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Full text of "Cardiff records; being materials for a history of the county borough from the earliest times"

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Mifuca, S?em ^atk 







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Cornell University 

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the Cornell University Library. 

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(Author of the " History of the Borough of Snint Ives, ComwalL" ) 








Editorial Preface. 

I. The Winning of Glamorgan - 

Dissertation . . . . y. y . . i 

Sir Edward Mansel's MS. . . . . . . 5 

A shorter versioi^, frgta the Truman MSS, . . . . 33 

The Kings and Lords' of. Glamorgan .. .. 29 

Further Genealogical Note's, , in Welsii and English . . 34 

Topographical Memoranda, in Welsh and English . . 40 

II. Further Gleanings from- the Record Office 

Dissertalion . . . . . . . . ^g 

Miscellanea of the Exchequer (1211-1320) .. .. 55 

Star Chamber Proceedings (area 1534-1558) .. .. 62 

Close Rolls (1565-1569) . . . . . . 80 

Inquisitions (i 559-1 583) .. .. ..82 

Chancery Proceedings (i 605-1 607) .. .. 86 

Exchequer Bills (1688-1754) .. 90 

III. A Bundle of Miscellanea 

Dissertation . . . . . . 99 

Rentals and Surveys (circa 1640-1703) .. .. 106 

Harleian MS. Bishop Kitchin's Report {circa 1558) .. 126 

Additional MS. LlandafF Chantry Lands (circa 1580) .. 12G 

John Penry's Exhortation (1588) .. .. 129 

The Herbert Abbreviate (1596) .. .. .. 130 

Old Title Deeds of the Corporation (1600-1670) . . 137 
"Against the paying of Impost for Wines" (circa 1620) .. 143 

Extcact from the Magna Baronia Walliae (17th cent.) .. 145 

Civil War Memoranda (1644-1648) .. .. .. 146 

Notes on a Popish Martyrology (1679) ■• ■■ '55 
Mandate to the Corporation of Neath, by the Mayor of 

Cardiff (1688-9) •• •• •• •• '59 

Mr. Bussy Mansel's Declaration to Dissenters (1734) .. 161 


Willis' Notes on Llaiidaff Cathedral (1752) 
Note on an ancient episcopal ring found at Llandaff . . 
Rules of the Sociable Society of Ladies (1755) . . 
Three " Late Georgian " trifles . . 

IV. Extracts from Minutes of Council, &c., i 708-1 740 


Council Minute of 22 March 1708 
Borough Accounts (1711-1731) 
Council Minutes continued 

V. Council Minutes, i 740-1 835 


Proceedings in the Borough Court 

Official Forms of Oath 

Council Minutes continued 

VI. Council Minutes, i 835-1 880 


Initiation of the Municipal Corporations Act, 1835 

VII. Minutes of the Cardiff Street Commissioners and 

the Cardiff Board of Health, i 774-1865 


Commissioners' Minutes 
Board's Minutes 














1 Lord Windsor - - . _ 

2 North Roman Gate, Cardiff Castle 

3 Herbert Tomb, St. John's Church 

4 Great Sessions Seal of Edward VI. 

5 Old Vicarage, St. John's Square, 1873 

6 Approach to the Castle from High Street, 

circa 1876 - . . 

7 Broad Street, from the East, circa 1875 

8 Great Sessions Seal of Elizabeth 

9 Great Sessions Seal of James I. 

JO Great Sessions Seal of Charles H. 

1 1 Great Sessions Seal of George I. 

12 Great Sessions Seal of George III. 

13 The like, later design 

14 Old Roath Church, from the North-West, 


15 West Side of High Street, before 1877 

16 Broad Street, from the West, circa 1870 


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; J 


face p. 








17 Great Sessions Seal of George IV. - face p. 385 

18 Spital Barn, Crockherbtown, 1830 - - ,, 4^3 

19 West Side of St. Mary Street, circa 1870 ,, 433 

20 Old Houses, East Side of St. Mary Street ,, 449 

21 Cardiff's first Coal Staith, 1835 back to p. 464 

22 Plan of ditto - _ _ _ ^^ 465 

23 Pier Head and Bute Docks Offices - face p. 481 

24 RoATH Court, 1826 - - ,, 515 

<^K<# M. i 


celyn bridge. 


Amid all the bustle and clangour of modern urban life, the spirit 
voices of Cardiff's past are still audible and articulate, in records 
which time and the spoiler have spared to these latter days, and the 
continued existence of which has been secured by the printer's art. 
In the twentieth century, Edwardo Septimo feliciter regnante, the 
burgess of Cardiff (who is now nearly every householder) can close 
his ears to the shrieking of locomotives, the whirr and clatter of 
electric cars and the whizzing of telephone-bells, and transport himself 
back into the quiet Welsh county town whose citizens are sleeping 
in Saint John's churchyard. Nay, he can lose himself in the paulo- 
post-Arthurian haze which envelopes the dim heroic forms of 
Robert Fitzhamon and lestyn ab Gwrgan, and take sides with either 
the Clans or the Feudal System. As the reader follows the history 
of the long struggle between Celtic tribesman and Teutonic settler, 
his sympathies will be irresistibly drawn to one or the other and will, 
perhaps, be determined by what he knows as to his own nationality. 
Cardiff, indeed, is as cosmopolitan as any meeting-place of the nations. 
Specimens of the aboriginal Welsh-speaking Cardiffian may still be 
met with, here and there, and there has, of course, been a large influx 
into the town from this and the adjacent counties ; but commonest is 
the immigrant from Gloucestershire and Somersetshire, it is said — 
especially the latter. The English spoken at Cardiff by the average 
passer-b}' no longer betrays any suspicion of Welsh accent, but smacks 
strongly of the West Saxon spoken on the opposite Severn shore, 
which bids fair to form the basis of a new dialect for this town and 
district. In one walk from the Hayes bridge to the Pier Head, it is 
easy to hear a dozen languages, to say nothing of dialects. All the 
principal European nationalities are represented among the well- 
established merchants and tradesmen of the town and port. A Cardiff- 
born Polish noble carries on the business of a watchmaker ; an Austrian 
of aristocratic lineage keeps a small public house ; and a Welshman, 


who descends from the two most ancient families in Glamorgan, works 
as a master mason. Never was such a confusion of races and conditions. 
At Cardiff may be found the issue of marriages between persons of 
widely-distant nationalities, as Italian-Welsh, Greek-Irish,^ Maltese- 
English, Scottish-Welsh — one might ring the changes indefinitely. 
Bearing in mind an axiom of physiology, one expects the future 
inhabitants of Cardiff to be a gifted people. To give another 
illustration of our cosmopolitanism, sermons have lately been preached 
in English, Irish and Pomeranian, in Saint David's Catholic church, 
the priest in charge of which is a Dutchman. The services of the 
Orthodox Greeks in this town, a few years ago, were conducted by a 
priest who was an Englishman, and a clerk who was a Welsh-speaking 
Welshman from Russia ! The top-hat and frock coat of London 
civilisation are hardly a more familiar sight to Cardiffian eyes than 
the wide hat, with pendant ribands, of the Breton peasant, the 
brimless headgear and curled shoes of the Indian lascar, or the 
Chinaman's pigtail. Add such foreign elements to the early fusion of 
the manifold, unknown races which have formed the Cymric nation — 
an(J one wonders what will be the racial composition of our future 

To leave such speculations and hark back to the 14th century : 
How much we should like to have on the shelves of our Free Library 
those eight books^ which belonged to Llewelyn Bren ; three of which 
were in Welsh, and one in French, the Roman de la Rose ! The old 
record gives no hint as to what became of these captured treasures of 
the unfortunate Welsh patriot, or of his bright-red ridingcoat and 
silver spoons. The lawless state of Cardiff in Henry the Eighth's 
reign is strikingly illustrated by the tale of wanton murder and civic 
incompetence which Mistress Katherine Watts unfolded to the Star 
Chamber.' The unlawful exactions of William Herbert in 1558 
aroused the effective resentment of the townsfolk, as appears by their 
complaint in the same Court. In 1645, during the Civil War, Cardiff 
Castle was described as " a place of singular concernment as any in 
Wales" (p. 149.) It received a great deal of attention from both 

1 I once met a Greek-Irishman who could speak Welsh. 

2 See p. 58. 
^ gee p. 67. 


Cavaliers and Roundheads, and was held now by one party, now by 
the other. In 1648 mediaeval South Wales may be said to have 
vanished for ever, amid the smoke and blood of the battle of Saint 
Pagan's ;i and from her ashes arose, slowly but surely, the new race, 
Puritan and democratic before all things. A mile west of Cardiff 
Bridge, near the bridge which spans the river Ely, is a hamlet of old 
thatched cottages bearing the significant name PwU Coch (the Red 
Pool). This appelation is said to bear allusion to the colour of the 
water as it carried to the sea the grim refuse of that terrible carnage 
which, more, perhaps, than any other event in history, changed the 
face and shaped the destinies of Wales. Of the army of Welshmen 
then taken prisoners by the Parliamentarian forces, 240 (being 
bachelors) were shipped to Barbadoes as slaves, and three were " shot 
to death at Cardiff." No one will grudge Wales the glory earned for 
her by these gallant adherents of a lost cause. 

The latter and larger half of the present volume is taken up with 
a continuous series of extracts from the formal transactions of civic 
business, especially the Minutes of Council ; and it may be well to 
say a word as to the method which has been used in the selection. I 
have aimed at extracting everything of permanent interest or utility 
to the public. In some cases this interest lies in the picture of old 
local life and manners ; or the utility in the legal bearing which a 
given ancient document may be likely to have, some time or other, 
upon current municipal questions. In other cases, the interest of the 
extracted document may consist in its connecting our Borough with 
the history of the Kingdom as a whole ; or its utility in the fresh 
light incidentally supplied to historical students in general, apart from 
merely local research. The public may rest assured that nothing 
worthy of perpetuation has been allowed to slip through the editorial 
hands ; nor, I think, will the careful student deem anything worthless 
which has been here retained. The value of some items may not be 
apparent at the first glance, but upon consideration the reader will 
probably see how they fall distinctly under one or other of the two 
categories named. It is often the humblest fragment of a record 
which conveys most knowledge to the studious utiliser of such collec- 
tions as these. 

1 See pp. 152—155. 



The present volume differs from its predecessors in being 
ornamented with head and tail pieces, initials and capitals drawn by 
myself. This has been done not without diffidence on my part, as a 
mere penman, at continuing the work so skilfully performed by Mr. 
Fowler, Mr. Ward, Mr. Sant and Mr. T. H. Thomas in the previous 
volumes. I hope it may be held that the artistic shortcomings of the 
present set of head and tail pieces are atoned for by correctness of 
heraldic arrangement in the former ; and, in the sketches of old 
buildings, by a minuteness of detail which, though it may not satisfy 
artists, will at least be appreciated by antiquaries. The large 
initials to the chapters, and the ornamental capitals inserted in the 
text, have been copied by me in pen and ink, from an illuminated 
Book of Hours in my possession, written on vellum and executed in 
Flanders for an Augustinian Canoness, about the year 1425. The 
manuscript is an exceptionally fine production of the Flemish school 
of limners. 

The names and blason of the coats of arms will be found in a list 
at the end of this volume, together with a list of the tail pieces. 

("Mab Cernyw.") 

Cardiff 17 December 1902. 


Freke, Pholo, Cardiff. 

The Herbert Tomb, St. John's Church, igo2. 



XEbe MinnitiG of Glamorgan. 

URING the last five years of the 
19th and the first of the 20th 
century, I have had the great 
privilege of being permitted to 
transcribe whatever materials I 
required from the collection of 
Welsh MSS. accumulated by that 
zealous patron of Cambrian art, 
music and letters, the late Lady 
Llanover {Gwenynen Gwent.y For this privilege I am 
indebted to the signal kindness and hospitality of the 
Honourable Mrs. Herbert of Llanover^ {Gwenynen 
Llano/or), which also enables me to lay before my readers 

^ "The Bee of Gwent." This bardic title, conferred by the Gorsedd of the Royal 
and National Eisteddfod of Wales, bears, perhaps, some allusion to the famed bee- 
hives in the grounds of Llanover House. 

2 Only child of the late Lord and Lady Llanover, and widow of the late John 
Arthur Edward Herbert of Llaiiarth, Esq.; mother of Colonel Ivor John Caradoc 
Herbert of Llaiiarth, C.B., D.S.O., D.L., J.P., who is the genealogical chief of the 
entire Herbert clan. 


such extracts from that collection as come within the scope 
of the present work. A few words upon the Llanover MSS. will 
not be inappropriate by way of introduction. Lady Llanover was 
one of the most energetic members of the Cymreigyddion y Fenm 
("Abergavenny Cambricists "), a society which flourished in the 
thirties of the 19th century and did excellent work for the cause 
of Welsh literature. Later on, the Cymreigyddion dwindled away, 
and eventually became extinct; whereupon their manuscripts came 
into Lady Llanover's possession, and were deposited at Llanover 
House. There they remained, in a large wooden chest in the 
library, until the death of their aged possessor, which occurred 
a few weeks before I first saw them. During the fifty years, or 
so, that these books were in the keeping of Lady Llanover, it 
was not always easy for students to obtain access to them; 
and, indeed, the treasures seem to have been but little disturbed 
by anyone — for when, by Mrs. Herbert's desire, I took them out 
of their coffin, they were in such a state of damp and mildew 
as must in a few years more have reduced them to powder. Well 
aware of the inestimable value of these manuscripts, Mrs. Herbert 
promptly took measures to secure their safety for the future ; and 
the collection is gradually becoming known to the world of letters. 
My transcripts make a thick volume, but only a small proportion 
bears reference to Cardiff. This portion 1 am happy to present to 
the readers of the "Cardiff Records." Most of the Llanover MSS. 
are copies in the handwriting of Edward Williams (/o/o Morganwg), 
that grand old genius who, in the i8th century, laid the foundation 
not only of the national Eisteddfod, but of modern Welsh literature, 
"lolo" was a careful and reliable copyist, for his time, but not so 
infallible in this respect as some of his admirers have claimed for 
him. His transcripts are bound in dark red canvas cloth, unlettered. 
Some of the MSS. in this collection are originals, written in the 
1 6th and 17th centuries. Of these, most were collected by lolo 
Morganwg; a few were presented to Lady Llanover. Perhaps 
the most valuable of them are two thick quarto paper books con- 
sisting of Welsh poems, by various bards, in the handwriting of 
Llewelyn Sion of Llangewydd. In the collection are also many of 
" lolo's " original manuscripts, treating of the Gorsedd and other 
Welsh antiquities. So much having been stated with regard to the 


provenance of the documents contained in this chapter, we will now 
turn our attention to " The Winning of Glamorgan," by which title 
are to be understood the various MSS. treating of the Norman 
conquest of Cardiff and the important County of which it has always 
been the capital. 

There are extant many Welsh legends concerning the conquest 
of Glamorgan by the Normans in the reign of WiUiam Rufus. In the 
absence of a detailed account of that conquest from Anglo-Norman 
sources, the fund of information supplied by these Welsh stories is 
interesting and valuable. They are characteristically Celtic ; that is 
to say, they present a picturesque array of events, accounting in a 
romantic manner for the hard, unpoetic fact that Glamorgan was 
Conquered by an alien invader. This is always necessary to the Celt. 
To be overcome by the Teuton is to him far less of a misfortune than 
to be destitute of an epic which shall clothe " regrettable incidents" 
in the language of romance and appropriate all the glory to the 
vanquished — say, rather, to the betrayed. It follows that the Welsh 
stories are not to be taken literally. Indeed, who that knows the 
Celt would think of reading Celtic chronicles as if they were 
railway time-tables ? The value of our local legends lies in their 
idyllic picturesqueness, in the seductive art which transports us, 
malgre nous, into the Celtic dreamland ; where, in a magic mist, is 
conjured up a vision of kindly Cambro-British kings, courteous 
princes, lovely heiresses, tyrannical Norman barons, holy bishops and 
faithful clansmen, moving ghostlike about the shining, fertile Vale of 
Glamorgan, with its fruit-laden trees and babbling trout-streams, its 
turretted castles, hospitable manor-houses and whitelimed homesteads. 
It must not be supposed, however, that the Welsh account of the 
"Winning of Glamorgan by the Norman Lords" is fiction of the 
stamp of " Amadis de GauleT It is legend of the stratum which 
holds a rich deposit of fossilised history, and gives us, perhaps, more 
knowledge of the time and place it deals with than many a scientific 
composition. To begin with, its genealogies are instructive. The 
habit of sneering at Welsh pedigrees is best fostered by ignorance of 
the original documents. In spite of some almost inevitable errors of 
identity, such as the confusion of lestyn ap Gwrgan with lestyn ap 
Owain ap Hywel Dda, the descents given in these manuscripts are 
evidently made out in all good faith and follow genuine tradition. 


What is, perhaps, peculiarly noteworthy about these Glamorgan 
legends is their mixture of Celtic and Norman lore. leslyn ap 
Gwrgan and his Welsh clansmen are commingled with the mail-clad 
barons of Robert Fitzhamon, fresh from Normandy ; while the scenes 
shift between the massive masonry of the invaders' newly-built castles 
in the Vale, to the dry-stone fortresses of the Welsh chieftains on the 
distant hilltops. This makes the stories breathe the true spirit of 
the Glamorgan Vale, where traces of the Norman are inextricably 
mingled with the native antiquities ; where Welsh St. Donat's holds 
aloof from an English counterpart, while Flemingston jostles Llan- 
carfan and Bonvilston elbows Llantrithyd. So also (at least according 
to the Welsh epic) the laws administered by the officers of the 
Norman Fitzhamon were the "apostolic" laws of Morgan Mwynfawr 
and his successors of the ancient race ; and the divisions of the high 
Lordship under the alien Lords followed the boundaries laid down 
centuries before the Conquest. The inevitable result of this amalga- 
mation of Celt and Latin-Teuton was the evolution of a strong and 
talented race, with gifts of poetry, music and art derived from 
Ivernian great-grandmothers, a knowledge of organisation and 
administration inherited from Celto-Roman grandfathers, and a 
capacity for wholesale wickedness drawn from its Viking sires. 
The long association of the adaptable Norman with the all-absorbing 
Celt was inevitably destined to end, as it did in other lands, in pro- 
ducing an aristocratic class which, with all its feudal exclusiveness, 
was more Welsh than the Welsh ; and which has done more to spread 
the influence of Welsh literature, in particular, than any pure Briton 
who ever lived. 

The reader may notice in these documents a certain amount of 
confusion on the subject of the actual boundaries and extent of the 
ancient Kingdoms of Glamorgan and Gwent, and of the subordinate 
Lordship of Gwentllwg. The discrepancy in the statements as to 
the western limit of Glamorgan is inconsiderable, and the Crymlyn 
brook is now accepted for this boundary. (See ante, Vol. IL, p. 2.) 
With regard to the eastern confines, however, the accounts are 
conflicting; the Taff,* the Rhymny and the Usk being variously 
given as the division between Glamorgan and Gwent, and the Taff 

1 On the supposition that Gvveiitilwg was part of Gwent. 


and the Rhymny as the western boundary of Gwentllwg. An 
additional complication is introduced by the limitations of the modern 
Counties of Glamorgan (in Welsh Morganwg) and Monmouthshire, 
which latter is called in Welsh both Sir Fynwy and also, loosely, 
Gwent. ' 

The following may, I think, be safely taken as a correct state- 
ment of the case. The old Welsh kingdom of Glamorgan extended 
from the Crymlyn brook, near Neath, on the west, to the river Usk 
on the east ; that of Gwent from the Usk to the Severn at Gloucester 
bridge. Glamorgan and Gwent together formed a region anciently 
known as Morganwg, which included sundry minor territories. 
Gwentllwg, one of these, reached from the river Taff westward 
along the Severn shore to the Usk, and therefore lay within 
Glamorgan, not in Gwent. 

Some valuable documents in the Welsh language are printed in 
the " Myvyrian Archaiology" and the " lolo MSS.," and should be 
consulted by the student who is specially interested in the history 
and genealogies of the Welsh Princes and the Norman Lords of 
Glamorgan. The same is to be said of the chronicle compiled in 
English by Rice Merrick (Rhys Meuric), in 1578, and re-edited by 
the late Mr. Andrew Corbett. 

Although I have here copied from the manuscripts of lolo 
Morganwg some particulars which refer to the lesser lordships, 
apart from direct reference to the town of Cardiff, it must not be 
thought that the matter is foreign to the history of the County 
Borough. It should be borne in mind that Cardiff was the head and 
heart of mediaeval Glamorgan, and that these minor manors were 
governed by the Chief Lord from Cardiff Castle. A collection of 
Cardiff records would be incomplete if it omitted all reference to the 
"members" which were so closely dependent on the Caput Barontw. 

It will be well, in this place, to call the reader's attention to the 
shields of arms which form the head-pieces of the present Volume. 
They are the armorial bearings of the later mediaeval Lords of 
Glamorgan and of the various lesser lordships, and of many of the 
old Welsh gentry of the County. These coats of arms will be fully 
explained in the Addenda to this book. 

1 Gwenl a Morganwg is the ordinary Welsh phrase to signify the " Sister 
Counties," Monmouthshire and Glamorgan. This helps to show the less than 
nothingness of the popular myth that Monmouthshire is " an English County." 


Llanover MSS. 

Formerly the property of the Cymreigyddion of Abergavenny. 
Mostly transcripts in the handwriting of Edward Williams {lolo 
Morganwg); copied by him in 1808, from the original in 
the possession of Thomas Truman of Pantlliwydd, Esq. 

[i3mo. paper book, bound in dark red canvas cloth; 
in fair condition.] 

I., p. I. 

Topographical Anecdotes of Penmark Parish, 1808.^ 


II., p. 19. 

An Account of the cause of the Conquest of Glamorgan 
by Sir Robert fitz Haymon and his twelve knights. By 
Sir Edward Manscl of Margani. [159 1. J 

IESTIN the son of Gurgant^ was Lord or Prince of 
Glamorgan about the year of our Lord 1046. He 
had a son that had a many yeares before obtained 
the Kingdome of Southwales Whose name was 
Rytherch otherwise Roderick. This Rytherche had 
been killed in Battle and the Southwales Kingdom had reverted to 
its former right of possession. But about the year 1089 lestyn and 
his sons made war on Rhys son of Theodor' Prince of Southwales, 
for the recovering of that Kingdom to his great-Greatgrand . . 
who made claim of Southwales in the right of his Grandfather who 
had won it by conquest, and who did also claim under a right descent 
from the first Princes of Southwales who were the ancient possessors 
of the Rule and Power in the Time of Cadwalader King Sole of the 

^ I give the title, or a description, of each item in the MS. This one is " lolo's'' 
own compilation. 

^ lestyn ap Gwrgan. The terminal t is a remnant of an older form " Guorcant.'' 
^ Rhys ap Tewdwr. 


Britains, holding under him; out of this ancestorial right they had 

been ousted by those that claimed sole monarchy in right of 

Cadwalader, and who had possessed north and south Wales for 

many ages. In this war lestin was unlucky. And it Happened at 

this time that one Enion the Son of Calloyn^ was at some variance 

with Prynce Rhys. Which caused him to take part with lestin 

Lord of Glamorgan and his party, and with him came also one 

Cedrych son of Gwaethvoed Lord of Cardigan, and they both Joined 

their forces with lestin. But thinking still that Rhys who was 

assisted from Northwales and Ireland, might be to hard for them, 

Enion did propose to lestin to ask the aid of a Famous Knight and 

valiant Soldier whose name was sir Robert fitz Haymon, Lord of 

Corboil in Normandy, a person in favour with King William Rufus 

and with whom he the said Enion was well acquainted, as he had been 

brought up with him in some part from Boyhood. To this lestin 

agreed, and thereupon Enion made haste on his Message and went to 

the King's Court at London and bargained with Sir Robert fitz aymon 

to assist him and lestin. Sir Robert came and brought with him 

12 Knights, 24 Squires and three thousand men. With this Einon 

ab CoUwyn brought 1000 men, and Cedrych ap Gwaithfoed 2000, 

and to this lestin could add only 300 men or a few more, for the 

Lords and Knights of his owne Country had refused him much aid. 

When these men were all Joined together they soon overcame Prince 

Rhys and his men, in a bloody fight on the Moor of Herwenorgan^ 

and the neighbour hills, and Rhys was killed and his head Sawed off 

by an English soldier one of the men of Syr Roberts army. When 

the Battle was ended lestin paid handsome rewards to Syr Robert 

and his men, fullfiUing his Bargain and much more. So they went 

away in peace every one towards his own home. But he refused to 

compleat his promise with Einon and Cedrych, which was this: 

Einon was to have his Daughter Nest to wife and for her dowerment 

the mannour of Denys Pywys,^ and Cedrych was to have the Lordship 

1 Einion ap CoUwyn. 

« Hirwaun Wrgan, " Gwrgau's Long Mead," on the borders of Glamorgan and 
Brecoushire, near Aberdare. 

3 Dinas Powys, in the parish of Saint Andrew's, five miles south-west from 


of S' Tathan and 300 pound in Gold for his Aid. But all this he 
refused to perform, so Einon and Cedrych went after Sir Robert and 
his men and made a complaint. On this Sir Robert seeing their 
Cases hard, came back and reasoned with lestin. But now he had 
won victories and abundance of wealth he was not to be reasoned 
with but gave churlish answers and hard words to Sir Robert and 
many hard ungentlemanlike words which angered Sir Robert, and 
this he reported to Einion and Cedrych who told him that the 
Country was rich and fat, very full of Corn and Cattle, and large 
houses and strong Castles which the Children of lestin had built 
for themselves on Lands which they had cheated and taken by force 
from the right owners, and that lestin was badly beloved and had 
no armies, and that it was a very easy thing to take the Country 
from him, especially if they would restore to the right owners one 
half of what lestin and his sons and friends had taken by force of 
their Lands and possessions. Sir Robert and his men were pleased 
with this thing, and seeing the Land very Good and fat in all sorts of 
Corn and Grass and Cattle, resolved on the matter, and after sending 
once again to lestin to advise [him] to fuUfill his promise with his 
friends, which advice lestin scorningly laughed at. Sir Robert and Einon 
and Cedrych Joined their Armies and beset the Castle of Cardiff and 
burnt and tore it to the Ground, and took to all the Lands and Rights 
and riches of lestin and forced him to fly away. Now Sir Robert had 
so contrived the matter as to allow the Welsh soldiers of Cedrych 
and Einon the right they claimed of fighting foremost in battle, and 
so more than half of them were killed before the battle was over, and 
this gave Sir Robert and his followers to pick and Chuse for them- 
selves in the parting of the Country between themselves. Of the 
Lands that were in possession of lustins Sons and relations unlaw- 
fully Sir [Robert] took half, which he divided amongst his knights 
and squires, but to such of the sons of lestin and others who had a 
true right-lawful possession he left them it, on condition that they 
should hold in fealty of him. After giving out this agreement with 
the Lords and franklens of the Country, they all came to him and 
took him for Lord, and it was in this manner that he divided the 


1'' m "^ E kept himself all the Royalty and the Lands 

wT ^^ that were to support it, and the Towns 

I S and Castles which did appertain to it, 

-"-^^ ^ which were the Castle and Town of Cardiff, 

The Castle and Town of Kenffig, The Castle and Town of Cowbridge, 

and the Castle and Town of Lantwit and with it the Lords Manner 

and Grange of Boverton he kept for Corn and provisions where he 

built a fine place of pleasure to dwell in at times, out of the old 

Court house of the Lords of Glamorgan that was there, and here he 

kept Netherds and shepherds and plow Men and Gardeners, to tend 

Cattle and till the Ground. He kept also the Lordships of Tir larll^ 

and Glynrhondde,* which [he] parted between Welsh franklens to 

hold of him by knight-service and paying to him a free rent every 


2^ To Sir William De Londres he lotted the Castle and Manner 
of Ogmore, with its Lands, and the Town of Corntown, with its 
Mannor and domain for his Granary and provisions, and here he 
raised so much Corn that he and his franklens held a large Market of 
Corn every week and it was for this that the place was so called 
Corntown. This Sir William gave his Butler, whose name was 
Arnold, the Castle and Mannor of Dunraven' with Lands for twenty 
franklens who were to attend him when he went out of the Lordship 
on solemn occasions, and he was from his calling when he was in the 
household of Sir William De Londres called Arnold Butler and after 
having his Lands and Chivalian rights made a knight and called Sir 
Arnold Butler. 

3^^ To Sir Richard Greenvill* he gave the Castle and Town of 
Neath with its Lands and Mannor, and he had also the Mannor of 
Monks Nash for his Granary and provisions, where he planted fair 
orchards, and built many fair houses for the Welsh franklens, to 

^ Tir larll, " the Earl's Land," for centuries a nursery of Welsh literature and 
song. It probably took its name from Robert Consul, Earl of Gloucester. 

2 Glynrhondda, " the Rhondda Valley " ; now the Tom Tidler's Ground of 
colliery-proprietors, but once a romantic vale, wildly beautiful. 

^ Dunraven, Dinrhefn, is said to have been at one time the chief seat of the Brit- 
Welsh Princes of Siluria, but this MS. makes no reference to the tradition. 

* In early charters "De Grana Villa." Later " Grenvill," and finally " Greufell." 
Also, corruptly, " Greenfield." 


whom he gave Lands of six marks a year, to keep his Court. This 
Sir Richard went a Pilgrim to the Holy Tomb in Jerusalem, and in 
his return home in the Island of Cyprus he had a dream and it 
seemed to him that a grave old man stood by him and said that he 
had done wrong in taking the Land in Wales from the Welshmen and 
that if he did not do them Justice his pilgrimage would be of no good 
to him. He then returned to Jerusalem and did swear on the holy 
Tomb that if he lived to return to his home, he would do right to all 
who could prove a rightful claim, and other of the Land unclaimed he 
gave to God and his Saints for ever. He did bring with him a 
famous Sarasin that was turned Christian and baptized whose name 
was Lales, and he was a curious man in masonry, for which reason 
Sir Richard gave him Lands for building the Abbey of Neath, and 
other Churches and holy places. And this Lales also built the New 
Church of Landaff, for lestin in his fury had burnt down the old 
Church. This Lales was afterward employed by the Lords to build 
their Castles in a better way than they were by the Welsh Lords, and 
had Lands given him by Langewydd where he built a fine Town 
which he called Lalestown^ and removed the Church from Langewydd 
to that place. After that he became famous for fair buildings in the 
Towns and Castles and villages of Glamorgan, and he was sent for by 
King William Rufus to be his chief builder, after he had with much 
good will brought up many masons as good as himself. After this 
Sir Richard died in his Abbey of Neath, and the Rights of high 
Lordship fell to his Brother, who gave the same to God and the 
Saints forever and went to Bideford in Denshire* where his posterity 
remain to this day. After this gift the Abbot of Neath became one 
of the twelve high Lords of Glamorgan and continued to be so for 
long ages, till within our memory.^ 

4"^ To Sir Pain Turberville he gave the Castle and Mannor of 
Coity, with the Mannors of New Castle and Court Coleman for his 
Granary and provisions. He built the New Castle of Coyty and with 
it a fair Church and village, and the old Castle he kept for a place of 
store and provisions which he sold to all that wanted, and for this he 

^ A doubtful legend. Laleston was uamed after the family of Lageles. 

^ Devonshire. 

•'■ This was written in the year 1591 ; see posi. 


and his heirs kept high market once a week till the Castle was 
demolished by Sir Richard Beauchamp. After that open market was 
kept in the high way near by, and it so remains to this day. This 
Pain Turberville married Sara Daughter of Myrig^ the Son of lestyn 
Lord of Coyty, and so obtained a right of inheritance in the place, 
and for this Reason he would never hold of the Chief Lord of 
Glamorgan nor render him fee and tribute. Which caused quarrelling, 
but Pain assembled the Welsh together, who loved him more than all 
the other Lords and took his part. And so they beset Cardiff Castle 
and broke into it, and Sir Robert was struck by him on the head with 
his fist till he was taken for dead, and he never had his right senses 
afterward and it did cause madness at Last of which he died. Upon 
this it was agreed between Sir Robert with other Lords and Pain, that 
he should hold his Castles and Mannors of Coyty and New Castle 
and Court Coleman of himself, and pay no tribute to the Chief Lord 
of Glamorgan, but that he should sit in Court as the Substantiate of 
the Welsh Franklens and Lord of Coyty, with one right of speech 
for himself and another for the Country. And so it was with his 
heirs and Remained till the time of Sir John Beauchamp when they 
Lost the Royalty sole and were subdued to hold of the Chief Lord. 
For these Reasons, that is of his courage and resoluteness, was Pain 
Turberville called Pain the Devil. ^ 

5"^ To Sir Robert S' Quintin he gave the Castle and Lordship 
of Llanblethian all but the Town of Cowbridge and its Castle, and 
with Llanblethian Lordship he gave him the Grange and Mannor 
of Canlinston for his Granary and provisions. This Sir Robert 
new builded the Castle of Lanblethian three times, and at the last 
time made it but Little to what it had been before of him, saying it 
was men with strong hearts he wanted for he had found Castles with 
strong walls of no Service against the Welsh, for he had builded 
the Castle very large and strongly walled two times, and it was 
beaten to pieces by the Welsh of the mountains. This Sir Robert 
was the worst beloved of any Norman Lords by the Welsh, for he 
gave them no Lands in frank pledge as others did, but his Son after 
him bestowed much Land in freehold and so became strong in the 
Country, and well beloved. 

1 Meuric, from Latin Mauricius. 

^ " Paen Gyihiaitl." See " lolo MSS.," ed of 1888 ; p. 25. 


6"' To Sir Richard Syward he gave the Castle and Manner 
of Talyfann with Rights Royal in fee, and the Mannor of Merthyr 
mawr for his Granary and provisions. This Sir Richard brought 
vines and Vinedressers from france and made fair vinyards at 
Merthyr Mawr, where he made much wine and from there Sir 
Robert fitzhamon took trees and men to plant them and went to 
his Estates in Glocestershire at Thucksbery,^ out of the way of the 
Welsh, and it was there he died of madness. 

7"' To Sir Gilbert Humphreville he gave the Castle and 
mannor of Penmark with the Mannor of Coomb Cidi for his 
Granary and provision. This Sir Gilbert built a fair Church and 
village by his Castle, and settled peace in the Country about. But 
he and his heirs lived more in a house^ of theirs in Cardiff Castle 
than they did at Penmark which was more of a strong hold than of 
a homestead. 

S'*" To Sir Roger BercroUs he gave the Castle and Mannor of 
S' Athan, and the Mannor of Lanffe for his Granary and provisions. 
This Sir Roger planted two fair orchards of all sorts of Apples and 
fruits with Castles to defend them, which places were called East 
Orchard and West Orchard, the great Castle of Saint Athan and the 
Castle of West orchard were destroyed by Ifor Petit,* but East 
orchard still remains and was the homsted of the family till it fell 
for want of heirs male to the family of Stradling. It was Sir Roger 
Bercrolls that made such fair Orchards and Gardens on all his 
Lands, that King Harry the first being invited to see them said 
that he feared that some Devil of A Welsh Lord would tempt his 
men to eat of them, and so great was the fame of these Orchards 
and the Orchards of the Grange house at Boverton that the Country 
came to be called the Garden of Wales, and it was from those 
Orchards that fruit was carried to the King's house, and trees from 
them was planted at his palaces in London. And so they were 
planted every where thro the Kingdom and it was this Sir Roger 
that first of the Norman Lords hedged about having men from 

' Tewkesbury. 

^ Each of the Knights had what was termed a lodging, in Cardiff Castle, which 
was incident to the duty of Castle ward, i.e., defending the ramparts. 

^ Ifor Bach, " Ivor the Little." See post. 


flanders to do the work, which men were afterwards with Sir Robert 
Fitzhamon at Boverton and Theuckesbury to hedge his lands, and 
make his orchards, and these men were all Rewarded with Lands 
in frankhege fee,^ by six Marks in the year, and so became Gentlemen 
whereof were the Nerbers at S* Athan in high esteem, for they had 
a right of chief evidence in cases of dispute about Woods and hedges 
and Orchards. 

9"» To Reginald Sully he gave the Castle and Town of Sully 
with the Mannour of it, and the Mannours of S' Andrews and Dinas 
Pywys for his Granary and provisions. This Sir Reginald bestowed 
much Land in fee frankliege to his Men and came to be a man of 
wealth and fame. He had at Sully besides his Castle a fair Mannor 
house built after a new manner, where he did live the most of his 
time, which house as well as the Castle was broke down by Owain 

10"* To Sir Peter le Soare he gave The Castle and Town and 
Mannour of Peterston Super Ely,^ with the Mannour of S' Fagans for 
his Granary and Provisions, and it was he builded the Church of 
Peterston, and he made fair stone houses for his franklens who were 
his Grangers and Haywards and yeomen of Guard. 

ii''> To Sir John Fleming he gave the Castle and Mannour of 
S' Georges with the Mannors of Gwaynvo,^ Leckwith, and Part of 
Caereu for his Granary and provisions. And he built a strong Castle 
at Wenvoe, where he lived a half of his time. This Sir John brought 
men of husbandry from the Low Countries to be his Grangers and 
his heardsmen, of whom come the delehays and Lugs and withers and 
many more. 

1 2«^ To Sir Oliver S' John he gave the Castle and Mannour of 
Fonmon and the Mannors of Lancadle and Porth Ceri* for his 
Granary and provisions. And at Lancadle he had a fair Grange 
house, and good dwellings for his Grangers and Yeomen, whom he 

^ In frankpledge. 
^ Glyndwr. 

■■' In Welsh Llaubedr-ar-Lai. 
* Wenvoe. 

'= Porthkerry, the southernmost "'church town'' in Wales, (to use a useful Cornish 


chose from amongst the Welsh franklens, with some flemings and 
Normans. He kept a Large house of Stores and provisions, which 
he sold twice a week to those who wanted them, and to where the 
English came by water from England for what they had want of, and 
he was very rich, 

i3"> To Sir William Le Esterling' he gave the Town and Castle 
and Manner of S' Donats, which Castle had been builded of old and 
was accounted the Bravest place in the Land of Britain, for the fair- 
ness of the house and the delightsomness of the place about it, which 
place Sir William greatly adorned with fair parks and orchards, and 
groves of trees as we see them at this day. And with S' Donats he 
had the Mannors of Colwinston and Lanmaes, both sides of Ely in 
S' Fagans, for his Granery and provisions. Which Sir William 
builded fair manor houses at Lanmaes and Colwinston where he had 
fair Groves and Orchards and Ponds of water for fish. And this 
family changed their names to that of Stradling,^ and they alone of 
all the rest of the Norman Lords remain still in possession of their 
Ancient places. 

ESIDES these places which he gave his own 
knights and others, he bestowed the places 
that follow on some Welsh Lords such as 

1^' To Caradoc the Eldest Son by his 3"^ wife of lestyn he gave 
the Lordship of Avan, that is the Lands between Neath and Avan, 
to hold in Right Royal, of the foederate Power and not of the Lord 
Sole in Homage. This Caradoc had his Castle in [the] Town of 
Aberavan which he corporated a Burgher Town, as it remains to this 

2'! To Madoc the second son of lestin by the same Wife he 
gave the Lordship of Rhuthyn, to hold in the same manner as his 
Brother Caradoc did. 

3*^ To Rhys the third son by the same wife, he gave the Lord- 
ship of Reeding or Sofflen,* between Neath and Cremlyn to hold of 
his brother Cradoc. 

' Le Esterliiig, " the Foreigner'' ; from Latin exlenms. 

^ This was not a change, but a modification, of the name. 

^ Resolven, 


4*h To Einon ab Collwyn he gave the Lordship of Misgin with 
the Castle and Town of Lantrisant to hold of the federate Royalty, as 
Caradoc ab lestin did. To Einon he also gave Nest the Daughter of 
lestin to Wife, and the above Royalties for her Dowage. 

S'*' To Cedrych ab Gwaethfoed King of Cardigan he gave the 
Lordship of Senghenydd. This Cedrych was a neighbour of Einon's, 
and came to assist him and the Normans. He maried and Issued 
Cadifor ab Cedrych that married Gwenllian Dau"" of Einon ab 
Collwyn and Nest his Wife Dau"" to lestin ab Gwrgan, and Issued 
Ifor called Ifor petit Lord of Lower Senghenydd, and his chief place 
was the Red Castle upon Taf above Tonn Gwenglais.* This Ifor 
Petit was a bold man of great Courage and very valorous, and in his 
Time some of the Norman Lords were oppressive, of whom was 
Robert Earl of Gloucester and his wife and Son. Those Ifor took 
and held prisoners, and also possessed himself of the Castles of 
Cardiff* and Cenffig and the Grangehouse of Boverton, which all he 
detained till the[y] gave full satisfaction and Justice to the freemen 
of the Country, who complained that they were debarred of their 
Just rights and claims. Upon being overcome in this manner the 
Lord Robert yielded to the Country their lawful claims, and to be 
ruled by their ancient Laws and customs And the Lords were 
forced to return to their Just owners a great many places and to 
dispossess the foreigners to whom Lands had been given. And it 
was then settled that all Lords Barons should have seat and speech 
in the County Courts, and high sittings of Glamorgan, and that all 
holders in frankpledge should have seat and speech in their own 
Lordships and Mannors. So Ifor took to his own home in peace, 
and in his Castle of Castle Coch he kept twelve hundred Men, who 
he used to say were able to match the best twelve thousand in the 
world, for valour & hardiness. 

6"" To Howel ab lestyn he gave the Castle and Mannor of 
Lantrythyd, which castle was demolished by Meredydd ab Rhys 
ab GruflFydd ab Rhys ab Tewdwr,^ and the place was never after- 
wards built Castle fashion, but in form of a Great Place* house as it 

* Castell Coch, on the Taff, above Tongwynlais. 

