 

Simms, James P., Major, Colonel 53d Georgia Infantry. 

Simms, William B,, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Kentucky Cavalry Bat- 

Simonton,(*) Absalom K., Major 4th North Carolina Infantry State 

Simonton,(*) Charles H., Colonel 25th South Carolina Infantry ; Major 
11th Battalion South Carolina Infantry. 

Simonton, (*) JohnM., Colonel 1st Mississippi Infantry. 

Simpson, (*) Robert H., Major 17th Virginia Infantry. 

Simpson,(*) William D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel l'4th South Carolina 

Simrell,^) Eli D., Major 28th Tennessee Infantry. 

Sims,(*) John, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 21st Mississippi Infantry.- 

Sims, R., Colonel i2th Cavalry Georgia State Troops. 

Sims, Thomas W., Major 53d Georgia Infantry. 

Siins,(*) Wm. B., Colonel 9th Texas Cavalry. 

Siuclair,(*) James, Colonel 35th North Carolina Infantry. 

Sinclair,(*) Jefferson, Major 32d Virginia Infantry. 


inclair,(*) Peter J., Major, Lieutenaut-Oolonel 5tli North Carolina lu- 
fautry State Troops. 

iiiigeltary,(*) Alfred A., Major 9th Louisiana Infantry. 

ius'eltary,(*) George B., Colonel 44th North Carolina'lufantry ; Colonel 
27tli North Carolina InfaTitry. 

iingeltary,(*) Eichard W., Lieutenant-Colonel 27th iiJorth Carolina 

iingeltary,(*) Thomas, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 27th North Carolina 
Infantry; Colonel 44th North Carolina Infantry. 

iinglelon, , Lieut.-Col. 4th Missouri Infantry, 3d Div., Mo. kState 


iipe,(*) Emanuel, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Virginia Militia, 7th Brigade. 

iki;lton,(*) John H., Major ICth Georgia Infantry. 

Ikillern, David S., Lieutenant-Colonel 54th Tennessee Infantry. 

ikinner,(*) Frederick G., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Vir- 
ginia Inlantry. 

Ikianer,(*) James H., Lieut.-Col.. Colonel 53d Virginia Infantry, 

ikiinier,(*) Tristiui L., Major 1st North Carolina Infantry State Troops. 

ilaton, Wni. F., Major 37th Alabama Infantry. 

)laughter,(*) John N., Major 34tli Alabama Infantry. 

Slaughter, J. T., Lieut. Col. 5Cth (also called 55th) Georgia Infantry. 

;iaughter,(*_) Miles M., Major 5th Battalion Cavalry, Hilliard's Ala- 
bama Legion; Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Confederate Cavalry. 

)laughter,(*) Philips Peyton, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 5Gth Virginia 

(laughter, "W. M., Colonel 51st Georgia Infantry. 

Slayback, Alonzo W., Colonel 5th Mo. Infantry (Mounted), 5th Div., 
Mo. State Guard. 

)lemons,(*) W. F., Colonel 2d Arkansas Cavalry. 

)leuip,(*) Campbell, Lieutenant-Colonel 21st Battalion Virginia In- 
fantry; Colonel 64th Virginia Mounted Infantry. 

Sloan, John, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 27th North Carolina Infantry. 

Sloan, (*) John B. E., Colonel 4tb South Carolina Infantry. 

Sloan^f*) Thomas, Lientenant-Colonel 53d Georgia Inlantry. 

Slougli,(*) Nelson, Major, Lieut. Col. 20th (formerly 10th) North Caro- 
lina Infantry. 

Slover, Thomas IL, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 5th Missouri Cavalry, 
8th Division, Missouri State Guard. 

iiiiead, Abner, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Georgia Infantry ; Major 
19th .Mississippi Infantry. 

imead, H. P., Col. 19th (Smead's and Dockery's) Arkansas Infantry. 

imitb, Abraham, Major 77th Virginia Militia. 

liuitli,(*) Albert W., Mai<ir 25th Georgia Infantry. 

lMiitli,(*) Alex. D., Colonel 26th South Carolina Infantry; Lieut. Col. 
9th Batalion South Carolina Infantrj\ 

iUiitli,(*) Andrew J., Major 57th Virginia Infantry. 

iniith,(*) Ashbei, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 2d Texas Infantry. 

imith, * Augustus M., Major, Lieut. Col. 1st South Carolina Infantry 
(Provisional Army). 

mitli,(*) B. Burgh,' Major 11th (also called 9th) South Carolina Infan- 
try ; Major 2d Battalion South Carolina Sharpshooters. 

iJiitli,(*) B ixter. Major 7th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry ; Colonel Sth 
(Baxter Smith's, also called 4th) Tennessee Cavalry; Major Spdier's 
Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 

mith, Caleb, Major 49th Virginia Infantry. 

niith, Caraway, Colonel 2d Florida Cavalry. 

Sinitb,(*) Charles, Colonel 39th Virginia Infantry. 

Smith, (*) Dennis, Major 4th Missouri Cavalry. 

Smith, D. Howard, Colonel 5th Kentucky Cavalry. 

Smith, Drewry H., Major 39th Alabama Infantry. 

Smith, (*) Edwin K, Maj., Lieut. Col. liDth Virgiua Infantry. 

Smith, (*) Erastus, Major 12th (also called 8th) Texas Infantry. 

Smith, E. S., Major, Lieutenant-ColonellOth (also called 11th) Battalion 
Tennessee Cavalry. 

Smith, (*) Francis H., Colonel 9th Virginia Infantry. 

Smith,!*) Francis W., Major 41st Virginia Tnfahtry. 

Smith, Frederick C, Major 24th Georgia Infantry. 

Smith, (*) Frederick F., Major 17th Virginia Cavalry. 

Smith, (*) Gaynes C, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Alabama Infantry. 

Smith, (*) George A., LieutenautColonel, Colonel 1st Confederate In- 
fantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 36th (Villepigne's) Georgia Infantry, 

Smith, (*) George H., Colonel 2oth Virginia Infantry ; Colonel CJd (also 
called 1st Partisan Rangers) Virginia Infantry. 

Smith, Gid., Colonel 2d Cavalry Texas State Troops. 

Smith, H. H., Major 3d Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters. 

Smith, Isaac ]S., Major 22d Virginia Infantry. 

Smithi J. Alexander, Major 9th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard. 

Smirh, (*) James A., Colonel oth (Smith's, also called 9th) Confederate 
Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Tennessee Vol unt(;ers. 

Smith, James M., Ma,jor, Lieut. Col., Colonel 13th Georgia Infantry. 

Smith, (*) James T., Major, Lieut. Col. 2d Arkansas Mounted Rifles. 

Smith, J. F., Colonel 2d Cavalry Mississippi State Troops. 

Smith, (*^ J. M., Colonel 11th Arkansas Infantry. 

Smith, ,Tohn, Major 5th Arkansas Cavalry. 

Sniith, John A., Lieutenant-Colonel 30th Tennessee Infantry. 

Smith, Jno. B., Major 30th Alabama Infantry. 

Smith, Jno. F., Major 31st (A. H. Bradford's) Tennessee Infantry. 

Smitli,(*) John F., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 8th Mississippi Infantry. 

Smith, John H. A., Major Oth (also called 13th) Battalion Va. Reservts. 

Smith, John J., Major 2d Missouri Cavalry ; Major 4th Battalion Mis- 
souri CaviUry; Colonel 2d Missouri Cavalry, 1st Division, Missouri 
State Guard. 

Smith, John R., Major Cavalry Battalion, Want's Texas Legion. 

Smith, (*) Jno. T., Major 13th Alabama Infantry. 

Smith, Josei)h A., Lieut. Col. 35th Tennessee) Infantry. 

Smith, (*) Joseph T., Major 9th (also called 17th) Battalion Georgia In- 
fantry; Major 15th Georgia Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 37th Geor- 
gia Infantry. 

Smith, J. Waverly, Lieutenant-Colonel 18th Mississippi Cavalry ; 
Lieut.Col. Chalmers' Consolidated Regiment Mississipi)i Cavalry. 

Smith, Levi B., Colonel 27tli Georgia Infantry. 

Smith, (*) jMarshall J., Colonel Crescent Regiment Louisiana Infantry. 

Smith, (*) Martin L., Colonel 21st (Patton's) Louisiana Infantry. 

Smith, (*) Maurice T., Lieut.Col. 55th North Carolina Infantry. 

Smith, M. B., Major 115th Virginia Militia. 

Smith, Moses vV., Major Oth (after 11th) Missouri Cavalry ; Colonel 
11th Missouri Cavalry; Major 2d Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, 
Missouri State Guard; Major Oth Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, 
Missouri State (Juard. 

Smith, M. Whitt, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Florida Infanti-y. 

Smith, P. R., Lieutenant-Colonel 19th (Dawson's) Arkansas Infantry. 


mith,(*) Preston, Colonel 154th Senior Tennessee Infantry. 

mith, Eaphael, Major Franklin's Northeast Missouri Eegimcnt; Major 
2d Northeast Cavalry. 

inith, Robert, Lieut. Col. 6th (also called I3th) Virginia Reserves. 

inith,(*) Robert A., Colonel 10th Mississi|)pi Infantry. 

mith, Robert A., Colonel 44th Georgia Infantry. 

mith,(*) Robert C, Lieut. Col. 1st Maryland Cavalry ; Major Ist Bat- 
talion Maryland Cavah^y. 

mith,(*) Robert H., Colonel 3Gth Alabama Infantry. 

mith,(*) Robert S., Major 4th Georgia Infantry. 

mith,(*) Samuel G., Major, Colonel 6th Arliansas Infantry. 

mith, Samuel W., Major 3d Arkansas Infantr3\ 

mitb, Sumner J., Colonel Smith's Georgia Legion ; Colouel Smith's 
Regiment (also called 1st Georgia Partisan Rangers) ; Colonel C5th 
Georgia Infantry. 

imith,(*) Thomas, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 36th Virginia Infantry. 

imith,(*) Tiios. B., Colonel 20th Tennessee lafautry. 

imitli, Tlieophilus J., Major, Lieut. Col. 15t-,h Georgia Infantry. 

lmith,(*) Timoleon, Major 56th Virginia Infantry. 

imith,(*) T. McGehee, Major 45th North Carolina Infantry. 

imitii,(*) William, Colonel 49th Virginia lufantry. 

imith,(*) William D., Major 1st Georgia Regulars; Colonel 20th Geor- 
gia Infantry. 

Imith,(*) Wm. G., Major, Lieut. Col. 28th and 84th Tennessee lufantry 
Consolidated; Major 84th Tennessee Infantry. 

imith,(*) Wm. M., Major 2d (Ashby's) Tennessee Cavalry, 

imith',(*) Wm. R., Major 62d (also called 80th) Tennessee Infantry. 

iinitli, William T., Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Alabaina Infantry. 

Imitb, W. R., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d (Smith's) Alabama Battalion. 

Imitbeaj, Green W.,* Major 51st Tennessee Infantry (declined). 

Imizer, (*) John W., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th (Mitchell's) Missouri In- 
fantry ; Major 7th Battalion Missouri Infantry. 

imyth, J. S., Acting Major Smyth's Mississippi Cavalry Battalion. 

inapp,(*) James P., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 61st (a]so called 81st) 
Tennessee lufantry. 

iuead,(*) Claiborne, Lieuteuant-Colonel 3d Georgia Infantry. 

inider,(*) Henry G., Major Snider's Battalion Missouri Cavalry. 

noilgrass,(*) John, Lieut.-Col. 16th (also called 4th) Battalion Alabama 
Infantry; Colonel 55th Alabama Infantry. 

nodgrass,(*) Robt. B., Major 24th Battalion Alabama Cavalry. 

uowdeu,(*) Robert B., Lieuteuant-Colonel 25th Tennessee Infantry. 

nyder,(*) Peter, Lieuteuant-Colonel 6th Arkansas Infantry; Lieuten- 
ant-Colonel, Colonel 7th Arkansas lufantry. 

omervell, William J., Major 2(1 Arkansas Cavalry. 

orcy, William F., Major 1st Regiment North Carolina Detailed Men. 

onl6,(*) Geo., Lieut. Col. Crescent Regiment Louisiana Infantry. 

outherland,(*) Samuel H,, Major 18th (Carroll's) Arkansas Infantry. 

owell,(*) Wm. J., Lieut. Col. 48th (Voorhies') TeJinessee Infantry. 

paight,(*) Ashley W., Lieut. Col. llth Batt. Texas Cavalry and In- 
fantry ; Colonel 21st Texas Infantry. 

palding,(*) Charles. Lieut. Col. 1st Battalion Georgia Cavalry. 

pann,(*) John J., Major 65th North Carolina Volunteers (6th North 
Carolina Cavalry). 

parrow, Thomas, Major 10th North Carolina Volunteers (1st North 
Carolina Artillery). 

paulding, J. W., Lieuteuant-Colonel 60th Virginia Infautry. 


Spaulding, E., Colonel 29tli Georgia Infantry. 

Spears, Jolui A., Colonel 52d North (Carolina Militia. 

Sneer,(*) Alexander M.. Major 46tLi Georgia Intantry. 

Speer,(*) Win. H. A., Major, LieutenautColouel, Colonel 28tli Nortli 

Carolina Infantry. . ^ „ , ^ ^ ,„ ■ , , 

Speiglit,(*) J. W., Colonel 15th Texas Infantry; Lieut. Col. 1st (fepeiglit's) 

Battalion Texas Infantry. 
Spence,(*) Jno. M., Major 50tli Georgia Infantry. 
Spence,(*) Philip B., Lieutenant-Colonel 12th (Armistead's, also called 

12th Confederate Cavalrv) Mississippi Cavalry. 
Spencer,(*) Samuel B., Major 20th Battalion Georgia Partisan Uangers. 
Spencer, Thomas J., Lieut. Col. 1st Va. State Reserves, Second-Class. 

Spencer, Wm. A.. Major 2d Texas Cavalry (or Mounted Rifles.) 
Spe.ncer,(*) Wm.H., Major lOth Louisiana Infantry. 
Spengler, Abraham, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel y3d Virginia Infantry. 
Sperry,(*) J. G., Colonel 121st Virginia Militia. 
Spess'ard,(*) Michael P., Tvlajor 28Lli Virginia Infantry. 
Spiller, C. C, Lieutenant Colonel Spiller's Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 
Spitler,(*) Mann, Colonel 2d Virginia Militia, 7th Brigade. 
Splaun, W. C, Lieutenant-Colonel Bruce's Missouri Cavalry Eegimeut, 

2d Division, Missouri State Guard. 
Spotswood, Edwin A., Major 3d (Forrest's) Tennessee Cavalry. 
Siruill,(*) Samuel B,, Colonel 19th North Carolina Volunteers (2d 

North Carolina Cavalry). 
Spnrlock, Johu L., Lieutenant-Colonel 35th (formerly 5th Tennessee, 

Prov. Army) Tennessee Infantry. 
Stacker, Geo. W., Colonel 5i)th (old) Tennessee Infantry. 
Stackhouse,(*) Eli/T., Majoi-, Lieut. Col. 8th South Carolina Infantry. 
Stafford, (*) Fountain E. P., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 3lst (A. H. 

Bradford's) Tennessee Infantry; Lieut. Col. 31st (A. H. Bradford's) 

and 33d Tennessee Infantry Consolidated. 
Stafford, (*) Leroy A., Colonel 9tli Louisiana Infantry. 
Stakes, (*) Edward T., Ma,jor 40th Virginia Infantry. 
Stallings,(*) Walter S., Major, Lieut.-Col. 2d North Carolina Infantry 

State Troops. 
Stallworth,(*) Nicholas, Major 23il Battalion Alabama Sharpshooters. 
Standifer,(*) Thomas C, Major, Lieut. Col. 12th Louisiana Infantry. 
Stanley, (*) James Philip, Major, Lieut. Col. 26th Arkansas Infantry. 
Stanley,(*) Wright A., Major, Colonel 9th (Maxey's, also, called 8th) 

Texas Infantry. 
Stansel,^*) Martin L., Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 41st Alabama 

Stansell, Wm. N., Major 7th Mississippi Cavalry (also called 1st Mis- 
sissippi Partisan Rangers.) 
Stanton, (*) Sidney S., Colonel 25th Tennessee Infantry ; Colonel 28th 

and 84th Tennessee Infantry Consolidated ; Colonel 84th Tennessee 

Staples,(*) Wm. C, Major 24th Mississippi Infantry. 

Stapleton, , Col. 2d (Stapleton's) Regiment Georgia State Troops. 

Stark, Alexander W,, Major Stark's Battalion Artillery. 

Starke, (*) Peter B., Colonel 28th Mississippi Cavalry. 

Starke, L. D., Colonel 4th North Carolina Militia. 

Starke, (*) William E., Colonel GOth Virginia Infantry. 

Starnes,(*) James W., Colonel 4th (Starnes', also called 3d) Tennessee 

Cavaliy; Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.- 


Starr,(*) Joseph B., Lieut. Col. 1st N. C. Infantry (6 months) ; Lieut. 

Ool. 13th Battalion North Carolina Light Artillery. 
Statham,(*) Winfiekl S., Colonel 15th Mississippi Infantry. 
Stedman,(*) Charles M., Major 44th North Carolina Infantry. 
Steede,(*) Abner C, Lieut. Col. 9th Mississippi Cavalry; Major 17th 

Battalion Mississippi Cavalry. 
Steedman,(*) Isaiah C W., Lieut. Col., Colonel 1st Alabama Infantry. 
Steedman,(*) Jno M., Lieut. Colonel, Colonel 6th South Carolina In- 
fantry ; Major 9th South Carolina Infantry. 
Steele, M.W., Lieut. Col. Williamson's Battalion Arkansas Infantry. 
Steele,(*) O., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Waul's Texas Legion. 
Steele, Theophilus, Major 7th Kentucky Cavalry. 
Steele,(*) William, Colonel 7th Texas Cavalry. 
Steele, William T., Major 33d Arkansas Infantry. 
Steen, A. E., Colonel 10th {also called 12th) Missouri Infantry. 
Steever, West, Lieut. Ool, P. A. C. S., temporarily assigned to 5th 

(Walker's) Confederate Infantry. 
Stennis, A. T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Mississippi Infantry. 
Stephens, John H., Colonel 57th North Carolina Militia. 
Stephens, John T., Major 8th Battalion Cavalry Georgia State Guard. 
Stephens, Linton, Maj., Lieut. Col. 7th Battalion Cavalry Georgia State 

Guard ; Lieutenant-Colonel 15th Georgia Infantry. 
Stephens,(*)Marcus.D.L., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 31st Mississippi 

Stephens, Samuel, Major 4th Cavalry Georgia State Guard. 
Stephens,(*) William H., Colonel 6th Tennessee Infantry. 
Stephenson,* Arthur P., Major 32d Arkansas Infantry. 
Stephenson, L. D., Colonel 39th North Carolina Militia. 
Sterling,(*) Robert, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery. 
Steuart, *) George H., Lieut. Col., Colonel 1st Maryland Infantry. 
Steven8,(*) Clement H., Colonel 24th South Carolina Infantry ; Colonel 

16th South Carolina Militia. 
Stevens,(*) James G., Major, Colonel 22d Texas Cavalry (also called 

1st Indian Texas Cavalry). 
Stevens,(*) J. K., Major 6th (also called 7th) Mississippi Infantry. 
Stevens,(*) P. P., Colonel Holcombe South Carolina Legion. 
Stevenson,(*). Carter L.. Colonel 53d Virginia Infantry. 
Stevenson,(*). lames M.; Major 36th North Carolina Volunteers (2dN. 

O. Artillery). .„ ,^ t.^^ . -, . 

Stewart,(*) Alexander P., Major Tennessee Artillery Corps: Major 1st 
Tennessee Light Artillery. 

Stewart,(*) Alfred T., Major 58th North Carohna Infantry. 

Stewart,(*) Augustus E., Major 4th (Avery's) Georgia Cavalry. 

Stewart,(*)Chas.H., Major 2d Virginia Infantry. 

Stewart, Chas. S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 21st Alabama Infantry. 

Stewart, D. Boston, Major 48th Virginia Infantry- , „^ ^ ^ ^ 

Stewart (*) Francis M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 22.1 Tennessee In- 
fantry; Colonel 15th (Stewart's, also called 14th) Tennessee Cavalry ; 
Col. 15th (Stewart's) and 16th (Logwood's) Tenn. Cavalry, consoh- 

dated and known as 15th. 
Stewart, Frederick, Major 21st Alabama Infantry. 

Stewart,(*) James M., Major 22d South Carolina Infantry. 
Stewart,(*) Joseph A., Major 18th Georgia Infantry. 
Stewart, E. A., Colonel Stewart's Louisiana Legion. ,, p„,,„t 

Stewart Thomas R., Major 12th Battalion Cavalry Georgia State Guai d, 
Stewart, William B., Major 15th (Johnson's) Arkansas Infantry. 
^17.S9- 8 


Stewart,(*) Wm. H., Major, Lieutenant Colouel 61st Virginia Infantry. 

Stewart, , Major Stewart's Battalion Alabama Cavalry. 

Stidham, G. W. , Lient. Ool. 1st Cavalry Regiment Texas State Troops. 

Stigler,(*) James M., Major 1st (also called 10th and 20tli) Battalion 
Mississippi Sharpshooters. 

Stikes,{*) Augustus, Major 12th Alabama Infantry. 

Stiles, B. Edward, Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Georgia Infantry, 

Stiles,(*)Wm.H.,sr., Colonel 60th Georgia Infantry; Lieutenant-Col- 
onel 4th Battalion Georgia Infantry. 

Stirman,(*) Ras., Lieut. Col. Stiroiau's Battalion Arkansas Cavalry; 
Colonel 1st (Stirman's) Regiment Arkansas Sharpshooters. 

Stockdale,(*) Thos. R., Major 16th Mississippi Infantry ; Major, Licut.- 
Col. 4th Mississippi Cavalry ; Major Stockdale's Miss. Cavalry Bat- 
talion. • 

Stocks, John G., Lieut. Col., Colonel 1st (Jackson's, afterward 7th) Ten- 
nessee Cavalry. 

Stockton,(*) Wm. T., Major, Lieut. Col. 1st Florida Cavalry. 

Stokeley, R.G., Major 2d Mo. Cavalry, 8th Div., Mo. State Guard. 

Stokes,(*)MontfortS., Colonel 1st North Carolina Infantry State Troops. 

Stokes, (*) William, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th South Carolina Cavalry ; 
Major 10th (also called 3d) Battalion South Carolina Cavalry. 

Stone,(*) Absalom B., Major 3d Texas Cavalry. 

Stone,(*)B. Warren, Colonel 6th Texas Cavalry ; Ool. 2d Texas Partisan 

Stone, J. J., Lieut. Col. 4th Mississippi Infantry (or Minute Men) State 

Stone,(*) Juo. M., Colouel 2d Mississippi Infantry. 

Stone, (*) Robt. D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 22d Texas Cavalry (also 
called 1st Indian Texas Cavalry). 

Stone, Thomas O., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 40th Alabama Infantry. 

Stone, William M., Major Jeflf. Davis Mississippi Legion. 

Stone,(*) William M., Colonel 4th Alabama Reserves. 

Stoner,(*) Robt. G., Lieutenant-Colonel 9th (also called 4th Mounted 
Rifles) Kentucky Cavalry; Major Stoner's Kentucky Cavalry Battalion. 

Storey, R. L., Colonel 2d (Storey's) Regiment Georgia State Troops. 

Stovall,(*) Marcellus A., Lieut. Col. 3d Battalion Georgia Infantry. 

Stover,(*) Joshua, Major 10th Virginia Infantry. 

Stowe,(*) George C, Lieut. Col. Stowe's Battalion North Carolina Re- 
serves ; Lieut. Col. 5th Regiment North Carolina Senior Reserves. 

Stowe, Jasper, Lieut. Col. 1st Regiment North Carolina Detailed Men. 

Stowe, Leroy W., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Regiment North Carolina 
Senior Reserves. 

Stowe, Samuel N., Major 28th North Carolina Infantry. 

Stowe, (*) William A.,' Maj., Lient. Col., Col. 16th (formerly 6th) North 
Carolina Infantry. 

Strahl,(*) OthoF., Lieutenant-Colonel, Coloupl 4th Tennessee Vols. 

Strange,(*) James M., Major 1st Battalion Virginia Reserves. 

Strange,(*) JohnB., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonell9th Virginia Infantry. 

8traton,(*) Wm., Major 34th Battalion Virginia Cavalry. 

Straughan,(*) Samuel L., Colonel 37th Virginia Militia. 

Strawbriage,(*) James, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Louisi- 
ana Regulars ; temporarily assigned to 18th Alabama Infantry. 

Street, Tbomas A., Major 49th Alabama Infantry. 

Street, Solomon G., Major 16th (Stewart's) and 16th (Logwood's) Tenn. 
Cavalry, consolidated and known as 15th ; Major Street's Mississippi 
Cavalry Battalion. 


Stribling,(*) Robert M., Major 38th Battalion Virginia Artillery; Major, 
Lieut. Col. 1st Virginia Artillery. 

Stringflel<J,(*) Wm. W., Major Infantry Eegiment, Thomas' North Car- 
olina Legion. 

Strickland, James H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Georgia Cavalry. 

Strong,(*) Henry B., Lieut.-Col., Colonel 6th Louisiana Infantry. 

Stuart,(*) David A., Major 15th (Boone's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Stuart,(*) James E. B., Colonel 1st Virginia Cavalry. 

Staart,(*) William D., Colonel 5Gth Virginia Infantry. 

Stubblefleld,(*) William T., Major 2d Battalion Infantry, Hilliard's Ala- 
bama Legion. 

Stubbs, George W., Major Stubbs' Battalion Cavalry Mississippi State 

Stubbs, John W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 27th Georgia Infantry, 

Stubbs, Thomas B., Lieut.-Col. 1st Infantry Texas State Troops. 

Stubbs,(*) Wm. B., Major 27th Battalion Georgia Infantry. 

Sturges, John E., Major 3d Georgia Infantry. 

Stvles,(*) Carey W., Colonel 26th (Styles', also called 13th) Georgia 

Sublett, Franklin Bolivar, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Infantry Texas State 

Sugg, Cyrus A., Lieut.-Col., Colonel 50th (old) Tennessee Infantry. 

Sulakowski,(*) Valery, Colonel 13th Louisiana Infantry; Colonel 14th 
Louisiana Infantry. 

Summers, (*) John C, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 60ch Virginia Infantry. 

Surridge,(*) James, Major 3d Missouri Cavalry. 

Sutherland, S. F., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Virginia Eegiment 
Local Defense (Departmental). 

Sutton, B. F., Major 1st Mississippi Infantry (or Minute Men) State 

Sutton, J. S., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Texas Cavalry. 

Swank,(*) William A., Acting Lieutenant-Colonel 60th Va. Infantry. 

Swann, Eobert, Major 1st Virginia Cavalry. 

Bwann, Samuel A., Major 9th Virginia Cavalry. 

Swann,(*) Thomas.B., Lieut.-Col. Swann's Battalion Virginia Cavalry ; 
Lieut.-Col. 3d Infantry Eegiment Virginia State Line. 

Swanson,(*) Wm. G., Colenel 61st Alabama Infantry. 

Swearingeu,(*) Patrick H., Major, Lieut.-Col. 24:th Texas Cavalry. 

Sweeney,(*) Benj. F., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Arkansas Infantry. 

Sweeney,(*) James W., Major 60th Virginia Infantry ; Major 36th Vir- 
ginia Cavalry. 

Sweet,(*) George H., Colonel ]5th Texas Cavalry. 

Sweet,(*) James E., Lieut.-Ool. 33d Texas Cavalry; Major 14th Texas 
Cavalry Battalion. 

Swindler,(*) Aylett A., Major 7th Virginia Infantry. 

Swinney,(*) J. W., Major 32d Mississippi Infantry. 

Swor,(*) Wm. C, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Tennessee Infantry. 

Sykes, Columbus, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 43d Mississippi Infantry. 

8ykes,(*) W. L., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Mississippi Infantry. 

Symons, James V., Lieut.-Col. 6th , Eegiment North Carolina Senior 

Symons, Wm. E., Major 1st Infantry Battalion Georgia Eeserves; 

Colonel 1st (Symons') Eegiment Georgia Eeserves. 
Szymanski, Ignatius, Colonel Chalmette Eegiment Louisiana Militia ; 

Lieutenant-Colonel Chalmette Battalion Louisiana Militia. 


Tabb,(») William B., Colonel 59th Virginia Infantry ; Major 28tli Bat 

talioa Virginia Artillery. 
Tabor, John W., Major 17th Texas Infantry. 

Tackett, Sevier, Major 34th (also called 2d Partisans) Texas Cavalry. 
Tait, Charles William, Lieut. Col. 4th Battalion Texas State Troops. 
Tait, Felix, Major 23d Alabama Infantry. 
Tair,(*) George, Major 18th (formerly 8th) North Carolina Infantry; 

Lientenant-Colonel 40th North Carolina Volunteers (3d North Caro- 
lina Artillery.) 
Talbert, James R., Major 28th Tennessee Infantry. 
Talbird,(*) Henry, Colonel 41st Alabama Infantry. 
Talbot, Sauford J., Colonel 11th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Mis- 

sonii State Guard. 
Taloott.(*) Thomas M. E., Colonel 1st Engineer Eegiment. 
Taliaferro,(*) Alexander G., Colonel, L'eut. Col. 23a Virginia Infantry. 
Taliaferro, Thomas D., Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Texas Cavalry. 
Taliaferro, Thomas S., Major 2Lst Virginia Militia. 
Taliaferro,(*) V. H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 7th Confederate Cavalry; 

Colonel 10th Georgia Cavalry. 
Taliaferro, (*) Wm. B., Colonel 23d Virginia Infantry. 
Taliaferro, Wm. T., Major 40th Virginia Infantry. 
Tankesley,(*) Eufus M., Major 37th (formerly 7th Tennessee, Prov. 

Army) Tennessee Infautiy. 
Tanner, William B., Major 6th Virginia Batt Local Defense (Tredegar) ; 

Lieutenant Colonel 2d Regiment Virginia Infanry Local Defense 

Tansil,(*) Egbert E., Colonel 31st (A. H. Bradford's) Tennessee Infantry. 
Tansill, Robert, Colonel 2d Virginia Heavy Artillery. 
Tappan,(*) James C, Colonel 13th Arkansas Infaniry. 
Tate, Frederick, Major 9th (Nichols', also called 5th) Texas Infantry. 
Tate,(*) Samuel McD., JIajor, Lieut. Col. 6th North Carolina Infantry 

State Troops. 
Tate,(*) Thomas S., jr., Major 12th Kentucky Cavalry. 
Tate, Wm., Major 1st Georgia State Line. 
Tattnall, (*) Jno. R. F., Colonel 29th Alabama Intq^ntry. 
Tatum, Mark T., Major 35th Arkansas Infantry. 
Tavenner,(*) William C, Lieutenant-Colonei 17th Virginia Cavalry. 
Tayloe, Edward Poinsett, Major 47th Virginia Infantry ; Lieutenant- 
Colonel 22d Battalion Virginia Infantry. 
Tayloe,(*) George E., Lieut. Col., Colonel 11th Alabama Infantry. 
Taylor, Arch., Major 9th Battalion Va. Reserves. 
Taylor,(*) Bennett, Major, Lieut. Col. 19th Virginia Infantry. 
TayIor,(*) Ennis Ward, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 19th Texas 

Taylor,(*) Fielding L., Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Virginia Infantry; 

Lieut. Col. 21st Va. Militia. 
Taylor, Geo. W., Major 14th Alabama Infantry. 
Taylor,(*) Jacob N., Major 60th Virginia Infantry. 
Taylor, James A., Major 150th Va. Militia. 
Taylor,(*) James C, Major 54th Virginia Infantry. 
Taylor,(*) James H. R., Lieutenant-Colonel 15th Tennessee Infantry. 
Taylor,(*) James K., Colonel 17th Texas Cavalry. 
Taylor,(*) J. M., Major 1st Louisiana Cavalry. 
Taylor,(*) John D., Major, Lieut. Col. 30lh North Carolina Vols. (2d 

N. C. Artillery). ^ 


Ta.ylor,(*) Jno. G., Major 21st Mississippi Infantry; Major 1st (Bran- 
don's Battalion Mississippi Infantry ; Lieutenant-Colonel I'd Battalion 
Mississippi Infantry. 

Tayor, John M., Major 27th Tennessee Infantry. 

Taylor,(*) Joseph, Major 8th Battalion Texas Cavalry; Major 1st Bat- 
talion Cavalry Texas State Troops. 

Taylor, Matthew P., Major 2cl Battalion ISTorth Carolina Local Defense. 

Taylor, Richard S., Colonel 4th Georgia Keserves. 

Taylor,(*) Eichard, Colonel 9th Louisiana Infantry. 

Taylor,(*) Robert B,, Major 6th Virginia Infantry. 

Taylor, Eobert H., Colonel 22d Texas Cavalry (also called 1st. Indian 
Texas Cavalry). 

Taylor, Eobert P., Lieutenant-Colonel 53d Georgia Infantry. 

Taylor,(*) Eobert S., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 3d Arkansas Infantry. 

Taylor, Samuel F., Major 2d Mo. Infantry, 8th Div., Mo. State Guard. 

Taylor, Simon B., Major, Lieut. Col. 35th North Carolina Infantry. 

Taylor, Thomas F., Lieut. Col. 1st Cherokee Mounted Eifles. 

Taylor,(*) Thomas H., Lieut. Col., Colonel 1st Kentucky Infantry. 

Taylor,(*) Wm. A., Major, Colonel 24th Texas Cavalry. 

Taylor,(*) Wm. F., Lieutenant- Colonel 1st (Jackson's, afterward 7th) 
Tennessee Cavalry. 

Taylor,(*) Wm. H., Lieut. Col., Colonel 12th Mississippi Infantry. 

Tebbs,(*) Chas. B., Lieut. Col. 8th Virginia Infantry. 

Tebbs,(*) William H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Arkansas Infantry. 

Tenbrink, William, Major Lewis' Infantry Battalion Louisiana Militia. 

Tench, Jno. W., Major 1st Georgia Cavalry. 

Tenney, Otis S., Major 2d Battalion Kentucky Mounted Rifles. 

Terral,(*) James S., Lieut. Col. 7th Battalion Mississippi Infantry. 

Terral,(*) Samuel H., Major, Lieut. (Jol. 37th Mississippi Infantry. 
- Terrell, (*) Alexander W., Colonel Terrell's Texas Eegiment Cavalry ; 
Major Ist Eegiment Texas Cavalry, Arizona Brigade; Lieut.-Col. 
Terrell's Texas Cavalry Battalion. 

Terrell, Lee E., Lieutenant-Colonel 47th Alabama Infantry. 

Terrett, G. H., Colonel Marine Battalion. , 

Terrill, Geo. P., Col. 157th Virginia Militia. 

Terrill,(*) James B., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 13th Virginia Infantry. 

Terry,(*) Ben. Franklin, Colonel 8th Texas Cavalry. 

Terry,(*) Francis A., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Batt. Arkansas Infantry. 

Terry,(*) John F., Lieutenant-Colonel 37th Virginia Infantry. 

Terry, Joseph S., Major 23d Battalion Mississippi Cavalry. 

Terry,(*) Lamkin S., Major 15th Mississippi Infantry. 

Terry,(*) Thomas M., Major, Lientenant-Colonel 7th Louisiana Infantry. 

Terryi(*) William, Major, Colonel 4th Virginia Infantry. 

Terry,(*) Wm. E., Colonel 24th Virginia Infantry. 

Tew,'(*)Charles C, Colonel 2d North Carolina Infantry State Troops. 

Th6ard,(*) Paul E , Colonel 23d (after 22d) Louisiana Infantry. 

TIiedford,(*) William, Major, Lieut. Col. 11th Tennessee Infantry. 

Thomas, A., Colonel 40th North Carolina Militia. 

Thoma8,(*) Allen, Colonel 29th (also called 28th) Louisiana Infantry. 

Thomas, Bryan M., Major, P. A. C. S., temporarily assigned to 18th 
Alabama Infantry. 

Thomas,(*) Edward L., Colonel 35th Georgia Infantry. (Found also on 
Confederate Eegister as Lieutenant-Colonel of 7th Battalion Georgia 

Thomas, George S,, Major 64th Georgia Infantry. 


Thomas, Henry P., Major, Lieutenaut-Colonel, Colouel ICth Georgia 

Thomas,(*) Lovick P., Major 42d Georgia Infantry. 

Thomas,(*) Eobert B., Colonel 9th Florida Infantry. 

Thomas,(*) Samuel B., Major, Lieut. Col. 12th Mississippi Infantry. 

Thomas, Thomas W., Colonel 15th Georgia Infantry. 

Thomas,(*) Wm. H., Colonel Infantry Eegiment, Thomas' North Caro- 
lina Legion. 

Thomas' Battalion Confederate Troops, Series 1, Vol. vi. 

Thomason, Z., Major 10th (also called lIth)Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 

Thomason, Zacb., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d (also known as 19th) Battalion 
Alabama Cavalry ; Lieutenant-Colonel 9tb Alabama Cavalry, 

Thompson, (*) Albert P., Lieut. Col., Colonel 3d Kentucky Infantry. 

Thompson, Dexter B., Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Battalion Infantry 
Georgia State Guard. 

Thompson, (*) George H., Lieut. Col. 1st Georgia Volunteers. 

Thompson, (*) Gideon W., Colonel 6th (after 11th) Missouri Cavalry; 
Major 3d Missouri Infantry, 5th Division, Missouri State Guard. 

Thompson, Henry B., Major 51st Alabama Partisan Rangers. 

Thompson, (*) James M., Major 2d Louisiana Cavalry. 

Thompson, John B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st (Pagan's) Arkansas 

Thompson, (*) John B., Major 21st Battalion Virginia Infantry. 

Thompson, (*) Jno. C, Major 44th Mississippi Infantry. 

Thompson, Joseph P., Major, Lieut. Col. 1st Cherokee Mounted Eifles. 

Thompson, M.Jeff., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Missouri Infantry, 1st Di- 
vision, Missouri State Guard. 

Thompson, Preston, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Kentucky Cavalry. 

Thompson, E. H., Lieut. Col. Carlton's Eegiment Arkansas Cavalry. 

Thompson, (*) Eobert, Colonel 3d Georgia Cavalry. 

Thompson, (*) Eobt. A., Major, Lieut. Col. 2d South Carolina Eiiies. 

Thompson, (*) Samuel M., Major, Lieut. Col. 10th Tennessee Infantry. 

Thompson, (*) Thomas W., Major, Lieut. Col. 4th Ky. Infantry. 

Thompson, (*) William, Major 15th (McEae's) Arkansas Infantry. 

Thompson,' William B., Major 10th North Carolina Volunteers (Ist 
North Carolina Artillery). 

Thompson,(*) William P., Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Virginia Cavalry. 

Thompson, Wm. T., Major 25th Virginia Infantry. 

Thompson, , Colonel 6tli Eegiment Georgia State Troops. 

Thomson, (*) Lee L., Lieut. Col., Colonel Carroll's Eegiment Arkansas 

Thomson, (*) Thomas, Major Lieut. Col., Colonel 2d South Carolina 

Thomson, (*) Thomas D., Lieutenaut-Colonel 33d Arkansas Infantry. 

Thomson, Wm. G., Major 8th Georgia Cavalry ; Major 20th Battalion 
Georgia Partisan Eangers. 

Thomson, (*) William T., Major 5th South Carolina Infantry. 

Thorburn,(*) Chas. E., Major 50th Virginia Infantry; Colonel 14th 
Virginia Cavalry. 

Throington,(*) Jack, Lieut. Col. 1st Battalion, Hilliard's Alabama 
Legion ; Colonel Hilliard's Alabama Legion. 

Thornton, C. C, Lieutenant Colonel 3d Missouri Infantry, 5th Divis- 
ion, Missouri State Guard. 

Thornton, (*) Harry I., Major 58th Alabama Infantry. 

Thornton, (*) James T., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Georgia Cavalry. 


Tliornton, J. C, Major Thornton's Battalion Missouri Infantry, 4th 
Division, Missouri State Guard. 

Thoruton,(*) Jno. J., Colonel 6th (also called 7th) Mississippi Infantry. 

Thornton, (*) John T., Lientenant-Oolonel 3d Virginia Cavalry. 

Thorpe, Cicero A., Major oOth Georgia Infantry. 

Thrasher,(*) David H., Major 38th (formerly 8th, Looney's) Tennessee 

Thrift, James, Major 8th Virginia Infantry. 

Thraston,(*) Stephen D., Major, Lieut.-Col., Colonel 3d F. C. Infantry 
State Troops. 

Thurmond,(*) J. Gwynu, Major 14th (Neely's, also called 13th) Ten- 
nessee Cavalry. * 

Thurston, A. J. D., Lieutenanant-Colonel 1st Tennessee Zouaves. 

Tidwell, Miles M., Lieutenant Colonel 30th Georgia Infantry, 

Tilghman,(*) Lloyd, Colonel 3d Kentucky Infantry. 

Tillman, Henry, Major 61st (also called 26th) Georgia Infantry. 

Tillman,(*) James D., Lieut. Col., Colonel 41st Tennessee Infantry. 

Tilman,(*) H., Lieutenant-Colonel 21st Tennessee Infantry. 

Timberlake,(*) John C, Major, Lieut.-Col. 53d Virginia Infantry. 

Timmins,(*) William C, Major, Lieutant-Colonel 2d Texas Infantry. 

Timmons,(*) Barnard, Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. Waul's Texas Legion. 

Tippen, William, Colonel 2d Missouri Infantry, 1st Division, Missouri 
State Guard. 

Tison,(*) William H. H., Lieut. Col., Colonel 32d Mississippi Infantry. 

Tissot,(*) Aristee L., Lieut. Col. 22d (formerly 23d) Louisiana Infantry. 

Todd,(*) Eutherford P., Major 3d South Carolina Infantry. 

Toler, William H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Louisiana Infantry. 

Tolleson, J. B., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th South Carolina Reserves. 

Tomlin,(*) Harrison B., Colonel 53d Virginia Infantry; Major of Tom- 
lin's Battalion Virginia Infantry. 

Tompkins,(*) Christoi)her Q., Colonel 22d Virginia Infantry. 

Tool,(*) Samuel, Lieut. Col. 3d Tennessee Infantry (Provisional Army). 

Toombs, Robt., Colonel 3d Cavalrv Georgia State Guard. 

Toon,(*) T]iomas P., Lieut. Col., Colonel 20th (formerly 10th) North Car- 
olina Infantry. 

Toon,(*) William H., Major, Lieut. Col. 20th (formerly 10th) North Car- 
olina Infantry. 

Topp,(*) H. B., Major 31st Mississippi Infantry. 

Toulmin,(*) Harry T., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 22d Alabama Infantry. 

Towers,(*) John E., Lieut. Col., Colonel 8th Georgia Infantry. 

Townes, E. D., Major 4th Battalion Cavalry Texas State Troops. 

Townes,(*) Nathan W., Major, Colonel 9th Texas Cavalry. 

Towns, Randolph, Lieutenant-Colonel 62d Georgia Partisan Rangers. 

Townsend,(*) Wm. P., Major 4th Texas Infantry. 

Trabue,(*) Robert P., Colonel 4th Kentucky Infantry. 

Tracy, Edward D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Alabama Infantry ; 
Lieutenant Colonel 19th Alabama Infantry. 

Tracy, J. H., Lieut. Col. Fristoe's Regiment Missouri Cavalry. 

Tracy, John C, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Missouri Infantry, 8th Division, 
Missouri State Guard. 

Tracy,(*) Michael O., Major 13th (Gibson's) Louisiana Infantry. 

Tracy, Phil., Major 6th Georgia Infantry. 

Trader's (Wm. H.) Battalion Infantry Arkansas State Troops, Series 1, 
Vol. XXXIV, pt. I. 

Travis, Wm. E., Colonel 5th Tennessee Infantry. 


Trenholm, William L., Lieutenant-Ooloael 19tli Battalion South Car- 
olina Cavalry. 

Treutlen, (*) John F., Lieut. Col., Colonel 15tli Alabama lufaiitry, 

Trezevant,(*) Edward B., Lieut. Col. 10th Tennessee Cavalry. 

Trigg, (*) Robert C, Colonel 54:th Virginia Infantry. 

Trimble,!*) Edwin, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 10th (May's) Kentucky 

Trimmier,(*) Theodore C, Major, Lieut. Col. 41st Alabama Infantry. 

Troy,(*) Daniel S., Lieutenant-Colonel UOih Alabama Infantry; Major 
1st Battalion, Hilliard's Alabama Legion. 

Iroyman, James W., Colonel 82d Virginia Militia. 

Tru'eheai t,(*) Daniel, Major Trueheart's Battalion Alabama Artillery. 

Truss, James D., Major ioth Alabama Infantry. 

Tucker,(*) Caloway G-., Major 32d Tennessee Infantrj'. 

Tuoker,(*) Geo., Major 27th Louisiana Infantry. 

Tucker, Joseph T., Lieut. Col., Colonel lith Kentucky Cavalry; Colo- 
nel 3d Special Battalion Kentucky Cavalry. 

Tueker,(*) Julius C, Lieut. Col, Col. Tucker's Confederate Infantry, 

Tucker,{*) St. George, Major, Lieut. Col. 15th Virginia Infantry. 

Tuckerj(*) Thomas F., Major, Colonel 17th Texas Oavalry. 

Tacker,(*) Thos. M., Major 3d Tennessee Volunteers. 

Tucker,(*) William P., Colonel 41st Mississippi Infantry. 

Tufts, Orrin, Major 1st Cavalry Battalion Georgia Reserves. 

Tunnard,(*) Wm. F., Major 3d Louisiana Infantry. 

Turnbull,(*) Charles J., Colonel 25th (also called 30th) Arkansas In- 
fantry; Lieut. Col. 11th Arkansas Battalion Infantry. 

Turner, Henry B., Major 29th Alabama Infantry. 

Turner,(*) James J., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 30th Tennessee Infantry. 

Turner,(*) Jno. McLeod, Major 7th North Carolina Infantry State 

Turner,(*) Richard W., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 19th Louisiana Infantry. 

Turner, William J.. Major 8th Florida Infantry. 

Tnrney,(*) Peter, Colonel 1st Tennessee Infantry (Provisional Army). 

Turnipseed,(*) Richard A., Lieut. Col., Colonel 9th Georgia Infantry. 

Tuscaloosa Cadets, Infantry Battalion, Series 1, Vol. xxvi, pt. II. 
(Commander not known.) 

Twiggs, (*) Jno. D., Lieut. Col. 1st South Carolina Cavalry; Major 1st 
Battalion South Carolina Cavalry. 

Twitty,(*) Francis L., Major 34th ISTorth Carolna Infantry. 

Tyler,(*) Grayson, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 17th Virginia Infantry. 

Tyler,(*) Nat., Major 20th Virginia Infantry (disbanded) ; Lieutenant- 
Colonel 4th Battalion Virginia Infantry. 

Tyler, Nathan L., Major 3d Missouri Cavalry, Sth Division, Missouri 
State Guard. 

Tyler,(*) Robert C, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 15th Tennessee Infan- 
try ; Colonel 15th and 37th Tennessee Infantry Consolidated. 

Underwood,(*) Davidson A., Major 42d North Carolina Infantry. 

Upshaw,(*) Edward W., Major 17th Mississippi Infantry. 

Upsliaw, Thos. E., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Virginia Cavalry. 

Ul)ton, J. D., Major 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery. 

Upton, (*) Jno. C, Major, Lieutenant Colonel 5th Texas Infantry. 

Upton, Wm. F., Lieut. Col. of Mann's Regiment Texas Cavalry. 

Utterback,(*) Robert E., Major 4th Virginia Cavalry. 

Vaiden, Vulosko, IMajor 52d Virginia Militia. 

Vauce, James G., Major 2d Texas Partisan Rangers. 

Vance,(*) McDuff, Lieutenant-Colonel lith Arkansas Infantry,' 


Vance,(*) Kobert B., Colonel 29tb IsTorth Carolina Infantry. 

Vance,(*) Zebulon B., Colonel 26tb Nortb Carolina Infantry. 

Van de Graaf,(*) A. S., Major 5tb Battalion Alabama Infantry. 

Vaudeventer,(*) Alexander S., Lieut. Col, Col. 50th Virginia Infantry. 

Van Diviere, Solomon H., Lieutenant-Colonel 52(1 Georgia Infantry. 

Vandiver, Joseph L., Major 77th Virginia Militia. 

Vaiidyke,(*) Eichard S., Major 1st (Carter's) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Van Hook,(*) John C, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 50th North Carolina 

Vann, Clem. N., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Cherokee Mounted Eifles. 
Vann, John, Major 2d Cherokee Mounted Eildes. 
Van Valkenburg,(*) James D., Major 61st (also called 26th) Georgia 

Van Zandt,(*) Khieber Miller, Mnjor 7th Texas Infantry. 
Vason, William I., Lieut. Col., Col. 10th Confederate Cavalry. 
Vaughan,(*) Alfred J., jr., Colonel 13th Tennessee Infantry; Colonel 

13th and 154th Tennessee Infantry Consolidated. 
Vaughan, John B., Major 5th Virginia Battalion Local Defense (Ar- 
Vaughan, Joseph P., Major 6th Missouri Infantry; Major 3d (also called 

5th) Mo. Infantry Battalion. 
Vaughan,(*) Ward G., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 19th Missis- 
sippi Infantry. 
Vaughn, Joe, Major 2d Missouri Infantry,3d Div. Missouri State Guard. 
Vaugn,(*) John C, Colonel 3d Tennessee Infantry (Provisional Army). 
Veal, Jesse Turnbull, Colonel 3d Texas Infantry State Troops. 
Veitch, Daniel, Major 6th Missouri Infantry, 8th Div., Missouri State 

Guard. ^ ^ 

VenabJe,(*) Calvin D., Lieut. Col., Colonel 5th Tennessee Infantry. 
Venable, Luther E. Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Arkansas Infantry. 
Veuable,(*) Thomas B., Lieutenant-Colonel 24th (formerly 14th) North 

Carobna Infantry. 
Veutress, James A., jr., Major 11th Louisiana Infantry. 
Vernon, (*) John A., Major 8th (Hobby's) Texas Infantry. 
Vick,(*) Thomas E., Major 4th Louisiana Infantry ; Colonel La Fourche 

Regiment, Louisiana Militia. 
Villepigue, John B, Colonel 1st Confederate Infantry; Ma,jor, Lieuten- 
ant-Colonel 1st Battalion Georgia Infantry ; Colonel 36th (Villepi- 
gue's) Georgia Infantry. ^ . . „ . 

Viucent,(*) Wm. G., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Louisiana Volun- 
teers ; Colonel 33d Louisiana Partisan Eangers ; Colonel 2d Louisi- 
ana Cavalry. 
Vivien,(*) H. J., Major 12th Missouri Cavalry. 

Von Harten,(*) Edward, Major 1st Eegiment Texas Artillery. . 

Von Zinkeii,(*) Leon, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 20th Louisi- 
ana Infantry. , t ^^ i 
Voorhies,(*) Wm. M., Colonel 48th (Voorhies') Tennessee Infantry. 
Waddell,(*) Alfred M., Lieut. Col. 41st North Carolina Volunteers (3d 

North Carolina Cavalry). . t r i 

Waddell,(*) James D., Major, Colonel 20th Georgia Infantry. 
Waddell'H James F., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 20th Battalion Ala- 
bama Artillery. 
Waddell,(*) Uwen A., Major 5th Missouri Infantry. 
Waddill,(*) George C, Major 4th Battalion Louisiana Intantry. 
Waddill,(*) George M., Major, Lieut. Col. 53d Virginia Infantry; Act- 
ing Major Waddill's Battalion Virginia Infantry. 


Wade, BeDJarain H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 57th Virsinia Infantry. 

Wade,(*) Benjamin O., Lieut. OoL, Ool. 12th (formerly 2d) North Oaro 
lina Jufantrv. 

Wade,(*) James M., Colonel of Wade's Eegiment Virginia Reserves. 

Wade,(*) John J., Major, Lientenant-Colonel 54th Virginia Infantry. 

Wade, William B., Colonel 8th Confederate Cavalry. 

Wadley,(*) C. H., Major 45th Tennessee Infantry. 

Wageuer,(*) John A., Ool. 1st South Carolina Artillery lieg't. Militia, 

Waggaman,(*) Eugene, Lieut. Col., Colonel 10th Louisiana Infantry. 

Wagner,(*) Thomas M., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st South Caroli.n.a Artil 
lery ; Major 1st South (Carolina Artillery Battalion. 

Walker, B. F., Lieut. Col., Colonel 4th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Div., Mo, 
State Guard. 

Walker,(*) Calvin H., Colonel 3d Tennessee Volunteers. 

Walker,(*) C. Irvine, Lieutenant-Colonel 10th South Carolina Infantry 

WaIker,(*)Dickerson H., Lieut. Col. 9th InfantryG-eorgia State Guard 

Walker,(*) Bdvrard J., Colonel 3d Georgia Infantry. 

Walker, Edward T., Major 58th Virginia Infantry. 

Walker, E. W., Acting Major 2d Battalion Local Defense Troops, Ma- 
con, Ga. 

Walker,(*) FrancisM., Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 19th Tennessee Infantry' 

Walker, Henry H., Lieutenant Colonel 40th Virginia Infantry. 

Walker, H. H., Lieut. Col. 5th Battalion Alabama Infantry (temporary 

Walker,(*) James, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Texas Cavalry. 

Walker, James A., Major 7th (also called 10th) Missouri Cavalry ; Col. 
1st Missouri Infantry, 1st Div., Missouri State Guard. 

Walker,(*) James A., Lieut. Col., Colonel 13th Virginia Infantry. 

Walker, J. D., Colonel 4th Arkansas Infantry State Troops, 1861. 

Walker,(*) J. Knox, Colonel 2d Tennessee Volunteers. 

Walker,(*) James M., Lieut. Col., Colonel 10th Mississippi Infantry. 

Walker,(*) John D., Major 1st Georgia Regulars. 

Walker,(*) John G., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Texas Cavalry. 

Walker, Jno. S., Major 12th Arkansas Infantry. 

Walker,(*) John Stewart, Major loth Virginia Infantry. 

Walker, John W., Major 1st (Crawford's) Arkansas Cavalry. 

Walker,(*) Joseph, Lieut. Col., Colonel South Carolina Palmetto Sharp- 

Walker,(*) Lucius M., Lieut. Col., Col. 40th Tennessee Infantry; Colonel 
5th (Walker's) Confederate Infantry. 

Walker,(*) N. J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Louisiana Infantry. 

Walker,(*) R. L., Lieutenant Colonel Pegram's Batt. Artillery. 

Walker,(*) Samuel T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Virginia Infantry. 

Walker,(*) Tandy, Lieut. Col,, Colonel 1st Choctaw and Chickasaw 
Mounted Rifles. 

Walker, Thomas, Ma-jor 17th Georgia Infantry. 

Walker, Whitfield, Majjor 3d Alabama Reserves. 

Walker,(*) William, Lieutenant-Colonel 28th Louisiana Infantry. 

Walker,(*) Wm. A., Major, Lieut. Col. 1st South Carolina Cavalry. 

Walker,(*) William C, Lieutenant-Colonel 29th North Carolina In- 
fantry; Lieut. Col. Cavalry Battalion, Thomas' North Carolina Legion. 

Walker,(*) Wm. E., Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Louisiana Infantry. 
•Walker, Wm. L., Major, Lieut. Col. 8th Mississippi Cavalry; Major 
19th (Duff's) Battalion Mississippi Cavalry. 

Walkup,(*) Samuel H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 48th N. C. lufantrv. 

Wall,(*) Edwin G., Major 18th Virginia Infantry. 


Wiill.(*) Jno. M., Major ISth Tennessee Infantry; Major iGtli and 37th 
Tennessee Infantry Consolidated. 

Wallace, Alexander M., Lieut. Col. 36th (Glenn's) Georgia Infantry. 

Wallace,(*) George P., Lieut. Col., Colonel 40th Mississippi Infantry. 

Wallace,(*) John W., Lieutenant-Colonel 35th Arkansas Tnfantry. 

Wallace, Samuel M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 11th Battalion Virginia Eeserves. 

Wallace,(*) William, Major, Lieut. Col. 2d South Carolina Infantry. 

Wallace,(*) Wm. H., Lieut. Col., Colonel 18th South Carolina Infantry. 

Wallace,(*) William J., Major Qlh Arkansas Infantry. 

Wallace, Wm. S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 45th Georgia Infantry. 

Waller,(*) Edward, jr., Major 2d Texas Cavalry; Major, Lieutenant- 
Colonel 13th Battalion Texas Cavalry. 

Waller, Richard P., Major 2d Virginia Battalion Local Defense (Quarter- 

Waller,(*) Thos., Major., Lieut. Col., Colonel 9th Virginia Cavalry. • 

Walsh, (*) Thomas V., Lieut. Col. Holcombe South Carolina Legion. 

Walthall,(*) Edward C, Colonel 29th Mississippi Infantry ; Lieutenant- 
Colonel 15th Mississippi Infantry. 

Walthersdorff,(*) Albert, Major 5th Infantry Texas State Troops. 

Walton, (*) James B., Major, Colonel Washington Artillery, Louisiana. 

Walton, (*) Simeon T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 23d Virginia Infantry. 

Walton, Thos. H., Major 1st (Elliott's) Missouri Battalion Cavalry. 

Walton, (*) Isaac B., Lieutenant-Colonel 42d Tennessee Infantry. 

Ward,(*)George T., Colonel 2d Florida Infantry. 

Ward, H., Major 3d Arkansas' Infantry State Troops, 1861. 

Ward, J. 0., Major 7th Arkansas Cavalry. 

Ward, J. F., Lieutenant Colonel 2d Texas Infantry. 

Ward, J. W., Major Ward's Battalion South Carolina Eeserves. 

Ward,(*) Matthew S., Major 14th Battalion Mississippi Artillery. 

Ward,(*) Samuel J., Lieutenant Colonel 8th Missouri Cavalry. 

Ward,(*) William N., Major 55th Virginia Infantry. 

Ward,(*) Wm. W., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 9th Tennessee Cavalry. 

Ward, William W., Colonel 1st Special Battalion Kentucky Cavalry. 

Warfleld,(*) E., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 2d Arkansas In- 
fantry ; Colonel 24th Arkansas Infantry. 

Waring,(*) J. Fred., Major, Lieut. Col. Jeff. Davis Mississippi Legion. 

Warley,(*) F. F., Major 2d South Carolina Artillery. 

Warner, William, Major 11th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri 
State Guard. 

Warren,(*) Edward T. H., Lieut. Col., Colonel 10th Virginia Infantry. 

Warren,(*) James M., Major 22d Battalion Alabama Cavalry ; Lieut. 
Col. 5th Alabama Cavalry. 

Warren, William H., Captain Warren's Battalion Alabama Cavalry. 

Warthen, T. J., Colonel 28th Georgia Infantry. (Found also on Con- 
federate Register as Lieut. Col. of 8th Battalion Georgia Infantry. 

Warwick, Bradfute, Major, Lieut. Col. 4th Texas Infantry. 

Wasden,(*) Joseph, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 22d Georgia Infantry. 

Washington, B. B., Major 31st Virginia Militia. 

Washington, (*) James A., Lieut. Col., Col. 50th North Carolina Infantry. 

