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Full text of "Catalogue of Albany's Bicentennial loan exhibition, at the Albany academy, July 5 to July 24, 1886"

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July 5 to July 24, 1886. 





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..-./.'-"^li"; >. 


JAM 23 1894 



Hlban?*6 Bicentennial 
loan Eybibition. 


J. HOWARD KING, President. 
JAMES T. GARDINER, Vice-President. 


James T. Gardiner, Chairman. 
Mrs. John Boyd Thacher, Charles Tracey, 

Mrs. Erastus Corning, Jr., W. O. Stillman, 

Mrs. Robert Shaw Oliver, Henry James Ten Eyck, 

Mrs. Clarence Rathbone, Geo. Douglas Miller, 

Miss Frances C. Nott, Charles Visscher Winne. 

J. Howard King, President. 
Robert C. Pruyn, Charles Tracey, 

John Boyd Thacher, Samuel B. Towner, 

Selden E. Marvin, Henry James Ten Eyck, 

J. TowNSEND Lansing, John Zimmerman, 

John L. Van Valkenburgh, Robert D. Williams, 

John C. Nott, W. O. Stillman, 

Robert Shaw Oliver, James T. Gardiner, 

Douw H. Fonda, Geo. Douglas Miller, 

Lewis Boss, William Bayard Van Rensselaer, 

Charles Visscher Winne. 


Mrs. John Boyd Thacher, Mrs. J. G. Farnsworth, 

Mrs. Erastus Corning, Jr., Mrs. Ledyard Cogswell, 

Mrs. Robert Shaw Oliver, Mrs. Jacob H. Ten Eyck, 

Mrs. Clarence Rathbone, Mrs. Volkert P. Douw, 

Miss Frances C. Nott, Mrs. James P. Boyd, , 

Mrs. Philip Ten Eyck, Mrs. E. B. Ten Broeck, 

Mrs. Samuel Hand, Mrs. John H. Reynolds, Jr., 

Mrs. William Cassidy, Miss Anne V. R. Russell, 

Mrs. Hamilton Harris, Mrs. Rufus W. Peckham, 

Mrs. John De Witt Peltz, Mrs. Marcus T. Hun. 


Mrs. John Boyd Thacher, Chairman. 
Mrs. William Cassidy, Irving Browne, 

Lkwis Balch, Thomas Buckley, 

Mrs. Walter D. Nicholas, Miss Harriet I. Barnes, 

John Battersby. William Bruce, 

Charles G. Saxe, Edward R. Cassidy, 

Miss Frances C. Nott, Chairman. 
Mrs. a. Bleecker Banks, Mrs. R. D., 

Mrs. J. TowNSEND Lansing, Mrs. Volkert P. Douvv, 

Mrs. J. H. Ten Eyck, Miss Gertrude Ten Eyck, 

Mrs. James P. Boyd, Thomas Buckley, 

Mrs. F. S. Pruyn, Thurlovv Weed Barnes. 


Mrs. Robert Shaw Oliver, Chairman. 

E. D. Palmer, Mrs. Ledyard Cogswell, 

Rev. Wesley R. Davis, Charles L. Pruyn, 

Mrs. Samuel Hand, ' George D. Fearey, 

Miss Anne V. R. Russell, R. W. Gibson, 

Miss Rathbone, Harry C. Cushman. 

Mrs. Erastus Corning, Jr., Chairman. 
Mrs. John De Witt Peltz, Mrs. John H. Reynolds, Jr., 

Mrs. Marcus T. Hun, Miss Harriet W. Learned, 

Mrs. Bayard U. Livingstone, Miss Vanderpoel, 

Richard L. Annesley, James H. Leake, 

Mrs. E. B. Ten Broeck, W. W. Byington. 

Geo. Douglas Miller, Chairman. 


Leonard Kip, Lewis Boss, 

Rev. Edward A. Terry, Robert D. Williams, 

Mrs. Hamilton Harris, B. Irving Stanton, 

Mrs. Marcus T. Hun, Harmon Pumpelly Read, 

Miss Cynthia R. Dexter, Duncan Campbell. 

Charles Visscher Winne, Chairman. 
Douw H. Fonda, S. N. D. North, 

W. W. Crannell, J. Wallace Canaday. 

W. O. Stillman, Chairman. 
R. W. Gibson, Mrs. J. G. Farnsworth, 

Mrs. D. K. Bartlett. Craig McClure. 

Charles Tracey, Chairman. 
Selden E. Marvin, John L. Van Valkenburgh, 

Frederic G. Mather, C. N. Greig. 

Charles Visscher Winne, Chairman. 
A. H. Spierre, John S. Hutman, 

J. W. Kenny, Angus McD. Shoemaker. 

C. N. Greig, Superintendent. 

James H. Leake, 1 

B. Irving Stanton, J- Curators. 

William C. Miller. \ 



THE Bicentennial Loan Exhibtion is held under the auspices of a 
Loan Commission appointed by the Citizens' Bicentennial Com- 
mittee. The exhibition is in the Albany Academy building, which, 
from its central location near the Capitol, is admirably adapted for such 
a purpose. It will be opened on Monday, July 5th, as a part of the 
Fourth of July exercises, and continue open daily (Sunday excepted), 
until the close of the Bicentennial week, Saturday, July 24. 

Admission twenty-five cents; season tickets, not transferable, $i.oo. 
The hours are as follows: July 5, to 10 p. m.; for the first two weeks, 
from 9 A. M. to 7 p. M., except on Tuesdays and Saturdays, when it will 
be open till 10 p. m., and the admission will be ten cents; during the 
Bicentennial week, July 19-24 inclusive, 8 a. m. to 10 p. m. 

There are seven general departments of the exhibition proper. The 
Department of Pictures, Prints and Statuary occupies the east room in 
the second story. On account of lack of space many of the Prints 
have been placed in the Book and Manuscript room. The Department 
of Old Furniture, Ancient Dress and General Relics, the south-east 
room on the principal story. The Department of Ceramics, Glass and 
Ivories, the north-east room on the principal story. The Department 
of Bric-a-brac, Old Silver and Personal Ornaments, the east room on 
the second story. The Department of Books, Pamphlets, Maps and 
Manuscripts, the north-east room on the principal story. The Depart- 
ment of Indian Relics and the Department of Relics of the Civil War. 
the south room on the second story. 

The exhibition is designed especially to illustrate the growth, devel- 
opment and historic past of Albany, and to present to the minds of this 
generation some idea of the character, manners and habits of their 
ancestors, and to awaken an interest in the men and events which have 
made the city famous throughout the United States. At the same time 
it is not limited in its scope to historic Albany. It includes any thing 
of interest in connection with the colonial or State governments of New 
York and surrounding commonwealths, and all articles of value or 
artistic worth, such as pictures, prints, statuary, ceramics, glass, ivories, 
old furniture, ancient dress, Indian relics, bric-a-brac, silver, bronzes, 
personal ornaments, books, pamphlets, manuscripts, maps, etc. The 
net receipts of the exhibition will be used to commemorate in some 
suitable and permanent manner the Bicentennial anniversary. 

All articles are moved free of expense, and by expert workmen. 
Receipts are given for all articles received. After the closing of the 
exhibition, articles belonging to parties who are out of town will be 
stored with the Safe Deposit Company, to await the owners' return. A 
general insurance against loss or damage by fire, as far as practicable, 
has been effected on all articles ; and a specific insurance on specific 
articles, at the request of their owners, and at such valuation as they 
have desired. Watchmen are employed day and night to guard the 
collection. Small articles of special value are exhibited in glass cases, 
locked and guarded. The building itself, as is well known, is a sub- 
stantial, detached, stone structure, affording a minimum of fire risk. 


South Hootn, Second Story. 

(From ike collection of A. G. Richmond, Canajokarie.) 

Case of 48 pieces. 

Arrow heads, spear head of Obsidian, discs of stone, and 
others made from fragments of clay vessels, decorated and plain. 
Fragments of potterj', plain, decorated and corrugated. From 
the cliff dwellings of Southern Utah. 
Case of 27 pieces. 

Stone axe. From Slony Point, N. Y. Arrow heads of jas- 
per, chalcedon}', agate, etc. From California. 
Case of 20 pieces. 

Arrow heads and spear heads. From Illinois. 
Case of 30 pieces. 

Arrow heads, spear heads, leaf-shaped implement, one rotary 
arrow. From Indiana. 
Case of 19 pieces. 

Spear heads, arrowheads, celts, double-bladed notched axes, 
handle of clay vessel, representing head of animal. From 
Case of 272 pieces. 

Beads of sea shell, snail shell, clay, glass and copper ; wam- 
pum, bone comb, shell ornament, copper arrow head, Jesuit 
medals, Jesuit finger ring on finger joint, as found ;^ brass 
buckle, copper handle of paint brush. From Indian graves, 
New York. 
Case containing 79 ornaments of catlinite or Minnesota pipe-stone. 

From Indian graves. New York . 
Case containing 20 pipes. 

From North Carolina, Georgia and Indiana, of stone ; from 
Georgia, North Carolina and Canada, of clay ; from Ohio, of 
Card of 21 pieces. 

Arrow and spear heads in form of anchor. From South 


10 Card of 48 pieces. 

Arrow and spear heads in form of diamond. From South 
Carol] na. 

1 1 Card of 45 pieces. 

Arrow and spear heads in form of a star, with border. 
From South Carolina. 

12 Card of 28 pieces. 

Arrow and spear heads, leaf-shaped implements and knives. 
From Wisconsin. 

13 Case of 19 pieces. 

Gorgets from North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, 
West Virginia. 

14 Case of 170 pieces. 

Shell ornaments, shell beads, stone beads, shell fish hook, 
bone fish hook, bone awls, bone war whistles, bone gorgets. 
From California. 

15 Case of 387 pieces. 

Shell beads, stone beads, shell ornaments, arrow heads, flint 
drills, bone awls, arrow heads, bone knife. From California. 

16 Case of 57 pieces. 

Shell ornaments, bone discs, bone fish hook, shell fish hook, 
bone tube, bone awls, bone war whistles, bone knife, bone 
tools, stone ornament. From California. 

17 Case of 43 pieces. 

Spear and arrow heads, knives, scrapers and perforators. 
From California. 

18 Case of 43 pieces. 

Spear and arrow heads, scrapers, hematite grooved axe, 
hematite celt, hematite sinker and perforator. From Missouri. 

19 Case of 19 pieces. 

Spear heads, knives and daggers. From Missouri. 

20 Case of 22 pieces. 

Perforated stone axe, flint celts, flint chisels, flint daggers, 
flint scrapers, flint flakes and cores. From Denmark. 

21 Case of II pieces. 

Flint celts (pecked), flint celts (ground), stone celts (pecked), 
flint scrapers. From Sweden. 

22 Case of seven pieces. 

Two perforated axes (pecked), one perforated axe (ground), 
two flint celts (chipped), two flint celts (ground and polished). 
From Denmark. 

23 Case of seven pieces. 

Three very large flint celts, four small flint celts. From 

24 Case of 17 pieces. 

One flint celt (small, chipped), five daggers, two chisels, two 
scrapers, two drills, two arrows, two knives (one with serrated 
edge), one bone implement. From Denmark. 

25 Case of 17 pieces. 

Ten flint scrapers, four flint flakes, one flint celt (polished), 
one hollowed stone, one grooved stone (perhaps used in weav- 
ing). From Denmark. 

26 Case of 26 pieces. 

Two stone celts, from England ; one stone celt, from Ireland ; 
one stone celt, from Germany; one flint celt, from Jutland; 
one flint celt, from Zealand ; one flint celt, from Bogeuse 
Funen ; three stone celts, from Italy.; three flint arrows, from 
Italy; four flint scrapers, from Italy; five flint scrapers, from 
bone caves of France ; one flint flake, from bone cave of 
France ; one stone gouge, from Switzerland ; one stone quoit, 
from Jutland ; one fragment of pottery from Swiss Lake. 

27 Card of 77 pieces. 

Arrow heads, scrapers, perforators, shell scraper, perforated 
shell, disc of pottery, handle from clay vessel, leaf-shaped 
implement, fragment of perforated skull. From Ohio graves. 

28 Grooved stone axe, from North Carolina. 

29 Grooved stone axe, from Michigan. 

30 Grooved stone axe, from Cliff Dwelling, Arizona. 

31 Grooved stone axe, from Kansas. 

32 Grooved stone axe, from (mound builders), Illinois. 
^2 Grooved stone axe, from Missouri. 

34 Grooved stone axe, from New Jersey. 

35 Grooved stone axe, from Pennsylvania. 

36 Grooved stone axe, from Massachusetts. 

37 Grooved stone axe, from Missouri (very large). 

38 Grooved stone axe, from Missouri (granite). 

39 Grooved stone axe, from Indiana. 

40 Grooved stone axe, from New York. 

41 Flint spade (large), from Missouri. 

42 Flint hoe, notched, from Missouri. 

43 Flint spade, from Missouri. 

44 Grooved stone axe (small), from Missouri. 

45 Flint implement, from Tennessee. 

46 Flint implement, from Tennessee. 

47 Flint spear head, from Tennessee; 

48 Flint implement, from Missouri. 

49 Flint implement, from Missouri. 

50 Flint implement, from Missouri. 

5 1 Flint implement, from Missouri. 

52 Flint implement, from Missouri. 

53 Stone celt, from Missouri. 

54 Stone celt, from Missouri. 

55 Stone celt, from Missouri. 

56 Stone celt, from Louisiana (mound). 

57 Stone celt, from Pennsylvania. 

58 Stone celt, from Indiana. 

59 Stone celt, from North Carolina. 

60 Stone celt, from North Carolina. 

61 Stone celt, from North Carolina. 

62 Stone celt, from North Carolina. 

63 Stone celt, from North Carolina. 

64 Stone celt, from Mohawk Valley. 

65 Stone celt, from Mohawk Valley. 

66 Game stone, from North Carolina. 

67 Game stone, from North Carolina. 

68 Game stone, from North Carolina. 

69 Game stone, from North Carolina. 

70 Game stone, from North Carolina. 

7 1 Game stone, from North Carolina. 

72 Game stone, from Mohawk Valley. 

73 Game stone, from Mohawk Valley. 

74 Game stone, from Mohawk Valley. 

75 Game stone, from Mohawk Valley. 

76 Discoidal stone, from South Carolina. 

77 Discoidal stone, from Missouri. 

78 Discoidal stone, from Ohio. 

79 Perforated stone, from Missouri. 

80 Perforated stone, from California. 

81 Perforated stone, from California. 

82 Perforated stone, from California. 

83 Flint hammer stone, from Denmark. 
84-93 Hammer stones, from Mohawk Valley. 

94 Hammer stone, from Pennsylvania. 

95 Grooved hammer, from Pennsylvania. 

96 Target stone, from Georgia. 
97-100 Stone drills, from California. 

1 01 Small stone paint mortar, from South Carolina. 

102 Mortar made from vertebra of whale, from California. 

103 Stone mortar, from California. 

104 Stone mortar, from Mohawk Valley. 

105 Stone mortar, from Mexico. 

106 Stone pestle, from California. 

107 Stone pestle, from California. 

108 Stone pestle, from California. 

109 Stone pestle, from Utah. 

no Stone pestle, from Mohawk Valley. 


193 Arrow point of pure crystal, from South Carolina. Buckskin suit 

of Sioux Indian, modern. Catliente pipe, modern. Steel toma- 
hawk and pipe combined, modern. Large stone pipe, from North 

194 Pottery from New Mexico, modern. 

{Frmn the Collection of Charles W. Hutchinson, Ulica, N. V.) 

195 Pair snow shoes (Ga-weh-ga-a). 

196 Indian shirt, painted. 

197 Squaw chemise, painted. 

198 Squaw chemise, bark. 

199 Gun case, ornamented. 

200 Bow and arrow quiver, ornamented. 

201 Bridle and trappings, hair. 

202 Riding whip, " sinew." 

203 Hair ornament, elk tooth. 

204 Hair ornament, grizzly bear claw. 

205 Necklace, puma teeth. 

206 Deer tail tuft. 

207 Scalp lock, ornamented. 

208 Rattle (Gus-da-wa-sa). 

209 Rattle, nut necklace. 

210 Rattle, deer hoof. 

211 Rattle, dancing. 

212 Rattle, dancing. 

213 War stick, beaded. 

214 Dancing stick, beaded. 

215 Pipe tomahawk (0-sque-sont). 

216 Pipe tomahawk (O-sque-sont). 

217 Spoon, bone, quill ornaments (Ah-do-gwa-sa). 
218,219 Spoon, quill ornaments. 

220, 221 Spoons, two bone spoons plain. 

222 Knife scabbard, beaded. 

223 Sack, large, beaded. 

224 Two paint sacks, beaded. 
225, 226 Two paint sacks, beaded. 

227 Beaded pocket book (Got-gwen-da). 

228 Gambling stick. 

229 Double silver cross (Da-ga-ya-sont). "Snipe clan." 

Buried with an Iroquois Sachem. 

230 Silver pipe (Ah-so-qua-ta). 

Presented to " Sarcagus " Sachem b)' the Massachusetts 
Baptist Missionary Society, A. D. 1S07. 

1 1 Stone pestle, from North Carolina. 

12 Bottle of parched corn, from Mohawk Valley. 

13 Bottle of charcoal, from Mohawk Valley. 

14 Bottle of paint, from Mohawk Valley. 

15 Bottle of paint, Utah. 

16 String of Wampum, from Mohawk Valley. 
17-120 String of beads, from Mohawk Valley. 
21-134 Arrow heads, from Mohawk Valley. 
35-148 Scrapers, from Mohawk Valley. 

49 Fragments of pottery (20 pieces), from Mohawk Valley. 

50 Bones of animals, clam shells, etc. (20 pieces), found on site of 

an Indian village, Mohawk Valley. 
51-161 Stone sinkers, from Mohawk Valley. 

62 Sharpening stone, from Mohawk Valley. 

63 Mound jar, from Arkansas. 

64 Mound jar, from Arkansas. 

65 Fragments of pottery (20 pieces), from Utah. 

66 Clay " God of waters," from New Mexico. 

67 Clay vessel, from New Mexico. 
68-170 Pitted stones, from Mohawk Valley. 

71 Stone pipe, from North Carolina. 

72 Stone pipe, from North Carolina. 

73 Stone pipe, from North Carolina. 

74 Stone pipe, from Mohawk Valley. 

75 Clay pipe, from New York. 

76 Perforated stone, from North Carolina. 

77 Aztec Idol. 

78 Catlinite pipe, from New Mexico. 

79 Tomahawk and pipe combined from western Indians. 

80 Trade axe (iron), from Mohawk Valley. 

81 Trade axe (iron), from Canada. 

82 Trade axe (iron), from Ohio. 

83 Iron hoe, from Mohawk Valley. 

84 Brass kettle from grave. New York. 
85-187 Copper arrows, from Mohawk Valley. 

88 Arrow heads of crystal, white quartz, clouded quartz, red quartz, 

chert, etc., 9 pieces, from South Carolina. 

89 Feather rope, from Southern Utah. 

90 Rabbit netting, from Southern Utah. 

91 Indian doll (Sioux). 

92 Piece of feather rope, used for wrapping the dead. From cave 

dwelling, Southern Utah. Piece of rabbit net, made from fibre 
of wandering milkweed. From cave dwelling, Southern Utah. 


231 Boy's hoop, scalp ornament. 

232 Boy's hoop. 

233 Iroquois wampum belt (Oy-on-wa). 

234 String wampum (Ote-ko-a). 

235 Stone hammer. 

236 Stone celt (Uh-ga-o-gwat-ha), three and a quarter inches. 

237 Stone celt (Uh-ga-o-gwat-ha), five and a half inches. 

Found in Marcy, Oneida Co. 

238 Stone celt, twelve and a half inches. 

239 Stone hammer head. 

240 Knife scabbard, small beaded. 

241 Ball bat (Ga-ne-a). 

242 Hair brush. 

243 Skin dresser, bone, ornamented. 

244 Anklet, deer hoof. 

245 Anklet, elk hoof. 

246 Garnished ball, quills. 

247 Head ornament. 

248, 249 Two whistles, bone, ornamented. 

250 Bone seine needle, ornamented. 

25 1 Awl case and bear claw. 
252-254 Three awl cases, ornamented. 
255. 256 Two dancing ornaments. 
257, 258 Two hair sticks. Ornamented. 
259 Boy's snow shoe (Ga-weh-ga). 
260, 261 Two head ornaments, feather. 

262 Five pair child's moccasins (Ne-wa-ta-gut-ah). 

263 Head dress, "buffalo hair." 

264 Indian axe, " Dutch." 

265 Pin cushion (Ya-wa-o-da-gua). 

266 Work bag (Ga-ya-ah). 

267 Bow and arrow quiver, rawhide. 

268, 269 Two Indian bows, Apache, (Wa-a-no). 

27c Nine arrows, pointed, (Ga-no). 

271 One poisoned arrow (Ga-no). 

272 War club ball head (Ga-je-wa). 

273 Bead watch case. 

274 Indian pipe, Tuscarora. 

275 Iroquois wedding cake, "Seneca." 

276 Bridle ornament. 

277 Beaded band. 

278 Watch bag, beaded- 

279 War stick. 


Tray No. i. 


Tray No. 2. 


Tray No. 3. 


Tray No. 4. 


Tray No. 5. 


280 Three wooden bowls. 

281 Two antique knives, ivory handles. 

282 Pistol, owned by Gen. George Clinton. 

283 Ninety-five portraits Indians, Biddle. 

284 Portrait, Red Jacket (Sa-go-ye-wat-ha). 

285 Portrait, John Abeel, the Corn-planter, (Gy-ant-wa-ka). 

Who was the friend and companion of Joseph Brant, or 
Thay-en-da-ne-gea, was ahali-breed and the son of John Abeel, 
who was an Indian trader living among the Senecas, and who 
married the daughter of a leading sachem. He had three sons, 
all famous, (Gy-ant-wa-ka) John the Cornplanter, (Teh-wan - 
yars) Black Snake, (Kan-ya-da-ri-o) Handsome Lake the 

286 The Bostonians in Distress, lithograph, London, 1774. 

Loaned by W. W. Crannell.) 

Indian knives, etc., 29 pieces. 
Axes, etc., 13 pieces. 
Axes, etc., 6 pieces. 
Tube, etc., 3 pieces. 
Indian pestle and axe. 
Found on the farm of Worthington Frothingham, Pallan- 
ham, Albany county, in 1870. 

{Collection from Hudson's bay and strait, made on. the expedition of the Steamer Alert 
in 1885. by James MacNaughton.) 

292 Skin of Polar bear ( Ursus Maritinus), shot by exhibitor. 

293 Skin of white fox. 

294 Skin of red fox. 

295 Eskimo lance and harpoon. 

296 Eskimo woman's suit, made of seal skins. 

297 Skin model of Eskimo kayak, or hunting boat. 

298 Eskimo "goggles," for preventing snow-blindness. 

299 Part of Eskimo dog-harness, from Greely Relief Expedition. 

300 Cannon-ball from Fort Prince of Wales, near Fort Churchill, on 

the west coast of Hudson's bay. 

This fort was captured and partially destroyed by the Frencn 
admiral, La Pferouse, m 1782. La Perouse had previously 
served in the War for Independence by the American Colonies. 

301 Fore-paw of polar bear. This bear weighed 1,700 pounds. 

(Zuni Pottery from the Collection of James H. Manning^ 

This pottery is from the Zuni and Moki Indians of Arizona 
and New Mexico, known as "Pueblos" or community dwell- 
ers. Their pursuits are pastoral and agricultural, and notwith- 
standing the fact that they live in this apparent civilized man- 

ner they are still the most ardent idol and sun-worshipers of 
this continent. Their implements for domestic use are all 
manufactured by themselves. Their plows are made of wood, 
their carts are also made of wood, their hoes, corn planters and 
all other implements are mostly wooden. War implements are 
almost unknown to them, and the implements of this character 
which are stil! in their possession are merely the relics of 
ancient times, when they engaged in war with their enemies. 
They use the bow and arrow, the war club and spears. The 
most interesting phase in their domestic life is the manufacture 
of pottery, all of which is made without the potter's wheel, and 
shaped entirely by hand, and decorated with grotesque and 
almost unknown figures. These figures generally represent 
animals, clouds, rain, etc.; they are made from the common 
clay of the country, molded as above explained, entirely by 
hand, and when completed are baked on the open ground, by 
piling fuel all around them. The designs are painted on 
them with small brushes, made from the spear of Yucca, and 
the material which is used for painting them is generally some 
mineral pigment found in the country. This pottery consists 
of mugs for drinking, vases for holding water, and a variety 
of cooking vessels. The accompan'ying photographs show in 
some instances the manner of their living, and the general 
appearance of the villages in which they reside. 

302 Vase, from Zuni. 

303 Vase, from Moki. 

304 Vase, from Moki. 

305 Vase, from Moki. 

306 Vase, from Moki. 

307 Model of rattle, from Moki. 

308 Vase, from Moki. 

309 Vase, from Moki. 

310 Vase, from Moki. 

311 Vase, from Moki. 

312 Vase, from Moki. 

313 Vase, from Moki. 

314 Vase, from Moki. 

315 Vase, from Moki. 

316 Vase, from Moki. 

317 Vase, from Moki. 

318 Vase, from MokL 

{Frovi the collection of Mrs. C. P. WiViams.j 

319 Nest of boxes from South American Indians on the heights of 

the Andes. 

320 Bridle and spurs. 

The effect of which is called " making a raid." 


321 Feather flowers. 

Made from the feathers without coloring, in the convents 
near Rio Janeiro, S. A. 

322 Flower made of fish scales, from Bahia, S. A. 

323 Stone hatchet and copper hatchet from the Andes. 

324 Human head. 

A battle trophy, condensed by some long process and only 
for some celebrated chief. They are greatly valued and worn 
at their war dances, during which the cords fastened in the 
mouth are pulled, saying, 'speak now if you can." 

325 Blow gun. 

With the sharpened arrows used with it, which are poisoned 
in some cases, and fly on their deadly errand without a sound. 

326 Bow and arrows. 

After an arrow has killed a man a lock of his hair is bound 
on it. it is never used again, and becomes a trophy. 

327 Anklets and necklaces of bones and beads, worn by Indian tribes 

of South America. 

328 Ornaments worn about the head and ears, made of the Brazilian 

beetles so much used for jewelry. 

329 Ten small and one large spoon made by hand ; each carved of a 

separate pattern by Indians living on the Andes. 

330 Cocoanut bowl, decorated by Indians near Quito. 

331 Gourd bottle. Taken from the hand of an Indian after his morn- 

ing toilet had been coiapleted . 

332 An idol, from the Sandwich Islands. 

When the natives renounced idolatry and burned their idols 
this was hidden in a cave by some one who feared some calam- 
ity to visit the islands because of the destruction of their gods 
When worshiped it was clothed : it had hair, teeth and eyes. 
It is made from the bread fruit tree. 


333 Six arrow heads or spear points, Indian Charles P. Sanders 

334 Stone hatchet, Indian Charles P. Sanders 

335 Indian hammer, called the "hammer of death," 

Mrs. Abraham Lansing 
Taken by Col Peter Gansevoort at the siege of Fort Stanwix. 
in August, 1877. Belonged to the late Peter Gansevoort. 

336 Wampum shells Mrs. Abraham Lansing 

A string of -ihells used by the North American Indians as 
money. Belonged to the late Gen. Peter Gansevoort. 

337 Indian peace pipe Charles R. Carroll 

Used by the Indian Chief Black Kettle, killed by the U. S. 


338 Sioux Indian moccasins, beaded James H. Bunn 

339 Indian powder horn, 1 730 Samuel S, Pruyn 

With a map of the Hudson river from Albany to New York 
carved by an Onondaga Chief. 

340 Indian knife, 1729 Maj. Jacob H. Ten Eyck 

Decorated and carved by the Indians. 

341 Chief Joseph's squaws' sash, Nez Perces Indians, 

Harry Hoff Hunter 

342 Leggins, Nez Perces Indians Harry Hoff Hunter 

343 Saddle bags, Nez Perces Indians Harry Hoff Hunter 

344 Gun case, Assinaboine Indians Harry Hoff Hunter 

345 Blanket strap, Assinaboine Indians Harry Hoff Hunter 

346 Knife sheath, Assinaboine Indians Harry Hoff Hunter 

347 Moccasins, Assinaboine Indians Harry Hoff Hunter 

348 Blanket, made by the Navajo Indians, 

F. W. Boutelle, Slingerlands 

349 Leggins made by the Apache Indians . . F. W. Boutelle, Slingerlands 

Worn to protect their limbs from the cactus. 

350 Playing cards, made and used by Apache Indians, 

F. W. Boutelle, Slingerlands 

35 1 Indian saddle-bag, taken from an Apache, 

F. W. Boutelle, Slingerlands 

352 Indian arrows, made by the Arrapahoes, 

F. W. Boutelle, Slingerlands 

353 Silver ornaments Rufus K. Viele 

Purchased at Fort Sill, Indian Territory, from Topin, 
daughter of " Kicking Bird,'' a Kino Chief. Supposed to 
have been manufactured by the Sioux Indians. 



South Room, Second Story. 

501 Piece of Main Gate Post of Andersonville Prison A. H. Spierre 

502 Confederate Money , A. H. Spierre 

Part of original funds of army of Northern Virginia, 
surrendered at Appomattox. 

503 Piece of Rebel Flag that floated over Richmond A. H. Spierre 

504 Missouri Defense Bonds ; five bills A. H. Spierre 

505 One Hundred Dollar Confederate Bond, with coupons attached, 

A. H. Spierre 
Taken from Confederate Treasurj' at Richmond. 

506 Check from check book of Treasurer of Confederate States, dated 

April 10, 1865 A. H. Spierre 

507 Check from book of Chief Quartermaster U. S. A., dated April 10, 

1865, at Appomattox A. H. Spierre 

508 Memorandum Order from Gen. W. T. Sherman, issued at Jackson, 

Miss A. H. Spierre 

509 Fifty Cent Shinplaster, issued by City of Albany, in 1862, 

A. H. Spierre 

510 Autograph Letter from Gen. W. T. Sherman A. H. Spierre 

511 Autograph Letter from Gen. John A. Logan A. H. Spierre 

512 Silver Badge, presented to delegates to G. A. R. National Encamp- 

ment at Denver, Colorado A. H. Spierre 

513 Enfield Rifle, carried by a Sergt. of Co. F, i6th N. T. Artillery, 

A. H. Spierre 

514 Ba5'onet, picked up in front of Ft. Steadman, Petersburg front, 

A. H. Spierre 

515 Shell, from rebel works on Richmond front A. H. Spierre 

516 A note to the Union officer in command at White House, Va., from 

Mrs. R. E. Lee Geo. W. Gray 

517 A card found tacked to an inner door-post at White House, Va., 

Geo. W. Gray 

518 Piece of shell fired from Fort Sumter, which struck a U. S. Iron 

clad .* Geo. W. Gray 

519 Cane, made from flagship St. Lawrence W. H. Passenger 

520 Shell pin, from Chickamauga Creek W. H. Passenger 


521 Housewife, carried through Sherman's march W. H. Passenger 

522 Four photographs of soldiers W. H. Passenger 

523 Piece of shell that was imbedded in his head at the battle before 

Petersburgh, 1864 . . Capt. Morton Havens 

524 One of his boots, showing the passage of a minie ball through the 

leg, Cold Harbor, 1864 Capt. Morton Havens 

525 A piece of the rope that hung Major Wirz, the Andersonville prison 

keeper Capt. Morton Havens 

526 Autographs of Majors Gee, keeper of Salisbury prison, and Duncan 

and Winder, assistant keepers at Andersonville, 

Capt. Morton Havens 

527 Original lines composed by Major Gee while confined in Old Cap- 

itol prison Capt. Morton Havens 

528 Rebel song sent to Capt. Havens in Princess Anne county, Va., 

Capt. Morton Havens 

529 The original order detailing Capt. Havens to arrest J. Wilkes Booth, 

Capt. Morton Havens 

530 Flag of Eleventh N. Y. Battery Capt. Geo. W. Davey 

531 Confederate scrip, in frames Capt. Geo. W. Davey 

532 Sword captured at Gettysburg Capt. Geo. W. Davey 

533 Forage requisition of Gen. R. E. Lee Capt. Geo. W. Davey 

534 Military pass Capt. Geo. W. Davey 

535 A Confederate flag taken at Five Forks, Va Capt. J. S. Hutman 

536 Confederate cabinet badge Mrs. J. S. Hutman 

537 Ten cent Confederate postage stamp Mrs. J. S. Hutman 

538 Confederate sword and canteen, captured at Port Hudson, La., 

J. M. Halfinger 

539 Drum carried by J. M. Halfinger, 177 N. Y. Vols.. . .J. M. Halfinger 

540 U. S. regulation sword Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

541 Bayonet and scabbard Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

542 Sword belt Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

543 Flute cane (Wilson) Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

544 '• Hunt " cane Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

545 Sergeant-Major chevron Maj . Geo. H. Treadwell 

546 Second Lieut, strap Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

547 First Lieut, strap Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

548 Captain's strap Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

549 Major's strap Maj. Geo.-H. Treadwell 

550 A. D. C. strap Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

551 U. S. A. belt plate Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

552 Photograph — Officers 7th Artillery Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

553 Photograph — Members of Co. B., Guard at Soldiers' Home, 

Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

554 Piece 7th Artillery flag Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

555 Piece 7th Artillery flag fringe Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

556 U. S. A. canteen Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

557 Bowling Green Bible Jas. R. Duncan 


558 Broken Bayonet. " Saratoga " Maj. Geo. H. TreadwelV 

559 Virginia murder document " 1767 " Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

560 Savannah newspaper Nov. 8, 1864 Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

561 Rebel bullet (poisonous). Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

562 Army strap and buckle Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

563 German Catholic prayer book J. Barth 

564 Army "medal" Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

565 Loose stone from Fort Reno Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

566 Loose stone from Fort Gaines Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

567 Loose stone from Fort Cameron Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

568 Set Libby prison chess men John Daly 

569 Libby prison chess board John Daly 

570 Piece of Libby prison flag staff. John Daly 

57 1 Libby prison toothbrush John Daly 

572 Libby prison pipe John Daly 

573 Libby prison fish bone John Daly 

574 Picture of General Grant Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

575 Four war maps Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

576 Picture (soldier) Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

577 Bills of exchange Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

578 View of parole camp at Annapolis Maj, Geo. H. Treadwell 

579 View of city of Annapolis Maj. Geo. H. Treadwell 

580 Piece of shelving from Jeff Davis' pantry, Richmond Va., 

John S. Bartlett 

581 Laurel root ring, from Lookout Mountain John S. Bartlett 

582 Army Corps Badge, made from Laurel root, from Lookout Mountain, 

John S. Bartlett 

583 Piece of Submarine Cable, from Charleston Harbor, S. C, 

John S. Bartlett 

584 Explosive bullet, used by rebels John S. Bartlett 

585 Piece of Rebel Ram Merrimac John S. Bartlett 

586 Piece of U. S. Ship Cumberland John S. Bartlett 

587 Piece of Stair Case of Marshall House, at Alexandria, Va., 

John S. Bartlett 

588 Two Bullets taken from body of Union soldier by Dr. John Swin- 

burne John S. Bartlett 

589 Sheet of paper picked up on battle-field of Fair Oaks, 

John S. Bartlett 

590 Shoe worn by a rebel soldier John S. Bartlett 

59» Belt taken from Black Horse Cavalry John S. Bartlett 

592 Pocket Album, with pictures of Co. B, ist U. S. Sharpshooters, 

J. W. Kenny, East Albany 

593 Piece of Rebel flag, captured at Yorktown, Va., 

J. W. Kenny, East Albany 

594 Drinking cup used in army J. W. Kenny, East Albany 

595 Medal of Identification, worn by Sharpshooter, 

J. W. Kenny, East Albany 


59^ Pair Rebel shoes, taken from Blockade runner at Charleston, S. C. 

Henry Wilkes 

597 Rebel Canteen Henry Wilkes 

598 Rebel Cartridge Box Henry Wilkes 

599 Rebel Drum, captured from 6th Georgia Regiment. . . Henry Wilkes 

600 Two Rebel Body Belts Henry Wilkes 

601 Four Rebel Body Belt Plates Henry Wilkes 

602 One card of Buttons, Confederate and Union, thirty-six in number, 

Henry Wilkes 

603 One Laurel Root Pipe Henry Wilkes 

604 Two Fuses and Primer, from nth N. Y. Battery Henry Wilkes 

605 Petrified Wood from Cedar Mountain Henry Wilkes 

606 Bone and wood ornaments, made in Andersonville Prison, 

Henry Wilkes 

607 Bullets, from battle of Wilderness Henry Wilkes 

608 A medal of honor, presented to Henry Wilkes by U. S. Govt, for 

participation in destruction of rebel ram Albermarle, 

Henry Wilkes 

609 Letter of thanks from Secretary of Navy Gideon Wells, accompa- 

nying medal Henry Wilkes 

610 Two furlough papers Henry Wilkes 

6i I Book of autographs containing signatures of prominent generals of 

the war John W. Ennis 

612 Bone ring, carved in Libby prison John W. Ennis 

613 Tinderhorn and steel, knife, bullet mould and musket wrench, used 

in Libby prison John W. Ennis 

614 Parched corn and piece of hoe corn, received from negroes, while 

escaping from prison John W. Ennis 

615 The draft wheel used in Albany in 1863 Post 121, G. A. R. 

616 Flint lock breech loader made in 1824 Capt. Ira B. Sampson 

Captured b)' Ira B. Sampson. 

