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CLASS OF 1889 


,-^.-, ..-9.""*" University Library 
E547 .U58 

'"?ififi'iiiinSi?iiS/fifl''°"® °' Confederate troops 

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OP ''.'',• 


TOTAL 3974- 

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Abbeville Minute Men (Company B, 1st South Carolina Rifles.) 

Abe's Rejecters— See Southern Rejecters of Old Abe. 

A. B. Moore Invincibles (Company H, 18th Alabama Infantry.) 

AcQomac Refugees ; also called Eastern Shore Refugees (Company F, 46th Virginia 

Accomac Rifles (Company P, 39th Virginia Infantry.) 

Acworth Grays (Company C, 7th Georgia State Guards.) 

Adams Battery (Captain BVancis McNally's company Arkansas artillery.) 

Adams Light Guards No. 1 (Company I, 16th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Adams Light Guards No. 2 (Company D, 16th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Adams Rifles (10th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Adams Rifles (Company B, 20th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Adams Rifles (Captain William Prescott's company Texas volunteers.) 

Adams Troop (Company A, 2d Battalion Mississippi Cavalry.) 

Agency Rifles (Company G, 14th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Aik:n'f ^^n C^rpJ (6th South Carolina Caval^.)_ 

Alabama Coast Guard (regiment^ Alabama militia.) 
AlabamaTiegibn (Alabama volunteers.) ~ 

Alabama Mounted Riflemen (independent company of Alabama cavalry.) 

Alabama Mounted Rifles (independent company Alabama cavalry ; afterward Com- 
pany P, 53d Alabama Cavalry.) 

Alabama Partisan Rangers (13th Battalion Alabama Infantry. 

Alabama Rangers (Company A, 8th Alabama Infantry.) 

Alabama Rebels (company of volunteer exempts, Alabama.) 

Alabama State Artillery; also called State Artillery (batt'n Ala. art,. Local Defense.) 


Alabama Volunteers (Company C, 9th Alabama Infantry.) 

Alabama Washington Light Infantry (Company B, 8d Alabama Infantry.) 

Alabama Zouaves (Capt. B. M. Law's company Alabama infantry. 

Alachua Light Infantry (Company C, 7th Florida Infantry.) 

Alachua Rebels (Company — , 7th Florida Infantry.) 

Alamance Minute Men (Company K, 17th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Alamance Regulators (13th North Carolina Troops — formerly 3d N. C. Vols.) 

Alamo City Guards (became Capt. William Edgar's battery, Texas.) 

Alamutche Infantry (Company A, 13th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Albany Guards, (Company E, 4th Georgia Infantry.) 

Albemarle Artillery ; also called Edenton Bell Battery (Company B, 3d Battalion North 
Carolina Artillery.) 

Albemarle Artillery 1 Company B, Poague's battalion ; afterward Company 

Albemarle Everett Artillery/ G, afterward H, 1st Virginia Artillery.) 

Albemarle Dragoons (Company K, 2d Virginia Cavalry.) 

Albemarle Guards (Company A, 1st North Carolina Infantry.) 

Albemarle Light Horse (register says Co. G and roUs say Co. H, 1st Virginia Cavalry.) 

Albemarle Light Horse (Company K, 2d Virginia Cavalry.) 

Albemarle Rangers (Company F, 10th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Albemarle Rifles (Company B, 19th Virginia Infantry.) 

Albemarle South Carolina Cavalry (Co. A, 1st Battalion South Carolina Cavalry.) 

Alcorn Rifles (Company P, 1st Mississippi Infantry.) • 

Alexander Boys (Company H, 55th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Alexander Cavalry (Company — , Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Alexander Soldiers (Company G, 87th North Carolina Infantry.) 

artillery \ also called KemperBattary (independent company: after- 

jight Artillery / ward Co. E, 18th Battalion Virginia Artillery.) 

Alexandria Battalion (Virginia volunteers.) 

Alexandria Riflemen (Company A, 17th Virginia Infantry.) 

Alexandria Rifles (Company D, 10th Alabama Infantry.) 

Alex. Stephens Guard ; also called Stephens Guard (Company C, 8th Alabama Infantry.) 

Alexandria Artillery 
Alexandria I.' ' 


Alfred Davis Gruard (Company G, Miles Legion, Louisiana.) 

Algiers Guards (Company A, SOth Louisiana Infantry.) 

Allan Guards (Captain Thomas H. Mangum's South Carolina company, attached to 
25th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Allapaha Guards (Company B, 29th Georgia Infantry.) 

AUapaha Rangers (Co. — , in N. A. Carswell's battalion, 22d Georgia State Guards.) 

Alleghany Artillery; formerly Alleghany Light Infantry and Alleghany Roughs (origin- 
ally Company A, 27th Virginia Infantry; latterly Captain Joseph Carpenter's com- 
pnay Virginia artillery.) 

Alleghany Blues (Company F, 22d North Carolina Troops.) 

Alleghany Home Defenders (Company — , Virginia Volunteers.) 

illeghany Ra°n'^er?^^"'^^'' } (Company I, 61st North Carolina Infantry.) 

Alleghany Light Infantry I (Company A, 27th Virginia Infantry ; afterward became an 
Alleghany Roughs J artillery company— See Alleghany Artillery.) 

Alleghany Rifles (Company C, 27th Virginia Infantry.) 

Alleghany Tigers (Company K, 37th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Allen Gua.rds (unattached company; afterward Company A, 23d, afterward Company 
F, 22d, late 23d Louisiana Infantry.) 

Allen Guards (Company C, 32d Tennessee Infantry.) 

Allen Rangers (Company A, 5th North Carolina Cavalry— 63d Volunteers.) 

Allen Rangers (Company — , Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Allen Rifles (Company I, 26th Louisiana Infantry.) 

All Saints Riflemen (Company L, 7th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Alleyton Home Guards iCaptain Herbert's Texas volunteers.) 

Alpharetta Infantry (Company F, 8th Georgia State Guards.) 

Alstadt Greys (Company K, 6th Virginia Infantry.) 

Alston Light Artillery (Company B, 38th Battalion South Carolina Artillery.) 

Altamaha Scouts (Company F, 25th Georgia Infantry.) 

Ambler Greys (Company — , 20th Virginia Infantry.) 

Amelia Greys (Company — , 23d Virginia Infantry.) 

Amelia Light Dragoons \ cconjpany G, 1st Virginia Cavalry.) 
Amelia Troop j \ r j 7 


Amelia Minute Men (Company — , Virginia Volunteers.) 

Amelia Rifles (Company — , 23d Virginia Infantry.) 

American Rifles (Company G, 7tli Louisiana Infantry.) 

Americus Volunteers (Company K, 9tli Georgia Infantry.) 

Amherst Artillery (Company A, 31st Battalion Virginia Artillery.) 

Amherst Johnson Guard (Company I, afterward F, 58th Virginia Infantry.) 

Amherst Mounted Rangers (Company E, 2d Virginia Cavalry.) 

Amherst Rifle Grays (Company I, 19th Virginia Infantry.) 

Amick Rangers (Company — , Mississippi Volunteers.) 

Amite Guards (Company B, 33d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Amite Mississippi Rangers (Company K, 44th Mississipiii Infantry.) 

Amite Defenders (Company K, 38d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Amite Rifles (Company C, 7th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Amsterdam Company Home Guards (company in Colonel R. H. Burks' Botetourt 
Home Guards, Virginia volunteers.) 

Anacoco Rangers (Company K, 19th Louisiana Infantry. ) 

Anderson (Va.) Artillery — See Thomas Artilleiy. 

Anderson Artillery (Company D, (Dudley's,) 2d North Carolina Artillery — 86th Vol- 

Anderson County Guards (Company G, 1st Texas Infantry.) , 

Anderson Guards (six months' Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Anderson Infantry (Company G, 5th Florida Infantry. 

Anderson ville Volunteers (20th Georgia Infantry. ) 

Andrew Jackson Guards (Captain B. B. McCraw's company Alabama volunteers.) 

Andy Moore Guards (Company E, 54th Alabama Infantry. 

Anson Guards (Co. — , 4lh North Carolina Vols. — afterward 14th N. C. Troops.) 

Anson tegutors } (Company I, 43d North Carolina Volunteers.) 

Anson Independents (Company K, 43d North Carolina Volunteers.) 

Anthony Grays (Company — , 23d Virginia Infantry.) 

Anthony Greys (Company E, 2d Battalion North Carolina Infantry.) 


Anthony Greys (Company A, "60th Georgia Infantry.) 

Appeal Battery (Captain W. C. Bryan's, afterward W. N. Hogg's, company Arljansas 

Appling Cavalry (six monthfe' Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Appling Rangers (Company P, 47th Georgia Infantry.) 

Appling Volunteers (Company B, 54th Georgia Infantry.) 

Appomattox Grays (Company H, 18th Virginia Infantry.) 

Appomattox Invincibles (Company A, 44th Virginia Infantry.) 

Appomattox Liberty Guards (Company — , Virginia Volunteers.) 

Appomattox Rangers (Company H, 2d Virginia Cavalry.) 

Arcadia Invincibles (Company B, 12th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Arcadian Guards (Company P, 18th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Archer Rifles (Company K, 12th Virginia Infantry.) 

Archie Cadets, (Lieutenant J. B. Ryalls' company Alabama volunteers.) 

Arizona Battalion (Texas volunteers.) 

Arizona Brigade (Texas volunteers.) 

Arizona Guards (attached to 2d Texas Cavalry.) 

Arizona Scouts (Hunter's company, Herbert's battalion, Arizona Brigade.) 

Arizona Spys (Company — , Texas Volunteers.) 

Arkansas Guards (Company K, 7th Arkansas Infantry.) 

Arkansas Horse Artillery (Captain J. H. Wiggins' company Arkansas artillery.) 

Arkansas Mounted Rifles (1st Battalion Arkansas Cavalry.) 

Arkansas Riflemen ( Arkansas Volunteers.) 

Arkansas Travelers (Company K, 3d Arkansas Infantry. ) 

Armory Battalion (1st Battalion Local Defense Troops, Virginia.) 

Army of Elders ( .) 

Armstrong Guards (Company K, 14th Louisiana Infantry, Sulakowski's regiment.) 

Arnett Rifles (Company I, 31st Georgia Infantry.) 

Arsenal Battalion (5th Battalion Virginia Volunteers, Local Defense.) 

Ashby Artillery (Captain R. P. Chew's company Virginia artillery.) 

Ashe Beauregard Riflemen (Company A, 37tli Nortt Carolina "Volunteers.) 

Ashland Artillery (Captain P. Woolfolk's battery Virginia artillery ; afterward Co. A, 
Richardson's battalion; afterward Co. F, Alexander's battalion; afterward Co. C, 
Huger's battalion, Virginia artillery.) 

Ashland Greys (Company B, 15th Virginia Infantry.) 

Ashley Rlnferr } (Company H, 3d South Carolina Cavalry.) 

AshpoU True Boys (Company F, 51st North Carolina Volunteers.) 

Ashville Guards (Company A, 10th Alabama Infantry.) 

Askew Guards (Company C, 14th Louisiana Infantry, Sulakowski's regiment.) 

Assumption Creoles (Company C, 26th Louisiana Volunteers.) 

^tchafalaya Guards (Company H, 2d Louisiana Infantry.) 
Atchatalaya Mounted Scouts (battalion Louisiana cavalry.) 
Athens Guards (Company — , .$d Georgia Infantry.) 

Athena Reserve Corps (Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Atlanta Arsenal Battery (Captain C. C. Campbell's company Georgia artillery.) 

Atlanta Fire Company, No. 1 (Company A, Atlanta Fire Battalion, Georgia.) 

Atlanta Greys (Company L, 1st Georgia Regulars. ) 

Atlanta Greys (Company P, 8th Georgia Infantry.) 

Atlanta Press Guard (Company H, Atlanta Fire Battalion, Georgia.) 

Atlanta Rangers (Company — , Alabama Volunteers.) 

Atlanta Scouts (Company — , Georgia Volunteers.) 

Atlanta Volunteers (Company — , Georgia Volunteers.) 

Atlantic Artillery (Company B, 18th Battalion Virginia Artillery.) 

Atlantic Guards (Company G, 16th Virginia Infantry.) 

Atlantic and Gulf Guards (Company A, 3d Battalion (Clinch's) Georgia Cavalry; after- 
ward Company G, 4th Georgia (Clinch's) Cavalry.) 

Atlantic and Gulf Guards— See Pierce Mounted Volunteers. 

Atlantic Riflemen (Company — , 89th Virginia Infantry.) 

Attaka.pas Guards (Company C, 8th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Attala Guards (Company D, 40th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Attala Yellow Jackets (Company B, 4th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Auburn Home Guards (mounted infantry, Alabama volunteers.) 

Auburn Light Guards (Captain J. W. W. Drake's company Alabama volunteers.) 

Aucilla Troop (Company I, 2d Florida Cavalry.) 

Augusta Fencibles (Company A, 52d Virginia Infantry.) 

Augusta Grays (Company E, 5th Virginia Infantry.) 

Augusta Guards (Company D, 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles.) 

Augusta Guards (Captain VV. C. Dillon's company Georgia volunteers.) 

Augusta Lee Rifles ; also called Lee Rifles (Company C, afterward D, 25th Virginia 

Augusta Mounted Rangers (Company A, 21st Battalion Georgia Cavalry ; afterward 
Company A, 7th Georgia Cavalry.) 

Augusta Raid Guards (Captain J. B. Baldwin's company Virginia .) 

Augusta Reserves (Company B, 3d Battalion Valley Reserves, Virginia.) 

Augusta Reserves (Company — , 4th Battalion Virginia Reserves.) 

Augusta Rifles (Company H, 5th Virginia Infantry.) 

Augusta Volunteer Artillery (Captain G. T. Barnes' company Georgia artillery.) 

Austin City Light Infantry (Company B, 4th Texas Infantry.) 

Austin Grays (Company B, 13th Texas Infantry.) 

Autauga Guard (independent company Alabama infantry.) 

Autauga Rifles (Company M, 6th Alabama Infantry.) 

Avegno Rifles (Company I, 13th, afterward G, 14th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Avengers — See Southron Avengers. 

Avent Southrons ; also called Southrons (Company F, 19th Mississippi Infantry.) 


Badger Artillery (Company C, 3d North Carolina Artillery— 40th Volunteers.) 

Bagley Guards (Company H, 1st North Carolina Infantry.) 

Bahala Rifles (Company H, 10th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Bailey Volunteers (Company B, 30th Georgia Infantry.) 

Bainbridge Independents (Company G, 1st Georgia Infantry.) 

Balier Fire Eaters (Company H, 6th Georgia Infantry.) 

Baker Guards (Captain F. Lang's company Louisiana militia.) 

Baier Guards (Comjiany B, 5th Florida Infantry.) 

Baker Volunteers (Company G, 3d Battalion Georgia Infantry.) 

Baldwin Blues (Company H, 4th Georgia Infantry.) 

Baldwin Cavalry (Co. C, Linton Stephens' battalion, Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Baldwin Infantry (Captain J. N. Moore's company six months' Local Defense Troops, 

Baldwin Rangers (Company A, Alabama Coast Guard.) 

Baldwin Rangers (Captain Joseph Booth's company Alabama volunteers.) 

Baldwin Volunteers (Company F, 9th Georgia Infantry.) 

Baldwin's Partisan Rangers (Captain W. W. Baldwin's company Virginia volunteers.) 

Baltimore Light Artillery (first served as Company B, 9th Virginia Infantry ; after- 
ward 2d Maryland Battery.) 

Baltimore Rifles (Company — , 1st Maryland Volunteers.) 

Bamburg Guards (Company K, 1st South Carolina Infantry.) 

Banks County Guards (Company A, 2d Georgia Infantry.) 

Banks Partisan Rangers "I /m i tj t* v n ■ n i ^ 
Banks Rangers / ^^^'^ Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 

Banks Rifles (Captain Hardy's company Georgia volunteers.) 

Bankston Guards (Company A, 4th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Banks Troopers — See Blue Ridge Tiger Regiment. 

Baptist College Battalion (battalion Virginia volunteers.) 

Barbour Artillery ; also called Reeves Artillery (Company C, 4th Battalion Alabama 

Barbour Greys (Company K, 5th Alabama Infantry.) 


Barboursville Guards (Company F, 13th. Virginia Infantry.) 

Barbour Yankee Hunters (Company A, 45th Alabama Infantry.) 

Bard Foot Rifles (• — — Louisiana Volunteers.) 

Barhamsville Greys (Company B, 53d Virginia Infantry.) 

Barksdale Greys (Company G, 20th Mississippi Infantry. ) 

Barnwell Dragoons (Company D, 3d South Carolina Cavalry.) 

Barry Guards (Company G, 5th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Barry Guards (Company B, 39th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Bartow Artillery (originally Company A, 4th Battalion Georgia Infantry ; afterward 
Company A, 60th Georgia Infantry ; afterward Company A, 22d Battalion Georgia 
Siege Artillery.) 

Bartow Avengers (Captain N'oah Fountain's company Alabama — — .) 

Bartow Avengers (Company A, 17th Alabama Infantry.) 

Bartow Avengers (Company K, 21st Georgia Infantry.) 

Bartow Avengers (Company E, 60th Georgia Infantry.) 

Bartow Avengers (Company B, 35th Georgia Infantry.) 

Bartow Home Guards (Company H, 4th Georgia Reserves.) 

Bartow Invineibles (Company H, 23d Georgia Infantry.) 

Bartow Invineibles (Company E, 30th Georgia Infantry.) 

Bartow Invineibles (60th Georgia Infantry.) 

Bartow Light Infantry (13th Georgia Volunteers.) 

Bartow Light Infantry (Company G, 26th Georgia Infantry.) 

Bartow Raid Repellers (Company C, 9th Battalion Georgia State Guards.) 

Bartow Rebels (Company D, 5th Florida Infantry.) 

Bartow Volunteers (Captain John L. Wilkes' company Georgia .) 

Bartow Yankee Killers (Company A, 23d Georgia Infantry.) 

Batesville Volunteers (Co. H, Whitehead's battalion, Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Bath Grrl"^ } (Company P, 11th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Bath Grays (Company K, 25th Virginia Infantry.) 

Bath Grays (Company E, afterward G, 18th Virginia Cavalry.) 


Bath Guards (Company G, 11th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Baton Rouge Fencibles (Company B, 7th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Baton Rouge Rangers (Conapany B, 1st Louisiana Cavalry.') 

Battalion Cazadores Espagnolea ( Louisiana Legion.) 

Battey Guards (Company B, afterward G, 38th Georgia Infantry.) 
"Battle Ground Guards (Company F, 48th Georgia Infantry.)' 

Bayland Guards (Company C, 2d Texas Infantrv.) 

Bayou City Guards (Captain Botts' company Texas volunteers.) 

Beatties Ford Riflemen (Company D, 5th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Beaufort Artillery "1 Captain Stephen Elliot, jr.'s, company South Carolina 

Beaufort Volunteer Artillery/ artillery.) 

Beaufort District Troop 1 (Co. C, cavalry batt'n, Hampton Legion, South Carolina 
Beaufort Dragoons j volunteers; afterward Company B, 2d South Carolina Cav.) 

Beaufort Guerillas (Capt. John H. Screven's company South Carolina militia, mounted 

Beaufort Plow Boys (Company B, 61st North Carolina Infantry.) 

Beaufort Plow Boys (4th North Carolina Cavalry — 59th Volunteers.) 

Beauregard Artillery (Company A, 3d South Carolina Artillery — 1st Regulars.) 

Beauregard Artillery 1 also called Lynchburg Beauregards (Company B, Saunders- 
Beauregard Rifles / battalion Virginia artillery.) 

Beaurefard Fnvindbfes } (Company K, afterward I, 12th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Beauregard Light Infantry (Company E, 25th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Beauregard Rangers (Company B, 2d Florida Cavalry.) 

Beauregard Rangers (Company D, Crescent Regiment, Louisiana infantry.) 

Beauregard Regiment (Colonel F. A. Bartlett's regiment Louisiana militia.) 

Beauregard Rifles (Company A, 9th Alabama Infantry.) 

Beauregard Rifles (Company B, 4th Florida Infantry.) 

Beauregard Volunteers } ('^°"P^°y ^' ^'^ Georgia Infantry.) 
Beauregard Rifles (Company — , 30th Louisiana Infantry.) 
Bgauregard Rifles (Company I, 18th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Beauregard Rifles (14th Mississippi .) 

Beauregard Rifles (Company H, 32d Mississippi Infantry.) 


Beauregard Rifles (Company I, 2d North Carolina Infantry.) 

Beauregard Rifles* (Company F, 1st Virginia Infantry ; afterward serving as heavy 
artillery temporarily in the earthworks at Manassas Junction.) 

Beauregard Rifles No. 2 (Company F, 14th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Beauregard Scouts (Company H, 12th Battalion, afierward 10th Battalion, Mississippi 

Beauregard Siege Battery (Capt. Theo. Morano's company Louisiana artillery. 

Beauregards (Company G, 154th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Bsaver Creek Rifles (Company G, 4th Louisiana Infantry. 

Beck Rifles (Company D, 2d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Bedford Artillery (Captain T. C. Jordan's company Virginia artillery; afterward Com- 
pany A, Huger's battalion Virginia artillery.) 

Bedford Greys (Company F, 28th Virginia Infantry.) 

Bedford Rifle Greys (Company B, 14th Virginia Infantry.) 

Bedford South Side Dragoons (Company F, 2d Virginia Cavalry.) 

Beech Hill Rangers (Co. — , South Carolina Militia; also Co. D, 17th Battalion 

South Carolina Cavalry; afterward Co. C, 5th South Carolina Cavalry.) 

Beech Creek Jerkers (Captain Jacob Miller's company Local Defense Troops, Tenn.) 

Bee Rifles (Company A, 23d South Carolina Infantry.) 

Beirne Sharpshooters (Company A, 60th Virginia Infantry.) 

Belgium Infantry ( Louisiana Legion. ) 

Bell Battery (Captain T. 0. Benton's company Louisiana artillery.) 

Bell Rangers (Compa-ny B, 19th Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 

Bell's Babies (Captain W. W. McDowell's independent company Tennessee cavalry.) 

Belmont Battery (Captain J. G. Anglade's company Tennessee artillery.) 

Beman Mounted Infantry (Company B, Linton Stephens' battalion, Local Defense 
Troops, Georgia.) 

Ben Bullard Rifles (Company B, 10th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Benela Sharpshooters (Company I, 4th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Ben Gilh am Rangers (Company D, 9th Georgia State Guards.) 

Ben Hill Artillery ), (formerly McLeod Artillery; attached as Company C to 38th Geor- 
Ben Hill Guards i gia Infantry. 

* This company was part of the old National Rifles of Washington, D. C. 


Ben Hill Infantry (Company P, 21st Georgia Infantry.) 

Benjamin Infantry (Company E, 10th Georgia Infantry.) 

Ben McCulloch Rangers (Capt. Wm. F. McLean's independent company La. infantry.) 

Ben McCulloch Rangers (Company A, 59th Virginia Infantry.) 

Ben Minor Dragoons (Company B, 2d Georgia Cavalry.) 

Benton Rifles (Company B, 18th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Berkeley Border Guards (Company D, 2d Virginia Infantry.) 

Berrien Cavalry (Company F, 11th Georgia State Guards.) 

Berrien County Light Infantry (Company I, 50th Georgia Infantry.) 

Berrien Minute Men (Company C, 13th, afterward 29th, Georgia Infantry.) 

Berry Infantry (Company I, 29th Georgia Infantry.) 

Bertie Volunteers (Company L, 1st North Carolina Infantry,) 

Bethel Regiment ( North Carolina Infantry.) 

Bibb Greys (Company P, 11th Alabama Infantry.) 

Bibb Greys (Company — , 21st Georgia Infantry.) 

Bibb Rangers (Company D, 20th Alabama Jnfantry.) 

Bibb Rifles (Company D, 29th Alabama Infantry.) 

Bibb Volunteer Guards (Captain H. L. Jewett's company of the Macon Battalion, Local 
Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Bien Venu Guards (Captain A. Lartigue's company Louisiana volunteer's.) 

Bienville Rifles (Company B, 8th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Bienville Blues (Company C, 9th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Bienville Guards (Company C, 5th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Bienville Guards (independent company Louisiana militia.) 

Big Cane Rifles (Company K, 16th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Big Island Greys (Company C, afterward P, 58th Virginia Infantry.) 

Big Spring Cavalry (Captain J. M. Denman's independent company Georgia cavalry.) 

Big Spring Volunteers (Captain Joshua McConnell's company Georgia volunteers.) 

Bilisoly Blues (Company G, 41st Virginia Infantry; afterward Company I, 61st Vireinia 
Infantry.) ^ 

Billy Gilmer Grays (Company F, Hth Alabama Infantry.) 
Biloxi Rifles (Company B, 3d Mississippi Infantry.) 
Black Creek Volunteers (Company G, 25tli Georgia Infantry.) 
Black Eagle Infantry (Company D, 5tli Battalion Virginia Infantry.) 
Black Eagle Riflemen (Company B, 18th Virginia Infantry.) 

Black Horse Tro''op''^}(°"™P^°y ^' ^''^ Virginia Cavalry.) 

Blackland Gideonites (Company — , 23d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Black Lick Home Guards (Co. — , Botetourt Regiment, Virginia home guards.) 

Black Mingo Riflemen (Captain J. F. Pressley's company South Carolina infantry.) 

Black Mountain Boys (Company C, 6th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Black River Tigers ((Company B, 10th Battalion North Carolina Heavy Artillery.) 

Black River Troops (Captain W. J. N. Hammett's company South Carolina cavalry.) 

Black Walnut Light Dragoons (Compaiiy H, 2d Virginia Cavalry; afterward Company 
C, 3d Virginia Cavalry.) , 

Black Warriors (Company K, 20th Alabama Infantry.) 

Black Yagers (Company B, 22d, afterward 21st, Louisiana Infantry.) 

Bladen Artillery; also called Dunn Artillery (Company I, 2d North Carolina Artillery — 
36th Volunteers. 

Bladen Artillery Guards (Company K, 3d North Carolina Artillery— 40th Volunteers.) 

Bladen Light Infantry (Company B, 8th, afterward 18th, North Carolina Infantry.) 

Bladen Rifles (Company H, 3d North Carolina Infantry.) 

Bladen Sharpshooters (Company K, 8th, afterward 18th, North Carolina Infantry.) 

Bladen Stars (Company B, 2d North Carolina Artillery — 36th Volunteers.) 

Blanchard Greys (Company C, 61st Virginia Infantry.) 

Bland Tigers (Company P, 51st Virginia Infantry.) 

Blocker's Artillery (Company C, 2d (Lamb's) North Carolina Artillery— 36th Vols.) 

Blodget Artillery 1 (originally Company I, 3d Georgia Infantry; afterward Captain 
Blodget Volunteers / Foster Blodget's company Georgia artillery.) 

Blood Mountain Tigers (Co. F, Col. S. J. Smith's partisan rangers, Georgia cavalry.) 

Blount Continentals (Company B, 19th Alabama Infantry.) 


Blount County Hornets (Company B, 29th Alabama Infantry.) 

Blount Guards (Company K, IQth Alabama Infantry.) 

Blount Guards (Company — , 23d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Blue Caps Cavalry 1 (Company E, 2d Battalion Georgia Cavalry ; afterward 

Blue Cap Cavalry Troop J Company C, 5tli Georgia Cavalry.) 

Blue Mountain Boys (Company P, 8tli Virginia Infantry.) 

Blue Eidge Guards (Captain N. F. Howard's company Georgia volunteers.) 

Blue Ridge Rifles (Company A, 28th Virginia Infantry.) 

Blue Ridge Rifles (Company K, 19th Virginia Infantry.) 

Blue Ridge Tiger Regiment ; also called Banks Troopers and Brown Mounted Rifle- 
men (4th Georgia State Guards.) 

Blue Stone Greys (Company B, 23d Battalion Virginia Infantry.) 

Bluff City Greys fCompany B, 154th Tennessee Infantry ; afterward Company D, 26th 
Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.) 

Blythe's Regiment (44th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Blythe's Rifles (Company D, 44th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Bob Jamison Reserves (Captain A. G. Halloway's company Alabama volunteers.) 

Boeuf River Rebels (Company B, 27th Louisiana Infantry.) 

^Bogart Guards (Company C, 3d Louisiana Battalion ; afterward Company H, 15th 
Louisiana Infantry. ) ' - ^- 

Bogue Chitto Guards, or Rifles (Company B, 7th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Bogue Chitto Rangers (Company B, 5th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Boiling Spring Cavalry (Company D, Culberson's batt'n, Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 

Bolivar Troop (Company H, 1st Mississippi Cavalry Battalion.) 

Boomerangs (Captain S. H. Taylor's company, Local Defense Troops, Mississippi.) 

Border Guards (Captain A. J. Beckett's cavalry company, attached to 36th Virginia 
Infantry. ) 

Border Rangers (Company B, 8th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Border Rangers (Company I, 5th Georgia Cavalry.) 

Border Rangers (Company B, 20th Georgia Infantry.) 

Border Rangers (Company I, 45th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Border Rifles (Company B, 61st Virginia Infantry.) 


Bpronghville Mountain Guards (Company —, 2d Arkansas Infantry. ■)_ 
^Bossier Cavalry (Captain Thos. W. Puller's independent company Louisiana cavalry ; 
attached to an Alabama cavalry regiment, General Armstrong's brigade.) 

Bossier Volunteers (Company D, 9th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Botetourt Artillery (originally Company H, 28th Virginia Infantry ; afterward Captain 
J. W. Anderson's company Virginia artillery.) 

Botetourt Cavalry Scouts and Couriers (Company — , Botetourt Regiment, Virginia 
home guards,) 

Botetourt Dragoons (Company C, 2d Virginia Cavalry.) 

Botetourt Guards .(Company K, 57th Virginia Infantry.) 

Botetourt Regiment (Virginia home guards.) 

Botetourt Springs Rifles (Company E, 28th Virginia Infantry,) 

Botts Greys (Company G, 2d Virginia Infantry.) 

Bowdon Volunteers (Company B, Cobb's Legion, Georgia cavalry,) 

Bowen Company (Company I, 34th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Bowie Grays (Captain W. J. Hays' company Texas volunteers.) 

Bowling Green Guards (Company P, 30th Virginia Infantry.) 

Bowyer Battery (originally Company C, 38th Virginia Infantry ; became artillery (T. 
M. Bowyeir's battery) August 20, 1861.) 

Boydton Cavalry; also called Mecklenburg Cavalry (Company A, afterward E, Sd 
Virginia Cavalry.) 

Boykin Rangers ; also called Independent Mounted Rangers and Hampton Scouts 
(August 22, 1862, Company A, 2d South Carolina Cavalrj.) 

Bozeman Guards (Company E, Hampton Legion, South Carolina infantry . ) 

Bradford County Company (Company A, 7th Plorida Infantry,) 

Bradford Light Infantry (Company G, 11th Florida Infantry.) 

Bragg Cadets (Company D, 26th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Bragg Mounted Rangers (Company B, 3d Battalion Plorida Cavalry.) 

Bragg Rifles (20th Georgia Infantry.) 

Bragg's Escort (Guy Dreux's independent company Louisiana cavalry.) 

Branch Artillery (Company H, 2d Nortn Carolina Artillery — 40th Volanteers ; after- 
ward Company F, 13th Battalion North Carolina Artillery.) 

Branch Field Artillery (Captain James R. Branch's company Virginia artillery.) 


Brandon Artillery (Company D, lOth Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery.) 

Brandy Rifles (Company ^, ISth Virginia Infantry.) 

Braxton Artillery; also known as Fredericksburg Artillery (Captain C. M. Braxton's 
company Virginia, artillery.) 

Braxton Bragg Troopers (Captain H. H. Falconer's company Mississippi cavalry.) 

Braxton Dragoons (Company — , Virginia Cavalry.) 

Brazoria County Minute Men (Captain Orlando C. Phelps' company Texas volunteers.) 

Brazoria Rangers (Company G, 13tli Texas Infantry.) 

Brazos County Minute Men (Company — , Texas Volunteers.) 

Breckinridge Cavalry (Company F, McDonald's battalion, 'Local Defense Troops, Ga.). 

Breckinridge Greys (Company G, 5tli Kentucky Infantry.) 

Breckinridge Guards (Captain A. R. Johnson's company Kentucky cavalry.) 

Breckinridge Infantry ^Company K, 28th Virginia Infantry.) 

Breckinridge's Escort Ciavalry (Captain E. M. Blackburn's independent company Mis- 
sissippi cavalry.) 

Brent Rifles (Company K, 38lh Mississippi Infantry.) 

Briarfield Defenders (Captain R. M. Davis' company Mississippi volunteers.) 

Briarfield Rebels (Captain A. J. McNeill's company Louisiana cavalry.) 

Bright Star Rifles (Company D, 4th Arkansas Infantry.) 

British Guards (Company D, 1st Mobile Guards, Alabama.) 

Brocks Gap Rifles (Company — . Virginia Volunteers.) 

Brookhaven Light Artillery (Captain James A. Hoskins' company Mississippi cavalry.) 

Brooklyn Grays (Company — , 23d Virginia Infantry.) 

Brooks Artillery (Captain William W. Fickling's company North Carolina artillery — 
formerly Captain A. B. Rhett's.) 

Brooks Cavalry (Company D, 11th Georgia State Guards.) 

Brooks Dragoons \ (Company A, cavalry battalion, Hampton Legion, South Carolina 
Brooks Troop J volunteers.) 

Brooks Guard (Company K, 2d South Carolina Infantry.) 
Brooks Guards (Company B, 10th South Carolina Infantry.) 
Brooks Guards (Company — , Virginia Volunteers.) 


Brooks (J. ,H,) Infantry Partisan Rangers- (Company H, 7th Battalion South Carolina 

Brooks Light Infantry (Company A, 20th Alabama Infantry.) 

Brooks Rifles (Company C, 26th Georgia Infantry.) 

Brooks Rifles (Company H, 9th Georgia Infantry.) 

Brooks Troop — See Brooks Dragoons. 

Brooks Yolunteers (Company K, 50th Georgia Infantry.) 

Brookside Guards (Company C, 6th Battalion Florida Infantry.). 

Brown Guards (Company A, Linton Stephens' battalion, Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 

Brown Guards (Company G, 1st (Manej's) Tennessee Infantry.) 

Brown Horse Artillery (Captain "W". R. Marshall's company Tennessee artillery.) - 

Brown Infantry (Company C, 1st Confederate Georgia Infantry.) 

Brown Light Infantry (Company C, 2-5th Georgia Infantry.) 

Brown Light Infantry (Company P, 2-5th Georgia Infantry.) 

Brown Mountain Boys (Company A, 2d Battalion North Carolina Infantry.) 

Brown Mounted Riflemen — See Blue Ridge Riger Regiment.) 

Brown Rebels (Company H, 18th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Brown Rifles (Company P, 3d Georgia Infantry.) 

Brownsville City Guards (Captain Peter C. Sharkey's company Texas volunteers.) 

Bruce Guards (Company B, 59th Virginia Infantry.) 

Bruce's Legion (Kentucky volunteers.) 

Brunswick Artillery (Company K, 2d North Carolina Artillery — 36th Volunteers.) 

Brunswick Blues (Company I, 20th Virginia Infantry.) 

Brunswick Defenders (Company G, 1st Geoi-gia Regulars.) 

Brunswick Double Quicks (Company C, 30th North Carolina Volunteers.) 

Brunswick Greys (Company — , Virginia Volunteers.) 

Brunswick Guard (Company A, 5th Battalion Virginia Infantry,) 

Brunswick Guards (12th Virginia Infantry.) 

Brunswick Guards (10th and' 20th New Orleans Troops.) 

Brunswick Guards (Company G, 10th Nortli Carolina Infantry — 20th N. C. Troops.) 


Brunswick Riflemen (Company K, 26tli Georgia Infantry) 

Brush Valley Guards (Company H, 9tli Louisiana Infantry.) 

Bryan Artillery (Captain Thos. A. Bryan's company Virginia artillery.) 

Bryan Guards (Company D, 25t]i Georgia Infantry.) 

Bryan Independent Riflemen (Company A, 25th Georgia Infantry.) 

Bryan Independent Rifles (Company B, 25th Georgia Infantry.) 

Bryan Laurels (Captain WiLon's .) 

Buchanan Home Guards (Company—, Botetourt Regiment, Virginia home guards.) 

Buckingham Institute Guard (Company — , 20th Virginia Infantry.) 

Buckingham Leeches (Company E, 21st Virginia Infantry.) 

Buckingham Reserves (8d Virginia Reserves.) 

Buckingham Yancey Guards (Company D, 56th Virginia Infantry.) 

Buckner Battery (improvised Mississippi battery, Lieut. H. C. Holt commanding.) 

Buckner Boys (Company K, 32d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Buckner Grays "I (Captain John S. Kerr's company Alabama cavalry — Hardee's 
Buckner Guards J escort. 

Buckner Guards (Captain W. L. Garrett's company Kentucky volunteers.) 

Buckner Guards (Company A, 1st Mississippi Artillery) 

Buckner Guards (Captain C. F. Saunders' independent company Tennessee cavalry,) 

•Buckner Light Horse (Company C, 28th Mississippi Cavalry.) 

Buckner Rebels (Company I, 30th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Buena Vista Cavalry (Captain Brett's company Georgia volunteers.) 

Buena Vista Guards (Company I, 2d Georgia Infantry.) 

Buena Vista Hornets (Company H, 24th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Buena Vista Rifles (Company A, 17th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Buffin Dragoons (Company A, 3d Alabama Infantry.) 

Ballard Guards (Company D, 59th Georgia Infantry.) 

Bullock Guards (Company A, 18th Alabama Infantry.) 

Bullock Guards (Company C, 47th Georgia Infantry.) 

Bullock Troop (Company C, 2d Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 

Buncombe Farmers (Company B, 60th North Carolina Volunteers.) 

BimcZbefhrrpshooters}^^°°'P^"y K, 6th North Carolina Volunteers.) 

Buncombe Light Artillery (Company A, 60th North Carolina Volunteers.) 

Buncombe Rough and Ready Guards (Company P, 4th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Burke and Catawba Sampsons (Company K, 35th North Carolina Volunteers.) 

Burke Guards (iJd Georgia Infantry.) 

Burke Rifles (Company G, 1st North Carolina Infantry.) 

Burke Sharpshooters (Company D, 2d Georgia Infantry.) 

Burke Sharpshooters (Captain W. R. Holmes' company South Carolina infantry.) 

Burke Tigers (Company E, 6th North Carolina Volunteers — 16th N. C. Troops.) 

Burke Volunteers (Company D, 48th Georgia Infantry.) 

Burleson Guards (Captain John H. Herd's company Texas volunteers.) 

Burns Light Artillery (Captain Thos. K. Porter's company Tennessee artillery.) 

Burnsville Blues (Company — , 17th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Burt Avengers (Copipany I, 39th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Burt Rifles (Company K, 18th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Bufeh Shai'pshooters (Company B, 5th Battalion Alabama Infantry.) 

Butler Guards (Company B, 2d South Carolina Infantry.) 

Butler Guards (Captain Maguire's company South Carolina infantry.) 

Butler Rifles (Captain Chirles W. Watkins' company Alabama volunteers.) 

Butler Sentinels (Company G, 1st South Carolina I. fantry, Provisional Army.) 

Butler True Blues (Company K, 17th Alabama Infantry. ) 

Butler Van Guard (Company G, 6th Georgia Infantry.) 

Butler's Regiment Mounted Riflemen (3d Kentucky Cavalry.) 

Butler's Revengers (Company A, Miles Legion, Louisiana cavalry.) 

Butts Avengers (Company B, 7th Georgia State Guards.) 

Butts County Volunteers (Company D, 6th Georgia Infantry.) 

Butts Invincibles (Company A, 30th Georgia Infantry.) 

Byrd Rifles (Company B, 44th Virginia Infantry.) 


Cabarrus Black Boys (Co. B, lOtli North Carolina Volunteers— 20tli N. C. Troops.) 

Cabarrus Guards (.Co. A, 10th North Carolir.a Volunteers-20th N. C. Troops. 

Cabarrus Hornets (Company C, 33(i North Carolina Troops.) 

Cabarrus Riflemen (Company A, 52d North Carjlina Troops.) 

Cabell Guards (Company E, 38th Virgi nia Infantry. 

Caddo Confederates (Company I, 27th Louisiana Infantry. J 

Caddo Fencibles (Company C, 16th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Caddo Lake Boys (Company F, 17th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Caddo Militia (Captain B. R. Bickham's company Louisiana volunteers.) 

Caddo Pioneers (Company — , 27th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Caddo Rifles (Company C, 4th Arkansas Infantry.) 

Caddo Rifles (Company A, 1st Louisiana Infantry.) 

Caddo 10th (Company G, 19th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Cadet Rifles (Company B, 2d Alabama Militia.) 

Cadet Rifles (Company — , 17th South Carolina Militia.) 

Cadet Rangers (Company F, 6th South Carolina Cavalry.) 

Cahaba Valley Boys (Company C, 10th Alabama Infantry,) 

Cahaba Valley Guards (Company G, 20th Alabama Infantry.) 

Cahaba Valley Rangers (Company C, 18th Alabama Infantry.) 

Calcasieu Rangers (Captain W. E. Ivey's company Louisiana cavalry.) 