Waterhouse,(*) Richard, jr., Colonel 19th Texas Infantry. 

Watie,(*) Stand, Colonel 1st Cherokee Mounted Rifles. 

Watkius,(*) Anderson, Major, Lieut. Col. 8th Arkansas Infantry. 

Watkins,(*) E. P., Colonel 56th (also called 55th) Georgia Infantry. 

Watkins,(*) Thos.C, Major, Lieut. Col. 22d South Carolina Infantry. 

Watkins,(*) Thomas H., Major, Lieut. Col. 52d Virginia Infantry. 

Watkins,(») Wm., Major 8th Mississippi Infantry. 


Wiitk)ns,(*) Wm. M,, Colonel 47th Tennessee Infantry; Colonel 12th 
iiiid 47th Tennessee Consolidated. 

Watson, (*) Benjamin W., Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Texas Cavalry. 

Watson, David, Major 1st Virginia Artillery. 

Watson,(*) Jno. R., Major, Lieut. Col.. Colonel 18th Texas Infantry. 

Watson,(*) Oliver C, Major 3oth Mississippi Infantry. 

Watson, Tillman, Major 19th South Corolina Infantry. 

Watters,(*) Zachariah L., Major, Lieut. Col. 8th Battalion Georgia 

Watts,(*) Geo. T., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Georgia Cavalry. 

Watts,(*) James W., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d (also called 30th) Virginia 

Watts, S. W., Colonel 10th North Carolina Militia. 

Watts, Thomas H., Colonel 17th Alabama Infantry. 

Watts,(*) William, Major I9th Virginia Infantry ; Major, Lieutenant- 
Colonel, Colonel 28th Virginia Infantry. 

Waugh, A., Major, Colonel 4th Missouri Infantry, 1st Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard. 

Waul,(*) Thomas K, Colonel Waul's Texas Legion. 

Way,(*) Charlton H., Colonel 54th Georgia Infantry. 

Wayne,(*) Richard A., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 1st Georgia Regulars. 

Weaver,^*) James A., Lieutenant-Colonel 32d (also called 15th) Texas 

Weaver, James T., Major, Lieut. Col. 60th North Carolina Infantry. 

Weaver, (*) William M., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Texas Partisan Rangers. 

Webb,(*) Howell, Lieutenant-Cokmel 11th Tennessee In fan try. 

Webb, (*) James D., Lieutenant-Colonel 51st Alabama Partisan Rangers. 

Webb,(*) John G., Major, Lieut. Col. 9th Georgia Infantry. 

Webb,(*) Joseph C, Major, Lieut. Col. 27th North Carolina Infantry. 

Webb,(*) Robert F., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 6th North Carolina Infantry 
State Troops. 

Webb, Thomas S., Major 16th (Logwood's) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Webb, Thomas W., Major 3d Mississippi Cavalry. 

Webber, T. B., Major 2d (Morgan's) Kentucky Cavalry. 

Weeden,(*) John D., Major, Lieut. Col. 49th Alabama Infantry ; Lieut. 
Col. Exchange Battalion, Alabama. 

Weedon, John, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 22d Alabama Infantry. 

Weeks, Benj.F., Major Cavalry Battalion, Waul's Texas Legion. 

Weems,(*) JohnB., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 10th Georgia Infantry. 

Weems, Philip Van Horn, Major 11th Tennessee Infanti-y. 

Weems,(*) Walter H., Major 6t;h Alabama Infantry. 

Weems,(*) Walter H., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 64th Georgia Infantry. 

Weightman, Richard H., Colonel 1st Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, 
Missouri State Guard. 

Weir,(*) John, Major, Colonel 5th Mississippi Infantry. 

Weisiger,(*) David A., Colonel 12th Virginia Infantry. 

Welborn,(*) Joel E., Major 7th Battalion Mississippi'lnfantry. 

Welborn, William E., Maj. 1st South Carolina State Troops (6 months). 

Welborn,(*) W. J. N., Major 7th Kentucky Infantry. 

Welch, (*) Otis G., Lieutenant-Colonel 29th Texas Calvary. 

Welcker, Benj.F., Major Battalion Tennessee State Troops. 

Welfrey, , Lieutenant Colonel 5th Missouri Infantry (Mounted), 

5th Division, Missouri State Guard. 

Wells,(*) Geo. W., Major, Lieut. Col. 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles. 

Wells,(*) John W., Colonel Wells' (also called 34th) Regiment Texas 
Cavalry; Lieutenant-Colonel Wells' Battalion Texas Cavalry. 


Wells,(*) Joseph M., Lieut. Col., Colonel 23d (also called 2d and 3d) Mis- 
sissippi Infantry. 

Welsh, Western E., Major 11th Georgia Infantry. 

Werth,(*) Wm. H., Major, Lieut, Col. 45th Virginia Infantry. 

West, Doctor M., Major ICth Battalion Cavalry Georgia State Guard. 

West,(*) Douglas, Major 1st Louisiana Eegulars. 

West,(*) John P., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Alabama Cavalry. 

Westcott,(*) John, Major 10th Florida Infantry; Major 2d Battalion 
Florida Infantry. 

Weston, (*) James A., Major 33d 2*forth Carolina Infantry. 

Wetmore, William H., Major 36th Tennessee Infantry. 

Whaley,(*) 0. A., Major 2d Georgia Cavalry. 

Whaley,(*) David M., Major 5th Texas Infantry. 

Wharton, {*) Gabriel C., Colonel 51st Virginia Infantry ; Major 45th Vir- 
ginia Infantry. 

Wharton, (*) Jack, Major, Lieut. Col , Colonel 6th Texas Cavalry. 

Wharton, (*) John A., Colonel 8th Texas Cavalry. 

Wharton, (*) Kufus W., Lieutenant-Colonel 67'th North Carolina In- 
fantry ; Major 1st (also called 9thj Battalion North Carolina Sharp- 

Wheat,(*) Chatham E, Major 2d (or 1st Special) Battalion Louisiana 

Wheel6r,(*) E. G., Major 1st Mississippi Cavalry, 

Wheeler, Joseph, Colonel 19th Alabama Infantry. 

Wheeler, James T., Colonel 1st (Wheeler's, afterward 6th) Tennessee 

Wheeler,!*) Samuel J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Battalion North 
Carolina Partisan Eangers. 

Wheelwright, William H., Major 26th Virginia Infantry. 

Whilden,(*) John M., Major 23d South Carolina Infantry. 

Wbitaker,(*) John H., Major 9th North Carolina Volunteers (1st North 
Carolina Cavalry). 

Whitaker,(*) McH., Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Mississippi Infantry. 

White, (*) David G., Major 6th Battalion Arkansas Cavalry. 

White,(*) Edward B., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 3d Battalion South Car- 
olina Artillery. 

White,(*) Elijah V., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 35th Battalion Virginia 

White,(*) Isaac, Major 29th Virginia Infantry. 

White,]*) James D., Colonel 9th (White's, also called 3d and 12th) Mis- 
souri Infantry ; Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Battalion Missouri Cavalry, 
1st Division, Missouri State Guard. 

White,(*) James L., Major 19th South Carolina Infantry. 

White,(*) J. E., Major 9th Mississippi Infantry. 

White,(*) John B., Major State Cadets, South Carolina. 

White,(*) John P., Lieut. Col. 1st East Tennessee Cavalry. 

White,(*) John M., Major, Lieut. Col. 6th South Carolina Infantry. 

White,(*) John E., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 53d Tennessee Infantry. 

White, J. E., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Missouri Infantry, 3d Division, 
Missouri State Guard. 

White, Martin, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, 
Missouri State Guard. 

White,(*) Moses, L;eut. Col., Colonel 37th (formerly 7th Tennessee, 
Prov. Army) Tennessee Infantry. 

White,(*) Oscar, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 48th Virginia Infantry. 


White,{*) Ealeigh E., Lieutenant-Colonel Uth (Keely's, also called 13th) 

Tennessee Cavalry. 
White,(*) Eobert, Colonel 4th Cavalry Georgia State Guard. 
White,(*) Eobert, Colonel 23d Virginia Cavalry. 
White,(*) Eobert, Major, Lieut. Col. 41st Battalion Virginia Cavalry. 
White,(*) Eobert M., 'Major 6th Texas Cavalry. 
White, Samuel H., Major 9th Tennessee Infantry. 
White,(*) Thos. W., Colonel 9th Mississippi Infantry. 
White,(*) William, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 14th Virginia Infantry. 
White,(*) William C, Major 7th South Carolina Infantry. 
White,(*) William P., Major 21st Battalion Georgia Partisan Eangers; 

Colonel 7th Georgia Cavalry. 
White,(*) Wm. W., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 7th Georgia Infantry. 
Whitehead, Archer, Major 4th Battalion Georgia State Guard. 
Whitehead,(*) Charles L., Major 4th Georgia Infantry. 
Whitehead, James S., Major 55th ISTorth Carolina Infantry. 
Whitehead, John E., Major 48th Georgia Infantry. 
Whitehead, (*) Eichard O., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Virginia 

Whiteley,(*) Eichard H., Major 2d Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters. 
Whiteside's Naval Battalion Georgia Infantry, Series 1, Vol. xxtiii, 

pt. n. 
Whitfield,(*) F. Eugene, Major, Lieut. Col. 9th Mississippi Infantry. 
Whitfleld,(*) Geo. P., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 27tli North 

Carolina Infantry. 
Whitfleld,(*) Jno. T., Major 27th Texas Cavalry (1st Texas Legion). 
Whitfield, Jno. W., Major 4th Battalion Texas Cavalry ; Colonel 27th 

Texas Cavalry (1st Texas Legion). 
Whitford, Edward, Major 67th North Carolina Infantry. 
Whitford,(*) John N., Colonel 67th North Carolina Infantry; Major 

Whitford's North Carolina Partisan Battalion. 
Whiting, Henry A., Lieutenant-Colonel 41st Alabama Infantry (elected 

and declined). 
Whitner, James H., Major 4th South Carolina Infantry. 
Whitsou,(*) James M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 8th North Caro- 
lina Infantry State Troops. 
Whittington, T. M., Lieutenant-Colonel 24th Arkansas Infantry. 
Whittle, (*) Powhatan Boiling, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 38th Vir- 
ginia Infantry. 
Wiatt, Francis L., Major 48th North Carolina Infantry. 
Wicker, D. L., Major Wicker's Battalion Georgia State Guard. 
Wickham,(*) Williams C, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th Virginia 

Wickliff'e,(*) Chas., Colonel 7th Kentucky Cavalry. 
Wicklifi'e,(*) John Oripps, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th (also called 

5th) Kentucky Infantry. 
Wickliffe,(*) Nathaniel, Lieut. Col. 5th Mississippi Cavalry. 
Wicks, M. J., Major 6th Confederate Cavalry. 

Wier,(*) Wm. W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 37th Mississippi Infantry. 
Wigfall, Louis T., Lieut. Col., Colonel 1st Texas Infantry. 
Wigginton,(*) John W., Major 48th Alabama Infantry. 
Wilbourn, 0. C, Colonel 4th Mississippi Cavalry; Lieut. Col. Hughes' 

Mississippi Cavalry Battalion. 
Wilcox,(*) Cadmus M., Colonel 9th Alabama Infantry. 
Wilder,(*) James A., Major 6th Tennessee Infantry; Major 6th and 9th 

Tennessee Infantry Consolidated. 


Wilds,(*) S. H., Jliijor 21st South Carolina Infantry. 

Wiley, J. Horatio, Major 57tli (also called 54tb) Alabama Infantry. 

Wiley, John S., Colonel 85th North Carolina Militia. 

Wilkes,(*) Franklin CoUett, Colonel 24th Texas Cavalry. 

Wilkes,(*) William H., Lieut. Col., Colonel 53d Tennessee Infantry. 

Wilkius, Francis G , Maj. City Battalion, Provost Guard, Columbus, Ga. 

Wilkins, W. K., Major 2d Arkansas Infantry. 

Wilkinson, (*) Jno. C, Colonel 8th Mississippi Infantry. 

Wilkinson, Robert A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 15th Louisiana In- 
fantry ; Major 3d Battalion Louisiana Infantry. 

W^iiIcoxou,(*) John B., Major Cavalry Battalion, Phillips Georgia Le- 
gion ; Colonel 2d Cavalry Georgia State Guard. 

Willett,{*) Elbert D., Major 40th Alabama Infantry. 

Williams,(*) Andrew J., Lieutenant-Colonel 25th Georgia Infantry. 

Williams,(*) Chas. J., Colonel 1st Georgia Regulars. 

Williams,(*) Christopher H., Colonel 27th Tennessee Infantry. 

Williams, D. A., commanding regiment with Price in Missouri, 1804. 

Williams, Danile, Major 6th South Carolina Reserves j Major 1st Bat- 
talion South, Carolina Reserves. 

Williams,(*)G. W. M., Colonel 47th Georgia Infantry. 

Williams, (*) Hazel J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Virginia Infantry. 

Williams,(*) Henry L. N., Major 9th Louisiana Infantry. 

Williams,(*) H. G. P., Major 19th (Smead's and Dookery's) Arkansas 

Williams, James H., Colonel 3d South Carolina Infautry; Colonel 9th 
South Carolina Reserves ; Lieut. Col. 4th Battalion South Carolina 
Reserves; Colonel 5th South Carolina State Troops. 

Williams, James H., Lieut. Col. 4th (Peel's) Arkansas Infantry. 

WiUiams,(*) James M., Major, Lieut. Col. 21st Alabama Infantry. 

Williams,(*) J. Byrd, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 41st Missis- 
sippi Infantry. 

Williams, Jere H. J., Major 9th Alabama Infantry. 

Williams, Jere N., Major 1st Alabama Infantry. 

Williams, (*) Jesse M., Lieut. Col., Colonel 2d Louisiana Infautry. 

Williams, John D., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d (Williams') Mississippi Bat- 
talion Infantry. 

Williams, Jno. J., Major, Lieut. Col. 24th Tennessee Infantry. 

Wi]liams,(*) John S., Colonel oth Kentucky Infantry. 

Williams, J. T., Major Williams' Battalion Alabama Cavalry. 

AVilliams, Lee A. J., Major 35th Georgia Infantry. 

Wil]iams,(*) Lewis B., jr.. Colonel 1st Virginia Infantry; Lieutenant- 
Colonel 7th Virginia infantry. 

Willinms,(*) Robt. J., Major 3d (also called 2d) Missouri Infantry. 

Williams,(*) Samuel F., Major 65th Georgia Infantry. 

Williams, S. C, Major 18th Battalion Alabama Cavalry. 

Williams',(*) S. C, Lieut. Col. Stuart Horse Artillery, Virginia. 

Williains.(*) Solomon, Colonel 12th (formerly 2d) North Carolina Infan- 
try ; Colonel 19th North Carolina Volunteers (2d E". C. Cavalry). 

Williams, Timothy H., Major 25th Tennessee Infantry. 

Williams,(») Titus V., Major, Colonel 37th Virginia Infantry. 

Williams,(*) Wiley J., Major, Lieutenant- Colonel 49th Georgia Inf an trj\ 

Williams,(*) William T., Lieutenant-Colonel 32d North Carolina In- 
fantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Battalion North Carolina Infantry. 

Williamson, (*) George, Major, Lieut. Col. 8th North Carolina Infantry 
State Troops, 

Williamsou, George M. P., Major Williamson's Battalion Arkansas In. 
fan try. 

Williamson, (*) Henry W., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Virginia Infantry. 

Williamson, (*) James A., Lieut. Col., Colonel 2cl Ark. Mounted Eiiles. 

Williamson, J. L., Lieut. Col. Williamson's Battalion Arkansas Infantry. 

Williamson, (*) Jno. T., Major 5Ist Tennessee Infantry. 

Williamson, EobertC, Major 6tli Tennessee Infantry. 

Williamson, (*) R. W., Colonel 24th Mississippi Infantry, 

Williamson, William H., Major 7th Tennessee Infantry. 

Willingham, James J., Lieut. Col. 6th Alabama Infantry. 

Willis,(*) Edward, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 12th Georgia Infantry. 

Willis,(*)Leonidas,Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Cavalry Battalion, Waal's 
Texas Legion. 

Willis,(*) William H., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 4th Georgia Inf&,ntry. 

Willis, (*) William E., Lieutenant Colonel 32d Virginia Infantry. 

Wilmeth, J. B., Colonel 3d Texas Infantry State Troops. 

Wilson, (*) Amirew N., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 51st Tenn. 
Infantry; Colonel 16th (Wilson's, also called 21st) Tennessee Cavalry. 

Wilson, (*) Claudius C, Colonel 25th Georgia Infantry. 

Wilson, Ewing A., Major 8th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 

Wilson, James, uolonel2d Georgia State Line. 

Wilson, James H., Lieutenant-Colonel 8tli Arkansas Infantry. 

Wilson, (*) J. Jloore, Ma.ior 7tli Louisiana Infantry. 

Wilson,(*) John A., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 24th Tennessee Infantry. 

Wilson, Jno. F., Major 6th Battalion Virginia Infantry. 

Wilson, Jno. P., ]r., Major 5th Battalion Virginia Infantry. 

Wilson, (*) John T., Major 38th l!^"orth Carolina Infantry. 

Wilson, Jos. D., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 46th Tennessee Infantry. 

Wilson, (*)Nathaniel C, Major 28th Virginia Infantry. 

Wilson, (*) Robert B., Major 37th Georgia Infantry. 

Wilson, Samuel M., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Battalion Virginia Infan- 
try ; Colonel 61st Virginia Infantry. 

Wilson, {*) Stephen B., Major 6th Texas Cavalry. 

Wilson, William A., Maj. 5th Battalion Infantry Georgia State Guard. 

Wilson, Wm. B., Colonel 7th South Carolina Reserves. 

WiIson,(*) Wm. M., Major 32d Virginia Militia. 

Wilson, (*) William S., Maj., Lieut. Col.2dBattalionMississippi Infantry. 

Wilson, (*) Wm. T., Colonel 7th Georgia Infantry. 

Wiltberger,(*) Wm. H., Major 5th Georgia Cavalry. 

Wimbisl),(*) John, Colonel 54th North Carolina Infantry. 

Winans,(*) Wesley P., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 19th Louisiana Infantry. 

Winder,(*) Charles S., Colonel 6th South Carolina Infantry. 

Wi:ides,(*) F. M., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th (Roddey's) Alabama Cavalry. 

Winfield,(*) Benjamin P., Major 13th Virginia Cavalry. 

Winfleld,(*-) W. E., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Tennessee Infantry. 

Wingfleld,(*) James H., Lieut. Col. 9th Battalion Louisiana Cavalry; 
Colonel 3d (Wingfleld's) Louisiana Cavalry. 

Wingrield,(*) William L., Lieutenant-Colonel 28th Virginia Infantry. 

Winkler,(*) Clinton M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Texas Infantry. 

Winn,(*) David R. E., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Georgia Infantry. 

Winn,(*) Samuel J,, Major, Lieut. Col. 16th Battalion Georgia Cavalry ; 
Lieut. Col. 13th Georgia Cavalry. 

AVinn, Thos. E., Major, Lieutenant- Colonel 24th Georgia Infantry 

Winu(*) Wm. J., Major, Colonel 25th Georgia Infantry. 

Winstead, C. S., Lieutenant-Colonel 44th North Carolina Militia 

Winston,(*) John A., Colonel 8th Alabama Infantry. 


Winston, John H., Colonel 2d Missouri Infantry, 5th Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard. 

Winston, (*) John E.. Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 45th North 
Carolina Infantry. 

Winston,(*) Thomas F., Lieutenant-Colonel 53d Tennessee Infantry. 

Wintter, D., Major 2d Engineer liegiment. 

Wisdom, (*) Dew Moore, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 18th (Newsoni's) 
Tennessee Cavalry ; Major of Julian's Battalion Alabama Cavalry ; 
Lieut. Col. J. E. Forrest's Regiment Alabama Cavalry. 

Wise,(*) J. C, Major 1st Louisiana Volunteers. 

Wise,(*) Peyton, Major, Lieutfuant-Colouel 4:6th Virginia Infantry. 

Witclier,(*) Vinson A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 34th Battalion Vir- 
giuia Cavalry. 

Witcher,(*) Wm. A., Lieut. Col., Colonel 21st Virginia Infantry. 

Withers,(*) E. Benton, Major, Lieut. Col. 13th (formerly 3d) North 
Carolina Infantry. 

Withers, H. K., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Arkansas Cavalry. 

Witl)ers,r*) Jones M., Colonel 3d Alabama Infantry. 

Withers, Robert, Lieut. Col. 21st (Carter's) Tenuessee Cavalry (unofftcial). 

Witiiers,(*) Robt. E., Colonel iSth Virginia Infantry. 

Withers,(*) Robt. W., Lieut, t ot., Colonel 42d Virginia Infantry. 

Withers, (*) William Temple, Colonel 1st Mississippi Artillery. 

Witherspoon, James H., Colonel 4th South Carolina State Troops; 
Colonel 8th South Carolina Reserves. 

Witherspoon, (*) J. L., Major l'5th Battalion Arkansas Cavalry. 

Withers poon,{*) William W. Major, Colonel 36th Mississippi Infantry. 

Witt,(*) A. E., Colonel 10th Arkansas Infantry. 

Witt,(*) Horace H., Major 7th Georgia Infantry, 

Witt, W. P., Major 8th Arkansas Infantry. 

Woftbrd,(*) Jeff. L., Major 1st Mississippi Artillery. 

Wofford,(*) Joseph L., Major 13th South Carolina Infantry. 

Wofford,(*) Wm. T., Colonel 18th Georgia Infantry. 

Wolf, E. O., Major Ford's Battalion Arkansas Cavalry. 

Wolfe,(*) John P., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 51st Virginia Infantry. 

Wood, Alfred C , Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 14th Alabama Infantry. 

Wood, Charles W., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th North Carolina Militia. 

Wood,(*) F. n., Major Dawson's Eegiment Arkansas Infantry; 
Major 24th Arkansas Infantry. 

Wood,(*) Henry C, Major 37th"Virginia Infantry. 

Wood,(*) James H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th North Caro- 
lina Infantry State Troops. 

Wood,(*) Joseph G. W., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 18th Texas Cavalry. 

Wood, Robt. -C, Major 14th Battalion Missouri Cavalry. 

Wood, Robert C, jr., Lieut. Col., Col. Wirt Adams Mississippi Cavalry. 

Wood,(*) Stei)hen \V., Major 4th .Alissouri Infantry. 

Wood,(*) Sti-rling A. M., Colonel 7th Alabama Infantry. 

Wood,(*) Wni. B., Colonel 16th Alabama Infantry. 

Wood,(*) Wm. W., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 13th Virginia Infantry. 

Woodtiu,(*) John W., Major 19th North Carolina Volunteeis (2d North 
Carolina Cavalry^. 

Woo(lhouse,(*) Jno. T., Major 16th Virginia Infantry. 

Woodram,(*) Richard, Major 26th Battalion Virginia Infantry. 

Woodruff,(*) Lewis T., L-'eut. Col., Colonel 36th Alabama Infantry. 

Woods.(*) Michael L., Colonel 46th Alabama Infantry. 

Woodsy*) Perer C, Colonel 36th (also called 32d) Texas Cavalry. 

Woodson,(*) Blake L., Jiajor 45th Battalion Virginia Infantry. 
21739 9 

Woodward, John J., Major, Lieut. Ool., Colonel lOth Alabama Infantry. 

Woodward, Jno. E., Major 1st Texas Infantry. 

Wood ward, (*) Thomas G-., LieutenantOolouel lat Kentucky Cavalry; 
Colonel 2d (Woodward's) Kentucky Cavalry; Lieut. Ool. Woodward's 
Battalion Kentucky Cavalry. 

Woodward, Thos. W., Major 6th South Carolina Infantry, 

Wooldridge, William B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 4th Virginia 

Woosley, James, Major Gunter's Battalion Arkansas Cavalry. 

Wooten, George H., Lieutenant-Colonel 34th Texas Cavalry (also 
called 2d Partisans). 

Wooten (*) Thomas J., Maj. 18th (formerly 8th) North Carolina Infantry. 

Work,(*) Philip A., Lieatenant-Colonel 1st Texas Infantry. 

Wortham,(*) George, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 50th North Carolina 

Wortham,(*) Wm. A , Major 35th (Likens') Texas Cavalry. 

Wotring, Daniel E., Major 51st Virginia Militia. 

Wray, Geo., Major lloth Virginia Militia. 

Wren,(*) John F., Major 40th Battalion Virginia Cavalry. 

Wrenn, W. P., Major 10th Alabama Cavalry. 
' Wright,(*) Ambrose li.. Colonel 3d Georgia Infantry. 

Wright,(*) Arthur J. T., Lieutentant-Colonel 3d Florida Infantry. 

Wright,(*) Augustus JR., Colonel 38th Georgia Infautry (Wright's 
Georgia Legion). 

Wright,(*) Clement G., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel ' 6tli North Carolina 
Infantry ; Miijor 13th North Carolina IntVnitry Battalion. 

Wright, (*) Daniel B., Lieuteuant-Colouel 34tb (also called 37th) Mis- 
sissippi Infantry. 

Wright, George M., Major Wright's Arkansas Cavalry. 

Wright, (*) Gilbert J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel Cavalry Bat- 
talion, Col)b's Georgia Legion ; Colonel 9th Georgia Cavalry. 

Wright, Henry G., Major 20th Battalicm Infautry GcDrgia State Guard; 
Colonel Wright's Cavalry Regiment (also called 12th) Georgia State 

Wright,(*) John 4., LitnTtenaiit-Colonel 4'5d Virginia Militia. 

Wright, John C, Lieutenant-Colonel 2fith Arkansas Infantry ;. Colonel 
Wright's Arkansas Cavalry; Lieut. Col. Wright's Battalion Arkan- 
sas Cavalry. 

Wright, John T.,' Major Stli Confederate Cavalrv. 

Wright,(*) John V , Colonel 13th Teunessi-e Infantry. 

Wright,(*) Marcus J., Lieut. Col. 154th Senior Tennessee Infantry. 

Wright, a. G., Major 27th Alabama Infantry. 

Wri^ley,(*) James, Lieutenant-Colonel Wau'l's Texas Legion. 

Wyatt,(*) J. N., Major, Lieut. Colonel l2th Tennessee Iniantry ; Major 
12th and 22d Tennessee Consolidated. 

Wyche, li. E . Major 1st Battalion Louisiana State Cavalry. 

Wylie,(*) Jno. D., Major, Lieut. Col. 5th South Carolina Infantry. 

Wylly,(*) VVm. Henry, Major, Lieutenant Colonel 2oth Georgia Infantry. 

Wynn,(*) James M., Lieut. Col. l,")th Batt. North Carolina Cavalry. 

Wyune,(*) Vincent G., Lieutenant-Colonel 47th Tennessee Infantry. 

"Vager,(*) Wm. O., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st (Buchel's) Texas Cavalry; 
Major 3d Battalion Texas Cavalry. 

Tancey,(*) Benjamin C, Lieut. Col. 17th Battalion Alabama Sharp- 

Yanoey,(*) Benjamin C, Major Cavalry Battalion, Cobb's Georgia Le- 
gion. * 

Tarborough, Christopher 0., Major 13th Battalion Infantry Georgia 

State Guard. 
Yarborough,(*) William H., Major, Lieut. Ool., Ool. 15th (formerly 5th) 

North Caaroliua Infantry. 
Tates,(*) Alexander, Major 36th Mississippi Infantry. 
Yates,(*) Joseph A., Major, Lieut. Col. 1st South Carolina Artillery. 
Yeates, Jesse J., Major 31st North Carolina Infantry. 
Yeiser,(*) James G., Colonel Plojd Legion Georgia State Guardj 

Major 3d Battalion Confederate Infantry. 
Yell,(*) F. P., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 26th Arkansas Infantry. 
Yeirowley,(*) Edward C, Lieut. Col. 68th North Carolina Infantry; 

Major 8th North Caroli'ha Infantry Qtate Troops. 
Yerger, Wm., jr.. Major 12th (Armistead's) Mississippi Cavalry. 
Yniestra, Bruno F., Major 1st Alabama Eeserves. 
Yonce,(*) Wm. A., Major 51st Alabama Infantry. 
York,(*) Kichard W., Major 6th North Carolina Infantry State Troops. 
York,(*) Zebulon, Major, Lieuten^int-Golonel, Colonel 14th Louisiana 

Id fan try. 
Youug, Andrew, Lieutenant-Colonel 30th Battalion Georgia Cavalry j 

Colonel 11th Georgia Cavalry. 
Young, Charles L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 32d Arkansas Infantry. 
Young,(*) John, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Louisiana Infantry. 
YoQng,(*) John A,, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th North Carolina Infantry 

State Troops. 
Yoang,(*) Merritt L., Lieutenant-Colonel MacDonald's Missouri Cav- 
alry; Lieut.-Col. 11th Battalion Missouri Cavalry; Lieut. Col. 10th 

Missouri Cavalry. 
Youug,(*) Overton, Colonel 12th (also called 8th) Texas Infantry. 
Young,(*) Pierce M. B., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel Cavalry Battalion, 

Cobb's Georgia Legion. 
Young,(*) Kobert B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Texas Infantry. 
Young,(*) Robert M., Lieutenant-Colonel 40th Georgia Infantry. 
Young, Eobert S., Major 7th North Carolina InfantryState Troops. 
Youug,(*) Wm. C, Colonel 11th Texas Cavalry. 
Young,(*) Wm. F., Colonel 49th Tennessee Infantry. 
Young,(*) William H., Colonel 9th (Maxley's, also called 8th) Texas 

Infantry. • 
Young,(*) William J., Colonel 29th Georgia Infantry. 
Young,(*) Wilton L., Major 10th Battalion North Carolina Artillery. 
YouDgblood, E. H. {!), Major Youngblood's Battalion Government 

Mechanics, Columbus, Ga. 
Youuger,(*) Jos. T., Major 48th (Nixon's) Tennessee Infantry. 
Zable,(*) David, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Louisiana Infantry. 
Zacharie,(*) Francis C, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 25th Louisiana 

Zachry,(*) Charles T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 27th Georgia 

Zeigler,(*) Martin G., Major Holcombe South Carolina Legion. ; 

STATES ARMY 1861-1865. 

Note.— The asterisk (*) opposite the name indicates tbat it has been taken from what purports to he 

the signature. 


[;, Is* Artillery Battalion. 

'i. FQJ:syth, (*) Robt. C, Lieut. Col. 
Gee, (*) James T., Major, Lieut. Col. 

1st Cavalry Begimeiit. 

Allen, (*) William W., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Blalsey, D. T., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Brown, T. B., Lieut. "Col. 
, Claaton, (*) James H., Colonel. 
; Hannon, (*) Moses W., Lieut. Col. 
'Hundley, William H., Lieut. Col. 
Johnson, A. H., Major. 

Isi Battalion Partisan Rangers. 
(Sacceeded by Gibson's 18th Battalion.) 
Gunter, William T., Major. 

Isi Infantry Battalion. 
<Mer^ged into 25tb Regiment.) 
Loomis, John Q., Lieut. Col. 

jj 1st Infantry Regiment. 

I Clayton, (*) Henry D., Colonel. 
I Knox, (*) SamuerL., Major. 
i; Iiooke, Michael B., Lieut. Col. 

Steedman, (•) Isaiah 6. W., Lieut. Col., 

Williams, Jere N., Major. 

Ut Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi 
Infantry Regiment. 
(Merged into Baker's 54th Eegiment.) 
Avery, C) Wm. T., Lieut. Col., ofTenn. 
■ Baker, (*) Alpheus. Colonel., of Ala. 
, Cinsler, (*) Adolphus Philip, Major., of 

ls< Regiment Militia. 

Byrd, William M., Colonel. 

\st Mobile Folunteers,Local Defense Troops. 

|CayCe,StewartW., Lieut. Col. 
^iHartwell, William, Major. 
^Jliampkin, Alexander W., Colonel. 

''■'• 1st Regiment Reserves. 

Bavidson, (*) James L., Lieut. Col. 
Huger, (*) Daniel E., Colonel. 
Yniestra, Bruno F., Major. 

dr m^—l 

. 2d Artillery Battalion. 

Hallonquist, (*) James H., Maj., Lieut. 

2d Cavalry Regiment. 

Carpenter, (*) John N., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Carter, Eichard W., Major. 

Cunuingliam, James, Lieut. Col. 

Earle, (*) R. G.,ColoneL 

Hunter, (*) F. Winston, Colonel. 

Marks, Matthew R., Major. 

Napier, Le Roy, Major (temporary com- 

Pegues, Josiah James, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

West, (♦) John P., Lieut. Col. 

2d Cavalry Battalion. 

(Also known as 19th Battalion. Merged into 9th. 
Cavalry Eegiment.) 

Lea, (*) Allen, Major. 
Thomason, Zaoh., Lieut. Col. 

2d Infantry Regiment. 

Bradford, H. C, Lieut. Col. 
Forney, Daniel P., M^jor. 
Maury, Henry, Colonel. 

2d Infantry Battalion. 

(Also called 1st, 5th, changed to 8th. Merged 
into Coltart'a 50th Alabama.) 

Chadick, (*) William D., Major. 
Davis, Nich., Lieut. Col. 

2d Regiment Militia. 

Higley, (*) John H., Colonel. 
Lampkin, A. W., Major. 
Pillans, Palmer J., Lieut. Col. 

2d Regiment Reserves. 

Echols, John H., Major. 
Law, Junius A., Lieut. Col. 
Rice, (*) Olin F., Colonel. 

3(Z Cavalry Regiment. 

Gaines, Frank Y., Major. 
Hagau, (*) James, Colonel. 
Mauklin, (*) Tyirie Harris, Lieut. Col. 
Robins, (") Josiah, Major. 


3d (Coltart's) Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into 7th Eegiment.) 
Coltarfc, John G., Lieut. Col. 

3d (Smith's) Infantry Battalion. 

Garvin, John S., Major. 
Smith, W. K., Lieut. Col. 

3d Infantry Begiment. 

Battle, (*) Cnllen A., Maj.. Lieut. Col., 

Forsyth, (*) Charles, Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Lomax, (*) Teunent, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Powell, (*) Richard H., Major. 
Sands, (') Robert M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Withers, (*) Jones M., Colonel. 

3d Begiment Militia. 

Forsyth, John, Colonel. 

Irwin, Thomas K., Major. 

Le Baron, William A., Lieut. Col. 

3d Begiment Beserves. 

Brooks, (*) William M., Colonel. 
Bulger, W. D., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Walker, Whitfield, Major. 

4th Cavalry Battalion. 

.Love, Andrew P., Major (acting). 

itli (Boddey'i) Cavalry Begiment. 

Johnson, R. W., Major. 

Johnson, William A., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Newsoiu, John B., Major. 
Roddev, (*) Philip D., Colonel. 
Windes, (') F. M., Lieut. Col. 

4th (BusseU's) Cavalry Begiment. 

(Rnsaell Rangers. Part of this regiment formerly 
Kussell's 15th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.) 

Hambrick, J. M., Lieat. Col. 
Russell, (*) Alfred A., Colonel. 

4th Infantry Begiment, 

AUston, Ben., Major, P. A. C. S., tempo- 
rary commander, Aug. 11, 1861. 

Bowles,(*)PinokneyD., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Coleman, Thomas K., Major. 

Goldsby, Thomas J., Lieut. Col. 

Jones, Egbert J., Colonel. 

Law(*)EvauderMoIver, Lieut. Col., Col. 

McLemore, Owen K., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Eobbins, W. Mack, Major. 

Scott, Charles L., Major. 

Scruggs (•) Lawrence H., Maj., Lieut.Col. 

4th Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into 29th Begiment.) 

Couoley, (*) John F., Lieut. Col. 
Morris, Benjamin, Major. 

4th Begiment Militia (90 days). 

Buck, Wni. A., Colonel. 

4th Begiment Beserves. 

Stone, (*) William M., Colonel. 

5th Cavalry Begiment. 

Patterson, Josiah, Colonel. 
Warren, James M., Lieut. Col. 

5th (Golladay's) Infantry Battalion. 

(United with Chadick's Battalion to form Coltart's 
50th Kegiment.) 

Golladay, Edward J., Lieut. Col. 

5th Infantry Battalion. 
(Prior to Oct. 22, 1862, known as 8th Battalion.) 

Shepherd, (*) F. B., Lieut. Col. (tem- 
porary command). 

Van de Griiaff, (*) A. S., Major. 

Walker, H. H., Lieut. Col. (temporary 

5th Infantry Begiment. 

Blackford, (*) Eugene, Major. 

Hall, (*) Josephus M., Lieut. Col,, Col. 

Hobsou, E., Lafayette, Maj., Lieut.Col., 

-Jones, Allen C, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Morgan, (*) John T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Pegues, (*) Christopher C., Colonel. 
Eodes, (*) Eobett E., Colonel. 

ath Cavalry Begiment. 

Colvin, (*) Charles H., Colonel. 
Lary, Washington T., Lieut. Col. 
McWhorter, Eliphalet A., Major. 

Gth {Nortvood's) Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into the 55th Alabama.) 
Norwood, Jno. H., Major. 

6th (McCleUan's) Battalion. 
(Merged into 25th Begiment.) 
McClellan, Wm. B., Lieut. Col. 

Gift Infantry Begiment. 

Baker, B. H., Lieut. Col. 
Culver, (•) Isaac P., Major. 
Gordon, Augustus M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Gordon, (*) John B., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col, 
Hooper, George W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Lightfoot, (*) James N., Lieut. Col., Col, 
Ne Smith, S. Perry, Major. , 

Seibels, John J., Colonel. 
Weems, Walter H., Major. 
Willingham, James J., Lieut. Col. 

7th Cavalry Begiment. 

Clanton, Turner, jr., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Hodgson, C) Joseph, Colonel. 
Livingston, Henry J., Lieut. Col. 
Randolph, (•) F. C, Maj., Lieut. Col, 


7th Ivfantry Battalion. 
(Merged into 4tli Confederate Infantry.) 
Baker, Alpheus, Lieut. Col. 

Itli Infantry liegimeni {12months). 

Coltart, (•) John G., Lieut. Col. 
Eussell, (*; Alfred A., Major. 
Wood, (*) Sterling A. M., Colonel. 

8th (Hatch's) Cavalry Regiment. 
(Also called 9tli.) 

Ball, (•) Charlea P., Colonel. 

Hatch, Lemuel D., Maj,, Lieut. Col., Col. 

Poe, 'WilliiimT., Major. 

Eedwood, Eichard H., Major. 

8(A {Livingston's) Cavalry Regiment. 

Faulkner, Thos. L., Lieut. Col. 
Livingston, Henry J., Colonel. 
Moses, Sidney A., Major. 

8tA Infantry Battalion. 

(See 2d (Chadiok's) Battalion.) 

8i/( Infantry Regiment. 

Emrich, (*) John P., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Frazer, John W., Lieut. Col. 

Herbert, (*) Hilary A., Maj., Lieut. Col,, 

Col. - 
Irby, Thomas E., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Nail, Duke, Major. 
Eoyston, (*) Young L., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Winston, (*) John A., Colonel. 

9Wi Cavalry Regiment. 
(Organized Sept. 5, 1864 Also called 7th. Formed 
from Hth and 19th Battalions Alabama Cavalry.) 

Falconnet, Eugene F., Major. 
Malone, James C, jr.. Colonel. 
Thomason, Zach., Lieut. Col. 

9tA Infantry Battalion. 
(Also called 5th. Merged into 68th Regiment.) 

Blount, Eobert P., Lieut. Col. 
Jones, Bushrod, Lieut. Col. 
Lloyd, (*) W. D. C, Major. 

0th Infantry Regiment. 

Crow, (*) James M., Major. 

Hale, (*) Stephen F., Lieut. Col. of 11th 

Alabama, temporarily in command 

June, 1862. 
Henry, Samuel, Lieut. Col., Col. 
King, (*) J. Horace, Colonel. 
O'Neal, Edward A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Smith, Gaynes C, Lieut. Col. 
Wilcox, (*) Cadmus M., Colonel. 
Williams, Jere H. J., Major. 

\Oth Cavalry Regiment. 

Pickett, Eichard O., Colonel. 
Powell, Jno. E., Lieut. Col. 
Wrenn, W. P., Major. 

10(A Infantry Battalion. 

(Also called 4th Battalion. This Battalion became 

Snodgraas' 4th or 15th or 16th Battalion.) 

CUftoUj James M., Major. 

Wth Infantry Regiment. 

Bradford, Taul, Major. 

Caldwell, John H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Cunningham, Arthurs., Lieut. Col. P. A. 

C. S., temporary commander February, 

Forney, (') John H., Colonel. 
Forney, William H., Maj., Lieut. Col., 


Johnson, Louis W., Major. 

Martin, James B., Lieut. Col. 

Shelley, (*) James E., Lieut. Col. 

Smith, William T., Lieut. Col. 

Truss, James D., Major. 

Woodward, John J., Maj., Lieut. Col., 


IKA Cavalry Battalion. 

(Afterward 3d or 11th Confederate Cavalry.) 
Estes, (') W. N., Fijor. 
Howard, (•) James E., Lieut. Col. 

nth Cavalry Regiment. 
(Also called loth.) 

Burtwell, John E. B., Colonel. 
Doan, John F., Lieut. Col. 
Sale, Melville W., Major. 

nth Infantry Regiment, 

Field, George, Major. 
Fletcher, Eichard J., Major. 
Gracie, (*) Archibald, jr., Major. 
Hale, (*) Stephen F., Lieut. Col. 
Moore, (*) Sydenham, Colonel. 
Sanders, (*) John C. C.. Colonel. 
Tayloe, (») George E., Lieut. Col., Col. 

• \2th Battalion Partisan Rangers. 
(Also called Ist Battalion Partisan Eangers. 
Merged into 12th Cavalry Kegiment.) 

Bennett, Albert G., Major. 

Hundley, (*) William H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

12tft Cavalry Regiment. 

Ingram, Augustus J., Major. 
Pointer, Marcellus, Lieut. Col 
Reese, Warren S. Colonel. 

1'3(A Infantry Regiment. 

Brown, John C, Maj. 

Gayle, (*) Bristor B., Colonel. 

Goodgame, (*) John C, Lieut. Col. 

Jones, (*) Robert T., Colonel. 

O'Hara, Theodore, Lieut. Col. 

Pickens, (*) Samuel B., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Proskaner, Adolph, Major. 

Stikes, Augustus, Major. 

Tracy, Edward 1)., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

13t7i Battalion Partisan Rangers. 
(Merged into 56th Eegiment Partisan Kangers.) 
Hewlett, William A., Major. 

Vith Infantry Regiment. 

Aiken, (*) James, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col.' 
Belts, (*) William H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Dawson, (*) Reginald H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Fry, (») Birket D., Colonel. 
Marks, Samuel B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 


13th Infantry Begiment — Continued. 

Mitchell, (*) Julius C. B., Lieut. Col. 
Smith, Johu T., Major. 

Hlli Ballalion Partisan Bangers. 
(Merged into 9th Cavalry Eegiment.) 

Falcounet, Eugene F., Major. 
Malone, James C, jr., Lieut. Col. 

Uth Infantry Regiment. 

Baiue, D. W., Lieut. Col, 

Broome, (*) James A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Ferrell, Mickleberry P., Major. 

Judge, (*) Thomas J., Colonel, 

McCord, Eobert A., Major. 

McLemore, Owen K., Major. 

Pinckard, (*) Lucius, Lieut. Col., Col. 

Taylor, George W., Major. 

Wood, Alfred C, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

15tft Battalion Partisan Bangers. 

(Also called Ist Battalion. Merged into 56tli 
Jiegiment Partisan Hangers.) 

Boyles, (*) William, Major. 

15(A Infantry Begiment. 

Cantey, James, Colonel. 
Uaniel, John W. L., Major. 
Peagin, (*) Isaac B., Lieut. Col. 
Lowther, (*) Alexander A., Maj., Lieut. 

Col., Col. 
Gates, (*) William C, Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Treutlen, John P., Lieut. Col., Col. 

164A Battalion Infantry. 

(Also called 4th; also numbered 15th. Formerly 
Cliiton'a 4th or 10th. Merged into 55th Kegi- 

Alexander, G. L., Major. 
Gibsou, John H., Major. 
Suodgrass, John, Lieut. Col. 

Idth Infantry Begiment. 

Ashford, (*) Frederick A., Maj., Lieut. 

Col., Col. 
Harris, John W., Lieut. Col. 
Helvenstou, Alexander H., Maj., Lieut. 

Col., Col. 
May, Joseph J., Maj , Lieut. Col. 
McGaughy, (*) Johu H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Wood, (*) William B., Colonel. 

17th Battalion /Sharpshooters. 

Yancey, Benjamin C, Lieut. Col. 

nth Infantry Begiment, 

Burnett, (*) Thomas J., Major. 

Fariss, (") Robert C, Lieut. Col. 

Holcombe, Edward P., Lieut. Col. 

Jones, J. P., Colonel (temporary appoint- 
ment ; removed July 3, 186;i). 

Moreno, (*) Stephen A., Major (tempora- 
ry appointment; removsd June 20, 

Murphey, (*) Virgil S., Maj., Col. 

Eyau, (•) John, Lieut. Col (temporary 
appointment; removed July 3, Ititi^). 

WaCtSj Thomas H., Colonel. 

Ibth Battalion Partisan Bangsrs. 

(Formerly Gunter's Ist Battalion.) 

Gibson, John H., Major. 
Williams, S. C, Major. 

ISlh Infantry Begiment. 

Bullock, Edward C, Colonel. 

Holtzolaw, (*) James T., Maj., Lieut. 
Col., Col. 

Hunley, (*) Peter F., Major, Lieut. Col. 

Inge, (») R. F., Lieut. Col. 

Moxley, (*) William M., Major. 

Euffin, Shep., Major. 

Shorter, Eli S., Lieut. Col., CoL 

Strawbridge, (*) James, Colonel Ist Lou- 
isiana Regulars (temporarily assigned). 

Thomas. Bryan M., Major (P. A. C. S.,tem- 
porarily assigned). 

19tfe Infantry Begiment. 

Davis, Nich., Lieut. Col. (temporary com- 
mand; declined appointment). 

Kimbrough, George R., Lieut. Col. 

McSpadden, (*) Samuel K., Maj., Lieut. 
Col. Col. 

Palmer, Solomon, Major. 

Savage, James H., Major. 

Tracy, Edward D., Lieut. Col. 

Wheeler, Joseph, Colonel. 

20(fe Artillery Battalion. 

Waddell, (*) James F., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

20i/t Infantry Begiment. 

Anderson, (*) Charles D., Maj., Col. 
Davis, John W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Dedman, James M., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Garrott, (*) Isham W., Colonel. 
Harris, John G., Major. 
Pettus, Edmund W., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Pickering, Alfred S., Major. 
Porter, Mitchell T., Maj., Lieut. Col; 

21sJ Infantry Battalion, 

Gibson, , Major. 

2l8< Infantry Begiment. 

Anderson, (*) Charles D., Colonel. 

Cayce, Stewart W., Lieut. Col. 

Crawford, James, Colonel. 

Ingersoll, Andrew J., Lieut. Col. 

Johnston, Charles B., Major. 

McCoy, Franklin J., Major. 4 

Stewart, Charles S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Stewart, Frederick, Major. 

Williams, (*) James M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

22(? Cavalry Battalion, 

Warren, (*) James M., Major. 

22(J Infantry Begiment. 

Armistead, E. Herbert, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Armistead, Eobert B., Major. 

Deas, Zach. C, Colonel. 

Donnell, Robert, Major. 

Hart, (*) Beuj. R., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col, 

Marrast, Johu C, Lieut. Col., Col. 


22(J Infantry Uegiment — Continuocl. 

Prince, Thomas MoC, Major. 
Konse, Napoleon B., Lieut. Col. 
Toulmin, Harry T., M»j., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Weedon, John, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

23(J Battalion Sharpsliooiers. 

(Formed from Cos. E, P, .ind G, of 1st Battaliou, 
Hilliard's Legion.) 

Stallworth, (*) Nicholas, Major. 

23rf Infantry Begiment, 

Beet, (*) Franklin K., Colonel. 
Bibb, (*) Joseph B., Lieut. Col., Col. 
IJester, James T., Major. 
Longmire, (*) John J., Major. 
McMurray, (*) Francis, Major. 
Tait, Felix, Major. 

mth Cavalry Battalion. 
Snodgrass, (*) Robert B., Major. 

2ith Infantry Begiment. 

Buck, (*) William A., Colonel. 

Davis, (*) Newton N., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Dennett, (*) William B., Lieut. Col. 
Pierce, (*) Junius J., Major. 
Sawyer, (*) Benjamin F., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

25ft Cavalry Battalion. 

Gordon, Eugene C, Major. 
Johnston, Miles E., Lieut. Col. 
Mead, (*) Lemuel G., Major. 

25tJi Infantry Begiment. 

(Pormed from Looniis' 1st Battalion and McClel- 
lan's 6tli Eattalion.) 

Huger, Daniel E., Major (temporary com- 

Johnston, (*) George D., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Loomis, (*) John Q., Colonel. 

McClellan, William B., Lieut. Col. 

26<A (O'Neal's) Infantry Begiment. 

Bryan, (*) David F., Major. 
Garvin, John S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Hunt, William H., Lieut. Col. 
O'Neal, (*) Edward A., Colonel. 
Eeeder, William C, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Redden, R. D., Major. 

26/A (CoHart's) Infantry Begiment. 

(See 50tli.) 

27th Infantry Begiment. 

Hnghes, (*) Adolphus A., Colonel. 
Jackson, (*) James, Lieut. Col., Col. 
McAlexander, Edward, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Wright, R. G., Major. 

28ft Infantry Begiment. 

Butler, William L., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Davies, (*) T. W. W.,'Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Frazer, (*) John W., Colonel. 
Eeid, (*)^ohn C, Lieut. Col., Col. 

29ft Infantry Begiment. 
(Include,'* 4th Battalion.) 

Conoley, (») John F., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Morris, (») Benjamin, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Tattnall, (•) John R. F., Colonel. 
Turner, Henry B., Major. 

30t/i Infantry Begiment. 

Bradford, Taul, Lieut. Col. 
Bnrr, Wni. H., Major. 
Elliott, James R., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Francis, John C, Lieut. Col. 
Patterson,(*] Thomas H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Patterson, Wm. C, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Shelley, Charles M., Colonel. 
Smith, John B., Major. 

31st (Hundley's) Infantry Begiment. 

Arrington, (") Thomas M., Lieut. Col. 
Hundley, ("*) Daniel R., Colonel. 
Mattison, George W., Major. 

31st (Hale's) Infantry Begiment. 
(Afterwards Edwards' 49tli; also called 52d.) 

Gilbreath, (•) Montgomery, Lieut. Col. 
Hale, Smith D., ColoneL 
Johnson, B. C, Major. 

S2d Infantry Begiment. 
(Consolidated witli 58tli Regiment.) 

Ashe, (") Thomas P., Major. 
Easton, (*) Thomas S., Major. 
Kimbell, (') John C, Major. 
Maury, (*) Henry, Lieut. Col. 
McKinstry, (') Alexander, Colonel. 

33(Z Infantry Begiment. 

Adams, (*) Samuel, Colonel. 
Crittenden, Robert F., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Dunklin, James H,, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Horn, Daniel H., Lieut. Col. 

34(7i Infantry Begiment. 

Carter, (») John C, Lieut. Col. 
Echols, James W., Lieut. Col. 
McCoy, Heury R., Major. 
Mitchell, (*) Julius C. B., Colonel. 
Slaughter, (*) John N., Major. 

3!}tli Infantry Begiment. 

A.shford, A. E., Major. 
Goodwin, (*) Edward, Lieut. Col., (^ol. 
FInnt, William H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Ives, Samuel S., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Robertson, (*) James W., Colonel. 

36tft Infantry Begiment. 

Henegan, Charles S., Major. 

Herudon, Thomas H., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Smith, (*) Robert H., Colonel. 
Woodruff, (*) Lewis T., Lieut. Col., Col. 

37f/i Infantry Begiment. 

Amerine, (*) John P. W., Major. 
Dowdell, {*) James F., Colouel. 
Greene, (*) Alexander A., Lieut. Col, 
Slaton, Wm. F., Major. 



38tli Infantry Beglment. 

Hearin, William J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Jewett, (*) Origen Sibley, Major. 
Ketehum,(") Charles T., Colonel. 
Laukford, (*) A. E., Lieut. Col., Col. 

3dth Infantry Regiment. 

Clark, (') Whitfield, Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Clayton, (*) Henry D., Colonel. 
Clifton, William C, Lieut. Col., Col. 
FleweUen, (*) James T., Lieut. Col. 
Hargrove, Lemuel, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
McSwean, Colio, Major. 
Smith, Drewry H., Major. 

40iA Infantry Regiment. 

Coleman, (*) Augustus A., Colonel. 
GuUey, Ezekiah S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Higley, (*) John H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Stone, Thomas 0., Major, Lieut. Col. 
Willett, Elbert D., Major. 

41st Infantry Regiment. 

Hudgings,(*) Lemuel T., Major. 

Jeffries, John M., Major. 

King, Porter, Lieut. Col. 

Murfee, James T., Lieut. Col. 

Nash, Jesse G., Major. 

Stansel, (*) Martin L., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Talbird, (*) Henry, Colonel. 
Trimmier, Theodore G., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Whiting, Henry A., Lieut. Col. (elected 

and declined). 

A2d Infantry Regiment. 

Fergus, W.C., Major. 

Lanier, (*) Thomas C, Lieut. Col., Col. 

Portis, John W., Colonel. 

43(J Infantry Regiment. 

Barbour, Thomas M., Major. 
Gracie, Archibald, jr., Colonel. 
Hart, (*) Robert D., Major, 
Jolly, (*) John J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Mims, (*) William J., Major. 
Moody,(*) Young M., Lieut. Col., Col. 

44t/t Infantry Regiment. 

Gary, George W., Major. 
Derby, Chas. A., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Jones, (*) John A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Kent, (*) James, Colonel. 
Perry, (*) William P., Maj., Lieut. Col., 
Col. ' 

45<A Infantry Regiment, 

Abercrombie, (*) Robert H., Major, Lieut. 

Breedlove, {*) Ephraim B., Maj., Lieut. 

Col., Col. 
Freeman, Geo. C, Major. 
Gilchrist, James G., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Goodwyn, William S., Colonel. 
Lampley, (*) Harris D., Maj., Lieut. Col., 


i6th Infantry Regiment. 

Brewer, George E., Major. 
Haudley, James M., Major. 
Kyle, Osceola, Lieut. Col. 
Woods, (*) Michael L., Colonel. 

47th Infantry Regiment. 

Bulger, Michael J., Lieut. Col., Col, 
Campbell, James M,, Major. 
Jackson, James W., Lieut. Col., Col, 
Johnston, (*) John Y., Major. 
Oliver, James M., Colonel. 
Terrell, Lee R., Lieut. Col. 

48th Infantry Regiment. 

Alldridge, (*) Enoch, Major. 
Alldridge, Jesse J., Lieut. Col. 
Hughes, (*) Abner A., Lieut. Col. 
Hardwick, (*) William M., Maj., Lieut. 

Sheffield, (*) James L., Colonel. 
St. John, Columbus B., Major. 
Wigginton, (*) John W., Major. 

49tli Infantry Regiment. 
(Formerly Hale's 3l8t Alabama.) 

Crump, William N., Lieut. Col. 
Edwards, (') Jeptha, Colonel. 
Street, Thomas A., Major. 
Weeden, John D., Major, Lieut. Col. 

oOth Infantry Regiment. 

(Also known as 26th (Coltart's) Infantry. Formed 
from Golladay's 5tti Battalion and Cliadick's 1st 

Arnold, George W., Lieut. Col. 
Chadlck, William D., Lieut. Col. 
Clements, Newton N., Lieut. Col. (not 

Coltart, (•) John G., Colonel. 
Gwynne, Andrew D., Major (transferred 

■ to 38th Tenn. Inf). 
Gilbert, T. H., Major. 
Hutto, (*) John C, Major. 

51«t Regiment Partisan Rangers. 

Dye, James T., Major. 
Kirkpatrick, (*) M. L., Lieut. Col. 
Morgan, John T., Colonel. 
Thompson, Henry B., Major. 
Webb, (*) James D., Lieut. Col. 

b2d Infantry Regiment. 
(See Hale'a Slst Alabama.) 

53d Regiment Partisan Rangers. 

Gaines, (") John P., Lieut. Col. 
Hannon, (*) Moses W., Colonel. 
Jenkins, (*) Thos. P., Major. 

54<7i Infantry Regiment. 

(Formerly 4tli Confederate Infantry. When first 
organized was called 50th, but changed after- 
ward to 64th. I'ormed from 6 cos. 1st Ala., 
Miss., and Tenn. Inf., and 4 cos. L.M.Walker's 
40th Tenn. Inf.) 

Baker, (•) Alpheus, Colonel. 


54</i Infantry Begirncnt — Continued. 

Minter, (*) John A., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Shackelford, (*) Thaddeus H., Major, 
Lieut. Col. 

5r<7i Infantry Regiment. 

(Formed from 6th (Norwood's) and 16th (Snod- 
grass') Infantry Battalions.) 

Dickey, James B., Major. 
Graham, N. S., Lieut. Col. 
Jones, Joseph H., Major. 
Norwood, John H., Lieut. Col. 
Snodgrass, (*) John, Colonel. 

56JA Regiment Partisan Bangers. 

(Formed from 13th and 15th (also called 1st) Cav- 
alry Battalions.) 

Boyles, (*) William, Colonel. 

De Bardeleben, (*) A. W., Major., Lieut. 

Hewlett, William A., Lient. Col. 
Martin, William, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

57th Infantry Regiment, 

(Also called 54th.) 

Amerine, (*) John P. W., Colonel. 
Bethune, (*) William C, Lieut. Col. 
Cunningham, Charles J. L., Maj., Col. 
Mahrey, James W., Lieut, (iol. 
Wiley, J. Horatio, Major. 

58<ft Infantry Regiment. 

(Formed from 9th Infantry Battalion. Consoli- 
dated -with 32d Kegiment.) 

Inzer, (*) Jolin W., Lieut. Col. 
Jones, (*) Bushrod, Colonel. 
Thornton, (*) Harry I., Major. 

59Wi Infantry Regiment. 

(Formed from 2d and 4th Battalions, Billiard' s 

Grumpier, Lewis H., Major. 

Hall, C) Boiling, jr., Colonel. 

Huguley, (*) George W., "Maj., Lieut. 

McLennan, (*) John D., Lieut. Col. 

GOth Infantry Regiment. 

. (Formed from 10 companies of I st and 3d Infantry 
Battalions, Hilliard's Legion.) 

Cook, Hatch, Major. 

Sanford, (*) John W. A., Colonel. 

Troy, Daniel S. Lieut. Col. 

Gist Infantry Regiment. 
(Also called 59th.) 

Hill, (*) Lewis H., Lieut. Col. 
Pinckard, (*) William E., Major. 
Swanson, (*)William G., Colonel. 

Beall's Cavalry Battalion, 

Beall, T. 8., Major. 

Brcicer's Cavalry BaffaKon. 

(Composed of Alabama and Mississippi Compa- 

Brewer, E. H., Major. 

Exchange Battalion. 
Weeden, John D., Lieut. Col. 

