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Full text of "Ulster County, N.Y. probate records in the office of the surrogate, and in the county clerk's office at Kingston, N.Y. : a careful abstract and translation of the Dutch and english wills, letters of administration after intestates, and inventories from l665, with genealogical and historical notes"

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Cornell University 

The original of tiiis book is in 
tine Cornell University Library. 

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the United States on the use of the text. 

American Record Series A. .—Wills. 




of 500 copies printed. 

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Z E 



In the Office of the Surrogate, at Kingston, N. Y., 

IN the Surrogate's Office, New York, and in 

THE Library of Long Island Historical Societv. 

A Careful Abstract and Translation of Dutch and 
English Wills, Letters of Administration after 
Intestates, and Inventories, with Genealo- 
gical and Historical Notes 


G I.J S T A V E A N J O U, 

Member of the American Historical Association; The National Geographic Society; 

The American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society; New Yofk Historical 

Society; New York Genealogical and Biographical Society; National Arts Club ; 

Royal Societies Club; Catholic Record Society; Societe Suisse d'Heraldique; 

Herold Verein, Berlin; K. K. Heraldische Gesellschaft, Vienna; 

R. Accademia Araldica Italiana* Bari ; British Numismatic 

Society; Yorkshire, &c., Parish Register Societies, etc. 


Exhaustive Indexes of Persons and Localities. 
Fac- Similes of Signatures, etc. 

New York 



State of New York, 
ulster county, 

Surrogate's Office. 

I, Arthur C. Connelly, Clerk of the Surrogate's Court of Ulster 
County, New York, do hereby certify that the following abstracts from 
the records of Wills in this office are correct and true and have been com- 
pared with the said ori^nal records. 

Witness my hand and seal of said Court, at the City of Kingston, 
N. Y., this 15th day of November 1905. 

ARTHtJR C. Connelly, 

Qerk of the Surrogate's- Court of 
Ulster Co., N. Y. 

State of New York, ) 
ulster county, ) ^^' 

Ulster County Clerk's Office, 
Kingston, N. Y. 

I, John D. Fratsher, Clerk of Ulster County, New York, do hereby 
certify that the following abstracts from the records of Wills recorded in 
the Books of Deeds in said office are correct and true and have been com- 
pared with said original records. 

Witness my hand and seal of said office at the City of Kingston, 
N. Y., this loth day of August 1905. 

John D. Fratsher, 
(L. S.) Ulster County Qerk. 




Old Relics in the Senate House, Kingston, N. Y., Doll-house, 
Temp. 1750, Pewter-tea-pot from Plattekill, Temp. 
1790, etc Title Page 

Rubbings from Wax-impressions of Seals used by Wyntje 
Hasbrouck, Petrus Schoonmaker, Benjamin 
SmedeSj Alex. Millikin, Abraham Turck, Johan- 
Nis Oosterhoudt, Joseph German, and Abel Adams 17 

Map of Cornelius Brink's Estate 71 

Old Relics in the Senate House, Kingston, N. Y., Candela- 
brum of Brass, etc 167 

Fac-similes of the Signatures of Early Inhabitants of Ulster 
County : 

From 1665 to i79r 174 

1748 to 1792 198 

1750 to 1792 212 


Adm administration, 

b born, 

bt baptized, 

d died, 

dau .daughter, 

d. inf died in infancy, 

d. y died young, 

E east, 

int intestate, 

•j. dt young wotitan, 

].' m young man^, 

Jr Junior, 

K Kingston, 

m married, 

(m. — name of wife, or husband, within a paren- 
thesis, indicates a probable, but not absolutely 
proved marriage), 

m. I married, first, 

m. 2 married,^econdly, 

N north, 

N. Y New York, 

N. Y. Sur New York Surrogate, 

P page, 

prob probably, 

q. V quo vide (which see), 

s son, 

S South, 

Sr Senior, 

supra before, 

w » wife, 

W West. 

(*) in the text, refers to note on page 104. 

Abstracts of Wills on File in the Surrogate's Office, 
City of Kingston, N. Y. 


Page 1.— VAN AKEN, JAN, of Kingston. 

Will dated Jan. 25, 1787. 
"To my five sons : Peter, Johannis, Abraham, Jacob, Benjamin all my 
Real Estate now in my possession to be by them equally divided", on con- 
dition'lhat they "maintain my Daughter Rushe during her natural life." — 
To "my grandchild Abraham's son Jan three Bonds of Lewis Hogg in my 
possession and also my great Bible and my Gun." — To "my Grand child, 
Isaac's son Johannis one bond of Abraham Van Wagenen Jun. and one 
bond of Semon Lefever." "To my five sons the rest of my Bonds and 
notes." — To "two daughters Mary and Sara all my moveables within my 
House (except what I will otherwise direct) and £120 each." — To "my son 
Peter my pleasure Slay." — To "my five sons, above named, all my wearing 
apperrel." "If my Grandchild Isaac son Johannes should die before he is 
21 years old" then his share to go to "my Grandchild Abraham's son 
Jan.'' — Sons Peter, Abraham, and Benjamin appointed executors. Signed 
by the testator. 

Tj e (Probated May 10, 1787, before Joseph Gas- 

PETRUS bMEDES ;j^„-^^ Surrogate, witnesses Arie Van Vliet pf 

Arie Van Vliet Kingston, yeoman, and Johannis J, Dubois, 
Johannis J. Dubois miller appeared.— Adm. granted to the execu- 
•* ■" tors. May 15, 1787.) 

(L Marinns Van Aken m. Pieternel de Pre, and had: i. Pieter, bt. Oct. II, i6Ss; ii- Sara, 
bt. Febr. 12, 1687, m., Oct. zo, 1712, Nichtas Westvaal, widower of Marytjen Montanjes; iii. Cor- 
nelis, bt. May 25, 1690, m. Apr. 30, 1714, Zara Westbroek; iv. Catrina, bt. Oct. 16, 1692, m. May 
6 1712, Cornelis De Pue; v, Rachel, bt. June 9, 1695, m.. Apr. 30, 1719, Wm, Dekker; vi. 
Nefiltjen, bt. Sept. 11, 1697, m., Nov. 18, 1724, Jan Emans, widower of Rachel Stoat; vii. 
Abraam, bt. Oct. 29, 1699. 

II. Pieter van Aken (above), m. Risjen (Rusje) Damen, and had: i. Jan, bt. Dec. 24, 
1710; ii. Cornelis, bt. Dec. 28, 1712, m., Apr. 20, 178s, Hester Ritje; iii. Abraham, bt. Febr. 2, 
1715; iv. Sefia (.Sofia), bt Nov. 18, 1716, m.. May 7, 1738, Jacobus WestfaU; v. Gideon, bt. 
Oct. 19, 1718, m., Dec. 13, 1740, Maria Ploeg; vi. Petrus, bt. Nov. 27, 1720, m., May 2, 1741, 
Maria Teerpenning: vii. Jesyntjen (Resyntje), bt Aug. 11, 1723; viii. Clephas, bt. Nov. 21, 1725. 

III. JAN VAN AKEN (above), m., Apr. 8, 1732, Margriet {Grietjen) De Graaf, b. 
Albany, and had: i. Rusje, bt. July 9, 1732; ii. Geertruy, bt. Dec. 9, 1733; iii. Annaatjen, bt 
Aug. 31, 1735, m.. Sept 20, I7S4, Jacob Freer; iv. Maria, bt, Sept 11, J737. m., Nov. 8, 1760, 
Daniel York; v. Zara, bt Jan 20, 1740; vi. Pieter, bt. Nov. 29, 1741, m., Nov. 2, 1764, Grietjen 
Beeman; vii. Jolmnnes, bt Tan. 22, 1744; viii. Abraham, bt Apr. 27, 1746, m. Oct 13, 1778; 
Maria Louw; ix. Isaak, bt Jan. 31, 1748, m. Apr. 18, 1772, Judick van Aken (widow of Moses 
Freer); x. Jacob, bt Aug. 4, 1751; xi. Benjamin, bt May 13, 1753, m. June 24, 1775, Maria 

Page 3. — HILL, NATHANIEL, of Hanover Precinct, farmer. 

Will dated April 24, 1780. 
"To loving wife Susannah Hill all Household Furniture and other 
moveables that is now in the House to be at her own disposal between my 

10 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

daughters Susannah Hill and Elinor Hill." "To wife three cows, three 
mares, six sheep, three horses, and cows." Wife to have "a Roome viz. 
the large Room and Fire place upstairs and part of the Seller in the House 
where I now dwell in together with a SufiScient maintenance of meat Drink 
and other necessaries fitting for her." — "To my son James Hill all my Real 
Estate where I now live containing about 360 acres, and 200 acres of land, 
lying on the east side of the Wall Kill," and "my Copper Still with all the 
articles belonging to the same." — ^To "my son Peter Hill 8 shillings." — "To 
my son William Hill an estate to the value of £800 as it was or might be 
purchased in the year 1774, said Estate to be purched and paid for by my 
son James Hill, and given to my son William in full possession in the year 
1784." — "To my daughter Mary Hill 8 shillings." — "Daughter Catharine 
8 sh. — daughter Martha 8 sh. — daughter Margret 8 sh. — "I order my son 
James Hill to give to each of my daughters Susannah and Elinor Hill as 
soon as they are married the like portion as the rest of my daughters got 
when they were married." Son James Hill to "keep and maintain my said 
daughters Susannah and Elinor in the House that now live in untill they 
are Maried." "If my son William should not Marry or die without Issue" 
the estate of £800 to "be equally divided amongst" the children. — Wife 
Susannah Hill and John Millikan executors. Signed by the testator. 

(Probated May 16, 1787. James Rickey of 
J P Shawangunk, yeoman, appeared. John Milli- 

JAMES KiCKEY j^^j^ ^^ -^^^ ^^j^ relinquished his executorship, 

John Dearkis and full power to act was granted, on May 

Francis Craige ^^^'^i *° James Hill of Montgomery, yeoman, a 

son of Nathaniel Hill, late of same place, yeo- 

Page 7.— DILL, CALEB, of New Windsor. 

Will dated Febr. 23, 1786. 
"I resign up my Soul to Jesus Christ my Seavour." — "All the money 
due to me to collected in by my brother John Dill and my son David Dill", 
who were appointed executors. "To beloved wife Mary Dill her choise 
Roome in my House," also "a comfortable mentanance" "together with one 
cow, pastured and Wintered, a Bed and beding and also £50." — "To my 
daughter Jean a £50 Bond in my possession with £20 more." — "Daughter 
Deborah another Bond of £40 now in my possesion with £30 more." — ^To 
"my son Joseph Dill £80." "To three youngest children : Marey, Betsey, 
and James Dill £50 a pice and to be brought up Schooled and Cloathed." — 
"Son John Dill 20 shillings." — Son Caleb Dill "one half of my Lands 
by him freely to be possessed and enjoyed when he arrives to the age 
of 21, he first binding himself to my Executors to pay a legasee 
to my wife Mary of £20, and likewise to abovenamed Joseph and 
James Dill, when they arrive of lawfuU age £20 each, and likewise 
to my already named youngest Daughters Marey and Betsey Dill £20 

Will Book A., Kingston. 


a pice when they arrive at lawful! age." — "Said Caleb shall stay with 
my son David to help carey on the labour of the farm and it to be keept 
as an undevided Right for the Suport of the family, untill the said Caleb 
arrive to the age of 21." — "If he should leave the fambly before" then 
£10 per year "to be deducted from his part more and apply d at the descre- 
tion of my son David for the benifit of the fambly." — Residue of the estate 
both real and personal to son David Dill. — "The other half of my lands 
Messuages and Tenements, his half to have the Building by him freely," 
"with all my movables. Excepting them already Excepted", and after "dis- 
charging the first Legasees abovementioned." — Son David to assist "to the 
value of i20 in making Buildings on the half of my lands which I have 
devised to my son Caleb", when of lawfuU age. If Caleb showld die be- 
fore and not have lawful issue, his share to be equally divided among "my 
other sons." "If any of my daughters above named should die under 
lawful! age and unmarried without lawful issue" their share to be equally 
divided "among my surviving daughters." 

Caleb Dill (his mark) 

Henry Neely 
Abraham Neely 
Robert Dill, Jun. 

(Probated July 2, 1787. Robert Dill, Jr., of 
Shawangunk, cordwainer, appeared. Adm. 
granted to John Dill and David Dill, execu- 
tors, July 7, 1787.) 

Estate Box 10. — Inventory, taken June 28, 1787, by Wm. Young and 
Henry Neely: 

Three Horses Valued at £io each. £30.00.00 

One Horse at 19. 

One Mair at 3. 

One Mare and Coalt 9. 

Nine Milch Cows at £4.10 Each... 40.10. 
One Yoke of three Year Oald 

Steers at 6. 

Four Two Year oalds at £2 each. . . 8. 

Four Yearland Calves at £j each.. 4. 

Seven Calves at los. each 3.10. 

24 Sheep at 8/ each 9.12. 

12 Lambs at 5/ each 3 . 

10 Ho^ at 14/ each 7. 

26 Geese at 1/6 1.19. 

One Waggon at 14. 

One Iron Bound Slay .at 2. 

One Pleasure Slay and Hamas at. . . 8. 
Two Set of Plough Irons & Clivises 


One Iron Toothed Harow at 8 . 

Buttle Rings and Iron Wedges at.. 6. 

One Ax, 2 Hay forks, i Dungfork, 

2 Hows & matthok ^6. 

100 Bushels of Corn at 3/6 17.10. 

12 Acers of Rye at 10/ 6. 

12 Acers of Corn at 20/ 12. 

6 Acers of Oats and Flax at 16/. ... 4. 16. 
Five Beds and Bed furniture at £6 

Each 30. 

Five Bedsteads and Cords at 8/ 

Each 2. 

Two Looking Glasses at 3- 

Four Tables a . . . . Cloths and 

Napkins 3 ■ 

One Dozen and a half of Chairs. x. 

One Trunk and Chest at 

One Cubbard at 2. 

Two Saddles at 2. 

36 pounds of Wool at 1/6 2. 

Two Spining Wheels 

16 pounds of Yarn at 2/6 ^. 

1000 foot of Boards at 8/ per (hun- 
dred) 4. 

Hand Irons Shovels and tongs i. 

Four Pots I. 

One Tea Cettle trambles Grid Iron 
& i*rving pan 1 . 

One Dozen knives and forks at 

Nine Silver Tea Spoons at i . 

Hogsheads Barels & Tubs i . 

WashTubs payls and Milch vesals at 

Two sythes and one Cradle at 

Peutar at 

Earthan ware at 

Baskets Jugs and Bottles 

Smooth Irons at 

Six Yards of Cloth at 6 pr i . 

Five Bags at 

Wareing apperal at 8. 

Books at I. 

One Grindstone & Cuting Box at. . 

Publick Securities amounting to 8 . 

One Bond of £50 so- 
One Do. of £40 40. 







9. 6 

4. 6 




4. o 



12 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

(Inventory filed July 2, 1787. Original will, with impression of a coin, in estate box 10. — 
C D. was son of Caleb Dill of Ulster Co., (will dated Oct. 22, 17S6). 

Page 12.— VAN WAQENEN, ABRAHAM, of Wagendal. 


After a long religious preamble, in which the testator refers to "myn 
huys op Wagendal" (my house at Wagendal) "met volkomme Kennis en 
Verstandt doch oudt van laren" (of perfect mind and memory, but old in 
years) "dat alle mensche gebore zyn om Eenmael te sterve" (that all men 
are once to die) "m3m Ziel aen Godt almagtig myn Schepper En aen Jesus 
Christes, myn Verlosser en Zaligmaker" (my soul to God Almighty my 
shepherd and to Jesus Christ my redeemer an(i saviour) "myn Lichaem tot 
de Aerde" (my body to earth) "om op Ken Christelyke Manier begrave" 
(to be buried in a Christian manner) "en hoope een Zalige opstandenge 
ten Uyterste dage" (and hopes for a blessed resurrection at the last judg- 

"Item. Soo geeve ick" (I bequeath) to my son Jacob £4 "voor s)m 
oudste soons voorrecht" (for his eldest sons's inheritance), and £2(X) for 
his own "om det hy op de Staet geen dienst kand van nog eenig dingh dat 
hy daer von sonde konne leeven." After his death, whatever money is left 
to go to "myn kinders eengael" (my children's grandchildren). 

"Item. To my son Abraham "myn geheele Vaste Staet" (all my real 
estate), "de groote Bybel de eysere wagen, de beste slee en spuls Slee, de 
ploege, Egge, Cuypers gereetschap, wesgetouw met Camme Ride en al dat 
daer toe belangt" (the great Bible, the ice-wagon, the best sleigh, the pleas- 
ure sleigh, the plow, harrow, cooper's tcxjls, loom with comb and reel and 
all what thereto belongs.)" — After his death this property to go to "myn 
anderes kinders" (my other children) . 

"Item. To "myn dogter (daughter) Marytie "een Uytset" (a mar- 
riage outfit), to Saara "en Geerlie" (gore of <doth, i. e. dress), a negro girl 
Joude and £100 money as of the year 1775. 

To daughter Geertie £i(X) similar money. 

To "de kinders van myn dogter Sara" (the children of my daughter 
Sarah) iioo similar mpney. To the children "myn Losse Staet" (my per- 
sonal estate), not already disposed of, that is to Jacob, Abraham, Geertie, 
Marytie and the children of Sara one fifth each of property not already dis- 
posed of. Property to be sold to enable the executors to (iivide the various 

As executors "myn Zoon (my son) Abraham, "myn Schoon soon" 
(my son-in-law) Jonathan Louw, my son-in-law, Abraham Crispel." 

Signed by the testator. 

Gerret Van Wagenen (fro^ated July 23, 1787 Abraham Krom of 
. T^ Hurley, cooper, appeared. Adm. granted to 

Abraham Krom executors, Aug. 2, 1787.) 

Will Book A., Kingston. 13 

(.Abraham Van Wagenen (s. of Jacob Aartsen (van Wagenen) q. v. and Sara Pels) m. 
Hilligond Crisfel, dau. of John C., and Grietje Janse Rasa (N. Y. Gen. Reg., iSgo, p. 86), and 
had issue: i. Sara, bt. March 12, 1727, m. Nov. 20, 1756, Johannes Deyo (bt. Nov. 6, 1726, s. of 
Hendrick D, and Margaret Wamboom {van Bommel, van Bummel, Van Bone); ii. Jacob bt. 
March 30, 1729, d. July 7, 1791; ili. Jan, b. March 13, 1731, d. Febr. 25, 1732; iv. Geertjen, bt. 
Dec. 31, 1732, d. Nov. 9, i_;[4o; v. Jan, bt. May 18, 1735, d. Oct. 31, 1740; vi. Abraham, bt. Dec. 4, 
'737. d. Oct. 8, 1743; vii. Simon, bt. July 27, 1740, d. Oct. 16, 1743; viii. Geertjen, b. at 
Wagendal, June 20_, 1743, bt. June 26, m.. May 20, 1769, Jonathan Low, widower of Lena 
Agtmoodie; ix. Maria, bt. Apr. 17, 1747; x. Abraham, bt. May 28, 1749, d. Febr. 22, 1827, m. at 
Morbletown, June 16, 1799, Mary Masters (bt. May 9, 1773, dau. of Robert M. and Mary Parker) 
— Family Bible of Abraham Van Wagenen, of Creek Locks, Ulster Co. — See N. Y. Gen. Reg., 
1890, p. 123). 

Page 16.— McCLAQHRY, PATRICK, of Little Britain, yeoman. 

Will dated Sept. 28, 1774. 
"To my daughter Jane McCobb" £50 "within two years." — "To my 
daughter Elizabeth Finley" 20 Shillings "within one Year." — "To my 
Daughter Mary Denniston" iioo within one Year." — "To my well beloved 
Wife Mary the annual sum of £14 "during her natural life" £7 "to be 
paid to her annually on May i every year during her natural life" "by 
my son John McClaghry and if "annually" "by my son James Mc- 
Claghry." — To my son John McClaghry" £100 "not to be paid into his 
hands but applied by my Executors" "to the paying for 50 acres of land 
situate in Little Britain" "which he lately agreed to purchase from the 
Executors of" "John Reed deceased." — "To my son John the use and 
possession of all that Piece or parcel of land situate in Little Britain" 
"between the Highway and the land now possessed by Charles Cook and 
the heirs of the said John Reed" "also" the Garden Spott lying on the 
Northwest side of the said John McClaughry's House for and during his 
natural life and at his death" "to my Grandson John McClaughry" 
"in fee simple." — "To my Grandson Alexander McClaughry all that cer- 
tain piece or parcel of land" "in New Windsor" "part of the land released 
to me by William Young Henry Maneely and James Neely & bounded 
Northerly by the land of Cadwallader Colden Westwardly by the land of 
the said Henry Maneely, Easterly by the land of John Finley and southerly 
by the land of Samuel Sly," "in fee simple." — "To my said sons John 
McClaughry & James McClaughry and my sons in law John Finley and 
George Denniston" "as Tenants in common in Fee simple, All that Lott 
of land situate in" New Windsor "containing 140 acres which was re- 
leased to me" "by the said William Young, Henry Maneely and James 
Neely lying North of the Farm whereon the said John Finley now lives." 
"To son James" "in fee simple All the residue of my Farm" "in Little 
Britain" "now in the occupation of John Morrison" "bounded Northerly 
by the land of Robert Carskadan deceased, Easterly by the land of Sarah 
Tremble Southerly by the land of Thomas Crawford and the High Way 
and Westerly by the land of Samuel Boyd and Hugh Umphrey." — Resi- 
due to "my well beloved Wife Mary." — To "son in law George Denniston" 
"All that Farm or Lott of Land" "in Little Britain" "whereon James Byn 
now lives being the Homestead and greater part of that Farm which 
was conveyed to me by" "John Reeds deceased and James Byrn and 

14 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Jane his Wife Bounded Southwesterly by the Land of Joseph Scott 
Easterly by the land of William Telford Northerly by the Land of Samuel 
Falls and Westerly by the land of" "Samuel Falls and Robert Boyd 

If James Byrn pays to George Denniston ;£ with interest 
"according to the purport of a certain Note of Hand made" "by me to 
the said George Denniston" "within one year after my Decease" then 
"said George shall release and convey the said Farm" "to James Byrn" "in 
Fee simple." ' 

Wife, son in law George Denniston and "my Trust friend James 
McClaughry," Esq.", appointed executors. 

Signed by the testator. 

James Clinton (J^"^f ^arkley of Montgomery, yeoman ap- 

„ „ peared, July 24, 1787, before Joseph Gasherte, 

Ueorge CLINTON Surrogate, proving the will, and signatures 

James Barkley of witnesses.) 

(To the original will, filed in estate box ii, is attached a seal with a heraldic design, but 
it is impossible to distinguish the devices). 

Page 22. — CRAGE, DAVID, Senior, of Shawangunk, yeoman. 

Will dated Sept. 5, 1775. 

"Unto my son John Crage" £50 "one year after my decease if not 
paid before." — "Unto my grandchildren" "David Denniston, Martha Den- 
niston and Isabella Denniston" £10 each "as they come of age or day of 
marriage." — To Martha and Isabella Denniston "each one Bed and Fur- 
niture together with my Kitchen Forniture." — To "my grandson David 
Crage the son of John Crage" iio "at age of 21 or day of marriage." — 
To "my loving wife Martha Crage her Riding Mare and Yearling colt, 
and to be kept for her on the farm whereon I now dwell" also "her choise 
of any room in the House where we now dwHl-and that the same be 
furnished in a decent and comfortable manner, that my son Adam give 
her a sufficient Maintenance therein and a Negro Wench to attend her 
during her life, but in case of any disagreement or that my said wife 
inclines to live elsewhere" said son to pay to her £8. per year "and as 
much Flax and Wool as she may reasonable stand in need of during her 
natural life." — To "my son Damd Crage all that part of my Farm lying 
on the East side of the Dwarfs Kill" also £60 within one year. — "To son 
Adam "all my Messuage and Farm lying on the West side of the Dwarfs 
Kill and including all the rest and residue of my Estate," provided he pays 
all the legacies. If David or Adam should die without issue, the survi- 
vors to divide the property. — "Overplus" to be divided between David and 

Will Book A., Kingston. 15 

Wife, son David, and James Hunter son of Robert Hunter appointed 
executors. Signed by the testator. 

(Sept. 4, 1787, Matthew Hunter of 
Matthew Hunter Junr. Montgomery, yeoman, appeared be- 
WiLLiAM Crist ^^.""^ ^^^ Surrogate, and proved the 

T T- will, and signature of the other wit- 

JAMES Fulton ^^^^^^^ 

Probated Sept. 11, 1787.) 

(Original will in Box 7.) 

Page 26.— BLANSHAN, JOHANNIS, of Bloemendal in Hurly. 

Will dated July 27, 1786, and written in Dutch. 

(Long religious preamble). 

"Myn twee Soons, Mattheus en Jacob myn vaste en losse Staet" "Doch 
dat sy haer Moeder houde Goede kost Drank en Kleere gedurende de 
tydt dat sy myn Wedu vrouw is En de Negerin Beth" "so lange als myn 
vrouw leeft, doch de kinderen van de Negerin sal aen myn tween soons 
belange So Geut als sy gespeent zyn." 

"Myn soon Mattheus sal de Groote Duytse Byble hebbe, en na syn 
doodt sal de Byble aen syn Zoon, Johannis belangen." "Mattheus sal aen 
Jacob £24 geven om dat Jacob soo veel langer by myn gewerkt het." 

"Jacob sal voor Johannis soon van Mattheus een Engelse Byble 
Testament Spelden Boeck En Saelter Coopen." — "Mattheus en Jacob 
sulle aen haer suster Annatie Elck £5 Geve, acht Maende na myn Dood." 
— "Myn Vrouw Rachel sal hebbe al wat sy hier gebracht heeft." 

(To my two sons, Mattheus and Jacob my real and personal estate, 
but their mother shall have food, drink and clothing during the time she 
remains my widow and the negress Beth until she remarries. Children 
of the negress shall belong to my two sons until they are weaned. My 
son Mattheus shall have the great Dutch bible, and after his death it shall 
go to my son Johannis. Mattheus shall give Johannis £24, as Jacob 
worked for me so much longer. Jacob shall buy for Johannis son 
Mattheus an English bible, testament, spelling book and psalmbook. 
Mattheus and Jacob shall give their sister Annatie £5 each, eight months 
after my death. My wife Rachel to have all she brought with her.) 

The two sons appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

(Sept. 12, 1787, Christian Tits of 

Shendekan, farmer, Michael Tits of 

Christian Tits (syn Merk) Marbletown, farmer and Abraham 

Michel Titz (syn merk) Krom of Hurly, Cooper, appeared be- 

Abraham Krom fore the Surrogate, Joseph Gasherie, 

proving the will). 

(Original will in Box 3). 

(.Johannes Blanschan, b. Hurley, bt. Dec. 2, 1739, s. of Matthys B. and Annatjen Freer), 
m., Oct. 5, 1759, Rachel Terwilge, and had: i. Mathetis, bt. Febr. 17, 1760, tn. Nov. 9, 1782, 
Jacoba Burhans; ii. Sara, bt. Febr. 21, 1761; iii. Jacob, bt. Febr. 5, 1764, m. Febr. 12, 1789, 
Marittje Heermanse; iv. Annatje, bt. June 22, 1766, m., March 3, 1784, Edward Heermanse). 

i6 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Page 29. — BELKNAP, ISAAC, Senior, of New Windsor, yeoman. 

Will dated Sept. 27, 1787. 

"Unto my loving Wife Sarah the whole of my personal Estate of 
which I am now or shall Die possessed, exclusive of her Dower in all my 
Land and Tenements." — "To my eldest son Isaac Belknap" "my home- 
stead Farm, on which I now live, with all the Members and Appurte- 
nances." — "To my son Benjamin Belknap" "all that Farm I lately pur- 
chased of Niel McArthur" "also the one equal half part of those two 
certain Lots of Land" "in Newburgh and known by number 27 and 28 to 
be equally divided by a line running north and south through the said 
lots." — "To my daughters Olive Belknap and Prudence Belknap" "the 
other one equal half." — "Unto Robert Johnston and Thomas McDowel" 
£200 "within three years after my Decease £150 thereof by my son Ben- 
jamin Belknap, and £50 thereof by my son Isaac Belknap" "to them to 
the use of my Daughter Sarah Hamilton and upon this especial Trust and 
confidence that" they "shall pay from time to time" "to my said Daughter 
Sarah during her present Coverture, as upon any pressing Necessity" 
"they shall judge reasonable" parts thereof, "and also upon this further 
especial Trust and confidence that should my said Daughter Sarah sur- 
vive her present Husband James Hamilton" they shall pay upon his 
death the whole sum to "my said daughter." If the daughter should die 
before her present husband, then in that case the amount to be paid to 
her children when of lawful age. 

Wife and the two sons appointed executors. 

Isaac Bellknap (his mark) 

John Close (Oct. 15, 1787, Thomas Belknap of New Wind- 

Thomas Belknap ^°^' y^ma^i" appeared before the surrogate, prov- 

William Lesuer !"i5^^ ^'"' "^^ signatures of the other wit- 

(Isaac Belknap, Jr., on Apr. 26, 178s, claimed for 13 soldiers' rights of land of 600 acres 
each (N. Y. Land Papers, xxxvii., p. 152). 

Page 33.— DUBOIS, JOHANNIS, of Kingston. 

Will dated Febr. 14, 1772. 

"Unto my well beloved wife Rebacca during her Natural lifetime or 
as long as she remains my Widow All my real and personal Estate." 

"Unto my well beloved son Jeremiah" "all my real Estate" "in 
Kangston" "together with" "liberties, previledges," "he to pay" "£350" 
"one year after my said Wifes decease or Marriage." — "Unto my Eldest 
son Mattheus my french fowling piece in consideration of his birth 
Right." — To children, after decease or remarriage of wife "Mattheus, 
Teunis, Joshua, Jeremiah, Catharina the Wife of Evert Bogardus, Maria' 
Arriaentie the Wife of Solomon Dubois, Tjatie the Wife of 'willuan 

Rubbings from Wax-impressions of Seals. 

I. If'yutje flasbrouck. — 2. Pelrus Schooumaker. — ^. Ben]'amin Smedes. — 4. Ale.v. MU- 
likin. — 5. Abr. Turck. — 6. Johannes Osterhoudt. — 7. Joseph Germa7i. — 
8. Abel Adams. 

Will Book A., Kingston. 17 

Thompson and unto my two Grand Children Abraham Hasten and Sarah 
Hasten the Children of my daughter Scerah deceased, the late Wife of 
Petrus Hasten" "an equal share" of the property. — To children £350 
"to be paid by son Jeremiah" 1/8 each and 1/8 to the two grandchildren. 
— Share given to daughter Arriantie to remain in the hands of the execu- 
tors and the interest thereof to be paid to her yearly until the death of her 
husband, when she is to receive the whole amount ; if she should die before 
her husband without lawful issue, her share to go "to my children and 
grandchildren" in same proportion as above. 

Sons Matthew, Teunis, Joshua and Jeremiah appointed executors. 
Signed by the testator. 

(Oct. 18, 1787, Gerret Van Keuren, 
Gerret Van Keuren of Kingston, Blacksmith, appeared 

Abraham Van Keuren, Junr. before the Surrogate, proving the 
Abraham Hasbrouck will, and signatures of the other wit- 


{Johannes Du Bois, bt. March 17, 1706, s. of Matthew Du Bois, b. Jan. 3, 1679 (and Sarah 
Mattysen, dau. of Matthys Matthysen and Tjatje De Witt), s. of Louis Du Bois and Catharine 
Blansham,, m. Nov. 13, 1728, Rebecca Tappen^ and had: i. Zara, bt. Sept. 7^ 1727, m., Nov. 30, 
I7SI, Petrus Masten; ii. Matheus, bt. Apr. 7, 1734, m., Apr. 14, 1760, Catrtna Hoof; iii. Maria^ 
bt. Dec. 26, 1735; iv. Tjaatjen, bt. Nov. 6, 1737; v. Teunisj bt. Febr. 10, 1740; vi. Ariaantjen, bt. 
Febr. 7, 1742, m., Oct. 25, 1762, Solomon Du Bois; vii. Tjaatjen, bt. Sept. 25, 1743, m., Oct. 25, 
1762, Wm. Thompson; viii. Joshua, ht. Dec. 25, 1745, m., Apr. 15, 1769, Catharena Schepmoes; 
ix. Jeremia, bt. Jan. 17, 1747, m., Oct. 18, 1^70, Catreina Masten; x. Johannes^ bt. Aug. 19, 1750 
(m. Dec. 17, 1773, Marya Oosterhout) ; xi. Catharina m. Evert Bogardus. 

Page 36.— TURCK, ABRAHAM, of Kingston. 

Will dated May 8, 1781. 

"Unto my dearly beloved wife Catharina my present dwelling house 
together with all my real and personal Estate" "during the term of her 
natural life." — After her decease "unto my two daughters Neeltie and 
Sara" each "one good feather Bed and Bedstead with one Suit of Bed 
Curtians Bolster, Pillows apd two pair of Pillow Cases, with three pairs 
of sheets and one Bed Quilt." — "All my wearing Cloaths and apparel unto 
my four sons." Residue "unto my six children namely Anthony, John^ 
Neeltie, Abraham, Jacob and Sara." "In case any or either of them 
should die before they aire of age or married," "then the survivors are to 
divide shares of deceased children." 

Wife, and "my good friends Nicholas Vanderlyne and Gerret Van 
Keuren" appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

(Nov. 24, 1787, Abraham Van Keuren, of 
Abraham Van Keuren Rhinebeck, Co. Dutchess, yeoman, ap- 

Tjerck Van Keuren peared before the Surrogate, Joseph Ga- 

JosEPH Hazard sherie, proving the will, and signatures of 

the other witnesses). 

(Original will filed in estate box 40 with seal attached: two pilgrims, with staffs in their 
hands. The same seal has been found on various instruments, notably oa the cover of Johannes 
Slight's will, and the probability is that it was a private seal used by the Surrogate, Joseph 
Gasheri, on similar papers, before the introduction of an official seal). 

VOL. 11. — 2. 


Ulster Co.^ N. Y., Probate Records. 

(.Johannes T-urk m., Nov. i, 1711, Jannetj'en Van Wags^ning, and had: i. Catryntjen, bt. 
July 27, 1712; ii. Zara^ bt. Febr. 14, 1714, m., Oct. 8, 1737, Pouivles PuHng; iii. Anna, bt. June 
24, 1716, m., Sept. 18, 1736, Gerrit Van Slyk; iv. Jacob, bt. Aug. 30, 1719, '"■ i-i Sept. 15, i744f 
Sara Ploeg, m. 2., Oct. 7, 1764, Helena Ploeg; v. Johannes, bt. Oct. 29, i72i» m., Nov. i, i7>|6, 
Geertje Swart; vi, Benjamin, bt. Dec. i, 1723; vii. ABRAH4M, bt. Oct. 3, 1725; viii. Augustinus, 
bt Nov. 17, 172S. 

ABRAHAM TURCK (above), m., Oct. 13, 1750, Caiharina Sleet, and had: i. Anthony, 
bt. Aug. 18, 1751, m., Nov. 20, 1771, Rachel Van Aken; ii. Neeltje, bt. June 9, 176s, m., Aug. 2, 
1792, Harmanus Craswel, b. Dutchess Co.; iii. Abraham, bt. July 17, 1768; iv. Jacob, bt. July 15, 
1770 (m., Jan. 30, 17B8, Annatje Folantf); Sara; John. 

Estate Box 40. — Inventory, taken Oct. 31, 1787, by Benjamin Bogardus, 
Peter Vander Lyn and Gerrit Van Keuren : 

I Milk Cow £3 

I heifer 3 y. old 3 

3 grown hogs 2 , 

4 Shoater 

I Plow 

5 Iron harrow Teeth 

z ax, and i do old 

I hoe 

1 iron crowbar 

2 pitch forks 

z old spade 

I stubbing hoe ; 

1 dung fork 

z Brass Kittle 1 . 

2 Iron Stove plates 

1 pr. hand Irons 

z pr. of Tongs & i fireshovel 

3 trommels 

2 smooding Irons 

4 Iron pots 

I skillet 

S^ pr. Iron hinges w. hooks 

19 old Iron hinges 

5 Gutter Irons 

s Inche Chissle , 

A perecel of old Iron 

1 Tea Kittle 

2 Candle Sticks 

2 large tea Cannisters 

a small do 

1 Iron Square 

£ Single Hatchet 

z Trowel 

2 Saws 

1 Ta^ boar 

2 plains 

i augre 

z Brass Ladle 

I Masons hammer 

z Iron hook 

Iron work for a Rope walk 

I Iron cowfoot 

I Brass Skimmer 

z Meat fork 

4 knives & 9 forks 

z Brass morter with pestle 

I Candle mould 

I do. snuffer 

3 selver Spoons 1 , 

1 copper cover 

frying pan. 

old Grid Irons 

Brass pr. Scales & weights. 


small hammer 

drawing knife 


Shoemakers pincher 

Wafel Iron 

Iron bar or hold fast 






z. 6 


z. 6 

I Large Gimblet ' 4 

I Evenaar with botts j& Clives 9 

I Large Chissle to trim trees 6 

1 small Edz 6 

I knew Lock .... 1 3 

I Sith & mathawk 3 

I Candle Box 6. 

9 Bush. Rie @ 4/ (consumed in ye 

Family) x . 16 . 

About z6 Skipple potadus i . 4. 

4 Bushel & IS Quarts of flaxseed... i.zi. 35^ 

I Rake 2 

I Wooden Shovel 3 

I Pidgeon cage 3 

3 Troughs 2 . 

3 Emty Hogs(head)s 5. 

I Tierce 2 . 

I Barl 2 

3 Small Casks i . 

I Small cag i . 

1 Large Wash tub 4. 

2 small do i . 

21 pewter plates 

8 pewter Dishes 

I dou Bason 2. 6 

I do. Funnel j . 

3 Large stonepots , 2 . 

7 Wooden Bowls 6 . 

I Dresser 3 . 

1 salt pounder. 1 

3 Cap stucks 3 

8 old Ertin plates 6 

2 Iron bound pails. - a . 6 

5 old pails .10 

I wooden Funnel i 

3 Tables 1 , 3 . 

7 Common Chairs ; 7. 

I Large do 2 . 

1 Small do 2 

2 Bed Steads 12. 

1 sett Bed Rods 3. 

4 Feather Beds z . 4. 

2 Straw do a . 

I small Feather Bed 

8 Flour casks 

I Pigeon Net 2. 

4 old Casks j. g 

I Bread Tray i . 

6 Baskets , x . 5 

1 Pigeon do 3 

2 Looking Glasses 1 . g 

2 Large Chests. i . 

I Small do g 

z Trunk 6. 

1 Large Cup Board a.zo! 

12 Tea cups & 11 saussers 2.6 

3 old pewter tea pots j. g 

2 Large Bowls g 

2 Blew Erten dishes. i. 

3 pictures -, 



Estate Box 40, Kingston. 


2 salt sellers 

I large dutch Bible i . S 

I Case with Emty Flasks 6 

1 Cyder Press 2 

4 old Blankets 2 

I Churn i 

1 3 Linnen Sheets 2. 5 

9 pr. Pillow Cases 13 

6 Table Cloths iS 

7 Towels 3 

3 Quart Bottles 

T pint Canter i 

I pr. Wool Cards 1 

I Reel 

I Neck Yoke 

I Inck Stand 

1 old Coverlid or Sprey x 

2 Cloths Lines 

I Ertin Mug 

I Sett of Bed Curtains a. 

1 sett of Window do 10 . 

2 spinning wheels 12. 

7 Pillows 7 ■ 

3 Pillow Bers 4. 6 

2 Window Frames 2 . 

I Grind stone 2 . 

1 5 Ceder spools 7 . 6 

I Ladder 6 

I Ertin milk pot , . . . 2 

I strainer i 

Flax o£ 1/4 skipples sowing 10. 

a percel of Shingles 6 

4 Raft Pieces i . 

I Dutch Book Named 

Francis Eugenius 3 . , 

I do. Conradt Mell 2 . 

I do. Salomon Raadeen de jusgt. ... i. 6 

I do. Schattkamer i . 6 

I do. Huysens Catichesmus ,2. 

I do. Groote Leide book 1.6 

' I do. Jacob Leegenmeyer 1.6 

I do. Gereformeerd bloem Hoff 3. 

I do. do. do. 3 . 

I do. Johannis Bunyan 2. 

1 do. Offening Over de Houwiicke 

Verbont 2 

2 do. Vraage book by P, Vass 3 

3 do. Heidelberghs Catechismus 6 

I do. Clement Merot 6 

I do. Teir Volmakeliek de Houw- 

lickee 2 

I do. History of David 3 

z do. Evangelium 3 

X do. School Book i 

T do. Chrystelyke Gesangen i. 6 

I empty Bag 2. 

I pr Spectacles 6 

I steel Tobacco Box 6 

I large Picture 3 . 

4 Pillow Cases 7. 

5 sheets i . 

I Ladder i . 

4 shett Iron plates. 6 

I small wooden Box i 

I Broom. & z Brush (of Broom 

Com) I 

I old Leather pocket Boook with 

some Needles & 2 Fish hooks.. 2 

I Razor & i slate stone 2 

I small silver stock Bottle 2. 

I pr. silver Knee Bukles 3 • 

z Swan Skin Jacket.... z. 6 

I brown Linnen Jacket i < 3 

I striped do ". . , .3 

I Wilton Jacket ■ 3 • 

I Linsey Woolsey Do 1.6 

« Womans do, x 

I blue do 3 

z striped do 3 

1 Bomazyn do 1 . 

z Diaper do 9 

z do 9 

2 pair Buck Skin Breeches 3. 

1 pair Breeches Linsey Woolsey.... 2. 

2 do. Linnen z . 

2 do. Bomezyn 3 • 

z do. striped i 

I woollen Hat i • 

z Watch Coat 2.6 

I pr. Breeches Cotton 2 . 

I Coat Linen Woolsey 3 . 

z brown Broad Cloth Coat 5 • 

z Shirt 2. 6 

4 old do 9 

7 pair Linnen Stockings 7 

1 pair Cotton do i 

z pair Wbollen do 1 . 

2 pair old do 6 

3 Cambrick Stocks 6 

2 Night Caps 4 

5 old do I 

Some Broom Corn i 

2 pieces of Boards i 

6 Hog Yokes i 

3 fishing poles x 

z old Chisel x 

z small hand Waggon 6 

I Board 4 

z Washing Bench , 2 

1 Little Trunk 4 

I old earthen Jug • x 

1 Iron Wedge 6 

£33. Z.Z0J4 

3 New York State Certificates 42. Z3. s 

z Do. Interest Certificate 5. 7.11 

(The above is the nominal sum 
expressed in the Certificates, 
but the real Value we judge 
to be no more whatever they 
are sold for), 

r Bedsted which she (the wife) had 
reserved for herself. 

z Bedsted 

z feather Bed 

z straw do. 

z sett Curtains 

z sett Iron Bed Rods 

4 pillows &-Z Bolster 
4 pillow Cases 

4 Linnen Sheets 
f3 do. do old. 

2 Rugs 

z old Blankett 

I Callico Sprey or 

Quilted Coverlad. 

I silver spoon, 2 Hearth stone u.zs- o 

Iron bridge for a Skippel 3 

z Rope 

4 fowls I . S 

A parcel of Timbers 2. 

z Bar Iron 6 . 

I old test and stove z . 6 

20 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Page 39.— PALMER, THOMAS, of Newburgh, Esquire. 

Will dated June 27, 1787. 

"My Homestead Farm, and also the farm I bought of David Weed, 
situate in the county of Ulster be not disposed of or sold until my youngest 
surviving Child shall come to lawful age." — Full power to executors or 
survivors to dispose of the residue of my real estate," "wherever it may 
be found in the state of New York or in the Continent of America, and 
also to dispose of and sell my Homestead Farm and Farm I bought of 
David Weed" "when my youngest surviving child comes to lawful age." 
"Said farm to be occupied by" "my loving wife Alenah, and my son 
Thomas, for their maintenance and support, and for the maintenance and 
support and education of my children, who are under age," to be con- 
tinued until my youngest surviving child shall come to lawful age. — To 
wife, "over and above her Dower in all my Lands and Tenements" 1/12 
part of the personal estate. — "To my sons William and Thomas all my 
wearing apparel and surveying instruments." — Residue, when sold, to sons 
WiUiam 2/1 1 parts, to Thomas 3/1 1 parts, to daughter Alenah i/ii part, 
daughter Nancy Butler i/ii pairt, daughter S(xrah i/ii part, daughter 
Mary Ann Dugan i/ii part, daughter Julia i/ii part, i/ii part (includ- 
ing what my daughter Esther has already received as a Portion of my 
Estate) to Martin Wynant and Elnathan Foster" "for the Use of my 
said Daughter Esther during her life" the interest thereof to be paid her ; 
if she should survive her husband, Charles Hatch, she to receive the full 
share; if she should die before her husband, her children to receive the 
share when of age. 

"The Money I have in my Upper Spring Drawer, I direct to be ap- 
propriated to the purpose of defraying the Expense of patenting my new 
lands, first repaying thereout the Monies I have received of other Pro- 

"My Brother Beriah Palmer," wife and son Thomas appointed ex- 
ecutors. Signed by the testator. 

Samuel Buchanan ^^ ' 

Adolphus Brower '^ , appoint my Belowed son William 

Phineas Bowman ^^^^^ °"^ °* *e Executors." July 3, 

William Lawrence 
Robert Morison 
Samuel Buchanan 

(Nov. 30, 1787, Samuel Buchanan, of 
Newburgh, yeoman, appeared before the 
Surrogate, proving the will and codicil, 
and signatures of the other witnesses). 
Adm. granted to Thomas Palmer. 

Will Book A., Kingston. 


(Original will in estate-box 31, attached to which is a red seal with impression of masonic 
emblems; square, eye, and probably scythe). 

On Dec. 20. 1769. Thomas Palmer et al petitioned that the Governor should purchase at 
their expense and in their name, from the Indians, a tract of 46,000 acres of land in Co. Albany, 
on the north-west side of the south-west branch of Hudson's River (N. Y. Land Papers, xxvi., 
P' SS)' — On Oct. 31, 1770, Thomas Palmer et al petitioned for purchase of 6 tracts of land in 
Co. Albany, formerly prayed for (Ibid, xxvii, p. 117). — In July, 1772, the Indians deeded to 
Thomas Palmer et al 133,000 acres of land, on the west side of a branch of Hudson's River, 
adjoining a tract granted to Corn's Schuyler, and to another granted to John Glen (Ibid., xxxii, 
p. 43). Caveat, on July 11, 1783, by Joseph Gidney, against granting to T. P. a tract of 1000 
acres of land in Newburgh Precinct (Ibid., xxxvii, p. 6). — Claim of T. P. et al for lands, Dec. 
20, 1784 (Ibid., p. 68). — Oct. 24, 1785, letter trom the Surveyor (General De Witt to Gov. 
Clinton, expressing doubts on the warrant of survey in favor of T. P. (Ibid., xxxix, p. 119). — 
Certificate of location in favor of T. P. et al of 819 acres land on the east side of Shawangunk 
Mountains iWallkill, Orange Co.), and Mamakatmg, Sullivan Co. (Ibid., xli, p. 46). — Febr. 22, 
1786, description of the bounds of tracts of land of 300 acres for T. P. et al, Indian deed to 
T. P. et al for 157,000 acres land on the west side of Hudson's River, etc. (Ibid., xliii, pps. 
10-12, 19-24, 29). 

Box 31. — Inventory, taken Nov. 28, 1787 by Elnathan Foster and Wm. 

Household furniture: 

One bead beading and curtains £ 7. 

Do 9- 

Do S. 

Do 7 • 

Do 3- 

Chist upon Chest Draws 15. 

One Larg Looking Glass 7. 

One Mehogney Table 3 . 

One pare of hand Irons and Tongs. . 1. 

Six plates and Two teapots 

so Gunk bottles 

I Basket & Cannester 

Libr. Books 4. 

Five Pictures 

One cest upon Chest Draws 2. 

One Mehogney Teatable 2. 

(Dne Desk z . 

I Looking Glass 2 . 

I Pare hand Irons x . 

I WooUing Wheel and 3 Small 2. 

One Reel 

Six Winsor Chares i 

Six Kiddle Baik Do 1 

Six Do 

3 Chests 1 

I Teapot 

Six Silver tea spoons i 

S Table Do 2 

I Cffe Pot Copper 

I Lanthorn 

X Pair Stilyards 

Puter Ware z 

1 Bead pan 

Coffe Mill 

2 Earthen Pots 

4 Iron Pots and pipar i 

3 Trammels 

One Pare hand Irons Gridiron & 


One Pare Smothing Irons 

1 Iron Dipping pan and Bason 

One frying pan. 

5 Palils 

One tub and Churn 

2 Brass Candlestiks 

2 Brass kittles and Tea kittle 3 

2 Tables 

3 Ironbound Caggs 

X Dresser 

A Cannester Jack and peper Boks. . 
I meal Chest 



I. 6 








2. 6 

2. 6 



I. 6 





10. 6 

I. 6 

A Mapping table 

A Raught Iron Drippenpan 

2 Earthen Pans 

6 Barrels & breadtray 

I Cradle 

I sidesaddle 2 . 

A Rideing Chare & leather for re- 

I pareing 10. 

Six Iron hoops. '. 

j6 acres once howed 10. 

23 acres of Rye 18. 

3 acres Wheat i . 

(Grane &c. on the Ground) 

3 acres fiaks 3 . 

I Pleasure sleigh 9 . 

17 Hoggs Little & big 10. 

I yoalc oxen 12. 

1 yoak 3 y. o. stears x x . 

8 Cows @ £4. each 32. 

2 3y. o. Heflters & i 2y. old 12. 

One fanning Mill s . 

3 Cales I . 

2 Plowhorses 12. 

I Mair 6 . 

1 Rideing horse 15. 

3 Hows 

2 Ox Chanes 

1 ax 

2 Rings & Seaples for oxyokes 

I ox Sled 

1 Harrow 

2 plows I . 

I Handsaw 

I auger 

I Crosscut Saw 

I Mans Saddle 

I old Do 

1 Bar Iron 

2 Cowhides i Calves i. 

Eight Siths i . 

I Cagg and tray 

I Riddle 

I Gunbarrel 

I Negro man 60 , 

r Negro Wench 60 . 

I Negro Gerel 55^ years old 25. 

I old ax f 

3 Iron Wedges & bealle Rings 

1 Iron took'd Cornharrow 

3 Clevises 

2 Grindstones 

r Cheas Press 








Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

I old Desk lo. 

I ox Cart 3- ^o. 

Poltrey , i . 

I Bead and beading 7. 

I Mehogney table i . 5 • 

I Lookingglass 2.10. 

1 Teatable 8. 

2 Brass . Candlestiks 9 • 

I Teacittle 18. 

1^ Fare hand Irons 12. 

I Pare Tongs 3 ■ 

I trammel 8 . 

I Chest 18. 

I Grid Iron 8 . 

I Watch 5 . 

Surveying Instruments 10. 

z hone 2 . 

Wareing apperl 20 . 

Cash 27.10. 

I Hetchel 12 . 

T Cutting box & Knife 10 . 

Yarn 7. 

25 yards Check.. 2.15. 2^ 

zVi lbs. yarn 7. 

Robert Troops Note of hand of July 

6, 1786 100. 

Joshua Sayers Do,, April 14, 1787.. 50. 
Henry Fawrots Do., Dec. 13, 1783.. 25. 
Henry Fawrot Do., Dec. 13, 1783.. 25. 
Jonathan Parkers Do., Apr. i, 1784. 5. 

Sil. Garnr and John Simsons Do., 

Jan. 13, 1787. @ £6 „"• 

William Carters Do., Jan 21, 1779- ■ =44. 
Hadk Luis Do., Febr. 12, 1779...... 8.12. 

Abraham Smiths Do. to Major 

Samuel Clark and Col. Thos. 

Palmer, Febr. 2, 1778 71.12. 

Daniel Woods Bond, dated Jan. 20, 

1779, for 40. 

Abraham Smiths Note, Apr. 11, 

1783 i. °- '• 

Beriah Palmers Bond, Sept. 14, 



Hedrick Radekers Note, Apr. 11, 

1783 » ••• '°- 

Thomas Dekas Note, May 17, 1784. "2. 
Jonathan Belknaps Note, Dec. 15, 


Jonathan Belknaps Note, Oct. 5, 

1784 20. 

Thomas ChatHelds Note, Sept. 15, 

1773 46. 

James McBride and Franceis Burns 

Note, Apr. 12, 1785 4.'=. 

Joseph Presters obligation and 

agreement to be yearly paid in 

Rales, dated May i, 1784 

(amount not given). 
Siles Woods account, Sept. 2^, 

1779 9. 9. 

Page 44. — WELLER, WILLIAM, of Shawangunk, yeoman. 

Will dated Jan. 24, 1787. 

"Unto my son Johannis my Gun my Chest, and all my wearing ap- 
parel" "my best Horse and the choice of my Negroes" "all that portion of 
my farm, whereon the dwelling stands in which I now live, being the 200 
acres of Land, which I first purchased of Gualtherus Dubois and Elisabeth 
Dubois'' by conveyaince. — "Also 4 acres of Land I purchased of Isaac 
Hasbrouck, on which my Barn now stands together with my said Barn, 
Dwelling House . and other improvements thereupon standing." — Also 
"unto my two daughters: Margaret the wife of Mattheus Masten and 
Diena the wife of Cornelius Masten" the other half of the farm, the 
southeasternmost end to Margaret, and the northwestermost end to Diena. 
— To son Johannis also "the previledge of a Road over that part of my 
Farm" devised to Margaret and Diena. — Residue of "my said Negroes" to 
daughter Margaret and Diena "each a Negro Slave." 

Three equal parts of the residue to the children, and one equal part 
to "my grand Children the lawful Issue of my daughter Anna (the wife 
of Joseph Terwillegen)." — To grandchildren also £70 (to be paid by the 
daughters), when they shall come to age. 

Son Johannis, "my son in law Cornelius Masten and my friend Cor- 
nelius Bruyn" appointed executors, and Guardians of the grandchildren 
under age. Signed by the testator. 

Cornelius T. Jansen 
Lewis Gasherie 
Abraham Bevier 

(Dec. 4, 1787, Cornelius T. Jansen and 
Lewis Gasherie of Shawangunk, yeomen, 
appeared before the Surrogate, proving the 
will, and signature of the other witness.) 

Will Book A., Kingston. 23 

(Original will in estate-box 46, as well as power of attorney by Israel Bowerman and Anna, 
his wife both of Hallowell, Co. Prince Edward, Upper Canada), dau. of Joseph TerwiUiger and 
Ann T., formerly of New Poise, N. Y., but now of Hallowell: "to our Trustee friend, Judah 
Bowerman, of Hallowell" "our True LawfuU Attorney" "to receive from Cornelis Brown, of 
Shaungunk, Co. Ulster" "our Demands of our Grandfather Estate William Wilier — ^witnessed by 
John Stinson, Jr., J. P., Sept. 2, 1807. 

W. W., b. Churchland, m.. May 23, 1741, Maritje Stokkeraad, and had: i. Johannes, bt. 
June 30, 174s; ii. Annatje, bt. Febr. 8, 1747, m. Joseph TerwiUiger ; iii. Maria, bt. Sept. 17, 1749; 
iv. Margaret, m. Mattheus Mas ten; v. Dina, m. Cornelis Masten. 

Page 47.— CHANDLER, NATHANIEL, Carpenter. 

Will dated Aug. 30, 1784. 

"To my two eldest sons Joseph and John Chandler and my two 
Eldest Daughters Sarah Brewster and Hannah Moifalf' i8 each "one year 
after my decease or the interest" at 5%. "Unto my three next eldest 
Daughters: Phebe Clemens, Mary Greag, and Abigail Moffat each" 
£16. — To "my two youngest Daughters : Lydia Carpenter, and Ex- 
perience Nicholson" £20 — "To my youngest son Enos Chandler all my 
real and Moveable Estate viz my Houses and lands, Messuages and tene- 
ments; after his death without issue, this property to be divided ahiong 
the children after giving to his Widow all the moveables and a double por- 
tion to anyone of the rest of my children." 

Daniel Clemens, William Greag, and Joseph Chandler appointed ex- 
ecutors. Signed by the testator. 

(Dec. 26, 1787, John Denniston, of New Wind- 
JoHN Denniston sor, yeoman, ajjpeared before the Surrogate, 

Thomas Fulton proving the will, and signatures of the other 

Joseph Chandler witnesses. Adm. granted to Joseph Chandler 

of New Cornwal, Co. Orange. ) 

(Original will in Box 7.) 

Page 50.— McCURDEY, ARCHIBALD, of Wall Kill. 

Will dated Nov. 12, 1787. 

"Unto my sisters Daughter Margrit Wilson the daughter of William 
Wilson" "one equal share of the whole of my Estate both real and per- 
sonal" "to be sold" "and divided among the children of my sister Ann 
Wilson, the wife of William Wilson" "as soon as they arive to ye age of 
18 years or sooner if they should marry." 

The executors to rent "ye farm on which I live unto some prudent 
person, until they think proper to sell the same (but not unto my brother in 
law William Wilson) " "my negro Pomp may have the liberty to Choose 
his owri Master, when he is Sold." 

24 Ulster Co.j N. Y., Probate Records. 

"My trusty friends Charles Boreland, Charles Bull and Thomas Wat- 
kins" appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

Jno McCamly (Jan. ii, 1788, John McCamly of Wall 

Mos PoLAY ^^'^' y^o™a*i' appeared before the Sur- 

T,, ,^ / , s roeate, proving liie will, and signatures 

MiLiCENT Vanscoy (mark) ^f^^e other witnesses). 

(Original will in Box 26.) 

Page 53.— DE WITT, CHARLES, "at my House in Marbletown." 

Will dated July 7, 1776. 

"Considering the uncertainty of life, especially in those time of 
Troubles, and as I am in a few days to go down to New York, where I 
may fall a Victim to British Tyrants, who are arrived in order to Invade 
that Metropolis it may be uncertain whether ever I return." 

The testator trusts in "Jesus my Redeemer whose Blood I trust will 
wash my guilty Soul from all its foul Stains." 

"I give without the least Reserve unto Jesus the beloved of my Soul 
my five dear Children to be disposed of as it pleased him But oh, that they 
may love Jesus." 

"Unto my son John a Negro Servant, which he may chuse for his 
Birth right." — "Residue to my five children who are Equally Dear to me 
and do therefore give them an Equal share" "to eldest son John a Just 1/5 
part" "to my son Gerrif 1/5 part" "to eldest daughter Margrietje" 1/5 
part" "to my daughter Mary" 1/5 part to "my youngest Daughter Anne" 
1/5 part." "In case any of my children should Die without lawful Issue 
before they Arrive to the Age of 21 Years," survivors to divide the share 
of deceased. 

"My Brother Andries J. De Witt my son John and my sisters son 
Benjamin Nukerk Junr." appmnted executors. "And as there may be 
considerable trouble in settling my affairs and my Nephew Benjamin 
Nukerk may halve so great a share thereof as to be detriment in his other 
business" to said Benjamin "for his care and trouble which he may have" 
£100 before the division of the estate. 

Signed by the testator. 

(Jan. 4, 1788, Lucas Elmendorph, of Hurly, 
Lucas Elmendorph yeoman, appeared before the Surrogate, 

Benjamin Nukerk proving the will, and signature of the other 

Cornelius Crispel witnesses). — ^Adm. granted to John C. De 

Witt of Hurly, yeoman, executor. 

(II. Andries De Witt (s. of I. Tjerck Claessen De Witt, q. v.) m. Jannetje Egbertsen. 
Issue: i. Tjerck, bt. Jan. 12, 1683 (see Henry De W.); ii. Jacob, bt. Sept. 28, 1684, d. v.; iii. Bar- 
bara, b. Aug. 22, 1686, d. inf.; iv. Klaes, b. Apr. 30, 1688, d. inf.; v. Barbara, b. Oct. 30, 1689, 
m., March 25, 1715, Johannes Van Leuven; vi. Jacob, b. Dec. 30, 1691, m., May 9, 1731, Heyltie 
Van Kampen, dau. Jan v. K. & Tretje Dekker; vii. Maria, b. Jan. 21, 1693, m., Oct 30, 1713, 
Jan Roosa, Jr., s. of Jan R. & Hilligond Van Buren; viii. Helena, b. Dec. 7, 1695, m., June 6, 
1719, Jacob Swits, s. of Comelis; ix. Andries, b. Apr. i, 1697, a- July 2, 1701; x. Egbert b 
March j8. i6og m., Nov. 4, 1726. Mary Nottingham; xi. JOHANNES, bt. March 26, 1701 -'xii 
Andries, bt Febr. 20, 1703, m., Dec. 3, 1731, Bregjen Nottingham. 

Will Book A., Kingston. 25 

III. JOHAilWES (above), m., June 27, 1724, Mary Brodhead, dau. of Charles B. & Maria 
Ten Broeck, Issue: i. Ann, bt. March 28, 1725, m., May 13, 1749, Conrad Newkcrk, s. of 
Gerrit N. & Grietje Ten Byck; ii. CHARLES, b. 1727; iii. Andries, bt. Nov. 10, 1728, m. Blandina 
Ten Eyck, dau. of Abraham T. E. & Jenneke Ehnendorf; iv. Maria, bt. Apr. 17, 1737. 

IV. CHARLES (above), merchant, m., Dec. 20, 1754, Blandina Du Bois, dau. Gerritt D, B. 
& Margaret Elmendorf. Issue: i. Johannes, bt. Nov. 2, 1735; ii. Margrietje, bt. July 9, 1758, m., 
Apr. 10, 1783, Johannes Bruyn; iii. Maria, bt. Oct. 12, 1760, m., Apr. 10, 1783, Jacobus Has- 
brouck; iv. Gerref, bt. Aug. is, 1762, m., Nov. 13, 1786, Catharine Ten Eyck; v. Anna, bt. Nov. 
18, 1764, m., Febr. j6, 1786, Peter Tappen). — See Ulster Co. Hist. Coll. 

Page 56.— ROEDOLF, ANDRIES, of Rochester, Blacksmith. 

Will dated June . . . ., 1761. 

Executors "as soon as they certainly know that I am Dead" to "take 
my wearing apparrel and other things and sell the same in publick Vandue 
and take that money, and the Money I now have which is £40, and put the 
same to Usery for ten Years and then directly write to Germeny acquaint- 
ing my wife Elisabeth Roedolf & my son Casper Juree Roedolf of my 
Death and that they can come and fetch the said money within the term 
of Ten Years" if they come during that time, they to share equally "pro- 
vided they make apear that they are the said persons ;" if only one comes, 
he or she to have the property. If they do not come, the just half of the 
property to go to "the Wawarsink Church. Half of said money to be dis- 
posed by the executors as they think proper to the poor high Dutchers or 
Garmans or they that have the most need thereof, living and residing in" 
"Rochester" "but more and Especially them that lives and resides in the 
Congregation of Wawarsink in case my Wife and son do not come" "with- 
in the space of Ten Years." 

Capt. lohannis Bevier and Joham, Joris Mack, both of Rochester, ap- 
pointed executors. 

Andries Roedolf (his mark) 
(In German letters: Frederick RenfF). 

(Jan. 18, 1788, Stephen De Witt, of Rochester, 
And De Witt appeared before the Surrogate, proving the 

William De Witt will, and signatures of the other witnesses. — 

Stephen De Witt Adm. granted to Johannes Bevier of Roches- 

ter, Jan. 22, 1788). 

Page 59.— CRANSS, HENRY, farmer, of Montgomery. 

Will dated Febr. 15, 1787. 

"To my loving wife (not named) One Mear one Cow 2 Sheep, with 
her beding and Cloathing and Household furnitur." — Residue "among 
my Children Except Zekiel, he having got his part befor, Jonathan my 
youngest son is to have the Young Colt, Nicholas Yorks is to have one 
Sheep, if my famelie do not stay on the place then I desire they should 
make a Vendue of every thing on the place, save that above mentioned 
and if they stay on the place they are to keep all the farming Utensils." 

26 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Andrew Imler and my son Henry Executors. 
Si^ed by the testator. 

(Jan. 28, 1788, Joseph Whelan of Montgomery, 

"phisician,", appeared before the Surrogate 
Joseph Whelan proving the will, and signature of the other wit- 

WiLLiAM Steuart ness). Adm. granted to Andrew Imler of Wall 

Kill, farmer, and Henry Cranss, of Montgomery, 


(Original will in Box 7.) 

Page 61.— aOALDSMITH, THOMAS, of Montgomery. 

Will dated Sept. 12, 1786. 

"Unto my beloved Wife Catharine a Negro boy named Dick like- 
wyse the feather Bed and all the furniture thereunto anywyse belonging 
to the same on which we now lye, likewyse all the 'furniture and Cloathing 
she brought with her when we were Married likewyse one of my best 
Milsh cows at her own choise. Likewyse my best Copper Tea Kittle, 
and my best Tea pott with all the Teal furniture, and the side sadle .'■he 
now Rides, over and above what she is left underneath." — "Unto my son 
Joshua £20" "over and above his following proportion, Likewyse to have 
the horse he now Owns together with my sadle and bridle, over and above 
his following proportion, my Daughters Leah and Sarah to have all the 
pewter that remains at my decease together with each of them one feather 
Bed and bedding over and above tiheir following proportion, my sons 
Stephen to have my Silver Watch, John to have the horse colt that he 
now claims and David to have the Gray Mare each of them over and 
above their following proportions. Each of my sons to have the farm 
in common, together with my Wife and Daughters Rent free, if they 
Remain Single, and work on the same Except {Thomas) until sold." 

"Remainder of the Neat produce of the Seals, of my Real and per- 
sonal Estate to be divided" 2/3 to "my sons or their Guardians when 
they arrive of age to chuse the same and to be equally devided between 
my sons Thomas, Stephen Joshua, John, David and Charles, and the 
remaining 1/3" "to wife Catharine and my Daughters PJtebe Mary Abi- 
gail Hannah Leagh and Sarah my wife Catherine to draw Interest yearly 
for her own Children, for their Cloathing, Education and maintanance 
until they are of age" "if any of her own daughters should marry before 
they are of age, they are to receive their own proportion, if demanded, if 
the Estate be sold," "the executors" "shall have no Control over my 
Wife and her children after the Estate be sold." "In case any of my 
children should die unmarried their share or shares to be equally de- 

"Be it remembered that my son Thomas's bond by Omission the 
day of the month not set down but signed in the year" "1786 for £100 

Will Book A., Kingston. 27 

which I gave him in specie be deducted out of his proportion. Propor- 
tion left to wife "in lew of Dower" only. 

Samuel Watkins, John Blake, and John Cumfort appointed execu- 
tors, and wife executrix, if any of them should die. Signed by the 

James Barkley, Junr. (J^"; ^9, 1788, James Barkley, Junr, 

c r- /1-- I \ of Montgomery, farmer, appeared be- 

Samuel Givens (his mark) f^,, the Surrogate, proving the will, 
James Smith and signatures of the other witnesses.) 

(Original will in Box ij.) 
(Son of Thomas Goldsmith). 

Page 64.— SNIDER, JOHANAS, of Montgomery. 

Will dated Oct. 4, 1787. 

"I leve to my Wife all my Books debts, and Cow^ apd all other things 
that she brought with her and five Bushels of Whete yearly Whele she 
continues my Widow and sowing of a peck of Flaxseed and all the rent or 
profit of my lands. I alow for the bringing of my Children and giveing 
them Education ; and my Neger Jack is to serve two years after my death 
and then to have his freedom and to have all my Books, and when the 
Sead two Years are expired, then the Moveable Estate to be Sold" and 
money "put to Interest for the benefit of the children, and what money 
is due to me of Bonds or Nots are to be devided Equally to every child, 
but the executors to take £50" "for the building of Grist Mill." — "I leve 
all my lands to my two sons John and Henry." 

Doctor David Galeshie and Capaten Henry Smith appointed execu- 
tors. "But before seling" "I appoint John Comfor to act as Executor" 

(Jan. 29, 1788, Samuel Fargeson of Montgom- 
Samuel Fargeson ery, farmer, appeared before the Surrogate, 

Christian Rump Paving the will, and the signatures of the othei 

witnesses. Adm. granted to David Galatian of 
William Steuart Montgomery, Phisician, Henry Smith and John 

Cumfort, Feb. 8, 1788). 

Page 66.— MILLIKINS, ALEXANDER, of Hanover. 

Will dated March 10, 1778. 

"Of an advanced age." "I formerly made a will dated June 2, 1767" 
devising "£io per annum to my Wife for her life, the sum of £40 to each 
of my three sons Alexander, John and Robert, to my daughter Hannah 
the sum of £30, and the sum of £5 to each of my other four daughters 
therein named, and did thereby further devise the whole of my real and 
personal Estate to my three sons Hugh, James and Nathaniel" "subject 
to the payment of my Debts" "that after the making and publishing of the 

28 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

said Will my said sons Hugh Millikin, James Millikin and Nathaniel 
Millikin, by articles of agreement with their several seals" of "April 30, 
1770 with my approbation and consent, sigriified by my being a Witness 
thereto" "Hugh Millikin for the consideration of i6o and the said Na- 
thaniel Millikin for the consideration of £50 & a young Horse, did 
respectively Covenant with their brother" "James Millikin to Releas and 
Quitclaim at any time after my decease" "all their Right," &c. "to sajid 
property" that my son James Millikin in his lifetime did well and truly 
pay to the said Hugh Millikin and to the said Nathaniel Millikin in his 
lifetime" said considerations, and "that my said son James Millikin in 
his lifetime did also pay and satisfy my said son John Millikin" "and 
that it hath pleased the allwise Ruler of the Universe my said three sons 
James, Nathaniel & Alexander are deceased, All which I have thought fit 
herein to mentione & recite more fully to shew the Reasons of this my 

"Unto my beloved wife Martha the sum of iio" "annually to be 
paid to her." — "Unto my son Robert" £40 "within one year."- — "Unto my 
daughter Jane the wife of John Dorcas" £5." — "Unto my daughter 
Martha the wife of James Red' £5." — "Unto my daughter Mary the wife 
of David J agger" £5." — "Unto my daughter Sarah the wife of Edward 
Burne" £5." — "Unto my daughter Hannah £30." — All personal estate to 
"my Daughter in Law, Mary Millikin, the Widow of my said son James, 
and my Grand Daughter Susannah Millikin," daughter of said James" 
subject to payments of debts and funeral expenses, annuities and legacies. 

To "said daughter in law Mary Millikin the sole use and manage- 
ment of all" "my real Estate" "until my grandson William Millkin ar- 
rives at the age of 21 years or day Marriage" "subject to the maintenance 
and edttcation of my two grandsons and granddaughters namely the said 
William Millikin, Peter Millikin and Susannah Millikin (all children of 
son James deceased). If said daughter in law should marry a second 
Husband, then "she hold my real Estate at the discretion of my son 
Hugh Millikin and my friend Peter Hill." 

To said grandchildren, William and Peter, "all my real Estate" "as 
Tenants in common." 

Son Hugh and friend Peter Hill and "my said daughter in law Maj-y 
Millikin widow" appointed executors. 

Alexander Mil(li)kin- (his mark). 

James Fulton (Febr. 12, 1788, James Fulton and Thomas 

Thomas McKissock McKissock of Montgomery, yeomen, appeared 

T „ before the Surrogate, provmg the will, and 

James Hunter signature of the other witness.) 

(Original will in estate-box- 26, attached to which is a red seal with heraldic devices, which 
cannot be distinctly deciphered). 

Will Book A., Kingston. 29 

Page 71.— HARP, HENRY, of Rochester. 

Will dated June 25, 1785. 

"To my son Edwaird my Gun, for his birth Right." Also "all that 
Land, lying on Anderieses Kill, Except the falls and a good conveniencies 
and- Room to set a saw Mill and Room enough for the Logs to which I 
give to my three sons, Edward, Henry and Jacob." — To Edward also "all 
my Close." — To Henry and Jacob "the Remainder of my Lands, together 
with my Houses Barn Barks and all my buildings" "they to pay to my 
three daughters namely Majary, Jude and Lidia each" "iio one year after 
their Steff mothers Widowship or Death Except their sixth part of their 
Mothers portion which they are all to have and equal share alike namely 
Edward, Henry, Jacob, Majary, Jude and Lidia 2 years after my decease." 
— "To my son Henry the stone Horse" also "my blacksmiths tools a,ll what 
I have." — "To my son Jacob the other two Horses." — To Henry and 
Jacob "and their Steffmother the Crop now on the land afso the Cow to 
kill also the Hogs and Sheep." To Henry and Jacob also "the Waggon 
Plough and Harrow." — "To my three sons the Remainder of my Loose 
Estate excepting two Cows, that is to say my wife Eve is to have the 
Choice of the Cows one for her self and my daughter Majara is to have 
one Cow for herself and the sattle Bed with the beding now in it." 

"My wife Eve shall have a sufficient Room to herself" and "my two 
sons" "Henry and Jacob shall find my Wife Eve a sufficient maintenance 
during her Widowship." 

Wife apd the three sons appointed executors. 

Signed by the testator. 

(Febr. 29, 1788, Benjamin Low, Jr., and John 
Benjamin Low, Junr. Low, of Rochester, Farmers, appeared before 
„ . ' the Surrogate, proving the will, and signature 

Charles Adams ^f ^^e other witness. Adm. granted to 

John Low Henry Harp, of Rochester, farmer, March 4, 


(Orig. will in box 17.) 

Page 73.— SHUTTER, JOSEPH, of Montgomery, 

Will dated March 22, 1787. 

"My Executors, viz. my son Robert Shutter and my daughter Eliza- 
beth Shutter ajnd James Houston" "to Colect all the Money due me" "pay 
all my just Debts" — "and least any despute should arise about my Mov- 
'able Estate, I mention this that two Horses all the Swin and two Sleghs 
are the property of my son Robert Shutter that I have no power to Will 
away." — To daughter Elizabeth "the best feather Bed and all the neces- 
sary furniture of Bed Sted and beding" "and also her Choise of my Cows 
with £25." — To Robert "the second best Feather Bed, Beding and Bed- 
stead, and one young Horse comeing three Years Old this Spring." 

30 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Residue to be sold by the executors, and legacy paid to Elizabeth of 
£25 "of the Remainder" 1/2 to daughter Elizabeth and the other half to 
my other children : Samuel Shutter, Margret Dunken, Robert Shutter and 
Martha Colman." 

Joseph Shuter 

Patrick Barber (March 5, 1788, Tristram Smith, of 

Tristram Smith Montgomery, Farmer, appeared before 

T . ,, . , . the Surrogate, proving the will, and 

John Armstrong (his mark) signatures of the other witnesses). 

(Orig. will in box 35.) 

Page 76.— PERSEN, JACOBUS, of Sauerties. 

Will dated Dec. i, 1787. 

"To my loving Wife Margaret Persen, the large Cubbard, wherein 
she now keeps her Effects" also "a certain Bond signed Hendrick Schoon- 
maker of the value of £37" "dated Sept. 4, 1760, with Interest at 5%" she 
"shall live and be maintained in my family after my decease during her 
own free Will and pleasure, and that she shall be used by my son and 
Grandchildren as becometh." — "To my Grand Daughter Peggy or Mar- 
garet Persen all the Notes and Bonds which I have made a memorandum 
with the Names of the signers thereof" also "my Clock, ajtid my other 
Cubbard, a bed and beding as it stand in the back Room, and my Desk."-^- 
"To my son John J. Persen all my Book Debts, Bank Notes, and what- 
ever other Accounts he can discover to be due to me at the time of my 
decease Except such as are mentioned by name" also "all rrly Estate Real 
and personal" "during his natural life and after his decease" "to my for 
Grand Daughters namely Margaret Persen, Katy Persen, Tiny Persen, 
and Sally Persen." — "I leave in ready money to the amount of Eight 
Guineas and four half Johannises" "for the necessary use of my family." — 
To granddaughter Margaret or Peggy Persen "the small Chest or box 
wherein I used to keep my Money and papers." 

Christopher Kierstead and Hendrick Schoonmaker appointed execu- 
tors. Signed by the testator. 

„ ^ „ (April I, 1788, Cornelius L. Swart of Sager- 

CoRNELius L. Swart ties, Kingston, Cooper, and Abraham A. Post, 

Abraham A. Post same place. Carpenter, appeared before the 

John M Kenzie Surrogate, proving the will, and signature of 

the other witness.) 

Oan Pearsen m. Annatie Catryn Post, and had: i. Jan, bt. March 2, 1706; it. Abraham bt 
Sept. II, 1708, m., Jan. 14, 1730, Catrma Schoonmaker; iii. JACOBUS (above), bt. Jan. i, 1711 
m. 1., Sept. z8, 1747, Catharina Meindertse, m. 2., Jan. 7, 1764, Margaret Barraway, widow iv' 
Cornelis, bt. Sept. 6, 1713; v. Jannetjen, bt. Jan. 15, 1716.) ' 

Will Book A., Kingston. 31 

Page 79.— SMEDES, BENJAMIN, JUNR., of Shawangunk. 

Will dated July 31, 1787. 

"To my son Matthew the choice of my Guns." — "To my son John 
my other Gun." — "Unto my son Abraham the sum of £2.5." — "To my 
daughter Catharma one Silver Table spoon marked A M." "Unto my four 
sons Benjamin, John, Matthew and Abraham all my wearing apparel." 

Residue of "my personal Estate unto all my Children sons and 
Daughters." — "Unto said four sons" "all my Lands and other Real 
Estate whatsoever." — "My beloved wife Elsie shall remain in the full 
possession and have the sole use and benefit of all my said Real Estate, 
also all the "personal Estate for and during her widowhood, as a Main- 
tenance for her in lieu of her Dower." — To the three daughters £30 "to 
my daughter ^Maritje (the wife of Alerd Anthony) £30" "unto my 
Daughter Rachel" £30 and "unto my daughter Catharine" £30 "within 
one year after the decease of me and my wife." — "If she should marry 
again, then to be paid within the term of one year after such Marriage." 

Sons "and my Good friend Daniel Graham" appointed executors. 
Signed by the testator. 

JoHANNis JANSEN, JuNR. (^P^^ ^4, i/SS, Johannis Bruyn, of 

P _ -i Shawangunk, yeoman, appeared before the 

Lr. UAViD UUROT Surrogate, proving the will, and signatures 

Johannes Bruyn of the other witnesses). 

{Benjamin Petrusse Smedes, Jr., bt. March 24, 1706, (s. of Benjamin S. (q. v.), m., 1., 
May 15, 1729, Rachel Jam (Jansen), m. 2., Nov. 22, 1754, Elsje Dekker. Issue with ist wife: 
i. Benj'aW'in} bt. Dec. 28, 1729 (see his will); ii. Johannis, bt. July 7, 1734; iii. Johannes, bt. 
Oct. 21, 1736, in Shawangunk ; iv. Rachel, bt, Jan. 21, 1739, m., July 12, 1759, Joseph Dekker; 
V. Abraham, bt. Dec. 26, 1740; vi. Magdalena, bt. Aug. 29, 1742; vii. Abraham, bt. Jan. 27, 174s; 
viii. Elisabeth, bt. Oct. 18, 1747; ix. Annatje, bt. June 21, 1752; with 2d wife: x. Marritje, bt. 
May 18, 175s, m. Alerd Anthony; xi. Elisabeth, bt. March 5, 1758;. xii. Petrus, bt. Sept. z6, 1760; 
xiii. Jacobs bt. Febr. 27, 1763, as well as son Matthew and daughter Catherine, prob. by first 

Original will in estate-box 35, with red seal and impression from a ring, undecipherable. 

Page 82.— RUMP, PETER, of Hanover. 

Will dated April 5, 1780. 

"My beloved Wife Margrit" to pay funeral charges and all just 
debts. She to have "all my Right and title to the improvement or leased 
farm, that I now live on, with all the buildings and fences and prevel- 
edges." Also, "all my Horses Mares Colts Cattle Sheep Swine and 
fowls together with all my farmers Utensils and household furneture 
that is to say Waggons Sleighs plows harrows axes hoes matloks and 
sightes Saws augors Chisles Gouge Aels and forks, of every kind, Beds 
and Beding of every kind as also my Shirts Excepting one for my Own 
use, and one Sheet, which I desire to take with me to my Grave." Also 
"all my Pots Kittles pans. Basons Dishes Plates Spoons Bowls trenches 
Pails tubs Churns Barrels and Vessels of every kind, in order to enable 
her" "to bring up my three little Children that I have by my said wife 

, 32 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Margeit to wit Jacob Peter and David, which I desire shall be brought 
up in a Christian-like manner with every Neccery belonging to Christian 
Children, that, is to say meet Cloating and Scooling." Wife to have "all 
the money due or to become due to me, and I do hereby impower her" 
"to ask demand sue for and recover from all my debtors all such money." 
Wife to pay "unto my three Eldest sons : Henry Rump, Johanes Rump, 
and Christian Rump" £36 between them, one and a half year after my 

To Christian "one horse one cow and two h@gs and a Gun now in 
the possession of him," as also my Mourning Scarf." To Henry, Johanes 
and Christian "all my Cloathes, that is my Coats Jacets Waist Coates, 
Breaches, Stockens and Shoes" — "To my little son Jacob my hat." "My 
Weavers Loom and tacklen as Reeds Gears shuttles Spools Wheel Swift" 
to wife also "all that I have given to my said Wife be hers and that 
she peasebly in joy and possess without any hindrance dureing the time 
that she shall remain my Widow or bear my name, and that if she" "and 
my" "son Christian can agree so as that" he "do stay with" her "and 
work upon the" "least farm" he to have "free liberty to make use of the 
teem and taklen and tools as his neen shall require but not to dispose of 
without the consent of my Executors. "If she should marry", she to re- 
turn to my "little children, Jacob, Peter and David" all that she has 

"My true and loveing Margrit Rump my trusty friend John J. Gra- 
ham and my son Christian Rump" appointed executors. 

Fitter Romp 

Philip Moul (April, 21, 1788, Robert Moul, of Rochester, farmer, 

H. Rosekrans appeared before the Surrogate, proving the will, and 

Robert Moul signatures of the other witnesses. Adm. granted to 

Margaret Rump, April 25, 1788.) 

Page 85.— DUBOIS, HENRY, of New Paltz, farmer. 

Will dated May 26, 1784. 

"Unto my Eldest son Philip" £20. Residue to wife (not named) 
during the term she shall remain a widow. After her decease or mar- 
riage "unto my six children Philip, Maritje, Garret, Jenny, Methusalem 
and Rebekah." To wife "all my Real Estate," "during the time she shall 
remain my widow." Afterwa^rds to the children. If wife should re- 
marry, she to have V, of the real estate, during her natural life. 

Wife and sons Garret and Methusalem appointed executors. Signed 
by the testator. 
Mathusalem Dubois (March, 3, 1788, Methusalem Dubois of the 

Cathktentte Dubois ^^'^ ^^^*^' J^™^'^' and James Burns, same 

L-athrientje Uubois pj^^g^ Schoolmaster, appeared before the Sur- 

James Burns rogate, proving the will, and signature of the 

Will Book A., Kingston. 33 

other witness. — The Surrogate grants to Mathusalem Dubois and Jacob 
Dubois of the New Paltz, and John Van Wagenen of Rochester, Farmer, 
during the minority of Garret and Methusalem Dubois Junr. letters of 
administration, the widow, Rebecca Dubois, by an instrument of June 5, 
1787, having renounced all her right and power as Executrix. April, 28, 

{Henry Du Bois, bt. May i, 1743 (s. of Henry Du Bois, q. v.), m. Rebecca Van Wagenen). 

Page 88,— CURTICE, BENAJAH, of Wall Kill, yeoman. 

Will dated March 27, 1786. 

"I order 20 acres of my land to be sold beginning at the Otterkill 
and extending Northardly so fare as to make 20 acres" to pay debts, 
remainder to be given to "my loving Wife if not enufe," then moveables 
to be sold for the purpose. "To my loving wife, Phebe Curtice" "the 
use of the remaining part of my Lands and dweling Howse" "so long 
as she shall live, and after her decease" the remaining to be sold "and 
money divided to my brother Thomas Curtice" £5, the balance to be 
divided, J4 to the children of Jeremiah Curtice" "the other half" "equal 
between the children of Noah Curtice." 

"My two friends Silas Person Juner and Thomas Booth" appointed 
executors. Signed by the testator. 

(May 6, 1788, James Robarts of Wall Kill, Laborer. 
James Robarth appeared before the Surrogate, proving the will, 
Moses Reed and signatures of the other witnesses. Adm. 

KiziAH Curtice graSnted to Silas Persen Junr. of Cornwal, Co. 

Orange, and Thomas Booth of Wall Kill). 

(Grig, will in Box 7). 

(Son of Benejah Curtis, q. v.). 

Page 91.— SINSAPAUQH, ADAM, of Montgomery. 

Will dated Sept. i, 1785. 

"Unto my two sons, Johannis and David" "my Estate of Land con- 
taining 207 acres" "in Montgomery" "part of lott No. 12 of the 8000 
Acres, Covenanted and bought of William Comfort." — "To my son 
David the old place where I now dwell or live, next I give to my son 
Johanis the other place where he now lives, and I order my two sons, 
Johannis and David" to divide equally. — To "my beloving Wife (not 
named) one Mare, one Cow and two Sheep." Sons to give wife "a 
lawful maintenance during her Widowhood thev are likewise to keep 
her Mare Cow and two sheep lawfully." — To "son David one Mare, 
one Cow and two sheep."— "Unto my four daughters Mary, Hannah, 
Eve and Elisabeth all my Moveable Estate." 

VOL. II. — 3. 

34 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Philip Decker, Joseph Decker, and Johannis Decker appointed ex- 

Adam Sinsapaugh (his mark) 

Johannis Decker (May i6, 1788, Johannis Decker, of Mont- 

Tacob More gomery, farmer, appeared before the Surrogate, 

1^ ^ proving the will, and signature of the other 

David Dickerson witnesses.) 

(Orig. will in Box 35). 

Page 93.— WILLKIN, WILLIAM, Esq., of Wallkill. 

Will dated Aug. 29, 1787. 

"To my daughter Sarah Moffai" £2$ "in addition to what she has 
received." — "To my son John Willkin" yi "of the Farm I now live upon, 
that is to say the south side thereof to be divided by a line to run from 
the southeast to the North West." — The other half on the north side of 
said line "to my son Robert Willkin" "subject to the following reserva- 
tions in behalf of my Wife Elizabeth Willkin to whom I give" "the negro 
wench named Suscmah, her Riding Horse, and Sadie, two beds and their 
furniture, two Cows and eight sheep in her Own Right and to be kept on 
the said Farm during her Widowhood and also to have her Maintenance 
of the said Fairm together with the best Room in the House, one haH 
of the Cellar, half a bushels sowing of Flax seed yearly, and as much 
furniture out of my Personal Estate as by her apprizment shall not 
exceed the sum of is during said term." — "Unto my said son John 
Willkin the most southwardly of the two lots lying in Wall Kill" "on 
a place called the Long Kill which I bought from Col. Thomas Ellison." — 
"And to my said son Robert Willkin" "the other of the said Lots." 
— "To my son Daniel Willkin" "all that lot or Farm in Montgomery" 
"which my Brother Joseph purchased from John Robinson, and to which 
Land I became entitled as heir at Law to my said Brother Joseph de- 
ceased." — "To my son James Willkin" "the one equal undevided half of 
all that Lot or parcel of land adjoining the last above mentioned tract, 
which was purchased by my Father John Willkin deceased from the 
Widow Philips and her children and to which I am entitled as heir at law 
to my Brothers John & Joseph Willkin deceased." — "To my said son 
James W. Willkin" £80." — "To my son William Willkin" "150 acres of 
that lot of land whereon he now lives adjoining the Farm whereon 
Danuel Rogers now lives in" "Wallkill" "which I purchased of my father 
in laiw Israel Rogers deceased in consideration whereof my said son 
William is to pay my Executors i8o." — "To my son George Willkin for 
and during the term of his natural life 50 acres of land being part of 
that Farm whereon my son William now lives to includ* a feild called 
the black meadow ground meadow and a feild next a;djoining it on the 
south east side and the remainder so as to cfanpleat the quantity of 50 

Will Book A., Kingston. 35 

acres to be measured from the South Comer of said Farm comprehending 
as much timber Land and the improvements where widow Reed lived 
as will be sufficient therefore together with the fruit of one third of the 
Orchard of said Farm, for and during the term of seven years after my 
decease, and after the determination of that Estate to my said son George 
I give & devise" "said 50 acres to the oldest of his sons who may then 
be living." 

"To my daughter Elisabeth Willkin Two Cows, a Bed & its furni- 
ture and £100" "she to live with my sons John & Robert while Unmar- 
ried & be maintained by them." — Son John to "pay the one equal half, 
of the expense in furnishing the materials and compleating as far as 
Moses Bulls House now is exclusive of the Kitchen, a House of the same 
dimentions with his for my son Robert on his part of the land herein 
before devised to him. And also that he allow my said son Robert to 
have ^/a of the fruit of the Orchard for the Term of seven Years to be 
computed from this date." — "To my daughter Jean one Cow and to her 
son William Rea £20" "when he shall attain the age of 21." — "The 
remainder of the land to which I am entitled in Montgomery" "as heir 
at Law to my brothers John and Joseph" to be sold by the executors 
and the money divided among the legatees. 

Sons John and James W. Willkin appointed executors. Signed by 
the testator. 

(Sept. 17, 1788, Andrew McCord of Wall Kill, yeo- 
Eben Clark man, appeared before the Surrogate, proving the will, 
Moses Bull and signature of the other witnesses. Adm. granted 
A McCoRD to John Willkin of Montgomery, and James W. Will- 

kin of Goshen, Co. Orange, Esq.). 

Page 97.— DUBOIS, NATHANIEL, of New Molborough, yeoman. 

Will dated April 16, 1788. 

"To Ruth my dearly beloved wife all" "my lands, messuages and 
tenements, all my household Goods and all moveable effects" "as well as 
legacies bequeathed to me by my grandfather Cornelius Dubois deceased, 
as the Rest of my Effects, together with my Sawmill and all Debts due to 
me by Bond, note or book debt and also all and every part of my Estate." 

"My beloved brother in laws Leonard Smith and Rubin Tooker" ap- 
pointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

(Jan. 16, 1789, Peter Sharp of New Mal- 
Atstdrew Cropsy borough, Laborer, appeared before the 

ANDREW i^ROPSY Surrogate, proving the will, and signature 

WiLHELMUS Dubois -of the other witnesses.— Adm. granted to 
Peter Sharp Leonard Smith of New Marlborough 


(Original Will in box 9.) 

36 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Page 99.— LAUCK, JOHANNES, of Beaver Creek. 

Will dated May 26, 1788. 

"Unto my two sons, najnely Johannes Lauks and Han: Jury Lauk/' 
"all that piece or lott of land" "in Co. Montgomery westerly of Schoharry 
being lot No. 30 part of said lott is now in the actual possession of said 
Johannes Lauks containing in said lott 300 acres to be divided" among 
the sons equally "Han Jury the half on the easterly« side, and Johannes the 
half on the westerly side" "each to pay £7.10" "to be divided among my 
three daughters Namely Maria Catharina and Neeltie." To Catharina 
also "during her life and after her Death unto the heirs of her Body 
1/3 part a certain piece or lott of land containing 300 acres" "in Montgom- 
ery county about 14 miles westerly from Schoherry in a patent granted 
to Jacob Bar St and others" Febr. 20, 1752 "the whole containing 600 
acres, being lott No. 29 of which the full easterly one half" "was conveyed 
to me by my father Peter Lauks of Schoherry by his Indenture" "Nov. 29, 
1771." — "To my two daughters" (named) 1/3 part of said 300 acres land. 
— "My old Negro Woman Bett shall have it in her option to live with one 
of my children which she shall chuse best, and that my son Peter shall be 
lyable to assist her in such Neciceries of life as shall be needful during her 
life." — "To my son Hanyury my Gun and Cutlesh." — To Peter "the Gun 
which I had from my father." — To daughter Catharina "one Cubbard." — 
To "my three daughters" (named) "all the Clothes and Qoth of Linen 
and of woollen belonging to my wife and likewise my Bedstead and 
feather Bed together with all the Bedecloase thereunto belonging." — 
"Unto my three sons all my Clothes." — Residue to be divided among the 

"Whereas my son Peter is bound by his obligation for the Mainten- 
ance of me and my wife, and if it should so happen that" he "should 
become unable to provide sificient Maintenance for my Wife after my 
decease" "in such case my two sons Hanyury and Johannes shall provide 
for my wife Elisabeth Sufficient Meat, Drink, Washing and lodging 
during her life." 

Son Peter, Jacob Moure and Jeremiah Eligh appointed executors. 

JoHNNis Laucks. 

(Febr. 10, 1789, Andreas and Jacob Eligh of 
Andreas Eligh Kingston, farmers, appeared before the Sur- 
Jacob Eligh rogate, proving die will, and signature of the 

other witness. ■ 

Peter West 

Adm. granted to Peter Lauks and Jacob 
Mowers of Kingston, farmers, Feb. 25, 1789.) 

Will Book A., Kingston. 37 

Page 102.— MASTEN, EZEKIEL, of Kingston. 

Will dated April 14, 1781. 

"Untp my Deer and well beloved Wife Gerteruy the use and income 
of alFifty Estate both real and personall during her Neturell life if she 
shall so long continue my Widow." — "Unto my daughter Elesebeth and 
outset or marriage portion equell to what my other Daughters have had, 
and also one Milch Cow when shee comes of age." — "Unto my son Jo- 
hannis after the decease of my" "wife" "my House and Lot of Ground" 
"adjoining the same" "now in my possession and whareon I now dwell," 
he to pay "unto my three daughters named Catharina Annatie and Elese- 
beth" £48 (£16 to each of them). — "Unto my daughter Annatie one Milch 
Cow and one Nue Fadder Bed." — To the three daughters named after de- 
cease of wife "all the Rest and Residue of my Real Estate." — To son 
Johannis "my nue Gun or Fusie and all my wearing appearell both linen 
and wollen." — The residue of personal estate to the four children, already 
named. — If Elizabeth should die "before she attains the age of 21 years 
without Issue" her share to be devided among the other children. 

"My deer and well beloved wife" "and sons in Law Peter Roggen and 
John Van Steenberge" appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

(April 7, 1789, Dirck Wynkoop of 
CoRNELis Beekman Kingston, Esq., and Cornelius Beek- 

Catherina Beekman (her mark) man, yeoman, appeared before the 
D. Wynkoop Surrogate, proving the will, and sig- 

nature of the other witness.) 

(Original will in estate-box 27. — Johannes Masten (s. of Cornelis M., q. v.), m. 1. Marytjen 
Swart. Issue; i. Elisabeth, bt. May 31, 1702; ii. Cornelis, bt. Sept. 19, 1703, q. v.; iii._ Anna 
Maria, bt. Apr. is» 1705; iv. Johannes, bt. Oct. 20, 1706, m., Nov. 4, 1739, Sara De Witt (bt. 
May 17, 1713, dau. of Bastian T)e W. and Margaret Paerson); v. Benjamin, bt. Dec. 28, 1707: 
vi. Benjamin, bt. Sept. 11, 1709; vii. Jacobus, bt. Apr. 22, 1711. — Johannes M., m. 2., Marytjen 
Wels. Issue: viii. Elisabeth, bt. Dec. 21, 1712; ix. Jan, bt July 17, 171S; x. Aart, bt. Dec. 15, 
1717; xi. Wilhelmus, bt. Sept. 4, 1720; xii. Jacobus, bt. March 17, 1723; xiii. EZECHIEL, bt. 
Aug. 17, 1725, m., (jet. 12, 1751, Gertrud Schoonmaker (bt. Apr. 16, 1732, dau. of Hendrick S. 
and Tryntje Osterhoudt); xiv. Zamuel, bt. Aug. 11, 1728: xv. Abraham, bt. June 22, 1733). 

EZEKIEL and Gertruid had issue: i. Catherine, bt. July 23, 1753; ii. Maria Elisabeth, bt. 
Jan. 19, 1754; iii. Annaatje, bt. Dec. 4, 1757; iv. Johannes, bt March 7, 1762). 

Page 106.— HORTON, JOSEPH, of New Windsor. 

Will dated Dec. 13, 1785. 
"To my loving Wife Jane all my household furniture as also my 
Negro Man Ceasar and my negro boy Jack." — "All my land and Mills at 
Murderers Creek and all the rest of my moveable Estate to be sold to the 
best advantage" "debts to be paid and the balance divided into eleven 
equal shares. — To my wife four shares, "to my son Courte" two shares, 
"as also my negro boy Harry" one share "to my daughter Catharine" one 
share "to my daughter Martha" one share "to my daughter Polly" one 
share "to my daughter Anne" one share "to my daughter Sarah." "What- 
ever I have given those of my daughters that are now married or may 
marry or Move of from me before my decease, shall be deemed and taken 

38 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

as so much of the legacy, hereby bequeathed." Residue of estate to be 
divided by the executors, in a similar manner as above. 

Wife, Henry Van Voorhise and Christian Duboise, "my loving 
friends" appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

Joshua Sears. (April 25, 1789, Oliver How of New Windsor, 

Oliver How carpenter, appeared before the Surrogate, prov- 

T r^ ing the will, and signatures of the other wit- 

Jeri Clark ^^%^^^ 

(Original will in estate-box 17.) 

Page 108.— MILSPAUGH, STEPHEN, of Montgomery, Yeoman. 

Will dated March 19, 1789. 
"To my brother Matthias Eldest son Jonathan my place or farm, with 
all the appurtenances" "in Montgomery" "described by Indenture" Dec. 
22, 1787 "in favour of the Testator, and if my said Brothers eldest son 
should die before he is of age" "his next eldest brother" to inherit. — "To 
my sister Susannah my Mare and Watch." — "To my said brother Matthias 
a Bond of £30 upon Isaac Hasbrouck due Anno Domini 1797" — at his 
death to sister Susannah. To said brother Matthias "all my Cloths and 
wearing apparel and likewise my Gun, Saddle & Bridle, Also my pair 
of Silver • kneebuckles," "to my brother Philips's eldest son Philip, Also 
"unto my said brother Philip my Horse, colt and likewise a Wether be- 
longing to me." 

James Sears and John Decker, appointed executors. 

Stephen Milspaugh (his mark) 

John Decker (May 5, 1789, James Sears, yeoman, appeared 

James Sears before the Surrogate, proving the will, and 

John M. Hetsel signatures of the other witnesses.) 

(Original will in estate-box 27.) 

Page 110.— MONROW, ALLEXANDER, of Marbletown. 

Will dated August lo, 1776. 
"To my loving wife my best Bed and Bedsted together with all the 
furniture thereunto belonging to hold during her natural lifetime or until 
she Remarries." After her death or remarriage to the children : John & 
Elizabeth." Residue to said children. 

'My good friends William Pick and John Contine" appointed execu- 


Alexander Munro. 

John Keater (May 9, 1789, John Keater of Marbletown, 

Jacob T Keater Farmer, and Jacob T. Keater of Hurley, farm- 

Peter B Smedes ^'■.'„appeared before the Surrogate, proving the 

t-ETER a. 5MEDES ^jjj^ ^^^j signature of the other witness.) 

(Original will in estate-box 27, — red seal, oval shape, with impression of head of woman). 

Will Book A., Kingston. 39 

Page 113.— VAN KEUREN, BENJAMIN, of Shawangunk, Yeoman. 

Will dated Qct. 14, 1786. 

"Unto my two sons Hendricus and Levy all my wearing apparel" 
also "and unto my two daughters Sarah the wife of Solomon Brink and 
Mary the wife of Abraham Westbroek unto each of them one sea* in the 
Shawangunk Church." — To Hendricus £g "also one Bed and Bedstead 
with its furniture, also a Dozen of Pewter plates, and two spoons, being 
the portion which I received by my first wife." — To Sarah "one Negro 
Wench named Dien now in her possession also my little negro Giri named 
Dian." To Mary "one Negro Wench named Gin now in her possession 
also my little Negro Girl named Nan." To Sarah and Mary, each, £370, 
at the expiration of three years. — "To my beloved wife Mary" "£70" 
immediately after my decease also all such of my Household furniture 
which I received by her as a portion at the time when I married her. 
Also" "one Milch Cow." — To son Levy "all the Residue of my personal 
Estate," "together with all my land, tenements and other Real Estate" 
"my said wife shall have decent Maintenance out of the same provided 
and allowed unto her, during her lifetime, by my said son Levy, of all 
necessaries of life such as she is accustomed to have in my lifetime, also 
pay her doctor and other reasonable Expenses. Also if in case my said 
wife should not chuse to live with my said son Levy in family or at his 
Table, that in such case" she "may take the choice out of my Rooms and 
live by 'herself, and take choice of my wenches, during lifetime" the son 
to "provide her a decent Maintenance" "suitable to my Estate also keep 
such of my wenches as she may take in Meat, Drink, Lodging and Cloath- 

Sons and wife appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

(May 9, 1789, Johannes Bruyn of Shawan- 
SiMON Terwilliger gunk, Esq., appeared before the Surrogate, 

Benjamin Van Keuren proving the will, and signatures of the other 
Johannes Bruyn witnesses. Adm. granted to Levi Van Keu- 

ren, May IS, 1789.) 

(Benjamin Van Keuren, bt. Nov. 15, 1713 (s. of Tjerck Matthysen Van Keuren, q. v.), 

m. I.. July 13, 1735, Zara Swart, and had: i. Tjerck, bt. Nov. g, 173s; ii. Hendricus, bt. May 21, 

1738; B. V. K. m. 2., Febr. 1753, Maria Bunschoten, widow of Johannes Schepmoes; Sarah, m. 
Solomon Brink; Mary m. Abraham Westbrook"). 

Page 116.— HUNTER, JAMES, of Wall Kill, Yeoman. 

Will dated May 15, 1770. 
"To my loving wife, Frances Hunter, the full use and benefit of my 
Messuage, and farm of land, whereon I now live" "during her natural 
life, or iio" "per year, which ever she may choose." — "To my son Robert 
Hunter" £40 "one month after my decease." — "To my two sons John 
Hunter & Matthew Hunter each" £100 after death of wife. — "To my 
grandson James Rea" £10. — "To my son James Hunter all my Estate 

40 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

real and personal" he to pay all legacies and funeral charges, both of m}''- 
self and my said wife, and all my other Just Debts. 

Wife and son in law Matthew Rea of Shawangunk, appointed execu- 

James Hunter (his mark) 

Robert Kidd (May 6, 1789, Alexander Kidd of Montgom- 

Alexander Kidd, Junr. ^''3'' .f™''' appeared before the Surrogate, 

^ provmsr the will, and signatures of the other 

James Fulton witnesses.) 

(Administration bond, dated June 25, 1789, of John, James, and Robert Hunter, to ad- 
minister to the goods of James Hunter, Junior^ of Montgomery, farmer, in box 17). 

Page 117.— McNEAL, JOHN, of Wall Kill. 

Will dated August i, 1786. 

"Unto my daughter Rebecca her mothers Chist with Drawers, a set 
of Cortains with four sheep, and all the rest of my movelel Estate, and 
Lands I desire to be sold and Equally devided between my three other sons 
Thomas Daniel & Edward." 

"My son in law Charles Borland and my brother Edzvard McNeal, 
both of Wallkill" appointed executors. 

Signed by the testator. 

John Smith ^J""^ ^3. 1789. John Smith of Wall Kill, farmer, 
:l _j. appeared before the Surrogate, proving the will, 

JOHN KEELER ^^^ signature of the other witness.) 

(Original will in box 26.) 

Page 119.— ABRAHAM, JOHN, of Newburgh, House Carpenter. 

Will dated August 15, 1785. 

"All my Just debts owing to and by me, be collected in and paid out 
to whom I owe, and if there is not enough to pay for my land, then to 
sell part of said land, on the West side of the Swamp." — "To my well 
beloved Wife Anna in her care, and whilst she remains my widow, all the 
rest of my Estate." — "To my well beloved son Andreixf' £5 "when my son 
Major comes to the age of 21 years." — "To my beloved daughter Susan- 
nah" 20 shillings." — "To my son Henry in land 14 Rods, from the north 
line on the East side of the Road, where his House now stands Runing 
Sutherd 14 Rods, then Easter to the East corner of my farm whereon I 
now live holding 14 Rods wide to the north east corner of said farm." 
Also ij4 acre of land on the West side of the Road Runing 8 Rod Suthard 

Will Book A., Kingston. 41 

then runing West along the north line to make the ij^ acre" "during his 
own natural life, but at his death or personal removal from said premises 
it is to go to his brothers James and Major" "and after my Wife alters 
her condition either by death or Marriage then all the Rest of my Estate 
is to be Equally devided between my two sons James and Major" "in 
Joint Tennentry, and my son Ma;jor is to be taken good care till he arrives 
at the full age of 21 years and is to have his part of my Estate on the 
East side of the Road, and my beloved wife and my sons James and 
Major is to let my son Henry have one acre of Plow land for planting as 
long as he holds the land above mentioned." 

Wife, James my beloved son and my beloved friend George Merriett 
appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

(July II, 1789, Lewis Donnovan of New- 
Amasa Sprague burgh. Schoolmaster, appeared before the Sur- 
Henery Evens rogate, proving the will, and signatures of the 
Lewis Donnovan other witnesses. Adm. granted to Anna 

Abraham, July 15, 1789.) 

(Original will in box i.) 

Page 123.— ENNIST, PETER, of Marbletown. 

Will dated Jan. 12, 1789. 

"To my brother in law Dirck Bush all my Real Estate after my de- 
cease, and after the Marriage or death of my Widow" "he" "keeping and 
Maintaining me & my Widow during my life & my Widow her life if she 
remains unmarried" "and also paying the sum of. £9.8. unto my sister 
Janetje" "two years after my decease." Said Dirck to pay all debts. 

"All my personal Estate to my loving Wife Elizabeth" "if she should 
happen to die before me, then" "to all my sisters & to the Children of the 
sisters that are deceased." 

Wife and Simon S. Van Wagenen & James Oliver appointed execu- 
tors. Signed by the testator. 

(June 24, 1789, James Oliver, of Marbletown, 
Danel Mowris Physician, and Daniel Mowris, farmer, ap- 
Levi Vandamark peared before the Surrogate, proving the will, 
James Oliver ^^^ signature of the other Witness. — ^Adm. 

granted to the widow, on July 21, 1789.) 

(Original will in box 12.) 

Page 125.— DE MYRE, JEREMIAH, of Kingston, Farmer. 

Will dated Jan. 27, 1789. 
"To my wife Ann and to my three Children Elisabeth, Elsie and 

42 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Ann" "All my Real and personal Estate, Goods, and Chattels, Lands and 
Tenements" to be divided equally. 

Wife, and William Cockburn appointed executors. 

Signed by the testator. 

(July i8, 1789, Philip Whitaker, of Kings- 

Philip Whitaker to"' f^"-"^^"^' a"*! John Cox, of Kingston, 

„ surveyor, appeared before the surrogate, 

John Cox proving the will, and signature of the other 

Will Cockburn witness. — Adm. granted to the widow, July 

22, 1789.) 

(Original will in box n. — Niclaes de Mayer, b. 1683 (s. of Wm., s. of Nicholas de Main 
and Lydia Van Dyck), m., June 13, 171Z, Elsjen SchoonmakeTj and had: i. Henderikus, bt. Oct 6, 
1717; ii. Zamuel and iii. Petrus, twins, bt. Sept. 17, 1721; iv. Jacobus, bt Jan. 14, 1728; Wilhel- 
mils; JEREMIAH (above), m. Annatje Mares (their dau. Annatje, bt July 16, 1788); Benjamin; 
Cathrina, m. Christopher Kierstede). 

Page 127.— OOSTERHOUDT, JOHANNIS, of Legewegh, Yeoman. 

Will dated March 12, 1785, 

"Unto my well beloved Wife Jannetie all my Estate both Real and 
personal" "as long as she shall remain Weddow in my name and no 
longer, provided she shall make no Waste nor destruction thereon, and 
after" her "decease or remarriage" "to my cousin Johannis Mullen, son of 
my brother in law, John Mullen" "only excepted a small lott of land which 
I and my wife Jannetie hath given and devised in another Will by us made 
for that purpose unto Anna Hoornbeck wife of Joel Hoornbeck and after 
her decease to her son Gerardus as by said Will may more fully and at large 

Wife and cousin Johannis Mullen, and "my friend Johanis G. Har- 
denbergh" appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

(August 21, 1789, Jenneke Hardenbergh, of 
Rochester, spinster, appeared before the Sur- 
rogate, proving the will, and signatures of 
jNo. L. Hardenbergh the other witnesses. 

John J. Hardenbergh , , "Johannis Mullen being a Minor, and 

TinvrxTtTTrc. Wir,rMrwB,7DOTT J ohmms G. Hardenbergh, by an instrument 
Jenneke Hardenbergh ^jated Aug. 21st, renouncing all his rights as 

Executor, John Mullen of Rochester, yeo- 
man, was appointed administrator, Sept. 3, 

{Johannes Oosterhoudt, bt June 20, 1708 (s. of Tennis O. and Ariaantje Roosa,.a. v.), m.. 
May 21, 1728, Johanna Hoorenbeck, and had issue: i. Lodwyck, bt Febr. i, 1730; ii. Johannes, bt 
Sept 17, 1732; «"• Marta. bt July 27, 173s; iv. Seletje, bt Sept 27. 174' ; v. Annaatjen, bt Oct 
21, 1744). 

.., , (Original will in box 30— red seal with impression of a head. — Renunciation of Johannis' 
Hardenbergh, witnessed bv Cornelms Tappen and Joseph Gasherie. — Administration Bond of John 
Mullen, Johannis C^. Hardenbergh, and Frederick Westbrook, all in box 30). 

Estate Box 30, Kingston. 


Box 30, Inventors, "praised" by Johannis G. Hardenbergh, Hendrick Roosakrans and John 
Thompson, Oct. i, 1789: 

A Saddle £ 

A Sight 

A Mattick 

A Stubing hoe 

An ax 

An Ax 

A Hoe 

A pitch fork 

A pitch fork 

A King & Clivis 

An Augur 

Pick Hammer 

A Stilyer 

Old Iron ware 

Do Do 

Do. Do 

Do. Do 

A sight 

A Crank 

Two Hammers 

A sheep Share 

A sheep Share 

A Hand saw 

Two sight Picks 

A stove 

A Pistol 

A Carterage Box & Cissors 

A Tare Iron 

A Drawing Knive 

A Paid of Hand Irons 

A Pewter Bottle 

Wool Chards 

A small scale. 