Caldwell County Rangers (Company B, 20th Texas Cavalry.) 

Caldwell Guards (Company I, 3d Louisiana Infantry.) 

Caldwell Invincibles (Company A, afterward G, 12th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Caledonia Rifles (Company D, 24th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Calhoun Avengers (Company C, 44th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Calhoun Beauregards (Company A, 2d Battalion Alabama Infantry; also appears as 
Company A, 8th Battalion Alabama Infantry; also Company A, 26th Alabama 
Infantry, (Coltart's,) which became the '50th Alabama Infantry.) 

Calhoun Cavalry (Captain W. J. Reeves' company, Georgia State Guards.) 

Calhoun County Cavalry (Captain C. M. Daris' company, T. R. Stewart's battalion 
Local Defei;s,e Troops, Georgia.) 


Calhoun Esoopets (Company A, 4th Arkansas Infantry. 

Calhoun Greys (Company Bi 7th Alabama Infantry.) 

Calhoun Guards (Company A, 2d Alabama Infantry.) 

Calhoun Gijards (Company I, 9th Alabama Infantry.) 

Calhoun Guards 1 //-, r> i mi r-i ■ r c ^ ^ 

Calhoun Rifles J (Company D, 12th Georgia Infantry.) 

Calhoun Guards (Company B, 6th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Calhoua Guards (17th South Carolina Militia. ) 

Calhoun Guards (Company E, 1st Battalion South Carolina Militia, infantry.) 

Calhoun Guards (Captain A. J. Secrest's company South Carolina volunteers.) 

Calhoun Light Infantry (Company D, 1st South Carolina Enlisted Men — 3d Artillery.) 

Calhoun Mounted Men (Company B, 3d South Carolina Cavalry.) 

Calhoun Repeaters (on register Company L, on rolls Company H, afterward Company 
C, 2oth Georgia Infantry.) 

Calhoun Rifles — See Calhoun Guards, Georgia, 

Calhoun Rifles (Company E, 2d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Calhoun Sharpshooters (Company B, 5th Battalion Alabama Infantry. ) 

Callaway Guards (Captain H. D. Mclntyre's company, Missouri State Guards.) 

Camden Chasseurs (Company D, 4th Georgia Cavalry — Clinch's.) 

Camden Greys (Captain Joseph G. Hughes' company North Carolina volunteers.) 

Camden Guerrillas (Company E, 38d North Carolina Troofs.) 

, Camden Home Guards (Captain H. H. Floyd's company Georgia volunteers.) 

Camden Knights (Company G, Uth Arkansas Infantry.), 

Camden Mounted Rifles (Company C, 4th Georgia Cavalry^Clinch's.)' 

Camden Rangers (Company E, Holcombe Legion ; afterward Company H, 7th South 
.Carolina Cavalry.) 

Camden Rifles (Company B, 26th Georgia Infantry.) 

Camden Rifles (Company G, 18th Mississippi Infantry.). 

Camden Volunteers (Company E, 2d South Carolina Infantry.) 

Campbell Artilleiy (Company b, 19th Battalion Virginia Artillery.) , 

Campbell Battery (Captain. Wm. N. Patteson's battery Virginia .artillery.) 


Campbell Greys (Company G, 30th Georgia Infantry.) 

Campbell Guards (Company A, 3d Battalion Georgia Infantry; afterward Company A, 

21st Georgia In&ntry.) 
Campbell Guards (Cfompany A, 5tli Battalion Louisiana Infantry.j 
Campbell Guards (Company K, 40tii Mississippi Infantry.) 

Campbell Guards (Company B, 48tli Virginia Infantry.) 

Campbell Rangers (Company I, 2d Virginia Cavalry.) 

Campbell Sharpshooters (Company F, 30th Georgia Infantry.) 

Campbell Siege Artillery (Captain Charles G. Campbell's company Georgia artillery.) 

Campbell Volunteers (Company E, 35th Georgia Infanlry.) 

cZll^aZ Ss } (Company G, 6th Florida Infantry.) 

C^ane Rifles — See Big Cane Rifles. 

Canebrake Legion ( Alabama cavalry; afterward Company E, Jeff Davis Legion, 

Mississippi cavalry.) J 

Canebrake Rifle Guards (Company D, 4th Alabama Infantry.) 

Cannon Guards (Company D, ]lth Louisiana Infantry.). 

Canton Guards (Company B, 24th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Canton Infantry (Company B, Cherokee Legion, Georgia volunteers.) 

Cape Fear Boys (Company I, 31st North Carolina Troops.) 

Cape Fear Guards (Company B, 56th North Carolina Troops.) 

Cape Fear Light Artillery (Captains J. J. Hedrick's and afterward J. D. Cumming's 
battery ; November 4, 1863, became Company C, 13th Battalion North Carolina 

Cape Fear Regiment Artillery; also called Lamb Artillery (2d (Lamb's) North Caro- 
lina Artillery — 36th Volunteers. 

Cape Fear Riflemen (Company F, 3d North Carolina State Troops, infantry.) 

Cape Horn Rifles (Company H, 2Cth Mississippi Infantry.) 

Capitol Guards (Company A, 6th Arkansas Infantry.) 

Capitol Guards (company Mississippi Local Defense Troops, infantry.) 

Carolina Boys (Company K, 54th North Carolina Troops.) 

Carolina Boys (Company K, 38th North Carolina Troops.) 

Carolina Cavalry (Company E, Smith's battalion. Pee Dee Legion, S. C. vols.) 

Carolina Guerillas (Company A, 6th South Carolina Cavalry.) 


Carolina Light Infantry (Company I, 1st South Carolina Infantry, Prov. Army.) 

Carolina Rangers (Company B, 13th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Carolina Rangers (Captain Cooper Huggins' company North Carolina cavalry.) 

Carolina Rangei'S (Company B, 10th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Caroline Artillery _ \ (Company A, (T. R. Thornton's battery,) Lightfoot's bat- 

Caroline Light Artillery J talion Virginia artillery.) ' 

Caroline Grays (Company B, 30th Virginia Infantry.) 

Caroline Light Dragoons (Company B, 9th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Caroline Reserves (Company G, 5d Battalion- Vir'ginia Reserves.) 

Carondelet Invincibles (Company I, 5th Louisiana Infantry) 

Carroll Boys (Company D, 29th Virginia Infantry.) 

Carroll Cavalry (Company D, 10th Georgia State Guards.) 

Carroll County Rebels (Company H, 4th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Carroll County Rifles — See Carroll Rifles. 

Carroll Dragoons (independent o ompa ny Louisiana vols.; on duty Tn Mobile District.) 

Carroll Dragoons (Company Bj^d Mississippi Partisan KangersTJ 

Carroll Guards (Company L, 11th Louisiana Infantry ; afterward Company B, 20th 
Louisiana Infantry.) 

Carroll Guards (Company I, 10th Georgia State Guards.) 

Carroll Infantry (Company I, 7th Georgia State Guards. ) 

Carroll Invincibles (Company G, 22d Tennessee Infantry.) 

Carroll Light Artillery (Company B, 1st Mississippi Artillery.) 

Carroll Minute Men (Company H, 30th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Carroll Rangers (Company A, 1st Mississippi Cavalry.) 

Carroll Rebels (Company D, 4th Battalion Louisiana Infantry.) 

Carroll Rifle Ra.igei;s (Company D, 29th Virginia Infantry.) 

Carroll Rifles | also called Carroll County Rifles (Company K, 11th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Carter County Scouts ( 

Caruthers Sharpshooters ; also called Copland Caruthers Sharpshooters (Company D, 
9th Battalion Louisiana Infantry.) 

Cascade Riflemen (Company K, 38th Virginia Infantry) 

Caskie Rangers (Company A, 10th Virginia Cavalry.) 


Castalia Invincibles (Company D, 47tli North Carolina Troops.) 
Castor Guards (Company 1, 16tli Louisiana Infantry.) 

Caswell County Reserves ( North Carolina volunteers.) 

Caswell Guards (Company — , 3d Georgia Infantry.) 

Caswell Rangers (Company C, 41st North Carolina Troops.) 

Caswell Rifles (Company D, 1st North Carolina Infantry.) 

Catahoula Avengers (Company B, Catahoula Battalion, Mississippi infantry.) 

Catahoula Battalion (Mississippi infantry.) 

Catahoula Battalion (Company D, 31st Louisiana Infantry.) 

Catahoula Fencibies (unattached company Mississippi infantry.) 

Catahoula Greys (Company G, 11th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Catahoula Guards (Company I, 17th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Catahoula Guerillas (Company D, Wheat's battalion, Louisiana infantry.) 

Catahoula Rebels (Company C, 17th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Catawba Braves (Company K, 26th Virginia Infantry.) 

Catawba Braves (Company K, 46th North Carolina Troops.) 

Catawba Guards (Company — , 17th Louisiana Volunteers.) 

Catawba Guards (Company B, 5th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Catawba Guards (Company F, 23d North Carolina Troops.) 

Catawba Guards (Company B, 6th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Catawba Home Guards (Company — , Botetourt Regiment, Virginia home guards.) 

Catawba Marksmen (Company I, 49th North Carolina Troops.) 

Catawba Riflemen (Company K, 12th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Catawba Rifles (Company A, 12th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Catawba Troop (Company H, 3d Virginia Cavalry.) 

Catoosa Cavalry (Captain M. Dickson's cotnpany Georgia volunteers.) 

Catoosa Infantry (Company B, 1st Battalion Georgia Infantry.) 

Cattle Battalion (Florida volunteers.) 

Cave Spring Mounted Infantry (Company B, Floyd Legion, Georgia State Guards.) 


Cazadores E?pagnoles (Colonel Nevil Squlejs regiment Louisiana militia.)^ 
Cedar Creels Eifl'Ss^CCaptarn John Harrison's company South Carolina voIunteeriT) 

Cedar Town Guards (Company D, 21st Georgia Infantry.) 

Central CityBlues (Company H, 12th Georgia Infantry.) 

Central Guards (Company I, 23d Virginia Infantry.) 

Centre Hill Guards (Company — , Georgia Volunteers.) 

Centre Marksmen (Company K, 4th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Chalk Level Greys (Company H, 21st Virginia Infantry.) 

Chalmette Battalion (Louisiana volunteers.) 

Chalmette Regiment ( Louisiana Militia.) 

Chalmette Rifle Guards (Company B, 5th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Chambers Alabama Cavalry (Company A, 5th Batt'n, Hillard's Legion, Ala. vols.) 

Chambers Cavalry Company (Captain Jefferson Falkner's independent oompany 
Alabama cavalry.) 

Chambliss Grays (Company F, 14th Virginia Infantry.) 

Champe Rifles (Company D, 8th Virginia Infantry.) 

Charbs clly Tifop^''^"""' } (Company C, afterward D, 3d Virginia Cavalry. 

Charles City- Southern Guards (Company K, 53d Virginia Infantry.) 

Charleston Battalion (1st Battalion South Carolina Infantry.) 

Charleston Guards ( 

Charleston Light Dragoons ; also called Rutledge Rangers (Company K, 4th South 
Carolina Cavalry.) 

Charleston Light Infantry (27th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Charleston Reserves (1st South Carolina Reserves.) 

Charleston Riflemen (Charleston Battalion, South Carolina.) 

Charleston Sharpshooters (attached to 22d Virginia Infantry.) 

Charleston Siege Train (18th Battalion South Carolina Artillery.) 

Charlotte Artillery (jCompany C, 1st North Carolina Artillery— 10th Volunteers.) 

Charlotte and Lunenburg Artillery (Company B, 2d Virginia Artillery.) 

Charlotte Cavalry 1 

Charlotte Dragoons > (Company B, 14th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Charlotte Troop J 


Charlotte Defenders (Company G, 56th Virginia Infantry.) 

Charlotte Greys (Company A, 11th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Charlotte Greys (Company I, 56th Virginia Infantry.) 

Charlotte Rifles (Company K, 18th Virginia Infantry.) 

Charlottesville Artillery (Capt. James McD. Carrington's company Virginia artillery.) 

Charlottesville Troop (Company — , Virginia Volunteers.) 

Chasseurs k pied — alias Foot Rifles ; also called Louisiana Foot Rifles and St. Paul's 
Foot Rifles (7th Battalion Louisiana Infantry, Foreign Brigade, Louisiana Legion.} 

Chasseurs D'Orleans (Foreign Brigale, Louisiana Legion.) 

Chasseurs St. Jacques (Company E, 18th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Chatham Artillery (Captain Joseph S. Claghorn's company Georgia artillery ; detached 
from 1st Georgia Volunteers.) 

Chatham Boys (Company G, 26th North Carolina Troops.) 

Chatham Cossacks (Company B, 49th North Carolina Troops.) 

Chatham Greys (Company I, 53d Virginia Infantry.) 

Chatham Independent Guards (Company B, 26th North Carolina Troops.) 

Chatham Light Horse (Company F, 2d Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 

Chatham Light Infantry (Company G, 48th North Carolina Troops.) 

Chatham Rangers (Company G, 5th North Carolina Cavalry — 63d Volunteers.) 

Chatham Riflemen (Company M, 5th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Chatham Siege Artillery (Companies A and B, battalion Georgia artillery.) 

Chatham Volunteers (Company B, 47th Georgia Infantry.) 

Chattahoochee Beauregards (Company C, 10th Georgia Infantry.) ■ 

Chattahoochee Cavalry (Company — , 4th Georgia State Guards— Blue Ridge Tiger 
Regiment. ) 

Chattahoochee Defenders (Company E, 5th Georgia State Guards.) 

Chattahoochee Guard (Company I, 5th Georgia State Guards.) 

Chattahoochee Rangers (Company B, 30th Battalion Georgia State Troops.) 

Chattahoochee Rifles (Captain H. A. Pratt's company Georgia .) 

Chattahoochee Volunteers (Company K, 30th Georgia Infantry.) 

Chattanooga Cavalry (Company G, Culberson's battalion, Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 


Chattooga Volunteers (Company — , Georgia '■.) 

Chatterton Rifles (Company A, 5th\ irth Carolina Infantry.) 

Cheneyville Blues (Company H, Sth Lv jpsiana Infantry.) 

Cherokee Artillery (Captain James G. Yeiser's company Georgia artillery; originally 
Company A, 3d Battalion Georgia Infantry.) 

Cherokee Beauregards (Captain John C, White's company Alabama .) 

Cherokee Brown Riflemen (Company — , Georgia .) 

Cherokee Cavalry (Company B, Phillips' Legion, Georgia volunteers.) 

Cherokee Cavalry (Captain A. S. Truitt's company independent Alabama Cavalry.) 

Cherokee County Volunteers (Company — , Alabama .) 

Cherokee Davis Guards (Company A, 4th Battalion Alabama Infantry,) 

Cherokee Georgia Mountaineers (Company F, 28th Georgia Infantry.) 

Cherokee Grays ( 

Cherokee Guards (Company B, 19th Alabama Infantry.) 

Cherokee Home Guards — infantry (Company C, Cherokee Legion, Georgia.) 

Cherokee Legion (battalions Georgia infantry and cavalry.) 

Cherokee Lincoln Killers — cavalry (Company C, Cherokee Legion, Georgia.) 

Cherokee Mountaineers (Company Q, 19th Alabama Infantry.) 

Cherokee Rangers (Company I, 19th Alabama Infantry.) 

Cherokee Bangers (Company A, 19th Alabama Infantry . ) 

Cherokee Rangers (Company P, 3d Georgia Cavalry.) 

Cherokee Bangers — cavalry (Company A, Cherokee Legion, Georgia.) 

Cherokee Repellers — infantry (Company D, Cherokee Legion, Georgia.) 

Cherokee Revengers — infantry (Company A, Cherokee Legion, Georgia.) 

Cherokee Stone Walls — infantry (Company G, Cherokee Legion, Georgia.) 

Cherokee Volunteers — infantry (Company B, Cherokee Legion, Georgia.) 

Cherokees (Company H, 19th Alabama Infantry.) 

Cherry Creek Rifles (Company I, 2d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Chesapeake Artillery (organized January 1, 18G2, as a Virginia battery; became 4th 
Maryland Battery February 26, 1862.) 


Ch^::^::': !lS:Z..^ry } (Co-Pany I. 5th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Chesapeake Rangers (Company C, 40th Battalion Virginia Cavalry ; afterward Com- 
pany C, 24th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Chesnut Guards (Company H, 26th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Chesnut Light Artillery (Company F, Palmetto Battalion, South Carolina artillery.) 

Chestatee Artillery (Captain Thos. H. Bomar's company Georgia artillery; originally 
Company N, 38th Georgia Infantry.) 

Chester Grays (Company I, 14th Virginia Infantry.) 

Chester Troop (Company D, 1st South Carolina Cavalry.) 

Chesterfield Artillery (Captain J. I. Kelly's battery South Carolina artillery; attached 
to Coit's battalion artillery.) 

Chesterfield Cavalry I /^ o <i.i ti- • • /-. i \ 

Chesterfield Troop l<^Compmj B, 4th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Chesterfield Central Guards (Company D, 14th Virginia Infantry.) 

Chichester Zouaves (Captain C. B. Chichester's company South Carolina volunteers.) 

Chickasaw Guards (Company C, 12th Battalion Arkansas Sharpshooters.) 

Chickasaw Guards (Company H, 11th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Chickasaw Rangers— cavalry (Company B, Jeff Davis Legion, Mississippi.) 

Chickasaw Rifles (Company C, 11th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Chicora Guards (Company A, i7th North Carolina Troops.) 

Chicora Rifles (Company B, 23d South Carolina Infantry.) 

Chicot Guards (Company G, 23d Arkansas Infantry.) 

Chicot Rangers (Company A, 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles.) 

Childs Light Artillery (Company C, 15th Battalion South Carolina Heavy Artillery.) 

Chilesburgh Guards (Company G, 30th Virginia Infantry.) 

Chincapin Rangers (Company H, 15th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Choccolocco Rifles (Company H, 10th Alabama Infantry.) 

Choctaw Battalion (Indian volunteers.) 

Choctaw Battalion, 1st (Mississippi volunteers.) 

Choctaw Guards (Company — , 15th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Choctaw Rangers (Company A, 2d Mississippi Cavalry.) 

31 ■ 

Choctaw Rebels (Company K, 24th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Choctaw Reserves (Captain James Drane's company, Local Defense Troops, Trans- 
Mississijipi Reserves.) 

Choctaw Rough and Ready Company (Company D, 3d Battalion Mississippi Infantry.) 

Choctaw Warriors (Company C, 22d Alabama Infantry.) 

Choctaw Silver Greys (Captain G. W. C^ Drane's company, Local Defense Troops, 

Choctawhatchee Volunteers (Company I, 6th Florida Infantry.) 

Chuckatoochee Riflemen (Captain T. H. Shackelford's company Mississippi infantry; 
afterward Company E, 1st Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee Infantry ; after- 
ward Company D, 54th Alabama Infantry.) 

Chuckatnck Artillery (Company F, 9th Virginia Infantry; serving temporarily as 

Chulio Mounted Infantry (Company F, Floyd Legion, Georgia State Guards.) 

Chunehula. Guards (Company D, 4th Alabama Reserves.) 

Chunky Heroes (Company D, 3d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Churohville Cavalry (Company I, 14th Virginia Cavalry. ) 

Citadel Cadets (Company — , South Carolina Volunteers.) 

Citizen Infantry (Company F, Fire Battalioij, Augusta, Ga.) 

Citizens Guard (1st Mobile (Ala) Volunteers.) 

City Battalion (25th Battalion Virginia Infantry.) 

City Guard (Augusta,. Ga.) 

City Guards (Company — , 15th Virginia Infantry.) 

City Guards (Company C, 5th Georgia State Guards.) 

City Light Guard— See Savannah City Light Guard.) 

City Troop (battalion Alabanr.a cavalry, at Mobile.) 

Claiborne Greys (Company D, 19th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Claiborne Guards (Company C, 2d Alabama Infantry.) 

Claiborne Guards (Company P, 2d Louisiana Infantry.) 

Claiborne Guards (Company B, afterward A, afterward G, 12th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Claiborne Guards (Company H, 12th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Claiborne Invincibles (Company K, 17th Louisiana Infantry.) 


Claiborne Invincibles (Company D, 28th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Claiborne Light Infantry (Capt. A. J. Lewis' unattached company Mississippi infantry.) 

Claiborne Rangers (.Captain T. M. Scott's company Louisiana infantry.) 

Claiborne Volunteers (Company C, 19th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Claiborne's Partisan Rangers (7th Confederate Cavalry.) 

Clanton's Infantry Rifles (1st Alabama Cavalry.) 

Clanton's Legion (Alabama cavalry.) 

Claremont Rifles— infantry (Company G, Hampton Legion, South Carolina.) 

Clarendon Gua^ds'^''} (Company H, 2d North Carolina Artillery-36th Volunteers.) 

Clarendon Guard (Company I, 25th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Clark Artillery (Captain Houston King's company Missouri artillery.) 

Clark Artillery (Company A, 1st Battalion North Carolina Heavy Artillery.) 

Clark County Guards (Company G, 9th Georgia State Guards.) 

Clark County Light Artillery (Captain Franklin Roberts' company Arkansas artillery; 
temporarily attached as Company B to 14th Battalion Georgia Artillery.) 

Clark Guards (Company B, 33d North Carolina Troops.) 

Clarke Battalion (30th Battalion Virginia Sharpshooters.) 

Clarke County Cavalry (Company D, 1st Virginia Cavalry ; afterward Company D, 
6th Virginia Infantry.) 

Clarke County Rangers (Company K, 8th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Clarke County Rescuers (Company C, 37th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Clarke Riflemen (Company I, 2d Virginia Infautr-y.) 

Clarke Skirmishers (Company K, 41st North Carolina Troops.) 

Clark's Guard (9th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Clarksville Blues (Company E, afterward H, 14th Virginia Infantry.) 

Clay Dragoons (Captain J. S. Terry's company, Powers' Mississippi cavalry.) 

Clay Troop (Company A, 2d Virginia Cavalry.) 

Clay Valley Rangers (Company E, 51st North Carolina Troops.) 

Clay Volunteers (Captain Isham Wood's company, T. R. Stewart's battalion, Local 
Defense Troops, Georgia.) 


Clay Volunteers (Company I, 51st Georgia Infantry.) 

Clayton Dragoons (Company P, 2d Georgia Cavalry.) 

Clayton Inyincibles (Company I, 30tli Georgia Infantry.) 

Clayton Yellow Jackets (Company C, 24tli North Carolina Troops.) 

Cleaveland Riflemen (Company F, 56tli North Carolina Infantry.) 

Cleveland Blues (Company D, 4th Nortti Carolina Volunteers — 14th N. C. Troops. 

Cleveland Farmers (Company D, 55th North Carolina Troops.) 

Cleveland Grays (Company C, 55th North Carolina Troops,) 

Cleveland Guards (Company H, 2d North Carolina Infantry.) 

Cleveland Marksmen (Company I, 38th North Carolina Troops.) 

Cleveland Mountain Boys (Company D, 5th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Cleveland Regulators (Company H, 28th North Carolina Troops.) 

Clifton Greys (Company C, 11th Virginia Infantry.) 

Clifton Guards (Company G, 26th Virginia Infantry.) 

Clinch Cavaliers (Company G, 11th Georgia State Guards.) 

Clinch Mountain Boomers (Company K, 48th Virginia Infantry.) 

Clinch Rangers ( , Georgia.), 

Clinch Rifles (Company A, 5th Georgia Infantry.) 

Clinch Volunteers (Company G, 50th Georgia Infantry.) 

Clinton College Rifle Volunteers (Company E, 18th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Clinton Guards (Company B, 6th Georgia State Guards.) 

Coahoma Cavalry (Company B, 18th Battalion Mississippi Cavalry.) 

Coahoma Invincibles (Company B, 11th Mississippi Infantry.) , 

Coast Guard Artillery (Captain F. Simmons' company Florida artillery; afterward 
Company F, 8th Florida Infantry. ) 

Coast Guard Cavalry "I (Captain J. W. Galloway's independent company North Caro- 
Coast Guards J lina cavalry.) 

Coast Guards (Company K, 25th Alabama Infantry.) 

Coast Rangers (Company B, 23d South Carolina Infantry.) 

Coast Rangers (23d South Carolina Infantry,) 


Coast Rifles (Company F, lat Volunteer Georgia Infantry.) 

Cobb Chattahoochee Volunteers (Company L, 7th Georgia State Guards.) 

Cobb Guards (Company D, 3d Georgia Reserves.) 

Cobb Gjards (Company — , 4th Battalion Florida Infantry; afterward Company H, 
11th Florida Infantry.) 

Cobb Guards, Company A (Company G, 22d Battalion Georgia Artillery ; temporarily 
attached. J 

Cobb Guards, Company B (Company H, 22d Battalion Georgia Artillery ; temporarily 

Cobb Invincibles (Company F, Cobb's Legion, Georgia volunteers.) 

Cobb Repellers (Company K, 7th Georgia State Guards.) 

Cobb's Infantry (Company E, 16th Georgia Infantry.) 

Cobb's Le?ion (Georgia volunteers.) 

Cockade Cadets — See Confederate Cadets. 

Cockade Cavalry (Company E, 13th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Cockade Mounted Battery (Capt. G. V. Rambaut's company Virginia artillery; after- 
ward Company C, 18th Battalion Virginia Artillery; afterward Company C, Lewis' 
battalion Virginia artillery.) 

Cockade Rifles (Company E, 66th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Cockade Rifles (Company E, 3d Virginia Infantry.) 

Cofifee Blues (Captain M. C. Kimmey's company Alabama volunteers.) 

Cofl^ee County Rangers ■) /p, i-v -lo,.!. mi t c ^ \ 

Coffee Rangers / (Company D„12th Alabama Infantry. ) 

Coffee Guards (Company C, 50th Georgia Infantry.) 

Coffee Revengers (Captain D. Newbern's company six months' Local Defense Troops, 

Coffeeville Braves (Company — , Mississippi '.) 

Coharie Guards (Company I, 46th North Carolina Troops.) 

Colcock's Light Artillery (Captain R. Johnson's company South Carolina artillery.) 

Cold Steel Guards (Company H, 49th Georgia Infantry.) 

Cold Water Rebels (Company B, 34th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Cole's Rangers— See Louisiana Mounted Rangers. ' 

College Cadets (Company — , 17th South Carolina Militia.) 


Colleton Guards (Company I, 11th South Carolina Infantry.) , 

Colleton. Rangers (Company B, 3d South Carolina Cavalry.) 

Colquitt Home Guards ( Georgia Volunteers.) , 

Colquitt Marksmen. (Company H, 50th Georgia Infantry.) 

Columbia and Suwanee Volunteers (Company K, 3d Florida Infantry.) 

Columbia Artillery (Captain Allen J. Green's company South Carolina artillery.) 

Columbia Grays (Company C, 2d South Carolina Infantry.) 

Columbia Guards (Company G, 6th Arkansas Infantry.) 

Columbia Guards (Company I, 38th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Columbia Rifles (Company C, 2d Florida Infantry.) 

Columbus Artillery (Company E, 2d North Carolina Artillery — 36th Volunteers. 

Columbus City Light Guard (Co. A, 2d Independent Battalion Georgia Infantry.) 

Columbus Factory Guards (Captain J. J. Clapp's company, Thompson's battalion, 
Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Columbus Guards (Company G, 2d Georgia Infantry.) 

Columbus Guards No. 1 (Company F, 8th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Columbus Guards No. 2 (Company K, 10th North Carolina Volunteers— 20th N. C. 
Troops.) ' 

Columbus Guards No. 3 (Company C|.8th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Columbus Guards No. 4 (Company D, 10th North Carolina Volunteers— 20th N. C. 

Columbus Light Artillery (Captain E. Croft's independent company Georgia artillery.) 

Columbus Light Infantry (Company H, 51st North Carolina Infantry.) 

Columbus Riflemen (Company K, 6th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Columbrs 11'^'^" } (Co-pany K, 14th Mississippi Infantry. 
Colyell Guards (Company G, 9th Louisiana Infantry.) 
Company A (spoast guards, Alabama volunteers.) 
Company ''B" (Company D, 5th Georgia State Guards.) 
Company " Rf (Company B, 6th Virginia Infantry.) 


Concordia Rifles (Company P, ISth Louisiana Infantry, (Sulakowski's,) afterward 14tli 
Louisiana. ) 

Confederate Blues (Company K, 18th Alabama Infantry.) 

Confederate Boys (Company K, 56th North Carolina Troops.) 

Confederate Bricks (Company A, 40th Tennessee Infantry; afterward Company B, 
54th Alabama Infantry.) 

Confederate Cadets ; also called Cockade Cadets (Company E, 41st Virginia Infantry.) 

Confederate Continentals (Company — , Georgia .) 

Confederate Defenders ( Harrison's battalion Louisiana cavalry.) 

Confederate Defenders (Company G, 61st Virginia Infantry.) 

Confederate Greys (Capt. S. B. Thomasson's unattached company Arkansas infantry.) 

Confederate Greys (Company E, 10th North Carolina Volunteers — 20th N. C. Troops.) 

(Confederate Guard (unattached company Virginia infantry ; assigned February, 1864, 
as Company A to 9th Virginia Infantry.) 

^Confederate Guards Response Battalion; also called Confederate Guard Battalion (12th 
Battalion Louisiana Infantry; consolidated with Crescent Regiment.) 

Confederate Guards (Company C, 11th Alabama Infantry.) 

Confederate Guards (Company I, 24th Alabama Infantry.) 

Confederate Guards (Captain William Jelks' company Alabama volunteers.) 

Confederate Guards (Company E, 4th Arkansas Infantry.) 

Confederate Guards (Company A, 13th Georgia Infantry.) 

Confederate Guards (Company H, 18th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Confederate Guards (Company — , 17th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Confederate Guards (Company C, 40th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Confederate Guards; also called Jackson Revengers (Company G, 18th Mississippi 
Infantry. ) 

Confederate Guards (Company K, 48th North Carolina Troops.) 

Confederate Guards — from Beaufort (Company K, 17th North Carolina Troops.) 

Confederate Guardg-ffiompany I, 5th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Confederate Guards Artillery (Captain W. D. Bradford's company Mississippi art.) 

Confederate Guards Artillery (Capt. C. C Lewis' company Louisiaria artillery, militia.) 


Confederate Guards Regiment ( Louisiana .) 

Confederate Guards Response Battalion ; also called Confederate Guard Battalion 
( Louisiana Volunteers.) 

Confederate Invinoibles (20th Georgia Volunteers.) 

Confederate Light Guards (Company G, 3d Georgia Infantry.) 

Confederate Rangers (Company A, 17th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.) 

Confederate_Raneers (ComT)anv_E>,_2dLEloridaJ2ayalrv.) 

lental Regiment (Colonel George Clark's regiment Louisiana militia.) 
Confederate Rifles (Company A, IStFUississippi InfarTtry. ) 

Confederates (Company C, 17th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Confederate Sentinels (Company P, 20th Georgia Infantry.) 

Confederate Stars (Company E, 18th Alabama Infantry.) 

Confederate Stars (Captain N. N. Willington's company Arkansas volunteers.) 

Confederate Stars (Company K, 51st North Carolina InfantryO 

Confederate States Rangers (Company K, 10th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Confederate States Recruits (Louisiana volunteers.) 

Confederate States Sentinels (Company A, 10th Georgia Infantry.) 

Confederate States Zouaves (Major St. Leon Dupeire's Louisiana infantry battalion.) 

Confederate Rudolph Volunteers (Company — . Alabama .) 

Confederate Volunteers (Company A, 59th Georgia Infantry.) 

Connor Battery (Company H, 1st Mississippi Light Artillery.) , 

Consolidated Crescent Regiment — See Crescent Regiment. 

Continental Artillery (Company A, Alabama State Artillery, battalion Local Defense 

Continental Guards (Company A, 7th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Continental Guards (Company P, 11th Louisiana Infantry,) 

Continental Guards (Company — , Virginia .) 

Continental Morgan Guards — See Morgan Continental Guards. 

Continentals (Company B, 19th Alabama Infantry.) 

Oongaree Troop (Company D, cavalry battalion, Hampton Legion, South Carolina 


Cooke's Artillery; also called Stafford Light Artillery (Captain J. R. Cooke's company 
Virginia artillery.) 

Cook's Coast Rangers (Captain Andrews' company Texas volunteers.) 

Cook's Company of Horse Artillery (Captain Greenville Cook's company Mississippi 
artillery. ) 

Coonewar Rifles (Company H, 2d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Cooper Rifles (Company H, 22d Alabama Infantry.) 

Coopwood Company of Spies (attached to 2d Texas Cavalry. ) 

Coosa Farmers (Company D, ISth.Alabama Infantry.) 

Coosa Independents (Company B, ]2th Alabama Infantry.) 

Coosa Rangers (Company — , Alabama ) 

Coosa River Guards (Company D, 19th Alabama Infantry.) 

Coosa Valley Blues (attached to 11th Alabama Volunteers.) 

Coosa Valley Guards ; also called Valley Blues (Company F, 10th Alabama Infanti-y.) 

Coosa Valley Independents (Captain Bradford's company Alabama volunteers.) 

Copiah Horse Guards (Company A, 4th Mississippi Cavalry.) 

Copiah Rebels (Company G, 36th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Copland Caruthers Sharpshooters — See Caruthers Sharpshooters. 

Corinth Rifles (Company A, 9th Mississippi Infantry,) 

Corley's Spies (Captain L. Corley's company Arkansas volunteers.) 

Cotton Planters Guards (Company E, 59th Georgia Infantry.) 

Courtney Artillery; also called Henrico Artillery (Captain A. R. Courtney's battery, 
Jones', afterward Cutshaw's, battalion Virginia artillery.) 

Covington Coffee Greys (Company P, 33d Alabama Infantry.) 

Covington Pencibles (Company F, 27th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Covington Hunters (Company B, 18th Alabama Infantry.) 

Covington Infantry (Company I, 8th Georgia State Guards.) 

Covington Rangers, or Rifles (Company I, 7th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Covington Partisans (Captain A. W. Scales' company .) 

Cow Boys (Company F, 3d Florida Infantry.) 


Cqw Hunters; also called Irwin Cow Boys (Company A, 26th Georgia Infantry.) 

Coweta Second District Guards (Company A, 7th Georgia Infantry.) 

Coweta Volunteers (Company H, 7th Georgia State Guards.) 

Cozart Cavalry ; also called Pope Walker Troopers (4th, also called 2d, Battalion 
Mississippi Cavalry.) 

Craig Grays (Company -K, 46th Virginia Infantry.) 

Craig Mountain Boys (Company C, 28th Virginia Infantry.) 

Craig Rifles (Company B, 28th Virginia Infantry.) 

Craney Island Light Artillery (Captain John T. Kilby's company Virginia artillery ; 
afterward Company I, 9th Virginia Infantry. ) 

Crawford Greys (Company E, 6th Georgia Infantry.) 

Crawford Rangers (20th Georgia Infantry.) 

Crawford Rifles (Captain D. Kirkpatrick, jr.'s, company Georgia volunteers.) 

Crenshaw Battery (Captain Wm. G. Crenshaw's company Virginia artillery. Walker's,, 
afterward Pegram's, battalion Virginia artillery ) 

Creole Chargers (Company G, 1st Louisiana Cavalry.) 

Creole Guards (Company A, 8th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Crescent Artillery (Capt. T. H. Hutton's company, (A,) — Battalion Louisiana Art.) 

Crescent Blues (Captain John Knight's company, Crescent Regiment, Louisiana vols.) 

Crescent City Blues (Company B or C, Louisiana Foot Rifles.) 

Crescent City Guards (Company A, 5th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Crescent City Guards (Company B, afterward A, Crescent Regiment, Louisiana vols.) 

Crescent City Guards (Company C, afterward F, Crescent Regiment, Louisiana vols.) 

Crescent KMes^'^^^ } (*^°'^P^"y ^' ^^^ Batttalion Louisiana Infantry.) 

Crescent Rifles, Company B (Company E, 7th Louisiana Infantry.) 
Crescent Rifles, Company C (Company H, 7th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Crescent Rifles (Company D, afterward B, Crescent Regiment, Louisiana volunteers..) 

Crescent Regiment; also called Consolidated Crescent' Regiment (Louisiana infantry ; 
originally militia.) 


Croolieron Light Dragoons (Capt. B. M. HoUoway's independent company Ala. cav.) 

Croc'kelt V^lu'ntLrs } (Company H, 154th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Crockett Southrons ((Captain E. Currie's unattached company Louisiana volunteers.) 

Crystal Springs Guards (Company F, 6th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Crystal Springs Rifles (Company C, 16th Mississippi Infantry.). 

Cuban Rifles (Company — , Louisiana Legion.) 

Culpeper Hussars (Company F, Stephens' battalion, Georgia State Guards.) 

Culjieper Minute Men (Company B, 13th Virginia Infantry.) 

Culpeper Mounted Men (Company — , Virginia .) 

Culpeper Rifles (Company E, 13th Virginia Infantry.) 

Cumberland Artillery (Captain H. D. Green's company Kentucky artillery.) 

Cumberland Greys (Company D, 21st Virginia Infantry.) 

Cumberland Guards (Company A, 33d Mississippi Infantry.) 

EZSnd ^ifo;"""'"""' } (Company D afterward G. 3d Virginia Cavalry.) 

Cumberland Plough Boys (Company F, 14th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Cumberland Rangers (Company G, 33d North Carolina Troops.) 

Cummings Greys (Company F, 24th Mississippi Infantry. ) 

Currituck Atlantic Rifles (Company E, 17th North Carolina Troops.) 

Currituck Light Cavalry (Company G, 59th North Carolina Troops — 4th Cavalry. 

Curry Guards (Company I, 18th Alabama Infantry.) 

Curry Guards; also called Jake Curry Guards (Company D, 19th Alabama Infantry.) 

Cuaseta Grays (Company A, 14th Alabama Infantry.) 

Dabney Rifles (Company G, 21st Georgia Infantry.) 
Dade Rifles (Company K, 3d Georgia State Troops.) 

Dagger Springs Home Guards (Company — , Botetourt Regiment, Va. home guards.) 
Dahlgren Guards (Company P, 3d Mississippi Infantry.) 
Dahlgren Rifles (Company H, 7th Mississippi Infantry.) 
Dahlonega Volunteers (Company H, 1st Georgia Volunteers.) 
Dale Avengers (Captain W. H, Pruitt's company Alabama volunteers.) 
Dale Greys- (Captain R. B. Ward's company Alabama volunteers.) 
Dale Guards (Company F, 7th Alabama Infantry.) 
Dallas Artillery (Captain Wm. Hart's company Arkansas artillery.) 

Dallas Cavalry (Texas State sqr-vice; afterward Good's company— Dalla^ Light Art.) 

Dalton Home Guard (Company H, 1st Georgia State Guards.) 

Dalton Machinery Guards (Captain J. H. Bard's company six months' Local Defense 
Troops, Georgia.) 

Danbury Blues (Company H, 53d North Carolina Troops.) 

Danes, The— See The Danes. 

Daniel Boone Rifles (Company D, 5th Battalion Alabama Infantry.) 

Dan River Rangers (Company F, 45th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Dan River Rifles (Company K, 14th Virginia Infantry.) 

Danville Artillery (Captain L. M. Shumaker's company Virginia artillery ; consolidated 
with Eighth Star Artillery September 26, 1862.) 

Danville Blues (Company A, 18th Virginia Infantry.) 

Danville Cavalry (Company C, 5th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Danville Greys (Company B, 18th Virginia Infantry.) 

Dan Wright Rifles (Company H, 19th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Darden Rangers (Company P, 1st Mississippi Cavalry.) 

Darlington Guards — See Iiiglis Light Artillery. 

Dauer's Artillery (Captain J. P. Dauer's company Louisiana artillery, militia.) 

Davenport Rebels (Company G, 15th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Dave Rogers Rifles (Company G, 1st Mississippi Infantry. ) 

Davidson Guards (Company A, 11th North Carolina Volunteers— 21st N. C. Troops.) 
Davie Greys (Company ,P, 3d North Carolina Volunteers— 13th N. C. Troops.) 
Davie Sweepstakes (Company G, 5th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Davis Battery (Company — , Virginia Artillery.) 

Davis Dragoons (Company P, 41st North Carolina Troops— 3d N. C. Cavalry.) 

Davis Guards (Company F, 19th Alabama Infantry.) 

Davis Guards (Company K, 19th Alabama I fantry.) 

Davis Guards (Company B, 2d Florida Infantry.) 

Davis Guards (Company F, 12th Georgia Infantry.) 

Davis Guards (Company H, Ist Louisiana Infantry.) 

Davis Guards — cavalry (Company G, Miles Legion, Louisiana.) 

Davis Guards (Company A, 19th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Davis Guards (Company G, 33d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Davis Guards (Company I, 12th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Davis Guards (Company F, infantry battalion, Hampton Legion, South Carolina vols.) 

Davis Guards (Captain Austin's company South Carolina volunteers.) 

Davis Guards ; also called Jeflf Davis Guards (Company F, 1st Texas Artillery.) 

Davis Guards (Company B, 4th Texas Cavalry.) 

Davis Infantry (Company K, 7th Georgia Infantry.) 

Davis Legion Artillery — See Madison Light Artillery, Mississippi. 

Davis (Joseph R.) Legion (Mississippi volunteers.) 