Fire Battalion {Exempts'). 
Moreland, William S., Major. 

Foster's Regiment Volunteers. 
Faster, Thomas J., Colonel. 

Grades Special Infantry Battalion. 
(Details from 9th, lOth, and 11th Regiments.) 
Gracie, Archibald, jr., Major. 

hilliard's legion. 

(Dissolved November 25, 1863.) 

miliard, (*) Henry W., Colonel. 
Thorington, (») Jack, Colouel. 

Artillery Battalion, Hilliard's Legion. 

McLennan, (*) John D., Major 4th Bat- 
Reeves, (') Wm. N., Major 4th Battalion. 

Cavalry Battalion, Hilliard's Legion. 

Slaughter, Miles M., Major 5th Battalion 
(merged into 10th Confederate Cavalry). 

Infantry Battalions, Hilliard's Legion. 

Cook, Hatch, Major, 3d Battalion. 

Hall, (») Boiling, jr., Lieut. Col. 2d Bat- 

Holt, (•) .John H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 1st 

Sanford, (*) John W. A., Lieut. Col. 3d 

Stubblefield, (*) Wm. T., Major 2d Batt. 

Thorington, (*) Jack, Lieut. Col. 1st Batt. 

Troy, (*) Daniel S., Major 1st Battalion. 

Barliiere's Battalion Cavalry Reserves. 
Barhiere, Joseph, Major. 

Forrest's Cavalry Regiment. 

(Four companies transferred to Hewsom's 18th 

Forrest, Jeffrey E., Colonel. 
Wisdom, (*) Dew Moore, Lieut. Col. 

Hardie's Battalion Cavalry Reserves, 

Hardie, Joseph, Major. 

Julian's Cavalry Battalion. 

Julian, (*) William R., Lieut. Col. 
Wisdom, (*) Dew Moore, Major. 

Lewis' Cavalry Battalion. 

Harrell, William V., Major. 
Lewis, Thomas H., Major. 



Zoclchart's Battalion (Exempts). 

Lookhart, H. C, Lieut. Col. 

Moreland's Cavalry Begiment. 

George, J. N., Major. 

Moreland, M. D., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Murphy's Independent Cavalry Battalion, 

(Composed of Alabama and Florida recruits.) 

Murphy, Samuel J., Lieut. Col. 

Moreland's Battalion S. S. 
Moreland, J. S., Major. 

Musgrove's Battalion Cavalry. 

(No rolls on fllo. Paroled in Department of Mis. 
sissippi and Ease Louisiana, May 5, 1865.) 

Musgrove, , Major. 

Stewart's Cavalry Battalion. 

Stewart, , Major. 

Truekeart's Artillery Battalion. 

Trueheart, C) Daniel, Major. 

Williams' Battalion. 
(Merged into Burtwell's llth Cavalry Begiment.) 

Williams, J. T., Major. 


Isf {Broolcs') Cavalry Battalion. 

Broots, William H., Major. 

1st (Borland's) Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into 3d Cavalry.) 
Borland, Solon, Lieut. Col. 

1st Arkansas and Louisiana Cavalry Bat- 

Buckner, G. W., Major (acting). 

1st (Crawford's) Cavalry Begiment. 

Crawford, William A., Colonel. 
Kilgore, Dawson L., Lieut. Col. 
Walker, .John W., Major. 

1st Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into 3d Confederate Infantry.) 

Johnson, James B., Major. 
Marmaduke, (*) Jno. Sappington, Lieut. 

1st (Stirman's) Begiment Sharpshooters. 

(Bridges' Battalion attached.) 

Boone, Lafayette, Major. 
Bridges, Heury W., Lieut. Col. 
Stirman, Eas., Colonel. 

1st Begiment Mounted Bifles. 

Campbell, Wm. P., Major. 
Churchill, Thomas J., Colonel. 
Galloway, (*) Morton G., Lient. Col., Col. 
Harper, (*) Robert W., Maj., Col. 
Laswell, George S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Matlock, Charles H., Lieut. Col. 
Eamsaur, (*) Lee M., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Reynolds, (*) Daniel H., Maj., Lieut. 

Col., Col. 
Wells, (•) Geo. W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

1st Cavalry (Pagan's and Monroe's) Begi- 

Davis, M. D., Major. 

Fagan, (") James F., Colonel. 

Monroe, (*) Jas. C, Colonel. 

Ist Cavalry (Fagan's and Monroe's) Begi- 
ment — Continued. 

O'Neil, James M., Major. 
Reiff, A. v., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

1st Begiment (State) Cavalry, 186L 

Carroll, De Rosey, Colonel. 

Ist Infantry Battalion. 
(See 8tll Battalion.) 

Ist (Bector's War Begiment) Arkansas Vol- 

(N'ortliwest Division of Arkansas, Trans-Missis- 
sippi Department. Afterwards known as 35th.) 

George, (*) James, Lieut. Col. 
King, James P., Major. 
Rector, (') Frank A., Colonel. 

1st (Colquitt's) Infantry Begiment. 

(Successor to Fagan.) 

Colquitt, (*) John W., Colonel. 
Little, Stinson, Major. 
Martin, (*) William H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
McGregor, Donelson, Lieut. Col. 

1st (Cleiurne's) Infantry Begiment. 

(Changed to 15th, which see.) 

Cleburne, (*) Patrick R., Colonel. 

Glenn, John E., Major. 

Patton, Archibald K., Lieut. Col. 

1st (Fagan's) Infantry Begiment. 

Colquitt, John W., Major. 
Crawford, Wm. A., Lieut. Col. 
Fagan, James F., Colonel. 
Monroe, James C, Lieut. Col. 
ThompsoQ, John B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Ist Begiment Militia (30 days). 

Black, John, Major. 

Liggiu, , Lieut. Col. 

McCaleb, James H., Colonel. 

M Cavalry Begiment. 

Cochran, Thomas M., Lieut. Col. 
Reid, T. J., Major. 


2(? Cavalry Regiment— Continued. 

Slemons, (») W. F., Colonel. 
Somervell, William J., Major. 
Withers, H. R., Lieut. Col. 

2d Regiment Mounted Biflea. 

Brown, (*) Henry K., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Eagle, (*) James P., Major. 

Eiubry, (*) Benjamin T., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Flanagin, (") Harris, Colonel. 

Gipson, (*) William, Major. 

Mcintosh, (*) James, Colonel. 

Smith, (*) James T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Williamson, (*) James A., Lieut. Col., Col. 

2d Cavalry Battalion. 

Barnett, W. D., Major, 

2(J Infantry Battalion. 

(Transferred to 3d Arkansas Infantry.) 

Bronaugh, William N., Major. 

2d Infantry Regiment. 

Bocage, Jos. W., Lieut. Col. 
Brasher,(*) E. G., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Govan, Daniel C., Lieut. Col , Col. 
Harvey, (*) RenbenF., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Hindman,(*) Thomas Carmichael, Col. 
Meek, A. T., Major. 

Patterson, , Lieut. Col.t 

Scaife, J. W., Maj., Lieut, Col., Col. 
Warfield,(*) E., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

3(Z Cavalry Regiment. 

(Organized July 29, 1861. Originally called 1st 
Ark. Monnted Vols. Ordered called 3d Ark, 
Jan. 16, 1862, by C. S, "War Department. In- 
cludes 3 COS. Williamson's Infantry Battalion.) 

Blackwell, Wm. H., Major. 

Borlaucl,(*) Solon, Colonel. 

Dan]ey,(*) Benjamin F., Lieut. Col. 

Earle,(*) Samuel G., Colonel. 

Earle, J. F., Major. 

Gee, James M., Lieut. Col. 

Hender80u,(*) Marzarine J., Maj., Lieut. 

Hob8on,(*) Amson W., Lieut. Col., Col. 
ShaU,(*) David F., Major. 

3d Infantry Battalion. 

(Merged into ISth (McEae's) Infantry, Iforth- 
west Division of Arkansas, Trans-Mississippi 

MeRae,(*) Dandridge, Major. 

3d Infantry Regiment. 

(Includes 2d Battalion,) • 

Barton,(*) Seth M., Lieut. CoL 
Capers, J. Hictson, Major. 
Manning, Van H., Maj., Col. 
Reedy, Jno. W., Major. 
Rust,C') Albert, Colonel. 
Smith, Samuel W., Major. 

+ Series 1. Vol 

3d Infantry Regiment— Continnei. 

Taylor, Robert S., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Tebbs,(*) William H.', Maj., Lieur. Col. 
Wilkins, W. K., Major. 

3d Regiment (State) Infantry, 1861. 

Gratiot, John R., Colonel. 
Provence, David, Lieut. Col. 
Ward, H., Major. 

4th Infantry Battalion. 

(Consolidated witli 31st Arkansas Infantry.) 

McKay, John, Major. 
Ros8,(*) Jesse A., Major. 
Terry,(*) Francis A., Lieut. Col. 

itli(MoN'air's) Infantry Regiment. 

(Soutli Arkansas Regiment. Consolidated at one 
time with 4tli Infantry Battalion.) 

Biinu,(*) Henry G., Lieut, Col., CoL 
McCulloch,(*) Jos. B., Major. 
McNair,(») Evauder, Lieut. CoL, Colonel. 
May,(*) James H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Ogden, Samuel, Lieut. Col. 

4th (Peel's) Infantry Regiment. 

Hill, , Major. 

Peel,(*) Samuel W., Colonel. 
Williams, James H., Lieut. Col. 

4th Regiment {State) Infantry, 1861. 

Wallser, J. D., Colonel. 

5th Cavalry Regiment. 

Bnll.C) John P., Lieut. Col. 
Newton, (*) Robert C, CoIoneL 
Smith, John, Major. 

5lh Infantry Regiment. 

Cross, David C, Colonel. 

Ellsberry, T. W., Major. 

Feather8ton,(*) Lucius, Colonel. 

Green, (') Peter V., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Howell,{*) E. A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

MurrayiC) John E., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Pope, '(') Riddick, Major. 

Sweeney, (*) Benjamin F., Lieut. Col. 

btJi Regiment (Stale) Infantry, 1861. 

Dockery, Thos. P., Colonel. 
Neal, Joseph, Lieut. Col. 

ath Cavalry Battalion. 

White, David 6., Major. 

ath Infantry Reqiment. 

Cameron,(*) F.J,, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Douglas8,(*) William F., Major. 
Hawthorn, (*) Alexander T., Lieut. Col., 

Kilgore, Dawson L., Major. 
Lyou,(*) Richard, Colonel. 
Peay,(*) Gordon N., Lieut. Col. 

10. Daa-e 577. 



6ih Infantry Megiment — Continued. 

Smitb,(') Samuel G., Maj., Col. 
Snyder,C) Peter, Lieut. Col. 6tli and 7th 
Arkansas Consolidated. 

7ft Cavalry Battalion. 

Cypert, J. N., Major. 

7ft Cavalry Regiment. 

Adams, J. L., Major. 
Basbam, Oliver., Lieut. Col. 
Hill, Jobn F., Colonel. 
Ward, J. C, Major. 

7ft Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into 8th Infantry May 7, 1862.) 

Desba, F. W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

7ft Infantry Regiment. 

Cain, W. E., Lieut. Col. 

Dean, (*) Jobn M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Gillespie, (•) D. A., Colonel. 

Hill, JolmA., Major, 

Martin, (*) James T., Major. 

McCauley, Jobn C, Major. 

Rutherford, James, Lieut. Col. 

Sbaver, (») R. G., Colonel. 

Snyder, (') Peter, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

8ft Infantry Battalion. 
(Also designated as the 1st,) 

Jones, Bart,, Lieut. Col. 
Miller, John, Major. 

8ft Infantry Eegiment. 
(Consolidated into 5 companies May 7, 1862, and 
these consolidated with 7th and 9th Arkansas 
Battalions same date.) ^ 

Baucum, (*) George F., Maj., Lieut. Col., 
Col., commanding 8tb and 19th Arkan- 
sas, temporarily attached. 

Coucb, (•) Henry M,, Lieut. Col. 

Kelly, (*) John H"., Colonel. 

Patterson, (*) William K., Colonel. 

Price, John A., Major. 

Watkins, (") Anderson, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Wilson, James H,, Lieut. Col. 

Witt,(*) W. P., Major. 

9ft Infantry Battalion. 
. (Merged into 8th Infantry May 7, 1862.) 

Kelly, (*) John H., Major. 
Mason, Samuel J., Lieut. Col. 

9ft Infantry Regiment. 

Bradley, John M., Colonel. 
Bratton, (*) John C, Major. 
Dunlop, (*) Isaac L., Colonel. 
McCammon, W. Y., Lieut. Col. 
Millsap, R. W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Rogers, (*) Jefferson W., Lieut. Col. 
Wallace, (*) William J., Major. 

lOWi Infantry Battalion. 

Scott, R., Lieut. Col. 

10ft Infantry Regiment. 
Cargile, CM., Major. 
Ford, S. S., Lieut. Col. 

10ft Infantry Eegiment— Couiimieiii. 

Merrick, T. D., Colonel. 
Patty, Obed., Major. 
Vcnable, Luther R., Lieut. Co). 
Witt, A. R., Colonel. 

li;7i Infantry Battalion. 

(Transferred to Tnrnbull's 30th (afterward 25tli) 

Kegiment. ) 

Turnbull, Charles J., Lieut. Col. 

lift Infantry Eegiment, 
(Afterward mounted.) 

Logan, (*) Jobn L., Colonel. 
Miller, M.S., Lieut. Col. 
Poe, (*) James T., Major. 
Smith, (*) J. M,, Colonel. 
Vance, {") McDaff, Lieut. Col. 

12ft Battalion Sharpsliooters. 

Eapley, (*) William P., Major. 

12ft Infantry Eegiment, 

Cook, W. D. S., Lieut. Col. 
Gantt, (*) Edward W., Colonel. 
Jordan, E, C, Lieut. Col. 
Eeid, (*) T. J., jr., Maj., Col. 
Walker, Jno. S., Major. 

13ft Cavalry Battalion. 

Witherspoon, J. L., Major. 

13ft Infantry Regiment. 

Brown, (*) A. R., Lieut. Col. 

Duncan, (*) R, A., Mnj., Lieut, Col. 

Fealbereton, L., Col. 5tb and 13th, con- 

Grayson, A. D., Lieut. Col. 

(3reen, (•) Peter V., Maj., Lieut. Col. of 
5tb and 13tb, consolidated. 

Howell, E. A., Maj. of 5tb and 13th, con- 

Hunt, (*) George B., Major. 

McNeely,(*) James A., Maj., Col. 

Murray, (') John E., (5th and 13th con- 
solidated) Col., Lieut. Col. 

Tappan, (") James C, Colonel. 

lith (McCarver's) Infantry Regiment. 
(Also called 9th. Merged with Lemoyne's 17th 
Kegiment to form Cravens' 21st Int^ntry.) 

Kelly, C) John H., Major. 
Mason, Samuel J., Lieut. Col. 
McCarver, John S,, Colonel. 

14ft (Mitchell's) Infantry Regiment. 

Allen, John, Major. 
Dodson, Eli, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Fowler, (*) Pleasant, Lieut. Col. 
Messick, (*) E.H., Major. 
Messick, (*) J. H., Major. 
Mitchell, (*) M, C, Colonel. 
Powers, (*) Frank P., Col. 

15ft {Soils') Infantry Eegiment. 
(Formerly McRae's 1 5th.) 
Boone, Squire, Lieut. Col. 
Hobbs, James H., Colonel. 
Reynolds, Wm. W., Major. 



15th (Polk'n) Infantry Regiment. 

(Successor lo Clebui-ne's 15lh. 

Carlton, (*) Chas. H., Major. 
Josey,(*) Jno. E., Maj., Iiieut. Col., Col. 
Murray, George M., Lieut. Col. 
Polk, Lucius E., Colonel. 

15Wi (Jokniion'B) Infantry Begiment, 

(Sucoessorto Gee's.) 

Johnson, Benjamin W., Colonel. 
Lee, P. Lynch, Lieut'. Col. 
Btewart, Wm. E., Msgor. 

15tft (McBae'e) Infantry Begiment. 

(Afterward Hobbs' 15th. OrgaDized December 3, 
1862, from McKae's Infantry JBattalion.) 

Hobbs, James H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
McRae, (*) Dandridge, Colonel. 
Thompson, (*) William, Major. 

Iblh (Boon€?8) Infantry Begiment, North- 
west Division of Arkansas. 

(Formerly HBbbs' 15tb.) 

Boone,(*) Squire, Colonel. 
Reynolds, (*) Wni.W., Lieut. Col. 
Stuart,(*)L)avid A., Major. 

Ibth (^Gee's) Infantry Begiment. 

Gee, James M., Colonel. 
Lee, (") P. Lynch, Major. 

l&th (CUhurne's} Infantry Begiment. 
(See also 1st.) 

Cleburne, (') Patrick E., Colonel. 
Hams, (*) James T., Major. 
Palton, C) Archibald K., Lieut. Col. 

IQth Infantry Begiment. 

Farmer, Samuel, Major. 
Hill, (*) Jno. F., Colonel. 
Neal,Wm.T., Lieut. CoL 
Provence, (*) David, Colonel. 
Pixlee, (*) Benjamin T., Lieut. Col. 
Pittman, James M., Major. 

nth {Lemoyne's) Infantry Begiment. 

(United with McCarver'b 14ih (or 9tli) to form 

Cravens' 2Ist.) 

Lemoyne, Geo. W., Colonel. 

nth {Sector's) Infantry Begiment. 
(Previously known as Rector's Ist Arkansas Vol- 
unteers, a 12 months' organization. SeeKecior'a 
12 months' Regiment.) 

Dotson, (*) Josephus, Lieut. CoL 
Giifiith, (*) John, Lieut. Col., Colonel. 
Jctt, Benjamin P., Major. 
Matheson, Walter H., Major. 
Kuctor, (•) F. A., Colonel. 

18(A {Carroll's) Infantry Begiment. 

Carroll, D.W.,ColoneL 

Crockett, (*) Robert H., Mai., Lieut. Col., 

Col. . 
Daly, John N., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Parish, W. N., Lieut. Col. 
Southerland, (*) Samuel H., Major. 

18th (Marmadulce's) Infantry Begiment. 
(See 3d Confederate Kegimeiifc.) 

19th {Dawson's) Infantry Begiment. 

Anderson, Joseph, Major. 

Dawson, C. L., Colonel. 

Hutchison, (*) A. S., Lieut. Col., com- 
manding 19th and 24th Arkansas, tem- 
porarily attached. 

Hamiter, (") David H., Major. 

McKean, John G., Major. 

Smith, P. R., Lieut. Col. 

I9th {Smead's and DocTcery's) Infantry Begi- 

Dockery, (•) Thomas P., Colonel. 
Dismukes, C*") William H., Lieut. Col. 
Smead, H. P., Colonel. 
Williams, (*) H. G. P., Major. 

20th Infantry Begiment. 
(Formeily known as Geo. W. King's 22d.) 

Fletcher, (*) James H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Haven, William S., Major. 

Jones, Daniel W., Maj., Col. 

Johnson, H. P., Colonel. 

Kelley, W. E., Lieut. CoL 

Long, {") J. W., Major. 

Robertson, (*) H. G., Lieut. Col. 

aist {Cravens') Infantry Begiment. 

(Formed from 4 companies MeCarver's 14th and 
6 companies Lemoyne's 17th Kegimenta.) 

Cravens, (*) Jordan E., Colonel. 
Dowdle, Wm. M., Major. 
Matheuy, Wm. G., Lieut. CoL, Col. 
Moore, (*) Harrison, Major. 

22d Infantry Begiment. 

(Oil reorganization became H. P. Johnson's 20th 

King, Geo. W., Colonel. 

23d {Lyles') Infantry Begiment. 

(Originally Adams' 23d, united with Powers' 14th 
and Crockett's 18th, originally Carroll's.) 

Black, Erastus L., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Lyles, (•) Oliver P., Colonel. 
Pennington, A. H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

2'id {Adams') Infantry Begiment. 

Adams, (*) Charles W., Colonel. 
Hughes, Simon P., Lieut. Col. 
Eobinson, James F., Major. 

2ith Infantry Begiment. 

Hardy, (*) Wm. R., Maj. Lieut. CoL 
Portlock, (*) E. E., jr., Colonel. 
Whittingtou, T. M., Lieut. CoL 
Wood, F. H., Major. 

Wariield, (*) E., CoL, commanding 2d 
and 24 th Regiments. 



^iJi Infantry Regiment. 
liAlao called SOth about December, 1862.) 

Franklin, James J., Major. 
Kufstedler, (*) Eli, Lieiit. Col. 
Noles, {") L. L., Major. 
Simiugton, Thomas S., Lieut. Col. 
TurnbuU, (*) Charles J., Colonel. 

26th Infantry Regiment. 
(3d Trans-MiasiBsippi.) 

Brooks, (*) Iversoa Lea, Lieut. Col., Col. 

Gibsou, Samuel, Major. 

Greenwood, A. G., first Col. 

Morgan, (*) Asa S., Colonel. 

Stanley, (•) James Philip, Maj., Lieut. 

Wright, John C, Lieut. Col. 
Yell, (*) F. P., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

27th Infantry Regiment. 

Gaither, (*) Beal,Maj., Col. 
Miigenis, {*) A. J., Lieut. Col. 
Kiggs, (*) James M., Lieut. Col. 
Shaler, (*) James R., Colonel. 

28th Infantry Regiment. 

(McEae'a Emergency Eegiment. Also called 2d 
Traiis-Missiasippi. Afterward 36th (Glenn's 
and Davie's) Regiment.) 

Glenn, (*) John E., Lieut. Col. 

Hanna, W. S., Major. 

McRae, (*) Danclridge, Colonel. 

29th Infantry Regiment. 

(IstTrans-Missisaippi. AfteT~ward 37tli Eegi- 

Bell, Samuel S., Major. 

Geoghegan, Jno. A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Pleasants, J. C, Colonel. 

ZOth (McNeill's) Infantry Regiment. 

(5th Trans-Miasiasippi. AJterward Hart's SOth 

Baldwin, Gaston W., Lieut. Col. 

Hart, (*) Robert A., Lieut. Col. 

Martin, Joseph C, Major. 

McNeill, (")A. J., Colonel. 

Rogan, (*) James W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

30ft (Hart's) Infantry Regiment. 
(Afterward Eogan's SOth Eegiment.) 

Hart, Robert A., Colonel. 
Martin, Joseph C, Major. 
Rogan, James W., Lieut. Col. 

30th (Rogan's) Infantry Regiment. 

(Called also 39tli.) 

Cobbs, (*)Paul M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Dawson, Martin, Major. 
Rogan, (•) James W., Colonel. 

Zlst Infantry Regiment. 

Bunn, (*) Henry G., Colonel (temporary 

Clark, CI J. W.; Major. 
Daugherty, (*) Davis G., Major. 
Hays, J. L., Lieut. Col. 
Jacoway, John A., Lieut. Col. 
Johnson, James F., Lieut. Col. 
McCray, (*) Thos. H., Colonel. 
Morgan, James M., Major. 

32<J Infantry Regiment. 

(4th Trans-Miaaiasippi.) 

Gause, (*) Lucian C, Maj., Col. 
Hicks, (*) William, Lieat. Col. 
Matlock, Charles H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Stephenson, (") Arthur F., Major. 
Young, Charles L., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

33(i Infantry Regiment. 

Crenshaw, W. L., Major. 
Grinsted, (*) H. L., Colonel. 
McMillan, (•) H. W., Lieut. CoL 
Steele, Wm. T., Major. 
Thomson, (*; Thomas D., Lieut. Col. 

34ft Infantry Regiment. 
(Also called 2d.) 

Brooks, William H., Colonel. 
Earle, F. R,, Major. 
Gunter, Thomas M., Lieut, Col. 
Pettigrew, James R., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

, 35tA. Infantry Regiment. 

(Formerly lat (Eector's War Eegiment) Arkansas 

Dillard, John J., Major. 

King, (*) James P., Colonel. 

McCord, (») Henry J., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Tatum, Mark T., Major. 

Wallace, (*) John W., Lieut. Col. 

36ft Infantry Regiment. 

(Successor to McEae'a 2Sth.) 

Davie, James Madison, Maj., Col. 
Glenn, (*) John E., Colonel. 
Hanna, W. S., Lieut. Col. 
Hathaway, (*) Joseph F., Major. 
Robinson, Walter Calvin, Lieut. Col. 

37ft (BelVa) Infantry Regiment. 
(Snccesaor to Pleaaanta' 29th.) 

Bell, (') Samuel S., Colonel. 
Blacknall, {*) T. H., Major. 
Johnson, (*) Jepliha C, Lieut. Col. 

38ft, (Shaver's) Infantry Regiment. 
(Organized Sept. 24, 1862.) 

Adams, (*) William C. Lieut. Col. 
Baber, (*) Miltou D., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Henry, (*) R. E., Major. 
Shaver, (») R. G., Colonel. 



39th Infantry Regiment. 
(See Bogan's 30tb.) 

45</t Infantry Regiment. 
Baber, (*) Milton D., Colonel, Sept., 1864. 

46tt Infantry Regiment. 
Coleman, W. O.-, Colonel, Sept., 1864. 

47</t Infantry Regiment. 
Crandall, Lee, Colonel, Sept., 1864. 
Adams' Infantry Battalion. 
Atlams, Chas. W., Major. 

Bridges' Battalion Sharpshooters. 
Bridges, Henry W., Major. 

Buster's Arlcansas Cavalry Battalion. 
(For service in Indian Territory.) 
Buster, M. W., Lieut. Col. 

Carlton's Cavalry Regiment. 

Carlton, ChaH. H., Colonel. 
Peoples, S. J., Major. 
ThompsoD, E. H., Lieut. Col. 

Carroll's Cavalry Regiment. 

(Called on rolls Ist and 2d.) 

Carroll, Charles A., Colonel. 
Johnslou, J. A., Lieut. Col. 
Thomson, (*3LeeL., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Chrisman's Cavalry Battalion. 
Chrisman, Francis M., Major. 

Crawford's Infantry Battalion. 
Crawford, William A., Lieut. Col. 

Dawson's Infantry Regiment. 

(Composed of parts of loth and 24th Arkansas, 
temporary command.) 

Dawson, (*) (;.L., Colonel of 19th. 
Hardy, (*) W. K., Lieut. Col. 24tli. 
Wood, (*) R H., Major a4th. 

DohMn's Cavalry Regiment. 

(Also called l3t.) 

Corley, Samuel, Major. 
Dobbin, Archibald S., Colonel. 

Ford's Cavalry Battalion. 

Ford, Barney, Lieut. Col. 
Wolf, E.G., Major. 

Gordon's Cavalry Regiment. 
(Successor to Carroll's and Thomson's.) 

Arrington, John A., Major. 
Fayth, William H., Major. 
Gordon, (*) Anderson, Colonel. 

Gunter's Cavalry Battalion. 

Gunter, Thomas M., Lieut. Col. 
TVoosley, James, Major. 

Hawthorn's Infantry Regiment. 
(No connection with Hawthorn's 6th. Formerly 

A. W. Johnson's Regiment.) 
Cocke, John B., Maj., Col. 
Hawthorn, Alexander T., Colonel. 
Polk, (*) Cadwallader, Lieut. Col. 

HarrelVs Cavalry Battalion. 

Bishop, J. W., Major. 
Harrell, John M., Lieut. Col. 

Johnson's Infantry Battalion. 
(Afterward TurnbuU's 11th.) 
Johnson, B. G., Lieut. Col. 

Johnson's Infantry Regiment. 
(Afterward Hawthorn's Infantry Regiment.) 
Johnson, (*) Alfred W., Colonel. 
Eingo, (»•) D. W., Lieut. Col. 

McMurtrey's Cavalry Battalion. 
McMurtrey, (*) E. L., Lieut. Col. 

McCray's Infantry Battalion. 
McCray, Thomas H., Major. 

MoGehee's Infantry Regiment. 

Grider, Jessee S., Lieut. Col. 
McGehee, James, Colonel. 

MatlooWs Cavalry Battalion. 
(Dismounted July 11, 1862. 
Matlock, Charles H., Lieut. Col. 

Morgan's Cavalry Regiment. 

Also called 2d. Successor to Newton's 5th Cav- 

Bull, (•) JohnJP., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Coarser, John W., Lieut. Col. 
Morgan, (*) Thomas J., Colonel. 
Portis, William N., Major. 

Phifer's Cavalry Battalion. 
Phifer, Charles W., Major. 

Poe's Cavalry Battalion. 

(Composed of part of llth Ark. Infantry, of 
prisoners of war, deserters, etc., and serving 
in Arkansas.) 

Poe, James T., Major. 

Rector's Infantry Regiment (l2-months). 
(Became 17th Arkansas.) 
Dotson, Josephus, Lieut. Col. 
Griffith, John, Lieut. Col.,CoL 
Jett, Benjamin P., Major. 
Eector, Frank A., Colonel. 

Shoup'a Artillery Battalion. 
Shoup, Francis A., Major. 

Stirman's Cavalry Battalion. 
(Successor to Brooks' Ist Cavalry Battalion.) 
Stirman, Eas., Lieut. Gol. 

Williamson's Infantry Battalion, 

Armstrong, D. F., Lieut. Col. 
Steele, M. W., Lieut. Col. 
Williamson, (Jeorge M. P.. Major. 
■VVilliamson, J. L., Lieut. Col. 



Wright's Cavalry Battalion 


Wright's Cavalry Hegimenl. 

Bowie, James W., Major. 
Wright, John C, Lieut. Col. 

Bowie, James W., Major. 
Wright, George M., Major. 
Wright, John C, Colonel. 


1st CavaWy Regiment. 

(Also called 12th. Successor to Claiborne's 6th.) 

Bate, Henry C, Major. 
Cox, (*) John T., Colonel. 
King, (*) H. Clay, Colonel. 
Robertson, C. S., Lieut. Col. 

1st Infantry Battalion. 

Forney, (•) Geo. H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
McClung, (*) Francis B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
O'Bannon, Lawrence William, Major. 

1st Infantry Begiment. 

(Previously 36th Georgia.) 

Aderhold, Jacob W., Lieut. Col. 

Dodson, Elijah M., Major. 

Gordon, James C, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Lovell, William S., Major. 

Smith, (*) George A., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Villepigue, John B., Colonel. 

2d Infantry Battalion. 

Malone, James C, Major. 

2d Infantry Regiment. 

(1st Mississippi Valley, 25th Mississippi. The 
3 Mississippi companies of tliigregimentformed 
the 1st, 10th. or 20th Mississippi Sharpshooters. 
Disbanded May 8, 1862.) 

McGehee, Edward F., Lieut. Col. 
Mangum, Thomas H., Major. 
Martin, (*) John D., Colonel. 

'id Cavalry Regiment. 

(Also called 11th. Formed from 11th Battalion 
Alabama Cavalry.) 

Corn, F. M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Estes, W. N., Lieut. Col., Colonel. 
Howard, (*) James R., Colonel. 
McCaskill, John, Lieut. Col. 
Rice, P. H., Colonel. 

3d Infantry Battalion. 
Yeiser, James G., Major. 

Zd Infantry Regiment. 

(18th Arkansas Regiment and 1st Arkansas Bat- 
talion. Consolidated feb. 17, 1863, with 5th 
(Smith's) itegiment.) 

Cameron, (») John F., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Cole, C) J. C, Lieut. Col. of 3d and 5th 
(Smith's) Consolidated. 

Johnson, (*) James B., Lieut. Col. 

Keep, Henry V , Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Miirniaduke, (*) Jno. Sappington, Colo- 

iih Infantry Battalion, 
Clack, Franklin H., Lieut. CoL 

ith Infantry Begiment. 

(Formerly 1st Alabama and Mississippi Regi- 
ment. Afterward 64th Alabama.) 

Baker, Alpheus, Colonel. 
Barbiere, Joseph, Major. 
Miuter, John A., Lieut. Col. / 

Shackelford, Thaddeus H., Major, 

5<ft ( Walker's) Infantry Regiment. 

(Formerly "Walker's 40th Tennessee. ) 

Henderson. C. C, Lieut. Col., Colonel. 
Higgins, (') Hiram H., Major. 
Minter, John A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Steever, West, Lieut. Col., (P. A. C. S., 

temporarily assigned. ) 
Walker, Lucius M., Colonel. 

bth (Smith's) Infantry Regiment. 

(Also called 9th. Formed by consolidation of 2d 
(J. K. Walker's) and 21st Tennessee Infantry.) 

Cole, (*) James C, Lieut. Col. 
Person, (*) Richard J., Major. 
Smith, (*) James A., Colonel. 

6th Cavalry Battalion. 

Jessee, Geo. M., Lieut. Col. 
McAfee, (*) A. L., Mnjor. 

6th Cavalry Regiment. 

(Kentucky Mounted Eaiigprs. Inclndes ivhat 
was formerly H. Clay King's Kentuckv lial- 
talion. Succeeded by let Confederate Cavalry.) 

Claiborne, Thomas, Capt., P. A. C. S., 
temporary commander as Colonel. 

King, H. Clay, Major. 

Lay, (') John F., Capt., A. A. G.P.A.C. 
S., temporary commander as Colonel o' 
Claiborne's regiment. 

Pell, James A., Lieut. Col. 

Wicks, M. J., Major. 

7th Cavalry Battalion, 

Prentice, Clarence J., Lieut. CoL 
Repass, W. G., Major. 

7ih Cavalry Regiment. 

(Part of regiment transferred to form 10th Geor- 
gia Cavalry, and part to form 16th Battalion 
N. C. Cavalry.) 

Claiborne, (♦) Thos. D., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Claiborne, (») William C, Colonel. 
Sikes, (*) Jesse H., Major. 
Taliaferro, (*) V. H., Lieut. Col., Col. 



Sth Cavalry Begiment. 

(Called also 2d Mississippi and Alabama Cav. 

Falkner, Jeffersou, Lieut. Col. 
Field, Joseph H., Colonel. 
Prather, (*) John S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Wade, (') Wm. B., Colonel. 
Wright, John T., Major. 

8th Infantry Battalion. 
(Formerly 2d Foreign Battalion Infantry.) 

Andrews, (*) Garnett, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Fouche, E. T., Major. 

10(A Cavalry Begiment, 

(Formed from 5th Battalion Alabama Cavalry 
Hilliard's Legion, and 19tli Battalion Georgia 

Goode, (*) Charles T., Colonel. 
Rudolph, John B., Major. 
Slaughter, Miles M., Lieut. Col. 
Vason, William I., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Uth Cavalry Begiment. 

Cage, John B., Major, Lieut. Col. 
Dumonteil, (*)F., Colonel. 
Garland, Wm. H., Lieut. Col. 
Harrington, Pinkney C, Major. 

15tA Cavalry Begiment. 

Maury, (*) Henry, Colonel. 
Myers, T.J., Lieut. Col. 
Partridge, Robert H., Major. 

ISth Cavalry Begiment. 
(See 12th Miasisaippi Cavalry.) 

Bearing's Cavalry Begiment. 
(Also called 8tb.) 
Dearing, James, Colonel. 

Harman's Cavalry Begiment. 
(Also called Harman's 4Iiasiaaippi Cavalry.) 
Harman, B. Desha, Colonel. 

Tucker's Infantry Begiment. 
(Formerly 1st Foreign Battalion Infantry.) 
Tucker, Julius G., Lieut. Col., Col. 


(Provisional Army Confederate States.) 

Ist Battalion. 

Douglas, Hugh T., Lieut. Col. 
Rowley, R. P., Major. 

1st Begiment. 

Blackford, (•) Wm. W., Lieut. Col. 

Randolph, Peyton, Major. 

Talcott, (♦) Thomas M. R., Colonel. 

2d Begiment. 

Wintter, D., Major. 

3d Begiment. 

Green, (*) Jno. W., Major. 
Presstman, (*) S. W., Lieut. Col. 

4th Begiment. 
Douglas, Hugh T., Colonel. 

Presstman's Battalion. 
f Afterward 3d Regiment.) 
Presstman, S. W., Major. 


_ 1st Cavalry Begiment. 

Bradford, Henry, Major. 

Davis, Wm. Georaje M., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Maxwell, (*) G. Troup, Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Stockton, (*) William T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

1st Special Infantry Battalion, 

(Originally mustered as artillery. Merged into 
10th Begiment Infantry.) 

■Holland, (») Daniel P., Lieut. Col. 
Hopkins, (*) Charles F., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Scott, (*) William W., Major. 

Isl Infantry Battalion. 
Finegan, (*) Jos., Lieut. Col. (canceled). 

1st Infantry Begiment. 

Anderson, (*) J. Patton, Colonel, 
Ball, (*) Glover Ailing. Major. 
Beard, (*) William K., Lieut. Col. 
McDonell, (*) Thaddeus A., Maj,, Lt. Col. 
Miller, (") William, Colonel. 

1st Begiment Beserves. 

Barnes, William D., Lieut, Col. 
Daniel, James J., Colonel. 
Dial, William H., Major. 

2d Cavalry Begiment. 

Harrison, (*) Robert, Major. 
McCormick, (*) Abner H., Lieut. Col. 
Smith, Caraway, Colonel, 



2d Infantry Battalion. 

(Part merged into 10th Kegimeut Infantry and 
part into lltli Regiment Infantry. Formerly 
2d Battalion Partisan Hangers.) 

Brevard, (*) Theodore W., Maj., Lieut. 

Weatcott, John, Major. 

2d Infantry Begiment. 

Call, (*) George W., Major. 
Moore, (") Walter E., Maj., Col. 
Perry, (*) Edward Ainsworth, Colonel. 
Pyles, (*) Lewis 6., Maj., Lieut. Col., Co!. 
Rogers, (*) S. St. George, Lieut. Col. 
Ward, (*) George T., Colonel. 

3d Cavalry Battalion. 

Myers, Thomas J., Major. 

3(i Infantry Begiment. 

Church, (*) Lucius A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Dil worth, (') William Scott, Colonel. 
Mashburn, Elisha, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Phillips, (*) John Lott, Major. 
Wright, (*) Arthur J. T., Lieut. Col. 

4ift Infantry Battalion. 

Gee, (') John H., Major. 
McClellan, (») J. F., Lieut. Col. 

ith Infaniry Begiment. 

Badger, (' ) Edward, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Bowen, (*) Wiles L. L., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Hopkins, (") Edward, Colonel. 
Hunt, (*) James P., Colonel. 
Lash, (*) Jacob A., Major. 
Lesley, (*) John T., Major. 
Smith, M. Whitt, Lieut. Col. 

hill Cavalry Battalion. 

Milton, Wm. H., Major. 

Scott, George W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

bth Infantry Begiment. 

Davis, Benjamin F., Major. 

Hately, (*) John C, Colonel. 

Lamar, (*) Thomas B., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Gth Infantry Battalion. 

(Merged into 9tli Infantry.) 

Bird, Pickens B., Major. 
Martiu, John M., Lieut. Col. 

Gtli Infantry Begiment. 

Davidson, (*) Robert H. M., Maj., Lieut. 

Finley, (*) Jesse J., Colonel. 
Kenan, (*) Daniel L., Maj., Lient. Col., 

McLean, (*) Angus D., Lieut. Col., Col. 

7th Infanti-y Begiment. 

Blount, i") Nathan S., Major. 
Bullock, (*) Robert, Lieut. Col., qol. 
Ingram, Tillman, Maj,, Lieut. Col. 
Perry, Madison Starke, Colonel. 

8th Infantry Begiment. 

Baya, (*) William, Lieut. Col. 
Clarke, (*) Thomas Erskine, Major. 
Floyd, Richard P., Colonel. 
Lang, C) David, Colonel. 
Pons, (" ) John M., Lieut. Col. 
Turner, William J., Major. 

9tA Infantry Begiment. 
(Formed from 6th Florida Battalion.) 

Bird, Pickens B., Major. 
Martin, John M., Colonel. 
Thomas, (*) Robert B., Colonel. 

Wth Infantry Begiment. 
(Formed from 1st and 2d Battalions.) 

Hopkins, (') Charles F., Colonel. 
Scott, (*) William W., Lieut. Col. 
Westcott, (') John, Major. 

lltfe Infantry Begiment. 

(Formed from 4th and part of 2d Infantry Bat 

Brevard, (*) Theodore W., Colonel. 
Gee, (•) John H., Major. 
McClellan, (*) James F., Lieut. Col. 

Commissary Battalion. 
(Temporary organization.) 

Footman, William, Major. 
Munnerlyn, Chs. J., Lieut. Col. 


\st Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into 5th Cavalry.) 
Spalding, (*) Charles, Lieut. Col. 
1st Cavalry Battalion Georgia Beserves. 

Blount, J. H., Lieut. Col. 
Osborn, N. C, Miyor. 
Tufts, Orriu, Major. 

1st Battalion Cavalry Militia. 
(See IGth Battalion Cavalry Georgia State Guard.) 
1st Cavalry Begiment. 

Davitte, (•) Samuel W., Maj., Lient. Col., 

Harper, (*) A. R., Maj., Lient. Col. 
Mornson, (•) James J., Lieut. Col., Col. 



1st Cavalry Begiment — Continued. 

Strickland, James H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Tench, John W., Major. 

Watts, (•) George T., Lieut. Col. 

1st Infantry Battalion. 

(Merged into 36th (Villepigue's) Georgia, after 
"ward Ist Confederate.) 

Larey, (*) Peter H., Major. 

Lovell, William S., Major. 

Villepigue, (*) John B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Ist Battalion Sharpshooters. 

Anderson, (*) Eobert H., Major. 
Shaaff, (*) Arthur, Major. 

Isi Infantry Battalion Georgia Beserves. 
Symons, Wm. R., Major. 

1st Georgia Begulars Infantry. 

Chastain, E. W., Lieut. Col. 

Grieve, Miller, jr., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Harden, E. E., Major. 

Hill, A. A. Franklin, Major. 

Magill, (•) William J., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Martin, (*) William, Lieut. Col. 

Smith, (*) William D., Major. 

Wallier, (*) John D., Major. 

Wayne, (*) Richard A., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Williams, (*) Charles J., Colonel. 

Ist Georgia Volunteers Infantry. 

Anderson, (*) James W., Major. 
Ramsey, (*) James N., Colonel. 
Thompson, (') George H., Lieut. Col. 

1st Volunteers Georgia Infantry. 

Ford, (*) Martin J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Mercer, (") Hugh W., Colonel. 
Olmstead, (') Chas. H., Maj., Col. 
Rockwell, OWUliam S., Lieut. Col. 

Ist Begiment Infantry Georgia State Guard. 

Dabney, William H., Colonel. 
Groves, John F., Major. 
Jones, Richard W., Lieut. Col. 

1st Begiment State Troops. 
Lieut. Col. 

Brown, — 

Gait, E. M., Colouei. 

Tate, William, Major. 

1st Begiment Local Defense Troops, Macon, 

Brooks, T., Lieut. Col, 


1st (Fannin's) Begiment Georgia Reserves. 

Fannin, James H., Colonel. 
Neely, (*) James J., Lient. Col. 
Park, (•) John W., Major. 

1st (Symons') Begiment Georgia Beserves. 

Cunningham, John, Major. 
Symons, Wm. E., Colonel. 

1st City Battalion, Columbus, Ga, 
(Detailed Men.) 
Jaques, Samuel E., Major. 

1st Division Georgia Militia. 
Flournoy, E. W., Colonel. 

1st Georgia Light Duty Men, Macon, Ga. 
Rowland, Alexander M., Major. 

1st Begiment Local Defense Troops, Au- 
gusta, Ga. 

Moore, John C, Lieut. Col. 
Eains, (*) George W., Colonel. 

2d Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into 5tli Georgia Cavalry.) 

Bird, (*) Edward, Lieut. Col. 
Cumming, (*) Montgomery, Lieut. Col. 
Davant, Ojr., Richard J., Major. 

2d Cavalry Begiment. 

Crews, (*) Charles C, Colonel. 

Dunlop, (*) James E., Lieut. Col. 

Hood, Arthur, Lient. Col. 

Ison, (*) Francis M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Lawton, (*) William J., Colonel. 

Mayo, James W., Major. 

Whaley, (*) C. A., Major. 

2d Begiment Partisan Bangers. 

Hunt, A. A., Colonel. 

2d Cavalry Begiment Georgia State Guard. 

Beasley, W. P., Lieut. Col. 

Lane, J. M., Major. 

Willcoxon, (*) John B., Colonel. 

2d Independent Infantry Battalion. 

Hardeman, (*) Thomas, jr.. Major. 
Moffett, (*) Charles J., Major. 
Eoss, (*) George W., iMajor. 

2d Battalion Sharpshooters. 

Cox, (*) J. J., Major. 

Whiteley, (*) Richard H., Major. 

2d Infantry Begiment. 

Butt, Edgar M., Maj., Col. 
Charlton, William W., Major. 


2<J Infantry Regiment — Continued. 

Harris, Skidmore, Lieut. Col. 

Harris, (*) William T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Holmes, (*) William R., Lieut Col. 

Lewis, Abner McC, Major. 

Semmes, (*) Paul J., Colonel. 

Shepherd, William S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

8d Regiment Georgia Reserves. 

Jones, C. M., Lieut. Col. 
Maddox, (*) Eobert F., Colonel. 
Powell, W. A., Major. 

2(i Regiment Georgia State Line. 

Wilson, James, Colonel. 

2d (Storey's) Regiment Georgia State Troops. 

Storey, E. L., Colonel. 

2d (Stapleton's) Regiment Georgia State 

Stapleton, , Colonel. 

2d Battalion Local Defense Troops, Macon, 

Walker, E. W., Major (acting). 

2d Division Georgia Militia. 

Armstrong, Colonel. 

3d Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into Clincli's 4tli G-eorgia Cavalry.) 

Clinch, (*) Duncan L., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Harris, (*) John L., Major. 

3d Cavalry Battalion Georgia State Guard. 
(Atlanta Fire Battalion.) 

Lee, (*) George W., Lieut. Col. 
Mecaslin, (*) John H., Major. 

3d Cavalry Regiment. 

Booton, (*) Daniel F., Major. 
Crawford, (*) Martin J., Colonel. 
Johnson, Hiram H., Major. 
Kennon, (*) Richard E., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Thompson, (*) Robert, Colonel. 
Thornton, (*) James T., Lieut. Col. 

3d Cavalry Regiment Georgia State Guard. 

Freeman, John M., Major. 

Martin, (*) Luther H. O., Lieut. Col. 

Toombs, Robert, Colonel. 

3d Infantry Battalion. 

(United -with the 17th Battalion formed the 37th 

Rndler, (*) Anthony F., Maj., Lieut. CoL 
Stovall, (*) Marcellus A., Lieut. Col. 

3d Infantry Battalion 
(See 10th (Eylandei's) Battalion.) 

3d Battalion Sharpshooters. 

Davant, Philip E., Major. 
Hutchins, (*) Nathan L , jr., Lieut. Col. 
Simmons, William E., Major. 
Smith, H. H., Major. 

3d Infantry Regiment. 

Hayes, George E., Major. 
Jones, (*) John F., Major. 
Lee, Augustus H., Major. 
Montgomery, Alex. B., Maj., Lieut. Col 

(temporarily assigned). 
Nisbet, (') Reuben B., Lieut. Col. 
Reid, (*) James S., Lieut. Col. 
Snead, (*) Claiborne, Lieut. Col. 
Sturges, John R., Major. 
Walker, (*) Edward .J., Colonel. 
Wright, (*) Ambrose R., Colonel. 

3d Regiment Georgia Reserves, 

GriflSn, J. B., Major. 
Harris, Charles J., Colonel. 
Moore, J. L., Lieut. Col. 

3d Regiment, First Brigade, Georgia Statt 

Johnson, - 

-, Colonel. 

ith (Avery's) Cavalry Regiment. 

(Formed from 23d Battalion Afterward 12th Cav 

Avery, (') Isaac W., Colonel. 
Cook, (*) William L., Lieut. CoL 
Owen, D. Jackson, Major. 
Stewart, (*) Augustus R., Major. 

4th (Clinch's) Cavalry Regiment. 
(Formed from Clinch's 3d Battalion.) 

Clinch, (*) Duncan L., Colonel. 
Harris, (') John L., Lieut. Col. 
McDonald, (*) Jesse C, Major. 

ith Cavalry Regiment Georgia State Guard 

Key, P. C, Lieut. Col. 
Stephens, Samuel, Major. 
White, (») Robert, Colonel. 

ith (Mercer's) Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into 2l8t Infantry.) 

Mercer, (') John T. Lieut. Col. 
Morrison, James J., Major. 

ith (Stile^) Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into 60th (Jeorgia.) 
Berry, (*) Thomas J., Major. 
Stiles, (*) William H., sr., Lieut. Col. 



4tR Battalion Sharpshooters. 
(Fomed from part of 3d Infantry Battalion.) 
Caswell, Theodore D., Major. 

Uh Battalion Georgia State Guard. 
Whitehead, Archer, Major. 

ith Infantry Regiment. 

Cook, (•) Philip, Lieut. Col., Col. 

De Graffeuried, Francis H., Major. 

Doles, (*) George, Colonel. 

Jordan, William P., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Matthews, John J., Lieut. Col. 

Nash, (•) Edwin A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Smith, (*) Robert S., Major. 

Whitehead, Charles L., Major. 

Willis, (') William H., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Winn, (*) David R. E., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

ith Regiment Georgia Reserves. 

Burks, J. H., Major. 
Candler, A. D., Lieut. Col. 
Taylor, Richard S., Colonel. 

ith Regiment, 2d Brigade, Georgia State 

Gant, , Colonel. 

hth Cavalry Regiment. 

(Formed from Ist and 2d Battalions.) 

Anderson, (*) Robert H., Colonel. 
Bird, (*) Edward, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Davant, (*) Richard J., jr., Maj., Lieut. 

Wiltberger, (*) William H., Major. 

5!fc Infantry Battalion Georgia State 

Wilson, William A., Major. 

5ft Infantry Regiment. 

Ansley, (*) David H., Major. 
Beall, Thomas, Lieut. Col. 
Black, William T., Colonel. 
Daniel, (•) Charles P., Maj., Col. 
Day, Charles B., Lieut. Col. 
Hundley, (') William B., Major. 
Iverson, (*) John P., Lieut. CoL 
Jackson (*) John K., Colonel. 
Kiddoo, John P. , Major. 
Mangham, (*) Samuel W., Colonel. 
Salisbury, William L., Major. 

hfhinfantry Regiment Georgia State Guard. 

Curley, (*) Barnard, Major. 
Hargett, Flynn, Lieut. Col. 
Salisbury, William L., Colonel. 

- 5th Regiment Georgia Reserves. 

Cumming, J. B., Colonel. 

Fimliay, CD., Lieut. Col. 
McGregor, C. E., Major. 

5th Regiment Georgia State Troops. 

Mann, .Colonel. 

6th Cavalry Battalion Georgia State Guard. 

Culberson, Augustus B., Lieut. Col. 
Puller, Haley G., Major. 

6<7i Cavalry Regiment. 

(Formed from Cavalry Battalion, Smith's Legion.) 

Bale, (*) Alfred P., Major. 
Brown, B. P., Lieut. Col. 
Burns, John T., Major. 
Fain, (*) Joel C, Major, Lieut. Col. 
Hart, (*) John R., Colonel. 

6th Infantry Regiment. 

Anderson, (*) Charles D., Maj., Lieut. 

Arnold, (*) William M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Cleveland, (*) Wilde C, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Colquitt, (*) Alfred H., Colonel. 
Culpepper, (*) James M., Major. 
Harris, Sampson W., Lieut. Col. 
Lofton,(*) John T., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Newton, (*) James M., Lieut. Col. 
Tracy, Phil, Major. 

6th Infantry Regiment Georgia State Guard. 

Lofton, (•) William A., Maj., Col. 
Mangham, (*) Samuel W., Lieut. Col. 
Nunually, Aaron D., Major. 

6th Regiment Georgia State Troops. 
Thompson, , Colonel. 

7th Cavalry Battalion Georgia State Guard. 

Shivers, James, A., Major. 
Stephens, Linton, Lieut. Col. 

7th Cavalry Eegiment. 

(Formed from 2lst and 24th Battalions.) 

Anderson, (*) Edward C, jr.. Major. 
Davies, John N., Major. 
McAllister, (*) Joseph L., Lieut. Col. 
White, William P., Colonel. 

7th Infantry Battalion. 

(Formerly Lamar's 26th Infantry. Merged into 
Slat Georgia. ) 

Lamar, (*) Chas. A. L., Lieut. Col. 
Lamar, (•) John H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

7th Infantry Regiment. 

Almon, (•) Moses T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Anderson, Lemuel B., Major. 

Carmical, (")George H., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Cooper, James F., Lieut. Col. 
Dunwody, (*) John, Maj., Lieut. Col. 




7th Infantry Regiment — Continued. 

Gartrell, Lncius J., Colonel. 

Hoyle, E. W., Major. 

Kiser, (*) John P., Major. 

White, (*) William W., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Wilson, (*;> William T., Colonel. 

Witt, (*) Horace H., Major. 

1 Ih Infantry Regiment Georgia State Guard. 

Latimer, Reuben, Major. 
Lester, George N., Colonel. 
Neely, (*) James J., Lieut. Col. 

7th Regiment Georgia State Troops. 

Eedding, A. F., Colonel. 

8ft Cavalry Battalion Georgia State Guard. 

Stephens, John T., Major. 

8th Cavalry Regiment. 
(Formed from 62d Regiment and 20th Battalion.) 

Griffin, (*) Joel R., Colonel. 
Milieu, (*) John M., Lieut. Col. 
Thomson, (*) William G., Major. 

Sth Infantry Battalion. 

Gray, John W., Major. 

Hunt, B. F., Major. 

Littlefield, Asahel, Lieut. Col. 

Morgan, Edward F., Major. 

Napier, Leroy,jr., Lieut. Col. 

Eeid,J.T., Lieut. Col. 

Watters, Zaohariah L., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Sth Infantry Regiment. 

Bartow, F. S., Colonel. 
Cooper, John F., Major. 
Cooper, Thomas L., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Dawson, (*) George 0., Major. 
Gardner, William M., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Lamar, L. M., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Magruder,(*) Edward J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Towers, {") John R., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Qth Infantry Regiment Georgia State Guard. 

Fowler, (*) John W., Lieut. Col. 
Henderson, John T., Colonel. 
Pinckard, James S., Major. 

8th Regiment Georgia Militia. 

Rountree, C. N., Colonel. 

8th Reyiment Georgia State Troops. 

Chastain,E. W., Colonel. 

8th Regiment, 3d Brigade, Georgia State 

Scott, - 

-, Colonel, 

Mh Artillery Battalion. 

Leyden, (*) A., Major. 

9th (McDonald) Cavalry Battalion, Georgia 
State Guard. 

Phillips, (*) William, Major. 

9iA Cavalry Regiment. 
(Formed from Cavalry Battalion of Cobb'a Legion.] 

Jones, Malcolm D., Major. 

King, (')6arrington S., Lieut. CoL 

Wright, Gilbert J., Colonel. 

9tft Infantry Battalion. 

(Also called 17th Battalion.) 

Smith, Joseph T., Major. 

9th Infantry Regiment. 

Arnold, John W., Mnjor. 

Bock, Benjamin, Colonel. 

Gnulding, E. E., Colonel. 

Hogo, (*) Edward F., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Jones, ("") William M., Major. 

Mounger, (*) John C. L.,8r., Maj., Lieut. 

Turnipseed.CjRichard A., Lieut. Col., Col, 
Wel)b, (") John G., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

9ift Infantry Regiment Georgia State Guard. 

Mell, (*) P. H., Colonel. 
Peacock, Thomas P., Major. 
Walker, (*) Dickerson H., Lieut. Col. 

9ft Regiment, 3(J Brigade, Georgia State 

Hill, J. M., Colonel. 

10ft Battalion Mounted Rifles Georgia 
Stale Guard. 

(Also called 91h Cavalry Battalion Georgia State 

Mull,(*) Pat., Lieut. Col. 
Price, (*) Hawkins F., Major. 

10ft Cavalry Regiment. 

(Formed from 7th Confederate Cavalry and par 
of Millen'a Georgia Battalion.) 

Claiborne, (*) Thomas D., Lieut. Col. 
Sikes, (*) Jesse H., Major. 
Taliaferro, (*) V. H., Colonel. 

10ft Cavalry Regiment Georgia State Guard 

Floyd, John J., Colonel. 
Glenn, J. N., Lieut. Col. 
Hudson, G. L., Major. 

10ft Infantry Battalion. 

(Also called 3d Battalion.) 

Frederick, (") James D., Major. 
Rylander, (*) John E., Major. 



Will Infantry Megitmnt. 

Cumming, Alfred, Lieut. Col., Col. 

Hawes, (*) Richard R., Major. 

Holt, (*) Willis C, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Kibbee, Charles C, Lieut. Col. 

Loud, (*) Philologus H., Major. 

MoBride, Andrew J,, Colonel. 

McLaws, (*) Lafayette, Colonel. 

Weems, (*) John B., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

]Qth Begiment Georgia State Troops. 

Davis, C. M., Colonel. 

IWi Artillery Battalion. 

(Samter Battalion.) 

Cutts,(*) Allen S., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Lane,(*) John, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

IWi Cavalry Begiment. 
(Foimed from SOth Battalion.) 

Barclay, Hugh W., Lieut. Col. 
Bell, Madison, Major. 
Young, Andrew, Colonel. 

llth Infantry Battalion Georgia State 

Cooper, John, Major. 

lUli Infantry Begiment. 

Andcrson,(*) George T., Colonel. 
Goode,(*) Charles T., Major. 
Guerry, Theodore L., Lieut. Col. 
Little,(*) Francis H., Colonel. 
Liiifman,(*) William, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
McUaniel, Henry D., Major. 
Welsh, Western R., Major. 

llth Infantry Begiment Georgia State 

Godfrey, William, Lieut. Col. 
McGriff, Patrick A., Major. 
Mclatyre, Archibald T., Colonel. 

llth Begiment Georgia State Troops. 

Price, J. v., Colonel. 

I2th Artillerry Battalion. 

Capers,(*) Henry D. , Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Hanvey,(" ) George M., Major. 

Vlth Cavalry Battalion Georgia State 

Stewart, Thomas R., Major. 

Vith Cavalry Begiment. 

(See Avery's 4tli Georgia Cavalry.) 

12ft Cavalry Begiment Georgia State Guard. 

Felton.L. M., Major, 
Pemberton, John S., Lieut. Col. 
Bobinson, William H., Colonel. 

12ft Infantry Begiment. 

Blanford,(*) Mark H., Lieut. Col. 
Caraon,(*) John T., Major. 
Conner,(')Z. T., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Hardeman, (*) Isaac, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Hawkins,(*) Willis A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Johnson, Edward, Colonel. 
Scott, (») Thaddeus B., Lient. Col. 
Sinead, Abuer, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Willis,(*) Edward, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

12Wi Cavalry Begiment, Georgia State 

Sims, R., Colonel. 

13th Cavalry Begiment. 

(Formed from j6tli Battalion.) 

Winn, Samuel J., Lient. Col. 

I'ith Infantry Battalion, 
(Merged into 63d Regiment.) 
Gordon, (*) George A., Major. 

13th {YarborougWs) Infantry Battalion 
Georgia State Guard. 

Yarborough, Christopher C, Major. 
X3th Infantry Begiment. 

Baker,(») John H., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

l)ougla8s,(*) Marcellus, Lieut. Col., Col. 

