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Full text of "An English-Arabic vocabulary of the modern and colloquial Arabic of Egypt"

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3 1924 068 919 723 

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Cornell University 

The original of this book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

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Compiled by 






11^— tfVtfWVVW 

al-mokattAm printing office. 





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Not lojig after the appearance, in November 18'J5, of my 
Arabic-Englisli vocabulary of tlie modern and colloquial Arabic 
of Egypt, I was asked to compile, without delay, the comple- 
mentary English - Arabic part, Avhich, I was advised, would be 
of still greater use to those avIio possess little or no knowledge of 
Arabic especially the foreign officials iu the service of the Egyptian 
Government, and the tourists avIio visit this country in winter. 
It was likewise pointed out to me that the existing English- 
Arabic vocabularies either deal with the classical Arabic ( most 
of them excellent works) and therefore of use only to those 
who can read and write that language, but in which the 
peculiarities of the modern tongue are omitted; or are small 
compilations which, although in colloquial Arabic, include 
many words and phrases not generally iised in Egypt. For 
these reasons, and from the fact that the request made to me 
came from persons with whose wishes I am always pleased 
to comply, I was induced to undertake this work. In April 
18l)fi, just before leaving the countrj' on my iioliday, the 
vocabulary was completed. On my return in August of the 
same year I began to add the definitions and illustrative phrases 
so that the work was ia a condition to be placed in the 
hands of the printers in March of the present year. 

The book, as above explained, is intended to help the 
foreigners in Egypt to communicate intelligibly with the 
natives of this country; it, therefore, of necessity includes 
only such words and sentences as they may require. As most 
of these persons have but slight knowledge of Arabic grammar, 
the genders of nouns, the present tenses of verbs, and 

the plurals of adjectives aud nouns — which last are a 
source of constant difficulty to' learners of Arabic — have 
been included. English idiomatic expressions, generally not 
to be found in English - Arabic vocabularies, have also been 
given in the following pages. It is, therefore, hoped that owing 
to these distinctive features, this book will enable the foreigner 
to make himself understood to and by the natives of this 

As will be seen, the system of transliteration here adopted 
is the same as that employed in my previous work — a modi- 
fication of the Spitta system — but with a slight change, 
namely, the substitution of the y for the j. This change 
was made in deference to the severe criticism )>assed on the 
method of transliteration in the earlier volume by almost all 
those in Egypt who used my book, and who wei'e accus- 
tomed to the old system of transcribing Arabic, in which 
certain sounds are represented by two Latin characters, a 
puzzling system long ago discarded by Oriental scholars in 
most countries of EuroiDe, who would certainly have favoured 
the use of the more modern system in both volumes. 

Before concluding, I must not omit to mention my grateful 
thanks to my learned and distinguished friend, Professor Willard 
Fiske, of Florence, for the valuable assistance and advice he has 
given me in the compilation of this book, and especially for the 
Egyptological, botanical and other words which are to be found 
in the course of my work. It was he who interested me in 
the spoken Arabic which has for many years been the 
pleasant occupation of my hours of leisure, and if by the 
present volume or its predecessor, I have helped some stu- 
dents of Arabic in their studies, the credit is due to the con- 
stant help and encouragement I received from my friend. 

Thanks are also due to Mr. N. Bivbari, of the Pubhc 
Works Department, who kindly read the proofs and made 
many modifications. 


Cairo, October 1897. 













• Ijamsyn 












• sab'yn 

















- myia 





\ ' 

\ myiawewdhid 






V myiaweitnin 


\ • 



r . 

• mytin 






' tultumyia 






•• urbu^tnyia 





• • humsumyia 






> • sittumyia 






• ' subhimyia 






• • tumnumyia 






• tis^umyia 





\ • 

.. alf 






• • alfen 






" talataldf 





\ ' 

. • • "asartaldf 



itnin we ^isryn 



• • ' • myt alf 




1000000 \ . 


Days of the Week 

J^^l (._^_ 

ydm el hadd 


^■J'i\ (._,. 

ydm el itnSn 


^^* fii 

ydm et taldt 



ydm el arba" 


cr-/' fy. 

ydm el hamys 

: Thursday 

4«ir' fji 

ydm eg gtim'a 

; Friday 

Z^i.J\ ^jj 

ydm es sabt 


Solar or European Calendar 






































Lunar or Mohammedan Calendar 









(Jjl ^:!-' 

raby" auwil 



4^ ^.J 

raby' tdny 




gamdd auwil 


el qi'da 


gamcid tdny 


el higga 

Coptic Calendai- 























^J\ ^U 

ayidm en nasy 




of Weight 

















400 darhim 
36 toiqqa 
60 toiqqa 



ham la 

r.L ■/: 

1 darhim = \ kilogram ^ 0.003 = drams 1,76 

1 wiqyia = ,, 0.04 = ounces 1.32 

1 rati = ,. O.-iS = pounds 0.99 

1 wiqqa = ,, 1.25 = ,, 2.75 

1 qintdr = 



Measures of Capacity 

2 qyrdt = 

2 (ici'rruba = 

2 tumna = 

4 TM&'a = 

2 qadah = 

1 h'^rrdba 
1 tumna 
1 rr<6 "a 
1 qadah 
1 malwa 

2 malwa 

2 ra&' 

2 fe^ta 

6 i«^6a 


1 rw6' 

1 fe^to 

1 M5^6a 

1 ardabb 

1 ardabb = 198 litres 

bushels 5.45 

Measures for precious stones 

4 qamha = 1 gr/rd( 
16 gyrd^ = i darhim 
i '/i darhim = 1 mitqdl 



qamha = 


0.049 = 

grains troy 0.75 




0,195 = 




darhim = 


3.12 « 




miiqdl = 


4.68 = 



Measures of Length 
24 qyrdt = i dird 

dird' nyly 


0.54 centimetres 

dird' hinddza 



dird'- istanbuly 



dird' balady 





24 sahm 


1 qyrdt 

24 qyrdt 


1 fadddn 


333.3 square qasaba 

or 4200 ,, meters 


3.55 meters 

Th(i Money 

10 milliemes) 
or 40 paras) 

1000 milliemes) 
or 100 piastresC 

975 milliemes) 
or 97'/, piastresf" 

771.5 milliemes) 
or 77 "/jo piastres) 

= 1 Piastre 

1 L. E. 

= 1 Lstg. 

1 Napoleon 

48.75 milliemes^ 
or 4 '7i" piastres! 

38.75 milliemes) 
orS 'Yjo piastresC 

25 centimes) 
or 27, pence) 

1 Shilling 

1 Franc 

1 Piastre 


The Provinces of Egypt 



**■:'. ^P 


4.J t 







sarqy ia 








as y tit 












I hud{id{¥ voniier) 

The Gouvcrnorates of Egypt 

j.^ masr^ Cairo 
*ijJa5C-l iskindiryia, 
j^_^J\ es su4s, Suez 
Jt-«>.j^i &(5rsa'?/(i, Port-Said 
Al^\fj>)l\isma'ylyia^ Ismailia 

J:(jJ\ eZ '^arys, Ariche 
lA.>idumyAt, Damietta 

j-^VI j'Sr' J<^'^- sawdhil 

el bahr el ahmar. 

Red Sea Littoral 




a like English a in at. 

d like English a in bar. 

e like English « in send, bed. 

i like English aij in saij. 

i like Enghsh i in »'«/>. 

like English o in not 

6 like English o in note. 

U like English ?t in full. 

A like English oo in /oo/. 

{/ like English y in y«.?, or ee in si«eZ. 

^ like English t , but with a rounding of the lips (as in 

forming the letter o), and with slightly greater stress. 
g like a strongly - aspirated guttural r. 
h like English h in horde, but slightly more aspirated. 
^ like German ch in acJi, dock, or Scotch ch in loeh. 
d like English d uttered with a rounding of the lips 

and slightly greater stress. 
S like English .?/* in fisldng. 


like English *■, but with a rouudiug of the liptt 
aud eome'what greater stress. 

an explosive articulation, made by compressing the 
air - passages deep down in the throat, 
is in Cairo a catching ( or quick, forced expulsion) of the 
breath ; in other parts of Egypt like the English g in 
gourd, but somewhat deeper and stronger. 
The rest of the letters are pronounced as in Eug lish 


Explanation of the signs used in this book 

All Arabic substautive.s are followed by their plurals in 
pareutliosia. Wlieii tliere arc two phivals both are given, sepa- 
rated by a semicolon. 

Arabic verbs are entered imder their root - form (past tense, 
third person singular masculine) followed, in parenthesis, by 
the present tense first person singular. 

The dash in connection with Enghsh prefixes or affixes, or in 
an English phrase, replaces the English word under treatment. 

The dash within a parenthesis, preceded or followed by 
one or more letters, indicates the repetition of the Arahic 
word given before the parenthesis with the prefixes or affixes 

When two or more Arabic substantives are of the same 
gender, the indication of that gender is given after the last 



— noun 


— article 


— adjective 


— , pronoun 


— verb transitive 


— verb intransitive 


— adverb 


— preposition 


— conjunction 


— interjection 


— masculine 


— feminine 


— singular 


— phu-al 


A, an, a.j^\iwdhid. - house 
c-j b^i; Jio-l^^-j bet wdhid. — 
\vomail<,jis-lji,lj.mara wdhda. 
three — dayp4\ JaJ^L" taldta 
fll f/d/n; Aj'^r »jj ^huU ydm 
taldta. A 1 .^'cl a'M/i ; JW 
JU\ 'dZ el 'dl. - piastre an 
ounce J^j% vJ^ ei wiqyia 
bi Qirs. 

Abandon, vt. ^j tarak 
(atruk);^[^ sdb (asyb);..^ 
sayyib (a-); oU fdt (afut); 
j^ hagar (ahgur). 

Abandonment.n . 6jtark; 
^_^^J.tasyyb; j^Jy fawaldn; 
C^j^ hugrdn, m. 

Abbey, n. x^ d4j\ m. 
{dlyAr; adyura.) 

Abbreviate, ot.j.a;j~\i(}ta^ 

,sa r (a/} tisir);j^ qassa r{a—). 

Abbreviation, n.j\^i~\ ilj_ 
tisdr-jK^i) taqsyr^ m. 

Abc,o>_.l. as easy as — J^- 
4..V* ^j^ iSj sahl say surb el 

Abdicate, oi.^^t^JjU'l Und- 
zil ^an (atndsil);^jM^\jC'i}j, 
nisil ^an ek kursy (anzil). 

Abdication, n.jyft^Z;Jjlo 
tandsal; i^'^\ ijf- ^ij nizul 
'■an ek kursy , m. 

Ability, n.>jJiqudra;cjXi'. 
maqdara; *jlW tdqa; .jlki. 
iatdra, f. man of great -Jrj 
(^y^Ul- rdgil sdtir qawy. 

Able, a.ji\i qddir (-yn); 
jjtii* muqtadir (-yn). he 
is an - man JAi. J»-jy huwa 



rdgil sdtir. — hoAied^A-lify 
qawy eg gism. 

Ablution, n.^J.^ widCi, m. 
moke one's -s ^^iyMtwadda 
( atwadda ). one who has 
mode his -s ^^^jx^m itwaddy 
(-yn). place where -s are 
made {J^ m^da^ /■. (meddt). 

Abolish, vt. Jki battal 
(a-); J lagafalgy). 

Abolition, n. Jlksl ibtdl; 

Abortion, n.Li^ ^o,Qt., rn. 

About, ad J^^ hdl; ^jjll^^ 
hawaUn; j,x\.y_\:,ddyir ma 
yidCir. all - tlie house J^J 
C-xJ\ fykullelbdt. 

About, pre. Lji iaqry_ 
ban; ^c- 'an; ^i-^^. biljusus; 
^"ala.- four poundsAA>jlC, ^i' 
A-:?- taqryban arba'a gin^; 
'■-'■'T'^'lj'^i^izyigyf^r-ba'a ginS. 
what arc you lolklng - ■? ^/iz,_ 

ajI bitqul ih. - the streets 
d^J\ (j /ts sikak. I have no 
money - me ^_^ isrr^ (J-.-* ^ 
ma fys fy gSby flliis;jJ\.jL> U 
^jli ma ma^ayds filds. he 
is - to eat jjj:>^y\ ^j rdyih 
ydkuldilwaqt. what is all 
this - ? ^ajI jp Ij da 'an ^/i 
kulloh. he runs - the field 
ii-vS\ J (ijs^ biyigry fll gdt 

^cj,min 'ala; Jy j^* min 
fdq.- all l^_^^;- husu,san.- 
ground ,Li-l aJ Ji 'aZa q^d 
el hayd; Ljjl j-jjc 'ala toiss 
ed dinya; ^^W tayyib. - 
mentioned ;^LI j/^l el 
maskiira^ldh, over and - 
Jc >)% 'aldiva 'ala; Jc ol. j 
zydda 'ala. 

Abreast,ad.^jJl6iZ 'arr/; 
jA^* misaddar. 

Abroad, arfjj; barrajUj4 



hahr barra.when I was - ll 
yL»^i<.;S tamma hunt misdfir. 

Abscess,, n. J*^ dimmil 
(damAmil);Aji-burrdg ^ m. 

Absence^ n. .-.l-c- gydb: jUi 
bu^dd-jj^^u-^dcadam huddr-^ 
iy^i fScadam loigud, m. aJc 
giba, f. 

Ahsenl,^. ^\cgdy ib(- gn ) ; 
jjXa-^A musbdclir(-yn); J-« 
jj>-^« mas mawgiid (-yn). - 
minded a, I" 4-«e- ''aqloh tdyih; 
7-jU ^is^ 'aqloli sdrih. - on 
leave ojU-VI J p-\j rdh fll 

Absent, vt.^Mgdb (aggb). 

Absolutely, ac/. Vlk. mut- 
laqan; Cki qafan; J^^UVIJp 
'aZaZ itldq; ^jeii\i- (jdlis. 

Absorb, vt. ^Ja.^ mass (a__ 


-s all my llmc^jjS^i-L Jiil\ 

es sugl bydliudkull waqty. 

Abstain, vi. 



{amtini^}; Jk; battal {a—). 
he -ed from drink ^/.W Jk; 
battal es «Mr6;vj^) Ji=j battal 

Ab struct, n . (j^ji^'m « /a /i/ias^ 
maldas, m. 

Absurd, a. JU muhdl-^ 
Ja-S\ Jui rfirfd eZ 'agZ; J.i-* 
musiahgl. do nol be - (_^la;iU 
lu-f- ma tibqds '^abyl; AlUa^^. 
6a /a habdla. 

Absurdity, n.^lli'lis^ jMto, 
r f-j^ ^^kaldm fdrig ,m. 

Abundance, n.>5/cri^r,m. 
ojo kuira, f. -of food U-j 
ra/ja, m. 

Abundant, a.jc^ kltyr 
{katdr)\ iii}\ibi:a zdfa. fruit 
is - Akjjy ,i$^^ e/ fdkha m t_ 

Abuse, n,(insultjic*-'«i(i/_ 



ma; A.„* misabba, f. 

Ahu^e,vt .{\nsu\t) xJ:satam 
{astim); ,_^ sabb {asibb);j^ 
la''an {aVan); JiiiJJ^^aidoJZ 
lisdnoh (a-); A.;^Js qall ha_ 
ydh {aqill); ^j\ izsablah 
{aszablah), - confidence ^\i>- 
Udn (afiun). 

Abusive, a. (person) Ai. 
sattdm{-yn); o^-DIJi^?*- 
wyl el lisdn (Uctodl); Li-ljis 
qalyl elhaya (qalaldt);^\y 
mizablah {-yn). 

Abyssinia, n. j.X-\ :>%_ 
bildd el habah, f. 

Ahyssiman a. ^-..■^habasy 
(hibs; ahbds), 

m.i.:-:>fatna, f. - cgyptiaco*;' 
labah, m. blossom of the - 
cgypliaca U\J\ J>:> daqn el 
fed sa, /'.blossom of Ihe- nilo_ 
lica *.:y fatna, f. 

Accent, m. Jiil lafs; jkj 
nutq^ m. a;^ luga, f. 

^ij ridy {arda). 

Acceptable, a. J^i. maq- 
bCil {-yn); ^ipkuwayyis 

{-yr^) . 

Acceptance, n.J^ qibul; 
Uj rida, m. 

Accession,/! . (to throne) 
i^J^ gilCis, m. 

Accident, n. aT^U hddsa 
{hawddis); a»jIj wdq'a^ f. 
{waq'dt; waqdyr); ^jW ^d. 
rid, m, Cawdrid), 

Accidental, a. ajaJI bis 
sudfa; iixJW ^jfij^ bitaryq 
es sudfa; jAsIIj UsJl bil qada 
el 'arad. 

Accommodate, ol.'A^jray. 
iah (a-);^U sd'iyi-); J^ 
ka/fa{yikaff y).canyo\i -him 



for the night ? i}jc(> ataJjAs! 
(Si 4-z^\ tiqdar tibayyitoh 
'andak el Mia dy. 

Accommodation, n. a^\_} 
rdha, f. I have no — for you 
di! r,W* ^j^^:e■ U ma ''andys 
mat rah lak. 

Accompany, vt.\ i^jrdh 
toayia {arilh). I accompanied 
him to his house A:j.i a.:1^j 
wassaltoh II Mtoh. 

Accomplice, n.d^_j^siryk 

Accomplisii, vt. c tarn. 
mim (a- J; ^ kammil(a-); 
iSi\ adda (aaddy). he is an 
-ed man ^_^i.]*t.Jo-j y. huwa 
rdgil mWallim tayyib; ^ 
^ip, Jo-j huwa rdgil mu- 

Accomplishment, n. (.Isl 
itmdm; ^jSltakmyl, m. aj^I" 
tadyia, f. adab; ^i-^f 

tahzyb, m. 

Accord, n. jU"! ittifdq-^ 
ilil ittihdd, m. A-sVill iitifa- 
qyio-, f. of his own — \^a^y> 
m in nafsoh; -u-ii Ul' ^ m in 
tilqa nafsoh. 

According, pre, ^-j-Jc'aZo. 
hasab; ,_:f^c bimugib; (_^:ftC 
bimuqtada; Jc iU; bundan 
"a la. 

Accordingly, a d.3ii^^'l;&/n _ 
natyga; liili >_^;- Jc 'aia 
hasab zdlik; dJliJctU. &m. 
nda/i 'ato sdlik; \jo Jc 'ato 

Accouchement, n. oV^ 
wildda, m. 

Account,^. (number) ^L>- 
hisdb; {news) j^i- habar, m. 
(alibdr). old — <Ji^L>.i^ jsd6 
qadym. current - cSjU^Ls- 
/iisd& ^tii/'f/. statement of — 
>_jL9- u-iiS'^ /cas/" hisdb; o^ 



^Lp- baydn hlsdb. close an 
- ^Lp- Jii qafal hisdb; 
qaffil hisdb. keep -s dA^-. 
^{..^ mis ik hisdb. makeup 
an- ^L>- J^*^ 'amal hisdb. 
open -^\.^;^P fa tah hisdb. 
— hoo\i<..^[^^JliyIaftar hisdb. 
the -s oliLl-l el hisabdt; 
A.-UI ei mihdsba. on — of^i^i 
bisabab. the -s from Paris 
ctIj^. <>• A»-VI et a/jbdr min 
barys. on that - Ij.'T jIjLp 
'«sdM keda. 

Account, ot. ^^^ ha sab 
(ahsib); Jic- 'add (fa'idd;.how 
do you — for this? ^i^ ^r 
ajI 1j tiftikir sabab dadh. 

Accountant, n.c-\;L=-^rlS^ 
Mi!«6 hisabdt (kutabet); 
jf\ii mahasibgy (-iaj. 

Accoutrements, n. oU. 
ijJKicmuhimmdt 'askary_ 

Accumulate, vi. ^\j\ it_ 
rdkim (y-);i\jzdd (yizyd); 
^\ iggamma" fy-J; ^f\ 
ikkauwim (y-). 

Accumulation, n. pj 
tardkam-^ :^_:)}\i2diydd-jSt\j 
tazdyud, m. 

Accuracy, n. ajj diqqa,f. 
Ja-U sabt-^ i^\u\ itqdn, m. 

Accurate, a. jJ:> daqyq 
f—yn); \,^.\k. mazbtit (—yn); 
^/lU matqdn (—yn K 

Accurately, ad. ajJI. &id_ 
diqqa; LA^\i biz zabt. 

Accusation;, n. A^f luhma 
(tuham); isf^'^ sakwa (sa__ 
kdwy), f.X^\ithdm^m.(-dt). 
witnesses for the -oUV(j^(~i 
sihud el isbdt. 

Accuse, ot.^j.saka(asky); 
j^iil istaka (astiky); ^f 
taham (athim). he is -ed of 
theft iij^ j pp maihtim fy 



sirqa. Ihe-d ^\elmuita_ 
ham (—ynJ; ^y^\el maihum 


Accuser ^n.S^isdkyf-yn); 
^Ll, mustaky (-ynJ ; A 
tdhim (—ynJ. 

Accustom, vt. i'j^^auwid 
!a—);^Sj^jwabl}id 'ala(a-). 
—oneself io \ci.^i: si-}waUhid 
nafsoh "ala. -ed j.^:. niit_ 
'auto id (~yn); J^^j wd/}id 

Ace, n. (in cards)|_^lds,m. 

kc\ic, n.^iwaga'i aw gd^ ); 
i\ alam^m.(-dt}. head— »?-_) 
^\J\ wag a" er rds. tooth — 
^U\ .9-j waga'' es sindn. 

Ache, vt. ^3 waga" (yu_ 
ga'j; ^1 dlim (yi-J. my head 
— s j^o^^ti ^^-1; rdsj/ bituga"^. 
>^y>4^'T^j^s'^j^^sy ivag'dny. 

Acid, a.^jajXfhdmidi—yn). 

Acid, n. jaj>\o- hdm id: ja-t- 

himd, m. (hawdmid). 
Acidity ^n.^^ him Ada, f. 
Acknowledge, vl.j qarr 
(aqirrj;^j^f.\ i^taraf (a'ti- 
rif); ^-^^ (Jli qdl es sa/iyh 
(aqul). he -d his guilt ajJ^)_,5 
qarr bisanboh. I -d his let- 
ter J-»j 4jIj>- c^ aS ,:.,ipkaiabt 
loh inn gawdboh wisil ; 

■^.W (J*^ '^ ^I'^J raddet loh 
^ala gawdboh. 

Acknowledgment, n. j\j\ 
iqrdr (-dt);j>\Jfi.\ Vtirdf, 
m. (-dtj. 

Acquaint, vt. ^y 'arraf 
(a— J; Ul a^lam (aHim); j;i-l 
alibar (ahbirj-^ jj^ iSi\ idda 
habar (addy). get-ed with 
wJ ^j-H iCarraf bi. I am in- 
timately -ed with him a,»jp1 
^.U a'rafoh tayyib; iij-\ 
iijX\ j=- a'rafoh haqq el 


Acquaintance, n. ^tj-^ 
ma' r if a, f. (ma'drif). I 
have made his — a. o»_,»iI 
War raft bolt. 

Acquire, vt.^^'S\iktasab 
(aktisibj; Jo J^l ithassal 
'ala (athassal). 

Acquirement, n. ^\^dX 
iktisdb]^^i- tahsylm. the- 
of languages oUl IJ ta^aL 
lum el lugdt. 

Acquit, vt. ,lj: barrd 
(abarrtj). they -ted him /jl^ 
barratih; Jii:^L I jl_^ barraic 

Acquittal, n. ^uytabryia; 
^\J\ i,\j_ bardet es sdha, f. 

Acre, n.ifj\ii-\cj\jifadddn 


Across, pre.^j^[,bil "ard. 

3 Act 

when I came — him 4_s Ojt&lL 
lamma "itirt fyh. swim — 
j^ J ^ ^c'dm min barr li 

Act, n. (deed) J** 'a/nai,m. 
'amdyilJ; J^fi,H,m.(afdl); 
(law)A:^VMy/ta fjlacodyih); 
(play) J^ fasl, m. (fisAl)^ 
lie was caught in the very — 
i.'X^.ijZ^miskiih biamletoh] 
"4^^^. vi-A:« »^vl.. miskCih 
miilabbis bil gindya. 

Act, V t . (d o) Jo/a'a Ifafal); 
^y-'amal (a'-m il); (play)^j<»^ 
saf}fjas (a-); ^Mi'ib (atab K 
he -ed wisely Ja«j ^L. m isy 
bi'aql; Jjj o^^jl itsarraf 

Acting, n. (on stage)j_^Js::^ 
tas/jys; ^J li'b, m. 

Acting, a. jcU fdHlf-yn). 
the — minister _,]iU\^\j ndyib 



en ndzir. 

Action, n. (deed) J«> fl'l 
(afdl)\y-'-amal, mja'mdl) 
4.>^ 'amla, f, ("amldt ; 'a- 
mdyil); t\j^\ igra^m.(~dtj; 
(lawsuit) iSyf-:> da\oa (da^ 
^dtvyj;A.JJ qadyia^ f. (qadd_ 
yaj; (battle) ^Sy mawqa'a, 
f. (mawdqi). bring on — «»j 
c$^c:> rafa'' da''wa. 

Active, ft. -la^ii nasyt fnu- 
sataj; ^J~\ Ui.i^ liafyf el 
harafia;^i-'milahlahf~yn i. 

Activity, n.Jalii nasdt, m. 
ij.;^ hiffa-j <».«* h imma, f. 

Actor, n. (one who acts) 
^y^.ifd' il{-yn ;'^(stage.player ) 
^y>:■i^* musalihis (—yn >; ^^V 
Id'ib (-yn). 

Actress, n. (stage-player) 
K^-i^^ musaJihisa (musah- 
hisdt), 4.pV Id'ba fla'bdtj. 

Actual, a. jJ^ haqyqy. 

Actually, ad. iA.pi-\ j fll 
haqyqa;la..Z^ haqyqatan;%i 

Acute, a. (ingenious) S^ 
2aky (azhyiajj jAi. sdtlr 
(suttdr); ^J^^ nigis (-yn). 
— inflummation ^W ^l^\ el- 
tihdb hddd. — angle o\o-*j j^J 
sdioya hddda. 

Acuteness, n..jlL.isa;d.ra; 
aA^ nagdsa^ f. ^ zaka, m. 

Ad interim, ad. ajUI bin 

Adam, n. ^i\ ddam. — 's 
Sip\i]e jij\ijj.>.g6zet es z6r^ f. 

Add, vt. oU ddf (aclyfj-^ 
:>\j zdd (azyd)-, ^jj zauwid 
(a~)-j ^r- gama^ (agma'').— 
this to the rest J\J\ Jc J^j Ja>. 
hutt ddl 'alal bdqy. 

Addition, n. ajUI iddfa 
(idafdt); ,i\jj zydda, f. 
(zyaddt)-j ^i;-gam\ m. in — to 




Jc ,j^o 'aldwa 'a la. 

Address, n. (of a letter) 
o'yf' Hnwdn, m. (-dt). 

Address, ot. (verbally) K^ 
kalllm (a-);^vAUj,dtib(a-j; 

(tt-J; ^3 waddab (a-). 

Adjutant, n. ^j>-d^j\ ^^ 
zdbit arkdn harb (zubbdt), 
- general Jljl^- o^"^^' «<^^- 
gutanL ginirdl. — mdpv i.\^ 

(hy wrhing) J ^z^katab li sdg ; ^.U^U sakulagdsy 

(aktlb); ^jj^harrar li(a~j; 

Adequate, a.._^\:.. mind^ 
sib(-ijn)- S€^kdfy(~yn). 

Adieu 1 ad. a.^JI «ma' es 
saldma; j^:^ ^ij ^^^ nisdf 
toissak bi /j^r. bid - s-^) 
wadda (a~). 

Adjective, n. ^ij na't (ni__ 
'dtj, m. A}^ sifa, f. (sifdt). 

h.(\.]OnTn,Di .^a-\ag g il(a- >\ 
ji-1 afiUar (a-). 

Adjournment, n. J,4rto_ 
gyl, j^\i tabyr^ m. 

Adjudication, n>^li,m«_ 
ndqsa, f. ununaqsAt). 

-ia); 3d,jjVI vj=" o^^ccfkdn 
harb el orta. 

Administration, n. l^' 
ra, f. {idardt). 

Administrative, a. c^jl^l 

Administrator, n.j:-J^'« mu^, 

Admirable, a. ^J: 'agyb 
('ugdbj; ^ij-garyb (~yn'. 

Admiral, n. Jl^yl amyrdl 
(-yia);j4\jy\ amyr el bahr 

Admiralty, n. i_^M ^\y_i 
dycodn el bahryia, m. 

Adjust, vt. S'j rakkib Admiration, n.^ta'ag 




gub; v_,ljk:-.l istigrdb, m. 

Admire, vt. ^^"l Waggib 
(at'aggib) ; ^'■^\ ista'gib 
(asta^gib); ^yiX-l Istagrab 
(astagrab). I — this house U 
U ii,»J\ ^> Jo^^-« ana mabsut 
min el bdt da. 

Admission, n. J^J qibM; 
Aj taslym; j\ji\ iqrdr; J^^j 
dihul, m. 

Admit, Dt.^iqibil(aqbal); 
Ji-j dahl}al(a—). 

Adopt, vt. (take)Iil iZto- 
fjaz (attil!,iz);J»'-''-''\ ista'mil 
(asta'^mil);(3. son't(_^"l iiban^ 
na (atbanna). she -ed him 
V^ (J* *^-^ f^O'^^^^lstoh min 

Adoption, n. j\j^! ittihds; 
^{^^Msti^mdl-j^^ tabonny,m 

Adoration, n. ti\^Hbdda, 
f. i^ sigud,m. 

S'f sagad U (asgid). 

Adorn, o^.tjuj zayyin(a-); 
J3j;sau waq(a-);^j^jzagraf 


Adornment, n. cx-'^-jta^y^ 
yn; ^^liy tazwyq, m. iij-'j 
zagrafa, f. 

Adult, a. iSl bdllg (-yn); 
iljj.. midrik (-yn); Jj^^j 
rdsid (—yn). 

Adulterate, vt. js gass 

Adulteration,?! .j;i5' iss,m . 

Adultery, n. \ij zina; lii 
fahsa; (ja.^ babs, m. commit 
— (Jj zana (azny); ^J\ 
\tJ\ irtakab el fahsa (arti^ 
kib); ^Ja.•^ babas (afibus). 

Advance, n. j.-sabg; (.->>«? 
taqaddum; jJ taraqqy , m. 
*A^sulfa,f. (sulaf).\n - V.J.a. 
muqaddaman; JasJ liqud- 




cldm; ^ mu^aggal. 

Advance, vt. *j.; qaddim 
(a-); jjraqqa (araqqy).vi. 
J.-, sabaq (asbaq); ^jji\ it_ 
qaddim (atqaddim); J^;! 
itraqqa (atraqqa). -d ^xiu 
m itqaddlm (~yn)]^J.» m it_ 
raqq yf-yn). he ~d me money 
^Ji j^-« sallifny filAs. 

Ads^ancement, n. .as! ia- 
qaddum; Jj taraqqy, m. 
AJy tarqyla, f. 

Advantage^ n. »ii nafa\m. 
*»i;L. manfa^a; .Ails fAyda, /". 
take — of Jc JsuLI issalbat 
'alA; ^» ^^\ istanfa'' min. 


«; aJ fyh nafa", xs^mufyd; 

eJjlj o fyh fdyda. 

kdi-'iexAwrer, n.^jA.^ljabbds 


Adverb, n. >j_,li zarf^ m. 

Adversary, n. ^a^ hlsm 

(ahsdm); fj- garym (gura- 

Advertise^ vt. ^\ a'lan 
(a'lin); j^\ ashar (ashir), 
I — d it in the papers Axe- ^iJicl 
oVliji-l jaHant "annoh fit 

Adverlisement^ n. ^^j '%\ 
Vldn(-dt);j{^\ ishar,m. 

Advice, n. ajs.-^' nasyha 
(nasdyihJi .j^i* maswara 
(maswardt); .jUl isdra, f. 

Advisable, a. Jsj\ ^, m in 
el 'aql; jily muiodflq. 

Advise^yiJ. <^' nasah fan- 
sah)- JcjU sdr 'ala (asur), 

Adwis&r, n.j\!ix^Amustasdr 


Advocale.n .J^labokdt g 
(-ia); ij\si muhdmy (~yn ). 

Adze, n. ^}i\i qadAm,m. 




Afar, ad. s^^min hi yd-, 
JU) Jc ^ala bu'd. 

Affability, n. i.i\Li_ basdsa^ 
f.^\^lutf,m. j-^Uo-ij^samti- 
het el wiss, f. ,j-il uns, m. 

Affable, a. j-^-j bams 
(-yn); ^.U latyf (lutdf); 
^j^.j\ anys {unasa); j^)\ ^z' 
simih el wiss(—yn). 

Affair, n. aJI--* masdla, f. 
{masdil)-,^sugl,m .[asgdl); 
A^ qadyia, f. [qaddya). 

Affect, ot. J J\ assar fy 
(a—) ; «:^* tasanna' (atsan- 

Affectation, n.^^lk; tazd_ 
har-, .1^) tasannu , m. 

Affection, n.y^ hind, m. 
A^ mahahba)»iy»muadda.f. 

{-yn)\ ijij wadiid {-yn). 

Affiance, vt. ^> Ijatab 
(abtub); lili sabah {asbtik). 

-d yJh\i>'fidtib,m.{-yn);A,Jaii 
mal}t{iba, f. (mabti''byn). 

Affirm, vt. ^ sabat (as- 
bit); j.i>. haqqaq (a-); j.'JT 
akkid (a—). 

Affirraation,n. oUlisM^; 
j.,ai tahqyq; juCl' takyd, m. 

^\.'0\ bil ygdb. 

Afflict, vt. ^\^sdb [asyb); 
Ji bala {ably), he -eil ^l^il 
irifidb {ansdb); Ijl inbala 

Affliction,/i. aa^- masyba 
[masdyib); .jl balwa (bald- 
wy);\,b\:>ddhya,f .(dawdhy). 

Afford, vt. >Jl9 qaddim 
(a—); Ic jj» qidir ^ala 
yaqdar). I connot - its price 
Aic Jc jLjjiil I. ma aqdars 'ala 

Affront, n. AiUl ihdna, f. 
iS<y>S ta^addy^^iW^taidulym. 




Afloat, a. ^_\p^dyim {—yn). 

Aforementioned, a.jplW 
el maskiXr (-{/n); ^Oill cijUl 
el bddy ez sikr[—yn);i^f-^^\ 
el mahky 'annoh Canhum). 

^yi.ymawhdm {-yn). be ~ 
j>\i^ ljdf{a~). 

Afresh, ad. Ju j£>- ^* min 
gidydjSi^c^i^}^ ^> min auwil 
toe gidyd. 

Africa, n. li. j>l afryqa, f. 

African, a. j,^j\ afryqy 


After, pre.A^iba^d. - oil a.; 
aIS^I^ ba^d da kiilloh; l_,\^l 
alujran;ji-^\ j fildhir.he 
came — meiiljjWp'a wardya. 
- having eaten JS^U. j.,iba^d 
ma akal. the day - j[-}\ .^\ 
el ydm et tdny; .Jl«) Ji\ ^yS\ 
elydm illy ba^doh. it is — 
five o'clock *„i- jjl> <*cU\ es 

sd.'a fdtet l}amsa. — the 
fashion ,i^\ Ic 'ataZ mdda, 
— noon _,f,lil\ jl»i baVZ ed dtihr; 
^^Jl eZ 'asr. — noon tea <^Li 
^fUiiJi sdf/ ei 'flsr. 

Afterwards, ad. Oi^'i 
ba^ddn; ? sum ma. 

Again, ad.Jl" tdny;"»y 
marra tdnya; ,1^ Icamdn; 
oj'Cj^ kamdn marra. 

Against, pre. x^ didd. Jc 
^ala. — his will -up ^^p Qf^sb 
'annoh. I have an account — 
you iljijLP ^L>- J ly hlsdb 

Age, n. ^ sinn (asndn); 
j*^'umr,m.fa'mdr).of — ^jj^» 
midrik^ ^\ibdlig;jJ:.\jrdsld. 
under - ^^ li qdsir. old - j^ 
'agaz;^J\ j^.5kubres sinn. 
man of my - (Sj3y^j'ij^jrdgil 
min ddrf/. he remained there 
an — Ax^ il\.-j»ji.»! qa'ad hendk 





Agave^ n. j^^ suhhdr, m. 

Aged, a.y^^agiizCugdz)-^ 
^J\jjf^li. ibyr es s inn(kubdr)-^ 
i^Ji\j_^kibyr fis sinn. be — 
j'^''(xggiz(a~);Atsdli .(o-syh). 

Agency, n. jfy iawkyl, 
m. ^i^jwikdla, f. 

Agent, n. J5^ wakyl 
(ukala); j^ ^il; ndy'ib ^an 

(a-); --J wassa" (a-). 

Aggrandizeraentj n. juV 
takbyr; »^y tatosy\ m. 

Agitate, vt. i]_,>- harrak 
(a-); ^ hayyig (a-); gj 
za^ag (az'-ig). 

Agitation.n . cjX^^hayagdn ; 
^\JhJ>\ ittirdb, m. 

Ago, ad. J.« j^. mm qabl. 
a year - ai- ^' min sana. 
long-o^jj,« min zamdn-^ 

oJl-« ^y min mudda. a long 
while — (iy o^j ^> m in za^ 
mdn qaioy, sJoA. ojt. j» min 
mudda madyda. 

Agonize, oi.'rj\>ndzi(a—); 
^jjl j .l]» to^to' (Ir rdh (a-). 

kgony, n.^j nizd^; «^ 
^ij\ tilu' er rdh, m. 

Agree, vt. j«l ittafaq 
(attifiq)A^sallim (a-)\^^j 
ridy(arda):^Jqibil (aqbal); 
Jc jjiVasddiq 'ala (a~); j»^ 
Jc lodftq 'ala (a—). 

Agreealjle, a. ^.U lo-iyf 
(lutdf); ^^..l' maqbul(—yn). 
if it is — to youviJ.a!l^it;j'5^1mM 
kdn yiwdfqak. 

A^reemeni.n.j' m\ittifdq, 
m. c-dtj, aJWI ittifaqyia, f. 

Agricultural, a. jXy^ 
zird^y. — roixdi^^jji^sikka 




Agriculture, n.*o-!>^ fildha; 
*c\jj zird^a, f. 

Ah I int. 7\ dh. 

Ahead, ad.^x^llqudddm. 
he was -of me ^^_U o'S^y 
huioa kdn sdhiqny. 

Aid, vt. jcl- sd^id fa-;; 
^\c "dn (a'ljn '. 

Aid, n. oJicL,, misd^da 
(misa'ddtj; ^jlcl Vdna, f. (i_ 

Aide— de-camp, n. jA, 
rjdwir (—dn). 

Ail, vt. ^iwaga'' (yuga")-^ 
\\ ^Z/m fyi-A what — s you? 
*iA«>-^j 4jI ^/i biyuga'ak; ^jUe. 
"^.^1 'ciyidn bi c>h. nolliing — s 

Mpa bituga'ny; 4>-U j.Lj I. 
ma /'{/('ds hdga. — ing j^jLp 
'ayldn (-yn >;^fjCmam rwj 
Ailment,n. ^>-)Waga\aio- 

gd^); il alam (-dt); J^y 
marad (amrdd), m. 

Aim, oi. \c K.S. Lp- halt 
'inoh 'ala (ahuttj-^^tlnassin 
(a -); ijLiJ ii-l af}ad nasdn 

Aim, n. (purpose) ^^f- 
garad (agrdd); a^j gastZj 
(targeO u^^ nasdn ^m.f -de). 

Air, n.\yt'hawa(ahLoyia>^ 
m. 4.La hayd, f. [haydtj. he 
built coslles in the — j^^ri 
oji_^'> ob^^^ yitsaawar ta- 
sawurdt kibyra. he gives 
himself -s a-u ^.U sdf/i7 
nafsoh; Jc^l J,U '(i/n«Z aftu 
'a/y. take the- ^'U7/'assa/i; 
l^iLisamm eZ hawa. — tight 
l^il J-jli-jj I. ma yidhuhUel 
haioa.^ <^ inihakkim. 

Air, o^. (iyb hauLoa ,«_ 
hauwy). — the room oj^^J-i- 
lyk Ji-l; ^aZ/f/ ei dc/a td/jud 




Airing, n.hy^tohwijia^ f. 
lakeaa - f-'"\ Itfassah (at_ 
fassah ) ■,\_fi\ ^i,samm el hawa 

Ajar, ad. ^j^y muwdrib; 

tail suwayia. 

Akimbo, ad. arms - LUW 
aL.-^ j AiJuJ hd(et tjdeh fy 


Alarm, n.^-^;^U6f;f-j>fasa'-^ 
Ji-uT tdnhyh, m. 

Alarm., ot. ^'^^ Ijauwif 
(a-); 9J> fa^cC {afza')-^ ^_^U 
Jatfxhhlh qalb (a-). I am -ed 
,_i)li-lil ana lidylf-, ^.lU |_^li 
qalby tdbib. - bell JJ^\ ^j>- 
garas el Ijatar. not even if 
you ring the - bell I lil V^ 
Oo'toftta isa iddant.- clock 

A(~i. AcU sd'a mlnabbihn, f, 

Alasl int.>j\^iXya]j,.lsdra. 
- lor himUoLi-l/ya^isfir^o/i. 

Albanian, a.J»jj^jl"r/i''_ 
u^(/ (ardnta). 

Album, n..y^\album;^\o 

A\coho\,n.yj<^slblrto ,m. 

Alexandria, n. jujJ.:.Ci 
Isklndiryla, f. 

Algebra, n.jX\elgabr,m. 

Algeria, n. j}J^\ ^'i^iblldd, 
el gazdylr^ f. 

^jijVl Jp Jj; ai^ii 'alal ard. 

Align, o^.iaki. /!!«/;(o^ (a-). 

Alignment, n. LJLi- tal}_ 
(yt, m. 

they are all-- ^ji..; <ij *f.i^ 
kuUuhum zay ba^d. 

x\limony,. n. ^Oii nafaqa, 




Alive, a. ^ hay, \X-\ bil 
haya. while - _^!=. y-j we 
huwaldyyib;, *'^;'- J /{/ Af'.. 
yd toll, more dead than - (^, 
Oj'j ^=- ben hoy we mctyyit. 

All, a. ^^kull;^.js^ gamy\ 
that is - ^i 6r/ss;ljS^_vp J.J I, 
mrt ff/s gSr keda. it is - the 
same -^i^itij ^■ay ba'doh; ^ 
J^\_) knlloh lodhid. one and 

- jCil eZ kuU. at - i^r' fewL 
lyiaian; Glk, mutlaqan; !a.,l 
abadan. nothing at - ^. 
UiUs-Umfts hdga abadan. 

- in all ^\\ el kull; ..>! eZ 
gamy\ - the better ^„^l 
ahsan. - but dead ^i^« C ,al 
iaqryban mayyit. - over 
j_yaU /jtl/.s-; ^_;^^^> halds. - of 
a sudden ^J.^^ Jc 'oto S'«A'. - 
daytjj„)\.,^ j.c'f/fZ gamy" 
el qaddysyn. -souls' day 

<j^:J,l 4»lia »^i f/dm tatet el 

Allegiance, n. A^r taba^a; 
4...J taba'yia, f. 

Alley, n . ^jLcmamki ( ma _ 


Alliance, n. :M\ ittihdd; 

j\i!\ittifdq,m.A.i\!i mihdlfa^ 

f. (mihalfdt). 

Allot, o^. ^j qassim (a-) ; 
Jj farraq (a-); & jj wasza'- 

Allotnient,;i. ^..2; dngsf/m; 
jj ju tafryq;^ jy i;^ to ^ t/', m . 
Allow, vt. *s~*" samah 
(asmah); oil «^an ('d^/n;; 
ui* ti:>l i'ddrt j>/i (addy)- 
Jrhalla (aljally), 9-j^ sar_ 
rah (a-), be -ed jU gd^ 
(yi'9u^). I\vas-ed to pass 
'^y' Oi' c5-*^ Cj^kdn "andy 
isn a fat. 

Allowance, n, 0'>l isn 




(i^tindt); 4^fl,' tasryh(-dt); 
^_jlj rdtib (r'liodtib); ^y,j' 
marbiU, m. make -forjit 
"azar. - should be made for 
him jflnt ^huwiX ma^sdr. 
travelling - *) ^i^ Jjj badal 
safaryia. horse - ai/j Jju 
badal rikubci. 
Alloy, vt. yV^dyir (a-). 
Alloy, n. _)\.f-Hydr, m. 
Allude.oi.j^ sdr (asyr). 
Allure^ 0^. iSi'^gawaiag^ 
toy); ^dalliadill). 

Allurement.n. \f\ iijwa, 

Alluvial deposit, n. J' 
tamy;)'i>-(j^ tyn hiho; C}^ 
3_Jjl tyn ablyz, m. 

Ally, n. ^_iJio- halyf (hu- 
la fa). 

Almanac, nxjidaqwym, 
m. (taqawym); ^^ natyga 
(natdyig); 4.^c^ samsyia, f. 

(sc(msyidt). - for Ramaddn 
iS\^»\ imsakyia, f. (imsa^ 

Almighty, rt.^^ij^jjil* 
qddir '^ala kull se 

Almond, n. »jj W^a, f. 
(Ids). ~iree j) 'ojf" kagaret 
loz.oWoi-s}) c^^j z6t Ids, 
-cake AiJ^?- »j^*^ haldwa 

Almost,oid.C jS! taqryban. 
he was - drowned ^\j c^^ 
Jj^l kdn rdyih yigraq. — 
four piastres j-jj a-^Jj' (^-t= 
yigy arba'a qurCis. 

Alms,n. iiJ^sadaqa(.'ia^ 
daqdt);i,:.^>. hasana, fjha^ 
sandi );^\.^>\ihsdn ,m/-dl). 
give him — ! "JjaI j* iddy loh 
lilldh. — box l_,ail\ jj jju- san_ 
duq el fuqara, m. (sana- 
dyq). -house tS^ tikyia,f, 
(iakdya). — house for the- 




lazy /ll^kLj" tanball]dna, f. 

Aloes, n. jl.^ sabhdr, m. 

Alone^ a. jio-j wahd; Jc^j 
luoahd. he — sJs-j! y htiwa 
llioahdoh] oycy huwa bi. 
mufradoh. lliey- ^J-o-) U 
hum ma liioahduhum; l^.* 

,^-?^ ganb; ^-l-liganb. como 

- ! Jl.i jLJia'dZa ummdl. all 

— j>-^^^ JjVl^-« min elauwil 
lildhir, (Q.\:iddyman. all — 
the road ^J\J^U Jt 'aZa (h/ 
(?s sikka. ho wi.\]kod - ^t^ 
iSJ-i m isy dugrij. 

Aloud, acZ JWj_^4 6i/i/ss 
'^dly; (_^:-jl.' b'^ild hiss. 

Alphabet, n. ^ \ allf bd: 
iUil .Jj_,»- hurdf el higa. 

Alphabetically^ ad. ^ 
^r- ' .---ij" >_-->- 'a la hasab 

iartyb allf bd. 

Already, ad. J;5 qabi; ^y 
JJ min gabl; ^J.-* qabla. I 
have - spoken to him j,«'*:r 
il)\.}koUimtoh min ^amdti. 
have you — ealenl" jS^tj:,!]- 
lihiqt idkul. 

Also, ad. ^^kamdn\ Jlr 
tdny. he — jlJlyk huwa et 
tdny]j^^\^ huwaeldljar. 

Altar, n. f_x> mazbah, m. 

AUer ,vt .j^cgay iar(<.(-); i}j.c 
'addil fa-;;Jju baddll(a-), 

Alleralion,n.j>..-.i iagyyr-^ 
J^-x^" tabdyl, m. 

Alternate, a. j,[■^\ j,»s j^i^ 
wdhid ba'd et tdny. —days 
V ^ji J l_j.l /.^_ f/dm ayioa we 
ydm la- ^yj ^^ ^kull ydm 
we ydm. 

Alternative, n.^y'A^ j^c-lj 
wdhid min itnin. 


Although, con. ^1 a. ma' 
inn; uy /»* "!<^' kdn; J\ )) 
toalaw inn. 

Altogether, ad. J^l el 
hull; J^kulluhum: Ja.^\ I j 
wayia ba''d. 

x\lum, n. Aji. sabba, f. 

Always, ad. ^\iddyman; 
Ji tamaliy. he is - poor J^W 
ji>ft> oy^ till \imroh faqyr, 

x\.m. _,^l\ JJgafeZ ed duhr. 

x\mateur, n. iSs^ 9<^(^y 
(guwdj; Mjn.>mugram(—yn). 

Ambassador, n.ji-i- safyr 

Atnber, n. j;-j> 'anbar, m. 
yellow — J<.>jf kahramdn, 

Anibition^n .^ tama\m. 

Ambitions, a. ^^ tarn md' 

Ambulance, n. AiWii s/_ 
fahdna, f. (sifaliandt). 

21 Amo 

Ameliorate, t.^^>-hass in 
(a~); A^ sallah (a-). 

Amelioration, n. ^^.^ 
iahsyn; r^-*' isldh, m. 

Amen, ad. j,_u I amyn. 

hmcrica., n.'^jy\amerka, 


American, a. iiS^>*l «'«- 
rykdny (amrikdn). 

Amiability, n. k^\~\ ba_ 
^ha, f. ^\\ uns;^\^lutf,m. 

Amiable, a. J^^i.; basds 
(~yn); ^:i\ anys (unasa); 
^.y latyf (lutdf). 

Ammoniac, n. jilli na_ 
sAdir, m. 

Ammunition, n. *il^ 
gabaljdna; »^j zaJjra, f. 

Amnesty, n.yp '«/«, "^- 

Among, pre. j>_o ben; V ^ 
wayia-^^j^ma" ■,]a.^}ijfy toast; 
^^ ^^* min dimn. 
Amortize, ot,^]!^f.J istahUk 





Aniorlizement, n. i]^if-l 
istihldk^ m. 

x\mount, vi. i\. balag 
(ylblug); J^>- hassal (yi-). 

Amounl, n. il-- mablag 

x\mphithealre, n. ^jJ.. 
midarrag; j_^-L;i^l amflt_ 
tjdtro, m. 

Ample, a. d'^kdfy; j.C 
yikaffy; »jl_y_ blsydda. 

Amulet, n. ^\^ higdb, 
m. (-dt- ahgiba). 

Amuse, vt. ^^ salla (a_ 
sally); J. laha (alhy). be 
-d J^l Issalla fassalla). 

Amusement, n. ilJ tas^ 
h'-ci', f. (tasdly); i^LJl 
inbisdt, m. 

Amusing, «. dXi-'^'mwllUk; 
J-4 m isally. he is an - fel_ 

lowdWiii ?-Ji>-y» huwa gada'' 

Analysis, n.^)itahlyl,m. 

Ananas, n.^Uton"n(is,m. 

Anathema, n. (.j,^ hlrm 
(hirumj; c^'>j>- hirmdn, 
m. (-dt>. 

Ancestors, n. ^^Jasldf; 
iljio-l agddd; ^jjo- gldCld. 

Anchor, n, ^^■.y mirsa 
(mardsy); ^t^hilb (ahldb); 
,jlkiim ubtAf, tn .(maJiat yf) . 

Anchor, Of. ^'jrisy(arsy);, 
ls'j^' iS-> rama el mirsa 
(army), -ed (^'j rdsy; u_i5lj 

Anchorage, n.^^^,mirsa, 
f. (mirsdt); ^.J,\ ^tfmahall 
el mirsa^ m. (-di). 

Anchovy> n. »j^c- sana_ 
m{ira, f. 

Ancient, a. ^_M qadym 
(qudm); j-'.^ ^atyq c'utq). 




the -s >J^2.\\ el qudm; ij^j Ja.1 
uhl samAn. 

And, con. } toe; wa. 

Anecdote, n.^i^hikdya 
(hikaydt)-^>jy.syra (siyar); 
i-aj q issa ( q isas i; »j jli nddra^ 
/. (nawddir). 

Anaemia, n. ^ji\ jH fuqr 
ed damm, m. 

Anew, ad. J.l^>■ ^> mln 
gidyd; Ju jis- ^^o 'an gidyd; 
-k^'Ti Jj' (j« "^i'i auwil we 

Angel, n. 6% maldk 
(maldyka). the two — s who 
question the dead in their 
graves jfjj JXi ndkir we 

Anger, n. ^^p gadab; Joj 
sa^al; hJ> g4z, m. 

Anger, vl. ^J>i> gidib 
(agdab); JcJ ^iHl (as'al); 
j.*jil inhamaq (anhimiq). 

provoke any one to - Jcj 
sa'''al(a-)-,}^\i gdz (agys). 

Angle, n. aj. jlj zdtoya, f. 
(zawdya); ^j rakn, m. 

Angry, a. J^j^f^ gadbdn 
(~yn); cS^j zaldn (-yn); 
Jty^ mahmuq (-yn). 

Aniline, n.l:i; tifta, f. 

Animal, n. o^^^ htjwdn 

Animate, vt. ,j>-\ ahya 
(ahyl)-y J:.^)\ anas (an'isj; 
LH nassat (a-). 

Aniseed, n. o_^J\iyansun^ 

Ankle, n. _^ ka'b, m. 
(kudb). - boot oV-i 4.j,>- 
gazma bydda, f.(gizam). 

Anklet, n. S^i^ fjtilhdl. f. 

Aimex, vi.^yj'ddf (adyf); 
^ ji- lahaq bi (alhaq). 




Annex, n. ji* mulhaq, 
m. (-At). 

Anniversary, n . j..p 't/d, 
m. (cC'ydd). — of birlhday 
j^L* s.(. 'yd myldd. — of 
accession lo \.hrone-^^J..e- 
'yd giliis. 

Anno Domini, hi%A ^^ 
sana myladyia fsinyn);'^^ 
i.^r" sana mastjhyia, f. 

x\nnotale, vL. ^c ji.\assar 
'ala (a—)-^ V ^^.t sarah 'ala 

Annotation, n. 7-^ sarh 
(siruhdt); j\JlV; tasyr, m. 

Announce, vt. J^c\ a'lan 
(aHin);j^t\ ashar (ashirj. 

Announcement, n. cj'y^c\ 
i7dn;jlf.-il ishdr, m. 

Annoy, ot.jjcjza"al (ti~)- 
jj^kaddar (a~-)i^^,\j>ddyiq 

Annoyance, n. Jcj ^sa'al; 
jj^ kadar, m. aiAj^* mi_ 
ddyqa, f. 

Annoying, a.^cj^jiza'al; 
jj^yikaddar;^\^\ yiddyiq. 

Annual, a. ^s,y'' sanawy. 

Annually, ad. \y.^sana_ 
wylan; 4.:^ J^ kull sana. 

Annul, vt. J!ilaga (algy); 
^yU\abtal(abtil); ^\^\ battal 
(a-) . 

Anonymous, a. ^J ^*; 
bala ism; ^^ j^ ^* m in ger 
ism. Cie. anon y me i/'[^A'^% 
sirket misdhma. 

Another, a. jl; tdtiy; jo-l^ 
Jlr wdhid tdny; j_\& ger. 
one - ijV}\ \jj Jioljji el wdhid 
wayia et tdny. wilh one - 
^.1 ^i J fy qalb ba'd. 

Answer, vt. ^jU gdioib 
(a~);ij radd(aradd). this 
does not - ^J~o.hi_ U Ij da ma 





Answer J n. ^1^>- gawdb 
(agwlba); jj radd, m. (ru. 
dudi,lA>-\igdbaJ. (igabdt). 
in — to your letterdl'^^Jcl jj 
raddan "ala gawdbak. 

Ant, n.J^namlaJ (naml). 

Antecedent, a. jiUsci&jg 

Antecedent, n.i^iX^sdbqa, 
f. (sawdbiq), man of bad 

-s (3il_>J\ v^'^'cj* ^^^ ashdb 
es sawdbiq. 

Antechamber, n. ^s^' 
fasaha, f. (fasahdt). 

Antipathetic, a.^Jsaqyl 
(suqala); J-l' <i.j dammoh 

Antipathy, n. a1\i' saqdla, 
f. >jjl Ja! tuql ed damm, m. 

Antique, a. ^ji qadym 
(qudm); j-l^ 'a<f/g i'utq); 
<iSC:;t antyka. 

Antiquity, n. x:a5)\ o^ I e.s' 
zamdn el qadym. anliqui_ 
ties o^SCil antikdt. 

Antirrhinum, n. >^J\ j^ 
ba^ es sab\ m. 

Anus, n. j_^l> fits, fafldsi; 
j:\'tyz, m. (atydz ). 

Anvil, n. ^^x.^sinddl,m. 

Anxiety, n. ^ hamm (hi_ 
mum); JIJ\ J\i-i!l insigdl el 
bdl; jli qalaq, m. 

Anxious, a. .^,^. mah_ 
mum (-yn) ; JIJ\ J^i±» 
masgul el bdl (—yn); ij\a\i 
qalqdn (—yn). 

Any, a. c^l ay. -tiling <^l 
^ay si. have you -one"? 

ilj.:p j^ j fy hadd 'andak^ 
— iiow tj^ U (ij ^^at/ n^ct 
yikun. — wtiere of-i ^« rj'=^* 
matrah ma yikun. —fur^ 
ther lJ5^^;,• M^ ab'ad min. 



Apart, ad.^Ji^jllwahdoh; 
aijizbimufradoh. put them 
— i^o■) jio-lj ,_^ia.>- htiit kail 
lodhid llwahdoh. 

Apartment, n. oiji 6da, 
f. (uLoad). suite of — s ^li- 
saqqa, fjsuqaq). ladies' — s 
^j^ harym, m. gentlemen's 
— s tili..^^^ saldmlik, m. 

i\.pe, n. :>J qlrd (qirdd). 

{a'ti;;ir); iSj^J J^a'^ 'amal 
iskusy (a^mil). 

x4.pology,n. jiiltl IHisdr, 
m.. (~dtj; cSjjC-l iskuzy^m. 

Apoplexy, 71. ikziU :>dd en 
nuqta;iiSC\\ ] ^dd es sakUi; 
M> fdlig, m. 

Apostle, n. J^^j rasul 

Apostrophe, n. is^ <lam_ 
ma, f. (dammdt). 

26 App 

Apothecary, n. ^'^y:'^ 
agzagy (—ia). —'s shop 
AiU-l^:^l agsa/jdna, f. (ag- 

Apparatus, n. M dla(a- 
Idt); oJo'idda, f. C'ldad). 

Apparent, a. ^\'& sdhlr 
(~yn); ^\) Loddih(—yn); o:\ 
bdyin (-yn). 

Apparently, ad. ^Ikll j 
fiz sdhir-^ \ _j>X^ zdhiran. 

Apparition, M.J ^(.b^u/ir^ir; 
JU hydl (-di). 

Appeal;, oiJ. Ikr tazallam 


ktkka).- against a judgment 

,_i;\.:-.l istdnif (astdnif); 

j,V vj rafa' abello (arfaj. 

Appeal, n. Ikr tazallam; 
^t'i tasakky, m. —against 
a judgment ^UiUl istindf. 
court of — ^U^^VI 'iS^ 
mahkamet el istindf. 


Appear, vi. ^^ zahar 
(ashar); J^, bdn (abdti);^.\= 
tiW (atla"). it -s so IjS^olkl^ 
ez zdhlr keda. 

Appearance, ?i. (becoming 
y'lsMe) jy^zuh{ir;^J^ tilu\ 
m. (form)^islkl,m.(askdl), 
aXj^ hayd, f. (haydt). for 
the sake of -s U ^U\\ tjliic 
(jJ?^" 'alasdn en nds ma 

Appellant, n. Uij\.:^,mus- 
tdiiif f-yn). 

Appertain, vi. ,_^ / 
(yiljiss); ^ja.\^\ (y-). 
Appetite, n. ^ nafs ; 
A.j.i sahyia, f.\ have an — 
''^o' i^^a nafsy ma ft Aha. 
Appetizer, n. ^i;l\^" 4»-U 
hdga tiftah en nafs. 

Applaud, vt. UJt^ saqqaf 
(a—), they -ed him 4 \y.'La 
saqqaf u loh. 

27 App 

Applause, n. ^yi^Uasqyf; 

^jLi"! Istihsdn, m. 


fdli), - of the eye^; ninny, 

m. pine — ^Wanands,m. 

Applicant, n. JIW tdlib 
(-yn); ^\L\\ ,_^U sdliib et 

Application, n. (Tequest) 
^W talab, mX~dt); (laying) 
Ii»- hatt. 

Apply, vi. {as\i)^i\> talab 

(atlub); (lay on) -k:- hdt(a_ 

hattJihQ law applies lOi:;_ji\il\ 

\c (Sf-iGl qanun yisry 'ala. 

Appoint, vt. ;>_vP 'ayyin 
(a—), he is -ed clerk ^^\ 
^'€' iCdyyin kdtib. 

Appointment,n. (position) 
^ju-Ki ta'' y yn ,m .li^ijwaz yfa, 
f.(wazdyif);' pay)^\jrdtib, 
m. (rawdtib); i^j^'mahyia, 
f. (mahyidt). he made 


an — with mei\<^»j\ :>\ idddn y 

Appreciate, vt. is? j^j^ 
"irif qyma(a'-raf). 

Appreciation, n. jUipl 
iHibdr, m. 

Apprentice, n. ^^ saby 
(stibydn); 1^ talmyz (ta- 
Idmza); AcWc^ i<^M el 

Approach, oJ. ^J qarrab 
fa-Ahc -ed \-\ev\f^.^jqar_ 
rab minha. winter is — ing 
Ji-I j> VJ:}i\ es siia ddU'U. 

Approach, n. ^\J:i\ iqtL 
rdb; ^J qurb: j^migy^m. 

Appropriate, vt. ^_^^^ 
bassas ('a-);^^jy.J istawla 
"ala (asiaiola); IcsJul Js?- 
hatt ydoh 'ala (ahutt). 

Appropriate, a. >_^li^ 
mindsibf-yn); jjV Idyiq 

28 Apr 

Appropriation, «.,_^-.^^ 
talisys; H y.-'Mstiwla J>^\ ^y 
Load^ el yadd, m. 

Approval, n. J^-^"^ «s_ 
tihsdn; ^l_j^-l istiswdb-^ 
\J>j rlda; il^c-l iHimdd, m. 

(astaswib); as^I Viamad 
(a^timid). — d ^^i-'-' mtis- 
tahsan; Jik*' mu'tamad. 

Approximate, a. ^. ^s! 

Approximately, ad. C^i; 
et iaqryb. 

Apricot, n"' m ismisa^ 
f. I m ism is '. 

April, n.^]ij\abryl. - fool 
J._,;l iaS^ kidbet abryl. 

x\pron, n . J,) j-m aryd I, m . 
, marayyl); Ai:>yfAta(fuivat); 




Aptitude;, n. aA».I ahlyia; 
A»IJ lydqa, f. 

Aqua fortis, n. jU\ \. 
may let en ndr; lJi.i\ *.* 
mayiet el fadda^ f. 

Aquarelle, n. \1\ y.^^i 
taswyr bit mayia, m. 

Aqueduct, n. a!' Ju&addd/a, 
f. (baddaldt). 

Arab, a. J,_j> "araby; ^il 
<_jjC ibn 'arab. Ihc — s ^j<S\ 
el \irab;^j^\\ i'i}\awldd el 

Arabesque, a. ( wood- 
work) o^-* J^-isag'Z mas- 
rabyia, m. 

Arabia, n. ^jJ\ ^^^i bildd 
el ^arab, f. - felix ^s^l el 
yaindn, m. - pctrec jUJ-1 
el III yd z, m. 

Arabian, arable, a. jjc 

Arbitration, n, Cjt- ta_ 

hakkum; S^tahkym, m. 

Arbour, ra. *~iji Qimryia 

Arc, n,^yq6s,m.(aqwds). 

Arcade, n. i,^.} qabwa 
(qabiodt); 4M, bdkya^ f. 

Arch, n. e_,kJ qantara, f. 
(qandtir); ^yq6s(aqwds); 
Xif- 'aqd; oA^ gamaldn, m. 
(—dt). triumphal - j.^\ ^y> 
q6s nasr, m. - of a bridge 
;j]a:S]\ (j-ip '^n el qantara, 
f. — ed ^a, maqby ; JL:!* 

Archbishop, n iisUl^ij 
ray y is asdqfa (ruasa). 

Architect, n. (ijU* ^J^v 
mihandiz mi^mdry(-yn >. 

Architecture, n. \.:J\ X^aj>, 
handaset el bina, f. 

Archives, n. ii\i-_,Uj daf_ 
tarlidna (daftdrhandt); 




olii^isi m a hfuzd t , f. 

Archivist^ n. a.;Wjt>i^iD 
kdtib daftarhdna (katci- 
6a>; A.ili-joj t>ul amyn daf^ 
tarbdna {umana). 

Ardabb, n. ^^jl ardabb, 
m. (arddib). 

Area, n. S^-U* misdha, f. 

hrg\\, n. JiU tafl, m. 

Argue^ o^.O'-IjI itbdhis 
(atbdhis); f^\ ihtagg (ah_ 
tagg) ; Ijlj x>-\ aljad toe 
idda (dljud we addy). 

Argument, n, ^ higga, 
f. (fyi'9<^g); u^'. burhdn 
(barahyn); Ik^j i-i-l aljd we 
'ata, m. 

Aristocracy, n. o^riVl 
el cisrdf. 

Aristocrat, n.Ut^^saryf; 


iVI ,y rnin elasrdf. 

Arithmetic, n. ^\J^ ]c 

'ilmelhisdb, m. 

Ark, n. Cboat) d.^ fulk; 
(chestj Ojil" tabut, m. 

Arm, n. <^ljj dird\ m. 
(^adra^Ahe received me with 
open -s ^^■il■\ J-ii^l aljadny 
bilhudn. he is walking with 
her — in - ljplj:i j jicIjj ^^iU 
mdsy dird^oh fy dird'ha; 
l^lji ii-lj wdhid dird'ha. 
one who has one — ^:.^(/cto' 
('/cHiV. - chair aiLc ^^^jT 
kursy bimasdnid,m. (ka_ 
rdsy). -s -^Jci-I asZ/Aa, /". 

Arm, ot. ^U sallah (a—K 
-ed ^* misallah (-yn); 
missallah (- yn). 

Armful, n. f^jjl jl* maZa 
ed dird\ 

Armour, n. ^j sirli, m. 

Armourer^n. ,_j*S^y i!d- 
faksy (-ia). 

Armpit, n. \>\ bdt, m. 




ges, m. 

Army, n. 


Around, pre. J^^ h6l; 
ij^\j^ hawaWn; jjJj U jMj 
ddyir ma yiddr. 

Arouse, vt. j^ sahha 

Arrange, vt, ^Tj rattib 
(a-); jij'l ittafaq (attiflq)-y 
_J.^ waddab (a—); Msallah 
(ct-);y.idabbar (a-); ^Sy 
satiwa (asauwy). 

Arrangement, n. jUrl 
ittifdq (-dt); ^J tartyb 
(-dt); ^_A-^y taiodyb (-dt); 
^' taslyh (-dt); jo^' tad- 
byr, m. (tadabyr); \y^ 
iaswyia, f. 

Array, vt.Ui^saff(asufJ'); 

^J>J rass (artiss); ^ja.^j ras_ 

sas (a-). 

Arrears, n. olji-U. mit- 

abUirdt, f. 

Arrest.oc. IJa zabat (as^ 
but); S^.^ misik (amsik); 
^^i^hafaq (a/ifaq);J^i.lqafas 

Arrest, n. Ja-k zabt; dJl„* 
mask ; ^i.>-hafq ;J:.S qafs^m. 

Arrival, n. J^^j wisul; 
^4. migy^m. — o( date J^U 

Arrive, oi. J^j wisit 
(a wsal); U ga (agy), — sucl_ 
denly ^ tabb (atubb). 

Arrow, n. JJ nibl, m. 
(nibdi);J^',nibla , f, (nibldt); 
^^sahm ,m.(ashum). -root 
Jsiijlj! ararot, m. 

Arsenal, n. i.\\^jtarsdna 
( to rsandt);ii 'K-i^'j tarsoljd no., 
f. (iarsaljandt). gunnery 
- i:>\^j\,iobIjdna, (.(iobha^ 

Arsenic, n.^jj^ar/ir//z,m. 




x\rt^ n. (profession) 4»u* 
san''a, f. (sandy I'); Jtfann, 
m. (flnuni ; (cunning) j\..>- 
hijla, f. (htjiaV. liie fine — s 
J^^\^y,ii\el finan el gamijla. 

Artful, a. (cunning) J-.^ 
hyialy (—ia); ^jJ~nigis(nu^ 
gasaj; J6^. makkdr (~yn '. 

x\rticlioke;, n. ^^-> }i<^r_ 
sufa, f. (harhdf). 

hr\.\c\e ,n .^:^sonf(asn'if )] 
^.7~gins (agnds); (item) a:. 
band ,m.(binud)-.a:>\»mddd (, 
f. (maiodd). — s o^ji' ada^. 
wdt; ol«L* muhimmdt, f. 

Arliculation.n. J^'_ 
sal, m. (mafdsll). 

Artifice, n. J\.^ hyla, f_ 
(hyialj; ^^...U maVub, m 

- man (_y*7^ (obgy (—ia) . 

Artisan, n. |j>iU-» sandy^y 

(—ia); j^t>'-* '■t>'^ kdr (aw- 
Idd). — 's worli-table i^-j 
tasga, f. (tazgdt). 

Artist, n. U mVallim 
r-(/nj;(painler) ^-j rassym 
(—a); {<xclov)^ja:-i=^^'musahl}is 
(-yn '. 

As, ad. (Sj say; J:, misl. 
— mucli - Si qadd. — he is 
poor jA <yl o-.s- hes innoh 
faqyr; j^2i All Is bima innoh 
faqyr. ricti — he is ^* U j5 Jo 
ije 'ala qadd ma huwa ga^ 
ny. — I was walking ^iU l;ij 
toe ana mdsy. — ii^^kainn. 

Ascend,o j. Al^lili' (atln"); 
Jo ^ily (a'la); -ijl irtafa'' 

Ascension, n. ^ tihV; 
J^o'^ilu^m. —Jay ^y^JW x.f. 
^yd es su^dd, m. 

Ascertain, 0/!. j,ii- tahaq^ 




Ascetic a. Ji.4.lj2'd/i id(-yn) 
Ashamed,a. ^J^ misiihy 
(-y^); J''--'^rnU}tisy (-yn); 
^^■^ Ijagldn {-yn). I am- 
of you ! diicjjAi-l His "aUk. 
you oughl to be — of your_ 
self ! ^^c ^.P '^b 'aUk. 

Ashes, n, i\j,j rumdd, m. 
cigarelle - »j'fHl ^^^^ iofyet 
es sigdra. 

Ashlar, n.jy.^^ jr hagar 
dastur, m. 

Asia.,n,\.^\dsya,f. — Minor 
iSy^J\ L-1 dsya es sugra, f. 
J_^l;Vl _>'. barr el anad6l,m. 
Aside, ad. ^j^Jc'a/a ganb. 
Ask, vt. (»-fi:-"* islafhim 
{asiafhiin);^\^ sacd (asdl); 
■wUs talab (atlub); .j^ "azam 
{a'zim).l -ed after his health 
*^<^ ^f- o*.(i:-l istafhim t ^an 
■sihhetoh.he-ed me to his 

house Aij i^ is'^f" ''<^^om,ny 
^ala bitoh. — no one !^IJU 
So- jA ma t isdls m in hadd-^ 
So- j_pil„r \j,ma tisdls hadd. 

Asleep , a. Andy im (-ny). 

Asp, n. ^^, ^L«i ti''bdn 
musimm^ m.(ta'abyn). 

Asparagus, n. jlU dAl'T 
k isk cdmds ; cjfli'halyil n, m . 

Aspen, n.j^Mr, m. 

Asphalt, n. ^i-1 osfcdt; 
o»J zift ,m. 

Asphodel, n. ^^f-'ansal, 

Asphyxia, n. jl^i^l ^Ui- 
ndq,m. \,SjJ\ isflksya, f. 

Ass, n.j\?-homdr (himyr). 
young -j.i2- gahs (gihus). 

Ass2LSSm,n. ^\iqdtil(-yn). 

Assassinate, ot. J:» qatoA 

Assemble, oi.^':\igtama' 




Assembly ,n.i^j;gam'yia^ 
f. (gam'yiAt)i f-W* ^Qiiind'' 
Jij; mahfal, m. (mahdfil). 
Assess^ ot. JU Jajj rahat 
mdl) arbut);x^ jJ>J^jfarad 
(Jaryba (afrid), 

iVssessment, n. JU Jajj 
rabt mdl; a,,^ (jijS /'arr/. 
daryba, m. 

Assist, vt. j£-\-^sdHd (a-); 
oW 'dn (a^ynj; A;; Si-\ aljad 
biyadd (dfjud). 

Assistance^Ti.o-icL.m isd^_ 
da (misa^ddt); AiWi i'^dna/. 
(i'andt); A.>li.\ahd biyadd^ 

Assistant, n.J.c\-.misd''id 
(-yn); (j^U* m I'd win (-yn). 
— engineer atU. ^_^A:f. mj_ 
liandis m/s(i'icZ. --inspector 
^tu" J.Sj wakyl taftys. 

XssQCmie, vi.^y.t'Mktarak 

(astirik) ; ^^\^ I iss^ A i b 
(asHdhib); yiW "ds/r fa-;. 

Associate, n. ^i.^i sirj/Zc 

rdk^m. ^jt. sirka(sirkdi); 
^j\L> misdrka, f. im isa r_ 

Assort, vt.}j faraz {af_ 
rj^V ^:-<. sannif (a~). 

Assortment, n. ^j-^'-^^ag- 
nds; f-\y\ antod^^ f, 

Assu ranee, n. j,f\;takyd; 

j.1^ tahqyq^ m; t'^'fy sa_ 

kurtd, f. 

Assure,o^. j^akkid(a-)\ 
tj-i^haqqaq (a-); ^>\ammin 


Asthma, n. yj rabu; j.j> 
^j^.Wdyq en nafas,m. \l.\» 
jsJi\ tabqet e>}sudr, f. 

Astonish, o i. ^_,;:-j j*-IJI Ji- 
halla el wdhid yistagrab 




(abally); ^f^. .i^^j^Ji-lialla 
el wdhid ylt'aggib. -ed 
v_.j;:^/i mistagrab (-yn); 
^'■^mit^aggib(-yn).be -ed 
^_,«-^l Istagrab (astagrab); 
^M ifaggib(at'aggib). 

Astonishing ,«.>_,i j^garyb 
(-yn);^J: "agyb Cugdb). 

Astonishment, n. J^j':^\ 
istigrdb; ^■f^ ta'aggub, m. 

Astound, vt. Ji duha 

Astray, a.A,y tdyih(-yn); 
^[^rjdyi" (~yn). go — »\ltdh 
(atuh);^J> dd" (ady"). lead - 
oy tauwih (a-); ^J' dayicC 
(a-); y^j^ sarrab (a-). 

Astride, ad. A» mifar_ 

Astringent, a. ^J^^i qdbid, 

gim (~yn); ^»jj\j^darrdb 
raml(-yn); j-jj\i yazirgy 


Astrology, n.^^tangym; 
^^»j ^jJ> diirb rami, m. 

Pisironomer ^n.^fakiky 

Astronomy, n. <iM\ W 
Him el fcdah, m. 

Asylum, n, i.f; likyia^ f. 

A\, pre. j fy; SL(i 'and. 
~ my house jo J fy b^ty; 
j: J\ (3 ^ss:e■ 'andy fll bit. 
-my brother's c5ji-l c..[ S 
fy hit aliuyu. — his request 
aAW Jt 'ala taloboh. - 
work J»ti.) biyistagal. 

Atlantic, n. ^■ii^il at la n._ 
tyky, m. 

Atlas, n. j_j»\.L:.l atlas m. 

Atmosphere,n. \y^liawa; 
^W tags; ^>- gaw^ m. 

Atone, D{. ^ JL^ kaffar 
'an (a-). 

Ato 36 

Atonement, n.j.i^> tak- 

Attach, ot. iaij rabat 
(arbut). he is -ed lo his sis_ 
ter a1;-I ^*i yb haioa tjihlbb 

Attache, n. ^'€^ kdtib 
(kutaba);Uiliy muwaszaf 

Attachment, n. Jai j rabt, 
m. A-*; mahabba, f. 

Attack, p^. Jc^s? hag am 
''ala (ahgim); J^Ja^ sata 
'ula (asty),he was -ed by 
fever ^i-i aS oW ^rai loh el 

Attempt, ot. ^j,~ garrab 

Attempt, n.ioj- tagriba, 
f. i^^>-l Igtihdd, m. 

Attend, vi. ^\6\ lltafat 
(altifit); i.-^\intabah (antL 
bih); aII. Ji- halla bdloh 


(alially).he -ed the meeting 
x.K^\ jji^ hidir el gom^yicc. 

he-s iiis master i,x^ ^X^', 
biyihdim sydoh. 

Attendance , n .j^-^^h idu r , 
m. A-Jii- fiidma, f. 

badddm (-yn); (present) 
^iU hddlr (-yn). 

Attention, n.oU:U illifdt; 
i\:j\ intibdh ^ m. 

x\ttentive, a. i^*minti_ 
bih {~yn\ c-iiU miltiftt 


k\.\.orr\ey ,n .\^ ^^^iwakyl 
qarldya [dkaln). power of- 
J5^T tniohyl^ m.- general 
i_j.^^J\ ^_^_IJ\ en ndyib el 

Attract, vt. y^l>- gazab 
(agzib); A-i sadd (asidd); 
y. garr [agurr). 

x\ttraction,/i.^oU- gazby'ui. 




f. ^jio- ga^b; xi sadd; j^ 
gcirr, m. 

Attribute, vt. ^J nasab 

Attribution, n.^^J, n isba, 
f. -s C.UUl>l ihtisasdt, f. 

Auction, n. ^ly ma^dd, 
m. {-dt); aIVj dildla, f.^iT 
kanto, m. put up to— J j(^-' 
iljU ashor fll mazdd. 

Auctioneer, n.S'^:>daUdl 

Audience, n. oi.^U-1 el 
hddiryn; a^U galsa ( gal_ 
sdt) ; 4>M' miqdbia, f. 

August, n.^L.^<>l ogostos, 

Aunt, n. (paternal) a/- 
jj\^ Ijdla {lialdt) . 

Austria, n. Lc'l ^^i. bildd 
en nimsa, f. 

Austrian, n. iSj\^inimsd 
coy (-ia), 

Authentic, n. ^ sahyh; 
j^i^ haqyqy. 

Authenticity,/?, nt-^sthha^ 

Author, n.^}c\ifd'-il{-yn); 

{wr'iler) Ui\'''y> muallif {- yn)^ 

Authority, n. jiU- sulto.-^ 
ojUl imdra,f, ^^i tasryh; 
jjil isn, m. proper aulhori^ 
lies ^y\^.i~-^\ 44.>- gihet el 
ihtisds. local authorities 
4.-.UI i.^fX\ el hukuma el 

Authorization, n. a^^^ 
ruJjsO', f, [ruhas); 4^J tas_ 
ryh; jl_j>- gaiodz , m. 

Authorize, ot. ■^ sar_ 
rah (a-); ^i-j ra///jc/s (0-); 
(^jil ozan (dZ'in). 

Autograph, n. Ju is.^ /ja^^ 




An\.o]')sy, n.AjCStasryh,m. 

Autumn^n.^ij^ baryf^m. 

Available, f. i>^^* maw_. 
gud (-ijn);j.i\t>- hddlr(~yn). 
ticket — for 8 daysj^*^ IjTjj 
,U L;lc If; tnzkara yaincd 
blha tamdnyet ayidm. 

Avarice, n. J4 huhl^ m. 

Avaricious, «. J;!4 biliyl 
jST-U oJuI ydoh mdska. be - 
Js^ 6/(fij7 (abl}al); »jul dl-.* 
misik ydoh. 

Avenge, o^. iii intaqam 
((intiqtm);j\-.,si'\oljad bitdr 
(dl]ud); j\- ^_yAi- 6''i/a,s (dr 


Avenue, /^. ?-jU sdrl\m. 

Average, ft. J-u.mrad(i/7 
('-(iij; Ja-^u mltwasslt,, m. 

Avoid, nt, ^:i-\ itgarinib 
(atgannib); ^ a.:,! ibta'ad 

'an (abti'id). 

Avoidance, n.^^tagan- 
nnb; ^^e- :Xk'J Ibti'dd ^an,m. 

Awake, a. ^jA^sdhy (-yn). 
wide— i.-^' -ul-fr 'en^h mi^ 

Awaken, vt. j^ sahha 
(asahhy); |'yS\^;,»^y qauwim 
min en ndm fa- J. 

Aware, a.^j\odrif(-yn); 
O^i ji darydn (-yn). he is - 
j^i. .Ji:p 'andoh liabar. 

Away, ad. a..; bi'yd, he 
went-^lj rcih (aruh); ^t^ 
m isy (amsy). take — JU sdl 
(asyl). he is - Laj.,yk huioa 
THUS hena. send - ^Ja ia_ 
rarf (atrud). run - __,«. 
/i;r;fe (ahrab). 

Awful, (KW-^muhyfl^f'j' 
mur Ib;^^ ^sd yih^iuwlf. 

Awkward, f. ^ 9'^^sym 
(gusm ). 




Awkwardness, n. ^tc- 
gusm; A-tyli- gisumyla. 

Awl, n. j\j< milirdz (ma_ 
fyary^); ^\lu mitqdb (mo_ 

Awning, n. ,a:T tanda 

(tindd; tanddt); 4!_,^'jjl_,:^ 

guwardasdla, f. (guwar_ 


Axe, n.^jMfds,m.(fosdt). 
A.U; baW-i^ f. (baltdt). 

Axle, n. Jf J dingil, m. 
(dandgil), - guards ^}y- 
^ardyis, f. 

Azure, a. cijl^- jjjl azraq 


Baby, n. Jiip tifl (atfdlji 
j_\»^ Jj walad sugaylar 
(wilddj; ojvk^ ^i^_ &mi sa_ 
gayiara (bandt); yy nilnu. 

Bachelor, n. ^jW VJ^jft 
Cizzdb).- o[ arts ^^_>ijj.'^. 
»jic. baklAryus "Hum. 

Backj ad. Ijj Mjara. call - 
^y^\ istarga' (astarga'j. 

come — ^>-j rig'T (arga"). 
give - ^T^jragga'- (a -). send 
— Jl" »-i, sayia" tdny (a-). 
write - :>j racid (arudd). 
keep -ji-l ahljar (a-j.a few 
years — ai-. ^^. mm /earn 

sana. I shall be - 

^^' t^ 

rdyih arga\ there and - 
c5^- fib rcbyify Qf^'^y. 




Back, n, j^i dahr; y-'j.. 
mtHiir^m, - of head [aqafa^ 
m.-io - j^i J j^i dah r fij 
dahr. at the — of \j, wara. 

- doovj\j}^\,bdb warrdny. 
behind my- '(ilj, ^ min 
wardya, - bone j^\ -^A^ 
silsUet ed dahr J.(saldsil), 

- side3_^U tysj. (at yds). 
Back, vt. ^.l^ sanad (as_ 

nid). oi. sj^is *>-j rigl^ 
bidahroh (arga^j; ^J^ 
out K^'v ..^^ sahab nafsoh. 

Backbite, vt, j^>-JI^\ it_ 
kallim fy haqq (atkallim); 
J rJi qadah fy (aqdah); -i 
zamm (asimm). 

Backbiting, n. ^-Xt qadh\ 
j\^\ js- J .><$jl ek kaldm fy 
haqqelgSr; ^.i zamm, m. 

Backgammon, n. 4jiy\>_J 
11% et tdwla, m 

Backward, a, j^-lumitah- 
har (-yn)\ \j} li wara. 

Backwards, ad.\j} liwa_ 
ra. move -j^li tdhir (a-)^ 

Backwardness, n. j^i-l; 
tdhyr, m. 

Bacon, n. ^ Jt>^ J- lahm 
fianzyr mimallah^ m. 

Bad, a. Jlk; battdl (-ynj; 
j^} wihis (-yn); iSij rady 
(ardyia). trade is — J^Ji 
^;ij es suq wdqif. he has' 
a - cold K.» ^z' ij i^s.!.''i(ndoh 
bard mitmakkin minnoh. 
this is - for you dJl ^.k* \^ da. 
mudirr bah. 

Badge, n. j,,% 'aldma^ f. 

^2i^y ,ad.t)\:,jbiraddwa. 
1 want it - ^sJ^ oJjU 'dwzoh 
qaLoy; j<.-S A A^'^ rnihtdg 
loh kityr. he is - hurt ^-j^rf 




he is - off 4!Ui| ^i-il asyetoh 

Badness, n. »jlj; raddwa; 
AiWj wahdsa, f. 

Baffle, o ^.J^ma&to t7;a -j; 
^j-TW 'dkis (a-). 

Bsig^n .u^fk ys ,m .{akyds). 
travelling — ^kii santa, f. 
(sunat). large - for grains 
A.Sj zikyba, f. (zakdyih). 
nose — j^similila/.fmalidly). 
deep leather — ^^j>- girdb, 
m. (agriba). saddle— r-y- 
hurg ,m.(alj.rdg ). — oi bones 
^Ap Jc jiJ.i>- p'fZd 'a to ^adm. 
— of money ^^ I^^ surret 
filds, f. (surar). 

Baggage, /I. ^p^a/s; J I3P 
''izdl, m. 

Bail, n. j,.U ddm m (dum_ 
mdn). on — *ile~i a.Ic 'a^(^/i 
damdna f—um). 

Bail;, y^ jjc^ daman (ad^ 


Bairam, n. j_OiJU.J\ei 'i/d 
es sugayiar; c^-^j-^-f- "yd 
ramaddn ,m . Courban - Ju«S\ 
jS^\el "yd ek kibyr-^i.^\xs- 
'yd eddihyia, m. 

Bait, n. *W ^a'm, m. 

Bake,?; ( . y.^h,abaz(ah biz)-, 
iSy^ sawa (asvoy). 

Baker ,n .o^jfarrdnf-yn); 
jLi Jiahhdz (-yn). 

Bakery, n. cjj> furn, m. 
(afrdn); aJ^iU^ tabiina, f. 
(tawabyn; tabundt); .jyc 
maljbaz , m. (maljdbiz). 

Baking, n.j<^ Ijabz; ju;- 
fjabyz; tSyi' sawy, m. 

Bakshish, n. J^iL^baqsys, 
m. (baqasys). 

Balance, n . uby myzdn, 
m.(mawazyn). - of account 
J\i bdqy; JU sdfy, m. 
- sheet 4^;lj^. mysdnyia,f. 




(myzanyidi). strike a - Ji» 

.._,l_i-l qafal el hisdb(aqfil). 

— of clock ^ISj raqqds, m. 

Balance; ot. ^j\j wdzln 

frt-^; j;lr tdqil(a-). 

Balcony, n. o^H balkdn, 
m. (—dt); Au^y tarasyna, 
/. (tarasyndt). 

Bald, «. J-al ^(.sZa' r?aZ'J; 
pj' aqra" (qur''). 

Baldness, n. »i^ sala'; f-J 
qara\ m. 

Bale, n. ^lli MZa (baldt); 
'^jj ruzma, f. (nizam). 
Ball^ n. (round body) „jf 
kdra fkordt ; kuwar); 
(rifleU^l^jrM.sdsrt, /, (rusa__ 
sdt); (cannon) ^c^ gulla, f. 
(gulal)\ (dancing) ^m, hallo, 
m. (-wdt). — of thread 
-^=- \j\j^ koraryict h^t, 
f. (kornryidt). - of the 
-eye ^Ji ninny, m. -s of fried 

meat kS^ kufta, f. - flsii 
«l2j faqqdqa, f.(faqqaqdt). 

Ballast,n. »jj;L» sabura,f. 

Balloon, n. C)J^^\ ballun, 
m.f-dt); tjVLW iJ qubbet et 
tayidra, f. 

Ballot^ n. ioj qar'a, f. 

Balm, n. (jl-A; balaadn^m. 

Balsam, n.^Xbalsam^ m. 

Baluster, n. ^.ybarmaq, 
m. (bardmiq). 

Ball! s trade , n . tj: J,, Ij :, d a_ 
rabsyn, m. (-dt). 

Bamboo, n. (^a:* ^^c- gdb 
hindy; ^s^i■•-»^J'y bAshindy, 

Banana, n. ,jy mdza, f. 

Band, n. (tie) i>li j rubdt, 
m. (-at); (company) A.^e- 
'usba, f.Cmab); (musical) 

^IJy '^ taqmmuzyka, 

m. (tuqdma). elastic — 




dJizJ ^Vjrubdl lastik, m. 
(-at), collar - aJ qabba, f. 
(qabbdtj. - box jjj JjJlj:-^ 
sanduq loaraq, m. (sana_ 

Bandage, vt. Uj rabat 
(arbvt). - the eye ^Jj raf_ 
raf (a-). 

Bandage, n. \Xj rubdt, 
m. (-dtj. - for the head A..a.p 
^asba Cusab). — for the eye 
^ijj rafrtifm. (rafaryf). 

Bandit, n. ji> ^iqatU' 
taryq (-yn; quttd'j-^ ^\j>- 
J-i-1 hardmyeg gabal (-ia). 

Bang.oi. c.}jraza'(arsa'); 
L.i. Ijabat (aljbat). 

Bang, m. icjj raz^a (ras_ 
"dt); ^.i^a&to, f. (Ijabtdt). 

Bangle, n. <u^^p guw4sa, 
f. (gawesdt). 

Banish, yil. J>nafa(anfy); 
^^yj, sargin (a-)-^ Jl^ saffar 


Banishment, n. ji nafy; 
j\\J tasfyr,^j-M sargl_ 
na, f. 

Bank, n. (river)^^ gisr 
(gisiir)-^ J^U sdty (ktwdty); 
Li satt (sutut)- (board) iii- 
taljiaf tabid t)-^ ^ dikka, 
m. (binuk; binuka). basin 
- kA^ salyba, f. (saldyib). 
saving - _,^jyj\ S-^_ bank et 
tatofyr. - note ^u lij) wa.^ 
raqet bank^ f. (awrdq). 

Banker, n. j^i_ banker, 

Bankrupt, a.,_^Ai. mifallis 
(—yn). become — ^U fallis 

Bankruptcy, n . ^i' taf^ 
lys, m. — case A^i" taflysa, 
f. (tafalys). 

Banner, n. a.1j rdya 

Ban 44 

(raydt); tj_j^_ bund^ra, f. 
(banadyr) ; jit^ sangaq 
(sandgiq); jj_^. biraq, m. 

Banquet, n. t.^yj- ^izAma 
("azdyim); a^) walyma, f. 

Banyan-tree, n. cj[.jj, ij^ 
sagaret baydn, f. 

Baptism, n.i\f-''imdd]j^^h 
tansyr^ m. ^.i^^jt'-'ma^mudy^ 

iO', f. 

Baptize, vt. SJ- 'ammld 
(a-); jJ:\ nassar (a-). 

Bar, vt. j.^ sadd(asidd). 
do not bar my way ! j^sj U 
<6CJ\''Jt ma tisiddis 'alayia 
es sikka. 

Bar, n. 4)Up ^asdya, f, 
('usy)]^ijiqadyb (qudbdn); 
(tavern) ,jlf- liammdra (Jja^ 
mamyr); (lawyers) ii.U:. 
A^'^yyikiyfet el abukatyia. 


- of gold ^- sibyka, f, 
(sabdylk). - maid ajjI^_ 
byraryia {byraryidt). 

Barber, n. ijiymizayyin 
i-y^); J^^halldq i-yn). 

Bare,o^. ^sj^^arra {a'^ar_ 
ry); ^^kasaf (ahsif). 

Bare, a.^\ije. ' irydn(-yn; 

- truth j:4i-' ji-l el haqq el 

^(^gygy- ~ faced ^^iC 4.^^ 

wissoh ma/csa /'j(shameless) 
LJ-l J-l5 qalyl el haya (quia. 
Idt). - foot jU hdfg (~yn; 

Bareness, n. !_,& 'ara, m. 

Bargain, n.J^J\}umifdsla, 
f. a good - 4.,U ,j^ sanoa 
tayyiba. into ttie - 4*J\ jy 
fdq el b^'a- ^)}\yalal rCis. 

Bargain, vt. j^> fasal 
(afsil)- j^lj fdsil (a~). 

Barge, n. ^j. markib 




(mardkib); ^sxu> sandal^ 
m; (sanddil); ^i^e-U ma' Ana, 
f. (ma'undi). 
^diYk,n.yLSqisr ^m .( qisAr) . 

^ nabah(yinbah). 

Barking, n.(i^'<:'u;(/; r-L; 
nibdh^ m. 

Barley, n. j)«i si'yr, m. 

^divn.n.cjf^gurn fagrdn). 

Barometer;, n.J^jj\ bar6_ 
mitr (-dt); l^il ob>* myzdn 
el haioa, m. (mawazyn). 

Barrack;, n. j^ii; qusldq, 
m. (-dt). 

Barrage, 'i.j^^j qandtir, 
/. the— \j:)^\ jWUs)\ el qand._ 
tir el liayryia, f. j'^\ } 
fumm el bahr, m. 

Barrel, n. (cask) J..^. bar_ 
myl, m. (baramyl); i^^ 
bittyia, f. (batdty); (gun) 

two - gun (j^a-jji v-J^. bun- 
duqyia biroMn, f. 

Barren, a . ^j>- birs.- 
woman ,j\c^j.Tnara 'dqra; 
Jiy Vj J^ V .Ij. mara la 
tihbal wala iulid. — ]and 
jy ^jl ard bdr, m . 

Barrenness, n. ^ji^ J^y, 
bawdr el ard; ^y'J^\ ^Ls 
fasdd el ard. 

Barricade, vt.^^jjtarbis 

Barrier, n. _y^W hdgiz 
(hawdgis); a^ sadd, m. 

Barter, n. ^)\i,m iqdyda; 
4!:>L. mibddla, f. 

Barter, vt. ^A» qdyid 
(u-)-^ Jill bddil(a-). 

Basalt, n .j_>-l u'j-» sau wdn 
is void, m. 

Base, a.ijidany(adnyia); 

tjyA,masura,f.(mawasyr). ^j>H\,jidany elasl; 





liasys (husasa). 

Base, n. Ji-. sifl^ ^\J 
asds, m. \-dt); >^c■[i qd'da, 
f. (qa'ddt). 

Basement, n. ujj-^' bad_ 
rdn, m. f-dt). 

Baseness, n.ojlodaradtca; 
^^^^lilssyia, f. 

Bashful, a. jc'^JJ.-f-, yili- 
tisy kityr (yi/jtisu); Jj^ 

Bashfulness, n.^JL^ hisa; 
J^ fjO- gal ;{.->■ haya,m. 


Basin, n.^L\^tist (tisdt)-^ 
Jay^ hdd (hyddn); jj.^\.ma_ 
gur, m. (mawagyr). sugar 
- ij^ sukkaryia, f.(suk_ 

Basis, n. »-icU qd'da, f. 

Bask, vi. ^\ iksammis, 


Basket,^, c^sabat(-dt); 
J-. sail, m. (sildl); 4.ii quffa 
{qufafj; 4.ii^ misanna^ f. 
(milanndt); _ik2« maqtaf, 
m. (maqdtif), small — for 
fruits JajS, buquty^m, one cf 
two —s carried on donkey_ 
hac^i i^i>. ganba, f. (gindb; 
ganbdt). — of date— palm 
ribs ^_yl.k> qafas, m. (aqfds)^ 

Bastard, a. c'j'-c^l ibn ha_ 
rdm (aLoldd); \3A,milciqqat 


Baste, vt. Jii salUlfa-); 
^j.^ sarrag (a-). 

Bastinado, ot. *alill ^^^ 
darab bil falaqa (adrab). 

Bat, n. ]a\^i witiodt^ m, 
(ivatawyt); (Hat club) v_.^. 
madrab, m. (maddrib). 

Batii, n. Ag~ hammdm ,m . 
[-di). - ^ee'^ter ^j\g~hammdimj 




{--ia);jt\ji-hammdmg y{-ia). 
shower - j^j^dds, m. — 
TOOWA\i~hammdm.- heater 
^ mihma, f. (malidmy). 
- woman a5> balldna (hal_ 

Bathe, vt. ^ hamma (a_^jJi'Msiahcimma 

Bathing, n. ^^ himum; 
f\^\ istihmdm, m. 

Battalion, n. aWj^I orta,f. 

Battery, n. *. jLi bataryia, 
f. (bataryidt). 

Battle;, n. o y a*v maw_ 
qa'a harbyia (mawdqV). 

Bay, n. ^ h(^lyg, m. 

Bay,o(.j.l=j^l«/«mar gdmiq 

Bayonet, n, Af- singa, 
f. (sinag). 

Bazaar, n. J^- sdq (as_ 

wdq); jljl bazdr, m. 

Be, vi. ^ kdn (akun). 
he is out 1^ yk huLoa barra. 
that is nothing to me JU U^ 
wana mdly; JJ; J:. Ij da 
mus sugly. no body is to 
know it aJ-JJ^s; U ma tequls 
lihadd; jvi-l ju'TT Ikiim el 
h,abat\ he is twentyoi^tp.j**' 
A:.^'umroh ^isryn sana, ja-- 
tjij-lc^ sinnoh '^isryn. if he 
were you iiJi=-jk» J (^j'g^ljjlj^rt 
M/i /■;/ matrahak-^ d\u Ai* 
minnoh minnak. if he 
were not old j^^ (J--^^* o' 
mre mr( /edns ^aguz. as if he 
is a! ^ kainnoh. — tliat as it 
may ^_fj o^C I. i^j say ma 
ylkun yikun. — a man ! 
^]c^\j d<S^ hallyk rdgil. is it 
true ? Tc^" (ijT I ^a iara 
sahyh. it can not - ^^ j~. 
mus mumkin. it is 4 miles 




from here JUl i iiU. \:» ^' 
min hena lihindk arba^ 

Beach, n. j^\ Li. satt el 
bahr , m, (situt). 

Beacon, n, .jjaic^ saman^ 
ditra, f. (samandurdt). 

Bead, n :,}j.- Ijaraza, f. 
(J^araz). set of -s j^-'sibha, 
f. (sibah). 

Beak, n. jli:. minqdr, m. 

Beam, n. (ray) ^Li su'd" 
(asi^'a); (timber) rj I6h, m. 

Bean, n. ^,i fdla, f.(ful); 
French -saJ^-sU fasulya-^A.,J 
lAbya^ f. 

Bear, n. ^:,dibb;A>^dibba 

Bear, vt. Jr^l ihtamal 
(ahtimil); J*.p=.:^I isiahmil 
(astahmil); jM'tdq (atyq). 

- fruit ^jU tarah (yitrah), 
she -s him no children U 
jVjI -u. J:..=t:i ma bit gibs 
minoh awldd, — resem_ 
h\ancei^^.\L»i^ fyh misdbha. 

- in mind! dill J Ji- /jaZif/ fy 
bdlak;^\ iftikir. 

Bearsihle a. ^^'.^yuhtamal. 

Beard, n. ^j daqn, m. 
(diqun). -ed ^s,^ bidaqn; 
J%:>j\\abu daqn.-\ess j.U 

Bearer, n.J«WMm(/(^-f/nJ; 
J^li scif/jZ (-ynj. by- ^..U- ». 
ma" hdmloh] Afi\j « ma' 

Beast, n. ^Jj-i wahs (wi_ 
Ms), wild - iSj, ,J-9-i wahs 

Beat, ot. ^jj> darab (ad- 
rab). - cotton ji- nag g id 
(a-). I- him in the game 
..^Ul j aJ^ galabtoh ^i ^'^ 




I am dead - J^a \;I ana 
halkdn. — Aown the price 
^c^\^}j•.nagsilei tamanfa-). 
Beat, n.. iu^* darba, f. 
(darbdt). policeman's - ilj^ 
darak, m. (-dt). 

Beating, n. Ai\c 'alqa, f. 

Beautiful, a J.?- gamyl 
(gumdl); ^j^.f huwayyis 
(~yn);^ hil(^ (-yn). 

Beautify, vt. ^^>- hassin 

Beauty, n. JU- gamdl; 
/,„>- husn, m . .j^o- haldwa, 
f. -' apo^-'^^-^sdma ,f,(samdt). 
Beaver, n. j^J\ ^K" kalb 
€l bahr(kildb);j^i.-'sammij,r, 

Because, con. c)^ ^asdn; 

^Vilt 'alasdn; o"^ liann; 

^\^i.^\bisabah inn;c^^likdn . 

Beckon, vt. jjU sdwir 

(a-); .jlil J**" 'amal isdra 
(a" mi I). 

Beckon, n. ,jUi isdra 
(isardtj; .jjli. misdwra, 
f. (misawrdt). 

Become, vi. J\..^sdr (asyr). 
what became of him? ^1 {SjT 
A,\ gara loh dh. this dress 
-s you cL-U jli (ii (.3-J-i* ^^ 
hidAm dy iilbaq lak. it — s 
him to do so Ijj J^ <i j.ij 
yilyq boh yi^mil keda. 

Becoming, a. j,V Idbiq 
(-yn); jiM Idyiq (-yn). 

BeA,n. j.j fars.m. Cj» 
farsaj/farsdt). - of canal 
"<&j\l\ 5^l» gtt' ei iir'a, m. he 
is going lo-^U. ^j rdyih 
yindm. - lime ^yi\ o»jtoag^ 
en n6m. flower — J>y^ h6d, 
m. (hyddn). - of stone Jij. 
J,J^ marqad el hagar. 
- roomf^J\ \i}\6det en ndm, 




f. (iiioad). — sheets i^l^l. 
mJtoj/tt</. — stead j^^Msiryr, 
m. (sardyir). four-post — 
jjIa*^^jI x^slryr biarbci 
'imddn. — quilt ^li- lahdf^ 
m. (-dt; alhifa). 

Bedouin, n. ijij, badawy 

Bee, n.^iinahlaj.(nahl). 

— h\vQij%'Jialdya,f, (Ija^ 

Beech^ n. (wood) c^j^dn, 

Beef, n. (5_^ i]i- lahma 
baqciry, f. - steak ^ii^i; bif. 

Beer, n. tj<,_ byra. Nubian 

— At^. bu:sa, f. he thinks no 
small- of himself *.-i! jj^> 
Jke-^\fdkir fy nafsoh amr 
''asym.— shop .jjm byra,f. 

Beetle, n.^^i:^ bunflsa, f. 



Befall, vi. ^^^^hasal(yih^ 
sal); iSj>- gara (yigraj. 

Before, pre. (of time J J-> 
qabl; (of place) ^\Jiqadddm. 
— you go 7v)j'^ J:» Q(^bl ma 
tirilh. —you\lX'^JS quddd_ 
ma/e. this was done— o^'^* 
^{.jdakdn zamdn; c^ \:> 
4IJ da kdn qabla. - hand 
aJ-5 qabla. 

Befriend, vt.^^l» sdhib 

Beg, vt. j!^talab (atlub)\ 
j~j\ itragga (atragga); 
(in street) j^ii-'ia/ia^ (ashat); 
J^<:J\ista'ta (astcCty). I -of 
you Vj^>- ^ i>:p ^^ margu 
min hadretkum; j» J«*yi 
<j^i.- elamal min hadret_ 

Beggar, n. oWt-' hahhdt 



Begging, n. a;1#? sihdta^ f 

Begin, vt. Ijiil ibtada (ab^ 
tidy); (jLi bada (abdy). 

Beginner, n. (S^^* rnub- 
tady (-yn); tSi\bddy(-yn). 

Beginning, n. Iji:il ibtida; 
|ji:^ mubtada; Jjl auwil,m. 

Begone ! inl- ^J-*\ imsy; 
r'j f^ff'; jf' ingarr. 

Begonia, n. Li^^. bygdn^ 

yO', f. 

Beguile, vt. iSy<^ gawa 

Beguilement.n. (>l igtoa, 

Behalf, n. J^-'bl liagl- J^lc 
'asdn; i^Ja ^ min taraf. 

Behave, vi. dl- salak 
(asluk); ^\ itsarraf (at- 
sarraf). - yourself!._^la J:.l 
imsy tayyib;S.\i\j J^-'Mmsy 
fy adctbak, 

51 Bel 

Behaviour, n. 6^^ siluk; 
o^A? tasdrruf;J^ masy,m. 

Behead, vt. ^b A' gO'ta'- 
rds (aqta"). 

Behind, pre. Ijj wara. 

Being, n. (existence) df 
kdn; {\,hmg)^t sS(asya);ij>-j' 
mawgud, m. (-dt). the time 
-jJ'\L\ ^i)\ el waqt el hddir. 

Belch, vi. c.f\ ikkarra" 

Belch, n, »i jsj takry\ m. 

Belgian, a. 5^> belgyky 

Be\gi\xin,n. '^^[belgykaj. 

Belief, n. jiJ^-ar tasdyq; 
C)\c\ ymdn; jUcI i^tiqdd; 
v_^ji« mazhab, m. 

Believe, vt. jxa saddaq 
(a-)\ ^>\ dmin (a-); JlIIpI 
iHaqad (aHiqid). I - in God 
lij. A. \, \jl ana badmin 
birabbina. 1 - so Iji ^^1 




azinn heda. I -not J,-^i\ U 
\j^ma azinnis keda. 



Believer, n. 

{-iin);M-M mutaqid (-yn); 
JJuM misaddaq (-yn). 

Bell, n. ^j.j>- garas, m. 
(agrds). church - ^^-yli n«_ 
q{is, m. (nawaqys). - pull 
^J■}r\ Jj- /labZ e^ garas, 
m. (hibdl). 

Belladonna, n. j^l\ ^- 
sitt el husn^ f. 

Bellows, n. ^U:. munfd}}, 
m. (manafyb). large - jj) 
kur^ m. (akwdr). 

Belly, n. jk; 6a(n, /. ('fej- 
tun)', j,^ kirs, m.(kirus). 

Belong, oj. ^^ .^ass (yL 

this -s to her l^c-l:. 1^ da 
bitd'ha. all - ing to him JT 
a!1« kull mdloh. 
Beloved, a. s-j^mahbCib\ Benefactor, "v-*^ «i"^si;i 

(-yn); y.-f- 'azyz Cazdz). 

Below, pre. zj'- tc-^; (1)3^ 
ddn; J»l aqall. 

Belt, n. Jj^ hizdm, m. 
(-dt; ahsima). leather- j^- 
s^r, m. (siyur). 

Bemean, vt. Ji danna 

Bench, n. J*i* maq'ad 
(maqdHd); di:; bank, m. 
(binuk); ^ dikka, f. (di_ 
kak). mud - a-La* mastaba^ 
f. (masdtib). - mark jrjij 
ri6^r, m. (~dt), 

^^ tana (atny); ^^>- hana 
(ahn y). 

Bend, n. 4<ry^ 'aw3(/a cV<to_ 

g'ct^j; A-if <an{/a (ianydt); 

4..:>. hanya, f. (hanydt). 

Beneath, pre. c^ taht; 

C))i dAn. 




(-yn); j^'J^Jj toaly en niam 

Benefit, vt. ^li fAd(afyd); 
«; nafa'' (an fa'' J, vi. jlit-l 
istafdd (astafyd); >Li:i\ in_ 
tafa'' (antift^j. 

Benefit, n. .Jul* fdyda 
(fawdyid); Auk* manfa'a, 
f. (mandfi'j; «; nafa", m. 

Benevolence, n. j^ Mr; 
^[^p-\ ihsdn, rn. 

Benevolent, a. j^\ ^«i 
yihibb el liir (-u); iSj^ 

Benumb, vi. Jc nammil 


Benzine, n. otjs ban- 
■syn, m. 

Bequeath, vt. ^^3 wahab 
{awhib); Ji^jj toarras (a-). 

Berme, n. ^Ik^* mustdh 
(masatyh); c^->_ bank^l, 

Berry, n. Af- habba, A 

Berth, n. (ship) jkiyataq, 
m. {~dt); (employment )<iLiii_^ 
wa^zyfa [wazdyif); ^aM- 
didma, f. {Ijidam). 

Beside, pre. ^-.^ ganb; 
j:s- "and: vjS; biqurb. he is 

— himself with joy cS/s C^>-j- 
farhdn qawy; Jakij,. mi^ 

Besides, ad. cJ^ kamdn; 
\j^ys. g4r keda. - mc i^jjt 

Besiege, o ^^^tfV/id s (■ ?Ya-; 

Besmear, vt.)i^ijjzarwat 
(a— J; L-U galyat (a-). 

Best, a. ^^^^Vl el ahsan. 
do your-! iijij>- J/1 I'mil 
gihdak; ii :>>*«= J^l i'mil 
ma gh{t dak. headed for the 

- j<iS J*"^ 'amal I'd Mr. to 
the - of my remembrance 

Bes E 

J>U III U Ji ^ "alci qadd ma 
ana fdkir. in his - clothes 
dJi:i* misannik. 

BesloWj vt. ^aj loahab 
(awhib)- <\an'am. (an'im). 

Beslride, vi. f"} farsah 
(a~); A.Uj ^ fatal} rlgUh 

Bet, vt. ^klj rdhin (a-); 
J[ti^j^^^'amal ra/idn(a^m il). 

Bel, n.c}-»'jrahdn^ m.-u.a.lj, 
mirdhna, f. 

Betray, vt,o\^l2dn(altiin); 
,_, J^c, gadar hi (agdar). 
- a secret ^Jl, A, bdh bis 
sirr (abtih). 

Betrayal, n.*;!,^ bydna^ f. 
jSc- gadr, m. 

Betrayer, n. ^^tU fjdyin 
(-gn};j\ji gadddr (~yn). 

Be'roth, vt. ^_,ki- batab 
(abtab); dX.t kibak (asbiik). 

Betrothmenl, n. *i^ki- 

i Bew 

butuba; A-ki- butba^ f. 

Better, a. ^^>-\ ahsan. he 
is - than you diu ^„?-l y> 
hawa ahsan minnak. I had 
-do so IjT'j*^! ^-^VI ei 
ahsan a^mil keda. your -s 
iJLjj raasdk. 

Between, pre.ji> b^n; fj<.\, 
ma b4n. — you and me ^_o 
dJii-ij binywebinak.~i\\\s 
and the end of the yearUa ^, 
-uJ\j^V mm henalidb'ires 

Bewail, vt. ^ nauwah 
(a~J; ^x nadab{andib). 

Beware,o i . j^j wa'a{aw'a); 

Bewilder, vt. j^>- haylar 
(a-). be-edj\i;wl ihtdr (ah_ 
idr);jjL\ ithayiar {athay_ 
iar). -ed jAo- hdyir (-f/n); 
j^ji" mithayiar (—yn). 

Bewilderment, n. >_;^ 




hijra, f, 

Bey^ n. d); M. —by cour_ 
tesy 4^1 dAj M ummoh. 

Beyond, pre. Ijj coara; 
-U) ba^d, - the town j^}\ 1^. 
barra el balad. this is - me 
jSCl J J.. Ij) da mws fy 

Beyship, n. a.^'^ biha. 
ioyia_, f. 

Bible, n. u'j/ tawrd^ f. 

Bicycle, n. ^ 'agala 
{''agaldt); 4.:M. makina, f. 

Bid, o^.i/-! amar{dmur). 

- for Ikp (ij^ idd.a 'aia 
{addy). - farewell ^jj wad_ 
da' (a-). 

Bier, n. ^X\ dasabet 
elmayyit, f. (aljsdb); J-«J 
na'^s, m. (ni'iis). 


m. - bridge ^sJ ijk:.i qanta_ 
ret laqsym, m. 

Big, a.^Ckibyr [kubdr]-^ 
^^>- gasytn (-f//i). talk — ^ 
gabU [aguhb). 

Bigamy, n. >\y^,. y-^ j^y* 
».io-\jgawdz aktar min ma- 
ra wdhda, m. 

Bile, n. I^i^ safra, f. 

Bilious,a. ts^lji^sa/'/'ao;?/ 

Billon .(of bird)jlai.m in gar 
{manaqyr); (account) <J^.^ 
hisdb, m. »jy\i fattira, f. 
[facoatyr); (of lading) a^J^> 
&oif/sa,/'.(&aio(:'Zi8);(of health) 
\L-1>\ bdtenta, f. [batcnidt)- 
(advertisement) o^cl i^dn, 
m. {-at), stick "o -si ^}■a.\ 
f'^ oWtVI lasq el i'landt 
ma mntV.- of exchangeASL-i 
kambydla, f. (kambyaldt). 

Billiards, ri.jiJ^J^. bilydrdo. 





Bind, vt. (tie) J^jj rabat 
[arbut); (a book) al>- gallid 

Binder, n. j^*: migalUd 
{-y^); ^^-^■^ migalliddty 

Binding, n. i=lj ra&^^ 
("«/). book - -xJ.^ laglyd,m. 

Biography, n. a^_; iar_ 
gima (tardgim); .jrj.- s^r«, 

Bird, n. jJa (^r (thjCir). 
small - j^i^f-'asftir (''osa^ 
fyr). young -J^cJ ^(i^/ui, 
m. (zagalyl). - lime ia.;»: 

Birth, n. j^~. myldd 
(mawalyd); Jiy mawlid; 

mtilid, m. (matodlidj. -day 
:>^l.. Ji-t 'yd myldd, m. 

- place ^IJI ia«-.» masqat er 

rds, m. 

Biscuit, n. o^C-i baska^ 
wyta (baskawyt); aUI^-Zi 
buqsumdta, f. (buqsumdt). 

Bisiiop, n. ^L-l asquf 
{asdqfa); ..J^jljW* mutrdn 

Bishopric, n. 4-i*^l asqu^ 
fyi^^> f. 

Bit, n. (piece) aI;- A/^tct 
\hitat)\ arU gafa {quia"); 
(of horse) jL.ji»-*\i- ligdm 
hadyd, m. {-dt; algima); 
(small piece) *;^i:» fatftita^ 
fXfatafyt). not a - of it Vllk* 
mtUlaqan; IJbj abadan. 

Bitch, n. jJ^kalba {kal_ 

Bite, 0^. ^jdP 'add [a'udd); 
^Jqaras {aqnis)-y>qatam 
(aqtum). biting cold j_y»jl» ^j. 
6a rd qdris. 

Bite, n. <j^e^''adda{'adddt); 
*.,.k» qatma^ f. {qatmdt). 




Bitter ; a. ^ murr. 

Bitterness, n. 6jl_,. mard^ 
ra, f. 

Black, a. i^^Mswid (sud). 
in —^}^j>■ hasdyay. 

Black-board, n. ^^^ 
I6h basab, m. (alwAh); ci- 
iaijia, f.(tuliat). 

Blacken, of. j'^- sauwid 

Blackguard, n . 4..i- safyh 
(sufaha)-^ Li-I jAi qalyl el 

Blacking, n. ^yrhy, bdyet 
gizatn, f, (boydi). 

Blackness, n.^^y sciwdd 

Blacksmith, n. jbo-^ad^ 
ddd (-yn). 

Bladder, n. iAi> masdna, 
f. (masandi). 

. Blade, n. (of knife) ^^ 
sildh,m. (aslihci); (of grass) 

iiji waraqa, /". (warciqdt)- 

Blamable, a. jil aJc 'al^h- 
el fjaqq (-umj^Jjit^mahquq 

Blame^o^. .V Idm (alAm); 
^'jj lauwim (c(^); J^l dl}is 
(a-); ^ ji-l^W gdb el haqq 
"ah-i (ogyb). you ore to - jit 
dJU* el haqq "al^k-^ ^,U\ ^,\ 
entael 'dyib. 

Blame, n. ^) ldm;^% ma_ 
Idm, m.\. >U m aid m «; » ii- 1"^* 
mudliza, f. 

Blank, t'.(>:;l <^'byc4(byd); 
^[., Jc 'ato baydd. -car.. 
iri(\ges\y>S.zJfus^k hacoa^ 
point - f.^^, bis saryh. 

Blank, n. ^L baydd, m^ 

Blanket, n. Jy- hirdm, 
m .(ahr ima)-^i,j\L)baf.tanyia,, 

Blaspheme, vt. (jiJl ^- 
sabb ed dyn (asibb). 




Blasphemy^ M.O: -J (---sobb 
ed dyn^ m.ijiji\ l^^.misab- 
bet ed dyn, f. 

Blast, vt. (wind) ^ lafah 

Blast, n. (wind)*ii' lafha^ 
f. (lafhdt). 

Blaze, vi. ^\ iltahab 
(yiltihib);j\i d^\ abad ndr 

Blaze, n. ^.^i lo.hUtba^ f, 

Bleach, vt. ^_o bay lad 
/«-;. -ed ja.^ abyad (byd). 

Blear, vt. ^jxS" ^ammas 


Blear, «. ^a.'" mVdmmas 


Bleat, vi. \.[>mdma (yi-); 
Ja^ 'ayiat(yi-). 

Bleating, n. ol.U mamda^ 
f. J^Lc- "yidt^ m. 

'B\eed,v i .s^fcisad (afsud); 

|.:> Jii-I al}ad damm (dfiud). 

Bleeding, n. jl-^s fasd, m. 
oU> fisdda^ f^ j»i Ji-I ahd 
damm, m. 

Bless, vt. iSj\ bdrik (a-). 
God - you I SJ i]jL •>^i\alldh 
yibdrik fyk. he -ed me ^^ 
J da'a ly (ad'y). 

Blessed, « fJjL* mubdrak 
(-yn); iljjj.. mabruk (-yn). 

Blessing, n. ^. barakaj. 

Blind, «. J."! a.'ma('imy); 
4..Laj jp-U 'c?(7Jj- bi^enSh. - 
man's-buff 4i\.i:^l istugum_ 
mdya. - alley Ji-- ,jU /i'/rrc 
sadd. window - jl™c'' sctm- 
syia, f. (samdsy). be - j^ 
'/m^/ (a' ma). 

Blindfold, of. ^^^ gamma 
(agammy); t>*.u& Jaij rabat. 
^enin (arbut). 

Blindness, n. \s- "ama, m. 




BMnkjVi. ■jJ:.gamaz (ag- 

'^n (abuss). 

Blister, n. »i\j>-hirrdqo.J, 
(hirraqdt; hararyq). 

Block, ui.J^- sadd(asidd). 
- head jy tdr (tyrdn); j\i~ 
homdr (himyr). 

Blockade, n.jLj;-/i{,s(Ar, m. 

Blockade, ot. ^^U hdsir 
(a-)-^j^^ hasar {ahsur). 

Blood, n. .idamm, m. it 
made my - cold a?- ^:> J^ 
f}alla dammy gimid. — 
oranges i..s> jjla!^_ buriuqdn 
bidcimmoh, in cold - :ijjo 
bibirud. - shol f jJI t$J zay 
ed damm. his- is on your 
head dkJj j AJj zdnboh fy 

Bloomy, a. :>j^« miwar_ 
rad(-yn)\ ^^y mizahhar 


Blossom, vi.jbj zahhar 

Blossom^ n. »_,a.j sahra 
(zahr); »jl^ nauwdra, /'. 

Blot, vt.'^} wassalj (a-); 
ia..«i? saljbat (a-). - out ^ 
maha [amhy). 

Blot,n.A«,ba5'a,f. [buqd). 

Blotting-paper, n. jj^ 
i_i-i;T waraq lansyf- jjj 
ejlii waraq ncissdf, m. 

Blouse, ?i. long- a..^U 
gallabyia, f. [galalyb; gaL 

Blow, n. 4.k.i- ^aWrt (/!«&_ 
tdt);'^ljj'darba^ f, (darbdt). 
when it came to -s or>>- ^l 
^_^it! lam ma hawaget lid 

Blow, vi.^iabb [ahibb); 
^nafo.]i,{anfuh)M^Q wind -s 




^jr\il^l el hciwa byzcimmar. 
the wind blew the paper 
away jjjji j_4> l_^i| el hcctoa 
taytjar el woraq, - up any 
one J^li- j^ la'an bci^. - a 
trumpet J^Jl ^^i darab bil 
b&q. -a candle *«£-* I jL.m/'a 
es sam'a. he blew out his 
brains A.^cijl* ^^j ^^r-* darab 
rdhoh tabanga. he blew his 
nose ^"i naff (aniff); La 
madat {ambut). 

Bludgeon, n. A:^:idagana 
(dagandt); ^i-'J s'liqla, f. 

Blue, a.3jj\a2raq [zurq). 
- for washing J,^J| j^^j 
zahret elgasyl^ f, light - 
<ijl«- Jjj' '^^T^aq samdwy. 

B\ueness, n,j\jjzardq^m. 

Bluish, a. Jjj,. misriqq 

Blunder^ n. *k\c> ^alta^ /. 

{galtdt)-^ j^ sahu, m. 

Blunder J vi. 1^ gilit [ag. 
lat); J- j>.^ sihy 'ala {-yia). 

Blunt, a. |ll; ia/«m i-yn); 
[u mitallim {-yn).~ man 
-^ Jtj ^'^^gil fa,z2. be - It 
tllim (yitlam). 

Blush, vl. jS-\ ihmarr 
{ahmarr); Ji^ bigil {aljgal); 
^!L'.i-l iUtakaialitisy). 

Blush, n. j\ji~\ ihmirdr; 
^j^r l}agal; _,ii- l}isu, m. 

Board, n . (timber) 7-) I6h 
cil) ^j-U mag lis (magdlis); 
(of ship) J\^tJ\^5^U^:>.^ an & 
elmarkib es kimdl^ m. on 

- ^_5jU (j fil markib; y^J- Jt 
jy\}\ 'ala dahr el wabur, 
o\er -j4\jJ)Wiqi' fil bahr. 

- and lodging ^\jf Ajqydm 
we nydm. pedlar's - Ai.U 
tablyia, f, {tabdly)^ 




Board,v t,^)lauwah (a-); 
v^i. bassib (a-). 

Boarder, n. A At qdyim 
ndyim (~yn); ii)j.a£^^kJ> (Uf 
himasr&foh (diydf). 

Boarding, n. -4 jlr talwyh; 

v_.x-iji iahsyb, m. — house 


— school ajLi i-yJi« madrasa 

byidtyia^ f. (maddris). 

Boast, vt.'^ gabb (agubb); 
(/Ul itbdha (atbdhaj. 

Boaster, n. ^ gabbdb 

Boasting, n. ^ gabb, m. 

Boai,n.^j' markib(ma_ 
rdkib); <^J» qdrib(qawd_ 
rib); JJU^ sandal, m. (sa_ 
nddil); J^ flluka, f. (fa_ 
Id y ik ). Kile -*.;^i dahabyia^ 
f. (dahabyidt). - man jCT,. 
by (-ia);^^^ faldyky(-ia); 

t^j4 bahry (-ia). 

Bobbin, n. ,jC bakara, 
f, (bakardt), 

Body,n .^^ g ism(agsdm); 
JL«j>- gasad (agsdd); ^ji. ba_ 
dan, m. (abddn). some - a*- 
hadd; Ao-\iwdhid. any-tsi 
SiAj ay wdhid. no - Ji-J^*- 1« 
mahaddis. in a - 1^- JSol ek 
kull sawa. a - of soldiers 
y\^ JjP suwayiet 'asdkir; 
jn„p-j^j- gamliAr ''asdkir^ 

Bohemian, d. i^j^gagary 

Boil, vt.^^salaq (asluq); 
Jc gala (agly)- down ^ 
naqqas (a-). 

Boil,n. i^f-habba (habbdt); 
4o dimmila^f, (damdmil). 

Boiler, «. ^\y> qa2dn,m. 

Boiling, n. J^^salq; ^ 
siiyq; ^^g<^ly^, c}^galaydn, 




m . A.Jc galyia, f. 

Boisterous, a. tSi^ gO'- 
kibdwy(-ia); i^\j^kityr 
elgalaba (kutdr). 

Bold, a. j_,-:»- gasiir(- yn); 
^'^\iS^ qaioy el qalb (qu_ 
wdy). make - _^\^\ itgdsir 

Boldness, n. >j\^>- gasdra; 
^\l\\ lyquLoet el qalh,f. 

Bolster, n. j.j.»\Jii mi_ 
h,addel siryr,f.(miliadddt). 
Bolt, n.^^lij* tirbds(ta_ 
rabys). screw - -Uj ^^U jl^^ 
musmdr qalau z ,m .ihunder 
- AapU sd^qa,f. fsawd'iq). 
Bolt, vt.{adoor)^ij tar__ 
bis (a-); (run) ^j ramah 
(armah); Aij Jjii-I aliad fy 
wissoh (Aljud). 

\^ov[\h, n AJ:.bumba(bamb); 
mJs- gullaj. (gulal). 
Bombard, vt. JU-I ^jJ' 

darab bil gulal ( adrab). 

Bombardment,/! . jSi-l v_jj-^ 
darb bil gulal^m. 

Bonbon,n.*«Jum ilabbisa, 
f. (milabbis). 

Bond, n.(band;Uj rubdt 
(-dt)i (security) i^,^, bdn, m, 

Bondage, n. ^1 asr; ^-j 
yusr, m. 


AS'^ 'adma, f. 

Cadm). — setter jjj: migab^ 
bar (-yn). 

Bonnet, n.wU- XL^y bur_ 
nStet sittdt, f. (baranyt). 

Bony, n. ^Jm mVaddam 


Book, n. J^^kitdb (ku_ 
tub); yii daftar, m. (da^ 
fdtir).noie -^-:^j"ai daftar 
gib,m. day - ^yjjdmyiaj. 
(yomyidt). on my -SiSj\iij 
fy dafdtry -case ^•.S^4i\^i. 




-keeper oll-j- ,_^^ kdtib 
hisabdt(kutabet)- keeping 
jrUjJIdi-.* mask ed dafdiir, 
m. -seller ^^S^kutby (-ia)\ 
^•S^t-Ljbayid" kuiub(~yn). 
— shop 4jU- ,^iS kutublidna 
(katubhctndt); A.tx. mak_ 
taba, f. (makdtib).-])osi 
Cj\o^y,matba''dt, f. 

Booking-clerk, n. j-}^ 
iazkargy f-iaj. 

Booking-office, n. ^Jss 
j(X-i\ mahall qaf et tazA^ 
kir, m. (—At). 

Boot, n. A^jP- gazma^ f. 
(gizam). top - iSj^y *«j^ 
gazma sawdry. 

Borax, n. J^u tinkdr 
Jj^i bdraq, m. 

Border, n. J>}> tarf (ta- 
riff); Jij^harf, m. (huruf). 

Bore, vt. (make a hole) 

Jji- h,araq (ah,raq); ^u ta^ 
qab (atqub); (weary) jjU 
ddyiq (a-); ^cj zcC'al (a-). 

Bore, n. (hole) j^i- barq, 
m. (I}uruq); (tiresome per- 
son) J.i: saqyl (saqala). 

Boring-lool, n. «_,. bar^ 
ryma, f. (barrymdt). 
I was — oJ^I lilanct iw.oalatt. 

Borrow, vt.^tJistalaf 

Borrower, n . ^-.^ m h- 
tilif f-yn). 

Borrowing, n.*si>-saZ/'a,/'. 

Borrow-pit, n.^iji, mat_ 
raba, f. (matdrib). 

Bosh, n. j.y^ bds; i^lj ^'j^ 
kaldm fdrig. 

Bosom, n. ^^f hudn, m. 
(ahddn), woman's— >. bizz 
(bizaz); a.^: nuhd, m. (mu- 




Botany, n. oU\ U 'ilm 
en nabdi, m. 
Both, a. tJi'^'Vl el i(n6n. 

- of us'yi U'-l ?/i/ia eZ i^_ 
n^n. - s\A(isCj);^(,\-\el gihaten. 

- you and he Cj)^H\ lyll eni!« 
eZ itnin. -for you and for 
him ^lit_) dAill«i 'asdnak we 
"asdnoh. —rich and poor 
^<S\d\jiLic^>i^el agnyia toil 

Bother, ot. j-U ddyiq 
(O'-); j'i:> dawak (ad wis); 
Zjyi- Ijawat (afiwit). 

Botheration, n. aiU* mL 
ddyqa ; \i.iida wsa jJji-;/jaw_ 

Bottle, n. .jl_^ qijdsa^ f. 
(qazdyiz). water - ^iqalla^ 
f. (qulal). soldier's water - 
A-.jy.j zamsamyla^ f.(3am_ 
^amj/idij. long— neclied wa_ 
ter - Jjjj ddraq^ m. (da^ 


Bottom, n.j«» qa'r(qu%r); 
j\y qardr (-dt); p-U qd\ m. 
(-dt), from top to — Jy ^,. 
^^ min fdq li taht. 

BoLigainvillea, n. ^^--^r 
gahannamyia, f. 

Boulevard, n. e- jU sdrl\ 
m. (sawdr'i'). 

Bound,o^. (limil)jJi^/iarf_ 
did(a-); (spring) Jai natt 
(anutt). be - *>1\ iltazam 
(altizlm). where are you 
- to? ^:t Jc ^ala fin. home_ 
ward - oaJ^ Jp ''cdcd hit; ^ 
j)J\ ^alal balad. 