2 A cartoon in the Assembly Room of Cardiff Town Hall represents this seizure 
of Cardiff Castle. 

3 Another version has " Meredydd ab Gruffydd ab Rhys ab Tewdwr." 

* In Welsh Plas Mttwr, that is to say a mansion ; from Latin palaliuni. 


is at this day to be seen 1591, though it be not in the owning of 
those descended from Howel ab lestyn. It is a fair place and has 
to it a fair Domain, with Parks warrens & Orchards and groves of 
goodly trees in abundance, and is seated in a goodly Country for 
Corn and Grazure. 

yth He gave Bewper^ to a great Welsh Lord who took part 
with him, whose name Is torn out in my Book of Pedigrees. And 
Sir Philip [Basset]^ was descended from him by marriage. Some 
say his mother, and others say his grandmother was Daughter of 
Bewper. Be it as it may, this Sir Philip Basset was Lord of 
Bewper and Saint Hillary, and was Chief Judge and Chancelor to 
Robert Fitzroy* and William his Son, Lords of Glamorgan, and 
others. And he was for his great skill and Justice made Lord Chief 
Justice of England. He built the Castle of Bewper, a fair Place, 
which is possessed to this day by those who be descended from him. 
And to this family belong also the goodly Mannor house of Beiswal, 
hard by Bewper, and also now the fair Place of Lantrithyd and the 
Lands thereunto belonging. And we account the Bassetts a truely 
worshipful family, who keep Hospitality in all their Houses as it 
is meet for Gentilmen so to do. 

S"" Cornelly Waelod was given by Sir Robert Fitzhammon 
to the family of Loves,* the name of the first of them I cannot 
Learn. It is said in old Book[s] of a goodly Castle or place that 
they had there, but the place of it I never had to know of This 
Love was one of the Gentilmen Grangers of Boverton, of whom 
there were twelve, whose office it was to oversee and have special 
Care of the Lords Cornlands so that there might be enough provided 
for all his occasions. 

g^^ To Simon Bonville, his chief Steward he gave the Mannor 
of Bonvilston. This .Simon it was that first builded it, a fair village 
much like a Town, and from him the Welsh called it Tresimon, and 
the English call it Bonvilston and for shortness Bowlson. 

1 With "Bewper" compare "Belper" in Derbyshire, and " Beaurepaire '' 

2 Inserted at a later date by the same hand. 

2 Robert, Earl of Gloucester, natural son of King Henry I. 
* Christopher Love was of this stock. 


10* To one Deere one of his Parkers he gave Lands in 
Lantwit and at Deerurst [struck out] a place by Tewksbury, and from 
him come the Deeres. 

nth -po one Lales his Chief Mason he Gave Lands at 
Langewydd, which Lales built the Town of Laleston a goodly 
place, and pulled down the Church of Langewydd and moved it 
to his new Town of Laleston. This place after the Death of 
Lales went by escheat to the Chief Lord, who parcelled it to 

12'*' To one of the Walters he gave Lands at Boverton for 
holding the office of Pomarian. He also gave him Lands at Corboil 
in Normandy, and of this family there be still remaining some of 
worshipful account. 

12,^^ To one Estecotte from whome Came the family of 
Estecottes, Gave he Lands for holding the calling of chief provider 
of wood and Coal, to all his Castles and houses. And of this family 
there be still some poor people. 

14th To one Lugge he gave the office of Chief Messenger, with 
Lands to hold by that service. 

15"^ To one Punter' he gave the Calling of overseer of all the 
Bridges in Glamorgan, with Lands to support him. 

And to others as you will see in their Pedigrees he gave Lands 
and Estates, to hold by worshipful service. But of those here 
spoken of, little is known, as far as I have seen. 

IT behoveth here to speak of the order of Rule and 
governance that Sir Robert set up and of such 
Laws as were settled upon, and to make all 
plainer here foUoweth the names of the Lordships 
of Glamorgan which were twelve, that is to say 
1. Gwenllogue,^ extended from the River Tave, to the River 
uske, in its length from West to East. And in the west part from 

1 Norman-French, Pontier ; English, Bridger or Bridgeman. There was a Roger 
Panter in 1393; see ante, Vol. I., p. 155. lolo Morganwg mentions a mason named 
Punter who lived at Lantwit Major at the middle of the i8th century. (See footnote 
in " lolo MSS.") 

^ Gwentllwg. 


the Sea to the hills of Ceven Onn/ and in the East from the sea 
along Uske River to the Avon loid,^ that runs into usk a Mile above 
Carleion, and along that river up to the hills to high Went, and 
across from there west to the River Remney. This was the greatest 
of all the Lordships, and was called Cantre Breniol,^ for that it was 
Guildable in the Chief Lords Courts, which were held of old in 
Caerleion, but after that at Cardiff and often at Kenffig Castle and 
at the Lords Hall at Lantwit. 

2. Sfenghenithe Lordship was next, and in it a strong Castle 
where were kept the Courts of the Lordship. 

3. Meiskin where was the Town and Castle of Lantrisent, 
where the Lord of Meiskin held his Courts. 

4. Glyn rhodney lay among the hills and had Lords who kept 
Court on the Top of a Hill called Cefen Sulseig, as we have a late 

5. Was Talavan a small Lordship but it had a fair high Castle, 
and in it the Lord of Talavan held his Court. 

6. was Lanbleithan which had in it the Town of Cowbridge 
and the Castles of Lanblethian and Langwyan, where in their Turn 
were kept the Courts of the Lordship. 

7* was Lantwit a goodly Town in times Past,* where was a fair 
Court house of the Lord of Lantwit, and another Princely Hall 
standing where the Chief Lord held Courts when he chanced to be 
for stay at his house of Boverton. And it was there of old the yearly 
high meetings of all the Country were held to consider of the making 
of new Laws, and such weighty matters which wanted the Countrys 
Judgment, because Lantwit was the nearest of all other Towns to the 
middle of the Country.^ This Lordship reached from Lar River in 
the East to the River Alain in the West where it Joined with Lan- 
bleithian Lordship. 

1 Cefn On, the ridge north of CardiflF. 

2 Afon Llwyd. 

3 The term Cantref Brenhinol ("the Royal Hundred") was sometimes applied to 
the commote of Cibwyr. 

* There was a monastic college at Llantwit Major (Llanilltyd Fawr) long before 
the Conquest and down to the Reformation. See " Llantwit Major, a Fifth-Century 
University" ; by A. C. Fryer, London, 1893. 

'' The meaning of this is not clear ; Llantwit Major is near the coast of the Vale. 


8"» was Ruthen, a small Lordship that had a Castle at Ruthen, 
where lived the Lord and he there held his Court. He had another 
Castle house at Llanilid, of which nothing now remaineth. 

9th was Coity, a great Lordship for number of Men. There was 
in it a Castle, and the new Castle stands in the now village of Coyty, 
where were kept the Lords Courts. There were held in this Lordship 
two Courts in the month. 

10"^ was Tiryarlh, which had of old for its Castle and Court Hall 
the Castle of Cenfifig, and alate a Castle in Langynwyd^ and after 
that Bettois^ Court. This Lordship was second for place and 
Royalty, till the time of Robert Fitzhamon when it was Joined to 
the Royalties. 

iith Was the Lordship of A van, where was the Town Royal 
and Castle of Aberavon^ where the Lord had his Court. This 
Lordship Lay between Avan and Nethe Rivers. 

12th was the Lordship of Nethe which went from Nethe River 
to the River Cremlyn as some say, and so it was of late times, but 
of old it went over the River Tawy and had all Este Gower. But 
the Norman Lords were never able to win Gower to their Power, 
and for that reason it fell into the hands of the Princes of South 
Wales and so remained till it fell by conquest to [blank.] 

Now of these Lords before the time of Robert fitzhamon there 
was one Chief Lord of Glamorgan whose were the high Royalties, 
and he assembled the other Lords every month to his Court,* where 
all matters of Justice were determined and finally settled. These 
Lords sat in Judgment on all matters of Law, with twelve Free- 
holders from every Lordship to give opinions after what came to 
their knowledge, and the Bishop of Landaff sat in the high Court 
as a Councellor of Conscience according to the Laws of God. This 
Court was formed they say by Morgan who was Prince of the 
Country after King Arthur, in the manner of Christ and his twelve 

1 Traces of Llangynwyd Castle seem to have existed in 1650. (See "History of 
Llangynwyd Parish," by T. C. Evans (Cadrawd); Llanelly, 1887.) 

2 Bettws. 

^Recle Aberafan. Shipping-people prefer to call it "Port Talbot" nowadays, as 
sounding more businesslike. 
* At Cardiff. 


appostles/ and this form of Law was kept by Sir Robert fitz Hamon 
according to the old usage of the Country. After the high Court 
was held which lasted three days, the Courts of the twelve Lordships 
were held in turn, and from them an appeal might be made to the 
high Court of the County, the Lord and his yeamen, in the same 
form and manner as in the high Court. 

Besides the Royal Cantred as much of it as lay between Taf 
and Remney, there belonged to the Royalties many fair manners, 
all members of the Chief Lords Portion. The tennants and free- 
holders within these mannors were under the high Court with respect 
to matters of Law, and in each of these mannors were held once in 
the fortnight mostly, courts of frankpledge, where sat the Reeve 
of the Manner as Judge, and with him the freeholders of the same 
mannor. After the winning of the Country by Sir Robert Fitzhamon, 
he took to him his twelve knights to supply the places in his Courts 
of the Lawful and right Lords of the twelve Lordships, which caused 
discontent insomuch that the Welsh lords took arm under Pain 
Turberville and Caradoc ab lestyn and Madoc his Brother, and 
they came to Cardiff Castle and surrounded it insomuch that it was 
on the point of being taken when King Henry the first going to the 
top of the Raven Tower,- to enquire concerning the tumult which 
was heard, he saw the place all encompassed by fierce armed men. 
Whereupon he called a parley, when Pain Turberville told him the 
reason, saying that if rightful orders were not made, to restore the 
Laws of Morgan the first, that he and Robert fitz hamon should feel 
at the ears very soon of what stuff the Castle walls were of at the 
heart. On which all in the Castle councelled together, and it was 
seen best to Yield to the Country that request. And soon after Sir 
Robert sent a band of Men to bring Turbill a Prisoner to the Castle, 
where he was bound in chains for that he would not pay what had 
been charged of him in tribute, which was a noble in the year. This 
noble Pain had paid to Caradoc, which gave offence to Sir Robert 

^ This curious simile occurs in other versions. There is probably some 
historical fact underlying it. Compare the strange statement in the Book of 
Llandaif, to the effect that Saint Teilo was consecrated a bishop " in the place of 
Peter," and Saint David "in the place of James." {Liber Landavensis ; Oxford, 
1893; p. 106.) 

2 Twr y Gigfran, the highest tower of Cardiff Castle. 


and the other knightes. But after they had taken Pain all his men 
and the men of Caradoc took arms and beset the Castle of Cardiff, 
whereupon Sir Robert was compelled to let go Pain Turbill and to 
give him free of the Noble a year. Which after that nevertheless 
came by Joint agreement to be paid the Chief lord what time Ifor 
Petit rose up the Country for that the old laws were not kept to. 
And at this time it was again settled for the proper Courts to be held 
in all the Lordships, and the lords of the Courts to Join with the Chief 
Lord in his high Court, which Laws had been a second time broke by 
the Norman Lords. And in this engagement as was said before, the 
Welsh Lords won the right and it so remained till wales and England 
were united in one Realm and the Laws were altered. About the 
same time Came Meredith ap Gruffydd into possession and Rule in 
Gwenlloge, and then that Country began to be under its own Lords 
and Courts, and its Lords would not give attendance in the high 
Court of Glamorgan, but they parted it in three parts that is to say, 
Wenlloge, Aber Cam and Dylygion, which were under the Lords of 
Caerlleon who were of Right Chief Lords of Glamorgan and to whom 
some of the Welsh Lords besides those three of Gwentloge, paid at 
times a noble a year. And it came at Last that the Lords of 
Senghenythe and of Misgyn and of Coity, and those of Ruthyn and 
Avan, put themselves under the Lords of Caerleon, as it was in the 
time of King John, and other times. But in common all but Gwent- 
logue, eleven in number, held of the high Court and Chief Lord of 
Glamorgan. And this also did Wentloge in times after, that is from 
the days of Sir Richard Beauchamp to the time of King Henry the 
eighth, who altered the Laws and brought all wales under the same 
Laws as were in England alate. So good was the Rule and Govern- 
ment in Glamorgan thought of, that many things were taken from it 
to add to the Laws of England, and more specially in the time of 
King Elfred. Now the high Lordship of Glamorgan is formed into a 
County and makes one of the thirteen Counties of Wales. 

The County of Glamorgan doth now reach from Remney River 
to the River Aman, and Gower is a part of it with special priviledge.^ 
and Gwentlogue with all its Members together with the Town of 

1 While the bulk of Glamorgan and Monmouthshire is in the Diocese of Llaudaff, 
Gower is in that of Saint David's. 


Caerleon makes part of the Shire of Monmouth. And these Countries 
be all Good and fruitful, full of Corn and Good Grazure, with abun- 
dance of kine and sheep, and a great many fair Castles and places of 
worshipfulness having Parks and Warrens and Orchards, and Ponds 
of fish, in as good plenty as any other shire in England or Wales, 
excepting that we account for lean and rough in part the Lordships of 
Senghenydd and most of Misgin with Glynrhoddeney and some of 
Tiriarll and the high parts of Gwentlogue, which lye among high hills 
and Mountains but not without what is wanting of Corn and 
abundance of kine and Sheep, and numbers great of Rivers full of 
trouts, with large woods and plentuous vains of good Coal. These 
good things I say be in the worst parts, and if anything be wanting, 
the lower parts lye to the south hard at hand ready to afford in 
supply all that may be wanted, whether it be of Corn of all sorts or 
of dainty fruits and good fullfated flesh of Oxen or of Sheep. And 
running to the sea find we many fair Rivers full of Good salmons and 
suins^ and trouts and many more sorts of dainty fish, and having at 
their fall into the sea many safe places for sheltering ships, that 
bring in useful and costly merchandize. All which things being put 
together make the land of Glamorgan in all its twelve Cantons a very 
plentiful and Goodly Country, insomuch that for Corn and good fruits 
they Call it in England the Garden of Wales, and for good Cattle of 
all kinds the nursery of the West, and for its good fires we have 
a saying by way of proverb, in calling a good fire Glamorgan Sun,^ 
there being so great a fullness of Wood and Coal. 

And thus endeth the story of the Coming of the Norman Lords 
here and of the sway they obtained. And be it at this day observed 
that there are but a very small number of families of them and their 
tenants now in being, their Lands having for the most part passed in 
long course of time to other families, of whom are many welsh, 
and some of them come of the Welsh rightful owners of the Lands 
from first. And this I gathered from numbers of old Books, with 
much Labour and Pains of Study. 

Edward Mansel. 

1 Sewiu. 

2 " Haul Morganwg." 


Another Account of the Coming in of the Normans, 
in a shorter story than before, by Sir Edward Mansel 
of Margam. (Tho^ Trueman.) 

IESTIN ab Gwrgan was Prince of Glamorgan, which 
Country in his days was reckoned to reach from 
the River Uske in the East to the River Tawe in 
the West and from the Severn Sea in the South 
to the foot of the Black Mountain in the North 
which divide[s] it from Brecknockshire. This was a fair and strong 
Country having great fullness of Wheat and Barley and such other 
kinds of Corn as the Climate affords, with fatness of Land in the 
south part yielding Grass in such abundance that it fed great 
numbers of kine and sheep. lestin was besides this Lord of all 
the Country between the River Uske and the Bridge of Glocester, 
that part of it between the Severn and the Wye he had by way of 
Dower Portion with his second wife Angharad Daughter of Elystan 
Glodrydd, Earl of Ferlix or Hereford. To the Country of Gwent 
which lay between Uske and Wye did belong the Lordship of 
Ewyas and Ystradew, all which had for many ages been in the 
hold of the Lords or Princes of Glamorgan. Now the Country of 
Glamorgan came to be first a Royal Lordship from one Morgan a 
Prince who Lived in the time of King Arthur and was his son as 
some have it, others say he was cousin of Arthur This Morgan had 
under him all the Country of Glamorgan as aforesaid, which Country 
he called from his own name, signifying as the Welsh importeth the 
Country of Morgan. Now I am aware that there be others who say 
that it was of the Lordship of Morgan or Margam, that the Country 
took its name, but this is not true. Now as to this Country it passed 
in the family from the said Morgan down to lestyn the son of 
Gwrgant, which Gwrgant was Prince or Lord of Glamorgan and was 
a good and Liberal prince. He gave much to Churches and built 
many ones. He also Gave a large Plain in the Lordship of Glyn- 
rhondde to his poor Tenants for their use to sow Corn and rear 
Cattle, which plain was free to all who had done fealty to the Lord of 
Glamorgan, now to return to lestyn his son. 

[Here follows an account of the coming of the Norman Lords, 
which differs but slightly from the former version. Einion ap 


CoUwyn is here styled " Prince of Pembrokeshire which was called 
Dyfed in those days." He is represented as going to the Court of 
King William Rufus (at which he had " good acquaintance, for there 
had he been brought up,") and obtaining the King's leave to invite 
Sir Robert Fitzhamon], who agreed for a round summ, to come to 
the aid of lestyn so come he did, and with him twelve knights of 
approved worth and valour. Upon their coming to Bristow they 
took ships, and in one day and a night they came to land in Porth 
Kery, where was then a Good haven for ships before the fall of the 
clifiFt there which was in our Grandfather's days. Here it was they 
landed ashore, and went with speed to meet lestin who received them 
with honourable entertainment at Cardiff Castle. [The refusal of 
lestyn to confer upon Einion the hand of his daughter Nest] angered 
Sir Robert very much, and so he resolved to battle it out with lestyn 
with sword and steel, and a bloody battle was fought near Cardiff on 
a flat plain there called the little Down,^- the marks of which battle 
they show to this day. And in this fight lestin was overthrown and 
forced to fly for his Life, and he afterwards turned Monk in Kensam 

[Describing the lands kept by Fitzhamon in his own hands as his 
demesne, the Castle of Dinas Powys is included ; and it is stated 
that] it was at his Grange house of Boverton that he made practice 
of giving entertainments to his friends, in dainty board and noble 
divertisements, and here he spent much of his private time. But 
[at Cardiff]^ he kept his Court in solemn pomp and grandure and 
held there Courts of Law and Justice and a Chancery for cases of 
conscience the first monday, tuesday and Wednesday of every month, 
and where all the twelve prime Lords attended to give assistance in 
passing Judgement. And that it might be done with fairness, by 
consent and in presence of the Country, a great number of free- 
holders were there in attendance, who by twelves were appointed to 
search out the truth and report it to the Lords and their Chancellor. 
Who after the tenor of such report gave sentence which could not 
be avoided or put aside, but firmly remained, and the Chancellor on 

1 The Waun Ddyfal, or Little Heath ; but the Great Heath is usually given 
as the scene of this battle. 

2 These words are obviously wanting. 


the Wednesday set the punishments and fines. And after this 
Courts of like nature were held by turn in all the other twelve 
Lordships, where sat the Lords in Judgment with their yeomen 
as substantiates of the Country to prove evidence and report, very 
much of the nature of the Juries that now are in the Kings Courts 
of Sessions. From the Lordships members Courts might appeals 
be made on some reasons to the high Court of Glamorgan, after 
leave obtained by the Chancelor of Glamorgan. And once in the 
year was held a Grand Council of all the Lords and frehold to 
enquire what was needful of new laws and of ammendment in the 
old ones, and this was always held at the Lords hall at Lantwit 
till the same was broke down with fire and force by Owen 
Glendore. After that it was held always at Cardiff Castel. This 
great Court was called the Court of King and Country, or, the 
Parliament, and so far of the Lords Courts. 

To return to Sir Robert Fitz Hamon, he also kept to himself 
the two Lordships of Glenrhondde and Tiryarll, as the first of them 
had been by its Lord given to Howel ab Ithel elder brother of 
Gwrgant father of lestin, which Howel having no Child, Gwrgant 
his Brother inherited after him, and Tiryarll had fallen by escheat 
to lestin by the death of Cadrod ab Owain farf hir' its last lord 
of the Ancient race. So by the possession of all this Sir Robert 
came to have great power and wealth, and all this with much more in 
the Lordship of Gwentlhogue had lestin in Glamorgan, and with this 
he had all Gwentland and that part between Glocester bridge and 
Wye river, called of old Ferlex but now the Forest of Dene,^ which 
Countryes with all Gwentlogue except what lies between Tave and 
Remney River south of Senghenydd sir Robert fitz Hamon Could not 
win from Owen ab Caradoc ab Rhytherch eldest son of lestyn by 
Denis his first Wife Daughter of Blethyn ap Convyn Lord of Powys. 
[Caradoc, eldest son of lestyn ap Gwrgan by his second wife 
Angharad verch Elysdan Glodrydd, Earl of Ferlex or Hereford, 

1 Farf hir, " Longbeard." 

2 In other accounts " Ferlex " is identified with Herefordshire— as in the very 
next paragraph. On the whole, Ferlix or Fferyllt appears to mean the entire country 
between the Severn and the Wye. The local adage runs : — 

" Happy are the lands that lie 
Betwixt the Severn and the Wye." 


and her mother who was Gwladys verch Rhun ap Edwyn ap 
Hywel Dda, Prince of South Wales 41 years, and of Powys 39, and 
of North Wales 8 years. His genealogy is here more fully recited 
than in the former account. 

Cedrych ap Gwaethfoed is here said to have received] the 
Lordship of Senghenythe with two Castles which he [with the] upper 
Senghenydd now called Morleis Castle, and lower Senghenydd called 
now Red Castle upon Tave. But Caerfilly Castle Sir Robert kept in 
his own hands and it always remained in the possession of the Lords 
of Glamorgan, as a strong holt of defence. 

A seventh Lordship is Tiryarll. It is most of it middling ground 
that gives good encrease of Corn and Cattle. In it is Margam and 
Cenffig. Some of it is middling plain Country and some mountainy, 
having much wood and coal, with some lime, and many Rivers of 
clear water that yield much good fish. This Lordship kept also the 
Lord of Glamorgan in his hands, being most pleasant for sports of 
hunting and such like divertisements, having deeres and hares and 
Patriges and Pheasants the most of any part. 

[The Lordship of Lantwit is described as so fertile] that as 
Glamorgan was called the Garden of Wales was this Lordship called 
the Garden of Glamorgan .... and it is the flower of all 
the Country .... and it was very full of goodly villages and 
Courtly houses, most of them still in remaining. The Lord had in 
this Lordship a noble Castle at Dinas Powys and one at Barry, with 
his Court house of Lantwit and Grange house of Boverton, so that in 
the whole it is a most Goodly Country. 

[Of the Lordship of " Tal y vann " it is stated that] the Lords 
homested was the Castle of Tal y fan, which was when it stood 
notedly high, having three Towers each of which was forty six yards 
high. Of this Castle little now remaineth but a picture of it in the 
hall of my worshipful friend Sir Edward Stradling of S* Donats 

[The Lordship of Coyty] was held by Morgan ab Meyryg ab 
Gruffydd ab lestin who had an only Child which was a daughter 
called Sarah. This Morgan was very powerful in his Castle and men 
and riches, so Sir Robert fitzhamon durst not meddle with his 
lordship any more than with some mannors in it part of the chief 
Lords domain and so belonging to lestin, which he gave to eleven of 


the knights. After all had been endowed with Lands for their 
service, Pain Turbervil Asked sir Robert where was his share, to 
which Sir Robert answered here are men and here are Arms, go get 
it where you can. So Pain Turbervill with the men went to Coity 
and sent to Morgan a messenger to ask if he would yield up the 
Castle. Upon this Morgan brought out his Daughter Sara in his 
hand and passing thro the army with his sword in his Right hand 
came to Pain Turbill and told him if he would marry his Daughter 
and so come like an honest Man into his Castle that he would yield it 
to him quickly. And if not said he, let not the blood of any of our 
men be lost, but let this sword and arm of mine and those of yours 
decide who shall call this Castle his own. Upon this Pain 
Turberville drew his sword and took it by the blade in his left hand 
and gave it to Morgan and with his right hand embraced the 
Daughter, and after settling evry matter to the liking of both sides he 
went with her to church and married her, and so came to the 
Lordship by true right of possession. 

The twelfth Lordship was that of Gwentlogue. It lay on the 
west between the hill of Ceven onn and the sea and by the River 
Tave, and towards the East it reached to the river uske and so by 
the side of it up to Carlion, and a mile higher to the River Llwyd, 
which coming from the mountains parts Gwentloge from high Went, 
up to above Pont Pool. And from there along the hills to the west 
as far as Remny River head, lay the bounds of Gwentlogue to the 
North. All this Lordship had good lands for Corn and Cattle of 
all sorts with abundance of very Good Wood and some Coal, and 
Lime, with great numbers of Rivers and brooks of clear water 
having rich stores of fish, and south it has the Severn sea with all 
sorts of saltwater fish in plenty, and some good havens for ships. 
Here for Towns are Newport on Uske, and Caerleon on Uske an 
Ancient place and the small market Town of Pont pool. Excepting 
the Castles of Newport and Carleon it had only Machen that 1 
know of * * * When the new Shire of Monmouth was 
formed alate it was made part of that, however by common account 
it is still reckoned part of Glamorgan. This Lordship was before 
the time of the Norman Lords the immediate property of the Lord 
for maintenance of his Eldest Son, who at mans age used to have 


full possession of it all but the Town of Cardiff^ and its Domain, 
and Sir Robert won no more of it than as far as Remney River. 
This was called Cantref BrenioP for the said reasons. 

[The treatise now goes on to deal with the twelve Norman 
Lordships, the account of which follows with few material variations 
from that previously given. Sir Roger Berkerolles, Lord of S' 
Athan,] brought over from Normandy fine goodly trees for fruit 
such as apples and grapes and other fruits, and planted them about 
his new Castles of S' Athan which from that were called Westorchard 
and East orchard, the last place being remaining to this day in 
possession of Sir Edward Stradling of S' Donats Castle. From 
these orchards came fruit trees to spred about the Country in such 
plenty as to be planted every where, that Glamorgan came to be 
called the Garden of Wales. For it was from there that all the 
Lords and Knights had fruit trees to plant by their Castles and places 
of homstead. These two Castles were built in a goodly manner by 
sir Roger, and after the Possession of three hundred years it went 
by marriage right to the Stradlings of S' Donats Castle as it now 

[Having concluded his enumeration of the Norman Lordships, 
Mansel gives the minor manors as before, prefacing his account of 
them with the following remarks.] 

There belonged to the Segniory many fair mannors in sundry 
parts of the Country. These were reckoned of the Segniory or 
chief Lordship and parcells of Gwentloge, as some say, others say 
that the segniory was all seperate from Wentlogue, but so long is 
the time since that many things are gone to forgetfulness, and what 
we find in ancient Books and Rolls do not agree one thing with the 
other. In my searching I have looked for the truth, in such manner 
as to give pleasure to men and Glory to God. 

[Bewper is here stated to have been given to Sir Robert 
Seysyllt, by Sir Robert Fitzhamon.J 

1 Note that Gwentllwg is here considered as including the lowlands between the 
rivers Rhymuy and Taff. The Rhymuy is sometimes given as its western limit. 

2 Canlref Breiniol, the " Privileged Hundred " ; or Cantref Brenhinol, the 
"Royal Hundred" — a title sometimes reserved to the Hundred or Commote of 
Cibwyr (Kibbor), in which Cardiff is situate. 



Some say that he gave the manor of Guarinston by Wenvoe to 
Guarin^ de Metz, which Guarin built there a Castle and Town, which 
was called after his name and that the great Soldier Sir Fulke 
Fitzwarren was born in that Castle, which manor was parcel of the 

[Finally, in later writing of the same hand, comes this para- 
graph:— J 

To Blondel De Mapes he gave the lands of Gweirydd ap Seisyllt 
hen. Lord of Llancarvan. This Blondel married Tiflur the daughter 
of the said Gweirydd who was his only child and heiress, for his son 
Arthal had been killed in the war against Rhys ab Tewdur. To this 
Blondel by the said Mariage was born a son named Wallter de Mapes 
who built the Village of Trewallter and restored the greatest part of 
his Lands to the right Owners, and was afterwards ordained a priest 
and was by Henry 2d. chosen for his Chaplain when he passed thro 
Wales in his way to Ireland. 

N.B. — The above and the next following account are referred to in the footnotes 
to the " lolo MSS.," where several passages are transcribed by Taliesin ab lolo 
from this MS. (Ed. publ. by Foulkes at Liverpool in 1888 ; p. 358, note.) "lolo MSS." 
contains (inter alia) a Welsh document, with English translation, entitled " Llyma 
Enwau a Hiliogaeth Brenhinoedd Morganwg," " These be the Names and Genealogy of 

the Kings of Glamorgan" which was copied by lolo Morganwg from a MS. 

of the bard-antiquary Llewelyn Sion of Llangewydd, temp. Elis. It is evidently 
derived from the same source as the MS. of Edward Mansel. 

IIL, p. 93- 

The names of the Kings of Glamorgan 
from, Morgan Mwynfawr. 

^^"•r*!^ ORGAN Mwynfawr was King of Glamorgan and 
M I ^> a valiant, a Just, a wise and a generous humane 
B I H gentle and merciful prince. He made very good 
^^ I ^ Laws and was so beloved by his subjects that 

^--^ -.^ no one would leave him or stay at home behind 

him whenever he went to war. He made a Law that all men 
who had Lawsuits & quarels should before they would try them by 
the law of the land, refer the matter to 12 pious merciful men and the 

1 French Guerin, English Warren, Welsh Gwaryn. 


King to be their director. This Law was called the apostolic Law 
because the King & his twelve elders acted in the manner of Christ 8c 
his apostles, that is by mercy and gentleness. By this law every 
one was to be deprived of the priviledge of saying a word on any 
public occasion, or of being believed what ever he said, if he had 
dared to use any one whether friend or foe in any manner ill by 
abuseing with weopon hand word or any other act, untill a full year 
was expired after his public recantation, and this also on condition 
that he had behaved in all things well during that year. 

The County ^sic'^ was called Glamorgan, and the gentleness 
which his good law produced in the Country was called the gentle- 
ness of Glamorgan' and became a proverb all over Wales. He had 
his palace at Margam and erected there a bishopric which lasted five 
success'ons, and was then united to Landaf. He was very wild of 
nature and hasty in his youth, but repented of his wickedness and 
became the best King that ever was. 

2<J Einydd Son of Morgan mwynfawr, succeeded, and was a very 
good King but did not live long. He gave much towards encouraging 
religion especially to the Churches of Landaf Morgan^ S' Cadoc's by 
Neath, and S' Iltud's.=' 

S'^ Rhys son of Einydd, was a valiant prince and drove out the 
saxons from wales. 

4'h Arthfael son of Rhys succeeded. He was slain in a battle 
against the saxons but his army won the victory. 

5th Meyric son of Arthfael was a very great and worthy King, 
and kept his foes in awe by his weopons and his subjects in aw by 
the forcing of them to obey the laws of Morgan mwynfawr. And for 
his good government his name became a proverb enw mawr yw enw 
Meyric the name of meyric is a great name. 

e'h Brochmael son of Meyric succeeded. He built many 
Churches and did many great actions both good and bad. 

7'*' Gweirydd son of Brochmael succeeded, and was unfortunate 
in his wars tho valiant, for bad seasons and sickness greatly injured 
his Country. 

1 " Mwynder Morganwg" 

^ Margam. 

" Llantwit Major (Llanilltyd Fawr.) 


8**> Arthfael the second son of Gweirydd succeeded and had 
better luck than his father for he freed his Country from the English. 

9"^ Hhys son of Arthfael, succeeded. He caused many 
Castles to be made and built many ships and oblidged every one 
that had land in the vale^ to sow corn in half of it and that all 
Land which was neither corn nor grased by Cattle should be forfeited 
to the King, except it was wood and forest according to the limits 
of the Law. This Law caused such a great plenty of Corn and 
Cattle in Glamorgan that it came to be called the Lady of all 
Countries,^ so fruitful was it then reckoned. 

10'^ Hywel son of Rhys made war with the Lord of Brecnock 
for the lands of ystrad yw & Eyas which by rite were Howels, but 
the lord of Brecnock gave his right to Cadell King of Southwales 
and so Hywel was oblidged to yield up a great part of his right 
and to extend his Country no farther than Cerrig hywel, ^ which 
place was so called from great stones which were set up there for 
boundary marks betwen Hywel and Cadell. Morgan his son succeeded 

11"' Morgan Mawr son of Hywel was a very great king he 
married Nest Dau'' of Rhodri Mawr and obtained a restitution of 
his right in ystrad yw & ewyas from Hywel Dda after the Death of 
his father Cadell. But Hywel dda after that lay claim to them 
and took them so that both Kings prepared for war but the Bishop 
of Landaf reminded them of the Laws of Morgan mwynfawr and so 
they both consented to be tried by them and Hywel brought six 
elders & Morgan six and because neither of those princes could 
direct the Elders it being their own case they Chose Edgar King 
of London.* And he with the twelve Elders gave a verdict for 
Morgan and so peace was made between them. This Morgan was 
the first that built the Castle of Cardiff and the Town where an 

1 The Vale of Glamorgan, Bro Morganwg ; i.e., the fertile lowlands along the 
southern shore. 

^ " Arglwvddes yr holt wledydd" 

^ Crickhowel. 

* " Brenin Llundain," a title commonly accorded to the early English Kings by 
the Brit-Welsh; who begrudged them that of "Brenin Lloegr," King of England, 
as opposed to their cherished ideal of the Unbenaeth Prydain Fawr, the Monarchy 
of Great Britain. 


old Town had been beefore built by Didi Gawr^ a Roman Conqueror, 
which Town had been destroyed by the Saxons. He had also a 
palace at Radyr & Braigam/ where he often held Courts & 


12. Owain son of Morgan mawr or Morgan Hen* had war with 
Owain ab Hywel dda, but King Edgar and the Bishop of Landaf 
made peace between them. 

13. Ithel son of Owain was a valorous prince and had a palace 
at ystradywain and another summer house called Ton Ithel ddu. He 
was called Ithel Ddu from his black Hair, & beard. 

14. Gwrgan son of Ithel succeeded and was a very liberal 
prince. He put in force the Laws of Morgan Mwynfawr & Rhys ab 
arthfael, and the Country greatly flourished under him. He was a 
good Poet and made good Laws for ruling the Poets, which are to be 
seen now. He gave a large piece of ground in the Lordship of 
Glynrhonddau to his subjects for Ever to set corn on it or feed Cattle, 
and this place is a large plain called Hirwaen Wrgan. 

15''' lestin son of Gwrgan succeeded. He was a very cruel 
King and not beloved by his subjects. He fell out with Rhys ab 
Tewdwr prince of Southwales, and went to warr with him, and hired 
Sir Robert Fits Aymon to assist him. 

[Here follows an account, abbreviated from the earlier one, of 
the Norman conquest and partition of Glamorgan. The only new 
matter is the following : J 

17. To Einon ab Collwyn he gave Nest the Dau*" of lestyn by 
the said 2<^ Wife in marriage and with her the Castle and Burough of 
Lantrisaint, with the Lordships of Misgyn, Clyn, Pentyrch & 
Trewern, and from Caradoc the Eldest son of Einon & Nest come 
the Gibbons of Trecastell, Craig vathan, Pryse, & the Pritchards of 
CoUeneu,* and from Richard the second son of Einon &nest come the 

1 "Didi the Giant." This is a probably erroneous account of the origin of 
Cardiff Castle, resting on the supposition that the Welsh name of the town, 
Caerdydd, is derived from Aulus Didius. (See post, my schedule of the local place- 
names, to be printed in Vol. V.) 

2 Brigam, in the parish of Llanharan. 

2 Morgan the Great, or Morgan the Elder. 

* Of this family was the talented architect who restored Llandafif Cathedral. 
(See Vol. III., pp. 561, 578.) 


Powels of Landw, of Llwydarth, Goetre hen, Penyvai, genau'rglyn, 
Maesteg, Lysworney, Lanharan & Ton Du. And Einion's Arms 
belongs to all those branches, 3 fleurs de lis argent with a Chevroon 
argent in a field sable, ^ the Crest a blue boars head. 

[From Ifor Bach ap Cadifor ap Cedrych ap Gwaethfoed, whose 
" chief seat was at the Red Castle upon TafT above Ton Gwynlais,"] 
descended the Pritchards of Lancayach, and Lewises of Vann and 
S' Fagans Castle, which was built by D' Gibbon, and the said 
Pritchards and Lewises Descended by the female line from Morlais 
Castle in uper senghenydd. 

Lord of Glamorgan & first of Norman blood. Sir Robert Fits 
Hamon, after the above division of the Country, he built his new 
Castle of Cardif by the west Gate and finished the walls round the 
Town begun by lestin ab Gwrgan. In this new Castle he built an 
appartment for all the petty Lords whom he called his peers. Some 
say it was only for the 12 norman Lords and that he left the Welsh 
Lords to rule in their own way & others say that there were Rooms 
for the welsh Lords as well as Normans. [Here follows a statement 
of the procedure in the High Court of the Lordship, at Cardiff Castle, 
similar to that previously given, but with the following addition.] 
Every Tuesday there was a Court of eschequer, when an account 
was given in of the number of acres of Corn and number of Cattle, 
for every gentleman & yeoman was forced to raise corn & cattle 
according to law that the Country might not want food. 

[Then comes a list of the Lords of Glamorgan, followed by the 
Lords of Cardiff. The first Earl of Pembroke of the new line, who 
acquired the Lordship of Cardiff from King Edward VI., is here said 
to be "by some called Black Will." The account of him runs 
thus :] 

24"^ William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke & Lord of 
Glamorgan.^ He was by King Hen. VIII. for his valour knighted, 
and afterwards made Baron Herbert of Cardiff and Master of the 
Horse, by King Edw. VI., 10 October 1 551, and the next day created 

1 Sable, a chevron between three fleurs-de-lis argent. These arms are borne by 
many families of Cambro-British descent, both in North and South Wales. They 
are, however, purely conventional as ascribed to Eiuion ap Collwyu, who lived 
before the era of systematic heraldry. 

2 This title is incorrectly ascribed to the Lords of Cardiff. 


Earl of Pembroke. He was the third son of Richard Herbert of 
Ewyas in the County of Hereford, Esq., by Margaret his wife, 
daughter and heir to Sir Matthew Cradock of Swansea, knt. 

The said Richard Herbert was the fourth son of William Herbert 
of Raglan Castle in the county of Monmouth, ist Earl of Pembroke, 
by Dorothy his second wife,^ daughter and heir to Adam Powel 
Grant, paternally descended from Sir Gwrgi le Graunt, knt. 

The said Earl of Pembroke and Lord of Glamorgan [lege of 
Cardiff] had a natural son named Philip Herbert of Cogan vach. 

2']^^ Philip Herbert, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, 
married Susan, daughter to Edward Vere, the seventeenth Earl of 
Oxford of that family, and issued Philip, Lord Cardif; Henry; 
Charles, who was slain at the battle of Edgehill, while carrying the 
Royal Standard; William; Edward; James, died 1677; Anna Sophia, 
married Robert, Earl of Carnarvon. 

[The list closes with this paragraph :] 

34"' Descent. Lord Mount Stewart, who is now 1777 Baron of 
Cardiff and Lord of Glamorgan in Right of his Wife. 

(from M"" Tho^ Truemans Book 1782.) 

IV., p. 117. 

[Here begins another list of the Norman lords and Welsh 
chieftains, with the possessions assigned to each, and genealogical 
notes. From this I extract the following additions to and variations 
from the foregoing accounts :] 

^--^■ifc H 

HE Evans of gnoll near Neath, Price of Briton 
ferry, williamses of Blaen Baglan, aberpergwm 
& Ty'n y Bettws, Thomases of Brigam Loughor 
from Skerr,^ & Tithegston and the Thomases of 

1 According to the generally received pedigree, Richard was an illegitimate son 
of William, Earl of Pembroke, by Maud, daughter of Adam ap Hywel Grant. 
(See Clark's " Glamorgan Genealogies," i886.) 

^ Lougher of Sker, 


Llanvihangel, PwU y wrach, ' & Uwyn y waun, are all descended from 
this Caradog ab lestyn, which Caradog had given him by sir Robert, 
the Lordship of Avan to his part, and his chief place was the Town & 
Castle of Aberavan, and another Castle in the said Lordship which was 
destroyed by the South Wales Welsh. [Underlined by the copyist, 
probably because an addition to the original.] 

Howel [ap Madog ap lestyn ap Gwrgan] had Lantrythyd and 
Issued Cynfrig Lord of Lantrythyd and from him are descended the 
old families of Ceven Mably & the old families of Landaff & Radyr 
before the Mathews and Pant y Corraid.^ And from that to Monks 
Castle,* & Dafydd Llywelyn Cynfrig of Rhydlafar,* and Gruffudd 
fawr of Caerwiga who was a B.* son to Evan Llywelyn Cynvrig. 

Rhys the third son of lestyn he had the Lordship of Reeding or 
Sovlen, and the families descended from him are the Williams of 
Dyffryn,® Llywelyn's of Ynys y Gerwyn, allt-wen, and Llan- 

* * * * 

Lywelyn John of Langewydd' said that lestyn ab Gwrgan had 
ten sons & three Daughters, by several wives, & that he was buried 
at Kensam. 

After this division of estates to the Welsh Lords, he divided the 
greatest part of the vale into 12 Lots, and each of the Lots to the 

1 At PwU-y-wrach in the parish of Colwinston (now the seat of Captain 
Hubert Cecil Prichard) there was a considerable collection of Welsh MSS. belonging 
to the Thomas family. 

2 In the county of Brecon, held by the Gwyn family for many generations 
until the close of the i8th century. 

» Castell-y-myneich in the parish of Pentyrch, long held by Mathew. 
* In the parish of Saint Pagan's. ^ bastard « !„ the parish of St. Nicholas. 
' A noted Glamorgan poet and antiquary, who lived in the 17th century. 
There are two thick volumes of his transcripts in the Llanover collection. 


knights according as they fell out, numbering every Lot, and the 
knights to take precedence according to the number of their Lot, 
number one being first next to the Chief Lord. 