617 Sabre used by a Confederate Capt. Ira B. Sampson 

618 Sword used by Lieut. Ira B. Sampson Capt. Ira B. Sampson 

619 Sword used by Capt. Ira B. Sampson Capt. Ira B. Sampson 

620 Commissions as Capt., Lieut, and Sergt.-Maj. .Capt. Ira B. Sampson 

621 Horse pistol used by Confederate Capt. Ira B. Sampson 

622 Piece of Confederate gunboat Merrimac Capt. Ira B. Sampson 

623 Relics from Fort Fisher Capt. Ija B. Sampson 

624 Piece of shell which wounded Capt. Ira B. Sampson, 

Capt. Ira B. Sampson 

625 Missive sent north in a button containing 625 words, 

Capt. Ira B. Sampson 

626 Missive sent north in a button containing 225 words, 

Capt. Ira B. Sampson 

627 Piece of pulley used on gunboat " Curlew " . .Capt. Ira B. Sampson 

628 Star from garrison flag which floated over Fort Williams, Plymouth, 

N. C Capt. Ira B. Sampson 

629 Contents rebel cartridge Capt. Ira B. Sampson 


630 Piece of traverse wheel of a gun carriage Capt. Ira B. Sanpson 

631 Shoulder straps worn by Capt. Ira B. Sampson, 

Capt. Ira B. Sampson 

632 A powder cup Capt. Ira B. Sampson 

633 Set of chess men made in prison by a knife by Capt. Ira B. Sampson 

Capt. Ira B. Sampson 

634 Rebel bullets Capt. Ira B. Sampson 

635 Steel projectile thrown from a Whitworth breech-loading gun, 

Capt. Ira B. Sampson 

636 Relics from the bridge across the Tar river, Newberne, N. C, 

Capt. Ira B. Sampson 

637 Unexploded Parrot shells Capt. Ira B. Sampson 

638 Piece of stockade and dead line of the Andersonville prison pen, 

Capt. Ira B. Sampson 

639 History of two prison escapes Capt. Ira B. Sampson 

640 Brick, from Engine House, in which John Brown was confined. 

641 C. S. A. Belt Plate. 

642 First shell fired at Harper's Ferry W. F. MuUin 

643 Shell from Gettysburg battlefield. 

644 Ring made from bone of forearm cut off at Roanoke Island. 

645 One piece of hard-tack, brought home by Lieut W. W. Bennett, 

177th N. Y. vols. 

646 One Rebel Canteen J. G. Campbell, Albany 

647 One Army Bugle W. F. Mullin, Albany 

648 Eight Confederate Army Buttons. 

649 Breech-loader, taken from the U. S. Ship Congress, 

Thomas Hames, East Albany 

650 Rifle, formerly the property of Gen. G. P. T. Beauregard, 

Frank B. Cornwell, Albany 

651 Cavalry Enlistment Poster, 1861. 

652 Oil Portrait of Colonel L. O. Morris. 

653 Balls, etc., from Lookout Mountain. 

654 Rebel Flag, Virginia. 

655 Signal Flag used at Richmond. 

656 Confederate Money. 

657 Confederate shin-plasters. 

658 Plans of battles, etc. 

659 Jefferson Davis' autograph. 

660 C. J. Memminger's autograph. 

661 Confederate Sash Lieut. Ed. Pointer, Albany 

662 Six pound cannon-ball, dug up at Yorktown, Va., 

C. A. Burns, 44th N. Y. vols. 

663 Sword of Col. John Hastings, 7th N. Y. Art. 

664 Two pictures Camp Jackson Col. Hastings 

665 Muster Roll of Co. H, 41st Virginia Infantry D. C. Case. 

666 Confederate Money John Dutcher, Bath 

667 Zouave Cap, worn by C. B. Ashley, 146th N. Y. Vols. 


668 Personal Valor Medal, presented by Q. S. government to Robert 

H. King for participation in destruction of ram Albemarle. 

669 Portrait of Robert H. King. 

670 Springfield Rifle, carried through war by Sergt. Frank Hart, 7th N. 

Y. Artillery. 

671 Bullet extracted from body of Nicholas Dowling in front of Peters- 

burg, Va. 

672 Twenty-nine Camp Views Geo. M. Payfer, Troy 

673 Discharge from Revolutionary Army, dated June 7, 1783, 

B. Quinn, Albany 

674 Gold Medal to Capt. John Cooke. 

67s Padlock, made from apple tree under which Lee surrendered, 

E. J. Genet, E. Greenbush 

676 Lot of War Pictures Major C. R. Knowles, Albany 

677 Group of Officers of 18th N. Y. Infantry Col. J. Hastings 

678 Two Buck Shot Col. J. Hastings 

679 Cane, made from door of Libby prison, 

Lew Benedict Post No. 5, G. A. R. 

680 Book, cut in twain by shell Lew Benedict Post No. 5, G. A. R. 

681 Confederate Sabre, captured at Appomattox. 

D. C. Case, 12th N. Y. M. R. 

682 Piece of Stockade and piece of Corn Bread from Andersonville 

prison Post 400, G. A. R. 

683 Rebel Knife, captured at 2d Bull Run Mrs. H. Finch, E. Albany 

684 Old Flint Lock Musket, carried by John Drew, a Revolutionary 

soldier, at surrender of Burgoyne, 

J. D. Rockefeller, E. Albany 

685 Old Sabre, worn by John Lowrie during Revolutionary War, 

Mrs. C. B. Ashley, Greenbush 

686 Army Cap, worn by John Wilkes, nth N. Y. battery. 

687 Colt's Revolver, worn by John Wilkes. 

688 Copy of Albany Evening Journal of April 13, 1861, announcing com- 

mencement of War. 

689 Copy of New York Herald, announcing surrender of Lee. 

690 Copy of the Free South, a Union paper published at Beaufort, 

S. C, in 1864. 

691 Barnards's Photographic Album of Sherman's March to the Sea, 

E. J. Genet, East Greenbush 

692 Sabre from Battlefield of Chickamauga, Tenn F. W. Ober 

693 Stone from Lookout Mountain F. W. Ober 

694 Confederate Carbine captured at Charles City, 

C. H. McKenna, ist N. Y. M. Rifles 
69s Springfield Rifle Charles Mitchell, Albany 

696 Ofl[icer's Sword and Belt, found between the lines December 25, 1864. 

697 A complete set of Infantry Accoutrements, worn by Chas. Mitchell, 

7th N. Y. H. Art. 

698 Battle Flag of Company F, 3d N. Y. vols Miss Wrightson 


699 Field Return, Hoke's Rebel division C. V. Winne 

700 Lot of Union envelopes used during the War. 

701 Flint-lock Musket from Gettysburg Dr. A. Vanderveer 

702 Ulster County Gazette, in mourning for death of George Washing- 

ton C. C. Shaw 

703 Memorial to Mayor and Commonalty of city of Albany November 11, 


704 Old rusty sword found in Greenbush, near old barracks. 

705 Badges worn 4th of July, 1834 and 1840. by Geo. B. Lisher. 

706 Lafayette badge, 1834. 

707 Sunday school badges. Second R. P. Dutch Church, 1834. 

708 Copy of London Times, 1798. 

709 Medallion, Signing Declaration of Independence. 

710 Medallion, battles fought during Mexican war. 

711 Medallion, Lincoln. 

712 Certificate of membership of John Parmenter in Fire Department 

of New York City, 1820. 

713 Mexican knee and shoe buckles, captured during Mexican war. 

714 Stone from grave of John Brown. 

715 Piece of bark from tree to which Gen. Israel Putnam was tied by 

the Indians. 

716 A British button, grape shot, and piece of wall from Ft. Ticon- 


717 Charm made from marble from Garfield's tomb, 

Mrs. Hall, East Albany 

718 Sword and belt belonging to Col. H. S. Gansevoort, U. S. Army. 

719 Sword captured from Mosby, the guerilla, in the Valley of the 

Shenandoah, Va., September, 1864 Mrs. Abraham Lansing 

720 Flag presented by Gen'l Peter Gansevoort to his son, Col. Henry 

S. Gansevoort, U. S. Army, while commanding the 13th N. Y. 
State Cavalry at Head-quarters, Falls Church, Virginia, June 
10, 1864 Mrs. Abraham Lansing 

721 Thurlow Weed Post stand of colors and guidons. 

722 Portrait of Gen. Lewis Benedict Mrs. John T. Hall 

725 $100 Confederate Bond W. F. Elmendorf 

724 Carbine, breechloader, made in 1842. Picked up at Harper's Ferry, 

Va A. K. Pruyn 

725 Key of Salisbury Prison, with history . . . Capt. A. McK Shoemaker 

726 Cannon Ball from Fort Prince of Wales, Hudson's Bay, captured in 

1782 by the French James McNaughton 

727 Certificate from Old Cooper Shop Refreshment Room at Philadel- 

phia Post 121. G. A. R. 

728 Part of Carbine from Stony Creek, Dinwiddie Court House, Va. 

E. M. Cartright 

729 Cane made in Andersonville Prison Chas. A. Thatcher 

730 Various articles from Gettysburg battlefield, 

Sanford B. Martin, Gettysburg, Penn. 


731 Bail bond of Jeff. Davis, with signatures Paul Cushman 

732 The Virginia Ordinance of Secession, with signatures, 

Paul Cushman 

733 Map of Andersonville Prison A. McD. Shoemaker 

734 Bowie Knife, found on Bull Run battlefield John L. Newman 

735 Rebel Canteen, found at Rappahannock Station, Va., 

John L. Newman 

736 Revolving Carbine, used by Rebel Cavalry, picked up on battlefield 

of Spottsylvania C. H., Va William Todd 

738 Springfield Musket, earned by a member of 165th N. Y. Vols., 

William Todd 

739 Quart Pail, used for making coffee by member 79th N. Y. Vols., 

William Todd 

740 Uniform Jacket, 79th N. Y. Vols. (Highlanders) William Todd 

741 Glengarry Cap, 79th N. Y. Vols William Todd 

742 Pair of Scissors, carried through the war William Todd 

743 Picture of attack on Fort Sanders, Knoxville, Tenn... William Todd 

744 Sword, Sash and Belt of Major C. E. Pruyn, 118th N. Y. Vols., 

killed at Petersburg, Va., June 15, 1864 Samuel S. Pruyn 

745 Confederate Officer's Coat, Sailors Creek Dr. A. Vanderveer 

746 Pistol, captured from rebel guerilla R. C. Folger 

747 Cotton blow from " Pequin Farm, " Va G. W. Grey 

748 Piece of flag of 5th N. J. vols R. C. Folger 

749 Two rings made from gun carriage captured from the rebels at 

Hilton Head, S. C R. C. Folger 

750 Five cent piece, carried into and out of Libby prison. . . R. C. Folger 

751 A piece of shirt of guerilla Mosby R. C. Folger 

752 Trumpet (or bugle) exhumed at Bunker Hill, while excavating for 

the monument , R. C. Folger 

753 Indian Pouch and Pipe of Peace R. C. Folger 

754 One " A ■' tent State of New York 

755 One Gatling Gun State of New York 

756 One Stack Muskets State of New York 

757 One Cook's Tripod. 

758 Mountain Howitzer Watervliet Arsenal 

759 Wayne Howitzer Watervliet Arsenal 

760 Mexican Mortar, captured in Mexican war Watervliet Arsenal 

761 Hotchkiss Canister Shot Watervliet Arsenal 

762 Twelve pounder Shell, strapped Watervliet Arsenal 

763 Parrott Shell Watervliet Arsenal 

764 Spri ngfield Musket Watervliet Arsenal 

765 Spencer Carbine — 7-shooter Watervliet Arsenal 

766 Henry Rifle — i6-shooter Watervliet Arsenal 

767 Hall's Rifle, breechloader Watervliet Arsenal 

768 Belgian Rifle Watervliet Arsenal 

769 Fayetteville Rifle, made at Fayetteville, N. C Watervliet Arsenal 

770 Rifle, with sabre-bayonet Watervliet Arsenal 


771 Mexican Wall Gun Watervliet Arsenal 

772 Trowel Bayonet Watervliet Arsenal 

773 Canteen, Cartridge Box, Bayonet Watervliet Arsenal 

774 Sheath and Belt Watervliet Arsenal 

775 Set of U. S. Equipments, new style Watervliet Arsenal 

776 Two brass Guns (St. Matthew and St. Mark), captured at City of 

Mexico, during Mexican war Watervliet Arsenal 

777 Reviews of Army of Potomac at Centreville, Va., 

A. McD. Shoemaker 

778 Charge of the Union Troops at Donaldson A. McD. Shoemaker 

779 Gavel made from piece of Andersonville Prison, 

Capt. A. McD. Shoemaker 

780 Locket carried through seven Rebel Prisons James Kesson 

781 Watch captured by D. Frank Allen from the confederates. 

782 Picture of the Blood Hound Hero of Libby Prison. 

783 Cavalry Sword of a trooper of the Fourth Virginia Cavalry from 

the Second battle of Bull Run Mrs. Frank Chamberlain 

784 Floral design at Monterey, Cal G. H. Treadwell 

785 Pressed Beef used in U. S. Hospital G. W. Grey 

786 Box caps, nipple, button, and bullet from deserted rebel camp near 

south side R. R., Va G. W. Grey 


North-east Room, Principal Story. 


Rare cylindrical vase American Art Association, New York 

Dark green glaze with decoration in deep black. Kang-Hi 

Rare incense burner American Art Association, New York 

Globular shape on tripod support, scroll handles, carved 
ornamentation and glaze in imitation of bronze. Ornament to 
cover in imitation of carved jade. Engraved seal-mark of 
Kien-Lung period. 

Daimio short sword American Art Association, New York 

Very keen, two-edged blade, black lacquer scabbard, carved 
mountings and ornaments of exquisitely wrought silver, gold 
and shakado. 

Gold lacquer box American Art Association, New York 

Lozenge shape; delicate ornamentation of grasses, birds, etc. 
Very old gold lacquer box . . American Art Association, New York 
Relief ornamentation in mother of pearl, etc. 

Dispatch box American Art Association, New York 

Gold avanturine lacquer, remarkably fine quality; mountain 
scener}', foliage, blossoms, etc., in gold and silver. 

Snuff bottle American Art Association, New York 

Mustard-yellow crackle glaze, fine quality. 
Collection of old knife handles, 

American Art Association, New York 
Fine specimens of metal work in silver, bronze, iron, etc. 

Snuff bottle American Art Association, New York 

Camillia green crackle glaze. Kien-Lung period. 

Snuff bottle American Art Association, New York 

Carved porcelain in imitation cf Cinnabar lacquer. Kien- 
Lung period. 
Pair modern cloisonne enamel vases, 

American Art Association, New York 
Japanese, perfection of this art. Rare in color and fine 


1 2 Liver-color bottle American Art Association, New York 

Fine quality glaze, with orange-peel surface. Kien-Lung 

13 Bottle vase American Art Association, New York 

With slender neck. Fine quality iron-rust glaze. 

14 Celadon vase American Art Association, New York 

Very even glaze with engraved Lotus design beneath. Speci- 
men of the Kien-Lung period. 

15 Rare rose color vase American Art Association, New York 

Kien-Lung period. 

16 Japanese antique iron vase. .American Art Association, New York 

Carved, inlaid and relief ornamentation of figures, etc., in 
gold and silver. 

17 Superb vase American Art Association, New York 

Chinese cloisonne enamel on bronze, designs of flowers, 
birds, etc., in finely blended colors on white ground. 

18 Cloisonne enamel incense burner, 

American Art Association, New York 
Floral and vine designs in green, pink and other colors on 
turquois blue ground, engraved gilt ornaments and handles. 

19 Bottle-shaped vase American Art Association, New York 

With four tubes around top of slender neck, red Jlambe 
glaze, with splashes of darker shade. Lang-Yeou specimen of 
Kang-Hi period. 

20 Beaker shape vase American Art Association, New York 

With raised centre, sea green glaze with enameled decora- 
tion of imperial dragons and clouds in rose color. Kien- 
Lung period. 

2 1 Antique Chinese bronze incense burner, 

American Art Association, New York 
Early Ming period, showing interesting effects of age. 

22 Hawthorne ginger jar American Art Association, New York 

Fine blue with hawthorn blossoms in white reserve. Kang- 
Hi period. 

23 Wall vase American Art Association, New York 

Semi egg-shell texture, decoration of flowers and vines in 
red and gold. Kien-Lung period. 

24 Rouge corail tea-pot American Art Association, New York 

Rare. Fine quality. Yung-Ching period. 

25 Very old brown crackle group. Buddha, 

American Art Association, New York 

26 Bowl American Art Association, New York 

Imperial yellow glaze with inscriptions in gold, and emblem- 
atical and other ornamentation in bright colors. Kien-Lun" 

27 Semi egg-shell bowl American Art Association, New York 

Cor.ll red glaze with decoration of blossoms in natural colors. 


28 Vase American Art Association, New York 

Straight ovoid shape, finely glazed in imitation of agate. 
Rare specimen Kien-Lung period. 

29 Blue and white bottle American Art Association, New York 

Fine texture, decorated with floral designs painted in fine 
quality blue beneath glaze. 

30 Bottle-shape vase American Art Association, New York 

Sang de pouUt glaze, fine quality porcelain and glaze. Kien- 
Lung period, 

31 Flower vase American Art Association, New York 

Very fine turquois blue glaze with cloudings in darker shade, 
and minute crackle beneath all. Kang-Hi period. 

32 Mustard crackle vase American Art Association, New York. 

Rare quality irridescent glaze with minute crackle beneath. 

33 Blue and white vase American Art Association, New York 

Semi egg-shell texture, peony flowers painted in deep blue 
beneath glaze. 

34 Kien-Lung vase American Art Association, New York 

Straight shape, deep blue glaze with rich decoration of 
floral and vine designs in gold applied over the glaze. 

35 Sang de baeuf vase American Art Association, New York 

Bottle-shape, fine quality porcelain and glaze. Kang-Hi 

36 Rich gros bleu vase American Art Association, New York 

Bottle-shape. Kien-Lung period. 

37 Bottle vase American Art Association, New York 

With two tubes at top of slender neck, fine texture and pure 
white glaze. Yung-Ching period. 

38 Flambe bottle-shape vase . . . American Art Association, New York 

With handles at neck, fine red glaze with splashes of garnet 
and lavender. Kien-Lung period. 

39 Blue and white cylindrical vase. 

Choicest texture and color. Decoration of mandarin figure, 
etc. Wing period. 

40 Antique silver incense burner, 

American Art Association, New York 
Gourd design, relief, open work inlaid and other designs of 
ornamentation artistically executed. Handles and other orna- 
ments inlaid with enamels, coral and malachite. Rare speci- 
men of Japanese art in precious metal. 

41 Bleu poudrd vase American Art Association, New York 

Jar-shape, decorated with emblems and ornaments in gold 
applied over the glaze. Kang-Hi period. 

42 Bottle-shape vase American Art Association, New York 

Rouge Corail glaze, with two green lizzards in relief at neck. 
Kien-Lung period. 


43 Celadon vase American Art Association, New York 

Low form, finely engraved ornamentation beneath very even 
sea green glaze. Kien-Lung period. 

44 Curious wooden pouch American Art Association, New York 

Ornamented in relief with carved figures, etc., in ivory and 

45 Large sang de bauf jar ". . . . .American Art Association, New York 

Ovoid shape with fish handles, rich glaze. Kien-Lung period. 

46 Gorosa bronze sword guard . . American Art Association, New York 

Square shape, carved and inlaid ornamentation of storks, 

47 Copper sword guard American Art Association, New York 

Engraved and relief ornamentation of wasp's nests, wasps, 

48 Imperial yellow vase American Art Association, New York 

With engraved ornaments in green, blue and white glazes. 
Elephant-head handles at neck. Kien-Lung period. 

49 Snuff bottle American Art Association, New York 

Carved and decorated ornamentation. 

50 Modern bronze vase American Art Association, New York 

Tall, cylindrical shape, with bamboo design stand. Verj' 
fine Patitu, beautiful relief ornamentation of floral and other 
designs in gold, silver and other metals. 

51 Jar and cover American Art Association, New York 

Yellow glaze, with decoration of flowers, storks, etc., in 
colors. Kang-Hi period. 

5 2 Crackle vase American Art Association, New York 

With Jlambi glaze, splashes of sang Je bceuf, garnet and other 
colors. Kang-Hi period. 

53 Silver sword guard American Art Association, New York 

Exquisitely wrought designs of peonies and chrj-santhe- 
rnum flowers. 

54 Shibu-ichi sword guard American .A.rt Association, New York 

Verj- fine workmanship. 

55 Large sang de bceuf vase American Art Association, New York 

Rare. Very fine quality of glaze and porcelain. Lang-Yeou 

56 Snufif bottle American Art AssociaticJh, New York 

Boy with vase on sacred elephant, nicely modeled and deco- 
rated. Kien-Lung period. 

57 Avanturine lacquer box American Art Association, New York 

Shape of koto, Japanese musical instrument. 

58 Daimio short sword American Art Association, New York 

Black lacquer scabbard with exquisite ornamentation in 
gold lacquer, mountings and ornaments of silver, beautifully 
wrought and inlaid with gold. 

59 Ivory inro or medicine case . • American Art Association, New York 

Very fine, etched decoration. 


60 Silver incense burner American Art Association, New York 

Lotus design, finely wrought. 

6 1 Twin snuff bottles American Art Association, New York 

Decorated with fishing scenes, huts, etc. Kea-King period. 

62 Japanese inro or medicine case, 

American Art Association, New York 
Pure gold lacquer with finely modeled gold and silver figure 
in relief. 

63 Set copper plates American Art Association, New York 

Illustrating the process of cloisonne enamel (inlaid work). 

64 Daimio short sword American Art Association, New York 

Carved blade, black lacquer scabbard picked with gold, 
most exquisitely wrought solid gold mountings and ornaments. 

65 Carved Cinnabar lacquer inro or medicine case, 

American Art Association, New York 

66 Japanese inro or medicine case, crest decoration, 

American Art Association, New York 

67 Lacquer perfume box American Art Association, New York 

Imitation of wood veins, maple leaves ornamentation. 

68 Daimio pouch American Art Association, New York 

Ornaments of pure gold exquisitely wrought. Extraordinary 
pearl for Nctsuke. 

69 Porcelain opium pipe American Art Association, New York 

Finely decorated with imperial dragons, etc. 

70 Japanese silver pipe American Art Association, New York 

Finely carved dragons, clouds, etc. ; used for tobacco. 

71 Old gold lacquer perfume box, 

American Art Association, New York 
Ornamentation of sunflower and insects. 

72 Daimio pouch American Art Association, New York 

With pipe holder attached. Exquisitely wrought solid gold 
ornaments and ivory and gold netsuke. 

73 Large bottle-shape vase American Art Association, New York 

Rich lavender glaze with carved ornamentation beneath. 
Kang-He period. 

74 Large Celadon Vase American Art Association, New York 

Ovoid shape with flaring neck and base, ornamentation of 
floral designs engraved beneath glaze, which is of rare even 
quality ; slight fracture at neck repaired with gold lacquer by 
Japanese artist. Yung-Ching period. 

75 Large plaque American Art Association, New York 

Famillc Rose, circular deep form. Ming period. 

76 Collection of carved ivories (Nichkies), 

Robert C. and Charles L. Pru)'n 
Seven hundred in all. Collected by Hon. Robert H. Pruyn 
while Minister to Japan, as were also other specimens of Jap- 
anese art. One of the best collections in the world. 



77 Red bowl with medallions, China J. Townsend Lansing 

Marl vase J. Townsend Lansing 

Marl vase J- Townsend Lansing 

80 Egg-shell, cup and saucer, Japanese Mrs. V. P. Douw 

8 1 Chinese bowl, in Ming period Mrs. V. P. Douw 

82 Chinese junk in ivory. Mr. Clark 

83 Lacquer box J. Townsend Lansing 

84 Lacquer box J. Townsend Lansing 

85 Old Hizen bowl Mrs. John Newman 

86 Cup and saucer, very delicate modern, Japanese work, 

Miss Monteath 

87 Old red lacquer plaque Rev. Wesley R. Davis 

88 Covered box. Nankin Mrs. V. P. Douw 

89 Persian plate Mrs. V. P. Douw 

90 Small vase, Japanese, fine glaze Mrs. V. P. Douw 

9 [ India dish, decorated with green dragons . . . Mrs. Erastus Corning 

92 Old Asiatic decorated plate Mrs. Erastus Corning 

93 Old India plate, pink Mrs. Erastus Corning 

94 Satsuma plaque, representing a warrior Mrs. J. T. Lansing 

95 Satsuma dish, representing frogs driving Mrs. J. T. Lansing 

96 Chinese bowl, imperial yellow Mrs. J. T. Lansing 

97 Satsuma bowl Mrs. J. T. Lansing 

98 Cups, blue and red, Japanese Mrs. J. T. Lansing 

99 Chinese jar, honeysuckle pattern Miss D. M. Douw 

100 Small Kaga cup Miss D. M. Douw 

loi Satsuma plate, representing teacher and pupil. .Miss D. M. Douw 

102 Blue bowl, with medallions Miss D. M. Douw 

103 Old Japanese dish Mrs. William Cassidy 

104 Royal Imari bowl, decorated with floral designs, panels and crests, 

in coral red, blue and gold Rev. Wesley R. Davis 

105 Kaga vase, dragons in blue and panels with deer and Japanese 

jugglers, coral red and gold Rev. Wesley R. Davis 

1 06 Nagasaki vase, decorated with water plant, brilliant glaze, very 

curious specimen Rev. Wesley R. Davis 

107 Satsuma vase, basket design, with panels, Buddha and the tiger, 

and other mythological subjects Rev. Wesley R. Davis 

108 Old Nankin plate Mrs. James Kidd 

109 Japanese cup and saucer Mrs. Montgomery H. Throop 

I TO Kaga bowl Mrs. Montgomery H. Throop 

1 1 1 Plate, very old Chinese Mrs. Ira Harris 

1 1 2 Plate, very old Chinese Mrs. Ira Harris 

113 Plaque Mrs. John F. Rathbone 

114 Canton plaque Mrs. J. H. Ten Eyck 


115 Hizen plaque Mrs. J. H. Ten Eyck 

1 16 Old Nankin plate Mrs. Henry Lansing 

117 Old Nankin plate Mrs. Henry Lansing 

118 Old Nankin bowl Mrs. Henry Lansing 

119 Nankin saucer, dark blue Mrs. Henry Lansing 

120 Nankin dish Mrs. Henry Lansing 

121 Awata fire-box Mrs. Theodore Olcott 

1 22 Arita vase Mrs. Theodore Olcott 

1 23 Arita vase Mrs. Theodore Olcott 

124 Old Japanese plate E. D. Palmer 

125 Old Japanese plate E. D. Palmer 

126 Old Japanese plate. E. D. Palmer 

127 Old Japanese plate E. D. Palmer 

128 Old Nankin plate E. D. Palmer 

129 Old Nankin plate E. D. Palmer 

130 Old Nankin plaque E. D. Palmer 

131 Old Nankin plate E. D. Palmer 

132 Old Nankin jar, open work bottom E. D. Palmer 

133 Old Hawthorne jar of rare Hawthorne pattern E. D. Palmer 

134 Blue and white Nankin (old) E. D. Palmer 

135 Old Chinese jar E. D. Palmer 

Selected by G. H. Boughlon from English collection 

136 Satsuma jar Mrs. Philip Ten Eyck 

137 Satsuma vase Dr. S. B. Ward 

138 Kaga dish Mrs. Ledyard Cogswell 

139 Platter, Nankin, flower pattern Mrs. P. M. Murphy 

1 40 Plaque, Nankin Mrs. P. M. Murphy 

141 Plaque, Chinese Mrs. P. M. Murphy 

142 Large Canton vase Mrs. S. S. Pruyn 

143 Large Canton vase Mrs. S. S. Pruyn 

144 Japanese water jar, blue inlaid with gold Mrs. S. S. Pruyn 

145 Small Satsuma jar Mrs. S. S. Pruyn 

146 Satsuma vase Mrs. Grange Sard 

147 Turkish coffee cups Mrs. J. Townsend Lansing 

148 Antique Chinese vase (Green family) Robert C. Pruyn 

149 Mandarin vase, of rare color Robert C. Pruyn 

150 Pair of large Awari vases, blue and white Robert C. Pruyn 

15 1 Red lacquer cabinet, thirteenth century. ... ... Charles L. Pruyn 

152 Set Kioto ornaments, five pieces Charles L. Pruyn 

153 Kaga bowl Charles L. Pruyn 

154 Satsuma vase of rare design Charles L. Pruyn 

155 Satsuma vase, crackle ware (Rose family) Charles L. Pruyn 

Spoken of in " Young's Ceramic Art.'' 



156 Satsuma vase, crackle ware, basket pattern Charles L. Pruyn 

Spoken of in " Young's Ceramic Art.'' 

157 Awari vase (1600) Charles L. Pruyn 

158 Chinese plaque (Ching-Hoa period, 1465) Charles L. Pruyn 

159 Satsuma vase, crackle ware Charles L. Pruyn 

160 Set of bronze ornaments (lotus leaf design) three pieces, 

Charles L. Pruyn 

161 Pair bronze vases Charles L. Pruyn 

162 Small Hizen bowl Mrs. Erastus Corning, Jr. 


163 Antique bronze faun of the 17th century, set in socket of leaf 

design , Rev. Wesley R. Davis 

164 Bronze candlestick, design of lily stalk mounted on satyr's hoofs, 

by Antoine Barye Rev. Wesley R. Davis 

165 Vase with birds, Japanese George Douglas Miller 

166 Cloisonne vase, brass handles George Douglas Miller 

167 Cloisonne vase George Douglas Miller 

168 Japanese bronze, " The demon of the woods.". . Mrs. S. S. Pruyn 

169 Japanese bronze fire box Mrs. S. S. Pruyn 

170 Japanese incense burner Mrs. Theodore Olcott 

171 Jar of old India brass Mrs. Ledyard Cogswell 

172 Bronze vase, ornamented with protruding dragon claws, Japanese, 

Dr. S. B. Ward 

173 Cloisonne jar Mrs. J. H. Ten Eyck 

174 Japanese bronze ash box Mrs. S. S. Pruyn 

1 75 Japanese junk in bronze Miss Monteath 

176 Cup and saucer, bronze, inlaid with brass, Japanese work, 

Mrs. Jacob H. Ten Eyck 

177 Cloisonne plaque, Buddha and the tiger J. Townsend Lansing 

178 Cloisonne on Satsuma ware. . = Mrs. J. Townsend Lansing 

179 Toilette box with stand, cloisonne Miss D. M. Douw 

180 Bronze censer Miss D. M. Douw 

i8i Bronze vase Mrs. V. P. Douw 

182 Cloisonne jar Mrs. V. P. Douw 

183 Small cloisonne plate Mrs. V. P. Douw 

184 Cloisonne jar Mrs. V. P. Douw 

J 85 Cloisonne vase Mrs. J, Townsend Lansing 

186 Cloisonne vase Mrs. J. Townsend Lansing 

187 Small bronze box Mrs. J. Townsend Lansing 

188 Bronze teapot, antique Japanese Mrs. J. Townsend Lansing 

189 Bronze vase, modern Japanese Mrs. J. Townsend Lansing 

190 Bronze incense burner Mrs. J. Townsend Lansing 


191 Japanese brazier Mrs. V. P. Douw 

192 Chinese bronze Bishop Doane 

193 Bronze plaque, Japanese Vantine & Co., New York 

194 Large bronze vase or " koro " Vantine & Co., New York 

195 Bronze temple lamp Vantine & Co., New York 

196 Japanese teapot W. Howard Brown 

1 9 7 Brass candlestick Rev. Wesley R. Davis 

From the Tuileries. Stamped with coronet, and hand chased. 

1 98 Pair of brass candlesticks Rev. Wesley R. Davis 

First empire. Hand chased. 

199 Bronze Ganymede and the Eagle Frederick Townsend 


200 Plate from Baron Steuben's dinner set Mrs. James Kidd 

201 Dinner plate of the Westerlo family Mrs. Pumpelly 

202 Dinner plate of the Bleecker family Mrs. Pumpelly 

203 Cup and saucer brought from China in an Albany sloop, 

Mrs. Pumpelly 

204 Dinner plate which belonged to Barent Bleecker, 1750, 

Mrs. Pumpelly 

205 Teapot, Holland ware, 1620 John Wolf 

206 Cup and saucer which belonged to Lord Howe, 

Mrs. Anna Verplanck Clapp 

207 Old Dresden cup and saucer Mrs. C. G. Van Rensselaer 

208 Set of Dutch Meissen ware Mrs. E. H. Durell 

There are two cups, two saucers and a teapot on the exhibit. 
They bear the initials of the Rev. John G. Gebhard, the great- 
grandfather of the loaner, on an ermine draped shield. The 
lettering was done In Paris over 100 years ago, where the set of 
china was sent for the purpose. The cover of the tea-pot has 
strawberry and leaf design, which in heraldry is used in the 
baronial crown. 

209 Blue and white pitcher Mrs. Edward Bowditch 

Formerly owned by the father of Nathaniel Bowditch, the 

210 Pyramid vase, Kane family, Lowestoft Amasa J. Parker, Jr. 

2 1 1 Pyramid vase, Kane family, Lowestoft Amasa J. Parker, Jr. 

212 Pitcher, Kane family, Lowestoft Amasa J. Parker, Jr. 

213 Mug, Kane family, Lowestoft Amasa J. Parker, Jr. 

214 Custard cups, Kane family, Lowestoft Amasa J. Parker, Jr. 

2 1 5 Dish, red and white Mrs John F. Rathbone 

Belonged to the family of Miriam Coffin. 

216 Cup and saucer Mrs. John F. Rathbone 

Belonged to Miriam Coffin, Nantucket. 


2 1 7 Old plate Mrs. John Tayler Cooper 

Afler the pattern used by Washington. 

2i8 Delft plaque Mrs. E. J. Miller 

Belonged to Governor De Witt Clinton. 

219 Platter, blue and white (Ten Eyck family), 

Mrs. A. Bleecker Banks 

220 Vegetable dish, blue and white (Ten Eyck family), 

Mrs. A. Bleecker Banks 

221 Red Lowestoft mug (Lansing family) . . . .Miss Susan Y. Lansing 

222 Platter, Chinese (Lansing family) Miss Susan Y. Lansing 

223 Gravy boat, Chinese (Lansing family) Miss Susan Y. Lansing 

224 Bowl, Chinese (Lansing family) Miss Susan Y. Lansing 

225 Platter, willow pattern (Lansing family). .Miss Susan Y. Lansing 

226 Old India vase, Kane family Miss Cornelia Kane Rathbone 

227 Lowestoft mug, Kane family Miss Cornelia Kane Rathbone 

228 Lowestoft custard cup, Kane family. Miss Cornelia Kane Rathbone 

229 Covered dish, Canton china Ledyard Cogswell 

230 Cup and saucer, Lowestoft Mrs. Paul F. Cooper 

231 Tea-pot, white and gold Henry Stevenson Walsh 

Brought by Capt. Dean in the "Enterprise." 

232 Three cups and saucers, red Lowestoft Miss Pierce 

233 Punch bowl, blue and white Henry Stevenson Walsh 

Owned by John Stevenson, Esq., first warden of St. Peter's 
church, and first President of St. Andrew's Society. 

234 Beaker in white and blue, Lowestoft Mrs. Jacob H. Ten Eyck 

235 Bowl, Lowestoft Mrs. Htenry Lansing 

236 Crown Derby teapot, which belonged to John Loudon McAdam, 

Mrs. Paul F. Cooper 

237 Cup and saucer of great age Mrs. Paul F. Cooper 

238 Blue pitcher Mrs. Ira Harris 

Old English ware, decorated with scenes from " John Gil- 
pin's ride." 

239 English pitcher Mrs. Paul F. Cooper 

Decorated with Shakespearean scenes. 

240 White and green pepper pot George Douglas Miller 

Used in Connecticut in 17th century. 

241 Fruit dish with stand, with Ten Broeck monogram, 

Mrs. C. G. Van Rensselaer 

242 Plate, with Ten Broeck monogram. . . . Mrs. C. G. Van Rensselaer 

243 Saucer, red India '. Mrs. C. G. Van Rensselaer 

244 Bowl, Chinese Mrs. J. H. Ten Eyck 

24s Plate, Lowestoft Mrs. Henry Lansing 

246 Cup and saucer (over 300 years old). . .Mrs. John Tayler Cooper 

247 Tea-caddy (over 300 years old) Mrs. John Tayler Cooper 

248 Teapot Mrs. James Kidd 


249 Vase Mrs. James Kidd 

250 Old Nankin plate Mrs. James Kidd 

251 Vase, white and gold, Kip family Mrs. Leonard Kip 

252 Pieces from child's tea-set, Lowestoft Miss Russell 

253 Plate, Lowestoft Miss Russell 

254 Vase, Lowestoft Mrs. Leonard Kip 

255 Chinese bowl Miss Russell 

256 Lowestoft sugar bowl J. W. Russell 

257 Lowestoft platter Miss Russell 

258 Japanese bowl Miss Russell 

259 Nankin tea caddy Ledyard Cogswell 

260 Nankin tea caddy Ledyard Cogswell 

261 Cream jug, English Miss Cornelia Kane Rathbone 

262 Cup and saucer, English Miss Cornelia Kane Rathbone 

263 Lowestoft jar Mrs. J. H. Ten Eyck 

264 Small tray, Chinese Mrs. J. H. Ten Eyck 

265 Bowl, Chinese Mrs. J. H. Ten Eyck 

266 Bowl, Chinese Mrs. J. H. Ten Eyck 

267 Cup and saucer, English ware Mrs. W. B. Van Rensselaer 

268 Cup and saucer, English ware Mrs. W. B. Van Rensselaer 

269 Hizen plate Mrs. John Tayler Cooper 

270 Hizen plate Mrs. John Tayler Cooper 

271 Minton cup and .saucer Mrs. Peltz 

This cup belonged to Maximilian of Mexico. 

272 Old cup Mrs. George Evans 

These belonged to Harmon Bleecker. 

273 Dish Mrs. George Evans 

These belonged to Harmon Bleecker. ^ 

274 Lowestoft plate Miss Russell 

275 Cup and saucer with coat of arms Miss Russell 


276 William and Mary plaque Mrs. Edward Bowditch 

277 Rose tea pot (Swansea), decorated by Rose, a. famous painter, 

George D. Fearey 

278 Swansea plate, decorated by Pollard George D. Fearey 

279 Worcester plate (1750) George D. Fearey 

280 Bow tea pot (1730), blue and white George D. Fearey 

281 Wedgwood fruit dish (1750) George D. Fearey 

282 Staffordshire tea pot, blue and white George D. Fearey 

283 Crown Derby cup and saucer Mrs. Erastus Corning, Jr 

284 Plaque, blue and white (Doulton) Mrs. John F. Rathbone 

285 Two small jars of Wedgwood (early specimens), 

Mrs. John Tayler Cooper 


286 Green and white basket work dish (Leeds), 

Mrs. John F. Rathbone 

287 Minton plaque Miss Cornelia Kane Rathbone 

288 Minton dish Miss Cornelia Kane Rathbone 

289 Minton plaque Miss Cornelia Kane Rathbone 

290 Minton plate Miss Cornelia Kane Rathbone 

291 Minton plate Miss Cornelia Kane Rathbone 

292 Plate — Pindar and Bourne Miss Cornelia Kane Rathbone 

293 Wedgwood jar, brown and turcjuoise E. D. Palmer 

294 Old English flower pot E. D. Palmer 

Decorated in relief with Canterbury bells and primrose leaf. 
29s Wedgwood sugar bowl, yellow and white E. D. Palmer 

296 English lustre cup and saucer, 1702 E. D. Palmer 

297 English lustre pitcher E. D. Palmer 

298 Doulton bowl Mrs. J. H. Ten Eyck 

299 Plaque of Doulton " Underglaze " Mrs. W. W. Byington 

Decorated by Miss Hetta L. H. Ward. 