Ector, Walton, Colonel. 

Jones, S. W., Lieut. Col. 

Long, James A., Major. 

Maltbie,(*) Richard, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Moore,(») John L., Major. 

Smith, James M., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Uth Artillery Battalion. 

(Montgomery Artillery.) 

Montgomery, Joseph T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Palmer, (*) Joseph, Major. 

lith Infantry Begiment. 

Brumby, A. V., Colonel. 
Fielder, James M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Folsom,(*) Robert W., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Goldsmith, Washington L., Maj., Lieut. 

Harris, William A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Kelley,(*) Charles C, Major. 
Le3ter,(*) Richard P., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Price, Felix, Colonel. 
Ramsay, Whiteford S., Lieut. Col. 

Uth Infantry Battalion Georgia Stale 

(Macon battalion.) 

Jones, John E., Major. 



15tS Battalion Partisan Sangers. 

(Merged into 62d Eegiment.) 

Griffiii,(*) Joel E., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

15th Cavalry Battalion Georgia State 

Jones, E. T., Lieut. Col. 

15/ft Infantry Begimenf, 

DuBo8e,(*) Dudley M., Colonel. 
Hearnsberger,(*) Stephen Z., Lieut. Col. 
MeIuto8h,(*) William M., Maj., Lieut. 

Col., Col. 
Millican,(*) Wm. T., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Shannon,(*) Peter J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Smith, Joseph T. , Major. 
Smith, Theophilus J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Stephens, Linton, Lieut. Col. 
Thomas, Thomas W., Colonel. 

l6tTi Cavalry Battalion. 

(Merged into 13tli Greorgia Cavalry.) 

Clarke. Edward T., Major. 

Nix,(*)F.M., Lieut. Col. 

Winn,(') Samuel J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

16tA Cavalry Battalion Georgia State 

(Grilmer Battalion ; also called Ist Battalion 
(3-eorgia Militia.) 

West, Doctor M., Major. 

X&th Infantry Eegiment. 

(Sallie Twiggs Eegiment.) 

Bryan, (*) Goode, Lieut. Col., Col. 

Cobb,(") Howell, Colonel. 

Gholston, Jam^s S., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

8kelton,(*) John H., Major. 

Stiles, B. Edward, Lieut. Col. 

Thomas, Henry P., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

nth Infantry Battalion. 
(See 9tli Battalion.) 

nth Battalion Infantry Georgia State 

McGee, J. W., Major. 

nth Infantry Regiment. 

Barden, (*) William A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Benning, (*) Henry L., Colonel. 
Hodges, Wesley C, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Matthews, Charles W., Lieut. Col. 
Moore, (*) James B., Major. 
Pickett, (* ) John H., Major. 
Walker, Thomas, Major. 

ISth Infantry Battalion. 
(Savannah Volunteer Guards.) 

Basinger, (') William S., Major, 
Screven, (*) John, Major. 

18ih Infantry Battalion Georgia State 

(Augusta Fire Battalion.) 

Day, Charles B., Major. 

Piatt, (*) Charles A., Lieut. CoL 

18th Infantry Regiment. 

Armstrong, (*) Joseph, Colonel. 
Calahan, W. G., Major. 
Ford, (*) Francis M., Lieut. Col. 
Griffls, John C, Major. 
Johnson, Jefferson, Major. 
Ruff, (*) S. Z., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Stewart, (*) Joseph A., Major. 
Wofford, (*) William T., Colonel. 

19<A Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into lOtli Confederate Cavalry.) 

Goode, (*) Charles T., Major. 

\9th {Thompson's) Infantry Battalion 
Georgia State Guard. 

(City Gruard Battalion, Columbus, (xa.) 

Bivins, James M., Major. 
Thompson, Dexter B., Lieut. Col. 

19t/i Infantry Regiment. 

Boyd, William W., Colonel. 

Flynt, Tilman W-, Lieut. CoL 

Hamilton, William, Major. 

Hogan, Eidgway B., Lieut. Col. 

Hooper, John W., Major. 

Hutchins, (*) Andrew J., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Johnson, Thomas C, Lieut. Col. 
Mabry, (») Charles W., Major. 
Neal, (*) James H.,Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

20tfc Battalion Partisan Rangers. 

(Part merged into 8th .ind part into 10th Cavalry.) 

Millen, (*) John M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Spencer, Samuel B., Major. 
Thomson, William G., Major. 

20th ( Wright's) Battalion Infantry Georgia 
State Guard. 

(Merged into 12th KegiraentCreorgiaState(xnard.) 

Wright, Henry G., Major. 

20th Infantry Regiment. 

Craig, William, Major. 
Coffee, John A., Major. 
Gumming, (*) John B., Lieut. Col., Col. 



Will Infantry Begiment—ContinaeA. 

Gamble, (*) Eoger L., Major. 

Jones, John A., Maj. , Lieut. Col., Col. 

Boss, (•) Albert B., Major. 

Seago, (•) Eli M., Lieut. Col. 

Smith, (*) William Duncan, Colonel. 

Waddell, (•) James D., Maj., Col. 

21«t Cavalry Battalion. 
(HeTged into 7tli Georgia Cavalry.) 

White, (•)WiUiamP., Major. 

21«< Infantry Battalion Georgia State 

(Merged into Wright's 12tli Regiment.) 

Kenedy, James B., Major. 

2l8t Infantry Begiment. 

Glover, (") Thomas C, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Hooper, (*) Thomas W., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Lynch, (*) Michael, Major. 
Mercer, (") John T., Col. 
Morrison, James J., Lieut. Col. 

^d Artillery (Siege) Battalion. 

Gallie, John B., Major. 
Guilmartin, Lawrence J., Major. ' 

McMuUan, (*) Mark J., Major. 
Pritchard, (*) William K., Lieut. Col. 

^d Infantry Battalion Georgia State 

Carswell, Nathaniel A., Lieiit. Col. 
Hughes, Daniel G., Major. 

22d Infantry Begiment. 

Jones, (*) Eobert H., Colonel. 

Jones, (*) George H., Col. 

Lallerstedt, (*) Lawrence D., Major. 

McCurry,^) B.C., Lieut. Col. 

Pritchett, J. W., Lieut. Col. 

Wasden, (*) Joseph, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

23<J Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into 4th (Avery's) G-eorgia Cavalry.) 
Avery, (' ) Isaac W., Lieut. Col. 

23(J Infantry Battalion Georgia State 

Cook, F.W.C., Major. 

23d Infantry Begiment. 

Ballenger,(*) Marcus R., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Barclay, (*) William P., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Best, Emory F., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Boston, (*) William J., Major. 
Huggins, (*) James H., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Hutcherson, Thomas, Colonel. 
Sharp, John J. A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

2ith Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into 7th Georgia Cavalry.) 
Anderson, (•) Edward C, jr.. Major. 

2ith Infantry Begiment. 

CUandler,(*) Joseiih N., Lieut. Col. 
McMillan, (*) Eobert, Col. 
McMillan, (•) Eobert E., Major. 
Sanders, (*) C. C, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Smith, C) Frederick C, Major. 
Winn, Thomas E. , Maj., Lieut. Col. 

25ft Cavalry Battalion. 
(Provost Battalion, Atlanta, Ga.) 
Lee, (*) George W., Lieut. Col. 

25W( Infantry Begiment, 

Ashley, (') W. P. M., Lieut. CoL 
Smith, (*) Albert W., Major. 
Wilson, (*) Claudius C, Colonel. 
Williams, (*) Andrew J., Lieut. Col. 
Winn, (•) William J., Maj., Col. 
Wylly, (*) Wm. Henry, Maj., Lieut, Col. 

26th Infantry Battalion. 
Nisbet, (*) John W., Major. 

26t/i (Styles') Infantry Begiment. 

(Alao called 13th.) 

Atkinson, (*) Edmund N., Colonel. 
Blain, James S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Gardner, Thomas N., Major. 
Griffin, (*) Eli S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Grace, (*) Benjamin F., Major. 
Lane, William A., Lieut. Col. 
McDonald, (*) William A., Lieut. Col. 
Styles, (*) Carey W., Colonel. 

26ft (Lamar's) Infantry Begiment. 

(Afterward known as 7th Infantry Battalion, 
which was merged into 61at Infantry.) 

Lamar, Charles A. L., Colonel. 
Lamar, John H., Major. 
McDonald, James, Lieut. Col. 

27ft Infantry Battalion. 

Hartridge, (*) Alfred L., Major. 
Stubbs, (') William B., Major. 

27ft Infantry Begiment. 

Brewer, Septimus L., Lieut. Col. 
Bussey, Hezekiah, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Dennis, Charles J., Major. 
Dorsey, Jasper N., Lieut. Col. 
Gardner, (*) James, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Holliday, Henry B., Major. 
Eentfro, (*) William H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Smith, Levi B., Colonel. 
Stubbs, John W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Zachry, (") Charles T., Maj., Lieut. Col., 



28fh Artillery Battalion. 

Boiiaad, (*) A., Major. 

26i/i. Infantry Begiment. 

Banning, (*) James W., Major. 
Cain, James G., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Crawiord, William P., Lieut. Col. 
Graybill, (') Tully, Maj., Col. 
Hall, George A., Lieut. Col. 
Warthen, T. J., Colonel. 

29(7!, Cavalry Battalion. 

Camfield, Charles H., Major. 
Hood, Arthur, Lieut. Col. 

29th Infantry Regiment. 

Alexander, (») T. W., Lieut. Col. 

Billopp, (*) W. W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Knight, (*) Levi J., Major. 

Lan)b, (*) John C, Major. 

Mitchell, (") William D., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Owen, (*) John J., Major. 

Spaulding, E., Colonel. 

Young, (*) William J., Colonel. 

ZOth Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into 11th Georgi.l Cavalry.) 

Barclay, Hugh W., Major. 
Young, Andrew, Lieut. Col. 

30ft Infantry Regiment. 

Bailey, (*) David J., Colonel. 
Boynton, (*) James S., Maj.,- Lieut. Col., 
' Hendrick, (*) Henry, Major. 
Maugham, (") Thomas W., Lieut. 'Col., 

Thorpe, Cicero A., Major. 
Tidwell, Miles M., Lieut. Col. 

31st Infantry Regiment. 
(Also called 27th.) 

Crowder, (*) John T., Lieut. Col. 
Evans, (') Clement A., Maj., Col. 
Hill, Daniel P., Lieut. Col'. 
Lowe, (*) John H., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Phillips, (') Pleasant J., Colonel. 
Pride, (*) Rodolphus T., Maj., Lieut. CoL 

32(? Infantry Regiment. 

Bacon, (*) E. H., jr., Maj., Lieut. Co). 
Harrison, (») George P., jr., Colonel. 
Holland, (") W. T., Major. 
Piudou, (') Wm. H., Lieut. Col. 

33d Infantry Regiment. 
(Not organized.) 
Littlefleld, A., Colonel. 

3ith Infantry Regiment. 

Bradley, J. W., Lieut. Col. 
Dorough, Thomas T., Major. 
Johnson, (*) J. A. W., Colonel. 
Jackson, John M., Major. 

35tt Infantry Regiment. 

Bull, (*) Gustavus A., Lieujt. Col. 

Groves, (*) William L., Major. 

Holt, (*) Boiling H., Maj,, Lieut. Col., 

McCullohs, (*) Wm. H., Maj ., Lieut.- Col. 
MiiKivany, James T., Major. 
Thomas, {*) Edward L., Colonel. 
Williams, Lee A. J., Major. 

' 36iA ( Villepig lie' s ) Infantry Regiment. 

(Formerly Ist Infantry Battalion ; afterward Ist 
Confederate, which see. Was also called Geor- 
gia and Mississippi Eegiment of Infantry.) 

Lovell, Wm. S., Major. 
Smith, George A., Lieut. Col. 
Villepigue, John B.,ColoQel. 

36th (^Glenn's) Infantry Regiment. 

Broyles, Charles E., Maj., Col. 
Glenn, (*) Jesse A., Colonel. 
Loudermilk, (*) John, Major. 
Wallace, Alexander M., Lieut. Col. 

37th Infantry Regiment. 
(3d and 4th Battalions Infantry consolidated.) 

Bradford, (*) Jesse J., Major. 
Kendrick, (*) Meredith, Maj. 
Eudler, (*) Anthony F., Colonel. 
Smith, (*) Joseph T, , Lieut. Col. 
Wilson, (") Robert E., Major. 

37th {Military District) Georgia Regiment, 
Cato, William W., Lieut. Col. 

3Sih Infantry Regiment. 
("Wright's Legion.) 

Bomar, (*) Thomas H., Major. 
Davant, (*) Philip E., Lietit. Col. 
Flowers, Johu Y., Major. 
Lee, (*) George W., Lier-*, C.zl., Col. 
Mathews, (*) James D., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Parr, (*) Lewis J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Wright, (*) Augustus K., Colonel. 

39(7i, Infantry Regiment. 

Jackson, (*) J. F. B., Lieut. Col. 
McConiiell, J.T., Colonel. 
Milton, William P., Lieut. Col. 
Pitner,(*) Tilmou H., Major. 
Eaudell,(*) Gabriel H., Major. 

40(7i Infantry Regiment. 

Camp, (*) Raleigh S. Major. . 
Johnson, (*) Abda, Colonel. 
Young, (») Robert M., Lieut. Col. 



41s* Infantry Regiment. 

Cnrtiss, (*) William E., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Knight, (*) John, Major. 
McDaaiel, (*) Charles A., Colonel. 
Nail, Mark S., Major. 

43d Infantry Begiment. 

Henderson, (*) Eobert J., Colonel. 
Hnlsey, William H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Maddox,(*) Robert F., Lieut. Col. 
Thomas, (*) Loviok P., Major. 

43d Infantry Begiment. 

Bell, Hiram P., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Harris, (*) Skidmore, Colonel. 

KfcUogg, (*) Henry C, Maj., Lieut. CoL, 

Lester, William C, Major. 

44Wi Infantry Begiment. 

Adams, Joseph W., Major. 

Banks, Kichard O., Major. 

Beck, (*) James W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Estes, (') John B., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Key, John C, Major. 

Lumpkin, Samuel P., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Peebles, {*) WilliamH., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Smith, Eobert A., Colonel. 

i5th Infantry Begiment. 

Carter, James W., Maj., Lieut. Col, 
Conn, Chas. A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
.Gibson, Aurelins W., Major. 
Grice.(*)Wa8hingtouL., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Hardeman, (*) Thomas, jr.. Colonel. 
Eogers, Matthew R., Major. 
Simmons, (*) Thomas J., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Wallace, William S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

46f/i Infantry Begiment. 

Colquitt, Peyton H., Colonel. 
Daniel, (*) William A., Lieut. Col. 
Dnnlop, Samuel J. C, Maj., Col. 
Speer, (*) Alexander M., Major. 

47th Infantry Begiment. 

Cone, James G., Major. 
Cone, Joseph S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Edwards, A. C, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Phillips, William S.. Lieut. Col. 
WiUiams, G. W. M., Colonel. 

48(/t Infantry Begiment. 

Carswell, (*) Eeuben W., Lieut. Col. 

Gibson, (*) William, Colonel. 

Hall.C) Matthew R., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Whitehead, (*) John E., Major. 

4Sth Infantry Begiment. 

Cooke, (*) Oliver H., Lieut. Col. 
Duggan, (*) James B., Major. 

49«7i Infantry Begiment — Continued. 

Durham, (*) John A., Major. 

Jordan, (*) John T., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Lane, A. J., Colonel. 

Manuing, Seaborn M., Lieut. Col. 

Pate, John H., Major. 

Player, (•) Samuel T., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Rivers, Jonathan, Maj,, Lieut. Col. 
Williams, (*) Wiley J., Maj,, Lieut. Col. 

50th Infantry Begiment. 

Curry, (*) Duncan, Major. 
Fleming, Wm. O., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Kearse, (*) Francis, Lieut. Col. 
Mauniug, (') Wir.. R., Colonel. 
McGlashan, (") Peter, Colonel. 
Pendleton, (*) P. C, Major. 
Sheffield, Pliny, Maj., Lieut. Col., 
Spenoe, (*) John M., Major. 

51sf Infantry Regiment. 

Anthony, (*) Oliver P., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Ball, Edward, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Crawford, (*) John P., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Dickey, (*) James, Maj., Lieut. Col, Col. 
Dunwody, (*) Henry M., Major. 
Slaughter, W. M. , Colonel. 

52d Infantry Begiment. 

Boyd, Wier, Colonel. 

Findley, (') J.J.,Major. 

Moore, John J., Major. 

Phillips, (*) Charles D., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Van Diviere, Solomon H., Lieut. Col. 

53d Infantry Begiment. 

Brown, Sheridan R., Major. 
Doyal, (*) Leonard T., Colonel. 
Hance, (•) J. W., Lieut. Col. 
Hartsfield, (*) W. P., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Simms, James P., Maj., Col. 
Sims, Thomas W., Major. 
Sloan, (•) Thomas, Lieut. Col. 
Taylor, Eobert P., Lieut. Col. 

5itJi Infantry Begiment. 

Mann, (*) William H., Major. 
Rawls, Morgan, Lieut. Col. 
Way, (*) Charlton H., Colonel. 

55ft Infantry Begiment. 

Harkie, (*) C. B., Colonel. 
Persons, (*) A. W., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Printup, (*) Daniel S., Major, 

56ft Infantry Begiment. 
(Also called SSth.) 
Brewster, (-*) James P., Major. 
Pool,* M. L., Major. 
Slaughter, J. T., Lieut. CoL 
Watkins, E. P., Colonel. 



57Wi Infantry Begiment. 

(Also called 54tli. Formerly 2(1 Begiment Georgia 
State Troops.) 

Barkuloo, (*) William, Colonel. 
Gnytoa, (*) Cincinnatus S., Lieut. Col. 
Shinholaer, (*) John W., Major. 

59th Infantry Regiment. 

Bass, (*) Maatin U., Major. 
Brown, (*) Jack, Colonel. 
Fickling, William H., Major. 
Gee, (*) Bolivar H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Harris, Charles J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Hunter, George E., Lieut. Col. 

60iA. Infantry Begiment. 

(Formed from Stiles' 4th Battalion.) 

Berry,(*) Thomas J., Lieut. Col. 
Jones,(*) Waters B., Maj., Col. 
Stiles,(*) William H., sr.. Col. 

61si Infantry Regiment. 

(Also called 26th.) 

Brenan,(*) Peter, Major. 

Lamar,(*) John Hill, Col. 

McA.rthur,(*) Charles W., Maj., Lieut. 

Mcr)uffie,(*) James Y., Lieut. Col. 
MacRae, (») Arcliibald P., Major. 
Tillman, Henry, Major. 
Van Valkenl)urg,(*) James D., Major. 

62d Regiment Partisan Rangers. 

(Formerly Ist Battalion Partisan Kangers ; 2d 
Kegiment Partisan Rangers, united with Mil- 
len'8 20th Battalion, became 8th Cavalry. Part 
of 62d became 16th Battalion !N". C. Cavalry. 

Ellis, William L. A., Major. 
Grifflu,(') Joel R., Colonel. 
Kennedy,(*) John T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

(transferred to 16th Battalion North 

Carolina Cavalry). 
Towns, Randolph, Lieut. Col. 

&id Infantry Begiment. 

(Formed from 13th Infantry Battalion.) 

Allen, (*) Joseph V. H., Major. 
Black, (»; George E., Lieut. Col. 
Giles,(*) John R., Major. 
Gordon, (*) George A., Colonel. 

64i/( Infantry Regiment, 

Barrow, James, Lieut. Col. 
Evans, John W., Colonel. 
Jenkins, Charles S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Thomas, Geo. S., Major. 
Weema,(*) Walter H., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

65ift Infantry Regiment, 

(Formed from Infantry Battalion of Smith's 

rain,(») John S., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Foster, William G., Colonel. 
Moore,^ Robert H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Pearcy, Jacob W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

mth Infantry Regiment— ConimwA. 

Smith,(*) Sumner J., Colonel. 
WiUiamSjC*) Samuel P., Major. 

66«ft Infantry Regiment. 

(Also called 65th Regiment.) 

Andrews, John F., Major (declined ap- 
Hamiltou, A. S., Lieut. Col. 
Hull, E. Newton, Major. 
Nisbet,(*) J. Cooper, Colonel. 

Augusta Arsenal Battalion. 
Girardey, V. J. B., Major (acting). 

Atlanta Arsenal Battalion. 
McCall, James K., Major. 

Sradshaw'a Cavalry Battalion. 
Bradshaw, A. C, Major. 

Camden County Militia. 

Bally, David, Lieut. Col. 
Covedo, John S., Major. 
Floyd, Henry H., Colonel. 

Cherokee Legion, Georgia State Qnard. 

Grambling, Enoch G., Major. 
Hill, Benjamin, Lieut. Col. 
Rusk, James E., Colonel. 

City Battalion, Provost Guard, Colamius, 

Wilkins, Francis G., Major. 

Coast Guard Battalion, Georgia Militia. 

Ganlden, William B., Colonel. 

cobb's legion. 

Infantry Battalion, Cobb's Legion. 

Bagley, Ed. P., Major. 
Camak,(") Thomas, Major. 
Cobb,(*) Thomas R. R., Colonel. 
Conyers, William D., Major. 
Garnett, Richard B., Lieut. Col. 
Glenn, (*) Luther J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Knight, Gazaway B., Lieut. Col. 
LamarjC) Jefferson M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
MoUaniel,(*) William W., Major. 

Cavalry Battalion, Cobb's Legion. 

(Afterward 9th Cavalry.) 

Delony,(*) William G., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
King,(*) Barringfcon S., Lieut. Col.' 
Rioe,('') Zaohariah A., Major. 
Yanoey,(*) Benjamin C, Major. 
Young,(") Pierce M. B., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Wright,(*) Gilbert J., Maj., Lt. Col., Col. 

Cook's Battalion. 
(See 23d Infantry Battalion Georgia State Guard.) 

Georgia — Indians. 


Floyd Legion, Georgia State Guard. 

Alexander, Thomas W., Major. 
Freeman, John E., Lieut. Col. 
YeiserjC) James G., Colonel. 

Gilmer Battalion (Cavalry). 
(See letli Battalion Georgia State Guard.) 

Boxoard's Infantry Battalion. 
(Non-conscripts ; also called 27tli Battalion.) 
Howard,(*) T. B., jr., Major. 
Mclntyre's Battalion Georgia State Guard. 
(Merged into 1 Ith Eegiment G eorg:ia State Guard.) 
Molntyre, A. T., Major. 

Ordnance Battalion, Columbus, Oa. 

Baldwin, W. "W., Major. 
OllTeroa, J. B., Lieut. Col. 


Infantry Battalion, Phillips Legion. 

Barclav,(*) E. Sandy, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Cook,(*) Robert T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Hamilton, (") Joseph, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Jone8,(*) Seaborn, jr., Lieut. Col. 
Norris, John S., Major. 
Phillips, (») William, Colonel. 

Cavalry Battalion, Phillips Legion, 

Pnoket.t,(*) William B. C, Major. 
Eich,(') William W., Lieut. Col. 
Willcoxon,^) John B., Major. 

Roswell Battalion Cavalry, Local Defense. 
King, James E., Major (acting). 

Smltli's Jleglmeiit. 

(Also callefl lat Ooorgia Vnrtisiin Kan^ors; auc- 
cei'dod by Sniitli's Legion, composing an infan- 
try and cavalry battalion, tlie infantry battalion 
becoming 65th Infantry and cavalry battalion 
6th Cavalry.) 

Smith,(*) Sumner J., ColoueL 

smith's legion. 

Smith, Sumner J., Colonel. 

Infantry Battalion, Smith's Legion. 

(Merged into 65th Infantry.) 

Fain,(*) John S., Lieut. Col. 
Moore, (*) Robert H., Major. 

Cavalry Battalion, Smith's Legion. 

(Merged into 6th Cavalry.) 

Brown, Benjamin P., Major. 
Hart, John E., Lieut. Col. 

Stephens' Cavalry Battalion. 

(See 7th Cavalry Battalion Georgia State Guard.) 

Wicker's Battalion. 

(Merged into 12th Kegiment Georgia State Guard.) 

Wicker, D. L., Major. 

Wright's Cavalry Eegt. Georgia State Guard. 

(Also called 12th.) 
Kenedy, James B., Major. 
Longstreet, Anderson P., Lieut. Col. 
Wright, Henry G., Colonel. 

Wright's Legion. 
(See 38th Infantry.) 
Tounghlood' s Battalion Government Me- 
chanics, Colunibus, Ga. 

Youngblood, E. H. (?), Major. 


1st (Meyer's) Cherokee Cavalry Battalion. 
Meyer, Benjamin W., Major. 
1st (Bryan's) Cherokee Cavalry Battalion. 
Bryan, (*) J. M., Major. 

1st Cherokee Mounted Rifles. 

(Also called 2d. See Drew's Cherokee Mounted 

1st Cherokee Mounted Bifles. 

Bell, James M., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Bondinot, E. C, Major. 
Howland, E. J., Major. 
Parks, Robert C., Lieut. Col. 
Taylor, Thomas F., Lieut. Col. 
Thompson, Joseph F., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Vann, Clem. N., Lieut. Col. 
Watie, Stand, Colonel. 

\st Chickasaw Cavalry Battalion. 

Harris, Joseph D., Lieut. Col. 
Reynolds, Lemuel M., Major. 

1st Chickasaiv Cavalry Regiment. 

Hunter, Wm. L., Colonel (rejected). 

Hays, Abram B., Major. 

Martin, Samuel H., Lieut. Col. (rejected). 

1st (Battioe's) Chocktaw Cavalry Battalion, 

(Afterward 1st Choctaw War Eegiment.) 

Battice, (*) Franceway, Lieut. Col. 
Folsom, Simpson N., Major. 

1st (McCurtain's) Choctaw Battalion. 

(After 3d Choctaw Eegiment.) 

McCurtain, Jackson Lieut. Col. 
Page, John, Major. 

Ist Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Bifles. 

Cooper, Douglas H.. Colonel. 
Jones, Willis J., Major. 
Le Flore, (») Mitchell, Major. 
Loering, Sampson Major. 
Riley, James, Lieut. Col. 
Walker, (') Tandy, Lieut. Col. 



Isi Choctaw Cavalry War Regiment. 

(Ta 1861 known as 2d Choctaw Regiment.) 

Folsom, Simpson N., Colonel. 

1st Clioctaw Cavalry Segiment. 

Folsom, (*) Sampson, Colonel. 
Harkins, David F., Lieut. Col. 

1st Seminole Cavalry Battalion, 

(After Ist Seminole Regiment.) 

Cloud, George, Major. 
Jumper, John, Lieut. Col. 

1st Creek Cavalry Battalion. 

Mcintosh, Chilly, Lieut. Col. 

Isi Creek Begiment. 

Chekote, Samuel, Lieut. Col. 
Derrysaw, Jacob, Major. 
McHenry, James, Major. 
Mcintosh, Daniel N., Colonel. 
Mcintosh, William R., Lieut. Col. 

2d CheroTcee Mounted Eifles. 

Adair, William P., Colonel. 

Bell, Jas. M., Lt. Co). Ctransferred to Ist). 

Brewer, O. H. P., Lieut. Col. 

Hammock, Porter, Major. 

Harden, J. E., Major. 

Vaun, John, Major. 

2(? Creek Begiment. 

Barnett, Timothy, Maj., Col. 
Hawkins, Pink, Lieut. Col. 
Mcintosh, Chilly, Colonel. 

Zd Choctaw Begiment, 

(Formerly 1st Choctaw Battalion.) 

MoCurtain, Jackson, Colonel. 
Lewis, Tom, Acting Lieut. Col. 

Cherokee Battalion. 

Frye, Moses C, Major. 
Scales, Joseph A., Major. 

Chickasaw Cavalry Battalion, 

Nail, Jonathan, Major. 
Sheco, Martin, Lieut. Col. 

Dretv's Cherokee Mounted Bifles. 

(Called 1st and 2d.) 

Drew, John, Colonel. 
Pegg, Tbotuas, Major. 
Ross, William P., Lieut. Col. 

Osage Battalion. 
Broke Arm, Major. 


1st Cavalry Battalion. 

Shawhan, John, M.ijor. 
Simms, Wm. E., Lieut. Col. 

Ist Battalion Mounted Rifles. 

Bradley, (•) Benjamin P., Major. 
Cararon, Orville G., Major. 

1st Special Cavalry Battalion. 

(In B. W. Duke's Brigade November 10, 1864.) 

Alston, R. A., Lieut. Col. 
Ward, Wm. W., Colonel. 

Ist Cavalry Begiment. 

(Reduced to a battalion and merged into 3d Cav 
airy Regiment.) 

Caldwell,(') John W., Major. 
Chambliss, N. R., Major. 
Griffith, (*) J. W., Lieut. Col. 
Helm, Benjamin Hardin, Colonel. 
Leavell, H. C, Lieut. Col. 
Woodward, Thomas G., Lieut. Col. 

1st (Cofer's) Infantry Battalion. 

(Merged into 6tli Infantry.) 

Cofer, Martin H., Lieut. Col. 
Hays, Thomas H., Major. 

1st (Duncan's) Infantry Battalion. 

(Merged into Ist Infantry.) 

Duncan,(*) Blanton, Lieut. CoL 

1st Infantry Begiment. 

Anderson, Benjamin, Major (transferred 

to 3d Infantry). 
Cro8sland,(*) Edward, Mai., Lieut. Col. 
Johnston, (*) William Preston, Maj., 

Lieut. Col. 
Taylor,(») Thomas H., Lieut. Col., Col. 

2d Consolidated Cavalry Battalion. 

(Organized Aug. 1, 1863, representing 30 com- 
panies from 5 different regiments of John H. 
Morgan's dispersed command, Capt. John B. 
Dortch commanding). 

2d Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into 7th Battalion Confederate Cavalry.) 
Prentice, Clarence J., Major. 

2d Battalion Mounted Bifles. 
Johnson, (*) Thomas, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Teuney, Otis S., Major. 

2d Special Cavalry Battalion. 
(In B. W. Duke's Brigade jSTovember 10, 1864.) 
Cassell, (») J.T., Major. 
Morgan, Richard C, Colonel. 

2d (Morgan's) Cavalry Regiment. 
Bowle8,(*) James W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Duke,(') Basil W., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Hutcheson,(*) Johu B., Lieut. Col. 
Morgan, G. W., Major. 
Morgan,(*) John H., Colonel. 
Webber, T. B., Major. 



2(J (^Woodward's) Cavalry Regiment. 

Lewis, Thomas W., Major. 
iVoodward,(*) Thomas G., Colonel. 

2d Infantry Begiment. 

[Part of Orphan Brigade or Louisville Legion. 
Became Mounted Infantry. 

Han8on,(") Roger W., Colonel. 
3awes,(') James M., Colonel. 
Hewitt,(") James W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Johnston,(*) Robert A., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Johnston, Wm. Preston, Major (trans- 
ferred to 3d Kentucky). 
Lee,(*) Philip, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
MoDowell,(*) Harvey, Major. 
ao88,(") James W., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

3d Battalion Mounted Eifies. 

31ay, Ezekiel F., Lient. Col. 
Everett, Peter M., Major. 
tIoUaday,('') John B., Major. 

3d Special Cavalry Battalion. 
(In B. W. Duke's Brigade November 10, 1864.) 
Tacker, Joseph T., Colonel. 

3d Cavalry Regiment. 

(Consolidated with 1st Kentucky Cavalry.) 

4.11en, Jack, Lieut. Col. 
Butler,(») J. R., Colonel. 
[3henoweth,(*) J. Q., Major. 
3riffith,(*) Jacob W., Lieut. Col. 

3d! Infantry Regiment. 

(Became Mounted Infantry in 1864.) 

indereon, Benjamin, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Barnett,(*) T. T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Bowman,(*) James H., Major. 
aolt,C) Gustavus A. C, Lieut. Col., Col. 
lohnston,(*) Alfred, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
fohnston, William Preston, Major (trans- 
ferred to 1st Kentucky Infantry). 
HcGoodwin, Al., Major. 
Thompson, (*) Albert P., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Cilghman, (*•) Lloyd, Colonel. 

ith Special Cavalry Battalion. 
(In B. W. Duke's Brigade November 10, 1864.) 
ilessick, W. R., acting Major. 

Ath Cavalry Regiment. 

jriltner,(*) Henry L., Colonel. 
*arker,(*) Nathan, Major. 
'ryor,(*) Moses T., Lieut. Col. 

ith Infantry Regiment. 

(Part of Orphan Brigade or Louisvilie Legion. ) 

Ldair,(») John A., Lieut. Col. 
lynes, Andrew R., Lieut. Col. 
Iillett,(*) Joseph H., Major, 
lunroe, 'Thomas B., jr., Major, 
fuckols,(*) Joseph P., jr., Maj., Lient. 
Col., Col. 
;ogers,(*) John B., Major, 

ith Infantry Regiment — Continued. 

Thompson,(*) Thos. W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Trabue,(») Robert P., Colonel. 

5(A Cavalry Regiment. 

Breut,(*) Thomas Y., jr.. Major. 
Campbell, Churchill G., Lieut. Col. 
Smith, D. Howard, Colonel. 
Thomson, Preston, Lieut. Col. 

5th Infantry Begiment. 

(Part of Orphan Brigade or Louisville Legion.) 

Caldwell, John W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

(latter appointment canceled. ) 
Connor, (") George W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Hawes, Richard, Major. 
Hawkins, (*) Hiram, Lient. Col., Col. 
May, Andrew J., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Mynheir, (•) William, Maj., Actg. Col. 
Williams, (•) John S., Colonel. 

5th (Hunt's) Infantry Regiment. 

(See 9th Infantry Regiment.) 

6th Cavalry Regiment. 

Bullitt, (•) William G., Major. 
Grigsby, (*) J. Warren, Colonel. 
Napier, Thomas W., Lieut. Col. 

6th Infantry Regiment. 

(Part of Orphan Brigade or Louisville Legion .) 

Clarke, (*) WiUiam L., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Cofer, (") Martin H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Hays, (*) Thomas H., Major. 
Lewis, (*) Joseph H., Colonel. 
Maxson, (*) George W., Major. 

7th Cavalry Begiment. 

Gano, Richard M., Colonel. 
Huffman, J. M., Lieut. Col. 
Steele, Theophilus, Major. 

7th Infantry Begiment. 

(Also Mounted Infantry ; consolidated with 8th 
Infantry Regiment.) 

Crossland, (") Edward, Colonel. 
Hale, Henry S., Major. 
Lannom, William D., Lieut. Col. 
Sherrill, (•) L. J., Lieut. Col. 
Welborn, W. J. N., Major. 
Wicklifife, (") Charles, Colonel. 

8th Cavalry Regiment, 

Bullock, Robert S., Major. 
Clnke, Roy S., Colonel. 
Coleman, Cicero, Lieut. Col. 

Sth Infantry Begiment. 

(Also Mounted Infantry ; consolidated with 7th 
Infantry Regiment. 

Bingham, (*) Jabez, Major. 
Burnett, Henry C, Colonel. 
Henry, R. W., Major. 
Lyon, (*>Hylau B., Lieut. Col., CoL 
Shacklett, (') A. R., Lieut, Col. 



_iV/ «^ AUAJO-XI X 

9tli Cavalry Segiment, 
(Also called 4tli Kentncty Mounted Sifles.) 
Austin, (') John P., Major. 
Breckinridge, William C. P., Colonel. 
Jones, William E., Major. 
Stoner, (*) Robert G., Lieut. Col. 

9th Infantry Begiment. 

(Part of Orphan Brigade, or LouisTille Legion ; 
alao called 5th (Hunt's) Infantry. 

Caldwell, (*) John W., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Casseday, Alexander, Lieut. Col. 
Desha, Ben, Major. 
Hunt, (*) Thomas Hart, Colonel. 
Johnston, (*) Eobert A., Lieut. Col., 

(assigned from 2d Infantry Eegiment). 
Wickliffe, (*) John Crippa, Maj., Lieut. 


10th (May's) Cavalry Begiment. 

Diamond, George E., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Lee, William E., Major. 
May, (*) Andrew J., Colonel. 
Trimble, (*) Edwin, Lieut. Col., Col. 

10th (Johnson's) Begiment Partisan Ban- 

Johnson, (*) Adam E., Colonel. 
Martin, (») E. M., Lieut. Col. 
Owen, Washington G., Major. 

11th Cavalry Begiment. 

Chenault, David W., Colonel. 
MoCreary, James B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Tucker, Joseph T., Lieut. Col., Col. 

12tk Cavalry Begiment. 

(Also called lat Kentucky and Tennessee Cav- 
alry ; merged into 8th Infantry Mounted (Shack- 
lett'8 Eegiment), March, 1865.) 

Faulkner, (*) W. W., Colonel. 
Lannom, William D., Lieut. Col. 
Malone, John M., Major. 
Tate, (*) Thomas S., jr.. Major. 

13iA Cavalry Begiment. 

(Called also 10th Eegiment Mounted Eifles and 
11th Eegiment Mounted Eides.) 

Caudill, Benjamin E., Colonel. 
Caudill, David J., Lieut. Col. 
Chenoweth, John Thomas, Major. 

Brechinridge's Cavalry Battalion. 

(Merged into 9th Cavalry.) 

Breckinridge, Wm. C. P., Major. 

Bullitt's Cavalry Battalion. 

(Merged into 6th Cavalry.) 

Bullitt, Wm. G., Major. 

Desha's Infantry Battalion. 
Desha, Joseph, Major (acting). ' 

Freeman's Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into 5th (Hawkins') Infantry Eegiment.) 
Freeman, D. C, Maj. 

Jesstf^s Battalion Mounted Rifles. 
■ (Afterward 6th Battalion Confederate Cavalry.) 
Jeasee, George M., Major. 

King's Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into 1st Confederate Cavalry.) 
King, H. Clay, Major. 

May's Mounted Battalion. 
(Merged into May's 10th Cavalry Eegiment.) 

May, Andrew J., Major. 

Morehead's Partisan Bangers. 

Morehead, J. C, Colonel. 

Morgan's Cavalry Eegiment. 

Morgan, (*) Eichard C, Colonel. 

Potion's Partisan Bangers. 

Patton, (*) Oliver A., Lieut. Col. 

Stoner's Cavalrt/ Battalion. 
(Merged into 9th Cavalry-) 
Stoner, Eobert G., Major. 

Woodward's Battalion Cavalry. 
(Merged into Woodwai'd's 2d Cavalry.) 
Woodward, Thomas G., Lieut. Col. 


1st Begular Artillery Begiment. 

Anderson, (*) James B., Major. 
Beltzhoover, (*) Daniel, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Capers, (*) W. C., Major. 
Clinch, (*) Henry A., Major. 
Duncan, (*) Johnson K., Maj., Col. 
Fuller, (») Chas. A., Lieut. Col., Col. 
H(3bert, (*) Paul O., Colonel. 
Montaigne, (*) Eaymond, Major. 

1st Battalion Trans- Mississippi Cavalry. 

(Organized at Shreveport, La., and the recruits 

were from Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas.) 

Bird, T.J., Major. 

Ist Battalion State Cavalry. 

-, Major. 

Caldwell, ■ 

Clark, B.W., Lieut. Col. 

Wyche, E. E., Major. 

1st Cavalry Begiment. 

Nixon,(») James C, Lieut. Col. 
Schlater, Gervais, Major. 
Scott, (*) John S., Colonel. 
Taylor, (') J. M., Major. 



1st Zouave Battalion. 
(Louisiana Zouaves.) 
>ppens, (*) Marie Alfred, Lieut. Col. 

(signs as Alfred Coppens) . 
Doppena, (*) Georges Auguste Gaston, 

Lieut. Col. (signs as G. Coppens). 
DeBordeaave, (*) Fulgeuce, Major. 
Elyllested, Waldemar, Major. 

IsJ Infantry Battalion. 

Beard, (*) James H., Major. 
Dreux, (*) Charles D., Lieut. Col. 
Jightor, (") Nicholas H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

lat Regular Infantry Regiment. 

Warns, (*) Daniel W., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Batchelor, (*) S. S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Bradford, (*) Charles M., Major. 
?arrar, (*) Fred. H., jr., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
jladden, (*) Adley H., Colonel. 
Faquess, (*) JohnA., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
ieni, (*) Frederick M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
jtrawbridge, (') James, Maj., Lieut. Col., 

iVest, (*) Douglas, Major. 

ls( Volunteer Infantry Begiment. 

Slanchard, (*) Albert G., Colonel, 
jormier, (*) Charles E., Major, 
larrison, C") Samuel E., Maj., Col. 
^elligan, (*) James, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
^olan, (*) Michael, Lieut. Col., Maj. 
Shivers, (*) William E., Mai., Lieut. Col., 

/^incent, (') William G., Lieut. Col., Col. 
yise,(*) J.CMajor. 

M Artillery Battalion. 

jogan, (') George William, Lieut. Col. 

2d Battalion State Cavalry. 

^avrot, (*) H. M., Lieut. Col. 

2d Cavalry Begiment. 

!lair,(*) James D.,ColoneL 
Sreazeale, (*) Winter W., Lieut. Col. 
'hompson, (*) James M., Major, 
''incent, (*) William G., Colonel. 

2d Infantry Battalion. 

Drlst Special Battalion. Called Wheat's Tigers.) 

larris, (*) Eobert A., Major. 
Fheat, (*) Chatham E., Major. 

2d Infantry Begiment. 

shton, (*) Eichard W., Major, 
iurke, (*) Eosa E., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
te Eussy, (*) Lewis G., Colonel, 
rogan, (*) Michael A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
lOvy, (*) William M., Colonel, 
orwood, (') Isaiah T., Maj., Col. 
ledwine, (*) Martin C, Major, 
filiiams, Jesse M., Col., Lieut, Col. 
oung, (*) John, Lieut. Col. 

3d {Sarrisott's) Cavalry Begiment. 
arrison, (•) Isaac F., Colonel. 

3d (Pargoud'a) Cavalry Begiment. 

Capers, Eichard L., Major. 
Charabliss, Samuel L., Lieut. Col. 
Pargoud, J. Frank, Colonel. 

3d ( Wingfield's) Cavalry Begiment. 
(Formed from 9th Cavalry Battalion.) 
Wingfield, (*) James H., Colonel. 

3d Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into 15th Loni-siana Infantry.) 

Bradford, (*) Charles M., Lieut. Col. 
Pendleton, (") Edmund, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Shields, (") Thomas, Lieut. Col. 
.Wilkinson, Robert A., Major(on authority 
of Col. F. T. Nicholls). 

3d Infantry Begiment. 

Amacker, (*) O. P., Lieut. Col., 1865. 
Armstrong, (*) Frank C, Colouel. 
Gilmore, (*) Jerome B., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Hubert, (*) Louis, Colonel. 
Hyama, (*) Samuel M., Lieut. Col. 
Pierson, (*) David., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Eichards, (*) John S., Miijor. 
Eussell, (*) Samuel D., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Tunnard, (*) William F., Major. 

4ft Cavalry Begiment. 

McNeill, A. J,, Colonel. 

4iA Infantry Battalion. 

Buie, (*) Duncan, Major. 

McEnery, (*) John, Major, Lieut. Col. 

Waddill, (*) George C, Major. 

ith Infantry Begiment. 

Allen, (*) Henry W., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Barrow, (*) Eobert J., Colonel. 
Hunter, (*) S. E., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Pennington, (*)Wm. F., Maj., Lieut. CoL 
Pulleu, (•) E. J., Major. 
Vick, (*) Thomas E., Major. 

5th Cavalry Begiment. 

Capers, Eichard L., Colonel. 

5tt Infantry Battalion. 

(Became 21st (Kennedy's) Infantry Regiment.) 

Kennedy, (*) Jno. B. G., Lieut. Col. 

5fh Infantry Begiment. 

Dean, (*) William T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Forno, ("") Henry, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Hart, (*■) Alex., Major. 
Hunt, (*) Theodore G., Colouel. 
Menger, (») Bruce, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Gtli Cavalry Begiment. 
Harrison, William, Colouel. 

Qth Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into 31st Infantry Regiment.) 
Morrison, (*) Charles H., Lieut. Col. 


6fh Infantry Regiment. 

Christy, (*) George W., Major. 
Hanlon, (*) Joseph, Lient. Col. 
James, (*) Samuel L., Major. 
Lay, (*) Louis, Lieut. Col. 
Manning, (*) William H., Major. 
McArthur, (*) Arthur, jr.. Major. 
Monaghan, (*) William, Maj., Col. 
Offutt, (') Nat., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Seymour, (*) Isaac G., Colonel. 
Strong, (*j Henry B., Lieut. Col., Col. 

7th Cavalry Regiment. 

Bringier, Amed^e, Lieut. Col. 
Bush, Louis, Colonel. 
Moutoa, William, Major. 

7th Infantry Battalion. 

(St. Paul's Foot Rifles and Washington Battalion. 
Transferred in part to 1 oth Infantry Regiment. 
Disbanded in August, 1862.) 

Goodwyn, (*) McGavock, Major (acting). 
St. Paul, (*) Henry, Major (acting). 

1th Infantry Regiment. 

De Choiseul, Charles, Lieut. Col. 

Hays, (') Harry T., Colonel, 

Penn, (*) Davidson B., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Terry, (') Thdmas M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Wilson, (*)J. Moore, Major. 

Sth Artillery Battalion. 
(Pinkney Battalion.) 
Ogden, (*) Frederick N., Major. 
Pinkney, (*) Wm. Elder, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

8Wi. Infantry Regiment. 

De Blanc,(*) Aloibiades, Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Kelly, (*) Henry B., Colonel. 
Lester, (*) Germain A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Lewis, (*)TrevanionD., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

NichoUs, (*) Francis T., Lient. Col. 
Prados, John B., Major. 

9(/i Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into Wingfleld's 3d Cavalry Regiment.) 
De Baun, (*) James, Major. 
Wingfleld, (*) James H., Lieut. Col. 

9ft Infantry Battalion. 

(Also called 17th Battalion.) 

Boyd, Samuel, Lieut. Col. (temporary 

Bynum, (*) Tom, Major. 

9th Infantry Regiment. 

Hodges, (*) John J., Maj., Lieut Col. 
Kavanaugh, (*) James R.,M<ijor. 
Peck, (*) William R., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Randolptf, (*) E. G., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Singeltary, (*) Alfred A., Major. 
Staftbrd, (*) Leroy A., Colonel. 
Taylor, (*) Richard, Colonel. 
Walker, (*) N. J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Williams, (*) Henry L. N., Major. 

10ft Infantry Battalion. 

(Yellow Jacket Battalion. Merged into 18tlj Loa^ 

Beraud, (*) Desire, Major. 
Fournet, (*) Valsin A., Lieut. Col. 

10ft Infantry Regiment. 

De Marigny, (*) Mandeville, Colonel. 
Denis, (*) Jules C, Lieut. Col. 
Dumonteil, (*) Felix (De la Gi&ie), Major. 
Legett, C) John M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Monier, (*) Henry D., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Powell, (*) Thomas S., Major. 
Spencer, (') William H,, Major. 
Waggaman, (*) Eugene, Lieut. Col., Col. 

lift Infantry Battalion. 

Beard, (*) James, H., Major. 
Shelley, (*) J. D., Lieut. Col. 

lUh Infantry Regiment. 

(Part merged into 13th and part into 20th Louiai- 
aua, and part into Austin's (Louisiana) Battal- 
ion Sharpshooters.) 

Barrow, Robert H., Lieut. Col. 
Batler, E. G. W., jr.. Major. 
Marks, Samuel F., Colouel. 
Mason, (*) Alex., Major. 
Ventress, James A., jr., Major. 

12ft Artillery Battalion. 

De Gournay, (*) P. F., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

12ft Infantry Regiment. 

Boyd, James A., Lieut. Col. 
Hough, Wade H., Lieut. Col. 
Knott, John C, Major. 
McCain, (*) Henry V., Major. 
Nelson, (*) Noel L., Major, Lieut. Col. 
Scott, (*) Thomas M., Colouel. 
Standifer, (*) Thomas C, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

13ft. Battalion Partisan Rangers. 

(Merged into 3d Cavalry.) 

Capers, (*) James H., Major. 

Capers, (*) Richard L., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Chambliss, (*) Samuel L., Lieut. Col. 

13ft {Gibson's) Infantry Regiment. 

Aveguo, Anatole P., Major. 

Campbell, C) Francis L., Mai., Lieut, 

Col., Col. 
Dubroca, (*) Edgar M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Gerard, (*) Aristides, Lieut, (ijol., Col. 
Gibson, (*) Randall L., Colonel. 
O'Leary, Stephen, Major. 
Tracy, Michael O., Major. 

IZth (SnlakowsH's) Infantry Regiment. 

(After 14th Louisiana Infantry, which see.) 

14ft Battalion Sharpshooters. 

(Formed from Uth Infantry.) 

Austin, Joliu E., Major, 



nth, Infantry Begiment. 

)rinerly SalaliowsM's 13th (Ist) Eegiment 
Polish Brigade.) 

nes, (*) Eichard W., Lieut. CoL, Col. 
lakowski, (*) Valery, Colonel, 
ler, William H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
rk, (*) Zebulon, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
,ble, (*) David, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

15ifc Cavalru Battalion, 

(Compoaed of all arms.) 

irrison, (*) Isaac F., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

15(ft Infantry Begiment. 

Regiment Polish Brigade. Formed from 8 com- 
lanies of 3d In fan try Battalion and 2 companies 
th Battalion.) 

adford, (*) Charles M., Colouel. 
ady, (*) Andrew, Major, 
lodwyu, (*) McGavock, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
oholls, (*) Francis T., Colonel (ap- 
pointed, but never commanded.) 
ndleton, (*) Edmund, Lieut. Col., Col. 
ilkinson, Eobert A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

16th Infantry Battalion. 
(Confederate Guards Eesponae Battalion.) 
ack, (*) Franklin H., Major. 

16<A Infantry Begiment. 

(Consolidated with 25th Infantry.) 

iber, (*) Daniel, Maj., Col. 

ndsay, (*) Robert H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

ison, (*) Euoob, Lieut. Col. 

iver, Robert P., Major. 

md, (*) Preston, jr.. Colonel. 

ixsdale, (*) Frank M., Major. 

alker, (*) William E., Lieut. Col. 

nth Infantry Begiment. 

sard, (•) S. S., Colonel, 
nes, (*) Charles, Lieut. Col. 
nes, Robert B., Major, 
iddox, (*) William A., Major, 
idditt, (*) William Antoiue, Major, 
chardson, (*) Robert, Colonel. 
)gers, (•) Madison, Lieut. Col. 
If, (*) David W., Major. 

18<ft Cavalry Battalion. 

Iso called 10th. Officers commissioned Kovem- 
ler 21, 1864. Formed from 7 companies of 
*owers' Louisiana and Mississippi Cavalry 

Jter, Haley M., Lieut. Col. 
erburne, H. Newton, Major. 

18Wi Infantry Begiment. 
(Consolidated with 10th Battalioii.) 
mant, (*) Leopold L., Maj., Col. 
sb, (*) Louis, Maj., Lieut. Col. (last 
jommission declined.) 
Uins, (•) Joseph, Lieut. Col. 
eds, (*) Paul B., Major, 
inton, (•) Alfred, Colonel, 
luton, (*) William, Major, 
man, (•) Alfred, Lieut. Col. 

.21739 3 

19/fe Infantry Begiment. 

Bntler, (*) Loudon, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Flournoy, (*) Camp, Major. 

Hodge, (") Benjamin L., Colonel. 

HoUinn'swoitb, (•) James M., Lieut. Col. 

Kennedy, (*) Hyder A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Scott, (*) Winfrey B., Major. 

Turner, (•) Richard W., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Winans, (*) Wesley P,, Maj., Lieut. Col., 


20i/i Infantry Begiment. 

(Lovell Eegiment.) 
Bishop, (*) Samuel L., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Boyd, (*) Samuel, Liout. Col. 
Guillet, (*) Charles, Maj,, Lieut. Col. 
Eeichard, (") Augustus, Colonel. 
Von Zinken, (*) Leon, Maj., Lieut. Col., 

21si {Kennedy's) Infantry Begiment. 

(Jackson, afterward McCown, Regiment. Formed 
from 5th Battalion,) 

Kennedy, (*) Johu B, G., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Miller, C. C., Colonel (notified of appoint- 
ment, but failed to obtain commission). 

21si (Patton's) Infantry Begiment. 

Higgins, (*) Edwai'd, Liout. Col., Col. 
Ivy, (*) Edward, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Patton, (*) Isaac W., Colonel. 
Plattsmier, (•) John T., Lieut. Col. 
Purves, (*J (jeorge. Major. 
Robertson, (*) Richard L., Major. 
Smith, (*) Martin L., Colonel. 

22(J Infantry Begiment Consolidated. 
Landry, (*) Joseph O., Lieut. Col. 
Marks, (*) Washington, Major. 
Patton, (*) Isaac W., Colouel. 

22(i Infantry Begiment. 
(Formerly 23a,) 
Herriek, (*) Charles H., Colouel. 
Jones, (*) Samuel, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Marks, (*) Washington, Major. 
Tissot, (*) Aristee L., Lieut. Col. 

23(Z Infantry Begiment. 
( Afterward 22d,) 
Lovell, (*) William S,, Lieut. Col. 
Patton, (*) Isaac W,, Major. 
Th^ard, (*) Paul E., Colonel. 

2bth Begiment Infantry. 
(Consolidated with 16th.) 
Fisk, (*) Stuart W., Colonel. 
Lewis, (*) Joseph C, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Moore, (*) Calvin H., Maj,, Lieut. Col. 
Zacharie, (*) Francis C, Maj., Lieut. 
Col., Col. 

26th Infantry Begiment. 
Bateman, Mannah W., Major. 
Cage, Duncan S., Lieut. Col. 
Crow, (*) William C, Lieut. CoL 
De Clouet, (*) Alexander, Colonel. 
Hall, Winchester, Maj., CoL 
Martin, (*) William Whitnel, Major, 



27tA Infantry Begiment. 

Marks, (*) Leou D., Colonel. 
McLaurin, (*) L. L., Lieut. Col. 
Norwood, (*) Alexander S., Maj., Col. 
Tucker, (*) George, Major. 

28<fc Infantry Regiment. 

Gray, (*) Henry, Colonel. 
Pool, (*) Thomas W., Maj., Col. 
Walker, (*) William, Lieut. Col. 

29</i Infantry Begiment. 

(Also called 28tli.) 

jandry, (*) Joseph , Lieut. Col. 
t'egues, (*) C. M., Major. 
rhomas, (*) Allen, Colonel. 

30tft Infantry Begiment. 

(Sumter Regimen fc, reduced to a battalion.) 

Bell, (*) Charles J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Breaux, (*) Guatavus A., Colonel. 
Picolet, (*) Arthur, Major. 
Shields, (*) Thomas, Lieut. Col. 

31st Infantry Begiment. 

Dranghon, (*) James W., Major. 
Griffin, (*) Sidney H., Lieut. Col. 
Humble, Thomas C, Major. 
Morrison, (*) Charles H., Colonel. 

32d Infantry Regiment. 
Denis, (*) Jules C, Colonel. 

33^ Begiment Partisan Bangers. 

(Merged into 2d Louisiana Cavalry.) 

Breazeale, (*) Winter W., Major. 
McWaters, James A., Lieut. Col. 
Vincent, (•) William G., Colonel. 

33(i Infantry Regiment. 

(Composed of Clack's 16th and Fournet's 10th Bat- 
talions. Disbanded and battalion organization 
restored Nov. 21, 1862.) 

Clack, (•) Franklin H., Colonel. 
Fournet, G. A., Major. 
Foumet, Valsin A., Lieut. Col. 

Avoyelles Regiment, Militia. 
Cheney, W. P., Lieut. CoL 

Beauregard Begiment, Militia, 
Bartlett, Frank A., Colonel. 
Breaseale's Battalion Partisan Bangers. 
(Merged into 2d Cavalry.) 
Breazeale, (*) Winter W., Major. 

Chahnette Battalion, Militia. 
Merged into Chalmette Regiment.) 
SzymansKi, Ignatius, Lieut. Col. 
Ckalmette Regiment, Militia. 

Logan, (*) George W., Lieut. Col. 
gzymj|.nski, Ignatius, Colonel. 

Confederate Guards, Militia 

Girault, (*) J. F., Colonel. 
Noble, John I., Major. 
Eailey, Charles E., Lieut. Col. 

Continental Regiment, Militia. 

Clack, George. Colonel. 

Crescent Regiment. 

Beard, (*) James H., Colonel. 
Bosworth, (*) Abel W., Maj., Col. 
Caniield, (*) Mercer, Major. 
Clack, (*) Frauklin H., Lieut. Col. 
Hyatt, (*) Arthur W., Lieut. Col. 
McDougall,(») Myford, Major. 
McPbeeters, (*) George P., Lieut. Col. 
Smith, (*) Marshall J., Colonel. 
Soul6, (*) George, Lieut. Col. 

Dupeire's Zouave Battalion. 

Dupeire, St. L., Major. 

JSdmonston's Battalion. 

Edmonston, (*) J., Lieut. Col. 

Johnson's iSpeciaZ Battalion. 

Johnson, W. W., Colonel. 

La Fourche Regiment, Militia. 

Vick, (*) Thomas E., Colonel. 

Lewis' Infantry Battalion, Militia. 

Tenbrink, William, Major. 

McNeill's Cavalry Battalion. 

McNeill, A. J., Major. 

Miles Legion. 

Brand, (*) Frederick B., Lieut. Col. 
Coleman, (*) James T., Major, 
Miles, (*) William R., Colonel. 

Pointe Couple Begiment, Mililia. 

Farrar, (*) Fred. H., jr.. Colonel. 

Powers Begiment Louisiana and Mississipp 

(Seven Louisiana companies and three Mississipj 

McKowen, (*) John C, Lient. Col. 
Powers, Frank P., Colonel. 

Saint Charles Begiment, Militia 
, , Colonel, 



Saint JoJm the Biiptisl Rfgiment, Militia, 

J , Colonel. 

Saint Landry Regiment, Militia. 
Porter, J. M., Colonel. 

Sumter Regiment, Militia. 
Breaux, (*) Gustavus A., Colonel. 

Stewart's Legion. 
Stewart, K. A., Colonel. 

Terve Bonne Hegiment, Militia. 
Bislaud, John R., Colonel. 

Yellow Jaclcet Batlalion. 

(See 10th lufaulry Battalion.) 

JVasliiiigton Artillery. 

Eshleman,(*) Beniamiu F., Maj., Lieut. 

Miller, Morritt B., Major. 
Owen, (*) Wm. Millerj Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Walton, (*) James B., Maj., Col. 


1st Cavalry Battalion. 

(Afterward Ist Cavalry Eegiment.) 

Brown, (*) Ridgely, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Smith, {*) Robert C, Major. 

2d Cavalry Battalion. 

Gilmor, (") Harry W., Major. Lieut. Col. 

1st Cavalry Regiment. 

Brown, (*) Ridgely, Lieut. Col. 
horsey, (*) Gustavus W., Lieut. Col. 
Smith, Robert C, Lieut. Col. 

1st Infantry Battalion. 

(Afterward 2d Infantry Eegiment.) 

Goldsborough,(*) WiUiam W., Major. 
Herbert, (*) James R., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

1st Infantry Regiment. 