Boundary, n. j=- hadd, 
m. {hidudj. 

Bouqet, n. jjj l.^^ suhbet 
ward, f. (suhab). 

Bourse, n. *^jy bdrsa^ 
f. (borsdt). 

Bovine, a. cSji baqary. 

Bow 65 

Bow, vt. ^^>-hana(ahny). 
he -ed to lier l^lc U sallim 


Bow, n. (of reverence) U^l 
inhinci; (weapon) ^y gds 
Cagw;ci«;i (of a ship ) .si' 
y^J.\ muqdim el markib, 

Bowels, n. cx.)-^* "^ft'?'*- 
ryn, f. - of the earth ^^ki 
^_y'J^\ batn el ard, f. ^^>- 
^y>S^\ gdf el ard, m. 

Bower, n. aj^ qimryia 
(qimryidt); \Lij^ ta'rysa, 

Bowl, n. AJlkU suUanyia 
(salatyn; sultanyidt); i.J^ 
tdsa, f. (tasdt).- of pipe jf 
i^«\\ ha gar el 'iid, m. (higd^ 
ra). small -AiAjJ zibdyla, 
f. (zahddy). 

Box, n. JjJ.:-9 sandAq, m. 
(sanadyq). small - ilcHlba 

f. (Hlah). large wooden — 
.jlsi" sahhdra f. (sahahyr). 
coach - js5jj\ ^^Jiursy el 
'arbagy,m.- on the ear^S^ 
kaff (kufdf); il qalam, m. 
(aqldmj ; aJ^i bdnya, f. 
(bunydi), strong -ju j^- Ailj;. 
Jjazdna hadyd,f.(Ijazandt). 
money - All-a»- hussAla, f. 
(hussaldt), sealing - 4.«li^ 
l}attdmaj. (Ijattamdt).- in 
a tlieatre ^-^ I6g , m. (-dt). 
-tree ^j-S. ji- hagar baqs,m. 
axle - f^M JiJa^ sanduq es 
sahm^ m. 

Box, oi. Aj^p v_,^^ darab 
bdnya (adrab) ; a.S^ ^j-^ 
darab lukkamyla. I -ed his 
ears »_i.5Jli a:i^ darabtoh 
bil kaff. 

Boy, n. j^iwaUxd (awldd; 
wildd). little — i^j toad. 
carpenter's - jlf ^^ i^aby 




naggdr (subydnj. 

Boyhood, n. v_.L-i sabdb; 
JL-» sugr^ m. 

boyish, a. jj,}^tdyis(-ijn). 

Bracelet, n. .j^-l is w Ira 
f. (asdwir). 

Braces, n. ^'i^f- hamma_ 
Idt, f. 

BvsLcing,a. (j/a4miqauwy; 
ij.»:« mtin'is. 

Brackish, a. J^-l istiny. 
Braggadocio, n. ^y,[^ 
tnihyds; jl±» fassdr (~yn). 

Braid, ot. ^so.gadal(ag_ 
dil); jiJ, (laffa r (a-). 

Braid, n. ^■,^s>- gidyla (ga_ 
ddyii); ,j^j> difyra, f. (da- 

Brain,n. '^muhb; S^f-'aqlj 
m. knock his -s out ^ilo jU 
falaq dimdgoh(aflaq). 

Brake, n. 4-«j» farmala^ 
f. (farmaldt). - man ^"j 

farmalgy (-ia). - van a„L- 
sibinsa, f. (sibinsdl). 

Bran, n. ^lli nuhdla; oj 
radda, f. 

Branch, n. ^» far^ m. 
(furtV; afru'J. - canal r-jU- 
hdrig^ m. 

^_^«i sa"ab (yi-). 

Brand, ot. ij^ dauwag 
(d-); i,i damag (admug). 

Brand, n. i^i ddg, m. 
C'dt); Aio damga, f. (dam^ 
gdt). - new ^i JjSc^ g id yd 

Brandy, n. iii.S'kunydk; 
(jSJuj) berandy,m. 

Brasier, n, siumanqad 
m. (mandqid). 

Brass, n.ji^\^[i- nahds 
asfar, m. - work ^li na_ 
hds, m. 

Brave, «. ^W iS^ qawy 




el qalb (aqwyia); pAf? sugit^ 
(sug'dn);j^^>- gasur (~yn), 
be - j^«^Jt<»-l iggud'an (ag_ 

Bravery, n. v_J^^^ lyquioet 
el qalb; ic\^ sagd'a-^ <;pjp- 
gad'^ana; t_)\^ gasdra, f. 

Bravo ! int. AjV^'afdrim; 
yly berdfo. 
Bra.y, vi.j^^nahhaq(yi~). 
Braying, n.^}.^ nihyq.m. 
Brazen, «. ^J^^ ^ min 
nalids. - faced *i *.i) <j(j-j^ 
ma fys fy toissoh damm 
(-urn); Jui'^i; U ma yihtisys 

Breach, n. JJ qat\ m. 
(qituV. -made ow purpose 
^]a.i» maqta\ m. (rnaqdti^). 
- of promise Ji.jJ\^_iU lialf el 
'ahd, m. 

Bread, n.j../^h, m. seller 
of - LLc- "ay ids (-a). 

vt. ^J> kasar 

Breadth, n. J>f- 'ard; 


(aksar); j^:i- gabar (agbur), 
V i.j^\ inkasar (y ink is ir)y 
j<-fr\ ingabar fyingibir). 

- open a door ._,li «!;- /]ala'' 
bdb fci/^fa';. — windJajj 5-a_ 

rat; zarrat. - a horse Jc 
^^■''allim hosdn(a-).- any- 
one a bad habit o'cjL; bat- 
tal "dda (a-). - any one's 
heart Jo\i^ j.S^ kasar Ijdtir 
(aksar). - one's word U 
tSc;jJkif~mahafazs wn^doh. 

— loose^Lsd& (asyb). - the 
silence .i^'l itkallim idt^ 
kallimj; i]\»qdliaqiil). -ui> 

^ji.u\ infadd (anfadd). — 
down \^ballatja~). broken 
hearted jJ^\ j^Jk, maksur 
elhdtir (—yn). 
Break, n. j.S' kasr, m. 




-of day^iiMUl, tihV el fagr; 
jyW ialiJ; sdqsaqet en nur. 

Breakfast, n.j^k>fltur,m. 
before - jjjil Jc 'alal ryq. 

Breakfast, ol, _^k> fitlr 
(aftar); a.3,j j^e- gayyar 
ryqoh (a-). 

Breast, n.jj,^sadr;sadr^ 
m. (saddr). woman's — y 
bi^^ (bisd,sj; j^ nahd, m. 
(nihud). child at Ihe - Jcjj 
ji\ walad ^alalbisz. double 
— ed coal j-Jjj j._.i^, ,j;^ sat- 
rablsaffen sardyir. 

Breath, n, ^_^i; nafas, m. 
he is out of- ^^ biylnh((g; 
9jkl. i^ii nafasoh maqt(i,\ 
he is at his last — j .iLj 
^}\ bylalla'' fyr rdh. 

Breathe, vt. ^■::\ itnaffls 
(utnaf/ls); ^il M^\ abad na^ 
f'ls (dhud). 

Breathing, n. ^i-^ tanaf_ 

fas; ^jji\ ji-l aljd nafas, m. 

Bred, a. jji, mltrabby 
(-yn). well - ^i^^mWiddab 
f-yn,);ij, Ji»m itrabby (—yn). 
ill — ^jVI J;l» qalyl eladab; 
A-.j\l\ Ji; qalyl et tar by la. 

Breeches, n. iSj^y- dJ^^'-i 
bantaldn sUwAry , m. (-at). 

Breed, ot. j^j rabba <a^ 

Breed, n. T-Ui natdg, m. 

Breeder, n. iS)\c. gdcoy 
(-yn; gawd). 

Breeding .n.A-ijTiorfer/ia^/^. 

Breeze, n.^ J nlsym, m. 

Brethren, n. J^j^\ Ujwdn. 

Brevet, n. ^j(^ 'ary<ia^ 
f. ('ardyujj; ciJj^-; byCirtiL 
dy, m. - ranko^i i^jVatba 
saraf^ f. 

Brevity, n.j\u=.ii.\ i/jtisdr^ 

Brew, ot. jf- /jammar 




(a-); i>j;^ h,arat (yuhrui). V>n(\ge,,n. (Sj?kubry,m^ 

Brewery, n. .jj; ^yif"ma''_ (kabdryj; tJL'J qaniara^ f^ 
mal byra^ m. (ma^dmil). (qandiir). 

Bribe, ot.jl^ybarialfa-); Bnd\e,vt.^laggim (a-), 
^ijrasa (arsy). ' Bridle^n. /.IJ- ligc'im, m^ 

Bribe^ n. JJaj bariyl, m. \(-dt; algima). 
(baratyl); o^i.j raswa, f.\ Brief, '''. j^-ai*: muhtasar 
(rasdcoyj. lake - J-Wj, M^\.(-yn); j^^i qasyr (qusdrj. 
ahadbartyl(dhud);^S^j.^y\\ Briefly, ('rf. jUii-Vl bit 
akalbartyl (dkul). ' ihti^dr;j\^i;^>i\Ac^j< biwagh 

Brick, n. ai_jU iuba, f.elihtisdrX(i\\\\\m-\j.y.^y> 
(iiib).h\ivn\.-s, j~\ ^y\= iAb ^■^i.Scma iikaiiars 'aUh 
ahmar, unburnt — s J v^i' kaldm. 
tub nay.- kUn y^^l ij^ qa^' Brigade, n. \j liwa, m^ 
mynettAb, f:-md.]ier ^\j.j>\(-dtj. -of surveyors ^^ 
^^UJarrdb tubf-yn). -work \r ikdb , m. f-dt). - mojor 
^^yi; L bina bit tub. \^\ ^j>- cj^j\ arkdn harb el 

Bridal, a. ^-ily^ '-ardysy; 
J.\} fardyhy. 

liwa J m. 
Brigadier, n. \) liioO; j^..\ 
Bride, n, a-j^c- " Cn_ \ \) am yr liwa. 

Bridegroom, n. ^s__j^ 
"arys (Hrsdn). 

Brigand, n. jj, haqy (as^ 
Brigandage,n.jk^srf^a,/n ., 




Bright, a.^HlAmi" (-yn); 
Jjj-. hiyibruq (~u); «ij 
hiyllma^ (-uj, — boy 4.„; Jj 
walad nabyh, — day J;rpl 
ydm gamyl. -er days 'U* AA 
ayidm hana. 

Brighten, vt. 1 lamma 
(<^-)', jy nauwar (a-^). 

Brightness, n. djUV lama^ 
'dn, m. 

Brilliant, a. ('shining; ^ 
lAmi'' (-yn)-^ »V; biyilma' 
(--u);[^mmonA)^iyherlanty , 
— reception j^ljJU:^! Istiq^ 
bdl fdhir. 

Bnm,n.i.i\<^ hAfa,f. (-dt); 
j^A ddyir, m. (daiodyir). 

Brimful, a. a:J ^\X, mal- 
ydn li'^noh (-yn). 

Brimstone, n. iyVz^^f^ 
kabryt 'amud, m. 

Bring, vt. ^\o.gdb (agyb); 
-^U galab (aglib). - him 

herelliA AjU hdtoh hena; 
Ua x^ gyboh hena. — back 
Jl" ^U gdb tdny (agyb). 

— down Jjina^^iZ (a~). — on 
^i^ sabbib (a-); j ^x„?l 
itsabbib fy (atsabbib K- out 
JtL. talla'- (a-). - up ij.; rab_ 
ba (arabby). - into trouble 
J^* li asj waqqa" fy mus_ 
kil(a-). - together >^^ga^ 
ma' (agma\). - word jii-^V 
gdb habar (agyb). 

Broad, a. ja.\_f 'aryd 
Curdd)-^ .^l^ wdsl" (-yn). 

- daylight j<-Vl _,^^\erf duh r 
el ahmar; j^JlU ^j^Ples s^'ms 
tdl'a. — awal<:e7^:i* ^j-\^sdhy 

Broadcloth, n. ^>- gtVj.^ 
m. (agcodlj). 

Broaden, vt. Jpj, ^arrad 
(a-)] -^j wassa" (a—). 

Broadness, n. joj> 'ani; 




'arrf; «^j tots', m. 

Brochure, n. KJ\y har_ 
rdsa, f. (karrasdt). 

Broker, n. jLc simsdr 

Brokerage, n. .^^c- sam^ 
sctra; J\yf- HmAla, f. 

Bronchitis, n. Ak.iij; be, 
ronsyta, f. 

Bronze, n. jij_ berdnz; 
_,;"! |_^lsi nahds asmar , m. 

Brooch, n. j.iy_ herds, /. 

Brood, n. ^jJH faqs, m. 

Brooklet, n. (Sj^ migra 
imagdry)-^ kX^i qandya, f. 

Broom,n. t^'^oj^maqassa ,f . Bruise, vt. 
(maqossdt). - stick aIiU JjJ 
yd el maqassa, f. (yd.en). 

Broth, n. Mj. maraqa, f. 

Brothel, /I. i:>\'p-}karaJid^ 
na, f. (karabandt). 

Brother, n. ^aljli;ji'kilju 
(iliwdt). full- j-fli. saqyq 
(kaqdyiq)Sosier — *c■\:>}\jf^ 
aJjJj fir r'uWa. - in-law _,j„^ 
^ihr (ashdr). — ot a wife's 
husband ._iL. silf. - hood 
A)_yi-I aJiawyia, f. 

Brow, n. Cj^:^ gibyn, m. 
A^>- gibha, f. 

Brown,fl.jt''lasmar (sr<mr), 

— bread ^^^ J^s- ^ds sinn; 
ajJ^ j-^ '^s girdya. - sugar 
ji~\ jC. sukkar ahmar. 

— paper j.-i_ji- Jji waraq 

Brownish, a. jC'^'mismtrr 
(-yn);d>\j:f\o^smardn y(~yn ). 


Bruise, n. as^j^- ^ariima, 
f. Jo J radd, m. 

Brush, vt. Aij^iUi *-'* ma_ 
scih bil fursa (amsah); 




i,^jyi\,na(lrlaf bil fursa(a-). 

Brush, n. i.z-jj> farsa, f. 
(furas).\\ovs,Q. - j\^^i-jj> fa r_ 
set tumctt . 

Brushing, n. i-^j^iWi f^' 
mash bil farsa, m. 

Biutal, (I. J-:^i wahktj); 

Brutahty, n. A~l.^jwahsa_ 
na, f. 

\irn{.e,n .J^jiuahs (uhus >; 
^^ bihym (bahdyim). 

Bubble, /z.Ai. J. buqb^qa, 
f. (baqabyq). 

Bubble^ vi. J.S; baqbaq 

Buckei, njidiliifadldw); 
^}:)J>■ gardalfgarddil); Jk^ 
satl^ m. (sittil). 

Buckle, n. ^y\ (tbzym.m. 
(((bazym ). 

Bud, n. ijijj zirr ward, 
m. (azrdr). 

Budget^ n. aJIju mizany- 
ia, f. (mawazyn; mizri^ > 

Buffalo, n. A.-^*^- gamdsa 
(gawamys). — driver ,^.1^ 
gammds (-a). 

Buffer, n. JJA>maUas,m. 

Buffet, n. A.J^_ btiff'^,m. 

Buffoon, n. iSjl" satary 
(-ia); 3,'€^-i^' midahhakdty 

Bug, UA'ibaqqaJ. (baqq). 
-s o'^^ akal(ln;^i>idrihab, 

Bugbear, n. *-»> bu'bu', 
m. (ba'dbi^i. 

Bugle, n. (^j^ bury, m. 

Bugler, ra. j-jjj,i barugy 

Build, ot. ^^banafabny); 




J- ^ammar (a-). 

Building, n. aAii bindya 
(abnyia ; biiiaydt ; ma- 
bdny); ,j\^ 'imdra, f. c'j_ 
mardt); U. bina, m. 

Bull, n. jy tor (tyrdn). 
— s eye lantern vl^J-l ^yA* 
fanus el haramyia, m.(fa_ 

Bullet, n. aA^j rasdsa, f. 

Bunch, n. :>^t,p ^anqM, 
m. ('anaqyd) - of onions 
J^i j,^srrs basal, m. (sl_ 
riis; asrds). 

Bundle, n. a..j,^ hizma 
(hizam); Ak\jrabta(rubat)- 
AAJjruzma, f.(ruzam). - of 
clothes \ikbuqga,f. (buqag). 
mokea — ^y^hazamfahzimj; 
j^sarr (asurr). 

Buoy, n.i,jjj.-j?samanda_ 
ra, f. (samandurdt). 

Burden, n. J<- himl, m. 
(ahm(U). donkey of - jIj^ 
^'So liomdr lukdf(himyr). 

Bureau, n. ]» qaUdn (aq_ 
Idm); ^'SC. mahtab, m. 

Burial, n. A-b dafna; 
4»-ji. Ijarga (hargdi)-, jjlii^. 
gindsa^ f. (ginazdt). 

Burn, vt. J^-- haraq (ah^ 
raq); iS^ki'iwn. (akwy). oL 
^j will (yulcC). 

Burn, n.jj'^fuirq-S kny^ 

Burner, n. (lomp) aA-I ;jc 
^iddet el lamba , f. Cidad). 

Burnish, ct. ^y_ bardah 
("-); Jr gala (ugly). 

Burnisher, n. aiJ^^ »y:- 
sanfara hadyd, f. (sciiifa- 

Burst, oi. jW taqq(yi-)y 
»ai;l infaqa' (yinfiqi^). hg. 




- into tears 1>V^\ j ai-l al}ad 
fil 'ydt, he — out laughing 
^■^ ^^ faqo'- dihka. he - 
into the house -U ouU j;.j 
dofjalel Mt hdgim. 

Bury, vt. (the dead) J>:> 
dafan(adfin); j^l qabarfuq. 
bur)] (conceal) ji' tamar 

Bush^ n. «jA.i-^ tjf" sagara 
sugayiara^ f. (sagarj. beat 
about the- ^})\o- hdwil (a—). 

Business, n. J; J; sugl, m. 
(asgdl); :,j\i- tigdra (tiga^ 
rat);, 4.«i^ sana (sandy i'); 
A»j»- Mr fa, f. (hirafj; i^l 
\ke-j ahd we ^ata, m. he 
went on - Jii J ^j rdh fy 
mgltarCihK send him about 
his -I iij^\ i.srufoh. what- 
is that to you'^ illlU ^llj we 
enta mdlak; tili.ii bj we da 
suglak. it is none of your — 

c^-^y- Vj ^li-jV ^1 enia la 
dahalt walaliaragt. what 
— have you here? U* 4jI cHl-ii 
suglak 4h hena. 

Busy, a. J^;i. masgAl 
f—yn). he is - Jii .jtui 'a/i_ 
doh sugl. he is not - ^i\i y* 
huwa fddy; Jij: j.jJt:el. m a 
'andus sag-L- oneself A„iij;i 
sa^-aZ nafsoh.— body |_5^li 
Jjkl. /■(t/f/ masgul. 

But, con. JvJ Idkin; Ul 
amma; (except) Vi j7to. 

Butcher, «• j'j^ gazzdr 
(—yn>] ^li dabbdh f-yn). 

Butcher, vt. ^ dabah 
(adbah);j^>- ga2ar(agzur). 

Butchery, n. cjj>-gisdra, 

Butler, n. ^j-J-^ suff'o^gy 

Butt- end.n . oli/' kurnd^ 
fa, f. (kurnafdt). 




Butter, n. »JoJ sibda, f. 
melted - jtfsamn^m. - milk 
^jx^ oi Iciban dadd. 

Butterfly, n. ^}j:>y) cLbu 

Buttock, ft. j^> tyz, m. 
(atyds); \j) ward. 

Button, n. jj zirr, m. 
(curdr).-\\o\Q tif- '-'irwa, 
f. Cardwy), 

Buy, vt. (i>^\ istara (as_ 

Buyer, n. (ijw. muslary 
(■-yn); isj^i. sdry (-yn). 

Buzz, vi. iSji daiva (yid. 
i^y);oj so,nn (yizinn); oi 

By, p^e. ^ bi; Aie 'and-, 
^-ij qurb.- you dlbk-l^i bi- 
wdstitak. day — day -^^Juif^i 
ydm ba'd ydm. he was - me 

c?"=r 0^ ^'^^ 9<^nby. loved 
- all .j.^ J^l el hull yihib- 
b6.h. one — one Jia-lj o^^lj wd_ 
hid wdhid. - what you say 
Sm'j^ (j* "^f'i kaldmak. 
-doing so Ij^oU*" Ijl j^a 
^amalt keda. — God ' 4j)lj 
walldhy.— that time \.pj 
waqtaha. - myself c5Jo-j 
wahdy. he puts money — y» 
^^> (J-yr! huwa byhauwis 
filAs. -ihe bye ^_5Jl U JJ 
g'abi ma anso. - and - ^s^ 
ba'd^n. - 4 o'clock t4clJ\ jJ 
g'add es sd^a arba'a. — the 
end of the month y^^j^ I J 
fy dJier es sa/ir. 3 metres 

- 4 A«l jl ^y>JC■ j jlt.1 vl/^ilr J^U 

ii^i i;aMi amtdr fy ard 
arba^a. judge— ^y^/io/wm 
mm (ahkum). 





Caaba, n.i^S^\ek ka'baj. 

Cab, 71. 4_, jP "arabyia^ f. 
Carabrjidt). - man ^^ j^ 
"arbagy (~ia); J^^l osta 

Cabbage^n . ■i.^^hu ru n ba, 
f. (kurunb). 

Cabin, n.Aij>f}azna,fjJ]az_ 
ndt). -of a ship,^ qomdra 

Cabinet, n. (closei) iiji. 
hazna (liazndt)-^ (ministry) 
>j\j, wisdra, f. (wizardt). 
- maker jiji^naggdr diq. 
Qy (-yn). - council jlkJl^*: 
mnglis en nuzsdr^ m.(ma._ 

Cable,n. J-». habl (hibal); 

{ois.sdqya) ^y iunis, m. 
(iawdnis); (made of palm- 
tree flbre) *I- salaba^ f, 
(salab); {dmmn sail) J^tb 
sagul^ m. (sacoagyl). 

Cackle, vi. ^'€^ kdha 

Cackling, n. a5^^ m ika_ 

Cactus, n.J\...a sabbdr, m. 

Cadastre, n. ^jl- laryy\ 
m. 4^L, misdha, f. 

Cadre, n. J^^l ^;J,1 el 
murattabel a.^Uj; _,jl5ol el 
kddr, m. 

Cafe, n. »^j,i qahwa^ f 

Cage, n. ^y.i.i qafas^ m. 





Cahier des charges, n.l^j,^; 
sanity f. 

Cairene, a. iSj-a.* masry 

Cairo, n.A^j_,^l el mahr(i._ 
iia;>jb\^\el qdhra; ^^» mosr, 

Cajole, vt. ^X'hdyil(a~). 
Cajolery, n.^\iimihdyla, 

Cake , n . <6^Cka hka(kahk) ; 

aL-c^ simyta^ f. (simyt);^J 

qurs, m. (aqrds). - wiLh 

cream 4jl^J\ J-.<^'(^s es s(crd._ 

ya. sponge- \j\^Xjbandis_ 

bdnya^ f. 

Calamity, n.^^i-a* masyba 
(mosdyib); A-alj ddhya (d<J_ 
wdh yjiisjobalivo jf.(baldwy). 

Calculate, vt..^^:^ hasab 

Calculation, n. ^L»- hU 

sdb, m. 

Caldron, n.c^\-}qazdn^ m. 

Calendar, n.c^daqwym, 
m. (taqawym); Ajt-' natyga 
(natdyigj-^ x^^t? samsyia, 

leg J»-Jl Ail^^ scimmdnet er 

rigl, f. 

Calibre, n. jLp ^iydr, m. 

Calico, n. au. bafia, f, 
bleuched-Li^Aiipfea/'ia beda. 
unbleached - !_,!;' a-j. bafta 

Caliph, n. 4.iii- l}alyfa 
{hula fa). 
' Caliphate,n.AJ!A^6i/f(/a,/'. 

Calk, vt. jaA; qalfat (a-). 

Calker, n. Jiilj qalafty 

Call,ri.(demand) i^bJ^nodha 



(nadhdt); (visit) ,j\jjzydra 
(sijarat); k^j> fezyta^ f, 
(fezytat). - to prayer o^i' 
addn, m. (-al). 

Call, vt. (summon) .j.; na_ 
dah (o.ndah)\ (visit) jlj zur 
lazur); ,jl j J**" ^amal zyd_ 
ra (cCmil); Jc J!a tall 'ala 
(I'tull). — a carriage! »Jal 
j^jf^indah "arbagy^i^.,j,cJ^ 
hat ^arabyia. - aloud j_^.Jii 
^\,\cnad(ih hihiss'dly, -liim! 
4J »a;1 indah to/i.— again! 
JlT 'JU ta'dla tdny; JU 'j.1 
ifegrt ia'dla. I -ed him aside 
^_^:^ ^ Ajjii-l aljadtoh ^ala 
gan h, _ to mind p> fakkar 
la-), -to prayer cj^^ iddcin 
(addan).one who — s to pra^ 
yer i^iy miaddin (-yn). ho 
is -ed Ahmed jlj^IacI ismoh 
ahmnd. what is it -ed ? it'l 
*i^ ismoh ^h.-lo witness^lW 

olf>U! (a/ab iiZ sihdda. — up 
^^^ mhha (asahhy). 

Calling, n. (summoning) 
oJ.) nadh, m. (profession)^ san^a , f. (sandy V}\ ^ym.^ 
sugl, m. (asgdl). 

Calm, a, iS:^*-hddy (-yn); 
jilj rdyiq (-yn). 

Calm, vt, is^t, hadda ia_ 
haddy);-^^ sakkit (a-). 

Calmness, n. ja*. hidu; 
O^C sikdt , m. 

Calumniate, ot. t-ai g(f_ 
dah (agdah); -i zamm (a^ 

Calumny, n. ^a* qadJy, * ■> 
zamm^ m. 

Cambric, n. c^y^kam.. 
baryt, m. 

Camel, n. J^ gam a I (gi_ 
mdl). she — Ajli ndqa, - dri_ 
ver Jl^ gammdi -'s liair 
ji^l ^^^ sCif eg gomal, m . 




Camellia, n. ■uL.'S' kamy- 
lia, f. 

Camelopard^ n. ajIjU za^ 
rdfa (zarafdt); jUl Ikiji 
zaryfet el ma'dny, f. 

Camomile, n. £,,1 &ab^_ 
nig, m. 

Camp, n. fL.*.* ma^askar 
(-dt); ^af- ^urdy, m. - bed 
ji^Xr'Siryr safar,m.- chair 
ji.^ ^^j.fkursy safar,m. 

Campaign, n. ^f harh, 
m. (hurub); *>>- safaryia, 

Co-mphor, n.j)i'^kafdr,m. 

Can, n. ^4^ safyha (sa_ 
fdyih);^yilbaj. (Hlab). oil 
- izj/yTnasyata,f.(mazdyit). 

jC\amkan(yimkin). I - not 
do it IjS^ j-jJiil U ma aq^ 
dark "ala keda,tha.t - not be 
^f^ J-* '^ida mus mumkin. 

he — read l^i iJj*,^* huwa 
yi'raf yiqra. 

^}\:ikandl^m.\avge - j^.bahr^ 
mJbuMr). - along side the 
railway 4.i.;>- gannabyia, f, 
(gannabyidt). - of dis_ 
charge ^j^ Ic-j tir^et sarf. 
- of supply ilj,J iojT tir'-et 
yrdd. — of relief t-A-ii* Icj 
tir^et talifyf. feeder — ^^j 
rayidh, m. 

Canary, n.lijli^^»-af^'c<s/'</ r 
kandrya, m. Casafyr). 

Cancel, vt. Ji laga (algy); 
Jkj battal (a -). - a contract 
isjj^Ul «---» fasalj es siirAt (af_ 

Cancer, n. o^^ saratdn, 
m. (-dt). 

Candid, a. k.~i_ basyt {bu. 
sata)-^ ^IJ Jo -Oi J Jll illy 
fy qalboh "ala Usdnoh. ieW 




me-lyl J, yii\,j}Ji qui ly bil 

Candidate, n. ^UU tdlib 
(-yn)-^ ^jl, mitrassah 

( -yn ). 

Candle, n. w sam'ci^ f, 
(sam'). bit of - a^st^u 'iiqb 
sam^a, m. (a^qdb). —si\ck 
4jU»E^ samHddn, m. (-dt). 

Candidness, n.4.UU basd_ 
tfi> A cf^^ ihlAs m. 

Candy, n. oU jC sukkar 
nabdt, m. 

Cane,n. aA^ic- ''asdya (^a_ 
sy); Ailjj^ Ijarazdna (li,aza_ 
— ^^>qasab,m- trash-usl^. 

Cannibal, ri, o I ^ j- JS^Ij 
ydkul lahm bany ddamf-u) 

Cannon, n. .jj.. madfa\ 
m. (maddfi^J. 

Canoe, n. ,_,jli qdrib, m. 

(qawdrib); ^ filuka, f. 

Canopy, n. <j qubba^ f^ 

Canlaliver,n. J^j\iqatoys 
(-At); i}f\^ kabuly , m. 

Canlatrice, n, AW ^dlma 

Canteen, n. Cx—^f^^ntyn, 
m. (-dt). 

Canvas, n. J.,i. l}4s; J,\} 
mli qumds qal\ m. 

Caoutchouc,/!. dl:J/as(;j/c; 
i\^lii^kdutsAk, m. 

Cap, n. j-y.jl' tarbiis, m. 
(tarabys). skull — aJIW ^a_ 
^J/i«, f. (iawdqy). 

Capability, n. «jAS. maq^ 
dara: wlL (dga, Z'. j>Ji*:-.l 
isti^ddd, m. 

p,Capable,a. jx-jumaqtadir 
(-yn); jil> g-^irfir f-f/nj. - 
man jWli J»-j rd^-ji s(A(ir; 




j^z^ J»-\j rag il musta'idd. 

Capacity, n. (space) ^-^i 
wis'', m. (ability) ,jj.i. maq- 
dara; ,jAs qudra, f. in the 
— of i.i-ai bis if at. 

Cape, n. (liead)j_^lj rds, f. 

(rus); (dress) ^_^^_,; humus; 

iyf kahbud,m. (kabo.byd). 

Capital, n. (sum) Jl. ^\j 
rds mdl ; rism&l; (cily)^^ 
^iSCuM tnlt't el mamlaka (ti_ 
J}ui)\ ix)AJi\ ^.f karsy es 
stiUana, tn . — \e\.ler j\.f ^^^ 
harf kibyr, m. 

Capital, a. J&p 'azym (ti- 
sdm) ; iSy> ^j.\fkawayis 
■qawy {~yn). — punishment 
.IjcVI el i'^ddm, m. 

Capitalist, n. Jl^.l ^^^U 
sdhib amio'Xl {ashdb). 

Capitulations, n. c^j\~'\ 
JiJI imtyasdt ed duwal,f. 

Caprice, n. (ruse) j^.j>- hy_ 

la, f.(hyal};{oi chM) ^ida^ 
la\ m. 

Capricious, a. Jly ha^ 
tody; *c):> dallu'-a. 

Capstan, n,^^^lJ\ urgdta^ 
f. (urgatdt). 

Capsule, n. Ai^^iT kabstl. 
na, f. (kabsiin). 

Captain, n. (sliip)u^kJga&_ 
tda ( qabatyn);{firmy) i^^\ijj{ 
yuzbdsy (yazbasyia). — in 
a game ^, ^aryf Cirfdn). 

Captivate, vt. _p^ asar 
(dsur) ; j^c^\ istaysar (as_ 
taysar I, 

Captive, n. ^-1 asyr fuscc, 
raj; j^^_ y((syr (yusara). 

Captivity, n. ^1 usr; j^^ 
yusr , m. ^i^^f- ^ibudyia, f. 
Capture, ot. jl^ hafaq 
(ahfaq); jlk-»l istdd (astdd). 

Car, n. a^^^ ^arabyia^ f. 


Carafe, n. JUiqalla^ f. (qu_ 

Carat, n . ]»lj>; qyrdt^ m. 
(qiiraryt). 24 -gold ^aj 
VijLc dahab 'ydr arbci^o, 
we Hsryn. 

Caravan, n. ^t[i qdfla, f. 

Caraway, n . ^.^ i\f'kardw^ 

V", f. 

Carbine^ n.xi.)_^J qaraby_ 
na f. (qarabyn(U). 

Carbuncle, n. ^^^ gam ra, 
f. fgamnU); j?- ^y /"ar^ 
gamr, m. 

Carcass, n. 4..j rimma (rL 
mam); 4.1^ gitta (gitat). 

Card, n, wj3 waraqa, f, 
(waraq). visiting - Oj^ 
Z^^jikart fesyt.[)\s^Y^ng-s> 
W.J 3ji waraq U'b, m. — 
board iSyi" Jj) waraq mi_ 
qauwa; Oy} kartdn, m. 

82 Car 

post— aL^^IjjJ tazkaret 
bdsta^ f, (tasdkir). 

Cardinal, n. J[-^_:>}kardi^ 
ndl (-yia). 

Care, n. Vic\ IHina; ^\J>-\ 
ihtirds, m. take — of .-j liipl 
i^ana bi (a'' tiny), tal^e - to 
41 Ji- halla bdloh (ah(illy). 
- of ^Jh.\ bitaraf, -s a^4* 
himum, f. 

Care, vl. ^'s-\ Vtana 
(a.tiny)i ^_^«:^l ista''na (as- 
ta^na). I do not - ^\ LI U \;l 
ana maasdls. 

Career, n. 4.*;^ san'a (sa^ 
ndyi^J; A9j>. hirfa^f/hirafj. 

Careful, a. ^Ja^f- harys 
{-yn);j-^i wd'y(-yn). 

Carefulness, n. tj^lj^*"! 
isiihrds; ij-j wa^y;\:if.\ iHi__ 
na, m. 

Ca reless , a, J^^.. m u hmal 
(~yn); UlpVI <-^ "adym el 




iHina (— yn). 

Carelessly, ad. \-:.f\ j{f. ^ 
mill 9'^r i'i ma. he works -- 
1.J1I Ui ^A Jill.; biyistagal 
mill qafa ydoh. 

Carelessness, n. JU' ih^ 
mdl-j Ulel. JcWam i'tina^m. 

Caress, vt.^ ,_^kJa tabtab 
'ala (a-); .1^ dalla'- (a-). 

Caress, 71. a-L-W tabtaba, f. 
^i dala\ m. 

Odcgo ,n .Jx-himl (ahmdl) ; 
j^j wasq; ^*? sahn, m.. 

Caricalure, n, aS^^ ^j^^ 
sura mud,hika, f, (sutoar). 

Carnation, n.^ily qurun_ 
fila, f. (qurunfil). 

Carnival, n. «Asj rlfd'-^ 
^][u^ karnafdl, m. 

Carob, n, iitj^ Jjarruba, 
f. (IjarrCib). 

Carpenter, n. j\i- noggdr 

Carpentry, /I.. jUn igdra, f\ 

Carpet, n. i,L) busdt^ m. 
(-dtj; olf" siggddn, f, (sa^ 
gagyd). tlie Holy - ^^^\ el 

Carriage,n.A^ j^'araby'^o.^ 
f.Carabyidt). gun - jIa:& 
gunddq, m. 

Carrier, n. JU- hammdl 
(-yn). letter - .nk^^. jX^sd^y 
bdsia (sud). 

Carrot, n. >jy>- gazara, f, 

Carry, vt. J*- hamal (cih^ 
mil); JU sdl (asyl); is^i 
wadda(aLcaddy). he car_ 
ried it away^ijj ,J^\a}}C(doh 
we rdh. - forward oX-.\ J2i 
naqal ba'dohfanqilj.carried 
forward JiJJ U -il' tdbi^ mn 
qabloh, - up Ak talla^ (((-). 
- down ^}y nmsil (a-). 
-off u>k^ljcUaf(al]taf). - 




out orders ^\i>i\ ii! naffls 
el awdmir (a-), -out the 
\\ov\^^A'^\(Sj>-\agrael ''amo-l 
(cigry). - on ^)\^ddwim(a-)] 
ji.\ bdsir(a-). - on business 
j^lr tdgir (a -J; Jv:il istr(gcil 

Cartj n. ij€^i^> f-Utrahgla 
ing-^\ki» funtcis, m. (fa- 

. Carter, n.jj^^^j^ \irha_ 
gy harro (-ia). 

Cartridge, n. ^^^^J- har_ 
tusa'yJjartiis); S-~_ti fuseka, 
f. {fasik). - box n^ kaffa, 
f, {kaffdt). 

Carve, vt. (wood) jj^ 
naqas (anqtis); y>- hafar 
(ahfur)-^ (meat) ^j> garaf 

Case, n. (box) JjA:-» san^ 
dCiq, m. (sanadyg); (affair) 

A^ qadyia [qciddya)-, a!L« 
masdla, f .(masdyil) . cigar - 
j\:r '^ 'ilbet sagdyir, f. 
watch - i.c\A\ ^Jii zarf es 
sd'a^ m. in - 1^1 iza; U SjU J 
fyhdletma. in any - (_^Jp 
JU 'fl/a kull hdl. in tiiat - J 
^Si 4111 fil Mia dy; \\\ isan. 
tliis is the --o'^l (iil ddy el 

Casement, n. ilLlW jU 
/jaZg es sibhdk, m. 

Cash, n. ^^> /iZils; aj-xj; 
naqdyia, f. pay - Ijtil v^ 
da/a' naqdan(adfd).- hoo\<i 
^_.L>- j^ji daftar hisdb^ m. 
(dafdtir). prompt - »>-»!( 
Ijy ed daf- fdran. 

Cash, o^<jaJ qabad(aq__ 
bad) . 

Cashier, n. ol^^ sarrdf 

Cashmere.a. jJ^kasm yr; 




iSj^ kahmyrij. 

Casino, n.yij^o^yno^m. 

Cask, n. ^^~»J_ barmyl, m. 

Casket, n. ^'ilbaj f. (i^ 

Cassation J n. ^\y\j Jom 
nciqd we ibrdm, m. 

Cassia, n. ^u' jL^ bydr 
sambai\ m. 

Cast,o^. (throw) ^j rama 
{army); ^y\» tauwah (a-); 
(metals) ^-^ sabb [asubb); 
dL^ sabak [asbuk). — iron 
jf,lijba9- hadyd zahr, -off 
clothes <uJi» ^i^Ahidiim qa_ 
dyma,f. the die is - ^^^J\ lii 
nafaz es sahm. 

Cast, n. Jls qdlib (qaocd. 
li b);S^jj}\ornik ,m.(aran yk) 

Castanet, ;i. ol-rL sagdtj. 

Casting, n. ^^j ramy; ^Ul 
tatwyh; ^^ sabb; dl-- sabk^ 


Castle, n. Ui qaVa^ f, (qL 
Id"; qatdt). 

Castor-oil, n. 9)j^ c^,j 
z4t Jiaricd'j m. 

Castrate, vt. j^^ tauwis 
(a-);^^;. ti('sa{al2sy). 

Castration, ?i. j_f);_jWi iat_ 
wys; j^^^ basy, m. 

Cat, n. -k; qutt; ^5 qtitta 
(qutat). it rained -s and 
dogs »y}j, Ojk^ mattaret 
bardbra. - o' nine tails 4^" 
tyla; ij-j zubma, f. when 
the — is away the mice will 
play jU I ^«J\\ ^\i gdb el 
qutt itab ya fdr. 

Catalogue, n. Jj^ gad_ 
wal^ m. (gaddwil); ^c.\i qdy^ 
ma^ /. {qawdyim). 

Cataplasm, n. ^i^ labha, f^. 

Cataract, n. J^U salU% 




m . {-<-U\ 

Catarrh, n. aS^' ncizla, f. 

Catastrophe, n, aj.^» ma_ 
syha(mc(sAyib); isJ^,_ bahoa^ 

Catch;, vt,S.^,misik(am_ 
sik); j.ii qafuUaqfis); ji^ 
hafaq (ahfaq). -ccAAiy ji-! 
ahad bard (dfiud). — me H 
the slalion ! ^ks-M Jo ^ii-\ iL 
h'lqny'alal mahatta-hlrds 
j^\^f- ilk-»l i-itdd ^asafyr 

Catching, a.(disease)(i,.x« 
mii'dy (—ia). 

Catechism^ n. ^•^' ^U 
taHym misy'ny^m.,y.ji\ J_j^l 
iiKul ed dyrijf. 

Catgut, n. Ji locUar^ m. 

Cathedral, n. IjJ.:5^ ka_ 
tedra(kaiedrdt );iSjf ^-^'-^ 

kinysa kubra/.(kandyis). 

Catholic, a. ^)y^ katu.. 
lyky (katulyk). 

Cattle, ?i. ^J^y maiodsy,f. 

Cauliflower, n.*k.j_,9 qar^ 
nabyta, f. (qarnabyt). 

Cause, n . ^i.^ sabab (as_ 
bdb);j-^:i dd^y^m. (datod'y). 
— and effect JjUIIjaI-J^ el 'ilia 
toil ma'Uil. 

Cause, vt.^>^sabbib(a-); 
._^)\ awgab (awgib). 

Cauterise, vt. (sf kawa 

Cautery, n. S' h<^^y; (sf 
kdvoy, m. 

Caution, n.^\jlp-\ihtirds- 
^j>- hirs, m. — money or^*l" 
tdmyn, m. 

Caution, vt. Jc a.; nabbih 
'ala (a~);jl»- hazzar (a-); 
^j,j>- harras (a~). 

Cautious, a. ^ _,>- harysi 




mintibih (—yn). 

CauLiousness, n. o^^ji"' 
istihrds; ^j-j wa''y, m. 

(lavalier, n. JL^ hay id I 
<-a); ^j.j\'t far is (fursdn). 

Cavalry, n.^sj^^sowdry. 
4SLi. fjayidla. 

Cave, n. »j\;. magdra^ f. 
(magardt; magdyir). 

Caviare , n . iSjl-^ habyd r y , 

Cease, vi. Jks hattal(a-); 
',f^^]^i:Mnqata'' 'an (anqiti"). 

Cede, vt. j> Jjli"! Und.sil 
\in (atndzil). 

Cedral, n. ,^S" kabbdda, 

Ceiling, n. ^2- sciqf, rn. 

Celebrate, ot. ^^.i sahar 
(ashir); ^^ ^ talla' ism 
(a-); vj Jii»-I ihtafalbi (ah^ 

tifil). ~d jy^t»mashAr(-yn). 

Celebration^ n. Jlii;-! ih^ 
tifdl, m. (-dt). 

Celebrity, /I. i>j<^ suhra, 
f. ^\ ism; ^Ji^ syt, m. he is 
a - j^^t* y huwa mashiu\ 

Celery, n. ^JJi}karafs,m. 

Celibacy ,n. aj j-^ Hzuby^ 

io-. f. 
Celibate, n. ^jV 'dzib 


Cell, n. »jv«-^ t:>i\ 6da su, 
yayiara ( uwad ) ;i.}i^l}aly ia, 
f. (IjaldyaJ. orange- ^joi 
<jU;_^_ fass burtuqdn,m. (fa_ 

Cellar ,n . J^fkard r(-d tj- 
o^j^^ •i^i- dj^ maljzan taht 
elar<l,m. (mahdzin). salt 
- ip-% malldha, f. (malla_ 

Cement, n. CAf\ asmant, 




Cemetery, n. ii\J qardfa 
(qarafdi); iA^>- gabbdna, f. 
(gabbandt); ^x, madfan, 
m. (maddfin). 

Censer, n. dj^' mabhara, 
f. (mabdljir). 

Census, /i.:>'JU)'<{^idd, m. 

Cent, n. j,.* myia, f. (my_ 
idt). per - A-U (j fll myia. 

Centigrade, a. :,\j^^san^ 

Centigramme, n. J^^tU 
santigrdm, m.(-dt). 

Centime, n .^zi^santym^ m. 

Centimetre, n. jw:L- san_ 
timitr^ m. (~dt). 

Central, a. \i.^yumilwas^ 
sit (~yn); iS'jy markazy. 

— position «»-tf S6<g', m. 
Centre, n. j^. markas 

(mardkiz); ia^j wast, m. 

- of town j)Jl Ij.^ mrret el 
balad, f. - bit jl^is mibrds. 

m. (maJjaryz). 

Century, n. J->. gyl, m. 
(agydl); -u- l^ myt sana^ f.. 

Cereals, n. ^^^ hibilb, f. 

Ceremony, n. JUi>-l ihti-. 
fdl,m. (-dt); ^k^ hafla, f. 
(hafldt). without - j^ ^.. 
^X^ min gir taklyf. we- 
do not stand on — Uj * J U 
«_iJ^ ma fysbinna taklyf; 
^>j'i_A;SSC-Jle^ taklyf mar fu". 
master of ceremoniesjllj ^i 
tasryfdty(-ia). granfi mas_ 
ter of ceremonies Jli^ir ^- 
sir tasryfdty. bureau des 
ceremonies oUiy-d\ ^:^» 
maktab et tasryfdty m. 

Certain, a. ^lii mihaq^ 
gag; jM^. mitakkid; j5^. 
muakkid; aif akyd. are 
you ~'i^,\=^j\cdrif tayyib. 
a - man ^^^-^jrdgil; a^-lj tod_ 
Md;cS^ fildn. on a -day pi 




i}s^ a* y<^"^ ^'■^ ddl; j 

c^i fy ^<^i y<irn; ^\,y\ ^..y_ 

ydm min el ayidmSor —^\_ 
jS\; bikull tdkyd. 

Ceiiainly, ad. Xi^ haqy- 
qaian; ^J^.maHum; X^rJsCi 
bikuU tdkyd. 

Certainty, n.iXJi^haqyqa, 
f. xCl; tdkyd, m. 

Certificate, n.>:\^sUidda 
(slhaddt). discharge - a-^j 
raftyia, f. (rafdty). 

Certify : vt.s^ sihid (aL 
cerlifled copy J-'^i/l Jti* »j^-» 
sura tibq elosl 

Cession, n. Jj\if tandzul, 

Cess~^oo\,n.j}j^magrur , 

m. (magaryr). 

Chain, n. aJ.J-. silsila, f. 
(salds il); y.j\?^ gansyr (ga_ 
ndzyr). ~ mon ^iJ qayids 

(-yn). watch — AXki^kotynaf 
f. (katdyin). long watch - 
SsJTkusl^k, m.fkasatyk). 

Cliain, vt.jA^salsil(a-)y 
Sl^i~[,_ Jaij rabat bit hndyd' 

Chair, n, ^^^fkursy, m, 
(kardsy). lake a - ! Jiii;l 
jL»sl itfaddal uq'ud. rock_ 
ing - j\-ji» ^^f^ kursy haz- 
zdz. — man ,__^.fj rayyii^ 
(ruasa) . 

Chalk , n . j^iLytabasyr , m . 

Challenge, oi. jl^J J»k 
talob III duello (atlub). 

Chamber, n. ojl 6da, f. 
(uwad). - of nose j^^liU i»lW- 
tdqet el manaf}yr. 6 -re- 
volver ^Ijjl 0-! jiSyj rlfol_ 
fer bi sitt arwdh, m. - pot 
j.lj.a.1 qasryia (qasdry). 

Chameleon, n. aAi j>- /iir_ 
bdya, f. (hirbaydt). 




Champagne, n. ajU" 6'«m_ 
bdnya^ A 

(Chance, n. iij.-^ sudfa^ f. 
(mdof)-, ^:\^l tas'hluf, m. 
by - ^jjL^U, bis Slid fa; j.i_,ki 
^i\^'}i\hitarijq et ia^ddaf. 
take your — ! S::^i^\\ enla 
toe baljtali. 

Chance, oi. ^x^ sadaf 
(ijisdnf); ji;l it to. fa q (yit^ 

Chancellor, n , jij^ loasyr 

Chanilelier, n.V. yturayia 
(tiirayidt); ic,ji.mifarra''a^ 
f. (mifarncdt). 

Chandler, n. ^\J: sammd' 


Change, n. (aUcraUon)jvi) 
iagyyr (~dt); ^iJ^^ iabdyl, 
m. (-dt I- (small money) <6o 
fall fill J f.j^-X^i iakd.syr, m. 

Change, vt. ys- gayiar 

(a-j; J J.I badd il (O-j. — mo_ 
ney ^j.Ji ^^^ saraf filus 
Changeable, a. j^it. mit^ 



Channel, /^. (stream) (ij»i 
migra (magdryji (means) 
4.k^lj codsta^ f. (Loasdyet), 

Chant, n, ^o-jjj randaha^ 
f. Jt-li nasyd, m. 

Chanl, ot, ^s,j randah 
(a~j; Jtii nasad (((nsidj. 

Chapj n. pjii>- gada" (gid_ 
^dn); ^i. sabb (sabdb). 

Chaplain, (Christ.) ^t.^ 
^i..Jqassys (qus(is); (Moh.) 
.Ul imam . 

Chapped, a. ^li* miqaL 
sif i-yn). 

Chapter, n.J^sjfff.s^ (fha I); 
^l bdb, m. (abcodb); (of Ko_ 
ran) .j_^.^ sura^f, (suwarv; 




(of Bible) A^\ ashdh^ m.lqayyidoh "ala hisdby. 



Character^n. (quality) jU 
hulq; f^.y ttth", m. il^sifa^f. 
(cerliflcate)o»j raftyia (ra_ 
fdty); oV' sihdda, f, fsi_ 
haddi); (letter) ^j>. harf, 
m. (hiruf). 

Charcoal, n.iSj^> )- fahm 
balady, m. 

Chaige, n. (attack) ^^ 
higum, m. (complaint)(ij'Ci 
sakwa(sakdwy); (expense) 
^ij.^, m OS ruf,f. (m am ryf). 
take - of l:--l istakmfastllim). 

Charge, ct. (attack) ^^ 
hagam (ahgim); (accuse) 
^i saka (askyj; ^ ^i,l 
istaka 'ala (ahtiky); (bur_ 
den) J«- hammil(a-); j-j 
toasaq (awsig). - a. price 

•1 ^\.l talab iaman. -it to 
my account ! jL::- ^ oAJ 

Chariot, n.K., j>^arcibyia, 
f. Carabyldt). 

Charitable,a.(person) ^„st 
tnuhsin (-yn); <^ karym 
(kur dm );[oh]ecl)s j^liO^yry ■ 

Charity, n. *i„>- hasana- 
iix^ sadaqa, f. u^-p-l ihsdn; 
4U lllldhj m. sister of— *-«. !_, 
rdhba, f. (rahbdt). 

Charlatan, n. JUj> daggdl 
(—yn); v_jU> nass'ib (—yn). 

Charlatanism, n. J<^jda_ 
gal; ^^ nasb, m. 

Charm, n .(magic)j*"s(7ir, 
m.a - tyjvaqwa^f .(raqicdt)) 
m. -s ^^-\ss mahdsin, f. 

Charm, vt, (with magic) 
jt." sahar (ashir); Jj r^aqa 
(arqy); Js-J^ M'\ aljad el 'aql 
{dijud); (delight) i^^i basal 
(absit);^}= tarab (atrib). 




Charmer, n. (of snakes) 
(^jU- hdwij (huwd). 

Charming, t<. ^JJ latyf 
(luUlf); <Jiij\isaryf(zardfj-^ 
^Ai. bafyf (hufdf). 

Chaste.a. ^-js-'afyf(-yn); 
^ye "afitf(-yn). 

Cheat^n. Js-giss ^.^nash; 
J«^j dag a I, m. 

Cheat, vt.js-gass (agiss); 
^ dJiit'' dihik "ala fadhak); 
Jc Jo- J daggil ^ala (a—). 

Check, vt. (hinder) ^* 
mana" (amna' )\ ^j woq- 

Chastity, n. *1p ^iffa; is^^ qaf (a-) \{coniro\) ^\j rdgi^ 

'is ma, f. 

Cliat, oi. J- J raga (argy); 
j^iji dardis (a—). 

Chat, n.j-jragy, mAi-:.ji 
dardisa, f. 

Chatterer, n. is% raggdy 
(-ijn); ^%3\ jc^ kityr el 
kaldm (katdr). 

Cheap, a. ^ja-.i-j f^iby^ 
(rulids);^i^\j i'jj fir it fit 
taman (~yn). 

Cheapen, vt. ,_^i.j rajjhas 
( a— j ; ^c' I Jj; nazzil et t(i_ 
man (a--). 




Check, n. ^ man\ 
**>-\j. mirdg'a, f. 

Checkered J a. J J^ Lki; 
^J'J<^ mi/jattat t/il fy 'ard; 
j^a.'-* manqala. 

Cheek, n. (side of face) Ji- 
b((dd,m. ( J] idAd);[mHo\ence) 
■tolj.^ saddga, f. 

Cheer, vt. L^s bascit (ab- 
sit); ^j fiirrah(a-). 

Cheer, n.I>\-JWn5/s(</;rj» 
farah-^ ^l^il insin'ih, m . 

Cheerful^ a. i.^^. mabsCit 
^-yri); d^'^j farhdn (--yn). 




Cheese, n. \:.^ gibno, f. 

- monger ai.?- ^-U boyid'' 
gibna (-yn). 

ChemioA\s,n.^ y^kig2di:>\y 
ju }\^mawdd kyindioyia^ f. 

Chemist, n. t^^'jr' '^g^'^gy 

Cheque, n. aII^ hiwdla, 
f. (hiwaldt); di-i sek (-dt); 
Jj^i tahwyl,m. (tahawylj;, 
AC*"' qasyma, f. (qasdyim). 

- book oVI^>- J^i daftar 
hiwaldt, m. (dafdtirj. 

Cherry, n. tjf karaza, 
f. (karaz). 

Cherubim, n. ^>ifkaru_ 
bym, m. 

Chess, n. ^ki sat rang; 
ffja^ satrang, m. - mnuj^ 
hagar, m. (higdraj. 

Chest,n.(breasl)jA^ sadr; 

drawevsij jybord^m. f' hdt). 

Chestnut, n. <•}} y} abu 
farwa,, ra.XCK^ kastana, f. 

Chew, V)t. i^^iikmadag (am^ 

Chibouque, n.dLis«&a/c, 
m. (-dt). 

Chicken, n . o/ili/£fli /c tUj 
m. (katakyt). - hearted 
^li^ /jauwyf (-ynK 

Chick-pea, n. a-^sj- hum- 
musa, f. (hummus). 

Chicory, n. aj j/3. sikur_ 

ya, f. 

Chief ,n. ^.jjrayyis(rua^ 
sa-^ruyasa).- town jJuli ban- 
dar,m.(banddir).- engineer 
j__^jt:(X''li bdsmihandis(-yn). 
~ physician ^il ^C hakym 
bdsy(-ia). the - object j:>j^\ 
^-.jjl el garad er raysy. — 
cleric ^1^1 bdskdtib (bds^ 

sanduq, m. (sanadyq). - of kuttdb). - of staff jl^^l 





^j>- raijij'is arkdn hcirb. - 
aide-de-camp -jbA /- siV- 
ya 10 i rein . 

Chiefly, a. C»^^> hususan; 
^jA^Vl; bilabcss. 

Chi]h]ain,n. ^liqcsaf.m. 

Child, n. (male) jJj walad 
(Loildd;awldd); J-p "ayil; 
(female) j^:. bint (bandt). 
how is your - % ^J'iJ^\ tSj^ 
izsay el mahrus. how are 
your -reu? uJ'-^j'^''^j' izzay 
el mahrusyn. with — L^ 
hihla (habdla). - bed ^^U; 
nafds, m. 

Childhood, n. j-.^mgr;^ 
A-l^ikU sinn et tafulyla, in. 

Childish, a. j^^ ^Sf- '<(q~. 
loh siigayutr (—am). 

Childishness^ n. AiJj wal_ 
dana; a;^^ mgmna, f. 

Chill, oi. ^l^siqi' (asqa'); 
ij, birid (obrad). 

Chill, n. 4»i^ sa^j-'fl, Z'. j^. 
bard^ m. 

Chilly, a, (jl.a-» saq'dn 
f—yn); jljj. barddn (-yn). 
it is - to day b jl^\ ^a^ LjjJI 
eddinydsaq'aennahdr do. 

Chimney, n. 4.:i-Ju mad^ 
liana, f. (maddhin). lamp 
— A..^l Jjlj,»(j'/^d^e^ el lamba, 
f^ (qazdyiz). — pot hat AkJy 
4._,!:3 burn^ta tacoyla, f. 


China.n. (porcelain )|j^si/_ 
ny, m. (country) tjjJ\ ^^^, 
bildd es syn, 

Chinese/*. ^.^ syny(syn). 

Chint/^, n. c^^Ji- syt, m. 

Chip, n.\iLzsatfa (kifaf); 
A.iai sag fa, f. (suqaf). 

Chip, vt.^]a.i.kitaf(astuf). 

Chirp , o i.3yj3:aqzaq( y i-); 
i^j.a saLosaco (yl-). 



Chirking ,n .iijjzaq^aqci; 

tju:>j^ sciwsawa^ f. 

Chisel, n, jli:* minqdr 
(mctnaqyr)-^ i}~»}\('smyl, m. 

Chloroform;, n. ^_ bing; 
(jyijj^'6'kloroform, m. put 
under - ^' ban nig (a-). 

Chocolate, n. ajV^O s«_ 
kuldia^ f. 

Choice, n. ,j_^ h^ra^ f, 

Choice, a. »jlai naqdioa; 
^_y.l^ kawayis (-yn). 

Choir, n. ^j^^ Ijdras, m. 

Choke, vt. (suffocate) j-^ 
Ijanaq (aljnuq); (block) Ji^ 
sadd (asidd). be-ed ^^liil 
inhanaq (anijin igj; j.:'.i-l Hj- 
tanaq (aJitiniq). 

Choke-full, a. -i:J ,J_^Ll. 
malydn li ^dnoh (-yn)\f-)=.> 
mitar^am (-yn). 

Choking,n. j;^ hanq, m. 

Cholera, 71. ji-^Hyb hawa 
osfar, m. \ji^ koUra^ f. 

Choose, ot. Jc^\ih(dr(ah^ 
idr)-^ i,naqqa (anaqqy), as 
you - JL. yUtij^ci;/ ma t iryd . 

Chop, n. 4.'.^ hilta (hitat); 
i.c^jZ. sarlia, f. (surah), mut- 
ton — k-AtS^ kustiUta^ f. 

Chop, vt. (cut) Al qata' 
(tiqia"); (mince) ^} fa ram 

Chopper, n. j^WU satur, 

Chord, 71. J 3 watar^ m. 

Christ, n. ^.A\ el masyh. 

Christen, 0^. s/-'ammid 
(a-); j.A\ nassd.r [a-i_ 

Christening, n. j^^-:, tan. 
?y'^', ^^ ''imdd, in. 

Christian, ''.(jl^ain».^r(?nt/ 




(n ((sdra);ji'-'m osyhyf- yn). 

Chrislianily, n. isj^-w^^ 
dyn en nasdra; jt-M jtjll ed 
dyn el mc(syhy^ m. 

ChristmaS;, n. x:)J.\j..c^ 'yd 
el myUld;j^;,J\ a.J1 el 'yd es 
sufjayiar, m. 

Chronic, a. j»^m in ■ 
jCJJ qadym, m. be — ^.}\ 
i;sman (y-)\ ^^i qidim 
iyiqdam). his disease lias 
become — o\ > ^}\ J^j.\ el 
mai\ul isman wayidh. 

Chrysanthemum, n.^ijo 
mandalyici, f. 

Church, n. a-xO kinysa, 
f. t handy is J. 

Cider, n. ^U:l\ ^^Li i^rdb 
et tiffdh, m. 

Cigar, n. ^^}\>j\f slgdra 
uf rangy, f. (sagdyir; 6'j_ 

O garelle, n . «jlf s igdra.f. 

Cinders^n. i\>jrumdd,m. 

Cinnamon, n.«jj qirfaj. 

Cipher,^. ji-» sifr(asfdry, 
ij raqm, m.(arqdmj.le\eg_ 
ram in — A*j^\ o1>1j" tilig^, 
rdf bil arqdtn. 

Circassian, a. ^^»- sar- 
kasy (sardksa). 

Circle, n. ^j^^ddyra (da^ 
way if); AiU halaqa, f, (}ia_ 
iagdO. — of irrigation j^cJH 
„J iSj taftys ray qism. 

Circular, a. jjA, midau 
loar (-yn ■'. 

(Circular, n.j^L-^mantidr, 
m. (~dt). 

Circulate, vt.jf^ dan war 
fa-J;^!! na&ar (ansur). 

Circulation, n. (j'j^i da_ 
io(trdn;^tS nasr , m. 

Circumcise, o^^U=((:f/iir 
(a—), one who is -d ^IL. 
m it dhi r(-yn). 




Circumcision, n. j^^ tu. 
h{lr^ m. 
Cir cu mf e rence , n. . _,, 1 ^ 

ddyra^ f, (dawdyir); \=l.< 
muhyt , m. 

Circumstance, n.^}\o' hdl^ 
m. — s J(_j'-I cthwdl; ^}Jozu^ 
ruf, f. lie is in easy — s iC).'^\ 
i^^asyeioh iayyihn. he is 
in low - aSILi Aui.1 asyetoh 
battdla. under tliese — s J 
<Si iJ'_>s>-VI fil ahwdl dy. 

Circus, n. ,_^ mal'ab 
(maldHb); ij^^ bahlawdn; 
fiji}-:-i- hybodrdm, m. 

Cistern, n. ^j^<» sahryg 
(saharyg); ^^>- hdd, m. 
(ahwdd'^ hyddn). 

(Citadel, n. aJj qara, f. 
(qiid"; qal'dt). 

Citizen, n.jjj (j-J ibii balad 

Citron, n. ti-j teranga 

(terung); ^i^cj lamuna, f. 

City, n. jjj balad (bilddj; 
aijA* madyna^ f. (mudun). 
— duesJul^ft ^awdyid; a^^^-j 
daliulyla, f- ^y^ tnaks, m. 

Civil, «. JJ^* madany ; 
J»i a/i/f/; ^5^1. mulky. — man 
^i'^. J»-lj rcig'iZ muaddab; 
U^>p>^jrdgilzaryf. - war 
Ji-li .-jy- /iar& ddhly. — list 
^T Ij rdtib, m. ol^'j- m w ''tx !!_ 
ilaMi, f. 

Civility, n. <^i\ adci.b;^Ji 
zurf , m. 

Civilization, n. cj-^-I ta_ 
maddun; ^--i-if tahzyb, m. 

Civilize, vt. qX, maddin 
(a-)] v_)I» haszib (a—), -ed 
j^Ac* mitmaddin (-yn). 

Claim, n. ^J^ talab, m. 
(~dt); aJIL. mitdlba, f. 




(mitalbdt). -s ^Jlk. mata_ 
hjb; Jj2>- huquq, f. 

j^il idda^a (addfy). 

Claimant, n. JlU tdlib 
(-yn); ^cj.4 mudda'y(~ynj. 

Clap, vt. (the hands) i_i2v» 
saqqaf(a -;;(the wings)^j»j 

Clapping, ra.>_i.2^r tasqyf, 
m. iijj rafrafa, f. 

Claret, n. ^xJ nibyt^ m. 

Clasp, n. dA-i. masbak, 
m. (masdbikj. 

Class, n. u^^ saff, m.(su- 
fitf); Aj-ji daraga^ f. (da^ 
first — J3I 40-ji daraga tila-^ 
jZybery mo. second -ajIt^^-jj 
daraga tdnya-, jjJjC se_ 
kdndo. third — JiJll-io-j:! da, 
ra^-a fdWa; y.j terso. the 
higher -es wljjjl e^^atcrt^. 

the lower -es ojjS^ ^^W\ en 
nds ed dun. 

Classification, n . ^y tar_ 
tyb; ^-I^r tasnyf, m. 

Classify, vt. ^Tj rattib 
(a-); i_A:-* sannif (a-). 

Clatter, vi. ^\^ taqtaq 
(a-); ^J qarqd (cir-). 

Clatter, n. 4Sk«J= iaqtaqa; 
i^J qarqda, f. 

Clause, n. sii. band, m. 

Claw, n. ji-i dufr^m. (da^ 

Clay,?^. o^ iyn,m. yellow 
— JiU fafi^ m. 

Clean, «. ^-.-ii nidyf (nu^ 
ddf. - shoes Ao-j^c '^j>- gaz_ 
ma mamsLiha. 

Clean, d f .^_i^i n add a f (a-); 
^c„* mas ah (amsah). 

C\ea.ning, n.U'-Ji-Jtandyf; 
K..^ mash, m. 




Cleanliness, n. ii\J^\nadd^ 
fa, f. — is next to godliness 
c)£S\ ^» a»IaJ\ en naddfa 
min el ymdn. 

Clear, «.(transparent)j.ilj 
rdyiq (-yn);j[^ sdfy(-yn); 
(apparent) ^\ bdyin (-yn); 
^lU ;sdhir(-yn)^^^\^wddih 
(-yn). I do not see - J.> 
,_^ ^lU mus sdyif tayyib. 



wad/lah (a-). 

- of ^y JU- Ijdly min; jU« 
mu'dfa. get - of ^^. v^^* ha^ 
rab min (ahrab). keep - of 
waterjVjA;«maty{a zaldl.ihe 
road is - ^aSoLaSCjl es sikka 
sdlka. — atmosphere ^^ 
sahu. - headed jjjj rdyiq; 
j,^\j J Ai^ ^aqloh fy rdsoh. 
Clear, ot. j^j rauwaq 
(a-); j-» saffa (asaffy). - a 

wall ^X\ jy ^ ialmatt min 
fdq el hita (anutt). - a box 
(from customs) J^ J.: J\Jojja.U- 
dallas ^ala es sanduq (a-), 
he -ed 100 piastres '*..a^S 
j^j kisib myt qirs.- the 
table .jiJ\ Jli sdl es sufra 
(asyl). — the road ^SClU dll- 
sallik es sikka (a—), the 
weather has -ed up ^^^ikW 
,_i.ld et taqs inkasaf. 

Clearance,n._^^U ia(/it/r',m. 

Clearly, ad.T-j^yhi udiih. 

Clearness, n.wljjratoaga, 
f. olj baydn; jy^ zuhur ,m ^ 

Clergy ,n.^iJi^\aklyrus. 
- man ^-i qassys (qasus)^ 

Clerk, n. ^^ kdtib (ku^ 
taba); fj^' mistahdim ■^^' 
(-yn). head- [i^ij rayyis 
qalam (ruasa). 

Clerkship, n. ^"S^lLji) 


canal _,^ tahhar (a-). - the | wazyfet kdtib, f. 




Clever, fl. jUi sdtir (-yn; 
suiidrj; f-s>-gada'- (gid'dn). 

Cle verness,n . ojlkisa( dra; 
A:ta>- gad'ana, f. 

Client, n. (jji j zibun (za^ 

Climate, n. \^ hcava-^^ih 
fags; A-^ mandh, m. 

Climb,y<. j6Ja-«i.l issa'bat. 
'ala fossa' bat); Jc -\,U till' 
'ala (ath/J. 

Cling, ol. ^ ^}^^ it'allaq 
bi (aCallaq). 

Clinic, n. .^U 'ydda^ f. 
jXlJ^klynyk^ m. 

Clip, vt. (_^» qas^ (aqassK 

Clipper, n. ^\^> qa^sds 

Cloak, n. ^jJ)ybu7'nus,m. 
(bardnis). native - ajLp 'a_ 
bdya('iby); A:»:>di/fyia^ f. 
(dafdfy); \>iS-j za%{it^ m. 
(za'abyt >. native ladies' - 

,jK>- habara, f. (habar). 

Clock, n. ^U sd'a, f. (sa.. 
'dt); Ja->. icl. sd'et hit. eigiit 
day - -.U aJU ^^jiSi icX^sd'a 
titdauwar kull iamanyet 
ayidm.— wiiicli strikes the 
hour A»l»ji uX^sd'adaqqdqa. 
what o'— is il?r'/clJles sd'a 
kdm. it is one o' - .Ji^-lj acIJ\ 
es sd'a wdhdo. his half past 
5 j_^ij*._>-^lJ\ es sd'a ham^ 
sa we nuss. it is 20 minutes 
to 1 z^>^^ -u.- /cU\ es sd'a 
saba'a ilia tilt, it is 10 mi_ 
nules lo 1 j^i.P VI t-ic-lj AtlJ\ 
es sd'a wdhda ilia "asara. 
OS regular as a - iAJW^s^^'X* 
mdsy zay es sd'a. 

Clod, n. ^jU galm, m. 

Close, a. (narrow) j-J. 
dayiaq (-yn); (near) ^J 
qurayib(-yn); ^j,_ biqurb. 




— atmosphere k^^ katma; 
a:.j samta, f.wvlle -ly jjj 
ditiLC ^annag kiidbtak. 

Close,u<. ^Hqafal (aqfilj; 
dA-. sakk (asukk), he -d 
the letter v'^' z^'- Ijalam el 
gawdb. he -d his eye ^Jx'>^ 
^.f- gam mad 'enoh. 

Close, n. Ifil intiha;, j~\ 
dljir, m. A) If nahdya, f. 

Closet^ n. Alji. liazncc^ f, 
(fii^''n).wn\.er - ^J^^mus. 
tardh (-dt); is'\)\ ^,, bSt er 
rdha, m. (biijiit). there is a 
ghost in every - Uo- Ujjl j 
fil zawdya fjabdya. 

Closure, n. JiJ qafl; lii- 

Cloth, n.^>-guli; j,li gw_ 
mds,m. table - j^ji*mafras 
(mafdris); \Li^gata,m.(gut_ 
ydn). -es ^j^t' hidum; A\y 
hawdyig, f. -es' rack ac.L.j; 

sammd'a, f. samma'dt. 

Clothe, ot.^} labbis(a-); 
^^ kasci (aksy). 

Cloud, n. v.jW' sahdb; ^\j> 
gamdm; J^gem, m. after -s 
sunshineTTjil^^U" j^^^Wes sabr 
muftdh el farag. 

Cloudy, a. ^*. mlgaylm^ 

Clove, n. j^i-uj qarunfila, 
f. (qurunfil). 

Clover, n. ^^^. barsym, 
m. — seller (j^^l^; bardsmy 
(-ia). dried- ij-'ijidirys^m. 

Clown, n. iSji^ salary 
(- ia). 

Club, n. {s\.\ck)cjy^nabbtit 
kldb; (cards) Jl---lisM^f/,m. 

Clumsy, a. \.> qaba. 

Cluster, n. ^^e. 'aixqud, 
m. Canaqyd). - of dates- 
jX\ij zubdta, f. (zabdyit). 

Clyster, n.^:^ huqna, f. 





Coach^ n, A^jc- ''arabtjia, 

f. ('ambyidt).- maji j^_,p 

'arbagy (-ia); Ja-jl dsta 

(-wdt), - house ^\^jC- 

"arbaljAna^f, Carbaliandt). 

Coal, n.j^j-fahm hagar^ 
f. live - 4.^1 bassa,f.(bcuisdt). 
carry - to Newcastle 111 9-\ 
tjjjlsJUjW j bd" el mayia fy 
hdret es saqqdyn. - mer_ 
chant (.li fahhdm (-yn). 

Coarse, a. ^i. hisin 
("Vn); (j<i- tifiyn (lulidn); 
J.m saqyl (suqdl). - bread 
^^ i^-s- ^H sinn. 

Coarseness, n. i^^% gald_ 
^a;iiji.i^fiisuna; 4\.iisaqdla,f. 

Coast, n. Jo-U sdhil (sa^ 
wdhil); LJ:. satt, m. (sitiit). 
- guard J>I_,J\ ji. gafar es 

Coat, n. »>- satra^ f. (sL 

tar), over - ^Uli bdUo, m. 
(-dt). loose native - *->- 
gibba, f. (gibab).^ 

Coating, n. (of paint; j.} 
Ai^i wiss bdya, m. 

Coax, vt. J)\ff- hdyil (a—). 

Cob, /I .(maize)Ai-y qdlaha, 
f. (qawdlih). 

Cobbler, n. 



(-ia); S^J iskdfy (-ia). 

Cobweb, n. z>^f.-t- 'anka^ 
bdt, m. 

Cock, n. (male of hen) dJui 
dyk (dyAk)i (tap) aJ.-^ ha^ 
nafyia,f. (hanafyidt);jyy_ 
basbdz^ m. (bazabys).v^ea_ 
ther — J\j_jy\abu rydh^m. 
-'s comb diijjl ^f- "urf ed 
dyk, m. 

Cock,oL(hammer of gun) 
i\ij\^jrafa''el ^inddfarfa'). 

Cockade, n. nji warda^ 




Cocoa,, n. pf kdko, m. 

- nutJiiil lj^,~g6zei el hind, 

f. (gdz). 

Cod, n. „''j^)_ dic^ samak 
bakald, m. - liver oil ^i j 
dlc-^i ^it es samak, m. 

Code, n. o^\i ganAn, m. 

Coffee, n. .j.^5 qahwa, f. 

— berry j>. bunn, m. - house 
ty^qahwa (qahdioy). - house 
keeper ^^/9 qahwagy (-ia). 
-pot»_j<^9 '^jjtanaket qahwa^ 
f. (tanakdtj-^ ^j^^bakarag, 
m. ( bakdrig J. — seWev o^ 
banndn (—a). - mill(j; ij^p-ll^ 
tahunet bun, f. (tawahyn). 

Coffin, n. c^X\ 2uii- liasa_ 
bet el may let, f. (hasabdt); 
^\jjX.^sand{iq el mayiet, 
m. (sanadyq). 

Cog, n. aI-^I ^^ sinn el 
"agala, m. (asndn). - wheel 

^_yJ tirs, m. (tirds; atrds); 
(jU--l. 44 "O'gctla bisndn, f. 

Cognac,/i. ^{jokunydk, 

Coil, 0^. cJ] laff (aliff); 
SC kahhak (a-). 

Coil, n. Ail laff a, f. (laff dt). 

Coin, n. 4^ 'umla; ^^ 
filus, f. 

Coin, vt.4.^ J:>daqq ""urn- 
la (aduqq). 

Coincide, vi. jiM ittafaq 

Coincidence, n. jUI it_ 
tlfdq, m. a»Jl^ sudfa, f. 

Colander, n. j^. mas fa, 
f. (masdfy). 

Cold, a. jjl bdrid (-ynj. 
I am- (2)bj; lil ana barddn. 
it is -iy [Jij^^eddinya bard. 

Cold, n. ij, bard, m. - in 
the head ^^ zukdm; f'j 




rash, m. 

Coldly^ ad. ^jju bi birud. 

Coldness, n. o^jy birUda; 
A)ij^ bii'udyia, f. 

Co\[c , n . ^ja:-L, magas , m. 

Collapse, cl. Jj wiqV 

Collapse, n. ?-/»j ioiqd\ m. 

Collar, n. (of shirl)<».;l, y(:^_ 
qa (yaqdt); (of horse) ^jj 
raqaba,f.(raqabdl); (metal 
up — 4.Jlc 4.51) ydqa 'dlya. 

Collar, vt. jj\= tauwaq 
(d-J. he -ed him 4iUi. ^4^.^» 
miskoh min liindqoh. 

Collate, vt. jAs qdbil(a-); 
»>-lj rdgi' (a-j. 

('ollation, n. 4;^" miqdb^ 
ki; 4.a>.lj> mirdg'a, f. 

Colleague,/!. J-.J zimyl 
(;sumala); jf-}j^ifyq(rafd_ 
yiq); Ss nidd (anddd). 

Collect, ot.^gama'- (ag_ 
ma^); i lamm (alimm). vi. 
»c^l igtama" (agtlmi'); U 
it lamm (allamm). 

Collection, «.f4^?-U'^i imc^; 
^^magmCi", n. 

College, n . iSjf \^jX> 
madrasa kubra(maddris); 
U^c -i^jji. madrasa 'dlya, f. 

Collide, 0^. *iU)l itsddim 


Collision, n .. iU)^<;'s(<rf« m, 

Colloquial, a, T-j\iddrig, 

Collyrium, n. jCkufd.m. 

Colocasia n.kJdiiqulqdsa, 
f. (qulqds). 

Cologne (eau de), n. v 
<6a. mayiet malaka; ^:>)fl.» 
mayiet koldnya, f. 






Colony, n. tjf'-"^musia'-_ 
mara. f. (masia'mordt). 

Colossal, a. j:-* hasmy; 
^^>- gasym. 

Colossus, n. Jlic timsdl, 
m . (tamasyl). 

Colour, n.cj}l6n (alwAn); 
^i- sikl^ m. (askdl). -s of 
a regiment Jjj.; Mraq, m. 
(baydriq), - Icss^jS j.}\>ma 
Ids 16 n. 

Q.o\owT ,vt.cji}lauwin(a-)-, 
i..^ mbag (asbug). vi. ^_^\ 
itlauwin (y-); (blush) _,i-l 
ihmarr (ahmarr). -ed ^J^ 
milauwin (-yn). 

Co\t,n. jf'inuhr (amhdr). 

Column^ n. ^y>\c ^amud, 
m. Ca warn yd; 'imddn). 

Comb, n, XL> mist, m. 

Comb, vt.^.sarrah(a-). 

Combination, n. jl^l ilti^ 
hdd; .^^ j tarkyb, m. 

Combine, vt. «?- gamor 
(agmcC). vi, ^rl igtama" 
(agtimi^J; si-\ ittahad (ot^ 

Combustibles,n.j., ji-l :,\y. 
mawdd el haryq, f. 

Combustion, n.jl>=-l ih^ 
tirdq', m. 

(dty). - after me 1 iiljj 'JU 
tcCdla wardya. - again I'jjJ 
^][miibqa ta'dla.- alongl JU" 
J, ia^dla baqa. - baclt »>-^ 
rigi'(arga'). _ downjj,: ni_ 
zil fan^iZj. — forward >a> 
(atqaddim). — from j> W 
^_,U ga min taraf. — 
in J^j dalial (adljul); j-i- 
bass (aJiuss). - into fasliion 
,iyj\^sdr moda. - near^j» 




qarrab (a-). — to oneself 
^Uj j 4j.ap »:^j rigl^ "aqloh 
fy dimdyoh.— oxxlT^j^ho^rag 
(aJ}rug); \y_ «IL. till' barra 
(at la^j, - together .c^l ig^ 
tama" (agtimi^j. - upjy.lU 
till' fdq (citla'). - what 

n^ay ! iJj^ iSji: ^' iSj sc-y ma 
yigra ylgra. - to J^j 
to is 1 1 (awsal). 

Comedy^ n. \ix..pk6^ 
mydya, f. (komydydt). 

Comeliness, n. A,jj)t.han^ 
dima^ f. Jl^ gamdl, m. 


Cometj ri.^ii^\ i^nigma 
umm dSl, f. (nigum). 

Comfit, rt.A-A' mllabbisa^ 
f.(milabbls).sm;{ll -s o^l_,; 
c^J\\ baragyt es sitt, f. 

Comfort, n.Ao-lj-r-d/ia;*! j«)' 
ta'^yia, f. 

Comfort, vt. iS-j- ^azza 
(a''a$fzy).he -ed (^jJl it'asza 

Comfortable, a. *p-lj cjjj 
ylddy rdha; Ay_ yirayiah. 
make him - ! A^jraylahoh, 
make yourself - ' dil»-lj j<i- 
/}ud rdhtak. 

Comical, a. S^ mudhik 

Commg,\c^gdy;j I dty. 

Coming, n. J^migy, m. 

Comma, n. ^tf damma, 
f. (dammdt). inverted - ac^ 
i^l^AA damma maqldba. 

Command, vt.^\ amar 
(dmur); ^\ (^jl idda amr 
(addy). he -s a regiment y^ 
csVl i^\x^jihuioa komanddn 

Command, n. ^y^\amr,m. 
(awdmlr); a^Ij rydsa, f. 

Commandant, n. jIaC 




hukumddr f-yn); o\x.>j> 
komanddn (-dt). 

Commander^ n. jUC 
hukumddr. - in chief jl^^* 
sirddr (-yn). 

Commandment,^. y\om r, 
m.(awdmir); i^u^jwisyia, 
f. (wasdya). 

Commence, vt. is-^} ib- 

Commencement, n. \j.-j\ 
ibtida, m. ajU; biddya, f. 
Jjl auwil, m. 

Commentary, n.^l sarh 
(siruh)\ j<^> tafsyr, m. (to,.. 

Commerce, n.,j\i-tigdra, 
f. (tigardt); ji^ matgar^m. 

Commercial, «. (sj^ ti- 
gdry; iS_^ matgary. 

Commissariat, n. Cj\xi..,S 
ta''yyndij f. 

Commission^n. (business)'/ (asgdl); (^committee) 
0^.^«_j> komisydn, m. (-dt); 
(of rank) ^,j^ "ciryza, f. 
Cardyis); (compensation) 
0^;-.*y komisydn; ^^jvasm , 
m. (risAm). 

Commission, vt. ^} j,^ 
fauwad It (a-). 

Commissioner, n. j<^~>^ 

Commit, vt. (intrust) U 
sallim (a-); (a crime) \^J 
irtakah;artikib). — oneself 
aI^'So'I j ^U tabb fll kaldm 
(atubb); l>jy\ itwarrat (at_ 
warrat). — to memory Jiia- 
{^^f-hafaz gibon(ahfaz);ja}i»- 
4Ji_,^ Jc ha fad ^ala dahr 

Committee, n, t^ lagna 
(lagndi-jUgdn); Ax^y komi- 
t4, f. finance - ^\\\ k.^\ el 




lagna el mdlyla. 

Commode, n. »_j^ bord, 
m. {-hdt). 

Common,a. ^yy^'umumy; 
(ijlJpl i"tyddy;(Sj\^ij\ orcU^ 
ndry. - people J^«l\ el 'a_ 
jodm. house of -s /.y*!| U 
mciglls el\imum.o[-\'[\[e_ 
resti]j\l< mustarik. - sense 
JJp V(gi; i]ljii idrdk^m. 

Commune, oi.JjUil ii:nd._ 
toii (atndLoilj; iJ>i.| jsia- 
r(//c (astirik). 

Communicant, n. ^Jii^ 
mustarik (-yn). 

Communicate, o^.il hal. 
lag (a-); j^\ a/jbar(abbir). 

- with y\i- hdbir (a—)-, _,;lil 
\iit'hdbir wayiafatljdbir), 

- a disease (jj.c'ada (a'dy). 
Communication, n. i-^^, 

baldg (~dt); j\.;^\ilibdr;^\j^ 
gawdb, m. (~dt) 

Communion, n. illjlil 
istirdk, m. j}ii\um indicia, f. 

Community, n.A^gam- 
'yia(gam'yidt)-,ii,\Sp tdyfa 

Commute, vl. Ja-I-I is_ 
iabdil (astahdil). 

Companion, n. jij rifyq 

Company, n. *.«?- gam'y_ 
ia (gam'yidij; ^i sirka 
(sirkdt); JijLi kombanyia, 
f. (kombanyidt). we have 
- this evening ^\ »_,^, liJUe- 
'andina sahra el ISla. - of 
soldiers jCp i]_)l, baluk 'as_ 
/<;«/", m. r-<^0. Smith & Co. 
X/^iCJ^'smis we kurakdh. 

Compare, vt. jjV; qdbil 
(a-); A;U sdbi/i ra-^; J:* 
massil (a-). 

Comparison, n. -(Jo la. m j_ 




tasdbuh, m. 

Compartment, n. (in a 
house) Aai soqqa, f.(suqc(q); 
(in a railway carriage j o:*.-- 
"^n, f. (Hytin). 

Compass, n. ,y.>i\ ^; bet 
el ibra, m. fbiylxt);j^^y bds_ 
laJ.(boshH). -esji>-jbargal 

Compassion, n. A.i'J'safa_ 
qci; A..:?- hinnyia, f. 

Compassionate, a. j^ij, 
sdfuq (-yn); (j_^»- hinciyin 


Compatriot, n.^W^l lyMbn 
el watan (cuoldd)■,J!i^\ lyHbn 
el balad. 

Compel, vt. ^j\aUam(aL 
■sim); ^-ap gasab (agsib). 

Compensate, vt. j^^'-aii_ 
toad fa-;; \\€'kdfa (akdfy). 

Compensation, n, ^.^«) 
ia'toyd, m. (-dt); ,UI^. mu- 

hafd, f. (-t). 

Compete, vl. jiL sObiq 

Competence ,n.» Ur/co/""", 
f. ^\^i.\ ilitisds, m. 

Competent, a. jjli qudir 
(-yn); ^y\^\i>.^\ ^>-\^ sdhib 
el ilitisds(ashdb). 

Competition, n. *a;L- mL 
sdbqa, f. ^1^*1 imtihdn, m. 

Compilation, n. ^Jt td^ 
lyf; (^ O'^^rn", m. 

Compile, vt.^\alliffa-); 
^f- gama" (agma"). 

Compiler, n.^\>muallif 
(-yn); ^,W gdmi" (-yn). 

Complain, vi. ^-.jMstaka 
(ast ihy);j^\ Mda rra r (cui- 

Complainant, n.5^i*mas_ 
taky (—yn); j-x, mudda^y 






(sakdwy); jj.^tadarrur,m. 

Complete, a. ^Ir tdmm 
(-ynj; ^»^ kdmil(~yn). 

Complete, vt.J, tammim 
(a-); ^^k am mil (ci^). 

Completely,a(i.ulc tama_ 
man; M\ Je- ''alat iamdm; 
-ul^li bil kullyia.. 

Completion, n./.lK<amdm, 
»lcl itmdm; jJ^ takmyl,m. 

Complexion, n. cjjldri^m. 

Compliance, n. \ji^\ igra; 
^Lll ittibd\ for - .j^ll\lj>.V 
li igra el UWim . \n - ^Niih. 
your order ilj.V CL;I ittibd_ 
"an liamrak;i\j.\ "jJ-'amo^ 
Ian biamrak. 

Complicate, vt. <^_ji.har_ 
bik (a-)' Mf. ^aqqad (a-). 
-d ju« mi^aqqad f-yn). 

Complication, n. j^^^ 
sarbika^ f. s^to'qyd, m. 

Compliment, n.Tjy..madh; 

»^lv- saldm, m. give him my 
— s ! Aic J U sallim ly^aUh. 

Comply, vi. »ol ittaba^ 
(attibi'J; J::.l imtasal (am_ 

*^ gama' (c<'gma');^jrak_ 
kib (a-). Vae couvi is -d of 
^ jd* j_^l el mag lis mu_ 
sakkal m J74.-type^jji-l,_i^ 
saffel hurCif (asaff). 

Composite, o. ^y mu^ 
rakkak (-yn):^L>musak^ 
kal (—yn). 

Composition, n. ^JJl; id_ 
lyf;^-^J tarkyb, m. 

•~>jj>- saffdf huruf (-yn). 

Compound, a. ^j. mu_ 
rakkab; iyl^ mahlut (-yn). 

Comprehend, vt. runder_ 
stand; ^^'> fihim (afham); 




t5_jl?-l ihtawa (yihtiwy). 

Comprehensible, a. J^s« 

Comprehension, n. j».^» 
fihm; illj^l idrdk, m. 

Comprehensive, «. J«U 
sdm il(~yn);iL,\<>gdm i'(-yn). 

Compress, vt. ^fkabas 
(akhis). -ed dates (S^^ 'o.g_ 
wa, f. 


Comprise, ot.^iSy.^^ ih- 
tawa "ala (yihtiwy); Jpjc-^' 
istamal ''ala(yistimil). 

Compulsion, n,^^f-gcisb; 
jU-l ighdr^ m. 

Comrade, n. jJj rifyq 
(rafdyiq); J.'j isimyl (m_ 

Conceal, vt. ^ bafa (ah. 
fy); (^ habba (ahabby). - a 
secret ^\ ^.f kaiam es sirr 


Concealment, n.U^I iljfa^ 
m. *.-.i taljbyia, f. iS^katm; 
o^kutmdn, m. 

Concede, ot. ^t- JjU;! it- 
ndzil '■an (atndzil). 

Conceit, n. ^ki\ jf kubr 
en nafs, m. 

Conceited, f*. nj^Jf^^^unaf^ 
soh kibyra (—um); a-j; ^U 
sdyif nafsoh (-yn um). 

Conceive, vt. j^^il itsau^ 
war (atsauwar); _fxi'^ ifta_ 
kar (aftikir).vi.cXf-hiblet 


Concern, vt. ^t^ ihtamm 
(ah tamm);^jAi'li<^ss(, 
this-s you dJU*: !:> da yi_ 

Concern, n. (importance) 
J\^k\ ihtimdm, m. (affair) 
\^ qadyia, f. (qaddya). 




Concerning, pre. (j^^^^ 
bihustis: i^>- ^tinin gihet. 

Concert, n. (agreement) 
jUrl ittifdq; i\i-\ ittlhdd; 
(entertainment) j\._i5^ kon_ 
sir; .c^ sama'', m. 

Concession^n.A^i-j rubsa, 
fjruh'(s);j\..u\ itntydz, m. 
(—dt), one who has a — ^j\> 
milt is im (-yn). 

Conciliate, ot. ^U sAlih 
<a-); iL sdlim (a-). 

Conciliation, n. Ai-U«m/_ 
■sdlha; *IL* misdlma^ f. 

Concise^a.^ali: mahtasar 

Conciseness, n.j\-==^'»-^ '6- 
tisdr , m . 

Conclude, Dt.ffinish)^i- 
ballas (a-)]ji>naha (anhy); 
(infer) ^:u-l istantig (as_ 

Conclusion, n.*.lj;na/i(ij/a; 

*4' natyga^f,(natdyig). 

Concord, n. jU;l ittifdq] 
:>\i-\ ittihdd, m. 

Concrete, n. ^iUji- h,ara_ 
sdna; £:, clakka, f. 

Concubine n. a-Ji*: mah_ 
dyia (mahdly)-^ij ^^.sirryia 

Concur, oi. jilj wdfiq 
(ct-J; ;jiU sddiq (a-j. 

Concurrence, n.iXi\ymu_ 
wdfqa; ii:,\^. musddqa, f. 

Condemn, vt. ^ 'Ci. ha_ 
ham ''(ila (ahkum). -ed-^C; 
aJc mahkum 'aleh (-am). 

Condenser, n .^ J xS'kon- 
densar^ m. *ll jvklJ ;Jl dla 
litaqtyr el mnyia^ f. 

Condescend, vi. JjUil it_ 
ndsil(atndsil); ^jJii:\iifad_ 

Condescension, n. Jjlj 
tandzul^ m. 




Condition, n. (stale) -ijU 
hdla, /'//iaidi;;(slipulation) 
Js^i sar t ,m .( surut) .on — that 
Zi^ -U^ bisctrt inn. 

Conduct, n. i\J^ siluk; 
^j.aI ta.sarruf, m. 

Conduct, vt. (lead) tS'jj 
wadda (awaddy); J^j wos_ 
sal (a-); (behave) d.^^ silik 
(asluk); (manage) y.idabbar 

Conductor, n. J->^ mu., 

ioassil(—yn); Aij- mtirsid 


Conieciioner, n.j\^hala^ 
today f-ia). 

Confer /oiJ, (consult) jjlil 
\j J iss(i wir way ia(askd wir); 
(grant) .^»j wahab (awhib); 
jiil an^am (anim). 

Conference, n .,j-Um ctp' Z is 
(magdlis);jC^ymutamar ,m. 

Confess, y^. j5 garr ra_ 


Confession, «..j*j»l igrdr 
f-d^;; oljAcI i'tirdf, m. 

Confessor, n.^UpIv** ^^^ 

Confide, of. ^>\ ammin 
(a-); ^ t>«\.:-^ istdmin 'ala 

Confidence,n. AiUlamdna, 
f. ^2, i/a^'J/'i, fn. 

Confident, a. ^z^muyaq- 
qin (-yn);o^li^'ala yaqyn. 

Confidential, a. iSj^ sir^ 
r(/;Jt£" muHamad f-yn). 

Conime,vt.j.^hasar (ah^ 
sury,jSr hagaz (ahgiz). 

Confinement, M . -J^hags, 
m.[oi yvoman),i^iW ilddaj. 

Confirm, vt. ^il asbat 
(asbit); Jul ayyid (a-), -ed 
c^X sdbit. 

Confirmation, n. CiUI is_ 
bdt-j JuTIt idkyd, m. 




Confiscate, vt. i\%\ ii-U 
sabat amldk (azbut); j^ 
i}%\ hagas amldk (ahgiz). 

Confiscation, n, Ja-k zaht; 
•jSr hagz, m. 

Contlagration, n . *.h^j- 
harijqa fhardylq); jl; ndr, 


Contlict, n. f-lj,; nizd''; ^jc 
jUrl "adam ittifdq, m. 

Conform, p/. Jii.1 imta_ 

Conformity, n. 
tdbqa; a2j'^. muiodfqa, f. 
in -loyourordersi]j.l^l S^/ 
'amaldn bi awdmrak. 

Confound, nt.LX lahbat 
(a-). -e^]a^^milahbot(-yn); 
i^y karyh (—yn). 

Confuse, nt. jj- habbil 
(ci-);jK>- hayiar (a-). 

Confusion, n.*k.i:-ta/ibr((rt; 
<($^i dabaka, f. 

Congeal, vi. m;- gimid 

Congestion, n. oUip-I ihti_ 
qdn, m. 

Congratulate, vl.\^han^ 
na (ahanny); iij\, bdrik 
(a-). I — you iijL.mubdrak; 
iijj^' mabruk. 

Congratulation, n. ^uf 
tahnyia, f. (iahdny);S^j3 
tabryk, m. 

Congress, n.jVymutam ar; 
^V*: maglis, m. (tnagdlis). 

Conjure, vi. ^-j. 'azz'xm 
(o.-); ^-» qassim (a-). 

Conjurer, n. iSi^o- hdwy 
(hu wd). 

Connect, vl. J^^ wasal 
(awsil); )»^ gama^fagma^). 

Connection, n. f joining) 
JLJl itthdl; i\il ittihdd^m. 
*i% 'ildqa^ f. (relation) a,\J 
qardba, f. 




Connivance, n. 'J^l^i ta- 
wdtu; jLM ittifdq, m. 

Connive, J.^ 'J=»ly taoodta 
ma' (aiwdta); jiil ittafaq 

Conquer^ vt. ^\l galab 
(aglib); j-JT kasar (ahsar). 

Conqueror, n. J\\i gdUb 

Conquest, n, ^yj fttuh 
(-dt);j!^ 2afr;j.^\ nasr,m. 

Conscience, n.ij>':>zimma, 
f.j^s" damyr , m. 

Conscientious, c.^o^s-L* 
^dhib zimma (ashdb). 

Conscious, a. oA 'drif 
(-yr^); (/'j wd'y(-yn). 

Consciousness, n. iiljil 
idrdk; j-i wa'y, m. 

Conscript, n. *c^\ ^^. > 
nafar minelqur'a(anfdr). 

Conscription,/?. Ai/lJ^^yU 
el qur^a el "askaryia, f. 

Consecutive, a. »|li:4 mM_ 
iatdbi" (-yn)\ (iW\ Jt,^ j^lj 
wdhid bd'd et tdny. two 
— hours ^jk.1) \ji (jj'.c^\-" sa'leti 
wara ba^d. 

Consent, vi. ^^j ridy 
(arda); JJ qibil (aqbal). 

Consent, n. \J»j rlda; J^J 
(jjbii^, m. mutual - ^\j to., 
rddy ^m.sWence gives -o^kJV 
UJl i*^>ces sJ/«U 'aldmet er 
r id a . 

ga, f.(natdyig). of no - J.» 
yj^^i-mus taht /jabar. mal_ 
ter of - 4*-^. aS^* masdla 

Consequently ad. a>c;UI 
bm natyga;d^':>^ci\:,bindan 
'ala zdlik. 

Conservation, ?i.Jii:^/ii/'-s^, 

Conservative a. JiilsJ ma_ 




hdfiz (-yn). 

Conservator.n.Otj'l amyn 

Consers'e, vt. Jii». ha fas 
(ahfaz); ijU sdn, (asdn). 

Consider,oi:.(f espect) j<^\ 
iHabar (a'tihir); (examine) 
j jki nazar fy (anzur); 0*7 
J bahas fy (abhas). I — 
thatijljljv* mm rdyy inn. 
— ing that Jl jkJl bin nazar 
ikt; j^:^ j^;. min /i^s; o' ^? 
6«ma inn. 

Considerable,". JtLC-'azym 
{"tizdm); ^^:>-gasym. 

Consideration, n. jLipI 
i'tibdr-Jii nazar, m. 

Consign, vt, l- sallim 
{a-j; ^,\ ammin (a-). 

Consignee, n. ]:.«. musto- 

Consignment, n. aJUjI 
j^rsalyia, f. (irsalyidt). 

ConsisL, vl. Jo (Sj\>-\ ihta_ 
wa 'ala (yihtiwy); ^ ^i^\ 
istamal 'ala(yistimil). this 
book -s of 4 chapters ^\.tSCl 

/(//i arba'- fusid. 

Consolation, n. ^^lyi ia^- 
zyia, f.y^M.\alid f}dtir,m. 

Console, n.J^^o /fonsdZ, 
m. (-dt). 

Console J vt. (S^c 'azza 
(a''azzy)-^)>\^. ai-l afiad bi_ 
lidtir (dliud). 

Consolidate, vt. csy qau^ 
wa (aqauwy). 

Consolidation, n. aj^sI 
taqwyia, f. 

Consonant, n. zS\-- ^^ 
harf sdkit, m. 

Conspiracy, n. iia fitna 
(fitan)-X.^e- ''usba f. Cusab). 

Conspirator, n. ^ fit 




Conspire, i. Cj'ifaio.niaf- 
t m;;^^«rl i t 'assab(at'assab). 

Constancy ,n.^\jidawdmjrn. 

Constant, a. ^'^ ddyim 
(~ynj; Jli bdqy (-yn), 

Constantinople, n ^jA^J\ 
Istanbul, f. 

Constantly, ad. fs'i ddy_ 
man; Jc tamally. 

Constipate, oi. (make cos_ 
live) ^jkJ qobad. I am -d 
i]L-.l (SSxf'^andy imsdk. 

Constipation, n. ilLJjm_ 
sdk; j^i qabd, m. 

Constitution,n.(body) ^:| 
bunya, f. (bunydt);^yrna_ 
sdg, m.(am:siga);{goyevn_ 
ment) »lki ni^t^m; C)y^> Q'^''- 
nim, m. 

Constitutional, «. (_^^]ii 
nizdmy; ^^^^\ asdsy. 

ConstructjOC.^ba/ia (ab^ 
tiy); ^j rakkib (a-). 

Construction, n. U. bina, 
m. ^^Ui bindya (binaydt; 
mabdny); »jU Hmdra, f, 
("imardtj; _Sj; tarkyb,m. 

Consul, n. J-^;; qunsul 
(qandsil). - general J^> 
JUr qunsul ginirdl. vice — 
J^J ^jioakyl qunsul. - ar 
agenty^^^y j5jioa/«j/Z qon_ 
suldto (dkala). 

Consulate, n.y^*^i» qun^ 
suldto, m. (qunsulatat). 
— general AJIjU-y!)^^y qun_ 
suldto ginirdlyia. 

Com\xU,vt.ji\J.sdw ir(a-ji 
jUl-l istasdr (astisyr); M-\ 
(S SjCtfiad rdy(dliud).-- a book 
^l:5^«>.lj rdp'T kitdb(a~J. 

Consultation, n. >ji\L,mi. 
sd w ra (m isa to rd tj; »jliU I 
isiisdra, f. (istisardt). 

Consume, ui. (waste) ^^1:1 
atlaf (atlif); (spend) ^j-a 





tion) ^>l;l Itldf; (disease) 
J- sill, m. 

Consumptive/'. J^-*mas_ 
■lul {-ynj. 

Contagion, n. iSi-yocidwa, 
f. communicate - iS-ic 'ada 

Contagious, a. is-y^^md^dy. 

Contain, vt. Jc iSy"^ ihta^ 
wa ^ala (yihtiioy); <>L scV 
(yl-); ai-1 aljad (dtiud), tiiis 
purse — s ten piastres ,jjCil 
j^ij i^f- AJ *:> ei liys da fyh 
'cc.sara gurus. 

Contempt, n. ^Ul ihdna, 
f. jlai=-l iht iqd r;oU;i^l is t if}_ 

Content, k. ^i\j rady 
(-yn); ^iiymurtady(-yn); 
^'.1a muqtani'^ (-yn). 
Content, ot. ^ qancC(aq_ 

na'); ^i\j rddc^ (arddy). 

Contentieux, n. VU* ^J 
i^.^l-\ qism qaddyci el hu_ 
kdma^ m. 

Contentment, n. Uj rida, 
m. AcXxt qand'a^ f. 

Contents, n. <iX^'j^ muh- 
tawaydt. - of a letter Oj=^* 
^_,l_^ madmun gawdb. 

Contest, n. (.Ui- l}isdm,m. 
4C.JL. mindz^a, f. 

Continent, n. »Ji qdrra^ 

Continual, «. <^:> ddylm 

Continually, ad. ^IjJl Jc 
^alad dawdm; \c.\iddyman. 

Continuation, n. |.lj:» da_ 
wdm ; j\J:''\ istimrdr, m. in 
- to ^ Sli-I ilhdqan bi. 

Continue, vi. J^ ddm {a_ 
dum); *_>li ddwim (a—); jC^I 
istamarr(astamirr). he -d 




walking ^:U ^j^fldil mdky. 
Contraband, n. ^^j^ to.h_ 
ryb,m. \x.,\y.-S^kontrahan_ 
da, f. 

Contract, n. y\jc^ kon^ 
terdto (konteratdi); jViil 
ittlfdq^ m. ^i/^ surut, f. 

Contract, oJ.i.j^J**''ama/ 
surul (a'milr,_y^J-~^i}'^ 'a- 
mal konterdto. put up to — 
^^\i^jj^\ashar fil mundq_ 
sa (ashirj. 
Con\.r2iCXor, n.d}\i'miqdwil 
(-yn);j^i,mit^ahhid (-yn). 
Contradiction ^J^kad- 
dib (a-); .?-lj rag'C (O.—). 

Contradiction, n. ^_jSj 
takdyb, m. 

Contradictory, a. ^jislu* 
mutandqid (—yn). 

Contrary, n.JuidtcZd;,j-\p 
'aks , m . — io ^'M biU'ildf. 
on the - ^i^\ bil ^aks. 

Contravention, n. AiU*: 
muhdlfa, f. (muliO'lfdt). 

Contribute, vt. £]jUU"s^a_ 
rak (astirikj;\]=£-\ a'fa(d'ty). 

Contribution, n. \ko "ata; 
Ikfrl i'(a,m. -s directes Jl^.t 
^jjUamwdl muqarrara. -s 
indirectes .jji* j'i- S^y\ am_ 
wdL gir muqarrara. 

Contrive, vt. j.i dabbar 
fa-j; Ja^L-l istanbat (as^ 

Cojitrol, vt.^\jrdgi\a-); 
Ja.U zabat (azbut). 

Control, n. >j^>\ iddra,m. 
Aiip-lj- murdg'a, f. 4.»lj-ma_ 
rdqba, f . )a^ sabt, m. 

Controller, n. ^5lj. mu_ 
rdqib (-yn). 

Controversy, n. JIj«^ gi_ 
ddl, m. aIjU mugddla, f. 

Convalescent, n. LJ\^, ^\» 
qdyim min el "aya (-yn). 




Convenience, n. 


ha; A-,^L. mtindsba; aSjIj* 
muwdfqaj. at your - jA«! II 
lumma tiqdar. at an early 
- jCc {.cy.Xbiasra" ma yim^ 

Convenient, a. ._^U« mi- 
ndsib (-yn); j,jl^, muwdfiq 

Convent, n. j-.^ d^r^ m. 
(diyAr; ad y a raj. 

Convention, n. oJ^l« mL 
'(t/ida, /. (mi'ahddt); jUl 
ittifdq, m. (-at). 

Conversation^ n. ^^o- 
hadyt; oa»s mahdat, m. 

Conversion, n. J) ^ii tah_ 
wyl^ m. 

Convert^ v t . J^=- hau w i I 
(ct—). be -ed J^il ithauioil 
(y-)\J^-^ sdr(yisyr). he is 
-ed to Christianity Jl^&i J/" 
'amal nusrdny. 

Convey, vt. ^Znaqal (an- 
qW; iS^j wadda(awaddy)- 

Convict, n. ^\.)lumdngy 

Convict, vt. ^cp- hakam 
'ala (ahktim). 

Conviction, n.f-bsU'g^irj^:^'; 
t>Sj yaqyn,m. 

Convince, v t . «J qan a'(o.q_ 
ni"). -d»::2* miqtini^ (-yn). 

Convoke, vt. *?- gama" 
(agma''); J^- iakkll (a-). 

Cook, n .^\,tabbdli(-yn)i 
^ts^ 'assy (-ia). 

Q.ook,vt .■^tabah(atbuh) .. 
be -ed iSy^\ istawa (yisti_ 
toy), -ed food <t^'' tabyU, m. 

Cookery, n. ^.U tabfi, m. 

Cool, (K -sjl 6f'r/fZ (-yn). 

Cool, 0^. i'j, bar r ad (o.-)^ 
vi. ^y birid (abrad). 

Cooler, n. (water) Aplj. 




Coolness, n. »i\j tardwa; 
ojj; birilda, f. 

Copper, n. J^-l ^Ui nahds 
ahmar^m. - co'mnji^/iurda, 
f. — smith ^[i-nahhds {-yn). 

Copt, Coptic, a. JaJ qibty 
(qibt; agbdt). 

Copy^n .tjj^siu-a(su war); 
^"^nusfiaj. (nusal}).rough 
— o^.-«m iswadda(m iswad^ 
ddt). clean — -UuiJ tahyida, 
f. (tabyiddt). - book ^b 
daftar, m. (dafdtir). — 
right ».kU Jj4>- UuqCiq et 
iab\ -ing ink Ajiy jis- /ii&r 
kdbya, m. 

Copy, 0^. 7^ nasal} (an_ 
suh); JSi naqal(anqll). - 
fair ^.) bayiad- (a-), lie 
copies the English jdfVlaJi:.. 
biyitqaUid bil ingilys. 

Copyist, n. r-lj nassdli 

Coquetry, n. JVj daldl^ 
m. ^M.lj. marqa''ci, f. 

Coquette, n. JVj \f\^ 
sdhbet daldl. 

Coral, n. c}<>-j' murgdri'^ 
- reef ^.^ si'b, m. 
' Corchorus, n. -c^^* mi^ 
luhyia, f. 

Cord, n. ^^habl^ m. (hL 
bdD.kufyia - ^\lt-'-uqdl^ m. 
f-dtj.coilon- d^'^z^qyt^-'n^m. 

Cordon, n.Oiiff^ordun^ 
m. (-di). 

Coriander, n. ^jkJT kus- 
bara^ f. 

Cork, n. '>^^^ fallyna (faL 
lyn). - screw « j; barryma, 
f. (barrymdt). 

Corn, n. ^\igalla,f.fgilul); 
r^i qamh, m.-on the foot 
^K" ^^c ^in samaka^ f. ear 
of-idr" sabala, f, (sabal), 
Indian- .ji da r«, /.-sack 




A..V3 siktjha, f. (zahdyib). 

Cornelian, n.j-4ft'ag(/^,m. 

Corner, n. aj }\j zihoya, f. 
(^aiodyaj-j ^j rtikn, m. 

m. (karanys). 

Coronation, n. Ay-> ^at_ 
wyg, m. 

Corporalj/i. ^il^ijl onbdsa 

/. (tawdylf). chief of— jlij; 
mu/itdr (-yn) 

A'j i-imma, f. (rimam). - 
washer J„i.m igassil(-yn). 


Corpulent J a. Cj^' simyn 

Correct/^. ^^'' ?ahyh (hu^ 
.■hdh);i,^.]i^ masbdt C—yn). 

Correct, at. ^ sahhah 

(a-)-, iaJi zabat (azbut). 

Correction, n. ^^' tas. 
hyh;LJisabt;,^i\:iddyb,m . 

Correctly, ad. i^k\l bi^ 

Correctness, n. L.^^ zabt, 
m. i,4^ i^ihha, f. 

Correspond, oi. (write lo) 
^'^kdtib (a-); J-lj rdsil 
(a-); (suit) j»lj wdftq (yi-). 

Correspondence, n.Aj'sC. 
mikdtba; 4^1^. mirdsla; 
oUki- hitabdt, f. - office U 
cJ^j.^ qalam tahryrdt, m. 

Correspondent, n. ^"^ 
m ikdtib (-yn); J-l^- m ird_ 
sil (-ya). 

Corresponding, o. ^y^y 
mlwdfiq (-yn). 

Corridor, n.jii'idahly^, 
m. (dahalyz); a>Js> tarqa, 
f. (turqat). 

Corrode, ot. iJJ^-^ sadda 




Corrosion, n . \j^sada,m . 
Corrupt, vt. a-* fasad 
(afs id); ^hct'Ssa r( a- j;v_i\; 
talaf (atlif). 

Corrupt, a. xJi fdsid 
(-yn); j_j-w mafsAd (-yd). 
- judge J.>j. M>\ ^iV> qddy 
ydhud bartyl ; ^_5o"_,. ^A> 
qddy murtakib. 
Corset, n. ^k>-y. bdsto, m. 
Cortege, n. J>S« mdkab, 
m. (mawdkib). 

Corvee, n. »J^ suhra; aJ_,p 
"dna; ^J/-'amCilyia, f. 

^) jU« masaryf, f. JL ta_ 
man, m.- price J-s'ill ^cM 
et taman el asly. at any - 
_igCi I. (Sj ^cny ma yikallif. 
Cost, vt. u>!6'kallif (yi-); 
i^^sdwa (yisdwy). it - me 

£5 4j>- A„jsi 'Jc wJisj wiqif 
'■alayia bi l}amsa gind. 
Costliness, n. % gala, m. 
Costly, a. JU gdly (-yn); 
o;c tamyn (tumdnj. 

Costume, n. aJj^. badlaj. 
(bidal). ladies' - o^-' A<s_ 
tdn, m. (fasotyn). 

Cottage, n. aU- 'i^sa, /■. 

Cotton, n. Ji^qutn, m. - 
gin '<>-%'jy\) wabur hildga^ 
m. (-dt). - seedjkj Ijy^ biu- 
ret qutn, f. 

Cough, n. aC kuhha; 4i^«- 
sTto, f. JU-. su'dl, m. 

Congh, vi.^kahh( (I kuhh); 
J*- sdal(as^il). 

Council, n. ^ji maglis 
(magdlls); *:f: magma'' , m. 
(magdm V'). 

Counsel, n. (advice) Ait* 




j_^U muhdmy i-yn). 

Counsellor;,^. jli.L.-m ws_ 
tasdr (-yn). 

Count, vt,j.o'add (a^idd); 
w-9- hasab (ahsib). - upon 
him! Uc Jis'^l iHimid 'ctMh. 

Count, n. ^if" kdnt. 

Countenance^n, j^^ wiss, 
m. (wisus). out of — ^^iC 

Counter, n. (table) jly-i/" 
kdntwdr, m. (instrument) 
i'Jc ^adddd^ m. (-dt). 

Counterfeit, o. jiym izau- 
loar (-yn). - coin Jl_,; 4*'' 
'timla barrdny, f. 

Counterfeit, ot. jjj sau^ 
war (a-). 

Counterfeiter, n.^.**^ ^1^^ 
ij\jdarrdb 'umla barrdny 
(~yn); Jiym izautoar(-yn) 

Countermand, o^.Jk; baL 
tal (a-); J.] laga (edgy). 



Countersign, vt. A»iU.\\ Ja:- 
hatt el 'aldma (ahiUt). 

Countess, n. i..^-^ kon_ 
tessd. (kontessdt). 

Country, n. i% bildd^ f. 
my — (^Uj watany. - life Jw]\ 
el filh. he lives in the - ^^Cl^ 
i_i) Jl J sdkin fir ryf; jTU 
^h-\jsdkin fil hala. - made 
(Sji)balady. the -round Cai_ 
i dawdhy masr. 


— man ^^».» falldh (-yn). he 
is my fellow ■- man jj^J.; y. 

Couple, n.j^>-i?d^-, m. r<''^_ 
toc?^;; (V(};;l iinen. 

Coupler, n.(rai]way)^>.^L.i 
qatargy (—ia). 

Coupon, n. o)\pkubdn, 
m. (-dt). 

Courage, ^..^L?- gasdra; 




^al\ ;y quwet el qalb, f. 
have - ! dUJi y qauwy qal_ 
bak; lili..*- Ai. sidd h^lak. 

Courageous^ a. j^^>. g-a. 
sar f-yn)^ ^ViH (^y gatot/ eZ 
qalb (aqwyia). 

Course, n. (way) j4_,W to_ 
ryq(turuq); (progress) jy» 
s^r; (layerj J^j rcJg; (food) 

^Ti si/cZ, m. (askAl). water 

— iSiy mirwa (mardwy); 
j^» misqa, f. (masdqyj. of 

- »^«. ma^lum; JUI ummAl; 
s, Vj toato budd. in ihe - of 
Vi'l J /"f/ as/ia; U^ j /"{/ m«(i_ 
det;ji j ft/ &a/ir. this is a 
matter of — aJ d\i ^J.j V« ^^ 
drt ma fys sakk fyh. she 
has the -s U_,^;. V^o 'aZ^/ia 

Court, n. (of justice) aCs 
mahkama, f. (mahdkim); 

(ma'-yidt). - martial ^^A^ 
(i_^e maglis ^askary; ^J^.!f 
i_Jj* maglis harby. - yard 
j«j>- /ids, m. (hysdn). 

Court, uZ. J o^t-^i basbas 
li (a-). 

Courtesy, n. ^1 uns; ^^1 
adab, m. A-iLiI insanyia, f. 
Cousin, n. (paternal) P O'.' 
ibn 'amm (acolddj; p o-:. 
6in^ 'amm (banat); (m8_ 
ternal) JW i>.\ ib/r ^■"^^Z; ^H 
J'li- 6m i /irfZ. - german > ;>;! 

.j^ i6/i "amm lazam. 

Covenant, n. a^p 'ahd,m. 

Cover, «. Ikp gci'tct^m.(gut_ 

Cover, vt.J»i-(jatta{agaL 
ty). he -ed his expenseSv^U 
A.»j^. g'<i& masrAfoh. -ed 
wayl»L-.sa6(ii,m. (-(t^A 

(of a king)*--, ma^yia, /'.j Covet, o^ j ^ timi" fy 





Covetous, a. p\.W tammd' 

Covetousness, n. ^ ta^ 
m(t\ m. 

Co\w, n.,ji,baqara(baqar). 

Coward, n. ^S!> nadl(ni_ 
ddla); qV:,. gabdn. 

Co^wixr Aice,n.^\Xnaddla; 
ii\^ gabdna, f. 

Coxcomb, n. jiW 'dyiq-^ 

Crab,n. j^-y) aba galam_ 
bo, m. 

Crack, n. j,i.saqq(siquq). 

Crack, vt.^^z.saqqaq(a^). 
- a whip r); jCli «;_^ tarqa" 
bil kurbdg. 

Cracker J ft. Ai-ksL taqtjqa^ 
f, (taqatyq). 

Cradle, n. ki^ymurgiha, 
f. (maragyh). 

Cram, ^t.}j,i dora^ (ad_ 

rU); JiiJ J. mala liinoh 

Cramp, n.^[i\fi\i'tiqdl^ m, 

CranCj n. ^J.)^ wins; jVt- 
'ctyidr, m. 

Crape, n. ^lij^kur^sa, f. 

Cravat, n. aJj i»lj rubdt 
raqaba, m. (-dt)ii^\i\^ke- 
rawdta, f. (kerawotdt). 

Crawl, vt. ^ifsahaf (as_ 
haf)^^:^;haba(ahby).mY flesh 
-~s jJJ j:"'^ gismy qasar. 

Craziness, n. u^>- gindn; 
Jjc- '^ qillet "aql, f. 

Crazy, n. jj^ mag nun 
(maganyn); Jjlii ma/jliil 


Cream, n. iLli qika^ f. 

Create, vt. jW Ijalaq (a/j_ 
laq); ja-^l aiogad (a wgid). 

Creation,/!. ii\i-ljilqa;ii\i. 
halyqn, f. 




Creator,n. ^^\i■lJdliq;J':^i- 

Creature, n. jjlss maljluq 
(mahalyq), this wretched - 
Ij ilj J)l foi-leZ gctda" illy bil 
hamm da. 

Credible, a.AiJi^'Ju yim^ 
kin tasdyqoh. 

Credit, n. (confidence) <ar 
.stg«; A-ul amnyia, f. (in ac_ 
count books) ^^.^i- husAm; 
2,\^\i''timdd(-dt). on - dJ^- 
sa/€a/c. this is to your- Ij 
aJc 5-jic' ^^i da .s^ tinmidih 
'aZ^/i. letter o^-^y^^tahwyl, 
m. (taho,wyl). — s oV.Uj ^i_ 

Creditor, n. oli dayidn 

Creed, n. ji:«. mu^taqad; 
Cj\i\ ymdn;ji.idyn, m. 

Creep, t>i. Ut-fi-" saMffas- 
haf). - in Ji-^j ^\ issahhab 

we daljal. - out r->3 u^*'*' 
issahhab we harag. 

Creeper, n. j.j..[ j^sagar 
yi'^arras (asgdr). 

Crescent, ti. J% hildl, m. 

Cress, n.j^j>-gargyr,m... 

Crest, n. Ki-yi'Suki, f. (sti^ 
was). - fallen aSjJj^ a;Ijj m;j_ 
ddnoh m ida Id i la. 

Crew, n .i^i ^n{ity ia\K.^j,- 

Cribble, n. JI^p gurbdl^ 
m. (garabyl). 

Cricket, n. j^^^ sirsdr,. 
m. (sarasyr). 

Crier, n. (sir eel) iSi\:>m.i_ 
nddy f-yn). 

Crime, n. ^IS 2:anb, m. 
(zinAb); iAi>- gindya,f.(gi^ 

Criminal, n. JU- gdny 
f-yn); yL\>\ii-\ J^\ ^.' min 
ashdb eg ginaydt. 




Crimson, n. j.U y-l a/i_ 
mar gdmig. 

Cripple, n. f^' mikassah 


Crisis, n. a^jI azma, f. 

Critic, n. Xi:u muntaqid 


Criticise,oi. ^cz>^nakkit 
'cda (a- J; M-Jt\ intagad 

Criticism, n.z^tankyt; 
ilSiil intiqdd^ m. 

Croak, o/. j^.:)na''aq(iji-). 

Croaking, n.^J,n'Cyq,m. 

Ocockery ,n.)kfa1i1idr ,m. 

Crocodile, n. ^{^ihimsdh 

Crooked, ct. rf-^' a'wag 
<^ug); ^j_ja. ma'-iig (-yn). 

Crookedness, n. r^ 'a_ 
wag^ m. 

Crop, n. ^yosi mahstil, m. 

(-dt; mahasyl); aI^ galla, f. 

Cross, n. ^1^ f;<^lyb, m. 
(sulbdn). -roads JjU. aIjI 
arba'' mafdriq. - breed 
^•jj. basramyt. sit - leg, 
ged j^>-.l istirabba" (asti_ 

rabba'J. - section 

iS^j'- C 


q'Ud^ 'arady ^m. ~ he&m^j>j\c 
'arid Cawdrid), m. 

Cross,a. cj^c-jsa^idnf-yn); 
^jLJlp gadbdn (-yn). 

Cross, vt. is-^ 'adda (a_ 
"addy);^ozJ^fdt 'ala (afiU). 

- over Ja^ ho-tto- (aljatty), 

- out _,ki satab (asttih). - a 
threshold ^s. '•attib (a-). 

- examine ^\^'"^\ j>U "dd el 
istigwdb. ~ yourself-' ^U 
diij JciljuJ sallib ydak 'ala 

Cross- rule, vt. <}iSa^gad_ 
wil (a-) I J, J, J J^ _^U- 




sattar till fy 'ard (a-). 

Crow, n. ^\j> gurdb (ag_ 
riba). — bar ^-'-f- ''cUala^ f. 

Crow, vi. Oil iddan (y-). 

Crow, n. d^i\ addn,m. 

Crowd, n. *s-j gahma, f. 
>Uj zihdm, m. — s of people 
^l; .1 umam nds. 

Crowd, vt. >-jzaham (as^ 
him); 2-^ J sdhim (a-j.-ed 
(}^y mashdm (-yn). 

Crown, n. ^\; tdg, m. (ty^ 
gdn). — of head ^\)\ ^J 
qurs er rds, m.-of pier 
Jl^\ r-l; tdg el 'aqd. - of date 
palmj^-g'wmw<ir,m. - prince 
Sf^\J,jwaly el "ahdfawlyia). 


Crucible, n. as!^ bdtaqa, 
f. (botaqdt). 

Crucifixion,^ . Ji^s«Z6jm . 

Ocwciiy ^vt,,jLasalab{oslub) 

Cruel, a. ^^^i qdsy (~yn); 
jU^ gabbdr (gabdbra). 
Cruelty, n. »jl„i qasdwa, 

Crumb, n. -nT^ixs fatfula, 
f. (fatafyt). 

9^i dagdag (a-). 

Crush, n. ii^ daqqa; -u-j 
sahma, f. ^^J^ Ijarab, m. 


Crutch , n . j^' u kkdz ( 'a_ 

Cry, n. (shout) ^le-j za'qa 
(za^qdl); ^i-j^sarJiaJ. (sar_ 
hdt). cries j^j ^i'yg; '■Aj-^ 
siryb; (weeping) '^ buka; 
isLc- ^ydt , m. — of joy aWj^c-j 
zagrCita^ f. (zagaryt). 

Cry, vi. (shout) joj^'a"ag 


'^baka{abky);la.^'ay iat(a-) . 

Crystal,"., jyi bannur,m. 




Cub^ n. j:^ c))^ hijwdn 
sugayiar (-dt). 

Cube, Cubic, a. ^«C m i _ 
ka^'ah (-dt). 

Cubit, n. plji dird\ m. 

Cucumber, n.>jli. hydra, 
f. (bydrj. 

ju^i dagana, f. (dagandt). 

Cue, n. jijUUl \\^c-''asdyet 
el bilydrdo, f. Ctisy). 

CA\^,n.^Ja^^\lJ^'^■\ iswiret 
el qamys, f. (asdwir). 

Cufic, a. Sf kiXfy. 

Cuirass, n. ^^dir'; ^} 
zirh^ m. 

Cuirassier, n. ^jj sar_ 
bagy (- ia). 

Cuisine,, n. ^W tahyJj, m. 

Culprit, n. p*: mug rim 

Cultivable, a. ac\jJ,\ J;\i 

qdbillilzird'^a (-yn). 

Cultivate, vt.^fallah(a- ) ; 
c-jj zara'' (a^ra'-); ^j>- ha^ 
rat (ahrit). 

Cultivation, n.-te-^j fildha; 
idjj zird^a, f. 

Cultivator, n. r% falldh 
(-yn); gjl> mizdri" (-yn), 


Culvert, n. '^_y_ barbalj^ 
m. (bardbUi). 

Q'.nva\r\,n .CiJ^kammun ,m . 

Cunning ,a.^^hyaly{-ia). 

Cunning, n. aJ.;>- hyla, f, 

Cup, n. cj^ fingdn; (fa_ 

f. (bazandt); v_,Vji duldb, 
m. (dawalyb). 

Cupping, n.oUi^l| -Jlai-I 
ctbd ed dammbil kasdt.— 
glass ^_y.^ kds, m. {-dt). 




Curagoa, n.(Sj^:o.'anbary, 


Cnrh, vt,^i.sakam{askuw). 

Curb-stone, /i.o> 6«r«_ 
■sa, f. (hO'razdt). 

j_^«- himid (yihmad). -d 
wjjj f'dyib. 

Cure, n. {H sifa, m. 

Cure, o(!. jisafft (asfy); 
^.ytayyib (a-), vi. ji. sify 
(asfa)\, ^\!»tdb (atyh). - fish 
dk-M J.* mallah es samak 
(a- J. 

Curiositv, n. *-. .& 4«rW 
hdga garyba (hagdt); »jil; 
nddra, f. (nawddir). 

Curious, a. ^}\^^Ji\j^^kL 
tyr es suwdl; ^.W latyf,m. 
^j& garyb ; jjl; nddir 

Curl, n. 4j.-2i- &isfct (hisdl); 
.jwJ. difyra, f. (dafdyir). 

Curl, ot, Ju.?. ga"ad (yi-); 
c>^ kaiklt (yi—). 

Curly, a. ^*t^ miga'^ad; 
jJK:.v. mikaiklt. 

Currency, n. 4**^ \imla,f, 

^\:> ddrig (-yn). -in [h& 
trade ^_\j rdyig. 

Current, ,n. (stream) (Sj^ 
migra, f.(magdry). 

Cu rry-comb,?i . jW^ '-^i -^ 
hadydettu md r,fXho^ddyid). 

Curse, n..^:Jta'na (la^ndt); 
Ac'-" sitymttj f. (satdyim). 

Curse, vt.^Ma'an [atan); 
Ai. satam (ctstim). 

Curtain, n. ij\-^ sitdra, 

Curve, n. a.:?- hanya. f. 
(hanydt); Uil inhina^ m. 


Cushion, n.»Xiimiliadda, 
f. (mibadddt). 




Custard- apple, n. ^li 

qista, f. 

Custom, n . oW'flda (''a iocl_ 
yid); .^J,^^ bisla, f. (Uisal). 
-s duty iJj?- gumrak, m. 
(gamdrik); *^-jr/i'wm.;Joljft 
"aw Ay id, f. - house ii^?- 

Customary^ a. (iil-ipl r_ 
tyddy; il:^.. muHdd. 

Customer, n. Oj'.j ^i6i<i 

Cut, n. »kj qai' (qat{i-). a 

- 4«ki qci-t'ci,J.(qat'dt). short 

- A.^_^ta}}ryma^ f, (taba_ 
rym). - of clothes J.^ir ia^ 
St/?, m. - stone^ji ji^'/ia^'a r 
naht.- waters (of bridge) 

Cut, vt. »ki gato' (aqta"). 

- with the teeth Ja.5 qatam 
(aqtum). — with scissors^* 
qass (aquss). — one's teeth 
j^V:- ^talla'' sindn . - small 
.y faram (afrum). - short 
^^il Hiiasar(ahtisir). - out 
a dress J^> fa^sal (a-). 

- a pen ti_,; bara (abry). 

f. (kastiUtdt), 

Cuttle- fish, n. jX-^ ^1 umm 
el hibr, f. 

"!jl_jk-.l istuwdtia, f. (istu_ 

Cypress, n.ij^saru, m. 

Czar, n. _^ qdsar (qa_ 

Czarina, n. e^^i qisara 





Dagger, n. j^ ljo.ngar,m. 
(bandgir). they are at -s 
drawn oV..Wjv^.. J:>Jl.?na fys 
h4nhum tayyibdt. I looked 
-s at hiwAJZij^jisagart fyh. 

Dahabieh, n. 4,.*^ daha_ 
byia, f. (dahabyidt). 

Daily, ad. ^^y. ydmy; y 
^jl kull ydm. 

Dairy, n. ty!>^~> Jss mahall 
muby'' laban-^'^'-^^^KAma^mal 
gibna, m. 


Dam^o^. s^sadd (asidd). 

Damage, n. jjj, darar 
(adrdr);<^talaf ^m.{-yidt). 
- and interest j^^\j JkJ\ el 
'utl wid danxr. 

Damage, vt. _^ /jassar 
(a-)i ^ talaf (atlif). -d 
o^j^i- basrdn (-yn); ,J_J^^< 
talfdn (—yn). 

Damascene, ci. jio di_ 
m isqy (damdsqa). 

Damascus,". (j.i«i(iimisg; 
»j^'sJ\*li.l\es sdm el kibyra,f, 


Damn, ot.^Ma'an(al'ctn), 
— YOu\S.i>yi'iJi\cilldh yiranak, 
-ed oy^ maVtm (makCyn). 

Damnation, n. a>5 Ictna, 
f. (la'ndt). 

Damp, n. ijy\>j rut{iba, f. 

Damp, (K ^jritib (-yn); 
(iJi:. minaddy (-yn). 

lD3im]y,vt.^jrattab(a -); 




t5J.i nadda (anaddy). 
Donce^v i.^jn.ijraqasfarqu'i) 

Dance, n. ^jcAj raqs^ ^\ 
bcUlOj m. 

Dancer, /I. (male) J^i-^attaZ 
("dtj; Jj\i gdyis (cjyids); 

Dandle, o t.d\l».hassik(a-). 

Dandruff.^. ^\j\ ;^ii g(s_ 
ret er rds, f. 

Dandy, a. jjW 'dyiq Cy_ 

Dandyism, n. i.l[^ ^ydqa; 
ijX.i- gandara f. 