300 Minton plate Mrs. Ledyard Cogswell 

301 Decorated plate James McNaughton 

302 Crown Derby plate, old Mrs. John Macdonald 

303 Minton vase Mrs. Henry Russell 

304 Copeland vase Mrs. Henry Russell 

305 Coalport vase Mrs. Henry Russell 

306 Crown Derby vase Mrs. Henry Russell 

307 Royal Worcester tea caddy Mrs. Henry Russell 

308 Crown Derby plate Mrs. Grange Sard 

309 Crown Derby plate Mrs. Grange Sard 

310 Old English coffee4)ot Mrs. A. Bleecker Banks 

311 Fruit dish and stand, early English ware.. Mrs. Augustus C. Pniyn 

312 Dish, Lowestoft E. D. Palmer 

313 Large blue Wedgwood jar Mrs. Ira Harris 

Decorated with Flaxman's design. 

314 Two Crown Derby cups ". .Mrs. Watkins, Schenectady 

315 Piece of Spode, rare Mrs. J.'G. Farnsworth 

316 Blue Spode plate Mrs. Erastus Corning 

317 Wedgwood vase, black and white Mrs. Erastus Corning 

318 Wedgwood sugar bowl, Mayflower pattern.. Mrs. Erastus Corning 

319 Copeland pitcher. Mrs. Erastus Corning 

320 Royal Worcester plate Mrs. Erastus Coming 

32 1 Old Chelsea cup and saucer Mrs. William Cassidy 

322 Wedgwood pitcher Mrs. William Cassidy 

323 Tea cups, Coalport ware Mrs. C. P. Williams, Jr 

324 Cup and saucer, Royal Worcester Mrs. William H. McClure 

325 Cup and saucer. Royal Worcester Mrs. William H. McClure 


326 Teacup and saucer, Royal Worcester Mrs. William Barnes 

327 Teacup and saucer, Crown Derby Mrs. William Barnes 

328 Wedgwood pitcher R. K. Viele 

329 Large pitcher, Leeds ware C. V. Winne 

330 Set of very fine Belleek cups and saucers, Irish ware, 

Mrs. William H. Van Antwerp 

331 Copeland tete-a-tete set Mrs. Robert Lenox Banks 


332 Old French plate E. D. Palmer 

333 Old French plate E. D. Palmer 

334 Montereau plate E. D. Palmer 

335 Montereau plate E. D. Palmer 

336 Reticulated Sevres tea set, time of Louis Philippe, 

George D. Fearey 

337 Decorated Sevres tea set, with Napoleon's monogram, used at the 

Chateau des Tuileries George D. Fearey 

338 Blue vase, Sevres Mrs. Erastus Corning, Jr. 

339 Pair of Vincennes mantel ornaments, Sevres, 

Robert C. and Charles L. Pruyn 

340 Large Sevres vase Mrs. Van Rensselaer 

This vase is one of a pair ordered by Napoleon I as a present 
to the Emperor of Russia. When finished one vase was 
slightly imperfect, and therefore could not be given by one 
emperor to another. The vases were purchased by Mr. Wil- 
liam Bayard for the Manor House, Albany. 

341 Cabinet of fine Sevres, decorated by G. Pedersen, 

W. W. Byington 
This porcelain is unmarked, and therefore belongs to the 
period during which unmarked pieces were allowed to be sent 
out from the Sfevres factory, 1798-1801. 

342 French Limoges vase, rich decoration of flowers upon dark green 

ground Rev. Wesley R. Davis 

343 Rouen dish Mrs. J. Towjisend Lansing 

344 One old Sevres plate with portrait of Madame Pompadour, 

Mrs. Erastus Corning 

345 Sevres plate, "Rose du Barry " Mrs. Erastus Cornmg 

346 Covered bowl, French Mrs. Erastus Corning 

347 Quimper plate Mrs. William Cassidy 

348 Quimper plate Mrs. William Cassidy 

349 Quimper plate Mrs. William Cassidy 

350 Tournai plate Mrs. William Cassidy 

35 1 Tournai plate Mrs. William Cassidy 


352 French vase of the first Empire, with beautifully pencilled panels 

and heads of laughing satyrs in gold, mounted by cupids. 

Rev. Wesley R. Davis 

353 Pair of Sevres vases Clarence Rathbone 

354 Sevres plate Mrs. W. B. Van Rensselaer 


355 Berlin plate, from Centennial Exhibition George D. Fearey 

356 Berlin china flower pot Miss Cynthia Dexter 

With coat of arms of the House of Hanover. 

357 Berlin china bowl, white and pink.. . .-..Mrs. Erastus Corning, Jr. 

358 Large Dresden pitcher Mrs. Theodore Townsend 

With marine decorations. 

359 Dresden cup and saucer Mrs. Montgomery H. Throop 

360 Small Dresden vase George Douglas Miller 

361 Old Dresden, imitation of Japanese Mrs. Erastus Corning, Jr. 

362 Figure (girl's head), Vienna Mrs. John F. Rathbone 

363 Piece of Meissen china Howard Van Rensselaer 

364 Bonbon box supported by negro Mrs. John F. Rathbone 

365 Bottle painted in red Mrs. John F. Rathbone 

366 Bottle painted with animals , Mrs. John F. Rathbone 

367 Dresden tea-pot Mrs. Philip Ten Eyck 

368 Old Dresden vase Miss Cornelia Kane Rathbone 

369 Dresden plate Mrs. Henry Lansing 

370 Dresden coffee cup and saucer Mrs. Henry Lansing 

371 Old Dresden plate, pink and white Mrs. Henry Lansing 

372 Dresden plate Mrs. Ledyard Cogswell 

373 Old Dresden cup Mrs. A. Bleecker Banks 

374 Old Dresden cup and saucer Mrs. Henry Russell 

375 Royal Saxony fruit dish Mrs. William Cassidy 

376 Cup and saucer from the Vatican, Vienna ware, 

Mrs. William Cassidy 

377 Small Dresden teapot, Marcolini period Mrs.-V. P. Douw 

378 Dresden box with cover, modern Mrs. V. P. Douw 

379 Old Dresden plate Mrs. Erastus Corning 

380 Old Berlin plate, open work border Mrs. Erastus Corning 

381 Berlin game plate, modern Mrs. Erastus Corning 

382 Dresden salt cellars, modern Mrs. Erastus Corning 

383 Dresden dishes Mrs. W. B. Van Rensselaer 

384 Dresden cup and saucer Mrs. Wm. Barnes 



3S5 Carafe belonged to Louis Napoleon Mrs. Ira Harris 

386 Pitcher Mrs. Theodore Townsend 

Old French decorated glass. 

387 Light blue Bohemian glass vase Miss Cynthia Dexter 

388 Old cut glass pitcher and bowl Mrs. Ira Harris 

389 Venetian glass plate Mrs. Theodore Townsend 

390 Venetian glass small pitcher Mrs. Montgomery H. Throop 

391 Venetian glass cup and saucer Mrs. Montgomery H. Throop 

392 Old goblet, cut glass George Douglas Miller 

393 Large covered vase, white and gold Miss Pierce 

394 Venetian glass vase Mrs. Henry Russell 

395 Cameo glass vase Mrs. Henry Russell 

396 Cameo glass vase Mrs. Henry Russell 

397 Small girandole Mrs. Jacob H. Ten Eyck 

398 Old cut glass decanter with silver stand. . . .James McNaughton 

399 Old cut glass pitcher., James McNaughton 

400 Old cut glass celery glass James McNaughton 

401 Old cut glass decanter Mrs.'' Henry Lansing 

402 Old cut glass preserve saucer Mrs. Henry Lansing 

403 Old cut glass jelly glass Mrs. Henry Lansing 

404 Old cut glass tumbler Mrs. Henry Lansing 

405 Old cut glass tumbler Mrs. Henry Lansing 

406 Old cut glass hock glass (green) Mrs. Henry Lansing 

407 Old cut glass dish Mrs. Henry Lansing 

408 Old cut glass dish Mrs. Henry Lansing 

409 Old cut glass liquer glass Mrs. Henry Lansing 

410 Old cut glass liquer glass .Mrs. Henry Lansing 

41 1 Old cut glass candelabrum Mrs. J. H. Ten Eyck 

412 Bohemian glass vase Mrs. J. H. Ten Eyck 

413 Venetian glass finger bowl Miss Cornelia Kane Rathbone 

414 Antique Roman vase, iridescent glass, 

Rev. Wesley R. Davis 
Excavated by Schllemann at Olytnpia ; perfect in shape. 

415 Bohemian glass goblet Mrs. Erastus Corning 

416 Iridescent glass Mrs. J. Townsend Lansing 

417 Piece of old English cut glass Mrs. J. G. Farnsworth 

418 Rare glass, belonged to Baron Teck Mrs. J. G. Farnsworth 

419 Venetian vase, antique, dark amber flecked with gold. 

Rev. Wesley R. Davis 

420 Rare glass, belonged to Baron Teck Mrs. J. G. Farnsworth 

421 Cameo glass Mrs. J. G. Farnsworth 

422 Flagon, with silver top Mrs. J. G. Farns\v-orth 



423 Vienna glass, Lobmeyer, maker George Douglas Miller 

424 Antique Russian drinking glass Mrs. Wm. Barnes 

425 Bohemian vase Mrs. Wm. H. McClure 

426 Venetian glass mats Miss Cornelia Kane Rathbone 

427 Venetian dish Miss Cornelia Kane Rathbone 

428 Pitcher, red glass Miss Cornelia Kane Rathbone 

429 Antique Oriental glass Mrs. C. P. Williams, Jr. 

430 Venetian finger bowl Mrs. V. P. Douw 

431 Venetian glass bottle George D. Fearey 


432 Plaque Mrs. Edward Bowditch 

433 Plaque Mrs. Edward Bowditch 

434 Plaque Mrs. C. G. Van Rensselaer 

435 Old Delft cow and milkman Mrs. John F. Rathbone 

436 Old tankard with cover Mrs. John F. Rathbone 

437 Plaque, old E. D. Palmer 

438 Plaque, old E. D. Palmer 

439 Blue and white jar E. D. Palmer 

440 Blue and gray jar E. D. Palmer 

441 Plaque Miss Vandenburgh 

442 Plate Mrs. Henry Lansing 

443 Plate Mrs. Henry Lansing 

444 Plate Mrs. Henry Lansing 

445 Plaque John Wolff 

446 Plaque John Wolff 

447 Plaque John Wolff 

448 Plaque.. John Wolff 

449 Plaque John Wolff 

450 Plaque Mrs. R. S. Oliver 

451 Plaque Mrs. R. S. Oliver 

452 Plaque Mrs. C. G. Van Rensselaer 

453 Plaque Mrs. C. G. Van Rensselaer 

454 Plaque Mfs. R. S. Oliver 

455 Bird cage plaque Mrs. Erastus Coming 


456 Nove dish, Venice Mrs. J. Townsend Lansing 

457 Majolica plaque Mrs. Erastus Corning 

458 Italian water jar, inscribed "Vera Coriando, 1524," 

Mrs. Erastus Corning 

459 Moorish jar Mrs. Edward Bowditch 

460 Moorish vase, yellow and blue Mrs. Edward Bowditch 


46 1 Etruscan pitcher, great age Bishop Doane 

462 Majolica vase Mrs. John F. Rathbone 

463 Majolica tankard Mrs. John F. Rathbone 

464 Old Italian medicine jar E. D. Palmer 

465 Neapolitan jar E. D. Palmer 

466 Jar made at Doccia, Italy, by Ginore, in 1735 E. D. Palmer 

467 Rhinoceros horn, carved in vase form . . . .George Douglas Miller 

468 Carved paper cutter George Douglas Miller 

469 Triptych with five copies of Fra Angelicos figures in miniature, 

Mrs. Montgomery H. Throop 

470 Black hawthorne vase Richard L. Annesley 

471 Old Red Lacquer plaque Rev. Wesley R. Davis 

472 Lowestoft plate, Walsh family Miss Sarah W. Barnard 

473 Old Satsuma jar Mrs. J. G. Farnsworth 

474 Staffordshire plaque George D. Fearey 

475 Staffordshire plaque George D. Fearey 

476 Delft plaque George D. Fearey 

477 Delft plaque George D. Fearey 

478 India plaque George D. Fearey 

479 Creil (French) plaque George D. Fearey 

480 Creil (French) plaque George D. Fearey 

48 1 Creil (French) plaque George D. Fearey 

482 Creil (French) plaque George D. Fearey 

483 Creil (French) plaque George D. Fearey 

484 Cup and saucer, Spode Mrs. J. G. Farnsworth 

485 Plate, Spode Mrs. J. G. Farnsworth 

486 Fruit dish (willow ware), Leeds Mrs. Teunis VanVechten 

487 Red cloisonne bowl Mrs. J. G. Farnsworth 

488 Porcelain candlestick of Imari ware W. Howard Brown 

From Buddhist Temple, of great age. 

489 Sevres cup and saucer Mrs. George Evans 

490 Sevres plate with portrait of Marie Losinska. Mrs. George Evans 

491 Sevres plaque , Mrs. George Evans 

492 Sevres platter Mrs. George Evans 

493 Sevres platter Mrs. George Evans 

494 The Pruyn collection of Oriental pottery, bronzes and lacquer, 

Charles L. Pruyn 


495 Pitcher, English ware Mrs. John L. Newman 

496 Punch bowl. Canton ; Mrs. J. T. Cooper 

497 Tureens, French china J. Howard King 

498 Black Lowestoft teapot Mrs. Cuyler Ten Eyck 

499 Chinese teapot, Canton Mrs. J. H. Ten Eyck 

500 Japanese teapot Mrs. J. H. Ten Eyck 

501 Japanese tea caddy Mrs. J. H. Ten Eyck 

502 Nankin cup and saucer Mrs. J. H. Ten Eyck 

503 Old Hizen bowl Mrs. Cuyler Ten Eyck 

504 Chinese pitcher Mrs. Cuyler Ten Eyck 

505 Lustre pitcher Mrs. John L. Newman 

506 Basin and ewer, Chinese Mrs. C. G. Van Rensselaer 

507 Lowestoft cup Mrs. Cuyler Ten Eyck 

508 Nankin cream pitcher Miss Pearce 

509 Nankin coffee pot Miss Pearce 

510 Old China tea pot Mrs. V. P. Douw 

5 1 1 Hizen tea pot Mrs. C. G. Van Rensselaer 

5 1 2 Lowestoft bowl Mrs. C. G. Van Rensselaer 

The " Kakamona," or Japanese wall paper, used in decorating the 
Ceramic Room, has been kindly loaned by Mr. James Terry Gardiner. 

The antique Persian, Kelim, Ghiordes, Kisac, Daghistan and Camels' 
Hair rugs, used in the decoration of the Ceramic Room, have been 
kindly loaned by the Rev. Wesley R. Davis, and also the Kakamona 
or Baby Bears, a water-color on silk, by the famous Japanese artist, Okio. 


N'orth-7uest Room, Principal Story. 

Cicero.— De Officiis et Paradoxa Printed by Fust and Schoeffer, 
Mayence, February 4, 1466. 

This edition of the Officio was the last book printed by Fust, 
the second of the triumvirs of the printing world. Gutenberg's 
name never appeared in any of his books Schoeffer, the last 
of the trio, married the daughter of Fust, as the words, Maiiu 
Petri pueri mei, in the colophon of the above book seem to indi- 
cate. Fust went to Paris soon after the printing of this work, 
and died there that same year, of the plague. The present book 
is a perfect specimen of this press. 

Saint Augustine. — De Singularitate clericorum. Printed by Ulric 
Zell, Cologne, 1467. 

This IS the first book printed at Cologne bearing a date and 
the name of the printer. Zell printed very many books from 
this time until 1494, but put his name in only three books At 
the close of the fifteenth century there were twenty printing 
establishments in Cologne. 

Cicero. — Epistola ad Atticum Printed by Nicholas Jenson, 
Venice, 1470. 

Jenson was perhaps the most elegant printer of his time. 
Louis XI sent him to Mayence to learn printing, intending, 
doubtless, to have the art introduced into his realm . but fox 
some reason Jenson, while he ever after proudly wrote Gallicus 
after his name, never returned to France, settling in Venice, and 
making that city famous in the annals of typography by his 
beautiful Roman type, straight lines and wide margins The 
colophon containing the date and printer's name will be found 
on the last page. 

Diogenes Laertius. — Vitae Philosophorum. Printed by Nicholas 
Jenson, Venice, 1475- 

This is the first edition of this work, and by the same printer 
a^> the preceding title. This copy belonged once to Philip 


Melancthon, the religious reformer, and is filled with marginal 
notes m his handwriting It was afterward in the collection ot 
Dr. Kloss, of Frankfort. 

5 Chronicon Nurembergense. Printed by Antonius Koburger, Nu- 

remburg, 1493. 

While this book is not particularly rare, it is full of interest 
on account of the wood engravings made by Wolgemuth and 
Pleydenwurf. There are over two thousand of these in the 
volume. Albert Durer had been an apprentice to Wolgemuth 
from i486 to 1490, and many of the engravings are suggestive 
of his hand It was one of the most pretentious books of the 
fifteenth centur}'. On the recto of folio cclxiiii is the first Dance 
of Death of which we have any recollection, and which prob- 
ably formed the model of this kind of drawing The book was 
reprinted in 1497. in smaller folio and inferior type, 

6 Horace — Opera omnia. Printed by Johannes Giirninger, Stias- 

bourg, 1498. 

In the Bibl. HarUian, vol. in, No 754, this edition of Horace 
IS called ' one of the greatest curiosities in the whole Harleian 
collection." The text is in large Roman type, while a small 
Roman letter is used for the annotations. 

7 Liber festivalis. Printed by Julian Notary, Westminster [London], 


This book is printed in English of the old black letter char- 
acter. The title and the headings of the chapters are in Latin. 
The reverse of the last folio bears the colophon and the print- 
er's peculiar mark. This is the only book printed by Notary 
in England in the fifteenth century This copy is bound by 

8 Robert Whittington. — Grammatices opusculum. Printed by Wyn- 

ken De Worde, London, Flete street, 1519. 

Wynken DeWorde succeeded to Caxton's press. In 1502 
he moved from Westminster to Fleet street. The peculiar 
device is partly Caxton's and partly his own The letters W 
and C are the initials of the first English printer 

9 Dionisius Richel. — Un compendio de las Processiones. Printed 

Ly Juan Cromberger, Mexico, 1544- 

This little Spanish tract of twelve leaves is one of the rarest 
of Americana. As with the discovery of the art, so with its 
introduction into the new world— the date is difficult to fix. 
Senor Icazbalceta, the Mexican bibliographer, gives 1540 as 
the date of the first book printed in this country, and of which 
a copy is said to be owned in Madrid. He cites the present 
title as the fourth book. Cromberger had printed in Seville 
and unquestionably was the first to set up a press in America. 

10 Regla Christiana breve. Printed in Mexico, 1547. 

This book has no printer's name, but, as will be observed, is 
of the same type and character as the preceding. 


1 1 Speculum Conjugiorum. Printed by Johannes Paulas, Brissensis, 

Mexico, 1556. 

This printer, known as Juan Pablos, is claimed by some as 
the first printer in America. He is believed by some bibliog- 
raphers to have been a workman for Cromberger, and upon the 
latter's death to have come into possession of the press. 

12 An Almanack for the year of our Lord 1646. 

This Almanack was printed at Cambridge, in New England, 
in the }'ear 1645, being calculated for the year 1646. It was 
printed by Stephen Day, the first prmter in the colonies and 
the printer of the Bay State Psalm book. Stephen Day's name 
never appeared in an imprint. This honor was reserved for 
his brother; Mathew Day, the printer of the succeeding title. 
These four Almanacks belonged to the Rev. Samuel Hough, 
minister of Reading, Mass. They were interleaved by him 
and contain many entries in his handwriting. They passed into 
the possession of Judge Samuel Sewell, and remained in the 
Sewell family until they were purchased by the late John K. 
Wiggins of Boston. From the latter's collection they passed 
into that of the late Mr. George Brinley of Hartford. At the 
sale of his books in 187S they came into the library of the 
present owner. The three printers who were first to exercise 
their art in the colonies are here represented, they are Stephen 
Day, Mathew Day and Samuel Green. 

13 An Almanack for the year of our Lord, 1647. Cambridge, printed 

by Mathew Day, 1647. 

From a purely bibliographical standpoint this is the rarest 
book of all the Americana. It is the first book printed in the 
colonies with the name of printer, d.ite and place, and it is the 
only copy of this book known. 

14 An Almanack for the year of our Lord 1648. Printed at Cam- 

bridge, 1648. 

Over against the month of June for this year the Rev. Mr. 
Hough recorded that on "14 June '48, Alice Jones was exe- 
cuted at Boston for witchcraft." It was this manuscript note 
made contemporaneously with the event which fixed in the 
history of New England the date of the first execution there 
for witchcraft, and the name of the unfortunate person. 

15 An Almanack for the year of our Lord 1650. Printed at Cam- 

bridge, 1650. 

Each of these Almanacks has been bound by Mathews the 
elder, of Brooklyn, the foremost binder of our country. The 
present title is so arranged as to show its covers and design. 

16 A Fast of God's Chusing. By Thomas Thacher, Boston. Printed 

by John Foster, 1678. 

This is a sermon preached on a public fast day by the first 
pastor of the old South Church of Boston. Foster was the 
first to set up a press in Boston. His earliest book is dated 
1676. This copy is bound by Riviere in his best style. 


17 Keith, George. — The Presbyterian and Independent Visible 

Churches in New England. Philadelphia, printed by Will. 

Bradford, 1689. 

William Bradford was the first printer in the Province of 
Pennsylvania. His first work was dated December 28, 1685 
and was an almanack for the year 1686. 

18 Keith, George. — The Notes of the True Church. Printed and 

sold by William Bradford at the sign of the Bible in New York, 

1 9 Keith, George. — The Great Necessity and Use of the Holy Sac- 

raments. Printed and sold by William Bradford at the sign of 

the Bible in New York, 1704. 

These two books are from the first press in the city of New 
York. Bradford began printing there in 1693. In 1694 he 
printed the "Laws of the Province of New York,'' which may 
be called the first book printed, the work done in 1693 consisting 
of proclamations only, 

20 Cicero. — Omnia Opera. Printed by Sebastian Gryphius, Lyons, 


The Gryphii were famous printers in Paris and Lyons. This 
edition of Cicero's works is not very highly valued, but a single 
volume from the set is here presented to illustrate the Grolier 
bindings. Each volume is clothed sumptuously in Grolier 
designs. There is a Grolier club in New York, but if the pos- 
session of a genuine Grolier was made the qualification for 
admission, the circle would be exceedingly small. Grolier was 
the patron of Aldus and the Meccenas of printers and book 
lovers. Says Dibdin : "What bibliomaniac can enjoy perfect 
tranquility of mind unless he possess a Grolier copy of some 
work." At the bottom one reads the benevolent motto "Jo 
Grolerii et AmicorumJ" 

2 1 Ptolemy. Printed for John Sprint, London. 

This copy was bound by Roger Payne, the celebrated and 
eccentric binder, and his original bill for binding the same is 
also exhibited. 

22 Valerius Maximus. Printed by Aldus, Venice, 1502. 

This is one of the earliest Aldines in which the Anchor 
device appears, and which will be found on the recto of 'the 
first leaf. 

23 Hennepin. — Nouvelle Decouverte. Printed by Broedeler, Utrecht, 


This is the first edition of Father Hennepin's " New Dis- 
covery," and this is the first engraving of Niagara. 

24 Evans. — The Minister of Christ. Philadelphia, printed by B. 

Franklin, 1732. 

This and the two following titles are from Benjamin Frank- 
lin's press. This is an early specimen of Franklin's printing, 
and rare. 


25 Ascott. — Considerations Relating to the Present State of the 

Christian Religion. B. Franklin, at the New Printing Office, 
Philadelphia, 1732. 

The autograph of Benjamin Franklin is to be seen with this 

26 The Constitutions of the Free Masons. Re-printed in Philadel- 

phia, 1734. 

This is the first masonic book printed in America, and was 
printed by Benjamin Franklin, himself an active member of 
the order. 

27 Illustrations of Masonry. Batavia, printed for the author, i8z6. 

This is the original Morgan book. It was in type when its 
author, William Morgan, disappeared, or as some say, was 

28 Laws and Ordinances of the City of Albany. Printed by Alex- 

ander and James Robertson, Albany, 1773. 
This is the first book printed in Albany. 

29 The Charter of the City of Albany. New York, printed by H. 

Gaine, in Hanover Square, 1771- 

This is the first printed copy of our charter. At a meeting 
of the Common Council, held January 31, 1706, it was "Re- 
solved, that Mr. John Abeel, Mr. Evert Banker, Mr. Hen- 
drick Hansen, Mr. Johannes Cuyler, either or more of them 
by occasion when they go down to New York, take a fair copy 
of the city charter and agree with the printer to print the 
same at such cheap rate as can be agreed for to the cost and 
advantage of the city, and for the amount thereof to be paid 
out of the first money to come in." Sixty-five years passed 
before the charter was printed. Let every Albany bibliomaniac 
seek these two books. The)' are becoming very, very rare. 
Generally they are found bound together. 

30 The Book of Mormon. — By Joseph Smith, Jr. Palmyra, printed 

by E. B. Grandin, for the Author, 1830. 

This is the original edition of the Mormon Bible. It has the 
"testimony of three witnesses" on the recto of the page 
directly after page 588, and on the reverse side the "testimony 
of eight witnesses" to the "plates of gold" shown them by 
Joseph Smith, Jr., upon which was the " Revelation,'' and 
from which the Bible was translated. It is said that the manu- 
script from which the book was printed and which suggested 
the scheme to Smith, was the work of a demi-clergyman, Solo- 
mon Spalding. 

31 Doctrine and Covenants of the Church of the Latter Day Saints. 

Kirtland, Ohio, 1835. Printed by F. G. Williams & Co. 

This book of the " Doctrine and Covenants" is much rarer 
than the Bible. Kirtland, where it was printed, was to have 
been the New Jerusalem. It is interesting to note that at this 
early period of the church the Mormons were not ready to 



avow their belief in polygamy, and on page 251 it is distinctly 
stated "we declare that we believe, that one man should have 
one wife, and one woman but one husband." 

32 Junius. London, printed for Henry Sampson Woodfall, 1772. 

This is the first authorized edition of the letters of Junius. 
This copy belonged to Sir William Draper, and has his auto- 
graph on the title page and many autographic notes, interest- 
ing because of the important part he played in drawing the fire 
of Junius. Surrounding the book are autographic letters of 
Woodfall, the printer. Sir Philip Francis, John Wilkes, Duke 
of Grafton, Duke of Portland, Lord North and other charac- 
ters in Junius. Warren Hastings' autograph will be found 
directly over that of Sir Philip Francis, the reputed author of 

33 Johannis de Aurbach Summa. Printed by Ginther Zainer, Augs- 

bourg, 1469. 

This book is exhibited as a specimen of early printing. It is 
the second book printed at Augsbourg, and with the exception 
of the Cicero of 1466 and the Augustinus of 1467, is the earliest 
printed book in this collection. 

34 Mercurius Trismegistus. Printed by Gerardus de Lisa, (quarto) 

Treviso, 1471. • 

This is the first edition of this work. The type is peculiar 
for that period. 

35 Fasciculus Temporum. Printed by Arnoldus Therhoerner, Cologne, 


This is the first edition of this work so often reproduced in 
the 15th century. The wood cut on the page at which the book 
is open speaks of the inferior state of the art in Cologne at that 

36 Fasciculus Temporum. Printed by Erhardus Ratdolt, Venice, 


This edition is more interesting than the preceding. The 
state of the art of engraving at that time is seen in the curious 
attempt to produce cavities and depth of shade in the right 
hand picture of the page on which the book is opened. On the 
left hand page the city of Venice is seen. 

37 Vetus Testamentum Belgicum. Printed by Jacobs and Yemants, 

(two vols.) Delft in Holland, 1477, folio. 

The second volume is here shown opened at the colophon to 
show the printers' mark and date. This is the first impres- 
sion of the Dutch Bible, and as such should be of interest to 
the descendants of the Hollanders. The book is very rare. 

38 Evangelia und Renaria. 

Johannes Bamler, of Augsbourg, is believed by bibliograph- 
ers to have been the printer of this book, one of the earliest 
editions of the Epistles and Gospels. The curious wood-cuts 
scattered through the volume alone make it interesting. This 


copy belonged to Dr. Kloss of Frankfort. The wood-cut, at 
which the volume is opened, represents the Saviour rising from 
the tomb while the three soldiers sleep. 

39 La Mer des Histoires. (Two vols. Folio) Printed by Pierre le 

Rouge, Paris, 1488. 

This is the first French, and a very rare, version of the Rudi- 
mentum Novitiorum, The wood-cuts have been highl}' colored 
by some miserable hand and consequently disfigured for the 

40 Thucidides. The hystory writtone by Thucidides, London, 1550. 

This is the first English translation of this author. 

41 Euclid. Printed at London by John Daye, 1570. 

This is the first English edition of Euclid. The preface was 
written by John Dee, the famous astrologist. The book is 
opened to show the admirable way in which solid angles were 

42 Roger Ascham. Toxophilus. Printed in London by Ed. White- 

church, 1545. 

This is the first edition of this book which is read with relish 
even now by those who love the purity of early English. He 
taught Elizabeth the languages, and was appointed secretar}' to 
Edward VI. This book was dedicated to Henry VUI. 

43 Roger Ascham. The Schoolmaster. Printed by John Daye, Lon- 

don, 1570. 

The first edition of this work. It was published by his 
widow, Margaret Ascham. 

44 Francis Bacon. The two books on learning. Printed for Henrie 

Torres, London, 1605. 

This is the first edition of the two books. It was enlarged to 
nine books and printed in Latin in 1623. 

45 Francis Bacon. IX Books on Learning. Printed by Leon. Lich- 

field, Oxford, 1640. 

This is the first English edition of the nine books. An 
autographic signatu re of Francis Bacon is also exhibited. The 
words " To tresorer Mr. Chanc, at ye excheqr," are also in his 
handwriting. The document is dated November 26, 1613, and 
has several other rare signatures. The title page and frontis- 
piece of the book were engraved by Marshall. 

46 Cotton Matter. Magnalia Christi Americana London, printed for 

Thomas Parkhurst, 1702. 

This is the first edition of this first ecclesiastical history of 
New England. The original map is found in thiscop)'. Upon 
it our city is called New Albion, and the island south of us, 
Bears Island. 

47 Arithmetic designed for beginners. Raleigh, N. C, Bronson & 

Farrar, 1864. 

This specimen of Confederate printing is interesting because 
of the curious examples given for solution. On page 44, 


example 6 reads: " If one Confederate soldier can whip ^ 
Yankees, how many soldiers can whip 49 Yankees?" The 
book is opened at another interesting proposition. 

48 Free-Masons, The Constitutions of the. London, printed by 

William Hunter, 1723. 

This is the first masonic book ever printed or published. It 
was written by Dr. Anderson secretary of the Grand Lodge, 

49 Terentius. Opera. Printed by Griininger, Strasbourg, 1496. 

This is the same printer who gave us the Horace mentioned 
above. These are among the first attempts to represent dra- 
matic character in engravings. 

50 Lactantii, Opera. Printed by Les Freres de la Vie Commune 

Rostock, 1476. 

This is the first book printed in this place. 

51 Fasciculus temporum. Printed by Jean Valdener, Utrecht, 1480. 

This is the finest specimen known of this press. 

52 Bartholomeus. Printed by Jacob Bellaert, Harlem, 1485. 

This curious book is the only specimen of this press. 


Abbreviations . A. L. S. autographic letter signed ; L. S. letter signed ; D. S. 
document signed ; A. M autographic manuscript ; 3 P. written in the third person. 

Kings and Queens of England. 

53 Henry VII, D. S. July 25, 1498. 

54 Henry VIII, D. S. October 23, 1543. 

55 Edward VI, D. S. first year of his reign. 

56 Elizabeth, D. S. and marginal autographic notes, August 30, 1566. 

57 James I, D. S. March 31, 1597. 

58 Charles I, D. S. September 20, 1637. 

59 Oliver Cromwell, D. S.; signed as Protector, Jane 6, 1655. 

60 Charles II, D. S. September 5, 1672. 

61 James II, D. S., St. Germain, January, 1698. 

62 William III, D. S., January 20, 1692. 

63 Anne, D. S. seven days before she died, July 24, 17 14. 

64 George I, D. S. while Elector of Hanover, February i, 1708. 

65 George II, D. S. while Prince, April 13, 17 16. 

66 George III, D. S. July 25, 1764. 

67 George IV, D. S. 1822 

68 William IV, A. L. S. while Duke of Clarence, March 25, 1822. 

69 Victoria, D. S. July 5, 1837. 


^o Francis I, of France. He of the " Field of the Cloth of Gold." 

71 Frederick II, of Prussia. The Great. February 24, 1785. 

72 Louis XVI of France, D. S., December 25, 1791. 

73 Marie Antoinette, D. S., 1785. 

74 Napoleon I, D. S.; signed Bonaparte, Pans, April 1, 1803. 

75 Josephine, A. L. S., Lapagerie Bonaparte. 

76 Marie Louise, A. L. S., Paris, February 19, 1814. 

77 Napoloon III, A. L. S. in German, Arenenburg, June 20, 1824. 

78 Louis Phillippe, L. S. Paris, February 10, 1847. 

79 Addison, Joseph. Several autograhic poems, 1703. 

This also contains the autographs of Lady Warwick and 
of Charlotte Addison. 

80 Arnold, Benedict, D. S. December 9, 1778. 

81 Bronte, Charlotte, autographic fragment. 

82 Burr, Aaron, A. L. S., Philadelphia* March 13, 1792. 

83 Burke, Edmund, A. L. S. 

84 Bulwer, Sir E. Lytton, A. L. S., Oxford, August 6, 1828. 

85 Bryant, William Cullen, A. L. S., New York, February 17, 1859. 

86 Carlyle, Thomas, A. L. S., Chelsea, June 19, 1849. 

87 Chesterfield, Earl, A. L. S., London, April 14, 1750. 

88 Clay, Henry, A. L. S. Auburn, July 26, 1839. 

This was written at Seward's house during his absence. Mrs. 
S. opened it, and has written an apology in pencil to her hus- 
band for a violation of the proprieties she could not resist 

89 Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, A. L. S., Highgate, May 6, 1819. 

90 Cowper, William, autographic poem. 

91 Davis, Jefferson, Beauvoir, October 29, 1880. 

92 Dickens, Charles, A. L. S., Doughty street, April i, 1839. 

93 Disraeli, Isaac, A. L. S., Exeter. January 7, 1795. 

94 Disraeli, Benjamin, A. L. S., Grosvenor Gate, December 14, 1865. 

95 Doddridge, Philip, A. L. S. August i, 1747. 

96 Everett, Edward, A. L. S., Washington, February 18, 1854. 

97 Franklin, Sir John, A. L. S., Galway, October 17, 1835. 

98 Gladstone, William E., A. L. S., Leamington, January, 21, 1833. 

99 Goethe, the German poet, A. L. S., Weimar, November 11, 1798. 

100 Guizot, the historian, A. L. S., Paris. 

loi Hancock, John, D. S. Boston, November 13, 1780. 

102 Henry, Patrick, A. L. S., Caroline, February i, 1796. 

103 Hopkins, Samuel, Dr., A. L. S., Newport, March 31, 1791. 

Founder of the Hopkinsonian School of Divinity. 

104 Hood, Thomas, A. L. S. 

105 Hugo, Victor. 

106 Ingelow, Jean, A. L. S. 

107 Johnson, Samuel, Dr., A. L. S., April 25. 


io8 Jonson Ben (Rare Ben), signature on title page of book. 
109 Kossuth, Louis, A. L. S., London, May 25, 1857. 
no Kosciusko, Thad., A. L. S., in English, West Point, November 26 

111 LaFayette, Marquis, A. L. S., in English, LaGrange, June ri, 1816. 

112 Lamb, Charles, A. L. S., Islington, February i, 1826. 

This letter is of special interest, as in it he seeks the services 
of a nurse for his sister. 

J 13 Mathew, Theobald Father, A. L. S., Cork, October 2, 1845. 

114 Metternich, Prince, A. L. S., May 19, 1798. 

115 Mirabeau, A. L. S., August 31, 1781. 

116 Martineau, Harriet, A. L. S-, June 30, 1832. 

117 Mitford, Mary Russell, A. L. S., Reading, November 7, 1837. 

118 Moore, Tom, A. L. S. April 6, 1828. 

119 More, Hannah, A. L. S., Berley Wood, January 30, 1819. 

120 Nightingale, Florence, A. L. S., London, July 17, 1871. 

121 Norton, Caroline, Mrs , A. L. S., April 16. 

122 Ouida, Countess de la Rama, A. L. S. 

123 Penn, William, A. L. S. (initials only), April 15, 1701. 

124 Pitt, William, copy book in his autograph and signed July 19, 177c. 

125 Randolph, John of Roanoke, A. L. S., Georgetown, November 3c, 


126 Richter, Jean Paul, A. L. S., Bayreuth, March 15, 1808. 

127 Ruskin, John, A. L. S., Denmark Hill, November i. 

128 Sand, George. 

129 Shelly, Mary W., A. L. S., Sandgate, July 9, 1832. 

130 Sterne, Laurence; signature on leaf of Tristram Shandy. 

131 Scott, Sir Walter, A. L. S., Edinburgh, April 4, 1817. 

132 Southey, Robert, A. L. S., Burton, August 16, 1797. 

133 Sue, Eugene, A. L. S., Paris, March 11, 1829. 

134 Tennyson, Alfred, A. L. S., Isle of Wight, March 31, 1874. 
13s Tocqueville, De., A. L. S., Tocqueville, 1841. 

136 Trumbull, Jonathan, A. L. S., Hartford, March 19, 1785. 

This patriot was the original of " Brother Jonathan.' , 

137 Warburton, Bishop, A. L. S., Prior Park, December 28, 1753. 

138 Washington, George, A. L. S., Mount Vernon, November 28, 1788. 

This is a letter of introduction for Gouverneur Morris to a 
London gentleman and is a model of elegance. 