I' ESTIN ab Gwrgan Prince of Glam. who lived at 
the old Castle of Cardif, mar<i two wives. i«' 
Denis Dau"" to Blethyn ap Cynfyn Prince of Powys, 
& for her he built the Castle of Denis powys for 
her Court, as it had been agreed on when they 
mar<^- By her he had Isue i=' Rhydderch whose [sic] descent came 
Prince of Caerlleon,^ at that time in Glam. And some say that the 
eldest son of the King of Glam. was by Law prince of Caerlleon 
upon usk. 2'^ Meredith. 3"^ Cadwgan. 4'*^ Griffith who had the 
Lordship of Coyty .... being the wisest and most valiant of 
his sons, making^ the Lordship of Caerleon with the Cantred of 
Gwaenllwg & Gwent isa & Cantref Coch (which was given him with 
his second wife as a portion). 5"^ Rhiwallon. 6'^ lorwerth. 7"' 
Morgan hir^ ab lestyn. 7"^ Elen, that mar*^ Trym ab Maenarch, Lord 
of Brecheinog, & 8 gvvenllian that mar*^ at Lanffwyst* one Ynyr King 
of Gwent^ in the time of Edward the Conffessor. 

Some say that it was of the Lordship of Morgan or Margam, 
which then consisted of the Country from Cremlyn to Ogwyr and 
was the largest of all the Lordships, which Caradoc had with a deed 
securing to him the Principality of Glam. after his (lestin's) death. 
This Lordship with that of Caerlleon & Silly' were three which the 
Prince of Glam. had in his hands to bestow on his 2 eldest sons & 

^ This betrays the common confusion between lestyn ap Gwrgan and lestyn 
ap Owain ap Hywel Dda. The Lords of Caerleon were descended from the 
latter, and not from lestyn ap Gwrgan. 

2 (?) taking ^ xhe Tall. * Llanffoist, near Abergavenny. 

5 Several Monmouthshire families descend from Ynyr Gwent ; such as Harries 
of Newchurch, and Gwyn of Llangwm Uchaf. 
8 Sully 


Justins second wife was Angharad Dau^^ of Elystan Glodrydd 
Earl of Ferlex or Hereford, and had Isue by her i^t Caradoc 
aforesaid, 2^ Madoc, 3^ Rees, & 4'^ Nest. In the year 1089 was 
lestyn treacherously overcome, by the normans, and he died 
in the year 1090, and was buried at Censam,' or as some say at 
Cadoxton Juxta Neath. He spent his last days it is said with an 
old friend of his who had been his chief Bard & historian, and 
who lived at Censan, and that it was with him he died of a 
broken heart. 

[The piece concludes with a few further notes respecting the 
Lordship of Glamorgan. 

v., p. 128. 

Male descent of Bevan of Trefeurig in Llantrisant, to the 
year 1778. 

VI., p. 131. 

Male descent of Kemeys of Kemeys, Beganston, Cefn Mabli, 
Newport, Lanrumney, Vaindre, Caldicot, Bedminster and Llanfair. 
Concludes thus :] 

Elizabeth Herbert came with her mother to Castellau and met 
there with her husband Thomas Trueman of near Northampton 
Town, & isued Richard & others, that mar'^ Kate the Dau"^ of 
Howel Mathew of LandafF Gent. & Jane his wife Dau' to W" 
Thomas of Lanbradach Esq"", & his wife Dau*" to Tho^ Morgan of 
Machain Esq"", the s'' Howel who was the only Child of Tho= 
Mathew and his 1^' wife Gwenllian the Dau"" of Robert Mathew Esq"" 
of Maes Mawr Gent., and the said Tho^ Matthew who was the 2'' 
son of Moris Matthew of Sweldon* Gent, and Constance Windsor 
his Wife, and their Eldest son who was Walter mar'^, & Isued 
Edward that morgaged Sweldon at Ceven Mably for 100^ and 
he died without Issue and left his estate to pay his debt, and it 
never returned back to the right heir afterwards. Howel Matthew 

^ Keynsham Abbey, Somersetshire, which held large possessions near Cardiff. 
^ In the parish of Caerau. 


his I St cousin and right heir and Jane his wife died very near the 
same time and left the said Kate a Child And she never looked 
after the s"^ Estate when she came to her age because it was 
fallen into such powerful hands. Richard Trueman & Gate his 
wife Isued Richard the Eldest Son that Mar<^ Elizabeth Giles and 
Issued Their Eldest Son Thomas Trueman^ now of Pant Lliwydd 
or Dyers Valley in the Parish of Lansanor, who mar^^ [cceiera 

VII., p. 140. 
[A few notes from Leland &c. 

VIII., p. 141. 

Male descent of Powel of Maesteg and Llanharan :] 

Rees Powel of Maesteg Gent, mar'^ Joan Dau"" to the Rev<^ 
Morgan Jones D"" in Divinity, & Rector of Lanvaes (her mother being 
Mary Dau"" of Arthur Yeoman, Alderman of Gardiff),^ and Issued 
John Powel of Maesteg Gent, who died without Isue, Gervase, 
Anthony, & two Dau'^s. 

Gervase Powel Gent, the 2^ son became Heir of Maesteg after 
his eldest Brother's death & mar<^ Gatherine Oliver Heiress of the 
Chapel of S' John the Baptist in the Parish of Lantrisant, commonly 
called Gapel levan fedyddwr/ 

[The pedigree concludes thus :] Florence Powel mar'^ Edmond 
Lloyd of Cardiff Esq. & Issued Joanna Dau"" & Heiress that Mar<^ 
Robert Jones of Fonmon Castle Esq"" Mary Powel i^' mar<* Tho» 

1 Thomas Truman of Pantlliwydd was a great collector of Welsh manuscripts. 
"Old lolo" often acknowledges his obligations to him in the "lolo MSS," and the 
" Myvyrian Archaiology," both twice published in the 19th century. 

2 See ante, Vol. III., Errata and Addenda to p. 517. 

3 Was this Catherine a daughter of Oliver Jones (St. John) of Fonmon ? Her 
description here is curious. The term Capel leuan Fedyddiwr, usually contracted 
to Capel Ifan, often indicates a chapel formerly attached to a house of the Knights 
Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem — which house is almost invariably called 
Yspyty Ifan, or in English " Spital." The Spital at Cardiff probably had such an 
origin. It was situate in the parish of Saint John Baptist. (See ante, Vol. II., p. 27.) 


Roberts of Landaff Esq"" he died without Issue and settled his Estate 
upon his Wife & her heirs for ever and she a'^'y Mari^ Tho^ Edwards 
Esq"" of Cardiff and had no Issue of him. Ales Powel the youngest 
Dau*" Mar"* W™ Gibbon of TreCastle Esq"" and Issued Grant that was 
settled a Lawyers Clerk at Crickhowel & was buried there y"= 12"' 
day Sep"" 1778 aged 18, the s<^ W™ & Ales Issued Eliz: & Eleanor. 

[Then follows a like pedigree of Powel of Lysworney, who 
acquired that estate by marriage with the heir of Edward Raglan of 
Lysworney Gent.^ It concludes :] 

Susan Durel Heiress of Lysworney mar'* John Franklen Esq'^ 
& Issued Thomas now living 1772. 

VII., p. 148. 

[Further genealogical memoranda. Lewis of Creigiau near 
Neath descend from Lewis of Cil-y-bebyll, and through them 
from Rhys, third son of lestyn ab Gwrgan. Other genealogies to 
the year 17 79. J 

VIII., p. 159- 

Llyma Wehelyth Rial Y Coetty. O Lyfr Thomas Hopkin o 
Langrallo.' [Pedigree, in Welsh, of Turberville, BerkeroUes, 
Despenser, Gamage and Began, shewing the devolution of the 
Lordship through those families. Note from leuan Deulwyn 
respecting Turberville of Coety. Verses by leuan Gethyn on the 
same subject, dated 1420.] 

iMy esteemed friend Charles Alban Buckler, Esq., "Surrey' Herald 
Extraordinary, a keen genealogist and antiquary, descends from Herbert of 
Raglan and York, through Raglan of Llysworney in Llantwit Major. 

^^ "This is the Royal Lineage of Coety. From the book of Thomas Hopkins 
of Llangrallo." (Printed in "lolo MSS.") 


IX., p. 171. 

Mangoffeion o Lyfr M"" Gamais o Landathan.' [Notes on 
some architectural antiquities in the Vale of Glamorgan. Also 
this :] 

Jasper larll Penfro a wnaeth Glochdy Caer Dydd, a Chlochdy 
mawr Llandaf, ag a roddes glych i amryw blwyfau ym Morganwg, ag 
Organ i Gaerdydd a Llandaf, a Lianilltyd, a'r Bont Faen, a Llancarfan, 
a Llandathan, a Llangynwyd, ac Aberdar, a Chelligaer, a Llanffagan, 
a lleoedd eraill. Y rhain bob un a dynnwyd i lawr yn amser Harri'r 
wythfed ac Edward y chwechfed, oddierth un Caer Dydd ac un Llan 


Jasper, Earl of Pembroke, made Cardiff belfry and the great 
belfry of Llandaff, and gave bells to several parishes in Glamorgan ; 
and an organ to Cardiff and Llandaff and Llantwit and Cowbridge 
and Llancarvan and S' Athan's and Llangynwyd and Aberdare and 
Gelligaer and S' Pagan's and other places. Every one of these 
(organs) was taken down in the time of Henry the Eighth and 
Edward the Sixth, except one at Cardiff and one at Llandaff.] 

X., p. 175. 

The winning of the Lordship of Glamorgan 
or Morganwc out of the Welshmen! s Hands, 
and first of the Description of the same 

N primis, the said Lordship in length from 
Rymny^ Bridge on the east side, to Pwll 
Conan on the west side is 27 miles. The 
breadth thereof from the Haven of Abur- 
thaw alias Aberdaon, on the south side, 
to the confines of Brechinockshire, above Morleys castle is 22 Miles. 

' Memoranda from the book of Mr. Carnage of St. Athan's. 

2 Every proper name is underlined in the original, but nothing is to be gained by 
printing so many italics. 


4 And the town and Castle of Cardyff, or 

Caer-Dhydh/ in the east part, in which Castle of Cardyff, the 
Lord did most inhabit ; and therein he had his Chancery and 
Exchequer, and a fair court house, wherein the County court was 
monthly kept on the Monday for all the suiters of the Shrievalty, 
that is of the body of the said lordship itself, without the said 

5. Item, within the said shrievalty, or body of the said lord- 
ship, were 18 Castles, and 36 knights fees and a half,^ that held 
of the said lordship of Glamorgan, by knights service, besides a 
great number of Freeholders. 

6. Item, in eight of the said members were ten Castles and 
and four borough-Towns. 

7 The other nine members, with four of the 

aforesaid knights fees, and all the lands that were in the Lords 
hands, parcel of the said Lordship and members, the Earl of 
Penbroke hath purchased. So that there remaineth now to the 
senior of the said Lordship of Glamorgan (being in the Queen's 
Majesty's^ hands) but the moity only of the manor of Dynaspowys, 
of the value of 26 pounds by the year.* 

The manner of the winning of 
the said Lordship. 

[A very brief account, not materially different from the fore- 

The names and sirnames of the 
said Twelve Knights were these. 

* * * * 

1 All attempt to connect Caerdydd with Aulus Didius, by arbitrarily assigning 
to.the middle d the soft sound which such an etymology would require by the rules 
of Celtic phonology. The attempt says more for the writer's knowledge of philology 
than for his accuracy as a topographer. 

- Llystalybont was the half fee. 

s Elizabeth's. 

* It is probably not true that, by the sale of these members, the Sovereign parted 
with the seigniory of Glamorgan. 


The parcells given by the said 
Robert Fitzhamon to the said 
Twelve Knights and others, in 
reward of service. 

The portion that the Lord kept 
for himself and his Heirs. 

^._*^li^„--HE Castle of Cardyff, and Kenfigg, with the fore- 
^ "-^ said three market Towns of Cardyff", Kenfigg, 

^K J and Cowbridge, and the Shrievalty, being the 

^ — ^v body of the said Lordship of Glamorgan, and 

all the demesnes of the same, with the rest of the said members 

He dwelt himself most in the said Castle or town 

of Cardyff being a fair haven town. And because he would have 
the aforesaid twelve knights and their heirs give attendance upon 
him every County Day (which was always kept by the Sheriff" in 
the utter ward of the said Castle, on the Monday monthly as is 
before said) he gave every one of them a lodging within the said 
utter ward, the which their heirs, or those that purchased the 
same of their heirs, do enjoy at this day 

The Pedigree of Robert Fitzhamon, and 
of his Heirs, Lords of Glamorgan. 

[Concludes :] 24. Queen Elizabeth our most dread Sovereign 
that now is, doth succeed her in the same Seniory, and hath sold 
the Lordship of Neath from it ; so that now there remain no more 
Lands appertaining to the Seniory, but the moitty of the Manor 
of Deinaspowys only. 

[Pedigrees of Londres, Grenville, Turberville, S» Quintin, 
Syward, Humphreville, Berkerolles, Sully, Le Soar, Fleming, S' John 
and Stradiing,] 

Memorandum, that of the heirs male of the aforesaid twelve 
knights that came with sir Robert Fitzhamon to the winning of 
Glamorgan, the lordship aforesaid, there is at this day but the 
Stradiing alive, that dwelleth in Wales, and enjoyeth the portion 
given in reward to his ancestors. 


There be yet of the younger brothers of the Turberviles 
and Flemings. Greenefeeld and Syward do yet remain, but they 
dwell in England/ and have done away their Lands in Wales. 

The Lord S, John, of Bledso (although he keepeth his ancient 
inheritance in Wales) yet he dwelleth in England, 

Thus far the copy of the winning of Glamorgan as I received the 
[same] at the hands of M" Blanch Parrie, penned by Sir Edward 
Stradling, Knt. 

D. Powel. 

Reprinted in Evans's eddition of Wynnes History of Wales 
1774, from D. Powel's History of Wales, printed in the year 

There are MS. copies of the foregoing History of the winning 
of the Lordship of Glamorgan by Sir Edward Stradling, in several 
hands in Glamorganshire, and some of them a little differing in 
expression, but not much in the relation of facts from the above. 
That which I have transcribed from M'' Tho^ Truman's Book has 
the most material difference. 

lorwerth Gwilym.^ 
May 25"^ 1783. 

There is a copy of the above in the British Museum, ending 
with the accounts of Jasper Duke of Bedford and Thomas Stradling 

British Museum Duodi Floreal 1795.* 

XL, p. 227. 

Hen Gromlechau, Crymiau, Kist fetni, 
gorseddau, Twmpathau, Beddfeini, &c. 
ym Morganwg. 

[List of 79 "Old cromlechs, rocking-stones, stone chambers, 

1 Grenvill in Devonshire, and Si ward in Somersetshire. 

^ Edward Williams (/ofo Morganwg). 

'Later entry by the same hand, in violet ink. "Duodi Kloreal " is the 
Revolutionary jargon for a Tuesday in May, I suppose. "lolo" was an advanced 


Stone circles, mounds, burial stones &c. in Glamorgan," in Welsh. 
The only ones occurring within the Cardiff district are : — ] 
6. Whitchurch mound. 

35. Caerau, namely Caerau parish. 

37. Gwaun Treoda. 

'J2,. Inscribed stone of Llandough by Penarth. 

XII., p. 235. 

The Signorie or Lordship of Gower, 
Situate in the west part of the County 
of Glamorgan, in South Wales. 

Llanover MS lolo. 14. 

p. 25. 

Morganwg y sydd yn ymestyn o afon Wysg ychydig uchlaw 
Caerlleon hyd afon Tawy, a'r wlad hon a gafas ei henw oddiwrth 
Forgan Mwynfawr .... cefnder oedd ef i'r Brenin Arthur, 
a chael a wnaeth ei ddewis ar y rhan a fynnai o Gymry yn 
dywysogaethau ei gefnder Arthur, a dewis a wnaeth ef ar ddeuddeg 
Cantref Gwent Essyllt, au galw Morganwg. A chyfiawn, a chall, 
a hael, a thrugarog, a mwyn ydoedd, ag a wnaeth gyfraith a barn ar 
bob peth yn ei wlad herwydd Defod Crist ar Apostolion, sef y 
gwnaeth ar bob achos Barn gwysio Deuddeg uchelwr Cantref o wyr 
doethion drugarog a duwiolfryd i farnu ar gwyn a hawl a rhoi cynnyg 
ar gymmod cyn barnu ar yr achos, ag efe Forgan yn Benraith a 
Phencyngor iddynt ar wedd arfer Crist a'r deuddeg Abostol : ag oni 
ellid cymmod, efe a'r deuddeg uchelwr a wnaent yn gydrym farn ar y 
peth, ar gyfraith hon a elwid y Gyfraith Abostolaidd, am ei bod yn ol 
mwynder a thrugaredd * * * Morgan Mawr 

ab Hywel ab Rhys . . . oedd y cyntaf a wnaeth Dref a 

Chastell Caerdyf o fewn Caerau Didi Gawr ymherodr Rhufain, He bu 
Dinas a losgwyd yn amser Cadwaladr gan y Saeson. Yr [oedd] 
gantho Bias hefyd ymreigan ag un arall yn yr Adur * * « 



Morganwg^ extends from the river Usk, a little above Caerleon, 
as far as the river Tawe ; and this country took its name from 
Morgan the Very-Gentle .... he was cousin to King Arthur, 
and obtained his choice of the part he might desire of Wales, in the 
principalities of his cousin Arthur ; and he chose the twelve 
Hundreds of Gwent Essyllt,^ and called them " Morganwg." And 
just and wise and generous and merciful and gentle was he, and made 
law and judgment on everything in his country according to the 
custom of Christ and the Apostles ; for, in every cause of judgment, 
he let summon twelve noblemen of the Hundred — men wise, merciful 
and godfearing, to judge of complaint and right, and to propose 
an agreement before judging in the cause ; and he Morgan as chief 
judge and chief counsellor to them, like unto the usage of Christ and 
the twelve Apostles. And unless agreement could be made, he and 
the twelve noblemen jointly made judgment on the matter ; and this 
law was called the Apostolic Law, for that it was according to 
gentleness and mercy * « * Morgan the Great, son 

of Hywel, son of Rhys .... was the first who made the 
Town and Castle of Caerdyf^ within the fort of Didi the Giant, 
Emperor of Rome, where was a walled town which was burned in 
the time of Cadwaladr by the Saxons. He had a mansion also at 
Breigan, and another at Radur] * « * 

1 The usual confusion is here. Glamorgan is evidentlj' the precise territory 
referred to. 

^ Silurian Gwent, Vetila Silurum. 

^ Note the f termination in a Welsh spelling of this name. It is unusual 
but, as I think, a survival of the ancient form. (See post, sub nomine "Cardiff" in 
the schedule of placenames.) 


Llanover MS. lolo. 29. 

(1806.) p. 14. 

MS. M-- Bwttwn o'r Dyffryn. 

Cantreft Morganwg fal y maeW Rhaniad newydd 
a phwy saint y sydd o dal Brenin ar bob plwyf 
a chantref yngosodiant Cyfraith a hynn am y 
flwyddyn 1662. 

Cantref Breiniol neu Gibwyr y sydd wlad wastad agos i gyd 
ag yn llawn tir da yn dwyn llawnder o yd gwych a gwair rhywiog 
a phorfa deg. Mae yma dwysged fawr o goedydd teg a'r 
afonydd penaf yw yn gyntaf Rhymi a'r afon hynn yw'r rhaniad 
rhyng Morganwg a Mynwy, ag y mae'n rhedeg ymhlith gweynydd 
breisiong' mewn dyffryn deg a choedlwyni hyfryd oi hamgylch. 
Yn ail Taf y sydd afon arw a thrwsgl yn dywad o fanna Breicheinog 
ag yn rhodio Glyn coediog a Ilawer o weynydd gleision teg o'r ddau 
ystlys a gwastad yw'r wlad a berthyn iddi lie rhed i'r mor a thros 
6 neu 7 milltir oddiyno tuag i fynydd. A'r drydedd yw Elai un 
o'r afonydd teccaf o'r dir yn dyfod ar hyd dyffryndir brasdeg o bell 
o'r blaeneu. 


MS. of M-- Button of the Dyffryn.^ The Hundreds of Morganwg 
as the new division is; and what Saints there are of kingly stock 
over each parish and Hundred in the setting^ of Law, and this for 
the year 1662. 

The Privileged Hundred, or Cibwyr/ is a flat country almost 
entirely, and full of good land bearing abundance of fine corn, 
and excellent hay, and fair pasture. Here is great plenty of fair 

1 The meaning of this word can only be guessed at. 

2 In the parish of Saint Nicholas. Of this family was Admiral Button. 
^ The meaning is obscure. 

* Originally a commote, but later styled the Hundred of Kibbor or Cardiff. 



woods ;^ and the chief rivers are firstly the Rhymi,^ and this 
river is the division between Morganwg and Mynwy,?^ and it runs 
amidst fertile meadows in a fair valley, and pleasant groves about 
it. Secondly, the Taf is a rough and turbulent river coming from 
the peaked hills of Breicheinog^ and passing through a woody 
glen with many green, fair meads on both sides ; and flat is the 
country which belongs to it, where it runs to the sea, and for 6 
or 7 miles thence upwards. And the third is the Elai,^ one of 
the fairest rivers of the land, coming along a fertile, beautiful 
valley-land from the high lands afar.] 

> Coed y Milwr, Coed Ffranc, Coed y Gores, &c. 

^ This spelling gives the local pronunciation. 

» Monmouthshire is properly Sir Fynwy, and Monmouth Trefynwy. 

^ Btycheiniog, Brecon{shire.) 

= Ely, 


Jfurtber Gleanings from the IRecovb ©fRce, 

'N the First Volume of this work 
will be found, at p. 261, a series 
of Inquisitiones post Mortem; at 
p. 307 certain Star Chamber 
Proceedings, and at p. 387 some 
Exchequer Documents. The 
Chancery Proceedings relating 
to the Cardiff district, recorded 
in the reign of Elizabeth, are 
printed at p. 69 of our Second 
Volume. The Records Committee having authorised me, in 
the year 1901, to make further search in the London Record 
Office, I have made some important additions to the abovenamed 
classes of documents. I had hoped at the same time to obtain 
a good number of extracts from the Close Rolls, to follow the 
Charters and Patents published in Vols. I. and III. But, inasmuch 
as the MS. Calendars of the Close Rolls give only the names of 
the parties chiefly concerned in the grant, without specifying the 
locus in quo, it was impossible to find the Cardiff documents among 
them without a greater expenditure of time than could be afforded. 
I am therefore only able to supply from the Close Rolls the three 

















documents printed in this Chapter. The additions here made to 
the various classes of records, are the following : — 

Miscellanea of the Exchequer, 121 1 — 1320; 12 documents. 

Star Chamber Proceedings, 1534 — 1558; 15 documents. 

Close Rolls, 1565 — 1569; 3 documents. 

Inquisitiones post Mortem, 1558 — 1583; 3 documents. 

Chancery Proceedings, 1605 — 1607; 7 documents. 

Exchequer Bills, 17 14 — 1754; 13 documents. 

The Miscellanea of the Exchequer are interesting by 
reason of their great antiquity and the details of mediaeval life 
which they disclose. Some of them are written in Latin, and some 
in Norman French ; the latter I have printed in the original. I have 
arranged them in chronological sequence, not following the irregular 
order in which the originals are catalogued. Students of Welsh 
history will welcome the file of indentures re the beasts and goods 
forfeited to the King by the men of Glamorgan who rose in revolt 
under Llewelyn Bren in the years 1314 — 1316. 

In the indenture IL (A.) Payne Turberville, whom the King has 
appointed Custodian of Glamorgan, acknowledges receipt of 
arrerages from various officials of the Lordship. Among them is 
John Odyn, a Prevost of Cardiff, who, a year later, was imprisoned 
in Cardiff Gaol on a charge of having caused victuals to be 
conveyed to the insurgent forces. (See Vol. IIL, p. 17.) 

The administration of Payne Turberville having, as it would 
seem, resulted in provoking a Welsh rebellion, we find him replaced 
in April 13 1-5 by Sir John Giffard de Brimsfield, a Gloucestershire 
knight. (II. B.) Yet in May following Turberville is again Custodian. 
(II. C). 

II. (D.) i. & ii. are extremely interesting, as they contain an 
enumeration of the private eff'ects of Llewelyn Bren. The unfortu- 
nate patriot seems to have been a man of refinement and culture ; for 
his belongings include, besides valuable articles of personal adorn- 
ment, various books written in Welsh and in French — one of the 
latter being the Roman de la Rose, an allegorical love-tale very 
popular at that time, and versified by Chaucer. Llewelyn's two 
table-cloths and eight silver spoons betoken a higher degree of 


civilisation than one would have expected of a Welsh chieftain in the 
early 14th century. 

II. G. shews that the castles of Glamorgan, in particular those of 
Llantrisant and Cardiff, were well garrisoned and victualled in the 
autumn of 131 5, in view of the Welsh rising. 

From document III. we learn that, by September 1320, Hugh le 
Despenser the younger had entered into possession of the Lordship 
of Glamorgan. Within a few years he was to expiate, by an 
ignominious death, the unjust, unlawful and impolitic execution of 
Llewelyn Bren ap Rhys, that heroic leader of a Welsh revolt 
against Norman despotism. Llewelyn's immediate executioner, Sir 
Richard Fleming, had himself previously been hanged, and buried by 
the side of his victim in the Grey Friars' Church at Crockherb- 

Our extracts from the Star Chamber Proceedings comprise 
all the pieces relating to Cardiff for the reigns of Henry VIII., 
Edward VI. and Mary. The first, of circa 1534, is the Petition 
of Robert Lane, of Evesham in the county of Oxford, clerk in 
holy orders. The late Bishop of LlandafT granted him, in the 
year 1502, an annuity of forty shillings payable out of the episcopal 
Manor of Mathern, in Monmouthshire. This annuity the Petitioner 
enjoyed during 26 years, but the present Bishop would not pay it. 
Petitioner went to Mathern to distrain for the money, but was 
resisted by the Bishop's servants. He craves redress. 

The second document bears the Royal sign manual at the head, 
and is countersigned at foot by Thomas Englefield and Sir Thomas 
More, the Lord Chancellor. It is directed to Sir William Mathew 
and Christopher Mathew, commissioning them to examine and 
report upon the Petition. 

The third is a letter addressed to the Privy Council by Percival 
Pety, clerk, in support of the Petition. The writer testifies that he 
knew of the grant, being one of the Canons of Llandaff at the time 
it was made. Indeed, he himself paid the annuity when he was 
receiver of the duty that Sir William Herbert of Troy paid yearly 
to Lord Myllis, late departed (whose soul God pardon). The writer 
was his kinsman, his chaplain and overseer of his building at 
Mathern, and his executor. He pledges his word as a priest, that 
the Petitioner's cause is just. 


The fourth paper is the Commissioners' Report to the Council. 
They have seen the grant, and can testify that it bears the seal of the 
Chapter of Llandaff ; though how the seal was obtained they cannot 
say, as none of the Canons of that time are now living. The other 
seal is much worn, but, as far as they could see, it is the seal of the 
late Bishop. 

Our next Proceeding is a Complaint, dated in 1543, by the 
President' and Chapter of Llandaff Cathedral. The subject matter is 
a dispute about the burial of one Richard Harry, of Canton, in the 
cathedral. We have already noticed this affair, in connection with 
the Defendants' Answers. (Vol. I., pp. 308, 313). The Complaint 
has been catalogued and filed separately from the Answers, since the 
latter were transcribed by me ; hence their unavoidable separation in 
this work. 

The next document gives us a graphic picture of the lawless 
state of society at Cardiff during the reign of Henry the Eighth. It 
is a Complaint by Katherine verch^ Dafydd, late the wife of John 
Watts, of Llandaff, yeoman, concerning the " enorm injuries and 
express wrongs " done unto her by George ap Morgan and others. 
Stripped of verbiage, the facts are these : Three Monmouthshire 
gentlemen, with their servants and retainers, all in warlike array, are 
paying a visit to Cardiff. A Llandaff yeoman charges one of them 
with having stolen his spaniel. The others thereupon attack the 
yeoman, who runs into a house for protection. Before he can take 
shelter his assailants kill him with their daggers, and fly. The 
Bailiffs call an Inquest on the body ; but the Jury are friends and 
relations of the murderers, and return a false verdict. The Bailiffs, 
however, summon the original offenders to appear under a penalty. 
The Monmouthshire gentlemen come to Cardiff indeed, but accom- 
panied with a host of armed followers, and refuse to answer to the 
summons unless their men come too. The officers of the town are 

1 At this time it was a moot point whether the title "Bishop'' should not 
be formally abolished in the State Church, in favour of the term " President. " 
The alteration seems to have been sometimes made, in practice. 

^ The Welsh word merch (in mutation ferch) means " daughter of," and is 
the feminine of ap or ab. 


thoroughly overawed. They send to the Monmouthshire gentlemen, 
politely requesting them to appear by themselves. The offenders 
utterly decline to do anything of the sort, and triumphantly march 
home again at the head of their trusty men-at-arms. The injured 
widow remains without any satisfaction, and can only ask the King to 
compel the impanneling of a new Coroner's Jury. Probably nothing 
more was done in the matter. 

We now come to a series of papers relating to. an ecclesiastical 
quarrel in the Vale of Glamorgan at the commencement of the 
reign of Edward the Sixth. To narrate events in their proper 
order of time : Robert Davies, of Saint Athan's in the county of 
Glamorgan, husbandman, abducted the daughter of Christopher 
Basset, gentleman. In consequence of this, William Evans, clerk 
in holy orders, Official of the Bishop of Llandaff, and parish priest 
of Saint Athan's, cited the said Davies to appear before him to 
answer for that offence. Davies having failed to appear, was then 
first suspended by the said Evans and afterwards by him excom- 
municated in the parish church of Gilston. Davies presenting 
himself at Saint Athan's church on the following Lady Day, Evans 
refused to sing Mass and left the church. Later, on Palm Sunday, 
when Davies attended church, there was an affray between his 
friends and supporters (apparently the people of Sir Thomas 
Stradling) and those of Mr. Christopher Basset. At Easter Davies 
presented himself at his parish church to receive Holy Communion, 
but Evans refused to administer the same to him. 

Davies now complains in the Star Chamber, that Evans had 
acted illegally in citing Complainant to appear before him. King 
Henry had died, and King Edward had not issued a new commission 
to the Bishop of Llandaff. Therefore the latter had no authority 
to direct his Official to issue the Citation. Moreover, Defendant, 
notwithstanding that the new King's Writ had not issued to that 
effect, held Chapter Courts at Neath and Cardiff, where the Sheriff 
deprived him of his books because of that irregularity. 

From a lyth-cent. MS. of Welsh odes, it appears that William 
Evans, Registrar, Official and Chancellor of Llandaff, Bachelor of 
Law and a Justice of the Peace, was an Evans of Llangatoc Feibion 
Afel in the county of Monmouth (desc. from Herbert of Itton in the 
same county.) A cywydd to him by Giles ap Sion begins : " Y gwr 


llwyd o gor a llanr An ode in his praise, recited by Meredith ap 
Rosser at the Llandaff Eisteddfod, begins : " Pzvy wr gwineu pyr 
gynnydd." Another by the same bard was composed in allusion to 
the injury Evans received at the hands of the Registrar (See Vol. III., 
pp. 70, 92, 93, 94.) Yet another cywydd was written in his honour 
by Dafydd Benwyn, beginning : " Y lien ir llawen ara/y Dafydd y 
Fan made a funeral ode on Thomas ap Jenkin Herbert of Panterys, 
grandfather to the said William Evans. (Llanover MSS.) According 
to another account, William Evans, L.L.D., rector of St. Tathan's 
and forty years Chancellor of Llandaff, was son of Jevan, son of 
Hywel ap leuan Gwyn of Glyn Ogwr by a daughter of Thomas ap 
leuan ap Dafydd ap Tomos Ddu of Tal-y-garn &c., the Chancellor's 
mother being Isabel, daughter of Richard Adams of Castleton. 
(" Glamorgan Genealogies.") It is certain that Chancellor Evans was 
greatly esteemed by the Welsh people, and also that he was of those 
ecclesiastics who cherished Catholic sympathies while conforming to 
Protestantism in order to save their emoluments and preferments. 

The last set of papers refers to a Complaint by Sir Thomas 
Stradling against William, Earl of Pembroke. The Earl had directed 
a commission to his kinsman, William Herbert the elder, of Cogan 
Pill, esquire, to muster the tenants and friends of the said Earl for 
the King and Queen's service in the wars. "Black Will," it appears, 
took advantage of this circumstance to levy a heavy tax upon the 
inhabitants of his lordship, under colour of providing armour for 
a hundred foot-soldiers. This tax was rigorously enforced, neither 
widow nor orphan being spared. Those who could not or would 
not pay, were distrained upon, until the Earl had raised an enormous 
sum, and the country was impoverished. The Depositions include 
statements by several aldermen and burgesses of Cardiff, and show 
that the Earl received considerable sums of money by way of bribes 
for allowing men to stay at home. 

Our first Close Roll, dated in 1565, is a Settlement of lands and 
hereditaments in Glamorgan and Monmouthshire (including the town 
of Cardiff,) made between William, Earl of Pembroke, and George, 
Earl of Shrewsbury, on the marriage of the former's son and heir, 
Henry, Lord Herbert, with the Lady Katherine, the Earl of Shrews- 
bury's daughter. 


The next, dated in 1568, is a Bargain and Sale by William 
Bawdripp of Penmark to William, Earl of Pembroke, of certain 
pasture lands, parcel of the Manor of Splot in the parish of Roath, as 
security for payment of one hundred pounds. 

The third, dated in 1569, is a Bargain and Sale by Edward 
Nevett of Cardiff to Hugh Griffith, of a burgage in Saint Mary 
Street, Cardiff, for 220 pounds. 

We now come to the Inquisitiones post Mortem for the reign of 
Elizabeth. This class of records has been described and explained in 
Vol. I., p. 261. We need note only the first of the present series of 
Inquisitions. It was taken in 1559, on the death of Sir George 
Mathew of Cornton, and describes the devolution of that manor from 
1435. Sir George was also seised of many other estates in 
Glamorgan, including the Manor of Glaspool (otherwise Plasturton), 
near Cardiff;* which, it is curious to observe, was holden of Sir 
Rice Mansel as of his Barton of Llantrithyd. This document is of 
great importance to students of the history of Glamorgan. 

Of the Chancery Proceedings, the first, in 1605, relates to 
the lands in Glamorgan and Monmouthshire w^hich belonged to 
the Prebend of Warthacombe, attached to Llandaff Cathedral. 
Warthacombe, or Warthacum, is an otherwise obsolete name for 
Llangwm Isaf in the county of Monmouth. The suit seems to be 
an attempt to recover Church lands alienated from the See of 
Llandaff by a former Prebendary, at the Reformation. 

The proceedings dated in 1607 relate to the landed estates of 
Edmond Mathew of Radyr, and possess considerable genealogical 

The Exchequer Bills call for no special remark, Half of them 
are concerned with disputes about tithes. 

^ See Vol. 2, page 30. 


Miscellanea of the Exchequer. I 

12 Joh. (121 1.) 2 mem. Latin. 

Account of Fines and Oblations at Cardiff and Margam. 

"Fines /'c'i ap'd Kardif. " 


A number of sums received from persons in various counties 
of England only, e.g., for trial of their liability to serve the King 
by crossing the sea with an expedition which, presumably, was 
assembling at Cardiff to go to Ireland. 

Miscel. of the Excheq. I 

9 & 10 Ed. II. (1315 — 6.) Latin and French.^ 

File of Indentures re forfeited beasts and goods in Wales. 

IL (A) 

This Indenture witnesseth that Payne Turberuille, Custodian of 
the castles, lands and tenements which were of Gilbert de Clare, 
formerly Earl of Gloucester and Hertford, in Gloumorgan and 
Morgannou, hath received two hundred and eighteen pounds, ten 
shillings and two pence, of arrerages of Prevosts, Bedels and other 
ministers of our lord the King in the lands and tenements aforesaid, 
due unto Sir Bartholomew de Badelesmere from the time he had the 
custody of the said castles, lands and tenements, in the eighth year of 
the reign of King Edward, son of King Edward, namely : [inter alios] 
David Vauhan, Prevost of Pentirgh, and Philip ap Rees, servant of 
the County" of Gloumorgant, 10/ 85. 2^d. for 5 tallages. Of Hugh de 
Raath, Richard Elys, Reginald le Polter, John Odyn and Elyas le 
Gildere, Prevosts of the burgh of Kaerdif, 27/ ys. 4^d. for 4 tallages. 

* The Indentures of which we give only translations, are in Latin. The 
French ones are given in the original. 

^ famul' com' 


Of William Gilbert, Prevost of Liqwith, 32s. for i tallage [&c.J 
Given at Kaerdyf on the first day of April in the abovesaid ninth year 
of the King [1315. 

Seal in red wax. Heater-shaped shield : A fess double-cotised.J 


This Indenture witnesseth that on the twentieth day of April 
in the ninth year of King Edward [13 15] Sir John Giffard de 
Brimmesfeld, Custodian of the lands and tenements which were of 
Gilbert de Clare, formerly Earl of Gloucester and Hertford, in 
Glammorgan and Morgannou, hath received of Sir Payne de 
Turberville, late Custodian there, all the beasts and other goods 
underwritten, in the parts aforesaid, namely * * * 

Also, in the Manor of Raath 7 quarters of oats, 3 plough-oxen, 19 
oxen, I bull, 8 cows, 2 heifers, 2 yearlings and 4 calves, 13 acres and 
a half of land sown with wheat, 37 acres and half a rood of land sown 
with beans, 2 acres and a half of land sown with barley, and 24 acres 
2 roods and a half of land sown with oats. * « * 

In witness whereof the parties aforesaid to this Indenture have 
severally set their seals. Given at Kaerdif the day and year above- 

Be it remembered that by this Indenture, made between William 
de Montagu, Lieutenant of our lord the King in Glomorgan and 
Morgan, and Payne de Turbcuille, Custodian of the aforesaid lands, 
there are delivered unto him the said Payne the underwritten goods 
and chattels of LeweHn Bren and the other felons slain and dead in 
the war and outlawed in the parts aforesaid by reason of the same 
war in the ninth year of the reign of King Edward, namely, of the 
goods of the said Lewelin in the parts of Meskyn and Glinrothn', 
eight plough-oxen, fourty-four oxen, sixty-nine cows, six pigs, nine- 
teen goats, two "aundyrns," one brass vase. Also, of his goods in 
the parts of Senghn'. one horse, twenty-nine mares, four last-year's 
foals and three this-year's foals, twenty-five oxen, three bulls, 305 
cows, a hundred and fourteen steers and heifers, nineteen yearlings, 


fourty-two calves, 113 sheep, 78 hogs, fifty-two goats. Also there 
are delivered unto the said Payne, of the goods of the killed, dead 
and outlawed in the bailiwick of Meskyn and Glinrothn' in the war, 
and by occasion of the same war, four mares, four foals, six oxen, two 
bulls, fifty-nine cows, eleven heifers, twenty-five steers and young 
cows, eighty sheep, twenty lambs, fourty-eight goats, thirty-three 
hogs. Also, of the goods of the same in the bailiwick of Senghn', 
one plough-ox, six mares, four foals, five oxen, twenty-eight cows, 
nine steers and heifers, seventy-five sheep, 2T goats. * * * 
Also of their goods in the bailiwick of Kybur, three cows, three 
heifers. * * * Also, fourty-four shillings five 

pence of a fine of Gronou ap Rosser. In witness whereof, to this 
present Indenture they have severally set their seals. Given at 
Kaerdyf on the eighth day of the month of May in the ninth year of 
the reign of King Edward, son of King Edward [13 15.] 


A touz ceux qi ceste I're verront ou orrunt William de Montagu 
lutenant n're Seign"" le Roi en les partyes de Glam' & Morgannok 
salutz en dieu. Sachetz no^ auer resceu de Mons"" Payn Turb'uill 
Gardein des dites pi'tyes dys aneux de or, vn fermaille de or, Vn 
autre dargent. Treys liueres escritz de Galeys & vn liure de 
Romaunce, des bens qe furent a Lewelin ap Griffith \lege Res] 
contenues en vne endenture faite entre le dit mons'' Payn & nous. 
En tesmoinance de queu chose a cestes I'res auons fait mectre seal. 
Escrit a Kaerdyf le dysme iour de Maij, Lan du regne n're seign"" 
le Roi Edward, neofysme [i3i5-J 


To all who this letter shall see or hear, William de Montagu, 
Lieutenant of our lord the King in the parts of Glamorgan and 
Morganwg, greeting in God. Know that we have received of 
Master Payne Turberville, Custodian of the said parts, ten gold 
rings, one golden clasp, another of silver, three books written 
in Welsh and one book of romance, of the goods which were 
of Llewelyn ap GruflTydd.^ contained in an Indenture made between 

1 A clerical error for " Res," or Rhys. 


the said Master Payne and us. In witness whereof to these 
letters we have caused our seal to be set. Written at Cardiff 
the tenth day of May in the ninth year of the reign of our Lord 
the King Edward. (1315-) ] 


Fait a remembrer des bies Lewelyn Bren trouez en la Tresorie 
de Landaf Les queux WiU'am de Mountagu ad liuere a Mons"" 
Payne Turberuill p"" ceste Endenture. Ceo est assauer. j Aketon. 
j gaumbeyson. j peyre des quissens. j coleret de linge teille. v poz 
darein ij peyles darein j bacin. j vel chapel de fer, iij cheys galeys. 
j cofre oue chartres et munemenz. j romanz de la rose, iij liures 
Galeys. iiij autres lyures. x aneus dor. j fermail dor. j fermail 
dargent. It'm bailie par la mayn Dauyd ap Gronou. iij Haub''gons. 
j couerture de fer, j targe, j peyre des gaunz de plat, j peyre de 
quissens. ij Lauours. ij chaundelers darein. viij chefs de Eyuesham, 
j pece de bocrel. j cote darme de bocram. j gaunbeyson vermail. 
j Aketon nyent p''fet. ij napes, j vele sele. j sarge raie. viij quillers 


Be it remembered of the goods of Llewelyn Bren found in the 
Treasury of Llandaff, which William de Montagu hath delivered 
unto Master Payne Turberville by this Indenture. That is to say : 
I cuirass, i riding-coat, i pair of cushions, i collar of slashed linen, 

5 brazen pots, 2 brazen pails, i basin, i old breastplate of iron, 
3 Welsh chairs, i coffer for charters and muniments, i Roman de 
la Rose, 3 Welsh books, 4 other books, ten gold rings, i golden 
clasp, I silver clasp. Item, delivered by the hand of David ap 
Grono: 7 haubergeons, i iron covering, i target, i pair of metal 
gauntlets, i pair of cushions, 2 lavers, 2 brazen candlesticks, 
8 Evesham headpieces, i piece of buckram, i coat-of-arms of 
buckram, i bright-red riding coat, one cuirass not perfect, 2 table- 
cloths, one old seal, one rayed serge, 8 silver spoons.J 


Edward par la grace de dieu, Roi Dengleterr', Seignour Dirlande, 

6 dues Daquitaine, A n're ch' & foial mons"- Payen Turbe'uill', saluz. 