Danger, n. ^k^ batar^ m. 

Dangerous, a. jL*; m«6_ 

Dare, vi.j~Xi-\iigdsir(at_ 
gdsirj; iSji^^ istagra (as. 

Daring, a. j^-.>- gasur 
(~yn); J.iU c5y qawy el qalb 


Dark, a. ^n* mVattim 
(-y^); ff- 'itim (-yn). -co_ 
lour (^jj I6n gdmiq. 

Dark, n. ll^ 'atma; iSf 
dalma, f, 

Darken,o^. ^'attimfa-); 
lJ> dalllm (a-). 

Darkish, a. i^^miswidd 


Darling, n. ^u=- habyb 

(habdyib). mY -\ ,j-ij\. yci 

Darn, vt.^j rafa (arfy). 

Darning, n. jj rafy, m. 

Dart, n. (of scorpion) ^jl, J 
^abdn, m. 

Dash, n. (blow)Ak.i- 6a&(a 
(hobtdt); (hyphen)*l=yisar'(a 

Dash, vt. ia-> 6«bat C^^b-- 
bat);^S^kassar (a-). 

Date, n. {lime)'A j\!tdrylj.. 




m. (tawarylj); (fruil)4^. ba_ 
ktha, f. (halah). - palm ^J.^ 
naJilci, f. (naJiD. 

ld'Ae,Dt.^\ arrah (a-); 
7-jtarral} (a-). my letter — d 
f^j iJ}^^ gawdby raqym. 
Datura, n. ojjTI; tatura,f. 
Daughter, n.c^_ bint (ba_ 
ndt); «J) karyma (kary^ 
mdt). grand -a'."^ I c^-\ bint 
el ibn-yZ^-JiS o.-: bint el bint. 
-\n\Qs?f iy.H^'i,\y\mirdt el ibn. 
Dawn, n. J: fagr^ m. 
Day, n. j._,i ydm (ayidm); 
j\f^ nahdr, m. (-dt). to - 
ljjl(J\ en nahdr da. every — 
^y^^kall y6m;Ji>jiyomdty. 
all - jl^\ J^U tut en nahdr. 
every other - p^ > ^i J^kull 
ydm we ydm. on that - \.ji 
y6mha;\^.ji_ ydm y ha. - and 
night JJ!Vjj^«^^. bin nahdr 
web II Ul. the — he camef^_ 

U-U ydm ma ga. — light jy, 
j\^\nur en nahdr ^m.-iime 
j\^ nahdr, m. in the - time 
J^\f^ijfy wasa" en nahdr. 

Deacon, n. ^[.t sammds 

Dead, a. ^.. mayit (-yn). 
money lying - -JlLii tSc\l ^^ 
fllus qd'da battdla. - calm 
^\i-^^\c.gallyny 6cUis. — let_ 
ierjjj^j^hibr 'ala waraq. 
Deaf,a. J.Jis\ atras (tursj. 
Deafen, vt. j,ji dawas 
(ad w is). 

Deafening, a. j.}^ a-t^o- 
hdga t id wis. 
Deafness, n.j.jW^aras, m. 
Deal, vi.J»\o 'dmil (a-); 
jP-l" tdgir (a-); iSjii\j ^l bd" 
we i3tara(aby'). - cards ^ 
Jj)\ fatt el waraq (afitty 

' i'\^ iJI 





Deal, n.j\M* miqddr^ m. 
(maqadyr)] (wooil)^.il^±i- 
hasababyad. a great — j\:3 
iSy> kityr qaioy. 

Dealer, n.9\.,bay id" (-yn); 
>_,i.-.i. mitsabbib (—yn). 

Dealing, n. 4^\'dmla^ 
f. iJjU siltihj m. 

Dean, n. (j>ja.ic^jl cirsL 
mandryty; ^ij^^\ ^Jj 
ray y is aklyros. 

Dear, a. (beloved) J:j,p 
'azy^ (\izd^); (in price) Jit 
gdly (-yn). my - ! ^_.:^\>^ ya 
habyby. — me ! ^'%- L ya 
saldm; ^;Uf ^agdyib. 

Dearness, n.j!>gUCi,m. 

Death, n. Z>ym6t, m. put 
io — Zjy> mauioil (a-); (>aci 
a''dam (a^dim).- warrant 
^\^c■')i\ jJ ami' el i^ddm, m. 

Debauch, n. iU fasdd; 
ji> falat, m. 

Debauchee, n.J'::}i faldty 

Debit, n. ^}^\ usul, f. 

Debris, n. j^^j rads, m. 

Debt, n. t>.j dSn, m. (di_ 
yun). national — Ia^\ (j-_^ 
din el hukuma. he is in-^a> 
oyA. huwa madydn. (ieep\Y 
in — 4.:-i^ll o:JI j fid din li- 
siistoh. unified - juj-^U (j-.-JI 
ed din el muwahhad. pri_ 
vijeged — jIl.^'I ij;Ji\ ed din 
el mtimtdz. public— office 
(_^-^4*'l tjijll JjAi^ sanditq ed 
din el ^umdmy, — collector 
ij^-^i- tahsylgy (—ia). 

Debtor, n. ^^^s» mrdyun 

Decay, n. ^Ir talaf; :,L» 
fasdd, m. 

Decay, vi. ^ tilif (yli_ 
laf); jl„s fisid (yifsad). 

Deceased,a. j^:. mitLoaffy 




(-yn);A^j<\el marh{im{-yn). 
estate of a — person^* ^«r_ 
ka, f. (tirkdt). 

Deceit^ n. jC. makr; J.h- 
i/iss, m. 

Deceitful, a. J^makkdr 
(-yn); j,lic. gasids (-yn). 

Deceive, v t.^js-gassyog iss) ; 
Jc jC makar "ala (amkur). 

Deceraber^n .jjc'^od ?/s(?m_ 

Decency, n. ^^1 adah, m. 
As'"^ hisma, f. 

Decent, «. ^^.L. mundsib 
(-yn); ^\ymuwdfiq(~yn); 
^.y tayyib (~yn);^^fku- 
wCiyyis (-yn). 

Decide^ vt.^hakam (ah_ 
kum);jj qarrar (a-), it is 
-d that ^ iSwj qc^rr er 
rdy ^ala. 

Decidedly,ad. Ck; qat'an. 

Decimal, a. (ijlipl isdry. 

Decipher, vt. ^ hall (a- 
hill); jJii fakk (afukk). 

Decision, n. j'y> qardr, 

Decisive, a. j.k» qcd'y. 

Deck, n. ^j.^ jif dahr 
elmarkib, m. tij^f'kuwer, 
ta, f. 

Declaration, n.o%\ i'ldn 
(-dt);J'j\ iqrdr, m. (-dt). 

Declare, vt.^Wlan (a"^ 
lin);j^\ashar (cishir). he 
-d that t^' Jcjljgdi Vito inn. 

Decline, vt. ( refuse] ^j 
rafad (arfad); ^J,j\»nia 
ridys (ardds). 

Decline, n. J.« m4l;^y^ii 
nagsjUsil inhina, m. 

J;. magly,m. 

Decompose, oi.Jsil inhall 
(y-); A-i ftsid (yifsad). 

Decomposition, n. ^}^\ 




inhilAl; iL> fasdd, m. 

Decorate, vt. (adorn) uij 
(with an order)j;jlli (^^1 idda 
nisdn (addtj). 

Ai) J zyna^ f.(sijan); (order) 
oVii nisdn, m. (-dt). 

Decrease^ri.jjas; naqs^^^yj 
nlzul, m. 

Decrease^ui. ^j^si naqqas 
{a—); ,_r*".^ liassis (a-), vi. 
^jOM nlqis(anqas); ^j^^ fjftss 

Decree, n . ^^ jT^ dikrSto 
(dlkretdt);^\,\c j.\ amr ^dly, 
m. (awdmir). 

Decree, 0^. ^.1 amar (d_ 
mur)]^\,\o j.\jsJ\ asdar amr 
VUy (asdirj. 

Dedicate, vt. ^_ya.^^ limscts 
(a-); (a book) c5A* hada 

Dedication, n. (j^-^ tab^ 
sys; U*l ihdd, m. 

Deduct, oL. ^jaX> naqqas 
(O'-)', f^^ Uusam (ah,sim); 
Jjl:^i istansil(astanzil). 

Deduction, n.^^^ basm; 
i»li-l isqdt, m. 

Deed, n.^»^'amal(a"mdl); 
J»j fJl,m. (afdl)\ i^higga, 
f. (higag). 

Deep, a. Li^p gcuoyt (gu- 
wdt); j;A^ 'arnyq Camdq). 
- coloiir ,_^-kp ijJ ^(5^ O^tys. 
smooth water runs — i/lJl 
J'Iji A.1^ es sd/i t/ tahtoh da- 

Deepen, vt, J^^e- gauwat 
C^-); J'*" 'cimmaq (a-), 


De?ace,v t .^maha(amhy) . 

Defamation, n.^-sflbb,m. 

Defame, oi.> 




Sit'hatak (ahtik). 

Default, n, JUI ihm&l^m. 
judgment by — jX.i^'C^hukm 

Defeat, vt. j^kasa r(ak _ 
sar); ^Ic galab (aglib). 

Defeat, n. oj^kasra, f. 

Defect, n, ^Ja!i naqs; ^j> 
"ih , m. Clyub). 

Defective, a. ^yi»l; ndqis 
(—yn); ^;PA-» fyh '4b (-umj. 

Defence, n. ajI?- hlmdya; 
aaj'Jl. muddf^a, f. 

Defend, vt. ^>«^ ^.W hdma 
'^an (ahdmy); ^(^ ^•>\i ddft" 
'an (a-). 

Defendant, n. ^f- mutta_ 
ham (—yn); i^ ^fS» mud_. 
da'a 'aWi (-urn). 

Defender, '^. ^\^muhdmy 
(—yn); *>lx. muddfi' (-yn). 

Defensive, a.jka difd'y; 

i\j^ »»\; ndfl' HI muddfa. 



Defer, vt. jAali]}ar(a-)-, 

Defiance,/!. jUf-i ist ihi dr ; 
^[ii'"\ istUifdf, m. 


Deficient,«.4_^ Wc'g is{- yn) 

Deficit, n. ^Ja.»^ naqs (nu_ 
there is a - in the budget 
Oj^ AjljvU el mysdnyia 

Define, vt. ^, waddah 
(a-); i>u bayyin (a-). 

Definite, a. ^jJss mahdiid 
(--yn); jjl,muqarrarf-yn). 

Definitely jCd.ukigcri'f/fart; 
Ol^i nahdyian. 

Definition, n . #^y tawdyh; 
^j«j ta'ryf^ m. 

Deformed, a. A*\e aJ fyh 
'dha (-um). 

Deformity; n. ^JJ\ iiUj 
wahdset el kasm;*ji>\c'dha/ 




Defraud, o^. J.e- gass (a_ 

giks);^ti^'^ i^talas (al}t His). 

Defy, vt.jiL^\ihtaqar(ah-. 

tiqir); ^^ J.f.^\ isiahtar bi 


Degradation, n. SiJ^tag^ 
^yd; Ji ^ull, m. 

Degrade, vt. ij^ gar r ad 
(a-), -d ijif mitgarrad 
(-y^)', Ji-J^' maslid (-yn). 
Degree, n.Ai>-jidaraga(da_ 
Deify, vt. 41 allih (a-). 
Deign, vi. JjUl itndzil 
(alnazil) ; *_^l itkarram 

Delay, n. Af- muhla, f. 
j^l" tdliyr; JLp 'tttl^ m. 

Delay, vt.ji^\ aMar (a-); 

Ji>-I aggil(a-). vi.J^:\ itaJ3,_ 

bar(y-)i J^-IM Uaggil(y-). 

Delegate, vt.^j^'a y in(a-); 

^jc:jl intadab (anlidlb). 

Delegate, n. jy\»mamur 
(-yn); ^li ndyib (nutodb); 
^..jj,:^ manddb (-yn). 

Deliberate, vi. J^ijui id_ 
ddwil(adddwil); ±^\^\ it^ 
bdhis (albdhis). 

Deliberate, a. Jl-^I ^p 'an 
qasd; Ij.".*^ amdan. 

Deliberation, n. 4jjU.mf_ 
ddwla (midatoldi); aUU* 
mubdhsa, fJmubahscH). 

Delicacy, n . J.SJ riqqa,f. 
^y latf,m. ^\^nazdka,f. 
Delicate,a. jijragt/g (ra_ 
qdq)\^.y!i latyf(lutdf);^^ 
nazyk. his health is — aI^ 
Ai;««i sihheloh da'yfa. 

Delicious, a. Ju jl lazyz 


Delight, n. J^L-il inbisdf; 
Ji»- hazz , m. 




Delight, D<. Ja_) basat (ah- 
sit)-, ]ki^ hasz (ahizz).-ed 
iaj.^ mabsdt (-yn). 

Delightful, a. ^JJ latyf 
(lutdf);^ pkuwayis(-yn). 

Delirious, a. cJjkit'. by bat ^ 

Delirium^ n. A»_,U.i-,6tt^ra_ 


Deliver, vt. (release) |_y».\^ 
liallas (a-); ^f nagga (a_. 
naggy); (hand over) J^j 
wassal (a-)', J-- sallim (a-). 

Deliverance, n. ^JO^^ Ija. 
Ids, m. elf nagd^ f. 

Delivery, n. ^^U- Ijalds, 
m. o\^ nagd, f. J. J tcislym 
L^jj" tawsyl, m. 

Delta, n. UUl el delta;i^}\ 
iSj4^el wagh el bahary^ m. 

Deluge, n. o^ji^tawafdn , 
m. (-dt). after me the - Jw 

i,W Jk»- U j^lj 6a'd rdsy ma 

hadd 'ds. 

Demand, n, ^IW talab,m. 

Demand, vt. J^U talab 

Demijohn, n. AiU^d ama_ 
gdna, f. (damagandt). 

Demi-ofiicial, a. j'j ji- 
g4r rasmy. 

Demolish, vt. ^Juthadam 
(ahdimJ\S». hadd (ahidd). 
Demolition,/!. aJi* hadm; 
iXb Jiadad, m. 

\)ei^on,n.cj\kJ-sytdn (sa_ 
Demonstrate, vt.j^\ as.. 
har(azh ir);^\asbat{asbit). 
Demonstration, n. jV^UI 
i^-^dr, m. Djftlk. mis'dhra, 
f. (mizahrdt). 

Denial, n. j'^l inkdr,m. 




Denomination, n. (sect) 
AiilU tdijfa (tawdyif); 4« 
milla J. (milal). 

Denote, vt. ^ ^:,dall 'ala 
fodill); JljLi sdr ila(asyr). 

Denounce, vt.^c ^yifatan 
'<Ua (aft in)\^saka (osky). 

Denouncement, n. ^fj- 
sikyia^ f.k}-J tahlyg, m. 

Dense, a. ^.t^kasyfi^Jil 

Dentist, n. i^^^^hakym 
sindn (htikama). 

Dentition, n .ly^^Jtasn yn,m 

Deny, vt. (disown) jC; na_ 
kar; (contradict) ^.^j^ kad_ 
dib (a-). 

Depart, vi. ^jrdh(aruhj; 
^j^\ insaraf (ansirif)]^jL» 
m isy (am sy);j\^ sdfir (a—). 

Department, n. i.^'mas_ 
laha / ,(masdlih)\o\yj>dytcdn, 
m. (daioacuyn); dJji,^ iddra, 

f.(ldardt).goy^ -s\tfX-\y\i> 
dawdyir el hukuma. 

Departure^ n. ?-lj_,. mir_ 
wdh; ^l^<a)l insirdf; ji- 
safar, m. 

Depend, vi. (hang from) 
^^Mt'allaq (afallaq);{ve\y 
VtamAd(a'' timid).- upon iti 
jSiz, d}Ji- f^allyk mitakkid. 

Dependence, n. J'S^I it_ 
tikdl;i\^p\Vtimdd, m. 

Dependent,a. Ja:-^ J:. mj<s 

Deplume, vt. j.) j u^-j 
naiaf rys(antif). 

Depose, vt, ^-j. 'azalid- 
zil); ^i- Ijala" (aJjla'j.oi. j^ 
sihid (ashad). 

Deposit, dM!.> halt (a_ 
hutt; »ij wada" (awda\). 

Deposit, n. V'l.l amdnaj. 
(amandt); ii}<,\i tdmyn, m. 




Deposition, n. Jj&'a^Z,m. 
(testimony) t:>\^ sihdda, f. 

Depot, n.oy|'^n^a/Jsan(ma^ 
bdsinJ;^_y.[^\ asds,m. (-At). 

Depress, vt. jj^kaddar 
(a-)-^ Igamm (agimm). 

Depression, ?i. (of spirits) 
^}ojza'cll; jJ^kadar ;{of mar_ 
ket) JU ^>j waqf hdl; (of 
ground) ^ji.Uiil inliifdd, m. 

Deprivation, n. cj^j=- hlr_ 
man, m. 

Deprive, vt. ._,»- haram 
(ahrim); :)j>- gar r ad (a,-). 
— d Ajjf- mahrum (-yn); J^ 
^. Ijdly min (-yn). 

m. — of winter UlU ^e- 
^izses sita.- of the night 
JJUI ^1 nuss el Ul. 

Deputation,n.jjj wafd,m. 

Depute, vt. J?^ wakkil 
(a-); ^(i ^ayin (a-). 

Deputy, n. ^li ndyib 
(nuwdb); j5j wakyl{uka la) . 


Derogation, n. Aiilj: mL 

Dervish, n.Jjjjidarwys 

Descend, vi. ^]J, nisil 

Descendaiit, n. J-i^* "^ "'^ 
nisi; Sj^jL. j^« min sildlet. 

Descent, n. (going down_ 
word) ^i;^.ni2ul; (issue) J-i 
nisi, m. 4%^ sildla, f. 

Describe, vt. ^-»j wasaf 

Description, n.^^}wasf; 

^„i>- gins, m. 

Desert, n. \j*-'' sahra, f. 
(sahdry); i^i- Iialct, m. 

Desert, vt. (abandon) ^j 
tarak (airuk); ^L. sdh (a_ 
st/fej; (run away) ^j* hirib 




(ah rah}. 

Deserter, n. ^jU hdrib 
(-y^^^oSj" harbdn C-yn); 
(soldier) Jj isjCjc^ 'askary 

Desertion, n. iJy tark; 
._.jij». hurdb, m. 

Deserve^o^. ji^l istahaqq 
(astahaqq); J«.l:^l istdhil 

Deserving, «. j^"" mus- 
tahaqq (-yn); Ja.l:_* mus- 
tdhil ( -yn). 

Design, n. (intention) j.^; 
qasd; ^-f. "asm; (drawing) 
^«j rasm (risumdt); ^c'^ 
tasmym, w. (-dt). 

Design, ot. (propose) a.^j 
go.pd (ciqsud); iSy nawa 
(anwy), (dra\v)^j rasam 
(ars'im)\iS:^ m.^iwarla" tas_ 
mym (awda"). 

Designate, y^.a^fr 'at/ m(«-). 

Designation, n. 4>uJ ta^ 
'yyn; jUjI irkdd; Js ism, 
m. (asdmy). 

Desire, n. Lpj rugba, f. 

Desire, ot .^i-jragab (ar_ 
gab); jVM istdq (astdq). he 
— s aJb biddoh;jj\c "dwiz. 

Desirous, n. ^c-lj rdgih 
(~yn);Ji\c'diois (-yn). 

Desk, n. ^^x>maktab m. 

Despair, n. ^tj\ »k5 qat" 
el %sam, m. a-j V>midysa,f. 

Despair, vi. ^t^\ .\jqata' 

Despatch, n. (haste) 4c^ 
sar'a; 4^ -agala^ f, (letter) 
jiji tahryr, m. (-dt); ,^\j,\ 
ifdda, f. (ifaddt). 

Despatch, vt. o»! ba'at 
(ab'at); ».i sayia^ (a-). 

Desperate, a. t^\Jia\sqdt T 




el 'asam (—yn);^i U m idyis 


Despise, vt.ji^:>-\ ihtaqar 
(ahtiqir)-^ ^ J.\i»:.^\ U ma 
ista'nds hi (asia'nds). 

Despot^ n. (lyranl) ^U; 
zdlim(- i/n);(absolute ruler) 
j.\.k. 5i U hdkim mutlaq. 

Despotism, n. lU zulm, 
m. Aftlk. A»jC- hukuma mut- 
laqa, f. 

Dessert, n. a^TI* fdkha, f. 
(faiodkih)-^ Jai nuql, m. 

Destination, n. i_>^ljil 
el mahall el maqstid, m. 
\f^\ J^jLU^kl elgiha el mur_ 
sal He ha J f. 

Destiny; n. ac"' qisma, f. 
your — viAic jjiill el muqad_ 
dar^al^k-^dktr' qismetak. 

Destitution, n. siji iag^ 
ryd, m. 

Destroy, vt. ^y- barah 

(adrib); ^scSa^dam (a dim). 

Destruction, n. ^\j^ lia_ 
rdb; ^^i>. haldk^ m. 

Detach, vl. J^fasal {af- 
sil); f-y naza'' {anza'^). 

Detachment, n.^i} firqa, 
f. (flraq). 

Detail, n. J^^a; tafsyl{ta^ 
fdsyl); 0^.1 baydn, m. {-di). 

Detail, yi.J:^^.J^» qdlbil 
tafsyl[aq{i l);^Jotaa wil(a-). 

Detain, vt.-jrhagaz [ah_ 
giz); v~. mana" {amna"). 

Detective, n. ja.52 muhbir 
{-yn); jj^l^. bassds i-yn); 
(i^. ^J^. bolys sirry. 

Detention, n. jf hagz; «:. 
ma?i',m.- pending lrial^_^.l-l 

kii'l el habs et tahaffuzy. 
Determination, n. a^5 
qasd; ^c^ tasmym, m. 

Determine, vi. a^» qasad 
{aqsud); Jp s" sammim 




'ato (a-). 

Detest, vt. i} karah 

Detestable, a. »^jCma/errt/i 
(~yn); i^ifkaryh (-yn). 

Dethrone, vt. Jjp 'azal 

Deuce, n. cj^L.z. sytdn. 

Develop, vt. f^j wassa" 
fa-); ji* madd (amidd). vi. 
^"iW is iUyusa'') \sxMmtadd 


Development, ?i.^;-y taw_ 
sj/'j ^^Jc*\ imtiddd, m. 

Deviate, vi. J^^^ hauwil 
(ct-J; iU hdd (ahyd). 

m. a-^^^tahwyla,f.(tah^ 

Devil, n. ^J^^,\ablys(abdl^ 
sa); C)^L.j. sytdn (sayatyn). 
go to the - ! A,ftlj di:?- ga_ 

tak ddhya; 

r^ c-> 

rdh ga_ 


Devilishness, n. Aik-i se_ 
(an«, f. 

Devote, vt. ,_ya.^>- hassas 
(a-); (jjp ''ay in (a— J. 

Devoted, a. ^j: mul]lis 

Devotion, n. ^y>^i~\ iblds, 
m. »:,Vs- 'ibdda, f. 

Devour, vt. JS"! akcd (d^ 
kul);^Ji\iftaras (aft iris). 

Dew, n. ijJ nada, m. 

Diabetes, n. cijC J^ bdl 
sukkary, m. 

Diagnosis, n. j_/»-.5^' ic(s_ 
hys, m. 

Diagram, n. J^-i sikl (o.s_ 

Dial, n. acLJ\ J-j wiss es 
sd'a,m. 4oLJ\ i^.^ mynet es 
sd'a^ f. sun - A-^c'" 4.cL. sd'a 
samsyia^ f. 

Dialect, n.A-^luga (liigdt); 




»yS lagwa^ f, (lagwdt). 

Dialogue, n. aS.'^. mikdl_ 
ma, f. (mikalmdt). 

Diameter, n. _,ki qutr, m. 

Diamond, ?i. »J^U almtUa, 
f. (almdz); {in cSii['ds) isj^^i 
dyndry. —cut -VI Aiji-ljoV 
jjJii.1 la yafillel hadyd ilia 
el hadyd. 

Diarrhoea, n. Jl(--1 ishdl; 
^^L}\jL.l*masaydn el batn^m. 

Diary, n. i.»y_ >»j da f tar 
ydmyia, m. (dafdtir). 

Dice, n. ^j sahr, m. 

Dictate, ot. J^, malla (a_ 
mally). vi.^\amar (dmur). 

Dictation, n. %\ imla, f, 

Dictionary, n. ^_y.^,\i qa_ 
mus, m. (qawamys). 

Die, vi. oU mdt (amAt); 
jy\itwaffa (atwaffa), your 
friend -d ijl J:^^\^sdh_ 

bak ti'ys enta. 

Diet, ot. J"V1 <:,p j~ ha_ 
ma '^an el akl(ahmy). 

Diet, n. (X'VI j^t a.?- him^ 
ya ''an el akl^ f. 

DitTer, vi. v_ilii-l ihtalaf 

Difference, n. >j^^i- bildf; 
JJ> farq, m. 

Different,a.^!is:m ub talif 
(-yn); Jl- tdny(-yn). 

Difticiilt, a. J-a! tiqyl (iu^ 

Difficulty, n.A.^^ su^Aba 
{su^ubd I ) ; AlL,rnas i qqa, f. J$Ci«, 
muskilj m. {masdkil). 

Dig, vt. cXfCihat iafhat); 
_,i>. hafar (ahfur). 

Digest, vt. ^-i* hadam. 

Digestible, a. ,sA\^,ju^- 
bafyf 'alal mVda. 

Digestion,^ . j^ift^tt'^/m ,m ., 




Digging, n.c^i faht; y^- 
hafi\ m. 

Dignitary, n. c^':>zAt{za^ 
todt)-^.Zj\i.jii\ i^*min ezzaicdt. 

Dignity, n. ia^ 'azama, 
f. ^j^tsaraf, m . he is aware 
of his own - JL„i) jji ^y^i 
yi'raf qadr nafsoh. 

Dike^n .^,^gisr,m.(g imr).^j-^J'^^''^^^ 
(~yn)\ j>jAj.. mahdCid {--yn). 

Dilemma, n.^^^iL.muskil, 
m. (masdkllj; <Uj3 warta^ 
f. (wartdt). 

igtihdd, m. 

Diligent, a.^f^mugtahid 


Dill, n o-i sabatj m. 

Dilate, u<. J=- hall (ahill); 
^ji daaioib(a-). 

Dim, a. £^*-»mVattimf-yn); 
^JJ.pj.4 midagsisf—yn). 

Dim, vt. xe. 'attim (yi—); 
jLifrj dags is (yi-j. 

Dimension, n.^J^l'>maqds 
(-dt); ^iJ qyds, m. f-dt). 

Diminish, vt.^yLi\ naqqas 
n iqls(anQas};^;^liass{al}iss). 

Diminution,n. ^JAu naqs, 

Dimness, n . kLL'f-i dags isa;, 
^^^atma^ f. 

Dimple, n. ^^^i-l ^.U tab" 
el husn, m. 

Din.n. »j^-s satora; i.>y- 
liavota, f. 

T)'\.w^v t .jy^asawar (aswir); 
Oj^ liciioat (aljwit). 

Dine, vi.{'^i 1100^)1^ si,]\it_ 
gaddafatgadda); (at night) 
^^Un it'assa {al'assa). 

Dining-room, n. » y- ojl 
ddet safra, f. [uwad). 

Dinner, n. (at noon) bt 




gada; (al night) lie- ''akt, m. 
after- rest a while, after 
supper walk a mile tiakjl 
^i\j ^'Jlj (i-xjlj itgadda 
we itmadda^we it^assa we 

Diocese, n.^iy\abrasyia, 
f. (obrasyidt). 

Dip, vt. ^jJL'o gatjas (a-). 


Diphtheria, n.\ijciidif_ 
tyria, f. jyW lianAq, m. 

Diploma, n. \.J^:,dibl6ma 
(diblomdt); aP ^Atfi- sihdda 
"ilmyla, f. (sihaddt). 

Diplomacy.n.^-L-. syAsa; 
a-CjIJ^I bolytyha, f. 

n. ^^X.^ sydsy(-yn). 

Direct, a. (Sj>idugry; J Jc 
''idil. - road JI^L aSC sikka 

Direct, vt, S^dall (adill); 
JLijI arsad (arsid). 

Direction, n. ^^^ giha, 
f. (gihdt); (indication) ibj^ 
irsdd, n. (-dt). 

Directly, ad.'^\i>- hcUan; 


;L. mubasaraton. 

Director, n. j'A» mudyr 
(-yn); Ji^) nuzir (nussdr). 

Dirt, n. aX^, was Aha, f. 
'fi wasoh, m. it was sold — 
cheap |_^jUi\ ^Ijti pVj\ inbd" 
biturdb el filus. 

Dirty, ft. ^j wlsili(-yn); 
jji qizir f-yn). 

Disadvantage, n. >j[^^ 
liisdra^f.jjj. darar, m. 

Disadvantageous, a.j.}\» 
»AiV»mft Ids fdydafluhums); 
/a.A mwllrr (-yti). 

Disagree, of, u^i^Mbtalaf 
(aUtilif);jM^\\'ma itiafaqs. 

Disagreeable.ft. hfkaryh 




<-yn); i,i_fA makruh f-yn). 
— smell a1p-j 4.<:j ryha wihsa. 

Disagreement, n. ^%;.\ 
ihtilaf; jUI ^^c ^adam ittL 
■fdq, m. 

Disappear, vL ji^l ibiafa 
■{alitify);Jj\\>ma bdns{a~). 

Disappearance, n.\iu-l t6_ 
tifa^j^^Sc-^adam zuhdr^m. 

Disappoint, vt, .^bayib 
(a-), be -ed wU- bdb (ahyb). 

Disappointment, n. a~j~ 
Uba, f. 

Disarm, i;i.7-:)LJ\ i^naza" 
■es sildh {anza"). 

Disarrange,oi.iiii- ^albat 
(■a~); \a.X latbat («-). 

Disaster, n. 4.).^* masyba 
(masdyib); a.*.!;, ddhya (da_ 

T>h\yAX\A.,vt .jij>farraq{a-) 

Disbeliev'e, vt. p nakar 

Y)isc,n.^y>ji qurs, m.{aq_ 

rds). — of the sun ^s^'^ ojc- 

'^n es sams^ f. 

Discharge, n. :>jl tard; 
Cjij raft, m. - of duty 3b ^l' 
iji.)iitddyiet wazyfaj, — of 
a canal i^j o^r tasarraf 
tir^a,m.-of a fire -arm jiW 

Discharge, vt. (dismiss) 
ijUarad [atrtid); jjj rafat 
{arfut). - a duty Ai-Uj <^jl 
adda wazyfa (aaddy). — a 
prisoner jjp rj\ afrag "an 
{a frig). -a fire- arm jll 
4JjiJ\ talaq el bunduqyia 
{atluq). - a debt jijll ju. 
sadd ed d^n (asidd); iX^ 
(jtJI saddid ed din (a-). 

Disciple, n. IJ:' talmyz 

Discipline, n. ^Iki nizdm 
{-dt), m. council of— J^s: 




,_^.sir maglis tddyb, m. 

Disclose, vt. ^L^ kasaf 
(aksip;jfii\azhar (azhir). 

Disclosure, n. ^L^kosf; 

^ Disconnect, vt. J-a> fasal 
(afsil); Jo- hall (ahill). 

.JLiiJl inflsdl^ m. 

Discontented, a.o\Jh.\ hat, 
rdn (-yn); tcXiiW ^jc'adym 
■el qand^a (-yn). 

Discontentment, n. ^kj 
batar; 4cUsJ\ ^^c'adam el qa_ 
nd^a, m. 

Discontinuance, n. J.kJ 
lahtyl; ^\k\\ ibtdl, m. 

Discontinue, oj. Jkj hitil 
{abtal)j».\a.t> I in qata\anqit V). 

Discord, n. ^[^^ his Am; 
Jcj za'^al, m. 

Discount, n. isqdt; 
yif^J\ iskonio;<^sm,m. 

Discourage, vt.^'' ^ybar^ 
rad himma (a-). 

Discouragement, n. ijj_ 
ij^^\birud el himma, m. 

Discourtesy, n. ^i\ '^'> 
qillet adab, f. 

Discover, vt.^L:^ikta_ 
saf (aktisif); Jlaqa (alqa). 

Discovery, n.^\^-S(ikti_ 
sdf, m. (-dt). 

Discreet.a.^U ^i^.yihfaz 
es sirr (-u);JtVdqil(-yn). 

Discretion, n. jsJ ta'aq- 
qui, m. ■ageoi-^.^)\^■'Sinn 
er rusd, m. 

Discuss, vt. j ^>-\^\ ilbd_ 
hisfy (athdhis);j J^mazar 
fy (anzur). 

Discussion, n. -e^-L. ma_ 
bdhsa^ f. (mubahsdt). 

Disdain, n. oUi^-l isti}}_ 
fdf; j\1:j>-\ ihiiqdr, m. 

Disdain, o^.jSi^l ihtaqar 




(ahtiqir);^ ^jfJistahwin ^LWjK^i tagyyr es slkl, m. 

bifastaliwlnj. Disguise, o^. jil ithc-ffa 

Disease, n. l-fr 'a ya; bfZd; fa/^a^f/J; i!^i, j^i^ goylar 

^y marad, m. (amrdd). sikloh (a-), -d -ji-* mitliaf^ 

-d (jLp 'ay'uin {-ynj. 

Disembark, oj.^'T^U^^.J^; 
ni.silmin el markib(ci.n z il) . 

Disembarkation, n. ^yj 
^jT^U ^t nizul min el mar_ 
kih, m. 

Disengage, vt.^^^t fcvlda 
(afaddy); ^^> fasal (afsll). 
-d j^iU fddy (-yn);j^)^:i- 1. 
J»i ma''andus kigl. 

Disfigure, vt. /^isauwih 
(tt-); «u sanna" (a~). 

Disgrace, n. i^-^' My^a, 
f.(faddyih);j\c'dr, m. 

Disgrace^ ot. ^' fadah 
(afdahj; ^^:^ g arras (a~) 

(-yn); ^iy<) ^^ '^b qawy. 

fy hyn). 

Disgust, n. i.t.\^kardha\ 
^J> qaraf, m. 

Disgust, ot. t^ karrah 
(CI-); jftj zahhaq (a-), be 
— ed jftj z ihiq(azhaq)\Cj)^ii>'} 
zahqdn (-yn). 

Disgusting, o.. ^^Si J^ s6 

Dish, n.o,e-(j*^ sahn garf 
(suhim)-^ jJiptabaq, m. (at_ 

Dishevel, vt. j^ nakas 
(anktis). -]edj^J^^,mankus. 

Dishonest, a. tj^li- My in 

Disgraceful, a. ^l» fddih Dishonesty, n. *;U hyd_ 

na, /. 

Disguise, n. ji ichaffy; Dishonour, "^ ^' fadah 




(afdah); Scbhatak (ahtik), 
- a draft -J'^^ «b ^'j rafad 
daf' huiodla. 

Dishonourable, «.^^ fd- 
dih(-yn)] ^,c- '4h. 

Disinfect, o/;.j(.L(c(/i/ior(a_) 

Disinfection, n.j<^V\ tat_ 
hyr^ m. 

Disinherit, vt. ^U^'^:,•CJ>• 
harom mln elmyrds{ahrim) 

Disinterested, a. J>}- JU- 
]idlij garad (-yn); Jaj^, j., 
mus mugrid (~yn). 

Disinterestedness, n. ^ 
J^J^\ j« liuliX minel garcul. 

(asruf); ijhiarad {atrtid)^ 

Dismissal, n. o^j-^il in 
sirdf; ijh lard, m. 

Dismount, vi, Jji nisil 

Disobedience, ?^.ol-^e• ''us^ 
ydnpi.ic^VJ^iqillet ettd'-a,f. 

Disobedient, a. ^^\c 'dsy 
(-yn):^,k.J.,mus muty\-yn) 

Disobey, vt. Jc^^at "isy 
'ala (a'sa); ,_iUi- Ijdlif (a-). 

Disorder, n. ^Jj ^ Jo 'a_ 
dam tartyb,mA^^lcibbata^ 
f. put in - IJ:. laJibat (a-). 

Disparagement, n. 4».>- 

\)'\.^\\k.&,n.\!^^kardha,f. hUta,f.cj\^fJ\ istihwdn.m. 

Dislike, vt. ,f karah. 

Dislocate, vt. ^ bala' 
(aljla'); ^* malah (amlulj). 

Dislocation,?i. ^bal\m. 

Dismantle, vt. ^, naza" 
(anza"); S» fakk (afukk). 

Dismiss, vt. .jj^ saraf 

Dispensable, a. ^jV J:.* 
mus Idzim (-yn); iSjif^ J-- 

Dispensary, n. *;Ul3>-lag'_ 
zaljdna, f. (agzahandt). 

Dispense, 0^. (excuse from) 
^c jft "-afa "an (a'-fy). his 




services were -d with 1^:-.! 
AS- isictgnu ^annoh. 

Disperse, vt. jj,»i ba'zaq 
<(^-^\ JJ farrag (a-). 

Displease, yi.Jcj^rt"a/(a-). 


Disponibility, n. fA:>y.^\ 
istudd\ m. 

Disposal, n. cJ^* tasar_ 
ruf, m. at the — of ^j.a^ ^i- 

taht tasarruf; ^\ cJ'- taht 
am r. 

Dispose, vi. S wi^ail it^ 
■sarraf fy (ciisarraf), vt, 
^j rattib (a-), well — d J.I. 
mdyil . ill -d fj^j- j.) U 
ma las gar ad. 

Disposition, n. jli- btilq, 
m. (ahldg); 4«..U'a^ f, 
(tabdyi^); ^Jj tartyb, m. 

Dispute, n. Jla<>- giddl; 
A^i- J^isdm, m. 

Dispute, y^JiVs^ c^i^('^-); 

\)i pjljl itndzi" wayia(at_ 
/id^TA I — your right to \il 
<i Sa>- J& (_/>>«.! ana aHlrid 
^ala haqqak fy. 

Disregard^rt.jUfrl '^iqillet 

Disregard, vt.j.j^e-\ [»ma 
iUabars (aHibirs); ^ j^/^-l 
istahtar bi (asiahtar). 

Disrespectful, a.^^Vl /c-^c 
^adym el adab (-yn). 

Dissect, of. ^^lsorra/i(a-). 

Dissection, n. A/Jtasryh, 

Dissipate, vt. jj«i ba''zaq 
('«-;; ji) bazzar (a-). 

Dissipation, n. iiyiba'za^ 
Q.^, f. yA^ tabzyr , m. 

Dissolution, n. jAi tah^ 
lyl', C)\ j:> daioabdn, m. - of 
an assembly i.«J^l ^l^a,\i in_ 
sirdf eg gam^yia, m. 

Dissolve, vt. ^ hall (a_ 




hill);y->jidauwib (a~). vi. 
J^l inhall (y~); >_«lj ddb 
(yidub). he — d the meeting 
*^\^j.^saraf eg gam'yia. 
Distance^ n. Jul buM, m. 
*»L* masdfa^ f. (masafdt). 
at a - -x«)Jc "ala bu'd-^ Ji.«) ^» 
min bVyd. 

Distant, a. Xj.; bi'yd (bu- 
''dd);j^^»mustab'ad (-yn). 
Distil, vt. jks qaltar (a-); 
^ fjarag (ahrig). 

^j^haryg, m. 

Distillery, n.^>Jv"ma^ 
mal haryg^ m. (ma^dmil). 

^Ij wddih (-yn); ^^ sd- 
hir (-yn). 

Distinction, n.jW^"' imty- 
dz (-dt)-j jut tamyy^; J>j^ 
saraf, m. 

Distinguish, vt.j^mayig 

el wdhid min et idny (a"-. 
raf). -edij^i.»mashur(-yn). 
-ed people o^"^* si a'ydn. 

Distress, n. j.J. dyq;^f 
karb, m. 

Distress, vt.jj^ kaddar 
((i'-);C)y-hazzin (a-). 

Distribute, vt. jjfarraq 
(a-); ^J qassim (a-). 

Distribution, n. j,ji]taf_ 
ryq; ^-.a! taqsym, m. 

District, n.(of a province) 
^j. markaz ,m.(mardkiz); 
(of a city) ^^c tumn, m. (ai^ 

Disturb, vt. ,pqalaq (aq_ 
liq); Ja.1 J zaylat (a-). 

Disturbance, n.^^^qalaq^ 
m. A^J^'^^a, f. 

Ditch, n.jj^ljandaq, m. 
(lianddiq); tjo- hufra, f. 




Ditto^ n. *fl-jJi sarhoh; aj j 
zayioh] d.'iJ^kazdlik. 

Divan, n. o^ji_idytodn,m. 


Diver, n .^_y\!Li^gatids{-yn). 
»\je- ^auwdm f—yn). 

Diversion, n. 4i^ tah^ 
loyla, f. (lahioyldt). 


Divide, vt. ^Jqascim(aq_ 
sim); c^y^ gazsa (a-). 

Dividend, n.^i-2inJsj/6,m. 

Divine, a. J.I ildhy. 

Division, n. act' qismaj. 
(qismdt)-, ^^t taqsym, m. 
iij firqa, f. (firaq). 

Divorce, vt. jlU tallaq 
(a~). — ed (woman) ^iUU tdl_ 
qa f-yn). 

Divorce, n.j'%taldq^m. 

Y)i\u]ge,vt .Abdh(abyh); 
Jiii faka (afsy). 

Dizziness, n. ^i^ddha^f, 
Dizzy, a. '^iddyHj,(-yn>. 
Do, vt. ^y-'amal(a'mil); 
^^.^fdaliafcd].- you see him! 
iAyL:>zJ>^enta biikCifoh.l -\y,\ 
Ai^il aywa basCifoh, I have 
nothing to — with him ^J^ 
tXs- ^ lys sugl ^andoh. 
I — nothing ^U j-U^U. ma 
ba^mils hdga, how - you 
-? dlij\ izzayiak; oU^L 
salamdt. I have to -with 
him.j.;pJ;iJZf/ sugVandoti. 
this will -! ^ fcrtss; J^'i 
da yikaffy; ^^b 1^ da yu 
ndsib. this will not - U 1^ 
^J.^l da ma yisahhis. have 
-nel ^jJ.i-\ ih,las. - what you 
like I jjio ^il U (ij J/l Tm ji 
say ma en ta ^diois. — away 
withj jjtcaddflr; Jk\6rt(/aZ. — 
without^e-^ii^Wsto^'nfl 'an. 
Dock, n. ^^ liAd^M.. 




(hydclnj. - yard aiU^t tar_ 
sdnn^ f. (tarsandt). 

Doctor, n. J^ hakym 
(hakama); jy.5^ doktdr 

Doctorate, n. AijyS^idok_ 
toryia, f. 

DocLrine, n. XI ta'lym, 
ni. (ta'cUym). 

Document, n. -uc^j a>jj 

loaraqa rasmyia,f .(awrdq). 

Doer, n. Jc^ fd'il (-yn). 

Dog, n.J^ kalb fkildb). 

— cartj'^^i dokdr,m.(-dt). 

Doll, n. ^jjfr 'artisa, f. 

Car ay is). 

Dollar, '^. J^.j rydl, m. 

Dolphin, n. c^ijidarfyn, 
m. (darafyn). 

Domain, n. d!i.« milk, m. 
(omldk). — administration 
^jjII iM' moslahet ed do. 

min, f. 

Dome, n. A.; qubba, f. 

Domestic, a, (belonging 
toahiouse)jj bity; (tame) 
^J\ alyf (- yn). 

Domicile, n. ^.,_ bet (bi~ 
yCit)j^j-j^ ^.^ttnaskan sar_ 
"y, m. (masdkin). 

Dominion,/!. i^,_ bUdd,f. 

Donation, n. ^-kp ^atyia, 
f, Catdya). 

Donkey, n. j\.r- homdr 
(himyr). - boy j\x- ham- 
mdr (-a). 

Door, n.^\bdb,m. (by., 
bdn). folding - u-cija. ^\ 
bdb bidarfiten. liouse — v_.l) 
i^\ bdb es sikka. out of — s 
1_^, barra. show him the - ! 
I'^^,; 4«U3 tallaoh barra. — 
tieeper ^\y_ bauwdb (-yn). 
- mat JaJ^ bulyt, m. 




Dose, n. icj>- gtir'a, f. 

Dossier, n. ^^ milaff^m. 
(-dt); A.^,:,d6stjaj.(-hdt). 

Dot, oi. iai' naqqat (a-). 

Dot, 72.4.1*2; n u qta,f.{nu qai). 

Double, a. J^>. gdz^ m. 
(agwdz); j^ migwiz. - 
price a}:ll jiy\ ^ taman et 
tdq itnin. 

Double, vt. (jol j\y\ J/- 
''amal et tdq itn^n (a^milj; 
^pU dd^if (a-). 

Doubl.n. dU saA;/c, m. he 
is in - diJ; ,xs-^andoh sakk. 

I - his honesty^xslji^ jdi,i.l l;l 
anaasukk fysaddqtoh. 

Doubtful, a. jby J,, mt/s 

Douche, n. ^_^j.j d?ls, m. 

Dough, n.t>_v.:^ 'a<7(/n, m. 

Doum-palm, n. 4..^^ dd- 

mt^ f. (ddmj. 

Doura, n. Iji dura, Z'. 

Dove, n. A*\i-hamdma, f. 
(hamdm). turtle - -ulc i/a_ 
mdma, f. (yamdm). - cot 
*l«^ r-y &«rg' hamdm, m. 

Dowdy, a. k>/^ »_,> mara 

Dower,- n. j^ mahr, m. 

Down, ad. z^ taht\ o^ 
litaht. - slairs z^ taht, - 
streamo_,k:d\^U-/?a//'eZ qan- 
tara the wind is - -d ^ )1 
er ryh sikit.\oo\<^- ^ tall 
(atull). run - .S zamm (a_ 
zimm). waili up and - 
jyLlMtmaswar (atmaswar ), 
-ward ^ litaht. 

Down, n. tli Jjj rys 
nd'^lm, m. 

Doze,vi.^mCis (an'as). 




I -d j^L.0 ^^s- 'iny 'assilet; 
cXki- ^^s-^Sny giflet. 

Dozen, n. *:^i dasta (di^ 
sat; dastdi); a;u Ji dusyna, 
f, (duzyndt). 

m. (tahawyl); a!I_j>- huwdla 
(huwaldt); (sketch) Dj^-sswra 
(suwar); oij^> miswadda, 
f, (miswadddt). - decree 
jy^\c.ji^,masru' amr ^dly. 
Draft, vt. i^^sauwid(a-). 
Drag, vt.j>-garr (agurr); 
^■^ sahab (ashab). 

Dragoman, n. 6^^ ^"''- 
gumdn (tardgma). 

Drain, ot. ^^ saraf (as^ 
ruf); 3j^'' sarraf (a-); ^. 
nasah (arisah). 

Drain, n.^^'masrof,m. 
(masdrif); -«ci^. balWa, f. 
Drainage, n. ^j.^sarf,m. 

— water JUJ\ I., mayiet et 
tasdfy, f. 

Dram, n. S'jidarhim, m. 

Drap mortuaire, n. J^Lv 
is-J\ busdt er rahma, m. 

Draught, n. fa drink)Ajy>i 
sarba,f.(sarhdt);{o[n\v) ^sj^ 
ly» magra hawa, m. (of a 
ship) y^jS ^\=\c. gdtis el 
markib. -s mtinA^jrassdm 


Draughts, n. *.U1\^»^ Wb 
ed ddmci; ai^\ ^<i Wb es 

Draw, vt. {im\])^'<-'sf<hab 
(ashab); jr garr (agurr); 
(frkelch) ^'jrasam (arsim). 
~ breath ^iJi-l ahad nafas 
(dijudj. - near ,_jj qarrab 
(a-). - on (clothes) ^ llbis 
(albis). - off( clothes) Jkjgato' 
(aqla'). — lines LkJ- hattat 




t'a-). — on account jii"! ista_ 
garr(astagarr). - a sword 
^~^^^sall sef (dsiil), -up 
a contract J»j^jj=- harrar 
kirdt (a—). 

Draw-bri dge, m . i^ji-'iSjf 
kubry mutaharrik, m. 

Drawer, n. r-ji durg, m. 
(adrdg). -s ^\^ libds, m. 

Drawing, n. c-'j rasm,m. 
irisumdt). — room J\\^ sdla 
(saldl); o)\^ f;aldn,m.('dt). 

Dread, vt.^\^lidf (abdf). 

Dreadful, a. ^,is mubyf 
(—yn); ^Oj. mar'' lb (-yn). 

• U* mdndm, m. (-dt). 

Dream, vl. U hillm (nh_ 

Dredge, oi.^ljol, yy.ah. 
har bit karrdka (a-). 

Dredger, n. ^\f^karrdka^ 
f, (karrakdt). 

Dregs, n. Jij" tifi, m.ij^!- 
'ukdra; (of coffee) .yj tan_ 
(oa;(of sesame) A.ui^(i/if/na_,/'. 

Dress, n. ^ libs^ m.*j-u 
hidAm, f. full — iM j.'iry\^yi^» 
(i_;<$jl maldbis et tasryfa el 
kubraj. ladies' — o^k^/'us- 
{dn^ m. (fasatyn). — maker 
A^Li- Ijayidta (IjayicUdt) ; 
'i.z^liymddysta (modystdt). 

Dress, vt.^jli labbis (a-). 
- one's self^ libis (albls). 

Dressing-case, n. a-^SG 
sakmag y la ,f.{sak mag y id t) . 

Dressy, a,^}labbys(-a). 

Dribble, vt. iai; naqqat 

Drill, n. A^ taHym, m. 
-officev^j^y-' taHymg y(-ia). 

Drill, ot. (train) \o ^alllm 
(a-); (a liole) j^i haraq 





Drink/ M, vy^^i swrb^ m. a 

- ^jt sarba^ f. (sarbdt). lei 
us have a - ! ^^-'^U vjylJ'JUJ 
ta^dlanisrab linakds.g\\e 
to - j^ saqo. {asqy). 

Drive, uf. jU sdq (asuq). 

- away jjL. tarad (atrad). 

- in a carriage i^> f- ^j ri- 
kib ''arabyia (arkah). 

Drivel, n. J^\j rydla, f. 

Drivel, vi.^\ijrayyil(a-). 

Driver, n, j,\^^ sauwdq 
(-yn); j^jfr "arbagy (-ia). 
-of pack animals^l_,ri!arr(Js 
('-fl). screw - dii.m ifakk^m. 

Drizzle, vi. c-x nadda" 
(yi—). it -s Ai-ii. tja., Jhk'bit- 
mattar matara liafyfa. 

Dromedary, n. cj^- ha- 
gyn, f. (hign).- man J^ 

haggdn (-a). 


Drop, vt. ^) waqqa' (a-); 
iaa-. saqat (asqat); J^iqaltar 
(a-), I -ped a book ^^* vj 
^\:6wiqi'' minny kitdb. 

Drought, n,j^ saraq. 

Droughty, a.S^j^sardqy. 

Drown, vt. jj^ garraq 
(a—), vi. Jj> giriq(agraq). 
— ed man jj^j> Q'^ryq (gu^ 
raqa); Cj\i}- garqdn (-yn). 
a -ed man catches at a straw 
aj_IJL» J dAwC o^s_,;J\ el garqdn 
yitnsik fy qassdya. 

Drowsiness ,n . ^_y.«J na^as ,m. 

Drowsy, a. c}^^ na^sdn 


Drug, n. \):>dawa, m. 

Druggist, n. ^\y^\ agzaj 
gy(—ia). native — jlkc-'a((dr 

Drum^n .iL^j terumb^ta 





(terumbetdt);<i\.A> tabla, f. 
(tahldt). ^xnoW native - ^ji 
darahukka, f. (darabuk_ 

bStsy (-ia); JU^ tabbdl(-a). 

Drunk, a. o^j^ sakrdn 

Drunkard, a. (ijCL su^ 
kary (-ia). 

Drunkenness, /I .jCsi</er^ 

Druse, a. isjj^ darzy(de. 

Dry, a. ^-i^ ndsif(—yn)- 
^l ydbis (-yn). - goods 
ju\i qumds, m. 

Dry, vt. v-iiJ nassif (a-). 
get — >_ii.i n isif (yinsaf). 

Dryness^ n. ii^ nisiifa-^ 
aJ^) nisufyia^ f. 

Duck, n. Jljp ,jj wizza 
'irdqy (wizz)-^ ik 6o/(a, /'. 


Duckling, n, »^ii. ,jj wiz_ 
za hadra^ f. (wizz). 

Due, a. j#— mustahaqq 
(-yn). in - time._,-Ulc*»JlJ 
/^Z toflg^ elmundsib. 

Due, n. j». ^afg^*; Jl2*^l 
istihqdq^ m. — s ^*j rasm, 
m. (risdm). 

Duel, n. jl j:> duello, m. 
they fought a-^^^i l_^j; n?^_ 
Za duello. 

Dull, rt. (boy) j^ii aJIc ''aq_ 
loh tihyn; (in spirits) k_iiy« 
miqaryif(-yn); (day) ^^_^_ 
t/dm g'^m. 

Dulness, n. J2J\ ^^i ^?<//n 
el "aql^ m. 


Dumbness,^. ^_^>6arfls,m. 

Dung, n. 4.9- gilla; .*sC, 

m js/ca/. globular - of cattle 

»j.o ba'ra, f.(ba^r). pigeon - 




Jj J ^ibl. — hWl^iy ma zbala, 
f. (masdhil). 

Dupe, vt. ^ J.VJ daggil 
"ala {a-); J<t ga^s (agiss). 

Duplicate, n. a.jI" a^uus- 
Jia tdnyia, f. in - o^'^^ ^ 
''ala nusbmn. 

Duration, n.,x>muddaj. 

During, pre. iSttnuddet. 
- the winter lii3\ l-^' j fy 
muddet es sita. 

Dust, n. ^\J turdb; jUp 
^ufdr; m. 

Dust, vt. jaanaffad (a-); 
^ij naddaf (a-). 

Duster>?i. J-\jrys,m. 

Dusty, a. v-*^ ^^^'^'^^(^^ 
(-yn);j'^> migabbar (-yn). 

Dutch, a. ^iV falamanky 

Duty, n. .^Ij wdgib, m. 
(-dt). customs - iJj^ p-Hm- 

ra/cj (_^ maks, m. it 


your - dUc_^lj \ida wdgib 
'^al^k; dl;L:^lj ^y Ij da min 
wdgibdiak. on— ^^ nd- 
batsy (—ia). 

Dwarf, n. <*cjj quz'-a. 

Dwell, vi. ^^-" sikin(cts_ 

Dwelling-house, n. ^^^ 
JiZji bit lis sakan (biydt). 

Dye, vt.i^^sabag(asbug). 

- with hinna ^ hanna 
(ahanny). - the eyebrows 
black Jak^ liuttat {a-). 

f-[..a sibdg, m. — house a»~a* 

- for the eye ^kohl, m. 
Dyeing, n. ac>\~.» sibdga, f. 

i^ sabg , m. 

Dyer, ?-L-» sabbdg (-yn). 

Dying,a.vl-^E'. bym{it(-u); 
r-jjl (i »lko bytalla'- fir rdh 





Dynamite^ n. ^.>\ui dy^ 
namytj m. 

Dynasty, n. A)i ddla^ f. 
•(duwal); Jl dl. 

Dysentery, n X jll.:- :>d is_ 
untdrya^ f. 

Dyspepsia, n.^A\j.^'iisr 
el hadm^ m. 


Kixch, a. JS" hull; Jio-lj ^y 
hull wdhid. - other ^_^ 

Eagle, n.^J)nisr (nisCir), 

Ear, n. (jij widn, f. (coi_ 
ddn). - \vax(jljjl 'fi wasal} 
el loiddn. — ring ^o-halaq, 
m. 4iU halaqa, f. (hulqdn). 

Early,", (Sj^^badry. very 
— i^\ ^ min en nigma. it 
is - (SjJ4z^)^el waqt badry. 

Yj&rnpt .,_^hisib{aksab). 

Earnest, n. Ji>- gadd. in — 
J<»- (^ min gadd. are you in 

-? Ji!>- ^^. Kii bititkallim 
min gadd. — money Oy.f- 
^arbdn, m. 

Earning, n. ^jC maksab 

Earth, n. ^y>J ard, m. — 
v/ork^ :ijijL,~hafr weradm, 

Earthenware, n.j^*^ ^"6- 
Ijdr, m. 

Earthquake, n.A)j silzi_ 
la, f. (saldzil). 

Ease, n. (rest) to~\j rdha; 
(facility) ^\j^sih{ila, f. 




Ease, vl. ^j rayiah (a-j; 
^^^sahhil(a-). -nature^*.^! 
issayiar (assay iar);Tc.i- salili 


Easily, ad^,^)\ bir rdha; 

East, n. j/isrtrq;jjcsar. 
qy , m. 

Easter, a. jj.5ol A^\ei 'yd 
ek kibyr, m. 

Eastern, a. J;~i sargy. 

Easy, a. Jt-- sahl (-yn); 
^^ hay in (-yn);U^i^ba'fyf 
(liufdf). - chair a;Lc ^-jT 
kursy bi masdnid. easier 
j^j^l ahwan; ^^^ ashal. 

Eat, vt.y\akal-ykall 

Eatable, n. j/l. makAl, 
n. (-dt). 

^im%, n.^\akl,m. 

Eaves-dropper, n. j^u- 

Ebb, n.yy^ gazr, m. 

Ebony, n. ^yj\ahn(is,m. 

Ebullition, n. o^y fawa_ 
rdn; cj^l galaydn ^ m. 

Eccentric, a. ^\ ^^j^ 
garyb et tab'' (-yn). 

Echo, n. o^\ :.j radd es 
sd^, m. 

Echo, of. >L>yJs\ ^^'akdii 
essdt (yi'kisj; ^^Ji\:>jradd 
essdt (yirudd). 

Eclipse, n. (sun's) ^^-^ 
k istxf;{moon's)^^.^i^l}isixf,m. 

Eclipse, ot. ^jJT kasaf 
(aksif); ^-^ basaf (absif). 

Economical, «. jA' mu- 
dabbir (-yn);Jymuwaffir 

Economise, vt.jj waf_ 
far (a-). 

Economy, n.jjjji tawfyr 
(-at); ji wafr (ufurdt)y 
jKtSi tadbyr, m. 




OjW tarf, m. 

Edition, n. iJ= tab'a, f. 

Editor;, n. jj^ muharrir 

Educate, vt, >_jil addib 
('^-); ^.J rabba(arabbyj; U 
^cillim (a-), ~ed y.u mit'aL 
Urn f-yn). 

Educaiion, n. ^^\ adab; 
X^taHym^m.i^ jtarbyiaj. 

Eel, n. l>yj qarmAt (qa_ 
ramyt) ■ S-i" ^Ui tVbdn 
samak^ m. (ta'abyn). 

Efface, vt.j: maha (am_. 
hy); f'' masah (amsah). -d 
coin A#^l. 41^"^ himla mdsha. 


Effect, vt. ^^sabbib(a-); 
^>-i\ awgab (awgib). 

Effeminate, a. .^^ danas 

(-At); J:^iiimutiannas(-yn). 


Effervescence, n. o^jyf^- 

wardn, m. 

Effervescent, «. j^y Z'^"" 

Efficiency, n. ili^ahlyia; 
tAi^kafda^ f_ 

Efficient, a. aAaI ^>U sd- 
hib ahlyia(ashdb);t\k^^^->[^ 
sdhib kafda. 

g ihd;ji.^sO''^ y ; ^^»mas''a ^m . 

Effrontery .n.Ao-li^toogd/ia; 
aaU- safdha, f. 

Egg, n . Ait-i bSda, f. (bM); 

- plant yy^\ cJ^-^. bitingdn 
iswid, m. 

Egypt, n.^oAinasrJ. Lo_ 
wer - L$j4iba^arf/,rM. Upper 

- ^qiblyi J._,»J\ es si^yd^m. 
Egyptian, a. iSj^ masry 

(-yn; masdrwa). 

Egy 167 

Egyptology, n. c-ljWI J* 
h^t^\''ilm elasardt el mas_ 
ryia, m. 

Eight,, a, *jIc iamdnya. 

Eighteen, a.^\-M taman^ 

Eighty, a. j^\l tamanyn. 

Either^ pro. 1*1 imma; jl 
ato. - this or that li\i Ij li ya 
da ya da. - of you -io-lj ^^1 
Ci« ay wdhid minkum. 

Elastic^ a. liJeJ lastik-^iai', 

Elbow^ n. fjT kij,\ m. 
(ky'dn). he is out at -s <»^ 
A-)li kumdmoh ddyba. 

Elder, a. ^J\ jj^^ akbar 
fis sinn. 

Elder, n. '^ sih (siyAI}). 

Eldest, a. jJ\ J jf>i\ el 
akbar fls sinn. he is my — 
soniSi')i )\isf^.y^huwablkry 
awlddy. is she your - % iJ 


«iii^ hyia bikryietik. 

Elect, vt. ^'\ intaliab 
(an t ill ib)-^j\L^\iJitd r(abtdr). 

Election, n. ^M'Mntiljdb, 
m. (-dt). 

Elector, n. ^-^ munta- 
bib (~yn). 

Electric, a. ^\jfkahra^ 
&%.- light S\jf jy "'^^'^ 
kahrabdy. - fish ^Wj dVsa_ 
mak va"dd. 

Electricity, n.iJ\jf^kah_ 
rabdyia, f. 

Elegance, n. ^Ji zarf; 
._iU lutf, m. 

Elegant, a. ^Ja ^aryf 
(zurdf); Ui.^ laiyf(lutdf). 

Element, n. »_)>- gdz, m, 
(agzd). -s ^^\^ "andsir^ f^ 

Elementary, a. J,i\auwa^ 
ly^ JlJiii ibtiddy. 

Elephant, n.J^fyl (afydl). 





Jc 'alia (a' ally). 

Elevation, n.^lijl irtifd'-^ 
'J.C Hlti^ m. 

Eleven, a. ^1 j*- hiddsar. 

Eligible, a. ^-.U* mund_ 
sib(-yn);^y Idyiq (-yn). 

Elixir, n. j<.S\ aksyr, m. 

Elope, vi.^jx liarab(ah_ 


Eloquence, n. Jio-Uj fasd^ 

ha, f. 

Eloquent, a. ^.^j fasyh 

Else, pre.\j^j^g6r keda; 
Cj^kamdn ;^\jwa ilia, what 
— ? D^Jj ^'^^ ^h kamdn. no_ 
thing— ^^^ ^y\ bass keda. 
nobody - »j^p had_ 
dis g^roh. - where rjh., J 
jli fymatrah tdny. 

Embalm, vt. Jai>. hannat 

(CI.-); y.^ sabbar (a-). 

Embalmment,/! . Ja-:^ «cr/i_ 
nyt;j<^\ tasbyr^ m. 

Embankment,n.^-.>-g' jsr, 
m. (gusAr). Nile - :>\J=> tar.^ 
rdd^ m. 

Embark, oi.^J,\ _Sj ri_ 
kib el markib (arkab);j\^ 
sdfir (a—). 

Embarkation, n. J JjjO\ 
^"TjUen n izCd fll mark ib,m. 

F.nibarrass, oi. jjU f/d_ 
yiq {a-)',j^ hayiar (a-). 

Embarrassment, n. 4a.U« 
muddy qa; ,_^,. hyra, f. 

Embassy, n. ^Ji^sifdra, 
f.(sifardt) . 

Embellish, oi. (jij zayin 
(O'-y, Jij-j zagraf (a-). 

Embellishment, n. -uj j^?/_ 
na; iij.} zagrafa, f. 

(afitilis);jj.^saraq fasraq). 




he — d my money ^-.j\> JS^ 
ahal fllday. 

Embezzlemenl, n. ^^li^l 
iljtilds, m. *ij.M sirqa, f. 

Embezzlei-j n. ^_^U; muh- 

Embrace, vt. (clasp in 

arms) ^Ji>- hculan (aMun); 

(comprehend) ^ Jk-^I istci_ 

mal "ala (yistimil); <^y.?-l 

Vi ihtawci ^ala (yi/iiiwy). 

Embrace, n.^Jz^hadn^m. 

Embroider, vt.jji^tarraz 
(a-); J.j~ /jay is (a-). 

Embroidery, n. J.:^ m L 
bay is, m. 

Embroil, vt. dXyt sarbik 
(a~); (j^ Ijabas (abbus). 

Embroilment^ n. <6o^i 
sarbika, f. ^joJ-- habs, m. 

Emerald, n. oj*J zumur^ 
rida, f. (zumurrid). 

Emergency, n. ,jijj. du. 

riira^ f. ajJ lis{im, m. in 
case of- ^jjUl x.o 'and el 

Emelic, n. j.Jh.* mitar^ 
ras, m. 

Emigrant, n. y\. mihd__ 
gir (-yn). 

Emigrate, vt. ^^U hdgir 

Emigration, n. i>j^\^ mi_ 
hdgra, f. 

Eminence, n. (title) oL- 
sydda, f. 

Emission, n.jjJ^sudiir-^ 
^j>- hurug, m. 

Emotion, n. Jl*iil infidl 

Empale, vt. jj^i- hdsaq 

Emperor, /r.j^^U*'^"^^^- 
ratdr (-yn); c)^ sultdn 

Empire, n. -Jji ddla (du^ 




toal); j^cmamlaka (rnamd^ 
Zik); ajj^WIja.*' imbirato^ 
ryia, f. 

Employ, vt. (occupy) J;J; 
sagged (a-); *ji- haddim 
(a~); (use) J*.«:-l ista^mil 
u '"^- Employe, n. fj^-^mus_ 
taJidim (-yn). 

Employer, n. ^iStz ma1j,_ 
dum (-yn);J..^syd (asydd). 

Employment, n.A,«Ji-6id- 
ma (liidam); A»lai- hiddma, 
/. (hidamdt); ^..i sugl 

Empress, n. >j^Uju\ im_ 
biratdra; i:\\^ suUdna. 

Emptiness, n. }'c- bM, 
olj« fardg, m. 

Empty, a.'^\»fdrig(-yn); 
.^<jU fddy (-yn). 

^^iifadda (afaddy). 

P^mulsion, n. Jai^ mus.. 
tahlih, m. 

Enable, v t .jsi qaddar(a-). 

Enamel, n. U^ myna, f. 

Enamel, of;. U.. J/ 'amal 
myna (a' mil). 

Encamp, vi. *^-i^l ^.a)na_ 
sab el Mma (ansub). 

Enchant,o^. jt-^sahar (as^ 
hir); ^j.^ saba (asby). 

Enchantment, n. j^ sihr^ 

Encircle, vt. \p^>- hauwat 

Enclose, vi.)J^'>hdt(ahyt)-^ 
l>y~ hauwat (a-); ^ laff 
(aliff), I - a note , fxiJi^, . , 
min tayioh tazkara. -d •« 
AjU min tayioh. 

Encounter, vt. ^jU sd_ 
dif (a-); J,l; qdbil (a-). 

Encourage, vt. -.*?' sagga" 




(a—)j ^i iSy qauwa qalb 

Encouragement, n. ^ 
tasgy'^ m. 

Encumber, vt. % mala 
(amlct)-^ ^^iwasaq(awsiq). 
End, n. (extreme point) ^^1 
^h Jr •,^jUtarf,m. iA^nahdya, 
f. (object) jjijt gar ad, m. 
(agrdd); ij\ogdya,f.(gaydt). 
to no - i"^>}j> ji- ^* tnin gir 
fdyda.ior his own -s Ai'l^p'^ 
A^^^-atl liotgrddoh el hasu_ 
syia. make both -s meet 
i^yM (j^\U\ ^.<i yigyb et ta_ 
q4n sawa. 
End, vt. ^\i' ballets (a-); 
«J naha (anhy). oi. ^^ 
bills (yiblas); j*::)! intaha 

Endanger, oi. ^^ }>\i^ Jjd^ 
tir bi (CI-); J^fJ'y- 'arrad 
I'll bO'tar (a~). 

Eniear, vt. ...^ habbib 
(a-); jye. ^azziis (a~j. 

Endeavour, ?^. ^t^l igli- 
hdd; :,^^simag}i{id;^^»mas- 
'a (masd^y); j.^ sa'y^ m. 

Endeavour, vi. .j.^ J/ 
^amalgihdoh (a'mil);i\^\ 
igtahad (agtihid); ^j.^ sa'a 

Endorse, oi. J_j^ hauwil 
(a-); j^ zahhar (a-). 

Endorsement, n . j}(.W iag_ 
hyr; Jj ^ tahwyl, m. 

Endow, 1 . ,^^wah ab(aw. 
hib); J ^liwaqaf li(atoqif). 

Endowment, n,>_ib wag/', 
m. A;i»j waqfyia, f. public 
-s office .jl»j)Vl oU^ dywdn 
el awqdf, m. 

Endurable, A. J^:«? muh^ 
tamal; j11»:j yintdq. 

Endurance, n. ^'^■A ihti, 
mdl, m. Ajlls tdqa, f. 




Endure, vt, Jr^l ihtamal 
(ahtimil); jlU tdq (attjq). 

Enemy, n.iSc'-adu (a'-dd). 

Energetic^ a. Ja..ii nasyt 
(nicsata); u" c-.?-U sdhib 
himma (ashdb). 

Energy, n. a** himma, f. 
i»\li nasdt, m. 

Enfeeble, vt. t_i«i>l arVaf; 

iSj^\agra (agry). 

Enforcement, n. S^i-jtan^ 

fy^) ^jr^ «5''«. m. 

Enfranchise, vt. ^'ataq 
(a''taq)'jj>- harrar (a~). 

Enfranchisement, n. jit 
^atq;xji- tahryr, m. 

Engage,yi.(bind one's self) 
Ji^*)*! -Wahhid (afahhid); 
(employ) ^X^\ istal}dim(as_ 
tabdim); Jii saggal (a-); 
(betroth) ^ki- l}.atab(alitub). 

^^l» J,, mus fddy (-yn). 

Engagement, n. (ob]iga_ 
tion) x^tdahhud, m. (bet- 
rothal) hjLi^liutuba; (battle) 
(occupation) J;i sugl, m. 

Engine, n. j^jj wabur,m. 
(-dt); ju jU^Tdto bubdryia^ 
f. ten horse power - 't^jy}i 
J^i^Lc- wabdr quwet "asa- 
ra bSl. - driver j\^^sauiodq 

c- yn). 

Engineer,n.j_^A:f,.m ihan^ 
diz (-yn). 

Engineering, n. ^Mhhan^ 
dasa^ f. 

el ingilyz, f. 

English, Englishman, a. 
(ijA^il ingilyzy (ingilyz). 

Engrave, vt. naqak 




(anqus); jif hafar (ahfurj. 
Engraver, n. j-lii naqqds 
(-y^)', j^ haffdr (-yn). 

Engraving, n. J^ii naqs; 
yp. /layr^m. (illustration)»j^^ 
sdra, f. (suwar); e-'j rasm, 
m. (risum&t). 

Enigma, n.tji^o-hazziira,^ 
f. (hawaxyr). 

Enjoy, vt, ^>_- ^-iMtmaita^ 
hi (almatta'j; w L^^\ inba_ 
sat bi (anbisit). 

Enjoyment, n. ^tamat^ 
tu';^\^\ inbisdt,m. 

Enlarge, vt. jf kabbar 
(a-); ^i wassa" (a-). 

Enlargement, n.jSz tak_ 
byr; »_^j.T tawsy\ m. 

Enlighten, vt. Jp j^ nau_ 

war 'ala (a-); W "allim(a-). 

-ed v[\d.nj^-j,^>-\jrAgil mit_ 


Enlist, vt.j.^qayid(a-). 

he -ed (in the army) Ji-j 

J^i-I dal}al elgds. 

Enlistment, n. -xJ qid,m. 

Enmity, n. ,i\scad&wa,f. 

Enormous,a.i^yjj//« ibyr 

qawy(kabdr)-j ^^ gasym. 

Enough, a. jSC^ yikaffy; 

^_ bass; ,i\,y bizydda. 

Enrage, oi.ii\t^(i^ (agys); 
Jcj za^' al (a-) ;»i _)yifauw<xr 

Enrich, vt. ^^f-\ agna; ^e- 

Ensign, n.Jj>; b^ rag, m. 


E.nslave, vt. x,»'.J\ ista^bid 

(asta'bid); ^*ji:-t istaysar 


Enslavement, n. jLic;-.! is^ 
ti^bddj m. 

Blntangle, vt. dAi^sar&j/c 
Entanglement, n. ^^ 




harhika; 45jC- ^orqUa^ f. 
Enter, vi. S^^i dahal (ad_ 

dabbal (a-);, ^i':!,\ad1ial (ad_ 
bW. — in a register JtJ qay_ 
id fa—). — into an agree_ 
ment J^j^ J/- "amal surAt 

Enterprise, n. ^^, mas'a 
(masd^y); pj^^-* masru", m. 

Entertain, vt. (amuse) J- 
salla(asally); (give hospi_ 
tality) ^U- cldf (adyp. 

Entertainment, n. ^A^ 
taslyia; 4»Lj> dydfa-^ sj>ijf- 
^IzCimct, f. 

Enlice, vt.(Sj(^gawa(agwy) 


Enlire,«. J*iS^/e<^m il(-yn); 
r^.is^ sihyh (suhdh); ^^ hull. 

Entirely, (id.\~^kullyia_ 
tan,;j^\ ^f-^an d^ir. 

Entr' 2iC{e,n.^3toasla, f. 

Entrance,^, ^-y^madhal; 
^l M&, m. aSC sikka, f. 
J_jJ-i dubAl, m. 

Entrap, vt.^^hafaq (ah^ 
faq); ilk^l istdd (astdd). 

Entreat, vt. j-j\ itragga 
(at rag go.). 

Entresol, «.Jjy--^jii ddr 
masrtiq, m. (adwdr). 

Enumerate, vt. jc 'add 
(a'idd); :>so'addid (a-). 

Enumeration, n. jc 'add; 
iljuT tVddd, m. 

Envelop,D^.^Wa/f [aliff). 

Envelope, n. ^p zarf 
(zurdf); ^ij^» mazruf. m. 
(mazaryf). - letter ,_^- 
ijijj^ tazkara mazrAfa^ f. 

Envious, a. sJo- Ms id 
(-y^); iy->- hasAd (-yn). 

Environs, n. j-I^J> da_ 
wdhy, f. 




EnvGV, /I. is** muHamad 
(-yn);jKk^safyr (sufara). 

Enwy, vt.j,^^hasad(ahs id) 

Envy, n. ju»- hasad, m. 

Epact, n. ^^3\ Aj ayidm 
en nasy, f. 

Epauletj n.*kl.^\isbalyta, 
f. (isbaldyii). 

Epidemic, a. isij wabdy; 
(•le 'dmrfi. 

hddis, m. 

Epiphany n.^j^\Lfi{jUlds,m. 

Episcopal, a.ji^\ asqufy. 

Epsom sail, n. (Sj^'^ ^' 
mcilh ingilyzy^ m. 

Equal, «. t5jL« musdwy 
(—yn); Ji qadd; (Sj zay. 

Equal, vt.(Si\^sdwa{asAwy) 

Equalise, vt. t^jU sdwa 

Equality ,n.»'jl-'masato(i; 
Ajj\ musawyia, f. 

EquoWy, ad. \,}\A\bi I mu- 

sawyia; j^ioo (Sj .say ba^d. 
he is - rich ,M ^^^y^huwa 
gany qaddoh. 

Equator, n. l^:-.VlJa^ Ijatt 
el istiwa^ m. 

Equerry,^. jj>-\, j^,\amyr^ 

Equilibrium,n. ^'>j\ymu_ 
wdsna, f.c^j^ytawdzun,m._ 

Equinox, n. autumnal - 
Jjjl) nardz, m. 

Equip,oi^. ji>-gahhiz(a-); 
^ sallah(a-). 

Equipage, n. oU« mu- 
himmdt; aj\J lawdzim, f. 

Equipment, n.j^toghys, 
m. 4.ij=- o\,*-« muhimmdt 
harbyia, f. 

Equivalent, «. l$jL* ma_ 
sdwy (-yn); u^'^ 'uwdd. 

Era, n. ^j\; tdryh,,m. 

Erase, v t.^'masoh(amsah); 





■i maha (amhy). 

Eraser, n.^X^A ma ssd ha, f. 

Erasure, n. f' mash; jt 
mahy^ m. 

Erect, vt.^^i n aiobfansu b) 

Erecl^ a, ^j^-., mansub 
i-yn); <J»\i wdqif (-yn). 

Erection, n. ^«ai nasb, m. 

Err, vi, ialc- gilit (aglat). 

Errand, n. J\yL, miswdr, 
m. (masawyr). 

Erroneous, a. i,J^, mag_ 
lut (-yn). 

Error, n. aLM galta^ f. 
(galtAt)\yi» sahu, m. 

Escape, o?. ^jt,harab(ah_ 
rab); j farr (afirr); J.iU 
tafas (at fas). 

Escape, n. ^^y. htirub; 

^y>'j^i^h'^^lds,m. fire - j-iji-lJ.-« 

silllm el haryq. - bridge 

^j-a IjkJ qantaret sarf, f. 


Escort, n.jip gafar; ^j>- 
haras.m. — of a consul iU 
yasdqgy (-ia). 

Escort, vt. jiP gafar (ag_ 
fir); ^j~ haras (ahrus). 

Especial C'.i_$^_f^^husAsy; 
o°y^^ TnaJjsAs (~yn). 

Especially; ad. C^i. 6m_ 

Espionage, n. ^j-^f ia_ 
gasstis, m. 

Essence^ n. t-jj rdh, m, 
i.j%- htildsa^ f. 

Essential, a. iSjjj-.^ durCi_ 
ry {- yn j; .jV Ids im (-yn ). 

Establish, u^.^j-.-'«ss is{a-) 

Establishment, n. (foun_ 
dation)^x^\.i<dsf/s,m. (place) 
f. (binaydt); (cadre) ^j.\ 
J-^V'eZ miirattab el asly ,m. 

Estate, n. tiU« in ilk ^ m. 
(amldk); AjjUil ab'adyia, f. 




Esteem.n. jLc-irii6«r,m. 
Esleem, vt. jC^I i'tabar 


(-ynj; J^e. ^asym Cuzdm). 

Eslimale, n. jiiaman,m. 

(atmdn). - of a work a^^U. 

muqdysa, f.(muqaysdt). 

Estimate, vt. JL tammin 
(a-); jAi qaddar (a-). 

li'i[ima.[.ion,n. ^iUatmyn; 
j\.'s-\ Vtibdr, m. 

Estimator, n. ^z' mutam^ 
min (-yn). 
Etc., 'j^Tjl^ ila dljroh. 
Eternal, a. (ss>\ abady; 
jJU- f}dUd. 

Eternity, n. i)i- bilM,m. 
•*j Jul ababyia, f. 

Ether, n. oUl ^j rdh luq^ 
mdn, m. 
Etiquette, n. .^W 'dda Ca_ 

wdyid); ^\i\ addb, f. 

Eucalyptus, n. jy^ ka- 
fdr, m. 

Eunuch,n. l^l aga(-wdt); 
ii_^ tawdsy (-iaj. 

Europe, n. \ji\ orobba; 
fj>'^^ :>% bildd elufrang, f, 

European, « .^fj»l ufran _ 
gy (ufrang) ; iSs\ji^ orob_ 
bdwy (-yn). 

Evacuate, vt.^^ahlafab- 
ly)■,^^^* fadda(afaddy). 

tark^ m. 

Evaporate, Of. J*: > itbal}_ 
bar (y-). 

Ev apo rati on , n . j_\^' tab_ 
byr, m. 

Evasive, ct.jvf^. mubham 
(-yn);^)yi.» J^* mils mafhutn 

Eve, n. t^-tp 'asyia^ f. - of 
a feasi s^\ '*^} waqfet el 





'yd, f. 

Even, a. ^Si\^> mitsdwy 

Even, ad. j^ hatla; ^^ 

Evening, n. ^yj,magrib, 
m. -uip 'asyla, f. we spent 
the - at her house {f^j [\j^ 
sihirna fy Mtha.— party 
«_^ sah ra, f. 

Event, n. ^;>\o'hddsa (ha^ 
wddis) ; Aolj wdq'a, f. 
(loaqdyV). in the - of I.4IUJ 
fy hdlet ma. at all -s JS'^^ 
JW "ala hull hdl. 

Eventually, a. >V1 J fll 

Ever,ad. \.cSiddyman. for 
- -ull ^U U Jl ila ma sd aL 
Idh; Jh^\ Jl Hal abad. if- I 
go z^'>-j (Sj/^ Ci^ inn "umry 
rohi. — since \pi ^y rnin 

Evergreen, n. L ^ hay 
"alam, m. 

Everlasting, a. Aiddyim. 

Every, a. ^kull. - body 
Oo-lj JS^/eaZZ wdhid; ^^ 
kull hay. - thing j_5i ^^kull 
s^. - where rjh.* tX'J fy 
kull matrah. 

Evidence, n. *:-; bay in a 
(bayindt); o^l^i sihdda, f^ 
(sihaddt).— for the prosec- 
ution oLiVI i^i suhCid el 
isbdt. - for the prisonerj^ 
Ji•^\ suhud en nafy. 

Evident, a. j^lU sdhir 
(-yn); ^\) wddih(-yn);cy\ 
bdyin (—yn). 

Evidently, arf. ^\k\\ j fi^- 
zdhir.-so lJ^jfS»i yizhar 

Elvil, n.j-i sarr, m. .j'a> 
raddloa, f. - eye jkina^or, 
m. (jjp '^n^ f. 




Ewer^ n. jj^il abryq^ m, 

Exact, a. |.Ir <am(Jm;i»^k. 
ma^bAt (—yn), 

ExacUy,ad,kJi)Ui3^ zabt; 
AJjll; &td diqqa.- so IjS »lc 
tamdm keda. 

Exactness, n. LJi zabt,m. 
iii diqqa, f. 

Exaggerate, vt. j ^l bd_ 
ii'9 fy (<^-); <i Jy hauwH 

fy ra-;. 

Exaggeration, n. A»\L.mw_ 
bdlga f. Jjy^ tahwyl, m. 

Examination, n. cM^\ im_ 
tihdn (-dt);JiJ> nazar , m. 
4:jL« mi'dyna, f. post-mor- 
tem - \'Xy 4^* tasryh el 
gitta,m . 

Examine, vt. ^i'\ imta- 
han (am i ihin); j Ji}> nazar 
fy (artzur); Ci^c 'dyin (a-). 

Examiner, n. ,y>c£ mum^ 
tahin (-yn). 

Example, n.S^misdl,m^ 
for- lAi. masalan. 

Exasperate, vt. iiU gds 
(agyz);^^ jy fauwar damm 


Exasperation, n.^\^\igd_ 
■za^ f. |.j)( jjl_,y fawardn ed 
damm, m. 

Excavate, vt. jo- ha far 
(ahfurj; cX fahat (afhat). 

Excavation, n. j^ hafry 
cX faht, m. 

Exceed, vt. ^ ^^}zdd 'ala 
(azyd); jU fdq (afdq). 

Exceeding, a. JuJj sdyid 

Exceedingly, ad.iS^jc^ 
kityr qawy; ajW! lilgdya; 
ij»>- giddan. 

Excel, of.f^i bam' (abrd)-, 
Jc jls fdq 'ala (afuq). 





Excellency, n . o:,\,^s'i'dda, 

/.his — the ministerjliUUiU- 

sa'ddet en nds ir -^JiVXii^e. 

^uiufet en ndzir. 

Excellent, «. ^^ ^azym 
Cuzdm); Jlc "dl. 

Except, vt. jji:-l istasna 

Except, pre. Sfl ilia; ^\j^ 
ger inn. 

Exception, n. Ut^l istis_ 
na, m. 

Excess, n. ol J zydda, f. 

Excessive, «. juIj zdyid 
(-yn); Ji4.l bdhiz (-yn). 

Exchange, vt. Jjh badal 
(abdil); JxUl istabdil (as^ 

Exchange, n.^\x^.Jistib^ 
ddl, m. aIjL. mibddla, f. 
stock - A^j^ bdrsa^ f. (bdr_ 

sdt). rate of — «k2.\\ Jji« mi^ 
"addil el qat\ m. 

Excitable, a. ^^y^^zyihyg 
qawdm (—u). 

Excite, vt. ^hayig (a-); 
i]j^ harrak (a-), -d ^.l* 

Excitement, n. c)^''haya_ 
gdn, m. 

Exclude, vt. ^^\ al),rag 
(ahrig); j^il ab'ad (aWid). 

Exclusion, n.^^j^Mhrdg-^ 
iUI ib''dd, m. 

Exclusive, «. »j:p- Dj^ ddn 
g^roh; Lit faqat. 

Excommunicate, vt. ^j,- 
haram (ahrim). 

B^xconimunication, n.^j>- 
hirm; c)^j>- hirmdn, m. 

Excrement, n.-f) wasak; 
^■^ subdh, m. 

Excursion, ". j^^i- miL 
wdr^ m. (masawyr) -^ A*^i 




nu^ha, f. 

Excusable, a. jjS** ma'__ 
;sAr (-yn). 

Excuse, vt.jJc'-asar (a"^ 
stir). — one's self jX\o\ i'-ta. 
za r(a''t izir).-m.Q\ J:.J io-lji" U 

Excuse,^. jJ£'\isr{a''zdr); 
jU:e.l i'tizdt\ m. (-dt). 

Execute, vt. (carry out) 
\j>.\ agra(agry); ^y '«_ 
malbi (a'mil); (hang) jii 
sanaq (asnuq); /•Jcl cCdam 

Execution, n. (carrying 
out) \jA igra; J.J.i? tanfyz; 
(capital punishment) ^\sc.\ 
i'ddm; jfis. sang, m. 

Executioner^ n. Jc^-« ma- 
kd'ly (-ia). 

Exempt, vt.^pafa(a"fy). 

Exempt, a. Jl~ mu'dfa 

Exemption, n. ol»U. m«_ 
"afdj.\if.\ i'fa^ m. 

Exercise, n.cjijtamryii^ 
m. (-di); \^j\c mumdrsa; 
4.^1 J rydda, f. 

Exercise, vt. ^jU mdris 
(("■-); Cjj'Tnarran (a-); Ja\j. 
rayiad fa—). 

Exert, vt. ^j.^ sa'a (as'a)-^ 
Sf>.\ igtahad (agtihid). 

YxQiWon.n .:>\fr^\lg t ihdd-, 
^^ sd'y, Ji>- gadd^ m . 

Exhalation, «, 7-1^. budJj; 
p-ly favodh^ m. 

Exhale, vt. a^ j »IL. talla^ 
ryha (yi-). 

Exhaust, vt. ^Jl aCab- 
(yitHb);S^if.nahak( yinh ik), 
-ed Ci^-i ta'bdn (-yn); cS^J^ 
Ijadldn (-yn). ~ with work 
A^zi\^>^^mayit min essugL 

Exhaustion^«.^«i ta'ab/n^ 

Exhaustive, a. jSj.. mu_ 




■daqqaq (-yn); J^i. mutau. 
v:)il (—yn). 

Exhibit^ ot. iSj) warra 

Exhibition^ n. j^^^, ma'_ 
■rad, m. (ma'^drid);A>-J fur_ 
ga, f. (furag). 

Exhort, vt. t.-" hass (a_ 
■hiss); ■^'^ nasah (ansah)] jS^\ 
anzar (amir). 

Exhortation, n. ^>-hass} 
jUil in,zdr,m.*^'^nosyha^ f. 

Exile, n. ji nafy, m.(per_ 
son)^manfy (-yn); ^>.^^. 
misargin (-yn). 

Exile, vt. j! nafa(anfy); 
Xfrj-' sargin (asargin). 

Exist, vi. ^>-j,\ inwagad 
(an to ig id); cj^kdn(ak{in). 
he -ed i,*-^* q^ ^'^n maw_ 
gud;Jj}c ij^kdn '^dyis. -ing 
^j>-y mawgCid (—yn). 

Existence, n. i^, ugud; 

U hdqa, m. «\^ hayd, f. 

Exorbitant, a. Jii-I ^e. rjU- 
hdrlg 'an el hadd. 

Expatriate, vt. J»-j rah_ 
hal (a-). 

Expatriation, n.^.j^jtar_ 
hyl, m. 

Expect, vt. jkil intazar 
(aniizir); \^\ istanna (as^ 

Expectation, n. j\k:i\ in^ 
tizdr; J*l amal, m. 

Expedite, vt. j^i sahhil 

Expedition, n. JUjI ir^ 
salyia (irsdlyidt); i,^ 
la, f. (hamldt). 

Expel, of. ijU tarad (at_ 
rud); ji nafa (anfy); ^>.^ 
sargin (a-). 

Ex\)er)se ,n .yJi^^mosrAf, 
m. (masaryf); *i)S"kulfa, f. 




(kulaf). go to — i_iijLi*^j^^ 
saraf masaryf (asruf). 
Expensive/t. S^cgd ly{-yn) 
Experience, n. jUi-l ihti^ 
bdr^ m. ej^^bibra; ^Aji di_ 
rdya, f. 

Experienced, a. jLii-1^^ 
sdhib ibtibdr (ashdb); j^ 
muhtabir (-yn). 

Experiment, n. aj ^f tag_ 
riha, f. (tagdrib); o^*^\im^ 
tihdn, m. (-dt). make an 
- y^j>. garrab (a-); ^if\im_ 
tahan (amtihin). 

¥jXT^eri,n. Jip\i'sdtir(-yn); 
»j\i- JftI ahl hibra. 

Expiralion,n,l^l intiha, 
m. A)l^ nahdya, f. 

Expire, Of. (terni)^l in_ 
taha (yintihy); ^Ja^i- bills 

Explain, vt. f^^ waddah 
(a-); j^ fassar (a-); q^ 

sarah (asrah). - this to me ! 
'■> (i*'^' fahhimny da. 

Explanation,/!, ^y taw_ 

Explode, yi-jUiaggrr/i-;; 
I^J farqa" (yi-). 

Exploration, n. ^IAki-I 
istiksdf^ m. 

Explore, vt.7A^sdh(asAh); 
._il,C;-.l istakslf (astaksif). 

Explorer, n, ?-l_>- sctuwdh 
(-yn>; ^ii^-* mustakslf 



Explosive, a. Vj^miyarga'. 

Export, of. jJu»so((ido(r(a-). 

Export, n.j:>\^sddir,m. 

Exportation, n. j,x^ <as_ 
dyr, m. 

Expose, vt. ^j>J. '■arad 
(a'- rid); J>'jt. ^arrad (a-); 
^Tkasaf (aksif). 

Exp 1 

Exposition, n. J^j- 'ard ■ 
ij^j^» marad^mjma^drid). 

Exposure, n. (_,^. j-j ia^- 
ryd, m . 

Express, o,. o"i-^^ mabsus 
(-yn),^''\)Wddih (-yn);Aj~'' 
saryh (-yn). - train j^ilj 
^^j\JX wahdr iksibrSs. 

Express, vt. jf- j^.i> 'abbar 
''an {a-j;j^\i\ashar(azhirj; 
^^) loaddah (a-). 

Expression, n.j^...Ua''byr 
(-dt); ^ytawdyh^m.(-dt); 
ojLp "ibdra^ f, Cibardi). 

Expropriate, vt. tSl» c.^ 
nasa" malakyia (ansa''). 

Expropriation, n.^-fl^ f-y 
naz" malakyia, m. 

Expulsion, n. :>)=> fard; 
Jnafy, m. 

Exqaisite, a. ^^li fd^ir 
(-yn); ^; nafys (-yn); 
^.y latyf (lutdf). 

M Ext 

Extend, vt. Jl- madd {a_ 
midd); J^U tauioil (a-J^^^y 
wassa' (a-). vi.s-~»\ imtadd 

(y-); J^ t<^i (yU.ui) ; ^-^ 

wisi" (yusa'). the railway 
-s as far as Alexandria^JV 
aj jX-.C.Ijtl. ^^\)Six^\es sik_ 
ka elhadyd wdda llhadd 

Extension, n. s. madd; 
ilj.:.l imtiddd; J'^ki tat- 
i^yl, m. 

Extensive, a. ^\y tcdsl^ 
(-yn); ^^z* muttasi'' (-yn). 

Extent, n. ^Ia:*! imtiddd, 
m. loUie-of £ 100 i.. "AiU 
i..:^ ligdyet myt gini. 

Extenuate, vt. ^a^ haffif 

Extenuation, n.^_iui ^a/?_ 


Exterior, a, j^y^barrdny 
f-yn); j-jU- li((rigy (~yn). 




Exterminate, vt. jJu>- .ki 
qata" gidr (aqta'j; j\:> »k; 
qata" ddbir. 

Extermination, n.jj^^^ 
q<^^'' gidr;j'\:, «ksga(' ddbir. 

Extinct, a. '^* ftrlg; ^i- 
li.ilis;^jl>ju\inqarcul-^i.'^^J^ U 
ma fys minnoh. 

Extinction, n.^^l^jil i/z_ 
qirdd, m. 

Extinguish, vt. jL tafa 

Extort, vt. ^Ja\ balmfab^ 
lus); ^^ salab (aslib); Jas^ 
samat [asmutj. 

Extortion, n.^i balsi^jL^ 
salb, m. 

Extortionate, a. J»l^is«m_ 
mat (-yn);la.!? samt. 

Extra, n.(>:>\i^jsydda(zya_ 
ddt); ij'^o "aldvoa^ f, r'cda_ 
wdt); ia^Jj rtisbyt. 

¥.xira.c[,vt .'^talla' (a-); 

^_,i-l islahrag fastahrag). 

Extract, n. -^ji^'mu stalls, 
rag, m. 4^>li- |JuldsaJ.^y2:'^ 
mall}as, m. 

Extraction, n. (drawing 
ouVj^ji.''\ is tiljrdg ■^{lineage} 
J^l osl; ^J nascib, m. 

Extrados,?z. a4J\ j^ dahr 
el ^aqd, m. 

Extraordinary, o. ^,}- 
garyb;Ji-\j,}ifdyiqelhadd-^ j^p g^v i'tyddy. 

Extravagance, n. <j\j-J 
isrdf;^!: labsyr^ m. 

Extravagant, a. (person) 
^j.^» musrif(~yn);jl.;>mu_ 
bassir (-yn);Ap~y.i* i>J.Aydoh 
maftuha (ydlmm). 

Extreme, n. ^}= tarf, m . 
Ai\^ nahdya, f.ji~\ dhi/\ m. 

Extreme, a. ab'ad: 
Ji^l asadd; li« ma'zam; jC\ 




Extremely, ad. \j^ gid 
dan; a.U) HI gdya. 

Extremity, n. >jjW farf 
(tur{i.f); J,j^ harf (huruf); 
js-l dJiir^ m. aA^ nahdya^ f. 

Eye, n. Cxs^^^n, f. (Hyun). 
— of a needle >j^ I . ^i- 6m rm 
el ibrri; »y^\ ^e. "^n el ibra. 
blind of one — j^c-( cCioar 
('Ar). in the twinkling of an 
-j^slAjfy lamhet hasar. 

ma infalaq. he tore his- 
ouiix.f-fiiqcUa'^ ^enoh. he cast 
down his — ais- j-j raha 
''inoh. I saw him with my 
own -s ujztVI^^. *ii-i saf_ 
toh bi'^inayia el itnen. I 
kept my — on him^. ts^^^-^ 
hallSt ^^ny minnoh. -baW 
(j<J\ ^ ninny el ''in, m.- 
brow _^U hdgib, m. (ha_ 
wdgib). -lashes ^. J rims, 

as far as the - can see a» \o' m. - \idji.>-gifn,m.(gifun). 
JiCj!iJ\U 'ala qadd ma en —salve ^C kuhl; Ji.z. sism , 
na;gar yimidd. he cried his m. - water .^U qatra, f. 
-s out jVi'il \IL \a.-.c-^ayiat lam_ (qatrdt). 


Fable, n.iX^hikdya(hi_ 
kaydt); ijjSo- haddtita, f. 

Fabricate, vt. y- 'amal 
(a'mil); Jii saggal (a-). 
Fabrication,n. J/- "amal; 




J.iir tasgyl, m. 

Facade, n. a^*-!^ wdgha,f. 
(waghdt)] J^j wiss^ m. 

Face, n. j^j wiss (wisusj; 
i>-j wagh, m. (cdoguh). - to 
— J:-^ j-j wlhs li wiss. 

Face, oi. J.U qdbil (a-); 
A>-lj wdgih (a-), 

i'acilitale, oi. J<~. sahhil 
^<^-)l o'y*' hauwin (ci-). 

Facility, n. a)^, sahAlaJ. 

Fact, n. AA-S*- haqyqa (ha^ 
qdyiq); JU-I i«»lj icdq'et el 
ffdl, f.(waqdyi'). in- ^1^1 J 
fll wdqi\ it is a — iJi*. ^^\ Ij 
daamr haqyqy. 

Faclory^n .4$o _^\»/a&r t//ca, 
/. (fabrykdt); J-r* ma'mal^ 

Faculty, n.A^\i-lidssyia'^ 
*iy masyia, f. 

Fade, ui. (flower) J. i dL 
bil (yidbal); (colour) ^ba. 

hat (yibhat); ij>- garad 

Fading, a. o^^i-i dabldn 
(~y'^); oW: bahtdn (-yn). 

Fail, vi. sjU- bdb (aliyb); 
ju«ii U ma nafcCs (anfa'^s) ; 
(in business) ^ fallis(a-). 

Failure, n. a^^ b^ba, f. 
^JAM taflys, m. 

Faint, a. w^-.J- da'yf (du- 
'df); oV ta'bda (-yn). - 
colour c^\ o) I6n bdhit. 

Vair\i,vi.^gimy (agma). 

Faint, n. U*" gamyo,, f. 

Fair, a. ^_r\.f^ kuwayis 
(-yn); Jc^ go-rnyl (gumdl); 
(hair) jlil asqar; jljiil as_ 
(jkjil abyad. the - sex ^^^1 
tJLUI el gins el latyf. 

Fair, n. J^ millid (ma^ 
wdlid); Jy^sA q,m.(as vodq). 

Fairness, n. Jl?- gamdl; 




jA^ baydd^m, i^\j.cHddla,f. 

Fairy, n. *.:»- glnnyia^ f. 

Faith, n. o^l ymdn^ m. 

Faithful, a. <:,_ul amyn (u_ 
mana); jjL> sddiq (-yn)i 
^>''y» mum in (—yn). com_ 
mander of the - oi^i.'^U j<>\ 
amyr el muminyn. 

Faithfully, ad. 4^1,1 bia_ 
mdnco AsU^i bisaddqa. 

faithfulness, n. iX>\amd__ 
nc(; ii\xasaddqa^ f. 

Fall, n. Ja^i- suqul] c-y\} 
uqu'j m. - \n llie price J^j,-- 
^J}\ni3ul et iaman. water 
- J:>U salldl, m. (-dl). 

Fall, vi.^i wiqi" (awqa"); 
iiS- saqat (asqat). lie fell 
asleeppiMoji-la/^ado/i en ndm 

Fallow, a. ^c,jy j.. ^jl 
airr/. mws ma^rd^a. 

False, a. (person) ^\j^ 
kadddb ; (thing) ^^' JL. 

mus sahyh, - coin (Jl_^_ 4^*" 
""umla barrdny. - hair _,»i 
tj^c sa'r "yra. - testimony 
j)j »:>l^ sihdda zur. 

Palsehood, n. ^^ kidb; 
j)j :;ut\ m. 

Falsification, n. ji^j tas- 
wyi\ m. 

Falsify , v t .f^j s autoar{a-) . 

Fame, n. ^».^ sy^, m. „j^ 
SLihra, f. 

Familiar, a. :>^»:. mit'aiu. 
w id(-yn);^\u>m uUddf-yn). 

Familiarily,no_)»)* tcCaw_ 
ud, m. iij^> mci^rifa^ /". 

Family, n. AjL.Ij fdmylia 
(fdmylidt); A/^la,f,Celdt). 
one who has a large - ^■>\^ 
^\s-sdhib ^ydl. 

Famine, n. p^>- gti'; Li 
qaht, m. 

Famish, vt. PjL\ ^y, c^\, 
mdt min eg ^^\ _ed ^Ikt 




qahtdti C—yn). 

Famous, a. j^^-' mashar 

Fan, n. io-iy marwaha, f. 

Fan, ot.rjytnarwahfa-); 
iS'jt^ hauwa (ahauwy). 

Fanatic, o, ,_^»:* mil'as-. 
sib(-yn); ^yif mithazzib 

Fanaticism, n. ^^^ ta_ 
^assub; ^-^ iahazzub, m. 

Fancy, n. i-j wahm (aw_ 
I took a - to tiim iz^->-habbi^ 
ioh; ^ "agabny. - dress 
ball .ji^^U\j bdllo masliara. 
P'ancy, y^ ^i^ itwohhim 
(a t Loahh im); j^^'Mtsau tear 

Far, a. A;.! bi^yd (bu'dd). 
as — as aL lihadd; ajU ligd_ 

bi ^■amdft. how-? u** -*.i- 
lihadd f4n. - from well J- 
\1,\ ^Aptnus tayyib abadan. 
Fare, n. (price) .f^ugra, 
f. (agar), bill of - Ui^ 
0'y_,^=lu kasfel makuldt. 
Farewell, int.i^^J\^ma'' 
es saldma. 

Farm, n. iu> g^t, m. (gy_ 
tdn).\arge - Aj_:,\^)\ab'adyia, 
f. (abd'id). 

Farmer, n. ^ falldh 
(-yn); f-j\y muzdri" (-yn). 
Farrier, n . jlk-. bytdr (ba^ 

Fascinate, vt. _^ saMr 
(ashir); Ja-5\ ^U salab el 

Fascination, n. j*f sihr, 
m. ^.1 iV gdzbyia, f. 

Fashion, n.»:>y» mdda, f. 
(moddt); ^kasm, m. out 


t, by -^-JCT biktyr; (jV.j. of - «a; »ij»tn6da qadyma. 




in this — (i J Ail jDl bit tary_ 
qa dy. 


Fast, n.^)^sdm;A^syAm , 

Fast, oi. fU sdm (aiiim). 
-ing >rL» sdyim (—yn). 

Fast,, a. (firm) o;\j' sdftj^ 
<'-J/'^>; </^ md/em (-yn); 
(quick) j«ly qawdm. - asleep 
»_^J\ ij J^J-garqdn fin ndm. 
hold — ._^S.^»\imsik tayyib 

V-AS\.tn,vt Xi jrahat(arbul). 

Faster, a. J.^^\y qawdm 
aktar. walk - ! ^^\ j,,\ 
imsy bil 'agal. 

Fat, n.^idihn; ^^ sahm, 
m. - of sheep's tail ^lyia,f. 

Fat, a.^simyn(sumdn)\ 
^x» mudhin (-yn). 

destiny) jAi« muqaddar. 

Fate, n. jMqadat\ m. ac*^ 
qisma, f. by - and accident 
jjiaHj LialldiZ qadawil qadar. 

Fated^ f'.j-'^" muqaddar. 

Lather, n. ^\abb(-ahdt); 
j>\ aba. - in law f-^amm (d_ 
mdm). grand — J^gidd (gL 
dud), god - jui si&j/n (sa_ 
bdyin). step - j'Vl J^ gdz el 
umm. -land ^j watan,m. 
(awtdn). -less^^\ ^yatym 
el abb (yutama). 

Fathom, n. a. Is qdma^ f. 

Fatigue, vt. ^.n ai'ab 

Fatigue, n. v_«r ta'ab, m. 
A.11* makiqqa^ f. 

Fatiguiug,a. ,_.»x*mut^ib. 

Fatness, n. AiC simna, f. 

Fatal, a. (deadly)^c mul Falten.vt .jt'sammin{a-). 
myt; ^l^. muhlik; rfrom | Vau\l,n. AiJcganaJ.(gaL 




tdt)^^j> '4h, m. (^iyAb). it is 
your - <iX^c^^i.\elhaqq "alik, 
-\ess^s-J.^J> \»ma fyhs '^&. 

F'aulty, a, j^ss mahquq 
(-yn); ^\c "dyib C-yn). 

Favour, n. ^jj« ma'ruf; 
J.?- gimyl; JJi» fadl, m. in 
my - J^jW tayyib ly. do me 
tlie — ! tJjj'" J J*^' Vmil ly 

Favour, vt. »^ akram 
(akrim); ^ j^\ an^am ''ala 

Favourable, a. ^l^latyf 

F'avourite, n. y^y^< mafy^ 
bdb (-yn); ^^^ mahsAb 

Favouritism; n. a^.^-.»= 
mahsubyio-; ji'l^W \s-\^ 
ra'yiet el bawdiir,f. 

Fear, n. ^y- hdf, m. for 
- of ^y ^^ &(5/'an min. 

Vesiv,vt.^\^ l}df(a-). he 
— s his father .^1 ^. ^li^ yi_ 
lidf min abuh. 

Fearful, a. ^J^ ^i s^ yi_ 

Feast, n.J..f-^yd,m .(o'-ydd). 

Feast, ui. J_.P 'a(/jd fa -A 

Feather, n. ^)_ J rysa, f. 
(rysj. birds of the same — 
flock together U'SCil Jc j^.U\ 
.i' e( tuyur 'ala askdlha 

Features, n. j-jl ».Uliia._ 
qaty'' el wiss, f. 

Febru ar y , n .j. \j^fibrdyir, 

Feddan, n. o^M fadddn^ 
m. (fadadyn). 

Fee, n. ,j>-\ ugra, f. ^ 
ta^ab (afdb); ^-j rasm, m. 


Feebleness, n .^^^du'f, m. 

Feed, vt.^fjioakkil(a-j; 




.U ta"am (a-). -ing-boUle 
4cUj raddd'a, f. 

Feel, vt, ^y^ hass (ohiss); 
J.Z. sa'^ar (as'ir), - with the 
hand ^^^ gass (agiss). 

Feeling, n. ^\^>-\ ihsds 
{-dt);j^m.i, sadr^ m. 

Feign, ot. ^Ikil itzdhlr 
(atsdhir); j-':,\ idda'a (ad^ 
dl'y). he -cd to be ilUo-jjJj.^ 
Z)\j- 'amal rdhoh 'ayidn. 

Feigning, n. ^^Ikr tazd_ 
hur, m. A-j'-hijla^ f. 

Felicitate, o(!. J ^j\bdrik 
li(a-); ijbhanna(ahanny). 

Felicitation, n, Jijj tab_ 
ryk, m. xj.^z tahnyia, f. 

Fellah, /I. ^'>'>/'a//rt/i (-yn). 

FelloWj n. (person) ^jo- 
gada" (g (d'f^n j;(componion) 
Jjj rifyq (rafdyiq); J,.J 
simyl(sumala). poor-! \ 

ijf^M ya maskyn. 

Fellowship, n. ^-^■'suhbai 
4.a>j r ifqa, f. 

Fell, n. :,IJ labbdd, m. 

Female, n.AjL; nitdya (n L 
taydt; nily). 

Feminine, n. >i.;^. muan^ 
naSj m. 

Fence, n. ^.jj zarbyiu,f, 
(sarbyidt);-j>.\p- hdgiz, m. 

Fencing, n. ^J\^ iVb 
es sildh^ m. 

Fender,^. ^'} farmala, f, 

Fenugreek, ixA^o-hilba^ f. 

Ferment, vt. ji~ hammar 
(a—).vi.ji~liirnir (yiljmar). 

Fermentation, n.j^^i talj^ 

Ferrule, n. a-Sc^- gilba, f, 
(gilab); ^^tuq^mJatiodq). 

Ferry, n.^iS^^ma'addyia, 




(ma'addyidt). - man (ijlJb« 
ma^adddwy (~ia). 
Fertile, a. ^^jj muljsib. 
Fertility, n. ..^■^l}usb,m. 
,_)ijVl l:>jp^gddet el ard, f. 

Festivity^ n. s.c 'yd, m. 
(ct'-ydd); Ac]} walyma, f. 

Fetch, vt. ^\^gdb (agyb); 
JcjJ.:> fat lis ^ala (a-). - me 
your book! dlV:5^J oU hdt 
ly kltdbak. 

Fetter, n. aJ q4d., m. (qi_ 

Feu-de-joie, n. t^Jd *:A- 
saldm nary, m. 

Fever, n. ^ him ma; Ai^*^ 
sidCma, f. - and ague *jjj, 
bardyia, f. 

Feverish, a. J-\ oU 'ay_ 
idn bil himma (-yn); j^ 
subn (-ynj. 
Few, ct. J:)^ qciiyl', Aj^^sa. 
wayia. - piastres j^J i 

kdm qirs. 

Fez, n. j-i\_)^ iarbiis, m. 

Fiance J n. ^.j^^'orys Cir_ 

Fiancee, n. i^jj- 'arusa 

Fibre, n. (of dale-palm) 
^J lyf, m. 

Fickle, a.Jj}^tdyis(-yn). 

Fickleness, n. ijXi^layd^ 

Fiddle, n. i.-:>^S hamanga 
(kamangdt). native — aiV;j 
ribdba, f. (ribabdt). 

Fidelity, n. a;UI amdna-, 
ii\A^ saddqa^ f. 

Fidget, vi. jl5 qiliq (aq_ 

Fie, int.^J=.;^\ ilis; ^.c-'4b. 

Field, n. J^-p get, m. (gy_ 
tdn). battle — ^J~\ u^A;* rny^. 
ddn el harb. - hospilal 






^\,\i') iy^t^Msbitdltja naqqcUy . 

- officer ^k«^ Jailli zdhit 'a_ 
sym. — marshal jO, musyr 

Fierce/t.^^ saris (-yn). 

Fierceness, n. ^-I^i sard_ 
set, f. 

Fiery, a. (ijl; ndry. 

Fifteen, a. ^l:^^ damas^ 

Fifth, a. ^.\i- (jdmis. one 

- part j_^?- Jiums, m. (ah- 

Fifty, a. t>.^-?- bamsyn. 

Fig, n. Ai-T ii/na, Z'. r'^j/nj. 
I do not care a - for him Ulll 
A.\cj^\Jana ma asdls ^aUh, 

- eater -^i^'SC bikafyga, — 
paste pSU 4o-lj rc'i/iei! AaZ_ 

Fight, oi. (mal<e war)^jU 
Mrih (a-); (quarrel) ^lil 
ithdniq (atf}dnig);^j[j>\id_ 

ddrib (adddrib). 

Plght, n. (war) ^j>- /iar&, 
m. (hurCib); (quarrel) wUi- 
Uindqa^ f, (^inaqAt). 

Figure, n. >j)^ sura, f, 
(suwar); ^i sikl (askdl); 
^S^kasm; ^^jrasm,m. (ru_ 
sumdt); (in playing cards) 
liyy Mji waraqo, mizauwa_ 
qa,f. numerical - ij raqm 
(arqdm); ^^c ^adad, m. (a'_ 

File, n. (tool) ^ju mabrad 
(mabdrld); (row) ^^ saff 
(sufuf);{o? papers)uS^mllaff^ 
m. (-dt) ; A-^ji ddsya, f. 
(-hdt). - dust o'ji. burd_ 

File, vt. (cut with a file) 
ij barad (abrud); (a letter) 
^i^ hafaz (ahfaz). 

Filigree, n.^liiJisiY^ tsf/,m. 

Fill, vt. ;>l. mala (amlaj. 


— up *ij radam (ardim). 

Inllel, n. (meat)yii fyl^t_ 
to, m. 

Filter, n. (European) j:tli 
filiar; (native) ji J syr, m. 
fazydr). .. stand ixy ma^_ 
yara, f. (mazyardt). 

ViMer ,ot .^ijrauwaq(a-); 
^u> saffa (asaffy). 

Filth, n. 'fi wasah, m. 
4i-L.j wasdlia^ f. 

Filthy, a. ^j wisll}(-yn). 

Final, a. JV nahdy; j.^1 
aliyr; J^ Jiitdmy. 

Finally, ad. T^^l adyran; 
ji-'VI j fil dhir. 

Finance,n. aJI. mdlyia, f. 

Financial, a. JU mdly. - 
Adviser Jl> jl^-« mustasdr 

Find, ot. J laqa (alga); 
Jko-j wagad (awgad). — out 
J-U-.I istadall (astidill); 

195 Fir 

Fine, a. (thin) «Jj rufay^ 
ia^(-ynj; (nice) ^^/^ ku_ 
wayis (-yn). -weather^_,.ii» 
J-^-togs gamy I. - bread (_^;P 
^i-> '^s fyno;^y>\i^^j.s. 'es 6^.?.. 

Fine, n. A^ljP gardma, f. 

Fine, t"!. p'^ gar ram (a~K 
be -d .jC- girim (agram). 

Fineness, ra. ^ ruf ,m. 

Finger, n. pA.^ mhd", m. 
(sawdbi"). fore — j^ill c^LaH, 
es s«&(i' eZ musyr. middle - 
Jlk-j^l p[.^\ essubd' el wcis_ 
tdny. little -^..a^klel /jansar. 

Finish, vL^y^^ Jjallasfa-);. 
jvc tammim (a-), vi. ,jaii- 
dilis (yihlas); f- tamm (yi_ 
timm); ^ flrig (yifrag). 

Finish, a. 4l2-» sttf/Za; iJL 
lam^yia, f. 

Fir, n. j^* sara, m. 




FirC;, n.j\) ndr^ m. (con_ 
flagration) 4ij^ haryqa^ f. 
(haryqdt). cutch — j\i ai-l 
a^f'd ndr(ydl}ud); ^,wili\ 
add fuel lo the - UVp ^(WCU 
ga yikahhalha 'omdha; ^^j 
4.1 (j|ik\\ ^dd e( (j/a balla, a 
burnt child dreads the - JU 

^addoh et ti'bdn yij}dfmin 
el habl. - arm tSjli t-^^- 
sJMA ndry^ m. — bar Ail 
bds , m. - man ^j!^ ?«- 
rumbagy (-ia). - brigade 
A..Jhi\ f\^(- ^asdkir et tu_ 
rumbn. - engine ji j=- Vj^ 
turumbet har yq J .(tiirum^ 
bdt). — man a..jU (^JCp '«s_ 
kary turumba. - placejWj 
loigdq (-dt); cjy'^ kanun , 
m.(kawanyn). - proof ^__p,* 

^UQ. - wood'- katab^ m. 

- works jjlji" hardyiq, f. 

Fire, o^. ^j walla' (ci-j-^ 
(a gun) AJaJ\ v_._,^ darab 
el bunduqyia (adrab). 

Firm, a. ^.l' sdbit (-yn); 
Cjkz* matyn. he is- J»-j ^* 
*j\o- huwa rdgil hdzim. 

Firm, n. <^i sirka, f. 

Firman, n.^X-jfaramdn, 
m. (-dt). 

Firmness, n. oU sabdt, 
m. Ail;, maidna, f. 

First, «. J^l auwil. the — 
i]ii\elauwil-,j'^i^\ elau^ 
wildny. at — JjVl J /?^ at<- 
wil; ^^\ iS:>\ j /y bddy el 
amr. twenty- (jtj-lc-j Jo-ljl 
eZ wdhid we Hsryn. -horn 
jCbikr. - rateJW 'dZ; Jjl^y 
4^ji m/n auwil daraga. 

Fish, n. <6^c'' samaka, f. 
(samak). small — ajjV-j 




bisdrya, f. native salted - 
Asi"' fisyha, f, (fisyb). — roe 
fjlkj batdrid,^ m. 

Fish, vt. die" jUx-sl istdd 
samak (astdd). 

Fisheries, n. ^,\.-a» masd^ 
yid, f. 

Fisherman, n. tLir jL^ 
sayidd samak (-yn). 

Fishing, n. diir'l ji;«=. s^d 
es samak, m. 

Fist, n. A;5o lukkamyia 
(lukkamyidt); aJ^, bunyia, 
f. (bunyidt). 

Fii,n. i^jndbaj. (nobdi), 
man of -s and starts J<»-ij 
t^l^ft r<J^t7 ha cod y. 

Fil,a.v_^-U. m indsib(-yn); 

wdflq (—yn). he is not - to 

be a chief ^_ J o^.ij-*^.^ 

ma yisahhis yikun rayyis. 

Fit, vt. j»lj wdfiq (yi-); 

v_^l; ndsib (yi--). this coat 
-s me ''Jcj_y,< iS:>>J\J\ es sat_ 
ra dy tigy "alayia. 

Fitness,/!. aJU lydqa;<...\u 
m indsba; iiiSy muwdfqa ,f ^ 

Fitter,«olj; barrdd(-yn). 

Fitting, a. w-.-^^ minds ib 
(—yn); ^y\^muwdfiq (-yn). 

Five, ct. A-^ hamsa. 

Fix, n. »ji>- hyra ; iS=jy 
warta, f. 

Fix, vt. cJ sabbit (a-};^ 
^j rakkib (a-); (limits)- 
i^p- haddid (a-), -ed ^.\i 
sdbit;jj.. muqarrar. -ed 
pay aU^j. KJ^\Amdhyia mar.. 
biUa. — ed price i^JuJ ^y ta. 
man mahddd. 

F'lag, n.»j,j.i; bundira, f. 
(banadyr); jj^i bSraq, m. 
(baydriq).- of stone A«jjr 
tarby'a,f.(taraby"). - staf! 
(,_,,-vJ\ j^.W "amud el bun- 




dira, m. 

Flame, n. -Jjl.i sa'lAla, f. 

Flamingo, n. J^tZ-i ha_ 
sards^ m. 

Flannel, n. 4^\-> fanella, 
f. <^j^ t^iif. m. 

Flap,yi. ^jjrafraf (yi-). 

Flash, n. oU lama''dn;^j_ 
barq, m. 

Flash, vi. Jj. haraq (yib- 
rug); «l lama" (yilma"). it 
— ed through my mind Jojk>- 
J,l datar "ala bdly. 

Flask, n. ^U fydska, 
f. (fyaskdt). 

^•^* m isaitah (-yn K 

Flatten, vt. k^battat/a-). 

Flatter, vt. r)>-f^ masah 

Flatterer, n. ry^A^>mas_ 
:sdh gO,}} f-t//z;;^ft,lji, mudd_ 

hin (-yn). 

Flattery, n. ^>- 4^ mash 
g{iU, m. Ax».\x» muddhna, f. 

Flavour, n,i^jryha;Kt.'^> 
fakdha^ f. 

Flax, n.d^-^kittdn; ^ 
qinnibj m. 

Flea, n. Oj«^j) U^rgut, m. 

Flee, vi.^y^ harab (ah^ 
rab);J farr (aflrr). 

P'leece, n. o^j farwa, f. 

V\e.ece,vt.y^gazz(ag izz); 
(rob) ^^ nahab (anhab); 
kli qassat (a-). 

l'''leet,n. *c'ji dunanma, 
f. (dunanmdt). 

Flesh, n. i- lahm, m. 

Flexibility, n. orji lyn,m. 

Flexible, a. ^s)=> tary; Oijl 

Flight, n. ^,y>, hurAb; (of 




birds) c^j^^'tayard.n, m. (ofjs^i, m. (siyul). -of the Nile 

stairs) \^saldlim, f. 

^Se~had af (a hd i f) . 

Flint, n. o'^-» sauwdn, m. 
~ gunA.ik-i) -Uj.;; bunduqyia 

Flirt, vl. jji-li ndgis (a-); 
jja..^) basbas (a-) . 

Flirty n. Aliity mar a nig^ 

Flirtation, n. aIpIu mi_ 
ndgsa; a-ij^i basbasa, f. 

Float, 0^. pp "auwim (a—), 
vi. Ac ^dm (a'^Am). -ing Ac 
'dyim (-yn). 

Flock, n. «-k5 ga(?/\ m. 

Y\og,ot X^^j-^darab 'al_ 

Flogging, n. ^^J, darb; 
4'^ gald, m. 

Flood, n. j> garaq; J--. 

JJ\ ol j ^'l/ddei en nt/Z, f. 
^^^nyl; (jLkj fayaddn, m. 

l'\oodi, vt.jj-garraqfa-), 

Floor,n. ^j^j^ard, m.Kji>j\ 
ardyia, Z'. - of a house jji 
ddr, m. (adiodr). - of a 
bridge ^j> fars, m. 

HoOF;, vt.)^ballat (a-); 
^ii- Uassib (a-). 

Florist, n. ij) <>lji bay id" 
ward (-yn). 

Flour, n. jJj diqyq; Cj^ 
tihyn, m. 

Flow, n. u^i-" sayaldn; 
o\.jT gO'i^aydn, m. 

Flow^ vi. JL sdl (yisyl); 

Flower, n. oj(bj zahra^ f. 
(zahr).— yaseAijbj;guhryia^ 
f.(zuhryidt). - pot a.^ 
qasryia, f. (qasdry), 

F\ower, vl.^^jzahhar(yi-) 




Flush, n. j\j!-\ ihmirdr, 
m. - irrigation ^^-Ijli c$JI er 
ray bir rdha. 

Flush, oi. jX~\ ihmarr 

Flute, n. (ili ndy,m.(-dt). 

Flux, n. Ju madd, m. 

Fly, n. Aili dibbdna (dib^ 
bdn);>j,Udra,f. (tdr), - flap 
iL:tminc(ssa, f. (mlnassdt). 

Fly, vi.Ji'h tdr (atyrj. ot. 
j^tayiar(a-), - otj^i,habb 
fy(ahibb); ^j*^ hagam ^ala 
(ahglm). — into a passion 
0_,»«n iCafrat (aVafrat), 
— the colours .j^ju.1\«sj ra/'a' 
el bund^ra (arfa^). 

Foal, n.jf muhr, m. >j^. 
muhra, f. 

Foam, n. oji-j ragwa^ f. 

Foam, vi. J- J ragga (yi_ 

Fog, n. tjyj, sabiira, f. 

^\^J>dabdb, m. 

Foil, n. u^i fdya, f. 

Fold, n. (plait; 4_j tanya 
(tanydt); (for sheep) 4^jJ 
ziryba^ f. (zardyib). 

Fold, vt. j.Unbbaq (a-); 
^> tana (at ny)^ 

Folding, n.ira.Jh.Uulbyqa; 
Ajj tan ya^m.- doorS(jj:»jA,k_,l; 
bdb bidarflten. 

Follow, ot, (go after; ^ 
taba'- (atba"); a.; V ga bo!-d 
(agy); Ij^ '* misy wara 
(amsy); (imitate)<^JJ'<^ V/maZ 
zay (a^m il); M qalUd fa-). 
as-spl y*^ kama huioa 

Follower, n. »Ar tdbi' (at_ 
bd''); 9-\j\ ^» min atbd\ 

Fo\]ow[r\g,a.^\ dt y{- yh); 
iS'^c^-gdy (-yn). the - year 
Uj-; J!\ <:J\ es sana elly 




Folly, n. *1.U 'abdta, f. 
(J^gindn, m. 

Fond, a. ^s^muhibb(-yn); 
^y.. mugram (-yn). be - of 
._^ hahh (cthibb). 

Food, n. JT'l akl; .l,U 
iu'dm, m. 

Fool, foolish, a. ^..^'abyt 
CubtJi ^^^magnun (maga- 
nyn); J.».l ahbal (hubl); Jls 
^yi,i\qalyl el "aql.make a - of 
L.t,:^\ istcCbat (asta'bcU). it 
is - of you dX^ 4.ULC. (^i dy 
'abdta minnak. 

Foot, n. ^^'Tjrighf. (-^n), 
fJi qadam, m. (aqddm). 
- path ^.-aj rcisyf (arsifci)-^ 
j^yj terotwdr, m. (-dt). 
on — j-X» mdsy; a-Uj Jc V(/a 
riglih.-o^ mountainJ-i-l<i-' 
safh eg gabal, m. ~- stool 
ujUjl) ^.fkursy lir rigUn. 
running - man j_^_U sdyis 


For, pre. J U; J<^V to^-^;: 
ol^V(«(t7^,■^jltlo'clfc(^(^n. - how 
much ? <o bikdm. as - ^^.^ 
li>-min gihet. what will you 
take - it? ^'aJ Ji-l' i«/j«d 
/■f/Zi kdm. — all thatd.Ujj_^». 
ma' kali ^dlik.l have not 
seen him - a week *.?- J j. ioega Zy gum'a ma 
kiftiis. he left — London ^iU 
ijA-} Je s(^/ir 'aZa Idndra. 

Forage, n. jic 'aZt/q' ('a- 
Idyiq); ^\c 'alaf^ m. 

Forbid, vt.^>mana'' (am_ 
na^);^ryharrag ^ala(a-), 
God — ! 4ji\ _c' V fa samdh 
allAh; jJii "^ 4il alldh la yU 

Force, n. »y quwa, f. by 
- j^j^\. 6i^ ^flr;j^JL.\,6iZ gubr. 
regulations in - a^p^II ^j^l)! 
eZ lawdyih el mar^yia. - 




iLnSiieare>jt.\i tjlquwa qdhra. x.>-j\i-^\>-gihdt hdrgyiaj. 
Force, vt. ^jl alzam (aL 
'im)j,^cgasab (agsib). — a dim (-yn 

door ^\j.Skasar bdb(ak_ 

sar). -d labour ,ji^ subra) edduhr-^ ^ sabh, m. 

Aijf. '6na; 4i/ ^amalyia, f. 

Forceps, n. \At» milqdt 
(malaqyt); z^i^ gift, m. 

Ford, vt,j^^Ujaa wad(a-). 

Fore, n. »xu muqdim,m. 
— and aft ji-^.^ ^Xa.»muqdim 
we mCihir. 

Fo rearm, n. a;j sind, m. 

Forefather, n.jc>-gidd, m. 

Forehead, n. »jy qura, 
f. (qurdt); a^.>- gibyn, m. 

luireign, foreigner /< 

F'o reman, n. ,A4« miqad. 

Forenoon, n.j^^\ ^-^qabl 

Foresee, vt. iijAt-.^\istad_ 
rah (astadrak). 

Foresight, n. ij<^\basyra, 
/. jUi nazar, m. 

Forest, n. ^jli- gdba, f. 
(gabdtji j^^^ hirs,m.(ah^ 

Foretell, vt. J^:„0 sJjC- 
'irifel mustaqbal (a^raf). 

Forever, ad. -uiUUU J( 
ilamasd alldh; jiVI J* Hcil 

Forfeit, vt. 



(altsdr)i Ajcgirim (agram). 
garyb(gurb); ^^\^\ agnaby Forfeiture, n. ^Jui^hisd. 
(agdnib). - oii\ce\^j\^\ ^Ijo r«; \>\j, gardma, f. 
dywdn el Lidrgyia. - sub_ Forge, o(:.(counlerfeil)jjij 
ject At\^himdya. - countries sauwar (a-); Jii qallid(a-); 




{hammer) J jl tar rag (a-), 

¥orge,n.jpk{ir, m. (ak_ 

F''orger, n. (falsifier) jyy 
mi:;auwar (—yn). 

Forgery ,n.x)^tasi-oyr,m. 

F'orget, ot. ^^J nisy (an_ 
sa). I forgot Jli ^. ^\j rdh 
min bdly.' do not - ! ^-;J pj\ 
u'ci tinsel, 

F'orgelful, a. (iLi nassdy 

F'orgetfulnesS;. n. oW' 
nasaydn, m. 

Forgive, ot. A^ sdmih 
(ci-);^ f^safah 'anfasfah); 
^p js^ '■afa 'an (cCfy). 

Forgiveness, n. 4*:\-.» m.i_ 
sdmha, f. yp 'afu,m. 

Fork, n. ^i sdka, f. 

Form, n.^Jisikl(askdl); 
^^kasm, m. t!i.j>> hayd, f. 

(haydt). printed- dlJj^l or_ 
n^k, m. (aranyk); »jlj-.l is_ 
timdra, f. (istimardt). 

Form, vt.^^f- 'amal (a''_ 
m il)i J$Ci. sakkil fa-). 

Formal, a. j.'j rasmy; 
(Sj'>^ sdhiry. 

Formality, n.^^jrasm,m. 

Formally, cd. U-j ras^ 
m y ian . 

Formation, n. ui/j tak_ 
ooyn; JiCtJ takkyl, m. 

Former, a. i^Vjl auwald^ 
ny (-yn); j,L sdbiq (-yn). 

Formerly, ad. ^iH\ j fil 
auwil; ^}AJ\ jfll sdbiq;^\.j 

Fort, n. Us qata (qiW); 
AolU tdbya, f. (tawdby). 

Fortifications, n. oV.'^^l 
istihkamdt^ f. 

Yoxixiypt.^'^hassan [a-). 





Vorinighi, n.t^jCjL^-gum'U^n 

Fortunate, ct.c^^* muhhcU 
(—yn); J.«-.. mus^ad (-yn). 

Fortunately, ad. cJ-^, ^> 
min b^ht. — for you dUsi ^« 
min bcthtak. 

Fortune, n. Ji»- hasz; zJ^. 
baht; (wealth) JU mdl, m. 
tell one's — j^J\ ^ju bayin 
el baljt (a-), make a - J**" 
^^ "amal filCis (cCmil). 
-teller vl-^U ^. J»-j rAgil 
yiftah el ba1it]^>j ^\j.j,rJar^ 
rdb raml(-yn). 