Davis Mounted Battalion ( 

Davis Mounted Regiment ( Texas — .) 

Davis Musketeers (Company K, 10th Georgia Infantry.) 

Davis Partisan Rangers (Company C, 66th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Davis Rangers (Company H, 1st Kentucky Infantry.^ 

Davis Rifle Guards (Company F, 38th Virginia Infantry.) 

Davis Rifles (Company C, 12th Georgia Infantry.) 

Davis Rifles (Company D, 55th Virginia Infantry.) 



Davy Logan G-aards (Company G, 53d Virginia Infantry.) 

Dawson Govinty Independents (Company I, 22d Georgia Infantry.) 

Dawson Greys (Company C, 3d Georgia Infantry.) 

Dawson Volunteers (Company E, 5th Georgia Infantry.) 

Dearing Guards (Company B, 14th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Deas Artillery (in Maryland Line ; Company C, 19th Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery. ) 

Debray's Mounted Riflemen (26th Texas Cavalry.) 

Decatur Cavalry (Company I, 11th Georgia State Guards.) 

Decatur Grays (Company D, 17th Georgia Infantry.) 

Decatur Infantry (Company F, 50th Georgia Infantry.) 

Decatur Infantry (Captain E. Sims' company ; attached to 6th Georgia State Guards.) 

Decatur Sons of Liberty (Company B, 9th Alabama Infantry.) 

DeClouet's Guards (Company D, Orleans Guard Battalion.) 

Deer Slayers (Captain Thomas C. Bhodes' independent company Mississippi cavalry.) 

Defenders, The (Company H, 16th Mississippi Infantry.) 

DeKalb Cavalry (Company A, 10th Georgia State Guards.) 

De Kalb Guards (Company D, 61st Georgia Infantry.) 

De Kalb Guards (Company B, 26th Georgia Infantry.) 

De Kalb Invincibles (Company E, 12th Alabama Infantry.) 

De Kalb Murphy Guards ; also called Murphy Guards (Company C, afterward A, 38th 
Georgia Infantry.) 

De Kalb Rifles (Company D, 49th Alabama Infantry.) 

De Kalb Rifles (Company B, 1st Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters.) 

De Kalb Silver Greys (Company B, 8ch Georgia State Guards.) 

De Kalb Volunteers (Company — , Alabama .) 

Delhi Rangers (Company A, 15th Georgia Infantry.) 

Delta Rangers (Company C, Wheat's Special Battalion, Louisiana infantry.) 

Delta Rifles (Company F, 4th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Denolia Rifles (Company H, 12th Alabama Infantry.) 


Departmental Battalion (3d Battalion, Local Defense Troops, Virginia.) 

Derbigny Guards (Company B, 10th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Des Arc Rangers (Company B, 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles.) 

Desha Rangers (attached to 5th Arkansas Cavalry.) 

De Soto Beauregards (Company — , Blythe's Battalion; afterward Company D, 44th 
Mississippi Infantry.) 

De Soto Blues (Company F, 9th Louisiana Infantry.) 

De Soto Brothers (Company I, 29th Mississippi Infantry.) 

De Soto Creoles (Company H, 19th Louisiana Infantry.) 

De Soto Guards (Company G, 9th Mississippi Infantry.) 

De Soto Guards (Company D, 1st Mississippi Infantry.) 

De Soto Light Dragoons (Company B, 1st Mississippi Cavalry.) 

De Soto Rangers (2d Mississippi Partisan Rangers.) 

De Soto Rebels (Company F, 22d Mississippi Infantry.) 

De Soto Rifles (Company D, 5th Louisiana Infantry.) 

De Soto Rifles (Company P, 37th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Deyerle Light Artillery (Company I, 28th Virginia Infantry.) 

De Witt Rifles (Captain W. R. Friend's company .) 

Dick Davis Guards (Company A, 9th Georgia State Guards.) 

Dickens Rough and Readys (Company A, 19th Alabama Infantry.) 

Dickinson Guards (Company G, 32d Alabama Infantry.) 

Dillard Greys (Company A, 27th Battalion Georgia Infantry.) 

Dillard Rangers (Company A, 3d Georgia Cavalry.) 

Dillon Guards (Company A, 11th Louisiana Infantry.)- 

Dllworth Volunteers (Company H, 8th Florida Infantry.) 

Dinwiddie Cavalry "1 (August 31, 1861, Company A, 2d Virginia Cavalry; afterward 
Dinwiddle Troop j Company A, afterward I, 3d Virginia Cavalry.) 

Dinwiddie Greys (Company C, 3d Virginia Infantry.) 

Dinwiddie Guards (Company E, 5th Battalion Virginia Infantry.) 

Dismal Swamp Rangers (Company A, 3d Virginia Infantry.) 


District Town Cavalry (Captain J. Jones' company, F. Culberson's battalion, Local 
Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Dixie Artillery (Captain J. K. Booton's independent company Virginia artillery.) 

Dixie Boys (Company K, 3d North Carolina Volunteers— IStli N. C. Troops.) 

Dixie Boys (Company C, 4th Battalion Alabama Infantry.) 

Dixie Boys (Company C, 24th Alabama Infantry.) 

Dixie Boys (Company D, 2d Battalion Mississippi Infantry ; afterward Company D, 
48th Mississippi Infantry. ) 

Dixie Boys (Company K, 30th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Dixie Boys (Company G, 19th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Dixie Cavaliers (Company P, 12th Batt'u Mississippi Cav.; afterward 10th Miss. Cav.) 

Dixie Greys (Company E, 42d Virginia Infantry.) 

Dixie Guards (Company G, 1st Kentucky Infantry.), 

Dixie Guards (C-ompany K, 34th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Dixie Guards (Company K, 36th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Dixie Guards (Captain Wm. Burt's company Local Defense Troops, Mississippi.) 

Dixie Guards (Company H, 39th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Dixie Heroes (Company D, 30th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Dixie Invinoibles (Company P, 33d North Carolina Troops.) 

Dixie Rangers (Company C, 65th Georgia Infantry.) 

Dixie Rangers (Co. C, 17th Batt'n South Carolina Cav.; afterward B, 5th S. C. Cav.) 

Dixie Rangers (6th Battalion South Carolina Cavalry.) 

Dixie Rebels (Company M, 1st North Carolina Infantry.) 

Dixie Rifles (Company E, 13th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Dixie Rifles (Company — , 27th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Dixie Rifles (Company K, 29th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Dixie Stars (Company I, 3d Florida Infantry.) 

Dixie Yeoman (Company C, 5th Florida Infantry.) 

Donaldsonville Artillery (Captain V. Maurin's company Louisiana artillery, attached 
as Company B to Garneft's, afterward Richardson's, battalion.) 

Dooly Guards (Company G, 60th Georgia Infantry.) 


Dooly Voluateers ^'Captain J. D. Wilkes' company, Wilson's battalion, Local Defense 
Troops, Georgia.) 

Dorrance Rangers, (Capt. John W. Murrell's company Alabama mounted volunteersO 

Dougherty Greys (Company — , 51st Georgia Infantry.) 

Dougherty Guards (Company K, 51st Georgia Infantry.) 

Dougherty Hussars (Co. D, Cobb's Legion, (afterward 9th Ga. Cav.,) Georgia vols.) 

Douglass Guards (Captain E. L. Douglass' company, Tarborough's battalion, Local 
Defense Trcjops, Georgia.) 

Dowd Rebels (Company C, 24th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Downing Rifles (Company C, 3d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Drew Light Artillery — See Monticello Artillery.) 

Dry Pond Dixies (Company G, 52d North Carolina Troops. ) 

Dulany Troop; also called Loudoun Dragoons (Company A, eth Virginia Cavalry.) 

Duncan Battalion (3d Battalion Mississippi Infantry; afterward 33d Mississippi Inft.) 

Duncan Riflemen (Company A, 3d Battalion Mississippi Infantry.) 

Dunn Artillery — See Bladen Artillery. 

Duplin Rifles (Company C, 2d North Carolina Volunteers— Co. A, 43d N. C. Troops.) 

Duplin Stars (Company C, 51st North Carolina Troops.) 

Darant Rifles (Company P, 12th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Dyer Greys (Company K, 13th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Dyer Guards (Company K, 4th (Neely's) Tennessee Infantry.) 


Eagle Guards (Companies A and B, Thompson's battalion, Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 

Early Dragoons (Captain T. T. Swann's company, Stewart's cavalry battalion, Local 
Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Early Guard (Company D, 24th Virginia Infantry.) 

Early Guards (Company G, 13th Georgia Infantry.) 

Early Volunteers (Company A, 51st Georgia Infantry.) 

Easter Stars (Company E, 61st North Carolina Troops.) 

Eastern Shore .Refugees — See Accomac Refugees. 

Eastern Tigers (Company I, 44th North Carolina Troops.) 

East Feliciana Guards (Company A, 16th Louisiana Infantry.) 

East Mississippi Dragoons (Company P, 2d Mississippi Cavalry.) 

East Mississippi Grays (Company K, 6th Mississippi Infantry.) 

East Tennessee Rifles (37th Tennessee Infantry.) 

East -to West Poiot Guards (Captain J. J. Matthews' company six months' Local 
Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Ebenezer Greys (Company E, 56th Virginia Infantry.) 

Echols Cavalry (Company B, 11th Georgia State Guards.) 

Echols Guards (Company D, 8th Georgia Infantry.) 

Echols Light Artillery (Captain John H. Tiller's independent company Georgia art.) 

Edentou Bell Battery — See Albemarle Artillery, North Carolina. 

Edgecombe Boys, (Company E, 43d North Carolina Troops.) 

Edgecombe Guards (Company A, 1st North Carolina Infantry.) 

Edgecombe Partisan Rangers (independent company North Carolina cavalry.) 

Edgecombe Rifles (Company G, 3d North Carolina Volunteers — 13th N. C. Troops.) 

Frff^^ld t/^^°°^^ [(Company A, Hampton Legion, South Carolina volunteers.) 

Edgefield Rangers (Company C, 1st Battalion South Carolina Cavalry.) 
Edgefield Riflemen (Company A, 22d South Carolina Infantry.) 
Bdisto Rifles (Company A, 1st South Carolina Infantry.) 
Edisto Rifles (Company G, 25th South Carolina Infantry.) 


Edmonds Guard (Company F, 53d Virginia Infantry.) 

Edmonston's (J.) Independent Battalion (Louisiana volunteers.) 

Ed Moore Rangers (Company A, 1st Louisiana Cavalry.) 

Bdney Greys (Company A, 25th North Carolina Troops.) 

Edward Guards (Company B, 16th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Edwards Tigers (Company H, 36th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Effingham Hussars (Company A, 2d Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 

Effingham Minute Men (Captain A. P. Longstreet's company, Wright's battalion, Local 
Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Eighth Star Artillery (Caplain W. H. Rice's battery Virginia artillery; consolidated 
with Danville Artillery.) 

Elbert Volunteers (Company H, 3d Georgia State Guards.) 

Elliott Greys (Company I, 6th Virginia Infantry.) 

Ellis Guards (Company C, 5th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Ellis Guards (Company D, 4th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Ellis Light Artillery (Company A, Ist Artillery — 10th North Carolina Volunteers ; after- 
ward Company A, 3d Battalion North Carolina Artillery.) 

Ellis Riflemen (Company A, 5th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Ellis Riflemen (Company A, 13th North Carolina Volunteers — 23d N. C. Troops.) 

Ellisville Invincibles (Company C, 8th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Elm City Rifles (Company K, 2d North Carolina Infantry.) 

Emanuel Rangers (Company — , 20th Georgia Infantry.) 

Emerald Guards (Company I, 8th Alabama Infantry,) 

Emerald Guards (Company E, 9th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Emmet Guard (Company P, 15th Virginia Infantry.) 

Emmett Guards (Company D, 1st Louisiana Infantry.) 

Bmmett Guards (Company M, 20th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Emmett Guards (Company G, 17th Virginia Infantry.) 

Emmett Rifles (originally Company C, 1st Volunteers, Georgia infantry; afterward 
Company P, 22d Battalion Georgia Siege Artillery.) 

Emmett Rifles (Company B, 1st Georgia Regulars.) 


Empire Rangers (Company D, 13th, afterward 14tli, Louisiana Infantry; afterward' 
Company B. 15th Louisiana" Infantry.) 

Empire State Guards (Company I, 47th Georgia Infantry) 

Enfield Blues (Company I, 1st North Carolina Infantry.) 

Enfield Rifles (7th Battalion South Carolina Infantry.) 

Engledow's Texas Rebels (Company A, 11th Texas Infantry.) 

Ensley Guards (Company B, 4th Tennessee Infantry; afterward H, 34th Tenu. Inft.) 

Enterprise Guards (Company B, 14th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Enterprise Tigers (Company D, 37th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Essex Artillery (Company A, 55th Virginia Infantry; temporarily served as heavy artil- 
lery when first organized.) 

Essex Er^tDragoons } (Company F, 9th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Essex Davis Rifles (Company D, 55th Virginia Infantry.) 

Essex Greys (Company G, 55th Virginia Infantry.) 

Essex and Middlesex Battalion (Company E, 55t.h Virginia Infantry.) 

Essex Sharpshooters (Company P, 55th Virginia Infantry.) 

Estill Fork Guards (Captain A. H. Lanham's company Alabama .) 

Estillville Davis Guards (Company D, 37th Virginia Infantry.) 

Etiwan Rangers (Captain K. Simons' company South Carolina volunteers.) 

Etowah Invincibles (Captain Thos. M. Compton's company Georgia infantry.) 

Etowah Iron Works Artillery (Captain Calvin Fay's company Alabama artillery, State 

Eufaula Artillery (Captain John W. Clark's company Alabama artillery.) 

Eufaula Minute Men (Captain John Hardy's company Alabama heavy artillery; six 
months' organization. ) 

Eufaula Rifles (Company B, 1st Alabama Infantry.) 

Eufaula Zouaves (Company K, 15th Alabama Infantry.) 

European Brigade (Louisiana militia. ) 

Butaw Battalion (11th Battalion South Carolina Infantry.) 

Butaw Regiment (25th South Carolina Volunteers. ) 

Butaw Riflemen (Company K, 26th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Evans Guards (Company K, 13th Georgia Infantry.) 

Evans Rangers (Captain W. G. Evans' company Mississippi Partisan Rangers.) 
Everett Artillery — See Albemarle Everett Artillery. 
Everglade Watchmen (Company P, 6th Florida Infantry.) 
Evergreen Guards (Company C, 8th Virginia Infantry.) 
Evergreen Invincibles (Company H, 16th Louisiana Infantry.) 
Ewell's Escort (Company B, 39th Battalion Virginia Cavalry.) 


Factory Guards (Captain W. H. Amason's company, Macon Battalion, Local Defense 
Troops, Georgia.) 

Fagan Guards ( 

Pagan Riflemen (Company — , Arkansas — — .) 

Pagan Rifles (Company — , 1st Arkansas Infantry.) 

Fair Bluff Volunteers (Co. C, lOth North Carolina Volunteers— 20tli N. C. Troops. ) 

'Fairfax Cavalry; also called Powell Troop (Company F, 6tli Virginia Cavalry.) 

Fairfax Rifled*" } (Company D, 17tli Virginia Infantry.) 

Fairfield Guards (Company H, afterward F, 40th Virginia Infantry.) 

Fair View Rifles (Company G, 16th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Falkner (W. C.) Guards— See W. C. Falkner Guards. 

Fannin Guards (Company B, 4th Battalion (afterward 60th Regt.) Georgia Infantry.) 

Fannin Volunteers (Captain James Kincaid's company, Gilmer Battalion, Local De- 
fense Troops, Georgia.) 

Parmer Boys (Company B, 53d North Carolina Volunteers.) 

Farmer Guards (Company C, afterward D, 12th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Farmer Rangers (Company H, afterward K, 12th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Parmville Guards (Company F, 18th Virginia Infantry.) 

Faulk Invincibles (Company B, 26th Georgia Infantry.) 

Fauquier Artillery; formerly Markham Guards (Company G, 49th Virginia Infantry; 
afterward A, S8th Battalion Virginia Artillery.) 

Fauquier Guards (Company H, afterward C, 49th Virginia Infantry.) 

Fauquier Rangers (7th Virginia Cavalry.) 

KevmfSllery'jSee R-hmond Payette Artillery. 

Ktev&ffle%'reys}(Company I, 10th Georgia Infantry.) 

Fayette and Pickens Rifles (Company I, nth Alabama Infantry.) 

Fayette Rangers (Company F, 13th Georgia Infantry.) 

Fayette Rifle ^Greys (Company A, 13th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Fayette Volunteers (Company H, 30th Georgia Infantry.) 

Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry (Company H, 1st North Carolina Infantry.) 


Fayetteville Rifle Greys — ;See Fayette Grey Guards. 

Ferguson Eangers (Company B, 1st Battalion (afterward 1st Regt.) S. C. Cavalry.) 

Fighting Boys (Company K, 52d North Carolina Volunteers.) 

Fincastle Home Guards (Company — , Botetourt Regiment, Virginia home guards.) 

Pincastle Rifles (Compnay D, 11th Virginia Infantry.) 

Firemen Guards (Captain G. S. Obear's company, Macon Battalion, Local Defense 
Troops, Georgia.) 

Fireside Rangers (Company C, 15th Georgia Infantry.) 

First Special Battalion Louisiana Volunteers— See Special Battalion Louisiana Vol- 
unteers ; also Wheat's Special Battalion. 

First Texas Le8;ion — See Whitfield's Legion. 

Fisher Light Infantry (Company H, 43d North Carolina Troops.) 

Fishing Creek Avengers (Company D, 29th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Flat Rook Rifles (Company C, 20th Virginia Infantry.) 

Fleet Rifle Guard (Company F, 16th Virginia Infantry.) 

Fleet Wing Rifles (Company A, afterward F, 34th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Flint Cavalry (Company K, 11th Georgia State Guards.) 

Flint Hill Rifles (Company A, afterward B, 49th Virginia Infantry.) 

Flora Legion (Company K, 3d Texas Cavalry.) 

Florence Guards (Company K, Tth Alabama Infantry.) 

Florence Guards (Company F, 20th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Florida Guards (Company A, 6th Florida Infantry.) 

Florida Independent Blues (Company B, 3d Florida Infantry.) 

Florida Light Artillery— See Leon Light Artillery. 

Florida Peninsulars (Company G, 7th Florida Infantry.) 

Florida Rangers (Company D, afterward F, 2d Florida Infantry.) 

Florida Rangers (Company K, 2d Florida Cavalry.) 

Flournoy Scouts ( 

Plournoy Troop (Company 6, 6th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Floyd Bush Rangers (Company G, 3d Alabama Cavalry.) 


Floyd Cavalry (Company Ej Floyd Legion, Georgia volunteers.) 

Floyd Gaards (Company G, 2d Louisiana Infantry.) 

Floyd Guards (Company K, 2d Virginia Infantry.) 

Flovd Infantry XCojnpaEi^H, 8th Georgia Infantry. ) 
Floyd Legion (Georgia volunteers.) - 

Floyd Rangers (Company D, Floyd Legion7 Georgia volunteers.) 

Floyd Riflemen (Company A, 24tli Virginia Infantry.) 

Floyd Rifles (Company C, 2d Independent Battalion Georgia Infantry.) 

Floyd Rifles (Company A, Macon Battalion, Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Floyd Rifles (Company P, 34th North Carolina Troops.) 

Pltjyd Sharpshooters (Company B, 21st Georgia Infantry.) 

Floyd Springs Guards (Company C, 23d Georgia Infantry.) 

Floyd Tigers (Company H, 54th Virginia Infantry.) 

Floyd's Game Bucks (Company G, 51st Virginia Infantry.) 

Floyd's Newton Cavalry (Company K, 10th Georgia State Guards.) 

Fluvanna Artillery (originally a battalion of Virginia artillery; afterward Companies 
C and B, 31st Battalion Virginia Artillery.) 

Fluvanna Guards (Company K, 44th Virginia Infantry.) 

Fluvanna Hornets (Company P, 44th Virginia Infantry.) 

Fluvanna Rifle Guards (Company C, 14th Virginia Infantry.) 

Foot Rifles — See Chasseurs 9. pied — alias Foot Rifles. 

Poote Rangers (Company B, 11th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Ford's Battalion (Company L, 6th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Foreign Battalion, First (North Carolina volunteers.) 

Fork Troop (Company B, 9th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Fork Home Guard (Captain Ceorge T. Thomas' company mounted infantry. Local 
Defense Troops, Virginia.) 

Forked Deer Volunteers (Company 1, 18th Tennessee InfantryO 

Forrest Artillery (Captain C. 0. Stillwell's company, (I,) Floyd Legion, Georgia State 

Forrest Cavalry (Company A, 7th Mississippi Cavalry.) 

Forrest Cavalry (No number, Forrest's Tennessee cavalry.) 


Forrest City Rangers (Captain C. H. Way's company Georgia volunteers.) 

Forrest Guard (Captain M. Little's independent company Tennessee cavalry.) 

Forrest Rangers (Company H, 26th Georgia Infantry.) 

Forsyth Chattahoochee Cavalry (Company — , Blue Ridge Tiger Regiment— 4th Georgia 
State Guards.) 

PoShM°ounledGu/rds} (Company K. Cherokee Legion, Georgia infantry.) 

Fort Bend Scouts (Captain P. Perry's company independent Texas cavalry.) 

Fort Gaines Guards (Company D, 9th Georgia Infantry.) 

Fort Lewis Volunteers (Company B, 4th Virginia Infantry. ) 

Fort Loudoun Guards (Company H, 13th Virginia Infantry.) 

Fort Prince Artillery (Company — , South Carolina .) 

Fort Smith Greys (Captain J. H. Sparks' independent company Arkansas infantry.) 

Fort Valley Cavalry (Company — , 12th Georgia State Guards.) 

Fort William Rifles (Company K, 10th Alabama Infantry.) 

Foster Creek Rangers (Capt. H. G. D. Brown's company Local Defense Troops, Miss.) 

Franklin Beauregard (Company E, 7th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Franklin Blues (Company B, 2d Alabama Infantry.) 

Franklin Buchanan Guard (Captain Pierre Ludwig's company Local Defense Troops, 
Gosport Navy Yard, Va. ) 

Franklin County Guards (Captain S. W. Kay's company six months' Local Defense 
Troops, Georgia.) ' 

Franklin County Reserves (Co. C, Whitehead's battalion, Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 

Franklin Farmers (Company I, 55th North Carolina Volunteers.) 

Franklin Fire Eaters (Company C, 57th Virginia Infantry.) 

Franklin Guards (Company B, 23d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Franklin Guards (Company D, B3d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Franklin Guards (Company D, afterward E, 58th Virginia Infantry.) 

Franklin Guides to Freedom (Company K, 44th North Carolina Troops.) 

Franklin Life Guards (Company C, 4th Louisiana Battalion Infantry.) 

Franklin Rangers (Company D, 2d Virginia Cavalry.) 


Franklin Rifles (Company A, Tth Mississippi Infantry.) 
Franklin Rifles (Company H, 5th North Carolina Infantry.) 
Franklin Sharpshooters (Company E, 8th Louisiana Infantry.) 
Franklin Sharpshooters (Company B, 57th Virginia Infentry.) 
Franklin Virginia Reserves (5th Battalion Virginia Reserves.) 
Franko Rifles (Company B, 13th, afterward 14th, Louisiana Infantry.) 

Frederick's Hall Greys (Company G, 23d Virginia Infantry.) 


Fredericksburg Artillery (Virginia artillery; attached as Company C to Walker's, after" 
ward Pegram's, battalion.) 

Fredonia Hards (Company B, 2Vth Mississippi Infantry.) 

Freeman Guards (Company G, 28th Georgia Infantry.) 

Prellson Guards (Captain George R. Canadine's company Louisiana militia.) 

French Broad Guards (Company I, 60th North Carolina Volunteers.) " ^ \j 

Frink Guards (Company F, 5th Florida Infantry.) « 

Frontier Regiment (Col. J. B. McCord's regiment Texas cavalry. State Troops.) 

Frontier Rifles (Company I, 18th Virginia Infantry.) 

" F. S. Slaters " (Company — , Georgia .) 

Fulton Dragoons (Company G, Cobb's Legion, Georgia volunteers.) 

Furman Artillery (Company A, Palmetto (3d) Battalion Light Artillery, South Carolina.) 


Gadsden Greys (Company B, 6th Florida Infantry. ) 

Gadsden Spartans (Company I, 6tli Tennessee Infantry.) 

Gaines Invincibles (Company A, iQth Mississippi Infantry.) 

Gaines Invincibles ^Company G, 13th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Gaines Warriors (Company A, 24th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Gainesville Light Infantry (Company A, 11th Georgia Infantry.) 

Gainesville Volunteers (Company G, 3d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Gale Reserves (Company H, 29th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Galveston City Guards (Captain B. McLean's company Texas volunteers.) 

Galveston Coast Guards (Captain John Merriman's company Texas volunteers.) 

Galveston Guards, Company A (Company — , 9th Texas Infantry.) 

Galveston Guards, Company B (Company — , 9th Texas Infantry.) 

Galveston Home Guards (Captain A. S. Ruthven's company Texas volunteers.) 

Galveston Rifles (Company — , 9th Texas Infantry.) 

Galvestoh Tigers (Company D, 57th Virginia Infantry.) 

Galveston Videttes (Company G, 26th Texas Cavalry.) 

Galveston Zouaves (Company — , 9th Texas Infantry.) 

Garden Rifles (Company C, 30th Virginia Infantry. ) 

Gardner Volunteers (Company H, 22d Georgia Infantry.) 

Garibaldi Legion (Louisiana volunteers.) 

Garland Goode Rangers (Captain John W. Innerarity's company Alabama .; 

Garnett Rangers (Captain James Borge's company Louisiana militia.) 

Garrison Guard (Company G, 24th Alabama Infantry.) 

Garrison Guards Battalion (1st Regiment Georgia State Line.) 

Gaston Blues (Company H, 37th North Carolina Troops.) 

Gaston Guards (Company H, 13th North Carolina Volunteers — 23d N. C. Troops.) 

Gaston Rangers (Company H, 49th North Carolina Troops.) 

Gate City Guards (Company F, 1st Georgia Volunteers.) 

Gates Guards (Company B, 5th North Carolina Infantry.) 


Gates Minute Men (Company H, 5th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Gatling Artillery (Company D, 3d North Carolina Artillery— 40th N. C. Vols.) 

Gatling Dragoons (Company B, 41st North Carolina Vols. — 3d North Carolina Cav.) 

Gayoso Guards (Company A, 1st Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi Infantry.) 

Gen. Bragg Guards (8th North Carolina Volunteers.) 

Gentilly Rangers (Company G, Chalmette Regiment, Louisiana volunteers.) 

Georgia Coast Rifles (Company F, 1st Volunteers, Georgia infantry.) 

Georgia Defenders (Captain P. S. Chapman's independent company Georgia State 

Georgia Dragoons (Company G, 2d Georgia Cavalry.) 

Georgia Dragoons (Company E, 4th (Avery's) Georgia Cavalry.) 

Georgia Mountain Dragoons (Company I, 4th (Avery's) Georgia Cavalry.) 

Georgia Fire Company (Co. B, Augusta Fire Battalion, Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 

Georgia Forresters (Company P, 29th Georgia Infantry.) 

Georgia Guards (Company F, 6th Georgia Guards.) 

Georgia Hussars, Company A (Captain J. P. Waring's independent Georgia company; 
assigned October li, 1861, as Company B, 6th Virginia Cavalry ; relieved and as- 
signed as Company P, Jeff Davis Legion, December 7, 1861.) 

Georgia Hussars, Company B (Captain W. H. Wiltberger, Company D, 2d Battalion 
Georgia Cavalry.) 

Georgia Light Artillery (Captain Horatio N. Hollifield's company State Troops.) 

Georgia Light Infantry (Company A, 31st Georgia Infantry.) 

Georgia Rangers (Company G, 10th Georgia Infantry.) 

Georgia Rangers (62d Georgia Cavalry.) 

Georgia Regulars — See Hamilton Battery, 

Georgia Troopers (Company C, 9th Georgia Cavalry.) 

Georgia Troopers (Company H, 9th Georgia Cavalry.) 

Georgia Volunteers (Company H, 2d Georgia Infantry.) 

German Artillery (Company B, (Bachman's,) of the artillery battalion attached to 
Hampton Legion, South Carolina.,) 

German Artillery (Captain C. Nohrden's company South Carolina artillery, militia.) 


, Artillery Battalion (Companies A (Werner's, afterward Wagener'a,) and B, 
irms', afterward Meloher's,) attached to 1st South Carolina Militia; afterward 

German . 


independent battalion South Carolina artillery.) 

German Citizen Guards, Company A (Company — , 9th Texas Infantry.) 

German Citizen Guards, Company B (Company — , 9th Texas Infantry.) 

German Citizen Guards, Company C (Company — , 9th Texas Infantry.) 

German Citizen Guards (Company — , Oswald's battalion Texas infantry.) 

German Company (Company B, 2d Texas Cavalry.) 

German Fusileers (Company G, 8th Alabama Infantry.) 

German Hussars (attached to 1st South Carolina Rifles ; afterward Company G, 3d 
South Carolina Cavalry.) 

German Volunteers (Company I, 1st Georgia Volunteers.) 

German Volunteers (Company A, 8th North Carolina Infantry.) 

German Yagers (Company — , Louisiana Infantry.) 

Gholson Guards (Company E, 11th Mississippi Cavalry.) , 

Gholson Rebels (Company L, 43d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Gibbs Confederate Guard (Company K, 22d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Gibson Guards (Company A, 48th Georgia Infantry.) 

Gid. Nelson Axtillery (Captain Joseph Selden's company Alabama artillery ; afterward 
Company A, Major D. Trueheart's battalion Alabama volunteers.) 

Giles Artillery— See McComas Light Artillery.) 

' Giles Volunteers (Company D, '7th Virginia Infantry.) 

Gillespie Rifles (Company A, 3d Texas Infantry.) 

Gilmer Battalion (Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Gilmer Blues (Company K, 6th Georgia Infantry.) 

Gilmer Grays (Company B, 14th Alabama Infantry.) 

Gilmer Guards (Captain T. Williams, jr.'s, company Alabama volunteers.) 

Gilmer Guards (Captain D. M. West's company, Gilmer Battalion, Local Defense 
Troops, Georgia.) 

Gilmer Light Guards (Company B, Smith's Legion, Georgia volunteers; afterward 
Company A, 65th Georgia Infantry.) 

Gilmer Rifles (Captain John E. Mitchell's company, Jackson's regiment, Ga. vols.) 


Gilmer Volunteers (Company P, 60th Georgia Infantry.) 

Gist Guard Artillery \ (Captain C. E. Chichester's company, 15th Battalion South 
Gist Guards J Carolina Artillery.) 

Gist Rifles (Co. D, infantry battalion, Hampton L^ion, South Carolina volunteers.) 

Gladden Rifles (Company H, 13th Louisiana Infantry.) ' 

Glade Spring Rifles (Company P, 37th Virginia Infantry.) ' 

Glascock Rangers (Captain R. Walden's company, Stephens' battalion, Local Defense 
Troops, Georgia!) 

Glenn Guards (Company F, 1st Regiment, 1st Brigade, 1st Division, Louisiana militia.) 

Gloucester Artillery (Company A, 4th Virginia Heavy Artillery.) 

Gloucester Soragoons } (Con-P^ny A, 5th Virginia Cavalry.) 
Gloucester Greys (Company B, 26th Virginia In&,ntry.) 
Gloucester Inyincibles (Company P, 26th Virginia Infantry.) 
Glover Guards (Company ti, 4th Georgia Infantry.) 
Glynn Guards' (Company A, 26th Georgia Infantry.) 
Glynn Guards (Company B, 4th (Clinch's) Georgia Cavalry.) 
Goldsborough Confederate Rifles (Company H, 2d North Carolina Infantry,) 
Goldsborough Guards (Company B, 9th North Carolina Infantry.) 
Goldsborough Rifles (Company A, 27th North Carolina Troops.) 
'Goldsborough Volunteers (Company D, 4th North Carolina Infantry.) 
Gonzales Light Artillery (Captain Thomas Gonzales' company Texas artillery.) 

Goochland Cavalry "| ' 

Goochland Company [■ (Company P, 4th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Goochland Light Dragoons J 

Goochland Grays (Company P, 23d Virginia Infantry.) 

Goochland Infantry (Company H, 46th Virginia Infantry.) 

Goochland Light Artillery (Captain John H. Guy's company Virginia artillery.) 

Good Rifles (Company G, 7th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Goodman Guards (Company P, 34th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Goodson Rifle Guard (Company A, 37th Virginia Infantry.) 


Gordon Rifles (3d Virginia Volunteers.) 

Gordon Rifles (Company C, 30th Virginia Infantry.) 

Gprdonsll}: fcs } ^Company C, 13th Virginia Infantry.) 

Goshen Blues (Company H, 38th Georgia Infantry.) 

Gotten Zouaves (Company B, afterward D, 6th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Government Guard (Company E, 3d Battalion, Local Defense Troops, Virginia.) 

Governor's Guard (Company B, 8th Alabama Infantry.) 

Governor's Guard (Company B, 3d Georgia Infantry.) 

Governor's Guard (1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th, and 6th Companies, 13th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Governor's Guard (Company A, 2d South Carolina Volunteers.) 

Governor's Guard 1 (assigned to 6th Virginia Cavalry September 12, 1861 ; 

Governor's Mounted Guard J afterward Company I, 4th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Governor's Horse Guards (Company A, cavalry battalion, Phillips' Legion, Georgia.) 

Graham Rangers (independent company Texas oav.; body-guard to Gen. Magruder.) 

Graham Rifles (Company D, 56th North Carolina Troops.) 

Graham's Horse Battery — See Petersburg Artillery. 

Graniteville Riflemen (Company P, 7th South Carolina Infantry. ) 

Grant Factory Guards (Captain J. J. Grant's company, Thompson's battalion. Local 
Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Grantville Greys (Company B, 2d North Carolina Infantry.) 

Grautville Rangers (Company G, 30th North Carolina Troops.) 

Grantville Regulators (Company A, 44th North Carolina Troops.) 

Grayson Artillery (Captain Wm. Baya's company Florida artillery ; became Companv 
D, 8th Florida Infantry.) ^ 

Green River Rifles (Company K, 50th North Carolina Troops.) 

Greene County Greys (Company B, 11th Alabama Infantry.) 

Greene County Greys, No. 2 (Company B, 20th Alabama Infantry.) 

Greene County Riflemen (Company A, 3d North Carolina Infantry.) 

Greene Rough and Readys ; also called Rough and Ready Battery (Company D 4th 
Virginia Heavy Artillery.) ' 


Greenbrier Cavalry (Company D, 14tli Virginia Cavalry.) 

Greenbrier Cavalry (Company K, 14th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Greenbrier Rifles (Company B, 2'7th Virginia Infantry.) 

Greenbrier Sharpshooters '(Company P, 27th Virginia Infantry.) 

Greeneville Guards (Company F, 29th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Greensborongh Guards (Company A, 5th Alabama Infantry.) 

Greenville Guards (Company P, 8th Alabama Infantry.) 

Greenville Guards (Company B, Waddill's battalion Virginia infantry.) 

Greenville Guards (Company B, 46th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Greenville Home Guards (Captain B. P. Scott's company Virginia volunteers.) 

Greenville Regiment (16th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Greenwood Guards (Company I, 2d Louisiana Infantry.) 

Greenwood Minute Men (Company P, 2d, South Carolina Infantry.) 

Greer's Rocket Battery; also called Rocket Battery (Captain John S. Greer's com- 
pany Texas artillery.) 

Gregg Guards (Company A, 1st South Carolina Infantry, Provisional Army.) 

Grenada Rifles (Company — , 15th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Gresham Rifles (Company A, 45th Georgia Infantry.) 

Griffin Light Artillery (Captain 0. C. Gibson's company Georgia artillery.) 

GriflBn Light Guards (Company B, 5th Georgia Infantry.) 

Griffin Rifles (Company B, 1st Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi Infantry ; after- 
ward Company C, 54th Alabama Infantry.) 

Grimes Boys (Company A, 10th Texas Infantry.) 

Grimes County Greys (Company G, 4th Texas Infantry.) 

Grivot Artillery (Captain J. T. Holmes' company Louisiana artillery.) 

Grivot Fancy Guards (Company B, 26th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Grivot Guards (Company E, 1st Battalion Louisiana Infantry.) 

Grivot Guards, Company B (Company E, 26th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Grivot Guards, Company C (Company F, 26th Louisiana Infantry.) 


Grivot Partisan Rangers (independent. company Louisiana cavalry.) 

Gross T§te Creoles (Company C, 15th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Grubbs Hussars (Company F, cavalry battalion, Cobb's Legion, Georgia.) 

Guard Lafayette; also called Lafayette Guard (Company A, 12th Alabama Infantry.) 

Guards of the Sunny South (Company K, 1st Alabama Infantry.) 

Guerrilla Guards ; also called Memphis Guerrillas, Memphis Guerrilla Guards, and 
Hailman Guerrillas (Captain S. T. Hailman's company Tennessee volunteers.) 

Guerrilla Zouaves (independent company Maryland infantry.) 

Guilford Cavalry Company (Company P, 19th North Carolina Vols.— 2d N. C. Cav.) 

Guilford Dixie Boys (Company M, 11th North Carolina Vols.— 21st N. C. Troops.) 

Guilford Greys (Company B, 27th North Carolina Troops.) 

Guilford Guards (Company E, 2d North Carolina Infantry.) 

Guilford Light Infantry (Company C, 45th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Guilford Minute Men (Company E, 12th North Carolina Vols.— 22d N. C. Troops.) 

Gulf City Guards (Company B, 3d Alabama Infantry.) 

Gulf City Guards (Company G, 24th Alabama Infantry.) 

Gulf Coast Rangers (Company A, 6th Battalion Florida Infantry.) 

Gulf Guards (Company B, Chalmette Regiment, Louisiana volunteers.) 

Gulf Rangers (Company E, 54th Alabama Infantry.) 

Gulf State Infantry (Company C, 6th Florida Infantry.) 

Gunter's Partisan Rangers (1st Alabama Partisan Rangers.) 

Gwinnett Artillery (Company D, 9th Battalion Georgia Artillery.) 

Gwinnett Cavalry, No. 1 (Company C, 10th Georgia State Guards.) 

Gwinnett Cavalry, No. 2 (Company H, 10th Georgia State Guards.) 

Gwinnett Greys (Company E, 8th Georgia State Guards.) 

Gwinnett Guards (Company C, 8th Georgia State Guards.) 


Habersham Defenders (Company D, Whitehead's battalion, Local Defense Troopa, 

Had's Partisan Rangers (unattached company .) 

Hailman Guerrillas — See Guerrilla Guards: 

Halesford Franklin Guards (Company D, afterward E, 58th Virginia Infantry.) 

Halifax Catawba Troop (Company B, afterward H, 3d Virginia Cavalry.) 

Halifax Heavy Artillery (Company P, 4th Virginia Artillery.) 

Halifax Light Infantry (Company B, 2d North Carolina Infantry.) 

Halifax Light Infantry (Company A, Montague's battalion Virginia infantry ; afterward 
Company A, 53d Virginia Infantry.) 

Halifax Rifles— See High Hill Rifles. 

Halifax Volunteers ; also called High Hill Grays (Virginia volunteers ; company not 

Hall Chattahoochee Cavalry (Company B, Blue Ridge Riger Regiment — 4th Georgia 
State Guards.) 

Hall County Cavalry (Company A, Blue Ridge Tiger Regiment — 4th Georgia State 

Hall Troopers (Company I, Blue Ridge Tiger Regiment— 4th Georgia State Guards.) 

Hall Volunteers (Company D, 55th Georgia Infantry.) 

Hamer's Rifles (Company D,'18th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Hamilton Battery ; also called Georgia Regulars (originally Company A, let Georgia 
Regulars ; afterward independent company Georgia artillery.) 

Hamilton Blues (Company I, 2d Florida Infantry.) 

Hamilton Guards (Company B, 20th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Hamilton Guards (Company E, 11th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Hamilton Rangers[(Company K, 48th Georgia Infantry.) 

Hammock Guards (Company D, 2d Florida Infantry.) 

Hampdeu Artillery (Captain L. S. Marye's company Virginia artillery ; became Com- 
pany C, 38th Battalion Virginia Artillery. ) 

Hampden Sidney Boys (Company G, 20th Virginia Infantry.) 

Hampshire Guards (Company K, 13th Virginia Infantry.) 

Hampshire Militia (Virginia militia.) 

Hamp. Smith ,Guards (Company E, 8th Alabama Infantry.) 


Hamp. Smith Rifles (Company B, 7th Alabama Infantry.) 

Hampton Artillery— See Washington Artillery, Virginia. 

Hampton Greys (Company B, 32d Virginia Volunteers.) 

Hampton Guards (Company F, 29th Mississipjii Infantry.) 

Hampton Legion Artillery Battalion (battalion South Carolina artillery — Companies A 
(Washington Artillery) and B (German Artillery, Bachman's battery.) 

Hampton Legion (South Carolina volunteers.) 

Hampton Scouts— See Boykin Rangers. 

Hamtramck Guards (Company B, 2d Virginia Infantry.) 

Hancock Rebels (Company C, 38th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Hanover Artillery (Captain Wm. Nelson's company Virginia artillery.) 