139 AVellington, Arthur, Duke, A. L. S. ( initials only), August 13, 1841. 

140 Wesley, John, Rev., A. L. S., Dublin, July 20, 1752. 

141 Wilkie, Sir David, original sketch. 

142 Wilberforce, Sir William, A. L. S., Kensington, November 29, 1808. 

143 Wordsworth, William, A. L. S., Grassmere, April 9, 1801. 


The books in this case from No. I to No. 19, are the property of the City and County 
of Albany, and as such property are in the custody of William D. Strevell, County 
Clerk of Albany County. 

144 Book No. I. Records of the Court of Sessions, began March, 


Open at page 67 and has the following record : " Refused 
to appear as petit juryman and are finable are hans hendrixe 
Jam Byvank Everest Jans afterward called to supply their room 
are Capt Garret Tornisse John Becker and hend Van Dyck. 
The Grand jury fynde no bill on indictment but recommend 
and yt is requisite yt ye salis ye citty be repared forthwith & 
yt ye wyding in ye citty fence may enclosed and yt ye stock- 
adye may be removed and brought some couveient place to 
prevent fyre or any yt inconviences." 

145 Book No. 2. First book of Wills which has petitions for letters of 

administration and letters granted, etc. 

Open at page 102, being the will of Moss Van Buren and is 
dated 1733. This book commenced 1691, and has some very 
superior penmanship, and is in both English and the Dutch. 

146 Book No. 3. The first book of Deeds, from 1656 to 1678. 

This book also contains agreements, contracts, powers of 
attornej', etc., and is open at page 39, the first official act, 
Robert Livingston, Secretary. 

147 Book No. 4. This book contains proceedings of the justices of 

the peace of Resselaerwyck and Schenectady, and contains mat- 
ter from 1665 to 1685, and part of the volume is in English and 
relates to criminal and civil proceedings. 

148 Book No. 5. Book of Minutes, Court of General Sessions, from 

1763 to 1782. 

It is open at the last term of the court held in the King's 
time. This book is in excellent state of preservation. 

149 Book No. 6. Records of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas, 

from 1750 to 1762. 

150 Book No. 7. Court Minutes from 1652 to 1656. 

Held by the representatives of Fort Orange and Beverswyck. 

151 Book No. 8. 

Begun 1784, and opened at page 39. Incorporations of the 
Reformed Protestant Dutch church, Hillsburg, County of 
Albany, March 17, 1788. 

152 Book No. 9. Proceedings of the Commissioners of Magistrates 

for Rensslaerwyck and Schenectady. 

Kept by Robert Livingston, Secretary, and is open at page 
122, wherein a complaint is made for trading in furs with Indi- 
ans without paying the usual license. 


153 Book No. 10. Common pleas book. 

Is open at a Sheriff's return, wherein he gave notice that 
he has seized a negro boy (five years old) and other chattels to 
pay debt in the cause Derrick Tansen agt. Jacob Powers, 1775. 

154 Book No. II. Book of the proceedings, cavses, etc, Mayor's 

court from 1760 to 1761. 

155 Book No. 12. Court minutes, proceeding of the courts^ Albany 

Colony, Rensselaerwyck and Schenectady, began 3-13, 1668 to 
February 19, 167 2-3. 

This is in the Dutch language and is in a fine state of preser 

156 Book No. 13. Book of accounts belonging to the city of Albany. 

Commenced March 25, 1702, kept by Anthony Brant, Treas- 
urer, open at page 24 at the account of Johanies Bleecker, 

157 Book No. 14. A complete register of manumitted slaves, com- 

menced 1800. 

158 Book No. 15. Book of election returns as canvassed by the Su- 

pervisors from 1787 to 1806, with the original signatures of the 

159 Book No. 16. Minutes of the secretary of the city of Albany 

from August 21, 1675 to March 5, 1683-4. 
The minutes are kept in Dutch. 

160 Book No. 17. This book is entitled book of mortgages but this 

is true only in part, the most of it treats of acts and complaints 

at Fort Orange. 

Is open at the recorded report of Lymon Schermerhorn, of 
his famous ride with a broken thigh from Schenectadj' to 
Albany to alarm the settlement of the burning and massacre 
of the inhabitants by the French and Indians, February g. 

161 Book No. 18. Notarial Papers taken at the Fort from 1660 to 


Is opened at page 300 and has the original signature of 
Anneke Janse (Bogardus) these records being the oldest, and 
are in a fine state of preservation. 

162 Book No. 19. Deed booke open at Indian conveyance from 

Mohawk Chiefs of the Second Castle to Cornelius Van Dyke, 
Pieter Phillipse Schuyler and others, conveying lands at Sarach- 
toga and has original signatures witnessed by three citizens and 
acknowledgment taken before Robert Livingston Seer., July 22, 

{From the Siait Library.) 

163 Vertoogh van Nieu Nederland, 1650. pp. 49. 410. 

Account of New Netherland, its situation, fertility and the 
miserable state thereof. By A. Vander Donck. 

164 Vander Donck's Beschryvinge van Nieuw Nederlant, 1656. Sm. 


Description of New Netherland. 

165 Denton's brief description of New York, London, 1670. Sm. 410. 

With a map of the colony of New York and a view of New 
York city, which was incorporated as a city in 1652. This was 
the first account of New York printed in English. 

166 Beyard & Lodowick's Journal of the late actions of the French at 

Canada, with the manner of their being repulsed by Governor 
Fletcher of New York. London, 1693. Sm. 4to. 

167 Leeds's American Almanack, New York, 1713. i2mo. 

168 Gaine's New York Almanack, 1756. 24mo. 

169 Albertus Magnus. Liber secretorum de virtutibus herbarum et 

animalium quorundam. 1496. Sm. 4to. 

170 Gerson, Jo. Tractatus de simonia. 1470101478. Sm. 4to. 

171 Nicodemus. Evangelium. 1470. 4to. 

The acts of our Saviour Jesus Christ according to Nicodemus. 

172 Theramo, Rev. P. J- de. Compendium perbreve consolatio pecca- 

torum nuncupatum, apud nonnuUos Belial vocitatum. 1472. fo. 

173 The game and play of the chess moralized. Translated. 1474.410. 

Fac simile. 

First book printed by Wm. Caxton in England. 

174 Bible, English; London, Barker, 1608. 4to. 

In Genesis 3:7, aprons are translated breeches in this edition 
of what is called the Geneva version. 

175 Bible, English. 

Printed in Oxford and bound in London, all within 12 hours 
on the 400th anniversarj', in 1877, of Caxton's introduction of 
printing into England 

176 Fac simile of the first printing in New York city in June, 1693, 

being a proclamation of the governor for charitablccontributions 
to redeem white slaves, captive New York citizens in Africa. 

177 Albany Mechanics' Society, Register of members, in manuscript, 

with newspaper slip giving a sketch of its history, fo. 

178 Albany Dutch Church Account Book, 1685 to 1700; with signa- 

tures of ministers, elders and deacons, fo. 

179 George I. Commission on parchment entrusting the government 

of Great Britain to Wm. Wake, Archbishop of Canterbury, and 
twelve others, during his absence on a visit to Hanover, May 1 1 
to Nov. 15, 1717. 


i8o Petition of 146 citizens of the manor of Rensselaerwick to Steph. 
Van Rensselaer, the Lord of the Manor, dated 1795, for aid 
in ammunition, that they might lay siege to the mountains and 
destroy the numerous wolves. 

181 Copy of the same petition with signatures. 

182 Carte figurative. New Netherland, 1614. 

Brought over by J. R. Brodhead from the Netherlands. 

183 Sauthier's map of New York, 1779. London. 4 feet 9 inches by 

6 feet, in two sheets. 

184 A plan of the city of Albany in 1764. MS. 

185 A plan of the city of Albany. London, 1765. 

186 A plan of Fort Frederick at Albany. London, 1764. 

187 The Dutch Church, Albany, 1715 to 1806, at foot of State street. 

188 Two views of State street, Albany, 1805. 

189 A plan of the city of New York, from an actual survey by T. 

Maerschalk. London, 1763. 

190 Plan of the attack of the forts Clinton and Montgomery, upon 

Hudson's river, which were stormed by His Majesty's forces 
under the command of Sir Henry Clinton, K. B., on the 6th of 
October, 1777. London, 1784, by William Faden. 

191 Philip Van Rensselaer's Account book, 1743-81. fo. 

192 Letter from Baron de Dieskau, while a prisoner at Bath, N. Y., 

August I, 1757, to Captain (afterwards General) Philip Schuyler, 
in relation to his own exchange and the bad treatment Captain 
Schuyler's brother Peter was then receiving from the French 
while a prisoner of war. 

193 Letter from Gen. Philip Schuyler, while Member of Congress, 

dated at Albany, January 29, 1780, on the measures proposed to 
be adopted regarding the boundary beftween the States and the 
territory of the United States, addressed to the Legislature of 
New York. 

194 Last page of letter from Sir Henry Clinton to Lord George Ger- 

main, dated New York January 11, 1779, transmitting intelli- 
gence from the rebel country. 

195 Report of the main guard and guards defending the gates of 

Albany, December 16, 1758 (during the French war.) 

196 Sermon by Rev. Joannes Ritzema of New York, 1755. MS. 

Text from Genesis, 6:3. "My spint shall not always strive 
with man." 

197 Engravings of four Indian kings of the Six Nations. 

These chiefs accompanied Peter Schuyler to England in 
1709, and were presented to Queen Anne. 

198 Hendrick the Sachem of the Six Nations Engraving. 


199 Photograph of the Indian Chief Corn Planter. 

200 Group of Colorado Indians, 1863. Photograph. 

201 Portrait of Governor Peter Stuyvesant. Engraving. 

202 Portrait of Rev. Dr. John Livingston. Engraving. 

203 Portrait of Benjamin West, the painter. Engraving. 

204 New York State arms as on the Gansevoort flag of 1778. 

205 Map of the Six Nations country in New York, by Guy Johnson. 

1771. MS. 

206 New York Commission from Governor Clinton to Killian "Van 

Rensselaer to be Colonel of the Albany County Regiment, June, 
1778, having the arms of the State, with date by the engraver of 

207 Engraving of Fitch's first steamboat. 

208 Engraving of Fulton's first steamboat, the Clermont. 

209 Engraving. The first prayer in Congress. 

210 Aztec calendar or zodiac. Photograph. 

211 Lincoln monument; Springfield, Illinois. 

212 National monument, Gettysburgh, Pennsylvania. 

213 Proceedings of the convention of the State of New York, at Pough- 

keepsie in 1788, for adopting the Constitution of the United 
States, with the signatures of the members. MS. fo. 

Manuscripts belonging to the State of Ne70 York. 

214 Holograph letter from Petrus Stuyvesant, Director-General of 

New Netherland, to Ensign Dirck Smith, commanding at 
Esopus (Kingston), during the Esopus war, April 15, 1660. 

215 Record of Indian deed for part of Rensselaerwyck, in Book of 

Patents G. G. 

216 The Duke's Laws of 1664, one of three manuscript copies known 

to be extant. 

217 Dongan's Laws, the only copy of the first laws passed in the 

Colony of New York by the General Assembly. MSS volume. 

218 Holograph letter from William Beekman, Vice-Director on the 

Delaware, to Stuyvesant, September 12, 1659. 

219 Letter from the magistrates of Fort Orange to Stuyvesant, Janu- 

ary 12, 1662. 

220 Letter from the Sheriff of Albany to Provincial Secretary Swin- 

ton, March 29, 1686. 

221 Commission of Thomas Dongan as Captain-General and Gov- 

ernor-in Chief of New York, June 10, 1686. 

222 Letter from General Washington to Council of Safety of New 

York, July 22, 1777. 


259 Letter from P. P. Schuyler to Stephen Van Rensselaer, 1769. 

260 Letter from Stephen Schuyler, 1770. 

261 Letter from Stephen Schuyler, 1771. 

262 Receipts for wheat, etc.— 1629, P. Van Cortlandt to Coryn Rens- 

selaer; 1689, M. Plowmanns to Peter Schuyler; 1692, R. F. 
Livingston to Captain Van Rensselaer ; 1693, Robert Living- 
ston to Scilliad Van Rensselaer; 17 12, to Hendrick Douw and 
others. Also exemption from quit-rent for Colony of Rensse- 
laerwyck because of war and floods, July, 1693. Receipt for 
quit-rent, Hoosick, County of Albany, 1715; signed by Y- Byer- 
ley and Killian Van Rensselaer. 

263 Genealogy of Van Rensselaer family from Dutch Bible, 1645 to 

1 7 19. From William Bayard Van Rensselaer. 


301 Letter to Rutger Bleeker, dated Amsterdam, February, 1713, 

W. C. Abrams 

302 Fractional currency of the war period, 1861-1865 (39 pieces), 

Albany City Bank 

303 Original edition of "The Federalist," 1788, with autograph of 

Stephen Van Rensselaer Albany Female Academy 

304 History of New York, by Diedrick Knickerbocker (Washington 

Irving). New York, 1826 Albany Female Academy 

305 Journal of General Assembly, Colony of New York. Vol. I, 169 1- 

1743 Albany Female Academy 

06 Portraits of English sovereigns and noted nobility (steel engrav- 
ings) • . • Albany Female Academy 

307 Portraits of illustrious persons Albany Female Academy 

308 The Town. A New York paper, 1807 . .Albany Female Academy 

309 Wooden block (9x14) used for printing the Gospel of John in 

Japan American Bible Society 

310 Bound volume (11x14) illustrating Arabic printing in Beirut, 

American Bible Society 
3T1 Pamphlet (6x9), Galatians in Japanese — American Bible Society 

312 Pamphlet (6x10) in Chinese American Bible Society 

313 Broadsides with specimens of over 200 languages, 

American Bible Society 

314 Volume (iixi6-J^) containing title page, etc., New Testament, 1611, 

and loose leaves from Bishop's Bible of 1574, 

Secretary of American Bible Society 

315 Volume (8x1 i-i), Geneva Bible, 1591, black letter, 

Secretary of American Bible Society 

316 Volume (6^x9), King James Bible, black letter. 

Secretary of American Bible Society 

317 Volume (10x14^), Liber Psalmorum, 1562. cum expositione. 

Secretary of American Bible Society 

6 1 

242 Engraving of a pen sketch by Major John Andre of his passage 
by boat from the Britisn sloop of war, Vulture, to the shore of 
Haverstraw Bay on the Hudson, September 23, 1780, to confer 
with Benedict Arnold for the surrender of West Point. 

fan Jiensseher Papers. 

243 MS. map of Rensselaerwyck, by John R. Bleecker, Surveyor, 


The manor (24 miles square) covered whai is now Albany 
and Rensselaer counties. 

244 Gov. Dongan's charter (original), 4 Nov., 1785, of Manor of Rens- 

selaerwyck to Kilian Van Rensselaer, son of Jeremias, and to 
Kilian, son of Johannes, in trust for the heirs of their grand- 

245 Copy of Indian Deed to Kilian Van Rensselaer for a tract of 

land on the North river. 

The copy is made in 1652 by Arent van Curler, prominent 
in the settlement of Schenectady. 

246 Extract from the minutes of the Directors of the West India 

Company, concerning the Colony on the Delaware river, now 
State of Delaware and New Jersey, 1633. 

247 Copy of a deed for land on the east side of the river and for the 

Island ot Papsickorn, 1637. 

248 Record, that two islands in the Hudson river have been bought 

for the Patroon, 1650. 

Signed by Anthony de Hooge, after whom Anthony's Nose, 
further down, is called. 

249 Indian Deed to the officers of Rensselaerswyck for an island near 

the Flat, 1651. 

250 Indian Deed to Johan Baptist van Rensselaer, as Director of the 

Colony, for the Patroon for land, 1652. 

251 Also deed for land opposite Bethlehem, 1660. 

252 Also deed for Domine's Hook, 166 1. 

253 Also deed for an island in the river, 1663. 

254 Letter from the States-General of Holland by their Secretary, to 

the Dutch Envoy in England with enclosed extract from their 
minutes concerning the Manor of Rensselaerswyck, 1679. 

255 Indian Deed for land on east side of Hudson's river, 1707. 

256 Articles of capitulation to the English, 27 Aug., 1664. 

257 Exemplification of four Indian Deeds, 1630 and 1631. 

Oldest paper in the possession of the Van Rensselaer family. 

258 Gov. Strong's determination in 1654 to settle the lands of the 

Dutch Colony. 


259 Letter from P. P. Schuyler to Stephen Van Rensselaer, 1769. 

260 Letter from Stephen Schuyler, 1770. 

261 Letter from Stephen Schuyler, 1771. 

262 Receipts for wheat, etc. — 1629, P. Van Cortlandt to Coryn Rens- 

selaer; 1689, M. Plowmanns to Peter Schuyler; 1692, R. F. 
Livingston to Captain Van Rensselaer; 1693, Robert Living- 
ston to Scilliad Van Rensselaer; 17 12, to Hendrick Douw and 
others. Also exemption from quit-rent for Colony of Rensse- 
laerwyck because of war and floods, July, 1693. Receipt for 
quit-rent, Hoosick, County of Albany, 17 15, signed by Y. Byer- 
ley and Killian Van Rensselaer. 

263 Genealogy of Van Rensselaer family from Dutch Bible, 1645 to 

1719. From William Bayard Van Rensselaer. 

301 Letter to Rutger Bleeker, dated Amsterdam, February, 1713, 

W. C. Abrams 

302 Fractional currency of the war period, 1861— 1865 (39 pieces), 

Albany City Bank 

303 Original edition of "The Federalist," 1788, with autograph of 

Stephen Van Rensselaer Albany Female Academy 

304 History of New York, by Diedrick Knickerbocker (Washington 

Irving). New York, 1826 Albany Female Academy 

305 Journal of General Assembly, Colony of New York. Vol. I, 1691- 

1 743 Albany Female Academy 

306 Portraits of English sovereigns and noted nobility (steel engrav- 

ings) Albany Female Academy 

307 Portraits of illustrious persons Albany Female Academy 

308 The Town. A New York paper, 1 807 . . Albany Female Academy 

309 Wooden block (9x14) used for printing the Gospel of John in 

Japan American Bible Society 

310 Bound volume (11x14) illustrating Arabic printing in Beirut, 

American Bible Society 

311 Pamphlet (6x9), Galatians in Japanese. ..American Bible Society 

312 Pamphlet (6x10) in Chinese American Bible Society 

313 Broadsides with specimens of over 200 languages, 

American Bible Society 

314 Volume (iixi6i) containing title page, etc., New Testament, 1611,. 

and loose leaves from Bishop's Bible of 1574, 

Secretary of American Bible Society 

315 Volume (8x1 li), Geneva Bible, 1591, black letter. 

Secretary of American Bible Society 

316 Volume (6^x9), King James Bible, black letter, 

Secretary of American Bible Society 

317 Volume (10x14^), Liber Psalmorum, 1562. cum expositione, 

Secretary of American Bible Society 


3i8 Volume (4x3^), Gospel of Mark in Tamil, 

Secretary of American Bible Society 

319 Pamphlet (6x10^), Siamese Gospel of Luke, 

Secretary of American Bible Society 

320 The Albany Argus, No. 46, Vol. I. (July 2, 1813), framed. 

The Argus Co. 

321 Washington Birthday celebration programme, 1813, 

The Argus Co. 

322 Albany Register, April 15, 1814 Dr. Wm. H. Bailey 

323 Autograph letter from Philip Schuyler to Walter Livingston, Chair- 

man of the Secret Committee at Albany. .Thurlow Weed Barnes 

This letter relates to the disposition of Lady Johnson, and 
other matters of interest. Dated Fort George, June 1, 1776. 

324 Autograph letter from Governor Jonathan Trumbull of Connec- 

ticut to Samuel Stringer, Chairman of the Albany Committee of 
Safety. Dated Hartford, 30 May, 1775. .Thurlow Weed Barnes 

325 Autograph letter from Lynde Lord, Chairman of the Committee of 

Safety of the town of Litchfield, Connecticut, to the Albany 
Committee of Safety; replying to a request for immediate rein- 
forcements. 4 August, 1777 Thurlow Weed Barnes 

326 Biblia Sacra (Latin Bible). Amsterdam, 1669, 

Dr. W. W. Battershall 

327 Homilies to be Read in the time of Queen Elizabeth of Famous 

Memory, London, 1676. In black letter . . Dr. W. W. Battershall 
32S Pencil drawing of house corner Broadway and Tivoli streets, 
opposite Manor house, built 1700, also tile from the same, 

Mrs. J. C. Bell 

329 De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium. 1543, Nicolas Coperni- 

cus Prof. Lewis Boss 

This is the first edition of the inimortal work in which 
Copernicus demonstrated the true theory of the solar system. 
Copernicus died in 1543, a few hours after the first copy of this 
edition had been placed in his hands. 

330 Tabulae Astronomicae Alfonsi Regis, 1492 Prof. Lewis Boss 

These astronomical tables were constructed in 1252 byprder 
of Alfonso of Spain, upon the Ptolemaic hypothesis then in 
vogue. It was in relation to these very tables that Alfonso 
said: "If I had been consulted in devising the universe I 
should have made it on a much simpler plan." This, the third 
edition, was printed just in time to be used by Columbus in 
his first voyage of discovery. 

331 De Motibus Stellae Martis, 1609, John Kepler .. Prof. Lewis Boss 

This is the great work in which Kepler demonstrated the 
laws of planetary motion. This is the first edition, which is 
very rare. It was published in the year when Hudson first sailed 
up the river that now bears his name. 


332 Siderius Nuncius, 1610, Galileus .'.... Prof. Lewis Boss 

This is a copy of the first edition of the bulletin in which 
Galileo announced tne discovery of the telescope, and in which 
he also gave an account of his first observations upon the moon 
and planets by telescopic aid. This edition is very rare. 

333 Fac simile, Magna Carta of King John, 12 15 Irving Browne 

334 Fac simile. Warrant to execute Mary Queen of Scots, 1587, sign -d 

by Elizabeth Irving Browne 

335 Fac simile, Warrant to execute Charles I, 1684. . .Irving Browne 

336 Fac simile. Twelve London newspapers, 1588-1806 . Irving Browne 

337 Gold Obang, A very rare Japanese coin W. Howard Brown 

338 Private seal, Time of I>Jebuchadnezzar of Babylon, 

W. W. Byington 
Z3g Missal. Juntas, Venice, 1577 Mrs. William Cassidy 

340 Illustrations (steel engravings) by famous Italian artists ofTasso's 

Jerusalem Delivered Mrs. William Cassidy 

34 1 Essay on Man. Warburton Mrs. Anna Verplanck Clapp 

Frontispiece designed by Pope. London, 1745. Early 

342 De Bybel. Tot Leyden. Daniel Elzevier, 1663, 

Mrs. Anna Verplanck Clapp 
This old Dutch Bible contains the record of the Verplanck 
family in New York, beginning with the marriage of Gulian 
Verplanck and Hendrekje Wessells, 1668. 

343 Original draft of " Gov. Marcy's Patch Bill " Edward E. Cook 

344 Colored fashion plates, 1810 Mrs. John Tayler Cooper 

From the Repository of Arts, Fashions, etc. London, 1810. 

345 Autograph letter of Richard Wagner Erastus Corning 

346 Autograph letters of the Presidents of the United States, 

Monroe Crannell 

347 Autograph letters of the Governors of the State of New York, 

Monroe Crannell 

348 Autograph letter of John Howard Payne, author of ." Home, Sweet 

Home " Monroe Crannell 

349 Autographs of Napoleon I, Wellington, Mirabeau, Humboldt, Leigh 

Hunt, LaFayette, Washington, Franklin, Hamilton, "Grant, Philip 
Schuyler, Webster, Clay, Irving, Hawthorne, John Brown and 
others Monroe Crannell 

350 Deed of lot in Beverwyck, signed by Richard Nicolls, first English 

Governor of New York, 1667 Monroe Crannell 

35 1 Bank checks of Gov. Marcy, J. Fenimore Cooper, Daniel Web- 

ster and others Monroe Crannell 

352 Albany ballots used in six Presidential elections, 1864-1884 ; also 

New York State Electoral College ballots of same period, 

Monroe Crannell 


353 Naturalization paper, Colony of New York, 17 15. Monroe Crannell 

Signed by Judge Henrj- Beeckman. Judge of Ulster county. 

354 Old Albany newspapers — Federal Herald, 1788; Centinel, 1798-, 

Sentinel, 1804, in mourning for Hamilton; Gazette, 1789; Reg- 
ister, 1814 ; Register, 1815, in mourning for Fulton ; Argus, 
1815, fraiiied W. W. Crannell 

355 Seventy-five specimens of Colonial and Continental currency, in 

frame W. W. Crannell 

356 Programme of funeral obsequies of General Washington in Albany, 

and two small prints of Washington issued at the time of his 
death, in frame W. W. Crannell 

357 Complete set of Confederate government currency, 50 cents to 

$1,000, and small Confederate flag from Richmond, Va., in 
frame W. W. Crannell 

358 Complete set United States fractional currency and city of Albany 

currency, in frame W. W. Crannell 

359 Complete set United States cents, 1793 to 1886 inclusive, in frame, 

W. AV. Crannell 

360 Silver medal for valor in Crimean war, 1854, 

Clarke Winslow Crannell 

361 Charter, laws- and ordinances of city of Albany, printed in 1800. 

W. W. Crannell 

362 Book of Common Prayer 171 1, (in English and Dutch) used in St. 

Peter's church, Albany W. W. Crannell 

363 Dutch book, owned by a resident of Fort Orange, 1649, 

W. W. Crannell 

364 Albany Register, April 24, 1809. Glorious news by the steamboat, 

W. W. Crannell 

365 Broadside, April 12, 1804. Conduct of Aaron Burr, 

W. W. Crannell 

366 Broadside, April 24, 1809. Proclamation by President Madison, 

W. W. Crannell 

367 Albany Register, September 2, 181 2. Naval action between the 

Constitution and Guerriere. (See original challenge in frame.) 

W. W. Crannell 

368 Com. Perry's victory on Lake Erie, in verse W. W. Crannell 

369 Albany Register, January i, 1808. New Year's Address, 

W. W. Crannell 

370 Albany Gazette, January i, 1813. New Year's Address. 

W. W. Crannell 

371 Albany Argus, January i, 1815. New Year's Address, 

W. W. Crannell 

372 Ricketts' circus bill. Green street, August 4, 1797..W. W. Crannell 

373 Thespian hall bill, Pearl street, September 19, 1805 .W. W. Crannell 



374 The Balance, published by Harry Croswell, Hudson, June 17, 

1806 W. W. Crannell 

375 Military Monitor, New York, February 26, 1814. .W. W. Crannell 

376 Colored print, scalping scene, war of 1812 W. W. Crannell 

377 Dutch Bible, Dordrecht, 1729 W. W. Crannell 

378 Dutch Bible, Dordrecht, 1741 O. Carr 

379 The Old Government House, Bowling Green, New York, 

Currier & Ives, New York 
Engraved from a painting taken in iSoo. 

380 View of Broad street, New York, looking north to Federal Hall, 

where Washington was inaugurated. . . Currier & Ives, New York 

381 Fractional currency, Albany, 1861, 1862 G. G. Davidson 

382 Story of Rimini. By Leigh Hunt. First American edition. Bos- 

ton, 1816 Rev. W. R. Davis 

383 Religious Discourses. By a Layman (Sir Walter Scott). London, 

1828. (79 pages.) Rev. W. R. Davis 

The preface is signed "' W. S " Abbotsford, 2 January, 1828. 
This book is exceedingly rare. 

384 CEconomy of Human Life Rev. W. R. Davis 

Translation of an Indian manuscript by an ancient Brahmin, 
with forty-eight beautiful engravings. 

385 Effort to revive Albany Library and Atheneum. Circular to stock- 

holders, 1826 William DeyErmand 

386 Certificate of membership in the " Society of the Cincinnati," of 

Simeon De Witt, Chief of Topographical Staff under Washington, 
1785 Richard Varick De Witt 

387 Hanger worn by General De Witt at Burgoyne's surrender, 

Richard Varick De Witt 

388 Illustrations from ancient manuscripts and missals, Westwood, 

London, 1844 Bishop Doane 

389 Virgilii Opera, Incidit Pine, Londini, 1774 Bishop Doane 

390 Horatii Opera, Incidit Pine, Vol. I, Londini, 1733, Bishop Doane 

Vol. II, " 1737. Bishop Doane 

391 Senecae Opera, Crispinum, Geneva, 1614 Bishop Doane 

392 First Prayer-Book of the Protestant Episcopal CWurch, 

Bishop Doane 
"As proposed at a convention of the said church in the State 
of New York, New Jersey Pennsylvania. Delaware, Mary- 
land. Virginia and South Carolina, held Philadelphia, 1785," 
London reprint, 1789. 

393 Manuscript service Bishop Doane 

Used by Bishop Provoost, at the consecration of Christ's 
church, Duanesburgh, Albany county, August 25, 1793. 

394 Golden remains of the Ever Memorable, Mr. John Hales of Eaton 

Colledge, etc., second impression, London, 1673.. Bishop Doane 


395 Chaucer's works, London, 1687 Bishop Doane 

396 Sylva (discourse on forest trees), Terra (philosophical essay on the 

earth) and Pomona (a treatise on cider), published by express 
order of the Royal Society, London, 1679 Bishop Doane 

397 Works of Irenaeus, Paris, 1570 (fine binding) Bishop Doane 

398 Histoire Generale des Eglises Evangeliques des Vallees, de Pied- 

mont ou Vaudoises Bishop Doane 

399 Church Ritual, Antwerp, 1625, with old-fashioned notation of 

psalms ; Bishop Boane 

400 Paule Sharpe's History of Council of Trent, Frankfurt, 1621, 

Bishop Doane 

401 Old account-book, 1686-1692 James Doherty 

402 Commission of Lieut. Garret Staats in 3d N. Y. Regiment in 

Continental Army. Signed in 1776 by John Jay, 

Mrs. M. L. Douglas 

403 Appointment of John De Peyster, by George II, as " Mayor of 

Albany, Coroner and Clerk of the Market,'' with seal (4^ inches in 
diameter) of Province of New York. Signed by W. Bobin, 
Deputy Secretary. Fort George, in New York, 14 Oct., 1729, 

Miss Douw 

404 Appointment of John Jacob Beekman as Mayor of Albany. Signed 

by Governor George Clinton, Poughkeepsie, 27 June, 1783, with 

seal Miss Douw 

This was Albany's Centennial mayor, a man of very marked 
character. He presided over the Centennial festivities a hun- 
dred years ago. 

405 Child's ABC book, with the Lord's Prayer, the Creed, etc. Am- 

sterdam, 1781. Printed on cardboard Miss Douw 

406 Maxwell's New York Almanack, 1774, with quaint frontispiece, 

Miss Douw 

407 Certificate that Jeremia Van Rensselaer was made a freeman and 

citizen of Albany. Signed by Volckert P. Douw, Mayor, 1766, 

Miss Douw 

408 Ships' passports. Signed by Presidents Andrew Jackson and John 

Tyler, and Secretaries of State Edward Livingston and Daniel 
Webster Miss Douw 

409 Copy of The Pekin Gazette, only Chinese newspaper printed, giv- 

ing semi-ofificial publication of government decrees, with occa- 
sional news items Miss Douw 

410 Deed of pew in old Dutch church at foot of State street, signed by 

minister, elders and deacons. 

411 Probate of will of Myndert Schuyler, 1756. with seal. 


412 Deed of Paepskne island (now in Greenbush). 

From the Palroon to the Douw family (present owners) in 
165S for "950 beaverskins * * purchasers to pay besides 
tenths of all grain and such other taxes as the Director (of the 
Patroon then living in Holland) may fix * * Purchasers 
may buy from the savages the land opposite said bouwer}'." 

413 Deed from Andries Douw of Catskill and Hendrick Douw of Rens- 

selaerwyck to Jonas Douw et al., of a portion of Paepskne 
island (in what is now Rensselaer county), Volkert Douw and 

Henry Van Rensselaer witnesses. 1707 Douw Estate 

4r4 An order from the Commander of His Britannic Majesty's Forces 
in North America, dated Albany, 16 May, 1760, directing parade 
of troops at 5 a. m., before the Dutch church, thence to proceed 
to Fort Stanwix (now Rome); also engraving of the old thurch, 

J. L. Earll, Utica 

415 Letter dated Albany, 8 June, 1779, and signed "Abm. Ten Broeck, 

Chairman," to citizens in Tryon county, appointing meeting at 
Albany on 17th June to devise means for mutual protection, etc.» 

J. L. Earll, Utica 

416 Three commissions to Peter Vrooman (1733, 1760 and 1788). 

Signed by Wm. Cosby, James DeLancey and Governor George 
Clinton J. L. Earll, Utica 

417 Permission to Peter Vrooman to maintain a gate across the king's 

highway. Schoharie, 26 Aug., 1773 J. L. Earll, Utica 

418 The Balance and Columbian Repository, vol. III. Hudson, N. Y., 

1804 J. L. Earll, Utica 

419 View of Old Dutch Church, demolished in 1806 (small), J.L. Earll 

420 Dwight's Comprehensive Geography. Printed by Charles R. and 

George Webster, Albany, 1 798 Caleb Finch 

42 1 Autograph letter of George Washington to General Forman, July, 

1777 Mrs. Geo. Evans 

422 Autograph Letter of Sir William Johnson, 4th April, 1773, 

Douw H. Fonda 

423 Two Ledgers of Sir William Johnson to 1752. . .Douw H. Fonda 

424 Advertisement in Albany paper, 1809, of T. & J. Russell, Apothe- 

caries Douw H. Fonda 

Fastened to piece of old elm tree (planted at north-west cor. 
State and Pearl streets by Robert R. Livingston, a signer of the 
Declaration of Independence). 

425 Fifteen Letters, etc., from Cornelius Glen, Peter Schuyler, Jelles 

Fonda, Barent Bleecker, Daniel Connor, Cornelius Van Schel- 
luyne, S. De Witt, Elisha Avery, etc Douw H. Fonda 

426 Three accounts current of Jellis Fonda, 1752-1776, 

Douw H. Fonda 


427 Cook Book. London, 1672 Rev. S. T. Ford 

•"'The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet, stored with all 
manner of Rare Receipts, verj' pleasant and beneficial to all 
Ingenious Persons of the Female Sex." With quaint frontis- 

428 Washington's Farewell Address Geo. W. Gladding 

429 Les Images, Paris, 1637, illustrated E. J. Genet, Greenbush 

430 Advertising card and specimen of their work of J.& T. Gladding. 

silhouette makers, Albany, 1810 D P. Gladding 

431 The Plow Boy, Vols. I-III, Albany, 1819-1822. Edited by John 

O. Cole and Solomon Southwick S. R. Gray 

432 Portraits (engravings) of Rev. Dr. Sprague, John Wilson and 

Major Charles E. Sprague S. R- Gray 

433 The Zodiac, a monthly magazine published by E. Perry, Albany. 

1835-6 S. R. Gray 

434 The Cultivator, Vols. I-IV, Albany, 1834-38. Conducted by Jesse 

Buel, J. P. Beekman and J. U. Wasson S. R. Gray 

435 Albany Religious Spectator, Vol. I, 1844-45. Edited by Rev. 

Dr. W. B. Sprague S. R. Gray 

436 Discours du General Foy. Presented by Gen. Lafayette to Daniel 

Webster, with Webster's autograph. 2 vols S. R. Gray 

43 7 Printed Rates of Toll between Albany and Schenectady, established 
by act of Legislature, 1802 S. R. Gray 

438 The Daily Advertiser. New York city, 24th Nov., 1788, 

S. R. Gray 

439 Webster's Albany Almanac, 1809-1886 S. R. Gray 

440 Deed of 42 State street from Richard Nicolls, Governor-General, 

2Sth Oct., 1667 S. R. Gray 

441 Memoir of an American Lady (Mrs. Schuyler of Albany), 

S. R. Gray 

442 Conveyance of half of Rutten Kill in rear of 42 State street, 1712, 

signed by Robert Livingston, Mayor, and John Schuyler, Justice, 

S. R. Gray 

443 View of Army Relief Bazaar, Albany, 1864 S. R. Gray 

444 Forty specimens, colonial and continental currency, 1750-1777, 

E. A. Griffin 

445 Bible, 1632, Robert Barker, London F. E. Griswold 

446 Old almanacks, 1787, 1790, 1791, 1792, 1793 F. E. Griswold 

447 First Regulation for the order and discipline of troops of the 

United States, 1779 F. E. Griswold 

448 John Rogers note book, 1580 Mrs. Hamilton Harris 

449 Rogers coat of arms, owned by the New England branch of the 

family since 1690 Mrs. Hamilton Harris 

450 Old Hebrew Lexicon Gideon Hawley 


451 Oil painting of the Lansing house (Pemberton corner), corner of 

N. Pearl and Columbia streets, 1710 Miss R. I. Hindman 

452 Two copies of the Bulbodh Mewa, a monthly illustrated magazine 

in the Marathi language, published by Bombay Mission, India, 

Rev. R. A. Hume, India 

453 Tko copies of the " Duyanodaya," a weekly paper in English and 

Marathi languages, American Board of Foreign Missions, 

Rev. R. A. Hume, India 

454 Map of Albany, 1659, reprint 1833 Mrs. Marcus T. Hun 

455 Embroidered map of Europe. . . . .- Mrs. Marcus T. Hun 

456 Old account book of Livingston & Hun, 1730, 

Mrs. Marcus T. Hun 
45 7 Erie canal medal, badge and invitation Leonard Kip 

458 Photograph of City Hall (built 1829, burned 1880) . . C. R. Knowles 

459 Old History of America, German CM. Lang 

460 Various Roman coins found near Castle, in the Tyrol, Sigmunds 

Kron CM. Lang 

461 Collection of various German seals C M. Lang 

462 Three Tyrolese deeds and wills with seals, 1504, 1631, 1638 (on 

parchment) CM. Lang 

463 Official paper, Insprugg, Tyrol, .X740. In matter of the revolt, 

C M. Lang 

464 Certificate of soldier's discharge. Signed by General George 

Washington, 1783 J. Townsend Lansing 

465 Silas Marner J. Townsend Lansing 

Printed at Mobile during Rebellion 1S63, on wrapping paper. 
Cover of book is made of wall paper. 