A Plate of Steel 

Two Razers 

A Barber Box ; 

A Fire tong 

A Hogg 

A Ewe 

A Buck 








Roan Colt 

A Roan Colt 

A Bay Colt 

A Roan Mare 

A Bay Horse 

A Large Pot 

A Bay Ox.... 

A Bay Ox 

A Haifer 

A Steer 

A Steer 

A Steer 

A Bool Calf 

A Milch Cow 

A Milch Cow 

Read & Geers 

Read & Geers 

A Gun 

A Bullet Bag & Powder horn 

A 'Broad ax 

A Blanket 

A Double Hetchel 

A Saddle 

A Saddle 

A Powder Horn & Flyers 

A Wharf 


1 . 




































































































































Curtains, Vallens, Head-Cloth, & 

A Women Saddle 

A Chest 

A Bridle 

A Brown Horse 

A Sorrel Mare 

An old Iron Bound Waggon 

The Tacklings 

A Pleasure Slay Tongue & Chain... 

A Tongue and Chain 

Anold Wooden Slay 

An old Iron Bound Slay 

A Parsel of Tobacco 

An old Cradle, Ring, Nib, Sithe, & 

An old Plow Share, & 24 Harrow 

A Persel of Corn standing 

A Persel of Potatoes 

An old Ring & Nib 

A Round Table 

Two Trammels 

A Fire Shovel & Shavendish 

Two Hand Irons. 

A Large Hog 

An old High Pot & a Bally Pot 

A Large Pewter Bason 

9 old Pewter Plates 

2 Tin Oven P^ns & a Bottom of a 


Twelve Pewter Spoons 

A small Pail & a Large (one) 

A Large Wooden Boal & a Small, a 

Butter Ladle 

3 forks and x knive 

2 Tea Pots, 9 Tassors, 6 Cups, a 

Milch Pot, old Canister 

An Arthen Cup, a Scimmer, a Meet 

fork ! 

A Candlestick 

6 old Chairs '. 

A square Table 

A sound Barrel 

2 old Barrels,. 

2 old Churns,' butter cask 

4 Milch Tubs 

A Broad Cloth Coat 

A "Velvet Breeches 

A Diper Jecket 

4 Shirts 

2 Breeches 

2 woollen Check Shirts 

A Broad Cloth Jecket 

5 pair Wool. Stockings 

A Horse Lancet, Jeck Knive 

A chest 

A Bpmese Gun 

A Callico Goun & some Fetches 

An old stuff Goun 

A Callico Short . do 

A streaked Linnen do 

A Tea Kittle 

A Frying Pan 

A Grid Iron 

2 Arthen Juggs 

A small old Cag 

2 Troughs 

A Beef Fat ' 

A Fat Hog 

A Sow 

A Milch Co* 

A Woollen Wheel 

II. 3 
16. X 











I. 5- 





2. 6 
X. 6 









Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

A Spinning do; 8. 

A RuR, 4 pillows. I Blanket lo. 

A Saddle & Bridle 

Old Iron i . 6 

Two Bags 4- 

One Spaid 3 ■ 

A Gun 3- 

3 Calfs 15- 

3 streaked Linnen Short Gouns 6. 

A white short do 4. 

3 Women Waste Coats 3. 

A Black Quilt Fatticoat 10. 

2 Liney Woolse Patticoats j6. 

A Woollen Patticoat 3 • 

2 Woollen Paticoats 6. 

A Women Waistcoat & Pocket 6 

2 Women Shifts 12. 

3 Pair Woollen Stockings 6. 

2 Linnen Check Aprons 7. 

An old Liney Woolcy Patticoat i . 

A Callico Pocket 1.6 

A Pair of Linnen Stockings 1.6 

A Streaked do. Handkerchief.... 2. 

Bad and Bedstead 1 . 5 . 

Part of a Log Chain 8. 

A Bung Chain 3 . 

An Old Chest 4. 

A Looking Glass 4. 

A Small trunk & Jug 1.3 

An Eddz i . 

6 Awls & Pinchers 1.6 

An old Straw Basket 6 

A Smoothen Iron 2 . 6 

A Hone 2 

A Square Table 2 

A Small old Share 5 

2 Iron Widges 8 

A Tommy Hawk 

A Black Broad Cloth Coat 12 

A Valvet Tecket 15 

A Broad Cloth Coat 10 

A Broad Cloth Coat 8 

A Cotton Handkerchief 2 

A White Linnen Handkerchief 9 

A Valvet Cap 6 

A Pair of Black Gloves 6 

A Valvet Handkra-chief 6 

A Taifity Bonnet'. 3- 

A Basket with 12 Caps 12. 

A Long Blew Cloak i . 10. 

A Short Blew Cloak 6'. 

4 Blacks, viz. Rubben, Bat, Sar & 

Seser 120. 

k Waggon Wipp ^• 

After the inventory: 

24 Skipple Wheat 6. 

66 ^' Rye 9-18. 

A Small Ax 0. o. o 

An old Reed 7 hundred 

Old Mill Iron, Spindle, Horns, 

Goudges, An Old Spinning 


2 Sides of Shoe Leather 

2 parts of sides of shoe leather 

5 pigs 17- 6 

I do 1 . 6 

Page 131.— ALSDORF, LAWRENCE, of Shawangunk, Yeoman. 

Will dated Jan. lo, 1788. 

"Unto my Eldest son Simon" "All that Lot of farm of Land, where- 
on he now Lives, containing 180 Acres, by me purchased of Samuel Erwin 
being part of a tract of Land granted by Patent to Peter Barbarie Also 
all that lot of 50 acres by me purchased of Marcus Oostrander, being 
part of a Tract granted by patent to Richard Bradly, Esq., and William 
J even." — "To my grandson Lawrence (eldest son of my son Johannis) 
"All that lot or parcel of land containing no acres lately by me pur- 
chased of Gualtherus Dubois" "on the Northeast side of the land now of 
Johannis Weller within a Tract of land granted to William Huddleston 
with the appurtenances." — "Unto my said son Johannis" "All that my 
farm whereon I now live containing 310 acres of land, by me purchased 
of Gealtherus Dubois and Elizabeth Dubois" "within the said tract grant- 
ed to William Huddleston together with the Buildings." Also all the 
residue and remainder of the Estate. "My son Johannis" "shall well 
and truly pay unto my five daughters" "the following legacies : unto my 
daughter Elisabeth the wife of John Tearpenning" £40, "to my daughter 
Catharine, the wife of Johannis Krans Junr." £40, "to my daughter Mary 
the wife of Samuel Tearpenning" £40, and "unto my daughter Margaret 
the wife of Lawrence Rank" £40. Also "unto my daughter Gertruyd 
the wife of Samuel Erwin" £40, "my said daughter Geertruyd being 
long since removed out of these parts, and I not having heard from her 

Will Book A., Kingston. 45 

for many years past, and being uncertain whether she may ever return I 
do therefore order and direct my said son Johannis" "to pay the said 
sum at such time after my decease when my said daughter Geertruyd or 
her legal Heirs" "shall personally return to this place and demand the 
same" "within seven years". 

Son Johannis,, and "my friend Levy Doyoo" appointed executors. 
Signed by the testator. 

(August 26, 1789, Johannis Bru3m, of 

William Brown Shawangunk, Esquire, and William Brown, 

Joseph Dun farmer, appeared before the Surrogate, 

Johannes Bruyn proving the will, and signature of the other 


CLorens Alsdorf m. Maria Catrina Thomass, and had: i. Elisabeth, bt. Oct. 28, 1733, m. 
John Tearpenning; ii. Simorij bt. June 29, 1735, m., Jan. 24, 1756, Maria Terpenning; iii. Anna 
Maria, bt. Jan. 7, 1738, m., Samnel Terpenning; iv. Geertruy, bt. Jan. 30, 1743, m. Samuel 
Erwin; — Johannes, (whose son, Lawrence, m., Apr. 25, 1777, Rachel Terpenning); Catherine, m. 
Johannes Krans, Jr.; Margaret, m. Lawrence Ronk). 

Page 134.— KAIN, ROBERT, Shawangunk, Yeoman. 

Will dated March 17, 1787. 

"To my three daughters, Mary, Jane & Catharine" each iioo to be 
paid by "my two sons John and Robert (out of that' part of my Real 
Estate hereafter to be devised to them) in manner following viz. to each 
of my said daughters £50" "at or before six months after my son Robert 
shall arrive at the age of 21 years, and the remainder £50 to each of 
them at or before 18 months after my said son Robert shall arrive at the 
age of 21." 

Executors authorized to sell 50 acres "of the Farm on which I now 
live" to pay debts, etc. They to "provide for the bringing up of my said 
children in a decent and Christian manner." Residue to be divided be- 
tween the children. Executors authorized to "Lett out the whole of my 
Farm, not. above disposed of" "until my eldest son John shall arrive 
at the age of 21 years after which" he shall have the disposal of }4 part 
thereof, and the other half, excluding the 50 acres, to be let till my son 
Robert shall, arrive to the age of 21 years. Residue to the two sons. 

"My good friends Johannis Bruyn Esq., James G. Graham Surgeon 
and my brother James Kain Junr.," appointed executors.. Signed by ffie 

Michael Johnston (August 26, 1789, John Lawrence of 
•' Shawangunk, Turner, appeared before 

John Lawrence ^j^^ Surrogate, proving the will, and sig- 

Lackey Murtough nature of the other witnesses.) 

Original will in box 23; led seal with impressicn of a head. 

46 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Page 137.— GRAHAM, ROBERT, of Shawangunk, Yeoman. 

Will dated Sept. 29, 1766. 

"Unto my son John Graham All that certain Lott piece or parcel of 
Land being now in the Occupation of my said son John Beginning upon 
the bounds of the land of Abraham Decker at the Northermost comer of 
Robert Canes land and Runs from thence along the division line between 
my land and the land of the said Robert Cane as it runs South 66 degrees 
East 2)7 chain and 72 links to a Black Oak Tree standing on the East side 
of Ridge marked with a Cross and two Notches on the North side thereof 
being an Old line Tree marked in the line between me and the said Cane 
and Runs from thence crossing my land North 24 degrees East 14 chain 
to the North east bounds of the patent of William Peartree and Company 
thence along said Bounds as it runs North 66 Degrees West 24 chains 
and 40 links to a Lott of land by me conveyed to Isaac Hasbrouck, then 
along the same South 24 degrees West 5 chains and 90 links and North 66 
degrees West 11 chain to the land late of Jacob Decker now of Jacobus 
Vanderline and thence along the same and the land of Abraham Decker 
Southerly 40 degrees West 8 chains and 40 links to the place where it 
began containing about 43 acres." After his decease to "my Grandson 
Robert Graham one of the younger sons of my said son John." If he 
dies without issue before John, then "to my Grandson Andrew one of the 
other of the sons of my said son John." 

Residue to be divided in six parts, "1/6 thereof" "unto my son 
Andrew Graham" "1/6 to my son Roberf, 1/6 to grandson John Graham 
Junr. (son of my son John), 1/6 to my daughter Mary the Wife of 
Robert Cane" "1/6 to my daughter Elisabeth the Wife of James Dayly" 
"1/6 to my Grandchildren, children of my daughter Jane deceased (the 
late wife of Jacobus Bruyn)." 

"To my Wife Antie the use of one Cow and such part of my Bedding 
and household goods as my Executors" "shall judge needfuU for her" 
"also a Maintenance to be allowed her out of my said Estate at the dis- 
cretion of my executors." 

Son Andrew Graham, son in law Jacobus Bruyn appointed executors, 
with power of sale of real and personal Estate. Signed by the testator. 

Jacobus Sammon (Aug. 26, 1789, Peter Decker, of Shawan- 

Charles Lomex gu"k, farmer, appeared before the Surro- 

p_„„„ r)FnrFK ^^^^' Pi'oving the will, and signatures of the 

rETER UECKER ^^^^^ wituesses.) 

Original will in box 15; red seal with impression of a head. 

Page 141.— COOK, CHARLES, of New Windsor. 

Will dated Oct. 19, 1785. 
"To my son David the Lands which I now possess" "also a Yoke 
of Steers or Oxen, together with my sheep." — "To my son William £20." 
— "To my son Robert £40 and the Horse he now calls his Own, together 

Will Book A., Kingston. 47 

with my wearing apparel." — "To my daughters Ruth, Agnes, and Eligor 
beth to each £12, and that my daughters shall be equal sharers in my 
Cows and Household furniture (my Bed beding and furniture Excepted), 
which I give to my daughter EUzabeth." — "To my said son David my Im- 
plements of Husbandry" "to pay the sums above mentioned at the End of 
six years," "provided that good accord Union and agreement subsist be- 
twixt my son David and the other legatees, if otherwise, that my son 
David shall pay the same on demand." If any of the children should die 
without issue, the survivors to divide the share. 

Son David and daughter Agness appointed executors. 

Charles Cook (his mark). 

Thomas Cook (Sept. 28, 1789, Thomas Cook of New 

„ „ Windsor, farmer, appeared before the 

LtEorge Huggan Surrogate, proving the will, and signa- 

JoHN Cunningham tures of the other witnesses). 

Original will in box 7; red seal, with impression of a head. 

Page 142.— DAVENPORT, JOHN, of Kingston, Yeoman. 

Will dated March 19, 1789. 
"Unto my only son Richard all and every part of my Real Estate." 
"As concerning my loving Wife Annatie" "my son Richard shall keep 
take care look after and maintain her at all times 411 all respect during 
her life and to see her decently buried." "If my said wife should con- 
tract a second Marriage," "then" "my said son shall give or deliver unto 
his mother" "her Bed, with all its furniture, also all her Cloths and linens, 
and also one Cow and four Sheep." "My personal Estate" "to my son 
Richard." He to "keep and maintain his youngest sister Annatie untill 
she be of the age of 18 years, and to send her to school untill she may 
have acquired as much learning as her sister, Maria." "Whereas my later 
Father Richard Davenport has Received some years ago one Heiffer of 
three & one Heiffer of two years old in behalf of Marite Post — Benjamin 
Posts daughter, and made promise to return unto the said Maritie Post, 
just such two Heiffer s at such time, when she shall demand them, and 
said Demand not being yet made" "therefore" "my son Richard shall de- 
liver unto the said Maritie Post just such two other Heiffer s as above 
mentioned at the time when said Maritie shall call for them." — "Among 
my stock of Cattle there is one Cow, which my son Richard Owns, the 
same shall be deducted for himself before my Executors take an Account 
of my stock.'.' — "Among my said Stock of Cattle one cow and one Heiffer 
of one year Old, which my daughter Maria Owns" "they shall be delivered 
to her." — "My said son and my Executors" shall deduct the said Cows 
etc. of my said son and daughter. My said son Richard shall deliver unto 
his sister Maria the full 1/3 part of my stock of sheep" also "one Mare 
Colt of one year old" also "1/3 part of all my household furniture" "my 

48 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Wives Bed Cloths & linen Excepted." — "My Negro Man Harry my large 
Gun, my horses or Mares and every kind of farmers Utensils to belongs 
solely to my son." He to pay to his sister Maria £30, (iio after one year, 
£10 after two years, and £10 after three years). 

"When my youngest daughter Annatie shall have arrived to the age 
of 18" "my son shall deliver to her the same number of Horn Chattle 
and the same number of Sheep and one Mare Colt as I have above 
Ordered for my daughter Maria." "My son shall deliver unto his 
youngest sister at the age of 18 years, the same and as many articles of 
household furniture as my daughter Maria shall have received" also "£30 
(£10 when she is 18, £10 when she is 19 and £10 when she is 20 years 

Son Richard and "my beloved friends Peter Backer and Stephen 
Fiero" appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

Peter Laucks (his mark) (Nov. 2, 1789, the two last wit- 
Hermanus Rechtmyre nesses appeared before the Surro- 

LuDwiGH Roesell gate, proving the will). 

Qohn Davenport, bt. Jan. 25, 1741, (s. of Richard Deifenport, b. Kingston, and Johanna 
Legg (m. Sept. 6, 1735), had a sister, Marytjen, bt. Aug. 29, 1736), m. Annatie Smit, b. Kiska- 
torn, Catskill, Green Co., N. Y.) 


Will dated Nov. 15, 1788. 

"Unto my loving Wife Charlotte Fowler the Negro wench called 
Sally" also "a Tenement and Farm formerly belonging to Anning Smith, 
now in possession Hugh Deo" "during her natural life" "after her de- 
cease" "to my six daughters" Mary Merritt Wife of George Merritt, Elisa- 
beth Clerk, wife of Samuel Clerk, Charlotte Gidney, wife of Daniel Gidney, 
Martha Tooker, Wife of Reuben Tooker, Abigail Flewwelling wife of 
Abel Flewwelling and Gloriana Fowler wife of John Fowler." — "To my 
son Samuel Fowler" £5. — "To the son of my Nephew James Fowler" £30. 
— "To the daughter of the said James" £16. — Residue of my Lands and 
Tenements" "unto my said Wife Charlotte and my said Daughters Mary, 
Elizabeth, Charlotte, Martha, Abigail & Gloriana. Residue of the ^r- 
sonal estate to wife and said daughters. 

Sons in law, Daniel Gidney and Reuben Tooker appointed executors, 
with wife Charlotte. Signed by the testator. ' 

/ Samuel Purdy (Oct. 22, 1789, Samuel Purdy of New- 

Samuel Fowler Tunr. ^^^Sh farmer, appeared before the Sur- 

/ Hpnry Purdy ^°r^^^^' P™^!"^ *e will, and signatures 

y henry ruRDY Qf ^j^g ^^^gj. witnesses.) 

(Original will in box 14. — Samuel F., Isaac Fowler, and Henry Smith, Sr., all of New- 
burgh, on Febr. 14, 1767, petitioned for a grant of all land above 5,600 acres without the 
bounds of a certain tract of land granted to Francis Harrison et al. (N. Y. Land Papers, xxiii, 
p. 35; xxiv, p. 28. 104). 

Will Book A., Kingston. 49 

Page 149.— SLEY, SAMUEL, of New Windsor, Weaver. 

Will dated Aug. 28, 1786. 

"To my son John Sley 120 acres and a half, on the South East end 
of the Farm I now live on, as it is now devided of?" "he paying £30 (£10 
to my son Samuel Sley and £20 to my Daughter Catharine in three years 
after my death)." — "To my son Samuel Sley" £10. — "To my son Wil- 
liam Sley all the remainder of the Farm I now live on, togather with all 
the improvement there on it being the Northwesterly End of my said 
Farm," "he paying to his sister Catharine my youngest Dawtor" £30 "in 
three years after my death." — "To my Dawtor Elizabeth Croos^' Eight 
shilling." — "To my dawtor Mary Croos" Eight shillings. — "To my Daw- 
tor Catharine Sley" £$0 "together with two puter dishes and six plates, 
two blankets and all her own bedding now in her possession." "If my 
son William Sley should Dey without lawfuU Isshew that my son Samuel 
Sley shall inherit" his "part of my farm" and to pay to his sisters, Elisa- 
beth, Mary and Catharine "£io each." — "To my son William Sley all my 
stock and movable Estate." 

"My two sons John and William Sley" appointed executors. 

Samuel Slv. 

John Finley (Nov. 18, 1789, John Finley of New Windsor, 

David McNeely Farmer, appeared before the Surrogate, prov- 

^ ing the will, and signature of David McNeelv 

John I'inley ^^^j j^f^^ p^^i^y f^g Elder.) 

Original will in box 35. 

Page 151.— DEQRAFF, JOHANNIS, of Cline Esopus. 

Will dated Febr , 1787. 

"Unto my son John Degraff one Cow as for his birth Right, in lieu 
and sted of any thing he might claim as being my heir at law," also to him 
"and to my son Henderick Degraff" "all my wearing apparell both linen 
and woollen." To Hendrick "the two Bonds I have standing out both 
principel and Interest the one at £43.1 1. against Johannis Bergh and the 
other Bond of £65 against Evert Bogardus both principel and Interest." 
To Henderick also "All that certain Lott piece or parcel of Land" "at 
Cline Esopus" "in Kingston" "part of a certain Tract of land, formerly 
belonging to Thomas Jones Esquire and Susannah Delancy, also part of 
Lott No. 2, in the second division of the said tract containing 129 and 
8/10 acres" "adjoining to the lot of Emright Schriver, and the lot of 
John Degraff and the Expense Lot, being the Land I bought of Daniel 
Graham for which my said son Henderick" "shall pay to my Executors" 
"unto my son John the sum of £19.2.10" "for which my said son Hen- 
drick" "shall pay to my Executors" "unto my Stephson Jacob Ackert the 
sum of £19.2.10" "for which my said son Hendrick" "shall pay to my 

so Ulster Co.j N. Y., Probate Records. 

Executors" "unto Mary the Wife of David Acktmoedey the sum of 
£19.2.10" "for which my said son Hendrick "shall pay to my Executors" 
"unto Margaret the wife of Bartus Schriver the sum of £19.2.10" "for 
which my said son Hendrick" "shall pay to my Executors" "Unto Cath- 
erine the Wedow of Henry Rikert the sum of £19.2.10" "for which my said 
son Henderick" "shall pay to my Executors" "Unto Anatje the wife of 
Lowrance Inees, the sum of" 

"Unto my son Henderick my plow and Harrow and tacklen belong- 
ing to it. All residue of personal estate to be divided equally among the 
seven children. — "To my dear and well beloved Wife Mary the use and 
income of one Cow and two Sheep, and Bedsted and Bedding and Enter- 
tainment upon the farm as long as shee shall continue my Widow." 

"My well loving son John Degraff and my well loving son Henderick 
Degraff, and Theophilus Elsworth" appointed executors. 

JoHANNis Degraff (his mark). 

Jeremiah Parsel (Nov. 5, 1789, Jeremiah Parsel and 

Stephen Row William Elsworth Junr. of Kings- 

,,, T- T ton, farmers, appeared before the 

William Elsworth Junior Surrogate, proving the will) . 

Original will in box g. , 

iHarmen de Graff e {De Grau^f of New York, res. Kingston, m. Siyntie Jans {van Steen- 
berge) of Amerfoort, Utrecht, Holland, had: Gysberf, bt. Jan. 27, 1684, and JAN DE GRAAF, 
who m. Marytjen Peckok, and had: i. Elisabeth, bt. Oct. 31, 1708; ii. Hester, bt. Nov. 12, 1710; 
iii. Moses, bt. Febr. 8, 1713; iv. Zara, bt. May 6, 1716; v. JOHANNES (.Jan) DE GRAAF 
ide Graav), bt. Aug. 14. 1720. who m., i. Aug. 9, 1735, Magdalena (Lena) Peesher, b. Germany, 
m. 2., July 12, 1761, Mareitje Wnst, widow of Pieter Ekkart. Had issue: a. Jan, bt. Dec. 7, 
•735.' m- Apr. 4, 1761, Annaatje Schmidt; b. Maria, bt. Apr. 2, 1738, m. Jan. z8, 1764, David 
Achtmodie, of Dutchess Co.; c. Henricus, bt. Febr. 8, 1741, m. 1769, Urselije Eckhart, b. 
Dutchess Co. (they had issue: — Jacobus, b. betw. Sept. 21-Oct. 2, 1773, m. Nov. 24, 1799, Maria 
Langhaer ;-r-Maria. bt. Apr. 5, 1776, m. Jan. 25, 1795, Jan Van Aken; — Johannes, bt. Apr. 5, 
1778; — Josia, bt. June 9. 1782); d. Catharine, bt. Aug. 21, 1743, m., Jan. 19, 1770, Henderikus 
Rykert, b. N. Y.; e. Margriet, bt. May 11, 1746, m. Jan. 27, 1770, Albartus Schryver, b. 
Dutchess Co.; f. Annaatjen, bt Jan. 18, 1748, m. Oct 30, I773. Lauwrence Nies, b. Shawan- 
gunk; Jan De Graafs children were born in Albany, and bt. in Kingston). 

Page 155.— VAN WEQEN, HENDRICK, of Shawangunk. 

Will dated July 15, 1768. 

"Unto my son Hendrick" "all that my farm whereon I now dwell" 
"in Shawangunk with all the land thereunto belonging upon Condition" 
that he "shall pay unto heirs of my two daughters Catherine and Elisa- 
beth £300 "after my Wifes decease." To Henry also "one negro man 
Caled Sam and also all my farming Utenchels." "Unto my two daugh- 
ters all my household Goods and furniture." "As also four of my Seaths 
in the dutch Church." — "Unto my beloved Wife Catharina for and during 
her natural life" "or as long as she remains my Wedue the full use and 
benefit of the half of my farm, that is to say of Buildings, orcherds Mead- 
ows plowland Wood land, and Carding and give her allso the full use 
and benefit of all my moveables" also "two Seaths in the Church." 

Will Book A., Kingston. 51 

Wife "my brother in law Cornelius Schoonmaker, Jacobus Bruyn, 
my son Hendrick" appointed executors. 

Hendrick Van Weyen 

(Febr. 8, 1790, Henricus 
Henricus Goetschius Goetschius of Shawangunk, 

Cornelius Schoonmaker Yeoman, appeared before the 

Aryaentje Schoonmaker (her mark) and'^gnatu^esTf^ the^ oThe; 


(Original will in box 43. — I. Henderic Hendpicz Van Wayen, from Over-Ysel, Holland, m., 
after Apr. 19, 1684, Annatie Hoogland Dwcx (GerriUz) of Bedford, L. I., and had: i. HBNDRIX, 
bt. Dec. 7, 1684; li. Annatie, bt. Sept. 5, i686, m. 1705, Jacob Freer. II. Hendrix, m. Heyltjen 
Dekkers, who m. 2., 1721, David Damdsz. Issue: i. Hendrick, bt. March 18, 1711; ii. Madelena, 
bt. July 4, 1714; iii. Antjen, bt. Febr. 10, 1717, m., July 10, 1736, Hendrik Van der Merken; 
iv. Maria, bt. June 26, 1720. 

III. HENDRIK (van Weye,_ van Weijen} (above), m. Catharina Schoonmaker, and had 
issue: i. Maria, bt. May 18, 1743, in Shawangunk; ii. Hendrik, bt. Jan. 27, 1745; iii. Elisabeth, 
bt. Dec. 25, 1746, m. Jacob Terwilliger; iv. Cornelis, bt. Jan. 8, 1748; and Catharine, m. John 

Page 157.— BURHANS, JOHANNIS B., of Kingston. 

Will dated March i8, 1758. 

"My dearly and beloved wife Sarah Burhans shall have possession of 
my whole Estate both Real and personal so long as she remains my 
Widow and no longer, and in case she should remain my Widow, so long 
till all my Children" "should become to age, than my said wife shall let 
them all share my Estate" "and when my children shall come to have 
shared my Estate, then" they "shall maintain my said wife as long as she 
remains my Widow." — "My son Petrus Burhans shall have for his birth 
right as being my Oldest son the sum of £5" "as also 1/3 part of my whole 
Estate both Real and Personal." — "My son Hendrick .shall have the 1/3 
part of my whole Estate." — "My son Johannis Burhans shall have the 
1/3 part of my whole Estate." To the three sons named, "my whole 
Estate moveables and unmoveables" they to "pay to my Daughters Chatar- 
ine Louwersen, Margriet Wolf en, wife to Hendrick Wolven, Hyltie Bur- 
hans, Helena Burhans, Maritie Burhan/' £200, each 1/5. 

"My beloved friends Saffryn Bruyn, Johannis Thomas and Johannis 
J. Burhans" appointed executors. 

Johannis Bor Borhans. 

Myndert Mynderse (f^b--- ^5; 1790, Egbert Schoonmaker, 

Eegbert Schoonmaker f SagerHes in Kingston, appeared be- 

fore the Surrogate, proving the will, 
Matth^us H. Dubois ^^^ signatures of the other witnesses.) 

(Original will in box 3. — III. Bareni Burhans, bt. Apr. 24, 1681, (s. of Jan, son of Jacob 
B., see Abraham Burhans'), m. Margriet Legg, and had: i. Magdalena, bt. Albany, Jan. 8, 1706, 
A. y.; ii. Magdalena, bt. Kingston, Apr. 6, 1707, m. March 21, 1736, Philippus Vielen, Jr.; iii. 
Maria, bt. Febr. 18, 1709, m. Dec. 7, 1733. Willem Legg; iv. JOHANNES, bt. Aug. 26, 17:1; 
V Catryn bt. Aug. 10, 1714, m. March 10, 1738, Samuel Whitakcr; vi. Jacob, bt. July 22, 1716, 
A. y.; vii. Elisabeth, bt. Aug. 24, 1718, m. i., Oct. 5, 1739, Petrus Osterhout, m. 2., Aug. 20, 
1748, Johannes Van Wagenen; viii. Wilhelmus, m. i., Jan. 3, 17461 Marretjen Brink, dau. 

52 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Hendrick B. and Grietjen Ooslerhout, m. 2., Febr. 2, 1753, HMitje Schoonmaker, dau. of' Tjerck 
S. & Theodosia Whitaker. She m. z., Sept. 10, 1780, Christian Fiero; ix, Jacobs bt. May 16, 
1725, m.. May 30, 1763, Elisabeth Whitaker, dau. JVm. W. & Catharine Ploeg; x. David, bt Oct. 
'S» 1727* d. unm., June 7, 1761. 

IV. JOHANNES (above), m. Dec 12, 1735, Sarah Oosterhoudt (bt. March 3, 1717, dau. 
Pieter Jans O. & Heyltje Sckut. She m. 2., July 7, .1760, PouJu^ Pecfe, of Saugerties). Issue: 
i. Catrina, bt. Dec i, J737, m. i., July 6, 1753, Peirus Laurensen van Warmer, m. 2., Oct. 25, 
1761, Johannis Lansinghj ii. Margrietjen, bt. Dec. 19, 1740, m., Oct. 3, 1757, Henricus Wolvin, 
s. of Johannes WuKn & /4nna Margretta Spaan; iii. Petrus, b. May 22, 1742, m. at Poughkepsie, 
Jan. 16, 1766, Annatje Sypher, d. at FishkUl, N. Y., March, 1811; iv. Heyltje, bt. June 23, I74S> 
m. at P., Jan. 25, 1771, Blias De Lange; v. Helena, b. Sept. 1747, m., Nov. 23, 1766, at P., 
Johannes Peele; vi. Henricus, b., Jan. 29, 1751; vii. Maritje, b. Dec 23, 1753, m. Daniel De 
Long; viii. Johannis, b. Dec 25, 1756). .^ 

Page 160.— DECKER, JONATHAN, of Montgomery. 

Will dated June 23, 1789. 

"To my beloved Wife Mary the sole Management & direction of my 
Farm and Family so long as she shall remain my Widow." — "To my son 
Jonathan a certain Bond which I have against Isaac Hasbrouck late of 
Kiserick deceased Conditioned for the payment of £79.10 with interest 
also Two Horses One Waggon, one Plow & Tackle, one Harrow, one 
Slay and Tackle also all my wearing apparel." — "To the children which 
my said wife Mary has bom by me" "the Goods and Furniture which" 
she "brought with her when she married me." — Residue to all the Daugh- 
ters," except the sum of 10 shillings "which I bequeath to my son Eleaser 
which with what he has already had amounts to his full share of my 
Estate, Excepting Also the Tenement on which I live as also about two 
acres of Land adjoining said Tenement, which land and Tenement I give" 
"to my said son Jonaliian" "excepting also out of the legacies to all my 
daughters One Milk Cow, which" "I give" "to my beloved Wife Mary, 
providing nevertheless that no division of the property bequeathed to my 
daughters shall take place before my youngest surviving daughter shall 
arrive at the age of 18 years." 

Wife "and my Trusty Friends David Hunter and Cornelius Brink" 
appointed executors. 

Jonathan Decker (his mark) 

David Hunter (Febr. 16, 1790, David Hunter of Mont- 

MosES Miller gomery. Yeoman, appeared before the Sur- 

TATv^rE^c: a roATTAvr ^ogate, proving the will, and signatures of 

James G. Graham ^^e other witnesses.) ' 

Original will in box ii; red seal with impression of a coin. 

Page 162.— HASBROUCK, WYNTJE, of the New Paltz, Widow and 
Relict of Daniel Hasbrouclc, deceased. 

Will dated June 23, 1781. 

"Unto my Daughter Elsie the wife of Petrtts Smedes Junr. all and 
singular my Cloathes and wearing apparel and things thereunto belong- 
ing." To said son in law "such sums of money which are now due to me 

Will Book A., Kingston. S3 

or which hereafter shall or may become due to me for Interest on two 
certain Bonds or obligations to me under his Hand and Seal, and of and 
from the pajonent of all which said Interest I do Release and discharge 
the said Petrus Smedes Junr.". — "Unto my son Josaphat Hasbrouck" 
all such sums "of money which now are due to me or which hereafter 
shall or may become due to me for Interest on one certain Bond or obli- 
gation to me under his hand and seal" from the payment of all which 
said Interest I do Release" him. — Residue to all the seven children," 
namely, Jonas Hasbrouck, Josaphat Hasbrouck, David Hasbrouck, Jesias 
Hasbrouck, Benjamin Hasbrouck, Junr., Zacharias Hasbrouck, and my 
said daughter Elsie." 

Sons David, Jesias and Zacharias appointed executors. 

Wyntje Hasbrouck (her mark) 

(Febr. i6, 1790, Philip Doiau of New 
Philip Doiau Paltz, yeoman, appeared before the Sur- 

Catharinea Drake rogate, proving the will, and signatures of 
Joseph Coddington the other witnesses. Adm. granted to 

Zacharias Hasbrouck, February 19, 1790.) 

Original will in box 17; red seal with impression of a heraldic device: a wygorn probably. 
See will of Daniel Hasbrouck. 

Page 165.— HOOF, MICHAEL, in Shandakan. 

Will dated May i8, 1789. 

"Unto Mary Hoof my Beloved Wife my wearing Apparel after my 
decease hur I give and bequeath unto my well beloved wife whom I 
likewise Constitute Make and Ordain ^30 My beloved sons and Daughters 
I make and Ordain only and Sole Executors I give all my Astate house- 
hold Goods and Moveables Horses and Cattel Moneys which are due to 
me after my decease — of this my last Will and Testament all and Equal 
to them their heirs and Assigns forever." 

Michael Hoof (his mark) 

(Jan. 30, 1790, the first two witnesses, 

both of Shandakan, farmers, appeared 
John ClearWater before the Surrogate, proving the 

John Longyear (his mark) will, but that they had not seen Wil- 

WiLLiAM Longyear (his mark) Ham Longyear subscribe as a witness. 

Adm. granted to William Hoof, Feb. 

24, 1790.) 

(Michael HoW, m. Maria Philippi (Philippina Rudersdorf), and had: i. Catharina, bt. 
Nov. 19, i77S; ii. Johannes, bt. Febr. 15, 1777; iii. Rachel, bt. Febr. 7, 1790 (dau. of Michael 
Hoff and Maria Frans). 

54 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Page 167.— SCHOONMAKER, JOCHEM, of Rochester. 

Will dated July 14, 1789. 

"Unto my Eldest son Martinus" 5 shillings "in consideration of his 
being my first Born and no more" also "all that the undevided one moiety 
or equal half part of those three sundry Lots' of land" "Number 16, 21, 23, 
parts "of a certain Tract of land granted to Phillipus Dubois, late of 
Rochester deceased by the Trustees of" "Rochester by their certain Deed 
in writing under their hands and the Common Seal of the said Township" 
"June I, 1730" "which said land" "were Released to me by Esther Bevier 
Daughter of the said Phillipus Dubois and relict of Louis Bevier, late of 
Marbletown deceased and by Philippus Hoornbeck, Cornelius Hoornbeck 
Junr., Isaac Hoornbeck, Jacob Hoornbeck Junr., and Lodowick Hoorn- 
beck" all of Rochester "Benjamin Depuy of Memecotting, and Elias 
Depuy and John Depuy of Rochester, as their Deed of Partition" "Dec. 
7, 1772." 

"Unto my son Daniel" "All that the undevided one moiety or equal 
half of that certain Lot of land" "number 3, being also part of the Tract of 
land granted to Phillipus Dubois." — "Unto my three Daughters : Catharine 
the wife of Jochem Schoonmaker Junr., Antje the wife of Ephraim Depuy 
and Elisabeth the wife of Frederick Schoonmaker "all of the lots numbers 
12, and 14, also part of the land granted to the said Philippus Dubois." — 
"Unto my Daughter Wyntje the wife of Thomas Schoonmaker "5 shil- 
lings" "on demand and no more." — "Unto my daughter Lena the wife of 
John Wansa" 5 shillings "on demand and no more." — Residue, both real 
and personal, "unto two of my sons and one of my Grandsons : John Jaco- 
bus and Henry, the son of my said son Daniel." 

Sons John and Jacobus, grandson Henry and "my trusty friend 
Jacob Coddington" appointed executors. 

Signed by the testator. 

_ _ (March i, 1790, Lodewyck and Jochem 

JocHEM D. Schoonmaker d. Schoonmaker of Rochester, farmers, 
Lodewyck Schoonmaker appeared before the Surrogate, proving 
Daniel L. Schoonmaker the will, and signature of the other wit- 


Page 172.— VAN WAGENEN, JOHANNIS, "tot myn huys op Wa- 

Will dated May 10, 1788, and written in Dutch. 
"Aen myn beminde huysvrouw Eliesabeth Freer" £15 yearly, "soo 
langh als sy" "is of durende haer leef tydt. En dat sal betaelt Worde van 
myn twee Zoons, Benjamin En Johannis." — Aen myn twee Zoone Ben- 
yamen En Johannis al myn Vaste Staedt in Wagendal" "alsoo ook myn 
Visserye En myn Plaets in de kerck," "all myn Vaste staet in Ulster 
County En ook myn Recht in de Kill," — "Aen myn Zoon Benyamen" 16 

Will Book A., Kingston. 55 

shillings "voor syn Eerste gebore Zoons Recht." — "Aen myn Zoon Ben- 
yamen En myn soon Johannis de beste Wagen twee beste Slees, twee 
beste perde of merre so als sy het kiese Een ploeg Een Ech twe weefge- 
touwe met al de Camme En Riede En al wat belangt aen de twee Weefge- 
trouwe, Een myn Rekenboeck, twee Roers." "Benjamen is de Keur 
van de twee Roers to hebbe." — "A^n Benyamens Zoon Johannis de degen 
van myn zoon Aert met Silver Gevest." — "Aen myn Zoon Johannis myn 
sulver tuymelaer tafel En Groote Bottel." — "Aen myn Negen kinders om 
Eengael te deele al myn Loose staet" "dat is Benyamen, Johannis, Maria, 
Rachel, Catharina, Annatie, Eliesabeth, Rebecca En Sara." — "Aen myn 
Vrouw aen myn dochter Rebecca geen 30 pont Ganse Veere." — "Benya- 
men En Johannis myn soons sulle hondert pondt Geeve aen haer seven 
Susters." — "Benyamen En Johannis sulle myn kleere hebbe." — "Myn 
dochters sulle myn Vrouws kleere hebbe." 

Sons Benjamin and Johannis "En schoon soon (son-in-law) Jo- 
hanni Van Wagenen" appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

(March 16, 1790, Jacob Van Wagenen, 
Abraham Van Wagenen Junr., of Hurley, yeoman, and Abra- 

Jacob Van Wagenen Junyer ^^ K™*?' ^^"^^ g^^ce. Cooper, ap- 
. „ peared before the Surrogate, proving 

ABRAHAM Krom ^^p will, and signature of the other 


(To my said wife, E. F., £15 yearly, as long as she lives, to be paid to her by my two 
sons, B. and J. — To said sons all my real estate in W., as well as my fishery and my seat in 
the church, all my real estate in Ulster County, and my interest in the Kill. — To my son B. 
i6sh., his right of primogeniture. — ^To my son B. and my son J. the best wagon, the two best 
sleighs, the two best horses or mares, their choice, one plow, two looms with all combs and reels, 
ana all what thereto belongs, and my account book, as well as two guns. B. is to have the choice 
of the two guns. B*s son, J., shall have my son A's sword with the silver hilt. — My son J. shall 
have my silver tumbler, table and great bottle. My nine children to divide equally my personal 
estate, that is B., J., M., R., C, A., E., R., and S. — To my wife and my daughter R. 30 pounds 
geese-feathers (ganse veere). B. and J., my sons, shall give 100 pounds to their seven sisters. — 
B. and J. are to have my clothing, and my daughters are to have my wife's clothing. 

{Johannes Van Wagenen, bt. Nov. 21, 1714 (s. of Aart Van Wagenen and Marytje Louw, 
see Jacob Aartsen), m., Dec. 16, 1737, Elisabeth Freer (bt. Apr. 12, 1718, dau. of Hugo F. and 
Maria Le Roy). He died ^an. 10, 1790. Issue: i. Maria, b. Wagendal, bt. March 23, 1739, m., 
Dec. 31, 1756, Jan Terwilliger; ii. Rachel, b. W., bt. May 13, 1741, m. i., Dec. 24, 1763, Jan, 
5. of Solomon JJashrouck and Sarah Van Wagenen, m, 2., at New Palte, Febr. 17, 1770, Petms 
Johannes Schoonmaker; iii. Cotherina, b. Hurley, bt. Aug. 21, 1743, m., Nov. 2, 1765, Abraham 
Een (bt. July 12, 1741, s. of Jan E. and Geesjen Roosa); iv. Annatje, bt. Oct. 27, 1745; v. Aart, 
bt. May 19, 1748; vi. Elisabeth, bt. Oct. 14, 1754, m._ Sept. 15, 1770, Pamlus Freer, (bt. Dec. 28, 
1746, s. of Hugo Hugusse F. and Hester Deyo); vii. Rebecca, bt. Dec. 25, 1752, m., Sept. xz, 
1773, Johannes Van Wagenen; viii. Beniamin, bt. Sept. 21, 1^55, m. March 14, 1779, Jacomeintje 
Heermanse (bt. Sept. 2, 1759. dau. of Jacob H. and Marretje Wittaker). He d. May 18, 1810; 
ix. Sara, ht. Oct. 9, 1759, m. May 3, 1777, Jeremias Freer (bt. Nov. 7, 1756, s. of Hugo F. and 
Hester Deyo); x. Johannes, bt. May 7, 1762, m., Nov. 27, iy%gjannetje Krom, dau of Abraham 
K. and Maria Van Wagenen"). 

Page 175.— RICHARDS, PHILIP, of New Marlborough, Pensioner. 

Will dated Sept. 2, 1788. 
"Unto my beloved Wife, Sarah Richards, all the Pension due to me 
from the People of the State of New York that may be due to me at the 
time of my decease, there being only iio due on my two last Years Pen- 
sion, and as much more as may become and Grow Due from the first of 
Jtine last till the time of my decease" "Benjamin Ely of New Marlborough 


Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

to Collect and Receive" this pension "of the Treasurer of this state, and 
turn it over to the wife, after deducting expenses." — "To my beloved 
Wife Sarah Richards all my other Estate." 

"My trusty friends David Merrit and David McMinn" appointed ex- 

Philip Richards (his mark) 
Saarah Richards (her mark) 

Benjamin Ely 
John Dennis 
Jacob Turner 

(April I, 1790, Benjamin Ely, physician, ap- 
peared before the Surrog&te, proving the will, 
and signature of the other witnesses. Adm. 
granted to David Merritt, April 2, 1790.) 

Evert C. Wynkoope 
John McNeal 
William Cool 

Page 178.— HESS, NICCOLAS, of Shawangunk, Wheelwright. 

Will dated March 13, 1789. 
"I desire that my Chattle and my Cloathing shall be sold on a Poublic 
Vendue" "and likewise all rriy Wheelright Tools" to pay debts. — "My 
loving Wife to be my full heir of all my Estate whatsoever." 

Sarah Decker, my said Wife, Executrix and William Cool Executor. 
Signed by the testator. 

(April ID, 1790, Evert C. Wynkoop, yeo- 
man, appeared before the Surrogate, 
proving the will, and signatures of the 
other witnesses. Adm: granted to Sarah 
Hoornbeck, the wife of Joel Hoornbeck 
of Rochester, the Executrix, April 12, 

Original will in box 17. 

Page 180.— NOTTINGHAM, GARTON, of Marbletown. 

Will dated Dec. 8, 1789. 

"My Widow shall be Master of the Remainder of all my Real and 
personal Estate" after payment of debts "while she remains my widow." 
"After the death or Marriage of my Widow" "all the Remainder of my 
Real and personal Estate shall be Equally Divided among my Children." 

"My Worthy Friend's Cornelius E. Wynkoop, and Adam Hoifman 
and my loving Wife to be my Executors." 

Signed by the testator. (Name of wife or children not given). 

(March 11, 1790, William Nottingham of 
Marbletown, Labourer, appeared before the 
Surrogate, proving the will, and signatures 
of the other witnesses. Adm. granted to 
Margaret Nottingham, Adam Hoffman and 
Cornelius E. Wynkoop, Executors, April 
14, 1790.) 

Edw. Lounsbery 
W. Nottingham 
Jas. Oliver 

(Original will in box zg. — G. N., bt. June i, 1718, s. of Wm. N. and Margaret Rutse). 

Will Book A., Kingston. 57 

Page 182.— WELLER, HELMUS, of Hanover, blacksmith. 

Will dated March 20, 1777. 

"As for my Burial I desire it may be decent without pomp or State 
at the discretion of my Dear Wife." — "My Dear Wife the full power and 
management of my Estate personal! and Real whel she continues my 
widow, but she is not to sell nor omerzel any thing to hurt my children, 
but if she should Choous to alter her Condition then I leve and bequeath 
her Bed and Bedding and Clothing and £50 Good money." — "My oldes 
son Henry my fast Estate wholey whereon I now live and I desire that he 
shall pay" "iioo" "to the rest of my Children when they are of age." 
Executor to sell the moveable estate, and divide among the children, 
"when they- are of age, and they are to be brough up on the farm, and 
have schooling and Cloating till the Heir is of age, and if God should call 
any of them by Death" "survivors to divide the share of deceased. If 
. Henry should die, then the "fast Estate of land to fall my son William" 
"the iioo is to only be divided amonge my three sons William, Absalum 
and Hiram." 

Thomas Bull, and "my Dear Wife Executors." 

WiLMUS Weller. 

(June 24, 1789, David Gallatin, of Mont- 
gomery, Physician, appeared before the 
David Galatian Surrogate, proving the will of Wilhelmus 

William Comfort Weller, and the signatures of the other wit- 
WiLLiAM Steuart "esscs. — Adm. granted to Eleanor Weller, 
a widow of the said Wilhelmus Weller, de- 
ceased. Executrix, May 26, 1790.) 

Page 185.— BURNET, ROBERT. 

Will dated April 7, 1790. 

"I allow my family to live together on the farm now in my posses- 
sion untill such time as my youngest son Samuel arrives at the age of 2i 
years at which time I allow a division to take place as follows viz I then 
give "to my two Eldest sons Henry & William" "all that Farm" "whereon I 
now live" "paying to my two youngest sons Abner & Samuel" "£150 each. 
— "To my Daughter lean" "half of all my household furniture" "the other 
remaining half" "to my beloved Wife Ann" "also to have the benifit of 
the 1/3 part of my Real Estate while she remains my Widow — and also 
in case my Wife should be pregnant at the time of my decease, and the 
same should be a boy, I order my sons Henry & William to pay the child" 
"£50" "when the said Child shall arrive at the age of 21 years." 


Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Calvan Stewart and Robert R. Burnet, both of New Windsor, ap- 
pointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

John Dill 

Matthew Dill 

Elizabeth Henry (her mark) 

(June 8, 1790, Matthew David, of New 
Windsor, cordwainer, appeared before 
the Surrogate, proving the will, and 
signatures of the other witnesses.) 

Box 3. Inventory', taken May 10, 1790, by James Kernaghan and 
James Burnet: 

Two Yoke of Oxen Valued at £14 

pr Yoke £28. 

One Brown Mare 12. 

One Bay Ditto 12. 

25 Sheep & Swine Lambs 12. 

One Red Cow with spotted back. ... 4. 

One Red Cow 4. 

One Red Cow with white belly 4. 

One white faced Hieifer 4. 

One white Hieffer 4, 

Five Year old Calves 7. 

One Brindle Cow 4. 

One Spotted ditto 4. 

Five Young Calves 2. 

One Brown Mare 2. 

2 — Two Year old Colts 12. 

3 — ^Two year old Hieffers & One 

Steer 10. 

Ten Hogb 5. 

ISO Apple Trees in Nursery 2. 

One Iron shod Sleight & box i . 

One Ox Cart 7 , 

Three Old plow Shears, i Coutter, 

& band for plow 

Two Ox Yokes & One Iron Chain 

for horses 

Two Leather Collars & Lines 

One Old Wood Sleight & Chain 

One Clevier & two ox Chains 

One Wind Mill ^. 

One Iron pitch fork 

One Dung ditto 

One Mattic — One spade & two hoes. 

Two Hieves with Bees i. 

One Grind Stone 

Two Neck Yokes 

Four English Collars & Six trace 


One Sickle 

Six Iron Wedges & two beetle Rings 
Three Scyths — One Cradle & two 

sets Hangings 

Two I. Sleights Rods 

One Half bushel & peck Measure. . . 
One handsaw, three Augers, i Gouge 

& 2 Iron dogs 

Two Blind Bridles 

One small box con'g Old Irons 

22 Geese 1 . 

One Slab Ox Sleight 

One Newplow with Irons i. 

Three Axes 

Six Hoggsheads & two half Hog 


Loom & Tackling 3 . 

One Iron hooped Kegg 

One Man Saddle 

One Long Gun. ..'. i . 

One Negro Man 40. 

One Negro Woman 60, 










25 bushels sown of Wheat & 4 
ditto of Rye - 27. 

Spun Yarn to the amount of 140 
Yds Cloth 7- 

One Bag Feathers containing 9 lbs.. 18. 

£297. 6. 6 

Old Continental money 10. 6 

Bankers Notes principal 13. 9. 3 

Ditto. .Interest 2.15. 1 

One Note of Hand against the es- 
tate of . . . Caane 2. 

£315. 7. 2 
Household Furniture. 

One Desk Valued at £3.10. 

One Round Dining Table 12. 

One Round Tea ditto 12. 

One Looking Glass i . 4. 

Seven Red common Chairs 1.15. 

Six Fiddle back ditto 3. 

One Red Arm Chair 10. 

One Pair Andirons 10. 

One Pair Tongs & Fire Shovel 6. 

Two Iron Tramels 16. 

Two Iron Kittles 12 . 

Two Do. Potts 16. 

One Baking pann 12. 

One Iron Tea Kittle 4. 

One Frying pann 3. 

One large Iron Kittle 1 . 4. 

One Dresser 16. 

Five Pewter Dishes 16. 

Twelve Pewter plates 18. 

Four pewter plates & Three ditto 

Basons 3 . 

One Tin lamp & two Candle sticks. . i. 

Three Cedar pails & One Piggen.... 6. 

Three Spinning Wheels i. 7. 

One Cutt Reel 4. 

One Square Kitchen Table 4. 

One Old Cupboard 10. 

Two large Chests 10. 

No. I. 

One Feather bed — under bed — 

boulster & pillows 4. 

Black & blue coverlid — One 
striped Sheet — One Blanket & 

One linnen Sheet 3.10. 

One bed-stead & Cord 6. 

No. 2. 

One Feather bed — ^Underbed — 

boulster & pillows 4.10. 

One black & white striped cover- 
lid — One blanket & One Sheet.. 3. 

One bedstead & Cord 12, 

Will Book A., Kingston. 


No. 3. 

One Feather bed — Underbed — 

boulster & Pillows 4.10. 

One black & blue coverlid — One 

Blanket & Linnen Sheet 3. 8. 

One Bedstead & Cord 12. 

No. 4. 

One Feather bed — Underbed — 

& boulster 3 . 

Two stiped blankets — i White 

ditto & I Linnen Sheet z. 

Bedstead & Cord 3. 

No. , 5. 

One Feather bed & boulster 3.15. 

One Check blanket — i white ditto 

& I linnen Sheet 

Five Linnen Sheets 2.10. 

25 yards Table linnen 7. 

Two White linsey Sheets i. 5. 

One Worn ditto 5. 

One Check Blanket 16. 

Two White Woollen Blankets 1.12. 

One partly striped coverlid 16. 

One New double Compass coverlid.. 2.15. 

One large spinning Wheel 5. 

£74- '■ 3 

Amount of the ist Sheet brought 
over 316. 7. 2 

Total £390. 8. s 

Page 187.— DE MEYER, WILHELMUS, of Kingston. 

Will dated Dec. i6, 1789. 

"Unto my Nephew John De Meyer'^ "all and singular my whole 
Estate of what kind or nature the same." 

Nephew John De Meyer also appointed executor. 

WiLHELMUS De Meyer (his mark) 

Elizabeth De Myre, Junr. 
Benjamin De Meyer 
Christ. Tappen 

(Orig. will in Box lo). 

(June 29, 1790, Elizabeth De Meyer, of 
Kingston, spinster, and Benjamin De 
Meyer, yeoman, appeared before the Sur- 
rogate, proving the will, and signature of 
the other witnesses.) 

Box 10. Inventory, taken Febr. 19, 1791 by Joseph Oosterhoudt 
and Cornelius Swart, in presence of Benjamin De Myer "a Bro- 
ther of the said Wilhelmus, and John De Myer a legatee" : 

I Caster Hat £ 0.15. 

' I Broad Cloth Coat i . 5 • 

I Do. Do 14. 

I Black Coat 8, 

I Jacket J2 . 

I Furstian Jacket 9. 

I Royal rib Do iS. 

1 Thickset Jacket 4- 

1 Watch Coat 8, 

I Breeches 6. 

I Furstian Breeches 8. 

I Do. Do 8. 

I Old Breeches • i . 

S Pair Worsted Stockings 5- 

1 Do. Do. Cap I • 

X Linen Cap *• 6> 

4 Linen Shirts 8. 

2 old Curtains 6. 

2 Green Rugs i ■ 

I Sprey 8 . 

1 Silver Cup i . 10. 

2 Silver Knee Buckles 4- 

I Brush I • 

1 Sissors 6 

X Easor 6 

1 Slaywhip i . 

3 Pewter Dishes' 14. 

2 Do. plates 2. 

I Iron Skillet 2. 6 

I Narrow Ax. i. 

I how 2 . 

I Saddle and Bridle 

I old Black Horse 1 . 

I old reed & Comes 6 . 

I Fair hand Irons 4. 

I pair tongs. 2. 

I Chairs ' 2 . 6 

z Pewter Tea pot; 3 . 

I Chest 16. 

I Bedsted 16 . 

I old Do 2 . 

I Table 4. 

X Small Scrue press 2. 

3 Pounds four in cash 3. 4. 

£19.13. 6 

6o Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Page 189.— KEATOR, FREDERICK, of Marbletown. 

Will dated Jan. 2, 1790. 

"Unto my three sons : Jacob Samuel & Benjamin all my Land I hold 
by, several Deeds" "in Marbletown together with the Buildings and Im- 
provements thereon." Also "all my moveable Estate of what kind or 
Quantity soever it be." 

Sons Jacob and Sammual appointed executors. 

Frederick Keator (his mark) 

John Cantine (July 5. i790. WiUiam Pick of Marbletown, 

Andries David Junier yeo'"^"' ^"f u^?^"!l ^a^'^' JT""" ^°'".*^^^??- 
•j. _ •' er, appeared before the Surrogate, proving the 

WILLIAM PICK ^ju^ ^jj^ signature of the other witness.) 

(F. K. m. Aug. 27, 1736, Jacomyntje van der Merken, and had; i. Jacob, bt. July 24, 1737! 
ii. Benjamin, bt. Apr. 26, 1741; iii. Samuel, bt. Sept. 2, 1744; iv. Johannes, bt. Dec. 4, 1748). 

Page 191.— SCHOONMAKER, PETRUS, of Rochester, yeoman. 

Will dated May i, 1788. 

"Unto my dear beloved Wife Jannetie the sole use of my whole 
Estate, both Real and personal" "during the term of her natural lifetime 
or as long as she remains my Widow and no longer" if she marry, then 
"to have the use of one of my Negro Wenches, during her natural life- 
time, the choise to be taken by her out of my Female Slaves." — "Unto 
my son Jacob (after the decease of" "wife" or marriage") "all my Real 
Estate" "in Rochester" "or elsewhere," also "all my personal estate, he 
paying for the same unto my daughter Greetie" £300 "within one year 
after death or marriage of wife. 

Son Jacob and "my two step sons Dirck Westbroeck and Frederick 
Westbroeck" appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

(May 23, 1790, Cornelia Tappen, 
Cornelia Tappen of Kingston, spinster, and Samuel 

William Eltinge Oosterhoudt, of Rochester, Weaver, 

S.„u^ Oosx-KHO^ (hU mark) ^K^.he'^S aS' ^"iTS 

the other witness.) 

Original will in box 35; seal with impression of a head. 

Page 194.— CLOPPER, CATHERINE, of Newburgh. 

Will dated Nov. 6, 1789. 

"My worldly Goods, Lands, Possessions, Reversions, Remainders, 
Rights, Titles, Profits, Bonds, Notes, Slaves, Wearing Apparel & whatso- 

Will Book A., Kingston. ' 6i 

ever I shall die seized of" "to my Friend Nicholas Jones" also appointed 
executor. Signed by the testatrix. 

JosiAH Ward (Sept. 21,, 1790, Josiah Ward, of Marlborough, 

Benone Clark Blacksmith, appeared before the Surrogate, prov- 

Eliza Lusee ing the will, and signatures of the other witnesses.) 

Original will in box 7. 

Page 196.— McCLAUQHRY, JAMES, of Little Britain. 

Will dated July 17, 1790. 

"It is my Will and pleasure to set all my Negro servants free (except 
the two Female Negro Servants herein after named and devised to my 
beloved Wife Agnes McClaughry) and I do hereby set them as free from 
all Persons claiming or to claim by from or under me as Heirs or other- 
wise, and from all other Person and Persons whomsoever in manner and 
form following as if they had all been Born free — First I give and be- 
queath unto my Negro Servant Man Named Ceaser his freedom and 5 
shillings in Money" "unto my Negro servant Man named William his 
freedom together with £200 in a certain kind of Public Securities now 
in my hands commonly called Bankers Notes, and also one narrow Ax 
one Broad Hoe and one Seythe" also to William and to "my Negro ser- 
vant named Thomas one Yoak of Oxen, one Ox Yoak one Ox Chain and 
one Harrow to be belong equally to them" to "Thomas his freedom and 
and £190 in the public securities or Notes" "one Narrow Ax one Broad 
Hoe and one Seythe." "Unto my Negro Servant Man named London 
his freedom and £180 of the" "public securities or Notes" "one narrow 
Ax one broad Hoe and one Seythe" also to London "and .his brother my 
negro servant Named John or Jack, oiie Yoak of Oxen one Ox Yoak, and 
,one Ox Chain to belong equally to them." "To said John or Jack" his 
freedom, and the sum of £180 of the" "public securities or Notes together 
with one narrow Ax one broad Hoe and one Seythe." — "Unto my Negro 
Servant Boy Priam his freedom when he arrives at 21 Years of age and 
£60 in the" "Public securities or Notes together with one narrow ax and 
one broad Hoe."^-"Unto my Old Negro Servant Woman Named Nan 
her freedom and all the Cows or Cattle called and known by my family 
to belong to her, or which may be called or known to belong to her at the 
time of my Death, together with her Bed, and Bedding, and all her wear- 
ing apparel of every kind" "I order and advise her to live with her 
Daughter Rebecca." — "Unto my Servant Woman Rebecca her freedom, 
at my Death, together with one Cow, her Bed and Bedding and all her 
Wearing Apparel. To negro girl Ann her freedom when 21 years of age, 
until which she is to serve "my beloved Wife."' 

"Unto my worthy friend Thomas Gibson Smith now Presbyterian 
Preacher of the Gospel in Little Brittain my silver Watch with the ap- 
paratus thereunto belonging." — "Unto my name sake James McClaughry 


Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Eldest son of my brother in law Alexander Tilford by Mary, his Wife all 
that Piece or Parcel of Land and Premises being part of the farm I now 
live on lying to the westward of the Road or lain leading from the Widow 
Buchanans Northward through my farm to the land formerly Scotts now 
Clintons^' "Excepting" "for the use of the eastern part of the farm," 1/2 
of "the Timber now Growing." "Three Reputable persons to decide" if 
there should be any dispute regarding this division or the cutting of the 
timber. "If I should die before" "James McClaughry arrive to the age of 
21 years I give to my said Brother in Law Alexander Tilford the use of 
the aforesaid described piece or parcel of land" "reserving unto my Father 
in law Captain James Humphry the use and benefit of that piece of 
Meadow Ground he now has possession of on the above described piece 
or parcel of land during his Natural life." — "Unto my well beloved Wife 
Agnes McClaughry" all the rest of the farm, and timber. Also "my two 
Negro Servants the one named Dinah and the other named Rachel to- 
gether with all my other property." 

Wife, "and my trusty friends Major Thomas Moffat of Orange 
County, and William Scot of Ulster County" appointed executors. 
Signed by the testator. 

Isaac Moffat 
David Scott 
Alexander Falls 
Thomas Moffat 

(Original will in Box 27.) 

(Sept. 22, 1790, Thomas Moffat of Orange Co., 
Esq., appeared before the Surrogate, proving the 
will, and signatures of the other witnesses.) 

Box 27. — Inventory, taken Sept. 13, 1790, by William Telford and Robert 
R. Burnet. 

One Waggon £12.00.00 

I old do; 5. 

I ox Cart 6 . 

I Truck Cart 2.10. 

I pleasure Sleigh i. 

I Whind Mill 3- 

I flax Crackle 3 . 

1 Cyder Still i. 5. 

Grain in the Barn 150. 

2 Iron Hayforks 3 . 

Hay in the Hay House 12. 

Flax in the Sheaf 2.10. 

7 stacks Hay 28. 

50 sheep 20 . 

I yoke of Red Oxen 10. 

I Brown White faced Horse 9. 

I Black do 2 . 

I Red Heifer 3. 

I Red Cow 4. 

I Red Heifter with star in forehead. 3. 

I Brownfaced Cow 4. 

I Red Cow with white face 4. 

1 Black Cow 4. 

I Red Heiffer w. brown face 3 . 

I Red 2 y. o. Heiifer 2.10, 

I do. with short tail 2.10. 

z do. with brown face 2.10. 

I Red Cow 4. 

X Brown Bull 4. 

I Red Cow.., 4. 

1 black 2 y. o. Heiffer 2.10 

5 2 y. o. Heiffers & Steers 10. 

2 3 y. o. Stears 6 . 

6 young Calves 3.12 

S year old Calves 7.10 

2 Yoke Oxen 24. 

I Mare & Colt 9 . 

3 Working Horses 20. 

IS Hogs 10. iS 

Loom & Tackling 2 , 

I Grindstone i . 

1 Iron Crowbar 3 

3 Ox Chaines 18 

2 Ploughs 1. 10 

I Bush Hook 2 

1 small plow 3 

2 Horse Chains 4 

I Ox Sleigh 8 

I Horse Sleigh & Chain 5 

I Neck Yoak & britch Collars with 

Iron Trases 12 

1 Mattick 3 

4 Narrow axes 10 

2 Iron Grapes 

I spade & 3 shovels 

9 Hogsheads 

3 Tunes & 3 barrels 

I Lye Cask 

3 Tubs 

I half barrel Cask 

Will Book A., Kingston. 


1 Firkin of Butter & }i 3. 

6 Coolers 

3 Churns 

3 Iron Wedges 

1 Iron Swivel & Hook 

J sett of Iron Traces. 

'7 Scyths & 5 set of hangings x . 

7 sickles : 

Soal Leather i . 

2 shining Wheels x. 

1 Figgon Nett 

2 broad axes 

2 hand saws 

6 augers 

1 drawing knife 

18 planes '. . . 1 . 

12 chizels 

2 Gouges z . 

X Rasp 

1 foot Adz 

X ^ike Gimblet 

2 tron Hammers 

6 small Gimblets & x pair Com- 


I Walter Pott. 

I House Clock 14. 

X Large Cupboard 5. 

I Desk 5 . 

1 small desk 

2 large Tables z. 

1 small Table 

2 stands 

2 chests 

1 large Looking Glass 6 . 

2 small do. i . 

X3 Chairs i . 

5 Pewter Dishes i . 

7 earthen ditto 

6 Pewter Plaits 

44 earthen ditto 

1 silver Milk Pott & Sugar Tongs.. 3, 

5 large S. Table spoons 4. 

6 silver Tea ditto x . 

2 Pewter do 

3 sugar Cups 

iS Tea Cups £ Saucers 

3 salvers 

3 tumblers and 3 Drinking Glasses . . 
6 block tin Spoons & xo pewter do. . 

2 pewter Salt Cups 

2 do. Basons, & 2 tin Pepper Cups . . 
z do. Quart 

2 Copper Tea Kittles i . 

1 large brass Kittle & i small do — 3 . 
J brass Warming Pan 

2 large iron potts & 2 small do i , 








I z Earthen bowls 11. 

1 Griddle 8. 

2 pair Andirons & 2 pairs of Tongs. i. 

2 fire Shovels 8 . 

I Chafing Dish 4- 

4 brass Candle Sticks & x iron do.. ' x6. 

16 knives & forks 9. 

z pair small belles 2 . 

1 Copper Saucepan 2 . 

4 Feather Beds 20 . 

2 Suits Curtains 6 . 

6 flower Coverlets. . . . , 10 . 

2 Rugs z . 

10 Blankets 6 . 

30 Sheets & 30 pillow cases Z2 . 

4 bed-steads & 4 cords 2 . 

I Negro Wench Dinah 30. 

X do. do. Rachel 20 . 

1 Note of Hand 9. 

2 Hives with bees x . 12 . 

3 nides & 3 Calf skinz in Tan 2 . 6 . 

5 Hows 5 . 

I Wheel barrow 5 . 

I Man Saddle & i Side do 3. 

7 Table Cloths 2. 

20 Towels 1 . 10 . 

X Silver Wach s . 

X Gun xo. 

5 Cedar Fails ....' , 10. 

3 Iron Trambles 12. 

X p. Saddle bagges 5 . 

1 large spinning Wheel 2 . 

A Small Library of Books 4. 

X p. steelyards & Slates 15. 

3 Ox Yokes 12. 

2 Rings for Beetle 2 . 

so lbs. Woollen Yarn xo. 

I Side Upper leather *. zo . 

I bushel & ^ of salt 4. 

32 oak boards Z2. 

21 Mapple do zs. 

7 Guse Z2. 

7 Turkies 12 . 

Sl4 bushels Flax seed , 1 . 5 . 

1 Whip Saw 16 . 

2 Smoothing Irons 3 . 

4 small Hogs 12 . 

xo acres of Com 20. 

Ditto of Buckwheat zo. 

X Acre of Potatoes 3 . 

£.677. I. 8 
Public Securities to the amount of. £z26o.x6. 6 

£1937.18. 2 

Page 201.— HASBROUCK, DANIEL, of New Paltz, 

Will dated Jan. 24, 1759. 

"My Well beloved Wife Wyntje shall be and remain in full and ample 
possession of all my whole Estate both Real and personal which I now 
possess" "as long as she shall remain my Widow." "If she should marry 
again, then she to" "deliver up the possession unto my Children" "my 
whole Estate, Real and Personal." — "Unto my son Jonas my pistols, 
Holsters and Hanger, over and above any of the rest of my Children" 
"in Consideration that he is my first born son, and this being for his Birth 
Right and no more." — "Unto my six sqns : Jonas, Josaphat, Dmjid, Je~ 

64 Ulster Co.^ N. Y., Probate Records. 

saias, Benjamin and Zacharias all that my Lands" "in Ulster County to- 
gether with all and singular Buildings, Erections, Houses, Barns, Mills, 
Orchards, Gardens, with the Hereditaments." The six sons named to 
pay "uhto my Daughter Elsje the sum of £200" "within one year." To 
said six sons "all my Horses, Wagqns, Ploughs, Harrows, Axes, hows, 
and all my farming Implements and Utensils." "To Elsje £20" "three 
Milch Cows out of my stock of Cattle." — Residue to be equally divided 
among the children. Survivors t^ divide share of deceased child. The 
estate to remain undivided until "my youngest son Zacharias be of the 
age of 21 years." "And that my three sons Jesias Benjamin and Zacharias 
shall be taught and Instructed in necessary Learning out of my Estate so 
long as my executors" "shall Judge necessary." 

"Whereas I have an Equal undevided i/s part in a certain Lott of 
land" "in the Patent of the New Paltz and adjoining to Hudsons River 
& known by the name of Grandfathers parf' "I give unto my said Wife 
full power and lawfull authority to sell and dispose of my said" "part of 
said lott to the best advantage." 

Wife, "my Brother in Law Abraham Doiau and Jacob Hasbrouck 
Junr., and my three sons, Jonas, Josaphat and David" appointed execu- 

Daniel Hasbrouck (his mark) 

(Sept. 14, 1790, Johannis Louw Junr. of 
Abraham Vandermerken New Paltz, Labourer, appeared before 
Joseph Coddington the Surrogate, proving the will, and sig- 

JoHANNis Louw Junr. natures of the other witnesses. Adm. 

granted to Josaphat Hasbrouck, Oct, 18, 


(.Daniel Hasbrouck, bt. June 3, 1694 (s. of Abraham H. and Maria Deyo), m. Apr. z, 
1734, Wyntje Deyo (d. Oct 30, 1787, ae. 79 y. 11 mo. He d. Jan. 25, 1759). Issue: i. Maria, 
bt. New Palts, Jan 9, 1735; ii. Jonas, bt. May 13, 1736, m. Catherine, dau. of Jehosaphat Dubois; 
iii. David, bt June 8, 1740; iv. Elsie, bt July 4, 1742, m. Petrus Smedes, Jr.; v. Rachel, bt Oct 
30, 1743; vi. Josia, bt Apr. 13, 1746; vii. Beniam%n, bt Jan. 31, 1748 (see will of Wyntje Has- 
brouck, the widow, for two more children: Josaphat and Zacharias. See also N. Y. Gen. Reg., 
1886, pps, 261-276). 

Page 207.— BURHANS, JAN. 

Will dated April i8, 1787. 
"My pasonal Estate shall be Giving onto my Wyfe Imprimis it is my 
Will and order that my Wyfe shall maintain my onageth Children there- 
out during the time out of my Remainder of my personel Estate after the 
discretion of my Executors, that is my Eldest son Edward Borhans and 
Abraham Van Aken and Benjamin Van A ken Junior and my wyfe Sarah 
Burhams." Signed by the testator. 

John De Graaf ^^^P*- 4. ^79^, Adam Swart of Kingston, yeo- 

DAvrn ATTrHMniTDFY '"^"'. appeared before the Surrogate, 

DAVID Auchmoudey proving the will, and signatures of the 

Adam Swart other witnesses.) 

Will Book A., Kingston. 65 

(Original will in box 3. — III. Samuel B., bt. June 3, 1694 (s. of II. Jan B. & Helena 
Traphagen — see Abraham B.) had with wife Janneke Brink, bt. May 7, 1699: i. Cornells, bt. Nov. 
'5> 1721, d. Sept. 16, 1722; ii. Helena, bt. Sept. is, 1723, m. Nov. 30, 1745, Adam Swart; iii. 
Maria, bt. Jan. 23, 1726, d. y.; iv. JAN, bt. Jan i, 1727; v. Annatjen, bt. March 26, 1730, nj. 
Febr. 11, 1751, Jacob Elmendorf, s. of Cornelis E. and Engeltjen Heermans. 

IV. JAN (above), m. i., Dec. 2, i74g,tCatherine Whitaker, dau. of Edward W. & Jacoba 
Hardenburgh, m. 2., Sarah Van Aken, bt Jan. 20, 1740, dau. of Jan v. A. & Margriei DeGraff. 
Issue with ist wife: i. Samuel, bt. Oct. 14, 1750, d. June 18, 1752; ii. Edward, b. Nov. 28, 1752, 
m. Nov. 6, 1778, Bretje Blonchant, dau. of Matthew B. & Annatjen Freer; iii. Samuel, bt. Nov. 
16, 1755, ni. 1782 at Totaway, N. J., Margaret Jeraloman; iv. Jan. bt. Aug. 5, 1759, m., Dec. 9, 
1781, Maria Dumond, dau. Anthony; v. Jacoba, bt. May 16, 1762, m. Nov. 9, 1782, Maf/iezv 
Blonchan; vi. Cornelius, b. Sept. 30, 1764; m. Aug. 16, 1789, Maria Ten Broeck; vif. Jannetje, 
b. Febr. 27, 1766, m. March 13, 1789, Benjamin Turk, s. Benj.; viii. Petrus, bt. May 24, 1770, 
m. Aug. 26, 1792, Helena Folant, dau. Wm.; with 2d wife: ix. Margaritta, b. Febr. 23, 177s; 
X. Isaac, b. March 16, 1776, m. July 22, 1798, Nellie N. Heermans; xi. Cathrina, b. Oct. 15, 
J777, m. May i8, 1805, Peter C. Brink; xii. Maria, b. Sept. 22, 1779; xiii. Abraham, b. June 30, 
1781; xiv. Jacob, b. Sept. 16, 1785). 

Page 209.— JANSEN, HENDERIKUS, of Marbletown, Yeoman. 

Will dated Febr. 20, 1788. 

"Unto my son Peter the Homestead on whi(ii I now live, that is to 
say, Beginning by the corner of the fence where the Road that leads to 
the House of late belonging to Widow Jansen but now in possession of 
my son Thomas Jansen, near to where the said Road Crosses the small 
Rivulet, or Brook, thence along the fence as it now stands Northerly so 
far as the Orchard fence now stands, thence farther along said fence south- 
erly and Easterly until the aforesaid Road then Northerly along said 
Road to the place of beginning together with full liberty and priviledge 
of Watering his Cattle at the aforesaid Rivulet or Brook, at all seasons of 
the year, when it shall be most convenient for him, "with the Houses, 
Barns, Bark, and appurtenances." Also "(in order to make an addition 
to the Homestead he now possesses) That small lot or parcel of land, to 
Witt, Beginning where a small Brook or Rivulet Emptieth in the before 
mentioned Brook or Rivulet, then up the said Rivulet or small brook to the 
line of the land now in possession of my said son Thomas then southerly 
along the said Line until it Intersects with the line of the Homestead" 
"given to my son Peter then Northerly along the last mentioned line to the 
place of beginning." 

To said sons remainder of all the real estaate in Marbletown "as I 
hold the same by several Deeds in writing."— "To my six children : Daniel, 
Thomas, Peter, Abraham, Matthew and Elisabeth all my Household Fur- 
niture." — Remainder of the personal estate to the five sons. — "In con- 
sideration of the homestead which I have given" "unto my son Peter" he 
to pay "unto my son Thomas £60. Thomas and Peter to pay to the other 
sons and the daughter £1,400 — £200 one year after my decease, and so on 
annually" "the last payment of £200 to be made to my Daughter Elizabeth 
wife of Johanmis J. Dubois." 

66 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Sons Daniel, Thomas and Peter appointed executors. Signed by the 

Witnesses to the will : Codicil. 

Jacob Sammons "No provision hath been made for the main- 

JoHN CoNTiNE tenancc of my Negro Man named Peit and my 

Moses Cantine Junr. Negro Wench named Sue^' they shall be kept 

by "my two sons Thomas & Peter and that 
their Beding and Cloathing Remain with 
them." — "To my son Thomas and Peter all 
my fencing timber." To Peter "the flour 
Witnesses to the codicil : pieces procured for a flour in my Barn." To 
Jacob Vandenmarken Pe^"" "^y ^^S^'o Wench named Anna." July 

Andries J. De Witt 9> 7 9- 

-r p (John Cohtine, of Marbletown, Esq., appeared 

^ before the Surrogate, Nov. 6, 1790, proving 

the will, and signatures of the other wit- 
nesses) . 

{Thomas Janss IJansen), s. of Jom Tysen and Magdalen Blanchan, q. v., m. Nov. zz, 
1702, Mayken Bogaard, and had': J. Magdaiena, bt. Jan. 21, 1711; ii. Rachel, bt. May 30, 1717; 
iii. HENDERICUS. bt. July 31, 1720; iv. Catrina, bt. July i, 1722; v. Rebecca, bt. July s, 1724; 
vi. Annaatjen, bt i)ec. 22, 1728. ' i 

HENDERICUS (above), m. Maria Cantem, and had: i. Elisabeth, bt. May 20, 1730, m. 
Johannes Du Bois; ii. Daniel, bt. Oct. 6, 1751; iii. Pet>rus, bt Nov. 16, 1755; iv. Maria, bt. Jan. 
13, 1760; V. Mattheus, bt. Jan. 15, 1764). 

Page 214.— BEVIER, ESTHER, Widow and Relict of Louis Bevier, 
deceased, of Marbletown. 

Will dated Nov. 24, 1772. 

"Unto my son Philip Dubois' "all that certain House or Messuage 
farm or plantation" "in Rochester" "on the North and North West side 
of the Rondout Kill or Creek including half of said Kill or Creek, so as 
the same is given and devised unto me by my father Philip Dubois de- 
ceased reference being had unto his last Will and Testament." To son 
Philip Dubois also "all the one half or Moiety of the 1/3 part of all that 
certain Tract of land, so as the same is conveyed unto my father Philip 
Dubois deceased by the Trustees of Rochester and have in common with 
the Heirs of Moses Depuy deceased and Frederick Schoonmaker" "in 
Rochester" "on the south and south East side of said Kill or Creek. Also 
all that certain Tract piece or parcel of land" "in Kingston" as devised 
"unto me by my father." — To son Philip Dubois also "my three seats in a 
pew Number 15 in the Church at Rochester" "together with all other my 
freehold Estate at Rochester." 

Will Book A., Kingston. dj 

"My two sons David and Philip Dubois my loving daughter Elisor- 
beth my cousin Abraham Hasbrouck and my trusty friend Levi Pawling' 
executors. Signed by the testatrix. 

(Dec. ID, 1790, Abraham A. Hasbrouck, 
Silvester Salisbury of Kingston, Merchant, and Joseph Has- 

Abraham a. Hasbrouck ^^o"?*^' °l ^ew Paltz, Esq., appeared, 

T TT provmg the will, and signature of the 

Joseph Hasbrouck other witness. Adm. granted to PMip 

Dubois BevieTj one of the executors). 

ihouis B., bt. Nov. 6, 16S4 (s. of Louis B., Sr., q. v.), m. June 2, 1713, Lysbeth Has- 
brouck, and had son LOUIS, JR,, bt. June 9, 1717, who m. Oct. 24, 1745, Hester Du Bois, fa- 
June 20, 1718, dau. of Philip Du Bois, and had: i. David, bt. Dec. 28, 1746, m. Jan. 27, 1772, 
Maria Hasbrouck, b. July 7, 1751, dau. of Abraham; ii. June 11, 1749, m. March 
4» 1773. Joseph Hasbrouck, s. of Abraham; iii. Philip Du Bois, bt. Jan. i, 1752, m. Dpc. 29, 1782, 
Ann De Witt; iv. Louis, b. Aug. 15, 1754, d. inf.; v. Esther, b. Dec. 23, 1755, d. inf.). 

Page 217.— PATTERSON, JAMES, of Newburgh, farmer. 

Will dated June 7, 1789. 

"All my household furniture to my well beloved Wife Margrit and 
Grandater Catharine Carskadan Dureing my wife Margreat life and part 
of the furniture & stock as my Wife and the Executors shall think will 
be advantageious to be sold" and money divided between the wife and the 
grandaughter, named, "Excepting one Fether Bed & bedding, my Great 
Chare & big Pot on pare of handirns my Great bible & two Trambels, 
these I allow my Grand Daughter Catharine Carskaden after the Deth 
of my wife Margerit." Lands & Tennements and moveables to be sold, 
and money divided among the above." "If my Wife Margerit Decas, I 
order her half of the Leagese to be paid to her Bodily Airs, and if my 
Grand Daughter Catharine Carskaden should Dey before she should come 
to the years of 18 or having no bodly Airs or lawful! Es Isue" then the 
property to be divided in three part, one half to Margereit Irwin, wife to 
Robert Irwin, the other half to be divided in two parts, one part to Wil- 
liam Brown, Junr. son of William Brown, and the other part to his sister 
Febey Brown." If wife should died before the granddaughter Catharine 
comes to the age of 18, "the Child is to be brought up in a Desant maner, 
in Earning and Clothing Sufisant for a Child out of my Wife part of the 

Wife, "my trusty Frinds Robert Irwin and William Erwin" execu- 
tors. Signed by the testator. 

(Aug. 27, 1790, Moses Lyons of Newburgh, 
Robert Carskadan Wheelwright, appeared before the Surrogate, 
Moses Lyons proving the will, and signature of the other 


Original will in box 31. 

68 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Page 220.— QIDNEY, DANIEL, of Newburgh, Yeoman. 

Will dated Dec. 3, 1790. 

"Unto my beloved Wyfe Charlotta and to my five Sons, David, Jacob, 
Eleazar, Joshua, and William all that certain farm and Buildings I now 
live on with all my Moveables and Stock" "when my son William arives 
to the age of 21 years." — "I order my Five sons, David, Jacob, Eleazar, 
Joshua, and William to pay unto my three Daughters Rebekah, Charlotta 
and Abigail" each an Equal Legasy with each one of my five sons" "when 
William arives to the age of 21 years, and if either of my three Daughters 
or all of them should Marry before my son William arives to the age of 
21 years" "my sons to let them have such Mooveables as they can con- 
veniently spare." To Samuel and Daniel "all that Farm whereon my son 
Samuel now lives, Samuel to have 2/3" "Beginning at the Norwest Cor- 
ner of Elnathan Fosters Land formerly Perrys Land Running thence 
West to a black stump with a heap of stones about it standing by the 
Road, running thence along the oald road Northerly to a small walnut 
sapling standing at the Southeast Corner of a sunking swamp joining the 
land fonnerly belonged to David Gidney thence running Easterly to the 
German Paten thence Running Southerly to the Norwest Corner of a pies 
of Land I bought of Benjamin Smith thence Running Easterly to the 
Northeasterly Corner of said Lot thence Southerly along Fosters Land 
to the place of beginning." — "My son Samuel to pay to my son Daniel 
when he arrives to the age of 21 the sum of £2" "and the Executors to pay 
to Daniel" when 21 "£i6" to be paid out of my moovables." 

"My Friend Eleazar Gidney and my two sons David and Jacob" ap- 
pointed executors. 

Daniel Gedney. 

Reuben Tooker (Jan. 5, 1791, Reuben Tooker, of Newburgh, yeo- 

Rebekah Fowler man, appeared before the Surrogate, proving the 
Eli Nelson will, and signatures of the other witnesses.) 

Original will in box 15. 

Page 223.— McKEE, THOMAS, of New Windsor, Yeoman. 

Will dated Aug. 22, 1789. 

"Unto my loving wife Margaret her Choice of any Room in 
my House, together with a necessary previlege in the Celler, and to be 
subsisted and supported with necessaries sufficient for her during her 
natural life" "also her choice of four cows out of my cattle and six sheep, 
in lieu of dower" "two cows and six sheep (shall) be kept with pasture 
and fodder for my said wife on the farm and half a bushel of flaxseed 
sown for her during her natural life yearly." — "Unto my son James 
McKee his choice of three Horses out of my Horses all my farming 

Will Book A., Kingston. 6g 

utensils and all the Hogs." "All the rest and residue of my Stock viz 
Cows, horses, and sheep" "to my three daughters Mary McKee, Margaret 
McKee, and Agnes McKee." Residue to son James, he to pay to the three 
daughters, named, each iiio as they respectively come of age, he also 
to keep and provide "for my youngest daughter Agness, in giving her 
learning and in every respect making her equal to her sisters, and to 
bring no charge against her, so as to be deducted from what is herein 
willed to her." Survivors to divide share of deceased child. 

Wife, son James, and John Blake, Junr. appointed executors. Signed 
by the testator. 

James Lawrence (his mark) (J^": ^7, i79i, George Monnell of 

J ^ ^ ' ' Montgomery, yeoman, appeared before 

JAMES i-ULTON ^j^^ Surrogate, proving the will, and 

George Monnell signatures of the other witnesses.) 

Original will in box 27. 

Page 226,— GERMAN, JOSEPH, of Montgomery. 

Will dated Nov. 9, 1787. 

"To Mary my dearly beloved wife a good sufficient maintenance out 
of my fast Estate long as she remains my widow with one good Milks 
Cow, and one Bead and Beadstead, Curtains Couvering and all things 
belonging to the same." — "To my beloved son Henry all my fast Estate 
whatever with the tenements and appurtenances thereto belonging with 
my Wagon tackling and two of my best Horses and Bread for his family 
for one year out of my Crop, his paying out of the same all my lawfull 
debts and maintaining his Mother" "witib the bringing up of his Brother 
Andrew until he comes of age and paying the sum of ^250 as shall be 
hearafter Directed." — "To my beloved son Andrew £250" "when he 
arrives to the age of 21 years" "out of my fast Estate" "and the Mare 
Colt that is know known by the name of his Colt." — "To my beloved 
Daughter Charity one sute of apperral amounting to £5." — "To my 
beloved Daughters Elizabeth, Mary and Catharine all the remaining part 
of my movible Estate, after my funeral expenses is paid out of the same, 
thett Mary and Catharine is to have first each of them one Cow, Bead 
and Beadstead Couvering Curtains and all things belonging to the same." 
Residue to be, divided among all the daughters. 

Wife, son Henry "and my trusty and beloved friend Jacob Newkark" 

JosT German 

JoHANNis MouL (Fcbr. 2, 1 791, Joannis Miller, of Montgomery, 

William Miller yeoman, appeared before the Surrogate, proving 
JoHANNis Miller the will, and signatures of the other witnesses.) 

Original will in box 15; red seal with impression of masonic emblems. 

70 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Page 229.— LOW, JONATHAN, of Montgomery. 

Will dated Oct. 25, 1790. 

"Unto my son Peter Low the one equal half of the Farm which I now 
possess and live on" "in Montgomery" "also the sum of $1." — "Unto my 
son James Low the other equal half of said Farm." — "Unto my said two 
sons, Peter and James Low, my Waggon, Sleigh, Plough, and two 
Horses." Arreages or debts on the farm to be paid by the sons. — "Unto 
my Beloved Wife Keertie Low one Feather Bed and Bedding, and my 
big Cupboard" "also my Negro Dick to be Kept by her during her natural 
life ; but if she should die before said Negro then he is to be sold, and the 
price to be equally devided between my four Daughters, viz. Mary, Cath- 
arine, Magdelena and Elizabeth Low." The sons to give to said wife 
"a comfortable and sufficient maintenance as long as she remains my 
widow." — "Unto my Daughter Magdalena Low, one Feather Bed and 
Bedding also two Cows and two sheep." — "Unto my daughter Elizabeth 
Low one Feather Bed & Bedding also two Cows & two sheep." — Residue 
to be disposed of and the money divided among the four daughters and 
the widow. 

Johannis Mole, Peter Low, and Robert McKutchon appointed ex- 
ecutors. Signed by the testator. 


David Jagger (Febr. 4, 1791, Samuel Haines of Montgom- 

Samuel Haines ^^^' y^"^^^> appeared before the Surrogate, 

T T proving the will, and signatures of the other 

John Jagger witnesses.) 

Original will in box 24. 

Page 233.— VAN WAGENEN, QERRIT, of Hurley. 

Will dated March 6, 1785. 

"Unto my well beloved wife Mwrytje my whole Real and personal 
Estate instead and in Lieu of her Dower" "during her natural life and 
after her decease" "unto my eldest son Jan my large Table for his Birth- 
right." — "Unto my son Petrus (after decease of my said wife) all my 
whole Real Estate" "in fee simple including my share in the Fishing place 
at Wagendal which I have in company with my Brother Johannis Van 
Wagenen for which my said son Petrus shall pay unto my other two sons, 
Jan and Aart and to my daughter Rebecka "£200." — To said sons "all 
my wearing apparel."— To Jan i8o, to Aart i8o, and to Rebecca £40. — To 
Rebecca "the Negro wench Tryn, and her child now in her possession, as 
also all the wearing apparrel of my said wife." — To Aart "all the weaving 
Loom and to my son Petrus "the Old weaving Loom," all bequests to be 
made after decease of wife. Residue to be divided among the children. 

Will Book A., Kingston. 71 

Sons Jan Aart, and Petrus appointed executors. Signed by the 

(Febr. 12, 1791, Johannis and Jacob 
JoHANNis Van Wagenen Junr. Van Wagenen, both of Hurly, yeo- 
Jacob Van Wagenen Junr. men, appeared before the Surrogate, 

Ch. D. Witt proving the will, and the signature of 

the other witness.) 

(Gerrit Van Wagenen, b. Apr. 6, 171a (s. of Aart Van Wagenen and Marytje Louw, see 
Jacob Aartsen), m., Jan. 31, 1736, Marytje Freer (b. Sept. 23, 1716, dau. of lam F. and Rebecca 
Van Wagenen, dau. of Jacob Aartsen Van Wagenen and Sara Pels., (see Jacob Aartsen), Issue: 
i. Maria, bt. Oct. 31, 1736; ii. Jan, bt. Aug. 13, 173S; iii. Jan, bt. Febr. 3, 1740, m., Nov. 18, 
1763, Margrietjen Lovw, bt. Oct. 30, 1737, dau of Petrus L. and Deborah Van Vltet; iv. Petrus, 
■ b. at Wagendal, bt. Sept. 15, 1745, m. Febr. ^3, 1781, Anna Viele, dau. of Cornelius V. and 
Elisabeth Ijjuw; v. Aart, bt. Jan. 2, 1748, m. Catharine, dau. of Moses Depuy and Elis(Aeth 
Claarwater (m. at Rochester, Nov. 24, 1746); vi. Rebecca, bt. May i, 1748, m. at New Paltx, 
Nov. I, 1768, Henricus Du Bois, bt. May i, 1743, s. Of Henricus Du Bots and Jannetje Hog- 

Page 236.— BRINK, CORNELIUS, of Marbletown. 

Will dated Jan. 21, 1791. 

"To my Children and the two Children of my son Egbert Deceased all 
my Real and personal Estate": my son John 1/7, son Robert 1/7, son 
Cornelius 1/7, son Jacob 1/7, daughter Bata 1/7, daughter Elisabeth 
1/7, and to the two sons of my deceased son Egbert 1/7." "My son 
Cornelius" to have £40 "out of the share of my deceased son Egberts 
children share for and in lieu of a Bond that he has given to Hendrick 
G. Krom for the keeping one of the aforesaid children." "If either or 
both of the " "grandchildren should come to die before they arrive to age," 
the survivor to divide the share of deceased grandchild. — "My son Corne- 
lius shall have one of my Seats in the Church" "and the Remainder of 
them to be equally divided between the Remainder of my said Children." 

Sons Cornelius Brink, and Robert Brink & my son in law Johannis 
Delameter" appointed executors. 

Cornelis Brinck. 

Petrus Brinck (Febr. 19, 1791, Cornelius Keator, of Mar- 

. Cornelius Keator ^^^^°7"^' yeoman appeared before the Sur- 
rogate, provmg the will, and the signatures 
JAS. Oliver ^f ^^^^ ^^^^^^ witnesses.) 

Original -will in box 3; seal, with impression of a coin. 

(Among the Patent Books, in the County Clerk's Office, in Book A., Miscellaneous No. 2, 
page 330.' 
Cornelius Brink's Estate. 
nth October, 1791. 
Filed 3d Jan. J792. 
Loose Map No. 109, on Roller. 

"A Field Book of the Proceedings of James Oliver, Esq., Thomas Schoonmaker, Junr. and 
Andrew Snyder, Commissioners appointed at a Court of Common Fleas held at the Court House 
in Kingston" "on Friday, Sept. 23, 1791, to make Partition & Division of the Estate of Cornelius 
Brink, late of Marbletown" "in pursuance of the 15 sec. of the Act for the partition of Lands 
passed March 16, 1785. 

72 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

"A patent produced to us, dated March ai, 1686, to John Cook for a certain tract of land 
in Marbletown, Beginning at tlie River by the Bound Fence of Robert Big^erstaffe from thence 
running south west by west 3 Degrees a^s minutes westerly 10 Chains 23 Imks along the River, 
then south east z degree easterly 86 chains, then north east by east 3 degrees 45^ minutes easterly 
io chains 23 links then north west x degree westerly to the first station, containing 87^^ acres, 
being bounded east by Robert Biggerstafi, west by Thomas Gorton, south by land not laid out, 
north by the Esopus River. — ^The one half of the above land was afterwards conveyed to said 
Cornelius Brink, which we surveyed, having previously sworn Benjamin G. Krum & Daniel 
Newkerk for Chainbearers & William Pick for Flag Bearer, and found it did not ae(ree with what 
he had in Possession, which we noted by pricked Lines on the Map accompanying this Field Book. 

Also a Deed produced to us for a certain tract of land, which the Trustees of Marble- 
town conveyed to JVilliam Cook and he conveyed to Cornelius Brink, a part of which was in the 
latter's possession. — ^We then proceeded & made a Survey of all the Lands of said Cornelius 
Brink. (Here follows a survey of the property, covering 20 pages). — We, the said Commissioners 
do therefore certify that Lot No. i in the foregoing first allotment, liLot No. i in the 2d allot- 
ment. Lot No. I in the 3d allottment, are the separate property & Estate of Jacob Brink, one of 
the Devises of the Estate. — ^Lots No. 2 in the 1, 2, 3d allotment, the property of Elizabeth Brink. — 
Lots No. 3 in the x, 2, 3d allotment, the property of John Brink. — ^Lots No. 4 in the i, 2, 3d 
allotment^ the property^ of Bata Brink. — Lots No. 5, the property of Robert Brink. Lots No. 6, 
the property of Cornelius & John E. Brink, the two sons of Egbert Brink, deceased, minors. — ^Lots 
No. 7, the property of Cornelius C Brink. 

Oct. II, 1791, Jas. Oliver, Thos. Schoonmaker, And. Snyder. 

CEghbert Brink (s. of Cornelius Lamberts and Marytje Egberts, q. v.), m.^ July 7, xjris, 
Elsjen Kok, and had: i. Hendrikjen, bt. Jan. 15, 17x6; iL John, bt. May 22, 1720; iii. CORNELtS, 
bt. March 4, 1722; iv. Meery, bt. March 26, 1727, m. Sept. 10, X743, John Beatty; v. Annaafjen, 
bt. March 5, 1732. 

CORNELIS (above), m. Marretje Bettis {Beatty), Sept. 10, I743. and had: i. John, bt 
Oct 7, 1744; ii. Annaatje, bt July 27, 1746 (m. Aug. 4, 1776, Baltus Kielfer); iii. Egbert, bt 
Apr. 21, 1751, m. Aug. 25, X776, Annaatje Krom; iv. Jacob, bt July is, 1764, m. Oct. 22, 1786, 
Elisabeth Dubois; — Robert; — Comelis C, m. Oct 17, 1784, Catherine Cool; Bata), 

Page 239.— NUKERCK, MATHEW, of Marbletown. 

Will dated June i, 1789. 
"Unto my two sons Gerrit and Jacobus the farm on which I live to- 
gether with all my Lands and Real Estate." — "Unto my Daughter Mar- 
garet £200" to be paid by the sons within two years, half each year. — 
"Unto my grandson Mathew Oliver £50 to be paid by the sons at the 
expiration of three years, provided Mathew shall have attained the. age 
of 21 years. — ^To Gerritt "my Negro Slaves Tom, Hester, and Isaac 
which" he "now hath in his possession." — ^To Jacobus "my negro Slaves 
Adam, Ben and Betty, which" he "likewise now hath in his possession." 
— ^To Margaret "my Negro Slaves Nol Gin Zane and Flora "now in her 
possession." Residue to the two sons, also appointed executors. Signed 
by the testator. 

Abraham Cantine [^^l^\ ^^' '79i> Abraham Cantine, of 

Tj 4 ^ Marbletown, yeoman, appeared before the 

1-eter a. CANTINE Surrogate, proving the will, and signatures 

J. D. Lamater of the other witnesses.) 

Original will in box 29. 

{Matthew Nukerk, bt Jan. 17, 1717 (s. of GerrU N. and Gertrude Ten Eyck), m. Nov. 8, 
1740, Awna Cool, and had: i. Gerret M., bt Oct 25, 1741, m. June 15, 1765, Batah de Lamater; 
ii. Benjamin, bt Febr. 14, 17^8; iii. Catharina, bt Aug. 5, 1750; iv. Jacobus, bt. March 5, J758, 
m., Jan. 19, 1788, Elisabeth Contyne)'. 

Page 241.— ELTINQE, ROELOFF, of Marbletown. 

Will dated April 4, 1791. 
"To my loving wife Franciska (in lieu and as a full compensation of 
all her right of Dower, or thirds) all and every article of what kind soever^ 
it may be that came to me with her, and insted of the bed, that she brought 

Will Book A., Kingston. 73 

with her, she may if she chuses have my bed fuU-riged as it stands with 
the homespun Curtains and also the sum of £50." "And for the better 
Education of my daughter Elisabeth Eltinge I hereby give and dispose of 
the Tuition and custody of her unto my Executors" "so long as she shall 
continue unmarried and under age of 21" "my said daughter shall be 
sent to School to learn to read, write and Cypher and in every other re- 
spect to be educated in a Christian and genteel manner agreable to her 
rank and Estate." All residue of the estate to said daughter. If she 
should die without issue, then the property to go to "my loving Niece 
Elizabeth, Conner, being a daughter of my sister Mayacca liie wife of Cor- 
nelius Bogart." Executors may sell "if they think it for the advantage 
of my said daughter" the real estate "excepting a certain Lot of land 
lying in Marbletown, called and known by tiie name of Duyla Vlylie or 
Squadron piece)." "Executors also authorized to "divide if they shall 
see fit several Lots of land which I hold in partnership with others, lying 
at or near Aiskocon, releasing to each partner his proper share or propor- 

"My worthy Cousins Thomas Schoonmaker, Junr., Peter Jansen, and 
my loving Friend Edward Lounsbery, all three of Marbletown, appoint- 
ed executors. Signed by the testator. 

Tacob G Louw (^P"^ ^^' ^791. William M Ginnis, 

r^ „ Weaver, appeared before the Surro- 

WiLLiAM McLiiNNis gate, proving the will, and signatures 

Moses Cantine Junr. of the other witnesses.) 

(Original will in box 12. — Roelof E. m. March 10, 1787, Franciska Cannes'). 

Page 245. — ADAMS, ABEL, of New Marlborough, 

Will dated i6th day of Sth month, 1790. 

"My beloed wife Debrough Adams (to) keep the farm and famely 
together Provided she remains my widow until my son Samuel coms of 
full age, and if she should marry" "she (to) have £30 in moveables" also 
"one Rum in the house and one Cow kept on the farm with a sufficient of 
firewood with Eight Bushels of wheat and four of Com yearly, with tea 
and sweetening sufficient for her use and ten pounds of Wool and twenty of 
flax yearly with one hundred Wt. of Pork and fifty of beef yearly so long 
as she remains my widow." — "My son Abel Adams (to) have the lot of 
Land on the Northeast Corner of my farm where he now lives" "as has 
been shewed him and Samuel sum time ago suposed to be about 40 akers" 
he to pay to "Darcas Hawkey £24. (£12 in money and £12 in stock). The 
other part of the land to be divided between "my other sons: Samuel, 
David, and Elisha Adams;" "to be in Samuel's care untill David corns of 
age and for Samuel to pay Marther Hawkey £30 and Abigail Airs £30, 
one half in cash and one half in moveables, and £10 to Thomas Airs in 
stock" and "Samuel to pay my daughters £30 each" "Mary Adams, Anna 

74 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Adams, Rebecca Adams, Mela Adams, Deborough Adams as they come 
of age one half in money and the other half in moveables." If any of 
the sons should die without issue, one third be divided among the sons and 
the other two thirds among the daughters. "No legacy to be paid ouyt" 
until the lands be cleared of a certain mortgage now on the same." 

Son "Able Adams with my sons in law Thomas Airs and my friend 
Joshua Sutton" appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

Edward Hallock Junr. (May 4, 1791, the first two witnesses, 
Nehemiah Smith farmers, appeared before the Surro- 

Benjamin Sands gate, proving the will.) 

Original will in box i. Red seal, impression from a ring with letters E X T R A T . . . N, 

Page 248.— SLEQHT, JOHANNIS, of Kingston. 

Will dated March 4, 1791. 

"Unto my son John all that Lot of Ground" "in Kingston" "whereon 
I now dwell, together with the Houses, Outhouses, Barns, Stable, Kitchen 
and Brewhouses thereon standing, with all the Utensils and Implements to 
the said Brewhouse belonging," he "to pay unto my sons Solomon" iiyS" 
and "to suffer Gerritie my wife to hold and enjoy one equal third part of 
the Garden, adjoining the said dwelling house, and also one equal half 
part or moiety of my said dwelling house and Kitchen and sufifer her to 
injoy stable room for one Cow in the said Barn" "immediately after my 
decease during such time as she shall remain my widow and receive and 
take to her own use and behoof the Rents Issues and profits thereof." — 
To wife also "all my household Goods and' furniture" "during her widow- 
hood, and after her decease "or remarriage" unto my daughters Elizabeth, 
Margaret, Arientie, and the children of my Daughter Sarah" "now de- 
ceased." To wife also iio yearly "so long as she shall remain in a state 
of widowhood*' "£5" by son John, and £5 by son Solomon. — To executors" 
"one lot of Land" "westerly of the said town of Kingston, known by the 
name of Harrys's Wye, and also one other Lot of land, being parcel of a 
tract of Land called the Armebowery" in Kingston "and all my negroes 
negro wenches, Horses, Cows, Cattle and personal Estate" "in trust and 
confidence" to dispose of for payment of debts and payment of legacies 
to the daughters, % to Daughter Elisabeth the wife of Oke Sudam, li to 
Margaret the Wife of Gerrj,t Van Keuren, ^ each to Ariantie and Sarah. 

Sons John and Solomon, and sons in law Oke Sudam and Gerrit 
Van Keuren appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

John Nottingham (July 8, 1791, Egbert Dumond of Kingston, 
JoHANNis Persen Esq. appeared before the Surrogate, prov- 

Egbert Dumond n'SstT ' ^^^^*"'""' °* *^" °'^^ ^>*- 

Original will in box 35. Cover sealed with two red seals, impressions of two figures. 

Will Book A., Kingston. 75 

(Johannes Slegt, bt. Oct. 18, 1719 (s. of Jan ^. and Elisabeth Smedes — see Tryntje Bareni- 
sen), m. i., May 9, 1746, Elisabeth^Elmendvrf, m. 2., widower, brewer, Gerritje van Bunschoten, 
and had with ist wife: i. Elis^efh; bt. Sept. 26, 1746, m^ Oke Sudam; ii. AriaantjeiC^ht. April 
16, 1749; iii. Jan, bt. Tan 12, 11751; iv. Margrietjen, bt. Sept. 8, 1754, ih. Gerrit van Keuren; with 
2d wife: v. Sara, bf. June 22, 1759; vi. Solomon, bt. March 17, 1765). 

Page 251.— FOWLER, CHARLOT, of Newburgh. 

Will dated July 27, 1791. 

"To my two grandsons namely George Merrit Junr. and John Merrit 
sons to my daughter Mary Merrit £5 each." — "To my Granddaughter 
Chariot Cleark Daughter to my Daughter Elizabeth Cleark £10" — "To my 
two Grand Children Samuel Gidney and Rebekah Gidney son and daugh- 
ter to my daughter Chariot Gidney deceast £5 each." — "To my grand- 
daughter Chariot Fowler, Daughter to my only son Samuel Fowler, my 
Female Slave by the name of Hannah an offspring of my Slave Sarah, 
and also my Bed and furniture." "My slave Sarah is to remain in bond- 
age after my decease during her natural life and to have the liberty to 
chose which of my Children to live with also the value of her to be equally 
divided between my two Daughters Gloranor Fowler and Martha Tooker, 
and my only son Samuel Fowler." "To my three daughters Martha 
Tooker, Gloranor Fowler, and Rebekah Fowler Wife to my son Samuel 
Fowler, all my household furniture and two Cows one heifer & ten sheep" 
"except my desk which I give to my only son Samuel Fowler." — "To 
my Granddaughter Sybal Merrit Wife to my Grandson George Merrit 
Junr., to my Daughters Elizabeth Cleark, Martha Tooker, and Gloranor 
Fowler, and my Grand Daughters Chariot Purdy,, and Chariot Gidney 
all my Wareing Aparel." 

Son Samuel Fowler, and Daniel Holmes appointed executors. 

Charlot Fowler (her mark). 

(Aug. 6, 1791, Jabez Chamberlain, of 
Daniel Holmes Newburgh, appeared before the Surro- 

Stasha Garret gate, proving the will, and signatures of 

Jabez Chamberlain the other witnesses. Adm. granted to 

Daniel Holmes). 

Original will in box 14. 

Page 254.— BARBER, PATRICK, of Montgomery. 

Will dated Sept. 22, 1791. 
"To my beloved wife Jane Barber £10 yearly," "with the use of a 
Bed Room wherein is a small Fire place and convenient firewood, with 
sufficient meat and Drink during her natural Life. Also the Best Bed 
and Furniture for the same Also the best Horse, and all the Woollen and 
Linens unmade up and likewise any other Furniture that she shall choose" 
"a corner Cupboard, Loom, Franklins Stove and a wheat Mill excepted, 
which I bequeath to my son John Barber" he "shall have the use, posses- 
sion and benefit of the Farm whereon I now live during my Wifes natural 
life, he paying the above mentioned sum of £10 yearly." — "To my son 

76 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Joseph Barber the Monies arising from four Bonds that is now in my 
possession, Viz. two against James McClaughry, Conditioned for. £36.12 
each, one against Samuel Miller conditioned for £40 and one Note against 
Col. John Nicholson conditioned for £50 with the interest thereon." — "To 
my Daughter Margaret Davidson the money arising from a Bond I have 
against Henry Neely conditioned for £20." — "My Negro man named York 
(to) be set free the first day of May after my decease, and that my Execu- 
tors give him a Suit of my every day Clothes. The Residue of. my wear- 
ing apparel, I will and order my Wife to dispose of as she shall think 
proper." Residue to be sold "at publick Vendue." 1/3 thereof to wife, 
the other 2/3 divided in five shares, of which to" Margaret John, William 
and Joseph Barber 1/5 each; the other fifth "to the Children of my de- 
ceased son Francis Barber. "At death of wife "the Farm that I now live 
on to my son John Barber with all the Right Title and appurtenances" 
"he first paying to Margaret Davidson or her Children" "£60 one year 
after decease of my wife Clear of Interest. Also the sum of £60 to the 
Children of my son Francis Barber deceased, at the end of two years 
after my Wifes decease", "£60 to my son Joseph Barber" after three 
years," "£60 to my son William Barber" after four years," "£60 to be re- 
tained in his (my said son John Barbers) Hands for the use of his 
Children." — If my son John should happen to die before my wife, the 
Estate shall be sold, and the money divided. 

The sons appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

(Oct. 24, 1791, Joseph Burrough, black- 
JosEPH Burrough smith, appeared before the Surrogate, 

James Housten Junr. proving the will, and signatures of the 
Samuel Houston other \vitnesses. — ^Adm. granted to John 

and William Barber, executors.) 

Original will in box 3; red seal with impression of a 'wykorn.' 

Page 258,— DILL, JOHN, of New Windsor. 

Will dated Sept. 20, 1788. 
"Money Due to me from this State to be Colected in by Hennery 
Neely and John Dill son of my brother Caleb deceased whome I constitute 
and appoint to be my Executors." — "To my Brother Roberts six sons £15 
to each one of them, which in the whole amounts to £90." — "To my 
brother Caleb deceased children as foUoeth to John £15," "to the four 
Girls, Jean, Deborah, Meary and Betsy, £30 each" "to Joseph and to 
James £40 each" "which money I heave lent to the State of New York." 

Signed by the testator. 

James Faulkner (Nov. 5, 1791, Abraham Neely of New 

Abraham Neely Windsor, yeoman, appeared before the Sur- 

David Hill rogate, proving the will, and signatures of 

the other witnesses.) 

Original will in box ii. 

Will Book A., Kingston. 


Page 260.— TERWILLIQER, JONATHAN, of Shawangunk, Yeoman. 

Will dated Oct. 5, 1791. 

"Unto my Eldest son, Jonathan a Horse the choice out of my stock 
of Horses." — "Unto my beloved wife Rebaccah my best Bed Bedstead 
and furniture," — "After payment of debts to wife and four sons, 
Jonathan, Mattheus, Tunis and Nathaniel two equal thirteenths each. 
Remaining three equal thirteenths to my three daughters, Catharine, the 
wife of Jonathan Odel, Lintie the wife of Henry Rediger, and Allida." 

Wife, son in law Henry Rediger and "my friend Evert Roos" ap- 
pointed executors. 

Jonathan Terwilliger (his mark). 

(Nov. 5, 1791, Cornelius Bruyn of Shawan- 
gunk, Esquire, and Evert Roos Junr., 
farmer, appeared before the Surrogate, 
proving the will, and signatures of the other 

Evert Roos Junier 
John Conklin 
Cor. Bruyn 

(Grig, will in Box 40.) 

Box 40. Inventory, taken- Oct. 
Abram V. Steenbeergh. 

One Barrick With Wheat and Rye 
in it £15. 

To Hay 8. 

To Corn 4- 

To Buckwheat 2 . 

To seven Horsekine 20 . 

To three Milch Cows. ....*.. 9 . 

To Eleven Young Cattle 10 . 

To Eight Sheep 2. 

To Six pigs 1 . 

To One Waggon 3 . 

To one Slay and Tacklin 3 . 

To two Plows and Irons i . 

To one harrow and Iron Keetle 

To one Wind Mill 2. 

To three Axes 

To two Stubbing Hoes 

To three Iron Widges 

To three hoes 

To two Tithes and tacklin 

To one Cross cut saw ., . . 

To one hand saw and three augers. . 

To one Bittle 

To two tramniels 

To two pair of tongs and one 

To one pair of Andirons 

Three Iron pots 

To one Skillet 

To one tea kittle 

To three guns i. 

To eight puter plates 

To three platterS 

To one tea pot and crookry 

To two candlesticks and i tea can- 

To one case and bottles 

To "one Chest 

To one Cupbord and chest 10. 

To two Saddles 2 ■ 

To twelve Spoons 

To three pails 

29, 1791, by Johanus Parliman and 

To one Looking Glass 

To one Table 

To one Weaving Loom i . 