Hanover Cavalry 1 

Hanover Dragoons V (Company G, 4th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Hanover Troop J 

Hanover Grays (1st Battalion Virginia Volunteers.} 

mZZ te } (Company I, 15th Virginia Infantry.) 

Hansbrough Battalion (9th Battalion Virginia Infantry.) 

Haralson Brown Guards (Company A, 35th Georgia Infantry.) 

Haralson Cavalry (Company B, McDonald's battalion. Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 

Harbor Brigade \ also called Young's Howitzer Company, Norfolk Harbor Guard, 
Harbor Guards / Marine Artillery (J. J. Young's independent company Va. cav.) 

Hardaway Artillery (Captain William B. Hurt's, formerly Hardaway's, company Ala- 
bama artillery.) 

Hardee Rifles (Company H, 5th Georgia Infantry.) 

Hardee Rifles (Captain John L. Hardee's company Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Hardee's Bscort — See Buckner Grays and Guards. 

Hardeeville Guerrillas (company South Carolina mounted militia.) 

Hardeman Avengers (Company — , 6th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.) 

Harding Artillerjr (Captain George H. Monsarratt's company Tennessee artillery; 
afterward divided into two companies and known as Harding Artillery Battalion.) 

Harding Artillery Battalion — See Harding Artillery. 

Hardwiok Mounted Rifles (Company H, 7th Georgia Cavalry.) 


Hardy Blues (Company A, 25th Virginia Infantry ; afterward Company B, 62d Vir- 
ginia Infantry.) 

Hardy Regiment (14tli Virginia Militia.) . 

Hargett Infantry (Company F, Sth Georgia State Guards.)^ 

Hargrove Blues (Company I, 12th Virginia Infantry.) 

Harllee's Legion (South Carolina volunteers.) 

Harnett Light Infantry (Company P, 15th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Harper Reserves (Company C, 36th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Harper Rifles (Company P, 3d Battalion South Carolina Infantry.) 

Harrington Light Artillery (Company A, 13th Battalion North Carolina Artillery.) 

Harris Dragoons (Company P, 12th Georgia State Guards.) 

Harris Guards (Captain McCuUoch's company .) 

Harris Guards (Company — , Georgia — .) 

Harris Guards (Captain J. P. Trevitt's company Local Defense Troops, Tennessee.) 

Harris Guards (Company E, 4th (Neely's) Tennessee Infantry.) 

Harris Guards (Company B, 6th Virginia Infantry.) 

Harris Rebels (Company I, 27th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Harris Troop (Company G, 2d Plorida Cavalry.) 

Harris Zouave Cadets (Company D, 154th Senior Tennessee Infantry.) 

Harrisburg Guards (Company A, infantry battalion, Waul's Legion, Texas.) 

Harrison Cavalry (Company B, 17th Virginia Cavalry ; formerly Company — , 38d 
Virginia Battalion.) 

Harrison Rifles (Captain Cyrus Vance's company Virginia volunteers.) 

Harrison Volunteers (Company G, 51st Georgia Volunteers.) 

Harrisonburg Cavalry (Company I, 1st Virginia Cavalry.) 

Harrison's Guard (Company K, 56th Virginia Infantry.) 

Hart's Spies (Hart's company Texas cavalry.) 

Hartwell Infantry (Company C, 16th Georgia Infantry.) 

Harvey (John) Guards (Company I, 7th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Harvey's Scouts (Company M, Wirt Adams Cavalry, Mississippi,) 

Hatchie Hunters (Company B, 22d Tennessee Infantry.) 

Hatehie Rifles (Company B, 32d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Hatch's Coast Rangers (23d South Carolina Infantry.) 

Hatteras Avengers (Company F, 7th North Carolina Vols. — 17th N. C. Troops.) 

Hawfield River Boys (Company P, 6th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Hawkins Guards (Company D, afterward K, 10th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Hawkins Legion (Company A, Kentucky Volunteers.) 

Hawkins Legion (Company E, 2d Battalion Kentucky Mounted Rifles.) 

Hawkinsville Rangers (Company B, 19th Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 

Haw River Boys (Company D, 35th North Carolina Troops.) 

Haw River Rifles (Captain W. W. Roberts' company North Carolina? volunteers.) 

Hayes Champions (Company D, 18th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Haywood Blues (Company A, afterward B, 6th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Haywood Rangers (Company P, 16th North Carolina Troops.) 

Haywood Rangers (Company — , 6th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.) 

Hazlewood Volunteers (Company B, 7th Virginia Infantry.) 

Heard Independent Cavalry (Company B, 10th Georgia State Guards.) 

Heation Guards (Company P, Chalmette Regiment, Louisiana.) 

Hfebert Rangers (Company B, 2eth Texas Cavalry.) 

Hedgesville Blues (Company B, 2d Virginia Infantry.) 

Helen Johnston Guards (Company B, 24th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Helena Artillery (Captain A. W. Clarkson's company Arkansas artillery ; afterward 
Company A. P. A. Shoup's battalion Arkansas artillery.) 

Hell Roaring Horse— See Marshall Rangers. 

Helm's Old Cavalry (1st Kentucky Cavalry.) 

Hempsted Hornets (Company B, 4th Arkansas Infantry.) 

Henderson Blues (Company G, 56th North Carolina Troops.) 

Henderson Guards (Company I, 6th North Carolina Volunteers— 16th N. C. Troops.) 

Henderson Legion (Kentucky volunteers.) 


Henderson Rangers (Company D, 60th North Carolina Volunteers.) 

Henderson Rifles (Company G, 35th North Carolina Troops.) 

Henderson Sharpshooters ( 

Henrico Artillery, Company B (Company C, 1st Virginia Artillery.) 

Henrico Artillery — See Courtney Artillery. 

Henrico Dragoons \ (Company I, 10th Virginia Cavalry ; assigned to the 6th 

Henrico Light Dragoons J Virginia Cavalry September 12, 1861.) 

Henrico Guards (Company D, 15th Virginia Infantry.) 

Henrico Mounted Guard (Company B, 40th Battalion Virginia Cavalry.) 

Henrico Southern Guard (Company G, 15th Virginia Infantry.) 

Henry Blues (Company K, 6th Alabama Infantry.) 

Henry Clay Guards (Captain A. B. Seger's company, 9th Regiment, 1st Brigade, 1st 
Division, Louisiana militia.) 

Henry County Cavalry (Company B, 10th Georgia State Guards.) 

Henry County Dragoons (Company F, 10th Georgia State Guards.) 

Henry County Light Infantry (Company B, Alabama Infantry.) 

Henry Grays (Company A, 6th Alabama Infantry.) 

Henry Guards (Company G, 19th Georgia Infantry.) 

Henry Guards (Company F, 154th Senior Tennessee Infantry.) 

Henry Guards (Company H, 24th Virginia Infantry.) 

Henry Infantry (Company K, 8th Georgia State Guards.) 

Henry Light Guards (Company C, 11th Florida Infantry.) 

Henry Light Infantry (Company E, 25th Georgia Infantry.) 

Henry Marshall Guards (Company F, 19th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Henry and Pittsylvania Rifles (Company P, 57th Virginia Infantry.) 

Henry Rangers (Captain W. Curry's company Alabama volunteers.) 

Henry Rangers (Company B, 32d Battalion Virginia Cavalry.) 

Henry Volunteers (Captain White's company, 7th? South Carolina .) 

Herman Artillery (Company D, 2d Battalion Alabama Light Artillery.) 

Hermitage Guards (Company!, 20th Tennessee Infantry.) 


Hernando Guards (Company C, 3d Florida Infantry.) 

Hernando Volunteers (Captain John Parsons' independent company Florida infantry.) 

Hernden Banger? (Captain W. E.- Montgomery's independent company Mississippi 
State Troops.) 

Herring Artillery (Captain W. A. Herring's company North Carolina artillery.) 

Hertford Greys (Company F, 1st North Carolina Infantry.) 

Hertford Light Infantry (Company D, 7th North Carolina Vols.— 17th N. C. Troops.) 

Hewitt Guards (Company C, 10th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Hickory Rifles (Company E, 154th Senior Tennessee Infantry.) 

High Hill Grays— See Halifax Volunteers. 

High Hill Rifles ; also called Halifax Rifles (Company L, afterward K, 3d Virginia 

Infantry. ) 

High Repellers (Captain W. T. High's company thirty days' Arkansas volunteers.) 

High Shoals Defenders (Captain A. J. Medlin's company six months' Local Defense 
Troops, Georgia.) 

Highland Boys of North Carolina (Company C, 24th North Carolina Troops.) 

Highland Guards (Company E, 54th North Carolina Troops.) 

Highland Rangers (Company G, 1st Georgia Cavalry.) 

Highland Rangers (Company D, 41st North Carolina Troops — 3d N. C. Cavalry.) 

Highland Rangers (Colonel W. H. Thomas' Infantry Legion, North Carolina. ) 

Highlanders, The — See The Highlanders. 

Hillabee Highlanders (Company G, 25th Alabama Infantry.) 

Hillabee Rifles (Company I, 14th Alabama Infantry.) 

Hillabee True Blues (Company G, 14th Alabama Infantry.) 

Hill City Gutfds } (Company F, 10th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Hill Guards (Company H, 61st North Carolina Troops.) 

Hill Guards (Company — , 59th North Carolina Troops — 4th N. C. Cavalry.) 

Hill's Cavalry (4th Company, 6th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.) 

Hilliard's Legion (Alabama volunteers.) 

Hillsborough Border Guards (Company A, 8th Virginia Infantry.) 


Hillsborough Rebels (Company F, 36th Mississippi Infantry.) 
Hillyer Rifles (Company C, 9th Georgia Infantry.) 
Hindman's Legion (Arkansas volunteers.) 

Hinds Light Guards ( 

Hinton Guards (Company A, 8th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Holcombe Guards (Company I, 7th Virginia Infantry.) 

Holcombe Legion (South Carolina volunteers.) 

HoUiday Guard; also called Louisa Holliday Guard (Co. C, 56th Virginia Infantry.) 

HoUoway Grays (Captain A. J. White's company Georgia .) 

holmes Cou-nty Volunteers (Company A, 38th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Holmes Guard (Company — , North Carolina .) ' 

Holmes Light Guards (Company C, 11th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Holmes Riflemen (Company C, 8th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Holmes Rifles (Company P, 10th North Carolina Volunteers — 20th N. C. Troops.) 

Holmesville Guards (Company B, S3d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Holtsburg Guards (Company A, 54th North Carolina Troops.) 

Home Artillery; also called Virginia Home Artillery (2d Virginia Artillery.) 

Home Guard (Captain A. A. Bdington's company Arkansas .) 

Home Guard (Company A, 9th Battalion Georgia State Guards.) 

Home Guard (Captain George Hancock's company Texas .) 

Home Guard (Company — , 2d Battalion Virginia Volunteers.) 

Home Guard Local Defense (Captain Wm. G. Clayton's company .) 

Home Guards (Company D, 8d Georgia Infantry.) 
Home Guards (Company B, 9th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Home Guards (Captain A. H. Rhodes' company Texas .) 

Home Guards (Company G, 11th Virginia Infantry.) 

Home Guards (Captain J. P. Wren's company Virginia .) 

Home Rangers (Captain C. S. Reeves' company Alabama .) 

Homer Cavalry (Company P, Blue Ridge Tis;er Regiment— 4th Georgia Stale Guards.) 

Homer Troopers (Company A, 30th Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 
Hood's Cavalry (Company D, 29tli Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 
Hood's Guards (Company I, llth Florida Infantry.) 

Hook and Ladder Guard (Co. D, Atlanta Fire Battalion, Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 
Hopkins Partisan Rangers (Company A, 24th Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 
Hopkins Partisan Rangers (Company C, 24:th Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 
Horn Lake Tolunteers (Company E, 9th Mississippi Infantry.) 
Hornet's Nest Rifles (Company B, llth North Carolina Infantry.) 

iorr^ Vofunteers } (^^-P^"? ^' '* ^outh Carolina Infantry.) 

Horry Rifles (Company P, 1st South Carolina Infantry, Provisional Army.) 

Horse Artillery — See Washington Artillery, South Carolina. 

Horse Artillery (Captain S. L. Freeman's company Tennessee artillery.) 

Horse Artillery — See Stuart Horse Artillery Battalion. 

Horse Battery — See Lurty's Horse Battery. 

Houston Guards (Company A, 8th Battalion Georgia State Guards.) 

Houston Turner Rifles (Company C, 1st Texas Artillery.) 

Houston Volunteers (Company K, llth Georgia Infantry.) 

Howard Artillery (Company — , 

Howard Cavalry (independent company North Carolina cavalry.) 

Howard Dragoons (Company — , 1st Virginia Cavalry.) 

Howard Guards (Company — , Chalmette Regiment, Louisiana volunteers.) 

Howardsville Greys (Company D, 19th Virginia Infantry.) 

Howardsville Light Infantry Blues (Company — , Virginia Infantry.) 

Howell Guards (Company E, 5th Battalion Alabama Infantry.) 

Howell Guards (Company M, 2d Florida Infantry.) 

Howitzer Battalion — See Richmond Howitzers. ' 

Howitzer Battery (Captain J. A. August's company Virginia artillery ; attached to 
Virginia State Line Artillery.) 

H. S. Guards (Company — , 1st Battalion Virginia Volunteers.) 

__ 1,.^.. 71 

Huckias Guard (Company B, 20th Louisiana Infantry. ) 
Hudson Battery — See Pettus Flying Artillery. 

Huger Artillery (Captain Frank Huger's company Virginia artillery.) 

Huger Grays (Company P, 12tli Virginia Infantry.) 

Hugnenin Rifles (Company D, 30th Georgia Infantry.) 

Humboldt Guards ( 

Humphrey Troop, (Company H, 41st North Carolina Volunteers — 3d N. C. Cavalry.) 

Humphreys Light Artillery (Captain F. Maney's company Tennessee artillery ; became 
Company A, 24th Battalion Tennessee Sharpshooters.) 

Humphries Mobile Dragoons (Company — , Alabama .) 

Hunter Guards (Company C, 30th Georgia Infantry.) 

Hunter Rifles (Company — , 4th Georgia Infantry.) 

Hunter Rifles (Company A, 4th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Hunter Rifles (Company B, 4th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Hurric^n: K' } (Company E, 21st Mississippi Infantry.) 

Hurt Light Artillery (Lieutenant Joseph A. Alexander's company Georgia artillery.) 

Hutchins Guard (Captain Thomas' company Georgia volunteers. ) 

Hutchisson Light Artillery (Company B, 2d Battalion Alabama Artillery.) 

Hyde County Rifles (Company B, 7th North Carolina Volunteers— 17th N. C. Troops.) 


Iberville Greys (Company A, 3d Louisiana Infantry.) 

Iberville Guards (Company D, '27th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Illinois Rangers — See Ringgold Rangers, Captain A. C. Bradshaw. 

Imboden Battery ; also called Staunton Artillery (Captain John D. Imboden's com- 
pany Virginia artillery.) 

Imboden Partisan Rangers (18th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Independence Fire Company, No. 4 (Atlanta Fire Battalion, Local Defense Troops, 

Independence Rifles (Company K, 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles.) 

Independent Blues (Company D, 10th Georgia Infantry.) 

Independent Blues (Company H, 10th North Carolina Volunteers — 20th N. C. Troops.) 

Ingend:nl&Blues}(Company D, 8th Alabama Infantry.) 

Independent Galloways (Captain H. F. Ford's company Texas volunteers.) 

Independent Georgia Volunteers (Captain G. W. Lee's company Georgia volunteers.) 

Independent Grays (Company E, 7th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Independent Greys (Captain J. L. Clarke's company Maryland volunteers.) 

Independent Greys ; also called ^> orfolk Independent Greys (Company H, 6th Vir- 
ginia Infantry.) 

Independent Guards (Co. B, 1st Mobile Volunteers, Local Defense Troops, Alabama.) 

Independent Guards ( Alabama Reserves.) 

Independent Mounted Rangers — See Boykin Rangers and Hampton Scouts. 

Independent Mounted Rifles — See St. James Mounted Riflemen. 

Independent Mounted Wild Cats — See Mounted Wild Cats. 

Independent Orleans Artillery ; also called Orleans Artillery (Captain Paul P. De 
Gournay's company Louisiana artillery.) V 

Independent Rangers (Company E, afterward B, 12th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Independent Rifles (Company D, 6th Alabama Infantry.) 

Independent Rifles (Company C, 12th Alabama Infantry; afterward Company G, 1st 
Mobile Volunteers, Local Defense Troops, Alabama.) 

Independent Rifles (Captain R. C. Farris' company Alabama infantry.) 

Independent Rifles (Company — , 9th Texas Infantry.) 


Independent Scouts (Captain Samuels' company .) 

Independent Scouts (Company — , 8th Alabama Infantry.) 

Independent Scouts (Captain T. Vivion's company Mississippi cavalry.) 

Independent Scouts (Captain Thomas Henderson's company Mississippi volunteers.) 

Independent Volunteers (Company K, 11th Alabama Infantry.) 

Independent Volunteers (Lieut. James A. Damour's company Georgia volunteers.) 

Independent Volunteers (Company A, 1st Confederate, Georgia.) 

Independent V olunteers CCflmpany E, 9th Battalion Georgia State Guards.) 
Ind'epeSaeStsJ Company. B, 12th Alabama^Infentry.) 

Indianola Artillery Guards (Company B, Shea's artillery battalion ; attached to 8th 
Texas Infantry November 11, 1863. 

Indianola Guards (Captain D. M. Stapps' company Texas volunteers.) 

Infirmary Company (Captain John H. Herbig's company .) 

Inglis Light Artillery ; also called Darlington Guards (Company D, 2d South Carolina 

Insurgents (Company B, 3d Battalion Mississippi Infantry.) 

Invincible Outlaws ( 

Invincibles (Captain Holmes' company Georgia volunteers.) 

Invincibles (Company — , 9th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Iredell Blues (Company A, 4th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Iredell Bines (Company C, 4th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Iredell Grays (Company H, 4th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Irish Battalion (1st Virginia Battalion, Provisional Army.) 

Irish Brigade, Company A (Company I, 6th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Irish Brigade, Company B (Company P, 6th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Irish Jasper Greens (Company A, 1st Volunteers, Georgia.) 

Irish Volunteer Guards (Company—, 8th Georgia Infantry, [1st Volunteers, Georgia?]) 

Irish Volunteers, Company A (Company D, 1st Georgia Volunteers.) 

Irish Volunteers, Company B (Company B, 1st Volunteers, Georgia.) 

Irish Volunteers (Company P, 7th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Irish Volunteers (Company A, 1st Battalion Virginia Infantry, Provisional Army,) 

Irish Volunteers (Company C, 1st Battalion South Carolina Infantry.) 

Irish Volunteers (Captain Thornton Triplett's company Virginia heavy artillery ; after- 
ward Company C, 19th Battalion Virginia Artillery.) 

Irrepressibles (Company — , 9th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Irving Guard (Company A, 9th Georgia Infantry.) 

Irving Guards (Company — , Louisiana .) 

Irwin Artillery (originally Company A, 9th Georgia Infantry; afterward Company C, 
Sumter (11th) Battalion, Georgia artillery.) 

Irwin Cow Boys— See Cow Hunters. 

Irwin Invincibles (Company E, 25th Georgia Infantry.) 

Irwin Volunteers (20th Georgia Infantry.) 

Irwin Volunteer's (Company F, 49th Georgia Infantry.) 

Island City Rifles (Company — , 9th Texas Infantry.) 

Island Guards (Captain N. S. Hill's company Texas volunteers.) 

Isle of Wight Avengers (Company — , Vth Battalion Virginia Infantry ;"afterward Com- 
pany P, 61st Virginia Infantry.) 

Isle of Wight Rifle Blues (Company E, 9th Virginia Infantry.) 

Isle of Wight Rifle Grays (Company D, 16th Virginia Infantry.) 

Issaquena Artillery (Captain R. E. Graves' company Mississippi artillery.) 

luka Rifles (Company K, 2d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Iverson Fencibles ( 

Ivey Guards (Company G, 20th Georgia Infantry.) 

Ivey Guards (Company B, 6th Georgia State Guards.) 


Jack Browns (Company H, 59th Georgia Infantry.) 

Jackson Artillery (Captain George A. Dure's company Georgia artillery.) 

Jackson Artillery— of Algiers (Captain John Mitchell's company Louisiana artillery.) 

Jackson Avengers ; also called Wheeler's Rifles (Company G, 2d Alabama Infantry.) 

Jackson Avengers (Company H, 14th Alabama Infantry.) 

Jackson Avengers (Captain Bradford's company Georgia .) 

Jackson Avengers (Company G, 55th Georgia Infantry.) 

LJackaQn_AYengers (Captain Daughtrey^s company Missouri — — .) _ _ ' 

J^?5^P!I Battalion (5th Battalion Louisiana Infantry; merged into 21st Louisiana 
Jackson. Battery (3d Missouri Battery.^ "'' : ffila Dtry— Jackson" Regiment.) 

Jackson Battery (Company P, 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery.) 

Jackson Blues (Company B, 2d Georgia Infantry.) 

Jackson Boys (Company A, 2d Battalion Mississippi Infantry ; afterward Company A, 
48th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Jackson Cavalry (Co. K, Blue Ridge Tiger Regiment — 4th Georgia State Guards.) 

Jackson County Artillery; also called McCown Artillery (Captain G. W. McCown's 
company Arkansas artillery.) 

Jackson County Cavalry (12th Missouri Cavalry.) 

Jackson County Company (Company E, 6th Florida Infantry.) 

Jackson County Volunteers (Company D, 6th Florida Infantry.) 

Jackson Grays (Company G, 6th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Jackson Greys (Company K, 9th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Jafkson Greys (Company I, 26th Virginia Infantry.) 

Jackson Greys (Company A, 7th Battalion Virginia Infantry ; afterward Company A, 
.6 lat -Virginia- Intantry. ) 

Jackson 'Gaard (Company G, 1st Arkans as In fantry.) -■ , 
Jackson Guard (Company — , 16th South Carolina Militia.) 

Jackson Guards (Company — , 4th Battalion Florida Infantry ; afterward Company E, 
11th Florida Infantry.) 

Jackson Guards (Company B, 69th Georgia Infantry.) 

Jackson Guards (Company C, 154th Senior Tennessee Infantry.) 

Jackson Home Guard? (Capt. 0. M. White's company Local Defense Troops, Tenu;} 


Jackson Hornets (Company B, 2d Confederate Infantry.) 

Jackson Light Artillery (Captain James C. Thrall's company Arkansas artillery.) 

Jackson Light Artillery (Company C, 18th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Jackson Light Artillery (Company D, 61st Virginia Infantry ; temporarily serving as 
heavy artillery.) 

Jackson Lions (Company C, 1st Kentucky Cavalry.) 

Jackson Mounted Guard (Captain James W. Gray's company .) 

Jackson Mounted Guards (Company I, 9th Georgia State Guards.) 

Jackson Rangers (Company A, 6th North Carolina Volunteers — 16th North Carolina 
Troops; afterward Company K, 39th North Carolina Troops.) 

Jackson Rangers (Company G, 10th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Jackson Regiment (21st Louisiana Infantry ; formerly Kennedy Battalion — 5th Bat- 
talion Louisiana Infantry.) 

Jackson Revengers — See Confederate Guards, Mississippi.) 

Jackson Rifles (Company K, 2d Alabama Infantry.) 

Jackson Rifles (Company B, Ist Florida Infantry.) 

Jackson Rifles (Company B, afterward P, 22d Virginia Infantry.) 

Jackson Sharpshooters (Company D, afterward C, 12th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Jackson Sharpshooters (Lieutenant A. C. Simonton's company .) 

Jackson Volunteers (Company P, 28th Louisiana Infa,ntry.) 

Jake Curry Guards — See Curry Guards. 

Jake Thompson Guards (Company — , Alabama .) 

Jake Thompson Guards (Company H, 19th Mississippi Infantry.) 

James Citjr Artillery (attached to 32d Virginia Infantry; afterward Company B, 1st 
Virginia Artillery.) 

Jawes Ci^ Troop"^ } (Co>°Pa°y Ii 8d Virginia Cavalry.) 
James Creek Volunteers (Company H, 1st Mississippi Infantry.) 

James River Artillery (Company K, 3d Virginia Infantry ; not comprised in Confed* 
erate artillery.) 

Jameson Light Guards (Company K, 20th Louisiana Iti&ntry.) 



Jamestown Artillery; also called Brandon Artillery (Co. B, 1st Virginia Artillery.) 

Jasper Avengers (Company H, 37th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Jasper Blues (Company H, 27th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Jasper Greys .(Company P, 16th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Jasper Guards (Company K, 37th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Jasper Maxey Infantry (Company C, 6th Georgia State Guards.) 

Jasper Rifles ( 

Jeff Davis Artillery (Captain J. T. Montgomery's company Alabama artillery.) 

Jeff Davis Artillery (Company — , Maryland .) 

Jeff Davis Artillery — See Madison Light Artillery, Mississippi. 

Jeff Davis Browns (Company G, 33d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Jeff Davis Company (Company P, 19th Alabama Infantry.) 

Jeff Davis Guard (Company H, 11th Virginia Infantry.) 

Jeff Davis Guards (Company D, 1st Battalion Mississippi Infantry.) 

Jeff Davis Guards (Company G, 48th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Jeff Davis Guards (Company H, 6th North Carolina Vols.— 16th N. C. Troops.) 

T ff n • r A ^ 3,lso called Davis Guards (originally W. H. Duke's company, at- 
Jett uavis Iruaras l t^ched to 1st Texas Volunteers : afterward artillery, Company 
Jefferson Guards J p_ ^^j. ^exas Artillery.) 

Jeff Davis Legion (Mississippi volunteers ; originally 2d Battalion Mississippi Cavalry.) 
Jeff Davis Macon County Guards (Company G, 6th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Jeff Davis Rangers ( 

Jeff Davis Rangers (Company G, 9th Alabama Infantry.) 

Jeff Davis Rebels (Capt. John W. Jones' independent company Mississippi infantry.) 

Jeff Davis Regiment (Colonel Alex. Smith's regiment Louisiana militia.) 

Jeff Davis Rifles (Company D, 9th Mississippi Infentry.) 

Jeff Davis Rifles (Company — , North Carolina .) 

Jeff Davis Sharpshooters (Company D, 7th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Jeff Wilkerson Guards (Bolivar County, Mississippi.) 

Jeffs Cavalry (Captain H. G. Wright's company Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 


Jefferson Artillery (Captain William L. Harper's, afterward Captain Put. Darden's, 
company Mississippi artillery.)' 

Jefferson Beauregards (Company E, 3d Florida Infantry.) 

Jefferson Cadets (Company A, 14th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Jefferson County Company (Company M, 2d Florida Infantry.) 

Jefferson Davis Guards {Captain Hill's company Alabama volunteers.) 

Jefferson Davis Guards (Company B, 21st Mississippi Infantry.) 

Jefferson Davis Guards (Company D, 21st Mississippi Infantry.) 

Jefferson Guards (Captain J. H. Taylor's company ;.) 

Jefferson Guards (Company C, 20th Georgia Infantry.) 

Jefferson Guards — -See Jeff Davis Guards, Duke's company artillery. 

Jefferson Guards (Company A, 2d Virginia Infantry.) 

Jefferson Light Horse ( 

Jefferson Rifles (Company C, 20th Alabama Infantry.) 

Jefferson Rifles (Company H, 3d Florida Infantry.) 

Jefferson "Volunteel's (Company B, 10th Alabama Infantry.) 

Jefferson Volunteers (Company E, 48th Georgia Infantry.) 

Jefferson Warriors (Company C, 19th Alabama Infantry.) 

Jemison Guards (Company G, 26th Alabama Infantry.) 

Jenkins Guards (Company D, 14th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Jennings Light Guard (Company C, 28th Georgia Infantry.) 

Jennings Rangers (Company C, 20th Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 

Joe Brown Guard (Captain A. J. Smith's company, Wilson's battalion, Local Defense 
Troops, Georgia.) 

Joe Brown Rifles (Co. G, Blue Ridge Tiger Regiment— 4th Georgia State Guards.) 

Joe Browns, The (Company — , 2d Georgia .) 

Joe Brown's Guards (Company F, 9th Georgia State Guards.) 

Joe Brown's Pets (Company C, 2d Georgia State Troops.) 

Joe Johnston Rifles (Company H, 7th South Carolina Infantiy.) 


Joe Matthews Rifles (Company D, 2d Mississippi Infantry.) 

John M. Sharp's (Company I, 3d Mississippi Infantry.) 

John Harvey Guards (Company I, 7th North Carolina Vols.— 17th N. C. Troops.) 

Johnson Avengers (Company C, 39th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Johnson Guards (Company B, cavalry battalion, Phillips' Legion, Georgia volunteers.) 

Johnson Guards (Company C, 33d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Johnson Riflemen (Company A, 6th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Johnson Rifles (Company — , 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles.) 

Johnson Rifles (Company C, 23d South Carolina Infantry.) 

Johnson's Spy Company (independent company Texas cavalry.) 

Johnston Artillery (Captain Branch J. Bpes' company Virginia artillery.) 

Johnston Artillery Company (Captain J. W. Bldridge's company Tennessee artillery.) 

Johnston Avengers (Company I, 32d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Johnst6u Avengers (Company F, 38th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Johnston Guards (Captain J. P. Johnston's company, Beckett's battalion Mississippi 

Jones Battalion( Battalion Virginia .) 

Jonesboro' Guards (attached to 32d North Carolina Troops.) 

Jones Hussars (Capt. J. J. Jones' company six months' Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 

Jones State Giiards (Company H, 6th Georgia State Guards.) 

Jones Volunteers (Company B, 12th Georgia Infantry.) 

Jos. R. Davis tegion— See Davis (Joseph R;) Legion.) 

Jo. Thompson Artillery (originally Company M, 88th Georgia Infantry ; afterward 
Captain L, J. Parr's, afterward C. R. Hanleiter's, company Georgia artillery.) 

Junction Store Home Guards (Company — , Botetourt Regiment, home guards, Va.j 

Junior Guards (Company C, 32d Virginia Infantry.) 


Kanawha Artillery (Capt. Thomas B. Jackson's company Virginia artillery; attached 
to Lomax Horse Artillery in 1864.) 

Kanawha Rangers (Company I, 8th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Kanawha Regiments (1st, 2d, and 3d Virginia Volunteers.) 

Kanawha Rifles (Company H, afterward I, 22d Virginia Infantry.) 

Keachi Warriors (Company B, afterward I, 19th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Keitt's Cavalry \ (attached as Company M to 20th Soath Carolina Infantry ; 

Keitt's Mounted Riflemen / afterward Co. B, 19th Battalion South Carolina Cav.) 

Kelley Troopers (independent company Alabama cavalry.) 

Kemper Battery — See Alexandria Artillery. 

Kemper Blues (Company I, 1st Mississippi Infantry.) 

Kemper Dragoons (Company H, 2d Mississippi Cavalry.) 

Kemper Fencibles (Company K, 43d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Kemper Guards (company Mississippi volunteers; attached as Company P to 59th Vir- 
ginia Infantry.) 

Kemper Legion (Company F, 13th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Kemper Legion (Virginia Reserves.) 

Kemper Rebels (Company I, 24th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Kemper Rebels, or Guards (Company I, 5th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Kenesaw Guards (Company A, 7th Georgia State Guards.) 

Kennedy Artillery (Company D, (Jones',) 2d North Carolina Artillery; afterward 
Company D, 13th Battalion North Carolina Artillery.) 

Kennedy Battalion (5th Battalion Louisiana Infantry, which afterward became Jackson 
Regiment — 21st Louisiana Infantry.) 

Kennedy Guards (Company G, 27th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Kentucky Battery (Captain R. S. Williams' company Kentucky artillery.) 

Kentucky Braves (Company F, 22d Tennessee Infantry.) 

Kentucky Davies Rangers (Company H, lat Kentucky Infantry.) 

Kentucky Minute Men (Company K, 1st Kentucky Infantry.) 

Kentucky Mounted Rangers (Captain S. Woodrufif s independent company Tennessee 

Kentucky Mounted Rifles (Ist, 2d, and 3d Battalions Kentucky Cavalry.) 

Kentucky and Virginia Mounted Rifles (Company H, 10th Kentucky Cavalry.) 


Kerr's Creek Confederates (Company H, afterward G, 58tli "Virginia Infantry.) 

Kershaw Grays (Company. D, Ytli Battalion South Carolina Infantry.) 

Kershaw Troop (Company E, 9th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Key West Avengers (Captain H. Mulrennan's company Florida volunteers.) 

Kictapoo Rifles (Company B, 6th Battalion South Carolina Infantry.) 

Kilcrease Artillery, (Captain F. L. Villepigue's company Florida artillery.) 

Kincheloe's Partisan Rangers (Company H, 45th Virginia Cavalry.) 

King Artillery — See Stevenson Artillery. 

King Cotton Guards (Company B, 2d Battalion Mississippi Infantry; afterward Com- 
pany B, 48th Mississippi Infantry.) 

King Mountain Greys (Company I, 6th North Carolina Infantry.) 

King Mountain -Rifles (Company H, 37th Virginia Infantry.) 

King Mountain Tigers (Company G, 49th North Carolina Troops.) 

King and Queen Artillery (Company K, 4th Virginia Artillery.) 

King and Queen Cavalry (company attached to 4th Virginia Infantry ; company at 
tached to- 26th Virginia Infantry ; afterward Company E, 5th Virginia Cavalry.) 

King and Queen Guards (Company H, 26th Virginia Infantry.) 

King and Queen Minute Men (Company C, 26th Virginia Infantry,) 

King William Artillery; also called Taylor Artillery (Captain Thomas H. Carter's 
company Virginia artillery.) 

Kirk Guards (Captain R. S. Kirk's company Louisiana volunteers.) 

^ SSn^'"'"^ } S- May River Troop. 

Kirkwood Cavalry 1 (Company E, cavalry battalion, Holcombe Legion ; afterward 
Kirkwood Rangers J Company H, 7th South Carolina Cavalry.) 

Kirkwood Rangers (Company — , North Carolina Volunteers. ) 

Knights of the Border (Captain C. Buchanan's company Louisiana volunteers.) 

Knox Dragoons (Compaiiy G, 2d Alabama Cavalry.) 

Koonce's State Guerrillas (Company K, 61st North Carolina Troops,) 

Kossuth Hunters '(Cpmpa.ny D, 23d Mississippi Infantry.) 


Labauve Guards (Company B, 11th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Ladies Battalion (Captain Walker.) 

Ladies Dragoons (Company H, 2d Alabama Cavalry.) 

Ladies Guards (Company E, of B. F. Keen's battalion Virginia infantry; afterward 
Company G, 57th Virginia Infantry.) 

Ladies Guards (Company E, 44th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Ladies Rangers (Captain J. R. Baylor's company Texas volunteers.) 

Lafayette County Cavalry (5th Missouri Cavalry.) 

Lafayette Farmers (Company H, 22d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Lafayette Guard (Captain Yulee's company Alabama .) 

Lafayette ,Guard — See Guard Lafayette. 

Lafayette Guards (Company D, 12th Virginia Infantry.) 

Lafayette Guards (Company C, 9th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Lafayette Lancers (Company F, 22d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Lafayette Light Artillery (Captain Joseph Lewis, jr.'s, company Louisiana artillery, 

Lafayette Light Artillery (Captain J. T. Kaaapaux's, formerly J. J. Pope's, company 
South Carolina artillery.) 

Lafayette Light Infantry (Company F, 1st North Carolina Infantry.) 

Lafayette Prairie Boys (Company A, 26th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Lafayette Rebels (Company A, 29th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Lafayette Rifle Cadets (Company E, 13th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Lafayette Volunteers (Company G, 9th Georgia Infantry.) 

Lafourche Creoles (Company G, 18th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Lafourche Guards (Company B, 4th Louisiana Infantry.) 

La Grange Light Guards (Company B, 4th Georgia Infantry.) 

Lake Providence Cadets (Company C, 4th Lpuisiana Infantry.) 

Lake Rebels (Company B, 6th Misaissippi Infantry.) 

Lama Rangera ' ^^ } ^^^° ^^^^ Mounted Rifles (Company H, Sth Georgia Cav.) 

Lamar Artillery (9th Texas Battery.) 

Lamar Cavalry (Company G, 82d Texas Cavalry.) 


Lamar Guards (Company G, 13th Virginia Infantry.) 

Lamar Infantry (Company A, 54tli Georgia Infantry.) 

Lamar Rifl,es (Company G, lltt Mississippi Infantry.) 

Lamb Artillery— See Gape Fear Regiment Artillery.) 

Lampasas Rifles (Captain P. C. Jackson's company Texas volunteers.) 

Lancaster 'Cavalry (Company D, 9tli Virginia Cavalry.) 

Lancaster Grays (Company H, 40th Virginia Infantry.) 

Lancaster Greys (Company A, 9th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Lancaster Guards (Captain Meriweather Lewis' Local Defense company Virginia 

Landrum Guards (Company E, 17th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Lane Guards (Company B, 2d Alabama Infantry.) 

Lanier Guards (Company G, 13th Virginia Infantry. ) 

Larkinsvilte Guards (Company K, 4th Alabama Infantry.) 

Latham Battery (Captain H. G. Latham's company Virginia artillery ; known prior to 
first Manassas as Lynchburg Artillery.) 

Lauderdale Cavalry (Company C, 2d Mississippi Cavalry.) 

Lauderdale Guards (Company G, 13th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Lauderdale Invincibles (Company G, 4th (Neely's) Tennessee Infantry.) 

Lauderdale Rifles (Company T>, 9th Alabama Infantry.) 

Lauderdale Spring Grays (Company C, 5th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Laughlin Life Guards (Captain T. O. Laughlin's company Louisiana militia.) 

iZti gZI Imer } (c°-P-y C' ««* ^-s'"- i^f-'^y-) 

Laurel Spring Guards (Company A,. 34th North Carolina Troops.) 
Laurens Battalion (3d Battalion South Carolina Infantry.) 
Laurens Volunteers (Company G, 49th Georgia Infantry.) 
Lawrence County Rifles (Company B, 1st Arkansas Mpunted Rifles.) 
Lawrence Rifles (Company K^, 12th l^Iississippi Infantry.) 
liawrenceville Infantry (Company E, 8th Georgja State, PhF^s-) 


Lawrens Reserves (Captain E. A. Stanley's company, Carswell's battalion, Local De- 
fense Troops, Georgia.) 

Leake Eangers (independent company Mississippi cavalry.) 

Leake Rebels (Company P, 33d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Leake Rovers (Company E, 27tli Mississippi Infantry.) 

Leasburg Guards (3d North Carolina Volunteers— 13th North Carolina Troops.) 

Le Bisque Battery (Company B, 12th Battalion Louisiana Artillery.) 

Lecompte Guards (Company G, 2d Louisiana Infantry.) 

Lee Artillery ; also called Williamsburg Artillery (originally Company G, 32d Virginia 
Infantry ; afterward Company P, afterward E, 1st Virginia Artillery.) 

Lee Battery (Captain P. B. Anderson's battery, Andrews' battalion Virginia artillery.) 

Lee Cavalry (Captain J. H. Allen's company six months' Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 

Lee County Guards (Company I, 48th Alabama Volunteers.) 

Lee Greys (cavalry company attached to and styled Cavalry Co. B, 50th Va. Infantry.) 

Lee Guard (Company — , 20th Virginia Volunteers.) 

Lee Guards (Company E, 1st Battalion, Hillard's Legion, Alabama volunteers.) 

Lee Guards (Company B, 51st Georgia Infantry.) 

Lee Guards (Company — , 41st Virginia Volunteers.) 

Lee Guards, (Company K, 32d Virginia Volunteers.) 

Lee Life Guards (Company E, 16th Virginia Infantry.) 

Lee Rangers (Company I, 27th Battalion Virginia Cavalry — afterward 25th Va. Cav.) 

Lee Riflemen (Company P, Whitehead's battalion, Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Lee Rifles — See Augusta Lee Rifles. 

Lee Volunteers (Company B, 11th Georgia Infantry.) 

Leed's Guards (Col. Charles J. Leed's regiment Louisiana militia.) 

Leed's Light Horse ; also called New Orleans Light Horse— See Orleans Light Horse 

Lee's Light Horse (Company C, 9th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Lee's Rangers (Company B, Provost Battalion, Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Lee's Kangfers (Company H, 9th Virginia Cavalry.) 


Lee's Riflemen (Companjf B, 1st Virginia Infantry.) 

Lee's Scouts, Guides, and Couriers (39tli Battalion Virginia Cavalry.) 

Lee's Virginia Legion (Major W. H. P. Lee's battalion Virginia cavalry.) 

Lee's Volunteers (Company D, 1st Battalion Georgia Infantry.) 

Legion Garibaldi (Louisiana volunteers.) 

Legion of the Southern Cross (Captain H. E. Colton's company North Carolina vols.) 

Leighton Rangers (Captain G. E. Kumpe's company Alabama volunteers.) 

Lenoir Braves (Company A, 3d North Carolina Artillery — 10th North Carolina Vols. ) 

Leon Hunters (Company C, 5th Texas Infantry.) 

Leon Light Artillery; afterward Florida Light Artillery (Captain Robert H. Gamble's 
company Florida artillery.) 