466 Volumes of Albany almanacks from 1798 ..J. Townsend Lansing 

467 Pew Indenture J. Townsend Lansing 

468 Patent for land signed by Gov. George Clinton, 

J. Townsend Lansing 

469 New York Weekly Journals, Munday, 15 March. 1735, 

J. Townsend Lansing 

470 Albany Centinel, 7 July, 1801 J. TownSEnd Lansing 

47X Six old newspapers, 1788 to 1807 J. Townsend Lansing 

472 New Testament, Anthony van Heufsen, Delft, 1659, with silver 

clasps Miss S. Y. Lansing 

473 Seal of Robert Fulton William Lansing, Jr 

474 The Gentlemen's Recreation William Lansing, Jr 

475 Elements of the Common Laws of England, by Sir Francis Bacon, 

1639 Miss A. D. McClellan 

476 Parchment commission to Abraham Yates, Jr., as Mayor, by Gov. 

Clinton, 1 794 William Lansing 


47 / Brass seal, Yates coat oi arms Miss J. A. Lansing 

478 National Journal, Washington, D. C, July 11, 1826. Containing 

an account of the death of John Adams A. S. Lawyer 

479 The True American, Schoharie, N. Y., 2 October, 1813. Contain- 

ing news of Commodore Perry's victory on Lake Erie, 

A. S. Lawyer 

480 Free Press, Schoharie, 24 November, 1830. Containing accounts 

of anti-masonic troubles A. S. Lawyer 

481 First survey of the Schoharie Patent, 1763 A. S. Lawyer 

482 Ancient survey of part of Schoharie A. S. Lawyer 

483 Grant of Schoharie lands (called Schoary or Hunters field), 1728, 

A. S. Lawyer 

484 Commission of John Leeke as sidesman of the port of New Haven 

Conn., (on parchment), Boston "the 3d year of our Sovereign 
Lord King George III," A. D., 1769 James H. Leake 

485 History of King Philip s war James H. Leake 

486 Declaration of Independence, printed on satin, 1776. 

Mrs. John McDuffie 

487 tGesang Buch, Wittenberg, 1524 Dr. Irving Magee, Kingston 

488 Indian deed with tribal signs, 1766 . .Dr. Irving Magee, Kingston 

489 Greeley flag James H. Manning 

Flag of the famous Greeley expedition to the Polar regions, 
the last relic recovered by the United States steamer Bear, sent 
out for rescue. 

490 Peace flag James H. 

A souvenir of the jubilee in the State Senate Chamber after 
the surrender of Gen. Lee. 

491 View of the old Exchange building, site of present post office. 

Mechanics & Farmers Bank 

492 First map of city of Troy, N. Y., on cloth, 1786, 

Wheeler B. Melius 

493 Grotius de Veritate Religionis. Christiana Elzivir, Amsterdam, 

1662, with autograph of Dr. Eilardus Westerlo. .Ernest J. Miller 

494 Scrap book containing Albany souvenirs Ernest J. Miller 

495 Old Dutch Bible, with map of the world, 1700.. .Ernest J. Miller 

496 Camden's Britannia. London, 1695. Open at cut of antique Hali- 

fax gibbet, the forerunner of Dr. Guillotine's device for the 
French revolution too years later Ernest J. Miller 

497 Old map of Hudson river, Quebec, 1776 James Moir 

498 MS. page of Fenimore Cooper's " Headsman," 

Miss Gertrude Mosher 

499 Brooklyne-Hall Gazette, 1 782 Miss Gertrude Mosher 

500 Autograph letter of Charles Dickens, 1839 . . Miss Gertrude Mosher 

501 Albany Gazette, 1792, framed Frank Munsell 


502 Advertisement of the Rutland Coach, framed Frank Munsell 

503 View of old Dutch church, State street, framed. . .Frank Munsell 

504 View of Rensselaer Manor-house, framed Frank Munsell 

505 View of Rensselaerwyck, framed Frank Munsell 

506 Schoolmaster Bradt's account book Frank Munsell 

507 Old Albany Bank bills, framed Dudley Olcott 

508 Connecticut Courant, Hartford, 13 April, 1779. ..J. DeWitt Peltz 

509 N. Y. Pocket Almanack, 1771, with a view of the city, 

J. DeWitt Peltz 

510 Interior of old Dutch church, 1715 to 1806, foot of State street, 

Miss Phebe A. Pearce 

511 First train of cars in New York, July 5, 1831, 

Miss Phebe A. Pearce 

512 North Pearl street, 1805. Painted by J. H. Brower, 

Miss Phebe A. Pearce 

513 Albany. View from Greenbush, 1836 Miss Phebe A. Pearce 

514 Original appointment of John Lansing, Jr., signed by Gov. Geo. 

Clinton Wm. Ray De Lano 

515 A View of Albany. Painted in 1800 by William Wilkie, 

D. H. Pratt 

516 Tracts of Luther. Original editions W. Packer Prentice 

I. Ein Heilsam's Buchlein von Dr. Martin Luther, concern- 
ing confession. Translated from Latin by Spalatini, 1520. 

n. Letters of the same to the theologians at the Augsburg 
Council. Written in 1530. Original edition published in 1549. 

in. Letters of Dr. Luther, published at Jena, 1556. Bound 
in vellum Greek text, imprint of 1537, at Basle. Bound in 

517 Tragedies of Euripides. Folio edition in vellum, 

W^. Packer Prentice 
517^ Count Pufendorf's Life and Acts of Charles Gustavus of Sweden, 
1697. Profusely illustrated and with fine wood-cuts, 

W. Packer Prentice 

518 Theologia Christiana. Parts I and IL B. Picteti, Geneva, 1696, 

(Duod.) W. Paricer Prentice 

519 Ten pieces of Continental currency, including the rare $80 of 

1779 Samuel S. Pruyn 

520 Deaths in Albany from Cholera, 1832. Compiled by S. Pruyn, 

Samuel S. Pruyn 

521 Order book of The Albany Rifle Battalion, 1823. Samuel S. Pruyn 

522 Picture of The Atheneum, on Broadway. Demolished July, 1855, 

Samuel S. Pruyn 

523 Picture of The Albany Brewery, Dean street, site of present rail- 

way station Samuel S. Pruyn 


524 Dutch Psalm book, 1 620 Samuel S. Pruyn 

525 Picture of Old Dutch Church at foot of State street. Built in 17 15; 

demolished in 1806. Drawn by S. Pruyn Samuel S Pruyn 

526 Dutch Bible, silver trimmings, 1714 Samuel S. Pruyn 

Used in Old Dutch Church by Francis S. Pruyn. 

527 Dutch Bible, silver trimmings, 1704 Samuel S. Pruyn 

Containing record of slaves owned by Pruyn family. 

528 A " Pinkster Ode." Albany, 1803 Samuel S. Pruyn 

529 One dollar bill of Albany Exchange Bank, 1849. Samuel S. Pruyn 

530 Two photographs of Second Dutch Church, Beaver street. Erected 

1810 Samuel S. Pruyn 

531 An old advertisement. Pruyn & Olmstead, North Market street 

(Broadway), 1828 Samuel S. Pruyn 

532 Japanese book, representing Buddha and sixteen attendant gods, 

Samuel S. Pruyn 

533 Laws of the Colony of New York. One of the earliest editions 

1 7 10. " Printed by Wm. Bradford, Printer to the Queen's most 
excellent Majesty for the Colony of New York," 

H. S. Quackenbush 

534 Newport Herald, 7 th May, 1789 Joseph W. Russell 

Account of Washington's Inauguration. 

535 American Daily Advertiser. Philadelphia, z5th Dec, 1799, 

Joseph W. Russell 
In mourning for Washington. 

536 Albany Argus, 24th June, 1834 Joseph W. Russell 

In mourning for Lafayette. 

537 Dinner invitation. President Jefferson to Killian K.Van Rensselaer 

Member of Congress, Albany, 1803 Joseph W. Russell 

538 Subscription paper for celebration of Erie canal completion, signed 

by Stephen Van Rensselaer and many other prominent men, 

Joseph W. Russell 

539 Autograph Letter.s, Cleveland and Hendricks, framed . . . J. Ryan 

540 Legal Document. Jensen vs. Vosburgh (on parchment), 1770, 

Mrs. A. Safford 

541 Original grant of land (from George I, 1714), "at heSd of Yonker 

(now State) street, between the houses of Stephanus Groesbeek 
and Abraham Cuyler * * to wardens of the English church 
in Albany, to erect thereon a church for divine service accord- 
ing to the liturgy of the church of England, and to inclose the 
same for a coemitery," etc., parchment with seal, 

St. Peter's Church 

542 Letters patent from George IH, confirming the above and grant- 

ing a royal charter forever as " St. Peter's Church," 1769, parch- 
ment with seal ■ St. Peter's Church 


543 "Ye church book, began ye 15th Aprill 1710 ".St. Peter's Church 

Containing names of original subscribers, records of parish 
meeting and elections, marriages after 1729, receipts and ex- 
penses, last entry is of 1739. 

544 Bible (Oxford 1717), used in the first church. .St. Peter's Church 

545 Register book for St. Peter's church in Albany in the province of 

New York, from the 25th day of June, 1756, by the Rev. Mr. 
John Ogilvie, Minister " St. Peter's Church 

546 A model of the church built in 1802; showing the cracks in wall, 

which necessitated erection of the present structure, 

St. Peter's Church 

547 Walton (Izaak.) The compleat angler or the contemplative man's 

recreation. Being a discourse of fish and fishing not unworthy 
the perusal of most anglers. Simon Peter said : I go a fishing : 
and they said, we also will go with thee. John xxi.3. London, 
printed by T. Maxey for Rich Marriot, in S. Dunstan's Church- 
yard, Fleet-street, 1653." 8vo Dean Sage 

This copy of the 1st edition of Walton belonged to John 
Evelyn the author of Evelyn's Diary, and is perfect. 
.548 AValton, Izaak. " The compleat angler or the contemplative man's 
recreation, etc." Printed by J. G. for Rich Marriot, 1655, 

Dean Sage 

This is the 2d edition, and it is one of the strange facts in 
bibliography, that although a perfect copy of this edition is 
quite as rare if not rarer than the ist, there is a very great dif- 
ference, much more than ^n ordinary cases of the kind, in their 
value. A perfect copy. 

549 Walton Izaak. " The compleat angler or the contemplative 

man's recreation." Printed by J. G. for Rich Marriot, 1661, 

Dean Sage 
This is the 3d edition. A perfect copy. 

550 Walton Izaak. " The compleat angler or the contemplative man's 

recreation." Printed for R. Marriot, etc., 1668 Dean Sage 

This is the 4th edition and with the ist, 2d and 3d forms the 
set considered so desirable by collectors. A perfect copy. 

551 The lives of Dr. John Donne, Sir Henry Watton,- Mr. Richard 

Hooker, Mr. George Herbert. Written by Izaak Walton. 4th 
ed., 1675 Dean Sage 

552 S. (J.) " The true art of angling ; or, the best and speediest way 

of taking all sorts of fresh-water fish with the worm, fly, paste 
and other baits in their proper seasons ; how to know the haunts 
of fish and angle for them in all waters and weathers, at the top, 
middle and bottom, baiting of the ground and right baits, oyls 
and oyntments, baits natural and artificial ; the several ways of 
angling; to make oyl of asper, and many rare secrets never 


before made publick ; containing the whole body of angling, 
and mystery of a compleat angler, by J. S., Gent., a Brother of 
the Angle. London, printed for George Conyers at the Golden 
Ring and John Sprint at the Bell in Little Britain. Price 

bound 6d." Perfect copy. 24 mo Dean Sage 

This minute woik by an anonymous writer forms one of the 
marked features of most angling book collections, partly from 
its merits as a manual, but far more from its rarity, only a 
few copies of the earlier issues having escaped the wear and 
tear of time. — Bibliotheca Piscatoria. 

553 "Barnes (Dame Julyans.) The bok [of St. Albans] containing 

the treatises of Hawking ; Hunting ; Coat-armour; Fishing; and 
Biasing of Arms. As printed at Westminster, by Wynkyn de 
Worde ; the year of the Incarnation of our Lord 1496. Lon- 
don, reprinted by Harding and Wright, for White and Cochrane 

and R. Triphook 1810." Fol Dean Sage 

150 copies printed. This consists of "Introduction," "Bio- 
graphical Notices,'' and finally a verbatim, literatim, and punc- 
tuation fac-simile of the 2d edition of " Boke of St. Albans," 
a bibliographical labor carefully and conscientiously executed 
by Mr. Joseph Haslewood. — Bib. Pise. 

554 Markham, Gervase. " The young sportsman's delight and instructor 

in angling, fowling, hawking, hunting, ordering singing birds, 
hawks, poultry, conies, hares, dogs, etc., and how to cure them. 
by G. M. Sold at the Ring in Little Britain. Price 6d." 
[With a second title, as follows]: "A compleat and experienced 
angler, in two parts : or the Anglers Vade-mecum, shewing the 
best way to make fishing rods, lines, floats, plummets, hooks, 
artificial flies, panniers and other tackle; and how to find the 
haunts of fish, and take them with all sots of baits, as well arti- 
ficial as natural, in all sorts of water. To make divers sorts of 
oils and ointments exceeding the oil of osprey. The second part 
containing directions to take fowl, and to order singing birds, 
hawks, hares, poultry, and dogs. Printed for G. Conyers at the 
Ring in Little Britain," [anno 17 12] pp. iv, 138. 24'', 

Dean Sage 
The Bibliotheca Piscatoria says: " This book is verj' rare, 
and we only know of the existence of one perfect copy, which 
is now in the Denison collection." The above is the copy 
spoken of in the Bib. Pise. 

555 Walton, Izaak. "The complete angler or the contemplative man's 

recreation : being a discourse of rivers, fish ponds, fish and fish- 
ing written by Izaak Walton and instructions how to angle for a 
trout or grayling in a clear stream by Charles Cotton. With 


original memoirs and notes by Sir Harris Nicolas, K. C. M. G. 

2 vols. London William Pickering 1836." 8" Dean Sage 

This edition was originally issued in numbers in two forms; 
one with the impressions of the plates on the pages direct, at 
SIX guineas, the other with the impressions of plates on India 
paperat ten guineas. The " Chronicle of the Compleat Angler" 
says of it that it is "One of the handsomest publications of 
modern times, an ornament to the Angler's Librar)', unique 
of its kind, and perhaps destined to remain so." 

556 Scrope (William). " Days and nights of salmon fishing in the 

Tweed ; with a short account of the natural history and habits 
of the salmon, instructions to sportsmen, anecdotes, etc. By 

AVilliam Scrope, Esq. London, Murray, 1843 " Dean Sage 

Copies of this first edition are scarce. One of the most enter- 
taining of angling books. 

557 Crawhall, Joseph. "The compleatest angling booke that euer was 

writ, being done oute of ye Hebrewe and other Tongves, by a 
Person of Honor. Adorn'd with scvlptores. Imprynted att 
Newe Castle upon Tine by Andro Reed for ye authour ande 
fynysshed ye twelft daie of August thys yere thyncarnacon of 

oure Lorde MDCCCLXXXI." Pp. 238. 4° Dean Sage 

One hundred copies of this book were printed and the plates 
destroyed. In its unique composition and the artistic skill dis- 
played as well in its general style as m the exquisite pen and 
ink and etched illustrations with which it abounds, it deserves 
a high rank among the modern productions of the book-maker's 
art. The first edition of this was published in 1859 and was 
limited to forty copies. It is a smaller book than this and cor).- 
tains fewer illustrations. 

558 Crawhall, Joseph. Izaak Walton; his Wallet Booke. c 

London, Field & Iver, The Leadenhall Press. Samson Low, 

Marston, Searle & Rivington Dean Sage 

This is the last of Mr. Crawhall's productions, and consists 
of " the songs and poesies " contained in the " Compleat 
Angler." Every page is illustr.ited in Crawhall's peculiar style 
of originality. Of the large paper edition one hundred copies 
were printed, and to each of these is attached by a ribbon one 
of the wooden blocks used for the cuts. Its merits are far 
below those of several of Mr. Crawhall's former works. 

559 Hart der gesuntheit Zii latein Hortus Sanitatis. Sagt in vier 

Biicheren vie hernach volger. Im Ersten — Vierfiiszsigen und 
Krichenden. Im Anderen — Voglen und den Fliegenden. Im 
Drittin — Vischen und Schwimmenden. Im Vierden. Dem 
Edlen Gesteyn und allem som den Anderen der erden wachsenis:. 
Getruckt zu Strassburg bei Mathia Apiario — nach Christi gebrirt 
MDXXXVI jar Dean Sage 


This is compiled chief!}' from the German Hortus Sanitatis 
of J. Aube. The " Tractus de Picibus " is divided into many 
short chapters and has numerous wood-cuts of fish and fishing 
of the most singular character. These cuts are interesting from 
the fact that they are among the earliest in the art of wood 
engraving. The title page and colophon, the latter bemg 
especially elaborate, are attributed to Holbein. The contem- 
poraneous paper binding is, through accident or design, cov- 
ered with leaves of a black letter copy of the New Testament. 

560 Liber Precum Communium. The Book of Common Prayer of 

Church of England, translated into Latin. London, 1733, 

Rev. D. L. Schwartz 

561 English Miracle Plays. An illustrated book compiled from MSS. 

in British Museum Rev. D. L. Schwartz 

562 One of the last written words of General Grant with autograph; 

also engraving of General Grant John A. Sleicheir 

563 Autograph letters from prominent public men. . .John A. Sleicher 

564 Appointment by Congress of Josiah Edson, Gentleman, to be an 

Ensign in the 2nd Conn. Regt. Signed by Sam. Huntington, 
president, Philadelphia, September, 1780 B. R. Spellman 

565 Certificate, Albany, October, 1788, signed by Thomas Hun, Robt. 

McClallen and Leonard Gansevoort; Jr., aldermen, of theii 
"admission of Donald McDonald to be a Freeman," 

B. R. Spellman 

566 Removal of clerk of Schoharie county, signed by Governor DeWitt 

Clinton, 1819 B. R. Spellman 

567 Revolutionary claim — Pension paper of Henry Plugh, signed, 

1818, by John C. Calhoun, secretary of war B. R. Spellitian 

568 Earliest " monogram " seal, city of Albany B. I. Stanton 

569 1752 to 1793 "beaver" seal, city of Albany B. I. Stanton 

570 1793 to date, present seal, city of Albany B. L Stanton 

571 Map, city of Albany, 1794 B. L Stanton 

572 Agreement to sell house and lot corner Maiden lane and North 

Pearl street, Albany. April 6, 1686. Hendrick Lansing (son of 
original settler) and Peter Tomase (Mingael). Witnesses. Jan 
Janse Bleecker and Hendrick Cuyler (original settlers), 

B. I. Stanton 

573 "Indentured" deed relating to " Cajaderosera " patent, Albany 

county B. I. Stanton 

574 " Death warrant" of Thomas Anderson, 1748. Albany, James De 

Lancey, chief justice B. I. Stanton 

575 Union College lottery ticket B. I. Stanton 

576 King George II. judge's commission to Cornelius Wyncoop, 

B. I. Stanton 


577 Jan Vin Hagen (original settler) will, signature and seal, 

Robert Strain 

578 Nanning Visscher (son of original settler) will, signature and seal, 

Robert Strain 

579 Dirk Van DerHuyden (son of original settler) lease, signature and 

seal Robert Strain 

580 Jacob Janse Schermerhooren (original settler) bill of goods from 

Holland, 1689 Robert Strain 

581 Gertrude and David Schuyler, Sale of negro to Simon Danielson 

Van Antwerpen, 1 728 Robert Strain 

582 Jan Lansing (son of original settler), deed of land in Albany, 

1 702 Robert Strain 

583 L. Van Schaick, Holland, to Ryer Schermerhorn (original settler), 

Albany, 1697, letter Robert Strain 

5S4 Letters to Albany residents, 1699, etc Robert Strain 

585 Indentured parchment mortgage of land in the "Camp," Albany 

county Robert Strain 

586 Picture Old Tun Tavern, Philadelphia, where first Masonic Lodge 

was organized in 1730 •. . . Dr. J. W.M. Shattuck 

587 German Family Bible H. N. Snow 

589 Illuminated MSS. of the XIII century. .Montgomery H. Throop 

Obtained by ex-Governor Enos T. Throop in 1842, from the 
library of the Princes of Cariati Spinelli of Naples. 

590 Illuminated MSS. Choir Book ot XIV century, 

Montgomery H. Throop 
Containing introits, versicles, etc., for every Sunday and 
holiday in the )'ear, with musical notes. 

591 Colden's Memoir of the Celebration of completion of Erie canal, 

Montgomery H. Throop 

592 Albany Daily Argus, Oct. 27, 1815 Matt. J. Tiernan 

593 First Philadelphia Directory, 1785 Sampson, Murdock & Co 

594 First Boston Directory, 1789 Sampson, Murdock & Co 

595 First Albany Directory, 1813 Sampson, Murdock & Co 

596 First London Directory, 1677 (reprint) . . Sampson, Murdock & Co 

597 First New York City Directory, 1786 (reprint), 

Sampson, Murdock & Co 

598 Massachusetts Psalter, 1709 Sampson, Murdock & Co 

In Indian and English languages (rare). 

599 Badge given to Dr. Swinburne by Mme. La Marquise Belisi on 

behalf of the French ladies of the American Ambulance corps ; 
soiled in removing blood stains Dr. John Swinburne 

600 Cross of International Society (Sanitary) given to Dr. Swinburne 

at close of siege of Paris, 1871 .Dr. John Swinburne 


6ot Legion of Honor badge from the French Republic to Dr. Swin- 
burne, of the American Ambulance, in recognition of his 
services Dr. John Swinburne 

602 Shield badge from the American colony during the siege of Paris 

to Dr. Swinburne Dr. John Swinburne 

603 Commission to Leonard Gansevoort as judge, signed by Gov. John 

Jay. with seal attached, dated 1799, 

Peter G. Ten Eyck, Schodack Landing 

604 Commission, signed by Gov. George Clinton, appointing Leonard 

Gansevoort a delegate to Congress, dated 1788, 

Peter G. Ten Eyck, Schodack Landing 

605 Commission, signed by Gov. Morgan Lewis, appointing Jacob 

Ten Eyck judge, 1807. . .Peter G. Ten Eyck, Schodack Landing 

606 Commission to Leonard Gansevoort, 1780, 

Peter G. Ten Eyck, Schodack Landing 

607 Wills of Johannes Beeckman and Abraham Cuyler, 

Peter G. Ten Eyck, Schodack Landing 

608 Patent, signed by George Clinton, Governor, 1791, 

Peter G. Ten Eyck, Schodack Landing 

609 Letters from Alex. Hamilton and Aaron Burr. 

Mrs. Cuyler Ten Eyck 

610 The Albany Centinel, 25 September, 1801 . Henry James Ten Eyck 

61 1 Page of the MSS. of first edition of Webster's Dictionary. 

Henry James Ten Eyck 

6 1 2 Autographs of Robert Morris, Wm. H. Seward, O. W. Holmes, W- 

C. Bryant, Ed. Everett, Daniel Webster, Gen. Scott, Horace 
Greeley, Jas. Henry, Wendell Phillips, Jas. Henry, Disraeli, 
Schliemann, Von Moltke (two frames) . . Henry James Ten Eyck 

613 Two Indian bills of sale, 1719 and 1722.. . .Mrs. J. H. Ten Eyqk 

614 Old Dutch manuscript, 1683 ... Mrs. J. H. Ten Eyck 

615 Patent of 185 acres to Hendrick Ten Eyck, 1761, 

Mrs. J. H. Ten Eyck 

616 View of Dutch church erected in 1715, demolished 1806, 

Mrs. J. H. Ten Eyck 

617 Map of Albany, 1828 Mrs. J. H. Ten Eyck 

618 A belt of Condolence (wampum) from the Six Nations to Volkerl 

P. Douw, Mayor of Albany, 1775, 

Rev. W. H. Ten Eyck, D. D., New Brunswick, N. J. 

619 Le Nouveau Testament, Caen, 1563 Rev. John Townsend 

With Psalms set to music in square notes. 

620 Liturgy and Catechism Rev. John Townsend 

Prepared by ministers at Geneva, Switzerland. Formerly 
owned by Samuel Johnson, first president Kings (now Colum- 
bia) College, NewYorl.-. 


62 1 Paradise of the Lord, 1644 - Rev. John Townsend 

Illustrated with autograph of the former owner, Archbishop 

622 Pennsylvania Gazette, sth June, 1 776 Clarence Valentine 

623 Plow Boy, Albany, 30th Dec, 1820 Clarence Valentine 

Containing an account of a Centennial celebration. 

624 East Florida Herald, St. Augustine, 1823 Clarence Valentine 

Containing article on the completion of " the Great Ameri- 
can Canal " (Erie canal.) 

625 The Friend, Honolulu, Sandwich Islands, 9th August, 1862 

Clarence Valentine 

626 Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Honolulu, Sandwich Islands, 1862, 

Clarence Valentine 
With Hawaiian flag in colors. 
O27 Several Land Patents signed by Gov. George Clinton, 1791, 

Clarence Valentine 

With great seal of State. 

62S Commission of Henry Dodge as commissary of State Prisoners, 
signed by Gov. George Clinton, Albany, 1791, 

Clarence Valentine 

On parchment. 

629 Commission of Captain Lieutenant, signed by Samuel Huntington, 

President of Congress, 1781 Clarence Valentine 

With seal, on parchment. 

630 Removal of inclined plane and railway from State and Eagle 

streets. Original subscription for bonds to effect the object, 
1843 Charles Van Benthuysen & Sons 

63 1 Pages from an account book, 150 years old, 

Charles Van Benthuysen & Sons 

632 Specimen printing, Van Benthuysen, 1818-1824, 

Charles Van Benthuysen & Sons 

633 Counting House Almanac, 1819. Charles Van Benthuysen & Sons 

634 Cartoon "Political Drill," representing Weed, Seward and others. 

Old Schuyler house in background, 

Charles Van Benthuysen & Sons 

635 Gazette of the U. S., Washington, 11 May and 26 December, 1792, 

Charles H. Van Benthuysen 

636 Bronze medal, London Exhibition, 1862, 

Charles H. Van Benthuysen 

637 Electrotype medal Declaration of Independence and medallion of 

same Charles H. Van Benthuysen 

638 Dutch prayer book, 1696, used in old Dutch church, 

Mrs. Mary Vanbergen 

639 Hallelu-Jah, Rotterdam, 1696 Mrs. Mary Vanbergen 


C40 An ancient medallion found in a convent in Russia, 

Mrs. Isaac Vanderpoel 

641 Medal of Napoleon I. presented to Colonel Claxton, 

Mrs. Isaac Vanderpoel 

642 Cross of Legion of Honor, presented to Colonel Claxton, 

Mrs. Isaac Vanderpoel 

643 Cross of Gregory the Great, presented to Colonel Claxton, 

Mrs. Isaac Vanderpoel 

644 Decoration of Napoleon I. to Colonel Claxton, 

Mrs. Isaac Vanderpoel 

645 Decoration from the Bey of Tunis to Colonel Claxton, 

Mrs. Isaac Vanderpoel 

646 Silver medal of St. Peter, presented by Gregory XVI. 

Mrs. Isaac Vanderpoel 
C47 Greek Madonna and child, from monastery near Moscow, 

Mrs. Isaac Vanderpoel 

648 Finger ring given by Joseph Bonaparte, king of Spain, to Commo- 

dore Claxton. On opposite side is piece of the flag of the 
Frolic Mrs. Isaac Vanderj^oel 

649 Clavonic cross of XII century ' . . . . Mrs. Isaac Vanderpoel 

650 Deed signed by Governor George Clinton, 1786, with seal. 

Miss Rebecca Vandenbergh 

651 Outline of Van Vechten genealogy, showing a consecutive Albany 

county residence of over 250 years, 

A. V. W. Van Vechten, New York 

652 Copy of Governor Dongan's patent to Derrick Teunisse Van Vech- 

ten, 21 March, 1686 A. V. W. Van Vechten, New York 

O53 Photo view of the funeral procession of General Grant, 1885, 

Aaron Veeder 

654 Dutch books belonging to John Knickerbocker, one of the original 

settlers R. K. Viele 

655 New Testament and Psalms, Amsterdam, 1618, with autograph of 

owner. Ph. Livingston, 1734 Mrs. C. G. Van, Rensselaer 

656 Journals of Congress, i volume Mrs. C. G. Van Rensselaer 

657 View of Albany. A painting by William Hart, 1848, 

Isaac W. Vosburgh 

658 Island opposite Albany. A painting by William Hart, 1846, 

Isaac W. Vosburgh 

659 Four water-color views of Albany. James Eights, 1805, 

Isaac W. Vosburgh 

660 Dutch Bible, illustrated, brass clasps. Amsterdam, 17 14, 

William Wendt 


66 1 Vocabulary of New Testament Greek, with manuscript notes. By 

Dominie Eilardus Westerlo. Albany, 1 760-1 790, 

Miss Catharine Westerlo 

662 Hebrew words and phrases translated into Latin. By Dominie 

Eilardus Westerlo Miss Catharine Westerlo 

663 Notes of lectures on Ecclesiastical History (in Latin). By Dominie 

Eilardus Westerlo Miss Catharine Westerlo 

664 Four sermons, two in Dutch and two in English. By Domine 

Eilardus Westerlo Miss Catharine .Westerlo 

665 Itinerary of the Portugese East Indies, illustrated. Amsterdam, 

1644 Miss Catharine AVesterlo 

666 Commission as Colonel to Josiah Whitney, in 1779, from "the 

major part of the council of the State of Massachusetts Bay, in 
New England." Signed by Caleb Cushing and eleven others 
of the council William M. Whitney 

667 Appointment of Josiah Whitney as Justice to keep the peace, 1788, 

with signature of Gov. John Hancock and the seal of the Com- 
monwealth of Massachusetts William M. Whitney 

668 Ter Tria. FaithfuU Teate, London, 1668 Miss Anna Williams 

669 Old book of Dutch sermons, with brass clasps (no title page), 

John Wolff 

670 Photograph (from sketch) of " The Old Elm Tree," 

John M. Wood 
Planted by Philip Livingston, a signer of the Declara- 
tion of Independence, at north-west corner of State and Pearl 
streets, sketch made in 1849. 

671 Commission issued to Johannis Lansing in 1723, as captain of a 

company of militia in Albany Charles Visscher Winne 

672 License or certificate issued to Levinus L. Winne in 1804 to prac- 

tice law Charles Visscher Winne 

673 Commission issued to Levinus L. Winne in 181 1, as captain in the 

New York State militia Charles Visscher Winne 

674 Commission issued to Dr. Nanning V. Winne in 1829, as Surgeon- 

General on Gen. Van Rensselaer's staff. .Charles yisscher Winne 

675 Painting of the Normanskill oil mill and fall of water at Kenwood. 

By Clinton Loveridge, a former Albanian. 

676 Manuscript of a sermon preached at Watertown, N. Y., November, 


677 Danses des Morts illustrated. 

678 Original challenge of the British frigate Guerriere in the war of 


'The Guerriere, 44 guns, 300 men will be happ)' to see the 
President to-morrow — report outside the Hook — or any other of 
the large frigates to have a social tete n-tete." Written across 


the registry paper of an American brig, from which the Guer 
riere "had taken what she wanted." Framed in wood from the 
victorious Constitution. 

679 First Publication of the Holland Society, of New York, includ- 

ing portraits, fac simile of bill of fare Dutch songs, tiles, coats of 
Arms, manuscripts, etc. 

680 Annual Catalogue of Yale College, 1812 (Broadside); one of the 

earliest issues. 

681 Plan of City of New York, 1728. 

682 Old Dutch Account Book, 1 738-1742. 

683 Printed Abstract of Graduation Theses, Harvard College. 1773, 

1782 and 1785. 

684 Deed of Cow Common, Massachusatts Colony, 1674. 

685 Bill of Sale, Province of Massachusetts Bay, 1675. 

686 The Rutland (Vt.) Herald, July i, 1799 (V. 26). 

687 Commission as Major to Leonard Williams, signed by Governor 

Thomas Chittenden, of Vermont, 1796. 

688 Map of New York, 1728. 

689 Italy, a poem by Samuel Rogers, illustrated by Turner; also auto- 

graphic original manuscript of the poem, 

690 Opera et Libri Vite Thome de Kempis. Press of Casper Hochfeder, 

Nuremberg, 1494. 

691 Book of sea mosses. 

692 Chinese paintings on rice paper, fish, sea shells, butterflies. 

693 Promissory note in payment for pew purchased in St. Peter's 

Church, 1803. 

694 Music Book, by Elisha West, 1802. 

69s Book plate of the "Albany Society Library, 1759," over 100 years 

696 Artotype of the famous painting " First Impression of the Printing 


{ContHbutions from Schenectady.) 

697 Hindoo New Testament Mrs. James Sanders 

698 Currency issued by city of Schenectady in 1815. 

699 Patent to Rev. Dr. Nott, 21 June, 1826, having autographs of John 

Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, William Wirt and Eliphalet Nott. 

700 Patent to Rev. Dr. Nott, having autographs of Andrew Jacksont 

Louis McLane, Roger B. Taney, Henry L. Ellsworth. 

701 Patent to Rev. Dr. Nott, having autographs of James Monroe and 

William Wirt. 

702 Patent from Governor Stuyvesant, of Van Slyck's Island in the 

Mohawk, to Jan Barentse Wemple and Jacques Cornelise Van 
Slyck, 12 November, 1662. 

This is the first patent issued to the settlers of Schenectady. 


703 Dutch Bible, Dordrecht. 1 700 Chas. Toll, Scotia 

704 Autograph letter of Philip Schuyler, 1779 Mrs. A. A. Yates 

705 Sandwich Island Bible. 

706 Liturgies of Cyril the Great, Basil and Chrysostom, in Greek and 


This book is over 500 years old. It was brought from the 
convent of St Anthony on the Red Sea Manuscript, one 
volume, bound. 

707 Dutch Testament and Psalms of Margt. Nicoll, Albany, 1770, 

Hon. Walter T. L. Sanders 

708 Book on the Colonies, formerly belonging to Sir Wm. Johnson. 

Mrs. De Lancey Watkyns 

709 A piece of First AVrapping Paper made in America. 

Mrs. Joseph Harmon, Schenectady 

710 Milton's Paradise Lost, in Latin, London, 1741. 

Mrs. Washington, Schenectady 
7 T I Wood Cut of New York and Rensselaerwyck. 

Mrs. Joseph Harmon, Schenectady 

712 Six Pieces Continental Money. Mrs. Joseph Harmon, Schenectady 

7 1 3 Arabic Psalter. Written in black and gilt, with border. Date 

unknown. Manuscript, bound, one volume. 

714 Abyssinian Psalter. Manuscript, bound in wood '.(Mahogany). 

Date unknown. Parchment. 

715 Persian poem. Manuscript, in black and gilt. 

Obtained at Shiraz, Persia, durmg the reign of Abbas Mirza, 
by a Russian officer, who gave it to the donor, and he to Union 
College library. 

716 Latin Bible. Printed at Nuremburg, 1478, by Ant. Coeburger. 

Coeburger was one of the most famous of early printers. He 
died in 1513 at Nuremburg. He is said to have employed 
thirt)' presses and one hundred men. 

717 Boccaccio's Decameron. Printed by Philippo at Florence, 1516. 

A fine specimen of the press of the Juntas, and the first edi- 
tion in which are found the three novels which ate believed not 
to have been written by Boccaccio. 

718 Original petition to the congress of the U. S., signed by 133 resi- 

dents between the North river and Vermont, and the names of 
a committee of seven, chosen by the subscribers, endorsed 
thereon, dated November 26, 1781, demanding with threats the 
determination of the boundary lines between New York and 
Vermont Charles P. Sanders 

719 Original list of the books, deeds, leases and other papers belonging 

to the Reformed Low Dutch church in the Elders Chest, dated 
January 5. 1795, (of Albany) Charles P. Sanders 


720 Bond (original) of John Butler of Kaghonewago in the county of 

Albany and province of N. Y., for _;^i,ooo conditioned for the 
execution of a certain contract and conveyance of land for the 
erection of a Dutch church at Kaghonewago, dated January 7, 
1753 Charles P. Sanders 

721 Letter dated " Manor Livingston," November 4, 1789, and signed 

by Henry Livingston Charles P. Sanders 

722 Original general commands from head-quarters, Van Schaick's 

island, dated August 26, 1777, Robert Throop, A. D. C, 

Charles P. Sanders 

723 Indenture lease between John Butler of Butlers-Ferry, Tryon 

county, and Hendrick Vrooman and others, yoemen, dated 
October 10, 1772 Charles P. Sanders 

724 Original letter to Lieutenant-Governor Van Rensselaer of the State 

of New York, from the chiefs of the St. Regis Indians, asking his 
assistance in obtaining the monies due them from the State of 
New York, November 14, 1802 Charles P. Sanders 

725 Certificate of enlistment according to An Act of the Legislature of 

the State of New York, passed at Poughkeepsie, October 9, 
1780, 'dated Albany, 1801, upon which is indorsed the following. 
" No bounty lands were promised for troops raised pursuant to 
the Law of October 9, 1780" Charles P. Sanders 

726 Assignment of and contract to convey bounty lands dated Decem- 

9, 1783 Charles P. Sanders 

727 Power of attorney for the collection of bounties and monies due 

for military services in the Revolution, dated January 5, 1784, 

Charles P. Sanders 

728 Affidavit of captain, mate and seamen (as to the care of a vessel 

that had sprung a leak) with the seals of officers taking the same 
attached, taken before Hans Christopher Lellienschiold, member 
and deputy secretary in the Royal Council and notary public of 
the Island of St. Thomas in America Charles P. Sanders 

729 Letters and documents relating to the organization of a branch of 

the Sons of Liberty in Schenectady. This was a secret society 
organized in 1766 to effect the independence of the Colonies. 