Forty, a. (J^«!j( arbl'yn. 

Forward, vt. ^z, sayia'- 
(a-);^..)ba'-at(ab'at). be -ed 
(letter) A.*-\Ji j\..^y j*.^) ylsyr 
tatosyloh 11 sdhboh, 

Fo rwa rd , ad. (► UsU jg« dddm 

Foster-brother, n. j ^ 
4cUj)l ahb fit' ridd'a. 

Foul, ad. -fi wisifi. (-yn); 

Found, vt.^j^^\assis(a-); 

liil ansa (ansy). 
Foundation, « .^i.-«lj" tdsys; 

^Ll asds (-dt); (wall) jU*- 

giddr, m. 

Founder, n. ^j— V "^"- 
assis (-ynjj (one who casts 
metals) ilL- sabbdk (-yn), 

Foundery, n. dl.-.« mas- 
bak, m. (masdbik). 

Foundling, n. kiL milaq^ 
qat (-yn). 

Fountain, n. jjc 'en (H_ 
yun)\ >jjndfara(nofa7\lt); 
^.Z^i fasqyia, f. Ja^ sibyl^ 
m. (asbila). 

Four, a. i.^\j\arba'^a. walk 
on all -s ^aijVl Jo ^t, m isy 
'alalarbcCa. - footed ^ jl aS 
t>».Uj loh arba" rlgUn. 

Fourteen, a.^il:.tjl arba^_ 




Fourthj a. «)lj rdbi\ one 
— part »;j rub", m. (arbci^j. 

Fowl^ n. j_^l» ter, m. (tu- 
yur); 4i-jj farfja^ f, (flrdli). 


Fz'aciion, n.j.^kasr, m. 

Fi'iinkness , n .fja^i^\ ih Ids, 
m. *jU-9 saddqa, f. 

I'Vaud, n. Js. giss; J^-j 
dagal, m. 

Fraudulence, n. ^^\; ta_ 
Wub, m. 

Fiee, a. j^ hurr (ahrdr). 

Fragile, a. /.ly^jG ym_- of charge ^j,!^i balds; ^» 

kisir qatodm; ._J«S\ /.t^* 
sary- el "atab. 

Fragment, n. A.t:^hitta,f. 
{hi tat). 

Fragranl, a. a-j/^a<:j 4S 
loh ryha kuwayisa. 

Frame, n. (picture) J^jj; 
birwdz (barowyz); (win_ 
dow; 6\.L\\ jU halq eh sib_ 
bdk, m. 

Franc, n. ^} firank^m. 

France, n.\JiJ> faransaj. 

A^\ ^U salym en nyia{-yn). 

^)i j*fi min gir filus. — 
school ajU A^jJi* madrasa 

Free, vt. jj^ hurrar (a-); 
jlfr "ataq (a'taq). 

Freedom, n. a.^^- hurry _ 

Freemason, n. J^-U ma_ 
sdny (-ia). 

r^reemasonry, n. aj^-^* 
masdnyia, f. 

Freeze, oi. £ iallig (a-); 
jjs^ glmid (agmad). 

Freight, n. (cargo) j-j 
wasq;^jf^ sahn,m.{h\re)oh^ 




nawlAn, m. 
French, Frenchman, a. 

iS}\.JiJ faransdwy (-ia). 

Frequent, a.J*:t^^\'^>zyih- 
sal kilyr. 

Frequent;, of. J^i^jTl it. 
raddad 'ala (atraddad). 
-ed road *ij^k* a$C sikka 

Frequently, cid. ,jy^^\j. 
marrdt kityra. 

PYesh, «. »jlr tdsa; ^U 
sdbih (-ynj. — water o^- a.* 
mayia hilwa. 

I'reshness, n. .jl^W tard^ 
loa; i^Jaj ruttiha^ f, 

Friclion, n. dU hakk; 
iJlSop-l ihtikdk^ m. 

Friday, n. -u^l ^y. y6m eg 
gum^a. m. 

Friend, n. ._^U sdhib(as. 
hdb); ^y^->- habyb(habdyib). 

Friendship, n. 4^<f sa_ 
hubbyia, f. 

Frigate, n. ^tliji furqdta^ 
f. (furqatdt). 

Fright, n. ^y^ Ijdf, m. 
a - <v-ii- hadda, f. 

Frighten, vt. ^ji- fiauwif 
(o, ~); ij^i. dadd (aliudd). 

Frightful, a. wi-ss muhyf; 
^y^'-ij^si yif}auwif. 
Frill, n. iJiijkur^sa^ f_ 
Fringe, n.^\^sigdf(-di); 
^j^ barg, m. (hurug). 

Fritter, n. ^^l2l\ :l/' luq- 
met el qddy, f. 

Frivolity, n. ^ili taydsa; 
^Iplk^hiffet'aql, f. 

Frivolous, a. J:jli=> tdyis 
(-yn); Jaj\ ,_i-i^ dafyf el 
'aql (bufdf), 

I'ro, ad.ljjwara, to and - 
iJLaj lift hena we hendk. 
I'rock, n.J^k^ifustdn,m. 




(fasotyn); ojys tannAra, f. 

Frog, n. *cJ^J>dufda'a, f. 

From, pre. ^, min. 

Front, n. ^si. muqdim^ 
jXasadr , m. in - of-.lAsg'Md_ 
ddm. shirt - ^ja^i^\ jj^sudr 
el qamys,m. 

Frontage, n. i^\,wdgha^ 
f. (wagkdt); j^i wiss^ m. 

Frontier, n. ^c^ hadd, m. 
(hudud). —province '^iji->^ 
iiii-\mudyryiet elhud{id,f. 

T'rown, y i./^yiwssar[a-). 

Frown, n.^iS^taksyr,m. 

Frugal, «. -i^'j zdhid. 

Frugality, n.At.jzuhd,m. 

Fruit, n. *f\* fdkha, f. 

Fruiterer, n. j\^ faka_ 
hdny (-ia). 

Fry, vt. J» ^ctfef (aqly). 

-ing panAiy^i^miqldya (ma 
qdly); t^UauwaJ.{tauiodt), 

Fuel, n. ^kp- hatah; sjf 
wiqyd, m. 

Fugitive, n. ol _,*> harbdn 
(-yn); (j^liW tafsdn (-ynj. 

Fulfil, vt.^l tammirn(a-); 
(Si} adda (aaddy). 

Fulfilment, n.^'tatmymi 


J;$s; taktnyl, m. 

Full, a.^»malydn(-yn). 
at — speed ^j-ii _,;- 1 Jc "ala 
d(iir nafas. 

FuUv, ad. C\l tamdman: 
-Ijll bit tamdm. 

Fun, n. <^^ dihk-^ jlj* h i_ 
zdr. make - of Jc Jli^dihik 
^ala (adhak). 


Functionary, /I. ^t^^mw-. 
xjoazzaf (-yn). 

Fund, n. JU mdl, m. 




Funeral^ n. (Christ.) ,j^- 
ginAza, f/ginazcU); (Moh.) 

house) o' I attit (a-J; j.j 
farm (afrisj. 

j.^'i.mashad, m.(masdhidj. Furniture, n. vLU atdt; 

Funnel, n.k:^x>madhoina^ 
f.{moddliin}; (inverted cone) 

-i qum\ m. (aqmd'J, 

Funny, a. d\^^' mudhik 
(-yn); dA^.'^l yidahhak. 

Fur, n. Kjj farwa, f. 

Furious, a. iSj>d%j^a'ldn 
qciloy (-ya);s-~<- muhtadd 
(-yn); Oji- mi^afrat(~yn). 

Furnace, n. jWj wigdq, 
m. (-dt). 

Furnish, ot. ji>- gahhiz 
(a-)-, ^;- hdilrUir (a-); (a 

J.ip "afs; Jljt; "izdl^m. aJu.^. 
mdbylia^ f. 

Further, a. jl.iI ab'cid; J^ 
kamdn. until - orders t>^J- 

awdmir tdnya. 

Furthest.a. j..)SI elah'ad. 

F\iry, n. Ji.p ^fg^r, m. o-^ 
hidda, f. 

Fuss, ri. aL.) j ^^(«; aJi^ 
galaba, f. 

Future, n. Ja:-* mustaq^ 
bal. in - ji«) |^» /^ ma ba'd. 


Gage, n. ^^«.j ra/in (rahu_ 
ndt); j^ji^c 'arbiin, m. 
Gaiety, n. i»Ljl inbisdt,-^ 

rj fa rah, m. 

Gain, n. >_^_C maksab,m. 
(makdsib); *.KL:>manfa'a,f. 




Gain, vt.,_^ kisib (ak_ 
sah); ^\ iniafa" (antifi"). 
my watch — s time /.Ai:, jtU 
sd^ty bitqaddim. 

GaJt, n. X.1, masya, f. 

Gaiter, n. dJljU tusluk, 
m. (tasdlik). 

Gala, n. aAj ^iii tasryfa, f. 
Jlil»-1 ihtifdl, m. 

Gall^ n. oj\j. mardra, f. 

Gallant, a.^sugd' (sug^ 
^dn);^S^ latyf(lutdf). 

Gallantry, n. ^cW? saga^a, 
,_iLl latf^ m. 

Gallery, n. jA*j" dahlyz 
(dahalys);, jljj ruwdq, m. 
(-dt); (of theatre; yj{J\ Jd 
«7a et tydtro, m. 

Gallop,^. ^•^•tZijidurtnaH, 
m. Ao-\»j rimdha, f. 

Gallop, vi. <Jj ramah 

iiilA masna_ 

Gallows, n 

qa, f. (masdniq). 

Gamble, vl. j\j\\ ^ li'ib 
el qumdr (arabj. 

Gambler, n. ,)j\} qumdr^ 
ty (-iaj. 

Gambling, n.j\igam(ir,m. 

Game, n. ^ lib (aidb); 
(prey)A,^s^(i,TO. - of chance 
j\} ^<i lib qumdr. 

Gaming-house, n. l^xIJs^ 
j\,sl\ mahall lib el qumdr, 
m. (--dt). 

Gang, n. a^^p ''usba, f. 

Gangrene, n. ^•■^^j-f- gar_ 
garyna^ f. 

Gangway, n. -Jls-s saqdla, 
f. (saqdyil). 

Gape, vi. vj^C'l ittdwib 

Garden, n. au-j^ gin^na, 
f. (gandyin). 





Gardener, n. ^^\x>-gandy_ 

Garg\e,n.>J-/gargara^ f. 


Garlic, n. *y t6m, m. 

Garrison, n, a^U hdmya, 
f. (hamtjdt). 

Garter, n. Jc»-jli.l J ruhdt 
er rigl, m. (~At). 

Gas, n. j^ gdz; '^'igds ,m . 

Gate, n. ^\^_ houtodha, f. 

Gather, vt. ^ gama'- (ag^ 
ma''); "i lamm(aHmm).— tBx 
J^(ljJ\ J-S.S. hassal el "awdyid 
(a—). — corn aW\ ^J- damm el 
galla (adumm). 

Gathering, n. a-«^ gam_ 
' t/ ia (gam ^y id t); A. lam ma^ 
f. (lammdt). 

Gauge, n. ^j-U" miqyds 
(maqdys) ; »_.^-.:* mansub, 
m. (manasyb). 

Gauge, vt.^[iqds (aqys). 

Gauze, n. J; lull; ?^y, bL 
rungug, m. 

Gay, a.C)\p-Jfarhdn(-yn); 
Isj.^ mabsiHt (-yn). 

Gazelle, n. JIjp gazdl, m. 

Gazette, n. ixs/}lgazHiaJ. 
(gaz^ttdt); S^j^gurndl,m. 

Gear, n. iScHdda Cidad); 
S\ dla, f.(aldt). 

Gelatine n. i.]i}\ balAza^ 
f. uJ^ 'agyn, m. 

Gem, n. ^jty,. gdhara, f. 

Gender, n. ^jj.^ gins, m. 

General, n. Jli^^- ginirdl 

General, a.X^amm; ^^i- 
\im{xmy. inspector 


^yf'mafattis '«n?rtm. director 




— .^ jiJL* mudyr ^umAm. 
major - \)liwa. lieutenant - 
jiji faryq. - court martial 
J,\c i^^fLe- ^[it- maglis 'as- 
kary ^dly, in - .y»'l Jc 'alal 
^umAm; JU\ J fll gdlib. 

Generation J n. (an age) 
f}~^gyl, m. (agydl). 

Generosity, M. ('^/earam; 
;>j?- gAd,m. 

Generous^ «. jc/^ karym 
(kurama); ^ly^ gauwdd. 

Genius, n. f^spirit)^:^ gin^ 
ny (gdn; ginn). 

Gentle, a . v_iJa.S latyf (lu^ 
*-M); (i:»J raqyq (ruqdq). 

Gentleman, n. ^\y^}iO'wd. 
ga (bawagdi); (SMi\afandy 
(-ia); ijjj. j!>-j rdgil mu^ 

Gentleness, ?i. 4jlkUa(ct/'a; 
AJljU sard fa, f. 

Gently, ad. >^\^^hilutf ; 

^)^l bisw^s. 

Genuine, a. j.^- haqyqy-j 
J-sl asly. 

Geography, n. ajI^Iip- gug- 
rdfya, f. 

Geology, n. ^jy^ gyo- 
loggia, f. 

Geometry, n. i-a:* han. 
dasa, f. 

Geranium, n. LjjjU ga_ 
rdnya^ f. -ivy v_,^J Vj^jW 
gardnya libldb. 

Germ,n.^}^\asl, m. .jj. 
bizra^ f. 


Germany ,n.L;lHa?md«f/a,^ 

Gesticulate, vi. ajJuI jU 
sur biyd4h (yisyr);AiJj\^\ 
itkallim biydSh(atkallim). 

Get, vt. W.U g-^^ft (agyb)\ 
M-\ abad (dl}ud); Je J^l 
ithassal 'ala (athassal). — 
up »l» g<Jm (aqum). — 




•on JL» mikj (amsy); »x^\ 
itqaddim (atqaddim). — 
together »?- gama' (agma'); 
'i lamm(alimm). — \vellv_jlU 
tdb (atijb); f sahh (a-). - 
ready A«;--l is to'add (asti^ 
''idd)-^\ istahdar(astah_ 
dar).— old jfkibir[akbar}; 
y£:^aggis (a-), — married 
j^\ itgauwiz (atgauwis). 
he has got a mother *\ A loh 
timm. he has got no friends 
v_.U^I J^) U ma IM ashdb. 
what liaveyou got? h} iSxiP 
"andak ih. he got off his 
horse k>\A>- ^o ^> Jjl nisil 
min ^alci hosdnoh. — drunk 
jC- sikir (askar). — loose 
^i-\ inhall (y~J, -through 
^Ja\^ J}ilis(af}las). - at J J^j 
wisil li (acosal); ^j^>■ hassa I 
(a-). I got it mended *.fSi- 
tj^'^iliall^thum yisallahAh. 

Ghosl, n. c^jip^afryt Ca^ 
faryt);^\.yhyAl, m. (-dt). 
the holy - j_^jis)\ pjl er rdh 
el qudus. 


Giblets, n. ^Ji\ XLip'afset 
el farha, f. 

Giddiness, n. 4i-^i ddha/, 
(^jli-ji datoaUdn, m. 

Giddy, a. '^iddyib (-yn). 

Gifl, n.^A^'alyiaCatdya)-^ 
Ajjjb hidyia, f. (haddya) ; 
JuiS, baqsys, m. (baqasys). 

Gild, vt. _^idahhab(a-), 


Gilt, a. ^fcJ.* midahhab 
(—yn); mudhab. 

Gin, vt. (cotton) ^halag; 

Ginger, n. J:;j^- gansa^ 
byl, m. 

Ginning, n. ^^ halyg^ m. 
i^-^- hildga, f. 




Gipsy, n. c^jy nAry (ncu\(anhisir),- up ^J tarak 

war); i^j^ gagary (yagarj. 

Giraffe, n.ii\j\izardfa(za_ 
rafdt); JUU X» Ji zaryfet 
el ma'dny^ f. 

Girder, n. ^. jl» qacoys, 
m. (-dt); ijC kamara^ f. 

Gi\:\,n. z^:\bint (bandi). 

Girth, n. ^J\\ ^\j>- hizam 
es sarg, m. (-dt; ahzimci). 

Give.yi^. <iji idda(addy); 
[Le-'ata (dty). he gave a clin_ 
ner \x^\ Jc a^jjp J**' 'amal 
'izdma "alal gada. -heed 
A.:;! intabah(antibih); ^\^ 
balla bdloh{ahally ) . - judg_ 
ment S^ hakam (ahkum). 
he gave me the slip ^» Mj 
zdg minny. -trouble v_,«)l 
at'^ab (at'ib). - away <ijl 
j^%_ idda balds, - way U 
sallim (a-); j^\\ inkasar 

(airuk); ^[^sdb (asyb);^>'-' 
sayyib (a-); [^ sallim (a-). 
— up drink ^U ^^t ^jIj tab 
'an es sukr (aiub). 

Giver, n.J^>^muty(--yn). 

Giving, n. ILp 'a(a, m. 

Gizzard, n. *^)y qunasa^ 
f. (qawdnis). 

G\3id,a. j\:^Jfarhdn(-yn); 
i^^^.mabs{it(-yn). I am - to 
see you! dJi:ii Jl)'Ji.^„.« lil ana 
mabsut illy suftak. 

Gladden, vt. ^j farrah 
(a-);L^\ basat (absit). 

Gladness, n. ^^j farah; 
l.L.;l inbisdty m. 

Glance, n. i.^ lamha (lam^ 
hdt); 4.-ai bassa, f. (bassdt)^ 

Glance, vi. ^ lamah (al_ 
mah); (jAj bass (abuss). 

Glanders,^\j.^sardga, f. 

Glare, n. Ji^'oj zaglila; 




(slare) tj-j sagra, f. 

Glare,oJ. J^jsaglilfyi-); 
(stare) jtj zagar(azgur). 

GlasSj n. Jl_^ qizdz, m. 
(cup) i.A^kuhbdya, f, (kub_ 
baydt); ^'€'kds, m. (-at). 
looking - A.l_,- mirdya, f, 
(miraydt). hour— a1.j ->cU 
sd^a ramlyla, f. (sa^dt). 
eye -es o'j^-iJ nacldardt, f, 

Glaze^ vt. .1 lammcC (a-)] 
Ji^ saqal (asqul). 

Glazier, n. j\j\^i qimardty 

Gleam, n. ^\^tsud\ m. 

Glitter, u«- A.lama'- (yil^ 
ma''); jj baraq (yibruq). 

Glimpse, n. a^ lam ha, f. 

Glittering, a. «V Idmi 
(-yn); «^ biyilma" (-tij. 

Globe, n. tfkira,f.(ki_ 
rdt). - fish A}l2» faqqdqa, f. 

Gloom, n. j^kadar; > 

Gloomy, a. jaC mukad_ 
dir (-yn); (dark) j;«« mi^at^ 
tim (-yn). 

Gioriiy ,ot.^f''-a3zam(a-)-^ 
As: mag g id (a-). 

Glory, n. ^^ magd, m. 

Glossy, n. ^y»-^' masgut 
(-yn); Jju, biyibruq (-u). 
, Glove, n. Jy^ guwanty, 
m. (~idt). 

Glue, n.ljP gira, m. - pot 
4.il_,ft garrdyaj. (garraydt). 

Glue, vt. iSf- garra (a_ 
garry); jj lazzaq (a-). 

Glutton,a. JiTl akkyl(-a); 
CjVi fag'tin (-yn). 

Gluttony, n. a*!^ sardha^ 
f. ^faga\m. 

Gnat, n. *-ij»; ba'-Ma, f. 

Gnaw, vt.ij.^ nahak(an^ 




has);J>j qarad (aqrud). 

Go, vi.^jrdh (arAh); ^t.4 
m isy(amsy). - round j\iddr 
(adurj; ^laff(aliff). - ab_ 
road j\^sdfir(a-)- against 
iiU dddid (a—). - home ^^j 
rauwah (a—). - away ?-lj 
rdh (arfihj; \>-y\ itwaggih 
(atwaggih). - away ! (_^.l 
imhg. — ashore J^\ Jc ^-j 
nizil "alal barr (ansil). - 
by Jp J^ fdt 'ala (af{lt). 

- out rj~ b<^rag (ahrug). 

— on JIj» m isy (amsy); -jli 
ddwim (a-). - down ^}y 

he -es by the name of ^^j*.* 
^l tna'r/Xf bi ism. he went 
to the dogs ^_jji hirib (ylb~ 
rab). he went mad t>l>-l i^_ 

Goat, /I. ty^mi'za, f. (mi_ 
^yz). he - ^^ tSs (tyus). — 
skin i^jt qirba, f. (qirab). 

God, n. 4jil aZZd^. a -aSI 
ildh (dliha). please - ! -sbol 
^^ii\ inn salla; ojj u yoi r^c. 
great - ! ii.;i=- ^j ya liafyz; \j 
j_j.U j/a hdmy. - daughter 
4o^«'^l<icii ^J^i^ fllma'mu^ 
dyia. - father jjjji. sf6t//i 
nizil (anzil).-halvesi]j\.^\\(sabdyin). - mother ^^ 

j4a.Jli issdrik bin nuss (ci,s_ 
sdrik). the gun went off 
^st *JJiu*\ ei bunduqyia 
taqqet. - through j c.lj /''^^ 
/Ty (afdl); J^ki nazar fy 
(anzur). it-es without say_ 
ing .jU.1 j»min el ma'lutn. 

sibyna (sibyndt). - son (j;! 
AjjyMJ iftn filmO'''mudyia. 

Going, n. T-\)j. mirwdh; 
,_.Us zihdb, m. 

Gold, n. v^j> dahab^ m. a 
- watch,_<ttj4&U»s(i'a dahab. 
-smith i!,L» sd{/t9' (sydg), — 




thread ^^ qasab, m. 

Gong, n. ^y>\j. naquSj m. 

Qood,a.^.\^iayyib (-yn). 
he went for - ^jJli- ^Ij rdh 
bdlis; «?-lj jL. r-lj rcih mtis 
rdgi\ very-1 ^ko ^azym. 
~ for nothing vl; j., mtis 
— morning ! A,*- iljl^ nahd_ 
rak sa'yd) jX\ ^L-* sabdh el 
Mr. - evening _;_^kl, S^^. 
massyk bil Mr; ,j-»^ dldJ 
Uliaksa'-yda. - bye !A*;:i\Jl« 
ma' es saldmco J dUj ^J^li 
jii-n JsfV to issfl/« fy hdr, will 
you be so-? illjj^ ^ mm 
fadlak. - deed j^. J/- 'a_ 
maZ maskiir. - friday .y_ 
«jj^\ 4*irl ydm eg gum' a el 
kibyra, m.-natured ajJs 
u^^^ tab' oh kuwayis. 

Good, n. kJiiU fdyda^ f. 

»ii nafa", m. -s ic\ji\bu(Wa^ 
f. (baddy i"). 

Goodness, n. A-i tyba, f^ 

Goose, n. cj) wis 3a, f, 
(Loizz). -berry ^Jl ,_^p 
Hnab ed dyb, fn. 

Gospel, n. J.f I angyl, m. 

Gossip, n. (lalk) J-j ragy; 
^.^\i S^\el qdl wilqyl, m. 
(person) h\lj »_,. mara rag_ 

Gossip, vi. j-j raga(ar^ 
gy); o' latt (alitt). 

Gout, n. i]iUT:> dd el 
muluk, m. 

govern, vt. C- hakam 

Governess^ n. A"* mi'aL 
lima (mVollimdt). 

Government, n. <>^hu_ 
kdma^ f. (nukamdt). the — 
c5jvU el myry. 




Governor, n. yv-hdkim 
(hukkdm); Jlj wdly (uld). 
- of a province j,x, mtidyr 
(~yti). - of a city JisW mu^ 
hdflz (-yn). 

Goveinorate, n . -Jijls; 
muhdfza, f. (muhafsdi). 

Gown, n . (woman's) ^Ik-.* 
fustdn ffasatyn); (man's) 
O^koj quftdn, m. (qafatyn). 
night - ^y ^ja.j qamysndm^ 
m. (qiunsdn). 

Grace, n. ^Ji zurf; ^y 
lutf; ^H:idaldl, m. 

Graceful, a. U>>Ji zaryf 
(zurdf); ^A^ latyf (luldf). 

Grade, n. aJj rutba, f. 


Gradually, ad. ^jaJI bit 
tadryg; Ai^i 4)^i suwayia 

Graft, vt. ^ ta''om (a 


Grafting, n.^»kr^ar(/m,m. 

Grain, n. *-=- habba, f. 

Grammar, n. vJjt' ^9- 
rumyia, f. (agrumyidt). 

Grand, «. A^ 'asym Cu^ 
zdm). — father Sa^ gldd (gi- 
ddd; agdddj. - mother o-* 
sitt-jiSc^-gidda. - son t>.VIui^^ 
ibn el ibn (awldd). - vizier 
kfrVl jJtJ\ es sadr el a'-zam. 

Granite, ci.(:jl^-9S«awdn,m. 

Grant, n. a-Lp 'atyia('atd_ 
ya); A.*l«il infamy ia, f. (in^ 

GranlyV t. J^e-'ata (a'ty); 
,_jhj wohab (ciwhib); r^^ 
sarrah (a—). 


Grass, n. j-U;- hasys, m.. 
- hopper »il<i»^j abu fctsd_ 
da, m. 

Grate, n. oy^ kaniin 




(kawanyn): jUj wigclq, 
m. (-dt). 

Gralefiil, a. Ciy^rnamnttn 
'(- yn )\,^Ji:»mutasakk ir{-yn). 

Gralificaliorij n. Uj rida; 
Jal-Jl inbisdt. 

Gratis^ ad. j.% balds-^ ^ 
^y)^ ji- min gir fiUis. 

Gratitude^ n. oyr mam_ 
nunyia^ f. jj^l J^^i. suk_ 
rdn eg gamy I, m. 

Graiuily^ n.ja.ii'^ta\oyd^ 

m.(- dt)\iii€^ mikdfa,f X-t). 

Grave, n. j*.; qabr,m. (qu^ 
bAr); Aij turba, f. (turab). 
~ digger cJ y turaby (-ia); 
0\h daffdn f-yn). 

Grave^ a. (affair) j».f. mu_ 
himmijaiimubtir; (person) 
jyj waqtir. 

Gravel, n. (i^^?- haswa^ 
f. (Msa). 

myia, f, j\ij waqdr^ m. Ju-a. 
h^ba, f. 

GvAsy ,n.iA^salsa[salsdt); 
iij. maraqa, f. (maraqdt). 

Gray, a. ciiUj rumddy ; 
^\i--'singdby. - hair^.li^^ 
sa'r sdyib. — hound J^^^^.JS' 
kalb sildqy. 

Graze, vi.j-jrda(yir^a). 

Grease, n. ^3*^ dihn; ^ 
sahm, m. 

Greasy, «. ^y>A» mtidhin 
(-yn); ^*i disim (~yn). 

Greal,a. j>^ ibyr(kubdr); 
^kfr 'azym Cusdm). - men 
o'jl5J\ eZ kubardt. - many 
(iy ji^J kityr qawy. — 
grand son o''^^o'-^u>} ^bn ibn 
el ibn (awldd). 

Greatness, n.jfkubr^m. 
i.'\.^gasdma;ij^'azama^ f. 

Greed, n. »ji. sarah, m. 

Graveness, n . a-,^1 ih im_ 4*1^1 hardha, f. 




Greece,^. c^JU^. blldd er 
rdm; Ci^)jii\ i':ki hildd el ya^ 
ndn, f. 

Greedy, a. i,j^sarih(-yn). 

Greek, a. ^jjj rfimy (ar^ 
iodm; rum); Jli^^ yundny 
-s jlJii- (iiiddr, m, C-dt), 

Greet, vt. JcL sallim 
%la (a-). 

Greeting,?!. ^^M^saldm^m. 

Gridiron, n. i^^\ ilL- sib_ 
bdk el lahma^m. (sababyk); 
sj'SCl iskdra, f. (iskardt). 

Grief, n. > gamm; ^'f 
huzn, m. 

Grievance, n. cs/^ sak- 
wa (sakdwy);^^^ tasakky, 
m. (-idt). 

Grieve, vi. >»! ingamm 

Grievous, a « mugimm; 


Grill, vt.iSi^saioa (asLoy). 

(jnnA, ot.^idaqq(adaqq). 
j^" sahan (ashan). 

Grinder, n. (knife) o^-- 
j^jpSC scinndn sakakyn 

Grindstone, n. ^j^" j^ hci_ 
gar miscinn, m. 


Grocer, n.^\hba.qqdi(~yn). 
green — ^-i^ iSj-'^^ Ijudary 
ndsif (-ia). 

Grocery, n. aSU biqdla,f^ 

Groovi\,n .^\^sdyis( syds) 

Groove, n. Jii^jj dara_ 
wand^ m.(-dt). 

Grope, vi. ^.~f>'assis(a~); 
^j^^*. hassis (a—). 

Gross, a. Jii^ galyz (gu^ 
ldz);ij^i- tibyn (tul}dn). 

Grotto, n. .j^« magdra 
(magardt)i t^^f^ gabaldya^ 




f. (gabalaydt). 

Groundj n. (land) J:>j\ 
ard, f. (cause) ^x- sabab, 
m. (asbdb). -floor ^h^ji^ 
ddr ardy^ m. burial -^ia.* 
madfan, m. (maddfin).- 
rent ^Cp- hikr, m. 

Ground, vi. (ship) L^- 
sahat (ijishat). 

Group, n. a.*^ gam^yia; 
A>j>- gdqa, f. 

Grow, vi. »IU tiW (aija'); 
jf^ kibir (akbar); Ji nama 

Growth, n. ^W taliV;jf 
kubr^ m. 

Grudge, n. a^'- hasad; Jc 
gull, m. 

Grudge, ot. s~^ hasad 

Gruei,n. tj^^s^'asyda, f. 

Grumble^ vi. ^li\ itsak_ 
ka (atsakka). 

Grumbler J n.^u mit_ 
sakky ( -yn). 

Grumbling, n. jCli ta_ 
sakky, m. 

Guarantee, n. A\\^i damd_ 
na^ f. (da.mandt). 

Guaranlee,o^. ^tf daman 
(adman); f^^sdkar(a-). -d 
j^j^c^-* madman (—yn); ^-* 
misdkar (-yn). 

Guard, n.([)roteetion)^j»- 
haras; jii- gafar^ m. (senti- 
nel) jU& gafyr (gufara); 
(of a train) tSj\jC kumsdry 
r- /a A CO n s u 1 a r -^vs ly g o« icd s 
('-«-^; ^>f -1 yasdqgy (-ia). 

Guard,oi. ^j^haras (ah_ 
rus); ^k:^hafaz (ahfas); ^ie- 
gafar (agfur). 

Guardian, n. ^^a^ wa^y 

Guess, 0^ j^9-hazsar(a-); 
^yi~ bammin (a-). 


G\iess,n.xji-tahzyr; (jjJ^ 
talimyn, m. 

Gnesl, n.Ui.^dSf (diydfj; 
fijo.» ma'';sdm (ma'azym). 

Guidance, n.ibjUVsdcf.m, 

Guide, ra. JJi dalyl;j>j^ 
habyrfliubara). - book^U^ 
!-l^\ JJj kitdb dalyl es 

Guide, vt. Ji dall(adill); 
j,ij\ arsad (arsid). 

Guilt, n. ^sizanb,m.(2i^ 

Guilty, a. ^;i« muznib 
(-yn); ^rf mugrim (—yn). 

Guinea, n. <u:»- gin^j m. 
f-/i-d^;. -pig (i^u ^;jl ar_ 
nab hindy, m. (ardnib). 

Guitar, /i.Ar Qyi^^, "^. 
Gulf, n. ^ balyg, m. 

221 Gyp 

Gum, n. iA^samg^ m. - of 
the teeth /jU-.l j- lahm es 
sindn, m. 

Gun, n. (rifle) aJ^ii bun_ 
dfcqyia, f.(banddiq); (can_ 
non) »sJl. mad fa" , m. (ma^ 
dafl'). - smith ^JJSiy t6fak_ 
sy (-ia). - powder jjjl 
barM^ m. 
Gust, n. l^ft A^ lafhet ha_ 
wa, f. 

Gutter, n. ic-%^ balld'a, f. 

Gymnastics, n. dU-U^- 
gimnastyk, /n.A.^\j JI._.UVl 
el atdb er ryddyia, f. 

Gypsum, n. ^.>-gibs, m. 
- quarry 4-.U- gabbdsa, f. 





Haberdasher^ n. t^i>- 
fjurdagy (-ia). 

Haberdashery^ n. vi.lji,i- 
burdawdt, f. 

Habit n. oW ^dda Cawd_ 
yid); 4j^i. ^Jsto, f. (hisdl). 

riding - Ji^^ ^/^ tJ^^"-» A's_ 
^d/i li riktibel Ml, m. 

Habitation, n. jd. mas^ 
kan, m. (masdkin). 

Habitual, a. il:«. muHdd. 

Habituate, vt. ijs> "atiwid 
(a-); Ji-j waJitiid (a-). 

Hackney-carriage, n.X^f- 
e^l ^arabyiet ugra^ f. ('a_ 

Hadji, n. ^ hdg- j^\o- 


Hair, n. >j>Lisa'ra,f.{sa'r). 

- brush j'^^lJi'j^ fur set sa^r, 
f. (furas). - dresser cj^y 
mizayin (-yn). 

Hairy, a. Jl_^. musard_ 
ny (-yn). 
Half, n .(jai n ass, nj , fcmstts;. 

- brotlier ^^\ ^^ ^ahb min 
el abb; ^.V! ^. ^ abb min el 

Hall, n.j^-^fasahafflsah)-^ 
ic\i qd'a, f. fqa'dt). 

Halloo! int. yolc^l enta 
ya hd. 

Hallucination,n.o-jl* haL 
wisaiiiJLi- bcttrafa^f. 

Halt, n. ^5,. mawqaf, m. 

Halt, vi. (stop)i_iij wiqif 




(awqaf); (limp) ^f- "arag 

Haller, n. acO rasma, f. 

Ham, n. dji^ gambdn, m. 
i.^ jij{;^lsi^ fajjdet Jiansyr 
mimallaha, f. 

Hamlet, n. 4;jp Hsha, f. 
Ci2ah);jS^hofr ,m JkufrXr). 
Hammer, n. ^j-f\i.sakAs, 
m. (sawakys). clock- J^i 
daqqdq , m .gnn- :^yjs inAd , 
m . iron - «jk. matraqa, f. 

Hammer, vt. j^ daqq 
Hammock, n.^^Tytnu rgi. 

ha, f. 

Hand, yadd; s^\yd (y. 
din). — of a watch icVJ\._»jttp 
'aqrab es sd'a^m/aqdrib). 
at -^. Jqaryb. on the one - 
,^g'\)\ Ajil J* m in el giha el 

wdhda. he lives from — to 
mouth .)S^ »-*il (y ^i)c 'dyis 
min ydoh li hanak oh.- cuff 
i^jj'i\'oJjSi>-liadydet elyden, 
f. second- j/'^n ass ^umr; 
^'■^'musta'mil(- yn). -mill 
jjl A>j>\h labimet yd, f. — 
writing A,lo/«/^a&a, Z'. Sa.i. 
Ijatt, m. 

Hand, vt. Jjl; ndwil(a~)- 
L. sallim (a-). 

]-lsir\6.h\\,nAlfkabki [kabi. 
sdt); Aiip- hifna, f, (hifan). 
Handkerchief, n. J.du 
mcmdyl, m. (manadyl). 

Handle, n.jil t/d; Ji yadd, 

Handsome, a. J.^ gamyl 
(gumdl); j^l J) kuwayis(-yn) 
Handy, n. ^__J qurayib 
(-yn); J^ sahl; ^\> ndfl,\ 

Hang, vt. (suspend) j.\c 
^allaq (a-); (execute) j:i 





}ia.nger-on,n. j'^'-sifldq; 
ajKf- Us Jcj.1 W 'dyis 'ala qafa 
giroh (-yn). 

Hanging, n. j-U taHyq; 
(execution) j.:i, sanq, m. 

Hangman.n. ^c\l*masdHy 

Happen, oi. J^^ hasal 
/ylhsal); (Sj^ gar a (yigra). 

Happiness^ n.^i\».^scCdda, 
f. i^Ljl inhisdt, m. 

Happy, a. a-»>. sa^yd (su_ 
"ada); Ja^„~. mabsdt (~yn). 
— new year ! ^.U oi'j *-- JS^ 
hull sana we enta tayib; 

antum bih^r. 

Harbour, n. lu. myna^ f. 
(myan);o\^lymdn, m.{-dl). 

Hard, a. (stiff) ^ili ndsiy 
(~yn); ^^\r gdmid (-yn); 
(difficult; ^»-9sa'6 f-r/riJiJ^J 

tiqyl (tuqdl). — loy jiji^l ^:>- 
ganb elioidn.- heartedj_5^l5 
^_^lal\ ^dsi/ eZ gaZ&. it rains - 
^U.jkUeZ matara tiqlet. 

Harden, o^. ^Jqassa (a_ 
qassy); j.?- gammid (i^-). 

Hardly, ad. i€^\ bil kdd; 

•\ir\ ^'^ gihd. 

Hardness, n.^i^..^ sti^Aba; 
4.J^i) n isufy ici; » jLs qas dica^ f_ 

Hardship, n. ii^j-^su^ba; makiqqa, lime of - o»j 
4.4;-ill loagi erZ dyqa. 

Hare, /I. ^jl arnab, m. 

Harem, n. ej-^harym, f. 

Haricot^ n. aJ^ fasulya; 
^^) Idbya^ f. 

Harm, n.j^<; darar, m, 
Aijl azyia^ f, -less au j.i U 
jjj>mafyh minnoh darar. 

Harmful, a. tSi^* mdzy 
(—yn);j^* mudirr (~yn). 




Harmony, n jU^ wifdq; 
jlil UtUidd,m. 

Harness, n. ^\^\ il taqm 
■el hosdn, m. (tuqdma). 

Harness, ot. jii sadd 


(asidd); ^jlc "allaq (a~). 


Harsh, a. ^^^i qdsy C-yn). 

Harvest, n. ^\.-a»- husdd ; 
J^^s: mahsdl, m. (-dt). 

Hash, n. a-vj" *-«~ lahma 
mafruma, f. 

Hashish, n.J.i.~^hasys,m. 

Haste, n. a^.^ ^agala; icj.. 
sur^a Z'. moke - ! J*"--! is_ 
ta^gil; f\/* qawdm.\n- Jy 
qawAm; Jf'l bil 'agal. 

Hasten, Of. Jf""! ista'gil 
(asta'giU.l-ed home .^►j 
^^Jif^^rigi't qawdm lit bit. 

Hastily, ad. ^\hU 'agal; 
.ly qawdm. 

Hasty, a. ^)^'agiil(-yn); 

j-;lS9 tdyis (-yn). 

Hat, n. 4.kJj, barnita, f. 
(baranyt). clergyman's — 
A^jls qallAsa, f. (qakilys). 

Hatch, ot.^tfaqqasio.-). 
vi. ^ii faqas (yifqis). 

Hatch, n. ^ti fciqs, m. 

Hatchet, n. aU, balfa, f^ 


Hateful ,0. 4i jT/ca ryh (- yn) . 

Haired, n. As.\fkardha; 
aJi^j bugda, f. 

Haughtiness, n. \jf^kib- 
ryia; «.;tC" sctmfja^ f. 

Haughty, a. jS^.mUkab- 
b:ir (-yn); 'Ai-sdmili.(- yn). 

Haunch, n. vJ^j ridf^ m. 

Haunted, a. (house) C)f^» 
maskun (-yn); >ij jiP4.J fyh 

Have, ot. d,h»\ imtalak 





(amtilik), I - ^s^.^f■ ^cindy. 
I have not JL) Ji.:c U ma 'an, 
dys. I - to go r)j^ ^j-ilAzim 

Hawk, n. jl^ saqr, m. 

Hawk,u^ Jct5j\in(Jdc( 'a_ 
la (anddy). 

Hawker, /?.. j:>j ?-L bay id" 
ddyir (-yn). water - li- 
himaly (~ia). 

Hay, n. ^. ji dirys, m. 

Hazard, n. 4»jl-» sudfa,f. 
{sudaf)-j _,ki. f}atar^ m . 

He, pro. y huwa. 

Head, n. (of body)^!^ rds 
(rCis), f-lo dimd^, f. (-dt); 
(chief) j-li bds; ^_j rCiyis 
(ruyasa). - of a canal AcJiW } 
fumm et tir'a,m,(afmdm). 
— or tail % )XH\i .jL turra 
walla yd.?, — of maize jf^ 
oi k{i3 dura^ m. (kysdn). 

f, (tarawys). 

Headquarters^^ .A--1 J j\^ 
markaz rydsa; -y«»'l o'ji* 
dyiodn el htmAm, m. 

Headstall, n. ^\j rds, f^ 

Heal, vt. _^U tayyib (a-), 
vi.^\\:>tdb(yityb).ihe wound 
-ed up xi.^J~\el garh bat am. 

Health, n *^ sihha- ajle 
'dfya, f. drink one's- ^^ 
^jsirib fy sirr (asrab). 

Healthy ,a. (in sound state) 
A^ salym (-yn); ^^.-U tot/_ 
yib (-yn); (salubrious) ._^ 
i^^ tayyib lis sihha. 

Heap, n.M^kdm, m. (ak^ 
wdm); <*^k6ma, f. 

Heap, vt.^fkauwim{a-). 

liea.r,vt.^simV (asmd), 
I -d^j^balagny. let us - from 
you ! iijLi-l Lil addyna 





'Hearing, n. *f sama\ m. 
in my — (Sjy^ j fy hudAry. 
Hearse, n, (>>i-. aj/- 'ara^ 
byiet mayityn ,f X'^^'^byidt). 
'Heart, n. ^qalh, m. (qu- 
liib); [\n cards) *■ fktibaj. 
by —(.j^gSban; ^Wj^^i J& 
'^aladahr el qalb, will you 
have the - ? 3 dD yr*: J/'fl'I/ 
to/c gaift. 

Hearth, n. jUj fotg'ftg 
r-^0; Oy^ kanAn, m. (ka^ 

Hearty, a. ^Vs5\ JS^^^,. win 
kullel qalb. 
Heat, n. »jl_,^ hardra, f. 
Heat, u^^;^ sa/jljan (a-) ; 

Heathen, n. J') wasany 
(-yn); ^ii-l oU 'abbid el 
l}asab (-yn). 
Heaven, n. WJ\ es sama; 

Aii-leg* ganna,f.jL\el gawrn^ 
Heaviness, n. ^Htuql, m. 
Heavy, a.^jitiqyl(ttiqdl), 
Hebrew, a. i£j)^'ibry;j\j^ 
Hectic, a. J^L-* masluL 
Hedge, n. ajjJ zarbyia, 
f .( zarbyidt). -\-\ogXci qun. 
fid, m. (qandfid). 

Heed,n..L:i> m^iM/i;oliJ\ 
iltifdt, m. 

Heel,n. ^^ka'b, m.(ku^ 
Hegira, n. ,jk1\ el higra. 
Height, n. )c '■'ilu; ^J 
irtifd\ m. 

Heir, n. d.j'i wdris; cjjs 
warys (Arasa), - apparent 
j^J\ i^jwaly el 'ahd(awlyia). 
Heiress, n. a?jIj wdi^sa; 
4ij} warysa (loarysdi). 

Heliotrope, n. Jji dau^ 
wdr, m. 




Helix, n. jy>}}\ ^\>j raffds 
el Wilbur^ m. 

Hell, n.e-y^gahannam ^ m. 

Helm, n.iiidaffa,f. (daf^ 

He^mel, n. 4.-U» tdsa, f. 

Help, n. »ji£>L* misd^da; 
*;Ul i'dna, f, ^\^\ isdf, m. 
-\ -\ (iUciU^'dj/ gdy. 

Helo, ot. jcL. sd'id- (a-); 
C^c^dn (a'-yn). it cannot be 
-ed ^.j- aU U ma hil yadd 
hyla. - yourself ! ji- JJii"! U_ 
f aided bud. 

Helple:;s, a. J^X.\ qalyl 
el hyla. 

Helplessness, n. J!:^X■\ ;J.5 
qillet el hyla, f.-jS: 'agz, m. 

Hem, n. ii\i^ kifdfa, f. 
^j\>tarf, m. 

Hem, vt.^kfkaffif (a-). 
oi.^\ itnahnah (atnah^ 

n'~'h);,j,}^^sallik s6roh{a-) 
Hemorrhage, n. «_i.^ ni_ 

Hemorrhoids, n. jv-ly. 
bawasyr^ f. 

Hemp, n. ^ g/n« J6, m. 
Indian - ^kLp- hasys, m. 

Hen, n. Ai-J farlio.(fird1}). 
— housej>h(inn,m.(a}indn); 

Hence ad V^^y. min hena-^ 
Ii3 olic 'asdn keda. 

Henceforth, ad. *iljj U ^j* 
mm hena we rdylh; j^V j« 
sc[^i min el dn wesd^id. 

Henna, n. I;?- hlnna, f. 

Her, pro. U -/la. -s V^e-^ 
bitd'ha. - house Ifi.. bStha ; 
^if'^--,^\el bit bltd'ha. he 
gave - W:>\ idddha. -self 
l^i nafsaha; l^li sdtha. 

Herb, n. Jj.i:^ /ws^/s, m. 

Here, ad. U* /lena. look -! 




tii! Jyl ll^isfi/ lamma aqul 
lak. - is ihe;:5J\ ^S3^ 
ddy el kitdb.-l am! jol 
adyny. -with 1^ l> j wayia 
da; 4.J. ^4 min tay'ioh. — of_ 
ler ^Ij3 lift J. m m /lena toe 
rdyih. -abouls ^'^ O^^V' J 
filgihdt dy. 

Hereditary , O.J IjJ wlrdsy, 

Herediiy ,n,4\jiW I rdca J. 

Ueiesy ,n.AA>ja'hartaqa,f, 

Heretic, a. ^^j^hartiXqy 

Heritage, n. o'jv. myrds, 
Tn.(mawarys); ^j tirka, 
f. (tirkdt). 

Hermaphrodite, n. ^ 

Hermit, n.'^-f^fniCahbid 
(-yn); jaIJ zdhid (-yn). 

Hernia, n. J^ fitdq, m. 

Hero, n. Jk) balal (abtdl). 

Heroic, a. Jlk>l J«ji sag-i 

afc^di; ^c',#? sugd'y. 

Heron, n. o'v'^.'*^'^" Qi^-. 
ddn, m. 

Herring, n. i^jringa-^i.ii;'* 
fii^yha-, f. (flsyl}). 

Hesitate, vi.^iy\ iiwoq^ 
qaf(atioaqqaf)i j ij '< itra d^ 
dad (atraddad). 

Hesitation, n.^iytawaq_ 
quf; iij taraddud, w. 


Hewer, n. cM- nohhdt 

Hibiscus, n.A-..l bdmya,f. 

Hiccough, n. aS^ sahqa; 
*kij suquita, f. 


Hide, ct. ^^i-habba (afiab_ 
by); ji- hafci (ahfy). - one's 
self ^^1 istaf^abba (asla^ 
liobba). - and seek, '^i^ ky^ 

Hideous, a, «JLi sany'^ 


(su.nd"); «1) biii" (bis'yn). 

Hideousness, n. uAii sa_ 
nd'a; ic\.h basd^a, f. 

Hiding -place, n. Ji^m ll}_ 
ha, f, (mibbdt). 

Hieroglyphic, n. wii^-j j<a> 
hdroglyf; ^j^-a* a^}^ kltdba 
masryia, f. 

High, a. S^'dly (-yn); 
iiijj. murtaft' (-yn).- price 
Jli ^ tamcin gdly. he spoke 
of you in — terms j^'S^S^J^ 
madahak kityr. - road jST- 
i}\i=^ sikka suUdny.— oL 
flcial tJtjilijU j9 ^4 min ku^ 
bdr el muwazzafyn. 

Highness, n. jtc^ilu; pAijI 
irtifd^; js'simu;^[-^g in.db. 
His - the Khedive (^y.-Jti^l jS' 
sim^Lcl l^iddwyy JlJl ^Ui-' 
elgindb el 'dly. Her - the 
Khediva o>-»i>' ^J~^ ^)idaw_ 
lallu. el haram el mas{i,n. 

230 Hip 

your — <rU>. gindbkum. 

Hill, n. jr tall, m.(tilAl). 

HiM, n.i.Ji^gabda{qabddt); 
Ji' yd, f. (yd6n). 

Him, pro. * -h; ~oh, I 
gave - 4:ji! iddiioh. -self 
A_ii nafsohj Ailj zdtoh. 

Hind, «. Jiji warrdny 
(-yn). - p-arlj^tyz^ f.(atyd.z) 

Hinder, ot.^mana" (am-. 
na"); j,U ^ds (ah{i$). 

Hinderance, n. ^\»mdni', 
m. (mawdnV). 

Hinge, n. 4-*" mifossdlO' 
(m ifassaldtJi^JJ qii raqyia, 
f. (quraqyidt). 

Hint, n. -Jf talmyh^m. I 
gave him a - j_}ij *i*jj /'a/i_ 
himtoh bi zdq. 

Hint, u^, *^^l ^ lammah 
bil kaldm (a-). 

Hip,, fi^iijitolrk, m. (aw- 




Hippopotamus, n.j^^^j 
faras el bahr, m. 

Hire, n. IjT/ffra, m. ,_^1 
ugra, f. 

Viiie.vt.jA aggar (a~); 
j»V:-.l istdgar (astdgar). 

Hirer, n. j»-l;_» mustdgir 

His , pro. ft -hy-oh. - book 

Hiss, V i. j^ saffar (a-). 

Hiss, n. ,j^ safra, f. 

Hissing, n.j.^ safr, m. 

Historian, n. ^jy muar^ 
rib (-yn). 


History, n. '^j^ taryh, 
m. (lawaryli). 

Hit, n.Ai^habta /liabtdt); 
A;^ darba, f. (darb&t). 

Hit, of. jA^i-habat (abbat)- 

Hitch, n.«il. mdnV (ma_ 

Hitlierto, ad. ^J^ aL IL 
hadd dilwaqt. 

Hive, n. jy%- baldya, f. 

Hoarse, «. r^^^'*-^ hissoh 
mabhAh; 7~j>^» ^^->- hissoh 

Hoarseness, n. ^ bahha; 
A^i dabha, f. 

Hoax, n. ^y^ matdb, m. 

Hobby, n. k^ gyla, f. 
(gyidt); ^y- hawas, m. 

\{odi,.n Xy>^j\>qdrib mu- 
na,m.(qawdrib). -manjcli- 
fd" il(fa''ala);c^\^tayidn{-a) 

Hoe, n. iij~ magrafa,f. 


Hog, n. ^)U- halluf (haj. 
lalyfj. — shead Ku.bittyia, 
f. (batdtyj. 




Hoist, vt, ^jrafa"- (arfa"). 
Hold, n. jSC* maska, f. 

- of a ship _5^U j\:e- "anbur 
el markih, m. 

Hold, vt. (retain)>il_. mu 
sik iamsik); -j^hagaz (ah_ 
gi^); (contain) c-V- sd'(yi-), 

- your tongue ! ^^-^i-l il}ras. 

- a meeting ju«^ »^ gama'' 
gam'yia (agma"). 

Holder, n. jA-V. mdslk 

mdlik (-yn). pen — li jJ i^d 
qalam, f. (-Sn). 

Hole, n. ji saqq(suqAg). 
smoW - .j>burm,m.(liur{im). 

- in llie ground tj^ hufra, 
f. (hiifar). 

Holiday, n. ^st-J |.jj t/dm 
/'ws/ia (ayidm); aIIL) -y_y6m 
hitdla, m. 

Holiness, n. ^_^ji g«ds^ 
m. A^\ji qaddsa, f. 

Holland, n. IjiVy hdlan^ 
da; dic]^\ i%_ bildd el fala_ 
mank, f. 

Hollow,^. j^»m iqau wa r 

Hollow, vt, jy qauwar 
f«-^;^'yr gauw if (a—). 

Hollowness,n. ^>ji-tag_ 

Holy, a. ^^■l^ muqadda& 
(-yn); ^^VU tdhir (-yn). - 
week c'^Vl i«p- gum'et el 
aldm, f. 

Homage, n. ^^^ ikrdm-y 
J^j^\ ihtirdm, m. 

Home, n. (house) ^.j bH 
m. (awtdn). go - ?-jj ra«_ 
wah(a-). she is at — J^^r^?- 
hyia tistaqbil. I am not at 
- J<^J.Li:-l Ulil ana ma as_ 
laqbils hadd.~ m&d<?.^^bSty. 
~vjardjyji.>-\jrdgi'' lilbalad. 




Honest, a. ^»\ amyn (a. 
mana); jjU sddiq (-yn). 

Honesty,, n. AiUI amdna; 
A»'j^ saddqa, f. 

Honey, n. ja^\ J_p 'a sal 
abyad;^k- J^e-'asalnahl^m. 
- comb J_c- ^jaj qurs "a sal, 
m. (aqrds). - moon J„J\ ^^i 
sahr el 'asal, m. 

Honor aiy, a. .Jj-t. soraf. 

— secretary ^j-i j^^- sik^ 
rit^r saraf^ 

Honour, n. J>/, soraf; 
^jX ikrdm/n. in - lo J \..ljrr 
ikrdman li. 

Honour, vt. j>'jt&arraf 
(a-); ^<X akram (akrim), 

— a cheque J. j.i vJr-» saraf 

Honourable, a. ,_i) ^ sa_ 
ryf (asrdf). 

Hood, n. j^}>tart{i,r ^ m. 
(taratyr). - of a carriage 

'^.j'^'^iyfkabbad el 'ara_ 
byia, m. 

Hoof, n. }\o-Mfir,m. (ha^ 
w'" /^ r);y:,du fr, f. (du wdfi r). 
— [jicker j^'^ minkds, m. 

Hook, n. ^i-sankal (sa_ 
ndkllj; ^Iki: muLddf, m. 
(maliatyf). - and eye i±f 
Cu^jkubsa we 'en. fish- sjlu- 
slnndra^ f. (sananyr). 

Hook, ot. J^;i sankil 
((^-J; jji^'allaq fy (a-). 

Hookah, n. ^ixi syka, f. 

Wooy, n.>j\iptdra,f.[tardi). 

Hooping-cough, n. -U^t 
sahqa, f. 

Hoot, vt. J; JU hallil 
'^ala (a-). 

Hop, vi. ^^^ hagaUahgil), 

Hop, n. (leap) Al»3na(to, f. 

Hope, n. ^ 'asam; J*l 
amal; J^U mamCil, m. 




Hope, vt. ^t.«fl it'assim 
(at^askim)] J.l'l itammil 
(atammil). l — iii\\i.QHnsalla 

Hopeful, a.^U 4) loh 'asam 
i-tim); J«l 4I loh amal. 

Hopeless, a. j.t j-jJup U 
ma 'andtis amal{'anduhuins) 

Horizon/n. ^y\ ufuq, m. 

Horizontal, a. j»l ufuqy, 

Horn, n.oJq<^'^n(qurcinj; 
jKii nifyr^ m. -ed ^v **! '^^ 

Horrible, «. ^!ij /'a^'j/'; 

Horrify, vt. »i) bassa' 
'f«->; .J>»- ho-uwif (a-). 

Horror, n. Ju-xi ^^ 6*5/' 
kadyd,m.-s ^iVk» fasdyi"; 
Jl^«.l ahwdl, f. 

Horse, n.o^^a^hosdn (d^l- 
•ahsina). - breaker j'jti^ 
rikibddr.- cloth J^- st^ii, 
7n. -man JLi- bayidl (-a); 

^j\i fdris. 

Horticullure, n. icljj Lj 
OtUU 'i/m zird^et el gand_ 
yln, m. 

Hose, n. (lube) c_ji»j^ S^/"- 
tdm (haratym); (stocking) 
uj'^i; surrdb, m. (sararyb). 

Hospitable, a. f^fkarym 
(kurdm); ^f^^>X^ sdhib 
karam (ashdb). 

Hospital, n,JUi-.l isbitdl_ 
ya (isbitalydt);^^ qakla, 
f. (qasldl). 

Hospitality, n.^fka ram , 
m. AsLi. dydfa, f. 

Host, n. ^\ ,^U sdhib 
elbSt (ashdb). 

Hostess, n. ^S\ yZ^ sitt 
el bSt (sittdt); oiJ\ v-*^ 
sdhbet el bit. 

Hostile, a. ciiU. mu^ddy 

Haslility, n.,i\jA':ad<Xu>a^ 




/. hostilities ^j- hi^xijbyix)'. 

Hoi, a. ^ subn (-yn); 
j\o- Mr (-yn); ^_j.U. hdmy 
(-yn). I am — jl^s- lil ana 
suhn say en ndr. - wind 
:>ji- sard;C3^\i-lamo.syn^m. 

— tempered jU-^^aZagj/^-iaJ. 

— house o\l\.J\ ij) J*), jlj» ^y^j 
b4t min qizd^s litarbyiet 
€n nabatdt^ m. 

Hotel, n. ,sxf) I6kan/iia 
{lokanddt); tji- hammdra, 
f. (hammardt). 

Hour, n . *cL. sd'a, f. (sa^ 

HourL "• *i^;r ^^fy^^ 

Hpus§, n. vi-j b^^ ni.. (bL 
yd'tX — of Commons. ,Jj^ 
^^\ji\tnaglisennutqdb. — of 
Lords o^jpV ,j-M rnagl'is el 

e^ ahrdf, public - ,j{i- har^- 
mdra, f. (dammardt). — 
keeping j^\;jljl iddret el 
bSt, m. — keeper \J^ kiliya,._ 
hold^\ J*la/iZ el bit.. 

Hover, vi. ^jj raf.raf 
(yi-);^^\o-hdm 'ala{yihAm). 

How ,! ad. t^ljl izzdy-j^jS^ 
kif. — ? (Sj^ izzay. ~ nice he 
is ! s^iJJ J* ajI a» gaticf <^/i 
hjxiWf latyf. - much?l^ft{dm. 
- long ? 4jI Ji gadcJ ^/i, — 
many? Ckdm. - ofteft .j., ^ 
kdm marra. -ever^, lijl^^ « 
ma' ;sdlik; ^ Idkin Cx}]i^ 
ilia inn. 


Howl, n, pj nabli,m. 

Hug , V t .^yi9-hadan,(ahduff,Ji 

Hpge., a. ^^,gasujn\j^ 
(S^kibyr qawy (kupdr), 

;/. jf^kubr, m. 




Huissier, n. jJat. muhdir 

\{\x\\,n .ij^^iqikra ,f .(qisr ) . 
- of a ship ^"T^U i.^s qas'et 
el markib, f. 

^Jl:>dandin (yi-). 

Hum, n. (jj zann,jn. aIju^ 
dandina^ f_ 

Human, «. iS/-^ basary; 
^i\ddamy.- kind. jl^_ bant/ 
ddam. - be'iDg jLil insdn. 

Humane, o. a.jI-.)I ^-^ 
sdhib insdnyia (ashdb). 

Humanity, n. ajUI insA, 
nyia, f. 

\{\xxvAi\e,a .^^'^y.'>m itwdcl V^ 
(~yn);\..}^}i^u nafsoh wdt_ 
ya (-um). 

Humble, oi. «J>lyl itwddi^ 

Humbleness, n. ..^'jT to_ 
wddu\ m. 

Humbug, n.J^makriJ.i: 
giss;'9-j\i^'j^kal6m fdrig.m. 

Humbug,of. ^^Si-'^dihik 
'ala (ad/iak)-^^'igasi(agiss). 

Humid, a. ^\=jritib(-yn). 


\{nxm\\2A.e^vt .y:>:sall(a2 ill) 

Humiliation, n. Jj zull; 
^\y tacDddu', m. 

Humorous, a. S.^^mud^ 
hik; dU-^. yidahhak. 

Humour, n. Jh tab'; ^^ 
bulq, m. good — i.Ljl inbl- 
sdt. bad — Jcj za^al, m. 
pul out of— Jcj za'^al(a-). 

Humour, vt. u^H Idtif 
(a-); J>\o- hdyil (a-). 

Hump, n. ^ qaiab, m. 
- of a camel J^lic-'saname^ 
eg gamal, f. - back ^y* 
miqdtab (-yn); ^y\ abu 

Hundred, n. 4^ myia, f. 





Hungarian,a.t5 jimag'ar// 

Hungary, n. j^\ i^)*. bildd 
el magar, f. 
Hunger, n. ^»- gu\ m. 
Unngry ,a.c)'>^ga'dn{- yn) 
Hunt, i.ilk-9* istdd {add d) 
Hunt, n. x.^sdd, m. 
Hnniev, n.i\-,-^sayidd{~yn). 
Hurl, n.jXbhudr, m. 
liur\,vt.j^<^^da'war (a-); 
^.j rama (army). 

Hurry, n. J^'agala, f. he 
IS in a - J*s"-' ^huwa m is_ 

Hurry, vt. J#"-l istagil 

Hurt, vt. iS'i^ aza (dzy); 
j^i darr (adurr). 

j^, mudirr (-yn). 
Husband, n. j^ gdz (ag. 

wdz). - of a wife's sister 
JjAc. "adyl Caddyil). 

Hush, vt.zS^sakk'Uia-)- 
iS^n^ liadda (ahaddy). — ! 
,i>--l iskut. 
Huslle^o / . Jjzaqq{oza qq), 
- him away ! L* ^. jcJ, waz^ 
moh min hena. 

Hut, n. 4.ip 'issa, f.('isas); 

d.\i.«J simlik, m. (zamdlik). 

Hyacinth, n.j-ij zonhaq, 


Hydrocele, n.Aki?gaif/(a/. 

Hydrophobia, n. ^J$^/fa_ 

lab, m. 

Hydraulic, a. ^}}jS.j>,hy^ 
drdlyky; JU mdy. - build- 
ings iuf\li JUI eZ mabdny el 
mdyia, f. -s dAJ^.jJtJl \cUm 
el hydrdlyk, m. 
Hyena, n.^dab'(dii ba'a). 
Hygiene, n. As:?M iib-tc 'iim. 


hifz es sihha, m. 

Hymn, n. j^j. iartyla, f, 
(iaratyl). - book Jjy J^tf 
kitdb tartyl, m. 

Hyphen, n. ii^j^sarta, f. 

Hypnotism, n. ^^j 'tan_ 
wym, m. 



Hypochondria, n. b^,. 
sdda, f. 

Hypochondriac, a.<ijli^- 
soddwy (-yn). 

Hypocrisy, n. jUi nifdq; 
Ij rya, m. 

Hypocrite,*:'. jiU.m indflq 
(-yn): C}<ij,_ hi wiss^n. 

I, pro.\i\ ana. 

Ibis, n. ^ykurky^ m. 

Ice, n. ^' <aZg'^ m. - cream 
^jX'idandurma^ f. 

Ichneumon,/i..j_^cn ims^m. 

Icy, a. jU s«gr (-yn). 

Idea, n. jCi fikr (afkdr); 
i^\j rdy^m. (ard). 


Identify," ^ . ^yirif{ci'raf) 

Identity, n. i^safjsyia, 

f. - cerliflcateA-^it-'lol? i jU^ 
daftar isbdl es saUsyia, m. 

Idiocy, n. -d.1^ ^ahdta-^iiW 
hahdla, f. 

Idiom, n. ^b^k-»l istlldh, 

Idiomatic, a. j-'%^\ is_ 

Idiot, n. iujft '«&(// fa 6^;; 
^jk\ ahbal(hubl). 

Idle, n, ci^S^kaf^Dn^-yn, 




Idleness, n. ^jS^kasal, m. 

d^{^ tanbila, f. 
Idol, n. ^j> sanam^m. (as . 

Idolater, n. ^^ jLt 'abbdd 


sanam (-yn). 

Idolatry,n.(.U-»Vl '„iWibd_ 
det el as ndm, f. 

If, con. lil iza\ } law. — 
nol H\i wailla. 

Ignominy, n. i^-^ Myfy^, 
f. discharged with - Oy^. 
tc^^marfCit bigunha. 

Ignorance, n . ^frgah /; -It 
gusm, m. 

Ignorant, a. JaU- gdhil 
(-yn); f.ts- gasym (gusm). 

Ignore, ot. J*\f\ it gdhil 
(a I gdhil). 

Ill, a. oV 'ayidn (-yn); 
^y^\y mary4 (tnurada). - 
nature jU^I I^^j raddwet el 

/julq, f. - nalured (Sij t^y 
tab'oh rady. 

Illegal, a.j-ji.J.'mus sar 
"y; oy W\ _.-j^ JL. mus hasab 
el qandn. 

Illegible, a. (^^. J., mus 

Illegitimale,a. j-^ij.. mus 
sar^y, - son J_,p- ^1 ibn ha^ 
rdm (awldd). 

Illicit, a. 9jiC mamniY;^^* 
y}c^ mus gdyiz. 

Illiterate a. _,:CVj \yi j^.) V 
la yi'raf yiqra wala yiktib. 

Illness, n. U 'aya ; jpj^ 
marad, m. (amrdd). 

Illuminate,u^. j^ nauwar 
(a-); uiJ ^o.yyin (a-). 

Illumination, n. jyJtan^ 
wyr,m.ixijzyna, f.(2yndt)^ 

Illusion, n. Pf wahm,m. 

^j waddAhia-). 




Illustration, n. jL baydn, 
m. (picture) »j_,^ sura, f, 

Illustrious , a. j^,^» maL 
hiir (-yn). 

Ill-will, n. >)^j^'addu>a^ f. 

Image, n. >jya sCcra, f, 

Imigin.\tion, ft . j^^Uamto^ 

Imajine, ol. j^^\ itsau_ 
war (atsaawar );i' z'' it wah_ 
him (atwahhim). 

Iniilate,ot. j;^ qaUid(a-). 

Imilation,/?. xSjiiaqlyd,m, 

Inime'Iiate.a. (proximate) 
^Ijiqaryb- (urgent) J:**-* 
mista^gil. his - suj^erior 
tj.%\.,i.^Jjraysoh mubdsara. 

Immsdiately , ad. "ilU M. 
Ian; c'y qawdm. 

Immense, a. ^^ gasym; 
<^y jS^ktbyr qawy. 

Immerse, vt. ^_^kp gat^ 
las (a-). 

Immersion, n. ^j-^-^ tag_ 
tys, m. 

Immoral, a. >_,i:iM ^'.is 
mi/idHf lil adab. 

Immorality, n. ^i')i\ '^.i 
qillet el adab, f. ^-s- '^&j 
jLi fasdd, m. 

Immartal,^^ jUagf/( -?/a); 
J^'^ U ma yimdis. 

Immortality, n. Is. baqa^ 
Jj^o- liuldd, m, 

lm]),n.^<_jl>j!i)icalad ^afryt 

Impartial, a. iuU j'jX'-e- 1. 
ma^andus muhabyia Can_ 
diihums); ^j^J- J,\i- Udly ga_ 
rad (-yn); JjU ^ddil (-yn). 

Impartiality, n. a^'sL^ .jc 
'adam elmuhabyia, Z'. _jl^il 
insdf^ m. 

Impatience, ft. J*. J\ '^^qillet 
lessabr, f. 




Impatient, a. j^J\ ^]^iqalyl Implicit, a, ^^t^ dimny. 

es sabr (qulaldt). 

Impediment, n. ^'^mdn'i' 
(maw An i^); jiW ^dyiq, m. 

Imperative^ n.^\amr,m. 

Imperceptible, a.jjku J^ 
mus mans^r. 

Implore, vt. W^rl itragga 
(atraggaj; j_.j\*^l isiagdr 
bi (astigyr). \~yon\ J U 
dUjP ana fy "ardak. 

Imply, 0^ ^ Ji dall 'ala 

Impolite, a. ^jV^ jc-^ '«- 

Imperfect, a. ^Ja>\i ndqis\dym el adab(~yn); jjJi^ ^-^c 


Imperfection, n .^; naqs, 

Imperial, a.j\!^sultdny. 

Impertinence, n. U-l ;ll 
qillet el haya, f, 

el haya (qulaldt). 

Implicate, ot. ^L* j ^ 
waqqa" fy muskil(a-); i^j^ 
warrat (a-). 

Implication, n.^L^j^^ 
tawqy" fy muskilj iai^y 
tawryt, m. 

^adym ez z6q. 

Impoliteness, n. v^"^* ^' 
qillet el adab, f. Jj-»S^ ^-*^ 
^adam ez zdq, m. 

Import, vt. fy_ a^. ^ vV 

Import, n. ijlj wdrid, m. 

Importance, n.KJ'\aham^ 
myia; 4.L?- gasd^ma, f. 

Important, a.^.muhimm 
(-yn); Jie ^azym Cuzdm). 

Importation, n. •S^-"^ 
istigldb; 1^. a!il j. Ji^ galb 





min bildd barra, m. 

Importer, n. oljj'j j^^lr 
tdgir wariddt (tuggdr). 

Impose, vi. {duty) ^J^j fa. 

rad(afrid);{pa\m)dL.^ sa_ 

bah (asbuk); (a condition) 

\,jJ: karat (asr tit)-, ^fj^\ ista_ 

rat (astirit). 

Imposition, n. Ul^ tak_ 
lyf; dA.^ sabk; _^ makr, m. 

Impossibility, n.o^' c-J^ 
^adam imkdn, m. 

Impossible, a.J^ J.>mus 
mumkin; J-^* musiahyl. 

Imposter, n. J-Up gassds 

Impotence, n. J^^^l inhi_ 
Idl; liji irti(ia^ m. 

Impotent, a. J^ mahlul 
^-y"->; J-y marh,y(~yn). 

Impoverish, ot, fi\ afqar 

Impregnable,<!'.uj-a;- /ia.sf/n. 

Impress, vt. (stamp) ^^ 
Jiatam (a/}tim); ^ basam 

Impression, n. (effect)_^HT 
tdsyr-y (idea) ^t zann; jS 

Imprest, n. iA^ sulfa^ f, 

Imprint, vt. ^^ taba" (at_ 
ba^j; ~a) basam (absumj. 

Imprison, vt, ^^.^ habas 
(ahbis); ^ sagan (asgin). 

Imprisonment, n. ^j.^ 
habs; yjf sign, m. 

Improbability, n. Jl^l^ jr^ 
"adam ihtimdl; jliU-l istib_ 
''dd, m. 

Improbable, a. J.^^: j^ 
muk muhtamal; J,«Ji-.. mus^ 
tab''ad; jl-^i bVyd. 

Improper, a. j. V J»* mus 
Idyiq (—yn). 

Improve, vt. j.^ hassin 




(a-)-^ ^ saUah(a-). yi.(j_«il 
ithassin (athassin); ^M 
insalah (ansilih). 

Improvement, n. Cji:-^ 
tahsyn; ^^-=.1 isldh; .aal 
iaqaddum , m. 

Imprudence, n. ^J si.5 
qillet tabassur, f. 

Imprudent, a. ya--i\ JJj 
qalylet iabassur (qulaldt). 
Impudence, n.V:'-'^ qillet 
haya, f. 

Impudent, a. U-l ^llqalyl 
el haya (qtilaldt). 

Impure, a. '^iwisib(-yn); 

Impurity^n .*i-Uj wasdfia; 
a^\a nagdsa, f. 

Imputation, n. ^ basm; 
^\^\ ithdm, m. 

Impute, vt. e^>- bdsam 
(aJisim); ^ nasab (ansib). 
In, pre. J fy; ,v bi; I'yr 

guwa. - an hour ^cU Sniha'^d 
sd^a. he is - Ua^» huwa he_ 
na; ^Ji\ 1^ jb huwa fil bit.^ 
he is not — *j; ^* huwa 

Inaccuracy, n. i^" ^^c '«_ 
dam sihha; A>i ^Jc '^adam 
diqqa^ f. 

Inaccurate, a. i»j.^ J.* 
mus mazbut (-yn); ^i-' ^ 

Inaction, n. ^)^ ^Jey 
"adamel horaka, m. 

Inactive, a. jJ, balyd (bu. 
loda); cxiS'kasldn (-yn). 

Inactivity, n. ti^Mldda^ 
f. ^yS^kasal, m. 

Inattention, n. .Li* ^jo 
'adam iniibdh, m. 

Inattentive, a.tJ> J^'tnus 
muntabih (-yn); o^'^ gaf_ 
Idn (~yn). 

Inadequate, a. li'^J.* mus 

Ina 244 

kdfy (-yn). 

Inaugurate, oi. ^ fatah 
(aftah); y^ ^i.i>'\ ihtafal bi 

Inauguration, n. ^ fath; 
^\z6\ iftitdh^ m. 

Incantation, n.A-jj raqya, 
f. (r<^^Qydt); rj^J ta'zym, m. 

Incapability ; n. >jM» -jo 
'^adam maqdara, f. 

Incapable, a. jjl; J.. mus 
qddir(—yn);y>-\cdgiz( -yn). 

Incapacitate, vt. y^ 'ag_ 
gis (a-). 

Incense, n. jy4 bahur, m. 

Inch, n. J^'j^i qyrdt^ m. 
[qarar yt)-^>Xit.' uqddyuqad); 
i^ji bfisa, f, (busdt). 

Incident, n. *:iU hddsa 
(hawddis); a^JIj wdq^a, f, 


Incision, n. 
qat\ m. 



\ncile,v t.j)wazz(awizz); 
iaL. sallat (a-); (Sj^^ agra 

Incitement, n. jj wazs; 
-kJu_r taslyt; tSjpl igra, m. 

Incivil, a. (:)ji.cM Ji» qalyl 
et tamaddun (qulaldt). 

Incivility, n. ajUI '^^qillet 
insdnyia^ f. 

Inclination, n. ^.,m.H, m. 
i^j rugba, f. 

Incline, vi.S<'radl(amyl); 
^i-\ inhana (anhiny). ot. 
^j.^ mayyil (a-), -d JjU md^ 
yil('-yn);j^^, mustaHdd. 

Inclosure, n. 4.k^^ tah^_ 
wyta, f. 

Include, vi. ^c^\ iddam_ 
min(y~); ^ t5^1 ihtawa 
(adrug); ^ »J>3 wada' 
dimn (awda\) 

Incogniio, ad.^^mitbaffy 




Income^ n. J^i-J^* madhul 
(madabyl); il_^J yrdd, m. 

Incommodate, vt. -Ij 
zdhim (a-)], ^ Ji! iaqqal 
'ala (a-). 

Incomparable,a. j^ki J;_^ U 
ma. l{is nasyr (lohums). 

Incompetence,n. -J: 'agz\ 
^Jl>\^^JJ\,^c ^adam i(}tisds,m. 

Incompetent, a.y>-\cdgiz 
(-yn); ^y>\^'J-\ J^) U ma lus 
ibtisds (lohums). 

Incomplete, a. ^[indqis 
(-yn) ; J'^^L/** "^"^ knmil 


Incompleteness, n. ^^aii 
nags, m. 

Incomprehensible, a. J- 

.j^M mus mafhum (-yn). 

Inconstant, a. >_,li:« mit_ 
qallib (-yn); *)U J^/0 J-* 

.jio-lj mus rdkis 'ala hdla 
wdhda (-yn). 

Inconvenience, vt. ^o JiJ 
toqqal "cdi (a~); Ui^kallif 

Inconvenience, n.A2»I^.Jc 
'adam muiodfqa;^ ta'ab, 

Inconvenient, a. ^y\y J> 
mus muwdflq (-yn); J^* 
^,^\x»mus mundsib (-yn). 

Inconect, a. ^i galC't;. 
7=^ J., mus sahyh. 

Incorrectness, n. Jalc ga_ 
lal; A*.". Jc "-adam si'nha, m^ 

Increase,^. ti\jzydda, /".. 
(zyaddt). - of pay nyk' 'a- 
Idwa, f. ('alacodt). 

i'ijzauwid (a-), vi. ^^j zdd 
(yizyd); Jifkitir(yiktar).. 

Incredible, a. ^x^i J.^o■[,. 
ma haddis yisaddaqoh. 




Incubalor, n. ^f\-S^^}A" 
mammal katakyt^ m. (ma_ 

Incur^ vt. ji"! istahaqq 
{astawgib). he -red great 
expenses .jviT >_i jU* J*"^ 
^amal ma^aryf kibyra. 

Incurable, a. Jj-~\^_ U ma 
yitybs-\}:>j,} [.ma lusdawa. 

Indebted, a.cjjix,madyun 

Indecent, a. ^H J., mm 
Idyiq-j ,^.e. 'eb. 

haqyqatnn. - ! (^i iy; *il 

Indefatigable, a. j.-»-: U 
ma yit'abs. 

Indefinite, a. ijj.«; J:, mus 
mahdud: ijKK, ^, mus mu_ 

Indemnify, ot. ^ j»'y. 

'auwad ^ala (a-); \!>'€^kdfa 

Indemnity, n. aIj^. ma_ 
kdfd, f, (-t); (ji-i^*^ ta^wyd, 
m. (-dt). 

Independence, n. J^li:-! 
Istlqldl, m. A. j>- hurry ia^f. 

Independent, a.JJu^mas- 
taqill (-ynj; j>- hurr (ah_ 
rdr). he has - means oXc. 
^%\ ^ :i\j\ 'andoh yrdd 
min amldkoh. 

Index, n. ^j{> fahras, m. 
A^jji fah rasa. 

India, n. Juil :,'%_ bildd el 
hind, f. - rubber tS->^ Ac^ 
samg hindy; dXzJlastik^m. 

Indian, a. <iA:fc h indy (h L 
nud; handdwa). 

Indicate, vt, Jo Ji dall 
"ala (ad ill) ; ^jvi bayyin 

Indication, n. -JVi dildla; 




»jUl isdra, f. jliji irsdd,m. 

Indifference, n. ^\^a.\ .^t> 
^adam ihtimdm, m. 

Indifferent, a. JJU J., mus 
sdyil (-yn); ^^. J:, mus 

(--ynj-j^f j.}\,ma.lus kif. 

Indisposition^ rt. ^x^i^-has- 

tika, f, ^j] .jljjil inhirdf 

el mazdg , m. 

Individual, n. ^y^ sal}s; 

muhtamm (-yn). he is - Jo-Ij wdhid. 

A.^ (Sj »J.;c. 'andohsaybcCdoh \ Indoor, a. o>.J\ j fH bit. 

Indigestible, a. »aJ.I Jo J^aJ 

sa^ el hadm. 

Indigestion, n. ^aX\ ^^^su 
el hadm, m. a-J^ tuhma, f. 

Indigo, n.j^jnyla, f. 

Indirect, a. is/i J-> mus 

Indiscreet,«.j}:='' (A^adym 
et tamyyz (-yn). 

Indiscretion, n. j>i ^ Jc 'a_ 
dam tamyyz, m. 

riiry (-yn). 

Indisposed, a. ^:-»^ »^i- 
fiastik (-yn);C}^'>^^n'Caknin 

— dress *.Lii taljfyfa, f. 

Induce, i. j»:5l aqna"- (aq. 
nV); _^- sabbib (a-), he -d 
me to go 7-jjl j'i^^ yk huwa 
Ijalldny aruh. 

Indulge, vi. di^^:! inha_ 
mak (anhimik). 

Indulgence, n. ilU-^:! m_ 
himdk; J*L) tasdhul, m. 

Indulgent, a. dL.f* mMn_ 
hamik (-yn); J»L:. mi7_ 
sd/iji (-yn). 

Industrious, a. J.^»i mt/g'- 
tahid (-yn); JaJlJ nasj/( 

Industry, n.iVr* igtihdd; 




Jii su^l, m. imi^sana, f. 

Inequality, n. .IjL. ^ac 
'adam musawd, m. 

Inevitable, a. v^ jljV la 
biidd ''annoh. 

Inexact, a. ^^'' J.> mus 
sahyh-j^y.^ j., mus mazhut. 

Inexhaustible,^. jLPji Uma 
y if rags; J.^^ \»ma yihlass 

Inexperience, n. jU^I 'Jli» 
qillet ifi.tibdr; iiju'^i qillet 
ma'rifa, f. 

Inexperienced, a. ^ii- ga^ 
sym (gusm); ^^Jkl Ji» qalyl 
el ma'rifa (-yn). 

In extenso, a. ^_^L'}\,bit 
tat toy I, 

Infallibilily,n.4c^'asma ,f. 

Infallible, a. j:U;o I. mo, 
yiglats (yiglalAs). 

Infamous, a. J^\i fdhis 
(-yn). -woman a^^^J sar_ 

Infamy, n. ^ fadyha, 
f. ( faddy ih)-^j\c, 'dr, m. 

Infancy, n. J^ikW ^-. ainn 
et tufulyia, m. 

Infant, n.j^^ Jj walad 
mgayiar (wildd); JiU tifl 

Infantry, n. oL; biydda; 
h\J qarrdba, f. 

Infect, vt, ^s^c■'ada(yi'■dy), 

Infection, n, iSi-^ "adwa. 

Infectious, a.<iJu* mu'dy. 

Infer, oi. j^i^u-l istantig 
(astantig)- Jjl:-I istadall 

Inference, n. i.^' natyga, 
f. j^-liiUl istintdg^ m. 

Inferior, a. J^l adna; j;l 
(tqall; C)i:i d^n. he is my - y» 
^^ z^ huwa taht minny. 


Infernal, f^^.J^"^ gahan^ 





Infidelity, n. j^ kufr, 
m. Ai[j./}ydna, f. 

InfiUralion, n. ^j rash,;}y 
nazaz , m. 

Infirm, a,y>-\c 'dgiz (-yn); 
^_i.«J. da'yf(du'df). 

Infirmary^n. *;\jfc-*- /iasia_ 
!jdna;ii\iAii sifahdna, f. 

Infirmity, n.jf '■agaz\^'i^ 
du'-f, tn. ijtV 'dha; ^^cilla, f. 

Inflammation, n. .^\f\\ 
eltihdb, m. 

Inflate, vt, -.^nafahionfub) 

Inflict, vt. Jp bala (ably). 
- a punishment (ijU gdza 

Influence, n. 4.kL suit a; 
»^k>«sa<iua, f, 'iyi nif{iz;ju\: 
tdsyr, m. 

Influence, vt. j J\ assar 
fy(ct-); *:»! aqna' (aqn i'). 

Influential, a.^y^ ,_<*.Usd. 

hib nifdz ((Xshdb);Af ^>.^ 
sdhib kilma. 

Influenza,^, \yj^\ infltlen-. 
^a, f. ^:>ding^ m. 

Inform, vt. j*.i.l alibar 
(alibirj; y^ iSi\ idda babar 
(addy); i)j ballag (a-). 

Informant,^. iL. muballig 
(~yn); ^ mubbir (-yn). 

Information, n.j^^babar 
(aJibdr); i-^l baldg, m.(-dt). 

Infuse, o^-jinotgaVo'ig'O'V. 

Infusion, n. 9jiu manqii', 

Ingot, n. ^j... sibyka, f, 

Ingraft, u^. ^^ta''am (a-). 

Ingraftment, n. ^U tat_ 
'ym, m. 

Ingrateful, a.' j.i-1 /Vnd^ 
kir eg gimyl (-yn); cx.^ 
IjAyin (-yn). 

Ingratitude,/!. J.ij'l cJ^f.\ 




Inhabitant, n. ,'^^sdkin 

nukrdn eg gimyl^ m. AiLi- 
hydna^ f. 

Inhabit, vt. ^^ sikin 
(askun); j ^^^^-l istawian 
fy (astawtan). 

■ o 

(sukkdn) . the - s of Egypt 
^A* JUl ahdly masr. 

Inhabited, a. ^^fL. sdkin 
(~y^)', u/w* maskCin (-yn). 

Inhalation, n. jliu^l js_ 
tinsdq; ^i samm, m. 

Inhale, vt. ji;:-l is tan ^ 
sag (astonsaq); ^: samm 

Inherit, vt. c.j^ waras 

Inheritance, n. olju mf/_ 
rdsj m. 

Initial, n. (letter) J^V I ^>1 
elharf elauwil^m. [hurtif). 

Inject, vt. ^i^haqan(ah^ 

Injection, n. ^y>- hagn, m. 

Injure, vt.j^rjarrfadarr); 
wjlr talaf (atlif). 

Injurious, a.'^i* mudirr 
(-yn); (S':>y mdzy (-yn). 

Injury, n. j^ darar; 

il)" talaf, m. 

Injustice, n. Ik zulm; 

Ink, n. jK>. hibr,m. - stand 
i^\iidawdya , f.(diwy). 

Ink, vt. jK>- habbar (a-). 

Inland, n. jUl\ Ji-I:> ddhil 
el gutr^ m. 

Inmate, n. jTl^ sdkin 
( sukkdn) -^ij^y^ tj'J'^'j lodhid 
min es sukkdn. 

Inn, n. o\i- Ijdn, m. (-dt); 
»A:5^ lokandaJ,(lokanddt) 

Inner, a. j\^>- guiodny; 
Ji-1:, ddlily (-yn). 

Innocence, n.,j\\.tahdra) 
olj; barda; io-\Jt\'i,\ybardet 




es sdha^ f. 

Innocent, a.^^lW tdhir 
(-yn); iSj_ bary (abryia). 

Innumerable, a. :>so j.) U 
ma IM 'adad (lohums). 
Inoculate, ot jL\»ta"am((i-) 
Inoculation, n. ^kf tat- 
"ym, m. 

Inquest, n. j^i tahqyq 
(-dt); J-uiJ taftys,m. 

lnc[mre,vt. i}[^saal(asdl); 
j^^i:-! istafhim(astafhlm). 
— inlojjijina zar fy(anzar)] 
^l>- haqqaq (a-). 

Inquiry, n.S^^^sudl(-dt); 
,lfi:-l istifhdm (-dt); j..ii 
tahqyq, m. (-dt). 

Inquisitive, a. Jip\ jc3 
kityr es sudl;^J^ ^f-i}\^i -^ 
^^i yihibb yisdl ^an hull s^. 
Insane, a. oy-^ magndn 

Insanity, n. u^- g'mdn; 
Ciy^ gin An; jU- f^alal^ m. 

Insatiable, a. J^L\ i> ma 

Inscription, n. tA-S^kitd- 

Insect, n. JJ^Ij wdgis, m. 
,y^ hasara, f. 

Insensibilily,n.^U;-VI Sj.* 
qillet el ihsds, f. 

Insensible, a. ^L:^'ill ^oo 
'adym el Uisds (—yn). 
Insert, o t.^i^:>dahha I (a-). 
Insertion, n.Jj^ AT iadhyl, 

Inside, n. I^>- guwa; Ji-^i 

Insight, n. jlii nazar;j^ai 
basar, m. 

Insignificant, a. ^jSiqalyl; 
A-»ij zahyd. 

Insincere, a. ^y^)t J.>mus 
mublls (-yn); u»!>'^VI jcjc 




'^adym el ililds (-yn). 

Insincerity, n . f_y>%-')i\ ^-^ 
'adam el H}lds^ m. 

Insipid, a. J J dili'; v^^*^ 

Insipidity, n. acJ^ dilua; 
i^)Sc''idubyia, f. 

Insist, vt. ^lagg (aligg); 
iSi saddid (a-), 

Insislence.n. ^U- lagdga, 
f. JbJiiJ tasdyd, m. 

Insolence, n.^aXi^safdha-^ 
apAj qabdha, f. 

Insolent, a. ^ qabyh(qu- 
baha); Aa,- safyh (sufaha); 
^Ijl Jj^ tawyl el lisdn 

Insolvent, a.^i,mifallis 
(-yn)\ »»Jl Jc jilj j.* mus 
qddir '^alal daf. 

\x)S^ec\.,vl .jji fattis (a -); 

W ^ marr ''ala(amurr). 

Inspeclion, n.j^taftys; 

jjj. murdr ^ m. 

Inspector, n. j^u.>mutat_ 

Inspiration, n. *Ul ilhdm, 
m. ojUl isdra, f. 

Inspire_, vt. X\ alham (aL 
him); ^ jUI asdr bi (asyr). 

Instalment, n. Ja-.> qist 
(aqsdtj-j Ja.„fll taqsyt, m. 

Instance, n. AT^^e^ hddsaj. 
(hawddis); Ji. masal^ m. 
(amsdl). court of first - iSG? 
^_}i Jj^ mahkamet auwil 
daraga. for — '^i* masalan. 

Instant,n. *Lii d iqyq(i;Aik.l- 
lahza^ f. 

Instantly, ad. JU-I J fil 
hdl;'^\>. hdlan. 

Instead, ad. JIju biddl; 
^'^ ''uwdd. 

Instinct, n t'xj.garyzaj. 

Institute, vt. ^^\ assis 
(a-)-^ Liil ansa (ansy). 




Instilution_,a ^iL^\!tc(sys; 
^y tartyb, tn. a.*?- gam_ 
''yia; t^jx, madrasa^ f. 

lm\.r\ic[,vt. yallim(a-); 
i\j ballag (a-). 

Instruction, n.X^ta'lym, 
m. (-At), juge d' - ^^ ^iU 
qddy tahqyq (qudd). minisi 
try of public - JijUl o^^^ 
dywdn el ma^drif, m. 

Instructor, n.y^mu'allim 
(-yn); ^j^taHymgy(-ia). 
Instrument, n. ^\ dla(a_ 
Idt); ,Jic Hdda, f. Cidad). 

Insubordinate, a. ^^^U 
'dsy (-yn). 

Insubordination, n. C)^^ 
^usyAn, m. ,. , ,.- 

Insufficiency 3 n. h\x^. ^^ 
^adam kifdya^m. 

Insufficient, a.:j!^,j^.mus 

kdfy; J^,V ma yikaffys. 

Insult, n., A»l»l .i/K^na, f- 

(ihandt);, JjVk? taidul. 

Insult, vt.cj\» hdn (ahyn); 

Jc JjUal ittdwirala(attdwil). 

Insupportable, a.j^ML^i U 

ma yintdqs; jd»_:<i U ma 


Insurance, n.o\c^damdn, 
m. »^jfi^ sukurtd, f. 

Insure, vt. ^tf daman 
(adman); ^y sokar (a-). 
Insurgent,n. ^^\c'dsy{':usd) 
Insurrection, n.jL^ 'as_ 
ydn; cj^ hayagdn, m. 
Intellect, n. Jie^ 'aql, m. 
Intellectual, a. Jic- "-aqly. 
Intelligence, n. JSp !^aql; 
'^ zaka; ^ fihm, m. - de_ 
partment oljilA' Jj*i> iddret 
el muhahrdt. ■ 

Intelligent, a. j^^i saky 
Intelligible, «. ^^« maf- 
h{im-y^\j wddih. 




j.^i qasad (agmd). 

Intense, a. Ju-i.i sadyd;iSj> 

Intensity, n. txi. sidda; /y 
gAwa, f. jt- 'is;s, m. 

Intention^n .J.-^5gasrf; ^j>f■ 
garad, m. (agrdd), 

Intentionally,acZ. Ji^s5l bil 
qasd . 

Intercede, vi. »ii, safa' 
(asfa"); Ji*.yl itwassat (at^ 

Intercession, n . ^cl^i safd_ 
'a, f, Ja-ji tawassut, m. 

Intercessor; n.».ii safy^ 
(sufa'a). , , 

Intercourse, n. .^l« mw_ 
'dsra; itkUs: mufidUa, f. 

Interest, n. (advantage) 
.JjU fdyda, f. M^ sdii/ij 
•IjJ ihtimdm; (money) iiili 
fdyiz(fawdyiz); i^J farai, 

TO. take an - ^ i*l ihtamm 
bi (ahtamm). 

Interest, vt.i\i fdd (afydj; 
J> hamm (ahimm). — ed Aj., 
muhtamm (-yn); ^L> 4I Zo/i 
sdlih (—um). 

Interesting ,a.^.muhimm ; 
jL-i« mufyd. 

Interfere, oJ.J^Iil idddl^il 
(adddl}il)-j ^ji>yS\ ifarrad 

Interference, n. Ji-Ur ta_ 
ddh,ul; Joji tdarrud^ m. 

Interim, n. «L-. masdfa; 
K^j, ftirsa, f, ^.j zaman^ 
TO. par - jiy.^1 hit tawkyl; 
ajLJI bin nydba. 

Interior, n. ^y-\:iddtiil;\y~ 
g^atoa. ministry of the — ijlki 
ASi'\ji\ nizdret ed ddf}lyia. 

Internal, a. Ji-i^ ddbly; 
jl^»- guwdny. 

International, a. JiiddZt/. 




Interpret, vt. >•_; targim 
(a~); ^^ fassar (a-). 

Interpretation, n . *^j tar_ 
gima, f. _^ tafsyr,m. 

Interpreter, n. cM'j tur__ 
gumdn (tardgma) ; j-jj, 
mutargim (~yn). 

Interrogate, vt. i}i\^ saal 
(asdl) ; j.kiI-1 istantaq (as_ 

Interrogation, n.Jl"^- sa_ 
dl; '-''^^■■'l istigwdb, m. 

Interrupt, vt. jkt 'attal 
(a-); i_i»j waqqaf(a-). 

Interruption, n. J-kJ ta_ 
tyl; «_iJy tawqyf^ m. 

Interval, n.AjL* masdfa 
(masafdt) ; ,a« mudda, f. 

Intervene,u J. Ja-y I i<M3«ssa( 
(atwassat) ; Ji-'jl idddliil 

Intervention, n. Jo-y ta_ 

wassut; Ji-ljo taddljul, m. 

Interviev\',ra,4.l" muqdbla 
f, I had an - with himj>£=|-| 
*. igtama^t boh. 

Intestines, «. oijU* masa_ 
ryn, f. 

Intimacy, n. »:>ymuwad_ 
da; jlj) widdd, f. 

Intimate, a. jjaVsj muhlis 
(-yn). they are - friends > 
jjiC^ls:? I humma o>>hdb k ityr. 

Intimation, n. c^, baldg 
(~dt);j\ki-\ iljidr, m. (-dt).. 

Into, pre. j fy^ \j^ guwa. 

Intolerable, a. jj\k:j U 
ma yintdqs; ^*J^ U ma 

Intoxicate, vt.jZ.sakkar 
(a-); Jk- satal(astil).be -d 
^ sikir (askar). -d ^\j)Z. 
sakrdn (-yn). 

Intoxication, n. ^sukr; 




j_ji- tahdyr^ m. 

Intrados, n. si>i\ JL] bain 
el '^aqd^ m. 

Intrigue, n. -uj.-:* dasysa 
(dasciyis); j^~>-l}yla,f.(hyal). 

Intrigue, oi. ^.L:> J^ 
^amal dasdyis (a'mil). 

Intriguer, n. ^.l-j v_^U» 
sdhib dasdyls (ashdb). 

Introduce, vt. (bring in) 
^i daJihal (a~); (malie 
known) ^j> "arraf (a-). 
— me to him ! -o ^y. ''arraf_ 
ny boh. 

Introduction, n. JU-jl id. 
bdl; fXu taqdym, m. (of a 
booli) xaji. muqaddama, f. 
(muqaddamdt). letter of- 
A^^y>^\j>-gawdb tawsyia^m. 

Intrude, oi. (S^jS\ it'adda 
(ctt'adda); j^ ji. ^m Ji.:> da_ 
halmin gir haqq (adhul). 

Intrusio n, ?i . (i a*)" to'add (/; 

^ j{<^^'^y^idubulmin gir 
hciqq, m. 

Intrasl,o<. jj'iamm in(a-); 
j*U-.l istdmin (astuminj. 

Inundate, ot.jj. garrag 

Inundation, n. 3j^garaq; 
JJ nyl,m. 

Invalid, «.jjU'af/utn('-f/nA 

Invaluable, a. Cj^ tamyn; 
J.:'!:[ [, ma yittammins. 

Invariable, a, ^jjo U ma 

Invent, vt, «>_;il ihtara" 

Invention,n.^jo-U"6iJ ird'. 


Inventor, n. ^*r mulila_ 
ri" (~yn). 

Inventory,".^. Miontdryo 

Invest, vt. ^ labbis(a-); 

^^i nassab (a~), he -d iiis 

money *-jU 1^ halt fildsoh 




<ahult); \^)i JiJ, sagged fi_ 
lusoh (a-). 

InvesligaLe, ot. ji>- haq_ 
qaq (a-j; (Sj^\ aharra (at- 

Investigation, n.^Sai-taIi_ 
qijq (-at); iS/- taharrg, m. 

Investment, 71. |^j\i\J->j.i 
■ia$gyl elfUds, m. 

Invisible, a. j^.. J-, muh 
■mansur (-yn)\ iS^Li ^Jo-U 
mahaddis ylmfoh (—am). 

Invitation, n. t^yf-'izCima 

Invite, vt. f.-j. ^azam (a". 
sim). —di,)jo.>ma!'z(j,m (-yn; 

Invoice, n. »jyl> faltira 
(favoatyr) ; <^^y^ bolysa, f. 

Inward, «. ^'^jT gawdny 


Irish, a. (iJ^iVjl irldndy 
(-ia; -yn). 

lyon ,n .J^^p-hadyd. — clad 
<*cjA. midarra'a(midarra_ 
'dt); f,j ^j. mark ib sir li, 
f. (mardkib). flat - (ijC 
makwa,f. (makdwy). 

Ironical, a. .jifr-^&iwas^a/'a 

Irony, n. »ji:.-' mashara, 
f. IjjZ-l istihsa, m. 

Irregular, «. dy\i\\ ^^>-J.' 
mas hasab el qandn; Ac ^. 
J^^Vl m«s "alal usul. 

Irregularity, n. ^\k:;l ^jc 
'adam intizdm, m. 

Irreparable, a. J.^'^- U ma 

Irreproachable, a. J-^Ac I. 
^) ma \ilihs I6m ('aUhums). 

iSjj rawa (arwy). 

Irrigation, n. iSj ray, m. 


. IiT 258 


Irriiate.o^.^ hayL/ig(a-); 

^i lahab (alhib). 

Irritation, /I. o^f7'/^'^'y''9'^"; 
Jcj sa'al-^ ^[^\ iltihdh, m. 


island, n. >xjt 9^^y^^^> f- 

Islander, n. J j-jj^- ga3d_ 
yirly (-la). 

Issue, n. ('resull)Aft-'nc<ij/_ 
9'^, f. (egress) ^j^hurug-^ 
{sending out) jjJ^ sudur, 
m. (progeny) ai ji zurryia^ 
f. jVjI fiwldd. he died with_ 
out — iVjl J-u- \j,ma sayyibs 

Issue, oi. jA-»l asdar (as_ 
dir).vi. jS^sadar (asdur); 
rj>~ harag (a]j,rug). 

Isthmus, ft. rj J. ftar^a6,,m. 

Il, /5ro. (masc.) ^ huwa; 
ft -oh; (fern.) i/ hyia; U 


— /la. - must be o^C -jV 
Idzim yikun. -is I who did 
so Ij^ jJlx*^ ^_^^ ^tli da ana 
illy'amalt /ceda. -rainsl-ljiji- 
jkc', ed dinya bitmattar. 
- nriay happen J^<i jCc r/jm_ 
kin yihsal.-s ^cl;. blid'oh; 
l«.eV:> bltd'ha. -self 4_ii na/"_ 
so/i; If^ii nafsaha. 

Italian, a. jLl- talydny 
(~la; -yn). 

Italics, n.A>}.'^)j^l}ur(if 
mdyla, f. 

Italy, n.yikil ytdlya,f. 

Itch, n. <6^ hakka^ f. ^j>^ 
garnb; o'i^\ akaldn, m. 

Item, n.^-^Ranf,m. (as_ 

Itinerary ,n.C;lj^l_^lji-.Jp<>- 
gadical safar el icaburdt jn 

Ivory, n. ^'dg; JJ^^ 
6'mn /'yi, m. 

Ivy, n. >_,^U i/6/db, m. 




Jack, n. (lifting) a:i Ja 'af_ 
ryta, f. Cafrytut) ■ J^j 
wins, m. - of all trades j 
^\:^ *.>« eAil fy yd oh sabo," 

hcksiSS, n.j'li'homdrij:.'^ 
gahs; jy idr. 

.lacket,a. izf\>-jak^ t ta(ja . 

.lail, n.^.r^kabsij^'sign, 
m. (sigAn). 

iailer, n.cM^saggdn(-yn). 

Jam, n. ij,j. mirabba^ m. 

Janizary, n.^^-iyasaqgy 


Japan, n. o^: yabdn, f. 

Japanese, a. liUi yabdn y 
(-yn). ) 

Jar, n, ^^a^,_ balldsy, m. 
(balalys). large enamelled - 
*Jj sala'a, f. (zila" J glass - 
Cj\.\=>j> martabdn , m. (-dt)._ 
- of a water-wheel ^J-Ji^ 
qadus, m. (qawadys). 

Jasmine, n.t^i^'Vyasmyn, 
m. double- J> full, m. 

Jaundice, n. J^j yara_ 
qdn, m. 

Jaw, n. Js2isidq;Sifakk ^ 
m. iX^ saqqa, f. 

Jealous, a. jj.p gayyur 
(-yn); i^^^ hasud (-yn). 

Jealousy, n.^j^i- gyra, f. 
a-.:- hasad, m. 

Jelly, n.'K\i)\ibaIusa;A:j'^c-- 
gelotyna, f. 





Jerusalem, n. ^aiU el 
■quds, f. 

Jesl, n. jljft hizdr-^ dU'' 
<lihk, m. in - jl_^«i j 

Jingle, n. ^;^^<sal}saljaj. 
Jingle, oi. ^-i^ sahsaJj. 
(yi-); ^ tann (yitinnj, 
min \ Job, n. ^ii sugla; AJ^lii 
\sugldna, f. (suglandt), by 

Jest, vi. jjt. liaszar [o,-);\ the - 4.c-^kall6j7 maqtu^yia. 
<il^^ (lihik (adhak). .hckev, n.^fjrakkyb{-a) 

Jester, n. jl^il >_^ yihlbb' Jog, o^. ^ Aa^^ (ahizs); 
el hlsdr. i(walk)»a^b »Ji^'j j^t.« mts{/ 

iesm\.,n.j-^^iyasiTy(-iaj I wdhda wdhda famsyj, 

Jesus Christ, n. ^-M ^^.^ ; John, n. V^ hanna. 
yas{t' elmasyh. | iom,ot. ^^3 wasal (aw_ 

Jet d'eau, n. -j^ ndfara^ sil); si\ ittahad (attihid). I 

/. (nofardt). 

Jew, Jewish, n. lSj^^. {/a_ 
hildy (yahtid). 

Jewel, n. .j»^>- gdhara, f, 
fgawdhir-^ migohardt). 

Jeweller, n. ^jO''^^^ gci 
wdhirgy (-la). 

oO^U almazdt-^ 4."».^ syga, f. 


Va« masdg^ m. 

1 -ed their society^jX-»^Jol^i 
dahalt fy gam'yiethum. 
Joint, n. ojiac- hiqda, f, 
Cuqad); J-ai« mafsal^ m. 
(mafdsll). out o{- -)ii mf_ 
balla\ - stoclv company iS^ 
<J^{.^ sirket musdhma , f. 

Joke, n.j'j" hisdr; S^' 
dihkj m. 


Joke^oi. jjt> hazzar (a-); 
S^ dihik (cujhak). 

}o\\ya.\>y^mahsut (-yn); 
C)\o-J farhdn (-yn). 

Joseph^ n. wA-^i yusif. 

.lournal, n. S^j^ gumdl, 
m. (—(It); Kti}\£.gazi}tta, f. 

.lournaUst, n. ^i-lij»- gur_ 

.lourney, n.y-- safai\ m. 
C'sfdr), go on a - J>\^ sdfir 
(ci-J. I wish you a pleasant 
— ! *.^J\ ». ma' es saldnia. 

Joy, n. Js\.„.;l inbisdt; ■y-j, 

Joyful, a. !»_>-.-» mabsAt 
(-yn); ^o~j> farhdn (-yn). 

Jubilee, n. J-ijj yubyl, m. 
C}<^^\X^^s((ncU el liamsyn,m. 

}\xAge.,n.^i'^qddy (qudd). 
he is a - of J Jj») y hucoa 
yi'raf fy. 

J61 Jun 

Judge, 0^ C- hakam (oh_ 
kum); J^ fasal (afsil). 

Judgment, n.C- hukm^ 
m.(ahkdm).d3y of- e^^Vl 
el dijra. in my - ^U Jo 'afc( 
zanny; is}^ —"•>■ Jp '«to 
hasab fikry. 

Judicial, a. JU.» qaddy. 

Jug, n. jij.J a6/'i/g, m. 

Juggler, n. cS^U Mtoi^' 

Juice, n. ^^il^ V may yet 
el fatodklh, f. ^^^ dasam; 
j^^f- "asyr, m. 

Jujube, n. i^K-j^'inndbaJ^ 

July, n. 4Jy. yulya,m. 

Jump, n. Aki 7ia«fl, f.. 

Jump, ot. i,\ na<( (anutt).. 
-upjj /'a^5 (a fizz). 
Junction, n. JUJ I ittisdl,. 




m. A^^i wasla, f. (wasldtj. 

June, n, o^i yunya, m. 

Junior, n. ^jJ\ j ji^l as_ 
gar fis s inn; j.>c^^taht mill. 

Jnrisdidion, n. ^Ui^l 
ilitisdi^^ m, 

Ju ry , n . (j^ilsi muha llafyn . 

Jiisl,a. JiW flcZiZ f-yn); 
^li.^. mustaqym (-yn);^^" 
sahyh (mhclh); l^jAkAinazbiU 

Just, ad, Ac tamdm. he 
has - come U ^y lawoh ga; 
V o-'^i dikoaqt ga, - let me 


i.1 ,3.U ^! bass IjaL 

lyny asuf. - a drop ^ 4.ka; 

ntiqta bass. — by^ Jgarf/&; 
qurayyib; Oj^' ^^r fl''^"^^ ^^ 
voidn.— so 1jS^,U tamdm 
keda. - as you like J.^ ^r U^sj 
^ay ma tiryd. 

Juslice_, n. Jjc V(rfZ; j^ 
haqq, m. ministry of — J^jii 
A.;\iLl dywdn el haqqanyia. 

Juslificalion, n. ao ^iju 
tabryiet zimma^ f. 

Justify, vl. ^j ^y_ barrd 
simma (abarry). 

Justly, ad. J-x«5l; bil 'adl; 
ji-l. bil haqq. 

h\{ ,v i.^ji-ljaragiyihrug); 
Jii tiC(5'^ (yibuzz). 


Kaftan, n. j:jl!ai; quftdn, 
m. (qafafyn). 
Kamsin^ n. c^-Ai- hama_ 

syn, f. 
Keblah, n. 4.^ qibla , f. 
Kee\,n. .S^jS _,«; ga^r el 

Kee 263 

markib, m. 

Keen, a. Jkc hdmy(-yn)- 
ji)Ai sadyd (sudddj. 

Keenness^, n. >i\?- hamd^ 
wa\ .Jti kidda, f. 

Keep, vtX'^hccfa^fahfct:^ J ; 
jU h<}s (ohtiz); Ji- Ijalla (a_ 
lially). — a school ^...jA. f\i 
fdtih madrasa. he— s two 
servants (j_^«ljii-(ju;loJ»,.p "an^ 
doh itndn Ijaddamyn. tliey 
- hens ^\j \y_j^i byrabbu 
flrdlj. — one's bed^jd\ jj-i> 
fidilfilfars(afdal);ij j,lj 
y,j~J\ raqad fis slryr (ar_ 
qud). - silent j^C- sikit(as. 
/cwiJAhekept walking JJis 
^tU fid/il mdsy; ^^iU AiT tan- 
noh mdsy. - your word I «>jl 
S^.'j^^i- A'a tihlif kald . 
mak. these apples - lj> ■Aj6\ 
J^ii ei! tiffdh da yifdal. do 
not - me waiting ! ^t-i^i- U 


^^:^»ma tiljcdlynys mistari- 
ny. - it in your hand 1 j ^ii- 
^sAhallyh fy ydak. - close 
to me ! ^* ^j SAi- Ijallyk 
qaryb minny. I kept my 
shoeson j.j^ ^_^)V o^J^i fi_ 
(lilt Idbis gaznilty. 

Keep, n. Jiis- hifz; ^j^^ 
masruf, m. 

Keeper, n.^\:^lidfiz(-yn); 
jriip yafyr (gufara). - of a 
museum At\i- as.-jVI (jy\cimyn 
el antybdna. office - j-'^ 
farrds (-yn). 

Keeping, rt. ]^i.^hifs, m. 

Kennel, n. j^ guhr, m. 

Kerchief, n. ^s-^W tar ha, 
f. (turah). 

Kernel, n. Aj-CUU J^ qalb 
el fdkha, m. 

Kerosene, n. jlU j^j zet 
eg gdz ; Jj>J^j:-:J -ef el 
betrdl, m. 




(abaryq); a,^'c. gallnyci^ f, 
(gallaydt). -drumAj jlj;nwg'_ 
qaryia^ f. 

Key, n. A:i. muftdh, m. 
(mafatyh). — hole ;^l:ill Jji- 
luirq el muftdh^ m. 

Khan, n. c}^^ hdn^m. 

Khediva, n. \hxJ>\ ^_j>- ha_ 
rym afandyna^ f. 

Khediv e^n-iS^iM-hidSioy; 
b j.;)l afandyna. 


Kick, n. -><2.»j rafsa, f. 

Kick, ot.^ijrafaslarfus). 

Kicker, n .^^j raffds{-yn) 

Kid, n. (iJo- gidy (-an). 

Kidney, n. t^"^ kllwa, f. 
(kaldioy). - beans i^S^Ji 
famlya, f. 

Kill, vt. Ja qatal (aqtil); 
o^. mail wit (a-); fji dabah 

(adbah), - time ^^1 ^L,'j> 
faiiwit el ioaqt (a-). 

Kiln, n. a:J qamyna, f. 

Kilogramme, n. ^\j>-J<-f 
kylogrdm, m. (-dt). 

Kilometer, n. j--^ ^^U- 
lomitr , m. (-dt). 

Kind, rt. 3yi.i.hafuq (-yn); 
^•.■^hin(.('yin (-yn). will you 
be so-? ^jy. jJ,**' ti'mils 

KmA ,n .^•.>-g Ins (agnds ); 
9-y nd'' (antod^); ^-.^ ?ctnf^ 
m. (asndf). 

Kindness, n.*.:^ hinnyia; 
<^5ij, safaqa, f. 

\{mg,n .^^>mallk(m iliik). 

Kingdom, n. ^^mamla^ 
ka (mamdlik); ^)i dola^ f. 

Kiosk, n. AL^ kusk, m. 




Kiss, n.'^^ybdsa/f. (bosdt). 

Kiss,vt. j_y.l bds (abas); 
J J qabbil(a-). 

Kissing, n, ^_y.y_ bos, m. 

Kit, n. »jlj) lawdzim, f . 

Kilciien, n. '^' matbah, 
m. (matdbilj). 

Kile, n.(loy) zjKSstayidra 
(tayiardtj; (bird) i^^o- hld^ 
ddya, f. (hadddy). 

Knapsack, n. aiJ-^ij^ 9<^- 
^ milila, f.(maJj(Uy). 

Knave, n. J^- makkdr 

ka'')-^iij, birik (abrik). 

Knicicerbockers, n. Ji3^i 
sirwdl,m. (sarawyl). 

Knife, n. ^iC sikkyna^ 
fjsdkakyn). table- l^f.^ 
,jk^ sikkynet siifra. buL 
chei-'s smoU-^aii- hansni\ 
m. (Ijandsir ).\ar^e heavy - 
j^U satur, m. (scacdtyr), 
paper - Jjj «k2. maqta" 
wciraq ,m .(maqi'iii'' )'!\)ocke\, 
- »_jk. matwa, f. (m,a(dwy), 

Knighl, n. ^J.J\•' fdris 

(-yn); ^i- nigis (-yn); Cj') Knit, vi.slf-'aqad (a'qidj; 
a\jz- ibn hardm;i\n cards), ojiVl; Ji:-il istayal bil ibra 
r-jtl a'rag, m. \(aklgil). 


Knee, n. \fj rukba, f. 
(rukab). - deep ^Ji lir 
rukab. - pan Js-jl ^.l^iU .sa_ 
bunet er rig I. 

Kneel, vi. ^ raka' (ar_ 

Knitting, n. j-K- 'aqd; JiJ; 
.j;Vl suylel ibra, m. 

Knob, n. >fi\ okra; f. 

Knock, vt.\3^Uiabat(ohbat); 
w^^ darab (adrab);jidaqq 




(aduqq).v,'ho -s ^l js,,ij\.\[c'lliin (O-'lam); iSj> dinj 
s^\.\\\cmynbyduqq''alalbdb (adra). let mo -! jj^ (^i^* 

\inoc\i,n.i>\:i.i'Ijabta(ljabJ\iddyny Ijabar. he is — n to 
tdt)-, i.,jj> r/arto fr/arM^j; I be rich ^c^ 4.1I A:c^j_»{-.i* mas_ 
ifi daqqa, /'. (dctqqdt). 

Knockei'_, n. >_.U\ iiU /ia_. 
• toge/ el bdb, f. (I)cilaqdt). 

Knol, n. (liej .ass' 'uqda, 
f. Cuqckl); (joint) j: buz^m. 
(ahzdzj, sword - J.:, a^j Knowledge, ?i. -yj« ma'_ 
■qabda hand,/. \rifa; i.,,)...» mcClumyia\k>}j:i 

Kuol, ot. j.le-''aqad fa''qld).'dlrdya , f. [c^ilm, m. 

Knuckle, m.»>l^J\ IMf-'aq^ 

hdr ^annoh innoh gaiiy. 
he is -n to be honest aJ iy^» 
i:A.^\ma'hud fyh el amdna, 
let it be -Q fjl*. j^ liyakun 

ma' lam. 

Knolly, a. Ai« ml'aqqad 
KwO\\',ot.^/ i rifia'rof) ; 

def e.s saLodbl\ f. Cuqad). 
\{.orc\n, n.c}J\el qardn,m. 


Label, n. o'^-'^^Jj^-"*^* V"^ •^'j' 
waraqa 'al6ha el ism loll 
^iniodnj f. (toaraq). 

Laboralory, n. ,^i\f J.** 
ma'^mal kymdwy, m. (ma- 

Lab 267 Lan 

Labour, n. (work) Jki. j Lady, n. ^^sitt (-dt);^\A 
sugl (asgdl); ftoil) ^«j tu'ab; j hdnim (hawanim). young 
j^kadd, m. hard - «U JUj.1 ; - jU^ z^^ sitt sugar, his — 
asgdl sdqqci/.^\,)lumdn,m,i^.f-\::.[Z^J!i\es sitt hitd'toh^K-.^ 

Labourer, n. ^yXifd'-iUfuJsitioh. -ship i^a>- hadret. 
^ala)-,^\-^z. saggdl (-a), day^ Lake, n. >j\Abuhera (bu- 
— 4-._^.\\jJclj/'(:?/tZ bil ydtnyia. \herdt)) ^j, birka (birak). 

Labyrinlhj n. *. _,. birba^ \ small - 4il_,4 bahrdya, f. 
f.(bardby). '• LdiVah, n. ^^j^ljardf^m. 

Lace, n. aJ.::? tantella, f,'(l}lrfdn). young - ^^jy g«_ 
shoe -- Lli J rubdt, m. {-di), i ^f/, m. 
- slioe islj. A.j,^ gazma^ ljAVi\e,(-'^^.-^j^\c(rag Curg). 
birubdt. gold- ^^i qasab. Lameness, n. r-^c 'arag'^m. 

Lace,ot.k^jrabat(arbat}.\ Lament, oi, ry nauwah 

Lacing, n. Jaj j rabt, m. la-); j.^baka 'ala(abky). 

Lack, n. 4-» qilla, f. \ Lamentation, ^y nuwdh; 

Lad, n. ^^ saby(subydn); j '^ foa/ca, m. 
J\i loalad (awldd). ! Lamp, n. (Europeanj ju.V 

Ladder^ n. ^Li- U sillim \ Idmba, f. (lambdt);{naliYe) 
Ijasab, m. (saldlim). rope -j J>aJ qandyl, m. (qanadyl). 
J.„d\ U sillim et taslym. - post jli-l ^_j«j)l» :)^U 'amud 

Ladle, n. «_,« magrafa,f. 

fantis eg gdz ,m .(' awamyd) 
Lance, n. t^ y harba, f. 





(hurab); jljj. misrdq^ m. 
(mazartjq). - corporal J5^ 
^iUijI wakyl onbdsa. - ser_ 
geant jL.ijUj57[oa/ef/i satoys. 

Lancel,n. »i\^l \Li jvyset 
el fif^dda, f. (ryas). 

Land,n. ^jl arrf, Z'. (ard^ 
^ly); u^^ tyn, m. (atydn). 
arable - 9)\y ^j,j\ ard ma^ 
sdri\ - properly jIsp Hqdr^ 
m. (-at). - holder ^j_^W^^U 
sdhib tyn (ashdb). - mort_ 
gage bankc5jla,\\d)i-J\eZ bank 
erigdry, m. - ladyd\i.lU->.U 
i^dhbet el milk. - lord ,_^\^ 

Lan:l, vi. jJ^Jc Jj,-- nizil 
"alal barr (anzil). 

Landau, n. jxl aj ^t 'ara_ 
byla landd, f. Carabyidt). 

Lan:ling,n. (of a ship)|_^j. 
mirsa; ,:,jy mdrada, f. (of 
a staircase) aLj basta, f. 

Lane, n. Aikp 'atfa ('utaf); 
tjo- hdra, f. (hawdry). 

Language, n. o^J lisdn, 
bad — 49-U qabdha; as:'--~ si- 
tytna, f. 

hAuiern, n.^y\ifanus, m. 
(fodoanys). magic - ^_yy''i 
iSji-" fanus sihry. 

Lap, n. j^higr^y^AT^hndrif 

Lap,o^.j_^i- lahas (alhas). 

Lapse, n. ^^ marly- o'^ 
fawdt^m. - of righlj^LWp/^^ 
suqiit el haqq, m. 

Lapse^ vi. ^a»marja fyim_ 
dy) ; ^U fdt (yif{il)- ]^l^ 
saqat (yisqat). 

Lard, n. j:>k( 4^ tihm el 
bansyr; j*j dihn, m. 

Larder, n. ilk nnmlyia^f. 





,-.ljto«sr (-yn), - sums iU.. 
tj\} mabcUig todfra. at - 
.^U sdyib (-yn). as - ns 
u.» juS /c (■ &y r qadd. 

Largeness, n. jfkabr. 

Lark,^..jogtmfoara fgtm. 

Lash. n. ]a^^ s6t (astodt); 
jX^karbdg ,m.(karabyg). 

Lash, vl. ^j-a darab (ad- 
rabj; (tie) Ujvabat (arbut). 

Lasso J n . ^.j- ujh j J^ ha b I 
fy tar foil Ijayia, m. 

Last, n. (of a shoe) a«3>-_J19 
qdlib gazma,m.. (qawdlib). 
Last, o.. >^ dhii-; Jl>l 
uhrdny (-yn); j<^\ ahyr. - 
month cXi J\j>-^\ es sahr 
illy fdt. - year cJ!\i J\ *iJ\ 
es sana illy fdtet;^,^^Vdm 
en auwil. the year before 
- JjlfWJjlftM to ii 'dm en ««_ 
ict/.. at -j.H\jfildhir;\\^\ 

aljyran. he breathed his - 
^jjl LI aslom er rdh; i^jj 
^.IW rd/io/i ^fTe^. 

LastjOi. Jjddm (yidum); 
J*-*-"! istahmil(y-). 


Latch, n. *Ula-- suqqdta,f: 
(suqqotdt).- key<)SCJ\^Wl:" 
muftdh bdb es sikka, m. 

Lale, «. ji-Vi« milaljJyjr ; 
^j^i waliry. the - Mr so_ 
and-so £;j!>^ ■*r*^^* f^^j'-' ^^ 
marhum el liawdga fulda. 
the - Khedive c$^. J^iil 0'^=*'^ 
j,\.Ji\gannetmakda el h,ide_ 
toy es sdbiq. of — years J 
.j>i-VI u!j:J\ /"{/ es s(/i{/n eZ 
aJiyra. the -st fashionoj«ji-l 
djiir r)xdda. it is too- LiJi 
iSj^jed dinya waljryi^)\ 
?-^j eZ tuagt rd/i. he sat up - 
^S j,^» sihir kityr. 




Lately, ad. v_<jj» ^(- 'an qa^ 
ryb; a.. J jJl. ^y min mudda 

Lateness, ?i. jvi-l" tdljyr\m, 
— of the hour ^lj\ ^Uj 
raiodh el waqt. 

Later, nd. ^jtA^j ba'd^n. 

r^ath-and-plaster, n. aj\:i 
JiU;> bindya bugdddly, f. 

Lathe, a. i^^js:. maljrata, f. 
~ workI,ji.j;j; sagl Ijort^m. 

Lather, a, o^t-j ragioa, f. 

Lather, vi. J-j ragga (yi^ 

Latin, a. ^_^jV latyny. 

Latitude, n, j=j. 'ard, m. 

Latter, '"'.j'ji-*ill elaljrdny 

Lattice, n, *. _,«J; ki'ryia. 

Laudanum/' . J-:>^ lawda^ 
num, m. 

hak). - at Jc dkit^dihik 'ala; 
Jcjifc"^! iimasliar "ala (at^ 

Laugh, 71. ^^ dihka^ f. 

Laughter,^, d).^ dihk,m^ 

Launch, n. (steam) (j^Uj 
raffds, m. (-dt). 

Launch,t;^._,i^lJJ j;/j«2-^i7 
fll bnhr(o~);^jc'auwim(a-). 

Laundress, n.JLpg'aiV'jaZa, 
/". (gossaldt). 

Laundry, n, j.jjtll j...t j** 
mahall gasyl el hudtim^m^ 

Lavender, n.(y,ij^nai'dyn^ 

Law, n, ^vijil; qanun, m. 
(qawanyn ).Ye\\g\o\is, ~'^[_^ 
sary'a, f Mohammedan - 
^lll e.s sa r\m. cou r L of Mo_ 
hammedan - A.p^i *C: mah_ 
kama sar'giaJ.civW -oy\l\\ 

].augh, ot.^^ dihiii(ad_ jA\ <d qanun el madany. 


crimianl — ^\Ai\-\Ciy'^q(indn 
eg ginaycU. organic - 0^^*^^ 
j^^.lkJl el qanitn en ni^dmy. 
science of - J^J^^ Jc 'ilm el 
huquq. he is al - iXsi^l J4..^4l 
loh qadyia fit mahkama. 
nccGSSily knows no - .jj^Al! 
»'€^\ li<l rjurnra ahkdm.- 
suit ij^e-i da^wa (da'dioy); 
A^JJ qofjyia, f. (qaddya). 

Lawful, 'I. J^U haldl\j.^ 

Lawn, n..Afl-Ls(i/ia (sahdt); 
4.«,.j wasa^a^f. (wasa'dt). — 
tennis.j/J\w.J^r^ el kdra^m. 

Lawyer, n.yS^I ahnkdto 
(abukatyia); ^yU: muhdmy 

Laxative, n .^;ii-J^-«mws_ 
hil h afyf; o^^- mulayln, m. 

Lax ily , n . \^j\ irti'ja; j^l 
lyn, m. 

Lay, oi.L* Iiatt ,ahaitj. 

7 1 Lea 

- eggs c^J:'\,bd(let (tihyd), — 
aside ^j rakan (ark in). - 
upj._j=- hauwls (a-); JU kil 
(asyl). - down one's self^l 
(arqud). - ihe fault on v_jU 
Joji-I gdb el haqq 'ala (a_ 
gyb). — the case before jji^p 
Jc 4^-1* 'a/'f'// el masdla "ala 
(drul). — down arms5-!iLU L 
sallim es sildh (a-), new 
laid eggs .Jl; ^yl..^ b^<J tdza., 

Layer,/i. jljmg, m.(~ at)-, 
\l.]=> tabaqf(, f. (iabaqdt). 

Layman, n. ^}^ ^ilmdny 

r^azarelto, n. K\-ijf ko_ 
raniyna^ f. 

Laziness, n. JJT kaso.l^ 
m. 4.;r lanblla, f. 

Lazy, a.^-j^S" kasldn(ka_ 
sdla); jui' ianbal(Landbla). 

Lead, n. jj^l^j ruxdi^; m. 




while — r-'-J^;'-- sibyddg, m. 
Lead, ot. Jj dall (adlli); 

(tjirsah '. 
Leakage, n. _,- Ijarr; ^j 

j.z.J'ars'xd (arsid); ci Jl» ha^ rash, m. 

da (alidy). - a life ^A- d\i.- ! Le-An,a.^J-nahyf{nuhAf); 

silik silcik, — to J J^_)i 
yiwas.-<al li. 

Leader, n. (guide) AZ-y 
mursid (-ijn); JJj> daUjl; 
(article) a,»1;i>I 4SI2. maqdla 
iflUdhyid^ f. 

Leading, ?i- j^-j^ irsdcZ, m" 

Leaf, n. iij} waraqa, f. 
(Lcaraqdt). - of a door 4.s_,i 
darfa,f, (darfdt; duraf). 
leaves of a palm-tree ^ji- 
hd^, m. 

Leafy, a. 3jy ma war rag 

League, n. (distance) ^aU 
malaqa (malciqdt) ; (band) 
A.^fr hi^ba I'usab). 

Leak, vi.y-liarr (yiliarr); 
ji. kirr (yisarr)-^^-j rasah 

y_k:<L^ SLifayif (-yn). 

Leari;, ol. JU mdl (amyl); 
^..mayyil(a-);^^\ ittaka 

Leanness, n.^yi^^n a hdf a, f. 

Leap, n.Aki nat/a^ /". (nat._ 
(dtj. — year ^^iS'a:^ sana 
kabijs, f . (sinyn). 

Leap, vi. i^i natt (aniiU), 
- on one ]eg^}^hagal(ahg U), 

Learn, vt.\^\it^aUim(at_ 
"allim); ^i>- hifid (ahfad); 
Jiij- hafa:; (ahfaz), -ed \\c 
'dlim Calama). -er 
talmys (taldmtjs). 

Learning, n. AjS ta'lym; 
JiSp- hif^; It 'ilm, m. 


Least, rt.JJ'JIei aqall. at - 


v^l ^ J'' (^Q(^il' ^(^ yikun. 

Leather, n. j^c^ gild, m. 
{gilAdj. Morocco - oV-*^ -ir 
gild silitydn. Russia- J^ 
j,^^,gild miskdby. 

Leave, n.^jl izn.m. (iza^ 
ndtj; .jWI agAza, (agazAt); 
A^i~j rahsa, f. (ruljas). on - 
,j\>-'^\,bil agdzaM^e - OJ^-* 
istdzin(astdzin). give- jjl 
azan(dzin). with your - ^ 
Sii\ 'an iznak. he took 
French - L^ V. j<£. ^^« rj~ 6(%_ 
rag min ger ma yisallim. 
he entered without saying 
with your -or by your - 
jjj«. Vj j^:-j V Ji-i dalial la 
dcistur wala hadur. 

Leave, vt. iiy tarak (at_ 
(afially). is there any one 
left -? J-iU j^ j /"(/ /^add /'(i_ 
dil. he left the service ^ 

273 Leg 

Jk^JLkl ^* till' min el didma, 
he left for Cairo ^a»^J\^ 
sdfir "ala masr. 

Leaven^ o < ,_,^- Ijamma r{a -) 

Leaven, n.>jyi-l}amyra,f. 

Leclurej n. *-ki- Ijutba, f. 
(Iiutab).he gave me a - ^■^j 

Lecture, vi. J^ hatab 
(ajitub); 'f^i wabbal} (a-). 

Lecturer, n. ^.}^ batyb 

Ledger, n. ^i*- j^'^ daf_ 
tar katb; iJ^~A>mdyistro ,m . 

Leech , n . A.»lc'a to g a ("a ta g|; 
A^sXl oji dudet el hikma, f. 

Leek, n, ^\} kurrdt, m. 

Left, n. Jlfi simdl, m. go 
to the - 1 ^illl:.'. Jc ^ rdk 'ala 
simdlak. ~ handed Jyil as._ 
wal (std). 






— of mutton ^ij^ l^kfahdet 
baruf,f.he has been 2 hours 
on his -s v-isljctjis-l-Alji baga 
loh scCtSn wdqif. the s!en_ 
der part of the — of a sheep 
pj^kdri\ m. (kawdri^J. 


Legend, n. ajJ^Tp- hikdya 

Legerdemain, n. ju iii- 
biffet yadd, f. 

Legible, a. isji* maqry. 

Legacy, n. *-«»j^^^ A-ks- Legislative council, n. 
^atyia bimCigib wisyia, f,'(j^\jii\ tSj^-i- ^jA^ maglis sdra 
Catdya). el qawanyn, m. 

Legal, a. j-jz. sar\j. . Legitimate, a. j-^ sar'-y. 