Nons vo'' mandoms q' des bestes que furent a Lewelyn Bren & as 
autres ses aliez, les queux sont forfaitz a nous p"" Cteines enchesons 
sicome vous bien sauez, & les queux sont en v're garde facez liu''er a 
n're ch' bacheler mons"" William de Montagu, ou a son attornez en 
tele p''te vint boefs, quarante vaches, & douze lumentz de n're doun. 
Don' souz n're p''ue scale, a Westmosf le xxxj iour de may, Lan de 
n're regne Neuisme [1315-] 

A mons*" Payen Turbeuill' p"" le Roi. 


Edward, by the grace of God King of England, Lord of Ireland 
and Duke of Aquitaine, to Our dear and faithful Master Payne 
Turberville greeting. We command you that, of the beasts which 
were of Llewelyn Bren and the others, his allies, which are forfeit to 
Us for certain reasons as you well know, and which are in your 
ward, you cause to be delivered to Our dear bachelor Master 
William de Montagu, or to his attorney in that behalf, twenty oxen, 
forty cows and 12 mares, of Our gift. Given under Our privy seal, 
at Westminster, the 31st day of May in the ninth year of Our reign. 


Annexed to the above is another small membrane, on which is 
written in French a memorandum that on Friday next after the feast 
of the Apostles Saints Peter and Paul (June) in the same year, Payn 
Turberuiir delivered unto William de Bernewell, to the use of 
William de Mountagu, eight brood-mares, whereof six were white and 
two black ; and four female plough-cattle, whereof one white, another 
white or piebald, &c.J 

Edward par la g-ace de dieu Roi Dangleterr', Seigneur Dirlande 
& Dues Daquitain', a n're ch' et foial mons^ Payn Turbewille, salutz. 
Nous vous mandoms q' des grosses bestes q' vous receustes nad 
gaires de n're ch' bacheler mons-- Wilame de Montagu q' furent a 
Lewelyn Bren, & as autres felons de Gales. & q' sont en v're garde, 
facez liuerer an're bien amez Johan Pecok vallet de n're Chambre, ou 
ason atornez en cele p-'tie, dys boefs, & sys vaches, tielx come 


il envoudra eslire de n're doun Don' souz n're p'^ue seal, a Tunderlee 
le viij iour de Juyn, Lan de n're regne Neuisme [1315-] 

(Receipt by John Pecok, dated at Kaerdyf 24 June, is annexed.) 


Edward, by the grace of God King of England, Lord of Ireland 
and Duke of Aquitaine, unto Our dear and faithful Master Payne 
Turberville greeting. We command you that, of the fat beasts 
which you lately received from Our dear bachelor. Master William 
de Montagu, which were of Llewelyn Bren and the other felons 
of Wales, and which are in your ward, you cause to be delivered 
unto Our wellbeloved John Pecok, valet of Our chamber, or to 
his attorney in that behalf, ten oxen and six cows, such as he may 
choose, of Our gift. Given under Our privy seal, at Tunderlee, 
the 8th day of June in the ninth year of Our reign. (1315.)] 


[Indenture witnessing that on 6 October 9 Ed. II. (13 15) Sir 
Payne Turberville, Custodian of Glamorgan, received of Sir Bartholo- 
mew de Badelesmere, the late Custodian, the victuals and other goods 
underwritten, in the castles underwritten, for the garrison of the 
same, namely, (inter alia) In the castle of Lantrissen, 6 quarters 6 
bushels of wheat, price 45. Sd. a quarter; 32 quarters 7 bushels of 
oats, price 2s. a quarter; i tun of wine, whereof 8 pollices were lacking, 
price 325.; 2 carcasses of oxen, price 2s. ^d. each ; 19 sides of bacon, 
price 38s. ; 16 weight (summae) of iron, price 32s. ; 6 fother of lead, 
price 4s. each. In the castle of Kaerdyf, 2 tuns of wine, price 2 
marks ; 6 quarters 6 bushels i peck of salt, price 6s. %d. a quarter. 
Given at Kaerdyf on the above date. 

Seal in red wax. Heater-shaped shield : A fess double-cotised.J 


This Indenture witnesseth that Payn Turb''uile, late Custodian of 
the lands and tenements which were of Gilbert de Clare, Earl of 


Gloucester and Hertford, in Glomorgan and Morganno, hath deHvered 
unto Robert de Prestbury, lieutenant of Sir John Giffard de 
Brimmisffeld, Custodian of those lands and tenements which were of 
the aforesaid Gilbert in those parts of Glomorgan and Morganno, all 
the underwritten beasts of the goods of Lewelin Bren and the other 
felons slain and outlawed in the parts aforesaid, namely, four plough- 
oxen, fifteen mares, six foals, eight oxen, four bulls, two hundred and 
sixty-four cows, a hundred and fifty-three steers and heifers, 70 year- 
lings, 114 swine, 244 sheep, ']'] lambs, 188 goats. In witness whereof 
the aforesaid R. and W. de Boneuile, lieutenants of the aforesaid 
Payn and attorneys of the same in the parts aforesaid, to this Inden- 
ture have severally set their seals. Given at Kaerdyff, on the 
Wednesday next after the feast of Saint James the Apostle [July] in 
the 10* year of the reign of King Edward, son of King Edward. 

Miscel. of the Excheq. g 

14 Ed. II. (1320.) I narrow mem. Norman-French. 


Hughe le Despens"^ le fuz. a mo ch' & bien ame Clerc sire 
Thomas de Stayngreue n're Tresorer de Kaerdyf. saluz Pur ceo 
q' nos auons assigne n're ch' & bien ame Johan Iweyn destre n're 
Conestable de Neuport & enprouour de noz terres en Wenthloc. 
v^ maundons q' au dit Johan facez liuerer dix liures p'' son fee par 
en apaier a quatre querters p"" ouelles porcions, & pernez I're 
daquitance du dit Johan de ceo q' vo= luy auerez paie. par la quele & 
par cestes noz I'res v^ enauerez due allouance sur vostre preschein 
acompte En tesmoniance de quele chose no^ vo^ enuoions cestes noz 
I'res ouertes sealles du nostre seal. Escrit a Claryndon le viij« iour 
de Septembre Lan du Regne n're seignour le Roy Edward fuz au Roy 
Edward quatorzi'me [1320. 

Seal of red wax. A heater-shaped shield : Quarterly. In II. 
& III. a fret. Over all a bend. A label of 5 points in chief. 



Hugh le Despenser the younger, to my dear and wellbeloved 
clerk, Sir Thomas de Stayngreue, Our Treasurer of Cardiff, greeting. 
For that We have assigned Our dear and wellbeloved John Iweyn to 
be Our Constable of Newport and Emprover of Our lands in 
Gwentllwg : We command you that to the said John you cause to be 
delivered ten pounds for his fee by the year, to be paid at four 
quarters by equal portions ; and take letter of acquittance from the 
said John of that which you shall have paid him ; by which, and by 
these Our letters, you shall have due allowance thereof upon your 
next account. In witness whereof We send unto you these Our 
Letters Patents sealed with Our Seal. Written at Clarendon the 8th 
day of September in the fourteenth year of the reign of our lord the 
King Edward, son of King Edward (1320.) ] 

Star Chamber Proceedings. 

H. 8. Bundle 27. No. 4. Glamorgan, (c. 1534.) 

[Four pieces of paper.] 


To the King o'' sowain Lorde. 

Pitusly complayneth vnto yo"" Highnes yo^ poor subgict and 
dailly Beadman Robert Lane of [Euisham] in yo"" Countie of Oxon- 
forde. That Wher as the right Reu'-ende ffadre in god Myles late 
Bysshop of Landaff, for the faithfull diligent and true s^-uice Whiche 
yo"" said subgict had of long contynuaunce doon hym, by hys letturs 
patents sealed w' the Seale of his dygnytie, beryng date the xxth dale 
of the Moneth of Aprill in the xvij'^ yere of the reigne of the late 
king yo"" fadre of famous memorye [1502] by the Hoole agrement and 
assent of the Chapiter of his Cathedrall churche of Landaff aforsaid 
gave to yo"- said subgict during his lyff a ffee or Annuelle rent of xl^ 
yerely to bee paied m the Revenues and proufifitts goying oute of the 


the landes of the said Bysshop apperteygnyng to his Castell or 

ManC" of Mathern w'in his Dioces of Landaff aflforsaid W a clause of 

distres to bee taken w'in any parte of the landes belonging to the said 

Mano"" for the non payment of the said annuell rent or any p''cell 

therof, To the which graunte and I'res patents the Deane and 

Chapitre of the Cathederall churche afforsaide dyd put to their 

Chapif Seale, And afterwarde that is to sey at the feste of saint 

Mychell tharchaungell next folowing the said Bysshop payd to [yo*"] 

said suppHaunte x^ p''cell of the said Annuell rent due at the said 

ffeste, by force wherof he was seased of the said rent according 

to the graunte afforsaide, And so contynued in peasible possession 

of the same by the space of xxvj'' yeres next ensuyng or therabouts 

w*out lett or interupc'on of any p''son Vnto aboute six yeres nowe 

past, he hath bee[n] interupted therof, By the Reui^ende fadre 

in god, the Bysshop of Landaff that nowe is, Vnto Whome yo"" 

poor Orato'" hath made right humble sute and intercession, for 

the payment of his said Annuetie, the payment wherof he hathe 

allwayes denyed contrarye to the graunte afforsaid, Wherupon 

yo"" Orato"" according to the purporte and teno"^ of the said graunte 

went vnto the said Mano'' of Mathern ther to haue taken a 

distresse for the payment of his said Annuetie and the arregs. 

of the same according to theordre of yo"" lawes Wher yo'' poor 

Orato"" was resysted by the s'"uaunts of the said Bysshop, contrary 

to yC Lawes righte and good conscience. Against whom yo'' poor 

Orato"" being but a poor man, And the said Bysshop agrete prelate 

of the churche ys not of habilite ne substaunce to pursue for 

his remedie herin afff the due ordre and course of yo"" Comen 

Lawe, And for asmoche as he is dwelling here in yo'" Countie 

of Oxonforde whiche is farre distaunte oute and from the m'"ches 

of Wales wher he shulde haue remedie in yo"" Courte of yo"" 

Pryncipalitie, he being a straunger ther, and the said Bysshop 

of suche grete myght and power, ys lykely to bee w'oute remedie 

in this behalf, Onles yo'' grace moeved w' pitie to hym be shewed in 

this behalf [sic] In tendre considerac'on wherof it may please yo"" 

Highnes of yo"" moost noble and Habundaunte grace, to call the said 

Bysshop nowe being here present, befor your Highnes and yo"" moost 

hono'"able Counsaill, to make Aunswer vnto the pf'mysses, And yo"" 


said poor Orato'^ during his lyff shall daylly pray for the long 
pres''uac'on of yC moost noble and Royall estate. 

Robertus lane u'"sus Episcopu landaff Comittif Will^o Mathewe 
militi et xpofero Mathewe Armig' ad certif in festa pasche prox.^ 


Henry R. 

By the King. 

Trusty and wellbeloued we grete you well And send vnto you 
herin enclosed a bille of complaint lately presented vnto vs and oure 
Counsaille by oure subgict Robert Lane. The contents wherof we 
woU and desire you to haue in your good and deliberate examyna- 
cions, And theruppon like as ye by your said examynacions shall of 
trouthe vndrestand and parceyue therin, to certiffie vs and our said 
Counsaille by the ffeest of Esf next comyng, by your writings vnd"" 
your hands and scales W'out any failling, as we trust you, And as ye 
tendr oure pleass''' Geuen vnd"" our Signet at oure Mano'' of Wodestok 
the xiiij"" daye of Novemb"' 

T. Englefild. 
Tho. More, k. 


To our trusty and welbiloued s'" william Mathewe knight, and 
Cristofer mathewe squier. 


Honorable masters my dwtye had this is the matter off my 
Wrytting yff I had byn well att yese I would haue cuiii vp w' thys 
honest maii to testyfye y' my lord off ladaff dothe In gery nott paing 
to hym his A nwate off xl^ yerely whyche I was pi'vye off and oil off 

1 Robert Lane against the Bishop of Llandaif. It is committed unto William 
Mathewe and Christopher Mathewe, esquires, to certify it at the feast of Easter 


the Cannons off the churche the same tyme itt was grauntid mo"- over 
I payde hym my selff s'-ten yeres when I was Ressever off the dwtye 
yt sr wyliB harbard off trowy did pay yerly to my lord myllis late de 
pi-ttid whois soull god p>-don I was his keynesma his chapleyne & 
ovsear off his byldeing att mathorn & att his dep^-tting 1 was his 
execute"- & payde to my lord george y* now is byschup ccc marke in 
gould for delapydacyons wherefore I beseche you-- goodnes I am a 
prste and off my p>-sthode hit is a trwe geyfft wherefore att Instance 
off almyghty god remeber this honest man and thus IhH p-'s'-ue you 
wryttyn att staunntun synjones the xiij day of aprll. 

P"" me p''cyvall pety clericum. 


To the Kings most honorable 
counsell this letf be delyund. 


Plesith it yo"" masterships to vnderstond that we haue Receuid 
the kings most hono''ble I'res & yours willinge & comaundinge vs by 
the same to examyn the contentz off a bill off complanct pi-sented 
vnto the kings highnes on the behalff off on Roberte lane off Euisham 
w'in the Countie of oxonford against the bischop off landaff, & 
thervpon as we schuld off trouth vnderstond & pi-ceve therin to certifie 
you. plesith it you that we haue deliberatly seyn the contents off 
the said bill with the graunt off the said annuyte spesified in the 
said bill, as to the Chapf sealle that is put to thesaid graunt 
of thesaid Annuyte we vnderstond and pi-ceve of a trouth that it 
is the verie True Chapf sealle off thesaid Cathedrall Churche off 
landaff. how & in what man"" the said sealle passed out we know 
not ffor the Canons whiche wer at that tyme off thesaid churche 
be non as now on live wherby we myght haue any ffurthe knowlege 
therin. And as to theother sealle put to thesaid graunt it is so 
prest & woren that we cannot prfightly p-^ceve it, but as ferre as we 
do know or p^ceve it is thesaid late bischop his sealle. And whether 
thesaid Robert was seased or paid off thesaid Annuyte as it is in 
thesaid bill supposid we know not theroff & further than this we 


can not certiifie yC masfschips as knoweth god who p''s''ue you 
writen at landaff the Vi]^^ daie off marche 

p"" me Wyllm Mathewe k. 

p*" me xpoforu mathewe. 


To the Right honi^able s"" Thomas 
More knight & masf highelfild 
off the Kings most hon'"able 

Star Chamber Proc. 

Hen. VIII. Bdle. 30. No. 50. Glam. (1543.) 

[One membrane of parchment.] 

Complaint of the " President " and Chapter of the Cathedral 
Church of Landaff in the county of Glamorgan. Richard Harry, 
of Canton in the parish of Landaff, by his Will desired that his 
body should be buried and laid within the holy grave of the 
cathedral church of Landaff aforesaid. After whose death his 
friends brought his body to the said cathedral to be buried. 
The body was brought in a bier and laid down in the said church, 
" ther to Stay during the tyme that Cteyn devyne s''uyces shulde 
be ther seid for his Soulle according to the olde vse tyme owt of 
mynde for suche leke p''posis ther to be don." One Thomas 
Mathewe of Landaff, gentleman, " being a very wyllfuU & wylde 
p^'son," William Dawkyn, priest, David Thomas ap Griffyth, William 
Traheron, Henry David, Nicholas David, Morgan ap leuan, Thomas 
Lewys alias Mawr, with divers other wild and misruled persons of 
their affinity, indefensibly arrayed like men of war — that is to say, 
with coats of defence and harness, bills, swords, bucklers and other 
unlawful weapons — the 30* day of August in the SS'*' year of your 
most noble reign (1543), entered the said church and forcibly bore 
away the body of the said Richard Harry, against your peace and 
"agenst the olde vse &: custome ther alweys afore this tyme vsid." 
Which unruly conduct is like hereafter to be more and more to the 


Utter undoing and to the hindrance and decay of the divine service 
of God there hereafter to be celebrated and done. 

Star Chamber Proc. 

Hen. VIII. Bdie. 32. No. 23. Glam. 

[One membrane of parchment.] 

Complaint of Katherine verch David, late the wife of John 
Watts, of Landaffe in Southwalez, yeoman, concerning the "enorme 
Iniuryes & exp'"sse wrongs " done unto her by George ap Morgan, 
Rosser Kemeys and Thomas Lewis, all of Wenllogg, gentlemen, and 
divers other persons. The said George, Rosser, Thomas and others, 
in manner of war arrayed — that is to say, in coats of defence, skulls 
of steel, and sleeves of mail, with bows and arrows, glaives, bills and 
other weapons defencible, — in riotous manner resorted to the town of 
Caerdiffe in Southwales aforesaid, the 2 7"> day of August last past, At 
which time came to the same town the said John Wattys (under 
God's peace and yours), and had knowledge of the lying of the said 
George in the said town ; " which of shorte tyme before hadd taken 
vpp a spanyell of the same Watts, and then & there demaunded of 
the same George the delyu'"aunce of the saide spanyell ; who denyed 
hym the same." And forthwith riotously he with the others made 
assault and affray upon the same Watts, "insomyche that they putt 
the same Watts to fflyght." And in fleeing into an house the said 
George, Rosser and Thomas "ffoyned" him with their daggers, and 
therewith feloniously slew and murdered the said Watts, and there- 
upon fled, and denied not the same. "Albeit the baileffs of the same 
towne (Crown''s there) beyng Ingnorant & nat lerned in the lawes, 
sworne a Jury vppon the view of the body of the same Watts; 
wherof were soundry of the Alys and kynsmen aswell of the same 
George, Rosser & Thomas, who for affeccyonacy basse not founde 
the trouthe therof ; by Colo'" wherof the saide mysdoers as yett ben 
at lib'-tie & Restes vnponysshed." Upon which murder so by them 
committed they were put under sureties of an 100/ by the officers 
there, to your Highness' use, to appear at a day prefixed, to make 
answer in that behalf. At which day the said George, with these 


Other riotous persons, came to the town gates of Caerdiffe foresaid 
with the number of an hundred persons or above, whereof were fifty 
bowmen, all in manner of war arrayed as is aforesaid; "and wolde 
nat in noo wysse make Awnswere vnlesse the saide Riotteouse 
pi'sons shulde com into the Towne forsaide w' hym." And the officers 
there, having good respect unto the weal of your Highness' said 
town, and also not knowing the intent of the same George, nor of his 
said riotous company, would not suffer him in such manner to come 
into the same town; but sent unto him sundry messengers, willing 
him to come to answer in his own person, with such others as were 
bounden to appear at the same day, in peaceable manner. Which to 
do he refused, and with his company [went] homewards again and made 
default ; whereby they forfeited unto your Highness the said sum of 
100/ and your poor Oratrix is without her remedy. Being great 
with child she was compelled to return home again. She prays that 
the Earl of Worcettor, High Officer there commanding, may be 
directed to issue a Writ De melius inquirendo to the Bailiffs of 
Caerdiff, that they may impanel a new Jury of the best Aldermen and 
burgesses of the same town, further to enquire of the said murder ; 
and also to call before them such witnesses, inhabitants in the said 
town, which did see the same affray and murder, to depose upon a 
book before the same Inquest; to the intent that the Inquest may 
have evidence where they shall or may pass by their Depositions to 
find the said " haynouse murdre"; and that the said misruled persons 
may be committed to ward without bail or mainprize. 

Star Chamber Proc. 

Ed. VI. Bdle. 6. No. 54. Glam. (1546.) 

[Three sheets of parchment.] 


" To the Kinges moste prudente and 
honorable Counsaill 

" Lamentablie complayninge shewithe vnto yo'- most Honorable 
Lordshipps yo"^ poo-" Orato-" Roberte Dauyes of Saint tathan in the 


countie of glamorgan Husbandman Wher in the statute made the 
xxv"> yere of the raingne of the king of famous memorie Henrie 
theight late king of inglaund [1534] Emongest other thinges was 
ordeined and establishide that the Cleregie of this Realme of 
inglaunde nor any of them from thensforthe shuld presume tattempt 
alleadge claym or put in vse any constituc'ons or ordinn'=^ provincialls 
or synodalls or any other Canons nor shuld enacte promulge or put 
in execusion eny suche Canons &c by what soever names thei maye 
be callide in their covocac'ons in tyme to cuin the whiche shalbe 
allwayes assemblid by aucthoritie of the Kinges Writt except the- 
same Cleregie haue the kings most royall assent and licence to make 
any such Canons &c vppon peyne of everye of the said cleregie doing 
cotrarie to the said act to suffer imprysonment and to make fyne att 
the kinges pleasure " : One William leuans, of Seint Tathan foresaid, 
being one of the said clergy and one to whom Anthony, Bishop of 
Landaffe that now is, (having then no jurisdiction nor authority himself 
of the King's Majesty, but therein very " temerouslie" usurping upon 
his grace and prerogative royal) granted a Commission for the 
execution of the jurisdiction ecclesiastical unto the maintenance of his 
presumptious folly of the said leuans; which, by the pretensed virtue 
of the same Commission, proceeding as Official unto the said Bishop, 
not regarding the said Statute, without any cause reasonable but of 
very malice and evil will, of his mere office supposed and feigned a 
cause to cite your poor Orator to appear before himself the 14th day 
of February last past at Newcastell in the county foresaid. And, foras- 
much as it was then manifestly known that the foresaid King of 
famous memory, Henry the Eighth, was dead, it was shewn unto your 
poor Orator by divers men learned in the laws of this realm that he 
need not then to appear by the said Citation and "somonds." And 
after that, on the 20th day of the same February at Seint Thathanes 
foresaid, your Orator, as frowardly despising and contemning the 
ecclesiastical law, for his non-appearance, by censure of the Church 
was declared to be suspended. And afterwards, by the pretence 
thereof, the said William leuans, on the 13th day of March last past, 
in the parish church of Gilstoun in the county foresaid, declared your 
Orator as accursed and excommunicated, against the form of the said 
Statute. And further the said William leuans, being parson of the 
said church of Seint Tathane, the parish church of your Orator, would 


not suffer in any wise your said Orator to have there any divine 
service. For the said WiUiam leuans, on the feast of the Annuncia- 
tion of our Lady last past, perceiving your Orator in the said church 
intending to hear God's word, departed out of the said church and 
would proceed no farther there that day. And after that, on Palm 
Sunday last past, because your Orator came to church as parishioner 
there, the said William leuans did procure certain wilful persons 
riotously to assault him in the church. And at Easter last past your 
Orator was expelled and put from his Communion there, to his great 
"sklaunder" and ignominy, and to the offence of his neighbours. 
Forasmuch as the said William leuans is now in London, it may please 
your Honourable Lordships to send for him to answer herein. 


The Answer of William leuans, 

The Complaint is feigned by the procurement of Sir Thomas 
Stradling, knight, who beareth no good will unto Defendant. As for 
the offence alleged, Defendant is in suit for the same before the King's 
Bench at his Majesty's suit, by the setting forth of the said Sir 
Thomas Stradling and the said Robert Davys, the Complainant. On 
the Palm Sunday referred to, Complainant made a gathering to assault 
Christopher Bassett ; who, perceiving their intent, drew his sword 
against the assailing company to the number of i6 persons, whereof 
the most part were servants or tenants of Sir Thomas Stradling. The 
persons concerned went away without any harm done. 


The Replication of Robert Davy. 

The Information in the King's Bench was met by a Demurrer, 
Defendant affirming that it would not lie in the said Court because 
the matter was put in execution in Glamorgan Shere in Wales, being 
out of the jurisdiction of that Court. "And for as moche as the 
Counsell of the pi' vppon openyng of that poynte were lykewise 
moche in dowte whether hit wolde take effect & myght be dyscussed 


in that Courte, or no ; and thought rather no than ye, " the Plaintiff 

put up his Bill to my Lord Protector's Grace, minding thereby to 

have the Defendant called before the King's Council. My said Lord, 

after that he had throughly read and perused the said bill, did direct 

the same into this honourable Court, with his sign set thereon, 

willing that the Defendant should be called upon to answer for 

having put in execution "foreyne lawes " to the contempt of our said 

Sovereign the King and contrary to the Statute. Process was 

awarded against Defendant out of this Court. Defendant perjures 

himself He knew full well of the death of the late King, yet he did 

both suspend and excommunicate the said Plaintiff and enquire of 

" advoulterers & devorses." And moreover the said Defendant, "of 

very stobernes & p''sumpteouse mynde desdayneng to be reformed by 

ony mon," did keep Chapter Courts at sundry times and places. It 

is untrue that any assault was intended upon Christopher Basset. 

He and Complainant "were then fryndes & lovers, & vsed to 

company & to game moche to gether," until the selfsame time that 

Defendant commanded Complainant to go out of the church or else 

he would say no Mass there that day. And because Complainant 

would not go, Defendant required Richard Grant, being Constable of 

that Hundred, that he would bring the Plaintiff out of the church. 

And the said Constable answered him that he would not, " for he 

knew no cause why so to do." And then Defendant required 

earnestly all the parishioners there present, that they would bring out 

of the church the said Plaintiff. "And all they aunsWed that they 

wolde not, except Crystofer basset only & his ij men, the whiche 

Crystofer beyng moved ageinst the pi' by the request & p'-curement 

of the def,' sayd that he wolde make the pi' avoyde the churche. And 

wt that, the sayd Crystofer & dyo yoroth his s'"ant & Thomas basset 

went home to the housse of the seid Crystofer, & fett ther ij swerdes' 

& a glayve ; and so weponed cam incotinet & talked w' the def & 

from hym cam in to the churche ; & ther the seyd Crystofer & dyo 

yorath assauted the pi' who had no wepon but his dager wyth the 

which he bare of dyvers strokes vntyll the paryshners dyd lepp 

betwyne them & conveyed the pi' owt of the churche, or els the pi' 

had been ther slayne." 

' fetched their two swords 


Star Chamber Proc. 

Ed. VI. Bdle. 7. No. 40. Glam. (i547-) 

[Same matter as the preceding. One membrane of parchment 
containing Interrogatories, with the Answers on paper.] 


Extracts from Interrogatories 
ministered to William Yevans, 
clerk, on behalf of the King and 
of Robert Davy, husbandman. 

7. Whether the Sheriffs BaiHff, perceiving the folly of the said 
William Yevans in executing the premisses without authority and 
keeping his Chapter Court at Neth, did take from the said William 
Yevans his books touching his proceedings in the premisses. 

8. Whether the Sheriff himself likewise at another time did 
take away from the said William Yevans his books at Cardyf. 

Answer of William Yevans. 
16 June, I Ed. VI. (1547.) 

About a 3 weeks before Candlemas last past, this Deponent 
being parson of the parish church of S' Tathan, did openly declare in 
the same church a Citation delivered unto him by Robert ap Hoel ap 
Richard, Apparitor to the Bishop of Landaffe ; which Citation was 
awarded forth by Doctor Smith, then Chancellor to the same Bishop, 
against Complainant, to appear before him seu alio Judice in hac parte 
competente quocumque, at a certain day, which was 8 or 9 days 

Before the same day Doctor Smith was by the Bishop of Landaffe 
discharged of his Chancellorship ; and Deponent, by a Commission 
from the Bishop, was authorised in place of the Chancellor as Com- 
missary to the Bishop. And so at the same day of appearance the 
aforenamed Apparitor amongst other persons was certified in before 


this Deponent sitting in judgment in the parish church of Newcastell, 
the same Citation to be by the same Apparitor executed accordingly. 
And so after preconisation had and the Plaintiff not appearing, this 
Deponent, at the petition of the friends of the maiden whom Plaintiff 
had conveyed away, did pronounce the Plaintiff contumax therein and 
so suspended him in writing. 

He confesseth that 3 or 4 days after Candlemas, he then sitting 
in judgment in the parish church of S' Tathan, did, upon the 
Certificate of the suspensions and preconisations of the Plaintiff for 
his non-appearance, denounce him excommunicate in writing, at the 
petition of the parties beforesaid. 

After the death of the late King had come to his knowledge. 
Deponent did not proceed in any ecclesiastical matters, except that, at 
the Bishop's commandment, he enquired the number of Stipendiaries 
within this Deponent's circuit and jurisdiction, and also the names of 
such adulterers as were within the same and which had of long time 
continued in their adultery by the toleration and dispensation of the 
aforesaid Doctor Smith, then of late Chancellor ; and also of sundry 
divorces made by D'' Smith. 

He confesseth that this Deponent sitting as well at Nethe as at 
Cardiffe upon the enquiry of the said Stipendiaries, adulterers and 
divorces, the Sheriff of Glamorgan and his Bailiff did take from him 
his books, saying that the Bishop could not give Deponent any 
authority to sit there, because he had given a former commission 
unto D"" Smith durante bene placito ipsius Doctoris Smith. 

On the feast of the Annunciation of Our Lady, between Matins^ 
and Mass, Deponent being in the said church of Tathan and 
addressing him toward^ Mass, the said Robert Davy with others came 
and told him that he was no friend to Sir Thomas Stradlynge; and 
that they would make Deponent conform himself to them, or else 
they would make him repent it, and so laid their hands on their 
daggers. Whereupon this Deponent, standing in fear of them, 
departed forth of the church, and durst not come thither agam 
that day to say Mass. 

1 Before the Reformation, the parochial Mass on Sundays and great feasts was 
preceded by the public chanting of Matins. 

2 i.e., vesting for Mass after Matins, by doffing his surplice and donning the alb. 



He confesseth that on Palm Sunday he demanded of the Plaintiff, 
in the church of S' Tathan, whether he would be confessed and 
absolved, or else this Deponent would not minister unto him any 
Sacrament or sacramental at Easter. 

On the same Palm Sunday Christopher Basset and Complainant 
fell at words in the church aforesaid, and after much altercation the 
said Christopher went forth of the church. And then the friends of 
either side were at high words. Which Deponent perceiving, went 
forth of the church at the chancel door,^ and espied the said 
Christopher Basset coming toward the church with a sword in his 
hand ; whom Deponent would have stayed, but the said Christopher 
defied him. Whereupon Deponent departed home to his house. 
And then within a while word was brought to him that the parties 
were at a quietness, and so Deponent came to the church again and 
proceeded to his divine service and said Mass.^ He heard say that 
the said Christopher strake a stroke upon the pew^ door there with 
his sword, but no great harm was done. The said quarrel arose 
only because Plaintiff had taken away the said Bassett's daughter 
against his will. 

Wyllyara Evans. 

Star Chamber Proc. 

Ph. & M. Bdle. 4. No. 29. Glam. (1558.) 

[Three sheets of parchment, with voluminous Depositions 
and the Certificate on paper. ] 


To the King and Queen's most 
Honourable Privy Council. 

Complaint of Thomas Stradlyng, knight. Last June there was a 
Commission for Musters in the County of Glamorgan, directed from the 

1 The small " priest's door," usually in the south wall of the chancel. 

2 Until the Prayer Book was brought into use on 9 June 1549, the ancient Latin 
Mass was continued in the churches. (See "The Reformation of the Church of 
England," by J. H. Blunt, London, 1882 ; Vol. IL, p. 89.) 

3 The pew was the high seat in the chancel, used by the clerk, choristers or 


Right Honourable the Earl of Penbrok to William Herbert the 
elder of Coganpyll in the said county, esquire ; which was of no 
other effect but to muster only the tenants and friends of the said 
Earl for their attendance upon him in the King and Queen's Majesties' 
service in their wars, not giving the said William any authority or 
scope thereby to make any exaction of money upon their Majesties' 
subjects for the same. This notwithstanding, the said William, 
"beyng stryken w'h couetese for his owne pryvat Lucre & gayne," 
of his own authority and extort power, " by color of furnyture of 
Harnes for one Hundred fotemen," did set a tax or tallage of 1000/ or 
more upon the inhabitants there ; and for the levying thereof made out 
warrants to the Constables of every township, straitly commanding 
them to levy and gather the same within their limits ; and if any 
person did deny the payment thereof, they should immediately distrain 
them. By force whereof (besides the innumerable bribes that he 
received for licencing men to tarry at home) he made such an 
unreasonable collection of money, that the like was never seen in 
those parts, to the great impoverishment of the poor inhabitants 
there — not sparing either widow or orphan. And those that refused 
to pay were distrained by their chattels and household stuff until they 
made shift amongst their friends for money to redeem the same. 
Amongst whom were five of your Orator's servants, that is to wit, 
Jenkin Rys, Edmund ap leuan ap myrick, John Mathow, Thomas ap 
Morgan and John Strete. For remedy wherof these five, at the 
Great Sessions holden in that county on Saint Luke's day last past, 
sued Actions of Trespass against the said Constables. And foras- 
much as the said William Herbert is nephew to my Lord of Penbrok, 
your Orator's servants could have nobody in that country that would 
be Attorney in Court for them nor of Counsel with them therein, lest 
my said Lord should be offended with them in so doing. It may 
please your Honours (the said William Herbert being now come 
home from the wars and at this time in London) to send for him to 
answer hereunto. 


Writ directed to William Bassett and John Carne, esquires, 
and Roger Williams of Cardyff, gent. 



Commissioners' Certificate. 

Pleysithe yC Honors to be adurtysed that Vpon Recepte of the 

King and quenes ma"^^ moste hon'"able Comission hervnto anexid 

and to vs directyd Wee have travellyd therein leke as by the 

same comandyd and as vnto o"" most bonden diwtyes apperteynid. 

Howbit for as miche as sondrye of them that were appoyntyd by 

extrets to coUecte and gather diu^se p^'cells of the tallege in the 

bill herevnto anexid coprised hadde either loste there seyde extrets 

by the W^** they hadde coUectyd sondry p''cells of the seyd moneys 

either ells of purpose wulde not shewe furthe before vs the same 

extrets for wante of the sighte whereof the true certente of the 

Somes of moneys by them in many places coUectyd cowlde not to 

vs appere onlesse wee shulde have callyd before vs holy thinh'itantes 

of eu''y of that places and them to have p'"tic'larly and seu''ally exa'id, 

the w'^'' hadd not only byn agrete trouble to them being a nober 

butt also the shorte day of the Refne of thaforeseyde moste 

Honorable Comission togethere w'h the grete Sessions of this Count' 

of Glamorgan' lekewyse in the meane tyme hap'ing wulde not, In 

Case wee hadde So determi'ed, have p'mittyd vs so to do, butt 

suche and so meny as dyd before vs by force of o'' p^cepts to them 

in this behalf delyu'"yd appere wee dyd vpon the cotents of the bill 

foreseyde & thenterrogatoryes herevnto Anexid them seu'ally swere 

and examen and their seyings and deposic'ons & therin have putt in 

writting and the Same togethere w'h the seyde Inter'gatories and 

moste hon'able Comission W'h this the certificat of oure hole 

p'"cedings therein Subscribyd w'h oure names and Inclosed vnder o"" 

Seales do sende vnto youre Hono^ at whose comandem'^ as moste 

bonden wee alweys Reste frome Cardif the x* of may Annis RRs. 

ph'i et marie regine quarto et qui'to. 

Your Lordeshipes 

Humble orators 

Willm bassett 

John came 

Roger Williams 

To the King and quenes ma'ie^ moste Hon'able Counsayll 



Extracts from the Examinations 
and Depositions. 

These comprise statements by inhabitants of the Hundreds of 
Newcastell, Neathe, Ogmor, Cowbridge, Denispoes, Cardif, Carfylle 
and Lantrissent, engrossed on brief paper. Amongst the Deponents 
are the following : 

William Avan of Lantwit [Major], gent., aged 44 years. 
Thomas Raglan of Lyswurney, gent., aged 45 years. 
Jenett Manxell of Lantwit [Major], widow, aged 32 years. 
William Dyer, of Pennarthe, aged 31 years. 
Richard Thomas, of Saint Fagan's, aged 60 years. 
Edward Vaghan, of Landoghe [by Penarth], aged 22 years. 
Thomas Edwards, of Leckwith, aged 21 years. 

These all made short statements to the effect that the 
inhabitants of their several parishes had been wrongfully taxed by 
the Earl's Commissioners. 

" Harry Edwards of the Towne of Cardif in the Honderd 
foreseyde alderma of thage of xlv"^ yeres or thereabouts sworne and 
exa'i'd sayethe that he this depon' then being on' of the bayUffs of the 
towne of Cardif foreseyde being Calde w'h a nober of thinh'itants of 
the seyde towne before the foreseyde william herbert, edward lewes 
& James button' thre of the seyde comission'"s to the firste musters 
where it was by the seyde comission''s declaryd that the seyde erle 
shulde nede to have for the service foreseyde ccccc men owte of 
thaforeseyde shere and towards the furniture of xxiiij"^ men p'cell 
of that nober by them Caste vpon the seyde towne they chargyd 
the same towne w'h xvj/z howbit w'hin a shorte tyme after the 
seyde Inh'itants being eftsones calde before the se3'de coinission'-s 
by whome it then was declaryd that it behovyd to have Some 
of the n5ber foreseyd armid w'th corsletts & that the furniture 
of eu'-y man there w'h shulde drawe to n]li v]s. vn]d. and therefore 
dyd augment thaforeseyde charge of the seyde towne frome xvj/z, 
to xlviij/i and nevertheles of there owne mocions w'hin a while after 


thinking that to be overmiche dyd remitte of that Some xij/z and 
so chargyd the seyde towne w'h xxxvj/z and for the devyding 
thereof vpon the seyde Inh'itants the towne appoyntyd sessors 
and that thereof was collectyd and gathryd xxxj/i and the same 
xxxjli was by this Depon* by thappoyntm' of s"" george herbert 
on' of thaforeseyde comission''s payde to thands of thaforeseyde 
thom's grayell leke as by the seyde grayells acquitaunce thereof 
to this depon't made & by him at his exami'ac'on to vs shewed 
apperyd, and that the seyde Inh'itants dyd grudge at the paym' 
of thaforeseyde moneys & that this Depo' dyd knowe for that the 
collectors thereof sondrye tymes Resortyd to this Depon' declaring 
the same & that they shulde be Inforcd to distrayne a nober and 
that w'h owte a warante frome the seyde comissiont's to distrayne 
agrete pece of thaforeseyde xxxvj/? cowlde not to be leveyde the 
w'^'' warant for the seyde collectors so to distrayn' this Depon' 
cowlde not have of the foreseyde comission'"s for lacke whereof 
there Remaynyd vli of thaforeseyde xxxvjVz vncoUectyd and 
gathryd and more Can'not sey." 

Ieuan John Yghan, of Llanissen, aged 52 years, saith that "the 
p''ishen''s foresed not w'h standing that they dyd not knowe where- 
vnto they were Ratyd .... dyd pay the Same w'h owte 

Ieuan Lewes, of Lysvaen, aged 40 years : " Ieuan grono on' 'Of 
the seyde p''ishen''s for that he dyd denye the paym' of xvs. p''cell of 
thaforeseyde iij/z xjs. to this Depon' was by thaforeseyde comission"'s 
comittyd to warde where he remaynid vntill that he hadde payde the 

Morgan ap Morgan, of Lanedern, aged 36 years. 

William Yoman, of the town of Cardif, alderman, aged 66 


John Tanner, of the same, alderman, aged 42 years, 
Nicholas Hawkins, of the same, alderman, aged 43 years, and 
William Colchester, of the same, alderman, aged 44 years. 

The above persons' statements are substantially the same as that 
of Alderman Edwards. 


Harry Colye, of Rothe, aged 50 years. 

Thomas John Jenkin, of Whitechirche, aged 60 years. 

John ap Ieuan, of Egloysilan, aged 36 years. 

Thomas Hoell, one of the High Constables of the Hundred of 
Lantrissent, aged 36 years. 

Stephen Tanner, of Cardif, aged 31 years. He was by the 
aforesaid Commissioners " appoyntyd to sarve in thaforeseyd viege to 
saint Winteyns and farder sayeth that he throghe mediac'on of his 
frinds to thaforeseyde William Herbert the same will'm herbert 
licensyd this Depon' to tary at home and payde to thaforeseyd will'm 
herbert therefore xxxs." 

John Robarts, of Cardif, alderman, aged 43 years. " Abouts the 
tyme that pi'parac'on was made tawards the viege foreseyde on' hoell 
thom's Came to this Depon'^ shoppe enquering yf he hadde velette to 
selle and vpon answer made that he hadd then dyd the seyde hoell 
accompanid w'h on' Roger Robart pray the sighte thereof & that he 
mighte have the Same to shewe it to on', & shortly returning there- 
with dyd bye of this Depon* vj"> yardes of that velett or thereabouts, 
butt to whose vse the Same velet was applyede this Depon* knowt'' 
not, otherwyse then by comen reporte that thaforeseyde will'm 
herbert shulde have the same." 

Alexander Norres, of Cardif, aged 30 years. 

John Nicholas Tiler, of Cardif, aged 46 years. " He was by 
thaforeseyde william herbert licensyd to tary at home & for that 
license dyd geve and delyver to thands of John ap Ieuan & Jenkyn 
robarts to the vse of the seyde will'm herbert as they seyde and as he 
this Depont dyd meane on' elle of yolo taffita for the w^" this Depon' 
hadde before that tyme refucyd xiijs. iiijo?." 