Charles P. Sanders 
I. Original letter from the Sons of Liberty in Albany in regard 
to organizing a branch of that society in Schenectady. 2. Letter 
from New York, dated January 20, 1766, contaming an inclosed 
letlei for use in stirring up and organizing the the Sons of Lib- 
erty m Schenectady. 3. Original letter from the Sons of Liberty 
in New York to the Sons of Liberty in Albany. 4. Also one 
dated February 14. 1766 5 Also one dated New York. April 
3.1766. 6 Also one dated May 31, 1766. 7 Letter iindoubt- 


edly nn answer to the above letter. 8. Proceedings of the Sons 
of Liberty of Albany, March 3, 1766. 9. Constitutions and 
signatures of the Sons of Liberty of Albany. 
" The N. Y. Gazette or the Weekly Post Boy " of February 20, 
1766. Published by John Holt, New York, Broad street, near 

Exchange Charles P. Sanders 

This paper was an organ of the Sons of Liberty. 

730 Gaines' New York Pocket Almanack Charles P. Sanders 

Containing memorandum of the weather, etc., written therein 
by their original owners. Two of 1790, one of 1792, two of 
1793. one each of 1794, 1795, 1796. 

731 Gaines' Universal Register or Columbian Kalendar, 1791, 

Charles P. Sanders 

732 Webster's Calendar or the Albany Almanac, 1799, 

Charles P. Sanders 

733 Beers' Calendar or Southwick's Almanac. Published at Albany, 

18x4, No. 94 State street Charles P. Sanders 

734 Literature lottery ticket of the State of New York for drawing 

December, 1 824 Charles P. Sanders 

735 Literature lottery ticket of the State of New York for drawing 1831, 

Charles P. Sanders 

736 Road lottery ticket, June 20, 1800 Charles P. Sanders 

737 Certificate of stock of the AVestern Inland Lock Navigation Com- 

pany, 1803 Charles P. Sanders 

738 United States notes bearing interest at six per cent, dated 1783, 

seven in number Charles P. Sanders 

739 Indenture bonds of the Colony of New York, payable to bearer 

with interest, dated November i, 1709 Charles P. Sanders 

740 License to use a carriage in the town of Troy, Rensselaer county, 

dated October 8, 1799 Charles P. Sanderg 

741 Document on stamped paper, under the Stamp Act of 1765 and 

1766 Charles P. Sanders 

742 Ship's papers with stamp attached, under the Stamp Act of 1765 

and 1766 Charles P. Sanders 

743 Lieutenant's commission of the State of New York, June 29, 1781, 

signed by Geo. Clinton and Robt. Benson . . . Charfes P. Sanders 

744 Lieutenant's commission of the United States Army, dated June 3, 

1783- Signed by Elias Boudinot, President of Congress of the 
United States Charles P. Sanders 

745 Paymaster Jeremiah Van Rensselaer's Commission, 3d N. Y. 

Battalion, dated November, 1776, signed by John Hancock, 
President, Charles Thomson, Secretary . . Mrs. Charles P. Sanders 

746 News Paper, " The Guardian or New Brunswick Advertiser," pub- 

lished on Albany street, New Brunswick, N. J., July 11, 1797, 

Charles P. Sanders 


747 'I'lie Daily Advertiser, published New York, January 28, 1788. 

Charles P. Sanders 
74S The Craftsmen, published at Kingston, 1824. .Charles P. Sanders 

749 An extra sheet, published upon the first inauguration of Washing- 

ton as President, dated printing office, Lansingburgh, May 6th, 
1789, indorsed on the back with ink "King Washington's 
speech. " Charles P. Sanders 

750 Page 60 of the Albany Gazette, April 11, 1772. .Charles P. Sanders 
75 I Two Diplomas, dated 1782, 1784 Charles P. Sanders 

752 General Orders of June 6, 1794, by Brigadier-Gen. Henry K. Van 

Rensselaer Charles P. Sanders 

753 Letters Patent of certain lots in Brandt Lake tract, signed by 

Daniel D. Tompkins, Governor of the State of New York, 

Charles P Sanders 

754 Letters Patent from King George II to Lieut. Walter Butler and 

others, 4,000 acres of land lying on the north side of the Mo- 
hawk river, dated Dec. 4, 1735 Charles P. Sanders 

755 A Grant of the State of New York, dated 1790, signed by George 

Clinton, Governor Charles P. Sanders 

756 Duplicate sterling bills, 1763 Charles P. Sanders 

757 Union College commencement ball invitation, July 28, 1813, 

75S Invitation Albany dancing assembly, 1791 Charles P. Sanders 

759 Invitation City Assembly, Albany, Knickerbocker Hall, January, 

1826 Charles P. Sanders 

760 Invitation to ball at Denniston's tavern Charles P. Sanders 

761 Various other dancing invitations and calling cards, dated from 

1790 to 1800 Charles P. Sanders 

762 The Sheriff's Receipt Book of the county of Albany, containing 

the receipts from 1796 to 1800 Charles P. Sanders 


765 Historical sketch of Albany Female Academy by Miss T. A. 

Plympton Albany FemJile Academy 

766 Picture of old house corner Broadway and Tivoli street, opposite 

Manor house, built about 1700, taken down 1839, pencil draw- 
ing. Also tile from the same Mrs. J, C. Bell 

767 Boccaccio's Decameron, translated from Italian into German, 

curious wood-cuts, Strasburg, 1547 Dr. J. H. Blatner 

76S Autograph letter of James Buchanan Alpheus T. Bukley 

769 View of State street looking east from St. Peter's church to old 

Dutch church. Colored lithograph from sketch made in 1805, 

Miss Burtsell 


77° View of Market street (now Broadway) looking north to old 
Dutch church and beyond, colored litiiograph from sketch made 
in 1805 Miss Burtsell 

771 Autograph letters of Alexander Hamilton, Robert Morns and 

Aaron Burr James Fenimore Cooper 

772 View of Broadway, looking south to old Dutch church; the 

market in the foreground Miss Cynthia R. Dexter 

773 Boston Gazette, March 12, 1770 W. J. Etrick 

774 New York Morning Post, November 7, 1783 W. J. Etrick 

775 Albany Chronicle, November 20, 1797 W. J. Etrick 

776 Bible of Tan Jan Bleecker of Albany 1729. . .Mrs. George Evans 

777 Psalm book of Elizabeth Staats, 1742 Mrs. George Evans 

778 Music book of last century, 1737. Belonged to Elizabeth Bleecker., 

Mrs. George Evans 

779 Law book, having on last leaf the Collins family record from 1701 

to 1 740 Mrs. George Evans 

780 Two early newspapers, the America Farmer and the Northern 

Budget, both of 1799 Mrs. George Evans 

781 Book, containing specimens of Continental money, 

Mrs. George Evans 

782 One cash account book of William Kane John N. Foster 

Was a store keeper in Albany ; the accounts cover the years 
1760 to 1771 inclusive, bound in pig skin 

783 One cash book of William Kane John N. Foster 

From 1764 to 1792, covering his transactions before, during, 
and after the war of the Revolution in this city, showing the 
rise and decline of articles by reason of the war ; for sample: 
salt, $180 per bushel ; tea, $25 per pound ; rum, $85 ; shrub, 
$60 per gallon : chocolate, $12 per pound ; flour, $40 per hun- 
dred weight; black handkerchiefs, $35 each. We also find 
most of the old Albany names, 150 and 160 years ago. 

784 One Mechanics' and Farmers' Bank check, endorsed by Gov. 

Wni. L. Marcy, 1827 -/ John N. Foster 

785 One six-shilling, Continental currency, 1776 John N. Foster 

786 One newspaper, Albany, 1809 John N. Foster 

787 Medallion of Madame Canipan, struck off by order of her pupils 

after death. Paris, 1825, 

Col. E. J. Genet, East Greenbush, N. Y. 

788 Proposition of James Gould, 23d April, 1831, for making first 

railway coaches (see picture) The James Gould Co 

789 Letter to James Goold, after fire of 1838, signed by Erastus Cor- 

ning, John Townsend, J. R. Bleecker, Barrendt Staats, James 
McNaughton, Rufus King and forty other prominent Albanians, 
offering loan of $12,000 without interest. .The James Goold Co 

790 View of Albany from Greenbush (old) The James Goold Co 


79' Stock Book of Hudson River Steamboat Co., 1826, 

The James Goold Co 

792 A Recommendation, Albany, April, 1810, signed by the Patroon, 

Abraham Van Vechten and others, of James Goold of Stephen 
Town as an industrious and faithful young man of more than 
common mechanical genius as a chaise maker, of sobriety and 
strict integrity The James Goold Co 

793 Copy of Petition to the Legislature for the establishment of the 

"Canal Bank of Albany" (Capital, $500,000.) Signed by 
136 citizens. 1827 The James Goold Co 

794 Subpoena, 1743, Albany County Court of Common Pleas, 

The James Goold Co 

795 American Spelling Book. Noah AVebster, Brooklyn, 1801, 

Miss Clara T. Harris 

796 Eulogy of Washington in rhyme. Pittsfield, 1800, 

Miss Clara T. Harris 

797 View of the oldest Insurance Co. building in the United States, 

and a History of the Company. .Insurance Co. of U. A. Phila. 

798 Bond, 1774 James H. Kelley 

799 Translation of a Letter of Madame Campan to her Nephews and 

Nieces of the Genet family, and information given by her con- 
cerning their grandfather and grandmother, Edme Genet and 
Miss Cardon, the father and mother of Citizen Genet, 

Miss Madeline Manley 

800 Manuscript Memoirs of Edmund Charles Genet (Citizen Genet), 

Miss Madeline Manley 

801 Sports and Pastimes of England, by Joseph Strutt, 140 engrav- 

ings colored by hand. London, 1845 N. C Moak 

Ver5' rare. One of 50 copies. 

802 A Decree of Star Chamber concerning printing, made 1 1 July, 

1637 N. C. Moak 

Reprinted by the Grolier Club of N. Y., in December. 1S84, 
from the first edition of Robert Burke, 1637. 

803 Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, The Astronomer-Poet of Persia, 

' N. C. Moak 
Rendered into English verse by Edward Fitzgerald. One of , 
150 copies printed for the Grolier Club of N. Y., May, 18S5, on 
Japan paper. 

804 Diedrich Knickerbocker's (Washington Irving) History of New 

York, 1809 N. C. Moak 

Republished from the original manuscript with fac simile 
Elzivir-types by the Grolier Club of N. Y., May, 18S6. 

805 An original drawing of a Greyhound by Sir Edwin Landseer, 

Estate of Dr. J. S. Mosher 


806 Original sketch of a Dancing AVoman by Geo. Cruikshank, 

Estate of Dr. J. S Mosher 

807 Original engraving by Albrecht Durer, 15 12, 

Estate of Dr. J. S. Mosher 

808 Original wood cut by Albrecht Durer. . Estate of Dr. J. S. Mosher 

809 Admission card to inauguration of Dudley Observatory, 1856, 

signed by G. Y. Lansing, Chairman Benj. Oppenheim 

810 Northern Budget (Troy) 9 October, 1799 W. L. M. Phelps 

811 The Albany Centinel, 8 January, 1802 AV. L. M. Phelps 

812 The Albany Register, i June, 1802 W. L. M. Phelps 

813 Will of Major-General Knox, executed in Albany during the 

Revolution, witnessed by Lafayette, Major-General Schuyler, 
Baron Steuben, General Gates and others L. B. Proctor 

814 Bill of sale of negro, signed by Martinus Vrooman, 1809, 

A. G. Richmond 

815 Early English Dictionary, Dychis, London, 1748 F. N. Sill 

816 Holy Bible, Edinburgh, 1633 F. N. Sill 

817 Albany Register, 31 December, 1799 .Mrs. M. H. Stoddard 

818 AVorkingmen's Advocate, Rochester, N. Y., 1839, 

Mrs. M. H. Stoddard 

819 Parchment deeds of lands in Elsonburgh, Salem Co., New Jersey. 

from Richard Guy and Bridget, his wife, to Andrew Thompson. 
Deed dated November ist, 1680; recorded July 24th, 1701, 

David A. Thompson 

820 Also one from Andrew Thompson to John Thompson and Isaac 

Smart. Deed dated February 18th. 1697; recorded March 
I ith, 1698 David A. Thompson 

821 .\lso one from AA'illiam Thompson to Andrew Thompson. Deed 

dated December 28th, 1710 David A. Thompson 

822 Indian wampum " Belt of Condolence," 

Rev. AV. H. Ten Eyck, New Brunswick, N. J. 
Given to Mayor Ai'olckert P Douw, of Albany, by the Six 
Nations in 1775, on the death of his daughter. 

823 Deed for pew in Old Dutch Church Clinfbn Ten Eyck 

824 Certificate signed by Thos. Lawrence, 1701 Cantine Tremper 

825 New Testament and Psalms, 1662, and two other old Dutch 

books Mrs. John Van Appledom 

S 26 Bronze medal Charles Van Benthuysen 

One of the awards at the ''AVorlds Fair" London, 1862; 
awarded to an American for superiority of his manufactures. 

827 Proceedings of Congress, 1778. .Mrs. Van Rensselaer, Greenbush 

828 Testament and psalms used in old Dutch church (silver clasps), 

Maurice E. Viele 


829 Autograph Letter of General Washington Wm. J. Dunham 

830 First English and Dutch Dictionary, Rotterdam, 1647, 

John Bronk 

831 One Volume of Dacier's Horace. French translation, 1691, 

Matthew Hale 
S3 2 Poetae Minores, Cambridge, 1684 Matthew Hale 

833 First Edition Dryden's Virgil. Illustrated, 1697. .Matthew Hale 

834 Albany Academy certificate of merit, 1836 Wm. Dey Ermand 

835 Old ink stand and sand box Wm. Dey Ermand 

836 Wood cut of Roman Catholic Church James McQuade 

837 Old Dutch Bible, with brass trimmings and clasps. Dordrecht, 

1714 William Wendt 

Very well preserved 

838 Fac similes of earliest English painting 

Religious legends as illustrated on ancient stalls in Carlisle 

839 Three Philadelphia Bi-Centennial medals John G. Burch, Jr. 

Bronze with bust of William Penn. 

840 Brooklyn bridge memorial medal John G. Burch, Jr. 

Issued as a souvenir at the opening of the great bridge. 

841 Hebrew book, used at the festival of Passover (over 300 years 

old) Isaac M. Strasser 

842 Ram's horn, used on the day of atonement (very old), 

Isaac M. Strasser 

843 One of the medals distributed by King George III, among the 

Six Indian Nations to conciliate them CM. Jenkins 

844 The Record of the Paine Family, 1580 Dr. H. M. Paine 


845 William the first Prince of Orange, an engraving in 1584 of Van- 

der Werffs portrait Mrs. Anna Verplanck Clapp 

846 Maurice, Prince d Orange, portrait on steel, 1625, 

Mrs. Anna Verplanck Clapp 

847 Dutch sea shore scene with gentleman's coach in the foreground. 

An old engraving alter painting by Van de Velde. 

Mrs. Anna Verplanck Clapp 

848 William B. Winne, "the penny postman," 1813; Silhouette por- 

trait J- Howard King 

849 The State bank 

The oldest bank building in the United States. 

850 Residence of Benjamin Winne R. H. Waterman 

An oil painting of a veryold building in Albany, novvdemol- 


8s I Washington memorial medal Ritf us K. Viele 

Portrait in profile surrounded by the legend " He is in glory; 
the world in tears," silver, 1800. 

852 A receipt for money to Volckert Janse Douw, from Kilian Van 

Rensselaer, 1694. 

853 Stockholders roll of the Bank of Albany in 1796, 

N. Y. State National Bank 
Used at the annual election for directors. 

854 Contract for erection in 1803, of the present State bank building, 

with small cut of same N. Y. State National Bank 

855 Photograph of the old stone Manor house of Westbury Manor, 

Berks Co., England, still standing, 

George R. Howell 
It was sold b3' Edward Howe!! in 1639 on his emigration to 

856 The Four Gospels in the ancient Armenian language, 1152, of the 

Armenian nation Megerdich Attarian 

Wruten and engraved with a pen. 

857 Deed, 1687, to Evert Wendell, land on Gallows hill, now about 

Eagle street and Hudson avenue Philip Wendell Parke 

85 S Document signed and sealed, 1652, by Director General Peter 
Stuyvesant = Philip Wendell Parke 

859 Old Dutch Catechism, 1692 Miss Harriet I. Barnes 

860 Five pieces Continental currency. 1775-79, 

Miss Harriet I. Barnes 

861 Deed signed by Gov. Peter Stuyvesant, 1652 P. W. Parke 

862 Bill of exchange, 1752 John G. Campbell 

863 Two old parchment deeds, one signed by Cadwallader Colden, 

George K. Colden, Newburgh, N. Y. 

864 An engraving of Madonna and Child, 15 16, by Albert Durer, 

Rev. W. R. Davis 

865 War council of Romans. A study by Giovanni Antonia Amato, 

born at Naples. 1475 Rev. W. R. Davis 

His pictures are chiefly to be seen in the churches of his 
native city, particularly in the St. Dominico Maggiori. 

866 Boston Gazette, March, 1770, description of Boston Riot, 

Young Men's Association 

867 Y. M. A. circular, 1834 Young Men's Association 

868 Bronze medal, London International Exhibition, 1862, 

Charles H. Van Benthuysen 

869 Protest offered by the " Barnburners " in the Baltimore Demo- 

cratic Convention, 1848, and explanatory letter by James C. 
Smith of Canandaigua Matthew Hale 


870 First railway train in America, 1831, containing silhoutte por- 

traits of Mayor John Townsend, Thurlow Weed and other 

Albanians Henry R. Pierson 

Copy of painting in the Connecticut Historical Society. 

871 Appointment of A. Y. Lansing as Postmaster of Albany, signed 

Ebenezer Hazard, Postmaster-General, 1782, 

Miss J. Anna Lansing 

872 Deed of land in Montgomery Co., from N. Y. State to A. Y. Lan- 

sing, 1799, signed John Jay, Governor, with seal. 

Miss J. Anna Lansing 

873 Appointment by George IL of Abraham Yates as Sheriff of 

Albany in 1756, signed and sealed Miss J. Anna Lansing 

874 Dinner invitation and card, over 100 years old, also one from 

President of Congress, 1787 Miss J. Anna Lansing 

875 Appointment of A. Y. Lansing as N. Y. Commissioner in Bank- 

ruptcy, signed J. Madison, Secretary of State and Thomas 
Jefferson, President, 1802 Miss J. Anna Lansing 

876 Will of C Swart, 1690 (in Dutch) Miss J. Anna Lansing 

877 Appointment of Abraham Yates as Mayor of Albany, 1792, signed 

George Clinton, Governor, with seal .... Miss J. Anna Lansing 

878 Regret to breakfast invitation from John Jay, Chief Justice of U, 

S., to A. Yates, Mayor, 1 792 Miss J. Anna Lansing 

879 Letter accompanying medal from corporation of New York to A. 

Y. Lansing, 1826 Miss J. Anna Lansing 

880 Ballot New York State election, 1793 Miss J. Anna Lansing 

881 Leonard Gansevoort, commission as delegate to Congress, 1788, 

signed. George Clinton Peter G. Ten Eyck 

882 Leonard Gansevoort as Recorder of Albany, 1780, signed, George 

Clinton Peter G. Ten Eyck 

883 Leonard Gansevoort, commission as Judge of Court of Probate ; 

signed, George Clinton, 1799 Peter G. Ten Eyck 

984 Patent to James Caldwell for 800 acres west of Lake George, 
signed, George Clinton, 1791 Mrs. P. G. Ten Eyck 

885 Will of Abraham Cuyler, 1749 Peter G.-Ten Eyck 

886 Will of Johannes Beekman, 1731 Peter G. Ten Eyck 

887 Ulster Gazette, Kingston, January 4, 1800. ..Clarence Valentine 

888 Two one-shilling notes, continental currency. .Clarence Valentine 

889 Two-dollar bill, Bank of Hudson Clarence Valentine 

890 Fob seal of Alanson Douglas of Troy, 1790. 

891 Collection of half-cents, U. S. A., 1807-56. 

892 Student's certificate, Albany Academy, February, 1836, 

Wm. Dey Ermand 

893 The Original Charter of the City of Albany, signed by Governor 

Dongan, July 22, 1886. 


East Room, Second Story. 

1 Gold ornaments 150 years old, of Guinea gold. . .W. L. M. Phelps 

2 Black Brussels lace cape Mrs. Fredk. Townsend 

3 Two silver buckles Mrs. Robert Strain 

4 Carved ivory fan with painted feathers Mrs. Isaac Vanderpoel 

5 Very old silver breast pin Miss D. Grotenhuis 

6 Pair very old silver sleeve buttons, 1725 Mrs. Robert Strain 

7 Italian carved fan Mrs. Charles Wing 

8 Silver handkerchief holder Francis Nicoll Sill 

9 Cuffs, old Point, collar, modern Point d'Alenfon, 

Mrs. Fredk. Townsend 

10 Agate scent box. Miss D. Grotenhuis 

1 1, 26 Fourteen pieces of lace, illustrating methods of making, prepared 
for illustration George D. Miller 

27 Chinese carved fan Mrs. Henry Glassford 

28 Fine piece of filigree work B . F. Mix 

29 Coral beads Mrs. Anna Verplanck Clapp 

Given by Washington Irving to Julia Hoffman, after the 
death of \As financee Mathilda Hoffman. 
Onyx box, 1733 Mrs. Augustus H. Walsh 

31 Fan 200 years old Mrs. Sheffer 

32 Point lace fan Mrs. James P. Boyd 

33 Carved ivory fan Mrs. J. C. Y. Paige 

34 Tear cups Rev. Robert Hume 

35 Pair of shoe buckles , . Helen R. Delavan 

36 One buckle, presented by Catharine of Russia to Citizen Genet, 

while, ambassador at that court E. J. Genet 

37 Pair of shoe buckles Francis Nicoll Sill 

38 Silver peppermint box 100 years old Miss D. Grotenhuis 




39 Carved ivory fan E. J. Genet 

40 Peppermint box Mrs. I. De Witt Peltz 

Russian Niello work. 

41 Piece of embroidery Rev. D. L. Schwartz 

42 Piece of the robe of Ivan the Terrible Mrs. Isaac Vanderpoel 

43 Box made of Charter Oak Mrs. Augustus H. Walsh 

Box Mrs. Isaac Vanderpoel 

Made from wood of the ship Constitution. Presented to 
Commodore Claxton, who died on the ship. 
Ring Mrs. Isaac Vanderpoel 

Presented by Joseph Bonaparte, Ex-king of Spain to Com- 
modore Claxton. 

45 Chatelaine, French fine blue enamel Miss J. A. Lansing 

46 Pair of knee buckles George Douglas Miller 

47 Cross Mrs. Isaac Vanderpoel 

Worn by Russian monk in the twelfth centur}'. Brought 
from a convent in Moscow. 

48 Old tobacco box John D. Parsons 

Inscribed in German on one side, "Pious people are wanted — 
where are they?" on the other side "People hope for better 
times — when will they come ? " 

49 Indian pocket-book, over 100 years old. . . Mrs. Augustus H. Walsh 

50 Old fashioned vinaigrette Mrs. Isaac Vanderpoel 

5 1 Holland castor Miss Pierce 

52 English tankard Erastus Corning 

53 Silver spoon, Germany, date unknown Mrs. Fredk. Townsend 

54 Old silver ladle Mrs. William Cassidy 

55 Gold tea-caddy spoon Mrs. J. Townsend Lansing 

56 Tankard Francis Nicoll Sill 

57 Antique fish cream-jug Erastus Corning 

58 Old Dutch spoon, oblong bowl Mrs. J. G. Farnsworth 

59 Salt-sellar, design, Russian sleigh Erastus Corning 

60 Old pitcher Mrs. William Cassidy 

61, 63 Cream pitcher and sugar bowl, 1776 Miss Messenger 

62 Silver sugar tongs Old Dutch family 

64 Silver meat dishes Mrs. Anna Verplanck Clapp 

65 ' Tankard Mrs. James Kidd 

Belonged to General Ireton. 

66 Spoon, which belonged to Thackery Erastus Corning 

67 Spoon, which belonged to Charles Dickens Erastus Corning 

68 Old Holland sugar tongs Miss Pierce 

69 Silver basket, marked Judith Verplanck, 1740, 
Silver pitcher Miss Meads 

Presented to her father, John Meads, at the Centennial of 
Washinsrton's birth. Original card with it. 



71 Silver mulled wine tankard used at funerals, Dutch, 

John B. Visscher 

72 Silver sugar bowl, oak pattern J. D. F. Lansing 

73 Traveling teapot Mrs. James Kidd 

74 Much worn table knife from Holland. . . .Mrs. Matthew Robertson 

75 Cake basket Miss Pearce 

76 Old silver tankard Phillip W. Park 

77 Old silver tankard Phillip W. Park 

78 Old silver tea caddy '. Mrs. Anna Verplanck Clapp 

79 Chatelaine 180 years old David Saxe 

So Pewter plate with crest Leonard Kip 

81 One silver sugar bowl Mrs. John Tayler Cooper 

82 Modern Russian tankard Erastus Corning 

83 Silver punch bowl Phillip \V. Park 

84 Two silver coasters for holding claret glasses, 

Mrs. John Tayler Cooper 
Belonged to Stephen Schuyler ; loaned by his granddaughter. 

85 Silver Doat (Dutch) spoon Mrs. John Tayler Cooper 

Belonged to M. Van Vechten, 177S. 

86 Square silver tray, marked Judith Crommelin Verplanck, 1760, 

Mrs. Anna Verplanck Clapp 

87 Round silver tray Mrs. Anna Verplanck Clapp 

Bought by Judge Daniel Crommelin Verplanck at the sale 
of Gouverneur Morris, when the great statesman died. They 
were bought in Paris at the time of the great Revolution. 

Cup and spoon Mrs. Robert Strain 

Six large silver spoons, very old Mrs. Robert Strain 

Six small silver spoons, very old Augustus Pruyn Strain 

Owned by Agnes Bradt, loaned by her great-great-grand- 

'Small spoon which belonged to Barent Ten Eyck in 1680, 

Mrs. Robert Strain 
Small silver spoon which belonged to Alida Ten Eyck, 1703, 

Mrs. Robert Strain 

91 Silver cream cup George Douglas Miller 

92 Dutch (Doat) spoon, belonged to the Schuyler family. 

W. W. Crannell 

93 Si;.ver cup, 1696 Mrs. Robert Strain 

94 Silver teapot Dr. Thomas Hun 

95 Silver porringer George Douglas Miller 

96 Two tea spoons, 200 years old Miss L L. Hotaling 

97 Silver tankard Old Dutch family 

98 Modern French-cow cream pitcher Erastus Corning 

99 Two tea spoons Miss Pierce 




loo Table spoon Miss Pierce 

loi Silver chocolate cup Francis Nicoll Sill 

102 Silver speaking trumpet L. G. Verbeck 

Presented to L. G. Verbeck, of Rotterdam, Holland, by Presi- 
dent Buchanan, for his humane treatment of five American 
ship-wrecked sailors of the ship " Peter Webster," 1857. 

103 Old silver incense burner Miss Ida Z. Schenck 

104 Silver dice-box Mrs. Francis S. Pruyn 

This box belonged to Madam Hazen, a lady of the Court of 

105 A child's SDOon, arrow head, engraving of Moscow on bowl, 

Mrs. William Barnes 

106 Tea caddy, date 1710 Mrs. J. G. Farnsworth 

107 Silver spoon Francis Nicoll Sill 

108 Russian tablespoon, antique gold Mrs. William Barnes 

109 Key ring used by a French Chatelaine Miss Messenger 

1 10 Incense burner, Louis III, 1610 Miss Messenger 

1 1 1 Soup spoon, antique gold Mrs. William Barnes 

112 Old spectacles Francis Nicoll Sill 

113 Marrow spoon, George I Miss Messenger 

114 English rat-tail spoon, marked J. B. P. S., 1717- .Miss Messenger 

1 15 Antique Dutch-cow cream pitcher Erastus Corning 

116 Silver tankard Mrs. Jacob V. Vrooman 

117 Silver Roman salt cellars Mrs. Marcus T. Hun 

118 Muffineer, George II, 1755 Miss Messenger 

119 Silver tea spoon for measuring tea, 1675 Miss D. Grotenhuis 

120 Two silver spoons, George III, 1770 Miss Messenger 

121 Loving cup ; belonged to Lord Danly, marked " 1567." 

Erastus Corning 

122 Deep oval bread basket John B. Visscher 

133 Case of silver, 1764 Mrs. De Lancy Watkins 

124 Two antique silver spoons Mrs. E. H. Durell 

With the crest of the Leitz family of Wurtemberg, Rhenish 

125 Gravy ladle from Holland Mrs. DeLarncy Watkins 

126 Two memorial spoons, 1802 Mrs. Jacob V. Vrooman 

127 Spoons, German, 1782 Miss Messenger 

128 Silver beaker Philip W. Park 

1 29 Traveling case, silver J. Townsend Lansing 

130 Cream jug, which belonged to Clare College, Cambridge, 

Erastus Corning 

Mulled wine tankard G. Y. Lansing 

One mustard cup Mrs. John Tayler Cooper 

This and No. 81 were brought from the palace at Versailles 
by the French refugees, and bought by Governor Tayler. 




133 Silver urn, over loo years old Mrs. Francis S. Pruyn 

134 Sugar bowl Old Dutch family 

135 High silver pitcher nearly 100 years old Mrs. W. S. Egerton 

136 Emu egg vases mounted in silver work, done in Australia, 

Miss Rathbone 

137 Miniature of the parents of Citizen Genet E. J. Genet 

138 Silver and Rhine stone snuff-box Mrs. John Tayler Cooper 

Belonged to Stephen Schuyler. 

139 Miniature of Governor Clinton E. J. Genet 

140 Minature of Cornelia T. Clinton, daughter of Governor Clinton, 

and wife of citizen Genet E. J. Genet 

141 Memorial pin of Mrs. Stephen Schuyler, 1794, 

Mrs. John Tayler Cooper 

142 A mourning locket Mrs. Francis S. Pruyn 

143 Wood carving of DaVinci's Last Supper. . .Mrs. Edward R. Hun 
144, 145 Old English rdpouss^ gold watch repeater, double case, 

J. Townsend Lansing 

146 Bracelet of Egyptian scarabei Mrs. J. Townsend Lansing 

147 Watch, copper case, painted J. Townsend Lansing 

148 Arsinoe coin pin Mrs. J. Townsend Lansing 

149 Silver snuff box Philip W. Park 

150 Reading glass Miss J. A. Lansing 

151 Miniature of Laura Spencer About Mrs. A\-.gustus H. Walsh 

152 Baptismal bowl from St. Peter's Church St. Peter's Vestry 

100 years old; marked with the Van Rensselaer coat-of-arms. 

153 Major-General Levi Whitney Miss Garfield 

154 Two English silver watches, double cases. .J. Townsend Lansing 

156 French miniature J. Townsend Lansing 

157 English silver watch J. Townsend Lansing 

158 Old watch.- Mrs. D. L. Schwartz 

159 Watch case Rev. D. L. Schwartz 

160 Silver snuff box Major Harmon Pumpelly Read 

This box belonged to the Hon. George Read, one of the 
signers of the Declaration of Independence. 

161 Antique enameled watch Mrs. James Kidd 

i62» Portrait, Mrs. George B. Throop Montgomery H. Throop 

163 Miniature of Madame de Campau on ivory E. J. Genet 

164 Silver snuff box William I. Van Zandt 

165 Ivory miniature, John H. Livingston Ernest J. Miller 

166, 167 Two wax pictures, Jas. Stevenson and wife, 

Mrs. Augustus H. Walsh 
168 Ivory miniature Francis Nicoll Sill 


169 Miniature of Matthew Visscher James Ten Eyck 

He was the secretary of the Committee of Safety in 1776, 
and first read the Declaration of Independence to the citizens 
of Albany, at the City Hall on the corner of Broadway and 
Hudson avenue, on its receipt from Philadelphia on July 19, 
1776. Loaned by his great-grandson. 

170 Tobacco box of Matthew Visscher James Ten Eyck 

171 Autograph letter of Matthew Visscher. . .Henry James Ten Eyck 

172 Miniature of Rev. I. N. Wickoff, by Peele J. A. Wilson 

173 Carved ivory figures of Buddhist priest Miss Rathbone 

174 Rhinestone knee buckles Ledyard Cogswell 

175 Official buttons of a Chinese Mandarin Miss M. E. Doremus 

Showing the seven ascending grades, viz. : gilt, opaque white, 
clear white, opaque blue, clear blue, dark coral, and highest 
rank, light coral. 

176 Turban, shoes and scarf of a Hindoo gentleman, 

Rev. Robert Hume 

177 Carved ivory vase George Douglas Miller 

178 Box Mrs. Paul F. Cooper 

Made from the keel of The Endeavor, the ship in which Capt. 
Cook sailed around the world. 

179 Carved cane Bishop Doane 

From the birth-place of Washington. 

180 Japanese Prince's sword W. Howard Brown 

181 Old Roman fibula Charles M. Lang 

Found at castle of Sigmunds' Kron, Brenner Pass. 

182 Old German girdle Charles M. Lang 

183 Cane- Cantine Tremper 

Brought to this country by Moses Cantine a Huguenot, 200 
years ago. 

184 Old Tyrolian necklace Charles M. Lang 

185 Inlaid ivory box Rev. Robert Hume 

186 Old cream jug, blue ware Mrs. Matthew Robertson 

187 Cream jug, black and white Mrs. Matthew Robertson 

1 88 Christian lamp Bishop Doane 

From the Catacombs of St. Calixtus, Rome. 

189 Carved paper case George Douglas Miller 

190 An ancient bronze warming utensil Bishop Doane 

From Japan. Over 2,000 years old. 

191 First presentation of foreign ministers to the Emperor of China, 

Miss Douw 
Taken from a pen sketch. 

192 Fragment of double head of marble Bishop Doane 

Picked up in the church of Santa Petronella, one of the 
Roman Catacombs. 


193 Tankard Charles M. Lang 

Used by Wurtemberg Monks, date 1763. 

194 Russian Ikon Mrs. Isaac Vanderpoel 

195 Vase from the mound builders, Ohio, prehistoric, 

Mrs. Erastus Coming, Jr 

196 Bronze cup George Douglas Miller 

197 Box made of wood of a coffin taken from Pompeii. 4,000 years 

old John N. Foster 

198 Model of grotesque stone carving in Angel Choir, Lincoln Cathe- 

dral Bishop Doane 

199 Pompeiian lamp Bishop Doane 

200 Brass vessel containing water trom the sacred river Ganges, 

Rev. Robert Hume 

201 Model of St. Augustine's Chair, Canterbury Cathedral, 

Bishop Doane 

202 Bead bag Mrs. Matthew Robertson 

203 Chinese shoe Rev. Robert Hume 

204 Brass cup with spout Rev. Robert Hume 

Used for religious purposes. 

205 Brass box Rev. Robert Hume 

For carrying articles commonly used by offerings in idol 
worship. Western India. 

206 Travelling glass, gilt ornamentation in leather case, 

Henry James Ten Eyck 
Used by Aaron Burr during his visits to Albany in the first 
part of this century. 

207 Bronze idol of the goddess Parvati, very old. .Rev. Robert Hume 

208 Crepe shawl Mrs. Matthew Robertson 

209 Italian painted china salt cellars Mrs. Charles Wing 

210 Drinking cup Henry James Ten Eyck 

Used by Ethan Allen during the Revolution. 

211 Plate ware, unknown, over 100 years old. 

Miss Frances Hunter Ten Eyck 

212 Twenty-six varieties lace Mrs. Ira Harris 

213 Sandal wood and carved ivory box for card counters, made in 

India Miss Rathbone 

214 Carved Japanese card case George Douglas Miller 

215 Shawl, black blonde Miss J. A. Lansing 

216 Lace Jacket Miss J. A. Lansing 

Made by Cocha Vamba Indians, S. A. 

217 Piece cardinal lace Miss J. A. Lansing 

218 Barbe, point de venise Miss J. A. Lansing 

219 Piece of old Brussels lace Miss A. V. R . Russell 

220 Lace, 250 years old Mrs. M. J. Stoddard 

221 Piece of old Honiton , Miss J. A. Lansing 

222 Piece Mechlin lace Miss J. A. Lansing 

223 Lace collar, round point Mrs. Paul F. Cooper 

Took the prize at first Paris Exhibition. 

224 Old silver tankard Jacob H. Ten Eyck 

225 Funeral spoon, Dutch Mrs. Volkert P. Douw 

226 Silver salver Bishop Doane 

This salver formerly belonged to Bishop Burnet, Bishop of 

227 Pair silver candlesticks, very fine Mrs. Volkert P. Douw 

228 Icelandic vase Bishop Doane 

229 Norwegian marriage tankard, 200 years old Bishop Doane 

230 Collection of family silver Peter Ten Eyck, Whitehall 

231 Silver tankard Mrs. Charles W. Abrams 

232 Old silver spoon Mrs. J. B. Nott 

233 Silver sugar bowl Mrs. Charles W. Abrams 

234 Gold finger ornament George Douglas Miller 

23s Silver bread-basket Mrs. Jacob H. Teu Eyck 

236 Very old watch Mrs. J. B. Nott 

237 Silver ladle Jacob H. Ten Eyck 

238 Pair silver candlesticks, over 100 years old, with snuffers and tray, 

Mrs. Jacob H. Ten Eyck 

239 Old watch Mrs. William Kidd 

240 American filagree silver basket B. F. Mix 

241 Point-lace shawl which belonged to Eugenie. Mrs. Erastus Corning 

242 Black lace shawl, Chantilly Mrs. Philip Ten Eyck 

243 Black lace shawl Mrs. Erastus Corning, Jr. 

244 White shawl, round and flat Point, modern . Mrs. Fredk. Townsend 

245 Silver coffee urn Mrs. Leonard Kip 

246 Old brass incense burner Miss Cynthia R. Dexter 

247 Blonde lace cape, 90 years old Mrs. Isaac Vanderpoel 

From convent in Moscow. History unknown. 

248 Embroidered handkerchief Mrs. Charles Van Zandt 

Done in Lisbon 1780. 