To two Reeds 

To one Quill Wheel 

To one Woollen Wheel 

To one small Wheel 

To one adz and drawing knife.... 

To one spade 

To six chairs 

To one half Bushel 

To two Beif casks 

To two Washtubs 

To one Leechtub 

To one Barrel 

To two caggs 

To three Casks 

To one Grindstone 

To one Cunkshill 

To one Chane and Yoke 

To one bed and bedstead 

To two shears 

To several things too tedious to 

mention (sic) u , 

To one mare belonging to Jonathan 

Terwilliger, Junior 10 . 

To one bed and bedstead belonging 

to his wife Rebeccah 3. 

To one Griddle 

To one Pan 

To one Pigeon Net 

To one Fox trap 

To one small case 

To one Hetchel 

To one Bookcase 

To flax 

To Weaving Gears 

To one broad Ax 

To one Dung and pitch fork 

To Beit and Pork for the family 

(sic) I . 

To three Big Baskets 










78 Ulster Co./N. Y., Probate Records. 

Page 262,— HUNTER, JOHN, of Shawangunk, yeoman. 

Will dated March 31, 1789. 

"After payment of debts" "the Remainder" "to my Mother Ann 
Hunter." — "To my Brother Stephen all my Interest and Right to my 
land or Real Estate after my Mothers terms is Ended therein" "if he leave 
lawful issue, the property to go to such issue; if he should die without 
lawful issue or before my mother, then I give and bpqueath to my brother 
Joseph Hunter all the Real Estate" "vested in me by the last will and 
testament of Robert Hunter my fathei:." 

"My Brother James Hunter and my good friend William Gillespy" 
appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

William Still (Nov. 5, 1791, William Still, of Montgom- 

Tane Hunter ^''3'' Taylor, appeared before the Surro- 

i, TT gate, proving the will, and signatures of the 

ELIZABETH iluNTER ^^j^g^ witnesses.) 

Original will in box 17. 

Page 265.— DOYOO, PETER, of New Paltz, Yeoman. 

Will dated June i6, 1791. 

"Unto my beloved wife Elizabeth one Milch Cow her choice to be 
taken out of my stock Also one Feather Bed with the Bedstead and the 
necessary furniture." — "To my Grandson Peter Doyoo, son of my son 
Peter Doyoo Junr., my saddle and Bridle and my leather Halter."' — 
"Unto my five sons, Peter, Simon, Levi, Lucas and Nathan, and my five 
daughters Agetha, Elizabeth, Margaret, Sarah and Catherine" "in fee 
simple, all my Estate Right Title and Interest of in and to my Land at 
Kinderhook" Co. Columbia,, within a Tract or parcel of land granted by 
Letters patent to Capt. John Baker and Jacob Plodder together with all 
my other Estate Right and title of and in the general Patent next unto 
and lying adjoining to the first mentioned Tract unto each of my said 
Children." "Whereas a great part of the said Tract of land hath here- 
tofore been disputed and claimed by persons holding and claiming the 
same under other patents and titles and divers law suits may hereafter 
arise for Recovering and maintaining the same, Therefore my intent 
and meaning is that if any or either of my said Children shall refuset or 
neglect to Join my other Children" "in prosecuting at law for the Recov- 
ery of the said Land or any part thereof or shall neglect or refuse to pay 
or discharge his, her or their Just and full proportion of the Costs and 
expenses which may accrue in prosecuting at law or otherwise" then 
what may be recovered shall be divided among those children only who 
have contributed to the costs. 

"To my said son Levi" "in fee simple All my lands Tenements 
Hereditaments and appurtenances" "which I hold" "within the Tract 

Will Book A., Kingston. 79 

of land granted by Patent to James Graham and John Delaval also within 
the Tract granted to Coll. Jacob Rutsen, whereon my Grist Mill stands" 
"in New Paltz" "also all my Land" "in Shawangunk" "being a Tract of 
Land granted by Letters Patent unto myself and my son Peter Doyoo 
Junr. containing about 1200 acres, and all my other Estate, both Real and 
personal." — To wife Elizabeth £15 yearly "in lieu of her dower." 

Son Levi, son in law Nathaniel Webb, and "my friend Johannis 
Bruyn" appointed executors. 

Peter Doyoo (his mark). 

(Dec. 2, 1791, Johannis Bruyn, of Shawan- 
Margaret Bruyn gunk, yeoman, appeared before the Surro- 
CoRN. T. Jansen gate, proving the will, and signatures of the 

ToH''s Bruyn other witnesses. — Adm. granted to Levi 


(Original will in box 9, as well as Nathaniel Webb and Johannes Bruyn's renunciation of 
executorship, dated Nov. 30, 1791. 

II. Pierre {Peter) Deyo (Doej'ou), s. of Christian D. (q. v.), m. Agatha Nickol, and had: 
i. Christian (,De Jong)t b. 1664, m,, Febr. i, 1702, Marytje de Graaf (le Conte) ; ii. Abraham^ 
b. Oct. 16, 1676, m., Nov. 23, 1702, Elsie Claarwater; lii. Mary, bt. Apr. 20, 1679; iv. Pierre 
and V. Margaret, bt. Oct. 14, 1683; vi. MaddeHne, b. Apr. 16, 1689; vii. HENRICUS, b. Oct. 
12, 1690, m. Dec. 31, 171S, Margaret Van Bummel (Wamboom), and had: a. Deborah, bt. Jan. 27, 
1717, m. Febr. 19, 1749, Petrus Ostrander; b. PETER, JR., bt. Nov. 9, 1718; c. Isaac, bt. March 
17, ^723, m. Agatha Freer; d. Benjamin, bt. May 30, 1725, m. Nov. 10, 1751, Jenneke Van Vliet, 
b. Rochester; e. Johannes, bt. Nov. 6, 1726, m. Nov. 20, 1756, Sara Van Wagenen; f. Ckristoffel, 
bt. Febr. 4, 1728, m. Deborah Van Vliet; g. Hagetta, bt. Oct. 19, 1720, m. May s, 1749, Johannes 
Freer; h. Henricus, b. 1731, m. Oct, 13, 1753, Elisabeth Beem; i. Sarah, b. Sept. 16, 1733, m, 
Isaac Van Wagenen; j. David, bt. Jan. 9, 1737. 

IV. PETER (DOYOO, DUO, DB JOO, DE JOUW), JR., (above), m., Jan. 25, 174S, 
Elisabeth Helm, b. Hurley, and had: Annaatje, bt. Aug. 18, 1745; ii. Anaatje, bt. May z, Z748; 
iii. Ageda, bt. Dec. 28, 1746; Levi). 

Page 269.— VAN KEUREN, HENDRICKUS, of New Paltz, Husband- 

Will dated March 29, 1785. 

"My Estate both Real and personal" "unto my beloved Wife Catha- 
rine for and during and so long as she shall, remain my widow" "without 
Impeachment of Wast."— "After my Gun being first given by my Exe- 
cutors unto my Grandson Jonathan which I also order to be done in con- 
sideration of his fathers Birth right" "to my son Benjamin and my two 
Grand Children named Jonathan and Sarah Children of my Eldest son 
Hendrickus deceased, my daughter Martha wife of John Lewis, and my 
daughter Tjatie, wife of Simon Terwilleger" "all my personal or Moove- 
able Estate" "immediately after my said Wifes Death or Marriage" "my 
two grand childrens shares to Equall to one share of my daughters." — ^To 
wife "my Negroe wench named Mary to dispose of as she shall think 
proper. "After death or remarriage of wife" unto my youngest son 
Jacob" "All my Real Estate" "also my Negroe Boy named Tom,." 

8o Ulster Co./N. Y., Probate Records. 

Wife, son Jacob, and "my son in law Simon Terwilleger" appointed 
executors. Signed by the testator. 

(Aug. 15, 1786, Jacob Conklin, of New- 
JoHN Terwilliger Junr. burgh yeoman, appeared before the Surro- 
Thomas Freer gate, proving the will, and signatures of the 

Jacob Concklin other witnesses;-^Adm. granted to Jacob 

Van Keuren.) 

Qiatthys Maithysen, Jr. (.Van Keuren after birth of Marytiin), bt. Apr. 24, 1681, (s. of 
Matthys Mattysen and Tiatie De Witt, q. v.), m. March ^,_ 1704, Tryntje Slegt, and had: L Hen- 
ricus, bt. Sept 11, lyog; ii. Marytjen, bt. Apr. 29, 1716; iii. Cornelis, bt Nov. 24, 1717, m. Febr. 
24. 1739. Arriaantje Van Buren; iv. Johannes, bt. March 20, 1720, m. Sept. 28, 1742, Divertje 
Van den Berg; v. Petrus, bt. Oct 29, 1721; \i. Mattheus, bt Sept. 20, 1724, m. July 10, 1746, 
Helena Vielen, 

HENRICUS VAN KEUREN (above), bt Sept 11, 1709, m., Oct 12, 1734, Catharma 
Swart, and had: i. Tryntjen, bt. Dec. 23, 1738; ii. Tryntien, bt Jan. i, 1741 (m. May 19, 1776, 
George Nies); iii. lienricus, bt. July 10, X743; iv. Benjamin, bt Jan. i^ 17.46; v. Metjen 
(.Martha), bt. Jan. i, 1749, m. John Lewis; vi. Zara, bt June 23, 1751; vii. Tjaadje, bt Febr. 19, 
1758, m. Simon Terwilliger; viii. Jacob'). 

Page 272.— GREEN, ISRAEL, of Wall Kill. 

Will dated Oct. 8, 1791. 

"Two Cows, one bed and beding, I give and bequeath unto my love- 
ing wife Sarah, with all her wearing appearel." Executors to sell all the 
rest of the moveables and as much of my land as may pay my debts, &c. 
"All my lands that may be left unsold when my three sons come to the 
age of 21 years I give and bequeath to be Equally divided between my 
three sons Jonathan, Nathaniel and Orrange." Children to receive 
"schooling" and executors to "put them to trades at the age of 14 or 15 

"My trusty friends Elijah Seely and Daniel Wells" both of Wall 
Kill, appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

Samuel Wickham (Nov. 29, 1791, Stephen Preston of Wall 

Stephen Preston ^i"' Silversmith appeared before the Sur- 

. „r rogate, provmg the will, and signatures of 

Abel Woodhall ^he other witnesses.) 

Original will in box is. 

Page 274.— SCHOONMAKER, DANIEL, of Rochester. 

Will dated July 10, 1788. 
"Unto my Eldest son Thomas all and singular the Surveying Instru- 
ments in consideration of his being my first born and no more." Also 
"all that certain Tract of parcel of Land" "at Jaagkreepelbush" "in Marble- 
town" "whereon I now dwelleth Together with all" "the buildings and 
improvements" he to pay "£200 as herein after directed." — "To my son 
Jochem" "all my Real Estate" "in Rochester" with buildings and improve- 
ments, he to pay £200 "applied as shall be herein directed." — "Unto my 
son Hendricus" "all those Lands tenements and hereditaments" "at Assho- 
kan" "in Marbletown which I have inherited by my wife." — "Unto my 

Will Book A., Kingston. 8i 

daughter Lena Two Milch Cows and two Sheep the choice out of my 
flocks as also as much of my household furniture as she shall think proper 
to take. "Sons Thomas and Jochem" shall well and sufficiently maintain 
and keep my said daughter Lena at any place she shall Elect with com- 
petent Meat, Drink and Cloathing of all sorts, washing, lodging, mending, 
and all other necessaries of life, suitable for such a person during her 
natural lifetime. "If they neglect or refuse to do so, they shall "be forever 
thereafter bared and disinherited." — "To my said son Jochem the Weav- 
ers Loom with all its appurtenances and the Fan or wind mill, also to be 
delivered to him before any division of my personal Estate be made." 
Residue to the four children: Jochem and Hendricus and my daughter 
Catharina the wife of Lodewick Schoonmaker." The £400 reserved to 
be paid by sons Thomas and Jochem, to be divided "unto my said son 
Hendricus and daughter Catharina as a legacy £200 each." 
Sons Thomas and Jochem appointed executors. 

Signed by the testator. 

(Nov. 4, 1791, Dirck Wesbrook of Roch- 
NiCH. Vander Lyn ester, Esq., and Nicholas Vanderlyn of 
DiRicK Wesbrook Kingston, yeoman, appeared before the 

Jac : CoDDiNGTON Surrogate, proving the will, and signature 

of the other witness.) 

(Daniel S.^ bt. Febr. Z2, 1713, (s. of Jochem S. and Anna Hussey, q. v.), m., Oct. z6, 1733, 
Magdalena Jansz (Jansen), and had: i. Thomas, bt. Nov. 17, 1734; ii. Jochem, bt. Febr. 13, 1737; 
iii. Henderikvs, bt. Aug. 12, 1739; iv. Catrma, bt. Jan. 27, 1745, m. Lodewyck Schoonmaker; 
y. Annaatje, bt. Dec. 25, 1747, and Lena). 

Page 279.— KEERSTEDE, ARIANTIE, "Relict of Aldert Keerstede, 
of Marbletown." 

Will dated Nov. 19, 1770. 

"Unto my daughter Blandena (wife of Wilhelmus Hooghtalen Junr.) 
the one Just full half or moiety of all my Estate." — "Unto my Grandson 
Aldert Smedes the other Just full half or moiety of all my Estate. "If 
Blandena should die, then her share to go to Aldert Smedes, and vice versa. 
The legacy to said grandson to be charged with a sufficient sum to 
"discharge the legacy which my daughter Catharina (Wife of Nathan 
Smedes)" "is ordered to pay unto my said daughter Blandena" "by the 
last will of my late husband Aldert Keerstede deceased, dated Dec. i, 

Grandson Aldert Smedes "and my neighbour Levi Pawling" ap- 
pointed executors. Signed by the testatrix. 

(July 18, 1791, Albert Pawling of Troy, 
Helena Pawling Co. Renselaer, Esq., appeared before the 
Albr. Pawling Surrogate, proving the will, and signatures 

Louis Bevier °^ *^^ other witnesses. Adm. granted to 

Aldert Smedes "surviving executor.") 


Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

(Original will in box 23. Administration granted March i, 1791, to Blandina Hooghtevling, 
of Dutchess Co., widow, a daughter of said Arriaentie, Adm. bond, £400, by said Blandina, 
a widow of Wilhelmus Hooghteeling, Junr., Esq., deceased, late of Kingston, Philip Hooghteeling 
and Abraham Hooghteeling, of Kingston. Letters of Adm., Liber A., p. 53, estate box 23. 

Aldert Kierstede, bt. Nov. 16, 1685 (s. of Roelof K. and Bike Alberts Rosa iYke Jans), 
m., Oct. 26, 1714, Ariantje Lameter (de Lamater), dau. of Abraham Delamater and Elsie Tappen, 
dau of Jurian T., and widow of HUlebrand Le Sueur (see Abraham De Lamater), and had: 
i. Zara, bt. May 13, 1716., m., jfan. 3, 1736, Hendepkus Slegt; ii. Abraham, bt. Sept. 22, 1717; 
iii. Elsjen, bt. March 8, 1719; iv. Catrina, bt. Jan. 6, 1723, m., Oct. 23, 1742, Nathan Smedes; 
V. Blandina, m., Nov. i, 1749, Wm. Hoogtaling, Jr.). 

Page 282.— DE WITT, JACOB RUTSEN, of Mamacotting. 

Will dated Dec. 14, 1776. 

"Unto my beloved Wife, all my Real and personal Estate as long 
as she remaineth my Widow and no longer." — "Unto my three sons 
Moses, Egbert and Jacob Rutsen all my Real and personal Estate" they 
to pay, one year after they possess the said Estate "unto each of my 
seven daughters Margaret Mary Elesabeth Rachal Janneke Hannah and 
Esther 1/13 part to each. 

Wife, "William Rose my son in law and my Brothers son Simon De 
Witt" appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

(Jan. 6, 1792 Tjerck Van Keuren 
Westbroeck of Memecating, yeo- 
man, appeared before the Surro- 
gate, proving the will, and signa- 
tures of the other witnesses.) 

Isaac Vantuyl 

TiERCK Van keuren Westbroeck 

Marten Decker (his mark) 

(Orig. will in Box lo.) 

Box 10. — Inventory, taken by Jane De Witt, Executrix, and William Rose, 
Executor, in presence of Benjamin De Puy and Moses De Witt, two 
of the Creditors. 

.4 Milch Cows @ £4 £ 16 . 00 . 00 

2 Heifers 3 6 . 

a three y. o Steers 10. 

J Yearling Do 1.15. 

I Do. Bull 2. 

j3 Calves @ 12/ 1. 16. 

5 Sheep @ 8/ 2 . 

4 Hogs @ 16/. 3- 4. 

3 Shotes @ 6/ 18. 

9 Geese @ 3/ 1. 7- 

5 Ducks @ 1/ 5. 

1 Horse 5 . 

I Waggon 12. 

I pleasure slay I. 5. 

1 Common Do i. 5. 

I Plough I . 

1 Irontooth Harrow i. 2. 

I Woodentooth Do 3 . 

1 Ox-yoke S. 

4 Hoes 8. 

5 Augers 10 . 

2 Ox-chains @ 12/ i. 4. 

2 pitch forks @ 1/ 2. 

I scythe & Cradle 8. 

I Scith 2. 

1 Broad-ax 8. 

2 Wood Do. @ 6/ 12, 

I Carpenter's adz 3. 

I Drawing Knife <;. 

1 Iron Carpenter's Square 3, 

z Dung fork 3 , 

I Broad chisel 

I Pick-ax 

1 Meadow hoe 

I Cow Bell 

I sett Harness 

I neck yoke for Do 

r set clevises & wiffle trees 

I saddle and bridle 

I hollow adz 

I Compass-saw 

I Snik 

I stake bile 

I old wood shod sleigh 

I fire tong 

I do. Shovel 

I paid hand Irons 

I frying pan 

15 Emty cider barrels 

I Ironbound Emty Hogshead. . . . 
I Emty 14 gall. Keg 

1 Milk Churn 

2 Milk Keelers 

I Water pail 

I Tea Kettle 

1 Candle stick 

2 Smoothing Irons 

4 Bed Steads 

I Feather bed, bolster & pillows. 

I Large flour chest 

12 Chairs @ 1/6 

I Iron-bason 

I. 6 
. 4. 

2. 6 








Will Book A., Kingston. 


2 Tables 6. 

I Buffet , I. 

I Cubbard z . 

I Gin Case with 5 empty flasks... 5. 

I pr of warping-bars & spools.... 5. 

1 Weaving Loom zo . 

2 floures chests 3 . 

2 12 Gall: Kegs 4. 

I pr of reed and gears 6. 

1 Blanket reed 4 . 

2 Iron wood wedges 4. 

I pr Stilyards xo. 

1 Grid Iron . . . i 4 . 

2 Flax Hetchels 4. 

1 Gridle 6. 

3 Spinning Wheels 9 . 

1 Saw Mifl file 9 . 

2 stone Hammers 4. 

I old Gun 8. 

z Spit 4. 

1 quill wheel & swift 3. 

2 milk Trays i . 

I Half Bushel measure 1.6 

I half Peck Do 1 . 

z Grind Stone 4. 

z Large woolen wheel , i ,' 

z Reel 2, 

I par of Snuffers 6. 

I Cloth's brush 6. 

z flax Crackle j, . 6 . 

z Chamberpot 6 . 

z Lot of Dutch books 3 . 

I Lot of English Do iS . 

A Quantity of wheat in the sheaf 
supposed to be 40 bushels @ s/. 10. 

Do.'of Rye in do. ab. 30 bl 4.10. 

I Ne^ro man, named Flink 50- 

I Negro woman, Dina 40. 

9 Pewter plates 13 . 6 

3 Do. platters 8 . 

I Do. Bason 2 . 

1 Do. Tankerd 3, 

2 Iron pots 8 . 

I Do. Kettle 4. 

I Dresser g, 

I Chest 5 . 

I Looking Glass 6, 

I Iron trammel 5 . 

I Kunk shell z . 

I Bush hook 3. 6 

I Hone , 4. 

3 Guns 3 . 

I Hang Iron 1,6 

I Arm Chair 2. 

X Bedstead, the Bed and beding. . z. 

I Bed & beding, 16. 

I Do. & do z. 

I Large Ironbolt z . 6 

Amount of Book debt 14. 13. 7J^ 

To allowance made the late Jacota 
R. DeWitt by the Co. of Ulster 

for public Services performed.. 2. 8. o 

Note of hand from RUzaheth, Ter- 
imlUger, dated Sept. 29, 1789, 

principal 3 . 

2 Negro wenches & an old Negro 
man, and Incumbrance. . . 

£230. 8. 4J4 

{Egbert De Witt, b. March 18, 1699, (s. of Andries De Witt and Jqnnetje Egbertsen, see 
Charles De Witt), m., Nov. 4, Z72J5, Mary Nottingham, and had: i. Andries, bt. Oct_. zs, 17271 
m., ^r. 24, Z748, Jannetje Vernooy, dau. of Johannes V. and Jennehe Louw: H. JACOB 
RUTSEN, bt. Apr. Z3, Z729; iii. William; b. 1731, m., May 30, 1762, Susanna Chambers; iv. 
John E., bt. Sept. 19, Z733, m., Oct. 26,^1765, Catharine Newkerk, dau. of Cornelius N., Jr., and 
Neeltje Du Bois; v. Stephen, bt. Dec- 14, 1735, m., Dec. 8, Z770, Wyntje Brodhead, dau. of 
John B. and Venni Nottingham; vi. Mary, b. Sept. 5, 1737, m., Febr.- 18, 1765, General James 
Clinton, s. of Charles C. and. Elisabeth Djenniston; vii. Egbert, bt. Apr. i, 1739; viii. Thomas, 
b. May 3, 1741, m., Febr* z8, Z782, Elsie Hasbrouck, dau of Jacob H. and Maria Hoomheck; 
ix. Benjamin, bt Jan. 19, 1743; x. Reuben, bt. Napannock, Oct. 20, 174s* m., Nov. zz, 1772, 
Elisabeth Dehuy, dau. of Moses Z>. and Elsje Klaarwater. 

JACOB RUTSEN (above), m., Apr. 15, i7s6j Jenneke Depuy, dau. of Moses D. and Mar- 
garet Schoonmaker, and purchased land in Sullivan Co., on Navesinck River. 

Moses De Witt was County Judge and Surrogate of Herkimer and Onondaga Counties, 
1791-94, and died Aug. zs, Z794. Rachel De Witt, m.. Col. Robert Burnet (N. Y. Gen, Reg., 
1887, p. zs). ^ 

On Nov. s» 1788, a certificate of survey was issued for Egbert J, De Witt and Jacob 
Rutsen De Witt, Jr., of lot 14s in the town of Chemung, of 1400 acres of land (Big Flats, 
Chemung Co.) (N. V. Land Papers, liv, p. Z90). 

Page 284.— HASBROUCK, ABRAHAM, of Kingston. 

Will dated Sept. S, 1785. 

"Unto my well beloved Wife Cathrina as long as she remains my 
Widdow and no longer, the use of my House in Kingston which I have 
purchased of Robert G. Livingston and Cathrina his Wife" "that part of 
said House I now live or Dwell in the North end thereof the new addi- 
tion I have made to the House, the Room on the first floor and the Room 
overhead on the second story, and the Room above the Entry faceing the 
street, and also the Celler under that of the House of the new addition, 
with liberty to make us of the Entry to pass and repass through the 
same, to the Rooms, and Cellar, and also the stairs to go up and down said 

84 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

stairs to the Rooms on the second story and to have the liberty and use 
of the cellar stairs of the Entry into the celler and out again and also 
liberty to have the use of the Garrets or Lofts over the Rooms of the 
second story of the new addition of said House, and also Yard Room back 
East of the House and also the liberty of the Well to Draw Water out of 
the same, and also to have the liberty of the Kitchen adjoining the 
Room I have bequeathed unto her, to Dress her families Victuals therein 
and washing and Ironing her Cloaths, and also the liberty and use of the 
Oven of the Kitchen to Bake in and also the use of my Garden and Grass 
Plot" "adjoining to the North of said House and South of Jacob Turcks 
Lot of Ground so as it is now comprehended in fence and also previledge in 
my Barn which belongs to said House To Stable therein two Cows" 
"liberty to put in Hay or any other fodder" "for to keep her Cows in 
Winter" "my wife or her servants shall also have full liberty" to go into 
my said Barn to fodder or feed her Cows and out again." To wife also 
"my Orchard and meadow Ground which I have purchased of Aerry Van 
Vliet and Gertie his Wife" also "choice of a Negroe Man and Negroe 
Woman to be taken by her out of all my Slaves" also "the choice of two 
Minch Cows" "out of all my Cattle I have at Kingston and Also two 
feather Beds Bedsteads with hangings or Curtains, and Covering." "Also 
my household Goods and furniture" she to give a list of what she takes. 
To wife also "the Interest what will or shall arise of the sum of £500" 
"yearly" "in lieu of her Dower." 

"Unto my Eldest son Joseph my Farm of Lands, Houses, Barns 
Barricks, Orchards, Gardens," "upon both sides of the Palts Creek or 
River, in the Patent called" "Guilford Alias Nescotack and also another 
certain Small Tract of land containing 40 acres" "adjoining" "conveyed 
to me by Nicholas Roosa and Sarah his Wife, by two sundry conveyances. 
And also another certain Tract of land conveyed to me by John Smith 
deceased and afterwards the other part of said Tract of land was conveyed 
to me by" his executors, "which Tract of land was Granted by Letters 
Patent unto Stephen Dublois reference being had unto his Majesties Let- 
ter Patent and the severall Deeds of Conveyances." "Also another 
Tract of Land adjoining the last mentioned Tract of Land to me Con- 
veyed by Hendricus Dubois and Cornelius Schoonmaker Junr. and Also 
another Tract of Land adjoining to the last mentioned" "conveyed to 
me by my mother Elsie Hasbrouck Deceased and afterwards confirmed to 
me by another Deed of Conveyance from the Trustees of the Township 
of Rochester^' together with Buildings of Houses, Barns, Barricks, Or- 
chards, Gardens, etc., on condition that Joseph shall pay to the executors 
£1200 in specie at the rate of 8 shillings for a Spanish Dollar, in two 
equall payments, the first half a year after my decease, and the second one 
and a half year after my decease. — "Unto my son Joseph" "my Negro Man 
named Hector whom he hath now in his Service, and also all my black 
Cattle or Cows, sheep, Hoggs, and all my Poultry which unto me belongs 
at my Farm at Guildford, And also all my Waggons, Slefes, Ploughs, 

Will Book A., Kingston. 85 

Harrows, and all other Farmers Tools and Utensalls" "all my Household 
Goods and furniture" "at my farm house at Guildford" "all being now 
in his use and possession for some years last past." — "Unto my son 
Jacobus All that certain House and Barn and other Tennements and lots 
of Ground with the appurtenances" "in Kingston so as the same is con- 
veyed unto me by Robert G. Livingston and Cathrina his Wife And Also 
another certain lot of Ground" "in Kingston" "conveyed to me by 
Jacobus Davenport And Also another certain lot of Ground" "on the 
Armen Bowery" "in Kingston" "conveyed to me by Daniel Bogart" And 
also another lot of land commonly called" "Jochems Gat to me conveyed 
by Dirck Van Vliet and Rachel his Wife" "in Kingston" And also the one 
half or Moiety of another Tract" of land where Johannis Westbroeck 
Lived "adjoining Wagagemech Creek or River" "in Goshen, Co. Orange" 
"conveyed to me by William W. Thompson, Esq., High Sheriff for Co. 
Orange" "with House, Barn, Orchards, Gardens, etc. — To Jacob also 
£200 six months after my decease" "out of the Monies due to me by 
Mortgages, Loan Office Notes or Certificates, Bonds, Notes, Book Drafts, 
and out of the Monies I have made my son Joseph Chargeable with." — 
"Unto my son Abraham, All that certain Messuages, or Tennements and 
Lots of Ground" "conveyed to me" "from Major Johannis Hardenbergh 
deceased" "and by one other Deed of Conveyance of Johannis Harden- 
bergh Junr. And also by another Deed of Conveyance from Jan Heer- 
manse Cornelius Elmendofph and Engeltie his Wife" "in Kingston" "be- 
ing formerly my dwelling House and Homestead, which I am about of 
Rebuilding again the House And also all that certain Lot of Land" "on 
the Armen Bowery" "Kingston" "conveyed to me by Abraham Turck and 
Cathrina his Wife Also all that certain Tract of Land which I have pur- 
chased of Abraham Delamater Junr. and Benjamin Delamater and after- 
wards confirmed to me by another Deed of Conveyance from the Trustees 
of the Freeholders and Communality of the Town of Kingston." "And 
also all that certain Tract or Lot of land, whereon my New Orchard 
stands" "in Kingston" "conveyed to me by Arry Van Vliet and Geertie 
his Wife." "And also one half or moiety of another Tract and lots of 
Land where Johannis Westbroeck lived" "adjoining near Wagagemeck 
Creek or River" "in Goshen, co. Orange." To Abraham also £700." — 
"Unto my son Daniel all that certain Tract, or lot of land, being part of 
that Tract or lot of Land called" "No. 2, and also that lot of Meadow 
Land being part of a Meadow Lot of land called" "No. 4" "conveyed to 
me by TVIssrs. David Van Horn and Samuel Van Horn and David Dela- 
mater And also those two Meadow lots of land called" "No. i and 2 ad- 
joining each other" "conveyed to me by Messrs. Hendrick Oostrander, 
Petrus postrander, Dirck Tarepenning and Jacob Tarepenning" "all" 
"within a certain Tract of^land of 4000 acres Granted by letters patent 
unto Richard Bradley Esq. and William Jevon, June 4, 1726, And also 
another Tract of Land" "conveyed to me by Elisabeth Bradley Widdow 
and Relict of said Richard Bradley Esq., deceased." — To Daniel also £400" 

86 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

"all my Horses, Cows Hogs, Waggons, Slees, Ploughs, Harrows, which 
he hath got of mine at the Farm he now lives on at the Platte Kill or 
Creek" "also all the Farmers Utensils and Tools and Household Goods and 
Furniture he hath got from me" "also the Weavers Loom, Reeds, Geers 
and tackling." — To my son Jonathan All that certain Messuage Lot and 
Tennement of mine" "in the City of New York, in Beaver Street" "con- 
veyed unto me by John Roberts Esq., Sheriff for the City and County of 
New York." — To Jonathan also £1800. — "Unto my Daughter Elsje the 
wife of Abraham Salisbury All that certain Lot of Land which is Num- 
bered, on a Chart or Draft thereof made and called No. 8" "within a cer- 
tain Tract of Land called" "8000 Acres Tract, Granted by letters patent 
July 17, 1720, to Peter Schuyler and Company which lot of land I have 
purchased of Jacob Hardenbergh and Petronella his Wife and was 
afterwards by Deed of Partition conveyed to me amongst other lands by 
Isaac Hasbrouck Junr. and Mary his Wife, Solomon Van Wagenen and 
Hannah his wife, Andries Lefever and Rachel his Wife and Lewis Dubois 
which lot No. 8 being bounded to the southwest by lot No. 7 late Allen 
Jarret to the North East by lot No. 9 late Francis Harrisons to the North 
West by the patent line to the South East by the undivided part of land, 
in said Tract, and also the one full fifteenth of the undivided part of all 
the aforesaid Tract or parcel of undivided land within the said Tract of 
8000 Acres" "on the south East side of the devided lots in said Tract, 
Between the Devision line of the said lots from the said undivided Land 
and partition line of the 5000 Acres Tract, and the said 8000 Acres." 
"Also the 1/3 part of a Tract of Land I have with the heirs of Louis 
Bevier and Jacob Hasbrouck Jr., in common in another Tract of land 
which was granted unto myself, Louis Bevier and Jacob Hasbrouck by 
his Majesties letters patent amongst other lands, June 20, 1753" "to the 
South East of a Tract of Land Granted to Edward Broomhead, to the 
North West of a Tract of Land Granted to Johannis Rutsen and Com- 
pany, to the South West by a Tract of land granted to Hendricus Dubois 
and Cornelius Schoonmaker Junr. to the North East by land granted 
to Thomas Ellison." To Elstie also £750. — "Unto my daughter Cathrina 
the Wife of Abraham Hooghteling All that Messuage, or Tennements and 
Tracts and lots of Land, where Evert Sluyter formerly lived on, which 
Tracts or Lots of land I have purchased of Charles Brodhead and Johannis 
Hardenbergh Loan Officers of Ulster County, and from the said Evert 
Sluyter" "As also another certain Lot of low land which I have pur- 
chased of Abraham Low and Arriaentie his wife." "To Cathrina also 
£yoo" "my Negro Boy named John, which she now hath in her Service." — 
"Unto my daughter Marie the Wife of David Bevier all these three 
several lots or Tracts of land Caled or numbered upon a Charter or Draft 
thereof made By No. 9: 13: and 18" "within a patent Granted by letters 
patent unto Noah Eltinge and Nathaniel Lefever And also another lot of 
land" "in New Paltz" "conveyed to me by Hugo Frere deceased And also 
another lot of land" "at a place called and known by the name of Hopoon" 

Will Book A., Kingston. 87 

"in New Paltz patent" "conveyed to me by Johannis Tarepenning And 
also another lot of land being the one half or moiety of a certain lot of 
Land" "within a certain Tract of land" "granted to myself, Louis Bevier 
and Jacob Hasbrouck Junr. by his Majesties letters patent, amongst 
other Lands, June 20, 1753" "known" "upon a Chart or Draft thereof 
made by No. 16" "conveyed to me again by Nathaniel Lefever" "to the 
West of a certain peice of low land called the Groot Stuck or Grand piece 
Also the 1/3 part of another lot of land I have in common with Louis 
Bevier deceased heirs and Jacob Hasbrouck Junr." "within" "last men- 
tioned patent" "on the East side of the Paltz River betwixt the lands of 
Noah Eltinge and Cornelius Dubois deceased being bounded to the West 
by the Paltz River to the and North East by land of Noah Eltinge to the 
East by land granted to Noah Eltinge and Nathaniel Lefever, to the 
south and south West by the land of Cornelius Dubois deceased And 
also the 1/3 part of the Paltz Creek or River and Banks on both sides 
of said Creek or River which I have also had in common with said Louis 
Bevier deceased his heirs and Jacob Hasbrouck Junr." "within the same 
patent. To Marie also £950," "Negro Girl named Lattice which she hath 
now in her service." — "Unto my son Daniel" "the liberty and priviledges 
in all the Common and undivided lands" "in the New Paltz patent" "to 
Cut and Rive Wood, Cut Grass for Hay and break Stone and carry 
away the same from any of the Undivided lands in the year of our Lord, 
1738. And all such other liberties and previledges as is Given and granted 
to me by a certain Deed of Conveya;nce from Solomon Hasbrouck and 
Daniel Hasbrouck." — ^To Joseph also "a Fowling peice of mine he had 
which the stock was broken when you had it, at your House, and also 
my Silver Soup Spoon." 

To "my four sons. Jacobus, Abraham, Daniel and Jonathan all my 
Wrought Silver plate" (the Silver Soup Spoon above excepted). To 
Jacobus "one folwing piece which was bought of Matthew Ernest." To 
Abraham "one fowling piece the best I have in my House and also my 
Silver Hilled Hanger." To Daniel "one Musket I had New Stocked, And 
also my Watch." To Jonathan "Two of the best Muskets I have at my 
farmhouse, at Guilford, the choice to be taken by him" "also" "my Sur- 
veyors Compass and also all my Wearing Apperrel." To Jacobus, Abra- 
ham and Jonathan "All my Negro Slaves I have at Kingston and also 
them which are Runned away with the Enemy And also all my Horses, 
Cows, Hoggs, and Poultry I have at Kingston and also all my Waggons, 
Slees, Ploughs, Harrows, and also all my farmers Tools, Implements and 
Utensils" "all my Books which I have got at Kingston" "all my House- 
hold Good^and Furniture unto me belonging at Kingston." To Jacobus 
and Abraham "the Several Sums of Monies I have given them in my 
lifes tinie, to put them in business in Trade for which sums of monies they 
stand chairged in my Books." — "Unto my Grandson named Abraham the 
son of my son Joseph" £50. — "Unto my Grandson Abraham the son of 
my daughter Elstie, the wife of Abraham Salisbury" £50. — "Unto Grand- 

88 Ulster Co.j N. Y., Probate Records. 

son named Abraham the son of my daughter Cathrina the wife of Abra- 
ham Hooghteling" £50. — "Unto my Neice Elsie the daughter of my 
brother Isaac Hasbrouck deceased" £25. — "Unto my brother Benjamin" 
"the monies due to me by a Bond I have from him And also the Book 
Debt he owes me by Account as may be seen in my Books." 

"Residue of my personal Estate I have Got in Bonds, Mortgages or 
other Specialties" "also Book Debts due to me" to be divided among the 
four sons, Jacobus, Abraham, Daniel and Jonathan. — "Unto my five sons 
Joseph, Jacobus, Abraham, Daniel and Jonathan and three daughters 
Elsie, Cathrina, and Marie" "the above mentioned sum of isoo" to be put 
at good interest upon good security for the Maintainance of my said Wife 
Cathrina and the use of so much Household Goods and furniture, two 
Negro Slaves and two Cows, as long as she remains my widdow" ; after 
her death to the said children. — ^To the five sons "All my Pews and Seats 
I have got in the Severall Churches in the County of Ulster." — ^To the 
five sons and the three daughters" all such Real Estate which I have not 
above Already devised." All legacies to be paid "in Specie or other 
money Equal to a Spanish Milled Dollar at the Rate of eight Shillings 
per Dollar." 

"My Brother Jacob Hasbrouck, my Nephew Joseph Hasbrouck 
Junior, my Brother Jacobs Son, My Nephews Joseph Gasherie and Joseph 
Oosterhoudt" appointed executors. 

Signed by the testator. 
Johannes Beekman (Dec. 13, 1791, Johannis Beekman, of Kings- 

Abraham TuRCK *•?"' y^PJ^^?'. and Peter Vanderlyn, same 

Mpxrnp T ^r urw-r P^^^^' P^ysician, appeared before the Surro- 

ttENDR J. SLEGHT ^^^^^ proving the will, and signatures of the. 

Peter Vanderlyn other witnesses.) 

"I further Give" "unto my son Daniel" "all that certain Messuage, 
House and lots of land which I have at Newburgh" "which I have pur- 
chased of Christopher Tappen and Joseph Gasherie, Loan Officers for the 
County of Ulster" also "my negro Woman named Jenny and her Child 
named Hector." Dated June 17, 1789. 

(Dec. 13, 1 791, Cornelius Beekman, of 
Kingston, yeoman, appeared before the 
Surrogate, proving the Codicil, and signa- 
James Stiles tures of the other witnesses.) 

Cornelius Beekman At the same time, all the executors re- 

■Kif.„.. xT.c„„^.T^T, ius^A to serve, when Jacobus Hasbrouck, 

Maria Hasbrouck j„„, _ Abraham A. Hasbrouck and Jona- 

Abraham a. Salisbury than Hasbrouck, all of Kingston, Mer- 
chants, sons of Colonel Abraham Has- 
brouck, deceased, were appointed adminis- 


Will Book A., Kingston. 89 

(AbraJiam ^asbrouckj bt. Guilfordj Ulster Co., Aug. 21, 1707, and bt, at Kingston, Oct- 
19, 1707 (s. of Joseph H., bt. New Palte.Oct. 23, 1684, m. Cict. 27, 1705, Elsie Schoonmaher, 
bt. Dec. 13, 1685, d'au. of Jochem S. and Petronella Sleght. U^oseph H. was son of Abraham H., 
b. Calais, France, in Boston, 167s, m. Nov. 17, 1675, at Hurley, Marie, dau, of Christian Duyon 
(see will of hfs brother, lean Hasbrouck). Abraham H., m., June 5, 1739, Catherine Bruyn, 
b. June 24, 1720, dau. of Jacobus B. and Tryntje Schoonmaher. A. H. d. Nov. zo, 1791; his 
widow d. Aug. 10, 1793. , Issue: i. Catherina, bt. Apr. 4, 1740, d. Dec 5, 1747; ii. Elsie, bt. 
Febr. 28, 1742, m. Nov. 9, i;;70, Abram, s. of Abram Salitbury and Rachel Ten Broeck, b. Dec. 
5, 1744, d. Febr, 22, 180S; iii. Joseph, bb March 4, 1744, m., March 25, 1773, Elisabeth Bevier; 
iv. Geertruyd, b. Jan. 12, 1746, d. July 29, 1746; v. Geertruyd, b. Nov. i, 174.7, d. Dec. 4, 1747; 
yi. Catherine, b. Jan 15, 1749, m. Nov. 9, 1770, Abraham Hoogteling; vii. Mana, bt. July 7, «7Si, 
m. Jan. 25, 1778, David Bevier; viii. Jacobus, bt. Sept. 28, 1753, m., Apr, 10, 1783, Maria 
De Witt, dau. Charles; ix. Abraham, bt. Febr. 8, 1756, d. June 10, 1796, unm. ; x, Daniel, bt, 
'an, 29, 1758, d. March 6, 1759; xi. Daniel, bt. March 9, 1760, m., June i, 1786, Rachel, dau. of 
;ol. Jonathan Hasbrouck of Newburgh; xii. Jonathan, bt. Nov. 6, 1763, m. Oct. i, 1786, Catharine 
Wynkoop, dau. of Cornelius C. W. and Maria Catherine Ruhl, b, Oct, 24, 1763). 

On Sept. 6, I75x> Abraham Hasbrouck et al. petitioned for a patent for zooo acres out of 
the unappropriated lands in Evan's vacant patent, south and south west of New Palis patent. 
and some parcels south of land granted to Noah Eltinge and Nathaniel Lefevre (N, Y. Land 
Papers, xiv, p. 128). — On Sept, 23, 1752, Daniel Hasbrouck et al. petitioned that letters patent 
may be granted Abraham Hasbrouck et al, for above land, reputed to be within the bounds of 
New Paltz patent until 1709 (Ibid., xv, p. 10), — Noah Elting et al. on the next day entered caveat 
against the granting of letters patent (Ibid., p. 11). — Oh Oct. 13, 1752, there is a return of 
survey for Abraham Hasbrouck et al. for two tracts of land of 870 acres, part of land granted 
to Capt. John Evans (Ibid., xv, p. 17), — Noah Elting on Febr. 13, 1753, offers to Abraham 
Hasbrouck et al, to convey to the owner of New Paltz patent a share of his land, which he 
claims under the title of Lewis Dubois (Ibid,, pps. 39-41), — On Nov. 12, 1762, Abraham Has- 
brouck and Isaac Hasbrouck, Jr., petitioned tor letters patent for vacant land not exceeding 
2000 acres between a tract of 10,000 acres and the 8,000 acres granted to Philip Schuyler et al. 
(Ibid., xvi, p. 13s). — On Apr, 13, 1768, Abraham Hasbrouck, Louis Bevier, Abraham van Keuren, 
Levi Pawling, Jacob Hornbeck, Jacobus Bruyn, and John Cantine petitioned for a grant of 4,000 
acres of land in Ulster Co, (Ibid., xxiv, p. 107). 

Page 307.— COX, JOSHUA, 

Will dated June 24, 1791, 
"To my Brother Benjamin Cox one Horse, and all my wearing 
Clothes," — "To my Sister Mary Sealy one Cow and Calf and five sheep 
and all my Tow and linning Qoth, that I now have." — "To my sister 
Abigail Gale five sheep," — "To my brothers John Cox and William Cox 
10 shillings a piece," — Residue "all my Lands, Tenements and the re- 
mainder of my moveables" to be sold, and the money divided between 
Benjamin, my brother, and Mary and Abigail, my sisters, Benjamin to 
have 2/3. 

. i'to the Poor of this Township £20," 
"My true and trusty friends Josiah Vail and Isaac IVillen" ap- 
pointed executors. Signed by the testator, 

Isaiah Vail (Jan, 30, 1792, Isaiah Vail of Wall Kill, Far- 

NiCHOLAS Carpenter ^^^' appeared before the Surrogate, proving 

^ „ the will, and signatures of the other wit- 

George Phillips nesses,) 

Original will in box 7. 

Page 309.— LEFEVER, ABRAHAM, of New Paltz. 

Will dated July 3, 1790, 
"Unto my loving Wife, Maria, the Use and Income of all my Real 
and personal Estate during her natural Life, and after her decease" "unto 
my Eldest son John A. Lefever for his birth right the Choice of my 

go Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Heifers out of my Horn Cattle." To son John A. also "150 acres of land 
whereon he now lives, and which he now occupies, with the Buildings 
and appurtenances" "in Gerret Ketellas's patent to be taken together with 
and Joyning his improved land in such a manner not to Encroach on the 
Old Farm which I now possess, nor on the improved land in the possession 
of my son Noah." — To "my son Noah Lefever" "140 acres of land 
whereon he now lives on, and which he now occupies with the Buildings" 
same location as above. — "Unto my sons Solomon Lefever and Philip 
Lefever" "residue of all my land" in the above patent. To Solomon and 
Philip also "one Iron bound Waggon and two Iron bound Sieges or 
Slays and also as much of other and like farmers Utensils as my sons 
John A. and Noah Lefever have had." — To Solomon also "the bed 
and bedstead, which he now uses, with the Beding and furniture there- 
unto belonging (the Curtains excepted)." — "Unto my daughter Magda- 
lena the wife of Andries Lefever" "all my Wood or Bush Land or lots" 
"within the patent of the New Paltz (excepting the Hough pons lot)." — 
"Unto my daughter (the wife of Daniel Dubois') Cathrinaf' "the lot of 
land known by the name of Hough pons lof "bounded southeast by the 
Wall Kill, southwest by the lot of Col. Abraham Hasbrouck, northeast by 
the land of William McDonald," "in fee simple." To Cathrina also £50. 
— "Unto my daughter Margriet the Wife of Abraham Bemer" "£50." — 
"Unto my Grandson Abraham Vernooy the son of my said daughter Mar- 
griet and Jonathan Vernooy" £25. — "Unto my Grandson Simon Ver- 
nooy (the son of my said daughter Margriet and Jonathan Vernooy)" 
£25. Sons Solomon and Philip "to have the care and management of the 
monies which I have given" "unto my said two Grandsons," "till they 
come to the age of 21 years." — "Unto my daughter Rachel" £150. 

Residue to be divided among all the children. 

Sons, John A., Solomon, Noah, and Philip, and son in law Abraham 
Bevier, appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

A. De Witt (Feb. 15, 1792, Andries De Witt, of 

Andries A. De Witt, Junr. New Paltz, Physician, appeared before 

Elizabeth De Witt *' frr^lV""^"^ *.' ""'"^^^ 

signatures of the other witnesses.) 

(Original will in box 24.— Jan Le Fevre (bt. Oct. 28, 1685, s. o£ Simon, see Andries), 
m. Nov. 20, 1712 Catharina Blanshan, and had: i. Margriet, bt. Dec. 20, 1713, d. y.; ii. ABRA- 
HAM, bt. March 25, 1716; iii. Elizabeth, bt. Oct 2, 1717; iv. Nathaniel, b. Nov. 2, 1718, m. 
Maritjen Le Fevre; v. Andries, bt. March 18, 1722, m., Oct. 20, i:ni,.Rachel Du Bois, dau. 
Nathaniel; vi. Margriet, bt. Febr. 9, 1724, m. i., Jacob Hoffman, m. 2., Abraham Richards. 

ABRAHAM (above), m. Maria Bevier, settled at Kettleborough, and had: i. Magdalena, 
bt. July 24, 1743, m. Andries Le Fevre; ii. Catharine, bt. May 12, 1745, m. Daniel Du Bois; 
iii. Jan, bt. Dec. 28, 1746, m. Oct 23, 1772, Maria Le Fevre; iv. Zanrnel, bt. Jan. 8, 1748, m. 
July II. 1778, Egje Swart, who m. 2., Jan. 31, 1782, Jan Le Fevre; v. Solomon, bt. Jan. 28, 1750; 
Noah, m. Cornelia Bevier; Philip; Margriet, m. i., Jonathan Vernooy, m. 2., Abr. Bevier; 
Rachel, m. Johannes Du Bois). 

Will Book A., Kingston. gi 

Page 313.— VAN WYAN, CATHERYNE, of Shawangunk. 

Will dated March 6, 1780. 

"Unto my daughter Catheryne Dailey Widdow of John Dailey one of 
my Cows which said Cow is now in the possession of my son in law 
Jacob Terwilleger," likewise one Blanket and my largest Iron Pot, like- 
wise two Sheep and my looking Glass." — "Unto my daughter Elizabeth 
Wife of Jacob Terwilliger one Cow which" "is now in her possession, 
likewise all my Household furniture." — "Unto my Granddaughter 
Catheryne Dailey two sheep, which are now in the possession of Jacob 
Terwilliger and one Calf. Daughters and granddaughter (mentioned) to 
divide "my Wearing Apperl between them." 

"My son Henry Van Wyan and my friend James Kain" appointed 

Catherine Vanwyan (her mark) 

(Febr. 16, 1792, Cornelius Van- 
demark, of Shawangunk, La- 
bourer, appeared before the Sur- 

CoRNELius Vandemark (his mark) rogate, proving the will, and sig- 
■ Abraham Rods "f ures of the other witnesses.- 

Nov. 5, 1791, both the executors 

Arrey V. Terwilliger refused to serve, and the Surro- 

gate appointed Jacob Terwilli- 
ger, of Hurley, yeoman, adminis- 
trator, March 3, 1792.) 

(Original will in box 42. See Hendrick Van Wegen). 

Page 317.— SHAY, JOHN, of Newburgh. 

Will dated Febr. 6, 1792. 

"To my son John Shay" 10 shillings." — "To my beloved Wife Mary 
that 20 acres of land I now live on to hur proper use and benifit during 
hur widdowhood with taking a prudent care of the place and if she 
should marry I alow hur to have but one fourth part of the benefit of the 
place and the other three parts to my daughter Hanna and my Daughter 
Mary and my son Francis and at the Death of my wife I alow the place 
to be sold and the money to be Equally Deevided." 

Robert Beatty, John Beatty, Francis Beatty appointed executors. 
Signed by the testator. 

(May ID, 1792, Isaac Hennion, of Newburgh, 
Henry Lesear Farmer, appeared before the Surrogate, prov- 

IsAAC Hennion ing the will, and signatures of the other wit- 

TosEPH Goldsmith nesses. Adm. granted to Robert Beatty, May 

16, 1792.) 

Original will in box 35. 

92 Ui^TER Co.j N. Y., Probate Records. 

Page 319.— COX, WILLIAM, of WaH Kill. 

Will dated July 13, 1791. 
"To my wife Elisabeth one bed and bedding." — "To my son John 
£5." — "To my son Benjamin £45." — ^AU moveables to be sold, and, after 
payment of debts, the remainder divided between "my Children : Mary, 
Joshim, William and Abigail." 

"My true and trusty friends David Corwin and Isaiah Vail" ap- 
pointed executors. 

William Cox (his mark) 

(Jan. 30, 1792, Isaiah Vail, Junr., of Wall 
Isaiah Vail, Junr. Kill, Farmer, appeared before the Surrogate, 

Jonathan Swezy proving the will, and signatures of the other 

William E. McNeal witnesses. — Adm. granted to Isaiah Vail, 

Senr., executor. May 18, 1792). 

(Original will in box 7. — ^William Cox et al appear as intruders on certain crown lands in 
Ulster Co. in an order to the attorney-general of April 10, 1763, to prosecute (N. Y. Land 
Papers, xviiL, p. 15s). 

Page 322.— BELKNAP, BENJAMIN, of New Windsor, Yeoman. 

Will dated Febr. i6, 1792. 
"Unto Sarah Belknap my mother all the profits Arising from the one 
equal half part of those two certain lots of Land" "in the town of New- 
burgh and known by number 27 and 28 which was given to me by the last 
will & testament of my Father Isaac Belknap Senior, during her natural 
life" dated Sept. 27, 1787, and after her decease to be left fully at the 
disposal of Thomas G. Smith Minister of the Gospel in the town of New 
Windsor and Moses Higby Doctor of Physic in the town of Newburgh, 
who are hereby appointed trustees for that purpose." To "my said mother" 
"the profits, arising from that farm, whereon Daniel Clement now lives 
which farm was given to me by my father" by his will "provided she will 
settle and pay all the demands that any person or persons have justly 
against me and after her decease" "unto Isaac Hamilton eldest child of my 
sister Sarah Hamilton" "provided said Isaac Hamilton will not leave his 
Mother during her life, but act towards her in the manner every Child 
soght to Act towards their parent" otherwise "Thomas G. Smith and 
Moses Highy" "axe authorized" "to dispose of the said farm" "to the 
advantage of the family." 

"My Mother Sarah Belknap and Matthew Dubois, Esq., and Charles 
Clinton, both of New Windsor" appointed executors. Signed by the tes- 

(June 2, 1792, John Belknap of Newburgh, 
John Belknap yeoman, appeared before the Surrogate, 

Enos Chandler proving the will, and signatures of the other 

William Hdllan witnesses. Adm. granted to Mathew Du- 
bois, June 26, 1792.) 

Will Book A., Kingston. 93 

Page 325.— SMITH, NEHEMIAH, of Marlborough. 

Will dated 8 day of 2d month, 1792. 
"My Wife keep the homested as long as she livs, and remains my 
widdow with the stock and moveables, then to fall to my youngest son 
Nehemiah." — "My son Jonas the other farm" "together with the use of 
both farms and stock six years to enable him to pay sumthing due on 
that farme, but if my Wife should Marry, my Will is that she have one 
thurd of the moveables, and the other two thurds be Equally Devided 
amongst my three Daughters, Phebe, Sarah and Hannah, and that my wife 
and famely have a living of the produce of the farrt^ the term of Jonases 
six years and a lot of timber land in the mountain to be Equal for the 
use of both farms, and if the title of Jonases farme should be lost, Jonas 
to share Equal with Nehemiah in the homested." 

"I appoint my wife Hannah Smith with Alexander Young, son of 
John Young and James Thorn my Executors." 
Signed by the testator. 
Edward Hallock, Junr. (June 14, 1792, the two last witnesses 
James Hallock appeared before the Surrogate, proving 

Joshua Sutton the will.) 

Original will in box 35. 

Page 328.— SANDS, SAMUEL, of Newburgh, yeoman. 

Will dated May 22, 1792. 
"Unto my son Eleazer All the farm I now live on" "one Yoke of 
Oxen" "one horse that is called his horse." — -"Unto my Wife Mersey one 
bed and furneture and one Cow." — "Unto William Rider £20." — "Unto 
James Crawford i.2.0." — "Unto my Daughters Phebe McCambly, Leznnah 
Wood, Mersey Purdey, and my Granddaughter Elisabeth Purdey the 
daughter of Elisabeth Purdey' deceased all my Moveable Estate." "My 
granddaughter Elizabeth Purdy's share" "to be put to interest until she 
Arives to the age of 18 years or shall marry." — "Unto James Crawford 
the use of the farm he now lives on as long as he lives and at his Death 
to be Equally divided betwixt his Children of this present Wife" or his 
widow to have the use of the farm. — Son^Eleazar to pay to my daughters 
Mary, Charity, Phebe, Levinah and Meraey £50 at the expiration of six 
years. If Eleazar should die without issue, the farm to be sold and the 
money divided between "my Grandsons Samuel McCambly, Samuel Rider, 
Samuel Wood, Eleazar Crawford, and the Eldest son of my daughter 
Mersey Purdey, if she has one, or" otherwise "her daughters." 

"My friends David Sands, Eleazar Gidney and my son Eleazar" ap- 
pointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

John Gedney (J""e 26, 1792, David Gidney of Newburgh, 

David Gedney farmer, appeared before the Surrogate, proving 

the will, and signatures of the other witnesses. — 

John Kider Adtn. granted to Eleazar Gidney, June 30, 1792.) 

Original will in box 35. 

94 Ulster Co.^ N. Y., Probate Records. 

Page 331.— DECKER, ABRAHAM, of Shawangunk, yeoman. 

Will dated Sept. 28, 1791. 

"Unto my daughter Elizabeth her choice of my Milch Cows or one 
of the best of my stock of neat Cattle, also two Iron pots two Pewter 
Dishes, my blue painted Chest, and my Negro Male Child named Joe, 
also one seat in the Shawangunk Church."— "Unto my son Abraham my 
waggon and Tackling" "my Loom and one Horse his choice" to son Abra- 
ham and "unto my other son Uriah all my Reeds and Gairs and all other 
Tackling belonging to the aforesaid Loom, also all my wearing apparel, 
and two other seats belonging to me in the said Church." — Residue "unto 
my three daughters : Catharine the wife of Evert Decker, Leah the wife 
of Jacob J. Decker, and my said daughter Elizabeth." To Elizabeth also 
£2,0 to be paid by Abraham within three years. To Uriah "all that lot of 
land lately by me purchased of Manessah Decker whereon the said Uriah 
now dwells. Also all that certain Lot of Ten Acres of Land as I pur- 
chased the same from Ephraim Decker, being part of the farm whereon I 
now dwell." To Abraham "all that my Farm, Lands and Tenements 
whereon I now dwell (excepting the aforesaid 10 acres). Also a Lot of 
land, containing about 33 acres, lately released to me by Margaret P. Ter- 
williger and the heirs of my brother Gerret Decker deceased" "in Shawan- 
gunk, adjoining the land of John Taylor, Together with all the remainder 
of my Real Estate. "To Abraham also "my Negro Woman named Nan." 
"My wife Catherine shall remain with my said son Abraham" he to "keep 
her in the best manner and give her a suitable Maintenance, and have the 
care of her during her lifetime." Wife to have "the use of my Bed and 
Bedstead with the Bedding and furniture" "during her lifetime after which 
it shall be the property of my said three daughters." 

Sons Abraham and Uriah, and son in law Evert Decker appointed 
executors. Signed by the testator. 

Elias WiNFiELD (April 28, 1792, Johannis Bruyn, of Sha- 

George Smith wangunk, Esq., appeared before the Surro- 

JoHAK.ES BRUV. f£ ^^^ will, and signatures of the 

(.Hendrik Dekker m., Dec. 18, 1696, Antje Quick, and had: i. Geertje, bt. Sept. 11, 1608: ii. 
Femmetje, bt. Oct. 20, 1^99; 111. Sara, bt. May 10, 1702; iv. Sarah, bt. Sept. 11, 1709; v. Johannes, 
bt. March 9, 1712. H. D. m. 2., Annatjen Kortright, and had: vi. ABRAHAM, bt. Tune 19, 1720. 
H. D. m. 3., Anna Ttetsort, and had: vu. Elisabeth, bt. June 30, 1723; viii. Neeltjen, bt. Oct. 3, 

ABRAHAM (above), m. Aug. 12, 1747, Elisabeth Schut, and had: i. Abraham, bt. Shawan- 
gunk, June 8, 174S; II. Jacobus, bt Oct. 28, 1730; iii. Vria, bt. May 17, 17S3; Catrlna, m. Evert 
Dekker: Lea, m. Jacob J, Dekker; Elisabeth, prob. with second wife, Catherine. 

Page 334.— EAGER, THOMAS, of Wall Kill. 

Will dated June 24, 1789. 
"I" "fully allow my well beloved Wife Martha the whole and Intire 
command of all my Real Estate and the Rem'r of my personal Estate, 
when my Debts is paid as long as she remains my Widow but if she should 

Will Book A., Kingston 95 

Chance to Mary then I give to her" "no more than a Good Riding Horse 
& Sadie & Bridle and a good feather Bed & the furniture" "and that she 
leive the premisies." — "To my son John Eager'' "£5 to be paid to him in 
12 months after my decease in order to be a Bar, to hinder him to come 
in as heir at Law." — "To my son Thomas Eager" £50 in two years after 
my decease." — "My daughter Martha £40 in 12 months. — "My daughter 
Ledea the wife of Thomas Watkins" one good side saddle." — "My daugh- 
ter MeriaWr the wife of John Bowhanon one looking Glass price 40 shil- 
lings one Round Table 6 good Chairs." — "My daughter Jane" "one good 
Milch Cow." — "To my three sons, Namely William, James and Edward 
Eager" "the Remainder of my Estate." 

Wife and Thomas Watkins appointed executors. 

Signed by the testator. 

John McCamly (J""^ ^^' ^^792, John McCamly of Wall 

. T. Kill, yeoman, appeared before the Surro- 

Arthur Buchannan g^^^^ '^^^^-^^^ ^'^ ^JH^ ^^^ signatures of 

Edw. McHenry the other witnesses.) 

Origfinal will in box 12. 

Page 338.— OAKLEY, RICHARD, of Marbletown. Wheel Right. 

Will dated Nov. 22, 1791. 

"Unto my daughter Ma»y Wife of Lucus Winner" "my homested 
with all the Lands I bought or purchased from Cornelius Hine" "on the 
west side of the publick high way" "also" "all my lands on the east side 
of the highway which said farm or tract of land I bought of Hartman 
Ennest, with the buildings and orchards" "my Wagon, Slays, plough and 
harrow and her choice of any two of my Horses togeather with a full and 
Coftipleat set of harnises, one Cow, four sheep, winning mill and Cider 
mill and press one Cross cut saw, handsaw, one ax. Broad hoe and narrow 
hoe, one spade, two forks, three Chissels, two Augurs, one Gun, one 
Saddle and Bridle, one Oxchain, silver Shoe Buckles and all my wearing 
apparel, all the grain and hay which may be on the farm at my decease" 
"my large Couboard and my bed Beadstead and furniture." — "To my 
Grandson Isaks Oakley 50 acres of land" "at Tongores" — "Unto my 
Grand-daughter Catharina Oakley one White Chest not painted or coul- 
ered." — "My daughter Mary (to) pay all my just debts." — "Unto my two 
daughters Mary and Jannitie all the Residue of my Real and personal 

"My son in law Lucus Winner and my good friends William Pick and 
Moses Cantine, Esq." appointed executors. 

Richard Oatly (his mark) 

Isaac C. Davis (June 11, 1792, the first two witnesses ap- 

John Vandmark peared before the Surrogate, proving the 
Minne Fisher will, and signature of the other witness.) 

(Original will in box 30. — Rutgert Ookly va. Alida Schert, and had Maria, bt. Sept. 15, 

g6 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Page 341.— JANSEN, JOHANNES, of Kingston. 

Will dated Nov. 13, 1787. 

"Being far advanced in age." — "Unto my son Johannes" "my sword, 
my walking stick or Cane, my large Dutch Bible, the sheeting Gun, he 
commonly uses, and also my Negro Men named Herry in Lieu of any thing 
he might claim as being my Eldest son and heir at Law." — "Unto my son 
Matthew" "my Negro Girl named Nen and also one large Dutch Bible, 
and the Gun he now uses." — "Unto my said two sons Johannes and Mat- 
thew" "my dwelling House and Lot of Ground" "in Kingston" "together 
with the Barn, Barricks, and all other Buildings" "also my Lot or Lots 
of Orchard and Meadow Land" "adjoining the Lands of Jacob Tenbrooke 
and the Plains or Commons and the Lot of the Heirs of Evert Bogardus 
deceased" "also all my share in the Bark Mill my Tanning Vats and 
Ground at the Tan Yards with all the Leather that shall be in the Tan 
Vats and Tan Yards at the Time of my decease" "also all other 
Leather which my be prepaired for the use of the Shoemakers Shop to- 
gether with all the Shoemakers Toels and Shoe lasts Also the Bed and 
Bedstead I now use, and the Bed and Bedstead which my son Matthew 
now uses with the Covering unto the said Beds" "also my Waggon, Slays, 
Plows, Harrows, and all my other Fanning Utensells of all kinds" Johan- 
nis and Mathew to pay "unto my daughter Margaret" £30. — "Unto my 
daughter Catharina the Wife of Benjamin Tenbrooke" "£yo" "also my 
Negro Girl named Stisan." "Unto my daughter Margaret" igo "my 
Negro Wench named Mary and her Child named Dejaen, Also one Bed- 
stead, feather Bed, Boulster, Pillows, Blanketts, Rugg, Sheats, Curtains 
and every thing belonging to a compleat and good Bed, my large looking 
Glass, Maple dining Table and Tea Table; one large Iron pot, one small 
pot, my hand Irons with brass Nobs, six pewter plates, three pewter Dishes, 
one Iron Tramble, one pair Tongs, and Showel, one frying pan, all my 
China and Earthen Ware, my new large Dutch Bible, all my sheats, sheat- 
ing, Linnen, Towels and Pillow Cases, Table Cloaths, and Woollen Sheets 
(Excepting such sheats as were made in the lifetime of my well beloved 
Wife Armatje) Also six silver Table spoons and one silver Cup, Also the 
£30" "made payable to her by my two sons Johannes & Matthew" she also 
to have the use of "the Room in the dwelling house, which I now use, also 
one Seller, and Garret Room, also part of the Garden next my dwelling 
House, and as mych of the Apples out of my Orchards as she may want 
for her use, for and during her natural life Time or so long as she shall 
remain single and unmarried and no longer." To Catharina and Margar- 
et "all my House Hold Furniture (Except what I have herein before 
given)." — "Unto my son Dirck" "£40." — ^"Unto my son Cornelius £50. — 
"Unto my six children named Johannes, Matthew, Dirck, Cornelius, Mar- 
garet and Catharina" all the residue, to be "at the disposal of each and 
every one of them, tho' never blessed with offspring." 

Will Book A., Kingston. 97 

"If my son Dirck shall not have paid off and fully discharged unto my 
son Matthew one certain Bond or Obligation, dated Oct. 30, 1775, for the 
sum of i200, and also one Note of Hand due and payable unto my son 
Johannes, dated Feb. 16, 1767, for the sum of £20, together with all the 
Interest due until the day of my decease, then the executors to pay out of 
Dirck's portion his indebtedness to Matthew and Johannes. — If Johannes 
should claim any right to a certain Lot of low land in Hurly" which I have 
lately sold and conveyed to Jacobus Hardenbergh and to a Negro Wench 
called Little Bett (now in my possession), then his share to be subject to 
such deduction as the claim may amount to. 

"In case It shall so happen that I depart this Life in the Winter 
Season" "my Family shall remain in my dwelling House untill the tenth 
day of May following and make use of my Winter store of Provisions and 
other stores which they may reasonably want." 

Sons Johannes, Matthew and Cornelius, and "my son in law Benjamin 
Tenbrooke" appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

Petrus Swart (Sept. 3, 1792, Wilhelmus Swart and Petrus 

Welhelmis Swart ^wart, of Kingston, Carpenters, appeared 

„ ™ before the Surrogate, provmg the will, and 

t^HRiST. lAPPEN signature of the other witness.) 


"Executors to sell" "my old female Negro Slave named Bat and her 
daughter named Bat, and that such sale by only to such persons as they 
the said slaves shall respectively chuse for their Masters or Mistresses, 
and that they sell them for no less price than the sum of £10 for the said 
Elder female Slave named Bat, and for the sum of £50" "for her said 
daughter named Bat, And I do hereby further give" "my female negro 
slave the same being now an infant and the daughter of my wench named 
Deyaan to my daughter Margaret the wife of Johannis Wynkoop." Dated 
March 2, 1792. 

Wilhelmus SwART (Codicil proved, Sept. 3, 1792. Adm. 

Petrus Swart granted to executors, Sept. 8, 1792.) 


(Johannes lansen, bt. Nov. is, 1696 (s. of Matthys lansen, q. v.), m., July 8, 1725, 
Annaatj'e Schefmoes, and had: i. Maihew, bt. Febr. 20, 1726, d. y.; ii. Johannes, bt. Sept. 3, 1727; 
in. Margaret, bt. Sept. 7, 1729, m. Johannes Wynkoop; iv. Catharina, bt. May 6, 1733, m. Ben- 
jamin Ten Broeck; v. Matthevi, bt. July 31, 1734; vi. Dirck, bt. Nov. 23, 1735; vii. Cornelius, 
bt. Apr. 20, 1739)- 

Page 348.— ELMENDORPH, CORNELIS, of Kingston, yeoman. 

Will dated Sept. ii, 1784. 
"To rny beloved Wife Engeltje" "£30 yearly" "during her life" also 
"the use of my now dwelling house, unless she shall chuse to live with one 
of her Children" also "my Negro Named Baacke & my Negro Wench 

VOL. II. — 7. 

gS Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

named Dien, to attend and wait upon her during her Hfe."— "I give to 
my beloved son Jan for his birth right my large Dutch Bible and my 
Cane."— "To my son Tobias the Bedstead now called his with all the 
Bedding, Blankets and every thing thereto belonging." — "To my said 
wife my Bed and Bedstead and all thereto belonging, and my house furni- 
ture during her life unless she should chuse to give up the house furniture 
or part thereof." — "Unto my six sons Named Jan, Coenradt, Jacob, Tobias, 
Abraham, and Benjamin my whole Estate both Real and personall." — 
"Whereas my said son Tobias has aided and assisted me in Building my 
said House more than any other of said Children, and as a Compensation 
for his Labour and Expences performed and laid out for said purpose. It 
is my Will" "that a Reasonable Account by him made against my Estate 
for said services shall be paid to him with Reasonable interest." 

"My loving sons Coenradt, Abraham and Benjamin" appointed execu- 
tors. Signed by the testator. 

(Sept. 4, 1792, Abraham Heermanse of 
Abraham Heermanse Kingston, Yeoman and John Hermanse 
^ ^ same place. Wheel Wright, appeared be- 

JOHN Heermans f^jre the Surrogate, proving the will, 

Johannes Snyder and the signature of the other wit- 


(^Cornells Blmendorf (s. of Coenradt E., q. v., and Ariaantj^ Gerritse van den Bergli), and 
his wife, Bngeltie Heermans, had issue: i. Ariaantje, bt. Oct. 22, -.1721; ti. Ariaantje, bt. Oct. 21, 
1722; iii. Jan, bt. May 2, 1725; iv. Conrad, bt. July 31, 1726, m. Oct.'"5, 1749, Gerretje Bogardus, 
bt. Febr. 18, 1728, dau. of Petrus B. and Rebecca Dubois; v. Antjen, bt. June 2, 1728; vi. Jacob, 
bt. Sept. 28, 1729, m., Jan. ii, ijsZfAn^atje Burhans, b. March 26, 1730, dau. of Samuel B. and 
Janneke Brink; vii. Cornelis, bt. Dec. 2, 1733. m., Jan. 3, 1762, Margriet Wkitaker, bt. July 31, 
.1737, dau. of Edward W. and Jacoba Hardenbergh; viii. Abraham, bt. Sept. 20, 1735, m., Apr. 22, 
1758, Ariaantje Crispel, bt. Aug. 25, 1734* dau. of Johannis C. and Anna Margriet Roosa; ix. 
JBenjamin, bt. Febr. 24, 1740, m., Nov. 12, 1762, Blandina Van Keuren, bt. Jan. 20, i74o,dau. of 
•Cornelius Van K, and Ariantje). 

Page 351.— EMRICH, WILHELMUS, of West Camp, Farmer. 

Will dated June 12, 1792. 

"As for my Burial I desire it may be decent without pomp or State, 
at the discretion of my Dear Wife and my Executors" "who I doubt not 
will manage it with all requisite prudens." 

"Unto my son Wilhelmus my Smiths shop and all thereunto belong- 
ing, also my Bay mare & her Daughter, which is also a Bay, called the 
Snuyd, and a young stallion, now about three years old allready in his 
possession also my Fishing Nett, and also my Negro Whench Dina, and 
all her Children, excepting her daughter Beth, and also my Syder Press 
& apple Mill, and also my pleasure Shleat." — "Unto my son Peter my 
negro man Harry, who is now already in his service, and also a Brown 
Mare which he has likewise in his possession." — "Unto my son Jeremiah 
my brown Mare, Called the GoU." — "Unto my Daughter Margareth the 
Wife of Wilhelmus Wolven, my negro Wench Emma, now in her posses- 
sion." — "Unto my daughter Anna the Wife of Nicholas Shoemaker my 

Will Book A., Kingston. 99 

Negro Whench Lena, now in her possession and also one Iron Pot, holding 
about half a skipple, also one pewter Dish & one pewter Basin both of 
a middle size, one pair of Thongs and one Trammle." — "Unto my 
two granddaughters Margareth & Nettie, they being the Children of my 
eldest daughter Neltie deceased, she having been the wife of Johannis 
Baker," "my young negro Girl named Beth and also one Cow, Two sheep, 
one pair Thongs, one fire shovel and one Trammle, one pewter dish & one 
pewter Bason, both of a Middle size, six Earthen Blates, one frying pah, 
six pewter spoons, two Iron pots, holding each about half a skipple." — 
"Unto my loving Wife Margareth her Bed with all thereunto belonging, 
also her Cupboard & her spinning Wheel" and "for the term of her 
being my Widow, all and every part of my real Estate at or near the 
West Camp." After her death or marriage "unto my son Wilhelmus said 
estate, he to pay her, at remarriage, £33.6.8, and to my son Peter, and also 
to my daughter Margareth the wife of said Wilhelmus Wolven, and also 
to my daughter Anna, the wife of said Nicholas Shoemaker and to the 
two granddaughters Margareth and Neltie £33.6.8 each, at remarriage of 
wife. — Should the wife not marry again, then at her death Wilhelmus is 
to pay to Peter, Margaret, and Anna and the two granddaughters £40 
each instead of the £33.6.8., with the provision that he shall not pay the 
granddaughters before they are of age. — "My said grandaughter Mar- 
garet now living with me, shall be kept, brought up and maintained by my 
son Wilhelmus, so long till she is fully able to help and provide for her 
self, and my son Wilhelmus shall also keep and provide for said young 
negro Girl Beth, for my said two granddaughters, Margaret and Neltie 
untill they are of age." — "If my said son Jeremiah should get Marrieth, 
which I do not Expect, but if it should so happen" then Wilhelmus to 
pay him £33.6.8.," if my wife should marry again, but if my wife does 
not Marry again" then £40 instead. — If Jeremiah should not marry, then 
Wilhelmus "shall keep him" with him, and provide for him Sufficient 
Necessaries in all respects, and at all times, and to use him as a Brother, 
not to make him Work too hard, but to keep and maintain him so that" 
"Wilhelmus may be able to answer for it before God and Man, and said 
Wilhelmus is also to keep in feed and pasture the Mare I have above given 
to my said son Jeremiah his brother, nevertheless said Wilhelmus may 
work the said Mare of his said Brother, as he does his Own, not more, and 
after my Wives decease, if my said son Wilhelmus should be wanting in 
his duty to wards his said brother Jeremiah, then it is my positive Order 
that my Executors with all my Children above named shall meet together 
and consult among themselves, who shall keep and maintain my said son 
Jeremiah." "Wilhelmus to pay £33.6.8., if "my said wife should marry 
again," but if she shall die my Widow, £40. — Executors to make an in- 
ventory of the estate, and divide it equally between the widow and "all 

loo Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

my Oiildren." All ready money "to my loving wife." Wilhelmus to keep 
and have the use of the share of the two grandchildren until they are of 

"My beloved friend Matthias Dederick" and sons Wilhelmus and 
Peter appointed executors. Signed by the testator. 

(Oct. 8, 1792, Ludwigh Roesell, of 
Henry Wolven (his mark) Kingston, yeoman, appeared before 

„ ,, ^ ,, . -^ , . the Surrogate, ptovmg the will, and 

Christopher Musier (his mark) signatures of the other witnesses. 
Ludwigh Roessell Adm. granted to Peter Emrich, Oct. 

10, 1792.) 

Original will in box 12, 

Page 357.— ELMENDORPH, JACOBUS, of Kingston. 

Will dated July 8, 1776. 
"Unto my Eldest son Counradt J. Elmendorph £5" "and my best 
walking stick or Cane in Lieu and stead of his Birth Right." "Unto my 
beloved Wife Arreantje Elmendorph the full and absolute use and pos- 
session of all and singular my Houses, Lands, Tenements, and Real Estate" 
"during her natural Lifetime without being answerable or chargeable to 
any Person." After her death "unto my son Cornelius my Dwelling 
House in" "Kingston" "together with Barn, Barraks, and Lot as the 
same is now in my possession." — "Unto my Eldest Daughter living 
Arreantje the Wife of Abraham Sleght" "£250." — "Unto my daughter 
Margaret the Wife of Egbert Dumond" £250. — "Unto my Grandchildren : 
;2/aM Sleght, Elisabeth Sudam, the wife of Oke Sudam, and Margaret 
Sleght and Arreantje Sleght, being the children of my dau^ter Elizabeth 
deceased" £250. — "Unto my son Cornelius J. Elmendorph two Mates, one 
a Bay and the other a Black, and also a young Bay Horse." — "Unto my 
son Counradt" "In Trust for my son Are Gerretsen Elmendorph whose 
course of Life is at present deplorable" £560" "to be paid or retained in the 
hands of my said son Counradt at or upon the Death of my wife" for the 
support of said son Arie Gerretsen." — Counradt, Jacobus Jr. and Cornelius 
"all" "my Houses, Lands, Messuages and Tenements" "in Kingston." 
If Arie Gerretsen should die without lawful issue, his share to be divided 
among the other children and grandchildren. 

Residue to be divided among the children and grandchildren. Sons 
Counradt, Jacobus and Cornelius appointed executors. Signed by the 

(Nov. 3, 1792, Christopher Tappen, of 
Lucus Elmendorph Kingston, Esq.. and William Eltinge, of 
William Eltinge Woodstock, yeoman, appeared before the 

Ckrist Tappen Surrogate, proving the will, and signature 

^.hrist. 1 APPEN Qf ^j^g Q^j^gj. witness. Adm. granted to Cor- 

nelius Elmendorph, Nov. 13, 1792.) 

Will Book A., Kingston. ioi 

(Jacobus E, (son of Coenrad E., q. v., and Ariantje Gerritse Van den Berg) and his wife, 
Arianije Ifewkerk, had issue: i. BlKai>eth, bt. May 26, 1723, m.. May g, 1746, Johannes Sleght, 
bt. Oct. 18, 1719. 5. of Jan S^and Elisabeth Smedes; ii. Ariaantje, bt. Dec. 6, 1724, m., Dec. 14, 
I7S1- Abraham Sleght, bt. May 24, 1724, s.' of Jan S. and Elisabeth Smedes; iii. Coenradt J., 
bt. Nov. 27", 1726, m., Nov. 17, 1759, Catharine Hardenbergh, bt. Sept. 7, 1729, dau. of Gerardus 
H. and Janneke Elmendorf; iv. Ariaan Gerritse, bt Dec. 29, 1728; v. Gerrit, bt. May s, 1734; vi. 
Jacobis, bt. July 18, 1736, m. Oct. 2, 1770, Elisabeth Sammons; vii. Cornells J., bt. Dec. 17, I73'8; 
viii. Petrus, bt. Febr. 18, 1742; Margaret, m. Egbert DumoncO- 

Page 362.— BUTTERFIELD, DANIEL, of Wall Kill. 

Will dated March 7, 1792. 
"To my Nephews James McVey & Thomas Watkins all that Farm on 
the West side of the Wallkill, whereon I now Uve" "but that my wife is 
to have the one third of said farm, together with her choice Room in my 
House & a Riding Beast & a Negro Wench, both at her own choice & her 
saddle & her Bed & furniture & the one third of all the remaining part of 
my moveable Estate & to my nephew John McVey" £5. Remaining 2/3 of 
the estate to be divided between "my sisters Elenor Terry, & Esther Everet 
& Anne Tuttle." r 

Wife, Thomas Watkins and Alexander McVey appointed executors. 
Signed by the testator. 

Joseph Whelan (^ov. 13, 1792, Joseph Whelan, of Wall Kill, 
T n/r TVT Physician, appeared before the Surroerate, 

Jesse McMunn p^^^j^^ ^j^^ ^^,j_ ^^^ signatures of the othe; 
Jane Keeler witnesses.) 

Original will in box 3. 


Abstracts, Relating to Wills and Letters of Administration 

from the Private Papers of Judge Jared Landon, 

of Suffolk Co., Deposited with the Long Island 

Historical Society, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Judge Landon's papers, while mainly relating to Suffolk County, con- 
tain some references to Ulster wills, received by the Judge, while at 
Kingston, and letters of administration issued there on estates of intestates, 
residents of Ulster County. See New York Genealogical Register, 1871, 
pps. 186 et seq. for further reference to these papers, as well as abstracts 
of all entries, relating to revolutionary soldiers, very few of which, how- 
ever, were Ulster people. 

Office Memorandum Book, June 1st, 1782: 

July 16. Received of Mr. Gasherie the wills of Hendricus Dubois, 
Joseph Decker, and Cornelius L. Brink. 

26. Administration granted to Cornelius Schoonmaker, of 

Shawangunk, Esq., upon the estate of Cornelius Schoon- 
maker, same place, dated at Poughkeepsie, July 26, 1782. 

27. Adm. granted to James Rickey, formerly of Cherry Valley, 

Co. Tryon, now of Shawangunk, merchant, upon estate 
of IVm. McConnel, Cherry Valley, yeoman, dated at 
Rumbout, July 27, 1782. 

Sept. 7. Received the will of Johannes Ten Broeck, proved by Gash- 
erie, Sept. loth. 

Oct. 14. Letters of administration issued to Moses Gale, of New 
Windsor, Innholder, upon the estate of Robert Castles, of 
Catskill, Co. Albany, skipper. 

Dec. 9. Letters of adm. issued to Thomas Palmer of Newburgh, Esq., 
upon the estate of Richard Salvage, Sergeant of Col. 
Lamb's Regiment of artillery, at Rumbout. 


Jan. 23. Letters of administration issued to Eunice Osborne of Mama- 
cotting, widow, on the estate of John Osborne, farmer. 

Febr. 5. Received of Mr. Gasherie the wills of Cornelius Bruyn, John 
Kain, James Johnston, John Hasten, and Johannes 
Schoonmaker, all proved Febr. 7th. 
7. Received and proved the will of Catherine Ten Broeck, and 

the codicil thereto. 
7. Letters of adm. issued to James Fulton, of Ulster Co., school- 
master, and Margaret, his wife, on the estate of Dwvid 
Holliday, of New Windsor, cordwainer. 

Judge Landon's PaperSj L. I. H. S. 


March 15. Received of Mr. Gasherie the wills of Cornelius New-Kerk 
and James Crawford, proved March 24th. 
15. Received of Mr. Gasherie the wills of Cornelius Viele and 

Fred. Damid, proved March 24th. 
24. Proved wills of Elisabeth Richard, John D. Voshurgh, and 
John Van Rensselaer. 
March zy. Letters of adm. issued, with will of Frederick Davis annexed, 
to /ohannis Oostrander and others, at Kingston. 
July 17. Received of Mr. Gasherie administration bonds of Samuel 

Lewis and others. 
Sept. II. Received of Gasherie 3 Bonds of adm. of James Gregg and 

Nov. — . Received of Gasherie the wills of Robert Hunter, Petrus 
Smedes, John Yury Eligh, Henry Christ, Wm. Eligh, 
Sam Hallock, Jonathan Hasbrouck, all proved Dec. 16th, 
with wills of Lewis McDonald, and Joseph Merritt. 
— . Received of Gasherie administration bonds of Elisabeth Ter- 
williger. Evert Roosa, Abraham Bevier, Jane Thell- 
ii^S ( ?)j Wm. Elsworth. 
Dec. 31. Letters of adm. issued to Wm. Elsworth, of Kingston, gun- 
smith, on the estate of Peter Elsworth, a Lieutenant in 
Col. Wisenfelt's Regiment. 

Jan. 12. Letters of adm. issued to Elisabeth Terwilliger, late widow of 
the Intestate Evert Roosa, brother of the intestate and 
Abraham Bevier, yeoman, all of Co. Ulster, upon the 
estate of Jacobus Roosa, of Shawangunk, farmer. 

12. Letters of adm. issued to Jane Flunwelling, of Newburgh, 

widow, upon the estate of Morris Fluewelling, of said 
place, carpenter. 

15. Received of Livingston the wills of Elias van Bunschoten and 

John Rijsenberger. 

Febr. 10. Received of Gasherie Bonds of adm. of Robert Willson. 

13. Received of Livingston the will of Nickel Philip, proved Febr. 

13th, and bonds of adm. of Christopher Ostrander. 
13. Letters of adm. issued to Christopher Ostrander of New 
Marlborough, principal creditor of Peter Delamater, late 
of Poughkepsie, trader. 

16. Received of Gasherie the wills of Josaphat Dubois, Abraham 

Terwillege, and bonds of adm. of Daniel Syder (Snyder) . 
18. Received of Livingston the will of Thomas Leake and bond 
of adm. of Maurice Pleas, and Sylvanus Pine. 
March — . Received of Livingston the will of Gerret Van Benthuysen, 
proved March gth, and bond of adm. of Sarah Jenks 
and Joshua Lasell. 

Abstracts of Wills and Letters of Administration, on File 
in the Surrogate's Office, New York City. 

Abstracts of Ulster County wills have been printed in the New York 
Historical Society's Collections; these are, however, not only scattered 
through a number of volumes, but only an English translation of the 
Dutch records have been printed, which would have been acceptable if 
correct. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as hardly one of the Ulster 
wills have been properly copied, or translated. 

Liber 5-6, p. 117.— PAWLING, HENRY, of Marbletown. 

Will dated Jan. 20, 1691. 

"AH the estate (*) shall Continue in ye trust of my well beloved 
wife during her life. If she remarry, an inventory to be taken by her 
brother Ariaen Rose (*) and Gysbert (*) Crum, or any faithful (*) 
Townsman. After her death 'to my six children, Jane, Wyntie, John, Al- 
berts, Ann, and Henry.' (*) But if my wife Should be now with Child 
and beare a seventh and live it shall have Equall share with ye other six 
of my children." 

(.Henry Pawling (Paeldin) m. after Nov. 3, 1676, Neeltie, dau. of Albert Hymans Roosa 
(see Hyman Roosa), and had: i. Weynlie, bt. July 20, 1679; ii. John, bt. Hurley, Oct. 2, 16S1; 
Hi. James, bt. Nov. 25, 1683; iv. Aldert, bt. March 29, 1684 (see his will); v. Amie, bt. June or 
July, 1687; vi. Marie, bt. (after his death), Oct. 30, J692; Henry, m. Jacomyntjc, dau. ol 
Jacomyntje Slecht (see Biting Roelofsen), and went to Philadelphia. — .... 

About 1677 Henry Pawling petitioned for a grant of a piece of land at Hurley, adjoining 
the Wassemaker's land, of about 20 acres, also for a piece of land at Cuxing on ye west side 
of the Redout Kill, with a small piece of woodland together with about 40 acres lying under 
Marbletown (N. Y. Land Papers, I., p. 146). — On Jan. 24, 1702, Susanna Waughton, widow, 
petitioned for grant of 300 acres of land in the vicinity of Crom Elboogh, Dutchess Co., which 
she alleged to be part of a purchase made by Henry Pawling, under a license granted to her 

for Jacob Regnier, by Ajigvs Graham, Surveyor-General (Ibid., iv., p. 13). 

Liber 5-6, p. 117.— ANTHONY, NICHOLAS, of Ulster Co., deceased 

^ Letters of administration granted to his wife, Engeltie Anthony 
Apr. IS, 1696. 

Liber 5-6, p. 164.— ANTHONY, NICHOLAS, late Sheriff of Ulster 
Co., deceased intestate. 

Letters of administration granted to Robert hurting, merchant, as 
principal creditor, June 2, 1697. 

An (*) in the text indicates corrections of errors, wrong interpretations, or omissions in the 
"Abstracts of New York Wills", referred to above. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. 105 

(.Nicholas Anthony, bt. N, Y. Jan. 28, 1657 (s. of Allard A. and Henrica Wessets) m. 
Engel^je Schoonmaker, dau. of Hendrick jochetuse S. and Elsie Janse (see Jochem 5.), and had: 
i. Henrica, bt. Aug. 20, 16S1, d. inf.; ii. Henrica, bt. Jan. 28, 1683; iii. Allard, bt. Dec. 7, 1684, 
d. y.; iv. Hendrick, bt. Febr. 13, 1687, m., Apr. 30, 1716, Eva Visschen (bt. Albany, July 20, 
1693, dau. of Frederick V. and Margerieta Hansen) j v. Allard, bt. June 28, 1692, m. i., N. Y., 
Sept. 27, 1718, Anna Laiirier, m. 2., March 2i_, 1726, Susanna Laurier; vi. Nicholas, bt. Nov. 12, 
1693, m. I. N. Y,, May 19, 1719, Rebecca Pietersen (bt. N. Y. Sept. 24, 1699, dau. of Pieter 
Jocobsen and Rebecca Jans), m. 2., March 16, 1733, Hester Roome (bt. N. Y,, Febr. 9, 1701, 
dau. of Pieter Willemse Roome and Hester Van G elder). 

Commission issued to Nicholas Anthony, clerk, Ulster Co., Dec. 24, 16S9 (Engl. MSS., 
xxxvi., p, 142); — Letter from Stephen Gasharie, of July 4, I7i5> to Mr. IVileman, relating to a 
caveat in the matter between the children of N. A. and heirs (Ibid., Ix., p. is). 

Liber 5-6, p. 293. — BUSCH, JOHN, of Kingston, drowned on a voyage 

to New York, deceased intestate. s. 

Letters of administration granted to John Lawrence, as principal 
creditor, Oct. 13, 1694. 

(.Johannes Bosch m. Lysbeth Hendricksen and had son Jan, bt. Sept. 27, 1691). 

Liber 7, p. 492.— DE MEYER, WILHELMUS, of Kingston, merchant. 

Will dated Jan. lo, 1705, and written in Dutch. 
(*) "En Belangende sodanige Tempereele staat van .Land huyse 
Cledere Schulden soo well in dese provintie als in Europa paarde beeste 
Negers gont Silver gemunt of ongemunt" (and so far as my estate of land, 
houses, clothing, debts, in this Province as well as in Europe, horses, 
cattle, negroes, gold, silver, coined or uncoined, is concerned) "Myn 
waarde huysvrouw Catrina de Meyer Sal in het be'sitt blyven gedurende 
har weedulycke Staat" (my worthy wife, C. de M. shall remain in pos- 
session thereof during her widowhood) "wannce myn soon Nicolaes de 
Meyer Comt te howelykeii Sal syn neger Jan Dewelcke hem gegeve heb 
met sigh neemen" (when my son N. de M. happens to marry, he shall take 
with him the negro J., which I have given to him). "Insgelycks myn 
dogter Annecke wanneer sy comt te houwelyken Sail haar negerinnetie met 
namen Mary met haar neemen" (when my daughter A., happens to marry, 
she shall take with her her negress, by the name of M.) "als meed myn 
dogter Catrine wanneer sy Comt te houwelyken sal haar negerinnetie met 
name Angallo met haar neemen" (and when my daughter C. happens to 
marry, she shall take with her her negress by the name Angallo) "oock 
myn dogter Deborah wanneer sy comt houwelyken sal haar neegerinnitie 
met name Rosette met haar nemen" (my daughter D. to take her negress 
R. with her when she marries). "Myn huysvrow sal jeder van myn 
Kinder als deselve comen te houwelyken met behoorlyck uytsett na tmo- 
gen" , (my wife shall supply each one of my children with a marriage 
outfit, when they happen to marry). "Ingevalle dat myn huysvrouw 
wederom quaam te hertrouwen dat alsdaam myn gantsche Staat aan myn 
kinderen" (if my wife should marry again, then my whole estate shall go 
to my children), they to pay to the wife yearly £27. — "Aan myn soon N. 
Een geregte darde part van myn Gantsche vaste Staat in dese provintie 

(*) See note, page 104. 

io6 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

beneffens myn Neger Jonge Franck En de geregte vyfde part van myn 
staat in Europa" (to my son N. one third of my real estate in this Province, 
as well as my negro-boy F., besides one fifth of my estate in Europe). 
"Aan myn dogter Lidie huysvrouw van Andries Dow Een gerechte sesde 
part van myn gantsche vaste Staat in dese provintie, Een geregte vyfde 
paart vom myn staat in Europa" (to my daughter L., wife of A. D,, one 
sixth of my real estate in this Province, and one fifth of my estate in 
Europe). "Aan myn dogter Annecke de Meyer" (to daughter A. de M.) 
i/6 of estate in this Province, and 1/5 in Europe. Similar bequests to 
daughters Catrina and Deborah de Meyer. 

Proved May 22, 171 2, the widow then being dead. 

Witnessed by Jacob Rutsen, Thomas Gaston, Wm. Nottingham, C. 
Bogardus, Thos. Noxon. 

(Letters of administration were granted. May 22, 1712, to Nichola."! 
de Meyer, of Kingston, Andreas Dow, and Gerret Van Bergen, husband 
of Anna De Witt). 

{Nicholas de Meyer came from Hamburg, was one of the most enterprising mercliants of 
the day, alderman and mayor of New York, and appointed a member of Gov. Slaughter's Council. 
He m. I., June 6, 1655, Lydia, dau. of Hendrick Van Dyck, m. 2., 1689, Sarah Kelletioer, widow 
of Rev. John Weekstein, of Esopus. He d. March 19, 1691. Issue: i. Johannes, bt. Jan. 26, 1656; 
ii. Wilhelmus, bt. Nov. 21, 1657; iii. Anne Catryna, bt June 19, 1661, m. Oct. 13, 1680, Willemse 
Neering from Bordeaux, France; iv. Deborah, bt. June 25, 1664, m. i., 1684, Thomas Crundall, 
m. 2., 1687, Philip Schuyler, of New York, and afterwards of Kingston; v. Elisabeth, bt. Aug. 29, 
1666; vi. Henricus, bt. Nov. 7, 1668, of N. Y., merchant, m., 1689, Agnes, dau. of Jacob De 
Kay. WILHELMUS (above) "eldest son" 'in his father's will, m., Oct 23, 1678, Catherine 
Bayard, from Bergen op Zoon, sister of Col. Nicholas B. He was a deacon at Kingston, 1681, 
and elder 1692, Lieut. Col. of militia. Issue: i. Lydia, b. 168 1, m. Andries Dow; ii. Nicholas, b. 
1683 (q. v.); iii. Annecke, bt. Nov. i, 1685; iv. Catrina, b. 1689; v. Deborah, b. 1693. 

Col. William de Meyer purchased on Apr. 11, 1670, land with house and lot in Kingston. 
For further data, see N. Y. Gen. Reg., 1878, pps. 12 et seq.) 

Liber 8, p. 30.— VAN ELMENDORF, GERTIE, of Kingston. 

Will dated Nov. 13, 1699 (*), and written in Dutch. 

(*) "AUe" "Sodanige Staat van Golderen en Schulden, als by Testa- 
ment van Wylen Gommerte Poulse gedateert dan sesden April deses Jaars, 
op my aanbestorven, en uyt bragt van voors. Testament sal komen te 
behoven, Ik ordonnere als volgt" (all property, to me bequeathed in the 
testament of G. P., deceased, I give as follows) : 

"Aan myn Oudste soon, Coenraat van Elmendorp de geregte vyfde 
part (*) (to my eldest son, C. v. E., one fifth). "Aan myn Jongste soon 
Jacobus van E., de geregte vyfde part" (to my youngest son, J., one fifth). 
"Aan myn Dogter Geertje, getrout met Evert Wynkoop, de geregte vyfde 
part" (to my daughter G., wife of E. W., 1/5). "Aan myn dogter Antje, 
getrout met Matty s Janse, de geregte vyfde part" (to my daughter A., 
wife of M. J., i/S). "Aan myn dogter Janneke" similar bequest. 

Witnessed by John Ward (his mark), Jan Heermans, Sr., W. d. 
Meyer. Proved at Kingston before Wm. .Nottingham, Oct. 16, 1714, and 
confirmed by Gov. Hunter, Dec. 13, 1714. Adm. granted to Coenrad E. 

(See Jacobus Elmendorf). 

C) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. T07 

Liber 8, p. 124.— BICKERSTAFF, ELIZABETH, late of Marbletown, 
intestate. ^ 

Adm. granted to Thomas Hall, her eldest son, May 22, 1712. 

Liber 8, p. 277.— CHAMBERS, THOMAS, Lord of the Manor of Fox 

Will dated Apr. 5, 1694. 
"To my wife's daughter, Jacominte Gaasheck, a small (*) tract of 
land in the Manor of Fox Hall, called Brandywynes Hoek, — also, out of 
the estate bequeathed to Abraham Gaasbeck Chambers, a corn mill (*) 
is to be built for said Jacomintie, where I have already begun to make a 
Damm. And all the water out of my meadow or fflys is to be Drawn there 
to Dryve said mill. Also a free path to said mill and land. Also 2 acres 
of land to the southward of said dam, where it may be best (*) con- 
venient to build a house on. — To my wife's daughter, Mana Salisbury, tract 
of land now in possession of Dirick Hendrix de Goijer (*), called Wig- 
guansinck (*). To my wife's son Abram Gaasbeck Chambers all my other 
estate, to wit, the Manor of Fox Hall, likewise my mill and house at the 
Strand, with all the upland or wood as it is mentioned in my General 
Patent, for the' Lordship of Fox Hall. And all the movables. Said 
Abraham Gaasbeck Chambers, and his heirs, to always use the surname 
of Chambers, from generation to generation (*). If it should happen that 
the said Abram Gaasbeck Chambers should Dye without Issue, then the 
Estate shall flail to his Eldest Sister named (*) Jacymtie Gaasbeck, pro- 
vided she takes the name of Chambers, and whoever marries her must take 
the name of Chambers. If she should die without issue, the estate to go 
to her sister, Maria SaUsbury, on the same conditions. My wife (*) 
Lourentia to remain in full possession of the estate (*) during her widow- 
hood, until her son, Abraham Gaasbeck Chambers is of age (*) of 21, 
and then to have the use of (*) one third part for her life (*) but if she 
should come to Remarry then her husband shall be bound to give security 
that he shall Give an account of the said Estate Yearly untill her son 
Abraham Gaasbeck Chambers shall come to age. Said Abraham shall be 
brought up and Learnt so farr as possible Cann untill he Come to age. 
Dirck Hendrickse shall have the use of the tract of land called Wiggwan- 
sinck, he paying 65 scheppels of wheat yearly, as long as he or his wife 
lives. But if he goes off, then the house and barn to be valued, and the 
value allowed him. Cornelius Wouterse shall have (*) Sufficient Meat, 
Drink and Cloathing Dureing his Natural life, out of my estate, likewise 
lodging, and whatever else is needful for a man of his quality. To my 

(*) See note, page 104. 

io8 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

wife my house and lot in Kingstowne, for life, and then to her children.— 
Wife appointed executrix, and William De Meyer, of Kingston, her assis- 
tant. Signed by the testator, and witnessed by Henry Beckman, Wessell 
Ten Broeck, and W. D. Meyer. 

(Witnesses, Coll. Henry Beekinan, Capt. Wessel Ten Broeck, Justices of the Peace, and 
W. D. Meyer, appeared. May iS, 1649, before Thomas (*) Carton, Judge of the Court of Gom- 
mon Fleas, proving the will. Entered in the Rec. of Ulster Co., No. A., fol. 30i-S> by nie 
Wm. De Meyer, Clerk. Proved before Gov. Hunter, May 33, 1713, by Henry Bcekman, the 
other witnesses being deceased. Letters of adm. granted to Abraham Gaasbeck Chambers. 

Ulster County Clerk's Office, 

Kingston, N. Y. 

John D. Fratsher, Clerk. 

"It appears by the index to Volume I. of Deeds in the Ulster County 
Qerk's Office that the Last Will and Testament of Thomas Chambers 
was recorded at page 300. 

"Upon turning to said page it appears that pages 301 to 306 inclusive 
have been cut out of said book, the cut being very plain as tfie knife cut 
partially through page 307." 

John D. Fratsher. 

(Thomas Chambers alias Clabbort (Albany Co. Rec, Nov. 19, 1655) "Toinas Clabbort's 
lot to the south of Abraham Piete-rse VosburgWs house at Beverwyck (Ibid., Jan, 29, 1657), first 
occupied the land on which the city of Troy now stands {CallaghoAi's, History of New Nether- 
land, ii., p. 30^), removed in 1652 to Esopus iMaritie Pieterse, widow of Anderics Van der Sluys, 
lot lying in "Esopus, next to Thomas Chambers*) (Albany C;o. Rec, Aug. 28, x66o), where he 
erected a mansion, called the Manor of Fox Hall, the grant to the land being confirmed Oct., 1686, 
by (jov. Dangan, who invested the manor with power to hold Court Leet, (in English law, a 
court of record for a particular hundred, lordship, or manor,, holden therein before the steward 
of the leet, for the punishment of petty offenders, and the preservation of the peace, a substitute 
for the Sheriff's town), and Court Baron (a domestic court, incident to every manor, for re- 
dressing misdemeanors, and for settling disputes among the tenants relative to property). 

T. C. appeared in Albany as early as May 6, 1642, when he contracted to build a house 
for Jan Schepmoes (Dutch MSS., Prov. Sec Reg., ii., p. 17). — On Aug. .10, 1685, a commission 
was issued to T. C. to be major of foot and horse forces of Ulster Co. (Engl. MSS., xxxiii., p. 

T. C. m. I., Margaritta Hendrix, widow of Mattys Jansen (see Jan Tysen), m. 2., 1681, 
Laurentia Kellenaer, widow of Dom. Laurentius Van Gaasbeck. L. v. G. and L. K. had isseu: i. 
Jacomyntje, b. Leyden, Nov. 26, 1673, m. June 6, 1694, Wessel Ten Broech, s, of Wessel T. B. and 
Maria Ten Eyck (see Wessel T. B.) ; ii. Maria, b. Leyden, m., 1693, Francis, s. of Ca>pt. Sylvester 
Salisbury and Elisabeth Beeck; iii. Abraham, m. in N. Y., Aug. 26, 1703, Sarah Bayard, dau. of 
Peter B. and Blandina Kiersted (see Hans Kierstede); 

Laurentia Kellenaer, the widow, m, 3., Sept. 26, 1695, Wessel Ten Broeck, widower of 
Maria Ten Eyck (see Wessel Ten Broeck), and her stepson, Wessel Ten Broeck, m. her daughter 
(with Dom, Laitrentius van Gaasbeck), Jacomyntje, as before). 

Liber 8, p. 392.— FERNOY, JACOB, of Rochester, intestate. 

Adm. granted to wife, Deborah, June 3, 171 5. ' 

Liber 9, p. (*) 54.— QARTON, THOMAS, Captain, late of Marble< 

Inventory of estate: 

In purse and apparell £51.13.05. (*) Household Goods: 3 feather 
beds with Bedsteads beding Curtains, Hanging & Sheet i57.12.06; Old 
feather Bed, Bedstead, Rugg ii.4; Linnen of Several Sorts £17.10; Pew- 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. 109 

ter & Brass £12.2.6; 2 Iron Potts £2; Iron Dripping pan, Grid Iron, fifry- 
ing pan & spit, etc. £2.9; Chairs, Tables, Chests, Leather Trunk, £4.14.06; 
Looking Glass £1.10; Earthen Ware, Glass Bottles £1.1; Beer Barrells, 
Wooden Vessels £2.6; Spinning Wheel, fflax Hankie £2.2; Linnen & 
Woollen Yarn £5.16; Chest with Old Iron £1.10; Pair of Stilliards 6d. — 
Negro woman, man and sucking child £108; i old woman (*) £15, i 
woman about 32 years old £40, 4 male negroes, aged between 10 and 18 
years £180, 3 males between 6 and 8 years £80; 3 females, ye eldest 5 years 
old £36; 4 horses and 3 gelding, (*) 4 mares, i Foal £51.10; 11 cows 
and I bull £32.8; 9 steers £23, (*) 3 heifers £6.15, 4 yearlings £5.8; 5 
calves £3; 14 sheep £6.6; (*) 4 cows. Boar, 12 hogs, 7 Shoats £25.13; 
683 bushels of wheat £136.13 ; 52 1/2 do. rye £7, 136 do. peas £23 ; 37 1/2 
do. oats £2.10; 30 do. Indian corn £3; (*) flax £1.7.6; old books, etc., 
fishing nett £3.15; Waggons, 2 Sleads; Plough, Harrow with Tackle 
£20.2.; Spades, etc. £3.15; 

Appraised by Thomas Cock, and Rich. Pick (*). 

(Thomas Garton m. An Tuway^ and had a daughter An, bt. at 'Jan Joosten's, Febr. 12, 

1682. — Capt. T. G., on behalf of the inhabitants of Marbletown, petitioned, on June x6, 1703, for 

appointment of trustees for said town, and issuing of letters patent (N. Y. Land Papers, iii., 
■p. 131). 

Liber 9, p. 237.— SAILLES, HUGH, of Kingston, intestate. 

Adm. granted to wife, Mary, May 15, 1721. ^ 

Liber 9, p. 298 (*).— COTTIN, JEAN, of Ulster Co., Merchant, now in 
the City of New York. 

Will dated July 5, 1721. 

"To my loving brother Daniel Cottin, living at Bohein, near St. 
Quentins, in France, £90, and to my loving sister, Susanah, widow of 
Lewis Libot of the same place, £45, and in case of her decease, then to 
my loving sister, Marie Cottin, wife of Philipp Gilliot, Sr., to whom I 
also leave £90. — To my cozens Daniel and Jacques Libot, and their sister, 
being children of Daniel Libot, son of my sister Susanah Cottin, now 
living at Amsterdam, in Holland, £190. To my nephew, Phillip Gilliot, 
Jr., now living in New York, £135, and all my wearing apparel (*), my 
Bed and Furniture, and my two largest brass or copper kettles (*) and 
my two largest pewter Dishes. To my servant maid, Maria Folbreght 
(*), all my household stuff. To Matthew Loine in Ulster Co., a bond of 
£10, which he owes me. To Susanah Peiret, £9. To Elizabeth Peiret, 
ig. To Marie and Anne Droilhet (*), and Susanah and Elizabeth Droil- 
let, each £9. To Mssrs. Jean Barberie, Stephen De Lancy, Abraham (*) 
Jonneau, Elias Pelletreau, and Jean (*) CazaJls, of New York, mer- 
chants, a certain obligation, dated Oct. i, 1716, whereby is due to me 
from Cornelis Elten, of Ulster Co., the sum of £214, with interest. They 

(*) See note, page 104. 

no Ulster Ca^ N. Y., Probate Records. 

to put the money out at interest, which they are to pay yearly for the 
maintainance of the French (*) Ministers of the Reformed protestant 
Church in New York. To them also a certain obligation, dated Febr. i6, 
1719, whereby is due to me from Anne Garton, Jr., £109.9.6, the interest 
to be distributed among the poor of the French Church. To them also 
£36, to be put at interest, and paid yearly to such minister of the French 
Qiurch as yearly go to New Rochelle to preach. To the minister and 
elders and deacons of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church at Kings- 
ton, all my books, debts, {*) Bills, bonds (*) and Notes to be put at 
interest for the use of the poor of said Church, and to the Ref. Prot. 
Dutch Church in New York, £go, and to the Poor of said Church £67. To 
Peter Oblienus and Samuel Waldron, of Harlem, £36 for the (*) main- 
tainance of their ministers of the Dutch Church in Harlem. To my execu- 
tors for their trouble, 6% of my estate. (*) My trusty and Well beloved 
Friends Thomas Bayeux, Augustus Jay, of New York, (*), merchant, 
and Johanes Wynkoop, of Ulster Co. appointed executors. Witnessed by 
Elias Pelletreau, Jr., Ebenezer Grant (*), and Abraham Gouverneur (*). 

(Proved Aug. 9, 1721. J. C. lived for many years at New Paltz, where he was a school- 
master. He removed afterwards to King:ston, where he married Catharine, the widow of Louis Dtt 
Bois (q. v.); see also her will. — ^The account books, which J. C. bequeathed to the Ref. Dutcli 
Church at Kingston, consist of 7 folio volumes, bound in flexible leather, of which one volume 
is entitled "Huer (rent) Book", 2 vols. Account Books, one a Journal from Dec. 21, 1719, 
written in French, as part of another Account Book, and three Warden's Account Books, also 
written in French, from resp. 1707, 1713, 1717. The entries consist mainly of accounts, written 
in a very neat, close handwriting. The books are in custody of Chas. Burhans, Esq., Treasurer 
of Kingston Savings Bank). 

Liber 10, p. 255.— NEWKERK, GERRIT. 

Will dated July 25, 1724 (*), and written in Dutch. 
^ "Myn huysvrouw Grietje Ten Eyk sal besitten myn Geheele Staat 
gedurende haar weduwschap" (my wife G. T. E., shall remain in posses- 
sion of my whole estate during her widowhood) . "Aan myn vyf Kinderen 
wellelyk geprocureert met myn voors. Huysvrouw met namen" (my whole 
estate shall go to my five children, begotten by my said wife, by name) 
Jannetie, Cornelius, Matthew, Benjamin, and Coenrat equally. (*) Myn 
outste soon Cornelius voor af sal trecken Ken stuck van achten voor it 
Regt van zyn Eerst geboorte En ofte noch Een kind mochte Levendig 
geboren werden na myn overlyden 't selve neffens myn vyf kinderen Egaal 
sal Delen, en of Enige van myn kinderen moghte komen te overlyden onder 
haar mondige Yaaren" (My eldest son, C, shall have one piece of eight 
as his right of primogenitur, and if one more child should be born after 
my death, it shall divide equally with my other five children, and if any- 
one of my children should die during minority) survivors are to divide 
share of such deceased. 

Cornelius Wynkeep and Tvmotheus (*) Louw appointed executors. 
Witnessed by Gerrit Nukerk, Jr., (*) Jacob Elmendorpf, Samuel Burhans, 
and Gerrit Van (*) Wagener. 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. hi 

proved before Arien Gerritsen, Judge, Ulster Co., and Samuel Whitaker, and Johannes 
Hardenbergh, Justices, Sept. 3, 1724, 

(.Gerrit Nieuw-kerk, bt, July 28, 1684, s. of Cornelis Gerritse (Newkerk), q. v. and Jannetie 
Kunsf), m. Grietjen Ten Eyk (Margrietjen de Nyk), who m., z., June 22, 1731, Willem Borhans. 
Issue: i. Cornelis, bt. Sept. 28, 1711; ii. lanneken, bt. Oct 12, 1712, m., Jan. 15, 1730, Gerrit 
Elvendorff; iii. Cornelis, bt. May i, 1713, m., Sept. 9, 1737, Neeltien Du Bois: iv. Mattheus, bt. 
Jan. 17, 1717 (see his will); v. Benjamin, bt. Oct 30, 1720; vi. Coenrad, bt May 14, 1722, ni., 
May 13, 1749, Anne De Witt; vii. Grietjen, bt. Nov. 22, 1724 (posthumous child), m., Nov. 12, 
1743, Abraham Van Keuren). 

Liber 10, p. 304.— BRASIER, THOMAS, of Apperfield, Ulster Co. 