Leon Rifles (Company A, 1st Florida Infantry.) 

Lester Volunteers (Company E, 14th Georgia Infantry.) 

Letcher Artillery (Captain G. Davidson's company Virginia artillery ; afterward Com- 
pany D, Walker's, afterward Pegram's, battalion Virginia artillery.) 

Letcher Brock's Gap Rifles (Company I, 7th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Letcher Guard (Company C, 52d Virginia Infantry.) 

Letcher Guards (Company B, 10th Georgia Infantry.) 

Letcher Mounted Riflemen (37th Battalion Virginia Cavalry.) 

Letcher Riflemen (Company H, 2d Virginia Volunteers.) 

Levi Battery (Captain John T. Levi's company Virginia artillery.) 

Lewis Artillery (Captain John W. Lewis', afterward Nathan Penick's, company Vir- 
ginia artillery.) 

' Lewis Guards (Company — , 30th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Lewis and Phillips Guards (Company C, 3d Battalion Georgia Infantry.) 

Lexington Artillery (Company — , Virginia Artillery.) 

Lexington Guard (Company C, 53d North Carolina Troops.) 

Lexington Guards (Company — , 15th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Lexington Rifles (Captain John H. Morgan's company Kentucky cavalry.) 

Lexington Wijd Cats (Company I, 4th North Carolina Vols.— 14th N. C. Troops.) 

Levden Artillery (Company A, 9th Battalion Georgia Artillery.) 

Liberty Company (Compauy A, Whitehead's battalion, Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 

Liberia S3rRangers } (Company B, 20th Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 

Liberty Guards (Company E, 22d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Liberty Guards (Company D, 5th Georgia Cavalry.) 

Liberty Guards (Company H, 17th North Carolina Troops.) 

Liberty Hall Volunteers (Company I, 4th Virginia Infantry.) 

Liberty Independent Troop (Company G, 5th Georgia Cavalry.) 

Liberty Invincibles (Captain Bryan's company Texas volunteers.) 

Liberty Mounted Rangers — See Liberty Dragoons. 

Liberty Mounted Rangers (Company — , Virginia Cavalry.) 

Liberty Rangers (Company H, 47th Georgia Infantry.) 

Liberty Volunteers (Company H, afterward B, 25th Georgia Infantry.) 

Life Guards (Company — , 13th Virginia .) 

Light Dragoons — See Peck's Light Dragoons. 

Light Guards (Company A, 154th Senior Tennessee Infantry. ) 

Light Guards Cavalry (Company B, 5th Virginia Cavalry, Provisional Army.) 

Limestone Greys (Company H, 9th Alabama Infantry.) 

Limestone Light Infantry (Company I, 6th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Limestone Southern Rights Guard (Company C, 5th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Limestone Troopers (Company P, 9th Alabama Infantry.) 

Lincoln Hunters (Company E, 26th Virginia Infantry.) 

Line Guards (Company D, Stephens' battalion. Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Lipscomb Volunteers (Company H, 9th Georgia State Guards.) 

Little Fork Rangers (Company D, 4th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Live Oak Rifles (Company A, 3d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Livingston Grays (Company H, 9th Alabama Infantry.) 

Livingston Guards (Company B, 1st Texas Infantry.) 

Livingston Home Guards (company Local Defense Troops, Louisiana.) 

Livingston Rifles (Company B, 5th Alabama Infantry.) 


Livingston Rifles (Company K, 7th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Local Defense Battalion (3d Virginia Battalion ; afterward 3d Virginia Regiment.) 

Local Grutads" (Captain G. H. Gordon's company Local Defense Troops, Mississippi.) 

Loch Leven- Rangers (Company — , Virginia .) 

Lbohrane Guards (Company F, infantry battalion, Phillips' Legion, Georgia.) 

Lockett Volunteers (Company K, 59th Georgia Infantry.) 

Lockhart Cadets (Captain J. L. Davidson's company Alabama volunteers.) 

Lomax Horse Artillery (artillery battalion composed of Maryland and Virginia bat'ys.) 

Lomax Sharpshooters (Company G, 3d Alabama Infantry.) 

Lone Star .Cadets (Texas company ; attached as Company K to 5th Kentucky Inft.) 

Lone Star Rangers (Company F, 8th Texas Cavalry.) 

Lone Star Rangers (Company B, 27th Texas Cavalry.) 

Lone Star Rifles ; also called Star Rifles (Company L, 1st Texas Infantry.) 

Lone Star Rifles (Captain John H. Blount's company Texas volunteers.) 

Lone Star VoluuteerSj(Company B, 14th North Carolina Vols. — 24th N. C. Troops.) 

Long Creek Rifles (Company H, 15th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Long Island Artillery (Captain P. H. Clark's company Virginia artillery,) 

Long Mountain Boys (Company I, afterward P, 58th Virginia Infantry.) 

Long Rifles (Captain J. Marcou's company Louisiana volunteers.) 

Lookout Artillery (Captain Robert L. Barry's company Tennessee artillery.) 

Lookout Boys (Captain D. C. Turrentine's company Alabama volunteers.) 

Lookout Dragoons (Company B, 6th Georgia Infantry.) 

Lookout Rangers (Captain Allen Lea's company Tennessee cavalry.) 

Looxapalila Guards (Company K, 26th Alabama Infantry.) 

Loudoun Artillery (Captain A. L. Rogers' company Virginia artillery.) 

Loudoun Cavalry (Company K, 6th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Loudoun Dragoons — See Dulauy Troop. 

Loudoun Guard (Company C, 17th Virginia Infantry.) 

Loudoun Light Horse (Company H, 1st Virginia Cavalry.) 


Louisa Artillery (Captain J. Thompson Brown's Virginia artillery.) 

Louisa Blues (Company D, IStli Virginia Inf&ntry.) 

Louisa Grays (Company — , 23d Virginia .) 

Louisa Guards (Company K, 14tli Alabama Infantry.) 

Louisa Holliday Guard 1 ^g^^ Holliday Guard. 
Louisa Volunteers J ^ 

Louisa Nelson Greys (Company P, 56tli Virginia Infantry.) 

Louisa Rifles (Company K, 23d Virginia Infantry.) 

Louisiana Defenders (7tfa Battalion Louisiana Volunteers; consolidated with 30th 
Louisiana Infantry.) 

Louisiana Dragoons (Company K, 1st Louisiana Cavalry.) 

Louisiana Foot Rifles — See Chasseurs S, pied, alias Foot Rifles. 

Louisiana Grays (transferred to Monroe Rifles, Company K, 5th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Louisiana Musketeers (Company — , 20th Louisiana Infantry.] 
Louisiana Rebels (Company F, 10th Louisiana Infantry.) 


Louisiana Guard Artillery (Capt. Camille E. Girardey's company Louisiana artillery; "3 
originally Company 6, Ist Louisiana Infantry.) os 

Louisiana Guards (Company A, 1st Battalion Louisiana Infantry.) 

Louisiana Guards (Company B, 1st Louisiana Infantry.) 


Louisiana Guards (Company C, 1st Louisiana Infantry.) . -S i 

Louisiana Guards (Company C, Crescent Regiment, Louisiana infantry.) jS l 

Louisiana Irish (Colonel P. B. O'Brien's regiment Louisiana militia.) ■* 

Louisiana Mounted Rangers ; also called Cole's Rangers (independent company Lou- ^ j 
isiana cavalry.) ^| 

a ; 

Louisiana Sappers and Miners (independent_company Louisiana volunteers .][ i £§ I 

Louisiana Scouj;s (Captain W. G.Mullen^siudependeut company Louisiatja voJunteers • * I 
Louisiana State Guards (Company A, 30th Louisiana Infantry.) ' ;?' 

Louisiana State Guards (Company B, 30th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Louisiana State Guards (Company C, 30th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Louisiana Swamp Rangers (Company G, 5th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Louisiana Swamp Rifles (Compa/ny E, 10th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Louisiana Tigers (Wheat's battalion Louisiana infantry.) 

Louisiana Turcos (Company H, 15th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Louisiana Volunteers (Company B, 20th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Louisiana Zouaves (battalion Louisiana infantry.) 

Loula White Rebels (Company I, 2d Mississippi Cavalry.) 

Lovelac»ville Riflemen (Company B, 3d Kentucky Infantry.) 

Lovell Rangers (X7th Battalion Mississippi Cavalry.) 

Lovell Rifles (Company B, 26th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Lovell Scouts (independent company Louisiana cavalry.) 

Lowndes Alabama Rangers ( Alabama Volunteers.) 

Lowndes Beauregards (Company H, 3d Alabama Infantry.) 

Lowndes Mounted Infantry (Company B, 11th Georgia State Guards.) 

Lowndes Southrons (Company D, 10th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Lowndes Volunteers (Company I, 12th Georgia Infantry.) 

Lowry Invincibles (Company G, 32d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Lowry Rebels (Company D, 32d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Lowry Rifles (Compaiuy D, 6th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Lucas Battalion (15th Battalion South Carolina Artillery.) 

Lula Fire Company, No. 3 (Company C, Atlanta Fire Battalion, Local Defense Troops, 

Lula Videttes (Company F, Atlanta Fire Battalion, Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Lumberton Guards (Company D, 12th, formerly 22d, North Carolina Infantry; after- 
ward Company A, 26th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Lumpkin Cavalry (Captain B. H. Corbin's company six months' Local Defense Troops, 
Georgia. ) 

Lumpkin Guards (Company E, 30th Battalion Georgia State Troops.) 

_ Lunenburg Artillery ; also called Rebel Artillery and Lunenburg Rebel Artillery (Com- 
pany F, 2d Virginia Artillery.) 

Lunenburg Cavalry I ' 

Lunenburg Dragoons [■ (Company G, 9lh Virginia Cavalry.) 

Lunenburg Light Dragoons J 

Lunenburg Heavy Artillery (Company D, 28th Virginia Infantry ; afterward Company 
H, 59th Virginia Infentry, serving as artillery.) 

Lurty's Horse Battery ; also called Horse Battery (Captain W. S. Lurty's company 
Virginia artillery, attached to Lpmax Horse Artillery. ) 

Lynchburg Artillery — See Latham Battery. 


Lynchburg Beauregards — See Beauregard Artillery and Beaureguard Rifles. 

Lynchburg Guard (Company — , Virginia .) 

Lynchburg Home Guard (Company G, 11th Virginia Infantry.) 

Lynchburg Rifle Grays ; also called Rifle Grays (Company A, 11th Virginia Ipfaiitry.) 

Lynchburg Rifles (Company E, 11th Virginia Infantry.) 

Lynch Creek Guards (Company A, 14th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Lyles Rifles (Company B, 7th Battalion South Carolina Infantry.) 

Lyon Battery (Captain H. B. Lyon's company Kentucky artillery ; originally Company 
F, 3d Kentucky Volunteers.) 


Mabry Artillery (Gaptain W. C. Kain's company Tennessee artillery.) 

McAfee Hussars {Company A, 28th Mississippi Cavalry.) 

Macbeth Light Artillery (Captain Robert Boyce's company South Carolina artillery.) 

McCaa Rangers '(Company — , 4th Battalion Mississippi Cavalry.) 

MoCall Guards (Company A, 23d Louisiana Infantry.) 

McCall Guards (Company B, 23d Louisiana Infantry.) 

McCalla Rifles, (Company I, 14th South Carpliua Infantry.) 

McClanahan Guards (Company B, 6th Tennessee Infantry.) 

McClellan Troop (Company P, 5th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry : afterward Company 
B, 8th Tennessee Cavalry.) i J 

McClung Riflemen (Company E, 19th Mississippi Infantry.) 

McClung Rifles (Company E, 15th Mississippi Infantry.) 

McClung Rifles (Company F, 18th Mississippi Infantry.) 

MoClure Guards (Company G, 18th, afterward D, 14th Louisiana Infantry.) 

McComas Light Artillery; also called Giles Artillery (Company B, Wise Legion^ 
Artillery, Virginia.) 

McCown Artillery— See Jackson County Artillery. 

McCown Guards (Company B, afterward A, 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery.) 

McCown Regiment (21st Louisiana Infantry.) 

McCuUocTi Avengers (Company B, 18th Alabama Infantry ; afterward Company B, 
42d Alabama Infantry.) 

McCuUoch Rangers (Company I, 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles.) 

McGuUoch Rangers (independent company Louisiana infantry ; afterward Company A 
59th Virginia Infantry,) ^ ' 

McCnllbch Rangers (Captain A. McParland's company Texas cavalry.) 
McCulloch Rifles (Company C, 7th Battalion South Carolina Infantry.) 
McCulloch Rifles (Company L, afterward D, 38th Georgia Infantry.) 
McCuUoch's Avengers (Company D, 52d North Carolina Troops.) 

McDonald Battalion ( Battalion Georgia State Guards.) 

McDowell Boys(Company K, 12th North Carolina Infantry.) 
McGehee Battery (Company E, 2d Virginia Artillery.) 


Mcintosh Cavalry (Company K, 5th Georgia Cavalry.) 
MclSh ES ^""'^ } 'Company M, 26th Georgia Infantry.) 

Mcintosh Guards (Captain Mcintosh's company Georgia .) 

Mcintosh Volunteers (Captain J. ♦W. Boggs' company Georgia .) 

McLain Rifles (Company B, 37th Mississippi Infantry.) 

McLanrin Invincibles (Company K, 27th Louisiana Infantry.) 

McLemore Guards (Company I, 37th Mississippi Infantry.) 

McLeod Artillery — See Ben Hill Artillery. 

McLeod Volunteers (Company H, 48th Georgia Infantry.) 

McMillan Artillery (Company B, 3d North Carolina Artillery— 40th N. C. Vols.) 

McNair Rifles — See Pike County Rifles. 

McNairy G,uards (Company I, 154th Senior Tennessee Infantry.) 

McNairy Volunteers (20th Tennessee Infantry.) 

McNeel Coast Guards (Captain P. S. McNeel's company Texas cavalry.) 

McNeill Rangers (Company E, 18th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Macon Battalion (battalion Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Macon Cavalry (Company C, 2d Arkansas Cavalry.) 

Macon Confederates (Company P, 12th Alabama Infantry.) 

Macon County Volunteers (Company I, 4th Georgia Infantry.) 

Macon Grays (Company B, 13th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Macon Guards (Company — , 2d Georgia Infantry.) 

Macon Guards (Company C, 8th Georgia Infantry.) 

Macon Light Artillery — See Napier Artillery. 

Macon Mounted Guard (Company B, 3d North Carolina Cavalry— 41st N. C. Troops.) 

Macon Provost Guard (Company — , Georgia .) 

Macon Rifles (Captain J. W. Rush's independent company Alabama volunteers.) 
Macon Volunteers, Company A (Company D, 2d Battalion Georgia Infantry.) 

Macon Volunteers? Company B (Captain C. H. Freeman's company, Macon Battalion. 
Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 


Macon and Western Railroad Guards (Captain John S. Wise's company, Macon Bat- 
talion, Local Defense Troops, Georgia. ) 

McQueen Light Artillery (Company C, Siege Artillery, or Siege Train, 18th Battalion 
bouth Carolina Artillery. ) 

McRae Light; Artilleiy (Company A, 2d Battalion Alabama Artillery.) 

McRae Rifles, (Company C, 41st Virginia Infantry.) 

McWaters Rangers (.Captain J. A. McWaters' company Louisiana cavalry.) 

McWillie Blues (Company K, 3d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Madison Artillery (Company L, 4th Virginia Artillery.) 

Madison Cavalry (Company C, 4th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Madison Cqunty Volunteers (Company — , Alabama .) 

Madison Grays (Company K, 7th Virginia Infantry.) 

Madison Grey Eagles (Company G, 3d Florida Infantry.) 

Madison Greys (Conipany A, 16th Georgia Infantry.) 

Madison Greys (Company D, 45th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Madison Guard (Company H, Id Battalion North Carolina Infantry.) 

Madison Guards (Company G, 21st Mississippi Infantry.) 

Madison Guerrillas (Company E, 5th Florida Infantry.) 

Madison Infantry (Company — , — ^ Mississippi Infantry.) 

, Madison Infantry (Company A, 4th Battalion Louisiana Infantry.) 

Madison Invincibles (Company C, 6th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Madison Light Artillery ; also called Jeff Davis Artillery and Davis Legion Artillery 
(Captain George Ward's company Mississippi artillery.) 

Madison Light Artillery (originally Madison Tipperarys; afterward Captain Geo. V. 
Moody's company Louisiana artillery.) 

Madison Parish Infantry (Company — , Louisiana .) 

Madison Rangers (Company B, 6th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Madison Rifles (Company I, 10th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Madison Rifles (Company D, 7th Alabama Infantry.) 

Madison Tip^erarys^-See Madison Light Artillery, Louisiana.) 

Madrid Bend/Guards (Company E, 15th Tennessee Infantry,) 

Magnolia Dragoons (Company A, 3d Florida Cavalry.) 
Magnolia Guards (Captain F. Eoder's company Louisiana militia.) 
Magnolia Guards (Company — , 17th Mississippi Infantry.) 

M^lnol: imef } (C°-P-y ^' 2d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Magnolia Regilnent (2d Alabama Infantry.) 

Magnolia Rifles (Company H, 12tli Alabama Infantry.) 

Magnolia StateGuards (Company F, 6tli Florida Infantry.) 

Magruder Light Artillery (Captain Thomas J. Page's company Virginia artillery.) 

Magruder Partisans (Company A, Hughes' battalion Mississippi cavalry.) 

Magruder Zouave Cadets (Company — , Texas .) 

Manassas Rifles (Company A, Chalmette Regiment, Louisiana infantry.) 

Manchester Artillery (Captain Wm. R. Weisiger's company Virginia artillery ; dis- 
banded April 13, 1863, and men attached to J. W. Latimer's battery.) 

Manchester Guards (Company B, 8th North Carolina Volunteers.) 

Mann Rifles (Company I, 20 Louisiana Infantry.) 

Manning Guards (Company C, infantry battalion, Hampton Legion, S. C. volunteers.) 

Manning Mounted Guards (Co. — , Carswell's battalion. Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 

Marble City Guards (Company — , 8th Missouri Cavalry.) 

Marengo Rifles (Company A, 11th Alabama Infantry.) 

Marianna Dragoons (independent company Florida cavalry.) 

Marietta Infantiy (Company E, 1th Georgia State Guards.) 

Marine Artillery — See Harbor Brigade. 

Marion Artillery (Lieutenant Jean Descant's company Louisiana artillery ; attached to 
European Brigade.) 

Marion Artillery (Captain B. L. Parker's company South Carolina artillery ; originally 
attached to 1st South Carolina Militia Artillery.) 

En L[g\'t°?nUy }(Co-pany G, 4th Alabama Infantry.) 

Marlon MouTeTDragoons } (C-P-^ ^' '^ ^^--^^ Cavalry.) 
Marion Guards (Company K, 12th Georgia Infantry.) 


Marion Guards (Company D, 21st, afterward 22d, Louisiana Infantry.) 

Marion Guards (Company C, 64th' North Carolina Troops.) 

Marion Guards (Company K, 8th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Marion Guards (Company A, 31st Virginia Infantry.) 

Marion Hornets (Company Tth Florida Infantry.) 

Marion Infantry (Company H, 5th Georgia_State Guards.), '"^r^-" L' -- 

.-Marion J^ft'itry (independent company Lomsiana infantry; on provost duty in District 
Marion Light Artillery (Captain John M. Martin's company FloridaTartillery. ) 

Marion Light Infantry — See Marion Dragoons, Alabama.) 

Marion Light Infantry (Company D, 25th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Marion Men (Company P, Tth Mississippi Infantry.) 

Marion Men (Company B, 35th North Carolina Troops. ) 

Marion Men of Combahee (Company A, 3d South Carolina Cavalry.) 

Marion Men of Winyah (Company A, 7th South Carolina Cavalry. ) 

Marion Mounted Dragoons-^See Marion Dragoons, Florida. 

Marion Rangers (Company A, 16th Virginia Infantry.) 

Marion Rifles (Company A, 24th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Marion Rifles (Company A, 1st Texas Infantry.) 

Marion Rifles (Company — , 3d Virginia Infantry.) 

Marion Rifles (Company A, 5th Virginia Infantry.) 

Marion Rifles (Company K, 15th Virginia Infantry.) 

Marion True Blues (Company — , South Carolina .) 

Markham Guards— See Fauquier Artillery.) 

Marks Battery (Captain H. C. Semple's company Alabama artillery.) 

Marlboro- Guards (Company E, 27th North Carolina Troops.) 

Marquis Reserve Battery (Captain J. C. Marquis' company Virginia artillery; after- 
ward Company D, 7th Battalion Virginia Reserves.) 

Marshall Boys (Company F, 8th Alabama Cavalry.) 

Marshall Boys (Company A, 9th Alabama Infantry.) 

Marshall Dixies (Company — , Tennessee .) 


Marshall Guards (Company K, 5tli Tennessee lufantry.) 
Marshall Guards (Company E, 1st Texas Infantry.) 

Marshall Mountaineers (Company E, 16th Alabama Sharpshooters ; formerly Company 
B, 6th Battalion Alabama Infantry.) 

Marshall Rangers; also called Hell Roaring Horse (Co. A, 8th Tennessee Cavalry.) 

Marshall Rifles (Company I, 19th Mississippi Infantry.) 


Marshallsville Volunteers (Company — , 12th Georgia State Guards.) 

Martin Tr°o°o p^ ^^^^^""^ } (Company K, 3d North Carolina Cayalry-40th N. C. Vols.) 

Martin Guards (Company K, 1st (Maney's) Tennessee Infantry.) 

Martin Light Artillery (Captain Robert Martin's company Georgia artillery.) 

Mary Powell Rangers (Lieutenant Prank King's company .) 

Maryland Flying Artillery (1st Maryland Battery.) 

Maryland Guard (Baltimore battalion.) 

Maryland Guards (Captain J. Lyle Clarke's company Maryland infantry.) 

Maryland Line (1st Maryland Infantry ; after August 11, 1862, composed of companies, 
squadrons, battalions, and regiments of all arms.) 

Maryland Zouaves (Company H, 47th Virginia Infantry ; afterward Company B, 1st 
Battalion Maryland Infantry; afterward Company E, 2d Maryland Infantry.) 

Mathews Light Cavalry 1 ,^ -ci i^ii. tt- • • /-, i \ 

Mathews Liiht Dragoons / (Company P, 5th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Mathews Rangers (Company H, Alabama ,) 

Mattapony Guards (Company H, 53d Virginia Infantry.) 

Matthewes Artillery (Captain P. N. Bonneau's company South Carolina artillery ; tem- 
porarily attached to 15th Battalion South Carolina Artillery.) 

Matthews Artillery (Captain A. D. Armistead's company Virginia artillery.) 

Maury Artillery (Captain Robert P. Griffith's company Tennessee artillery.) 

Maury Grays (Company H, 1st (Maney's) Tennessee Infantry.) 

Maury Rifles (Company' — , Alabama .) 

Maxwell Artillery; also called Regular Light Battery (Captain J. A. Maxwell's com- 
pany Georgia artillery ; originally Company D, 1st Georgia Regulars.) 

May River Troop ; also called Kirk's Squadron (companies of South Carolina militia 
cavalry ; afterward Companies A and C, 19th Battalion South Carolina Cavalry.) 

Meadow iGuards- (Captain T. C. Rhodes' independent company Mississippi cavalry.) 


Meadville Greys (Company H, 14tli Virginia Infantry.) 

Mechanics Fire Company, No. 2 (Company B, Atlanta Fire Battalion, Local Defense 
Troops, Georgia.) 

Mecklenburg Artillery (Company B, 4tli Virginia Artillery,) 

Mecklenburg Bpys (Coitipany G, 34th North Carolina Troops,) 

Mecklenburg Cavalry — See Boydton Cavalry. 

Mecklenburg Farmers (Company H, 35th North Carolina Troops.) 

Mecklenburg Guards (Company F, 49th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Mecklenburg Guards (Company A, 56th Virginia Infantry.) 

Mecklenburg Rangers (Company C, 1st North Carolina Cavalry — 9th N. C. Vols.) 

Mecklenburg Rangers (Company F, 68d North Carolina Troops.) 

Mecklenburg Riflemen (Company F, 10th Virginia Infantry.) 

Mecklenburg Rifles (Company I, 37th North Carolina Troops.) 

Mecklenburg Rifles (Company G, 38th Virginia Infantry.) 

Mecklenburg Spartans (Company B, 56th Virginia Infantry.) 

Mecklenburg Volunteers (Company G, 2d North Carolina Infantry.) 

Mecklenburg Wide Awakes (Company C, 37th North Carolina Troops.) 

Meherrin Greys (Company K, 21st Virginia Infantry.) 

Mell Volunteers (Company D, infantry battalion, Cobb's Legion, Georgia volunteers.) 

Melton's Cavalry (Capt. James N. Bolen's independent company Tennessee cavalry.) 

Memphis Battalion Infantry (Lieutenant Colonel A. M. Foute's battalion Tennessee 
infantry. ) 

Memphis Greys (Captain T. W. Preston's company Tennessee .) 

Memphis Guards ( 

Memphis Guerrilla Guards Ig^g (j^errilla Guards. 
Memphis Guerrillas J 

Memphis Legion (Company — , Tennessee .) 

Memphis Light Battery (Captain W. 0. Williams' company Tennessee artillery.) 

Memphis Light Dragoons (6th Company, 6th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.) 

Memphis Mounted Rifles (Company I, 6th Confederate Cavalry.) 

Memphis Southern Guards Artillery— See Southern Guards Artillery. 


Memphis Zouaves (Company D, 154tli Senior Tennessee Infantry.) 

Men of West Augusta (Company I, 52d Virginia Infantry.) 

Men of Yadliin (Company B, 38th North Carolina Troops.) 

Mercer Artillery (Company K, 28th Battalion Georgia Artillery.) 

Mercer Cavalry (Company — , 1st Battalion Virginia Cavalry; afterward Company E, 
9th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Mercer Guard (Company E, 6th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Mercer Partisans (Company A, 24th Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 

Mercer Rifles (Company — , Virginia Infantry.) 

Meridian Invincibles (Company H, 14th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Merriwether Volunteers (Company — , 13th Georgia Infantry.) 

Metropolitan Guards (Company F, 3d Alabama Infantry.) 

Middlesex Artillery (Company B, 55th Virginia Infantry; afterward Captain William 
C. Fleet's company Virginia artillery; disbanded October 4, 1862.) 

Middlesex Riflemen (Company H, 55th Virginia Infantry.) 

Middlesex Southerners (Company C, 55th Virginia Infantry.) 

Midway Guards ) (Company E, 1st Battalion, Hilliard's Legion, Alabama 

Midway Southern Guards/ volunteers.) 

Miles Artillery (Captain Claude Gibson's company Louisiana artillery.) 

Miles Grenadiers (Captain H. Simons' company South Carolina infantry.) 

Miles Legion (Louisiana volunteers.) 

Miles McGhee Rifles (Mississippi volunteers.) 

Mill Creek Home Guards (Company — , Botetourt Regiment, Virginia home guards.) 

Milledge Artillery (Captain John Milledge's, jr.'s, company Georgia artillery.) 

Milledgeville Guards (Captain Wm. Caraker's company six months' Local Defense 
Troops, Georgia.) 

Millen Rifles (Company B, 8th Georgia Infantry.) 

Milieu's Partisan Rangers (20th Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 

Miller Guard (Company D, 51st Georgia Infantry.) 

Miller Rangers (Company C, 21st Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 

Milliken's Bend Guard (Company E, 9th Louisiana Infantry.) 


Milton Artillery (Captain John M. Pons' company Florida artillery; originally Com- 
pany I, 8th Florida Infantry. ) 

Milton Artillery Battalion (battalion Florida artillery.) 

Milton Blues (Company C, 3d North Carolina Volunteers— 13th N. C. Troops.) 

Milton Cavalry (CompanyB, cavalry battalion, Cherokee Legion, Georgia volunteers.) 

Milton ^angevT } (Company A, 2d Florida Cavalry.) 
Milton Guards (Company B, 38th Georgia Infantry.) ' 

Milton Light Infantry (Company A, 5th Florida Infantry.) 
Miuden Blues (Company G, 8th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Miuden Rangers (Captain F. D. Wimberly's company Louisiana cavalry ; served as 
Company E, 18th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.) 

Minute Company (Captain T. W. Rogers' cavalry company ; attached to 9th Texas 

Minute Men (Captains W. Lambert's, J. B. Floyd's, W. A.- Davis', J. L. Crabb's, S. 
Oilman's, C. C. Dewitt's, and J. W. Wilson's companies Texas State troops.) 

Minute Men of Attala (Company D, 13th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Minute Men of King and Queen, Company A (Captain William Boulware's company 
Virginia volunteers.) 

Minute Men of King and Queen, Company B (Captain R. H. Bagby's company Vir- 
ginia volunteers.) 

Mississippi Avengers (Company D, 34th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Mississippi Coast Guards (Captain W. Clark's company Mississippi volunteers.) 

Mississippi College Rifles (Company E, 18th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Mississippi Confederates (Company B, 24th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Mississippi Defenders (Company I, 33d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Mississippi Mounted Rifles (Company C, cavalry battalion, Jeff Davis Legion,- Missis- 
sippi volunteers.) 

Mississippi Rangers (Company B, 17th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Mississippi Rangers (Company A, 5th Mississippi Cavalry.) 

Mississippi Rangers (Captain J. B. Dunn's independent company Mississippi State 

Mississippi Rebels (Company C, 33d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Mississippi Rifles (Company A, 10th Mississippi Infantry.) 


Mississippi Rip Raps (Company K, 41st Mississippi Infantry.) 

Mississippi Troop (Captain Gordon's company Mississippi cavalry.) 

Mississippi Valley Regiment, First (25tli Mississippi Infantry.) 

Mississippi Yankee Hunters ((Company — , 1st Mississippi Infantry.) 

Missouri Line Guard (Missouri State Guards.) 

Missouri State Guard Artillery (battalion Missouri artillery.) 

Mitchell Cavalry (Company B, 5tli Battalion North Carolina Cavalry.) 

Mitchell Guards (Company C, 31st Georgia Infantiy.) 

Mitchell Independents (Company F, 6th Georgia Infantry.) 

Mitchell Rangers (Company A, 58th North Carolina Troops— partisan rangers.) 

Mitchell Van Guard (Company C, 51st Georgia Infantry.) 

Mitchell Volunteer Guards (Company A, 47th Georgia Infantry.) 

Mitchell Volunteers (Company K, 39th Alabama Infantry.) 

Mitchell's Company (Company H, 6th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Mobile Artillery (Captain Wm. H. Homer's company, Alabama State Artillery.) 

Mobile Cadets (Company A, 3d Alabama Infantry.) 

Mobile Continentals — See Continental Artillery." 

Mobile Dragoons (independent company Alabama cavalry.) 

Mobile Greys (Company A, 2d Alabama Militia.) 

Mobile Guards (1st Mobile Volunteers, Local Defense Troops, Alabama.) 

Mobile Humphries Dragoons (Company — , Alabama Cavalry.) 

Mobile Independent Rifles ( 

Mobile Independent Scouts (Company H, 8th Alabama Volunteers.) 

Mobile Pulaski Rifles ; also called Pulaski Rifles (independent company Alabama inft.) 

Mobile Rifles (Company K, 3d Alabama Infantry.) 

Mobile Scotch Guards (Company I, 2d Alabama Infantry.) 

Mobile Scouts (Company — , Alabama .) 

Mobile Volunteers (attached to 1st Mobile Volunteers, Local Defense Troops, Ala.) 

Moccasin Rangers (Company A, 3d Virginia Statfe Line ; afterwiird Company A, 19th 
Virginia Cavalry.) 

Moise Rangers (Company A, 7th Confederate Cavalry.) 


Molina Rifles (Company H, 23d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Monroe Battery (Captain Geo. B. Chapman's company Virginia artillery.) 

Monroe Blues (Company B, 3d Alabama Cavalry.) 

Monroe Crowders (Company D, 31st Greorgia Infantry.) 

Monroe Riflef } (^o^'Pany K, 5th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Monroe Guards (Captain W. E. Jeffress' company Arkansas volunteers.) 

Monroe Guards (Company B, 14th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Monroe Guards (Company D, 27th Virginia Infantry.) 

Monroe Heavy Artillery (Company C, 10th Batt'n North Carolina Heavy Artillery.) 

Monroe Infantry (Company D, 8th Georgia State Guards.) 

Monroe Quin Guards (Company K, 89th Mississippi Infantry.) I 

Monroe Rangers (Captain James Dunlap's company Arkansas volunteers.) 

Monroe Rangers (Company L, 24th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Monroe Rifles — See Monroe Guard. 

Monroe Volunteers- (Company I, 14th Mississippi Infantry. ) 

Montgomery Artillery (14th Battalion Georgia Artillery.) 

Montgomery Boys (Company K, 34th North Carolina Troops.) 

Montgomery Fencibles (Company G, 4th Virginia Infantry. ) 

Montgomery Guard (Captain Mallory's company Virginia volunteers.) 

Montgomery Guards (Company — , Alabama .) 

Montgomery Guards (Guilmartin's company, Ist Volunteers, Georgia ; afterward Com- 
pany E, 22d Battalion Georgia Siege Artillery.) 

Montgomery Guards (Company K, 20th Georgia Infantry.) 

Montgomery Guards (Company P, 1st Louisiana Infantry.) 

Montgomery Guards (Company H, 44th North Carolina Troops.) 

Montgomery Guards (Captain Conner's company South Carolina volunteers.) 

Montgomery Guards (Company C, 1st Virginia Infantry.) 

Montgomery Guai'ds (Company P, ^9th Virginia Infantry.) 

Montgomery Heavy Artillery (Captain E. L. Akers' company Tennessee artillery.) 


Montgomery Highlanders (Company B, 4tli Virginia Infantry.) 

Montgomery Hunters (Company F, 4th Arkansas Infantry.) 

Montgomery Light Artillery ) (originally Company G, 3d Alabama Infantry ; 

Montgomery Light Artillery Blues |- afterward W. G. Andrews' battery Alabama 
Montgomery True Blues J artillery.) 

Montgomery Mountain Boys — See Mountain Boys. 

Montgomery Mounted Rangers (Company A, 1st Alabama Cavalry.) 

Montgomery Sharpshooters (Company E, 61st Georgia Infantry.) 

Montgomery Volunteers, No. 1 (Company C, 23d North Carolina Troops.) 

Montgomery Volunteers (Co. — , Carswell's battalion, Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 

Monticello Artillery ; also called Drew Light Artillery (Captain J. A. Owens' company 

Arkansas artillery.) 

Monticello Guard (Company A, 19th Virginia Infantry.) 

Monticello Guards (Company I, 1st Arkansas Infantry.) 

Monticello Rifles (Company H, 3d Louisiana Infantry. ) 

Montpelier Guards (Company A, 13th Virginia Infantry.) 

Montross Cavalry (Company A, 15th Virginia Cavahy.) 

Montross Guards (Company C, 47th Virginia Infantry.) 

Monumental Guards (Captain William Hart's company Texas volunteers.) 

Moody True Blues (Company P, 8th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Moore County Independents (Company H, 26th North Carolina Troops.) 

Moore County Scotch Riflemen (Company C, 35th North Carolina Troops.) 

Moore Creek Rifle Guards (Company E, 8th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Moore Peucibles — See Screwmens Guard. 

Moore Guards (Company B, 14th Alabama Infantry. ) 

Moore Guards (Company K, 2d Louisiana Infantry.) 

Moore Guards (Company E, 56th North Carolina Troops.) 

Moore Guards (Company H, 46th North Carolina Troops.) 

Moore (A. B.) Invincibles — See A. B. Moore Invincible. 

Moore Rangers (Company C, 26th Texas Cavalry.) 

Moore Sharpshooters (Company P, 50th North Carolina Troops.) 


Moore's Mississippi Volunteers (Captain C. P. Rogers' company Mississippi vols.) 

Moore's Sharpshooters (Company D, 18th Alabama Infantry.) 

Mooresville Blues (Company E, 2d Mississippi Cavalry.) 

Mooresville Darts (Company B, 1st Mississippi Infantry.) 
Morehead Rangers (Company A, 4th Battalion Alabama Cavalry.) 
Morehead's Partisan Rangers (— KentuCKy -= .) ^ 

Morehouse Avengers (Company — , 25th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Morehouse Fencibles (Company E, 3d Louisiana Infantry.) 

Morehouse Guards (Company B, 3d Louisiana Infantry.) 

Morehouse Southrons (Company H, 17th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Morgan Continental Guards ; also called Continental Morgan Guards (Company K, 
5th Virginia Infantry.) 

Morgan Defenders (Lieut. Thomas Mayfield's independent company Alabama vols.) 

Morgan Riflemen (Captain C. C. Morgan's company Local Defense Troops, Miss.) 

Morgan Rifles (Company C, infantry battalion, Holcombe Legion, South Carolina 

Morgan's Mounted Men (Company C, 10th (Johnson's) Kentucky Cavalry.) 

Morgan's Scouts (Captain T. Quirk's company Kentucky cavalry.) 

Morris Artillery (Captain Lewis M. Coleman's company Virginia artillery.) 

Morris Guards (Company H, 17th North Carolina Troops.) 

Morton Confederates (Company C, 40th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Morton Pine Knots (Company H, 20th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Mossingford Rifles (Company I, 44th Virginia Infantry.) 

Mott Guards (Company—, Alabama .) 

Mott Guards (Company B, 19th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Moughon. Infantry (Company D, 66th Georgia Infantry.) 

Moultrie Cavalry (Company C, 11th Georgia State Guards.) 

Moultrie Guards .(attached to 1st South Carolina Rifles.) 

Mount Airy Home Guards (Captain M. Nefif's company Virginia .) 

Mount Crawford -Cavalry, dismounted (Company D, afterward I, 25th Virginia Inft.) 

Mount Pleasant Rifles (Company D, 30th Virginia Infantry.), 


Mount Vernon Guards (Company Gr, 14th Virginia Infantry.) 

Mount Vernon Guards (Company E, 17th Virginia Infantry.) 

Mount Zion Guards (Conapany A, 36th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Mountain Artillery (Company — , Wise Legion Artillery,) 

Mountain Boys (Company D, 5th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Mountain Boys ; also called Montgomery Mountain Boys (Companies K and L, 4th 
Virginia Infantry.) 

Mountain Cave Guards (Company C, 22d Virginia Infantry.) 

Mountain Dragoons (Company A, 23d Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 

Mountain Greys (Company G, 53d North Carolina Troops.) 

Mountain Guards (Company C, 5th Virginia Infantry.) 

Mountain Guards (Company — , Gilmer's battalion, Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Mountain Marksmen (Company C, 48th Virginia Infantry.) 

Mountain Marksmen (Company B, 48th Virginia Infantry.) 

Mountain Marksmen (Company I, 48th Virginia Infantry.) 

Mountain Pioneers (Company H, 52d Virginia Infantry.) 

Mountain Rangers (Captain A. W. Bowie's company Alabama volunteers.) 

Mountain Rangers (Company E, 21st Georgia Infantry.) 

Mountain Rangers (Captain James McCray's company Virginia volunteers.) 

Mountain Rifle Regiment (5th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Mountain Tigers (Company H, 31st Georgia Infantry.) 

Mountaineer Riflemen (Company I, 48th Georgia Infantry.) 

Mountaineers (Company D, 14th Battalion Georgia Artillery.) 

Mounted Coast Guards (Captain John Graham's company Texas cavalry.) 
Mounted Engineers (Captain C. W. Randolph's compa;ny Louisiana volunteers.) 
Mounted Infantry (Company B, 9th Battalion Georgia State Guards.) 

Mounted Infantry (Captain J. J. Jones' company six months' Lbcal Defense Troops, 
Georgia.) : 

Mounted Rangers (Lieutenant J. H. Sykes' company Georgia cavalry.) 

Mounted Rangers (Company A, 2d South Carolina Cavalry.) 

Mounted Rangers (Company B, 8th Texas Cavalry.) 


Mounted Riflemen (Company F, 2d Texas Cavalry.) 

Mounted Rifles } ^®® Lan^a Mounted Rifles and Lama Rangers. 
Mounted Rifles (Company — , 2d Arkansas Cavalry.) 
Mounted Rifles (Company K, lOth Mississippi Infantry.) 
• Mounted Scouts (Captain Lubbock's company cavalry.) 

Mounted Wild, Cats; also called Independent Mounted Wild Cats (independent com- 
pany Louisiana cavalry.) 

Mrs. Body Guard (Company K, 2d Mississippi Cavalry.) 

Muckalee G-iards (Company A, 12tli Georgia Infantry.) 

Mumford Avengers fCompany K, 62d Georgia Partisan Rangers.) 

Mumford Avengers (Company — , 49tli Georgia Infantry.) 

Murphy Guards — See De Kalb Murphy Guards. 

Murphy Guards (Company A, 12th Georgia Infantry.) 

Murray Cavalry (Captain W. C. Asher's independent company Georgia cavalry.) 

Murray Rifles (Company — , Georgia .) 

Marry Rifles (Company — , 2d Tennessee .) 

Muscogee Cavalry (Company — , 12th Georgia State Guards.) 

Muscogee Confederates (Company B, 31st Georgia Infantry.) 

Muscogee Factory Guards (Company — , Thompson's battalion, Georgia volunteers.) 