249 Point de Venise cape, old lace Mrs. Fredjc. Townsend 

250 Silver urn which belonged to G. V. S. Bleecker, 100 years old, 

Charles Visscher Winne 

25 1 Chinese good wish stick Erastus Corning 

Tie art of manufacturing this lacquer was lost 300 years ago. 

252 Old carved fan, painted sticks Mrs. Volkert P. Douw 

253 Carved ivory fan Mrs. Ledyard Cogswell 

254 Spanish fan Mrs. Charles G. Saxe 

25s Old Watteau fan Mrs. Montgomery H. Throop 

256 Old paper fan Mrs. J. Townsend Lansing 


257 Old French fan brought to this country about 1780, 

Mrs. J. Townsend Lansing 

258 White whalebone fan Mrs. J. Townsend Lansing 

259 White whalebone fan Mrs. J. Townsend Lansing 

260 Chinese carved ivory fan Mrs. J. Townsend Lansing 

261 Black crape fan, gold spangles Mrs. Cuyler Ten Eyck 

262 Fan, black thread lace Mrs. Jacob H. Ten Eyck 

263 Mourning pin Leonard Kip 

Worn at the time the American Colonies were mourning for 
George II, 1760. 

264 Parasol handle, 200 years old . . Mrs. Marcus T. Hun 

265 Mourning pin, 181 2 Dr. Thomas Hun 

Inscription on back. " A. Hun, died January 29, 1812, stat 
43 years, 11 months and 21 days." 

266 Mourning ring Dr. Thomas Hun 

Inscribed on back " T. Hun, died." Loaned by his grandson. 

267 Mourning ring, colored head of a saint with crystal covering, 

Dr. Thomas Hun 

268 Alms basin from St. Peter's Episcopal Church. . St. Peter's Vestry 

Inscription : From the worshipful Philip S. Van Rensse- 
laer, Mayor of the city and Vestryman of St. Peter's Church, 
Albany, 1799. 

269 Epergne, belonging to General Schuyler, 1761 . George L. Schuyler 

270 Camp silver which belonged to Col. Fish. . . Mrs. Bayard Livingston 

271 Earrings and bracelet Mrs. Marcus T. Hun 

Given by the Bey of Tunis to Mrs. Claxton. 

272 Silver beaker, 1685 Judge Saunders 

273 Vase George L. Schuyler 

Presented to Col. Peter Schuyler by Queen Anne, 1710. 

274 Tea pot originally a flagon with Schuyler coat of arms, 

George L. Schuyler 
Brought to this country by Philip Peter Schuyler, 1640, 300 
years old. 

27s Queen Anne kettle Mrs. William Croswell Doane 

276 Two miniatures, Marie Antoinette and Madame Augier, 

Mrs. George C. Genet 

277 Memorial locket Mrs. T. A. Lansing 

278 Miniature of Dr. N. V. Winne, loaned by his son, 

Charles Visscher Winne 

279 Fan carried at the cronation of the Empress Josephine, 

Mrs. George C. Genet 

280 Two fans Charles M. Lang 

281 Colored lithograph of the Hindoo Triad, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, 

Rev. Robert Hume 


282 Colored lithograph of the God Krishna and his wife Radha, 

Rev. Robert Hume 

283 Alms basin. 

This is one piece of St. Peter's communion service, which 
consists of six pieces, presented by Queen Anne. The hall 
marks give the date 1714. Each piece bears the royal arms of 
Great Britain (old style) and the foUoviring inscription ; " The 
gift of Queen Ann, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, 
France and Ireland, & of her Plantations in North America ; 
Queen to Her Indian Chappel of the Onandagus A (crest) R. 


East Room, Second Story 

Eight views of old Albany as it appeared between 1800 and 1814. 
These are the original paintings by Dr. James Eights from 
which nearly all the pictures of old Albany are taken, 

Mrs. Mary Wharton Gibson, New York city 
In identifying the buildings by the aid of the following key, 
begin to count from the left and go in regular order to the right. 

1 I. Corner of State and Pearl streets, 1814. — i. George Web- 
ster's dwelling. 2. Charles R. and George Webster's book 
store, and printing office of the Albany Gazette. 3 Office and 
book bindery. 4. Jacob Vanderheyden's, called Vanderheyden 
Palace. 5. The Pruyn mansion. 6. Dr. H. WoodrufTs office. 
7. Mansion of Bait. Lydius. All parts of this house, brick, 
wood-work and ornamental iron were prepared in Holland, 
and brought from there for the use of the first clergj'man. Rev 
Dr. Shaaets of the old Dutch church. S. William Pitt Beer's 
law office. 

2 II. Continuation of Pearl street, from near the centre to the 
corner of Steuben street, 1814. — i. Cornelius Brower's house; 
he was bell-ringer of the old Dutch church. 2. Uranian hall, 
appropriated to schools; the first story was kept by R. O. K. 
Bennett, the second by Mr. Thompson. 3. Residence of Dr. 
William McClellan, afterward of Dr. William Bay. 4. Resi- 
dence of John L. Bleecker. 5. Residence of Peter E. Elmen- 
dorf. 6. Residence of Gerardus Lansing. 7. Writing school. 
S. John Andrew's, police constable, g. Store-house. 10. Build- 
ing in the distance was the family mansion of Ilarmanus 

2 III. Pearl street from corner of Columbia street looking 
north, 1805. — 1. Catharine Fisher. 2. Skcrrctt, blacksmith 
and locksmith. 3. Grocer3'. 4. School kept by James Crabb. 
5. Occupant unknown. 6. William McGwiky, chocolate man- 
ufacturer for James Caldwell. 7. James Brown, grocer, form- 
erly Cornelius Groesbeeck, shoemaker. 8. North Dutch 
church, John M. Badford, pastor. 9. Corner opposite Bock- 
ins the baker. 

4 IV. West side of Market street from State to Maiden Lane, 
1800. — I. Old Dutch church. 2. John Robinson's corner, now 


the Museum 3 J. and M. Van Schaick, merchants. 4 Dwell- 
ing and store of David Waters; south store, Hugh Orr. 5. 
Albert Willett ; south store, William Phillips ; north store, 
David Newland. 6. William Mulroy, merchant. 7. Bank of 
Albany, G. W. Van Schaick cashier. 8. John Malay mer- 
chant. 9. Abraham R. Ten Eyck, bookseller. 10. Dwelling 
and store of Douw B. Slingerland. 11. Dwelling and store of 
Barent G. Staats, merchant. 12. Dwelling of Teunis Vau- 
Vechten 13 Market. 

V. Market street from Maiden Lane to Steuben street, about 
l8oo.— 1. Richard Lush, dwelling and store; north store, John 
Brinckerhoof, hardware. 2 Richard Dun, groceries. 3. Mar- 
tin Beekman, dwelling. 4. Talbut, house and sign painter. 
5. barent Bleecker, Esq. 6. Gen. John H. Wendell. 7. 
Stephen Lush, dwelling and office. S. Dr. Samuel Stringer, 
dwelling and office. 9. Andrew Brown, house built by Derrick 
Ten Broeck. 10. Dudley Walsh. 11. Sandrum Lansing, cel- 
ebrated as a cake baker. 12. Chancellor John Lansing. 

VI. Market street from Court street looking north, with the 
old Dutch church and market, 1805. — (Right hand side.) i. 
Thomas P. Gould, hardware. 2. Dwelling and store of Henry 
Lansing, dr)'-goods. 3. Richard Dun and Son, groceries. 4. 
James Daniels, English hat store. (Left hand side. ) i. John 
Spencer, stones and hardware. 2. StafTord & Spencer, copper- 
smiths and hardware. 3. John D. P. Douw, hardware. 4. 
James and Walter Clark, dry-goods. 

VII. Market street, with market and old Dutch church, 
looking south, 1805. — (Left hand side.) i. Dwelling of Leon- 
ard Gansevoort, Esq. 2. Dwelling and store of Paul Hock- 
strasscr. 3. The lower part occupied by J. Hill, glover; 
upper part was used by G. Fairman, engraver. 4. Dwelling 
of Abram Hun, father of Dr. Hun. The Rev. John Bassett 
of the Dutch church resided with him. 5. Store and counting 
house of Barent and John R. Bleecker. 6. Dwelling and 
store of David and John Blackley. 7. Dwelling of David 
Fonda. S. In the distance, store of Fonda and Winne, crock- 
erj' merchants 9. James and Archibald Kane, commission 
merchants 10. John Fatin, connected with the Groesbccks 
of this city. 11. Dr. Jacob and George Manchius, druggists 
and post office. 12. Dutch church. (Right hand side.)' 13. 
John Robinson's corner, now the Museum. 14. J. and M. 
Van Schaick, merchants. 15. David Walters. 16. Albert 
Willett. 17. William Mulroy. 18. Bank of Albany, ig. 
John Maley, merchant. 20. Abraham R Ten Eyck, book- 
seller. 21. Douw B. Slingerland, merchant. 22. Barent G. 
Staats, merchant. 23. Teunis Van Vechten. 

VIII. State street, looking east from the hill, 1805 — (Right 
hand side.) i. James Chestney, chair manufacturer. 2. Car- 
penter shop. 3. Carpenter shop. 4. George Merchant, Esq. 
S. Mansion of Mr. Green 6. William Van Rensselaer, law 



office and mansion. 7. Distant yellow house, Governor John 
Tayler's mansion. 8. The building beyond the church, George 
Manchius, druggist and post office. (Left hand side.) i. Part 
of St. Peter's Church. 2. Phillip S. Van Rensselaer, Mayor 
of the city. 3. Dwelling of Charles R. Webster. 4. Dwelling 
of George Webster. 5. Charles R. and George Webster's book 
store and printing office, printers and editors of the old'Albany 
Gazette. 6. Bait. Lydius. 7. William Pitt Beers, dwelling 
and law office. 8. Occupant unknown, g. Joseph Sharp, a 
mulatto barber. 10. State Bank. 11. Whiting and Watson, 
law book sellers, afterwards E. E. Backus. 12. Star and Shel- 
don, dry goods merchants. Gen. Worth served his time as a 
clerk for this firm. 13. Wine store. 14. George Pearson, 
tobacco manufacturer and residence. 15. Samuel Dexter, 
druggist, also his dwelling. 16. Tontine Coffee House, kept 
by Matthew Gregory. 17. Webb and Drummer, crockery mer- 
chants. 18. Arant Vedder, groceries. 19. Occupant un- 
known. 20. John Barry, tobacco manufacturer. 21. Samuel 
Hill, hardware store and dwelling. 22. John McGaffiin, Esq. 
23. Beyond the church, James and Archibald Kane. 24. Old 
Dutch Church. 


Robert M. Pratt. 

12 Pond Lily Frederic G. Mather 

Chas. Warren Eaion. 

13 Landscape Chas. Warren Eaton 

Theodore Frere. 

14 Scene in Cairo Robert S. Oliver 

Homer Martin. 

15 Landscape Charles L. Pruyn 

T. B. Clemens. 

16 Still Life Gen. Frederick Townsend 


18 Atlantic City, from Brigantine Beach J. B. Thacher 

19 Portrait of Johannes Schuyler (artist unknown), 

George L. Schuyler, fjew York city 
Brother of the above, and father of Major-General Philip 
Schuyler. Born 1697; died 1741. 

Albert De Vriendt. 

20 The Bookseller of Antwerp Erastus Corning 

Emil Lambinet. 

21 Farm Scene Rev. Walter D. Nicholas 

From the Rogers and Bookwalter sale. 

23 Farm Scene A. B. Banks 


Fred. Voltz. 
24 Cattle at the Stream Erastus Corning 

Meyer Von Bremen. 

27 Indecision Charles L. Pruyn 

T. B. Clemens. 

28 Still Life Gen. Frederick Townsend 


29 Portrait T. W. Twitchell 

A. Schreyer. 

30 A Russian Winter Erastus Corning 

31 Portrait of George Lee Schuyler (Ldon Bonnat, 1883), 

George L. Schuyler, New York city 
Son of the above. Born 181 1. 

John Constable. 

32 English Landscape Rev. Walter D. Nicholas 

33 Portrait of Major Philip Schuyler (R. M. Staigg, 1865), 

George L. Schuyler, New York city 
Son of fhe above. Born 1836. 


34 "Break, break " Robert S. Oliver 

W. Coosemans. 
36 French Landscape George D. Fearey 

38 Portrait, Joel Rathbone Gen. Frederick Townsend 

A. Bertolli. 

40 Turkish Bazaar Gen. Frederick Townsend 

J. F. Kensett. 

41 Study in the Catskills E. D. Palmer 

42 Portrait of Abraham Yates (Roberts) Mrs. Abraham Lansing 

Mayor of the city of Albany in 1790. 

J. G. Brown. 

43 His only Comfort John Battersby 

44 Portrait of the Fondey family Maurice E. Viele 

Andreas Achenbach. 

46 After the Storm Rev. Walter D. Nicholas 

From the Governor Morgan collection. 

Carl Millner. 

49 Snov/-Capped Mountains Erastus Corning 

W. Bouguereau. 

50 Baby's Bath Erastus Corning 

A. C. Rowland. 

5 1 The Recruit-s W. J. Arkell 


52 Picture Robert S. Oliver 


J. W. Ehninger. 

53 Death and the Gambler J. W. Ehninger, Saratoga Springs 

Jervis McEntee. 

54 Autumn in the Catskills E. D. Palmer 

F. E. Church. 

55 Sunset in Vermont E. D. Palmer 

J. W. Ehninger. 

56 The Turkey Shoot J. W. Ehninger, Saratoga Springs 

56 Portrait of General William Floyd Mrs. John Tayler Cooper 

One of the four signers of the Declaration of Independence 
from New York State. He, with Jefferson and others, resolved 
that he would wear nothing of British manufacture, and having 
discarded his fine clothes, donned homespun, in which garb 
he appears in the picture. 

57 Portrait of Colonel Richard Varick (R. Earle), 

Richard Varick De Witt 
Military Secretary to Washington, wearing Cincinnati badge, 
painted in 1791. With sword. 

58 Portraits of two sisters of De Witt Clinton, Mrs. Charles B. Lansing 
58 Portrait of General Peter Gansevoort (Gilbert Stuart), 

Mrs. Abraham Lansing 
60 Portrait of Mrs. Joel Rathbone Gen. Frederick Townsend 

S. De Bylandt. 

64 The Horse Fair Gen. Frederick Townsend 

65 The Dead Christ, painted in 1824 Rev. John Walsh 

66 Triumph of the Church over Paganism (Rubens — engraved by 

Nicolans Lauvers) James Vint 

70 Portrait of Henry Clay in 1837 (Gilbert) Mrs. Williann Cassidy 

7 1 Portrait of Thurlow Weed Thurlow Weed Barnes 

74 Portrait of Philip J. Schuyler (Gilbert Stuart, 1806), 

George L. Schuyler, New York city 
Son of the above. Born 1768 ; died 1835. 

75 Portrait of Jeremias Van Rensselaer, first patron on the east side 

of the river Mrs. C. G. Van Rensselaer 

77 Portrait of Stephen Van Rensselaer . . .Mrs. C. G. Van Rensselaer 
79 Portrait of Mrs. Philip Schuyler — Catharine Van Rensselaer 

(artist unknown) George L. Schuyler, New York city 

Born 1734; died 1803. 

Vander Lin. 
80, 81 Two fruit pictures Carl N. Greig 


82 Painting of Bermuda George Douglas Miller 


83 Olive Grove Robert S. Oliver 



84 The Coming Storm E. D. Palmer 

85 Portrait of Jan Baptiste Van Rensselaer. .Howard Van Rensselaer 


86 Mount Washington Charles L. Pruyn 

87 Portrait of Philip Schuyler (artist unknown), 

George L. Schuyler, New York city 
Grandson of Philip Pieterse. Born 1695; shot and burned 
in his house at Saratoga by French and Indians, 1745. 

88 Portrait, Andrew Jackson with hickory frame, The Argus Company 
90 Portrait of Mrs. Philip J. Schuyler — Mary A. Sawyer of Massa- 
chusetts (Gilbert Stuart, 1806), 

George L. Schuyler, New York city 
Born 1786 ; died 1852. 
92 Portrait by Mrs. Alexander Hamilton (Martin), 

George L. Schuyler, New York city 
Daughter of Major-General Philip Schuyler. Born 1757; 
died 1854. Crayon drawing taken when she was 94 years old. 

A. Maure. 
95 The Ploughman Wesley R. Davis 

J. G. NiCOLL. 

98 Mariner (water) James Vint 

100 The Seasons (after Jules Breton) J. Townsend Lansing 

Geo. H. Barghtok. 

loi Water color Geo. H. Sleicher 

102 Water color A. B. Banks 

G. H. McCoRD. 

104 Old Mill by Moonlight Rev. W. R. Davis 

Sam. Colman. 

105 Venetian Scene George D. Fearey 

F. H. De Haas. 

106 Water color. Coast of New England « . James Vint 


107 Trees and Sky, an etching, artist's proofs Rev. W. R. Davis 

E. L. Henry. 

109 Dinner in the Oiden Time George D. Fearey 

I io Water color sketch of Venice Walter L. Palmer 

HI Water color sketch of Venice Walter L. Palmer 

1 1 2 Water color sketch of Venice Walter L. Palmer 

113 Water color sketch of Venice Walter L. Palmer 



114 Landscape with Sheep J. Townsend Lansing 

115 Portrait of William Samuel Johnson (Pine). .Mrs. Anna V. Clapp 

Chairman of the committe of five on the final revision of the 
Federal Constitution in 1787. The original document in the 
State Department at Washington has numerous interlineations 
and marginal corrections in his handwriting. He was the first 
Senator from Connecticut. Portrait painted in 1783. 

116 Portrait of Mrs. Col. Le Mai, daughter of Citizen Genet, 

Mrs. Kirby Van Zandt 
Artist Unknown. 

1 1 7 Cat and Kittens Mrs. L. Annesley 

William Hart, N. S. 

118 Landscape James MacNaughton 

F. D. Briscoe. 

120 Marine Gen. Frederick Townsend 

A. F. Tait. 

121 Ducks George D. Fearey 

William Page. 
1 23 Portrait of a lady A. W Twitchell 

T. F. Kensett. 

126 Marine View George D. Fearey 

A. H. Wyant. 

127 An Autumn Day George D. Fearey 

Fred. Fink. 

131 Portrait of John Meads Miss Meads 

157 "The Committee of Safety" (George Maynard), 

James Arkell, Canojoharie 
The Holland tile mantle-piece in the picture was originally 
in Governor Bouck's mansion in Schoharie, and was trans- 
ferred to the old Fray mansion in Palatine Bridge, where it now 
stands. This latter place is of historic interest, as being the 
gathering place of the " committee of safety " in revolutionary 
times, and two of the members of the original committee are 
represented in the picture as reading the *' news letter " of the 

Walter Blackman. 
173 Aspiration J. Townsend Lansing 

Antonio Casanova. 
173 The Idol of the Day Rev. Walter D. Nicholas 

F. A. Bridgman. 

1 75 A Chance Acquaintance Rev. Walter D. Nicholas 

N. Diaz. 

176 Gathering Fagots Rev. Walter D. Nicholas 

Formerly in the collection of Fairman Rogers, Esq., of 


Meyer Von Bremen. 
177 The Love-letter Erastus Corning 

A. F. Tait and James M. Hart. 
179 The Regretted Shot C. Halloran 

B. Seignac. 
181 An Interior Charles L. Pruyn 

Kruseman Van Eltev. 

183 Landscape James Vint 

Adolph Schreyer. 

184 The Halt at the Well Rev. Walter D. Nicholas 

From the celebrated collections of Mr. Stuart, of Paris, and 
Mr. Spencer, of New York. 


185 Scene in a Hunting Lodge Rev. Walter D. Nicholas 

Formerly owned by the late Governor Morgan of New York. 

F. A. Haswell. 

1 86 Landscape Wesley R. Davis 

187 Portrait of William of Orange, King of England, 

Francis Thomas, Troy, N. Y. 
Presented about i6go to Captain John Thomas, afterward of 
Braintree, Mass., with three companion pictures (Queen Mary, 
Queen Anne and Prince George) and a grant of $35,000 by 
King William for services rendered by Captain Thomas in the 
" Glorious revolution of 1688." 


189 Landscape Charles L. Pruyn 

190, 191 Two old portraits (heads) Cantine Tremper 

Given by a British officer to a nurse for services during ill- 
ness when the British army evacuated Kingston. 

Meyer Von Breman. 
192 Eating her Berries Rev. Walter D. Nicholas 

W. Whittredge. 

1 96 Beach George D. Fearey 

J. F. Engel. 

197 The Smoker John Battersby 

199 Crayon portrait of Henry Guest of New Brunswick, 

Mrs. E. J. Miller 
Drawn by a British officer who was taken prisoner at that 
place during the Revolution. 


327 Village Church William Wendell 

200 Water color of Venice Walter L. Palmer 

Chas. Warren Eaton. 
326 Landscape Chas. Warren Eaton 


2o8 Pen and ink sketch of Colonel Timothy Whiting (Kosciusko), 

Henry Whiting Garfield 
Colonel Whiting was at West Point with Kosciusko, and as 
he was writing home Kosciusko took his letter, and with ink 
which they made from rusty nails drew Colonel Whiting's por- 
trait on the sheet. 


209 The Mischievous Boy, 1772 Ernest J. Miller 

A mezzo-tint engraving on glass by Henry Moreland (father 
of the celebrated George Moreland), who died in 1797. Form- 
erly the property of George Clinton, first Governor of this State. 


210 Small painting Mrs. Cantine Tremper 

2 1 1 Old portrait Cantine Tremper 

214 Spanish portrait, 1621 Mrs. Augustus H. Walsh 

David Johnson. 
214 Landscape J. B. Thacher 

Ernest Longfellow. 
216 Horses Drinking Robert S. Oliver 

324 Portrait of Samuel Osgood Col. E. J. Genet, Greenbush 

First Postmaster General of the United States. 

325 Portrait of Philip Pieterse Schuyler and wife — Margritta Van 

Slichtenhorst (artist unknown), 

George L. Schuyler, New York city 
Married in Beverwyck, now Albany, December 12 (O. S.), 
1650. He was born in Holland, date unknown; died 1683. 
She was born 1628; died 1711. 

326 Portrait of Major-General Philip Schuyler (Trumbull), 

George L. Schuyler, New York city 
Born 1733; died 1804. 

329 Engraving (Rubens — engraved by Nicolans Lauvers) . .James Vint 

330 Paul Preaching at Athens (Raphael — engraved in 1677), 

331 Calais Pier (Seymour Hayden) J. Townsend Lansing 

Artist proof etching after Turner's painting. 

James Vint 

332 Solitude (Thos. Chauvel) J. Townsend Lansing 

George Innes. 
339 Landscape study Dr. James P. Boyd 

350 The Lake, etching after Corot J. Townsend Lansing 



45 Portrait of the first mayor of Albany, Peter Schuyler (Sir Godfrey 

Kneller The Schuyler Estate, West Troy 

360 Portrait of Judge William Cooper (Gilbert Stuart), 

Paul Fenimore Cooper 
36 : Portrait of Robert H. Pruyn National Commercial Bank 


324 Six Days of Creation (Burne Jones) Bishop Doane 

325 The Golden Stairway (Burne Jones) James T. Gardiner 

326 The Four Lessons (Burne Jones) James T. Gardiner 

327 The Wheel of Fortune (Burne Jones) James T. Gardiner 

328 The Cathedral of Chihuahua, Mexico James T. Gardiner 

Built in 1740 at a cost of $700,000 from a gift of one per 
cent of the profits of the Santa Hulalia mine. Style, Spanish 
Renaissance, detail modified by Aztec workmen. 


89 Town of Beverwyck in Holland (Myerheim), 

Mrs. William Cassidy 
From which Albany took its first name. 




Ezra Ames (deceased). 

62 Portrait of Judge Leonard Gansevoort Mrs. Abram Lansing 

69 Portrait of John Taylor, Governor of the State of New Vork in 1817 

Mrs. John Tayler Cooper 

68 Portrait of George Clinton, Governor of the State of New York from 

1771 to 179s, and from 1801 to 1804. President from 1804 to 1813, 

Mrs. John Tayler Cooper 

323 Portrait of lady (water color) Cantine Tremper 

67 Portrait of Harmanus Ten Eyck J. H. Ten Eyck 

76 Portrait of Elias Buel in 1820 Jesse Buel 

322 Mrs. Le Mai, daughter of Citizen Genet Mrs. Kirby Van Zandt 


160 Hagar and Ishmael Mrs. M. A. Ackerman- 

H. K. Brown, Sculptor. 
400 Quoit Player (out of statue) E. P. Prentice estate 

Wm. Bliss Baker. 

,55 Boys in the Woods J. B. Thacher 

44 Landscape Guy E. Baker 

Geo. H. Boughton. 

142 Old School-house William Bruce 

143 The Irish Emigrant William Bruce 

321 Boys Teetering William Bruce 

159 Stage Struck Mrs. L. Annesley 

188 The Rest by the Wayside Walter D. Nicholas 

132 The Puritan's Daughter Joseph W. Drexel, New York City 

Julia Hart Beers. 
138 A Summer Day in Metuchen.. Julia H. Beers, Metuchen, New Jersey 

164 Fir Tree Cottage Studio Julia H. Beers, Metuchen, New Jersey 

Charles Calverley, Sculptor. 
205 Marble medallion "Taking Comfort." 
204 Marble medallion " Lily of the Valley." 
306 Elias Howe. 

Charles G. Davidson. 
141 Ancient House, corner Chapel and Steuben streets, one of the 

oldest houses in Albany C. G. Davidson. 

C. L. Elliott (deceased). 

320 Portrait of Enos T. Throop Montgomery H. Throop 

319 Portrait of Rufus H. King Rufus H. King 

26 Portrait Gen. Frederick Townsend 

37 Portrait Gen. Frederick Townsend 


John Fred. Engel. 

i6i The Congratulators John Fred. Engel, Munich, Germany 

124 The Confidantes John Fred. Engel, Munich, Germany 

130 The Fisher Maiden J. B. Thacher 

Henry Ferguson, A. N. A. 

128 An early landscape Mrs. William Cassidy 

22 Scene in the Adirondacks Ezra G. Benedict 

James E. Freeman (deceased). 

47 Scene in the Campagna, Rome. . , Mrs. Abraham Lansing 

128 First landscape in 1834 Mrs. Burtsell 

Fred. Fink (deceased). 
25 Portrait of Rev. Wm. D. Sprague, D. D E. P. Prentice Estate 

308 Portrait of Judge Buel. Founder of the Albany "Cultivator " and 

president of the State Agricultural Society, 

State Agricultural Society 
Edward Gay. 
317 The Island Creek. Picture of the spot where the blast furnace now 

stands George D. Fearey 

169 Apple Blossoms John A. Sleicher 

48 The " Old Round Top " near Canajoharie, 

Hon. James Arkell, Canajoharie, N. Y. 
It is a stone structure formerly used as a magazine or store- 
house by one of the earliest settlers, Kane — from whom the 
Arctic explorer Kane was descended. This building stood 
at the end of an artificial bayou of the Mohawk, where the 
bateaux of the earlier period were pushed up to this trading post. 

William Hart, N. A. 
203 Loch Tay and Castle with the village of Kenmore in the distance, 

H. MacNaughton. 

61 Landscape C. Halloran, 

James M. Hart, N. A. 

134 Portrait of the artist's father Isaac W. Vosburgh. 

145 Landscape E, D. Palmer. 

316 Old Elm Tree Corner George D. Fearey. 

J. S. Hartley, A. N. A. (sculptor). 

309 Portrait bust of William Cullen Bryant, 

J. S. Hartley, New York city. 
Honorable mention at New Orleans Exposition. 
313-315 Photographs of other works J. S. Hartley, New York city. 

310 Bronze group J. S. Hartley, New York city. 

A Pantheistic Study. 

Henry Inman (deceased). 

168 Portrait of Bishop White Bishop Doane. 

Second American Bishop. 

171 Portrait of Bishop G. W. Doane of New Jersey Bishop Doane. 

165 Portrait of Bishop Doane and brother in childhood. . .Bishop Doane. 


James Kidd, Jr. (deceased). 
146 Killing of the Horse at the Grave of an Indian Chief, 
^ ^ William Kidd. 

Louis Kaiser. 

156 Sand Doun Lou's Kaiser. 

Lavinia Steele Kellogg. 

103 Roses Lavinia S. Kellogg, New York city 

96 Summer friends Lavinia S. Kellogg, New York city 

Clinton Loveridge. 

119 Landscape Clinton Loveridge, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

" That down some shadowy lane some ghost 
Might drive his spectral kine." 
202 The Normankill mill and waterfall at Kenwood S. R. Gray 

Will. H. Low. 

154 Reverie J- B. Thacher 

180 Skipper Ireson's Ride J- B. Thacher 

From Whittier's poem. 
108 Original drawings for the illustration of Lamia, 

Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia 

148 Decorative panel — Summer John Battersby 

35 Blowing the Horn John Battersby 

Charles M. Lang. 
153 Head Charles M. Lang 

Wm. p. Morgan. 

200 An Adirondack Road Wm. P. Morgan 

166 Mountain Stream Wm. P. Morgan 

Homer Martin. 

182 Landscape Miss Mosher 

1 5 Landscape Chas. L. Pruyn 

Wm. Magkath, N. A. 

149 The Gardener T. B. Clark, New York city 

Maria L. McMicken. 
303 Crayon Heads . . . .' Maria L. McMicken 

Leonard Ochtman. 

163 An Autumn Memory Leonard Ochtman, New York city 

135 The Mill Pond Leonard Ochtman, New York city 

Charles Warren Eaton. 
129 Water color Charles Warren Eaton 

James Kidd, Jr. 
162 The Exercise J. B. Thacher 

Charles Warren Eaton. 

326 Landscape Charles Warren Eaton 

E. D. Palmer, Sculptor. 

311 The Child Napoleon I J. B. Thacher 

Cut withont model, 
202 Design for the coat of arms of the Fort Orange club. .J. B. Thacher 


305 Early Sorrow E. D. Palmer 

206 Bas-relief of Bishop Doane Bishop Doane 

304 Peace in Bondage Gen. Frederick Townsend 

R. H. Banks, Sculptor. 
Memory, Bas-relief Wm. M. Whitney 

Walter L. Palmer. 
17 Venice E. J. Larrabee 

150 Interior with portrait of the late Thos. W. Olcott Miss Olcott 

93 Water color sketch Walter L. Palmer 

94 Water color sketch Waiter L. Palmer 

William Page (deceased). 

72 Portrait of the late John O. Cole Mrs. John O. Cole 

73 Portrait of Mrs. John O. Cole Mrs. John O. Cole 

312 Rev. Isaac Ferris, D. D Albany Female Academy 

R. W. Pennie. 

122 Portrait R. W. Pennie 

59 Interior of a Ship-smith's shop R. W. Pennie 

J. T. Peele. 
1 52 The Old Oaken Bucket The Misses Monteith 

D. S. Pierce. 
225 Portrait of Rev. Wm. Sprague, D. D D. S. Pierce 

William Pretyman. 
97 Orchids Erastus Corning 

T. L. Smith, A. N. A. (deceased). 

174 Winter Moon-light Scene T. L. Smith, A. N. A. 

63 Long Lake in the Adirondacks Frank Chamberlain 

Walter Sanford. 
133 The Three Sixes Walter Sanford 

V. P. Shaver (deceased). 
78 Legion, painted about 1845 Mrs. Shaver 

Mrs. B. U. Steenburg. 
302 Crayon Head Mrs. Steenburg 

Launt Thompson, Sculptor. 

307 Portrait bust of Morse Launt Thompson 

Photographs of Works Launt Thompson 

A. W. Twitchell. 

29 Portrait of Elliott A. W. Twitchell 

140 Portrait of the mother of John Fred Engel, the artist, 

A. W. Twitchell 
KiRBY Van Zandt (deceased). 

300 Horses Thomas Hurst 

301 Cattle Thomas Hurst 

W. G. Van Zandt. 

151 Portrait of a horse W. G. Van Zandt 

Ella L. Winnie 

125 Still Life Ella L. Winnie 

99 Water color Ella L. Winnie 


Charles Calverly. 

308 Bust of John Brown Charles Calverly, New York City 

Original in bronze owned by the Union League Club, New York City. 

306 Bust of Elias Howe Charles_Calverly, New York City 

201 Little Ida Charles Calverly 

Marble medallion. 

203 Jessie and Daisy Charles Calverly, New York city 

Bronze medallion. 

Chas. Warren Eaton. 

326 Afternoon Shadows Samuel A. Foster, New York City 

Views of Old Albany. 
223 Seventeen Sketches of the Old Capitol Frederic G. Mather 

Walter Sanpord. 

137 Prison of the Inquisition Walter Sanford 

167 Portrait Walter Sanford 

170 Portrait of Stephen Van Rensselaer Howard Van Rensselaer 

J. Ezra Ames. 
139 Portrait of Mrs. Meads. 



South Room, Second Story. 


1 Dressing table J. Howard King 

Formerly the property of ElishaW. D. Skinner, who for many 
years published i}az Daily Advertiser ^i the old Elm Tree corner. 
The table was made about 1810. 

2 Old Flemish tapestry Duncan Campbell 

3 Fire screen A. Bleecker Banks 

4 Chair — belonged to King Louis Phillippe — taken from the 

Tuilleries during his flight, in 1848 Mrs. James Kidd 

5 Old mahogany stand Mrs. A. Cuyler Ten Eyck 

6 Old clock Leonard Kip 

7 Reporter's chair, from the Senate chamber, old Capitol, 

Thurlow Weed Barnes 

8 Old writing chair, used by Gov. Seward while in Albany, 1838 

to 1842 Wm. H. and F. W. Seward 

9 Flax wheel Col. E. J. Genet, Greenbush 

With flax and thread grown and spun on the farm of Abram 
Witbeck in the town of Greenbush in 1811. 
Music stand Robert Shaw Oliver 

1 1 Piano, probably imported into this country by John Jacob Astor, 

and is about 100 years old Cluett & Sons 

12 Old chair Mrs. John Tayler Cooper 

13 Harp Mrs. J. Howard King 

14 Old table Mrs. John Tayler Cooper 

This table was painted by a daughter of an English officer 
during the Revolution. 

15 Mirror, formerly owned by Gov. De Witt Clinton, 

G. V. S. Sanders 

16 One '■ Empire " mantel clock Mrs. William Cassidy 

17 Hall lamps from the Van Rensselaer Manor House, 

Eugene Van Rensselaer 


1 8 Italian carved wooden chair, sixteenth century style. 

Mrs. W. O. Stillman 

19 Harp of the time of Empress Josephine Robert Shaw Oliver 

20 Piano 150 years old Mrs. Charles P. Sanders, Schenectady 

2 1 Chair, in which Thurlow Weed wrote editorials for the Albany 

" Journal " for many years Thurlow Weed Barnes 

22 Washington relic Mrs. J. V. L. Pruyn 

Chair from East room at Mt. Vernon 

23 Washington relic Mrs. J. V. L. Pruyn 

Wash-stand from Mt. Vernon. 

24 An arm chair, from Mt. Vernon Mrs. J. V. L. Pruyn 

25 Inlaid table Mrs. Jacob H. Ten Eyck 

26 Screens from Van Rensselaer Manor House, 

Eugene Van Rensselaer 

27 Carved tea-table A. Bleecker Banks 

28 Portrait of Washington Mrs. J. V. L. Pruyn 

Painted by Rembrandt Peale, among his earlier works. 

29 Engraving of Washington Mrs. J. V. L. Pruyn 

30 Old clock Maurice E. Viele 

31 Round table, from Mt. Vernon Mrs. J. V. L. Pruyn 

32 Idol from Burmah Mrs. Ira Harris 

33 Old arm chair Mrs. James Kidd 

34 Silk embroidered gown, 1760 Mrs. A. E. V. R. Hoff 

35 Old fashioned dress Miss S. Y. Lansing 

36 Old silk dress Mrs. Orin B. Fuller 

37 Old silk petticoat Miss S. Y. Lansing 

38 Old crepe shawl Mrs. William Barnes 

39 Bead bag Mrs. J. L. Newman 

40 Wedding dress and shoes Mrs. J. L. Newman 

Worn by Mrs. Egbert B. Egberts one hundred and fifty 
(150) years ago. 

Mrs. Egbert was May Van Dam Lynch, a grand daughter of 
Gov. Van Dam, the former Dutch Governor of the Provinces. 
Loaned by her great grand daughter. 

41 Five antique combs Mrs_ J. L. Newman 

42 Three old shawls Mrs. A. Cuyler Ten Eyck 

43 Antique memorial locket Mrs. J. L. Newman 

Worn by Mrs. May Egbert Ten Eyck in 1778. Loaned by 
her great grand daughter. 

44 Black bead bag Mrs. J. L. Newman 

45 Antique shoes Mrs. J. L. Newman 

46 Shawl Mrs. A. Cuyler Ten Eyck 

47 Embroidered dress and bag 200 years old; gloves worn with cos- 

tume Miss E. B. Groot 


48 One box of games, belonged to Gov. Clinton. 

Mrs. J. L. .Newman 

49 Pink silk gown and petticoat Mrs. J. B. Nott 

Worn by Mrs. Gov. Tayler, 1765. 

5 1 English thread lace cap Mrs. A. Cuyler Ten Eyck 

52 Pair of old gloves Miss E. B. Groot 

53 Picture of George Washington and family Miss Douw 

54 Wedding vest plated, worn by Francis NicoU, over 100 years old 

Francis Nicoll Sill 

55 Sugar bowl made of a cocoanut, mounted with silver, 150 years 

old Mrs. P. G. Ten Eyck 

56 Old bag Mrs. C P. Williams 

57 Venetian sun-shade Miss Douw 

58 Embroidered table cover Miss Douw 

59 Crimson satin Mrs. J. B. Nott 

Worn by Mrs. Charles D. Cooper, 1797. 

60 Sideboard George H. Treadwell 

Brought over by Benjamin Wiems from Holland in 1703. It 
has been traced directly down to the present owner. 

61 Mahogany knife boxes, very old Mrs. Teunis Van Vechten 

62 Vest and pants worn by L. Gansevoort.Mrs. A. Cuyler Ten Eyck 

63 Old figured chintz wrapper, ruffled shirt, about 1780. 

Mrs. J. B. Nott 

64 Curtains and lambrequins used on teaster beds, 

Mrs. C. P. Williams 
Spun and worked about 200 years ago; the embroidery is inter- 
esting because it shows the stitches which have been revived 
within a few years under the name of " Kensington." 