Will dated Nov. 6, 1725. 
"To my loving brother, Richard Brasier, iioo. Residue to my (*) 
loving and well beloved wife Lydia for the use of herself and our children 
(not named). Wife appointed executrix. Witnessed by (*) Jacobus 
Bruyn, John (*) Bayard, and R. Bradley. Proved Sept. 24, 1726. 

(See N. Y. Gen. Reg., 1896, pps. 37-42, for an account of the B. family). 

Liber 10, p. 390.— TRAPHAQEN, JOHANES, of Kingston. 

Will dated- Oct. 24, 1726. 
"To Dear wife Eva 2 cows and 5 sheep, and the third sheaf of my land 
which is now clear of wheat and rie, and 10 scheppels of Indian corn 
yearly, during her natural life (*) anci the use of my house and Garden, 
and of my Negro with my son William, he to take out yearly the seed 
Corn so much as to sow the Land with. To my Beloved son Willem, my 
Bible, and all my tools belonging to the wheelrights trade, with the half 
of my movables except a bed and the puter, he to occupy my land during' 
the life of my wife, provided he render the third sheaf of wheat and rye 
(*) he to have the use of my Negro with my said wife, he also to have 
all the lands after her decease, but they are to be valued by (f )-3 indifferent 
men, on oath, and my son is to pay half of the said value to my daughter 
Jannetie (*) in three years after my Wifes Decease; to said daughter my 
bed, and all my household puter, and half of my movables (*), also half 
of the valluation of my real Estate. — Son Willem, and my "trusty friend 
and cousin, Abraham Burhans," appointed executors. Witnessed by Kryn 
Oosterhoudt, Jan Pietersen Oosterhoudt, Edward Whitaker, and Teums 
Pietersen Oosterhoudt (his mark). Proved before Edward Whitaker, 
Ulster Co., Febr.- 23 (*) 1726/7. 

(J. T., bt. Apr. 9, i6s9, in N. Y., s. of William Jansen Trophagen, q. v.). 

Liber 10, p. 396.— TAPPEN, TEUNIS, of Kingston, 

Will dated (*) June 12, 1724, and written in Dutch. 

Long religious preamble. 

"Jurriyaan myn Oudste Soon achtien pondt (£18 (*) to J. my eldest 
son). "Myn vrouw Sara sal blyven en genieten de voile besittinge van 
myn Staat Roerende en Onroerende so Lange Tydt as sy Leeft ongetrouwt 

(*) See note, page 104. 

112 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

(my wife, S., shall remain in full possession of estate, real as well as 
personal, as long as she remains my widow) "Aldien sy Comt te her- 
trouwen" "en gelycke part in de staat als mynen Kinderen sal hebben En 
sy sal blyven woonen in het buys Daar Jekse laat" (if she should happen 
to marry, she shall have (*) as much interest in the estate as my children, 
and she shall continue to reside in the house, which I now occupy) . "Alle 
myne Lieve Kinderen by Namen (all my six children by name) Juryan, 
Mary tie (*), Arriantie, Johannis, Catharina and Rebecca "en Egaalte 
deelen myn geheele Staat" (shall divide equally my' entire estate). Sons 
Jurian and Johanis, and Wilhelmus Houghtelling, appointed executors. 
Witnessed by Pieter Tappen, William Schepmoes, Willem Eltinge, and 
Stephen Gasherie. — Proved March 6, lyzG/y. 

(Teunis T.. b. Albany (s. of Jurian Teunisse Tappen, of Fort Orange, 1662, and his wife, 
a daughter of Wybrecht Jacobse), m., Oct. ro, i6gSj oara Schepmoes, and had: i. Juriaen, bt. 
Nov. 15, 1696, m. June 19, 173s, Anneken Bogardus; ii. Dirrick, bt. May I,* 1698; iii, Marytje, bt. 
Nov. 12, 1699, m. Nov. 18, 1720, Wilhelmus Hoopeeling; iv. Ariaantje, bt. Sept. 21, 1701; v. 
Joannes, bt. Aug. 29, 1703; m., Sept. 22, 1726, Tjaatjen Du Bois; vi. Catharina, bt. March 17, 
1706, m. June 24, 1727, Jarman Pik; vii. Rebecca, bt. Oct. 19, 1707, m. Nov. 13, 1728, Johannes 
De Bois). 

Liber 10, p. 400.— BEATTY, CHARLES, of Marbletown. 

Will dated March 20, 1725/6. 
"My wife, Jannetie, shall remain in full possession of all my real 
estate, which was bequeathed to me by my father in his will, and also all 
the lands I have purchased lying within the bounds of Marbletown, and 
also my movable estate, during the time she remains my widow. She is 
to maintain and bring up my only child and daughter, Bata; if my child 
should die under age, the estate is to go to my brothers and sisters. "My 
loving father-in-law, Thomas Jansen, and my brother, Robert Beatty" ap- 
pointed executors. Witnessed by Isaac Le Feure, Samuel Cock, and 
Nicholas Schoonhoven {his mark) (*). Proved March 11, 1726/7. 

iCharles Beatty (.Cheerels, Ceerless, Bettis, Bethy), bt. Jan. o, i6p8 (s. of John Bealy, and 
Susanna Ashfordby, q. v.), m., Oct. 30, 1724, Jannetjen Jansz, and had: Bata, bt. Oct 3, 1725). 

Liber 10, p. 422.— WESTBROOK, JOHANES, of Knightfield. 

Will dated Jan. (*) 25, 1725/6, and written in Dutch. 
"Myn Lieve huysvrouw Magddena sail int' voile besit blyve van myn 
geheele Staat geduurende De tyt van haar Natuurelycke Leven" (my dear 
wife, M., shall remain in possession of my whole estate during her natural 
life) . "Aan myn Jongste soon Dirck als hy komt te heuwelyke Eeen goet 
parteen Een koegelyck myn andere kinderen gehadt hebbe" (to my young- 
est son, D., when he marries (*) a good horse and a cow, similar to what 
my other children has received) . "Aan myn oudste son Anthony vooruyt 
drie Schelling voor syn Recht van Eerst geborene soon" (to my eldest son 
A. three schillings, in advance, as his right of primogeniture). "Aan myn 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's OffIce, New York. 113 

jongste soon na syn moeders overleyde voor syn trouwe Dienst en goet 
paart En En goede Merry paart, Ende holl Koeyens" (to my youngest 
son (*) after his mother's death, a good horse, and a good mare, and a 
(grazing?) cow). "Aan myn ses Kinderen met Namen" (to my six chil- 
dren by name) Anthony, Johanes, Cornelius, Dirck, Sarah, wife of Cor- 
nelius Van Aken, and Antie, wife of Jacob Van Eten "myn geheelle Staat 
(my whole estate) Elck van myn ses kinderen elck voor syn hooft betalen 
aan het soontie van myn overledene doghter Ursulla, genaamt Benjamin 
(*) (each one of my six children shall pay equally to the little son of 
my deceased daughter U., called Benjamin). Wife and sons Anthony 
and Johanes appointed executors. Witnessed by Jacob Rutsen, Jr., 
Nicholas Roosa, Jan Hardenbergh, William Nottingham. Proved Apr. 10, 

(Johannes W., b. Albany (s. of Jonathan W., an officer in Cromwell's arm^, and later on, 
a resident of Rochester^ whose sons, Johannes and Derek, took the oath of allegiance in 1689), 
m., after May 12, 1687, Magdalena Jansen {Lena Dekker), and had: i. Antony^ bt. Apr. 17, 
i6gi, m., Apr. 30, I7i4» Aaltjen Van Etten, b. Hurley; ii. Sarah, bt, June 10, 1694, m., Apr. 
30, 1714* Cornelius Van Aken; iii. Johannes, bt, July 19, 1696; iv. Johannes, bt. Jan. 9, 1698* 
m., Dec. 19, 1715, Antjen Roosa; v. Ante, bt. July 28, iT'oo, m., Apr. 22, zi7i9> Jacob Van 
Etten, b. Hurley; vi. Cornelius, bt. March 14, 1703, m., Apr. 10, 1724, Annatjen Roosa; vii- 
Dirk, bt. Dec, 15, 1706, m., May 12, 1728, Janneken Van Keuren). 

Liber 11, p. 7.— LEGG, WILLIAM, of Kingston. 

Will dated May (*) 19, 1730. 

"To my beloved son, William Legg, all the land where I now dwell, 
called Jacob's Hook, and the Island, with the buildings (*) pasture 
Ground, and orchard. Also the two lots of woodland lying some distance 
to the eastward of the Esopus Kill, or river, being called the Goijere land. 
He is to pay the legacies left to all my other children. To my son William 
1/5 of my personal estate. To my son Henry Legg, when of age, iyo, and 
1/5 of my personal estate. Also a certain piece of woodland which I have 
lately bought of Arent Pleegh, at a place called in the Dutch tongue 
Vlackebos, in the limits of Kingston, he to be put out to learn a trade as he 
best likes, and likewise schooling as my executors shall think fit. To my 
daughters Catharine, Joanna, and Leah each £100, when (*) 21 years of 
age (*) and each i/S of my personal estate. To my sister-in-law, Gertie 
Pleegh, £50. My children to abide and continue with my son William in 
my house and have their maintainance until they are of age, or be mar- 
ried. Son William, "my brother John Legg, and my brothers-in-law, 
John Davenport, and William Pleegh" appointed executors. Witnessed by 
(*) Jacobus Dubois, James Whitaker, Crijne Oosterhout, and Abraham 
Burhans. Proved before Edward Whitaker, Ulster Co., Oct. 24, 1730. 

(William Legg (s. of William Legg and Susanna Maret, q. v.), m. Geesje Ploeg, dau. of 
Hendrick P., and had: i. Willem bt. Nov. i, 1713, m. Dec. 7, 1733. Mareitje Burhans (see his 
will); ii. Catrina, bt July 24, 171S; iii- Johanna, bt. Jan. 27, 1717, m., Sept. 6, 173s, Ritseri 
Defenpoort; iv. Hennery, bt. Jan. 31, 1720; v. Lea, bt. Apr. 8, 1722, m., Nov. 14, 1741, Tobias 
Wynkoop; vi. Zamuel, bt. March 29, 1724). 

(*) See note, page 104. 
VOL, n.— 8. 

114 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Liber 11, p. 42.— SCHOONMAKER, JOCHEM, of Kingston. 

Will dated Dec. (*) g, (*) 1729, and written in Dutch. 

"Myn huysvrouw Antje Hussey sal hebben Een burgerlyk onderhout 
haar sil beschrit overden door myn ender genoemde Executors on se daar 
van de Yaarlykse huer sal over Schielen boven het Gechgeen myn voors. 
huysvrouw to haar Ender hout van Noden hieft so sal het selve over Schot 
and Yaarlyks onder alle myn ander geschreveneer Erfgenamen Egaal Ge- 
deelt werden" (my wife Antje (*) Hussey shall have a moderate support 
by my executors, who shall divide from the yearly rents among the other 
heirs whatever may be left over, after my wife's maintainance) . "Als ssok 
myn voors. huysvrouw sal hebben to haar Gebruyt Een kuyn van het buys 
tegenwoordig door my bewoont ende helft van de kelderen ook de helft 
van de bogart" (my wife shall also have the use of a cow from the house 
where I live, and half of the cellar, and half of the orchard). "Aan myn 
soen Cornelis Schoonmaker boven syn Egale portie de keur van tayn paar- 
den voor het Reght van syn Eerst geboorte" (to my son, C. S., above 
his portion of my estate, the choice of my horses, for his right of primo- 
geniture). "Aan myn Acht soons met Name" (to my eight sons by name) 
Romulus, Hendrick, Frederick, Jacobus, Benjamin, Jan, Jochem, Daniel, 
"al myn vaste of Reale staat" (all my real estate). — "So stelle ik no Erf- 
genamen myn vyfteen kinderen met name" (I appoint as my heirs my 15 
children, by name) the above mentioned sons, and Trynfie, wife of Jaco- 
bus Bruyn, Eltie, "wedue Vroue" (widow) of Joseph Hasbrouck, Jaco- 
myntie, wife of Johannes Miler, Greetie, wife of Moses Dupois, Jr., Elisa- 
' beth, wife of Benjamin Dupuis, Heyltie, wife of Cornelis Wynkoop, and 
Sarah, wife of (*) Jacobus Depuis. — Sons Cornelis, Frederick, and 

Jacobus appointed executors. Witnessed by Hardenbergh, Jurian 

Tappan, Hendrick Sluyt, Gerrit Van Wagenen. 

(Proved before Edward Whitaker, Ulster Co., Nov. 7, 1730. — Jochem S., b. Albany 
■~S<}4est son of Hendrick Jochemse S. and Eliea Janse, dan. of Jan Janse Brestede, and widow 
KiVAdriaen Petersen (.Van Alcmaer), a native of Hamburg, Germany, who came over in the 
military service of the Dutch West India Company, an innholder at Fort Orange. After his 
death his widow m., Sept. 26, 1684, Cornelis Barentsen Slecht, see Tryntie Barentsen), m. i., 
Aug. i6, 1670, Petronelfa Sleght, dau. of 'Cornelis Barentse S. and Tryntie Tysen Bos. She d. 
,,Hab- 1687, and he m., 2., Al)r. 28, i68p, Anna Hussey (Horsi) (bt. June 27, 1670, dau. of Fred- 
erick Hussey and Margaret his wife). Jochem S. was supervisor of Rochester 1700-1712, and 
Captain of a company for defense against the Indians. Issue: i. Cornelis, bt. Jan. 15, 1682, (d. 
Oct 14,1757). m., Nov. 25, 1711, Engeltje Roosa (bt. Sept. 20, 1685, dau. of Arte R. and Maria 
Pels); u. Hendrick. bt. Aug. 17, 1683, m. Nov. 24, 1764, Heyltje -Decker (bt. Jan. 10, t686. 
dau of Gerrtt and Margaret D.) ; m. Tryntie, bt. Nov. 22, 1684 (d. Aug. 27, 1763), m., Nov. 18, 

Johannes Miller. Issue by 2d wife: vL^efreceo, bt. Aug 24, 1690; vii. Frederick, bt Jan. 28! 
i6c!2,_m. I., March '. !7i3, Anne De Witt (ht. March 15, 1696, dau. of Jacob De Witt and 
Gnetje Vernooy (see T/erck Claessen De IVttt), m. 2., Febr. 6, 1717, Eva Swartwout (bt Nov. 
16, 1694, dau. of Thomas S. mi Eltsabeth Gardiner); viii. Jan, bt June 3, 1694, m. June 7, 

TT4n. Mtwtrnrfff Tfnnrtihfirh (\it Anr tt ^.i-it A.,., nf T — r.......-!. zy i w -•-, 1^-r J*\ .'» 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. 115 

bt. Apr. 19, 1702, m.. May lo, 1722, Catharine Vepuy (bt. Nov. 30, 1701, dau of Moses Z>. and 
Maria tVynkoop); xiii. Antje (.Heyltje), bt. Aug. 11, 1706, m. Oct. 12, 1709, Cornelius Wynkoop 
(bt. March as, 1711, s. of Jacobus W. and Jannetje Bogardus) ; xiv. Sara, bt. June 20, 1708, 
m. Aug. 26, 1725, Jacobus Depuy (bt. Sept. 19, 1703, s. of Moses D. and Maria Wynkoop) ; 
XV. Jochem, bt. Oct. 12, 1710, m.. May u, 1730, Lydm Rosenkrans (bt. May 3, 1713, dau. of 
Dirck R. and Wyntje Kierstede (dau. of Roelof K.); xvi. Daniel, bt. Febr. 22, 1713, m. Oct. 
26, 1733* Magdalena Jansen (bt. June 21, 1711, dau. of Thomas J, and Mayken Bogaard); 

(The other children of Hendrick Jochemse S. and Elsie Janse were: ii. Egbert, b. Albany. 
m., Oct. 13, 1683, Aannatje, dau. of Sinmuej Berry; iii. Engeltje, bt. March 18, 1663, m. i., 
Nicholas Anthony (q. v.), 6t. N. Y., Jan. 28, 1657, s. of Allerd A. and Henrica Wessels, m. 2., 
Apr. 30, 1699, Stephen Gasherie, from Marenna, France; iv. Hendrick, bt. May 17, 1665, m. 
March 24, 1688, Geertruy De Witt (bt. Oct. 15, 1668, dau. of Tjerck Claessen De Witt and 
Barbara Andriesen; v. Volckirt, bt May 17, 1665; vi. HUlitje, bt. Oct. 20, 1669). 

Liber 11, p. (*) 88.— NOTTINGHAM, WILLIAM, of Marbletown. 

Will dated Dec. 7, 1730. 
"My dearly beloved wife Margaret shall continue in full possession 
of my whole estate, so long as she remains my widow." But admit, she 
shall contract matrimony with any other persons, after my decease, that 
then and not before, she shall be utterly debarred and excluded from all, 
or any part of my estate, except such part as the Laws of England doth 
allow her." To my eldest son Stephen ii for his birthright. My wife is 
to sell real estate sufficient to pay debts. To my sons, Stephen, Thomas 
and William, all that tract of land whereon I now dwell, being commonly 
known as the Burnt Orchard, bound southeast (*) by the Kings highway 
and the orchard of (*) Daniel Broadhead, which he hath lately purchased 
of the heirs of John (*) Cock, and southwest by said orchard. Also a cer- 
tain parcel of pasture land of my own, which is commonly known by the 
name of Hinder pasture, and northwest by the uttermost bounds of my 
orchard, and northeast by lands of Frederick Maurits, deceased, together 
with my mansion house and orchard (*) Gardens, fences. Barns, Barracks, 
Stables, etc. If my youngest son, William, should die before coming of 
age, his share shall go to the rest. All the lands that may be due to me by 
virtue of a certain patent, formerly granted by her late Majesty, Queen 
Anne, to Johanes Hardenbergh and Company, I leave to all my children, 
Stephen, Thomas, William, Mary, wife of Egbert De Witt, Elisabeth, wife 
of Martin de Lametter, Bridget, Anne, and Catharine, and all the rest of 
my lands improved and unimproved. Whereas the reversion of a certain 
lot of land now in possession of my sister, Ann Carton is (*) conveyed 
over to me after her death, the same is left to my three sons, and they are 
to pay their four sisters £65. If any of my daughters should die under the 
age of 18, their share is to go to the rest (*). All my three sons to 
remain and dwell in the house with their mother (where she now lives) 
During the term of her widowhood in order to aid and assist her in carry- 
ing on of her affairs and managing tlie Estate.— Wife, sons, Stephen and 
Thomas, "my sons-in-law, Egbert De Witt and Martin de Lamater" ap- 
pointed executors. Witnessed by J oris Middagh, Johannes de Witt, Abra- 
ham Post, Richard Pick. — Proved March 8, 1730/1. 

(*) See note, page 104. 

ii6 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Recorqk:' 

(W. N. m. Margaret Rutse, and had: i. William, bt. Febr. z/, 1703; ii. Jacob, bt. March 
17, 1706; iii. Stephen and iv. Thomas, bt. March 14, i/"?! ''• ^!fe'' "?• Egbert De Wttt; vi. 
Elisabeth, bt. Nov. 10, 1710, in. Afor««» Ue Lametter; vii. Bridget (Bregjen), bt. D ec. 23. 17"; 
viii. ^««e, bt. Apr. 25, 1714; ix. ^n»e, bt Oct. 7, 1716; ■Xr-TSZnTO)^nnr-TnHrTr^7nnCS8rTlis 
will); xi. Catherine, bt. Jan. 3, 1720; xii. William, bt. Febr. 3, 1723. 

W. N., on Nov. 21, 1715, was Captain of a Company, stationed at Marbletown (Engl. 
MSS., Ix, p. 83). W. N. was trustee of Marbletown, May 8, 1721 (Ibid., Ixiii, p. 79). 

Liber 11 (*) 175.— DUBOIS, ABRAHAM, of New Paltz. 

Will dated Oct. i, 1731 (*), and written in Dutch. 
"Myn Huysvrouw Margaret durende Naturelick Leven de Derde van 
De Inkomste van myn Vaast Staat" (my wife M. shall have 1/3 of the 
income from my real estate during her natural life). "Myn oudste Soon 
Abraham voor syn Eerste Geboorte En syri Gehorsamhyt twe Hondert 
pondt, et Noyt Enige huer Geven sal van Het Landt of de Raritans Rimer 
in Nieuw Jerseys Ten Suyden vat het Landt vaxiJohn Cock Gedurende myn 
En myn huysvrouws Leven, en na myn overlyden En sal dan Gervardeert 
werden by onpartydige persoonen sal his betaalen an myn Andre Erfge- 
namen" (my eldest son A. shall have i200, for his right of primogeniture 
and his obedience, and not pay any rent for the land on Raritan's River, 
in New Jersey, south of the land of J. C, during my Ufe and my wife's, 
and after my death said land shall be appraised by unpartial persons, 
and he shall then pay (for said land) to my other heirs, deducting 
the improvements made by him since his settlement.) "Myn soon 
Joel na myn Overlyden al dat stuck lant gelegen onder het Pattent 
van de Nieuwe Paltz Aan de suyd sy vande Paltze Kill Tuschen de Erf- 
genamen van Abraham En Jan Hasbrouck de Groote wy En de Looten 
In't Krenpelboos Wassemakers Lant myn huyse Schuer en Ewe in het 
dorp van de Paltz Ende Schaape wyde Een Aan de Noord Syde van de 
voorsyde Palse Hill van het Draij Heck of Tot Trouar, En is Door voor 
te betaalen aan myn Andre Kinderen de Somma waar voor het selve 
sal gewaadeert werden by onpartydige Personen" (my son J. shall have 
after my death all that piece of land lying in the Patent of New Paltz on 
the south side of the Paltz Hill, adjoining the heirs of A. and J. H., the 
great meadow and the lots in the Cripple-bush, Wassmaker's land, my 
houses, barn, and lot in the village of Paltz, and the sheep meadow, and 
the land on the north side of said Paltz Hill, from the turn stile, for 
which he is to pay to my other children such sum as unpartial persons 
may appraise it to) "Joel sal het portie niet verkoopen sender de apro- 
batie En consent van syn Broeder Abraham Du Bois syn Swager Roelof 
Eltinge En syn Oom Solomon Du Bois" ((*) Joel is not to dispose of his 
portion without the consent of his brother A. Du B., his brother-in-law 
R. E., and his uncle S. du B.) . "Myn Doghter Sara En haar Tegenwoor- 
digen huysman Roelof Eltinge all myn Land aan de Noort Sy van de 
Voorsyde Paltze Hil dat hy nOw in Possessie heeft. En all myn Lant aan 
de suyd sy van de voors. Paltze Hill Tuschen Solomon En Daniel Du 

(•) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. 117 

Bois dat hy now in Possessie heeft, daar voor te betaalen de Somme 
gewardeert by ontpartydige Personen" (to my daughter Sara and her 
present husband, R. E., all my land on the north side of said Paltz Hill, 
now in their possession, and all the land on the south side of said hill, 
adjoining S. and D. du B., now in their possession, for which they are 
to pay such sum as it may valued at by unpartial persons). "Myn dogh- 
ter Lea En haar tegenwoordige Man Philipps Fires voor haar Levens- 
tydt De hleft van dat Stuck Lant up Canestoga Naast de voors. Tirre 
lant. En daar voor te betaalen aar voor het sal gewaardeert werden" (my 
daughter, L., and her husband, P. F., shall have half of the land at C, 
next to said F.'s land, for which they are to pay such a sum as it may be 
valued at). 

"Tot Erfgenamen alle myn kinderen Abraham, Sara, Lea, Rachel, 
Catherina, Rnjoel" (as heirs, children named). "Myn doghter Catharine 
sal maar hebben uyt myn Geheele Staat maar de helft," (my daughter, C, 
shall not have more than half of my estate) . — "Nieman van myn kinderen 
sullen haar parten aan Vreemde Verkoopen voor Eer sy't haar Broeders 
En susters Bekent maalcen," (none of my children shall sell their shares 
to strangers, before they have informed their brothers and sisters of their 

Son Abraham, "schoon soon" (son-in-law), Roelof Eltinge and Major 
Johannes Hardenbergh appointed executors. 

Signed by the testator. Proved Oct. 22, 1731. 

Daniel Du Bois 
Thomas Beeckman 
John Crooke, Jr. 

(Abraham Du Bois, b. Manheim, Germany, Dec. 26, 1657 (s. of Louis Du B., q. v.), m., 
March 6, 1681, Margaret Deyo (De Jou), and had issue: i. Sara, bt. June 20, 1682, m., June 13, 
1703, Roelof Eltinge; ii. Abraham, b. Apr. 17, 168s; iii. Lea, b. Oct. 16, 1687, m. Philip Fires 
(Fiere, Ferre), b. at Steyn-weiler, Bavaria, Palatinate, near Kandel, settled m Lancaster, Pa.; 
iv. Rachel, bt. Oct. 13, 1689, m., Apr. 6, 1713, Isaac Du Bois, s. of Solomon Du Bois, settled 
at Peskoine Creek, Pa.; v, Mary, twin with Rachel, bt. same day, d. y.; vi. Catherine, b. May 
21, 1693, m., Oct. 4, 172S, Wm. Danielsz, settled at Lancaster, Pa.; viL Noah, bt. Febr. 18, 1700, 
d. y.j viii. Joel, bt. June 20, 1703, d. 1734. 

Letters Patent of Denization were issued to Abraham Dubois, "Born Beyond Seas," on 
July 3, 1701. (N. Y. City Town Clerk, Lib. 26, p. 283). 

Liber 11, p. (*) 288.— BURHANS, HELENA, widow of Jan Burhans, 
van Brabant, of Kingston. 

Will dated Oct. 19, (*) 1728, and written in Dutch. 

"Aan myn soon David Burhans Een neger genaamt Robin mits dat 
hy daar voor sal uyt keeren aan myn onderschreven Erfgenamen naar 
van hy Een is £30." (To my son, D. B., my negro slave, R., (*) on 
condition that he shall pay to my heirs £30.). "Aan myn dochter, Elisa- 
beth, housvrouw van Jan Ploegh Een neger & kint Genaamt Dina." (To 

(*) See note; page 104. 

ii8 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

my daughter, E., wife of Jan (*) Ploegh, (*) a negro and child called 
Dina). — "Tot Erfgenamen myn kinderen" (as heirs I appoint my chil- 
dren) Barent, William, Abraham, Isaac, Samuel, and David Burhans, 
Holitie, wife of Edward Whitaker, (*) Jannettie, wife of Peter Dubois, 
Elizabeth, wife of Jan (*) Ploegh) "als ook de kinderen van myn sooon" 
(as well as the children of my son) Johanes Burhans "Salg'r als in 
plaats van haar vader" (deceased, in stead of their father). 
Sons Barent and William appointed executors. 

Helena Burhans (her mark). 
Jan (*) PiETERSEN (*) OosTERHOUDT. Provcd May ii, 1732. 


Gerritt Van Wagenen. 

(Helena Burhans was daughter of Willem Traphagen, q. v. — Jan Burhans, her husband, 
was son of Jacob Burhans^ a soldier in the company of the director-general in the Netherlandish 
service at Esopus. — ^Jan came on the 'Bontekoe', Apr. i6, 1663. — See Abraham Burhans^, 

Liber 11, p. (*) 317.— BURHANS, HENDRICK, of Kingston. 

Will dated May 8, 1720. 

"To my (*) well beloved brother, Abraham Burhans, 1/5 of all my 
estate, real and personal, except saddle, holsters, pistols, and two gold 
rings. — To my brothers Isaac, Samuel and David, each 1/5. — To the chil- 
dren of my brother, Johanes, viz. Johanes, William, Susanah, and Helena, 
1/5 each. — To my God son, Henry Whittaker, one gold ring, and to my 
God daughter, Helena (*) Ploegh, a gold ring. — Brothers Abraham and 
Samuel appointed executors. Proved Nov. 11, 1732. 

Arent Ostrander 

(*) Arent Hendricksen 

Hendrick Ostrander 

(Son of the above Helena Burhans, and her husband, Jan Burhans). 

Liber 11, p. (*) 367.— TRAPHAGEN, WILLIAM, of Kingston. 

Will dated June 16, 1732. 

"My (*) steph mother Eva shall have, every year during her life, 
20 skiples of (*) Good Merchantable Winter wheat, and 6 skepples of 
Indian corn, and a cow, and free wintering and (*) pasturing on the 
Land after Harvest, and (*) 3 sheep, and liberty to make a garden (*) 
and a spint of flax seed sown every year, and 1/3 of the apples, and 
liberty to remain in my dwelling-house. If the personal estate is not 
sufficient to pay my debts, my (*) sister Janitien and my executors may 
sell all my woodland and estate in Kingston, near or adjoining the 
land of Dieck De Witt. — All the rest of my estate to my beloved sister. 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office^ New York. iig 

Janetien. If she dies without issue, then to my uncle, Peter Winne, of 
Kingston, and my uncle, William Traphagen, of Dutchess Co. "My true 
and trusty cousin, Abraham Burhans, and Samuel Burhans" appointed 
executors. — Proved Aug. 17, 1732. 

Jan Pijtersen Oosterhoudt 
Aeram Oosterhoudt 
PuTERis Oosterhoudt 

Son of Johanes Traphagen, 

Liber 11, p. (*) 390.— GUIMARD, PIERRE, of Wagachemeckin, 
Co. Ulster. 

Will dated Sept. 24, 1726. 

"To my only son, Pierre, all my lands and tenements at Wagach- 
kemeckin, according to Patent to me granted. Also my two (*) negro 
man Sambo and Tom (*) and my negro boy Jack. All my ploughs, 
waggons (*) harrows, Sleds, Farmers Utensils, and furniture, also my 
horses, mares, colts, my Bran kittle now in my use and 1/3 of my move- 
ables and household goods. And whereas I have advanced unto Philip 
Dubois, husband of my daughter, Hester, £220 (*) for her promotion, I 
bequeath the same as their portion of my estate. — To my daughter, Anna, 
wife of (*) Jacobus Swartwout, Jr., £200; to my daughter, Mary, £200, 
and (*) the negro Child Whereof my Negro woman Nan goes bigg with, 
and 1/3 of the movables. — (*) To my daughter Elizabeth £200 and my 
negro woman Susan and 1/3 of my moveables. — If the son should die 
under age or without issue, his share to go to my four daughters. Son 
Pierre, and sons-in-law, (*) Jacobus Swartwout (*) Jr., and Philip 
Dubois appointed executors. 

(*) Louis Bevier Proved Oct. 4, 1732. 

Stephen Nottingham 
(*) W. Nottingham 

iPieier Gimair (Gemaar, Gemaud, Gotnaar, Guimard), of Moir, Saintonge (s. of Pieter 
Gui/mar and Anne Damour), of Minesinck, now Deerparkj Orange Co.^ m., Apr. i8, 1692, 
Hester Hasbrouck, dau. of John H. and Anne Doyeau, and had: i. Anna, bt. June 3, 1694, m.. 
May 30, 1721, Jacobus Swartwout, b. Hurley; ii. Esther, bt. May 16, 1697, m. June 20, 1717, 
Philip Du Bois, s. of Isaac; iii. Rachel, bt. March 24, 1700; iv. Mary, bt. Jan. 24, 1703, m., 
Apr. 24, 1728, John Biting; v. Elysabeth, bt. March 24, 1706; vi. Pierre (.Peter), m. March 17, 
1730, Tjaadje De Witt, dau. of Jacob De Witt and Grietje Vernooy). 

Liber 12, p. (*) 20.— MAJOR, JAMES, of Ulster Co., intestate. 

Adm. granted to his wife, Anne, May i, 1733. 

(*) Sec note, page 104. 

I20 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Liber 12, p. (*) 48.— VANBONE, PETER, of Kingston, lantman 

Will dated April (*) 6 (*) 1732, and written in Dutch. 

"Myn huousvrouw Deborah Wanbome sal blyven in Voile possessie 
van Geheele staat geduerende haar Leeven" (my wife D. W. shall remain 
in full possession of my whole estate for (*) life). "Tot Erfgenamen 
over my Geheele Stat myn Kinderen Namelyck" (as heirs I appoint ray 
children, namely) Marens, Christopher, Margaret, wife of Hendrick Dojo, 
Marytje, wife of Simon Frere, Elisabeth, wife of Hendrick Ostrander, 
Antye Deborah, .Mviie of David Burhans, "et kinderen van myn ovrleden 
Soon" (and children of my deceased son) Pieter Wanbom." (*) Son 
Marens voor an Aleer de de Deeling Geschieden sal hebben my Schiet 
Roer en myn voorz Dochter Antie saal hebben haar Kas en Kist mot alles 
wat daar in is alsmede al myn tinne goet Koper goeten Eyser goet belan- 
gende, an het huysraat en Een hengee en twe koejen en Een bedt Stede 
met alle syn toe behoren" (my son M., shall have before the division my 
gun, and my daughter A. shall have her chest and trunk with all there 
is in it, as well as my pewter ware, copper ware and iron ware, and a 
stallion, and two cows, and a bed with all thereto belongs). "Debo- 
rah (*) Schoonhoven, Dochter van myn vrouws voor soon Nicholaas (*) 
Schoonhoven £5 gelt, en (*) twe pondt in Qeeragie en Een koe" (D. S., 
daughter of my wife's son N. S. £5 in money, and £2 in clothing and a 
cow). "(*) Aan de arme van Kingston of opsiendus der silver £20 als 
Een Erkenis dat ik aldaar so veel Jaren onder Godts hulp myn broodt 
hebbe gewonnen" (to the poor of K., or their caretakers £20, as a recog- 
nition that I for so many years, with God's help, have earned my bread). 
— Sons Marcus and Christopher appointed executors. Witnessed by 
Peter Van Aken, Marinus Van Aken, and Gerrit Van Wagenen. Proved 
June 7, 1733. 

(Pieier Van Bommel iVanbone), m. Deborah Davids, widow of Hendrick Claassien) 
Schoonmaker, who had a son, Nicholas, bt. Febr. i, 1685. Issue: i. Peter Van Borne, m. at 
Poughkeepsie, Johanna Lonis (Luwes), who m. 2., I734i Abraham Freer, Jr., widower of 
Janetje Degraff, Had son, Leendert Van Bommel, bt Sept. 7, 1729; ii, Margaret Wanboom, 
bt. Apr. 23, 169^, m. Dec 31, 1715, Henricus Deyo (b. Oct. 12, 1690, s. of Pierre D. and 
Agathe Nickol; lii. Marytie Wamboom, m. 1720, Simon Frere, s. of Hugo F. and Mary he Roy; 
iv. Antye Van Bommel, m. Nov. 12, 1731, David Burhans, s. of Jan B, and Helena Traphagen; 
V. Elisabeth, m. Hendrick Ostrander; Christoffel Van Bommel, m. June 21, 1723, Geertien Van 
Vlied; Marcus, twin with C, bt. Jan. 9, 1698). 

Liber 12, p. 149.— SCHEPMOES, JOHANES, of Kingston, intestate. 

Adm. granted March 3, 1733/4, to Symon Van Wagenen, of Mar- 
bletown, who had married his daughter ; the widow, Angeltie Schepmoes, 
having relinquished her right of administration. 

(T. S., bt. N. Y., Apr. 7, 1672 (s. of Dirck Jansen S. and Marya Willems), m. Febr. 18, 
J697, Neeltje Gerritsen, widow of Pieter Crupel, and had: i. Maria, bt. May i, 1698, m., May 
26, 1720, Zymen Van Wageningen. Johannes Schepmoes and Neeltje Van Hoeck had: Gilitie, 
bt. March 17, 1706). 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. 12 

Liber 12, p. (*) 147.— DUBOIS, JOEL, of Ulster Co., intestate. "" 

Adm. granted to his only brother, Abraham Dubois, March 29, 173, 

(Son of Abraham Du Bois and Margaret Deyo). 

Liber 12, p. (*) 255.— DE LAMATER, ABRAHAM, of Kingstoon. 

Will dated (*) Oct. 20, (*) 1734, and written. in Dutch. 

"Myn huysvrouw Elsie sal besitten en blyve in voUen possessie va 
myn geheele Staat gedurende de tyt van haer weduweschap ende Indie 
myn voors. huysvrouw moghte koomen te hertrouwen soo sal sy gehoude 
zyn om de grechtige helft van myn staat uyt te keeren Ende op te Leeve 
aen myn Erfgenamen, End na haer overlyden de andere helft aen my 
Erfgenamen" (my wife E. shall remain in full possession of my whol 
estate during her widowhood (*), but if she should happen to marry, sli 
shall be bound to deliver one half of the estate to my other heirs, and th 
other half shall go to my heirs after her death). "Aen myn outste soo 
Cornelius De Lamater vooruyt voor't reght van Eerst geboorene £5" (t 
my eldest son, C, £5, in advance, his right of primogeniture). "Aen my 
vier soon" (to my four sons) Johanes, David, Jacobus, and Abrahat 
"te drie morgen vly omtrent De val op de Nooder syd de Ronduyt Kill so 
als de selve up den tiende dagh van Maert 1718 aen myn Getransporteei 
is, de welke ses ackers vly sal hun gerekent werden" van £40, Ega 
onder alle myn seven Erfgenamen degeelt werden (the three morgen 
land (*) near the fall (or valley?) on the north side of Rondout Kil 
as the same were conveyed to me on March 10, 1718, which 6 acres sha 
be valued at £40, which he is to divide equally among my seven heirs] 
"Aen John en Jacobus all myn wyland ende Boomgarten gelegen onde 
de Corporatie Kingston, als mede all myn ander Landt en Boomgart" (* 
(to Johannes and Jacobus my meadow land and orchard in the Corpora 
tioh of K., as well as all my other land and orchards). "Aen myn soo 
David de ourve Boomgaert opt Boslandt de Groote Van, en haelf Morge 
en in de Weg de Boomgaert soon David sal Betaalen proportionable na d 
wardes" (*) (to my son D. the orchard on the great wood, half a morger 
for which son D. shall pay in proportion). 

(*) "De geheele Restant aen twe soonen Johannes et Jacobus wel 
wylandt Landt ende Boomgaerten sal gerekent werden voor £130" (0 
the whole residue, for which meadow land and orchard my sons J. and J 
shall pay £130). "Aen myn Drie Soonen Johanes, David et Abraham 
all myn grondt in the Boyery, als mede de kuypen daer in Staende (t 
weten) aen Johannes de nuyve kuyp, aen David de groote kuype. End 
aan Abraham de klyne kuyp, voor het welck hun sal gerekent werdei 
£10" (to my three sons, J., D. and A., all my land on the farm, as wel 
as the vats standing thereon (dyer's vats?), that is to Johannes the ne\ 
vat, to D. the large vat, and to A. the little vat, for which they shall pa; 

(*) See note, page 104. 

122 Ulster Co.^ N. Y., Probate Records. 

iio). "Aan myn soon Abraham myn geheele Erf huysen Schuer Ende 
alles daar opstanende met dat kyn Stuckje grondt dat ick van myn Schoon 
Vader Juryan Tappen gecoght heb, gerekent voor somma van i8o" (to my 
son A. my whole yard, houses, barn and all what is thereon, as well as 
that piece of land, which I purchased from my father-in-law, J. T.). 
"Aen myn soon David myn sit plaats in De Kerck van Kingston, (*) 
en een patt van twalf voetien breet door myn wyland maast en Langst 
het wylandt van de Erfgenamen van Jan Heermans, Jr. so het Wyland 
toe van myn soon David" (to my son D. my seat in the church in Kings- 
ton, and a road of 12 feet width, where my meadow land adjoins the 
meadow land of the heirs of J. H., Jr., to the meadow land of my son 
David)." (*) "Aen myn soon Cornelius J. Delamater, Jacobus and 
Abraham ende aen myn Doghter Ariantie, huysvrouw van Aldert Kier- 
stede en aen myn vrouws Doghter Janetie, huysvrouw van William 
Eltinge alle de bove gemelde Sommen gelts die Soonen is toe gereekent 
Zyn voor de vly wy, Landt en Boomgaart, Grondt in de Boyery, huysen, 
en Erf met Dependencie van dien in Kingston te saamen bedragende de 
somme van £260 om Egaal onder haar sevene gedeelt te werden" (to my 
son, C. J. D., J. and A., and to my daughter A., wife of A. K., and to 
my wife's daughter J., wife of W. E., all the above mentioned sums of 
money, which my three sons are to pay for the land, and orchard, and 
farm, houses, yard and what belongs thereto, making a total sum of 
£260, which they are to divide equally between themselves)." (*) "Aen 
myn soon David all die twe Ackers en Aghtine Roeden Landt op de 
Armen bouwery Leggende met de Eene seyd an het gemeene Strandt 
pat met de twede seyde an het Landt van John Oosterhout, Junr., met de 
derde seyde an het Landt van de Erfgenamen van Jan Heermans met de 
vierde seyde an het Landt van John Crook, Junr." (to my son D, the 2 
acres 18 rods land of the poor farm, with one side bounded by the com- 
mon strand-road, the other side adjoining the land of J. O., Jr., the third 
side bounded by the land of the heirs of J. H., and the fourth side adjoin- 
ing the land of J. C, Jr.) "et sal gerekent werden £8" (which shall be 
valued at i8)." (*) "Myn geregte part in de Run Moolen aen myn 
voors. seven kinders" (my interest in the tan-mill to my seven children). 
(*) "Myn Beybel aen my Soon Abraham" (my bible to my son A.). 
"Aen myn seven kinderen myn geheele staat" (my whole estate to my 
seven children). — Wife (*), Wm. Eltinge, Aldert Kierstede, and sons 
appointed executors. Witnessed by Hans Kierstede, Christoffel Wam- 
bone, Jacob Marius, Jr., Jacobus Van Dyck. 

(Proved March lo, 1^24/5. Abraham Delamater, b. at Flatbush, 1656, son of Glaude 
le Maistre, b. 1620, from Rtchebourg, in Artois, res. at Laverdwarsstraet, Amsterdam, where he 
m., Apr. 24, 1652, Hester Du Bois, his 2d wife, the ist wife named Jeanne De Lannoy, later a 
carpenter at Flatbush. His widow m. Nov. 6, 1687, Jon Tibout, the parish clerk.), removed 
early with his brother, Jacobus, to Kingston, and m., Elsie, dau. of Jurtan Tappen, and widow 
of Hillebrand Le Seur, with whom she had a daughter, Jannetie, b. 1689, who m. William 
Eltinge. Hillebrand Le Seur was b. at Esopus, 1663, and s. of Francois Le Seur, first of Flat- 
bush, then of Manhattan, and his wife, Jannette, dau. of Hillebrand Pietersen, of Amsterdam. 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. 12 

Issue: i. Cornelius DeLamater, m. Margaret Van Steenbergen; ii. Ariaantje, bt. Nov. i 
1694, m. Oct. 26, 1714, Aldert Kierstede; iii. Joannes, bt. July 4, 1697, m. i-i May 12, 172 
Christina Wynkoop, m. 2., Nov. 11, 1738; Maria Decker; iv. David, bt. Febr. 2, 1701, m. May i 
1728, Laurentia Ten Broeck; v. Jacobus, bt. Apr, 22, 1705, m. Nov. 12, 1726, Catrina Schoo 
maker; vi. Abrom, bt. Sept. 28, 1707, m. Rachel, dau. of Abraham Low). 

Liber 12, p. (*) 274.— PLOEY, WILHELMUS, of Kingston, cooper. 

Will dated (*) Dec. 20, 1734, and written in Dutch. 
"Myn housvrouw Barbara Ploegh sal hebben en blyven in het bes 
van myn Gantsche Staat Gedurende haar(*)wedumlycke Staat" (my wH 
is to remain in possession of my whole estate during her widowhood] 
"Indien myn Huysvrouw quam te Hertrowen na myn doot dat als dan s; 
sy Afstant Doen van alles Except de Kleederen aan haar Lyf toe behooi 
ende" (*) (if my wife should marry after my death, she shall then retur 
all except the clothing she has on). "Voor uyt aan myn oudste soo 
Hendricus Ploeg myn Schiet Roer voort Regt van Eerste Geboorten" (* 
(to my eldest son H. P., in advance, my gun for his right of primogeni 
ture) . "Aan myn Youngste soon Wilhelmus Een merrie met een hengi 
vulen En myn Degen det merrie ,Verkogt te werden, om Leering aai 
hryn voors. soon te geeven" (*) (to my youngest son, W., a mare and 
colt, and my sword, which may be sold for the education of said son] 
"Myn Executuers sullen myn bosch wy aansondt na myn doot verkoope 
en geeven daar volkomen Schriften voor aan de Cooper van die Wei 
Schrifte so volkomen stant sal grypen als of Ick hef self gedaan had" (* 
(my executors shall sell my wood meadow immediately after my deatl 
and give perfect deeds thereto to the purchaser, and said deeds shall b 
considered as binding as if I had written them myself). "Magt aan my 
Executeurs als myn huysvrouw quam te hertrowen of te sterven voor da 
myn youngste Kint Mondrigh is, myn buys En behorende in Kingsto 
to Verkoopen" (*) (my executors are empowered to sell my house an 
what belongs thereto in K., if my wife should marry or die before m 
joungest child becomes of age). "Als. Enige van myn kinders kome 
toot haar mondige Yaaren of te Trouwen dan sullen Sy haar part van he 
Gelt hebben" (*) (my children are to have their share of the monej 
when they become of age, or marry). "Aan myn vier kinders" (to m 
four children) Hendricus, Geertruy, Catharina en Wilhelmus" all my: 
Geheele Staat" (my entire estate). "Myn swager Nicolas De Meyer E: 
myn cousin Powli Ploeg Executeurs" (my brother-in-law N. de M. (* 
and my cousin P. P. appointed executors). 

Wilhelmus Ploegh (his mark). 

Witnessed by Petrus Bogardus, Johanes Dumon, Waldran (* 
Demon, John Crook Jr. Proved March 15, 1735. 

iWillem Ploeg, m. Oct. 30, 1719; Barber Schoonmaker, and had: i. Hendericus, bt. Au( 
7, 1720; ii. Geertruy, bt. Dec. 9, 1722; iii. Catrina, bt. Aug 30, 1724; iv. Wilhelmus, bt. Apr. i; 
1729. — Hendericus P. m. Afolonia Sluiter, and had: a. Theunis, bt. Sept. 18, 1737, ii. Nicolaa. 
bt. Dec. 13, 1761 (q. v.); iii. Sarah, bt. March 11, 1764. 

(*) See note, page 104. 

124 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

(Willem P. was prob. s. of Hendrick P. and Tryntje Pieters, and brother of Allert Hey 
dricksen Ploegli, (who m. Apr. 17, 1699, Rachel Pier, widow of Arte Franssen, with her chemi^ 
over her clothes,' by which she was supposed to relieve her husband from all responsibiuty lor/ 
debts contracted by the first husband). L^ 

Liber 12, p. (*) 447.— LOW, TIMOTHY, intestate. \ 

Adm. granted to Hendrica Low, May 12, 1736. 

iCornelis Pietersen Louw, b. 1670 (s. of Pieter Cornelisen Louw), m., N. Y., Juhr 5, 
169s, Margaret Van Borsum, a. v., and had: i. Tymen (.Timotheus) , bt. Febr. 23, 1697; u. Abror 
ham, bt. Aug. 11, 1708; iii. Hendrik, bt. May 14, 1710; iv. Wilhelrrms, bt Nov. 23, 1714., , ^ 
. TIMOTIUS LOUW (above), m. Sept. 4, 1719, Hendrije Kool, b. Hurley, Mid had: 
i. Janneken, bt. Nov. 18, 1722, m. June 17, 1748, Willtelmus Elmendorf; 11. Cprnehs; 
iii. Margrietjen, bt. Nov. 6, 1726, m., Nov. 2, 1746, Cornelis Ten Broeck, res. Somerset 
Co., N. J.; iv. Antjen, bt. Sept. i, 1728, m., Aug. 16, 1746, Johannes Gaasbeck, blacksmith; 
V. Helena, bt. Febr. 8, 1730, m. Oct. 7, 1764, Jacob Turk, widower; vi. Catrina, bt. Jan. 30, 1732, 
m., Oct. 2S, 1754, Adrian Wynkooop; viL Cornelis Timothy, bt. Oct 14, 1733, m. Dec. 16, 1738, 
Elisabeth Schoonmaker). 

Liber 12, p. (*) 498.— COOL, LAMBERT, of Hurley, intestate/" 

Adm. granted to his wife, Catdyntie, May 31, 1736. 

(.Lammeri Kool, bt Dec. 7, 1784 (s. of Cornelis Teunisen Cool, q. v.), in. Catelyntjen 
Van Deusen, widow of Jacobus Ysselstein, and had: i. Anna, bt Aug. 9, 1719; 'i- Anna, bt. 
Oct. 30, 1720; iii. Cornelis, bt Sept. 9, 1722, m., Oct. 2, 1751, Maria Schoonmaker; iv. Janneken, 
bt Sept 6, 1724; V. Theunis, bt June 11, 1727, m., March 19, 1758, Jannetje Detamater). 

Liber 13, p. 23.— VAN STEENBERQEN, ABRAHAM, of Kingston, 

Adm. granted to Aris Van Steenbergen, of Ulster Co., farmer, 
Sept. 3, 1736. 

(Abraham v. S., bt Jan. 15, 1&99 (s. of Thomas J. Steenbergen, see Thomas Steenbergen). 
Aris Van Steenbergen, m., Dec. 10, 1721, Beertjen Swart. 

Liber 13, p. (*) 222.— WEST, WILLIAM, of Kingston. 

Will dated May 28, 1738. 

"My negro girl Pegg to Mary Damp.ort, daughter of John Damport, 
as soon as I am dead and buried. All the rest of my negroes (*) by name 
Saser & Betty, his wife with their children, are to be free. My house and 
all my land to my negroes Saser and Betty, his wife; also all my horses, 
cows, hoggs (*), ploghs, harrows, wagons (*) sleds and tools, and make 
them heirs of all my estate. Mattys Blankun (*) and (*) Johannes 
Davenport appointed executors. 'Witnessed by Ari Van Slit, Guisbert 
Krom (his mark), Charles Brodhead. 

Proved June 28, 1738. Administrators having refused to serve, ad- 
ministration was granted to Robert Beaver "the nearest friend to the 

Liber 13, p. (*) 311.— SCOTT, JAMES, of Kingston. 

Will dated Aug. 13, 1739. 
"My executors have power to sell my now dwelling house and bam, 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. 12 

and lot of (*) ground, and all other real and personal estate, and afte 
payment of debts, the overplush if any to go to my welbeloved wif 
Elisabeth, and my welbeloved children, William, Majory, and Jannetti 
(*) and unto a Child that my Wife doth bear if she be delivered therec 
and receive Life. My welbeloved brother William Scott and my (* 
trusty friends, Major Johanes Hardenbergh and Abraham Hasbroud 
appointed executors. Witnessed by /. Elmendorph, Cornelius Elmer 
dorph, Abraham Hardenbergh. 

(.Patrick Schott, m. Maidgeri Wilding (.Winding), and had: i. William, bt. Oct. 13, 168 
m. 1., Lena Kool, m. 2., Febr. 2, 1733, Mary Humphreys, both of Dutchess Co.; ii. Elisabeth, i 
Sept. 27, 1691; iii. Margriet, bt. Nov. 10, 1693; iv. Catrina, bt. Sept. i, 169s; v. Anna, bt. Jul 
2S1 1697. »n. Sept. 27, 1717, Augustinus van der Merken; vi. Susanna, bt. June 11, 1699, m 
June 17, 1722, Eduwart Woood; vii. JAEMS, bt. Sept. 7, 1701. 

JAEMS (James, above), ra., after May 16, 172S, Elisabeth Freer, both of Dutchess Co 
and had: i. Meserie, bt. Jan. 30, 1726; ii. Jannetjen, bt. May 26, 1728; iii. Agjen, bt, Jan. 2, 
1732; iv. Rachel, bt. Oct. 13, 1734; v. Wilhelmus, bt. March 5, 1738). 

Liber 13, p. (*) 351.— OOSTERHOUDT, ARIE, of Marbletown, in 
testate. Y 

Adm. granted to Theunis Osterhoudt and Hendrick Rosakrans, o 
Rochester, Oct. 5, 1739. 

Liber 14, p. (*) 62.— DE LAMATER, JACOBUS, of Marbletown 

Will dated Apr. 26, 1736. 

"To my dear wife Gertie (*) all the Estate during her widowhood 
If she marries she is to have the (*) third part of the income of my Rea 
Estate and a negro woman (*) named Dian. I have given to my eldes 
son, Glowdie De Lamater, all my right and title in Claverack, Co. Albany 
to wit, two parcels of land, the first called Beaver Dam, and the seconi 
called Maries Landt, with all the houses, barns (*) buildings and appurte 
nances, to be his portion. To my son Isauc (*) after my wife's decease b 
marriage half of all my lands in Marbletown, that is the hinder part, nex 
to the land of Jan Newkerck, and half the woodland adjoining, for whicl 
he is to pay to my four daughters, Bata, Esther, Janetie, and Susanah 
i200. To my son Marten, the other half of my lands in Marbletown, nex 
to the part given to my son Isaac, an^ he is to pay to my four daughter 
£300. All my goods and movables after my wife's decease, to my chil 
dren. Sons (*) Isaac, Marte, and Cornelius, and Thomas Janse ap 
pointed executors. Witnessed by Gilbert Livingston, Hendrick Vat 
Curen, R. G. Livingston. Proved June 3, 1741. 

(Jacobus Delamater, b. 1665 at Harlem (s. of Glaude le Maistre and Hester Du Bois, se 
Abraham De Lamater), m. at Kingston, Sept. 23, 1688, Gertrude (Gertie), dau. of Martin Esse 
stein, of Claverack, settled at Marbletown upon 296 acres of land bought in 1715. Issue: i, Glau 
(Glowdie), bt. Jan. 28, 1692, m. Christina Legget; ii. Isaac, bt. June 3, 1694, 'Captain Delamater 
m. I., his cousin, Rebecca Delamater^ on Nov. 8, 1717, m. 2., Catherine Winegar, removed t 
Amenia, Dutchess Co., N. Y-, served in the Frencii war, d. Apr. 20, I77S; iii- Martha, bt. Nov. i 

(*) See note, page 104. 

126 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

1696; iv. Jacobus, bt. May 18, 1690, m., Nov. iz, 1726, Cattryna Schoonmaker (bt. May 8, 1698, 
dau. of Egbert Hendricksen S. and Annatje Berry (see Jochem S.) ; v. Martm, bt May 4, 1701, 
m., Apr. 13, 1728, Elisabeth Nottingham; vi. Bata, bt. Dec. 24, 1703, m., Oct. 25, 1722, John 
Legget; vii. Hester, bt. Aug. 11, 1706; viii. Cornelias, b. 1708; ix. Jannetie, bt Jan. 11, 1711, m., 
Oct II, 1734, Joris Middagh; x. Susannah, b. 1713, m., Jan. 7, 1732, Thomas Nottingham). 

Liber 14, p. (*) 171.— GATEHOUSE, EDWARD, Ulster Co., school- 
master, intestate. 

Adm. granted to Richard Nicholls, of New York, Aug. i, 1741. 

(Edward G. on Oct 29, 1719, petitioned for a grant of 1000 acres of land upon the Paltz 
Creek, adjoining the lands of David Galatian. (N. Y. Land Papers, vii, p. 92, 104). On Dec. 
2, 1721, a warrant of survey for 4000 acres vacant land in Evan's Patent, now vested m the 
crown, was issued for Gilbert Willet and Edward Gatehouse (Ibid, viii, p. 87). 

Liber 14, p. (*) 190.— DUMONT, JOHN, of Kingston, merchant. 

Will dated Nov. 5, 1740. 
"To my loving wife Rachel the use of all my estate during her life, 
for maintaining herself and bringing up and educating the children. As 
my children come of age they are each to have £25. After the decease of 
my wife all my estate is to go to my children, Johanes, Egbert, Petrus, 
and Catharina. Wife, and my brothers (*) Wallerand and Peter Dumont, 
and (*) friend Cornelis Schoonmaker, appointed executors. Witnessed 
by Peter Dumont, (*) Tyerck Van Keuren, Hendricus Van Keuren, (*) 
Jan Slecht, Cornelius Van Keuren. Proved March 18, 1 741/2. 

iWalran Dumand, Jr., bt Nov. 13, 1667 (s. of Walrand D., Sr., q. v.), m. March 24, 
1688, Catrina Ter Bosch, and had: i. Grietje, bt Sept 27, 1691; ii. Walran, bt Aug. is, 1693, 
m., Oct. 5, 1734, Janneken Brink, widow of Zamuel Borhans, and dau. of Cornelis Lambertsen 
Brink); iii. Rachel, bt. June 5, i6gS, m., 1723, Lammer't Cornelisen Brink; iv. Hanna, bt. Oct. 

15, 1699; V. JOHANNES, bt Oct 12, 1701; vr. Pieter, bt. Dec. s, 1703, m., March 4, 1738, Sara 
Schepmoes; vii. Philippus, bt Sept 28, 1707, m., Dec. 15, 1739, Elisabeth Wynkoop, dau. of 

JOHtl (above), m., Oct. 18, 1729, Rachel Schoonmaker (bt Aug. 18, 1704, dau. of Egbert 
Hendricksen S. and Annatje Berry (see Jochem S.). Issue: i. Egbert, bt. Sept 17, 1732, m., 
'a shipcaptain,' March 9, 1760, Margrietjen Elmendorph; ii. Pieter, bt Nov. 18, 17^3, m., Sept 

16, I7S2, Maria Van Wagenen; iii. Annaken, bt Febr. 23, 173s; iv. Henderikus, bt Sept 3, 1738; 
v. Catrina, bt Dec. 18, 1739, m., Dec. 10, 1763, Petrus Brink; — Jolmnnes, m.. May 22, 1760, 
'merchant,' Geertruy Ten Broeck). 

Liber 14, p. (*) 225.— TEN EYCK, MATHYS, of Hurley. 

Will dated Aug. 3, 1734. 
"To my granddaughter (*) Janneke, daughter of my eldest son, 
Aldert Ten Eyck, deceased, £30. — I have tiiis day conveyed by lease and 
release to my youngest son, Abraham Ten Eyck, my messuage and tene- 
ment in Hurley, with the pastures, orchards, gardens (*) meadows. Bams, 
Barghs now occupied by me, and the land lying on the north side of the 
Esopus Creek, called Premakers, between the land formerly belonging to 
Arie Rosa and the land now in possession of Cornelis Wynkoop, also four 
lots of land on the south side of said Esopus Creek, being part of the land 
called Wassemaker's Land, bounded north by Esopus Creek, east by a lot of 
the said Abraham Ten Eyck, south and west by the land of Peter Reverse; 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. 127 

also all the estate I have in two parcels of land lying near a place called 
Clykuyle, which I hold by two conveyances made to me and Gerrit New- 
kirk; also another small tract of land near the same, which was conveyed 
to me and (*) Grietie Newkirk; also my right to a certain tract lying in 
Ulster Co., granted by Patent to Cornelis Cool and Company, of which I 
am one of the Patentses; also my right in a tract of land lying on the 
north side of Esopus Creek, which Cornelis Cool and Company bought of 
Johanes Hardenbergh and Company, of which I am one of the pur- 
chaser; also a lot in Hurley, which was part of what was allotted to ray 
wife, and lies between the lot of Jan Rosa and the lot of Aldert Rosa and 
between the street and the mill dam; also two negroes (*) the choice of 
all the Negroes, the choice of one Plow with the Grass, one waggon (*) 
one Harrow, one Iron Wood slay, one Wood slay, one pleasure slay, one 
bergh screw with the utensils, one Log chain, 2 ladders, i dung fork, i 
break, 2 corn fans, 2 corn seifs, i schepls, tools of the rope yard (*), i 
long saw, I hand saw, coopers tools, 2 Troafs, i spade, i Howe, i Axe, 
I grubbing Howe, 3 Beer Barrells, 2 Beef Barrells, i Nail Hetchel, 3 siths 
with the Handle, 2 horses (*) choice of a Cow, i ox, i sheep, 3 Hoggs, 
I Syth, I Windlass, i Hammer and stands to sharpen Siths, i Grind- 
stone; I do hereby confirm the (*) same, and he has given (*) 11 bonds 
(*) each for (*) £200 conditioned for the payment of iioo, he is to pay 
the same deducting 1/9. To my son Andries my weaver's loom and 
reeds. Residue of my estate to my children, Coenradt, Andries, Jacob, 
Abraham, Wyntie, wife of Jan Hendrickse, Maritie, wife of (*) Tjerck 
Van Keuren, (*) Gritie, wife of William Burhans, Sarah, wife of 
Laurence Cortright, and Ragl, wife of Cornelis Newkirk. My children 
are to pay what they are indebted to me, and the money to be divided 
among them all. Sons appointed executors. Witnessed by A. Gaasbeck 
Chambers, W. Ten Broeck, Gilbert Livingston. Proved May i, 1742. 

iCoenraet Ten Eyck, m. i., Mcerie Bode iBoet), m. 2., Apr. 15, 1682, Annatje Daniels, 
widow of Herman Smeeman, and had: i. Margriet, bt. N. Y., Aug. 20, 1650; ii. Coenradt, bt. 
Nov. 22, i6s4, m.. May 19, 1675, Belytje Hercks; iii. Hendrick, bt. Apr. 30, 1656, m., March 2, 
1676, Petronella Be Witt, of Leyden; iv. MATTHYS, bt. March 20, 1658; v. Margariet, bt. Oct. 
22, 1659; vi. Metje, bt. May 11, 1664, and Maria (prob. 4th child), m., Dec. i6, 1670, Wessel 
Wesselszen, from Wessen, Mnnster (see Wessel Ten Broeck). 

MATTHYS TEN EYCK (above), m., in N. Y., Oct. 14, 1679, in Hurley. Nov. 16, 1679, 
Jannetje Roosa, of Harwynen, Gelderland, Holland, dan. of Albert Heymans Roosa, and had: 
i. Aldert (Allardt, bt. N. Y., Oct. 23, 1680; ii. Maria, bt. Oct. 15, 1682, tn., Febr. i, 1702, 
Tjerck Matthysen Van Keuren; iii. Weyntie, bt. Apr. 13, 1684, and again bapt. June i6th, 1684, 
m. Ja» Hendrickse; iv. Gerritje, bt. Febr. 10, 1689, m. i., Gerrit Ifesa^rk, m. 2., June 22, 1731, 
Wm. Burhans, bt. March 7, 1686, s. of Jan B.; v. Andries, bt. June 7, 1691, m. in N. Y., Febr. 
I, 1710, Barendina Hardenberg ; vi. Jacob, bt. Juno 3, 1694, m. in N. Y., Febr. 25, 1700/1, Neeltje 
Hardenberg; vii. Sara, bt. May 23, 1697, m., Dec. 21, 1715, Laurence Cortright; viii. Rachel, bt. 
Nov. s, 1699, m., March 17, 1721, Cornpis-Neiiikirk ; ix. Abraham, bt. Nov. 5, 1699, m., Dec. 18, 
1726, Janneken Elvendorif). -"^ — s. 

Liber 14, p. (*) 272. VAN KEUREN, TYRCK, of Kingston. 

Will dated May 27, 1742. 
"To my dear wife Maritie the use of (*) my whole estate during her 
life. To my (*) eldest son Matthew, the land he now lives upon, and the 

(*) See note, page 104. 

128 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

mill lying and being in Duchess Co., on the north side of a run of wate 
named Specken KUl, he to pay £300 to my other children, deducting t( 
himself 1/12. To my son Benjamin, and my daughter Sara, wife o 
William Van Vliet, all the land I bought of Thomas Saunders, in Dutches 
Co., on the south side of my son Matthew's land, as they have it now ii 
possession, they to pay £300, deducting one twelfth. To my sons Abra 
ham and Jacobus, my dwelling house, barn, barriks, and smiths shop, anc 
the ground thereto belonging, in Kingston (*) and the tools and als( 
the land I bought of my father, and of Hendrick'^Ten Eyck, and tb 
orchards lying on both sides of the King's highway that leads to Hurley 
Town. Also a bond due to me from Ja^ob Rutsen, also one from Willian 
Harris, they to pay £400, deducting 1/12. All of my children who as ye 
have no set from me, shall have it equal in value to those which hav 
already had it. To my daughters, Janeka, wife of Derick Westbrook 
Tatie, wife of Joseph Du Bois, Catharine, wife of Arnold Vielen, Maritie 
wife oi' Petrus Low, Rachel, wife of Derick Van Vliet, Elisabeth, anc 
Lydia, the sums of money which are to be paid by my sons as above 
Residue to all my children. Wife and sons appointed executors. Wit 
nessed by (*) Tyerck De Witt, Adam Persons, Cornelis (*) Persen 
Proved Sept. 22, 1742. 

(Tjerck Matthysen (.Van Keuren), bt Dec. 24, 1682 (s. of Matthys Mailhysen, q. v.; 
m., Febr. i, 1702, Marytie Ten Eyck, and had: i. Sara, bt. Aug. 23, 1702, m. Nov. 10, 1726, Wi 
lem Vlied; ii. Janneke, bt. Sept. 3, 1704, m., May 12, 172S, Dirk Westbroeck; iii. Mattheus, h 
June g, 1706, m. Jan. 26, 1729, Seletje de Lameeter; iv. Abraham, bt. Sept. 23, 1711, m. Nov. i; 
1743, Gerretje Nieuwkerk; v. Benjamin, bt. Nov. 15, 1713, m., i. July I3> 1735. ■^«™ S'"""'*). ™- 2 
Febr. 10, 1753, Maria Benschoien, widow of Johannes Schepmoes (see his will): vi. Marytjen, b' 
Dec. II, 1715; vii. (as Tjerck Van Kuren) Maria, bt. July 28, 1717, m., March 26, 1736, Petru 
Louw; viii. Jacobus, bt. May 17, 1719, m., May 16, 1741, Lea Hoogteeling; ix. Rachel, bt. Dei 
18, 1720; X. Rachel, bt. Febr. 18, 1722, m., Dec. 27, 1741, Dirk Van Vliet, cooper; xi. Elisabetl 
bt. July 31, 1726; xii. Lidia; Tjatje, m. Joseph Dubois; Catharine, m. Arnold Vielen), 

Liber 15, p. (*) 159. CROOK, JOHN, of Kingston, Shopkeeper. 

Will dated June 3, 1737. 
"To my son John for his birth right, my silver Tankard, that I no^ 
use in the house, containing near three pints, as soon as he shall marr 
01 his mother dies, and if he dies then to the next eldest son. — My wif 
Catharine is to have a sufficient maintainance out of my estate during he 
life, or until she marries, also a negro wench, but if the said negro die! 
my heirs shall buy her another negro wench to serve my said wife. — A 
the rest of my real and personal estate to my six children, John, Willian 
Gertrude, wife of Evert Bogardus, Robert, Mary, and Charles, but m 
three youngest children shall have their learning and education out of m 
estate, and my executors may sell lands with the consent of my wife.- 
And as I have not yet a deed from Captain Anthony Rutgers for 1/27 c 
land in Duchess Co., called the Nine Partners, it is to go to all my chi! 
dren, and my eldest son is not to take any advantage in law about it, fc 
I have paid for it, and lately divided, but the divident is not yet finishee 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. 12 

— Sons, and son-in-law Evert Bogardus appointed executors. Witnesse 

by Petrus Bogardus, Heyltie Decker, Abraham Gaasbeck. Proved Jar 

13, 1743/4.. A bill (*) "on my eldest son John Crooke, Dr.", attachec 

recites: 'The extraordinary expenses (*) in obtaining your learning, fo 

which he is to be allowed to the younger children £80. 

To cash at New York for to send to England for books and other ex 

penses, £50. 

My daughter Geertrud, Dr. : To her outset £80. 

My son William Dr. : To a negro Boy and horned Cattle 4 mares, i year 

ling, 2 Coults £80; To a large sorel Stallion, i mare 2 old Geld 

Robert, Mary and Charles when at age and have had their education, t 

have an outset equal to the above three sons of £80 each. 
My son Robert Crooke, Dr. : To Cash Butter and flower £95. 

(Jan Crooke^, m. Ceertrnyd de Haas and had: i. John, bt. N. Y.; Jan. is, 1688; ii. JOH^ 
bt. May s, 1689; iii. Charles, bt, Nov. zg, 1696, m., Aug. 28, 1722, Rebecca Bon; iv. Benjanm 
bt. Febr. 19, 1699; v. Gabriel, bt. Jan. 8, 1700, m., March 9, 1729, Maria Hardenbroeck. 

JAN CROOKE (CHROECK) JR. (above), m. Catfina Janss, and had: i. Jan, bt. Apr. i 
1711, m., Sept. 24, 1742, Cornelia Rutgers; ii. Geertruy, bt. Dec. 7, 1712, m.. May 20, 173: 
Evert Bogardus; iii. Wiljem, bt. Nov. 28, 1714; iv. Robert, bt. Febr. 3, 1717', v. ilfeery, bt. No' 
16, 1718; vi. Mary, bt. Aug. 20, 1721, m., Apr. 29, 1744, Petrus Bdmundus Elmendorf; vii. Annt 
bt. Febr. 14, 1725; viii. Charles, bt. Nov. 6, 1726; ix. Thomas, bt. July 14, 1728; x. Magdalem 
bt. May 14, i73'2), 

Liber 15, p. (*) 196. HUQHEY, REOBERT, of Wallkill, merchant 

Will dated Febr. (*) 13, 1742/3. 

"To my beloved wife, Anna Wassail, two tidy (*) Cows wan Sow 
with Piges, 2 rugs, 2 blankets, (*) 2 puttr dishes and (*) wan pot, an( 
one bed, and all my rye and corn (*) wan Cubard, pill, milk tube, 2 smal 
pills, wan tramble. To my wel beloved sons James and John, all the land 
that I have at New Wit, in the 5,000 acres where I now live, at the Wal 
kill, with all rights and claims that I have in the same, allowing my wif 
the use of 100 acres during her widowhood. (*) Residue, after paymen 
of debts, to three Girrals and if there should be nothing left than the twi 
boys shall give 2 cows to the youngest child Margrat. All the small lots o 
land which I bought of John Alsop at New Windsor, shall be sold by m; 
executors, and all my shop goods and household goods, and farming uten 
silsi My executors are to call in the debt due to me from Robert Bar 
hannan. — There is 75 bushels of wheat, at 15 bushels a year, which I orde 
the executors to take out of said debt. My executors are to call in the deb 
due to me from my brother, James Hughey, before Nov. i, and 40 bushel 
of wheat, to defray the rent of the land for the use of the Patentees. The; 
are also to collect (*) 30 bushels of wheat coming due from Thomas Dyn 
for rent of land. To my wife all my wool and yarn. Jacobus Bruyn, /» 
and Charles Clinton, 'Esq.^ Gentlemen, of the Co'unty of Ulster, appoints 
executors. What is left after payment of debts is to be divided amonj 

(*) See note, page 104. 
VOL. II,— 9. 

130 Ulster Co., N. Y., ProBate Records. 

the three girls. If nothing is left, then the two boys shall give two cows 
to the youngest child Margaret. Witnessed by Johanes Miller, Johanes 
Newkerk, Adam Graham. Proved May 4, 1744. The executors resigned, 
and administration was granted to William Hughes, farmer. 

Liber 15, p. (*) 199. HOFFMAN, ZACHARIAS, of Shawangunk, 

Will dated Febr. 25, 1743/4- 
"To my two soon, Zacharias, and Jacob, all my farm, messuage, 
meadows (*) pastures, and dwelling houses (*) Barns Barks Orchards, 
etc. at Shawangunk, on both sides of the Shawangunk creek or river, with 
all the woodland adjoining, also the land granted to me by Patent on 
the west side of a certain brook commonly called Mary Kill, also 100 acres 
of land by me purchased of John Rutsen, adjoining to the land granted to 
Peter Matthews and Company, one half to my son Zacharias and his 
children, the other half to my son Jacob and his heirs ; if Jacob should die 
without issue, his half to go to all my children. A tract of land of 1200 
acres, granted by Patent to Augustine Griggs, upon Hudson river, in 
Ulster Co., and now in tenure of Jury Quick, with all the appurtenances, 
to my two daughters, Gertrude, wife of Nathaniel Dubois, and Ida, wife of 
Cornelius Bruyn. To my daughter, Janeke, wife of William Roosenkrans, 
all that my grist mill on the Wallkill, with the land thereto belonging, as 
the same was purchased by me from Hieromimus Mingus, as per deed. 
To my daughter Margaret, wife of Thomas Jansen, £150, which her hus- 
band is bound to pay me by a bond. To all my children, Zacharias, Jacob, 
Gertrude, Margaret, Janeke, and Ida, all that my land at Newburg upon 
Hudson river, also my land in Kingston. None of them are to sell their 
shares to strangers until they give their brothers and sisters the preference. 
To my son Jacob my negro boy Simon, 3 milch cows, 4 sheep, (*) 2 
horses (*) 2 mares 2 breeding sows, in order to make him equal with my 
son Zacharias, he having received an equivalent. (*) To my son Zacha- 
rias and Jacob 2 of my negro man slaves by name of Frank and Andries, 
also my 2 Negro Wenches Peg and Isabella, my waggons, sleds, ploughs, 
harrows, farming utensils, and Jacob is to (*) be made equal with his 
brother and have as many farming utensils as his brother has had. (*) 
To my daughter Janneke wife of William Rosenkrans one Negro Girl 
slave named Bett for her life and then to her daughter Esther. To my 
daughter Margaret my negro Girl named Nance. To my daughter Ida 
my Negro Girl Dieaen now in her possession. Cash, money due to me by 
Bonds, Notes, etc. also crop of wheat in the Barn and all the rest of my 
grain (*) and my Crop of wheat on the Land and the Rye and all other 
Grain, as well as the rest of my Slaves, stock of Horses, Cows, Hoggs, 
Sheep, etc., to my six children. Son Zacharias, sons-in-law, Nathaniel 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. 131 

Dubois, and Cornelius Bruyn appointed executors. Witnessed by Joshua 
Smedes, Cornelius Schoonmaker, I. Bruyn, Jr. Proved May 8, 1744. 

iMariinus Hoffman, q. v., had son Niclaes, who m., after Dec. 30, 1704, Jannetjen Crispel, 
and had son ZACHARIAS, b. Fort Orange, bt. Dec. 6, 1713, m. after March 24, 1706, Hester 
Bmyn, b. Kingston, res. New Palts, and had: i. Maria, bt. Oct. 19, 1707; ii. Geertmy, bt. Sept. 
18, 1709, m. Nathaniel D« Bois; iii. Jacobus, bt Febr. 7, 1720, m. i)ec. 6, 1744, Margriet Fever; 
iv. Jaa,. bt. Dec. 24, 1721, m. Oct 12, 1743, Cornelius Bmyn; v. Niclaes, bt. Apr. 6, X724; Zacha- 
rias, m. Jan. 15, 1739, Maria Terwilliger; Jancke, m. after Sept. 5, 1731, Wtlliam Roosenkrans; 
Margaret, m. after Aug 8, 1731, Thomas Janse(.en), Jr.). 

Liber 15, p. (*) 217. GOLDSMITH, THOMAS, in the Highlands, 
Ulster Co. 

Will dated Dec. 24, 1743. 

"To my eldest son, Richard, 10 shillings, to my sons, Thomas and 3d 
son Elisha, each 10 s. — To my wife Abigail 1000 acres of land, being a grant 
in Orange Co., granted to me by James Duncan, Elisabeth Duncan, and 
Matthew Warmene, by deed of Apr. 11/12, 1735. To her also 1000 acres 
of land, where I now live, called HolmsHeld, upon Paltz River in Ulster 
Co., with all the houses and improvements, also tract of 250 acres of land 
sold to me by Daniel Norton and John Turtle by deed of June 27, 1733, 
near Goshen, also 2/3 of my right in the Newburgh warehouse, also all the 
rest of my movables. To my daughter, Abigail Turtle, 1/3 of my right in 
the Newburgh warehouse. Wife, and brother-in-law, Charles Booth, ap- 
pointed executors. Witnessed by Giles Hatson, Susanah Howie (her 
mark), Andrew Ogilvie. Proved June 4, 1744. 

Liber 15, p. (*)205. ELTINQE, WILLIAM, of Kingston. 

Will dated Dec. 7, 1743, and written in Dutch. 
"Aan myn oudste soon Jan Eltynge voor zyn Eerste Geboorte Reght 
myn Groote Bybell ; dat hoole Huys en Erf met de Schuer, waerin hy un 
tegenwoordigh is wonende, heur sail gerekent werden uyt myn staat £70. 
Myn soon Jan en myn soon Jacobus de Newrste shosengaart en het wey- 
landt welk partelyke aen myn Getransportert is by de Trustees van Kings- 
Ion en partlyk by Lewis Du Bois en partlyk nogh moet getran patent 
werden by Solomon du Bois. Myn soon Jan sail hebbe die helfte 
gelegen langs het weylandt van Jan Oosterhout Junr., en die helft van de 
Boomgaart welk daar aen vast leght, werde op Vylight pondt. Andere 
helft van geseyde Boomgaart en weylandt aan my soon Jacobus mitte 
dat hem gereekent sail werde myn staate op £50. Myn soon Jacobus sail 
hebben dat stick landt aen de North syde van de Groote Kill geluk by 
transpoort van Cornelis Low het selve aen myn is verkoght, als mede die 
ses ackers arme Bowery aen de oost syde van if ox halls strant padt en aen 
de Nordt syde van het Kalckoons Hock pat soo als het selve my van de 
Trustees van Kingston getransporteert is, hem gereekent werde myt myn 
Staat ii45. Myn soon Hendries dat kuys schuye en Lot gront waer Ick 

(*) See note, page 104. 

132 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

myii silver tegenwoordge bewoonende, so als het selve van Albert Kier- 
stede aen myn getransporteert is, alsmede die oyt ackers Gront met de 
Boomgaart dar op stae:nde aen de Nort syde van het weylandt van de 
Erfgenaame van William Schepmoes en aen de suyt en Oost syde van 
Landt van Johannis Low, als ook noch aght ackers in de Klyne vlye welke 
my van Barent Benthuysen getransporteert is, also nock vier ackers op de 
arme Bowery tuechen aen Lott van my soon Jan En Een Lott van 
Johannes Ten Brook en out twe Coeyen myn schift shoor, Een handt 
sagh, Een Bree By Een Spite bore, Een drie Quartiers bore, Een duyons 
bore, Een schoaef bore, twe stryke Schaven Less Bytells de best in myn 
Winckle En all myn wolle cleerasie die aen mien Gyfe behooren en de 
helft van myn work Hondt, hem gerekent werde uyt myn staat £184, en 
sail ook verplight en gehouden syn om syn two susters Jannetje en An- 
nettie by hem in buys te howde so lange als sy sullen ongetrowt blyven 
En Goet Logement Eeten en drinken, en als zy komer te howelyken 
voor haer geven 12 stoelen, i vlass wid en Ledckrant Een Etens kassie, 
en Een Ettens Tafell. Eider van myn twe doghters Jannetje en Annetie 
voor haer uytfett £30, een coe of de waerdy, aght conne Laakens, en Less 
pare sloppen. Myn soon Hendricus en myn doghters Jannetie en Anne- 
tie sail provisie tot haer nodruft tot July 1 1 hebben. Myn seven kinderen, 
Jan, Jacobus, Hendricus, Elise, huysvrouw van Isaac Van Campen, Jaco- 
fnyniie, huysvrouw van Noe Elting, Jannettie, en Annettie elk een sevende 
part hebben van de £429 die is toe gereekent voor huysen, Landen, Boom- 
garten. En allse myn geheele Losse staat." 

(To my eldest son, J. E., his right of primogeniture, my large Bible, 
also the corner house and lot and barn where he now lives, to be valued 
at £yo. — My son, J. and J. the garden and the meadow which was partly 
sold to me by the Trustees of Kingston, partly by L. du B., and partly 
by a patent from S. du B. — My son Jan shall have the part next to the 
meadow of J. O., Jr., and (*) half of the orchard adjoining, valued to 
£40. The other half of said orchard and meadow to my son Jacobus, for 
which he is to pay £50. My son Jacobus shall have the piece of low land 
on the north side of the Great Kill, which was conveyed to me by C. L., 
as well as the six acres poor farm, on the east side of Fox Hall strand- 
path, and on the north side of K. H. path, as it was sold to me by the 
Trustees of Kingston, he to pay for it £145. — To my son H. the housp^ 
barn and lot where I now lives, as it was sold to me by A. K., also the 
ground with the orchard on the north side of the meadow of the heirs 
of W. S. and on the south and south-east side of the land of J. L., as 
weU as 8 acres in the Klyne Vly, which I bought from B. B., as well as 
4 .acres on the poor farm between a lot of my son J. and a lot of J. T. B, 
also 2 cows, my gun, and hand-saw, a broad-ax, an auger, a 3/4 chisel, 
another chisel, a scraping-iron, two carpenter's planes, the best in my 
shop, and all my woolen clothing, and half of my wood, for which is to 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. I33 

pay £184. He shall also be bound to keep his two sisters J. and A., as 
long as they remain unmarried, and to give them good lodging, food 
and drink, and when they marry, he shall give them 12 chairs, a spinning 
wheel, a bedstead, a chest (cupboard) and a table. To each of my siaid 
daughters for their marriage outfit £30, a cow or its value, 8 sheets and a 
pair of pillow-cases. My son H. and my daughters shall have as much 
provisions as are needed for their support until July 11. My seven chil- 
dren (named) each 1/7 of the £429, which is to be paid for the houses, 
lots, orchards, and my whole personal estate. The three sons appointed 
executors. Witnessed by Gilbert Livingston, Johanes (*) Hasten, Jr., 
Cornelis Persen. Proved Febr. 13, 1743. 

(.William Eltinge, bt. Tan. 19, 1685 (s. of Jan E. and Jacomyntje Sleckt, dau. of Cornelius, 
q. v.), m. Jannetje Le Sueur (le Saeur), b. 1689, dau. of Hillebrand Le S. and Elsie Tappen 
(s«e ElHng Roelofsen). Issue: i. Jan, bt. Febr. 11, 1709, m. i., Nov. 15, 1730, Rachel, dau. of 
James WMtaker and Elisabeth Titsoo, m. 2., Sept. 3, 1747, Rachel, dau. of Jose'ph Hasbrouck and 
Elsje itchoonmaker ; u. Elsien, bt. Sept. 9, 1711, m., Oct. 12, 1734, Isaac Van Kampen; iii. William, 
bt. Sept. 6, 1713; IV. Jacomyntje, bt. Nov. 27, 1715, m., Oct. 16, 1742, Noe Biting, s. of Roelof E. 
and Sara Du Sow; v. Jacobus, bt. Dec. 15, 1717, m. Elisabeth Hall; vi. Petrus, bt. March 20, 
1720; vii. Hendricus, bt. March 2S, 1722; viii. Jannetjen, bt. Apr. 26, 1724; ix. Annatjen, bt. Dec. 
18, 1726. 

Liber 15, p. (*) 344. TEN BROECK, WESSEL, of the Manor of 
Fox Hall, yeoman. 

Will dated Apr. 27, 1743. 

"To daughters Sarah, and Lawransie, wife of Mr. David De Lama- 
ter, two lots of land to the southwest of Kingston, called the Division of 
the heirs of Wessel Ten Broeck, No. i and 2. (No. i, 5 acres, 2 rods, 
24 poles, No. 4, 30 acres, 30 poles). They to pay my daughter Rachel, 
wife of Mr. Abraham Salisbury, £20. — ^To daughter Sara also a house 
and lot at Kingston, adjoining southwardly of the lot where Mr. Living- 
ston's barn stands, also three house lots which I bought of the Trustees 
of Kingston, March 6, 1 731, also 1/5 of the half of the house and lot 
which was my father's dwelling house in Kingston, also a negro woman 
(*) the choice of my slaves; she is to have the same set out when mar- 
ried as my daughters Lawrensie and Rachel had when they were married, 
(*) and also the like stock of catttle. To my daughter Lawransie 1/5 
of said dwelling house, and a negro woman (*) called Dian. To my 
daughter Rachel i/S of said house. To my eldest son Wessel Ten 
Broeck, all my dwelling house buildings and land conveyed to me by 
Abraham Gaasbeck Chambers, June 26, 1701, in lieu of 2 acres near the 
place of the old Corn mill, also half of all my lands and tenements in 
Co. Ulster, except as I have herein given, also one negro woman (*) the 
choice of my slaves, one cow for that which was given him by his Grand- 
father, and part of my stock of cattle, and a waggon and a plough and 
harrow, and a pair of pistols and holsters (*) his gun and a musket and 
my Bible (*) which I use and my cane. My son Wessel shall pay half 

(*) See note, page 104. 

134 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

of the cost of building a house for my son Coenradt, oi two rooms and 
a kitchen, and a barn 60 feet long, and he is to pay my three daughters 
£375, in six annual payments. To son Coenradt i/S of the house and 
lot in Kingston which was my father's, and half of all my lands and 
estate except as above, also a negro (*) man, the choice of my pleasure 
slay, waggon, and plough (*) one harrow, and my Great Holland gun 
(*) and the Gun he uses, and a Bible such as I gave to my daughters (*) 
when they married, and my sword and part of my cattle, and he is to 
pay to my three daughters £375. Residue to the children. My old 
negro woman Mary (*) shall live with such of my children as she shall 
(*) chuse to live with. Sons appointed executors. Witnessed by A. 
Gaasbeck Chambers,, (*) Thomas Van Gaasbeck, Gilbert Livingston. 
Proved Apr. 27, 1743. 

IWessel Ten Broeck (s of Wessel Ten Broeck, Sr., and Maria Ten Eyck, q. v.), m. June 
6, 1694, Jacomyntje Van Gaasbeck, and had: i. Wessel, b. Febr. 26, bt. June 2, 1744, m. Dec. is, 
1727, Blandina Gaasbeck Chambers, b. Nov. 16, 1705, bt. Albany, Jan 6; 1706 (d. Aug. 7, 1784), 
dau. of Abraham Gaasbeck Chambers and Sarah Bayard. He assumed the name of CHAMBERS 
after his stepfather, Thomas Chambers, q. v.; ii. Maria, bt. Sept. 26, 1697, d. unm. March 14, 
1723; iii. Sarah, bt. Aug. 4, 1700, d. unm. Sept. 14. 1776; iv. Catherina, bt. Dec. 13, 1702, d. 
March 21, 1713; v. Laurentia, bt. Jan. 6, 1706, m. May 10, 1728, David Delamater, bt. Febr. 2, 
1701, s. of Abraham D. and Elsie Tappenj vi. Rachel, bt. Oct. 19, 1707, m., Nov. 6, 1730, Abra- 
ham Salisbury, bt. Dec. 17, 1699, 5. of Francis S. and Maria Van Gaasbeck; vii. Abraham, bt. 
Oct. 10, 1710, d. Aug. 13, 1721; viii. Cornelias, bt. Febr. i, 1713, d. March 19, 1715; ix. Conrad, 
bt. Oct. 23, 171S, m. Dec. 29, 1743, Anna Margriet Tea Broeck, bt. March 27, 1719, dau. of 
John T. B. and Rachel Roosa). 

Liber 15, p. (*) 347, DECKERS, HEYLTIE, of Kingston. 

Will dated Apr. i6, (*) 1743, and written in Dutch. 

(*) "De Kinderen van myn Broeder Johannis Decker die bont van 
haas vader aen my gegeve voor het Landt dat die onder haer sal gedeelt 
werde eengaal" (to the children of my brother, J. D., the bond which 
their father has given to me for the land, which they are to divide 
equally between themselves). "Maer Terwyl myn broeder Verdronke 
is Son der Testament so myn Broeder soon Cornelius syn susters en 
Broeders niet met hem souw well late dele van syn vader staet dat try 
dan geen deel sal hebe van dese Boven gemelde bont maer dat de and 
ere kindere deselve sul hebbe met syn Interest" (*) (but as my brother 
was drowned without leaving any testament, my brother's son, C., shall 
divide his father's estate, but not to have more out of said bond than 
the other children, in addition to his interest). "Myn susters Kint 
Marieys de Lametter sal hebben myn bonde met de Interest, als van een 
Bont van Matyes de Bois £20, van Abram Lametter £23, van Mattys 
Van Keuren £10 en van myn Broeder Johannis De Lametter £35 voor het 
huys." (*) (My sister's child, Marieya de Lametter shall have my bonds 
with interest, as well a bond from M. Du B. of £20, one from A. L. 
of £23, one from M. V. K. of £10 and one from my brother, J. de Lamet- 
ter of £35 for the house). "Myn landt dat ik en myn suster Mareytie 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. 135 

same hebbe by Transpoor genamt de Haas nuete tacke dat myn susters 
kint Marieya dat sal hebbe, maer dat Johannis De Lametter en myn 
suster Marya het sule gebruyke tot dat sy 18 yaer is" (*) (the land 
which I and my sister M. had by deed, called the Hazelnut-branch, which 
my sister's child M. shall have, may be used by J. De L. and my sister 
M., until her daughter is 18 years old). "Aen Johannis De Lametter 
soon Abraham myn paar voor syn Eyge" (*) (to J. de L's son Abraham, 
my horse for his own). "Aen myn Broeders Kindere genamt" (to my 
brother's children called) (*) Geertje, Elsie, Ragel, Mareya, en Catte- 
riena," en aan myn suysters kint Maria Elk een silver leepel voor en 
Gedaghtenis" (*) (and to my sister's child, M., each a silver spoon as a 
memento). "Myn Breeder Johannis De Lametter en myn soon Johan- 
nis Ten Broeck" (my brother J. de L. and my son, J. T. B.) appointed 
executors. Witnessed by Thomas Beekman, N. Edward Thompson, 
Cornelius Lambertse Brink. Proved March 2, 1744. 

(Heyltje Decker, bt. Jan. lo, 1686, dau. of Gerrit and Margaret D., m., Nov. 24, 1704, 
Hendrick Schoonmaker, s. of Jochem H. S. and Petronella Sleght, q. v.). 

Liber 15, p. (*) 394. WHITAKER, EDWARD, of Kingston. 

Will dated May S, 1720. 
"To my wife Hillitie my whole estate, real and personal, during her 
widowhood; if she contract marriage, only one (*) third. To my son 
Edward (*) when of age, ii2 and my cane, and 1/7 of my estate. 
To my son John, when of age, £10, and my sword,, and 1/7 of my 
estate. To my son Henry, when of age, £10, and my carbine, and 1/7 
of my estate. To my daughters, Hannah, Elinor, Theodosia, and Hilli- 
tie each 1/7 of my estate. My children are to have their education 
and maintainance out of my estate (*) until they are 21 years of age, 
or marriage. Wife, and my trusty friend. Major Johanes Hardenbergh, 
appointed executors. Witnessed by Hendrick Schoonmaker, Samuel 
Burhans, and Davidt Burhans. Proved Aug. 16, 1745. 

(Edward Whitaker (s. of Edward W. and Hannah, q. v.) (Widdeger, Wittiker, Wittigert'), 
m., June iS, 1700, HillUje Burhans, dau. of Jan B. and Helen Traphagen, and had: i. Margarita, 
bt. Nov. 3, 1700; ii. Hanna, bt. Nov. 29, 1702, m. Dec. 10, 1726, Hendrick Schoonmaker; iii. 
Helena, bt. June 20, 1708, m., July i, 1738, Laurens Oosterhoudt, s. -of Jan, O. and Annatje 
Ploeg; iv. Theodosi^, bt. May 7, 1710, m. i., Nov. 21, 1720^ Tjerck Schoonmaker, s. of Hendrick 
S. and Geertruy De Witt, m. 2., Nov. 17, 1747, Laurens Swart, widower, s. of Cornelis S, and 
Jaconiyntie Tynhont; v. Hillitjen, bt. Dec. 12, 1714, m., Dec. 5, 1734, Edward Whitaker, bt. 1705, 
s. of James W. and Elisabeth Titsoort; vi, lienry, bt. May 5, 1717; Edward, m., Dec. 19, 1729, 
Jacoba Hardenbergh, dau. of Johannes H, and Caih. Rutse; Jan. m., July 9, 1736, Cath. Hoog- 
teling, dau. of Philippus H. and Jannetje Roosa). 

Liber 15, p. (*) 455. (*) PAULDING, ALBERT, of Ulster Co. 

Will dated Aug. 27, 1745. 
"To my wife Catharine, all the household goods and personal estate 
that she had before our marriage (*) and also all she become entitled 
to since her marriage, also my undivided right and interest in tracts 

(*) See note, page 104. 

136 Ulster Co.^ N. Y., Probate Records. 

of land in Dutchess Co., called De Meyers Purchase, conveyed to me 
by one John Law, also (*) one of my negro men slaves and one 
of my negro women slaves, also to her, during her widowhood, half of 
the rents and produce of all my farm or plantation on which we live in 
Ulster Co., and the use of half of my negroes, stock (*) cattle, impli- 
ments, etc., if she and my nephew Levy Pawling, son of my brother 
Henry Paulding, shall be willing to live (*) and shall live together on 
said farm. Said farm and plantation (*) and my negroes, stock, cattle, 
etc. to my said nephew during the widowhood of my wife, a competent 
and sufficient provision shall be made for the support of my mother, 
Neeltie, during her life, J4 from my wife, and J^ from my nephew. If 
my wife should die during the life of my mother, all the farm is to go 
to my nephew, Levy Pawling, and he is to maintain my mother. To my 
mother my negro girl (*) Beth to wait and attend her. If my wife and 
nephew shall not agree to live together, and she removes to some other 
place, I give her ii5 a year. After decease of wife and mother, all my 
estate in Ulster Co. shall descend to my said nephew (*) and if Levy 
should die without lawful issue, then all my estate is to go to his brother, 
my nephew, John Paulding, he paying the ii5 to my wife, during her 
widowhood, supporting my mother. Wife, brother-in-law, Henry Beek- 
man, Esq., and said nephew. Levy, appointed executors. Witnessed by 
W. Furman, Joseph (*) Webb, William Williamson. Proved Nov. 15, 
1745. Signed Albert Pawling. 

{Albert Pawling, bt. March 29, 1684 (s. of Henry P. and Neeltie Roosa), m. Catharine 
Beekman, dau. of William Beekman, and widow of John Rtttsen, q. v.). 

Letters of Administration, Liber L, SCHEPMOES, JOHANES, of 
Kingston, deceased intestate. 

(The compiler has been unable to verify the correctness of entries 
made from the first book of Letters of Administrations, as it is reported 
to be lost, or, at least, cannot be found in the Surrogate's Office). 

Adm. granted, Oct. 14, 1746, to wife Maria, and brother Dirck, 

(Johannes S., bt. Jan. 19, 1718 (s. of William S. andlMaria Willems, q. v.), m. i., June 
14. 1739. Maria Magdalena Sleght. and m. 2., Dec. 24, 1734 Maria Van Bomschoten, and had: 
i. Lidia, bt. July 19, 1741; with 2d wife: ii. Catherina, bt. Sept. 2, 1744; iii. Willem, bt. Dec. 8, 
174s; iv. Johannes, bt. Dec. 14, 1746). 

Liber 16, p. (*) 251. ELTINGE, ROELOFF, of New Paltz. 

Will dated Oct. 29, 1745. 

"To my son, Noah Eltinge, all and singular my farm, lands, meadow, 

dwelling house (*) Barn Barks Tan Mill, Tann Pitts, orchards Gardens, 

and all appurtenances, now in my possession, in (*) the Patent of 

New Paltz, on the southeast side of the Palts Creek, between the land 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New. York. 137 

of Solomon Dubois, and the lands of Daniel Dubois, also all those lots 
on the north west side of the Paltz creek, and the land commonly called 
the Great Piece, in two parcels, also all that 1/3 of 1/6, and 1/16 part 
of all the undevided lands at New Paltz, except as hereafter given, also 
half of a tract of (*) wood-land by me purchased of Cornelius Dubois, 
the whole containing 528 acres, which half is the north west part thereof. 
My son Noah is to furnish my vfiie, Sarah an honorable maintainance, 
that is of eating and drinking, lodging, apparell, attendance, and all other 
things necessary, and he is to pay to my daughter Jacomintie, wife of 
William (*) Clodebeck, iioo, and to my grandson Roelof, son of my 
son Abraham, late of Potomick, deceased, iioo, and the same to my 
daughter Margaret. To my son Josiah all those lots in the Patent of 
New Paltz which I have purchased of my brother-in-law*, Abraham 
Dubois, with the dwelling house, and now in his occupation, also 1/3 of 
1/6 and 1/60 part of the undivided lands, also half of the land I bought 
of Cornelius Dubois, the southeast part. He is to pay £20 yearly (*) 
during mj' wife's life to my executors for my children and grandchild 
equally, and after my wife's decease £383.6.8. to my other children, and 
grandchild, viz. to my children, John, Noah, Jannettie, and Margaret, 
and my grandchild Roeloff (*) that is to my grandchild Roeloffe Eltinge 
£200, to my daughter Jacomyntie £183.6.8. To my eldest son John (*) 
1/5 thereof for life, and then to his sons Peter and Roeloff, half of all my 
right in sundry lots in the Patent of New Paltz fronting upon Hudson 
river, to begin at the distance oi lyi miles from the river, and to extend 
west so far as the lots extend. To my sons Josiah and Noah all my 2/3 
part of two lots of woodland lately paid out in the Patent, one of them 
on the west side of the Paltz river in the Pine wood, by a spring between 
the (*) Hapon and the Klyn Bontekoe. Also all my right in the wood- 
land to the northwest of the lots of Daniel Dubois and Samuel Bevier, 
near the Hopon, and the other lots is also on the west side of the Paltz 
creek, adjoining south to the land of Isaac Le Fevre, and upon the 
Bever creek, also my undivided part of another lot of woodland, between 
the Hopon and the Spaanse See, which said tract was divided to the 
heirs of Christian Dejou. To my daughter Margaret, wife oi Abraham 
Bevier, my (*) two undivided third parts of two lots of wood on the 
west side of Paltz creek, and adjoining each other, and known as lots 
No. 3 and 4, in a piece of land commonly called the Olynueton, also all 
my right in Lot No. i, (*) of woodland, between Moghoonck and a lot 
of Jan Le Fevre, commonly called het Fontyntie, which was also divided 
to the heirs of Christian Deyo. If my wife shall not be satisfied to live 
with my son Noah, but shall choose to live with my son Josiah, she being 
of her natural senses at the time of such change, he shall allow her the 
same maintainance. (*) To my daughter Jacomyntie £40. To son 
Noah my negroman. Jack, also my waggon, sled plows, harrows, waggon, 

(*) See note, page 104. 

138 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

and plow gares,.axes, hows, weeding hows, spades. To Margaret my 
Negrogirl Molly. To my son John all the money he owes to me. To 
my grandson, Roeloff Eltinge, £100, due to me from his father. To my 
son, Noah, £100. To my son John a tract of land in Kingston with the 
Tan (*) pitts. Residue to my children and grandchildren. If any of 
my children shall sell their land they shall give the preference to their 
brothers and sisters, at the same price a stranger will pay. Sons ap- 
pointed executors (*) and guardians of grandson Roeloff e. Witnessed 
by Petrus Louw, Jean Le Fevre, F. Bruyn. Proved Jan. 13, 1747 be- 
fore John Crook, Esq. 

IRoeloff Eltinge (.Elton), bt. Oct. 27, 1678 (s. of Jan Eltinge (Elting Roelofsen, q. v.), 
m., June 13, 1703, Sarah, (dan. of Abram Du Bois and Margaret Deyo, and bt. June 20, 1682). 
Issue: i. Johannes, bt. Sept. 3, 1704, m. i., Apr. 24, 1728, Maritje Gemaar, m. 2., Jan. 24, 1734. 
Jannelje Jansen, dau. of Thomas J. and Mayke Bogaard, and widow of Charles Bettts. See his 
will; ii. Jacomyntje, bt. March 17, 1706, m.. May 2, 1733. William Codebeck; lii. Abraham, bt. 
Oct. 11, 1708, m., March 4, 1732, Zara Persen, dau. of Matthys P. and Tanna Wtnne; iv. Mar- 
griet/en, bt. Jan. 7, 171 1; v. Josia, b. Oct. 12, 1712, m., July 14, 1734, Helena Du Bois, dau. of 
Salomon Du B. and Tryntje Gerritse; vi. Margrietjeii, bt. May 18, 1718, m., Jan. 22, 1742, 
Abraham Bevier, Jr.; vii. Noach, bt. Dec. 3, 1721, m., Oct. 16, 1742, Jacomyntje Eltmg, dau. of 
IVilliam £.; Jannettie). 

Liber 16, p. (*) 322. WYNKOOP, CORNELIUS, of Hurley. 

Will dated Sept. 19, 1739, and written in Dutch. 
"Aan myn outte Soon Johannis voor Reght van Outste soon Schap 
myn groote Bybel met het groote Kerck Psalmboeck oock £3." (to my 
(*) eldest son J., in right of primogeniture, my great Bible, my great 
church psalmbook, and £3). — "Aan myn vier Soons te Weete Johannis, 
Adriann, Cornelis, en Petrus £50, Elck £12.10." (to my four sons, J., 
A., C, and P., £50, (*) each £12.10). "Ick myn soon Johannis En 
Schiet Roer gegebe heb, myn drie andere Soons ook voor de deelingh 
van myn Staat Elck een middel Matigh Schiet Roer, met en degen of 
haUwer Sullen hebben, myn Soon Cornelius dat Schiet Roer darr myn 
naam of Staat-indien het Selve op dit tyt onklaar is soo sal het eerst 
Klaar en in order gebragt werde." (I have given to my son J. a gun, 
my other three sons shall therefore also have an ordinary gun each, 
jjl^pre the division of the estate, and a sword or (*) cutlass; my son 
"G." shall have the gun on which (*) my name (is engraved), (*) but 
as it may not be in good condition, it shall first be cleaned and put in 
proper order). "Myn geheele staat aan myn tien kindere" (all my estate to 
my ten children), Judike, Elizabeth, Cornelis, Johannes, Cathrina, Lea, 
Adrian (*), Cornelis, Petrus, and Maria. "Indien myn Vaarde Huys- 
vrouw Hendrica myn komp te Overleeden sy myn geheele Staat sal besit- 
ten tot myn Jongste Kindt Syn of haar Mondige Yaree en dan de gereg- 
tige helft overte geeven aan alle myne kindere" (If my wife H., should 
survive me, she shall have my whole estate until my youngest child be- 
comes of age (*) when she shall turn over one half of the property to 
my children). "Indien myn huysvrouw komt te hertrouwen, dan myn 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. 139 

geheele Staat sal behore aan myn nyne kindere." (*) (If my wife 
should marry, my whole estate shall go to my nine children). Wife 
and my five eldest children (*) Judeikje, EUsabeth, Cornelia, Johannis 
en Catharina Enn myn Breeder Johannis Wynkoop (my brother J. W.) 
appointed executors. Witnessed by Anthony Crespel, Johanes (*) Suy- 
landt, Dirck Wynkoop. Proved Apr. 3, 1747. 

(In "Abstracts of N. Y. Wills, iv., p. 177, this will is given as made 
by 'Van den Lenigen', reference being made to the Appendix, where 
the name is given correctly as Cornelius Wynkoop. The same will has 
also been printed on page 177, but dated Sept. 19, 1745, from which it 
would appear as if two wills of the same testator, dated differently, but 
proved same day, had been filed. Only one will of C. W. can be found 
in Liber 16, p. 322 (the page number in the new volumes). 

{Johannes W. (s. of Cornells W. and Maria Janse Langedyk, q. v.), m, i., June 7, 1687, 
Judith Bloodgood, m. 2., June 6, i6g6, Cornelia, dau. of Dirck Wessel Ten Broeck. Issue: 
1 wife: i. Cornelis, bt. June 4, 1688; li. Elisabeth, b. 1690, m. Jacob Ten Broeck; iii. Maria, bt. 
Apr. 23, 1693, m. Thomas. Beekman; 2d wife: iv. Christina, bt. March 28, 1697, m. Johannes E. 
De Lamater; iv. Dirrick, bt. Nov. 6, 1698, m., July 3, 1723, Geertjen Kool; vi. Catharina, bt. Jan. 
19, 1707; vii. Johannes, bt. Oct. 14, 1702, m., Dec. 19, 1728, Maria Bogardus; viii. Lidia, bt. 
Febr. 21, 1714. 

CORNELIS (above), m., Dec. 14, 1711, Hendrikjen Nieuwkerk, and had: i. Judik, bt. 
Augr. 31, 1712, m., Dec. 11, 1736, Johannes Du Bois; ii. Elisabeth, bt. Jan. g, 1715, m. Dec. 15, 
1739. Philip D« Mon; iii. Cornelia, bt. March 17, 1717, m., July 4, 1741, Jan Van Dusen, Jr.; 
iv. Johannes, bt. Aug. 16, 1719J v. Catrina, bt. Febr. 18, 1722, m. June 20, 1747, Lucas Elmendorf; 
vi. Lea, bt. May 31, 1724; d. inf.; vii. Adriaan, bt. Aug. 21, 1726, m., Oct. 25, 1754, Catharine 
Louw; viii. Lea, bt. Jan. 7, 172S; ix. Cornelis, bt. Nov. s, 1732, m., Apr. 24, 1760, Catherina 
Rochl, dau. of Gustav M. R.; x. Petrus, bt. Dec. 22, 1734, m. Janneke Hardenbergh; xi. Maria, 
bt. Dec. 22, 1734). 

Letters of Administration, Liber L (not verified). 

SCHOONMAKER, JOHANES, Ulster Co., intestate. 

Adm. granted, Sept. 14, 1747, to brother Hiskia Schoontnaker. 

PECK, RICHARD, Marbletown, intestate. 

Adm. granted. May 30, 1748, to wife Catherine. 

BESSLEY, OLIVER, Ulster Co., intestate. 

Adm. granted, Febr. 20, 1748, to son, Oliver Bessley. 

PATTERSON, MOSES, Ulster Co.,' intestate. 

Adm. granted, Oct. 31, 1748, to Thomas Ellison. 

Liber 16, p. (*) 369. HARDENBURGH, JOHANES, of Kingston, 

Will dated Apr. 17, 1745. 

"Executors to sell property, at interest, for the use of wife (*) 

(*) See note, page 104. 

140 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Catharina; 2iittT her decease all my estate to my children, Gerardus, 
Jbhanes, Abraham, Leonard, Jacob, and Maritie, wife of Charles Broad- 
head, and Jacoba (*) widow of Edward Whitaker {*), Junior, Esq. 
(*) deceased. Wife, and sons Johanes and Abraham, and my son-in- 
law, Charles Broadhead, appointed executors. Signed {*) HARDEN- 
BERGH (a habit, which caused the belief that he was a nobleman), and 
witnessed hy Anthony Sleeght, Adam Pierson, Jan Eltinge. 

(Johannes (Col.) H., b. Albany (s. of Gerrit H. and Jaepje Schepmoes), m. Dec. 5, 1699, 
Catharine Rutsen, dau. of Jacob R. and Maria Hansen, and had: i,'' Gerardus, bt. Sept. 1, 1700; 
ii. Jacobus, bt. Sept. j, 1700, m. Oct. 7, 1^37, PeternelH Brown; iii. Marritje, bt. Febr. 1, J7oar, 
m. Charles Brodhead; iv. Johannes, bt. July 28, 1706, q. v.; v. Catharina, bt. Oct. 31, 1708. 

Liber 16, p. (*) 371. SMITH, JAMES, of Newburgh, in the precinct 
of the Highlands. 

Will dated Febr. 25, 1747. 
"To my wife my sorrel pacing mare, and money to buy her a saddle, 
and one third of my movables. To my eldest son Joseph £100, when he 
is 24 years of age (*) and if so much remains after maintaining my 
children till they are able to procure their own livihg. To my four sons, 
William, Benjamin, Ephraim, and James, all my farm and lands at New- 
burgh. My wife is to have the (*) Benefit of the house and one third 
of the farm, and all the furniture and farming utensils. Residue to be 
sold, the money put at interest for maintaining and Schooling my chil- 
dren till they are fit to be (*) bound to trades. Wife and Captain Alex- 
ander Golden, and Charles Clinton, Esq., appointed executors. Wit- 
nessed by John Humphrey, William Ward, Thomas Ward. Proved 
Oct. 2, 1748. — In the will, recorded in the Clerk of the Court of Appeal 
Office, Albany, Liber S., p. 39, the name of the wife is given as "Mary." 

Liber 16, p. (*) 385. LAFEVER, SIMON, of New Paltz, yeoman. 

Will dated Sept. 6, 1743. ^ 

"To my wife Petronella the negro (*) Charles (*) 4 horses (*) 4 
milch Cows, the steer that is now fattening, my stock of Sheep and hoggs, 
and household goods (*), farming utensils. Residue to be inventoried, 
sold, and the money divided between the wife and the children, Andrew, 
Sara, and Elsie; my daughters to pay my son Andrew £20 (*) Wife to 
remain in Possession of all my real estate untill the children reach the 
age of 21, they to be brought up and educated. If a widow, after the 
children attain the age of 21, they to give her 1/3 of the income from 
my lands, for her maintenance. If my mother Cornelia Le Fever should 
die within 16 years after date of this will, executors are to sell part 
of my Lands to pay £200 to my Sisters as per will of my Father, Andrie 
La Fever deceased. Brother Mathys Le Fever, and my brother-in-law, 
Abraham Hasbrouck, appointed executors. 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. 141 

Codicil : Sept. 6, 1743, son Andrew to have the farming utensils, 
when of age. Witnessed by Samuel Bevier, Daniel Dubois, I. Bruyn, Jr. 
Proved Nov. 5, 1748. . 

{Simon Le Fevre, bt. Sept. ii, 1709 (s. of Andrics he Fevre, q. v.), m., June 24, 173S, 
Petronella HasVrouck, and had: i. Andries, bt. July 2, 1738, m. Magdalena La Fevre, d. sine 
prole, 18114 li. Elsje, bt. Jan. 23, 1743; Sarah). 

Letters of Administration, Liber I. (not verified). 

LOW, CORNELIUS, Ulster Co., deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted July 20, 1749, to brother, Jacobus Low. (Son of 
. Pieter Cornelisen Louw, q. v.). 

DOWNEY, DENNIS, Ulster Co., intestate. 

Adm. granted, Aug. 18, 1749, to Francis Beaty. 

Liber 16 p. 361. DAVIS, MATTHEW, of Hunting Grove, farmer. 