Lewis Frowde, of Cardif, aged 44 years. For licence to stay at 
home he dehvered to Doctor Smithe lOs. in gold, the which the said 
Doctor Smithe did send by his servant to the said William Herbert. 
"Butt whether the seyde servaunt dyd paye the Same this Depon' 
know'h not." 

Morgan ap Ieuan ap G'lim, of Pen'tirche, aged 32 years, gave 
similar testimony. 


Rot. Glaus. 

6 Eliz. (1565.) ps. 20. 

Indenture dated 25 June, between George, Earl of Shrowysburye, 
of the Honourable Order of the Garter Knight, of the one part and 
William, Earl of Pembroke, Lord Herberte of Cardyffe, and of the 
said Honourable Order of the Garter Knight, of the other part. 
Witnesseth that, whereas the said Earl of Pembroke is seised in fee 
simple of and in the manor, town, mills, castle and fishing of Cardyffe 
in the county of Glamorgan in Wales, the manor or lordship of 
Myskyn, the forest of Myskyn, and the manors or lordships of 
Clounne, Glynrothney, and Penterghe, and the burgh of Llantryssen, 
the manor or lordship of Lequythe, and the Isle of Barrey, in the 
said county, and of the manors or lordships of Develes, Diffren, 
Maughan, Penkerne, Tynterne and Abacarne : The said Earl of 
Pembroke, in consideration of marriage had and solemnised between 
Henry, Lord Herbert, son and heir apparent of the said Earl of 
Pembroke, and Lady Kateryn, daughter of the said Earl of Shrowys- 
burye, settles the abovementioned lands for part of the jointure of the 
said Lady Kateryn. And whereas the said Earl of Pembroke is also 
lawfully seised in fee simple of and in the manors or lordships of 
Lanblethyan in the said county of Glamorgan, Troye and Concarven 
in the said county of Monmouth, Royley in Lantwyte, Newton 
Notage, Gryffythe-more and Cosmoston, in the said county of 
Glamorgan, he the said Earl of Pembroke for the same consideration 
covenants to stand seised thereof during his life, with remainder to 
the said Henry, Lord Herbert, and the said Dame Kateryn his \yife, 
for the residue of her jointure, for the term of their lives and of the 
longer liver of them ; and, after the decease of such survivor, 
reversion to the right heirs of the said Earl of Pembroke, in fee. 

Close Roll. 

9 Eliz. (1568.) Part 25. 

Indenture dated 26 April, between the Right Honourable 
William, Earl of Pembroke, Lord Harbarte of Cardyff, and Lord 

















Steward of the Queen's Most Honourable Household, of the one 

part and William Bawdrypp of Penmerke in the county of 

Glamorgan in South Wales, esquire, of the other part. Witnesseth 

that the said WiUiam Bawdripp for 100/ doth grant, bargain and 

sell unto the said Earl of Penbroke one close or parcel of pasture 

ground containing 18 acres, commonly called the Newe Close, 

lying next to a place called the Lange Crosse, within the parish 

of Rothe in the said county of Glamorgan ; one other close of 

pasture, adjoining the Newe Close, containing 15 acres, and one 

other close of pasture adjoining to the last, containing 5 acres, 

and one other close of pasture, adjoining to the last, containing 

22 acres, all which said closes are parcel of the Manor of 

Splattye within the said parish of Rothe ; to the use of the said 

Earl and of his heirs and assigns for ever. To secure that the 

said William Bawdripp shall pay to the said Earl 100/ on 28 April 

1571, at the now mansion house of the said Earl in London, called 

Baynardes Castell. 

Close Roll. 

II Eliz. (1569.) Part 25. 

Indenture dated 28 November, between Edward Nevett of 
Cardiff in the county of Glamorgan, gentleman, of the one part 
and Hugh Griffith, esquire, one of the Six Clerks of the High 
Court of Chancery, of the other part. Witnesseth that the said 
Edward Nephet for 220/ hath given, granted, bargained and sold 
unto the said Hugh Gryffith as well All that his burgage with 
a garden, lying within the town of Cardiff, in a street there called 
Saynct Mary Streate, and now or late in tenure of Lewis Johnes, 
as it there lieth between the land late of William Kewe deceased, 
on the south, and the land of our sovereign lady the Queen's 
Majesty (now in tenure of the wife of Llewelyn ap John deceased) 
on the north, and the lands late of William Tucker on the east, 
and the way aforesaid on the west side thereof, unto the said 
Hugh Gryfifith, his heirs and assigns for ever. 


I. P.M. 

I Eliz. (1559.) C. Vol. 123. No. 79. Glam. Latin. 

[One sheet of parchment, considerably damaged.] 

Inquisition taken at Cardif in the county of Glamorgan, 5 April 
I Eliz. (1559), before the Queen's Escheator, by the oath of John 
Fleming, Morgan Mathewe, John Bassett, Roger Williams, Jenkin 
ap Morgan Gwin, Richard Harrie, Rece Hawarden, Richard Thomas, 

Roger Hopkin, Llewelyn ap leuan, Lewis Thomas 

John, Lewis ap Morgan, William Lewes Philip, and John Thomas, on 
the death of George Mathewe, knight. Who say upon their oath that 
[name illegible] was seised of the Manor of Corneton in the county 
aforesaid, with the appurtenances, and, by virtue of a charter dated 
8 January anno 5 Hen. VL (1435), gave the same unto John Eyer, 
esquire, and Joan his wife and the heirs males of the bodies 
of the said John and Joan, who demised the same unto David 
Mathewe, esquire, and Gwenllian his wife, for the term of their lives, 
with remainder to Thomas Mathewe, esquire, son of the said David 
and Gwenllian, and their heirs males lawfully begotten, for ever; 
and, for lack of such heirs, unto John Mathewe, another of the 
sons of the said David and Gwenllian, and to his heirs males for 
ever. And for lack of such heirs, to the heirs males of the said 
David and Gwenllian for ever. And, for lack of such heirs males, 
to the right heirs of the said David Mathewe for ever. By virtue 
of which gift the aforesaid John Eyer and Joan his wife were seised 
of the premises in their demesne as of fee tail, and thereof died so 
seised without heirs males. After whose death the premises fell 
to George Mathewe, knight, in the Writ named, as heir male of 
the aforesaid Thomas Mathewe, to wit, son and heir of William 
Mathewe, son and heir of the aforesaid Thomas Mathewe. And 
that the said George Mathewe, knight, was seised of the premises 
in fee tail, and so died. And that he held the said Manor of 
Corneton of our lady the Queen, as of her Lordship of Ogmore, 
by the service of the sixteenth part of one knight's fee. And they 
say that there are certain lands and tenements at Colwinston and 
Hilton, parcel of the manor aforesaid, which the aforesaid George 


Mathewe, knight, held on the day that he died, of Edward Came, 
knight, as of his Manor of Colwinston, in socage and by the rent 
of 19 pence. And that the said George Mathewe at his death held 
eight acres of land in Colwinston aforesaid, now in tenure of one 
Edward Rae (parcel of the Manor of Corneton aforesaid), of our 
lady the Queen and in the right of the late dissolved monastery 
of Margam, in socage and by the rent of 2s. ^d. And they say 
also that the said George Mathewe on the day that he died held 
15 acres of land in Llangane, parcel of the Manor of Corneton 
aforesaid, of Edward Came, knight, Thomas Mathewe and Christopher 
Turb'"vill, as of their Manor of Llangan, Penllyne and Goston, in 
socage. Also that the said George Mathewe died seised of lands 
in Wallas, Brechanswill and Wicke in the county aforesaid in his 
demesne as of free tenement, by virtue of a grant made by William 
Croke, clerk. And that he held the said lands in Wallas and Wick 
of our lady the Queen, as of her said Lordship of Ogmore; and 
the said lands in Brechanswill of John Thomas David ap Hoel, 
gentleman, as of his Barton of Landowe, in socage. And further 
the Jurors say that Master Robert Thomas, Master John Winter, 
Sir David Lewes and Sir David ap Hoel ap leuan Vaghan, clerks, 
were seised of the Manor of Petirston in the county aforesaid, 
with the advowson of the parish church of Petirston ; as also 
of the Manor of Glaspole in the said county, with the appurte- 
nances, in their demesne as of fee (except 20 acres of land, parcel of 
the said Manor of Glaspole, lying on the east side of the road which 
leads from the bridge of Canne^ to Cowbridge.) And so being seised, 
by deed dated 1 April anno 37 Hen. VI. (1438), granted those 
premises unto John Nevyll, knight (son of Richard, Earl of Warwick), 
David Mathewe, and Thomas Mathewe, son of the said David, knights, 
and to the lawful heirs males of the said Thomas; and for lack of such 
heirs, to Reynborn Mathewe and to the heirs males of his body law- 
fully begotten ; and for lack of such heirs, to the heirs of the body of 
the said Thomas ; and for lack of such heirs, to the right heirs of the 
said Reynborn. By virtue whereof the said George Mathewe became 
seised of those premises ; and held the said Manor of Petirston of 
William, Earl of Penbroch, Richard Corn'wall, John Hwrde and 

^ Pontcanna. 


Thomas ap Morgan, esquires, as of their Manor of Saint Pagan's, in 
socage. And that he held the said Manor of Glaspole of Rece 
Manxell, knight, as of his Barton of Llantrithed. And further the 
Jurors say that Morgan Llewelyn ap leuan, esquire, was seised of a 
capital messuage at Radyr in the aforesaid county, with the appur- 
tenances, and of 3 tenements and 300 acres of land in the several 
parishes of Pentirche, Lantrissent, Lantwit Vayredre, Llanwno and 
Ab^'daer in the aforesaid county, and of lands and tenements in Ystrad 
Veddoe and Llandaff in the county aforesaid ; and, by deed dated 20 
Dec'' 7 Ed. IV. (1469), granted the same unto Thomas Mathewe and 
Katherine his wife, daughter of the said Morgan, and to their heirs 
males ; and, for lack of such heirs, that the said capital messuage and 
other premises should remain to Margaret, other daughter of the said 
Morgan, and to her heirs in fee tail ; remainder to the right heirs of 
the said Katherine for ever. And they say that the said George 
Mathewe, knight, was heir male of the said Katherine, as son and heir 
of William, son and heir male of the body of the said Katherine by the 
said Thomas Mathewe. And they say that the said George Mathewe 
of the said premises died seised in fee tail under the grant aforesaid. 
And they say that the said capital messuage and 40 acres of land in 
Radyr, and the said six tenements and 600 acres of land in Pentirche, 
Lantwit Vaydre and Llantrissent, Lanwno and Ab'"daer were holden 
of William, Earl of Penbroch, as of his Manor or Lordship of Glin- 
raddne, in socage. And that the said two messuages and lands in 
Landaff were holden of Anthony, Bishop of Landav, as of his Manor 
or Lordship of Landaff, in socage. And further the Jurors say that 
the said George Mathewe was seised of certain lands and tenements 
in Whitechurche in the county aforesaid, in his demesne as of fee, 
and held the same of William, Earl of Penbroch, as of his Manor or 
Lordship of Saighenith Subtus, in socage. And lastly they say that 
the said George Mathewe was seised of certain lands and tenements 
in the several parishes of Lanwno and Ab^'daer, and held the same of 
William, Earl of Penbroch, as of his Lordship or Manor of Lantris- 
sent, in socage. And of certain lands and tenements in Saint Fagan's 
and Pentirche, holden of William, Earl of Penbroch, as of his Barton 
of Pentirche. And of a messuage and 200 acres of land in 
Ystradetivodoge, holden of William, Earl of Penbroch, in socage, as 
of his Manor or Lordship of Glinroddne. And lastly the Jurors say 


that the said George Mathewe, knight, died seised in his demesne as 
of fee of and in four messages and 80 acres of land in Landaflf, which 
he held of Anthony, Bishop of Landav, as of his Manor or Lordship 
of Landaff. And further that the said George Mathewe died on the 
fourteenth day of November last past (1558); and that William 
Mathewe, esquire, is his son and next heir and is of the age of twenty- 
six years and more. 

I. P.M. 

I Eliz. (1559.) C. Vol. 123. No. 80. Glam. Latin. 

[Five sheets of parchment, considerably damaged.] 

Inquest on the death of Rice Manxell, knight. He died seised 
of {inter alia) a great messuage within the Castell Baiely of Cardyff 
in the county of Glamorgan, called Porte Aliens Londs. 


24 Eliz. (1583.) C. Vol. 199. No. 81. Glam. Latin. 

[One sheet of parchment, repaired.] 

Inquisition taken at Caerdif in the county of Glamorgan on 
the 24th day of April, before Walter Williames, esquire, Escheator, 
by virtue of a Writ of Diem clausit extremum, on the death of 
RiMBRON Mathew, ou the oath of Jankin Turbervill, esquire, Henry 
Mathew, Nicholas Andrew, Lleison Lewis, George Gybon, Thomas 
Morgan, John Griffith, Christopher Corruck, John Rell of Lanmaise, 
Morgan John David, James Jankin, Lewis William, David Thomas, 
Morgan Philip Jankin of Riddrie, Thomas Howell of Michellston, 
Thomas ap leuan Miricke of Eglus Ilan, Jankin William of Kelligaer, 
Richard Jankin of Eglus Ilan, William leuan Gwillim, John Dio 
ap leuan Goghe, Hoel Jankin and Lewis Thomas Goghe. Which 
said Jurors say upon their oath that the aforesaid Rimbron Mathew 
died seised in his demesne as of fee of a third part of the Manor of 
Pennine, Langan and Goston. And that, at the time of his death. 


one Henry Jones and Katherine his wife held of the aforesaid 
manor, for the life of the said Katherine, in dower, by the assign- 
ment of the said Rimbron Mathew, out of the endowment of 
Thomas Mathew, brother of the said Rimbron, whose heir he (the 
said Rimbron) then was. And that the said Rimbron Mathew held 
those premises of Henry, Earl of Pembroch, as of his Castle of 
Cardif, by knight service, namely, by the service of one knight's 
fee, and the fourth part of one knight's fee. And that the said manor 
in the whole is worth by the year twenty pounds beyond reprises. 
And also the Jurors say that the said Rimbron Mathew died seised 
in his demesne as of fee of 30 messuages, 20 tofts, 600 acres of 
land, 100 acres of meadow, 40 acres of pasture, 30 acres of wood, 
100 acres of furze and heath, and of two water grist-mills, one 
water fulling-mill, as also of eight pounds of rent, in Landaff in the 
county aforesaid. And that he held the same of William Mathew, 
esquire, as of his Castle of Landaf, in socage ; and it is worth by 
the year 26/ 135. Sd., beyond reprises. And that the said Rimbron 
Mathew died seised of a third part of one manor called Goldslan, 
holden of Henry, Earl of Penbroch, as of his Manor of Wenvoe, 
by what services they know not. And that the said Rimbron Mathew 
died on the 6th day of August in the 21st year of our sovereign 
lady the Queen that now is (1580); and that his son William Mathew 
is his next heir, and was of the age of eight years on the feast 
-of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary last before the 
taking of this Inquest. 

Chancery Proceedings. 

Jac. I. Monm. V. 3. 61. 11 February 1605, 

[Two sheets of parchment.] 

Complaint of Andrew Vaien, clerk, Archdeacon of Brechon. He 
is Prebendary of the Prebend of Warthacome' within the cathedral 
church of Llandath within the diocese of Landaffe, and is therefore 
seised in his demesne as of fee of and in threescore acres of lands 

1 Warthacwm is Llangwm Isaf iu the county of Monmouth, the tithes whereof 
were given by an ancient grant to the see of Llandaff. 


arable, meadow, pasture and wood situate in the parishes of LlandafF 
and Whitchurch in the county of Glamorgan, and also in the parishes 
of Langome, Llambeder and Llandevaud in the county of Monmoth, 
to the [said] prebend belonging and appertaining ; and also of and in 
certain tithes of all kind of corn, grain and pease, and the personal 
and mixed tithes called Warthacome, happening within the said 
parishes of Llambeder and Llandevaude, to the said prebend likewise 
belonging and appertaining. One Morgan William of Car[d]iff in the 
said county of Glamorgan, gentleman, Thomas Morgan, of Llangome, 
clerk, and Walter Meiricke, of Ll^ngeby within the said county of 
Monmoth, yeoman, have wrongfully disseised Complainant of the said 
lands, tenements and tithes. He craves redress. 

Answer of the Defendant Morgan Williams. Longtime before 
Complainant was incumbent of the said prebend, one Lewis Jones 
was the Prebendary of Warthacombe aforesaid, and, by Indenture 
dated in the third year of the late King Edward VL, demised unto 
Richard David, late of Whitchurch aforesaid, yeoman. All that his 
foresaid Prebend of Warthacombe, with all and singular lands, 
tenements, messuages, churches, chapels, . . . . gs, offerings, 
" petycomys" and portions whatsoever, to the said Prebend belonging, 
being in the counties of Momothe and Glamorgan or elsewhere : To 
hold same for the term of 99 years under the rent therein mentioned ; 
which Lease was confirmed by the Bishop of Llandaff, then Ordinary 
of the same place, and the Dean and Chapter there, under the common 
seal. And the said Richard David afterwards, by Indenture dated 
20 June anno 2 Eliz. (1560), made between him the said Richard David 
on the one part and John Roberts of the town of Cardiff, alderman, on 
the other part, demised unto the said John Roberts all the messuages, 
lands, meadows, " leasnes," woods and pastures, with the appurte- 
nances, belonging to the foresaid Prebend of Warthacombe and being 
as parcel, member and branch thereof and situate in the said parish of 
Whitchurch, in these closes following, that is to say : Two closes of 
arable lands and pasture, and one mead near the Plucke Halog, 
containing 8 acres, next the lands of the said John Roberts on the 
east, and the lands of Lewis ap Morgan on the south and west, and the 
common way leading from Landaff bridge to Treada, on the north. 
And the messuage and 2 closes containing 16 acres of lands lying next 


the lane called Hewle Rywr Kirff^ on the west, and the lands of 
Edward ap Richard on the east and south, and between as ample and 
the like mears and marks as one Lydnard^ Rosser the same heretofore 
held and enjoyed, possessed, manured and occupied. To hold same 
for the term of 88 years under the rent therein mentioned. And the 
said John Roberts, by his last Will and testament appointed one 
David Roberts of Cardiff aforesaid, gentleman, his sole executor, and 
afterwards died. The said David Roberts, by deed in writing dated 
4 April an}^o 34 Eliz. (1592), bargained and sold the premises unto 
Marmaduke Mathewe of Cardiff aforesaid, gentleman, to hold the same 
during the remainder of the said term. The said Marmaduke 
Mathew, by deed dated 10 December amto 38 Eliz. (1596), did bargain 
and sell the premises unto Thomas Hughes, of Cardiff aforesaid, 
merchant, for the unexpired residue of the said term. Upon the 
death of the said Thomas Hughes intestate, Mary his widow 
administered his eifects, and is lawfully possessed of the said premises 
in Whitchurch. The said Mary is now the wife of this Defendant, 
who therefore holds the said premises lawfully, in her right. 

Chancery Proceedings. 

Jac. I. Glam. B. 16. 32. 30 April 1607. 

Complaint of Henry Billingsley of Syston in the county of 
Glocester, knight. He happened to take to wife a near kinswoman 
of one Edmond Mathew of Radir in the county of Glamorgan, 
esquire; by reason of which marriage there did grow great liking, 
friendship and familiarity between Complainant and the said Edmond 
Mathew. About the first year of the present King's reign Com- 
plainant, in his mere love to the said Edmond Mathew and at his 
special instance and entreaty, did, with one Rice Phillipps of Llanphey 
in the county of Pembroke, gentleman, become bound as surety for 
the said Edmond Mathew for 4000/. For security the said Edmond 
Mathew executed and enrolled a deed dated 20 June anno i Jac. (1603), 
whereby he conveyed unto Complainant and his co-surety certain 

1 Heol Rhiw'r Cyrph, " the Lane of the Slope of Corpses." 
^ Leonard. 


manors, messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments in the county 
of Glamorgan. And for that the said Edmond Mathew did carelessly 
neglect to discharge or save harmless the Complainant, who was 
forced to pay the bond and penalties, the Complainant suffered great 
loss in satisfying the creditors of the said Edmond Mathew, to the 
amount of 8000/. or more. For this sum the said Edmond Mathew 
agreed to convey to Complainant the Lordship, Castle and Manors of 
Landaffe, Merthermawr, Worlton, and Bushopston in Gower, and the 
fishing of Toffe, with divers messuages, lands, tenements, parks, 
mills, fishings, forges, iron works, coal mines and other hereditaments, 
situate within the parishes, towns, hamlets and fields of Landaffe, 
Radyr, Whitchurch, Cardiffe, Lanwonno, Lantryssen, Pentirch, 
Worlton, Merthermawr, Bishopston in Gower, and Lantwit Vay[r]dre, 
all within the county of Glamorgan. The said Rice Phillipps agreed 
to resign his claim against the debtor's estate. Accordingly the said 
Edmond Mathew conveyed the said premises to Complainant by fine 
and recovery in the Court of Great Sessions for Glamorgan. The 
said Edmond Mathew also promised to assign unto Complainant 
certain leasehold premises in the said county of Glamorgan. This he 
now refuses to do, and hath confederated with one Morgan Gybbon, 
George Mathew and Harry Rymbron, who pretend to the inheritance 
of the lastmentioned premises, or to hold same in trust for the said 
Edmond Mathew, his wife and children. Complainant craves 

Answer of Defendant George Mathew. He saith that William 
Mathewe and Harry Mathewe, eldest brothers to the Defendant 
Edmond Mathew, settled the Manor of Landaffe upon Edmond 
"for better continuance thereof in their name." 

Answer of Defendant Morgan Gybons. The premises in dispute 
were settled as a jointure for Jane, wife of the said Edmond Mathew, 
and for the advancement of their children. 

Writ directed to Roger Bathern and Henry Williams, esquires, 
Robert Mathew and David Lloid, gentlemen. Commissioners. 

Answer of Defendant Harry Rymbron. The said Edmond 
Mathew inherited the premises under an entail, on the death of 
Henry Mathew without issue. 


Exchequer Bills. 

Hil. 3 & 4 Jac. II. (i688.) Glam. No. 4. 

[Four sheets of parchment.] 

Complaint of James Lewis, of the parish of Landaffe, gentleman. 
[Blank] late of Landaffe aforesaid, Complainant's late grandfather, 
deceased, died seised in his demesne as of fee tail of and in one 
messuage, garden, barn, stables and outhouses, with their appur- 
tenances, in Landaffe, and now in possession of John James and 
Anne his wife or their undertenant, and of and in divers lands, 
meadows and pastures in the said parish, of the yearly value of 12/ 
or thereabouts ; of all which premises Complainant's said grandfather 
became so seised as aforesaid by virtue of a fine, recovery, feoffment 
or other good conveyance or assurance in the law, whereby the same 
were settled to the use of the heirs male of that family as long as it 
should please God that any such should continue. Complainant's 
said late grandfather had issue male of his body, lawfully begotten, 
viz., Richard Lewis, Complainant's uncle ; who, about the month 
of September last, died without issue ; after whose decease the said 
premises would have descended unto Miles Lewis, Complainant's 
father, as next heir male. But he being dead before the said Richard 
Lewis, leaving issue Complainant's eldest brother as next heir male, 
the latter died without issue male before Complainant's said uncle ; 
whereby Complainant is become next heir male of the body of his 
said late grandfather. Accordingly Complainant entered into and 
took possession of the said premises (except the aforesaid messuage 
with the appurtenances.) The deeds and evidences are in the 
possession of the said John James and Anne his wife (late wife of 
Complainant's said eldest brother), Rachel Lewis, Mary Lewis and 
Fortune Lewis, daughters of Complainant's said eldest brother ; who 
have wrongfully entered upon the said messuage with the appurten- 
ances, confederating with Thomas Roberts, William Jones and 
Philip Jones, gentlemen, all of the said parish, to defeat Complainant 
of the said premises. He craves redress. 


Writ directed to William Thomas, William Morgan, George 
Howell, William Richards, Edmund Perkins, and James Williams, 
gentlemen. Commissioners. 

Answers of Fortune Lewis, Rachel Lewis and Mary Lewis, 
Defendants, infants, by John James and Anne his wife, their tutors 
and guardians. Refer to the answers of the other Defendants. 

Answers of Thomas Roberts, William Jones, Philip Jones, John 
Jones and Anne his wife. Defendants. Set up the claim of the 
Defendants Fortune, Rachel and Mary Lewis, as heirs female. 

Exchequer Bills. 

Mich. 4. Jac. IL (1688.) Glam. No. 9. 

[One sheet of parchment.] 

Complaint of William Rees alias Price, and Samuel Rees alias 
Price, both of the parish of Landaffe in the county of Glamorgan, 
administrators of the personal estate of David Price, of Landaffe, 
clerk, deceased, Vicar of the cathedral church and vicarage of Landaffe. 
The said David Price being about 14 years since lawfully presented 
unto and inducted into the said church and vicarage, did continue 
vicar thereof until his death, which happened in the month of March 
last past. By virtue whereof the said David Price ought in his life- 
time to have received all tithes, duties and profits belonging to the 
said vicarage, as his predecessors theretofore enjoyed the same. And 
from time immemorial, by some ancient composition or endowment, 
the vicar of the said parish and vicarage for the time being hath been 
entitled unto and received all manner of ... . and privy tithes 
and all other tithes whatsoever yearly happening within the said 
parish of Landaffe and the tithable places thereof (saving and excepting 
the tithe of corn and hay) and all the tithes of lambs, wool, calves, 
colts, pigs, geese, apples, honey, wax, oblations, offerings and all 
other tithes, which ought to be paid in kind, or else some composition 
in lieu of the same. Nicholas Owen, of the said parish, yeoman, the 
now Defendant, hath withheld his due payment of such tithes. The 
Complainants crave redress. 


Exchequer Bills. 

East. I Geo. I. (1715.) Glam. No. 3. 

[One sheet of parchment.] 

Complaint of Henry Williams of Lanishen, and William 
Springett of Lisvane, in the county of Glamorgan, gentlemen. 
Richard Lewis, late of Corsham in the county of Wilts, esquire, 
and Sir Charles Kemeys, late of Kevenmably in the said county 
of Glamorgan, baronet, both deceased, were seised in fee of the 
rectory and parsonage impropriate of Lanishen and Lisvane, and 
so entitled to all tithes, both great and small, and all oblations and 
profits whatsoever in lieu of tithes, arising within the said parishes. 
And being so seised, the said Richard Lewis, by Indenture dated 
2 February 1704, demised all his share in the said rectory unto 
Complainant Henry Williams, to hold during the lives of George 
Thomas and John Williams and the longest liver of them. And 
the said Sir Charles Kemeys demised unto Complainant William 
Springett all his share in the said rectory, to hold during the lives 
of Ralph Thomas, gentleman, now deceased, and him the said 
William Springett or the longest liver of them. By virtue of 
which demises Complainants ought to receive the tithes of the 
said rectory. William Harry, John James, Thomas David, Lewis 
Edward, James Morgan, Griffith William David, Mary George, 
spinster, Edward Thomas, Thomas Edward, Thomas Rees, John 
Thomas, Moses Morgan, John Lewis John, Gabriel Lewis, esquire, 
Lewis Rosser, Arthur Edward, Morgan Lewis, William Lewis, 
Lewis Henry, David Thomas, John Edward, Rees John, Thomas 
Edward, Thomas James [blank], inhabitants of the said parishes, 
withhold their tithes of calves, milk, wool, lambs, pigs, geese, 
turkeys, ducks, hens and other poultry, eggs, underwood, honey, 
apples, pears, hops, plums and other fruit, and hay, and their 
Easter offerings for themselves, their wives and famihes, and other 
tithes. The Defendants pretend that some modus is payable in 
lieu of small tithes, yet deny to discover what that modus is. 
Complainants crave redress. 


Exchequer Bills. 

Hil. I Geo. I. (i 714/5.) Glam. No. 5. 

[Four sheets of parchment.] 

Complaint of Morgan William, of the parish of Eglwssilan in 
the county of Glamorgan, yeoman. Morgan Evan, late of Gellygare 
in the said county, deceased, Complainant's great-grandfather, being 
seised of or entitled to a good estate of inheritance of and in one 
messuage and lands in the parish of Lanvabon in the said county, of 
the yearly value of about 10/., by deed in writing conveyed the same 
to Trustees, to the use of himself and his wife and the survivor of 
them, with remainder to their heirs male ; and in default of such issue, 
then to his heirs male for ever. The said Morgan died leaving Rees 
Morgan his eldest son, who died and left issue William Rees, who 
died and had issue Edmund William Rees, who died without issue 
male; upon whose decease the said estate descended to Complainant 
as heir male of the body of the said Morgan Evan, he being eldest 
son of William Edwards, who was eldest son of Edward Morgan that 
was the second son of the said Morgan Evan. William Lewis, Jenett 
John, Walter George and William George, all of Gellygare, have 
ousted Complainant, pretending that the said Edmund William Rees 
made a Will and devised the premises to them ; whereas he was but 
tenant in tail, and could not by any Will dispose of the same. And 
at other times the Defendants claim to be heirs at law. Complainant 
craves redress. 

Answer of Defendant Jennett John. A. traverse. 

Answers of the other Defendants. A traverse. 

Exchequer Bills. 

Hil. 5 Geo. I. ( 1 718/9). Glam. No. 19. 

[Two sheets of parchment.] 

Complaint of Gabriel Lewis of Lanishen in the county of 
Glamorgan, esquire, Edward John Robert, Rees John Rees and 


David John Rees, all of Lanvabon in the said county, yeomen. 
The said Complainant Gabriel Lewis, being by a Lease from the 
Bishop, Archdeacon and Chapter of Landaffe possessed of the tithes 
of corn and grain, lambs and wool arising within the said parish 
of Lanvabon, did let the said tithes for several years unto the other 
Complainants. Charles Thomas William, of Lanvabon, husbandman, 
has withheld payment of his full tithes, fraudulently rendering only 
a portion far short of what was really due. Complainant craves 

Defendant's answer. 

Exchequer Bills. 

Trin. 12 Geo. L (1725.) Glam. No. 83. 

[Four sheets of parchment] 

Complaint of John Morgan, of Cardiff in the county of 
Glamorgan, maltster. Thomas Morgan, complainant's late uncle, died 
seised of divers messuages, lands and tenements ; which, upon his 
death intestate, descended to Complainant as heir at law. Soon 
after he had possession, several people in the neighbourhood apphed 
to him on behalf of Anne, his sister, then a spinster but now wife 
of William Evan, of Cardiff, yeoman, and represented that, since 
he was become possessed of a considerable fortune and his said 
sister being wholly unprovided for, it would be an act of charity 
to make provision for her; which Complainant readily agreed to, 
and at the instance of the said persons assigned to her three 
Leases of certain lands and houses situate in Lanederne, Roath 
and Cardiff in the said county, as a security for raising the sum 
of 100/, with the additional security of a bond in 200/ — for which 
provision his said sister expressed herself very thankful. Shortly 
afterwards, his said sister intermarried with the said William 
Evan ; who, being then in low circumstances and a very necessitous 
man, applied to Complainant to supply his immediate occasions with 
what he thought fit. Whereupon Complainant, out of compassion 
to his circumstances, did pay him the sum of 33/ 65. Sd. ; which the 


said William Evan with abundance of seeming gratitude received, 
and assured Complainant that he might take his own time about the 
payment of the ;^ioo. The said William Evan then requested 
Complainant to give him the Lease of the premises in Cardiff instead 
of the money. Whereupon Complainant, being of an easy temper, 
did comply with such request. Shortly afterwards the said William 
Evan demanded payment of the sum due under the Bond, and 
brought an action therefor in the Court of Grand Sessions for the 
County of Glamorgan, knowing that Complainant was not prepared 
to pay the money immediately, and intending thereby to oppress 
and injure Complainant. The said William Evan obtained judg- 
ment for the penal sum of 200/ under the said Bond, and threatens 
to distrain for the same and to obtain possession of the said lands 
and tenements. Complainant craves redress. 

Writ directed to Michael Richards senior, Michael Richards 
junior, William Lewis, Thomas Cradock and Henry Llewellin, 
gentlemen, Commissioners. 

Answer of the Defendants. A traverse. 

Replication of the Complainant. 

Exchequer Bills. 

Hil. 7 Geo. L (172 1/2.) Glam. No. 68. 

[Three sheets of parchment.] 

Complaint of Thomas Yeoman, of the parish of Lanederne in the 
county of Glamorgan, yeoman, and Anne his wife, one of the children 
of Morgan Evan, late of Lanwonnoe in the said county, yeoman, 
deceased. Relates to the personal estate of the said Morgan Evan. 

Exchequer Bills. 

Trin. 27—28 Geo. IL (I754-) Glam. No. 65. 

[One sheet of parchment.] 

Complaint of the Bishop, Archdeacon and Chapter of the 
Cathedral Church of Landaff, in their corporate capacity and also 


personally ; Edward, Lord Bishop of Landaff aforesaid, as Treasurer 
of the said Cathedral Church ; John, Lord Bishop of Peterborough, 
as Prebendary of the Prebend of ffairwell in or belonging to the 
said Church ; William Adams, clerk, Master of Arts, Presentor 
[sic] of the said Church ; Charles Carne, clerk, Master of Arts, 
Prebendary of the Prebend of Fairwater of or belonging to the 
same Church; and William Harris, clerk. Master of Arts, Senior 
Vicar Choral of the said Cathedral Church. There are two parishes, 
called Landaff and Whitchurch, within the county of Glamorgan and 
diocese of Landaff aforesaid, the great tithes whereof (except the 
tithe of wood) belong to four Members of the said Church exclusively; 
viz., to the Bishop as Treasurer, to the Presentor and to the 
Prebendaries of Fairwell and Fairwater aforesaid for the time being ; 
and the small or minute tithes of those parishes, together with the 
tithe of wood, belong to the Bishop, Archdeacon and Chapter of 
the Cathedral. And there has always belonged to the said Cathedral 
Church a clergyman or minister called a Senior Vicar Choral, who 
performs several duties within the said Cathedral Church assigned 
to him to officiate in ; and he also serves the cures of the said 
parishes of Landaff and Whitchurch. And such Vicar Choral is 
chose into that office by the Chapter of the said Church ; but it 
is not necessary that such minister or officer should be instituted 
or inducted into the office or ministry of Vicar Choral or into the 
said cures, such Vicar Choral being only nominated or appointed 
into that office by an Act or Election of the said Chapter. The 
minute tithes and tithes of wood of the said parishes of Landaff 
and Whitchurch have been always assigned to the Senior Vicar 
Choral, or he has always been permitted to receive the same, for 
performing the office of Senior Vicar Choralship and for serving 
the said cures. Complainant William Harris further showeth that 
the Senior Vicar Choralship being vacant by the death of William 
Price, clerk, Master of Arts, he the said William Harris on the 
22nd day of October 1742 was by an Act of the said Chapter duly 
elected and appointed the Senior Choral Vicar, and so is entitled to 
the said small tithes and tithe of wood. John Williams of Park in the 
parish of Lanilltern in the said county, esquire, being seised of a 
considerable estate in the said parish of Whitchurch, during the years 
1742 to 1745, caused to be cut and felled on the said estate 2000 


cords of wood, which he coaled and carried away and sold without 
setting forth any tithe thereof. And the said John Williams some- 
times gives out that wood is not tithable in its own nature ; and at 
other times he pretends that the part of the parish of Whitchurch 
where the said wood was so cut lies within a particular Hundred of 
the said county of Glamorgan called Sanghenith, otherwise Carphilly, 
and that no tithe wood has ever been demanded within that Hundred, 
the same being exempt from such tithe. But the said Complainant 
chargeth that tithe wood hath been paid from time to time by great 
numbers of occupiers of lands within the said Hundred. One Mr. 
Morgan and other parishioners of Eglwysilan within the said 
Hundred refusing to pay tithe of wood which they had cut from their 
lands, and claiming some exemption, one Mr. Smith, vicar of 
Eglwysilan, exhibited a Bill in this honourable Court against them, 
and in Michaelmas Term 1732 obtained a Decree against them for 
payment of tithe wood to him. One Edward Morgan and Lewis 
Charles having rented the minute tithes of Landaff and Whitchurch of 
the said William Price, the said Complainant's predecessor, they were 
paid tithe of cordwood within the said parishes, which are in the 
said Hundred, and particularly by one M""* Edwards or her tenants, 
and from the estate of the said John Williams. John Jenkin, of the 
hamlet of Canton within the said parish of Landaff, yeoman, in the 
year 1753 had fed and depastured 120 ewes within the said parish of 
Landaff, which yeaned or brought forth as many lambs, each of which 
lambs was worth to be sold 55. ; and he had 200 sheep of all sorts, 
which he shore or caused to be shorn ; and each fleece of the wool so 
shorn was worth is. 6cl. at the least. And he had depastured in the 
parish of Landaff in 1753 twelve cows, which cast or brought forth so 
many calves, each worth 205. By the custom of the said parish there 
is a tithe calf due when there are seven, and i6d. for every cow and 
6d. for every calf under the number of seven. And he the said John 
Jenkin hath not paid tithe for the said tithe lambs, wool or calves. 
William Morgan of the parish of Whitchurch also withholds his tithes 
of calves, and of several farrows of pigs which he has had from 
sows kept by him there— a tithe pig being worth 2s. Evan John, of 
Landaff, who occupied a farm in the parish of Whitchurch, also 
withholds his tithes of lambs and wool. Roger Rosser, of Landaff, 
yeoman, in 1752 had gathered from his apple trees in the said parish 



of Landaff lOO bushels of apples, each bushel being worth 2s., but 
hath not paid tithe of the same. Morgan Rees, of Landaff, gardener, 
in 1752 occupied 2 acres of land in that parish, which he sowed or 
planted with potatoes. He dug up and sold therefrom 100 bushels 
of potatoes, each worth 2,s., but has not paid the tithe. Complainants 
crave redress. 




H Bunble of Miscellanea. 

HIS is the only title it has been found 
practicable to give to a collection of 
various kinds of documents, divided 
into small groups according to their 

No. I. of the first group is an 
extract from a Rental of circa 1540 
relating to the possessions of the 
Cistercian Abbeys of Neath and Margam. It sets out 
the payments periodically due from Neath Abbey, and 
the annual value of the lands of Margam Abbey, within 
the Cardiff district. 
Rental No. II., dated in 1547, is a statement of the King's 
rents in the parish of Roath &c., portion of his Royal Lordship 
of Glamorgan. It is drawn up from information supplied to the 
late Queen's Auditor, whose notes, atrociously written, appear in 
the margin. The document is a curious mixture of had Latin and 
worse English, with Welsh names so misspelt as to be almost 
unrecognisable. The list of tenants comprises freeholders and 
copyholders, and it, is evident that the Bailiff had great difficulty 
in collecting the small quit-rents. 


Thirdly we have an extract from a Survey of 1570, relating to 
Cardiff Borough. It w^as taken from the original in the muniment- 
room of Cardiff Castle, and incorporated in a Brief for Counsel, 
about the year i860. It is here copied from the said Brief 

The fourth document consists of a couple of extracts from a 
Survey of Glynrhondda, in 1666, lent by Colonel Turbervill of 
Ewenny. The reason for its publication is its clear explanation of 
the otherwise obscure terms " towl or chense," "advowry" and 
" mises," which so frequently occur in our manorial records. 

We next have, under date Michaelmas 1686, a schedule of the 
King's chief rents in the town and liberties of Cardiff. The original 
is in bad condition and the writing illegible in places, especially 
towards the end. It has, however, been judged worthy of inclusion 
in this collection, principally on account of its mention of important 
townsfolk and their places of residence. 

The Assessment is long, and will perhaps seem of little interest 
to the casual reader. But here again we have a document of great 
value ; it is a complete list of the responsible inhabitants of Cardiff in 
the year 1703. 

To come to the second group : Bishop Kitchin's Report on 
the churches and cures of the Diocese of Llandaff is addressed to 
the Privy Council and contains some interesting information as 
to the parishes and their incumbents. This document is copied 
from the Harleian Manuscripts at the British Museum, the catalogue 
whereof assigns it to the year 1603. This is obviously a mistake, as 
Anthony Kitchin died in 1563. From internal evidence I infer that 
1558 is approximately the date of the Report. 

Next is printed a document of circa 1580, from the Additional 
Manuscripts at the British Museum, being a statement as to chantry 
lands in connection with Llandaff cathedral. 

I give a note of a document in the Cardiff Free Library, John 
Penry's Exhortation, addressed to the "governors and people of her 
Majesty's country of Wales." This Puritan sermon, composed in the 
year 1588, almost entitles its author to the designation of "the 
Welsh John Knox." 

"A breviate with Notes" is the title of a manuscript in the 
Cardiff Free Library, among the collection of MSS. purchased by the 
Corporation in 1895 at Cheltenham, portion of the celebrated library 


of the late Sir Thomas Phillips, baronet. This book contains a 
brief survey of the principal manors in Glamorgan, and also some 
genealogical notes on the leading families of the county. It was 
written in the year 1596 by Rice Lewis, for the private use of 
the gentlemen attending upon the second Earl of Pembroke, and 
is dedicated to Thomas Morgan of Ruperra, esquire, Steward of his 
Lordship's household. It supplies some items of information which 
I have not met with elsewhere, relative to the manors. It mentions 
the fair held at Cardiff in the Autumn, and says it was kept on 
"Lady Day in Harvest." This, however, is the popular name 
usually given to the feast of the Assumption (15 August), whereas 
the fair was on 8 September, the feast of the Nativity of Our 
Lady. Rice Lewis is a devoted adherent to the Earl of Pembroke ; 
he considers him to be the greatest lord that ever held lands in 
Glamorgan since lestyn ap Gwrgan, and wishes his noble master 
possessed as great privileges as any of his predecessors. He is 
wrong, though, in stating that the Earl owned all the lands which any 
Lord of Glamorgan ever had, even if he means only in the Lordship 
itself. I am inclined to question his authority for naming Llanedern 
as a manor, and still more for making it include Cefn Mabli. He 
is correct in placing Cardiff Castle in the Manor of Roath, though 
probably not in including the Friars in Roath-Tewkesbury. 