Legalisation, n. ^^_x^^ta^\— son Ji\». (j\ ibn haldl. 
dyq; J^-' tasgyl, m. Leisure, n. U> fa(Ja; aIIU 

Legalise, vt. Jc js^ sad_ bitdla, f. I had no - JJlS^U 
daq'-ala(a-)-^^soggU(a-). ^, ^s-^s- ma kdns "cmdy 

Legality, n. aj^I; aI^ sifa j loaqt. at - ^^^U fddy (-yn). 
qanunyia, f. Lemon, n. *;^i^ lamCina/. 

Legally, ad. \cyi sar^an. (lamun). 

Legatee, n. a! ^^p el mu- Lemonade, n.oli^i; lamu.. 

wassa loh (-um). ndda, f. 

I ) / 

Legation, n, ^^3 wikdla | Lend, vt. ^L sallif (a-). 
(loikaldt); .jU- sifdra,f\ Lender, n. ^{^^ mu sail if 

Legator, /I. ^^''y miuoassy 

Lending, n.«_iA_r<f(s/t//',m. 





Length, n. J^W (ai,m.*»L. 
masctfaj. 2 metres in — J^W 
tjijv. till mitrin. at — lj}i-l 
aljyran. at full- Jj^kJl &«^ 
tatwyl; J;-a.iJli 6ti tafyyl. 

Lengthen, oi. J^l» tauwil 
(a-J. vi. ^y^tdl(yitul). 

Lengthwise, ad. J^Ul; bit 

Lengthy, a. J^k.m, itauwil 

heniency, n.^^»\~Uasdhul, 
m. Aai-i safaqa, f. 

Lenient, a.^jb\.,umitsdhil 
(-yn); JyJi saf&q (-yn). 

Lens, n. a.-.jc 'adasyia; 
»^C o^-i) nadddra mukab^ 
bara, f. 
Lent, n. (.L-»s(/dm, m. 
Lenten, a. or Wsydmt/. 
Lentil, «. *— ^c ^adsa, f. 
Leopard , n . a-^ fahd,m. 


Leprosy, n. % bala; ^^-i<r 
gu:?dm, m. 

Less, «• J»l aqall;^jaM\an- 
qas. a man - J>-j ^\) nuqis: 

Lessee, n . _,?-U-.* mustd_ 

Lessen, vt. JU qallil (a-); 
^joM naqqas (a-), vi. Js qaU 
(yiqilDl^yxuniqis (yinqasj; 
^i~ hass (yiljiss). 

Lesson, n. ^_y.Ji dars, m_ 

Lest, con. j-"^ lalisan; 
J. S^;- Ijdfan min. 

Let, ot. (permit,) J;- halla 
• (aljally); ^_- sa(/(/fft (a-); 
(lease) j»-l aggar (a- J. - him 
alone i.AA-sat/f/Jfeo/i. - us go! 
r-3^ Ui/il \yalla bina niruh. 
- him come! ^^ *..U >j,allyh 
yigy. - him in! ^i-i-^ ddl^ha^ 




•loh, — him off! xj^^sayyiboh. 
-him out! A^^ji- Ijarragoh. 

- blood Ji^s fasad (afsid). 

- flyj>U layiar (a-), -know 
^j.'arraf (a-).- me see! 
j3j j, warryny. a house to - 

bet Id ugra. 

Letter, n. (type) oj»- fyc^ff 
(~dt); ^y~x, maktub, m. 
imakatyb), public - writer 
^^ J- 'ardahdlgy (- ia). - 
box oU^l J3a:-» sanduq 
eg gawabdt,m. (sanadyq). 


Levant,^. j^iJl es sarq,m. 

Levanline, n. J^t sargy 

Le\fee,n. ^ij.ti tasryfa, 
f. JLii-l istiqbdl, m- 

Level, n. (surface) J^ 
5a/iZ; (instrument) a^ Jju 

myzdn mayia,m. reduced 

- ^^-i« mansCib, m. (mana_ 
sybj.^ow water - in the Nile 
S^ sahdyih, f. on the same 

- >s>-\} i>-ji ^, min daraga 

Level, tJ^^jV' iSs[^sdwa 
el ard (asdwy); ^_^ qas. 
sab (a-). 

Level, a. lik~. mibattat 
(-yn); ^'-* misattah (-yn); 
if)\^u mitsdwy (-yn). 

Levelling, n. ^i^^Uaswy^ 
ia; ^\._, misdha, f. 

Lever, n. 4:^ 'atala Cata^ 
Idt); 4,;lj rdf'a, (rafdt). 

Levity, n. <ii hiffo-; ^.^LU 
taydsa, f. 

Levy, vt. jaj farad (af^ 
rid); K^^jJ> ^^ "ayin daryba 

Liability,, n. i^^"i^ sala_ 
hyia; J^^. masMyia^ f. 




Liable,a. ^}y.•~^masu l(-yn); 
jjij« mu^arrad (-yn). 

L[2iY,0:'J^^kadddb(-yn '. 


Libel, vt. j ^.W ta'^an fy 
(at'an); j ^jS qadah fy 

Libeller , n . ^ili gdd i /if- f/n ; 

Liberal, ci. ^.} karym 
j^ hurr (ahrdr), - parly 
j\j^H\'<^y-hazb el ahrdr. 

Liberality, n.^^karam; 
i^ gud; ^ salia, m. 

Liberate, ot. j'.e. -ataq 
(o^taq);jj>- harrar (a-). 

Liberation, n.y,/.lahryr^ 
m. ii\s-^itdqa, f. 

Liberator, n. j^ muhar_ 
rir (-yn); ^\cYttiq (-yn) 

(-iaj; ^y>\J^ habbds (-yn). 

Liberty, n. t^iy hurry ia,. 
f. you are at - to go ^j jst- 
tiqdar tiruh. set at— ^ys~ 
'ataq; jj>- harrar] J^i-Ji-I 
ahla sabyl; ^e. ^J\ afrag 
^an. lake the -^-.\^1 itgdsar 

Librarian, n. i\\i^jiS jli\i 
ndsir hatubhdna(nuzzdr)^ 

Library, n. -^l^:^:5' katub- 
hdna (katubhandt) ; ^.^.C 
maktaba, f.(makdtib). 

License, n. a-^j rulisa, f^ 
(ruljas); 4^«»i iO'Sryh, m. 
(-dt). gua — r-!>^J\ Jj- i^i-j 

ru/jsel haml es sildh. 

License, vt. ^j^^j rahlja& 
(a-); ^^ sarrah (a-). 

Licentiate, n. -^^^jl ^■>-\^ 
sdhib er ruhsa (ashdb). 


Libertine, n. ^^ faldty\ Lick, vt.^jX-lahas(alhas), 




Licking, n. ^jJ- lahs, m. 
he gave him a - ajIc a1 iSi^ 
idda loh %lqa. 


Lie, n. ^Jb kidb; J^ii-I 
ifjtildq, m. a - j„j^kidba, 
f, (kidbdt). 

Lie, vi. (rebl) Stj raqad 
('GrgMcZ;;(speak falsely),_.J5 
kidib (akdib). the town -s 
A.9lj M\ el balad wdq''a. 

Lieu^ n. J;-* mahcUl (-dt); 
^jk» mat rah, m . (mcUdrih). 

Lieutenant, n. J^l (.J^l. 
mildsim auwil (-yn). sub 

- jl" .j^^ mildzim tdny. 

- colonel -.la4 A» qdyim ma^ 
qdm (-dt). 

Life, n.y*^ ^umr,m. (a'-_ 
mdr)\ .L:^ hayd-^ aI-c- '</sa; 
aJL.». ma''ysa, f. prime of — 
jit^\ je.''i2z el Uitnr.— time 
j^ 'umr, m. 

Lift, vt. ^j ra/rt' (arfa'); 
JU s^fZ ("c'sj/Oj O^c 'dn (a'yn). 

Lift, n. A»>j rafa; .JicL. 
musd''da, f. (machine) jl^ 
%yidr, m.~ irrigation (Sj 
C-V^l ray bil aldt. -ing 
machine Aaj'j 41 (ita rdf'a, f. 

Light, n. j^i ntir; ^^ daw, 
m. day — j\^\\ j^ nur en 
nahdr. moon - ,^ qamara; 
j4*'l jy n{ir el qamar. it is - 
jy UjSI ed dinya nAr. by - 
j\.^\li bin nahdr. - house jbi 
fandr^ m.(-dt). 

Light, vt. Jj walla' (a~); 
jy nauwar (a-). 

Light, a. ^j^ bafyf (Iju^ 
fdf. - colour ^\s (j^ Wn /'(L 
/li/i. - headed^.ii-4lip'ag/o/i 

Lighten, vt.^jwalla'(a-)i 
jy nauwar (a-); jj baraq 




(yibruq). it -s J_;_i-j U Jl ed 
dinya bitibruq. 

Lighterja.(one who lights) 
^y muwalla" (-yn); (barge) 
Ai^pU ma' Ana (mawa'yn). 

Lightness, a. i^ij- (iiff<^, f. 

Ljglitning^ n. Jj barq,m. 

Like, n. k.i. sibh; Ajii. sa^ 
byh. have you got the -of 
it? 4) J ilAift 'rtnda/e zayioh. 

Like, ad. tsj zay;^z.>misl. 
he looks - i^Li y^ huwa yis^ 
bih. - that \j^ keda. in - 
manner Ijo (ij -s'Ot/ keda. 

Like, vt. ^^habb (ahibb); 
^■-i-'"^ istahsin (astahsin). 
I - liim .Jiijl III ana arydoh. 
as you-^^U isj zay ma 
tihibb. how do you - this 
house? 'j c^J^ 4 viUy ^* n^ct 
qdlak fil bet da. if you - lil 
jii jT^o i^rt /ctmi tiryd. do 

mi/ haldsak. 

Likely, a. Ju yimkin; ^> 
J*.:il mm eZ muhtamal. 

Liken, vt.A^i.sabbih(a-). 

Likeness, n. A-i sabah^m. 
>jy sura, f. 

Liking, n. a.^ mahabba/. 
jjL.i*"l istihsdn, ni. 


Lily, n. j.;j sanbaq, m. 

Limb,n. y^c.'adu,m.(a'(}a) 

Lime, n. j_^>- gyr^m. hive's, 
- ia.MmuJiMt, m. - stone 
^Sjyrj^hagar gyry, m. 

Limit, n. Jo- hadd, m. 

Limit, of.iJi9- haddid (a-). 

Limitation, n. Jjo^ tah^ 
dyd; Otj^" ta'^yyn, m. 

Limp, i. ^jfr'a ragf (a" rug) 

Linden, n.j^" sahr, m. 

what you -! S^%- J/l r_ Line^ n. Ja.^ hatt (liutdtj; 




jk- satr, m. (astur; sutdr)-, 
(cord) L.i- b^t; J->- habl, m. 
{m\\.)jy\l> tabiir. railway - 
ji)Jii-l ^J\ Ja> f^siryt es sik_ 
ka el hadycl, m. send him 
:!? aJ ^:5l' ikt ib loh 

_ I 



Line, ot. (draw lines) _,Ll- 
sattar (a-);LL;^l}aitat (a-); 
(a dress) J^\ baltan (a-). 

Lineage, n. J!^- sildla, f. 
,U rt is/, m. 

Linen, n. j.; <(/i, m. o\-iL 
bayaddt, f. - draper pAj 
C-UL; bayid'' bayaddt. 

Lining, n. *ilki butdna, f. 

Linger, oi. ^^li itahl}ar 

Linguist, n. oUSl J jWU 
sdfir fil higdt (-yri). 

Link, n. asU- halaqa, f. 
(halaq; halqdn). 

Lms,te'\,n.o\--^jjbisr kit. 
tdn. - oil^z^ijzit hilu,m. 

Lint, n. ^Li nisdla, f. 

Lion, n. >»-- sa&' (subti'). 

Lioness, n. ,^J labwa 

Lip, n. *i-i slffa,f. (sifaf)^ 

Liquid, n. -iV* mdyi'; j,U 
sdyil, m. 

Liquidate, o^. j^ sa^a 
(asaffy ), 

Liquidation, n. A-i^r ias_ 

Liquor, n. ^^jL^masrCib, 
m. f-dt). 
Liquorice, n.^y-lj^ 'lrq_ 

sAs, m. 

Lisp, n. irjj ladga, f. 

Lisp, vi.'fJ^ladag(aldug). 
one who -s ^^^alda^dudg). 

List, n. «U qdyma, f.(qa_ 
wdyim); ^jiL^ kasf ,m .(ku^ 




Listen, vi. ^ik-ol isianat 
(astinet)-, tsr simi {asmcC). 

Listener ,ra,«U.sdm i'i-yri). 

Literal, a. ^f harfy. 

Literally ,arf. Uj>-(wr/"f/ ian 

Literary, a. adaby. - 
man ^^ kdtib (kutidb); 
\V.'dlim Culama). 

Literalure,n.*il!lv'-' addb 
el luga; ^-jT kuiuh; ,_iJ I" 
taalyf, f. 

Lithography, n._;f»^ tab" 
hagar, m.\j^ji^jt} lylogrdf. 

Litigation, n. iS^:>da'wa, 
f. f-\y nisd\ m. 

Litre, n. Jilitr, m.(aUdr), 

Litter, n. c}iji- taJitara_ 
wdn^ m. (-dt). 

Little, a. JJi qaiyl; j^-^ 
sugayiar ( -'yn);tj yi..saix)ay^ 
ia; *->■ habba, f. — by - aj ^ 
A>yjisuwayia saioat/ia. wait 

a - ! 4j- U-I htanna habba^ 
Littoral, n. J»-l- sdliil^ m. 

Liturgy, n. ^il tags, m^ 

Live, vi. j}c 'ds (ctys). - 
in j^- sikin (askun). he -s 
in Cairo ^> J jTl^ y^ huwa 
sdkin fymasr,(JiO you know 
where he -s '{ (jj» *:-i ij^,*)' t r_ 
raf b^toh fin. he -s on his 
income .j^^. l ^^« ^JjIo 'dyis 
mln yrddoh. long - the 
Kliedive! \^. J_>i j.Jcsl afan^ 
dimiz suk yasa. 

Livelihood, n. *!;" ma_ 


Lisfely,rt. Ja-li nasyt (nu_ 
sett a); ^.ii- Afl/f//' (hufdf). 
Liver, n. j!f^kibd, m. 
Livery, n.uKA\ja^j'j^lUb^ 




-rasmy lilbciddamyn, m. el widn,f. 

Living, n. az.** mcfyki, f. Lobster, n. ^^ y} abu ga_ 

Living, a. ^hay (-yn;\lambo, m. 
ahya); J.sydyis (-yn); ^\^\ Local, a. Jsi mahally. 
■ sa/cm ("-r/ftA while- *;L:- iii Locality, n. *j.:^ giha, f. 

Jy hayAioh. the— u^^kU et. 
Lizard, n. t.^^sililyia (sa_ 

■ hdly)-^iij)LoaranaJ.[waran). 

Load, n. ^jg~himl, m. (ah_ 

■ mdl),- stone ^-^^^ mag_ 

■ natys, m. 

Load, vt. ^js-hammil (a-); 
j-j wasaq (awslq); ji^ sa_ 

■ han (ashin). - a gun _,/■ 
<i.»j^;Jl "nmmar el bundu- 
qyia (a-). 

Loaf, n. (bread) ^J>j ri_ 
gyf ,m.(argifa);{ii\\gciv) ^\j 
rds, f. (rtis). - sugar jC 
^IJli sukkar blr rds. 


Lobe^ n. oji^I i^*" halamet 

(gih'U); JsS mahall, m. 

Lock, n. JiJ qlfl (aqfdl); 
^)^ kalun,m. (kawalyn). 
canal- ^__^i>haLoys,m.{—dt), 
love — (_y»^-al* maqsus, m. 
fmaqrtsy.':).hon.l- <.a»qussa, 
f. - of hair4.^i^{sto, f. fhii;- 
Idi). -smith ^\p kawa^ 
lyny {—ia). 

Lock, vt. ^iiqafal(aqfil); 
di- sakk (asukk). I -ed hirri 
up 4.-lt vj^^iT- sakkdt "alih- 
4.:-..>- habcistoh. 

Locket, n. cjj^\^.' midaL 
ydn, m. {-dt). 

Locomotive, n. ^^ j^S^ 
Juji<»- Loabur sikka hadyd. 




m. {-dt). 

Locusl, n. ,i\y^gardda,f. 

Lodge, o^.jC sakkin\a-); 
Ja;^ halt (ahatt) , vL^^sikin 
(askun); Jj! nizil(anzil). 

Lodge, n. jy«^ c^j bit sm_ 
gayiar, m.(biyO,t). masonic 
- r-jj I6g (-dt); Jisi mahfal, 

Lodging,n,^j&^< (hiyCit); 
^Jh., matrah, m.(matdrih). 

Log, ti. ^Li- \,j qurmet 
Jjaktb, f. (quram). 

Logic, n. jL'^mdntiq, m. 

Logical, ft. dy** ma'qul. 

Loiter, vi. )^\ itlakka'' 

Loiterer, n.S^ liki'f~yn). 

Loneliness, n.»3o-j wihda, 
f. i^jiil infirdd, m. 

Lonely, a. »J»-J llwahdoh 

I-iOnesome, a. Jj.:. mun_ 
^azil (-yn); iyi. munfarid 

Long, oi. jl:-il isidq (as^ 
tdq). I - for him a1 jl:i. lil 
anci mustdq loh. 

Long, a. Ji^ tawyl (tu^ 
wdl). a - time ^i^is >x>mud- 
da tawy la, as - as JjUma 
ddrn-\>^}^Uulma. not — after 
ijyti \itkXn\bddaha bisu wayia. 

— time c>i>j zamdn. all night 

- JJI J> till el Ul. how - 
have you been here? U* dH! j, 
jc.^ baqa lak hena kityr. 

Longing, /I. jUil istydq,m. 

Longitude, n. J^ tul, m. 

Look, n.^^ibassa (bossdt); 
"W^i sdfttj f. (sofdt). I gave 
him a - 4.^1 4 c^-ai basset loh 
bassa. good -s Jl?- gamdl, 
m.he wasonthe — out forij'S^ 

W jjAo hdn bydauwar "ala. 




Look, oi. ,_ya) bass(abuss); 
^U sdf (cisuf); Jai nazar 
(an2ur)-^ij\,bdn (yi-j. — afler 
the boy ! j)^l ^ iUl Ji- Ijally 
bdlak min el walad. - at 
him! A ^joi buss loh. -away! 
ju«J fjos buss iWyd, — back ! 

\j) ^JA\ buss liwara. — 
TOVin(}iZ,i.'^\iltafat (altifitj.- 
for ^yJii dauwar ^ala; J:^» 

\c fattis 'ala (a-). - in 
when you like ! U cij 3U 
^i ta'^dla waqt ma tihibb. 

- ovQv J^\ ^j.asaraf nazar 
(asruf). - me up ! Jc oy fiU 
V(taj/ia. he-s ill Ail aJc ^\, 
^j_jLp bdyin "aUh innoh 
'ayidn. he — s like me^i)_yk 
huwa yisbihny. our house 
-s over a garden Jc Jk.. Uo 
tM^bitna bytull '^alaginina. 

- sharp! (.ly (ja^o-l i^tas qa_ 
wdnij, — him in the face! ia»- 

noh.- out ,_^\o' hdsib (a-)- 
he was-ing welUliJcjilo'^ 
^_,W Mn bdyin "aUh innoh 


Loop,n. i.J~liayia(hayidt)i 
>if. "irwa^ f. Cardwy). 

^iL sAyib (—yn). his bowels 
are - 4.J. \»k-\>.\batnoh mdsya 

Loosen, vt. Jc^hall (ahill)-^ 
Si fakk {afukk); j.j ral]l 
ba (araUhy). 

Loot,ui .^^nahab{anhab ) 

I-'Ordj n. x-. syd; say y id 
(asydd); ^jvabb (arbdb);^j) 
Idrd {-dt). -ship ,iL-, syd_ 
da; ,^i>. hadra, f. 

Lose, at. ».J. doyicC (a-)-, 
^ hisir (alisar); s2i faqad 
(afqad). I lost it ^, ^j rdh 
minny. my watch -s ^U 


_^b sdHy bitaliliar. he lost 

his way ,[: iah (atiih). he 

lost his appetite z^>-\j 4.:.jJi 

sahytoh rdhet. he lost his 

brother oU ,^i.\ afett/i m(ti. 

Loser, n.o>^-^6^'smn(-f/n) 

Loss, n. .j^-i- l}isdra, f. 

(liasdylr); ._ilT iaZa/". m. 

(-yidt). he is at a— jrji* y 

huwci mithayiar. 

Lost, a. ^.U> f/(if/r (-yn); 
All" tdf/t/i (-yn); Ji\s /"(igid 

285 Lov 

Lotus, n. ^_yJ^ i(5<a,9, m- 
- tree jj na&g, m. 

Loud,a. JW Vi/(/ f-j/nj. in 

a - voice JW^ bihiss ^dly. 

LoudlyMtr*rA«!bi't/M hiss 

Loudness^ n. ,jf^^ 'ilu 
hiss, m. 

Lounge, vi.,ja»^\inga'as 

Louse, n. 4i qamla, f. 

Lovable, a. ^^ mahbub 
{-yn);.^j^latyf, m.{latdf). 

Lot, n. _A^ nisyb; cJr Love, vt._^habb(ahibb); 

baht, m. AC"' qisma, f. -s of 
people j^o ^y\i nds kityr. 
draw -s*ej5 J/' 'amai gar'a 
((cmil).he thinks a - of him- 
self Jif- u^\ *■-" J j5i» fdhir 
fy nafsoh amr "azym. 

Lotion, n. ^}^p gasyl, m. 

LotterVj n.._juajl j/a nasyb. 

■f. "azz (cfisz). - passion, 
ately jit Hsiq (a'saq). 

Love, n. Kjf mahabba, f. 
^.^hubb, m. he is in - ^ 
jiW huwa "dsig. give her 



tf\^ J ^. 


ly ^al4ha kityr. they play 
for- cMj ji-^'^^^biyiVabu 

m.Aij}l6ieryiaJ,(loteryidt)\min gSr rahdn. he fell 

Lov 286 

in - with her \^itp Hsiqha. 
lady -- iiyi-K* ma'sCtqa (ma''_ 

Loveliness, n. ^]\ji;gamdl-^ 
sJji'2urf^ m. 

Lovely, a.^gamtjl(gu_ 
saryf (sardf). 

Lover, n. ^u»-/iabf/&;j-iW 
'dsiq(-ijn); jJj rifyq (ra_, 

Lov ing, a. ^s! mil hibb{~yn). 

Lo\v,a.J>\, wdty (-yn). 
in a - voice J^lj ^jJ^ bihiss 
wdty. - hred ijji dun. 

Lower, ". J»jl awta. 

Lower, vt. J^j watta (a_ 
waity); Jj,i ncizzil(a—). 


Lowness, n.^Wj witA, m. 
- of price ^^'1 ^Jai^J rub': ^i 
taman. -of origin J-»VI»j^j 
dandioet el asL 


Loyal,a,^y^^mulilis(- yn); 
jiL> sddiq (-yn). 

Loyalty, n. ,j^%-\ ihlds, 
m. ii\s.asaddqa, f. 

Lozenge, n. ^y>j qur^,m. 

Luck, n.cJ^balit, m.good 
— A.- sa'd, m. bad - j_^^ 
nahs, m. 

Luckily, ad. cJ-'^. ^' min 
balit; Ji»^ ^. min sa^d. 

Lucky, a, ^^' mubJjat 
(—yn); ju,„« mus^ad (-yn). 
how - you are! di:u«7 \ ya 

Luggage, n.j-i<^V/'s;JI_^ 
'Izdl, m. 

Lukewarm, a. yl* fdtir 

Lull, ot. tji* hannin (a—). 

Lumber, n. ^ii j-«c- "afs 
nafs, m. - room ^.ff^Cl o^l 
6det el karq.kyb, f. 




Lmnip, n.*::s'hitta (hitat); 
j^^kuila, f. (kutal), - of 
sugar _^ Izp-hittet sukkar, 

- sugar ^j.\j\, J^^sukkar bir 
rds. - oisnli^'^joifassmalh, 
for a - sum A.^jLl[\,bi I mag. 

Lunacy, n. ^}.'.>- gindn,m. 

Lunar, o. (^y qamary. ~ 
vnonlh ij> jc- j^ sahr 'araby. 

Lunatic^ a. ^y-^ mag nun 
(maganyn); J:ii muljtall 
(-yn); sjjJutf magzub (-ynj. 

— asylum ^>iUl iJbwl is&L 
tdlyet el magasyb, f. c^^^y 
murustdn, m. (-dt). 

Lunch, n. be gada, m. 

Lunch, vi. iS-^\ itgadda 

Lung, n. A) J ryia(ryidt); 
ALi flssa, f. (fikis). 

Lupine, n. a^»j tirmisn. 

f. ftirmis). — powder jli^. 
duqdq^ m. 

Lure, ot. (Sy- gawa (ag^ 
'-^y)'} 'f go^rr (agarr). 

Lust, noLs fct-sdd, m..j<-i 
sail CO a, f. 

Lustre, n. (brightness) jU - 

\,j turayla, f. (turayidtj,^ 
Luxuriance, n. o\> J ■syd^ 

da; t}^ kutra^ f. 
Luxuriant, ". jc^kityr 

(kutdr);j\i wdflr (-yn). 
Luxuriate, uj. j«^"l itna''^ 

'am (atnd'-am);ii;.\ itraffah. 

(at raff ah). 
Luxurious, a. .::* mit- 

na^'am (—yn); *»>« mUraf_ 

fah (-yn). 

Luxury, n.*:*^'j'^«/'^^?yj':'v 
f. ^*_; tarahhuf, m. 





Macadamize, vl. Uj\,^y,j 
rass bis zalat (aruss). 

Macaroni, n. Jijf^ maka. 
rdna, f. 

Macerate, vt. .a; naqa" 

Maceration, n.^naq\ m. 

Machine, n. ^\dla (aldtj. 
a:M. mcikinaj, (makindt). 
-ry oVT aldt, f. 

Mackintosh, n. ^' Zj^ 
^ kabbtit misamma" lil 
malar, m. (kababyt). 

Mad, «. i:jr^rnagn{in{ma_ 
ganynj; ^'Mmul}tall(-yn); 
,/.,.> ma^tuh (ma'atyh). - 
dog (jlj«- ,_J^kalb sa'rdn; 
v_.^SC ^^kalb makldb. he 

is - after her \^ q/-^ y 1^"- 
wa magnun fyha. it is - of 
you dl:. ijb»- li da gindn 
TYiinnak, - house cM^ymu^ 
rustdn ,m.(-d t);^i\^\iJV.^^\ 
isbitdlyet el magazyb, f. 

Madam, n.z^^ sitt (-dt); 
»Ijli maddm; i.'\j.*maddma. 

Madden, ot. J^ gannin 
(a-)-, ^_j.^ hawas (ahwis). 

Madder, n. »y fawa, f. 

Madness, n. o^- gindn; 
oyL*- gindn, m. 

Magazine, n.dji^maJisan, 
f. (dakakyn). 

Magic, n. jn^ sihr m. 

Magician, n. J^ sahhAp 





Magistrate, n. ^Ai qddy 

Magnesia, n. l j>:" mag^ 

Magnet, n. ,_r:'*-" »^ct9'- 
natys, m. -ism *.™k:-,.m,ag'_ 
natysyia, f. 

Magnificence, n, i^^ '«_ 
zama, f. l^. baha, m. 

Magnificent, a. Ji^'azym 
CasAm); j-U fdhir (-yn); 
^Ju hady'' (-yn). 

Magnify, vt. jS^ kahbar 
(a-); lie- 'aszam (a-). 

Magnitude, n. jS' kubr; 
A» qadd, m. 

Mahogany, n. l« mog^ 
««, /"• lir^* mdgany, m. 

Maid, n. c^\>^ bint (bandt); 

A_u» sabyio.(sabdya). house - 

A»\M-littdddma (baddamdt)-^ 

• 'j'.y^ hamarera (kamare_ 

rdD.old - .jA^i; bint bdyra 

Maidenhair;, n. jJiMj^ 
kusbaret el byr^ f. 

Mail, n. {Post)*k>-^i &^s/-a, 
f, coat of - ijj zarad, m. 

Maim,o^. .'^i. sauwili{a-). 

-land J^VI j>\\ ei barr el 
asly.-sea jjiCilj^l ei bahr 
ek kibyr, with might and — 
.j»\\ J^_ bikull el ''izm. 

Mainly, ad. C>y.a^ hum.. 
san;J^'^\bil aktar. 

Maintain, ot. ]ki>- hafaz 
(ahfaz):,^>\ abqa (abqy);c^-^ 
sdn (asun). he — s a family 
^•^ Jc iSj^.biyigry "ala '■^la. 
1 - what I said <:l; J\ jS"j> U 
ana aakkid illy qoltoh. 

Maintenance, n. «;L-s syd^ 
Maize, n. .jidura, f. 
Majesty, n. ^%- galdla-^ 


Maj 290 

iJ^^ ''azama, f. 

Major, «. j^^ akbar. 

Major, n .(army) |_gi\iC 6m _ 
bdsy (binbakjia). - domo 
^^ dfi loaktjl barg. 


jTlj oil huwa THUS mogn&n 
zay ma enta fdkir. -ihe 
bed j^jiW A-^ sallah el farsa 
(a-), - the room ojVl ^ 
sallah el dda (a-). - one's 

Majority, n. (greater num_ J escape ^jM hirib (ahrab); 
ber) iiji^ aktaryia; a.}o\ \<^z^1=s^ hatt kitf (ahutt), 
aglabyla; U«. ma'sam; (full j - good ^^p 'auwad (a-). - 
9g<3) ^! Z>/7jV/, m. I hastejs:"^-ljsio('grt/('as^o'5j7;. 

Make, n. J/ VwaZ; Jii I Maker, n.^Us(iniV-«/nA 
sugl,m. \your.- ^\^tidlqak. 

.1^ sana" (asna"). he made 

Malatly ,n XA^aya;^j. ma- 
racl(am rdd)\'\:>dd,m.(~dt). 

money ^^ ^-r^f iklasab Malaria, n. A,jil. ^i- /«Hm_ 

/??«« (aktisib). he made me: ma mcddryia^ f^ 

go^,jl J^^i- halldny aruh] },h]e,n.fidakar(dakdr) 

Malediction, n. j.:^ htna^ 
/■. (la'-ndt). 
Malice, n. z^ Liubs\ Am- 

- a pen U iSy. bar a qalcm 

(abryj.- out ^^ flhim ((if_ 

ham), -over [^sallim(a~). 

they mode it out between hoqd, m. a.:.^:, dagyna, f. 

theml^- \^\j.\ issdlhu sawa. (dagdy in). hear - M^^/iaqad 

he is not such a fool as you fahqid). 

make him I. (Sj ^y.^ 


Malicious/'. cSi^s^/ir^gtld J/ 




(-M); oui- habys djubasa), 

Mallel,n. ^\}iduqmclg^m, 

Mallows, n. tju^IjubbSza, 
f. marsh - a.J^ Uitmyia, f. 

Malt, n. jJif j\.^i. si^yr mi_ 
hammar, m. 

Malta, n. aVi\.m mdlta, f, 

Maltese, a. J»U* mdlty(-ia) 

Maltreat, vt. (^^Jl, j.U 'd_ 
mil bir rady (a-); ^j.c 
"azsib (a-). 

Maltreatment, n. ^Jlki A'^>^* 
mi'dmla battdla; 4*^ •)" 
sti, mi'dmla, f. 

Mamma, n. ^\ umm (-a_ 
hdt); *:J nena (nendi). 

Mameluke, n. iJjlf mam_ 
lAk (mamalyk). 

Man, n. J»-j rdgil (riggd_ 
lo); o^\\ insdn (nds). -of 
draughts ^f^-M ^^ kalb es 
sygct; 4.U1\ j^ hagar ed dd_ 

ma, m, — of war J _,;- .jr_,» 

markib horby. my-J»-j 

rdgly; ^.bi- hadddmy. 

Manage, oil o'.:>da6bor('ci-A 

can you - this horse ? Jc jAsJ 

Ij d\^i~\ tiqdar "alal hosdn 

da, cnn you -this affair ?jJi.aJ 

(S:> aILU ^\^ tiqdar tiljaL 

las el masdla dy. he -s my 

affairs JUil ^_,1.; y^ huwa 

bysuf asgdly. 

Management, n.jy.i^ tad^ 
byr, m. .jljil iddra, f. 

Manager, n, j-.a. mudyr 
(-yn); ^_jrayyis(ruyasa)^ 

Mandarin, n. ci-u»( ^-ji 
yusif afandy^ m. 

Mane, n. «_,.. ma'rofa, f^ 

Mange, a. wj=r QO-rab, m. 

Manger, n. :>}X> madwid^ 
m. (maddioid). 

Mango, n. ^fU mango, m. 

^\2ingy,n.^ f:\ag r((b{gurb)i 




Manhood, n. ^Sc^ymar- 
galyia, f. 

Mania, n. c^-.^ gindn;^y^ 
ha was, m. 

Maniac, a. oy-'^ magnun 
(maganyn); ^j^f mahuus 

Manifest, ot. ^^1 aj^har 
(azhir); tj^,. bayyin (a-)-^.t^^^ 
waddah (a-). 

Manifest, a. ^lU sdhir 
(~'jri)] ^\j Loddih(-ynj;cx.\ 
bdyin (-yn). 

Manifest, n. y:-.iJl. many_ 
feslo, m. (manyfestdt). 

Manifestation, n.j\]i\ is- 
hdr;o^^ baydn;^^ taw. 
dyh, m. 

Manifesto, n. j^« man_ 
sur, m. (-At). 

Mankind, n.^iJ\,j-:»-g'/7is 
elbasar; ^i\ ^\ ibn ddam; 

,jl ddamy^^^V' minddim; 




Manliness, n. ^j. mar_ 
galyia, f. 

Manner, n. ijif^ kifyia 
(kefyidt); i:^]^ t^ryqa, f. 
(lardy iq-^ turuqj. -s j'%-\ 
ahldq; ^1^1 addb; Jijl_^t 'a_ 
wdyid, f. teach -s ^^1 ad_ 
dib(a-); s_,jVI> 'allim el 
adab (a~). after the - iSj 
zay. in a — U c-^ Jc 'ala nd- 
'■'in ma, in this - iSi =jyA\ V, 
'ala es sura dy. 

Manoeuvre, n. .j^U. mi_ 
ndwra (minawrdi); ^^>. 
haraka, f, (harakdt). 

Mansion, n.^ qasr^ m. 

Manslaughter, n. j^t j«J:» 
Sif-qatl min gir 'amd. 

Mantel, n. aXj> suffa, f. 




Mantle, n. ^jjy^ burnos, 
m. (bardnis); ajUp '^abdya, 
f. Ciby). 

Manual, a. tSj^i yadawy. 

Manual, n.j^^J^.-S'kitdb 
sugayiar, m. (kutub). 

Manufactory, n. J^.-'maL 
mal, m. (madmiU; il, J^ 
fabryqa, f. (fabryqdt). 

Manufacture^^ J/'omai 


sancC (asna') ; 

»:k-i»l istana^ (astini"). 

Manufacture, n.^if'^amal; 
Jk-i sugl, m. 

Manuf acturer,n . J-«"*^:*U 
sahib ma' moJ(cishdb);^>jj}i 
fabrykdnty (-ia). 

Manure, n. ^L- sibdh;^,} 
sibl, m. -iSw- miska^ f. 

Manure,y ^. '^sabbah(a-y, 
Jij sabbil(a-). 

Manuscript, n. iai- /}a«; 
J^i iai. hO'{{ yctdd, m . 

Uany, a. j<^ kityr (ka_ 
tdr). - people^\)3i.^ gumlet 
nds. - a lime ijcS Zj\j-mar_ 
rat kltyra. — think so ^^.l; 
IjS^I^_^) j_c5n«s kityr yif^ 
tikru keda. so - \j^Jigadd 
keda. loo - ^jj,!)' j« >5T ak_ 
tar min el lizum. — Ihonks 
^jK.^^\^kattar alf Ij^rak 

Map, n .A^jW^f^trtor/ic-i r(d 0; 
^kiji. baryta^ f. (hardy it). 

Marble, n. ^^ ruljdm, m.. 
slab of- 4..Wj rulidma (ru^ 
Ijamdt); fU-j i,..jT iarby'et 
rubdmj. ftaraby"). - quar_ 
ry f\i-J^}^>■ gabal ruljdm, m. 

March/' i.J'~*m isy(amsy), 
- out r> fi^^^S* (ahrug). - 
in Ji-i da/jaZ (adijul). they 
-ed him off (»-fU» tjM-\ al}a_ 
duh qudddmhum. 

March, n. ^ masy, m. 




musical - j-jl. mars ; jji 
d6r (Ctdiodr); ly. hawa, m. 
dead - ^^i\y>- ajj daqqa ha_ 
zdyny. month of - ^j\. 
mdrs^ m. 

Mare,n.^js/"«ras (afrds). 

Margin, n, J..U hdmis 
(hawdmis). — al note 4.-iU 
hdsya^ f. (hawdsy). 

Marine, a. isj^. bahry. 

Marine ryi .j\^ha^h<^ r(-a); 
c5j4 iS_f.~f- "askary bahry 

Marjoram, ft. J'_,hj< bar_ 
daqds, m. 

Mark, vt. U '■allim (a-); 
\o jtX assar 'ala (a-). - my 
words! Ji^cj' '^y ^^hally 
bdlak rain kaldmy. -ing 
ink AjJtil J; A.U-'Cii j>p- /i«&r 
Zi/« kitdba ^cdal hidAm. 

("alamdt); ,jlil isdra, f. 

(isardt); (signature) j^il' 
tdsyr^ m. (-dt); (targel)^^p-. 
mys; ijliJ nysdn, m. man 
of — j^^l.Jo-jrd^fV mashur. 
near the- ^I^J\ ^. ^_j 
qarybmin es sawdb. over 
the - jy /"(j^ el haqy^ 
5a. under the- a.1^1 ^. Jjl 
aqall min el haqyqa. — s 
man ^^-f l-i nasdngy f-iaj. 

Marliel., n. j^ suqfas^ 
wdq);j\j[:_ ba^dr, m. cotton 
- JuiW Xiio-halaqet el qotn/. 

Marmalade, n. ^U;_,, :*;_,. 
mirabbet burtuqdn, m. 

Maronile, a. J^jU maru_ 
ny (mawdma). 

Marquee, n. ^_yi^J. ^e- 
hima markwys, f.(ljyiam). 

Marriage, n.jly gawdz; 
J-iTI aklyl, m. - portion*;ji 
ddta, f, (dotdt). 

Marriageable, «..jV,J'jJ« 




'a to wiss gdza. 

Married, ci.j^^ miggau 
wis (-yn). 

Marrow, n. 'f mtilih, m 

fug); S.^. mahak (amhuk); 
^Ja..i' Ijabas (aljbu.s). 

Mask, n. tj\.<ij^iioiss "yra, 
f. (wisus). 

\egeiah\e - ^^^p kusa, f, I Isliisk.vt. J,)\J^i^ gaita el 
Marry, vt. jy- gauwizlwiss (agaUy);,j\^ saiar (as^ 

(a-), vi. jy:^\ iggautoiz (ag_\tur). -ed tj^s> j.^ ^^Idbis 

gauwiz), '^wiss "yra. 

Marshj ft. ^i birka^ f.\ lAdiSon, n.\:jbanna(-yn). 

(birak); »au-.* mustanqa\\ Masonic, ct.j^-Umasd/ij/. 

m. (-At). I Masonry, n. L bina, m. 

Martial, a.iSJ^-f-^askary, 

Masquerade, n.>j^-'*mas_ 
bara^ f. (masAljir). 

Martyr, n. -y..^-- sahydi Mass, n. flump) 4..^ /«(5ma 
(suhadci), \(komdt); ^Ajc^^orma^ f_ ('-o_ 

Marvel, n. a..^ ^agyba, ram); (religious) ^\^i qucl- 
fagdyib); ^-< jC- garyba, f. dds,m, ( qadadys). - oHh\ngii 
(gardyib). >j<-ScJ^\s'hagdi kityra. 

Marvellous, a.^J:"agyb; 

Masculine, n. }!> mu- 
zakkar, m. 

Mash, vt. ^}^ bafaq(ah. 

Mass, vt.^i^gama" (agmcO 
Massacre ,n .t^Smmadbaha 
Massacre, vt. ^^ dabah 
(adbah); J:» qaial(aqtil). 
Massive, a. ^^>- gasym;, 

Mas 296 

^'azym-yj^^ kibyr (ku_ 
bdrj-^jr" hasmy. 

Mast, n, 4ijU sdry, m. 

Mastaba^ n.4.k-.*masia6a; 
ACJt>A)jr turba qadyma^ f. 

Master, n. (ruler) ji^^ syd 
(asydd); ^jjirmalidum (mcL 
fiadym); (teacher) l« mVal_ 
lim (-yn). riding- ^^c}"' 
taHymgy(-ia). -workman 
Ja^jl osta f-Lodt). head - 
A-jA* ^j rayyis madrasct 
(ruyasa). — piece iXi-tahfa, 
f. (tuhaf). 

'Masier ,ot .^galab(ag lib) 

Mastic,^. ^^^a^Mmhtika^f. 

Masticate, vt, iji^madag 

Mastication, n. ^*madg, 

Mat, n. DjK^f hasyra, f. 
(hmr). door - iaJ^_ bolyt,m. 


ij6^ mamsaha ,f , (ma mdsih). 
rough ~ j^jburs,.m(abrds). 
- maker iSj-^p- hmary(- ia). 

Match, n. (lucifer) i^^u).^ 
j<ki nas^yr (ntisara);{mar- 
rioge; ,J'^ gciodza, f. (ga^ 
wasdt), he is a — for you y^ 
j^jlj^ iljj huioa qaddak we 
qudud, love — _^9-Jcjl^>-5'a_ 
wdz ''ala hubb. — hox iJc 
c^,jf'iibet kabryt,f.Cllab). 
— lessjtvkJ|J-J Uma Ms nazyr. 

Match, vt.j^jwaffaqfa-}; 

Mate, n. J^J zimyl (zu_ 
mala); j^jrifyq (rafdyiq). 

Material, n. .^U mddda^f, 
(maiodd). -s o'j^l adawdti 
wV'L* muhimmdt, f. 

Material, a. iS^X. mdddy. 

Materially^ ad. \t^\. mdd^ 




Malernal, a.|.Vl ^joi^yiljii^s 
el umm. 

Mathemalics;, n. oUl jl 
er ryaddt. f. 

Matrix, n. J^}\ J umm el 
wild; p-j rahim , m. 

Matron, /I. (head) A„) J ray- 
yisa (rayyisdt). 

Matter, n. (substance) ol« 
mddda (madddt); (aflair) 
-JL. masdla, f. (masdyil); 
(pusj oX. midda, f. it is an 
easy - ^i^ Ju is^ dy mus 
hikdya.whsi is the — '? .^.*.-J\ 
A,\ es syra^h. what is the - 
with you? liUU mdto/f^. no- 
thing is the - A»-W ^J.^ U ma 
fys hdga. nothing is the - 
with him j.}\» ma lus. it -s 
j^^taht habar. it does 
not - ^alis;zJ^ J^ 
jsi- mus taht habar. 

Mattress, ri . t^jfarkaffar^ 

sdt); AJy martaba, f. (ma_ 
rdtib). -makerof* minag_ 
Mature, a. (Sy--» mistiwy 



Mausoleum, n. ^ 
maqdm mayit (—dt). 

Maximum, n. Jd a'to; 
kplaVam. — pay of tlie post 
A,i-kjl i='_j;j. ^^ tt'to marbtit 
el wazyfa. 

MsLy,^c. yimkin^ 
I - come^^l Jut/Jmfcm agy; 

=^1 \zj rubbama agy. 

May,n. jiUm(2?/o,m. - day 

f.^j^^ fji di^C'f^i^ y^^ fy 

sahr mdyo. 

Mayor, n. (of a city) i^U 
mihdfiz (-yn);{o{n village) 
«a/ "umda (%mad). 

Me, pro. is-y',d-ny. on 
— '^"alayia, he gave - Jli' 
idddny. of - ^^. minny;. 




^t- ^anntj. 

Meadow, n. j-y mar^ij. 

Meagre, a. ^.i- nahyf 
(nuhdf); jA» qalayii f-ijn). 

Meagreness, n. Uii-nahf^ 
m. 6\i- nahdfa; j\.i qilla^ f, 

Meal , n . 4!ST a/c to, f.(a k Id t ) 
■ one - ajU taqqa, f. (f.aqqdlj 

.ij}A dnn;^{:>jraz yl( razala) 

Mean, n. (average) L-^^i. 
mitioatisit^m. -a 4k-ljtods_ 
ta,f. (LoasdyU), by all -s 
JU J^Jt ^ala hull hdl; ^. 
ai j_^ 771 in hull bidd. he 

lives on his — s ai\j\ 

^dyis min yrddnh. my -s 
^JU mdlylety^ li'^'-' ahwd- 
ly. by no -s U;l aWdan; 
UVk* miiflaqan. 

Mean, o^ ^ 'ana (a'ny); 
Xai qa:^ad (aqsud);iS^nawa 
(an toy), il -s^«ij/a'nf/.what 

does this word - ? ^^« ajI 
(ij if-'\ ^h ma''na el kilma 
dy. what do you mean? 
4.1I £li^^i»maqsudak (J/i.this 
is — t for you dliU J& 'j da 
'ala sdnak. 

Meaning, n. ^^^ma'na^ /. 

Meanness, n. o^j dand_ 
wa; A...^ Ijissyla^ f. 

Meantime, n. *Tlj.c-y* el 
waqt zdtoh, in the — Ul J 
dUi /?/ asna zdlik. 

Measles, n . a.^=- hasba^ f_ 


yds(maqdys).- for cereals 
^jfk^l^m. -sj:^\s;tadabyr; 
olULi».l ihlyatdt. in some 
-U i-y ^ "aland'' in ma. to 
- ^L4l\ Jc V<Za/ qyds. 

Measure, vt. ^\3 qds (a_ 
qys); (grsiins) jfkayiUa-); 




(land) *i"* masah (amsah).\m. (-dt). 

Measurement, n.^\3 qyds 
(- at) J ^jXl»m lqyds,m. .(ma^ 
qdys); (land)*i^L»misd/ia,/'. 

Measurer, n. ^_^U qaylds 
(-yn); 7-L. massdh (~ynj; 
^\fkayidl (-yn). 

Meat, n, ^lahin,m.*i-lah_ 

ma, f, roast — _^k-_5j rdsto, 
m, boiled- ^5^^ masldqa, 
f. one man's - is another 
man's poison a» .y ^A^. 
jj\y *y masdyib qdm 'and, 
qdm fawdyid, 

Mecca, n. d$C makka^ f. 

Mechanic, n. ^i^:' mi/_ 
kanyky; ^^-.o U makinisiy 
(-ia). -s aSCjl^.U Ic '^ilm el 
mykanyka^ m. 

Mechanical, a. ^i^z» 

Medal, n. i-JU.. meddlya, 
f.(medalydl)]oC.J nysdn, 

Medallion, n. oj-}^->^.' "^^- 
dalyon, m. ( ~dt). 

Meddle, oi. Ji-ljl idddljil 

Mediation, n. Ja-y tawas_ 
sut, m. Ac\iJi sifd'a, f. 

Mediator, n. L.-'j wasyt 
(usata); ».ii. safy" (sufa'a). 

Medical, a. Jo tibby. 

Medicine, n. ijj dawa, m. 

Mediocre, a. Ja>-j wasat: 
ia^j.;. mitwassit (-yn). 

Meditate, ui. j_^l ifta^ 
kar fy (aftikir). 

Meditation, n. jvi fikri 
jViT tafakkur, m. 

Mediterranean, n. ^i V \j4 1 
el bahr elabyad>i}\ j<:bahr 
er rum, m. 

Medium, n- A.k-.lj wdsta 
(wasdyit)-j Kla)otaryqa^ f. 




(tardyiq). through the - of 
ik-lji biwdstet. 

sit; <j\uJ\ (jji b4n el bendn. 


Meet, ot. Jjl; qdbil (a-); 
^laqa(alqa); ^iL> .^ddif 
(a- J. Ihey met 1^^ IjllsJI it_ 
qdblu sawa. - one's eng8_ 
gements ajU^J i tammim 
ta^ahhuddtoh.- with an ac- 
cident J J^?- /lasaZ li. the 
council - s »^ ^j-^^^eZ m«9'_ 
its yigtimi\ I met him here 
UA.4iO"C?^i9'^ct'Ma'^ 60/1 /lena 

Meeting, n. f\^>-\ igtimd\ 
m. x.-ji;-gam^yia(gam^yidt)) 
i^\l» muqdbla, f. 

Melancholic, a. j^.k. ojS^ 
sudroh matbuq(-um). 

Melancholy, n- b^ sdda; 
Uji^U malyhulya, f. 

Melon, n. water - i:-^\bat_ 

tyija (battyli). musk - A.\ci 
sammdma, f. (sammdm). 

Melt,D^. ^jidattwibfa-); 
■^'" sayiah (a-), oi. s_jIj> ddb 
(yidAb); !-V- sdh (yisyh). 

Member, n. j-iP "ida, m. 
(cC-dd); Uifrl^j* m in a'dd. 

y[emen\o, n.j^xtizkdr, 

Memorandum, n .^Uy. bds^ 
la (bosldt);*ly ndta (noldt)-^ 
c^l, mozakkara , f. (mo. 

Memory, n. ^ fikr; J\, 
bdl, m. ,jX':iZdkra, f- in - 
of J I jS^" tizkdran li. to 
the best of my — J>w HI \. si 
qadd ma ana fdkir 

Menace, vt. iSa. haddid 
ia-);^'^i- hautoif (a-), he 
-d him with a knife Uc ,_^ 
AxS^Ji\sahab'' alih es sikkyna 
he -d him with a stick4ic»»j 




\jUJ\ rafa'^ 'alih el 'asdya. 

Menace, n. a.ji^ tahdyd; 
^i^ tajiwyf^ m. 

Menagerie, n. olil^J-i J»: 
mahallel hywandt^m. 

Mend, vt.^ sallah (a-). 
-clothes -jj raqqa' (a-). - 
a [len iSy. bara (ahry), my 
health is -ing^^^*^. j^t" sih- 
hily bitilhassin. 

Menses, n. ^^ Md; j^a 
dahr\m. ii\cdda^f. she has 
the - l(Jc U^<i dahraha 

Menstruate, vl jui-U hd_ 
det (tihyd); oU\ U oW gdt 
laha el ^dda(ligy). 

Mental, «. JSf- 'agij/. - alL 
enation j!jb-l iljtildl. 

Mention, ot. fl zakar 
(azkur). do not - this! V,i 
aU ' C^ ma tihkys lihadd, 
do not - it (favour) ! *«ji^l J 

fil f}idma. he-ed you v_iU- 
liiTjrv-. gdb syrtak. 

Mention, ?i. jTi zikr^ m. 


Mercantile, a.iSj\i-tigdry, 

Mercery, n. olj^^i- ljur_ 
dawdt, f. 

Merchandise, n. ^cUj 6a_ 
d.d'a, f. (baddyi'). 

Merchant, n. ^^-l; tdgir 

Merciful, a. j^U iafdq 
(-yn); o^ hinayin (-yn); 

-J rahym (ruhama). 

Merciless, a. *ikz}\ jtjc "a- 
dym es safaqa(-yn)j^\iK^ 
qalboh qdsy (-am). 

Mercury,n.j:',J :s&baq,m. 

Mercy, n. ijfjrahma\ijfj> 

marhama, f. for -'s sake! U 

dX^^jana fy 'ardak. at the 

-of Ai-j ^i tahi rahmet. 

Mere, a.]ai'>faqat;^)bass ^ 





he is a — child Jj U y^ /i«_ 
loa lissci tocdad. 
Merino, n. ^^^ijU mari_ 

nus, m. 

Merit, n. ^ fofll- jlai"! 
istihqaq, m. 

xMerii, vt. ji-1 istohaqq 
(astahaqq); J*^--' istdhil 

Merriment, n. ^_,s fr/m/i; 
i=l— ;l inbisAt, m. 

Merry, «. o^j farhdn 
(-yn); i*^-^ mabsut. (~yn). 

Mesh,n.ujP '^n,/. ('iyCin); 
^j^ Uarq, m. (hurCiq), 

Mess ,n .aIS'I a/cZ^f; ^i^'tabba; 
(mil.) jj\^ yamakhdna(ya^ 
makhantU); (medley)^ 
laljbala\ i!hj) Loarta; Ji-Uj 
wasdha, f. 

Message, n. '^ibaUy, m. 
(~dt): I have a - fxryou 
d.^^'%iSX.(-^andy kaldm lak^ 

Messenger, n. J^-j rasaZ 
(rusul); J.V, sd'y (sa'd). 

Messrs. n. pi. o^^-l^i- h(^- 

Metal, n. d-^m.> ma'' dan, m. 

Metallic, a. J-U* ma^dany. 

^ieiev ,n.S<^mitr /n.(amtdr ) 

Method, n. aI^U taryqa 
(turaq); ^A^kdfyia, f. 

Methodical^ a. ^j. mi_ 
rattib f—yn); ^^J ^.^U sd^ 
hib tartyb (aiihdb). 

Metropolitan, n. (jl_,k. 
mutrdn (matdrna). 

Mew, vi. iSy nauica (yi_ 

}\le\\ing, n.^ystanwyia^f. 

Midnight, n. JJI ^_^ nus.'^ 
el l^l, m. 

Midst, n. -k-^ wast; ^ 
nus.% m. 

Miasma, n. Ai^ip 'Ifuaa, f. 

_ Mic 303 Mil 

Microscope, n. ^/IjC \bdrid. 
mikrosk6b,m.r-dt); .jU I Mildness, n. ^i.;.hiffa, f. 
k^" nadddra mi-azzama,\^\xj^\ IHiddl, m. 
fjnaddardt). I }\i\c,n.^..myl,m..{amydl). 

Midday, /I. _,^r/w/ir, m. \ Military, a. (i^O V(s/ca_ 

Middle, n. -k-j wast; ^Ja^, m . -man jl^'- simsdr 

^liddling, a. L^y.. mit__ 
wassit f~yn);ij<^iJi\ (ji> bin 
el benin. 

Midway, n. *»LU ^i nuss 
el masdfa, m. 


Might, n. .y quwa, f. f-j. 
Hzm; J.>- Ml, m. - is right 
<iyl isy^\ jr" ^(^QQ ^l qawy 

Mignonette, n. Uj,_j re_ 
zeda, f. 

Mild, rt. ^ii. bafyf (Iju^ 
fdf); ^}x:m» muHadil (-yn). 
- tobacco ij\ c)<^i duhhdn 

''?/; t5->W Qihddy. -service 
A)jCj\ei ankarylo,-^ *;iUV 
e/ giliadyia, f. - police 
cijCp ^j, bo/f/.s ''askary, 

- scliocl 4-1 ji-1 *-jJtU el mad_ 
rasa cl harhyia. 

Militia, n. ^oj rldyf, m. 

— mon ^oj (ijC& 'askary 
ridyf f'asdklr). 

Milk, n.o'>S laban; ^.U 
holyb.m. — poiIv_,;:)Um i/ildb,. 
m. (mahalyb). ~ mnii jfj 
labbda (-a). 
^\[\k,ot .Ji^halab (ahU.b), 
Mill, n. (Cor grinding)^;^\i, 
talidna, f, ((atoa/ij/a); (for 
pressing) »j\-s.c- 'assdra, f. 
{'(i.s^ardi). wind - \^» '^l^^lU 




/a/if'mei/iaioa. water power] Mind, n.^ie-'aql Cuqul); 

- J..J.S. \,j>\\i> [aMna hadyr. 

— slone ui"^^ j^ hagar f.a^ 
toahyn, m. (higdra). 

Miller, n. ^\^tahhdn(a-J. 

Millel, n. ^i~i du/jn, m. 

Millieme, n. ^U milium, 
m. (-dt). 

Milliner^ n. n^i^y md^ 
dysta (modystdt); 4.WLi. 
hayidta (Ijayiatdt). 

Million^ n. ^_fi. malyun, 
m. (maldyn). —aire jy^-U 
milyonir (~yia). 

Mimic, vt. i» qallid (a-)-^ 
Jc ^.p ^ayib ''ala (a—j. 

Mimicry, n. juVs) taqlyd, 
m. ,^" mashara, f. 

Minarel, n. AijU mddna, 
f. (mawddin). 

Mince, vt. ,j faram (af_ 
rum), -d meat i»iji» 4.i- to/i_ 
ma mafruma. 

Jl bdl; ji^ fl^f, ri%. he is of 
the same — as you iSj »J>^ 
^^ fikroh zay fikrak. he 
spolce his - aJI J JU JU qdl 
illy fy bdloh. put me ia -! 
Jjxl fakkarny. il escaped 
my — J' u,»>— sj/iy "alayia. 
turn of -- jli- /j,aig, m. bear 
in- ^■^\ iftakar (oftikirj. 
I have a — to Jl (ijo /i/cry 
mn?/. I made up my-too«y- 
\o"asamt %la] Ac. c>-^i''\ i'_ 
tamatt '^ala. 

Mind, t)^. ^^anG('a'ii_ 
nyj;Xt.\ ihtamm (ahtamm). 

never — 

jLic U ma 'aZ^^. 

never - him! a:. ^_^C.Vc. U ma 
"al^ks minnoh. I do not — 
what he says JcJJLlU l;l 
ijk'^ana ma asdls ^ala ka_ 
Idmoh.l do not - llie money 

JV9- Z^^* iS'*-'-"^ ^J')^^ ^l filus 




"^andij rnati to/it, habar. 

Mine, pro, j.\:,_ bitd'tj-^ 
^. milk 'J. 

Mine, n.js,^. ma dan(m(i_ 
'ddin); (in wtir) jj lagam, 
m. liUijdm). 

iNiiner, n. cji\^.\ j jUi s«^_ 
g-c'/ ]U ma'^ddia (-ijn). 

Mineral^ ('dctny. 


Minimum, n. Ji\ aqali. 

•sdr); _y_jj loazyr (azara). 

Ministerial /(.(ij'jjtut^ttrj/ 

Ministry^ n.,oj\ki nisdra, 
f. (n Isardi); . uL'i-* dytodn, 
m. tdaioawyn). v 

Minor, c 

osgar; (in 

agG) ^^iqdslr (-yn). Asi.i - 
{Sjf>-^\ L^' asya e.s sugra, f. 
J^i>V,V' jt 6arr ei anad.6l\m,. 
Minority, «.(s"i9l|'^'" num_ 
ber) J>VI iA»M eZ 'adacZ eZ 

aqatl; (underage) j^^tqu.^ 
Hur J m. 

Mint, ?i. (plant) 9-\:^ni'nd\ 
m. (coin) ii-X^^^Jdarbahdna, 
ed darb. — es><8yer ^-■'sis- 
nogy (- iai. 

Minus, n. Jil aquU; jj^ilj 

Minule, n. *.l.}i diqyqn _f, 

Minute, a. ^3,-»Jt^.'5'^/g(-,7A^); 
j.»ji. madaqqo.q (-yn). 

Minutely, ad. ajJI, bid 

Minuteness, n. *»;> diqqa, 
f.' j*..^ sugr, m. 

Miracle, n. ^-^'agyba^ /. 

1 Mirror, /i. ^i^j'mirdyQ.j f_ 

Misapprehension, n . ^{> =^- 
su fahm^ m. 




Misbehave, vi. Jlks ^L. 
misij battal famsf/;;Jlk)d\J.-- 
salak batidl (asluk). 

MisbehaYioiir,n.iJ>_l\ .j- 
su es sildk] ^j^-S\ .^- m el 
tamrraf^ m. 


Miscarry, vi.c^^^-- siqtet 

--, lalif-, JalLj: mulilalit. 

Mischief, n. jj^ darar, 
m. Alii azijia, f. 

Mischievous, «. is'^-ymti^ 
j(/ (-tjn)\jji.^ mudirr(-yn). 

Misdemeanor, n.*i5li: mii^ 
hdlfa, f. (muhalfdi). 

Wl?,0.r, a, ^^bilnjl(buh<(l(i). 

Miserable, a. ^\^ mas_ 
litjn (masakijn); j^.l> f'lqyr 

Misery, n. ja fuqr^ m. 
^:5C. mdskinx, f. 

Misfortune, n. a.i.^^ mu_ 
syba (masdyib); (S^, balioa 
f. (baldioy), 

'\ih\e-A{\,vt,^j>(!all(a<] ill)i 
iS^f- gawa (agwy). 

Misprint, n. i^.\3.>\M galat 
malba'a, m. 

Misrepresent, ot.i.i-p^\ j^<^ 
gayiar el haqyqd (a-);^j^ 
kid lb (akdib). 

Misrepresentation, n.jh»i\tagyyr elhaqyq(i;^S> 
kidb, m. 

Miss, n. tj\o.j> c^'' sitt Aa_ 
gayuira (sill'it). 

Miss, ot. Jalc i/ilU (aglat); 
^J.>}■^ Uma sdbs. I - him very 
much jiO a1 jJ.>-_j;-. lil ana 
mtstaiohasloh kliyr. I -ed 
Iho Irain ^\i jy<}y\ el luabur 

Missing, a. «jU^Mf/JY-.f/n;. 

Mission, n.^-U-jl irsalyi.a 




(irsalyidt)-^ ^ljy\* mamu_ 
ryicij f.(mamuryidt). 

Missionary, ". J-j* mur_ 

Mist, n. ijis}^ sabura, f. 

Mistake, v t .LMgilituiglat) 

Mistake, n. ^.klc galla, f. 
(gaUdtJ;^^^ sahu, m. 

Mistaken, a, jjlkU galtdn 
('--t/n^;Js.^« maglut (-ynj. 

Mistress, n. (lady; ^^silt 
(sitidt); (teacher) Ai^'miaL 
lima (mi^allimdi); {malt_ 

flhim bil galat (afliom). 

Misunderstanding, n. .^- 
ivf» su fahm, m. A.^.^s■^> ._,-' sv 
mafhumyia^ f. 

Mitre, n. ^^\ ^> idgel 
qassys, m. (tygdn). 

Mix, vr.. Jali- Ijalat (aljlii); 
l-i- lc{.hbat (a-), -ed l>pz 

maJilut (-yn);\a:^' milah_ 
bat (-yn). - courls olal-l el 
haqqanyia; Aklii* ^lil ef 
magdlis el muhtuli(a^ f. 

Mixture,?!. JaU /ja/(, m.. 
JaJi- holyt, m, 

Mizzen-mast, n. c^^\j 
tirinkyt, m. 

Moan, oi. 



(ci—); v_.J^! nadab (andibj. 

Moan, n. 7-\)\ nuwdii; v_,a; 
nadb^ m. 

Mob, n.OjJ^tr^^^ 0' *^tom.- 
ma min en nds ed dun, f,. 

Mock, vi. Jp_,i^_cl itmas_ 
Ijar 'ala I atmcisharj;^c S^' 
dihik 'ala(aflliah). 

Mockery, 'I . tj^'mashara,. 
f. dlnfc^ d.ihk^ m. 

Mode, n. ihjltaryqa (ta_ 
,j^. mdda, f. (moddlj. 

Model, n. dlJ;^* ornek,m 

Mod 308 Mom 

(aranijkj ; .Jcl; qn^cla, f. lim(-yn). 

■UjaLod'id). Mohammedanism, n. ^_i 

Moderate, vt. ti'a* hadcla .^L^i dyn elisldm, m . 
(((haddy);^L\ lattaf (tt->;\. ^\oi?>'\.,a. ^^;i,j ritib(-yn); 
*_ii;- hdfflf (a-j. t5J.u minaddy (-ijn). 

Moderate, a. Ja:« m«''^a_ Moisten, vt. ^^j rattab 
dil (-yn); L-y~' mltwasslt (a-)- J, ball (abillj. 
<-yn). Moisture, n.x,y^ajratuba; 

Moderation, n. JIa:&I i^ >j^y, naddwa, f. 
tiddL, m. Molar, n. (tooth) ^j^atlirs. 

Modern, ^(.Jli Jo- p'/rf;/(i('^«_ m. (adrds), . 
■ddd};xi~'mustagidd(-yn)- Molasses, n. :>^-IJ_t 'asal 

Modest, a. a-W1j 4._i; naf_ iswld, m. 
soh Lodtya (-am,) \ ^j^l Mole, rt. (natural spolji.U 
iidub (-yn). sdma(samdtj; K.-'^fyo.sana^ 

Modesty, n. ^:l\^Wj to /(ft f. diasandt); (pier) ^j» 
en nafs; ^i^ adabj m. m6las^ m. (maicdlh), 

Moditlcation, n. J;-^J <a'_ Moment, n. iij:, diqyqa 
■dyl(-dt); j,_yi- tafiwyr^m. (daqdyiq); i.\^l lahsa, f. 
(-(It). (lah^sdt). wall a -! ju^J. U1-.I 

}<ilo(\[iy ,ot .^}'scuddil(a-j- istanna suwayia. 
J^^ hail, war (a-), .'■ Momentary, a. Jli.l;j fil 

Mohammedan,a,L4mi(6^-!Mf; Jij waqty. 

Mon 309 Moo 

Monarcli, n. ili.* malik\hurdf mikobbika, f.^^y^* 
(miluk)'^i^\k\^si(Udn{scilalyn) monogrdm, m. 

Monarchy, n. ^iCu muL 

Monolith ,71 .Jo-' J j^hagc^ r 

kyia; AikU saltana, f, i wdhid, m. 

Monastery, n. ^o d^r, m.\ )«lonopolise, vt. Jk-.^\ ih^ 
(diyilr), ' tukar (ahtikirj, 

Monasticism, n. a:-»j7v//i_ Monopoly, n. j'^i^l ihti.. 
bina,f. \kiir; ^\jl\\ eUisdm, m. 

Monday, n. j'/'^i^ ^y. yom : Monotonous, '-^J*'A?7£<m«7Z; 
e/ itn^n, m. J^j.^*": ^' "^<* yitgaylars. 

Money, n. ^,\i fdiis; jyi ! Monotony, n.jU malal-^ 

niqicd, f. for -.i>c'l bit ta_ i ^v-ii |.jo 'adam tagyyr, m. 

mart, ready- lJi5iv^jiS'edda/"! }v[on?,[er, n.J.>-j wo lis (wi^ 

nqqdan. paper- 3jiA*^''um_ \ hus); ^ijis^ 'afryt. ('afaryl}^ 

la waraq.- changer ^\j^ }^lonih,n.j,^z.sahrrn.(ashur}- 

scirrdf f-yn). - lender j^l\» \ Monthly, ad. cS^^i saJi r^y; 

fdyizgy (-ici). make- ^j/-^ j^i. ^^kull salir. 

^Jii'amal flliis(a'-m U);^S^ ' Monument, n . Jlic i imsdi 

^Si kisib filus (aksab). (tamasyl); J\ asar,m.(-dtj^ 

Monk,n.^*lj rdhib<roh_ , Mood, n. JU MZ, m. (ah. 

U.onkey, n.ijqird(qurud) 

Monogram, n. ^.t. ^if 

wdl); j\\^hdla,f. fhaldtj. 

Moon, n.jiqamar,m .(aq_ 
mdrj. full -jA;todr,m.nevr 




- |J% hildl, m. he gazed at 
the - and fell in a gutter .l«* 
4)^1 Jc jksj A^ H(Xm scim we 
fUir 'ala basala. - light jy 
j^^M nar el qamar^ m. 

Moor, a. jj.. magraby 

Mooi\ vt. ^■'jrisy (arsy); 
1^ jrabat(arbut ) . -\ng]i\ace 
aijymdracUi, f. (moroddt). 

Mop, n.,,_^Ui bulbds (ba_ 
Uibgs); Ait-' mamsaha^ f. 

ViOY2^,a.iJ^i^adaby. -s^lj^l 
addb^ f, v_jjl adab^ m. 

Moral, n. ^»«, m. 

Morality, n. ^jl adab,m. 

More, «. j^^'l c(ktar;s,j\ 
' tz yad:>^\jj^ ydda;^^kamdn. 
•much - jcJ^^^aktar kltgr. 
no — ij.i6flss.the - you speak 
jC:; U ^ktill ma tiikallim. 
:nothing - than ^> J.^\ j.. 

musaktar min. he will not 
come any - ^^^ ^U. U ma 
baqds yigy. 

Moreow er, ad. J^ ha mdn: 
dJi'i^c>i\,j3!ydda "ala zdlik; 
^•^ j^f- il^r keda. 

Morning, n. 7=-^ subh;A.-a 
sabdh, m. 

Morocco, n.jy^j. mard_ 
kis, m. — leather j^jUii:^ i:^ 
gild sihtydn, m. 

Morphia, ri.a^jj^'m orfyn , 

Mor^o^^r, n . , jC, bu kra,m. ' 

Morsel, n. a*^' luqma, f. 

Mortal,«.(subject to death) 
JU/'dnjy^ldeadly) Jly qattdl; 
c^c mumyt. every - jjVjIjT' 
kail insdii. 

Mortality, n. Oymdi, m. 
.Uj toa/'(:l, /■. 

Mortally, fl(/. ^^l' itZ mdi;. 

Mor 311 

lie was - wounded ?- ,■>- 7- A\ 

MoUi, n. a;p "-'itta, f. ^^v 

8US, m. 

Or ingarah garh momyi. 

Mortar, n. (for pounding), ls\o\\\Qr,n.»\umm(-ahdt), 
Oi'^ hon; Cij=r gorn,m. (ag_'~ country ^^\>j watan, m. 
rdn); (cement) *;^. mana, f. \ (accldn). - tongue >yVI o\~\ 
- pit *kU maltam, m. \ «V^ li&dn el abb toil umm. 

Mortgage, vt. ^a.j rahan — in law .\^ hamd. -less ^^ 
(arhan). ^")I\tjcUym elumm(yutama- 

Mortgage^ n.^fjrahn, pi. aytdm). step - ^H\ i'^-' n%i_ 

Mosaic, a. tSy^ymusawtj, \ rdi el abb. — of pearl Ji\^ 

Mosaic, a. ^i^U .jU 


sadaf. m. 

nags min higdra milau^ , Motion, n. ^j>- haraka,f. 
wina,m. ' i(harakdlJ. — oi howelSij^--^ 

Moslem, rt.L-.fnasZtm(-yrtJ tasyyra, f. (tasyyrdt). 

Mosque, n. ..U gdml\ m. ' Motive, n. _^^ sabab CJ-s- 
{grxwdm'C ). bdb); ^\idd'y^m. (dawd'y). 

Mosquito, n. 4.-^^.1; «a/wM_ Motor, n, ^jt. ,y quwo. 
scij f (nam us).- nel A.-.yli muharrika^ f. 
namusyia, f. (numusyidl), 'Motto, ?i. yjvamz ,m. (ri_ 

Moss, n^^\.L>- hasys, m. mus ))»jyc\iqA''da ,f . f qa^ddA }. 

Most, a. }.>\ aktar-^ j^k«i Mould, n. ^U; qdlib, m. 
ma'zam; Jt' afflo.b.dil -\(qawdlibj. 
j^S^l bil aklar. \ Mould, ot. Jls J ^^ sabb 

Mou 312 Mow 

fij qdlib(amhb). i make one's - water (j;jij4 

Mowni, vt._S^j rikib Car_ iSji: yi/f^Uly er rijq yigry. 
kabi; Jc Ji]s,tilr 'ata(aUo'').\- [Aece tarkyba, f, 
-ed ^"T ij rdkib (~yn). Wtarakyb), -I'ul a*^' luqmdj. 

Mount, n.^i^jrukuba, f. (luqam)\ j. bnqq, m. 
(rakdyib). Movable/', iljj^* mit/mr^ 

Mountain, n.^^yabal,m. rik; Jla. naqqdly. 
(gibdL). j ^\()\Q,vt.i]j^harr(iki((-); 

Mountaineer, n. if}%>- \^z naqaifanqil), oi. iJ^^"! 
gabaldwy (-ia), 'itharrak (atharrak >; ^l-^S 

Mountainous/'. J->-</cibflZ(/ : intaqal (ontiqllj. \vc - d to 

Mourn, "i. Jc7-li rt(i/i ' a lu a nolhor house Jl^' ^i^-} Wj,c- 
(iinuh);^cj^,biky 'ala{abky) 'az^ilna lib6t tdnij. his bo_ 

Mourner,n.j5ry.6''/£(/ (-(/«) ;wels -d j:^:^_,i>- k:\^ batnoh 
A: ndyih(-yn). hired - aiU; hiraget. he was -d jH;i Ji_ 
nadddba (naddabdi); oAw assar (atassar), 
mi^addlda(mi'addiddt), Move, n. ^j>- kiirnka, f. 

Mourning, n. oj" ^M'^n, (harakdt). 
m.heis in- o^; _>>• ^a kaioa, Movement, n.^.r^/i^^rn/vcf^ 
hazndn. ; /. (hamkdt); (excilemenl) 

Uow^ieM .j\ifdr ,m.( fyrdn)\ Ji^ hayagdn^ m. 

}viomh,n.'tfuTnm{rifmdm); Mow, vt. J.:^hasi lahi^i); 
S.:^ hanak; ^ buqq, m. \s^-^ hafjad (ahsud). 

Mow 313 Mun 

Mower, n.iU»-/ic.s>;ad(-//n) ' Mug , n . jp kiiz ( ky:;d n);: 
Mowing, n. J.*ha.<k, m. i jjj;! abryq, m. (aboryq). 
Mr. n. Ao^\y^ liawdya (l},(i_ ^\w]hcrvy,n.'^yt{it((,f.'tut}' 

icugdtj. ; ^h\]e, n.J'ibaglfbiijdt). 

Mrs. n. z.- sUt (-(It). Mulliplicalion,«.(in uriUi_ 

Much/x.^vi'T/i-ttj/r.-more ineLic) ^j^ darb, m. (in_ 

iSfl j^'-^li it yr qawy. so - X> creosing) j^-S^ iriktyr, - 

SjTqadd keda. too - ^. J.^' lablo ^jJ^\ JjJo- gndical ed 

-••Ul aktar min el li::ii.m. darb, m. 

n^-asjiqadd;s>^c'alaqoddi Multiply, yf. vr"* V^''^^ 
Mucus, n. (of nose) i,\i; (ar/ra/j); Ji^ katiar (a-). 

mahdt,m. \oi. _^^ kltir (yiktari- :>lj.. 

Mud, n. <j>i=. tyn;^c^iwakl; 

zdd (yizyd). 

^]j zala q,m. i MuUilude , n . j^zf k ityr; 

}s\y\Ai\y ,a. ^o-y'miioahhal\ ijy.5 ^^l; nds kiiyr. 

^y mizallaq. - writer v 
cJCp mayia 'ikro. 

Muezzin,", oiy^miaddin 

}A.\\\^e,vt.c^~\basnoq((.( -A |--yt^, ,.u,^. ^- 

Muffler,n. j.jf kufyia, f.el balady. 
(kufyidtj; J^«^ JU sdl su_\ Munition, «. ,yi zahra^ 
gayior, m. (syldn). \ f. (zaiirdt). 

Muniniy^n. a-*^* miimya^. 

f. (mumydl). 
Municipal, a.c5.\J.. balady^ 
Municipality, n. Mji.,bala_ 

dyia, f.isA^^ o-'^'^^ nuiglis' 




Murder, n. J:i qdil; «^i 

■ dabh, m. 

Murder, ot, J;> qataUaq^ 
til); ^idabahfadbah); o^. 

■ mauioit (a-), -ed ^j.':iqalyl 

■ (quia la). 

Murderer.ft. j;l»g(« il(-i/n) 

Murmur, oi. j.jl\ Umt(r__ 

^mar (atmarmar); j^'"\ /r/_ 

■ dag gar (addaggar). 

Murmur, n. .yy mar_ 

'tnara, f. ^'^ tadaqgar^ m. 

Murmurer, n. ^^^i:. Jc j»o-lj 

■ loah'ul tamollij yitsakka. 

Muscle, n. 4-i«^ ^(idald., /'. 
d'culal); X. lahm, m. 

Museum, n. aIWs.:;! untg^ 
Ijdna, f. ((inlijhandt). 

Mushroom, n. •^\j^\ J.-P 
''is el giirdb, m. 

Music, n. j.^j. masijqa; 

mu^^gka, f. — al iiislru. 

■ment _jL. 2J I diet tnntb^f. 


Musician, n. J^:-j* m«- 
sykdty (-ia); (native) JVI 
aldty (—ia). 

Musk, n. ^— misk , m. 
- cat J; jl !=.» quit ez zabad. 

Muslin, n. j-U sas, m. 

Mussel, n. JAi^' (.1 wmm el 
hi la I, f. 

MusL, ?n. (.J if^/m ri/ii_ 
^am;; (.jV Idzim. I — ,^_«3ij 

Mustache, n. ^U snnab, 
m. (sanabiU), 

Mustard, n. oj^-« m^^5,•_ 
tarda , f. Jjji- hardal, m. 

'Wnie ,a.^j'j^\0'hras( bars) . 

Muteness, n.^j^/jarns,m. 

Mutilate, i''t. »^ saucoih 

Mutilation, n.*i^-i^'<itt!{//), 
Muli ny , n .(jV-^e. 'a,s7/^ft ,m . 




MiiUer^o i.^jhartam(a-)-^ 
j.j_ bar bar (a-). 

MiiUering, n. i^fU'j^ barta^ 
ma-, aXj. harbara, f. 

Mutton, n. JU ii- lahma 

Matual^a. il>i» mustarik 

'M\lZ'/}e,vt.C kammim(ci-) 

Muzzle^ n. ^^kumdma, 
f. (kamomdt). 

My, -y; j^kbii"''y. 
- book J\'.!i^ kitdby. -self 
^^i'l nafsy; Jlj sdty. 

Myrrh ^ n. ^ murr, m. 

Myrtle, n. ^\ ds, m. 

Myslerious,a. ^s_^^ sirry. 

Mystery, n. ^-^ slrr, m. 

Mytli, n. «lji- hirdfa, f. 
(liirafdt); ^j wahm, m. 


Nail, n.(of iron) jl^-»mj<s_' Naked, a. Ci\j' ^irydn 

mdr (mc(samyr); (of finger) 
jiJ> dufr, m. (dawdfir).- 
brusli j»'_,.i A^J fur set da^ 
wdfir, f. (furas). 

Mail, vt. jr'masmar(a-); 
jS" sammar (a—). 

(-yn; "ardya). stark - ^l. ^c 
Jal. ^irydn malt, - eye Cx^\ 
Hj^\ el ^in el mugarrada. 

Nakedness, n. \j> 'ara, m. 

Name^ oi. j." samma {a_ 
sammy) ; Je J\i (^"i 'a la (a qu I) ; 


310 Nas 

f'i ^akar (azkur). -ed JU 
AE'i illy ismoh; ji-M el mu_ 
samma. below -ed »_^iJVI 
el city zikroh. 
Name, n.^J ism, m. ul 

samj/A he has made n - J**' 

^1 a! "amal loh ism. whal is 

■your - 2 All dJir"! ismak 4h. 

he goes by the - of ^«l^j_," 

ma'ruf bi ism. in the - of^y 

^Jo m in taraf. -less j^)\* 

^-1 ma /(<,s ism. — sake j^i f-f/nAhe had a - escape^ 

Narcissas,n . ,j^y narg is, 

Narcotic, n. jsH muhad- 

Nargileh, n. i.LJ^ iyki, f. 

Narrate, vt. ^hako. (ak- 
ky); J^ qdl (aqulj. 

Narration, n. ^.'STp- hikd^ 

Narrow, a. j,J. doyiaq 


Namely, ((d. ^)we huwa; 
S'i ice humm; ^j.l yany. 

Nap,7z. j\....iS ta'syla; ^ii^ 
fja/la, f. (of cloth) j:iwa_ 
bar, m. 

Napkin, n. oji.^ iUy futet 
siifra, f. (fuwal); jf.Ls baL 
kyr, m.(basakyr). 

Napoleon, n. (coin) yj^_ 
b6nio, m.(bentydt). 

.4j.5i Jiilis bigildoh. he is in 
- circumstances .^^_»:. <ijl^»-l 
ahwdloh mil'assara. 

Narrowness, n. j-J. <!yq, 
m. *a;J> ilyqa, f. 

Nastiness, n. ^\^i icasd_ 

Nasturtium, n. j^ y} aha 
hangar, m. 

Nasty, a. 'fi loisili (-yn); 
J^) wihik(-yn); J)ijrasyl 


(r us a la). 

Nation, n. i«l umma^ f. 

National, o, Jal ahly; ^^3 

317 Nea 

Naughty, a. ji. saqy ras_ 
qyia); Jl ^ sarrdny (~yn). 

Nausea, n. ^_^J\ ^S'v^ (/i_ 
qildb en nafs^ m. 

Naval, «. iSj^ bahry. 

Nationality, n. ^^.^ gins,'. Navel^ n. .^ surra, f. 
m. \.^-^ ginsyia; 4,..J tab(x_ I Navigable, a. ^'TQ.U-j J'J. 
''yia,f, Itimsy fyh el mardkib. 

Native, tt.^j iocUany^isJn, \ Navigate, vi. jd^ J _,»U.s'd_ 
.balady;^a>\ahly. tlie-sJUVli/ir fil hahr(a-). vt.^J.\^ 

elahdly. — pi a ce^^Wj (-oft (an. 

massa el markib (amassy). 

m. - tongue ^')l\i ^Vl o^J I Navigation, n.. j4^ J jiJ\ 
^/sttn el abb loU umm. les safar fil bahr, m. 
]<.Q.[von,n.Oij'^nalrun,m.\ Navy, n. *i_,4 bahryia, f. 

Natural «. ^j^-i^ tofcy'j/. 

Naturally, «d. ^Ul. &t( 
^a/b'; i«-;yij blttaby'a. 

Nature, n. ^ tab\m.(at^ 
bd');A^J^tabii'a, f, (tabdyV). 

Naught, n. jl^ sifr, m. 

Naughtiness, n. .jlii sa_ 
qdioa; i.-)a.-^ sitanci, f. 

Near, f. ^.y 9"''^^; ^"- 
rciyib; ^Jx-- muslaqrab. 
— your house C:^ x-c-^dnd 

^ear\y, ad. Cyitaqryban. 
he hnd - fallen •l^ljjIT'/fdfi 
rdyih yuqa\ 

Nearness, n. ^J qurb,m. 





Neatness ,n .A>[JiJtnadd fa ,f. 

Necessarily, ad. ,j)\bid 

Necessary, <-(. pV Idzim 
(-y^); ^jij^ durury f-ijn). 
if- J 1^1 iza lizim; *_5jl! Ji:& 
"and el lizdm. necessories 
^j^J lawAzim-^zXK>muhim- 
mdt, f. 

Necessilale, vI.aJI alzam 

(y ilz im);.^^i\aLogab(yug ib) 

' Necessity, «.»jj)y-if/« rura, 

f. ^i} Z(^am;l^al iqtida^m. 

Neck, n. i.jj raqaba, f. 

Necklace, n. Mc \iqd (u\ 
qddj; o':^f kirddn, m. 

Necropolis, n. J>j., mad_ 
^fdn, m. (maddfin). i i. 

Need, n. i.pX-hdga,f.A:^^\ 
ihtydg; f)) lizi'im, m. he is 
in - T-li*: ^ huLoa mihldg. 

Nee:l, ot. A->-\ ihtdg (ah- 
tdg)-. A lizim (yilzam). he 
— s a change j\^S 4,0"^ Idz^ 
moh tagyyr. you - not go U 

r}S' r-jJ J--} "^^ fy^ liziim 

Nee.lf ul,a. ^V Idz im(- ijn); 
iSjij-^ durury (-yn). 

^eei\\c,n.ij}ibra,f.(iba r). 
packing- 4.„, misalla, f. 
(misalldt); ju. mebar^ m. 
(maydbir). mariner's -4^j» 
bdsla, f. 

Needless^ a. pj j.) I. ma 
Ids lizum. 

Needy, a. r-liss mihtdg 
(-yn)]j^ faqyr (fuqarai. 

Negation-, n. ji nafy; ^L. 
salb, m. . 

Negative, ". Jl-. salby. 

Neglect, vi. ^i^ sayyib 
(a-); i}j tarak (atruk). 

Negligence,n. ^\j^\,ihmd[-^ 




j^-as qumr, m. 

Negligent, «. ^»'^'muhmal 
(-ynj; jA\f.miUidmi[(-yn). 

Negociale, ot. '(i)j.\i-\ it, 
lidhir wuyia (ulljdblr). 

Negocialion, n. mu 
lldbra, f. (mub^ibrdt), 

Negress, n. b^- A,_j\c>-gdr^ 
ya soda (guwdr). 

Negro, n.A.f^abd (^'(bydj; 
:>j^\ x.c-^abd iswld. 


Neighbour, n. J>- gdr 

Neighbourhood, n. >j^ 

Nephew, n. 7-\ ^■} ibn ahh 
(owldd);'^;^ ^\ ibn iiht. 

Ners'e, n. ^^t- ^snb^ m. 

Nervous, a. ^^^p 'ai>abij 

Nervousness, n. 


illirdb; , c«\\ Ui'-^ du'f el- 

V^s'fVft, m. 

Nesl, n.J.c-''iis, m. (Hsiis). 

NesL, oi. jL-ie 'asiiis(yi-).. 

Nel, n. ^.isabaka, f. (io._ 
bah).- i^ack Ai:-i sin fa, f^ 

Net, ". JU mfy (-yn); 

gyraj. ^} qurb. in the - of ^ ,j.^V A- salym liydoh. 
^jh biqurb. , 'i:\euia\gio., n.9^^^mdd\m. 

Neighbouring, a. j» ^_J Neuter, n. iXi^go.mdd, m^ 
qaryb min; ^utbiganb. \(-dt). 

Neighing, «.J;t^s«7t(/i,m.i Neutral, a. .i\J-l Jc 'cdal 

Neither, pro.Hla; ^,wala. hydd<i. 

- this nor ttiat I^Sj Ij V la 
da wala do. 

Never, arf.ijjla6«dan;^-»l 




■adiin; J^lj Lodsll. I ~ aaw' (-yn); ^.L\ Wtijf (lutdf).a 
him au^ U ,Sj*^ himry ma - dinnov as^^.jAc. gadiaa 'a^ 
kif'toh. -lI leless dDi »* ma' j^-^wa. a -- man ^ij-^J-rj 
^dlik; J^ Idkin, ' rdgil zanjf. 

New, a. Jb-io- gidi/d (ga.\ Nickel, n.^J, n6UaL,m. 
■dad ■. - ycai-':i day a.:_U ^^'j 1 Nici^name, n.^-!^naqb;^ai 
rds c's sitna, m. : laqab, m. lalqdb). 

lSe\ws,n.ljabar^m.(al]bdr).\ Niece, n. ^1 ^l. binl ahlj 
whoL -f *,l jlj-VI eZ a/}bdr\(bandl); ^;~\ ^i, bint ahi. 
e/i. liave you any --yjlo-liJa;p! Niglii,«. JJ /e^.m.a— 4J 
''andak ahb'lr. good- j^i- \lelo,f. (leldt). lo-(ij 4:^^ 
li^r. piece of— ^j<.^/j(ibar(j^ el lela dy. il is - JJ LiJl ed 
*";. /'. (Ipi'baryidt). -[)U[>ev \dinya lei. at - J;U^. bll lei. 
Jlij?- gorndl, m. f-dt); a:, jl^, good - .Ji-«-.. d\-\} leltak sa., 
r/a^eila, f. ((lazcitdt). : '^yda. evftry - Jii^^kull Ula; 

':^GXl,a. j\s tdiiij (-yn).-\j%\ leldty, -police ^_,U 

moiilli (^lLl^j^-J\ es kihr eg l.df, m. - man J^y^i qana, 

gdy. - day p. Jl; /dn/y j/dm. i wdty (-la); Jlij^- surabdttj 

— to him »A») brt'doJi; *.-:>• /'-iaA-mare , y-^<^ kabii 

ganboh. what -<>! j^^^ajI (?/i m 

kamdn; l-x> j^c^ juljioe dhgdr 
Nice, cf. ^/^ kiuouyis 

siiade jj-i-1 ^:; f>mi ei 

Nighlingale, n. JA, bulbul 
(baldbil); <:l\ jyl-^s. 'asfur 




eg ganna^ m. 

Nihilist, n. ^^Af nihilisty 

Nile^ n. JJ\ en nyl; j4\ 
keVi el bahr el a^zam, m. 

Nilometer, n. J.J\ ^Li, 
micjyds en nyl, m. 

Nilotic, a. JJ nyly. 

Nine, a, a»-J tis''a. 

Nineteen, a ■ y^li»-r lisa''^ 

Ninety, «. jri*^" tis'yn. 


^\^,vt .fj>Jiqarad(aqrud). 

Nippers, n. iS^kammd_ 
id. , f. (kammasdt). 

Nipple, n. ji\ i^ halamet 
el biss, f, (hcdamdt). 

Nitrate, n. (of silver) olj^; 
A-iiU natrdt el fadda, f. ^ 
Ar hagar gahannctm , m. 

No^ad.Uma; V la. he had - 
time v^tj tXfi JiJ'S^U ma feans 

'andoh waqt. I know - body 
Jio- ^SjC-l Uma drafs hodd. 
Nobility, n. o^i saraf ; 
^^t- hasab, m. the- o'^VI 

ei asrdf. 

Noble, a. ^i^i saryf(as_ 
fdf); Jj^l asf/Z. - man ^>yi 
saryf-^^\j.i'^\^,min el asrdf. 

Nod, of. ^_^ijl j;^ /la^-^ er 
rds (ahisz). 

Nod, n. ^'jll ij* has;; a 
bir rds, f. 

Noise, n.ikij .seta, f. ^_^ 
hiss,m. make a- i.lj ^d( 
(azyt). what a-! cii^k^j^l 4jI 
ih ez zHa dy. 

Noisy, a. iaij._ yizayiat; 
i.\a.lj\ j^-jT kityr ez zita. 

Nomad, n. JUj rahhdl; 
iSi^\ badawy. 

Nominal, a.j:'\ismy;^S\ 


,) bit ism bass. 

Nominate, vt. jr samma 





(asammy); ^^f-'ayyin (a-). 'i^05e,n.j^\:.,m(inahyr^m. 

Nominaiion, n. i^-'^ tas- - r\ng^\j^luizdm,m. (-dtj. 
myUc^ f.^^\ ta'yyn,m. one who speaks through 

None, a. Ji^lj Vj ioato u;^, the - ^;i-l aljnaf (himf). 
hid;j.Jc^U ma haddis. he -gay A-ii^ .sw/tfea, /'. (suhab). 
gave to - of themj».ji.jLi-J.lilU : Nostril, n. j^^UU Xi\UA(jet 
ma iddds lihadd minhiim. elmanahyr f. 

Nonsense, n. ^jlb Iials; Not, '■'cZ. V to; U m(c; j.^ 
'^\> ^^kaldm fdrig. - 1 ^, mus. 1 do - knowJjj^\ [,ma 
^J^\t. bala hals. a'rafs. ~ at all Ij,1 abadan; 

Nonsensical,, ". ^U IkHs; S^^l «,stan. 
o^^h((ga..s. Notable, n. >s»^ 'umda 

Noon, n. jj^-i '/«/ir, m. ('umadj;jyf^t,mashur(-yn); 

Nor, con. "i/j toato. a.^.^ wngyh (ugaha). 

Normal, a. ^^ {abg'y. Notary, n. j-^ ^^ mu_ 

- school ij^l*M l^jS.madra_,saggil sar'y (- ynj. 

set el mi'alllmyn. "Solch, ot.-^o-has:; Kihisj)^ 

. Norlh, n.(ij4fta/irtrf/;JVi! Nolch, n. .j^ h(i^;;((^ /■_ 
sim<H. - wind ^UW tydb, m. (hazzdt). 

- east J^i Xt sima/ sargt/. Note, n.^jTi; iazhura (ta^ 
~ \\es[J.,J> S[^t.scmdl garby.^' sdkir); ,fl. mosakkara 

Northern, ". (ij^ bnhary; 
Jl^ simdly. 

(mozakkardt)-^ Aiy nd/a, /. 
(notdl). take - of .jTji. Jii-I 


ahad fy mozakkara{dhud) . 
-paper jHi; jjj waraq ta. 
sdkir. —book ^^ Jiidaf_ 
iar geb, m. (dafdtir). pro_ 
missory - ^\..} kambydla, 
f. (kambyaldt). 

Nole, ot. ^-.^ katab (ak. 
t ib)\ls qayid (a~). -d j_j^-« 
mashur (- ynj. 

Nothing, n. *<>-W J:JU ma 
fys kdga; ^J;.'^ la si. for - 
J:»>li balds. - like iIaj j J:J U 
ma fys zayiuh. 

Notice, n. o^JcVi-ldn (-dty, 
4.0 tanbyh (-dt);Zj\i.'^\ elti_ 
fdt,m. take- aII Ji- halla 
bdloh(ahally). give -j>.>(ijl 
fdda ljabar{addy);j\c\ aHan 
(aHln). short -,j^^4-t'>nu Il- 
ia qasyra. 

Notice, vt. ^^>lldliis(a-); 
aII, \i- Ijalla bdloh (ahally). 

Notification, n. o%\ I'ldn 

523 Nov 

(-dt)-^ i^, baldg(-dt);j\\^=J 
iliidr, m. (-dtj. 

l^olify ,vt.Ji£.\a'lan(a'lin ): 
^ballay(a-); Ijnabbih (a-). 

Notion,n. ^fikr (afkdr): 
iSb i^dy^ m. (ard). 

NotwitlistancUng, con. ». 
dA'ima" zdlik\^\)We ldkia:_ 

Noun, n. ---I ism, m. 

Nourish, vt. Oy qauwit 
(yl-);iSlc.gazza (yigaszy)^. 
-ing isl*" mugazzy. 

Nourishment, n. ^yqut;^ 
lie- gasa, m. 

Novel, a. JjJo- gidyd (gu- 
ddd); _^f. garyb(-yn). 

Novel, n. A.^ hikdya 

Novelist, n. ol^S^ ^^> 
muallif hikaydt f-yn). 

November, n. jviy no_ 
fembar, m. 

Novice, n. (i-icL.. mubtady 




■eldn; j^\i^\ j:J)\ j fllwaqt 
el hddir. just - ykl zJ}i dil_ 
waqt aho. every — and then 
z,i}^i)^'inin waqt liwaqt; 
0\~>-'^^^j^-ijfy ba'delahydn. 
- a days (^j ^\y\jfu ayidm 
<iy; j,sjJi dilwaqt. 

Nowhere, ad. ^_,k« j j.* 
mas /^ mat rah. 

Nubia, n. L, y niibya; ^^l 
.j'.ljA.U 6/Z(Jrf e^ bardbra, f, 

Nubian, a. ^SJJ barbary 

Nuisance, n. JJi\ aqzdr; 
^{^iLoasdha,f, commit no - 
Jj^.-J\ ?^;^mamn?'t' et tabwyl. 

Null, a. J^ Idgy (~yn); 

Nullify,o^. ^Lbatjal (a-); 
ji laga falgy). 

'Numb, oi.^inammi Kyi-). 

Number, n. ^jc 'adad,m. 
(a'ddd). even - j^l&i/ gds. 
odd - ijiSl, bit fard. a - of 
people j^S' ^jX nds kityr. 
-less >-^cj.} U ma l{is "adad. 

Number, vt.jc-'add(a'idd); 
jC. nammar (a-). 

Numbness, n.jj^tanmy I; 

Numerous, a. jc^kityr 


Nunnery, n. oUlj j-.i d6r 
rahbdtj m. (adyuraj. 

Nuptial,^, ^^■^^f■ ^O-rdysy; 

Nurse, n.o'irf^rf«Crfr^(i(^U. 
wet- ajJ>j. murda^a (ma- 
rddi'). hospital - Ji^y ta, 
margyia (tamargyidt). 

Nurse, ot. (child) ^jracL 
da'' (a-); {pQ[ienl)^M-l}adam 




Nursery^ n. (of children) 
:.VjVI o^l 6det el wildcl, f. 
(of trees) ^^ui„, mustonbat, 
Jn.(-dt). - plant J:J; satl^m. 

Nut^ /I. AJAi) bunduqa, f^ 
(bunduq). -meg^.kll ij^>- 
gdset et tyb, f, {g6s). pea — 
ijljs^,- Jy fid suddny. 

sindydn, m. 

Oakum, n. J,\.L. misdq, 
m. A-k^l istubba, f. 

Oar, n. ^\xi»moqddf^ m. 
(maqadyf). -sman ^^.-fl-Ai* 
moqddfgy (-iaj. 

Oasis, n. *c-lj it3dM_, f. 

Oal, n. tjU^-i s'o/"(in; j^.J 
summer, m. he has sown 
his wild -s wjl'j ^}eT gahal 
we tdb. 

Oath, n. c^i. yamyn (-dt); 
^[Ao- hilfdn, m. (-dt). take 

the - ^U hilif (ahLifJ.g]\e- 
the -Uiio- hallif (a-). 

Obedience, n. ^cU^ td'a^ f,_ 

f-i^h.' m ltd w i" (—yn ). 

Obelisk, n. ^« misallay 
f. (misalldt). 

Obey, vt. ^ td' (au/); 
P^IU tdwi^ ra-). 

Object, n. (thing) ^i s^^. 
m. fas(/a;; *c^U M^-a, Z'. f/icL 
g'tii); (end) ^_y>J^ garad; Jusi 
gascZ, m.— of a letter o^c**- 
^\jl.\madmun eg gawdb,rn. 

ObjecI;,o j.^> ^drid(a-);. 

Obj 326 

,iU mdni' (a-). 

Objeclion, n. .iU mdnv 
(maioAn'C); J^\S^\ i'tirdd^ 
m. (~dtj. 

Objectionable,, a. J^a« JL. 
mus maqbtil f-yn). 


Obliteration, n, j^mahyl 
Ji^^J tahtoyz , m. 

Oblong, a. J^lU mitdwil; 
J-k:„^ mustatyl (-yn). 

Obnoxious, «. oj^ mak_ 
ruh (-yn);Ai_ jka ryh (-yn). 
Obligation, rt.i-j^s-jioip'flfe;! Obscene, «. 'fiwisUj;^s- 
ugub. m. i.Sy,i mamnunyia. y^b. 

Obligatory, «. ^^-lj I iUd_\ Obscure, o. jJt 'iijm; a.. 
my\ t5jl-^l igbdry. mi^ctttim. the meaning is - 

Oblige, vt. (comiiel) v) i*^!^ Jl. ^«U eZ mdna mm 
lazam (cdzim)-, ,_^^t gccsab Lodflha. 
(agsib) ■ (gratify) ojj.. J»''| Obscurity, n. ix^ 'atma; 
^amal ma^rtif (ccmil), youi«-^ ilalma, f. 
will - mc j_>ic j/T akdn' Obsequies, n. ,jl:?. gind^ 
mamniin. ~d ^)j.*malzCim za^ f. (ginnzdt); s^i.. mas_ 
(-yn); oy'-^ mamntin (-yn). had m. (masdhid). 

Obliging, a. ^^j.. ^*U! Observance, n. J^'^'a ma Z; 
^■^dhlb ma'ruf(ashdb). \^\l\ itmdm; (.\^\ itiibd\m. 

Oh\k[ue,a.^>\'mdyil(-yn); Observant, a. !^^% mu^ 

Idhiz (-yn). 

Observation, n. *k;^^U 
muldhza, f. (mulahzdt); 

^)jy.mawrub (-yn). 

Obliterate, vt. ^ maha 
(amhy); liy_ bauwaz (a-). 




Ji_^i' malhuz, m, (-At). 

Observatory, n. ii\i^Xaj 
rasad/jdna/.frasadltO'ndt ). 

Observe, vt. Ji:^"^ Idhiz 
(a- J: ^i\j rdqib (a-). 

Obsolete, a. jc-^s qadyni 

ni');j^^mahzllr, m.(-dt). 

Obstinacy^ n. ^Ue ^indd, 
m. »J.;U. mu'dnda, f. 

Obstinate, a. j..;p 'anyd 
(-yn); (^A:e- 'inady (- ia). 

Obslrnct, vt. jl-. sadd («_ 

Obstruction, n. a-, sadd; 
J.Ln^taHyl, m. 

Obtain,of . J-i-/ia,ssr<Z (ci-); 
\c J^*-"! istahsal ^ala (as- 

Obtainment, n. Jly na.. 
lodl; ij^^=- hastily m. 

Obvious, a. f^\i wddih 

(-yn); j^lji zdhir (-yn). 

Occasion, n. k^} farsa^ 
f. (far as), on all -s ^5,'JS^J 
fy kull waqt. on one - >j- 
.Jie-'j marra wdhda. 

Occasion, vt. ^i- sabbib 
(O--); ^>-' o^ f<''^'n sabab 

Occasional, a. z.h j' J^«^ 
cJfJyihsnlmin toaqt Ihcaqt. 

Occasionally, ad. ^»j ^. 
cJ) m in waqt liwaqt. 

Occupant, n. ^Lsdkin 
(-yn; sukkdn). 

Occupation, n. (business) 
J»i. sugl, m. (asgdl); ^<l-~^ 
san'-ri, f. (sandy'C); (posses- 
sion) jC sakan; J^li^-I if}- 
tildl, m. 

Occupy, vt. <^ jC sikin 
fy (askun); ^>-\ ihtall(ah^ 
tall) ; J;i sagal (asgil). oc- 
cupied J^^« masgul (-yn). 




Occur, f^ii.J^?- hasal (yih^ 
sal; Jjja- hadas (yihdas). a 
thought -ed to me Jl Jc jki- 
jCi liatar ^alcc bdltj fikr. 

Occurrence, n. J^^- At/_ 
■wi; iijJo- hudus, m. aT^Io- 
hddsa, f. (hawddis). 

Ocean, n.Lj\ el muhyt; 
j__^_j,'AJjVI el okydnus,m. 

Odour, n. a<:j '^f/Zict:, f. 

Of, pre. 1^. "^i"; tj*^ '««. 
the house - this man c-i 
U Jo-jl 6^ (J er rdgil da. 

Off, ad.jL.a)6i'?/d.his house 
is a mile— U^j* J;' Jt^; *:^. 
fc^!!o/i bV'yd mylmin hena. 
I am -! ^tU lil crna mds(/. he 
IS well- A'jt (J., yt huwa 

October, n. y.y..C\ okt6_ musmihtdg.lsa.vj\\\m -\A 

bar, m. 

Oculisl, n.Cj^-^f- X=-I}akym 
'enen (hukama). 

Odd, a. ^^j-garyb(-yn); 
wr^ 'aSff/fe (-yn). he has the 
-s against him «aJ. oj_,kU ez 
zuruf diddoh. five pounds 
- j^jT^ *.i>- *_>- Ijamsa gin6 
we kusur. 

Odious, a. 



(-yn); i.,ykaryh (-yn). 

so; A^\^kardha, f. 

i.\e-:>iana waddaHoh. 

Offal, n. ojjU:-' \ai^ saqat 
el hariif,m. 

Offence, n. ^li sanb,m- 
( 2 in{ib);,A^\isda ,f. (isa'.Hu 
commit -._^':i\a3:nab(as nib) 

Offend, u<. Jcj za''al (a-); 
-Ulc gds (agyz). be-ed Jcj 
zi'il (az'al); ^i'^Ji.Vigtdz (og_ 
tdz). -eAcx:kj2a'ldn (-yn); 
Jil:«m i(ltdz(-yn);}^\i,um in_ 
gdz (-yn). 
Offender, n. ^1. muznib 




Offensive, a. A,y karyh 
(~yn);jJt» mudirr (-ynj. - 
and defensive ahjIjl.^ *^5? /m_ 
gum we muddfa. 

Offer, vt.^M qaddimfa-)-^ 
^j>j> \hrad (a'rid)]iSJjLhada 

ii.xi>hidyia,f. (haddyai. 

Offering, n. \^ dihyia; 
tjVS^kaffdra, f. 

Office, n.o^yi^dywdn (d<L 
wawyn); ^_,:.C mciklab, m. 

Officer, n.^i^lisdbit (zab^ 
bdtj. non-comnfiissioned - 
Jb)l]i ,_i-9 -sa/f zdbit. warrant 
— J^-i. sol. general - ^ jTjaj^li 
jsdbit karym. 

Official, a. j'j rasm y. 

Official, n. ^U^. muwaz^ 
zaf (-yn). 

Officially, ad. Ccj ras^ 

Officiate, vi. i.i^} (i:>t ad_ 
da wazyfa (addy) ; ^M- 
Ijadam (aljdirh). 

Officiating, a. HJij is i'*^»- 
muaddy wazyfet (-yn). 

Offspring, /I. 4j j':,zurryia^ 
f, J J nisi, m. 

Often, (xd. tjcSCi^j, mar^ 
rat kityra. I saw him - Aiii 
j<-S^ sufloh kityr. 

Ogle, oj.y'' gamaz (ag^. 
mis); ^jA.^ basbas (O,-), 

Oh! int. ^\dh. 

Oil, n.z^jzet, m.(ziyut), 

- merchanlo\jj^'«t/t(?<(-f/ny 

- c\o\:h i^"' misamma"^ ,m.{- at). 
Oil, vt. c^j zayyit (a-), 
Ointment, n. j,Uj dahdn 

(~dt); fy mdrham, m. 




Oke, n.iijLoiqqa,f.{Loiqqdt) 
old, a. (tiling) ^aj qadym 
(qadm); (person) j^^ ^aguz 
("agdyu). ~ Cairo j^H-Ip j,<a.. 
-masr ^atyqa. how - are you? 
41- 'i^^jA^'amrak kdm san((. 
I am ten years — ^-..^ r-'''^j*' 
^umry 'akir — man 
jL'.^IJ>-j rdgil i/jtydr. grow 

- j^ 'ciggi'S (a-); ^[i. sdlj. 
(asyh). the -est ^J\ J j^'5^1 
clakbar fil sinn. of- o^' J 
irA2i\ flz sanidn el qadym. 

- fashioned«Jtil\o_,U ^o'alal 
moda el qadyma. 

Olive, n. Vi^i; j zatuiia, f. 
(zalan), -oil ^^ ^.j ^ei 
{ayyib, m. 

Omelel, n. ^ "igga, f. 


Omen, n. ^> J^ A'"! (a,7- 
Omission, n.^^^saha^iSj 

tark; J\,»l ihmdl, m. 

Omil, o^ iiy ^«ra/£ r«C 
rM/cy*; J;»'l ahmal(ahmil). 

Omnibus, ft. ^^j.Jomn{/_ 
6as, m. 

On,pr6\ Jo V(Za; Jy /og. 
- horse back oV.^J-1 Jc 'atoi 
hosdn. — [lurpose J-aiU, bi7 
qasd. - that day yfl^^Mjfil 
ydrn dikha. - my lionour 
j^ii bisnrafy. a ring - his 
finger >r\i- AcU-a J fy nuhd'oh 
hdtim. play - the i)iano Ji 
^llJldagg ei bydnofnduqq). 
come -! lii '^^. yalla baqa. 

Once, fl(i. oj' marra^ f. 
(inarrdt).- Tor all^j ,y 
marra we bass, at — VU 
hdlan.- I had a book jjUj 
^l:5^tiAip u'^ samdn kdn 
^andy kilab. 
One, a.So-\iiodhid ,m.>^^\) 

wdhda, f. - man J»-j rdgil. 




when — is ill iijLc-ao-l^l (j^C II 
lamma yikun el wdhid 'ay_ 
idn. some— Jo-lj toti/ifd. no 
- J.Ai>- I. ma hadclis. they 
speak to - another ^Ja.^.] ^)^-. 
bykallimu 6a V/. - eyed j^\ 

Onyx, n. Jlc jJ(^ 'agj/g 

yamdny, m. 

Open, 0^. ^ /"a^a/i (C-ftuh), 


wide - ,j^l Jc ^^:i. mO^ftiify 

'ala dhroh. in tlie- air J 

a" war ; «jC^iy. bi fard !^±5ji /i/ /^asf; o^-iol j /xi 

karyma. - horse carriage j /caM/". — ground Ijj jjij' 

iy, A.ijfr "arabyia bl fard.\ard fada. 

-'s selU^iirtOJ/'soA.- of a pair Opening, n. ^ fatha, f. 

ijifard. it is all — to me(iA:p i (fathdt), 

4.Ji«! (Sj'i^''andy kulloh zay I Openly, ad.r/J^ihil maf_ 

6av/o/i. not - jia-lj Vj wala\tiih;\j\^z^ gihdran. 

wdhid. the little -s ot j^-*^^ 
es sugayiaryn. 

Onion, n. d^^ basala, f. 

Only, a, ^\bass;LA')faqat. 
he - tSo-) j>huwa liwahdoh. 
I have - thislj* VI J-^,-^f^ \>ma 

Opera, n. \j.i\ dbera, f. 
- glass ajlJi* na(Jddra, f. 

Operate, o^.J/^'«m o/(a'/?i j7) 

Operation, n. ^U" ^ama_ 
lyia, f. ("amalyidt). 

Ophthalmia, n.Jfj ramad, 

"andys ilia da. - son a.>.j joj [ m 

walad wahyd. 
Onwardfid. ^^Sa)liqudddm 

Opinion,a. is\jrdy (ard); 
^ flkr, m. (afkdr). legil- 




iSjti fatwa, f. (fatdwy). he 
has a high - of you iljj:.> y» 
jcSThuwa yiHihrak kityr. 
I am of - that ^\ J_\j ^y m in 
rdyy inn. 

Opium_, n. o^' afyun, m. 
— eater J^jl afyuny (~i(t). 

Opponent, n. ^^ hism 

Opportune^ a. a:sj J fy 

Opportunity, n. t.^} far_ 
sa, f. (furas); ^s waqt^ m. 

Oppose, vt. iiU (Jddid 
(a-)lj ij'j^^'^'r-id fy (a-); 
f}\i qdwim (a-). 


Opposition, n. oU. mw_ 
dddda; i.J>j)\i.>muYirda\i.,j\i, 
muqdwma, f. 

Oppress, vt.^zalam(a2_ 
l^^m); j>\j,ddyiq(a-j. 

Oppression, n. iU zulm, 
m. AiAJi, middy qa^ f. 


Optician, n. JljUi nad_ 
dardty (-ia). 

Option^ n. >jKi~ htra, f. 
jUi-l H^tydr, m. 

Optional, a.(ijL'.i.l ihtydry. 

Or, con. i\aw^ Ul imma; 
Vj walla. 

Orange, n .tjMjbur t u qdna, 
f.(burtuqdn). Seville - a^j^I 
ndringa^ f. (ndring). 

Oi'ator, n. ^.k^ hatyb 

Orchard, n. oU-.; bustdn, 
m. (basatyn); \:k:.>- ginina, 
f. (gandyin). 

Of chestra.n .J.- J. iSa^a^m 
mnsyka, m. 

Ordain, vt. ^-j rasam 

Order, n. (command) y*S 




umr (awdmir); (method) 
^y tartyb, m, in — to^^-^C' 
"a lasd n ; J^f-^asdn ; Jo-"^ liagl. 
in — that J^ js- hatta inn. 
pay to his — aJ j"^ «»il idfa" II 
iznoh, in- ^j. mirattib. 
made to - i.^^<tawsyia;^^»" 
^U\ W ma^mul "alat talab. 
by- ^^l, 6i amr; ^Vl 6ti 
f<mr. put in - ^j rattib 
{a -); S^i waddab (a-), put 
out of- Ja-k lahbat (a-), he 
is under my -s tiJi.( o^ ^ 
huwa iaht ydy. 

Order, vt.^\amar(dmur J; 
^\ c^il idda amr(addy). he 
-el his carriage aij^o JJ* 
/afctft ^arabyietoh. he -s his 
clothes from Paris Jo ^^^j.; 

u-i jV a* ^'-J"^* bywassy '^ala 
hidiimohmin barys. money 

4.JljV\j *k-_^^ hiiodlet bdsta 

Orderly, a. ^y m iratl ib 
(—ynj; ^Jj:,_^U sdhib tar- 
tyb (ashdb).- soldier is^^j- 
J^\j. ^askary murdsla. 

Ordinance, n. ix^ sunna, 
f. fj>} fard, m.(furiid). 

Ordinary, a. iSi\ie.\iHyd_ 
dy;iSjiiyordindry; ^Ji. JS^ 
J6 hull slnn kdn. 

Ordination, n. 4*Uj risd_ 
ma, f. 

Ordnance, n. 4^> tob- 

gyi^f-, f. 

Organ, ra.^^p'idw (add); 
( musical instrument ) ^i-J 
urgun; ^>.j\ organ, m. 

Organization, ?i.w^J J.* tar_ 
tyb(-dt)-^ tanzym, m. 

- 4,k-.^ '4\^>- hiwdlet b6sta,\ Organize, vt, ^Tj rattib 
f. telegraphic money - 4!l^|f^a-); JiJ nazzam (a-). 

On 334 Oug 

Onen[,n.j,j.t.\\es sarq^m. Ostentation, n. i^j^bah_ 

Oriental, a. j^ sarqy. \ raga^ f. 

Orientalist, n. ol^DI J |iW i Ostentatious, «. *rjiJ\^< 
-ui^lU ''illim ftl lagdt es sar_ j ylhibb el bahraga (-u). 
qyiaCulama). I Ostrich, n. ^^^ n a'dma, 

Origin^ n. J-al asl; ^_^U1 \f. (na'amdt). 
asds;jS^.ma>^dar,m. , Other, «. Jt tdny (-ynj; 

Original, a. ^^\asly(-ynj; Li I dhar, the - manijl:!\ji>-jl 
j^^\fisl<'iny(-yn)- an — manler rdgii et tdny. every - 

■^.> Jrj rdgil garyb. 
Originality, n. i^\f gard_ 

day .J. J j.y_ Jf /eaiZ f/dm we 

i"', /'. i ioe yom la. - than j\.c- gir. 

()riginally,a'/.J-»VlJ/i/«sZ i 
Ornament, n oj xryna 

ike - people ^U\ i-S; iSjzay 
baqyiet en nds. 

(syan); ^>/j zagrafa, f. Otherwise, ad.Vljfoa ilia; 

Ornament, vt. Cx.j^O'yyin 
(a-); Ji/j sagraf (a-). 

1-0 j_\P (i^r keda. 
Otto, n. iji Juc 'itr el 

Ornamental, a. i.-.jD llz \icard, m. 
syna. Ottoman, aJl^.p'»smdn^ 

Orphan, n. ^:i yatym \(-yn). 
(yutama). Ought, oi. ^jl yilzam; 

Orthodox, <t. ^^^i^J^ or. ^.jv Idzim. you - to go .jV 
todoksy (orlodoks). i ^y Idzim tlruh. 



Ounce, n. aJj Loiqyia, f. (maljdrig). 
(wiqyi'Uj. \ Oulrage, n. Ai*^' fidyha,, 

OuFj pro. li -na. - iiouse, jT. (faddyih). 
UL. Mtna.-s l;LPb biid^no,. ', Outrageous, a. <t''ls fdijili 
-selves U-.i) nafsina ; Ullj \(-yn). 
sdtna. I Outside/'rf.lj: fcarra;p_jU. 

Out, «ri. Ij; barra, - witli ^ lidriy. 
him! Ij; <».«.U» ialla^oh barra. \ Outsider, n. j,\j barrdny 
-of friendship A-i'^li ^j«mirt I ('-[/n); j_j:?-l agnaby (-ynj. 
babel mahabba. -of sight | Outwards '''cZjy /jfcarra^ 
C:i^\ ^c s^ bi'yd ^an el '^n, ; Oval, f(. cSi^j. be'Jdioy- 
-witliit! ^i-lj J» qui we\(-yn). 
ihlas.l have nol been- to; Oyen,n.ojfurn,m.{ofrdn) 
doylj jV^W J.t>-j^ U V,'.rm<' ma , Over, pre.^ 'ala; 3^f6q.. 
Ijaragtisen nohdr da. Ihe'-hiil ond dale JaaU^ JaiU J: 
fire is - ^ikil jU\ en ndrfy salqtit we \\a]_ 
inlafet. lie is - of work I. kod - the fields olkJ\ J ^^1, 
JmJ:- tij.-.f' ma'andus sayl. mi.iy fil fjyidn.- winter j 


l:iJ\ ;ji.. /■;/ miiddet es sila. 

Outfit, n. jVjp- gihds, m.|lhe water is— one's shoes 

f}^) lavodzim , f. 
Outlet, n. si:> man fad 

J»-Ji A2::i- jj- ill eZ mayia li 
hadd Ininqet cr rig I. you 

(mondfid); ^y^ maAroj/, m. aresplosliedall-i.jjj.dig'^;! 




enta kullak mlzancat. 
-and — ij<:i sZj\j. mar rat 
kltyra. time is - ^Ja\i' ^i)\ 
■el waqt l].ilis. - again J^l ^. 
ajjo-jwrn auvdil we gidijd. 

Overcoat, n. yL\\>MUo, m. 

Overcome, vt. ^i galab 
{agllbj. sleep overcame me 
p:^ 'Jo ^Ic galab 'alayia en 

Overllow^ vi. ^\^sAh(yi_ 
■^yfy); t>^ fAd (yifyd). 

Overhear, vt. ij>xJi\ ^ 
simi" bis sudfa(asma'). 

Overlay, ot. ^tala(ally). 

Overlook, vt. ^ ^ tall 
^ala(yitull); J^\ ^j.^ saraf 
nasar (a^ruf). 

Overseer, n. jUl; ndzir 
{nu2 2dr)\^^iwakyl(ukala) 

Oversleep, o^.oUl^;,.jL<C I; 
ndm aktar min el 'dda (<i_ 

ndmj; *jj\ J ^^\ iddahha 
fin ndm (addahha). 

Overtake, vt. ji- lahaq 
(alhaq); j..a^ hassal (a~). 

Overturn, ot. ^U galab 
(aqlib); ^hz, saqlib (a-). 

Qverwhelm, vt. J.i>i da._ 
has (adhas); ^■^ (tahrlah 
(a-); Ji^hassim (a-). 

Owe, vt. Ox-^* raadyun 
(-yn). I - you ci-)^:c- ■i-l) tofe 
^andy. you - me ilJ.ic- J ly 
^andak. I - no one any thing 
49.U ti-x-c- 4I (J-Jio- U ma had_ 
dis loh ^andy hdga. 

Owing, p.p. ^\.~ibisabab; 
JjkJli&m nazar li. 

Owl, n. A»y, buma; jiy ^1 
umm quioiq;i^\.^»ma>i!idsa. 

Own, a. ^b bitd\ my - 
(Jib bitd^y^^tmilky. at his 
- housen^Ci^ijfy zdtb^toh. 
he has a book of his - wits'*) 




4tb loh kitdb bitd'^oh. 
Owner, n.^^^sdhib (as- 

hdb);d^\^>\^sdhib el m ilk. 
Ownership, n. ^,S^» muL 


Ox, n. jy tor (tyrdn). 

Qy s\.er,n.^j.-^gandufly, 

Pace, vt. tjk^\ ^_y.\iqds bil 
Ijativa (aqys); j^icl itmas^ 
wctr (atmasioar). 

Pace, n. »^k^ liatwa, f, 
(liatdwy). slacken your-! 
liVj J" taqqal riglak. 

Pacer, n. J^^j rahwdn, 

Pacific, a. iL* musdlim 
(-yn); liiU hddy (-yn). - 
ocean ^^i^Ul ^_^yUVI el ok_ 
yandis el basifyky, m. 

Pacify, vt.\x» hadda fa_ 
haddy); wC sakkit (a-). 

Pack, vt. ^y hasam (ah^ 

;sim);iaijrabat(arbut). I am 
-ing of¥yL«j ^_^tle■ ^y\ \i\ana 
bahsim ^afsy we misdfir. 

Pack, n. *.»j>- hiztna (hi_ 
zam);t.\^j rabtaj. (ruboi). 

Packet,/^. *l»i J rabta fru_ 
— boat 4.k-j; jy\) wabur 
bdsta, m.(-dt). 

Pad, n. M\y>. hawdya^ f. 

Paddle, n. ^\M>moqddf^ 
m. (maqadyf). - steamer 
»jyi»jy_\) wabur tdra. — box 





Padlock, n. Ji» qifl, m. 

Page, n. j^s wiss, m. 

Pail, n. Jk- sail (sutdl); 
Jj)_^ gar da I, m. (garddil). 

Pain, n.^>-}waga^;^\alam, 
m.take-s^ai tiHb (at^ab). 
feel -Hi itdlim (atdlim). 
- of deaUi o^ll CLl el hakm 
bil mdt, m. 

Pain, vt.^^iwaga' (yCtga'J; 
il dlim (yi-). 

Painful, a. Yymulim;^>-y_^ 

Paint, n. c^a-i dahdn, m. 
(-~dt); i^tyboya, f. (boydt). 

l\\inl, vt. j^ftj dahan (ad_ 
hin); ^^y ^j^ darab bdya 
(ndrab); ^-j rasarn (arsim). 

l^ainler, n. j^y_ bdyagy 
f~in); (artist) J'j^^' fnisau_ 
wardty (~ia). 

Painting, n.xy^^tasioyr; 
^j rasm, m. oil - C^i)\j,y^^ 
toswyrbis zit. water co_ 
lour - ill y^^^ tasioyr bil 

Pair,ra. jy:>-g6z,mXagwds) 

Palace, n. 11^ sardya, f. 

Palanquin, n. cj^jyi- tah^ 
tarawdn, m. (-dt). 

Palate, n. dJiii I Uii^ saqf 
elhanak, m. 

Pale, a. j.^\ asfar (sufr); 
jk^. mis/irr (-yn) ■ j^»l) 
bdhit (-yn). 

Paleness, n . j\i^ safdr^m. 

Pall, n. i.s~}\ W-j busdt er 
rahma^ m. 

Palliasse, n. J-'uJj. mar- 
tabn qass, f.(mardtib). 

Palm, n. ^5^ lioff, m. 
(kufuf). - tree ^Ji naUlaJ, 
(nahl), — tree branch a»Icj 




za'dfa,f. (za^af). - Sunday 
i^f-j\ So- hadd ez za^af, m. 

Palm, vt. (impose upon) 
Jj lazzaq (a-). 

Palpitate, vi. jii- hafaq 
(yilifaq)-j^jJ'darab[y idrab) 

Palpitation, n. oVsi^ /ia_ 
faqdn, m. 

Paraphlet,n. i.J^karrd_ 
sa, f, (kardrys). 

Pan, n. j>\\> tag in , tn.(ia_ 
wdgin). —cake ^JiUa.' q(Xtd_ 

yif, f. 

Pane, n. j\j ^ I6h qlzdz, 
m. (alwdh). 

Panel, n. v_-U\ jt>. hasu el 
bdb, m. 

Panic, n. ^^^ hdf, m. A-ii- 
liadda, f, (badddt). 

Panoi'ama,ra .J&.uman za r, 
m.(mandzir); I^Lj^I bano_ 
rdma, f. (banoramdt). 

Pansy, n. aJ>\> bansa, f. 

PantjU i.^^nahag(anhag) 

Pantaloon, n. o^'L'-'banta_ 
I6n, m.(-dt). 

Pantomime, n. ^>y^\ban^ 
tomym; .jU'^l ^J H'b bit 
isdra, m. 

Pantry, n.j\^kardr,m, 

Papa, n.U bdbcc-^ y\ aba. 

Papal, «. ciAV babdwy. 

Paper, n. Jjj waraq, m, 
a - 4.9JJ waraqa,f.(awrdq}. 
letter - oUj?- Jjj waraq 
gawabdt. — clip J^j '^L* 
massdket waraq^ f. (mas_ 
sakdt). - weight Jjj 'ii\ii 
tuqqdlet waraq (tuqqaldt). 
- fastener jjj dJi.l» masbak 
waraq, m. (masdbik). 

Paper.u iJ . Jjj warraq(a-). 

Papyrus, «.UU ha If a, f. 
(Sijy_ burdy, m. 

Par, n. ^J^^ j«J\ es si^r 




el asly^ m. 

Para, n. »jl, bdra (bardt); 
A-i» fadda^ f. 

Parade^ n .^y>\jii^\ isti^rdcl 
i-dt)-,jy\i3 tabur, m. 4.J.2. 
yuklama, f. 

Parade, vt. j>j«:--l ista''_ 
rad (astd'rad). 

Paradise, n. *.:>- ganna, f. 

Paragraph, n. ,ja faqra 
(faqrdt) ; oU mddda, f. 

Parallel, a. isj\ymuwdzy 

Paralysis, n. ^ fdlig;^[- 
scdal, m. 

bil fdlig (-yn); J^. mas_ 
lul (~yn). 

Parapet, n. >ij:> dirwa^ f. 

Parasite, n. j%^ sifldq; 

,jti- \ii Jtj_fjW "dyis 'ala qafa 

Parasol, n. ^.^(?samsyia, 
f. (samdsy). 

Parcel, n. A*y>- hizma (hi_ 
ija tard,m. (turud). - post 
Ak-.^_ jjU tard bdsta. 

Parch, V t . IpjJ:, sa' wot (a—). 

Parchment, n.jjriqq^m. 

Pardon, n.^ic- 'afu; A^- 
samdh,m.l beg your-^nJ^eZ 
'afu;J^Si'\;[.mat djjiznys. 

Pardon, vt. j:^ ^f-'afa "an 
(^''fyy, f^ sdmih (a-). 

Pare, vt.^li qassav (a-); 
^1) basar (absur). 

Parent, n.Ji\iwdiid(-yn); 
.jSIj wdlda (walddt). my -s 
^Ij ^Sy} abiiya we ummy. 

Parentage, n. ^Jj ^_p. 
hasab we nasab. 

Parenthesis, n .oe-y^'os^n; 




Oftllil* hilaUn. 

Pariah, n. J^ ^<>:j rdgil 
muhtaqar. -dog J^Ji\_J^ 
kalb es sikka, m. (kildb). 

Parish, n. kj^j ri^yia, f. 

Parkj n. Aai>- ginina, f. 

(gandyin);;}^^\bustdn (ba_ 

saiynJi .ju* muntazah, m. 


Parliament, n. w.l^J\ j_^ 
maglis en nuwdb(magdlis); 
oVljV) barlamdn, m. (-dt). 

Parlour, n. A\^ sdla, f. 
(■saldt); Ci)\-^sal6n ,m . (-dt). 

Parole,^. ^^ ^^kaldm 
karaf, m. 

Parquet, n. *;U\ en nyd_ 
ha J. 

Parrot, n. oW. babagdn, 

Parry, v t . j^U- hd wi r(a-). 

PaTse,vt.^yarab(a' rib). 

Parsley, n. ^ijAS, baqdu. 

nis, m. 

Parsnip, n.^J jj^^gazar 
abyadj m. 

Part, n. .3>- giiz (agzd); 
»_<jIi ndyib ; v^i.^ nisyb, 
m. in -s z^>■ hitat. for 
my — ^}i>■ J' min gihaty, 
he took his — •l ^ V gci way^ 
idh. take a - ^jd.\ ilitarak 
(astirik). the most - Jc'JI 
el aglab. 

Part, vt. jij farraq (a-); 
J^ fasal (afsil). vi. JjU 
fdriq(a-); Jyi\ iftaraq 

Partial,^ (small) Jj,:^g'«^j/; 
Ji.«.j zahyd; (biassed) ^J^J^^■ 
mugrid (-yn); ^jt^j-U 
sdhib garad (askdb). 

A^jC. garad,yia, f. 

Participate, vi. iiJiJi\ is_ 
tarak (astirik). 




Participation, n. ^j\L» 
misdrka^ f. 

Participle, n. (present) ^1 
JoliW ism el fd'il; (past) ^1 
. JjniU ism el maf'iil, m. 

Particular,^, o^^-^ mal^^ 
sds (-ijn). he is - about his 
books 4-:5r^ujyk huwa yC- 
tiny bikuluboh. Ihe -s of 
the case jJ QI J;-^^*' tafasyl 
-el masdla. 

Particularly, ad. C^^^i- 
lj.usdsan; (ja^VI. bil aliitss. 

Parting, n. J^j furdq, m. 

Partisan,a. vj** mithaz_ 

Partisanship, n. ^Ji. ta- 
hassub, m. 

Partition, n. (division)^i' 
taqsym, m. ac^ qisma, f. 
{waW) yX-hdg iz (hawdg j>jj 
^j^^fdsil, m. (fciwdsil). 

Partly, «d, Uj^ gusyian. 

Partner, n. dJi^^^ siryk 

Partnership, n. JSjCsirka 
(§irkdtj; ^j\l» mukdrka.f. 
{musarkdt),entec into - with 
\j J iijUl issdrik way la (aL 

Partridge, n. ^^hagal^m. 

Party, n. ^y hazb, m. 
(ahzdb); *^?- gam^yia, f. 
(gam'yidt). evening - ,j^. 
sahra, f. (sahrdt), dinner 
-LiJ\ Jc^jje- HzAma ^alal 
'asa, f. 

Parvenu, ra , ^-t"^' I d. st^m u /*_ 
dis en nVma (- yn). 