(MarylaLd Line. Disbanded Autcust 11, 1862.) 

Dorsey, Ed. R., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Elzey, (•) Arnold, Colonel. 

Johnson, (*) Bradley Tyler, Maj., Lieut. 

Col., Col. 
Steuart, (*) George H., Liout. Col., Col. 

Id Infantry Regiment. 

(Formed from lat Infantry Battalion.) 

Crane, JamesP., Major,(appointmentcan- 

Goldsborough, (*) William W., Major. 
Herbert, (") James R., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Maryland Line. 

(After August 11,1862, composed of companies, 
sqaadrona, battalions, and regiments of all 
arms. See 1st Infantry Kegiment.) 


l»f Artillery Regiment. 

(Withers Light Artillery.) 

Holmes, (*) Benjamin R., Major. 
Parker, James P., Lieut. Col. 
Withers, (*) William Temple, Colonel. 
Wofibrd, (*) Jeff. L., Major. 

Isf Cavalry Batlalion. 

Hemdon, D. C, Major. 

Miller, John H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Isf Cavalry Battalion {or Minute Men) State 

Blythe, Green L., Major. 

Isf Choctaw Battalion Cavalry, Mississippi. 

(Composed of Choctaws from below Jackson, Miss. 
Disbanded May 9, 1863.) 

Pierce, J. W., Major. 

1st Cavalry Regiment. 

Montgomery, F. A., Lieut. Col. 
Pinson, (*) R.A., Colonel. 
Simmons, (*) John S., Major. 
Wheeler, (*) E.G., Major. 

1 st Cavalry Regiment Reserves. 

Denis, (') Jules C, Colonel. 
Meston, (*) J. F., Major. 
Metts, D.W., Lieut. Col. 

Isf {Blythe's) Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into 44th Infantry.) 
Blythe, (•) A.K., Lieut. Col. 

Isf (Brandon's) Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into 21st Infantry.) 
Brandou,(*)WilliamL., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Taylor, (") John G., Major. 

1st Infantry Baitalion (or Minute Men) 
State Troops. 

Harper, W. B., Major. 

Isf Infantry Battalion (60 days). 

Beckett. Nowton J., Major (acting). 

Isf Battalion Sharpshooters. 

(Also called lOtb and 20th Battalion Sharpshoot- 
ers. Eormed from three Mississippi com- 
panies 2d Confederate Eegiment.) 

Rayburn, William A., Major. 
Stigler, (") James M., Major. 



1st Infaniry Begimeni. 

Alcorn, (") Milton S., Major. 
Hamilton, (*) A. S., Lieut. Col. 
Johnston, (*) Thomas H., Maj., Col. 
Simonton, (*) John M., Colonel. 

1st Infantry Segiment (or Minute Men) 
State Troops. 

King, Benjamin, Colonel. 
Lawhon, J., Lieut. Col. 
Sutton, B. F., Major. 

1st Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi 

Infantry Regiment. 

(See Alabama and Tennessee Troops.) 

1st Mississippi and Tennessee Battalion. 

Davis, Henry C, Lieut. Col. (retired 
March 17, 1865). 

2d Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into Jeff. Davis Legion.) 
Martin, William T., Major. 

2(J (Sarris') Battalion State Cavalry. 
Harris, (•) Thomas W., Major. 

• 2d Cavalry Regiment. 

(Formerly 47tli Mississippi Regiment. Also called 
4th Cavalry and 42d Regiment.) 

Dillon, Edward, Colonel. 

Gordon, James, Lieut. Col. 

Harris, J. L., Major. 

Mason, A. f.. Colonel (not confirmed). 

McCarty, (*) J. L., Colonel. 

Perry, (*) John J., Major. 

2d Cavalry Regiment State Troops. 

Johcson, Joseph A., Lieut. Col. 
Lowry, (') "W. L., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Marshall, L. L., Major. 
Smith, J. F., Colonel. 

2d Regiment State Partisan Rangers. 

(De Soto Rangers.) 

Blythe, Green L., Colonel. 
Bo wen, C. W., Major. 
Edmondson, A. C, Lieut. Col. 

2d Infantry Battalion. 

(Formed partly by transfer of companies from 
2l8t Infantry. Merged into 48* Infantry.) 

Manlove, Thomas B., Lieut. Col. 
Taylor, (*) John G., Lieut. Col. 
Wilson, William S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

2d Infantry Battalion (or Minute Men), 
3d Brigade, State Troops. 

Cook, Henry F., Major. 

2d Infantry Regiment (or Minute Men), 3d 
Brigade, State Troops. 

Conerly, James M., Lieut. Col. 
Magee, Jacob 0., Major. 
Quinn, D. H,, Colonel. 

2d Infantry Regiment. 

Blair, (*) John A., Maj,, Lieut. Col. 
Boone, (*) Bartley B., Lieut. Col. 
Buchanan, (*) John H., Major. 
Falkner, (*) William C, ColoneL 
Humphreys, (*) David W., Maj., Lieut, 

Stone, (*) John M., Colonel. 

3d Battalion State Cavalry, 

Ashcraft, (*) Thomas C, Lieut. Col, 
Hankins, (*) E. L., Major. 

3d Infantry Battalion (or Minute Men), 
State Troops. 

Burgin, Thomas A., Lieut. Col. 
Moore, B. B., Major. 

3d Cavalry Regiment. 

(Formerly 3d Mississippi State Cavaliy.) 

Barksdale, H. H., Lieut. Col. 
McGuirk, (*) John, Colonel. 
Webb, Thomas W., Major. 

Sd Cavalry State Troops. 

(Afterward 3d Cavalry.) 

Barksdale, (*) James A., Lieut. Col. 
Kilgore, B. M., Major. 
McGuirk, John, Colonel. 

3d (Ilardcastle's) Infantry Battalion. 

(Merged into Hardcastle's 33d Regiment.) 

Hardcastle, (*) Aaron B., Major. 

3d ( Williams') Infantry Battalion. 

(This "was the 45th Infantry, reduced to a bat- 

Nnnn, (*) Elisha F., Major. 
Williams, John D., Lieut. Col. 

3d Infantry Regiment. 

Deason, (*) John B., Colonel. 
Dyer, (') Samuel M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Eager, (') Robert, Lieut. Col. 
McRae, (*) James B., Lieut. Col. 
Mellon, (*) Thomas A., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Morgan, (*) William H., Major. 
Peyton, (*) E. A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

3d Infantry Regiment (or Minute Men) 
State Troops. 

Harlin, J. A., Lieut. Col. 
Mercer, F. C, Major. 
Owens, William J., Colonel. 

ith Cavalry Battalion. 

(Called also 2d Battalion and Pope Walker Bat- 

Baskerville, (*) Charles, Major. 

ith Infantry Battalion (or Minute Men) 

State Troops. 
Farley, John D., Major. 
Postlethwaite, A. J., Jiieut, Col, 



Mh Cavalry Regiment. 

[Formed from Hughes' and Stockdale's Cavalry 

McLaurin, Cornelius, Lieut. Col. 
Norman, James M., Major. 
Stoolidale, Thomas E., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Wilbourn, C. C, Colonel. 

4th Infantry Begiment. 

Adaire, (*) Thomas N., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Drake, (*) Joseph, Colonel. 
Gee, (*) Joseph J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Layton, (*) Pierre S., Lieut. Col., Col. 
[felson, (*) Thomas P., Major. 

ith Infantry Begiment {or Minute Men) 

State Troops. 
Bromley, W, C, Colonel. 
Kilgore, B. M., Major. 
Stone, J. J.. Lieut. Col. 

5(A Cavalry Begiment. 

Barksdale, (*) James A., Lieut. Col. 
Echols, (•) P. H., Lieut. Col. 
George, James Z., Colonel. 
Henderson, W. G., Major. 
Peery, (') W. B., Major. 
Eeed, \T. M., Lient. CoL 
Wiokliffe, Nathaniel, Lieut. Col. 

5i?t Infantry Battalion. 

Kilpatrick, William H., Major. 

5tA Infantry Begiment. 

Diokins, (*) John R., Colonel. 

Fant, (*) Albert E.j Colonel. 

Faacett, (*) Samuel F. M.,Maj., Lieut. 

Herring, (*) John B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Moore, (*) James K., Major. 
Stennis, A. T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Syke8,W.L., Lieut. Col. 
Weir, (*) John, Maj., Col. 

ithJnfantry Begiment (or Minute Men), ith 
Brigade, State Troops. 

Metts, David W., Lieut. Col. 
Randall, Samuel J., Major. 
Robinson, Henry C, Colonel. 

6th Cavalry Begiment. 

[Formed from Davenport's Battalion State Cav- 
alry. Conaolidated witb 8th Cavalry Eegimeut.) 

Brown, (*) R. G., Major. 
Harrison, (*) Isham, Colonel. 
Lipscomb, Thomas C., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
ifelson, Thomas M.. Lieut. Col. 

&th (Balfour's) Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into 46tli Mississippi.) 
Balfour, (*) John W., Lieut. Col. 
Tones, John W., Major. 

6th (Orr's) Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into 31st Mississippi.) 
)rr, J. A., Lieut. Col. 

dih Infantry Begiment. 

(Also called 7th Infantry.) 
F5ennett, E. R., Lieut. Col. 
Borilen, («) Thomas J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Harper, A. Y., Lieut. Col. 
Heudon, (*) W. T., Major. 
Lowry, (*) Robert, Maj., Col. 
Stevens, (") J. R., Major. 
Thornton, (") John J., Colonel. 

7th Cavalry Begiment. 
(Also called lat Partisan Rangers.) 
Davis, W. L., Major. 
Falkuer, (") William C, Colonel. 
Hovis, (*) L. B., Lieut. Col. 
Hyams, Samuel M., jr., Colonel (tempo- 
rary command). 
Park, (*) James M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Stansell, William N., Major. 

7th Infantry Battalion. 

Pardue, (•) L. B., Lieut. Col. 
Terral, (*) James S., Lieut. Col. 
Welborn, (*) Joel E., Major. 

7th Infantry Begiment. 

Bishop, (*) William H., Colonel. 

Carter, R. S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Goode, (*) E. J., Colonel. 

Johns, (") Benjamin F., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Mavson, (*) Hamilton, Lieut. Col., Col. 

Mills, (*) A. G., Lieut. Col. 

Pope, (*; Henry, Major. 

8th Cavalry Begiment. 

(Formed from 19th Cavalry Battalion. Consoli- 
dated with 6lh Cavalry Regiment. 

Duff, William L., Colonel. 

Mitchell, Tliomas A., Major. 

Walker, William L., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

8th Infantry Begiment. 

Chandler, Greene C, Colonel. 
Flynt, (*) Guilford G., Colonel. 
Gates, (») James T., Lieut. Col. 
McNeill, (•) Aden, Lieut. Col. 
Moody, (*) Andrew E., Major. 
Peek, George F., Major. 
Smith, (*) John F., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Watkins, (*) William, Major. 
Wilkinson, (*) John C, (Colonel. 

9(7i Cavalry Begiment. 

(Formed from Steede's Mississippi and Sanders' 
Tennessee Battalions. 

Miller, Horace H., Colonel. 

Sanders, E. J., Major. 

Steede, (*) Abner C, Lieut. CoL 

9th Battalion Sharpshooters. 
(Chalmers' Battalion Sharpshooters.) 
Richards, (") William C, Major. 

9th Infantry Begiment. 

Autry, (•) James L,, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Bowdre, Albert R., Major. 
Calhoun, (*) S. S., Lieut. Col. 
Chalmers, (') James R., Colonel. 



9lh Infantry Regiment — Continued. 

Hicks, J. M., Major. 

Lynara, (*) Thomas H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Mills, (*) Andrew G., Major. 
Rankin, (*) William A., Lieut. Col. 
Eiehards, (*) William C., Colonel. 
White, (*) J.E., Major. 
White, (•) Thomas W., Colonel. 
Whitfield, (*) F. Eugene, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

loth Cavalry Regiment. 

(Also known as i2tli: formed from 12tli Battalion 
Partisan Baugers.) 

Inge, (*) William M., Colonel. 

10th Infantry Begiment. 

Barr, (*) James, jr., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Bullard, (*) James G., Lieut. Col. 
Davis, Joseph E., Lieut. Col. 
Dotson, (*) James M., Major. 
Gregory, (*) Edward H., Major. 
Myers. (*) George B., Lieut. Col. 
Phillips, (*) Seaborne M., Colonel. 
Smith, (*) Eobert A., Colonel. 
Walker, (*} James M., Lieut. Col., Col. 

11th Cavalry Begiment. 

(Formed from Pernn'a Battalion State Cavalry.) 

Muldrow, Henry L., Lieut. Col. 
Perrin, (•) Eobert O., Colonel. 
Eeed, Abner, Major. 

lltA Infantry Begiment. 

Butler, Samuel F., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Evans, (*) T. S., Major. 
Franklin, (•) Alexander H., Major. 
Green, (") Francis M., Maj., Col. 
Liddell, (*) Philip F., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Lowry, (*) William B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Moore, (*) William H., Colonel. 
Eeynolds, (*) Reuben O., Maj., Col. 
Shannon, (*) George W., Lieut. CoL 

12th Battalion Partisan Bangers. 
(Merged into 10th Cavalry.) 

Inge, (*) William M., Major. 
Pound, Wm. M., Lieut. Col. 

12th (Jrmistead's) Cavalry Begiment. 
(A1.10 called 16tli Confederate Cavalry) 

Armistead, Charles G., Colouel. 
Spence, Pliilip B., Lieut. Col. 
Yerger, William, jr., Major. 

12th Infantry Begiment. 

Bell, (*) James R., Major. ' 

Dickins, John E., Major. 

Griffith, (») Eicbard, Colonel. 

Harris, (•) Merry B., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Hughes, (•) Henry, Colonel. 

Taylor, (*) William H., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Thomas, (•) Samuel B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

13(/i Infantry Battalion. 
Harper, N. B., Major. 

13lh Infantry Begiment. 

Barksdale, (*) William, Colonel. 
Bradley, (*) JohnM., Maj., Lieut. CoL 
Carter, (*) .James W., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Donald, (*) George L., Major. 
Harrison, (*) Isham, Major. 
McElroy, (*) Kennou, Maj., Lieut. Col., 

O'Brien, (») Alfred G., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Whitaker, MoH., Lieut. Col. 

nth Artillery Battallion. 

Ward; (*) Matthew S., Major. 

Uth Infantry Begiment. 

Abert, (*) George W., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Baldwin, (*) William E., Colonel. 
Doss, (*) Washington L., Maj., Lieut. 

Col., Col. 
Lawrence, (*) Robert J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Norris, M. E., Lieut. Col. 

I5th Battalion Sharpshooters. 

Hawkins, A. T., Major. 

15th Infantry Begiment. 

Binford, (*) James E., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Brantly, (*) William P., Major. 
Dennis, James B., Major. 
Farrell, (") Michael, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Hemphill, J. W.j Lieut. Col. 
Prewitt, (') Eassell G., Major. 
Statham, (*) Winfield S., Colonel. 
Terry, (*) Lamkin S., Major. 
Walthall, Edward C, Lieut. Col. 

IGth Cavalry Battalion State Troops. 
Ham, T. W., Major. 

16th Infantry Begiment. 

Bain, (*) Seneca McNeil, Lieut. Col. 
Baker, (*) Samuel E., Maj., Col. 
Bankston, Jeff., Major. 
Clarke, (') Robert, Lieut. Col. 
Councill, (•) Edward C, Maj., Col. 
Feltus, (") Abram M., Lieut. Col. 
Posey, C) Carnot, Colonel. 
Shannon, (*) James J., Lieut. Col. 
Stookdale, (*) Thomas E., Major. 

17th Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into 9th Cavalry.) 
Steede, (*) Abner C, Major. 

17th Infantry Begiment. 
Duff, (•) William L., Major. 
Featherston, (*) Wiufielil S., Colonel. 
Fiser, (*) John C, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Holder, (•) William D., Colonel. 
Lyles, (") John M., Major. 
McGuirk, (*) John, Lieut. Col. 
Upshaw, (*) Edward W., Major. 

18th Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into 18th Cavalry.) 
Chalmers, (») Alex. H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Mitchell, William E., Major. 



I' IBfh Cavalry Eegiment. 

I" Chalmers, Alex. II., Coloael. 
' Smith, J. Waverly, Lieut. Col. 

ISth Infantry Regiment. 

Balfour, Johu W., Major. 

Bnrt, E. K., Colonel. 

Campbell, (*) James C, Major. 

Gerald, (') G. B., Major. 

Griffin, (*) Thomas M., Lieut. Col., CoL 

Henry, (*) E. 6., Major. 

Kearney, (') Walter G., Lieut. Col. 

liuse, (*) William H., Lieut. Col. 

19iA (Duff's) Cavalry Battalion. 
] (Merged into 8tli Cavalry.) 

Duff, (•) William L., Lieut. Col. 
Walker, Wm. L., Major. 

19th (Georgefs) Cavalry Battalion. 

George, (*) James Z., Lieut. Col. 

I9th Infantry Regiment. 

Allston, Ben. ,Maj.( temporarily assigned). 
Dean, (*) Robert A., Major. 
Duncan, (*) James H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Harris, (*) Nathaniel H., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Hardin, (*) Tlios. J., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Lamar, (*) Lucius Q. C, Lieut. Col., Col., 
Mott, (•) Christopher H., Colonel. 
Mnllius, (*) John, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Phipps, (*) Richard W., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Reading, (*) Thomas R., Major. 
Smead, Abner, Major. 
' Vanghan, (*) WardG., Maj., Lieut. Col., 


Wfh Infantry Regiment. 

Brown, (*) William N., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Chatfield, (*) William M., Major. 
Graham, (*) Thomas B., Major. 
Maury, (*) Dabney H., Lieut. Col. 
Massey, (*) C. K.,' Major. 
Miller, (*) Horace H., Lieut. Col. 
Rorer, (*) Walter A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Rnssell, (•) Daniel R., Colonel. 

2l8t Infantry Eegiment. 
(Formed from l8t(Bracdon'8) Infantry B.ittaIion.) 
Brandon, (*) William L., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Fi(z Gerald, (*) Wm. H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Humphreys, (*) Benjamin G., Colonel. 
Moody, (*) Daniel N., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Sims, (*) John, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Taylor, (*) John G., Major. 

22(J Infantry Regiment. 

Bouham, D. W. C, Colonel. 
Dociiery, (*) Thomas C, Major. 
Lester, (*) James D., Colonel. 
Nelras, (*) Charles G., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Prestidge, (*) James S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Reid, (») H. J., Lieut. Col. 
Schaller, (•) Frank, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Oatis, (*) Martin A., Major. 

23(? Cavalry Battalion. 

(Formed from three companies Powers' RoRiment 
Miasiasippi Cavalry M"ovember 21, 1884.) 

Terry, Joseph S., Major. 

23(i Infantry Regiment. 
(Called also 2d and 3d Regiments.) 
Davidson, (*) Thomas J., Colonel. 
Garrett, (*) George W. B., Major. 
McCarley, (*) Moses, Lieut. Col. 
Rogers, W.E., Major. 
Wells, (*) Joseph M., Lieut. Col., Col. 

24t/i, Cavalry Battalion. 

Percy, William A., Lieut. Col, 
Roberts, E., Major. 

24t/i Infantry Regiment. 

Dancy, Clifton, Lieut. Col. 

Dowd, (•) William F., Colonel. 

Govan, George M., Major. 

Lyles, (*) William L., Lieut. Col, 

McKelvaine, (*) Robert P., Lieut. Col., 

Staples, (•) William C, Major. 
Williamson, (*) R. W., Colonel. 

25</i. Infantry Eegiment. 

(Called also lat Misaissippl Valley Eegimenti af- 
terward 2d Confederate Infantry, whicU see.) 

Mangum, (*) Thomas H., Major. 
Martin, (*) Johu D., Colonel. 
McGehee, (*) Edward F., Lieut. Col. 

26tA Infantry Eegiment. 

Boone, (*) F. M., Lieut. Col. 
Parker, (») TuUy F., Major. 
Reynolds, (*) Arthur E., Colonel. 

27ft Infantry Eegiment. 

Autry, (*) James L., Lieut. Col. 
Campbell, (*) James A., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Hays, (") A. J., Lieut. Col. 
Jones, (*) Andrew J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Jones, (*) Thomas M., Colonel. 
Kennedy, (*) Julius B., Major. 
Lipscomb, George H., Major. 
McLemore, (*) Amos, Major. 

28ift Cavalry Eegiment. 

Ferguson, (*) Samuel W., Lieut. Col. 
Jones, (*) Edward P., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
McBee, (') Joshua T., Miijor. 
Starke, (*) Peter B., Colonel. 

29i/i Infantry Eegiment. 

Brantly, (*) William F., Lieut. Col., Col. 
laom, (*) Newton A., Mnjor. 
Morgan, (*) James B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Reynolds, (*) George W., Major. 
Walthall, (*) Edward C, Coloael. 



SOtli Infantry Regiment. 

Allen, (*) John K., Major. 

Johnson, (*) James M., Maj., Lient. Col. 

Neill, G. v., Colonel. 

Reynolds, (*) Hugh A., Maj., Lient. Col. 

Scales, (*) Junius I., Lient. Col., Col. 

31st Infantry Begiment, 

Balfour, (*) John W., Lieut. Col. 

Drane, (*) James W., Maj., Lient. Col. 

Gillespie, (*) Francis M., Major. 

Orr, (*) J. A., Colonel. 

Stephens, (*) Marcus D. L., Lient. Col., 

Topp, (*) H. E., Major. 

Z2d Infantry Begiment. 

Karr, (*) F. C, Major. 

Lowrey, (*) Mark P., Colonel. 

Swinney, (*) J. W.7 Major. 

Tieon, (*) William H. H., Lieut. Col., Col. 

33d (Hurst's) Infantry Begiment. 

Drake, (*) Jabez L., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Hall, (*) Robert J., Major. 
Harrod, (*) John, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Hurst, (*) David W., Colonel. 
Johnson, (") William B., Lieut. Col. 

33d (Rardcastle's) Infantry Begiment. 

(Consolidated with 45tli Mississippi.) 

Charlton, (*) Richard, Lieut. Col. 
Hardcastle, (*) Aaron B., Colonel. 
Jones, (*) Theodore A., Major. 

34th Infantry Begiment. 

(Also called 37 th.) 

Benton, (*) Samuel, Colonel. 
Falconer, (*) Thomas A., Major. 
Mason, Armistead T., Major. 
Pegram, (*) William G., Major. 
Wright, Daniel B., Lieut. Col. 

35th Infantry Begiment. 

Barry, (*) William S., Colonel. 
Holmes, (*) Thomas F., Major. 
Jordan, Charles R., Lieut. Col. 
Shotwell, Reuben H., Lieut. Col. 
Watson, (*) Oliver C, Major. 

ZGtJi Infantry Begiment. 

Brown, (•) Drury J., Colonel. 
Brown, (*) Edward, Lieut. Col. 
Harper, S. J., Lieut. Col. 
Partiu, (*) Charles P., Major. 
Witherspoon, (*) William W., Maj., Col. 
Yates, (*) Alexander, Major. 

37th Infantry Begiment. 

Holland, (*) Orlando S., Lieut. Col., Col 
McGee, (*) John, Major. 
McLain, (*) Robert, Colonel. 
Patton, (*) William S., Lieut. Col. 
Terral, (*) Samuel H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Wier, (•) William W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

38th Infantry Begiment. 
(Afterward Mounted Infantry.) 
Adams, (*) Fleming W., Colonel. 
Brent, (*) Preston, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Foxworfh, (*) Franklin W., Major. 
Keirn, (') Walter L., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
McCay, (*) Robert C, Major. 

39th Infantry Begiment. 

Durr, (*) R. J., Major. 
Ross, (*; William E., Lieut. Col. 
Quin, W. Monroe, Major. 
Shelby, (") W. B., Colonel. 

iOth Infantry Begiment. 

Campbell, Josiah A. P., Lient. Col. 
CUildress, (") James R., Lieut. Col. 
Colbert, (*) Wallace Bruce, Col. 
Gibbens, W. McD., Major. 
McDonald, Enoch, Major. 
Wallace, (*) George P., Lieut. Col., Col. 

41st Infantry Begiment. 
Ball, (*) Lewis, Maj., Col. 
Hearn, William C, Lieut. Col. 
Hodges, (*) Lafayette, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Tucker, (") William F., Colonel. 
Williams, (*) J. Byrd, Maj., Lieut. Col., 


42(Z Infantry Begiment. 
Feeuey,(*)Wm. A., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col, 
Locke, (*) Robert W., Major. 
Miller, (*) Hugh R., Colonel. 
Moseley, Hillery, Lieut. Col. 
Nelson, (*) Andrew M., Maj., Lieut. Col., 


43d Infantry Begiment. 
Banks, (*) James O., Maj., Lient. Col. 
Harrison, (*) Richard, Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Leigh, (•) Richard W., Lieut. Col. 
Moore, (*) William H., Colonel. 
Sykes, Columbus, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

nth Infantry Begiment. 
(Formed from 1st Infantry Battalion.) 
Blythe, (*) A. K., Colonel. 
Kelsey, (*) R. G., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Moore, James, Lieut. Col. 
Sharp, (*) Jacol) H., Colonel. 
Thompson, (*) John C, Major. 

45th Infantry Begiment. 

(Formed from 3d (Hardcastle's) Battalion. Con- 
solidated with Hardcastle's 33d Eegiment. 
Reduced to a battalion July 14, 18(34.) 

Charlton, (*) Richard, Lieut. Col. 

Hardcastle, (*) Aaron B., Colonel. 

Nunn, (*) Elisha F., Major. 

46tft Infantry Begiment, 
(Formed from 6th Battalion.) 
Clark, (') Wm. H., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Easterling, (*) William K., Lieut. Col. 
Rea, Constantino, Major. 
Sears, (•) Claudius W., Colonel. 

47a Infantry Begiment. 
(See 2d Mississippi Cavalry.) 



iSth Infantry Begiment. 
(Formed from 2d Infantry Battalion.) 
' Jayne, (*) Josepli M., Colonel. 
Lee, (*) L. C, Major. 
Manlove, (*) Thomas B., Lieut. Col. 

49tft Infaj^try Begiment. 
Balfour, John W., Colonel. 

Aslicraft's Begiment Mississippi Cavalry. 
(Formed from 2d and 3d Battalions State Cavalry.) 
Ashcraft, (*) Thomas C, Colonel. 
Harris, (*) Thomas W., Lieut. Col. 
HiiDkins, (*) E. L., Major. 

Asheraft's, Sam's, and Lowry's (2d State) 
Cavalry Begiments.) 
(Consolidated Marcli, 1865.) 
Ashcraft, (*) Thomas C, Colonel. 
Curlee, Wm. P., Lieut. Col. 
Marshall, L. L., Major. 

Ballentine's Cavalry Begiment. 

(Alao called 2d Partisan Hangers.) 
Ballentine, (*) John G., Colonel. 
Ford, William H., Major. 
Maxwell, (*) William L., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Brewer's Cavalry Battalion Alatama and 
Mississippi Troops. 

(See Alabama Troops.) . 

Caruihers' Battalion Sharpshooters. 
(Merged Into 1st Battalion Sliarpsliooters.) 
Carathers, C. K., Acting Major. 

Chalme)-s' Consolidated Cavalry Begiment. 

(Formed by consolidation of portion of Sth and 

18th Kegiments March 16, 1865.) 

Chalmers, (*) Alexander H., Colonel. 

Floyd, W. J., Major. 

Smith, J. Waverly, Lieut. Col. 

ColUns' Cavalry Begiment. 
Collins, N. D., Colonel. 

Davenport's Battalion State Cavalry. 
(Merged into 6tb Cavalry.) 
Davenport, Stephen, Major. 

Garland's Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into 14th Confederate Cavalry.) 
Garland, (*) William H., Major. 

Sam's Cavalry Begiment. 

(Originally 16th Battalion State Cavalry. May 5, 
1864, Confederate Cavalry.) 

Bynum, (*) George W., Major. 
Curlee, (,') William P., Lieut. Col. 
Ham, (")T. W., Colonel. 

Sarman's Cavalry Begiment. 
(Also called Confederate Regiment, See Her- 
man's Confederate Cavalry Begiment.) 

Sughes' Cavalry Battalion. 

'Becrnited by CoL HenryJHughes. Merged into 
4th Cavalry.) 

Wilbourn, C. C, Lieut. Col. 

Jeff. Davis Legion. 

(Composed of Alabama, (jeorgia, and Mia.=ti88ippi 
Cavalry. Three companies of Love'.s Alabama 
Battalion, and Company B, Millen'R Georgia 
Battalion, also 2d Cavalry Battalion, merged 
into this Jnly, 1864.) 

Conner, William G., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Lewis, Ivey F., Major. 

Martin, (*) Wm. T., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Stone, William M., Major. 

Waring, (*) J. Fred., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Lay's Cavalry Begiment. 
^^1) (*) Benjamin D., Colonel. 

Lindsay's Cavalry Begiment. 

(Temporary command. Moat of the companies 
forming this regiment are found in Pinson's Ist 
Mississippi Cavalry Regiment.) 

Lindsay, (*) A. J., Colonel. 

Montgomery's Cavalry Bait, State Troops. 

Montgomery, W. E., Major. 

Moorman's Cavalry Battalion. 

MoormaUj (*) George, Lieut. Col. 
Roberts, (*) Calvit, Major. 

Outlaw's Battalion Partisan Bangers. 
Outlaw, (*) Drew A., Major. 

Perrin's Battalion State Cavalry. 

(Merged into lltb Cavalry Regiment.) 
Perrin, (*) Robert 0., Lieut. Col. 
Eeed, Abner, Major. 

Peyton's Cavalry Battalion State Troops. 

Peyton, E. A., Major. 

Powers' Begiment La. and Miss. Cavalry. 

(See Louisiana Troops. The three Mississippi 
companies of Powers' regiment of Cavalry were 
organized into a battalion to be Ituown as the 23d 
Battalion Mississippi Cavalry November 21, 1864.) 

Bea'i Battalion Sharpshooters. 
Kea, (*) Constantino, Major. 

Smyth's Cavalry Battalion. 
Smyth, J. S., Acting Major. 

StoeMale's Cavalry Battalion. 

(Merged into 4th Cavalry.) 

Stookdale, (') Thomas E., Major. 

Street's Cavalry Battalion. 

(Merged into Sten art's 16th Tennessee Cavalry.) 

Street, Solomon G., Major. 

Stubis' Cavalry Battalion State Troops. 
Stubbs, George W., Major. 

Wirt Adams' Cavalry. 
(Also called 1st Cavalry.) 
Adams, (*) Wirt, Colonel. 
Cleveland, (*) Stephen B., Major. 
Hagan, James, Major. 
Harrison, (*) Isaac F., Major. 
Lewers, (*) Thomas, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Wood, (*) Robert C, jr., Lieut. Col., CoL 




1st Artillery Battalion, 5th Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard (1861). 

Landis, John C, Major. 

Isif (Elliott's) Cavalry Battalion. 
(Also called 10th. Keciuiteil to a regiment.) 

Elliott, (") Beujaruin, Lieut. Col., Col. 
McDaniels, Wash., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Walton, Thos. H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Ist Cavalry Battalion, 1st Indian Brigade. 

Livingston, Thomas E., Major. 
Pickler, J. F., Major. 
Pieicey, A. J., Major. 

1st Cavalry Battalion , 1st Division, Missovri 
State Guard (1861). 

Couzens, (*) William H., Major. 
White, James D., Lieut. Col. 

1st Cavalry Regiment. 

(Consolidatedwith Samuel's 3d Cavalry Battalion. ) 

Chiles, Richard B., Lieut. Col. 
Gates, (*) Elijah, Colonel. 
Law, C) George W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Lawther, (•) Kobert R., Major. 
Maupin, (*) William D., Lieut. Col. 
Parker, (*) William C, Major. 

1st Northeast Cavalry Segiment. 

(Consolidated witli 2d Northeast Cavalry Eegi- 
ment April 4, 1863.) 

Blantou, William C, Lieut. Col. 
Major, Elliott D., Major. 
Porter, (•) Joseph C, Colonel. 

1st Cavalry Begiment, Isl Division, Missouri 
State Guard (1861). 

Jones, Andrew F., Colonel. 
Kalfus, Columbus C, Major. 
Lewis, Edward A., Lieut. Col. 

1st Cavalry Begiment, ith Division, Missouri 
State Guard (1861). 

Austin, • 

-, Lient. Col. 

Bohannan, Lewis, Lieut. Col. 

Corner, John B., Major. 

Rives (") Benjamin A., Colonel, 

1st Cavalry Regiment, 5th Division, Missouri 
State Guard (1801). 

Boatick, N., Major. 
Cearnal, J. T., Colonel. 
Gates, Elijah, Lieut. Col. 

1st Cavalry Regiment, Sth Division, Missouri 
State Guard (1861). 

Brown, Benjamin, Colonel. 

1st Cavalry Begiment, 8th Division, Missouri 
State Guard (1861). 

Chiles, Elijah, Lieut. Col. 
Chism, Howard, Major.* 
Hamilton, John S., Major. 
Hays, Upton, Lieut. Col. 
Martin, John W., Col. 
Weightniai', Richard H., Col. 

1st Infantry Battalion, 1st Division, Mis- 
souri Slate Guard (1861). 

Brown, Thomas, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Herr, B. F., Major. 

1st Infantry Battalion, 5th Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard (1861). 

Boyd, John R., Lieut. Col. 
Hash, John J., Major. 

Ist Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into 4tli Infantry.) 
Johnson, Waldo P., Major. 

1st Infantry Regiment. 

(Consolidated with 4th Missouri Iuf;mtry.) 

Bojven, (*) John S., Colonel. 
Burke, Martin, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Campbell, Charles C, Major. 
Duft'y, (*) Robert J., Major. 
Garland, (*) Hugh A., Miii., Lieut. Co]., 
. Col. 

Keith, Bradford, Major. 
Rich, (*) Lucius L., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Riley, (') Amos C, Lieut. Col., Col. and 4th Infantry Consolidated. 

Garland, (*) Hugh A., Major, Lieut. Col. 

(1st Mo.) 
Maofarlane, (*) Archibald, Colonel (4th 

Riley, (*) Amos C, Lieut. Col., Col. (1st 


1st Infantry Regiment, 1st Division, Missouri 
State Guard (1861). 

Birthright, C. E., Major. 
Panky, D. Y., Lieut. Col. 
Walker, James A., Colonel. 

1st Infantry Begiment, 3d Division, Missouri 
State Guard (1861). 

Boyce, , Major. 

Burbridge, John Q., Colonel. 
Clark, John B., jr., Major, Colonel. 
Farringtou, S., Lieut. Col. 
Price, Edwin, Lieut. Col. 

1st Infantry Regiment, ith Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard (1861). 

Hughes, JohnT., Colonel. 
Mirick, William, Major. 
Pritchard, James A., Lieut., Col, 



Ut Infantry Begimeni, 5<ft Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard {ItiHl). 

Cundiff,W.H,, Lieut. Col. 
Samnel, (*) D.Tortrt, Major. 
Saunders, James P., Colonel. 

1st Infantry Regiment, Stk Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard (1861). 

Erwln, Engene, Major. 
Hollo way, Edinoiid B., Colonel. 
Martin, John William, Lieut. Col. 
Kosser, Thomas H., Lieut. Col., Col. 

2d Cavalry Battalion, lat Division, Missouri 
State Guard (,1861). 

Hunter, Jason H., Major. 

2d Cavalry Regiment. 

Couzens, (*) William H., Major. 
Hy«ms, Samuel M., jr., Lieut. Col. 
MoCulloch, (*) Robert, Colonel. 
McCulloch, C ) Robert A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Smith, John J., Major. 

2(i Northeast Cavalry Regiment. 

(Consolidated witli Ist Korthewst Cavalry Regi- 
ment April 4, 1863.) 

Franklin, (*; Cyrus, Colonel. 
McCullough, Frisby H., Lieut. Col. 
Smith, Raphael, Major. 

25 Cavalry Regiment, 1st Division, Missouri 
State Guard (1861). 

Bedford, H.H., Major. 
Jeifers, William L., Lieut. Col. 
Kitchen, Solomon G., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Smith, John J., Colonel. " 

2(Z Cavalry Regiment, Sth Division, Missouri 
State Guard (1861). 

McCown, James, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Murrell.R. K., Lieut. Col. 
Sayers, A.,Major. 
Smith, Moses W., Major. 
Stokeley, R. G., Major. 

2d Infantry Battalion, 1st Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard (1861). 

Jennings, D. L., Major. 

2d Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into Sth Infantry. Also called 1st In- 
fantry Battalion, let Brigade, Army of Ten- 

Bevier, (') Robert S., Major. 
McGown, (*) James, Lieut. Col. 

2d! ( Buriridg^s) Infantry Regiment. 

((Jonaolidated with 6th Infantry. Aleo called 1st.) 

Biirbridge, (*) John Q., Colonel. 
Carter, (*) Thomas M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Carter, (*) William F., Major. 
Coekrell, (*) Francis M., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Dwyer, (*) RobertD. A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Flo urn oy, (*) Peter C, Colonel. 
Hull, Edward B., Lieut. Col. 
Senteny, Pembroke S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

2d {Bunter's) Infantry Regiment. 

(Served as cavalry until dismounterl, Aug, 31, 
1862. Afterward 8th, which was changed to 11th 
to agree with War Department nnmber.) 

Burns, (*) Simon P., Lieut. Col. 
Hunter, (*) De Witt C, Colonel. 
Murray, (*) Thos. H., Major. 

2d Infantry Regiment, 1st Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard {\?,iil). 

Eaker, Jonas, Lieut. Col. 
Farmer, B. J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Pheelan, William G., Colonel. 
Powers, Thomas, Major. 
Tippen, William, Colonel. 

2d Infantry Regiment, 'id Division, Missouri 
State Guard (1861). 

Jackson, Congreve, Colonel. 
Vaughn, Joe, Major. 
White, J. R., Lieut. Col. 

2d Infantry Regiment, ith Division, Missouri 
State Guard (1861). 

Ganse, (*) William R., Major. 
Hewitt, Robert A., Lieut. Col. 
Patton, Thomas, Colonel. 

2d Infantry Regiment , 5th Division, Missouri 
State Guard (1861). 

Chiles, W. P., Lieut. Col. 
Murphy, J., Major. 
Winston, John H., Colonel. 

2dlnfanlry Regiment, Sth Division, Missouri 
State Guard (1861). 

Brashear, Ezra M. , Major. 
Counselman, Lawrence W., Lieut. Col. 
Elliott, Benjamin, Col. 
Graves, John R., Colonel. 
Kirtley,Cave J., Lieut. Col. 
Taylor, Samnel F., Major. 

3d Cavalry Battalion. 

(Consolidated with 1st Cavalry.) 

Campbell, Leonidas C, Lieut. Col. 
McQuiddy, (*) Thomas J., Major. 
Samuel, (*) D. Todd, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Zd Cavalry Regiment. 

Campbell, (*) L. A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Campbell, Leonidas C, Lieut. Col. 
Greene, (*) Colton, Colonel. 
Surridge, (*) James, Major. 

3d Cavalry Regiment, Sth Division, Missouri 
State Guard (1861). 

Peyton, Robert L. Y., Colonel. 
Tyler, Nathan L., Major. 
White, Martin, Lieut. Col. 

3d Infantry Battalion. 

(Also called Sth. Merged into 6th Infantry.) 

Erwin, (*) Eugene, Lieut. Col. 
Vaughan, Joseph P., Major. 



3^ Infantry Battaliov, Ist Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard (1861). 

Eapley, W. F., Major. 

2d Infantry Regiment. 
(Consolidated with 5th Infantry. Also called 2d.) 
Ganse, (*) William E., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Hiibbell, (*) Finley L., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
McDowell, (*) James K., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Pritchard, (*) James A., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Rives, (*) BeDJamin A., Colonel. 
Williams, (*) Robert J., Major. 

3d Infantry Regiment, \sl Division, Missouri 
State Guard (1861). 

Hedgpetb, Isaac N., Lieut. Col. 
Lowe, Aden, Colonel. 
Ponder, Willis M., Major. 
Thompson, M. Jeff, Lieut. Col. 

Zd Infantry Regiment, id Division, Missouri 
State Guard (1861). 

Hyde, , Lieut. Col. 

Price, Edwin, Colonel. 

3d Infantry Regiment, 5th Division, Missouri 
State Guard (1861). 

Lewis, Levin M., Colonel. 
Thompson, G. W., Major. 
Thornton, C. C, Lieut. Col. 

3d Infantry Regiment, 8th Division, Missouri 
State Guard (1861). 

Hurst, Edgar V., Colonel. 
Ruth, Fred., Major. 
Tracy, John C, Lieut. Col. 

4 /ft Cavalry Battalion. 

(Merged into 2d Cavalry.) 
McCuUoch, (•) Robert, Lieut. Col. 
Smith, John J., Major. 

ith Cavalry Regiment. 

Burbridge, (*) John Q., Colonel. 
Preston, (*) William J., Lieut. Col. 
Smith, (*) Dennis, Major. 

4(A Cavalry Regiment, 8th Division, Missouri 
State Guard (1861). 

Cawthorn, James, Colonel. 
Hartley, Henry K., Lieut. Col. 
Hartley, Thomas J., Major. 
Musgrove, James, Major. 
Walker, B. F., Lieut. Col., Col. 

4 th Infan try Regiment. . 
(Consolidated with let Infantry.) 
Johnson, (*) Waldo P., Lieut. Col. 
Macfarlaue, (*) Archibald, Colonel. 
Wood, (*) Stephen W., Major. 

4th Infantry Regiment, 1st Division, Missouri 
State Guard (1861). 

Grimsley, W. C, Major. 
Hunter, J. H., Lieut. Col. 
Parrott, .James, Lieut. Col. 
Waugh, A., Maj., Col. 

ith Infantry Regiment, 3d Division, Missouri 
State Guard {ISai). 

Peacher, — 
Singleton, - 

. Colonel. 

-, Major. 

— , Lieut. Col. 

4 (A Infantry Regiment, 8th Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard (1861). 

Feaster, Elbert S., Major. 
Hale, Stephen F., Colonel. 
Murray, Thomas H., Major. 
O'Kane, Walter S., Lieut. Col., Col. 

5th Missouri Cavalry. 
(La Fayette County Cavalry.) 
Blackwell.C) Y. H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Gordon, (*) B. Frank, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Gordon, (*) George P., Major. 
Kirtley, George E., Major. 

Shelby, (*) Joseph Orv'ille, Colonel. 


5th Cavalry Regiment, Sth Division, Missouri 
State Guard (18C1). 

Cravens, Jesse L., Colonel. 
Langston, William C, Major. 
Slover, Thomas H.,Lient. Col., Col. 

5ih Infantry Battalion Missouri State 

Priest, John W., Lieut. Col. 

5th Infantry Regiment. 
(Consolidated with 3d Inf.intry.) 
Bevier, (*) Robert S., Lieut. Col. 
McCown,(*) James, Colonel. 
Waddell, (*) Owen A., Major. 

5th Infantry Regiment, 3d Division, Missouri 
Stale Guard (1861). 

Bevier, (») Robert S., Colonel. 
Lovern, .Tames, Major. 
Pindall, X. J., Lieut. Col. 

5th Infantry Regiment (mounted), 5th Divi- 
sion, Missouri State Guard (1861.) 

Florence, , Major. 

Slaybaok, Alonzo W., Colonel. 
Welfrey, , Lieut.-Col. 

5th Infantry Regimen t, 8th Division, Missouri 
State Guard (1861). 

Clarkson, James J.. Colonel. 
Crawford, Robert W., Lieut. Col. 
Lemmon, Alexander C., Major. 

6th Cavalry Battalion. 

(Merged into 3d Cavalry.) 
Campbell, (*) Leonidas C, Lieut. Col. 

6th Cavalry Regiment. 
(Southwest Cavalry ; afterward 11th Cavalry.) 
Coffee, (») John T., ColoneL 
Hooper, James C, Lieut. Col. 
Nichols, George W., Major. 
Smith, Moses W., Maj. 
Thompson, (•) G. W., Colonel. 



6th Cavalry Begimetit, Sfh DivUion, Missouri 
State Guard (1861). 

Bogart, E. G., Lieut. Col. 
Coffee, John T., Colonel. 
PayBe, John W., Lieut. Col. 
Smith, Moses W., Major. 

6(A Infantry Begiment. 

(Formed from Erwin'e 3d and Hedgpetli's Bat- 
talions. Consolidated with 2d Infantry.) 

Cooper, (*) Stephen, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Duncan, (*) Jeptha, Major. 
TSrwin, (*) Eu};ene, Colonel. 
Hedgpeth, (*) Isaac N., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Vaughan, Joseph P., Major. 

6th Infantrg Begiment, 3d Division, Missouri 
State Guard (1861). 

Fort, , Lieut. Col. 

Perkins, , Major. 

Poindexter, , Colonel. 

6ih Infantry Begiment, 8th Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard (1861). 

Bledsoe, Hiram M., Lient. Col. 
Bowman, John P., Major. 
Veitch, Daniel, Major. 

7th Cavalry Begiment. 

(Also called lOth Cavalry.) 

Ellison, (*) Jesse, Lieut. Col. 
Kitchen, (*) Solomon G., Colonel. 
Walker, (") James A., Major. 

7/A Cavalry Begiment, Sth Division, Missouri 
State G^ard (1861). 

Boughan, Richard A., Lieut. Col. 
Bolton, George W., Major. 
Hunter, De Witt C, Colonel. 

7th Infantry Battalion. 

(Merged into Sth (Mitchell's) Infantry.) 

Mitchell, (•) Charles S., Lient. Col. 
Smizer, John W., Major. 

7th (Franklin's) Infantry Begiment. 

(Formed by consolidation of 1st and 2d Northeast 
Cavalry Regiments April 4, 1863.) 

Franklin, Cyrus, Colonel. 
Major, Elliott D., Major. 

7th (Jaciman's) Infantry Begiment. 
(Afterward known as 16th Infantry.) 

Caldwell, C) Josiah H., Colonel. 
Cnmming, (*) Pleasant W. H., Maj., 

Lient. Col. 
Herrell, Jesse P., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Jackman, Sidney D., Colonel. 
Lewis, (*) Leyin M., Lieut. Col. 

8th Cavalry Begiment. 

JefiFers, (*) William L., Colonel. 

Parrott, James, Major. 

Ward, (*) Samuel J., Lieut. Col. 

8ih Cavalry Begiment, Sth Division Missouri 
State Guard (1861). 

Mnrrell, R.K., Major. 
Owen, T. E., Lieut. Col. 

8th Infantry Battalion. 

(Consolidated with Clark's 9th Infantry Hegi- 

Gaines, (•) Richard, Major. 
Musser, (*) Richard H., Lieut. Col. 

8th (Burns' Infantry Begiment. 

(Formerly Hnnter's 2d KeKiment; after changed 
to llth Infantry.) 

Burns, (*) Simon P., Colonel. 
Murray , Thoni as H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Phillips, James, Major. 

8th (Mitchell's) Infantry Begiment. 

(Organized Jan. 28, 1863, from Mitchell's and Fra- 
zier's Infantry Battalions.) 

Hill, J. W., Major. 

Mitchell, (•") Charles S., Colonel. 

Smizer, (*) John W., Lieut. Col. 

9th Cavalry Begiment, 8th Division, Missouri 
State Gtiard (18Q\). 

Cummings, Thomas B., Lieut. Col. 
Smith, J. Alexander, Major. 

9tft Battalion Sharpshooters. 
Pindall, (*)Lehbeus A., Major. 

9th ( Clark's) Missouri Infantry. 

(Formed from Sth Infantry Battalion and the 
Missonri companies of Clarkson's Battalion, 
The Arkansas companies of this regiment se- 
ceded and merged into Bnster'a Arkansas Cav- 
alry Battalion.) 

Buster, M. W., Lieut. Col. 

Clark, (») John B., jr.. Colonel. 

Gaines, (*) Richard, Major. 

Hughes, (•) Harry H., Major. 

Morton, J. Quin, Major. » 

Musser, (*) Richard H., Lieut;. Col. 

9th (White's) Infantry Begiment. 

(Also called 3d ; also 12th Infantry, which see.) 

Holmes, (*) Benjamin, Maj. 
Ponder, (*) Willis M., Lieut. Col. 
Saudford, Thomas B., Major. 
White, (') James D., Colonel. 

lOJ/t Cavalry Begiment. 

(Lawther's Begiment, formed from M. L. ToTing's 
Battalion Deo. 14, 1863.) 

Bennett, (*) George W. C, Major. 
Lawther, (*) Robert R., Colonel. 
Young, (*) Meriitt L., Lieut, Col, 


lOth Cavalry Regiment, Bth Division, Mis- 
souri Stale Guard (1861). 

Cunningham, Robert, Lieut. Col, 
Erwiu, William H., Colonel. 
Fleming, David P., Major. 

10th Infantry Begiment. 

(Also called 12tli Infantry.) 
Harris, Simon, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Magoffin, Elijah, Major. 
Moore, (*) William M., Lieut. Col., CoL 
Pickett, (') Alex. C, Colonel. 
Steen, A. E., Colonel. 

llth Cavalry Battalion. 

(Merged into Lawther's lOth Cavalry Dec. 14, 

Bennett, George W. C, Major. 
Yoiing, Merritt L., Lieut. Col. 

lift Cavalry Begiment. 
(Formerly 6tli Cavalry.) 
Cravens. (*) Jerry C, Major. 
Hooper, James C, Lieut. Col. 
Smith, Moaes W., Colonel. 

lUh Cavalry Begiment, 8th Division, Mis- 
souri Slate Guard (1861). 

Pearcey, Andrew J., Lieut. Col. 
Talbot, Sanford J., Colonel. 
Warner, William, Major. 

llth Missouri Infantry. 

12th Cavalry Begiment. 

(Formerly Jackson Connty Cavalry Regiment, 

which see.) 
Bowman, Samuel, Major. 
Erwin, William H., Lieut. Col. 
Shanks, David, Colonel. 
Vivien, (•) H. J., Major. 

12th Cavalry Begiment, 8th Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard (1861). 

Robertson, Richard J., Major. 
12th Infantry Begiment. 

Berryman, Richard C, Major. 
Holmes, Beiij., Lieut. Col. 
^Ponder, (*) Willis M., Colonel. 

IMh Cavalry Begiment, 8th Division, Mis- 
souri State Guard (1861). 

Crawford, Robert W., Lieut. Col. 
I'ith Infantry Begiment. 
(No rolls.) 
Rives, Benj. A., Colonel. 

nth Cavalry Battalion. 
Wood, (*) Robert C, Major. 

Uth Cavalry Begiment, 8th Division, Mis- 
souri Slate G'tard (1861). 

King, H. W., Major. 

Uth Infantry Begiment. 
(See Jackman's 7th.) 

15th Infantry Begiment. 
(No rolls.) 

16ih Infantry Begiment. 

(Formerly 7th Infantry.) 

Gumming, (*) Pleasant W. H., Lieut. Col 
Herrell, (*) Jesse P., Major. 
Lewis, (') Levin M., Colonel. 

Bruceh Cavalry Begiment, 2d Division., Mis- 
souri State Guard (1861). 

Bruce, Thomas, Colonel. 
Milton, 6. B., Major. 
Splaun, W.C, Lieut. Col. 

Buriridg^s Cavalry Begiment, 2d Division, 
Missouri State Guard (1861). 

Burbridge, John Q., Colonel. 
Dwyer, Robert D. A., Major. 
Hull, Edward B., Lieut. Col. 

Clark's Cavalry Begiment. 
(Clark's Recruits.) 
Clark, H.E., Colonel. 

Clarlcson's Cavalry Battalion Independent 


(Missouri and Ark.insas Troops merged into 9th 

(Clark's) Infantry.) 

Buster, (») M. W.,Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Clarkson, (") James J., Colonel. 
Morton, J. Quin, Major. 

Dills' Infantry Battalion, 6th Division, 
Missouri State Guard (1861). 

Dills, , Major. 

Extra Cavalry Battalion, ith Division, 
Missouri State Guard (1861). 

Chiles, Richard B., Lieut. Col. 
Patton, John, Major. 

Extra Battalion Infantry, ith Division, 
Missouri State Guard (1861). 
(Attached to Colonel Hughes' command.) 
Housand, C. B., Major. 

VranMin's Cavalry Begiment, 2d Division, 
Missouri State Guard (1861). 

Franklin, B. H., Colonel. 

Franklin's Northsnst Cavalry Begiment. 

(See 2d Northeast Cavalry.) 

Frazier's Infantry Battalion. 

(Merged into 8th Mitchell's Infantry.) 

Frazier, W. L. H. , Major. 

Freeman's Cavalry Begiment. 
Freeman, Thomas R., Colonel. 
Love, Joseph B., Lieut. CoL 
Shaver, M. V., Major. 

^Kfn^^^^mmmm. Carolina. 


Friitoe's Cavalry Regiment. 

Fristoe, Edward T., Colonel. 
Normau, Matthew J., Major. 
Tracy, J. H., Lieut. Col. 

Green's Cavalry Segiment, 2d Division, 
Missouri State Guard (1861). 

Green, Martin E., Colonel. 
Porter, (*) Joseph C, Lieut. Col. 
Shacklett, , Major. 

HawMns' Cavalry Regiment, 2d Division, 
Missouri State Chiard (1861). 

Hawkins, B. W., Lieut. Col. 
Owen, John L., Major. 

BedgpetVs Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into 6th Infantry.) 
Hedgpeth, (*) Isaac N., Major. 

Hunter's Cavalry Regiment. 
(Organized 1864.) 
Hunter, (*) De Witt C, ColoneL 

Jackson County Cavalry Regiment. 
(Afterward 12tli Cavalry, wliich see.) 
Gilkey, Charles A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Hays, Upton, Colonel. 
Jeans, Beal G., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Shanks, David, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Kelly's Infantry Regiment, GtJi Division, 
Missouri State Guard (1861). 

Kelly, , Colonel. 

Kitchen's Infantry Battalion. 
(Became 7th Infantry July 9, 1863.) 
Kitchen, Solomon G., Lieut. Col. 

Lawther's Temporary Regiment of Dis- 
mounted Cavalry. 

(Organized Angust, 1863. Coiup.inie8 assigned 
from Lawlher'a Partisan Rangers, Burbridge'a, 
Shelby's, Jeans', and Thompson's ilegimenls.) 

Lawther, Robert R., Colonel. 

MaoDonald's Cavalry Regiment. 

(Eediiced to Young's Battalion, which was merged 
into Lawther's 10th Cavalry.), 

Bennett, (') George W. C, Major. 
MacDonald, (') Emmett, Colouel. 
Young, (») Merritt L., Lieut. Col. 

Macfarlane's Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into 4th Infantry. ) 
Macfarlane, (*) Archibald, Mnjor. 

Major's Cavalry Regimen I, 3d Division, 
Missouri State Guard (1861). 

Cbalmers, A. H., Major. 

Hoslfins, , Lietit. Col. 

Major, James P., Colouel. 

Preston's Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into 4tli Cavalry.) 
Preston, (*) William J., Major. 

Rawlings' Infantry Battalion, 2d Division, 
Missouri State Guard (lb61). 

Adams, C. , Major. 
Rawlings, S. A., Lieut. Col. 

Beves' Cavalry Battalion. 
Reves, T., Major. 

Roiinson's Infantry Battalion, 2d Division, 
Missouri Slate Guard (1861). 

Robinson, J. W., Majoi*. 

Snider's Cavalry Battalion. 
(Ifortheast Missouri Cavalry.) 

Snider, (*) Henry G., Major. 

Thornton's Infantry Battalion, 4th Divis- 
ion, Missouri State Guard (1861). 

Thornton, J. C, Major. 


1st Heavy Artillery Battalion. 
MacEae, (*) Alexander, Major. 
Isi Artillery Regiment. 

(See 10th Volunteers.) 

\st Cavalry Regiment. 

(See 9th Kegiment Yolunteers.) 

1st Battalion Home Guard. 

Moses, 6. C, Lieut. Col. 

1st Battalion Sharpshooters. 
(Al^o called 9th Battalion.) 
■^^Jiarton, (*) Rufus W., Major. 

1st Infantry Battalion. 

(Merged into 32d Infantry.) 

Brabble, (*) Edmund C, Major. 
Williams, (*) William T., Lieut. Col. 

\st Infantry Regiment. 

(6-Months' Troops.) 

Hill, (•) Daniel H., Colonel. 
Hoke, (•) Robert F., Major. 
Lane, (*) James H., Major. 
Lee, (*) Charles C, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Starr, (*) Joseph B., Lieut. Col. 

1st Infantry Regiment State Troops. 

Brown, (*) Hamilton A., Lieut. Col., Col.' 
Harrell, (») Jarrett N., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Hines, (*) James S., Major. 


NUltlH. UAKUljJiMil. 

1«( Infantry Begiment State Troops — Cont'd. 

Latham, (*) Louis C, Major. 
McDowell, (*) John A., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Ransom, (*) Matthew W., Lieut. Col. 
Skiuner, (*; TristimL., Major. 
Stokes, (*) Montfort S., Colonel. 

1st Eegiment Detailed Men. 

Brenizer, Addison G., Colonel. 
Sorcy, William F., Major. 
Stowe, Jasper, Lieut. Col. 

1st Battalion Junior Beserveg. 

Broadfoot, Charles W., Major. 

1st Begiment Junior Beserves. 

Armistead, (*) Frank S,, Colonel. 
Broadfoot, Charles W., Lieut. Col. 
Clark, (*) Walter McK., Major. 

2dL Artillery Begiment. 
(See 36th Kegiment Tolnnteers.) 

2d Cavalry Begiment. 

(See 19th Eegiment Volunteers.) 

2d Infantry Battalion. 

Andrews, (*) Hezekiah L., Maj., Lieut. 

Erwin, Marcus, Major. 

Green, (') Wharton, J., Lieut. Col. 

Hancock, (*) John M., Major. 

Iredell, James J., Major (temporarily as- 
signed from 53d). 

Shober, (*) Charles E., Lieut. Col. 

2d Battalion Local Defense Troops. 

Childs, (■*) Frederick L., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Taylor, (•) Matthew P., Major. 

2d Infantry Begiment State Troops. 

Bynum,(') William P., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Cox, (') William R., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Howard, (*) John, Major. 
Hnrtt, (*) Daniel W., Major. 
Stallings, (*) Walter S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Tew, (*) Charles C, Colouel. 

2d Begimenl Detailed Men. 

Bouchelle, Thomas, Colonel. 
Edwards, David, Major. 
Fulton, Winston, l.ieut. Col. 

2d (Anderson's) Battalion Beserves. 
(Afterward 2d Eegiment Junior Eeaervea.) 

Anderson, John H., Lieut. Col. 
Beasley, William F., Major. 

2d Battalion Junior Beserves, 
(2d and 5th B.attalions consolidated.) 
Anderson, John H., Major, 

2d Begiment Junior Ecservea. 

Anderson, (*) John H., Colonel. 
Beasley, (') William F., Lieut. Col. 
Gregory, (*) Nathaniel A., Major, 

3d Light Artillery Battalion. 

Moore, (") John W., Major. 

3d Artillery Begiment. 
(See 40th Begiment Volunteers.) 

3d Cavalry Begiment. 
(See 4l8t Eegiment Volunteers.) 