Rice Lewis gives the descent of the second Earl of Pembroke, 
in a female line, from lestyn ap Gwrgan, the last native Prince of 
Glamorgan, through the renowned Sir David Gam. 

He speaks of Roath as a chapelry, though it had been a separate 
parish for nearly a century ; erroneously placing it, moreover, f of a 
mile (instead of a mile and a quarter) from Cardiff. 

On the whole it is clear that the " breuiat" must be studied with 
caution, as the quaint and interesting production of an ingenious 
young gentleman, enthusiastically loyal to his noble patron, but not 
too particular about accuracy. 

Some old title-deeds of the Cardiff Corporation next engage our 
attention. The first of these, dated i October 1600, is a conveyance 
by John Wastell, of Cardiff, gentleman, to his brother, Nicholas 
Wastell, of a burgage or house and garden in the parish of Saint 
Mary, Cardiff— apparently situate between the Town Wall and the 
Hayes, north of the Cock Tower — and of an acre of land in 


Southrew, or Sowdrey; together with the fourth part of one acre 
belonging to the aforesaid messuage. The grant is in fee simple, 
but the premises are to be holden of the chief lord of that fee, by 
the services therefor previously due and of right accustomed. The 
Wastells, an old family of Cardiff burgesses, were bakers for 
generations, and were often members of the Corporation. 

In the second deed, of 22 July 1606, we have a conveyance 
made by EHzabeth Hengod, widow, and John Hengod, cordwainer, 
both of Cardiff, to John Collyns, of the same town, cordwainer, of 
a messuage and bakehouse, curtilage and garden situate in Saint John 
Street (now called Church Street), Cardiff. These premises occupied 
the site now covered by the shop of Messrs. Boyle & Co., boot- 
makers, at the north-east corner of Church Street, next to Mr. Nell's 
brewhouse ; they afterwards became the parish almshouse, as will 
be seen by the subsequent conveyance of the premises. 

Under date 7 November 16 16, we have a grant by Mary 
Henburie, widow, to Nicholas Wastell, gentleman, both of Cardiff, 
of a burgage or dwellinghouse, curtilage and garden in Saint Mary 
Street; and also a piece of marshland near the West Moors of Cardiff, 
with the fishing-place there called Annie Butcher's Heng; all which 
premises descended to the said Mary Henburie from Rhys Wastell, 
her deceased father. The premises in Saint Mary Street were by 
Nicholas Wastell devised to the use of the poor of Cardiff for ever. 
(See Vol. III., p. 125.) 

The next deed, dated 7 March 171 7, made by John Collines 
to James Gale, both Aldermen of Cardiff, is a conveyance of the 
premises comprised in the abovementioned deed of 22 July 1606. 
The description of the property is slightly different in this document ; 
which terms it a dwellinghouse, bakehouse and curtilage called the 
Armoury House, in St. John Street, near the church. This deed 
also conveys a garden lying behind the Hayes, near the Town 
Wall — perhaps the premises comprised in the grant of i October 
1600. The document records a feoffment of this property by livery 
of seisin executed upon the lands and tenements, which were 
afterwards given by Alderman Gale for the benefit of the poor. 

Lastly I print particulars of a Bargain and Sale by Christopher 
Wells, of Cardiff, cordwainer, dated 4 June 1670, which grants to 
Cradock Wells, esquire, Senior Bailiff of Cardiff, the remainder 



(nearly the whole) of a 99 years' lease of an eight-windowed shop 
called the Shambles under the Town Hall, together with two gardens 
in Waste Lane (the north end of Working Street), and two waste 
plots near the East Gate and North Gate respectively — the said 
premises having theretofore been leased to the said Christopher 
Wells by the Corporation. It is interesting to note that the lease by 
the Corporation was executed by the Bailiffs and the Common 
Attorneys. Reference is made to waste ground outside the North 
Gate, whereon the townsfolk lay their refuse. 

The year 1620 is approximately the date to which we must 
assign "The Case against the Paying of Impost for Wines." The 
question of customs dues was then very much to the fore. This docu- 
ment was written, doubtless by a lawyer, with the object of supporting 
resistance to the payment of a tax on wine in Wales. The writer 
begins by remarking that the "Statute for the ordinance for Wales" 
lays no such impost on the Principality. Queen Elizabeth, he says, 
gave the impost to certain of her favourites ; but when those noble- 
men attempted to enforce payment thereof upon Welsh merchants, 
they were unsuccessful. He is of opinion that the mises paid by the 
Welsh are in consideration of their ancient customs, which include 
exemption from impost. It appears, from the concluding paragraph 
of the document, that some Presentment was in preparation, which 
was to comprise a declaration of Wales' exemption from the obnoxious 

"The Great Baronies of Wales" is a tabulated statement in 
Latin, apparently drawn up circa 1630, of the chief lordships of the 
Principality, and of their dependent manors. The arms of each 
great barony are depicted, and the whole manuscript is a fine piece of 
penmanship. It is preserved in the Cardiff Free Library, being a 
portion of the Corporation's purchase from the Phillips collection. 
I have extracted the section which concerns the Lordship of Cardiff 
Castle and its dependencies. The document is very deficient in 
particulars of the lordships in Monmouthshire. 

From Fonmon Castle comes a series of historical gleanings 
relative to the Civil War of the seventeenth century, collected for 
the most part from rare contemporary news-sheets and broadsides. 
The particulars include such points of local interest as the names of 
the successive Governors of Cardiff Castle, under King and Parlia- 


ment respectively ; King Charles the First's visit to Cardiff in the 
summer of 1645 ; a copy of the Royal Commission appointing 
Sir Richard Bassett as Governor of Cardiff; Colonel Carne's trans- 
ference of his adherence from the Parliament to the King, whereby 
Cardiff was for a time restored to Charles' interest ; the defeat of the 
Cardiff Royalists in 1645; full details of the disastrous battle of 
Saint Fagan's ; and finally the military execution of Captain Berkeley 
and two other captured Royalists at Cardiff. 

The next item in this chapter is a rare broadside, bound up 
with miscellaneous manuscript and printed matter relating to Wales, 
portion of the Phillips collection at the Cardiff Free Library. It 
possesses a melancholy interest, as a relic of sectarian animosity, 
being a sort of counterblast to an account which the Catholics had 
published of the recent death of the two priests hanged, drawn and 
quartered at Cardiff on 22 July 1679. The object of the broadside 
appears to have been the counteracting of any impression favourable 
to Popery, which might have been made either by the executions 
themselves or by the Catholic report of them. If violence of 
language could effect the author's purpose, it must have been 

Mr. Llewellyn's document of 1688 is a curiosity of byegone 
politics. It is a Mandate from the Mayor and Bailiffs of Cardiff, 
summoning the Portreeve and Corporation of Neath to the Guildhall 
of Cardiff, there to take part in the electing of a Burgess to sit in the 
first Parliament of William and Mary. The Mandate appears to be 
issued under the authority of a Council composed of the members 
of the last Parliament of King Charles II. ; this re-assembled Council 
it was who empowered the Prince of Orange to assume the Crown of 
Great Britain and Ireland. The Neath Corporation reply that they 
are submissive and humbly obedient to his Highness the Prince of 
Orange, that they have met at the Guildhall of Neath (not at Cardiff) 
and have made choice of Thomas Mansell of Margam, esquire, for the 

From the British Museum Additional MSS. we have some of 
Browne Willis' notes on Llandaflf Cathedral, copied by Cole in 1752. 
The necessary editorial explanations are given with the text, but the 
antiquary's attention may be specially called to the description of the 



ancient pontifical finger-ring of the Bishops of Llandaff, which in 
1769 was in Horace Walpole's possession at Strawberry Hill. 

To Mr. Oliver H. Jones of Fonmon Castle I am indebted for 
permission to copy the amusing Rules of the Sociable Society of 
Ladies, 1755. The locus in quo does not clearly appear, but it was 
somewhere not far from Cardiff. This document is followed by notes 
of a few curious papers in the Cardiff Museum, which are worth 
preserving in print. 




R.O. Rentals and Surveys. 

Portf. U. H. 8. (c. 1540.) 

Ep'atus Landaven' 

Mon' de Nethe | Rental' possess' 

Monasterium de Morgan) ibidem^ 

landaven' )Mo}iasfr'u' de Nethe 

of the Towne of Kardyff vij/j. 

"^^^^"""^O llandaff viijs. To the lorde of seynt ffagan xiijs. iiiji^. 

^m ^1 To the bysshope & arche decon xxjaf. for Sinodells 

^^^ R to the archid'^ vd. for p'"xis.^ In almys iiij/j our 

^'^ — -~ ladyes losse of halff a boshell whete wekely 

by the yere xx5. 

Monasfru' de Morgan. 

Grangs. * * more Grange* vj/j xiiJ5. iiija?. lystel- 

abon xl5. * * 

1 Bishopric of Llaudaff. Monastery of Neath, Monastery of Margam. Rental 
of possessions there, 

^ Archdeacon. 

^ Proxies. 

* The Moor Grange (at Grangetown). 


Rentals and Surveys. 

Roll 788. Paroch' de Rothe. i E. 6. (1547.) 

parochia de^ R'nt'le ib'm Renovat' viij"° die oct'br' A° R. R's _E. 

Rothe' j vj' pr'mo cora' Anth' bouchier Audit' d'ne Regine tarn 

p' inquisic'one' triaccone' quam antequioris Rent'lis. 

Extract Rentali ib'm renouaf ac fact xxf die Apr' I' Anno regni R. 

henrici Octaui xvj coram mathio Cradoke miles [sic] tunc ib'm Senescallo 

[delet] inde fact' xxj"° die Apr'l' A° R. H.Rs' viij"' xvj cora' Matheo 

Cradock Mil'e tunc Sen'lo ib'm q'm p' instrucc'o'em d'ni et senioru' 

& sainioru' ho'i'u' inde examinat' 


IN pr'mis de d'no Carolo [delet] Henricoc omit' Wigorn' 
de certis terr' vocat' grantesland redd' p' Annu' 
xiiij5. iiijW. 
Ronght lib'. And now the same land ys in hands of 
John Gwyn as tenaunt to my lord and payeth 
the rent xiiijs. m]d. 
Rought lib'. Mathia Cradok militi \sic\ tenet c'r't' terr' redd' p' Annu' 

now the same land ys in y^ hands of Edmund ffussam vJ5. viijia?. 
lib' in the paryche of Roughe. John Will'm ap Thomas ten't cert' 
terr' redd' p' annu' xxjrf. ob. And as Roger lewes saythe 
ye wyche was baylyff be fore saythe ther ys dwe but vijci^. 
ob. and y' he chuld neu'r gather more. 

1 Parish of Roath. Rental there renewed the 8th day of October in the first year 
of the reign of King Edward VL, before Anthony Bouchier, Auditor of our Lady the 
Queen, as well by inquisition as by the older rentals. [Extract of the Rental 
there renewed and made the 21st day of April in the i6th year of the reign of King 
Henry the Eighth, before Mathew Cradoke, knight, then Steward there] thereof made 
the 2ist day of April in the i6th year of the reign of King Henry the Eighth, before 
Matthew Cradock, knight, then Steward there, as by instruction of the Lord and of the 
senior men thereof examined. 

Freemen. Firstly of the Lord [Charles] Henry, Earl of Worcester, of certain 
lands called Grant's Land, rendering by the year 14s. 4^. 


Rought lib'. John Arnold tenet cert' terr' redd' p' Annu' and now 
yt ys in y<= hands of S'r Edward Carne knyght, ijs. 

Rowght lib' Edward ap lewys ap Rychard tenet cert' terr' Redd' p' 
Annu' ixs. iiijo?. 

Thes iij 
har copye 
holders to 
y^ Quenes 
grace in the 
paryche of 

'John Rychard tenet cert' terr' p' Aniiu' xs. p' Indent. 

Anna Harbert ten' cert' terr' Redd' p' Annu' xxjs. 
And now ys in the hands of trahayron morgan. 

Thomas ap Jankyn G'ly' ys ded and trahayron morgan 
hys heyer vijs. 

Rowght lib'. Wimllo. ap ll'n Richard ten' cert' terr' Redd' p' Annu' 

The paryche of laneddarn lib'. John ap Jankyn ten' cert' terr' redd' 

p' Annu' iijs. and y^ other baylyfF saythe he neu'r chuld gather 

but xviija^. and he saythe y' y"" shuld be no more of ryght but 


lannedarne lib'. Dyo thorn' howell sowld hys Ryght to John Gwyn 

iiiJ5. '\\]d. 
John ap Thomas duye ten' cert' terr' Redd' p' Annu' iijs. v\]d. 

Dyo Gryffyth ten' cert' terr' Redd' p' Annu' iijs. w'ujd. 
Edmund's John Dyo ten' cert' terr' Redd' p' Annu' ijs. 
Morgan's Will'm lodouic's Will'm et hered' Joh'is Gill'm ten' 

cert' terr' redd' p' Annu' ijs. xji^. 
Gladussa vr. Oven^ ten' cert' terr' redd' p' Annu' ijs. 

in p'ochia les ffayne lib'. Well3'ana vr. ovell ten' cert' terr' redd' p' 
Annu' j^.* 

laneddarne lib'. Morgan's G'l'm Thomas ten' cert' terr' Redd' p' Annu' 
xiiijrf. ob. 

1 Roath. 

^ Gwladys ferch Hywel. 

' In the parish of Lisvane. Freemen. Gwenllian ferch Hywel holdeth certain 
lands rendering by the year id. 



Morgan's ap powell ys ded and one John Morgan gent hathe 
purcheyd cert' terr' dim d'c'i Morgan!^ &c iijs. xd. 

Dyo powell ys ded and John hys sone hathe yt xvjrf. 

Trehayron ys ded and James morgan of vske hathe yt iiija'. 

Dyo thomas ap Jankyn ys ded and lewes hys sone hathe yt ijs. 

Jankyn Thomas Gwyne ten' cert' terr' redd' p' Annu' vijrf. 

* * * 

[7 other Welsh holdings in Llanedern.J 

parrochia lamycyan^ lib'. Will'am's ap John ap ll'n ten't cert' terr' Redd' 
p' Annu' vij ob. 
harry Thomas ys ded and ffluelling Thomas hys [son] ys 

heyer \\]d. 
[2 other holdings.] * « « 

Margareta ap morgan ys ded hyr heyer lewys morgan xx</. 
[i other holding.] * * « 

Nest ap ll'n ob. 

Wenllynya v'rch Yeuan ys ded David hovell hys hyr heyer xd. 
GTm Owen ob. 

De Tenement infra villam de 
kerdyjff et ffraunchesiam 

saynt marys j Juliana Jasu' xijrf. 
the p'rochia de\ John ledon one burgage xijrf. 
kerdeff | David Ap powell bavf p' di' burgag' v]d. 

John Dyer di' burgag' nup' d'd baker* vj^. 
D'd Thomas massie p' vno catagio^ iijrf. ob. 

saynt Jones churche lib\ The heyres of Thomas Wrenche for one 
burgage xija?. 

1 Formerly of the said Morgan. 

^ Llanishen. 

3 Of tenements within the town of Cardiff and the franchise of the same. 

* Half a burgage formerly of David Baker. 

° For one cottage. 


in y' paryche ) 

of rowght lib' ) John kemys de kevenmablye ten' cert' terr' redd' p' 
Annu' viJ5. \\\]d. 
p' rep' ut d'r^ Wyll'm Chowlchester howld one myle by Copye 
liijs. \u}d. cu' vjs. v\i]d. allocand' de decaie Redd'.^ 
ffirm'. The Assignes of Thomas Jankyn Coly ten' cert' terr' Redd' p' 
Annu' iij/j. vs. p' Indent' 

[ccetera desunt] 

XTRACT from a General Survey made in the 12'* 
year of Elizabeth (1570), by virtue of a Commission, 
of the Lordships &c. &c. of Henry, then Earl of 
Pembroke. ^ 

Cardiffe Burgus, Inquisicio ib'm fact' .... die mens' 
Septembr' anno Elizabethe Regine Anglie Francie et Hib'nie fidei 
defens' &c duo decimo coram Georgio Penruddock Milite, Joh'e Pope, 
Edmundo Morgan armiger', Rob'to Grove et Joh'ne Morrice gen'os' 
Commissionar' P'nobil' Henrici Comitis Pembrochie d'ni [Herbert] de 
Cardiff virtute Commission' antescript' p'r Sacrament' Burgens' 
subscriptor' videl't » * * [qui] jurat' et onerat' 

super Sacrament' eor' dicunt ut sequitur * * « 

Ball'i ville p'd'c'e tenent ad fermam tolnet' ib'm quotidie in qual't 
septimana p'ter diem Mercur' per ann' ac etiam omn'u' alior' menutor' 
tolnet' etc. Necnon cust' vini et saUs capient' p' Doliu' vini sive salis 
iiij'' ob' et omn' al' cust' diet' ville p'tin'es sive spectant' (except cust' 
cor') ad feod' ferma' p'r ann' solvend' ad fest' p'd' et redd' .... 


Cardiff Borough. Inquisition there made the .... day 
of the month of September in the twelfth year of Elizabeth, Queen of 

' For repairs, as it is said. 

^ To be allowed for decayed rent. 

* From Brief for Counsel, circa i860, quoting from the original Survey in the 
possession of the Marquess of Bute. 


England, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith &c [1570], before 
George Penruddock, knight, John Pope, Edmund Morgan, esquires, 
Robert Grove and John Morrice, gentlemen, Commissioners of the 
most noble Henry, Earl of Pembroke, Lord Herbert of Cardiff, by 
force of the before-written Commission, by the oath of the under- 
written Burgesses, namely * * « who, sworn and 
charged, upon their oath say as foUoweth : * * * 

The Bailiffs of the town aforesaid hold to farm the tolls there 
every day in each week, except Wednesday, throughout the year; 
and also of [sic] all the other small tolls etc. ; as also the custom of 
wine and salt, taking for a doHum of wine or of salt ^\d. ; and all the 
other customs belonging or relating to the said town (except the 
custom of leather), at fee farm throughout the year, to be paid at the 
feast aforesaid ; and rendering 

Extracted from a Survey of the Lordship of Glynrotithey 
(Glyn Rhonddau), 1666. 

Lent by Colonel Turbervill of Ewenny. 

'LSOE their Custome is & that every ffreehold'- of 
this Mano*" ever used and still ought to pay 
One penny a piece yearely to the Lo<^ of this 
Mano'' in the Name of towle or Gents Money 
the w'^'' is to bee Collected att Mich'as by the Bailiff for the 
time being and that eu'-y Resuant haveing y^ Worth of 
xxxixs. x]d. ought to pay four pence yearelie a piece to the Lord 
for & in the Name of Vowrie and noe towle on them likewise to 
bee Collected as aforesaid. 

To the Thirteenth Article y« said Juro""^ doe say & p'^sent that 
there is due & useullie payd by the Inh'itants and Occupiers of lands 
of this Mano"- the Mano'' of Miskin and Mano-" of Pentirch & Clun 
upon the death of the Lord of this Mano-" unto the succeeding Lord 
of the same Mano-" a certeyne sume of 123/ 065. 2,d. called by the 
Name of Myses in five yeares to bee paid by equalle porc'ons the first 
payment thereof to beginne att the first S' Barnabee Day that shall 
next bee after demand thereof made by the Lord or his officers out of 


w'='' said Whole sume of 123/ 065. 8d. there falleth due w'hin this 
Mano'' the sume of 30/ i6s. 8d. according to y^ accustomed Maner. 

Presentment made 14 June 1666 at the 
Town Hall of Lantrissent. 

R. 0. Rentals and Surveys. 

Portf. ^V 2 m. 1686. 

[Faint throughout towards left margin.] 


— "^^^^ ENT roll of his Majesties Chiefe rent in the Towne of 

1 — =^^ Cardiff and Liberties thereof due for the yeare 

^_jA B ended at Mich'as 1686 on the seuerall & Respec- 

^^^ V_^ tive p'sons in mannor as is h'raft'r mentioned 

together w'th the Respective Names of the chiefe 

Lords and their Stuards and Deputyes w'thin the Liberties aforesaid 

& hereunto annexed. 

heretofore Thomas Mayo 2s. 

heretofore Catherine Williams 4s. 

heretofore Jonnet Coole 6s. Zd. 

Baker^ heretofore william Mredith gen' 3s. 

Archer heretofore his mother Margarett 

Archer 105. 2d. 

Davies 6s. 2d. 

S"" Edward Stradling 4s. \d. 

heretofore Thomas Hugh 2s. 

, Alderman heretofore Richard Waters 3s. 

ffoord widowe heretofore her husband James ffoord 

IS. M. 

widowe heretofore Thomas Jones 4s. 

paid by her Steward M'' Arthur ffrench 

3s. 6d. 

1 Doubtful readings are here printed in italics. 

her now Tenant Cradock Wells Alder- 

man 4s. 4af. 

Edwards 6s. 

Higgins widow heretofore her husband Mr. 

Herbert Higgins 5s. 4^. 

3 : 05 : II. 

Margaret Jones 6ci. 

Herbert heretofore the Lady Jane Herbert his 

mother is. 
heretofore her husband David Williams 

deceased Sd. 
the house which is doune being his mott'' house &c 

but 6cl. 

M heretofore Timothy Davies is. 6^d. 

Jane Stradling widow heretofore Lambrocke Stradling Esq'' 

deceased is. 6d. 
Anthony Mathews heretofore M^^ Bawdry al= Baudipp 

&c 2S. 
W™ Lambert Junior heretofore m"" William Lambert Senior 6d. 
Rees widow heretofore her husband George Rees 

&c 6d. 

8s. 6d. 

Highe Streete Warde as foUoweth. 

Mary Jones widow heretofore her husband Morgan Jones 

deceased as. 
Roberts widow heretofore her husband Jo" 

Roberts senior 3s. 

Lloyd heretofore m"" Arthur Lloyd deceased &c 2,s- 

Thomas Lewis Junior Esq. heretofore his father Thomas Lewis 

senior Esq 2s. 6d. 
Thomas Mayo heretofore m"" William Jones of whitchurche 

&c 6d. 



M'' Thomas Andrews minister heretofore Craddock Wells Alder : 

55. 6d. 
heretofore S"" Richard Bassett Knight 5s. 

I /. OS. 6d. 

West Warde. 

Samiiell heretofore Edward Want 3s. 

heretofore Thomas Hart Senior is. 8a^. 



Thomas heretofore Margaret howell wid' deceased 

&c IS. M. 
m'' William Richards pays for him 

&c 6s. 
M'' Henry Brewer heretofore Thomas Lewis Esq'" 5s. 

Greene 2s. 

m"^ Jones Brewer late deceased /\^\d. 

[m. 2.j 
th Warde 

pays for him &c 4s. 

Arthur Lloyd 8s. 

4s. 6d. 

David Evans Esq"" 5s. 

Margaret Kew late dec'd 5s. 

.heretofore Hen. Brewer Cordwainer &c 4s. id. 


ett IS. 2d. 

Margarett Button &c 5s. bd. 

m"" Morgan Jones late deceased 6s. %d. 

John Howell 6s. Srf. 

Philpott 4s. \d. 

deceased &c 3s. bd. 

IS. %d. 

M""^ Margaret Morgan dd. 


[Cowbridge and Lantwit follow.] 


Roll of 4 long sheets of paper, written on both sides; in 
good condition. 

Lent by R. W. Llewellyn, Esq., Baglan. 

Cardiff Villa j An Assessment there made the 21^' day of June 

S' Johns f Ano dni 1703 by us whose names are hereunto 

p'ish [ subscribed for raiseing on the said Town the 

Kibbor Hundred) sume of 196/1 15s. 3fl'| By Virtue of an Act of 

Parliam' Intituled an Act for granting to her 

Maj''« an Ayd by a Land Tax. 

High Street Ward. 

^ s,^^ / RA: Wells Esq"" or Ten'nt for a house 65. 4^/. 

^t ^ William Jones Esq"" or Ten'nt for a house 9s. bd. 

^H I William Wade for a house 85. 9^. 

^^ A Joseph Hoare for a house 9s. 6^. 

— \ Thomas Meredith for a house 9s. td. 

Anstance Wells widdow for a house 1 25. 8rf. 

Cha: Davies for a house 95. td. 

Geo: Rees for a house 9s. 6d. 

William Griffith for a house 4s. C)d. 

Jonathan Greenfeild for a house 'js. lid. 

Thomas Edwards for a house 4s. (^d. 

Mj^ Anne Brown for a house i is. id. 

M's Elizabeth Stephens for a house 4s. gd. 

W William Thomas for a house 95. 6d. 

John Abbies for a house 6s. /^d. 

Thomas Cox for a house 4s. ()d. 

M''^ Anne Brown or Ten'nts for a house 4s. gd. 

Richard Lewis Esq"" or ten'nts for a house 6s. ^d 

John fifoord for a house "js. id. 

Richard Lewis Esq"" or ten'nts for a house 2)S- ^d. 

Thomas Williams Aid" or ten'nt for 2 houses 6s. 40' 

Richard Lewis Esq"" or ten'nts for a house 4s. gd. 

Anthony Mathew for a house 5s. 6d. 

Geo: Stephens Aid" or ten'nts for a house 2s. 40'. 

Nathaniel Howell for a house 5s. 6d, 


David Voues Labourer for a house is. jd. 

W™ Lambert Aid" for a stable is. 2d. 

John ffox for m"- Herberts Garden 5af. 

Anstance Wells widdow for a Garden yd. 

Mr W" Richards or ten'nts for a house is. jd. 

Mary Sweet widdow or ten'nts for a house is. ^d. 

Joan Jones widdow or ten'nts for a house 2s. ^d. 

W William Richards or ten'nts for two houses 2s. a^d 

Joan Jones widdow for a house and stable 2s. /^d. 

W W™ Richards or ten'nt for an orchard is. 2d. 

Christopher Wells for a stable and Garden is. 7^. 

s"- Humphrey Mackworth or ten'nts for a house — 

Nicholas Brewer for a Garden 2d. 

Phillip Green or Ten'nt for a Garden ()d. 

Lewis Gaskin for a Garden \d. 

Phillip Herbert Esq"" or ten'nt John ffox for a Garden ^d. 

Howell Jones for a Garden ^d. 

W Herbert or ten'nt John ffox for a Garden id. 

Joseph Cheltenham for an orchard 9^. 

Charles Davies for a Garden 4^. 

James Morgan for a Garden /^d. 


Thomas William Aid" or Ten'nts for an orchard -^d. 

Thomas Edwards for m'' Markhams Garden 30?. 

m"" W" Richards or ten'nts for an orchard 30;'. 

Ste: ffroud or Ten'nts for a Garden id. 

Thomas Edwards for the Hays is. id. 

Howell Jones for a house and Garden is. iid. 

Mary Sweete widdor or ten'nt for a Garden 6d. 

m^ Thomas Andrews for a Garden %d. 

Catherine Mayo widdow for a house plott and Garden lod. 

Anne Hamonde widdow or ten'nts for a house & Garden 4s. qd. 

Alexr: Pursell Aid" or ten'nts for the like 5s. 30?. 

m"" Thomas Andrews for an orchard 

more for a house and Garden 

Samuel Abbies or ten'nts for a house 4s. f)d. 
m'' sheers or tenants for a house 3s. iid. 


more or Ten'nts for a house 4s. grf. 

W" Murton for a house 4s. 90?. 

Chr' Mathews Aid" for the old Brewhouse is. ^d. 

m"- Thomas Jones or ten'nt for the little swan 4s. grf. 

Catherine Mayo widdow or ten'nt for the old swan is. \\d. 

Mary Sweet or ten'nt for a house 65. 4^. 

George Stephens Aid" for a house 9s. bd. 

mt" Thomas Morgan for a house 9s. td. 

Chr' Mathews Ald° for a house 95. td. 

Mary Jones widdow or ten'nt for a house 75. \d. 

Rouland Thomas for a house 9s. 6d. 

m" Elizabeth sheers for a house 15s. \od. 

mi's Cornish or ten'nts for a house 95. 6<^. 

Nicholas Edwards for a house ^s. \\d 

06 : 13 

Shops VI the said Ward. 

m" Elizabeth Stephens for a shop gd. 
Thomas Edwards for a shop yd. 
Cecill Edwards widdow for 2 shopps 2s. 5^. 
Mary Sweet widdow for a shopp /^d. 
more or ten'nts for another shopp 2s. ^d. 
Thomasin Davies widdow for a shop is. ^jd. 
Edward Lewis for a shop e^d. 
Nicholas Green for 2 shopps 2s. ^d. 

East Ward. 

Cha: Davies or ten'nt for a house 4s. gd. 

W™ Jones or Ten'nts for a house ^d. 

Tho: Williams Aid" for 2 houses & a Garden us. iid. 

John Hamonds for a house 9s. 6d. 

Anne Baker or Ten'nts for a house & Garden 6s. ^d. 

m"" Edward Jenkins for a house & Garden 6s. ^d. 

m"" Emanuel Miles for a house and Garden 9s. 6d. 

Elizabeth Jones widdow or ten'nts for the like 3s. 6d. 


George Mower for a house and Garden "js. i id. 
Madam Jane Herbert for a house lis. \d. 
m"^ Anne Hamonds for a house and Garden 15s. lod. 
William Morgan for a house and Garden 65. ^d. 

George Stephens Aid" or Ten'nts for the like 

Arthur yeomans for the like 6s. a^d. 

m" Anne Williams for the like Js. iid. 

James Jones for the like 6s. ^d. 

m" Jane Lewis for the like 6s. ^d. 

m''^ ffrancis Jones for the like ys. i id. 

Edward Gibbon for a house "js. iid. 

more or Ten'nts for another house 3s. iid. 

Phillip Herbert Esq^^ or ten'nt for a house 3s. lid. 

more or Ten'nts for a house and Garden 6s. ^d. 

Thomas Bembrick for a house 6s. 4^. 

s"" Cha: Kemeys Barr' or ten'nts for a house 6s. ^d. 

Oliver S' John Esq"" or ten'nts for a house 4s. grf. 

S"" Cha: Kemeys Barr' or ten'nts for a house 4s. gd. 

Nicholas Green for a house & Garden 4s. grf. 

Edward Gibbon for a Brewhouse 5^/. 
John Hamonds for a Malt house ys. id. 

Edward Gibbon for a house and Garden <^d. 

Nicholas Green for a stable grf. 

Edward Gibbon for a house & Garden 9^. 

Nicholas Green for a house and Garden gd. 

John Archer Aid" for two houses & a Garden 6s. ^d. 

Emanuel Grandfeild for a house and Garden 3s. 2d. 

John Hamonds for a Garden 2d. 

Edward John or ten'nts for a house & Garden 3s. 2d. 

m"" Markam or ten'nts for the like is. "jd. 

Richard Jones for the like "js. iid. 

m"" Alexr: Pursell sen'' for a house 8d. 

m'' William Richards or ten'nt for a house & Garden gd. 

Phi: Herbert Esq"" or ten'nts for a house & Garden ^.d. 

The heirs of Henry Edward or Ten'nts for 2 houses and a 
Garden 3s. iid. 

ffrancis Creed or ten'nts for a house and Garden 4s. gd. 

Phillip Herbert Esq'' or ten'nts for a Barn & two Gardens is. jd 


Mary Yeomans widdow for a house and Garden is. yd. 

m" John Mathew or ten'nts for the like is. yd. 

m-" William Richards or ten'nts for a house & Garden 2s. 8d. 

W" Lambert Aid" or ten'nt for a house & orch^ 4s. gd. 

Tho: Jenkins or ten'nts for a house & orchard 3s. 2d. 

Anne Richards widdow for 2 houses and a Garden 3s. 6d. 

ffrancis Creed or ten'nt for a house & 1 acr' of Upland 3s. 2d. 

Jn° Miller for a house orchard & Garden 3s. 2d. 

Marg'ett Williams for a house i acr' & 3 qi'ters of Upland 4s. gd. 

Cra: Wells Esq"" for a house and Garden 3s. 2d. 

Alex"" Pursell Aid" for 2 houses & a Garden is. yd. 

m"" Markam or ten'nts for the like 2s. 81^. 

Henry Scot for a house Tan house and Garden 6s. 4.d. 

s"" John Thomas or ten'nt for a house & Garden 3s. 2d. 

ffrancis Creed or ten'nts for 2 houses is. yd. 


Roger Penry for a house Garden & orchard 2s. 8d. 

M"" Markam or ten'nts for a house & 2 ac'"s of Upl'^ 6s. 4d. 

Mary Sweet widdow or ten'nts for 2 houses & Garden is. yd. 

more or ten'nts Catherine Thomas for a house 3s. 2d. 

Hen : Scot for a stable gd. 

Thomas Price for 2 houses 2 Gardens & a cherry orchard ^s. 2d. 

Edward John for a house and Garden 35. iid. 

Mary Miles widow for a Barn and Garden gd. 

Thomas Lewis Esq"" or ten'nts for a stable gd. 

more or ten'nts for a house and Garden 3s. i id. 

John Archer Aid" or ten'nt for a house stable & Garden 3s. 2d 

John Stockman for a house and Garden 3s. 2d. 

Xp'ian Richards widdow or ten'nt for the like 3s. 2d. 

Mary Sweet widdow or ten'nts for the like 3s. 11^. 

W™ ffoord or ten'nts for the like 3s. iid. 

OHver S' John Esq"" or ten'nts for the like 2s. Sd. 

m"" Cook or ten'nts for a house & Garden 3s. i id. 

Mary Miles widdow for a house & Curtilladge 4s. gd. 

more for a Brewhouse 3s. lid. 

Edward Jones for 2 houses & a shopp 3s. 2d. 


Edward Williams or ten'nts for a house I5. 'jd. 

vaF W" Richards or ten'nts for a house is. 'jd. 

S'' John Thomas Barr' or ten'nts for the like 3s. 2d. 

m'' Greenfeild or ten'nts for a house & 2 Cottages 2s. 8^. 

Cha: Davies or ten'nts for a house 15. \d. 

Mrs. Mary Miles for 2 houses 9s. 6d. 

George Stephens Aid" or ten'nts for 2 stables 3s. \d. 

Joseph Cheltenham for a Curtillage being town I'ds \d. 

Anne Richards for a house 4s. 9^. 

William Wade or ten'nts for a house grf. 

Rachell Richards widdow for the like is. ^jd. 

Phillip Herbert Esq"" or ten'nts for the like is. \d. 

Joan Jones widdow for a house and yard 8(/. 

more for a salt house 2s. Srf. 

Phillip Herbert Esq'' or ten'nt for a house & smith forge 4s. (^d. 

Geo: Stephens Aid" or ten'nts for a house & Garden 3s. 2d. 

Joan Jones widow for a house and yard Zd. 

more for a salt house 2s.%d. 

Phillip Herbert Esq"" or ten'nt for a house & smith forge 4s. grf. 

Geo: Stephens Aid" or ten'nts for a house & Garden ■^s. 2d. 

Joan Jones widow or ten'nts for a house 3s. i\d. 

Mad'm Jane Herbert for a Garden 9^. 

Joan Jones widow for a house & Garden 6s. \d. 

S"" John Thomas or ten'nt for a house 2s. Srf. 

mi's Joan Jones for the new malthouse 3s. 2d. 

more for a salthouse Curtilladge & Garden 2s. Zd. 

S"" Humphrey Mackworth or ten'nts for a house & Gard" is. ']d. 

more or xa!^^ Jones for a Barn and Garden 2s. SoJ. 

s"" John Thomas or ten'nt for a house & Garden is. \d. 

more or ten'nts for the like is. \d. 

more or ten'nts for the like 2s. %d. 

The: Williams Aid" for a house & Garden 3s. 2d. 

more or ten'nts for 2 stables & a Garden is. "jd. 

Geo: Stephens Aid" for a Barn c^d. 

m"" William Thomas for a Garden is. id. 

m"" George Pranch for a stable and Garden is. \d. 

m''* Mary Thomas for the like is. id. 

M" Elizabeth sheers for the like is. \d. 



Mary Sweet or ten'nt for a stable & Garden is. id. 

John Jones for the like is. id. 

M"- William Richards or ten'nt for a Curtilladge & Garden ^.d. 

Jane Hart for a Garden is. id. 

Thomas Williams Ald° or ten'nt for a Garden 3^. 

William Cornish or ten'nts for a Garden 6d. 

David Owen for a Garden ^d. 

Joan Jones widdow or ten'nt for the tennis Co''t 4s. gd. 

more or Ten'nt for a Barn is. id. 

Mfs Elizabeth sheers for a stable & Curtilladge is. yd. 

Cra: Wells Esq"" or ten'nts for a stable is. yd. 

William Jones Grocer for a house 7s. i id. 

m"" Alex*" Pursell sen"" or ten'nts for a house 6s. ^d. 

m""^ sheers or ten'nts for a house 6s. /^d. 

more or ten'nt for another house 6s. 4.d. 

m"" ffrancis Jones for a house and Garden 12s. 8d. 

m"" Thomas Powell for a house 6s. ^d. 

Geo: Stephens Ald° or ten'nts for a house 3s. 2d. 

M"" Pranch for a house and Garden 15s. loo^. 

Cha: Davies or ten'nt for a house & Garden 4s. gd. 

m" Joan Jones or ten'nts for a house 4s. 9a?. 

Cra: Wells Esq"" or ten'nts for a house 6s. ^.d. 

more or ten'nt for p'te of another house 6s. 4d. 

more or m*" Pursell for the other p'te 2s. Sd. 

Cra: Nowell Esq"" or ten'nt for a house & orchard 3s. iid. 

John Howell for a house and Garden is. id. 

John Thomas for a house and Garden gd. 

Rees Davids widdow for the like 6d. 

Lewis John or ten'nts for the like gd. 

Lewis Cox Ald° or ten'nts for a house and orchard gd. 

Griffith Popkin for a house and Garden gd. 

M""** Mayo for the like and 3 q^'ters of heath I'ds is. yd. 

Cra: Nowell Ald° or ten'nt for a Cott & J acre of heath I'd is. yd. 

Mary Mathew widdow for a house 2d. 

William Evan for his house and Garden gd. 

06. 00. 3. 


JVest Ward. 

John Archer Aid" for a house 95. bd. 

William Lambert AId° or ten'nts for a house 6s. 4^. 

John sweet for the Angell house 13s. ^d. 

Richard Gibbon for a house 9s. 6d. 

Nathaniell Wells for a house 95. 6d. 

William Lambert Aid" for a house 8s. ()d. 

William Dean Esq'' for a house 9s. 6d. 

W^ Elizabeth Jones for a house and stable 9s. bd. 

George Stephens Aid" for a stable 

Rees Tanner for a stable is. "jd. 

m"" William Richards or ten'nt for a stable lod. 

William Gotten for a house & Garden 2)S- i id. 

W W™ Richards or ten'nt for a house is. 6d. 

Christopher Mathews Aid" for two stables is. 6d. 

M" Brown or ten'nts for a Malthouse 15s. 10^. 

njr Wm Richards or ten'nts for a house & Garden js. iid. 

Nicholas Brewer for his house 4s. gd. 

Thomasin Davies for a house 5s. lod. 

more for her dwelling house 5s. \od. 

Cra: Nowell Esq'' or ten'nts for a house 5s. lod. 

William Lambert Aid" for a house and storehouse Js. i\d. 

m'' William Richards or ten'nt for the like 2s. 815^. 

more for the old Gaol 9s. 6d. 

Tho: Jones for a stable 2s. 8a?. 

William Williams for a house 6s. /^d. 

Thomas Hart for a house 2s. 2>d. 

W William Richards or ten'nt for a house 6s. /i^d. 

Rees Tanner for his house Js. i id. 

more for another house 2s. Sd. 

William Hunt for a house 4s. ()d. 

s'' John Thomas or ten'nts for the Red house 12s. ^d. 

Jonathan Lambert for a house 4s. 90?. 

Cra: Nowell Esq"" for a house 9s. 6d. 

John Bawdrey or ten'nts for a house 4s. (^d. 

John Thomas for a house and smith forge 3s. 2d. 

William Thomas for the Mills & fishing 6li. 6s. %d. 


David Rees for a house shop and Garden 95. 6d. 
Cra: Nowell Esq"" or ten'nts for 2 houses 4s. ^d. 
John Brewer sen"" for a house 3s. 2d. 
Alex"" Pursell sen>" or ten'nt for a house 15. 6d. 

Joan Edward alias Toby for a house 

Wilham Eley for a house 65. ^d. 

Lewis Gaskin sen"" for a house 2s. M. 

Cra: Nowell Esq"" or ten'nts for a house 3s. iid. 

Thomas Williams Ald° for a stable 15. yd. 

Lewis Cox Aid" for a stable is. yd. 

s"" John Thomas or ten'nts for a house 2s. '-^d. 

Thomas Williams Aid" or ten'nt for a house 35. 2d. 

more or Phillip Jones for a Bakehouse 25. ^d 

Edward Thomas for a house 25. ^d. 

Alexander Pursell Aid" for a house 95. 6d. 

James King for a house 2s. e^d. 

John Rowbotham or ten'nts for a house 55. 

Thomas Glascod for a house 4s. gd. 

John Sweet for the new Angell ys. i id. 

Cha: Davies or ten'nts for a house 2s. ^d. 

M'' William Richards or ten'nt for a house 3s. 20'. 

Lewis Cox Aid" for his house 9s. 6d. 

M"" Thomas Williams Aid" or ten'nts for a house 6s. 4^d. 

John Poughnell or ten'nts for a house is. "jd. 

Cra: Nowell Esq"" or ten'nt for a house is. 'jd. 

ra^ Henry ffox for a house and Garden 2s. 50'. 

more for J an acre of Upland 

Elizabeth Evan for a house and Garden gd. 

Left vnp<* by w" thomas of Luslabone 30'. in y* land. 

Occupiers of Lands in the said fish. 