Pasha, n. \^\bdsa(-wdt). 

Pass.o^.wU fdt(afut);iSJc 
'adda (a'addy). - the even_ 
ing_^^ sihir (ashar). -the 
night cA) bdt (a-). - by 

^■=r 6* ^^ /^^^ "^'^ ganb; 
^^^^ fdt 'ala . - over 




jki saraf nazar (a^raf). - 
an examination c}^H\ tS^I 
adda el imtlhdn (aaddy), 
- me the salt! ^^\^i^ ndwiL 
ny el malh. 

Pass, n. ^J>.>mad]j,al(ma_; jlo^_ bogdz (-dt) ; 
{license) A j'Oitasryh^m.i-dt) 

Passage, ri. ^ sikka, f. 
(sikak);j: matnarr^m.vooL 
ed - JsL- subdt^ m. (-dt). 

Passenger ,n. J\^misd fir 
{-yn); ^^jrdkih (rukkdb). 

Passion, n. jUiil infl'dl 
(—dt); ^^^m4l,m.,^tsahwa^ 
f. - flower viHii iJyi sark fa_ 
lak. have - for ^ Jyli^ioaL 
IcC- bi( at walla"). - week i»^ 
-"^Vl gum'-et el aldmj. 

Passionate, a. p« mug- 
ram (-yn); ^ly s_.-ii), yigdab 

Passport, n. jjj. t/^t taz_ 

karet murur, f. (tazdkir); 
C>jjiU.\i basabort, m. (—dt). 

Past, n. ^i\t mddy; oli JU 
iWf/ /"di. it is - ten o'clock 
,j^e- ^\i ic\Ji\ es sd^a fdtet 
'asara. half-six^jA:-.4cU\ 
es sd^a sitta we nuss. 

Paste, vt. jj lazzaq (a-). 

Paste, n. »ju^p 'asyda^ f. 
j\^ "agyn, m. *y\. baluza, 
f. - board (i^S. Jjj waraq 
miqauwa; Cjyjkartdn, m. 

Pastime, n. aJl.? taslyia, 
f. ^ li'b, m. 

Pastor^ n.j^jrd'y (ru'd); 
^j-x-j qassys(qusus). 

Pastry, n. jvkj fttyr, m. 
- cook (^jUlkJ fatdtry(~ia). 

Pasture, n. j^j- mar"a,m. 

Pat, o^. ^kjl. to&(a6 (a-). 

Pat, n. A.LJ=> tabtaba, f. 

Patch, n.i-ijruq'a, f. (ru„ 
qd). - of ground ^y>J\ id> 




hittet ard, f. (hitatj. 

Patchy at. Jj raqqrx (a-). 

Patent, n. ».l_^. barda (ba_ 
radt); -u:."l. batenta, f. (ba^ 
tentdt), - leather«.l Ji.>-gild 
Uimmy\ m. 

Patent, vt. j\j^\ m.\ abad 
imtydz (dhud); JvL-l ihta_ 
kar (ahtikir). 

Paternal, a. tSy\ abawy. 

Paternoster, n. <iJill \;U 
abdna ellazy. 

Path, n. jSC sikka, f. (sL 

Patience, n. j\^ safer; jli 
taanny; [o-hilm; ^}\^\^}^'ht{ll 
el bdl, lose- ^cjz i'U(az'al)i 
h-j ijK^ sabroh flrig. have - 
jy> sibir (asbur);ii\ ^]^tau_ 
wilbdloh (a~). have -! J^ 
dJI^i tauwil bdlak. 

Patient, a. ^a-halym;jf^^ 
sabur\ JU\Ji jhtawyl el bdl-^ 

(a sick person) o^jp 'ayian 

Patriarcli, n. iJ^k; batrak 

Patriarchate, n. ^il^; 
batrlkhdna (batrikf}andt). 

Patriot, a. *i3 ^4 yihibb 
watanoh (~u). 

Patriotism,ri.^Ujl^9. huhb 
el tootan, m. 

Patrol, n. Ji)o t6f,m.jjj}i 
dawryia, f. 

Patrol, vt. J>\\, tdf (atvf); 
j\i ddr (adur). 

Patron,n.JL-sf/d (asydd); 
^=-U sdhib (ashdb). 

Patronage,n.AjU-/tim(l j/a; 
ajWj rCdya, f. 

Patronize, vt. ^£.\^ sd'id 
(ct-); ^, faddal(a~). 

Pattern, n. *:.& 'ayyinaj, 
('ayyindt); dl-ijjl ornik^m. 




Patty, n. j^^ fityf, m. 
Turkish - a1)\cji bogdtsa, f. 

Pauper, M.ujiC maskyn 
(masakynj; jlt f'^t'qyr (fu- 

Pave, vt. lA, hallat (a-), 
he -d ihe way4SCJ\ J^.sa/i_ 
hil es sikka(a-). 

Pavement, n . ]»^^) boMt^m . 
A^i-jl ardyia, f. 

P-dver ,n.iA^miballat.( - yn) 

Pavilion,n. taxis' kusk,m. 

Paw, n. j]jl^lt_i.^ kaffel 
hywdn,m.(kufuf)) iii'*X-\ aA 
yd el hywdn, f. (yd6n). 

Pawn, n.^t^jrahn, m. - of 
chessboard j^ hagar, m. 


Pawnbroker, n. dii, ._^L» 
slX )>)\sdhib bank er ruhu- 

Pawnshop, n. o\Jyj' ^; 

bank er ruhundt^ m. (bi^ 

Pay, n. KA.mahyia (ma_ 
hyidt); a-CW gamkyia^ f. 
m. (-dt). — department i«Jii- 
^\^j.^\liadamet essorfyidt. 

- full ^••'^V^ mahyio, 
kdmla. — day a^sW -.^j ydm 
el qabdyia, m. 

Pay, vt. ^idafa- (ad fa"). 

- the money into the trea_ 
sury o y^ ^J'M'^ iji warrad 
elfiluslil hazyna (a-), he 
paid off his debts AJjji iA- 
saddid dyunoh(a-). I have 
not b^en paidj_^ lissa 
ma qaboMik. the carriage 
is paid »(jC^li- ^^«ijJ\ el 
"arbagy Jjdlis biklrdli. I 
will - him dearly 4iic\ *jV 
Idzim a^azziboh. I paid 
him a visit .j\j j a) c)^^amalt 




loh ^(/«ra. reply paid^U-:,JI 
er radd bdlis. this business 
-s ,_,-Cli Jii)\ es sugl da 

Payee, n. J ^»jU el mad^ 
f'u' loh (-urn). 

Payer, n, «jli ddfl' (-yn), 

Paymastc]', n, jSj^ sar._ 

Payment, n. <jj daf\ m. 
a- A-i:>daf'a^ f. (dtifa"). 

Pea, n. 4—! blsilla^ f, flat 
- (j^.U gilbdn, m. 

Peace, n. ^-^ sulh-A^sulm; 
/.j^- saldm, m. make — with 
i-U sdlih (a-). 

PeACeh\],a.(S:>\>liddy{- yn) 

Ve2iC[\,n .ii-y^h6ha,f .{hdh). 

Peacock, n. ^jjlW ^aus, 
m. (taioawys). 

Peal, n. ii^daqqa-^iUan^ 
na, f. (tannal). 

jU (a/in (yitunn). 

Ve2ir ,n.iS j^kummitra ,f. 



Pebble,n.»^^s-/ia.sioa r/ia,s_ 
wdtj; i,]^^zalata, /". (zalat), 


Peculiar,^. ^_g^j^>- /lusCtsy; 
o^j-^i^ malisiis; ^ Je-garyb. 

Peculiarity, n. A..>^i~ hu^ 
msyia^ f. jji lamyys, m. 

Peculiarly, ad. C^i. /^a_ 
suKan; ^^^IJc 'aZa^ hums. 

Pecuniary, a. J\* m^iZt/. 


Pedler , n .^j 6«£/ j<i Y- ^/n ;; 

Pedestal, n. .acU gd'da, /. 

Peduncle, n. jx '/ng, m. 

Peel,n.(.y^> qisraj.(qisr). 

Veahvl.jidaqq (yiduqq); Peel, o^J. ^ ga^ar f«-;. 




j^l basar (ahsar). 

Peep, oi. ^joi bass (abuss); 
JU iall(atull). 

Peep^n. k^\ bassa,f.(bassdt) 

Peer, n. ^ij^ saryf (as_ 
rdf);^\^t'^\ ^min el asrdf. 

Peg, n. Jjiwatad^m. (aw_ 

Pelerine, n .(jtjli.& i/ i rt/n , w, 

Pell-mell^ad. Jli^ JlSy/'o. 
qdny tahtdny-jiiA, *!L\i-lictUa 

Pen, n. U qalam, m. (aq- 
Idm). steel- juiij rysa, f. 
(ryias). cattle- *^_jj^t>f/b«, 
f. (zardyib). 

Penal «• ^)^ "iqdby. - 
servitude oW lumdn, m. 
AsUJliil asg'tii sdqqa, f.- 
servitude for life wLiUJUiVl 
ijj^yelasgdl es sdqqa mu^ 
abbadan. — code c>\i}i^\oy^* 
qanun el Hqubdt. 

Penalty, n. \j>- gisa, m, 
Atyif. ^iquba, f. 

Pencil, n. (j^Uj 15 qalam 
rusds, m. (aqlcitn). 

Pendi ng ,a .oy^.ma to qiif. 
- his return^_y_ U si-lihadd 
ma yirga\ 

Pendulum, n. <oU\ ^l5j 
raqqds es sd^a^ m. 

Penetrate, vi. jji- baraq 
(yifiraq);Minafad (y in fid). 

Peninsula, n. oj,y>- t^^sibh 
gizyra, f. 

Penitence, «. ai/ tdba, f. 


Penniless, a. ^i* mifaL 
lis f-yn). 

Penny, n. ^. beny, m. 

Pension, n. j^\a. ma^ds, 
m. (-dt). 

Pension, vt. j,Ul ^ JU 
hdl 'alal ma'ds (ahyl). 

Pensioner,ft.oUUI^\j jl^ 




minarbdbel ma'asdt. 

Pentecost, n. ,^^J\eZ '«n_ 
sara, f. 

People, n. ^l; nds; acI^ 
gamd'a, f. - say \J/i^ ^\J\ 
en nds byqulu. 

Pepper^ n. JiU filfll, m, 
cayenne — A!LJ:,satta,f. - mint 
.11 lammdm^ m. 

Pepperone,n.j4-IJilj filfil 
ahmar, m. 

Perj pre. ^bi. - dozen 
a:^jJI, bid das t a. 

Perambulator, n.iVjIi.. jP 
"arabyiet wildd, f. 

*^i fihim (afham); iip-V M_ 
hiz (a-'. 

Percentage, rj.UIJ/iimf/?a 

Perception, n. ^ fihm; 
illjil Idrdkj m. 

Percolate, oi. j; nazz (yi_ 
nizz)\ ^j rasah (yirsah). 

Percolation,/!. Jj-- nasazl 
^j rash, m. 

Percussion-cap, n. ii^^f 
kabsHna^ f. (kabsAn). 

Perennial, a. *xJ\ J^ t/d 
es sana. 

Perfect, a. J«iS^ kdmil 
(-y^); f^' tdmm (-yn); ^/e.u 
matqun (—yn). 

Perfect, vt. ^\ kammil 
(a—); I tctmmim (a-); Ju 
taqan (atqin). 

Perfection, n. S^kamdl-^ 
ijUM itqdn, m. 

Perfectly, ad. .\^\ ^'alat 
tamdm; Glc tamdman. — so 
\jrAi tamdm keda. he is — 
well j^^ ^^i^ huwa tayyih 

Perfidious, a. Ci^^bdyin 
(-yn)ij\^ gadddr (~yn). 

Perfidy, n. *;Li bydna, f. 
jsigadr^ m. 




Perforate, vt. jj~ ijaraq 

(abraq);^'^ taqab(atquh). 

Perforation, n. j_^ h<^rq 

(liuriiq);^utiiqb,m. (atqdb) 

Perform, vt. J/ 'amal 

(a^mil); I tammim (a~). 

Performance,?!, jx'^'amaZ; 
,-UI itmdm; (in theatre) ^J 
iVb; ^joJ^ tasJiys, m. 

Perfume, ui.jU'a«cir(a-); 
j,j\o. Asij Ja.»- halt ryha hilwa 

Perfume, n. ^kp Htr, m. 
tj^ A#: J ryha hilwa, f. 

Perfumer, n. otj^p ^j 
bay id' Hturdt (-yn): 

Perhaps, ad. J>^ yimkin; 
oi* halbatt; Uj rubbama; 
^ balky. 
Peril, n.JaJ'f}0'tar(ahidr); 

Perilous, a. J^i^ mubtir 

Period, n. (epoch) oij 
waqt, m. »Ji« mudda; (dot) 
4kai nuqta, f. (nuqatj. 

Periodical, a. z^} ^h a' 
min waqt liwaqt. 

Periodical, n. Jlij^ gor_ 
ndl^ m. (-dt; garanyl). -s 
Atjji ^W^i« matbu'dt daw_ 


Perjury, /i.^jSoI cMo-hil_ 
fdn bil kidb, m. 

Permanence, n. ^Iji da_ 
lodm, m. 

Permanent, a. ^\i ddyim 
(-yn ); /c-V:-.« mustadym 
(-yn); Jc tamally (-yn). 

Permissible,a. A^mubdh; 
yjc. gdyiz (-yn). 

Permission, n.^Si\izn,m, 

(izundt); ,j\i>-\.agdza, f. (a_ 


VermiiiV t .C)'^\azan(dz in); 




^Je^J rahhas (a-); rr" sar_ 
rah (a-). 

Permit, n. a^^j ruljsa, f. 

Perpendicular, a. lij^/" 

Perpetual, a. ^Ij ddyim 
(-yn); j/'y muabbad (-yn). 

VeY^\e^,vt.]<j^hayiar(a- ), 
be-ed jU:-! ihtdr (ahtdr), 
~edj\'j:.mihtdr (-yn). 

Perplexity^ n.>j^>.hyra, f. 

Persecute, vt. ^ic 'azzib 
(a-)-Sfl.J,\ittahod (ati ih id). 

Persecution, n .^-.lic'a^^ob; 
jl^kJ-l ittihdd, m. 

l^ersecutor, n, SfLA,mut_ 
tahid (~yn). 

Perseverance, n. a^jIju 

Persevere, vi. »i\yidwim 
(a~);'j todsib (a-). 

Persia, n. s^'l ^^l bildd el 

"a gam, f. 

Persian, a. ^^ 'agamy 
f'a'^ctmj. Imperial - govern_ 
menl c^j} ^^oA^^dawla "aly.. 
ia yrdn. 

Persist, vi. *jb ddwim 
(a-); zJ sabat (asbat). 

oLt sabdt, m. 

,_y-i) nafs (anfus). in - Cjit? 
salisyian. no - Jo-I Vj wala 
wdhid; J.J10- U ma haddis. 

Personage, n .o\;^V l^.m in 
el a^ydn; oI^jJI^^* min ez 

Personal, a. ^^^ saljsy; 

Personality, n. A.^it^ k(/}_^ 
syia; olj> zdt, f. 

Personally, ad. C^st" saU_ 
■iyUi-n; uli sdtyian. 





Perspiration, n. 3^(1 roq, 


Perspire, vi. jjP 'iriq 

Persuade, vl. »:» qana'' 
(aqn'C). he is-d .-.'J.^yhuwa 
muqtani^;M:i>^yhuioa mu'_ 

Persuasion, n. ^\:»1 iqnd'; 
ilalfrl i^tiqdd, m. 

Perl, a. s_.iVI JJi qalyl el 

Pertain, vi. ^.^\ iljtass 
(ahtass); ^ ji*)! italloq bi 


Pertness, n.w>jl ^> qillet 
adab, f. 

Perusal, n. k,\} qirdya; 
A^Ut* miidVa^ f. 

Peruse, vt. \J qara (aq_ 
ra); M^tdli'(a-). 

Pestilence, n.\>j waba; 
jj^pIW ta^un, m. 

Pestle,n. o^iUJ yd el hdn 

(yd^n); djr^-^i^ydeggorn/. 
Pet, n .y.j^^asy:? ;ic)idalhVa 
Pel, vt. «li dalla" (a-). 
Petition, n. ^y>f. 'ard Cu_ 


JJa talab, m. (~dt). 
Petition, vt. ^j>_^\ cCrad 

(a" rid); ^lU talab (oilub). 
Petrifaction, n.ji^ti tah_ 

Qyr, m. 
Petrify, v i .j^haggor(yi-) 

Petroleum, n . jV5'<^'S^;>::^ii 

JjjtJl set el bitrdl, m. 

Peiticoal.n. ,j^" tannara 
(tananyr)- ^.>- gunella, f. 

Petty, a. j^ mgayiar 
^~y^)\ JJ^ qalyl (quldl). - 
expenses <0jAi ^i jLa« masa_ 
ryf natryia, f. - cash aA- 
sulfa^ f. 




Phaelon, n,ijy^if ay ^ A n,m. 

Phantom, n. JLi- hydl^m. 

Pharaoh, n. oyf-Jfara'dn 

Pharmacy, n. ii\i'\y-\ ag_ 
^aljAna, f. (agzadandi). 

Pheasant, n. o*j» fazdn; 
<Sj: ^_i dyk birry^ m. 

Phial, n. ,j^_ bannAra, f. 

Philanthropy, n. j^\ ..^ 
hubb el 6er, m. 

Philosopher,?!. vJ^Ai fi_ 
lasuf (f aids fa). 

Philosophy, n. AiJ.» fal- 
safa, f. 

Phlebotomy,^ .A\m.\ add 
ed damm, m. 

Photograph, vt. y^^sau- 
toar (a-);^''jrasam(arsim). 

Photograph, /I. .jj-» sij^ra, 
f. (mwar); o^jpyy* fotog^ 


Photographer, n. J'j^^ 
fotogrdfgy (~ia). 

Photography ,«.,_;jr^lji^r 
taswyr bis §ams, m.AJljtyy 
fologrdfya, f. 

Phrase, n. 4-r gumla (gu_ 

Physical, «. ^^y taby'-y. 

Physician, n. S^ hakym 

Physiognomy ,n. i.-^'sihna^ 
f. (s ihanj; J^j w iss (to ikds). 

Physique, n. ^ bunyaj. 

Piano, n. ^L bydno, m. 

j^f- girs, m. (gurCis). 


Pick, vt. }h.i^laqat (alqut). 
- one's nose »jv;-U. ._iJii nad_ 
daf manabyroh (a-). - a 

Pic 353 

pocket Jio nasal (an&il). — 
up a languageiJ yi\it^allim 


luga (at^allim). 

Pickaxe, /i. Ji.y qazma^ f. 

Picket n.JJ^ watad^ m. 

Pickle, n. Jls: mUjallll; 
^^ijU tufsy, m. 

Pickle, vt. J^halUl (a-). 

Pickpocket, n. jLii nasMZ 
(-yn); Jflyi suraty (—ia). 

Picnic, n. ^y nuzha, f. 

Viciwre,, n.i>jj^sura,f.(su^ 

Picturesque, a. J^-l} J.^ 
gamyl el monzar (gumdl). 

Pie, n.o^^s, baqldwa, f. 
he puts his finger in every 
- iS' y^^ J^'-^i yidddliil fy 
hull si. 

Piebald, a, jU ablaq. 

Piece, n. «>. hitta (hitat); 

A^]:Jqat'ajjquta'}. break to 
-s^Ji kassar (a-)-,cJ^-jfat^ 
fit (a-), take to -s viA> fakk 
(afukk)-^ Jo- hall (ahill). 

Pier, n. <Ji.^j ro.'^yf, m. 
(arsifa), - of a bridge ^J.;; 
,jLtA\ baglet el qantara, f. 

Pierce, vt.jjUjaraq (ah_ 
'"(^'■q); ^'il taqab (atqub). - 
the nose ^y^hazam (ahzim). 

Piety, n. (i^o! taqwa, f. 

r^ saldh, m. 

I'ig, n. j-.jl^ Ijanzyr (Ua^ 

Pigeon, n. a.,\j~ hamdma, 
f. (hamdm). - holeA)U-/i.(ina, 
f. (Uandt). — house -\i- r-_,: 
burg hamdm, m. (abrdg). 

Pigmy, n. icj quz^a. 

Pilaw, n. ^i^jjruzz mi^ 
falfll, m. 

Pile, n. ^pkdm, m. a.^ 
koma, f. (akwdm). -s jj-lj*. 





bawasyr, f. 

Pile, vt. ^pkauwim(a-)-^ 
.jft 'arram (ci-). 

Pilgrim, n.^U Mgg (hig_ 

Pilgrimage, n. fhagg^m. 
make a — ^ hagg (ahigg). 

Pill, n.A.^habba, f.(habb). 

Pillar, n. iy^ %mud, m. 
Cimddn). Pompey's - :>^ 
(ijl^J) 'amud es saivdry. 

Pillow, n. .Ai: miljadda, 
f.(mihadddt). - case t-^^^j-s 
loiss miJiadda^ m. (loisds). 

Pilot, n.j\c>j~}\ ^j rayyis 
el bagdz (ruyctsa). 

Pimple, n. *->- habba, f. 

Pin, n. ^y^ dabbus, m. 
(dababys). I do not care a - 
for him *Jc J^^-' l» \i\ana ma 
asdls'alSh. he is upon -s 
and needlesjVi Jc jcl»j>/ifuo« 

qd'id ^ala ndr. hair - i:i.^j 
forsyna, f. (forsyndl). 

Pin, ot. ij^y_-h dJi.i, sabak 
bidabbds (asbuk). 

Pinafore, n.j^^ymaryala, 
f. (mardyil) ; ^yf mahzam, 
m. (mahdsim). 

Pincers, n. JasU malqat^ 
m. (maldqit); *.i^ kammd^ 
sa, f. (kammasdt). 

Pinch, ot. ^joj qaras 

Pinch, n. ^^J qarsa(qar- 
sdij; (what is taken by the 
Angers) Aa«i:r tansyqa^ f. 

Pine, n. ji.i^ sin^bar, m. 

Pink, n. ■i^^aj qurunflla^f. 

Pink, a. i£:>j} wardy. 

Pioneer, n. (mil.) ^baL 
tagy(-ia); jjU\ii\S....mi.sY/L 
lik et turuq (-yn). 




Pious,a.j! taqy (atqyia); 
M-» sdlih (~yn). 

Pipe^ n. »j^\a masdra, f. 
(mawasyr); (for smoking) 
dLi. subuk,m. (-dt). 

Piquanl, a. j\'j>. harrdq; 
«„\j yilsa\ 

Pi rate , n . j4 ' ^- ^j>- hardmy 
el bahr (-ia). 

Piss, vi. t^'f salih mayia 
(asuljlj) ; A-., ji^l issayiar 
mayia (assayiar). 

Pistachio, n.^i-.j/^Hs^agft, 
f. (fustiiq). 

Pistol, n. i.^-^ tabanga, 
f. (tabangdt); y}fard^m. 

Piston, n. Cjy-^l bistun 
(-dt); ^\fkabbds, m.(-dt) 

Pit, n- ,junuqra(nuqar); 
,y^ hufra, f. (hufar). 

Pitch, n.c^j sift, m. 

Pitcher, n. ^}ij-)abryq,m. 


Pitchfork, n. »jJu midra, 
f. (maddry). 

Pith, n. vJI libb, m. 

Pitiless, a. 4ai^\ ^_sc'adym. 
essafaqa(-yn); (^-l> qdsy 

Pity, vt. Jc ^kjisafaq 'alct 
(asfaq);p-jraham (arham).. 
I — y ou ii^Js^^^qa lb y ^andak 

Pity, n. A»ii kifaqa; jji-j. 
rahma, f. what a -! ,jV_;- U 
f/a f}isdra. 

Pivot, n.j^mihwar;^i 
dingilj m. 

Place, n.^jitmahall (-dt); 
J^ mokdn (amdkin);7-j\a.A 
matrah, m. (matdrih), in - 
of JUi biddl, in the first - 
Hi\auvoalan. take - j^»./ia_ 
sal (yihsal). out of - j\^j^ <> 
fygir mahalloh. 

Place, ot . Je>/ia(i (ahuttj; 




•i-j wada" (awda'-)^ 

Plague, n. o^^ ta''{in^ m- 
Af^htibba, f. 

Plague, vt. ^ic ^azzib 
(a- J; Jcj za''al (a-). 

Plain, n. Jf>- sahl, m. 

Plain, a. ia--.; basyt; i-^\j 
wddih; oU" sdda. tell him in 
- language !(j}jJl ■ijiqul loh 
bil "^araby. she is — j^\^ U 
A-i^S iaAo- mo. fyhds hag a 
kuwayisa. ] 

Plainly, ad. ^y^ji_ bitiduh; 
aUL^_ bibasdta. 

Plainness, n. ^t-^i udAh, 
■m. aUL) basdta, f. 

Plaintiff, n. j-s.mudda'y 
^ (-yn); ^i. mustaky(-yn). 

Plait, n. .j^ij. difyra(da_ 
fdyir); j!i>s>.gidyla, f. (ga_ 

Plait, vt, jij, daffar (a-); 


Plan^n. (sketch) ^-j rasm 
f-}ji^ makriC'^ m. (-dt). 

Plane, n. ■^■^* misattah 
(-dt). -- table aLJA,_ balan_, f. carpenter's - ejU 

Plane, vt. .jUl ^'masah 
bil fdra (amsah). 

Planet, n. jU- ^^ nigm 
sayidr, m, (nugum). 

Plank, n. ^ii ^ Idh 
Jjasab, m. (alwdh). 

Plank,oi.^ii-6assife (a-); 
7-} lauwah (a-). 

V'\,vt .(^^zara^az ra' ) . 

Plant, n.^jjzar'a^f.(zar_ 
'dt); oU nabdt, m. (-dt); 
(machinery) iJc Hdad, f. 

Plantation, n. f^j zar\m. 
oWjjj. mazru'^dt, f. 

Planter, n. ?jlj. miizdr.c 





Plaster, n. ^L baydd, 
m. (adhesive sa\ye)i.ljlazqa, 
f. (lizaq). 


Plate^n. ji=^sahn(suhun); 
j^L tabaq, m. (atbdq), din_ 
ner - 4^-* ^*^ sahn misaL 
tah. sou[) — *j j>i j^ ,sa/in 
sdrba] -k^p^yi" sahn gaivyt. 
tin - "Olj^; qarawdna, f. 
(qarawandt). copper - jk\ 
angar,m.(andgir). silver 
- 4.-i» faddyia, f. door - 
Ao-} Idha, f. (lohdt). - layer 
A-ijJl c5j>we- ^askary ed di_ 
rysa, f.Casdkir). 

Plate, ot. JW ^aia ra^Zj/;. 

Platform, n. ^.^j rasyf, 
m. {a r si fa). 

Platinum, n. ^^\^t.ida^ 
hab abyad^ m. 

Platonic, a. ^\^ ^>. hubb 

tdhir , m. 

Platter, n. -U.-^ sinyia, f^ 
(sa wdn y). 

Play, vl. ^.i Wib (al'ab). 
— at hQ\\,j^\^li''ib ek kd- 
ra. - musicj:-"^. ^j^darab- 
mozyka. - the pianoyLJIj> 
daqq el bydno. - a trick J/^ 
^^«l« "amal mal'ub. 

Play, /z. ^li''b,m.(al'db); 
ajIjj riwdya, f. (riwaydt). 
in - jl3«.^.wm /i i^dr. - thing 
iJi li^ba, f, [Wab). 

Player, n. ^V ld'ib{-yn)>;. 
jj-^fr-* musafjijis (-yn). 

Plea, n. 4.1^ fyigga, f. (hi_ 
gag);jjc 'uzr, m. [a^zdr). 

Plead, vi. f^\ ihtagg (ah_ 
iO'Qg); (in the court) .il^rl 
lirdfi' [atrdfi"). 

Pleading, n.r- 1^1 ihtigdg, 
m. {—dt)-^ A.>lj. murdf'aj f^ 




Pleasant, a. ^.y Icdyf 
he leads a - life Ij^-.-4 J.)W 
'dyis mahsut. 

Pleasantness, n. UilMutf; 
^jk zurf^ m. 

J lasz (alizz); Ji.=- hazz {a_ 
hizz).be-~A. -k-Jl inbasat 
[anbisit], if you — 03 j». J«^l 
i^mil ma'ruf; d!i.^i ^^» min 
fadlak. - God ! ^\ U c) in- 
salla. as you - S.i^ ^ ''ala 
kefctk. - to take a seat ! J^ill 
aJI itfaddal uq'ud. -d i=>^--. 
mabsiU (-yn); u^o-j* farhdn 

Pleasing, a. J^-S. maqbul 
(-yn); c-i-kl latyf (luldf). 

Pleasure, ?i.JsL-il inbisdt; 
lis- Aa^^'; Uif kSf, m. ,J 
Icizsa, f. vviiat is your - ? 
4jI ai y i! jr;/d ih. with — Jc 

^Ijlj ojJ\ 'ataZ '^n loir rds. 

Pledge, o^j^ftj rahan(ar_ 
han); ^^C daman (adman). 

Pledge, n, j^«.j rahn, m, 
iiXc-idamdna^ f. 

Plenipotentiary, n. ^y>y. 
mufauwad (—yn); ^y» j\L. 
safyr mufauwad (sufara). 

Plentiful, a. j^S kityr 
(kutdr); jjlj zdyid (-yn). 

Plentif ulness, n . » Ji!)k u t_ 
ra; o^iJ zydda, m. 

Plenty, a. jc^kityr. 

Plot, n. (trick) 4;=^ hyla 
(hyalj; (of land) ^jl li^ hit_ 
tet ard, f, {hitat). 

Plough, n. Cj\j^ m ihrdt, 
m. (maharyt).- man ^\j^ 
harrdt {-yn). 

Plough, vt. c,j>. harat 

Ploughing , n.Zjj^ha rt^m. 

V\wck,vt .^\^qatf(aaqt,uf) 




Plum, n. *ij»j._ barqdqa, 
f. {barqdq). sugar - a^-U 
milabbisa, f. {milabbis). 

Plumb, n. jj^Uj rusds,m. 
- line \:J\iii\j.,myzdn el ban_ 
na, m. [mawazyn). 

Plump, a. fj^' simyn 

Plunder, n. ^^ nahb; ^\^ 
salbj m. 

Plunder, ot. ^ nahab 
(anhabj; ^^salab {aslib). 

Plunderer, n.'^\^nahhdb 
{~yn); ^\f hardmy [-ia). 

Plunge,oi .^_^kp9' it is[aglas) 

Plunge, n. a-^Wc- gatsa, f. 

rh\ra\, n. ^ gam\ m. 

Plus, olj sydda; }S^ 

P. -m. j^-^^-^iba^d ed duhr. 

Plush 'i.Ji^ j;^. *«;!»» g«- 
tyfa biwabar tawyl, f. 

Poach, ot. ^Uj ^J\ j^ 
4..1I j kasar el bed we 
salaqoh fll mayia (aksar). 

Pocket, n. ^~>^ geb, m. 
(gyub). out of - oLr-=- li<.(s_ 
rdn (—yn). — money ajjJ; 
sabraqa, f. 

Pocket, vt. ^;p- j -lap- hatt 
fy gib (ahutt). 

Poem, n. .-^^9 q(^syda, f. 

'Poe[,n.^^\isd'ir [mar a). 
— laureate <i;»U ^^U sd'ir el 

Poetry, 'i.j»-srr^m.(«s'ar) 

Poinsettia, n. J^aU^H 
bint el qunsul. 

Point, n. (dot) 4.k4i naqta 
(nuqat); (end) ^^j rds, f. 
(rus); (sharp end) So- hadd, 
m. railway - ^« mufldh, 
m. {mafatyh). on the - of 
C j^taqryban.hQ gained the 




- ov 

ill baki.g murddoh. 
^ •» 

that is not the - ^ V-i.1 ^J.. (ji 

dy muselmctscila. come to 

the — $>_j^^^ J-»3 toisil HI 

mawfW. did you see the-? 

a:5J1 ^i- suft en nukta, on 

this - \:i ^)^V-\ ^» min el 

hii.^us da. -sman ,>^l:i« 

muftdhgy (-ia). -of view 

Vom\.,vt. (aim) jjb sdtoir 
(a-) ; (sharpen) ^^-. sann 
(asinn).- o\i\,j^\(tzharfaz^ 
midabdib; ^^^» masnun. 

Poison, n. c-' simm, m. 

Poison, ot.^^sammiasimm) 

Poisonous, «.^^.mwsjm/n 

Poke, vt. Jij zagad (nz^ 
gad). - the fire jU\ iJ^*- har_ 
rak en ndr <a-). 

Poke, n. oJicJ zagda, f, 

Pole, n. (rod; Ailj zdna, f. 
(zandt); a:.j^. moryna, f, 
(moryndt). the earth's — 
,_J,iquth,m. sounding — »jA. 
midra^ f. (maddry). - star 
^^!a.jS\jv^Mennig'm elqutby^m. 

Police, n. ^J--.\^. boZ;/s, m. 
- man j_^^^. (S^-~f- 'askary 
bolys Casdkir)-^ ^^y. -^^i 
wdhid bolys. 

sydsa, f. j^S) tadbyr , m. 
insurance - 4.^Jy_ bolysa, f. 

Polish, vt, js^ .saqal ('as_ 
^"0; Jr f/«to (o.gly);Slam. 
ma" (a-), -ed J^s^.masg»^; 
clind'Jm. a -ed man J»-j 
Jj.,rdgil mitrabby. 

Polish, n. 42-» sag/a; 4-«l 
lam^yia^ f. 




Polite, «. ^:iy muaddab 
(-yn); ^j^l adub (-yn). 

PolilenesSj n. ^i\adah, 
m. AjLil insdnyia, f. 

Political, Politician, a. 
^.\.^ sydsy. 

Politics, n. 4.-.L- sydsa-^ 
<6Ca.\^i bolytyka, f. 

Polytechnic,a.^.ja* han^ 
dasy, — school ^^j.i^k.\ a^jA. 
madraset elmihandisyn^f. 

Pomatum.n. o^. bomd., 
da, f. ol*i dahdn, m. ( -dt). 

mdna, f. (rummdn). 

Pommel, n. (of donkey 
sadc31e) ic:iji\ '*^. battyhet 
el barda'a, f. (battyhdt). 

Pomp, n. .uai: fahfaljaj. 
JUl»-l ihtifdl,m. 

Pond, n, ^^h6d,m.(ah^ 
wdd); ^j_ birka,f. (birak). 

Poniard, n. ^ hangar, 

m. (handgir). 

^auwdm,m.(kabdry); ^^_^ 
^-^j'^ykubry min mardkib 

Pony, n. ^-u- sysy (sal 

Voo\,n.^jbirkaJ Xbirok) 

Poor, a. ;j_i5w* maskyn 
(momkyn); jCoi fciqyr (fu_ 
qara). - fellow! jviL.. mas-. 
kyn. the - \jl!^\ el fuqara; 
Q\S>\S\ el masakyn. he pas_ 
sed a - night. jj\ jj^^ jUI U 
(ii 4-:UI tna isterayiahs fin 
ndm el I4la dy. a - excuse 
yJ:irj.J\jScu;ir aqbak m in 

PoY)e,n.\iU\el bdba{-wdt). 

Popish, a. (Si\\ babdwy. 

Poplar, n. j^i-l j^ sugar 
el Mr. 

Poppy, n. -^J\ y\ abun 

num, m. 




Popular, a. ^^ mahbccb 
^(-yn); J_j^* maqbul(-yn). 

Popularity, /^isw/zra,/. {-ynj; (door-keeper) 

Porter, n. (carrier) Jl-i 
ktyidlf-yn); Jl?- hammdl 


Populate, vt. y^ ''am mar 

Population, n. Cj^-' suk_ 
■kdn; Jal ahl. 

Porcelain,/!. ^^^ ?yny,m. 
seller of 




hauLodb (—yn). 

Porlerage, n. aSL- '>j>-^ 
ugret sydla, f. 

Portfolio, n. 4.kij£ mah- 
faza, f. (mahdfiz). 

Portion, n. ^J qism (aq^ 
sdm); *_)* gaz (agzd); _^J 

Porch, n. ^}^^^ madljal; nisyb; ^Ai ndylb, m 


^dftj dahlyz , m. 

Porcupine, n. J^i-jqunfld, 
m. (qandfid). 

Pork, n. j'.j[i~ j- lahm 
■ho-nzyr, m. 

Porridge,n. ,s.^''asyda, 
f. Casyddt). 

Port, n .U-*w yna,f.(m yan). 
- wine^ij^^ c^j nlbyt bdrto. 

Portable, «. JU; naqqdly, 

Porte, n. JU ^U\ ei bdb 
el 'dly. 

hissa, f. (hifiat;). 

Portmanteau, n .JLki-san_ 
ta, f. (sunat). 

Portrait, n. ijy» sura, f. 
(fjULoar)\ ^j rasm, m (rL 

Portugal, n. JUijjl\ :>% 
bildd el borlogdl, f. 

m.(mardkiz); ^\>- hdla, f. 
(ahcodl). tie is in a — to li y» 
(2,1 At'^*\ huwa fy imkdnoh 





PosilivCj a. xf\ akyd; 
ja>i muhaqqaq. 

Possess, vt.<th*\ imtalak 
(amtilik);d)\., malak (am^ 
luk). he is -ed with a devil 
Oi jie. AiTlj rdkboh ^afryt. 

Possession^ n. dli,. mulk, 
m. 4«Cu malakyia, f. 

Possessor, n. liUU mdlik 

V os%]hi\\iy ,n.c^Mmkdn 

Possible, «. i^cmumkin; 
jtU gdyiz. as much as - Jc 
oSr«VI jJi.5 'ala qadr el im_ 
kdn; jCc U jiqadd ma yim_ 
fern, if - jCk (^jlS^lil iza kdn 

Post.n. (position) jT^.mar. 
kaz (mardklz); (pole set 
upright) iyif'^amud^m. Cim_ 
ddn); (mHil) 4k-.^| bdsta, f. 
(bostdt), — office Ak-^ v_.:.C 

maktab bdsta, m. (makd^ 
tib).- man ^/^'"ji bostagy 
(-ia). — master A,k-._^; j^U 
mamur bdsta(—yn). — mas- 
ter general 4k^^J\ ^y^ jis> 
mudyr "umAm el bdsta. - 

Post, vt. jj lazzaq(a-); 
(forward by Post) ik^^\ «~i 
sayia" bil bdsta (a-); J k>. 
Ak^jJ\ i^att ^Z 6ds(a (ahutt). 

eZ bdsta J. ~ stamp Ak-_ji^\k 
^ci&r fedsia, m. (tawdbi'). 

Postal-service, n. a. 


baryd, m. 

Posterity /I. ojizurryia, f. 

Posl-mortem, n. - exa- 
mination i.-X-\ Aj^ tasryh el 
g itta;ktl\^^fath el g itta,m . 

Poslpone.uf!. ji~\al}ljar(a-) 

Postponemenl, n. j^;.lr 




tdl^yr; J^l- Idgyl, m. 

Pot, n. »jJi qidra, f.(qi- 
dar); j,j\ abryq, m. (aba_ 
ryq). metal - ^ tanaka^ 
f.(tonakdt). flower -; cham_ 
ber - Ai^AJ qasryia, f- (qa_ 
s«rf/J. — sherd Aia-i saqfa, 
f. (suqdfa), 

Potable.a. i^j^^yimhin 

Potato, n. aUIL; batdtsa, 
f. (batdtis). 

Pot-bellied,a. j-fy} abu 

Potion, n. ^j>- gur'a, f. 

Pottage, n . j-k«jLi.i- hufld r 
mitabbaq^ m. 

Potter, n. Jlji: fahardny 
( -iaj. 

Pottery, n.jli fuhhdr,m. 

Pouch, n. ^\j>- girdb, m. 
{-'dt);:,ij\,li^kaffet barud/. 

PonMerer, n. J- Jjfard rgy 


Poultice, n. ^4 lablja (lu- 
bah); AsJ^ la^qa (luzaq). 

Poultry, n. f^} firdb,f^ 

Pound,n. (weight) JWjra^Z 
(artdl)] (coin) xj^^ gini, m. 

Pound, vt. J:, daqq (a_ 
duqq); j^ sahan {ashan). 

Pour, vt.^_Skabb{akHbb); 
j\i dalaq {adluq). the rain 
-s JjlJ JA.\ el matar ndsil. 

Po\\i,vi,j^bauwi:s (a-); 
jJiSkassar (a-). 

Pouting, a. jy.,mibauwi;s 
[- yn); jl^mikassar (~yn). 

Poverty, n.ji fitqr, m. 
a:lx1. maskina, f. 

Powder, n. jJ^ diqyq; 
J^*-*** mashuq ; Cmedecine) 
^fi^sifufi (gun).>3j\; ba rud , 
m. (face) ,ji^ budra, f. 





Power, n- »/» qixwa; .jJj Practise, o^. ^jU mdris 

qudra; -wlW tdqa; A.kl^ sulta; 
f, European -s li jjl Jji du- 
wal orobbcc, to the utmost of 
his -i.'Sjf^bikull quwetoh. 
hehasil in his- aI'^^J fy 
imkdnoh .mBchme of 8 horse 

"" J:'- '*-f^ »y ->yJj wabAr 
quwet tamdnya Ml. - of 
attorney J5^" tawkyl^ m. 

Powerful, a. is^ gawy 
{aqtoyia); Ji*U gdmid(-yn). 

Powerless, a. »^ j.}\» ma 
Ills quwa. 

Vox, n. ^_yi^j>i^ UJ\ el 'aya 
el iif rangy, m. small — c5jJti-l 
eg gidry, m. 

Practical, a. (thing)4^jCf 


mumkin 'amaloh; (man) 
^_^s-L» sci/ii6 il^tibdr; 
^j^ migarrab. 
Practice, n. oW '(ida;4-.jVi: 

Praise, «. ?-Jk* madh; ^ 
sukr, 7n. - be to God ! <>iX^\ 
el hamdu lilldli. 

dali); Jii. sakar (askur). - 
the Prophet! ^\ W J^ saWt/ 
'aton naby. 

Prattle, vi. .J.:iji dardis 
(«->; Jj raga(argy). 

Prattle, n.4J.jji dardisa, 
f. J-J ragy, m. 

Prattler,n .(ijUc-p-a to bdwy 
{-id)i^sM,j riggdy {-yn). 

Pray. vt.i>-j\ itragga{at_ 
ragga); (to God) J^ salla 

Prayer, n. U, raga, m. 
fto God),jL»saM, /".the Lord's 
- aj\)_,v5\ yU\ es saZ<i er rab_ 
banyia, f_ — carpet aLm mL 
salla, f. 




Prea ctu. vi. iiej to a" as 
yf^ykaras {akriz). 

Preacher, n. iiplj wdHs 
•(-yn)- j}j6^karuz. 

Precaution, n. ^j.l>-l ih_ 
tirds; JsLip-I ihtydt, m. 

Precautionary, a. J»^=^l 
ihtydty; i»L'.s-Vi ^l ^y min 
bdb el ihtydt. 

Precede, vt. j.- subaq 

m. A..-J}\ aqdamyia; aX-I 
asbaqyia, f. 

Precedent, a. jjL sdbiq. 
a - a2;U sdbqci, f.(sawdbiq). 

Precious, a. Cx^ tamyn; 
J'c gdly. ~ slone^^j^ ha_ 
gaj^ karym, m. 

Precis, n. ^JO^' malhas; 
mulahfias, m.(-dt). 

JffjJi. mazbtit (-yn). 

Precisely, ad. JaJi\l. biz 
zabt\ i.\Jii\ bid diqqa. 

Precision, n. ti:, diqqa, f. 
ja-k zabt^ m. 

Predecessor, n.^}\^sdbiq 
(-yn); J:>\<>-ga qabl. 

Predict^ vt. ^'j\ itnabba 

Pre-emption, n. amI^ 
sufa, f. 

Preface, n. i.»si» muqad_ 
dama, f. (muqaddamdt). 

Prefect, n. -kiU muhdfiz 

Prefecture^ n. *ksU miu 
hdfza, f. 

Prefer, ui. ^Jafaddal(a-); 
^.J^\ istahsin (astahsin). 
I -this ^^-j-l li (iJiift ^andy 
da ahsan. 

Preference, n. J,^i: taf_ 
dyl, m. 

Pregnancy,/!. J^/«<'6c(Z,m 




Pregnant, a. J^ hibla. 
~ animal jlic- 'is(ir. 

Prejudice, n . j^ rja ra r, 
m. *ol cisyia, f. 

Prejudicial,^. ^a.,mudirr 

Preliminary, a. JUr,! 

Premature, a. Kij JJ qabl 

Premeditate, vt. sj^ ta_ 
"ammad (at'ammid). 

Premeditation,n o'r" 'i3:-" 
scibq isrdr, m. 

Premier, n. jlkJ\ ^Jj 
rayyis en nuszdr. 

Prepaid, n. >j>:"i^ ^'^!>~ 
bdlisel ugra(-yn). 

Preparation, n. j^J^i- Udi^ 
dyr; jUi-l istihd&r; j<^ 
taghyz ; ^Ijat-I isii'ddd^ 

Preparatory, a. tSjrjjf 


Prepare, vt. ^k^ haddar 
((^^)l j(rT gcthhiz (a-), -d 
j.»:„* musta'add. 

Prescribe, o t. »_i^j wasaf 
(awsif); J J dall (adill). 

Prescription, n. ^.i^jioas^ 
fa (wasfdt); *..U tjll taz_ 
ko.ra tibbyo, f. (tazdkir). 

Presence, n . j)^>- hudu r , . 
m.-of mind ^jtca^y, m.. 
in the - of ^Ijii qudddm. 

jj»-^« mawgud (-yn). at, the 
- moment ^li-l c^)^ j fil^ 
waqt el hddir. at - ^i)^ 
dilicaqt; Ji\ el an. the - 
month (^jli-l jjJLS\e.s sahr eg 

Present, vt. ^ji qaddim 
(a~); c5il* hdda (ahdd.y); 
^ji» hada [ahdy). - me to 
him ! Ai ^^jjt 'arrafny boh. 




Present, n. aiAj. hidyia, 
f. (haddya). 

Presentation, n. ^al' taq_ 
dym, m. 

Presentiment, n. ^\^>-\ 
ihsdti, m.I had a - ij^>- Ji.1 
qalby hassiny. 

Presently, ad. VU Mian. 

Preservation, nXi^f^if^, 

Presersa^-, vt. Jii?- hafas 
(ahfas). - in vinegar Jli- 
h,allil (a-). 

Preserve, n. J,j. mirab- 

Preside, ot.^c ^\j\itrdis 
^ala (atrdis). 

Presidency, n. a-Ij ryd_ 
sa, f. 

President, n. ^^^j rayyis 

Press, ot, ^j.fkabas (ak_ 
bis); j'.j sanaq(aznaq); 

''aso.r (a\^ur). I -ed him ^i- 
4;lt lahhit 'aMh; a-1& z^ 
lag get ^aUh. 

Press, n. u^» makbas,m. 
(makdbis). the- o'^lSji-l el 
gornuldt, f. printing — *it-k» 
matba^a^ f.(matdb'C). in the 
- ..y\ o^ taht et tab\ - 
bureau vliW^-kU U qalam el 

Pressing, a. J^-* mls_ 

Pressure, n. ^^yS" kabs; 
^jij zanq, m. j\.^ ^agala, f. 

Presume, ot. ^U zann 
(asinnj; ^i-hammin (a-). 

Presumption, n.^^zann, 
m. >j\^ gasdra, f. 

Pretence, n. W^l idd'Ca, 
m. As^ higga, f. 

Pretend, oi. j^jl idda^a 
(addl^y); ^ ^^IkH itzdhir 


Pretender, n. ^]\L» muicL 

Pretension, n. lo^l iddi'a, 
m. she has -s to beauty .jTu 
aJ.--?- Ij^^j; fdkra nafsaha 

Pretentious, a. j-x^ mHd_ 
d'^'^'y (-yn);\c:,\ ,_^L» sAhih 

Pretext, n. *f higga, f. 

Pretty, a. J.^ gamyl (gu_ 
mdl);^o- hilu (—yn); ^y 
kuwayis (-yn). 

Prevail, vi.^&galab(ag- 
lib); p^amm (yiHmm). the 
cholera -s ^llu ji^"^! I^il el 

hawa elasfar muntasir. . 

Prevailing, a. Jli gdllb; 
j^» muntasir. 

Prevaricate^ vi.^})\a-hdwil 

Prevarication,ra. aSjU mi 

369 Pri 

hdwla^ f, 

Prevent^o^, /c.mana' (am^ 
na"); ^U hdk (ahus)^ ^ 
hagaz (ahgiz). 

Prevention, n. »;* man'^; 
j^ ^}0'gs, fn. 

Previous, a. j.U sdbiq 
{-yn)]jHi\ auwildny (-yn). 
— to JJ qabl. 

Previously, «d. ^A- sdbi. 
qan; i})^\ J fil auwil; Vjl 

Prey, n. »ju-» seda, f. 

j,v. si'r (as'dr)i j.^ hnqq, m. 
at any - oj^.^ <Sj ^oy ma 
yikun.'what is the - of this? 
\i 'C bikdm da. 

Prick, n. ^Ji- nahsa (nal}. 
sdt); j^sakka^ f. (sakkdt). 

Prick, vt. ^ najms (an_ 
hus);<^isakk (asukk). - his 





ears 4.ili^ J^j^ tartaq ioi_ 
ddnoh (yi-). 

Prickly-heat, n. J.J\ ,?- 
harn,u en nyl. 

Prickly-pear, n. ^^\ ^^- 
tyn bis6koh\j\.^ sahbdr ,m . 

Pride, n. jfkibr-^j'SSta. 
kabbur, m.^_^i.i\ljf^Hz0et en 
nafs, f. 

Priest, n. ^_y.kJi gassy s 

Priestiiood, n. <u^^-.» qu_ 
susyia,f. C>y~p kahannt,m. 

Primary, ci_^\s:,\ibtiddy; 
Jjl auioaly, 

Prime, n. ■Ji}\auw il; jc^' U2, 
— minister jlkJ\ j_^_ j rayyis 
en nu:2zdr. 

Primer, n. o\i-^~*^\:^ki_ 
tdb mubtadaydn. 

Prince, n.j\..\amyr(uma_ 
ra); ^y birins (-dt). 

I^rincess, n. ,j,...l amyra 

(amyrdt); \^Jij, birinsissa 

Principal, n. ^u rayyis 

Principal, a. J-^l asly; ktl 
a'-zam; jfX akbar. '■. 

Principally, ad. C^^^ 

Principle, n. Iju. mabda 
fmabddy); ^^\asl, m.(uml)^ 

Print, vt. .Sstaba'- (atbcC); 
~a) basam (absum). -ed f^^-l^* 
matbd'' (—yn). 

Print, n. A«J:= tab" a-, «■*! 
basma, f. this book is out of 
- a:«-U z^^\i- \i ^It-Cl ek ki_ 
tdb da tj,ilset iab^etoh. 

Printer, n. j^'-}^'matba'gy 
(-ia); <>\.U tabbd" (-yn). 

Printing, n. ^ tab", m. 
~ mocliine ; - office A«-k. 
matba'a. f. (matdbi). 

Prison, n. 





sign, m. (sigun). 

Prisoner, n. ^^mahbiis 
(-yn; mahabys); o^*"* ma.s_ 
gun (-yn). 

Privacy, n. »^W Ijilwa, f. 
J.M sirr, m. 

Private, a. ^^a^■^>■ l}ususy. 

- soldier ji; (^jCp ^askary 
nofar. in - ^Jl. hi$ sirr. 

- school JUI *-.jji. madrasa 
ahdly, -carriage ^'^> k^ j- 
yxrabyia malldky, f. 

Privation^ n. cJ^y- hir^ 
mdn- «u man\ m. 

Privilege, n. A,ymasyici, 
f. (masdya). 

Prize, n. .jiU gdyza, f. 

min el muhtamal; ^cyim.- 
kin; Uj rubbamo. 

Probale-court,n .^^-.:^^_^f: 
maglis hasby (mctgdlis). 

Probation, n . a, ^ tagri 
ba, f. 

Probationer, «. A,ji'l >i,<i 
taht et tagriba. 

Problem, n. ^\— masdla,. 
f. (masdyil). 

Proceed, vi. (^j.*!! itqad^ 
dim (atqoddimj; jL sdr 
(cisyr); t-j^ sara' (asrcC-). - 
from (j«jJ^-» sodar min. — 
to Jl ia^y tawaggah ila; t-Ij. 
J rdh li. 

Proceedings, n. olij>-l 
igrodt, f. 

Probability, n. Jl^>-i ihti^ Process, n. *!•'' "amalyia 


Probable, a. J^is^ muhtn_ 
mal; ^c mumkin. 

Probably, ad. J^sil j. 

Camalyidt); Aiij\>iaryqa,f, 

(turAq). -server 



dir (-yn). 




m,. (mawdkih). wedding - 
iij zaffa, f, (zaffAt), 

Proces-verbal, n. ^irf 
maMar, m.fmahddir). 

Proclaim, ot. ^$^1; ndda 
(anddy); j^i\ ashar(askir)^ 
^\c\ aHan (cClin). 

Proclamation, n.jljjil /s_ 
hdr; ^%\ i^ldnuytx. man- 
s&r, m. (-at). 

Procuration, n.^\fytaw_ 
kyl, m. 

Procure, vt. J^^ hassal 
(a-); Jc J^i-1 istahsal 'ala 

Prodigal, a. ^^^. musrif 

Prodigality, n. ^\^\ is_ 
rdf, m. 

Produce, n. J^^jima/isti/, 
m. j!p galla, f. 

Produce, ot, _^iil ashar 
{azhir);^]i>talla'(a-)-^ (yield 

crops) Jc gall (yigill);^ 
nabat (yinbit). he — d the 
book >_,V:.Cl wjV 9*^^ ^^ ^^- 
tdb;^\:^\^]atalla'' ek kitdb. 

Product, n. a^ natyga^ 
f. (ncUdyig)- ^\i ndtig (na^ 
wdlig); J^U hdsil, m. 

Profess, vt. ^J^\ i'taraf 
fa'tirlf); J qarr (aqirr); 
^^Iki'l it;;dhir (atzdhir). 

Profession, n.j*^* iqrdr 

(-dt); (business) "»,»•.-» san''a 
(sandy t);ii^hir fa, fjhiraf) 

Professor, n. 


(-wdt); [... mi^allim (—yn). 
Profit, ot, ^^^kisib (ak_ 

sab); .iil intafa' (antifi^r, 

iVcJ istafdd (astafyd). 
Profit, n. ^S^, maksab 

(makdsib); f-U^I intifd\m. 
Profitable,«.vlin<t /?'(-{/«); 

a.M mil f yd (-yn); ^.^ tj, 




fyh maksab (-um). 

Profound^ a. j,/ 'amyq 
('umdq);J^\} wdty (-yn). he 
is a — scho\B.Tjii-' \\cy^huwa 
^dlim mithahhar. 

Programme, n. ^^jtjj. 
berogrdm (-dt); jLbaydn, 
m. (-dt). 

Progress, n.jj- sir; ^.j.^; 
tagaddum; t-U nagdh, m. 

Progress, vi. ^JaI itqad^ 
dim (atqaddim); ^nagah 

Prohibition »i.manaVam.. 
na'J-j^ryharrag "ala (a-). 

Prohibition, n. ^. man'; 
^j^ t(fhryg,m. 

Project, n. (intenlion) J.^5 
qasd; Jt^a. maqsad (maqd_ 

-c^ tasmym, m.(-dt). 

Project, vi. (iui)^j;~harag 
(o.hrug);jj_ baraz (abraz); 

(form a plan) -c^ «i>j wada 
tasmym fawda"). 

Projectile, n. ojl2* maq_ 
zuf(-dt);^L>- ham,m. 

Projection, n.rjj^-hurug; 
j)j: buruz , m. 

Prolong, ot. J^t tauwil 
(a—J;X, madd (cimidd). 

Prolongation, n. J.^k)' 
tatwyl; a. madd, m. 

Promenade, n. A^-'fusha- 
i^y nuzha, f. ly ^i samm 
hawa^ m. 

Promenade, vi. f---"\ it_ 
fassahfa tfassah)\»j<:,\ i tnaz_. 
zah (atnazzah);\)»- ^isamm 
hawa (akimm). 

»^I5^ kaldm, m. 

Promise, vt. jcj wa'ad' 
(aw'id);^-jC^S^^ idda kaldm. 

Promote, vt. Jj raqqa- 




(araqqy); .m qaddim (a~). 
Promotion, n. jj taraq- 
qy; ^M) taqcicldum, m. j^Jj 
tarqyia, f, 

{asdirj-^j.'imasar (ansur). 

Promulgation, n . j\j^\is- 
■ddr^jZ^ nasr^ m. 

Pronounce, t>f. jWi nataq 
(antaq); Jiil lafas (alfuz). 
Jiil laf;:, m. 

Proof, n. Aij bayina, f, 
'(bayindt); (jU^, burhdn(ba_ 
rahyn); JJj dalyl^ m.(adiL 
la).- sheet ,i^^.miswadda 
(miswadddtj; ti^y ber'dva, 

Proper, o.. _^U. munch ib 
(-yn); j>>i Idyiq (-yn). it is 

- , -Ull ^, min el mundsib. 

Properly, ad. f j:>^\\ isjzay 

Property, n. ii\i.. milk,m. 
(amldk)\ A-Ji- fids'iyia, f. 
(liCiwAs). land -jUe- ^iqdr, 
m.(-dt). -of^z,bitd"(bitu'). 

Prophecy, n. ,y}nibuwa, 
f. (nibuwdt). 

Prophesy^ vt.\^\ itnabba 

Prophet, n. ^ naby (an- 

Proportion, n. a~-) nisba; 
\..A:»mundsba,f.\n - tOA.^l> 
J 6m nisba li. 

Proposal, n. ^\!htalab, m. 

Propose, lyt. ^^e- \irad 
(a'rid) ; ^IW talab (atlub). 
man -s and God disposes 
jus-S\ Js-Jlj jj5CiJ\ j (jU"^le/ 
insdn fit tafkyr wir rabb 
fit tadbyr. 

Proposition, n. J>jt-'ard\ 

•el Id^im; ^j.\.i\iSjsay en nds ^Ua talab, m. 




Proprietor, n. tillU mdlik 
(-yn); vUl.. ^j-L. sdhib milk 

Propriety, n. a»IJ lyAqa; 
*.-U. mundsba. 

Prosecute;, vt. is^^ M 
aqdm da^voa (aqym). 

Prosecution, n. (Sj^-^ *«\»1 
iqdmet ddxjoa, f. witnesses 
for the - oViVI i^^ suhud 
el isbdt. 

Prosecutor, n. j-X'mad_ 
da-y (-yn). 

Prospect, n., J^manzar-^ 
(hope) ^ic'asani; J*»:-..mas_ 
taqbal, m. 

Prospectus, n. 0%^ iHdn, 
m, (-dt). 

Prosper, oi. ^falah(af_ 
lah); Ji. nagah (angah). 

Prosperity, n. ^M faldh; 

Prosperous, a. ^U fdlih 

(-yn);^\:> ndgUi(~yn). 

Prostitute, n. ii^^jZ.kar_ 
m{ita (saramytj- *..}\j zany a 
(zatodny); aJ- qahba (quh^ 

Prostitution, n. *.L.j^sar_ 
mata; \^ fahsa^ f. 

Prostrate, ot. jacI itmad^ 
did (almaddid); ^^f sagad 

Prostration, n. iJi ta_ 
maddud; :>yi^ sugAd, n. 

Protect, vt. jrhama (ah~ 
my); J\^ sdn (asdn). 

Protection,^ tAt-himdya; 
AiL^ sydno-^ f. 

Protector, n. J^ hdmy; 
^U.. muhdmy (-yn). 

Protectorate, n. aAi- hi_ 
mdya^ f. 

Protege, n. v^-s^ mahsub 

Protest, vi. 4.^1 .l» qdm 




el hugga(agijm); y-Jj^. J*'' 
'amal berolesto (a'mil). 

Protest, n. Af higga, f. 
y-Tjji berotesto, m. 

Protestant, n. j^lJjj_ be- 
rotestanty (berotestant). 

Proud, a. ^.> m itkabbar 
(-gn); -u-i) UiAi- sdyif naf^ 
soh f-yn). 

Prove, vt. ^itj barhan 
(a-J;jJisabat(asbit)_ -d j^Vr 
sCibit (-yn). 

Proverb, n. Ji« masal^m. 

Provide, vt. jj*- gahhiz 
(a-); j.k^ haddar (a-), he -s 
for herlj.!L«-i ^huwa byay_ 
isha\ ^<(^c- iSj^\ i*- huwa bi_ 
yigry 'al6ha, 


Province, n. A>j,j.»mudy_ 
ryia, f. (mudyryidt); Jil 
aqlym, m. (aqalym). 

Provincial, «• jjj ryfy. 

Provision, n.i=lJ*l«Aii/<i^; 
(food)i>J^(Jd; J/l. maMl,m^ 
budget -s 4jlj>^l j.jlj wdrid 
el myzanyia, m. 

Provisional, a. ^jj waqty; 
^ymuu:c(qqc(t;J:>\Jj~\ ihtydtg 

Provocation, n. -ditl igd^ 
^a, f, without - jly^Uij^* 
min el bdb lit tdq. 

Provoke, ot.^\i gas (a^ 
ilyz). - laugtherdl^l J-^ljl J4 
yihallg el wdhid yidhak. 

Prow, n. ^_5JlI ^a*^ muq- 
dim el markib, m. tij_ be_ 
ruwa, f. 

Proximity, n. ^j qurb. 

Proximo, n . (iU-1 j^.l\\ es 
sahr eg gdy. 

Prudence, n. J:p ^aql, m^ 

Prudent,«. JiU'ctg j/r- yn); 
^\i wd'y (-yn). 

Prussia, n.\^}j_ berdsya^ 




Prussian,a. jL-jji berus_ 
ydny (-ia). 

Psalm, n.j^jy. mazmur^ 
m. (mazamyr). 

Puberty ; n. p^\ ^^ sinn 
el bilug. 

Public, «. ^\o'dmm; ^.^i^ 
''umumy. the - ^j.)A eg gam_ 
hur\^\-}i\.^if'^umum en nds. 
make - Jx^^a^lan (a'lin);j^%\ 
ashar (ashir), 

Publicalion, n.o^t' Vldn; 
jl^il ishdr; ^^.iab\m. -s 
oW^.k. matbu^dt, f. 

Publicly,ad.^_^Uyj^; qud_ 
ddm en nds; U* 'alanan. 

Publish, vt. ^li nasar 
(ansur); ^Ul asd' (aky"). 

Pudding ,n .^iji^. &ocZf/n o,m. 

Puff, n. *^ nafiKt (naf_ 

lidt); *iA haffa, f. (haffdt). 

■ Puff, vi. -'^nafali (anfuh); 

i* haff(ahiff). 

Pull, n. .a.i sadda (sad_ 
ddt);,j>-garra, f. (garrdt). 

Pull, uL ai sacZd (asidd);. 
jp- gfarr (agurr); ,_^ sahab 
(ashab). - down dnhadd (a_ 
hidd). - to pieces Si fakk 
(ofakk); lilSo fakkik (a-). 

Pulley, n. »jCr bakara, f, 

P\.\]p,n.^Uibb; uJ^ 'Cgyn,. 

Pulpii, n. ju« manbar, m. 

Pulse, n. ^; nabd, n. 

Pumice-stone, n. oU^-j^ 
hagar haffdf^ m. 

Pump, n. t..J=> turumba, 
f. (turumbdt). 

Pump, vt.i...jVt\^kz.saggal 
et turumba (a~); y-jnazah 

Pumpkin, n. *c) qar^a, A 




Pun, n. i.1^ nukta, f.\ Purchase,f f. (i>il isfara 
(nukat). [(astiry). 

Punch and Judy, n. Jl> Purchaser, n. iSj.!. rnuL 
JJiW /lydl ed (IIU; j^ >ji qa_ tary (~yn);iSj\J.sdry (~yn). 
ragoz^m. \ V\ne,a. ^W^tdhir (-yn); 

Punctual, a. :>UII j fil\i^\^sdfy(-yn).- go\& j 
my^dd; ^}\ Jo 'a/at waqt. | dahab hurr; 




Punish, ot, cSjW gdza (a. 
gdzy); ^jxJ^'i qdsis (a -A 

Punishment, n. \^giza 
/-ivdc); (j^l«aj qisds, m. 

Punkah, n. a>-)j. marLoa_ 
fy<^, f. (mardwih). 

hah sirf. 

Purgative, n. Jj«-» mas_ 
hil^ m. 

Purgatory; n. ^^.L. mat_ 
har^ m. 

Purge, n. a.^ sarba, f. 

Pupil, n. i.1' talmyz {ta_\ J^^. mushll,m. 
ldmza).~of the eye c(jJ\ ^^i ! Purge, ot. J^. sahal 
ninny el 'en,m, (yishil); j^ ^1* massa el 

r*uppy, n. j^^ ^ kalb batn i yimaisy), 
Hugayiar. \ VwYi^y, vt.j^t,ahhar(a-)\ 

Purchase, n.\,.tsira; ljw« j, naqqa (c(naqqy), 
mustara,m. — money (mil.) 
(^_^J\ Jj.J\ el badal el 'as^ 

kary. - of lease J»-j jli- (}ilu 
rig I, m. 

Purity, n. »jl^ tahdra;, 
•jlii naqdwa, f. 

Purple, a. ^^^\& ji~\ ahmar 




Purport, n. ^^ ma'na; 
Oy:"" madmim, m. , 

Purpose, n. Joje. garad 
(agrdd);j,^qasd; XaA»maq_ 
sad,m.(maqdsid). on — la.^; 
qasdan; ^JOy.^ma]isO,s•,x>\^\ 
bil 'dm id, to no — »jj\ij^ ^y 
min gir fdyda. answer the 
- j.»l;j wdfiq; ^IU\ ,_^^ U^a 
hasab et talab. 

fakyds); o^jr Quzldn, m. 

Purslane, n. 4»-j rigla, f. 

Pursuit, n. pL'l ittibd\m. 
^•^•.^sana,f. (sandy'C)^ 

Purveyor, w.o'jojy J^li. 
miqdvoil tawryddt (-yn); 
j^..u mit^ahhid (-yn). 

Pus.n. tJ^midda, f. ^ 
q4h, m. 

Push, n.Midafa(dafdt); 
4ij saqqa, f. (zaqqdt). 

Push, vt.Jjzaqq(a^uqq); 
Ji dafa" (ddfa'j. - on »Ji 
qaddim (a~). 

Vw.\.^ot.]a>.hatt (ahutt);^:>i 
wada" (ciwda"). - away ^^ 
rakan (arkin).-- back «?-j 
ragga' (a-). - by j,j^ hau^ 
wis(a-). - off ji-\al}liar (a~); 
J<^1 aggil (a~). - on^libis 
(albis). — aside ^j rakan 
(arkin). — a question JL. 
saal (asdl). - out (a light) 
Jiotafa (atfy). do not - him 
out! j-}cy \» ma tiz^'alus. 
— out your tongue ! diiU JiW 
talkt" lisdnak. — up with 

Putrefaction, n. aji«» fa'_ 

Putrefy , o i.jip'a/fwrf/ J-; ; 
j>i nattin (yi—). 

Putrid,« j>i« rni"affin(-yn); 
t>u minattin (-yn). 




Putty, n. J»-jl Ik^jrabtet 
er rigl, f. (rabtdt). 

Puzzle, n. tj^ byra-^ >jyj>- 
hazzura^ f. 

Puzzle, vt.jK^hayiar (a-)- 
Pyramid^ n. p«. haram, 
m. (ahrdm). 


Quack,n .^\e^idaggd l{- yn); 
^Lfl) nassdb (—yn). 

Quackery, n. J:^:> dagal; 
,_^i nasb, m. 

Quadruped, n. ^jl a! uU'" 
o^jhywdn loharba^riglen, 
m. (~dt). 

Quaff, vt. ^ij qarba'(a-). 

Quail, n. AiV- sammdna, 
f. (sammdn). 

Quaint, a. ^j- garyb 
(-yn); jili nddir(-yn). 

Quaintness, n. aiI^p gard_ 
ba; ejljj naddra, f. 

Quake, vi, jf\ithcuz (at_ 
hazz);^i.j\ irtagaf (arti_ 
gif). the earth -s Jj3*y_ Li Jt 
ed dinya bitzalzil. 

Qualification, n. Ai-» sifa, 

Qualify, vt. y_i^^ wasaf 
(awsif)] J ,_^J,nasah lifan^ 
sib); Jftl ahhil (a—). 

Quality, n. iji^sifa, f.fsL 
fdt); j_^-^ gins, m. (agndsj. 

Quantity, n. si qadd;j\j.u 
miqddr,m. (maqadyr);^.^ 
kammyia, f. (kammyidt). 

Qua 381 

Quarantine, n. ka_ 
rantyna, f. 

Quarrel, n. «lii- Ijindqa 
{Jiinaqdt); ^ji 'arka, f. 

Quarrel, vl. j;\.il it(i.dniq\ Quay, n. 
{atMniq); iSjUl it^drik \(arsifa). 


kull taldt ashur. 

Quartz, n. (jjy.,_ ^ Mgar 
baanury, m. 

Quassia, rt.j^' w.i> Ijasab 
el murr, m. 

rasyf, m. 

Quarrelsome, a. J^ su^ 
kaly (-ia). 

Quarry, n.j>^ mahgar, 
m. (mahdgir). 

Quarter, n. ^j rub", m. 
{arbd'j; (place) J«: mahall, 
m. (-dt);<(^giha,f.(gihdt). 
-of a diy>j\''lidra,f.(hardt); 
^tufnn,m.(atmdn).- mas^ 
ter olJoj^aWjOUi^ay^ amyn 
elmuhimmdt wit tawry^ 
ddt. - master sergeant iJ^i 
jsj>\baluk amyn. lodging -s 

•fljic>^inahalldt lis sakan 

Quarterly, ac^.j^-ii Oli'JJ'i'andy sakk fy da 

Queen, n. ^SOl* malika 

Queer, a. ^^J>garyb- 


Quench, vt. ij}j rawa 

A^i.:^\ istifhdm, m. (-dt); 
aII— masdla, f. (masdyil). 
this is out of tlie - Jl»s 1^ da 
mw^dZ.beyond all - dJlijrvp v* 
min gdr sakk. 

Question, vt.i]\^saal(as- 
dl);^^\ istagwib {astag, 
wib).l-\.h.\?> Ij J dii cioip 




Questor, n. ^}-^ ^.f^wa^ 
kijlelharg(ukala); j-j"} 
kc^rdrgy {-ia). 

Quick, «. ^ij^^sary'; Js;--* 
mista'gil. be -\»\^qaLodm; 
J^'—I ista'-gil, -lime j~ j^'r 
gyr hay, m. - silver j^j 
zibaq^ m. 

Quicken, u^.JsS^I ista'gii 

Quickly ,ad.J^'V;6j/ ^agal^ 
(.ly qawdm. he ale - Jf""'! 
,_^Vl J ista^gil fil akl. 

Quickness, n. ic^- sur^t-^ 
4.f 'agala^ f. 

Quiet, '(. (iil» hddy(-yn); 
^Cl- s^'/ciJ i-yn). be - (^a» 
/i(df/ Cahda) ; cSi^ sikit 
(ctskut).he -! 'aaI ihda;c^J 

Quietness, n. jJu» hidu; 
o^— sikAt, m. 

Quill, ri. jjlLij li qalam 
ryset wizz, m. (aqldmj. 

Qni]i,n. ^\llahdf,m.(-dt) 

Qmnce,n .^a-ji^sa far g ila, 
f. (saf argil). 

Quinine, n. \^kyna^ f. 

Quire, n. jj, ^j vi arba_ 
'a we Hsryn farfj. waraq. 

Quite, ad. Altamdm. - so 
Ijc) Aitamdm keda.youSiTe 
- a strangerUli^jIrt/ias^ma. 

Quits, ad. ^\y_ ^\j rds bi 
:rds. we are - ^J\i- hdUyn. 

t r /s jv_i^jl i r tagaf(artig if). 

Quiver, n. aiLC kundna, 
f. (kaaandt). 

Quotation, n. f^'i zikr; 

Quiet, vt. (^A» hadda (a_\ :X^'lI^\ istishdd, m.. 
haddy); ^C snkkit (a-), j Quote, vt. s^LU\ istashid 
Quietly, ari. ^x,^ hihidu.\(astashid). 





Rabbi, n..'i-U/iaMm(-c2i). 

Rabbit, n. ^j\ amah, m. 

Rabies, n. ^^kalab,m. 

Race, n. {hovse) j,.^sabaq-, 
(breed) ^jjj^g in s,m.(agnds). 
— horse j-- Cj^^f- hosdn sa_ 
bag. — course A»jS ^_fj\ ard 
el Tnirm,dh,f. 

Race, vt. j;U sdbiq (o.~). 

Racket, n.i>jfji ^j.jL.m((/_L 
rab lilk6ra, f, 


Radiant, a. «-.V Idml''; »A^ 

Radical, Radically, ad. ^. 
^^\ min adoh; tjSc^ ^- min 
gidroh.- pnrtyj'^.i^^^j^' 

el hazb er radikdly. 
V\aidish,n .^ftgla ,f/ figl). 
Raft, n. ^J~^iJ rumis, 



Rafter, n. ^jj rafraf, m. 

Rag, n. iij-hirqa (hiraq); 
-s Aif^kuhna, f, - mon^^*^ 
kuhnagy {-ia). 

Rage, 71. ^cjza^al; ]^yes^ 
m. fly into a — JoJ s'Cil (az_ 
'al); ^JiP yldib (ttydabj. put 
inloa- Si'^cgdz [ayyz); Jcj. 
za^'al (a-). 

RaggedjOt. J>jf*m iharkin 
f— j/rtj; Aaka* 4..jJ.ft !iidum.oh 

Ragout, n. ^^■^.yahny, m. 




Rail, n.Ai Jo- aSC- lai^j-tslryt 
sikka hadyd (asrita);^iJi} 
jj^So-^^qCklijb sikka hadyd, 
m.(qudbdn). -way JjJio-jSL. 
sikka hadyd, f.(sihak).- 
way shunting ^jsi Lij.t.siryt 

Railing, /I. oij;'j.> darab_ 
zyn, m. 

Rain, n. jk. matar, m. 
(amtdr). a — >Ji^>matara, f. 
(matardt). -bow ^-jj ^yqds 
qazah, m. 

Rain, o/. _,k. mattar(yi-)^ 

Raise, vt.^rafa' (arfa')-, 
cM^dnfa'yni. - GBti]eij:.\_f,J,j 
rabba mawdsy (arabby). he 
— d my pay ^.aU jjj ^-ay to jd 
mdhyty. - money ^jli -i- 
gama" fllus (agma"). 

Raisin n. *-o j zibyba, f. 

Rake, n. «'j>- garrdfa, f, 

l\ake fit .^y^gar a f(ag ruf) 


Ramble, n. jl^i, m iswdr, 
m. (masawyr). 

Ramble , o i.j^l itmakoar 

Ramp 2ivi,n. ^ l/v. mitrds, 
m. (matarys). 

Ramrod, n. aJa:J\ i]x>mi_ 
dakkel bunduqyia,m.(-dt) 

Ramses, n.^y^if'j ra^omsys 

Rancid, «. 'fj zinih(-~yn); 
'fy. mizannali f-yn). 

Random, n. s^l j^^y min 
gir qand; Jl^l Jc ''alal 

Range, n. Ui^saff(sufuf); 
(extent) ilji:.! imtiddd, m. 
kitchen — ^_ul^ i.^ nasbet 
kawanynj. ~ of mountains 
JL>- ;i).Ji- silsilet gibdl, f. 




Rank,n.>_i-^sa/f,m. {sufdf); 
*Jj rutba(rutab); *:>-ji da_, 
raga, f. (daragdt). he rose 
from the -s !^^^.J\ zJ^ j* Jyl 
itraqqa min taht es sildh. 

Ransom, n. A^i dyia; ajjj 
fidya, f. 

Ransom, vt. is-^fadafaf^ 
dy);i^^:>^'>:^dafct dyirMadfa"). 

Ra nler,7i .jLlJ fassd r(-yn ) ; 
^^Ia hallds (-yn). 

Rape, n. ^k^/satf; v_.l^iy 
igtisdb, m. 

Rapid, 0^. ^^qawdm;^^'-'-^' 

Rapidity, n.A^'agala;iOj^ 
sura, f. 

Rapidly^ ad. »ly qawdm; 
^\ bil ^agal. 

Rapier, n. Ju-i sys, m . 

Rare, a.jili nddir (-yn); 
:>y>.y\ y^jc-^asyz el ugdd. 

Rareness, n. :.^j :il.j qillet 

ugtid; >j\M naddra, f. 
^•a.Y\\.y ,n.>j:i\>i^Vhdga ndd^ 
ra; iy_-f- AoA^hdga 'azyzo^f. 

Rascal, a. ^i-n ig is (-yn); 
c'j>- a'J ibn hardm (awldd). 

Rash, a. ^^ 'agul(-yn); 
^J.^yis tdyis(-yn). 

Rashness, n. idf 'agola; 
4.j,LL iaydsa, f. 

Rat, n. jl» fdr (fyrdn). 
young - j^-i- sysy (saydsy). 
-shsne j\i ^^ simm fdr,m. 

Rate^ n. J a., mi'addil ; 
jK^ stV, m. 4J fyia, f. at 
any — Jl«>- jS^Jc ^ala hull 
he'll, at the - of Jj.« Ic ^ala 

Rather, «rf.^ V^mo'an ma, 
I would - iS^^ a-*-*^! ^l <^fy- 
san 'andy. I would - not go 
J-:^jjl U j\ j_>-VI(^A;fr 'andy 
elahsan inny ma aruhs.— 
ill A^^i jLc' 'ayidn suwayia. 





she is — pretty aI^-^ ^» mus 

Ration, n. Ai\j>- girdya, f, 
^J^ harg; Cj^^ ta'yyn, m. 
— storesolu-«r(jjls= mali,dzin 
ta'yyndt^ f. 

Rational/t. ^i(^'aqly;j>yL> 
Ja.U mutdbiq HI 'aql. 

Rattan, n.M\jy>']}azardna, 
f. (basardn). 

Rattle, ?i. Aakit taqtaqa; 
i^'oci:^ sahsaija, f, 

^iit" saljsah (yi-). 

Ravage, vt. ^j^ harah 
(ahrib); ^r talaf (atlif). 

Rave, vi.^^halwis(a-); 
^Ja.i^ hatraf (a-). 

Raven, n. ^j-y ^\Jcgurdb 
nuhy (agriba), 

. Raving, n. *-^ halioisa; 
iijLi. Iiatrafa, f. 
Raw, «. J nay; iSy~— J-» 

mus mistiwy. 

m. (karabyg). 

Razor, n. ^y mus, m. 

^\f^^hassal (a-)) J-»j wisil 

Reaction, n. J»> ij radd 

Read, vt. \J qara (aqra); 
-IIU tdlt (a-), he is well - 
^kt jto huwa mittiVC . 

Readable, a. (^y« maqry, 

R.eader,n.(one who reads) 
iSjiqdry(-yn)-, (book) ^\i^ 
<>\jkitdb qirdya,m.(kutub} 
koran - j» fiqy (fuqaha). 

Readily ,«d.4j^i-«jfctsi/itHrt; 
SfU hdlan. 

Readiness, n. j'.A»:-.lJsii'_ 




Reading, n. t^j qirdya^ 
f- — roomA.Ukt li^^ddet mu_ 
tdl'a, f, 

Reixdy, a.jJ'\o-hd(Mr (-ynj; 
^:-.. mustcCadd (-yn). — 
ma(ie^\c^g(%hiz\ jJ-Vhddir. 
- money I jy fdran. make - 
^is- hculdar (ci-). 

Real, a. iJ.^haqyqy: ^^^ 
sahyh. - property _,lap Hqdr 
(-dt); d.hmilk^m. (amldk). 

Realisation, n. J^-»=- ha_ 

Realise, o t.ji.i-haqqaq(a-) 

Reality^ n. A.aA'-hagyqa,f. 

Really, a<^. \i>- haqqan; 
llA>- haqyqatan. 

Realm, n.^^icmamlaka^f. 

Ream, n. a^Jj rusma, f. 

Reap, vt. e-i> (lamm (a. 
dumm); ,g^ gamcC (agmcc); 
Xa>- hasad (ahsud). 

Reaper,n. i\.^^hassdd{-yn) 

Reappear, ui.Jl; j^sahar 
tdny (azhar). 

Reappearance, n.JUl j^^U 
zuhdr bit tuny, m. 

Reappoint, ot.j\;^''ayin 
tdny (a-). 

Reappointment, n. ^umi 
JU td'yyn tdny, m. 

Rear, n.j^y muljlr, m. 

Rear, vt. ^i sabb (asibb)-^ 
(breed) (jj J rabba farabby). 

Reason, n. (cause) ,_>a.-sa_ 
bab (o-sbdb); j.\:> dd'y, m. 
(dawd'y); (intelligence) Jlc- 
'aql, m . (\iqul). by — of >_<a~; 
bisabab. for that - IjT'jlie^ 
'asdn kedaSor-s best known 
to myself U \.^jc\ v_,l--.V lias^ 
bdb a' rafha ana. speak-! 
J««) ]5jI itkallim biaql. 

Reason, oi. Ja^ 'aqal(a^- 
qil). - with him ! »\j j j^^Ul 




itbdhls loaf/td/i. he-s likea 
donkey jU-l Jsp lij j\.if-'aqloh 
say -aql el homdr. 

Reasonable, rt. J^J" ma'- 
q(il\ ^j,u.. mu'tadil. —price 
(3''>* u^ ^«m«n muwdfiq, - 
manja»:.ja-jrrf^«7 mit^o.qqal 

Rebuild, vt. jf ^: hana 
tdny (abny). 

Rebuke, vl. Jij rassil 
(a-); '^i wahhah, (a-). 

Rebuke, n. J.iy tarzyl, 
^jy" tawbyl}^ m. 

Recall, vt. ^^>-' istarga" 

Reasonableness, n. JIaipI' fcs^arg'a'j ; j-siJ istad'a 

V tiddly m. 

Reasoning, n. A._Jy». ma'_ 
qulyia^ f. ^ic'aql, m. 

Reassemble, vi. Jlr ^T* 
igtama" tdny (agtimi'). 

Reassure, vt.^\A ammin 
((!■-); ^<P tjxmmin (a-). 

Rebel, n. ^^\c 'dsy (Uisd). 

Rebel, oi.^^ie^'isy (a'sa). 

Rebellion, n. oL^t.'u>iydn, 

Rebuff, n. \ijr kasf((, f. 

Rebuff, vt._JLS^kasaffok_ 
sif); yt sakam raskum). 


Recall, n. 9X>-j{^\ istirgd'; 
Ujk:-I istid^a^ m. 

Recapitulation, n. j..:^' 

murdg'a, f.J^f^^ tikrdr, m. 

Receipt, n. J^j wa>^l (u^ 
siiMt )) xi^ sanad (-dt). -s 
O'jlj.l yraddi^ f. 

Receive, vt. ^^ qibil (aq_ 
bal); Ja:-.i istaqbil (astaq_ 
bil); ItJ istalam (astilim). 
I -d your letter ^\.^, dlij^ 
gawdbak wisilny.'she -s on 
Sunday Ai-1 ^y_ J.ii-TiJ' hyia 
t istaqbil ydm el hadd. 




Recent, a. aiJo- gidyci(gu_ 
ddd); ^_j qaryb. 

Recently, ad. ju j»- ^p 'an 
gidyd; ^>j j* min qaryb. 

Receptacle, n.oje\.ma''un, 
m. (mawa'yn); t^e-'ibduoa, 
f. Cibuwdt). 

Reception, n.4ili«7n«grfft_ 
to, /. (muqabldt); jLai-.lf'is, 
tiqbdl^ m. (-dt). - at the 
Palace ^./~^ tasryfa, f. 

Recipe, n. 4i-9 J was fa, f. 

Recitation, n. /.-c-' tas^ 
my\ m. 

Recite, vt.*z"samma'(a-). 

i\eck\ess, 0'.jjyhtdyis{-yn) 

Reckon, vt. ^.^ hasab 

(ahsibJiJ^'addfa' idd). - on 

V-jj^Wtamad 'alafd'tim id) 

Reckoning, n.^^-'-hisdb, 

Reclaim, ot. ^l(alabiat_ 
lab). - land ^jVi ^•^\ a.slah 
el ard (adih). 

Reclaimable, n. ^-^"'1 J.^ 
qdbil lit taslyh 

Reclamation, n. ^\^talab 
(-at), land - ^>jVI ^^\ /■?- 
Idh el arc/, m. 

Reclinalion,n. SCi ittika; 

iU-l Isttndd, m. 

Recline, oL'^'Mttakafat^ 
tiky);jSi,J istanadfastin id) 

Recluse, n. J>« mu'tazil 

Recognise, vt. ^f-'irlf 

Recognition, n.jlyUgrtir; 

^\S^\ i'tirdf, m. 

Recollect, vt. ^:i\iftakar 
(afi.ikir); _fjj\ itzakkar 

Recollection, n.j^\ if^ 
tikdr;^ fikr, m. he has 




no -oUli J J..mas/t/ bdloh.l Record, n. d^iyiqiyuddt; 

Recommence, vt, Jlrt^jL:,! 
ibtada tdny(abtidy). 

Recommend, vt. ^^ ^s"i 
wassa 'ala(au:assy).hQ is -ed 
by many i.\c l^^j jcCj_^lin(^s 
kityr wafim 'al^h. — me to 
him!'JcjL.^j wassyh 'alayia. 

Recommendalion, /i.A--^y 
tawsyia, f. (iawdsy). 

Recompense, f;«.(ijW9'«.3'« 
(agdzy); '"^"^^kdfa (akdfy). 

Recompense, n. tJ^^mu^ 
kdfyiUj f. 

WeconcWe, vt.l\^sdlih[a-') 

Reconciliation, n. ^sulh, 
m. A.i~\.aj musdlha, f. 

Reconnaissance ,ri.^liCL.I 
istiksdf-^ <>^k:>-l istitld\ m. 

Reconsider, vt. Jii i\o ^dd 
nazar (dyd). 

Reconsideration, n. ^Wl 
jki Vddet nazar, f. 

O^^ sigilldi,f. put on — JJ 
qayid (a-). 

Recoyer ,vt .iji^\istaradd 
(astaridd); >.>->-'l istargcC 
(astarga"). he -ed himself 
4-.lj j 4-^e-^>-jrigi^ 'aqloh fy 
rdsoh. he-ed from illness 
^lWi(^&.- damages^ ^J M-\ 
ahad ta''wyd. 

Recovery, n.^jl^\istir^ 
g'd.';(from illnessjli>ist7rt,m. 

Recreate, vt. ^y nazzah 
(a-); J- salla (asally ). 

Recreation, n. j^ynuzha; 
^\J taslyia^ f. 

Recruit, 'I. •«Cjii\ji> nafar 
el qur^a (anfdr). 

Recruit, vt. ^.^i- i lamm 
'aakar (alimm); jC_p .^ 
gama' ^askar (agma'). 

Recruitment, n ./~«^f lamm 
'askar; JLs-^gam' "askar. 



Ree ' 


Rectangle, n. JJ».:— »>_,. 
mirabba" mustatyl, m. 

Rectification, n. ^^\ 
isldh^ m. 

Rectify, vt. ^sallah(a~); 

Rector, n. aJW k^jX, ^^.^^ 
rayyis madrasa ^dlya. 

Recurrence, n. jljC; tik^ 
rdr, m. 

Red,ot. ji^l ahmar(humr). 

— lead oy^^- salaqdn, m. he 
was caught — handed ojC-* 
4^U*1 miskuh bi ''amletoh. 

- hot jU\ (Sj ij^i>- hdmy say 
en ndr. 

Redden, vt, je- hammar 

Reddish, a. y^ mihmirr 


Redeemer, n, tiils fddy. 


Redress ,vt.^} Jo add i l{a-) ; 
^ sallah (a~). 

Redtape, n. <j:'j ollj»-l 
igradt rasmyia, f. 

Reduce, vt. ^yxu naqqas 
(a-j; Jl» qailil (a-j. 

Reduction, n. Jls) taqlyl; 
^Ja.ll naqs, m. dismissed for 
— of establishment j»Ju •^^j' 
marfut bil wafr. 

Re-eclio, vi. Oj rann 

Reed, n. j^^[ biisa (bus); 
A,lc. gdba, f, (gdb). — pen U 
Ja-i qalam bast. — flute ojUj 
zummdra, f. (zummardt); 
(il; ndy, m. (~dtj. 

Reef, n. j4'' jjy^" mbuf 
fil bahr, f. 

i^j\^kurraryia^ f. (kur_ 

Ree 392 Ref 

i\e-(i>iSLm\na.[[on,n.j\^J\i^\^adab; w^>-i}X tahzijb, m, 
imtihdn tdny, m. Jiji oWI Reflect, oi. J*\ll itammil 

iddet nasar^ f. 

Re-examine, vt. jl" ^j^ 
imtahan tdny (amtihln); 

(atammil). vt. ^jSif- ^akas 
Reflection, n. ^^,i\ in'L 

jki i\c ^dd nazar fa^yd). \ kds; (meditation) jCi; tafak^ 

Refer, vt. jU sdr (asyr); \ kur-^j^aJ iabassur, m. on — 
JW Ml (ahyl). he - red him ;^^--J\ -X'l ba^d et tabassur. 
to me 'Jc 4JU hdloh 'alayia. I Reform, vt. ^■^sallah(a-j-^ 
-red toAJ\jl-iUe/ musdr ilSh ^„>. hassin (a-). 

Reference, n. djUI isdra Reformation, n.T-^^WsZd/i 
(isardt); aJUI ihdla, f. (iha_\(-dt)-^ ^^i. tahsyn,m. (~dt}, 
lAt). iw- to ^_j-a^ ^j. min\ Reformer, n. ^-^^ musUh 
(lums.he has good — s ,ju.p \(-yn). 
^ >i.^iV' ^(^ndoh sihaddt] Ref re^h, v i. Jlm a a s(y in ^ 
tayyiba. /Jsyj J.:*; na^nls(yi-); ^j 

Reflne, vt.^n(iqqa(anaq_\ rattab (yi-). 
qy)\jj^karrar (a~). -djjC. Refreshing,c(.J-»:.m an' is; 
mikarrar; ^U:. mindd. hei^^. murattib. 
is a -d man ^1^. Jo-j y» /i(i_ Refreshment.n.^-Wy iar_ 
tort rdgil muhaz;sab. \tyb\ (drinic) vl.l;)>« mubar_ 

Refinement, n. -v.jj ian riddt; ^\^j.muratf.ibdt, f 
Qyi<^, f- xf^ takryr; ^:,\\ - room aj^, buffS, f.(~hdt) 

Ref 393 

Refuge, rt.U* malga; j~ 
hima, m. take - c^l ihtama 

Refugee, n. o^y/iartan 
(-yn); j>-l^. muhdgir(-yn). 

Refund, vt. ^^ dafa' (ad_ 
fcf); ij radd(arudd). 

Refusal, n. Uj .jc 'adam 
rida;^yj^jcadam qubul, m. 

Refuse, vt. ,J^j \.ma ri_ 
dys (ardds) ; ^»j rafad 

Refuse, n. Ji? tift, m. (of 


a house) a-L5^ kundsa; 4\j 
.7ibdla, f.— oFse-iome a.J> 
kusba, f. 

Refute, vt.xifannid(a-); 
j^; naqad (anqud). 

Regard, n.j\.\^\i''tibdr,m. 
-s c^l- sctldm, m. wlA-r^fls_ 
lymdtj.qiwe him my -s! I- 
aScJ, sallim ly 'aleh. wilh- 
to ^^■^^j* min iiustis; a^^;;* 

mln gihet. 

Regard, vt. jjiel iHabar 

Regarding, pre. ^j^}^ bi 


L^r^^ o' 

* min husus. 

Regenerate, vt. ^^e^gad^. 
did (a-). 

Regeneration, n.Ju Jt^ tag- 
dyd., m. 

Regent, n. cilill ^i\i ndyib 
el malik. 

Regime, n. Jj^l t/.suZ, /. 
jyj: tadbyr, m. 

Regiment, n. csVI aldy, 
m. ( - dt). 

Register, n. J^i^ daftar^ 
m. (dafdtir). 

Register, of . ■xJqayid(a~); 
Jf° sci.ggil. fa-). - a letter 
v_»lj:^ _f_y. s6gar ga wdb(a-). 

Registrar, n. o'j^i ^'^ 
kdtib qiyuddt. 

Registration, n. jj qed; 




Jl;.s; taqyyd, m. 

Regrel, a. ^^\ asaf^ m. 
»^_>- hasra^ f, 

Regrel, ot. UiJ^\ iiassif 
(atassif); j.^i.\ ithassarfat- 

Regular, a. h.-.-.. munta_ 
zim f-yn); J^^VI ._^:^ Jp 
^ala hasab el usul. 

Regularity^ n. ^.^nizdm; 
^j tartyb, m. 

Regularly, ad. ^^j^\ hi 
tar tyh-A)k.6\bin.tizdm .come 
- every day! -oil Jc^, J^tJU 
ta^dla hull ydm 'alalia. 

Regulate, ot. ^ij rattlb 
(a-)-\iiriazzam(a-); (water) 
(Ijj'j wazin (a-), regulating 
timbers\>^lli.ia/^sd6 guma. 

Regulation, n. ^.lli nizdm 
(~<^t)-^ ^y^\i qaniin, m. (qa_ 
Loanyn): ^'^ Idyha (laiod_ 
yih); (of water) 4jjlj.« mu_ 

wdzna, f. 

Regulator, n. ^iji^. ij^xi 
qantaret muwdzna (qand_ 
tir);\^lj3.-jqantaret guma^f. 

Rehearsal, n. *«^lj- mu. 
rdg'a, f. 

Rehearse, o/;.»^ljr%i'('^-) 
Reign, vt. 'C- hakam (ah_ 

hum); di\.» malak(amluk). 

Reign, n. 'C>- hukm; dA-» 
mulk, m. 

Reigning, a. lU fidkim 
(-yn); dJi\^ mdlik (—yn). 

Reimburse,oi.^j ragga' 
(a-)' ij radd (arudd). 

Reimbursement, n. ^j 
i<^rgi/\ :>j radd, m. 

Ke.[x\,n.i-j^sur\m. (asrd") 

Reinforce, vt. _i«- sa^af 
(as^ip; s,madd (amidd). 

Reinforcement, n. ^U-l 
is^df (-at); i\s>\ imddd, m. 




Reinstate^ vt. ^U^ ^j 
ragga" lil wazyfa (a-). 

Reinstatement, n. ^W-jl 
Ai-t^U irga'^ lil wazyfa, m. 

Reject, 0^. ^j rafad (ar_ 
fuel); v_- ^v^j \» ma ridys hi 

Rejection, n.^»j rafd;^dc 
\j>j ^adam rida, m. 

Rejoice, oi. ^» flrih(af_ 
rah); ia.^^\inbasat(anbisit). 

Rejoicing, n. rj> far ah; 
iaL-jl inbisdt, m. 

Relapse^ vi. ,jio"l itnakas 

Relapse, n. iS^ naksa, f. 

Relate ,ot. ^»-haka(ahk y); 
Jl5 qAl (aqdl). - to ^ (>>■'-'-* 
iJitass hi (yihtass). he is -d 
to me ^>^J y^ huwa qaryhy. 

Relating, a. ^*i muhtass; 
jU:* mit'allaq. 

nasab,m. A,\Jqardba;{con- 
nection) «^o Hldqa, f. in - 
to i^\ hin nisba. 

Relationship^n.Ajljj qard._ 
ha, f. ^J nasah, m. 

Relative, n. ,^ij qaryh 

Relax, vt. j-j raljjicf' (yi- 
rahhy). - the bowels ^i^kJ^uj^ 
layin el hatn (yi-). 

Relaxation, n. \^jl irtiha; 
j._J lyn,m. 

Release, vt. Jju. ^y\ aljla 
sabyl (ahly); cf- gj'' (^frag 
"an (afrigj. 

Release, n. Jjk- !^i-l ihla 
sabyl; ^\j\ ifrdg, m. 

Relevancy, n. ily^ hay_ 
syia, f. 

Relevant, a. ^ii muh- 
tass ; ^^umit^allo.q. 

Reliable,a. Ss^'mutamad 

Relation, n. iblood) >^J (-yn). 




Reliance, n. i\jfrl Vtimdd; 
JSCm ittikdl^ m. 

Relic^ n. .j«.i dahyra, f. 

Relief, n. ^\jrdhaj.^\^\ 
is'df, m. V.WI i'dna^ f. 

Relieve, oi.^jraf/ia/i(a-); 
>^i.^ hciffif (ct-)-^ ^,.^\ as'af 
(as^if). - from^^'afa m in 


Religion, dyn, m. 
(adydn);4\iidydna,f. (dya_ 

Religious, a. (^o dyny.- 
man j:Ji« midday in (-yn). 

Religiousness^ n. j^j.; ta_ 
dayun, m. 

Relish, n. .1^ ta'm, m. »jl. 
Tna:2za, f. 

Relish, vt. »!h.:J istot'am 

Reluctance, n. «i iaman- 
nu'; ^y tatoaqquf, m. 

Reluctant, a. ^c'miiman- 

na' (-yn);<J>iy~» mitwaqqaf 

Rely, vi, M.^\ itamad fa'_ 

Remain, oi. -obigyfabqaj; 
^\:iddm (adum); Jj^j fl<lil 

Remainder, n. j\, bdqy, 
m, (bawdqy)-^ 4_J> baqyia, f. 

Remark, n. ^^' malhCiz , 
m. (-dt)-, Ak:^^U muldhsa, f. 

Remark, vt. ^^ Idhiz 
(a-j; ]i^' J/ "amal malhuz 

Remarkable, ci^j^^maL 

Remedy, n. ^i dawa-'r-% 
Hldg, m. 

Remedy, vt. iS)\i ddwci 
(addtoy); ^U 'dlig (a-). 

Remember, o t .f^x i i t zak^ 
kar(at zakkar ), -me\,o\\\m\ 




aSc J U sallim ly "aUh. do 
you - this man? ^}'r}\jj'>i\ 
\i bdlaks fir rdgil da. 

Remembrance^ n. /i 
zikr, m. 

Remind, vt. jS fakkar 
(o.~)- jTi zakkar (a-). 

Reminder, n. (letter) ^\y>- 
^}\^'-'\ yawdb istVgdl, m. 

Reminiscence, n./'J: ta_ 
sakkur, m. 

Remission, n. (of taxes) 
^j raf\ m. 

Remit, ot. (forgive) ^U 
sdmih(a-); ^c^ 'a fa (a^fy); 
(restore) ^j radd (arudd); 
(money) »>i dafa" (adfa'J. 
he - ted 5 p. c. aJlI J A^i~^ja.u 
naqqas fiamsa fil myia: 

Remittance, n. (forgive- 
ness) ^ic 'a fit; (money) Jjy^ 
tahwyl, m. aI'^ hiwdla, f. 
Remnant, n. 4-i» fadla 

(fad.ldtj; A-a, baqyia, /'. 

Remodel, vt. Jac 'addil 
(a-); j^i-gayiar (a-). 

Remodelling, n. Jj j.Jto'- 
dyl;ji:^ icigyyr, m. 

Remorse, n. j^c^'' g^./ 
tawbyli eddamyr, m. 
Remote, a. j,.^bi'yd{budd) 
Remoteness, jl*; bu^d, m. 
Removal, n. Ji naql; J.- 
s4l, m. 

Remove, vt. Jai naqal 
(anqil); (an official) Jj«> 'ft- 
zal (o.'zil). 

Remunerate, oi. j'^kdfa 

(akdfy); J^^c^aawadia-). 

Remuneration, n. aIjISC. 

mukdfd, f .JAIL'S ta^w yd, /n. 

Remunerative, a. ..^JT.aJ 

fyh maksdb. 

Rend, vt.^yma22aq(a-)-, 
^'saqq (asuqq). ~ the heart 

Ren 398 

._JiU .kj qattcc elqalbCyi—). 

J»>. ga'al (ag'al); Ji- hdUa 

y^'r^'^^^^mahall el igtimd\ 

Renegade, a. j€^ kdfir 
(kuffdrj; Juj-W gdhid (-yn). 

Renew^f t .^So-gadd id (a-) 

Renewal,/?, jj Ji^ togd yd ,m. 

Renounce^ vt. ^aij rafcul 
(arfad); jc Jjb'l itndzil 
'an (atndsil). 

Renouncemenl, n. jaij 
rafd;j€^\ inkdr , m. 

Rent, n. (in garment) j-j 
fatq,m.(fltAq);{\eaiSe money) 
,^1 ngra^ f,j[^\ ygdr, m. 
(of ground) a-J-jI ardyia, f. 
- collector ciU- gdbg (gubd). 

Rent, o^. j>-l aggar (a-); 


Repair, vt,^-" sallahfa-); 
.J rammim (a-). 

Repair, n. ■^ taslyh{-dt); 
i^j tarmym, m. (-dt). out 
of - ^-^^ »Jl, biddoh taslyh. 

Reparation, n. ^' taslyh 

Repay, u^.jlj"j»»jrf«/«' tdny 
(adfa'')-^ (recompense) lijU 
gdsa (agdsy); j^ kdfa 

Repeal, vt. ^]^battal(a-); 
J laga (algy). 

Repeal, n. Jlkil ibtdl; jiJ 
lagu, m. 

Repeat, vt. ^W ^dd {('■'yd); 
jf^karrar (a-). 

Repent, vi. J^ tdb{aiub); 
.jji nidim (andam). 

Repentance, n. My tdba; 
*.ljLi naddma, f. 

Repetition, n. jl^^ ikrdr^ 
m. A»^'j> mitrdg'a, f. 




Replace, vt. ^^ 'auwad 
(a-y, J(J«. v^W gM3 biddl fa, 
gyb); -U» ^Ij qdm maqdm 
(aqum). I -d him4i:^jk.wJ.iiU 
ana qa'att matrahoh, 

^jrad.d,m. (rudud). 

Reply, V t.^i\e^gd w i b( a- ) ; 
jj radd (artidd). 

Report, vt.j^i.\ a}}bar(ah_ 
hir); 'X bo.llag (a-;. it is -ed 
cXzj^musd" ; I^^S-i ^U\ en nds 

Report ,n. xy^taqryr (ta_ 
qaryr); j^ habar (al}bdr); 
Ji^ maMar^ m.(mahddir). 
police - A,i\)\laJijJi^maMar 
^aht el wdq'tt. 

l\e\)Orier, n.^'^'mukdtib 
(-yn); ^y\y murdsil (-yn). 

Represent, vt. (stand in 
place of) j^ ^li ndb '^an (a. 
nW; (per5onate),_y^.fo Vtrw 

(a-); (show) iSji warra (a_ 
warry)-^_^\ashar (azhir). 
this ~Syj(-,_)\s- \ida^ibdra '^an 

Representation, n. jl^kl 
islidr; jf^l tawkyl; j-yxit"^ 
tasljys, m. 

Represenlative,n. .^_\!n(2_ 
yib (nuwdb); j^^U mamur 
(-yn); ^}S:* mandub(—ynj. 

Repress, ot.Jk]batial(a-);, 


,14 mana' (amna). 

Repression, n. Jlkil ibtdl-, 
«:* man" , m. 

Joy tarsyl, m. 

Reprimand, vt.'^iwabbah 
(o--); Jij razzil (a-). 

Reproach, n. j^^\ ta'yyr; 
f.) lorn, m. i.>^» maldma, f. 

Reproach, vt. jf- "ayiar 
((■I--); rV Idm (al&m). 

Reptile, n. *A\e.}zahdfa,f. 
{zahafdt); Ji-S} wdgitt^ m. 




Republic, n. a^j^^ gam^ 
hurijia, f. 

Republican, a. cij^?- 

Repudiate, ot. jaij rafad 
(arfudj; ^ nakar (ankir). 
he -fl his son ol ^j* ^jv^ 
itbarr/t min ibnoh. 

Repudiation, n.^j^ijrafd; 
j^l inkdr , m. 

Repulsive,a.( hideous)*,^ ^ 

Reputation, n. ,:^syt^m. 
,j^ suhra, f, 

Repute,nf.oi-»sfi'(//o«{a -); 
j^tsahar (ashir). -d j^^i. 
mashdr {-yn). 

Request, nt, ^]atalab (at.. 
you are — ed Vj-i'- ^' ^>-_,U eZ 
margu min hadretkum. 

^y\ elt lmds(-dt );\o>-jraga , 

m. (-Lodt). 

Require, ot. ^} ^j lizim It 
{yilzam). he s a book^l V^Ij 
<^\z^yUzam loh kitdb. 

^lU talab^ m. his -s 4..jlj5 

Requisition, n.^ytatab, 
m. (-dt). 

Research, n. J^itu taftys; 
j-.jJlT tadwyr, m. 

Research, vt. J.-J fattis 
((^'); ji^ dauwar (a-j. 

Resemblance, n.A^^Li* m«_ 
sdbha^ f. *jlir tasdbuh, m. 

Resemble, o(.*;lis^ft«/) fa-; 

Resent,o^jcj ziHlfas'al); 
Jilil igtdz (agtdz). 

Resentment, n. Jcj za^al, 
m. Ai.;J> dagyna, f. 

Reservation, n. jo- Jii»- 
hifz haqq; s.Jv taqyyd, m_ 

Reserve^ a-JaL^- 1 ihtydty^ 




Jaj jj rushyt. 

Reserve^ vt. Jii»- hafaz 
(ahfaz); j^ hagaz (ahgiz)-^ 
jil abqa (abqy). -d j^,^ 
mahgrXs( - yn ) ^{[ierson) j^iIm 

Reservoir, n. J\j;^l]azzdn 
{-dt);^^>- h6d,m. (hyddn). 

Residence, n. A. Ijl iqdma^ 
f. jC sakan; (abode) c-j 
bet, m. (biyut). 

Resident, n. Jm- sdkin 

Resign, vt. (office) j»:^l 
ista'fa (astaya); (give up) 
U sallim (a-), he -ed lo 
God 4j) »j.l U sallim amroh 

Resignation, /I. UiC^l jsir_ 
/'a; Ji^r taslym, m. 


Resist, vt.ti^qdwim (a-); 

ijU dddid (a~). 

Resistance, n. ij>i\i» mu_ 
qdwma; a^Lk. mudddda, f. 

Resolute, a. .jU Mzim 
(-yn); c^}i sdbit (—ynj. 

Resolution, n. ,y^hazm; 
^■f- 'azm; Ji^i qasd, m. 

Resolve, vi. .j& 'a^am 
(d-sim)] Ji^i qasad (aqsud). 

Resort, n. oj\i--"l istigdra-^ 
AJli:-.! istigdsa, f. (place) jj^ 
mawrad, m. 

Resort, oi.Jj :,ij\ itrad^ 
did ^ala(atraddid);^Cj\ic^\ 
istcigds bi (astagys). 

Re'sonrce, n. J j^^.tnasdar , 
in. (masddir). 

Respect, n. j\.'s-\ i'tibdr; 
Jjl^l ihtirdm, m. — s f%. 
saldm, m. o\-*j^' ihtira_ 
mdt. give her my -s'A^cJU 
sallim ly ^aUha. in every - 
4j>-^ JS^(J;« ^in hull wagh. 





Respect, vt. jCj^\ i'tabarl Rest, n. (quiet) 4o.lj rdha-. 

(a^tibir); ^ J.>.\ihlaram (ah_ 
tirim). -ed ju« mutabar 

Respectability, n. jUtti 
iHibdri ^Ij^^l ihtirdm,m. 

Respectable, a. _,i:« mu'- 
tabar (-yn)]^y.ff muhtaram 
(-yn ). 

Respectful, a. ^^'^ mu_ 
oddabr-yn );^Li^muhtasam 

Respiration, n. ^^^w ta- 
naffus, m. 

Respire, vt. ^jl itnaffis 
(atnaffis); ^ii M-\ aliad na., 
fas Uifiad). 

Respondent, n. a-Ic j-x, 
mudda'a ^aUh (-um). 

Responsibility, n. aJ^I-* 
masiUyia, f. 

Responsible, a.^/^^mas. 

/.(thai which is left) Jl; M_ 
qy,m.i..}> baqyiaj.&i - ^ll^ 
mirtdh (—yn). 

Rest, vt. Aj rayiah (a-), 
vi. ^Ijl irtdh (artdh); f,J.-^ 
istiray iah (astir ay iah). 

da (lokanddt)]Al>iij^ :,duk_ 
kdn tabbdb, f. (dakakyn). 

Restive, a. (^jlali qalqdn 
(-yn). - horse Ojj^O^-a'- /^o- 
sdn harixn. 

Restless, «. u^«l> qalqdn 
(-yn); i}j^l*^\bdloh masgul 

Restlessness, n. ji; qalaq^ 
m. A^jkl' masgulyia, f. 

Restoration, n. (bringing 
back) jjrodd,m. (repairing) 
#^-*' taslyh, m. 

Restore,o<. (bring back)jj 
mdd (arudd); (repair) ^ 




sallah (a-). 
Restrain, vt. 


''" mana'' 

famna'); j,U hds (ahds). 

'Restraint, n.^ hagz; »u 
rmn^;^.mdni'- ,m.(moiodni') 

Restriction, n ^.^ ha.'jr; 
-1)0^ tahdyd, m. 

Restringent, a.^Ji)Ugd6lVi; 
dA^iT mumsik. 

Result, n. AiT' natyga, f. 
J^U hds il,m. a-^^U- Iju Idsa^ /". 

Result, oi. ^ nalog (yin^ 
tug); j^>.hasal (yihsal); JlM 
itatta (y~). 

Resume, vt. J ^V ^dd li 

(a^Cid). he -d his work 


4^iiS rigi^ lisugloh. 

Resume, n. A-=.!>^i- I].uldsa, 
f. jjAJi* mulafi.Iias, m. 

Resurrection, n. Ji»\^\ el 
qydma, f. 

Retail, n. ij.>Tnufrad;j-\\:i 

Retail, vt. ^JX A, bd" bil 
mufrad (cthy^); ^Ikell f-l hd" 
bil qattd'y. 

Retain, vt. -^ hagas (ah_ 
giz); J.I abqa (abqy); iaJi 
zabat (azbut). 

Retard, vt.j'\ahhar (a-). 

Retention, n. -jS: hags;^ 
man'', m. 

Retire, Of. \J ^jrigi' li 
wara (arga'); ^y- harag 
(aljrug);^'^^ insahab (an_ 
slhib); (from office) j«i-( 
ista'fa (asta'fa). -d j.:„* 
musta'fy (-yn). he -d to 
bed j'.;.J\J'5-i dahcU es siryr. 

Reti rement , n . ^j^hu rdg; 
^\^\ insihdb; (from office) 
\knz^\ isti^fa, m. 

Retort, n. 



Retreat, vi. \J ^j rigC 
liwara (arga'). 




Retreat, n. f-y-j rigu\ m. 

Retribute, vt. (ij^r gdza 
(ngdzy); ^y,^ 'auwad (a-). 

Retribution, n. >\}\^ mu_ 
gazd^ f. (jii^J ta'wyd, m. 

vt. ^j ragga" (a -J; ^jradd 
(arudd). I -ed his call ^.oj 
^"ijlj^raddet loh zydrtoh. 

Return, n. ^j rig{i\ m. 
{\\s[.)^jja~gadwal^m . (gadd_ 
toil). - ticket ^Uj^Ui ,fjs 
tazkara zihdh ice ydb^.f^Js 
(^U^lj tazkara rdyihgdy. 

Reveal, vt. _^ kasaf 
(aksif); ^ii fasa (afsy). 

Revenge, ?i..lii I intiqdm; 
j\r tdr■,J\:!i\^^\ahd et ldr,m. 

Revenge, vt. aiil intaqam 
(antiqim); jli ai-l ahad bL 


^^x. madfi.ul; (of land) ^_j 
re', m. 

Reverence, n. .IjJp-I ihti_ 
rdm; ^jX ikrdm, m. 

Reverend, a. *jvss muhia_ 
ram (-yn); ^j~>.jJ qassys 

Reverse, vt. ^Ji qalah 

Reverse, n. j^dah r; ^jS^ 
^aks] U; qofa; ^l qalb, m. 

Revert, ui.^j rigi' (ar_ 
ga")-^ i\c ^dd (a'ud). 

Revetment, n. i^Jy^ tak_ 
syia, f. 

Review, n. (of books) ila:il 
intiqdd (-dt); (of troops) 
^l_,«i-.l isti'rdd,m. (-dt). 

Review, vt. (books) Aiiil 
intaqad (antiqid); (troops) 
ij>_fr.''\ ista^rad (asta'rad). 

Revile, 0^. \c Ai^safah "ala 




{asfah); ii satam (astim). 

Reviler, n. a-L- safyh 
(sufaha)-^Ax^ sattdm (-yn). 

Revise, vt. Msallah (a-); 
■^ iiahliah (a~). 

Revision, n. ^ taslyh; 
^•*^' tashyh^ m. 

Revival, n.4-i:«) na'nisaj. 

Revive, vi, ,J^-s\itna'nis 
(atncCnis); [Jr\istahya(c(s_ 
tahya). vt. ^m ncCn is (a-); 
Ls-I ahya (ahyy). 

Revocation;, n. UH ilg(i; ^ 
lagu, m. 

Revoke, vt. Jilaga(algy). 

Revolt, n. o^^'usydn,m. 

Revolt, ot. (^dP 'isy (a'sa). 

Revolution, n. (turn) >j)i 
dura (dordt);{rehe\\[on)»jy 
sdra, f. (sordt). 

Revolutionary /«.(person) 

^'' fitnagy (-ia). 

Revolver, n. ^^jvefolfar 
(-dt); ^jj\ j^^i ij fard hi_ 
sitt arwdh^ m. 

Reward, n. aIjSC muka^ 
fyia, f. \-j>- gisa, m. 

Reward, vt. S^kdfa (a- 
hdfy); (ijW gdza (agdzy). 

Rheum, n. ij bard; ^'j 
zukdm^ m. 

Rheumatism, n. ^j^'tj 
rumdtizm; J^UU .»j waga' 
el mafdsil, m. 

Rhinoceros, n. c^j^har_ 
iyt; j4'^ jh baqar el bahr,m. 

Rhubarb,n . S,i\jrdiv ind ,m. 

Rhyme, n. ajIj qf^fya^, f. 

Rib, n. JiJ>dal\m. (diW). 
-bed AjiAmidalla^(—yn) . — of 
date palm branch .Ajj^ g'L 
ryda, f. (girydj. 

Ribbon, n.-Li^ siryt, m. 
j^lifkurd^kt, f. 




Rice, n.jj rtisz, m. 

Rich, n.^^(■gany (agnyia). 
— s lit gina; JU mAl, m. 

Rickets, n. ^\jrkusAh,m. 

Rickety, a. ^' mikas_ 
sah (-yn). 

Rid, vt. ^y^i- ballas {a~); 
jLp 'ataq (aHaq), get- of 
^ ,ju>i'\ it/jallas min. 

Riddle, n. >jyj>- hazzura, 
f. (hawazyr). 

Ride, n. i.i^fasha, f.j\ji^ 

miswaVj m. 

Ride, vt.^jrikib(arkab). 
he rode over^^ \i>-ga rdkib 

Rider, n.^jrdkib(-yn), 

l\i(\icu\e ,n .>js=-'mashara; 
ti^jf mahzda, f. 

Ridicule, vt. Jc j^-^\ it_ 
mashar "ala (atmashar); 
Jc •l_^l itmahza 'ala (at_ 
mahza); Jc di*^ dihik 'ala 

Ridiculous,^. dX*^'mudhik 

Riding, n. ^/j rikub,m. 

Rifle, n. Ajj^ibunduqyia, 
(biinduqyidt), f. 


Rig, vt.y^ gahhiz (a-). 

Right, n. ^7^haqq;^j&^adl; 
^^ sahyh; iS}-^ dugry. 

Right, a. iSf-:>dugry\ «.*? 
sahyh. he is a - man J»-j y^ 
j\i^huwa rdgil haqqdny.- 
handotjc'ljij VI el yd el yimyn. 
he does not tcnow his - hand 
from his left ^. icf Jj>j^^ U 
4c., ma yi'rafs ktVoh min 
biVoh. that is- ^^^ Ij da 
; so-hyh. have you got the — 
time^^l^^.diifrUs^'^oi/c maz_ 
buta. the - road *> j^Jl aSCj\ 
es sikka ed dugry ia. all- ! 

, J» tayyib; ^jJic ^azym. that 

serves him -IJ«.l.:^)j/ts<(i/i«7. 
you are — il Jul Jj-i-l ei /la^g' 




fydak; iJjiiP jU el haqq 
%ndak. - angle «^ ^ijlj 
zdwya qdyma, f. 

Right, vt. J JO 'addil(a-); 
i-^ sallah (a-). 

Righteous, a. j! taqy (at_ 
qyid); M-^ sdlih (-yn). 

Rightful, a, Jla^ haqqd_ 
ny(-yn)-^ j.L\ 4) loh el haqq. 

Rigorous, a. Ju j.i sadyd; 
^^\i qdsy. 

Rim, rt. j\i^ sanbar, m. 

Rind, n.tjtiqisra,f.(qisr). 

Ring,/i. (metal) AAi^-halaqa 
(halaq); jj<>-gilba, f.(gilab)\ 
(flngerj <li- (}dtim,m. (I\a_ 
«;«/; jm;; (sound) Ajj ranna-^ 
4»j daqqa, f, (league) 4..-aP 
^usbaJ.Cusab). — leader^_^_ j 
^^ii\rayyis eVusba(ruyasa). 

Ring, vt.jidaqq (aduqqj; 
Oj ra/in (arinn). 

Ringing, n, Jj dagj; <jj 
rann, m. 

Ringworm, n. ^J qurd\ 
m. one who has the - s^jii 
agra' (qur). 

Rinse, of. ^ki sa^a/' fas_ 
fu/'>; jjac'*' masmas (u-). 

Rinsing, n. .-iki. sa^/", m. 
4.^c^* masmasa, f. 

Riot, n. AJLi- Ijlndqa ({jL 
naqdt); i.)ai_j zita, f. 

Rip, vt. jxs /"aiag (aftaq); 
ji. sagg (asuqq). 

Rip, n. ja /"aig (fttuq); 
j.-i sagg, m. (suquq). 


Ripen, oi. cS^-. sauwa (a_ 
sauwy). vi. t5_^l isiawa 

Ripeness, n. '^- slwa, m. 

Rise, n. ^li^jl irtifd';{of 
sun) c-jUfl («/a'j Jj^ sarO,q, 
m. (of Nile) o^. j sydda, f. 




(riol) jjU* hayagdn, m. x>y 
qdma, f. 

Rise, oi. ,\i qdm (aqumj; 
-kU tiii' (aUa'j;^c Hly (a'la); 
»irj( irtafa" (artifl"), tlie 
sun rose oj^U ^c*"'! es sams 
titet. the Nile rose jlj Jj\ 
en nyl zAd. 

Rising, n.^tuliV;_^c'iHj,; 
f-liijl irtifd\m.ii\ jzydcla^ f. 

Risk, n. jki- hatar, m. 

Risk, vt.Jh\i- hdtir fa~); 
^j\c^ gdzif(a-).he-ed his 
\ife>y^ljh\i^hdtir bi'umroh. 

Risky, a. Jii^ mubtlr; *,» 
jLs- fyh liatar. 

Riveter, n. j^\^j_ hur^ 
sdmgy (~ia). 

Road, n. jSCI sikka, f.(sL 

Roar, n. j.c.j zi'yq, m. 

Roar, vi. ^yj za'^aq (a-)-^ 
j«^ ga'-'ar (a-), 

^OQ.s\. ,vt ,iS^i.sawa(aswy); 
js- hammar (a—); ,^i~ ham_ 
mas (a—). 

Roast, a. iSy^* maswy' ^f- 
m ihammar^fjo.^ m ihammas^ 

Roasting, n. ^s^i sawy; 

Rob, vt. ^^ nahab (an^ 
hab); J).^ salab (aslib); j^. 
saraq (asraq). 

Rile,n.^iUaqs,m.(tuqus)\ Robber, n. ^\^ nahhdb 
Rival, n.^^Uiism(aljsdm). \ {~yn}; ^.\j„ hardmy i-ia). 
River, n.j^bahr (buhur)- Robbery, n.^f(-nahb;Ji^ 

j^ ncihr, m. (anhdr). 
Rivet, n. fUj; bursdm, m. 
Rivet, jf-ij; barsim (a-). 

salb, m. iij^ sirqa, f. 

Robe, n. ^y tdb [atwdb); 
olk-i fustdn, m. (fasatyn). 




Rock, n. »^ so-hraj, (su_ 
fiur); ^iJ; sa^b, m. 

Rock, vt.^haz2 {ahizz). 
— ing chair j\^e> ^^y kursy 

Rocket, n. ^)j\^saruh, m. 

Rocky, a. (SJ^" sahry; if 
(jls? kulloh higcira. 

Rod, n. Aj\.^ ^dsdyaCtisy); 
-iL.-a» qasaba^ f. [qasabdt). 

Rogue, n. j'SC makkdr 
{-yn);^i.nigis {-yn). 

Roll,o^. ^■^:,dahrag[a-)i 
vi, 7-jS-jl iddahrag {addah_ 
rag); ^':>1 iddaqlig [addaq^ 
lig). the ship -s J-c'. >_5J.I el 
marklb bitmyl. 

Roll, n. (of cloth) Aj^k-s 
bastawyia {bastawyidt); 
u'^tdqa, f.(taqdt). 

Roller, n. ^xi^ mahdala, 

f. {mahddil). 

Roman, a. jU^j rumdny. 

Romance, m.aj'SC- hikdya 
[hikaydt); m^)j riwdya, f. 

Romantic, a. Ji^l^l isj, 
zay el hikaydt. 

Rome, n. a-vj rCimya, f. 

Roof, n.U^saqfisuqufa); 

<^-" sath, m.isuttVw)- -less 
i_i4^ ^) U ma lus saqf^iS^ 
samd wy. 

Roof, vt.^i^ saqqaf{a-). 

Rook, n. Q, rM[?/i, m. 

Room, n. (chamber) o^l 
uda, f. (uwadj; (place) t-jI" 
matrah (matdrih)- ,\^ ma^ 
hall (-dt); cj^> makdn, m. 
(amdkin). in my - ^J^* J 
fy mat rahy. make - for himi 

Roomy ,a.^ljt(;tf.s i\-yn). 
Roost, n. ^i^ hunn, m. 




Rool,n.jJ:>-gidr (gidur)i 
J-»l ad, m. (usul). 

Rope, n. J-;- habl, m. (hi_ 
bdl), - dancev^\^bahlawdn. 
- maker JL>- habbdl (-yn). 
tow- (jU libdn, m. 

Rosary ,n ..ut'-s £&/io(s ibah) 

Rose, n. ojj warda, f. 
(ward). - colour j^jjj war_ 
dy; -uc bamba, - water ij^ U 
ma ward, m. 

Rosemary, n. ^LU;^ /ia_ 
salbdn, m. 

Roselta, n. Jujij rasyd, f. 

Rosetle^n. (^jliJi ojj war_ 
det en nysdn, f. (warddt). 

Rosy, a. ijy muwarrad; 
iSiji wardy. 

B.oi,ot.^kfi-'affln (yi-);Ji^ 
'attaniyi-); ^\^c'at tabCy i~) . 

Rotation, n. >j)i ddra 

Rotten, a. ^ mi'afftn. 
(-ynj; ^Lm mi''attab (-yn). 

eggs J.LC ja.^_ bid mi. 


Rottenness, «. iijks>'ifuna^ 
f. ^k& "alab, m. 

Rouge, n. \ji- humra, f. 

Rough, a.^L^bisin (-yn); 
(man) ^Li- husny (-yn). - 
sea ^_\». ^bahr hdyig. 

Roughness, n. iiyli-f^usA^ 
na; iii% galdza, f. 

Roulette, Wjj rulyna^ f. 

Round, a. jjjt* m idauwar 
(-yn). - sum ^j»^pL.>mablag 

Round, a. J^ h6l; <j:^\j»- 
haioaUn. all - jjJu U j\^ dd^ 
yir ma yidtir, he got - him 
*i; JTi akal muhboh. 

Routine, n. ij^jC tamryn, 
m. 4.-.jlir mumdrsa, f. 

Rove, oi.j\idAr (adur); 




wi) laff (aliff);A^ sdh(asuh). 
Row, n. (quarrel) ii\:^ l}L 

ndqa^ f. (f^inaqatj; (line) 

wi-» sa/f, m. (sufuf). 
Row, vt.^Ji qaddif (a-). 
Rower, n. ^i-l-u. muq_ 

ddfgy (-ia). 


Rub, vt.S>Pida'^ak(ad'-ak); 
iJjj farak (afruk);do-hakk 
(ahukk), - off f^ masah 

Rubbish, n. ii\,jzibdlaj. 
^ij radm; j^ij rads, m. 

Rubble, 'i. J^J dabs, m. 

Ruby, n. AJy^i yaquta, f. 

Rudder, n. *ii daffa, f. 

Rnde, a. }^ogaly^(gulds); 
^}lijras yl(rusala)■,^}.tsaqyl 

Rudeness, «. ^Jljj razdla; 
Ai^li- l}usuna;i}i%galdza, f. 

Ruffian, n. J^j^-hardmy 
(-ia); ji saqy(asqyia). 

ol*^ siggdda, f. (sagagyd). 

Ruin, n. illA* haldk; s^\y^ 
liardb,m. -s of a house *ilji- 
hardba, f. (}}arabdt). 

Ruin, vt. dlj* halak (ah_ 
lik); y^ji- Ijarab (ali.rib). vi. 
diii^hilik (ahlak); s^j-l}irib 

Ruinous, a. ^L. mutlif 
(—yn); j^J^ yiliOssar (—u), 

Rule,^. i.*hukm (ahkdm); 
C^y\i qanun, m. (qawanyn); 
,JcU qd'da, f. (qawd'id). 

Rule, vt. (govern) C^ ha_ 
kam (ahkumj; (mark with 
lines) jk- sattar (a-); Ja^^ 
mastar (a—). 

Ruler, n. (governor) ^»- 




hdkim (hukkdm); (instru- 
ment) tJti^Amostara^f .(ma_ 

Rum, n. ^jjrdm, m. 

Rumour, n. toUl isd'a,/. 
(isa'dt);jv^hct'har ^m.ialibdr) 

Rumour,o t .^i.\asd"(asi/r, 
jKi^niistalla" habar (a-), it is 
-e(i(\l..musd^;j^i'jfy babar. 

Run, vi. iSyr9iry(agry); 
fj ramah (armahj. — about 
i]l:»j Uft c5j>- giry hena we 
hendk, - after \j} iSf: giry 
wara. - aground Ja*? sahat 
(ashat). - into debt(j:Jl j»5j 
ioiq'C fid d^n. -tlie riskjUU- 
hdtir (a-). -over ^Ij dds 
(adus). ihe ink does not - jd-l 
ji^c' 1* el hibrmci biyimsys. 

Run, n. 4jj»- garya, f. 
meter — J,^ J^ mitr tdly. 

Runaway, n. o^j'^har.^ 
bdn (-yn). 

Rupee, n. A-) J rubbyia^ f, 

Rupture, n. j.-J fatq; j^ 

Rural, a. J; J r {//'(/; j-^^ 
falldhy. — post office *.k-^. 
AJl^U &dsi(X tauwdfa. 

Ruse, n. 4.:'- /ij/to (hyial); 
»jl;ji dubdra, f. 

Rush, n. *^ higurn, m. 
A^-j zahma, f. 

Rush, ui. j»j^ hagam (ah_ 
gim).- in |^»-l«. Ji-^ dahal 
hdgim (adhul). 

Rushes^ n. liU halfa^ f. 

Rusk, n. A^yy qarqCisa, 
f. (qaraqys). 

Russia, n. ^_fL.\.\i%_bildd 
el miskdb, f. 

Russian, a. J,f.~» mis__ 
kdby (miskdb). 

Rust, n. U^ sada; jlj,U- 
ginzdr, m. 




Rust, oi.iSXa sadda (yi- 
saddy);j-j^o- gansar [yi-]. 

Rustic, n. J. J ryfy;j-i^ 

Rustle,o i. J:»ji6«''/is(f/t-); 
Jj^ bas^as (yi-). 

Rusty, a. jjltf miganzor; 
iSx.a.A m isaddy. 


Sable, n.j^" sc^mmAr, m. 

Sabretache, j.\^jysabar_ 
tds, m. 

Sack, n. ^^kys,m. (ak- 
yds); K.^j zikyha,f.(zakd_ 
yib). give the — jjW tarad 
(atrud). get- Ihe ijai\ in^ 
tarad (antlrid).,ot,^f^nahab(anhab) 

Sacrament, n. ^' sirr, m. 