3<Z Infantry Begiment Slate Troops. 

Cowan, (*) Robert H., Lieut. Col. 

De Rosset, (*) William L., Miij., Lieut. 

Col., Col. 
Ennett, (*) William T., Major, 
Meares, ('") Gaston, Colonel. 
Parsley'(') William M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Savage, (') Edward, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Thruston, (*) Stephen D., Maj., Lieut. 

Col., Col. 

3d Battalion Junior Beserves. 
Reece, (*) John M., Major. 

3d Begiment Junior Beserves, 

(Formed from 4tli, 7th, anil 8th Battalions Re- 

Ellington, (*) A. B., Major. 

French, (*) William Foster, Lieut. Col. 

Hinsdale, (*) John W., Colonel. 

3d Battalion Senior Beserves. 
Hooks, Boaz F., Major. 

ith Battalion Partisan Bangers. 
(Merged into 7th Confederate Cavalry.) 

Claiborne, (*) William C, Lieut. Col. 

ith Infantry Begiment State Troops. 

Anderson, (*) George B., Colonel. 
Carter, (*) David M., Lieut. CoL 
Grimes, (') Bryan, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col 
Marsh, Edward S., Major. 
Osborne, (") Edwin A., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Simonton, (") Absalom K., Major. 
Wood, (•) James H., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Young, (*) John A., Lieut. Col. 

ith Begiment Militia. 

Graubery, Joseph G., Colonel. 
Starke, L. D., Colonel. 
Wood, Charles W., Lieut. Col. 

ith Battalion Beserves. 
(Merged into 3d Eegiment Eeserves.) 
Clark, (*) Walter McK,, Major, 



ith Begiment Senior Reserves. 

B, (*) John F., Colouel. 

r, John N., Major. 

re, Leroy W., Lieut. Col. 

5th Cavalry Battalion. 

(Merged into 6th Cavalry.) 

•d, (*) Alfred H., Major, 
ner, (") John B., Lieut. Col. 

5(A Cavalry Begiment. 
(See 63d Regiment Volunteers. 

'>ih Infantry Regiment State Troops. 

ham, (*) Johu C, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

rett, ("), Thomas M., Maj., Col. 

I, (*) William J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

68, (*) Joseph P., Lieut. Col. 

,, (*) Johu W., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Kae, (•) Duncan K., Colonel. 

clair, (*) Peter J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

5th Regiment Senior Reserves. 

±e, (*) Joseph K., Major, 
•pening, (*) D. J., Colonel, 
we, (•) George C., Lieut. Col. 

Sth Cavalry Regiment. 
(See 65tli Regiment Volunteers. ) 

6th Infantry Battalion. 

sbanded July 14, 1862. as a Virginia organiza- 
ion. See also Cohoon's Virginia Battalion.) 

boon, John T. P. C, Lieut. Col. 

6(A Infantry Regiment State Troops. 

ery, (*) Isaac E., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

iher, Charles F., Colonel. 

;htfoot, Charles E., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Oder, (») William D., Colonel. 

te,(') Samuel McD., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

:bh, (•) Robert F., Maj., Lieut. Col., 


rk, Richard W., Major. 

6th Regiment Senior Reserves. 

ooks, Terrell, Major. 

)88, (") Adolphus A., Colonel. 

inons, James V., Lieut, (^o\. 

^th Cavalry Battalion. 

(Merged into 65th Vols.— 6th Cavalry.) 

Ik, (•) George N., Lieut. Col. 
er, Thaddeus P., Major. 

7th Infantry Regiment State Troops. 

.mpbell,.(*) Reuben P., Colonel, 
ividson, (•) William L., Maj., Lieut. 
Dol., Col. 
ill, (*) Edward D., Major. 

21739 4 

Ith Infantry Regiment State Troops — Cont'd. 

Haywood, (*) Edward Graham, Lieut. 

Col., Col. 
Hill, (') Junius L., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
McRao, (•) Robert B., Major. 
Turner, (*) Johu McLeod, Major. 
Young, Robert S., Major. 

7th Battalion Reserves. 
(Merged into 3d Regiment Reserves.) 
French, William Foster, Major. 

7tk Regiment Reserves. 

Hancock, Ezekiel W., Lieut. Col., Col. 
McLean, .James R., Major. 
SUober, (*) Charles E., Colonel. 

8lh Battalion Partisan Bangers. 
(Merged into the 66th Infantry.) 
Nethercutt, (*) John H., Major. 

8th Infantry Begiment State Troops. 

Barrier, (*) Rufiis A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Hinton, (*) James W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

McRae, (") Henry, Major. 

Murcbisoii, (*) Johu R., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Price, William J., Lieut. Col. 

Rogers, Audrew J., Major. 

Shaw, (*) Henry M., Colonel. 

Wbitson, (*) James M., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Williamson, (*) George, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Yellowley, (*) Edward C, Major. 

8th Battalion Eeserves. 

(Merged into 3d Regiment Reserves.) 

Ellington, (*) James B., Major. 

Hth Regiment Reserves. 

Hooks, Boaz F., Major. 
McKoy, Almond A., Colouel. 
McLean, Natbaniel, Lieut. Col. 

9th Regiment Volunteers— \st Cavalry. 

Baker, (*) Lawrence S., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Barriuger, (*) Rufus, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Cbeok, (•) Willi.ara H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Cowles,(') William H. H., Maj., Lieut. 

Cruuipler, Thomas N., Major. 
Dewey, George S., Major 
Gordon, (*) James B., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

McLeod, (*) Marcus D. L Major. 
Ransom, C) Robert jr., Colonel 
Rnffin, (■ ) Thomas, Maj., Lieut. Col,, Col. 
Whitaker, (') John H., Major. 

IQth Artillery Battalion. 

Young, (*) Wilton L., Major. 



Wth Regiment Volunteers — \st JrtUlery. 

Bradford, (*) James A. J., Colonel. 
Bridgers, John L., Lieut. Col. 
Guiou, (') Henry T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Pool, (*) Stephen D., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Ramseur, (*) Stephen D., Major. 
Reilly, James, Major. 
Sparrow, Thomas, Major. 
Thompson, Wm. B., Major. 

Wth Begimeid Militia. 

Watts, S. W., Colonel. 

lllh Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged ioto 64th Infantry.) 
Allen, (•) Lawrence M., Lieut. Col. 

llth Infantry Begiment Slate Troops. 

(Bethel Regiment.! 

Bird, (*) Francis W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Leventhorpe, (*) Collett, Colonel. 
Martin, (*) William J., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Owens, (") William A., Lieut. Col. 
Ross, Egbert A., Major. 

llth Begiment Volunteers. 

(See 2l8t Kegiment.) 

12tA, Battalion Partisan Rangers. 

(Companies A and B transferred to 4th North 
Carolina Cavalry, and Company C to 16th Bat- 
talion North Carolina Cavalry.) 

Wheeler, (*) Samuel J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

12iA Infantry Begiment. 

(Formerly 2d.) 

Alston, (*) Robert W., Major. 
Burton, Augustus W., Major. 
Cautwell, (*) Edward, Lieut. Col. 
Coleman (") Henry E., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Davis, (*) William S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Jones, (*) Thomas L., Maj.', Lieut. Col. 
Rowe, (*) David P., Major. 
Wade, (») Benjamin O., Lijjut. Col., Col. 
Williams, (*) Solomon, Colonel. 

13i/t Artillery Battalion. 
Starr, (*) Joseph B., Lieut. Col. 

IZth Infantry Battalion. 

(Merged into 66th Regiment.) 

Wright, (») Clement G., Major. 

Vith Infantry Begiment. 

(Formerly 3d.) 

Guy, (*) W. S., Lieut. Col. 
Hambrick, John T., Major. 
Hamilton, (') D. H., jr.. Major. 
Hyman (•) Joseph H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Col. ' 

MaitiUj Thomas 4..^ Major, 

Viih Infantry iSegiment— Continued 

Pender, (*) William D., Colonel. 
Rogers, (') Henry A., Maj., Lieut. Co 
Kufflu, (*) Thomas, jr., Lieut. Col. 
Scales, (") Alfred M., Colonel. 
Withers, (*) E.Benton, Maj., Lieut. ( 

14<A Cavalry Battalion. 

Henry, James L., Lieut. Col. 
Roberts, Charles M., Major. 

lith, Infantry Begiment. 

(Formerly 4th.) 

Bennett, (*) R.Tyler, Lieut. Col., Col 
Daniel, (*) Junius, Colonel. 
Dixon, (*) Edward, Major. 
Faison, (*) Paul F., Major. 
Johnston, (*) William A., Lieut. Col. 
Lambeth, (*) Joseph H., Major. 
Lovejoy, (*) George S., Lieut. Col. 
Roberts, (*) Philetus W., Colonel: 

\fith Cavalry Battalion. 

Wynn, (*) James M., Lieut. Col. 

\hth Infantry Begiment. 
(Formerly 5th.) 

Dowd, (*) Henry A., Colonel. 
Green, William F., Major. 
Hammond, (*) GrayW., Maj., Lieut. C 
Ibrie, (,") RossR., Lieut. Col. 
Jerome, (*) Robert P., Major. 
MacRae, (") William, Lieut. Col., Col 
MoKinney, (*) Robert M., Colonel. 
Yarborough, (") William H., Maj., Lie 
Col., Col. 

15<7i Regiment Militia. 

Cherry, D. H., Colonel. 

ICife Cavalry Battalion. 

Kennedy, (*) John T., Lieut. Col. 

16tft Infantry Regiment. 

(Formerly 6th.) 

Briggs, (*) Benj. F., Major. 
Cloud, (*) Abel J., Lieut. Col. 
Davis, (*S Champion T. N., Colonel. 
Lee, (*") Herbert D., Major. 
Lee, (*) Stephen, Colonel. 
Love, (*) Robert G. A., Lieut. Col. 
McElroy, (*") John S., Lieut. Col., Col 
Stowe, (*) William A., Maj., Lieut. C 

nth Infantry Regiment. 
(Formerly 7th.) 
Gilliam, (•) Henry A., Major. 
Hill, (•) George H., Major (temporal 
attached). ' j \ * 



nth Infantry Segiment—ContinueA. 

inson, (*) Lucius J., Major, 
inston, (*) George W., Lieut. Col. 
mb, (') John C, Lieut. Col. 
,rtin, (*) William ¥., Colonel. 
M'p, Thomas H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

18th Infantry Begiment. 

(Formerly 8tb.) 

rry, (*) John D., Maj., Col. 

wan, (*) Robert H., Colonel. 

)rge, (*) Forney, Maj., Licnt. Col, 

Sill, (•) John VV., Lieut. Col. 

ares, (') Oliver P., Lieut. Col. 

rdie, (») Thomas ,J., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Icliffe, (*) Jameg D., Colonel. 

,t, (*) George, Major. 

loten, (*) Thomas J., Major. 

dth Hegiment Volunteers— 'id Cavalry. 

irews, (*) Clinton M., Maj., Lieut. 

;ol., Col. 

fia, Matthew L., jr., Colonel. 

jerts, (') William P., Maj., Col. 

jiDSon, (*) William G., Lieut. Col., Col. 

;ers, (*) John V. I^., Major. 

nil), (*) Samuel JS., Colonel. 

Iliams, (*) Solomon, Colonel. 

odfin, (*) John W., Major. 

20M Infantry Eegiment. 
(Formerly 10th.) 

oks, (*)John S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

?ane, (*) Duncan J., Major. 

eon, (•) Franklin J., Lieut. Col. 

rson, (*) Alfred, Colonel. 

igh, (*) Nelson, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

n, (*) Thomas F., Lieut. Col., Col. 

n, (•) William H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

21s( Infantry Eegimont. 

(Formerly 11th.) 

11, (*) James F., Major. 

ton, (*) Saunders, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

res, (*) B. Y., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

:e, (') Robert F., Colonel. 

daud, (•) William W., Colonel. 

3h, James M., Lieut. Col. 

er, (*) Alex., Major. 

9er, (•) Rufus K., Lieut. Col. 

il, (*) W. J., Major. 

kin, (•) William S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

lardsou, J. M., Major. 

t, (*) William L., Lieut. Col. 

le, (*) Thomas, Colonel (appointment 


22d Infantry Regiment. 

(Formerly 12th.) 

(*) Christopher C, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
ler, (*) James, Colonel. 
iway,(*) Thomas S., jr., Maj., Col. 
eg, (*) George A., Lieut, Col, (ap- 
iutraent declined). 

22d Infantry EegimenI— Continued. 

Gray, (*) Robert H., Lient. Col. 
Lightfoot, (*) Charles E., Colonel. 
Long, John 0., Lieut. Col. 
Mitchell, (») William L., Lieut. Col. 
Odell, (•) Labau, Major. 
Pettigrew, James J., Colonel. 
Russell, OW. Lee, Major. 

23d Infantry Eegiment. 
(Formerly 13th.) 

Blacknall, (*) Charles C, Maj., Lieut. 
Col., Col. 

Cbristiau, Edmond J., Major. 

Christie, (*) Daniel Harvey, Maj., Lieut. 
Col., Col. 

Davis, (') William S., Lieut. Col. (tem- 
porary command). 

Hoke, (*) John F., Colonel. 

Johnston, (*) RobiirtD., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Leak, John W., Lieut. Col. 

24a Infantry Eegiment. 
(Formerly Uth.) 

Clarke, (•) William J., Colonel. 
EviiuH, (") Jonathau, Major. 
Harris, (") John L., Lieut. Col. 
Love, (') Thaddeiis D., Major. 
Venable, Thomas B., Lieut. Col. 

25fA Infantry Eajiment. 
(Formerly 15Lh.) 

Bryson, (*) Samuel C., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Clingman, (*) Thomas L., Colonel. 
Deariug, (") St. Clair, Lieut. Col. 
Francis, (*) John W., Major. 
Grady, (*) William S., Major. 
Love, (*) Matthew N., Maj. Lu-ut. Col. 
Morgan, (*) William Y., Major. 
Rutledge, (*) Henry M., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

26ift Infantry Eegiment. 

Adams, (*) James T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Burgwyn, (*) Henry K., jr., Lieut. Col., 

Carmichael, (*) Abner B., Major. 
Joues,(*) JohnT.(signingas,John Jones), 

Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Kendall, (*) James S., Slajor. 
Lane, (*) John R., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Rand, (*) Oscar R., Lieut. Col. (canceled.) 
Rankin, Nathaniel P., Major. 
Vance, Zebulon B., Colouel. 

27ft Infantry Eegiment. 

Cooke, (») John R., Cohmel. 

Gilmer, (*) John A., jr., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Herring, (*) Calvin, Major. 
Singeltary, (*) George B., Colonel. 
Siugeltary, (*) Richard W., Lii-nt. Col. 
Singeltary, (*) Thomas C, Maj., Lieuti. 




27Wi Infantry Regiment — Continued. 

Sloan, (*) John, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Webb, Joseph C., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
WhitQeld, (*) George F.,Maj., Lieut. Col., 

28<ft Infantry Begiment. 

Baninger, (*) William D., Maj., Lieut. 

Lane, ("J James H., Colonel. 
Lowe, (*) Samuel D., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Lowe, (*) Thomas L,, Lieut. Col. 
Montgomery, (*) William J., Major. 
Reeves, (*) Richard E., Major. 
Speer, (*) William H. A.. Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Stowe, (*) Samuel N., Major. 

29tft Infantry Begiment. 

Creasman, (*) William B., Maj., Lieut. 

Col., Col. 
Gardner, (*) Thomas F.. Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Hampton, EzekielH., Major. 
Lowry, James M., Lieut. Col. 
Proffitt, (") Bacchus S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Vance, (*) Robert B, Colonel. 
Walker, (») William C, Lieut. Col. 

30tA Infantry Begiment. 

Draughan, (•) Walter, Lieut. Col. 
Holmes, (*) James C, Major. 
Kell, (*) James T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Parker, (") Francis M , Colonel. 
Sillers, (*) William W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

20th Begiment, Militia. 

Cantwell, (*) John L., Colonel. 

31s( Infantry Begiment. 

Fowle, (•) Daniel G., Lieut. Col. 
Jordan, C) John V., Colonel. 
Knight, {*) Charles W., Lieut. Col. 
Liles, Edward R., Lient. Col. 
McKay, (*) John A. D., Major. 
Ycates, (*) Jesse J., Major. 

32(J Infantry Begiment. 
(Formed from 1st Battalion.) 

Brabble, (*) Edmund C, Colonel. 
Cowand, (*) David G., Maj,, Lieut. Col., 
Col. ' 

Lewis, (*) Henry G., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Williams, (*) William T., Lieut. Col. 

33(Z Infantry Begiment. 

Avery, (*) Clark M"., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Branch, (*) Lawrence O'B., Colonel. 
Cowan, (*) Robert V., Mai., Lieut. Col., 

Hoke, (») Robert P., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Lewis, (*} William G., Major. 

33(J Infantry Begiment — Continued. 

Mayhew, (") Thomas W., Major. 
Saunders, (") Joseph H., Maj., Lieut. Col 
Weston, (*) James A., Major. 

33rf Begiment Militia. 
Brooks, A. G., Colonel. 

Zitli Infantry Begiment. 

Clark, (*) George M., Major. 

Gordon, (*) George T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Hammerskold, Charles J., Maj., Lieut 

Houck, William A., Lieut. Col. 
Leveuthorpe, (*) Collett, Colonel. 
Lowrance, (*) William Lee J., Colonel. 
McDowell, (*) John L., Lieut. Col. 
McGee, (") Joseph B., Major. 
Miller, Eli H., Major. 
Nonneut. {*) George M., Maj., Lieut. Col 
Owens, (") William A., Major. 
Riddick, (' ) Richard H., Colonel. 
Shoffuer, Martiu, Major. 
T witty, (*) Frauds L., Major. 

'ioth Infantry Begiment. 

Craton, (*) Marshall D., Lieut. Col. 
Johnson, (*) James T., Lieut.. Col., Col 
Jones, John G., Ma.]., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Kelly, (*) John M.,' Major. 
Petty, Robert E., Major. 
Petway, (*) Oliver C, Lient. Col. 
Ransom, (*) Matthew W., Colonel. 
Siucl.iir, (*) James, Colonel. 
Taylor, Simon B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

3tii/t Begiment Volunteers— M Artillery. 
(Capo Fear liegituent ) 

Lamb, (') Wm., Colonel. 
Richardson, (') John A., Lieut. Col. 
Stevenson, (*) .James M., Major. 
Taylor, (*) John D., Maj., Lient. Col. 

Tilth Infantry Begiment. 

Ashcraft, (*) John B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Barbour, (*) William M., Lieut. Col. 

Best, (*) Jackson L., Major. 
Brown, (*)Owen N., Major. 
Bryan, (") Johu G., Major. 
Hickerson, (») Charles N., Maj., Lieut 

Lee, (*) Charles C, Colonel. 
Morris, (*) William G., Maj., Lieut. Col 
Rankin, Rufus M., Major. 
Rankin, (*) William li., Major. 

38ft Infantry Begiment. 

Andrews, (*) Lorenzo D., Major. 
Armfield, (•) Robert F., Lient. Col. 
Ashford, (') John, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col 
Dockery, (*) Oliver H., Lieut. Col. 
Flowers, (*) George W., Maj., Lieut. Col 



3Sth Infantry Eegimmt— Contiuued. 

[oke, (*) William J., Colonel. 
[oLaachlin, (•) Murdock MoR., Major, 
harpe, (*)~George W., Major. 
Wilson, (*) John T., Major. 

39th Infantry Regiment. 

olemau, (*) David, Colonel, 
lavidsou, (*) Hugh H., Lieut. Col. 
eiree, (*) Thomas W., Miijor. 
;6ynolds, (*) Francis A., Maj., Lient. 

39(A Regiment Mililia. 

tephensou, L. D., Colonel. 

iOth Regiment Volunteers — Zd Artillery 

[edriok, (*) John J., Colonel, 
[olland, (*) Wm. A., Major, 
ait, (*) George, Lieut. Col. 

40th Regiment Militia. 

homas, A., Colonel. 

iUt Regiment Volunteers — 3(J Cax^alrg. 

aker, (*) John A., Colonel. 
[oClammy, (*) Charles W., jr., Major, 
[core, (») Roger, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
faddel], («) Alfred M., Lient. Col. 

ilst Regiment Militia. 

eath, A. J., Colonel. 

42(Z Infantry Regiment. 

radshaw, (*) Charles W., Maj., Lieut. 

rown, (*) John E., Lient. Col., Col. 
rown, (*) Thomas J., Major, 
ihha, (*) George C, Colonel, 
nderwood, (*) Davidson A., Major. 

42d Regiment Militia. 

mis, James S., Colonel. 

43(J Infantry Regiment. 

Jggan, (*) Walter J., Major, 
euan, (*) Thomas S., Colonel. 
3wi8, (*) William G., Lieut. Col. 

nth Infantry Regiment. 

)tton, Richard C, Lieut. Col. 

•omwell, Elisha, Maj., Lieut. Col, 

irgrove, (*) Tazewell L., Maj., Lieut. 


Qgeltary, (*) George B., Colonel. 

ageltary, (") Thomas C, Colonel. 

edman, (*) Charles M., Major. 

4ith Regiment Militia. 

int, John W., Colonel, 
instead, C, S., Lieut. Col, 

45//i Infantry Regiment. 

Boyd, (*) Andrew J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Boyd, (*) Samuel H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Dalton, (*) James S., Lieut. Col. 
Daniel, (*) Junius, Colonel. 
Morehead, (*) John H., Lieut. CoL, Col. 
Raukin, (*) Samuel C, Major. 
Shober, {') Charles E., Major. 
Smith, (•) T. McGehee, Major. 
Winston, (*) John R., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

46Wi Infantry Regiment. 

Hall, (•) Edward D., Colonel. 
Jenkins, (•) William A., Lieut. Col. 
McAlister, (•) Alexander C, Maj., Lieut. 

MeNeill, (*) Neill McK., Major. 
Mitchell, (») J., Major. 
Norment, (•) Richard M.,' Major. 
Saunders, (•) William L., Maj., Lieut. 

Col., Col. 

46Wi, Regiment Militia. 

Bingham, William, Colonel. 

47th Infantry Regiment. 

Crudup, (*)Archihald D., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Faribault, (*) George H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Graves, (*) John A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Lankford, (*) Willi.ani 0., Major. 
Rogers, (») Sion H., Colonel. 

A7th Regiment Militia. 

Neal, J. M., Lieut. Col. 

iSth Infantry Regiment. 

Hill, C) Albert A., Major, Lieut. Col. 
Hill, (») Robert C, Colonel. 
Huske, (*) Benjamin R., Major. 
Jones, (*) William H., Major, 
Walkup, (*) Samuel H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Wiatt, Francis L., Major. 

48Wi Regiment Militia. 

Albright, William A., Colonel. 
Enliss, Alfred E., Major. 

49ift Infantry Regiment. 

Chambers, (*) Pinckney B., M.ijor. 
Davis, (*) James T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Eliason, (•) William A., Lieut. Col. 
Flemming, (*)John A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
McAfee, (") Lee M., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Petty, Charles Q., Major. 
Ramseur, (') Stephen D., Colonel. 

50f/i Infantry Regiment. 

Cratou, (") Marshall D., Colonel. 
Ryals, (*) Henry J., Major. 
Van Hook, (') John C, Maj., Lient. Col. 
Washington, (*) James A., Lieut. Col., 

Wortham, (*) George, Major, Lieut. Col., 




51st Infantry Regiment. 

Allen, (*) William A., Lient. Col. 
Cantwell, {') Jobn L., Colonel. 
Hobson, (*j Caleb B., Lient. Col. 
McDonald, (*) .James R., Major. 
McKethan, (*) Hector, Maj., Lieut. 

52d Infantry Begiment, 


Erson, (*) Eric, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Little, (*) Beujamiu P., Lieut. Col. 
Marshall, (*) James K., Colonel. 
Parks, (*) Marcus A., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Richardson, (*) John Q., Major. 

52(? Begiment Militia. 

Spears, John A., Colonel. 

53<Z Infantry Begiment. 

Iredell, (*) James J., Major. 
Morehead, James T., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Owens, (*) William A., Colonel. 
Rierson, (*) John W., Major. 

54th Infantry Begiment. 

Ellis, Anderson, (*) Maj., Lieut. Col. 
McDowell, C) James C. S , Lieut. Col., 

Murcbison, (*) Kenneth M., Mai., Lieut. 

Col., Col. 
Rogers, (*) James A., Major. 
Wimbisb, (*) John, Colonel. 

55th Infantry Begiment. 

Belo, (*) Alfred H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Calloway, Abner S., Lieut. Col. 
Connally, (•) John K., Colonel. 
Smith, (*) Maurice T., Lieut. Col. 
Whitehead, James S., Major. 

56th Infantry Begiment. 

Paison, (*) Paul P., Colonel. 
Graham, (•) John W., Major. 
Luke, (") G. Gratiott, Lieut. Col. 
Schenok, (*) Henry P., Major. 

57th Infantry Begiment. 

Craige, (*) James A., M.ijor. 
Godwin, (*) Archibald C, Colonel. 
Jones, (*) Hamilton C.,jr., Lieut. Col., 

57th Begiment Militia. 

Stephens, John H., Colonel. 

58th Infantry Begiment. 

Dula, (*) Thomas J., Miij., Lieut. Col. 
Keener, (*) John C, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Kirby, Edmnud, Lient. Col. 
Palmer, (») Jobn B., Colonel. 
Proffitt, (*) William W., Lieut. Col. 
Silver, (*) Samuel M., Lieut. Col. 
Stewart, (*) Alfred T., Major. 

59th Begiment Volunteers— 4th Cavalry. 

Barringer, Rufus, Lieut. Col. IstNort 
Carolina Cavalry, temporarily a 

Cantwell, (') Edward, Lieut. Col. 

Perebee, (*) Dennis D., Colonel. 

Grouer, (*) Virgin i us D., Colonel. 

Mayo, (*) James M., Major. 

60th Infantry Regiment. 

Deaver, (*) William H., Maj., Lieut. Co! 
Hardy, (*) Washington M,, Maj., Col. 
Huff, (') James T., Major. 
McDowell, William W., Major. 
McDowell, (*) Josepb A., Colonel. 
Ely. (*) James M., Lieut. Col. 
Weaver, {*) James T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

60th Begiment Militia. 
Roper, James T., Colonel. 

61st Infantry Begiment. 

Devane, (") William S., Lieut. Col., Co] 
Harding, (*) Henry, Major. 
Mallett, (^) Edward, Maj., Lient. CoL 
Radeliffe, (') James D , Colonel. 

62(1 Infantry Begiment. 

Clayton, (*) George Wesley, Lient Col, 

Love, (*) Robert G. A., Colonel. 
McDowell, Byron G., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

62(1 Begiment Alililia. 
Colton, John P., Colonel. 

6;W Begiment Voluntem-s — 5th Cavalry. 

Evans, (*) Peter G., Colonel. 
Evans, {*) Stephen B. , Lieut. Col. 
McNeill, James H., Maj., Col. 

64ih Infantry Begiment. 

Allen, (') Lawrence M., Colonel. 
(Jarrett, (») William N., Maj., Lieut. Col 
Jones, (*) Thomas P., Major. 
Keith, (') James A., Lieut. Col. 

65th Begiment Volunteers — 6//( Cavalry. 

(Formed from 5tb and 7th Cavalry li.ittaliors.) 

Baird, ('1 Alfred H., Lieut. Col. . 
Polk, (") George N., Colonel. 
Siler, Thaddcus P., Lient. Col. 
Spann, (*) John J., Major. 

66th Infantry Begiment. 

{Formed from 8th and 13tli Infantry Battalioni 
Oct. 2, 1863.) 

Davis, (') David S., Major. 
Latta, Joseph W., Major (canceled). 
Moore, (*) Alexander D., Colonel. 
Nctberoutt, (*) Jobn H., Lieut. Col., Col 
Wright, ( • ) Clement G., Major, Lient. Col 

xy^jiv 1 ri \^i\ i\\.n 



&7th Infantry Regiment. 

Vharton, Enfus W., Lieut. Col. 
Vhitford, Edward, Major. 
Vhitford, (*) John N., Colonel. 

68(fe Infantry Regiment, 

Jagley, William H., Major. 
Jdwards, Joseph J., Major, 
-linton, (") James W., Colonel. 
Sanderlin, Willis B., Major, 
fellowley, (*) Edward C, Lieut. Col. 

70Hi Regiment Militia. 

Bradshaw, John A., Colonel. 
Dillard, James P., Colonel. 

71s( Regiment Militia, 
Vlastin, J., Colonel. 

72(? Regiment Militia. 
Bailey, Benjamin, Colonel. 

73(J Regiment Militia, 
ITorkner, Samuel, Colonel. 

8ith Regiment Militia. 
Barnhardt, J. C, Colonel. 

85f7i Regiment Militia. 
Wiley, John S., Colonel. 

UBth Regiment Militia, 

Jarrett, (*) J. M., Colonel. 
Jones, (*) O. E., Lieut. Col. 
Ownbey, (") E. L., Major. 

Camp Stokes Light Duty Battalion. 
McLean, J. E., Major. 

Bethel Regiment. 

(See 11th Begiment State Troops. ) 

Davidson's Infantry Battalion. 

(Merged into 7th Infantry.) 

Davidson, William L., Major. 

mil's Battalion Reserves. 

Hill, Andrew A., Major. 

McCorlcle's BaitaUon Senior Reserves. 

McCorkle, Matthew L., Major. 

McRae's Battalion. 
(Organized to arrest deserters.) 
MoRae, J. C, Major. 

Mallett's Battalion. 
Mallett, (*) Peter, Colonel. 

Millard's Battalion Junior Reserves. 
(Called 8th, 9th, and 1st Battalions.) 
Millard, (") David T., Major. 

Moss' Battalion Reserves. 
{Afterward 6th Regiment Senior Reserves.) 
Moss, (*) Adolphus A., Lieut. Col. 

Prison Guard Battalion. 
Gibbs, J. G., Major. 

Stowe's Battalion Reserves. 
(Afterward 5th Regiment Senior Reserves.) 

Burke, (*) Joseph K., Major. 
Stowe, (*) George C, Lieut. Col. 


Infantry Regimen!, Thomas' Legion. 

Love, (*) James R., jr., Lieut. Col. 
Stringfleld, (') William W., Major. 
Thomas, (*) William H., Colonel. 

Cavalry Battalion, Thomas' Legion. 

McKaniy, (*) James A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Walker, (*) William C, Lieut. Col. 

Whitford's Partisan Battalion. 

Whitford, (*) John N., Major. 





Is* Artillery BatiaUon. 
(Merged into 1st Arlillery Regiment.) 
Calhoun, (*) Wm. Ransom, Lieut. Co). 
Eipley,(*) Roswell S., Lieut. CoL 
Wagaer,(*) Tbos. M., Major. 

ls< ArtiUery Regiment. 

Blanding, (*) Ormsby, Major. 
Calhoun, (*) Wm. Ransom, Colonel. 
Ehett, (*) Alfred, Major, Lieut. Col 
"Wagner, (*) Thos. M., Lieut. Col. 
Yates, (*) Joseph A., Major, Lieut. Col. 

1st Artillery Regiment ^lilitia. 
WageBer,(*) John A., Colonel. 
1st Cavalry Bnitnlion. 
(Merged into 1st Cavalry Regiment.) 
Black, (*) John L., Lieut. Col. 
Twiggs, (*) John D., Major. 

1st Cuvulry Regiment. 

Black, (*) John L., Colonel. 
Nesbitt,(*) Niles, Major. 
Owen,(*) Moses T., Major (declined). 
Twiggs, (*) John D., Lieut. Col. 
Walker, (*) William A., Major, Lieut. 

1st Mounted Militia Regiment. 
Martin, (*) William E., Colonel. 

lit Infnniry Baltnlion. 

Charleston Battalio[i. XJnitedwith Ist Batt.ilion 
Sliarpshooters to form the 27tli Infantry.) 

Blake, (*) Julius A., Major. 
Gaillard,(*) Peter C, Lieut. Col. 
Ramsay, (*) David, Major. 

1st Battalion Sharpshooters. 
(Merged into 27th Infantry.) 

Abney,(*) Joseph, Major. 

1st Battalion Reserves. 

Williams, Daniel, Major. 

1st Infantry Regiment. 
(Regulars— Enlisted men. See 3d Artillery.) 

1st Regiment Volunteers. 
Duncan, (*) William H., Major, Lieut. 

Col., Col. 
Glover, Thomas ,T., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Grimes, (*) George M., Major. 
Hagood,(*) Johnson, (Jolouel. 
Hagood, James K., Colonel. 
Kilpatrick,(*) Franklin Wbitner, Colonel. 
Kirkland. (*) Benjamin B., Major, Lieut. 

Livingston, (*) Daniel, Major, Lieut. Col. 
O'Cain, Watson A., Major. 

1st Regiment Rifles. 
(Orr's Rifles.) 

Hadaen,(*) William M., Major, Lieut. 

Harrison, (•"■) Francis E., Major, Lieut. Col., 

Ledbetter, Daniel A., Major, Lieut. Col., 

Livingston, (*) James W., JIajor, Lieut. 

Col.. Col. 
Marshall, (*) J. Foster, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Miller, (*) George McD., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Moore, .John B. , Major. 
Norton, (*) Joseph J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Orr, (*) .James L. , Colonel. 
Perrin,('-) James M., .Maj., Lieut. Col,, 

Robertson, (*) James Towiies, Maj., Liout. 

Rogers, Leonard, Major. 

1st Infantry Regiment, Provisional Army. 

Alston. (*) T. Pinckney, Maj., Lieac. Col. 
Brailsford,(*) Edward D., Major. 
Hutler,(*) An<lrew P., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Gregg, ("") Maxcy, Colonel. 
Hamilton, (*) Daniel H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
McCrady,(*) Edward, jr.. Maj., Lieut. 

McCreary, Charles W., Maj., Col. 
Khooter,(*) Washington P., Lieut. Col. 
Smith, (*) Augustus M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

1st Regiment State Troops (6 months). 

Hodges, W. Lnd., Lieut. Col. 
Roberts, (*)Tbomas B., Colonel. 
Welborn, William E., Major. 

1st Regiment Charleston Guards. 

Magrath, Edward, Colonel. 

Isl Charleston Reserves. 

Brown, Alexander H., Colonel. 
Gourdin, Robert N., Lieut. Col. 
Robertson, Francis M., Colonel. 

2d Artillery Battalion. 
(Merged into 2d(Lamar\s) Regiment. 
Lamar, Thos. G., Major. 

2d Artillery Regiment. 

Brown, J. Welsman, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Frederick, A. D., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Lami\r,(*) Thos. G., Colonel. 
Warlev,(*) F. P., Major. 



2(J Cavalry Regiment. 

(Formed from Cavalry Battalion Ham pton Le- 
gion and 4lh Battalion Cavalry.) 

Bntler,(*) Matthew 0., Colonel. 
EMley.W. K., Lieut. Col. 
Hampton, (*) Frank, Lieut. Col. 
Lipscomb, (*) Thomas J. , Maj. , Lieut. Col. , 

Screven, (*) Thomas E., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

2(Z Battalion Sliarpsliooters. 
(Disbanded December 28, 186^) 

Smith, B. Burgh, Major. 

2(i Infantry Regiment. 
(2d Palmetto Regiment. 

CIybnrn,(*) Benjamin R., Major. 
Gaillard,(*J Franklin, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Goodwyn, A. D., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Jones, (*) Ervine P., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Kennedy, (*) John D., Colonel. 
Kershaw, (*) Joseph B., Colonel. 
Wallace, (*) William, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

2d Regiment Rifles. 

(Formed from 5th (also called 1st) Battalion 

Boggs,(*l Thomas H., Lieut. Co). 
Bowen,(*) Robert E., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Cox,(*) Daniel L., Major. 
Dendy,(*) Stiles P., Major. 
Donnald,(*) David L., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Moore,(*) John V., Colonel. 
Thompson, (*) Robert A., Maj., Lieut. 

Thorason,(*) Thomas, Maj., Lieut. Col., 


2d Regiment State Troops (6 monilis). 

Fort,{*) William, Colonel. 
Lewie, (*) G. A., Lieut. Col. 
Quattlebaum, W., Major. 

2(J Battalion Reserves. 
Barnette, , Major. 

2(Z Regiment Reserves. 
Cash,(*) Ellerbee B. C, ColoneL 

3ei Artillery Battalion 

(Palmetto Battalion.) 

Campbell, William H., Major., Lieut. Col. 

White, (*) Edward B., Maj., Lieut. Col., 


' Sd Artillery Regiment, 
(1st Regulars Infantry or Enlisted Men.) 

Adams, (*) Warren, Major. 
Anderson, (*) Richard H., Colonel 
Baker,(*) Thomas M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Bee, Barnard E., Lieut. Col. 

3d Artillery iJeymeni— Continued. 
Butler, (*) William, Lieut. Col., Col. 
DeTreville,(*) Robert, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Dunovaut,(*) John, Maj., Col. 
Huguenin,(*) Thomas A., Major. 
Simkius,(*) ,Tohn C, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

3(Z Cavalry Regiment. 

Colcock,(*) Charles J., Colonel. 

Jenkins, (*) John, Major. 

Johnson, (*) Thomas H., Lieut. Col. 

Zd Infantry Battalion. 
(Laurens Battalion.) 

Gunnels,(*) George M., Major. 
Jame3,(*) George S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Miller, (*) Daniel B., Major. 
.Rice,(.*) Wm. G., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Zd Infantry Regiment. 

Baxter, (*) James M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Foster, B. B., Lieut. Col. 

Gar]ington,(*) Benjamin C, Maj., Lieut. 

Mafifett,(*) Roberta, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Nance, (*) James D., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Rutherford, (*) William D., Maj., Lieut. 

Col., Col. 
To(ld,(*) Rutherford P., Major. 
William.s, James H., Colonel. 

Zd Regiment State Troops. 

Anderson, J. J., Major. 
Carew, John E., Colonel. 
Rouse, R, A., Lieut. Col. 

Zd Batlalion Reserves. 

Gill, William P., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Zd Regiment Reserves. 

Crittenden, Stanley S., Lieut. CoL 
Elford, Charles J., Colonel. 
Grice, Daniel, Major. 

4iJt Cavalry Battalion. 

(Also called 3d Battalion ; merged into 2d 

Easley, W. K., Major. 

4ih Cavalry Regiment. 

(Formed ifrom 3d or 1 0th, and 12th Battalions 

Emanuel, (*) William P., Major. 
Rutledge, (*) B. Huger, Colonel. 
Stokes, (*) William, Lieut. Col. 

itli Infantry Battalion. 
(Five companies consolidated into two com- 
panies, and the two companies thus formed 
united with the Infantry of Hampton Legion.) 

Mattison,(*) Charles S., Major. 



4th Infantry Regiment. 
(Reorganized as 4th Battalion.) 
Mattison, (*) Charles S., Lieat. Col. 
Sloan, (*) John B. E., Colonel. 
Whitner, James H., Major. 

itli Regiment Slate Troops. 

Evans, John C, Major. 
Mellett, P. M., Lieut. Col. 
Witherspoon, James IL, Col. 

4th Battalion Reserves. 
■Williams, James H., Lieut. Col, 

iih Regiment Reserves. 
, , Colonel. 

5th Cavalry Regiment. 
(Formed from 14th and 17th Battalions.) 
Davis, Zimmerman, Colonel. 
Dunovant, (*) John, Colonel. 
Edvpards, J. C, Lieut. Col. 
Ferguson, (*) Samuel W., ColoneL 
Morgan(*) Joseph H., Major. 
Jeffords,!*) Robert J., Lieut. Col. 

5th Battalion Rifles. 

(AlBO called 1st Bal talion. Merged into 2d Regi- 
ment Rifles.) 

Boggs, Thomas H., Major 
Moore, (*) John V., Lieut. Col. 

5th Infantry Regiment. 

Beckham, (*) Thomas C, Major. 
Coward, (*) A., Colonel. 
Foster, (*) William M., Major. 
Giles, (*) John R. R., Colonel. 
,Tackson,(*) Andrew, Lieut. Col. 
Jenkins,(*) Mieah, Colonel. 
Legg,(*) G. W. H., Lieut. Col. 
Thomson, (*) William T., Major, 
Wylie,(*) John D., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

5th Regiment State Troops. 

Bradley, John A., Lieut. Col. 
Sadler, Lueian P., Major. 
Williams, James H., Colonel. 

5th Battalion Reserves. 
Brown, Thomas R., Lieut. Col. 

5th Regiment Reserves. 
Bacon, Thomas G., Colonel. 

6th Cavalry Regiment. 

Aiken,(«-J Hugh K., Colonel. 
Ferguson, (*) Thomas B., Major. 
Miller, (*) Lovick P., Lieut. Col. 

6th Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into 26th Infantry.) 

Byrd,(*)S.D.M., Major, 
Manigault,(*) Edward, Major. 

6th Infantry Regiment. 

Bratton,(*) .Tohn, Colonel. 
Coker, (*) James L., Major. 
McLure, (*) Edward C. Major.- 
Secrest,(*) Andrew J., Lieut. Col. 
Steedman,(*) John M., Lieut. Col., Col. 
White,(*) John M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Winder, (*) Charles S. , Colonel. 
Woodward, Thomas W., Major. 

6th Regiment Reserves. 

Secrest, Andrew J., Colonel. 
Shedd, James N., Lieut. Col. 
Williams, Daniel, Major. 

7lh Cavalry Regiment. 

(Includes cavalry companies of Holcombe Le- 

Boykin, Edward M., Major. 
Haskell, (*) Alexander C, Colonel. 
McKissick, (*) Isaac G., Lieut. Col. 
Shingler, (*) W. Pinkney, Colonel. 

7th Infantry Battalion. 

(Enfield Bifiea.) 

Blair, (») Lovick Wm. R., Major. 
Nelson, (*) Patrick H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Rion,(*) .Tames H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

7th Infantry Regiment. 

Aiken, (*) D. Wyatt, Colonel. 
Bacon, (*) Thomas G., Colonel. 
Bland, (*) Elbert, Lieut. Col. 
Fair,(*) Robert A., Lieut. Col. 
Goggans, (*) Elijah .7., Lieut. Col. 
Hard,(*) John S., Major. 
Seibel3,(*) Emmet, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
White, (*3 William C, Major. 

7th Regiment Reserves. 

McJunkin, W. S., Major. 
ToUeson, .J. B., Lieut. Col. 
Wilson, William B., Colonel. 

Bth Cavalry Battalion. 

(Also called 2d Battalion. Merged into 3d Cav- 

Colcock,(*) Charles J., Lieut. Col. 
Johnson, Thomas H., Major. 

8t7i Infantry Regiment. 

Cash,(*) Ellerbee B. C, Colonel. 
Henagan,(*) John W., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Hoole, Axalla J., Lieut. Col. 
Lucas, Thomas E., Major. 
Stackhouse, (*) Eli T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
McLeod,(*) Donald McDonald, Major. 

Sth Battalion Reserves. 
, , Major. 

8tJi Regiment Reserves. 
Witherspoon, James H., Colonel. 



9ft Infantry Battalion. 

{Pee Dee Legion. Formerly Nesbit's Battalion 
State Troops. Merged into 26th Infantry.) 

Hudson, (*) Joshua H., Major. 
Eollins,(*) Richard D. F., Major. 
Smith, (*) Alexander D., Lieut. Col. 

9</t Infantry Begimevt. 

Blanding(*) James D., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Eay,(*) Duncan W., Lieut. Col. 
SteiBdman,(*) John M., Major. 

9th Regiment Reserves. 

Arnold, John W., Major. 
Fuller, Anthony C. , Lieut. Col. 
■Williams, James H., Colonel. 

10th Cavalry Battalion. 

(Also called 3d Battalion. Merged into 4th Cav- 

Adams, James P., Major. 
Stokes, (*) William, Major. 

10th Regiment Reserves. 
, , , Colonel. 

10th Regiment State Militia. 
, , Colonel. 

10th Infantry Regiment. 

Mamganlt,(*) Arthur M., Colonel. 
Pre8sley,(*) James F., Lieut. Col , Col. 
Porcher,(*) Julius T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Shaw,(*) A. J., Major. 
Walker, (*) C. Irvine, Lieut. Col. 

nth Infantry Battalion. 
{Merged into 25th Infantry.) 

Simonton,(*) Charles H., Major. 

nth Infantry Regiment, 
{Also palled 9th.) 

Campbell, (*) Robert, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Ellis, (*) Daniel H., Colonel. 
Gantt,(*) P. Hay, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Gooding, (*) John J., Major. 
Harrison, (*) John J., Major. 
Hey ward, (*) William C, Colonel. 
Izard, (*) Allen C, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Shuler, William, Lieut. Col. 
Smith, B. Burgh, Major. 

nth Regiment Reserve,'!, 

Davis, .Tames L., Major. 
Hutson, Wm. F., Lieut. Col, 
Ryan, John J., Colonel. 

I'Zih Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into 4th Cavalry. 

Emannel,(*) William P., Major. 

12th hfantry Regiment. 

Barnes, (*) Dixon, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Bookter, (*) Edwin F. , Maj. , Lieut, Cul. , Col. 
Clyburn,(*) T. Frank, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Davis, (*) Henry C., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Dunovant,)^*) Richard (i. M., Colonel. 
Jones, (*) Cadwalader, Maj., Lieut. Col., 

McCorkle,(^*) William H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Miller,(*) John L., Maj., Lieut. CoL, Col. 

IZth Infantry Regiment. 

Brockman,(*) Benjamin T., Maj., Lieut. 

Col., Col. 
Calhoun, (*) P. Ludlow, Lieut. Col. 
Duncan, (*) David R., Major. 
Edwards, (*) Oliver E., Colonel. 
Farrow, (*) T. Stobo. Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Hunt, (*) Isaac F., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Lester,(») William, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Wofford,(*j Joseph L., Major. 

lith Cavalry Battalion. 

(Also called 2d Battalion, merged intd 5th 

Morgan, (*) Joseph H., Major. 

lith Infantry Regiment. 

Brown,(*) Joseph N., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Carter, (*) William J., Major.- 
Croft,(*) Edward, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Harper, Henry H., Major. 
Jones, (*j James, Colonel. 
McGowan,(*) Samuel, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Perrin,(*J Abner, Colonel. 
Simpson, (*) Wra. D., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

nth Regiment State Militia. 

-, , Colonel. 

15ih Artillery Battalion. 

(Lucas Battalion.) 

Lucas, (*) J. Jonathan, Major. 

15th Infantry Regiment. 

Anderson, Richard, Lieut. Col. 

Davis, (*J John B., Colonel. 

De Saussure,(*) William D., Colonel. 

Gist,(*) Joseph F., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Gist, (*) William M., Major. 

Lewie, (*) Frederick S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

15ft Regiment Stale Militia. 
, , Colonel. 

16ft Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into 6th Cavalry.) 
Aiken, (*) Hugh K., Lieut. Col. 

16ft Infantry Regiment. 

Elford,(*) Charles J., Colonel. 
Ivor.(*) W. B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
McCullough,(*) James, Lieut. Cul. 
O'Neill, (*) Charles C, Major. 




16th Militia Begimeni. 
Stevens, (*) Clement H., Colonel. 

llth Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into 5th Cavalry.) 
Jeffords, (*) Robert J., Major. 

Yllh Infantry Begiinent. 

Avery,(*) John W., Major. 
Cu1d,(*) John R., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
McMaster,(*) Fitz William, Lieut. Col., 

Means, .Tohn H., Col. 
Means, Roberts., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Mills, (*) Julius, Major. 

V7tJi Militia Regiment. 

De Treville, Robert, Colonel. 

ISth Artillery Battalion (Siege Train). 

Alston,(*) Chas., jr., Major. 
Mauigault, Edward, Major. 

18th Infantry Regiment. 

Allison, (*) W. B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Betsill,!*) Kolet,L, Major. 
Gadberry, (*) James M., Colonel. 
Scaife, (*) Ferdinand, Lieut. Col. 
Wallace, (K) William H., Lieut. Col., Col. 

18th Militia Regiment. 

Browning, A. F., Lient, Col. 
Carew, John E. , Colonel. 
Shuler, Alfred, Major. 

19th Cavalry Battalion. 
Trenholm, William L., Lieut. Col. 

19th Infantry Regiment. 

Crowder,(*) .John A., Major. 

.Tones, Abraham, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Lythgoe,(*) August s J., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Moragne, W. C, Colonel. 

Pressley, ("'■ ) James F., Col. (temporary 

Shaw,{*) Thomas P., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Watson, Tillman, Major. 
White,(*) James L., Major. 

19th Militia Regiment. 
Bonneau, Peter, Colonel. 

20tt Infantry Regiment. 

Boykin,(*) Stephen M., Maj., Col. 
Dantzler,(*) Oljn M., Lieut. Col. 
Keitt,(*) Laurence M., Colonel. 
McMichael, (*) Paul A., Lieut. Col. 
Mimms, A., Major. 
Partlow,(*) John M., Major. 

21si Infantry Regiment. 

Dargan,(*) Alonzo T., Lieut. Col. 
Graham, {*) Robert F., Colonel. 
Mclver, (*) George W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Read, (*) J. Harleston, Major. 
Wilds, (*)S. H., Major. 

22d Infantry Regiment. 

Abney, (*) Joseph, Colonel. 
Burt,(*) William G., Lieut. Col., CoL 
Dantzler,(*)01in M., Colonel. 
Fleming, (*) David G., Colonel. 
Gopdlett,{*) Spartan D., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Hilton, Miel, Major. 
0'Connell,(*) James, Lient. Col. 
Shedd, (*) James N., Major. 
Stewart, (*) James M., Major. 
Watkins,(*) Thomas C, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

23rf Infantry Regiment. 
(Coast Rangers.) 
Bancroft, (*) Matthew V., Major. 
Benbow,(*) Henry L., ColoueL 
Green, Allen J., Lieut. Col. 
Hatch, (*) Lewis M., Colonel. 
Kinloch,(*) .John M., Lient. Col. 
Lesesne,(*) Henry H., Major. 
Miller, (*) L. P., Major. 
Murden.(*) Edgar 6., Major., Lient. Col. 
Roberts, (*) .Tohn, Lieut. Col. 
Whildeu,(*) John M., Major. 

Uth Infantry Regiment. 

Appleby, (*) M.T., Major. 

Capers, {*) Ellison, Lieut. Col., Col. 

Hammond, Andrew J., Major. 

Hill,(*) D. F., Major. 

Jones, (*) J. S., Maj., Lient. Col. 

Sigwakl,(*) C. B., Major. 

Stevens, (*) Clement H., Colonel. 

25(7( Infantry Regiment. 
(Eataw Regiment. Formed from llth Batt.) 
Glover, John V., Major. 
Pressley, (*) John G., Lieut. Col. 
Simonton, (*) Charles H., Colonel. 

26ft Infantry Regiment. 
(Formed from 6th and 9th Battalions.) 
Byrd,(*) Stephen D. M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Hudson, (*) Joshua H., Lieut. Col. 
Land,(*) Ceth S., Major. 
Rowell,(*) Cornelius D,, Ma,jor. 
Smith, (*J Alexander D., Colonel. 

27th Infantry Regiment. 

(Formed from 1st (Charleston) Infantry Bat- 
talion and 1st Battiilion S. S.) 
Abney, (*) Joseph, Major. 
Blake,{*) Julius A., Lieut. Col. 
Gail lard, (*) Peter C, Colonel. 

Z9lh Regiment State Militia. 
• , Colonel. 



Bureau Battalion, Charleston, 8. C. 
(Composed of clerks, detailed men, etc.) 

Charleston Battalion. 
Gaillard, Peter C, Li6wt. Col. 

Ounningham' s Battalion Beserves. 
Cunningham, John, Major. 

Hampton Legion. 

Cavalry of the Legion merged into 7th Cavalry 

Arnold, (*) Robert B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Butler,(*) Matthew C., Major. 
Conner, {*) James, Major. 
Dingle, J. Hervey, jr.. Major. 
Gary,(*) Martiu W., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Griffin, (*) James B., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

(declined appointment as colonel). 
Hampton, (*) Wade, Colonel. 
Johnson, (*) Benjamin I., Lieut. Col. 
Lee,(*) Stephen D., Major. 
Logan,(*) Thomas M., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Nicholson, (*) Benjamin E., Major. 

Harllee's Legion, Militia. 
Harllee, William W., General. 

Match's Infantry, Battalion. 
(Merged into 23d Regiment. ) 
Hatch, L. M., Lieut. Col. 

Holcomhe Legion. 

Crawley,(*) William J., Maj., Lieut. Col.' 

Elliott, Stephen, jr.. Colonel. 
Garlington,(*) A. C, Major. 
Palmer, F. G., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Shingler,(*) W. Pinkney, Lieut. Col., Col. 

Holcomhe Legion — Continued. 

Stevens, (») P. P., Colonel. 
Walsh,(*) Thomas V., Lieut. Col. 
Zeigler, (*) Martin G., Major. 

Jenkins' Regiment Sharpshooters. 
{See Palmetto Sharpshooters.) 

Naval Battalion, Charleston, S. Q. 
(Composed of employes, detailed men, etc.) 

Nesbit's Infantry Battalion State Troops. 
(Afterward 9th Battalion Infantry.) 

Nesbit, Ralph, Lieut. Col. 
Rollins, Richard D. P., Major. 

Orr's Rifles. 
{See 1st Regiment Rifles.) 

Palmetto Battalion Artillery. 
(See 3d Battalion Artillery.) 

Palmetto Sharpshooters. 

(Formed by transfers from 2d, 5th, and 9th In- 

Anderson, C*) William. Major. 
Goss,(*) John W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Humphreys, William W., Major. 
Jenkins, (*) Micah, Colonel. 
Kilkpatrick,(*) Franklin W., Major, Col. 

(latter appointment declined). 
Walker, (*) Joseph, Lieut. Col., Col. 

State Cadets. 
White, John B., Major. 

Ward's Battalion Reserves. 
Ward, J. W., Major. 




1st Heavy Artillery Begiment. 

Hoadley, F. W., Major. 
Jackson, (*) Andrew jr., Colonel. 
Sterling,!*) Eobert, Lieut. Col. 
Uptou, J. D., Major. 

1st Light Artillery Begiment. 

Haynes,(*) Milton A., Lieut. Col, 
McCown,(*) John P., Colonel. 
Stewart, (,*) Alex P., Major. 

lat Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged with 7th Battalion into Barteau's 2d.) 

McNairy,(*) Frank N., Lieut. Col. 
Malcolm, Green, Major. 

1st East Tennessee Cavalry Begiment. 

(Afterward, April, 1862, reduced to 2d (13th) 
Tennessee Battalion; afterward 5th Tenn- 
essee Cavalry.) 

McLin,(*) John B., Major. 
Rogers, (*) John F., Colonel. 
Whit«,(*) John F., Lieut. Col. 

1st {Carter's) Cavalry Begiment. 

Bean,(*) Onslow, Lieut. Col. 
Brazelton,(*) William, jr., Col. 
Carter, (^*) James E., Colonel. 
Goforth,(*) Alexander M., Major. 
King,(*) John " , Major. 
Vandyke, (*) Richard S., Major. 

1st i^Wheeler' s) Cavalry Begiment. 

(Formed from 2d and llth Battalions. After- 
ward 6th,) 

Dobbins, Joseph J., Major. 
Lewis, (*) James H., Lieut. Col. 
Wheeler, (*) James T., Colonel. 

1 si {Jackson's) Cavalry Begiment. 

(Formed from Logwood's 6th Battalion. After- 
ward 7th.) 

Clay, Charles C, Major. 

Duckworth, William L., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Jackson, (*) Wm. H., Colonel. 
Stocks, John G. Lieut. Col., Col. 
Taylor, (*) Wm. F., Lieut. Col. 

1st [Colms') Infantry Battalion. 

(Also called 20th Battalion. Merged into 50th 

Colms, (*) Stephen H., Major. 

Ist (Eakin's) Infantry Battalion, 
(Merged into 59th Regiment.) 

Eakin,(*) W, L., Major. 

1st Infantry Begiment Provisional Army, 

Buchanan, (*) Felix G., Major. 
George,!*) Newton J., Lieut. Col. 
Holman,(*) James H., Lieut. Col. 
Holmau.t*) Daniel W., Major. 
McLaughlin, Martin V., Major. 
Shacklelord,(,*) John C, Lieut. Col. 
Turney,(*) Peter, Colonel. 

1 st Begiment Volunteers. 
(Consolidated with 27th Infantry.) 

Feild,(*) Hume R., Maj., Col. 
House, (*) John L., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Looney, Abraham M., Major. 
Maney, (*) George, Colonel. 
Patterson, (*J ,Tohn, Lieut. Col. 
Sevier, Theodore F., Lieut. Col. 

1st and 2d Beghnents Consolidated. 

Allen, (*J Alexander C. , Major, of 27thTenn. 
Feild,(*)HumeE., Colonel, oIlstTenn. 
House,(*J JohnL., Lieut. Col., ot 1st Tenn. 

1st East Tennessee Bifles. 
(See also 37th Kegiment.) 
Carroll, (*) William H., Colonel. 

Ist Tennessee Zoxiaves. 

Auglade, J. G., Colonel. 
Flippiu, William S., Major. 
Thurston, A. J. D., Lieut. Col. 

1st Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi In- 


(See Alabama Troops.) 

'id Cavalry Battalion. 

(Merged with llth Battalion into Wheeler's 6th 

Biffle,(*) Jacob B., Lieut. Col. 
Cox, Nicholas N., Major. 
Jones, (*) Samuel H., Lieut. Col. 

'M {Asliby's) Cavalry Begiment. 

(Formed from 4th and 5tli Cavalry Battalions.) 

Ashby,(*) Henry M., Colonel. 
Cobb,(*) Pharaoh A., Major. 
Gillespie, (*) Henry C., Lieut. Col. 
Kuhn,(*) John H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Smith, (*) William M., Major. 

2d (Barteau's) Cavalry Begiment. 
(Afterward 22d.), (*) Clark R., Lieut. Col., Col. 
De Bow,(*) William A., Major. 
Farris, 0. B., Major. 
Morton, George H., Maj., Lieut. Col, 
Parrish,(*) WUilam, Major, 



2d Begiment Volunteers. 

(ConBolidated with 21st Tennessee Infantry and 
known as 5th Confederate Kegiment.) 

Ashford,(*) James A., Lieut. Col. 
Eqss,(*) William B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Smith, James A., Lieut. Col. 
Walker, (*) J. Knox, Colonel 

2d Infantry Begirnent Provisional Army. 
(Walker Legion.) 

Bate,(*) William B., Colonel. 
Butler, (*) John A., Lieut. Col. 
Doak, William R., Major. 
Driver, William T., Major. 
Goodall,(*) David L., Lieut. Col. 
Hale,(*) William J., Lieut. Col. 
Eobison, (*) William D., Colonel. 

3d Cavalry Battalion. 

(Also called 11th. Merged into Carter's 1st Cav- 

Bean,(*) Onslow, Major. 
Bradford, James C, jr.. Major. 
Brazelton, (*) William, jr., Lieut. Col. 
Carter, (*) James E., Lieut. Col. 

3d [ForresVs) Cavalry Begiment. 

Balch, Eobert M., Major. 

Blanton, James C, Major. 

Forrest, (*) Nathan B., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Kelley,(*) David C.,'Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Porter, Edward E., Lieut. Col. 