Jenkin Morgan for 16 ac. of Upland 1/ 17s. id. 
ffrancis Jones for 4 ac. of Upland 9s. 6d. 
W™ Thomas for 4 ac. of Upland 9s. 6d. 
Arthur yeoman for i ac. & J of Upl'^ 3s. yd. 
John Sweet for 2 ac. of Upland 4s. gd. 
ffelix ffox for 4 ac. of Upland 9s. 6d. 



Cra: Nowell Esq"" for i ac. of Upl<J 2s. 

Phillip Green for 4 ac. of Upland 95. 6d. 

more for 8 ac. of Aries 1 2s. 8d. 

Tho: Lewis Esq"" or ten'nt for 68 ac. of Upl'^ 8/ is. 6d. 

more for 4 acrs of heath Land 6s. ^d. 

m""^ sheers or ten'nt for 8 ac. of heath L'' 1 2s. Sd. 

W™ Morris for 22 ac. of heath 1'^ 1/ 14s. lod. 

Edward Deacon for 10 ac. of heath L^ 15s. lod. 

Cra: Nowell Esq"" or ten'nt for 10 ac. of heath L^ 15s. lod. 

Edward Deacon for 30 ac. of Upl'' 3/ i is. 2)d- 

Emanuel Miles for 6 ac. of heath L"^ 9s. 6d. 

m'"^ Mayo for 12 ac. of heath Land 19s. 

m"" Harvey or ten'nts for 6 ac. of heath L'^ 9s. 6d. 

Tanglust James for 12 ac. of Upland il. 8s. 6d. 

more for 6 ac. of Heath Land 9s. 6d. 

Thomas Morgan or ten'nt for 4 ac. of heath Land 6s. 4.d. 

Joan Jones for 18 ac. of Upland 2/ 2s. gd. 

John Jones Smith for 3 qJ'ters of Upland is. yd. 

More for 6 ac. & ^ of Upland 14s. yd. 

Elizabeth Evan for i ac. &; 3 q''ters of heath l"^ 2s. Sd. 

m"" W™ Thomas for 22 ac. of Upland 2/ 14s. lod. 

m"" Lambert for 3 ac. of Upland ys. 2d. 

more for 2 ac. of heath Land 6s. ^d. 

Jn° Sweet for 4 ac. of Upl'' & 6 ac. of heath Land 19s. 

M"- W™ Richards or ten'nt for 18 ac. of Upland 2/ 2s. gd. 

more or ten'nt for 8 ac. of Upland 19s. 

Cra: Nowell Esq"" for 8 ac. of Upland 19s. 

Hen: Scot for the Town ditch gd. 

more for i ac. of Upland 2s. ^.d. 

m" ffox for 6 ac. & 3 q^ters of Upland 15s. yd. 

more for 10 acrs of Upland 1/ 5s. 30?. 

Rob: Bawdrey for 34 ac. of Upland 4I. 

more for 6 ac. of Arle 9s. 6d. 

Rowland Thomas or ten'nt for 18 ac. of Upl<^ 2/ 2s. gd. 

The widdow of Phillip Evan for 8 ac. of upl'^ 19s. 

Rees Tanner for 14 ac. of Upland 1/ 13s. ^d. 

47 . 15 . II. 


faculties charged. 

William Ward for his facultie los. 
Cha: Ward for the like los. 
W™ Williams dyer for the like 4s. 
Andrew Lewis for y^ like 4s. 
David Lewis for y= like 4s. 
James Richard for the like 4s. 


Excise office. 

ToF fferryman sup'vis' 4/. 

m'' sprat 3/ 6s. 

m'" Cley 3/ 6s. 

m"^ Morgan Rice los. 

Custome house office. 

m*" Rowland Davies 1/ los. 
m"" Jonathan Greenfeild 1/ lOs. 

1 1 



The tot' of this 


of this) 

129 . 17 

Raters names. 

Jon: Hamond 
Edward John 
J"o poughnell 
Arnold Lewis 

Com''s p''sent 

Will: Richards 
Tho: Williams 
W. Lambert 


B.M. Harl. MSS. 

595. 69d. No. 10. [c. 1558.] 
Bishop Kitchins Report of the Diocese of Llandaff. 

^~-"^^^^— -^ H E p'ochiall church of landaff hath two vicares viz. 

^M "^ John Singer clerke and myles Griffith clerke vv''^ 

^^^ \ one Chappell of ease belonging to the same 

^ — called Whitchurche w"^^ hath neyther christenyng 

nor buryall. 

The towne of cardyfe hath a parishe church called S'= maryes, 
w''' a chappell annexed to the same in the sayd towune called S'* 
Johns w"^^ hath christenyng and buriall as the parishe church hathe 
and one John pyll clerke bacheler in the Lawe Vicare there, and hath 
also a chappell of ease called Rothe w'howte christenyng or buryall. 

S' fagans. being a p'och' churche and Will'm Evans bacheler in 
the lawe p'son there, having a chappell of ease called llanellterne 
w'howte christenyng and buryall ; and is Resydent vpon |his sayd 

Porthkerye. being a p'och church and Will'm Wilkynes clerke 
p'son there having a chappell therevnto annexet called barry W^** 
hath a chappell annexed both chrystening & burying. 

Lanederne. being a p'och church and David Lewis clerke vicare 
there who serveth the same and is Resident at his vicarage of S«« 
melans in the said dioc : 

Cogan. being a p'och churche and John gebon clerke p'son there, 
who is Resident vpon his p'sonage and hath a chappell called laver- 
noke annexed who hathe bothe christenyng and buryinge. 

Penarth. being a p'och church and John gebon clerke p'son 
there who serveth both p'sonages. 

Lecw'h being a p'och church and S"" Lewis Adams Vicar there 
and hath a chappell annexed called landoghe who hath bothe christen- 
ynge and buriall as a parishe churche. 

Cayrey. being a p'och church, and hugh prichard curate there. 

Lanesen. being a p'och church and S'' morga' Gwine curate there. 

Liswayne. being a p'och churche and morga' Gwine curate there. 

Rader. being a p'och church and Lewis Johns curate there. 


Pentyrghe. being a p'och churche and David thomas vicare there. 

Llantoid maior. being a p'och churche and John philpote clerke 
vicare there and is Resident at his sayd vicarage, and hath a chappell 
annexed called Uiswronethe. Who hath christenyng and burying and 
other Deuyne s'vis as a parishe churche. 

Newporte. being a p'och church situated in the toune of newporte, 
being a market towne and John price clerke Vicare there and is 
Resydent, vpon his vicarage and hath a chappell of ease vnto it 
called bettowes w<=^ hath neyther christenynge nor buryinge. 

Marsfyld. beyi'g a p'och churche and John d'd clerke Vicare 
there and one harry mirike clerke curate there. 

S'^ melens. beyng a p'och churche, and David Lewis clerke vicare 
there and is Resydente vpon his vicarage. 

Rompneye. beyng a p'och churche and phelipp powell clerke 
Vicare there and is Resydente vpon his vicarage. 

[Coedcernyw had no minister. Llantilio Cressinny had a chapel 
called Penrose. Caerleon had a chapel called Capel Gwenog, without 
the town.] 

Anthony landaffe. 

To the Ryght honorables the Ducke of norfokes grace The Erie 
of penbroke my Lord Robert Dudley and mr. Secretary Cysyll, 
fowre of the Quenes ma'^ most honorable prevei cowncell theis be 
Delyvered w'*" speade. 

No. 2 in the same volume is a statement as to Vicarages and 
Curacies in the Counties of Monmouth and Glamorgan, 1603: — 

" Rumny Vic : The Impp.^ belongeth to the Chapter of BristoU, 
and is held by Katherine Morgan Widow; val. p. annu' xx/?. 

"Cardiff Vic: S* Johns and S' Maries. The Impp. is held by 
Anthony Maunsell Esquior vnder the Chapter of GlouC Val. p. 
Annu' cli Vic. val. Mi p. annu.' " 

(Pentyrch was held under the Chapter of Llandaff. 

Penarth was held under the Chapter of Bristol.) 

^ Impropriation, 


Add. MSS. 

604. No. 162. [circa 1580.) 

" The severalle f cells of the chaunterye 
Lands founded in Landnffe.'' 

TENi" w"' thappts. lyeing at Eley w"'in the Lord- 
ship of Llandaff" & 37a. meadow, late in the 
tenure of Lewis Morgan and "geven to the 
mayntenn'ce of an obite of Lewellyn ap 
Rymebolde w'hin the cathedrail churche of Landaffe." 
[Margin] "Llewellyn ap Rymebolds chaunterye." 
Certain lands, tenements, profits and hereditaments called 
"Thorn's lande lyeing neare kardifFe," and 2a. land and meadow 
"in the Moore of Eley," and i8«. land and meadow in the Lordship of 
Llandaff " w'='> M'' clement somtymes helde," in tenure of William 
Mathewe, "late belonging to the chaunterye founded in the cathedrail 
churche of Landaffe by Will'm Breus somtymes Bisshopp there." 
(Bishop Breos' Chantry.) 

All messuages, mills, lands, tenements, meadows, commons, 
waters, profits of " cowrte lete " and view of frankpledge, fines, rents, 
services &c, late belonging to "the late chaunterye or service of the 
blessed S' Mary founded in the said cathedrail churche of Landaffe." 

All messuages, mills, lands &c. &c. in tenure of Myles 
Mathewe, esq., and others, lately belonging to the chantry called 
David Mathew's Service, in Llandaff cathedral. 

" Instrucc'ons to be enquired of touching 
the Chaunteryes in Glamorganshier 
graunted to Thomas Morgan gent : 

ffirst whether the Lease was made to Thomas Morgan now dwel- 
linge at Landaffe, or to thother Thom's Morgan at this p'sent in ffraunce. 
This lease was made to Thomas Morgan 
of greyes in nowe dewlinge at Saint fagans 
w'*" a brother of his." 

[Other minute enquiries as to the nature and tenancy of the chantry 
lands, but nothing of special interest. The date seems to be circa 1 580.] 


Cardiff Library MS. 

"An exhortation vnto y* gouernours &■ 
people of her maiesiies cou'trie of Wales 
to labour earnestly to haue y' preachinge 
of y^ gospell planted amonge them." 

A Puritan sermon, written 1588, and addressed to the Earl of 
Pembroke, Lord President of Wales. 

" **~"^ — HAT it essentially belongeth vnto your callinge, to 
^m ^^\ see all w* in Wales taught by y* word preached, is 

^^^ J p'ued, by reason y' you ar gouernour over all 

^^ .... because y' all whosoeuer are vnder 

any mans Jurisdiction, ought to kepe y^ sabboth : so y' if any turke, 
papist or other pagan Idolatour remaine in any our cities or townes, 
he ought to be compelled to conforme himselfe to y^ outward seruice 
of y^ true god, or, expelled ; this is shewed by y^ practise of 

He exhorts the Lord President not to let another year pass over 
his head, until Wales of a daughter of wrath be made an heir of 

Addressing the Bishops, whom he stigmatises as " blind guides," 
the preacher says " let not y^ wicked papists haue any more cause to 
vpbraide y« ignorance of our people, as they haue done in y' 
pamphlet, we'' they threw abroad y^ last yeare, to seduce our simple 
people — ye confutatio' wherof (if legendary fables wherew' y' skroule 
is fraught, y^ translation of som p' of R. P.^ his resolution, of didacus 
Stella, dionisius Carthus.^ deserueth a confutatio') I shal publishe 
when y^ lord shal giue opertunitie." 

Abounds in violent abuse of Catholics and Anglicans alike, 
whom it calls " Idolatrous Popish dogges," &c. 

1 Robert Parsons, the famous Jesuit, author of " The Book of Resolution," the 
Welsh version of which has gone through many editions. 
* Denis MacCarthy, a Catholic priest. 


Cardiff Library. Phillips MS. 

[Square 8vo. paper vol. bound in vellum.j 

REUIAT w"" notes Conteyninge all the Lord- 
shippes and Manners within the Countie of 
Glamorgan," &c., "collectid & gatherid for 
the private vse of the gent" now atendinge 
vpon the Right Honf'able Henry Earle of Penbroke my good Lo: 
and Master. Anno Dni: 1596." 

Dedicated "To the worshipfuUe Thomas Morgan' Esquio'' 
Stewarde in house to the Right Hon'"able Henry Earle of Penbroke 
health and happines," by Rice Lewis, 

The Earle of Penbroke's descent. 
Justine Lo : of Glamorgan was 
father to Cradocke 
father to Meredyth 
father to Howell 
father to Lleyki 
Mother to Howell 
father to Howell vaughan 
father to ll'n vaughan 

father to Dauid gam, who because he was a little crooked man was 
called Dauid gam. [Note in margin:] Oiven glindur pulled owt on of 
his eyes & thereof called Gam.^ 
father to Gladis 

mother to William Earle of Pembroke 
father to Richard Herbert Esquio"" 
father to William Earle of Penbroke 
ffather to Henry nowe Earle of Pembroke that hath Cardif the 

whole Towne with all the Rights priviledges and lib'ties 

. with three milles (viz.) ij water grist milles, and on 

-^ tuckinge mille Turned by a p'te of the River of Taffe 

w';'' runeth vnder the walles of his Honors Castle and 
from the North p'te of the Towne to the South p'te. Where there is 

1 Of Ruperra, ul patet post. 

* This note is correct. Gam means one-eyed (French borgne.) 


a faire Key and a safe harborowe for Shippinge. The Towne is ruled 
by a Maio"" to be nominated by his Hono"" and ij bayeliffs yearely 
chosed of the sadest and gravest Alldermen of the said Towne. Yt 
hath ij p'ishe churches and one chappell (viz.) S' Maryes and S' Johnes 
and the chappell of S' Maryes, which standeth in Roth iij quarters of 
a mile out of the towne towardes the Northeast. Yt hath ij marketts 
weekly, satordaye & wensDaie and ij anuall fayres, viz. the first on 
S' Peeters Daye, and the other on o'" Ladyes daye here comonly 
called o"" ladyes daye in harvost. Her Ma''^ is Patron of the 
Vicaredge of all the iij churches and the valuac'on is xvij/j xjd. The 
River of TafFe springeth in the Northerne hills that 
p'te Glam'gan sheere from Brecknocke sheere, called 
Manach Deny as leland saith. Albeit as I take it the 
very head springeth out of a hill called bwlch y van in 
Brecknocke sheere and therehence runeth to chappell Nanty and 
receaveth in a Rylett from the west called Taffe vechan, and thence 
they runne together to Merthir Tydvill, vntill they meete the Kenon 
X miles before they meete clawthe constable, and after they meete 
cledwed and the ij Ronthnes, and then without any more Increase 
they runne vnder the redd castle to Whitchurch Uandaphe cardif, and 
so into the sea at Penarth pointe. 

Roth maner' 
Rothe wherein^ standeth his Ho :* Castle of Cardif vnited as it 
weare to the said Towne yet never the lesse out of the lib'ties of the 
same Lp :' was a Royal L :* before that ij p'cells there of were geven 
to the churche viz. the one to the Abbey of Teuxbury, and the other 
p'te to the Abbey of Kensam, Albeit it hath many free tenants that 
hould in knight service with demeasne lands and coppy hould for iij 

Spittell Maner 

Spittle butteth to the Towne of Cardif and was purchased by 

William late Earle of Pembroke of William Bawdrippe Esquio'' Yt 

hath free tenants leases and coppy houlds for iij lives, there is noe 

church for they belonge to the churches of Uandaphe and the afore- 

1 In the manor of Roath Dogfield. ^ Honour's. 

2 This word (Lordship) is superfluous. * Lordship. 


said chappell of Roth, and the Deane of Gloucester for the tyme 
beinge hath the tythinge sheafe of both L'ips, nowe holden by 
Anthony Maunxell Esquio"" for many Yeares yet to come. 

Cnstni' Cardiff. 

Here you maye note the said castle of Cardif was the cheefe 
dwellinge house of fittz Hamon, Yet it seemeth that the L'ps of Roth 
and Spittle was p'cell of the Inheritance of Yvor petitte lo : of S' 
genith longe after the conquest of fitz Hamon In as lardge maner as 
the said Earle nowe holdeth the same (viz.) from Castle Gurlasse or 
the confines of Brecknocke sheere w"='' conteyneth xviij miles even to 
lowe water marke a mile belowe Cardif. 

Lekwithe mane.r 

Leikwith standeth vpon the Weast p'te of the River of Ely 
within one mile of Cardif westwarde and hath free tenaunts leases 
coppy houlds, and customary lands and tenaunts to them and theire 
heires for ever. [Blank] is patron and the valuatione is \li. 

Cay re Maner 

Cayre butteth to the west p'te of Leckqueth and is distant from 
Cardif Westwarde ij miles, the tenants doe theire suite of coort at 
michellston' together with the tenaunts thereof thej' are free tenaunts 
and coppy houlders. 

Pentirgh butteth to thester p'te of Trewerne and hath like 
tenaunts [free and customary] and is Indifferent between the ma^kett 
of Cardif and Uantrissaint, and is distant from Cardif North northwest 
iij miles. The Deane and Chapter of llandaphe ar Patrons and the 
valuac'on is [blank ] 

Radir butteth to the South p'te of Pentirgh and hath free 
tenaunts customary tenaunts and leases. Cardif is the m'kett towne 
and is distant thence Northwest ij miles. [Blank] is patron and the 
valuac'on is viij/«' J5 ob. 


Whitchurch wherein standeth the redd castle butteth to thest 
p'te of Pentirghe and hath free tenants and leases, and hath Cardif 
theire m'kett and is distant thence right North ij miles. 

[Lavernock is church to Cosmeston Manor.] 

* * * 

The fflat holmes. 
The flatt Holmes stande opposite to the said [larnott] church 
w^hi J5 taken to be in the lib'ties of the Towne of Cardif,^ and it 
conteyneth Ixj acre of errabie and pasture lande and noe more, for I 
was p'sent when M"" Thomas wiseman esquio"" measured the same by 
the comaundem' of my Lo : and M"" 

His Honors fifishinge in the Rivers of Romney Taffe Eli [&c ] 
are very profitable by the yeare, for the fishinge only of Taffe hath 
been sett out for Yeares past at xxiiij/« p' annu' 

ward siluer. 

The Warde silver payde by gent, of Worshippe that hould theire 
landes in Knight S''vice vnder the castle of Cardif amounteth to 
vij/z \xd. ob. 

And as these Lo : before named are all in the lowe cuntreyes, so 
are the best p'te in that contrey, and all as finable landes as any other 
and so eu'y man knoweth. And you maye note that his bono'' is 
p''sently poss'ed of all such landes as any lo : of Glam'gan ever had 
* * * whereby you note p'ceave and knowe his Ho : to 

be the greatest lo : that ever owed landes in Glam'gan eyther before 
or after Justins tyme. And therefore I hartely wish, so that thesame 

' i.e., the Flat Holm. 
^ It is still so. 


might be without any offence to any that his Ho: had as greate 
Rights priviledges and lib'ties as his noble predecessors haue had 
there. ^ « « * 

S' Heineih subius. 
S' Heineth subtus or lowe S' heineth wherein standeth the 
redd castle, the cheefe house and dwellinge of Yvor petites and 
his p'decessors lo: of thesaid L'ip and of the L'ip of Kybur both 
before fitz Hamon's tyme and longe after * * » 

Red castle. 

This castle standeth in the side of a hill neere to the est side 
of the River of Taffe iij miles to the Northward of Cardif, and with 
in one mile and a halfe of the castle of carphilly, and xij miles to 
the Northwarde of Karphilly is Gurlasse Castle in the very confines 
betweene this county and Brecknocke shere all these in the Lo: 
of S' geneth supra and subtus and carphilly W^'' conteyneth the 
whole hundred of S' geneth aforesaid are his Lo: and hath free 
tenaunts and leases and in the hundred are v churches. 

The Earle of IVorcesiers descent. 

William Thomas knight 

ffather to William Earle of Penbroke 

ffather to William Earle of Huntingeton 

ffather to Elizabeth that maried Charles Somersett Ar: 

Mother to Henry Earle of Worcester 

ffather to William Earle of Worcester 

ffather to Edwarde nowe Earle of Worcester. 

1 The writer seems to be referring to the title and prerogatives of " Lord of 


S'' William Herbert of Swansey knight. 

S"" William Thomas knight 

father to William Earle of Penbroke 

ffather to Richard Herbert knight 

ffather to S"" George Herbert knight 

ffather to Mathew Herbert esquio"" 

ffather to S"" William Herbert knight that hath Roth Tewcisbury so 

called after the Lo: of Glam'gan had geeven that p'te of the manno"" 

of Roth to the Abbey of Tewisbury w^"^ was after the supp'"ssion 

purchased by S*" George Herbert knight And there this knight that 

nowis hath builded a sumptuous house yet called the ffriers. Yt 

hath no church for it standeth in the p'ishe of S' Maryes in 

Card if. 

Landoche Juxta Cardif cam to this gent, by Inheritance from his 
greate graunde mother who was doughter and sole heire to S"" 
Mathew Cradocke k: Yt hath free tenaunts demeanes and coppy 
houlds, and it is distant westwards from Cardif theire m'ket towne 
one mile. The Lorde is Patron and the valuac'on is iiij/i xviijj. ixaf. 

[Cogan, 3 miles from Cardiff. Freehold, demesne and copyhold 

Lanederne hath free tenaunts leases and coppy houldes in this 
L'ip standeth dringback M"" Edward Kemes esquic^ cheefe house 
called in the Brutishe^ tounge Kevenmabley. 

Games of Wenney. 

Listalabounte standeth within ij miles North east of cardif yt was 
some tyme S-" Raphe Maylowes landes yt hath free tenaunts and 
coppie houldes for iij lives. 

» This fanciful spelling was adopted in deference to the fable that Brutus founded 
the native line of kings. 


Mathew de Radyr. 

Thomas Mathew esquio"" maried Catherin doughter and sole heire 
of Morgan ll'n of the Radir esquio"" 

[4'h in descent from him is] Edmunde Mathew Esquio"" that hath 
Radyr wherein standeth theire cheefe Dwellinge house, that hath a 
lardge p'ke of fallowe deere, belonginge to yt hard by the house, with 
demeasnes and coppie hould landes for iij lives. The Lord is Patron 
and the valuac'on is [blank.] 

Landaphe and the castle of the same w':'' they held in flfee farme 
of the Buishop of Landaphe, and therein is the cathedrall church of 
Landaphe, standinge upon the River of Taffe. 

Mathewes of Landaphe. 

William Mathew esquio"" hath Landaphe wherein standeth his 
cheefe dwellinge house but as I take it yt is holden in Soccage of the 
Buishoppe of Landaphe for the tyme beinge. Yt hath lardge 
demeasne w'^'' butteth to the River of Taffe, from the house alongest 
the said River allmost Cardif bridge. 

Placesturton Joyneth to his demeasne of Landaphe, and butteth 
to the west p'te of Cardif bridge, and hath demeasne free tenaunts 
and coppy hould for iij lives but hath no church for it standeth in the 
p'ishe of Landaphe as the house doeth. 

Master Lewis of the Vann. 

Edward Lewis esquio"" that maried a doughter of Thomas Morgan 
of Tredigir esquio'' that hath Roth kensam a p'cell of the mannC of 
Roth geven by the Lo: of Glamorgan to the Abbey of Kensham, 
And after the sup''ssion purchased by Edwarde Lewis this gent, 
graundfather. Yt hath demeasne and coppy houlds by Indenture for 
iij lives and Joyneth to thest p'te of Cardif beinge the markett and 
p'ishe church. 



William Bawdrippe esquiC" father to Thomas Bawdrippe that 
maried a doughter of S-" John Ragland knight, ffather to William 
Bawdrip knight that maried a do: of M'ga' Gamedg esq"" 
ffather to Thomas that maried a doughter of xpofer Mathew Esquio"" 
ffather to William that maried a doughter of S"" Geo. Mathew knight 
ffather to Thomas that maried a doughter of Richard gwin esquio"" 
ffather to William that hath Adenfield nowe called West Penmarke 
[etc. and:] 

The Splott wherein this gent, hath builded a faire house neere 
Cardif and doeth nowe make the same his cheefe dwellingehouse but 
there as I take it he hath noe Lo: but holdeth thesame in Soccage 
vnder the Buishope of Landaphe for the tyme beinge. 

Nicholas Herbert esquire, brother to S"" William Herbert Knight 

S' ffagans wherein there is builded a very faire house, and hath 
there vnto lardge demeasnes and coppie hould landes. Yt is iij miles 
northwest from Cardif their m'kett towne. [Blank] is patron & the 
valuacion is xiiij/z X5. v^. Howe M"" Herbert hath these ij L'ps. 
[the other is llysvroneth] or in what Right he doeth enioye them 
thereof enquire. 

Old Title Deeds of the Corporation. 

[l6C!0 ] 

y,"'^ ""><J GIANT presentes et futuri q'd ego Johe's Wastell 
4^^^^^^| de Gardyff in Com' Glamorgan' gen' pro c'tis causis 
^^^iHI|| et considerac'o'ib's me sp'ialit'r moventib's. dedi 
k / concessi et hac p'nti charta mea confirmaui, Nich'o 

^ ^ ^ Wastell fratri meo totu' illud messuag' sive burgag' 
/ meu' cum uno gardin' ac om'ib's alijs p'tinen' iacen' 

et existen' apud Cardiff infra p'ochia b'te marie, 
inter quendam burgag' Pe'ri Lewes Ar' ex p'te boreali, quendam 


burgag' d'ne Regine ex p'te australi, muru Ville de Cardyff ex p'te 
orientali, et vicum p'd'c'e ville ex p'te occidental'. necnon unam 
Acram t're iacen' apud Southrew inter terr' charoli ffrowde ex p'te 
boreali et terr' Marmaduci Mathew ex p'tib's oriental' et austral', et 
alta via ex p'te occidental' ; ac etiam quarta p'tem uni's acre p'd'c'o 
Messuag' p'tinen' iacen' int' terr' J'h'is Tanner ex p'te austral', 
et terr' Joh'is Gascoyne ex p'te boreal', terr' Will'i Herb' ex p'te 
oriental', et alta viam ex p'te occidental'. Habend' et tenend' p'raissa 
p'd'c'a cum om'ib's et singulis suis p'tinen' quibuscunq' prefato Nich'o 
Wastell, hered' et Assign' suis imp'p'm de capit'li d'no feod' illius p' 
servicia inde prius debita et de iure consuet', ad propr' opus et usum 
ip'ius Nich'i hered' et Assign' suoru imp'pet'm Et ego vero prefatus 
Johe's et hered' mei p'dict' Messuag' sine burgag' cum om'ib's terr' et 
p'tinen' p'"d'c'is p^'fato Nich'o Wastell hered' et Assign' suis contra 
om'es gentes warrantizabim's et imp'p'm defendem^ p' p'^sentes In 
cui= rei Testimoniu huic p'nti charte mee sigillu meii apposui. Dat' 
primo die Octobris Anno regni d'n'e n're Elizabethe dei gra' Anglie 
ffrancie et hibernie Regine fidei defensoris &c Tricesimo nono. 

John Wastell. 

[Small parchment, seal missing. Endorsed] 
Sealyde & deliverede in the presentes of John Richarde : James 
Bevan : thomas Apthomas And others John Lewellin : Phillyp P P 
Prichards marke. 

Jn° Wastall to Nicholas Wastall of a house or Burgage & ^ o{ lands 
in S' Marys now Nathan Kenton' 


Know all men present and to come that I, John Wastell of 
Cardyff in the county of Glamorgan, gentleman, for certain causes 
and considerations me specially moving, have given, granted and by 
this my present charter have confirmed unto Nicholas Wastell, my 
brother. All that my messuage or burgage, with one garden and all 
the other appurtenances, lying and being at Cardiff, within the parish 
of Saint Mary, between a certain burgage of Piers Lewes, esquire, on 
the north, a certain burgage of our lady the Queen on the south, the 
wall of the Town of Cardiff on the east, and the street of the afore- 


said Town on the west. As also one acre of land lying at Southrew, 
between land of Charles Frowde on the north, and land of Marmaduke 
Mathew on the east and south, and the highway on the west. And 
also the fourth part of one acre belonging to the aforesaid messuage, 
lying between land of John Tanner on the south, and land of John 
Gascoyne on the north, land of William Herbert on the east, and the 
highway on the west. To Have and to hold the premises aforesaid, 
with all and singular their appurtenances whatsoever, unto the afore- 
said Nicholas Wastell, his heirs and assigns for ever, of the chief lord 
of that fee, by the services therefor previously due and of right 
accustomed, to the proper use and behoof of him the said Nicholas, 
his heirs and assigns for ever. And now I, the aforesaid John, and 
my heirs will warrant and for ever will defend against all men by 
these presents the aforesaid messuage or burgage, with all its lands 
and appurtenances aforesaid, unto the aforesaid Nicholas Wastell, his 
heirs and assigns. In Witness whereof unto this my present charter 
I have set my seal. Given on the first day of October in the thirty- 
ninth year of the reign of our lady Elizabeth, by the grace of God of 
England, France and Ireland Queen, Defender of the Faith, and so 


John Wastell. 


^— ^■^— --O ALL MEN to whom this present writting shall 
^ ""^ come knowe yea that we Elizabeth Hengod of 

^^ I Cardife in the County of Glamorgan wydowe 

— '^ ^ and John Hengod of Cardife aforesaid cordwayn"" 

do by these p-'sents for and in considerat'on of a great some of 
money to them payde give graunt bargaine and sell to John Collyns 
of Cardiflfe aforesaid cordwayner on messuage and a bake howse 
on courtelage and a garden therew* comonly used occupied or 
demysed Scituate Eyeing and being in Saint Jones streete within 
the towne of Cardiffe aforesaid now in the tenure or occupation of 
Christopher Hengod or his assignes or Rynald hughe meredythe 
[Executed on] the tviro and twentieth day of July in the yeares of 
the Raigne of our Sou'aigne Lord James by the grace of god Kinge of 
England Scotland fraunce and Ireland defendor of the faith &c. That 


is to saye of England fraunce and Ireland the fourth and of Scotland 
the nyne and thirtith. 

[Signed with the marks of Elizabeth and John Hengoyd, and 
sealed and delivered in the presence of Rees Robarts, Robart 
Watners, Edward Collins, Morgan David of Peterston, and Richard 

Endorsed, in a hand of circa 1690: " Poore's house neer S' 
Jn° Church." 

[This skin is in good preservation, but the seals are missing.] 



INDENTURE made the Seauenth daie of Nouember 
in the yeares of the raigne of oure soveraigne Lorde 
James by the grace of God of England Scotland 
ffraunce and Ireland Kinge Defender of the faieth &c 
videlicet of England ffraunce and Ireland the fower- 
tineth and of Scotland the fiftieth Betweene Marie Henburie of 
Cardiff in the countie of Glaingan widowe of the one p'tie And 
Nicholas Wastell of the same in the said countie gent of the other 
p'tie Witnesseth that the said Marie Henburie [Bargain, sale, enfeoff- 
ment and confirmation to Nicholas Wastell of] All that one Burgage 
or dwelling howse with a cou'tiladge and gardein thereunto adioynmge 
w'** thapp'tenncs. Scituat, lieinge & beinge w^'in the p'ishe of S' 
Maries in Cardiff afforesaid in the said coun' of Glamgan in a streett 
there called S' Maries streett neere to the well there, Betweene the 
lands nowe or late of Stephen ffrowde aldermn on the easte p'te, the 
landes nowe in the handes of Dewnes Thomas widowe on the Southe 
p'te the landes nowe or late in the handes of William Phillpott on the 
northe p'te and the street there called S' Maries streete afforesaide on 
the weste p'te. And allsoe all those landes overflowne by the Tides of 
Seaverne sea existinge, lieinge and beinge neere to the weste Moores 
of Cardiff in the said coun' together w'^ the fisheinge place or hinge 
in and uppon the same landes comonlie called Anny Butchors hynge, 
All w<='' receited pmisses came and discended to the said Marie 
Henbury from Res Wastell her late father deceased [Signed with 


the mark of Marie Henburie, sealed and delivered in the presence of 
" Henry Mathew late of Canton and nowe of Cardif," and of James 
Morgan and Arnold Keery, both of Landaff, Witnessed also by 
Arthur Lloyd and William Yeate.J 

[This is a very thin and fragile membrane, much torn. Seal 


"^ ^ ^ EdFFMENT dated 7 March 1617; John CoUines 
■■■■I of Cardiff Alderman, to James Gale of Cardiff 
■ y Alderman ; of " One Messuage or dwelling howse, 

^_^^B^^ one Bake howse, and a courtlage thereunto 

adioyninge with thapp'ten'ces, comonly called the 
Armory howse, lieing and being in S' Johnes street within the towne 
of Cardiff aforesaid in the said countie neere the parishe churche 
of S' Johnes there, betwine the lands of S"" Edward Lewis knight 
now or late in the hands of Thomas Morgan cordyner on the west 
parte the lands of William Herbert esquire on the northe p'te, and 
the said streete there called S' Johnes street on the easte and southe 
parts And alsoe one Garden with thapp'ten'ces lieing and being 
behinde the hayes, neere the towne wale of Cardiff aforesaid 
betwine the lands of the said James Gale, the lands of John Roberts, 
the lands in the hands of Harry Williams fisher, and a litle way 
there leadinge from Barrie lane towards the said Garden on all 
or some p'ts and sides thereof." Signed by John Collines and 
" Sealed and delivered w"' liurey and seisen executed upon the landes 
and tenements w^'in specified by the w"^in named John Collyns the 
tenth daye of Marche 1617 A° RR Jacobi Anglie &c. decimo quinto & 
Scotie lj'° in the presence of Henrie Hoare, Nicholas Hawkins, John 
Edwards, John Myllon, David X Lloyd, William W B Barker, 
Thomas T D David." 

"Theste Deeds cont' Adamell Hickmans houste giuen by m^ 
James Gale to the tounes goode." 

[This deed has the seal missing. The initial words "This 
Indenture " are ornamented with elegant drawings of leaves, in the 


Jacobean style; and, what is most remarkable, within the first letter 
appears the monogram I.H.S. and crosslet within a circle of rays — 
an emblem, at that date, of Popery in general and the Jesuits in 

4 June 1670. 

[One sheet of paper] 

ARGAIN and Sale by Christopher Wells, of 
Cardifife, cordwainer, to Cradock Wells, esquire, 
"now Senio"" Bayliffe of the said Towne of 
Cardiff [Reciting that] the said Cradock Wells 
and Arthur Yeomans, Esquire, Bayliffs of the said Towne of Cardiffe, 
the Aldermen of the said towne and Jonathan Greenfield & Phillip 
Coward, Common Atturneys of the said Towne, in & by one Inden- 
ture of Lease vnder the Comon Seale of the s** Towne, beareing date 
30 March last past, with the consent of the Burgesses of the said 
Towne did demise, grante and to farme lett & sett vnto the s'^ 
Christopher Wells All that Shoppe containeing Eight Windowes, 
called the Shambles, Eyeing & being under the Inner Hall of the said 
Towne of Cardifife, Betweene the Staires leadeing up to the s"^ Hall 
on the South p'te, the two Shopps in the Occupac'on of David Howell 
& Anne Greene widd' on the North parte, and the Streates there on 
the East & West sides ; And alsoe those two Gardens lyeing in 
Waste Lane, Abutting to the great Garden now in the hands of the 
s'^ Cradock Wells on the Weste p'te, the Streate on the Easte p'te, 
and the House & Garden of Anne Williams widd' lyeing betweene 
and adjoyneing to the North & South end of the s"^ two Gardens. 
Togeather with two plotts of Waste ground, the one adjoyneing to 
the East Gate on the South parte, the flfriers Wall on the North parte, 
the Towne Wall on the Weste p'te, and the Streate there on the East 
parte thereof; The other Plott lyeing w*out the North Gate, from the 
Waste lands appointed for the Inhabitants of the s<i Towne to lay 
downe their dirt & dounghills, twenty four yeards in Length & in 
bredth from the high way to the Moteside there; In as large & ample 
maiier as all the p''misses afores<^ then were built or inclosed [&c] w"* 
all and singular thapp'tenn'ces, Scittuated in the s<^ Towne & p^cinctes 


thereof & belonging to the said Towne." To Have and to Hold &c 
unto the said Christopher Wells, his executors &c, for 99 years, at 
the rent expressed in the said Indenture of Lease. It is Witnessed 
that the said Christopher Wells doth assign the premises unto the 
said Cradock Wells, for the remainder of the said term, &c. 

Chr. Wells (l.s.) 

Witnessed by 

Alexander Pursell. 
Will. Thomas. 

Oval armorial seal : Barry nebuly of six. Crest, a lion statant. 
Esquire's helmet and mantlings. 

"Christopher Wells his Asignement on the Shambols and other 
things Contayned in y^ lease." 

Cardiff Museum. 

temp. Jac. I. circa 1620. 
[Paper writing, in bad condition.] 

'"— ^ — —HE Statute for the ordinance for Wales w'^'' is the 
^V \ cheefe guide for abolisheing and taking awaye of 

^1 I many Welsh customes and payem'^ vsid in Wales 

^' .^ and erecteth new payments vpon Wales speketh 

nothing for the establishing or erecting of this payment of Impost 
and yett we maye not intend that the Lawe makers were Ignorant or 
did not foresee the non paym' of this Impost in Wales for that there is 
matters of much lesse momment tretid and remembred there. The 
paym' of subsidyes (w'^'' neu"" was in Wales before) is there newly 
raysed and the paym' of xv^"® w'^'' all England payed omitted. 

There is also a custome callid the redemption of sessions w*^^ 
Wales only (but England never) paid, remitted and another custome 
callid mises w'^'' Wales only yeldeth and England payeth not, con- 
tinuid vpon the Inhabitantes of Wales, 


This custom of Impost haue formerly ben leasid by the late 
Queene Elizabeth to Robert carle of lecester and after him to 
Ambrose erle of warwycke his brother and thirdly to Robert Late 
earle of essex ech of w<='* great Noblemen and favorites of the tyme 
haue atempted suytes against diu'se m'chants of Wales who haue 
appered and vpon their apparance haue dischardged them selues and 
ben freed from paym' thereof w'^'* doubtlesse if lawe wold haue ben 
on their side had not lost yt, so that hetherto the poore contrey eu'r 
seethens yt hath ben callid Wales hath ben freed from this paym' 
though many poore men much trublyd therefore. 

The cheefest reson that hath .... gid f 

Wales, as hath ben said for the same to saue [struck out] . . . 
the paym' thereof, is the paym' of mises in Wales W^** England payeth 
not w'^'' is a great some of money certes and not aite . . . . e payablie 
at the charge of the king or prince at his first cominge and the order 
at y^ cessing of the same hath ben vsed, that when the comission 
Cometh fourth of the exchequer the comissioners sweare a Jury w'hin 
certen Lymyttes who make their presentments in writinge there of to 
the comission's in nature of a grante. but yett the some is anciently 
knowen what some each Lordshippe payeth, w'^'* bills of presentm' I 
haue seene after the death of Henry the viij and king Edward and 
many are^ yett extant w'^^ bills and grante of mises ar made condi- 
cionall that they ma3'e haue their Ancient customs allowyd, emonge 
w*^** they take this custom of non payeinge Impost and to be free from 
xyens to be the cheefest. 

Impost as m"" Canon saieth was first raised by waye of Imposicion 
in Queene Marryes tyme qiteir de hoc if yt be so very like seeinge yt 
hath not ben eu'r seethens paid in Wales that then presently yt was 
defifendid and yt might be well w'^'stoode that in respect of the mises 
\ych eu'y sheire in Wales paieth to the kinge in respect to all their 
Ancient customes allowid them that this at that tyme was also for 
borne in lue thereof as yt comonly is now reported of all men for the 
customes w<='' theie demaund are not Agendo but in exemptione as 
appereth by so many as ys specifyed in the bills of graunting the 
mises as to haue halfe a yeres rent free, blank bookes and toles and 

1 Qiia're : Mary and. 

















all Other customes so that they challendg by their customes to be 
freeed from payeing that other do paye and this custome may well 
hold in new Imposic'ons to clayme not to paye any new Imposic'ons 
but W^** of Anciente tyme they haue ysed. and yt most be to be freeed 
from dueties to the king for y' the mises is paied to the king. 

Rees Ricard the elder was bound for his app'ance in london 
yeeres seethens to Aunswere this matter and in lue of payeing this 
mises he was discharged. 

M"" Water Philpine was also bond to Answere this matter in 
Michaellmas [Sessions de anno Jacobt] Regs iif at w'='» tyme he had 
from me & vnder my [hand copies] of the bills of p'sentm* wherein 
ys men'conid y' they grante the myses condic'onally to haue their 
customes allowyd them and vpon shewing that he was dischardged by 
the Lord tresurer and kings solicitor from payeing any Impost. 

Yt were goode to Laie Downe in the bills of p'sentm* wordes to 
Include this freedome from Impost as to saye condicionally to haue 
their Ancient customes allowid as to be rent free half ayeere blank 
bookes and also to be exempt and free from all new Imposic'ons as 
Impost of wynes and such other like never paied before. 

Against the paying of 
Impost for wj'nes. 

Cardiff Free Library. Phillips MSS. 26464. 

[Paper roll, 17th century, beautifully written.] 

Magnae Baroniae Waliae cum eorum 
membris et Maneriis sibi subditis. 

Sowth Walia. 

OLAMORGAN Dominiu parochias 99. 
[Azure, a lion passant guardant argent, langued 
and unguled gules.] 
Castrii^ et villa de Cardiflfe cap' Baronie. Castrii 
de llanblethian et villa de Cowbridg. Castrum et Villa de Neath. 

^ In the original the names of the manors are arranged one under the other, with 
a bracket down the right-hand margin. The brief statement as to the character of 
each set of manors is written outside the middle point of the bracket. To follow this 
style would have taken up an undue share of our space. 


Castrum et Villa de llantrissent. Castrum et Villa de Kinffig. 
Castrum et Villa de Aberavan. All borough townes and members of 
the Lp. of Glamorgan. 