Sacred, a.^si>mugaddas 

Sacrifice, n. a.i^.3 dibyha 
(dabdyih); kJf dihyia, f. 

Sacrifice, vt. ^i dabah 

(adbah); ^dahha(adahhy) 

Sacristan, n. zJ^sii qan^ 
dalaft (-yia). 

Sad, a. (person) o^y haz_ 
ndn (-yn); p." magmiim 
(-yn); (ihing) ^jtz muhs in; 
jji5C. mukaddir. 

Sadden,o ^ . ^y-hazz in(a -) ; 
> gamm (agimm). 

Saddle, n. ^m sarg, m. 
(sirug). camel — iuJ^ gabyt, 
m. donkey— ^ij barda^a, 
f, (barddi"). side - ol:- r^ 
sarg sittdt. - cloth oU Zi6_ 
bdda, f.(libbaddt). 




Saddle, oi.Jiisadd fasidd). 
Saddler, n. ^^ji^- sirdgy 
(-ia); j-i\j_ bardd^y (-ia). 
Sadly, ad. Oj*! bihuzn. 
Sadness, n. t;;^^ huzn; > 

Safe, rt. iL sftZim (-yn);j 
il)\*\ fy amdn, he is a- man 
u^!>* J^J y f'-utoa rdgil mt'- 
taman. - and sound Ji^ «^U 
sd^ salym. 

Safe, /I. JuJi^ Ailj^^&a^ttna 
hc(.dyd(h,azandt)]Jjj.^ Ji-ic^ 
sanduq hadyd (sanadyq). 
meat - 4Jc ncimlyia, f. (na^ 

Safety, n. 4*!iL saldma, f. 
o\>\ amdn; ijo"^ Ijalds^ m. 

Saffron, D*y*-J'2'«Y«r^'i,'w. 

Sage, n. (plant) JUj-mar^ 
yamyia, f. 

Sail, n. A» grti', m. fgiZtV;. 
set- M\ :>} farad el qal' 

(afrid). - cloth ^i\ j.\jqu- 
mds el qal\ m. wind - ^-iiU 
malqaf, m. (maldqif). 

Sail, vi. j[^sdfir (a-), vt. 
^}^^ ^ maskael markib 

Sailing, n. j4\y^safar el 
bahr^ m. - ship f-Ji ^y 
markib quW; i-\j^ ^y 
markib sard\ 

Sailor,?i. iSy^bahry (-ia); 
jy nuty (—ia), 

i},) ioaly(awlyia).one's — day 
-^e- ^yd,m.(a^yddj. — George 
u-^jT ^Sj^* mdry girgis. 

Sake, n. jWU- fjdtir ; ^\J: 
sdn. for your - iS^UU- o\t ^ 
^ala §dn h,dtrdk. for God's 
- viiic 4Jul billdhy '■aUk. 

Sakieh, n. oU sdqya, f. 

Salad, n. aU- salata, f. 





Salary, n. aj^U mdhyia 
(mahyidt); a5v?- gamkyia 
(gamkyidt); ^\^>. hisdb; 
j\lir\ istihqdq,m. (-dt). 

Sale, n. ^.\ be\ m. n - a..; 
M'^a, f.(M'dt). contract of - 
- by private agreement ^ 
A-.j\|\. bt bil mumdrsa. 

Salep, n. Jx^ sahlab, m. 

Saliva, n. jjj ryq; j\y. 
bizdq, m. 

Salivate, v L j,ybaz^aq{a- ) 

Salmon, n. J\^ ^y hut 
silymdn, m. 

Saloon, n. ^\^sdla(saldt); 
JUi-l Jj^ (5de< istiqbdl, f, 
fa toad j; (of ship) J.»i» maq _ 
"^ad, m. (maqd^id). 

Salt, w. ^ m,alh,m. he is 
not worth his — ^-^ij.'^^^ U 
ma yiswds basala. - mine; 

— cellar*o-^maWd/ia,/.(maL 
lahdt). — petre i)j\}\ ^'malh 
el barud. 

Salt, a. )-U mdlih (-yn). 

Salt, vt. i" mallah (a-). 

Saltness, n. i.p~),.miluha,f. 

Salubrity, n. l^il o^»- gii_ 
det el hawa; jil 2wl^i n«_ 
ddfet el mahall, f. 

Salutation, n. (.^L saldm; 
J^) taslym^ m. 

Salute, n. »^l-« sa/!am; Ji«^ 
to!' gym, m. 

Salute, vt. l^sailim (a-); 
^k.1 ^if'amal la'^ymfcCmil) 

Salvation, n. ^^\i^halds, 
m . .U nagd, f. 

Salver, n. a-L-» synyia, f. 

Same, a. olj -s^(i<;^i;na/'s; 
oje '^rt. the- man ajU J<^Jl 
er rdgil bi^dioh. I wish 
you the -! iix.cju>\^\el 'dqba 




'andak, he did the - U'T'j/^ 
^amal keda, the very— a. J 
.Ic sayioh tamdm. the - as 
iSjsay. we are of the — opi- 
nion Jo-lj cilj ^, UlS^ /cm Zi ma 
min I'dy wdhid. 

Sample, n. ai^ "ayina 
('ayindt); ,jyl> fatura, f. 

Sanction, n. jIjpI itimdd 
(-dt);j^xJ tasdyq,m.('dt). 

Sanction, vt. Ss^\ iHamad 
(a' t imid); ^s^saddaq (a-). 

Sand, n. J.J rami, m. - 
pot j^.y marmala, f. (ma, 
rdmil). - paper tjix^ Jj) 
wciraq sanfara, m. - stone 
A'J j^ tMQO'^ ramly, m. 

Sandal, n. J.i na'l, m. 
(ni'dl). - wood JjaJ) ^L^ 
liasab es i^dndal, m. 

toys, m. 

Sandy, a. J.j rami?/; ^^ 

Sane, a, J2«\\ A^ salym el 
'aql (~yn). 

Sanguine, a. £\u mit_ 
akkid (-ynj; jJ> ^te- »J.:e- 
'andoh "asam kibyr (-um). 

Sanitary, a. jfsihhy; ^i 
xi^'^'^ tayylb Ih si/iAa.— de- 
partment A#^'l4.i-** maslahet 
es i^ihha, f. 

Sapphire, n. lijj AJy I ya- 
qCita zarqa, f. (yaqut). 

Saracen, a. L. muslim 

Saracenic, a. ^%Mslamy 

Sarcasm, n, »js^' masha^ 
ra^f. Iy^-.l istihza^m. 

Sarcophagus, «.^jj\ina!is 
(nawawys): ^^\J tabut, m. 

Sardine, riMiij^^sardyna, 
f. (sardyn). 




Sarsaparilla,n.4-lt'Js&«j/'. i sut m innak. 

Sash, ri. Ay>- hizdm, m. 
(—dt; ahzima). 

Satan, n. ^jj^ablys (abdL 
sa); 0^^ sytdn (sayatyn). 

Satchel, n. j!^ milila^ f. 

Satiate, vt, ..h.sabba'(a~). 

Satiety, n. ^z.saba\ m. 

Satin, n. ^^JJal atlas, m. 

Satisfaction, n. \^j rida; 

ta'wyd, m. he did the work 
to my - ^ ^ ^ inba_ 
satt min sugloh. 

Satisfactory, n. ^^ymur_ 
dy; j'€"kdfy. 

Satisfy, vt. ^^j rarlda (a- 
raddy)-^Li. sabha'' (a-), oi. 
^j ridy (arda); ^ sibi' 
(asba"). I am satisfied with 
you dAu ifi^^ \jl ana mab^ 

Saturday, n. ^.^^ ^y. yom 
es sabt , m. 

Sauce, n.iiymaraqa(ma- 
raqdt); i.A^salsaJ.(saIsAt). 

Sauce-pan, n. j>-\i'tdgin, 
m. (tawdgin); oj^ tangara 
(tandg ir);iiij..^kasar6naj. 

Saucer, n. ^ sahn (su_ 
hurt); ^Ji zarf, m. (zurdf; 

Sausage, n. 4.«>l-, 
f, (Turkish) j;*^ suguqq, m. 

Savage, a, ^^y..mitwah. 

Savant, n,\ydlim(''uloma) 

Save, vt. ^jAi^ Ijallas (a-); 
Ji. nagga (anaggy); (mo_ 
ney) j^^^ hauwis(a~). God 
— the Khedive I tii J^i ^xJi\ 
afandimiz sdk t/asa. - him 
the trouble!^»J\^c j^waffar 
'aUh et taab. 





Saving, n. jiy tawfyr; 
(money) jJ.^i tahwyh, m. 

- s' bonk j6^\\ dl;^ bank et 
tawfyr^ m. 

Saviour, n. ^jAi^ muhallis 

Saw, n. jli;« minsdr, m, 
(manasyr). - dusl .jVii ni_ 
sdra, f. 

Saw, vt. j^) nascir(ansur). 

Sawyer, n . jlii nass^ r(-yn) 

Say^ oi. Jl» qdl (aqiU); ^ 
haka (ahky). 1 ~ ! Jyl II u^z. 
ilU suf lamma aqiil lak. 

Saying, M. ^^qdl (aqwdl)-^ 
^y.*masal^ m. (amsdli. as the 

- is J^a\ ^„>- Jc "aZrt hasab 
el qdl. 

Scab, n. ^j>- garab, m. 

Scabbard, n. ^\j>.girdb, 
m. (~dt). 

Scaffold, n. J\\i^saqdla, f. 

Scald, oi. i»rJ: sa'watja-); 
JaC samat (asmutj. 

Scale, n. ^U* miqyds 
(maqayys); \^sillim^m.(sa_ 
Idlim); (of balance) c^i;^''^^ 
kaffet myzdn, f. (kaff'dt). 
|,iair of -s ucj\ ijU* Tnyzdn 
bikaffltSn. plan made to — 
U'^^^j '^tism ^amaly, m. 

Scamp, n. JjSj razyl(ru~ 
zala)-^ (33i dim. 

Scandal , n . Ait-^' /id y/ia; a- _,=;- 
S'wrsa, f. - monger ^j>-gu^ 
rasy (-ia)-^^*'hutaky(-ia). 

Scandalize, vt. .^ fadah 
(afdah); ^u^hatak (ahtik); 
^jp- garras(a-). 

Scandalous, a. f"^' muf_ 
dih; dX:^. muhtik. 

Scantling, n. A.i>jy mory_ 
na^ f. (moryndt; mardyin). 

Scanty, a. JJi qalyl; ,_^'A; 




Scape-goat, n. -^ ^idaf'\(-yn); ^\S'kannds i-yn). 
saw, m. \ Scene, n. ^ manzar^ 

Scape-grace^ n. J.^ ml_.m. (mandzir). 

'attar (-yn). 

Scar, n. p>- garh; ^jLa 
^ji-l matrah eg garh^ m . 

Scarab, n. c^y^ gurdn, 

Scarce, a.j:>\i nddir; JJi \tar (a-), -eil soap dX^c OyV 

snbun mimassik. 
Sceptre, n. liEl ajUp ''asd_ 
U bis su^Aba. yet elmalik, m. 

Scent, n. *4j ryha, f. - 
bottle si qumqum, m. (qa_ 

Scent, vt. (smell) ^isamm 
(asimm); (perfume; ^ke- 'a^_ 

ij>-^l qalyl el ugud. 
Scarcely, ad. j^ji-lbiZ gihd; 

<^l t,*;^. 


Scarcity^ n . :>,:-j 4l» qillet\ ^c\\&me,n.j^.i:ita.dbyr(ta_. 

ugud; 4ff-U hdga, f. \dabyr);t^jJi.Mmasril\m.(-dt} 

^Cixre, vt.^f^l}auwif(a~); j Scheme, vt.y.idabbarfa-)^ 

jai- h,add, (al}udxl). 

elmaqdta, f.y_ baw, m. 

Scarlet, «. ^y^'o j^^ ahmar 

Scholar, n. (learner) j.i' 
talmyz(taldmza); (learned) 
ilc ^dlim Culama). 

School, n. \^jx>madrasa^ 
f. fmaddris); ^\S kuttdb ,. 


Scatter, n.Ji^ bahtar(a-); \ m/katatyb). day - jl^: i-^j, 
J -.) ba'^zaq (a-). 1 madraset nahdr. - boy li? 

Scavenger, n. J\;j zabbdi talmyz(taldmza).- g\r\, IX'' 




talmy2a(talTnyzdt). — mas_ 
ter Ji^jA. L. m'Callim mcid_]^^;,. ti6ga(-'Wdt) 
Sciatica, n. LJlj^c 'irq en 
nisa, m. 

Science, n Ac' I lm,m/ i It), m) 

Scientific, a. J,^ 'ilmy. 

Scissors, n. ^Ja.^^ maqass, 
m. f-dt). 

Scold, vt. ^j wahhahio.-). 

Scolding, n. ^y tawbyl}, 
m. (-dt). 

Scoop, n. 43y«. magrafa, 
f. (magdrlf). 

Scope, n. il-u** imtiddd^ 
m. «\._. masdfa, f. he tias 
full — a^It ai j^ sJup 'andoh 
hurryia tdmma. 

Scorn, n. jljul ihtiqdr; 
j\if^\ istihtdr, m. 

Scorpion, n. ^_.jHp 'aqrab, 

Scotch, «. (iJu^^::^! lskot_ 

landy (-ia). 

Scot-free,?i . ^ md-fy(-yn); 
i-^'c iL. sdlim gdnim (—yn 
-yn). he got out of it - r-ji- 
Ji^WJj^Wlf* liarag minha 
tciLoyl tau:)yl. 

Scoundrel, n. ^jJ^ nig is 
(-yn); ^^y- jj;! ibn hardm 

Scoar,ot. Jfl akal (dkul). 
the bank is -ed away ^„i-l 
j_P'Ij"I eg gisr ittdkil. 

Scourge, n. l^y^ '^sdt (as_ 
wdt); rSf kurbdg , m. 

Scrap, n. \^yi^ qasqdsa 

Scrape, vt. Lis qasat (aq^ 
sut); zX kahat (akhat). 

Scratch, n. ^f' karsa 
(karsdt); aIs > barhisa, f. 
Scratch, vt. j^^ karas 




(akrus); Jji_^i- Ijarbis (a-)\ Scribble, n, aL-^ sahbata 

— out jtf maha (amhy). 

Scream^ n. a-j^sarliafsu^ 
rdU); aSc-J sa'qa, f. (zt-yq). 

Scream, vi. 4-j^s%rali(as_ 
ruh); jfrj sa'^aq (az'aq). 

Screen, /I. ojl;- sitdra,f. 
(satdyir); j^ j^ baraband, 

Screw, n. «_,. barryma, 
f. (barrymdt). — nut aI^^I^ 
samtila, f. (samuldt). — nail 
]i>})"^i j\~^» musmdr qalauz 
(masamyr);A.>j, J^^musmdr 
burma. - ship ^_y>\iJ raffds, 
m. (-dt). — propeller oij 
jj,\)\ ryset el ioabdr , f. 

Screw. ot.}ii)iqalwaz(a—)] 
^ii% jW-f /" sammar bi- 
musmdr qalo^tiz (a-). 

Scribble, vt. k^ saljbat 
(a-); Uipl jvp ^ ^^ katab 
min gir itina(aktib). 

(saljabytj; Ultl ^vc-^y i^\zfki_ 
tdba min g4r Vtina, f. 

Scripture, n. ^ji[\ ^l-iJl 
el kitdb el muqad.dis,m. 

Scrofula, n. j.j^\ \> dd 
el lianas yr, m. 

Scrub, vt. i.t,jyu_^ mas ah 
blforsa (amsah); ^Jii nad_ 
daf '0-). 

Scrubbing brush, n. iijy 
^■^' forset mash, f. (forus). 

Scrupulous, a. ^yy mi. 
was wis (-yn); ^i^.^ midaq_ 
qaq (-yn). 

Scullery, n. J-« magsal,. 
m. (magdsil); ^^_ balld^ajf. 

Scullion, n- oy^y mar_ 
matdn (-dt). 

Sculptor, n. J-Ui naqqds 

Sculpture, n. JJinaqk, m 

Scu 422 Sea 

Sculpture, ot. Jj>\ naqas Seam, n. ^\s\j^li.ydta, /.ji! 


\ lafq, m. 

Scum, n. »_jPj ragwa; ac j j Seam,t)^. Sa.j>. hayiat (a-); 
ryma, f. | jil ktfaq (alfuq). 

Scythe, n. mehassaj.^ Seamstress, n. aU.> l}ay_ 
(mehassdt). lidta(liCiyiatdt). 

SeiXj n.j^,bahrfbuhurj;j4\\ Search, vt. j)^ dauwar 
VWelhahr el mdlih, m.vough' (a-); ^:s fattis (a-). 
-^>,jii:halirhdyig. open-' Search, /i. j-.jju" tadwyr; 
iSi,\bjrbahr hddy. - man^U jutiT taftys, m. 
bahhdr(-a);^Sj^bahry ( -ia), ; Season, n.^^ifasl (fusiil); 

- shell 4cij Loada'a^ f, (wa. cJiwaqt (awqdt);^\j\aLodn, 
da' J. - sick ■■A\:>ddyil} (-yn). \ m. 

- sicknessA^j:,dd/ja,/'. - sidej Season, vt. JJ ^afefa?7 (a-). 
j4\ !^z.san el bahr, m.- post | Seat, n. r,!»* matrah (ma_ 
A. j4 *-:• myna bahryia, f. | tdrih);cJ^.makdn(amdkin); 

Sesi\/n--^ hitm^ m. (ah-'^^^t. maq'ad, m, (maqdHd). 
t«m,;. great - jlj>_,^. mi/iri_j take a -! s^\ jj^irl itfaddal 
ddr(~yn). uq'ud; ^j^^\ Jj^iJl itfaddal 

Sea\,ot. Xi^hatam,(al}tim). istiraylah. keep your -! 

Sealing, n. x;^ Ijitm.- ink adi diii- bally k qd'id; diij. 
x^ jtj- /ijbr Ijitm, m. - w ax ^_Ji^, Ijallyk mistirayiah. 
x^^ sam' bitm,m. Seat, vt, Jul ga"ad Ca-J; 


^o- gallis (a—). 
Seclusion, n. »^i- hilwa^ f. 

Second, a. ^Jlr tdny (-yn). 
— to no ne *.i* ^^-'-l ^r-:' ^ "^* 
/'^s ahsan minnoh. he came 
out - ijl:5\ JJfl (i^r ei tdny. 
the — regiment ts^yi ^^Sol 
ikingy aldy. — rate^^uTl SjC 
nimra itnSn. 

Second, n.. 4.;l' sdnya, f. 
(sawdny);{m (iue\)SiXisdhid 
(suhud). wait a -! A.iP^:-.l 
istanna suwayict. 

Second,v t.jUanna (atan_ 
ny). I — him a*;;^Jp JiU.1 U 
ana asddiq "ala kaldmoh. 

Secondary, a.iS^'^sdnawy; 
*j.. jj.4 mus muhimm. 

Secret, n. j^^sirr; U^/jafa, 
m. in -^Jli &is sirr. 

Secret, a. iSj^sirry. 

Secretary, n. jl^-i ^'^kd. 

423 Sec 

^i& asrdr (kutaba); jjijC 
sikriter (-yn). — 's office 
4ij\i'jC sikritdryia, f.-oi 
state jUli ndzir (nnzsdr). 
under — of state »j^ J^ 
wakyl ni3dra(ukaia). 

Secretion, ?i. j'j>l ifrdz; 
^j rash, m. 

Secretly, ad.^Jl; his sirr-, 

^ Z^i- ^. min taht litaht. 
Sect, n. 4.i,lW t'^J/Z^rt, f. (ia. 
wdyif)-^ ^fti.* mazhab, m. 
(mazdhib); (Mohammedan) 
4i jW taryqa, f. (tardyiq). 

J^s fasl (fusdl); 'j>-guz (ag. 
zd); (of plan) «>IL.» gti^', m. 
(-dt). longitudinal - J,L«^U».» 
qitd'tuly. transversal - «i\.LJ 
^ijt^qitd'' 'arfJy. 

Secure, a.^'miUammin 
(-yn); ^y^' mazbut (-yn). 

Secure, vt. Jiis- hafaz 




(ahfas);V^^i-\ ithassal ^ala 

Security; n. (safely) o\}^ 
tamdn, m. i!\\^i damdnci, f. 
j\.\) tdmyn, m. AiUl amd,_ 
nci, f. (bond) t^j^ bdn, m. 

Sedative, n.^^. musak_ 
kin; ,^\^» mulattif\ 

Sediment, n.>j€^(- Hkdra, 
f. Ji" tift, m. 

Seduce, vt. (married wo_ 
mBVL);iS^pgawa (agwy);J^:i\ 
^iftcCal hi(aftVil); (girl) 
ji^LU ^* fatah el bint(afiah); 
jji. haraq (aUraq). 

Seducer J n. A„i* musfid 
(-yn); f■\^^ f^addd' (-yn). 

Seduction, n. \^i>\ igica; 
JU»I ifti'dl^ m. 

nazar (anzur); a».U sdhid 
(a-); j:.\c^dyin (a-), he -s 

nobody Jo- jdAii \Ama yiqd_ 
bits hadd. I saw him offi^:>) 
wadda'toh. let me- you 
home! >i^.B S^s^^^^^hallyny 
awassalak HI bet. I shall — 
10 this b J* Jl Ji-1 ^jrdyih 
nbally bdly min da. let me 
~\^yi.\'^lamma asuf. you -? 
^,\z. sdyif; f-\i fdhim. i — U 
i-li ana fdhim. 

Seed, n.jj,. bizr^m. (ijla! 
taqdwy,f. sow -s ^J^J-i) jji.^ 
haddar el ard (a—). 

Seedy, «.Ji3j.-ma/i^«<Z(-i/n); 
^U "ayidn {-yn). 

Seeing, n. o^i S(5/'; ^ki na_ 
zar, m. 

Seek, vi. ^^J^ifattis 'ala 
(a-);^ j)idauwar ^ala(a-). 

Seem, vi. o\> bdn (a-); j^ 
zahar (azhar). it -s to me 
J jj.!ij yizhar ly. 

Seesaw, n. aj^^. murgiha^ 




f. (maragyh). 

Seize ;, vt. S~.'misik (am- 
sik); jjil qafas (aqfis); jA> 
hafaq (ahfag); JaJi ^abat 
(azbut); -^ hagaz (ahgiz). 

Seizure, n.^^»mask; LJ; 
zahtj-jS- hagz, m. 

Seldom, ad. ji^ nddir. 1 
- see her \^jM 11 Jj,j qalyl 
lamma asAfha. 

Select, a. sj^ai nciqdwa, f. 

qy);Ji^\ ihtdr (abidr). 

Selection, n.*^"<a/ig?/ja,/". 

Self, pro.,yunafs;.Zj'^iz:dt; 
^^^pVrt. my- ^Jf^" nafsy. I 
my- ^^-iii lil ana binafsy. 
themselves ^Jinafsuhum. 
I shave my- ^/-j»J j\o-U!l ana 
bahlaq lirdhy. 

Selfish, a. JLa; nafsdny 
(—yn); A^ ^4 yihibb naf_ 
soh (-um). 

Selfishness, n, oUl ,_«- 
hubb ez zdt^ m. 

Sell, vt, 9-\ bd" (aby') - out 
j^>- gabar (agbur); ^ki sat_ 
tab (a-). 

Seller, n. 9\.,bayid^ (-yri); 
joI bdyi" (-yn). 

Semaphoie,n . jy W- sama_ 
fdr ,m. (-At). 

Semi, n.^muss, m. — co_ 
Ion Akaij AC" damma we 
nuqta^ f. - circle .^Jj ^ ddyra, m. 

Seminary, n. aJW a-.jJ.» 
madrasa ^dlya, f. 

Senate, n. ^^i\ ^mag_ 
lis es suyufj; o^;*^"^^ ^s= 
maglis el a'ydn^m. 

Senator ,n. ^.Jj\^_p^ tl-i&l^y 
min a'd(i maglis es suy^h- 

wSend, y^. vi^i^ba'ai (ab^at); 
J-jl .sctj/ia' ra-^; J-j' arsaZ 
(arsil). - back «»-j ragga^ 




(a-J. "in^ji qaddim (a~). 
- for him! 4] «-i sayia' loh; 
jj .Ail ».- sayia!" indah ioh. 

Sender, n.z^\bdHt ( yn); 
».i» m isayici'' (--yn). 

Senior^ a. jM akbar; Jd 
rt'to; Jjl arqa; ajJ\ aqdam. 

Seniority^ n. i^.J asba_ 
qy'M; i^Ajl aqdamyia^ f. 

Senna, n. 5^U- sanamik_ 

Sensation, n. j^»i. su'dr; 
jy,l„>-l ihsds, m. it made a- 
jrtjl; J;^ 'rtmaZ tdsyr. 

Sense, ri. (one ofthe five -s) 
x^\a'hdss(( ,f .(hawas);{me'dn_ 
ing) ^^^na,m/ma'dny). 
speak-' Ja«j lijl itkallim 
b'^aql. tie is out of his -sjA-Ip 
r-ji- ^aqloh harag. he came 
to his - d.-.lj j 4-»«^ ->.j r/^'T 
^aqloh fy rdsah. 

Senseless/<.^J-L»-l j.}j^\» 

ma 'andM ihsds;^is-j^3^:£-\* 
ma "andus "aql. 

Sensible, a. ^\~->- hossds 
( yn)- Jjlc 'dqil (-yn). a - 
reply J5W Jo-lj >_,l^ gawdb 
Lodhid 'dqil. 

Sensibility, n. ^..-^hassy- 
ia, f. ^^L>-l ihsds, m. 

Sensitive, a. |j«L->- hassds 
(-yn);- plant A.i-' misti^ 
hyla, f. 

Sensual, a. j\y^'zsahu:)dny 

Sentence, n. (phrase) ^l-^ 
gumla, f. (gumal); (judg_ 
mentj<^^?i/cm, m. (ahkdm). 

Sentence, ui.Jc <!^ hakam 
'ala (ahkum). 

Sentiment, n,^j\.->-\lhsds, 
m. A..^:^ hassyia, f. 

Sentimental, a. y,. _^\^ 
iidhib hinCi (af^hdb); jaJI;,.^?-L» 
sdhib tdsyr. 




Sentry, n. d^.-^.^ dadabdn 
(-dt); jwp rjufyr (gufara). 
- box o^!-J^.-«!* dJili kusk ed 
dadabdn J m. 

Separate, o. :>y^> mun fa- 
rid; i>Si>-^ liwahdoh; J^^i. 

Separate, vt.^^tfasaKaf- 
sil); a»! ba^ad (abHd); JJ 
faraq(afriq). oi. J^«l m_ 
fasal(anfisil); ao* ibta^ad 
(abti'id); JJi\ iftaraq (af_ 

Separation, n. jLxii( m_ 
flsdl; iU; bu'dd, m. si}l» 
mufdrqa, f. 

Sepia, n.j\,i-i ^\umm elhihr 

September, n. ji^r sib^ 
timbar\ m. 

Sepulchre, n. ^.y turba, 

Sequel, n. ^ tdbi'; j^ 
mulhaq, m. 

Sequester, vt. y^ hagaz 

Sequester, n.j^ Jyxgz ,m. 

Seraglio, n. -mI^ sardya^ 
f. (saraydt). 

Serenade, n. *JJ i,y ndba 
Ulyia, f. 

Serene,a.iji,jjra2 yn(~yn); 
J.i! tiqyl(tuqdl). 

Serenity,n. Ailjj razdna,f. 
Jal tuql, m. 

Sergeant^ n. Jj^ }\>- savoys 
('-f«A — major J.\i^\ bds^ 
savoys (~ia). 

Serial, a. JJ-.-.. mitsalsil 
(—yn)-, .A-^. mittdbi" (-yn). 

Series, n. ^^-A-- silsila, f. 

Serious, a. ijijjrasyn;si>- 
gadd. - illness Jji' ^y>j.ma_ 
rad tiqyl. - calamity Aj,-i* 
ejro musyba kibyra. 

Seriously, cid. Jj>- ^ miti 




Seriousness, n. ^>- gadd, 
m. Ajljj ra^dna, f. 

Sermon, n. Ak^j loa'za 
(wcCzAt); tj^karza (kar_ 
zdt)\' Akc-^* mauo^aso.^ f, 

Serpent, n. tijUi tibdn 

Serum, n. J-a. masl, m. 

Servant, n. (man) ^\M' bad _ 
ddm(-yn):^\:tdbi' ,m.{aibd')- 
(woman) i.»\M- Ijadddma^ f, 

Serve^ vt. j-Ji- bcidam(ali. 
dim); (suitViina/a' (an fa"), 
it — s for nothing ^J^i'-i U ma 
yinfa's. it -s you right! J»l;-.r 

Service, n. A^M-bidma, f. 
(l}idam). divine - ^^ said, 
/'.tea — isXi' Astaqm sdy^m.m 


xi^ mistahdim. out of- 

^}\k) baitdl. of - ^t\indfi' .m\] 
you do me a - ? ^jjm J jv^' 

ti'mil ly ma^riif. at your - 
ilj.l o^ i«/i^ amrak. 

Serviceable, a. .>\; n<i/i' 
(-yn )\^y'''-~'mustd mil{--yn) 

Serviette, n. ,ji- i!hyfutet 
sufra, f, (fuwat). 

Sesame, n.^^-e'simsima, 
f.(simsim), - oil^^j^-Sf/rip'^ 
m. - oil mill *ir-j^ syrga, f. 

Session, n. 4„U galsa, f, 

Set, vt. Ja:> //a^^ lahuttj-^ 
^j rakkib (a-); (broken 
bone)ju>- gabbar (a—). - go_ 
ing ^t., massa (amassy). 
- apart J^ /'asai (afsil); j^_ 
ba'ad (aUid). — aside W Ja?- 
^•^ hatt'ala ganb (ahuttj-^ 
^j rakan (ark in). - at jj 
ica^'^' ('atot^^j. - on fire Jj 
walla' (a-); j\i Ja>. /iai( 
n(ir. - at ease^y^ ^ammin 
(a-). - freejtp 'rt(a</ (aHaq). 




the sun -s ^_^'^_^r*'l essams 

rib. winter has - in Ji-^ l:±i\ 
€s sita da/jal. 
^c[ ,n .lUtaqm ,m .(i,uq{im] . 
Seton,«. Jji- buzdm, m. 

Settee, n. ^^I^^i dywdn, 
(—dt)-,x.x^kanab4^ m. 

Setting, n. Ja»- hatt; .^j 
tarkyb; ji>- gabr; (of sun) 
wLp gydb; y^ if- gar{ib, m. 

Settle^ vt. iS^" sauwa (a_ 
sauwy); j>j naha (cinhy); 
^jo^ Ijallas {c(^); -^j rakaz 
(arkiz). - an account ^ju*. 
i_.L.s- saddid hisdb (a-), he 
-d in Egypt ^-a* j ^y^'^ is_ 
tawtan fy masr. they -d 
upon Jc lyijM iitafaqu ^ala. 
he -d twenty pounds a year 
on her a:J\ Jv'^r uij^ M^j 
rattib laha''isryn gini fis 


Settlement, n. aj^^' tas- 
wyia, f. jfj rikus; JaxJ 
tasdyd; o^y:-! istutdn, m, 
marriage - ^j.. m^hr, m. 

Seven, n. -u^^ saba^a. 

Seventeen,^, j-il:-^- saba"^ 

Seventh, n. «.- sub\ m. 

Seventy, a. jtj«:- sob'yn. 

Sever, vt.^tfasal (afsil); 
A»i ba'^ad (aUid). 

Several^ «. j^^ kityr- ^ 

Severe, a. ^^^i qdsy(-yn); 
s>x^ sadyd (kiddd). you 
must be --! dlJi^^uJ |.J V/(^«ifn 
tiqassy qalbak. . 

Severity, n. »jl_; qasdwa-^ 
>sz sidda, /.< ■ 

Sew, vt. Jao- liayiat (a—). 

Sewage, n. M-jt awsdd.; 




oljjili qasurdi. f. 

Sevver^ n. ic"^, balld^i, f, 
(balla'dtj^jjji magrAr, m. 
m. (magaryr). 

Sewing-machine, n. aiJTI. 
aUL:^ mcikinet hij&ta, f. 


Sexton, n.^i^iljiij qandalaft 

Sexual, a. ,^^:>. ginsy. 

Stiabbiness, n. aIa^j rah_ 
dila, f, Ji.Jt;ft -jc ^adctm 
handima, m. 

Shabby, a. A£ As a^ja* hi_ 
dumoh qadyma-^ ^Xbj, mi^ 

Shade, Shadow, n.^dill; 
JLi fi^ydl, m. lamp - IkJj 
A-AU hurnitet el lamba, f. 

Shade, shadow, vt. JU 
dallil (a-). 

Shadoof, n. ^jjl- saduf, 

m. (hawadyf). 

Shady, a. Ji-i.* midallil. 

Shaft, n. ^_p>,/■ ^arys, m. 

Shah, n. .U kdh; j:'1 oU' 
yrdn el 'agam. 

Shake, n. tjt-hazzaihaz^ 
zdt); ia^j ragga,f.(raggdt). 

^hQke,vt.^}»hazz (ahizs); 
^j ragg (arugg). oi.j^\ in^ 
hazz (anhazz); ^-jTI itragg 
(atragg). he shook hands 
with me joVli Jc 1- sallim 
'alayia bil ^cZ. his hand shock 
»-»>->. viJo a-Vjl ydo/i kdnet 

Shaky, a. _k^j, da'yf; j.. 
iS^ mus qawy; ^fj rakyk. 

Shall, aux. V. Jc Jjij j»» 
J^_ll fl^l yidill "alalmus. 
taqbal. I - go^j\ ^j'^ldzim 
ardh. he - write^:J^U a. V 
M budd ma yiktib. 




Shallow, ». -la>yi J.' mus 

Shallowness, n. -W^t ^» 
qillet gut , f. 

Sham, n. «;^:* mitsanna'~ 

Shame, n. J> Ijcigal; Vs^ 
haya;,_^(-'eb, m. for -! J:'.^l 
ihtisy; diJc ^^ ^ib 'alek. 

Shame, vt. ^-5 kasaf 
(aksip; ^ ho^gg'd (a-). 

Shameful, a. ^.e ^^h; ^l» 

Shameless, aXX-\^^*qalyl 
el luiya (qulaldt); J^lli; V. 
ma yilitisys (yiljtisiis). 

Shamelessness, n. \.>- "4^ 
qillet haya, f. 

Shampoo, oi. ^f^ hay is 
(a-); lib dalak (adlik). 

Shampoo, n. ^uC; ia^ 
kyys;dli^dalk, m. 

Shape, n. iL^hayd, f.(-i); 

1^^ kikl (askdl); ^jTkasm, 
m. »jy^ siira, f. (mwar). in 
the - of J^i. Jc ^ala sikl; j 
*L* /■(/ hayet. 

Shape, vt. j.*^ 'amaZ fa'- 
mil); J^i. sakkil (a-). 

Shapeless, a.^ij.) {.ma 
lAs kikl (luhums). 

Share, n. k^>- hi!<saj.(hi^ 
sas); ^i-ai nasyb; ^^li ndyib; 
(in Co.)^^^sahm,m.(ashumJ. 
- holder j^^- ^s-V-^ sdhib 
sohm (ashdb). 

Share, vt, ^Ai qdsim (a~); 
iJjU iidrik (a-). 

Shark, n.j4\ J^ kalb el 
bahr (kildb). 

Sharp, a. J^hdmy{-yn); 
2 o'clock - f\c aj:Jl *clJ\ es 
sd'a i^n^n iamdm. -edged 
Qjx^. masnAn (-yn). 
Sharpen,o(.j^ s inn) 




^ hamma (ahammy). it — s 
the appetite j_piJ\ p'_ yiftah 
en nafs. 

Sharpness, n. »jU- hamd^ 
wa-^ .jVki satdra, f. 

Shatter, ot. ^^ kassar 
(O'-); z^^i faifit (a~). 

Shave, ot. jU halaq (ah_ 
laq)-^ t>.j ^ciyin (a-). - one's 
self jlo- halaq; <>. jl issayin 

Shave, n. *iU halqa (haL 

Shaving, n. (of wood) ,jl±i 
nisdra^ f. - brusii ii'j^o-i.Zj^ 
forsei hildqa, f. (foras). 


She, pro. J" hyia.-dox\_ 
key ij\!- homdra. 

Sheaf,«.. j^c'i^w,m.. (o'ldio). 

Shear, vt.^jaiqass(aqu^s); 
y>- gazz (agizz). 

Shearer, n. ^U> qassds 


Shears, n. j^ ^j^i. maqass 
hibyr^ m. (-dt). 

Sheath, n. ^\j>-g irdb(-dt); 
jii^gifyr, m. 

Shed, n. ,)ji d irwa (dir^ 
wdtj; Ajj:i- tafisyba (talia^ 
sybj; ^.iJ tasqyfa, f, (ta^ 

Shed, vt. ^ sayiah (a-). 
- tears L-p 'ayiat (a-). 

Shedding, n.o^.^sayaldn; 
^]}j nizAl, m. 

Sheep, n. AC*" ganama, f. 
(ganam); ^,J^ bardf^ m. 

Sheer, a, ^\i'hdli,s ( -yn); 
jU silfy (-yn); ^j^ sirf. 

Sheet, n, fy farlj^ m. 
(flrulj.; afruh). - iron A^ 
sdg^ m. 

Sheik, n.^-^s^^- (masdyil^). 

She\f, n.^jraff^m.(arfuf; 




ruftJ'f). stone 
/. (sufaf). 

Shell, n. ty-J qisra (qisr), 
- fish .jlii mahdra(mahdr)- 
icii wada'-a^ f, (wada^). 

Shelly vt.^i qassar (a-). 

Shelter, n. tijidirwa, f. 
(dirwdt). take — (^J^] id_ 
ddra (adddra). 

Shelter, vt. (sji ddra 
(addry)i J- hama (ahmy). 

Shepherd, n. j\j rd'y 
(ru^d); «lii ganndm (—a). 

Sherbet, n. ^\ji sarbdi; 
uilii husdf, m. 

Shereef, a.v_i) ^Jt saryf(su- 
rafa; asrdf). 

Shield, n. «ji daraqa, f. 

Shift, n. iSj»- haraka(ha- 
rakdt);i^unaqla,f. (naqldt) 

Shift, 0^ jUnaqal (anqul); 
J_)ft "assil (a-). 

aa^ suffa,\ Shilling, n.jlisiijn,m.{--(i^) 

Shin-bone, n,J»-Jl l^qa_ 
sahet er rigl,f. (qasabdtj. 

Shine, oi. >X lama" (yil_ 
ma'')] J^ baraq (yibruq). 
the sun -s 4«Ul=.|_^"'l essams 


Shining, a. *.V Idm i'(-yn). 

Ship, n. ,_Sy markib,f. 
(mardkib). merchant - ^^ 
iSj^ markib tigdry. war — 
ijjjs- ._i^ markib harby. 

Ship, vt.j^sahan(ashin); 
ji^ saffar (a-). 

Shipwreck, u^.jjC- garraq 
(a-), hewas-ed jjp giriq 
(yigraq); ^J.\ aj o^i^l m_ 
kasaret boh el markib. 

Shipwreck, n. ^O' Jj^ 
garaq el markib, m. 

Shirt, n. ^j qamys^ m. 
(qumsdn). night - ^^I ^^aji 





qcimys ndm. day - j^J^o^-^ 
gamys uf rangy, he sold the 
- off his backA.*' Jj Uj »b^ UfAj 
M' ma wardh we ma qud^ 

Shiver, vi. J^j\ irta'as 
(arti'is); >_i^jl irtagaf (ar_ 
tigif);^:^ qas'ar (a-). 

Shiver, n. ^^j ra^sa; 4.i>-j 
ragfa-^ j^aJj qasara, f. 

Sliock, n. »j* hazza (haz- 
masyba, /". (masdyib). 

Shock, vt. c. gamm <a_ 
gimm); Jcj za^^al (a~). 

Shocking, a, i* mugimm; 
jSX' mukaddir. 

Shod, pp. iSSi:mahdy(-yn) 

Slioe, n.^fj.markub,m. 
(marakyb).o\d - A^j-^sarma, 
f. (surdmj. native yellow 

- A.i^ balga,f.(bulag).wocden 

- ^\SJ qubqdb, m. (qaba_ 

qyb).horse — ojJ^hidwa(ha_ 
byq}; J»i na^l, m. (ni^dlj, he 
is waiting for my old -s^^:-.. 
^jL. MXmistanny ydf^ud 
matrahy. - black ^^-<i^ 6d_ 
yagy(-ia). - case(cav.)4S^:il, 
baldsqaj,(balasqdt). — ma_ 
ker JI.3?- gizamdty (—ia); 
i.y>- gazmagy (-ia). 


Shoe, vt.iSAo-hada(ahdy); 
c\-^!- ^}:^ tabbaq hondn (a-). 

Shoeing, n, jjo-Ziada; j„k> 
tatbyq,m. —smith J^i ;,ljio. 
hadddd na'lf-yn). 

Shoot, vt. ^y[^j\ ^j^da_ 
rab bir rusds{adrab);^j^ 
^y>^l qauLoas (a~);:i\\a.^\istdd 
(astdd). he shot at him ^jJ> 
*Sc darab ^alih. he shot him 
dead i^ynj^daraboh mau_ 
wit oh. he was shot ^V^il 


^yUJl insdb bir rusds. I 
shot him in the leg j a^^ 
Airj darabtoh fy rigloh. ihe 
ball shot thro' his hoarl 
A-.1; <i o"l* A-aUjI er ru§dsa 
fdtet fy qalboh. 

Shooting, n.A^ s^d, m. 
he went out - jjlk-a^ ^^i- Ija^ 
rag(yisidd); s^^j^-Ijarag 
lis sid. 

Shop, «. Ci^i dukkdn, f. 
(dakakyn). keep a - o'S^ ^\i 
fdtih dukkdn. — keeper 
i_p 15^ dakdkny (-ia). 

Shore, n. la.j:. satt (sutM); 
Jsli, sdty (sawdty);j'. barr, 
m . (burAr). go on - Jo Jj_y 
jjS\ nj^'jraZat barr (ansil). 

Short, a. j>-a» qusayiar 
(~yn); jv.^i go!Sf/r (qusdr). 
— of ^yj.»li ndqis. in — jl^U-Vl 
61/ ihthdr. the long and - 
of \ltj.^qusroh;A.i,\.^nahdy^ 

435 Sho 

^o/i. cut — ^a'J-l iljtasar 
(aljtisir); ^ai qassar (a-), 
they are - of bread Jl-^j^p U 
^.e- ma ^anduhums ''is. no_ 
thing -of murder^y ^l(J-. 
J:4l\ mMs aqall min el qatl, 
- hand .^^isi aAo kitdba 
mu/jtasara; ajIj^^u- stend^ 
grafyia, f. - lived jua» .y*^ 
^umroh qasyr. - sight ^aS 
jkJ^ gwsr en nazar. - sigh_ 
ted j»^; ,jki nazaroh qusay^ 
iar-^,_^^j cj^nasaroh qaryb- 

Shortcoming, n.j>-^» 9"- 

sar;_,_\.^a) tciqsyr^ m. 

Shorten , v t .^^ qassar (a-) 

Shortly, ad. jl^^-Vl bil 
i/jtisdr; ^ij ^c- 'an qaryb.. 

Shortness, n. j^^iqusr^ m. 

Shot, n. ^Ja\^J\ iij-^darba 
bir rusds, f.(darbdt). small 
- j^j rass; jiji- liardaq,m^ 
lie is a good — ^flli^/iutcor 




nasdngy. he went out like a 
- ^jjLJ\ (ij ^j- hcirag zay 
€s sarAh. 

Shoulder, n.^-S^kitf^m. 
(kitdf). - strab AkJw-l isba_ 
lyta, f. (isbaldyit). — band 
J^ sumdr,m.(-dt). 

Shoulder, vt. Ai:5^^^JU 
sdl "ala kitfoh(CLsyl). 

Shoul, n. ilt-j 2a'- qa (zcC,. 
qdt);ii-j^sarl\a, f.(sarfidt). 
-s (3-eJ^i'j/g; qI^ surdU, 

Shout, vi. ^j za'"^aq(o^); 
■i.ju» sarrah, (a-). 

Shove, V t. 3jsaqq[aza qq) ; 
«ii dafa"- (adfa^). 

Shove, n. *»J zaqqa (zaq_ 
qdt); A.^j dafa, f. (dafdt). 

Shovel, n. ^jjW garCif; 
*l\>j^korSk, m. (-di). 

Shovel, vt. ^j>- garaf 

Shpw, vt. iSji warra (a_ 
warry); Cj\>. bayin (a-); j^^ 
azhar (azhir)i r'j farrag 
(a-). - him in! J-kii jj JigaZ 
loh yitfaddal. -off ^jo.^ 
mahyas(a-). -me! ^^jfo^r^ 

Show, n. x>-j furga, f. 

Shower, n. .jk. matara 
(matardt); *^j rahha, f. 
(ralihdt).- balh^jij.l?-/iam_ 
mdm dtlSj m. (-dt). 

^ rahh (yirahb). 

Shred, n.^} 2yq,m. (as_ 
ydqj-j Ai>. hitta, f. (hitat). 

Shrewd, a. JtAz. sdt ir (suL 
tdr; satryn); jSC. makkdr 

Shrewdness, n. .jlkJ. sa_ 

Shriek, n. ti-j^ sarlia 




(sarJiAt); aScJ za^qa^ f. {za''^ 

qdt). -s f\j^ surdly^ jj>j 

zVyq; ^__^^ suwyt^ m. 
Shriek, vi. ^-j^ saral} 

(asruh); Ji^j za^aq (az'aq); 

Cjy^ sauwat (a-). 
Shrill, ft. («■*/«'" Tnisarsa\\ iskut; ^_^j^l ibras. — in 
Shrimp, n. j^^ ^y'^y. barjhabas (ahbis); Jc di-. sakk 

Shudder, vi. J^ijirta^ai 

(artiHs); wif^jl irtagaf 



Shut, vt. Jij qafal (aqfil); 

S.^sakh(asukk), — up!>iX-l 

gut el bahr (baragyt); iSjkz;- 
gambary, m. 

f,j^ daryh, m. (adriha). 

Shrink, vi. J^fkass (yi- 
/cissj; Ji-j dal^al (yidhul). 

Shrinkage, n. JS kahs; 
^j^idubM, m. 

Shroud, n. ^kafan,m. 

ShrondyV t.^kaffin(a-) 

Shrub, n. »j^^^»j^ sagara 
sugayiara (sagardt); ajI_^ 

Shrug, vt.^hazz(ahizz) 

"ala (asukk). 

Shutter, n. -wj^ darfa,f. 
(duraf; darfdt). 


Shy, a.J^'mistihy (-yn); 
D^ bagldn (-yn); ^^iiis 
mifitisy (-yn). 

Shyness, n. U haya; J^ 
l^gal;jl^ bisu, m. 

Sick, a. (ijU "ayidn (-yn); 
jjk) j.maryd(murada);j^yL» 
missauwis(-yn).— of ^Uy 
•j, qarfdn min. he feels - 
,.Ji::iKJonafsoh bitiqlib. the 
— (j^\^\el ^ayianyn. be- 





Sickness^ n. U ^aya; J>y 
marad (amrdd)-, ^J^[JlUas_ 
toys, m. (tasawys). 

Side, n. ^>-ganh, m.(ag- 
ndb); 4->-li ti'Jhya, f. (nawd_ 
by). - t)y - (>.»! s_<.i>- 9'an& 
fcaVZ. on all -S4..?-li ^^^.min 
hull ndhya. on the other - 
ajUW A^l ^« m in efi' g'i/ia et 
tdnya. - walk Jy J terutiodr 

- board A^ybuff^,rn.(-hdt). 
the right — j^)\ el wiss, m. 
the wrong - Uil\ el qafa, m. 

Side, vi. JU mdl (amyl). 

- with \i 3 \i>-ga wciyia (agy) 
Siesta, n. ^.^^a." taqyyla; 

jj^\ jL«j i.y ndmet ba^d ed 
4uhr, f. 
Sieve,n.(with small meshes) 

large meshes) Jl jC- gurbdl, 
m. (garabyl). 

Sift, ot, Jiii naljal (anbul); 
J. jfr garbil {a- J. 

Sigh, n, ^^" tanhyda^ f. 

Sigh, oi. Jl^"I itnahhid 

Sight, n.jki nazar; ^^i 
sdf; ^^_ basar;Jk.umanzar^ 
m. a - As^i, sd/a, /, (sofdt). 
at - ^^i^UVU-ji'anrf eZ itt ild\ 
by-jkJl 6m nazar; SLp 
V((/d«a/i.out of - out of mind 
^U\^c- A-«i OtfJ^jy^ -^^ J>\ illy 
bi'yd 'an el '^n bVyd 'an el 
qalb. I lost - of him o^'j J Jj 
j.y-iJ; I. baqa ly zamdn ma 

Sign, n. ^^ "aldma Cala. 
mdt); ,jUI isdra {isardt); 
j^zXtdsyr^m. (-dt). - board 




^o^} Idha (lohdt); iik»\j ydfta, 
f. (yaftdt). 

Sign, ot. \c^allim(a-);j^\ 
assar (a~);jf\j: sdioir (a-). 

Signal, n. ,jVJ,l ikdra, f. 
(isardt),-- man ^j^lasargy 

Signature, n. \^»\ imda 
(-dt);j^zSi tdsyr, m. (-dt); 
AtJ firma, f. (firmdt). 

m. A.«*l ahammyia , f. 

Significant,a.j^ma/i imm; 
^kc- ^azym. 

Signification,/!. ^»./?ja'na 

Signify.^;;, js-'anaiyi'ny); 
:>\ifdd (yifyd). what does it 
— ? *)l|jii) t/a'n?/ ^/ij^-i i\}jwe 
4h ya'ny. 

sikut; jA» hidd, m. keep- 
zS^^sikit(askut). -\^j^huss 

Silence, ot. oC sakkit 
(a-);(S-i^»' hadda (ahaddy). 

Si lent, a. ^fl- sdkiU-yn). 

Silhouette, n. JU- bydl; 
ju)\^j^dill el wiss,m. 

Silk,rt. jij>-haryr,m. raw 
— ijjjsz^ sitakrvLta, f. — 
goods jil_,>- hardyir, f. 

Sill, n. A-Lf 'ataba, f. 

Silliness, n. aUU 'abdta: 
a!L* habdla, f. 

Silly, a. ii_& ''abyt ("ubt- 
'ubata); Jjkl ahbal (hubl); 
Ji^\^}iqalylel 'aql(qulaldt) 

Silt, oi. J^ tama (yitmy). 

Silt, n. J" tamy, m. 

Silver, n. ^> fadda, f. 
-smith iAa sdyig (sydg). 

Silver, vt. ^ylL^ faddad 
(a-); AJwll JW tala bil fadda 

Siniilar,a.(^j zay^KJ^kibh^ 




Similarity, n. 4J; sabah; 
Ailir tasdbuh, m. 4.^,11. mu_ 
sdbha, f. 

Simoom, n.^yisardjij^-li- 
bamasyn, m. 

Simple, a. Ja..-.) basyt (bu^ 
sata). - minded aiIj ^^ 'aZa 

Simpleton, a. J.a1 a/ifeaZ 

Simp1icity,n. t^A^basdta, 


Simplify, vl. ^^. sahhil 
(o,-); j.^'^\il}tasar (afitisir). 

Simply, a d.JiUl-^ bibasdta; 
^JJ_ bass, he - wants money 
^J-^> j;\c ,j^ qusroh "dwiz 

Simultaneous , a. Jo-lj^j J 
fy waqt Lodhid. 

Sin, n. ^.\3.i-l}atyiaJ.(l}.atd_ 
ya).\t is a — c'j^lj da hardm. 

Sin, vi. Ja.i.\ afita (a^tyj; 

^jl asnab (aznib). 

hctrdal,f. (lusaq). ■ 

Since, pre. a«) ba'^d■,z^i (j« 
min waqt; c^.>- ^ min Ms. 

— then \fl) ^« m in waqtaha. 

— I saw him«ii. U c^i ij'^ in. 
Luaqt ma suftoh. long — j,« 
Jj^UjjUj min zamdn tawyl. 
ten years - ^y.^ ^t. ^» min 
^asar sinyn. 

^j^ mtihlis f-yn). 

Sincerity,^. a»I-a-« saddqa, 
f. o^^^i-l il}l<^s, m. 

Sinecure, n. Jki j^i- fj*i.^2i) 
wazyfa min gir sugl (wa- 

Sinew, n. J- toAm; J-ic 
^adal, m. 

Sing,o^ ^p ganna (agan_ 
ny); (religious songs) jTj 




Singer, n, ji^ miganny 
(-yn)-j{nQili\e mQn)ij^\aldty 
{~ia); (woman) AV ^dlma. 

Singing, n. Ut gina; »c* 
sama'-j (religious) JJ^: tar. 
tyl, m. 

Single, a. Jb-lj wdhid; ^ji., 
ij\^9■}wahddny(-yn). -man 
>^j\c'dzib(^iz2:db); ^:f-''(i-- 
zabangyi- ict). - woman *ijp 
"a^abafHzjsdba). - life -u jjc^ 
^izubyia, f. 

Singular, a. j> mufrod; 
^__^ garyb;^'agyb. 

Sinkyol.^'i^i^ ;iUis(agtas); 
Jjf. giriq (agraq). vt. ^kt 
gattas(a-) ; J/ gar rag (a-). 
my heart sank in me ^ Ja 
qalby tabb. ■ 

Sinner, n. J^U- Jidty(-yn). 

Sip, vt. ^je.» mass (amuss); 
Jaii safat (asfut). 

Sip, n. \^massa (massdi); 
Akizsafta^ f. (saftdt). 

Siphon, n. ,j\^ sahhdra, 
f. Csahhardt). 

Sir, n. -n.- syd (asydd). -! 
^Ayl afandim. - Arthur 
iones,^^jj\ j^\ es sirar- 
sar gdnz. 

^vcdAY ,n.j\ij..sirddr(-yn) 

Sirup, ra.ol^i sarbdt;^\y:. 
sardb, m. 

Sisler,n. ^^1 ubidbwdt); 
iiAi sciqyqa ( saqdyiq ). - 
in law UL silfa{silfdtj; ^i-' 
J^i-1 ul}t eg gdz ; »ljU ^i-l 
uJit el mara. 

Sit, vi. a«j qa^ad (aq'ud); 
i_^U gfatos (aglis). he sat up 
all night JJI J^jj.-. sihir 
till el Ul. 

Site, n. T-jL,. mat rah (ma_ 
tdrih); J*: mahall (-at); Jy 
mawqa\ m. {mawdq'C). 




Sitting, n. jU qu'dd; ^^^U 
gilvs^m. Ql - t^c^ galsa, f. 

Situated, a, iy*-^ mawgud 
(-yn). his house is - near 
the bridgec5j5ol^;>-4:j bStoh 
ganbek kubry. this is how 
I am - J>V (^iT ddy hdlty, 

Silnationj/i. v^* maioqa'-, 
m. (matodqi'-); aIU Mia, f. 
( haldt) ; jTj, markets, m. 
(mardkiz); *i.Uj wazyfa, f. 

Six, a. i.:^ sitta- 

Sixteen, a. j-il:- sitidsar. 

Sixthly a. o.'^ sdtil. one - 
^A- suds, m. (asdds). 

Sixty, en. ay— sittyn. 

Size^ n.A» qadd;jpkubr; 
jS- hcigm, m. 

Skate, fJ.f 1 J^jUj-l i^_ 
zahlaq'alal talg(at3ahlaq) 

Skein, n. 4i. salla, f. 

(kUldt; silal). 

Skeleton, n. ^is-jC^hikai 
'adrn, m. (haydkil). 

Sketch, n. cSjki ^^ rasm 
nasary (risumdt); S)j> 
kerCiky^ m. 

Sketch , vt. ^Mj rasam 

Skew, a, ^J^' munharif. 
- bridge iSj^' ._,Wy qantara 

Skewer, n. '■^ syb, m. 

Skiff, n. ^jls qdrib, m. 
(qciLodrib) ; ^j^ filuka, f. 

Skilful, a. jWU sdtir (-yn; 
sattdr); f-j^ bdri' (-yn). 

Skill, n. .jlUi sa((ira; acIj, 
bard^a, f. 

Skim.vt. IxLiqasat (aqsut) 

Skin, n. ji^ gild (gilud). 
he is nothing but - and bone 




^ Jc- 4)u»-^* huwa gild "ala 
^adm. water - a, J qirha, f. 

Skin, vt. '■^salalj (asluh); 
ialo- galat (aglut). 

Skirmish,?!. Ki.)\x»mundvo_ 
sa, f. (munawsdt). 

Skirmisher, n. ^j^ sar_ 
hagy (-ia). 

Skirt, n. o^U tarf, m. (tu- 
riif); (dress) »jyj tannura 
(tananyr); ^j>- gunilla, f, 

Skull, n. Av5t?- gimgima, 
f. (gamdgim). 

^\iy, n.y>-gaw;\c sama, 
m. — light j^u manwar, m. 
(mandwir); *i^J^ subsiba, 
f. (sufiselidt). 

Slab, n. 4«;ij' tarhya, f. 
(taraby^). - of stone ^^^ 
baldta, f. (balatdt). 

Slack, ot. Uuf^ hatfifia-); 

(lime) jSs tafa (atfyj. 

Slam,y£.^j raqa''(arqa'); 
Ja-i- dabat (adbat). 

Slam,«.^5j^ftg'a (raq^dt); 
^k^ habta, f. (babtdt). 

Slander, n. >jis qazf, m. 

Slander, vt. ^y-j ^Si qci- 
zaf fy haqq (aqzif). 

Slang, «. rj'-> f^ kaldm 
ddrig; ^j.\c ^"jS haldm ^dm^ 
my, m. 

Slap, n.Ui^kaff(kufuf); 
ji qalam, m. (aqldm). 

Slap, oi. ^5jI ia-i- Ijabat 
bik kaff (alibat). he -ped 
him on the face .jo ^.^ 
daraboh kaff. 

Slate, n. jSr^ I6h hagar 
(alwdh)ij\3ij\ ardiwdz , m. 

— pencil j^ U qalam hagar, 
m. (aqldm). 

Slaughter, n. ^ dabh, m. 

- house Ai\^ salalidna, f. 




(salaliandt); ^j,» madbah, 
m. (maddbih). 

Slaughter, "^ ^^ dabah 
(adbah).-ed. cattle A^^i dL 
byhtt, (dabdyih). 

Slave, n. (male) Jut 'abd 
Cabyd);_^^iyasyr (yusara); 
Circassian male — i)^irm«m_ 
luh (mamalyk). Circassian 
female - U.. aj jU gdrya bi. 
da. - dealer jJ-j:uj y^^y^Qy 
(-ia); ^%r ycilldb (-a). - 
trade j-5jl jjli tigdret er 
raqyq, f. 

Slavery, n.A)i^^Hbudyia, 
f. jJj raqyq, m. 

Sledge, n . (carriage) ^;,.o _^ 
Jj^ j^t "arabyia min g4r 
""agal, f. ('arabyidt). 

Sleep, M. »^ ndm, m. a — 
i»y ndma, f. (nomdt). I did 
not get a winli of - all night 

JJll JjW j-:Up U ^^.f■ "^ny ma 
giflits tM el Ul. 

Sleep, vi. *li ndm (a-), he 
slept at my house is^^ >i^:; 
bayiet "andy. he slept like a 
top i_ij$jl Jali*^ j.\i ndm nd- 
met ahl ek kahf. 

Sleeper, n.f^ndyim(-yn); 
(timber) •*> jJl>- gundaryia^ 
f. (gundaryidt). 

Sleepless, a. ^\i\i qalqdn 

Sleeplessness, n. »yJ\ '^i 
qillet en n6m,f.^qalaq,m. 

Sleepy,a.oL«i /ia'sdn(-{/n) 

Sleeve, n. T kumm, m. 

Slender, a. uJi- nahyf 
(nuhdf);^jrufayia^ (—yn). 

Slenderness, n. ._isi nuhf; 
^j ruf, m. ii\i^ nahdfa, f. 

Slice, n. *i»- hitia (hitat); 



harha (sarhdt); *!to 


liarta^ f. (liartdt). 



Slide, vi. jUjI izzahlaq 
(azsahlaq)j jSi>-i,\ iddahdar 

Slight, a. «^j rufayia' 
(-yn); jl;«.j zahyd. 

Slightly, ad. Ji» qcdyl; 
aj ^j; suwayia. 

Slim, a. c_i.i nahyf (nu- 
hdf);Ji^> migazlin (-yn). 

Slimness, n. uJ^-nuhf^m. 
4»U nahdfa^ f. 

Sling, ^. ^^^4* miqld\m. 

Slip, vi. jUji ijszahlaq 
(a^sahlaq); JaUjI izzaflat 
(azzcifiatj.he -ped awy^^'l 
r-jij issahhab we barag. 

Slip, n. (sUcling)4ji».j^ai^_ 
l^qa (zahalyq); (fault) aLJc 
galta,f.(gaUAt). land - JA^: 
tahdyul, m. there is many a 
- between the cup and iheU-yn); jiAj 6a?j/cZ (bulada). 

lip iJ^_vil |ts^'iiJSsi>- (J i^y^ ts^ 
kun fy hanakak tuqsam li 
girak. he gave me the - i^J 
^j., gdg minny. 

Slipper, n . Jii:; bantu fly; 
_ijki sibsib, m. (sabdsib). 

Slippery, a. jWy mizah_ 
laq (—yn). 


Slope, n.J^m^l; j\j^\ in- 
hiddr^ m. ty,So-:> duhd4ra, 


Slope, Di.^]\Amdl(yimyl); 
J., mayil(yi-); vii! J ji ni_ 
zil litaht (yimil). 

Sloping, a, J Jo- ji. midah_ 
dar (-yn); ^}A*mdyil (-yn). 

Slovenliness, n. 4i-L^toa_ 
sdhftt; J^sp>j rahdila, f. 

Slovenly ,a:fiioisili{-yn); 
^x^y mirahdil (-yn). 

Slow, a, J\t. mltanny 





my watch is - j^-li 
sdHy bitahJiar. 

Slowly, ad. JjU Jc 'oilal 
mahl;Jii_ ^L\biswSs;Aj_ ji. A)^-i 
suwayicisuwayia. walk — ! 
»jio.lj «J9-Ij ^L.1 imsy wdhda 

Slowness, n. J^.. mahl; 
ji; taanny; jiiibUUj m. 

Sluice, n. a>J\ a^ fathet 
el 'en, f. (fathdt). 

Slum, n. u\M-.U j_^U\ oU 
hdret en nds el masakyn,f. 

Sly, a. J:=- AyiaZy f-Jaj; 
j^,makkdr (-yn). on the — 
_^Jl bis s jrr; «^ sirqa. 

Slyness, n. A-^hyla, f._f^ 
mokr^ m. 

Small, a. j_^i-9 sugayiar 
(-yn); jj^ guzy- Jli qalyl 
(quldlj. - talk -k--.! *;^ /ca_ 
Mm basyt. 

Sniallness, n.ji.^sugr,m. 

Smart, a.ia^nasyU-yn); 
^.ii hafyf (Ijufdf). 

Smart, vi. jj>- haraq 
(yihraq); .J lasa" (yilsa"). 

Sm2iYiQn,vt .Sjqayif{a~); 

Ijb hayia (ahayy). — your- 
self up!d)i-iij_5.«»/iaf/^ nafsak. 

Smartness, n. Jalli nasdt^ 
m. Ai^lii/fa; »jlki satdra, f. 

Smash, vt. i-Jc.^ dagdag 
(a-);Jidaqq ('aduqq);j^JJ:.i 
dasd is (a—). 

Smattering, n. 4^ 4.»jm 
mcCrifa qalyla, f, he has a 
- of Arabic t;? j»^^ J J^l^. by^ 
lattas fil "arnby. 

Smear, vt. '^ lattalj (a-j; 
^ijj so-rtoat (a-). 

Smell, n. <4j ryha, f. 

^vsxeW ,vt .J.hamm(asirrm) . 
vi.A^j^talla" ''yha (yi-);A 
*<i J loh ryha. it -s like ^4 j 




iSj ryhtoh zay. . 
Smelling, n. Ji samm, m . 
Smile, n. «-'^' tabsyma,f. 

Smiling, a. di^-U ddhik 

Sm.iih,n.:,\^o~hadddd{- yn) 

Smoke, n.o^i-iduljlidn,m. 

Smoke, vt. ^i dal}han 
(o>-); o'i-j ^j^sirib dulj/jdn 

Smoking,M.a.«-J>i iadhyn; 
Cji'ji\^/Jurb ed dulil}dn,m. 

JaUy mizaftat (-yn). 

Smooth, vt.jina"am(a-). 
— the hair j«il\ j^^i- sabsib 
es sa'r (a-). 

Smoothness, n. ^^«i niu 
"uma, f. 

Smother, vl. ji- b^naq 
(ahnuq); ^k» fattas (a-). 

V VJ ,* 

Smuggle, vt. ilji-1 
harrab m in eg gumruk[a-) 

Smuggler, n. iSjk'^ ^» ^j^. 
miharrab min eg gumruk 

Smuggling,n.£jjirl a' •~f\jt 
tahryb min eg gumruk, m. 
\j,:,\y.^ kontrabanda^ f. 

Snaffle, n. Ji.J;^ -li- ligdm 
hadyd, m. (-dt)- k^j qar_ 
tima, f. (qarlimdt). 

Snail,ri.4.sygd5a'ci/. (qdqa") 

Snake, n. J[.^ iVbdn,m. 
(ia'abyn). - root ii) lufa, f^ 

(seize suddenly) v_iki- /jataf 
(aljtaf). vi. JiJil inqatam 
(yinqitim); .kJil inqata" 

Snare, n. c^^^ma>^yada,f, 

Snatch, vt. ^ki- hataf 




(ahtaf); J--J natas (antikj. 

Sneak, oi.(steal away)^*.'! 
issahhab (assahhab); JJi 

Sneaking, a. ^j:, ddn; j:> 
dany (adnyia). 

Sneer, n. ,j£^-^' masf^ara, 
f.d}^^^ dihh^ m. 

Sneer, vi. ^^fc^M itmash<^r 

Sneeze, oi. j^U.* 'it is (a'^~ 
tas)•,^JJLt. 'attas (a-). 

Sneeze, n. *^kc- 'atsa^ f, 

Sniff, ot. ivt.t^ samsim(a-). 

Sniff, n. 4.*.ir^ sdinsima, f. 

Snipe, 11. A.-.K^'^bakasyna , 
f. (bakasyn). 

Snob, n. Jc^l J.W jo-lj 
wdhid 'dmilabu '^aly(-yn); 
I>ljj. mizrdt. 

Snore, n. ,Ji^ sahra, f. 

\ Snore, vi^ jt' sa^ar (as^ 
bur); j^ saliliar (a-). 

Snoring, n. J^" sa/}r; j^ 
sihyr, m. 

Snout, n. ij>)j zallAma^ f^ 
(zallumdt); ^y^j^ liar turn , 
m. (fiaratym). 

Sno'w, n.^talg,m. -white 
^-^\ (Sjfji.:>}<^byad say et talg 

Snow, vi.^tallig (yi~). 
it -s Jjli P\ et talg ndsil. 

Snub, n. Ai.S' kasfa (kas_ 
fdt); Aks^ salita, f. {saJitdt), 

Snub, vt. UujTkasaf (ak_ 
sif); J Jai^ saliat fy (asl^ut). 

Snuff, n. jfii nisdq, m. 

(a candle) a»e"M "^.p ^ya^ gass 
fitylet es sam'a (o.quss). vi, 
j.i:;l itna^saq (atnassaq). 

Snug, a. ^x^>mustakinn 
(-yn); »-l"j> mirtdh (~yn). 

So, ad. \j^ keda; uCt^j 




zay keda. - you are here at 
last y>( z.^ liJLil ji baqa 
adyk g4t aho. - he went j. 
^\jy%haqa huwa rdh.— — 
A) Mj ^J,, mus wala budd. 

— that jjl j^ /la^to jn/i. Mr. 

- and - C)^io-\^\eHiawdga 
fuldn. and - forth IjIT^ toe 
keda. — much — (^3 4<>-jjJJ 
Ztd daraga dy. 

Soak, o^. jLii; 6as6js fa-jj 
»ii naqa^ (anqa"). 

Soaking, n. A-liij basbisa, 
f, »aj naq\m. 

Soap, n. Oi'V sab&n, m. 
piece of— Ai^Uf sabuna, f. 
(sabundt). soft — JjU. t;j^_U 
sabAn sdyil. 

Sob, n. A4j-i sahqa; ,}j 
zafra, f. 

Sob, oi.^^^J'sahaqfashaq); 
jj zafar (as fur). 

Sobbing, n. j^^i siAt/?; 

Sober ,a. f^y (/an^' (-yn); 
(not drunk) jX^sdhy f-yn); 
j-\j wd'-y (-yn); a.^(j j 4-ac- 
"aqloh fy rdsoh. 

Sohriely ,n.ii\jjrazdna J. 

Sociability, n. >jLs. Hsra, 
f. (jil uns, m. 

Sociable, n. iSj-^^^ 'isary 
(-yn)\ ^Janys(-yn). 

Social, a. ^/\;.>-l igtimd'y. 
-man ,jJLJ\ ,_^ Jo-j rdgiL 
yihibb el. "isra. 

Socialist, a. ^>il istird_ 
ky (-yn);^^.y^ySOsydlisty 

Society, n. ^?- gam^yia 
(gam'yidt); JSj^sirka (sir_ 
kdi); tjlp.' isra;i^\^'i\^\ el 
kayd el igtima^yia,/ .learned 
- *if oi^- garnyia "ilmyia. 

Sock, n. jt-a* J^j-i' surrdb 
qusayiar (sararyb). 





Socket, n. «yi nuqra(nu. 
qar); Aiiyf tag toy fa ^ f. 

Soda^ n. Ij>^^ s6da, f. 

Sodomite, n.J=)lAty(-ia); 
j\k^ ^l:. bitd'' sugdr (bitu"). 

Sofa, n. o'^jii dycodn, m. 
{-d i);i.,i.Skanab^ ,f.(-hdtj. 

Soft, a, cli ndHm (-yn); 
iSj^tary (tardy). - boiled 
eggs z^^y ijx^_ bid birist. 

Soften, vt.jUna^^am (a~); 
(Sj\^tarra (atarry). vi. *i 
nVim (yin^am); tsj^ tiry 

Softness, n.^^iJna'i'ima, f. 

Soil, n. Jaj\ ard, f. 

Soilj vt. 'f) wassafi (a-). 

Soiree, n. ty^^ sahra, f. 

Sojourn, n. 4*l5l igdma^ f. 
jC sakan, m. 

Solar, a. ^^ iamsy. 

SoXder, ot.Llaham(alhim). 

Solder, n. /.U- lihdm, m. 

Soldier, n. ^^f- 'askary 

bimufradoh; x^j wahyd. 

Sole, n.JiO/ia'Z, m.(nu'Al). 

Solemn, a. Jymu waqqar 
(-yn); |C^kt ^azym ('uzdm). 

Solemnity, n. Ji^ waqdr; 
JliL^I ihtifdl, m. 

Solicit, vt, ^U talab (at__ 

Solicitor, n. cSjWj jjT^ 
wakyl da''dLoy (ukala). 

Solid, «. xX>-gdmid(-yn); 
ijc^ matyn (-yn),' 

Solidity, n, ^\u matdna; 
*i-'>r Q'umudyia, f. 

Solitary, a. .Jio-j liwah_ 
doh; ojic bimufradoh, ~ 
place ijii* Jrf mahall mun- 




Solitude, n. .Jo-j wihdaj. 

Soluble^ a. J4 yinhall; 
vjjJl) yidAb. 

Solution, n. ^ hall; ^)^ 
mahlAl, m. 

Solve, vt. ^y hall (ahill); 
Si fakk (afukk). 

Solvency, n. «jjiH ^jljt-.»l 
iqtiddr "ala ed daf; J^'\ 
itimdrij m. 

Solvent, (I. ^J* Je j-^-" 
mugtadlr'ala eddaf(-yji); 
^^'y mAtaman (-yn). 

Some, a. A.>i suwayia; 
4.J- habba, f. Ja^_ bA\l, m. 

- bread ,J^t. '^^ hitlet 'H. 

- water, *-• \^^ suwayiet 
may la. -one ^o-^j whdid; 
Jo- hadd. -day ^\>y\ j« ^y. 
ydm min el ayidm. after - 
daysA^. ^^j-iba^d kam ydm. 
-body ^^^} wdhid; j^-hadd. 
-how d/I^ iSj *«J/ ni« y'i- 

kAn. -time ^j (i' j /t/ at/ 

waqt. -timeso^P-VljjA.iJ/'j/ 
fea'd eZ ahydn; oWL ^.j 
6a'f/ sa'cii. -thing ie>-\t>-hdga^ 
f. (hagdtji '^J-si, m. (asyd). 
-what Qy nd'an; Jii qalyl; 
ij ^z. suwayla. —where j 
^jk. fy mat rah. 

Son^ n. ^.1 ibn (awldd).- 
in law j^Jl J^?- 5'(5^ el bint; 
j^a sihr (ashdr). 

Song, n. ^ys- ginwa, f. 
(ginwdt); ^}'^y mauwdl, m^ 
(maooawyD.he got it for a - 
^J^^\ ^\J<\ »^j^-i^ istardh bi 
tur&b el filAs. 

Sonorous, a.J\:,jranndn. 

Soon, ctd. VU hdlan; je- 
^jS ^an garyb. as - as U J3I 
auwil ma. -er iSjS> badry, 
the-er the better 4r^jJ^^J'>'- 
b^r elbirr'dgiloh; (j j^H 
,_^JJ en nahdr da qabl 




hukra, I would -er go there 
than je- ilUi ^jjS ^J^\afacL 
dal el mirwdh lihindk 
'an. he arrived -er than he 
was expected \j\€' U JJ W- 
»jjk;:j ga qabl ma kdnti 

Soot, /I. v-jU* hlbab; jl^*i^ 
sihwdr, m. 

Soothe, vt. ^c ,_ii^ ho-ffif 
'an (a-); jC. sakkin (a-); 
lj.» hadda (ahaddy). 

Sorcerer, n. J^ sahhdr 
(-yn); (ijU hdwy (huLod). 

Sorcery, n. jn" sihr^ m. 

Sore, n. t-j-^ QOirh, m. 

he has - eyes *«>-/o v^ 
'^enSh bituga'oh. 

Soreness,/!, ^j waga\ m. 

Sorghum, n. *^^e. Iji dura 
Hw^ga, f. 

Sor re\,n.^jA.i~hummSd,m. 

Sorrow, n. > gamm;^j>- 
husn, m. 

Sorry ,a,,j\ly^hazndn(-yn); 
.yT-' magmAm (-yn); j^>C' 
mitkaddar(-yn).l was- for 
you Jt ^«^ si'ibt 'alayia. - 
feHow \p\jj zarrdt (-yn). 

Sori.n.^-^gins (agnds); 
9-y nd' (anwd'); U'X^ sanf, 
m.(asndf ).vfhai[ - of a man? 
4,1 4<->- J»-j rdgil ginsoh ih. 
he is out of -s ULf^J^) U tna 
Ids k4f; a^SO. mi'aknin; 
^jt. miqaryif. 
Sort, vt.j)faraz(afriz). 
Soul, n. r-jj rd/i (ariodhj; 
^ nafs,f. (anfus). poor -! 
tj^x-* maskyn, 

Sound, n. ,_yj^ Aiss; Cp^ 
sdl, m. (aswdt). 

. Sound, vi. ^j^ ^ talla' 
hiss (yi-);djrann(yirinn). 




vt. ^j^ gass (agiss); ^j^-'\ 
isiagass (astigiss). tliis -s 
well v_..l» j^_ \i da yiishar 

Sounil, a. A" salym(-yn); 
r~^ sahyh (suhdh). - sleep 
J^' ^y ndm tigyl. 

Soundness, n. *#^^ siliha; 
*il:. matdna, f. 

Soup, n. 4.jj-i sdrbaj f, 

Sour,a.^U/i(im id(--yn). 
turn-^?- himid(yihmad), 
- grapes /.^A*. husrum, m. 

Source, n. o.^f' '^ft, A f'i- 
f/anj; »J na6' (nib/i"); jJi-a.» 
masdar (masddir); J-»l asZ, 
m. (usM). 

Sourness, n . * J.^?- /lam uda; 

A— <9 »«^ 

humudyio, f. 

South, n. JJ 986^1/; ^^^ 
gin{ib, m. - eastj^jjgibij/ 
sarqy. - west cJ^o J.; gj&Zt/ 

Southern, a. Jj gjfeiy; 
(jiy:f gindby. 

Souvenir, n. j^Jb^i^/c^r,. 
m. (-dt). 

Sovreign, n. (ruler) vHJ.. 
malik (mildkj; (coin) *.!>- 
5'm^, m. (-hdt). 

Sow, vt.t^jsarcC (azro'). 

Sower, n. ^lyzdri' (~yn).. 

Sowing, n. ic\j}2ird\i^ f. 
fyj ^ar\ m. 

Space, n. ^Jaifada, m.Ail-^ 
masdfa] ,s» mudda, f. — of 
time i^.a^ ^Jssa, f. (hisas). 

Spacious, «. A-'j todsT 
(—y^)', r-^ muttasi" (-yn). 

Spade, nAijytilrya(tur_ 
ydt); iiyj^ma'^saqa, f. (ma''- 
zaqdt); (in playing cards) 
j^; bastimy, m. he calls 

a - a - A.:^ J j^l j_>e^^l J_yu 

yiqiil I'll ahoar a'loar fy 




Spain, n. UL-I isbdnya,f: 

Span, n.(of hand) jUsJ6r^ 
m. (asbdrj; (of an arch) l^ 
Oi'i\ fathet el 'Sn^ f. 

Spanish,a. J^JU-I isban- 
y6ly (- ia). 

■Spare, D^j»5 waffar(a-); 
j^yt~fiauu)is (a- J; (forbear) 
^ ji- 'a fa 'an (a'fy), - him 
the trouble! ,^r L ma 
tikallifs fidt.roh. he has to 
-,j\i _y sJcc- "andoh hizydda. 

Spare _, a. ^^ qalyl; 4j^i 
suwayia. he has a - bed 
Jlj!.J4.i,j» oAit 'andoh farka 
faddl, - piece ia^Jj razbyt, 
— time Lis ^ij tfaq-i fada. 
Spareness, ?i, 'wU/iaMfa^/'. 
Spark, n. .jl^ sardra, f. 

Sparkle, vi. A. lama' (yiL 
-ma'); jj, baraq (yibrug); 
j\jj, JJo talla' sardr (yi-)., n. f-'^ tasannug ,m. 

Spawn, n.f^{\a.)batdrif}^m. 

Speak, vt. L"vj1 itkallim 
(atkallim); ^J^\ ithaddet 
I spoke with him aIJo- had_ 
dettoh;Aifkallimloh.he -s 
ill of you JlkJl d\a^ j 15^,, 
bytkallim fy haqqak bll 
battdl, he -s well of you LC:j 
,_^yi dJii^ j bytkallim fy 
haqqak bit tayyib.- up' JTl 
^ja.\i-^jikkallim wihlas.- the 
truth ! jkl Jigrfi eZ haqq. he 
-s his mind 41 j Jl J_,a^6f/_ 
5^<Z illy fy bdloh. do you - 
English? tSJiifl ]-<i' ii7/faL 
/im ingilyzy. the man spo_ 
ken of ^■■^S^\JjrJ^er rdgil el 
mahky "annoh; j/aLI Jc>.JI 
er rdgil el mazkAr. 

Speaker, n. J.^* m itkal_ 
Urn (-yn); ^.k;- batyb 


(l}utaba);{oi parliament)|_^jj 
^\lj_J\ ray y is el barlamdn 

Speaking, n. ^'i^ kaldm; 
Jy qdl, m. 

Spear, n. *!_,»■ harba, f. 

'Special, «. ^^a}^^^ husdsy 

Specially, ad. C^^;- husA_ 
san; ^__,^^-ai^l Je "aM dusus. 

Specialty^'i.*:^^ naw'yia, 
f, (naw''yidt). 

Specie, n. j^ sarr, m. 

Species, n.^nd' (anted'); 
,_ii^ sanf (asndf); ^^ g ins, 
m. (agndsj. 

Specification, n. fja..^i- 
talisys; t>u«)* ta'yyn, m. (of a 
work) i-j)^ surut, f. 

Specify, vt. ^jo.^^ fjassas 
(a-); ais- "ayin (a-). 

Specimen, ti. «/■ 'ayina, 



f, Cayindt). 

Spectacle, n. Jk:.»man;sar, 
m. (mandzir). — s o^jl-ii 
naddardt; >i^^kuzluk,m. 

Spectator, n. ^j^-'^ it far _ 
rig (-yn). 

Speculate, vt. (medilate) 
^i~ Uammin (a~)\ (trade) j>-\)" 

Speculation, n. uj»^ tab- 
myn, m. .jV^ tigdra^ f. 

Speculator, n. JUi"^l J^l*;* 
4jjl*.'l mii'dty el asgdl et 
tigdryia (~n). 

hadyt, m. (oration) A^ki-^"?- 
ba, f.(Uu{ab). make & - ^ki- 
}}atab (aljtub). 

Speed, n. *c^ sur'a; ^-f 
'agala^ f. 

Speedy ,a.^r'sa'"J/'; J 
mista''gil; /»ly qawdm. 




Spell, vt. U.^;! ithagga 
Spelling, n. ^^i^^higdyaj. 
Spend, ot. ^j^saraf(as^ 
ruf); ^J> dayia' (a-). 

Spending, n. ^j^ sarf; 
A-x-ki' tadyy^, m. 

Spendthrift, «. -^j^^mus. 
rif (~yn); jX-.* mubazzir 
(- ynj; Ac^fZi* ojol ydoh maf- 
tuha (-um). 
Sperm, n. j* many, m. 
Sphere, n. >jpkdra (ku_ 
war )i>y\iddyra,f .{dawdyir) 
Spherical^ a. j)X» midau_ 
war (-yn). 
Sphinx, n.,^^i\ y}abul hdl. 
Spicy, a. z.\j\^ ^ fyh bu^ 
hardt;J^ hdrr;jjsi:yihrag. 
• Sp\dey,n.^^flf.'ankabdt^ 
m. venomous - ca^ ^.I aba 
sabat, m. 

Spike, n. j\<^-* musmdr, 
m. (masamyr).- of sugar 

Spill,o^ ^kabb(akubb); 
jSi dalaq (adluq). 

Spin, vt.^;f.ga3al(agzil); 
J:j fatal (a f til). 


Spindle, n. Jj« magzal, 
m. (magdzil). 

Spine, n. j^^\ ;1Jlv. silsilet 
ed dahr, f. 

Spinster, n. /^ ^i bint 
bikr (bandt). 

Spiral, a. ^_^\ iSj say el 
Idlab; Jijo- halazdny. 

Spirit, n. ^}jr6h(arwdh); 
^l nafs, f. (anfas). he is in 
liigh -s \>y^ jbhuwa mab- 
sAt, he is in low -s^iji,^^ 
huwa miqaryif. -s zXnjL* 
masrubdt, f. 
Spirited, «.ii;.iina^i/^('-i//i>; 




f^c^ hdmy (-yn); ^J^ mi.l Spit[oon,nA>j^'mab^aqa' 


Spiritual, «. ^jj ^<^^J/; 
tjU-jj rohdny. 

i-A? taff (a tiff). 

Spitj n. (saliva) aJj; bazqa 
(iron prong) ^ sj/^, m. 

Spile, n. J^k4d; Jc g'«ZZ, 
m. in - of ^^c-w.-ae- g-ofsb 'an. 
out of - jclJIj 6iZ 'ind. 

Spite, vt. ii\i gdz (agy;s); 
:i^kdd (akyd). he did tills 
to - him AJ aUIcI Ij.^J/' 
^amal keda igdza fyh. 

Spiteful, a. iSi^'- haq^dy 

Spitting, n. Jj; bazq; ^jb- 
taff, m. 

Spittle, n. jlj; bizdq; ^iir 

f. (mabdziq). 

Splash, ot. ^W_^ tart as 
(a-), - hoard^jjrafraf^ m. 

Spleen, n. ^}\^ tuhdl, m. 
(- dt). 

Splendid, a. J^ 'azym 
{Uczdm); ^jj.. bady^{-yn). -! 
^jj\i^ Jlc "dl Jjdlis. 


Splint, n, i^^kalkala, f. 

Split, vt, ji saqq(asuqq); 
ji> falaq (aflaq). he - his 
sides with laughter .j;^ 
dU--^'! J. "j^\_f^ taqqet f}a^ 
wd^iroh min ed dihk. 

Spoil, n A~.if^nihyba-^c>\ ^^ 
manhubdt, f. - of a canal 
^'^''\ ^ ndtig et tamy, m^ 

Spoil, vt.u>\;talaf(atlif); 
J...S. hassar fa-);]ij,^ hauwaz 
(a-). - a child Jjjl J^ dalla'- 




el walad (a-). vi.j.J~ Ijisir 
(yihsar)\ u^ tilif (yitlaf); 
Jil bd^ (yibCiz). 

Spoke^ n. (of wheel) j.j 
barmaq, m. (bardmiq). 

Sponge, n, i^-'sifinga,f, 
(sifing). - cake UL-Jill; ban^ 
disbdnya, f. 

Sponsor, n. c^i- sibyn 

Spoon, n. ii^' maHaqa, f, 
(mr/dliq). table - a; j^i. 4.2L, 
ma'laqet sdcbcc. dessert — 
jU iftL* ma'laqei hilu, tea - 
»^^ JiiL. ma'laqet qahwa. 
-ful asU. ^ malu mcClaqa, 

Sport, n. ^ Wb; x..asdd, 
m. -sman :,\.^sayidd (~yn). 

Spot, n. A.Ua;nwgta, f. (nu. 
qat); Jsi raahall (-dt)-^ ^^k. 
matrah^ m. (matdrih). - of 
ground ^jijl il^ hittet ard. 
on Ih J - VU Mian; ^)\ j 

4c\,J\j/iZ toag^ wis sct'a. —less 
»ai^^> [,ma fyhs buqa'';ja.^\ 
Jil\ (^J abyad zay el full. 

Spot, ot. »i baqqa' (a-). 
-ted ^.. m ibaqqa\ 

Spout, n.j^j. bazbilz,m. 

Spout, oj.-kifea^^ (yibusz) 

Sprain, o^t5^taw« (alwy); 
J-5^ fakas (afkis). 

Sprain, n. (^^ Zau;?/; ^5o 
/'aZcs, m. 

Sprat, n. ai jU bisdrya^f. 

Spray, n. j-^ sirs, m. 
fasri^s; sir/Is). 

Spread, ot. j^nakarjan^ 
sur);j^jfaras(afris). — the 
table 4jiJ\ Ja.>- /iai( es sufra. 
(ahutt). - o\x{.4^ fatah(aftah). 
- a report «Ail as^i'; Ao\^\ ^ 
talla'- isd'a. oi.jJLtl\ intasar 
fyintisir); s-U Sd' (yi§y'J; 
Xi,\ imtadd (y-). 




Spring, vi.Unatt (anutt) 
Spring, n.(metal)d!iJj3'0(n. 

(leap) ^ki natta, f. (nattdt)-^ 
(season) ...j raby\ m. (of 
water)»jna&' (nibA^); (jKt-'^n 
(HyAnj; (in a river) ,jLibay_ 
idra^ f.(bayiardt). 

Si^rinkle^vt .J^jrass(aruss) 

Spur, n. (for a horse) J^*.^. 
mahmdz, m. (mahamyz); 
£\jisau(vdkaj,(sau wakdt); 
(in a riwer) ^\jrds, m.(rds). 

Spur,ui.j^^f\.lidJlisa/f/e biZ 
mahmuz (asukk); ^j^i- na. 
Uas (anljus). 

Spurious, a. Jl^i barrdny 
(-yn); J>j sagal. 

Spy, n. ^Jo\■^_ bassds(-yn). 

Spy, vt. ^ja.^;'l itbassas 
(atbassas); ,j<— ■^l itgassis 

Squad, ^. *»j» /i/"?a, Z'. 

Squadron, n. (of siiips) 
J^k-I astAlj m. (asatyl). 

Squander, ot. Jjj ba'^aq 
(a-); «jj. dayio^ (a-). 

Square,?!, (having 4 equal 
sides) «!_,. mirabba' (-dt); 
(open ground) (ijU.* myddn^ 
m. (mayadyn); ^-fj rahaba 
('raj^abd^;;(carpenter's tool) 
Ai^lJ zdwya, f. (zawydt). 

Square, vl. Mjrabba'(a~). 

Square, «. Vj' mirabba'' 


Squat, vi.^ijqarfas(a-). 

Squat, n. k^} qarfasa, f. 

Squeak, vL j.j zayiaq 
(yi-)\iSy^sauwa (yisauwy). 

Squeeze, vt. j.;j zanaq 
(aznuq);j^e- 'asar (a'sur). 

Squeeze, n. i^j zanqa; 
tj^af- 'asra, f. 





Squint, a.J^p-l ahwaKfiM). 

Squirt, of.^baM (ahulib); 
Jij ba2z (yihuzz). • 

Squirt, n. a^i hahha, f. 

Stab, vt. ai5Lj ^j^ darab 
bisikkyna (aclrab) ; Jc-^ 
dagan (adgun). 

Stab, n. i.ij^ darba (dar_ 
bdtj.i..i-:>dagna, f.(dagndt). 

Stability, n. ill:* matdna, 
f, zX^ sabdt, m. 

Stable, a. z^}:sdbit (-yn); 
Jl bdqy (-yn). 

Stable, n. JjW'-l istabl, m. 
(—dt). — man AJjlt ^_Lsciyts 
tdwla (syds). 

Stack, n. ^./^ kdma^ f. 

^\.2ick,vt.^fkau io im (a-); 
^JOJ rass (aruss); C)ji ^ttM- 
win {a-). 

Staff, n. j^ 'tikkdz, m. 

Cakakyz); (mil.) ^j- •j^j\ 
arkdn harb. 

S\.2ig,n .^\,\jt^^a2dl(guzlAn) 

Stage, n. (step) i<>-jidara_ 
ga,f.(daragdt); (of theatre) 
fj. marsah (mcirdsih); 
(place of rest) Akrf mahatta, 
f. (mahattdt). 

Stagger, vi. ^^\ ittdtah 

Stagnant, a. ^i\) wdqif 
(- yn);^^i>jL>musmdsy{-yn) 

Stagnation, n.ijyja5'^//',m. 
- of trade Jli-l^yiUg^//' el Ml 

Stain, n. iMMbug'afbuqa"); 
A.i^' latba, f. (lata}}). 

Stain, vt.^h baqqa' (a-); 
'■kUattal}(a-).-ed .s.. mi_ 
baqqa' (-yn). 

Stair, n. |i:>l-. saldlim, f, 
U\^ byr es sillim, m. 

Stake, vt. v_, jLli- Hdtir bi 
(a-);^j>,\j rdhln, (a-J. 




Stake, n. (slick of wood) 
jjj toatad (awtdd); J)j\<i- 
liazAq (l^awasyq); (that 
which is pledged) cMj ra^ 
hdn, m. (—dt). 

Stale, a. c-iV bdyit (-yn); 
'St hAyiU(~yn). - bread J:.ft 
^j'4s rigy\ m. 

Stalk, n. 4l-^i qasala, f, 
(qasal)', jU sdq, m. 

Stall, n. iiX>m,adwid, m. 
(maddwid). - of a trader 
^y fars, m. 

Slammer, vi. k..^ tahtih 
{a-).^\itlagUg (atlaglig). 
Stammer, n. \f^ tahiiha; 
ApcU- lagliga, f. 

Stamp, cii.(striiie with the 
-ji* taha'- (atba,^); ^*> basam 
(ahsum);^.idamag (admug). 
— ed paper *io 3ji waraq 
damga,m. -ed envelopewijt 

e.^.a« sarf madmixg^ m. 

Stamp, n. a.s^. basma; a«j 
damga, f. surcharge - i.!>^6 
4.i*-M .^"^1 'aldmet el ugra 
el mustahaqqa^ f. 

Stand, vi. ^jwlqiffaio- 
qci-f); ^i qdm (aqiXm). - out 
of the way! 4^u}i\ ^ 'e-ji li'a 
min es sikka. -out of the 
light! j'y nauwar-/jyi\ ^,'fj\ 
A''a mm e/i nrtr. as matters 

- A:t^)\ 4SU-I j fil hdla er 
rdhna. - fatigue ;_^\ Jji< 
yihtimil et ta^ah (ahtimil). 
he stood me a drink ^jJ€^j,\i^ 
sciqdny kds. 

Stand, n. ^^« mawqaf 
(macodqif); <lXiS^ kusk, m. 

f-d O.fllter - j-J l4lli-^.amm(i_ 

let ez zyr, f. (hammaldt). 
Standard, n. (ensign) Jjii 

b^raq (baydr ig'>;(test)|_^Ls. 

miqyds (maqdys);jWydr^ 




m. (-dt), — bearer jUsj*,! 
b^raqddr f-ia). 

Standing, n. ^y»j wiquf; 
AJqyAm,Tn. — oAv&T^_^x^ ^\ 
amr miistadym , m. - army 
»-^J\ zj^ J.^ gSs taht es 
sildh^ m. 

Staple^. ^y>\ asly (-ynj; 
^y sdbii (-yn). 

Star, n.^ nigm, m. A^i- 
nigma, f. (nig{im). — hoard 
jj^-l ^J.\ ^i- ganb el mar_ 
kib elyimyn,m. 

Starchy n. Lii nisa, m. 

Starchy vt. Cii nassa (a_ 
nassf/j; liil {sf hawa bin 
nisa(akwy). -ed {SyK»mak_ 
toy (-yn). 

Starcher, n. iS^fkaawdy 

Slare, n. »/J zagra, f. 

S\.SLre,vl./jzagar(azgu r) 

Start, vi. (SJct) ibtada(ab^ 
tidy);jL.misy(ainsy). he-s 
from Alexandria ^» jK^i 
iljs:S.^\yisdflr min iskin_ 
diryia.ihe train -s at five 
4.^^ AclJ\ .y,^ jy^\J\ el wabAr 
yiqAm es sd^a bamsa. 

Start, n.iAxbiddya, f^f-ij^ 
surd'^ ; Jl^ safar , m. 

Startle, y^. ^y fazo^ (af_ 
za"); ja.^ liadd (afiudd). 

Starvation, n. ^1 ^« o^. 
mdt min eg g{i\ m. 

Starve, vi. ^\ ^ zX>mdt 
min eg gd'' {amti). vt. e."^ 
ganwa' (a-). 

State;, n. (condition) JU 
hdl^ m. (ahwdl); ^JU hdla 
(haldtj; (government) a»JC~ 
htikAma (hukumdt); (pro_ 
vince)A.Vj wildya, f. (wi_ 
laydt). -sman ^-L- sydsy 
(-yn). -smanship ^\.^syd_ 





Slate, vt. JligciZ (aqU). -d 
^^> mu'ayian (-yn); jji, 
muqarrar (~yn). above -d 
i"jx\ jfl> ma^kdr a'lah 


Stateliness, n. ki^ ^aza_ 
ma; A^l uhhaha, f. 

Stately, a. ^ ^azym Cu^ 

Statement, n. Jy qdl (aq. 
wdl); ^'j^haldm-jSijMqrdr, 

Station, n. (silualion)*iJ;3 
wazyfa, f. (wazdyif); jT,, 
markaz^m.{mardk iz);{rai\.) 
*k»i mahatta, f. (mahaUdt), 
-master i\a.^ ^'^ndzir ma_ 
hatta (nuzzdr). Police - 
C^^ ,j9 karakdn, m. (-dt). 

Stationary, a. j^\J sdbit 
-yn); ^»lj wdqif(-yn). 

Stationer, f^-Jji^ bay id" 

waraq (-yn). 

Stationery, n. a.I:5' oljil 
adawdt kitdba, f. 

Statist] cs,n.iUJii'ddd,?n. 

Statue, n. JVic timsdl,(ta_ 
masyl); ^jo^sa (is,m.(sufj, us) . 

Stature, n. j^ qadd, m. 

Statute, n. 4*\ nizdm.^ 
ndma, f. o^\i qanun, m. 

Stay, vt. s^qa'ad(aq'ud); 
^y^fidil (afdal). he -s with 
me i^s^ Jjl; ndzil 'andy_ - 
away ! s.,i,di^Si'l}aUyk bVyd. 

Stay,n.»Vlbag'a; 3\-<iqudd, 

Stays, n. ^^y bAsto, m. 

Stead, a. JU, biddl; je^t- 
"awad;jo\^p ''uwdd,. in liis - 
aI'ju biddloh;'^J>\je-''uwddohi 
k:s. Vjo badalan ^annoh. 

Steadiness, n. ^^j risuh; 




oU sabdi; Jjj dawdm, m. 

^i&diAy , a. ^\jrAsiii('yn); 
O;^' sdhlt (-tjn). 

Steak, n. i'^hitta(hitat); 
io-j^ sarha (surah); ixXiJi 
kustilSta^ f. 

Sieal, ot.jj.^saraq(asraq), 
- a glance ^£ cJ^ ^ ^ 
fcass min taht litaht. he 
stole away ^j..j^<f\ issah,_ 
hab we I}arag; JJI insall. 

Stealer," 'Jj<-sdriq(~yn); 
^Ijs- haramy (~ia). 

Stealth, n. ^^j^ sirqa, f. 

Steam, n. j\'^ bafidr; ^jji 
nafaSj m. the - is up ^jAi\ 
J\J» en nafas ldli\ - engine 
j^Jj wabAr,m.(-dt); m j^ a! I 
dla bu/jdryia^ f. (aldt). 

Steamer, n. j^. jyj^ wa- 
bdr bahr, m. (-dt); j\i ^y 
markibndr,f. (mardkib). 

Steel, ra. Jl» sulb; aV^. 

bulddj m. — pen aAixD a.1j j 
rysa HI kitdba. -yard JU» 
qabbdny, m. (—ia.). 

Steep, a. jj^i-x^ m idahdar 
(-yn); ^}A,mdyil (-yn). 


Steer, vt. ^),\ ^t. massa 
elmarkib (amassy). he -s 
the boat AiJI Jo ^l\j jt^huioa 
wdqif ^alad daffa. 

Steersman, n. JA^-' mus- 
ta^mil (~yn)\ ^-^^j^ oJa_ 
mdngy (-ia). 

Stem, a. jU sdg; jip Hnq, 
m. i.»j^ qdrma^ f. 

Stench, n. 4.J>-^ «:_, ry^a 
wihsa, f, 

Step,tu.Ja.i-6«((a (ahatty), 
- aside^i^JcU ga ^ala ganb 
(agy). - back ^j ric^i' ,^ar_ 
ga'). - inji-i dafiaZ (adijul). 

Step, n. (pace) .^Li. batwa 




(l}atwdt; liatdwy); (degree) 
*ir sillima (sillimdt); 4»ji 
daraga, f. (daragdt). take 
-sj_viljd\ i.;il ittabaz et ta- 
dabyr(attibi^);J^\^H\ Ji-I 
ahad el ihtyatdt (dJiud). 
within a — ^^)\ ^;^ ganh el 
widn. a few -s off ^. avT^k^ 
lift hci'twltin min hena. - 

brotiier v_,VI 

a* C 

a&& ''lira 

umm. - daughter j^l c^^ 
bint eg gdz; »jU j^ bint el 
mara. — father ^Vl j^r5'<5'^ ^^ 
umm.— mother^jVI Jlj^mL 
rd-^ ei a&&. — son j^l fy.Hbn 
eg gdz; .(jU (>;li6/i ei mara. 

Sterling, a. ^-JjiJisterly. 
na; iSJi^"^ ingilyzy. 

Stern, a.y-5^/cisir (-yn); 
jtSZ m ikassar (-yn). 

Stern, n. ._ij.l >-^. mWir 
elmarkib;jj qiss, m. 

Sternly, ad. oj\tS^, bika^ 
sdra. look - ^tS^kassar[a-) 

Sternness ,n. >j\i^k asdra, f. 

Stew, n. j^^ yahny, m. - 
pan o^W tauLoa, f. (tauwdt). 

Steward, n. ^i^^jfiwakyl 
Ijarg (dkala); ^j\^kardr^ 
gy (-ia). 

Stewardess, n. ><^j\f 
kardrgyia (karargyidt). 

Stewardship, n.^yfj:taw_ 
kyl, m. 

Stick, n. AiUc- 'asdya^asa^ 
ydt);V^ 'asa^ f. Cusy); i^ 
%d, m. Cyddn). 

Stick, ot.jijlazaq(alzaq); 
jjcgaras(agriu). - it in the 
envelope ! ^J^\ J 4k>- hat- 
toh fig zarf. vi. jj liziq 
(yilzaq). he stuck to me 
J jjZi^tg ly. he stuck to his 
work ^yiiJ *<i^\ intabah li 
sugloh. - to what you say ! 




dl»:i)^Jc J^jl ifdal 'ala ka_ 

Sticky, a. jjb yilazzaq-^ 
jjji) yidabbaq. 

Stiff, «. ^-ili ndsiy f-t/raj; 
JuU gdmid (-yn). grow- 
•^S'l nisif (yinsaf); sr- gi_ 
mid (yigmadj. - necked 
4iil; 4cl.j dimdgoh ndsfa. 

Stiffen, i . ^i n a is jy fc<-;; 
Jl^- gam mid (a—). 

Stiffness, /i. Ai^^^- gimti- 
dyia; o^li nisufyia, f. 

Still, a. jJTL sd/cf7 r-f/n;; 
<^iU Ai^d?/ (-yn). — bornJaS-. 
saqt^ m. 

Still, ad. IJ lissa; ^^J 
lidilwaqt; lilli ^>md zdlik. 
they are - eating I^L i-Ll 
lissdhum bydklu. 

Stillness, n. o'^- sukdi; 
C>^ suk{it\)Skhid{i,m. 

Stimulant, n, Aji* munab- 

bih^m. (~dt). 


Stimulation, n. a-joJ ian_ 
61//1, m. 

Sting, n. A*J las'^aflas^dt); 
i.^J qarsa (qarsdt); ijis-^ad_ 
da, f. Cadddt). 

Sting, vt. ^lasa'' (yilsa^J; 
^} qaras (yiqrus); ^^ 

Stinginess, n. J4 buld, m. 

Stingy, a. J-ii bibyl{bu_ 

Stink, n. Allkj asIj '"«//*« 
battdla; ii\:i natdna, f. 

Stink, uj. 4!Vk) 4<ij J>U to/_ 
to' ryha battdla (yi—); ati 
nattin (yi—). 

Stinking, «. .^SILli a^j 4! ?o/i 
ryha battdla; Jix* minattin 

Stipend, n. a.-*U mdhyta, 
f. (mahyidt); ^j. murat_ 




tab, m. (-at). 

Stipulate, vt. lyi sarat 

Stipulation, n. i>^i sart, 
m. (sarM). 

Stir, n. £j>- haraka, f. 

Stir, ot. ilj>- harrak(a-); 
^ hayyig (a-), oi. il^il it_ 
harrak (atharrak). do not 
-! i]j*i 'f-jl rx'a tit harrak; 
Jiul Vji 6'a titniqil. 

Stirrup, n. ,J6^ rikdb, m. 
(-at). - leather yJS'jJii\>qd_ 
yis rikdb, m. (qawdyis). 

Stitch) n. i,j}- gurza, f. 

Stitch, vt. kj^bayiatja-); 
jil lafaq (alfuq). 

Stock, n. (lineage) ^y^^asl; 
^Ji nasab; (plant) j^::.mart_ 
tAr, m. (goods) iAJasbudd'a^ 
f. (baddy i''). - for the feet 

i^falaqa, fjfalaqdt). take 
- ij>- gar ad (agrud). — ex_ 
change ^jy_ bdrsa, f. (bor^ 
sdt). - holder*^- ,^\^§dhib 
sahm (ashdb). - broker jLfi' 
simsdr (samdsra). 

Stocking, n. J.> ^^y^ 
surrdb tawyl, n. (-dt). 

Stoker, n. j^^ "atahgy 

Stomach, n. .a« mi da, 
f. (mi'adj. 


Slone, n. (of earth) ^ /ia_ 
gar,m. (higdra); (of fruit); naqdya, f. (naqaydt); 
(of ring) ^Jaifass, m. (fusiis). 
rough - ^Lsidabsa, f.(dabs). 
small - -iL.^i;j daqsCtma^ f. 
f, ( da qsum).- dresser ol^ 
nahhdt (-yn). — purveyor 
j[^ haggdr (-a),mi\\ - ajWj 
rahdya, f. (rahoydt). 




Slony, a. fz.^ mihaggar 
(-yn)- j>J~\ iSj :say el hagar. 

Stool, n.o^Ji ^^.fkursy 
lir riglSn, m. (kardsy). 

Stoop, vi. ^^il inhana 
(anhiny); 11=1!^ tdta (atdty). 

Stoop, n. *..:>- hanya, f. 

Stop, vt. ^>iioaqqaf(a-). 
vl. v_i5j wiqif (awqaf), - an 
opening s^ sadd (asidd). - 
payment »»JI Jki battal ed 
daf (a~); ^fallis (a-), he 
-ped my salary j^U j^ ha^ 
gas mdhyty. he -ped me 
from jy^i^«i. mana^ny^an. — 
thief I ^-Iji-I l_,i^'- /i^su eZ 

Stop, n. Aijj waqfa, f. 
(waqfdt). put a - to Jlai6a(_ 
(aZ (a-); »;* mana" (amna"). 

Stoppage, n.^^i uq{if,m. 

Stopper, n. o'Ji- siddda 
(sidaddt); AjlU ?d66a, Z'. 

Storage, n. o'f- 6«^i;t>.> 
l^asyn, m. 

Store, n.ojsimctJisan (ma_ 
hdsin); ^\o- hdsiljtn.iha^ 
wdsll). -sOIa* muhimmdt; 
^ijU madna, f. - keeper ^\ 
i^ystamyn malizan(umana). 

Store,o t.^j^Uot-zaniahz in j 

Storm, n. i-^jj zdba^a^f, 
(zawdbi^), y naw, m. 

Story, n. ajJ^ hikdya 
(hikaydt); «jj-. syra fsyar); 
*.-»; qissa, f. (qisas).-oi a 
house jii ddr^ m. (adiodr); 
aS-U tabaqa, f. (tabaqdt). as 
the - goes 1^^ U c5j zay ma 
byqUu. tell &- ^j^ kidib 
(akdib). - book ^jo.^* ^\z^ 
kitdb qisas. - teller J\;ji»s 
mihadditdty C-ia). 

Stout, n . cijiif I •jj! 6i/^«' 
ingilyzy; Ij^ .jrv. 6^m 




sdda, f. 

Sloul, a- Cj^" simyn (su_ 
mdn); j^ tif}yn (tufidn). 
he has a - heart JuU \l>qaL 
boh gdm id. grow - jifs imin 
(asman); ^ tU}in (athan). 

Stoutness, n. ^ tuhn^ m. 
4;\i taljdna; iic" simna, f. 

Stove, n. j,\o^i wigdq, m. 
(-dt); Ajlji daffdya, f, (daf_ 

Straddle, v t.f'jfarsah(a-) 

Straight^ ad. iSj^:> dugry; 
^}^c ^idil. he went home — 
Jjc c^\ Jc ^Ij rdh 'alal b4t 
'idil. walk - ! Jl^ J..I 
imsy tauwdly. — awayjjic 
Hdil; J^U Jc 'ala tul. 

Straighten, vt. ^xc'addil 
(a-); Jjp "adal (a'dil). 

Straightforward, a. jJi-^ 
mustaqym C-yn). 

Straightforwardness, n. 

-ulSi-l istiqdma, f. 

Strain, vt. (filter) j^ saffa 
(asaffy); (stretch) xi sadd 

Strainer^ n. j-a» ma§fa, f. 
(masdfy; masfdt). 

Strait, ?i. (pass) jU^6o9'(i^, 
m. (-dt); (difficulty) iiJ> 
4yQci-, f. —>§ harb, m. 

Stramonium, n. >jy\ida_ 
iura, f. 

Sirand.vt .Li^sahat(ashat) 

Strange, a. ^^J> garyb 
(-ynj; ^J: 'agyb(-yn). 

Strangeness:, n. ii}j^ ga_ 
rdba, f. 

Stranger, n. w;> garyb 
(gu rb);^ygnaby(agdnib). 
-s .^_,J\^U\ en nds el gurb. 
he has become quite a - 
jiff-U ma haddis by_ 


r^. w 

sdfoh; \:i>.jl Ahasna. 
Strangle, vt. ^^ honaq 




(abnuq); ^^ki fattas (a-). 

StrangulaUon,n. jii- /jc^nq, 

Strap, n. jAl qdyis (qa_ 
wdyis); j^^ sSr, m . (siyAr)-^ 
i.i-j2uhmaj.(zufiam). trou_ 
sers' - A^j^siibya,f,{subydt) 

Stratagem, n. 4.;* hyia, f. 

Straw, n. 4l» qossa (qass); 
A^^ 6(is«, f. (Ijds). I do not 
care a - for him ^jJ U I. l;l 
Alcana ma asdls 'aZ^/i. chop_ 
ped - ij^tibn, m. - hat aIlJj, 
^j^ji- hurnita J}{is. - seller 
(ijL* tabbdn (-a). 

Strawberry, n. >li\J fe_ 
rdtola; diii sii^/c, m. 

Stray,^(i/i (at(lh);c.\j> 

Stray, n. a.!; ^^f/j/i (-yn); 
yU ddyi' (-yn). 

Stream, n. t5jss migra^m. 

(magdry); a., Us qandya, f- 

Street, n. -*SC sihka (si- 
kak); .jU- Mra, /'. (hardt); 
(■j[J:.sdri\ m. (sawdrV').— 
door <6^!^ ^l[ hdb es sikka. 

Strength, n. >/ quwct; sXi 
sidda, f. pP Hzm; J-^- /i^/, 
m. with all my — ^.jc-J^ 6J- 
/««W ''izmy; J-»- J^. biktill 

Strengthen, oi. t^y qauwa 
faqauwy); Jt?- gammid(a-) 

Stress, n. (force)»AisJdda; 
(pressure) j.^ fZy^, m. 

Stretch, n. iU:*l imtiddd; 
(■[^\\ittisd^ ^m .ii\^'masdfa^f. 

Stretch, vi. a. madrf (a^ 
midd); Jti sadd (asidd)- laj. 

Strict, a. j»j.. madaqqaq 
(-yr^); ^}J:>daqyq f-yn);^\i 
qdsy (-yn). 




Strictness, n.^^JJ^tadgyq; 
JbJLiT tasdyd, m. 

Stride, n. »^ki- f}atcoa(ii.a_ 
tdwy); A^^ fasha, f. 

Strike, o^.L->.6«to(' (<^h- 
bat); v_.j^ darab (adrab). - 
off v-.iai' satab (astub); ^ 
maha(amhy). - the face with 
the hand iJ latam (altum), 
it -s me J j^. yizhar ly. 

Strike, /i. >*'! ^^ v'y^' 
idrdb ''an el 'amal, m. 

String, n.}h.J^bet,m. (by-, 
tdn); i>j\ii dubdra^ f. J 3 
watar, m. (awtdr). 


Stringent, a. juaj, sadyd; 
3Jii. musaddad; j,;a. mu_ 
daqqiq; w-.*-» sa^b. 

Strip, ti. 4i>- hitta (hitat); 
aJj gafa, f. (quia'); j. j 
^(/g-, m, (azydq). 

Strip, vt,^'/arra(a''ar- 

ry); ^ sallah (a-). 

Stripe, raJSg-a torn (aqldm); 
Jai- l^tt, m. (Uutdt). 

striped, a. -kk»i mihattat 
(-yf^)l ii* miqallim (-yn). 

Stroke, n.i.k.^li,abta (hob- 
tdt); Ai_j^ darba,f.(darbAt). 

Stroke, vt. ^c,_J^tabtab 
"ala (a-). 

Stroll, n. ,jyLt maswara; 
4^-' fusha; aU^. bdlta, f. he 
went for a - <\^y ^j-^l rj*- 
Uarag yidrab bdlta; jyLc'r\j 
rdh yitmaswar. 

Stroll, V i. j)tl\ itmas war 
bdlta (adrab). 

Strong, a. (Sy qawy (aq_ 
wyia); JuJLi sadyd (suddd); 
^c'afy (-yn); Ju.U gdmid 
(-yn). - drink Jj! wj^^L* 
masrdbtiqyl. — tobaccoo^i-i 
i_j«U duhb^^fi hdmy. 




Strongly^ ad. ,/u biqnwa 

Strop, n. ^y ^_\; qd^is 
mils, m. (qawdyis). 

Struggle, vi. j»Uri it^dflr 
(at'dflrj; AftU gdhid (a-). 

Struggle, n. i>j\».,Tn i^dfra; 
.jiftU migdhda, f. 

Strut, n. tfjkss ma/}lara^ f. 

Struts vi. jks£l itma/itar 

Stubborn, «. ^e- 'an yd 
(-yn); (S-xxc Hnady(-yn). 

Stubbornness^ n. sifi'ind; 
^'' indd ,m .,X>\m.» mi''dndaj. 

Stucco, n. (>L; baydd^ m. 

Stud, n. (button) ^ja.J jj 
sirr qamys, m. (azrdr), 

Stu del it J n. 1^ talmyz 
(taldmza). - in a mosque 
j)\^ migdwir (-yn). 

Studio, /I. a3jj warsa, f. 
(wiras; warsdt). 

SludiouSj a. ajIj«1\^ yi^ 
hibb el qirdya (—u). 

Study, n. ^jj> dars, m. 
'^^\j:> dirdsa, f. A^ ta'lym; 
(room) ^tSCl maktab, m. 

Study, o<.j_^jidaras(adr/s) 

Stuffy n. jXi qumds, m. 
this is - and nonsense ^^\:> 
iyU da kaldm fdrig; ,_^U ^^; 
bala hals. 

Stuff, vt. Ji^ hasa (ahsy). 
-ed vegetables ^Is: mahsy, 
m. 4i-^ dulma, f. 

Stuffing, n. ^L^ haku, m. 

Stuffy, a. ^kitim (-yn). 

Stumble, vi. }s- 'itir 

Stump, n. A»k; qaVa^ f. 
(quia'); jJip- gidr, m. (gu_ 

Stun,o<. ^'iidauwah (a-). 
Stupefaction.^ .ji Jii ^a^dyr. 





Stupefy, vt. jM- l}addar 
(a-)- I ballim (a-). 

Stupid, a. aA) balyd (bu. 
lada); jU- homdri j^ tdr. 

Stupidity, n. .:>:i^i 6aMda, 

Stutter, V i. Ax^tah t ihfa-)^ 
^\ itlaglig (atlagligj. 

Stutter, n. Aj.:^ tahtiha; 
A5tli lagliga, f. 

rug); ^jj.^ gins (agnds);jjs 
tarz, m. (turA^). 

Stylish, a.o^l ^yalal m(5_ 
da. - man ^>- salaby(~ia). 

Subaltern, n.»j%m i Idz im 

Sub- chief, n. ^_^)j jd^ 
musdHd rayyis. 

Subdivide, vt. Jli-J qas_ 
sim tdny (a-). 

Subdivision, n. ^-all ^Jii 

taqsym el muqassam , m. 

Subject, n. (object) ^y 
mawdA\ m. (mawady'); (of 
an authority) A-Pjrrt/Jafra. 
^dya); (of a verb)Jcl«/'(i'i/,m. 

Subject, vt. (expose) j/j- 
'arradfa-); (bring under au- 
thority) fc.W tayia' (a—). 

Subjection, n . 9j.^liudtL\ 
m. *cll» id' a, f. 


Sublet, uil.Aiki ^. y-\aggar 
min batnoh (a-). 

Sublimate, /i. (corrosive) 
JU- silymdny, m. 

Sublime, a.J}t>'dly (-yn); 
^c 'azym Cuzdm). the — 
Porte JU\ J^\ el bdb el 'dly. 

Submarine, a. j4^y^ t^ fy 
qa^r el bahr. 

Submerge, ot.^jJ^gattas 
(a-j; jj>garraq (a-). 

Submersion, n. ^.W 




io.gtys, m. 

^Lr taslym, m. 

Submissive, a. /.jIU tdyi' 
(-yn); -i,U. liddi' (-yn). 

Sub-minisler,n. o\.!i-i JiTj 
toakyl nizdra(ukala). 

Submit, oi. i^sallim (a-)-^ 
.JLi-6«da' (ahdob"); J^j&'arad 
(a' rid), 

Sub-mudir, n. A^j^-i^ J:'^ 
toakyl mudyryia (ukala). 

Subordinate, n. ju^^ ^«/i(; 
yadd; ^\ ^ taht amr. he 

IS my 



taht ydy. 

Subordination, n.Aclip^d'a; 
A^lr tdb'yia, f. 

Subscribe, u i.i}JJi\ iitarak 

Subscriber, n. 6J.L. muL 

Subscription, n. ill>il iL 

tirdk; (for a charitable pur_ 
pose) ^\»^\ is'df, m. AiWI 
i'dna, f. 

Subsequent, a. ^l" tdbi' 
(~y^)', Ci-M <s\t 9'^y ba'-ddn 

Subsequently, ad. oij^j 
ba^d^n; ? summa. 

Subside, ot. xi~ him id 

Subsidize, vt. c^c\ a''dn 

Subsidy, n^ aJI. ^W i''dna 
mdlyla^ fji^andt). 

Subsist, vi, J.W ^ds (a^ys). 

Subsistence, n. a±.«« ma_ 
"ysa; iJi^e- "ysa, f. 

Substance, n. »iU mddda, 
f,(mawdd ).c\\Bm\CQ\ -s.l3>-l 
agzd, f. 

-^kp "^asym. 

Substitute, n . Jjo badal; 
^J>^ ''uwad^ m. 




(a-); Jjli badal (abdil). 

Substitution, n. JIjuX-I is- 
iibddl; ^y>\jmi^\ isti'wdd^ m. 

Subterranean, a.^jVI ^^ 
taht elard. 

Subtract, vt. j_^Si naqqas 
(a-);^jcJ^ istan^il (astari- 
sfil); ^ai- Ijasam (absim). 

Subtraction, n. ^Je.Ji^tan_ 
qys; ^i- h<^sm; r)' («r^, m. 

Suburbs, n. ^Ip dawd_ 

Subvention, n. *j\cl i'dna 
(i^andt)-^ »JicL. musd'da, f. 

Succeed, vi. (follow) a^ U 
ga ba"d (agy); ^U- h^laf 
(a}jlif);{he snccessM)^fi lih 
(aflah); ^ nagah (angah). 

Succeeding, a.s^js^'^gdy 
6a'rf;jU\ ^^^ Se-\)wdhid ba'd 
et tdny. 

Success, n. ^'i faldh;^i. 
nagdh^ m. 

Successful, a. i-U fdlih 
(-yrt);^^ ndgih (-yn). 

Succession, n. (series of 
things) A-'' tatdbu\ m. 

Successive, a. JUW j«) j<^Ij 
wdhid bof'd et tdny. 

Successor, n. ^kSi-tialyfa; 
^^Ai-balaf. who is my -■? ju* 
t^A.) is\>-myn gdy ba'dy. 

Such, a, \j^ keda; 1^ (^J 
^a?/ da. - as it is ^* V.(^J ^at/ 
ma /i a toa. - and - IjSj Ijj 
/«eda toe feedfl. at - an hour 
i£i iSj '»cl- J fy sd^a zay dy. 
come on - a day ! pJ\ j Jl«» 
tJi^Sta^dla fil ydm el flldny. 

la.Lisafat(asfut). —the breast 
^j ridi" (arda"). 

Sucking, n. ^Ja.' mass-^Lki 
saft^ m. (the breast) *cUj 




ridd'a, f. 

Suckling, n, jjS\ Jc Jj wa, 
lad "alal biss (awldd). 

Suction, n. ^Ja.^ mass; iai-i 

Sudan, n. c^i^y suddn^m. 

Sudanese, a.j^i^^suddny 

Sudden^a. j^i'o^c'ala gafta. 

Sudorific,n. jj«*m Tarrag 

Sue, vt. ^ iS^:> fij rafa' 
da^oa "ala (arfa^)-^ Jp*i-^ r ^' 
qdm qadyia 'ala (aqym). 

Suffer, vt. jc^l ihtamal 
(aht imil); ^^M^iqdsa (aqdsy); 
jlU tdq (atyq). he -ed losses 
y\.-^^^j^>-hasal loh l^asdyir. 

Sufferer, n. o^ ''ayidn 
(-yn); ^[^uminsdb (-yn). 

Suffering,n. j.^ dyq;^\Sc 
''azdb, m. 

Suffice, vi. ^^ kaffa (yi^ 

Sufficiency, n. 4jU5^/ej_ 
f<^ya, f. 

Sufficient,a. J'5^/e^/'l/; ^ 

Sufrix,n . aF l_,;-l jo^jU^jjs- 
huruf minzdda fyd^ir ek 

Suffocate, vt. j^ banaq 
(afjnuq); ^jJLi fattas (a-). 

Suffocation, n. ^ fjanq; 
jlilil ilitindq, m. 

Sugar, n. f^ sukkar, m. 
coffee without — o:\^»^qah_ 
wa sdda. 

Sugary,« (i_^C sukkary; 

j(lo- hilti. 

Suggest^D/. jVisdrfyistir); 
tslj t£i' idda rdy (addy). 

Suggestion, n. .jVil isdra, 
f. is^j rdy,m. 

Suicide, n.,_^\ ^qatlen 
nafs, m. commit - ^ij ja 
qatal nafsoh (aqtil). 




Suit^ri.(of clothes) ftUtogm, 
m. (tuqdma); aIju badla,f, 

Suit, vt. jslj loa/ig' ryj-/'; 
^-li ndsib (yi-). this -s me 
j^sjlji Ij da yiwdftgny. 

Suitable, a. j»l^ muwdftq 
(-ynj;^^\i, mundsib (-yn); 
j:V Idyiq (-yn). 

Suitableness, n. *s»\y mu^ 
wdfqa; -u-k. mundsba, f. 

Suite, n. f-Ul a<6a'; ^ji- 

Suitor, n. ^l!» tdUb(-yn); 
(lover) jilfr 'dsig Cussdq). 

Sullciness^ n . jJL^taksyr; 
y,^z tabwyZj m. 

Sulky, a. ^.C mikassar 
(—yn);jy.> mibauwis (-yn). 

Sulphur,n. c^^jfkabryt, 


Sultan;, n. o^LL. sultdn 


Sultana, n. AilLL. sultdna 

Sum, n. iL. mablag, m. 
(mabdlig). total - s^^f^ mag_ 
m{L\ m. 4^ gumla, f. 

Summary, n. j^tt muU- 
iasar; ,_^sS;* mulahbO'S, m. 

Summer, n. .^.^ sif, m. 

Summer, a. j^ s6fy. 


Summon, vt, ,Jit talab 

Summons, n. JJ» L 'ilm 
talab, m. (a'ldm). 

Sun, n, ^'sams, m.(si_ 
tnds). — burnt jC-* mismirr. 
-flower ,_^l jU 'abbdd es 
sams, m. - shine ,j.c-^l jy 
nAr es sams, m. — stroke 
^j^ \jJ> darbet sams, f. 
he had a - stroke *Jji-\ ^yr^l 
es sams ahadetoh. 




Sunday, n. j^J-1 p^j ydm el 
hadd^ m. 

Sundry, n. ao^u. ^U^I as_ 
n(t/ mitnauioci'^ci, f. 

Sunna, n.4,L sunnaj. 

Sunnite, a. ^^^ sunny. 

Sunny^ a. ^^'1 ^io-Ju tid^ 
buloh es sams. - day^^'L_^_ 
A.Jl!»A.Jf/(5m essamsfyh tdVa 

Superb, a.jJifdhir(-yn); 
^ muftahO'r (-yn); Jip 
'azym {'uzdmj. 

Superficial, a. ^^ sathy; 
^^lliU J flz zdhir. 

Superfine, a. JU\ JW 'dZ 
el 'dl;j^'muftabar. 

Superintend, vt. Ji^V ld_^ 
his (a-)-, Jo JS^'l itwakkil 
''ala (atwakkil);Ji\i ndzir 

Superintendence, n .i.]k^% 
muldhsa; t^\x» mundzraj. 

Superintendent, n. !^i».% 

muldhiz (-yn); Jili ndzir 
Superior, a. Jd a'to; kcl 

Superior, n. ^j rayyis 

Superiority, n. aAjisI a/'. 
dalyia, f. 

Supernumerary, n. Jij 
takmyly; c^\j^^]i zuhurdt. 

Supersede, vt. Jss Wg'a 
mahall (agy); JU, U ^rt 6f_ 
dti/; Jk; battal (a-). 

Superstition, n. S'iwahm, 
m.(awhdm); ii\ji- h'lrdfa^ 

Superstitious, «. ^^ajI ^;-U 
sdhib awhdm (ashdb); Jijf- 
miharraf (-yn). 

Superstructure, n, jy L 
iJ'S^^ J-i bina fdq wiss el 
ard^ m. 

Supervise, vt. Jis-V Idhiz 




(a-); jtli ndzir (a-). 

Supervision, n.i^>-'%mu~ 
Idhza; .jkli. mundzra, f. 

Supper, n. \L(- 'asa, m. a - 
,_jlc- "aswa, f. Caswdt). 

(^ layin (-yn). 

Supplement, n. ^ mul- 
haq, m. (-di). 

Supplementary, a. jUI 
H^fy, »3^c^ 'aldwa; Ji^ 

Suppleness, n. oi lyn, m. 
aI^J lydna^ f. 


:>\j\ yrddj m. (-dt); (food) 

4ijl« maiina, f. director of 

supplies C^i^* jA* mudyr 


Supply, vt. :>j) warrad 
(a-j; ^J.; qaddim (a-). 

Support, n.x^sanad, m. 
,Jc\^ musd'^da, f. 

Support, vt. x^sanad(as^ 
nid); JW'dZ (cCtilj.hQ-s, a 
family 4.1.4 l»Jc (SJ:.)» huwa 
biyigry 'ala famylia. 

Supportable, a. jlkij yin. 
tdq(-u); A\^>-\ ^t yimkin 

Supporter, n. st^ sanad; 
JcL* musd'id (-yn). 

Suppose, vt. Ja zann (a^ 

farad (afrid). supposing 
he was away Jj'S^UaiI Li_,»lSl 
Ua isa faradna innoh ma 
kdns hena. 

Supposition, n. j^ talj.^ 
myn; ^ zann•,^_f} fard^m. 

Suppress, vt. Js laga (al^ 
gy); Jk) battal (a-); yjS^- 
hazaf(ahzif); <^Jt* hadda 

Suppression, n. U\ ilga; 
Jlkjl ibtdl; ^lo-ha^f^ ^-^.-^ 




tahdyia, f. 

Supremacy, n. m^ 'aza 
ma, f. 

Supreme, a. ke-\ a'sam; 

Sure, a.(person)j5l:*mi^_ 
akkad (-yn); ja^' milhaq_ 
qag (-yn);{ih'\.ng)s^akyd; 
^|^^muhaqqaq. for- ^ ^» 
A; min kuli hidd; j,iil ^ 
min el muhn^qqctq. 

Surely, ad. aMJI biitd- 
kyd; ^}■^^\ hittahqyq; 'ia-a^- 

Sureness, n.J.^tdkyd,m. 

Surety, n. o^l amdn; ^y^" 
tdmyn, m. 

ju} wiss, m. (awsd^) . 

Surgeon, n. ^Ij>- garrdh 
i~yfi);^.^yr gardyhy (-ia). 

Surgery, ^.''o-lj*- girdha/. 

Surgcal, a.j-^yr gi^'^hy- 

Surmount, ot. Jo ^Ul 
itgallib 'ala(atgallib); Jo J& 
Hly "ala (a' la). 

Surname, n.s_,iS laqab(al_ 
qdb; ^a naqb, m. (anqdb). 

Surpass, o^.Jp jVs fdq ^ala 
(afuq); jj^ sabaq (asbaq). 

Surpassing, a. j.,lj fdyiq 
(-yn); e^ ^asym ('uzdm). 

Surplice, n. j_^.-aU jliy^^^j 
qamys foqdny lil qusus, m. 

Surplus, n. Jl bdqy^ m. 
(bawdqy);K.u baqyia,f.(ba_ 

Surprise, n. ^I^ii-l istig^ 
rdb; ^^ ta'aggub, m. 

Surprise, vt. ^a. ^^ \a^ ga 
'ala gafla (agy)-^ ju^ljl J*: 
._^'^- yibally el wdhid 

Surprising, a. ^^^agyb; 
^.> gf^ryb. 




Surrender,n.AJ taslym ,m. 