Will dated May 29, 1742. 
"To my wife Ruth, 100 acres of land next to Otter Kill, with the 
house and homestead, and the use of all lands till my son John is of age, 
he then to have the same, and to pay to my son James and Joseph, £60, 
when they are of age. My wife shall maintain and school my children 
until they are 10 or 12 years of age, and then bind them out to trades. 
My wife to have £6 from my sister Elisabeth, for her board and attend- 
ance this last year, and if she and my wife can agree, my wife is to keep 
her two years more at £4.10 yearly, provided that her brother Joseph 
pays £2.5 thereof. There, shall be no land cleared on my son John's 
land till he is of age. Robert Burnet and Patrick McClagry appointed 
executors. Witnessed by Arthur Betty, Walter McMichael, Margaret 
l*)McCool (her mark). Proved Nov. 17, 1748. 

(Son of John Davis, oi New York, and Abigail, his wife, who made his will Sept. 14, 1732, 
proved Nov. 21, 1732. — Cleik of the Court of Appears Office, Albany, Liber D., p. 16). 

Liber 16, p. (*) 397. TERPENNING, TUNIS, of Kingston. 

Will dated May 6, 1746. 
"My wife Gritie is to remain in full possession of my estate till my 
youngest child is of age. To my son Gerrit choice of a horse or a cow, 
as he is my first born son. To my son. Jacobus, Abraham and Hendricus, 
all my farm where I live, upon Hudson river in Kingston, that is all that 
tract of land of 171 acres, conveyed to me by the Trustees of Kingston, 
Apr. 6, 1745. My wife to (*) keep one room of the house I am now 
dwell in and the use of the Celler and one bed, bedstead and bed Cloath, 

(*) See note, page 104. 

142 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

as much Household goods as She shall think she has Necessary use for 
(if still living and unmarried) and when my youngest child comes to age) 
and £7 per annum. My sons Jacobus, Abraham and Hendricus to pay 
to my other children, Gerrit, Esther, wife of Robert (*) Hanna, Mary, 
wife of Petrus Van Allen, Bridgit, Hannah, and Elisabeth, £120 (*) To 
my nine children all personal estate except the weavers loom and Tacklin 
given to my son Jacobus, Abraham and Hendrikus. Wife, son Jacobus 
(*) and my trusty friend Abraham Hasbrouck appointed executors. 
Witnessed by Dirck Ter penning (his mark), Martinus Van (*) A ken, 
Jacob Terpenning. Proved Nov. 17, 1748. 

iTheunis T., m., Aug. 30, 1718, Grietjen De Graaf, and had: i. Hester, bt. Jan. 3, 1719, 
m., Jan 22, 1738, Robert Hanna iHennes), b. Ireland; ii. Marytjen, bt. Dec. 24, 1721, m., May 
2, 1742, Petrus Van Allen; iii. Gerrit, bt. Dec. is, 1723, m., Sept. zo, 1750, Annaatjen Beem; 
iv. Jacobus, bt. Oct. 31, 1725, m., May 25, 1746, Marreitje Bern; v. Abraham, bt. Febr. 4, 1728, 
m., Nov. 6, x;75o, Maria Schmid; vi. Henderikus, bt. Dec. 24, 1732, m., Oct. 21, 1758, Anneke 
Van Aaken; vii. Breechje ^Bridget), bt. Febr. 2, 173s, va., Oct. 10, 1750, Johannes Schreiber, b. 
, Dutchess Co.; viii. Annaatjen, bt. Oct. 16, 1737; ix. Elisabeth, bt. April 20, 1740, m., March 7, 
1756, Bondewyn Teerpenning). 

Liber 17, p. (*) 9. DU BOIS, JONATHAN, of New Paltz Precinct, 

Will dated July 14, 1746. 
"To my (*) eldest son Lewis my Large Dutch Bible as for his birth 
right. To my wife Elizabeth all my farm lands and real estate, and the 
use of all personal estate during her widowhood. If she remarries she 
shall deliver up to my children all my estate except one negro (*) girl, Judie, 
and as many cows and household stuff as she had in her (*) portion when I 
married her, all of which I bequeath to her. To my son Lewis all of my 
land on the south east side of the Paltz river, he to pay to my sons 
Andries and Nathaniel, and to my three daughters, Rachel, Cornelia, and 
Maria, £250. After my wife's death or marriage I leave to my youngest 
son Jonas all my farms, messuage, and lands on the north west side of 
Paltz river, he to pay to my sons, Andries and Nathaniel, and to my 
daughters, £450. If my wife die (*) or marries before my sons Lewis 
and Jonas are of age, then my farm is to be rented until they are of age, 
and they are to be brought up and educated. To my four sons, all my 
stock, horses, and wagons (*) sleds, plows, harrows, farming utensils. 
To my three daughters all my household goods (*) beding and Furni- 
ture, and the rest of my estate to all my children. My brother, Nathaniel 
Du Bois, and my two brothers in Law, Johanes Hardenbergh, and Wessel 
Broadhead, appointed executors. Witnessed by Cornelius Du Bois, Evert 
Tervelger, Jr., J. Bruyn. Proved Aug. 30, 1749. 

(Louis Du Bois, b. 1677 is. oi Louis Du Bois, q. v.), m., Jati. 19, 1701, Rachel Hasbrouck, 
dau. of Abraham H., and had: 1. Marm, bt. Dec. 7, 1701, d. inf.; ii. Nathaniel, bt. June 6, 1703, 
m. I., May 13, 1726, Gertrude Bruyn, m. 2., Gertrude Hoffman, of Salisbury Mills, Orange Co.; 
iii. Mary, bt. March 24, 1706, m., Dec. 6, 1728, Johannes Hardenbergh, of Rosendale; iv. Jonas 
bt. June 20, 1708; V. JONATHAN, bt. Dec. 31, 1710; vi. Catrina, bt. Oct. 31, 1714, m., Tan. 25, 
1734. Wessel Broadhead, a. of Charles B. and Maria Ten Broeck; viL Louis, b. 1617, m. Charitv 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. 143 

JONATHAN (above), m. Elisabeth Le Feever, dau. of Andries, and had: i. Rachel, bt. 
Dec. 25, 1735, m., Dec. 17, 1757, Andries De Witt; ii. Andries, bt. Oct. 16, I737, m. Sarah 
Le Fevre; iii. Nathaniel, bt. Oct. 28, 1739; iv. Jonas, bt. Dec. 25, 1743; v. Maria, bt. Apr. 20, 
1746 m. Abraham Bevier; Lewis J., m. Catharine Broadhead; Cornelia, m. Cornelis Vernooy), 

Liber 17, p. (*) 11. SMEDES, BENJAMIN, of Shatv^angunk, yeo- 

Will dated June I2, 1744. 
"To my eldest son Peter as his birthright, a horse, of his choice out 
of my whole stock of horses, also my Dutch Bible, a saddle, and curb 
bridle. To my (*) youngest son Nathan all that lot of ground part of 
the farm on which I live, by the bounds of Jacob Decker, on the north 
west side of Shawangunk Creek or river, by the banks of said river, and 
runs thence along the banks, N. 62 degrees westerly 9 chain 29 links, 
thence N. (*) 27 d. 30 m., E. 15 ch. 90 1. to the bounds of a lot given by me 
to my son Benjamin, thence along the same (*) S, 62 d. 30 m. east 4 ch. 
(*) 59 1- to the south east corner of the lot, then S. 67, E. 13 ch. (*) 
27 1. to a (*) point of land where my negro Tom was buried (*) by the 
Shawangunk (*) River and (*) then south i d. E. 11 ch. 10 1. to the 
Shawangunk river by a double Elm tree standing in the banks of said 
river then up the (*) N. W. side of said river to a place of beginning, 
being 29 acres with the buildings. I have conveyed to my son Benjamin 
the same quantity of 29 acres, and assisted him in building a house and 
making other improvements thereon, and as my son Peter has had the 
benefit of my grist mill at Kingston for several years without paying 
a sufficieijt rent, and having assisted him in various ways, my son 
Nathan is to pay to my son Benjamin £20. To my son Benjamin 2 
acres of land on the N. W. side of Shawangunk river between the river 
and the highway next adjoining to the line of Jacobus Bruyn, and then 
to extend S. W. along the river and highway until he has two acres. To 
my three sons, Peter, Benjamin, and Nathan, all my farm, messuage, and 
lands, and grist mill situate at Shawangunk and at Kingston, and all other 
real estate. When divided, one of them is to have my lands and grist 
mill in Kingston, and the other two shall have my lands at Shawangunk, 
and as my land at Kingston may be reckoned of more value, it shall 
belong to the son who will give the most for it. My son Benjamin is 
to have the (*) sol priviledge of (*) puring up or erecting a (*) Giist 
mill or Mills on a certain brook on my land at S. commonly called the 
Klyne Kill, and they shall allow each other all (*) roads (*) and Free 
passage over any part of my said Land. They shall leave two rodd 
square of ground in common where the burying place is, within the 29 
acres given to my son Nathan, which is to remain as a burying place for 
ever. My son are to pay to my grandchildren, the childrigi_.o-f -my 
daughter Elisabeth, late wife of John Sleght,^'Ii$or'~Ti3~myda.ughter 
Rachel, wife of Nicholas Bogardus, £150 (*) to be paid by my executors 

(*) See note, page 104. 

144 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

or else the interest thereof during the life of her husband. To my (*) 
youngest son Nathan all my wearing apparell, and that of my wife, after 
her decease, to my daughter Rachel. To my three daughters each a 
negro (*) the choice of my slaves, also all my horses, waggons, ploughs, 
harrows, sleds, and other Impliments of Husbandry. Residue to my (*) 
children (*) and grandchildren. Wife Magdalena full use of my 
estate during her naturall life, to dispose of. . My three sons appointed 
executors. Witnessed by /. Bruyn (*), Jr., Jacobus Van Keuren, John 
Bruyn. Proved Sept. 15, 1749. ' 

(Benjamin . S., from New York, m. Magdaleen Helena Louw, dau. of Pieter Cornelisse 
Louvi, q. v., and had: i. Lysbet, bt. Nov. i, 1696, m., Aug. 6, 1716, Jan Sleght, bt. Nov. 11, 1694, 
s. of Mattys S. and Mary Magdalena Crispel, dau. of Apthony C, q. v. ; ii. Johannes, bt; June 4, 
1699; iii. Petrus, bt. Dec. 7, 1701, m., Febr. 12, 1725, Catrina Du Bois; iv. Benjamin, bt. March 
24, 1706, q. v.; V. Rachel, bfc June 20, 1708, m., Dec. 20, 1730, Nicholas Bogardus, s. of Evert 
B. and Tietie; vi. Abraham, bt. Nov. 12, 1710; vii. Nathan, bt. Oct. 3, 1714, m., Oct. 23, 1742, 
Catharina Kierstede. 

On Nov. 14, 1709, Benjamin Smedes and Jacobus Bruyn petitioned for a patent for 400 
acres of land, formerly granted to Capt. John Evans, near a small kill, called in ye Indian 
tongue Wichquatennunck (N. Y. Land Paper-s, v, pps. 13-14). 

Liber 17, p. (*) 15. DUMON, JAN BAPTIST, of Kingston. 

Will dated Nov. 8, 1741, and written in Dutch. 
"Myn Beminde buys Vrouw Neeltie sal in voile besitt Bleijven van 
myn gantsche saal Gedurende de tejt dat seij weduwe" (*) (my beloved 
wife N. ."ihall remain in full possession of my whole estate during her 
widowhood). "Aan myn overlede soon Igenas syn outste soon Jan 
Batist voor uyt Meyn Holsters en Pastools en myn Weefgetoun met syn 
toibehoven voor het Reeht van oustand soon." (To my grandson, Jan 
Batist, son of my deceased son I., my pistols and holsters and (*) loo^ 
with what belongs thereto, in right of Primogeniture). "Aan zyn NerferN 
Kinderen met namen Jan Batiste, David, Petrus, Harmanus, Cornelms/ 
Myndert, Anthony, Elsje, Neeltje myn gantsche vaste staat, sy sullen 
betaalen aan myn Dochter Sara huysvrouw van Roelof Kip £160." To 
his nine children (named) my whole real estate, (*) they to pay to my 
daughter S., wife of R. K. £160.) "Aan myn voors. doghter myn 
geheele Roorende staat negers Negerinnen ende negers kinderen paarde 
beeste all myn huysraat en gerectschap ende al myn losse Goederen grout 
ende kleyn" (*) (To said daughter my personal estate, negroes, ne- 
gresses, negro children, horses, cattle, all my household goods, and farm- 
mg utensils, as well as all personal estate, large or small). Legacy to 
grandson Jan Baptist Kip. Son-in-law, Roeloff Kip, Albert Pawling, 
and Myndert Schuyler, Jr. appointed executors. Witnessed by Cornells 
De Lamater, Abraham De Lamater, Jr., Cornelius De Lamater, Jr. 
Proved Oct. 2, 1749. 

iJean Baptist Dumon, (s. of Walran Dumont, q. v.), m. Neeltje Van Veghten, and had: 
i. Sara, bt; Nov. 18, 1694, m., Febr. 9, 1721, Roelof Kip, b. Kipsburgh, Dutchess Co.; ii. Igenes, 
btj May. 26, 1701, m. Nov. 13, 1725, Catrina.Schuyter, and had: a. Jan Baptist, bt. Sept. 3, 1727, 
b. Ddvid, bt. Dec. 26, 1728, c. Meyndert, bt. Jan. 12, 1734, d. Anthony, bt. June 13, 1736; iii. 
Piiter, bt; May 10, ^ 

26, 172 
■ 1713). 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. 145 

Liber 17, p. (*) 93. SCHOONMAKER, TYRRICK, of Kingston. 

Will dated Nov. 12, 1744. 

"My wife Doostie shall have possession of my whole estate so long 
as she remains my widow, and no longer, or untill my children come of 
age, and then they shall maintain my wife so long as she shall remain 
my widow. To my eldest son, Hendrick, for his birthright as being my 
eldest son, my large gun, also 1/8 of my estate. To my daughters, 
Margaret, Gertruy, Hiltie, and Deborah, and to my sons Edward and 
John and Tyrrick, each 1/8. My (*) beloved friends (*) Ezekiel Du 
Bois and Myndert Mynderse, appointed executors. Witnessed by Wil- 
liam Legg, John Legg, Jr., John West. Proved March 23, 1749/50. 

CTjerck (Tyrrick) Schoonmaker, hi. Jan. 22, 1699 (s. of Hendrick S., q. v.), in., Nov. 21, 
1729, Theodotia (Doostie) Wittiker^ bt. March 17, 1710, dan. of Edward Whitaker and Hillitje 
Burhans. and had: i. Margaret, bt. Aug. 21, 1730; u. Hendrick, bt. Sept. 29, 1731, m., June 3, 
1749, Antje Rapelyea; iii. Geertruy, bt. Jan. 21, 1733, m. Jan. 15, 1752, Egbert Schoonmdker, s. 
of Samuel S. and Nelley Finley; iv. Hillifjen, bt. Apr. 28, 1734, m., Febr. 2, I7S3, Wilhelmus 
Biirhans, widower of Marretje Brink; v. Edward, bt. March 14, 1736, m., Oct. 29, I7S7, Cornelia 
Wynkoop; vi. Dehora, bt. Febr. 5, 1738, m. Carnelis Bogardus, •vii. Tan, bt. May 18, 1740, m., 
Nov. 26, 1761, Aaltje Burhans, dau. of Johannes B. and Jannetje Newkirk; viii. Tyrrick 
(Tjerck), b. Saagerties, Febr. 16, 1744, m. Annetje Legg, dau. of William L. and Helena Ploeg). 

Letters of Administration, Liber L (not verified). 

BEDFORD, DAVID, Ulster Co., intestate. 

Adm. granted, Nov. 8, 1749, to "half brother," Thomas Sayres. 

WELLER, HERMANUS, Ulster Co., intestate. 

Adm. granted, Apr. 2, 1750, to son William Weller. 

COLWELL, PETER, Ulster Co., intestate. 

Adm. granted, Apr. 10, 1750, to Joseph Haynes. 

HAYNES, DAVID, Ulster Co., intestate. 

Adm. granted, May 10, 1750, to wife, Phebe Haynes. 

PALMER, OBEDIAH, Ulster Co., intestate. 

Adm. granted, Aug. 30, 1750, to brother, Benjamin Palmer. 

Liber 17 p. (*) 226. CAMPBELL, LAUQHLIN, of Campbell Hall, 
Ulster Co. 

Will dated Febr. i, 1744/5. 

"Executors may sell all real estate, and to keep sufificient money, as 
is explained in a certain (*) contract of marriage made between me and 
my wife (*) Martha, and which is now in her keeping, and to see the 

(*) See note, page 104. 

146 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

contract promptly performed. Residue of my said estate to my children. 
Rose, Daniel, George, Margaret, Lilly, and James (*) when of age or 
at marriage. Wife, Martha, and my trusty friends, Alexander Mont- 
gomerie, of Orange Co., and Edward Graham, of New York, appointed 
executors. Witnessed by William, (*) Browne, Daniel Masters, John 
Alsop. Proved Sept. 12, 1753. 

(Lauchlin Campbell, on Nov. 27, 1739, on behalf of himself and other protestant families 
from North Britain, petitioned for a grant of the vacant lands in the province (N. _ Y. Land 
Papers, xiii, p. 60). L. C. on Apr. 15, 1741, on behalf of himself and 40 heads of families from 
North Britain petitioned for a patent for 30,000 acres of land, near Wood Creek (Ibid., xiii, p. 
73). Also for 100,000 acres of vacant land in Co. Albany. Petition referred to a Committee. 
(In N. Y. Land Papers, Albany, xvi, p. 142, is a list of families and their descendants that came 
in three vessels with Capt. Lauchlin Campbell, from the Island of Islay, Co. Argyle, Scotland, in 
1738-1740. See also Liber xvi, p. 154, 163, xvii, p. 62, 87). 

Liber 17, p. (*) 256. RYCKMAN, PETRUS, of Kingston. 

Will dated Aug. (*) 24, 1749, and written in Dutch. 

"Aan myn soon Harmanis Ryckman voor syn Eerst geboorte Regt 
myn schiet Roer." (To my son, H. R., in right of primogeniture, my 
(*) gun). "Aan myn waerde Huysvrouw (Catharina Genaemt) de 
Inkomen van all myn Geysde Staet Gedurende haer weduwschap." (To 
my worthy wife, called C, the (*) income from my said estate during 
her widowhood). "Als sy komt te hertrouwen de derde deel, myn soon 
Harmanus de derde deel, 00k myn Dogter Cornelia En derde deel." 
(*) (When she marries one third of the estate, my son H. one third, 
and my daughter C. one third). 

Wife and my good friend Isaac Bogart, appointed executors, with 
power to sell my house and lot in Albany. Witnessed by Christofel 
Kierstede, Jan Eltinge, William Eltinge. Proved Oct. 23, 1750, Wm. 
Eltinge then being deceased. 

Oan Janse Ryckman, of Beverwyck, d. before 1663, (when his widow, Tryntje Janse, had 
become the wife of Eldert Gerbertsen Cruyff. They had a son, Capt Albert Janse Ryckman, a 
brewer of Albany^ and Mayor there 1702-3, who m. Neeltie Quackcnbos. One of their sons, Pieter 
R., of Albany, tailor, m. Cornelia Ketelias in N. Y., May 6, 1696. Their son, PETER R. (above), 
bt Albany, Nov. 14, 1704, m. Catharyna Kierstede, who was appointed administratrix of her 
father-in-law's estate, Sept. 22, 1750, her husband having been appointed executor of his father's 
will, dated Sept. 3,, 1747, proved Oct. 21, 1749, but died meanwhile. (Clerk of the Court of 
Appeal's Office, Albany, Liber R., p. 18). Cornelia R. was b. Dec. 15, 1734, and Ariaantie b. 
Apr. 3, 1737). 

Liber 17, p. (*) 310. SCHEPMOES, WILLIAM, of Kingston. 

Will dated Apr. 12, 1740, and written in Dutch. 
"Myn beminde huysvrouw Catharina sail blyven in myn geheele 
vaste Staat soo lange tydt als sy left sy sal woonen in dat myn buys sy 
sal haben en Reedelyke en goede ouderhout, Eeten, drinke, Kleedre Wat 
Dies noodigh moghten syn, myn bedstee en bedt, myn huysraat. Na haar 
doot aen alle myn naer gelaten kinderen." (*) (My beloved wife C. shall 
remain in possession of all my real estate, as long as she lives, she shall 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. 147 

live in my house, she shall have a proper and good support, food, drink, 
clothing, whatever may be needed, my bed and what thereto belongs, 
my household goods, and after her death said property shall go to my 
children). "Aan myn outste soon Dirik S. voor syn geboorte Reght myn 
hofstede met syn boomgaert huys en schuer med de Koore Bergh nevens 
Een span van myn beste paarde met Een waagen en Een ploegh, Een 
van myn Negers." (To my eldest son, D. S., in right of primogeniture, 
my homestead (*) orchard, house and barn on the Koore Bergh (*) a 
pair of my best horses, a wagon, a plow, and one of my negroes). "Aan 
myn twe soonen Dirck ende Johannis S. alle myn Bowry ofte Bowlandt 
Legh Landt ofte Bos ofte op Landt, myn soon Dirik sal voor de helft 
betalen £200, soon Johannis voor de andre helft £200." (To my 
sons D. and J. my whole farm, (*) arable land, (*) lowland, woodland 
and upland, for which D. shall pay £200 for his half, and J. £200 for 
his). "Aen myn Doghter Marytie De huysvrouw van Abraham van 
Steenbergh, £80." (*) (To my daughter M., wife of A. v. S., £80). 
"Aen myn doghter Sarah de huysvrouw van Peter Du Mon, Jr. £80." 
(*) (To my daughter S., wife of P. D. £80). "Aen myn Doghter 
Catharina £80; aen myn Doghter Maregrieiie £80 (*) (£80 each to 
daughter, C. and M.). Similar amount to daughter Areijante. "Soon 
Johannes myn Boss Wey onder Kingston sail heben." (*) (Son J. to 
have my wood meadow at K.). "Myn waarde huysvrouw sail hebben 
naa myn doot myn Negerin Dieyaan voor haar gebruyk." (*) (My 
worthy wife shall have my negress D. for her use). "Myn ongetrowde 
doghters : Catharina, Maragritie en Ariejantie sullen haeven uytsett van 
huysRaat gelyck als myn twe Doghters Marytie en Sara gehat." (*) 
(My unmarried daughters, named, are to have an outfitt of household 
goods similar to what my married daughters, M. and S. had). Sons ap- 
pointed executors. Witnessed by G. Hardenbergh, Christoifel Kierstede, 
Jacobus Van Dyke. Proved Oct. 8, 1750. 

iWitUam S.^ bt. Hurley^ June 9, 1684 (s. of Dirck Xanse S. and Maria Willems, q. v), 
m. I., Geertmy Davis, and 2., June 24, 1711, Catryntjen (.Tryntjen) Tappen, and had njith 2d 
wife: i. Marytjen, bt April 18, 1712; ii. Zara, bt. Oct. 11, 1713, m., March 4, 1738, Peter Dnmon, 
Jr.,; iii. Dirk, bt. Sept. 18, 1715, m., Aue. 26, 1750, Elsje~-4e-ia Meter; iv. Johanties, bt. Jan. 19, 
1718, m. J., June 14, 1739, Maria Magdatena Sleght, m. 2., Dec. 24, 1743, Maria Van Bomschoten; 
V. Catrina, bt. Jan. 17, 1720, (m. Jan. '22, 1743, Jacob Mares); vi. Margrietjen, bt. Oct. 22, 1721; 
vii. Ariaantjen, bt. Apr. 12, 1724 (m. Nov. 13, 1746, Comelis Louw). 

Liber 17, p. (*) 323. KILBURN, ABNER, of New Windsor, Ulster 
Co., cooper. 

Will dated Dec. 20, 1750. 
Executors to sell all my real and personal estate to pay debts. Resi- 
due to my wife Hannah and to my daughter. My trusty friends Eben- 
eser (*) Seely, and (*) Barnard Lynch appointed executors. Wit- 
nessed by Thomas Ellison, James Kilburn, Judah Harlow. Proved 
• Febr. 27, 1750/1. 

(*) See note, page 104. 

148 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Liber 17, p. (*) 351. WOOD, JOHN, of Littleworth, Ulster Co. 

Will dated Dec. 14, 1750. 

Executors to sell personal property. To wife Hannah, after pay- 
ment of debts, 1/3 of residue, and the rest to my daughters, Abigail, 
Deborah, Mary and Hannah. To my son Daniel Wood, my whole tract 
of land that I lately purchased from Stephen Bedford, at Littleworth, 
with all the improvements, he to pay £10 to each of my sons, John and 
Jonas, when they are of age. (*) My two Breeding mares shall con- 
tinue upon my farm for the benefit of my son Daniel. Executors to 
put my sons John and Jonas to trades, and my wife is to have the use 
of my farm to bring up the children during her widowhood. My 
brother, Timothy Wood, and my friend, Abvmal (*) Youngs, appointed 
executors. Witnessed by Daniel Wood, Jonathan Smith, Daniel Everitt. 

Uohn (.Jan) Wood, (widower of Anna Assop) , b. in Derbyshire, England, res. Marbletown, 
m. Jan. 12, 1682, Johanna Heglington, b. at Hartford, Conn. (Anna Hecklington, Henne Hek- 
Imton, Heckerton, Anne Richleton), and had: i. Margriet, bt. Jan. 28, 1683; ii. John, bt. Sept. 
20, 1685; iii. Edward, bt. May 15, 16S8, m. Zusanna Schoot, and had: a. Jan, bt. May 12, 1723, 
b. Maria, bt. Sept. 12, 1725, c. Eduwert, bt. Apr. 23, 1727, d. Helena, bt. Febr. 23, 1729, e. 
Daniel, bt. Febr. 12, 1738, m. Margaretha Tomer, and had a son, Jacobus, bt. Apr. 9, 1769, 
f. William, bt. July 17, i743). 

Liber 17, p. (*) 357. WATKINS, EPHRAIM, of Ulster Co., car= 

Will dated March 3, 1749. 

"To my wife, Joanna, my negro girl Flora, for her benefit for ever, 
and 1/3 of my movable estate, and half of my dwelling house, viz. the 
east end, and the use of 1/3 of my improved lands (*) in Ulster Co., 
during her widowhood. To my eldest son, Joseph, 80 acres of land at 
the south end of my farm, with the dwelling house and barn, he to pay 
to my youngest daughters, Eunice, Joanna, and Bridget, iio each within 
7 years. To my son, Ahel, 100 acres of, land on the east side of my 
farm (*) in Ulster Co., beginning at the north end of my son Joseph',s 
80 acres, and the east side of my farm, and running west 60 rods, and 
then north to include 100 acres. All the rest of my lands (*) in Ulster 
Co. to my three younger sons, Samuel, Ephraim, and Hesekiah. (*) To 
my daughter Tabitha Watkins £50. To my three younger daughters 
100 acres of land in Orange Co., which I purchased of William Mapes, 
late deceased, which my executors may sell, they to have £40 to bring up 
my three youngest daughters (*), Eunice, Johanna, Bridget, when of 
age or marriage £40 to be reserved for the bringing up of my three 
youngest children, Joanna, Bridget, and Hezekiah. Wife and my 
brother Hesekiah Watkins, appointed executors. Witnessed by John 
Yalverton, Amy Carman, (*) Mary Yalverton. Proved May 6, 1751. 

(Hezekiah W., the brother, was a minister of the Cliurch of England at New Windsor). 
(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. 149 

Letters of Administration, Liber L (not verified). 

VAN HORNE, BARENT, Ulster Co., intestate. 

Adm. granted, Nov. 21, 1751, to John Neilson. 

PICK, RICHARD, Ulster Co., intestate. 

Adm. granted, June 30, 1752, to wife Anna. 

WEST, CATHARINE, Ulster Co., intestate. 

Adm. granted, Oct. 22, 1752, to husband, John West. 

■ r. (■'o^" West, m. J., Catharina Osterhout, and ra. z., Nov. 3, 1752, Tanneke Du Bats. Issue: 
1. Petrus, bt. June 7, 1747; ii. Petrus, bt. Jan. 22, 1749, q. v.). 

Liber 18, p. (*) 91. PRUYN, HENDRICK, of Kingston. 

Will dated March (*) 23, (*) 1744/S, and written in Dutch. 

"Myn geheele staat Geheelyk sal Gedeelt werden in twe deelen 
helft aen myn Breeders en susters Kinderen en helft an myn overleede 
Huysvrouws Breeders en susters kinderen (aan de Kinderen van myn 
Broeder Johannis Pruyn de kinderen van Frans Pruyn Samuel Pruyn 
an Arent Pruyn also 00k de kinderen van myn suster Antje En van 
myn suster Marytje Leena en Parent je), Eene helft van myn staat, — an- 
dere helft aen de kinderen van myn overlede Swager Zacharias Hofman; 
het ander darde deel aen de kinderen van myn (overlede Vrouws) Suster 
Tjatje Pogardus, En het ander darde deel aen myn Swager Nicholas Hof- 
man." (*) (My whole estate shall be equally divided in two parts, 
one half to my brothers and sisters' children, and half to my deceased 
wife's brothers and sisters' children (to the children of my brother J. P., 
the children of F. P., S. P., and A. P., as well as the children of my 
sister A., and of my sisters M., L., and B.), one half of my estate — the 
other half to the children of my (*) deceased (*) brother-in-law, 
Z. H. ; the other third part to the children of my (*) (deceased wife's) 
sister (*) Tjatje B., and the other third part to my (*) brother-in-law 
Nicholas H.). "All myn Slaven haar Meesters Moge kiesen om by te 
wonen : En so die Meester so by haar Gekoosen sal on willing syn so 
veel te betalen voor de slaaf als myn Executors hem of haar wardig 
Schatten." (*) (All my slaves may choose the master they wish to live 
with, and the master shall pay for the slave as much as my executors 
value him to). "Myn oude Negerin (Pess) haer keur sal hebben, also 
ook alle de anderen, als Judith die wil ik £40 betalt werden En voor 
Peggie en haer soon Robbin ook £40 sal Betaelt werden En myn Neger 
Dick sal £40 voor Betaelt werden, en voor myn neger Jonge Baggie £25." 
(*) '(My old negress, Bess, shall have her choice, as well as all the rest. 

(*) See note, page 104. 

150 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

I will that £40 be paid for Judith, £40 for Peggie and her son, Robbin, 
and £40 for my negro Dick, and £25 for my negro child Baggie). 
Anthony Hoffman, Jan Sleght, and Johanes Wynkoop appointed execu- 
tors. Witnessed by Jan Eltinge, Benjamin Sleght, Johanes Sleght. 
Proved May 6, 1752. 

iFrans Jansien (Franssen, Van Hoogten, Jans Pruyn), tailor, m., Maritje (.Jannetie) 
Gerrits, and had issue, all surnamed PRUYN : i. Tryntie, bt. Nov. 24, 1641; ii. Jannetie, ht. Apr. 
9, 1656; iii. Lysbet, bt. N. Y., Sept 14, 1659; iv. Johannis, bt. Jan. 5, 1663, m. Emilia Sanders; 
V. Hendrick; vi. Samuel, bt. Albany, m., Jan. 15, 1704, Maria Bogart, made his will, March 27, 
1752, proved Jan. 26, 1753, "blacksmith," mentions sons, Frans, Johannis and Jacob (Albaiiy Co. 
Rec, Wills, Liber I., p. 219); Helena, m. Jacob Lansing; Maria, bt. Dec. 13, i66s. ">•. before 
J698, Elbert Cerritse; Christina; Frans, bt. Sept. 28, 1683, in Albany, had wife, Margarita; 
Barentje, bt. Apr. 11, 1686; Arent, bt. May 24, 168S, m., Nov. 21, 1714, Catryn Gansevoort. 

HENDRICK PRUYN (above), m. Jan. 4, 1702, Annatje Hofmans, both b. in Albany). 

Liber 18, p. (*) 413. DE WITT, HENRY, of Kingston, merchant. 

Will dated Oct. 30, 1752. 
"To my eldest son, Tjerck C. De Witt, my gun or fowling piece 
that I have commonly used. To my son, Jacob, my gun laid in with 
brass. To my wife the use of my negro man Robin during her widow- 
hood, and, the choice of my negro wenches, also my large Bible, 
my best bed and bedstead, and everything thereto belongiftg, and my 
large cupboard. To my son Jacob all my lands on the south east side 
of the road from Kingston to Hurley, also a new wood wagon, which 
shall be given him by my eldest son, when of age. To my wife all my 
lands, houses, barns, and barracks, which I have now in possession on 
the west and north west side of the road to Hurley, and all my land 
over the creek, during her widowhood, and after her death or marriage 
to my eldest son, Tjerck De Witt, he to pay to my two daughters, 
Elisabeth and Anne, each, £50 when of age, and to my sons, John and 
Henry, each, £100. My executors are to deliver back to the owners all 
goods and merchandise that I have to sell on commission. To my wife 
the use of household goods, and of so many horses and cows as my 
executors shall judge proper. All my right and interest to any lands 
devised to my mother, Anne De Witt, deceased, 1/3 to my brother Peter, 
1/3 to my brother, Andres, and 1/3 to my wife during her widow- 
hood, and then to my sons, Jacob. Tohn. and Henry. Lands lately 
bought of Dirck Schepmoes to my six children, and to my wife and 
children all the money left to me by my brother John. My executors 
are to pay to my wife i8 yearly, till my sons Tjerck and John are of 
age, and then they are to pay it. Wife, Maryta, and my brothers, 
Petrus and Andries, and John Hardenburgh (son of Gerardus Harden- 
burgh) appointed executors. Witnessed by William Burhans, Teyrck 
De Witt, Dirck Jansen. Proved Oct. 31, 1753. 

{Tjerck De Witt, bt. Jan. 12, 1683 (s. of Andries, q. v.), m., i., Nov. 18, 1708, Anne 
Pawling (bt. June 19, 1687, dau. of Henry P. and Neeltje Roosa), and had: i. Andries, May 7, 
1710, d. July 23, 1711; ii. Neeltje, bt. Apr. 22, 1711, m. Sept. 5, 1734, Wessel Jacobse Ten 
Broeck (bt. Dec. 7, 1712, s. of Jacob T. B. and Elisabeth Wynkoop). The widow m. .Samuel 

t*'\ S*><» nntp. nflflrf. lo^. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. 151 

Stout; iii. HENRY, bt. Jan. 24, 1714J iv. Johannes, bt. Aug. 8, 1717, m., Oct. 30, 1^49, in Ber- 
muda; V. Petrus, bt. July 13, 1722 (d. Jan. 3, 1790), m., June 8, 1749, Rachel Radcliff (bt Dec. 
14, 1723, d. July 20, 1794, dau. of Joachim R.), of Hyde Park, Dutchess Co.; vi. Andries, bt. 
March 3, 1728 (d. June 9, 1806), m., Dec. 17, 1757, Rachel Du Bois (bt. Jan. s, 1737, d. Aug. 
24, 1823, dau. of Isaac D. B. and Neeltje Roosa). 

HENRY (above), m., Nov. 10, 1738, Maria Ten Broeck (bt. June 13, 1717, d. May 19, 
1769, dau. of Jacob T, B. and Elisabeth Wynkoop), a merchant in Kingston, town-clerk, county 
treasurer. Died Sept. 17, 17S3. Issue: i. Elisabeth, b. Dec. 2, 1739, m. May 1769, Edward 
Whitaker (bt. Sept. 27, 1741, s. of Edward W. and Hillitje Burhans); ii. Tjerck does, b. Sept. 
9. >74i. (d. Oct. 7, 1812), m., Sept 28, 1773, Jannetje Eltinge (bt Apr. 10, 1743, dau. of 
Jacobus E. and Elisabeth Hall); iii. Jacob, b. 'Nov. 21, 1743, (d. Norwich, Conn., Sept. 16, 1814), 
m., Nov. 1768, Martha Dean (b, Norwich, Conn., Jan. 27, 1748, d. Febr. 1838, dau. of Jabez 
Deai^, Postmaster of Norwich, 1803-9; iv. John, bt Oct ii, 174S; v. Anna, bt. March 13, 1748, 
m., Sept 24, 1775, Peter Bogardus, s. of Petrus B. and Rebecca Du Bois; vi. Henry, b. Sept. 8, 
•7SO, (d. 1827, at Montreal, Canada), m.. May 10, 1772, at Norwich, Conn., Hannah, dau. of 
Jabez Dean). 

Liber 18, p. (*) 443. (*) ALBERTSON, RICHARD, of Ulster Co. 

Will dated (*) Jan. 14, 1753. 
"All that land I bought of Betty Barbery (*) may be sold to pay 
debts, and the remainder of the money to my (*) five daughters, 
Susanah, Mary, Elisabeth, and Deborah. If they shall want Schooling 
or other necessaries, they are to be supplied. (*) And my daughter 
Susanah is to have the yearly Interest of her respective part until she 
has an heir of her body. To my wife, Sarah, (*) the third part of all 
the rest of my real and personal estate, during her life, if she continues 
a widow, and the use of all my lands till my son Stephen is 6f age (*) 
or marry, then to hold the whole for the use of the aforesaid Richard 
shall arrive to age or marry, then he to have his part and so William 
when of age or marrys. To said son Steven 6s. After my wife's death, 
all my lands and personal estate to my sons, Stephen, Richard, and 
William. My (*) trusty and well beloved friends, Alexander Colden, 
Esq., and Samuel Fowler, appointed executors. Witnessed by Michael 
De Mott, Sarah De Mott (her mark), John Bickerton. Proved Dec. 18, 

Letters of Administration, Liber L (not verified). 

SCHOONMAKER, JOHANES, Kingston, intestate. 

Adm. granted, Sept. 12, 1753, to wife, Arientie, and brother 
Hezekiah Schoonmaker. 

(Son of Hendrick S., q. v., and Heyltje Decker (see Jochem S.) 

GATEHOUSE, EDWARD, Ulster Co., intestate. 

Adm. granted, Apr. 6, 1753, to brother, John Gatehouse. 
LITTLE, JOHN, Ulster Co., intestate. 

Adm. granted, Oct. i, 1753, to Frances Niel and John M asset, 

(*) See note, page 104. 

152 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

WOOLSEY, JONATHAN, Ulster Co., Intestate. 

Adm. granted, Febr. 4, 1754, to Wm. Dusenbury. 

Liber 19, p. (*) 53. SUYLANT, JOHANES, of Hurley. 

Will dated Sept. 5, 1753, and written in Dutch. 
"Myn Waarde Vrouw Eva Suylandt sal blyve in Vredige Besittinge 
van myn Geheele Staat Geduerende haar Weduweschap." (My wife 
Eva S. (*) shall remain in peaceful possession of my whole estate during 
her widowhood). "Aan myn Enigiste Soon Johannis voor uyt myn Huys 
Synde Een Ruyn het welke ick Getimmert of Gebout het Agteraan myn 
Vaders huys." (To my (*) only son, J., (*) in advance, the house 
which I built behind my father's house) . "Tot myn Erfgenamen all myn 
Lieve kinderen," (as heirs all my beloved children), Catherine, Maria, 
Lena, Johannes, and Elisabeth. "Myn Vrouws Broeder" (my' wife's 
brother), Derick Van Vechten, Hendricus Sleght, and Jacob Roosa, 
appointed executors. Witnessed by Huybert Ostrander, Johanes Os- 
trander, Jr., Johannes G. Hwrdenbergh. Proved June 3, 1754. 

(Johannes S. (s. of Huybert S., q. v.), m. Eva Van Vechten, and had: i. Catharina, bt. 
Apr. 30, 1727'; ii. March i6, 1729: iii. Zara, bt. Apr. 29, 1733; iv. Lena, bt. Nov. 2, 
173s; V. Jannetjen, bt. Dec. 4, 1737; vi. Lena, bt. Febr. 24, 1740: vii. Johannes, bt. July 4, 1742, 
m., March 24, 1770, Mary Graham; viii. Lisabeth, bt. Sept. 15, 174s; Maria"). 

Letters of Administration, Liber L (not verified). 
VAN BUREN, GERRITT, Ulster Co., intestate. 

Adm. granted, Jan. 24, 1755, to Gerrit Elmendorif. 

Liber 19, p. (*) 246. SCOTT, JAMES, of Hurley, merchant. 

Will dated Dec. 21, 1754. 
Residue of estate, after payment of debts, to be converted into money, 
put at interest, taking good security, and the executor (*), Levi Pawling, 
to pay annually towards the support of an English Schoolmaster for the 
town of Hurley, and as far westerly as Levi Paulding's, Esq., interest on 
the same. Witnessed by Isaac Roosa, Petrus Roosa, Egbert Roosa. 
Proved March 29, 1755. 

(In the Clerk of the Court of Appeal's Office, Albany, Liber C, p. 36, is a letter from 
John Crooke, dated Kingston, March id, 1757, to Deputy Seer. Goldsboro Banyar, complaining of 
Levi Pawling as executor of James Scott's estate). 

Liber 19, p. (*) 280. CURTICE, BENAJAH, of Wallkill, yeoman. 

Will dated Febr. 12, 1745. 
"To my wife Mary all (*)_ movable estate. As to the house and farm 
I now live on, it (is) to be divided amongst all my children, and my wife 
and aged father have the use of the house and farm during their lives. 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. 153 

Aged father and wife appointed executors. Witnessed by (*) 6". Leonard, 
(*) John Holly, Caleb Curtice, farmer. Proved June 17, 1755, the widow 
being the only surviving executor. 

(.Mary Curtice, of Olterkill, Ulster Co., in her will, dated March 20, 1764, proved Apr. 5, 
1786, mentions four sons, the youngest, Jeremiah, and Noah mentioned by name (C. C. Appeal, 
Albany, Liber C, p. 61). The will of Benajah Curtice (q. v.), supplies the name of the other 
sons, Benajah and Thomas). 

Liber 19, p. (*) 284. JONES, EVAN, of Hermitage, Practtioner of 

Will dated May 22, 1753. 

"Executors to sell the farm where I now dwell, containing about 
(*) 2,000 acres, and all my personal estate, except my Library and shop 
instruments, and they are to pay all debts and funeral charges. All the 
rest of rny estate I give to my wife Bridgit and my five sons, John, 
Thomas, Evan, James, and Edward, and my daughter, Mary. Inasmuch 
as I have (*) laid out (*) for my son John the sum of £432 towards his 
education and expenses while he studied Physick abroad, he is only to 
have so much as with what I have paid will make him equal to the rest. 
To my son John my Library and shop instruments. If my wife should 
marry, she shall have only £250. To my six children (*) when of age, 
all my estate at New Windsor, and all my estate not mentioned herein, but 
my wife is to have the use of (*) 1/7 during her widowhood. Wife and 
sons John and Thomas appointed executors, they to sell the farm where 
I now dwell, and known by the name of Hermitage. Witnessed by Enos 
Ayres (minister of the gospel), Martha Avres, Charles Clinton. Proved 
May 24, 1755. 

Liber 19, p. (*) 302. ELTINQE, JOHANES, of Mormeltown, landt 
bower (farmer). 

Will dated Sept. (*) 4, 1750, and written in Dutch. 
"Aen myn Oudste son Petrus Eltinge voor syn Regt van Eerst 
geboorte myn Groote Bybel." (To my eldest son P. for his birthright 
my Great Bible). "Myn waerde huysvrouw Jannatje gedurende haar 
Weduwschap, de voile Inkomste van al myn Staedt. Na her overlyden 
of Hertrouwen, aen myn soon Roleof Eltinge myn Neeger of Slaef, all 
myn paerden, all myn Boere Geretschap En Kleerasie aen myn Lichaem 
belangende." (To my worthy wife J. the income from my estate during 
her widowhood (*) and after her death or marriage, to my son R., to him 
also my negro (*) or slave, all my (*) horses, farming utensils and cloth- 
ing). "Myn soon Roelof En myn dogter Sara Een stuck Bosgront aen 
de West Syde van het New Paltze, beginnende aen de Nordwest hock van 
het selve." (To son R. and daughter S. a piece of (*) woodland on the 

(*) See note, page 104. 

154 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

west side of N. P., (*) beginning at the north west corner thereof ) . "All 
het overige van al myn Staodt Eengael onder myn drie Kinderen, Roelof , 
Majcke En Sara." (Residue to my three children, R. M. and S.). "Myn 
twe Broeders," (my two brothers) Josias and Noah Eltinge, and Hen- 
drick Jansen, appointed executors. Witnessed by Jan Eltinge, Rachel 
Eltinge, Willthm Eltinge. Proved June 5, 1755.— /aco& Coeler, sworn 
translator of tile Dutch language, certifies to this being a true copy of the 
original, Aug. 19, 1756. ^^ii^^&fyv^f^'^ 

(Johanes E., bt. Sept. 3, 1704 (s. of Roelof B., q. v.), m. i., Marytjen Gitmaer, in. 2., 
Jan. 24, 1734, Jannettie Jansen Oansz), widow of Charles fiettis, and had: 1. Petrus, m., Febr. 
iS, 1756, Elisabeth de Pue; ii. Roelof, bt. Minisinck, March 26, 1735, m., March s. 1700, Marta 
Louw; iii. Mayken, bt. Nov. 13, 1737, m., Dec. 10, 1756, Cornelis Bogert; iv. Sara, bt. May 5, 
1739, m., Nov. 15, 1765, Dirk D. Wynkoop; v. Thomas, bt. Aug. j8, I745)- 

Liber 19, p. (*) 351. GIVEN, JOHN, of Hunting Grove, cordwainer. 

Will dated Aug. 23, 1751. 
"To my son (*) John all my wearing apparel also to my son Robert 
20 schillings at his first arrival in America. To my daughters Mary and 
Sara, and my grandson, John (*) Wool each 20 sh., to be paid when my 
daughter Margaret is 21. (*) To my Grandson John McDonald my 
saddle. To my beloved wife (*) Margaret all the (*) residue of my real 
and personal estate during her widowhood, and after her death (*) or 
marriage, all my real estate to my daughter, Margaret. My executors 
may sell my real estate (*) being the Lot of Land whereon I now live in 
Hunting grove, if they see fit for the benefit of my wife and children. 
Wife, and Charles Clinton, and John Young, appointed executors. Wit- 
nessed by James Green, Arthur Beatty, Henry McNelly. Proved Nov. 
(*) 24, 1755. (Had also a daughter Martha, who m. Andrew McDougall. 
Sarah Given m. a McM asters, according to will of John Given, Jr.). 

Liber 20, p. (*) 13. SUYLAND, HUYBERT, of Hurley, yeoman. 

Will dated Oct. 21, 1754. 
"To my wife Sarah (*) all my real estate and the use of my personal 
estate during her life, and after her death to my grandson, Johanes 
Suylant, and to his three sisters (*) ail my Real Estate, on condition that 
they pay to my four daughters £50. To my (*) said grandson Johanes 
all my wearing apparell. Residue of my personal estate to my four daugh- 
ters and the children of my son Johannis (*) one fifth to my said daughters 
and 1/5 to the children of my son Johannes. My sons in law, Dirck Van 
Veghten and Benjamin Dubois, and my grandson, Johanes, appointed 
executors. Witnessed by Tobias Van Steenbergen, John Ellison,, John 
Crooke. Proved Aug. 19, 1755. 

(Huybert S. m. Sara Crispel, bt. June i8, 1671, and dau. of Anthony C. and Afaria Blan- 
chan, and had: i. Maria, bt. Sept., 1692; ii. Cathryntje, bt. Apr. 5, j6o6: iii. Lena, bt. Aue. 14, 
1698; iv. Johannes, bt. July 20, 1701, m., Eva Van Veglen; v. Elisabeth,, bt. May 7, 1710). 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. 155 

Letters of Administration, Liber L (not verified). 
DALLACE, JOSEPH, Ulster Co., intestate. 

Adm. granted, Apr. 15, 1756, to Samuel Sley. 

Liber 20, p. 25. TUTHILL, JAMES, of New Windsor, yeoman. 

Will dated March 17, 1756. 
"To my wife Mary and my five children, Joel, Thomas, James, 
Jemima, and Mary, all my estate, real and personal, my executors to sell 
the same and divide the money among my children when of age. (*) My/ 
executors to put money out at interest in order to bring up Educate and 
maintain my younger children. My father, James Tuthill, and Selys 
Strong, both of Orange Co., appointed executors. Witnessed by (*) 
Ehenezer Seeley, Jr., Moses Gale, John Thompson, schoolmaster. Proved 
June 29, 1756. 

Liber 20, p. (*) 48. PERSON, JOHN, of Kingston. 

Will dated July 5, 1748. 
"To my wife Anna Catryn, during she is my widow, all my estate, 
house, mill-lands, and movables, negroes, horses, and cattle. If she mar- 
ries, then to all the heirs. My sida^^Abraham Person shall have for his 
birthright 6 shillings and my large black cupboard. To my son Jacobus 
my dwelling house and barn and grist mill, with all apurtenances, and the 
piece of land that the buildings stand Upon, bounded as follows : Begin- 
ning at the Esopus Creek, by a small run of water lying southwest from 
said mill, called the First Brook, and running up and along said brook to 
the head thereof, and then northerly so far until it meets or crosses my 
west line, and then so as the line runs to the said Esopus Creek, arid then 
up and along the said creek, including the mill, to the first station. Also 
another piece of land beginning at said brook of water and running up 
and along said brook, 100 yards in breath, and then from the said run at 
the first place of beginning up and along the Sopus Creek to a hill under 
the fall, and then westerly 100 yards from the Esopus Kill and so to the 
first length of the 100 yards, including all the lands within said (*) lines. 
Also a piece of land called the Island, lying surrounded by the Esopus 
Creek. Also 2 morgens of meadow land adjoining upon the Esopus 
Creek, called the (*) Lawyers Flats, one morgen on the east side of the 
Island, and the other on the west side. Also one morgen of meadow under 
the hill adjoining and bounding on said creek. Also my negro man (*) 
Jack and my negro boy, (*) Peter, my Bible (*), my fowling Gun, for 
which he shall pay to John and Marya Person, the heirs of my deceased 
son, Cornelius Person, £100. He to pay also to my (*) son Abraham £40. 
To my daughter Jannittie, wife of Myndert Mynderse, my old Farm, or 

(*) See note, page 104. 

156 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

place where I formerly lived, and which is now in the possession of said 
Myndert Mynderse. (*) All the land and hard Meadows pasture now 
remaining or not given to my son Jacobus, and all that piece of land 
northerly and Northwest adjoining the land of my son Jacobus, also my 
Bedstead with Beading and all the fornuture. And all the rest of my 
lands not given to my son Jacobus I give to my daughter Jannettie 
Mynderse, she to pay to my son Abraham £60 (*) yearly within two years 
after my wife's decease. My sons two children John and Maryn, after my 
wife's decease, shall have all the remainder of my Housall Stoff. My 
son Jacobus all my farmer Toels, ploy, Harrow, Hows, Exes, and Sun- 
drys. All the rest of my movables (*) Horses, Cowes, Negroes to my 
children (*) Abraham, Jacob, Jannettie Mynderse and to my sons Cor- 
nelis children as aforesaid. (*) If said two children of my son Cornelis, 
John and Marya, should die without lawful issue, their share to belong to 
my three children, Abraham, Jacobus and Jannitie. My son Jacobus, and 
Myndert Mynderse appointed executors. Witnessed by Hiskia Dubois, 
Hiskia Dubois, Jr., Martin Hoffman. — John Persen, (his mark). Proved 
June 25, 1756. 

(.John (Jan) Parson (Pease), m., Anneiie Catryn Post, and had: i. Jan, bt. March 2, 
1707: ii. Abraham, bt. Sept. 11, 1709, m., Jan. 14, 1731, Catrina Schoonmaker; iii. Jacobis, bt. 
Jan. I, 1711, m., Sept. 28, 1747, Catharina Meindertse; iv. Cornelis, bt. Sept. 6, 1713; v. Jannetje, 
bt. Jan. IS, 1716, m., Dec. 5, 1735, Myndert Myndertse). 

Liber 20, p. 158. NEELEY, ROBERT, of Neeley Town. 
Will dated Sept. 17, 1756. 
All my real and personal estate is to be sold at the first favorable 
opportunity, and the proceeds paid to my wife, Isabel, and my five chil- 
dren, Adam, William, David, Matthew, and Mary, when of age. (*) In 
order to bring up. Educate and maintain my younger children. Executors 
shall put money out at interest. Wife and my brothers William Neeley, 
and John Neeley (*), Sr., both of Neeleytowh, appointed executors. 
Witnessed by Isaac Hodge, John Thompson, John Monell. Proved Dec. 
10, 1756, upon the oath of Isaac Hodge, of New York, shopkeeper. 

Letters of Administration, Liber L (not verified). 
NICHOLSON, THOMAS, Ulster Co., intestate. 

Adm. granted, Nov. 13, 1756, to his brother in law, Andrew 

Liber 20, p. (*) 171. (*) HARTELL, CHRISTIAN, of New Windsor. 

Will dated Nov. 20, 1754. 
"My executors are to sell all my shares and part in the Glass House 
in New Windsor, with my part of Glass House stock, and appurtenances, 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. 157 

and as much real estate as they think proper to pay debts and funeral 
charges. To my only son (*) John all the rest of my estate, real and 
personal; if he dies under age, then I give the same to John (*) Helms, 
son of Amos (*) Helms, of New York. My brother-in-law, Cornelius 
Tiebout, of the Out Ward, of New York, and Hendrick Van Vlack, of 
New York, merchant, and Charles Clinton, of Ulster Co., Esq., appointed 
executors. Witnessed by John Thompson, storekeeper, John Kennon, 
Frederick (*) Melche. Signed C. R. Her tell. Proved Dec. 22, 1756. 

Letters of Administration, Liber L (not verified). 
BARTON, ROGER, Ulster Co., intestate. 

Adm. granted, March 18, 1757, to Joshua Bishop. 

NEELEY, ALEXANDER, Ulster Co., intestate. 

Adm. granted, June 3, 1757/8, to wife Isabella. 

Liber 20, p. (*) 375. BRINCK, JACOB, of Sondersorgh, Kingston. 

Will dated Apr. 30, (*) 1751, and written in Dutch. 
"Myn waerde en lieve Huysvrouw Anna Marytje gedurende haer 
Weduwschap alle de inkomste van myn Geheele staedt. Na haer over- 
lyden of hertrouwen aen myn oudste Son Jan Brink voor syn Regt van 
Eerste geboorte myn Schiet Roer." ( My worthy and beloved wife, A. M., 
shall have the income from my whole estate during her widowhood (*) 
and after her death or marriage, it shall go to my eldest son, J. B., who 
shall also have, as his right of primogeniture, my gun). "All myn vasteii 
staedt Eengaal onder myn soons, Jan, Cornelis, en Jacob." (All (*) my 
real estate to be equally divided by my sons, J. C. and J.). "So de heere 
behagen mogte my nog Een of meer soons te Verleenen, de soons Eengael 
sullen deelen." (*) (As the Lord may grant me one or more sons, all sons 
shall divide equally). "Myn gesyde soons sullen betalen na myn vrouws 
overlyden of hertrouwen ten behoeren van myn Dogters £70." (*) (My 
said sons are to pay to my daughters £70 after the decease or marriage of 
my said wife). "Alle myn Losse Staedt Eengael onder alle myn 
kinderen." (*) (All my personal estate to be divided equally among all 
my children). "Myn Goede Vrinden" (my good friends), Jan Eltinge 
and Christoifel Kierstede appointed executors. Witnessed by Anthonie 
H of man, Coenradt (*) Jose Elmendorf, Willem Eltinge. Jacob Brinck, 
(his mark). Proved Oct. 24, 1757. 

(Jacob B., bt. Jan. s, 1696, (s. of Cornelis Lamberise, q. v.), m., i.. May 17, 1722, Anijen 
Post, m. 2., Dec. 22, 1732, Maria Elisabeth Merkel. Issue: i. Ian, bt. March 17, 1723; ii. Mar- 
reljen, bt. Aug. 23, 1724; iii. Jan, bt. Sept. 24, 1727; iv. Cornelis, bt. Jan. 25, 1730J v. Andries, 
bt. Oct. 10, 1736; vi. Jacob, bt. Apr. 2i, 1739; vii. Marretjen, bt. Oct. 18, 1741; viii. Annaaijen, 
bt. Oct. 28, 1744; ix. Christian, bt. Nov. 8, 1747). 

(*) See note, page 104. 

158 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Liber 20, p. (*) 407. LITTLE, FRANCES, of Wallkill, relict of 
John Little, of Stonefield, Gent. 

Will dated Sept. 5, 1757. 
"To my daughter Hannah Galatian, £7 a year, to be paid out o? my 
husband's estate at Stonefield, by John Moffat, executor of my husband. 
To my granddaughter, Frances Galation, a large copper kittle. To my 
daughter, Hannah Gallation, two feather beads, (*) two pair blankets, 
(*) with one sheet, and a black Bumbosyn Gown, (*) one new blew 
Quilted peticote and one black Quilted petecote, a black silk apron, and 
7 yards of Linnen of my own manufacture, lent to my granddaughter, 
Margaret Moffat, also a pair of andirons (*) one pair of Dogs, one Fox 
trap, and 2 pounds of cotton wool. To my daughter, Elinoner McGarrah, 
2 shifts. To my daughters, Hannah Galation, all my goods and chattels 
left at her house at the Wallkill (*) with all the sums of money due on 
my vendue account. Rest of my wareing apparel to be equally divided 
between my two daughters Hannah Galation and Margaret Moffat. 
Daughter Hannah appointed executor. Witnessed by Mary Hedon (her 
mark), Agnes {*) Deuenny. Proved Dec. 10, 1757. 

(See John Little's will). 

Liber 20, p. (*) 472. SMITH, ARTHUR, of Highlands Precinct. 

Will dated March (*) 17, 1756. 
"To my dearly beloved wife Kesiah all movable estate, except the 
working teame, and Eutentiels, and 2 sadels for the use of the farm. All 
the rest to be at her disposal to her daughtours. Wife and "my brother, 
Leonard Smith, and David Holmes, of Bedford, Westchester Co." ap- 
pointed executors. To my son Joel, 1/4 of my land at the south west 
part of my farm, dividing it in the middle, he to pay 1/3 of my debts. To 
my son, Arthur, half of my land on the north side, to be divided from the 
river to the west end, he to give (*) David (*) 4 acres at the west end, 
and to pay 1/3 of my debts, and provide for my wife and children till 
they are able (*) brought up, he to have the team and utensils to work 
for their and his support. (*) Arthur is to pay (*) Amy £5 when of age. 
To my son David 1/4 of my land on the south-east part, from the river 
west till he meets with Joel, he to pay 1/3 of my debts. Leonard Smith is 
to have his improvements, he is to pay, when he is of age, to David the 
worth of the land. Witnessed by Jehiel Clark, Moses Fowler, Nathan 
Mills. Proved Nov. (*) 22, 1757. 

Letters of Administration, Liber I. (not verified). 
CAR, PATRICK, Ulster Co., intestate. 

Adm. granted, Nov. 28, 1757, to wife Albiny. 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. 159 

BUCKINHOUT, ABRAHAM, Ulster Co., intestate. 

Adm. granted, July 29, 1758, to wife Catharine. 

Liber 21, p. 16. DE LAMATTER, JOHANES, of Kingston. 

Will dated Apr. 26, 1756. 
"To my wife Mary tie (*) during her Widdowhood, all household 
goods, Pots, Panns, Bedsteads, with furniture, sheets. Pillow Cases and 
other linnen ware, the (*) great Cupboard (*) with her Woolen & 
Linnen Cloathing, i cow and other Housing stuff was was her own when 
she married, also my house and lot where we now live in Kingston during 
her widowhood, and the interest on £200. After her death or marriage, my 
daughter Mary tie is to have the house, lot and buildings. (*) To said 
daughter forthwith £200, the interest to go to her mother. To my eldest 
and only son, Abraham (*) Jo De Lameter, my Large Byble, Gun, Sword, 
all my right in the Tan yard at Kingston, with the hides and Leather, and 
all my Shoemakers Tools, also all that lot of low land on the other side 
of the Great Hill, on the Great Tract, as the same was conveyed to me by 
Hendrick Oosterhout, and Jannettie, his wife, he to pay £100 to my other 
children. To my daughters, Elisabeth and Anna, an outfit such as my 
other daughters, Cornelia, Elsie, and Catharina have had. Residue to my 
six children, Cornelia, wife of Cornelis Louw, Elsie, wife of Dirck Schep- 
moes, Catharine, wife of Wilhelmus Van Gaasbeck, (*) Elisabeth, Anna 
and Abraham. Daughters, Elisabeth and Anna, son Abraham, sons-in- 
law Cornelis Louw, and Wilhelmus Van Gasbeck appointed executors, and 
my brother David De Lametter and Jan Eltinge, their assistants. Wit- 
nessed by Tennis Swart, Thomas Beekman, M. Edward Thompson. 
Proved May 23, 1758, and translated from the Dutch by Jacob Goelet, 
sworn translator of the Dutch language. 

(Johannes De Lamater, bt July 4, 1697 (s. of Abraham De Lamater, a. v.), m. i.. May 12, 

1723, Christina Wynkoop, to. 2., Nov. 11, 1738, Maria Decker. Issue: i. Cornelia, bt. March 1, 

1724, m., Aug. 26, 1750, Cornells Low, q. v.; ii. Elsie, bt. Apr. 3, 1726, m., Aug. 26, 1750, Dirck 
Schepmoes; iii. Catrtna, bt. Sept. lo, 1727, m., Dec. 7, 1750, Wilhelmus Van Gaasbeck Chambers; 
iv. Annatje, bt. Sept. 7, 1729, d. y.; v. Abraham J., bt. Febr. 18, 1733, m. i., Dec. 20, 1753, 
Sarah Ten Broeck, m. 2., May 5, 1772. Margaret Ten Broeck; vi. Johannes, bt. Febr. 2, 1735, 
d. y.; vii. Annatje, bt. Nov. 21, 1736, m. Apr. 20, 1775, John Edwards; viii. Marytje, bt. Sept. 
13, 1741, m., Jan. 15, 1764, Henry Sleght). 

Liber 21, p. (*) 36. BOGARDUS, EVERT, of Kingston. 

Will dated May lo, 1746. 
The entire estate to my beloved wife Gerteruy during her natural 
life for her support. — To my nephew. Evert Bogardus, son of my brother, 
Nicholas Bogardus, my dwelling house and barn in Kingston and the lot 
on which it stands, also my two other lots in Kingston, after my wife's 
decease. To John Elmandorph, son of my brother in law, Petrus 
Edmundus Elmondorph, all that parcel of land which was devised to me 

(*) See note, page 104. 

i6o Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

by my father in law's will, also the land which I purchased from his 
executors, all of which is situated on the north west side of the road that 
leads from Kingston to the Green Kill. To my nephew, Evert Bogardus, 
my best gun and £io. To my brother, Nicholas Bogardus, all the money 
that he is indebted to me, and he is to be discharged from the same. To 
my brother in law, Charles Crooke, £ioo. To my sister, Anata Decker, 
£ioo. Residue to my nephew, Evert Bogardus, son of my brother Petrus, 
and to Evert Bogardus, son of my brother, Nicholas Bogardus, my sister, 
Maria Wynkoop, my Brother in Law, Charles Crook, and John Elmen- 
dorph, son of my brother-in-law, Petrus Edmundus Elmendorph, all to 
be paid after the death of my wife. Wife, brothers-in-law, John Wynkoop, 
and Petrus Edmundus Elmendorph, appointed executors. Witnessed by 
Thomas Beekman, John Beekman, Jr., and Charles Clinton. Proved May 
31, 1758. 

{Evert Bogardus, Sr., b. Albany (s. of Pieier B., q. vO, m., May 9, 1692, Tjaatje Hofmans, 
b. N. Y., q. v., and had: i. Petrus, bt. May i, 1698; ii. Petrus, bt. Dec. 3, 1699; iii. EVER- 
HARDUS, bt. Apr. 26, 1702; iv. Niclaes, bt. Apr. 26, 1702, m., Dec. 20, 1730, Rachel, dau. of 
Benjamin Smedes; v. Marytje, bt. Sept. 18, 1709, m., Dec. 19, 1728, Johannes Wynkooop, Jr.; 
vi. Annaatjen, bt. June 28, 1713, m. a Decker. 

EVERT (above), m.. May 20, J731, Geertruy Chroeck, dau. of John Crook (and Cath- 
arine), who in his will, 'shopkeeper,' mentions dau. (jertruyd, wife of Evert Bogardus (C, C, A., 
Albany, Liber C, p. 14). Her brother, Charles Crooke, Jr., of Crooke*s Delight, Charlotte Pre- 
cinct, Dutchess Co., 'merchant,* in his will mentions brothers-in-law, Petrus Edmundus Elmendorf 
and Everardus Bogardus (Ibid., Liber C, p. 59). Issue: i. Everardus, bt. May 28, 1732; ii. Jan, 
bt. Dec. 2, 1733). 

Liber 21, p. (*) 55. CLINTON, ALEXANDER, Ulster Co., Surgeon 

Will dated Febr. 19, 1757. 
"To my beloved brother, George Clinton, £100, to be paid out of my 
book debts by my executors. To (*) Jane McClaugry £100. To the 
Poor of the Precinct of the Highlands, £100. To my executors, James 
McClaghry and Catherine McClaghry, the remainder (*) of all debts 
due to me by Book account or otherwise, and all my personal estate, 
goods, and chattels. Horse and Saddle (*) Cloathing, Chest, and shop 
Furniture, Medicines, etc. The above sums (left to George Clinton, 
James McClaghry (*) and the poor of Highlands) shall be put at interest 
at 7%, and with the remainder to be kept by my executors till my return 
to the Highlands, or decease, and at my return to be paid to me with 
7% interest, and at my decease to my legatees. (*) James and Katharine 
McClaghry appointed executors. Witnessed by John McClaghry, and 
John Davis. Proved July 5, (*) 1758. 

(Cliarles Clinton (s. of James C, of Corbay, Co. Longford, Ireland), ni. Elisabeth Denni- 
son, sailed for Philadelphia, May 20, 1729. in "George and Ann," settled in Ulster Co. at the 
precinct of the Highlands, was County Judge of U. Co. Issue: i. Catharine, b. Ireland, m Col. 
James McClaughry; ii. James; ui. Mary, d. on the passage; iv. ALEXANDER, b. Apr! 'iS, 1732; 
V. Charles, a surgeon, d. 1781, ae. 56; vi. James, the General, b. Aug> qi- Sept. 18, 1736 m., 
1765, Mary, dau. of Egbert De Witt, d. Dec. 22, 1812, father of Sov. B-e Witt Clinton- vji. 
George, b. July 26, 1739, m. Febr. 7, 1770, Cornelia Tappen; surveyor! first t3ov. of New York, 
Vice President of U. S., d. Apr. 20, 1812. 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. i6i 

ALEXANDER (above), m. Mary Kane, Nov., 1737, Surgeon Apothecary in the College of 
New Jersey. D. May 11, 1758). 

Liber 21, p. (*) 108. DOUGHTY, WILLIAM, of Kingston, Black- 

Will dated July 28, 1756. 

Residue, after payment of debts, to my dear and beloved wife Nanney. 
Wife and Johanes De Lametre, Esq. and Abraham de Lametre appointed 
executors. Witnessed by Thomas Beekman, Adam Swart, and Edward 
Thompson. Proved Sept. 12, 1758. 

Liber 21, p. (*) 156, McEVEN, DANIEL, Ulster Co. 

Will dated July 13, 1758. 

Residue, after payment of debts, to my daughter, Mary Ane (*) 
Even. My executors to sell all estate, except a Goold Ring, and a Silver 
Spoone, which I order for my daughter (*) at age. Money from (*.) my 
Estate to be put to Intrust till she is of age (*) or maryes. If she should 
die, then I leave all my estate to (*) Miken McEven, son of John (*) 
Even of New York, carman, and Richard Lues, son of Richard Lues, of 
Ulster Co., miller. Francis Purdy, Esq., and John McEven (*), Jener 
(joiner), of New York, carmen, appointed executors. Witnessed by 
Henery Smith, John Young, and Richard Lewis. Proved Dec. 18, 1758. 

Liber 21, p. (*) 158. LITTLE, JOHN, of Stonefield, Gentleman. 

Will dated May 13, 1752. 

"To my wife Frances, £7 yearly, also sufiScient meat an3 drink 
for herself and the negro wench Silvia (which) I also leave her, and all 
household furniture, beds (*) Bedcloaths, except one Bed which I give 
to my daughter Elisabeth Little. To my daughter, Frances Nicoll, £20. 
To my daughter Elisabeth a feather bed (*) and bed Cloths, and £60. 
To my daughter, Elinor McGarrah, £10. My executors are to keep my 
grandson, John McGarrah, at School till he learns to read and write 
English and the five Common Rules in Arithmetick, and then bind him 
to a house Carpenter or any other good Trade. To my daughter, Hannah 
Galatian, a negro man (*) William, during her life, and then to her sons, 
John (*) (if he dies without issue to her son, and a^ter him to her third 
child David Galatian. To my daughter, Margaret Moifat, a negro (*) 
Winch i?ac/!^/ (which she now has). To my grandson, John Galatian, 
when he is 21, half of my Plantation of Stonefield, that is to say (*) the 
same number of acres mentioned in my deed ; if he dies then to go to 
(*) my Grand son David Galatian, and his male heirs. The other half 
of my plantation, I leave to the oldest son of my daughter, Margaret 
Moffat (the Male child shall inherit before the Female), and if he die, 

(*) See note, page 104. 

VOL. II. — II. 

i62 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

then to her other children. Jacobus Bruyn, of Shanham, and Michael 
Jackson, of Goshen, Esq., and 'my son-in-law, John Moffat, minister of 
the Gospel at the Wallkill,' appointed executors. Witnessed by Alexander 
Kidd, James Hunter (his mark), John Wharrey. Proved Febr. 21, 1753. 

Liber 21, p. (*) 258. MERRITT, GEORGE, of Highlands Precinct, 

Will dated Jan. 25, 1759. 
"To my wife Glorande, £20, and her bed, bedding, cortings, a hors, 
bridel and sadel, one Rume in the Hous, and hur maintainance out of my 
estate (*) as long as she remains my widow. To my son Caleb 83 acres 
of land on the north side of the lands where I now live, at a pint of land 
commonly called Robins Pint, running west 40 rods till it makes 83 acres, 
also all the lands at the White Plains that was given to my mother by the 
will of her grandfather (*) Umfree Under hill. To my son, Umphere 
100 acres at the west side of my land across from Debois, to Thomas 
Merritfs land, running east till it makes 100 acres. To my son, Samuel,' 
100 acres of land adjoining to my son Umphere, running from Debois' 
land to Thomas Merritt's land, and so running east till it makes 100 acres. 
To my son George, 100 acres of land agining to my son Samuel on the 
east side, from Debois land to Thomas Merrit Land. To my son Gabriel, 
and my son, David, all the rest of the lotment of land where I now live 
in Ulster Co., and if any more land should befaul or be recovered to this 
lotment, I leave the same to my son, Josiah. My (*) sons, Caleb, 
Umpheree, Samuel, George, Gabriel, and David, appointed executors, 
they to pay to my son Josiah £10 each, when (*) he is 23 years of age. 
My lands at White Plains which I had by me father are to be sold at 
discretion of my executors. All the rest of my movable estate, except 
(*) Umfree shall have his Hors and Samuel his 2 mares and George his 
Hors, are to be sold, and, after payment of debts, I leave the rest to my 
daughters, Elisabeth, Glorande, and Jen. Wife, son Umpheree and 
Samuel Fowler, appointed executors. Witnessed by Thomas Merritt, 
miller, John Bloomer, Joseph Bloomer, Sr., miller. 

Liber 21, p. (*) 263. DUBOIS, SOLOMON, Ulster Co., yeoman. 

Will dated June 26, 1756. 
"(*) All my Land late in the Possession of my Eldest son Isaac Du- 
bois, at Perkiema, in Pensilvania unto my four granddaughters, Catharine, 
Margaret, Rebecca, and Elisabeth, the children of my said son, Isaac 
Dubois, my said three youngest granddaughters to pay to their eldest 
sister, Catherine, £10. To my son, Benjamin Dubois, all my land in 
Katskill, in Albany Co., now in his possession, he to pay £100 to my 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's- Office, New York. 163 

daughters, Sarah, wife of Simon Van Wagenen, Helena, wife of Josiah 
Eltinge, and to the children of my deceased daughter, Catharine, late wife 
of Peter Louw. To my son, Cornelius, all my farm, messuages, and lands 
in Ulster Co.j in the Patent granted to my father, Lewis Dubois, (*) de- 
ceased, that part adjoining to the New Paltz, now in his occupation, with 
the woodland, adjoining, bounded northeast by the New Paltz, southwest 
by (*) land of Jonathan Dubois, deceased, also (*) one moiety of my 
right in the Patent of New Paltz, he to pay £100 to my daughters (*) 
Sarah, Helena, children of my daughter Catharine, deceased. To my son, 
Hendricus, all my farm, messuages, and lands in Ulster Co., in the Patent 
granted to my father, Lewis Dubois, commonly called Ganse Floats, now 
in his (*) occupation, with the woodland adjoining, bounded northeast 
by (*) land of Jonathan Dubois, deceased, southwest by (*) land of Joseph 
Hasbrouck, deceased, and by a lot of my son (*) Hendricus, deceased, 
and purchased by him from (*) Jonathan Dubois, also (*) one moiety 
of my right in the Patent of New Paltz, he to pay £100 to my daughters 
and grandchildren. To my daughters and grandchildren all my part of a 
parcel of marsh and woodland adjoining in Kingston and Ulster Co. My 
executors are to sell the same and divide the money among them (*) 
that is 1/8 to the children of my said son Isaac Dubois, deceased, 1/8 to 
my daughter Jacomyntie, widow of Barent Dubois, 1/8 to the children of 
my son, Benjamin Dubois, and 1/8 to my said daughter Sara, 1/8 to 
my said Grand Children, the children of my daughter, Catherine, de- 
ceased, 1/8 each to my sons Cornelius, Hendricus, and my daughter Helena. 
My son Cornelius is to pay to my daughters, (*) Jacomyntje, Sarah, and 
Helena, and to my Grand. Children, children of my daughter Catharine, 
deceased, the number of 8 Black cattle, 3 years old, and 8 sheep. Residue 
to ray children and grandchildren. Whereas my daughter Jacomyntje has 
received from the widow and children of my son Isaac, £100, I make 
mention of this that they may not be seem to be wronged. My children 
and grandchildren shall remain wholly satisfied with this (*) distribution 
of my Estate. If they should Commence any Law Suit concerning any 
part of my .Estate, they shall be utterly excluded and debarred from 
Inheritting. Sons Benjamin and Hendricus, and John Eltinge, of Kings- 
ton, appointed executors. Witnessed by Noah Eltinge, Lowis J. Dubois, 
Andris Dubois. Proved Febr. 15, 1759. 

(Solomon Dubois, s. of Louis Dw Bois, the Patentee of New Paltz, q. v., m. Trynfje Ger- 
ritse, dau. of Gerrit Focken and Jacomyntje-Sleght, see Gerrit Cornelisen, and had: i. Isaac, bt. 
Sept. 27, 1691, m., Rachel Du Bois^ dau. of Abraham. Res. Perkiomen, Pa.; ii. Jacomyntje, bt. 
Nov. s> '693. m.. Apr; 23, 1715, Barent Dv Bois, s. of Jacob; iii. Benjamin, bt. May 16, 1697, m. 
Catrina Zuylanf; iv. Sarah, bt. Febr. 11, 1700, m., Nov. 17, 1720, Simon Van Wagenen; v. Catryn, 
bt. Oct. 18, 1702, d. inf.; vi. Cornelius, m., Apr. 7, 1729, Anna Margaret Hoogthaling; vii. Mag- 
dalena, bt. Apr. ij, 1705, d. y. ; viii. Catherine, m. Dec. 9, 1722, Petrus Matthews Louw; ix. 
Deborah; x. Hendrikus, bt. Dec. 31, 1710, in., May 6, 1733, Jannetje Hoogteling (see his will); 
xi. Magdalena, bt. Dec. 20, 1713, m., July 14, 1734, Josiah Biting, s. of Roelof). Solomon 
Dubois's homestead was called by the Indian name of Poughwoughtenonk. 

(*) See note, page 104. 

164 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Liber 21, p. (*) 307. BEVEIR, SAMUEL, of New Paltz. 

Will dated Apr. 3, 1750. 
"To my wife Esther my negro child (*) Molly, and 2 (*) Minch 
Cows, the choice out of all my cattle before any division, also my bed (*) 
bedstead, Curtains and covering and furniture, and all her clothing, and 
wearing apperell, also'(*) my present dwelling House in New Paltz, with 
Barn, Garden, home lot and pasture during her life, and then to my six 
children, Abraham, Louis, Johanis, Margriet, wife of Matthew Lefever, 
Maiiia, 'wife of Abraham Lefever, and Esther, all my lots of land and 
Homestead in the bounds of the New Paltz Patent, on both sides of the 
Paltz River, (*) now in my possession. To my son, Philip, a lot of land 
on Hudsons River, where he now lives, in New Paltz Patent, Lot No. 10 
in the Northern Division upon Hudsons river. I have already given to 
my son Isaac by a deed a certain lot of land at Rochester, Ulster Co., 
which makes him equal with the rest of my children. I have also given 
to my son (*) Jacobus by deed a certain tract in the Paltz Patent, and 
now in his possession, which makes him equal of the rest of my children. 
To my eight (*) children, Abraham, Isaac, Louis, Johannis, Philip, 
Margriet, Maria and Esther all my right in the undivided lands of the 
Paltz patent. All my personal estate to my nine children, Abraham, 
Isaac, (*) Jacobus, Louis, (*) Johannes, Philip, Margriet, (*) Marya, 
and Ester. As guardians over my son Louis my sons Abraham and 
Johanes, and my son-in-law Matthew Lefever, and he is not to dispose of 
any of his real or personal estate without their consent. Sons, Abraham 
Bevier, Jr., and Johannes, sons-in-law, Matthew Lefever, and Abraham 
Lefever (*) and daughter Esther appointed . executors. Witnessed by 
Louis Bevier, Jacob Hasbrouck, Jr., A. Hasbrouck. Proved Apr. 17, 

(Samuel Bevier, b. Jan. 24, 1680 (s. of Louis B., Sr.) had issue: i. Solomon, bt. May 13, 
1711, d. inf.; ii. Matthew, bt. June 29, I7i2;,u}. Abraham, bt. June 14, 1713, m., Jan. 22, 1742, 
Margaret Siting, dau. of Roeloff; iv. Isaac, EfT Dec. 25, 1714, m., 1751, Elisabeth Bevier, dau. 
of Jean; v. Jacobus, bt. Apr. 29, 1716, m. 1740, Antje Freer; vi. Margrietjen, bt. June 30, 1717, 
m. June 17, 1737. Matthew Le Feme, s. of Andries; vii. Maria, bt. Oct. 5, 1718, m. Abraham Le 
Fevre, s. of Jan; viii. Louis, bt. Jan. 10, 1720, d. y. ; ix. Esther, bt. June 8, 1721, m. Cornelius 
L. Brink; x. Johannes, bt. Sept. 9, 1722, m., Sept. 2, 1749, Magdalena Le Fevre, dau. of Simon; 
xi. Philip, bt. Febr. 9, 1724, m. i., July 10, 1748, Tryntje Low, m; 2., Adriaence ^Newkirk'). 

Letters of Administration, Liber L (not verified). 
ERWIN, JARRET, Uister Co., intestate. 

Adm. granted, Apr. 20, 1759, to his brother, Samuel Erwin. 

Liber 21, p. (*) 335. CHILDS, THOMAS, of Winger (Windsor), 
Briclc layer. 

Will dated Jan. (*) 19, 1759. 
"To my wife, Catherine, all real and personal estate, except as here- 

(*) See note, page 104. 

Surrogate's Office, New York. 165 

after reserved. If my wife, which I sopose to be with child, if she shold 
have a child that (*) should live to the age of 2 years, then my wife to 
have all my estate except 1/3, which I give to the boy that now lives 
with me, named Thomas (^) Lims. But if the child dies, then my estate 
to be divided between my wife and the Boy, except that my wife is to 
have £20 more than the Boy. Wife appointed executrix. My wife is to 
have possession of the estate till my boy, Thomas Sims, is 21 or more, and 
if he dies, then all to my wife. Witnessed by Isaac Hodge, Samuel (*) 
Bartlit, Francis (*) Purdy. Proved June 11, 1759. 

Liber 21, p. (*) 343. KIERSTEDE, HANS, Doctor, of Kingston. 

Will dated Jan. (*) 26, 1758. 
"Advanced in years. To my daughter, Aryantie, my oldest Silver 
Beker and my House where I liye, with the Barn and Lott of ground and 
all depending on the same, as the same is now separated from the lot of 
Robert Elting, and the whole to be valued at $80. To my son (*) 
Ch'istoffel one Silver Beker, and my Lot of ground on the Corner 
Oposite to Severyn Bruyn's, which I bought of Barent (*) Bent Huyren, 
with all thereon depending, as the same is now in fence and hitherto by 
me occupied, also my Great Bible, and the whole to be valued at £40. To 
Hans Kenning, Abraham Kenning, and Marretie Kenning, the children 
of daughter Anna, the corner house in which their father, Isaac Kenning, 
now Dwelleth, with the lot of ground, as the same was (*) conveyed to 
me by Roelof Eltinge, and the same is to be valued at £50. As heirs of 
all my real estate, my eight children, Christoffel, 5"aro/ wife of Hendricus 
Sleght, Catharine, wife of (*) Henderick Bos, Lena, wife of Petrus A. 
Low, Cornelia, wiie of Dom. Manciusf^and Aryantie', and in place of my 
late son, Roelof Kierstede'fl appoint his five children, Christoffel, John, 
Luykas, Anna, and Aryantie, and in the room o"f my daughter Anna I 
appoint her three children, Hans, Abraham and Margritie Keening, and 
the amounts valued to my children, Christophel, Aryantie, and the chil- 
dren of my daughter, Anna, are to be reckoned to be so much of their 
shares. If any portion should come to me from my brother^ Luykas, 
deceased, it shall go to my heirs. My son Christoffel, sons-in-law, Hen- 
dricus Sleght, and Rev. Georgius (*) Wilh. Mancius appointed executors. 
Witnessed by James Eltinge, (*) Johanes Masten, and Jan Eltinge. 
Proved May 12, 1759. Translated from the original Dutch and therewith 
carefully compared by me, Jacob Goelet, sworn translator of the Dutch 
language, June 20, 1759. 

(.Dr. Hfins Kierstede, came from Magdeburg, Prussian Saxony, in 1638, with Director Kieft, 
to New Amsterdam, m., June 29, 1642, Sarah Roeloffse, dau. of Roelo# and Anneke fanse (of 
Masterlandt, iirst widow of Roeloff Jansen, and then widow of Rev. Everhardus Bogardus, of 
Beverwyck"). SarahRoeloilse m. 2., Segt. i, i66ci, Cornells Van Borsum, from Veer op. Breuche- 
len, Sara R. and Dr. H. K. had issue: i. Jan, alias Hans, bt. Sept. 21, 1644, m., Febr. 12, 1667. 
Jannetje Lok erman ;' ii. ROELOFF, bt. Jan."!, 1647; iii. Blandina; iv. Anna, bt Apr. 23, 1651; 
V. Jochem; vi. Luycas, bt. Sept. 23, 1657, m., July iS, 1683, Rachel Kip; vii. Catherine, bt. Jan. 

(*) See note, page 104. 

i66 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

1, 1660, m., Sept. 4, 1681, Johannes Kip ;^viii. Jacob, bt. June 4, 1662; ix. Jacobus, bt. Nov. 28, 
X663; X. Rachel, bt. Sept. 13, 1665, m., Oct. 16, 1686, William Teller, Jr. 

ROELOFF (above), m. Eyke Albertse Rosa (Yke Jans, Ytje Alberts'), dau. of Albert 
Heymans Roosa and Wyntje Ariens. Issue: i. Sara, bt. N. Y., Apr. 12, 1671; ii. Wyntie, bt. 
N. Y., March 25, 1673; iii. Annette, bt. iiLi«£:j*o»i^ '3'cpr. 18, 1675, m. Evert Wynkoop; iv. HANS, 
bt. N. Y., Aug. 4, 1677; V. Lucas, bt. Dec, 24, 1679; vi. Aldert, bt. Aug. 16, 1684; vii. Aldert, 
Nov, 16, 1685, m., Oct. 26, 1714, Ariaantjen Lameeter, dau. of Abraham (see her will); viii. 
Blandina, m., Nov. 25, 1704, Coenraet Elmendorf, s. of Jacobus, q. v. 

HANS (.above), m., Nov. 9, 1701, /4moK;f7>«. Tappen, and had: 1. Roeloff, bt. Taiif-*Sr 
1702; m. (Nov. 4, 1732, Anna Veesjan); ii. ^ora, Sept. 8, 1704, m. Henrikus Sleght,t^R'Xliristof- 
fel, bt. Febr. 23, 1707; iv. Anna, bt. Sept. 11, 1708, m. Jjaacr Keening; v. Catherina, bt. Sept. 11, 
1708, m. Hendrik Bos; vi. Helena, bt. Nov. 4, 1711, m. Petrus A, Low; vii. C hristoff el, ht, Jan. 
24, 1714, m. Catharine de Meier; viii. Cornelia, bt. July 22, 1716, m. Rev. Geo. W. Mancius; ix. 
Hans, bt. Aug. 24, 1718; x. Ariaantje, bt. Oct. 15, 1721. 

Rev. George Wilhelmus Mancius, b. in Duchy of Nassau, Germany, 1706, sailed from 
Amsterdam for America about July iz, 1730, was of Kaatsban, 1730-1731, called to Schraalen- 
berg and -Paramus, Dec. 23, 1730, called to Kingston, as coUegue of Vas, May, 1732, and died 
Sept, 6, 1762, He was a remarkable linguist, and said to have been able to speak nine different 
languages, although his pronunciation of the Dutch did not please his Kingston people. A 
portrait of Mancius hangs in the chapel of the Ref. Church of Kingston). 

End of Volume XXI. For Ulster wills in volumes xxii to Ix, N. Y. 
Surrogate's Office, see ULSTER CO. PROBATE RECORDS, VOL. III. 

u ^ ■= 

Letters of Administrations, Administration Bonds, and 

Inventories, after Intestates, on file in the Estate 

Boxes, Surrogate's Office, Kingston, N. Y. 

Estate Box 10, Surrogate's Office. Not filed. 

DE MYER, NICHOLAS, late of Kingston, yeoman, deceased. 

Inventory, taken Apr. i8, 1769, filed July 4, 1791 : 

Wheat in the Bareck sold to Benjamin De Meyer £ 7.16. o 

Rye do. sold to Benj. Meyer £2/19, Hay do. do. £1/16 4.i5- 

23 skip wheat to Jeremiah De Meyer 4:17:9, 100 do. do 25. 2. 9 

5 1/2 do. Rye to Hendrick Francisco 13/9, 23 1/2 do. Corn to Chr. Tappen 
£3.0.8 1/2; 17 do. to Eliat Hausbrouck 1:9:9; 11 1/2 do. Oats to Chr. Kier- 

stede 17/8 3/4 6. i. g}i 

23 do. do. to Hendr. Francisco 1:15:5 x/2; 11 1/2 do. do to Wilh. De Meyer 

17/6 3/4J Wevers Weel to Benj. De Myer 3/5; Do. Loom to Jno Dumon 

£2/9; Sawmill Iron to Jeremiah De Myer £2/5; X cut saw to do. 1:9:9 8.19. 2^ 

2 p. Iron for sawmill to do. £2; xi Boards to Wessel Ten Brook 11/11; Cyder 

Mill to Wm. Elting 7/6; Spool Weel to Wm. Kieffrer 2/; Bung Box to 

Chris. Kiersted! 3. 5. 2 

Wheel Iron to Jarry Karril 1/5; Old iron to Geo. Lassing g. 8 

Bell to Jerem. De Meyer 4/6; 2 Hand Saws to Ino Williams 9. s 

Square to Jarry Karrel /7; Old Iron to Jer. M. De Meyer /lo 1. 5 

.Old iron to Chr. Kierstede 2/; do. to Hendrecus Oosterhout 3« 8 

Do. to George Lassing 9/6; Plain to Philip Viele /lo 10. 4 

Do. to Christ. Kiersted 3/1 ; Britch Bands to Joseph Hans 3 ■ 4 

Old Booths to Jos. Hans, 5/; do. to Chris. Kierstede 1/ 1. s 

Old iron to Benj. De Meyer 3/6; Saddle to Christ. Kiersted 1. 6. 7 

2 3/3 skip. Rye to C. Kiersted, 6/10 1/2; Do. W. Meyer do 13.11 

II 1/2 do. Wheat, Chr. Kiersted 2/8/10 1/2; 54 do. do. do 13.11. 4H 

II 1/2 do. do. do. 2/8/10 1/2; 54 do. W. Meyer 10/2/6; 11 14.11. nH 

II 3/4 Corn, do. i /16/4 1/4; do. to Kiersted 1/10/4 1/4 3. 6. 8J4 

8 1/2 to do. do. 14/10 1/2; to do. Wm. Meyer do.. Hide to Kiersted 8/, do. to 

Meyer lo/i, do. Jno. Wynkoop 8/2 2. i. 2 

Do. do. 8/, Hemp to Benj. De Meyer 9/4, 27 boards do i.ii. 6 

Leather to do. side to do., 12/4, saw to Wm. Eltings 17. 4 

Powder horn, shotbag to Jno. Post /4, dagger to Wm. Elting 3. s 

Wevers reed to do. 8/3, do. to Benj. De Meyer 5/10, Grindstone i. 3- S 

9 shuttles, Jacob Burhans i/, Wiggs & box to Jno. Post i/i 3. 1 

Sword to Jer. De Meyer £2, Cooper Plain to do 1/9 '. 2. i. 9 

£97. 6. oH 
The above articles being bequeathed by the Testator to his three sons Wilhelmus, Jere- 
miahf Benjamin and daughter Cathrina. 
2 Hogs to Benj. De Meyer £2/14, Do. to Jurry Karrel, do. James Jonas.... 4.13. o 

Do. to Jacob Trimper 10/6, Bull to Jer. De Meyer £2/3, Haffer 5. 3. 6 

Do. Benj. De Meyer £1/7/9, Cow to do. £3/1, Cow to Hend. Francisco £2/19, 

Calf to do. 15/16, and 36 various animals to previous mentioned persons.. 40.13. 1 
Waggons to Hendrick Post, Hendr. P. Oosterhout, Plow net. Coulter, hair spits, 
sytheshows, neck handles, spades, to the above, and Jacob Felten, Edw. 
Whitaker, Jno^ Williams, Nathan Dubois, George Lassing. Horses to 
Christ. Kiersted, Joseph Hans, Pleasure Slead, Augers, harrow, broad ax, 

to various persons, already mentioned 101.11. i 

The above last mentioned articles being bequeathed By the Testator to his three Sons 
only. All said articles sold in presence of Jeremiah De Meyer, Benjamin De Meyer, and Christ- 
topher Kiersted, the Executors of the will of said Nicholas De Meyer deceased. 

i68 Ulster Co., N. Y,, Probate Records. 

One Negfro man named Frank Given to Benjamin 

do Smonth the widow 

do Quasshie Benjamin by Bill sale 

do Harry. " ' 

One negro boy Frank Jeremiah 

do Tone Grandson Nicholas 

do Jack Benjamin by a Bill Sale 

do Robin Wilnelmus 

do John Jeremiah 

One Negro Wench Deyou the widow 

do Peg Benjamin 

do Dine Jeremiah 

do Jinny Granddaughter Deborah 

do Betty Wilhelmus 

do Girl Criss the widow 

do do Nan Jeremiah 

One Bever hat, old do, 2 new Shirts, i old do, pr. Silver Clasps, silver Shoe Buckle, do. knee 

do, broad Cloth Coat, Carsey Jacket, do. Watchcoat, Leather Breeches, divided among 

the three sons. 

The following household goods is kept by the widow: 2 Bedsteads, with beds Bolsters, 
Pillows, Curtains and Furniture, Large table, tea do.. Dresser, Small Cubbard, 6 chairs high 
Backs, Large Chare, 5 old do, Dutch bible, Large Dutch Testament, Dutch book: De School 
van Christus, Dutch do. wrote by Allendyne, English Testament, Dutch Fsalm Book, Pewter 
Dishes, Bason, iS Pewter Plates some old, i Callender, tea kittle, Chaver Dish, Old Tankard, 
Silver salt Celler, Pepper Box, Earthen Tea pot, milk pot or cream Jug, 6 silver Spoons, old 
ink stand, silver tumbler, tin cup, earthen cup, 2 do. tea cups, 4 silver do. spoons, tea canister, 
tin sugar, box, wooden do., sugar cup, 2 Wine Glasses, 2 earthen milk potts, 2 slates, 2 candle 
sticks, mouse trap, silver tea pot, glass vial-, 13 china cups and saucers, 4 china chocolate cups, 
slow dish, large table, large looking glass, 3 set of window curtains, flask case, large chest, sheet 
press, 4 small Picktures, 2 pillows, pewter chamberpot, 3 baskets, 4 old spinning wheels, iron 
spit, old sift, 3 old witchels, 2 large Callabash, pr. Brand Irons, 2 iron fire shovels, iron ton^, 
3 trimbles, 3 pails, grid iron, wooden strainer, ^ small ironpotts, crib with Covering for the 
Negroes, copper kittle, old small cubboard, old tin kittle, lanthorn, 2 funnels, skimmer, 4 iron 
screws for a spit, triany, 4 knives & forks, knife box, churn, 6 milk tufas, 2 small casks, mill cask, 
2 powelearing tubs, 2 ly casks, 6 bogheads, 2 berrils, old chest, 2 iron kittles, i coffee mill, but- 
ton mould, 2 Cows. 

Bond of Isaac Koning for £9, dated July 6, 1739, 
do. of Tarryan and Johannts Tappen, for £110, Jan. 19, 1741. 
do. note of Johannes Van Wormen, for £36.19, Jan. 13, 1730/1. 

(They died insolvent). Benjamin De Meyer, surviving executor. 

(N. de M. (son of Wilhelmus De Meyer and Catherine Bayard, q. v.) m. B^sie Schoo»' 
maker. Their dau. Catharina, m. Christopher Kierstede). 

KONSTAPELL, WILLIAM, of Hurley, deceased. 

Estate Box 23, Surrogate's Office. (This renunciation has not been 
recorded. Neither will referred to, nor any letter of administra- 
tion has been found). 

"This Indenture Tripartite, made this 17th day of June, 1788, 
Between Abraham De Lamater of Hurley" "first part, and Rachel Kon- 
stapell of the same place, of the second part, and Gerrit Konstapell and 
William Konstapell, of the same place, third part. Whereas William 
Konstapell, late bf Hurley, deceased, duly made and published his last 
Will and Testament in Writing bearing date the 9th day of May, 1783, 
and thereby devised to his wife Rachel his Estate, Real and Personal, so 
long as she should continue his Widow, and further after the said Rachels 
decease, "to his sons Gerrit and William, and made the aforesaid Abra- 
ham DeLamater, and his said two sons" "Executors and Trustees, as 
in and by the said Will may more fully appear; and Whereas the said 
William Konstapell soon after the making of the said Will died, and the 
said Abraharn DeLamater hath refused to accept the said Executorship 
and Trust ; and never acted therein ; but the said Gerrit and William took 

Estate Boxes 


upon them the Execution thereof, NOW THIS INDENTURE WIT- 
NESSETH, That the said Abraham DeLamater" "Renounce" &c. his 

Abraham De Lamater. 
Maria Curtis 
Seth Curtis 

(.William Konstapel, bt. Aug. 7, 1726, b. Hurley (s. of Gerrit Constapel, b. Hurley, and 
Margrietjen Van Vlied, m. May 4, 1721) m., Febr. 10, 1753, Rachel Rosa, b. Dutchess Co., and 
had: i. Gerrit, bt. Rochester, Dec. 8, 1754; ii. Benjamtn, bt. Aug. 15, 1736; iii. Petrus, bt. Aug. 
20, 1758; iv. Maria, bt. May 18, 1760, m., Nov. p, 1777, Wilhelmus Kiersteder; v. Willem, bt. 
Dec. 5, 1762, m., Apr. 21, 1784, Henrika Louw; vi. Annatje, bt. Sept. 1, 1765, m., Jan. 27, 1791, 
David Crispel, from near Schokan, Olive, Ulster Co.; vii. Elisabeth, bt. Nov. 12, 1769, m., 
Aug. 10, 1796, Josiah Ekert). 

Box 31. Surrogate's Office. (Not recorded. 'No record of any letters of 
administration issued). 

PEEK, GEORGE, deceased. 

Inventory, taken May 6, 1785, by James Huey and John McKinstry 
for the administrator, Robert Graham, who appeared before the Surro- 
gate, Joseph Gasherie, May 5, 1789, and made oath to said instrument. 

Bead & beding £ 3.15. " 

2 Cows 8.10. 

2 stears 3 . 

X o. horse 5.10. 

1 Hog 7/6, Scap Cus I. 6. 

2 o. Bedstead 8. 

1 Plane 2/6, Tramble 7. 6 

I o. Table, 6/, o. Gun i. 2. 

Spade 2/6, Mattock ■ 8. 6 

j2 o. bread hoes, 1 Adzs 4.6 

3 o. barrels. Tug,' Whip 10 . 

i Spining Wheels 16. 

X p. o. Collars neckyoke 1. 4. 

X Sleigh, Chain i. 

3 Chairs 6/, Shovel, Tongs 14. 

4 Ironpots, 4 Pails 1. 6. 

I Gridle, o. fryingpan 7-6 

small washtub 2. 6 

5 earthen dishes, 4 wooden plates. . 6 . 

Case, bottles, wine glass 6.9 

Old lamp x/6, 4 pew. plates s. 6 

I 2-Qua. Bason, 2 Pint do 5. 

Set Tea Ware, Tea Glass 2.6 

Meat Tub 3/6, 6 spoons, 5 forks 3 

knives .^ 6 . 6 

X guater, x ' woodenshainer 2. 

1 Tramble , 4. 6 

36 old Lasts 1. 16. 

I p. Pinchers, nippers 8 . 

old saddle & bridle 10. 

5 Cliveses Iron S. ^ 

3 o. shirt ^6. 

X p. brickes, 2 p. Hoes xo. 

I o. Wheat fan, i half bushel s. 6 

3 0. SeakUs J Gallon Cag 3. 6 

a Augurs, croping Knife S* 

S Horse Shues, 3 Baskets 6.6 

X p. o. Sadie Shrips, rawhide 9 . 

I p. Iron Wedges, Iron band 4. 

I Wooden Wheel, old reel 8. 

Scyth & Cradle 8. 

£38. s. o 

Brought forward £38. 5. 

I Great Coat 18. 

I Hatchett 10 . 

Improvement 19 . 

Crop in the ground 7. 

1 old Stigh box 3 . 

£6s.l6. o 


3/ I 


"i S 
4/ 4 

Account of the Estate; 
Paid to 

Henry Wyner £ a. 13. 

Benj. Sayre X2 . 

James Hunter 12 . 

Mathew Hunter 6 . 

Doctr Gale 3 . 3 . 

James McBride 12. 

John Hall. . . . 
John Snyder. 

2. 6 


Doct Gale 3. 

James Bartlet 4. 6. 7 

Robert Thompson 17. 6 

James White 7 . 5 . 

Esq. WUkins (costs) 2.13. 6 

John Culp (judgment) 9.5.6 

Services for self & horse @ 

6/ pr Day X2. 

£49.15. 5 

Cash Andrew Trumpoor 14. 4 

John Maruson 7.17.XI 

7/23 Alex. Patterson 3 . 

James Smith x6. 

John Patterson 9 . 

3/ I John McCinstry 6.13. 

3/20 Samuel White xo . z x . x i 


4/17 James Moor 11. 

By Inventory. 

£80. 8. 7 
65.16. o 

^70 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Letters of Administration. 

Liber A., page i. Estate Box 47. 

WELLS, JOSEPH, late of New Paltz, farmer, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted. May i, 1787, to Mary Wells, the widow. Adm. bond, 
£200, by the widow, Peter Wells, cordwainer and James Wells, farmer. — 
Inventory taken March 31, 1787, by Matthew Riley and Jonathan Presler: 

I ox £5, I Heffer £i/io, I yearling Calf 12/, i ox cart £. 8.17. o 

X steer £1/10, i Hors slay 10/, 1 plow & grindstone 10/ 2.10. 

I Mare £3, 7 bushels sowing of Rye £3, sow» 4 pigs 6.12. 

' I ox Chanes 6/, 2 ox yoaks 7/, 1/2 bushel measure 14. 

spoon mold, shoot mold 11/6, 12 spoons 3/, tow spades &c i. 6. 6 

Cross Cut Saw 19/, frow, 2 augers 6/, i basket old iron. . .-. 2.15. 

old gun, gun barrel 10/, i gun and Bagnet i6/_, 3 syths &c 1.18. 

1 sledge, lantren. Hand saw 8/, 5 bells, 1 dressmg knife i. 4. 

2 adses 5/, i saddle and bridle 16/, 4 CoUers Neck yook 1.17, 

1 pedtle, 3 axes, 2 wedges 16/, shovel, 2 prond hooes 2/ 18, 

4 hogssteds, spinning Wheal, fan, wollen wheal 1 . 

pidgen Net, tarr bucket S/, 2 Bedstead, 2 old Chist 11. 

3 Beads bedding 16/, i gun 1/8/, i sive, sheep shears, looking glass, comb 3/, 

razer and hone 5/ box iron ^. 9. 

2 hammers, goudgrone Chizel, tap Boar 4/, 3 pots, frying pan, tea kittle 1/2/, g 

plates, 2 platters, bassons 1.18. 

4 pails, cag, griggers 6/, 3 tea pots, 2 bools, z cup, jug 6. 

tea basket 2 cadlesticks, peper Box, grater 4/ gredircn stilards, sign 12/5 earth. 

pots, 2 platters, 2 plats z. 2. 

4 gugs 2/6, 7 Cheers, z table zo/, 3 sheep, 2 lambs z/2/ z . z4. 6 

ox chane i/, steel trap, pick ax 2/6, 4 barrels, 2 washtub g. 6. 

clevis z/6. Hogshead, Cag, Boging Hoe 6/6, Wipeltres Chane zo. 

£44. zi. 6 

Liber A., page 2. 

GIBSON, SAMUEL, late of Marbletown, laborer, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, May 14, 1787, to Samuel Frame, a cousin of Samuel 
Gibson, same place, farmer. 

Liber A., page 3. Estate Box 40. 

TASE, WILLIAM, late of Marbletown, Masoner, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, July 3, 1787, to Mary 'Tase, the widow. Adm. bond, 
£300, by the widow, Frederick Shurtes and Samuel Frame, yeomen. — 
Inventory, taken Jan. 7, 1788, by Jacob S. Freer, Isaac Robison for Mary 
Teas, administratrix: 

Morter z/4, Do. /zz. Wooden Bowel z/4. Saw 6/zo, Drawing Knife o.zs. 3 

Hemmer i/zo, Oger 4/z, Taper Oger 2/, Gough 2/ Chisel 1/2 zg. 2 

Hemmer, Trafal z/z. Knife, trefer, 2200 Shin^els £7/7/7 7. 8. 8 

HeSer z/zi/6. Cow 6/z/o, Sow 2/Z7/6, 3 Chairs zz/z zi. 3. 7 

pail 2/6, Neding Trough z/zo. Beef Tub zo/, pail 3/4 17. S 

Bowl 2/2, 2 palls 4/zo, Churn 7/, 2 Baskets 6/9, Baral i. z. 9 

moker 3/2, Bowl 3/7, Wash tub 7/zo, Tabel 10/2, Sith, cradle 2. 

Hog z/z2/o^ 2 smooth, iron zo/6, ax Z3/, Broad How 7/ 3. 2. 6 

Basket 8/, iron pot 4/, irons z/z/6 z.z3. 

z Blother Snuf but the man is Runaway 2. 8. 

Snad & nibs 3/1Z, Hog z6/, 2 tubs s/8, s boards 9 z . Z4. 7 

This is the whole that Was sold a Vandue 

Old Boards sold by me £1/8/2, I. Rec'd for Schooling 4/5/4 S.Z3. 6 

Book Debts Z8/4/ZZ, Run Away 3/6/6, By Nots 2z/z6/5 43. 6.zo 

Beds, Clowes 4/zo/o, 2 Hats Z2/, Coat, 2 p. briches z/j/o 6. 7. 

Letters of Administration. 171 

2 Bags 8/, Sadel £i/io, Sute of Cloos £5, 2 waistcots, briches £1, 9 p. stockings 
£i/iS, 3 shirts 15/, 3 do. 2 stocks i trouser 6/, 5 sheets £2/10, 14 pillow 

Cases 15.14. o 

Bed & Clows £6, 2 dishes, tea pot, Beasman, spoon puter 7. 10. 

8 Books, Raasur £2, 3 pots £1/10, peal, 2 Botels 10/ 4. 

Scale, weights 9/, 4 chairs 6/, wheel 8/, shoe Buckles, Knee do 2.13. 

2 baskits 5/, Chist 1/4/0, tongs, shovel, tramels i. i. 

Cow and jo sheep £7, ax 3/, shovel 4/, a pan, reel rockets 8.2.6 

Wheel i6/, 41 lbs Nails 2. i . 

By a Seter maid 8. 

Liber A., page 4. Estate Box 27. 

MASTEN, CORNELIUS, late of Kingston, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, July 9, 1787, to Catharina Hasten, the widow and the 
sons, Johannis C. Hasten, Cornelius C. Hasten and Jacobus Hasten, 
yeoman. — Adm. bond, £2000, by said administrators, Johannis B. Hasten 
and Johannis Hasten. 

(Cornelius M., bt. Sept. 19, 1703 (s. of Johannes M. and Maryije Swart, see CornelU 
Masten), m., March 17, 1750, Catherine Van Steenberg, and had: i. Johannes, bt. July 29, 1730; 
ii. Marretje, bt. Aug. 23, 1752; iii. Cornells, bt. Nov. 24, 1754; iv. Marreije, bt. Oct. 24, 1756; v. 
Catherma, bt. Aug. 6, 1758; vi. Catherina, bt. Aug. 22, 1762; vii. Jacobus, bt. Sept. 30, 1764). 

Liber A., page 5. Estate Box 35. . 

SCHOONMAKER, ELISABETH, late of Shawangunk, deceased in- 

Adm. granted, July 25, 1787, to Jacob Schoonmaker, same place, 
yeoman. — Adm. bond, £300, by said Jacob, James J. Graham, same place. 
Merchant, and Lewis Graham, same place, yeoman. — Samuel S. Freer 
appointed guardians over John and Elisabeth Schoonmaker "infants under 
21 years," both of Saugerties. Samuel Freer and Anthony Freer bind 
themselves in the sum of $500 in each case to fulfill said obligation. — In- 
ventory, taken Dec. 7, 1787, by Nicholas Hardenbergh and James 
Johnson : 

1 Bond from Abraham Schoonmaker to said Elizabeth Schoonmaker, deceased, 

dated Sept. 30, 1778, and due Nov. 3, 1786 £53.00. o 

I do. from Cornelius Schoonmaker, of Sept 30, 1776, due Nov. 3, 1786 34. 

I do. of Isaac Schoonmaker, of Sept. 30, 1778, due Nov. 3, 1786 33. 

Liber A., page 6. Estate Box 3. 

BRADY, NICHOLAS, of New Windsor, Physician, deceased, intes- 

Adm. granted, Aug. 24, 1787, to James HcClaughry same place, 
Esq. — Adm. bond, £150, by James IVlcClaughry, Francis Hains, yeoman, 
and Jacobus S. Bruyn, of Kingston, Merchant. — Inventory, taken Febr. 
II, 1788, by William Scott & Francis Mains. 


Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

James Clinton £ 3 < 

William Humphrey 

John Welch 

John Smart 

CtBpt. Poiter 

Alexander Beaty 

Joseph McClughn 

William Beaty i . 

Mary Beaty 

Lilly Beaty 

Widow McClughan i ■ 

David Boyd 

William Miller 

William, Sly 

William Falls 

James Taylor 

William Burnet 

James Stragham 

Capt. Jaeson 

Mr, Persons 

Joseph Beaty 

John Miller 

James De Boys 2 . 

Mr. Roberts 

Mr. Hallock 

Francis Crawford 

Patrick Morrow 

George Humphrey 

Mr. McCutchen 

John Arnet 

Robert Buchanan 2 , 

William Bums 2, 

Nathan Sergent 













































Matthew De Soys Senr i. 2. J 

John Davis 

John McClmghry 

Mr. Huggan '• 'O 

Lucy Veal '3* ^ 

Abraham Miller 2. 

Archabald Beaty •'• o 

* William Cook 1'^** 

James Burnet §. 

John Cook i. 6.10 

Mr. Hagoman ^'*'*2 

Charles Martin »- i- 8 

Mr. Williams. .* x8 . 4 

Mr. Black "• 9 

The French Mans Daughters '""'S 

Robert Burnet 11. 8 

Alexander Tetford 7» 5- 

Mr. Delwan 5' S- 

The Account of the Notes. 

Robert Boyd 17- 

John Robisson i. i. 

James Smily 10. 2 

Thomas Neely 2.12. 

Jeduthan Belknap 3 > 4. 

James Smily 4- 8. 

Francis Lusk 13 ■ 

James Hamilton 11. 

Alexander Tetford 5 ■' 3 • 

John McClaughry i. 7- 

Edward Nelly 4* 2. x 

Joseph Potter 11. 

£35. 8. 3 

Liber A., page 7. Estate Box 15. 

GRIFFIN, MARTEN, late of New Paltz, farmer, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Nov. 23, 1787, to Rachel GriMn, the widow. Adm. 
bondr £80, by the widow, Josias Hasbrouck and Solomon Bevier yeo- 
men. — Inventory, taken Nov. 24, 1787, by Johannes Dayo, Junr. and 
Josiah Hasbraucks 

A parsel Flax, flax seed £4/4, Do. Oats & Rise 8/ £ 4.12. o 

2 Hatchats 8/, i table $/, 3 chairs 4/6, i trammel 7/ i . 4. 6 

Tongs 4/, Broadax 4/, Narrow do 10, broad hows 1/6 19 . 

Hammir /6, 1/2 doz. Futer spoons 2/, i do. Bason 4/ 6. 6 

Puter .tea pot i/. Earth. Jugs /6, i quart bottle /6 2 . 

Earth pot /6, Churn 6/, Paile 3/, 5 0. casks 6/, 2 sm. Tubs 19. 6 

I Wool While 8/, i strainer 3/, Smooth, iron 4/, Hair Save 15. 3 

3 forcks, 4 knives 3/, Chist, Cradle 4/6, Crackkil 3/ 10. 6 

8 back boards 4/, 1 sault morter /6, 1 candlestick /6 S . 