Spotswood, Edwin A., Major. 

3d Infantry Begiment Provisional Army. 
(Afterward Mounted Infantry.) 

Boyd,(*) Joseph C, Major. 
Haskins,(*) David C, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Lillard,(*) Newton J., fcieut. Col., Col. 
Morelock, (*) William C, Major. 
Morgan, (*J George W., Major. 
Eeese,(*) John J., Lieut. Col. 
Tool, (*) Samuel, Lieut. CoL 
Vaughn, (*J John C, Colonel. 

3d Begiment Volunteers. 

Barber, Flavel C, Major. 

Brown, (*) John C, Colonel. 

Cheairs, Nathaniel F., Major. 

Clack, (*) Calvin J., Lieut. Col., Colonel. 

Gordon, Thomas M., Lieut. Col. 

Jones, (*) George W., Major. 

Tucker, (*) Thomas M., Major. 

Walker, (*) Calvin H., Colonel. 

ifh Cavalry Battalion. 

(Merged with 5th Battalion into Ashby's 2d Cav- 

Branner,(*) Benjamin M., Lieut. CoL 
Pridgman,(*) John M., Major, 

ilh {Slavnes') Tennessee Caoalr. 
(Also called 3d ; formed from 8th Battalion.) 

Haynes,(*) Peril C, Lieut. Co!. 
McLemore,(*) William S., Colonel. 
Eaukin,(*) Peter T., Major. 
Starnes,(*') James W., Colonel. 

ith Tennessee Volunteers. 

Finlay,(*) Luke W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Hampton, (*) Henry, Major. 

Henry, (*) John F., Maj. 

Kellar,(*) Andrew J., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Neely,(*) Rufus P., Colonel. 

Strahl,(*) Otho F., Lieut. Col., Col. 

ith (ChurchwelP s) Infantry Begiment Pro- 
visional Army. 
(Became the 34th Infantry, which see.) 

4'/j and 5th Regiments Consolidated. 

Kellar, (*) Andrew J., ColoUel, of 4th. 
Lamb, (*) Jouatbau J., Colonel, of 5th. 

5tft Cavalry Battalion. 

(Merged with 4th Battalion into Ashby's 2d 

Campbell, Thomas J., Major. 
McClellan, (*) George K,, Lieut. Col. 

bth Cavalry Begiment. 

(Formed from 13th (also called 2d) Calvary Bat- 


Blackwell,(*) John L., Major. 
McKenzie,(*) George W., Lieut. Col., Col. 
McLin,(*) John B., Colonel. 
Montgomery, (*) John G. il., Lieut. Col. 

5th Infantry Regiment. 

Atkins, (*) John D. C, Lieut. Col. 
Bunch, (*) Br.yan B., jr.. Major. 
Lamb,(.*) Jonathan J., Maj., Col. 
Swor, William C, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Travis, William E., Colonel. 
Venable,(*) Calvin D., Lieut. Col., Col. 

5th {mil's) Infantry Begiment Provisional 


(Became the 35th, which see.) 

6th Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into Jackson's 7th Cavalry.) 

Hill, Charles H., Major. 
Logwood,(*) Thomas H., Lieut. Col. 

6th Cavalry Begiment. 
See 1st (Wheeler's) Cavalry Begiment 

6ft and 9thBegiments Consolidated. 

Buford, John W., Lieut. Col., of the 9th. 
Hurt, Charles S., Colonel, of the 9th. 
Porter, George C, Colonel, of the 6th. 
Wilder, James A,, Major, of the StilJ, 



Sih Infantry Begiment, 

Harris/*) John L., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Johns,!.*) "William M. E., Lieut. Col. 
Jones, (*) Timothy P., Lieut. Col. 
Porter, (*) George C, Maj., Col. 
Stephens, (*) William H., Colonel. 
Wilder, (*) James A., Major. 
Williamson, Eobert C, Major. . 

Itli Cavalry Battalion. 

(Merged with McNairy's Jst Battalion into 
Bart«au's 2d Cavalry Regiment.) 

Bennett, (*) James D., ColoneL 
Smith, (*) ISaxter, Major. 

7th Cavalry Regiment. 
See 1st (Jackson's) Cavalry Regiment. 

1th {Carroir n) Infantry Regiment Frovisional 


(Became 37tli Infantry, which see.) 

7th Infantry Begiment. 

Fite,(*) John A., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Goodner,{*) John F., Lieut. Col., (iol. 
Hatton, (*) Bobert, Colonel. 
Howard, (*) John K., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Shepard,{*) Samuel G., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Williamson, William H. , Major. 

8th Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into Starnes' 4th Cavalry.) 

Starnes, (*) James W., Lieut. Col. 
Wilson, Ewing A., Major. 

8th (Baxter Smith's) Cavalry Regiment. 

(Also called 4th. Formed from Davis' andSpil- 
ler's Cavalry Battalions.) 

Alexander, (*) David W., Lieut. Col. (can- 
Anderson, (*) Paul F., Lieut. Col. 
Bledsoe, (*) Willis Scott, Major. 
Davis, (*) John R., Major (canceled). 
Smith, Baxter, Colonel. 

8ih [DlhrelVs) Cavalry Regiment. 
(A-lso called 13th Kegiment.) 

Chapin,(*) William P., Major. 
Daugherty,(*) Ferdinand H., Lieut. Col. 
Dibrell,(*) George G. , Colonel. 
Forrest,(*) Jeffrey E., Major. 
Gore, (*} Mouuce L., Colonel. 

8th {Looney's and Carter's) Infantry Begi- 
(Became the 38th Infantry, which see.) 

8th (Fulton's) Infantry Regiment. 

Anderson,( *) John H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Botts, W. H., Major. 
Burford,(*) William G., Major. 
Ewing, A. G., Lieut. Col. 
Fulton, (*) Alfred S., Colonel. 

8th (Fulton's) Infantry Regiment— Cont'd. 

McKinuey,(*) Christopher C, Maj., Lieut 

Moore, (*) William L., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Oglesby, L. W., Colonel. 

9ih Cavalry Battalion. 

Akin,(*) James H., Major. 
Gantt, George, Lieut. Col. 
Porter, Bradshaw W., Major. 

9th Cavalry Regiment. 

Alston, E. A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Bennett, (*) James D., Colonel, 
McCann, Eichard, Major. 
Ward,(*) William W., Lieut. Col., Col. 

dth (Riffle's) Cavalry Begiment. 
(Also called 19th.) 

Blffle,(*) Jacob B., Colonel. 
Cooper, (*) Albert G. , Lieut. Col. 
Martin, Barclay, Major. 

9lh Infantry Begiment. 
(Consolidated with 6ih.) 

Buford,(*) John W., Lieut. Col. 
Douglass, (*) Henry L., Colonel. 
Hurt,(*) Charles S., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Kelso, (*) George W., Major. 
Eogers, (*) H. A., Major. 
White,' S. H., Major. 

10th Cavalry Battalion. 
(Also called 11th.) 

Smith, E. S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Thomason, Z., Major. 

loth Cavalry Begiment. 
(Formed from Napier's and Cox's Battalions.) 
Cox,(*) Nicholas N., Colonel. 
De Moss,(*) William E., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Minor, (*) John, Major. 
Trezevant, Edward B. , Lieut. Col. 

lOthand IXthCavalry Begimenis Consolidated. 

De Moss,(*) William E., Lieut. Col., of 

Holman,(*) Daniel W., Colonel, of 11th. 
Minor, (*) John, Major, of 10th. 

10th Infantry Begiment. 

Brandon, Stephen 0. W., Major. 
Grace, (*) William, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Heiman,(*) Adolphus, Colonel. 
MacGavock, (*) Randall W., Lieut. Col., 

0'Neill,(*) John. Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Thompson, (*) Samuel M., Major, Lieut. 



llth Cavalry BaitaUon. 

Merged with 2d Battalion into Wheeler's 6th 

jrdon, W. W., Lieut. Col. 
iwkinsA*) William S., Major. 

lltt Cavalry Begiinent. 

Formed from Douglass' and Holman's Bat- 

)ifee,(*) Chatham, Major (acting). 
lmoncisoD,(*) James H., Colonel. 
olman,(*) Daniel W., Lieut. Col., Col. 
artin,(*] Jacob T., Lieut. Col. (acting). 

\th and 29<A Infantry Begiments Consoli' 

inns, JohnE., Major, of llth. 
ice, Horace, Colonel, of 29th. 

llth Infantry Regiment. 
(Consolidated with 29th.) 

iteman, Thomas P., Lieut. Col. 

inDS,(*) John E., Major. 

ordon,(*) George W., Lieut. Col., Col. 

reen,(*) William, Major. 

()Dg,(*) James A., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

aoas,Hugh R., Major. 

iiin3,(*) James E., Colonel. 

hedford,(*) William, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

■ebb,(*) Howell, Lieut. Col. 

'eems,(*) Philip Van Horn, Maj. 

12(A Cavalry Battalion. 

arian,(*) Thomas W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
ay.(*) George W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
liipps,(*) Frank L., Maj. 

12ift Cavalry Regiment. 
Uso called 1st Tennessee Partisan Rangers.) 

mnett, G. W., Major. 

insoD, Berry B., Major. 

irrow,(*) Reuben, Maj<, Lieut. Col. 

reen,(*) John Uriah, Lieut. Col., Col. 

ichardson, (*) Robert V. , Colonel. 

Vith Infantry Regiment. 
(Consolidated with 22d and also 47tb.) 

ill,(*) Tyree H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
,ldwell,(*) Robert P., Major. 
itlaw,(*) Drew A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
irl, .Tames, Major. 
issell,(*) Robert Milton, Colonel. 
yatt,(*) J. N., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

ilk and 22d Infantry Regiments Consoli- 

1I,(*) Tyree H., Colonel, of 12th. 

iMurry, (*) Lipscomb P., Lieut. Col., of 


?att,(*) J. N., Major, of 12th. 

21739 5 

12tli and ilth Infantry Regiments Consoli- 

Watkin3,(*) William M., Colonel, of 47th. 

13</( Cavalry Battalion. 
(Also called 2d ; merged into 5th Cavalry.) 

McKenzie, (*) George W., Lieut. Col. 
Montgomery, (*) J. G. M., Major. 

13tt Cavalry Regiment. 
(See 8th (Dibrell's) Cavalry Regiment.) 

IZth Infantry Regiment. 
(Consolidated with 154th Senior Regiment.) 

Cole, Peter H., Major. 
Crook, (*) Williams J., Major. 
Dyer,(*) Beverly L., Major, Lieut. Col. 
Morgan, (*J William E., Lieut. Col. 
Pitihan,(*) Robert W., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Vaughan,(*) Altred J., jr., Lieut. Col., 

Winfield, W. E., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Wright, (*j John V., Colonel. 

IZth and 154</j Infantry Regiments Consoli- 

Dawson, JohnW., Major, of 154th. 
Pitman, (■') Robert W., Lieut. Col., of 13th. 
Vaughan, (*)Alfred J., jr.,Colonel, of 13th. 

14W( Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. 
(See 3d Battalion.) 

lAth (Neely's) Cavalry Regiment. 
(Also called 13th.) 

Neely,(*) James J., Colonel. 
Thurmond, (*) J. Gwynn, Major. 
White, (*) Raleigh R., Lieut. Col. 

lith Infantry Regiment. 

Brandon, Nathan, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Forbes, (*) William A., Colonel. 
Gholson, Milton G., Lieut. Col. 
Harrell, George A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Johnson, (*) James H., Major. 
Lockert,(*) James W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
McComb,(*) William, Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Morris, (*) Nathan M. , Major. 

15th Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged intoEussell's 4th Alabama Cavalry.) 

Russell, (*) Alfred A., Lieut. Col. 

15th {Stewart's) Cavalry Regiment. 
(Also called 14th.) 

Dawson, William A., Lieut. Col. 
Kirk, Elijah P., Major. 
Marshall, L. M., Lieut. Col. 
Stewart, (*) Francis M., Colonel. 



15ih {Russell's) Cavalry Begiment. 
(Also called 20th.) 

Bowman, Henry F., Major. 
Greer, (*) Henry Clay, Lieut. Col. 
Eussell,(*) Bobert Milton, Colonel. 

15ih Infanlri/ Eegiment. 
(Consolidated with 37th.) 

Brooks, (*) Thorndike, Lieut. Col. 
Carroll, (*) Charles M., Colonel. 
Hambleton, John W., Major. 
Hearn,(*) John F., Major. 
Taylor, James H. K., Lient. Col. 
Tyler,(*) EobertC, Lieut. Ool., CoL 
Wall,(*) John M., Major. 

15lh and Zlili Infantry BegimenU Consoli- 

Frayser,(*l R. Dudley, Lieut. Col., of 37th. 
Tyler, (*) Robert C, Colonel, of 15th. 
Wall, (*) John M., Major, of 15th. 

16Wt Cavalry Battalion. 

Neal,(*) John E., Lieut. Col. 

Paine,(*) F. J., Major. 

Enoker,(*) Edmund Winchester, Major. 

16th ( IFi'koJi's) Cavalry Begiment. 
(Also called 21st.) 

Forrest, Jesse A., Lieut. Col. 
Parham, William Thomas, Major. 
Wilson, (*) Andrew Neil, Colonel. 

Idth {Logwood' s) Cavalry Begiment. 

Logwood, {*) Thomas H., Colonel. 
Murray, James H., Lieut. Col. 
Webb, Thomas S., Major. 

16th {Logwood's) and 15lh (Stewart's) Cavalry 


(Consolidated as 15th Cavalry.) 

Logwood, (*3 Thomas H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Stewart, (*j Francis M., Colonel. 
Street, Solomon G., Major. 

16th Infantry Begiment. 

Brown, (*) Daniel T., Lieut. Col. 
Coifee,(*) Patrick H., Maj. 
Donnell,(*) David M., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Faulkner, Henry H., Major. 
Goodbar, Jos., Major, 
Murray, (*) Thomas B., Lieut. Col. 
Randals,(*) Ben., Major. 
Savage, (*) John H., Colonel. 

17th Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into 9th Misilssippi Cavulry.) 

Sanders, (*) Edward J., Major. 

nth Cavalry Begiment, 

(No rolls on file.) 
Marshall, J. W., Colonel. 

nth Infantry Begiment, 
(Colsolidated with the 234.) 

Davis, (*) James C, Major. 
Floyd, (*) Watt W., Lieut. Col. 
Landis, (*) Absalom L.. Major. 
Marks, (*) Albert S., Maj., Col. 
Miller,(*) T. C. H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Newman, (*) Tazewell W., Colonel. 

18th Cavalry Battalion. 

Balch, Robert M., Lieut. Col. 
McDonald, Charles, Major. 

18th {Newsom's) Cavalry Begiment. 

(Also called 19th. Includes four companiee 
Jeffrey E. Forrest's Alabama Cavalry Ri 

Baker,(*) William Y., Major. 
Newsom,(*) John F., Colonel. 
Ozier, Joseph D., Lieut. Col. 
Parham, William T., Major. 
Wisdom, (*) Dew Moore, Lieut. Col., Co 

18th Infantry Begiment. 

Butler, (*) William R., Lieut. Col. 
Garden, Albert G., Lieut. Col. 
Davis, Samuel W., Major. 
Palmer, (*} Joseph B., Colonel. 
Joyner, (*) William H., Major. 

lath Cavalry Begiment. 
{See 9th (Biffle's) Cavalry Regiment.) 

19th Infantry Begiment. 

Cummings,(*) David H., Colonel. 
Deaderick,(*) James G., Maj., Lieut. C( 
Fulkerson,(*) Abraham, Major. 
Heiskell,(*) Carrick W,, Maj., Lieut. C 

Jarnigan, Eufus A., Major. 
Moore, (*) Beriah F., Lieut. Col. 
Walker, (*) Francis M., Lient. Col., Col, 

20(7t {Nixon's) Cavalry Begiment. 

Gilbert, , Major. 

Hughs, (*) Thomas E., Lieut. CoL 
Nixon, (*) George H., Colonel. 

20th {Bussell's) Cavalry Begiment, 
{See 15th (Russell's) Cavalry.) 

20i/t Infantry Begiment, 

Battle,!*) Joel A., Colonel. 
Carter, Mosco B., Lient. Col. 
Claybrooke,(*) Frederick, Major. 
Duffy, Patrick, Major. 
Gooch, John S., Lieut. Col. 
Guthrie, (*) John F., Major, 



20(A Infantry Regiment — Continued. 

Lavender, Frank M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Lucas, (.*) Henry C, Maior. 
Shy,(*)Winiam M., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Smith, (*) Thomas B., Colonel. 

21si Caralry Battalion. 

Burtwell, John E. B., Major. 

21s( (Carter's) Cavalrt/ llegimcnt. 

Carter, Nathan W., Colonel. 
Dudley, K. H., Major. 
Withers, Kobert, Lieut. Col. 

21s< Infuniry Begimaii. 

(Consolidated with 2d Infantry to form 5tli Con- 

Cole, James C, Major. 
l'ickett'(*) Edward, jr., ColoneL 
Taman,(*) H., Lieut. Col. 

22(J Cavalry Regiment. 
(See 2d (Barteau's) Cavalry Regiment.) 

22(i Infantry Battalion SliarpsJiooters. 
Murray, (*) Thomas B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

22(Z Infantry Regiment. 
(Consolidated with 121h Infantry July 6, '63.) 

Davis, Benjamin T., Ma,ior. 

Freeman, (*) Thomas J., Colonel. 

McMurry,(*] Lipscomb P., Maj., Col. 

Pirtle, M. H., Lieut. Col. 

Robertson, A. T., Lieut. Col. 

Stewart, (*) Francis M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

23d Infantry Battalion. 
Newman, (*) Tazewell W., Colonel. 

23d Infantry Regiment. 

Cautrell, Eobert, Lieut. Col. 

Keeble,(*) Richard H., Lieut Col., Col. 

Lowe, John G., Major. 

Martin, (*) Matt., Colonel. 

Neill, James F., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Nixon, (*) George H., Mnjor. 

Eeady,(*) Horace, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

24(A Infantry Battalion Sharpshooters. 

Maney,(*) Frank, Major. 

24tt Infantry Regiment. 

Allison, (*) Eobert D., Colonel. 
Bratton,(*) HughL. W., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Fielding, (*j William C, Major. 
Peebles, Thomas H., Lieut. Col. 
Shannon, (*) Samuel E., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Williams, John J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Wilson,(*J John A., Maj., Lieut. Col., 


25th Infantry Regiment. 

Bilbrey, Josiah H., Major. 
Davis, (*) Samuel, Lieut. Col. 
Dibrell,(*) George G., Lieut. Col. 
Duncan, (*) William A. , Major. 
Hughs,(*) John M., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
McCarver,(*) Samuel H., Major. 
Sauders,(*) Eichard C. , Lieut. Col. 
Snowden,(*) Robert B., Lieut. CoL 
Stanton, (*) Sidney S., Colonel. 
Williams, Timothy H., Major. 

26/A Cavalry Battalion. 

(Also called McDonald's Battalion and Forrest's 
(Old) Regiment, Formed from Forrest's 3d 
Tennessee Cavalry, 1865.) 

Ailiu,(*) Philip T., Major. 
Crews, (*) J. M., Lient. Col. 
Kelley,(*) David C, Lieut. Col. 
McDonald, Charles, Major. 

2Qth Infantry Regiment. 

Boo;gess,(*) Abijah F., Maj., Lieut. CoL 
Bottles,!*) James L., Lieut. Col. 
Lillard,(*) John M., Colonel. 
McComiell, Thomas ![., Major. 
Odell, James J., Lieut. Col. 
Saffell,(*) l^ichard M., Maj., CoL 

21tli Battalion Cavalry. 

Crook, .Tames, Major. 
Daniel, James E., Lieut. Col. 

2,1th Infantry Regiment. 
(Consolidated with Maney's ]st Infantry.) 

Allen, (*) Alexander C, Major. 

Brown, (*) Blackburn H., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Caldwell, (*) Alexander W., Lieut. Col., 

Friersou, (*) William, Lieut. Col. 
Love, Samuel T., Major. 
Taylor, John M., Major. 
Williams, (*) Christopher H., Colonel. 

2Stli and 8ith Regiments Consolidated. 

Crook, (*)DavidC., Lieut. Col., Col., of 28th. 

Holman,(*) John B., Major. 

Smith, ("J William G., Maj., Lieut. CoL, of 

Stanton, (*) Sidney S., Colonel, of 84th. 

28//t Infantry Regiment. 

(2d Mountain Kegiiaent. Consolidated with 
84th Infantry.) 

Brown, (*) Uriah T., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Crook, (") David C, Major. 
Cunningham,!*) Preston D., Lieut. Col., 



28tt Infantry Regimeyit — Continued . 

Eatherly, Jouatlian, Lieut. Col. 
Murray, (*) John P., Colonel. 
Sinirell,!*) Eli D., M;ijor. 
Talbert, James K., Major. 

29ffi Infantry Regiment, 

Arnold, Reuben, Lieut. Col. 
Bishop, (*) William P., Colonel. 
Blevins, (*) Absalom K.. Major. 
Johnson, (*) John B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
McKamy,(*) Samuel L., Major. 
Powel, (*) Samuel, Colonel. 
Eice,(*) Horace, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

'iWh Infantry Regiment. 

Bid well, (*', BellG., Major. 
Head,(*) John W., Colonel. 
Murphy, Robert H., Lieut. Col. 
Turner, (*) James J., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Zlst {A. H. Bradford^) Infantry Regiment. 
(CoDSolidated with Maney's 33d Infantry.) 

Bradford, (*) Alsey H., Colonel. 

Cason,(*) Caleb McKnisht, Lieut. Col. 

Hudson, Samuel H., Major. 

Jinkins, Mansfield D , Lieut. Col. 

Sharp, (*) Samuel, Major. 

Smith, John F., Major. 

Stafford, (*) Fountain E. P., Maj., Lieut. 

Tansil,(*) Egbert E., Colonel. 

'i\st and 33d Regiments Consolidated. 

Payne, Robert N., Major, of 33d. 
Stafford, Fountain E. P., Lieut. Col., of 

31s< ( W. M. Bradford's) Infantry Regiment, 

(Afterward 39th Infantry; afterward Mounted 


Bradford, (*) William M., Colonel. 
Humes, James W., Lieut. Col. 
McFarland, Robert, Major. 

32rf Infantry Regiment. 

Brownlow, William W. J., Major. 
Cook,(*) Edmund C, Colonel. 
McGuire,{*) John P., Maj., CoL 
Moore, William P., Lieut. Col. 
O'Neal, (*) William P., Lieut. Col. 
Tucker, (*) Caloway G., Major. 

33d Infantry Regiment. 

(Consolidated with 31st (A. I-I. Bradford's) In- 

Campbell, (*) Alexander W., Colonel. 
Jones, {*} Warner P., 'Lieut. Col , Col. 
McNeill, (*) Henry C, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Payne, (*) Robert N., Maj., Col. 

34tft Infantry Regiment, 
(Formerly 4th Regiment Provisional Army, 

Bostick, Joseph, Major. 
Brad3haw,(*) Oliver A., Maj., Lieut. Cc 
Churchwell,(*) William M., Colonel. 
Lewis, (*) Robert N., Maj., Lieut. Col 

McMurry, (*) James A., Lieut. Col., Co: 

35ft Infantry Regiment. 

(lat Mountain Rifles. Formerly 5th Regime! 
Provisional Army.) 

Brown, (*J Joseph, Major. 

Brownlow, William W. J., Major (tempi 

rarily attached). 
Deakins,(*) Georges., Major. 
Hill,(*} Benjamin J., Colonel. 
Roberts, (*J E. B., Lieut. Col. 
Smith, Joseph A., Lieut. Col. 
Spurlock, John L., Lieut. Col. 

3Gth Infantry Regiment, 

Alley, (*) Alexander K., Colonel. 
Camp,!*) William A., Major. 
Dunn, John A., Lieut. Col. 
Morgan, (*) Robert Jarrel, Colonel. 
Smith, John A., Lieut. Col. 
Wetmore, William H., Major. 

S7tJi Infantry Regiment. 

(1st East Tennessee Rifles. Formerly 7th Reg 
ment Provisional Army. Consolidated wit 
15th Tennessee.) 

Car.oll,(*) William H., Colonel. 
Frayser, (*) R. Dudley, Lieut. Col. 
Hunt,(*) Edward F., Major. 
Moffett, Hunter P., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
McReynolds, (*) Joseph T. , Major. 
Tankesley,(*) R. M., Major. 
White, (*) Moses, Lieut. Col., Col. 

38th Infantry Regiment. 
(Formerly 8th, Looney's.) 

Abington,(*) Hardeman A., Major. 
Carter, (*) John C, Colonel. 
Cotter, (*) Hamilton W., Major. 
Gwynne,(*) Andrew D., Lieut. Col. 
Golladay,(*) Edward J., Lieut. Col. 
Greer, (*J Hugh D., Lieut. Col. 
Looney,(*) Robert P., Colonel. 
Thrasher, (*) David H., Major. 

ZWi Infantry Regiment. 
(See 31st (W. M. Bradford's) Regiment.) 

1st Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississip^ 

Avery, (*) William T., Lieut. Col. c 

Baker, (*) Alpheus, Colonel of Alabama. 
Cansler, Adolphus Philip, Major of Mis 




;■ iOth Infantry 

. (Walker Regiment. Ordered known as .5th Con- 
federate Feb. 2, 1862. Composed of 4 Alabama, 
I Arkansas, 1 Florida, and I Kentucky com- 
panies. Cos. A, B, I, K went into the 54th 
Alabama Infantry.) 

Henderson,!*) C. C, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Higgins,(*) Hiram H., Major. 
Minter,(*) John A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Walker,!*) Lucius M., Colonel. 

iXst Infantry Regiment. 

Tarquharson, f*) Robert, Colonel. 
McClure,(*) Robert G., Lieut. Col. 
Miller, Thomas G., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Tillman, (*) James D., Lieut. Col., Col. 

42d Infantry Regiment. 

Hubbard, (*) Josiab R., Major. 
Hnlme,(*) Isaac N., Lieut. Col., Col. 
McCollum,(*) Levi, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Norwood, John H. , Lieut. Col. 
Qaarles,(*) William A., Colonel. 
Walton, Isaac B., Lieut. Col. 

iZd Infantry Regiment. 

(5th East Tennessee Volunteers. Afterward 
Mounted Infantry.) 

Gillespie,(*) James W., Colonel. 
Guthrie, f*) Lawson. Major. 
Key,(*) David M., Lieut. Col. 
McKamy,(*) William H., Major. 

iAth Infantry Regiment. 
(Consolidated with 55th.) 

Crawford, (*) Gibson M., Major. 
Ewin,(*) Henry C, Major. 
Fulton, (*) Johu g., Maj., Col. 
Johnson, James M., Major. 
Kelly, Johu H., Colonel (temporarily com- 
McDaniel, Coleman A., Colonel. 
McEwen,(*) John L., jr., Lieut. Col. 
Shied, (*) Henry S., Lieut. Col. 

A5tli Infantry Regiment, 
(Consolidated witli 23d Tennessee Battalion.) 

Carter,(*) Samuel A., Major. 
Hall, (*) Alexander, Lieut, Col. 
Lytle,(*) Epbraim F., Lieut. Col. 
Mitchell, (*) Addison, Colonel. 
Moore, (*) James B., Major. 
Newman, (*) Tazewell W., Major (super- 
numerary during consolidation). 
Searcy, (*) Anderson, Colonel. 
Wadley,!,*) C. H., Major. 

• 46ffi Infantry Regiment. 

Brown, James S., Major. 
:iark,(*) JobnM., Colonel 
hooper, (*) Sylvester C, Major. 

46a Infantry JJei/mffti— Continued. 
Johnson, John William, Lieut. Col. 
Owens, (*) Robert A., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Wilson, Joseph I)., Maj., Lieut. CoL 

47tt Infantry Regiment. 

Hill,(*) Mun.son R., ColoneL 
Holmes, (*) W. E., Lieut. Col. 
Shearon,(*) Thomas R., Major. 
Watkius,(*) William M., Colonel. 
Wynne, (*) Vincent G., Lieut. Col. 

48th {NixonU) Infantry Regiment. 
(Forjned from ren\nants of 48th and 54th.) 

Evans, (*) Henry G., Lieut. Col. 
Hughs, (*) Thomas R., Lieut. CoL 
Nixou,(*) George H., Colonel. 
Younger, (*) Joseph T,, Major. 

iBih ( Voorhies' ) Infantry Regiment. 

Campbell, Andrew J., Major. 
Godwin, Aaron S., Lieut. Col. 
Gray, John F., M.ijor. 
Howard, (*) Joseph D., Major. 
Jamison, (*) Thomas E., Major. 
Sowell,(*) William J., Lieut. Col. 
Voorhies, (*) William M., Colonel. 

49th Infantry Regiment. 

Atkins, (*) Thomas M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Bailey, (*) James E., Colonel. 
Cording, (*) Jerome B., Lieut. Col. 
Giig.*y,(*) Thomas K., Lieut. Col. 
Lynn, David A., Maj., Col. 
McClelland, Robert H., Major. 
Robb, Alfred, Lieut. Col. 
Shaw, William A., Lieut. Col. 
Young,(*) William F., ColoneL 

50th [Old) Infantry Regiment. 

Beaumont, (*) Thomas W., Lieut. Col. 
Lockhart,(*) Harrison C, Maj., Lieut. 

Robertson, Christopher W., Major. 
Stacker, George W., Colonel. 
Sugg, Cyrus A., Lieut. Col., Col. 

rMh {New) Infantry Regiment. 

(Consolidated with Colms' 1st Tennessee Battal- 
ion and 4tli Confederate or 34th Tennessee.) 

Bradsbaw,(*) Oliver A., Lieut. Col. (Col. 
of 34 th). 

Colms,(*) Stephen H., Colonel (of 1st Bat- 

Pease,(*) George W., Maj., Lieut. Col. (of 

51st Infantry Regiment. 
(Consolidated with 52d.) 

Browder.(*) BartlettM., Colonel. 
Chester, (*) John, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Clark,(*) Edward A., Major. 



51st Infantri/ Begiment — Continued. 

Hal],(*) John G., Lieut. Col. 
Shelton,(*) Edward O., Lieut. Col. 
Smitlieal, Green W., Major (declined). 
Williamson, ('■■) John T., Major. 
Wilson, Andrew N., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

52d Infantry Regiment. 
(Consolidated with 51st.) 

Estes,(*) John W., Lieut. Col. 
Lea, (*) Benjamin J., Colonel. 

Oliver, , Lieut. Col. 

Handle, (*) Thomaa G., Major. 

53d Infantry Begiment. 

Abernathy, Alfred H., Colonel. 
Aymett, Hans H., Major. 
Baker, (*) William N., Major. 
Holden,(*) William B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Morton, T. J., Lieut. Col. 
Richardson, (-) William C, Major. 
White, (■•■) John R., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Wilkes,!*) William H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Winston, (*) Thomas F., Lieut. Col. 

54i/( Infantry Begiment. 

(Portion of this rep:iment united with part of 
48th to form Nixon's 48th.) 

Bearing, William, Colonel. 
McMackin, Andrew J., Major. 
Skillern, David S., Lieut. Col. 

both Infantry Regiment. 
(Consolidated with 44tli.) 

Baker, ('■■) Thomas 11. , Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Black, ("■') Gideon B,, Lieut. Col. 
Brown, (*) Alexander J., Colonel. 
Hillsman,(") JohnH., Major. 
Jones,(*) William A., Lient. Col. 
McDonald, (*) Joseph E., Major. 
McKoin, James L., Colonel. 
Reed, Wyly M , Lieut. Col. 

Slth Infantry Begiment. 
(No rolls on tile.) 



58//t Infantry Begiment. 
(No rolls on file.) 

Crews, (*) J. M.,ColoueL 

59/7i Infantry Begiment. 

(Afterward Mounted Infantry. Formed from 1st 

(ICakin's) Battalion.) 

Alexander, Charles M., Major. 
Browji,(*) James P., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Cooke,!*) James B., Colonel. 
Eakin,(*) Wm. L., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Love,;*) James P., Major. 

60ffi Infantry Begiment. 
(Also called 79th.) 

Crawford,;*) John H. , Colonel. 
Gregg, Nathan, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Rhea,(*3 James A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

61st Infantry Regiment. 
(Also called Slat : afterward Mounted Infantry 

Dodd,(*) Nathan, Major. 
Pitts, (*) Fountain E., Colonel. 
Rose, James G. , Lieut. Col., Col. 
Snapp,(*) James P., Maj., Lient. Col. 

69(Z Infantry Begiment. 
( Algo called 80th ; afterward Mounted Infantry 

Parker, William, Lieut. Col. 
Reynolds, Simeon D. , Major. 
Rowan, (*) John A., Colonel. 
Smith, (*) William R., Major. 

63(i Infantry Begiment. 
(Afterward Mounted Infantry.) 

Aiken, (*) John A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Fain,(*) Richard G., Colonel. 
Fulkerson,(*) Abraham, Lieut. Col., Col, 
Fulkerson, (*) William H., Maj., Lieut. 

Sitli Infantry Begiment, 
(Con3olid.ited with 2Sth.) 

Smith, (*) William G., Major. 
Stanton, (*) Sidney S., Colonel. 

Ibith {Senior) Infantry Begiment. 

Dawson, John W., Maj., Lient. Col. 
Fitzgerald,;*) Edward, Maj., CoL 
Genette, (*) Jones, Major. 
Magevney, (*)Michael, jr., Lieut. Col., Col 
Martin, John D., Major. 
Patrick,;*) Marsh M., Major. 
Smith.;*) Preston, Colonel. 
Wright,;*) Marcus J., Lieut. Col. 

Allison's Cavalry Squadron, 

Allison, Robert D., Colonel. 

Barteau's Cavalry Battalion. 
(Became Barteau's 2d Regiment.) 
Barteau, Clark R., Lieut. Col. 

Cox's Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into 10th Tennessee Cavalry.) 

Cox, Nicholas N., Major. 

Crews' Infantry Battalion.. ^ 

(Remnant of this battalion formed into on 
coinpiiny and united with Hunt's 5th (9tl 
Kenlnclty Infantry as Company P.) 

Crews, J. M., Lieut. CoL 
Evans, ,L A., Major. 



iJavts' Cavalry Satialion. 
(Merged into Baxter Smith's 8th Cavalry.) 

Davis, (*) John R., Major. 

Douglass' Cavalri) Battalion. 
(Merged into 11th Tennessee Cavalry.) 

Douglass, De Witt Clinton, Major. 

Forrest's {old) Begiment. 
(See 26th Cavalry Battalion.) 

Hamilton' i Cavalry Battalion. 

Hamilton, Oliver P., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Shaw,(*) Jo., Major. 

Holman's Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into lltli Tennessee Cavalry.) 

Holman,(*) Daniel W., Major. 

Memphis Infantry Battalion. 
(Also called 3d Battalion.) 

Foute, A. M. , Lieut. Col. 

Murray's Cavalry Regiment. 
(Called also 4th.) 

Murray, John P., Colonel. 

Napier's Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into 10th Tennessee Cavalry.) 

Napier, (*) Thomaa Alonzo, Colonel. 

Nashville Battalion Infantry. 
Havfkins, James M., Major. 

Nixon's Cavalry Regiment.. 
(Consolidated with Logwood's 16th.) 

Crews, J. M., Major. 
Logwood,!*) Thos. H., Lieut. Col. 
Nixon, Geo. H., Colonel. 

Rucher's (Isi) Cavalry Legion. 
(12th and 16th Battalions aon.solidated.) 

Rucker,(*) Edmund W., Colonel. 

SpilUr's Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into Baxter Smith's 8th Cavalry.) 

Spiller, C. C, Lieut. Col. 
Smith, (*) Baxter, Major. 

Stewart's {A. P.) Artillery Battalion, 
(See Tennessee Artillery Corps.) 

Tennessee Artillery Corps. 

(State service; transferred to Confederate serv- 

Hayne3,(*) Milton A., Lieut. Col. 
McCown, (*) John P., Colone. 
Stewart,!') Alexander P., Major. 

Welclcer's Battalion Slate Troops, 
Welcker, Benjamin F., Major. 


1st Artillery Regiment, 

Cook, (*) Joseph J. , Colonel. 
Manly, (*) Jolin H., Lieut. Col. 
Von Harten,(*) Edward, Major. 

1st Cavalry Battalion, 
(Merged into 32d Cavalry.) 

Crump, R. P., Major, Lieut. Col. 

Ist Cavalry Battalion State Troops. 

Holland, D.D., Lieut. Col. 
Taylor, Joseph, Ma,jor. 

Is* Cavalry Battalion Arizona Brigade. 
(Also called 1th Battalion.) 

Davidson,!*) A. H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Looscan,!*) Michael, Major. 

1st Indian Texas Regiment. 
(See 22d Texas Cavalry.) 

Isi Regiment Partisan Rangers, 

Burns, A. D., Major. 
Crump,!*) R. P., Lieut. Col. 
Lane,!*) Walter P., Colonel. 

Ist Texas Rangers, 
See 8th Texas Cavalry.) 

1st {McCulloch's) Regiment Mounted Rifle- 
(Reduced to a battalion — 8th.) 

Barry,!*) James B., Major. 
Burleson,!*) Ed., Major. 
Frost.!*) Thomas C, Lieut. Col. 
McCulloch,!*) Henry E., Colonel. 

1st (BueheVs) Cavalry Begiment, 

(Formed from Yager's Sd and Taylor's 8th Bat- 

Buchel, !*) Augustus, Colonel. 
Myers, (*) Robt. A., Major, 
Yager, (.*) William 0., Lieut. Col. 

1st Cavalry Regiment Arizona Brigade. 

Hardeman,!*) Wm. P., Colonel. 
Hardeman,!*) Peter, Lient. Col., Col. 
Loosoan,!*) Michael, Major. 
Rioi'dan, Edward, Lieut. Col. 
Terrell, Alex. W., Major. 



1st Cavalry Regiment State Troops. 

Coleman, J. G., Major. 
Jones, Tignal W., Colonel. 
Stidham, G. W., Lieut. Col. 

1st Battalion Sharpshoofen, 
Bnrnet,(*) James, Major. 

1st Infantry Battalion State Troops. 

Anderson, J. B., Major. 
Settle, M. G., Lieut. Col. 

1st {Speight's) Infantry Battalion. 

(Merged into 15th Regiment.) 

Harrison, (*) James E., Major. 
Speight,!.*) J. W., Lieut. Col. 

1st Infantry Regiment, 

Bass, (*) Frederick S., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Black, (*) Harvey Hannibal, Maj., Lieut. 

Clopton,(*) Albert G., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Dale, Matt., Major. 
Harding, Eichard J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
McLeod, Hugh, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
EaiDey,(*) Alexis T., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Wigfall, Louis T., Lieut. Col., Colonel. 
Woodward, John R., Major. 
"Work,(*) Philip A., Lieut. Col. 

ls( Infantry Regiment State Troops. 

Cleveland, L. G., Major. 

De Walt,(*) Kerr B., Colonel. 

Stubbs, Thos. B., Lieut. Col. 

2d Cavalry Battalion Arizona Bngade. 
(Merged into 2d Regiment.) 

Baylor,(*) Geo. W., Lieut. Col. 

2fZ Calvary Battalion State Troops. 
(Merged into 2d Regiment.) 

Carter, J. C, Major. 

2d Cavalry Regiment Arizona Brigade. 

Baylor, (*) Geo. W., Colonel. 
Hunter, Sherod, Major. 
Mullen, (*) John W., Lieut. Col. 

2d Texas Partisan Rangers. 

Chisnm,(*) Isham, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Miller, Crill, Lieut. Col. 
Stone, (*) B. Warren, Colonel. 
Vance, James G., Major. 

2d Cavalry Regiment State Troops. 

Carter, J. C, Lieut. Col. 
McLean, Jas. B., Major. 
Smith, Gid., Colonel. 

2d Cavalry Regiment (or Mounted Rifles). 

Baylor,(*) John K., Lieut. Col. 
Donelson,(*) John, Major. 
Ford,(*) John S., Colonel. 
Nolan, (*) Mat., Major. 
Pyron,(*) Charles L., Maj., Col. 
Spencer, William A., Major. 
Waller,(*) Edward, jr.. Major. 
Walker, (*) James, Lieut. Col. 


2d Infantry Battalion. 
— , Major. 

2d Infantry Regiment State Troops. 

Camp, Thompson, Colonel. 
Parks, William H., Major. 
Sublett, Franklin Bolivar, Lieut. Col. 

2d Infantry Regiment. 

Debray.C*) Xavier Blanchard, Major. 

Fly, George W. L., Major. 

McGinnis,(*) Noble L., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Moore, (*) John C, Colonel, 
Eogers,(*) William P., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Runnels, Hal. G., Major. 
Smith(*) Ashbel, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Timmins, (*) William C, Maj. , Lieut. Col. 
Ward, J. F., Lieut. Col. 

3d Artillery Battalion. 

Cook, (*) Joseph J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Labuzan, (*) Augustin S., Major. 

Zd Cavalri; Battalion State Troops. 

Morin, J. M., Lieut. Col. 
Scoggiua, L. G., Major. 

3d Cavalry Battalion. 

(Merged into Buchers 1st Cavalry.) 

Yager, (*) Wm. O., Major. 

3d Cavalry Regiment. 

(South-Kansas Texas Regiment.) 

Barker,(*) J. J. A., Major. 
Boggess, (*) Jiles S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Chilton, (*) George W., Major. 
Cumby,(*) Robert H., Colonel. 
Greer,(*) Elkanah, Colonel. 
Lane,(.*) Walter P., Lieut. Col. 
Mabry,(*) Hinchie P., Lieut. Col., Col, 
Stone, (*) Absalom B, Major. 

3d! Cavalry Regiment State Troops. 

Dunaway, Geo. O., Lieut. Col. 
Richardson, T. J. M. , Colonel. 
Rogers, L. M., Major. 

3d Infantry Battalion. 

Kirby,(*) J. E., Major. 



3d Infantry Regiment. 

Bnchel,(*) Augustus, Lieut. Col. 
Gray,(*) Edward F., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Karapmann,(*) John H., Major. 
Luckett,^*) Philip K, Colonel. 

3d Infantry Begiment State Troops. 

Veal, Jesse Turnbal!, Colonel. 
Wilmeth, J. B., Colonel. 

3d Cavalry Battalion Arizona Brigade. 
(Merged into 3d Kegiment.) 

Madison, Geo. T., Lieut. Col. 

3d Cavalry Begiment Arizona Brigade, 

Madison, Geo. T., Lieut. Col. 
Phillips, Joseph, Colonel. 
Ridley, Alonzo, Major. 

ith Cavalry Battalion State Troops. 

Tait, C. William, Lieut. Col. 
Townes, E. D., Major. 

ith Cavalry Battalion, 
(Merged into 27th Regiment.) 

Whitfield, (*) John W., Major. 

ith Cavalry Begiment. 

Hampton, (*) George J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Hardeman, (*) William P., Lieut. Col., 

Lesuenr,(*) Charles M., Major. 
Eagnet,(*) Henry W., Major. 
Eeily,(*) James, Colonel. 
Scurry, (*) William K., Lieut. Col. 

ith Cavalry Begiment State Troops. 

Cooke, H. W., Major. 
Easley, Sam. A., Lieut. Col. 
Johnson, (*) J. B., Colonel. 

ith Cavalry Begiment Arizona Brigade. 

Baird,(*) Spruce M., Colonel. 
Eiordan, Edward, Major. 
Sbowalter, (*) Daniel, Lieut. Col. 

itJi Infantry Battalion. 
(GermanlBattalion, 6-months' organization.) 

Oswald, (*) Theodore, Major. 

ith Infantry Begiment. 

Bane,(*) John P., Maj., Lieat. Col., Col. 
Carter, Benjamin F., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Hood,(*) John B., Colonel. 
Key, John C. G., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Marshall,!*) John, Lieut, Col., Col. 
Martin, (*) William H., Major. 

• ith Infantry JJe^men^— Continued. 

Townsend,(*) William P., Major. 
Warwick, Bradfute, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Winkler, (*) Clinton M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

ith Infantry Begiment State Troops. 

Barnes, James W., Lieut. Col. 
Bryan, Moses Austin, Major. 
Sayles, John, Colonel. 

5th Begiment Partisan Bangers. 

Martin, (*) Leonidas M., Colonel. 
MayraDt,(*) William N., Major. 
Weaver, (*) Wm. M., Lieut. CoL 

5th Cavalry Begiment. 

Green, (*) Thomas, Colonel. 
Lockridge, (*) Samuel A., Major. 
McNeill, (* Henry C, Lieut. Col., Col. 
McPhaill,(*) Hut;h A., Major. 
Shannon, (*) DeuraanW., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

5th {Hubiard' s) Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into i:2d Regiment.) 
Hubbard, Eichard Bennett, Lieut. Col. 
Lolt, EliiLs Everett, Major. 

5th Infantry Begiment State Troops. 

Darden, Stephens Heard, Colonel. 
Jett, Wm. G., Lieut. Col. 
Walthersdorff,(*) Albert, Major. 

5th Infantry Begiment, 

Archer, (*) James J., Colonel. 
Botts, Walter B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Bryan, (*) King, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Powell,"(*) Eobt. M.,Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Qnattlebaum,(*) Paul J., Major. 
Eobertson.(*) Jerome B., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Rogers, (*) Jefferson C, Major. 
Upton, (*) John C, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Whaley, (') David M., Major. 

Sth Cavalry Battalion, 

Gould, (*) Eobt. S., Major. 

Sth Cavalry Begiment, 

Griffith, (*) John S., Lieut. Col. 
Eoss,(*) Lawrence S. , Maj., Col. 
Eoss,(*) Peter F., Maj., Lieut Col. 
Stone, (*) B. Warren, Colonel. 
Wharton,(*) Jack., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
White, (*) Eobert M., Major. 
Wilson, (*) Stephen B., Major. 

Gth {Likens') Battalion Infantry, 
(Afterward Ilth (Spaiglit's) Battalion), 
Likens, (*) James B., Major. 



6i/i Infantry Regimeni. 

Anderson/*) Thomas Scott, Lieut. Col. 
Fisher, Ehoads, Major. 
Garland, (*) Kobert E., Colonel. 
Haskell, f*) Alexander M., Major. 
Phillips, t*J Alexander H., jr., Major. 

Itli Artillery Battalion. 

Fontaine, (*) Sidney T., Major. 

tth Cavalry Beffiment. 

Bagby,(*) Arthnr P., Maj., Col. 
Herbert, P. T., Lieut. Col. 
Hoffmann, (*) Gustave, Major. 
Jordan, Powhatan, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Steele, (*) William, Colonel. 
Sutton, J. S., Lieut. Col. 

"th Infantry Battalion, 
Davis, Samuel Boyer, Major. 

Ifli Infantry Regiment. 

Clough, Jeremiah M., Lieut. Col. 
Graabury, (*) Hiram Brinson. Maj., Lieut. 

Col., Col. 
Greg^',(*) John, ColoneL 
Moody, (*) Wm. Lewis, Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Van Zandt,(*) Khleber Miller, Major. 

Sill Cavalry Battalion. 

(Formerly 1st Regiment Mounted Riflemen. 
Merged into Bucliel's 1st Cavalry.) 

Taylor, (*) Joseph, Major. 

8ih Cavalry Regiment, 
{Ist Regiment Texas Rangers.) 

Christian, (*) Samuel P., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Cook,(*) Gustave, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Evan8,(*) Marcus Legraud, Maj., Lieut. 

Ferrill,(*) Stephen C, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Harrison, (*) Thomas, Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Jarmon,(*) William R., Maj. 
Lubbock, Thomas S., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Eayburn,(*) Leander M., Maj. 
Terry, (*) Ben. Franklin, Colonel. 
Walker, (*) John G., Lieut. Col. 
Wharton, (*) John A., Colonel. 

8tli Infantry Batlalion. 
(Merged into 8th Regiment.) 

Hobhy,(*) A. M., Major. 

Sth {Ilohhy's) Infantry Regiment. 
(Formed from 8th Battalion.) 

Hobby,(*)A. M., Colouel. 
Ireland, (*) John, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Shea,(*) Daniel D., Lieut. Col. 
Vernon, (*) John A., Major. 

Qth Battalion Partisan Rangers, 
Randolph, (*) John L., Major. 

9th Cavalry Regiment. 

Bates, (*) Jas. C, Major. 
Berry, (*) Thomas G., Lieut. Col. 
Dodson,(*) J. N., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Jones, (*) Dudley Wm., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Quayle,(*) Wm., Lieut. Col. 
Sims.(*) Wm. B., ColoneL 
Townes,(*) Nathan W., Maj., Col. 

9th (Maxey's) Infantry Regiment. 
(Also called 8th.) 

Beeson, William E., Lieut. Col. 
Burnet, (*) James, Major. 
Dillard,(*) Miles A., Lieut. CoL 
Harrison, William M., Major. 
Maxey, (*) Samuel B., Colonel. 
McReynolds, (*) James H., Major. 
Stanley, (*) Wright A., Maj., CoL 
young, (*) William H., Colonel. 

9th {Nichols') Infantry Regimeni. 
(Called also 5th, 6 months' organization.) 

Massie, Josiah C, Lieut. Col. 
Nichols, E. B., ColoneL 
Tate, Fred., Major. 

loth Cavalry Battalion, 
(Merged into 5th Partisan Rangers.) 

Martin,(*) LeonidasM., Major. 

loth Cavalry Regiment, 

Barton, Jas. M., Lieut. Col. 

Craig, (*) Washington De La Fayette, Maj., 

Lieut. Col. 
Earp,(*) C. R., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Ector, Wiley 15., Major. 
Locke, (*) Matt. F., Colonel. 
Redwine, Hulum D. E., Major. 

10th Infantry Regiment. 

Brasher, (*) Seymour C, Major. 
Kennard, (*) John R., Major. 
Mills, (*) Roger Q., Lieut. Col., CoL 
Nelson, (*) Allison, Colonel. 
Young,(*) Robert B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

nth Cavalry Regiment. 

Bone, Henry F., Major. 

Bounds, (*) Joseph Murohy, Lieut. Col. 

Burks, (*) John C, Colonel. 
Diamond, Jas. J., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Hooks, (*) Robt. W., Lieut. Col. 
Mayrant, (*) John W., Major. 
Messick,(*) Otis M., Maj'., Lieut. Col. 

Nicholson,(*) Andrevr J., Lieut. Col. 
Puryear, (*) John B., Major. 
Reeves, (*) Geo. R., Colonel. 
Young, (*) Wm. C, Colonel. 



ilih [Spaight's) Cavalry and Infantry Bat- 
(Formerly 6th (Likens') Battalion.) 

Irvine.t*) J. S., Major. 
Spaight,(*) Ashley W., Lieut. Col. 

lift Infantry Regiment. 

Caraway, (*) Nathaniel Jackson, Major. 
Couplan(i,(*) A. J., Lieut. Col. 
Jones, (*) James H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Koberts,(*) Oran M., Colouel. 
KoQutree, I*) Thomas H., Major. 

12'/t Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into Brown's 35th Cavalry). 

Brown, (*) Reuben R. , Lieut. Col. 
Perkins, (*) Samuel William, Major. 

12th Cavalry Begiment. 

Burleson, (■*) Andrew Bell, Lieut. Col. 
Farrar, (*) Loohlin Johnson, Major. 
Mullen,!*) John W., Lieut. Col. 
Parsons, (*) Wm. H., Colonel. 
Rogers, E. W., Major. 

IWi Infantry Regiment. 
(Also called Sth.) 

Clark, (*) William, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Philpott,(*) Benj. A., Lieut. Col. 
Eaine,(*) James W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Smith, (*) Erastus, Ma,jor. 
Yonng,(*) Overton, Colonel. 

13Wt Cavalry Battalion. 

Boone, (*) Hannibal Honostus, Major. 
Waller, Edward, jr., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

13th Cavalry Begiment. 

Beaty,(*) Chas. Roambrose, Maj., Lieut. 

Burnett,!*) ^"^^ H., Colonel. 
Crawford,(*) Anderson F., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Seale, Elias T., Major. 

13th Infantry Begiment. 

Bates, (*) Joseph, Colouel. 
Blown, (*) Reuben R., Lieut. Col. 
Cayce,(*) Henry P., Lieut. Col. 
Foard, (*) Robert L., Major. 
Perry, (*) Stephen S., Major. 
Eountree,(*) Lee C, Major. 

Uth Cavalry Battalion, 
(Merged into 33d Cavalry Regiment.) 

Duff,(*) James, Major, Lieut. Col. 
Sweet, (*) James R., Major. 

lAth Cavalry Begiment. 

Camp, (*■) John L., Colonel. 

Camp, Thompson, Major. 

Ector, Matthew Duncan, Colonel. 

lilh Cavalry Begiment — Continued. 

Garrison, (*) Fleming H., Major. 
Harris, (*) Abram, Lieut. Col. 
Johnson, (*) Middleton Tait, ColoneL 
Mains, (*) Samuel P., Lieut. Col. 
Purdy, Lem., Major. 

14/ A Infantry Begiment, 

Byrd,(*) William, Lieut. Col. 
Clark, (*) Edward, ColoneL 
Rogers, (*) Augustus H., Major. 

15ft Cavalry Begiment. 

Cathey,(*) Wm. H., Major. 
Masten,(*) Wm. K., Lieut. Col. 
Pickett, (*) Geo. B., Maj., Lieut. CoL 
Sanders, (*) Valertus P., Major. 
Sweet, (*) Geo. H., ColoneL 

' loth Infantry Begiment. 

(Formed from 1st (Speight's) Infantry Battal- 

Daniel, (*) .John W., Maj., Lieut.- CoL 
Harrison, (*) James E., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Speight,!*) J. W., Colonel. 

16th Cavalry Begiment. 

Diamond, (*) Wm. W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Fitzhngh,(*) Wm., Colone'l. 
Gregg, (*) Edward Pearsall, Lieut. Col., 

16ih Infantry Begiment. 

Flournoy,!*) George, Colonel. 

Redwood, (*) William H., Maj., Lieut. 

Saunders,!*) Xenophon B., Major. 
Shepard, (*) James E., Lieut. CoL 

17ft Cavalry Begiment. 

Hendricks, (*) Sterling B., Lieut. Col. 
McClarty, John, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Jloore, Geo. F., Colonel. 
Noble, (*) Sebron M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Taylor, (*) Jas. R., Colonel. 
Tucker, (*) Thomas F., Maj., Col. 

17ft Infantry Begiment, 

Allen, (*)Robt. Thomas Pritehard, Colonel. 
Allen, (*) Robert Dickinson, Major. 
Jones, George W., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Miller, (*) Joseph Zachariah, Maj., Lieut 


Tabor, (*) John W., Major. 

ISth Cavalry Begiment, 

Coit, ^) John T., Lieut. Col. 
Darnell, (*) Nicholas H., Colonel. 
Morgan, Chas. C, Major. 
Ryan, Wm. A., Major. 



18th Infantry Eegimenf. 

Bonner, Thomas Reiiben, Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Culberson, (*) David B., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Gaston, Matthew A., Major. 
King, (*) William Henry, Maj., Lieut. 

Col., Col. 
Ochiltree, (*) William B., Colonel. 
Watson, (*) John E., Maj., Lieut. CoL, Col. 
Wood,(*) Joseph G. W., Maj., Lieut. Col., 


19iA Cavalry Begiment. 

Burford,(*) Nathaniel M., Colonel. 

Daves, Joel T., Major. 

Watson, (*) Benj. W., Lieut. Col. 

Wth Infantry Regiment. 

Allen, Augustus C, Major. 
Crawford, (*) Wm. L., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Graham, (*) IJobert H., Lieut. Col. 
Taylor,(*) Ennis Ward, Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Waterhouse, (*) Richard, jr., Colonel. 

Wih Cavalry Begiment. 

Bass, (*) Thomas Coke, Colonel. 
Broughton, Dempsey W., Major. 
Fowler, Andrew J., Lieut. Col. 
Johnson, John R., Major. 
Taliaferro, T. D., Lieut. Col. 

20Wi Infantry Begiment. 

Abercrombie, Leonard Anderson, Lieut. 

Bell, Robert E., Major. 
Elmore, Henry M., Colonel. 

2ts< Cavalry Begiment. 

Carter, (*) Geo. Washington, Colonel. 
Chenoweth, Benjamin D., Major. 
Giddings, (*) De Witt Clinton, Lieut. Col. 

21s( Infantry Begiment. 

(Formed from Ashley W. Spaight's 11th and 
Win. H. Griffin's Battalions.) 

Griffin, (*) William H., Lieut. Col. 
McReynolds, (*) Felix C, Major. 
Spaight,(*) Ashley W., Colonel. 

Wd Cavalry Regiment. 
(Also called 1st Indian Texas Regiment.) 

Buck,(*) John A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Johnson, Wm. H., Lieut. Col. 
Lewelliug, Thos., Lieut. Col. 
Merrick, (*) Geo. W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Stevens, (*) ,Tas. G., Maj., Col. 
Stone, (*) Robt. D., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Taylor, Robt. H., Colonel. 

22<? Infantry Begiment, 
(Formed from Hubbard's 5th Battalion.) 

Canon, (*) Jno. Job, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Hubbard, (*) Richard B., Colonel. 
Lott, Elias Everett, Lieut. Col. 
Parkes, Benjamin P., Major. 

23(i Cavalry Regiment. 

Caton,(*) William R., Major. 
Corley,(*) John A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Gould, (*) Nicholas C, Colonel. 
Grant, Isaac A., Lieut. Col. 

2i{h Cavalry Begiment. 

Neyland, (*) Robert Reese, Lieut. Col. 
Swearingen, (*) Patrick H., Maj., Lieut. 

Taylor,!*) Wm. A., Maj., Col. 
Wilkes, (*)Franklin Collett, Colonel. 

25th Cavalry Begiment. 

Dark,(*) Joseph N., Major. 
Gillespie, (*) Clayton Crawford, Colonel. 
Neyland, Wm. Madison, Lieut. Col. 
Pickett, (*) Edward Bradford, Major. 

26<7t Cavalry Regiment. 

Debray,(*) Xavier Blanchard, Colonel. 
Menard, (*) Medard, Maj. Lieut. Col. 
Myers, (*) John J., Lieut. Col., CoL 
Owens, (*) Geo. W., Major. 

27iA Cavalry Begiment. 
(1st Texas Legion.) 

Brooeks,(*) John H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Hawkins, (*) Edwin R., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Holman, Cyrus K., Major. 
Whitfield,!*) John T., Major. 
Whitfield,!*) John W., Colonel. 

28<A Cavalry Begiment. 

Baxter,!*) Eli H., jr., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Hall,!*) Henry G., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Henry,!*) Patrick, Major. 
Randal, !*) Horace, Colonel. 

29/A Cavalry Begiment. 

Carroll, Joseph A., Major. 
De Morse,!*) Chas., Colonel. 
Welch,!*) Otis G., Lieut. Col. 

30tt Cavalry Begiment. 
(Also called l«t Texas Partisan Rangers.) 

Battle,!*) Nicholas Wm., Lieut. Col. 

Davenport, John H., Major. 

Gurley, !*) Edward Jeremiah, Colonel. 



Zlst Cavalry Regiment. 
Guess, (*) Geo. W., Lieut. Col. 
Hawpe,(*) Tresevant C, Colonel. 
Malone,(*) Fred'k J., Maj., Col. 
Peak,(*) Wm. W., Major. 