Muscogee Guards (Captain A. B. Thornton's company six months' Local Defense 
Troops, Georgia.) 

Muscogee Light Infantry (Company B, 20th Georgia Infantry.) 

Muscogee Rifles (Company E, 12th Georgia Infantry.) 

Muscova Rifles Company — , Georgia .) 

Mustang Greys (Company F, 4th Texas Infantry.) 


Nansemond Cavalry (Company G, 5th Virginia Cavalry, Provisional Army ; afterward 
Company I, 16tli Battalion Virginia Cavalrj, whicli became the 13th Virginia 

Nansemond Rangers (Company F, 66th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Nansemond Rangers (Company P, 3d Virginia Infantry.) 

Napier Artillery; afterward Maeon Light Artillery (Captain Leroy Napier, jr.'s, com- 
pany Georgia artillery.) 

Napoleon Cavalry (Company G, 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles.) 

Napoleon Greys (Company C, 1st Arkansas Infantry.) 

Nashville Battalion ( Battalion Tennessee .) 

" Nash Boys," The (Company I, afterward H, 2d North Carolina Infantry— 12th N. C, 

Nashville Confederates (Captain Wyly M. Reed's company Tennessee infantry.) 

Nashville Home Guards (independent company Tennessee infantry.) 

Nat. Macon Guards (Company B, 30th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Natchez Cavalry 1 (Company A, cavalry battalion, Jeff Davis LegioHj Mis- 

Natchez Mounted Company / sissippi cavalry.) 

Natchez Fencibles (Company B, 12th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Natchez Rifles (Company E, 4th Battalion Louisiana Infantry.) 

Natchez Rifles (Company — , Mississippi .) 

Natchitoches Rebels (Company C, 18th Louisiana Infantry.) 

National Greys ; also called Portsmouth National Greys (Company H, 3d Virginia 

National Guards (Company B, 4th Louisiana Infantry.) 

National Volunteers — of Washington, D. C. (Company E, Ist Virginia Infantry.) 

Naval Battalion (4th Battalion Local Defense Troops, Virginia.) 

Neblett Heavy Artillery (Captain J. H. M. Neblett's company Virginia artillery.) 

Neill Guards (Company A, 30th Mississijipi Infantry.) 

Nelson Artillery (Company G, afterward B, 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery.) 

Nelson Grays (Company G, 4th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Nelson Grays (Company G, 19th Virginia Infantry.) 

Nelson Greys (Company F, o6th Virginia Infantry.) 


Nelson Guards (Company C, 2d Virginia Infantry.) 

Nelson Guards (Company P, ■32d Virginia Infantry.) 

Nelson Light Artillery (Captain Woodville Latham's company Virginia artillery.) 

Nelson Light Artillery, No. 2 (Capt. John Henry Rives' company Virginia artillery.) 

Nelson Rangers (T. M. Nelson's independent company Georgia cavalry — Gen. S. D. 
Lee's escort.) 

Nelson Rangers (Company B, 8th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Nelson Virginia Volunteers (Company P, afterward K, 49th Virginia Infantry.) 

Neshoba Rangers (Captain John MeH. Wilson's company Local Defense Troops, 
Mississippi. ) 

Neshoba Rifles (Company D, 11th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Neuse Guards (Company C, 61st North Carolina Troops.) 

Neuse Guards (4th North Carolina Cavalry — 59th N. C. Volunteers.) 

New Albany Greys (Company K, 21st Mississippi Infantry.) 

New Albany Guards (Captain W. Blackford's company Mississippi volunteers.) 

New Berne Light Infantry (Company D, 5th North Carolina Infantry.) 

New Berne Troop (Company E, 3d North Carolina Cavalry — 40th N. C. Volunteers.) 

New Company (Company — , North Carolina .) 

New Garden Fearnoughts (Company G, 37th Virginia Infantry.) 

New Guard (Company B, 6th Mississippi Infantry.) 

New Hanover Volunteers (Company K, 3d North Carolina Infantry.) 

New Kent Cavalry 1 

New Kent Dragoons \ (Company P, afterward K, 3d Virginia Cavalry.) 

New Kent Troop J 

New Market Home Gaard (Virginia Local Defense Troops.) 

New Market Artillery— See Eighth Star Artillery. 

New Market' Rifles (Company — , Alabama .) 

New Orleans Light Horse ; also called Leed's Light Horse — See Orleans Light Horse 
Cavalry. ) 

New Orleans Reserve Guards (Capt. L. Davigneand's company Louisiana volunteers.) 

_J?ewProspect_Grevs,LCaaBanyJD, 5th Mississipp i Infantr y.) 

New River Rangers-r cavalry (3d Conapany, cavalry battalion, Miles Legion,. Louisiana 
volunteers.) • ^ __■ 


Newberry Rangers (Company C, cavalry battalion, Holcombe Legion, South Carolina 

Newkirk Coast Guard (Company A, 3d North Carolina Cavalry— ilst N. C. Vols.) 

Newnan Artillery (Company A, (Hanvey's battery,) 12th Battalion Georgia Artillery.) 

Newnan Guards (Company A, 1st Georgia Volunteers.) 

New.ton Hornets (Company D, 39th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Newton Rangers (i2d Georgia Infantry.) 

Newton Rangers (Company B, 2d Mississippi Cavalry.) 

Newton Rifles (Company B, 13th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Newtown Artillery (Capt. George A. Grove's company Virginia artillery j disbanded 
October 26, 1861.) 

Nickelsville Spartan Band (Company B, 48th Virginia Infantry.) 

Nickelsville Spartan Band (Company H, 48th Virginia Infantry.) 

Nickelsville Spartan Band (Company K, 48th Virginia Infantry.) 

Night-hawk Rangers (Company P, 17th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Nixon Rifles (Company H, 13th, afterward Company E, 14th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Noel Rangers (Company B, 15th Battalion Louisiana Infantry.) 

Norfolk Rifles \ (Company H, 16th Virginia Infantry: afterward Cap- 

Norfolk Light Artillery Blues.) tain C. R. Grandy's company Virgmia artillery.) 

KluEL^s-^-^'l See Harbor Brigade. 

Norfolk Independent Greys — See Independent Greys. 

Norfolk Junior Volunteers (Company H, 12th Virginia Infantry.) 

Norfolk Light Infantry (Company D, 6th Virginia Infantry.) 

North Alabama Sharpshooters (Company G, 12th Alabama Infantry.) 

North Anna Home Guards \ , r tt- • • i_ i \ 

North Anna Mounted Rifles / (ooiipany of Virginia home guards.) 

North Carolina Artillery (Company C, 3d Battalion North Carolina Artillery.) 
North Carolina Defenders (Company D, 87th North Carolina Troops.) 
North Carolina Defenders (Company A, 56th North Carolina Troops.) 
North Carolina Guards (Company — , 9th North Carolina Infantry.) 

North Carolina Guards (Company C, 27th North Carolina Troops. J 
North Carolina Rebels (Company G, 55th North Carolina Troops.) 
North Carolina State Boys (Company K, 45th North Carolina Infantry.) 
North Carolina Tigers (Company H, 47th North Carolina Infantry.) 
North Louisiana Cadets (Company P, afterward A, 12th Louisiana Infantry.) 
North Santee Mounted Rifles (attached to 10th South Carolina Infantry.) 
North Sumter Rifles (Company A, 5th Battalion Alabama Infantry.) 
Northampton Artillery (Company A, 3d Battalion North Carolina Artillery.) 
Northampton Dragoons (Company H, 2d North Carolina Cavalry — 19th N. C. Vols.) 
Northampton Guards (Company A, 5th North Carolina Infantry — 15th N. C. Troops.) 
Northern Neck Rangers (Company C, 9th Virginia Cavalry.) 
Northport Rifles (united with the Tuscaloosa Rifles.) 

Northumberland Artillery (Company E, afterward A, 40th Virginia Infantry.) 
Northumberland Rifles (Company G, 40th Virginia Infantry.) 
Norton Guards (Company K, 13th Louisiana Infantry.) 
^oS UghtTrtiUery } (Captain William C. Jeffress' company Virginia artillery.) 

Nottoway Grays (Company — , 2d Battalion Virginia — = -) 

Nottoway Greys (Company G, 18th Virginia Infantry.) 

Nottoway Reserves (1st Virginia Reserves.) 

Nottoway Rifle Guards (Company C, 18th Virginia Infantry.) 

Nottoway Rifles (Company — , 2d Battalion Virginia .) 

Nottoway Troop (Company E, afterward G, 3d Virginia Cavalry.) 
Noxubee Blues (Company H, 5th Mississippi Infantry.) 
Noxubee Cavalry Company (Company G, Ist Mississippi Cavalry.) 

Noxubee Home Guards (Captain J. B. McClelland's company Local Defense Troops, 

Noxubee Rifles "1 (Company F, 11th Mississippi Infantry.) 
Noxubee Troopers J "■ i" ' ' 

Noxubee Riflemen (Company D, 20th Mississippi Infantry.) 


Oak Bowery Invinoibles {Company A, 40th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Oak City Guards (Company B, 4th North Carolina Volunteers— 14th N. C. Troops.) 

Oak Grove Eangers (Company A, 2d Kentucky Cavalry.) 

Oakachicimus Sharpshooters (Company C, 1st Battalion Mississippi Sharpshooters.) 

Oakland Guards (Company D, 34th North Carolina Troops.) 

Oakland Rebels (Company E, 29th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Obin Grenadiers (Company — , 18th Arkansas Infantry.) 

Ochlawaha Rangers (Company B, 9th Florida Infantry.) 

Ochloohnee Light Infantry (Company B, 29th Georgia Infantry.) 

Ocmulgee Rangers (Company A, 19th Battalion Georgia Cavalry; afterward Company 
F, 10th Confederate Cavalry.) 

Oconee Guards (Company K, 9th Georgia State Guards.) 

Oconee Scouts (Captain V. S. Joyaer's company Georgia volunteers.) 

Oconee Volunteers (Captain Thompson's company Georgia volunteers.) 

O'Connell Guards (Company I, 17th Virginia Infantry.) 

O'Conner Rifles (Company B, 2d Mississippi Infantry.) 

O'Connor Guards (Captain J. W. Stevens' company Mississippi volunteers.) 
Ogden's Cavalry Battalion (battalion Louisiana cavalry.) 

Ogeechee Minute Men (Capt. D. W. Garrison's company six months' Local Defense 
Troops, Georgia.) 

Ogeechee Rifles (Company K, afterward D, 25th Georgia Infantry.) 

Oglethorpe Artillery (Company — , 8th Georgia Volunteers.) 

Oglethorpe Blues (Company — , Georgia .) 

Oglethorpe Guards (Company D, 1st Georgia Volunteers.) 

Oglethorpe Infantry (Company D, 1st Volunteers, Georgia.) 

Oglethorpe Light Artillery (Company A, 63d Georgia Infantry.) 

Oglethorpe Light Infantry (Company H, 1st Volunteers, Georgia.) 

Oglethorpe Light Infantry (Company B, 8th Georgia Infantry.) 

Oglethorpe Rifles (Company K, 8th Georgia Infantry.) 


Oglethorpe Siege Artillery Battalion (independent battalion Georgia artillery, Com- 
panies A and B — Company A became Company C,* and Company B became 
' Company D, 22d Battalion Georgia Siege Artillery.; 

0. K. Boys (Company — , North Carolina .) 

0. K. Rifles (Company — , 13th Georgia Infantry.) 

Okefenokee Rifles (Company F, afterward G, 26th Georgia Infantry.) 

Okolona Guards (Company L, 41st Mississippi Infantry.) 

Oktibbeha Plough Boys (Company K, 15th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Oktibbeha Rescuers (Company C, 14th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Oktibbeha Riflemen (Company A, 2Tth Mississippi Infantry.) 

Old Dominion EXr' } (Company H, 17th Virginia Infantry.) 

Old Dominion Dragoons (Company B, afterward F, 3d Virginia Cavalry.) 

Old Dominion Guards (Company K, 9th Virginia Infantry.) 

Old Dominion Guards (Company D, Wheat's Special Battalion, Louisiana infantry.) 

Old Dominion Light Artillery Blues (Company A, 19th Battalion Virginia Artillery.) 

Old Dominion Riflemen (attached to 32d Virginia Infantry; afterward Company C, 
53d Virginia Infantry.) 

Old Dominion Rifles (Company C, 28th Virginia Infantry.) 

Old Guard, The (Company B, 6th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Oleander Guards (Company F, 52d Alabama Infantry.) 

Oliver Greys (Company C, 21st Virginia Infantry.) 

Onancock Rifles (Company L, 39th Virginia Infantry.) 

One Company (Company G, Atlanta Fire Battalion^ Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 
Ofae E yed Battalion (battalion Local Defense T roops ^ North Carolina.) ■ . 

OtislowGreys^^(Company G, 8th North Carolina Infantry.) " 

Onslow Guards (Company B, 14th North Carolina Infantry.) 
Onslow Rough and Readys (Company A, 35th North Carolina Troops.) 
Opelika Volunteers (Company H, 6th Alabama Infantry.) 
Opelousas Guards (Company F, 8th Louisiana Infantry.) 
Opelousas Volunteers. (Company K, 18th Louisiana Infantry.) 
* Formerly Sayannah Artillery. 


Orange Artillery (Captain T. J. Peyton's, afterward C. W. Fi-y's, company Virginia 
artillery. ) 

Ora-ge Boys (Company A, 66th North Carolina Troops.) 

Orange County Coast Guard (Captain Charles Atkins' company Texas volunteers.) 

Orange Guards (Company — , 9th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Orange Light Artillery (Company E, 13th Battalion North Carolina Artillery.) 

Orange Rangers (Company I, 6th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Orapeake Guards (Company C, 52d North Carolina Troops.) 

Ordnance Guard (Local Defense Georgia volunteers, Macon, Ga.) 

Orleans Artillery — See Independent Orleans Artillery. 

Orleans Battalion Artillery (independent battalion Louisiana artillery — 12 months' 
service ; afterward attached to 23d Louisiana Infantry as Cos. A, B, C, and D.) 

Orleans Blues (Company H, 10th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Orleans Blues, Company A (Company E, 20th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Orleans Blues, Company B (Company G, 20th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Orleans Cadets (Company B, 5th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Orleans Cadets (Company P, 1st Battalion Louisiana Infantry.) 

Orleans Cadets (Company I, 18th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Orleans Cadets (Captain J. E. Planchard's company, Louisiana Legion.) 

Orleans Cadets (Company D, Louisiana Militia.) 

Orleans Guard (Company E, afterward P, 30th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Orleans Guard Artillery (independent battalion Louisiana artillery.) 

Orleans Guard Battalion (1st Battalion Louisiana Infantry.) 

Orleans Guard Batteries (Companies A and B, Orleans Guard Artillery Battalion.) 

Orleans Guards (Company A, 1st Battalion Louisiana Infantry.) 

Orleans Guards (Company — , 3d Louisiana .) 

Orleans Guards (13th Battalion Louisiana Infantry.) 

Orleans GuardsTlegiment (Colonel Numa Augtistins regiment Louisiana militia.) 

Orleans Guides— cavalry (Company — , cavalry battalion, Louisiana Legion, Louisiana 


Orleans Howitzers (Captain S. J. McPherson's company Louisiana militia.) 
Orleans Light Guards, Company B (Company G, 1st liOnisiana Infantry.) 


Orleans Light Guards, Company C (Company K, 1st Louisiana Infantry.) 

Orleans Light Guards, Company D (Company P, 1st Louisiana Infantry.) 

Orleans Light Guards (Company A, afterward D, 1st Louisiana Infantry.) 

Orleans Light Horse Cavalry ; also called New Orleans Light Horse and Leed's Light 
Horse (independent company Louisiana cavalry.) 

Orleans Rangers (Company G, 10th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Orleans Rifle Rangers \ ,r, tt .^^i t • • t ,. 

Orleans Rifles J C-o^pany H, 6th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Orleans Skirmishers (Company I, 10th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Orleans Southrons (Company P, 5th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Orleans Tirailleurs (Company K, 23d Louisiana Infantry.) 

Orphan Brigade (1st Kentucky Brigade, composed of the 2d, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 9th 
Kentucky Infantry.) 

Orr Guards (Company A, 31st Mississippi Infantry.) 

Orr's Rifles (1st South Carolina Rifles.) 

Osborne Ford Independents (Company B, afterward C, afterward K, 48th Virginia 
Infantry. ) 

Otey Battery (Company A, 13th Battalion Virginia Artillery.) 

Ouachita Blues (Company B, 4th Battalion Louisiana Infantry.) 

Ouachita Greys (Company K, 6th Arkansas Infantry.) 

Ouachita Rangers— See Phillips Rangers. 

Ouachita Rebels (Company P, 4th Battalion Louisiana Infantry.) 

Ouachita Southrons (Company A, 17th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Oxford Rifles (Company C, 4th Battalion Alabama Infantry.) 


Page Volunteers (Captain William S. Young's company Virginia volunteers.) 
Paineville Rifles (Company A, 14t!i Virginia Infantry.) 
Paint Rock Rifles (Company C, 26tli, afterward 50th, Alabama Infantry.) 
Palmer Guards (Company C, 1st Texas Infantry.) 

Palmer Guaxds ( Virginia .) 

Palmetto Battalion Light Artillery (3d Battalion South Carolina Artillery.) 

Palmetto Guards (Company I, 2d South Carolina Infantry.) 

Pelmetto Guards (Company C, 19th Georgia Infantry.) 

Palmetto Guards (Company A, 18th Battalion South Carolina Siege Artillery.) 

Palmetto Light Battery (Company C, 3d (Palmetto) Battalion S. C. Artillery.) 

Palmetto Light Battery, 2d (Captain Hugh R. Garden's company South Carolina art.) 

-r, , r> . (■ (Jenliins' South Carolina sharpshooters. The Palmetto 

^a metto Kegiment J sharpshooters early in 1862 was made up of transfers from 

Palmetto Sharpshooters ]_ ^^^ ^^_ gjj^^ ^^^ g/^ g^^^l^ Carolina Infantry.) 

Palmetto Riflemen (Company C, Palmetto Sharpshooters, South Carolina volunteers.) 

Palo Alto Confederates (Company F, 44th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Palo Alto Guards (Captain Geo. H. Moore's company, Local Defense Troops, Miss.) 

Pamlico Artillery; prior to June 30, 1862, known as Cape Pear Light Artillery (Com- 
pany P, (Hunter's company,) 2d North Carolina Artillery — 36th North Carolina 
Volunteers. ) 

Pamunkey Heavy Artillery 1 (Captain R. T. EUett's, afterward A. J. Jones', company 
Pamunkey Rescuers J Virginia artillery. ) 

Pamunkey Rifles (Company E, 53d Virginia Infantry.) 

Panola Cavalry (Company K, 28th Mississippi Cavalry.) 

Panola Guards (Company G, 9th Georgia Cavalry.) 

Panola Guards (Company D, Crescent Regiment, Louisiana infantry.) 

Panola Guards (Company H, 9th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Panolo Invincible? ; also called Springport Invincibles (Company G, 19th Mississippi 

Panola Patriots (Company C, 29th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Pauola Rifles (Company H, 13th Georgia Infantry.) 

Panola Vindicators (Company H, 17th Mississippi Infantry.) 


^"S'sTS^^&gf "' company Loaisiaua-infant,y, afterward Company 

Paris Rebels (Company D, 4th Mississippi Infantry. 

Paris Mounted Rangers (1st South Carolina Mounted Militia.) 

Parker Light Artillery (Captain W. W. Parker's company Virginia artillery; afterward 
Company D, Alexander's and Huger's battalion artillery.) 

Parrott Rifles (Company H, 40th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Parsons Dragoons (12th T«xas Cayalry.) 

Partisan Rangers (1st Texas Cavalry.) 

Partisan Rangers (5th North Carolina Cavalry — 63d N. C. Volunteers.) 

Pasquotank Boys (Company C, 56th North Carolina Troops.) 

Pasquotank Guerrillas (North Carolina home guards.) 

Pate's Rangers (independent company Virginia cavalry.) 

Pathfinders (Captain Benj. J. Smith's company Virginia volunteers.) 

Patrick Henry Rifles (Company C, 15th Virginia Infantry.) 

Pattonsburg Home Guards (Company — , Botetourt Regiment, Virginia home guards.) 

Patty Layne Rifles (Company G, 28th Virginia Infantry.) 

Paulding Infantry (Company K, infantry battalion, Floyd Legion, Georgia State 
Guards. ) 

Paulding Raid Repellers (Co. A, McDonald's battalion. Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 

Paulding Volunteers (Company C, 7th Georgia Infantry.) 

' Pauline Rifles (Captain W. H. Barteley's company, 5th Georgia State Troops.) 

Pea River Rifles (Conipany C, 39th Alabama Infantry.) 

Peach Creek Rangers (Company H, 18th Battalion Mississippi Cavalry.) 

Pearl River Guards (Company F, 39th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Peck's Light Dragoons ; also called Light Dragoons (Company B, 4th Battalion Ten- 
nessee Cavalry.) 

Pee Dee Artillery (Captain D. G. Mcintosh's battery South Carolina artillery; after 
May, 1864, formed Company F, Pegram's battalion, and commanded by E. B. 
Brunson; June, 1864, became Company C, Charleston Siege Train.) 

Pee Dee Guards (Company D, 13th North Carolina Infantry— 23d N. C. Troops.) 

Pee Dee Legion (Company — , 9th Battalion South Carolina Infantry.) 

Pee Dee Wild Cats (Company K, 26th North Carolina Troops.) 


Pegues Defenders (Company K, 22d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Pelham Cadets (1st Battalion Alabama Cadets.) 

Pelham Cadets (independent company Alabama volunteers.) 

Pelican Battery (5th Battery, Louisiana.) 

Pelican Greys (Company A, 2d Louisiana Infantry.) 

Pelican Guards (Company B, infantry battalion, Louisiana Legion, Louisiana vols.) 

Pelican Rangers, No. 1 (Company H, 3d Louisiana Infantry.) 

Pelican Rangers. No. 2 fComnanv D, 3d Louisiana Infantry.) 
Pelican Regiment (7tli Louisiana Infantry.) 

Pelican Rifles (Company A, 2d Louisiana Infantry.) 

Pelican Rifles (Company K, 3d Louisiana Infantry.) 

Pemberton Rangers (Company G, 6tli Louisiana Infantry.) 

Pencan Guards (Company — , 59th Virginia Infantry.) 

Pendleton Rifles (Company E, 25th Virginia Infantry.) 

Peninsula Artillery (Company F, afterward G, 1st Virginia Artillery.) 

Peninsula Guards ( Regiment Virginia .) 

Peninsula Scouts (23d Battalion Virginia Cavalry. ) 

Pensacola Guards (Company K, 1st Florida Infantry.) 

Peninsula Rifles Rangers (Company A, 2d Florida Infantry.) 

Pepper Guards (Company C, 14th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Percy Walker Rangers (Company B, 3d Alabama Cavalry.) 

Perquimons Beauregards (Company F, 27th North Carolina Troops.) 

Perret Guards (Company H, 5th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Perry Artillery (Company A, Milton Artillery Battalion, Florida.) 

Perry and Bibb Liners (Company H, 20th Alabama Infantry.) 

Perry Cavalry (Company — , 12th Georgia State Guards.) 

Perry County Boys (Company P, 20th Alabama Infantry.) 

Perseverance Guards (Company A, 21st, afterward 22d, Louisiana Infantry.) 

Perseverance Guards (Company G, 21st, afterward 22d, Louisiana Infantry,) 

Person Boys (Company B, 35th North Carolina Troops.) 


Petersburg Artillery ; also called Graham's Horse Battery (Captain James N. Nichols' 
company Virginia artillery; afterward Captain Edward Graham's.) 

Petersbu^ Cavalry (Company D, 5th Virginia Cavalry, Provisional Army ; afterward 
Co. E, 16th Battalion Virginia Cavalry, which became the 13th Virginia Cavalry,) 

Petersburg City Guard (Company A, 12th Virginia Infantry.) 

Petersburg Greys, Company A (Company B, 12th Virginia Infantry.) 

Petersburg Greys, Company B (Company C, 12th Virginia Infantry.) 

Petersburg Riflemen (Company E, 12th Virginia Infantry.) 

Pettigrew Volunteers (Company I, 56th North Carolina Troops.) 

Fettus Flying Artillery ; also called Hudson Battery (Captain Alfred Hudson's com- 
pany Mississippi artillery.) 

Pettus Guard (Company H, 13th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Pettus Rangers (Captain Lowrie's company Mississippi volunteers.) 

Pettus Rebels (Company E, 5th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Pettus Relief (Company D, 12th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Pettus Rifles (Company I, 17th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Peyton Artillery (Captain Jefferson Peyton's company Virginia artillery ; afterward 
Company D, 18th Battalion Virginia Artillery.) 

P. H. Rifles (1st Battalion Virginia .) 

Phil. Weaver Guards (Company E, 29th Alabama Infantry.) 

Phillips Battalion (Georgia State Guards.) 

Phillips' Legion (Georgia volunteers.) 

Phillips Rangers ; also called Ouachita Rangers (Company P, Wirt Adams Cavalry,, 
Mississippi. ) 

Phipps Battalion Partisan Rangers (12th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.) 

Phoenix Battalion (Company C, 13th Battalion Georgia Volunteers.) 

Phoenix Company (Company K, 8th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Phoenix Reds (Company B, 20th Alabama Infantry.) 

Phoenix Regiment (63d Georgia Infantry.) 

Phoenix Riflemen (Company — , 1st Volunteers, Georgia; afterward Company B, 63d 
Georgia Infantry.) 

Phoenix Rifles Company D, 17th Louisiana Infantry.) < 


Pickens Cavalry (Compa,ny D, McDonald's battalion, Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Pickens County Guards (Company H, 11th Alabama Infantry.) 

Pickens Planters (Company B, 40tli Alabama Infantry.) 

Pickens Raid Repellers (Company I, Cherokee Legion, Georgia infantry.) 

Pickens Eifles (Captain L. H. Charbonnier's company South Carolina volunteers.) 

Pickens Rough and Readys (Company A, 19th Alabama Infantry.) 

Pickensville Blues (Company C, 5th Alabama Infantry.) 

Pickett Guards, (Company — , 26th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Pickett's Rifles (Captain John B. Vinet's company Louisiana volunteers.) 

Piedmont Battery (Company B, 4th Virginia Heavy Artillery ; afterward Company E, 
34th Virginia Infantry.) 

Piedmont Grays (Captain Boyd's company Virginia volunteers.) 

Piedmont Guards (Company E, 19th Virginia Infantry.) 

Piedmont Rifles (Company D, 28th Virginia Infantry.) 

Piedmont Rifles (Company B, 8th Virginia Infantry.) 

Piedmont Rough and Readies (Company B, afterward I, 49th Virginia Infantry.) 

Pierce Guards (Company I, 49th Georgia Infantry.) 

Pierce Mounted Volunteers ; also called Atlantic and Gulf Guards (cavalry company 
attached to 26th Georgia Infantry. ) 

Pig River Greys (Company B, of B. F. Keen's battalion Virginia infantry ; afterward 
Company B, 57th Virginia Infantry.) 

Pike County Blues (Company G, 4th Arkansas Infantry.) 

Pike .County Rifles (Company E, 3d Battalion Mississipi» Infantry.) 

Pike Guards (Company B, 25th Alabama Infantry.) 

Pike Infantry (Company E, 6th Georgia State Guards.) 

Pike Invinoibles (Captain W. T. Shanks' company Alabama volunteers.) 

Pillow Flying Artillery (Captain William Miller's company Tennessee artillery.) 

Pillow Guards (Company B, 4th (Neely's) Tennessee Infantry.) 

Pillow Guards, No. 2 ( 

Pillow Infanlyy ( 

f 119 

Pinckney Guard (Company I, 8th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Pindall Sharpshooters (battalion Missouri volunteers.) 

Pine Bluff Artillery (Captain F. P. Stack's company Arkansas artillery.) 

Pine Knots (Company H, 20th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Pine Woods Sharpshooters (Company G, 16th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Piney Forest Guard (Company — , North Carolina .) 

Piney Forest Rifles (Company — , North Carolina .) 

Piney Woods Foresters (Company — , North Carolina .) 

Piney Woods Eifles (Company — , North Carolina .) 

Pinkney Battalion (8th Battalion Louisiana Heavy Artillery.) 

Pinto Battery (Company A, 17th Alabama Infantry.) 

Pioneer Infantry (Company A, Augusta Fire Brigade, Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 

Pioneers (Company H, 52d Virginia Infantry.) 

Pirkle Rangers (Company — , Blue Ridge Tiger Regt. — 4th Georgia State Guards.) 

Piscola Volunteers (Company I, 26th Georgia Infantry.) 

Pitt County Volunteers (Company H, 2'7th North Carolina Troops.) 

Pitt Regulators (Company D, 44th North Carolina Troops.) 

Pitt Volunteers (Company — , 9th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Pittsylvania Artillery (Captain B. H. Motley's company Virginia artillery.) 

Pittsylvania Battalion ( Battalion Virginia .) 

pISK: Tzr } (^°-^^"^ ^' ^^^ ^■'•^'"•^ ""^'^'-'-^ 

Pittsylvania Home Guard (Captain Chesley Martin's company Local Defense Troops, 

Pittsylvania Life Guards (Company C, of E. F. Keen's battalion Virginia infantry ; 
afterward Company I, 57th Virginia Infantry.) 

Pittsylvania Minute Men ( Virginia .) 

^Pittsylvania Vindjcators (Company B, 38th Virginia Infantry.) - ' -^-,^ -, -^-J<^^ 
Plains Store Rangers — cavalry (Is^ Company, cavalry battalion, Miles Legion, Louisiana 
Planoh6 Rebels (C'oinpany'—, Chalmette KegifflBnt,'LiOuisrana infantry.) 

Planters Guards (Company I, 20th Alabama Infantry.) 

Planters Life Guard (Colonel H. De Veuve's Louisiana regiment.) 


Planters Life Guards (Company A, cavalry battalion, Miles Legion, Louisiana vols.) 

Plattin Rangers (independent company Missouri volunteers.) 

Pleasant Home Guards (Company K, 49th North Carolina Troops.) 

Plenitude Invincibles (Company — , 23d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Pocahontas Rescuers (Company I, 25lh Virginia Infantry.) 

Pochitla Guards (Company B, 51st Georgia Infantry.) 

Point Mount Rifles (Company E, 1st Mississippi Infantry.) 

Pointe Coup6e Artillery (battalion Louisiana artillery.) 

Pointe Coup6e Volunteers (Company H, lllh Louisiana Infantry.) 

Polish Brigade (13th, 14th, and 15th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Polish Regiment, First (14th (Sulakowski's) Louisiana Infantry.) 

Polk County Flying Artillery (Company K, 5th Texas Infantry.) 

Polk County Invincibles (Company H, 4th Arkansas Infantry.) 

Polk County Minute Men ( Texas .) 

Polk Mounted Infantry (Company H, cavalry battalion, Floyd Legion, Georgia State 

Polk Rangers (Captain E. G. Wheeler's company Mississippi cavalry.) 

Polk Rangers (Captain George Polk's company. Local Defense Troops, Mississippi.) 

Polk Volunteers (Company G, infantry battalion, Floyd Legion, Georgia State Guards.) 

Polk'5 Body Guard— See Tom Weldon Rebels. 

Polk's Legion (44th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Pond Spring Cavalry (Company E, Culberson's battalion, Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 

Ponticola Guards (Captain H. C. Wilson's company. Local Defense Troops, Miss.) 

Pontotoc Dragoons (Company A, Harris' battalion Mississippi cavalry.) 

Pontotoc Grays (Company F, 41st Mississippi Infantry.) 

Pontotoc Minute Men (Company G, 2d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Pontotoc Rangers (Company G, 2d Mississippi Cavalry.) 

Pope Guards (Captain T. W. Packer's independent company Mississippi infantry.) 

Pope Walker Cavalry (Captain, D. C. Kelley's independent company Alabama, cav.) 

Pope Walker Greys (Company A, 16th Alabama Infantry.) 


Pope Walker Guards (Company C, 9th Alabama Infantry.) 

Pope Walker Guards (Company G, lOth Alabama Infantry.) 

Pope Walker Legion (19th Mississippi Volunteers.) 

Pope Walker Rangers (Company G, 1st Alabama Cavalry.) 

Pope Walker Rangers (Company A, 4tli (Russell's) Alabama Cavalry.) 

Pope Walker Reserves (Company A, 41st Mississippi Infantry.) 

Pope Walker Troopers — See Cozart Cavalry. 

Poplar Spring Greys (Company K, 5th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Port Gibson Riflemen (Company C, 10th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Port Royal Guards (Company E, 47th Virginia Infantry.) 

Port Royal Guards (Lieutenant Randolph Peyton's company South Carolina vols.) 

Portsmouth Artillery (Captain Carey F. Grimes' company Virginia artillery.) 

Portsmouth National Greys (Company H, 66th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Portsmouth National Greys — See National Greys. 

Portsmouth Rifles (Company G, 9th Virginia Infantry.) 

Potomac Cavalry (Company I, 9th Virginia Cavarly.) 

Potomac Greys (Company H, 8th Virginia Infantry.) 

Potomac Mounted Riflemen (Company E, 11th Virginia Cavalry ; formerly 17th Bat- 
talion Virginia Cavalry.) 

Potomac Rifles (Company A, 40th Virginia Infantry.) 

Pound Gap Battalion (21st Virginia Battalion ; afterward 64th Virginia Infantry.) 

Powell Troop — See Fairfax Cavalry.) 

Powhatan Artillery (Captain W. J. Dance's company Virginia artillery ; attached to 
1st Virginia Artillery.) 

JZ^Z Trot;'} (Company E. 4th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Powhatan Rifles (Company D, 20th Virginia Infantry ; afterward Company C, 28th 
Battalion Virginia Infantry ; afterward Company I, afterward K, 59th, Virginia 

Poythress Volunteers (Company E, infantry battalion, Cobb's Legion, Georgia vols.) 

Prairie Gun Battery (Lieutenant James L. Hamilton's company Mississippi artillery ; 
succeeded by C. 0. Bell.) 


Prairie Guards (Company E, 11th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Prairie Rangers (Company A, 1st Battalion Louisiana Infantry ; afterward independent 
company cavalry, Louisiana volunteers.) 

Prattville Dragoons (Company H, .3d Alabama Cavalry) 

Prattville Greys (Company D, 4tli Alabama (ninety days) Infantry.) 

President's Guard (Captain W. H. H. Coe's company, Local Defense Troops, Va.) 

President's Guard (Company G, 2.5th Battalion Virginia Infantry.) 

Preston Artillery (Company C, 4th Virginia Artillery.) 

Preston Guards (Company F, 11th Virginia Infantry.) 

Price Rebels (Company G, 39th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Price Relief (Company H, 38th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Mn^: idW T^o^t' } (^°"P^"^ ^' '""^'^''^ ^' '' ^^^^"^ ^^^^'■•^■^ 
Prince Edward Central Guards (Company I, 23d Virginia Infantry.) 

Prince George Cavalry (Company F, 5th Virginia Cavalry, Provisional Army ; after- 
ward Company F, 16th Battalion Virginia Cavalry, which became the 13th Virginia 

Prince George Rifle Rangers (Company — , 53d Virginia Infantry.) 

Prince George Rifle Rangers (Company C, 5th Battalion Virginia Infantry.) 

Princess Ann Cavalry 1 .{Company A, 14th Battalion Virginia Cavalry ; after- 

Princess Ann Partisan Rangers/ ward Company K, 15th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Princess Anne Cavalry ((Company A, 5th Virginia Cavalry, Provisional Army.) 

Mncfton Guards } (Company I, 59th Virginia Infantry.) 

Prince William Cavalry (Company A, 4th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Prince William Rifles (Company F, 17th Virginia Infantry.) 

Printers Guard (Captain R. P. Walker's company. Local Defense Troops, Virginia.) 

Prison Guard (battalion North Carolina volunteers.) 

Prospect Rifle Greys (Company D, 18th Virginia Infantry.) 

Provost Battalion (battalion at Macon, Georgia.) 

Provost Guard (battalion infantry at Atlanta, Georgia. ) 

Protection Rifles (Captain John Purcell's company Louisiana militia.) 


Prudhomme Guards (Company G, 26th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Pryor Rifles (Company B, 20th Virginia Infantry.) 

Public Guard (Otey's Lynchburg company Virginia volunteers.) 

Pulasid Artillery (Captain Wm. E. Woodruff's company Arkansas artillery.) 

Pulaski Artiljfflry 1 (Company K, 10th Georgia Infantry ; afterward attached as Com- 
Pulaski Guards J pany L or K to 1st Virginia Artillery.) 

Pulaski Blues (Company F, 31st Georgia Infantry.) 

Pulaski Cavalry (Company — , Carswell's battalion,, Local Defense.Troops, Georgia.) 

Pulaski Greys (Company K, 4Qth Georgia Infantry.) 

Pulaski Guard (Captain H. Williams' company Georgia infantry.) 

Pulaski Guards (Company C, 4th Virginia Infantry. ) 

Pulaski Guards — See Pulaski Artillery, Virginia. 

Pulaski Rangers (Company F, 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles.) 

Pulaski Rifles — See Mobile Pulaski Rifles. 

Pulaski Volunteers (Company G, 8th Georgia Infantry.) 

Purcell Artillery ; also called Walker Artillery (Captain R. L. Walker's company Vir- 
ginia artillery ; afterward Company A, Pegram's battalion Virginia artillery.) 

Putnam Infantry (Company — , Georgia Infantry.) 

Putnam Light Infantry (Company G, 12th Georgia Infantry.) 

Putnam Volunteers (Company G, 10th Florida Infantry.) 


Quantioo Guards (Company G, afterward B, 49th Virginia Infantry. ) 

Quartermaster Battalion (2d Battalion Local Defense Troops, Virginia.) 

Quirk's Scouts (independent company Kentucky cavalry.) 

Quitman Battery \ (Captain Wm. S. Lovell's, afterward Captain R. T. English's, 

Quitman Light Artillery J company Mississippi artillery.) 

Quitman Greys (Company — , 11th Georgia Infantry.) 

Quitman Greys (Company C, 17th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Quitman Guards (Company I, 15th Alabama Infantry.) 

Quitman Guards (Company K, 1st Georgia Volunteers.) 

Quitman Guards (Company — , Yarborough's battalion, Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 

Quitman Guards (Company K, 53d Georgia Infantry.) 

Quitman Guards (Company E, 16th]Mississippi Infantry.) 

Quitman Invincibles (Company D, 14th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Quitman Light Artillery (Captain J. P. Kerr's company Mississippi artillery.) 

Quitman Light Artillery — See Quitman Battery. 

Quitman Rangers (Company H, 14th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Sma'n Rifl'es''""' } (Company P, 9th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Quitman Rifles (Company K, 7th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Quitman Rifles (Company C, 15th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Quitman Rifles (Captain M. M. Hunter's, Company E, 3d South Carolina Infantry.) 

Quitman Southerns (Company C, 6th Mississippi Infantry.) 


Rabby's Coast Guards (Company K, 25th Alabama Infantry.) 

Raccoon Roughs (Company I, 6th Alabama Infantry.) 

Radford CaYalry "1 ,^ /-i nj tt- • - ,-i i \ 

Radford Rangers I ('^°°'P^"y ^' ^d Virginia Cavalry.) 

Radford Rangers (Company G, 46th North Carolina Troops.) 

Ragland Guards (Company G, 41st Virginia Infantry.) 

Railroad Boys (Company P, ]st (Maney's) Tennessee Infantry.) 

Railroad Guards (Company B, 9th Alabama Infantry.) 

Railroad Guards (Company — , Thompson's battalion, Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 

Railroad Guards (Captain J. J. Mathews' company Georgia volunteers.) 

Railroad Guards — of Wilmington (Local Defense Troops, North Carolina.) 

Rains Guards (Company D, Rains' regiment, Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Raleigh Company (Company I, 3d North Carolina Cavalry — 40th N. C. Volunteers.) 

Raleigh Rifles (Company K, 4th North Carolina Volunteers — 14th N. C. Troops.) 

Raleigh Volunteers (Company D, 4th (Neely's) Tennessee Infantry.) 

Ramsey Volunteers (Company K, 16th Georgia Infantry.) 

Ranaleburgh Riflemen (Company B, 3d North Carolina Vols.— 13th N. C. Troops.) 

Randolph Beanregards (Captain Bobo's company Alabama volunteers.) 

Randolph Cavalry (Company A, 2d Georgia Cavalry.) 

Randolph Cavalry (Company G, 5th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Randolph Cavalry (Company F, 4th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Randolph County Hornets ( 

Randolph Dragoons (Company C, 13th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Randolph Guards (Company G, 44th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Randolph Guards (Company B, 52d North Carolina Troops.) 

Randolph Hornets (Company M, 12th, afterward 22d, North Carolina Troops.) 

Randolph Howitzers (1st Company, Richmond Howitzers, Virginia artillery.) 

Randolph Light Guards (Captain Gormley's company North Carolina troops.) 

Randolph Militia (Captain York's company North Carolina volunteers.) 

Bandolph Rangers (Company E,.13th Alabama Infantry.) 
Randolph Rangers (Company B, 24th Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 
Randolph Rangers (Company H, 51st Georgia Infantry.) 
Randolph Rangers (Company G, 46th North Carolina Troops.) 