65 Old fashioned bonnet (calash) Mrs. J. L. Newman 

66 Embroidered Japanese robe. . . .Mrs. Charles T. Wing, N. Y. city 

67 Parsee children's dresses ... Mrs. Henry A. Glassford, N. V. city 

69 Pair of slippers Mrs. J. Townsend Lansing 

7 1 Old banner Mrs. Charles P. Sanders 

Carried by the minute men in the Revolution. 

82 Old print of the Van Tassel House. . Mr. Eugene Van Rensselaer 

The spot from which the Legend of Sleepy Hollow was taken. 

83 Old print of Washington Irving's house, 

Mr. Eugene Van Rensselaer 

90 Old Schuyler chair Mrs. John Tayler Cooper 

91 Old English chair J. Bleecker Groat 

92 Caned chair, brought from England in 1700 Miss Groot 

94 Caned sofa Mr. J. R. Brooks 

95 Table and chairs brought by Judith Crommelin Ver Plank from 

.Holland in 1740 Mrs. Anna Verplanck Clapp 

The table is of peculiar interest, from the fact that Talleyrand 
La Fayette and many other noted celebrities dined at its board. 

96 Chair formerly owned by Gov. De Witt Clinton, 

Mrs. Paul Cushman 

97 Fiddle back chair Mrs. J. W. Morange 

98 Chair nearly 300 years old Mrs. Teunis Van Vechten 

99 Mahogany work stand, brought from Holland, known to have been 

in the Bell family over 100 years Miss Alida Winne Bell 

100 Chair Robert C. Pruyn 

loi Chair Leonard Kip 

102 Chair Miss Douw 

104 Inlaid table " George Douglas,Miller 

105 Inlaid card table, 150 years old Miss Phoebe Pearce 

io6 Chair, 200 years old Miss Phoebe Pearce 

107 A cattle branding iron monogram K. H. T., used in Schenectady 

in 1690 Frank K. Toll 

108 Old bronze lock and wooden lock of the Powder magazine of 

Albany Verplanck Colvin 

These locks were brought from Holland at a very early 
period, and transferred from the old to the new magazines, as 
the growth of the city compelled a change of location, until the 
sale of the building on Powder House Hill, located where the 
city Reservoir now stands. 

They belonged to the old Fort in State street, and probably 
to the earlier Dutch fortresses in Holland. 

109 Old chair Mrs. J. W. Morange 

1 10 Old quilt Miss Phoebe Pearce 

HI" Inlaid mirror E. D. Palmer 

112 Mahogany work stand Mrs. Jacob H. Ten Eyck 

1 13 Chair Mrs. Pumpelly 

114 Hand-carved box, fifty years old Mrs. Jane Wyland 

I IS Cradle • Mrs. C. G. Van Rensselaer 

Belonged to First Patroon, 1768. 
1 16 Italian carved settle, 16th century style Mrs. W. O. Stillman 

120 Caned mahogany chair and inlaid chair Miss Sarah Sanders 

121 Inlaid writing desk J. Fenimore Cooper 

122 Mahogany work table Charles Visscher Winne 

123 One Florentine carved chair Mrs. Jacob H. Ten Eyck 

124 Canteen used in the Revolutionary army J. N. Foster 

125 Bronze lion of Herculaneum brought out by the French refugees, 

Mrs. John Tayler Cooper 
127 Pier table Mrs. J. W. Morange 


128 Farm yard scene, embroidered by Miss Elizabeth Ann Dexter in 

1812 "Mrs. Bayard Van Rensselaer 

129 Model of a Whitehall boat, presented to Gov. Seward while at 

Albany, by citizens of New York. . . Wm. H. and F. W. Seward 

130 Picture of the old Dutch church of Schenectady, 

Mrs. Watkins, Schenectady 

1 3 1 Old high back chair Charles Visscher Winne 

132 Iniaid chair, 200 years old Miss Pearce 

133 Inlaid desk Charles Visscher Winne 

134 Child's high chair Mrs. Robert Strain 

135 Dutch marquetere clock Thomas Buckley 

136 Medallion of Benjamin Franklin, rare, 

Col. E. J. Genet, Greenbush 

137 Medallion of Voltaire Col. E. J. Genet, Greenbush 

138 Picture, 180 years old , Mrs. Skerretts 

139 Chair Mrs. Anna Verplanck Clapp 

Brought by Judith Cornelia Ver Planck from Holland in 

139 Chair brought by Judith Cornelia Verplanck from Holland, 

Mrs. Anna Verplanck Clapp 

140 Picture painted by Margaret Ganssevort in 1791, 

Mrs. A. Cuyler Ten Eyck 

141 Sampler over 100 years old, worked by Mrs. Visscher Winne, 

Loaned by her grandson Charles Visscher Winne. 

142 Chest of drawers Geo. Douglass Miller 

143 Chair Mrs. C. A. Vander Veer 

This chair was brought from the originat church of Monmouth, 
N. J., 1782. 

144 Portrait of Mrs. Francis Pruyn Samuel Pruyn 

145 Sword worn by Gen. Seward W. H. & F. W. Seward 

146 Pistols of Gen. Seward W. H. & F. W. Seward 

147 Pistols which belonged to Gen. Steuben Mrs, George Evans 

148 Old sampler Mrs. C. P. Williams 

149 Chairs from the Van Rensselaer Manor House, 

Mrs. J.,M. McCloud 

150 Tinder box Mrs. D. M. Moore 

Carried all through the Revolutionary war. 

151 Piece of the old Albany stockade Mrs. J. Sanders 

152 " Washington " pitcher Mr. Irving Browne 

The name given to indicate that the article had been sent to 
England for the purpose of having engraved on it some devise 
connected with Washington, and often was added the mono- 
gram of the owners. 

In the present instance the pitcher bears upon it the mono- 
grams of Mr. and Mrs. Coffin of Nantucket, to whom it be- 
longed. It is very old. 



Old lock Mrs. P. A. Pease 

Turkish coffee pot Mrs. Volkert P. Douw 

Bale of cotton from Texas Maurice E. Viele 

156 Old cannon ball Mrs. James Sanders 

157 Brass candle stick First Patroon 

158 Iron lamp John J. Smith 

159 Old snuff box Mrs. Orin B. Fuller 

160 Very old tortoise shell eye-glasses Geo. Douglass Miller 

161 Eye glass from Holland, 200 years old Mrs. Orin B. Fuller 

162 Box Mrs. Moore 

Containing scale and weight used in in the West Indies for 
weighing money brought to this country in 1800, and here 
used for the same purpose in one of the stores in Schenectady. 

163 Two tray figures, John DeP. Douw, Volkert P. Douw. - Miss Douw 

164 Ivory crucifix, 170 years old Mrs. William Cassidy 

166 A printer's " stick " used in the old Advertiser officer, 60 years ago, 

James L. Travers 

167 Grinder for spices, probably 200 years old Miss Douw 

168 Bronze plaque of the Declaration of Independence, 

Mrs. Volkert P. Douw 

169 Flint steel James Doherty 

170 Gourd with many designs carved upon it Mrs. Marshall 

172 Christening cup, 300 years old Mrs. Wagner 

173 Horn snuff spoon over 100 years old Francis Nicoll Sill 

174 Pitcher, belonged to and used by Martha Washington's mother, 

Mrs. Charles Van Zandt 

175 Old vase Mrs. Charles Van Zandt 

176 Scotch broach, 100 years old Mrs. William Ellis 

177 Lowestoft set Mrs. T. Anna Lansing 

178 Brass door knocker George Douglas Miller 

179 Silver bon bon box, 100 years old Mrs. John Ochtman 

1 80 Cup Mrs. A. Cuyler Ten Eyck 

Used to hold coals from which the old Knickerbockers lighted 
their pipes. 

181 Japanese screen brought from Yokohama by the late Miss Mary 

Pruyn Mrs. Robert Strain 

182 Dutch tile from Holland 200 years ago. . .Mrs. Volkert P. Douw 

183 White bowl with gold spots J. Townsend Lansing 

Formerly owned by General Washington. 

184 Delft plate and tea caddy spoon, antique. . .J. Townsend Lansing 

185 Dish, with view of old Dutch church Mrs. Charles P. Sanders 

186 China, 100 years old Mrs. A. Cuyler Ten Eyck 

187 Old china beer mug Mrs. A. Cuyler Ten Eyck 

1 25 

i88 Tea pot, pitcher and sugar bowl Miss J. Anna Lansing 

Brought by Captain Dean from India, with the letter giving 
the order. 

189 Wooden server, inlaid with brass handles, over 100 years old, 

Mrs. Wolf 

1 9 1 Idol Miss Douw 

193 Dish with view of old Albany Theatre. ..Mrs. Charles P. Sanders 

194 George Washington memorial book Mrs. George W. Clinton 

19s Old tile Mrs. A. Cuyler Ten Eyck 

196 Order book of Fort Schuyler Col. E. J. Genet 

197, 198 Specimens of earliest Daguerreotype portraits made in 

America — Rev. Dr. Beman, of Troy, Judge Sutherland, of 
Geneva, Judge Miller, of Rochester, and 'George Merritt, of 
New York Geo. Douglas Miller 

199 Part of the Herbtsen window, from Old Dutch Church, 1656, 

J. Munsell 

200 Old family Bible, printed in 17 14 Samuel Pruyn 

201 Picture made of cork Mrs. J. M. McCloud 

202 Revolutionary $3 bill Richard L. Annesley 

The bill of three dollars, accompanying this, is a sample of 
the currency of the United States during the war of the Revo- 
lution. This bill was presented to R. S. Jones (the subscriber) 
by Mrs. Martha Washington at Col. Jackson's hut, on the 
heights of Morristown, New Jersey, in May, 1780. Immedi- 
ately after the extreme hard winter, when Col. S. B. Webb's 
regiment, to which he was attached, struck their tents and took 
possession of their huts January 12th — Snow 2 or 3 feet deep 
— he was then, when the bill was received, just 13 years of age, 
and just at the end of his term of enlistment of three 3'ears — 
supposed to be the youngest person in the pay roll of the army. 


New Albany, Indiana, October 12th, 1850. 

204 Marble frame, oval glass Mrs. C. G. Van Rensselaer 

205 Old Dutch psalm book, 1620 Samuel Pruyn 

206 Samples worked by Jane Stringer in September, 170^, 

Mrs. Ledyard Cogswell 

207 Tortoise shell tea caddy John Wolff 

208 Tortoise shell comb Mrs. Vanderpoel 

209 Carved tortoise shell comb Mrs. E. H. Durell 

211 Tortoise shell spoon holder John Wolff 

212 Knife made in 1760 John N. Foster 

j^ 213 "Comfortia" Col. E. J. Genet, Greenbush 

Used for passing hot coals to light the pipes of the old 


214 Brass tobacco box W. W. Crannell 

Brought from Holland about 175 years ago. Motto: " In het 
groon, met vat sooen." 

215 Dagger, reproduction from the Spanish original, 

Mrs. Charles G. Saxe 

217 Iron box Mrs. W. B. Van Rensselaer 

218 Inlaid tea box Mrs. P. G. Ten Eyck 

219 Brass inkstand, brought from Holland, over 200 years old, 

Mrs. Wm. S. Egerton 

226 Mameluke dagger Mrs. John Tayler Cooper 

227 Oystal knee buckles Mrs. W. C. Benton 

This piece of tapestry is descriptive of the destruction of the 
temple. It was made at Antwerp in 1630 and was many years 

"f- 228 Pistols of Miles Standish George McCammon 

230 Bead bag Mrs. Oriii B. Fuller 

231 Brass mortar and pestle S. S. Pruyn 

232 Hat from Burniah Mrs. Ira Harris 

233 Copper urn Mrs. J. B. Nott 

234 Bunting flag of 13th N. Y. S. Vols., in the Rebellion, 

Mrs. Abraham I^ansing 

235 Old Flute Richard L. Annesley 

This flute and case was the property of Major Cochran of 
the British army, in the Revolutionary war of the United Stales 
of America. Major Cochran was sent by Sir Henry Clinton 
with dispatches to Lord Cornwallis, at Yorktown, at which 
seige a cannon shot took off his head. 

This flute was taken with his baggage by the Raven Privateer 
out of Connecticut river, and the flute sold at auction for $400 
I (old Continental money). 

I have been the owner of it forty-five years. 

236 Danish table cloth Col. E. J. Genet, Greenbush 

Brought to the Colonies before the Revolutionary War, with 
equestrian figures of George III. 

236 Mahogany dressing table of 150 years Mrs. Rufus H. King 

239 Bronze peacock J. Townsend Lansing 

-^240 Tongs made and used about the year 1800 for catching rattle- 
snakes Miss Goold 

When in spring the snakes emerged from their winter quar- 
ters and hung their heads from the holes, the plan of action 
was to slip up quietly behind one and catch the reptile by the 
sack of the neck just below the head, with the little pins 
ened in the spoons of the tongs, and so secure the snake alive 
and still make it helpless. 

242 Picture representing the burning of Schenectady in i6go, 

Mrs. Yates, Schenectady 


245 Solid ebony desk made at Singapore, India, from that sent to 

Yedo, Japan, and then sent as a gift to E. P. Maltby, 

E. P. Maltby 

246 Spinning wheel Peter Livingston 

250 Court dress worn by Gen. John Jay, when minister to Spain in 

1779 John C. Jay, Rye 

250 Child's high chair, very old Mrs. Jacob H. Ten Eyck 

251 Two small panel engravings of John Jay John C. Jay, Rye 

252 Old silver tankard John C. Jaj', Rye 

253 Old silver tea pot John C. Jay, Rye 

254 Gold snuff box John C. Jay, Rye 

Presented to Gov. John Jay by the State of New York. 
25s Pin containing Washington's hair John C. Jay, Rye 

256 Portrait of John Jay John C Jay, Rye. 

Oil painting by Stuart (original). 

257 Piece of wood from old Dutch church built in. 17 15, 

Miss Phoebe Pearce 

259 Old helmet George Douglas Miller 

260 Antique silver horn, worn on the head of a Druses woman, Mt. 

Lebanon, Syria Rev. W. R. Davis 

269 Whip handle Mrs. W. C. Benton 

271 Old Japanese helmet Mrs. Volkert P. Douw 

272 Fire screen C. G. Van Rensselaer 

273 Table bronze, by Judith Cornelia Verplanck, 

Mrs. Anna Verplanck Clapp 

274 Persian prayer rug Thurlow Weed Barnes 

278 Watered brocade waistcoat, of Louis XIV, about 1660, 

Charles Lang 
In 1745 costumes were so expensive that most of the people 
hired them rather than to purchase their own. Buber states 
that the Marquis de Mispoin paid his tailor ;^240 for the use of 
seven dresses he wore but once. 

279 Japanese swords Mrs. Volkert P. Douw 

280 Old Dutch painting Mrs. Kirby Van Zandt 

281 Portrait of Catharine de Wendelaer Dr. Thomas Hun 

286 Pair of embroidered satin pictures Miss Mitchell 

288 Elaborate embroidered vest of Churfiirst, Carl Albert of Bavaria. 

monogram jewels and spangles Charles Lang 

289 Coat and vest Col. E. J. Genet, Greenbush 

Part of the court dress of Citizen Genet, worn when embas- 
sador, with the insignia of his rank as Adjutant-General of the 
Army of the Alps. 
292 Old painting on glass head of George III, 

Mrs. Jacob H. Ten Eyck 


297 Painting of the old Kane Mansion in Albany, on North Pearl 
street, occupied by William H. Seward, while Governor, 

Wm. H. and F. W. Seward 

303 Silhouette portrait of Hon. Archibald Maclntyre, 

James MacNaughton 
Comptroller of New York State, 1806-1821. 

304 Old wood cut of St. Nicholas Mrs. S. T. Lansing 

305 First train of cars run in New York State, 1831 Mrs. Peirce 

313 Water color picture of William H. Seward, 

Wm. H. and F. W. Seward 

314 Florentine jewel casket E. D. Palmer 

316 Bureau Mrs. Robert Strain 

317 Chest of drawers Gerard Wood 

319 Suit worn at Fort Stanwix by Gen. Gansevoort, 

Mrs. Abraham Lansing 

320 Dress suit uniform of Gen. Gansevoort. . .Mrs. Abraham Lansing 

321 Objects of interest collected by present owner during a journey 

around the world Thurlow Weed Barnes 

1. Japanese vases of Shippo ware, called in Europe and Amer- 
ica Cloissone, made by Nanii-kawa, of Kioto, the most celebra- 
ted (living) artificer in Japan. 

2. Japanese sabres, formerly the property of native noble- 

3. Ivory carvings from Kioto. 

4. Pamphlet containing story of the " Forty-seven Ronins," 
as sold at their burial place in Tokio. (See Mitford's work on 
the legends of Japan.) 

5. Japanese ink stand. 

6. Japanese toys. 

7. Japanese doll. 

8' Japanese newspaper. 

9. Water color sketches from Yokohama. 

10. Bronze box, showing raised work done in Kioto. 

11. Embroidered card cases, showing thatched dwelling- 
houses, and Fusiyama, the sacred mountain of Japan. 

12. Chessmen, from Shanghai, China, on an inlaid board, 
from Bombay, India. 

13. Carved ivory card-case, from Hong Kong. 

14. Turquoises, in rough state, as worn by Nepaulese women, 
in Darjeeling. 

15. Specimensof the finest Benares work, brass, silver plated. 

16. Kutch ware, from Hyderabad, solid silver. 

17. Weapons, from Jey poor, Raj putana, India. 

18. Sandal-wood and ebony boxes, carved and inlaid, from 

19. Buttons, of precious stone$, such as are sometimes worn 
by wealthy native gentlemen of India. 


20. Marble box from Agra. This box is interesting as show- 
ing the sort of stone of which the Taj, the most beautiful build- 
ing in the world, is constructed. The inlaid work is similar to 
that which ornaments the interior of the Taj. 

21. Portraits of Nurmahal, Moontajraahal (for whom the 
Taj was built), and of the great Moguls, Jehangees, and Ak- 
bar, also (in centre) painting of the ICulub Minar, all in ivory ; 

from the Chandni Chouk, Delhi, India. 

22. Brahmin prayer bags. 

23. Specimens of Indian embroideries; from Delhi, Cal- 
cutta and Bombay. 

24. Brass jar, made at the school of arts, Jeypoor. 

25. Tobacco pipes, from the native bazaar, Cairo, Egypt. 

26. Attar of roses, as sold in the perfumery bazaar, Cairo. 

27. Turkish coffee cups, from native bazaar, Stamboul. 

28. Turkish fez, from Constantinople. 

29. Mother of pearl, from the grotto of the nativity, Bethle 
hem, Palestine. 

30. Olive wood candle-sticks, as sold at the entrance to the 
Mosque of Omar, Jerusalem. 

31. Florentine box, containing ornaments in lava from Pom- 

32. Decorative silk girdles, from Rome. The light colored 
sash is an old design; the darker shade is very modern. 

322 Marquetry chair Mrs. John G. Farnsworth 

323 Marquetry corner table, 120 years old. .Mrs. John G. Farnsworth 

324 Rocking chair Miss Phebe Pearce 

325 His uniform as Commander-in-Chief of the State forces, worn by 

Gov. Seward upon military occasions. Consisting of military 
coat, one pair of gilt epaulets, pants and vest, chapeau and 
plume, gilt sword and sword belt. ..Wm. H. and F. W. Seward 

326 Hair trunk of Governor Gansevoort Mrs. Abraham Lansing 

327 Candelabra, used on Gov. Seward's table, at all State dinners, 

Wm. H. and F. W. Seward 

328 Gold headed cane, used by Gov. Seward while in Albany, 

Wm. H. and F. W. Seward 

329 Official certificate of Gov. Seward's election in 1840, signed by 

John C. Spencer, Secretary of State, 

Wm. H. and F. W. Seward 

330 Marble bas relief of Washington, which hung in the hall of the 

Executive Mansion Wm. H. and F. W. Seward 

331 A very rare specimen of a cast-iron back for an open fire-place, 

which bears the date of 1756 Rathbone, Sard & Co. 

Old stove Rathbone, Sard & Co. 

Manufactured by J. Glonninger & Co., Huntingdon Furnace, 
and bears evidence of having been manufactured at some time at 
a blast furnace, as the plates are more than half an inch thick. 
The stove was probably constructed when the principles of stove 
construction were very crude. 




333 Portrait of T. Edward Collins Mrs. George Evans 

Grandson of Philip Schuyler, born in Albany in 1704. 
Married to Margaret Bleecker 1733. Old carved wood frame. 

334 Portrait of General Washington, Richard Church, Belvidere, N. Y. 

With accompanying letter presented by him to Mrs. General 
Wally Stuart. 

335 Child's chair. 150 years old Miss Phoebe Pearce 

^ 336 Old chair J. Howard King 

This chair belonged to General Joshua King, grandfather of 
General Rufus H. King and J. Howard King, of Albany, Gen- 
eral King, then Lieut. King, was the first officer before whom 
the captors of Major Andre brought their prisoner. Lieut. 
King at once saw that his prisoner was not what he made him- 
self out to be. Andre then confessed his identity and made an 
appeal to the generosity of Lieut. King. The latter could not 
forget his duty to his country, while he sympathized with the 
hard lot of the prisoner. In this chair Andre sat and penned 
V his entreaty to Washington to set him free as he had been 

caught on neutral ground. Washington refused to interfere 
and Andre went to the gallows accompanied by Lieut. King. 
X 337 Brass fender, from Lansing family, very old, 

George H. Treadwell 
4. 338 Silhouette of Gov. Seward in Albany, 1838, 

Wm. H. and F. W. Seward 
339 Andirons over 100 years old, from the Schuyler house, 

Mrs. J. Savage Delavan 
4 340 Andirons, over 200 years old Mrs. Volkert P. Douw 

341 Wooden seated arm chair C. P. Sanders 

342 One volume Goodwin's works, 203 years old. .William E. Haswel 

343 Nuremberg chair, 17th century Mrs. W. O. Stillman 

344 Old Dutch chair brought from Holland in 1690 S. S. Pruyn 

345 Child's chair from the family of Mrs. Matthew Trotter, during 

four generations Mrs. Teunis Van Vechten 

Loaned by her granddaughter. 

348 Stirrups worn by Leonard Gansevoort during the Revolutionary 

War Mrs. A. Cuyler Ten Eyck 

J 350 Pistols used in the Burr-Hamilton duel, 

Richard Church, Belvidere, N. Y. 
352 Brass tongs Mrs. J. Ochtman 

354 Embroidered picture of Mount Vernon, done in Albany in the last 

century Mrs. George Evans 

+ 355 Door knocker of Gen. Simeon DeWitt's house, 1796, now the 

Steamboat landing Richard Varick DeWitt 

356 Fur shears owned in one family 160 years B. E. 

.f* 357 Prayer rug Henry Russeil 

This is one of the most rare and valuable pieces in the col- 


358 Spectacles belonged to Rensselaer Nicoll, over 200 years old, 

Francis Nicoll Sill 

359 Dress worn 175 years ago Mrs. M. H. Stoddard, Troy road 

360 Cotton material, spun, woven and colored about 100 years ago, 

Mrs. C. A. Thatcher 

361 China mugs 100 years old Mrs. M. H. Stoddard, Troy road 

362 Bust of Gov. Seward State Library 

363 Bust of Alexander Hamilton State Library 

364 Washington letters Mrs. J. V. L. Pruyn 

365 Silhouette portrait, full length, of Alanson Douglas, of Troy, 

Geo. Douglas Miller 

366 Portrait of Margaret Fonday and sister, painted in 1776, 

Mrs. Yates, Schenectady 

367 Two knife boxes and two dozen knives and forks, 

Mrs. P. G. Ten Eyck 

368 Two links of the iron chain State Library 

Which was kept suspended on floats across the Hudson river 
near West Point for some years to prevent the British ships from 
ascending above that point during the Revolutionary war. 

369 Bonnet made in i8oo Miss McHaffie 

370 Two chairs, made and used before the Revolution, 

George H. Treadwell 

37 1 Delft China platter George H. Treadwell 

From the collection of the Hon. Rufus Choate. 

373 Bed spread Miss Pearce 


501 Old cupboard, brought from Holland in 1699, 

Mrs. D. M. Moor, Schenectady 

502 Kitchen cupboard Mrs. V. P. Douw 

503, 504 Two small ornaments, delft Mrs. John Ochtman 

505 Hot-water plate Mrs. V. P. Douw 

506 Three blue printed ware plates Mrs. Robert Strain 

507 Delft ware over 100 years old Mrs. T. E. Griswold 

Part of a dinner set which belonged to Susan Woolsey, 
daughter of Alida Livingston. 

508 Pickle dish Mrs. F. E. Griswold 

509 Cream pitcher, Dutch lustre Mrs. V. P. Douw 

510 Gravy boat Mrs. F. E. Griswold 

5 1 1 Delft sugar bowl Mrs. John Ochtman 

512 Breakfast plate Mrs. F. E. Griswold 

513 Dinner plate - Mrs. F. E. Griswold 

514 Soup plate Mrs. F. E. Griswold 

515 Small platter Mrs. F. E. Griswold 

516 Salad bowl Mrs. F. E. Griswold 

517 Vegetable dish Mrs. F. E. Griswold 

518 Old teapot Mrs. F. E. Griswold 

English lustre, buried in Guilford during the war of 1812. 

519 Looking glass, 150 years old Mrs. Robert Strain 

520 High old Dutch clock Mrs. Jacob H. Ten Eyck 

5 2 1 Spinning wheel, 200 years old, Mrs. Charles P. Sanders, Schenectady 

522 Two old fire buckets Jacob H. Ten Eyck 

523 Warming pan John L. Newman 

524 Warming pan E. J. Genet 

525 Dutch oven Mrs. Charles P. Sanders, Schenectady 

526 Wheel for winding flax Mrs. Harmon, Schenectady 

527 Dutch cullender C. C. Ham 

528 Flour ladle E. J. Genet 

529 Blue china soup tureen. . . . Mrs. Peter G. Ten Eyck, Schodack 

530 Soup tureen Mrs. F. E. Griswold 


531 Delft platter Mrs. John Ochtman 

532 Blue and white platter Miss Vandenburgh 

533 Large stone China platter, brown and white, with East India print, 

Mrs. V. P. Douw 

534 Brass candlestick Mrs. W. W. Crannell 

535 Large platter Mrs. F. E . Griswold 

536 Blue china platter Mrs. P. M . Murphy 

537 Mexican sword Thomas McBride 

538 Brass cullender Mrs. James C. Bell 

539 Small work basket, 100 years old Mrs. John Ochtman 

540 Long handled flap-jack pan Miss Vosburgh 

541 Dutch Bellows, 200 years old John H. Rowland 

542 Old brass skimmer Mrs. William E. Haswell 

543 Old bellows, 200 years old. . Mrs. Charles P. Sanders, Schenectady 

544 Brass tea kettle, 150 years old, from Holland, Mrs. John Ochtman 

545 Copper furnace, 150 years old Mrs. A. Cuyler Ten Eyck 

546 Round gridiron on pivot Mrs. Harmon, Schenectady 

547 Old crane Mrs. Austin A. Yates, Schenectady 

548 Brass tongs George H. Treadwell 

549 Brass shovel George H. Treadwell 

550 Large iron pot, Dutch Miss Vosburgh 

551 Round small pot brought from Holland in 1650, 

Mrs. Harmon, Schenectady 

553 j iFoot warmer Mrs. Jacob H. Ten Eyck 

554 Long handled frying pan . .Mrs. Charles P. Sanders, Schenectady 

555 Flint-lock breech loading rifle F. E. Griswold 

556 Brass skimmer Mrs. Robert Strain 

557 Old bellows Mrs. Charles P. Sanders, Schenectady 

558 Old toaster Mrs. Harmon, Schenectady 

559 Egg poacher Mrs. Charles P. Sanders, Schenectady 

560 Dutch shopie, brought from Holland over 200 years ago, 

Mrs. Wm. E. Haswell 

561 Old gridiron Mrs. Charles P. Sanders, Schenectady 

562 Bread trough Mrs. R.obert Strain 

563 Rocking chair, 200 years old, Mrs. Charles P. Sanders, Schenectady 

564 Knitting sheathes and needles Mrs. John Ochtman 

565 Aunt Neltje Catalina Van Brugan, 

566 Clinton chair Mrs. J. K. Van Zandt 

567 Arm chair George H. Treadwell 

568 Coffee mill A. Vander Veer 

569 Old Holland wafile iron Mrs. C. V. A. Craver 

570 Sweetmeat jar from Holland, over 100 years ago, 

Mrs. William E. Haswell 


571 Box from Hollarid 200 years old Mrs. Robert Strain 

572 Large stone jar Mrs. V. P. Douw 

573 Stone jar brought from Holland Mrs. John Ochtman 

574 Pewter tea pot, Dutch Mrs. John Ochtman 

575 Pewter porringer Mrs. V. P. Douw 

576 Pewter tankard Mrs. Jacob H. Ten Eyck 

577 Child's high chair, 1795 Mrs. Robert Strain 

578 Pewter platter Miss Vandenburgh 

579 Old tub Mrs. Robert Strain 

580 Two large pewter platters. . Mrs. Charles P. Sanders, Schenectady 

581 Old bread tray Mrs. W. W. Crannell 

582 Long handled frying pan. .Mrs. Charles P. Sanders, Schenectady 

583 Old coffee mill Mrs. Charles P. Sanders, Schenectady 

584 Trommels, four boxes for tea, bonbons, coffee and tray, 

Mrs. John Ochtman 

585 Six pewter platters Mrs. Jacob H. Ten Eyck 

586 Tinder box William Vosburgh 

587 A comforter to hold the live coals for the pipe, William Vosburgh 

588 Cherry stand Mrs. Charles P. Sanders, Schenectady 

589 Pair wooden shoes brought from Holland . . .Mrs. John Ochtman 

590 Blue umbrella, 150 years old Mrs. Robert Strain 

591 Old Dutch cloak 150 years old Mrs. John Ochtman 

592 Chains and hooks for crane Mrs. Robert Strain 

593 Old Dutch Bible, 1738 Jacob H. Ten Eyck 

594 Wooden dipper made from the root of a tree, very old, 

Mrs. William E. Haswell 

595 Revolutionary pen knife John N. Foster 

596 Tray Mrs. Robert Strain 

597 Round platter, Dutch pottery brought from Holland in 1650, 

Mrs. Robert Strain 
568 Fire bucket, 1681 John H. Foster 

599 Dutch oil painting Mrs. John Ochtman 

600 Pot from Holland Mrs. Harmon, Schenectady 

601 Gun E. J. Genet 

602 Warming pan Mrs. C. G. Van Rensselaer 

603 Infant's rocker Miss Pearce 

604 Cradle used for slave babies Mrs. Robert Strain 

605 Quilt James F. Mix 

606 Old kitchen rocker Mrs. Robert Strain 

607 Webster's calendar, 1797 Mrs. W. W. Crannell 

608 Child's rocker Mrs. F. E. Griswold 

609 Arm chair D. B. Mix 


6io Reel Mrs. Robert Strain 

6i I Old iron Andirons Mrs. V. P. Douw 

612 Dutch brass biscuit oven Mrs. Wm. E. Haswell 

613 Dutch worsted hetschel A. Vander Veer 

614 Small knit spread Mrs. John Ochtman 

15 Nancy Van Brugan. 


The following articles were received too late to be inserted in the 
departments in their regular places: 


513 Pitcher, English lustre Mrs. J. F. Rathbone 

514 Lowestoft cup and saucer Mrs. J. F. Rathbone 

515 Candle cup and saucer Mrs. James Kidd 

516 Wedgwood cup and saucer Mrs. Joel Nott 

517 Wedgwood cup and saucer Mrs. Joel Nott 

518 Crown Derby cup and saucer Mrs. V. P. Douw 

519 Spode cup and saucer Mrs. John Tayler Cooper 

520 Dresden glass Mrs. R. S. Oliver 

S 2 1 Bohemian glass vase Mrs. W. B. Van Rensselaer 

522 Cup and saucer, Vienna ware Mrs. Henry Russell 

523 Sevres pitcher Mrs. R. S. Oliver 

524 Dish, old English ware Mrs. William Barnes 

525 Platter, old English ware Mrs. William Barnes 

526 Coalport, cup and saucer Mrs. William Barnes 

527 Coalport cup and saucer Mrs. William Barnes 

528 Royal Worcester cup and saucer Mrs. William Barnes 

529 Copeland teapot Mrs. J. G. Farnsworth 

530 Capo di Monte cup and saucer Mrs. W. H. Van Antwerp 



Spencer Trask & Co., 


i6 & i8 BROAD ST., NEW YORK. 

OFFICES connected by private wire. 



Members of N. Y. Stock Exchange, 



Investment Securities bought and .sold on commission. 
Foreign Drafts issued payable in any country. 
Certificates of Deposit issued. 

Transact a general Banking Business and interest allowed on 
daily balances. 






Memorial Tablets 
of Polished Brass 
or Hammered 
Bronze, richly en- 
graved and chased 
iuith Portrait 
Medallions or 
Modeled Figure- 

Special Designs, 
with Estimate oj 
Cost, will be sub- 
mitted on request. 
Photographs oJ 
Tablets will be 
mailed on appli- 

Send for Illustrated Hand-books of 










es-x-a.bx.zssce:z3 ia43. 

B. W. Wooster Furniture Co. 

B. W. "WOOSTER, President. 

Cabinet Ma^er^, UpIioIgtBi«Bi«^ i Decoi'atoi'^, 


-A-LBA-NY, N. Y. 

Upholstefy Goods, 

Lace Curtains, 

Waii Papers, 

Interior Woodworl;, 
Fioors, Ceiiings, 

Casings, Doors, 
Manteis, Mirrors, 
Oanj; and 
Ofice Fittings. 


Inlerisr Wesdwerk, Beceratien and Furnishing ef Private 

Residences, Pdblic Buildings, EhurcKes, Helels, Sleam- 

bsats, Ladge Resnis, Banks and Qffices. 


/^rt 5reasijre5. 





Engravings, Etchings, Artist Proofs and Prints 


Cleaning and Repairing Old Paintings and 
Restoring Old Engravings a Specialty. 







ALBfiNY, N, Y 

We 9ave just received a very fine collection 
personally selected by oup /Avn. rioffman in Qurope. 

(^rjese stones ore extra cut, very brilliant and 
of fine color and it would be to tlje interest of every 
purcl^aser to conne and connpare aualities and prices. 

Pine Diamonds and I reclous ^tones set in tlje 
most desirable and approved /A\ountInas. 

FRaR^H 4i H0PPM0R 

33 North Paarl StrsBt, 










Ufllteil States MntDal 
icciiliiit AssociatloD, 

320 \ 322 BpDtf ]\y, 


The Uiigegt and Be^t and ChBapegt 


$650,000 Losses Paid. 

Foreign Permits without Charge. 


B5,000 Accident Insurance wltli $25 Weekly Indemnity, 
costs about $13 a year. $10,000 with $50 Weekly 
Indemnity at proportionate rates. Member- 
ship Fee, $5 in each division. 


President. Secretary. 



36 bis. Ave. de I'Opera, PARIS. 

5 Argyll Place, Regent St., LONDON. 

Importers and cutters of Dia- 
monds and other Precious 
Stones. Dealers in Jewelry, 
Fine Watches and Clocks, Mar- 
ble Statuary, Bronzes, Pottery 
and G-lass Ware, Leather and 
Rich Fancy Goods. 

Manufacturers of 
Works, 49, 51, 53, 55 Prince Street; 

Works at Newark, N. J. ; 

GOODS at their establishment, I5th Street 
and Union Square. 

For the conTenience of persons away 
from New York, Messrs. Tiffany & Co. 
will, on receipt of satisfactory refer- 
ence, and limit of price, send for in- 
spection careful selection from stock 
to any part of the United States, and 
in case of importance when necessary, 
a competent salesman to receive sug- 
gestions for designs or goods to be 
made to order. 

Ye Old 
of /T)arel7 8ti), 1811. 

EUSHA Jenkins, President. John W. Yatks, Secretary. 

Directors : 

EuSHA Jenkins, Stephen Lush, 

Isaiah Townsend, Charles D. Cooper, 

Philip S. Van Rensselaer, Thomas Gould, 

Dudley Walsh, John Woodworth, 

Henry Guest, Jr., Peter Gansevoort, Jr., 

Charles Z. Platt, Christian Miller, 
Simeon DeWitt. 


Albany Jnsurance Qompany 



Cor. State and Chapel Streets, ALBANY, N. Y. 


Cash Capital. ..... $200,000. 

Policy Holders' Surplus, .... 335,809. 

Total Losses paid since the year 1811, . 2,192,698. 

J. Howard King, PrcsidciU. 
Theodore Townse;nd, Vice-President. John E. McElroy, Secretary. 


John H. Van Antwerp, John J. OicoTT, 

Charles B. Lansing, William Kidd, 

J. Howard King, Rufus H. King, 

Ernest J. Miller, Erastus Corning, 

Jacob H. Ten Eyck, James B. Jermain, 

Theodore Townsend, Grange Sard, Jr., 
J. W. Tillinghast. 

This Old Established Home Company, in its 7Sth year of businesB, 

solicits your j-jatronage, and -will insur-e for 1 year, or 3 year 

term at current rates. 

^ . >. 

^Yea rs /^^o ! 

Albany was a barren wilderness and tlie 
red man the only inhabitant. 
TO-DAY.— We boast of our refined civiliza- 
tion and luxuriate in our model palaces. 

Ju/0 |1u9dr<^d Y'<^ar$ f\(^o\ 

The only music was the whoop of the 
savage ! — 

TO-DAY.— "VVe revel in the most intricate 
harmonies, the Piano, the Violin, the 
Organ and Flute vie with each other for 
acknowledged supremacy. 

Ope |1tJi>dr(^d Y(^ar5 f\(^ol 

The Dulcimer furnished the only musical 
educator and companion. 
TO-DAY. —We have the incomparable 
Steinway, the unrivalled Chickering, the 
noble Weber, the immensely popular 
Fischer Pianos and the " Peerless " Estey 
Organ, all of which are now offered at 
the most attractive prices. 

XJETX & soisrs, 

"sous AGENTS," 
^<j >Ar STATE >1^ ^ ^