32d Cavalry Begiment. 
(Also called 15th.) 

Andrews,(*) Julias A., Colonel. 
Estcs, Wm. E., Major. 
Weaver, (*) Jas. A., Lieut. Col. 

33d Cavalry Begiment. 
(Formed from 14th Cavalry Battalion.) 

Benavides,(*) Santos, Major. 
BiackeDridge,(*) John T., Major. 
Duff, (*) James, Colonel. 
Sweet, (*) Jas. R., Lieut. Col. 

34tt Cavalry Begiment, 
(Also called 2d Texas Partisans.) 

Alexander, Almerine M. , Colonel. 
Bush, Wm. M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Caudle, John H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Deavenport, (*) M. W., Major. 
Russell, John R., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Tackett, Sevier, Major. 
Wooten, George H., Lieut. Col. 

35<A {Brown's) Cavalry Begiment. 
(Formed from 12th Battalion.) 

Brown, (*) Reuben R., Colonel. 
Perkins, (*) Samuel Wm., Lieut. Col. 
Eountree,(*) Lee C, Major. 

3oth {Likens') Cavalry Begiment. 
(Formed from Likens' and Burns' Cavalry Bat- 

Burns, (*) James Randolph, Lieut. Col. 
Likens, (*) James B., Colonel. 
Wortham,(*) William A., Major. 

S6th ( Woods') Cavalry Begiment, 
(Also called 32d Reg^iment.) 

Benton, (*) Nat., Lieut. Col. 
Holmes, (*) Stokely M., Major. 
Hutchison, (*) Wm.O., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Woods, (*) Peter C, Colonel. 

Anderson's Cavalry Begiment. 

(Formed'from Border's and Fulcrod's Cavalry 

Anderson, (*) Thomas Soott, Colonel. 
Border, (*) Jno. P., Lieut. Col. 
Handle, Jaa. A., Major. 

Bates' Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into 13th Infantry Eegiment.) 
Bates, (*) Joseph, Lieut. Col. 
Cayee,(*) Henry P., Major. 

Border's Cavalry Battalion. 
(M erged into Anderson's Cavalry Regiment.) 

Border, I*) John P., Lieut. Col. 

Border's Cavalry Begiment, 

Border, (*) John P., Colonel. 
Egbert, Daniel, Major. 
Fulcrod, (*) Philip, Lieut. Col. 

Bourland's Cavalry Begiment. 
(Border Regiment.) 

Bourland, (*) James, Colonel. 
Diamond, John R., Lieut. Col. 
Rolf, Charles L., Major. 

Bradford's Cavalry Begiment, 

Bradford, Charles M., Colonel. 
Hoxey, 'Thomas R., Major. 
Mann, Walter L., Lieut. Col. 

Burns' Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into Likens' 35th Cavalry.) 
Burns, (") James R., Lieut. Col. 

Daly's Cavalry Battalion, 

Daly,C*) Andrew, Lieut. Col. 
Ragsdale,(*) Sam'l G., Major. 

Debray'a Battalion Texas Cavalry. 
(Merged into 26th Cavalry.) 

Davis, (*) Sam'l Boyer, Major. 

Debray, (*) Xavier Blanchard, Lieut. Col. 

Myers,(*) Jno. J., Major. 

Frontier Cavalry Begiment. 

Alexander. (*) W. J., Major. 
Barry, Jas. B., Lieut. Col. 
McCord, James Ebenezer, Colonel. 

Fulcrod's Cadets, Battalion Cavalry. 
(Merged into Anderson's Cavalry Regiment.) 

Fulcrod,!*) Philip, Lieut. Col. 

Gano's Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into 7th Kentucky Cavalry Sept., 1862.) 

Gano, Richard M., Lieut. Col. 

Griffin's Infantry Battalion. 

Griffin,(*)Wm. H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Hamner,(*) H. A., Major. 

Hardeman's Cavalry Battalion Arizona 

(Merged into 1st Eegiment Arizona Brigade.) 
Hardeman,(*) Peter, Lieut. Col. 

Seriert's Battalion Arizona Brigade. 
Frazer, (') George M., Major. 
Herbert, (*) P. T., Lieut. Col. 

Mann's Cavalry Begiment, 

Mann, Walter L. , Colonel. 
Oliver, John E., Major. 
Upton, Wm. F., Lieut. CoL 



Morgan's Cavalry Battalion. 
Morgan, C. L., Major. 

Slullen^s Cnral 11/ Battalion Arizona Brigade, 

(Merged into 2d Regiment,) 
Mullen, (*) John W., Lieut. Col. 

EagsdaWs Cavalry Battalion. 

Eagsdale, (*) Sam'l G., Major. 

Saufley's Scouting Battalion. 

Saufley,(*) W. P., Major. 

Terrell's Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into Terrell's Cavalry Regiment.) 
Terrell, (*) Alexander W., Lieut. Col. 

Terrdl'i Cavalry Regiment. 

Morgan,!*) Hiram S., Major. 
Oweus,(*) Geo. W., Major. 
Kohertson,(*) John C, Lieut. Col. 
Terrell,!*) Alexander W., Colonel. 

Texas Eeseroe Corps. 

Barnes,!*) James W., Colonel. 
Bean, Elwood M., Major. 
De Walt,(*) K.B., Major. 
De Witt, C.C, Major. 

Waul'a Legion. 

Boiling,!*) E.S., Major. 

Cameron, Allen, Major. 

Nathusins,!*) Otto, Major. 

Parker, H. S., Jtajor, Cavalry Battalion. 

Smith, John R., Major, Cavalry Battalion, 

Steele, O.. Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Timmons, !*) Barnard, Lieut. Col., Col. 

Waul,!*) Thomas N., Colonel. 

Willis,!*) Leonidas, Maj., Lieut. Col., Cav- 
alry Battalion. 

Weeks, Benjamin F., Major, Cavalry Bat- 

Wrigley, !*) James, Lieut. Col. 

Wells' Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged into Wells' Cavalry Regiment.) 
Wells,!*) John W., Lieut. Col. 

Wells' Cavalry Begiment. 

(Also called 34tli Regiment.) 

Gillett,!*)L. E., Major. 
Good,!*) Chaplin, Lieut. Col. 
Wells,!*) John W., Colonel. 

Whitfield's Battalion, 
(See 4th Battalion Texas Cavalry.) 

Whitfield's {1st Texas) Legion, 
(See 27th Texas Cavalry.j 


l.s-i Artillery Begiment. 

(Known as ITjirdaway's Battalion; also 1st Vir- 
ginia Battalion Light Artillery.) 

Brown,!*) J.Thompson, Maj., Col. 
Cabell,!*) Henry Coalter, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Coleman, Lewis M., Lieut. Col. 
Hardaway, Koliert A., Alaj., Lieut. Col. 
Moseley,!*) Edj/ar F., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Randolph,!*) Geo. W., Colonel. 
Stribling, Robert M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Watson, David, Major. 

1st Artillery Battalion, 

(See 1st Regiment. 

1st Cavalry Battalion. 

(Merged into 9th Cavalry.) 

Beale,!*) Richard L. T., Major. 
Johnson, John E., Lieut. Col. 

1st Cavalry Battalion Looal Defense Troops. 
Browne, William M., Colonel. 

1st Begiment Partisan Bangers. 
{See 62d Mounted Infantry.) 

1st Cavalry Begiment. 

Brien,!*) L. Tiernan, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Carter,!*) E. Welby, Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Drake,!*; James H., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Irving,!*) Charles R., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Jones,!*) William E., Colonel. 
Lee,!*) Fitzhugh, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Morgan,!*) William A., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Stuart,!*) James E. B., Colonel. 
Swann, Robert, Major. 

1st Lnfantry Battalion Begulars. 

(Irish Battalion.) 

Bridgford,!*) D. B., Major. 
Munford,!*) John D., Major. 
Seddon, John, Major. 

1st Infantry Battalion Local Defense Troops. 
(Armory Battalion.) 

Ayres,!*) Thomas H., Major. 
Downer, William S., Major. 
Ford,(*) C.H., Major. 



1st Battalion Reserves. 

Duke, (*) Richard Thomas Walker, Lieut. 

Strange, (*) James M., Major. 

1st Battalion Valley Reserves. 

Miller, "W A. J., Major. 

ls( Infantry Regiment Local Defense Troops. 
Jones, James F., Colonel. 

Is* Infantry Regiment. 
(Williams' Rifles.) 

Dooley,(*) John, Major. 
Fry,(*) William H., 'Lieut. Col. 
Langley,(*) Frank H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Moore, (*) Patrick T., Colonel. 
Muraford, William P., Major. 
Norton, (*) George F., Ma.jor. 
Palmer, (*) William H., Major. 
Skinner,(*) Frederick G., Maj., Lieut. 

Col., Col. 
WiUiams,(*) Lewis B., jr.. Colonel. 

1st Infantry Regiment State Line. 

Beckley,(*) Henry M., Lieut. Col. 
Nighbert, James A., Major. , 

Kadford,(*) Richard C. W., Colonel. 

1st 3Iilitia Regiment, 1th Brigade. 

Albert, H. St. George, Colonel. 
Lutz, Levi P., Major. 
Sipe,(*) Emanuel, Lieut. Col. 

1st Regiment Reserves. 

Averett,(*) C. E.. Major. 
Bosweli, T. T., Maj., Lieut. CoL 
Farinholt, (*) Benjamin L., Lieut. Col., 

Ist Regiment State Reserves, Second-Class 

Danforth,(*) John B., Colonel. 
Spencer, Thomas J., Lieut. Col. ^ 

1st Kanawha Regiment Infantry. 
(Became the 22d Kegiment, which see.) 

2d Heavy Artillery Regiment. 

(Home Artillery ; also Viiginia Home Artillery. 
Became 22d Battalion Virginia Infantry May 
23, 1862.) 

Burwell, W. P., Major. 
Pannill, Joseph, Lieut. Col. 
Tansill, Robert, Colonel. 

2d Cavalry Battalion. 
(Transferred to 5th Cavalry.) 

Pate,(*) H. Clay, Lieut. Col. 

2d Cavalry Regiment. 
(Also called 30th Regiment.) 

Breckinridge, (*) Gary, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Graves, (*) William F., Major. 
Lanehorne, John S., Major. 
Munford,(*) Thomas T.,' Lieut. Col., Col. 
Radford, (*) Richard Carlton Walker, Col- 
Watts, (*) James W., Lieut. Col. 

2d Battalion Reserves. 

Cook,(*) Edward B., Major. 
Gny,(*) John H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

2d Infantry Battalion Local Defense Troops. 

(Quartermaster's Battalion. Afterw.ird 2d Regi- 

Carter,!*) John W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Scruggs, D. E., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Waller, Richard P., Lieut. Col. 

2d Infantry Regiment. 

Allen, (*) James W., Colonel. 

Botts, (*; Lawson, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Colston, (*) Raleigh T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Jones, (*) Francis B., Major. 

Lackland, Franci.9, Lieut. Col. 

Moore, (*) Edwin L., Major. 

Nadenbousch,{*) John Q. A., Lieut. Col., 

Randolph, (*) William Welford, Lieut. Col. 
Stewart, (*) Charles H., Maj. 

2d Infantry Regiment Local Defense Troops. 

Scruggs, (*) D.E., Colonel. 
Tanner, William E., Lieut. CoL 

2d Militia Regiment, Ith Brigade. 

Buswell, (*) Thomas, Lieut. CoL 
Finter, Cullen W., Major. 
Reid, Peter C, Major. 
Spitler,(*) Maun, Colonel. 

2d Regiment Reserves. 
Brockenbrough, , Colonel. 

2d State Reserves. 
(See 19th Militia.) 

2d Kanawha Regiment Infantry. 
(Became 36th Regiment, which see.) 
2d Infantry Regiment State Line. 

Ball, Martin v.. Major. 
Harrison, James, Lieut. Col. 
Peters, (*) William E., Colonel. 

3d Artillery Local Defense Troops. 

Dorman, .Tames B., Major. 
Porter, John C, Colonel. 
Shields, John P., Lieut. Col. 



3d Cavalry Regiment. 

Carrington, Henry, Major. 

Carter,!*) William R., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Feild,(*) William M., Lieut. Col. 

Goode, (*) Thomas F., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Johnston,!*) Robert, Colonel. 
Owen, (*) Thomas H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Phillips,!*) Jefiferson C, Major. 
Thornton, (*) John T., Lieut. Col. 

Zd Battalion Reserves. 

Archer, (*) P. H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Bond, Thomas H., Major. 
Hood, W.H., Lieut. Col. 
Jarvis,!*) William H., Major. 

3d BatlaKon Valley Reserves. 

McCune, (*) Samuel, Major. 

3d Infantry Regiment. 
(Formerly 3d Battalion.) 

Callcote, (*) Alexander D., Maj., Lieut. 

Mayo, (*) Joseph, j r. , Lieut. Col. , Col. 
Pryor,(*) Roger A., Colonel. 
Pryor, William H., Lieut. Col. 
Scott,!*J Joseph v., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

3d Infantry Regiment Local Defense Troops . 
(Departmental. ) 

Baker,!*) Boiling, Major. 

Henley,!*) John A., Major. 

Jamison,!*) S. G., Major. 

McAnerney, (*) John, jr., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Sutherland, (*) S. F., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

3d Militia Regiment, 7th Brigade. 

Hottel, J. A., Lieut. Col. 
Newell, John H., Major. 
Sibert,(*) James H., Colonel. 

3d Regiment Reserves. 

Booker, Richard A., Colonel. 
Ewers,!*} William M., Major. 
Leftwich, Joel B., Lieut. Col. 

3d Infantry Regiment State Line. 

Breckenridge, P. G., Major. 
Clarkson, John N., Colonel. 
Swann,!*) Thos. B., Lieut. Col. 

itJi Heavy Artillery Regiment. 

(Ordered known as 34tli Virginia Infantry.) 

Bagby, John R., Major. 
Goode,!*) John Thomas, Colonel. 
Harrison, Randolph, Lieut. Col. 
Leigh, J. Wickham, Major. 

ith Cavalry Regiment, 

Hobson,!*) Alexander M., Major. 
Lee,!*) Stephen D., Colonel (temporarily). 
Old,!*) Charles, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Payne,!*) William H., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Randolph,!*) Robert, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Robertson,!*) Beverly H., Colonel. 
Utterback,!*) Robert E., Major. 
Wickham,!*) Wi! Hams C, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Wooldridge, (*) William B., Maj., Lieut. 

Col., Col. 

it/i Infantry Battalion. 

Tyler, Nat., Lieut. Col. 

ith Infantry Battalion Local Defense Troops, 
(Naval Battalion.) 

Curlin,(*) Martin W., Major. 
Minor, R. D., Major. 

ith Battalion Reserves. 

Godwin, D. E., Major. 

ith Infantry Regiment, 

Bennett, (*) Matthew D., Major. 
Gardner,!*) Robert D., Lieut. Col. 
Kent.!*) Joseph F., Major. 
Moore, Lewis T., Lieut. Col. 
Preston, !*) James T., Colonel. 
Pendleton,!*) Albert G., Major. 
Ronald,!*) Charles A., ColoneL 
Terry,!*) William, Maj., Col. 

ith Militia Regiment, 7th Brigade, 

Horn, O. P., Major. 

Maupin, (.*) William A., Colonel. 

ilh Regiment Reserves. 
(Also called 5th Regiment.) 

Poage, !*) Alpheus W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Preston,!*) Robert T., Lieut. Col., CoL 

ith Infantry Regiment State Line. 

Hounshell,!*) David S., Colonel. 
Jackson,!") William A., Lieut. Col. 
Radford,!*) John T., Major. 

5th Cavalry Regiment, Provisional Army. 

Allston,!*) Benjamin, Major. 
Mullins, John, Major. 

5th Cavalry Regiment. 
(Consolidated with 15th Cavalry Nov. 8, 1864.) 
Allen,!*) James H., Lieut. Col. 
Boston,!*) Reuben B., Colonel. 
Douglas,!*) Beverly B., Major. 
Eells,!*) John, Major. 



BtJi Cavalry Regiment — Continued. 

Harding,!*) Cyrus, ir., Mai'or. 
I P»te,(*) H.Clay, Lieut. Co)., Col. 
. Pnller,(*) John W., Major. 

Eosser,(*) Thomas L., Colonel. 

5th and loth Virginia Cavalry. 
(Consolidaled November 8, 1864.) 

Harding, (*) Cyrus, jr., Maijor. 

5th Battalion Reserves, 
Henry,!*) P. M., Lieut. Col. 

5th Infantry Battalion Local Defense Troops. 
(Arsenal Battalion,} 

Brown,(*) W. Le Roy, Lieut. Col. 
Ennis,!*) Philip J., Lieut. Col. 
Vaughan, John B., Major. 

5th Infantry Battalion. 

A.TCher,(*) F. H., Lieut. Col. 
Foster, William R., Major. 
Wilson, (*J John P., jr.. Major. 

5th Infantry Regiment, * 

Baylor. (*) William S. H., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Col. ■ 
Funk,(*) John H. S., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Harman,(*) William H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Harper, (*) Kenton, Colonel. 
Koiner, (*) Absalom, Major. 
Newton, (*) James W., Major. 
Williams,!*) Hazel J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

5th Infantry Regiment State Line. 

Edm.undson,(*)David, Lieut. Col. 
Preston, C. H., Major. 
Preston, Robert T., Colonel. 

fith Cavalry Regiment. 

Cabell,!*) J- Grattan, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Field, (*) Charles W., Colonel. 
Flonruoy,!*) Thomas S., Maj., Col. 
Flournoy,!*) Cabell E., Major. 
Green,!*) John Shac, Maj., Lieut. Col., 

GrijublKj-,(*) Daniel A., Major. 
Harrison. (*j Julien, Lieut Col., Col. 
liichards.!*) Daniel T., Lieut. Col. 

6th Infantry Battalion. 

Wilson, John P., Major. 

6th Infant' y B .ttnlion Local Defense Troops. 
(Tredegar Battalion.) 

Tanner, WilJiam E., Major. 
21739 ^^6 

6<7( Battalion Reserves, 
(Alaf called I3th.) 

Smith, John H. A., Major. 
Smith, Robert, Lieut. Col. 

6th Infantry Regiment. 

Corprew,!*) Thomas J., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Lundy, William T., Maj.. Lieut. Col. 
Mahone,!*) William, Colonel. 
Rogers,!*) George T., Maj., Col. 
Taylor,!*) Robert B., Major. 
Williamson,!*) Heury W., Lieut. Col. 

7th Cavalry Regiment. 

Ashby,!*) Turner, Lieut. Col., Col. .. 
Dulany,t*) Richard H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Funsten,!*) Oliver R., IMajor. 
Hatcher,!*) Daniel C, Major. 
Jones,!*) Wm. E., Colonel. 
Marshall,!*) Thos., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
McDonald, !*) Angus W., Colonel. 
Myers,!*) Samuel B., Major. 

7th Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into 61st Regiment.)^ 
Wilson, Samuel M., Lieut. Col. 

7th Infantry Battalion Local Defense Troops. 
Morton, R. C, Major. 

7th Battalion Reserves, 
Chrisman,!*) George, Major. 

7th Infantry Regiment. 

Flowerree, !*) Chas. C, Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Kemper,!*) James L., Colonel, 
Patton,!*) Waller Tazewell, Maj., Lieut. 

Col., Col 
Swindler,!*) Aylett A., Major. 
Williams,!*) Lewis B. , jr., Lieut. Col. 

8th Cavalry Battalion. 

(Transferred to lOth Cavalry.) 

Davis,!*) J. Lucius, Lieut. Col. 
Duffield, C. B.. Major. 

8th Cavalry Regiment. 

Bowen,!*) Thos. P., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Cook,!*) Alphonso F., Lieut. Col. 
Corns,!*) Jas. M., Colonel. 
Edmondson, P. M., Major. 
Fitzhugh,(*) Henry, Major, Lieut. Col. 
Jenifer,!*) Walter H., Colonel. 
Jenkins,!*) Albert G., Lieut. Col. 

8th Battalion Reserves, 

Miller, , Major. 


8th Infantry Regiment. 


10th Infatitry iZef/imeni — Continued. 

Berkeley,!*) Edmund, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Berkeley, (*) Norborne, Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Berkeley,!*) William N., Major. 
Hunton, (*) Eppa, Colonel. 
Tebbs,(*) Charles B., Lieut. Col. 
Thrift, James, Major. 

9tt Cavalry Regiment. 

Beale,(*) Richard L. T., Maj., Lient. Col., 

Johnson, John E., Colonel. 
Lee,(*) Wm. H. F., Lieut. Col., Col. , 
Lewis, Meriweather, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Swann, Samuel A., Major. 
Waller, (*J Thos., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

9tt Infantry Battalion. 

(Merged into 25th Regiment.) 

Camden, (*) G. D., jr., Maj. 
Hansbrough, (*) George W., Lieut. Col. 

9tA Battalion Reserves, 

Taylor, Arch., Major. 

9(7j Infantry Regiment. 

Crutchfield, Stapleton, Major. 
Gilliam, (*) James S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Godwin,!*) David J., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Hardin,!*) Mark B., Major. 
Owens,!*) John C, Major. 
Phillips,!*) James J., Colonel. 
Preston,!*) Jno. Thos. Lewis, Lieut. Col. 
Richardson, William J., Lieut. Col, 
Smith,!*) Francis H., Colonel. 

9t}i Ililitia Regiment. 

Gresham, Thomas Robert, Lieut. Col. 
Saunders,!*) William A., Major. 

lOiA Heavy Artillery Battalion. 

Allen, (*) William, Major. 
Hensley,(*) James O., Major. 

10th Cavalry Regiment. 

Caskie,!*) Robt. A., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Clement,!*) Wm. B., Maj. , Lieut. Col., Col. 
Davis,!*) J. Lucius, Colonel. 
McGruder, I*) Zachariah S., Lieut. Col. 
Rosser,!*) J. Travis, Major. 

10th Battalion Reserves. 
Byrd, William W., Major. 

iOfh Infantry Regiment. 

Coffraan,!*) Isaac G., Major. 
Gibbons,!*) Simeon B. , Colonel. 
Martz,!*) Dprilas Henry Lee, Lieut. Col. 

Stover, (*) Joshua, Major. 

Walker,(*) Samuel T., Maj., Lieut. Co] 

Warren,!*) Edward T. H., Lieut. Col.,( 

lith Cavalry Battalion. 
Bradley, Benj. F., Major. 

nth Cavalry Regiment. 

(Formed from 17th Battalion and two C( 
panics 5th Virginia Cavalryr) 

Ball,(*) Matt Dulaney, Major, Lieut. C 
Fnnsten,(*) Oliver R., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Harness,!*) Wm. H., Major. 
Lomax, (*) Lunslord L., Colonel, 
McDonald,!*) Edward H., Major. 

nth Battalion Reserves. 

Bosang, (*) William H., Major. 
Wallace, Samuel M., Maj., Lieut. Col, 

11/A Infantry Regiment. 

Clement, (*) Adam, Major (appointme 

Funsten, David, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Garland, (*) Samuel, jr.. Colonel. 
Hutter,(*) J. Risque, Major. 
Harrison, Carter H., Major. 
Langhorne, !*) Maurice S., Maj., Lieu 

Col., Col. 
Otey,(*) Kirk wood, Maj,, Lieut. Col., C( 

I'Zth Artillery Battalion. 

Boggs,(*) Francis J., Major. 

12W» Cavalry Regiment. ' 

Burks,!*) Rich'd H., Lieut. Col. 
Harman,!*) Asher Waterman, Colonel. 
Knott,!*) John L., Major. 
Massie,(*) Thos. B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

12th Infantry Regiment. 

Brockett,!*) Edgar L., Major. 

Feild, (*) Everard Meade, Maj . , Lieut. Co 

Jones,!*) Richard W., Major. 
Lewellen,(*) .John Richard, Maj., Lieu 

May,!*) John P., Major. 
Taylor,!*) Fielding L., Lieut. Col. 
Weisiger,!*) David A., Col. 

13th Artillery Battalion, 

Gibbes, Wade Hampton, Major, 
King, J. Floyd, Maj., Lieut. Col, 
OTen, Wm. Miller, Major. ' 



IStJt Cavalry Beglment. 

Belaches, (*) Benj. W., Major. 
Chambliss, (*) John R., jr., Colonel. 
Gillette,!*) Joseph E., Major. 
J'hillips,(*) Jefferson C, Lieut. Col., Col. 
SaVage, Alexander, Lieut. Col. 
Upshaw,(*) Thos. E., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Winfield, (*) Benjamin F. , Major. 

13th Infaiilri/ Regiment. 

Crittenden, Charles T., Major. 

Goodman, (*) George Augustus, Maj. , Lieut. 

Hill,(*) Ambrose P., Colonel. 
Sherrard,!*) John B , Major. 
Terrill,!*) James B., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Walker,(*) Jaiues A., Lieut. Col., Col. 

\itli Ciivalri/ Battalion, 

(Chesapeake Battalion. Transferred to 15th 

Burroughs, (*) Edgar, Major. 

lith Cavalry Regiment. 

Bailey, (*) Robt. Augustus, Lieut. Col. 
Cochran, (*) Jas., Colonel. 
Eakle,(*) B. Frank, Major. 
Gibson, (*) John A., Lieut. Col. 
Jackson, Geo., Major. 
Thorburn, (*) Chas. E., Colonel. 

Wth Infantru Regiment. 

Evans, Moses F. T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Godwin, (.*) David J., Lieut. Col. 
Hodges, (*) James G., Colonel. 
Poindexter, (*) Parke, Lieut. Col, 
Poore,(*) Robert H., Major. 
Shelt«n,(*) William D., Major. 
■n'hite,(*) William, Mii]., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Wood,(*) William \V., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Uth Militia Regiment {18th Brigade). 

Harness, William H., Colonel. 

15& Cavalry Batlalion. 

(Northern Neck Ringers. Transferred to 15th 

Crltcher,(*) John, Major. 

loth Cavalry Regiment. 
(Consolidated with 5th Regiment Nov. 8, 1864.) 

Ball,(*) Wm. B., Colonel. 
Burroughs, (*) Edgar, Major. 
Collins,!*) Chas. Head, Maj., Col. 
Critcher,(*) John, Lieut. Col. 

15th Infantry Regiment. 

August,!*) Thomas P., Colonel. 
Clarke,!*) Charles H., Major. 

15ih Infantry Regiment — Continued. 

Crenshaw,!*) James K., Lieut. Col. 
Morrison,!*) Emmett M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Peyton,!*) Thomas G., Maj.^ Lieut. Col. 
Tucker,!*) St. George, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Walker,!*) John Stewart, Major. 

ISth Cavalry Battalion. 
(Transferred to 13th Cavalry.) 

Belsches,!*) Benj. W., Major. 

IGth Cavalry Regiment. 

Ferguson,!*) Milton J., Colonel. 
Graham,!*) Wra. L., Lieut. Col. 
Nounnan,!*) James H., Major. 

IGth Infantry Regiment. 

Colston,!*) Raleigh E., Colonel. 
Crump, Charles A., Colonel. 
Crutehfield, Stapleton Colonel. 
Hara,(*) .Joseph H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Holladay,!*) Francis D., Major. 
Page,!*) John C, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Parrish,!*) HenVyT., Lieut. Col.. Col. 
Whitehead, (*) Richard O. Maj., Lieut. Col, 
Woodhouse,!*) John T , Major. , 

llih Cavalry Battalion. 
(Transferred to Uth Cavalry.) 

Funsten. Oliver R., Lieut. Col. 
Patrick, Wm., Major. 

11th Cavalry Regiment. 
(Formed from French's Cavalry Battalion.) 

French,!*) Wm. H., Colonel 
Smith,!*) Frederick F., Major. 
Tavenner,!*) Wm. C, Lieut. Col. 

11th Infan'ry Rcgimmt. 

Brent,!*) George William, Major.' 
Corse,!*) Montgomery D., Colonel. 
Herbert,!*) Arthur, Maj., Lieut. Co!., Col. 
Marye, (*) Morton, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Munford, William, Lieut. Col. 
Simpson,!*) Robert K., Major. 
Tyler,!*) Grayson, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

18th Artillery Battalion. 

Hardin,!*) Mark B., Major. 

18th Cavalry Ri-giment. 

Beall,(,*) David Edward, Lieut. Col. 
Imboden,!*) Geo. W., Colonel. 
Monroe,!*) Alex., Major. 

18th Infantry Regiment 

Carringtou,!*) Henry A., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Cabell,!*) George C, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Wall,!*) Edwin 6., Major. 
Withers,!*) Robert E., Colonel. 



1 9th Heaxfy Artillery Battalion. 

Atkinson, (*) John Wilder, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Cary,(*) N. R., Major. 

Wtk'Giivalry Eegiment, 

Downs, (*) Geo., Major. 
Jackson, (*) Wm. L., Colonel. 
Kesler, (*) Joseph K., Major. 
Thompson, (*) Wm. P., Lieut. Col. 

19ft Infantry Eegiment. 

Boyd,(*) Waller M., Major. 
Cocke, P. St. George, Colonel. 
Ellis, (*) John T., Maj., Lieut. CoL 
Gantt,(*) Henry, Maj., Lieut. Col., CoL 
Peyton,(*) Charles S., Maj., Lieut. CoL 
Bust, (*) Armistead Thomson Mason, 

Strange, (*) John B., Lieut. CoL, CoL 
Taylor, (*) Bennett, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Watts, (*) William, Major. 

19th Militia Eegiment. 
(Afterwards 2d State Reserves.) 

Evans, (*) Thomas J., Colonel. 
Powell, I). Lee, Lieut. Col. 
Pendleton, S. T., Major. 

20th Artillery Battalion. 
{De Lasnel's Battalion.) 

DeLagnel,(*) Johnston, Major. 
Eobertson,(*) James E., Major. 

20th Cavalry Eegiment. 

Arnett,(*) Wm. W., Colonel. 
Evans, Dudley, Lieut. Col. 
,Hutton,(*) Elihu, Major. 
Lady,(*) John B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

20th Infantry Eegiment. 

Crenshaw, (*) James K., Lieut. Col. 
Pegram, John, Lieut. Col. 
Tyler, (*) Nat., Lieut. Col. 

21st Cavalry Eegiment. 

Edmund8on,(*) David, Lieijt. Col. 
Halsey, (*j Stephen P., Major. 
Peters, (*) Wm. E., Colonel. 

2lst Infantry Battalion. 

(Pound G-ap Battalion, ^Je^gea into 64th Vir- 

Slemp,(*) Campbell, Lieut. CoL 
Thompson, (*) John B., Major. 

21si Infantry Eegiment. 

Berkeley, (*) William R., Major. 
Cunningham, (*) Richard H. , j r. , Lieut. Col. 

2l8t Infantry Eegiment — Continued. 

Gilham,(*) William, Colonel. 

Kelly, (*) Alfred D., Major. 

Moseley, (*j John B., Major. 

Moseley,(*) William P., Lieut. Col. * 

Patton,(*) John M., jr., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Shipp, (*) Scott, Major. 

Witcher,(*j William A., Lieut. Col., Col. 

2l8t Militia Eegiment. 

Jones,(*) Warner T., Colonel. 
Seawell,(*) William H., Maj., Lieut. CoL 
Taliaferro, Thomas S., Major. 
Taylor, (*J Fielding L., Lieut. Col. 

22d Cavalry Eegiment. 

Bowen,(*) Henry S., Colonel. 
Kendriok, (*) Henrv F., Major. 
Radford, John T,, Lieut. Col. 

. 22(i Infantry Battalion. 

(Formed from 2d Virginia Artillery.) 

Bowles, (*) John S., Major. 

Johnson, (*) James C, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Tayloe,(*) Edward Poinsett, Lieut. Col, 

22d Infantry Eegiment. 
(Formerly 1st Kanawha Kegiment.) 
Bailey, (*) Robt. Augustus, Major. 
Barbee, (*) Andrew R., Lieut. Col. 
Jackson, (*) William A., Lieut. Col. 
McDonald,!*) John C, Maj., Lieut. CoL 
Patton,(*) Georges., Lieut. CoL, Col. 
Smith. Isaac N., Major. 
Tompkins, (*) Christopher Q., ColoneL 

23d Cavalry Eegiment. 

(Formed from consolidation, 7 companies 41st 
Battalion, and 2 companies O'Perrall'sBat- 

Calmese,(*) Fielding H., Major. 
0'Ferrall,(*) Chas. T., Lieut. CoL 
White, (*) Robt,, Colonel. 

23d Infantry Battalion. 

Blessing, (*) William, Major. 
Cecil, William P., Major. 
Derrick, (*) Clarence, Lieut. Col. 
Hounshell,(*J David S., Major. 

23d Infantry Beqiment. 

Camden, J, D,, Major. 
Coleman, (.*) Clayton G., jr., Maj., Lieut. 

Crenshaw, (*) James H., Lieut. Col. 
Curtis, (*) George W., Lieut. Col. 
Fitzgerald, (*; John P., Maj., Lieut. CoL 
Pendleton, (*) Joseph H., Major. 
Richardson, (*) Andrew J., Major. 
Scott, (*) Andrew V., Major. 



33d Infantry Regiment — Continued. 

Taliaferro, (*) William B.,Cplonel. 
Taliaferro, (*) Alexander G., Lieut. Col., 

Walton, (*) Simeon T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

24th Battalion Partisan Rangers. 
(Disbanded January 5, 1863.) 

Scott, (*) John, Major. 

24ft Cavatry Regiment. 

Barham, Theodore G., Lieut. Col. 
Eobertson,(*) John R., Major. 
Robins, (*) Wm. T. , Colonel. 

24<7t Infantry Regiment. 

Bentley,(*) William W. , Major. 
Early, Jubal A. , Colonel. 
Hairaton,(*) Peter.jr., Lieut. Col. 
Hambrick, (*) Joseph A., Major. 
Hammet, J. P., Major. 
Maury, (*) Richard L., Maj. , Lieut. Col. 
Terry, (*) William R., Colonel. 

2bth Cavalry Regiment, 

Edmundson,(*) Henry A., Lieut. CoL 
Hopkins, (*) Warren M., Colonel. 
McConnell, (*) Sylvester P., Major. 

25thlnfantry Battalion Local Defense Troops, 

Bossieux,(*) Louis J., Major. 

Elliott, (*) Wyatt M. , Maj. , Lieut. Col. 

25<A Infantry Regiment. 

Duflfy,(*) Patrick B., Lieut. Col. 
Harper, (*) Wilson, Major. 
Heck, Jonathan M , Lieut Col. 
Higginbotham, (*) John C, Maj., Lieut. 

Col , Col. 
Lilley,(*) Robert D., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Porterfield, (*} George A., Colonel. 
Reger, Albert G., Major. 
Robinson, {*_) John A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Smith,(*) George H., Colonel. 
Thompson, William T. , Major. 

25Wi Militia Regiment. 

Arnold, Mark, Colonel. 
Arnold, P. M. . Lieut. Col. 
Lewis, H. B., Major. 

2Gth ( acalry Reifiment. 
(Formed from 461h and 47th Cavalry Battalions.) 

Kesler, (*) Joseph K., Lieut. Col. 
Euffner, {*) Heury D. , Major. 

26/A Infantry Battalion. 

Edgar, {*) George M. , Maj. , Lieut. Col. 
Woodram, (*) Richard, Major. 

26tJi Infantry Regiment. 

Councill, (*) James C, Lieut CoL 
Crump,(*) Charles A., Colonel. 
Fitzhugh,(*) Patrick H., Major. 
Garrett, (*) Joshua L., Major. 
Page, Powhatan R., Lieut. Col., CoL 
Perrin,(*) William K., Major. 
Wheelwright, William H., Major. 

27ft Cavalry Battalion Partisan Rangerf. 
(Trigg's Battalion. Transferred to 25th Cavalry) 

Edmundson,(*) Henry A., Maj., Lieut. 

27ft Infantry Regiment. 

Carpenter, (*) Joseph, Lieut. Col. (appoint- 
ment declined). 

Echols,(*) John, Lieut. Col., Col. 

Edmondson,(*) James K., Lieut. Col., CoL 

Frazer,(*) Philip F., Major. 

Gordon, William W., Colonel. 

Grigaby, (*) Andrew J., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Haynes,(*) Charles L., Lieut. CoL 

Paxton.f*) Elisha F., Major. 

Shriver, {*) Daniel M., Maj., Lieut CoL 

28ft Artillery Battalion. 
Tabb, (*) Wm. B., Major. 

28ft Infantry Regiment, 

Allen,(*) Robert C, Maj., Col. 
Paul,(*) Samuel B., Lieut. Col. 
Preston, (*) Robert T., Colonel. 
Spessard,(*) Michael P., Major. 
Watts, (*) William, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
WiDgfield,(*) William L., Lieut. CoL 
Wilson, (*) Nathaniel C, Major. 

29ft Infantry Batia'ion, 

(No field oflticers given. Most of line officers 
found in 64th Infantry.) 

29Wi Infantry Regiment. 

Bruster, (*) Ebenezer, Major. 

Giles, (*) James, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Haynes,(*) Alexander, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Horne,(*) William K. B., Major. 

Leigh, William. Lieut. Col. 

Moore, (*) Alfred C, Colonel. 

Smith, (*) Edwin R., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

White, (*) Isaac, Major, 

30ft Cavalry Regiment. 
(See 2d Cavalry Regiment). 

30ft Battalion Sharpshooters. 

Clarke, (*) J. Lyle, Lieut, Col. 
Otey,(.*) Peter, Major. 



30th Infantry Regiment. 

Barton, (*) William S., Major. 
Cary,(*) K. Milton, Colonel. 
Chew,f*) Robert S., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Gouldin,(*) Jno. Milton, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Harrison,(*) Archibald T., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Peatross,(*) Robert O., Major. 

31s< Light Artillery Battalion. 

Nelson, (*) Wm., Maj. Lieut. Col., Col. 

Z\st Infantry Regiment. 

Arbogast,(*) James C, Major. 
Boy kin, Francis M., Lieut. Col. 
Chenoweth, Joseph H., Major. 
Cooper,(*) William P., Major. 
Hoffman,!*) John S., Maj., CoL 
Jackson, (*) Alfred H., Lieut. Col. 
Jackson, (*) William L., Colonel. 
McCutchen,(*) J. S. Kerr, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Reynolds, Samuel H., Colonel. 

31s( Militia Regiment. 

Baldwin,!*) Robert F., Colonel. 
Denny, W. R., Lieut. Col. 
McCoole,!*) Thomas E., Juieut. Col. 
Moore, (*) L. T., Colonel. 
Riely, J. C, Major. 
Washington, B. B., Major. 

32(i Cavalry Battalion. 
(Consolidated with JOth Cavalry Battalion.) 

Robertson,!*) John R., Major. 

32(Z Infantry Regiment. 

(Formed from Montaerue's and Goggin's In- 
fantry Battalions.) 

Cary, John B. , Lieut. Col. 
Ewell,(*) Benjamin S., Colonel. 
Goggin, (*) James M., Major. 
Lee, (*) Baker P., jr., Major. 
Montague,!*) Edgar B., Colonel. 
Sinclair,!*) Jefferson, Major. 
Willis,!*) William R., Lieut: Col. 

32(i Militia Regiment. 

Coiner,!*) D.ivid W., Lieut. Col. 
McCune, (*) Samuel, Colonel. 
Wilson,!*) William M., Major. 

33d Cavalry Battalion. 
(Transferred to 17th Cavalry.) 
Armesy,!*) Thos. D., Major. 

33d Infantry Regiment. 

Cnmmings, (*) Arthur C, Colonel. 

Golladay,!*) Jacob B., Major. 

Grace, Philip T., Major. 

Holliday, !*) Frederick W. M., Maj., Col. 

33d Infantry Regimerit—ContimieA. 

Huston,!*) George, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Jones,!*) John R., Lieut. Col. 
Lee,!*) Edwin G., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Neflf,!*) John F., Colonel. 
Spengler,!*) Abraham, Lieut. Col., Col. 

34iA Cavalry Battalion. 

McFatlane, !*) John A., Major. 

Straton,!*) Wm., Major. 

Witcher, !*) Vinson A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

Sith Infantry Regiment, 
(4th Heavy Artillery prior to March 8, 1861.) 

Bagby, John R. , Major. 
Goode,!*) John Thomas, Colonel. 
Harrison, Randolph, Lieut. Col. 

34th Militia Regiment. 

Deatherage, !*) W. W., Colonel. 

Haddox, C. B., Major. 

Kinsey, Benjamin F., Lieut. Col. 

35th Cavalry Battalion. 

Ferneyhoagh,!*) Geo. M. , Major. 
Myers,!*) Franklin M., Major. 
White,!*) Elijah V., Maj., Lieut. CoL 

35th Infantry Regiment. 
(No rolls or roster.) 

36th Cavalry Battalion. 

Sweeney,!*) James W., Major. 

3Gth Infantry Regiment, 
(Formerly 2d Kanawha Regiment.) 

Fife,!*) William E., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Linkons,!*) ileujamin K,, Lieut. Col: 
McCaualand,!*) John A., Colonel. 
Reid, !*) L. Wilber, Lieut. Col. ' 
Smith, !*J Thomas, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

37ft Cavalry Battalion. 

Claiborne,!*) Jaa. R., Major. 
Dunn, (*) Ambrose C, Lieut. Col. 

31th Infantry Regiment, 

Carson, Robert P., Lieut. Col. 
Fulkerson,!*) Samuel V., ColoneL 
Terry,!*"! John F., Lieut. Col. 
Williams,!*) Titus V., Maj., Col. 
Wood,!*) Henry C, Major. 

37ft Militia Regiment. 

Coles, Thomas R., Major. 
Downing, Joseph, Major. 
Litlrell, Leroy N., Lie ut^ Col. 
Stranghan,!*) Samuel L., Colonel. 




S8th Artillery Battalion. 

Blount, (*) Joseph U., Major. 
Dearinfi, (*) James, Major. 
Eead,[*) John P. W., Major. 
Stribling, (^*) Robert M., Major. 

38th Infantry Regiment. 

Cabell, (*) Joseph R., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Carrington,(*) Isaac H., Major, 
f Edmonds, (*) Edward C, Colonel. 
GrigKS,(*) George K., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Lee, Henderson L., Major. 
Martin, George A., Lieut. Col. 
Whittle,!*) Powhatan Boiling, Lieut. Col., 


39/A Cavalry Battalion. 

Richardson, (*) John H., Major. 

39iA Infantry Reginent. 
(Disbanded January 25, 1682.) 

Cary,(*)N. R., Major. 
Finney, Louis C. H., Lieut. Col. 
Smith, (*) Charle?, Colonel. 

* 39th Militia Uegiment. 

Davenport, (*) John M., Lieut. Col. 

40</4 Cavalry Battalion. 

(Consolidated with 32d Battalion to form 12d 

Robins, (*) Wm. T., Lieut. Col. 
■Wren,(*) John F., Major. 

iOth Infantry Regiment. 

Brockenbrough, (*) John M., Colonel. 
Cox,(*) Fleet W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Cunningham, Arthur S., Lieut. Col. (tem- 
porary command). 
Stake.s(*) Edward T., Major. 
Taliaferro, William T. , Major. 
Walker, Henry H. , Lieut. Col. 

i\st Cavalry Battalion. 
(Transferred to 23d Cavalry.) 

White,(*J Robt., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Wst Infantry Regiment. 

Blow,{*) George, jr., Lieut, Col. 
Chambliss,(*) John R., jr., Colonel. 
Etheredge,(*) William H., Major. 
Minetree,(*) Joseph P., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Parham,(*) William Allen, Lieut. Col., 

Smith, Francis W., Major. 

AXst Militia Regiment. 

Garland, William D., Lieut. Col. 
McClanahan, Meredith M., Major. 
Oldham, (*) Thomas, Colonel. 
Rains, William W., Major. 

A'id Cavalry Battalion. 
(Transferred to 24th Cavalry.) 

Robertson, (*) John R., Major. 
Robins, (*) William T., Lieut. Col. 

42d Infantry Regiment, 

Adams, P. B., Major. 

Burks, Jesse S., Colonel. 

Deyerle, Andrew .L , Colonel. 

Lane, (*) Henry, Major. 

Langhorne, (*) Daniel A., Lieut. Col. 

Martin, (*) William, Lieut. Col. 

Penn,(*) John E., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Richardson, Jesse M., Major. 

Saunders, Samuel H., Major, Lieut. Col. 

Withers, (*) Robert W., Lieut. Col., Col. 

i3d Cavalry Battalion. 

Chapman, (*) William H., Major. 
Mosby,(*) John S.,, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

i3d Infantry Regiment. 
(No rolls, lib roster. ) 

43rf Slilitia Regiment. 

Wright, John A., Lieut. Col. 

44iA Infantry Battalion. 
Batte,(*) Peter V., Major. 

ath Infantry Regiment, 

Anderson, David W., Major. 
Buckner.(*) Thomas R., Lieut. CoL 
Cobb,(*) Norvell, Maj., Col. 
Hubard,(*) James L., Lieut. Col. 
Jones, A. C., Maj,, Lieut. Col. 
Scott, (.*) William C, Colonel, 

45<A Infantry Battalion. 

Beckley,(*) Henry M., Lieut. Col. 
Woodson, (*) Blake L,, Major, 

ibth Infantry Regiment, 

Browne, (*) William H. , Colonel. 
Davis, (*) Alex. M., Major 
Ficklin,(*) Benjamin F., Lieut. Col. 
Harman,(*) Edwin H., Lieut. Col. 
Hi3th,(*) Henry, Colonel. 
Peters, (*) William E., Lieut. Col,, Col. 
Sanders, William C, Major, 
Werth,;*) Wm, H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Wharton, Gabriel C, Major. 

46ft Cavalry Battalion. 

(Consolidated with 47th Battalion to form 26th 

Cavalry ) 

Kesler,C*) Joseph K., Lieut. Col. 
Ruflfner,(*) Henry D., Major. 



46</» Infantry Regiment. 

Davis, J. Lucius, Colonel. 
Duke,(*) Richard Thomas Walker, Colonel. 
Fry, Hugh Walker, jr., Major. 
Harrison, Randolph, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Hill,{*) James C, Major. 
Eichardson,(*) John H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Wise, (*) Peyton, Maj., Lieut. CoL 

46tt Militia Beglment. 
Johnson, (*) John H., Colonel. 

nth Cavalry Battalion. 

(ConsoMdated with 46th Battalion to form 26th 

Harman,(*) Wm. N., Major. 

nth Infantry Regiment. 


Bruce, (*) James D., Maj., Lieut, 
Green, (*) Charles J., Major. 
Green, William .J., Lieut. Col. 
Lyell,(*) John W., Lieut. Col. 
Mayo,(*) Robert M., Maj., Col, 
Eichar(3soD,(*) George W., Colonel. 
Tayloe,(*) Edward Poinsett, Major. 

47</i Militia Regiment. 

Harris, (*) Benj. J., Major. 

iSth Infantry Regiment. 

Campbell, (*) Jame^ C, Major. 

Campbell,!*) John A., Colonel. 

Dungan,{*) Robert H., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Faris, Wilson, Major. 

Garnett,(*) Thomas S., Lieut. Col., Col. 

Stewart, D. Boston, Major. 

White, (*) Oscar, Maj., Lieut. Col. 

49tt Infantry Regiment. 

Christian, (■*) Charles B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Gibson, John Catlett, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Murray, (*) Edward, Lieut. Col. 
Smith, Caleb, Major. 
Smith, (*) William, Colonel. 

50th Infantry Regiment. 

Finney, William W., Lieut. Col. 
Perkins,(*) Lyoville J., Major. 
Poage,(*) Thomas, Colonel. 
Reynolds,!*) Alexander W., Colonel. 
Saiyer,(*) Logan H. N., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Thorburn, Charles E., Major. 
Vandeventer, (*) Alexanders., Lieut. Col., 

51st Infantry Regiment. 

Akers,(*) William T., Major. 
Cunningham,!*) George A., Lieut. Col. 

• 51st Infantry Regiment — Continued. 

Dickey,!*) Stephen M., Major. 
Forsberg, !*) Augustus, Lieut. Col., Col. 
Graham, !*) David P., Major. 
Hounshell, !*) David S., Major. 
Massie, !*) James W., Lieut. Col. 
Reynolds, Samuel H., Lieut. Col. (de- 
Wharton,!*) Gabriel C, Colonel. 
Wolfe,!*) John P., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Yonce,!*) William A., Major. 

51sl Militia Regiment, 

Glass, William W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Pritchard, Solomon S., Lieut. Col. 
Shryock,!*) Charles E., Colonel. 
Wotring, Daniel E., Major. 

52(i Infantry Regiment. 

Baldwin, John B., Colonel. 
Harman, (*) Michael G., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Lilley,!*) John D., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Ross,!*) John D. H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Skinner,!*) James H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Watkins,!*) Thomas H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

52d Militia Regiment. 

Carter,!*) Hill. Colonel. 
Christian,!*) Bat. D., Major. 
Vaiden, Vulosko, Major. 

53d Infantry Regiment. 

(Formed from Tomlin's ani Montague's Bat- 
talions and Co. A, of Waddill's Battalion.) 

Aylett, !*) William R., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Edmundson,(*) Henry A., Major. 
Grammer, !*) John, jr., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Leigh, William, Major. 
Martin,!*) Rawley White, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Montague,!^) Edgar B., Lieut. Col. 
Stevenson,!*) Carter L., Colonel. 
Tiraberlake,!*) John G, Maj., Lieut. Col 
Tomlin,!*) Harrison B., Colonel. 
Waddill,!*) George M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

5Zd Militia Regiment. 

Adams, (*) H. W., Colonel. 

54JA Infantry Regiment. 

Deyerle,!*) John S., Major. 
Edinundson,!*) Henry A., Lieut. Col. 
Harman.!*) Austin, Major. 
Shelor,!*) William -B.. \la,j., Lieut. Col. 
Taylor,!*) James C, Major. 
Tri.'g,!*) RiibertC, Colonel. 
Wade,!*) John J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 



5ith Militia Begiment. 
KobinsoD, E.G., Colonel. 

55th Infantry Begiment, 

Archer, Robert H., Lieut. Col. 
Burke, (*•) Thomas M., Major. 
Christian,!*) William S., Maj., Lieut. Col., 

Fauntleroy,(*) Robert B., Major. 
Lawson,(*) Charles N., Major. 
Mallory,(*) Francis, Colonel. 
Rice,(*) Evan, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Saunders, (*) Andrew D., Major. 
Ward,!*) William N., Major. 

56i7t Infantry Begiment. 

Green, (*) William E., Maj., Lieut. Co!., 

McPhail,(*) John B., Major. 
Slaughter, (*) Philip Peyton, Lieut. Col., 

Smith, (*) Timoleon, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Stuart, (*) William D., Colonel. 

57ft Infantry Begiment. 
(Formed from Keen's Infantry Battalion.) 

Armislead,(*) LewisA., Colonel. 
Carr,(*) George W., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Dyer,(*) David. Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Fontaine, (*) Clement R., Maj., Col. 
Banes,(*) Garland B., Major. 
Heckman,(*) David P., Major. 
James,(*) Waddy T., Lieut. Col. 
Keen,(*) Elisha F., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Magruder,f*) John Bovrie, Maj., Lieut. 

Col., Col. 
Ramsey, (*) William H., Lieut. Col. 
Smith,(*) Andrew J., Major. 
Wade,(*) Benjamin H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 

57<ft Militia Begiment. 
Kamey,(*) Sanford J., Colonel. 

58th Infantry Begiment. 


Board,(*) Francis H., Lieut. Col. 
Booker, (*) George E., Major. 
Crutchaeld, Stapleton, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Goode, Edmund, Colonel. 
Kasey,(*) John G., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Letcher, (*) Samuel H., Lieut. CoL, Col. 
Walker, Edward T., Major. 

5Uh Infantry Begiment. 

Anderson,!*) Frank P., Lieut. Col. 
Henniugsen.C*) Charles F., Colonel. 
Jones, (*) Joseph, Lieut. Col. 
Lawson, (*) John, Major. 
Mosby,(*) Robert G., Major. 
Tabb,(*) William B., Colonel. 

59ft Militia Begiment. 

Copeland, John R., Colonel. 

60ft Infantry Begiment, 

Corley, (*) James L., Lieut. Col. 
Gilliam, (*) William A., Lieut. Col. 
Hammond, (*) George W., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Jones, (*) Beuhring H., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Rowan, William S., Major. 
Spaulding, J. W., Lieut. Col, 
Starke, (*) William E., Colonel. 
Summers, (*) .John C, Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Swank,(*) William A., Lieut. Col. (acting). 
Sweeney, (*) James W., Maj. 
Taylor, (*) Jacob N., Major. 

Gist Militia Begiment. 

Billups, Rob^ertS., Major. 
Bohannan,(*) John G., Colonel, 
.lames, Lemuel, Lieut. Col. 
Shipley, James S., Major. 

61s< Infantry Begiment. 
(Formed from 7th Battalion.) 

Groner,(*) Virginius D. , Colonel. 
MoAlpine,(*) Charles R., Maj. 
Niemeyer, (*) William P., Lieut. Col. 
Stewart, (*) William H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Wilson, Samuel M., Colonel. 

62d Mounted Infantry Begiment. 
(Also called 1st Virginia Partisan Bangers.) 

Doyle, (*) Robert L., Lieut. Col. , ' 

Hall,(*) Houston, Major. 
Imboden,(*) George W., Major. 
Imboden,(*) John D., Colonel. 
Lang, (*) David B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Smith, (*) George H., (jolonel. 

63d Infantry Begiment. 

Dunn,(*) David C, Lieut. Col. 
French ,(*! James M., Maj., Col. 
Lynch,!.*) Connally H., Lieut. Col. 
McMahoa,(*) John J., Colonel. 

64ft Mounted Infantry Begiment. 

(Formed from 21st (Pound Gap) Battalion.) 

Gray,(*) Harvey, Major. 
Pridemore,(*) Auburn L., Lieut. Col., Col. 
Richmond, [*) James B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 
Slemp,(*) Campbell, Colonel. 

Qith Militia Begiment. 

Dillard, John L., Colonel. 

67ft Militia Regiment, 

Cunningham, John F., Major. 
Robinson, (*) Israel, Lieut. Col. 
Sencendiver,(*) Jacob, Colonel. 


Tlth Militia Regiment, 

McDonald, (*) Edward H., Colonel. 
Simms, Gilmore F., Lieut. Col. 
Smith, Abraham, Major. 
Vandiver, Joseph L., Major. 

82d Militia Regiment. 

Blankenbeker, (*) E. Finks, Major, 
Carpenter, Simeon, Lieut. Col. 
Troyman, (*) James W., Colonel. 

Sith Militia Regiment. 
Dennis, Thomas C, Colonel. 

87th Militia Regiment. 

Gresham, Thomas Robert, Colonel. 
Saunders, (*) William A., Major. 

88W( Militia Reqiment. 

Antrim, C. W., Major. 
Carver, D. C. , Lieut. Col. 
McKennie, M., Colonel. 

89ft Militia Regiment. 

Davison, Samuel, Major. 
Plagg,(*) John S., Lieut. Col. 
Johnston, (*) Samuel, Colonel. 
Rider, E. C., Major. 

91sJ Militia Regiment. 

Crenshaw, John B., Major. 

108ft Militia Regiment. 
Rowan, (*) John M. , Colonel. 

,109ft Militia Regiment. 
Jones, (*) E.P., Colonel. 

llOtfi Militia Regiment, 
Lavender, (*) J. G., Major. 

114ft Militia Regiment. 

Monroe, (*) Alexander, Colonel. 

115ft Militia Regiment. 

Mallor.y,(*) Charles K., Colonel. 
Smith, M. B., Major. 
Wray, George, Major. 

121s« Militia Regiment, 

Sperry,(*) J. G., Colonel. 


122rf Militia Regiment, 

Dearmont, (*) W., Colonel. 

156ft Militia Regiment, 

Adams, T. C, Major. 
Bennett, Thomas F., Colonel. 
Ross, D. Lee, Lieut. Col. 
Taylor, James A., Major. 

157</t Militia Regiment. 
Terrill, George P., Colonel. 

162(? Militia Regiment. 
Fleisher, H. H., Lieut. Col. 

174ft Militia Regiment. 
Abbitt, Wyatt, Colonel. 

179ft Militia Regiment. 

Morris, Robert F., Colonel. 
Richardson, (*) John H. , Colonel. 

\Soth Militia Regiment. 
Darst, James H., Major. 

189ft Militia Regiment. 
Rowan, (*) John M., Colonel. 

198ft Militia Reqiment. 

Compton, John R., Colonel. 

Botetourt Regiment. 
(Home Guard.) 

Aunspaugh, Charles, Major. 
Burks, Richard H., Colonel. 
Burks, Robert S, Lieut. Col. 

Cohoon's Infantry Battalion. 
(See also 6th Battalion North Caroliua Infantry.) 

Cohoon,(*) John T. P. C, Lieut. Col. 

French's Cavalry Battalion. 
(Merged Into 17th Cavalry.) 

French, (*) Wm. H., Lieut. Col. 

Goggin's Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into 32d Regiment.) 

Goggin.O James M., Major. 



Harris^ Heavy Artillery Battalion. 
(Disbanded June 10, 1862.) 

Harris, N. C, Lieut. Col. 

Henry's Regiment Reserves. 

Henry,!*:) P. M., Colonel. 
Hobson, Joseph A., Lieut. Col. 
Eeyuolds, A., D., Major. 

Jackson's Cavalry Battalion. 
(Afterward Jackson's I9th Cavalry.) 

Jackson, Wm. L., Lieut. Col. 

Jackson Hospital Battalion. 
Scott, (*) H. C, Major, 

Keen's Infantry Battalion. 
(Merged into 57th Regiment.) 

Keen,(*) Elisha F., Major. 

Montague's Infantry Battalion, 

(Attached temporarily to 32d Regiment August 
10, 1861. Afterw.irJ (N^ov. 9, 1861) merged into 
53d Regiment.) 

Montague, (*) Edgar B., Major. 

Mo.ibji's Regiment Partisan Rangers. 

Chapman,(*) V/m. H., Lieut. Col. 
Mosby,(*) John Si., Colonel. 
Richards, A. E., Major. 

Morris' Independmt Infantry Battalion. 

Morris, Z. F., Acting Major. 

O'FerraU's Cavalry Battalion, 
(Merged into 23d Cavalry.) 

0'Ferrall,(*) Chas. T., Major. 

Richmond Homtzers, 
(Also called Richmond Battalion.) 

Randolph, (*) George W., Major. 

State Line Artillery. 

Jackson, (*) Thomas E., Colonel. 

Stuart Horse Artillery Battalion, 

Beckham, (*3 R. F., Major. 
Pelham,(*) John, Major. 
Williams, (*) S. C, Lieut. Col. 

Swann's Cavalry Battalion, 

Swann,(*)Thos. B., Lieut. Col. 

Tomlin's Infantry Battalion, 
(Merged into 53d Infantry.) 

Tomlin, (*) Harrison B., Major. 

WaddiU's Infantry Battalion. 
(Co. A of this battalion went into 53d Infantry.) 

Waddill, George M., Acting Major. 

Wade's Regiment Reserves. 
Wade,(*) James M., Colonel. 

iis^,*"f ''V*** AV i* " "CJizn,, 3.V1?, _■ 


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