Surrender, ot. L. sallim 

Surround, vt. W hdt 
(ahyt) ; J»^l ithauwat (at_ 

Surrounding, (X. J^>- hdl; 
Cji^y hawaWn. 

Surveillance, n. t)i\umu- 
ndsra; *li>-^l. mulAhza, f, 

Survey,n.<»o-L« misdhaj. 

S\irYey,vt. Jii\indzir{a-); 
(land) f^'masah (amsah). 

Surveyor, n. (of Iand)QL* 
massdh (-yn). 

Survival, n. ^ baqa, m. 

Survive, oj. jj^^jX^ds ba^d 

Susceptibility, n. >X}i qA- 
bilyia, f. 

Susceptible, <*. J.> q<^bil 

Suspect, vt.j iSz.\istabah 

fy (astibih);jj]izann fy(a_ 
zinn). -edty^masbinlK—yn) 

Suspend, ot. ^ijwaqqaf 
(a-); Jks^ 'attal (a-); (to 
hang)jio'a/Zaq'i'a-j; Ji dalla 

Suspenders, n. ^^i- ham_ 
mdla, f. (hammaldt). 

Suspense, n. >jk>- hyra, f. 
jlkil intizdr, m. 

Suspension, n. ^Sytaw- 
Qyf; J:i»»> i(^'iyk o^ taHyq, 

Suspicion, n. A^ sakk; 
^]i zann, m. i.^- subha^ f_ 

Suspicious, a. (thing)*JLi. 
4J mustabah fyh; (person) 
jjlJi zanndn (-yn). 

Sustain, o(. j.-.- sanad(as^ 
^A> qdsa (aqdsy). 

Sustainment, n.^^^sanad; 
-U-^ masnad, m. 




Sustenance , n. ^l«« ma_ 
''ds\^\akl,m. Ajiij' tagsyia, 

Swaddle, vt. Izi qammat 

qumdt, m. (~dt). 

Swallow, vt. ^ bala" (ab^ 
la^; ^i-j zagat (azgut), I can 
not - this Ij ^iftl j^jJil U ma 
aqdars ahdim da. 

Swamp, n. ^'Ll^mustan^ 
qa\ m. (-At); ^y_ birka^ f_ 

Swan, n. *«*! baga'a, f. 

Swarm, n.^ gumla, f. 

J*jT gO'f^cifl, fn. 

Swear, ot,uX>'hilif(ahlif), 
- at ^J: satam (astim). 

Swearing, n. oVii"- hilfdn, 
m. A£*"^ sityma, f. 

Sweat, n. jjC ^araq,m. 



Sweden, n. rj^\as{ig,f. 

Sweep, vt. ^^o kanas 
(aknus); J.5 qass (aquss). 

Sweeper, n. ^\xS kannds 
(-yn)\ ^}\j^abbdl(-a:, -yn). 

Sweepings, n.K^\x'rkund- 
sa; jjl. j zibdla, f. 

Sweet, n. ,j^^o- haldwa; 
olj^ halawyidt, f. 

Sweet, a. jU hilu (-yn), 
~ heart ^^.^f mahbub, m, 
*.^j: mahbuba, f, - meat 
,^_. if\}> fdkha misak_ 
kara^ f. 

Sweeten, vt. ^ halla 

Sweetness,?}. >i'%~haldwct^ f. 

Swell, vi. ^j, wirim (y{l_ 
ram); '■^\intafab(yintifll}) 

Swelling, n. ^^ waram; 
^lol intifdli^ m. 




Swift, a, S^ qawdm;^ti^* 
mista'gil (-yn). 

Swiftness, n. ^c^, sur'a; 
^ 'agala, f. 

Swim, vi. ^W 'dm (o^Am). 

Swimmer, n. ^f■ 'auwdm 

Swimming, n. ^^e- ^6m,m. 

Swindle, vt. ^ ^^ nasab 
'aZa (ansub). 

Swindler, n. v_.Lai nassdb 

Swing, n. K-^j.murg4ha^ 
f.(maragyh). - bridge (Sjf^ 
iS^kubry mulaharrik. 

Swing, vi.f;p itmargah 

Swiss, a. ^^■Ay^' swysy. 

Switch, n. qV:" muftdh, 
m. (mafatyh). - man J^^ii* 
muftdhgy (-ia). 

Switzerland, n. ^j^iy 
swysra, f. 

Swoon,v i.^/-gim y(agma) 
Swoon, n. k./ gamyd, f. 

Sword, n. ^-- s^f, m.(si_ 

yAf). -sman Jl-- sayidf 

(- yn). 

za,f. (gimmSs). 

Syllable,n .^i.maqta\ m . 


Symmetrical, a. I. jJc-'l ^ 
"ala es simetryia. 

Symmetry, n- ^jtar^ 
tyb^m. k.x^tohandima\\iJ.c' 
simetryia^ f. 

Sympathize,?) i.^j^=-/iann 
'ala(ahinn); jj-V-»-X' J iljv^l 
isiarah fil ihsds (astirik).^ 

Sympathy, n.^mil; J/» 
qubAl, m. 

Symptom, n. k-'^k 'aldma 



Calamdt); aIV^ dildla, f. 

Synagogue, n. ^c^ ki_ 
nys, m. 

Syncope^ n. Itl igma, m. 

Syndic, n. Ji'j wakyl; 
<i)ijjLi^ sendyk. 

Syndicate, n. ^i\j. murd_ 

Synods n. »if magma\ m. 

Syntax, n. ^\ \c 'Urn en 
nahu, m. 

Syphilis, n. j^j»Vl U\el 
^aya el ufrangy, m. 

Syria, n. aID^ es sdm; 
\jy^suryia, f. 

Syriac, «. t^^i^ surydny 

Syrian, a. t^^-i s(^rny (sa_ 
wdm); is_)^^ sAry (-yn). 

Syringe, n. KM-huqnaihu^ 
qan); Ve^j£. bubb^ha, f.(hub- 

Syrup, n. ^\ji sardb, m. 

System, n. *AiJstaryqa,f. 
(turuq);^J tartyb (-dt); 
JjU tar 2^ m. (turtle). 

Systematic, a. ^jJiW Jc 
'a/a et tartyb. 


Table, n..y- sufra (su_ 
fC'J^); >ji>)j tarabSza(tara_ 
time - o'j^.yi J*- Jj-'"r goi'd_ 

wal safar el waburdt^ m. 
(g add toil), office - ^_i^ 
maktab, m. (makdtib). — 
talk j:U*>IS' kaldm sdyir^m. 




Tacit,« (implied )^^d imny 

Tacitly _, ad. Uc^ dimnan. 

Tack,n.,(nail).j;l j\c^*mus^ 
mdr ibra^ m. (masamyr). 

Tackle, ot. dL. misik 
(amsik); Jo J^:-' istawla 
'ala (Ostawla). 

Tact, n. jjjjj tadbyr; Jji 
sdq, m. 

Taffeta, n. U« iafta, f. %. 
hahar , m. 

Tail, n.Jod^i,m. (diyAl). 
he went with his — between 
his legs Al-Jjt" *iljj qIj rdh 
widdnoh midaldila. — of 
a canal *tyj\ h\^ ncthdyet et 

Tailor,n. JaUficit/ idt(-yn); 
(fjj iarzyi-ia). 

Take, vt.siAaliad (dhud); 
dlL-, misik (amsik). I had 
my photograph -n Oj^'l 
^Ijcyylli itsauwart bil fd- 

togrdf, - away JUsctifasj^Z); 
oW 'dn (a^yn). - hold of d\-.» 
misi/c (amsik). - a chair ! 

- a seat ! juJi J-kiTl itfaddal 
uq'ud.~ofi ^ qala"- (aqla'), 
-back >|^j ragga' (a-). - 
down Jjina^^iifa-J.he took 
me for'Jc aJ. sabbih "alayia. 

- a copy of ,j^ J** ''amal 
sdra. he took himself off 
^Ia} am\ Jo-I abad ba^doh 
we misy. — out r->- barragt 
(a-); Ji. toWa' ('a- A he took 
it into his head^^Uj j >^ti_ 
W fy dimdgoh. - to heart 
j^\ itassar (atassar). — fire 
^,wiW (yClla'-). -io drink 
v/^^ J <^J^;* ibtada fis surb 
(abt idy). he took a week to 
do it 4J J«:ii *«?• J^** qa'^ad 
gum^a yistagal fyh. he was 
--n ill ^je. Hy;, J>j. mirid. he 
took me to be thirty ^\ J^\ 




A^-. ij<)^ iSji^ iftakar inn 
'umry talatyn sana. -leave 
Cj'i\'.^\ istdzin (astdzin). he 
-s after his father ,y^ JlL, 
tdW liabtih. he look to his 
heels (Sj^ -lu tili' yigry. - 
o^er ['.J is talam (astilim). 
- your time! d-V Jc 'ala 

Tale, n. ai'STj- hikdya (hi_ 
kaydi); a^j ^/ssa, f, (qisas). 
tell -s ^J^kidib (akdib). 
-bearer j::^^ liqldq, 

Talentj n. ^j qaryha^f. 
iTj zaka^ m. -ed ^5^ ^a/ct/ 
(azkyia); i^J ,j,-j, 'andoh 
qaryha (-urn). 

Talisman, n. ^AUalsam^ 
m. (taldsim). 

Talk, vi. SC"I itkallim 
(atkallim);^haka (ahky)- 
C>ji\ ithaddet (alhaddet). 

Talk, n. .^kaldm; oj* 

hadyt, m. 

Talkative, a.iSi\^gcdabd_ 
toy (-ia)i^s^jraggdy (-yn); 
^':J^W jcS kityr el kaldm 

Talkativeness, /I .J^j/'«5't/, 

m. Ac galaba f. 

Talker, n. \^.mitkallim 

Ta\\,aj>^^tawyl (tutodl); 
JW 'dly (-yn). 

Tallness, n. J> tdl ; ^ 
^ild, m. 

Tallow, n. ^ sahm, m. 
- candle ^*^sam'' minn,m. 

Tamarind, n,(SS:t>J.tamr 
hindy, m. 

Tamarisk, n. aj^U turfa, 
f. J\ atl, m. 

Tambour, n. 4-L labia, f. 

Tame, a. w^l alyf(-yn)- 




^U\ Jc Ji-lj wdl}id 'ala en 
nds (-yn). 

Tame, vt. ..U tabba" (a-). 

Tameness, n. AiJ\ ilfa^ f. 

Tan, ot.ii:>daba()(adbug); 
ij-» sabag (asbug), oi. 'jr\ 
ismarr (asmarr). 

Tandem, n. ^juU. oi^K^"- 
Jl'J\ Jjtj ja-lj 4.jjft J hosanin 
mVallaqyn fy ^arabyia 
wdhid qudddm et tdny. 

Tangerine, n. ajJ^I ^-y. 
ydsif afandyia (yus'if 

Tank, n. Je^- hdd, m. 

Tanner, n. '^i dabbdg 
(-yn); i\^ sabbdg (-yn). 

Tannery, n.iV^omasbaga 
(masdbig); *^\-^ madbaga, 
f. (maddbig). 

Tantalize, vt.Ji:.^hannis 

Tap, n, (blow) ^kJ- habta 
(babtdt); (of a cask) aOip- 
hanafyia^ f. (hanafyldt); 
J^j; basbAz, m. (bazabyz). 

Tap, ot . L.^^ liabat(aljbat). 

Tape, n. U/^ siryt^ m. 
(scrdyit), - worm-U) j«\\ojjJI 
ed duda el 'aryda, f. 

Tapestry, n. >y\ Jii j,l3 
qumds sugl ibra, m. 


Tar, n. o'jU; qatran, m. 

Tar, ot. ^JJ qatran(a-). 

Target, n.J\.iJinasdn(-dt); 
,j».. mys, tn- (am yds). 

Tariff, n. Ai^ ta^ryfa, f. 
(ta'ryfdt). - piastre f-U^_^ 
qirs sdg, m- 

Tarnish, vt. «s, baqqa' 
(a-); ^ lattal). (a-). 

Tart, n. .jOo fityra, f. 

Task, n. Jii sag-Z (asgdl). 




J.^ ''amalj m. (a'mdl >, - 
work AiijlJl J;i sugl bit 

Tassel, n.jjsirr, m. (az._ 
rdi.r))^>\/Aur r&baj ,{harra_ 

Taste,n. j^i z6q(azwAq); 
»h ta^m, m. there is no 
disputing about -s j JU<^ ^ 
Jjjjl la gicldl fil zdq. to 
my - Jji Jo 'cila z6qy. -less 
^j-}\'ma ICis ta^m. 

Taste, vt. Jli ddq (adiiq). 
— good ^^ f a/^ fa'm oh 

Tasteful, a. S,Mazyz; ^ 
^^pta'moh kuwayis. 

Tastefully, ad.j,l>bizdq. 
■ Tatter, n. Ai»^«j-i sarmdta 
Csaramyt); ^ji- dirqa^ f, 

Toiloo, vt.Jidaqq(aduqq) 

Tattoo, n. Ji daqq, m. 

jf- 'ayiar (a-). 

Tavern, n.,j\i-h<^Tnmdra, 
f. (bammardt; fiamamyrj. 

Taw,«. iA.)bylya,f. (bylydt) 

Tax, n. ^})\»md^^.\maks\ 
^*j rasm, m. (risdm); *-»_/-» 
daryba, f. (dardyib). - coL 
lector 3\j^ sarrdf (-yn). 

Tax, ot. JU laijrabat mdl 
farbut); Ajj-J J/ 'amal da- 
ryba (a^miiy 

Taxation, n. JlU Ja)j rabt 
el mdl^ m. 

Tea, n. (^U sdy, m. 

Teach, ot. L 'allim (a-); 
^h~ haffaz (a-). 

Teaching, n.JL«)'to'Zt/m,m. 

Tear, n. (drop)***^ dirrCa^ 
f. (dim^")-^ (rent) Jeyi sar^ 

Tear, ot.i>/^sa rat (asrut); 
Ja«yi karmat (a-). - out «)i 




qala" (aqla"). 

Tease.oi;. ^\& "dkis(a~); 
iilft gdz(agyz );:>'€%dd(akyd) 

Teat, n. yi\ iio- ha lame t 
el hizz, f. (halamdt). 

Technical, a. ^^xa han^ 
dasy; ^';i\x^\ istildhy. 

Technicity, n. ^k^\ is- 
tildh, m. 

Te Deum, n. jj- ist^ tas_ 
byhet hamd, f. (tasabyh). 

Tedious^ a. J.^ taioyl 
(tuwdl)-^ ^}j!L.»mitauwil{yn); 
_.i. mutHb {-yn). 

Teeth, vi. i^sannin(a-). 

Teething, ra .oji-fi^os/i j/n,m. 

Telegram, n. ^\ j^ tilig^ 
rdf, m. (-dt); aJji.jUI isdra 
barqyia, /, (isardt). 

Telegraph, n. ^\j^ tilig^ 
rdf, m. (-dt). 

Telegraph, vt. ^\j^ j^ 
daqq tiligirdf (aduqq); Jj. 

o'jiJJ sadd tili^rdf(asidd). 

Telegraphic, a. Jl^- tilg_ 

Telegraphist, n. ^Jr^J^ 
tiligrdfgy (-ia). 

Telephone,^i)j tilifdn, 

Telescope, n .»jUino(dfMra^ 
f. (naddardtjj <^JkAi tilis^ 

Tell, ot. ^\iqdl(aqai);j^\ 
aljbar (ahhir). - off (jap '«?/_ 
in (a-), it is told of ^ <i 
yuhka ^an. I am told ^^^, 
balagny. who can —"^^jriu^ 
myn yi^raf. 

Temper,n.--l.^a6' (atbd")-, 
jU- bulq, m. (ahl<^^q). lose 
one's — j*j^l inhamaq (an^ 
himiq); Jcj zi''il(az'al), out 
of- ^)fmahmuq(-yn);cS^j 
za''lAn(-yn).m good - I.^-^. 
mabsxii. good -ed ^y./^*<^ 




tab^oh kuwayis. ill -ed ^U 
<iij tab'-oh rady. 

Temperament, n.r-lj.ma_ 
3!dg^ m. An-i taby^a, f. 

Temperance, n. JI-xipI i'_ 
tiddly m. 

Temperate, a. Jj,i« mM'_ 

Temperature,n..»jlji-1 i'Tji 
daraget el hardra^ f, 

Tempest,n. _j;fiaa),m . *;^Wy 
farttina, f. 

Temple, n. (place of wor_ 
ship) J^;» Mkal (haydkil); 
(side of face) i-Jt^ sadg, m. 
{asddg). ancient - x, ybirba, 
f. {bardby). 

Temporaljtt.^.j zamany; 
j5j waqty. 

Temporary, a,z^y mu_ 
waqqat (-yn); ^j waqty^ 
J»L.;-I ihtydty. - employe 
olj^li fjii— mistaUdim 


Tempt, vt. ^j>- garrab 
(<^~); ci_,fr gawa {agwy). 

Temptation, n. *jj^ tag. 
riba^ f, \^\ igwa, m. 

Tempter,/! . (iilt5'ciM)(/(-j/?i) 

Ten, n. »^ip ^ahara. 

Tenacious, a. lii-c* mit^ 
massik {-yn); d.»---' ^it- 
sabbls {-yn). 

Tenacity, n. z^iiS tasab^ 
bus, m. 

Tenant.n. J>^i^» mustdgir 
{-yn);^^sdkin {sukkdn). 

Tend ,vi. jA^ sdHd (a-); 
Ai^t ittagah {attigih). 

Tendency, n. J.. mH, m. 

Tender, ot, .ji qaddim 
{a-);iS:>^\i^f-idda 'ata(addy). 

Tender, n. Vke. "ata, m. 
{"atawdtl, TO. railway-^ j^ 
sahryg, m. {saharyg). 

Tender, a. tfj' tary {t 





rdy). - hearted Cj^fyinayin 

Tenderness, n.^^^hinny^ 
irt; AiiJ. safaqa, f. 

Tendril, n. ^-^i labl{ib,m. 

Tenement-house, n. ^j 
rab\ m. (rub&'a); aI'S'j wi_ 
kdla, f. (wakdyil). 

Tennis, n. ^c!\ v_--5 U'b et 
tenis,m.tjfl\>^ Wbekkdra 

Tenor, n.0js,'">nadmun,m. 

Tense, n. ^j waqt, m. 
a;--* syga; f. 

Tent, ft . i^Mma,f.(l}yam). 
large - o',^:^ sywdn, m. 
(sawawyn). — maker jf"6£/_ 
iam^ (-ia). 

Tenth, a. ji^-V 'dsir. one - 
part^lfr 'usr, m. (a's&r). . 

Tepid, a. J^ fdtir (-yn). 

Tepidness, n. AiJi- Aiy^ 
subAna hafyfci', A 

Term, n. (limit) .Ju mud^ 
da, f. [mudad)] jU~. my'dd, 
m. (mawa^yd); (word) aP 
kilma(kilmdt);, *kii lafza, 
f. (lafzdt). -s ip)ji surut ,f. 
we are on good -s A-ia L'li^ 
'ilaqdtna tayyiba.v/e are on 
bad -s aIIL.) U;1»!j*c Hlaqdtna 
batidla. come to -s ^^ii I ii<a_ 
/"ag (attiflq). 

Terminate, vt. j6 naha 
(anhy); ,jc^i- l}allas (a-), vi. 
jn:;! intaha (yintihy); ^jaU- 
li.ilis (yililas). 

Termination, n. a,\, na_ 
hdya, f.j^\dUir, m. 

Terminus, n.Akjtf ^;-l 
mahatta, f. 

rja^ sutiXh, m. (asiiha). 

Terrible, a. >^y murHb 
(-yn); _AJ: muhyf (-yn). 

Terrify, vt. uiy- bauwif 




Territory, n. ,j>j\ ard, f. 

Terror, n. o> h6f; ^ 
faza"-, m. he is the - of 
every body*i,otiljj!IJ?/caiZ 
ed dinya tilidf minnoh. 

Test, n. hji- tagriba, f. 
(tagdrib); ^^ sisny. m. 

Test, ot. ^j^garrab (a-); 
j^»- M-\ abad sisny (dbud). 

Testament, n.i.^jwisyia, 
f.(wasdya). New — Ju ji-l JyJ\ 
el 'ahd elgidyd. Old - J^\ 
£^.i\\ el ''ahd el qadym. 

Testator, n.^^^y- muwas_ 

Testicle, n. a-^»- bisya, f. 
(hisydt)i^ bM,m .(byddn ). 

le'sXiiy ,vi.j^sihid{ashad) 

Testimony, n. ,i\^ sihd_ 
da, f. (sihaddt). 

T6te-?i-t6te, n. fj^J IL 


Tether, vt.Jj gay id (a-). 

Tether^ n.^qid (qiyM); 

Text, n. fjai nass; fj^y 
mawd{i\ m. 

Than^ con. ^min; ^"an. 
he is richer - I ^^^ i^f-l ^» hu- 
wa agna minny. 

Thank, vt. fs. sakar (as_ 
kur); J jdri itsakkar li 
(atsakkar); j^ J^^Mstak^ 
tar bih^r Castaktar); jls- 
hamad (ahmid). - God! jJ-I 
-u) el hamdu lilldh. 

Thank, n. Jj: sukr; a/" 
hamd, m.-s\c)i^cmamn{ln; 
^Lu mutsakkir; ilj^ji. JS 
katlar h^rak. 

Thankful, a. f\i. sdkir 
(~yn);Oj^ mamntin (-yn). 

Thankfulness, «. ^^sukr; 
oljCi sukrdn, m. Juyj; 




mamnunyia, f. 

That, pro. \f^i dikha; J!( 
illy. con. Ji inn. on -dili Jc 
'ala zAlik; dJ!i Jc iUj &a_ 
ndan 'a/a sdlik. what of-? 
li^. *i*j "'^ ^^ yoi'''ny. - is it! 
Ijo .IH tamdm keda. 

The, ar^. Jl el. at - house 
caJ^ iifll hit. - good boy jS^I 
k_^JiJ\ ei walad et tayyib. - 
natives of this city (ij a)J\J\.*l 
ahdiy.el balad dy. 

Theatre, n. jj\.J tydtro, 
m. (tyatrdt). 

Theft, n, *»^ sirqa, f. 

Their,pro.^-hum. - book 
^J^ kitdbhum. 

Theirs^p ^o .r^^^ ^ itd'hum; 
^y-\ bii{i%um. 

Them, pro.^-hum. I gave 
-^_ii iddithum. of -*^ 

Then, acJ. Ipj waqtaha- 
( ba'din; Ijl i^an. vi^hat 
"'? Ji "^i'j "^^ ^^ &aga. the — 
government Ipj J /ujCLl ei 
hukilma fy waqtaha. 

Thence, ad. iilU* ^» min 
hendk; I jT o^ip'^stin keda. 
- forthlpj^mm waqtaha. 

Theodolite, n.zJjiyjtyo- 
dolyt, m. 

Theology,n.o^»!)U\ Ic 'iZm 
el lahuty m. 

Theoretic^ a. isj^nasary 

Theory, n.J^ nazar, m. 

There, ad. ilU* hendk. - 
he is! ^*l ahd. — is j fy. - 
was (i J^kdn fy. - is not I. 
^Jma fys. - was notjijis^l, 
J ma /c^ins fy. in — t^ iJU* 
hendk gdwa.- about Cj2> 

Therefore, ad. 1^1 i^'an; 
( jT oltfr %sdn keda; ^ <b 




liUi bundan "ala zdlik. 

Thereby, ad. cLili ik-l^ &L 
wdstet zdlik; c5^ *-k}^\ hit 
taryqa dy. 

Thermomeler;, n. J.*yy 
termdmitr (-dl)],j\J~\ Cj^j., 
myzdn el hardra, m. 

These, pro. Jji ddl. 

They, pro. S'hum-X^humma 


Thicken, vt. ^^ talihan 
(a-).vi.Jfi. tihin (yitlyxn,). 

Thickness, n. ^i- tubn, 
m. Ai^ tahdnaj. 

Thief, n, ^\j>- hardmy 
(~i(^); Jj^" sdriq (-yn). 

Thigh, n.ikfalid (afhdd); 
iijjwirk^ m. (awrdk). 

Thimble, n. ci^S^kusti_ 
bdn, m. (-dt). 

Thin, a. ^jrafy'; rufay_ 
ia' (-yn); uJ^ nahyf (nu- 
hdfj.grovf-^jrifC (arfa'). 

Thing, n..J:-s6,rn. (asya); 
4<>-U hdga,f.(hagdt). any- 
hvi\.ihni\ iH\»^kulloh ilia da. 

Th ink, o «._,<:> I iftakar(af_ 
tikir); ^ii zann (asinn); 
^ liamm in( a-).- over iS}j\ 
itrauwa (atrauwa). 

Thinness, n. -»j ruf, m. 

Third, a. ^\i tdlit. one 
-part 3" tult, m.(atldt). 

Thirst, n.jXt- 'atas, m. 

Thirsty, a. o^l^ ^atsdn 

Thirteen, a. ^ie ^ talat_ 

Thirty, a. c^^] talatyn. 

This, pro. b da, m.iSidy, 
f. what is — ! IjajJ \ida ih da. 
like - IjT keda. - morning 
^^'l li j\^\ en nahdrda es 

Thong, n.j^^s^r,m.(syAr); 

Ki-jzuhma^ f.(zuham). 




ThorT\,n.t^yisdka,f.(s6k). I tafakkur; ^\^\ihtimdm,m 

he is upon — sjli Je JcXiy^huwa 
qd'id ^ala ndr. 

Thorough, o. J.'^' kdmil yiir(-yn) 
J^l asyl (usdl). 

Thoroughly ,^amd_ 
man; M\ bit tamdm. ^f^idukham; 
l^jSi dukhamma. 

Thou, pro. c^\ enta, m. 
CJl enty, f. 

Though, con. ^I « ma'' 
inn;)iwa law; d^d^j loa 
inn - o'€^ kainn. 

Thought, n.f^ flkr (af. 
m. (zundn). a - belter ^^ 
Jji s^^ii ahsan bisi qalyl. 

Thoughtful, a. f^» muf. 
takir (-yn); i'f muhtamm 

Thoughtless, a. jALtdyis 
-yn); jd,l atyar; j^J« mat_ 

Thoughtlessness, n. *.■{!> 
taydsa; .jlja taydra^ f. 

Thousand, a. yJS\ alf, m, 
(uluf). a — thanks i_il\ Jo 
i^J^i- kattar alf Ijirak. 

Thrash, vt, ^j^ darab 
(adrab); (wheat) ^1 ^ji 
daras el qamh (adris). 

Thrashing, n. .^j^ darb; 
(of corn) ^jMjidars^m. — sledge 
rjy ndrag, m. (nawdrig) 

Thread, n. Lj- bet, m. 
(I}ytdn). -bare Jo-li ndhil 
(-yfi); Jj*** manhul (-yn). 

Thread, vt. ~ii ladam 

Threat, n. JijAf tahdyd 
(-dt); v>^ tabwyf, m. 

Thoughtfulness, n. f^ Threaten, ui.i-u /ladd id 




(tt-). ^y^hauwif (a-). 

Three, a. ^r^- taldta. 

Threshold, n. ijs. 'ataba, 
f. Catab). 

Thrice, ad. olj. c^"^ talat 

Thrift, n. ^Uyl iqtisdd; 
joju" tadbyr, m. 

Thrifty, a.x^'.i*muqtasid 
(—yn); y.x»mudabbir (~yn). 

Thr02X,n. J)}2:6r;^^halq; 
m. he cuther -[i'i^idabahha 

Throne, n.^tabt (tiljAt); 
xiM\ ^.}kursy el mulk, m. 

T:hrough,pre. jfy;^»m in; 
J'-^ JjVl ^>min elauwil III 
df}ir, ~ car Jl_^«_. j^^arabyia 
tau wdly. — my brotherik-"lj. 
(Sy-\ buodstei af}Aya. he 
passed - the gate^il^Jl j* yi,\i 
fdt min el bauwdba. he was 
wet-^li- Jjl itball lidlis. 

I am - with my work o.-ili- 
Jvi ballast ^ugly. 

Throughout, pre. ^^ J 
fy kull; _,i.M\ J,V( ^. min el 
(Xuwil HI dfiir. 

Throw, vt. ^.j rama (ar_ 
my); ^s^ hadaf (ahdif). - 
up'^i.z^\islafrag (astafrag) 

Throw, n. '.^j ramya 
(ramydt); a»j,^ hadfa, f. 

j^jsagad (asgud). - in J:..^ 
dahas (adhis). 

Thrust, n. tijzaqqa (zaq_ 
qdt);,j.h.j2agda,f. (zagddt). 

Thumb, n. j<^\ c.LJ\ es 
subd" ek k ibyr, m.(sawdbi"). 

Thump, vi.L.i^babat(al}_ 
bat); ^jJ> darab (adrab). 

Thump, n. aL^ l^abta 
(habtdt); \>jJ> darba, f. 




Thunder, n. Jej ra'd, m. 

Thunder, vi. jcj ra'ad 
(yir'ud). it -s Jcji, VjM ed 
dinya bitir^ud. 

Thursday, n.^jJr\ ^ji^ydm 
elbamys, m. 

'Th\is,ad^j^keda. - mucii 
Ijj Jj qadd keda. 

Thy, pro. il - a/c ; - ik. 
- self di^ nafsak. 

Thymej n. js-j 2aHar,m. 

Tiara, n. ^^l; tdg, m. (ty_ 

Tick, n, (insect) k^\J qu^ 
rdda (qurdd). 

Tick^v i.Jidaqq(yiduqq); 
s^j^ darab (yidrab). 

Ticket,-i.,jrjj tazkara ,f. 


Ticklish, a. j^,ytgyr (-u). 

Tide,n . jji-'j ■^^ ^^ tnadd 
toil gasr, m. 

Tidiness, n. ^zj tartyb, 
m. A»Jt:«. handima, f. 

Tidy, a. ^y mirattib 
(-yn)>Jj^mlhand im(-yn). 

Tie, vt. iaij rabat (arbiit); 
«3>- hazam (ahzim). - up j-^ 
sarr (asurr), - one's head 
w.-a«il ii^assab (afassab). 
- the han^&u^^kattif (a-). 

Tie, n. ^^2iJ rabta, f. (rab^ 
tdt). io\j rubdt, m. (-dt). 

Tiger, n. Jcnimr (nimii. 

Tight,a. j^J. dayiaq (-yn); 
ijXL» masdud (-yn). 

Tighten, vt. j-J. dayiaq 
(a-); si. sadd (asidd). 

Tightness, n. ^iJ^dyqa^ f, 
Jij, sadd J m. 

TiH "• *i> ?^^^ (i^^y> 

j^^j tarby'a, f. (iaraby'^). 

Till, pre. i,U ligdyet; jj. 






-when A.u\ jX- lihadd emtci, 
TilL vt.^j^harat (ahrit). 
Tillage, n. a;Ij>- hirdta J. 


hart, m. 

Timber, n. ^ti.hasab,m. 
-yard ^ii- jU* maglaq /ja_ 
sab ,m. (magdllq). seller of 
- ^l±i- liassdb (~a). 

Time, n. o»j waqt; cj^*j 
:samdn; ^'j zaman; J\i\ a- 
wdn, m. one — »y mar raj, 
(marrdt). at -s o^-»-Vl(ji.»i J 
fyba\l el ahydn; Cl^l a/i_ 
ydnan. at all — s ^ij JS^j /"y 
/c«<W waqt. in good — o«^' j 
^-.UU/ii toagi elmundsib. in 
no— ^a) l^jfy lamhet basar. 
once upon a - ly marra; »y_ 
»l)Ml ^t ydm min el ayidm. 
up to the present — c^):t Jti- 
lihadcl dilwaqt. what — is 
it? ^JicUi es sd^a kdm. give 
him-! aJcjoI i.siiMr 'aZ^/i.. 

in the mean - iJ)i UrI J /'y 
asna zdlik. take- Jj,ct ii_ 

Timid, a. ^.^^ bauwyf 
(-yn); J--^ rn ist ihy (-yn). 

Timidity, n. 3^ hdf; U 
hay a, m. 

Tin, n. ^:Uanaka{tana^ 
kdtj; i^ safyha^ f, (safd- 
yih). - sheet di:" tanak, m. 
-ned ^_lc j i='_^ks: mahtiU fy 

Tincture, n. aV--» sabga^ /. 

Tinder, n. J^j^sufdn, m. 

Tinker, n. isf^-'sankary 

Tinkle, oi, j2,1» ^ana ('j/L 
?innj; Oj ^'Ctnri (yirinn). 

Tinkling, n. ^U tann; oj 
rann, m. 

Tinsel, n.*iy /'(5t/a, /". 

Tint,n.o^Mn, m.(alwdn). 




Tiny, a. <^y jji-» sugayiar 
qavoy f-yn). 

Tip, n. (end) ^jUarf, m. 
(turdf); ^Ij rds f. (rAs); 
(present) J-iiS. baqsyk, m. 

— toe m\yJi\ ^^o\Jh taratyf 
es sawdbi\ f. - top Jcl a'/a; 
,%\ aHdh. 

Julh_ idda baqsys (addy). 

Tipsy fii.d^J^-^sakrdn{-yn) 

Tire^ vt. ^«fl at^ab(at'ib); 

w*)* ta'^^ab (a-). — ed ^\^ ta'^ 

bdn (-yn). get — d ^\ tiHb 

(aVab). - some ^«;* mufib 


Tissue, n. ^ nasj/g', m. 

- paper y.j- 3ji waraq 
haryr , m. • 

Titbit, n. a:57 nukta, f, 
'Yi\he,n./^t.'usr ,mfumr) 
Title, n. ^ilaqab (alqdb); 

junaqb,m.- deedn^higga, 

f. (hmg). 

To, pre. Jl ila; J Zij a:* 
^and. he went - Cairo ^a«^j 
rdh masr;j.a^ Jc ^Ijrd/i '(5tto 
masr. he Lold her - her face 

sa/ia. he is nothing — her U 
4..1_,j l/^_) 4.1 J ji.J ma /"f/s b^_ 
noh b^nha qardba. he 
counted - ten .^p ji- So'add 
lihadd 'asara. his kindness 
- me Jc 4.:aiJ; safaqtoh '«_ 
layia. it is five minutes - 
seven *.->• VI a..^ aclJ\es sti'a 
saba'a ilia Ijamsa. 

Toast, /I. j^' jL.;t 'es mi_ 

Toast, vt. Jqammar(a-). 

TobaCCO,fi. o^idubbdn,m. 

Tobacconist, n. ^i-W;>do(_ 
hdhny (-iO') . 

To-day,n.lj j\^\en nahdr 




da; 'iijl)" j._j) ydm taryboh. 

Toe, n. J<>-JI «>L<. subd'' er 
rig I, m. (saLcdbi'). 

Together^ ad. 1^- satoa; 
ja*.)\ii way id ba'd. 

Toil, vi. j^kadd(akidd); 
^ trib(at'ab). 

Toil, n. ^ta^abiJ^kadd, 

Toilet^ n. ^ ZJ6s, m. o j 

^f/n«, f. 

Token, n. a«^ ^aldma 
(^alamdt); ,jUI amdra^ f, 

Tolerable, a.^^j^muhta^ 

'Yo\erJi\.&,vi .^^j^sarrah 
hi (a-); f-^samah (asmah). 

Toleration, n.^^-Jiasry/i; 
A:^samdh, m. 

Toll, n. (tax) ^j rasm, m. 
(rusAm);(oi hel\)<» idaqqa,f, 

Tomato^n. *^^C}\^'',bitin_ 

gdn qAta; Ja\JU tamdtim, m- 

Tomb, n. a^j turba, f. 
(turab);j^tqabr, m.(qubAr). 
-of a sSb a>jO zdwya, f. 
(zawdya). — stone ju!\ j^ 
hagar el qabr^ m. (higdra). 

Tombac, n. i!U tumbdk, 
m. — seller j_^U tumbdksy 

To -morrow, n. ,^bu k ra. 
day after — »^jL»|6a'd buk_ 
ra^ m. 

Ton, n. ^Sy^ tonoldta, 
f. (tonolaidt). 

Tone, n. ^j^hiss^Cjj^sdt, 

Tongs, n. liAil. mdsik 
(mawdsik); ilsl. m ilqdt, m. 

Tongue, n. o^J lisdn, m. 
(-dt;alsina). he held his — 
^iX- sikit; ^ji-biris. — and 
groove J>l"j jiW '(isig we 




ma'^sAq, m. 

Tonic, n. (fy> muqauwy, 
m. (-dt). 

Tonnage, n. vjQ.1 dy^ 
mahmAl el markib; j.-.j 
^^J^ wasq el markib. 

Tonsil, n. cji)'^ ij) Idzet el 
widn, f. (lozdt). 

Too, ad. cj^kamdn;',:,\iy 
bizydda; *j)jM\ ^y >Sf aktar 
min elUzum. it is — early 
c5y (^j-M ^-J lissa badry qa^ 
wy. I iiave -- muchol; j; c^a^ 
"andy bisydda. 

Tool, n. oJcHdda(Hdad); 
4IT dla, f. (aldt). 

Tooth, n. ^^ sinn, m. 
(sindn;asndn). show one's 
- \J-\ji^\(Sj}warra el ''in el 
hamra. -pickill^-^mJstoti/c, 
m. (masawyk). - brusti 
^\i^ Xij^forset sindn.— less 


ahtam (hutm). 

Top, n. ^Ij rds, f. (rAs). 
-ofa housevi,»J\*^ sath el 
b4t. from -to bottom Jy j* 
c.^min fdq li taht. he shout, 
ed at the - of his voice ^y■j 
i^>- J^za^aq bi'ild hissoh. 
- hat /Jo jU ^laJji born4ia ta_ 
wyla. spinning - ^^nahla, 
f. fnu/iaZA - most^U- Jliy 
fdqdny lidlis. 

Topaz, n. -i^-yj zabargid; 
ji-»l :>j.jzumurrid asfar, m. 

Topic, n. f-i-^y mawcW 
(mavoady^); (1,1*^ burhdn, 
m. (barahyn). 

Topsy-turvy, ad. JUy 
(jlli fdqdny tahtdny 

Torch, n. Jul. ma&al, m. 

Torment, ot. ^ic "azzib 


Torment, n. v_.lic 'azdb, 
m. (-dt). 




Torpedo, n.Jij jtorbyd,m. 

Torrent, n. J^- sSl, m. 

Tortoise, n. Ailcj zi'llfa, 
f.( za'dlif J. -she\[ i.i\hdga,f. 

Torture, n. ^\Sc'asdb,m. 

Torture,oi.^ic'a3-5 j&(a-) 

Toss, n. AkJ^ Ijabta (Uab^ 
tat); kA> tossa^ f, (lassdt). 

Toss^vt .\a.~^bO'bat (alibat); 
^^\, tass {a (ass). - up ,_,W^,\ 
Jil "^\iliHb turra walla ydz. 

Total, n.J!i.g^gumla, f. t-^:^ 
magm{i\ m. 

Totality, n. ^W el hull; 
f-yk^el magmtT;^\elgumla 

Totally, ad. i..^\bil kuL 
lyia; tjl\i. bil marra. 

Totter, oj. ^Ul ittauwah 
(attauwah); ^ ^\ ittdtah 

Touch, vt. ^l lamas (al- 

mis); ^» mass (amiss). - 
glasses ^U J/' 'amal tdka 
(a^mil). - stone^ii j^ hag ar 
mahakk^ m. [higdra). 

Touch, n. i^Slamsa (lam^ 
sdt); 4,_* massa, f. (mas- 
s<iij. hehasa-of fever »Jac 
^4^ Aj^i "andoh kiwayiet 

Touching, a. jT^^mtiflssir. 

Touchy, a. ^ himaqy 
(-ia); ^L;" hassds (-yn). 

Tough, a.^^^ndsif(-yn); 
ji.U gdmid (-yn). 

Toughness, n.^J^ii nisu^ 
fyia; 4o,^ gimudya, f. 

Tour, n, j^ safar,m.(as_ 
fdr ); A9-L- sydha ,f . (sya_ 

Tourist, n. ^^^ sauwdh 
(-yn); fX' sdyih (suwdh), 

Tow,n. j\L» mihdq^ m. 
Ai^k-I istobba,f. 




Tow, vt.j>.garr (agurr); 
jks qatar (aqtur). 

Towage, n.j>-garr; _^' 
sahb. m. 

Trace, vt. (follow) «J( it_ 
taba" (attibV); (sketch) ^^j 
rasam (cirsim).- the orL 
gin of J^l V: Jjt:-.! istadall 

Toward, pre. X^llgihet-J'ala asl (astadill). no one 

Aj9-Ul lindhyet. - midnight 
JJ)1 jj^i ^j qurb nuss el lei. 

Towel, n. j.j iUy ftXtet 
wiss, f.(fuwat);jSji\baskyr, 
m. (basakyr). 

Tower, n. ^j_ burg, m. 

Towing, n. Jai qatr; j>. 
garr, m. - ropeo^ libdn,m. 

Town, n.J^balad (bildd); 
A-iAt midyna, f. (mudun). 
-sman ji^l\ ^yl ibn el balad 

Toy, n. iJi li'ba,f.(li'ab). 
~ shop^ cJ^^dukkdn Wab, 
f. (dakakyn). 

Trace, n.jTl asar^m. -s 
0'j'j>- garrardt, f. 

could — him jH 4 ^jc^ (J--*'^ ^' 
mahaddis iriflohasar. 

Track, n. j.i> taryq, m. 
(luruq). beaten - «j(jk* aSC- 
sikka matrAqa. 

Tract, n. ^jl ard- fbook; 
A.^\f karrdsa, f. {kararys) 

Traction, n. jr garr; ^ 
sahb, m. 

Trade, n. >j\i- tigdra {ti_ 
gardt);^,.-^ san'a,f. (sand_ 
yi'). - sman^bay id' (- yn); 
^„:» mitsabbib (-yn). — 
mark 4oUJ\ '^j\» market el 
budd'a^ f. (markdt). 

Trade, vi. y^\i tdgir fa-). 

Trader, n.^bayid'(-yn); 
..^-ii mitsabbib (-yn). 




(taqdlyd; -dt). -s of 
Mohammed oJo- hc(dys, m. 

Traffic, n. ,jlf tigdra^ f. 

Tragedy, n. i.\yf ^Aj^riivd^ 
yamuhzina^ f. friwaydt). 

Trail, vi.y^garr(agurr); 
j^f^ gargar (a~). 

Train, n. J^i gatr;j\kiqi_ 
tdr (-dt); jj>}) wabdr, m. 
(-dt). - of a gown ^^\k-.iH Jo 
dH el fustdn, m. (dyul). 

Train, vt. lo ^alUm (a-); 
J'.j rabba (arabbyj.'^i'ljdyin(-yn) 

Tramp, n-ij-tx»mitsarrid 


Tramway, n. ts'^y^j te_ 
rdmwy, m. 

Tranquility, n. jx^hidti; 
vj^C sikAt , m. 

Transact, vt. J*lc ^dmil 
(a-); JM\ it'dta (at'dta); 

bij M-^ahad we idda(dl}ud). 

Transaction, n. 4^U* mw_ 
"dmla, f. [\af-i M'\ ahd we 
'ata, m. 

Transfer, vt. Js; naqal 
(anqil); J^s- hauwil (a-). 

Transfer, n. Ja; naql, m. 

Transform, vt. J*js-/ioa_ 
wil (a-); J$Ci ji.^ gayiar 
sikl (a-). 

Transformation, n. J^y^ 
iahwyl; JSCiW jj-»i tagyyr es 
sikl, m. 

Tranship, vt. ^y ^^ Ji; 
yS'^naqal min markib U 
markib (anqil). 

Transhipment, n. ^y Jsi 
wO ^ynaqlmin markib 
limarkib, m. 

Transient, «. ^}h i^<^gty; 
^}>)jzdyil^, JU fdny. 

Transit,^, j)j.mur{ir;C)^yi 
fawdtdn, m. 




Translate,, vt. >-j targim 

Translation, n . ^^j tar_ 

Translator, n. >-^» mu_ 
targim (~yn). 

Transmission, n.^Znaqi-^ 
J.-9y taws y I, m. 

Transmit, u^. J« nagal 
(anqil); J^j wassal(a-). 


Transpiration, n. jj. 
^araq^ m. 

Transpire, vi. ^j> Hriq 
(a^raqj; (become public) ^^ 
sd' (yisy'). 

Transplant, vt. ^ icjj Jii 
p-jLi ^)aA naqal zar^a min 
matrah Umatrah (anqil). 

Transplantation, n. Jsi 
f.jj\ naql ez zar" , m. 

Transport, vt. ^^a naqal 
(anqil); {stconyicVj j' nafa 


Transport,/!. JinagZjJliil 
intiqdl,m. (ship) ^u >^y 
rharkib naql, f.(mardkib). 

J nafy, m. 

Transversal, n. ■^^jy* 

Trap, n. .Ju«m masyada, 
f. (masdyid); ^ fahb, rn. 

Trash, n. (of sugar-cane) 
*.^ \^A m isdsa, f. 

Travel, n. *<^L- sydha, f. 
(syahdt);j>^safar ,m.(asfdr) 

Travel, oi.A^sdh (as{ih); 
j>U sdfir (a-). 

Traveller, n. ^^^sauwdh 
(-yn; suwdh); ^U sdyih 

Traverse, ui. ^j o\» fdt fy 

Traverse, n. J'J^c 'drid 




Cawdrid)-^ ^V. mdni\ m. 

Tray, n. «..:--» synyia, f. 
(sawAny), ash — AJiiu man_ 
fada, f. (mandfid). 

(-yn)\ jiji gaddnr (-yn). 

Treachery, n. i:\j^hycma^ 
f. jSi gadr^ m. 

Treacle, no>-' J-^ 'asal 
iswid, m. 

Tread, n. k^j:, dosa (do- 
sdt); *o dabba^ f. (dabbdt). 

TreadjOi.^b dds (adds)-^ 
w)i dabb (adibb). 


Treason, njL'A.^ ^r/<^na^ f. 

Treasure, n.j[^kins, m. 

Treasure, vt. yjT kanas 

Treasurer, n. j'-J^j> h'l- 
zinddr (-ia); JjJt^J\ ^^^v*l 

amynes sandAg (umana). 

Treasury, n. ijjy^hazyna 
(hasdyin); Aiji- ba^na, f. 

Treat, vt. jiU Ijdbir (a-); 
J.W 'dm il (a-), - medically 
^c "dlig (a-). 

Treat, n. «jvj. sabraqd, f. 

Treatise, n. <Jli. maqdla, 
f. (maqaldt)- 

Treatment, n. 4l^l« ma_ 
^dmla; i.\X>.. mu'dlga; ajjIju 
mudawyia, f. 

Treaty, n. ,JlaI« mu'dhda 
(mu''ahddt); ^iUs: muhdlfa^ 
f. (muhalfdt). 

Tree, n. »_,*? sugar a (sa_ 
gar);oj^sagara, f.(sagar). 
oranges on the - 4.^1 Jc cMy. 
burtuqdn'ala ummoh. 

Trellis, n. ^«C mika'^ab, 
m.(-dt); AliyS ta'rysa, f, 




Tremble^ yi.J:.»rjl irta^as 

Trembling, n- t>* ha;sz; 
j.Wjl irtVds, m. 

Tremendous, a. c^y jd^ 
kibyr qawy (kuhdr);^&''a_ 

Trench, n. jJiij. bandaq, 
m. ibanddiq). 

Trespass, vi. i^aJI it'ad_ 
da (at^adda). 

Trespass, n. iS^^^ ta'ad_ 
dy, m. 

Trespasser^ n. (S^*umit. 
"addy (-yn). 

Tress, n. ,j^kJ>difyra (da_ 
fdyir); 41,1 Ji9- gidyla, f. 

Trestle, n. 4.. a- sybia, 
f. (sybydt). hawker's - aSG. 
bdnnyha, f. (bannykdt). 

Trial, n. (test) hj^ tagrL 
ba^ f. {tagdrib); ^li'l imti_ 

Mn, m. {-dt); (of prisoner) 

Triangle, n. dAi« musal_ 
las, m. i~dt). 

Triangular, a. ^u mu_ 
sallas {-yn). 

Tribe, n. ^,.i qabyla, f. 

Tribunal, n, iS^ mahka- 
ma, f. [mahdkitn); ^j^^ 
maglis, m. {magdlis). 

Tribune, n. ju« manbar, 
m. {mandbir)-^ tfi dikka, 
f. (dikak). 

Tribute, n. ^j^hardg ,m. 
oij flrda, f. fj\i io4rko,m. 

Trick, ^^hykt, f. [hyialy, 
^yL matdb, m. {mala'yb); 
tj\iiduhdra, f. 

Trickle.oi.yisarrCy isarr;; 
^yi sarsar^yi-)],^unaqqat 

Trifle, n. KJy. i^\p- hdga 



Tr o 

gusyia;x.»>j ,j;,si zahyd. it 
is a -As^\»-J^iSidymushdga. 

Trifling, a. j-^ gusy;Xj.j 

Trigger, n. aJa:J\ (il. ydy 
el hunduqyia , m. (-dt). 

Trim, vt. t^jU. sdwa(asd. 
toy); *a:* handim {a—); ^Jai 
qass {aqtiss). 

Trim, a. <ijL« misdwy 
^.iii nidyf (nuddf). 

Trimming, n. ^j.. harg-, 
o^'" sigdf, m. 

Trimness, n. a..jl:» han- 
dimct] AjUj naddfa,f. 

Trinket, n. .j*^»- gdhara. 
(gawdhir); aAi>- hilya, f. 

f. (excursion) ji-. safar- Jjl* 
miswdr, m. 

liv\\i,vi. Js-^itir (aHar)-^ 

J^i-il issankil (asscinkil). 

Tripe, n. Ki.^kirsa;iS^\ 
ishamba^ f. 

Triple, n. jjw. mitallit,m. 

Tripod, n. Aj-y syhya, f. 

Tripoli, n. ^J^^}}> tardb- 
lus, f. 

Triumph, n.^a\ nasr;j!ii 
safr^ m. a-Io galba, f. 

Triumph, vi. ^c. galab 

Trivial, a. a.^*! j^) \» ma 
Uls O/hammyiaduhumsJii^^i 
Ac^'l qalyl el qyma (quldl). 

Trolley,/!. A^jf-'arabyia, 
f. Carabyidt). 

Troop, n. 4c\^ gamd^a 
(gama'dt); ^ij'rgdqa, f. (go^ 
qdt).-sf\^ 'asdkir. 

Trooper, n. ^£J\^ isjls- 
"askary sawdry Casdkir). 

Trophy, n. ac;*" ^anyma; 




oli^l^ymm elmaslubdt/. 

Tropical, n..jU-l i^jUl^^av 
muJitass bil bildd el hdrra; 
,j[l\ M ^^ bitd' el bildd 
el hdrra. 

Trol, n. jl;J\ jv^s^r el gdr^ 
m. Acli J ribd^a; f. 

Trot, vi, ^jrabaCyirbV). 

Trotter, n. *ij,^ ^}>-hosdn 
yirbV (Ml), sheep's - ejl5^ 
kdri\m. (kawdri"). 

Trouble, vt. ^ ia'ab(at^ 
Hb). I will- you in this af- 
fair ti3 aIUI J il>U- U^\ 
akallif hdtrak fUmO-sdlady 

Trouble, n. ^J ta^ab, m. 
(af'db) ; 4.4i« masiqqa, f. 
take the - ,)>\i>- yj^ kallif 
lidtroh. gel into — *!^L»j Jj 
wiqV fy muskila. 

Troublesome, a. 
mut'ib {-yn). 

wdd); C)y^ bagamdn (-dt); 
ijjLfsarAd, m. (sawaryd). 

Trousers, n. o^l^i banta^ 
Idn, m. (-dt). 

Trousseau, n. a-jjJ\ jlj»- 
gihdz el "ariisa, m. (-dt). 

Trout, n. aJJl, bultyia, f. 

Trowel, n. j^tjlk--* mas_ 
taren, m. 

Truant; a. j^Lk\>tafsdny 

Truce, n. aIa* hudna, f. 

Truck, n. ^tU) l^j- 'ara^ 
byiet budd^a, f.(^arabyidt). 

True, a. ^j^ sahyh-^ jj^ 
fyaqyqy.-copy^u^)!'^^ ._,^ 
sura tibq elasl. 

Truly, acJ.J^ bil haqq; 
\i.>- haqqan;\lJf-.haqyqatan, 
yours - dJi.»-l-» sdhbak. 


Trough, n. ^j>y hdd (ah_ j^ nifyr, m. (-dt). 




Trumpet, vi. j_,Jl v_,j-^ 
darab hilhiiq (adrab). 

Trumpeter, n. j^t;V 
terumb^tsy (-ia). 

Trunk, n. (of tree) jU 
sdq, m. (box) ji-» JjJ^.^san^ 
ddq scifar, m. (sanadyq). 

Truss, vt.j^sarr (asurr); 
Uii laff (aliff); fj>- hazam 

Tri\st,n .i\^\iHimdd;^}'^\ 
iitikdl, m. ^A>\ amdna, f. 

Trust, vi. Ss^\ i'tamad 
(a'timid); J^Tll ittahal (at_ 
tikil). he -ed me with^j^b j 
toakkilny bi. - in God ! J^i 
4j1I Jc ittikil ^ala alldh. 

Trustee, n. JJT^ wakyl 
(Akala); ^Alamyn (umana). 

Trustworthy, a. ^^I'y 
mAtaman (~yn). 

Truth, n. j>- haqq; jj.^ 
siidq; ^=jfc* f;Cihyh, m. a2J5?- 

^QygdJ.^^y the -!t^>Jlj5 
qdl ed dugry, tell the— ja^ 
sadaq (asduq). 

Truthful,a. j:»Us4d iq{-yn) 

Try, vt.^'j>.garrab (a-); 
J.j:?-I igtahad (agtihid).- 
this bread ! Ij JLjl j'jd^g eZ 
'^s d«. — the clotheSj» ^_y,U 
qds el hidtim (aqys).— by 
law flo- hdkim (a—). 

Try ing, a. ,,^t>mu fib {-yn) 

Tub, n. ^i^ mastilla^f. 
(mast Hid t). 

Tube, n. .j^^U masAra, f, 

Tuberose, n.iSj. ui!^\ytts_ 
myn birry, m. 

Tuck, ot. j!i^sammar(a~). 

Tuck, n. A^" tanya (tan_ 
ydt); U^ tot/ /a, f. (tayidt). 

Tuesday, n. z>'M\ ^y, ydm 
et taldt, m. 

Tu(t, nA^yZ.§tisa,f.(suwas). 




-ed Aiyi a! loll sAsct; A.i.^j:_jiJ 
abu sAsa. 

Tng,v t. Jaiqatar (yiqttir). 

Tug, n. j\j^j)i}) wabAr 
garrdr, m. (-dt). 

Tulip, n.»\^^J^jl■' sinbil 
we Jiuisdm, m. 

Tumble, vi. ^jwiqi^(aw_ 
qa"). the house— d dowDvi^uU 
jLjil el b4t inhadd. 

Tumbler, n.i,j<^i.i\fkub_ 
bdya kibyra^ f. (kubbctydt). 

Tumbrel, n. ^}.»J i..^/- 'a_ 
rabyia barmyl^m.^arabyidt) 

Tumour, n. ^ji~ hurrdg, 
m. (-dt). 

Tumult, n. aLij get a, f. 
c}.i^ hayagdn, m. 

Tune, n. *>* nagama, f. 

i.if\a-jakitia,f, (jakettdt). 

Tunnel, n.(passage)>_jlj^ 

sirddb, m. (saradyb); (fun 
nel) J qum\ m, (aqmd'j. 

Turban, n. tJ- 'imma^ f, 

Tureen, n. aij^JDI LilkU 
sultanyiet s6rba,f. {salatyn) 

Turf, n. jLj.i>. hosy^, m. Jjudra^ f, 

Turk, n. ^jturky(turk), 

Turkey, n. (country) LCy 
turkyia; ilj;l\ i% bildd et 
turk, f. (foweD^yjj ^^^ dyk 
rumy, m. (dyuk); (^Jc* 4^, j. 
farUa hindy, f. (firdli,). 

magydy. - delight pi^ So-lj 
rdhet luqAm, f. 

TyiTr\,vt. jiidauwar(a-), 

- a corner jy- hauwid (a-). 

— back »>-j ragga'' (a-); ij 
radd (arudd). - over ^ 
qalab (aqlib). - into J'y 
hauwil(a—). - oniijatarad 




(atrud). ~ups')de down J/' 
jUi jliy 'amal fdqdnytah_ 
tdny. he -ed twenty ol» 
^jl2\ fdt el 'isryn. - him 
out ! Ij; *iJA> talla'oh barra, 
vi. j'i ddr (adi),r).~ hack 
fcy-jrig'C (arga"). he -ed soL 
dier(ijCpJ>.^'amaZ "askary. 

— sides ..jLail inqalab; i_-UM 
itqallib. my head -SjjJti^'j 
Msy bidd&r. 

Turn, n. j^ ddr, m. (ad_ 
wdr); >jiid6ra,f. (dordt)-^ 
,ij,>. hawda, f. (hawddt). 

- round iJi ktffa^ f. (laffdt). 
at every - jA»j!1 jJc Jt ^ala 
''adad ed daqdyiq, by -s 
jjjjl; bid ddr, he did me a 
good — ^iju J J/- 'amoi i</ 

Turner, n. i^lji- Uo^rrdt 
Turnip. ''rt. *^^\ lifta, f. 

Turnstile, n.SjS ^U\ ^ aIT 

ed ddlilyn, f.(dldt). 

Turquoise, n. .j^jU fard^ 
za, f. (faruz). 

Turpentine, n. IiiJ\ ^J 
^^i; en nafl, m. 

Turret,/!, jy^ ^j. burg 
sugayiar, m. (abrdg). 

Turtle, n. i^jsVlifa(za_ 
'dlif); i^jtirsa, f. (tirsdi). 

Tusk, n. j^ sinn, m.(as^ 
ndn-^sindn); ^'^ ndb, m. 

Tutor, n. U* mi^allim 
(-ynj;j_y mirabby (-yn); 
"ilV Idla (laldt). 

Twang, n. \ix>. f^anafa^ f. 

Twelve, a. ^JiLiI itndsar. 

Twenty, a. jt^U "isryn. 

tljcJl jiy\ et tdq itn^n. 

Twilight, n. j.Ltl\jy n0.r 




-essafaq, m. 

Twin, n. ^y tdm, m.j^>- 
eJio-lj ^^k) j gdz fy batn 

Twine, n. ,j\,iidubdra,f. 

Twinkle, o«. »l lama' (yil_ 
ma'); jj) baraq (yibruq). 

Twinkling, n. cM- lo.ma_ 
"dn, m. 

Twisl, vt.^'^ fatal (af til); 
^j baram (abrum). -ed J^ti, 
maftul; »}ju mabrum. 

Twist, n. 4l.;» fatla; -u^. 
bar ma, f. 

Twit, ot.y...Mma'yar (a~); 
y\c "dyir (a-). 

Two, a. ai-J\ itnSn. 

Ty]^G,n.^--':-gins (agnds); 
,J$Ci sikl (askdl); j)^ tars, 

m. printing - ^^^ harf^ m- 
(huriif). - compositor «.?- 

Typhoid, n. aj^^li jr 
himma tyfodyia, f. 

Typtius, n. ^iJ tyfas,m. 

Tyrannical, a. ^ zuXmy; 
Ik zdVim.. 

Tyrannise, vi. ik za\a,m 
(azlum); JuU-l istabadd 

Tyrdnny, nA]izulm;i^.iJ^\ 
istibddd, m. 

Tyrant, a. ^\iizdlim(-yn); 
jj.^. mustabidd (-yn). 


Tzarina, n. .^^J qaysara 






Ugliness, n. -UW? wahdsa; 
ic\L\ bak't^a, f. 

Ugly,«. J>-j wihis(-yn); 
»i> bisi' (-yn). 

Ulcer, n. i»-j qurha, f. 

Ulcerate, vi. ^ qarrah 

Ultimate, a. Jlj^l abrdny 
(-yn); Jl^ nahdy (-yn). 

Ultimately, a, I j_v;-| aby- 
ran; j^'^\ J fil df}ir, 

Ultimatam,n. Jl^; i^, ba_ 
Idg nahdy, m. (-dtj. 

Ultimo, n. di J\ j^\es 
sahr illy fdt; ^^111 j^\ es 
sahr el mdcly, m. 

f. (samdsy). 

Umpire, n. C^ hakam. 

Un, ^J~^ mus; jAs. g^r. 

Unable, a. jjlJ J^mus qd_ 
dir(-yn). he was- to write 
i_*::5si A:.Xf jijl^l. ma kdns 
mumkinoh yiktib. 

Unabridged, a. J^k. mL 
tauwil (-yn). 

Unanimity.n.lj^l jlil ittL 
hddelard; I^VI ^l?-l /f/md' 
ei ard, m. 

Unanimous, a. Jii* mutta_ 
hid (-yn). 

Unanimously,a.lj VI s-l?- 1 
bi igmd^ el ard. 

Unaware, a ^jW j., mus 
'drif (-yn); U j.jJt^ U ma 
'andds "ilm. -s Aii- Jc'aZa 




Unbearable, a. J*.irf J^ 
mus muhtamal. 

Unbecoming, a. jjM j:. 
mus Idyiq (-yn). 

Unbeliever, n.J'^kdfir 

Unbroken, a. ~^' sihyh 
(suhdh); ^^ kdmil (-yn). 

Unbutton, ot.j\jyi\d!&fakk 
el zirdr (afukk). 

Uncertain, a. j^y J:« mus 
muakkad (-yn); ^ly^ ^* 
mus ma^rAf (-yn). 

Uncle, n. (pat,)yammfa'_ 
mdm;Hmum); (tnatj^li'lidl 

Unclean,a,(j-f n ig is(- yn); 
(>Us. JL. mus tdhir (-yn). 

Uncleanliness, n.»J^ na_ 
gdsa; Ai-Lj wasdija, f. 

^yjj>mus mirtdh (-yn); 
(thing) ^_^« mutHb(-yn). 

Uncommon, a. jJ^ nddir 
<-y^); d^ qalyl. 

Unconscious, a. jijW j^» 
mus 'drif (-yn); Cj\,ji J-* 
mus darydn (-yn). 

Unconsciousness, n. ^sc 
j-i "adam wcCy^ m. 

Uncooked, a. ijnay(-yn); 
(Sy-^» ^j.>mus mistiioy(-yn) 

Uncork, vt. ejljsll ^^atah 
el gizdza (aftah). 

Uncover, ot. ^ fatah(af__ 
tah); .^t^kahaf (aksif). 

Undecided, a. j^" mit_ 
hayiar (-yn); ^^iii J^ mus 
mihciqqaq (-yn). 

Underj pre. ^ taht; jjl 
^ aqall min.— ten ^c- Jsl 
iy> aqall min "asara. — exa_ 
mination aJ ^kiW iSj\»- gdry 
en nazar fyh. — these cir_ 
cumstances (ij J'^*^' J fil' 
ahwdl dy. - ground^jV^vl-^ 




taht el ard. - hand Jlli tah_ 
tdny;is'j-^sirry.~ Secretary 
of State sjlki J-*rj wakyl ni_ 

Undergo, vi. Jk'^lihtamal 
{ahilmil);^^^iqdsa (aqdsy). 

Underline, vt. z^ L;- \3.-^ 
*j\iiO\ hatt \iatt taht ek kitd_ 
ba (ahatt). 

Underneath, a. ^ taht. 

Undersigned, n. >\:ia\^:>\}\ 
sliil el loddi^ imddh adndh 


Understand, vt. ^^t flhim 
(afham); ^j- Hrif (a'raf). 
give to - (^(i fahhim (a~). 

Understanding, n. (inteL 
ligence) ^^i flhm; JSp ^aql; 
j^J. tamyyz, m. A:«_>(.i» maf^ 
humyia, f. (agreement) jUrl 
ittifdq, m. (-dt), he came 
to an - with me <i\jj jul 
ittafaq wayidya. 

Understood, a . *^fi» maf_ 
hum (-yn). 

Undertake, oi.j^il Ms ir 
fyCa~);.y\\ iltazam (alti_ 

Undertaking, n. ^/~» 
masru\ m. (-dt). 

Undervalue, vt. ^» ^JaM 
jj^\naqqas min el qyma(a-) 

Undo, vt. Jkj battalia-)-^ 
di> fakk (afukk)\ Jo- hall(a_ 

Undoubtedly, ad. dii j^5>j. 
min gir sakk. 

Undress, vi. Ji qala'-(aq- 
la''); ^ salah (aslah). vt. ^ 
qalla^ (a-), -ed «U5 qdli^ 
(-yn);c^\f-'irydn (-yn). 


Undue, a. ji~* j.. mus 
mistahaqq (-yn). 

Unduly, ad. ^y■ j'i- ^»min 
gir haqq. 




Unearth^ vt. jj nabcis 

Uneasiness, n. JU\ l}y^ 
masgMyiet el bdl, f. j)i qa_ 
lo.q, m. 

Uneasy, a. JU\ Jyii.mas_ 
gal el bdl (-yn); cM^ Q^^l- 
qdn (-yn). 

Uneducated, a.yuj^mus 
mifallim (-yn); cJj^ ^J.» 
THUS mitrabby (-yn). 

min el 'adl. 

Unfairness, n. '^sulm^m. 
-uU mihabyia, f. 

Unfasten, vt. ^ hall (a^ 
hill); dis fakk (afukk). 

Unfavourable, a. ^jil^. J.» 
musmiwdfiq (-yn); ^y ^» 
^L* mus min sdlili. 

Unfit, a. j,yjj>mus Idyiq 
(-yn); ^ 
sib (-yn) 

lu ^J^ mus mind_ 

Unemployed, a. Jlki bat_ Unfold, ot. /J, nakar (an. 

tdl (-yn); Jl»i J;^ mas sag_ 
gdl (-yn). 

Unengaged, «. i_;^l' fddy 

Unequal, a. c^jLt. J^mus 
mitsdwy (-yn). I am - to 
the worlc Jiil^Je j-jjjl U ma 
aqdars ^alas sugl. - led J^_^U 
,JiJ ma lus nazyr (luhums). 

Unfair, a. JjW J^ mus 
'ddil (-yn); Jj«l\ ^;,« J- mus 


sur); UiL:i kaiaf (aksif); 
fassar (a-). 

Unforeseen, a. j^ki* J.» 
mus manzdr; Javj> J:, mus 

Unfortunate, a. ^\ J-U 
qalyl el baljKqulaldt); ^^'' 
manhus (-yn). 

Unfrock, o t .^solah[aslah) 

Unfurnished, a. j.iy^ J~» 
mus mafr As (-yn). 




Unhappily, ad. zJ^ .j.- ^> 
min sA bajit. 

4.-l«r ta^dsa; 4^ ta'scij f. 

Unhappy^a.Ji^S. m itnak_ 

Unhealthy, a. (man) cj^e^ 
^ayidn (-yn); Cj\-^j.marddn 
(--yn); (place) ^■i^'^ ^.U J.. 
THUS tayyib lis sihha. 

Unheard, a. fjcr' J^> mus 

Uniform, n. *.iiyL-J\ i^S' 
kiswetet tasryfa(kasdwy); 
A.c"j 4] J. badla rasmyia^ f. 

Uniform, «.j«-Ij jjjc'a/a 
nasaq wdhid;^>-\i^^^.min 
sikl lodhid. 

Uniformity, n. *j-li« mi- 
sdbha, f. -Iktil intizdm, m. 

Unify, o^.J^'-j wahhid(a-), 
unified Ji>-^. muwahhad. 

Unimportant, a. ^. J^ 
mus muhimm (—yn). 

Uninterested, a.^yJ-J') ^* 
ma IM garad (luhums); J^i- 
^ypj^ Jidly gar 0(1 (-yn). 

Union, n. j\il ittihdd, m. 

Unique, a,s,jfaryd; Xf-3 
wahyd; J^. ju) U ma Ids 


Unite, vt. ^ gama" (ag_ 
-d xi.' muttahid (-yn). the 
-d Slates »s^\ ^\>yj\ el wi_ 
laydt el muttahida. 

Unity, n. ,jio-j wihda, f. 
i\i\ ittihdd^ m. 

Universal, a. ^^^ 'umd_ 
my; »lo ^dmm. 

Universally, ad. f^«^l Jo 

Universe, n. iW 'dlam; 
C}^\ ek kdn, m. 




University, n. i^^ 4-.jA< 
tnadrasa 'umAmyia^ f. 

Unjust,a. ^\iizdlim(-yn). 

Unjustly^acZ.lkil&i^ zulm 

Unkind,a. ^^iqdsy (-yn). 

Unkindness, n. .jL5 qa_ 
sdwa, f. 

Unknown, a. ^)jl» J^ 
mas ma''r{if(-yn). he is - to 
me *>j». J:J I. ma lys ma''_ 
rifa boh. 

Unlawful, a. jiU J., mus 
gdyis (-yn); fl_,:^ hardm. 

Unless, con. >i\ ilia; ^ o' 
inn lamm;^) 161a. 

Unlike, a. tsj J-mus zay. 

Unlikely ,arf. ^,.:^J.>mus 

Unlimited, aoj^ J..mus 
mahdud (-yn); oj" J-» mus 
mu'ayan (-yn), 



Unluckily, ad. zJ^. .^-. ^ 
min sA baJjt. 

Unlucky, a.^yfi^manhus 
(-yn); zJ^. ^) \» ma Ids baljt 

Unmarried, a. (man) ^ 
''dzib ("izsdb); (woman) \> y- 
"a^aba C-azabdt). 

UnnaturaL <*• j-::^J"mus 

Unnecessary, a. -j"^ J,* 
mus Idzim (-yn). 

Unnoticed, a. <Jj«i U j^s> ^» 
a»- Ai min gir ma yi'rafboh 

Unoccupied, a. ^iXt fddy 

Unpack, vt.^fatah (af_ 
tah); Si fakk (afuhk). 

Unpaid, a. ^,»j.. J^ mus 
madf{l'';*f:\j^f-^'' min g4r 




Unpleasant, a. ^^ j.» (afukk); ^ hall (ahill) 

muslatyf (lutdf); ^,fj,' 
mus kuwayis (-yn). 

Unpretending, a. j^a« j.. 
mus mudda' y(-yn);ji^'~Mj^ 
mus mitkabbar (—yn); Ja-^i 
basyt (busataj. 

Unprofilable, a. a;^ ^_^J U 
, .Cma fys m innoh makscib 

Unprotected, «. j<>- j.) ^ 
Kf- ^\^ma Ids hadd yihdmy 
'annoh (luhums). 

Unreasonable;, a. J2.J\ x^ 
didd el '^aql- ^^j zdyid. 

Unripe, a. (Sy.~^ ^« mus 
m istiwy(—yn). — melon^-ily 
harrdsa^ f, (harrds). 

Vmuly, a. ji.saqy(asqyia) 

Unscrupulous, a. ^. JJI J^li 
qalyl ez zimma (qulaldt). 

bitm (afukk). 

Unseen, a. j^ Jl, mu& 
manzCir (-yn). 

Unserviceable, a. -il; jiA 
mus ndfi'' (-yn). 

Unsheathe.oi .^^sall[as ill) 

Unshod, a. S^hdfy(-yn; 

Unsound, a. X' J-* mus 
salym; Jss muhill(-yn). 

Unsoundness, n.Jli-ia to/; 
duy, m. 

Unspent, a. ^J^-ai. J^.mus 
munsarif (-yn); Jl bdqy 


Unstring, vt. \=} far at 

Unsuccessful, a. ^_U 
hdyib (-yn); ^ J,, mus 
fdlih (-yn). 
Unseal, vt. ^\ Sifakk el Unsuited, a. jjV J.* mu& 


Unscrew, vt. di» fakk Unsurpassed, «. j.^i U 




jiSc ma yiHds "aUh (-um). 

Unlidy, a. ^j. Jl» mus 
m irat t ib (-yn);^^^ ^p^m us 
mihandim (~-yn). 

Je- hall(ahill). 

Until, pre. ajU ligdyet; 
U jj- lihadd ma. 

Untimely, a.A-Jj J J^mus 
fy waqtoh; ojjjp j fy {j^r 

Unto, pre. jX-lihadd; J li. 

Untrue, o. ^ J^ mus 
sahyh-j ^jT kidb. 

Untruth, n. ^^ kidb; 
jjfl-i- habs^ m. 

Untruthful, a. J\j^kad^ 
ddb (-yn). 

Unused, a.(object) Jv-* j.. 
mus musta'mal (~yn);(per. 
son)i^.:. Jj,musmit'auwid 
(-yn); Ji'\i J^ mus wdf^id 


Unusual^ a. jl:u« ju mus 
muHdd (-yn). 

Unveil, oi. ^jJ\vj rafa" 
el barqu" (arfa''); ^t.^ka_ 

ScJsi mibastik (-yn). 

Unwholesome,a. a^'I ^.i. 
mudirr bis sihha; i^'^^ ,_^W 
J,, mus tayyib lis sihha. 

Unwilling, a. ^i\j J^mus 
rddy (-yn). 

Unwillingness, n. Uj ^^c 
"adam rida, m. 

Unwise, a, (man) J>\c j^ 
mus "dqil (-yn); (thing) j^ 
Ji.l\ ^ musmin el 'aql; Jaic 

Up, ad. Jy fdq. he is - y^ 
^ihuwa qdm. time is — cJ}'^ 
^joii-el waqthilis. wind is — 
Jja \^\elhaioa tili\ the sun 
is- vi^jj-Pl essamstil'et. 




it is all - with him oU mdi, 
he is — to his profession ^WU 
a1.'»- (j sdtir fy sugloh. - to 
ten .^ic. jX- lihadd ''asara; 
tjLo lAi^iligdyet ^asara, -per 
jlsy fdqdny; Jcl a7a. -per 
floor JU\ jjjle?d ddr el 'dly. 

- ward jyj Zii/dg'. - ward of 
^' JS^ aktar mm. -stairs 
J_,» /'d^. - side AJls^iW 4.^U\ 
e/i ndhyael fdqdnyiaj.- 
side down Jlii Jliy fdqdny 

Uphold, vt. Ji.:- sanad 
(asn id). 

Upholster, vt. si. nag^ 
gid (a~). 

Upholsterer, n. j^' mi_ 
nag gid (-yn). 

Upland, n. aJW ^jI ard 
%lya, f. 

Upon, pre. yala-^j^tfdq. 

- the 1st January y\j J,l tj 

fy auwil yandyir.— that 
dJJiJc'aZa ^dZj/c, ■- his death 
i3y s.e-^and mdtoh. 

Upright, a. ^u^ musta^ 
qym (-yn); JiW "ddil(-yn). 

Uproot, ot. ii qala' (aq_ 
la"); «\i- ^ato" (abla"). 

^lai saqlib (a-), this news 
- me JjiT' I J j\tl eZ babar 
da kaddarny. 

Upstart, n. c.Aj; muhdis 

Urchin,n.j!ju;atod! {wildd) 
\5Yg&,vt.j^j>. harrad(a-); 

^ lahh (alihh). 
Urgency, n. 4!.^ 'agala; 

»jij^ durura^ f. 
Urgent, a. ^■^' musta''_ 

Urgently,«d .^\>bil "agal 
Urinal, n. A^» mabwala, 

f. (mabdwil). 




mayia (a-)-, U ^ sahUmay^ 
ia rasu/jl}). 

Urine, n. J^. bdl, m. a^ 
mayia, f. 

Urn, n. ^^kAs, m.(-dt). 

Us, pro. li - na. he gave - 
Ujl idddna. 

Usage, n. »i\c. 'dda, f. 
Caddt); JU--' isti^mdl^ m. 

Use, vt, Jv'"*! isla^mil 
( asia^mil). he-d me badly 
JlkJl) ^^UW ^dmilny bil bat- 
tdl, -d (thing) jv*-* mus_ 
ta'mil (-yn); (person; ^^o. 
mWauwid (—yn); jl'o«ma'_ 
tdd (—yn). 

Use, n. JU--' istVmdl^ m. 
.jjli fdyda; A«Ji. manfa^a, f. 
for the - of -uiil ^i manfa'et; 
;juU! lifdydet. of- ,julj 4! 
Zo/i /'(iycia; >^U(^/i'. of great 
- ».;tS^*«ii. 4) to/i manfa'a 

kibyra. of no- jjulj juj \» 
ma lus fdyda. it is of no -to 
me (SS:^ -uii. J^) ^» ma lAs 
manfa'a "andy. in - J*"*^ 
musta'mal. what is the — of? 
;jbl» 4jI ^/i fdydet. make- 
JA^-I ista^mil (asta^mil). 

Useful, a. .si; ndfi- (-yn); 
xJl, mufyd (-yn). 

Usefulness, n. «u nafa\ 

Useless, a. .juIj j^) U ma 
lus fdyda (luhums). 

Uselessness, n.^ '^qillet 
nafa\ f. 

Usher, n. i^li^^* tasryfd_ 
ty(-ia);^>.\p-hdgib{hug gd 

Usual, a. ^^iddrig(-yn); 
i\u> mutdd (-yn). as - (^j 
(^jU-l ^at/ eg gdry. 

Usually, o,d. ,iii\ ^-^ 
hasab el "dda; 'oW "ddatan. 

Usurer, n.iJ} rdbyi-yri) 




Usurp, vt. ^_^:pI igtasab 
(agtisih); >^^^\ M'kt^ad bil 
gash (dliud). 

Usurpation, n. wUitl ig_ 
tisdb, m. 

Usurper, n. ^--a:" mug_ 
tasib (-yn). 

Usury, n. ipj farat; Ij 
riba, m. 

a! I dla, f. (aldtj. -s oljil 
adawdt; ^j\) lawdzim, f. 

Utility, n. «ui nafa", m. 

A«ii. manfda-^ .juli fdyda, (• 

Utilize, of. Jv^l ista'mi 

Utmost, n. k«* ma'zam; 
j^i^l el aktar. 

Utter, vt. jki nataq (an^ 
tag); Ji«5 la fas (alfuz); Jiilil 
itlaffaz (atlaffaz). 

Utter, a.^ kully. - want 
j_^j2> /"m^'' kibyr. 

Utterance, n. jki nai^; 
Jiii; talaffuz, m. 

VUerly, ad.i.^\\bilkullyia 


Vacancy, n, Ui facia, m. 
(situation not filled up) 4.L.Uj 
aJU- wazyfa b<^lya,,f. (wa_ 

Vacant, a.^\ifddy (-yn); 

Vacate, ot. ^^ fadda (a^ 
faddy); J^l abla (ably). 

Vacation, n. aIIL) butdla 
(hutaldt);i^* fusha (fusah); 
^\^misdmhaj .(misamhdt) 

Vaccinate, vt. j^ daqq 




(aduqq); *W ta''am (a-). 
Vaccination^ n. j;, daqq-^ 

Vaccine-matler^ n. oU 
<^jj.i-l mdddet eg gidry^ f. 

Vagabond, n. j^i:« muta_ 
sarrid(-yn); jt«. mi^attar 

Vague, a.4-^\j J:,.mus wd, 

Vagueness, n. ^jj>) ^^a 
''CLdam iiddh; f\^\ ibhdm,m. 

Vain, «. (conceited) j^>^ 
mitkabbir (—yn); ^uiJ ^U 
sdyif nafsoh; (ineffectual) 
JWI bdtil. in- P^jU J fil 

Valet, n.^\M-badddm{- yn); 
^i*' tutungy (-ia). 

Valid, a. j^l' sabit C-y^i; 
j-a^ haqyqy. 

Validity, ?i. a#^ sihha, f. 
C>y^ sibut, m. 

Valise, n. Aki santa (su^ 
Valley, n. ts^^j toddy, m. 

Valuable, a-.S^gdly(~yn); 
ij? A loh qyma (-urn.); ,^1 
tamyn (tumdn). 

Valuation, n.a^' tatmyn; 
ju-i tas^yr, m. 

Value, n. ^i taman (at_ 
mdn);jK-' si'r^ m. (as'dr); 
tj qyma, f. he sets a - on it 
,j^f Aif oJuc- -J loh "andoh 
qyma kibyra. — payable 
4i J^*' mohauwal boh. 

Value, vt. ^tammin(a-); 
j,^sa'-^ar(a-). I- your friend, 
ship .ju'T' Ac' (iJiiP U d^u^* 
suhbitak laha "andy qyma 

Valueless, a.i^ j.)\» ma 
l{ls qyma(luhums). 
Valve, n. i^^ -r'V bdben 




nafas(abwdb);j>[\^ tdbiq,m. 

Van, n. (waggon) OjP 
'arabyia, f. ("arabyidt). 

Vanilla, n. "^Mfdnilla, f. 

Vanish, vi. jii-l ihtafa 

Vanity, n. (empty pride) 
_^kibr;^^'ugb, m. 

Vaporize, vi.jd^itbabhar 

Vapour, n.M buhdr;^^, 
nafas, m. — bath iSj\^ (>^ 
hammdm buhdry. 

(-yn); J^,mitqallib (-yn). 

Variation, n. jJ^ tagyyr 
(-dt); ^'j^\^\ ihtildf (-dt); 
Jjfarq, m.(flruqdt). 

Variety, n. ^y^gins (ag^ 

nds); JS^-i sikl, m. (askdl). 

tie has a — of .j^i ^j.U>-l,a;Lc- 

^"andoh agnds hityra min 

Various, a. ^innuhtalif 

(-yn);fj::j,m itnati wa" (- yn) 

Varnish, vt. JLJj^I ^*i 

dahan bil warnys(adhin). 

Varnish,n. JIJjjMjarn ys,m. 

Vary, ct.ji. gayiar (a-)- 
^xhaddil (a-). vi,j^\ i t_ 
gayiar (aigayiar); ui^\ 

Vase, n. ^It tdsa^ f. (ta^ 
sdt). flower — Aijt,j;suhryia^ 
f. (suhryidt). 

Vaseline, n.^i^^faselyn, 

Vassal, n. *)l; IdbV(atbd')^ 

Vast, a. «-lj was I' (-yn); 
»-:. muttas'C (-yn). — num_ 
hQv j^:,sc'^adad kibyr. 

Vastness, n.(\J\ ittisd'; 
»-.j wis', m. 

Vat, n. vuli- hdbya, f, (l],a_ 
wdby); 'c;idinn,m.(dindn). 

Vault, n.jJqabu;Me.'aqd, 




Vault, vt. ^ qaba (aqby). 
-ed ^ magby (-yn). 

Veal, n. Jl^ Ai-lahma 'ag- 
gdly; ijili- i.l-lahma hisna^f. 

Vegetable, n. jlii- Ijuddr^ 
m. (-At), - seller tS^ii- hu^ 
ddry f-ia;. -marrow aoj 
qar^a, f. (qar^), creeping 
— s xlJ\l» maqdt^ m. 

Vegetation, n. ,jJi^ bud_ 

ra, f. 

Vei];ra.(native)»jj. burqu\ 

m. (bardqi"); io~J=> tarha, f. 
(turah); (Turkish) Sp. yaL 
mak; (European) j^J fillo; 
(curtain) jl-sJ^A"^ m- (astdr). 

Veil, vt. J J, barqa" (a-); 
Ji^ satar (asturj. 


Vellum, n.Jjriqq;^\i jjj 
warag nd'^im,Tn. 

Velocity, n. *cj^ sur'a, f. 

Velvet, n. *i:ki gatyfa, f. 

Venerable, a. ^J^ muh(a_ 
ram (-yn). 

Venerate, vt.^Jv-\ihtaram 

Veneration, n. JjU-l ihti- 
rdm, m. 

Venereal, a. (Sj»j suhry. 

Vengeance, n. f\i:il inti- 
qdm;j\j tdr; J6\ s^\ af}d et 
tdr, m. 

Venom, n . j(v. simm,m. 

Venomous, a. ^^ mu_ 
sitnm (-yn). 

Ventilate, vt. (Sy^hauwa- 

Ventilation, n. aj^ tah_ 
wyia, f. 

Ventilator, n. ^i. man_ 
fas (mandfls); ^^malgaf^ 
m. (maldgif). 

Venture, vi. jJ^Mtgdsar 
(atgdsarj; (Sjf^\ islagra 
(astagry). he -d to strike 




her l^^ii All Jc^\f I itgdsar 
"ala innoh yidrabha. 

Venture, n. . ^Um i^'^sra; 
«ji.\if mubdtra, f. 

^&m\?,,n.>ji.}\ez 2uhra,f. 

Veranda, n. Au-ly tara_ 
syna (tarasyndt) ; ,j^\j 
feranda, f. (feranddt). 

\evh, n. J^i flH, m.(afdl). 

Verbal, a. t/Ui, sifdhy. 

WerhMy, ad. (j-Xkisifahyian 

Verbatim, n. 0^,- harfy_ 
tan; s>\)\ ^ji-\ bil harf el 
wdhid; iSiSkilma kilmCt. 

Verbena, n. Oy.jl!a-j^. 
bdr isiar yun , m . l:o_^ fer_ 
byna, f. 

Verdant, a. ^a^I abdar 

Verdict, n. a^^ buldsa 
(l}ulasdt); A^-' natyga, f. 
(natdyig );j\}qarAr ,m.{-At) 

Verdigris, n.j\ji>-gin2dr; 

Ia-» sada, m. 

Verdure, n. .^-Ai. budraj. 

Verification, n. j-si tah^ 
qyq(-d t);^L>-s isny,m-{sasdny) 

ijl>- J/' "amal sisny (a'm il). 

Veritable, a. j^>. haqyqy 
(~yn); J^l asly (-yn). 

Vermicelli, n. isy.z.sV'ry^ 
ia, /. native sweet - a»1;S 
kundfa, f. 

Vermin, n.J-frl J wag is ^ m. 

Vernacular, a. cSjI. hala_ 
dy; ^U^ watany; rj^iddrig. 

Verse, ft. j»i siV; j«ij^ 
bSt si^r, m. (abydt). 

Version, n. ^s^J largima 
(tardgim); *)\)j riwdya^ f. 

Versus, pre. s:> didd. 

Vertical, a. ^^Jj rdsy; 
iSiy^o 'amddy. 

Vertigo, n. 4i-ji ddba, f. 




Very, ad. jci^ kityr; isj> 
qa wy;^jA\i-Ijdlis;\^iyg iddan . 
the - thought ^ jCil\ el fikr 
bass, the - man aJII, J,>.jl 
er rdgil hi zdtoh; 4i^ Jcj-JI 
er rdgil hi 'inoh. 

Vessel, n. (ship)^^.mar_ 
kib,f. (mardkih); (utensil) 
Wj wa'a, m. 

Vest, n. iSj'A^ sudiry, m. 

Vest, vt. iSi^idda (addy); 
^^«>j wahah (atohlb). 

Vestibule, n. jvUj dahlyz, 
m. (dahalys). 

Veteran, a. y^ mubtahir 
(-'y^); wJjJi.:* middarrab 

Veterinary, n. ti^k.. jC 
hakym bitary (hukama). 

Veto, n, t>»j rafd^ m. 

Vex, oi;>1^5'(i^('a9'f/^j;Jcj 

gdz (-yn). 
Vexation^ n. Jcj za'al, m. 

Vexalious, a. jJ-C mu_ 
/c^dd ir(-yn)i^oy_yizd^ol(-u) 

Viaduct, n. t,Jh:igantara/, 

Vibrate, vi.jf\ithazz(at^ 
haz2);^j\ itragg (atragg). 

Vibration, n. J,* hazz;^ 
ragg, m. 

Vicar, n. ■_i2-l ^^_\; ndyib 
asquf (nuwdb). 

Vice, n. ^.e- "eh,m .Ciyub); 
(screw-press) 4..3I4 malsa_ 
ma, f. (maldzim). 

- Consul J-ay jfj wakyl 
qunsul (ukala). - president 
JiTj wakyl. 

Viceroy, n. dJill ^c ^\i 
ndyib 'an el malik; iSy,-^ 

^a""al(a-). -ed iilii. min^\ Vice- versa, ad. jj-C\l &ii 






Vicinity, n. ^J qurb. 

Vicious, a. Jlk; battdl 
(-yn);iS:>j rady (ardyia). 

Vicissih\(\e,n. j^^tagayur; 
^sl taqallub, m. 

Victim, n. a^^ dibyha 
(dabdyih); J,y qatyl (quta^ 
to;. -of a crime aJo ^\ el 
magny "aUh (-um), 

Victoria-carriage, n.j^L-^ 
hanttir^ m. (hcinatyr). 

Victorious, n. ^U gAlib 
(-yn); jy^:» mansur (-yn). 

Victory, n. ^ galaba, f. 

View, n.(sight)ji_,!ii. ma/i_ 

^ar{mandzir);{oinmor])iS\ J 

rdy^ m. (ard), with a - to 

Juai b i qasd.on — ^y>)jn.ttndr{td 

Vigil, n.j^ sahar,m. 

Vigilance, n.AJ\j'murdq, 
ba; *]l*.% muldhza^ f. j^ 

sahar^ m. 

Vigilant, a. <ulu miniibih 
(-yn); (jljf,* sahrdn (-yn). 

Vigorous, a. iS^l qawy 

Vigour, n. SAii nasdt, m. 
.y quwa, f. 

Vile,a. Jijjrazyl(rusala); 
Ji dany (adnyia). 

Vileness, n. 4\}j rasdla; 
ej^i dandwa, f. 

Villa, n. M\ U r^ 5«?^ 
barra el balad, m. (qusUr). 

Village,n.jjj balad(bildd); 
4.:-l; ndhya, f. (nawdhy); 
>-*:j ryf,m. 

(S^j rady (ardyia). 

Villainy,/! .,^\ijradd wa,f. 

Vindicate, vt. Aj barrd 
(abarry);jy^ barrar (a-). 

Vindication,?!. i!j<;iabry_ 
ia, f. j,j^ tabryr, m. 




Vindictive, a.iS^^h- haqd_ 

Vindictiveness^ n. jx>- 
haqd; sf kid, m. 

Vine, n. *-:& "inaba, f, 
C'lnab).— leaves >_<:p Jjj 
waraq 'inab, /. -yard ^_^jl 
^:c. 4c_jjj. ard mazrA^a 
Hnab, f. 

Vinegar, n. Ji- f^all, m. 

sar)i ^\i' lidlif (a-). 

Violation, n. ^^ kasr, 
m. Ailli: mulidlfa, f. 

Violence, n. ^^i- gash, m. 
»y quwa; *JW ^dfya, f. jjj 
zur, m. 

Violent, a. tsy qawy 

Violet, n . Af'*^. banafs iga^ 
f .(banafsig). 

Violin, n. »^ kamanga 
(kamangdt); (native) a-Ij 

ribdba,f. (ribabdt). 

Viper, n. c^f^ t'Chdn, m. 

Virago, n. j^i>-J.^ tytnara 

Virgin, n.^bikr. - Mary 
e^y \jXii\ el 'adra maryam. 

Virginity, n. *.. jjC biku_ 
ryia- ^ja) wiss, f. 

Virtue, n. A^-^ fadyla, f, 
{faduyil).\n — of,.,^^^bimugib 

^}■^\i _^\^sdhib fadl(ashdb), 

Vis-a-Vis, «d. ^U; qud_ 
ddm; iUai qusdd. 

Visible, a. jyau manzur 
(-yn); ^\& zdhir (-yn); 
^X bdyin (-yn). 

Vision, n. jki nazar, m. 


4j ,j rilya, f. (ruydt). 

Visit, n. ,j\j zydra, f. 

Visit, vi.Jj zdr (azur)-^ 




^^ JU tall 'ala (atull); ^\c 
^dyin (a-). 

Visitor, n. v-i-J- d4f ((IL 
y&f). he has -s to night »xa 
(Si 4-J!l ^jX ^andoh nds el 
Ula dy, 


Vitality, n. ,[.>. hayA, f. 

Vivacious, «. ^^i^ ho-fyf 
(bufdf); iljp- hirik (-yn); 
LM nasyi (nusdt). 

Vivacity, n. *i^ biffa,f. 
-L-li) nasdt, m. 

Vivid, a. iW hddd (-yn); 
^\o'hdm y(-yn)]j\>'hdr r {-yn) 

Vixen, n. a^.J .j> mar a 
qabyha (niswdn). 

Vizier,n. j:jjtoa«(/r (dsa- 
ra). Grand — kc.*yi jxJi\ es 
sadr el a^zam. 

Vocabulary, n.^<»i»i ^_^^.U 
qamds mubiasar, m. (qa. 


Vocal, a. J^^ s6ty; ^-J* 
CjyJi\ muUtass bil sdt. 

Vogue, n. z^~fsyt; ^Msm, 
m.iiy mdda, f. in -oi^U Jo 
'alal mdda. 

Voice, n. ^>- hiss; ^^-» 
s6t,m. (aswdtj. 

Void, a. ^i^ fddy (-yn); 

Voidness, n. p-ly fardg; 
j^ h'du, m. 

Volatile, a. jLW tayidr. 

Volcano, n. Ji J~^ gabal 
ndr (gibdl); ^j. burkdn, 
m. (barakyn). 

\'o\\&y ,n.^Ualaq,m.{-dt) 

Volume, n. (book) ty^gdz 
(ag zd);j\^m igallid ,m .{-At) 
(dimensions) si qadd; ^ 
hagm, m. i,^ kimmyia, f. 
j\j,u muqddr, m. 

Voluminous, a.j^fkibyr 




(kubdr); ^^ gasym (-yn). 

Voluntarily, a. j^'-^'^V bil 
ibtydr; i^ijl bil rida. 

Volunlary, a. (ijV^ii-l il}^ 
tydry^ Jh\i. ^j ^p ^an rida 

Volunteer, n. ^k:u miL 
tauwa^ (-yn); (^_,ki Ijutary 

Volunteer, vi. ^\ iitau. 
wa'' (attauwa'). 

Voluptuous, a. j\j^' 

c>ji:-l istafrag (astafrag); 
jkiL-l istantaq(astantaq); 
Loll itqayia (atqayia). 

Noie, n.c>j^s6t,m. [aswdt) 

Vole, vi.Cjy^ iSi^idda s6t 
(addy); tfb t5.i' idda rdy. 

Vouch, vt.s^ sihid(aL 
had); cJ\ashat (ashit); ^e^ 
daman (adman). 

Voucher^ n. xL~. musta_ 
nad, m. (-dt). 

Vow ,n .jSfuadr ^m.{nudiir) 

Yow, oi.jMnadar(andur) 

Vowel,n . i^c^y-ha rf ' i lla, 
m. (huriif); Cjy^a a1 ^j>-harf 
loh sdt. 

Voy a ge , « . ji- safa r, m . 
(asfdr); ieA.^ sydha,f, (sya_ 

Cjii ddn ..- fello\vt5Ju«>- gi_ 
'Uy (-ia). 

Vulgarily,?i .0^0 dandwa;. 
4-L>. Uasdsa-^ 4]lj_, rasAla; 
il^jo- ga^dina, f. 






Wade, i.jay^tiauwad(a~) 

Wafer,n.4..Uj;6«rsdmtt^ f. 

Wag, vt. ^4 la"ab(a-);j». 
hazs (ahisz). 

Wager, n. J[tj rahdn, m. 

Wager, oi. j,4.lj rdhin(a-). 

Wages, n. \}kira,m. >j>-\ 
ugra;^\jS\at'db, f. monthly 
- *4j^z. sahryia^f. 

Waggon, n . jj^X^_f-'ara_ 
byiet kdrro (^arabyidt); 
jjjio- *v- X.) j^'^arabyiet sik_ 
ka hadyd. 

Wagtail, n, oU»^l abu 
fasddo^ m. 

Wail, vi, 7-y nciuLoah(a~); 
^Jii nadab (andib). 

Wailing, n. y-\y nutod^ 
^J.; nadb, m. 

Waist, n. l^^i loast; ^i- 
bctsr^ m. - coaijjiJ.^sud^ry^ 
m. (saddry). 

Wait, vi.j:^\istanna (as- 
tanna)-, Jk'j\ intazar (anti_ 
sir). - at table .jiJ\ Jt ^Jii- 
liaddim ^alas sufra (a-). 
he hept me -ing ^^^^^ J^ 
halldny mistanny.- upon 
s-^j^k^hidir Wand (ahdar), 
-! lu-l istanna; J^c-I 

Waiter, n. ^^i^ sufragy 

Waiting, n.j\^'^\ Intizdr, 
m.-room 49-ljL.l ^V ddet 
istirdha, f.(uwad). 




Wake^ vt. j^^sahha {asah_ 
fyy). vi. J^sihy (asha). - me 
at 5 o'clock I o 4cLl\ ^.*» 
sahhyny essdf^a f^amsa, 

Wakeful.a. ^[^sdhy{-yn) 

Wakefulness, n.^iqalaq; 
jf,- sahar^ m. 

Walk, n. AJ^masya; (pro_ 
menade) *;:&-.» fusha, f. take 
a - ^~'^J.\\ itmassa (atmassa); 
«-.i;l itfasscth (atfasscih). 

Walk,oJ.^«/ (amsy). 
— on ^\i dds (adils). - in 
Ji-i da6«i (adUul). ~ off ii-i 
j_^j 4-iw) a^ad ba^doh we 
misy (dj}ud). 

Wall, n. l=^m (hytdn)i 
jy sdr^ m. (aswdr); *kj- 
hitaj.(hetdt). - flower j^u« 
jiw»l mantdr asfar, m. 

Wallet, n- w.lj>- girdb, m. 


Wander, vi. (go astray) 
Xtdh (atAh); (ramble) j^icl 
itmaswar (atmaswar). ~ 
about j\i ddr (addr); J 

laff (aliff). 

Wanderer, n. \X tdyih 
(-yn); <iL sdyih (suwdh). 

Wandering, n. .j^i* mas_ 
wara ,f .ji^s(Xfar ,m . (asfdr) 

Want, n.j^t^ "awaz; g-L>-l 
ihtydg^ m. .jW ''dsa; 4<>-\»- 
hdgaj. he is m- J\i'^y>.huwa 
m ihtdg. I have no - of it J-JU 
^s».ijma Ids lizum "andy. 
-of ^i^' qillco. 

Want, vt. jW ^dz (a'Az); 
jUpI iHdz (dtd2;);Ai>Mhtdg 
(ahidg), he -s to see me J^W 
j^»^-ij ^dwiz yisufny. what 
do you - ? *{! jjW 'dtoi^ ^/ij 
ajI i\x biddak Sh. you are 
~eA dX:jj}\c'''dwzynak. this 
manis-ed by the police^j»J^U 




dauwar 'alar rdgil da. it 
-s 5 minutes to 3 o VI r ""clji 
\^es sd'a taldta illaJiamsa, 

Wanting, a. ^l; ndqis 
(-ynj; jTjc 'adym (-yn). 

War_, n. ^j^harh, m. (hu_ 
Hib). - Office A-i ji-l oU:> dy_ 
wdn el harbyia^ m. 

Ward, n.ji- gafar; ^j>, 
haras, m. (person under a 
he is my - ^o ^^^1 U ana el 
wasy "alih. — robe pJiA aJI^;. 
bazdnet htiddm, f. (ha^ct- 
ndt); v-iV^j* duldb, m. (da_ 

Ware^n. ^i-'san/' (osndf). 
-s 4*Uj budd'^a, f, — house 
^•j:- madman, m.(mat>,dzin), 
— housing Oj^ bctzn; Ci^f- 
bazyn, m. fee for - housing 

Warlike,a.>_,ji-I^ yihibb 
el harb (-u). 

Warm, a. j\iddfy (-yn); 
^■^"suhni-yn). it is - _,=- Li jjl 
ed dinya harr. 

Warm, vt. j^daffafadaf- 
fy)\ cj^" saJiUan (a-), vi. j> 
d ify(adfa);^s ibinfasban) 

Warmth, n, Ijj dafa, m. 
,j\j>. hardra, f. 

^*j nabbih 'ala (a-); jiil 
ansar (anzir). 

Warning, n. y}^ tahzyr; 
j'iil inzdr , m. 

Warrant, n. k-o^j rubsa^ 
A^ai tasryh^ m. (-dt). 

Wart, n. aLi- santa^ f. 

Wash, o^. J^ gasaliag^ 
sil). - away o'j zdf (aztif);. 
garaf (agruf). 




Wash^ n,^cgasla,f.(gas_ 
Idt). he gave it a - i <^J.-.p 
gasaloh fumm. - hand-stand 
j.j)l J-^o tj^\y tarab^zet 
gasyl el wiss,Y.(tarabezdt). 

Washerwoman, n. 4Lt 
gassdla (gassaldt). 

Washing, 71. ^.Jpgasyl, m. 

Wasp, n. j,ii dabbAr,m. 

Waste, n. »jl^ hisdra, f. 
v-ilu' ialaf, m. — land Us ^J>J\ 
ard fada, f. 

Waste, vt. yj^talaf(ailif); 
j-^ Uassar (a-). 

Wasteful;, a. ^:, mutlif 
(-yn); jy-« musrif f-yn). 

Watch, n. (time -piece) icU. 
^.^^ sd'et gib, f. (sa'dt); 
(guard) jip gctfctr; ^j>. ha^ 
ras, m . by my - ^y■l'^^>- Jc 
'ato hasab sAHy. - maker 
^WL sa^dty {-ia). - manjjif^ 

gO'fyf (gufara). - word 
JJI_^, sirr el lil, m. 

Watch^ V t .jif-gafar(agfi r); 
^j>- haras(ahrus);j^sihir 

(ashar), - for 

is t anna 

(astannci); >_jlj rdqib (a-); 
jf^ sihir (ashar). 

Watchful^ct.-U^ mintibih 
(-yn). ft 

Watchfulness, n. ,UI 
intibdh; j<^ sahar, m. 

Water, n. a^ mayia, f. 
(mayidt). he is in hot - J^'^ 
^L-wdqi" fy muskil. - car_ 
(~dt); ^^jSkanyf, m. (-dt); 
it^ sisma, f, (sisam). — 
proof «r-*m isamma' ,m.(-dt), 
-wheel AJUs^gj/a, f. (sawd- 
qy). - works *-« jj,\j wabdr 
mayia, f. 

Water, vt.^saqa (asqy); 




iSjj rawa (arwy). his eyes 
-ed^Mi4U;p'^/i^/i damma''et 

Watering, n. j^saqy; (Sjj 
rawy,m. one- 4^-> saqya 
(saqydt); iijrayia, f. (ray_ 
idt). ~ cart j^j \^ f- ^araby- 
iet rass, f. ("arabyidt) 

Watery, a. cijU mdwy. 

Wave, n. a<^^. mdga, f. 

Wave,yi.r-^l itmauLoig(y-) 

Wax, n. (sealing) jS~\ ^ 
sam" ahmar. (bees') ^z' 
(jljAOv^l sam'' iskandard_ 

Wax, vt. .c^ samma" (a-). 

Way^ n. j._,U taryq, m. 
{turuq); ^ST- sikka {sikak)-^ 
Asf kdfyia, f. {kdfyidt). 
this is the — out U* ^> ^SCji 
es sikka min hena. by - of 
Ju- Jc 'aZa sabyl. on the 
45Cll\ j /ss sikka. get out of 

the - IjSCJI ^y, f-j\ A'a m in es 
si/c/ca. that-! Ufc^ymin hena. 
which -? (jtl ^ aSClW es sife_ 
feet mm Sn. on your - J 
S^'S.^fy sikketak, out of the 

- house cijA*: vJi^ji bH mah- 
cluf.- farer j.>jUyW ^dbir 
taryq (-yn). 

Waylay, vt. x^jMtrassad 
{atrassad); j^y.^\ istarsad 

V^Q,pro .V^Mhnaiyi-nahn. 

— go riy nertih. 

Weak, a. i_i-«i. cWyf (du_ 
"df; du'afa). 

Weaken, at. ^,i.l ad'af 

Weakening ,a .^jL^Jumud" if 

Weakness,?!. ^K^du''f, m. 

Wealth, n. li gina; JU 
mdl^ m. tjS^kutra^ /". 

Wealthy, a. ^^ gang 




Wean^y^k* /'atom {aftum) 

Weapon, ?i.r-!>L sildh, m. 

Wear, n. ^J libs; J|^«:u.l 
isti'mdl^ Tn.~ and tear of a 
machine »sJ\ j^y> hars el 
Hdda, m. 

Wear, vt. ^libis(albis). 
-out i_jjj dauwib {a~). oi. 
^\iddb(yid{ib).th[s — s well 
J^jfc"-! (j da yistahmil. 

Wearer, n. ^V it^ftJs 

Weariness, n. ^* ia'ab 

Wearisome, a. ,^,mX» mut_ 
Hb (-yn). 

Weary, «• C^f^ ta^bdn 

Weasel, n. K^f 'irsa, f. 

Weather, n. ly^ hawa; 
^jj^taqs, m. it is rainy - 

»_,k* \jj1I ed dlnya matara^ 
it is fine — ^/'i_jil el hawa 

Weave, vt.f^ nasag (an^ 
sig); ilU hdk [ahyk). 

Weaver, n. r-lJ nassdg 
i-yn); dlU hdyik {-yn). 

Weaving, n. f^ nasg, m. 
^L>- hydka, f. 

Web, n.Ci^s-''ankabut,m. 

Wedding, n. ■^farah{af_ 
rdh)- J.ls1 aklyl,m. 

Wedge, n.jy\i^ habdr, m. 

Wednesday, n. ^jH\ ^y. 
y6m el arba\ m. 

Weed, n. J-ii^ hccsys, m. 

Weed, vt. Juii-I J naqqa 
el hasys (anaqqy). 

Week, n. a*?- gom^a, f, 
{goma');f-^ asbu\ m.{asa_ 
by^). this day - (Sj ajU.^ aJ^I 




\i,j\.^\eg gom'a elgdyia say 
en nahdrda, -'s dayL^j J .^, 
*^\ ydm fy wast eg gum'a. 

Weekly, ad. a.^ ^ hull 

Weep, vi. ia.e 'ayiat (a-); 
^baka (abky). 

Weeping, n. i=.Lp 'ydt; ^,_ 
buka, m. 

Weigh, vt. ojj wasan 
(awzin). - down Ji' taqqal 
(a-). -anchor^-jU ^jrafa" 
el mirsa (arfa^). 

W'eigher, n. o'jj wazzdn 
(-y^y, liU qabbdny (-yn). 

Weighing, n. Oji^azn,m, 
- machine jjlju mysdn, m, 

Weight, n.j£tuql(atqdl); 
C)J3 wazn, m. (awzdn). - of 
a balance*^ sing a, f. (si^ 
i«9'>'. loo -pound -J^qin_ 
tdr, m. (qanatyr). 

Weighty, a. (heavy) J-j' 
tiqyl(tuqdl); (important)*^,. 
muhimm (-yn). 

Weir, n. .^ka qantara, f. 
(qandtir);, s^sadd/n.{s idud) 

Welcome, n.>_^jr iarhyb, 

Welcome, vt. ^ ^^j\ it_ 
rahhab bi (atrahhab). -! 
^^^j>*l ahlan we sahlan. 
you are — cLI. '%\ahlanbak. 
you are - to it 4..jJil j fil 

Welfare, n.4»-lj rdfut, /.U* 
hana, m. .iU- sa^dda, f. 

Well, n. jj,byr,Tn.(abydr). 
— vvaterJ^-(A~.maj/ja isuny, 
deep-^>-gibb,m. (agbdb). 

Well,a. and ad.^^tayyib 
(-yn). all is - that ends — 
\filyij^.VI el umur bi lia_ 
wdtimha. he is-jj.sfi^*/iMtca 
bi b^r. I wish him - *! ^^l 




j)^\atmanna loh el dir. - 
done! (.jUo 'afdrim. 

West, n. ^j. garb, m. 

West, a. cJ jP garby. 

Wet, vt. J; ball(abill);iSJ6 
nadda (anaddy). 

Wet, a. ^})^»mablAl (-yn); 
<^J.u minaddy (-yn). 

Wet, n. Jl; balal, m. h^j 
rutuba, f. 

Whale, n. o^>- /li^^, m. 
(hytdn). - bone dlc^jjU sta- 
rt's samak,\baUna,f. 

Wharf, n. ^;-»j rasyf, m. 

What, pro. a,\ 4h; 4- J\ 
illy; U ma. - is it ! aiI .j\J\ es 
syra ^; A.lj-tt eZ dabar e. 
he knows - is — ajI »^\J\ vJj*^ 
yVraf es syra ih. I will tell 
you - ifljyl \i.^''\isma'- Jam- 
ma aqAl lak. — of thatf ajIj 
^^_ we 4h ya'ny. and - if he 

does not come? U Cj\ ajJ (Sj^j 
J.U we yigra 6h inn ma, 
yds. -shall I do? (iljl J-^l 
a'mil izsdy.— ahigh house! 
J^ ^i oO^ Uamma ei 6^i da 
'dly, - for ? 4jl J^'asdn 6h. 
— ever U ^kull ma. 

Wheat, n. ^S qamh, m. 
■Jc g'aWa, ^ 

Wlieel, n. J^'agala ('a_ 
gal); ,jVl» tdra, f. (tardt). — 
barrow Jj LijC. "arabyiet 
yadd, f. Carabyidt). 

When,ad.\ltafnma. -ever 
\. JS" /«aM ma. 

Whence, ad.^\^min Sn; 
otjs j^,* ?n iVi f4n. I will go - 1 
came j:,^^ U ^^L. «»-lj rtig' i' 
matrah ma g4l. 

Where, ad. u« /"^^i; ui'^n. 
do you know his — abouts 
i^J>\j\ uj» J.»j«i ti^rafs fin 
arddyh. - as djllc 6i/na inn; 




c^~- i^M m in his. -ver U ^jk. 
mat rah ma. 

Whet, vt.^^sann(asinn); 
'^gallah (a-). - stone,_y^j^ 
hagar misann (higdra). 

Whether, pro\tja; L.I I 
ya imma; J^^\ inn kdn; ISI 
is'a, - this or that 1^ I Ij \iya 
da ya da. - you go or stay 
vilii Vj ^^j ^\ inn ruht 
walla fldilt. 

Whey, n. *:i-l j.ji sirs 
eg gihna, m. 

Which, pro.JMlly. -? f:^. 
myn; Jl any. from - uj* ^^* 
min myn. in- AJji\illyfyh. 
-house? ^1 Jl any bit. 

Whiff, n. Asi' nafba, f. 

While, ad. U lamma; U ^^^J, 
Wn ma; U c-b i««g'^ ma. af_ 
ter a - A)^ Jjjfta'd suwayia. 
it is not worth the - J-I*^l U 

ma yistahaqqis. 

Whim, n. /j wahm (aw_ 
hdm);_))A\tasawur ^m .(-dt) . 

Whip, n. r)^./^ kiirbdg 
(karabyg );!i'^''Sdt,m.(aswdt) 

Whip, vt. r-l j5jli^^ rfa_ 
rabbik kurbdg (adrab). 

Whirl, y^oji"^*^^' war(a~); 
Ay_baram(abrum).vi. j\:>ddr 
(adAr); ui laff (aliff). 

Ai) laffa, f. (laffdt). ~ pool 
AS" symya, f. (syam). 

Whisker, n. ^^5:, daqn, f. 
(duqAm). * 

Whisky, n. ^jwisky^m.. 
native - JjC 'araqy^ m. 

Whisper, vt.j^yz, waswis 

Whisper, n. ii^i^ waswi_ 

Whist, n.^j}\ ^J^. ^i/id' 




min Wb el waraq; c^^ij 
wist. m. 

Whistle, n. »jVi^ suffdra, 
f. (§uffardt; safafyr). 

Whistle, vi.jL>saffar(a~). 

you may - for your money 

f^*--) V u^j ^. ^-A» Jc J» qui 

"ala filAsak ya rahtndn ya 


While, a. ^JkJabyad(byd). 
— of eggs (j2iJ\ ^L baydd 

el bid, m. — lead r\xj.^\ 
isbyddg, m. 

Whiien,v t.ja.^bayiad{a~) 

Whiteness, n. j,Lbaydd, 

Whitewash, vt. jjlV. ^^ 
bayiad big gyr (a-). 

Whitewash, n. ^jiL; fe«_ 
ydd, m. 

Whitewasher, n. ^■:^mi_ 
bayiad .(-yn). 

Whitish, a. jx^ mibyidd 



Wliitsunday, n.,j.a:^\j^ 
hadd el ^ansara,m. 

i^i wann (yiwinn). 

Who, pro. J)l illy; (iJ teZ_ 
lazy. -? (j^*myn. the man — 
brought you ^iX\c>- J)l J*-^! er 
rdgil illygdbak.-yoldyoWi 
lit! ^}\ia\»myn qdl lak. — ever 
C^» JT kull myn. 

Whole, a. (all) y kull- 
(sound) pjt^ sihyh. give me 
the - of it ! jA U (ij J Aijl zd_ 
dy/i Z^ ^ai/ ma huwa. — 
sale^, big gumla. — some- 
A^'' ^-W tayyib lis sihha. 

Wholly, a.l^kullyiatan; 
*.!^!\j 6i7 kullyia. 

Whom, pro. J\ illyic^ 
myn. the man to - you gave 
the ■ book ^l:5^\ Jl JrJ^ 




er rdgil illy idditoh ek ki_ 
tdb. - did you send? uj^ju*:-^ 
sayia't myn. 

Whore, n.i^yji. sarmtda 
fsaramyt); aJ- qahba (guh- 

Whose, pro. o->« pAu bitd' 

Why, ad. Jl^; Uh]iA ^^ts- 
'asdn 6h. 

Wick, n. ^.:ifltyla, f. (fa- 
tdyil);A..'^l3i^j^siryt Idmba^ 
f. (sardyit). 

Wicked, a. tSij rady (ar_ 
dyia); oui- liabys (bubasa); 
JIL battdl (-yn). 

Wickedness, n. .jljj m_ 
ddwa; A,tLi- habdsa^ f. 

Wicker, n. jL; qass; o^yj-- 
l^azardn, m. 

h6ba, f. 


Wicket, n 

Wide, a. »-lj wdsi'(-yn); 

^jo-ijC- 'arydCurdd). a room 

2 meters — CX-J^'' Wj*" »^j' 
6da 'urdaha mitrin. 

Widen, vt.^.^iwassa''(a-); 
^J'JC■''arracl(a-).vi.n.^i wisV' 
(yAsa'j; ^j>^t. ^iridiyi'Tod), 

Widow, n. 4S.'j' armila 

Widower, n. ~^j\c- 'dsib 

Width, n.J'f-'urd; «A-jI 
ittisd\ m. 

l\j.\ imrdt;x.\s. maddma; 
-r j^ /iar(/m. my - Jtj.l Jm_ 
rdty; je-is^ gamd'ty. - of 
a husband's brother 4iL-stZ/'a 
(silfdt).{e\\o'N - of the same 
husband,^ durra (dard_ 

Wig, n.,jK(^ j,'r ^yraj 

Wild, a. iSj.birry; ^^^^ga 
baly. - he&st ^jMj^t^\^9-hywd 





muftaris. this fruit grows 
- Jti-I J ^\iS:>'^f\-^\el fdkha 
dy titla" fig gabal. 

Wilderness, ?i.Aiji.&irr?/ja, 
f. J.>- gabal, m. 

Wildness, n. J^y tawah_ 
has, m. (savageness) 4^1 
sardsa, f. 

Wilful, a. s.j.(- 'anyd-jts-y-f- 

dan. —man (^juc. Jo-j rdgll 

Wilfulness, n, Ja& 'ind; 
iUp Hndd, m. 

Will, n. (desire) ii\j\irdda^ 
f. ^f k^f,m. (testament) 
4:«*j wisyia, f, (wasdya). he 
bears me good ~yk\ J Jii ^ .a 
huwa yiryd ly el lier. 

Will, vt. i\j rdd; :>\j\ardd 
(arydj; (by testament) ^aj 
wassa (awassy). 


^^J- murtady (-yn). 

Willingly^ ad. ^\ ^>min 
el qalb; acIUj (mn'sama'an we 

Willingness, n. Uj rida-, 
J^> qubdl, m. 

Willow, n. >_jUi-9 sifsdf, 
m. weeping - j^«^l (•! umm 
es su^Ar. 

Wily, a. ^ hyaly (-ia); 
j^> makkdr (-yn). 

^'in,vt .^^kisib(aksah); 
^'o galab (aglib). 

Winch, n. Jjj wins, m. 
^•lj% molawyna, f. 

Wind, n.^jryh (arydh); 
\ji»hawa,m.(ah wyia). — pipe 
aJJI lj\.j zummdret er ra__ 
qaba, f, - fall ^.i! liqyia^ f. 

Wind, vt.jiidauwar(a-). 
they - ed up their business 
*fl«-i \j.yi.sattabu sugluhura . 

Window, n, ilU sibbdk, 




m.(sababyk); asIW tdqa^ f. 

Windy, «. I_^i.l j<t^ kityr 
el hawa. 

Wine, n. j^u nibyt, m. 

Wing.n. r-l;:>- gindh, m. 
(-At; agniha). 

Wink, oj.y- gamaz (ag, 
miz); ^.j ramciti (armis). 

Wink, n.>jif-gamza(gam- 
zdt);i,l,jramsa^ fjramsdt). 

Winner, n. ij[^S^ kasbdn 
(-yn)', J^ci gdlib (-yn). 

Winnow, vt. tiji darra 

Winter, n. Ui. sj^a, m. a - 
season iiy,- sitwyia, f. 

Winter, vi. ^^i. satta 

Wintry, a. iSy-i'Sitwy, 

Wipe, vt. f^' masah (am- 


Wisdom, n. Jjp 'aql, m. 
aSs^ hikma, f. 

Wise, a. ^>V'dqil('uqala). 

Wisely, a. Js«j bi 'aql. 

Wish,n.ob' irddaj.^^py 
margAb; Ay mardm,m. 

Wish, vt. ilj rdd (ctryd); 
sji-j ragab (argab); ^^l\ it^ 
manna (atmanna). I - him 
good jvkl 4! ij.\atmanna loh 
el Mr. I - for J ^^u nafsy 
fy;tS-^\biddy. 1 - you would! 
^1 1 4jjl \yalla yanta. I - he 
would go 7^)y^ *-i jV yO'^^^'Oh 

Wit, n. jaci "aql; ^^i fihm, 
m.his -s have gone wool ga_ 
iheringr-j[^j\lf-^aqloh sdrih. 

Witchcraft, n. j^ sihr^n. 
Witli, pre. \. J wayia; s:f- 
"and: >>■' ma": .-,> min: ^ bi. 


> w 

the lady - blue eyes J ^J\ 




jjj^j<j.s^ es sitt umm ^6n4n 
^urq.Vae. man - a beard J>-JI 
Jti y\ er rdgil abu daqn. 

Withdraw, o^ ^■^^ sahab 
(ashab); *>-jwl istarga" 

Withdrawal, n. ^ sahb; 
iiUjUl istirgd! , m. 

Wither, vi. ^j,idibil(yid_ 
bal); J.e-3l idda'bil (y-). 

Withhold, vt. J^W hds 
(alius);, »•.* mana" (amna"). 

Wi\.hin,pre.\^>-guwa; j fy 

Witliout, pre. j<.i- j. min 
gSr; ojJt, bedim; U barra. 

Wilness,n.Ji«.lisd/u'dC- yn). 
bear - x^i sihid (ashad). 

M^iiiy, a. j^nukaty (-ia) 

Wolf, n. ^p dyb (dydb). 


Womb, n. ^j rahim; ^.i 
jj^l bet el wild, m. 

Wonder, vi. ^\ Wag gib 

(afaggib); ^>:--l istagrab 
(asiagrab). I - where he is 
a>» y-'SJ \y<y' tar a hucoa f4n 

Wonder, n. k.^ "agyba 
Cagdyib); *.. > garyba, f. 
(gardyib). no - ^^ V l(i '«_ 
gab. it is a - that C)^ k..^ 
'agyba inn. 

Wonderful, a. ^^ "agyb 
(-yn); ^.> garyb (~yn). 

Wood, n. ..Jli- Jjasah (ah- 
sdb);^k>-hatab; ^^forest)^^^.. 
hirs, m. (ahrds); ai^o gdba, 
f. (gabdt). piece of- Kli-ba^ 
saba, f. (basabdt). - cutter 
^Ik^ hattdb (-a).- work 
jyi-' mangilr, m. 

Wooden, a. ^L^ hasab; ^ 
^L^ min Ijasab. 

Wool, n.o_>-» suf,m. 

Woolen, o..3).adif;^i^j< 
min sdf. 

Word, n.ifkilma, f. (kiL 




mdt).l give you my - dlo* 
^j^.'j^addyk kaldm saraf. 
send him - ! jvi- 4 plJ. sayia" 
loh liabar. write a - to'^^iTf 
^y.jk^iktib satren II. — for 

— 4.? *P kilma kilma. 
Workj n. Jii sugl(asgdl); 

^"amal^ m.fci'mdlj.he is at 

— J«:-.) ^* huwa bystagal. 
-man^lV-^sandy^y (JaJ;^}[k■^ 
saggdl (-a). - manship 4«;^ 
san'a; 4.«iA4 masna'yia^ f. 
J;i sw^i, m. - table^a-yia^. 
ga,f.(t i2ag;tasgdt). - shop 
iiji warsa^ f. (wiras). 

Work, vi. J;:i.l istagal 
(astigil); ^t'-'amal (a'mil). 

— hard _^r ti'ib (at'ab); J^ 
kadd (akidd). 

Worker, n.^}\nisaggdl('a; 
-yn);i}\fi "ammdlf-yn). 

World, n. Uj dinya,f. iW 
'dlam, m. it will do you a - 

f good tiy jy.5^ Ji-i «/ if yd ak 
kityr qawy. man who 
knows the - ^:>J^.^ ^°:jrdgil 

Worldly, ci. is^:m dinya_ 
^g (-yn). 

V\orm, n.niid{ida/.{d{ld] 

Worry, vt. ^jza'-'al(a-); 
jjS^ kaddar (a-), do not - 
yourself! dUUJ^-SU! [»ma tiq_ 
liqs bdlak. 

Worse, a. bjl arda; ^•il 
anhas; ^»U aran. 

Worship, vt, ji.P 'abad 
(a^bid); sf sagad (asgid). 
J-s salla (asally). 

Worship, n. .iU 'ibdda^ 
f. j^f sugud, m.o^U said J. 

Worshipper, n. a,1c 'dbid 

Worst, «. IjjVI el arda. 

Worth, n. Ji taman^m. 
(atmdn); «' qyma^ f. 




Worth, a,j;i--'musiahaqq 
(-yn); ^th^,mistdhil( -yn) . 
it is not - the trouble ^J^\A 
^»-J\ mo. yigy et ta^ab. -less 
ae' j^) U ma lus qyma. 

Worthiness;, n . ^}jk\ah ly ia, 
f. jU-fc-"! istihqdq, m. 

Worthy , a. ^i."^mu s t ahaqq 
(-yn); ^^f\:^tmistdhil(~yn) . 
this book is - of yoii lj^l:5J\ 
d.^i>S.:^ek kitdbdayistdhlak 

Wound, n. ^y- garh, m. 
(guruh). - in the head a^! 
hatha, f. (bathdt). 

Wound, vt, ^j>- garah 
(agrah); (the head) M batah 

Wrap, vt. ^\ laft (aliff)- 
^•j^hazam (ahsim). 

Wrapper, n. ^U milaff 
(-dt); »y^ mahzam, m. 

Wreath, n. ^jj»^ tdg 

m in zahr, m. (tygdn ). 

Wreck, n. y.^ kasr; jj^ 
garaq, m. 

Wreck, vt.jS^kasar (ak_ 
sar); JjP garraq (a-), he 
was-ed ,_5jkl a. c^JsjI in- 
kasaret boh el markib. 

Wrestle, vi. JUI itgdlib 
(atgdlib); Jas^^rl itldbit (at_ 

Wrestle, n. aJI« migdlba; 
ik)^ mildbta, f. 

Wretch, n. cjSi^' maskyn 
(masakyn); vi.^'1 ^ qalyl 
el baht (~yn). 

Wretched, a. oUc galbdn 
(-yn); ^y^i. mat' As (-yn). 

Wretchedness, n. A-.«r 
ta'sa; 4.-1.)' ia'dsa, f. 

V^ring,vt .j.ap''asar(a'sur); 
(S) lawa (altoy). 

Wrinkle, n. AL,fkarmL 
sa, f, (karamys). 




Wrinkle, vt, J..f kar_ 
mis (yi-). 

Wrist, n. Ji.'i!! *2:^ bun get 
^^ yd, f. - band jj^;*"'! »j^^l 
iswiret el qamys, f. 

Write, vt.^i^katab(ak_ 
tib). - it down! »jCl. J l»Jii- 
fjudha fy muzakkara-iov 
JlU toZab (atlub). 

Writer^ n. ^^kdtib(ku. 
taba);u^'^^. muallif (-yn). 

^nWwg,n.ij\rS^kitdba, f. 
Li-batt, m. - table ^iSC. 
maktab, m. (makdtib). 

Wri Uen , a . v_./..*C maktCib 

Wrong, a. (object) i^Ai* 
maglut (-yn); (person) o^klc 
galtun (-yn); J^^i mahqCiq 
(-yn). the - side (of cloth, 
etc.) UslleZ g«/a, are - 
LiiJc ji-l eZ haqq 'alik. 

Wrong, n. Aklc galla, f. 
(galat; galtdt). 

Wrought, a. i^y-^t* masgAl 
(-yn). - iron J^jk* a. Jip- /Ja_ 
dt/d mcUrCiq. 


Yacht,n .4; /j ^j.markib 
ruktiba, f. (mardkib); zJ^, 
yalit, m. (-dt). 

Yard, n. (measure) ojl 
ydrdaj.(yarddt);tfji^\ ^ji 

dird' ingilyzy, m. (adru'); 
[of mdis[,)i.>j\.i qdry a, f. 

Yawn, vi. ^}\;\ ittihoib 

Yawn, n. h^*mitdwba,f. 





Year, n.Ax^sana,f. (sin yn); 
»U ^dm, m. (a^wdm). 

Yearly,a 4:- ^^kull sana; 
iSy-" sanctwy; \y^sanawy_ 

Yeasty n. tj^i- IjamyraJ. 

Yell,oi. 4'nabah(yinbah); 
(Sjf- ''auwa (yi^auwy). 

Yell J n, A; nibdh; iSy(^ 'a_ 
toy, m. 

Yellow,a .ji^\asfar(sufr). 

Yellowish,a. /^.misfirr 
(—yn);'j\ji^\ asfardny (~yn 

Yes^ a. \y\aywa;si) na'am. 
- sir c5A--. \ jina'am ya sy_ 
dy; ^Ju»l afandim. 

Yeslerday, n. ^j[.,\ im- before - t-jLI JjI 
auwil imbdrih. 

Yel, con. Ll lissci; ifJJi „ 
ma' ^dlik; 0^ kamdn. 

Yield, of. (produce) j.lW 
taUa^(a-); ^$^1 idda(addy). 
vi. L sallim (a~). the land 
-ed 4 ardabbs j^.U jj^jVI 

ba' arddib. the faddun-s 
2 qintdrs ^jj,^ C)^j.ii\el fad^ 
ddn yirmy qintar^n. 

Yield, n. J^-^»^ mahml 
(-dt); ^j r^^, m. 

Yoke,n. ^l;na/,m. f-(i^j. 

Yolk, n. ^J\ J^ safdr 
el bid, m. 

You, pro. (sing.)i3l enta, 
m. oil enty,/:(pl.)y:>\entu\ 
x,\ entum. 

Young, a. j>^ sugayiar 
(-yn). - man v_jVi. sd6& (sub~ 
bdn); f■^>■ gada" (gid'dn). 
— woman AiUscibto (sabbdtj. 

Younger, a. j^\asgar. 

Youngest,a.>-»'^leZ asgar 

Youngster, n. M walad- 




Your, pro. (sing.) il - ak^ 
m. - ik, f. (pi.) C- kum. - 
house liAij Mtak. 

Yours, pro. (sing.) dAclt; 
bitd'ak; dic^:; bit{t'ak; (pi.) 

Yourself, pro. S.^u naf^ 

saki viirli zdtak. 

Yourselves, pro. C.ii 
nafsukum; y>\i zAtkum. 

Youth,rt. (age) ^Li sabAb, 
m. Aj^-i sububyiaj. ^-^^J^-^ 
sugr es sinn; (boy) wli sdbb 


Zeal,n.9jv<> gyra-^t^ji- ham^ 
myia, f. 

,jKP tS-t-^andoh gyra (-um). 

Zephyr, n. ^J nisym, m. 

Zereba, n. ^ jjziryba, f. 

Zero, n. j.j> sifr (asfdri. 

Zest, n.(relish) »W^a'm,m. 

Zigzag, ct. r-y.» mi^atuoig 



Zinc, n. ^\ij sinko, 
L"y i{itya, f. 

Zizyphus, n. j^-^nabq^ m 

Zodiac, n.T-jjjH isk:« man. 
taqet el btirug , f. 

Zone, n. 4.aku mantaqaj. 

Zoological, a. ^^)i} ^u^ 
^ogy. - garden olil^.LI ^u-.:, 
gin^net el hywandt, f. 






















































































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