I Turky 2/, i Bush Hook 3/, i sighth 3/, i Rake /6, Frying pan 11. 6 

Bag, fork 3/, 2 brocin pots 4/, i do. Spining Wheel /j 7. 3 

I Plan 3/, tiearce 2/6, paile 4/, long lather 1/2, pigion Net i. 3. 5 


(Marten Grifl&n was a soldier in Capt. Abraham Deyo's Co., Sept. ig, 1778). 

Liber A., page 8. Estate Box 7. 

CALKIN, OLIVER, late of Cashigton, farmer, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Jan. 21, 1788, to Hannah Calkin, same place, the 
widow. — Adm. bond, £300, by the widow, Nicholas Conklin, same place, 

Letters of Administration. 173 

and George Smith of Wall Kill, witnessed by Paul Tyler. — Inventory, 
taken Jan. 12, 1788, by Nicolus Conclin and Stephen Andrews : 

3 cows £12, 2 heffers £6, 2 steers £6, 2 heffers £2 £26.00. 

2 Calfs £1/10, 1 stears £g, yoke of oxen £12, 4 sheep £2 24.10. 

1 sow, 3 pigs 10/, 5 shots £2, 2 horses £12, mair £8 , 22.10. 

2 plows and irons £z. Cart £1/10, sled & tacklin £2 5.10. 

old gun, 2 augers £1, foot whole 16/6, loom, 2 reeds £2 3.16. 6 

Sithe 4/, sith and tacklin xo/, bell 8/, ox yoke, chain 2. 2. 

3 hoes 15/, 4 axes £1, drawing knife i/, 3 pots, 2 tramils, a shovel, £2, gridiron 

and pan 8/, side sadle £4 8. 5. 

The puter £1/10, the earthen ware 6/, tin cups 3/ 1.19. 

Looking Glas 10/, trays and Bowls 6/, tubs, pails £1/12 2. S. 

Bariels 12/, 8 Chears £1/4, Table 16/, Chist 4/, 1/2 bushel 1.18. 

3 Bedsides £1/4, 2 trays 2/,'hamer, knives, forks 8/ 1.14. 

Liber A., page 9. Estate Box 17. 

HOOQHTALINQ, TEUNIS, late of Kingston, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Febr. 2, 1788, to Wilhelmus Hooghteeling, Junr., 
Teunis Hooghteeling and Jeremiah Hooghteeling, Junr., all of Kingston, 
yeomen, Sons of Teunis Hooghteeling, deceased. — Adm. bond, £500, by 
said Wilhelmus, Teunis, Jeremiah Hooghteeling, and Thomas Hooghteel- 
ing and John Hooghteeling, all of Kingston, yeomen. 

(Theunis H. m. Lisaheth Beekman, and had i. TVilhelmuSj bt. Oct. 23, 1748; ii, Thomas^ 
bt. Oct. I, 1749; iii. Wilhelmus, bt. Oct. 6, 1751; iv. Johannes, bt. Nov. 25, 1753; v. MttUi, bt. 
Oct. 12, 1755; vi. Cornelis, bt. Apr. 3, 1757; vii. Annatt'e, bt. Jan. 28, 1759; viii. Elisabeth, bt. 
May 23, 1762; ix. Thonis, bt. Sept. 16, 1764; x. Hiskiah, bt. Aug. 14, 1769). 

Liber A., page lo. Estate Box 33. 

ROOSA, ABRAHAM, late of Shawangunk, Masoner, deceased in- 

Adm. granted, March 6, 1788, to Hendricus Goetschius, same place, 
yeoman, a Creditor of said Roosa. — Adm. bond, £70, by said Goetschius, 
Aldert Roosa, same place, laborer, and Nicholas Vanderlyne, of Kingston,, 

Liber A., page 11. .JEstateLBox-.?.- 

CUDDEBECK, BENJAMIN, late of Memecutting, farmer, deceased, 

Adm. granted, March 7, 1788, to Catharina Cuddebeck, his widow. — 
Adm. bond, £300, by the widow, William Cuddebeck, Jr., and" Peter 
Gaemair Jr. (Gumaer). — Iiiventory, taken June 9, 1788, by Harmanus 
Van Inwagen, Esq. and Evert' Hornbeck. 


Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

I Yoke Oxen £ zo . oo . o 

I Cow called Belled Cow 3.10. 

X Black Cow Named Strape 3.10. 

1 Cow Roye Vase 3 • 5 • 

I do. do. Eunche 3 • 5 • 

I do. S warte do 3 • 

I Red Streaked 3 y. old Bull 2, 

I Red & White 2 y. old Heifer 

z Red Streaked do i . 5 • 

1 pide I y. o. Heifer 10. 

I Brown 1 y. o. Bull 10. 

I old Read Horse 6 . 

Black Mare 7 • 

Sorrel do 7 • 

One Hog xo. 

4 Sheap @ s/ i. 

I old wagon, harness 2 . 

I slay 10 

Flow irons 8 

I old wooden slay 2 

I do. harrough 3 

1 do. Ox Chain 3 

2 Corn Hoes 4 

Old iron for a Loam 6 

Brine & bench of a WoUen Wheel. . 2, 

Spining Wheel 8 

do. do 8 

X Cubboard i . xo. 

A dresser 3 , 

Tabel 8 

3 iron pots iS 

Frying pan 3 

Slabank 6 

2 trammels 8 

z juffel I 

Tongrues .- £ 

pare of hand Irons 

Pare of smothing irons 

puter plater* 

do. do 

1 do. do 

2 do. Basons 

3 do. Plates 

4 do. do 

z Earthen do 

1 Tea Pot 

Quart Mug 

Z2 puter spoonsci 

6 do. do 

z Bottle 

Earthen Judge holds z/2 Gal 

2 pales, 3 Ceallers 


A dish and strainer 

2 wooden dishes, lye tub 

fether Bed, z shat, i blanket Bolster 2, 

1 do., 2 pillars, z bolster 3 

Green Rug i , 

z Rose Blanket 

z feather Bed, 2 pillers, 1 blanket.. z, 

z Neagro Boy 50. 

z Neagor Wineh 40. 


An old Drawing knife 

2 do. Chissels and auger 

4 Weavers Read, 3 knives, forks.. 

4 Flower Casks, z sive 

5 Chears, 1 wooden box 

Pare of silver shue buckels 

A Brown Close Bodied Coat i. 




z. 6 

V- 6 




4. 6 
z. 6 

Liber A., pages 12 and 21. Estate Box 30. 

OOSTERHOUDT, PETRUS EDMUNDUS, late of Rochester, de- 
ceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, May i, 1788, to Geertje Oosterhoudt, the widow. — 
Adm. bond, £350, by the widow, Petrus Schoonmaker and Samuel Ooster- 
houdt, same place, yeomen. — Inventory, taken May 27, 1788, by Jacobtis 
Schoonmaker, Joshem Schoonmaker and Frederic Weshrook : 

I Mikh Cow 

£ 2.10. 

2- 5- 



.*.....* 2. 

I Lamb 


I Bull 

1 old Crake 

I Pied Milk Cow 

I Black do 

z Iron bound Waggon 

I do. Sled 


I Red do 

I Ladder 


I do. do 




I. 4. 

I Run Waggon Wheels 

sj IS 

1 do. do.-.- 

I White Bull 

I old Pleasure Sled 

I Wind Mill 


I Bl. Heifer 

2 Traughs 

3 y. Stears 


3. 6. 



:::::::: f:.6. 




3 , 

z Windless I'-.WWWl 


3 y. Heifers 

I y. bl. Stear 

2 Set of Tacklings or harness. . . . 
z Carse Hatchet 

1. 12. 


S y- bulls ^ 

z 0. Wool Wheel 

I br. Mlk Cow 

2 Trashing Flails 

3 y. Heifers 

Flax unbroke 


1 red do 

20 Bunch, thatch straw 


I black do 

I Wool. Shovel 


I Mlk Calf 

I Broad ax 

I Red Mlk Cow 

I Ox Yoke 



2 Hogs 

I. 12. 


i6 fowls 

10 y. do 

z 4 Geese 


I Shote 

I o. ironb. sled 

16 Sheep 

7 Pewter- Plaits 


Letters of Administration. 


3 do. Dishes . , 

2 0. do. do 

14 do. Spoons 

7 Earthen plaits. 

I o. Pewter mug 

1 pewter Bowl & Cup 

2 Iron Pots 

2 old do 

I small do 

1 large do 

Old TReed 

19 c. reed 

weavers brushes 

spooling wheel 

3 shuttles 

2 Hogsheads 

I Essmor 

washing tub^ sm. pail 


I Load Smiths Coals 

hide and calfskin 

1 homespun Coat, Jacket & breeches 

I linnen do 

I homespun Coat, Jacket & breeches 

I p. sheep shears 

Weavers spools 

I old black mare 

I Plowshear, Coutter 

wheel plow 

saddle, pigeonnet 

crosscut saw 

4 cags 

1 tierce 

Indian Corn 


2 Psalm books & prayer books 

4 knives, 1 1 forks 

7 old Chairs, &c 

2 trammels 

old Log chain 

old looking glass 

1 old iron pot. 

2 o. tea kittles 

2 frying pans 

I Bedstead, 2 feather beds, i Boul- 

ster, 2 pillows, 2 Blankets .... 

1 Settle bed, old featherbed, 2 sheets, 

2 pillows 12 

2 o. green Rugs, 2 o. coverlids, 2 

o. pillows, I Coverl 

I Bedstead 

I Chest 

I Churn 

3 Pails 

1 o. wood. Dish 

2 Milch tubs 

I o. Spinning wheel 

1 do 

4. 6 

I. 6 

I . 

I. 6 







I. 6 



Washing tub . 

dung fork 

iron hoop. 

Gud Iron. . . . 

Wool Carde.. 

is. 5. 


I. 6 



4. o 



old gun 


powderhorn, pouch 

3 hoops 



Case w. 7 bottles 

small chest 

Bedstead, featherbed, strawbed, 

boulster, 2 pillows, i sheet, i 
blanket, i green Rug 3 . 


Cupboard i . 




4 Earthen Platters 

Featherbed, green Rug, 2 Wool. 

, blankets, 2 pillows 

1 Settlebed, i featherbed, 2 blan- 

kets, pillow 

2 Slaik 


28 lbs. Wool 2. 


3 5 lbs. Swingled Flax 

scales, 7 lbs. weights 

Weaver Geers 

black horse 

Rone mare 

y. black horse 

weavers loom. 

3 old Chorner 

2 brass kittles 

Cheese fat 

12 milch tubs ; 

small cagg 

leaven trough 

2 iron spades 

grindstone 2 . 6 

half of a smiths Bellows & 1/2 

the anvil & vise 4 . 

I Broad Cloth Coat, Velvet jacket 

& breeches 

4 p. wool stockings, i p. Hettins. . 5. 

3 p. linnen stockings 6. 

I old shirt 6 

I fine hatchet 10 . 

I sorrel mare s , 

Young bay mare 2.10. 

Harrow & tackling 16 . 

Crop of wheat & Rye on the field. . g. 
iron. Coopers tools, &c 3 . 

1 piece Iron bar 3 . 

Wheat and Rye s • 

Buckwheat 8 . 

old table I . 

2 smooting iron, skimmer, fork, 

pinckors z. 6 

I old sword 3 

tongs, handirons 2 . 

old dresser 6 

cupboard, old lantern 6 

I Table 2. 








2. 3 




''Whereas" "said Geertie Oosterhoudt as is alleged hath since deceased, not having fully 
administered" to the estate "of said Petrus Edmundus Oosterhoudt, and we being desirous that 
same may be well and faithfully administered" we (the Surrogate) grant letters of administration 
to Frederick Wistbrook, of Rochester, yeoman. March 11, 1789. — Adm. bond, £300, by said 
Westbrook, Jan Oosterhoudt^ Junr., same place, Laborer, and Egbert Dumond of Kingston, 
Esquire. New Inventory taken, March 28, 1789, by Jac: Coddington, Jacobus Schoonmaker and 
Dvrck Wesbrook. — ^Jan Oosterhoudt, Junr.^ and Helena Oosterhoudt of Rochester, children of said 
Petrus Edmundus Oosterhoudt, and Philip Hoornheck, and Antie his wife, another child of said 
Petrus Edmundus, renounced, March ib, 1789, their rights to administer to the estate, praying 
that administration be granted to Frederich Westbrouck. Witnessed by Petrus Schoonmaker 
and Henry D Witt Jr. 

(Petrus Edmundus O; m., Nov. 28, i7S9, Geertie Rosenkrans, b. Minisink, and had: Antje, 
bt. Oct. 12, 1760, ni. Philip Hoornheck). 


Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Liber A., page 13. Estate Box 17. 

HAZARD, SAMUEL, late of New Windsor, yeoman, deceased intes- 

Adm. granted, July 12, 1788, to Thomas Tredwell of Smithtown^ 

Co. Suffolk, Esq., brother in law of said Samuel. — Adm. bond, £600, by 

said Tredwell, Gilbert Livingston of Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., and 

Henry Oouthoudt of Co. Albany, Esqrs. Mary Hazard, widow Relict of 
Samuel Hazard, renounced, Oct. 26, 1787, all her rights to administer to 
the estate, witnessed by Cornwall Sandt, Moses Higby and Jno Clark. 
Inventory, taken Oct. 26, 1787, by Jno. Clark and Cornwall Sandt: 

Horse, saddle, briddle £6, 2 cows £7, 4 hogs in pen 3/4/. . . .■ £16. 4. o 

sow j/5/0, 5 shoates £2, 2 Featherbeds, z bolsters, 4 Pillows, 7 pr. of pillow cases 

£7/, Feather bed £2 -. 12. 5. 

8 pr. Sheets £3/4, 2 bedsteads w. cords £1/4, Trundle bedstead, cord 5/, 2 Blue 

& white Coverlids £2 6.13. 

Cott frame 2/, 3 bed quilts £2/8, Checked Blanket 6/ 2. 16, 

Old Ironing Blanket /6, Large table Cloath 10/ 10. 6- 

2 small table Cloath 6/, 8 Towels 6/, Round diningtable 

Round dining table 12/, i do. tea table 7/, stand 5/. .' '. 1 . 4. 

6 iiddle back chairs £1/10, 6 common do. 15/, 0. rocking chair /p, Windsor do. 8/, 

Little Chair 1/6, Red Chest 3. i. 3 

Old Chest 5/, small do. 3/, do. desk £1/4. Case 12 bottles 1.18. 

2 sm. look, glasses 10/, Pocket do. i/, 14 Cream colored plates 4/, 4 sm. do. /8, 

2 Blue & White China Plates 17. 2 

4 Blue & White earthen Plates 1/, Creamcolored Earth. Dish 2. 

2 do. earth, bowls j/4, 2 earth, sugar dishes /6 

6 do. do. Cups & Saucers 1/6, 6 white do. do. /p, earth. te,apot 3. 3 

Old earth, tea pot /s. Cream col. milk pot /4, do. pintmug . xo 

2 Cream col. Sauce Boats /a, 2 do. Salt Cellars /6, Must Cup 1 . 6 

2 Wine glasses, i broken /p, 3 cream col. BowK /9» 5 coffee Cups, 6 Saucers 1/6, 
6 silver table spoons, very old £2/11, 6 do. tea do. 15/, 4 pewter table 
spoons 5 do. tea do. i/, Cream col. pepper box /3, 6 Milkpans 4 earth, pots 2/, 

3 do. dishes /6, 2 stone pots 3 . 16 . 9 

Red earth Bowl /3, pr. bellows 2/, Cream col. Washbowl 1/ 3. 3 

Blue & White earth, pitcher i/, Earth. Jarr /g, 2 Gin Jugs 2. 6 

35 quart bottles 6/, 2 stonemugs /6, i earth puddingpan 7. 

Oil bottle /3, 2 sm. pewter dishes $/, 5 do. Soup plates 12. 9 

1-3 pint pewter bason, 1/6^ 1 quart do. i/, 1 quart do. Mug ^. 

I pint mug pewter z/6, Tin Cullender i/. Do Roaster 1/ 6. 

I tin. Tunnel /6, I do. Coffee pot i/, 1 do. Tea pot /3 i . 9 

1 Hang Candlestick /9, i sm. do. /j, 2 do. Blickers /6 i . 6 

2 tin skimmers i/, 1 do. kettle 2/6, i do. Pepper Box /z 3. 9 

Large brass kettle £1/10, Small do. 16/, Brass Warmingpan 2.11. 

Iron pot 2/, small do. i/, dish kettle 4/, Iron baking pan 7/ 14. 

I Iron Griddle 6/, skillet /3, Fryingpan 3/, i o. do. /3 9.6 

Iron Ladle 1/6, Flesh Fork i/. Iron Tea Kettle 4/, Tramels 12. 6 

Sm. Do. for roasting meat 1/6, 4 skewers /6, Gridiron 3/6 5. 6 

Toasting do. 2/, i pr. brass top Tongs, Shovel, i Kitchen do 10. 

I pr. Andirons 6/, i pr Dogs 3/, 3 iron Candlesticks 2/ 11. 

I pr. snuffers h, 1 Coffee Mill 6/, 2 padlocks 2/ 8 , 3 

I Chopping knife 1/6, 2 ^ barrel Tubs i/, 4 pails S, & 

1 Noggin /6, 4 brushes 1/6, 2 shoe do. /6, 10 baskets 5. 

2 Comb Baskets i/, 5 sm. Wood. Boxes i/, i shaving box, 2 Razors 4. 

Tobacco box, old pistol /s, 6 knives, 5 forks 2/, 'wool, wheel 6. 3 

Linen Wheel 12A Clock Reel 2/, 1 Swifts 1/6, Dresser 6/ 1. x. & 

Wood. Safe 2/, Large Portmanteau 1/6, Small writing desk, i Book Case (desk and 

case on Long Island) ig, 6 

Sieve J3, Ox Sled 4/, Ox chain 8/, 2 pitch forks 3/, Hoe X9. 3 

2 o. Hoe yp. Dung fork 2/, spade i/io. Beetle & Wedge 3/ 7. 7 

Rake /s, Wheelbarrow 8/, Hammer /o, Gimblet, tapboarer /6 9. ft 

2 pr. Pincers i/. Burning iron, branding iron /6, 11 Iron rake teeth i/, small box 

old iron 2/, 2 smooth, irons 7. 6 

Rolling Pin /a, 6 Meat Casks 6/, i soap barrel /s, 3 — 10 gal. Kegs 12. 6 

Churn 2/, 7 Cider Barrels 10/6, 4 sm. Cider Hoghsbeads 10/ i. 2. & 

Beer Keg /6, 4 flat Tubs 2/, 4 open ^ barrel Casks 1/ 3. 6 

Pickle Keg /}, Lanthorn old, /6, 2 trays, wood. Bowl 2/6 3. 3 

Letters of ADMiNiSTEATioiir. 177 


Open pipe /s, 6 flour casks 3/, 9 panes 8 by 10 glass crooked 1/6, 3 do. 7 by 9 i/, 

2 bags 3/, stone inkstand 9 . 

Small Bible broken 1/6, An English Dictionary broken Jf> 2 . 

A Lattin Dictionary broken /6, A Virgil /6, Youngs Night thoughts 1/6, Salmon's 
Geography broken /6, Do. Gazetteer 2/6, Duncan's Logic 1/6, The Young 
Clerk's Tutor enlarged /9, Abel's Subtensial plain Trigonometry 16, Wetten- 
hall's Greek Grammar, Do. Do. Lattin Do. fz, Astleys modern Riding Mas- 
ter /3, lewis's Oration to the Free Masons /3, Peregrine Pickle Vol. ist 3/, 
4 old Volumes of little or no value 1 3, History of the Duke of Marlborough 2/. 1 1 . 9 

1 Whitish Broadcloth Coat & Vest £1/10, Casimir Suit Coat Vest & Breeches £1, 

I Lead col. Cloath Coat 10/ 3. 

I purple Cloath Vest 3/, i white shag do. 16/, i swanskin do. 1/6, 2 Fustian do. 8/, 

I Corduroy Do. 5/ 1.13. 6 

I Brown linen Vest 3/, i Twilled do. s/, 3 p. Corduroy Breeches 10/, i p. Jane 

do. 3/, I p. Linen Trowsers i. 3. 

6 pr. Linen Stockings 6A 2 pr. Yarn do. 4/, 2 pr. Worsted do IS. 

pr. Silver Shoe Buckles 12/, i pr. do. Knee do. 6/ 18 

stone stock Buckle 16/, i do. Broach 2/5, i Great Coat i. i. 6 

Hat 2/6, Scoop, shovel wooden 3 . 6 

_ 6/, 2 : . 

4 shirts 16/, ^s stocks i/, i pr. Boots, 4 iir. Shoes 10/ 1. 7. 

"" "' "" kles 12 ' ' ' ' * 

;6/, I I 
Lovel Tfl 

Articles sold at the Vendue and private sale which were not invento- 

J4}4 bush. Apples 16/6 1/2, 18 do. Potatoes £1/1 £1.17. bYi 

26 do. Buckwheat 2/14/2, Hay in barn 1/9/6, Rake /3 4. 3. 11 

3 Troughs, 2 wash Tubs 5/, 33^ bush. Ears of Corn 2. 8. s 

Corn Stalks ii/ii, silver watch not sold or appraised 

1 Debt of about £6, 1/9 part still due and uncollected of the estate of Nathaniel Hasard 
deceased. A debt due for a piece of land sold just before his death in Comwell Hollow the 
sum not known. 

Liber A., Page 14. Estate Box 15. 

GIVENS, SAMUEL, lata a Private in Col. Dubois Reg., deceased 

Adm. granted, July 16, 1788, to Joseph Givens, of Montgomery, 
labourer, a son of said Samuel Givens. — ^Adm. bond, £200, by said 
Joseph, Alexander McCoy, same place, Innkeeper, and Justus Banks, of 
Shawangunk, merchant. 

Liber A., page 15, Estate Box 3. 

BELKNAP, ISAAC, JUNIOR, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Aug. 30, 1788, to Elisabeth Belknap, of New Windsor 
the widow. — Adm, bond, £300, by Elisabeth Belknap, Samuel Boyd, 
blacksmith, and Samuel Wood, farmer. — Inventory, taken Sept. i, 1788, 
by Leonard D. Nicoll and Moses Higby. 

I Hog £1.00.00 

I Feather Bed 40/, i under Bed 6/ 2 . 6 . 

I Bolster and 2 pillows 9/, 2 sheets 20/ i . 9. 

I Coverled 16/, i bedsteadn and Cord 8/ i . 4. 

30 yards of Tow Cloth 45/, 6 chairs without bottoms 2.17. 

1 Table and i stand 5/, 2 Chests 12/ 17. 

2 Blankets 12/, i Green Rug 6/, i Bed quilt 10/.. i. 8. 

J Platter and 3 Quart basons 10/ 10. 

10 Plates and 1 Earthen platter 3/, 4 bouls 1/ 4. 

I Tea Pot 6 Cups and Saucers & i Milk Pot 4. 

I small Looking Glass 4/, i Iron Pot 6/ 10. 

1 Pail and Tray 2/, i Great coat 12/, 2 old Vests 18. 

2 Coats, I pair old Breaches, 18/, i p. of boots 10/ i. 8. 

3 p. shoes 4/, I Hat 3/, Cloth for a coat & buttons 2. 7 . 

I pair of black Breeches 3 . 

J pair Humspun Breeches 4/, Silver Brooch 1/ S. 

S shirts 20/, 2 Stocks of Trowsers, 2 p. Mittens i. 3. 

VOL. II. — ^12. 

178 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

I Linne vest 4/, 1 Velvet vest 8/. 12. 

4 pair yarn stockings 6/, 2 p. Thread do. 4/ lo- 

I pair Leatiier Gloves 2. 

1 pair Linnen Trowsers and Frock S • 

2 Flasks & I Jug i/, I Spinning Wheel 10/ "• 

1 Reel 4A I Case i/, 6 Knives & 6 Forks 4/ 9- 

6 Puter Spoons i • 

Liber A., page i6. Estate Box 47. 

WOOD, JACOB, late of New Marlborough, Ship Carpenter, deceased 


Adm. granted, Sept. 2, 1788, to John Wood, same place, ship car- 
penter, a son of said Jacob. — ^Adm. bond, £450, by said John Wood, 
Anning Smith, same place, Esq., and Matthew Dubois of New Windsor, 
yeoman. Witnessed by Nathaniel Dubois. — Inventory, taken April 22, 
1788, by Anning Smith and Benj. Sands: 

Chest 8/, pr. andirons i6/, Z2 chairs £1/4, table 12/ £2.12.00 

stand 4/, stoole and tongs 12/, bed and beding £6 6 . z6 . 

Bed and beding compleat £11/3, Cobard £3, table 14/ 14. I7. 

Table 12/, Glass 12/, Crockery 12/1, 4 silver spoons 1 

Iron pots, pan, tea kittle, iron kittle, chain, gridiron z.i8. 

Pot, earthen pot, pot, 3 paisl, Morter, z lb iron z. o. g 

pr. stilyard z6/, bakingpan, not boole, knives^ forks z . 6. 

Boole, plate, pewter earthen and linuase, 5 tite Cork 2.zz. g 

Churn, pot^ great wheele, plow shear, z pr Card, 4 flour barrels, cest, side sadle zs/, 

2 sickles 2, 5. 6 

tub, reel, case, hide, sithe, slay £3/zo, 2 cows £10 14. 9. 4 

1 Bordber Note 98 Dollars, & 87 dollars 

1 Bankes Notes 4.12, 2 

2 Bonds against Levi Quimby & Jonathan Brawn, Jr. : 88.19. 4 

1 Note against John Matlock 36. z8. 3 

I do. do. Richard Lewis 9.z5. 

z do. do. David Brush 2. 

1 do. do. James Eldrekin 5.Z4. 9 

z Mathoook, dresser Z2/, tramels z . 6. 


Liber A., page 17. Estate Box 24. 

LILLY, JONATHAN, of New Marlborough, Laborer, deceased in- 

Adm. granted, Jan. 24, 1789, to Abigal Lilly, the widow. Adm. 
bond, £70, by the widow, John DuMeld and Daniel Knolton, yeomen. — 
Inventory, taken Dec. 15, 1788, by John Mackey and Jeriah Roads: 

Yoke of oxen & yoke £7, Oxchain 4/, Oxcask £z/io, Rone Mare £z2.z6. u 

Cow £2, Old plow 4/, 2 Hows 2/, axes 2/, z oyron Slad 2. z6, 

r ox sled 2/, Limewood 4/, pitchfork 1/6, 6 stacks Hay Damaged z.z7. 6 

Pair of Bretel Rings, 2 widges 2/, 2 sydes & snieds 4, 

z Yoron pott 2/, z do. teakettell /6 frying pan 1/ 3, 5 

5 chairs 2/6, saddle, 2 bridel Bits 4/, 2 Cobberd 5/6 12. 

3 Barrels, 2 tubs 4/, 2 Churns z/6, Wolen Wheele z/6 8. 

z Littell svile z/, r Kiel z/, 2 pails, piging z/6, Case flasks , 5. 

3 Jugs 1/6, Salt morter /6, 4 littel Boles /4, curry Come 3. i 

2 o. puter platters, 2 basons, 5 o. Plaits 4/, Candlestick 4. 3 

Nail Hammer 2/, Gun & Baynitt 6/, 2 Knives, z fork, spunes 6. 8 

Raser /s, Old box /z, 3 0. Blankett 4/, Bed & Filler 3/. 6. 4 

Pair Sheepspun Boots 2/, Lincy Wolse Coat, Jacoat, Beches 8. 

Pr. Nebuckels /s, Shurt /s,' Sm. bunch Linnenyarn z/6 2 

Puter teapott, z o. Erth. teapot z/. Old Hatt, Old Cap i. 6 

z Book, 2 ols Spelding Books /g, o. Baskett /z, o. Jaccoat /6 z. 4 

Bridel, Arkney pott /g, Pr. Specticatels /6, Pocket Book /3 z . 6 

£20. ze. 8 

Letters of Administration. 


Liber A., page 18. Estate Box 26. 

MIDDAGH, JOHANNIS, late of Marbletown, blacksmith, deceased 


Adm. granted, Febr. 24, 1789, to Marten Middagh, a brother of 
Johannis Middagh. — Adm. bond, £150, by said Middagh, Edward Louns- 
berry and Martinus Schoonmaker, Junr., same place, yeomen. 

(Joris Middagh, b. Hycrop, Holland, m., Apr. 22, 1696, Marritj'e Marritse (.Martens, 
Hysiylstyn, b. in, Albany), and had: i. Aart, bt. July 19, 1696; li. Batha, bt. Sept. 26, 1697, m., 
1719, Robert Batty; iii. Brechje, bt. Apr. 2, 1699, m., Aug. 20, I7i6i» Johannes Kwikj iv. Aart, 
bt. Dec. 25, 1700; V. ^Marten, ht. June 7» "1^70^,' 'to,, Nov. 3, 1724, Margriet'Kdk-,; vi. JACOB, 
bt. Jan. 30, 1704; vii. Johannes, bt March 17, 1706, m., Nov. 24, 1728, Martha Bettis; viii. 
5ot-afc, bt. Sept. 11, 170S, m., 1734, Zander Ennes; ix. Joris, Jr., bt. May 13, 1711, m.,' Oct. 11, 
1734, Jannetjen de Lameeter, b. Claverack. 

JACOB (above), b. Marbletown, m. before Aug. 8, 1731, Madelen Kok, b. at Raareians, 
Somerset Co., N. J., and had: i. 'sjen, bt. Nov. 19, 1732; ii. Margriet, bt. June 30, 1734; iii. JAN, 
bt. May 22, 1737 (above intestate); iv. Jooris, bt. Apr. i, 1739; v. Jacob, bt. July 5, 1741; 
vi. Marretjen, bt. Aug. 14, 1743; vii. Neeltien, bt. July 28, 1745; viii. Marten, bt. Apr. 26, 

Liber A., page 19. Estate Box 35. 

SCOTT, JAriES, late of Kingston, farmer, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Febr. 26, 1789, to Christina Scott, the widow. — Adm. 
bond,. £150, by the widow, Thomas Nelson and Jacob Schryver pi Clinton, 
Co. Dutchess. — Inventory, taken "at the Dwelling house of Christiena 
Scott on fryday the first day of November" 1788, by Christaen Gret- 
singer, James Miner and John Gretsinger, "neighbours of the said James 
Scott, Deceased." 

Brindell Cow £4> 

Red do 4. 

Brown Heffer 3 . 

3 Calfs I . 

1 heffer i. 

2 do 2 . 

I mare i. 

1 horse Colt 3 ■ 

8 pigs, 2 sows, 3 hogs 4. 

old Wood Slay 

2 ploughs ^ . 

1 harrow • 

4 axes 

2 howes 

I handsaw, i Drawing Knive 

I steel Trap 

I gunn 

I do 

I p. tongs, shovel 

I p. hand Irons 

I p. Beedel rings 

1 Iron Pott 

2 small do 

1 pewter, 2 do 

4 do. plates 

2 Basons 

9 pewter spoons 

1 do Teapott 

I smoothing Iron 

I goose Iron 

I sissar^ 

1 Looking Glass 

Ox Chain 

2 Cliverses, 2 bolts 

I Churn 

Gridell Iron 





6. 6 


3 pails 

2 keelers 

S Bowls Wood 

I Woolen Weeel 

I Spinning Weel .' 

I Bedstead, Bedding, bolster, pilars, 

blankets, sheets, Straw bed 5. 

I pidgeon Bed, Blanketts, i old 

Rugg, bolster pillors 2. 

Chests, 4 Chairs x . 

I large Chair , 

I Case with X2 bottles, i Lanthorn. . 
I Baskett, i stilards ' 

1 meet fatt 

frying pan 

Wipple Chain 


2 Barrels, 3 flour casks 

I gag, 2 tubs 

I Neck yoke 

I p. sadell Baggs 

1 old sadell 

2 chisels, I gouge 

I p. shoemakers thongs 

I p. do. hammer 

1 hammer, i table 

2 earthen pots 

I Syth 

5^ Bushel 

Hay 3 • 

Indian Corn i . 

Rye 2. 

Oaths I . 

Brush hosk 

flax 1 . 

2. 6 

5. 6 

7. 6 

2. 6 
3- 6 

1 . 

6. 6 

2. 5 
2. 6 


i8o Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Liber A., page 20. Estate Box 31. 

PERKINS, VALENTINE (Valentine PARKUS), late of New Paltz, 
Yeoman, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, April 18, 1789, to Zophas Perkins, yeoman, a son of 
said Valentine. — Adm. bond, £600, by said Zophas, Ebeneser Perkins and 
William Hollister, of New Paltz, yeomen. — Inventory, taken April 13^ 
1789, by Luke Smith and Nath. Kelsey: 

A certificate signed hy, Gerard Banker, Treasurer for £140.00. o 

A final settlement signed by William Barber^ Com 14* i^- 

A ncle of hand against Uriah Nickerson 3.10. 

A dark Roan Mare 13* 

A red do. do 1 1 . 

z Steere 5 . 

1 bull 4- 

2 Cows at £5 10. 

1 cow £4. I Heiffer, i steer 1.5.0, 2 Calves 8. i. 

2 hogs j/is/o. z ox chains 1/4/0, i box slay i/io/o 4. 9. 

z shoe], I spade, i broad ax, i froe, i ox yoke & Irons i . 4* 

3 sheep i/io/o, i Grindstone 1/4/0, s harrow Teeth a.ig* 

2 Coths 6/, 2 p. Coth Rings 3/ Iron, i lb steel z/ 12. S 

z p. stutyards 5/, 8 Sider casks 1/19/0 2. 4. 

5 bitts, 3 round shaves, 9 chisels zi . 10 

3 Gowges, 4 augers, i iron square 8~. 9 

z X plains and Irons, 2 addes, Harness £ i /o/o 1.15. 6 

2 drawing knives 4/, i turning Lathe 3/, box old iron 10 . 

small brass kittle full of old iron, nail hammer, post ax 9 . 

z Gun 8/, I cockle sive & riddle 2/6^ z/4 new fishsane 4.10. 6 

z fish barrel 3/, i couch 10/, i table frame 3/ 16. 

z clock reel 6/, ^ feather beds, i bolster, 5. pillows, one of the beds 25/ the 

other 12/ 2 . 3 . 

5 blankets 2/14/0, 2 bed quilts 1/12/0, i coverlid 16/ 5. 2. 

12 sheets, 12 pillow cases 4/16/0, foot wheel 12/ 5. 8. 

I old foot wheel 4/, x great Chaw 3/, i o chairs £r x. 7. 

I Great Wheel s/» x chest drawers zo/, 2 chests 6/ i . i . 

30 lbs Flax 17/6, 7 lbs Flax not cleaned 3/ i . 6 . 

pr tongs, shovel 4/, trammel 3/, large kettle 3/. 
mall kittle 2/, small kittle 3/, large pot 10/ small i 
Dye pan 4/6, Copper stew pan 6/, Tea kittle 8/, z platter i . 4. 6 

8 plates 3/, I bason 2/, i quart pot 3/3 water pails, 10 . 6 

scales, weights lA square table i/. round do 2/6 5 . 6 

small tub 2/, saddle & bridle x/o/o, x Paid saddle bags 1 . 4. 

Book entitled the Scripture Account, i bible 6 . 

1 book entitled A companion for Traders & Travelers z . 6 

2 Reeds 3/, x Coffee Mill 2/6, x frying pan 2/6, Lanthorn 9 . 6 

2 Candle sticks i/, Case & bottles 4/, 2 smoothing iron S . 

z Petranger & follow Boats 20. 

z hetchet 7/, Shoemakers tools 3/, Mattock 4/ hoe 1/ xs . 

Wheat on the ground 4. xo. 

£280. 3. 3 

Liber A., page 22. Estate Box 27. 

MERKLE, BENJAMIN, late of Rochester, yeoman, deceased in= 

Adm. granted, June 19, 1789, to Benjamin Kortreght and Joel 
Hoornheek of Rochester, yeomen. — Adm. bond, £350, by said administra- 
tors, Christopher Tappen of Kingston, Esq., and Egbert Dumont, same 
place, Esq.— Inventory, taken June 27, 1789, by Jochem Schoonmaker„ 
Esq., Jacob Hoornbeeek and Isaac Hoornbeck: 

Letters of Administration. i8i 

I Red Cow £2/10, I do. £3/10, i do. £2, i Brindle Do. £1/10 £9.00. o 

I do Heffer £2, i Brown do. 15/, j do. j6/, i do. £3, i Redox 9. 1. 

1 do. Ox 6/, 2 Cow bells £6, Red Horse £6, Red Mare £4, lo sheep 16. 6. 

'Plow 4/, I Brake 2/, Wood slay 10/, Plow £i. Waggon £6, Plow 8. i. 

Nail hatchet i /, Dungfork i/, 2 pitch forks 1/6 3. 6 

Pleasher Slay £2, Ironbound slay £1, Drawing knife /g 3. o. 9 

Flax 2/, Harness £1, Tir bucket 1/6, 2 o. hogsheads 1/ i. 4. 6 

Wood for bedstead 4/, Drawing Bench /3, 3 hogs £2, shote 3/ 2. 7. 3 

Grejmmg stone 6/, 4 weeding hoes 6/, 2 axes 8/, Lee fatt i . 

4 o. sides 6/, Weevers Loom 4/, Logchain £1/10, Weevers temple & shuttle 10/, 

2 spenning weels 16 spool weel 1/6 3. 7. 6 

Sadie 10/, old Turn, sm. cask /3, 2 Iron Wegess 3/, 4 Pails 4/ 17. 3 

2 trammels 8/, 4 pots 16/, 2 p. handirons 6/, tongs, shovel 1,16. 

Spade 3/, Looking Glass 8/, chist 4/, g Chairs 9/, reed, gear i . 10. 

Tea kettle 6/, side saddle 3/, wool. Weel 1/, 3 p. o. wevers do 11 . 6 

small sword 1/, cubberd 10/, Dresser 6/, Reed, 3 Casks 1/6 18. 6 

Handsaw 3/, Pigdeing Nett 2/, Old Iron 2/, 3 o. Sith 1/6 9. 

2 green rugs, 2 blankets 3/, i o. barrel /s, 7 Baskets 1/6 4. 9 

2 streeked blankets 6/, Woolen yarn 16/, Trough /3 i . 2. 3 

I p. Woolen Cards 3/, 19 harrow teeth 8/, 2 Bed Rods 2/ 13. 

1 side of Leder 8/, i Catchredge box i/, i Hoser 4/ 13. 

Mattock 4/, settlebed 2/, 4 milk Turns 4/, 2 wood, bowls 11. 6 

2 Churns 2/, i earth, pot i/, 2 sm. Casks 2/, i firken /6 S- 6 

1 Barrel 6/, i Hatchet 10/, Tow yarn 10/ i. 6. 

Negro Boy named Seboys 5 . 

do. do. Sam 10. 

Bed bolster, 4 pillows, 2 sheets, struped blanket £3 3. 

Bed, pillow, sheet, struped blanket 15/, Dutch Bible £1 1.15. 

2 Dutch Testaments 1/6, 6 old books 1/6, i sheep sheer 4. 

9 puter plates 6/, 4 larger do. 6/, i do mug /6, i firelock 2.12. 6 

Powder horn, shoot bag i/, 4 earth, plates i/, Chavendish 2. 6 

I earth, jug /6, do milk pot /6, Humspun Coat, Weast Coat 17. 

I shoot black broud Cloth Cloaths £2, Irish Cambreck Coat 3. 

Blue Coat £1, Corderoy Briches /6, Shoot Linnen Cloaths 8/ 1.14. 

Set Curtains £1,3 smoothing irons 3/, Calico Gown 16/ i . 19 . 

I Callico Gown £1, Black do. 12/, Irish Cambrick do. 1/5/0 2.17. 

Black Quilted Petecoat £1, Wool. do. 8/, struked do. 10/ i . 18. 

black do 10/, Blue Long Cloak 12/, 2 shifts 12/, i do. 6/ 2. 

z Shift 5/, 1 black Cloak 8/, i blue do. 12/, i blue Peticoat i.ii. 

1 p. Stockin Brichess 4 /, i Candlestick /3, Teapot /6 4. 9 

Black bottle /3, i Hatt 12/ 12. 3 

(Fredenk Merkel CMarke, Markel), b. in Germany, m. Barbara Almon, and had: 
i. BARENT, bt. June s., 1715: ii* Johannes, bt. Sept. 25, 1720, m. Nov. 20, 177s, Jantje Wennie, 
res. B/ue JWo«»*oMw; iii. Wilhelmus, bt. July 22, 1722; iv. Petrus, bt. Febr. 14, 1725; v. Petrus, 
bt. Sept. 25, 1726; vi. Annaatjen, bt. May 18, 1729, m. Nov. 26, 1756, Henricus Hendrikse, res. 
Dutchess Co. 

BARENT (above), m., i., Cornelia van der Merken, m. 2., Barbara van der Merken in 
1747. Issue: i. BENJAMIN, bt. Oct. 14, 1739; ii. Elias, bt. Oct. 17, 1742; iii. Catharina, bt. June 
23, 1745. 

BENJAMIN (above), m. Margaret Noukerk, and had: Nelye, bt. Aug. 22, 1774). 

Liber A., page 23. Estate Box 17. 

HUNTER, JAMES, Jr., late of Montgomery, farmer, deceased in- 

Adm. granted, June 25, 1789, to John Hunter, of same place, farmer, 
and James Hunter, of Shawangunk, Esq. — ^Adm. bond, £200, by said 
John and James Hunter, Robert Hunter and Cadwallader Colden, Junr. 
of Montgomery. 

Liber A., page 24. Estate Box 17. 

HASBROUCK, ISAAC, late of Marbletown, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Aug 5, 1789, to Jacob J. Hasbrouck and Jacobus B. 

i82 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Hasbrouck, same place, sons of said Isaac Hasbrouck. Adm. bond, 
ii8oo, by said Jacob J., Jacobus B. Hasbrouck, John Confine and John 
Broadhead, same place. 

(.Isaac Hasbrouck, bt. March ii, 1722 (s. of Jacob H., bt. New PalU, Apr. 15, 1688, and 
Esther Bevier, see Jean Hasbro'dck) , m., Aug. 30, 174S. Maria Bruyn (bt. June 23, 1723, d. Oct. 
8, 1776, dau. of Jacobus B. and Wyntje Schoonmaker). Issue: i. Jacob, bt. Oct. 5, 1746, d. inf.; 
ii. Jacob, bt. Febr. 19, 1749, see his will; iii. Jacobus Bniyn, bt. Dec. i, i7S3i at Marbletown, 
m., Annatje, dau. of David Abeel and Neeltje Van Bergen Oit-Kaatsbaan, Apr. 8, 1760, d. July 
12, 1833; iv. Severyn, bt. Kingston, Jan. i, 1756; v. Maria, bfc New Palis, Febr. s, 1758; vi. 
Hester, bt. M., Aug. 12, 1762; vii. Benjamin, bt. M., Apr. 3, 1764; viii. Louis, bt. M., Febr. 5, 
1767; ix. Anna, bt. M., June 25, 1769). 

Liber A.', page 25. Estate Box 9. 

DUBOIS, JONATHAN, late of Shawangunk, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Sept. 12, 1789, to Mary Dubois, the widow, Simon 
Dubois and Cornelius Dubois, same place. — Adm. bond, £400, by said 
Mary, Simon and Cornelius Dubois, Cornelius Bruyn, James Kain and 
George Smith, same place. 

Liber A., page 26. Estate Box 7. 

CONTINE, MATHEW, of Marbletown, Esquire, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Oct. 15, 1789, to Moses Confine, Junr. of same place, 
a son of said Matthew Contine. — "Marbletown, Sept. 14, 1789. — I Do 
hereby Certify that I are Determined Not to administer over the Estate 
of my Deceased Husband Matthew Cantine. Elisabeth Cantyn." — ^Adm. 
bond, £1000, by Moses Contine, Jr., Merchant, John Contine, same place, 
Esq., and Moses Yeomens of Kingston, Esq.', witnessed by Abraham 
Hofman and Joseph Gasherie. 

(Pieter Canteyn (Kantain, Contain), b. New Palts, m., June i6, 1715, Elisabeth Blans- 
Jon, and had: i. Elisabeth, bt. Jan. 2g, 1716; ii. Moses, bt. Jan. 13, 1717, m., Dec. i, 1739, Maria ' 
Sleeht; iii. Margrietjen, bt. Aug. 24, 1718; iv. Elisabeth, bt. Febr. 21, 1720, m., March 8, 1746, 
Wilkam Nottingham; v. MATIHEWS, bt. Oct. 15, 1721; vi. Maria, bt. Jan. 27, 1753; vii. 
Nathaniel, bt. Oct. 25, 1724, m., Jan. 20, 1756, Sara Rutsen; viii. Catrina, bt. March 20, 1726; 
IX. Abraham, bt. Jan. 14, 172S, m., Nov. 19, 1756, Elisabeth Delamater; x. Petrus, bt Dec. aS, 
1729, m., Nov. 14, 1760, Magdalena Fever; xi. Cornelia, bt. Apr. 2, 1732; xii. Johannes, bt. Nov. 
16, 1735. 

MATTHEWS (above), m., 1745, Cathrina (♦) Nottingham, and had: i. Grieljen, bt. Sept. 
18, 174s; ii. Elisabeth, bt. March 22, 1747; iii. Anne, bt. March 28, 1756; iv. Catharine, bt. Tune 
30, 1765. Moses, Jr., in. June 7, 1780, Hillitje Radcliff, bt. Dutchess Co. 

(*) Elisabeth (?) 

Liber A., page 27. Estate Box 9. 

DARBY, SYLVESTER, late of Rochester, Physician, deceased in- 

Adm. granted, Oct. 27, 1789, to Richard Lounsberry, of Marbletown, 
yeoman. — Adm. bond, £800, by said Lounsberry, Edward Lounsberry, 
and Johannis H. Krom, Marbletown. — Renunciation, dated Oct. 5, 1789, 
by Hannah Schelinger, of East Hampton, Co. Suffolk, N. Y.,' late a 

Letters of Administration. 183 

widow of Silvester Darby of Rochester, Co. Ulster, and now the wife 
of Jonathan Schelenger of East Hampton, of her rights, praying that 
administration may be granted to Richard Lounsberry. 

Liber A., page 28. Estate Box 26. 

MATTHEWS, FLETCHER, late of New Windsor, Esquire, de= 
ceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Nov. 24, 1789, to Sarah Mathews, Jesse Woodhull 
and Seth Marvin, of Co. Orange, Esqrs. — Adm. bond, £6500, by the 
widow Sarah Matthew, said Woodhull and Marvin, Henry A\. Williams 
of Ulster Co., Jonathan Brooks and Thomas Waters of Orange County. 

(On Apr. 18, 1760, an affidavit was filed by Fletcher Mathews in relation to the contract 
made between his father, Vincent Mathews, and Nicholas Conlton, for lands in Evans Patent, 
Co. Orange (N-. Y. Land Papers, xv, p. 169). Vincent Mathews had, on May 19, 1720, a war- 
rant of survey for 800 acres of land, part of the land formerly owned by Capt. John Evans 
(.New Windsor, Orange Co.). (Ibid, vii., p. 138). 

Liber A., page 29. Estate Box 14. 

FIN LEY, JOHN, late of New Windsor, yeoman, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Nov. 24, 1789, to Elisabeth Finley, the widow. — 
Adm. bond, £750, by the widow, James McClaughrey Junr. of Mont- 
gomery, Merchant, and John Sly of New Windsor, farmer. — Witnessed 
by Samuel Finley and Joseph Gasherie. — Inventory, taken Aug. 27, 1789, 
by John Nicholson and James McClaughry : 

I pr. Steers, s & 4 y. old £11, i do. 4 y. o. £4, i black Cow white face, 7 y. o. 

£4/5, I Brown do. Brocket face £23. 5. o 

I red cow £4/10, do. do. £5/15, i black do. £4/15, i brown do 

I brown do. £4/10, i dark brown do. Rigget back £4/5 8.15. 

I do. without horn £4, i red do. £4/10, i black bull J2. 3. 

3 do. Heiffer £3/10, £3/15, £3/10, a black do. £3, a brown do 16. J. 

1 red. brown Heiffier £2/5, i black do. £2/10, i bl. steer 8. 5. 

1 br. steer £1/10, 2 yearland steers, 3 do. heifers S. 

7 calves £5/5, I Grey Mare & her Spring Colt £8, i Mare £1 14. s- 

T Bay Horse £11, i Br. do. £5, 50 head Sheep & Lambs £22/10 38.10. 

Wheat in Sheaf (125 bush). £34.7.6, Rye (15 bush). £2.3 36.12. 6 

Flax in do. £1. 2 stacks Good Hay (s Tuns) £s. Hay in Barn 12. 

3 stacks Course do. (s Tuns) £2.10, Waggon, Harness £12 14.10. 

Hempen on the Ground £7.10, Corn do. sH acres £ji > 18.10. 

g Hogs £6.15, Iron Bound Sleigh & Box £5, Plough, tackling I3-IS. 

Harrow Wodden Tetth /6, 2 scyths 8/, 2 Narrow exes 18. 6 

Beetle, wedges 8/, spade, iron shovel, 8/, Iron pitchfork 17 . 

Mattock 8/, 3 weedmg hoes 7/6, Dungfork 2/, 3 sickles i . 2. 

2 Bogging hoes 8/, s Feather Beds, Bedding, & Bedsteads 25. 8. 

3 Tables £3, Chest of Drawers £3, Cupboard £1, Stand 7. S- 

}4 doz. Chairs £1, '/i doz. do. 5/, i doz. Pewter plates 2. 3. 

3 large pewter platters 15/, pewter Basons 9/, 2 Pails i. 7- 

Brass Kettle £3, Large Iron Pott 10/, Iron Kettle 11/ 4- '. 

2 Chests £1/4, 2 p. handirons, i p. shovels, tongs 3- 4. 

3 iron trammels jz/, 2 spinning wheels £i/4> lar^e do 2. 

Gun £1. Loom, tackling, guiil Wheel £2/10, 2 Bibles 12/. 4- 2. 

Sundry Books £1/8, 2 empty Hogsheads, i Tierce, 2 Barrels 2.14- 

2 saddles, bridles £8, 2 looking Glasses £1 9. 

I Negro Man Named Dick.. ■•■•.•, ,■••■. .•■•■-A'Vo', <r 

I Copper Tea Kettle i6/, i p. hand Bellows 2/, Tin watering Poth 8/ 1.6. 


184 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Liber A., page 30. Estate Box 33. 

RISELY, SUSANAH, late of Montgomery, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Jan. 18, 1790, to Matthias Row and Benjamin Cradit, 
of same place, sons in law of said Susanah. Adm. bond, £300, by said 
Row and Cradit, Matthew Hunter and Robert Thompson, of same place. 

Liber A., page 31. Estate Box 33. 

RISLEY, DAVID, late of Montgomery, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Jan. 18, 1790, to Matthias Row and Benjamin Cradit, 
same place, Brothers in Law of said David. — Adm. bond, £40, by said 
Row and Cradit, Mattheis Hunter and Robert Thompson, same place. 

Liber A., page 32. 

ELTINQ, WILLIAM, late of Kingston, Merchant, deceased in- 

Adm. granted, Jan. 23, 1790, to Henry Elting, Junr. of Kingston, 
yeoman, a son of said William Elting. — Adm. bond, £500, by said Henry 
Elting, James Roe of Kingston and James Elting Junr. of the City of 
New York. 

Liber A., page 33. Estate Box 26. 

MUNNEL, ROBERT, late of Montgomery, yeoman, deceased in- 

Adm. granted, Febr. i, 1790, to Isabel Munnel, widow. Adm. bond, 
£400, by the widow, George Munnel and John Blake, same place. 

Liber A., page 34. Estate Box 33. 

ROOSA, ABRAHAM, late of Memecatting, farmer, deceased in- 

Adm. granted, Febr. 6, 1790, to Isaac Roosa, of Montgomery, 
farmer, a son of said Abraham. — Adm. bond, £120, by said Isaac, Jacobus 
Van Keuren of Shawangunk, yeoman, and Jacob Roosa of Memecatting, 
Carpenter. — Inventory, taken Dec. 10, 1789, by Nicholas Hardenbergh 
and ( Falden?) (See Fac-similes of Signatures). 

Letters of Administration. 


I Milch Cow £3. 

I Bedsted, beding 3 , 

I do. do I . 

I small Cobbert 

I Chest 

I Loom with Tacling i . 

1 Dresser 

2 old platters> 6 o. plates 

I o. bason> & Tankard 

Spoons, puter ware. 

1 old Dutch Bible, small books 

3 o. Keelers, 3 o, pales 

2 o. pots, I o. small brass kittle, 1 o. 

tea kittle 

I gun i . 

1 cross cut saw, handsaw 

2 trammels 

I p. Tongs, iireshovel, hand irons. . ■ 

Old tubes and iron 2. 









X fine Hetchet, Nail do 

Old Colours, neckyoke 

z large o. Augers, Clives 

7 o. Ironhoops, etc 

small looking glass, &c 

Knives & forks, &c 

All his Wearing apparel 

All the do. of his wife Elesebeth, . . 

Old casks, do. Chairs 

small trunk, bulletmoul 

2 smeeds, Geers, Teatackling 

Smoothing Iron, funnel, sugar box. 

wooden Trenches, iron bolt 

spinnel & crank of grindstone, i 

peek ax 

2 small bee hives 

I steel Yard small 

I small lios[ 

One banck in Shawangunck Church. 






Liber A., page 35. Estate Box 7. 

CAIN (Kain), JOSEPH, of Montgomery, Cooper, deceased in- 

Adm. granted, Apr. 24, 1790, to John Miller, same place, farmer, a 
creditor.— Inventory, dated Apr. 5, 1790, by Thos. Patterson, Clerk, 
Johannes Vris ( ?) Christian Rump, Sebastian Smith, for John Miller, 
administrator, in presence of Thos. Wilson. 

I Mare £i . lo 

I Cow 

I Iron Pot 

I Iron Kettle 

I small do 

1 Grind stone 

2 iron tramels 

I chest of coopers tools 

I do. with some old clothes 

1 old .saddle 

2 pewter platters 

I narrow ax 

I pair of tongs 

I Coat, Vest Coat and Breeches.. 

1 Lock and Key 

2 silk handkerchief 

1 basket & sundrys 

2 Wollen shirts 

I lot linnencloths 

I chest 

2. 10. 


I . ID 




I Featherbed, bedcloths 

I old bedsted 

Lot of old firken staves and heading. 

I shovel 

! tea pot, I bason, i plate and spoon 
of Pewter 

1 Gun 

2 old pails 

1 milk tub 

1 old frying pan 

I stone Jugg 

I Copper Tea Kettle 

I pad lock 

1 Knot Dish 

2 old chairs 

1 Old Bible 

J old Hone , 

Book Debts standing out 




X. 6 


4. 9. 6 


Liber A., page 36. 

VAN WAGENEN, JACOBUS, late of Rochester, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted. May 12, 1790, to the widow, Rachel Van Wagenen. 

(Jacobus Van Wagenen, bt. Apr. 6, 1729 (s. of Symon Van W. and Sara Dubois, see 
Jacob Aartsen), m., May 9, 1758, Rachel Brodhead (bt. July 13, 1734, d. jfan. 13. 1804, dau. of 
IVessel B. and Catharine Dubois), and had: i. Sara, bt Oct 19, 1759, m. at Rochester, Sept 12, 
1778, Jacob Hoornbeck, bt. May 6, i753» s. of Lodewyck H, and Maria Dubois; ii. Catharine, bt. 
June 23, 1762; iii. Elisabeth, bt. Febr. 20, 1765, d. Febr. i-o, 1843, m. May 8, 1786, Daniel 
Sahler, b. Apr. 16, 1762, d. Febr. 20, 1834, s. of Abraham S, and Elisabeth Dubois; iv. Wessel 
Brodhead, bt. July 4, 1767, d. Apr. 17, 1808, m., Febr. 2, 1790, at Napanock, Maria Hardenberg, 
bt. Aug. 29, 1761, d. Febr. 25, 1839, dau. o.f Johannis £/. H., and Cornelia Dubois; v. Catharine, 
bt. Aug. 6, 1769, d. Apr. 30, 1835, m. at Rochester, i795» John R. Davis; vL Anna, bt. Sept. 13, 
1772; vii. Simon Jacob, bt. Sept. 10, i77S; viii. Jacobus, bt March 21, 1779, m. at Marbletown, 
Febr. 21, 1801, Betsey Lounsbery, bt M., Jan. 6, 1783, dau, of Richard L. and Wyntie Davis), 

i86 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Liber A., page 37. Estate Box 47. 

WILLSON, JOHN, late of New Paltz, Schoolmaster, deceased in. 

Adm. granted, July 15, 1790, to Matthew Hunter of Montgomery, 
Esquire. — James Wilson, "only son" of said John Willson, appointed 
Matthew Hunter, Esq., "my lawful attorney, in my name to take Letters 
of Administration." July 10, 1790. Witnessed j^y James McClaughry 
and William Trimble. — Adm. bond, £60, by said Matthew Hunter, 
William Cross, Esq., and Francis Craige, farmer. — Inventory, taken 
July 31, 1790, by William Brown, Daniel Doyo, and Nathaniel Lafaver. 

1 Brown Cloath Coat i6 /, i pr. Velvet Breaches & Vest & Drawers £i/io. Caster 

Hat and Wig £i, i p. New Shoes & stockings 6/, Coarse Linnen Shirt 3/.. £2.19. 

Blk Silk & pocket Handkerchief 2/, silver Watch £3 3. 2. 

silver shoe Buckles 10/, steel knee Buckles, sieve Buttens 10. 6 

2 Raizors, strop, shaving box 4/, 85^ y. Humspun Cloth z. 4. 

Old Coatf westcoat i/, 2 pr. o. Breeches, old hat /i i . 1 

2 iine slurts, i stock, buckles S/, linnen Coat westcoat, breeches 12/, i p. Leggins, 

do. mittens /2 1. u. 2 

Tobacco, Tea 7/, Allum and Copperas /2, 1 p. Overhalls, i p. o. Stockings i/, 

3 Books 2/, 2 Chair, Hone 5/ 9. 2 

Haver sack, patches /i. Brass Inkstand, 3 phials /6, Chest 4/ 4. 7 

Woolen shirts 6/, x do. Linnen /i. Wool of 2 sheep 4/. 

2 sueep 16/, Great Coat, 4/, Tobacco box /6, Cash 9/6 

Cash Alexander Ross 6/, /o/i» Stouter 1/4, /o/m ^. Lafaver Jacob TirwUUger 3/, 

Jacob Sparks 3/1, Jacob Honseker 4/6, Benjamin Brown 5/, Ca^f. Cornelius 
Mastin, 18/, Lowr^nc^ iSonft /lo, Simeon Avlsdorp s/, ^&ra/tam f^an Steen- 
barrac 16/, Matfhus Van Steenbarrac 14/, Philip Rank £2/17/10, /oAn i?onft 
£2/11/9, Evert Roose Jr.3/S, Michael Deligar 2/7, ^bra/ram Strickland 8/, 
Jonathan Tirwilliger 9/, The widow of Cornelius Terwilliger 2/, Abraham 

Mastin 6/5, Justus Banks 4/2, William McCollum 1/9 10. 19. 10 

Notes taken pr. Administrator 

From /o/tK McMullin £2, Jc/in Carlan £4/10/6, Matthia Van Steenbark 

11/, Henry Redicar £3/3/9 10. 7. 3 

£35.13. 8 

Liber A., page 38. Estate Box 3. 

BEVIER, CORNELIUS, of Rochester, yeoman, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Sept. i, 1790, to Cornelia Bevier, of Shawangunk, a 
widow, Cornelius Vernoy, Junr., same place, and Counradt Bevier, of 
Memecatting. — Adm. bond, £800, to the above and to Cornelius Sruyn 
of Shawangunk, Esq., and Simon Dubois, same place, yeoman, witnessed 
by George Smith and Joseph Gasherie. 

The inventory, taken June 3, 1790, by Benj. Bevier, Jr., Gierke and 
Coenradt Bevier, Venduemaster, is practically an Account Book of sales 
made to the various persons; it covers 24 quarto pages, bound together, 
and contains a large number of names. The account contains the fol- 
lowing names and purchases : 

To Manuel Gunsalis Jt. 

£0. 3.00 


I , 

I tin Dish 

T 't 

I tub & potatoes 

Chestnuts, i tramle 

... 7. 10 

I basket & do 

I p. stockens 

1 tub full do 

I shirt 

Old utensils 


I shirt 

I old Buckles. ..... . 

6. 8 

I basket & peas 


I bag oats 

7. 6 

1 Tue 

X tub & z pork 

II. I 


3 Ducks 

z bush, potatoes 

S bush. Corn 

1. 0. 

Letters of Administration. 


To Cornelius De Witt 

1 wood, bool &c £6. 6. 9 

2 cradles 2. i 

I chair, i cradle 1 

I bell 4 

I steer i. i, 6 

X sow 7 . 3 

To Jacobus De Witt 

Old Irons £0. 1. 00 

X Barrel 2 . 

I slay Iron shod i . 

1 dunsr fork x. i 

2 powderhorns 6 

I barrel 2 . 

1 slay iron shod ' x. 

X dung fork 1. x 

2 powder horns 6 

To Cornelius Vernoy, Jr. 

Old irons £0. 3. 6 

1 bag Rye 13. 

X tobacco box 6 

I Auger z . 

I basket i 

I Jacket 2 . 3 

I Brimstone i . 3 

X Mug 4 . 

X shuffle I . X 

To Abraham Corgil 

I hammer & pincher £0. x . 6 

I Tare Barrel 3 

I basket & peas 2.7 

X steer 19 • 6 

I dresser x . 2 

I table & ashes 3 

To Petrus Hoornbeek 

I hay fork £0 . 2 . 00 

X Bull Calf 10. 

I Bottle I. 

To John A, De Witt 

I Ax £0. 4>oo 

I Basket 4- 

I jug XI. 

I iron pot 8.xo 

Blankets, Pilows 14- 2 

I Dutch Book IS- 6 

I saddle bed 2. 2 

I scoop 5 • 

I lanthern 7 

1 Chimbly Cloth 7 

To Petrus Vernoy 

x hair seve £0 . i . 6 

2 basket 2 . 3 

X pigin 1 . 6 

I Bed 8. 6 

Needles 2 

Specticle i . 9 

To Jacob J, Bevier 

I basket £0. z.oo 

I sithe & cradle 3 • 7 

X Hethel S- 

I Bell 7. II 

X basket & potatoes 2.x 

To Coenradt Bevier 

I hair seve £0. z. 3 

I basket 2 

I steer 1.X5. 

I Dictionary 4. 6 

I Coat I. II. 

I Breeches 6 . 6 

X Jacket 6 . 6 

1 Kasor 4 

2 'shirt 3 . 2 

X basket 6 

Brush, old yarn 3 

Indigo 3 

5 bush. Corn 19. 5 

2 Turkeys, 2 fowls 4* 

To Johannis Bevier, Jr. 

I basket £0. i.oo 

X sheep 6 , 

I steer 1.14. 

I horse 13. 7. 6 

I psalmbook 7- 7 

X shirt 6 . 3 

To John De Witt 

I basket & pears £0 . 5 . i 

X barrel xo 

Trof 1. 3 

To Jacob Low 

X bush. & peas £0. 3. 6 

I basket & corn 3 . x 

X do. & Corn x . 6 

1 wooden bool 4 

2 baskets & feathers 1. 7 

1 do. & wheat 4- 7 

X tub X . 7 

X Cag, I bool 1 . 7 

X milk tub z . 

X bsk. potates , i . 4 

2 bar. do 5 . i 

X Lamb 4- x 

I piece of pork x6. 7 

I do. do 8 . 9 

X pail pickle do ig. 9 

I barrel & pork 11. i 

X dunghill fowls 4. 6 

To Stephen De Witt 

I sprinkler £0 . s . x 

X tabl^ g. 

I p. Mogasins 6 

X chair 2 . i 

I p. stockens 4. 9 

t do. do 1 . 3 

X do. do i.xo 

I do. Mittens i . 

X Jacket s-n 

Garters & Stock 6 

To Isaac Newkerk 

1 barrel & towe £0,00. 6 

2 milk Keelre 4* 

X do. 2. 9 

X plow 4. 2 

X green rug 9. 

To John Bodly 

X basket £0. 1. 7 

I Beeh Hive & Corn 3 

To Abraham Bevier, Esq. 

I pigeon stool 2 

I basket & yarn 6.6 

z Horse 12. 

X flasc 7. 6 

Indian silver 4. 6 


Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

To Matthew Newkerk 

I barrel & salt 4. 

z barrel 2. 

I spinning wheel 7 • 

Erthen plates 2. 

do. 4 

I cartridge box i 

I chair x . 

I breeches 5 . 6 

z strainer 6 

z salt dish. & dish 1 . 7 

z collar Loam 2 

To Jacob Harms 

I barrel & peers £0. 6.00 

5^ do. flour 6. 

z cow 5 . 

z hog 12 . 6 

z pewter plate 2. z 

To Conradi Shely 

z barrel & flour £0. z. 6 

z hogshead 2 . 8 

z set of Gears ±. 

I role tobacco i . 9 

z bottle full Rum z . 

To Abraham T. De Witt 

I spool wheel £0 .1.3 

z pail 3 

1 straw z 3 . 

2 ladders of a waggon i. 

a ladder z 

I cow 4 . 

z hog 2.17. 

I side pork z . i . 

1 piece pork 5 . 

z sith sneth 3 . 2 

I barrel 3 . 6 

I cag Vinegar z . 4 

z Cuting Bench 2 . 

straw and hay 2 . 

To Jacob Bevier 

I Bell £o.zo. 6 

To David Rawson 

I barrel potatoes £0. 2 . 3 

z hog II. 3 

To John Green 

I old barrel £0 . 00 . 2 

1 plow 8. 3 

I pleasure slay. 2. i. 6 

I £we & lamb 17. 6 

I do. do 19. 

z Bull z. 8. 6 

To Edward D. Wood 

I ax £0. 3.00 

To Johannis Hoornbeek 

1 Howe £ 3. 6 

I Board 2 

I pig 3. 

' I chair 2.Z0 

Pipes 3 

I pick 2 

z plow tales i 

23 Boards 6. 7 

old do I 

To Abraliam Bevier, Jr. 

I Harrow & teeth £1.10. 6 

To Ricliard Broadhead 

I plow £0. 8. 3 

I sow 10, 

To John Van Wagenen 

J slay £0.11. 

^ wind mill xi. 6 

z window i. 7 

z pine KnQ^ 2. 7 

To Wessel B. Van Wagenen 

1 Guide Chain £0. 4.00 

I plow 2 

I steer 2. 9. o 

I heifer z. i. 9 

I do z. z. 6 

To Petrus Cantine 

I waggon £13. 5. o 

To Jacob Depue 

I sheep 8 . 6 

z bull calf 4. 3 

I colt 3-I9- 

z rake 3 

z Bed I. z. o 

I sheet z. 9 

I broom & bolster 7 

To Hendrick Kittle 

I Ewe £o.Z2. 

I basket 8 

flax on the ground 14. 6 

To Levi Bodley 

I cow £5.00.00 

To John Green and Rich. Broadhead 

I cow £4.12. 6 

To Reuben De Witt 

I cow £4.Z3. o 

z heifer calf 5. 6 

I bsk. potat 2 . 

z jug 1.6 

Baskets zo 

-z candlest 7 

Rope, yarn i 

cup pot ash 6 

z Earth, cup 4 

z fleldrake 2 

To Benjamin Newkerk 

I heifer £2.10. o 

I tallow 4. 

To Cornelius Depue, Jr. 

I Heifer £1. 2, 6 

z case for bottles 4. 7 

I Tierce 3. 6 

I do 3. 6 

I pail 3 

I wood, dish i 

I Triset & i cradle 3. 2 

I Hat 6. 4 

I Dog & pale 10.^ 

z Hen 7 

I shuffle X . I 

Letters of Administration. 


To William A. De Witt 

1 Heifer , £0,17. 6 

I street z. 1 

1 p. stockens 2. 2 

2 shirts 5* S 

Pipes 3 

Linen for drawers 3* 6 

X dish, I cup I • 3 

I churn i • i 

To Benjamin De Witt 

1 mare & colt £5.12. o 

To Simeon Deyo 

I saddle & bridlel £ i . 1 . o 

I Horse lance 6 

leather straps i. 

nitting kneedles 5 

I pipe X 

1 tare bucket 4 

X board 9 

To Andries Bevier 

I hog £0. 6. 3 

I chair 2 . i 

1 barrel. 5 • 7 

I chair 2 . i 

1 peper box 5 

2 p. stockens 3 • a 

flax on ground z.12. 8 

To David Bevier 

I shoulder port £0. 8. i 

I basket, pickle pork 16. 5 

1 wood, bool & do 7-7 

I powder horn 3 • ^ 

To John Mack 

^ of a weavers loom £0. 6. 9 

I pair Cards.'. i • 7 

I do. Magasins i • 5 

I breaches 6 . 6 

I Jacket 3 . i 

I p. stockens i • 7 

I sheet I • 10 

To Matthew Bevier 

I role tobacco £0. i. 9 

I do. do 2.2 

One sheet k 6. 

I breeches 5 • 6 

To John Mackneal 

I fire lock £x.i2. o 

I Bayonet & Car box 8 . 

I shirt 9-10 

I Young Men Comp 3-7 

I Bottle I. 3 

X overhals 4* 4 

X scale I ^ 

To Benoni Mulks 

Furr £o.ix. o 

1 green Rug 10. 9 

To Benjamin J. Hoornbeck 

2 flails £0. o. 4 

One Table i. 

To Ellihu Ellen 

One bag £0, 9. 3 

X Trammle 6 . 4 

I coat I. 6. 3 

X jacket 11. 

X ax 7 

X p. hand Irons 9 . S 

X dresser 7 . 

Bed and bolster 2.13. z 

pillows of bed 2 . 6 

Bedsted & rope 5 . 9 

funnel & knives 2. x 

X voil 3 

To Cornelias Vernoy 

Bed cloth i. 7 

X spining wheel 13. 

I barrel 3 . 

I basket i . x 

X jacket 8 . 

X p. stockens x . 3 

X basket 5^ 

soap & trof 5. I 

I lye trof 3 

I Howe 4 

flax on ground x.xi. o 

To Egbert De Witt 

Bed curtains £z. 6. 8 

To Lawrence Kortreght 

I Tea pot £0. 6. 2 

Snife Case x . x 

X cup Board ^. 9. o 

To Cornelia Bevier^ Widow 

X bedsted, bedding £7, o. o 

X chest xo . 

X p. silver buckel x6 . 

I old Dutch psalm book 2. 

Canister 6 

^ lb. Indigo X . 6 

Stove & xlb yarn 6. 

To Abraham Vernoy 

I Reed £x. 5, 7 

I coat X.13. 6 

old shoes 4. 

To Daniel Dubois 

Leather £0 . 10 . 6 

I chair i. 6 

Teacups, dishes s . 3 

I Turkey Cock x . i 

To Benj, Bevier 

I Chair £0. 1. 9 

To Moses Depues Negro Sa^t 

X Chair £0 . 2. 1 

To Hannah Heath 

I basket ...^ £0. x. 1 

To Caty Bevier Widow 

1 tea kittle £. 3. o 

I case bottle 3 

Elias Van Naken and Elihu Ellen 

X great coat £o.X3. 6 

To John Mullen 

z Case Bottle £0. u. 3 


Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

To Anna Van Kamps Wench 
Old Blanket 

£o. u. 3 

Heirs of Cornelius Bevier 

2 pocket Books £o. 2. o 

I p. silver knee buckles s. 

I Next Hook 3. 

To Martinis Harris 

flax on ground £0.16. 1 

Henry Goetsehus Dr. to Cornelius 

Bevier £3.14.52 

Cash in the hands of the Admin- 
istrators 4. 5.:£ 

Manuel Gunsali note to Cornelius 

Bevier for 23. 

dated Jan. 4, 1789, interest 
at 7%. 

Final Settlement of William Barber, 
No. 1586, dated June 7, 1781, 
with interest at 6% 

Gerard Banker Note No. 2855, dated 

Jan. I, 1785, with interest at 6%. 129. 



Abraham Brnyn Bond for a negro 
man, dated in Aug. 1790, with 
lawful interest 76. 


of the 
No. 2856. 





Jan. I, 1785, 5%. 

June 21, 1780 

3% interest. _ 
Apr. 28, 1780. 
June 28, 1780. 
Febr. 27, 1781, 



Febr. zy^ 1781. 
Febr. 27, 1781. 






D. Wyn- 






15. oj 

. 8.5i 

15. oJ 


paid on certificate, 2855, 2856.) 

(.Abraham Bevier (Be-vier, Beve), s. of Louis B., q. v., had: i. Louis, b. 1708, d. unm., 
1750; ii. Anna, bt. May 7, 1710, d. inf.; iii. Cornelius, bt. July 20, 1712, d. unm. 1770; '"■ 
Zamuel, bt. Aug. 28, 1715, m., June 10, 1739, Sarah Le Fevre, dau. of Andries; v. Jacob, bt. 
Sept. 29, 1717, m., Febr. 23, 1751, Anna Vemooy; vi. Abraham, bt. Jan. 10, 1720; vii. Maria, 
bt. Jan. 28, 1722, m. June 20, 1745, Benjamin Du Bois, s. of Daniel; viii. JOHANNES, bt. Apr. 
26, 1724; ix. Benjamin, bt. May 7, 1727, m., Dec. 13, 1760, Elisabeth Van Keuren, dau. of Tjerck 
Mattysen and Maria Ten Eych; x. Daniel, d. unm. 1786. 

JOHANNES (above), m. i., Aug. g, 1747, Rachel Le Fevre, m. 2., Sept. 18, 1764, Elisa- 
beth (Gonzales) Van Vliet. Issue; i, Maria, b. 1750, m. John L, Hardenberg; ii. Sarah, b. June 
j6, 1732, m. Manuel Gonsaulus; iii. Andries Le Fevre, b. March 20, 1754; o. y. ; iv. Simon, b. 
Apr. 29, 1756, m., iJec. n, 1700, Maria Bevier, dau. of Benjamin; v. Conrad, b. May 7, 1758, m. 
Elisabeth Roosa; vi. CORNELIUS, b. 1760; vii. Cornelia, b. 1762, m. Petrus Bevier; viii. Jacob 
J., b. June I, 1766, m., Aug. 6, J786, Margaret De Witt; ix. Daniel, b. Dec. 17, 1768, m., Nov. 19, 
1791, Sarah Bevier, dau. of Abraham B., Jr.; x. Abraham, b. March 11, 1770, m., Dec. 11, 1793, 
Jennike Vernooy. 

CORNELIUS (above), m. i., Sarah Bevier, dau. of Jacobus B., m., 2., Cornelia Vernooy. 
Issue: i. Johannes, b. Oct. 14, 17S4, m. Aug. 14, 1808, Elisabeth Tenhout; ii. Conrad, b. Apr. 2, 
1786, m. Sarah Vernooy; iii. Simon, b. 1788, m. Maria Bevier, dau. of Conrady. 

(See History of New Faltz, pps. 223 et seq.). 

Liber A., page 39. Estate Box 9. 

DAVIS, JACOB, late a private in Col. Dubois Reg., deceased in- 

Adm. granted, Sept. 18, 1790, to Jacobus S. Davis, of Marbletown, 
yeoman, a Brother of said Jacob Davis. — Adm. bond, £200, by said 
Jacobus S. Davis, John Confine and James Oliver, same place, esquires. 

Liber A., page 40. Estate Box i. 

ALLIGER, BENJAMIN, late of Rochester, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Sept. 20, 1791, to Sarah Alliger, of Rochester, widow. 
— Adm. bond, £300, by widow, Zacharias Rosekrans and Frederick Rosa- 
krans, witnessed by Cornelius Tappen and Joseph Gasherie. 

(.Benjamin Alger (Alliger), b. in New England, m., March 17, 1725, Elisabeth Bigs 
(Becks), b. Marbletown, and had: i. Mery, bt. Jan. 29, 1727; ii. BENJAMIN (above), bt. Febr. 
7, 1730. B. A., the father, was prob. b. in Lyme, Conn,). 

Letters of Administration. 


Liber A., page 41. Estate Box 33. 

ROACH, WILLIAM, late of Newburgh, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Oct. 27, 1790, to Mary Roach, the widow. Adm. 
bond, £160, by the widow, Roger Barton, same place, yeoman, and 
Esekiel Gee of Kingston, Laborer, Christina Wynkoop, witness. Inven- 
tory, taken Nov. 5, 1790, by Mathew Prussler and James Russell. 

I old Cow £3.1 Old Mare £3.... £6. o. o 

1 yearling 30/, Calf 10/ 

2 Hogs IS A 2 Beds and Bedding. . . 

I Loom and Tackling 

I Iron Pot and Tea Cittle 

6 Pewter Flatrs and 1 Dish 

I do Tea Pot 

1 Earthen do., 2 Cannisters 

4 Plates, I tub aiid Lye Cask, Irons. 

2 Spinning Wheels 20 /, Big Wheel. . i 
I Churn, i Barrel and Soaptub.... 

I Tub and Cag, i Trammel 

I Grid Iron and Flesh Fork, i dish 

and funnel 

1 Bowl, 2 dishes Earthan, 3 Knives 
and forks 

5 spoons, 3 Bottles, 3 cups and 


3 Chairs, i scale, 4 pound weights. 
I Plough Shear and colter, 2 hoes . . 

1 Peck, I sled and tackling 

2 spades and shovels, 2 axes 1 

I hedles, 2 wedges, 1 chest 

I half cross cut saw i 

1 Grindstone, i bell 




J. 9 

3. 6 

3- 3 
8. 6 


I suit of Clothes 50/, i jacket and 

Breeches 20/ 3. 

Great Coat 28 /, A do. old, i Buck- 
skin Coat 16/ 2. 

I p. Silver Buckles 20/, i do. Stock 

buckles 6/ 1 , 

I p. old Shoes 3/, 4 Baskets 

I Note of Daniel NoUon 20. 

Judgment against Dan. Nolton 4, 

Note of Joseph Prusler 4. 

Book Debts against Jacob Seadsman. 3. 

Do. of Henry Mabec i . 

Note of John GafRt 2. 

14 yards of Yarn 

5 lbs. wool, 10 lbs Flax 

Cash Received of Reuben Drake.... 2. 

Book of Wm. Place 

Cash Due of Joseph Carpenter 

do. do. from Wm. Dunn for Staves 2. 

X p. silver Buckles 

Cash due from Solomon Utter 

Cows Hide and Old Cart i . 




16. 6 



Liber A., page 42. Estate Box 30. 

OOSTERHOUDT, EDWARD, late of Kingston, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Nov. i, 1790, to Sarah Oosterhoudt, the widow, John 
Oosterhoudt and Petrus L. Oosterhoudt, same place. Adm. bond, £300, 
by said administrators, Jacob Turck and James Oosterhoudt, all of 
Kingston. — Inventory, taken Aug. 26, 1790, by Jacob Hendricks and 
Abraham Schoonmaker. Sold at public Vendue as follows: 

To Jacob Turck Junr. 2 old chairs. . 

do. do. 2 chairs 

Joseph Davis a stub'g hoe and 
ax eye 

do. do. iron, one hoe 

Jacob Post a hoe 

Joseph Davis a ax and hoe 

Samuel Elmendorf a old sith. . . 

Joseph Davis a old sith 

Gerret Blackwell a fork 

John Oosterhoudt a handsaw... 

Jacob Ploegh a fox trap 

Johannis Felten a scyth. j 

Jacob Turck Junr. a fork 

Gerret, Blackwell a Calf 

do. do. a Calf 

Peter Van Leuven a Calf 

Jacob Turck Jr. a young Heffer. 
Hendrick Turck a young Heffer. 
Hendrick Post a young Bull. . ; . 

Philip Hooghteeling a Bull 

Samuel Elmendorf a heffer 






























To Petrus Whitaker a heffer 2 

Jacob Post a Calf 

Petrus Whitaker a Calf 

Ephraim McGee a Cow i 3 

Joseph Castle (blank space) .... 4 
Philip Hooghteeling a Cow. .... 4 
Willtam Maurer Grocer a Cow.. 4 

John Oosterhoudt a Ox 6 

William Swart a young stallion. X2 

Dirck Wynkoop a Mare 12 

Gerret Blackwell a Mare 12 

do. do. a young hog 

Philip Ffilten a hammer and 

small ax 

Jacob Felten Jr. a Iron bound 

Slay 3. 

Jacob Bentheusen Ropes 

James Ra/mson a wood sley 

Hendrick Turck a stubing hoe. . 
Benjamin Van Steenbeergh a 


Joseph Oosterhoudt a fan 

6. 6 
18. 6 


3. 6 


I. 7 


7. 7 

8. 6 


Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

John Oosterhoudt (blank space). 

Abraham Whitaker Iron hoops.. 

John E, Schoonmaker a Pidgeon 

Hendrick Schoonmaker a set 
plough tackling 

Benjamin Swart Waggon tack- 

Moses Yeomans a harrow 

James Ramson a plough 

Petrus L- Oosterhoudt a plea- 
sure slay 4. 8. 

Marten Van Leuven Ropes 2. 

Hendrick Plough a Sydt 

Harmanus Minkelar Junr a 

Jacob Hendricks house irons. . . . 

13. 6 

6. I 


John Edw. Schoonmaker a pr. 


Cornelius Brink a sheep lo. 6 

WUhelmus Frantz a sheep to. 6 

Cornelius Brink a sheep 12, 

James Oosterhoudt a Cutlash . . 1.4 

do. do. a sword 3 

Tjerck Burhani 4 plough stocks 3. 

John Oosterhoudt 2 bolts Cleves's i . 4 

James Swart a Whip 4. i 

Joseph Davis Rope 3 

Abraham Burhans Junr. a heffer. 2 . 6 . 

Samuel Elmendorf a Cow 5 . 

John Davenport a Waggon .... 7 . 

£110.15. 6 

Not sold, but appraised Nov. 26, 1790: 

1 p. handirons £i, Thongs & shovel 6/, small Cubbard £ 3- 6- 

Bed, bedding £6, Chest £i, teapot Gill glass, pot 

Small Bible 1 1/, number books lo/, sm. table 5/ 

Candlestick i/6, smooth, iron 3/, basket, look, glass 

8 Chairs 1/16/0, Table 17/, 5 pails 10/6, dresser 

ax 6/, reel i/, teakittle 15/, iron pot 8/, lanthorn 

stillard 5/, saddle, 2 Brindles £2, hachet £1 

Hand irons i/io/o, spining wheel 10/, cask bottles 

Crib, 2 beds, bedmg £5/10, 4 Flour Casks, tub 9/ 

skiple measure 2/, sm. net 4/, pot, griddle 

2 Trunels 12/, 2 Barrells 9/ tub, cap 7/, hogshead 

Cask 4/, tierce 6/, Loom £1/10, spinmg wheel 8/ 

Tub, cask, wood, bowl 6/, frying pan, pot 6/ 

2 earth, pot, 2 Jugs, i Hoser, Wood. Bowl, 2 Barrels 

I o. hh'd 3/, 8 o. flowr Casks, 3 tubs 14/, Chest 

Stallion Horse £39, Hare £12/10, 16 Ewer £9/12 

Reeds 10/, 6/, 4/, 7/6, Spool wheel & Temple 5/ 

2 shuttles & fenaer 8/, part in grindstone and Rope walk 4/8, dung fork, pitch 

fork 3/6 

2 Milk Cows £8, 1 Sow, 4 Pigs £2/10, i Cow £3/10 

Also the wearing apparel of the deceased 

7. 6. 
I. 6. 

10. 6 
5.10. 6 
3- S- 
2.' 9- 

1. 5. 
1. 13. 

2. 8. 

1 . 2. 
1 . 1 . 
61. 2. 
1.12. 6 



£227.16. 2 

One Note of the Trustees of Kingston, Sept. 26, 1788, 6% 

One do. of Benj. Turck, Aug. 1, 1791, for 14 Skipple wheat and cash 9/6 

One do. of Ebeneser Johnson for £2/0/6, Oct. 24, 1789. Insolvent 

(Edward O. m. Sarah Dirck (Turck)^ and had: i. Catharine, bt. June 30, 1782; ii. Sarah 
bt. Nov. 29, 1784). 

Liber A., page 43. Estate Box 9. 

DE GRAFF, HENDRICUS, late of Kingston, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Nov. 4, 1790, to Oseltje Degraf, the widow. Adm. 
bond, £500, by the widow, Martinus Eckert and Stephcmus Eckert, of 

Kingston, farmers. — Inventory, taken Febr. 17, 1791, by Jacob Eckert 
and Theophilus Elsworth: 

2 steers £4/5, 2 Heffers £5/10, 3 Cows £11, 3 Calfs £2/10 £23, 5. o 

5 sheep £2/10, 2 Mair Colts £3/10, 4 horses £26, windmill 37.10. 

Tub 3/, pleasure Slay £4, iron bound waggon £5, harrowe 9. 15. 

plow, sheer colter 10/, _ iron b. wood slay £1/4, flax crackl 3. 

flax coats, hatchet 2/, pitch & dung fork, grindstone 12. 

set tackling for waggon or slay £1/10, 7 Hoggs £5/3 6.13. 

loom, 2 set geers £3, spool wheel, 15 spools £1, barrels 4. 4. 

tubs, Caeg, 3 pails, Skails, 2 Earten Juggs, axes 1.12. 6 

Iron Kitle i6/, tubs, Cagg, pail, iron shovel, wedges, Sadie 2. j . 

wooden do, Bergh scrue, 3 faoesstubin Hoes, fish Net £11 11.17. 

2 flower Barrels, barrels, tubs, woolen weel, 7 Basquets 1.13. 10 

2 Hoggsh 6/, barrels, etc., skiple 6/, shoemakers table, hamer 1. 3. 6 

Drawing Knife, 3 bells, Bulls Bag, 4 Gimblets, Chisel, Gouge 11. 

1 Plain, 2 smooding Irons, strawbed 4/, 2 Blanckets £1 i. g. 

2 powder Horns i/, trammel, thongs. Cradle, stove, 3 spinnen Weels, £3, bed, 2 

Letters of Administration. 193 

sheets i Blancket £3, 2 pillars, bolster, straw bed £1, slaubanck, 2 pillers x6/ 9.14* 6 

Thongs, fire Shovel, trammels, pr. Handirons, firing pan 1.17. 

Tea Cittle 10/, 2 tea pots 8/, 2 puter Dishes 12/, 6 do. plates, i bason 12/, do. mug 

4/, I doz. do. spoons 2. 9. 6 

spoon shelf /6, pails, ironpots, brass skimmers, do. ladle 1.13. 6 

steel trap, flesh fork, 6 earth, plates, boal, J2 knives forks 8. 6 

tea basquets, 6 cups, saucers 2/, chest 12/, Gun £2/5, gridiron 3. 6. 

Brass Cittle i Jug 4/6, 5 Chunck Bottles, looking glass 9. 6 

2 Gin Cases, 6 square Bottles, 'p. Wool Cards, barrel, tin funnel, 2 earth. Cups, 

tin sugar Box, churn, wood. Boals 19. 6 

Table 6/, small trunck 2/, 8 Chairs 5/, Bloom Hof /6 13. 6 

Testament 4/, Questan Book /6, Raiser i/, Strainer /i 5. 7 

£18.17. 7 

(.Henricus De Graaf, bt. Febr. 8, 1741 (s. of Johannes de G., q. v.), m., 1769, Vrseltje 

(.Osseltje) Bckhart, b. Dutchess Co., and had: i. Jacobus, b. between Sept. 21 and Oct. 2, 1773, 

m., Nov. 24, 1799, Maria Langjaer; ii. Maria, bt. Apr. 5, 1776, ra., Jan. 25, 1795, Jan Van Aken; 

iiii. Johannes, bt. Apr. 5, 1778; iv. Josia, bt. June 9, 1782). 

Liber A., page 44. Estate Box 47. 

WEST, PETRUS, late of Kingston, farmer, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Nov. 26, 1790, to Jacob Eckert and Johanna his wife, 
of Kingston. — Adm. bond, £200, by said administrators, Adam Eckert and 
Benjamin Van Aken, Junr., of Kingston. — Inventory, taken March 12, 
1788, by Gerrit Tearpenning, Jan Degraf, and John Beaver, at request of 
Jacob Atker and Annatje, his wife, late the wife of Petrus Weest, 
deceased : 

Black Baldface Guilden £8, Red Baldface Mare £8, Brown Guilden £8, 4 sheep 

£1/16, I Cow £3/10, Do. Bontorspotted £34.16. o 

Red Cow £4, Black Heffer £2, i Mouse colour Cow £3/10 9.10. 

I Mouse Col. heffer £2, pleasure slay 10/, iron wood slay 3.10. 

Iron wood slay £4, hog, sow 16/, dung, pitchforks 10/ - 6. 6. 

Log Chain 10/, plough 1/5, Dung hook, harrow 3/, mattock 2.14 

pick ax 3/, 6 puter plates 6/, 3 do. dishes, bason 16/ 1. 5. 

4 Chairs 6/, Broad ax 4/, wood ax 3/, spade i/, iron pots i . 14. 

Bedstead, bedding. Rug, blankets, sheets, bolsters, pillars sheets Fallance, Curtains. . 6. 

Tea Kittle, 2 pewter pots £1/4, set ^eers, tackling, line complete for a slay or 
waggon £1/4, saw, 3 augers, 4 ^imblets 6/, i saddle 12/, syth with its Boom 

4/, syth & oradle 5/, fan, skipple 3- 3- 

Loom, Warping bar reeds, spools, shutter £4/10, Chest 15/ 5. 5. 

Cubbord 12/, wedges, spinning weel 16/, hanging roaster 2.10. 

pails. Corn plough, 8/, grindstones, churn, milk tubs, cleaver 2 . i . 

I hhds 4/, augers, square. Riddle i/, Hogg 16/, Do. 12/ 1.19. 

Lye cask 14/, flat iron. Break 3/, Cradle 8, drawing knife i. 9. 

(.John West m. I., Catharine Osterhout, m. 2., Nov. 3, 1752, Tanneke Dubois (see Catharine 

West). Issue; i. Petrus, bt. June 7, 1747; ii- Petrus, bt. Jan. 22, 1749, m. (as b. in Dutchess Co. 

iWistj, Jan. 25, 1780, Johanna Van Aken, who m. 2dly, Jacob Acker (Eckert). 

Liber A., page 45. Estate Box 10. 
DUNN, THOMAS, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Jan. 15, 1791, to Amy Dunn, the widow, of New 
Paltz. — Adm. bond, £400, by said widow, Ahsolum Case and Cornelius 
Lockwood, same place, farmers. — Inventory, taken Jan. 27, 1791, by 
Dirck Wynkoop, Junr., and Matthew Lefever: 

I Hose £10, I Meare £12, i mear Colte £12, i Hose Colte £5 £39.00. o 

19 sheep £8/ii, 2 calves £2, 4 Milckes Cow £16, 2 y. Cattel 30.11. 

I Win Mill £1/10, Rice in the Shefe £20, Flax do. £5/12/6 27. 2. 6 

I Pleasher Slay 16/, Plow with irons i6/, Ironbound Slay 10.16. 

Grine stone 6/, 5 Hogs £3, Tackling for span of horses S- 6. 

VOL. II. — 13. 

194 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Sighte & tackling s/, Waeegn £i6. Corn in the yeard £6 "■ S- 

Buckwheat in the keep £3, Weat do. £2, Sundry Luse farming utinsils £2, 

Wevers Loom £2/10, 2 sheeps of bees £1 10.10. 

4 Gees & fowls 15/, Dresser and all that is on it £2: 2.15. 

All that belongs to the fire £3. Tea Cittel, smoveing irons 3.16. 

Peals & Tubes 16/, household goods £5, Beds, beding £15 20.16. 

Thomas Duns desesed his Cloath £7, WooUing Weal, Swifte Quil Weal 14/. Grain 

in the ground £25 32.14. 

£205.11. 6 
Dets owing by Thomas Dun at his death: 

Darick Winekoop Jr £13. 3. o 

Jean Dun '5 . 

Mary Dunn 8. 6. 6 

Adam Dull docke 

Jacob Samons 5 . 

Ruffe Josine Biting 3- 

Liber A., page 46. Estate Box 40. 

TACK, JOHANNIS, late of Marbletown, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Jan. 22, 1790, to Saf ah Tack, the widow. A dm. bond, 
£500, by the widow, Jan Sleghti^ Kingston, and Valentine Smith of 
Marbletown, farmer. 

(Aart Pietersen Tack m. i., Annaije Adriansen, m. 2., Grietjen Vooght, and had: with 
ist wife: i. CORNELIS, bt. Aug. 14, 1660; with 2d wife: ii. Grietjen, bt. Aug. 1663. 

CORNELIS (above), m., Nov. i8, 1688, Barbaar Metselaer (Adamsen), b. N. Y., and had: 
1. Johannes, bt. Nov. 6, 1692; ii. Annatje, bt. Nov. 12, 1693, m.. May 17, 1717, Johannes van der 
WUligen; iii. Maria, bt. Nov. 15, i6g6, m., March 16, 171S, Hartman Heyn, b. New Castle, Pa.; 
iv. Abraam, bt. July 9, 1699; v. Grietje, bt. Apr. 13, 1701, m. June 21, 1718, Fredrik van der 
Merken; vi. Isaack, bt. Jan. 10, 1702, m., June i, 1735, Lena Jansen, widow of Cornells Hooge- 
boom; vii. Sara, bt Apr. 9, 1704; viii. Ary, bt. March 17, 1706, m., Febr. i, 1730, Catrina de Pue; 
ix. Racheltje, bt. June 20, 1708, m., Dec. 22, 1733, Henderikus van Steenbergen; x. Cornells, bt. 
July 6, 1712; Jacobus; 

JACOBUS (above), b. Marbletown, m., Oct. 27 ,1727, Jacomeyntjen van der Merken, and 
had: i. Helena, bt. July 28, 1728; ii. Ary, bt. Apr. 21, 1734; iii. Lidia, bt. Aug. 8, 1736; iv. 
JOHANNES (above), bt March 25, 1739; v. Alida, bt. Sept. 5, 1742; vi. Jacobus, bt Sept 21, 

Liber A., page 47. Estate Box 33. 

ROSE, ARIE, late a private in the line of this State, deceased in^ 

Adm. granted, Jan. 27, 1791, to Cornelius Roosa, of Shawangunk, 
Physician. — ^Adm. bond, £200,, by said Cornelius Roosa, Cornelius Bruyn, 
same place, yeoman, and Jacobus S. Bruyn of Kingston, Merchant. 

Liber A., page 48. Estate Box 7. 

COX, JOHN, late a private in the line of N. Y. State, intestate. 

Adm. granted, Jan. 27, 1791, to Cornelius Roosa of Shawangunk, 
Physician. — Adm. bond, £200, by said Roosa, Cornelius Bruyn, yeoman, 
and Jacobus S. Bruyn of Kingstown, Merchant. 

Letters of Administration. 195 

Liber A., page 49. Estate Box 33. 

RINEHART, JACOB, late of Shawatigunk, laborer, deceased in=i 

Adm. granted, Jan. 28, 1791, to David Rinehart, weaver, a son of 
said Jacob Rinehart. — Adm. bond, £150, by said David, Abraham T. Ter- 
williger, same place, yeoman, and Jacob Rinihart, same place, Cord- 
wainer. — Inventory taken Febr. i, 1791, by Henry Snider and Evert 

About 3 Loads of Hay in the Barak @ 20/ £ 3. 

Five head of Horn Cattle IS.IS. 

Wheat in the Sheaves 13/, i Slabbing Hoe and dung fork i, 

20 bushels Indian Corn 3.10. 

3 do. wheat sowed in the Ground 2.12. 

3 Iron Pots, 2 trammels 1.18. 

I Roster and 1 pair of Tongs and Shovels xo. 

Hang Iron, and Fork and Ladle, i p. Hand Irons 15. 

1 frying Pan and Tea Kettle, 2 Pewter Dishes and 7 plates i. 5. 

2 Smoathing Irons, Earthen Ware, Knife Box with 8 spoons 10 . 

1 Dutch Bible £1/10/, i Testament and Catechism Book 2/6 1.12. 6 

2 pales, i.Cagg, 1 Looking Glass, 1 Tea Cannister 6. 

I Dresser, i Table and Chest, i Leeach Tub, Flour Cask 14- 

I Spinning Wheel 6/, i Bedstead and the Bedding 2. 6. 

X Churn, 2 Sheelers, x Firkin 4> 

I Pickling Tub, i Washing Tub 8. 

Woolen Wheel, and Old Cupboard S- 

I Large Basket, old Scales, and Old Iron 2. 

4 Old Chairs, 4 bushels of Potatoes 8/ X4. 

X sieve and i coarse Hatchet 3 • 

X pair of WoUen Cards 2. 6 

£37. X2. o 

Liber A., page 50. Estate Box 3. 

BENSON, WILLIAM, late of Marbletown, a private in the line, 
N. Y. State, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Febr. 7, 1791, to John J. Cantine, same place. — Adm. 
bond, i200, by John J. Contine, Christopher Tappen and Moses Yeo- 
mans, witnessed by John Van Vleck, Jus., Joseph Gasherie. 

Liber A., page 51. Estate Box 9. 

DUBOIS, JACOB, late of New Paltz, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Febr. 21, 1791, to Isaac Dubois, his son. — Adm. 
bond, £600, by said Isaac Dubois, Junr., Jacob Dubois and Rebecca 
Dubois, all of New Paltz. Witnessed by Tobias Van Beuren. Inventory, 
taken March 30, 1791, by Cornelius T. Jansen and Johannis Bruyn: 

Old waggon, sett of tackling £8, pleasure sled £i/io £ g.xo. o 

Wodden sled ironbound £i/S( °^ chain, log chain 2. 9. 

Plough, sett of hooks Clevishes, tackling 

Share, Coutter, long Bolt xs/, Harrow w. 34 Teeth.. . . . . . 2. 5. 

Corn Plough 4/, I wheel Plough £2, 2 ox yoks 10/, one Brake 3/, x Nail 
Hatchet 1/6, Farming Mill £2, Cutting Bench s/, 3 hayforks 4/, 2 dung 

forks 4-I3. 6 

Spade 4/, stubbing hoe 5/, 2 Broad Hoes 10/, 2 old do. i. 

Bush axe 5/, Post axe x/6, Broad axe sA Small do, Bog Hoe x6. 6 

4 Iron wedges X2/ old handsaw 3/, drawing knifes. Augers ». 2. 6 

196 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Auger, chizels, grinding stone, double hatchet, cranks for Rope Works 6/, iron square, 

2 compasses 3* i. ^ 

Pound weight, 2 lbs. do. Cunch shell, old saddle, womans do 10/, old iron, 9 bells, 

barrak screw, watering pot, sieves, scyths, picks, handles, cradle 4- 3. 

Boush Hook, griddle, old large Cannister, old Hogh'd, 3 flesh coops, 8 o. Casks, 
2 Bee Hives 3/, one old Pigeon Net, old saddle Bags*, 3 o. Bags, 3 spinning 
wheels, woolen wheel, loom £2, spool wheel, 24 large spools, a 7J4 reed. 6. 2. 6 

A 5 1/2 reed & gairs, pr. Weavers Temples, shuttle i^ - 

Straw Basket, cupboard £4, desk £3, saddle Bed with its Furniture 50/, Callico Cur- 

tian Bed, Bedstead • ■ . 19. 12. 

Gin Case, small trunk, small looking glass 8/, candle stand, lid Basket, 3 smoothing 

irons, candle Mould i/, sheep share, chopping Knife 1.16. 

Check Curtian Bed £7, Chest 14/, Cradle 7/, Dining Table 8. 8. 

Small table 4/, Pocket Pistol 4/, Bosett 20/, Dresser 1.16. 

Young Gray Mare £10, Do. Bay Gelding £9, Sow 30/, 6 Hogs 25. 6. 

6 sheep 84/, 9 Geese 18/, Cow w. broken horns £3/10, Dun Cow 12. 7. 

Speckled Cow 90/, Cow w. star in her forehead 90/ 9- 

3 Heifers £6/15, I do. i/is, i red do 30/, 2 Calves 34/ 11.14. 

Horse being exchanged £12, i do. sold £6/10, 3 Cattle 30.10. 

Churn, 6 keelers, I old do., Barl, Sour Crout Cask, Cagg 16. 6 

Small cagg. Butter tub. Washing tub, Earth, pot, stone do 10. 6 

Fish Barls, i Barl, Vinegar Cag, Hogs Ladd, Open Barl, 3 Cyder Barl, 3 1/4 casks. 

Tar Barl & Bucket 1.9.5 

Large Iron pot,, i do. hooped, 3 pots, 2 pails, jug i. 7. & 

flat bottles, old pan, small jug, 2 trammels, Gridiron old shovel & tongs, pr. Hand 

Irons, II Pewter Dishes 14/, i large do., 4 small do., 2 old do 3.10. s 

2 o. Pewter Tankerd, i do Tea pot, 9 do. Spoons, i Bason S. 

Skimmer, Fleshfork, earth, dish, lanthorn, 4 bowles, small do. o. tea kettle, 
8 o. chairs, 1/3 doz. Cups, saucers 3 o. Silver tea spoons 9/, 5 o. Table 
Knives, 1 1 forks, i leech cask, a half barl tub i . 1 4 . 4 

Negro Man named Sime 50.00. a 

Negro Woman named Nan 45 . 

Negro Girl aged 5 years 18. 

Negro Boy between 2 and 3 years old ; 15 . 

Negro Child aged 6 months 5 . 

I old English Bible l/, 1 do. Testament i/, i Young Mans Companion 2/6, Dutch 
Psalm book 4/, i do. i/6. Psalm Book 2/, A Dutch Book entitled De Lust der 
Hylegen 2/, a do. Sermon Book 2/, i do. Solomons Raat 2/, 2 small Paplets 2/ 1 . 

Note against Peter Bevier, Nov. 26^ 1788 for 13 hundrd and three quarter New Mil- 
ford Iron payable in January next at 36/ per hundr 24.15. 

Cash borrowed by Wid. Rebeccah Dubois in the year 1786 and supposed to be still due 4.10. 

Bankers Certificates due from Stephen Fowler i . 4. 

Cash received for flour being the Crop in the Ground 24.12.1i 

£358. 3.4i 
(Isaac Du Bois, bt. Febr. i, 1702 (s. of Jacob Du Bois, q. v.), m. i., Aug. 5, 1732, Neeltjr 

Roosa, m. 2., Oct. 15, 1760, Jannetje Roosa. Issue: i. JACOB, bt Jan. 14, 1733; ii. Rachel, bt. 

Jan. 2, 1737; iii. Sara, bt. Febr. 4, 1739; iv. Petrus, bt. Febr. 22, 1741; v. Jannetje, bt. Sept. 30, 

17444; vi. Johannes, bt. Oct. 12, 1746; vii. Petrus, bt. July 29, 1753. 

JACOB (above), m., Rebecca Van Wagenen, res. near Tuihill. Issue: i. Ysaak, bt. Febr. 

24, 1765; ii. Jacob, bt. June 20, 1769). 

Liber A., page 52. Estate Box 16. 

GEROW, DANIEL, of Marlborough, farmer, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Febr. 26, 1791, to William Gerow, a son of said 
Daniel. — Adm. bond, £300, by said William, Oliver Gerow, and Peter 
Coutant, farmers. — Elisabeth Gerow; widow of Daniel Gerow, late of 
New Marlborough, renounced, Febr. 5, 1791, all her rights to administer 
to the estate. Witnessed by Peter Coutant and Samuel Wyatt. — Inven- 
tory, taken March 7, 1791, by Oliver Gerow and Peter Coutant. 

Letters of Administration. 197 

Liber A., page 54. Estate Box 23. 

KIERSTED, CHRISTOPHER, late of Kingston, Physician, deceased 

Adm. granted, Apr. 8, i79i,,to Lea Kiersted, Roelof Kiersted and 
Luke Kiersted of Kingston. — Adm. bond, £2000, by the widow Lea Kier- 
sted, Roeloif and Luke Kiersted, Egbert Schoonmaker and Petrus 
Mynderse, same place. 

Liber A., page 55. Estate Box 17. 

HOTCHKISS, WILLIAM, late of Ulster Co., a private in tlie 2d 
New York Regiment, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, April 9, 1791, to Edward Lounsberry, of Marble- 
town, yeoman. — Adm. bond, £200, by said Lounsberry, Richard Louns- 
berry and William Conner, same place, farmers. 

Liber A., page 56. Estate Box 3. 

BOULTON, JONATHAN, late of Ulster Co., a private in the 2d N. Y, 
Regiment, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, April 9, 1791, to Edward Lounsberry of Marbletown, 
yeoman. — Adm. bond, £200, by Edward Lounsberry, Richard Louns- 
berry and William Conner, farmers. 

Liber A., page 57. Estate Box 26. 

McCURNEY, STEPHEN, late of Ulster Co., a private in the 2d New- 
York Reg., deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, April 9, 1791, to Edward Lounsberry of Marbletown, 
yeoman. — Adm. bond, £200, by Edward Lounsberry, Richard Louns- 
berry and William Conner, same place, farmers. 

Liber A., page 58. Estate Box 22. 

ERWIN, JOHN, late of Ulster Co., private in the 2d New York Reg., 
deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, April 9, 1791, to Edward Lounsberry of Marbletown, 
yeoman. — Adm. bond, £200, by said Lounsberry, Richard Lounsberry 
and William Connor of same place, farmers. 

igS Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Liber A., page 59. Estate Box 7. 

CONDEN, DAVID, a private in the 2d N. Y. Regiment, deceased in= 

Adm. granted, April 9, 1791, to Edward Lounsberry of Marbletown, 
yeoman. — Adm. bond, £200, by Edward Lounsberry, Richard Louns- 
berry and William Conner, farmers. 

Liber A., page 60. Estate Box 40. 

TERWILLIQER, EVERT ROSE, late of New Paltz, farmer, de- 
ceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, April 19, 1791, to Leantie Rose Terwilliger, the 
widow, late of New Paltz, now of Shawangunk. — Adm. bond, £150, by 
said widow, Abraham Terwilliger, of Shawangunk, weaver, and Evert 
J. Terwiliger, farmer. — Inventory, taken April 18, 1791, by Henry Van 
Wyan, Cornelius Louw and Abraham Schoonmaker: 

3 barrels /4, s wood, bowls, 1/2 barrel tub 4/, 3 pails, 6 Chairs i. 4. o 

share, colter hooks, clevis £1/5, 2 iron wedges, old iron i.ii. 

Sythe, hangings, tromble, fryingpan 14/, tongs, shovel, ax, bitts i, 6. 

3 iron gretts, jug, 3 earth, dishes 16/, 3 knifes, forks i. 6 

2 wood, butter ladles, table, chest 8/6, bedsted, nail hatchet 15. 

2 sows, II piggs, a barrow £3/12, Cow, 2 horses £17/10 21. 7. 

Crop on the ground and Improvement 18. 

Liber A., page 6i. Estate Box 42. 

VULVA, THOMAS, late of Co. Ulster, a private in the 2d New York 
Reg., deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, April 27, 1791, to Edward Lounsberry, of Marble- 
town, yeoman. — Adm. bond, £200, by said Lounsberry, Adam Hoffmat; 
and Dirck Bush, same place, farmers. 

Liber A., page 62. Estate Box 15. 

GOULD, JOHN, late of Ulster Co., a private in the 2d New York 
Reg., deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, April 27, 1791, to Edward Lounsberry, of Marble- 
town, yeoman. — Adm. bond, £200, by said Lounsberry, Adam Hoffman 
and Dirck Bush, same place, farmers. 











nft-^ „ 

I If I 


^^.....^^di^ ■/c^^'*'^ ^7n 



'^■"^<5^^^5^ f^'f 


■0 Of^y^i <^Jj 





Letters of Administration. 199 

Liber A., page 63. Estate Box 47. 

WILLIAMS, THOMAS, late of Ulster Co., a private in the 2d New 
York Reg., deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, April 27, 1791, to Edward Lounsberry, of Marble- 
town, yeoman. — Adni. bond, £200, by said Lounsberry, Adam Hoffman 
and Dirck Bush, same place, farmers. 

Liber A., page 64. Estate Box 24. 

LUNNY, PHILIP, late of Ulster Co., a private in the 2d New York 
Reg., deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, April 27, 1791, to Edward Lounsberry, of Marble- 
town, yeoman. — Adm. bond, £200, by said Lounsberry, Adam Hoffman 
and Dirck Bush, same place, farmers. 

Liber A., page 65. Estate Box 14. 

FIELDS, PHILIP, late of Ulster Co., a private in the 2d New York 
Reg., deceased .intestate. 

Adm. granted, April 27, 1791, to Edward Lounsberry, of Marble- 
town, yeoman. — Adm. bond, £200, by said Lounsberry, Adam Hoffman 
and Dirck Bush, same place, farmers. 

Liber A., page 66. Estate Box 66. 

WELLER, LODEWICK, late of Montgomery, farmer, deceased !n= 

Adm. granted, May 5, 1791, to William Erwin, yeoman. — Adm. 
bond, £200, by said Erwin, John McKinstry, and Adam Cranse of 
Shawangunk, yeoman. — Inventory, taken May 18, 1791, by Alex. Dorcas 
and John Milliken: 

Blass Mare £7/, Brown Cow w. white face £4/10, Brindled Cow £16. 2. o 

Red Cow £4/8, Slay box i8/, o. hogshead 4/, Hayfork, dungfork S-tS- 

Crackle 3/, Neckyoke, leather collars 12/, rings, hooks etc i. S. 

Plow, clivin, &c. handsaw, auger, chisel, Gouge, axe, weeing hoe i . 6 . 

6 Chairs 9/, shove, tongs, drawing knife, trammels, pots, tea-Kettle, iron kettle, 
smoothing irons, teapot, Coffeepot, Cannister, hammer, fryingpan. Candle stick, 

Lanthorn, stove, large cupboard 4- IS ■ 

5 Platters, 3 basons, 3 Pewter plates £1:10, pail keeler, salt mortar. Green Rug, 

streaked bed Quilt or Coverled 3.18. 

Side saddle and bridle £1, Watering pot, skin seeve i. 8. 