Randolph Rifles ( 

Randolph Spartans (Company G, 22d Alabama Infantry.) 

Randolph Volunteers (Company I, 45th Alabama Infantry.) 

Randolph Volunteers (Company — , 13th Georgia Infantry.) 

Rankin Grays (Company I, 6th Mississippi Infantry. ) 

Rankin Rebels (Company B, 39th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Rankin Rifles (Company G, 10th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Rankin Rough and Readys (Company A, 6th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Rapides Invincibles (Company I, 8th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Rapides Rangers (Company D, 1st Louisiana Infantry.) 

Rapides Terribles (Company C, 27th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Rapides Tigers (Company B, 16th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Rappahannock Cavalry (Company B, 6th Virginia Infantry.) 

Rappahannock Guards (Company G, 7th Virginia Infantry.) 

Rattlesnake Rangers (Company C, 19th Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 

Raum's Cavalry (Company G, Wirt Adams Cavalry, Mississippi.) 

Rayburu Rifles (Company D, 27th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Raymond Fencibles (Company C, 12th Mississippi Infantry.)' 

R. Davis Rebels — See Reube Davis Rebels. 

Ready Rifles of Augusta County (Company I, 5th Virginia Infantry.) 

Reagan Guards (Company G, 1st Texas Infantry.) 

Rebel Artillery — See Lunenburg Artillery.) 

Rebel Avengers (Company H, 33d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Rebel Guards (Company D, 54th North Carolina Troops.) 

Rebel Guards-(Captain Wm. Shiver's company Local Defense Troops, South Carolina.) 


Rebel Rangers (Company D, 2d Georgia State Guards.) 

Rebel Rangers (Company A, 3d North Carolina Cavalry— 41st N. C. Vols.) 

Rebel Troop (Company P, 3d South Carolina Cavalry.) 

Rector Guards (Company — , 2d Arkansas Infantry.) 

Red Eagles (Company D, 1st Alabama Infantry.) 

Red House Volunteers (Company A, 21st Virginia Infantry.) 

Red Invincibles (Company C, 4th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Red Land Cavalry (Company — . Texas Cavalry. 

Red Rebels (Company A, 25th Mississippi Infantry ; afterward Company A, 2d Con- 
federate Infantry ; afterward Company B, 1st Battalion Mississippi Sharpshooters, 
which was also known as the 10th Battalion.) 

Red River Rangers (attached to 15th Battalion Louisiana Cavalry.) 

Red River Rebels (Company B, 1s t Loui siana Infantry.) 
■> Red River Scouts (battalion Louisiana cavalry.) 

Red ttiver Eliarpsliooters (battalion SeamToat men^ Louisiana volunteers.) 

Red Rovers (Company A, 5th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Red Rovers, No. 2 (Captain W. V. Cbardovoyne's company Alabama volunteers.) 

Red Star Guard Rifles (Captain Ed. P. Conway's company volunteers.) 

Redwine Beauregards (Company P, 35th North Carolina Troops.) 

Reese Guards (Company B, 9th Georgia State Guards.) 

Reeves Artillery — See Barbour Artillery. 

Regular Light Battery — See Maxwell Artillery. 

Reichard Rifles (Company C, 20th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Reid Guard (Company G, 4th North Carolina Volunteers — 14th N. C. Troops.) 

Reid's Guards (Company C, 39th Battalion Georgia State Troops.) 

Reneaa Battery (Captain Baylor Palmer's company Tennessee artillery.) 

Republican Blues (originally a battalion of Georgia militia ; afterward Companies B 
and C, 1st Volunteers, Georgia infantry.) 

Republican Blues (Company P, 9th South Carolina Intantry ; afterward Company F, 
11th South Carolina Infantry.) ' i 

Reserve Chatham Artillery (Georgia artillery. ) 

Reserves Cazadores (Company — , Louisiana Legion.) 

Eetributors (Lieutenant Bennett H. Young's company volunteers.) 
Eeube Davis Rebels (Company C, Isc Mississippi Infantry.) 

Reynolds Independent Infantry (Captain B. L. Reynolds' company volunteers.) 

Rhett Artillery (originally Company C, 4th Confederate Tennessee Infantry ; afterward 
Captain W. H. Burroughs' company Tennessee artillery.) 

Rhett Guards (Company B, 1st South Carolina Infantry, Provisional Army.) 

Richardson Artillery (Company B, Missouri State Guard Artillery.) 

Richardson Guards (Company I, 1st South Carolina Infantry, Provisional Army.) 

Richardson Guards (Company A, 7th Virginia Infantry.) 

Richardson's Battalion Scouts, Guides, and Couriers (39th Batt'n Virginia Cavalry.) 

Richland Cavalry (4th Battalion South Carolina Cavalry.) 


Richland Light Dragoons (Captain Wade Hampton's company South Carolina vols.) 
Richland Rangers (Captain Ro. Anderson's company South Carolina volunteers.) 
Richland Rifles (Company C, 1st South Carolina Infantry, Provisional Army.) 
Richmond Battalion — See Richmond Howitzers. 
Richmond Boys (Company B, 38th North Carolina Troops.) 
Richmond County Cavalry (Company K, 9th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Richmond County Volunteers (Company D, 15th Battalion Virginia Cayalry ; after- 
ward Company G, 15th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Richmond Dragoons (Company K, cavalry battalion, Cobb's Legion, Georgia vols.) 

Richmond Fayette Artillery ; also called Fayette Artillery and Fayetteville Artillery 
(Company H, also found as Company I, IsL Virginia Artillery ; afterward Com- 
pany B, 38th Battalion Virginia Artillery.) 

Richmond Gentrys (Company B, 41st Tennessee Infantry.) 

Richmond Grays (organized as Company A, 1st Virginia Infantry, but served as Com- 
pany G, 12th Virginia Infantry.) 

Richmond Howitzers ; also called Richmond Battalion (battalion Virginia artillery.) 

Richmond Hussars (Company A, cavalry battalion, Cobb's Legion — afterward 9th 
Georgia Cavalry.) 

Richmond Light Guard (3d Virginia .) 

Richmond Light Guard (Company -7,_4th Battalion Virginia Infantry ; afterward Com- 
pany P, afterward L, 59th Virginia Infantry. ) 

Richmond Light Infantry (Company D, Augusta Fire Battalion, Local Defense Troona 
Georgia.) ^ ' 


Richmond Light Infantry Blues (48th Virginia Infantry.) ■ 

Richmond Light Infantry Blues (Company A, 46th Virginia Infantry.) 

Richmond Local Guards (battalion Local Defense Troops, Virginia.) 

Richmond Minute Men (Company D, 25th Battalion Virginia Infantry.) 

Richmond Regulators (Company E, 52d North Carolina Troops.) 

Richmond Sharpshooters (Company H, 23d Virginia Infantry.) 

Richmond Zouaves (Company B, 44th Virginia Infantry.) 

Rid£;eville Guards (Captain Smith's company .) 

Rifle Grays— See Lynchburg Rifle Grays. 

Rifle Patriots (Company P, 41st Virginia Infantry.) 

Rifle Rangers (Company — , Alabama .) 

Rifle Rangers (Company A, 2d Florida Infantry.) 

Rifle Rangers (Company A, 2d North Carolina Infantry.) 

Rifle Regiment (6th Alabama Infantry.) 

Rifle Scouts (Company — , 1st Mississippi Infantry.) 

Rifles (10th Virginia Infantry.) 

Rigdon Guards (Captain A. J. Smith's company Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Ringgold Battery (Company B, 13th Battalion Virginia Artillery.) 

Ringgold Guard ( 

Ringgold Rangers (Company C, 13th Georgia Infantry.) 

Ringgold Rangers (Captain A, C. Bradshaw's independent company Georgia cavalry.) 

Ringgold Volunteers (Company B, 1st Battalion Georgia Infantry.) 

Ripley Guards (Company K, 25th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Ripley Guards (Company — , infantry battalion, Holcombe Legion, South Carolina 

Ripley Raingers (Company E, 19th Battalion South Carolina Cavalry.) 

Rip Van Winkles (Company C, 2d North Carolina Infantry.) 

Rivanna Guards (Company H, 57th Virginia Infantry.) 

River Angels (Captain John C. Kay's company Missouri troops.) 

River Guards (Company B, 1st Battalion North Carolina Heavy Artillery.) 


Roanoke Guards (Company A, 17th North Carolina Troops.) 

Eoanoke Minute Men (Co. A, 4th North Carolina Volunteers— 14th N. C. Troops.) 

Eoanoke Mitchell Invincibles (Company I, 13th Alabama Infantry.) 

Robeson Rifle Guards (Company D, 8th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Robins Greys (Company B, 19th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Robinson Artillery (Company C, 61st North Carolina Troops.) 

Robson Rifles (Company B, 29th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Rock City Artillery (Company B, 1st Tennessee Light Artillery.) 

Rock City Guards (Company A, (Maney's) Tennessee Infantry.) 

Rook City Guards (Company B, (Maney's) Tennessee Infantry.) 

Rock City Guards (Company C, (Maney's) Tennessee Infantry.) ^ 

Rook City Guards (Company — , 26th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Rock City Volunteers (Capt. R. P. Cattle's independent company Tennessee infantry.) 

Rock Hill Minute Men (Captain A. E. Hutchison's company South Carolina vols.) 

Rockbridge Artillery (Captain Wm. N. Pendleton's, afterward Wm. T. Poague's, com- 
pany Virginia artillery; attached to 1st Virginia Artillery.) 

Rockbridge Artillery No. 2 (Captain John Miller's, afterward A. M. Lusk's, company 
Virginia artillery; afterward Company B, Mcintosh's artillery battalion.) 

Rockbridp Drigoons, 2d } (Company H, 14th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Rockbridge Greys (Company H, 4th Virginia Infantry.) 

Rockbridge Guards (Company B, afterward H, 25th Virginia Infantry.) 

Rockbridge Home Guard (Company A, Virginia .) Captain Thomas H. 


Rockbridge Rifles (Company B, 5th Virginia Infantry ; afterward Company H, 27th 
Virginia Infantry.) 

Rocket Battery — See Greer's Rocket Battery. 

Rockingham Cavalry (Company C, 6th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Rockingham Guards (Co. H, 3d North Carolina Volunteers— 13th N. C. Troops.) 

Rockingham Guards (Company H, 46th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Rockingham Rangers (Co. I, 3d North Carolina Volunteers— 18th N. C. Troops.) 

Rockingham Rangers (Company D, 5th North Carolina Cavalry— 63d N. C. Vols.) 


Rockingham Rebels (Company G, 45th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Rockingham Reserves (2d Battalion Virginia Reserves.) 

Rockingham Rifles (Company B, 10th Virginia Infantry.) 

Rockingham Zollicoffers (Company A, 45th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Rockport Steel Blades (Company Gr, 6th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Rocky Creek Troop (Captain J. C. Caldwell's company South Carolina volunteers.) 

Rocky Face Rangers (Company G, 38th North Carolina Troops.) 

Rocky Mountain Light Infantry (Company K, 5th Nortn Carolina Infantry.) 

Rocky Point Grays (Company G, 22d Virginia Infantry.) 

Rocky Point Rifles (Company A, 2d Battalion Mississippi Infantry ; afterward Com- 
pany B, 48th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Rodney Guards (Company D, 22d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Rome Cavalry (Company C, cavalry battalion, Floyd Legion, Georgia State Guards.) 

Rome Guards (Company A, infantry battalion, Floyd Legion, Georgia State Guards.) 

Rome Light Guards (Company A, 8th Georgia Infantry.) 

Rosalie Guard (Company I, 11th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Rosinheel Regiment (27th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Rosser Reserves (Company I, 1st Alabama Reserves.) 

Rosser's Texas Mounted Rangers (Company K, 10th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Roswell Battalion Cavalry (Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Roswell Troopers (Company — , cavalry battalion, Cobb's Legion, Georgia volunteers ; 
afterward Company B, 9th Georgia Cavalry. ) 

Rough and Ready Battery — See Greene Rough and Readys. 

Rough and Ready Boys (Captain Richards' company Georgia volunteers.) 

Rough and Ready Boys (Captain McRae's company Georgia volunteers.) 

Rough and Ready Guards (Company G, 66th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Rough and Ready Guards (Company F, 4th North Carolina Volunteers— 14th N. C. 

Rough and Ready Guards (Company G, 3d Virginia Infantry.) 
Rough and Ready Pioneers (Company E, 1st Alabama Infantry.) 


Rough and Ready Rifles (Company I, 11th Virginia Infantry.) 

Rough and Ready Volunteers (Company G, 7th Georgia State Guards.) 

Rough and Ready Volunteers (Company — , 17th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Rough and Ready Volunteers (Company H, 34th North Carolina Troops.) 

Rough and Ready Volunteers (Company D, 41st Virginia Infantry.) 

Rough and Readys (Company D, 17th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Rough and Readys, The (Company A, 47th Virginia Infantry.) 

Round Guards (Company K, 11th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Round Troop (Company I, 1st South Carolina Cavalry.) 

Rousseau Guards (Captain J. R. Curell's company .) 

Rowan Artillery (Company D, 1st North Carolina Artillery — 10th N. C. Volunteers.) 
Rowan Partisan Rangers (Company K, 6th Georgia Cavalry.) 
Rowan Rifles (Company K, 4th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Rucker's Legion (12th and 16th Battalions Tennessee Cavalry, combined.) 
Ruggles Guards (Company G, Crescent Regiment, Louisiana infantry.) 
Ruffin Dragoons (Company A, 3d Alabama Cavalry.) 
Rusk County Volunteers (Company H, 1st Texas Cavalry.) 
Russell Guards (Company D, afterward K, 48th Virginia Infantry.) 
Russell Rangers (4th (Russell's) Alabama Cavalry.) 
Russell Rangers (Company A, 16th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Russell Valley WaTnornets } (Company H, 16th Alabama Infantry. 
Russell Volunteers (Company I, 6th Alabama Infantry.) 
Rust Guards (Company L, 3d Arkansas Infantry.) 

Rutherford Boys } (Company I, 34th North Carolina Troops.) 
Rutherford Farmers (Company G, 50th North Carolina Troops.) 
Rutherford Rebels (Company C, 34th North Carolina Troops.) 
Rutherford Regulators (Company I, 50th North Carolina Troops.) 


Rutherford Rifle™^"} 'Company I, 56lh North Carolina Infantry.) 

Rutherford Rifles (Company I, 1st (Maney's) Tennessee Infantry,) 

Rutherford Volunteers (Company E, 6th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Rutland Guards (Company B, 27th Georgia Infantry.) 

Rutledge Cavalry (4th South Carolina Cavalry.) 

Rutledge Mounted Rifles and Horse Artillery (Companies A. and B, Captain W. L. 
Trenholm's squadron. Company A became Company B, 7th South Carolins 
Cavalry, and Company B became Company G, 7th 8oath Carolina Cavalry.) 

Rutledge Rangers — See Charleston Light Dragoons. 

Rutledge Sharpshooters (Company — , Georgia .) 


Sabine Rangers (Company — , Texas .) 

Sabine Rebels (Company B, 17th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Saddlers Guards (Captain J. E. Mooney's company Lpui^ana volunteers. ] vol ur iteers.J 
St. Bernard Moun,t ed R ifles (Captain Jules Delery'.s independent company Louisiauai "' 
St. Bride's Artillery (formerlyTtfache3 to 14th Virginia Infantry ; afterward Cornpany 

B, 20th Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery ; latterly Company I, 38th Virginia 

Infantry. ) 

St. Clair Sharpshooters (first attached to 9th Battalion Alabama Infantry ; afterward 
Company I, 58th Alabama Infantry.) 

St. Helena Mounted Riflemen (Company — , South Carolina Militia.) 

St. Helena Rebels (Company P, 16th Louisiana Infantry.) 

St. Helena Rifles (Company P, 4th Louisiana Infantry.) 

St. Helena Rifles (Company G, 4th Louisiana Infantry.) 

St. James Mounted Riflemen (squadron South Carolina cavalry, Companies A and B — 
Company A was attached to 6th Battalion South Carolina Infiintry; afterward 
Company D, 4th South Carolina Cavalry. Company B became Company B, 5th 
South Carolina Cavalry.) 

St. James Rifles (Company — , 14th Louisiana Infantry.) 

St. James Rifles (Company A, 18th Louisiana Infantry.) 

St. John's Guards (Company D, 18th Tennessee Infantry.) 

St. John's Rangers (Company B, 2d Plorida Cavalry.) 

St. Landry Light Guard (Company C, 6th Louisiana Infantry.) 

St. Landry Volunteers (Company B, 18th Louisiana Infantry.) 

St. Louis Battery (Captain Bmmett McDonald's, afterward Captain W. B. Dawson's, 
company Missouri artillery. ) 

St. Martin's Rangers (Captain E. W. Puller's company Louisiana volunteers.) 

St. Mary's Cannoneers (Captain P. 0. Cornay's company Louisiana artillery; formerly 
Company P, 4th Louisiana Infantry.) 

St. Mary's Volunteers (Captain A. B. Dufour's company Georgia volunteers.) 

St. Mary's Volunteers (Company G, 13th Louisiana Infantry.) 

St. Matthew Rifles (Company P, 25th South Carolina Infantry.) 

St. Paul Rangers (Company — , 1st South Carolina Mounted Militia.) 

St. Paul's Poot Rifles — See Chasseurs 8, pied — alias Foot Rifles. 

St. Paul's Rifles (Company B, 11th South Carolina Infantry.) 


St. Peter's Guard ( 

St. Peter's Guards (Company P, 3d South Carolina Cavalry.) 

Salaeoa Silver Greys (Company P, infantry battalion, Cherokee Legion, Georgia vols.) 

Salem Cavalry (not accepted as cavalry; became Company H, 19th Mississippi Inft.) 

Salem Plying Artillery (originally Company A, 9th Virginia Infantry; afterward Cap- 
tain A. Hupp's company Virginia artillery; afterward attached to 1st Virginia 

Sallie Twiggs Regiment (16th Georgia Infantry.) 

lalisbury Prison Guard } (l^attalion North Carolina infantry.) 

Saltville Artillery (Captain Wm. King's company Virginia artillery; raised for local 

Sam Benton Rifles (Company — , Mississippi .) 

Sam Cooper Rifles (Company H, 22d Alabama Infantry.) 

Sam Rice Guards (assigned as Company L to 6th Alabama Infantry on reorganization 
of the regiment in 1862.) 

Sampson Artillery (Captain Abner A. Moseley's unattached company North Carolina 

Sampson Confederates (Company A, 61st North Carolina Troops.) 

Sampson Dragoons (Company C, 5th North Carolina Cavalry.) 

Sampson Parmers (Company C, 38th North Carolina Troops.) 

Sampson Greys (Company I, 10th North Carolina Volunteers— 20th N. C. Troops.) 

Sampson Ploughboys (Company D, 38th North Carolina Troops.) 

Sampson Rangers (Captain F. J. Paison's company North Carolina infantry.) 

Sampson Rangers (Company A, 30th North Carolina Troops.) 

Samuel Benton Relief Rifles (Company — , 17th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Sandy Creek Rough and Readys (Company I, 5th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Sandy Run Volunteers (Company — , North Carolina .) 

Sandy Run Yellow Jackets (Company B, 34th North Carolina Troops.) 

Sanitary Regiment ( Louisiana .) 

San Jacinto Guards (Compan;^ A, 2d Texas Infantry.) 

Santa Rosa Beauregards (Company D, 4th Florida Infantry.) 


Santa Rosa Guards (Captain W. W. Harrison's company Florida volunteers.) 

Santee Light Artillery (attached as Company B to 6th Battalion South Carolina In- 
fantry; afterward Captain C. Gaillard's independent company South Carolina 

Sappers and Miners (Company H, 22d Louisiana Infantry.) 

Sappers and Miners (N. Carroll's company Virginia volunteers.) 

Sardis Blues (Company E, 12th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Sardis Volunteers (Company B, 21st Georgia Artillery.) 

Sarsfield Rangers (Company C, 7th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Sarsfield Southrons (Company — , Louisiana .) 

Satartia Rifles (Company I, 12th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Satilla Rangers (Company A, 50th Georgia Infantry.) 

Saulston Volunteers (Company K, 27th North Carolina Troops.) 

Savannah Artillery (Captain J. B. Gallie's company Georgia artillery ; originally at- 
tached to 1st Volunteers, Georgia infantry.) 

Savannah Cadets (Company — , Georgia .) 

Savannah City Light Guard ; also called City Light Guard (Company D, 1st Volun- 
teers, Georgia infantry.) 

Savannah Guards 1 

Savannah Volunteers > (18th Battalion Georgia Infantry.) 

Savannah Volunteer Guards J 

Savannah Volunteer Guards — a company of boys (Captain W. G. Charlton's company 
Georgia volunteers.) 

Savannah River Guards (Company K, 3d South Carolina Cavalry.) 

Scandinavian Guards (Company A, Chalmette Regiment, Louisiana infantry.) 

Schley Cavalry (Company D, 29th Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 

Schley Riflemen (Company A, 22d Georgia Infantry.) 

Schley Volunteers (Company B, 17th Georgia Infantry.) 

Scotch Boys (Company F, 8th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Scotch Greys Artillery (originally McNair's unattached company North Carolina artil- 
lery ; afterward Company B, 3d North Carolina Artillery — 40th N. C. Volunteers. ) 

Scotch Rifle Guards (Company H, 21st Louisiana Infantry.) 

Scotch Rifles^"*'^'^^}^'^°™P^°y ^' ^^^*" a^^rward 22d, Louisiana Infantry.) 


Scotch Tigers (Company D, 51st North Carolina Infantry.) 

Scotland Guards (Company K, 5th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Scotland Neck Mounted Rifles (Company G, 3d North Carolina Cavalry— 41st N. C. 

Scott County Rangers (Captain Henry Gibson's company Tennessee volunteers.) 

Scott Guards (12th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Scott Infantry (Company B, 64th Georgia Infantry.) 

Scott's Cavalry (Company D, 2d Florida Cavalry.) 

Scott's Partisan Rangers (24th Battalion Virginia Cavalry.) 

Scottsville Guard (Company C, 19th Virginia Infantry.) 

Scouts, Guides, and Couriers— See Richardson's Battalion Scouts, Guides, and Couriers. 

Screven Cavalry (Company — , Wright's battalion, Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Screven Guards (Company D, 45th Georgia Infantry.) 

Screven Troop (Company B, 2d Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 

Screwmens Guard (Company A, 22d Louisiana Infantry.) 

Screwmens Guard (Company B, 22d Louisiana Infantry.) 

Screwmens Guard ; also called Moore Fencibles (Company A , 9th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Screwmens Guard — See Stafford Guards. 

Scuppernong Grays (Company L, 2d North Carolina Infantry.) 

Sea Fencibles (Captain J. Symons' company South Carolina infantry.) 

Seaboard Guards (Company C, 26th Georgia Infantry.) 

Seaboard Rifles (Company F, 6th Virginia Infantry.) 

Seaboard Rifles (Company G, 5th Virginia Infantry.) 

Seabrook's Rebel Rangers ( 

Seals Guards (Company G, 29th Alabama Infantry.) 

Secession Guards (Company F, 2d South Carolina Infantry.) 

Secession Guards (Company C, 13th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Secession Guards (Captain Terry's company Virginia volunteers.) 

Secessionists (Company I, 13th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Second Independent Battalion Infantry (Georgia volunteers.) 


Sedentaire Battery (Captain Jules Benit's company Louisiana artillery.) 

Selma Blues — See Independent Selma Blues. 

Seminole Battalion (Indian Troops, Arkansas volunteers.) 

Semmes Guard (Company C, 2d Georgia Infantry.) 

Senatobia Rangers (Captain James E. Matthews' company Mississippi State Troops.) 

Senior Regiment (154tli Tennessee Infantry.) 

Seven Stars Artillery (Captain H. G. D. Brown's company Mississippi artillery; Feb- 
ruary 23, 1864, assigned to Moorman's battalion Mississippi cavalry.) 

" Seventeenth" Patriots (Company K, 29th Georgia Infantry.) 

Seventy Six Light Infantry (Captain John P. Brown's company Kentucky volunteers.) 

,Severe Guards ( 

Shady Grove Rangers (Company E, 34th North Carolina Troops.) 

. Shamrock Guards (Captain John H. Crump's company Mississippi infantry ; attached 
as Company P to 2d Arkansas Infantry.) v 

Sharps John M. (Company I, 3d Mississippi Infantry. ) 

Shaw Guards (Company B, 8th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Shelby Confederates (Company C, 25th Alabama Infantry.) 

Shelby Greys (Company A, 4th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Shelby Light Dragoons (2d Company, 6th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.) 

Shelbyville Rebels (Company P, 41st Tennessee Infantry.) 

Shelley Battalion (11th Battalion Louisiana Infantry.) 

Shenandoah Rangers (Company C, 7th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Shepherd Guard (Company A, 10th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Sherman Guards (Company — , 9th Texas Infantry.) 

Shi:}': %7aiols } (Company P, 5th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Shieldsboro' Rifles (Company H, 3d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Shiloh Troop (Company K, 4th (Clinch's) Georgia Cavalry.) 

Shorter Dragoons (Company H, 2d Alabama Cavalry.) 

Shorter Guards (Captain D. H. Ham's company Alabama volunteers.) 

Shorter Guards (Company B, 4th Battalion Alabama Infantry.) 

Shreveport Greys (Company D, 1st Battalion Louisiana Infantry.) 

Shreveport Invincibles (Company — , Mississippi .) 

Shreveport Rangers (Company P, 3d Louisiana Infantry.) 
Shreveport Rebels (Company K, 11th Louisiana Infantry.) 
Shreveport Rifles (Company — , 1st Louisiana Infantry.) 
Shriver Greys (Company G, 27th Virginia Infantry.) 
Shubuta Guards (Company E, 37th Mississippi Infantry.) . 
Shubuta Infantry (Company A, 14th Mississippi Infantry.) 
Shubuta Rifles (Company A, 14th Mississippi Infantry.) 
Sidney Johnstons (Company G, 59th Georgia Infantry.) 

Siele Train f (-^^'^ Battalion South Carolina Artillery.) 

Siege Battery (Captain B. T. King's company Louisiana artillery.) 


Silver Grays ; afterward called Bibb Grays (Company A, Rains' regiment, Local De- 
fense Troops, Georgia.) 

Silver Grays (Company — , Texas .) 

Silver Greys (Captain Stephen Lee's company North Carolina volunteers.) 

Simmons Stars (Company G, 17th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Simpson Fencibles (Company H, 6th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Simpson Guards (Company A, 39th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Simpson Mounted Rangers (Company K, 1st Confederate Infantry.) 

Skipwith Guards (Company A, 27th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Slappey Guards (Company G, 48th Georgia Infantry.) 

Slate Springs Company (Captain T. K. McCord's company Local Defense Troops, 
Mississippi cavalry.) 

Slaughter Guard (Company C, 1st Mobile Volunteers, Alabama.) 

Slavonian Rifles (Company — , infantry battalion, Louisiana Legion, Louisiana vols.) 

Slocomb Rifles (Company C, 1st Louisiana Volunteers, infantry.) 

Slocomb Volunteers (Company B, Whitehead's battalion. Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 

Smith Artillery (Captain John Roy's company Louisiana artillery.) 

Smith Light Infantry (Captain Harvey Yarborough's company Texas volunteers.) 

Smith Rifle Greys (Company A, 48th Virginia Infantry.) 
Smith Rifles (Company C, 34th Mississippi Infantry.) 
Smith's Legion (Georgia Partisan Rangers.) 
Smith's Price Guards (Company I, 2d Missouri Cavalry.) 
Smithville Guards (Company B, 3d North Carolina Infantry.) 
Smyth Blues (Company D, 4th Virginia Infantry.) 
Smyth Dragoons (8th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Smyth Partisan Rangers (Company B, 7th Tennessee Cavalry.) 
Somerville Avengers (Company D, afterward A, 6th Tennessee Infantry.) 
Sons of Dixie (Company A, 16th Alabama Infantry.) 
Sons of Dixie (Company G, 20th Georgia Infantry.) 
Sons of Liberty (Company G, 34th Mississippi Infantry.) 
Sons of Liberty (Company F, 47th North Carolina Infantry.) 
Sons of Liberty (Company K, 154th Senior Tennessee Infantry.) 
Sons of Mars (Company D, 46th North Carolina Troops.) 
Sons of the South (Company F, 4th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Sons of the South (Lieutenant C. H. Craige's company Tennessee volunteers.) 

Sons of the South (Company — , Texas .) 

South Alabama Rangers (Company A, 9th Alabama Infantry.) 

i_ South Alabama Rangers (Company P, 2d Alabama Infantry.) 
South Arkansas Regiment (4th Arkansas Infantry.) 
South Branch Riflemen f Captain J. H. Everley's independent company Vir^nia vols.) 

South Branch Riflemen Home Guards (Company — , Botetourt Regiment, Virginia 
home guards.) 

South Carolina Battalion (Company K, infantry battalion, Hampto n Legio n, S outh_ 
Carolina.) troops, South Caro; V» Jl 

South Carolina College Cadets (Captain John H. Gary's c6mpany~three 'mCnths' ^^ 

South Carolina Independent Riflemen ; also called " Stono Scouts " (mdependent coni- 
pany South Carolina infantry.) 

South Carolina Militia Artillery (1st South Carolina Militia.) 

South Carolina Rangers (Company D, 5th South Carolina Cavalry.) 

South Carolina Zouaves (Company H, cavalry battalion, Hampton Legion, South 


South of Dan Rebels (Company K, 20th Virginia Infantry.) 

South Florida Bull Dogs (Company E, Yrh Florida Infantry.) 

South Pork Farmers (Company C, 28th North Carolina Troops.) 

South Kansas-Texas Cavalry ) ,oj t, r, , ^ 

South Kansas-Texas Rangers / ^^"^ ^^^^^ Cavalry.) 

South Mountain Rangers (Company F, 55th North Carolina Troops.)' 

Southampton Cavalry (Company H, 5th Virginia Cavalry ; afterward Company A, 13th 
Virginia Cavalry.) 

Southampton Greys (Company D, 66th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Southampton Greys (Company D, 3d Virginia Infantry.) 

Southampton Lee Artillery (Company A, 18th Battalion Virginia Artillery.) 

Southern Celts (Company A, 13th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Southern Farmers (Company F, 32d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Southern Foresters (Company I, 12th Alabama Infantry.) 

Southern Grays (Company C, 10th Virginia Infantry.) 

Southern Guard (Company — , 2d Battalion Virginia .) 

Southern Guard (Company D, 5th Virginia Infantry. ) 

Southern Guards (Company K, 8th Alabama Infantry.) 

Sotithern Guards (Company B, 1st Georgia Volunteers.) 

Southern Guards, Company G (Company I, 20th Georgia Infantry.) 

Southern Guards (Company H, 6th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Southern Guards (Company B, 11th Virginia Infantry.) 

Southern Guards (Captain Hutter's company r.) 

Southern Guards Artillery ; also called Memphis Southern Guards Artillery (originally 
Company D, 154th Senior Tennessee Infantry; afterward Company L, 1st Ten- 
nessee Heavy AMillery.) 

Southern Rejecters of Old Abe; also called Abe's Rejecters (Company B,41st Missis, 
sippi Infantry.) 

Southern Rifles (Company A, 4th Georgia Infantry.) 

Southern Rights Battery (Company A, 14th Battalion Georgia Artillery.) 

Southern Rights Guard (Coinpany H, 19th Virginia Infantry.) 

Southern Rights' Guards (Company C, 1st Georgia Volunteers.) 


Southern Rights Infantry (Company I, 27th North Carolina Troops.) 
Southern Rights Volunteers (Company A, 25th Georgia Infantry.) 
Southern Sentinels (Company I, afterward H, ]2th Louisiana Infantry.) 
Southern Sentinels (Company B, 8th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Southern Star Company ( 

Southern Stars (Company K, 1st North Carolina Infantry.) 

Southern Troop (Captain W. W. Horton's company Alabama volunteers.) 

Southron Avengers ; also called Avengers {Company B, 10th Mississippi Infantry.) 

iouthrons^°^°°'^*'''' } (Company A, 21st Mississippi Infantry.) 

Southrons (Company D, 10th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Southrons — See Avent Southrons. 

Southside Artillery (Company C, 2d Virginia Artillery.) 

Southside Railroad Guards (Captain H. D. Bird's company Virginia infantry.) 

Southwest Cavalry (6th Missouri Cavalry.) 

Southwestern Railroad Guards (Captain J. M. Walden's company, Macon Battalion, 
Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Southwestern Railroad Infantry (Captain C. D. Wall's company, Macon Battalion, 
Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Spalding Grays (Company B, 2d Independent Battalion Georgia Infantry.) 

Spalding Infantry (Company I, 6th Georgia State Guards.) 

Spalding Volunteers (Company K, 6th Georgia State Guards.) 

Spanish Teradors (Company — , infantry battalion, Louisiana Legion, Louisiana vols.) 

Sparks Guards (Company A, 20th Georgia Infantry.) 

Sparrow Cadets (Company — , Louisiana .) 

Sparta Band (Company F, 30th North Carolina Troops.) 

Sparta Greys (Company H, 30th Virginia Infantry.) 

Sparta Guards (Compaay B, 27th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Spartan Band (Company K, 13th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Spartan Band (Company A, 38th North Carolina Troops.) 

Spartan Cavalry (Company — , '■ South Carolina Cavalry.) 


Spartan Rifles (Company K, 5th South CaTolina Infantry.) 

Special Battalion (1st Florida Battalion.) 

Special Battalion Louisiana Volunteers ; also called First Special Battalion Louisiana 
Volunteers, (Wheat's.) 

Spencer Rifles (Company H, 27th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Sperryville Sharpshooters (Company H, 7th Virginia Infantry.) 

Spring Garden Blues (Company I, 18th Virginia Infantry.) 

Spring Hill Guards (Company H, 52d North Carohna Troops.) 

Springport Invincibles— See Panola luvincibles. 

Spy Company (Company H, 10th Kentucky Cavalry.) 

Spy Company (Captain Henry Spillmau's company Texas volunteers.) 

Spy Company (Captain Alf. Johnson's independent company Texas cavalry.) 

Squire Rifles ( 

Stafford Guards ; also called Sorewmens Guard (Company B, 9th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Stafford Guards (Company I, 30th Virginia Infantry; afterward Company I, 47th Vir- 
ginia Infantry.) 

Stafford Light Artillery — See Cooke's Artillery.) 

Stafford Rangers (Company — , 1st Battalion Virginia Cavalry ; afterward Company 
A, 9th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Standing Pine Guards (Company B, 40th Mississippi Infantry. ) 

Stanhope Tiger Guards (Company E, 7th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Stanley Guards (Company I, 20th Louisiana Infantry.) 

-Stanly Guards (Company K, 28th North Carolina Troops.) 

Stanly Marksmen fCompany H, 4th North Carolina Infantry — 14th N. C. Troops.) 

Stanly Rebels (Company Ij 52d North Carolina Troops,) 

Stanly Yankee Hunters (Company D, 28th North Carolina Troops.) 

Star Boys (Company G, 19th North Carolina Troops.) 

Star Rifles (Company A, 1st Texas Infantry.) 

Star Rifles— See Lone Star Rifles 

Stark Volunteers (Company I, 13th Georgia Infantry.) 

Starke Guards (Company F, 61st Georgia Infantry.) 

Stars of Equality (Company B, IQth Louisiana Infantry.) 

State Armory Guards (Captain J. W. Green's compa&y six months' Local Defense 
Troops, Georgia.) / 

State Artillery — See Alabama State Artillery. 

State Cadets (Major J. B. White's battalion South Carolina infantry.) 

State Guards (Company A, 3d South Carolina Infantry.) 

Ifate gZ^s of Pasquotank } (Company A, afterward L. 17th North Carolina Troops.) 

State Rights Guards (Company B, 49thGeorgia Infantry.) 

Staunton Artillery — See Imboden Battery. 

Staunton Hill Artillery (Captain Charles Bruce' s company Virginia artillery.) 

Staunton Pioneers (Company H, 52d Virginia Infantry.) 

Staunton Rifles (Company G, 5th Virginia Infantry.) 

Staunton River Battalion (Virginia Reserves.) 

Staunton Yeomanry (Company B, 58th Virginia Infantry. ) 

Stephen Guards (Company B, 4th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Stephens Battalion (battalion Georgia State Guards.) 

Stephens Guard — See Alex Stephens Guard. 

Stephens Home Guard (Company D, 15th Georgia Infantry.) 

Stephens Light Artillery (Georgia artillery; prior to Nov., 1863, 3d Maryland Battery.) 

Stephens Light Guard (Company I, 8th Georgia Infantry.) 

Stephens Rifles (Company C, 9th Georgia Cavalry.) 

Stephens Rifles (Company C, 21st Mississippi Infantry.) 

Stephens Volunteers (Company G, 29th Georgia Infantry.) 

Steuben Artillery (attached to 154th Tennessee Infantry, State service ; disbanded 
May, 1861.) 

Steuben Guards (Company A, 20th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Stephens (!lavalry (Company D, 22d Texas Cavalry.) 

Stevenson Artillery; also called King Artillery (Company A, 2d North Carolina Ar- 
tillery— 36th N. C. Volunteers.) 

Stevenson Guards (Company L, 1st (Maney's) Tennessee Infantry.) 

Stewart Greys (Company K, 2d Georgia Infantry.) 


Stewart Infantry (Company I, 21st Georgia Infantry.) 

Stewart Infantry (Company — , Yarborough's battalion, Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 

Stewart Invincibles (Company E, 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery.) 

Stewart's Legion (Louisiana volunteers.) 

Stewartville Tigers (Company K, 58tli Virginia Infantry.) 

Stock Creek Greys (Company G, 48tb Virginia Infantry.) 

Stockdale Rangers (Company — , Mississippi .) 

Stockdale Sharpshooters (Captain T. R. Stockdale' s company Mississippi infantry.) 

Stone Mountain' Guards (Company H, 8th Georgia State Guards.) 

Stonewall Artillery (Captain E. W. Halbaoh's company King and Queen County Local 
Defense Troops, Virginia.) 

Stonewall Boys (Company P, 54th North Carolina Troops.) 

Stonewall Brigade (2d, 4th, 5th, 27th, and 33d Virginia Infantry.) 

Stonewall Cadets (Company D, Lockhart's battalion Alabama Reserves.) 

Stonewall Cavalry (Company — , 12th Georgia State Guards.) 

Stonewall Guards (Company D, 6th Georgia State Guards.) 

Stonewall Hussars (Lieutenant J. D. Harrell's company Georgia volunteers.) 

Stonewall Rangers (Captain D. H. Williams' company Alabama volunteers.) 

Stonewall Rangers (Captain J. G. Knox's company Local Defense Troops, Miss.) 

Stonewall Rifles (Company B, 17th North Carolina Troops.) 

Stonewall Volunteers (Company A, 5th Georgia State Guards.) ' 

" Stono Scouts " — See South Carolina Independent Riflemen. __ 

^Stuart Cavalry r2d Comp^T^valry battalion Miles Legion, Louisiana volunteers.) . 
— Stuart Jdoi-se Artillery tJatlalion ; also called Horse Artillery (battalion artillery ; at- 
tached to cavalry divigon of Army Northern Virginia.) 

itubbs Rifles^°"^''°'''}^^°"P^°y "' ^^^ Mississippi Infantry. 

Students from Citadel Academy (Company P, 6th South Carolina Cavalry.) 

Submarine Battery (Company -^, — — Virginia Artillery.) 

Suffolk Continentals (Company B, 16th Virginia Infantry.) 

Suggsville Greys (Company D, .2d Alabama InfaTitry;) ■ 

Sulnhur Springs Guard (Company B, 2d Georgia State Guards.) 


Sulphur Wild Cats (Company P, 38th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Summit Rifles (Company A, 16th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Sumter Battalion (11th Battalion Georgia Artillery,) 

Sumter Battery (Company A, 1st South Carolina Artillery.) 

Sumter Cavalry (Company A, 3d Alabama Cavalry.) 

Sumter Cavalry (Company — , 12th Georgia State Guards.) 

Sumter Flying Artillery (Captain A. S. Cutts' company Georgia artillery; afterward 
Company A, 11th Battalion Georgia Artillery.) 

Sumter Grays (originally Company A, 38th Tennessee Infantry; afterward Rice's 
Tennessee battery.) 

Sumter Greys (Company A, 30th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Sumter Greys (Company B, 30th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Sumter Guards (Company D, 8th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Sumter Guards (originally Company D, 1st Charleston Battalion, South Carolina in- 
fantry ; afterward Company D, 27th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Sumter Guards (Captain Henry King's company .) 

Sumter Guerrillas (Company — , South Carolina .) 

Sumter Light Guards (Company K, 4th Georgia Infantry.) 

Sumter Light Infantry ( 

Sumter Mounted Guards (Captain William M. Stone's company Alabama cavalry.) 

Sumter Mounted Guards (Company — , 1st Virginia Cavalry.) 

Sumter Rebels (Company I, Crescent Regiment, Louisiana infantry.) 

Sumter Regiment (30th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Sumter Rifle Guard (Company P, 5th Alabama Infantry.) 

Sumter Shorter Guards (Company P, 4th Alabama Militia — ninety days' men.) 

Sumter Turner Guards (Company — , Beauregard Regiment, Louisiana militia.) 