2 beds, 3 pillows, bolster, set Curtains £6, Chest with Draws under it £1, Meat tub, 

2 Keelers ■ 7- 6- 

Churn, butter bowl, ladle, grindstone, tarbucket, dye fork 8.6 

2 Bibles z/6, Pewter Quart /6, stone Jugg without a handle 7.4 

6 sheep £2/8, bedstcd and bord 8/, table 5/, chest 5/ 3- 6- 

(Frederik Weller m. Anna Margriet Kokkin, and had: i. Jacob, bt. Jan. 12, 1745; "■ 
CJURG) LODEWYCK, bt. Shawangunk, Jan. 20, 1748). 

200 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Liber A., page 67. Estate Box 10. 

DUNN, JEREMIAH, late of Ulster Co., a private in Capt. Rose- 
krants Company in Colonel Dubois Regiment, deceased in- 

Adm. granted, June 23, 1791, to Joseph Dun of Shawangunk, 
farmer. — Adm. bond, £200, by said Dunn, Cornelius Vernoy, Junr. and 
Evert Roosa Junr., same place, farmers. 

Liber A., page 68. Estate Box 9. 

DUBOIS, TJATIE, late of Rochester, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, July 2, 1791, to Maria Hoornheek and Catharina 
Hasbrouck, the wife of Jonas Hasbrouck, of Rochester, daughters of said 
Tjatie Dubois. — Adm. bond, £5000, by said administrators, Philip Dubois 
Bevier and Cornelius P. Hoornbeek. Witnessed by Jacob Hoornbeck. — 
Inventory taken Febr. 17, 1792, by Philip D. Bevier and Lodewyck 

Negro Man named Tone, Negro Man named Rit, Negro wench named Beaty, i horse, 

2 old Horses, 22 head of Cattle, 15 sheep, 7 hogs, 65 skepples of Wheat, a quantity of Pork 
and Beef, do. of flax and tow, 6 loads of Hay, 88 skepples of Indian Corn, 48 do. of Rye, 81/2 
do. flax seed, 8 do. dry apples, 9 bushels of Rye meal, 9 bags of Potatoes, One Copper Kettle, 
: do., I do. Tea Kettle, i Girdle, i frying pan one iron Ladle, one Brass Ladle, one Brass 
skimmer, 3 iron pots, z earthen Jug, one small Pewter Bason, a do. pot, x/2 doz. knives and 
forks, 3 wooden bowels, 3 do. ■ ladles, 6 towels, 10 1/2 of Butter, some Hogs Lard, 3 earthen 
Platters, 3 do. Bowels, 3 Tea Cups and Saucers, 3 Churns, 2 Wash Tubs, 1/2 barrel Tub, 7 Kielers, 
7 water pails, 1 milk Cask, 3 Baskets, 9 Bags, i bottle, a half pint do., i Rose Blanket, i blanket, 

3 large Linen Bags, 19 lbs. woolen yarn, 28 lbs. Linnen Yarn, 6 lbs. 12-oz. Tow Yarn, i Chair, 
3 baskets, 71/2 lbs. Tobacco, 1 looking glass, i smoothing iron, 6 pillows, i pigeon feather bed, 
X set of Callico Curtains, i iron standing Candlestick, 4 long Gowns, 7 short do., 3 long do., 3 
skanes of Cotton yarn, 8 Petticoats, s short Gowns, 4 Bed Sheets, i dieper towel, 15 shirts, s 
white aprons, i Petticoat, s check aprons, 7 pr. linen stockings, 9 handkerchiefs, 4 pair shoes, 
3 black handkerchiefs, 3 Hack hoods, i persian apron, 9 Ells of woolen cloth, i 1/2 lb. Chacolate, 
73 Ells and 1/2 of Linen, 7 Ells of Linen thro 1000, 6 shanes of sewing thread, 7 baskets and 
1/2 of Potatoes, 20 lbs. Tallow, 17 lbs. 4-0Z. flax yarn, 5 lbs. Tow yam, 3 quarts of mustard 
seed, 9 quarts of dried buckle Berries, i Broad Cloth Cloak, 15 lbs. Candles, 2 pr. woolen 
stockings, i short broad Cloth Cloak, i silver Snuff box, 1 pr. silver sleeve buttons, i pr. silver 
shov Buckels, 38 lbs. of Leathier, i pr. Wool Cards, i small box, 1/2 bush, salt, i large Chair, 

1 pocket knife, 3 linsey woolsey sheets, i old pocket knife, 3 gallons of Rum, i Dutch Psalm 
Book, I Dresser, i Oxhide, i Kneeding Trough, i wooden Shovel, i small hand shovel, 38 lbs. 
Hops, I Cowbell, i Dungfork, i Blanket Reed and Geers, some shoe makers tools, one milk 
tub, I brace Chains, i Negro Man named Prince, i Buffet, some Pins, i hoe, i silk Gown, 12 
Loads of wheat and rye en straw, 20 do. o5 Hay, 7 of which were small Loads, i stack of Hay, 

2 Reeds and Gears, i small table, 1 old Bonnet, i stove, A Quantity of Check, i Skellet, One of 
Banckers Certificates, Princip: £1475:16:6, One Banckers Note for Interest £350:10:2; One 
Continental Bank bill of 200 Dollars at 6%, dated Aug. 24, 1779, all three sold in N. York by 

^John Sleght for £2081. 

All the aforegoing articles and Money Antecedent to the filing of this Inventory were 
divided by mutual Consent Between Maria Hoornbeek, Jonas Hasbrouck, and Catharine, his 
wife, and Johannes G, Hardenbergh and Cornelia his wife. (No valuations given). 

Articles appraised. 

Ironbound Waggon £6, Cannor & the kight to 1/2 of another £ 6. 10. o 

Sith and Handle 10/, Needle Case, some needles i/, some Bohea Tea 6/, 3 Pin 

Cushions, some Neckbeads /4, Some Snuif in a Broken flask i/, some Suggar t/ 19. 4 

Barrick screw compleat £2, sythe 8/, half worn fine comb, pair of sleive Buttons /i, 

Iron Body band /} 2. 8. 4 

Indian hatchet with a pipe /g, 2 narrow axes 5/, 4 iron traces 8/, set of harness and 

3 bits £2, Beef Tub z.19. 9 

Letteus of Administration. 201 

Cask £6/s, 3 lb. & 12 oz. in Copars 5/, A quantity of unbroken flax :o/, 20 Ells of 

Linen thro' 900 10 . 

18 lbs. Bar Iron 4/6, some whale oil /j, 9 white pine plank 18. 3 

:i pitch pine plank 13/9, 2 white pine Boards 1/6, 10 Waggon Belly Boards 7/6, 

1 Corn tan 1/6, 4 Flour Cask 4/, some soap 5/, quantity of flour Barrel staves 
4/, shoe last /i, Neck yoke 8/, 4 Cyderpress floor plank i/, 6 floor plank 6/, i 

large Bag Hops n.n. 4 

Large log Chain 10^, Ploughshare & Collar 15/, Ironwork of a wooden sleigh 4/, steel 

under a sleigh 4/ 1.13. 

Harrow w. 15 Teeth 15/, small quantity shingle wood 5/ i. 

English Ploughshare 8/, pair old Collars 2/, Syth, handsaw i. 1. 

Coopars Iron Hoop 1/6, stubbing hoe 2/, hand adz, clevis w. broken hook & a bolt, 

2 syth handles & nibs, king & 2 wedges, 4 Coopars wooden Hoops, small hand 

still yard, pr. weavers Temples, 2 1/2 linen yarn 16.10 

1/4 of a quantity of wheat in the straw, also 1/4 of threshed wheat but uncleaned in 
the barn, being for rent due from Jonas Hasbrouck, to Tjatje Dubois de- 
ceased, for the old farm 28 skepples @ ;/ 5. 

38 skepples, i Peck and 1/3 a peck of Wheat 9. 11. 9 

25 skep: of Rye in the straw 3.15. 

20 skei>: & 1/3 skep: of Rye 3. 9 

Money in the hands of William Smart being the balance of 4 Barrels of flour delivered 

to him by the Intestate in her life Time 3.12. 

End of the Appresed Articles — 

Bond of Conradi Bevier, of June 16, 1789, for payment of 23. 8. 5 

do. of Abraham and Joseph Claarwater, of March i, 1784, for payment of ?6; 6. 9 

do. of Simon Van Wagenen Jr., June s, 1790, for payment of 23. 

do. of Andries Dingman and James Schoonhoven, 6/z: 1767, for payment of 170. 

do. oi Frederick and Zacha/riah Rosekrans, Sept. 14, 1785, for payment of 92. 6. 11 

do. of Jacob Van Elton, June 15, 1789, for payment of 55.14. 2 

do. of Anthony Chambers, Joseph Rider & Abraham, Kittle, Jan. 14, 1777, for pay- ' 

ment of 80. 

do. of Jacobus Van Fleet & Johannis Decker, June is, 1789 6c.' i. i 

do. of Jacob Ruisen Dewitt. June j6, 1789 53. 7. 

do. of Benjamin Swedes, Nov. 9, 1790. 70. 7. 7 

do. of Daniel Van Garden, Benjamin Van Garden & Joseph Van Ellen, June 15, 

1789 49. 4- 7 

Bond of John A. Hardenbergh, dated Jan. 12, 1790 30. 12. 11 

do. ot Philip and Jacob Hoornbeek, Oct. 8, 1783 10. 

do. of Joseph Rider, Anthony Chambers, and Abraham Kettle, Jan. 14, 1777.... 100, 

Note of Cornelius Van Wagenen to Jacobus Bush and by him assigned to Tjatje 

Dubois, dated June i, 1787, for 3.17. ' 

do. of Tunis Oosterhoudt, June 21, 1785 13.17. 2 

do. of Lodewyck Hoornbeek, Aug. 28, 1785 3.13. 5 

Sealed Note of William Elting, Nov. 6, 1786 7- 

do. of Elijah Gore, Dec. 10, 1788 6. 3. 11 

A Paper containing a promise of Jonathan Westbrouck dated June 14, 1790, for.. 5.18. 2 

Note of John Depuy, Junr., June 11, 1787. for 2.10. 

do. of Jacobus Van Etten, Aug. 21, 1790, for 10. 11 

do. of Marshall Mandley, Apr. 7, 177s, for 33. 

Sealed note of Benjamin Oliger, June 9, 1788, for 4. » . 

do. of Henderick B. Krom to Jonas Hasbrouck, and by him assigned to Tjatje 

Dubois dated June 5, 1788, for lo. 

Note of Jacob Barley, for $15, dated Nov. 10, 177S; do. of Benjcmiin Oosterhoudt, 

and Jacobus Wynkoop, dated Apr. 17, 1787, for 2.10. 

io. oi Moses Cantine, Nov. 17, 1789, for 8.17. 

do. of Daniel Elmore, June 7, 1787, for 2.12.10 

do. of John Thomson, June 15, 1786, for ; 2. i. 3 

One small Book of unsettled Accounts. 

(.Jonas Hasbrouck, b. May 16, 1736 (s. of Daniel H. and Wyntje Deyo (a son of Abraham 

H., the Patentee), m., Aug. i, 176S. Catharine Du Bois). 

Liber A., page 69. Estate Box 3. 

BROCK, NATHANIEL, late of Ulster Co., a private in Col. JAMES 
LIVINGSTON'S Regiment, in the U. S. service, deceased in= 

Adm. granted, Sept. 5, 1791, to Joseph Dun, of Shawangunk, farmer. 
— Adm. bond, £200, by Joseph Dunn, Daniel Snyder, cordwainer, and 

202 Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

William Brock of Montgomery, weaver, in presence of Peter Brogges, 
Joseph Gasherie. — William Brock of Montgomery, weaver, "the father 
of Nathaniel Brock," renounces his right to administer to the estate, 
Sept. I, 1791. 

William Brock (his mark). 

Daniel Snyder (his mark) 

Joseph Gasherie. 

Liber A., page 70. Estate Box 31. 

PLOEGH, NICHOLAS, late of Marbletown, a private in the 2d 
New York Reg., deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Sept. 19, 1791, to Teunis Ploegh, of same place, 
Laborer, a Brother of said Nicholas. — Adm. bond, £200, by said Teunis, 
Justus Bank of Shawangunk, Merchant, and Cornelius Roosa, same 
place. Physician. — Inventory, taken Apr. 13, 1793 : 

I Military Rite of Lands sold for £16.15.0. 

received payment for same. 

Teunis Plogh, Administrator (his mark). 

(Henricus Ploeg, bt. Aug. 7, 1720 (s. of Willem P. and Barber Schoonmaker, q. v.), m. 
Apolonie SUiiter, and had: i. Theunis, bt. Sept. 18, 1757; ii. NICOLAAS (above), bt. Dec. 13, 
1761; iii. Surah, bt. March 11, 1764). 

Liber A., page 71. Estate Box 7. 

CALLENQAN, (or Callaghan), JOHN, late a private in the 1st 
N. Y. Reg., deceased intestat 

Adm. granted, Sept. 22, 1791, to Jeremiah Shehan of Shawangunk, 
Labourer, "A Brother of John Callengan" above. — Adm. bond, £200, by 
Jeremiah Skeahan, labourer, Justus Banks, Merchant, and Adam Cranse, 

Liber A., page 72. 

aiBSON, ROBERT, late of Ulster Co., a private in the late Con= 
tinental Army, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Nov. i, 1791, to James Barkly, Junr., of Montgomery, 

Liber A., page 73. Estate Box 35. 

SHEARER, JAMES, late of Montgomery, Cordwa.iner, deceased 

Adm. granted, Nov. 12, 1791, to Ann Shearer, the widow. Adm. 
bond, £50, by the widow, Lewis Bodine, same place, yeoman, and Teunis 
Sleght of Kingston, Cooper. 

Letters of Administration. 


Liber A., page 74. Estate Box 7. 

CORWIN, JAMES, late of Wall Kill, Carpenter, deceased intestate- 

Adm. granted, Nov. 17, 1791, to George Corwin and Eli Corwin, 
same place, farmers. — Adm. bond, £150, by said George and Eli Corwin, 
Nathaniel Wells of Wall Kill, farmer and Matthew Dubois of New 
Windsor J Esquire, witnessed by Abraham Freer and Joseph Gasherie. — 
Inventory, taken Dec. 21, 1791, by Israel Wickham and Nathaniel Wells. 

2 Cows, I HeifEer, i calf £12 

13 sheep, 2 horses, 2 shoots 37 

Wheat & Rye upon ground 13 

do, & Flax in Sheaves 16 

I Mow & 2 stacks of hay g 

I Iron fork, 3 Syths & Plow & 

Harrow i 

Boards, Planck, timber 5 

Sadel, bridel, sadel Bags i 

1 Mattock, 2 hoes, 2 axes, i 

Bush hook. Rings, wages .... x 
Dog & Chain Waggon, Boxes, 

Bands, Grinstone 

Bleed, harness, 2 Cleveses, Mason 

tooles 1 

2 sickels, 2 axes, old iron 

A whole Sect of Carpenters tooles 

& joiners tooles 13 

z Gun, Sword, Baginet, Conduce 

box, powder horns i 

2 tables, 8 chairs, i desk, 3 chests 6 

2 trammals shovel & tongs 

3 kettels, 2 pots, pie pan, spider 

and gridel 2 

I warming pan, smothing Iron, 


Stilyards Case Knives & forks, 

salt morter 

• IS. 

. 6. 


• IS- 

• IS- 


• 9. 




■ 17. 


. u. 

• IB. 

■ 7- 





1 tub, 6 pales, 15 spoons, 2 canes- 

ters, tunnel peper-box i , 

4 Basons, 4 platters, 13 plates, 

X tea pot & tea Cups i . 

2 Mugs, 3 Booles, 3 Bottles &c . . 

1 pot, pan, knjve box, bool Stc... 

2 Cags, tub. Churn, crackel. . . . 
10 Books, Brases, 4 Window- 
springs 2. 

1 p. hinges. Corn, Beans 4. 

Wheat, 5 bags, 8 Cags, flaxseed, 1 

Siv 2. 

3 Wheels, 5 Bedsteds, Cords.... 4. 

4 Beds, Beding, 2 seet of Curtens 22. 
I Bed Spread, labelling, 4 towels 3. 

Beef and pork 5 . 

20 Bush. Potatoes and a Nursery. 4. 

Work bench 

Flower and wooling yarn, i Hide, 

I reel, 2 Beels 3. 

A lome and tackling 4. 

A Bond of Wm. Corwin 54. 

A Note of Israel Wells & one of 

Luther Corwin 15. 


Continental Money 54s . 

14. 6 

13. 6 

8. 6 

16. o 

7. o 

1. 8 

2. 8 

o. o 

16. o 

4. o 

10. o 

6. S 

5- 3 

Liber A., page 75. Estate Box 35. 

SINSAPAGH, HENRY, late of Montgomery, yeoman, deceased in= 

Adm. granted, Nov. 26, 1791, to Margaret Sinsapagh, Henry Smith 
and Benjamin Sears, all of Montgomery. — Adm. bond, £300, by said 
Margaret, widow of said Henry, Henry Smith, Benjamin Sears, Adam 
Crance and Christopher Tappen. — Inventory, taken Dec. 3, 1791, by 
Jacob Bookstaver, Johannis Moulde and Daniel Crist, on petition 
of the executors (named before) and also Matthias Kimbark Sr., one of 
the Creaditors of said Estate. Also James Laughlin, Reputable Inhabi- 
tant of said place. 

Crop in the New Ground £7.10. 

do. in the old do 6 . 

do. in the Barriet 21. 

Hay in the. Barn 4.10. 

One Windmill 2.10. 

One Breeding Mare 12. 

I do. £5, I Colt £12 17. 

I Horse £3, i Bocks 5- 2. 

I Cow Read w. white face 4- 

1 do. Brown, i Brindle 6.10. 

I Brindle heifer 2.15. 

I read do, 2 Yearlan do s . 

I Bool Calf io/z2 sheep 4.14. 

20 dunghill forks 3. 

Waggon, Tackling 6 . 

Timber 4/ Chain 6/ 10. 

Cyder Mill £3. Sleigh, etc 4. 

Loom, tackling '. z. 

Moving Cradle, scythe 8. 

Lye tub 3. 

Mattichspaid & Weeding hoe, 

bush hook 10. 


Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

2 tubs i/6, I Hogg £i 

1 Cag, Tub i/, Grinstone 

4 shoats 

2 scaps with Bees 

staves and Heading 

2 Iron wedges 

Cross cut saw. 

2 augers, x plain, i long jointer. 

Plough, tackling, Hansaw 

Big Kittle, 2 Keelers 

I Churn, pail 

Barrel Methislam half full 

I Tiers soap, tub etc 


Corn in ears 

3 bee scips, 2 adds 

7 ilour barrels 

4 Bags 4/, Buckwheat i/io/.. 

Cow bell, old iron sith 

Tub Beef, tub Pork 

Sive and Boull 

I . I. 

. S. 


■ 14. 

I Bed, bedding w. Curtins i 

I Gun 1/4/0, Chist & Table 

1 Table, s Chairs, i Chest 

Knives, forks, earthenware 

Puter Dishes & Plates 

2 pots, pan, teakettle, griddlt . . 


Smoothing Irons, Skimers, Candle 

stick & spailf 

Hanirons, Tramel shovel.. 

Bed, bedding for children 

2 straw beds, 10/ and 4/ 

Spinning Wheel, Check Reel 

Wooling Wheel . i\ 

Sinsepaghs wareing apperl 

WoUein yarn 

Flax and yarn 




(Filed June 14, 1802). 

£134.14. 4 

Henry Smith and Benjamin Sears, administrators, petition on that 
day for Aid, the personal Estate of Henry Sinsapagh, late of Montgomery, 
Co. Ulster, formerly, now in Co. Orange, not being sufficient to pay his 

At a Court held at the Surrogate's Office, Oct. 18, 1803, it was ordered that the real estate 
held by Henry Sinsapaugh deceased should be sold, consisting of "the 1/9 part of one Messuage 
dwelling House and Farm in Co. Orange, town of Montgomery, beginning at the south westermost 
corner of Margaret McCleason Lot being a white Oak Sapling marked on four sides with 
three Notches and a Blaze, and runs thence along the Line thereof. Northeast 42 Chains to the 
North westermost Corner thereof, being a Stake and heap of Stones in the Southwest Bounds 
of Catharine Rockefellows deceased Lot, then along said heap of Stones," "then along said bound 
northwest 40 chains and 80 links to a Stake and heap of Stones being said Catharine Rocke- 
fellows westermost Corner in the Line of the Tract then along said Line north 83 degrees west, 
g Chains to the Angle of the Tract, being the southwesterly Corner of James Wards Farm, and 
runs thence along the Line thereof North 7 degrees East 36 Chains to the place where the said 
Tract first began on the Wall Kill or Palta Creek, thence along said Creek up the Stream to the 
Northwest Corner of Lot No 26, then south 14 degrees East 38 Chains to the said Angle of the 
Tract, then Southwest 4 chains to a stake and heap of stones, then south east 26 chains and 53 
links to another stake and heap of stones, then southwest 32 chains to the northwest Corner of 
Lot No. 3, then Southeast 21 Chains and 80 Links to the place of Beginning, containing 135 
acres (excepting out of the said premises 22 acres conveyed by Jacob Sinsapagh and Elisabeth 
his wife to Christian Sinsapagh), 

Same administrators on Oct. 28, 1802, filed an account : 

J 2/24. 

1 79 1. 



Paid to 

John Still £17. I. o 

Matthyse Kimbergh ii. 6.10 

John Patermer. 

.... 2.1S. g 

Christian Rockefeller. .. . 7. 5. 1 

Andries Hart 1.13. 4 

Samuel Sears i. 2 

James Stuard £15.00. o 


23. 3. 6 
I. 18. 4 
I. 4. 
7. 3. 

Hamilton Morrison 

Martinus Christ 

Matthias _ Warner 

Jacob Sinsepagh 

John Blake (Execution) 

Alex. Sudtherland 8. 9. i 

William Jackson 5. 6. 4 

Josefh Elliott 3 . 6 

Benjamin Sears (Execu- 
tion & Taxes) 3.14- jM 

Wm. Suel Sears 9.9 

Samuel Cravrford 9. 3 

Frederick Bookstaver . . ■ . 19. 6 

Daniel Shafer 11. 

Wm. Bookstaver 5. 

Wm. Mikels i- 7- 5 

Joh. Wm, Youngblood ... , 11.4 

Mattheisfi Hunter 4. 5. 5 

do. (in full) 26. 2. 7 

For services and Expenses 17. 

£169. 3. m 
June 14. 

By amount of Inventory. £134.14. 4 
Cash 'of Simon Phelas... 12. 5 

do. of Jacob Mikles.,.. 9. i 

of Hugh Sutherland 
of James MUler. . . . 
of Henry Weller... 
of do do ... 

of Philip Christ 

of Henry Christ. . . . 
of Jeremiah Smith. 




6. s. 

£144.18. 6 
By ballance due the ad- 
ministrators 24. 4.11^ 

£169. 3. 
(Original receipts in same box). 


Letters of Administration. 


"We Henry Sinsapaugh and Christian Sensebaugh, both of Montgomery, yeomen, bound 
unto Cadwallader Colden of Coldingham Co. Ulster, Esq. in the sum of £180., as security for 
payment of £54.5.0. Dated May 9, 1787. Witnessed by David Colden and Joseph Jones." — 
(On the icverse side receipts in full, signed ist and zd by Cadwallader Colden and the final 
receipt by Alex. Colden.) Henry Sansabaugh's promise to pay Matthias Warner £5. 10. on 
demand. Nov. 24, 1790. Witnessed by David Galatian. Henry Sansabaugh's promise to pay to 
Jacob Sansabaugh £3. before Jan. 1st next. Jan. 29, 1791. — All in the same box. 

Liber A., page 76. Estate Box 43. 

VAN KEUREN, CATHARINE, late of Shawangunk, a widow, de= 
ceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Nov. 13, 1790, to Jacob Van Keuren, of New Polls, 
fanner, John Lewis and Simon Terwilliger of Shawangunk, farmers. — 
Adm. bond, £300, by said administrators, Teunis Terwilliger of Shawan- 
gunk, and Ephraim Decker Junr. of New Paltz, farmers.— Inventory, 
taken Dec. 3, 1791, by Simon Terwilliger, John Lues and Jacob Van 
Keuren : 

1 Bond, £59/18/6, I Note £14/16, i do. £9/8 £84. 2. o 

Iron shovel 1/6, Putter tea pot 5/3, i Chaire /g, i do 

Iron pot 4/S. Tea Cettele 15/6 Poot Led 1/3, 1 sheet 13/s 

Pare of Pillow Casse 5/6, Blanket 8/, do 8/, sheet 2/ 

Sheet, ladse and bock, book, pare of pillow casse, bolster 

Tow foot rule 1/6, stove and tost /4, Pale 1/7, Milk tub 

Candelesticb, Badstid 6/6, blanket, Bibel 12/, 2 books 

Neger Wench *. 13 

Spinning Wheele 6/, Gridiron, puter bason, 2 spoons, sheet i 

Hare shift i/, skimer, fork, trunk, pare smooding iron i . 5. 7 

Kiver Led 18/, trabele 1/2, Book 2/, Bodtick /6, Book /6 i . 2 

2 pillows, fedder Bad £6/9/3 6.17. 9 

Liber A., page yy. Estate Box 7. 

COLEMAN, JOSEPH, of Newburgh, yeoman, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Jan. 13, 1792, to Eunice Coleman, his widow.— ^Adm. 
bond, £400, by widow, Isaac Bellknap and Daniel Birdsall, Jr., all of 
Newburgh. — Inventory, taken Apr. 9, 1791, by Dirck Amerman and 
Isaac Hasbrouck. 


1. 14. 7 
I. 3- 6 

1. 15. S 

S- 1 
I .to. 

I. 12. 30 

2 horses £20. 

I colt I -IS. 

6 cows 24. 

4 2-y. o 9 • 

4 y. olds 6 . 

4 calves 2 . 

2$ sheap 10. 

3 hoggs 1. 16. 

z old ploughs 10. 

I iron^ shovel 3* 

I pitchfork 

I wood sled i . 

I box slay 2. 

I set harness 12. 

I stubbing Hoe 2 . 

4 sra. devices & l large 8 . 

3 old Bridles 2. 

I bung borer i . 

I Mans saddle i. 

1 Womans do 

3 old hoes 3 . 

2 Coopers Joint S. 

I hand saw 2. 

3 o. draw, knives 

3 old adzes 

I howel 

I o. coopers Ax 

1 Crooked Shave 

I Crows 

1 Nail hammer 

2 o. Chisels 

1 do. Narrow Ax 

3 do. Sythes 

2 Bush do 

1 Hatchet 

I Betle, Iron Wedge 

1 Grindstone 

I Leach tub ■ 

z Iron potts & kittle crakd. 

1 Frying pan 

Grid Iron & Toster 

2 Old Tea Kittle 

2 Trammels 

2 pr. tongs, shovels 

Large Drippen pan 

2 pr. handirons 





Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

4 Candlesticks 2. 6 

2 pr. Smoothing irons 8. 

I Guaging Rod 2 . 

Old Ironware i . 6 

I fz doz, new knives St forks 6 . 

Old knives do i. 6 

Earthenware* puter 8 . 

7 basons, 5 plattes i. 4. o 

Tin Kittle, Witening pot, Lan- 

thorn 12. 

13 Old Chairs 13. 

I old Dusk 1. 10. 

3 Beds, Bolster, pillows 7.10. 

I do small i . 

I suit Curtains 1.15. 

1 do. homespun 1.15. 

4 Bedsteds i. 4. 

4 p. Blankets 1.12. 

8 Sheets* 2 small 5 . 

4 Coverlids 3 . 4 . 

2 Small do i . 

2 o. Tables 18. 

X Marrines Book & the General 

trade of the world i . 

I Tea table i . 4 . 

I Chest Drawers 2 . 

1 Looking Glass i . 

Old Tubs, pails 16 . 

3 o. table Cloths i New, 9 Towels 

2 Diaper Napkins, 2 Diaper 

table Cloths z . 5 . 

1 2 pr. pillow Cases 12. 

2 tablespoons silv 10 . 

1 1 small do i . 

I Linnen Wheel etc x8. 

1 Warming pan 6 . 

Half Bushel 3. 

Reel 5- 

Brass Kittle i . 

£131- 3. 3 

2 1/2 acres Wheat in Ground.. 2.10, 

3 acres Rye do z.z6. 

£i3S- 9. 3 
Balances due and against the 

Timothy Coleman £4- !■ S 

Walter Folger 16.17. 7 

Jonat, Burnal i . 19. 7 

Sylvenus Macy 4.13- 6 

Prince Haden 8. s-n 

Jonath. Fitsjerld 4* 7* 5 

Joseph Semons 2. 5. 6 

Francis Joy 2.19. i 

Eben. Colhnan 2 . 13 . 7 

Justus Banks 6 . 6^ 

Jon. Upham 11. 6}^ 

Benj. Birdsall. Deceased 7- i« 6 

Peleg Cogshal. 13 - 3 

Ichab, Aldridge 2.2 

David Ray 3'i7- i 

David Belknap. 4« 4 

John Brock i . 

Eben. Barnard 9 • 6 

Thomas a Negro belonging to 

Wm. Collard 9.8 

JohM H, Schenck x.ii 

John Higeans 10. 11 

William Sando 2,19. 

Doctor Finley i . 4. 6 

Robert Hanmer 1.16. 

William Wyre. 10 . 3 

James Hams 6. 9 

Stephen Paddoc 4- 8. 

John Stil-afell 11. 6 

David Smith 2.15. 

Jam,es Munnel 3.9-9 

John Porter 11. 6 

Francis Brown i. 8.10 

Joseph Dunn 10. 9 

Richard Ward i . 

Robert Morrison i 3*6 

Andrew Taylor 2. 

Robert Carscadyne z . 6 

James McMasters 3- 

James Innis i. 9. 

John Crouse z. z. 6 

Elizer Lucy t 6. 3 

James Maston zo . 

Benj. Coleman z . Z3 . 

Elisha Painter 2,Z7. g 

Capt. Shepherd 2. 

Elias Burger i . g 

Benj. Carpenter 2. 6 

Jonathan Belknap 3 . 

Lieut. Brown. .. .'. 5.6 

Egbert Dumon 2. 3 

widow Hasbrouck 2.6 

Joseph Pettengill 1 . 10 . 3 

Paymaster Tucker 15. 9 

Moses Jarvis 6. 3 

Jsaac Hasbrouck 11. 4 

Benj. Fosaic 5 . 6 

Peter Decker i . 6 

Solomon Purdy 14. 

Benj. Ames 1 1 . 10 . z i 

Thomas Palmer, Deceased i. o. z 

Benj. Roe if. aj^ 

Cornelius Hasbrouck 8. 11 

Adam ^ Smcebough i. i. 6 

Jeremiah Wood i . 16 . 

5*1705- Gardner z.iz. 

Stanton & Noyes 6 . 4 

Hugh Milliken 4. 

Benjamin Berling 

Thomas Barclay 4 . 

John Carrot 4. 5 

Daniel Barbe 3 . 

John Dickinson i , 8 . 

Mercy Pitts 5 . 

Benj. Coihn 9 . 

Adolph De^ove 3. 6 

To a Certificate from the Treas- 
urer of the State £34 sold..' 40.16. 
To I do. £4 1/3 Interest Drawn 

Sold @ 18/ on the £ 3.12. 

Creditors : 

Jeihro Mitchell £4. o. 8 

Oershom Duce 10. p^ 

Prince CofHn i . 7 

Richard Russle 2.6 

Seth Buncker 9 

Thomas Coffin 1. 5.10 

Francis Worth 7. 9 

Moses Hatfield 9. i}4 

George Gardner 9 . 8 

Peter Berdine 11. 6 

Timothy Corwine i. 8. i54 

Samuel Crosby 2. 4. g 

George Fox 17. 3}^ 

Ruth CoMn 12. 

Solomon Folger 2 . 3 

Steward & Hay 3.13. 6 

William Cpddingtffn 2.13. 

Benj. CofHn 73.12.10 

To Interest drawn on the £4 Cer- 
tificate 2 . 4)4 

Albertson Smith 15. 

Letters of Administration. 


Isaac Belknap Jr 3 . 3 . 

Asa Bmson 8. 

Derick Anneman & other; Trus- 
tees Newbwgh Congregation. 3. 7. 
Sim. Cookes , Tools sold i. z. 



Priscilla IVinslow 17 . 

William Roach & Sons 9. 13. 8 

William Stanton 3. i. 3 

Timothy Hudson 4. 

William Bloomer 2. 5. g 

Widow Mary Birdsall 2.13. 4 

Widow Catherine Morrison i. 9 

Liber A., page 78. Estate Box 12. 

ECKERTi ADAM P., late of Kingston, Cordwainer, deceased in- 

Adm. granted, Febr. 2, 1792, to Cornelius Eckert and Peter Van 
Aken of Kingston. — Adm. bond, £150, by said administrators, Bodewine 
Terepening and Samuel Frere. Inventory, taken Febr. 3, 1792, by Peter 
Van Aken and Theophelios Eliworth: 

2 Iron bound slay £5/5. wodd slay 16/, 2 slay Collars and trasses 8/, Crackle 3/, 

I plow £1, 2 torcks, weatfan £8. i. 6 

Plow Cleves 3/, 2 sm. do. 2/, 2 Rakes i/. Cow £3, i do. £4 7. 6. 

1 cow £4/10, sow, 3 pigs £1, shote 10/, 7 shee^ 10/ 9.10. 

15 fouls 10/, spool s/, Loom £3, 2 set geers 8/, 6 pails, tubs 14.13. 6 

2 half barrel tubs 4/, 2 sider barrels x6/. Churn, 3 ca^s i. 8. 

Tin ja /6, lye tub 8/, 3 sheepskins i/, sopebranf /g, Mair £4 4.10. 3 

Pr. tamples 4/, 2 sheckles 3/, Woolen Weel ^/, drawing knife 17. 

Braid Ax 3/, 3 narrow do 12/, tomhauck 1/, ironwed^, hoes 19. 

I 3/4 auger 2/, Goudge 1/6, 2 Chisels 3/, Mallet /i, iron bands 6. 9 

1 pr. Silver nighooks 4/6, i do. Nebuckils 5/, i do. Sue do 10. 6 

Peuter pint & funel 3/6, 3 tin cups 1/3, salt pounder 1/3 6. 

3 pails 1/6, Iron Bound pail 2/6, 2 pails 3/6, dresser 4/, teapot 16. 6 

fi peuter plates g/, 2 do. dishes 8/, pan 3/, 3 Iron pots £1 -^. 

2 smooding Irons 3/, 2 Earthen pots 2/6, thongs, fire shovel 11. 6 

■ -....- •- -*- -. - - -6 jj g 

Straw Bed £2/5, 
felt hat 4/, 2 p. 

Briches '10/ 7- 8. 

Leader Briches 4/, i doz. Butons i/, 2 Coats 12/, 3 p. stockings 8/, i Watch Coat 

£2, I render Chacket 12/ 3.17. 

Linnen Breeches 3/, Silk Handkerchief 2/, spinnen weel 13. 

3 tubs s/6> Grind stone 3/, 2 Wool. Shurts 12/ i. 6. 

4 Iron Rings i/. Gun £1/12, p. Brushes 2/, i Hy Dutch Bible 2. 15. 

Testament prayer Book 5/. Psalm Book 3/> Brass Inchorn 8. 3 

Wooden pipe i/. Ear picker /6, teat picker /6, Bulls bag 3 . 

Box lA strawbed 4/, Bolster 3/, 2 striped sheets 10/ 18. 

3 o. Blanckets 4/, feder Bed £i/is, strawbed s/, pillar 2. 7. 

Old Blancket 2/, strawbanck 8/. trunck 3/, strawbed /g 13. 

skimmer i/, 3 Gugs 3/, pail 2/6, Calf Skin 6/, p. Handirons i. 4. 6 

2 rammels 12/, 2 Gin Casses, bottles 11/, round table 8/ i.ii. 

g chairs 18/, Raiser strap i/, sugar Box /g, 2 wood boals i. 3 

4 wood, plates /g. Candlestick, snuffers 2/, 6 knives, 13 forks 7. 9 

II peuter spoons 3/6, earten dissish 2/6, 2 earten mugs 7. 

3 earten Boals, 3/, 2 Glasses 2/, Boal, 6 Cups, sausers 7. 

adge, 6 alls 2/6, 2 Heal Alls /g, 2 leader thongs 4/ 7.3 

13 alls /g, 16 pegs /s, s shoemakers knives 2/, 3 hammers 6. 6 

Heal gouge /9, 2 stam pipes /g, Shoemakeirs Wooden tool k 2. 3 

Shoemakers table 1/6, 4 Gimblets 2/6, 2 Scrue Locks 2/ 6. 

Tinder Horn steel i/, Cumpas 1/6, tobacco Boit /g, 62 Lasts 13. 3 

2 Hand waggon weels £1, 5 Cow Bells 18/, steal trap 10/, i side upper Leader 

8/, 2 tubs, 3 barrels, i Cage, i tub. 3. 12. 

Skipple measure, half busel measure. Hall tub. Brass Cittle 4. g 

2 smoodin plain, Cutlash 3/, Cabbige plain, 2 sadales, bridles 4.16. 

Chain, Cowhide, sm. box, 2 boards, p. Snow Shoes /5 i. 5. 

£8g.ii. 6 

Liber A., page 79. Estate Box 33. 

RUMP, HENRY, late of Montgomery, farmer, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted,, Febr. 17, 1792, to Eleanor Rump, the widow. — ^Adm. 


Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

bond, £300, by the widow, Robert Thompson, same place, farmer, and 
John Jardon, of Wall if jW.— Inventory, taken March 17, 1791, by Willican. 
Johnson and Abraham Calwell, and signed by Eleanor Rump (her mark) 
formerly, now Eleanor Bannerman. 

I yoak of oxen £ 

I black & white Cow 

I yellow & do. brindle do 

1 red with a white face do 

I brown cow with the Bell 

I do. with white face 

I do 

z brindle w. a Brockled face 

1 yello w. a white face farrow do. 

2 heifers 4/10, 2 calves 

I horse 12/0/0, i mare 

9 sheep 6/is/o, a fat Sow 

1 sow w. pig 1/8/0 

2 barrows £2, s sheets 

2 Hives w. bees 

1 o. Iron Bound sled 

Collars Brechbands 

2 green hides 16/, 2 ox yokes 

1 grindstone 12/, 8 Geese 

Coopers tools 

A cradle i/, part of bed 

Drawing Knife 

Broad Ax, Bettle & Hoe 

Hammers, Nipper, saw, sword.... 

2 Augurs, froc, z Syths 

10 Horse Shoes 6/, saddle 

3 planes 3/, Shoemakers tools & 


4 emty Beehives 

scoop shovel 1/6, 7 Barrels i tub, &c. 

2 sives 

7 bush, salt 1/15/0, 2 Gags 

Corn Plow 

Shear, Mold Iron & long Bolt 

2 Eeeds, i p. Geere 

1 Piece of soal leather 

Sundry Yarn 

A womans saddle^ bridle 

2 Baskets, Cradle, Tow 

Half Bushel 

A piece of woolin Cloth 

Flaxseed 3/, Meat & Butter 

(Son of Peter Rump, q. v.). 



3. S. 

21 . 10. 
I. 8. 

1. 12. 
I. 4. 
I. 8. 

1. 19. 





3. 3- 

A tub w. soap 3/, Churn &c 12. 

Siuidry 9/, Oats 6/, Rye i. 9. 

Flax in the Sheaf 

Dunkfork, shovel, fork 6 . 

Potatoes I . 

Plow Harrow &c. An ax i. 4- 

Sundry 6/, Dre^er, Puter 1.18. 

Tee Tackling, small pot J . s . 

Large kittle, pot. Griddle I. 3. 

Tea do., smooth, irons Z2. 

4 pails, pigin, frying pan 17. 

Looking Glass 8/, Reel, 2 Wheels. 1.12. 

Churn 2/, Table, 7 Chairs i8. 

Mattock 5/, Wood Sled 5/ i. i. 

Chain 9/, Pr. Scissors 16/ i. 5. 

3 Beds, beding £6/6/4 16. 

6 twild Bags 2. 2. 

Shilled Com... 2. 5. 

Corn in the Ear 10. 

stamp mortar, p. Kingses 2. 6- 

Buckwheat 16/, Musguet 1.16. 

Wheat in the house 3 . 

Die tub, p. Boots 8/ 10. 

Coat, Jacket, 2 p. Breeches 3 . 

Great Coat, Jacket, Trowsers 15. 

3 p. mens stocking 7. 

A piece of Uper leather 6 

Basket i /, Do. 2/, Tray /g 3.9 

4 Gammons, Dry d Beef i . 

1 p. Stockings, 3/ Buckels 15. 

Clothing 1/16/1, p. Linning 3. 

5 Sheets 2/10, Hat & Case 3.18. 

Bed Cloths 12/, Basket, 2 Table 

Cloths 1 . 7 . 

Books z6/. Shaving Box, Razor.... 18. 

Knives, forks 2/6, Tub 4. 

Windmill 2;fio, i p. Shoes 2.16. 

Chain, Clevis, Wheat in Ground. . 24. 4. o- 

Rye in do. £5, Hay 2/5 7. s- °- 

Crop Wheat & Boards sold 55. o. o 

£258.11. 9 

Liber A., page 80. Estate Box 14. 

FELL, PETER R., late of Montgomery, Merchant, deceased in= 

Adm. granted, March i, 1792, to Margaret Fell, the widow. Adm. 
bond, £2,700, by the widow, Cadwallader Colden and Thomas Colden, 
Esqrs.---Inventory, taken Nov. i, 1791, by Nathan Smith and Thomas 
Colden : 

Merchandise on hand, remaining in the Store £300.00. 4. 

Cash on hand .", u] j' 

Beds, bedding £30, 8 Mohogany Chairs £12, 10 Windsor Do. £3 45' 

6 black Walnut Do. £1/10, i Dining table £4/10, Tea Table £2/10 8.10. 

Common table £1, 2 Tilet Do. 10/, Tea Urn £3, Mirror £4 8.10. 

1 Mirror £2/10, i do. 10/, Pr. Brass Andirons, Tongues, Shovel 9. 

2 pr. Iron Andirons, etc. £2, i do. 8/, Clock £2/10, 60 oz. Silver Plate £24, 

Citchen Furniture £5, 7 Cows £31/10 65. 8. 

I Year old Heifer £24, 3 Spring Calves £3 2 Hogs £4, 9 do 22.10. 

I Sow £1/10, 6 Sholes £3, 4 0. Horses £24, i o. Waggon, Geers 33.10. 

Letters of Administration. 209 

1 Iron Bound Slay £4, Gun £.2, Flow, tacklings £z/io, z wooden harrows 4/, S 

acres Wheat £12, 4 do. Rye £3 22.14. 

60 bush. Indian Corn £9, 40 do. Wheat £12, 15 do. Rye 2/12/6 23.12. 6 

13 Tons Coarse Hay £18/5, 23 Sheep £10/7, 4 Cags Butter 43. 4. 

SO bush. Potatoes £5 5. 

Negro Wench named Sarahs 40 years old 40. 

Negro do. do. Cloe^ with her Infant child 60. 

Negro Boy named Cipio '. ' 45. 

Nailers Bellows Vice & Tools £4, 3 o. Axes 13/6, i New do 5. 2. 6 

3 Mattocks 15/, Spades 10/6, Shovels 8/, Brush Sythe 5/ i . 19. 

Boginghowe ; 10. 

£762.11. 4 

Debt due on the partnership of Tell & Grahams unsettled and in doubt 400. 

Debts due on Book Accounts 178. 6. 

Do. due on Do. small Do. and in doubt S . 

£1345.17. 4 

Liber A., page 8i. Estate Box 17. 

HANMER, DAVID, late of Montgomery, Cordwainer, deceased in= 

Adm. granted, May 3, 1792, to Jonathan Parshdl, of New Windsor, 
yeoman, a Creditor of said David. — Adm. bond, £200, by said Parshall, 
John Morrison and Nathan Parshall, all of New Windsor. — Inventory, 
taken March 22, 1794, by Samuel Boyd and Francis Crawford: 

A debt said to be due from Samuel Kance to the Intestate for a 
Negro Man for which there is no bond or Note appears and the Debt to 
he supposed by Verbal testimony is said to be £77.19. exclusive of Interest. 
The above debt disputed. 

Liber A., page 82. Estate Box 7. 

CHURCH, JOHN, of Marbletown, Labourer, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, May 9, 1792, to Edward Lounsbery, of same place, 
yeoman, a Creditor of John Church. — ^Adm. bond, £50, by said Louns- 
berry, Michael Pattison, Jr., and Thomas Eltinge. 

Liber A., page 83. Estate Box 9. 

DOYO, CHRISTOFFEL, late of New Paltz, yeoman, deceased in=. 

Adm. granted, July 3, 1792, to David Doyo and Jacob Lefever, same 
place, farmers. — Adm. bond, £1000, by said Doyo and Lefever and 
Jacobus Hasbrouck, Junr. of Kingston, Merchant, and Garret Van 
Keuren, same place. 

(.Christoffel Deyo (Doyo), b. Febr. 4, 1728 (s. of Henry D. and Margaret Wamboom, a 
son of Pierre D. and Agatha Nkkol), m., Deborah Van Vliet). 

VOL. II. — 14- 


Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

Liber A., page 84. Estate Box 7. 

CRONIN, PATRICK, of Montgomery, Glover, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Aug. 23, 1792, to Cornelius Maxwell, same place, a 
Brother in Law of said Patrick Cronin. — Adm. bond, £100, by said 
Maxwell, Matthew Hunter and Daniel Crist, same place. — "I EfFy Cronin, 
Late Wife now Widow of Patrick Cronin, Late of the Town of Mont- 
gomery Deceased do hereby Certify that said Patrick my late Husband 
Died Intestate and the Right of Administration being by Law Vested in 
me I do therefore Consent and Allow my Loveing Brother Cornelius 
Maxwell to take Letters of Administration in his name," — "Aug. 18, 

Effie Cronin (red seal with heraldic device: a wyvern.) 

William Faulkner 
Justice of 

W(allkil?)l Township. 

(This paper has, evidently, been through fire). 

Inventory, taken Aug. 18, 1792, by William Jackson and Wright 
Peniore (Pomyne). 

1 feather bed, bedstead and beding £3.10. 

2 straw beds and bedding 2 . 

2 tables and chest and eight 1.12. 

Pots and Kitties 

Hand Irons, 2 tongs, i shovel, 2 

trammels i . 3 . 

1 frying pan, 2 griddles 9. 

1 churn and 4 pails S . 

I Looking Glass 6. 

To sundries tin 3 . 

To do. pufer 14. 

To crockery : 5 . 

To old Casks 5. 

To wearing apparel 

To 6 silver tea spoons 

I Horse 

1 Cow and Calf 

Knives, forks, 15 spoons 

1 plough, 2 axes 

3 2 forks 

2 hogs and 4 pigs 

I sleigh 

Dear and Sheep Skins 

Sundries Books 

Leather £1. 4. o, 1 slate 1/6. 

1. 16. 
1. 16. 




1. 16. 
I. 4- 
I. S. 6 

Liber A., page 85. Estate Box 31. 

PETTENQIL, JOSEPH, late of Newburgh, farmer, deceased in- 

Adm. granted, Aug. 23, 1792, to Thomas Cwrshaden, of Newburgh, 
Wheelwright. — Adm. bond, £500, by said Carskaden, Joseph Morey of 
Marlborough, farmer, and John Lawrence, of Shawangunk, farmer. — 
Inventory, taken Aug. 27, 1792, by Dirck Ammerman and John DuBois: 


horses £ 1 5 . oo , 

cow. 4- 

y, o. Heifer 3' 

bogs, 2 pigs (shoats) 3 • lo • 

25 bushel wheat & Rye 6, 

A quantity of Hay 2.10. 

2 Ploughs I.IO. 

1/2 Waggon & I old Sett of Har- 
ness 4 • 

I old horse Cart & do i . 

I wood sled i . 

2 harrow axes, grindstone 

2 broad hoes, i rake 

1 Dung fork, 2 pitch do... 

2 feather Beds & Bedding 

3 bedsteads 

1/2 doz. Chairs, Trunk 

3 Tables, i dresser, desk 1.14. 

2 p. tongs, fire shovel 12. 

A spade, large shovel 10. 

2 p. And Irons x . 


Letters of Administration. 


4 pictures 4/, A Conductor General- 

„ Ha 8. 

Sundry Crockery, class 6 . 

Iron pot, Pye pan^ Gridiron 19. 

Spyder, a smoothing iron 9. 

Wearing apijarel 3. 

I.arge spinning wheel 10. 

small do, do 16 . 

Sett of Cyder Screws 2. 

Musket 20A old saddle & Bridle.. 

Brass Kittle Crowbar 16. 

Sundry accounts (standing open).. 24.14. a 

£89. 8. 8 

Liber A., page 86. Estate Box 40. 

TILLOU, PETER, late of Marlborough, yeoman, chairmaker (in in« 
ventory), deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Aug. 29, 1792, to Mary Tillou, the widow and James 
Tillou, a son of said Peter. — Adm. bond, £700, by said Mary and James, 
Ludlum Smith, yeoman, and Jacob Deyton, of New Paltz, yeoman. — In- 
ventory, taken July 30, 1792, by Luff Smith, Matthew St. John and Jacob 

Bond dated June 5, 1792, on intrust against Abernar Coningham £150.00. o 

Judgment due from Isaac Deboys 1.14. 

Yok brown oxen £16, read held cow £s, brindell cow 4/15 25.15. 

Lind Bock Cow £4/10, 3 Calves £2/15, Read white face Cow 10.15, 

Read heifer £2/, Wite steer £6/15, red do. 6/15,' 21 sheep 23.18. 

Wheat in sheefe 1700 sheefs (70 bush) £21, Corn on ground ; 24.10. 

Buckwheat on ground £2, Oats in sheefe £1/12, flax do 4.16. 

Hay in mow & stack £12 X2. 

Due from James Tillou on Book Wich he had May 4, 1792 iz. 

6 swine or hogs £4/4, 2 pigs 8/, iron bound ox cart 11. 12. 

2 plows, plow irons £1/13. 3 axes, 5 syths, set syth irons 3.16- 

ox yoks, irons, ox chain iron articalls. Carpenters adz x.i6. 

small broad ax, crow, drawing knife, sadell & bridell 2. 3. 

turning lath 6/, 7 chisels, ager, hamer, hold fast, bits 19. 

4 handsaws s/, maiden, plain, sickels, cros cut saw, 5 geese i. 9. 

gun, Bagnat and Belt, £1/10, muskett 6/, 2 brass Cittels 2.14. 

warming pan, bras candell stickes, pot, pan, dish Cittell i. 6. 

wash tub, reel, boords, saw logs, tee cittell, smooth, irons 1.19. 

pot and ladle, hand irons, tramels, puter ware, tabell 2. 6. 6 

Chist of drawers 8/, Large Bybell 6/, 4 printed Books 10/ i. 4. 

Cloos Cubbord £3, tee chist, 2 weals, 2 littell one 4. i. 

3 Beads and Beadding and Bead steds, griddell 6. 7. 

Wool that Was shard of 15 sheep £1/10, barrells 1.12. 6 

Yarn for two coverleads 10/, Creav Rounds 18/, tabell 2.12. 

Char Backes 3/, Waring apearl £1/5, Broun strate Body Coat 1.8. 

Vest 10/, Pair Black Birches ,12/, striped Coat strate Body 1.19. 

Pr. Brown Breches 6/, Broun Vest 2/, Grate Coat Broun i. 2. 

a shirts 14/, 2 p. stockens 4/, wool hat 2/, pr. shoos 3/ i. 3- 

Iron bound Wood slead ' • 

£3iS-iS. 6 

I pr. wool coms lo- ^ 

Cash 2- „ 

5 bee hives £1/16, Some glass and earthen ware 2/ i.ig. 

Liber A., page 87. Estate Box 3. 

BULL, JOHN, of Wallkill, yeoman, deceased intestate. 

Adm. granted, Oct, 26, 1792, to Joanne Bull, the widow, — Adm. 
bond, £700, by Joanne Bull, Samuel Watkins, Esq., and Evert BogardUs, 


Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. 

of Kingston, yeoman, witnessed by Cornelia Doll and Joseph Gasherie. — 
Inventory, taken Oct. 23, 1792, by Stephen Hairlow and Joshua Brown, 

1 Bedstead Bed & beding with Check 

Curtains £8.00. o 

I other bedstead bed and beding with 

Calico Curtains g. 

1 other Ditto without Curtains.... 5. 

2 straw beds bedsteads and bedings. 2. 

3 Window Curtains and table linen i. 4. 

40 Yards of Linen Cloth 5. .. 

24 ditto of flanel 2.Z0. 

X jpiece in the Loom of 30 Yards.. 2.Z0. 

Wbllen Yarn 8. 

2 Chests and one Case 12. 

1 Bureau 3 Tables 2. 4. 

2 stands and one Looking glass.... 
15 Chairs i. 4. 

3 tubs and 4 barrels 5. 

12 trays and 4 pails 10. 

4 firkins of butter 10. zo. 

T Loom and some tackling z.zo. 

10 plates 3 platters and 4 Basons.. 12. 

Knives and spoons 2. 

6 silver tea spoons z6. 

2 pewter tea pots 4. 

Cups and Saucers 5 . 

Earthen ^ Ware 6. 

X tea kittle 4. 

2 pair of handirons, Shovels & tongs z8. 

2 tramels 9 . 

I pot and 3 kittles i.zo. 

1 Brass Do 16. 

1 Gridle & i frying pan 8. 

2 hetchels .'. x6. 

2 Mens and one Wonians Sadie 3. 

Sheo Lether 4. 

Carpenters tools 3 . 

2 Candle aticks and some Books 3 . 

3 spining wheels and one Reel 12. 

Baskets i . 

Com and Buckwheat 4. 

Oats and flax 3, 

Farming Utensils 

z Waggon and harness 

2 old sleighs and one sleigh box. 

2 smoothing Irons 

z Ban box 

2 Churns and x old Hogshead. 

1 Die tub 

2 pair of Oxen.% 

z Bay mare and Colt 

z Colt 

1 Bay Horse 

z Sorrel Mare 

6 Hogs 

5 small hogs 

5 Calves 

4 one year old Cattle 

2 two year old Do 

two year old Bull 


z Dun Cow 

3 Red Dittos 

z Brindle Cow 

z Pide Ditto 

I Black Ditto 

z Brown Ditto 

2S Sheep 

Wheat in the Barn 

Hay in stack and Barns 

1 half Bushel and Wheat riddle 

z Schoop Shovel 

Lumber m the Chamber 


One sealed Note from Samuel Wat- 
kins, Ju»r„ to be , paid first 
January, Z793 

Wearing apparel 









S. S- 




£303. S- o 

Liber A., page 88. Estate Box ii. 

DELANEY, DENNIS, late of Woodstock, laborer, deceased in- 

Adm. granted, Oct. 31, 1792, to Philip Bonestaple of Woodstock, 
fanner, a Creditor of said Dennis. — Adm. bond, £100, by said Bonestale, 
Wilhelmus Row and Peter Short. — Inventory, taken Nov. S, 1792, by 
Wilhelmus Row and Peter Schort: 

z pr. oxen £12, z 3-y. 0. Mare £3, Shear and CoUer z6/ £z7.z6. o 

2 ox cbanes z6/, pare old Bots 6/, 2 do. Shous 3/ i.zj. 

old Engeon Blancket 2/, New Cloubeded Coat £z/4 i| g* 

2 old Linig Sherts /6, 2 pare old Sockings /6 i ] 

Coten hakerchief 2/, flannel Shirt j/, do. Coat, vest 8/ zs! 

pare overhols doflers 4/, ols silk hankerchef z/6 5," 6 

pare plush Breches 8/, do. Lining trowses 2/, old saddle 1.6! 

friing pan 3/, 2 Iron wedges 3/, 2 o. wood slays 4/ "io| 

Ox Youk 4/, one ox 4, 4 z/2 Saw logs £i/zo i.z8! 

£25. 2. 6 

VPI,.- II, 

Letters of Administration. 213 

Liber A., page 89. Estate Box 40. 

TERWILLEGER, PETRUS, late of Shawangunk, deceased in' 

Adm. granted, Nov. 17, 1792, to Benjamin P. Terwilliger,- same 
place, a son of said Petrus Terwilliger. — Adm. bond, £50, by said Benja- 
min P. Terwilliger, Petrus P Terwilliger of Shawangunk, farmers, and 
Jacob Terwilliger of Hurly, farmer. 

All Letters of Administrations, Administration Bonds, filed or in 
the Estate Boxes to 1*793. 



ABBREVIATIONS USED: A. B. for Administration-Boiiils; Inv. (or InTcntories; L. A. (or Letters oE Adminislration: 
M. C. {or Marriatfe Cootracte; O. W. lor Oristnal Wills; P. A. {or Power of Attorney; R. Eor Renunciationa; 
T. D. for Testamentary Dispositions; W. [or Wills. 



widow of Louis, 


Filed or 




Probated. ] 




Aug. 15,1785. 

July n, 1789, 


New Marlb., 


Smo. 16, 1790, 

May S, 1791. 



Jan. 14, 1753, 

Dec. 18,1753, 


L.A., A.B., 

Sept. 20, 1791, 




Jan. 10, 1788, 

Aug. 26,1789, 



Apr. IS, 1696, 



June 2, 1697, 





Sept. 22, 1791, 

Oct. 24,1791. 


Ulster Co., 


Mar. 18,1757, 




Mar. 20, 1725, 

Mar. II, 1727, 


Ulster Co., 


Nov. 8,1749, 


New Windsor, 


Feb. 16, 1792, 

June 2, 1792, 




Aug. 30,1788, 


New Windsor, 


Sept. 27, 1787. 

Oct. 15,1787. 


L.A., A.B. 


Feb. 7. 1791. 



Feb. 20, 1748, 





Sept. 1, 1790, 



Nov. 24, 1772, 

Dec. 10, 1790. 


New Paltz, 


Apr. 3, 1750, 

Apr. 17,1759. 




May 22, 1712, 




July 27,1786, 

Sept. 12, 1787, 




May 10, 1746, 

May 31, 1758, 

, IS9 

L.A., A.B 


Apr. 9. 1791. 


New Windsor. 

, L.A.,A.B. 


Aug. 24, 1787. 




Nov. 6, 1725, 

Sept. 24. 1726, 



Index to Instruments. 

Name. Residence. 

BRINCK, JACOB, Sondersorgh, 

BRINK, CORNELIUS, Marbletown, 


BULL, JOHN, Wallkill, 

NIS B., 



BUSCH, JOHN, Kingston, 



Filed or 


Apr. 30, I7SI, 

Oct. 24,1757, 


Jan. 21, 1791, 

Feb. 19, I79l> 


Sept. 5,1791, 






by his father, 

IVm. Brock, of 


Intestate, July 29, 1758, iS9 

L.A.,A.B.,Inv., „ Oct. 26,1792, 211 

Will, Oct. 19, 1728, May 11, 1732, 117 

Will, May 8, 1720, Nov. 11, 1732, 118 

O.W., Apr. 18, 1787, Sept. 4, 1790, 64 

O. W., Mar. 18, 1758, Feb. 16, 1790, 51 

Will, Apr. 7, 1790, June 8, 1790, 57 

Inventory, May 10, 1790, 57 

Intestate, Oct. 13, 1694, 105 

O. W., Mar. 7, 1792, Nov. 13, 1792, loi 



Campbell Hall, 
Fox Hall, 

New Windsor, 


New Windsor, 
New York, 



L. A., Inv. 

O. W., Mar. 17, 1787, 


L.A., A.B., 

Will, Feb. 1, 1744, 


Will, Apr. S, 1694, 

O. W., Aug. 30, 1784, 

Will, Jan. 16, 1759, 

L.A.,A. B., 

Will, Feb. 19, 1757, 

O.W., Nov. 6,1789, 



L. A., A. B., 

Int. June 17, 1788, 

L.A., A.B., R., 

O. W., Oct. 19,1785, 


Will, July 5, 1721, 

L. A., A. B., 

O. W., June 24, 1791, 

O. W., July 13, 1791, 

Apr. 24,1790, i8s 

Aug. 26, 1789, 45 

Jan. 21, 1788, 172 

Sept. 22, 1 791, 202 

Sept. 12,1753, 145 

Nov. 28, 1757, 158 

May 18, 1694, 107 

Dec. 26, 1787, 23 

June II, 1759, 164 

May 9, 1792, 209 

July 5, I7S7, 169 

Sept. 21, 1790, 60 

Jan. 13, 1792, 205 

Apr. 10, 1750, 145 

Apr. 9, 1791, 198 

Not recorded, 168 

Oct. 15, 1789, 182 

Sept. 28, 1789, 46 

May 31, 1736, 124 

Aug. 9^ 1721, 109 

Jan. 27,1791, 194 

Jan. 30, 1792, 89 

Jan. 30, 1792, 92 

Index to Instruments. 




:ranss, henry, 

:R00K, JOHN, 




0. w.. 




L. A., A. B 



Filed or 

Dated. Probated. Page. 




June 8, 1737, Jan. 13, 1743-4, 128 

Sept. 5, 177s, Sept. 4, 1787. 

Feb. 15,1787, Jan. 28,1788, 

R., Aug. 23, 1792, 

Memecutting, L.A., A.B.,Inv., Mar. 27, 1788, 173 

Wallkill, W., Feb. 12, 1745, June 17, 1755, 152 

Wallkill, O. W., Mar. 27, 1786, May 6, 1788, 33 








IS, 1756, 



L. A., A. B., 



27, 1789, 




Mar. 19, 1789, 


2, 1789V' 


L. A., A. B., 


18, 1790, 


Hunting Grove, 


May 29, 1742, 


12. 1748, 




Sept. 28, 1 791, 


28, 1792, 




Apr. 16,1743. 


2, 1744, 




June 23, 1789, 


16, 1790. 





4, 1790, 


Cline Esopus, 


Feb. — 1787, 


5, 1789, 




June 17, 1788, 




Oct. 29, 1734, 


10, 1734-S, 




Apr. 26, 1736, 


?, 1741, 




Apr. 26, 1756, 


23, 1758, 





31, 1792, 




Jan. 27,1789, 


18, 1789, 




Apr. 18, 1769, 


4, 1791, 




Jan. 10, 1 70s, 


22, 1705. 




Dec. 16, 1789, 


29, 1790, 




July 7, 1776, 


4, 1788. 




Oct. 30,1752, 


31, 1753, 




Dec. 14, 1776, 


6, 1793, 


New Windsor, 


Feb. 23, 1786, 


2, 1787, 


New Windsor, 


June 28, 1787, 


New Windsor, 


Sept. 20, 1788, 


5. 1791, 




July 28,1756, 


12, 1758,5 




18, 1749, 


New Paltz, 

Int., L.A., A.B., 


3, 1792, 


New Paltz, 


June 16, 1791, 


2, 1791, 



Index to Instruments. 



ELMENDORPH, see also 

Van Elmendorph. 



Filed or 






New Paltz, 


Oct. 1, 1731. 

Oct. 22, 173I, 


New Paltz, 


May 26, 1784, 

Mar. 3,1788, 


New Paltz, 



Feb. 21,1791, 



Mar. 29,1734, 




Feb. 14, 1772. 

Oct. 18,1787, 


New Paltz, 


July 14,1746, 

Aug. 30, 1749, 



L. A., A. B., 

Sept. 12, 1789, 


New Marlb., 


Apr. 16,1788, 

Jan. 17,1789, 



June 26, 1756, 

Feb. 15,1759, 





July 2, 1791, 




Nov. 8, 1749. 

Oct. 2, 1749 




Nov. 5> 1740, 

Mar. 18, 1741-2, 


L.A ., A. B., 

June 23,1791, 




Jan. 15, 1791, 





June 24, 1789, 

June 26, 1789, 





Feb. 2, 1792, 




Sept. II, 1784, 

Sept. 4,1792. 




July 8, 1776, 

Nov. 3,1792, 



O. W., 


Apr. 4,1791, 

Apr. 21,1791, 



L. A., A. B., 

Jan. 23,1790, 




Sept. 4,i7SO, 

June 5, I7SS, 


New Paltz, 


Oct. 29, 174s, 

Jan. 13,1747, 




Dec. 7,1743, 

Feb. 13,1743, 


West Camp, 


June 12, 1792, 

Oct. 8, 1792, 




Jan. 12, 1789, 

June 24,1789, 



Apr. 20, 1759, 


L. A., A. B., 

Apr. 9, 1791, 






Mar. 1, 1792, 




June 3, 171S, 


L. A., A. B., 

Apr. 27,1791, 




Nov. 24, 1789, 



O'. W., 

July 27,1791, 

Aug. 6,1791, 



Nov. IS, 1788, 

Oct. 22,1789, 





Inv. ab. 1719, 



Aug. 1, 1741, 


Index to Instruments. 






Filed or 





6, 1754. 






9, 1787, 


2, 1791, 




L. A., A. B., 


26, 1791, 





.1. 1791, 






14, 1787, 






3, 1790, 


5, 1791, 


;iVEN, ioHN, 

Hunting Grove, 



23. 1751. 


24, I7SS, 



L. A., A. B., 


16, 1788, 



, Montgomery, 



12, 1786, 


29, 1788, 






24. 1743, 


4. 1744, 



L. A., A. B., 


27. 1791. 




0. W., 


29, 1766, 


26, 1789, 



Wall Kill, 



8, 1791, 


29, 1791, 



New Paltz, 




23, 1787, 






24, 1726, 


4. 1732, 






widow of Daniel, 
lEYMANS, see Roosa. 









New Windsor, 





New Paltz, 



L. A., A. B., 

0. W., 


New Windsor, 



0. W., 








L.A.,A. B., 

New Windsor, 


L. A., A. B., 






L. A., A. B., 


0. W., 

May 3, 1792, 209 

Apr. 17, 174s. Oct. IS, 1748, 139 

June 25, 1785, Feb. 29, 1788, 29 

Nov. 20, I7S4, Dec. 22, 1756, 156 

Sept. 3,1785. Dec. i^, I79i, 83 

Jan. 24, 1759, Sept. 14, 1790, 63 

Aug. 5.1789, 181 

June 23, 1781, Feb. 16, 1790, 52 

May 10, 1750, 145 

July 12, 1788, 176 

Mar. 13, 1789, Apr. 10, 1790, 56 

Apr. 24, 1780, May 16 1787, 9 

Feb. 25, 1743, May 8, 1744, 130 

May 18, 1789, Jan. 30, 1790, 53 

Feb. 2, 1788, 173 

Dec. 13, 178s, Apr. 25, 1789, 37 

Apr. 9, 1791. 197 

Feb. 13, 1742, May 4, 1744, 129 

May 15, 1770, May 6, 1789, 39 

June 25, 1789, 181 

Mar. 31, 1789, Nov. 5, 1791, 78 




'widow of Aldert, 


Index to 










Feb. 20, 1788, 

Nov. 6,1790, 



Nov. 13, 1787. 

Sept. 13, 1792, 



May 22, 1753. 

May 24,1755, 




Apr. 24, 1790, 



Mar. 17, 1787, 

Aug. 26, 1789, 



Jan. 2, 1790. 

July 5, 1790, 


Nov. 19, 1770, 

July 18,1791, 


L. A., A. B., 

Apr. 8, 1791, 



Jan. 26, 1758, 

May 12,1759, 

New Windsor, 


Dec. 20, 1750, 

Feb. 27,1751, 



June 17, 1788, 

Not recorded. 



Feb. 15,1787, 

Jan. 28,1788, 

Beaver Creek, 



May 26, 1788, 

Feb. 10, 1789, 

New Paltz, 


July 3, 1790, 

Feb. 15,1792, 

New Paltz, 


Sept. 6,1743, 

Nov. S, 1748, 



May 19,1730, 

Oct. 24,1730, 

New Marlb., 



Jan. 24, 1789, 



Sept. S, I7S7, 

Dec. 10,1757, 



May 13,1752, 

Feb. 21, I7i;3, 


Oct. 1, 1753, 


July 20,1749, 



Oct. 2S, 1790, 

Feb. 4, 1791, 


L. A., A. B., 


12, 1736, 
27, 1791, 












McCLAUGHRY, JAMES, Little Britain, O. W., 

PATRICK, Little Britain, O. W., 

McCURDY, ARCHIBALD, Wallkill, O. W., 



McKEE, THOMAS, New Windsor, O. W., 

McNEAL, JOHN, Wallkill, O. W., 


July 17, 1790, Sept. 22, 1790, 61 

Sept. 28, 1774, July 24,1787, 13 

Nov. 12, 1787, Jan. 11, 1788, 23 

Apr. 9, 1791, 197 

July 13, 1758, Dec. 18, I7S8, 161 

Aug. 22, 1789, Jan. 27, 1791, 68 

Aug. 1,1786, June 23.1789, 40 

May 1, 1733, 119 

Index to Instruments. 


Filed or 









L. A., A. B., 

July 9, 1787, 







, 1781, 

Apr. 7, 1789, 



, New Windsor, 

L. A., A. B., 

Nov. 24, ivSg, 






June 19,1789, 








Mar. 23, 1759, 




L. A., A. B., 

Feb. 24,1789, 








. 1778, 

Feb. 12, 1788, 







, 1789, 

May S, 1789, 








May 9,1789, 




L. A., A. B., 

Feb. 1, 1790, 




June 3, 1757, 








Dec. 10, 1756, 







Sept. 3,1724, 




Nov. 13, 1756, 



, Marbletown, 





Mar. II, 1790, 









Mar. 8, 1730, 








Mar. 28, 1791, 








June 11,1792, 





Oct. 5, 1739, 







Nov. I, 1790, 









Aug. 21, 1789, 















May I, 1788. 





Aug. 30, 1750, 








Nov. 30, 1787, 


PARKUS, see Perkins. 



o. w.. 




Aug. 27, 1790, 




Oct. 31,1748, 







Nov. 15, 1745, 












May 30,1748, 







Not recorded. 





Apr. 18,1789, 




Index to Instruments. 

Filed or 











1, 1787. 


1, 1788, 





5, 1748, 


2.';, 1756, 







23, 1792, 





30, 1752, 






19. 1791, 






20, 1734, 


IS, I73S, 







6, 1752, 



New Marlb., 




, 2,1788, 


1. 1790, 







28, 1791, 




L. A., A. B., 


18, 1790, 




L. A.. A. B., 


18, 1790, 







27, 1790, 






— , 1761, 


18, 1788, 




L. A., A. B., 


6, 1788, 







6, 1790, 



L. A., A. B., 


27, 1791, 







17, 1792, 






S. 1780, 


21, 1788, 






20, 1749, 


23, I7S0, 







IS. 1721, 






22, 1792, 


16, 1792, 



, Kingston, 



3. 1733, 






14, 1746, 






12, 1740, 


8, 1750, 







10, 1788, 


4, 1 791. 















9, 1729, 


7, 1730, 







14, 1789, 


i, 1790, 








14, 1747, 











O. W., 


1, 1788, 


23. 1790, 







12, 1744. 


23, 1749, 






13. 1739. 


22, I7J9. 


Index to Instruments. 






Filed or 






21, I7S4, 


29, 1755, 







26, 1789, 






6, 1792, 


10, 1792, 




L. A., A. B., 


12, 1791, 






22, 1787, 


5, 1788, 








16, 1788, 







26, 1791. 




0. W., 


4, 1791, 


8, 1791, 



New Windsor, 



28, 1786, 


18, 1789, 






12, 1744, 


IS, 1749, 



, Shawangunk, 



31, 1787, 


14, 1788, 






17, 1756, 


27, 1757, 






25, 1747, 


2, 1748, 





2 mo 

. 8, 1792, 


14, 1792, 





4, 1787, 


29, 1788, 






21, I74S, 


19, 1755, 






5, I7S3, 


2, 1754, 





L. A., A. B., 


22, 1790, 






12, 1724, 


6, 1726, 







3, 1787, 



Fox Hall, 



27, 1743, 


27, 1743, 






3, 1734, 


1, 1742, 






6, 1746, 


17, 1748, 




New Paltz, 




19, 1791. 







s, 1791, 


5, 1791, 




L. A., A. B., 


17, 1792, 






29, 1792, 






24, 1726, 


23. 1727, 






16, 1732, 


17, 1732, 






8, 1781, 


24, 1787, 



New Windsor, 



17, 1756, 


29, 1756, 







25, 1787, 


10, 1787, 






6, 1732, 


7, 1733, 





24. I7SS, 







13, 1699, 


16, 1714, 









VAN KEUREN, see Mo«fcy- 
sen in Volume I. 






Aaertse and Aartsen in 
Volume I. 





Index to 








New Paltz, 

O. W., 














Filed or 

Nov. 21, 1751, 

Oct. 14,1786, 

May 9, 1789, 

Nov. 13, 1790, 

Mar. 29, 1785, 
May 27, 1742, 

Aug. 15,1786, 
Sept. 22, 1742, 

Sept. 3,1736, 

June 23, 1780, 

July 23,1787, 

Mar. 6, 1785, 

Feb. 12, 1791, 

May 12, 1790, 

May 10, 1788, 

Mar. 6, 1790, 




15. 1768, 


8, 1790, 


0. W., 


6, 1780, 


16, 1792, 

L. A., A. B., 


27, 1791, 




3, 1749, 


6, 1751. 




20, 1777, 


24, 1789, 
2, 1750, 






5. 1791. 


0. W., 


24, 1787, 


4, 1787, 

New Paltz, 





1, 1787, 
22, 1752, 






26, 1790, 




28, 1738, 


28, 1738, 

Knightfield, . 



25. 1725. 


10, 1727, 




5. 1720, 


16, 1745, 

L. A., A. B., 


27, 1791, 




29, 1787, 


iZ. 1788, 

New Paltz, 





15. 1790, 

New Marlb., 





2, 1788, 




14. 1750, 


1, 1751, 
4, 1754, 




19, 1739, 


3. 1747. 


An * indicates that the same name appears more than once on the same page. 

Albany, 51, 105, 108, 112, 113, 115, 134, 

140, 141, 146*, ISO*, 152, 160, 179. 
Albany Co., 21, 102, 108, 125, 146, 150, 
162, 176. 

Amenia, Dutchess Co 125 

Amersfort, Holland 50 

Amsterdam, Holland 109, 122*, 166 

Anderieses Kill 29 

Apperfield iii 

Argyle, Scotland 146 

Arme bouwery (poor land) . .74, 85, 131 

Artois, France 122 

Askcocon 73 

Bavaria, Rhenish 117 

Beaver Creek 36 

Beaver Dam 126 

Beaver Kill 137 

Bedford, L. I ,51 

Bedford, Westchester Co 158 

Bergen op Zoon 106 

Bermuda 151 

Beverwyck 108, 146, i6s 

Bloemendal 15 

Blue Mountains 181 

Bohein, France 109 

Bonticoe 118 

Bordeaux, France 106 

Boston, Mass 89 

Brabant, Kingston 117 

Brandewynes Hoek 107 

Brooklyn, N. Y 102, 165 

Burnt Orchard iiS 

Calais, France 89 

Campbell Hall 145 

Canada 23, 151 

Canestoga 117 

Cashigton 172 

Catskill 48, 102, 162 

Charlotte Precinct 160 

Chemung, Chemung Co 83 

Cherry Valley 102* 

Churchland 23 

Claverack, Albany Co 125* 179 

Cline Esopus 49 

Clinton, Dutchess Co 179 

Clintons land 62 

Clykuyle 127 

Coldingham 205 

Columbia Co 78 

Connecticut 148, 151*, 19° 

Corbay, Ireland 160 

VOL. II. — 15. 

Cornwal, Orange Co 33 

Cornwell Hollow i77 

Creek Locks 13 

Cripple bush 116 

Crom Elboogh 104 

Crooke's Delight 160 

Cuxing 104 

Deerpark 1 19 

De Meyer's Purchase 136 

Derbyshire, England 148 

Draij Heck 116 

Duchy of Nassau 166 

Dutchess Co., 17, 18, 50, 82, 194, 125*, 

128*, 136, 142, 144, 151, 160, 169, 176, 

179, 181, 182, 193*. 

Duyle Vlylie 73 

Dwarfskill 14 

East Hampton, Suffolk Co 182, 183 

Eight Thousand Acres Tract 86* 

England 115, 129, 148* 

Esopus 106, 108*, 118, 122 

Esopus Creek 126*, 155* 

Esopus Kill 113, iS5 

Esopus River 72 

Europe 105 

Evan's Patent, 89*, 126, 144, 183. (See 

also John Evan.) 

First Brook iS5 

Five Thousand Acres Tract 86 

Flatbush, L. 1 122* 

Fontyntie 137 

Fort O'range 112, 114, 131 

France 89, 106, log, iis, 119, 122 

Fox Hall 107*, 108, 131, 133 

Ganse Plaats : 163 

Gelderland, Holland 127 

'George and Ann,' the ship 160 

German Patent 68 

Germany so, 106, 114, 117, 166, 181 

Gerret Ketalla Patent 90 

Goijere land 113 

Goshen, Oranee Co 3s, 85, 131, 162 

Grand piece 87 

Grandfather's part 64 

Great Hill 159 

Great Piece 137 

Great Tract 159 

Green Co 48 

Green Kill. 160 

Groot Stuck 87 

Guilford, Holland 84, 85, 87, 89 


Topographical Index. 

Haas nuete tacke 135 

Hallowell, Canada 23 

Hamburg, Germany.... 106, 114 

Hanover 27, 31, 57 

Hanover Precinct 9 

Hapon 137 

Harlem no, 125 

Harrys Wye 74 

Hartford, Conn 48 

Harwynen, Holland 127 

Herkimer Co 83 

Hermitage 1S3* 

Highlands Precinct, 131, 140, 158, 160*, 


Hinder pasture 115 

Holland, so, Si. 108*, 109, 122, 127*, 166, 


Holmsfield 131 

Hopoon 86, 137 

Hough pons lot 90* 

Hudson River 21, 64, 130*, 141, 164 

Hunting Grove 141, 154* 

Hurley, 12, 14*, 24* 38, Si 70*, 71, 89, 

91, 97, 104*, 113*, 124*, 126* 127, 

128, 138, 147, ISO*, IS2* IS4, 168*, 


Hycoop, Holland 179 

Hyde Park iSi 

Ireland 142, 160* 

Island, the 113, ISS 

Isley, island of 146 

Jaagpreepelbush 80 

Jacob's Hook 113 

Jochera's Gat 85 

Kaatsbaan 166, 182 

Kalckoons Hook 131* 

Kandel, Palatinate 117 

Katskill 48, 102, 162 

Kettleborough go 

Kinderhook 78 

King's Highway iis, 128 

Kingston, 9, 16, 17* 30, 36, ?7, 41, 42* 
47, 48, 49. SO*, 51"^. 59. 60, 64, 66, 67, 
71, 74*. 81, 82*, 83*, 8s*, 87*, 88*, 
89, 96, 97*, 98, 100*, 102, 103*, 
los*. 106*, 108*, 109, no. III*, 113, 
114, 117, 118*, 120*, 121, 122, 123*, 
124*, 125, 126, 127, 128*, 130, 131* 
133*. 134*. I3S. 136. 138, 139, 141*, 
143. 144, 14s. 146, 147, 149. ISO*, 
iSi*. iSS. 157. 159*. 160, 161, 163*. 
165, 166*, 167* et seq., 171*, 173*, 
175, i;9. 180, 182*, 184*, 191*. 192*, 
193*. 194'''. 197*. 202, 207*, 209, 212. 
Kingston Prot. Dutch Ref. Church, no, 

122, 166. 
Kipsburg 144 

Kiserick 52 

Kiskatom, Green Co 48 

Klyn Bontekoe 137 

Klyne Kill I43 

Knightfield 112 

Koore Bergh I47 

Lancaster, Pa ii7* 

Lawyers Flats I5S 

Legewegh 42 

Leyden, Holland 108*, 127 

Little Britain 13*. 61* 

Littleworth 148* 

Longford Co., Ireland 160 

Long Island 51, 176 

Lyme, Conn 190 

Magdeburg, Germany 165 

Manhattan 122 

Manheim, Germany 117 

Marbletown, 15, 24, 38*, 41*, 54, 56*, 
60, 65, 66*, 71*, 72*. 73*. 80*, 81, 95, 
104*, 108, 112*, IIS, 116*, 120, 125*, 
139. 148, 153. 170*, 179*, 181*, 182, 
i8s, 190*, 194*, 195. 197*, 198*, 199*, 

Marenna, France 115 

Maries Landt 125 

Marlborough 61, 93, 196, 210, 211 

Mary Kill 130 

Masterlandt 165 

Memecotting, Mamacotting, 54, 82*, 
102, 173, 184*, 186. 

Minisinck 119, 154, I7S 

Moghoonck 137 

Moir, France 119 

Montgomery, 10, 14, 15, 25, 26*, 27*, 28, 
29. 30. 33. 34*, 35. 38* 40* 52*. 57, 
69*, 70*, 75, 78, 177, 181, 183, 184*, 
185, 186, 199, 202*, 203*, 204* 205, 
207, 208, 209, 210*. 

Montgomery Co 36 

Montreal, Canada 151 

Murderers Creek 37 

Napanock 185 

Nassau 166 

Navesinck River .'83 

Nescotack 84 

Neeley Town 156* 

New Albany, see Albany. 
New Amsterdam, see New York. 
Newburgh, 16, 20*, 21, 40, 41, 48*, 60, 
67*, 68*, 75*. 80, 88, 89, 91*, 92, 
93*, 102, 103, 130, 131, 140, 191, 20s*, 

New Castle, Pa 194 

New Cornwal, Orange Co 23 

New England 190 

New Jersey n6, 161, 179 

Topographical Index. 


New Marlborough, 35*, 55*, 73, i03, 

178*, 196. 
New Paltz, 23, 32*, 33, 52, 53, 63*, 64*, 
67, 78, 79*, 86, 87, 89, 90*, 110, 114, 
116*, 131, 136*, 137, 140, 142, IS3, 
163*, 164*, 166*, 170, 172, 180*, iS2-', 
186, 190, 193, 19s*, 198*, 205*, 209, 
New Paltz Patent. .89, 136, 137*, 164*. 
New Windsor, 10, 13*, 16*. 23, 37, 38, 
46, 47, 49, 58, 68, 76*, 92*, 102*, 129, 
147, 148, 153, iSS, 156*, 164, 17T, 176, 
177, 178, 183*, 203, 209*. 

New Wit 129 

New York, 24, 50, 55, 86, 104 et seq., 
106, 109*, no, 126, 127*, 144, ISO, 
156, 157*, 160*, 161* 165, 166*, 184, 

New York Ref. Prot. Church no* 

Nine Partners 128 

North Britain 146* 

Norwich, Conn 151* 

Olive ... 1 169 

Olynueton 137 

Onondaga Co 83 

Orange Co., 21, 23, 33, 35, 62, 85*, 119, 

131, 142, 146, 148, 155. 162, 183*, 


Over-Ysel, Holland 51 

Otterkill 33, 141, 153 

Palatinate 117 

Paltz, see New Paltz. 

Paltz Creek 84, 126, 136, 137* 204 

Paltz Kill 1 16 

Paltz River 87*, 131, 137, 142, 164 

Paramus, N. J t66 

Pennsylvania 117*, 162, 194 

Perkiema, Pa 162 

Peskoine Creek, Pa 117 

Philadelphia, Pa 104, 160 

Potomick 137 

Poughkepsie .52, 102, 103, 120, 176 

Poughwoughtenonk 163 

Premakers land 1^6 

Prince Edward's Co., Canada 23 

Prussian Saxony 165 

Raaretan, N. J 179 

Raritan River, N. J 116 

Renselaer Co 81 

Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co 17 

Richebourg, France 122 

Robins Pint 162 

Rochester, 25*, 29* 32, 42* 54*, 60*, 

66*, 71, 79, 80*, 81, 84, 108, 113, 114, 

I2S, 164, 169. 174, 175*, 180*, 182, 

183, 185*, 186, 190, 200*. 

Rondout Kill 66, 104, 121*. 

Rosendale 142 

Rumbout 102 

Saintonge, France 119 

Salisbury Mills 142 

Saugerties 30*, 51, 171 

Saxony 165 

Schoharry 36* 

Schokan 169 

Schraalenberg, N. J 166 

Scotland 146 

Scotts land 62 

Shandakan 15, 53* 

Shanham 162 

Shawangunk, 10, 11, 14, 22*, 23, 31*, 
39, 40, 44, 45*, 46*, 50*, 51*, S6, 77*, 
78, 79*, 91*, 94*, 102, 103, 130, 
143, 171, 173, 177, 181, 182, 184, 186*, 
194*, 19s, 198, 199*, 200, 201, 202*, 
205*, 210, 213. 

Shawangunk Church 39, 50, 94 

Shawangunk Creek 130, 143 

Shawangunk Mountains 21 

Smithtown, L. I 176 

Somerset Co., N. J 179 

Sondersorgh 157 

Spaanse See 137 

Specken Kill 128 

Squadron piece 73 

Steynweiler, Palatinate 117 

Stonefield 158* 161* 

Suffolk Co 102, 182, 183 

Sullivan Co 21, 83 

Tongores 95 

Troy, N. Y 81, 108 

Tryon Co 102 

Tuthill 196 

Utrecht, Holland 50 

Vlackebos 113 

Wagachemeckin 119* 

Wagagmech Creek 85* 

Wagendal 12*, 54*, 55, 70 

Wallkill, 10, 21, 23, 24, 33*, 35, 39, 40*, 
80*, 90, 92*, 94, 95, loi* 129, 130, 
152, 158*, 162, 173, 203*, 204, 208, 
210, 211. 

Wassemaker's land 104, 116, 126 

Wawarsinck Church 25 

West Camp 98 

Westchester Co 158 

White Plains 162* 

Wichquatennunck 144 

Wigguansinck 107* 

Windsor 164 

Winger 164 

Wood Creek 146 

Woodstock 100, 212* 


Surnames have been indexed as they appear at. the beginning of an 
instrument, as a signature at the bottom thereof, and as tliey are written 
in parish registers and public documents, quoted in the historical and 
>genealogical notes, e. g., Mattysen under Mattysen, Tysen, V-em-Hreuku^-. 
'>^an"K-eur.en; Jansen under Vermeulen, Van Oosterhoudt, Joosten, Van 
}^teenbergh; Roosa under Heymanse; Brinck under Lambertse and Huy- 
\ bertse, etc. 

?! Children are indexed under the name of their parents, unless known 
^'by some other surname. Married daughters are indexed under the names 
of their husbands, as well as under the various surnames, by which their 
parents were known. 

Baptismal names have, as a rule, been placed under English head- 
ings. Students, who are unfamiliar with Dutch nomenclature, are referred 
to pages 17-19. 

Italics indicate a testator, or an intestate. 

An asterisk (*) signifies that a name occurs more than once on a 

Cross references are given where equivalent names are far apart, or 
dissimilar, or where members of the family were known by several names, 
as Aertsen, Van Wagenen, Jacobsen; Alsdorif, Aulsdorff; Slichtenhorst, 
van Sleghtenhorst. 

Particular attention is called to the fact that it will not be necessary 
to search the entire index for various spellings of the same surname. 
Delamater, De Lamater, Delametter, Le Maistre, De la Maistre, will all 
be found under Delamater, etc., cross references under all theSe headings 
referring to the general heading. , 

Negroes have been indexed, by name, under a general heading. 


Jacob, 13, 55, 71, 185; Sara, David, 50*, 64; Maria, 50*; 

13 ; see Van Wagenen. see Agtmodie. 


Annatje, 182; David, 182; Annatje, 193 ; Jacob, 49, 193* ; 

Neeltje, 182. Johanna, 193; see Ecker(t). 


Andrew, 40; Anna, 40, 41; ^be/, 73; Abel, ill. opp. p. 17; 

Henry, 40; James, 41; John, 73, 74; Anna, 74; Charles, 

40; Major, 40; Susannah, 40. 29*; David, 73*; Deborah, 73; 

Index of Names. 


Elisha, 73; Mary, 73; Mela, 
74; Rebecca, 74; Samuel, 73*. 

Barbaar, 194. 



Annatje, 194; Joost, ill. opp. p. 

174; see Arents and Hendrick. 

Lena, 13 ; see Achtmodie. 

Abigail, 73 ; Thomas, 73, 74. 

See Van Aken. 

Deborah, 151; Elisabeth, 151; 

Mary, 151; Richard, 151; 

Richard, Jr., 151*; Sarah, 151 ; 

Stephen, 151*; Susannah, 

151*; William, 151*; Ytje, 



Ichabod, 206. 


See Alliger. 




Benjamin, 190; Benjamin, 
igp*; Elisabeth, 190; Mery, 
igo; Sarah, 190. 


Barbara, 181. 


Anna Maria, 45 ; Catherine, 44, 
45 ; Elisabeth, 44, 45 ; Gertruyd, 
44*, 45 ; Johannis, 44, 45 ; Law- 

rence, 44; Lawrence, 44, 45; 

Lorenz, 45 ; Margaret, 44, 45 ; 

Maria Catrina, 45; Mary, 44, 

45; Simon, 44*, 45, 186; see 


John, 129, 145 ; see Assop. 

Benjamin, 206. 


Dirck, 205, 210. 

Charity, 142. 

Stephen, 173. 

Barbara, 115. 

Derrick, 206. 


Allard (Alerd), 31*, 105*, 
115; Anna, 105; Engeltie, 104, 
105, 115; Eva, 105; Hendrick, 
105; Henrica, 105*, 115; Hes- 
ter, 105; Maritje, 31*; Nicho- 
las, 104; Nicholas, 105*, 115; 
Rebecca, 105; Susanna, 105. 

Wyntje, 166; see Adriaense. 

John, 30. 


John, 172. 

Susanna, 112. 


Anna, 148; see Alsop. 


Simeon, 186; see Alsdorff. 

See A'chmodie. 


Index of Names. 


Enos, 153; Martha, 153. 


Peter, 47. 

Johannis, 99; John, 78; Mar- 
garet, 99 ; Neltie, 99. 

Gerard, 180, 190*. 

Justus, 177, 186, 202*, 206. 

Eleanor, 208. 

Goldsboro, 152. 

Daniel, 206. 


Francis, 76*; Jane, 75; John, 
75, 76*; Joseph, 76; Margaret, 
76*; Patrick, 75; Patrick, 30; 
William, 75, 180, 190. 

Betty, 151; Jean, 109; Peter, 


Cornelius, 114; Tryntie, 75, 
114; see Van de Wyck, Van 
der Cuyl, Kunst, in volume I. 


James, 14 ; James, Jr., 27, 202 ; 
Thomas, 266. 


Jacob, 201. 


Ebenezer, 206. 


Margaret, 30. 

See Cool. 

James, 169; Samuel, 165. 


Roger, 157; Roger, 190. 

See Low and Kortright. 

See Beatty. 

Blandina, 108; Catherine, 106, 

168; John, hi; iSTicholas, 106; 

Peter, 108; Sarah, 108, 134. 

Thomas, no. 

Alexander, 172 ; Archibald, 

172; Arthur, 141, 154; Bata, 

112*, 179; Charles, 112; 

Charles, 112, 138, 154; Francis, 

91, 141; Jannetie, 112*, 154; 

John, 72, 91, 112; Joseph, 172; 

Lilly, 172; Maria, 72*, 172; 

Martha, 179; Mayke, 138; 

Robert, 91*, 112, 179; Susanna, 

112; William, 172. 

John, 193 ; Robert, 124. 

Elisabeth, 190. 

David, 145; Stephen, 148. 

Elisabeth, 108 ; Willem P., 192. 

Catrina, 37, 136; Cornelius, 

37*, 88*; Henry, 108*, 136; 

Johannes, 88*; John, Jr., 160; 

Lisabeth, 173; Maria, 139; 

Thomas, 117, 135, 139, 159, 

160, 161 ; William, 136. 

Annatje, 142; Elisabeth, 79; 

Mareitje, 142. 

Grietjen, 9. 

Index of Names. * 



Benjamin, 92; Benjamin, 16; 

David, 206; Elisabeth, 177*; 

Isaac, 16, 205; Isaac, Jr., 16, 

177, 207; Isaac, Sr., 16; Isaac, 

Sr., 92; Jeduthan, 172; John, 

92* ; Jonathan, 22*, 206 ; Olive, 

16; Prudence, 16; Sarah, 16*, 

92* ; Thomas, 16*. 

See Bomschoten. 

William, 195. 

See Benthuysen. 

Barent, 132, 165 ; Jacob, 191 ; 

see Van Benthuysen. 

Peter, 206 ; see Bodine. 

Johannis, 49; see Van den 


Benjamin, 206. 

Annatje, 115, 126*; Samuel, 


Oliver, 139; Oliver, 139. 

Jacob, 134. 

See Beatty. 

See Beatty. 

See Beatty. 

See Beatty. 


Abraham, 22, 90*, 103*, 137, 
138, 143, 164*, 187, 190*, ill. 

opp. p. 212 ; Abraham, Jr., 138, 
164, 188, 190; Adriance, 164; 
Andries, 189, 190; Anna, 67, 
164, 190*; Benjamin, 189, 190; 
Benjamin, Jr., 186; Catherine, 
189; Conrad, 186, 187, 190*, 
210; Cornelia, 90, 186, 189, 
190*; Cornelius f, 186; Cor- 
nelius, 190*; Daniel, 190*; 
David, 67*, 86, 89, 189 ; Elisa- 
beth, 67*, 89, 164, *90 ; Esther, 
66; Esther, 54, 67, 164*, 182; 
Hester, 67; Isaac, 164*; Jacob, 
164*, 188, 190* ; Jacob J., 187, 
190; Jean, 164; Jenneke, 190; 
Johannes, 25, 164*, 190*; Jo- 
hannes, Jr., 187 ; Louis, 54, 66, 
67*, 86*, 87*, 89*, 119, 164*, 
ill. opp. p. 174, 190*; Louis, 
Jr., 6y, Louis, Sr., 67, 164; 
Magdalena, 164 ; Margaret, 
90*, 137, 138, 164*, 190; 
Maria, 67, 86, 89, 90, 143, 164*, 
I go*; Matthew, 189; Petrus, 
190, 196; Philip, 164*; Philip 
D., 200, ill. opp. p. 212; Philip 
Du Bois, 66, 67*, 200; Rachel, 
190; Samuel, 164; Samuel, 137, 
141, 190; Sara, 190*; Simon, 
190*; Solomon, 164, 172; 
Tryntje, 164. 


John, 151. 


Elisabeth, 107. 


Robert, 72*- 


Elisabeth, igo. 

Asa, 207. 

Benjamin, 206; Daniel, Jr., 
205 ; widow Mary, 207. 


Index of Names. 


Joshua, 157. 

See Biggs. 

Mr., 172. 

Gerret, 191*. 

John, 27, 184, 204; John, Jr., 


Annatje, 15*, 65; Bretje, 65; 

Catherine, 17, go; Elisabeth, 

182; Jacob, 15*; Jacoba, 15, 

65; Johannis, 15; Johannis, 

15*; Magdalen, 66; Maria, 15, 

154; Matthys (Matthew), 15*, 

65*, 124, ill. opp. p. 174"; 

Rachel, 15*; Sara, 15. 

Judith, 139. 

John, 162; Joseph, Sr., 162; 

William, 21, 207. 

Marie, 127. 


Lewis, 202. 

John, i'87; Levi, 188. 

• See Bode. 

Cornells, 73, 154; Daniel, 85; 
Elisabeth, 73; Isaac, 146; Ma- 
ria, 150; Mayken, 73, 115, 154; 
see Van den Bogard in vol- 
ume I. 

Anna(ke), 112, 151, 160*, 
165; Benjamin, 18; Benjamin 
C, 106; Catharina, 16, 17; 

Cornelis, 145; Deborah, 145; 
Everhardus, 160*, 165 ; Evert, 
159; Evert, 16, 17, 49> 9^> 128, 
129*, 144, 159, 160*, 211; 
Evert, Sr., 160; Gerretje, 98; 
Gertrude, 128, 129, 159, 160; 
Jan, 160; Jannetje, 115 ; Maria, 
139, 160; Marytje, 160; May- 
ke, 66, 138 ; Nicholas, 143, 144, 
159, 160*; Pieter, 98, 123, 129, 
151, 160*; Rachel, 143, 144, 
160*; Rebecca, 98, 151 ; Tjatje, 
144, 149, 160. 


Egbert Hendrikz, 133; Elias 
(van B.), 103; Gerretje, 75; 
Maria, 39, 128, 136, 147. 


Rebecca, 129. 

Philip, 212. 


Frederick, 204; Jacob, 203; 
William, 204. 


Charles, 131 ; Thomas, 33. 


See Bodine. 


Charles, 24, 40. 


Robert, 129. 

Jacob, 36. 

Sfee Van Borsum. 

Catherine, 165, 166; Hendrick, 
165, 166; Tryntie Tysen, ill. 
opp. p. 174. 


Jan, 105; Johannes, 105; Lys- 
beth, 105. 

Index of Names. 



Jonathan, 197. 

Anna, 23 ; Israel, 23 ; Judah, 23. 


John, 95 ; Meriam, 95. 


David, 172; Robert, 172; Rob- 
ert, Jr., 14; Samuel, 13, 177, 


Elisabeth, 85 ; R., 1 1 1 ; Rich- 
ard, 44, 85*. 


Nicholas, 171. 


Lydia, 1 1 1 ; Richard, 1 1 1 ; 
Thomas, iii. 

Eliza Janse, 114; Jan Janse, 


Sarah, 23. 

Andries, 157; Annatjen, 72*, 
157*; Bata, 71, 72; Catharina, 
65, 72, 126; Christian, 157; 
Cornelius, 71 ; Cornelius, 52, 
71*, 72*, 157*, 192*; Cornelius 
C, 72*; Cornelius Lambertse, 
72, 102, 126, 135, 157, 164 J Eg- 
bert, 71*, 72*; Elisabeth, 71, 
72*; Elsjen, 72; Esther, 164; 
Grietjen, 52; Hendrick, 52; 
Hendrikjen, 72; Jacob, 157; 
Jacob, 71, 72*, 157* ; Jan, 157* ; 
Jalineken, 6$, 98, 126; John, 
71, 72* ; John E., 72 ; Lambert 
Cornelisen, 126; Maria Elisa- 
beth, 157; Marritie Lambertse, 
72; Marrytje, 51, 72, 145, 
157*; Meery, 72; Peter C, 65; 
Petrus, 71, 126; Rachel, 126; 
Robert, 71*, 72*; Sara, 39; 

Solomon, 39; see Lambertse 
and Huybertse in volume I. 


John, 206; Nathaniel, 201; 
William, 202*. 


Catherine, 142, 143, 185 
Charles, 25, 86, 124, 140*, 142 
Daniel, 115; John, 182; Maria 
25*, 140*, 142 ; Richard, 188* 
Venni, 83; Wessel, 142, 185 
Wyntje, 83. 


Jan, ill. opp. p. 174. 

Peter, 202. 


Jonathan, 183. 

Edward, 86. 


Adolphus, 20. 


Benjamin, 186; Francis, 206; 
Jonathan, Jr., 178; Joshua, Jr., 
212; Lieutenant, 206; Peter- 
nelli, 140; William, 45*, 67, 
146, 186 ; William, Jr., 67. 


David, 178. 


Abraham, 190; Catherine, 89; 
Cornelius, 22, ^y*, 102, 130*, 
131, 182, 186, 194*; Cornelius 
F., 138; Gertrude, 114, 142; 
Hester, 131 ; Ida, 130, 131 ; I., 
Jr., 131; J., 142; j. Jr., 141, 
144; Jacobus, 46, 89*, III, 
114*, 143, 144, 162, 182; Jaco- 
bus, Jr., 129; Jacobus S., 171, 
194*; Jane, 46; Johannis, 25, 

3i*> 39. 45*. 79*, 94*. iU- opp. 
p. 174, 195; John, 144; Mar- 
garet, 25, 79 ; Maria, 182 ; Saf- 


Index of Names. 

fryn, 51; Severyn, 165; Trynt- 
je, 89, 114*; Wyntje, 182. 


Arthur, 95 ; Robert, 172 ; Sam- 
uel, 20*; widow, 62. 


Abraham, 159; Catherine, 159. 


Charles, 24; Joanne, 211*; 

John, 211 ; Moses, 35 ; Thomas, 


Seth, 206. 

See Bomschoten. 


Johannis, 19. 


Elias, 206. 

Aaltje, 145; Abraham, 51, 65*, 
III, 113, 118*, 119, ill-, opp. p, 
198; Abraham, Jr., 192; An 
natje, 52, 65, 98; Antje, 120* 
Barent, 51, 118; Bretje, 65 
Catherine, 51*, 52, 65* 
Charles, no; Cornelius, 65* 
David, 52, 117, 118*, 120* 
135 ; Edward, 64, 65 ; Elisabeth, 
SI, 52, 117, 118; Gerretje, 127 
Gritie, in, 127*; Helena, 117 
Helena, 51, 52, 65*, 118*, 120, 
135; Hendrick, 118; Hendrick, 

51, 52 ; Heyltje, 51, 52 ; Hillitie! 

52, 135, 145, 151 ; Hollitie, 118 
Isaac, 65, 118*; Jacob, 51*, 52, 
65, 118, 167; Jacoba, 15, 65 
Jan, 64; Jan, 51, 65* 117, 118 
120, 127, 135; Janneke, 65* 
98, 118, 126, 145; Johannes, 
51% 52*, 118*, 145; Johannes 
B., 51; Johannis J., 51; Mag- 
dalena, 51*; Maretje, 51*, 113, 
145; Margaret, 51*, 52, 65*, 

in; Maria, 51, 52, 65*; Nellie 
N., 65; Petrus, 51, 52, 65; Sam- 
uel, 65*, 98, no, 118*, 119, 126, 
135; Sarah, 51, 52, 64, 65; Su- 
sannah, 118; Tjerck, 192; 
William, 51, in, 118*, 127*, 
I4S> 150- 

Jonathaft, 206. 


Edward, 28; Sarah, 28. 

Abner, 57; Ann, 57; Henry, 
57*; James, 58, 172; Jean, 57; 
Rachel, 83 ; Robert, 57 ; Robert, 
83, 141 ; Robert R., 58, 62 ; 
Samuel, 57*; William, 57*, 


Francis, 22; James, 32*; Will- 
iam, 172. 


Joseph, 76*. 

Dirck, 41, 198*, 199* ; Jacobus, 
201 ; John, 105 ; Johannes, 105 ; 
Lysbeth, 105 ; see Bosch. 


Nancy, 20. 


Anne, loi ; Daniel, loi ; Ele- 
nor, loi ; Esther, loi. 


James, 13. 

James, 13 ; Jane, 14. 


Joseph, 185. 

Hannah, 172; Oliver, 172. 

John, 202. 

Index of Names. 



John, 202. 

Abraham, 208. 

Daniel, 146; George, 146: 

James, 146; Lauchlin, 145; 

Lauchlin, 146*; Lilly, 146; 

Margaret, 146; Martha, 145, 

146; Rose, 146. 

Mary, 46; Robert, 46*. 

Franciska, 73. 

Abraham, 72*; Elisabeth, 72, 

182 ; John, 60, 66, 89 ; John J., 

195*; Maria, 66; Matthew, 

182; Moses, 95, 210; Moses, 

Jr., 66, 73 ; Petrus, 188 ; Peter 

A., 72; see Contine. 

Mattheus, ill. opp. p. 174. 

Albiny, i$2>; Patrick, 158. 

John, 186. 

Amy, 148. 

Benjamin, 206; Joseph, 191; 

Lydia, 23; Nicholas, 89. . 

Catherine, 67* ; Robert, 13, 67, 

206; Thomas, 210. 

William, 22. 


Absolum, 193. 


Joseph, 191. 


Robert, 102. 


Jean, 109. 


Jabez, 75*. 


Abraham Gaasbeck, 107*, 108, 
127, 133, 134*; Anthony, 201*; 
Bkndina Gaasbeck, 134; Cath- 
erine, 159; Laurentia, 107, 108; 
Margaret, 108; Sarah, 134; 
Susanna, 83 ; Thomas, 107 ; 
Thomas, 108*, 134; Wilhelmus 
van Gaasbeck, 159; see Gaas- 


Abigail, 23 ; Enos, 23, 92 ; Ex- 
perience, 23; Hannah, 23; 
John, 23; Joseph, 23*; Lydia, 
23 ; Mary, 23 ; Natlmniel, 23 ; 
Phebe, 23 ; Sara, 23. 

Thomas, 22. 


Catherine, 164; Thomas, 164. 


Daniel, ill. opp. p. 174, 203, 
210; Henry, 103, 204; Mar- 
tinus, ill. opp. p. 174, 204; 
Philip, 204; Williarri, 15. 


See Crook. 

John, 209. 


Abraham, 201 ; Elisabeth, 71 ; 
Elsje, 79; Joseph, 201; see 
Clearwater, Klaarwater. 

Thomas, 108*. 


Deborah, 120; Hendrick 
( Schoonmaker) , 120; Nicho- 
las, 120 ; see De Witt, Schoon- 


Index of Names. 

hoven, Schoonmaker, Vechten, 
vols. I, II. 

Benone, 6i ; Chariot, 75 ; Eben, 
35; Elisabeth, 48, 75*; Jehiel, 
158; Jeri, 38; John, 176; Sam- 
uel, 22, 48. 


John, 53; see Claarwater and 


Daniel, 23 ; Phebe, 23. 


Daniel, 92. 


Elisabeth, 48; Samuel, 48. 


Alexander, 160 ; Alexander, 
160, 161; Catherine, 160; 
Charles, 83, 92, 129, 140, 153, 
154, 157, 160*, ill. opp. p. 212; 
Cornelia, 160; De Witt, 160; 
Elisabeth, 83, 160; George, 14, 
160*; Governor, 21; James, 
14, 83, 160*, 172; Mary, 83, 
160*, 161. 


Jacomyntje, 137*; William, 

Catherine, 60. 


John, 16. 


John, 115, 116; Samuel, 112; 
Thomas, 109. 


Jacob, 54, 17s; Joseph, 53, 64; 
William, 206. 


Jacomyntje, 138; William, 138; 
see Cuddeheck. 


Jacob, 154. 

Benjamin, 206*; Prince, 206; 

Ruth, 206; Thomas, 206. 

Peleg, 206. 

Alexander, 140, 151, ill. opp. p. 

198, 205; Cadwallader, 13, ill. 

opp. p. 198, 205, 208; Cadwal- 
lader, Jr., 181 ; David, ill. opp. 

p. 174, 205; Thomas, 208*. 

See Cool. 

Benjamin, 206 ; Ebenezer, 205 ; 

Eunice, 205; Joseph, 205; 

Martha, 30 ; Timothy, 206. 

William, 206. 

Peter, 145. 

John, 27*; William, 33, 57. 

David, 198. 

Abernar, 211. 

Jacob, 80* ; John, yy ; Nicholas, 


Arthur C, 4. 

Elisabeth, 73; William, 197*, 


Gerrit, 169; see Konstapel. 


See Confine and Canfine. 

Abraham, 182 ; Anna, 182 ; Ca- 

Index of Names. 


trina, 182*; Cornelia, 182; Elis- 
■ abeth, 72, 182*; Grietjen, 182; 
Hillitje, 182; Johannes, 182; 
John, 38, 66*, 182*, 190; John, 
Jr., 195; Magdalena, 182; 
Margriete, 182; Maria, 182; 
Matthew, 182; Matthew, 182*; 
Moses, 182; Moses, Jr., 66, 
182*; Nathaniel, 182; Petrus 
(Pierre), 182*; Sara, 182; see 


Agnes, 47*; Charles, 46; 
Charles, 13 ; David, 46, 47 ; 
Elisabeth, 47; Elsje, 72; John, 
72, 172; Robert, 46; Ruth, 47; 
Sim, 207; Thomas, 47*; Will- 
iam, 46, 72, 172; see Kok. 


Anna, 72, 124*; Catalyntie, 
124*; Catherine, 72; Cornells, 
124 ; Cornelis & Co., 127* ; Cor- 
nells Teunisen, 124; Janneke, 
124*; Lambert, 124; Lambert, 
124; Maria, 124; Theunis, 124; 
see Kool. 


Abraham, 187. 

Gerrit, 163. 


Laurence, 127*; Sarah, 127*. 


David, 92; Eli, 203*; George, 
203* ; James, 203 ; Luther, 203 ; 
Timothy, 206; William, 203. 


Catherine, no; Daniel, 109; 

Jean, 109; Jean, no; Marie, 

109; Susannah, 109*. 

Peter, 196*, ill. opp. p. 198. 

Abigail, 89*, 92; Benjamin, 

89*, 92; Elisabeth, 92; John, 
194; John, 42, 89, 92; Joshua, 
89; Joshua, 92; Mary, 89*, 
92; William, 92; WiUiam, 89, 


Benjamin, 184. 


Adam, 14*; David, 14*, 15; 
David, Sr., 14; Francis, 10, 
186, ill. opp. p. 212; John, 14; 
Martha, 14. 


Adam, 199, 202, 203; Henry, 
25 ; Henry, Jr., 26 ; Jonathan, 
25 ; Zekiel, 25 ; see Krans. 


Harmanus, 18; Neeltje, 18. 


Eleazar, 93; Francis, 172, 209; 
Samuel, 204; Thomas, 13. 


Anthony, 139; see Crisp el. 


Abraham, 12 ; Anna Margriet, 
98; Annatje, 169; Anthony, 
139, 144, 154; Aryantie, 24; 
Cornelius, 24; David, 169; 
Grietje, 13; Hilligond, 13 ; Jan- 
net je, 131 ; Johannis, 98; John, 
13; Maria, 154; Mary Magda- 
lena, 144; Sara, 154; see Cru- 
pel and Crespel. 


Gysbert, 104; see Krom. 



Effy, 210*; Patrick, 210. 

Anna, 129; Benjamin, 129 
Catherine, 128, 129, 160 
Charles, 128, 129*, 160* 
Charles, Jr., 160; Cornelia, 


Index of Names. 

129; Gabriel, 129; Geertruy, 
128, 129*, 160; Jan, 129*; 
John, 128; John, 129*, 138, 
152, 154, 160; John, Jr., 117, 
122, 123, 128*; Magdalena, 
129 ; Maria, 128, 129* ; Rebec- 
ca, 129; Robert, 128, 129*; 
Tbomas, 129; William, 128, 


Elisabeth, 49; Mary, 49. 


Andrew, 35. 


Samuel, 206. 


William, 186, ill. opp. p. 212. 


John, 206. 

Gysbert, 104. 

Deborah, 106; Thomas, 106. 

Neeltje, 120; Pieter, 120; see 

Crispel and Crespel. 

Eldert Gerbertsen, 146; Tryn- 

tje, 146. 

Benjamin, 173; Catherine, 

173; William, Jr., 173; see 


Johti, 169. 


John, 27. 

John, 47. 


Benajah, 33, 152; Benajah, 
153*; Caleb, 153; Jeremiah, 
153; Kiziah, 33; Marya, 152, 

153 ; Noah, 33, 153 ; Phebe, 33 ; 
Thomas, 33, 153. 

Maria, 169; Seth, 169. 


Catherine, 51, 97*; John, 51, 


Joseph, 155. 

Risjen, 9; Rusje, 9. 


Anne, 119. 

John, 124; Mary, 124; see 


Annatje, 127; Catherine, 117; 
William, 117. 


Hannah, 182; Silvester, 182. 


Annatie, 47*, 48* ; Jacobus, 85 ; 
Johanna, 48, 113; Johannes, 
124; John, 47; John, 48, 113, 
124, 192 ; Maria, 47, 48*, 124 ; 
Richard (Ritsert), 47*, 48, 
113; Richard, Sr., 47, 48; see 

Abigail, 141 ; Andries, Jr., 60* ; 
Catherine, 185; Deborah, 120; 
Elisabeth, 141 ; Frederick, 
103*; Geertruy, 147; Heyltje, 
51; Isaak C, 95; Jacob, 190; 
Jacobus S., 190*; James, 141; 
Johannes, 141*, 160, 172; John 
R., 185; Joseph, 141*, 191*, 
192; Matthew, 141; Matthew, 
58 ; Ruth, 141 ; Wyntie, 185. 


Margaret, 76*. 

Index of Names. 



Elisabeth, 46; James, 46. 

Jacob, 211*. 

Hannah, 151; Jabez, 151*; 

Martha, 151. 

John, IQ. 


See Dubois. 



Abraham, 94; Abraham, 46, 
94*; Anne (Antje), 94*, 
160*; Catherine, 94*, 135; 
CorneUus, 134; Eleasar, 52; 
Elisabeth, 94*; Elsie, 31, 135; 
Ephraim, 94; Ephraim, Jr., 
205, ill. opp. p. 212; Evert, 
94*, 195 ; Femmetje, 94; Geert- 
je, 94, 135; Gerrit, 114, 135; 
Gerrit Janse, 118; Hendrik, 
94; Heyltie, 134; Heyltie, 51, 
114, 129, 135, 151; Jacob, 46, 
94, 143 ; Jacob J., 94 ; Johan- 
nis, 31, 34*, 94, 134, 201 ; John, 
38*; Jonathan, 52; John, Jr., 
52; Joseph, 34, 102; Leah, 
84*; Lena, 113; Manassah, 
94; Margaret, 114, 135; Mar- 
ten, 82; Maria, 52, 123, 134, 
135. 159; Neeltjen, 94; Peter; 
46*, 206 ; Philip, 34 ; Rachel, 9, 
31, 135; Sara, 56, 94*; Tretje, 
24; Uriah, 94*; William, 9. 


Matthias, 100. 

See Davenport. 


Dirck Hendrix, 107*. 


See De Graff. 


Annatje, 50*; Catherine, 50*; 
Elisabeth, 50; Grietjen, g, 
142 ; Gysbert, 50 ; Harmen, 50 ; 
Henricus, 192; Henricus, 49*, 
50*, 193; Hester, 50; Jaco- 
bus, so, 193; Jan, so*, 193; 
Jannitje, 120; Johannes, 49; 
Johannes, 50*, 193*; John, 49, 
so, 64; Josia, so, 193; Lena, 
so; Magdalena, 50; Margriet, 
9, so*, 6s; Maria, 50*, 79, 
193*; Moses, 50; Oseltie, 192, 
193; Styntie, so; Urseltje, so, 
193; Zara, 50. 


See De Graff. 


Adolph, 206. 


Gertrude, 129. 


See Deyo. 

Thomas, 22. 

Agnes, 106; Jacob, 106. 

See Decker 

Abraham, 121, 168; Abraham, 
82*, 121*, 122*, 123, I2S, 
134*, 135, IS9*, 161, 166, 168, 
169*, ill. opp. p. 190; Abra- 
ham, Jr., 85, 144, 159; Anna, 
IS9*; Ariantje, 82, 122, 123, 
166; Bata, 92, 125, 126; Ben- 
jamin, 85 ; Catharina, 123, 125, 
126, IS9*; Cristina, 123, 12s, 
139, 1S9; Cornelia, iS9*; Cor- 
nelis, 121, 123, 126, 144; Cor- 


Index of Names. 

nelius J., 122, 125, 126; Cor- 
nelius, Jr., 144; David, 85, 
121*, 123, 133, 134; Elisabeth, 

115, 116, 126, 159*, 182; Elsie, 
82, 121, 122, 134, 147. 159*; 
Esther, 125; Gertie, 125; 
Geertje, 125; Gertrude, 125; 
Glaude, 122, 125*; Glowdie, 
125*; Hester, 122, 125, 126; 
Isaac, 125*; J., 72; Jacobin, 
125; Jacobus, 121*, 122*, 123, 

125, 126; Janetie, 124, 125, 

126, 179; Jeanne, 122; Johan- 
nes, 159; Johannes, 71, 121*, 
123, 134, 13s*, 159*, 161 ; Jo- 
hannes E., 139; John, 121; 
Laurentia, 123; Lawransie, 
133, 134; Margaret, 123, 159; 
Maria, 123, 134*, 135, 159*; 
Martha, 125; Marten, 115, 

116, 125*, 126; Peter, 103; 
Rachel, 123; Rebecca, 125; 
Sarah, 159; Seletje, 128; Su- 
sannah, 125, 126. 


See Montagne. 

Stephen, 109; Susannah, 49. 

Dennis, 212. 


Elias, 52; Heyltie, 52. 

Jeanne, 122. 

John, 79. 

Michael, 186. 

Daniel, 52; Maritje, 52. 

Mr., 172. 

See De Meyer. 


Agnes, 106*; Anne, 41, 42*, 
105, 106*; Anne Catryn, 106; 
Benjamin, 41, 59*, 167*, 168*, 
ill. opp. p. 212; Cathrina, 41, 
105*, 106*, 166, 167, 168; 
Deborah, 105, 106*, 168; Elis- 
abeth, 41, 59 ; Elisabeth, Jr., 
59, 160'; Elsie, 41*, 168; Hen- 
dricus, 41, 106; Jacobus, 41; 
Jeremj.ah, 41 ; Jeremiah, 41, 
167*; 168*; Johaiites, 106*; 
John, 59; Lydw; 41, 106*; 
Nicholas, 167; Nicholas, 41*, 
los, 106*, 123, 168*; Petrus, 
41 ; Sarah, , i'o6 ; Wilhelmus, 
59, 105; William, 41*, 106*, 
108*, 167*, 168* ;;Zamuel, 41. 

See Dumond. 


Michael, 151; Sarah, 151. 

John, 56. 


David, 14; Elisabeth, 83, 160; 

George, 13, 14; Isabella, 14*; 

John, 23; Martha, 14*; Mary, 

13; see Crage. 

Margrietjen, iii; see Ten 


See Deyo. 


Pieternel, 9. 



Annatje, 54; Benjamin, 54, 82, 
114*; Catrina, 9, 71, 194; Cor- 
nells, 9; Cornells, Jr., 188; 
Elisabeth, 71, 83, 114*, 154; 
Ephraim, 54; Elias, 54; Gritie, 
114*; Jacobus, 114*, 115, 188, 

Index of Names. 


ill. opp. p. 198; Janneke, 83; 
John, 54; John, Jr., 201 ; Mar- 
garet, 83, 114; Maria, 114*, 
lis; Moses, 66, 71, 83*, 114*, 
115, 189; Sarah, 114, 115. 


Agnes, 158. 


Abraham T., 188; And., 25; 
Andries, 24*, 25, 66, 83*, 90, 
143; Andries J., 24, 150*, 151 ; 
Andries, Jr., 90*; Anne, 24, 
25*, 67, 106, III, 114, 150*, 
151; Barbara, 24*, 115; Bas- 
tian, 37; Benjamin, 83, 189; 
Blandina, 25*; Bregjen, 24; 
Catherine, 25, 83 ; Charles, 24 ; 
Charles, 25*, 71, 83, 89; Cor- 
nelius, 187; Dieck, 118; Eg- 
bert, 24, 82, 83*, IIS, "6, 
160, 189; Egbert J., 83; Elisa- 
beth, 82*, 83, 90, 150, 151; 
Elsie, 83; Esther, 82; Geer- 
truy, 115, 13s; Gerret, 24, 25; 
Grietje, 114, 119; Hannah, 82, 
151; Helena, 24; Henry, 150; 
Henry, 24, 150*, 151*; Henry, 
Jr., 175, ill. opp. p. 212; 
Heyltje, 24; Jacobus, 24*, 114, 
119, 150*, 151, 187; Jacob 
Rutsen, 82 ; Jacob Rutsen, 83*, 
201,; Jacob Rutsen, Jr., 82, 83; 
Jane, 82; Jannetje, 24, 82, 
83*; Johannes, 24, 25*, 115, 
151; John, 24*, 150*, 151, 
187; John A., 187; John C, 
24; John E., 83; Margaret, 24, 
25, 37, 82, 190; Maria, 24*, 
25*, 82*, 89, 115, "6, ISO, 
151, 160; Martha, 151; Moses, 
82*, 83; Neeltje, 150; Peter, 
150*, 151; Petronella, 127; 
/Rachel, 82, 83, 143. ^Si*; 
Reul>en, 83, 188; Sara, 37; 
Simpn, 82; Stephen, 25, 83, 

187 ; Surveyor-General, 21 ; 
Susanna, 83; Thomas, 83; 
Tjatje, 17, 80, 119; Tjerck, 
24, 128, 150*; Tjerck Qaesse, 
24, 114, 115, 150, 151; Will- 
iam, 25, 83 ; William A., 189 ; 
Wyntje, 83; see Claesen. 


Abraham, 64, 79, 172 ; Agatha 
(Ageda), 78, 79*, 120, 209; 
Annatje, 79*, 119; Benjamin, 
79; Catherine, 78; Christian, 
79*, 89, 137*; Christ off el, 209; 
Christoffel, 79, 209; Daniel, 
186, ill. opp. p. 212 ; David, 79, 
209; Deborah, 79*, 209; Elisa- 
beth, 78*, 79*;.Elsje, 79; Ha- 
getta, 79; Henry, 13, 79*, 
120*, 209; Hester, 55; Hugh, 
48; Isaac, 79; Jenneke, 79; 
Johannes, 13, 79; Jenneke, Jr., 
172 ; Levi, 45, 78* ; Lucas, 78 ; 
Maddeline, 79; Margaret, 13, 
78, 79*, 114, 117, 120*, 121, 
138, 209; Marie, 64, 79*, 89; 
Nathan, 78; Peter, 78; Peter, 
78, 79*, 209; Peter, Jr., 78*, 
79*; Pierre, 79, 120; Philip, 
53* ; Sara, 13, 78, 79* ; Simeon, 
78, 189; Wyntje, 64, 201. 


See Dayton. 

David, 34. 


John, 206. 


See Deyo. 


Betsey, 10, 76; Caleb, 10 
Caleb, 10, II, 12*, 76*; David, 
10, II, 76; Deborah, 10, 76 
James, 10, 76; Jean, 10, 76 
John, 76; John, 10, 58, 76* 


Index of Names. 

Joseph, 10, 76; Mary, 10*, 76; 

Matthew, 58; Robert, 76; 

Robert, Jr., 11. 

Andries, 201. 

Annetie Hoogland Gerritz, 51. 

See Deyo. 

Cornelia, 212, ill. opp. p. 212. 

Governor, 108. 

Lewis, 41*. 


Alexander, 199; Jane, 28; 
John, 28. 

Nanney, 161 ; William, 161. 


Andries, 106*; Lidie, 106*. 

Dennis, 141. 

See Deyo. 


Catherine, 53; Reuben, 191. 


Anne, 109; Elisabeth, 109; 
Marie, 109; Susanah, 109. 


Abraham, 116; Abraham, 
116*, 117*, 121*, 137, 138, 
163; Andries, 142*, 143, 163; 
Anna Margaret, 163 ; Ariantje, 
16, 17*; Barent, 163*; Benja- 
min, 154, 162, 163*, 190; 
Blandina, 25; Catrina (Catrin- 
tje, Cataline), 16, 17*, 32, 64, 
90*, no, 117*, 142, 143, 144, 
162*, 163*, 185, 200, 201; 

Charity, 142; Christian, 38; 
Colonel, 177, 200; Cornelia, 
142, 143, 185; Cornelius, 35, 
87, 137*. 142, 163*, 182*; 
Daniel, 90*, 115, 117, I37*. 

141, 189, 190; Deborah, 163; 
Elisabeth, 22, 44, 65, 66, 72, 

142, 143, 162, 185 ; Esther, 54, 
119*; Ezekiel, 145; Garret, 32; 
Gerrit, 25; Gertrude, 130, 131, 
142; Gualtherus, 22, 44*; 
Helena, 138, 163* ; Henry, 33*, 
71*, 84, 86, I02, 163* ; Hester, 
67, 119*, 122, 125; Hiskia, 
156; Hiskia, Jr., 156; Isaac, 

116, 119, 151, 162*, 163, 195, 
196*, 211; Isaac, Jr., ill. opp. 
p. 174, 19s ; Jacob, 195 ; Jacob, 
33, 113, 163, 195, 196*; Jaco- 
myntje, 163* ; James, 172 ; Jan- 
netje, 71, 118, 163, 196*; Je- 
hosaphat, 64, 103; Jenny, 32; 
Jeremiah, 14*, 17*; Joel, 121; 
Joel, 116*, 117; Johannes, 16; 
Johannes, 90, 112, 139, 196; 
Johannes J., 9, 65, 66; John, 
210; Jonas, 142*, 143; Jona- 
than, 142, 182; Jonathan, 142, 

143, 163*; Joseph, 128*; 
Joshua, 16, 17*; Judik, 139; 
Lea, 117*; Louis, 17, 86, 89, 
no, 117, 131, 142*, 163*, ill. 
opp. p. 174; Louis J., 143, 163 ; 
Magdalena, 163* ; Margaret, 
25, 90, 116, 117, 121, 138, 162; 
Mary (Maria), 16, 17*, 32, 

117, 142*, 143, 182, 185, 200; 
Matthew, 16*, 17*, 92*, 178, 
203, ill. opp. p. 212; Mattheus 
H., 51; Matthew, Sr., 172; 
Methusalem, 32*, 33; Methu- 
salem, Jr., 33; Nathaniel, 35; 
Nathaniel, 90, 130, 131, 142*, 
143. 167, 178, ill. opp, p. 212 ; 
Neeltje, 83, in, 151, 196; 
Noah, 117; Peter, 118, 196*; 

Index of Names. 


Philip, 32*, 54*, 67, 119*; 
Rachel, go, 117*, 142*, 143, 
151, 163, 196; Rebecca, 16, 17, 
32, 33*. 7i> 98. "2, 151, 162, 
163, 195, 196* ; Ruth, 35 ; Sara, 
17*, 1 16, 117*, 133, 138, 143, 
163*, 185, 196; Simon, 182*, 
186, ill. opp. p. 198; Solomon, 
162; Solomon, 17, 116*, 117, 
131. I37> 138, 163*; Stephen, 
84; Tanneke, 149, 193 ; Teunis, 
16, 17*; Tjatje, 200; Tjatje, 
16, 17*, 112, 128*, 201*; 
Tryntje, 138, 163; Wilhelmus, 

Gershom, 206. 


John, 178. 


Mary Ann, 20. 


See Deyo. 


Adam., 194. 



Annaken, 126; Anthony, 65, 
144*; Catharina, 126*, 144; 
Cornelius, 144; David, 144*; 
Egbert, 74*, 100, loi, 126*, 
17s, 180, 206, ill. opp. p. 212; 
Elisabeth, 126, 139; Elsie, 144; 
Geertruy, 126; Grietje, 126; 
Hannah, 126; Harmanus, 144; 
Henderikus, 126 ; Igenas, 
144*; Jan Baptist, 144; Jan 
Baptist, 144*; Janneken, 126; 
Johannes, 123, 126*; John, 
126; John, 167; Margaret, 
100, Id, 126; Maria, 65, 126; 
Myndert, 144*; Neeltje, 144*; 
Petrus, 126*, 144*; Peter, Jr., 
147*; Philippus, 126, 139; 

Rachel, 126* ; Sarah, 126, 144*, 
147*; Walran, 123, 126*, 144, 
ill. opp. p. 174; Walran, Jr., 
126; Walran, Sr., 126. 


Elisabeth, 131 ; James, 131. 


. Margaret, 30.' 


Amy, 193; Jean, 194; Jere- 
miaJt, 200; Joseph, 45, 200, 
201*, 206; Mary, 194; Thomas, 
193; Wm., 191. 


G. David, 31. 

Wm., 152. 


Thomas, 129. 


See Turck. 


Edward, 95 ; James, 95 ; Jane, 
95; John, 95; Ledea, 95; 
Martha, 94, 95; Meriam, 95; 
Thomas, 94; Thomas, 95; 
William, 95. • 


Adam, 193; Adam P., 207; 

Cornelius, ill. opp. p. 198, 207 ; 

Elisabeth, 169; Jacob, 192, 

193*; Johanna, 193*; Josiah, 

169; Maria, 9, 50; Martinus, 

192; Oseltje, 193; Pieter, 50; 

Stephanus, 192; tjrsultje, 50, 

193 ; see Ackert. 

Annatje, 159; John, 159. 

Abraham, 55 ; Catherine, 55 ; 

Geesjen, 55 ; Jan, 55. 


Marytje, 72. 


Index of Names. 


Jannetje, 24, 83. 


See Heglington. 


See Een. 


James, 178. 


Andreas, 36* ; Jacob, 36* ; Jere- 
miah, 36; John Yury, 103; 
William, 103. 


Elihu, 189. 


John, 154; Thomas, 34, 86, 
139, 147- 

Joseph, 204. 


Abraham, 98*; Anna (Antje), 
65, 98*; Arie (Ariaan) Ger- 
ritse, 100*, loi ; Aria,antje, 98, 
100*, loi*; Benjamin, 98*; 
Blandina, 98, 166; Catrina, 
loi, 139; Conrad, 98*; 106*, 
loi, 166; Conrad Edmtindus, 
97; Conrad J., 100, loi ; Con- 
rad Jase, 157; Cornelius, 97; 
Cornelius, 65, 85, 98*, 100*, 
125 ; Cornelius J., 100, loi ; 
Elisabeth, 75, 100, loi*; En- 
geltje, 65, 85, 97, 98; Gerrit, 
Id, III, 152; Gerretje, 98; I., 
125 ; Jacobus, 100; Jacobus, 65, 
98*, loi*, no, 166; Jacobus, 
Jr., 100; Jan, 98*; Janneken, 
25, loi, III, 124, 127; Jase, 
157; John, 159; Lucas, 24*, 
100, 139; Margrietje, 25, 98, 
100, loi, 126; Mary, 129; Pe- 
trus, loi ; Petrus Edmundus, 
129, 159, 160*; Samuel, 191*, 

192*; Tobias, 98*; Wilhelmus, 
124; see Van Elmendorph. 


Daniel, 201. 


Peter, 103; Theophilus, 50, 
192, 207; William, 103*; Will- 
iam, Jr., 50*. 


Abraham, 137, 138; Annetie, 
132*, 133; Cornells, 109; Elis- 
abeth, 73, 133, 151, 154; Elise, 
132; Els j en, 133; Franciska, 
72, 73; Helena, 138, 163; 
Henry, 131, 132*, 133; Henry, 
Jr., 184; Jacobus, 131*, 132, 
133. 151; Jacomyntje, 132, 
133*, 137*. 138* ; James, 165 ; 
James, Jr., 184; Jan, 131*, 132, 

133*, 138, 140, 146, isi> 154, 

157, 159, 165; Jannetje, 122, 
132*, 133*, I37> 138*, I5i> 

153. 154; Johannes, 153; Jo- 
hannes, 138, 154; John, 119, 
137*, 138*, 163; Josiah, 137*, 
138, 163; Josias, 154; Magda- 
lena, 163; Majcke, 154*; Mar- 
garet, 137* 138*, 164; Maria, 
119, 138, 154*; Maycca, 72; 
Noah, 86, 87*, 89*, 133, 136, 
137*, 138*, 154, 163; Peter, 
I33> 137, 153. 154; Rachel, 
I33*> 154; Robert, 165; Roe- 
loff, 72, 136; Roeloff, 73, 116,. 

ii7> i33> 137*. 138*, 153*, 
154*, 163, 164, 165; Rufe Jo- 
sine, 194; Sara, 116, 117, 133, 
137, 138*, 153, 154*; Thomas, 

154, 209; William, 131, 184; 
William, 60, 100*, 112, 122*, 
133*, 138, 146, 154, 157, 167*, 
201 ; see Roelofsen. 


See Eltinse. 

Index of Names. 245 


Benjamin, 55, 56*. See Felten. 


Jan, 9; Neeltje, 9; Rachel, 9. Margaret, ill. opp. p. 198, 208; 

EM RICH: Peter ie.„ 208. 

Anna, 98, 99; Jeremiah, 98, FELTEN: 

99* ; Margaret, 98, 99* ; Neltie, Jacob, 167; Jacob,' Jr., 191; 

99; Peter, 98, 99, 100; Wil- Philip, 191. 

helmus, 98; Wilhelmus, Jr., 98, FERNOY- 

ENNES-°°' ■ Deborah, 108; Jacob, 108. 

Sarah, 179; Zander, 179. ^^^^^'•. 

ENNIST: ^^ !f' ^'''°- 

Elisabeth, 41; Hartman, 95; FEVER: 

Jannetje, 41 ; JPeter, 41.' / "^^^ ^^ revre. 


Gertruyd, 44, 45; J arret, 164; Phihp, 199. 

John, 197; Samuel, 44*, 45, FIERO, FIRE, FIRES: 

164; William, 67, 199; see Ir- Christian, 52; Hillitje, 52; Lea, 

win. 117*; Philip, 117*; Stephen, 

ESSELSTEIN: 48, ill. opp. p. 198 ; see Frere. 

Gertrude, 125; Martin, 125; FINLEY: 

see Ysselstein. ' Doctor, 206; Elisabeth, 13, 

EUQENIUS: 183; John, 183; John, 49*; 

Francis, 19. John, Sr., 49*; Nelley, 145; 

EVANS: Samuel, 183, ill. opp. p. 198. 

John, 89*, 144, 161, 183; Mary FISHER: 

Ane, 161. Minne, 95. 


Henry, 41 ; see Mc Even. Jonathan, 206. 


Daniel, 148. FLUEWELLING, FLUN- 


184, ill. opp. p. 212. Abel, 48; Abigail, 48; Jane, 

FALLS: 103; Morris, 103. 

Alexander, 62; Samuel, 74; FLODDER: 

William, 172. Jacob, 78. 


Samuel, 27. Gerrit, 163; Jacomyntje, 163; 

FAULKNER: Tryntje, 163 ; see Heermans. 

James, 76; William, 210. FOLANT: 
FAWROT: Annatje, 18; Helena, 65 ; Will- 
Henry, 22*. iam, 65. 


Index of Names. 


Maria, 109. 

Solomon, 206; Walter, 206. 

Benjamin, 206. 

Elisabeth, 175; Henry, 175; 

Samuel, 175. 

Elnathan, 20, 21, 68. 

Abigail, 48*; Charlotte, 75; 

Charlotte, 48*, 75*; Elisabeth, 

48*, 75*; Gloriana, 48*, 75*; 

Isaac, 48 ; James, 48 ; John, 48 ; 

Martha, 48*, 75*; Mary, 48*, 

75; Moses, 158; Rebecca, 75; 

Samuel, 48, 75*, 151, 162; 

Samuel, Jr., 48; Samuel, Sr., 

48; Stephen, ig6. 

George, 206. 


Samuel, 170. 


Hendric, 167*. 


Mari, 53 ; Wilhelmus, 192. 

Arie, 124; Frans, 150; Maryt- 
je, 150; Rachel, 124; see Jan- 
sen and Pruyn. 


John D., 4, 108*. 

See Mounts. 


Abraham, 203; Abraham, Jr., 
120; Agatha, 79; Anthony, 
171; Annatje (Antje, Anne), 
9, 15, 51, 65, 164; Elisabeth, 
54, 55, 125; Hagetta, 79; Hes- 

ter, 55*; Hugh, 55*, 86, 120; 
Hugo Hugisse, 55; Jacob, g, 
51 ; Jacob S., 170, ill. opp. p. 
174; Janet je, 120; Jeremias, 
55; Johanna, 120; Johannes, 
79; Judick, 9; Maria, 55, 71, 
120*; Moses, g; Paulus, 55; 
Rebecca^7i ; Samuel, 171, 207; 
Samuel S., 171 ; Sara, 55 ; Si- 
mon, 120*. 


James, 15, 28*, 40, 69, 102; 
Margaret, 102; Thomas, 23. 

W., 136. 


See Tenhout. 


Abraham, 107, 129; Antjen, 
124; Jacomyntje, 107*; Jo- 
hannes, 124 ; see Chambers and 
Van Gaasbeck. 


See Guimard. 


John, 191. 


David, 27, 57*, 126, 161*, ill. 
opp. p. 174, 205; Frances, 158; 
Hannah, 158*, 161; John, 


Abigail, 89; Doctor, 169*; 
Moses, 102, 155. 


David, 27. 

See Galatian. 

Catryn, 150. 


Elisabeth, 114; George, 206; 
Silas, 22, 206. 

Index of Names. 



Stasja, 75. 

John, 206. 

Anne, 109*, 115; Anne, Jr., 
no; Thomas, 108; Thomas, 
108, 109. 


Engeltje, 115; Joseph, 9, 14, 
17*, 42, 88*, 169, 182, 183, 
190, 195, 202*, 203, 212, ill. 
opp. p. 212; Lewis, 22*; Mr., 
102*, 103*; Stephen, 105, 112, 


Thomas, 106. 


Edward, 126, 151; John, 151. 


See Gidney. 


Ezekiel, igi. 


See Guimard. 

See Cruyff. 


Andrew, 69*; Catherine, 69; 
Charity, 69; Elisabeth, 6g; 
Henry, 69; Joseph, 69; Joseph, 
ill. opp. p. 17; Jost, 69; Mary, 


Daniel, 196; Elisabeth, 196; 
Oliver, 196* ; WiUiam, 196*. 


Albert, ill. opp. p. 174; Annetie 
Hoogland Dircx, 51 ; Ariantje, 
98, loi ; Gerritse, in; Cor- 
nells, in; Comelis Newkerk, 
in; Elbert, 1 50 ; Jannetie, in; 
Maria, 150; Neeltje, 120; 
Tryntje, 138, 163. 


Robert, 202; Samuel, 170. 


Abigail, 18; Charlotta, 48, 68*, 
75*; Daniel, 68; Daniel, 48; 
David, 68*, 93*; Eleazar, 68*, 
93*; Jacob, 68*; John, 93; Jo- 
seph, 21 ; Joshua, 68* ; Re- 
bekah, 68, 75; Samuel, 68*, 
75; William, 68*. 


William, 78'. 


Marie, 109; Philip, Jr., 109; 
Philip, Sr., 109. 


See Guimard. 


See McGinnis. 


John, 154; John, Jr., 154*; Jo- 
seph, 177*; Margaret, 154*; 
Martha, 154; Mary, 154; Rob- 
ert, 154; Samuel, 177; Samuel, 
27; Sara, 154*. 


John, 21. 


Jacob, 159, 165. 


Hendricus, 123*, 190. 


Abigail, 26, 131*; Catherine, 
26*; Charles, 26; David, 26; 
Elisha, 26; Hannah, 26; John, 
26 ; Joseph, 91 ; Joshua, 26 ; 
Leah, 26 ; Mary, 26 ; Phebe, 
26; Richard, 131; Sara, 26*; 
Stephen, 26; Thomas, 26, 131 ; 
Thomas, 26, 131. 


See Guimard. 


Index of Names. 


Elisabeth, 190; Manuel, 186, 
190; Sarah, 190. 


Elijah, 201. 


Jokn, 198. 


Abraham, no. 


Adam, 129; Andrew, 46*; 
Angus, 104 ; Antie, 46 ; Daniel, 
31; Edward, 146; Elisabeth, 
46; James, 79; James G., 45, 

I 52; James J., 171; Jane, 46; 

I John, 46*; John J., 32; John, 
Jr., 46 ; Mary, 46, 152 ; Robert, 
46; Robert, 46*, 169. 


Ebenezer, , 1 10. 


James, 103; Mary, 23; Will- 
iam, 23. 


Israel, 80; James, 154; John, 
188* ; Jonathan, 80 ; Nathaniel, 
80 ; Orrange, 80 ; Sara, 80. 


Christiaen, 179; John, 179. 


Marten, 172; Rachel, 172. 


Augustine, 130. 


Anna, 119*; Elisabeth, 119*; 
Esther, 119; Hester, 119*; 
Mary, 119*, 138; Peter, Jr., 
173; Pierre, 119; Pierre, Jr., 
119*; Rachel, 119; Tjaadje, 

See Gonzales. 


Johanna, 148. 

Prince, 206. 

Mr., 172. 

Samuel, 70. 


Elisabeth^ 107, 133, 151 ; John, 
169; Thomas, 107. 


Edward, Jr., 74, 92 ; James, 92 ; 
Mr., 172; Samuel, 103. 


Isaac, 92*; James, 16, 172; 
Sarah, 16, 92. 


David, 209; Robert, 206. 


Esther, 142*; Robert, 142*. 


Joseph, 167. 


Margaret, 105; Maria, 140. 


, 140; , 114; Abra- 
ham, 125, 140*; Barendina, 
127; Catharina, loi, 135, 140*; 
Cornelia, 185, 200; G., 147; 
Gerardus, loi, 140*, 150; Ger- 
rit, 140; Jacob, 86, 97, 140*; 
Jacoba, 65, 98, 135, 140; 
Jaepje, 140; Jan, 113; Jan- 
neke, 42, 10 1, 139; Johannes, 
139; Johannes, 42, 85, 86, in, 
117, 125, 135*, 140*, 142*; Jo- 
hannes & Co., 115, 127; Jo-^ 
hannis G., 42*, 43, 152, 185, 
200; Johannes, Jr., 85; John, 
150; John A., 150; John A., 
201 ; John J., 42 ; John L., 42, 
190; Leonard, 140; Maria, 
140*, 142, 185, 190; Neeltje, 

Index of Names. 


127; Nicholas, 184, ilL opp. p. 

198 ; Petronella, 86, 140. 

Maria, 129. 

Judah, 147; Stephen, 212. 


Jacob, 188. 


Edward, 29*; Eve, 29*; Hen- 
ry, 29 ; Henry, Jr., 29* ; Jacob, 
29*; Jude, 20*; Lidie, 20*; 
Majary, 29*. 


James, 206; Martinus, 190; 
William, 128. 


Francis, 48, 86. 


Andries, 204. 


C. R., 157; Christian, 156; 
John, 156. 


A., 164; Abraham, 83; Abra- 
• ham, 17, 64, 67*, 85, 87*, 88*, 
89*, 90, 114, 116, I2S, 140, 
142*, 201 ; Abraham A., 67*, 
88; Anna, 119, 182*; Benja- 
min, Jr., S3, 64*, 88, 182; 
Catharina, 64, 83, 86*, 87, 88, 
89*, 200*, 201 ; Cornelius, 206 ; 
Daniel, 63; Daniel, 52, 53, 64, 
85*, 87*, 88*, 89*, 201 ; David, 
53, 63, 64; Eliat, 167; Elisa- 
beth, 67; Elsje, 52, S3, 64*, 83, 

84, 86, 87,88*, 89*, 114*, 133; 
Esther, 119, 182; Geertruyd, 
89*; Hester, 182; Isaac, 181; 
Isaac, 22, 38, 46, 52, 88, 182*, 
20s, 206; Isaac, Jr., 86, 89; 
Tacob, 25, 64, 83, 85, 87, 88*, 
89, 182*; Jacob, Jr., 86*, 87*, 
164; Jacobus Bruyn,' 181*, 

182*; Jacob J., 181, 182; Ja- 
cobus, Jr., 86*, 87, 88, 209 ; Jan, 
55, 116; Jean (John), 89, 119, 
182; Jonas, S3. 63*, 64, 200*, 
201*; Jonathan, 86*, 87, 88*, 
89*, 103 ; Joseph, 67, 84*, 87, 
88, 89*, 114*, 133; Joseph, Jr., 
88; Josaphat, 53*, 63, 64*; 
Josias (Jesias), S3. 63, 64, 172 ; 
Louis, 182; Margaret, 114; 
Maria, 2S, 64*, 67, 83, 85, 86, 
87, 88*, 89*, 182; Petronella, 
141; Rachel, S5. 64, 89, 133, 
142; Sarah, SS! Severyn, 182; 
Solomon, S5. 87, ill. opp. p. 
212; widow, 206; Wyntje, ^2; 
Wyntje, ill. opp. p. 17, 63, 64*, 
201 ; Zacharias, 53*, 64*. 


Charles, 20; Esther, 20. 

Moses, 206. 

Giles, 131. 


Dorcas, 73; Marther, 73. 


Daivid, 14s; Joseph, 145; 
Phebe, 14S. 


Joseph, 17; Mary, 176; Natha- 
niel, 177; Samuel, 176. 


Hannah, 189. 


, Hannah, 148. 

Mary, is8. 

Abraham, 98*; Annatje, is; 
Edward, 15; Engeltje, 65, 98; 
Jacob, 55; Jacomyntje, 55; 
Jan, 106, 122; Jan, Jr., 122; 


Index of Names. 

John, 8s, 98*; Maritje, 15, 55; 

Nellie N., 65; see Focken. 

Johanna, 148. 

Henne, 148. 


Amos, 157; Elisabeth, 79; 

John, 157. 

Anna, 51, 181; Dirck, 107; 

Henricus, 51, 181 ; Jacob, 191, 

192; Jan, 127* ; Margaret, 108; 

Wyntje, 127*; see Hendrick- 

sen, Adriaense, Van Wegen. 

Arent, 118; Jan, ill. opp. p. 

174; Lysbeth, 105; see Kort- 

right and Schoonmaker. 

See Hanna. 

Isaac, 91*. 

Elisabeth, 58. 


Beletje, 127. 


See Heermans. 

C. R., 157; see Hartell. 

Udny, 190. 


Niccolas, 56; Sarah, 56. 


John M., 38. 

Albert (Roosa), 104; Neeltje, 


Hartman, 194; Maria, 194. 


Moses, 92*, 176, 177. 

John, 206. 

Catherine, 10; David, 76; Eli- 
nor, ID*; James, 10*; Marga- 
ret, 10; Marya, 10; Martha, 
10; Nathaniel, 9 ; Peter, 10, 28; 
Susanna, 9, 10* ; William, 10. 


Cornelius, 95. 


Isaac, 156*. 

See Hoof. 

Abraham, 182; Adam, 56*, 
198*, 199*; Anthony, 150, 
157; Annatje, 150; Gertrude, 
130*, 131, 142; Hester, 131; 
Ida, 130*, 131 ; Jacob, 90, 130*, 
131 ; Jancke, 131 ; Jannetje, 
130*, 131 ; Margaret, 90, 130*, 
131*; Maria, 131*; Martin, 
131, 156; Nicholas, 131*; 
Tjatje, 160; Zacharias, 130; 
Zacharias, 130*, 131*, 149. 


William, 92. 

David, 102. 


William, 180. 

John, 153. 

Daniel, 75*; David, 158. 

Jacob, 186. 

Catherine, 17, 53; Johannes, 

Index of Names. 


53; Mary 53*; Michael, 53; 
Rachel, 53; William, 53. 


See Hoffman. 

Cornells, ill. opp. p. 174, 194; 

Lena, 194. 

Annetie Dircz Gerritse, 51. 

A., ill. opp. p. 174; Abraham, 

82, 86, 87*, 89; Annatje, 173; 

Anna Margaret, 163; Blan- 

dina, 81, 82*, ill. opp. p. 174; 

Catharine, 86, 87, 89, 135; 

Cornells, 173; Elisabeth, 173*; 

Hiskia, 173; Jannetje, 135; 

Jan Willemsen, ill. opp. p. 174; 

Jeremiah, Jr., 173*; Johannes, 

173; John, 173; Lea, 128; 

Malli, 173; Maria, 112; Philip, 

82, 13s, ill. opp. p. 174, 191*; 
Teunis, 173; Teunis, 173*; 
Thomas, 173* ; Wilhelmus, 
112*, 173; Wilhelmus, Jr., 81, 
82*, 173*. 


.Anna, 42, 175*; Benjamin J., 
189; Cornelius, Jr., 54; Corne- 
lius P., 200, ill. opp. p. 212; 
Evert, 173; Gerardus, 42; 
Isaac, 54, 180; Jacob, 89, 180, 
185, 200, 201 ; Jacob, Jr., 54 ; 
Joel, 42, 56, 180, ill. opp. p. 
212; Johanna, 42; Johannis, 
188; Lodewyck, 54, 114, 185, 
201 ; Margaret, 1 14 ; Maria, 

83, 185, 200*, ill. opp. p. 212; 
Petrus, 187; Philip, 54, 175*, 
201 ; Sara, 56, 185. 


See Hussey. 


Anne, 37; Catherine, 37; Dan- 

iel, 131; Jane, 37; Joseph, 37; 

Martha, 37; Polly, 37; Sarah, 


William, 197. 

James, 29 ; James, Jr., y6 ; Sam- 
uel, 76. 

Oliyer, 38*. 


Susannah, 131. 


William, 44*. 

James, 169. 


Timothy, 207. 


George, 47 ; Mr., 172. 


Anna, 129; James, 129*; John, 
129; Margaret, 129, 130; Rob- 
ert, 129. 


William, 130. 


George, 172; Hugh, 13 ; James, 
62 ; John, 140 ; Mary, 125 ; Wil- 
liam, 172. 


Ann, 78; David, 52*; Elisa- 
beth, 78; Frances, 39; Gover- 
nor, 108; James, 39; James, 14, 
28, 39, 40*, 161, 169, 181*; 
James,, Jr., 181 ; James, Jr., 39, 
40* ; Jane, 78 ; John, 78 ; John, 
39, 40, 181*; Joseph, 78; 
Matthew, 39, 169, 184*, 186*, 
204, 210, ill. opp. p. 212; 
Matthew, Jr., 14; Robert, 14, 
39, 40, 78, 103, 181 ; Stephen, 


Index of Names. 


Antje, 8i, 114*; Frederick, 
114; Margaret, 114. 


See Lambertse. 


See Heymans. 

Marrithe, 179; see Esselstein. 


Andrew, 26*. 

See Een. 


James, 206; Lowrance, 50; see 



Margaret, 67 ; Robert, 67* ; see 


Michael, 162; William, 204, 


Wybrecht, 112. 


Captain, 172. 


David, 28, 70; John, 70; Mary, 


Annatjen (Anneke), 66, 106, 
165; Catrina, 66, 129; Elsie, 
JOS, lis; Eliza, 114; Gritie 
(Roosa), 13; Hendrick, 66*; 
Jannetje, 112, 154; Magdalena,- 
66, 81; Margaret, 131; Maria 
(Langendyk), 139; Mattys, 
106; Mayke, 66; Rachel, 31, 
66; Rebecca, 66, los; RoelofF, 
165; Sara, 165; Yke, 166; see 
Jansen, Ryckman, Schutt, Van 
Steenbergen, Decker, Langen- 

dyk, Van Keulen, Joosten, 
Brestede, Kortright, Roosa. 


Abraham, 65 ; Annatjen 
(Anne), 66, 96, 97, 165; Cath- 
erine, ^, 96*, 97; Cornelius, 
96*, 97* ; Cornelius T., 22*, 79, 
19s; Daniel, 6s, 66*; Dirck, 
96*, 97*' ISO; Dirck (Schep- 
moes), ill. opp. p. 174; Elisa- 
beth, 6s*, 66; Elsie, 114, iis; 
Frans, 150; Gritie, 13; Hen- 
drick, 65; Hendrick, 66*, 154; 
Jan (van Oosterhout), ill. opp. 
p. 174; Jannetie, 112, 138, IS4; 
Johannes, 96; Johannes, 96*, 
97; Johannes, Jr., 31; Lena, 
194; Magdalena, 66, 81, 113, 
115; Margaret, 96*, 97*, 108, 
130, 131 ; Maria, 66* ; Mat- 
thew, 65, 66, 96*, 97* ; Mayken, 
66, 115, 138; Mattys, 97, 108; 
Peter, 65*, 66*, 73 ; Rachel, 31, 
66; Rebecca, 66; RoelofJf, i6s; 
Thomas, 65*, 66*, 112, 115, 
130, 131, 138; widow, 65; see 
Jans, Fransen, Hooghteyling, 
Joosten, Mattysen, Oosterhout, 
Pruyn, Van Keuren, Van 
Steenbergen, Schutt, Schep- 
moes. Van Heyningen, Van 
Osterhout, Brestede, Kortright, 

John, 208. 

Allen, 86. 


Moses, 206. 


Augustus, no. 


Sarah, 103. 

Margaret, 6$. 

Index of Names. 



William, 44, 85. 


Ebenezer, 192 ; James, 171 ; 
William, 208. 


James, 102 ; Michael, 45 ; Rob- 
ert, 16. 


Bridgit, 153; Edward, 153; 
Evan, 153; Evan, Jr., 153; 
James, 153; John, 153*; Jo- 
seph, 205; Mary, 153; Nicho- 
las, 61 ; Thomas, 49, 153*. 


Abraham, 109. 


Jan, 109; see Jcmsen. 


Francis, 206. 


Catherine, 45 ; James, 91, 182 ; 

James, Jr., 45 ; Jane, 45 ; John, 

45, 102 ; Joseph, 185 ; Mary, 45 ; 

Robert, 45 ; Robert, Jr., 45*. 

Samuel, 209. 

Mary, 161. 

See Confine. 

Jarry, 167*. 


Benjamin, 60* ; Cornelius, 71* ; 
Frederick, 6o_; Jacob, 60*; Ja- 
cob T., 38*; Jacomyntje, 60; 
Johannes, 60 ; John, 38* ; Sam- 
uel, 60*. 


Jane, loi ; John, 40. 


See Kenning. 


Laurentia, 108*; Sarah, 106. 

Nath., 180. 

Abraham, 165*; Anna, 165, 
166; Hans, 165*; Isaac, 166; 
Margrietie, 165 ; Marretie, 165. 
John, 157. 


John M., 30. 


James, 58. 

Cornelia, 146; Gerret, go. 

Abraham, 201*; Hendrick, 188. 

Alexander, 162 ; Alexander, 

Jr., 40 ; Robert, 40. 

Director, 165. 


Annatje, 72; Baltus, 72. 


William, 167. 


Abraham, 82; Aldert, 81*, 82, 
122, 123, 166*; Anna, 165*, 
166* ; Ariantie, 81 ; Ariantie, 
82, 122, 123, 165*, 166*, 
ill. opp. p. 174; Blandina, 
81*, 82*, 108, 165, 166; Cath- 
arina, 81, 82, 144, 146, 165*, 
166*, 168; Christopher, 197; 
Christopher, 30, 42, 146, 147, 
157, 165*, 166* 167*, 168; 
Cornelia, 165, 166; Elsjen, 82; 
Eyke Albertse Roosa, 82, 166 ; 
Hans, 161;; Hans, 108, 122, 
165*, 166*; Helena, 166; Ja- 
cob, 166; Jan, 165; Jannetje, 


Index of Names. 

i6s; Jochem, 165; John, 165; 
Lea, 197*; Lena, 165; Luke, 
165*, 166, 197*; Maria, 169; 
Rachel, 165, 166; Roelof, 82, 
115, 165*, 166*, 197*; Sara, 
82, 165*, 166*; Wilhelmus, 
169; Wyntje, 115, 166. 


Abner, 147; Hannah, 147; 
James, 147. 


Matthias, Sr., ill. opp. p. 174, 

Mattyse, 204. 


Catherine, 165; Jan Baptist, 
144; Johannes, 166; Rachel, 
165 ; Roeloff, 144* ; Sara, 144*. 


See Kettle. 


Elsje, 83; see Claarwater, and 

Daniel, 178. 


Elsjen, 72; Madelen, 179; Mar- 
griet, 179; see Cook. 


Anna Margriet, 199. 


Isaac, 168. 


Annatie, 169; Benjamin, 169; 
Elisabeth, 169; Gerrit, 168*, 
169*; Henrika, 169; Margriet- 
jen, 169; Maria, i6q; Petrus, 
169; Rachel, 168*, 169; Wil- 
liam, 168; William, 168*, 169*; 
see Constapel. 


Geertjen, 139; Hendrickje, 
124; see Cool. 


Annatje, 94; Benjamin, 180, ill. 
opp. p. 212; Lawrence, 189; see 


Catherine, 44, 45 ; Johannis, 44, 

45 ; see Crans. 

Abraham, 15, 55*; Annatje, 72; 

Baltus, 72; Benjamin G., 72; 

Guisbert, 124; Henderick B., 

201 ; Henderick G., 71 ; Jan- 

netje, 55; Johannis H., 182; 

Maria, 55; see Crom. 

See Krom. 

See Crispel. 

Jannetie, iii. 

Brechje, 179; Johannes, 179; 

see Quick. 


See Le Fevre. 

See Delamater. 

Colonel, 102. 


Cornelius (Brink), 72, 157; 
Marytje, 72; see Brink. 


See Delamater. 


See Montaigne. 

Jared, 102*. 

Maria Janse, 139. 


Maria, 50. 

Index of Names. 



Maria, 193. 

Catrina, 52; Helena, 150; Ja- 
cob, 150; Johannis, 52. 


Joshua, 103. 

George, 167*. 

Catharina, 36*; Elisabeth, 36; 
Hans Jurian, 36*; Johannes, 
36; Johannes, Jr., 36*; Maria, 
36 ; Neeltie, 36 ; Peter, 36*, 47. 


Anna, 105. 


James, 203. 

See Low. 



Catherine (van Wormer), 51, 
52; James, 69; John, 45, 105, 
210; Petrus (van Wormer), 
52 ; William, 20 ; see Van War- 
mer^ Van de Volgen, Van Pur- 


Anna, 105 ; Susanna, 105. 


Thomas, 103. 


See De Graaf. 


Abraham, 89; Abraham, 90*, 
164*; Andries, 86, 90*, 140*, 
141*, 164, 190; Catharine, 90*; 
Cornelia, 90, 140; Egje, 90; 
Elisabeth, 90; Elsie, 140, 141; 
Isaac, 112, 137; Jacob, 209; 
Jan, 90*, 137, 138, 164; John 

A., 89, 90*, 186; Magdalena, 
90*, 141, 164, 182; Maria, 89, 
90*, 164*; Margriet, 90*, 131, 
164*; Matthew, 140, 164*, ill. 
opp. p. 174, 193 ; Nathaniel, 86, 
87, 89, 90, 186, ill. opp. p. 212; 
Noah, 90*; Petronella, 140, 
141 ; Philip, 90* ; Rachel, 86*, 
90*, 190; Sarah, 140, 190; 
Simon, 140; Simon, 9, 90, 141, 
163 ; Solomon, 90* ; Zamuel, 90. 


Annatje, 145; Catherine, 113*; 
Geesje, 113 ; Helena, 145 ; Hen- 
ry, 113*; John, 113; John, Jr., 
14s ; Leah, 113* ; Margriet, 51 ; 
Maria, 51, 113; Samuel, 113; 
Susanna, 113; William, 113; 
William, 51, 113* 145*, ill. 
opp. p. 198. 


Bata, 126; Christina, 125; 
John, 126. 


See Delamater. 

Maria, 55; Mary, 120. 

Elsie, 82, 122, 133; Francois, 
122 ; Henry, 91 ; Hillebrand, 
82, 122*, 133; Jannetie, 122*, 
133 ; William, 16. 

Hadk, 22; Johanna, 120; John, 
79, 80, 205*; Martha, 79, 80; 
Richard, 161*, 178; Richard, 
Jr., 161 ; Samuel, 103. 


Daniel, 109*; Jacques, 109; 
Lewis, 109; Susannah, 109. 


Abigail, 178; Jonathan, 178. 


Thomas, 165. 


Index of Names. 


Elinor, 158, 161 ; Elisabeth, 

161*; Frances, 158; Frances, 

158, 161*; Hannah, 158*, 161; 

John, 151, 161; John, 158; 

Margaret, 161. 

Catharina, 83, 85 ; Gilbert, 125, 

127, 133, 134, 176, ill. opp. p. 

198; Mr., 133; Robert G., 83, 

85, 125 ; — , 103*- 

Cornelius, 193. 

Matthew, 109. 

Jannetje, 165. 

Charles, 46. 

John, S3 ; William, 53*. 

See Le Seur. 

See Lewis. 

See Lauck. 

Betsey, 185; Edward, 56, 73, 

179, 182, 197*, 198*, 199*, ill. 

opp. p. 198, 209; Richard, 182, 

183, 185, 197*, 198*, ill. opp. p. 

198; Wyntje, 185. 


See Lawrence. 

See Lawrence. 

See Low. 

Abraham, 86, 123, 124; Antje, 
124; Ariantje, 86, 147; Benja- 
min, Jr., 29*; Catherine, 70, 

124, 139, 163*; Cornelia, 159*; 
Cornelius, 141 ; Cornelius, 124, 
131, 147, 159*, 198, ill. opp. p. 
212; Cornells Pietersen, 124; 
Cornells Timothy, 124; Debo- 
rah, 71 ; EHsabeth, 70*, 71, 124; 
Geertruy, 13 ; Helena, 124, 166; 
Hendrik, 124; Hendrikje, 124; 
HenriKa, 124, 169; Jacob, 141, 
187; Jacob G., 73; James, 70; 
Janneken, 83, 124; Johannis, 
132; Johannis, Jr., 64*; John, 
29*, 136; Jonathan, 70; Jona- 
than, 12, 13 ; Keertie, 70 ; Lena, 
13, 165; Magdalena, 70*, 144; 
Margaret, 71, 124*; Maria, 55, 
70, 71, 128, 154; Peter, 70, 71, 
128*, 138, 163; Pieter Corne- 
lisse, 124, 141, 144; Petrus A., 
165, 166; Petrus Mattheus, 
163* ; Rachel, 123 ; Timotheus, 
no, 124*; Timothy, 124; 
Tryntje, 164; Tymen, 124; 
Wilhelmus, 124 ; see Cornelisse, 
and Kortright. 


Elizer, 206. 


See Lewis. 


Philip, 199. 


Robert, 104. 


Eliza, 61. 


Francis, 172. 


See Lewis. 


Barnard, 147. 


Moses, 67*. 

Index of Names. 



Henry, 191. 

Johan Joris, 25; John, 189. 

Niel, 16. 


James, 22, 169. 

John, 24*, 95*; Phebe, 93; 

Samuel, 93. 

See McKingstry. 

Agnes, 61, 62; Alexander, 13; 

Catherine, 160* ; Elisabeth, 13 ; 

James, 61 ; James, 13, 14, 62, 

76, 160*, 171*, 186, ill. opp. 

pps. 198, 212; James, Jr., 183*; 

Jane, 13, 160*; John, 13*, 160, 

172*; Mary, 13*; Patrick, 13; 

Patrick, 141. 


Margaret, 204. 

widow, 172. 

Joseph, 172. 

Jane, 13. 

William, 186. 

Wm., 102. 


Margaret, 141. 


Andrew, 35. 

Alexander, 177. 

Ann, 23 ; Archibald, 23. 


Stephen, 197. 


Mr., 172; Robert, 70. 


Thomas, 16. 


Andrew, 154; Martha, 154; see 


John, 154; Lewis, 103; Wil- 
liam, 90; see McDougall. 

John, 178. 


Daniel, 161 ; John, 161*; Mary 
Ane, 161 ; Mike, 161 ; see Even, 


Elinor, 158, 161 ; John, 161. 


Ephraim, 191, 


William, 73. 

Edward, 95. 

Agnes, 69*; James, 68, 69*; 

Margaret, 68, 69; Mary, 69; 

Thomas, 68. 

John, 169*, 199. 

Thomas, 28. 


James, 206; Sarah, 154. 


Walter, 141. 

David, 56. 


John, 186. 


Index of Names. 

Jesse, loi. 


Daniel, 40 ; Edward, 40 ; John, 
40 ; John, 56, 189 ; Rebecca, 40 ; 
Thomas, 40 ; William E., 92. 


David, 49. 

Henry, 154. 


Alexander, 10 1 ; James, loi ; 
John, loi. 


Sylvanus, 206. 


Francis, 171*. 


Anne, iig; James, 119. 


Cornelia, 165, 166; George 
Wilh., 165*, 166. 


Marshall, 201. 


Henry, 13. 


William, 148. 


Annatje, 42; Catrina, 147; Ja- 
cob, 147. 


Susanna, 113. 


Jacob, Jr., 122. 


See Merkel. 


Marritje, 179. 


Charles, 172. 


John, 169. 

Seth, 183*. 

John, 151. 


Aart, , 37 ; Abraham, 17, 37 ; 
Annatie, 37* ; Anna Maria, 37 ; 
Benjamin, 37*; Catherine, 17, 
37*, 171* ; Cornelis, 22, 23, 37*, 
171*; Cornelius, 171 j Corne- 
lius C, 171, ill. opp. p. 212; 
Diena, 22, 23; Elisabeth, 37*; 
Esekiel, 37; Ezekiel, 37*; Ger- 
truy, 37*; Jacobus, 37*, 171*, 
ill. opp. p. 212; James, 206; 
Jan, 37; Johannis, 37*, 165, 
171* ; Johannis B., 171 ; Johan- 
nis C, 171, ill. opp. p. 212; 
Johannis, Jr., I32; John, 102; 
Margaret, 22, 23 ; Maria Elisa- 
beth, 37; Marytje, 37*, 171*; 
Mattheus, 22, 23 ; Petrus^ 17* ; 
Sara, 17*, 37; Wilhelmus, 37.; 
Zamuel, 37; see Mastin. 

Daniel, 146; Mary, 13*; Rob- 
ert, 13. 


Abraham, 186 • Cornelius, 186; 
see Hasten. 


See Hasten. 


Fletcher, 183; Peter & Co., 
130; Sara, 183; Vincent, 183. 

John, 178. 


Maria, 128; Mattys, 17, 80, 
128; Mattys, Jr. (Van Keu- 
ren), 80; Sara, 17; Tjatje, 
17, 80; Tjerck (Van Keuren), 

Index of Names. 


30, 128; Tryntje, 80; see Jan- 
sen, Tysen, Van Keuren. 

William, 191. 

See Mouritze. 

Cornelius, 210*; Effie, 210. 

See Meyndersen. 

Frederick, 157. 

Conrad, 19. 

Annatjen, 181; Barbara, 181*; 

Barent, 181*; Benjamin, 180; 

Benjamin, 181*; Catharine, 

181 ; Cornelia, 181 ; Elias, 181 ; 

Frederick, 181 ; Janetje, i8i ; 

Johannes, 181 ; Margaret, 181 ; 

Maria Elisabeth, 157; Nelye, 

iSi; Petrus, 181*; Wilhelmus, 


Caleb, 162* ; David, 56*, 162* ; 

Elisabeth, 162; Gabriel, 162; 

George, 162; George, 41, 48, 

162*; George, Jr., 75*; Glo- 

rande, 162*; Jen, 162; John, 

75 ; Joseph, 103 ; Josiah, 162* ; 

Mary, 48, 75; Samuel, 162*; 

Sybal, 75 ; Thomas, 162 ; Um- 

phrey, 162. 

Barbaar, 194. 


See De Meyer. 


Catharina, 30, i55; Jannetje, 
155, 156*; Myndert, 51, I45> 
156*; Petrus, 197. 

Aart, 179*; Batha, 179; Brech- 

je, 179; Jacob, 179*; Jan, 179; 
Jannetjen, 126, 179; Johannis, 
179; Johannis, 179*; Joris, 115, 
126, 179*; Magdalena, 179; 
Margriet, 179* ; Marritje, 
179*; Martha, 179; Marten, 
179*; Neeltjen, 179; Sarah, 
179; — 'sjen, 179. 

Jacob, 204; William, 204. 


Abraham, 172; James, 204; Ja- 
comyntje, 114*; Johannis, 69, 
114*, 130; John, 172, 185*; 
Moses, 52; Samuel, 76; Wil- 
liam, 69, 172. 


Alexander, 27; Alexander, ill. 
opp. p. 17; Alexander, Jr., 27; 
Hannah, 27, 28; Hugh, 27, 
28*, 206 ; James, 27, 28* ; Jane, 
28 ; John, 10, 27, 199 ; Martha, 
28*; Mary, 28*; Nathaniel, 
27, 28* ; Peter, 28* ; Robert, 27, 
28 ; Sarah, 28 ; Susannah, 28* ; 
William, 28*. 


Nathan, 158. 


Jonathan, 38; Matthias, 38*; 
Philip, 38*; Philip, Jr., 38; 
Stephen, 38; Susanna, 38*. 


James, 179. 


Hieronimus, 130. 


Harmanus, Jr., 192. 


Jethro, 206. 


Abigail, 23 ; Hannah, 23 ; Isaac, 
62; John, 158, 162; Margaret. 


Index of Names. 

158*, 161 ; Sarah, 34; Thomas, 


See Moull. 

George, 69*; John,, 156; see 


Alexander, 38; Elisabeth, 38; 

John, 38. 

Marytje, 9; Wm. de la, ill. opp. 

p. 174. 

Alexander, 146. 

Jacob, 34, 36; James, 169. 

' Joseph, 210. 

Catherine, 207 ; Hamilton, 204 ; 

John, 13', 209; Robert, 20, 206. 

Patrick, 172. 

Johannis, 203. 

Johannis, 69, 70; Philip, 32; 

Robert, 32*. 

See Moore. 

Daniel, 41 ; Frederick, 115. 


Jacob, 36. 

See Mouritz. 

Benoni, 189. 

Johannis, 42 ; John, 42*, 189. 


George, 184; Isabel, 184; 

James, 206; Robert, 184; see 


Lackey, 45. 


Christopher, 100. 


See Meyer. 


See Meynderse. 


Abraham, 11, 76*; Adam, 156; 
Alexander, 157; David, 156; 
Edward, 172; Henry, 11*, 76*; 
Isabel, 156; James, 13; John, 
Sr., 156; Mary, 156; Matthew, 
156; Robert, 156; Thomas, 
172; William, 156*. 


Anne Catryn, 106; William, 


Adam, 72; Andries, 130; An- 
gallo, IDS ; Ann, 61 ; Anna, 66 ; 
Baacke, 97; Baggie, 149, 150; 
Bat, 42, 97* ; Beaty, 200 ; Ben, 
72; Bess, 149; Beth, 15, 98, 
99*, 136; Bett, 36, 130; Betty, 
72, 124*, 168; Caesar, 37, 61; 
Charles, 140; Cipio, 209; Cloe, 
209; Criss, 168; Dejaen, 96, 97, 
147; Deyou, 168; Eick, 26, 70, 
149, 150, 183; Dien, 39*, 98, 
125, 130, 133; Dina, 62, 63, 83, 
98, 117, 168; Emma, 98; Flink, 
83; Flora, 72, 148; Franck, 
106, 130, 168*; Gin, 39, 72; 
Hannah, 75 ; Harry, 37, 47, 98, 
168; Hector, 84, 88; Kerry, 
96; Hester, 72; Isaac, 72; Isa- 
bella, 130; Jack, 27, 37, 61*, 
119, 137, I55> 168; Jan, 105; 

Index of Names. 


Jenny, 88; Jinny, 168; Joe, 94; 
John, 24, 61*, 86, 168; Judie, 
142; Judith, 149, 150; Kieser, 
61 ; Lattice, 87 ; Lena, 99 ; Lit- 
tle Bett, 97 ; London, 61 ; Mary, 
79, 96, 105, 134; Molly, 138, 
164; Nan, 39, 61, 94, 119, 168; 
Nance, 130; Nen, 96; Nol, 72; 
Peg, 130, 168; Peggie, 149, 
150; Peit, 66; Peter, 155; 
Pomp, 23 ; Priam, 61 ; Prince, 
200 ; Quasshie, 168 ; Rachel, 62, 
63, 161; Rebecca, 61*; Rit, 
200; Robin, 117, 149, 150, 168; 
Rosette, 105; Ruben, 44; Sam, 
181, 189; Sambo, 119; Sar, 44; 
Sarah, 75*, 209; Saser, 124*; 
Seboys, 181; Seser, 44; Silvia, 
161 ; Simon, 131 ; Smonth, 168; 
Sue, 66; Susan, 96, 119; Su- 
sannah, 34; Thomas, 61, 206; 
Tom, 72, 79, 119; Tone, 168, 
200; William, 61, 161; York, 
76; Zane, 72. 


Eli, 68; John, 149; Thomas,' 


Adriance, 164; Anna, 25, 72, 
III; Ariantje, loi ; Bata, 72; 
Benjamin, 72, no, iii, 188; 
Benjamin, Jr., 24*; Catharina, 
72, 83 ; Conrad, 25, no, in; 
Comelis, 103, no*, in*, ill. 
opp. p. 198; CorneHs, Jr., 83; 
Daniel, 72 ; Elisabeth, 72 ; Ger- 
trude, 72; Gerrit, no; Gerrit, 
25, 72*, in, 127; Gerrit, Jr., 
no; Gerrit M., 72; Gerretje, 
127, 128; Gritie, 25, no, in*, 
127; Hendrikje, 139; Isaac, 
187; Jacobus, 69; Jan, 125; 
Jannetie, no, in, 145; Jan- 
netie (Gerritse), in; Johan- 
nis, 130; Margaret, 72*, in, 

181 ; Mathew, 72 ; Mathew, 
72, no. III, 188; Neeltjen, 83, 

Uriah, 180. 


Experience, 23 ; John, 76, 183 ; 
Thomas, 156. 

Agatha, 79, 120, 209; Frances, 
161 ; Leonard D., 177 ; Richard, 


Frances, 151. 


Annatje, 56; George, 80; Lau- 
rence, 50; Tryntje, 80; see 


Daniel ,191* 


Anne, 115*, 116*; Bregjen, 24, 
116; Bridget, 115, 116; Catri- 
na, IIS, 116. 182; Elisabeth, 
IIS, 116, 126, 182*; Gorton, 
56; Garton, 116; Jacob, 116; 
John, 74; Margaret, 56*, 115, 
116; Mary, 24, 83, 115, 116; 
Stephen, iis*, 116, 119; Su- 
sanna, 126; Thomas, 115*, 
116*, 126; iVenni, 83; William, 
115; William, s6*, 106*, 113, 
IIS* 116*, 119, 182. 


Pierre, ill. opp. p. 174. 


Thomas, 106. 


AUda, 9S ; Catharina, 95 ; Isaac, 
9S; Jannetie, 95; Mary, 9s*; 
Richard, 95; Rutgert (Rich- 
ard), 95. 

Peter, no. 


Index of Names. 


Catherine, Tj ; Jonathan, yj. 


Andrew, 131. 


Benjamin, 201. 


James, 41*, 56, 71*, 72, 190; 
Mathewj 72. 

Abraham, 119; Antje (An- 
natje), 42, i35. ^T-,""; Arie, 
125] Ariantje, 42; Benjamin, 
201 ; Gathering, i^, 192, 193 ; 
Crijne, 113; Edward, 191; 
Edward, 192; Elisabeth, 51; 
Geertje, 174, 175*; Grietje, 
52; Helena, 135, 175; Henry, 
159, 167, 176; Hendricus P., 
167; Heyltje, 52; James, 191, 
192; Jan, 119, 135; Jan, Jr., 
131, 175*, ill. opp.p. 212; Jan- 
netie, 42, 159; Jan Pietersen, 
III, 118, iig; Johanna, 42; 
Johannes, 42; Johannes, ill. 
opp. p. 17, 42*; John, 191*, 
192*; John, Jr., 122; Joseph, 
59, 88, 191; Kryn, iii, 113; 
Lawrence, 135; Lodewyck, 42; 
Maria, 17, 42; Petrus, 51; 
Petrus Edmundus, 174; Pieter 
Jans, 52; Petrus L., 191, ill. 
opp. p. 212; Puteris, 119; 
Samuel, 60*, 174; Sara, 52, 
191, 192* ; Seletje, 42 ; Teunis, 
42, 125, 201 ; Teunis Pieter- 
sen, III; Tryntje, 37; see Van 
Henry, 176. 


Eunice, 102; John, 102. 


Arent, 118; Christopher, 103*; 

Deborah, 79; Elisabeth, 120*; 
Hendrick, 85, 118, 120*; Huy- 
bert, 152, ill. opp. p. 198; Jo- 
hannis, 103; Johannis, Jr., 
152; Marcus, 44; Petrus, 79, 
85; see Van Ostrandt. 


Stephen* 206. 

EHsha, 206. 


Alenah, 20*; Benjamin, 145; 
Beriah, 20, 22; Esther, 20; 
Julia, 20; Mary Ann, 20; Nan- 
cy, 20; Obediah, 145; Sarah, 
20; Thomas, 20, 21*. 22, 102, 
206; William, 20. 


Mary, 13; Jonathan, 22. 


See Perkins. 

Johannes, yy. 


Jeremiah, 50. 


Jonathan, 209; Nathan, 209. 

See Per sen. 


John, 204. 


Alexander, 169; James, 67; 
John, 169; Margrit, 67*; Mo- 
ses, 139; Thomas, 185. 

Michael, Jr., 209; see Patter- 


See Pawling. 

Albert, 13s; Albert, 81*, 104, 
136, 144; Aldert, 104; Anne, 

Index of Names. 


104*, 150; Catherine, 135, 136; 
Helena, 81 ; Henry, 104 ; Hen- 
ry, 104*, 136*, 150; Jacomynt- 
je, 104; James, 104; Jane, 104; 
John, 104*, 136; Levi, 67, 81, 
89, 136*, 152*; Marie, 104; 
Neeltje, 104, 136*, 150; Wyn- 
tje, 104*. 


William & Co., 46. 


Catherine, 139; Paulus, 52; 
Richard, 139; Sarah, 52. 


Mary tj en, 50. 


George, 169. 


Helena, 52; Johannis, 52. 


See Persen. 

Magdalena, 50. 


Elisabeth, 109; Susannah, 109. 


Elias, 109; Elias, Jr., no. 


Maria, 114; Sara, 13, 67. 


Wright, 210. 


Ebenezer, 180; Valentine, 180; 
Zophas, 180*. 

Abraham, 30, 155*, 156*; 
Adam, 128, 140; Anna Catryn, 
30, 155. 156; Catrina, 30*, 
156*; Cornelius, 30, 128, 133, 
I55> 156*, ill. opp. p. 198; Jar- 
cobus, 30; Jacobus, 30, 155, 
156*; Jan, 30*, 156*; Jannetie, 
30, 1 55, 156*; Johannis, 74; 

John, 155; John, 155, 156*; 
John J., 30; Katy, 30; Mar- 
garet, 30*, 37; Maria, 155, 
156; Matthys, 138, ill. opp. p. 
198; Mr., 172; Peggy, 130; 
Sally, 30; Sara, 30, 138; Silas, 
Jr., 33; Tanna, 138; Tiny, 30. 

Peter, 126. 


See Pieterson. 


Joseph, 210; Joseph, 206. 


Simon, 204. 



George, 89 ; Mary, 53 ; Nickel, 
103; widow, 34. 

Anna, 149; Catherine, 112; 
Jarman, 112; Richard, 149; 
Richard, 109, 115; William, 
38, 60, 72, 95. 


Rachel, 124. 


See Person. 

Tryntje, 124. 


Adrian van Alcmaer, 114; 
Eliza, 114; Hillebrand, 122; 
Jannetie, 122; Maritie, 108; 
Pieter, 105, 126; Rebecca, 
IDS* ; see Jacobsen, Cornelisen, 
Lambertse and Mourits. 


Sylvanus, 103. 


Mercy, 206. 


Wm., 191. \ 


Index of Names. 


Maurice, 103. 

AUert Hendricksen, 124; An- 
natje,- 135; Apolonica, 123, 
202; Arent, 113; Barber, 123, 
202; Barbara, 123; Catharina, 
52, 123*; Elisabeth, 117, 118; 
Geertruy, 113, 123*; Geesje, 
113; Helena, 18, 118, 145; 
Hendrick (Henricus), 113, 
123*, 124, 192, 202; Jacob, 
191; Jan, 117, 118*; Maria, 9; 
Nicholaas, 202 ; Nicholaas, 
123, 202; Powli, 123; Rachel, 
124; Sara, 18, 123, 202; Teu- 
nis, 123, 202*; Tryntje, 124; 
WilhelfMis, 123; William, 113, 
123*, 202. 


Mos., 24. 


Wright, 210. 


John, 206. 


Abraham, 115; Abraham A., 
30*; Annetie Catryn, 30, 156; 
Antje, 157; Benjamin, 47; 
Hendrick, 167, 191 ; Jacob, 
191*; John, 167; Maritie, 47. 


Captain, 172; Joseph, 172. 


Gommert, 106. 


See Poulse. 


Jonathan, 170. 


Joseph, 22. 

Stephen, 80. 


Joseph, 191 ; Matthew, 191. 


Annatje, 149, 150; Arent, 149, 
150*; Barentje, 149, 150; Ca- 
tryn, 150; Christina, 150; 
Emilia, 150; Frans, 149, 150; 
Helena, 150; Hendrick, 149; 
Hendrickj 150*; Jacon, 150; 
Jan, 150; Jannetje, 150; Jo- 
hannes, 149, i5o*;Leena, 149; 
Lysbet, 150; Margerita, 150; 
Maria, 149, 150*; Samuel, 
i49> 150; Tryntje, 150; see 


Chariot, 75; Elisabeth, 93*; 
Francis, 161; Henry, 48; Mer- 
sey, 93; Samuel, 48*; Solo- 
mon, 206. 


Pouwles, 18; Zara, 18; see 


Neeltjej 146. 


Antje, 94; Jury, 130; see 
Kwik.. ' 


Levi, 178. 


Hillitje, 182; Jochaim, 151; 
Rachel, 151. 


Hendrick, 22. 


James, 191, 192. 


Antje, 145. 

David, 188. 

Index of Names. 



David, 206. 

James, 28, 39; Martha, 28; 

Matthew, 40; William, 35. 

Harmanus, 47. 

Henry, "j"], 186; Lintie, TJ. 

John, 13 ; Moses, 33 ; widow, 


Jacob, 104. 

Frederick, 25, 

Abraham, 90; Elisabeth, 90, 

103; Margaret, 90; Philip, 55; 

Sara, 55. 

Anne, 148. 

James, 10, 102. 


John, 93; Joseph, 201*; Sam- 
uel, 93;. William, 93. 


See Rechtmeyer. 


John, 103. 

Catharine, 50; Henry, 50. 


Matthew, 170. 

David, 195, ill. opp. p. 198; 
Jacob, 195, ill. opp. p. 198; 
Jacob, 195. 

Dcmd, 1S4; Susanna, 184. 


Hester, 9. 


Mary, 191; William, 191; 

William & Sons, 207. 

Jeriah, 178. 

James, 33. 

John, 86; Mr., 172. 

Isaac, 170; John, 34, 172. 

Catherine, 139; Gustav M., 


Catherine, 204*; Christian, ill. 

opp. p. 174, 204; Henry, ill. 

opp. p. 174. 

Andries, 25 ; Casper Juree, 25 ; 

Elisabeth, 25. 


Benjamin, 206; James, 184. 

Elting, 133, 138; Sarah, i6s; 

see Eltinge. 

Ludwigh, 47, 100*. 

Daniel, 34; Israel, 34. 

Peter, 37. 


John, 186; Laurance, 44, 45, 
186; Margaret, 44, 45; Philip, 


Hester, 105*; Pieter Willemse, 

Ab'raham, 173, 184; Abraham, 
91 ; Albert Heymans, 104, 127, 


Index of Names. 

1 66; Aldert, 127, 173; Anna 
Margriet, 98; Annatjen, 113*; 
Arie, 194; Arie, 104, 114, 126; 
Ariantje, 42; Cornelius, 194*, 
ill. opp. p. 198; Egbert, 152; 
Elisabeth, 185, 190; Engeltje, 
114; Evert, 77, 103*; Evert, 
Jr., yy*, 186; Eyke Albertse, 
82, 166; Geesjen, 55; Grietje 
Janse, 13; Hilligond, 24; Hy- 
man, 104; Isaac, 152, 184; Ja- 
cob, 103, 152, 184;, 24, 
127; Jan, Jr., 24; Jannetje, 
127, 13s, 196; Maria, 24, 114; 
Neeltje, 104, 136, 150, 151, 
196,; Nicholas, 84, 113; Petrus, 
152; Rachel, 134, 169; Sarah, 
84; William, 82*; Wyntje, 

Alexander, 114; Captain, 200; 
Dirck, 115; Esther, 130; Fred- 
erick, 190, 201 ; Geertie, 175 ; 
H., 32; Hendrick, 43, 125; 
Janneke, 130*, 131 ; Lydia, 
lis; Maria, 114*; William, 
190, 201; Wyntje, 115; Zach- 
ariah, 190, 201.' 


Alexander, 186. 


Matthias, 184*; Stephen, 50; 
Wilhelmus, 212. 

Phillippina, 53. 


Maria Catherin, 89. 


Christian, 27, 32*, 185 ; David, 
32; Eleanor, 207, 208; Henry, 
207; Henry, 32*; Jacob, 32; 
Johanes, 32*; Margriet, 31, 
32; Peter, 31 ; Peter, 32, 208. 


James, 191. 


Richard, 206. 


Anthony, 128; Cornelia, 129. 


Margaret, 56, 115. 


Catherine^ 135, 140; Jacob, 79, 
106, 128, 140; Jacob, Jr., 113; 
Johannes & Co., 86; John, 130, 
136; Maria, 140; Sara, 182. 


Albert Janse, 146; Ariantje, 
147; Catharina, 146, 147; Cor- 
nelia, 146, 147*; Harmanis, 
146; Jan Janse, 146; Neeltje, 
146; Petrus, 146; Pieter, 146; 
Tryntje, 146. 

Catherine, 50; Hendricus, 50. 


Abraham, 185; Daniel, 185; 
Elisabeth, 185*. 


Hugh, 109; Mary, 109. 

Abraham, 86, 87, 88, 89*, 133, 
134; Elisabeth, 108; Elsje, 86, 
87; Francis, 134; Maria, 107, 
108, 134; Rachel, 89, 133, 134; 
Sylvester, 67, 108. 


Elisabeth, loi ; Jacob, 46, 66, 


Emilia, 150; Thomas, 128. 


William, 206. 


Benjamin, 74, 178; Charity, 
93; David, 93; Eleazar, 93*; 
Levinah, 93* ; Mary, 93 ; Mer- 

Index of Names. 


sey, 93*; Phebe, 93*; Samuel, 


Cornwall, 276. 

See Sinsapaugh. 

Richard, 102. 


Benjamin, 169; Joshua, 22; 
Thomas, 145. 


Hannah, 182; Jonathan, 183. 

John H., 206. 


Angeltie, 120; Anna, 97; 
Areijante, 147* ; Catharina, 
17, 136, 146, 147*; Dirck, 
136, 147*, 150, 159*; Dirck 
Jansen, 120, 147, ill. opp. p. 
174; Elsje, 147, 159*; Geer- 
truy, 147; Gilitie, 120; Jaepje, 
140; Jan, 108; Johannes, 120, 
136; Johannes, 39, 120, 128, 
136*, 147*; Lidia, 136; Mare- 
grietie, 147*; Maria, 39, 120, 
128, 136*, 147*; Maria Mag- 
dalena, 136, 147*; Maria Wil- 
lems, 120; Neeltje, 120*; Sa- 
rah, 112, 126, 147*; William, 
146; William, 112, 136*, 147. 

Alida, 95. 

See Smith. 


Deborah, 120; James, 201; 
Nicholas, 112, 120; see 
Schoonmaker and Van Schoon- 


Aaltje, 14s; Abraham, 171, 

191, 198, ill. opp. p. 212; An- 
na(tje), 54, 81*, 98, 99, 114*, 
115*, 126*, 14S*; Aryantje, 
51, 151; Barber, 123, 202; 
Benjamin, 114*; Catrina, 30, 
51, 54,81*, IIS, 123, 126, 156; 
Cornelia, 145; Cornelius, 51*, 
102*, 114*, 126, 131, 171; 
Cornelius C., ill. opp. p. 198; 
Cornelius, jr., 84, 86; Daniel, 
80; Daniel, 54*, 81, 114, 115; 
Daniel L., 54; Deborah, 120, 
14s*; Doostie, 14s*; Edward, 
Jr., 145*; Egbert, 51*, 115, 
126, 14s, 197; Egbert Hen- 
dricksen, 126* ; Elisabeth, 171 ; 
Elisabeth, 54, 114*, 124, 171*; 
Eliza, 114; Elsie, 42, 89, 105, 
IIS, i33> 168; Eltie, 114*; En- 
geltie, lOS, ii4> "5; Eva, 114; 
Frederick, 66, 114*; Gertruy, 
37. "S> 135. 14s*; Greetie, 60, 
114; Hannah, 13s; Hendrick, 
30*, 37, 54, 80,. 81*, 114, 115, 
i3St, 14s*, iS^^, 192; Hendrick 
Qaessen, 120; Hendrick Jo- 
chemse, 105, 114, nS; Heyl- 
tie, 114, IIS, 151; Hezekiah, 
151; Hillitje, S2, "5, i.4S*; 
Hiskia, 139; Isaac, 171; jaco- 
bus, 60*, 114*, 171, 174, 175; 
Jacomyntje, 114*; Jan, 114*, 
14s ; Jannetie, 60 ; Jochem, S4, 
114; Jochem, 80, 81*, 89, 105, 
114*, IIS, 126, 151, 174, 180; 
Jochem D., S4*; jochem Hen- 
drickse, 13S; Johannes, 139, 
151; Johannes, 102; John, 
14s, 171 ; John Edw., 192* ; 
Lena, 54, 81 ; Lodewyck, S4*, 
81, 200, ill. opp. p. 212; Lydia, 
lis; Magdalena, 81, iiSl lyiar- 
garet, 83, 114*, 14S*; Maria, 
114, 124; Martin, 54; Martin, 
Jr., 179; Nelley, 14S; Nicho- 
las, 98, 99, 120; Petronella, 


Index of Names. 

89, 114, 135; Petrus, ill. opp. 
p. 17, 174, 17s, ill. opp. p. 
212; Petrus, 60; Petrus Jo- 
hannes, 55; Rachel, 55, 126; 
Rebecca, 114; Romolus, 114; 
Samuel, 145; Sara, 114, 115; 
Theodosia, 52, 125, 145; 
Thomas, 80, 81*; Thomas, Jr., 
71, 72, 73; Tjerck (Tyrk), 52, 
135, 145*; T^ryntje, 37, 89*, 
114*; Tyrick, 145; Tyrick, 
14s*; Volkert, 115; Wyntje, 
54, 182. 


Zusanna, 148. 


Bridget, 142; Johannes, 142. 


Albertus, 50; Bartus, 50; Em- 
right, 49; Jacob, 179; Mar- 
garet, 50*. 


Elisabeth, 94; Heyltje, 52. 


Catrina, 144; Commissioner, 
21; Deborah, 106; Myndert, 
Jr., 144; Peter & Co., 86; 
Philip, 89, 106. 


Agjen, 125; Anna, 125; Ca- 
trina, 125; Christina, 179*; 
David, 62; EHsabeth, 125*; 
James, 124, 152, 179; Jannetie, 
125*; Joseph, 14; Lena, 125; 
Margriet, 125; Maidgeri, 125; 
Majory, 125; Mary, 125; 
Meserie, 125; Patrick, 125; 
Rachel, 125; Susanna, 125; 
William, 62, 125*, 171. 


Jacob, 191. 


Benjamin, 203*, 204*; James, 

38*; Joshua, 38; Samuel, 204;' 
Wm. Suel, 204. 


Ebenezer, 147; Ebenezer, Jr., 
155; Elijah, 80; Mary, 89. 


See Symons. 


See Sinsapaugh. 


Nathan, 172. 


See Tysen. 


Daniel, 204. 


Peter, 35*. 

Francis, 91 ; Hannah, 91 ; 
John, 91 ; John, 91 ; Mary, 91*. 


Ann, '202 ; James, 202. 


Jeremiah, 202; see Callengan. 


Coenradt, 188. 

Capt.^ 206. 


Peter, 212. 

Frederick, 170. 


Elisabeth, 20*, 30; Joseph, 
129; Margaret, 30; Martha, 
30; Robert, 29*, 30; Samuel, 

Thomas, 165. 


John, 22. 

Index of Names. 



Adam, 33; Adam, 34, 206; 
Christian, ill. opp. p. 174, 204, 
205; David, 33*; Elisabeth, 
33, 204; Eve, 33; Hannah, 33; 
Henry, 203; Henry, ill. opp. 
p. 174, 203, 204*, 20s*; Jacob, 
204*, 205; Johannis, 33*; 
Margaret, 203*; Mary, 33. 


John, 186. 


Abraham, 100, loi ; Annetie 
Comelisen, • ill. 6pp. p. 174; 
Anthony, 140; Ariantje, '74, 
75, 100*, loi ; Benjamin, 150; 
Catherina; 18; Cornelis, 133; 
Cornells Barentsen, 114, ill. 
opp. p. 174; Elisabeth, 74*, 
75*, 191*, 143, 144; Eliza, 
114; Gerritie, 74, 75; Hendri- 
cus, 82, 15?, 159, 165, 166; 
Hendr. J., 88; Jacomyntje, 
104*, 133, 163; Jan, 74, 75, 
loi"^', 136, 144. 150, 194; Jo- 
hannes, 74; Johannes, 75, loi, 
1 50 ; John, 74*, 2op ; Margaret, 
74*, 75, 100'; Mattys, 144J Ma- 
ria, 159, 182; Maria Magda- 
lena, 136, 144, 147; Petronella, 
89, 114*, 135; Sara, 74, 75, 83,' 
165, 166; Solomon; 74*, 75; 
Tennis, 202; Tryntje, 75, 80, 
114*; Tryntje Tysen Bosch, 
114, ill. opp. p. 174. 


Catherine, 49*; Conrad (?), 
188 ; Elisabeth, 49* ; John, 49, 
183 ; May, 49* ; Samuel, 49 ; 
Samuel, 13, 49* 155; William, 
49*, 172. 

Governor, 106. 


Apolonia, 123, 202. 




Evert, 86*. 

See Sley. 

John, 172. 

Abraham, 31*, ,144; Aldei 
81*; Annatje, 31; Benjami 
143; Benjamin, ill. opp. p. i 
31*, 143*, 144* 160, 20: 
Benjamin, Jr., 31; Benjami 
Jr., 31; Benjamin Petruss 
Jr., 31, 52; Catrina, 31*, 8 
82, 144*; Elisabeth, 31*, 8 
loi*, 143, 144; Elsie, 31*, 5 
64; Jacob, 31; Johannes, 31 
144; John, 31, 131; Joshu 
131; Magdalena, 31,, 144' 
Maritje, 31*; Matthew, 31' 
Nathan, 81, 82, 143*, 144= 
Peter, 9, 103, 143*, 144; P 
ter B., 38; Peter, Jr., 31, 5 
64; Rachel, 31*, 143*, 160. 


Annatje, 127; Herman, 127. 


James, 172*. 


Abraham, 22* ; Albertson, 20( 
Amy, 158; Annatje, 50; Ai 
ning, 178*; Arthur, 158; A; 
thur, 158*; Benjamin, 68, I4( 
David, 158*, 206; Ephrain 
140; George, 93, 173, 18 
186; Hannah, 93*; Henry, 2 
161, 203, 204; Henry, Sr., 4^ 
James, 140; James, 27, 141 
169; Jeremiah, 204; Joel, 15^ 
John, 40*, 84; Jonas, 93^ 
Jonathan, 148; Joseph, 14c 
Keziah, . 158; Leonard, 35 


Index of Names. 

158*; Ludlum, 211 ; Luff, 211, 
ill. opp. p. 212; Luke, 180; 
Maria, 140, 142; Nathan, 208; 
Nehemiah, 93; Nehemiah, 74, 
93; Phebe, 93; Sarah, 93; Se- 
bastian, 185; Thomas Gibson, 
61, 92*; Tristram, 30*; Valen- 
tine, 194; William, 140. 


Daniel, 103, 201, 202; Henry, 
27, 19s; Johanas, 27; Johan- 
nes, 98, ill. opp. p. 198; John, 
27, 169. 


Anna Margaretta, 52. 


Jacob, 186. 


Amasa, 41. 


Matthew, 211. 


William, 206. 




Calvan, 58 ; James, 204* ; Wil- 
liam, 26, 27, 57. 




James, 88. 


John, 204; William, 78*. 


John, 206. 


John, Jr., 23. 


Maritje, 23. 


Neeltje, 150; Rachel, 9; Sam- 
uel, 150. 


James, 172. 


Abraham, 186. 


Selys, 155. 


Elisabeth, 74, 75, 100; Oke, 
74*, 7S, 100. 


Alex., 204 ; Hugh, 204. 


Joshua, 74, 93. 


Catrina, 152*, 163; Elisabeth, 
15^*, 154; Eva, 1S2*, 154; 
Huybert, 154; Huybert, 152, 
154; Jannetje, 152; Johannes, 
152; Johannes, 139, 152*, 154; 
Lena, 152*, 154; Maria, 152*, 
154; Sara, 152*, 154*. 


Adam, 64*, 65, 161 ; Beertjen, 
124; Benjamin, 192; Cath- 
erine, 80; Cornelius L., 30, 59, 
135; Dirck, ill. opp. p. 198; 
Egje, 90; Geertje, 18; Helena, 
65; Jacomyntje, 135; James, 
192; Laurens, 135; Marytje, 
37, 171; Petrus, 97*; Teunis, 
159; Theodosia, 135; William, 
97*, 191, 201 ; Zara, 39, 128; 
see Cornelisse, Theunissen. 


Anna, 119*; Elisabeth, 114; 
Eva, 114; Jacobus, 119*; 
Thomas, 1 14. 


Jonathan, 91. 

Inqex of Names. 



Cornelis, 24; Helena, 24; Ja- 
cob, 24. 


Joseph, 206. 


See Sims. 


Annatje, 52. 


Aart Pietersen, 194; Abraham, 
194; Alida, 194; Annatje, 
194*; Ary, 194*; Barbaar, 
194; Catrina, 194; Ojrnelis, 
194*; Grietjen, 194*; Helena, 
194; Isaack, 194; Jacobus, 
194*; Jacomeyntjen, 194; Jo- 
hannis, 194; Johannis, 194*; 
Lena, 194; Lidia, 194; Maria, 
194; Racheltje, 194; Sara, 


Anna, 25, ii2j Ariantje, 112*, 
166; Catharina, 112*, 147; 
Christ, 59, 97, 100*, 167; 
Christopher, 88, 180, 195, 203, 
ill. opp. p. 212; Cornelia, 60*, 
160, ill. opp. p. 212 ; Cornelius, 
42, 190; Dirrick, 112; Elsie, 
82, 122, 133, 134; Johannis, 
112*, 168; Juryan, 82, iii, 
112*, 114^ 122; Juryan Teu- 
nisse, 112; Marytie, 112*; 
Pieter, 25, 112; Rebecca, 17, 
112*; Sara, 1 11, 112; Tarryan, 
168; Teunis, iii; Teunis, 112; 
Tjatjen, 112; Tryntje, 147. 


See Tappen. 


Dirck, 8s; Jacob, 85; Johan- 
nis, 87. 


Mary, 170, ill. opp. p. 174 
William, 170. 


Andrew, 206; James, 172 
John, 94. 


See Tase. 

William, 14, 62. 



Rachel, 166; William, Jr., 161 


Abraham, 134; Anna Margrie 
134; Benjamin, 96, 97*; Blai 
dina, 134; Catherine, 96, 97 
102, 134; Conrad, 134*; Co 
nelia, 139; Cornelius, 124, 13^ 
Dirck Wessels, 139; Elisabet 
139, 150, 151 ; Geertruy, I2( 
Jacob, 96, 139, 150, 151; J; 
comyntje, 108, 134; Johanni 
102, 132, 135; John, 134; Lai 
rentia, 108, 123, 133*, 13- 
Margaret, 124, 159; Maria, 2 
65, 108*, 134*. 142, 151 ; R 
chel, 89, 133*, 134*; Sara 
I33*> 134, 159; W., 127; We 
sel, 108*, 127, 133*, 134*3 16 
ill. opp. p. 174; Wessel, 13, 
Wessel Jacobse, 150; Wessi 
Sr., 134. 

Abraham, 25, 126*, 127*; A 
dert, 126*, 127; AUard, 12 
Andries, 127*; Annatje, 12 
Barendina, 127; Belytje, 12 
Blandina, 25; Catherine, 2 
Coneradt, 127*; Gerretje, 12 
Gertrude, 72; Grietje, 25, i] 
III, 127; Hendrick, 127; J 
cob, 127*; Janneke, 25, I2( 


Index of Names. 

127; Margriet, iii, 127*; Ma- 
ria, 108*, 127*, 128, 134, 190; 
Matthys, 126; Matthys, 127*; 
Metje, 127; Neeltje, 127; Pe- 
tronella, 127; Ragel, 127; Sara, 
127*; Wyntie, 127*. 


Elisabeth, 190; Jacomyntje, 
135 ; see Bruyn. 

Catrina, 126. 


Abraham, 141, 142*; Anna 
Maria, 45; Annatje, 142*; 
Boudewijne, 142, 207 ; Breech- 
je, 142; Bridgit, 142*; Dirck, 
8s, 142; Elisabeth, 44, 45, 
142*; Esther, 142; Gerrit, 
141, 142*, 193; Gritie, 141, 
142; Hannah, 142; Hendricus, 
141, 142*; Hester, 142; Ja- 
cob, 85, 141, 142*; Johannes, 
87 ; John, 44, 45 ; Mary, 9, 44, 
45, 142*; Rachel, 45; Samuel, 
44, 45 ; Tunis, 141 ; Tunis, 142. 


Elenor, loi. 

Abraham, I03, 198; Abraham 
T., 195; AUida, yy; Anna, 22, 
23 ; Arrey V., 91 ; Benjamin 
P., 213; Catherine, 77; Corne- 
lius, 186; Elisabeth, 51, 63, 91, 
103*; Evert, ill. opp. p. 212; 
Evert, Jr., 198; Evert, Jr., 
142; Evert Rose, 198; Jacob, 
51, 91*, 186, 213; James, ill. 
opp. p. 212 ; Jan, 55 ; John, Jr., 
80; Jonathan, yy, Jonathan, 
77*, 86; Jonathan, Jr., 77*; 
Joseph, 22, 23 ; Leantie Rose, 
ig8; Lintie, 77; Margaret P., 
94; Maria, 55, 131; Mattheus, 
77 ; Nathaniel, 77 ; Petrus, 213 ; 

Petrus P., 213; Rachel, 15; 

Rebecca, 77; Simon, 39, 79, 

80*, 205, ill. opp, p. 212 ; Tunis, 

77, 205; Tjatje, 79, 80. 

Alexander, 172*. 

Jane, 103. 

Johannis, 51; Maria Catrina, 


Edward, 161; John, 43, 155, 

156, 157, 201 ; M. Edward, 

159; N. Edward, 135; Robert, 

169, 184*, 208; Tjatje, 16, 17; 

William, 16, 17* ; William W., 


James, 93. 

Cornelius, 157; Hester, 122; 

Jan, 122. 

Alexander, 62*; James Mc- 

Claughry, 62 ; Mary, 62. 

James, 211*, ill. opp. p. 212; 

Mary, 211*, ill. opp. p. 212; 

Peter, 211. 

Christian, 15*; Michel, 15*. 

Anna, 94; Elisabeth, 133, 135. 

Andrew, 156. 


Martha, 48, 75; Rebekah, 68; 
Reuben, 35, 48, 68*. 


Margaretha, 148. 



Index of Names. 


Eva, III, 118; Helen, 65, 118, 
120, 135; Jannetie, in, 118, 
119; Johannes, in; Johannes, 
119; William, 118; William, 
III*, 118, 119; William Jan- 
sen, in; William, Jr., in. 


56, 206. 

Thomas, 176. 


Sarah, 13. 


William, 186, ill. opp. p. 212. 


Jacob, 167. 


Robert, 22. 


See Traphagen. 


Andrew, 169; see Trimper. 


Paymaster, 206. 


Abraham, 17; Abraham, 17, ill. 
opp. p. 17, 18*, 85, 88; Anna, 
18*; Anthony, 17, 18; Augus- 
tinus, 18; Benjamin, 18, 65*, 
192; Catrina, 17, 18*, 85; 
Geertje, 18; Helena, 18, 124; 
Hendrick, 191*; Jacob, 18*, 
84, 124, 191, ill. opp. p. 212; 
Jacob, Jr., 191*; Jannetje, 18, 
65; Jbhannis, 18*; John, 17, 
18; Neeltje, 17*, 18; Rachel, 
18; Sarah, 17*, 18*, 192. 


Jacob, 56. 


Abigail, 131 ; John, 131. 


Ann, loi ; James, 155; Janie 

155*; Jemima, 135; Joel, 15; 

Mary, 155*; Thomas, 155. 

Anne, 109. 

Paul, 173. 

See Tenhout. 

Jan, 66, 108; Magdalena, 6 

see Mattysen. 


See Een. 

Hugh, 13. 

Umfree, 162. 

Jan, 206. 


Solomon, 191. 


Isaiah, 89 ; Isaiah, Jr., 92* ; J 
siah, 89. 


Abraham, 64; Annatje, 9, 14: 
Benjamin, 9*; Benjamin, Ji 
64, 193; Catrina, 9; Clepha 
9; Cornelius, 9*, 113*; Elis 
189; Geertruy, 9; Gideon, 1 
Grietjen, 9; Hester, 9; Isaa 
9; Jacob, 9; Jan, 9; Jan, 9 
50, 65, 193, Jesyntje, 9; Johai 
na, 193 ; Johannes, 9* ; Judic 
9*; Margriet, 9, 65; Mari 
9*, 50, 193; Martinus, 9, 12 
142 ; Neeltjen, 9; Peter, 9*, 2 
207; Pieternel, 9; Rachel, 
18; Resyntje, 9; Risjen, < 
Rusje, 9*; Samuel, 9*, 6 
113*; Sofia, 9; see Aken. 


Index of Names. 


Adrian Petersen, 114; Eliza, 


Mary, 141*; Petrus, 141*. 


See Bomschoten. 
Gerret, 103. 


Anna, 106; Gerret, 106; Neel- 
tje, 182. 

See Van Bone. 


See Bomschoten. 


Antye, 120* ; Christopher, 
120*, 122; Deborah, 120*; 
Elisabeth, 120* ; Geertjen, 
120; Johanna, 120; Leendert, 
120; Marens, 120*; Margaret, 
13, 79, 120*, 209; Marcus, 
120*; Marytje, 120*; Peter, 
120; Pieter, 120*. 


Cornells, 165; Margaret, 124; 
Sarah, 165. 


See Bomschoten. 


Ariantje, 80; Gerrit, 152; Hil- 
ligond, 24 ; Tobias, ill. opp. pp. 
174, 195- 

See Bomschoten. 


Elise, 132, 133; Isaac, 132, 133. 


Ariantje, 98, loi ; Divertje, 80. 


See Bogard. 



Jacobus, 46; Nicholas, 17, 81*, 
173 ; Peter, 18, 88*. 






Abraham, 64 ; Augustinus, 
125; Anna, 51, 125; Barbara, 
181 ; Cornelia, 181 ; Cornelius, 
91*; Fredrik, 194; Grietjen, 
194; Hendrick, 51; Jacob, 66; 
Jacomyntjen, 60, 194; John, 
95 ; Levi, 41. 

Anderis, 108; Maritie, 108. 


Annatje, 194; Johannes, 194. 

Catelyntje, 124; Cornelia, 139; 

Jan,, 139. 

Hendrick, 106; Jacobus, 122, 

147; Lydia, 42, 106. 

Joseph, 201. 


Antje, 106; Conrad, 106; 
Geertje, 106; Gertie, 106; Ja- 
cobus, 106* ; Jenneke, ro6 ; see 


Jacob, 201. 


Antie, 113*; Jacobus, 113*, 

Index of Names. 



See Van Vliet. 

Abraham (Chambers), 107*; 

Catharine, 159*; Jacomyntje, 

108''', 134; Laurentia, 108*; 

Laurentius, 108*; Maria, 108, 

134; Sarah, 108; Thomas, 

134; Wilhelmus, 159*- 

Benjamin, 201 ; Daniel, 201. 

Hester, 105. 

Neeltje, 120. 

See Hooghteyling. 

Frans, 150. 

Barent, 149; David, 85; Sam- 
uel, 85. 

Harmanus, 173. 

See Van Keuren. 

Anna, 190; Elise, 132, 133; 

Isaac, 132, 133; Jan, 24; Heyl- 

tie, 24; Tretje, 24. 

Abraham, 17*, 8g, iii, 128*; 

Ariantje, 80, 98; Benjamin, 

39; Benjamin, 39*, 79, 80, 

128*; Blandina, 98; Catherine, 

205; Catherine, 79, 80, 128*; 

Cornelius, 80, 98, 126; Diver- 

tje, 80; Elisabeth, 128*, 190; 

Gerrit, 17*, 18, 74*, 7S, 209; 

Gerretje, 128; Grietjen, in; 

Helena, 80; Hendricus, 79; 

Hendricus, 39*, 80*, 126; 

Hendricus, Jr., 79, 80; Jacob, 
; 79, 80*, 128*, I44> 184, 20s; 

Janneken, 113, 128*; Johannes, 
80; Jonathan, 79*; Lea, 128; 
Levy, 39* ; Lydia, 128* ; Mar- 
garet, 74, 75; Maria, 39*, 80*, 
127*, 128*, 190; Martha, 79, 
80; Matthew, 80, 127, 128; 
Matthys Matthysen, Jr., 80, 
128; Met j en, 80; Petrus, 80; 
Rachel, 128*; Sara, 39*, 79, 
80, 128*; Seletje, 128; Tjatje, 
79, 80, 128*; Tjerck, 17, 39, 
126, 127, 128; Tjerck Matty- 
sen, 30, 127*, 190; Tjerck 
Westbroeck, 82; Tyrck, 127; 
Tryntje, 80*; see Matty sen. 


Barbara, 24; Johannes, 24; 
Marten, 192; Peter, 191. 


Elias, 189; see Van Aken. 


Jan Janse, ill. opp. p. 174; see 

John, 103. 


See Schoonhoven, Schoon- 
maker and Switz. 


Millicent, 24. 

Ari, 124. 


Anna, 18; Gerrit, 18. 

Abraham, 186; Mattheus, 186; 
Matthia, 186. 


.Abraham, 124; Abraham, yy, 
124, 147; Aries, 124; Baartjen, 
124; Benjamin, 191; Cather- 
ine, 171; Henderikus, 194; 
John, 37; Margaret, 123; Ra- 


Index of Names. 

chel, 194; Thomas, 124; Tlhom- 
as Jansen, 124 ; see Steenher- 
Isaac, 82. 


Dirck, 152, 154; Eva, 152, 154; 
Neeltje, 144. 

Hendric, 157; John, 195. 


Arry, 9, 84, 85; Deborah, 71, 
79, 209; Dirck, 85, 128*; Elis- 
abeth, 150; Geertjen (Gritie), 
84, 85, 120; Jacobus, 201 ; Jen- 
neke, 79; Margrietjen, 169; 
Rachel, 85, 128*; Sara, 128; 
William, 128. 


Henry, 38. 


Abraham, 12; Abraham, 12*, 
13*. 55 ; Abraham, Jr., 9; Aert, 
55*. 70*, 71*; Anna, 55*, 71, 
185; Benjamin, 54*, 55*; 
Betsey, 185; Catherine, 55*, 
71, 185*; Cornelius, 201; Elis- 
abeth, 51, 54, 55*. 185; Gerrit, 
70; Gerrit, 12, 71, no, 114, 
118, 120; Gertrud, 12*, 13*; 
Hannah, 86; Hillegond, 13; 
Isaac, 79; Jacob, 12*, 13; Ja- 
cob Aartsen, 13, 71 ; Jacob Art- 
sen, Jr., 55*, 71 ; Jacobus, 185 ; 
Jacobus, 185 ; Jacomeintje, 55 ; 
Jan, 13*, 70*, 71*; Jannetje, 
17, 55; Johannis, 54; Johannis, 
51. 54*. 55*. 70. 71 ; John, 33, 
188 ; Margrietje, 71 ; Maria, 
12, 13, 55*, 70, 71*, 120, 126; 
Petrus, 70, 71*; Rachel, 55*, 
185; Rebecca, 55*, 70*, 71, 

133, 196; Sara, 12*, 13, 55*, 
79*, 163*, 185*; Sara Aartsen, 
13, 71; Simon, 13, 41, 120*, 
163*, 185; Simon Jacob, 185; 
Simon, Jr., 201; Solomon, 86; 
Wessel B., 188; Wessel Brod- 
head, 185 ; see Aartsen. 


Catherine, 91 ; Catherine, 50*, 
91 ; Cornelis, 51 ; Elisabeth, 50, 
51, 91; Hendrick, 50; Hen- 
drick, 51*, 91*, 198, ill. opp. p. 
212; Hendricz, 51; Hendrick, 
Jr., 50*, 51; Hendrix, 51*; 
Heyltje, 51 ; Madelena, 51 ; 
Maria, 51*- 


See Van We gen.. 

Johannes, 168. 


Catrina, 52; Petrus Lauren- 
sen, 52. 


See Van Wegen. 


Dom. Petrus, 19. 


Lucy, 172. 

Anna, 166. 

See Felten. 


Abraham, 90, 189; Anna, 190; 
Cornelia, 143, 190; Cornelis, 
143, 189, 200; Cornelius, Jr., 
186, 187; Grietje, 114, 119; 
Jennetje, 83*, igo; Johannes, 
83; Jonathan, 90*; Margriet, 
90*; Maria, 114; Petrus, 187; 
Sara, 190; Simon, 90. 

Index of Names. 



Anna, 71 ; Arnold, 128* ; Cath- 
erine, 128*; Cornelius, 71, 
103 ; Elisabeth, 71 ; Helena, 80; 
Magdalena, 51; Philip, 167; 
Philip, Jr., 51. 


Eva, IDS ; Frederick, 105 ; Mar- 
garet, 105. 


Sara, 128; Willem, 128; see 
Van Vlied. 


Grietjen, 194. 


Abraham Pietersen, 108; John 
D., 103. 


Johannis, 185. 


Thomas, 198. 


Samuel, no. 


See Van Bone. 


John, 54; Lena, 54. 


James, 204; John, 106; Josiah, 
61*; Richard, 206; Thomas, 
140; William, 140. 


Matthew, 131. 


Matthias, 204, 205. 


Anna, 129. 


Thomas, 183. 


Abel, 148; Bridget, 148*; 

Ephraim, 148; Ephraim, Jr., 
148; Eunice, 148*; Hezekiah, 
148*; Joanna, 148*; Joseph, 
148; Ledea, 95; Samuel, 27, 
148, 21 1 ; Samuel, Jr., 212 ; 
Tabitha, 148 ; Thomas, 24, 95*, 



Susanna, 104. 


Joseph, 136;. Nathaniel, 79*. 


David, 20*. 


John, 106; Sarah, 106. 


John, 172. 


Absalum, 57; Anna, 22, 23; 
Anna Margriet, 199; Diena, 
22, 23 ; Eleanor, 57 ; Frederick, 
199; Helmus, 57; Henry, 57, 
204*; Hermanus, 145; Hiram, 
57; Jacob, 199; Johannis, 22*, 
23*, 44; Jurg, 199; Lodewyck, 
199; Lodewyck, 199; Marga- 
ret, 22, 23 ; Maria, 23* ; Wil- 
liam, 22; William, 23, 57*, 


Daniel, 80; Israel, 203; James, 
170; Joseph, 170; Marytje, 37, 
170; Nathaniel, 203*; Peter, 


Jantje, 181. 


Henrica, 105, 115. 


Maria, 127; Wessel, 127; see 
Ten Broeck. 


Index of Names. 


Annatje, 193; Catherine, 149; 
Catherine, 149, 193* ; Johanna, 
193 ; John, 14s, 149, 193 ; Pe- 
trus, 193; Petrus, 36, 149*, 
193*; Tanneke, 149, 193; Wil- 
liam, 124. 


Aaltjen, 113; Abraham, 39*; 
Anthony, 112, 113*; Annatje, 
113*; Cornelius, 113*; Dirck, 
60, 81*, 112, 113* 128*, 17s, 
ill. opp. p. 212; Frederick, 42, 
60, 174, 17s*. ill- opp. p. 212; 
Janneken, 113, X2&*] Johannis, 
112; Johannis, 85*, 113*; Jon- 
athan, 113, 201; Magdalena, 
112, 113; Mary, 39*; Sarah, 9, 
113*; Tjerck Van Keuren, 82; 
Ursulla, 113. 


Jacobus, 9; Sofia, 9. 


Marytjen, 9; Niclaas, 9; Sara, 


John, 162. 


Joseph, 26*, loi*. 


Abraham, 192; Catherine, 51, 
52, 65, 135 ; Doostie, 145 ; Ed- 
ward, 135; Edward, 65, 98, 
III*, 113, 114, 118, 125*, 135, 
14s, 151, 167; Edward, Jr., 
140; Elisabeth, 52, 133, 135, 
151; Elinor, 135; Hannah, 
135*; Helena, 135; Henry, 
118, 13s*; Hillitje, 135*, 145, 
151; Holitie, 118; Jacoba, 65, 
98, 13s, 140; James, 113, 133, 
13s ; Jan, 135 ; John, 135 ; Mar- 
gnte, 98, 135 ; Maria, 55 ; Pe- 

trus, 191*; Philip, 42; Rachel, 
133; Samuel, 51, iii; Theo- 
dosia, 13s*, 145 ; William, 52. 


James, 169; Samuel, 169. 


Israel, 203; Samuelj 80. 


See Whitaker. 


Maidgeri, 125. 


Mr., IDS. 



Henry A., 183; John, 167*; 
Maria, 120, 136, 147 ; Mr., 172 ; 
Thomas, 199; William, 136. 


See Schutt. 


Isaac, 89. 


Gilbert, 126. 


Daniel, 34; Elisabeth, 34, 35; 
- George, 34; James, 34; James 
W., 34, 35*; Jean, 35; John, 
34*, 35 ; Joseph, 34*, 35 ; Rob- 
ert, 34*, 35; Sarah, 34; Wil- 
liam, 34; William, 34. 


Maidgeri, 125. 


Catherine, 125. 


Ann, 23; James, 186; John, 
186; Margriet, 23; Robert, 
103; Thomas, 185; William, 

Index of Names. 



Elias, 94. 


Peter, 119; Tanna, 138. 


Lucas, 95* ; Mary, 95. 


Priscilla,. 207. 


Colonel, 103. 


See Whitaker. 



Anna Margaretta, 52; Henry, 
51, 52, 100; Johannes, 52; 
Margaret, 51, 52, 98, 99; Wil- 
helmus, 98, 99. 


Abigail, 148 ; Anna, 148 ; Dan- 
iel, 22, 148*; Deborah, 148; 
Edward, 125, 148*; Edward 
D., 188; Hannah, 148*; Hele- 
na, 148; Jacobtis, 178; Jaco- 
bus, 148; Jan, 148*; Jeremiah, 
206; Johanna, 148; Jahn, 148; 
John, 148*, 178*; Jonas, 148; 
Levinah, 93; Margriet, 148*; 
Mary, 148*; Samuel, 93, 177; 
Silas, 22; Susanna, 125, 148; 
Timothy, 148; William, 148. 


Abel, 80; Jesse, 183. 


John^ 154. 


Jonathan^ 152. 


Francis, 206. 


Cornelius, 107. 


Anna Margaretta, 52; Johan- 
nes, 52; Margaret, 52. 


Samuel, 196, ill. opp. p. 198. 


Martin, 20. 


Henry, 169. 


Adriaan, 124, 138*, 139; An- 
netie, 115, 166; Catherine, 89, 
124, 138, 139*; Christina, 123, 

I39> 159. 191. ill- opp- P- 212; 
Cornelia, 139*, 145 ; Cornelius, 
138; Cornelius, no, 115, 126*, 

138*, 139*. ill- opp- P- 174; 
Cornelius C, 89; Cornelius E., 
56*; D., 37, 190; Dirck, 139*, 
154, 191 ; Dirck, Jr., ill. opp. p. 
174, 193, 194; Elisabeth, 126, 
138, 139*, 150, 151 ; Evert, 106, 
166 ; Evert C, 56* ; Gerrit, 106 ; 
Hendrika, 138, 139; Heyltje, 
115; Jacobus, 115, 201; Jan- 
netje, 115, 139; Johannes, 97*, 
no, 138*, 139*, 150; Johan- 
nes, Jr., 160; John, 160, 167; 
Judith, 138, 139*; Lea, 113, 
138, 139* ; Lidia, 139 ; Marga- 
ret, 97*; Maria, 114, 138. i39*. 
160*; Maria Catherine, 89; 
Maria Janse Langedyk, 139; 
Petrus, 138*, 139*; Sara, 154; 
Tobias, 113. 


Marritje, 50; William, 206. 


Mary, 48; John, 148. 


Peter W., ill. opp. p. 212. 


Moses, 182, 192, 195. 


Index of Names. 


Daniel, 9; Maria, g; Nicholas, 

Abimal, 148; Alexander, 93; 
John, 93, 154, 161 ; William, 
II, 13. 


John Wm., 204. 


Catelyntje, 124; Gertrude, 114; 
Jacobus, 124; see Esselstein. 


Eva, 46. 

See Suylcmt. 

See Swits. 



„i. .i.ii.i..v.;- 


desires to announce: 


Volumes I.— II. Price, $15. 


Containing every reference to land- 
transactions, as recorded in Kingston, 
Albany, New York, and elsewhere, 
Maps, fac-similes of Indian Grants, 
Deeds and Mortgages, etc. 

%fi^ ^v 1^^ 


iutrtfeaa (Haunts liilla. 
Sutrtf^HS ((bounty Irrda, 
(i^uiFmB (Ununtg Pilla, 
CiPurraa (ilountg irriis. 

to be issued in 8 Vols. @ $7.50. 

Subscriptions received by the compiler: 


Address: P. O. Box 812,