Sumter Volunteers (Company D, 2d South Carolina Infantry.) 

Sunflower Dispersers (Company B, 3d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Sunflower Guards ( 

Sunflower Rangers (Captain A. H. Forrest's company Mississippi volunteers.) 


Surry Cavalry (Company E, 5th Virginia Cavalry ; also Company — , 16th Battalion 
Virginia Cavalry ; afterward Company G, 13th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Surry Light Artillery (originally Company I, Sd Virginia Infantry ; afterward Captain 
T. W. Ruffiu's company Virginia artillery.) 

Surry Regulators (Company A, 28th North Carolina Troops.) 

Sussex Cavalry "1 (Captain B. P. Winfield's company, 16th Battalion Vir- 

Sussex Jackson Avengers/ ginia Cavalry ; afterward Company D, 13th Va. Cav.) 

Sussex Cavalry (Captain W. N. Blow's company, 16th Battalion Virginia Cavalry ; 
afterward Company H, 13th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Sussex Cavalrv > ,r, n c^i. tt- • • <-. , ^ 

Sussex Light Dragoons) (^°™P^"y ^' ^^ ^"^2'°'^ Cavalry.) 

Sussex Riflemen (Company B, 16th Virginia Infantry.) 

Sussex Rifles ( 

Swamp Pox Rangers (Captain H. V. Keep's company Mississippi volunteers.) 

Swamp Marines (Company — , 2d Florida Battalion ; afterward Company 1, 10th Florida 
Infantry. ) 

Swamp Rangers (Company — , 2d Arkansas Infantry.) 

Swamp Rangers (Company D, 19th Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 

^wamp Rangers^See Louisiana Swamp Rangers. 

Swanson Guards (Company G, 21st Alabama Irifantry.) 

Swanson Guards (Company H, 21st Alabama Infantry,) 

Sweet Mountain Cavalry (Company D, McDonald's battalion. Local Defense Troops, 

Sydney Brown Infantry (Captain Arnold's company Georgia volunteers.) 


Tagus Mounted Battalion ( 

Talbot Guards (Company B, 9tli Georgia Infantry.) 

Talbot Infantry (Company P, 5th Georgia State Guards.) 

Talbot Troopers (Company — , 12th Georgia State Guards.) 

Taliaferro Volunteers (Company D, 49th Georgia Infantry.) 

Talladega Artillery (Company E, 5th Alabama Infantry.) 

Talladega Cavalry (Captain A. W. Bowie's company Alabama cavalry.) 

Talladega Davis Blues (Company B, 10th Alabama Infantry.) 

Tallahassee Guards (Company D, 2d Florida Cavalry.) 

Tallahatchie Rifles (Company P, 21st Mississippi Infantry.) 

Tallapoosa Light Infantry (Company — , Alabama Infantry.) 

Tallapoosa Rifles (Company P, 1st Alabama Infantry.) 

Tallapoosa Zouaves (Captain John G. Smith's company Alabama volunteers.) 

Tar River Boys (Company C, 7th North Carolina Infantry — 17th N. C. Troops.) 

Tar River Guards (Company P, 5th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Tar River Rebels (Company E, 46th North Carolina Troops.) 

Tatnall Guards (Company — , South Carolina .) 

Tatnall Invincibles (Company G, 47th Georgia Infantry.) 

Tatnall Rangers (Company B, 61st Georgia Infantry.) 

Tattnall Guards (Company G, 1st Volunteers, Georgia infantry.) 

Tayloe's Cavalry (Company I, 9th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Taylor Artillery — See King William Artillery.) 

Taylor Cavalry (Company — , 12th Georgia State Guards.) 

Taylor Greys (Company D, 53d Virginia Infantry.) 

Taylor Infantry (Company K, 5th Georgia State Guards.) 

Teche Guerrillas (Captain Bailey Vinson's independent company Louisiana volunteers.) 

Tecumseh Scouts (Captain C. D. Foy's company North Carolinacavalry.) 

Telfair Irish Greys (Company A, 25th Georgia Infantry.) 

Telfair State Cavalry (Company — , Carswell'a battalion, Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 

Telfair Volunteers (Company B, 48th Georgia Infantry.) 

Telfair Volunteers (Company H, 20th Georgia Infantry.) 
Tennessee Guards (Company H, 4th (Neely's) Tennessee Infantry.) 
Tennessee Mounted Rifles (1st Company, 6th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.) 
Tennessee Riflemen (Company E, 1st (Maney's) Tennessee Infantry.) 

__Tensas Cavalry (attached to^l5th Battalion Louisiana Cavalrv.1 ._ . 
_Tensas Rangers (Company — , Wirt Adams Cavalry, Mississippi.) 
Tensas Rifles (Company D, 6th Louisiana Efantry.) 

Terrebonne Regiment ( Louisiana Militia.) 

Terrell Dragoons (Company B, 4th Mississippi Cavalry.) 

Terrell Infantry (Company P, 51st Georgia Infantry.) 

Terrell Light Artillery (Captain B. G. Dawson's company Georgia artillery.) 

Terry's Texas Rangers (8th Texas Cavalry.) 

Texas Guards (Company H, 1st Texas Infantry.) 

Texas Guards (Captain W. B. Krumbhaar's company Texas artillery.) 

Texas luvincibles (Company K, 1st Texas Infantry.) 

Texas Invincibles (Company A, 27th Texas Cavalry.) 

Texas Legion, First — See Whitfield's Legion. 

Texas Mounted Men (Captain William Kelly's company Texas cavalry.) 

Texas Mounted Riflemen (1st Texas Cavalry.) 

Texas Mounted Riflemen (Company H, 2d Texas Cavalry.) 

S Mounfed 11'^"' } (^^P^^^ ^' '^ Texas Cavalry.) 

Texas Rangers (Company B, 2d Texas Cavalry. 

Texas Rangers (Company K, 8th Texas Cavalry.) 

Texas Rangers (Company K, 10th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Texas Rangers (Company F, 59th Virginia Infantry.) 

The Danes (Company K, 6th Tennessee Infantry.) 

The Defenders— See Defenders, The. 

The Highlanders (Company K, afterward P, 16th Tennessee Infantry.) 

The Joe Browns— See Joe Browns, The. 


The " Nash Boys"— See "Nash Boys," The. 

Thomas Artillery ; also called Anderson Artillery (Captain Philip B. Stanard's company 
Virginia artillery ; disbanded October 4, 1862.) 

Thomas Cavalry (Company A, 11th Georgia State Guards.) 

Thomas County Rangers (Company B, 50th Georgia Infantry.) , 

Thomas County Volunteers (Company H, 29th Georgia Infantry.) 

Thomas Hinds Guards (Company D, 19th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Thomas Legion (Georgia volunteers.) ' 

Thomas Legion (North Carolina volunteers.) 

Thomas Reserves (Captain A. H. Hamell's company Georgia volunteers.) 

Thomasville Guards (Company A, 29th Georgia Infantry.) 

Thomasville Rifles (Company B, 4th North Carolina Volunteers— 14th N. C. Troops.) 

Thompson Guard (7th Battalion Georgia .) 

Thompson Guards (Company P, 10th Georgia Infantry.) 

Thompson Guards (Company — , 13th Georgia .) 

Thompson Guards (Company I, 61st Georgia Infantry.) 

Thompson Guards — See Jake Thompson Guards, Mississippi. 

Thompson Invincibles (Company E, 23d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Thompson Rangers (Company D, 2d Georgia Infantry.) 

Tiger Bayou Rifles "1 (temporarily attached to 1st Louisiana Infantry ; properly served 
Tiger Rifles j as Company I, 13th, afterward 14th, Louisiana Infantry.) 

Tiger Battalion (Wheat's battalion Louisiana infantry.) 

Tiger Boys (Company F, 29th Alabama Infantry.) 

Tiger Rifles (Company B, Wheat's Special Battalion, Louisiana infantry.) 

Tillatoba Grays (Captain Ethridge's company Mississippi volunteers.) 

Tilton Volunteers (Company B, 1st Georgia State Guards.) 

Timmonsville Minute Man (Company K, 21st South Carolina Infantry.) 

Tippah Farmers (Company H, 34th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Tippah Rangers (Company A, 34th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Tippah Rebels (Company B, 34th Mississippi Infantry.) 

■ 151 

Tippah Riflemen (Company — , 23d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Tippah Scouts (Captain N. W. Roach's company Local Defense Troops, Mississippi.) 

Tippah Tigers (Company C, 23d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Tipton Rifles (Company I, 4th (Neely's) Tennessee Infantry.) 

■Tirailleurs D' Orleans (Company I, 10th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Tirailleurs Pran9ais (Company — , infantry battalion, Louisiana Legion, Louisiana 
volunteers. ) 

Tishomingo Avengers (Company A, 32d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Tishomingo Rangers (Captain W. M. Inge's company Mississippi cavalry.) 

Tishomingo Rangers (Captain P. D. Roddey's company, 4th Battalion Mississippi Cav.) 

Tishomingo Rebels (Company C, 32d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Tishomingo Rifles (Company A, 2d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Titus Rangers (Company I, 27th Texas Cavalry.) 

Tocoah Infantry (Company G, Whitehead's battalion, Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Tolson Guards (Company B, 8th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Tom Cobb Infantry (Company E, 38th Georgia Infantry.) 

Tom Lubbock Guards (Company K, 8th Texas Cavalry.) 

Tom Watts Grays (Company C, 14th Alabama Infantry.) 

Tom Watts Rebels (Company K, 12th Alabama Infantry.) 

Tom Watts Rifler^" } (Company P, 18th Alabama Infantry.) 

Tom Weldon Rebels; also called Polk's Body Guard (Company L, 44th Mississippi 

^•ombigb&e Rangers (Company A, 44th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Tonka way Indians ( 

Toombs Guards (Company I, 9th Georgia Infantry. ) 
Toombs Rangers (Company D, 20th Georgia Infantry.) 
Toombs Rangers (Company C, 21st Georgia Infantry.) 
Toombs Rifles (Company L, 2d Arkansas Infantry.) 
Toombs Volunteers (Company P, 4th Georgia Infantry.) 
Toon Artillery (Company — , North Carolina Artillery.) 


Totuskey Greys (Company B, 40th Virginia Infantry.) 

tZ S llfleT ° } (Co-Pany C, 2d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Towns Rangers (Company A, cavalry battalion, Smith's Legion, Georgia volunteers.) 

Townesville Guards (Company F, 2d North Carolina Infantry.) 

Trans-Mississippi Eegiments — 
First (29th Arkansas Infantry. ) 
Second (28th Arkansas Infantry.) 

Third ( Arkansas Infantry. ) 

Fourth (32d Arkansas Infantry.) 
Fifth (30th Arkansas Infantry.) 
Sixth (6th Arkansas Infantry.) 

Trapier Guards (Company C, 5th Florida Infantry.) 

Travis Rifles (Company G, 6th Texas Infantry.) 

Travis Rifles (Company C, 44th Virginia Infantry.) 

Treasury Guard Company D, 3d Virginia Battalion, afterward 3d Regiment, Local* 
Defense Troops, Virginia.) 

Tredegar Battalion (6th Battalion, Local Defense Troops, Virginia.) 

Trenholm Rifles (Company C, 6th Battalion South Carolina Infantry — afterward 26th 
South Carolina Infantry. ) 

Triggs Rifles (Company — , 8th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Trinity Guards (Captain Braxton Craven's company North Carolina volunteers.) 

Trio Guards (Company F, 61st North Carolina Troops.) 

Trojan Regulars (Company F, 44th North Carolina Troops.) 

Troopers (Company I, 8th Battalion Virginia Cavalry ; afterward Company I, 10th 
Virginia Cavalry.) 

Troublesome Boys (Company E, 45th Nortn Carolina Troops.) 

Troup Artillery (originally attached to 2d Georgia Infantry ; afterward Company A, 
Cobb's Legion ; afterward Captain M. Stanley's independent company Georgia 

True Blues [probably Montgomery True Blues] (Company — , Alabama .) 

True Confederates (Company D, 8th Mississippi Infantry.) 

True Mississippians (Company B, 30th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Tryon Mountain Boys (Company I, 54th North Carolina Troops.) 

Tuokahoe Braves (Company — , 9th North Carolina .) 

Tucker's Cavalry (Company A, Yth South Carolina Cavalry.) 


Tugalo Rangers (Company D, 30tli Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 

Tullahoma Hardstells (Company H, 8th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Turkey Cock Greys (Company F, 57th Virginia Infantry.) 

Turner Artillery (Captain W. D. Leake's company Virginia artillery; disbanded Octo- 
ber 4, 1862.) 

Turner Guards (Company I, 59th Georgia Infantry.) 

Turner Guards (Company D, 20th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Turtle Paws (Company B, 44th North Carolina Troops.) 

Tuscaloosa Guards (Captain E. A. Powell's company Alabama volunteers.) 

Tuscaloosa Mountaineers (Company P, 26th, afterward 50th, Alabama Infantry.) 

Tuscaloosa Plough Boys (Company G, 38th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Tuscaloosa Rifles (Company G, 11th Alabama Infantry.) 

Twiggs Cavalry (Company — , Carswell's battalion. Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Twiggs Guards (Company I, 6th Georgia Infantry.) 

Twiggs Guards (Company E, Crescent Regiment, Louisiana infantry.) 

Twiggs Rifles, Company A (Company G, 23d Louisiana Infantry.) 

Twiggs Rifles, Company B (Company H, 23d Louisiana Infantry.) 

Twiggs Rifles (Captain B. GrifiSn's company Local Defense Troops, Louisiana.) 

Twiggs Volunteers (Company C, 4th Georgia Infantry.) 

Tyranny Unmasked Artillery (Company K, 47th Virginia Infantry.) 


Union Allegheny Troopers (company six months' Local Defense TroopSj Georgia.) 

Union Farmers (Company B, 43d North Carolina Troops.) 

Union Light Infantry (Company P, Charleston Battalion, South Carolina infantry.) 

Union Rebels (Company H, 6th Florida Infantry.) 

Union Rifles (Company C, 3d Louisiana Infantry.) 

Union and Sabine Rifles (Company A, 6th Louisiana Infantry.) 

United Artillery (originally Company B, 41st Virginia Infantry ; April 19, 1862, be- 
came artillery; June 21, 1862, Company C, 19th Batt'n Virginia Heavy Artillery.) 

University Grays (Company A, 11th Mississippi Infantry.) 

University Volunteers (Company — , 59th Virginia Infantry.) 

Upshur Grays (Company A, afterward B, 25th Virginia Infantry.) 

Upson Cavalry (Company — , 12th Georgia State Guards.) 

Upson Volunteers (Company — , 13th Georgia Infantry.) 

Uriah Rifles (Company — , North Carolina .) 

Utterback's Dragoons (Company D, 4th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Uwharie Boys (Company H, 38th North Carolina Troops.) 

Uwharie Grays (Company L, 12th North Carolina Infantry— 22d N. C. Troops.) 

Vaiden Artillery (Company L, 1st Mississippi Artillery.) 

Vaiden Guard (Captain J. A. Applewhite's company Local Defense Troops, Miss.) 
Valcourt Aim6 Guards (Company A, afterward D, 30th Louisiana Infantry.) 
Valdosta Guards (Company D, 50th Georgia Infantry.) 
Valley Blues — See Coosa Valley Guards. 
Valley Cavalry (Company C, 14th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Valley Guards (Captain N. J. Walker's company .) 

Valley Bangers (Company — , Georgia .) 

Valley Rangers (Company E, 1st Virginia Cavalry.) 

Valley Rangers (Company H, 8th Battalion Virginia Cavalry ; afterward Company H, 
10th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Valley Rebels (Company P, 37th North Carolina Troops.) 

Valley Regulators (Company K, 11th Virginia Infantry.) 

Valley Reserves (Company B, 10th Battalion Virginia Reserves.) 

Valverde Battery (Captain Joseph D. Sayers' company Texas artillery.) 

Van Dorn Guards (Captain S. B. Davis' company .) 

Van Dorn Guards (Company B, 38lh Mississippi Infantry.) 

Van Dorn Guards (Company A, 8th Texas Infantry.) 

Van Dorn Infantry (Company — , Texas Infantry.) 

Van Dorn Light Artillery (Captain Wm. T. Mechling's company Texas artillery.) 

Van Dorn Reserves (Company I, 11th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Vance Guards (Company A, 19th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Vance Guards (4th North Carolina Cavalry — 59th N. C. Volunteers.) 

Vance Guards (Company D, 61st North Carolina Troops.) 

Vance Troop (5th North Carolina Cavalry — 63d N. C. Volunteers.) 

Varina Artillery (Captain John P. Harrison's company Virginia artillery ; afterward 
Company D, 5th Battalion Virginia Infantry.) 

Varina Troop (Captain Albert M. Aiken's company Virginia volunteers.) 

Vason Guards (Captain P. Robinson's company Georgia volunteers.) 

Vaughan Rebels (Company B, 1st Mississippi Light Artillery.) 


Vawter Battery; also called Western Artillery (Captain L. A. Vawter's company Vir- 
ginia artillery ; afterward Company C, 30th Battalion Virginia Sharpshooters.) 

Ventress Life Guards (Captain Joseph Goldman's company Local Defense Troops, 
Louisiana. ] 

Vernon Guards (Company E, 2d Louisiana Infantry. ) 

Verona Rifles (Company E, 4ist Mississippi Infantry.) 

Vicksburg Artillery (Captain P. S. TuU's company Mississippi artillery.) 

Vicksburg Confederates (Company L, 21st Mississippi Infantry. ) 

Vicksburg Sharpshooters (Company G, 12th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Vicksburg Southrons; also called Volunteer Southrons (Company A, 1st Battalion 
Mississippi Infantry ; afterward Company A, 21st Mississippi Infantry.) 

Victoria Volunteers (Company C, 4th Texas Cavalry.) 

Vienna Rifles (Company C, 2d Louisiana Infantry.) 

Vigilant Fire Company (Charleston, S. C.) 

Vigilant Infantry (Company A, Augusta Fire Brigade, Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 

Vigilant Rifles (Captain S. Y. Tupper's company, 1st South Carolina Militia Artillery.) 

Violet Guards (Company K, 6th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Virginia Artillery (Company D, 9th Virginia Infantry.) 

Virginia Blues (Company I, 7th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Virginia Dare Devils (Company F, 4th Virginia Infantry.) 

Virginia Defenders (Company C, 16th Virginia Infantry.) 

Virginia Guard (Company — , 20th Virginia Infantry. ) 

Virginia Guards (Company D, 7th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Virginia Guards (Captain L. W. Broock's company Texas volunteers.) 

Virginia Hibernians (Company B, 27th Virginia Infantry.) 

Virginia Home Artillery — See Home Artillery. 

Virginia Life Guard (Company B, 15th Virginia Infantry.) 

Virginia Rangers (Company H, 61st Virginia Infantry.) 

Virginia Rangers (Company — , Major W. H. F. Lee's battalion Virginia cavalry ; 
afterward Company H, 9th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Virginia Rangers (Company K, 5th Virginia Cavalry.) 


Virginia Riflemen (Company B, 66tli North Carolina Troops.) 

Virginia Riflemen (Company B, 3d Virginia Infantry.) 

Virginia State Line Artillery (battalion Virginia artillery.) 

Virginia Volunteer Navy (Company — , Virginia .) 

Voltigeurs D' Orleans (Company — , infantry battalion, Louisiana Legion, Louisiana 
' volunteers.) 

Volunteer Guards (Company F, 1st Mobile Regiment, Alabama volunteers.) 

Volunteer Southrons — See Vicksburg Southrons. 


Waocainaw Light Artillery (attached to 10th South Carolina Infantry ,; afterward Cap- 
tain Joshua Ward's company South Carolina artillery.) 

Wagner Light Artillery (Company D, Palmetto Battalion Liglit Artillery, South Caro- 

Wake Guards (Company D, 26th North Carolina Troops.) 

Wake Rangers (Company I, 3d North Carolina Cavalry— 41st N. C. Volunteers.) 

Wake Rangers (Company G, 7th North Carolina Infantry. ) 

Wakulla Tigers (Company I, 5th Florida Infantry.) 

Wakulla Volunteer Guards (Company D, 3d Florida Infantry.) 

Walker Artillery — See Purcell Artillsry.) 

Walker Cavalry (Company A, Culberson's battalion, Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 

Walker Cavalry (Company B, Culberson's battalion, Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 

Walker Cavalry (Company C, Culberson's battalion, Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Walter Guards (Company K, 3d Alabama Infantry.) 

Walker Guards (Company A, Wheat's Special Battalion, Louisiana infantry.) 

Walker Guards (Company A, afterward G, 58th Virginia Infantry.) 

Walker Independents (Company C, 60th Georgia Infantry.) 

Walker Invincibles — See Bartow lavincibles. 

Walker Legion (Company F, 28th Alabama Infantry.) 

Walker Legion (2d Tennessee Infantry, Provisional Army.) 

Walker Light Infantry (Company I, 1st Georgia Volunteers.) 

Walker Light Infantry (Company — , North Carolinaa Infantry.) 

Walker Mounted Rifles (Captain C. Lovenskiold's company Texas cavalry.) 
Walker Reserves (Company A, 1st Mississippi Infantry.) 
Walker Reynolds Guards (Company A, 29th Alabama Infantry.) 
Walker Rifles (Company B, 55th Georgia Infantry.) 
Walker Roughs (Company D, 16th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Walker's Artillery (Captain Lacey's company Arkansas artillery.) 

Wallisville Minute Men (Captain -^^^^ Fielding's company Texas volunteers.) 

Walnut Grove vXntelrs } (Company B, 27th Mississippi Infantry.) 


Walnut Hill Company — , Virginia .) 

Walthall Rebels (Company G, 29tli Mississippi Infantry.) 

Walton Guards (Company E, 9tli Georgia State Guards.) 

Walton Infantry (Company H, llth Georgia Infantry.) 

Walton Rangers (Company — , 10th Georgia State Guards.) 

War Department Guards (Company A, 3d Battalion, Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

War Hornets (Company H, 16th Alabama Irifantry.) 

Ward Avengers (Company G, 8th 'Florida Infantry.) 

Wafd Volunteers (Company C, 9th Georgia State Guards.) 

Ware Guards CCompany D, 26th Georgia Infantry.) 

Ware Volunteers (Company B, 50th Georgia. Infantry.) 

Ware Volunteers (Company — , llth Georgia State Guards.) 

Wai:lock Guards (Company — , 22d Alabama Infantry.) 

Warren Aiken Guards (Company E, 64th Georgia Infantry.) 

Warren Defenders (Company — , Wilson's battalion, Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Warren Defenders (Company G, 43d North Carolina Troops.) 

Warren Dragoons (Company G, Wirt Adams Cavalry, Mississippi.) 

Warren Guard (Company A, 2d North Carolina Infantry.) 

Warren Guards (Captain J. P. Brown's company Mississippi home'guards.) 

Warren Infantry (Company B, 48th Georgia Infantry.) 

Warren Light Artillery (Captain Charles Swett's company 'Mississippi' artillery.') 

Warren Rangers (Company E, 7th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Warren Riflemen (Company B, 12th Uorth Carolina Infantry.) 

Warren Rifles (Company C, 19th Mississippi Trifafltryi) 

Warren Rifles (Company G, 2d North CarolinaT!nfantry.) 

Warren Rifles (Company B, I7th Virginia Infantry.) 

Jvarren Volunteers (Company H, 21st Mississippi Infantry.) 

Wrenton f^^""") (Company K, 17th Virginia Infantry.) 
Warrior Guards (Captain R. D. Rodes' company Alabama volunteers.) 


Warrior Rangers (Company D, 2d Alabama Cavalry.) 

Warsaw Rifles (Company C, 25tli Georgia Infantry.) 

Warsaw Sampsons (Company B, Slst North Carolina Infantry.) 

Warwick Beauregards (Company H, 32d Virginia Infantry.) 

Warwick Rangers (Company — , 23d Virginia Infantry.) 

Washington Artillery (assigned as Company P to Ist Independent Georgia Battalion j 
afterward Company P, Ist Confederate Volunteers — 36th Georgia Infantry ; after- 
ward Burtwell's and Pritchard's batteries.) 

Washington Artillery (Louisiana artillery battalion.) 

Washington Artillery (Captain George H. Walter's company South Carolina artillery.) 

Washington Artillery (Company A, Hampton Legion Artillery Battalion, South Caro- 

Washington Artillery (Captain P. W. Bibb's company Tennessee artillery.) 

Washington Cadets — of Algiers (Company — , Louisiana .) 

Washington Artillery ; also called Hampton Artillery (originally Company K, 32d 
Virginia Infantry ; afterward Company A, 1st Virginia Artillery.) 
Washington Battalion (St. Paul's Foot Rifles, Louisiana vorunteersX~v 
Washington Cavalry (Company D, 28th Mississippi Cavalry.) 

Washington Cavalry 1 See also Clarke County Cavalry (Company D, 1st Vir- 

Washingtou Mounted Rifles ,( ginia Cavalry.) 

Washington County Cavalry (Company B, Stephens' battalion, Local Defense Troops, 

SSn 8oun? ?XSs } (Co-Pany K, 6th Florida Infantry.) 

Washington County Company (Company B, 1st Georgia Volunteers.) 

Washington County Volunteers (Company H, 7th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Washington Grays (Company B, 7th Virginia Infantry.) 

Washington Greys (Company A, 7th North Carolina Infai^try. ) 

Washington Guards (Company E, 3d Alabama Militia.) 

Washington Guards (Company C, 49th Georgia Infantry.) 

Washington Guards (Company H, Crescent Regiment, Louisiana infantry.) 

Washington Guards (Company A, 30th Virginia Infantry.) 

Washington Independents (Company B, 37th Virginia Infantry.) 

Washington Light Infantry (Company B, 3d Alabama Infantry.) 


Washington Light Infantry (Company B, Augusta Fire Batt'n, Local Defense Troobs, 

Washington Light Infantry (Company B, 21st, afterward 22d, Louisiana Infantry,) 
Washington Light Infantry (Company A, 25th South Carolina Infantry,) 

Washington Light Infantry (Company A, infantry battalion, Hampton Legion, South 
Carolina volunteers.) 

Washington Mounted Artillery (Company A, 7th Battalion South Carolina Infantry,) 

Washington Mounted Rifles— See Washington Cavalry, Virginia.) 

Washington Rifles (Company B, 32d Georgia Infantry.) 

Washington Rifles (Company E, 1st Georgia Volunteers.) 

Washington Rifles (Company I, 9th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Washington Rifles (Company I, 15th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Washington Sharpshooters (Company B, 11th Alabama Infantry.) 

Washington Volunteers (Company K, 1st Volunteers, Georgia infantry.) 

Washington Volunteers (Company B, 1st Virginia Infantry.) 

Washington Volunteers (Company H, 7th Virginia Infantry.) 

Washingtonians (Company — , Virginia .) 

Waskey's Mills Company Home Guards (Company — , Botetourt Regiment, Virginia,) 

Wassamassaw (Company D, 2d South Carolina Cavalry.) 

rWatauga Marksmen (Company B, 37th North Carolina Troops.) 

Watauga Minute Men (Company B, 37th North Carolina Troops.) 

Watauga Rangers (Company D, 1st North Carolina Cavalry — 9th N. C. Volunteers.) 

Watauga Troopers (Company I, 58th North Carolina Partisan Rangers.) 

Watchesaw Riflemen (Captain Ward's company South Carolina volunteers.) 

Water Valley Rifle Guards (Company F, 15th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Watson Battery (Captain D. Beltzhoo ver' s company Louisiana artillery.) 

Watson Guards (Company B, infantry battalion, Hampton Legion, South Carolina 

Waul's Legion (Texas volunteers.) 

Waverly Confederates (Captain Powell's company Texas volunteers.) 

■ Waxhaws No. 2 (Company F, 48th North Carolina Troops.) 


Wayne Cavalry Guards (company six months' Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

Wayne County Volunteers (Company I, 35th North Carolina Troops.) 

Wayne Guards (Company G, 6th Georgia State Guards.) 

Wayne and Mercer Rangers (Company A, 24th Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 

Wayne Rangers (Company A, 4th (Clinch's) Georgia Cavalry.) 

Wayne Rangers (Company A, 24th Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 

Wayne Rifles (Company C, 13th Mississippi Infantry.) 

W. C. Faulkner Guards (Company B, 23d Mississippi Infantry.) 

Webster Company (Company G, 25th Virginia Infatitry.) 

Webster Dare Devils (Captain D. McLaughlin's company Virginia volunteers.) 

Webster Invincibles (46th Georgia Infantry.) 

Webster Rifles (Company A, 17th Georgia Infantry.) 

Wee Nel VokntTers } ^""'P^"? ^ (Company C, 25th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Wesson Artillery (Captain J. C. Kettrell's company Local Defense Troops, Mississippi 

West Augusta Artillery"! (Captain J. H. Waters' company Virginia artillery; attached 
West Augusta Guards / as Company L to 5th Virginia Infantry.) 

West Baton R,ouge Tirailleurs (Company H, 4th Louisiana Infantry.) 

West Feliciana Home Scouts (Captain Dan. R. Gorham's independent company Louisi - 
West JJ'eliciana KiBes (.uompany ji, am ul>ujdi<»uu iu^-uoij.; ■ j^j^avolu- teersTT 

West Infantry (Company E, Whitehead's battalion, Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 

West Point Guards (Company D, 4th Georgia Infantry.) 

West Tennessee Riflemen (Company F, 4th (Neely's) Tennessee Infantry.) 

West View Infantry (Company F, 5th Virginia Infantry.) 

Westbrook Guards (Company E, 11th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Western Artillery — See Vawter Battery. 

Western and Atlantic Guards (Captain Hull's company Georgia infantry.) 

Western Carolina Stars (Company P, 37th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Western Rangers (Company C, 2d Missouri Cavalry.) 

Western Rangers (Company H, 54th North Carolina Troops.) 

Westmoreland Cavalry (Company — , 1st Battalion Virginia Cavalry ; afterward Com- 
pany C, 9th Virginia Cavalry.) 


Westmoreland Greys (Company B, 55th Virginia Infantry.) 

Weston Guard (Company C, 1st Maryland Infantry.) 

Westville Guards (Company B, 16th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Wharton Artillery (Company H, 34th Virginia Infantry.) 

Wharton Greys (Company B, 51st Virginia Infantry.) 

Wharton Guards (Company L, 8th Texas Cavalry.) 

Wheat Life Guards (Company B, Wheat's Special Battalion, Louisiana infantry.) 

Wheat's Special Battalion — See First Special Battalion. 

Wheeler Dragoons (cavalry company attached to Rains' regiment, Local Defense 
Troops, Georgia.) 

Wheeler's Rifles— See Jackson Avengers, Alabama. 

Wheeler's Scouts (Captain R. D. Anderson's company — '".) 

Wheelock Home Guards (Captain S. B. Killough's company Texas volunteers.) 

Whippy Swamp Guards (Company D, 11th South Carolina Infantry.) 

White Cavalry (Company B, 4th Georgia State Guards.) 

White Hall Guards (Company H, S'Sth Virginia Infantry.) 

White Home Guards (Company G, 8th Georgia State Guards.) 

White Plains Rangers (Company C, Bth Battalion Alabama Infariti-y.) 

White Rebels (Company B, 38th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Whitesville Guards (Company B, 20th Georgia Infantry.) 

Whitfield Rifles (Company D, 27th Texas Cavalry.) 

Whitfield Volunteers (Company D, 60th Georgia Infantry.) 

Whitfield's Legion ; also called 1st Texas Legion (27th Texas Cavalry.) 

Whittle Guards (Com'pany D, 10th Battalion Georgia Infantry.) 

Whitworth Riflemen fCaptain C. P. Vanderford's company .) 

Whitworth Sharpshooters (Lieutenant John J. Dennis' company Alabama volunteers.) 

Wigfall Grays (Company C, 4th (Neely's) Tennessee Infaatry.) 

Wigfall Guards (attached to 9th Texas Infantry.) 

Wigfall Rifles (Company D, 15ih Mississippi Infantry.) 

Wigfall Rifles (Captain S. B, Woodruffs company Mississippi volunteers.) 

Wilcox Cavalry Greys (Company — , Carswell's battalion, Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 
Wilcox Rangers (Company C, 3d Alabama Cavalry.) 

Wilcox Rifles (Company H, lOth Georgia Infantry.) 

I ^Wild Cat Cavalry; also called Mounted Wild Cats (Captain 0. P^ Miller's company 
Louisiana cavalry.) 

Wilkerson Rifles (Company F, 3d Georgia Infantry.) 

Wilkes Grays (Company F, 52d North Carolina Troops.) 

Wilkes Guards (Company G, 54th North Carolina Troops.) 

Wilkes Rangers (Company K, 53d North Carolina Troops.) 

Wilkes Regulars (Company D, 33d North Carolina Troops.) 

Wilkes Valley Guards (Company B, 1st North Carolina Infantry.) 

Wilkes Valley Guards (Company B, 5th North Carolina Infantry — 15th N. C. Troops.) 

Wilkes Volunteers (Company C, 26th North Carolina Troops.) 

Wilkinson Guards (Company D, 38th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Wilkinson Invincibles (Company A, 49th Georgia Infantry.) 

Wilkinson Rifles (Company K, 16th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Wilkinson Volunteers (Company — , Carswell's battalion. Local Defense Troops, Ga.) 

Wilkinson Volunteers (Company A, 6th Georgia State Guards.) 

Williams Guard (Company B, 3d South Carolina Infantry.) 

Williams Volunteers (Company C, 32d Georgia Infantry.) 

Williamsburg Artillery — See Lee Artillery.) 

Williamsburg Junior Guards (Company C, 32d Virginia Infantry.) 

Williamsburg Light Dragoons (Company I, 4th South Carolina Cavalry.) 

Williamsburg Light Dragoons (Captain J. C. Wilson's company South Carolina vols.) 

Williamson County Cavalry (Company C, 1st Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.) 

Williamson County Cavalry (Company F, 4th Tennessee Cavalry.) 

Williamson Grays (Company D, 1st (Maney's) Tennessee Infantry.) 

Williamsport Guards ( 

Willington Rangers (Company B, 17th South Carolina Battalion ; afterward Company 
G, 5th South Carolina Cavalry.) 

Wilmington Horse Artillery (Company 1, 1st North Carolina Artillery — 10th N. C Vols.) 


Wilmington Light Artillery (Company E, 1st North Carolina Artillery — 10th N. C. 

Wilmington Light Infantry (Company G, 8th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Wilmington Railroad Guard (Company — , 51st North Carolina Infantry.) 

Wilmington Railroad Guards (battalion North Carolina volunteers.) 

Wilmington Rifle Guards (Company I, 8th North Carolina Infantry.) 

Wilmington and Weldon Railroad Guard (Captain W. H. Freeman's company North 
Carolina infantry.) 

Wilson Grays (Company C, 50th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Wilson Guards (Company B, 61st Virginia Infantry.) 

Wilson Light Infantry (Captain Barnes' company .) 

Wilson Partisan Rangers (Captain J. J. Lawrence's company North Carolina vols.) 

Wilson Rangers (Captain W. H. Berthelot's company Louisiana volunteers.) 

Wilson Rifles (Company B, 2d North Carolina Infantry.) 

Wilson Tigers (Company I, 48th Georgia Infantry.) 

Winchester Riflemen (Company P, 2d Virginia Infantry.) 

Winder Cavalry (Company B, 1st Maryland Cavalry.) 

Winder Rangers (Company H, 1st Battalion Maryland Infantry— afterward 2d Mary- 
land Infantry.) 

Windsor Guards (Company F, 1st Trans-Mississippi (29th Arkansas) Regiment.) 

Windsor Guards (Company I, 2d Missouri Cavalry.) 

Winn Rebels (Company F, 27th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Winn Rifles (Company C, 8d Louisiana Infantry.) 

Winona Stars (Company B, 15th Missiaeippi Infantry.) 

Winsmith Guards (Company H, 1st South Carolina Infantry.) 

Winsto"n Guards (Company B, 13th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Winston Rifles (Company F, 5th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Wiregrass Boys (Company A, 20th Battalion Georgia Cavalry.) 

Wiregrass Minute Men (Company C, 26th Georgia Infantry.) 

Wiregrass Rifle Company (Company F, 26th Georgia Infantry.) 

Wirt Adams Cavalry (1st Mississippi Cavalry.) 


Wise Artillery (Captain James S. Brown's company Virginia artillery ; originally Cap- 
tain B. G. Alburtis' company.) 

Wise Cavalry (10th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Wise Dragoons (Company H, 6tli Virginia Cavalry.) 

Wise Fencibles ; afterward Montgomery Pencibles (Company G, 4th Virginia Infantry.) 

Wise Guards (originally Company K, 25th Georgia Infantry ; afterward Company B, 
22d Battalion Georgia Siege Artillery.) 

Wise Legion (Virginia volunteers.) 

Wise Legion Artillery (battalion Virginia artillery. ) 

Wise Mounted Guard (Company D, 10th Virginia Cavalry.) 

Wise Troop (Company B, 2d Virginia Cavalry.) 

Wise Yankee Catchers (Company H, 50th Virginia Infantry.) 

Withers Light Artillery (1st Mississippi Artillery.) 

Wolf Creek Marksmen (Company G, 38th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Woodis Rifles (Company C, 6th Virginia Infantry.) 

Woodruff Rifles (Company P, 21st Alabama Infantry.) 

Woodville Rifles (Company P, 1st Texas Infantry.) 

Woodville Sharpshooters (Company G, 12th Alabama Infantry.) 

Woodworth Rifles (Company — , Texas .) 

Worth Infantry (Company F, 59th Georgia Infantry.) 
Worth Reserves (company six months' Local Defense Troops, Georgia.) 
Wright Boys (Company P, 13th Tennessee Infantry.) 
Wright Infantry (Company H, 2d Georgia Infantry.) 
Wright's Legion (38th Georgia InfaEtry.) 

W. W. Parmer Guards (Captain C. W. Hodges' company .) 

Wyatt Guards (attached to 2d Alabama Militia.) 
Wythe Grays (Company A, 4th Virginia Infiintry.) 
Wythe Regiment (regiment of Virginia home guards.) 
Wythe Rifles (Company A, 32d Virginia Infantry.) 
Wytheville Grays (Company — , Virginia .) 


Yagers (Company I, 21st, afterward 22d, Louisiana Infantry.) 

Talabusha Rangers (independent company Local Defense Troops, Mississippi.) 

Yalabusha Rifles (Company H, 15th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Yancey Boys (Company C, 58th North Carolina Partisan Rangers.) 

Yancey Fire Eaters (Captain D. B. Coleman's company .) 

Yancey Grays (Company D, 14th Alabama Infantry.) 
Yancey Guards (Company G, 18th Alabama Infantry.) 
Yancey Guards (Company G, 13th Alabama Infantry.) 
Yancey Guards (Company I, 10th Alabama Infantry.) 

Yancey Invincibles (Company H, 21st Georgia Infantry.) 

Yancey Rifles (Company E, 11th Alabama Infantry.) 

Yancey Riflemen (Company H, 13th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Yanceyville Grays (Company A, 3d North Carolina Infantry^-13th N. C. Troops.) 

Yancy Guards (Company D, 56th Virginia Infantry.) 

Yancy Guards (Company G, 37th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Yankee Doctors (Captain Patterson's company Virginia volunteers.) 

Yankee Hunters (Company D, 36th Mississippi Infantry.) , 

Yankee Hunters (Company G, 1st Confederate Cavalry.) 

Yankee Hunters (Company D, 28th North Carolina Troops.) 

Yankee Hunters — See Barbour Yankee Hunters. 

Yankee Terrors (Company A, 8th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Yazoo Company (Company K, Wirt Adams Cavalry, Mississippi.) 

Yazoo Minute Men (Company K, 10th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Yazoo Rangers (independent company Mississippi State Troops.) 

Yazoo Grays (Company E, 30th Mississippi Infantry.) 

Yeadon Light Infantry (Company H, 25th South Carolina Infantry.) 

Yell County Rifles (Company H, Ist Arkansas Mounted Rifles.) 

Yellow Jacket Artillery (Captain J. T. Mason's company Virginia artillery ; afterward 
Company C, 9th Virginia Infantry.) 


Yellow Jacket Battalion (10th Battalion Louisiana Partisan Rangers ; consolidated with 
18th Louisiana Infantry.) 

Yellow Jackets— See Yellow Jacket Battalion." ' i.) 

-WIT — - 

York Rangers (Company B, 17th South Carolina Infantry.) 

York Rangers (Company D, afterward I, 32d Virginia Infantry.) 

York River Infantry (Company A, 26th Virginia Infantry.) 

Yorkville Rifles (Company D, 18th Tennessee Infantry.) 

Young Grays (Captain Terrell's company Louisiana volunteers.) 

Young Guard (Captain John P. Cameron's independent company Tennessee infantry ; 
afterward Company — , 15th Tennessee Infantry ; afterward attached to Hindman's 
Legion; afterward Company B, 3d Confederate Infantry; in 1862 on guard duty 
at Atlanta, Georgia.) 

Young Guard (independent company Virginia infantry.) 

Young Guards (Company A, 3d Georgia Infantry.) 

Young Guards (Company H, 15th Virginia Infantry.) 

Young Rebels (Lieutenant W. W. Blair's company Local Defense Troops, Tennessee.) 

Young's Howitzer Company — See Harbor Brigade. 

TOTAL 3974- 

«A.' ' ''"