Roth manerium. Lekwith maneriil. S' Georges maneriu. Michell- 
ston. Neewcastle. Lan maryes. Boverton. Llantwyd. Lanblithan. 
Cloine. Trewerne. Pentyrch. Radir. Whitchurch. Coston. Seyng- 
henyth. Miskin. Tir yarlh. Neath maneriu. Avan Wallia. All 
severall manors & parcell and members of Glamorgan & Lp. of 

ffun y moon maneriu. Penmark maneriu. Lancadel. Coom 
kedy. Barry. Castle towne. S' Denotts. Lanfe. Merthyr mawr. 
Lanvaes. Syllye. Orcharde. Landoche. Cantleston. Llanedern. 
Laleston. Pile. Horgro. Aberkynfigg. Neewcastle. Coytie. 
Coytychurch. Coort Colman. Lanharye. Cowleston. S' Maries. 
Landoghe. Eglosbrewys. Talagarn. Caerwigen. Lystalybont. 
S' Brides. S' Hillarye. Lantrithid. Mercrosse. Pitcot. fflem- 
mynston. Osmund ashe. Llanvihangell. Tithegston. Legh castle. 
Moulton. Lidmester. Brigan. S' Nicholas. Bowleston. Landow. 
lantrithyd. Lyswrney. Sunt seperalia Maneria tent' de Castro de 
Cardiff vt caput Glamorgan. ^ 

Civil War Memoranda 

1644 — 8. 
From a MS. among the Fonmon Castle muniments. 

'~~-^^^^— "^ H E first Governor of Cardiff for the King, during the 
^m ^\ war between Charles I. and his Parliament, was 

^^^^J Sir Anthony Maunsell (or Mansell) of Margham. 

^- He was killed in the battle of Newbury. To him 

succeeded : 

William Mayow of Saint Fagan's, who was succeeded by : 
Sir Nicholas Kemys, bart., afterwards slain at Chepstow Castle. 
When General Gerrard was appointed Governor of South Wales 
for the King, in the spring of 1644, Kemys laid down his command of 

' Are separate manors holden of the Castle of Cardiff as head of Glamorgan. 


Cardiff, and Gerrard appointed Sir Thomas Tyrrell Governor of that 

After the fatal battle of Naseby the King withdrew into South 
Wales, and was at Cardiff in the month of July 1645. Of his 
proceedings there and in the neighbourhood I can give you the 
following diary : — 

Thursday July 16''' 1645. The King came from Ragland,* 
accompanied by 2 Troops of Horse and by the Duke of Richmond, 
the Earls of Lindsey, Lichfield and Carnwath, Lords Digby and 
Bellasis. On their way they dined at Tredegar, Sir William 
Morgan's,^ and arrived that night at Cardiff to Supper. 

On Saturday July 19"^ the King returned to Tredegar, and there 
passed the night, and on the day following went back to Ragland. 

On Thursday July 2g^^ the King came again to Cardiff from 
Ruperra, Sir Philip Morgan's. On the same day he went to the 
rendezvous of the Countrymen and Inhabitants of Glamorganshire, 
at Kevenon. In Sir Edward Walker's Historical Discourses, and 
in Clarendon's History of the Rebellion, may be seen the particulars 
and result of the Conferences that then took place. The King 
remained at Cardiff seven days. 

On July 31^' he knighted his Cornet, Sir John Walpoole, in the 
Castle of Cardiff. 

On Tuesday, August 5"^ he marched over the Mountains to 

It was probably owing to something connected with the un- 
popularity of Gerrard and his adherents, and because, moreover, 
the men of Glamorganshire stipulated to have a gentleman of that 
county to fill the post of Governor of Cardiff, that Charles at his 
departure displaced Tyrell and appointed in his room Sir Richard 
Bassett, knight, of the Beaupre. The following is a copy of his 
Commission : — 

"Charles &c. To Our trusty &c. Greeting. Whereas 
" Wee have thought fitt, for the better defence and security 
" of Our Towne of Cardiff in y^ County of Glamorgan, to 

J Raglan Castle was the last stronghold on the island of Great Britain which 
held out for the King. It was defended by the gallant old Marquess of Worcester. 
^ Lord Tredegar's ancestor in a female line. 


" place and continue therein a Garrison with such Forces 
"as may at all times be able to defend the same and the 
"Country adjacent from the Trayterous attempts & pro- 
"ceedings of any forces now or hereafter in actuall 
" Rebellion against Us, or bearing Armes without Our 
"Authority, as likewise ag' the Invasion of the Scotts, 
" who are near the County with a powerful Army ; Wee,' 
"therefore, trusting in your fidelity, diligence & great 
"experience in Military Affaires, Doe by these p^sents 
" name, ordeyne, constitute & appoynt you to bee Governor 
"and Comander in Chiefe of all such Forces as already are 
"or hereafter shall be brought into the said Towne for the 
"defence thereof; Willing & Comanding all Officers & 
" Souldiers of the same you to accept, receive and observe 
"as their Governor & Comander in Chiefe, & to obey such 
"Orders and directions as you shall from tyme to tyme 
"give them for Our service; As also the Mayor and Inhabi- 
" tants of the said Towne, y^ Sheriffe of Our said County, 
" all Bayliffes, Constables & other Our Officers, Ministers 
"& loveing subiects, to bee obedient, helping & assisting to 
"you in anything that may concerne Our service & the 
" good & security of that Towne & Garrison therein. And 
" in case any siedge, assault or attempt shall be made 
"against the said Town or Garrison therein. We do hereby 
"require and authorise you w"^ all the power you can make 
"to resist & oppose such attempt, and to kill and slay all 
" such as shall rebeliiously & Trayterously disturb the 
"Peace & security of that Our Towne & Garrison therein; 
"& you to defend, keep &: p'"serve the same for Our use. 
"And further you are from tyme to tyme to obey such 
" orders & directions as you may or shall receive from Our 
"Selfe Our &c. Pr: Cha: Our &c. P: Rupert and the L^ 
"Asteley, L' G. Comander in Chiefe, And in all things to 
"governe your selfe as unto your duty & place of Governor 
"of y<^ said Towne & Garrison therein doth of right 
"apperteyne & belong. Given at Cardiffe 6 August 1645. 
"S-- Rich: Bassett for Cardiffe Town & Castle."' 

1 From the original draft, MSS. Harl. 6852. 


It appears from the date of this Commission that it was not 
issued till the day after the King's departure, which undoubtedly 
took place on the 5"^ of August. He never made his appearance at 
Cardiflf again. ' 

Sir Richard Bassett continued in his post of Governor little 
more than a month, and was then dispossessed by the Parliament, 
and Richard Pritchard, esq. (or perhaps Edward Pritchard, esq., 
of Lancayo) came in his stead. The latter probably continued in 
this office till the war was ended. Many particulars of what 
occurred at Cardiff and in the neighbourhood, till after the battle 
of Saint Pagan's, are given in the following extracts from the 
Parliamentary paper, The Weekly Diurnall : — 

Extracts from " The perfect Diurnall,''' 1645. 

Saturday, August 2nd. The King, we heare, still continues 
about CardifFe in Wales. 

Thursday, Sepf 25. We had this day more singular good newes 
from Wales. It was, that the Glamorganshire men, who had declared 
themselves unanimously for the Parliament, have taken the Castle of 
Cardiffe, a place of singular concernment as any in Wales. The 
Governor, Sir Richard Bassett, marched thence with 200 men, and 
left in the Castle 16 piece of ordnance, betweene three and four 
hundred Armes, ten Barrells of powder and other ammunition, and 

Monday, November 17. Letters were read in the house of the 
prosperous proceedings of our forces in Wales, that the Glamorgan- 
shire forces joyning with a party of Major Generall Laughorne's, to 
assist the well affected in Brecknockshire, have in severall bickerings 
defeated 2000 of the Enemyes, and keep Gen. Stradling from any 
recruits. That the Governour of Cardiffe hath likewise defeated 
another party raised by Master John Herbert, the great Array man, 
and that in most parts of Wales the Welch generally fall off from the 
King and declare themselves for the Parliament. As also that 
Ragland Castle, now blocked up, ('tis hoped) will be reduced 

1 It was from Cardiff that the King dated his fateful letter to the Earl of 
Glamorgan (son of the Marquess of Worcester) empowering him to treat with the 
Irish Catholics. 


An Order was made that Bushy Mansfield* Esq''^ should have the 
command of the forces in Glamorganshire, and the Committee of both 
Kingdoms were to grant him a Commission accordingly. 

The like Order was made that Richard Pritchard Esquire should 
be Governor of Cardiffe, and Philip Jones Esquire Governour of 
Swansey, in Glamorganshire. 

Tuesday, February 17, 1645-6. We heard of a revolt of some 
part of South Wales, in Glamorganshire, occasioned by the perfidious- 
nesse of Colonel Kerne, appointed by the Parliament High Sheriffe 
of that County, and that they had taken Swansey and laid siege to 
Cardiffe ; but Major Generall Skipton hath sent some provisions to 
Cardiffe, whereby we doubt not they will be able to hould out ; and 
there are 500 horse from Gloucester, another party from Bristoll, 
besides 1500 horse & foot from Major Generall Laughorne, gone to 
their reliefe. 

Monday, Feby. 2^^ From Oxford thus : — The King, Duke of 
York, Rupert and Maurice are yet there, but preparing to remove. 
All their horse and foot are drawn out to Woodstocke, where they 
keepe their head Quarters, intending ('tis said) for Worcester, or 
rather for Wales, to joyne with the revolting party at Cardiffe. 

Tuesday, Feby. 24. This day out of Wales wee had Intelligence 
of a notable defeate given to the Enemys forces, and Kerne the 
perfidious high Sheriffe of Glamorganshire, that had taken Cardiffe 
town and besieged our Forces in the Castle. The particulars are 
fully related by this ensuing Letter from an eminent Commander in 
Bristoll &c : — 

" Sir, 

" I now came from the Governor, Major Generall 
" Skippon. Whilst I was with him, in came a man (with 
"six Gentlemen of Glamorganshire that fled hither) with 
"a letter, which intimates thus much, that Cardiffe is re- 
" taken, for it was taken by the Enemy and Clubmen (since 
"my last), and many other strange passages are in the 
"letter. The Governour, Colonell Pritchard, and Colonell 
" Leyton, who have been some time of the plimouth regi- 
"ment, betooke themselves to the Castle, with their Forces, 

' Bussy Mansel. 


"and kept that. The Vice Admiral on Munday last made a 
"sight of the Castle and shot six pieces to let them know in 
"that time they should have reliefe ; which was performed 
" by Major Generall Laughorne, Sir Trevor Williams^ and 
"Colonell Morgan. The Messenger saith that they had a 
" very bloody fight, but assures the Governour that we 
" routed Sir Charles Kemish of Ragland and all his, and 
"that there are not 140 of them left upon ralley, nor those 
"likely to get to Ragland, for Colonell Morgan is fallen 
" betweene them and home. We expect the particulars every 
"houre, but the waters are very high here and at Oast^ (the 
" passage). Since this Messenger, whilst I was with the 
" Governour, in came Captain Bowen, one of the Captaines 
"of the Governours regiment, belonging to the new modell 
" taken three weeks since (and a Lieutenant) by Ragland. 
"They demand Captain Kettleby for the one and Mr. 
" Herbert for the other. There is one Morgan, a Jesuit, 
" prisoner also, who was sent from Cardiffe before the 
" revolt. I hope that the Welsh that have acted in it will 
" pay for their treachery. Sir, I am, 

" Yours affectionately to serve you, 

"From my Quarters at Bristol this Friday night, Feby. 19, 
" 1645." 

Friday, Feby. 27. There came this day letters to the Committee 
of both Kingdoms and to the House of Commons, from Major Generall 
Laughorne, in confirmation of the great defeat given to the revolting 
enemy at Cardiffe in Wales, the particulars of which you have already 
but not so fully. There were 200 killed and 800 taken prisoners, 
great stores of Armes and all their Bag and Baggage, and that which 
makes the successe more eminent is, that the enemies designe of 
recruiting in Wales, will be hereby frustrate ; and the Kings horse 
from Oxford that were intended to joyn with that party are now 
nonplust, and the like we hope of frustrating the designe of the Irish 
Landing; and after the reading of the said Letter The House Ordered 

^ Of Llaiigibby, Monmouthshire. 
' Aust, Gloucestershire. 


That Thursday the 12th of March instant having been appointed 
a day of thanksgiving throughout London and Westminster, for the 
victory of Torington, thankes should be likewise returned for this 
great Victory also. 

Monday, March 2. The confirmation of the gallant successe of 
Major Generall Laughorne against the Enemy at Cardiffe you have 
had already and we will add only this : according to Major Generall 
Laughorne's letter there were killed of the Enemies about 250, 
800 taken prisoners, whereof 2 Lieutenant Colonells, 2 Majors, 10 
Captaines, 10 Lieutenantes, divers Ensignes and other inferior 

1646 — 7. 

When the Parliament were reducing their Garrisons and dis- 
mantling a great number of fortified places, 100 Foot were ordered 
to be continued at Cardiff, and the Governor of the Town and Castle 
to be continued. {Perfect Diurnal/, March i — 25.) 

June 22, 1647. 

20 Barrels of powder, match and Bullet proportionable for the 
supply of Cardiff Castle. 


Poyer and Laugharne turned to the King. 

Wednesday, May 10. From South Wales thus :—" The Welch 
marched towards Cardiffe; but Col. Horton possessed himself of 
Landaff, Eilie' and S' Fagans, all within three miles of Cardiff, and 
kept all the bridges and passes; five Troupes were sent from the 
English to Scoute, who gave alarme in the Welsh Army and beate 
up some of the Quarters. An engagement is hourly expected. The 
next day, both Armies faced each other within a Mile, the Welch 
neere Cotterell, Miles Button's house on the hill, the guards within 
a quarter of a Mile of each other." 

1 Ely. 


Thursday, May 11. This day came the Welcome newes from 
CqI Horton of routing the Welsh forces with Major General 
Laugharne and Co^ Powell neare Cardiffe. The particulars were 
certified to the house of Commons by Major Bethell, and also in a 
Letter from Col. Horton. The relation is briefly thus : — 

Monday last, May 8, at nine o'clock, the Welsh were discovered 
marching to an hill within halfe a mile from S' Fagans. Co' Horton 
discovered them and drew to another hill within half a mile of them. 
Col. Butler drew out 500 horse to fall upon the English reare. 
Lieut. Godfrey, Ueut. to Major Bethell, and Captain Mercer, with 
a party of horse, disputed at a passe with them and worsted them. 
Horse and foot relieved the Welsh forlorne, and horse the English. 
The Welsh were routed before the foote got up ; then parties fought, 
and after the whole bodies. The Welsh, commanded by Major 
Generall Laughorne, were totally routed ; said to be neere 8,000 
and above halfe armed, the rest Club men. The English were 
betweene two and 3,000 horse and foot. 

Major Generall Laughorne wounded, who with Col. Powell is 
fled. Taken prisoners : Major Gen. John Stradling, also Laughorne's 
Quarter-Master General, Commissary Generall, Col. Harris, Cap' 
Button, Cap' Matthewes, and twenty six Captaines more, 150 Officers 
and 3000 Soldiers, many Colours and armes, and are still pursuing, 
and not ten in a company known to be any where, but such as fled 
to Garrisons. 

The Letter from Col. Horton to the house concerning the 
defeat being but Short, for better satisfaction we will give you as 
followeth : — 

" Sir, 

"After many tedious, hungry and wet marches over 
" the steep and craggy mountaines, it pleased God that 
"we were engaged with the Enemy (who accounted them- 
" selves eight thousand horse and Foot) upon Monday 
"morning, the eighth of this instant, between S' Fagan's 
" and Peterstown ; where, after a sharpe dispute for neare 
"two hours, it pleased the Lord mightily to appeare for 
" us in giving the enemy a totall rout, the perticulars thereof 
"I shall within short time at large present you with. 
"There are many slaine of the Enemy upon the place, and 


" in the pursuit for seven miles. We cannot yet heare of 
"one of our Officers slaine, and but few of the Soldiers, 
" but we lost many horses. I guess the prisoners that are 
"taken to be three thousand. We have taken all their 
" Foot, Armes and ammunition, which is good store. Major 
"Gen. Stradling is taken, with many Officers and Gentle- 
"men, and many colours. It pleased God wonderfully to 
"strengthen and raise up the Spirits of our Officers and 
" Soldiers. Our word was ' God is our strength,' and truly 
"we found him so to be; and desire the sole glory may 
"be given to him, and ourselves looked upon as weak 
" instruments in his hands, and amongst whom as I am, so 
" I desire to be accounted, who am. Sir, 

"Your most humble and faithfull servant, 

"Tho. Horton. 

" In the field. 

"May 8, 1648. 
" I have sent Major Bethel and Captaine Mercer to give the 
" Honourable Houses a more full account of this daye's 

To Major Bethel 150^., Captain Mercer 100^., for bringing 
this good news. Wednesday to be a Day of Thanksgiving for this 
great Victory for London, Westminster and the Liberties thereof. 
Wednesday three weeks for the whole Kingdom. The Lands 
formerly given to Major Gen. Laughorn, and 100/. per ann. of 
such delinquents as were in this fight, to be sold and the proceeds 
given to Col. Horton, his Officers and Soldiers, for this great service. 

A Committee appointed to consider how the Welsh prisoners 
should be disposed of. 

Friday, May 12, Commission of Oyer and Terminer to be 
issued for the Trial of the Rioters in Wales. M"" Elbonhead and 
M"" Parker to be sent down to manage the business against them. 
His Excellency the Lord Generall to send for the Officers and Chief 
prisoners, and try them by a Council of War according to the articles 
of War, that so Justice may be executed upon them for prevention of 
the like in future. 


Saturday, May 13. Prisoners taken and in custody: 25 Majors 
and Captaines, 32 Lieutenants, 27 Ensigns, 10 private Gentlemen and 
above 2,000 private Souldiers. 

Wednesday, May 17. Tiianksgiving day in London. Captain 
Nicholas brought letters from Col. Horton and was rewarded with 
_;^ioo for bringing confirmation of this great Victory. 

It is mentioned in the Diumall of this day, in a letter dated 
Chepstow, May 1 5 : — 

" The Lieutenant Generall with his owne and Colonel Thorn- 
laughs' regiments of horse. Colonel Pride's and Colonel Dean's of 
foot, are marching for Pembrokeshire and will to-morrow night have 
his head quarters at Cardiff." (This was when Oliver Cromwell was 
marching against Poyer.) 

Wednesday, May 24. From South Wales, May 22, came an 
Expresse, that the Officers taken in the last defeat there are put 
aboard Vice Admiral Crowther, to be tried at the head Quarters : 
Major Gen. Stradling, Major Phillips, Cap. Tho. Matthews, Cap. 
Wil. Button, M"" Miles Matthews, Lieut. Col. Hopkin Potkins,^ 
Lieut. Col. Tho. Morgan, Col. Arthur Harris, Cap. Edward Walker, 
Cap. Richard Craddock, Lieut. Col. Thomas. At a Councell of War 
foure were condemned, and after shot to Death ; one hanged, seven 
condemned not yet executed. 

Thursday, May 25. 240 of the Welshmen (batchelors) which 
were taken prisoners, are sent to Barbadoes ; 3 shot to death at 
Cardiff, one of them Cap' Barkley. 

Cardiff Free Library. Phillips MSS. 21183. 

Collection of Privy Council Letters, &c., with some printed 
documents, relating to Wales. 

[Rare broadside, printed on two folios.] 

"Short Memorandums upon the Deaths of M-" Philip Evans, and 
W John Lloyd, both Priests, who were Executed at Cardiff m 
Glamorganshire, the 22th. day of July, 1679." 

1 Hopkin Popkin of Trefforest, 


The first page and a quarter is taken up with an abridgment of 
the Catholic report of the executions, as afterwards printed in Bishop 
Challoner's " Memoirs of Missionary Priests." Then comes the 
following : — 

Some Notes for a Comment on the foregoing 
Piece of Popish Martyrology. 

OBSERVE, how Industrious this restless Traiterous 
Party is, to keep up their Damnable Cause ; Not 
one of their Villanous Priests shall pass the 
Gallows, but he shall have a Speech Forged for 
him, fill'd with the best and most Taking words 
that can be Invented, and this Printed to proclaim him a Saint as well 
as a Martyr : Though in truth he liv'd a Cheat and a Ruffian, and died 
a Traitor and an Atheist. The Priest has done them Knight Service, 
what Swarms of Pamphlets do they daily throw abroad, and who 
almost Endeavours either to Suppress or Answer them, when their 
Compendium of the Tryals came abroad abusing the Kings Evidence 
in the Grossest manner imaginable, and Endeavouring to Poison the 
People with a Disbelief of the Plot.^ Thereby most insolently giving 
the Lie to his Sacred Majesty and the Wisdom of our Parliaments, 
and Vilifying not only our Courts of Judicature, but also two 
Reverend Fathers of our Church,^ where was then that Doughty Man 
of the Dead-doing Quill with his Terrible Canon, He that boasts That 
where-ever his Genius tell him that his Pen may be any way useful 
to the Publick, he can no longer forbear ; Was not here a fair 
Opportunity to Exercise his Talents, to Chastize this Uncircumcized 
Philistian, sure here if ever his Pen might have been useful to Publick, 
yet for all this, though in part Provoked by a Reflection in the 
Preface to the said Compendium, yet still, he stirred not a Finger, 
who since has been Wretchedly Busy in Scribbling Dialogues and 
Back-stroke Complements against Presbyterians, and Dr. Oats ; But 
alas ! The Gentleman was then perhaps at his Old Profession of the 
Merry Crowd, or the Studying the Mystery of Monkey-making, which 
he has since so Laudably Practised. 

1 Titus Gates' " Plot." ^ Oates aud Bedloe 1 


2. Note, That the subtle Contriver would fain Insinuate 
Tortures or Harsh Usage, by that Foolish Lie That " the Smith 
was above an hour in taking off Evans's Irons ;" As if it were unusual 
to keep Traitors for their safe Custody in Fetters, but tell us pray 
how you use poor Protestants, when they [sic] have caught them in 
their Barbarous Inquisition ? 

3. " He kissed the Post of the Gallows." Is not the Gibbet, 
think you, sanctified by this holy Martyr's kiss ? we shall have it 
stoUen away shortly, and sent to Rome to make Relicks of. 

4. The dying Father begins his Harangue with a Lie ; That 
" their Sentence of Condemnation shews that they died for no other 
Crime, but for being Priests;"^ for they were Condemned for being 
Traytors ; and that most justly, for being the Kings natural born 
Subjects, they had gone beyond the Seas in defiance to his Laws, and 
there sworn Allegiance to a Foreign Enemy ; and again, in Contempt 
of Law, were returned, and did dayly justifie, and by Preaching and 
Practise maintain the Authority and Jurisdiction of such Foreign 
Usurpers within his Majesties Dominions, which is in eff'ect an 
Invading of his Kingdoms and Sovereignty, and Deposing and Over- 
throwing of his Crown and Dignity. And who can doubt whether 
doing all this be Treason ? yet still these Villains make an Outcry 
that they die for their Religion. 

5. The truth is, we may justly say, that not only Popish Priests, 
but every Papist in England (that is the King's Natural-born Subject) 
is a Traytor ; for owning himself to be of the Church of Rome, he 
must hold that the Pope has right to some spiritual Jurisdiction within 
our Kings Dominions ; which to affirm, is to take away part of his 
Imperial Crown ; and as 'tis against all Truth, so by the Laws of this 
Realm it is Treason. Yet this is the party which boasts so much of 
their Loyalty, when in truth, they are every one of them in their 
Principles Dogmatical Traytors; nor will they ever fail to put the 
same into Act and Practice longer than only whilst they want strength 
and opportunity. 

6. He hopes " No body will doubt of what he says." But the 
Scripture tells us. The Hope of the Hypocrite shall perish. We are 
too well acquainted with their dying Lies, to believe them. We 

1 See the Indictments, Vol. II., p. 175. 


remember Father Ireland, who took it upon his Death, that he was 
never in London between the 5th. of August, and the 14th. of 
Septemb. which is proved a notorious Lie, not only by M"" Jennison 
and others, but also under his own hand, in his Pocket-Book since 

7. He says, " He does not know that ever he had any Enemies 
in his Life." Sure this Father was the Phenix of the Age ! Not so 
much as one Enemy Man, and yet a Captain ! Surely, surely, he had 
learned to be an Enemy, if not to have one ; for undoubtedly his 
threatning treacherously to Pistol M'' Arnold,^ was no sign of 

8. Whereas he says, " The Gallows is the best Pulpit that can 
be had to Preach in:" I readily agree with him, that it is for such 
Divines as himself. For what his Divinity was, appears by the next 
words; He is for "purchasing Everlasting Life with an Halter," his 
own small pain he reckons a sufficient price for it, and so never 
speaks a word of the merits or satisfaction of Jesus Christ. 

9. When he desires the people to " pray for him," he is very 
Civil in promising to return the Complement and pray for them again, 
when he should have blundered through Purgatory : This looks like 
an ambitious Rogues trick, to bespeak beforehand the veneration and 
prayers of his silly tribe : that they may put him in mind of his 
promise, and to the end he (forsooth) may pray again for them. 

10. We do not hear one word of an Ave Maria here ; What, 
had these Fellows forgot their good Lady, that used to engrose almost 
all their Lip-Devotions ? what should the meaning [sic] that neither 
her help nor any other Saints is invok'd? He tell you, we may justly 
believe this pretty small Speech was hatch'd here by some idle 
Father in Town, and publish'd only to amuse the world ; and because 
they thought it would go down better with Protestants, and move 
them more to compassion and better esteem for Popery if they found 
no such vain Addresses in it ; therefore they were left out : for these 
subtil Sophisters contrive every thing for the best advantage of their 

Which yet notwithstanding all their Craft and Diligence, their 
private Stratagems, and base Treacheries, and barbarous Cruelties, 

1 John Arnold, M.P., J. P., of Llantilio Pertholeu, Monmouthshire, a very active 
agent in bringing priests to the gallows in 1679. 


God most assuredly will blast and confound all those that are Actors 
in, or Connivers at, and Abettors of the traiterous Hellish Design of 
re-establishing Popery in these Nations : And therefore let not 
Protestants despond, but unanimously and cheerfully in their several 
stations, by all lawful ways oppose their Machinations ; nor let any 
Magistrate be afraid to do his Duty by putting the Laws vigorously 
in execution against these pernicious Vermin ; dread not their 
treacherous Daggers, nor their suborn'd Witnesses, nor their potent 
Friends; for without the special permission of your God, they shall 
never be able to touch one hair of your Head ; or suppose they should 
be allowed to effect some Bvtchery, can any man do more nobly than 
pro Aris & Foris, \_sic] for his Religion and his Countrey, and when- 
ever these inhumane Ruffians thus draw their Daggers, do they not 
always stab their own Cause in a vital part Those Magistrates that 
in this critical Juncture shall gallantly appear to destroy this Hydra 
of Popery, and to secure the Protestant Religion and the Government 
from subversion, shall be blessed by Heaven, and applauded on 
Earth to succeeding generations ; but those that shall by Viilany or 
Cowardice go about to betray the Life of their King, and our 
Religion and Properties into the hands of Bloody Papists, divine 
Vengeance shall overtake them, and their Names shall be cloathed 
with everlasting Infamy, and the Curse of Slavery shall descend upon 
their Posterity. 

[Document written on one side of a sheet of foolscap.] 
Leni by R. W. Lleweli-YN, Esq., of Baglan Cottage. 


Cardiflfe Villa in ) 

Com Glamorgan ss j "■"— ^^^^-^-^ O the Portreeve Aldermen and 

^K ""^ Burgesses of the Burrough 

^^ J of Neath in the s^ Com 

— greetting. 

Whereas his highness the Prince of Orange by his letter to us 

directed (by the advice of the lords spirituall and temporall and 

the knights Cittizens and Burgesses heretofore Members of the 


Commons house of Parliament during the Reigne of King Charles 
the second residing in and about London together with the Aldermen 
and divers of the Common Counsell of the s<^ Citty) for the election 
and Chooseing a Member of Parliament for this Town and the out 
Burroughes in this County to meet to sitt att Westminster the two 
and twentieth day of this instant January We therefore the Mayor 
and Bayliffes of Cardiffe afores"^ willing and intending to proceed 
in such elecc'on according to the ancient Lawes and Customes for 
electing of Burgess of Parliament for the Townes and Burroughes 
of this County and in pursuance of the Statute made in the five and 
thirtith yeare of the reigne of our late sou'"eigne lord king Henry 
the eighth and the eleventh Chapter signifie unto you and eu^'y of 
you that we intend to proceed in and to the election of such 
Burgess on tuesday the fifteenth day of this instant January att the 
Guildhall of this Town of Cardiffe by nine of the Clocke in the 
morning of the same day, Hereby requiring you as we are by the 
s"^ letter directed three dayes att least before the time of the said 
election to publish the same in your said Burrough and admonishing 
you and eu''y of you to come and appeare att the time and place 
aforesaid then and there to give y"' elections for the electing of such 
Burgess, Given under our hands and Common seale of the s"^ Town 
the seventh day of January, In the yeare of our Lord 1688/9. 

W"^ Herbertt, Major. 

Ben: Brown Y „ 

n ^ , M u[ Ball.' 
Cradocke Nowellj 

Burguss de) 

Villa Neathj To the Worshipful! Mayor and Bayliffes of the Town 
and Burrough of Cardiffe. 
In most submissive and humble obedience to his highness the 
Prince of Orange letter and in pursuance of y"" Mandate We the 
Portref, Aldermen and Burgesses of the s<^ Burrough of Neath 
mett att the Guildhall of the s'^ Burrough on the eleventh day of 
this instant January, When and where by our mutuall assent and 
consent we did for our parte willingly elect and made Choice of 
Thomas Mansell of Margam esq"" to be Burgess and a Member 
of the ensuinge Parliament to be held att Westminster on the two 


and twentith of this instant. In Wittness whereof we have hereunto 
subscribed and sett our hands the eleventh day of January in the 
year of our lord god 1688. 

Thomas Bassett port: 

Rob: Morris alderm: 

Leyson Hopkin alder: 

Leyson Price. 

Henry Howell alder: 

Leyson Hopkin. 

Jacob Davies. 

George Rood. 

John Llewelin. 

W™ Leyson. 

James Evan. 

Edward Andrew. 

Joseph Jones. 

George Griffith. 

Llewelin John. 

Evan John d'd. 

Evan Meiricke. 

W" John. 

Evan Rees. 

Rosser William. 

Watkin William. 

Evan John. 

Morgan Llewelin. 
Hop: David ib'm 

Deput: Record: 

a Coppy of the Mandate sent from Cardiflfe to Neath for their 
Concurrence to Choose a Burgess to serve in the Convention held 
at Westm^"" 22''' of Jan: 1688, with a Coppy of the answer sent 
from Neath. 

From the muniments of R. W. Llewellyn, Esq., of Baglan Cottage. 

[One sheet of foolscap paper. Marked "34, Bundle 18."] 

Whereas it has been Invidiously Represented in Order to 
Determine Persons to oppose my Interest in the Ensueing Election, 


That I am an Enemy to the Religious and Civil Rights of my 
Country-men. I Assure all Gentlemen that have Votes in this 
County and Particularly the Protestant Dissenters, That if I have the 
Honour to Represent this County I shall always have a Tender 
Regard to those Just Privilidges they at Present Enjoy, with Relation 
to their Enjoyment of the Worship of God According to the Dictates 
of their Own Consciences ; Privilidges which Reason and the Chris- 
tian Religion ascertain to them and which I think no Good Man will 
be against ; As to our Civil Rights as Brittons, The Civil Liberties of 
Our Country ought to be Sacred to us and in this View a Popish 
Pretender and an Established Protestant Church is a Contradiction 
that Can never be Reconciled Therefore I Hope Gentlemen after 
this Plain Declaration I shall have the favour of your Votes and 
Interest and I Hope you will Not be Imposed upon by any Specious 

Pretences to Oppose one who is 

Your Real fifriend 

and Humble Serv' 

Bussy Mansel. 

May 2: 1734. 

M"" Mansel's Declaration to y^ Protestant Dissenters. 

ADD. MSS. 5828. f. 48b. 

Cole's Copies of Willis' MSS. Notes in the Survey of the 
Cathedral of Landaff. 


ISTAKE is made by Willis in calling the effigy 

under the gable a king, and that over the west 

door Saint Dubricius. They are really Our 

Lord and Saint Teilo, respectively.^ 

In addition to the particulars given in the Liber Regis, 

Willis says : — 

' Saint Teilo's effigy is distinguished by the beardless face, and occupies its 
prominent position iu the tympanum of the west door by reason of Saint Teilo s 
rank as chief patron of the church and see of Llandaff'. 


" In Landaff Parish are said to have been antiently four 
Chapels : — 

One dedicated to S' Mary on the Hill, in Landaff Town, 

now a dwellinghouse. 
Another at Fairwater. 
A third at Eley, near the bridge. 
The fourth at Mynachty in the Hamlet of Listallybon." 

Llandaff Cathedral Bells. 

The Tenor only whole; recast 1739. 
The least bell crackt 4 Nov 1730. 
Here is a Saints Bell. 

Add. MSS. 5829. f. 13b. 

Willis' Notes continued. 

The Seal of the Chapter of Llandaff, to a deed of Margam Abbey 
in 1234, is: A church with four [later two] towers, and a cross upon 
each tower; legend: '^ Sigillum Capituli Landavensis." Reverse: 
The Holy Lamb: " Secretum Landavensis Ecclesie." 

Each of the Prebendaries doubtless had a house at Llandaff; the 
tradition of some of these still remains. 

Archbishop Peckham, recommending John of Monmouth to the 
Pope for this See, speaks of his skill in the Welsh language. {Vide 

Reg^ Rous, fol. igb, in Curia Prerogativa London. : Testamentum 
Bromfeild Episcopi Landavensis die Martis \o Junij 1393 .• — 

In Dei nomine Amen. Ego Edmundus permissione divina 
Landavensis Episcopus languens in extremis condo Testamentum 
meum quatenus de iure permittitur in hunc modum. Imprimis lego 
animam meam Deo eiusque gloriose Virgini [Matri] Marie et omnibus 
Sanctis corpusque meum sepeliendum in ecclesia cathedrali Landavensi 
• . . . Item lego residuum bonorum meorum non legatorum 
executoribus meis ad distribuendum pro anima mea prout eis melius 
videbitur expedire " 



IVtll of Bishop Bromfield : — In the name of God amen. I 
Edmund, by the divine permission Bishop of Llandaff, being at the 
point of death, do make my Will so far as by the law is permitted, in 
this manner. Firstly I bequeath my soul unto God and to His glorious 
mother the Virgin Mary and to all the saints, and my body to be 
buried in the cathedral church of Llandaff. .... Also I 
bequeath the rest of my goods not bequeathed unto my executors, to 
be distributed for my soul, as to them shall be seen most expedient. 

Reg" Vaux in Curia Prerogativa, Qu. XXX. fo. 2. Testamentum. 
1495 ■•— 

Ego Joh'es Marshall &c Ep'us Landavensis &c Imprimis lego 
anima' niea' Deo B. Marie Virg' SS. Apostolis Petro & Paulo Sanctis 
Thelau Dubritio & Odocheo corpusque meum sepeliendu' in p'te 
boriali infra gradus summi altaris chori p'd'c'e eccl'ie Item lego xx/j 
fabrice campanilis sive eccl'ie Landav. Meum Pontificalem ac annulum 
Pastoralem " 


I John Marshall &c, Bishop of Llandaff &c. Firstly I bequeath my 
soul unto God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the holy Apostles Peter and 
Paul, and Saints Teilo, Dyfrig, and Docheu', and my body to be buried 
on the north side within the steps of the high altar of the choir of 
the aforesaid church.^ Also I bequeath 20/ to the fabric of the belfry 
or church of Llandaff. My pontifical (ring) and pastoral ring.^ 

Bishop Athegua having resigned his see, Robert Holgate was 
installed 1537. In 1553 he was deprived, ob conjugium et heresia, and 
in 1556 was imprisoned in the Tower. Strype [seems to infer he 
was imprisoned on his deprivation, for he] says he was released 1554. 

1 Dyfrig was the first, Teilo the second and Doeheu the third Bishop of Llandaff 
with a fixed see at this cathedral. 

2 Bishop Marshall's fine tomb still occupies this site. 
^ Vide post, in this chapter. 


Holgate was a Cambridge man. Anthony Harmer said: "I fear 
Holgate, by his imprudent carriage and worse actions, has brought a 
scandal on the Reformation," and that one Norman claimed Holgate's 
wife to be his. Holgate held a Canonry of York, temp. H. 8., and 
was afterwards Archbishop of that See ; Harmer says he alienated 
near twenty manors belonging to it. 

There was a tradition at Llandaff, that when Bishop Kitchin 
died, his servants concealed the fact, and forged grants to one 
another of the cathedral lands that were left. A case in point was 
the grant of Dyffryn to Martin Button, the Bishop's Secretary. 
Kitchin alienated Llandaff Place in the Strand. 

" Within this City of Llandaff, not far from the old ruined 
Palace, stands the House^ of David Matthew Esq«, now called the 
Court, but formerly Bryn y gynen (Hill of Strife or Contention) 
said to be built by David Matthew lefan ap Griffith lestin. N.B. : 
I, B.W.,* conceive this to be the said David Matthew who lived 
Temp. Edw. 4 & founded the Chantry here." 

temp. Jac. L Bishop Murray commenced a suit for the recovery 
of Llandaff Manor, but its progress was stopped by the Civil War. 
Other Bishops tried vainly to recover it, later. 

Bishop Francis Godwin " set an ill Example, giving away every 
Thing to his Sons in Law. D"" [John] Hughes, his Precentor, was 
one of them." 

"The Ruin of this Bishoprick is to be attributed to Bp Blethin, 
as well as to Bp Kitchin, Who, to provide for his Children, sold 
& alienated the Lands to that Degree, that he is reported to have 
done it as much, if not more Injury, than Bp Kitchin aforesaid." 

Bishop Beaw had been a soldier. He " was made Bishop by 

the Endeavours of the infamous Earl of Rochester 

He came rarely into his Diocese ; the Church let go to Ruin in his 
Time, & Choir Service put down." 

Polydore Virgil, Canon of Hereford, is said not only to have 
made havoc among the MSS. of that cathedral, but also to have 
destroyed the most ancient records in the Treasury of Llandaff, in 
the reign of Henry VHI. 

1 Now Llandaff Court, the episcopal residence. It was rebuilt by Admiral 
Thomas Mathews in the i8th century. 

2 Browne Willis. 


There is no precedence among the Prebendaries, save seniority. 

The Prebendary of Llangwm has a house in S' Mary Street, 
Llandaff. The Prebendary of St. Cross has also still a house at 
Llandaff. Ail the other Prebend houses there are lost. 

Henry Hickman was Precentor of Llandaff, 1534 — 5. 

The Prebendary of St. Andrew has a farm called Cannes Farm 
in Llandaff parish. 

Inquisition. 19 E. L No. 81. (1291.) 

Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford, grandfather of the then 
present Earl, granted to God and Saint Teilo and to the Bishop and 
Chapter of Llandaf the vill of Dewstow in Netherwent, in free alms; 
provided that out of the issues thereof two chaplains should be 
maintained to celebrate divine service for ever in the church at 
Llandaf, for the repose of the souls of the Earl's ancestors and for the 
good estate of Master Henry de Lankarvan and others ; any residue 
to be bestowed upon the poor once a year in Llandaf cathedral. 

Arch. Cantuar. 1295. ad Papam.^ 

" Sanctissimo Patri in Christo Domino Bonifacio Summo Pontifici. 
Sanctissimus pater beatus Celestinus Papa vltimus eminentie vestre 
predecessor .... mihi .... mandavit ut dicte Ecclesie 
Landavensi ea vice providerim. Quare .... providi de 
magistro Johanne de Monumeta presbytero .... Magistro in 
Artibus et in Theologia Doctor . . . . et literarum scientia 
eminente, qui una cum lingua anglicana in qua natus extiterat, etiam 
linguam wallicam in qua morabatur diutius satis novit . . . ." 


To the most Holy Father in Christ, the lord Boniface, Supreme 
Pontiff. The most holy father, blessed Celestine, the late Pope, 
your Eminence's predecessor, commanded me to provide for this 
time to the said church at Llandaff. Wherefore I have provided 
Master John of Monmouth, priest. Master of Arts and Doctor of 

' Clerical errors amended. 


Theology, and eminent in the science of letters, who, together with 
the English tongue in which he was born, has a sufficient knowledge 
of Welsh, in the midst of which he lived for a considerable time. 

Augmentation Papers. 2 E. 6. (1549.) 

Return of Llandaff Chantry Lands. 

" There is within the said Parish of Landaff one Service called 
David Matthews Service, whereunto belongeth certain lands & tene- 
ments given to the'ntent to have a priest to celebrate Masse in the 
church there, & to teach xx children ; to be removeable at the will 
& pleasure of the heirs of the said David Matthew." The value 
thereof .^5. 15. 10.^ (The last stipendiary priest of this chantry 
seems to have been John Syngar.) 

1534. Pensio solut' pro a'i'a Joh'is Marshall episcopi v]li.^ 

1760. Thomas Davies writes to Willis from Llandaff: — "Last 
Fryday as our Sexton was tolling the first Time for Evening Prayer, 
our great Bell cracked ; soe that now we have no whole Bell (but a 
little one) ; the Loss hereof is much lamented by the Neighbourhood, 
because it was a Bell of a fine Note, & was heard at a great Distance. 
I can't tell what our Neighbour Commodore Matthews may doe in 
Time ; but at present he does not favour our Endeavours for repair- 
ing this Church, where soe many of his Ancestors lye buried. Both 
Gentlemen and Clergy of the Diocese are very cold in the Matter, 
because the small Prebends in this Church are all or most of them 
given to Strangers and Foreigners, who have noe true Affection 
for the Place. And in the Hands of such this Church, & its 
Revenues have been for soe many years, that 'twas become a Heap 
of Ruins by their Neglect, in takeing away all the Revenues, & 
leaveing little for the Ffabrick : & we see too much of that ravenous 
& greedy Temper amongst some of the present Members; tho' 
the Children & Family of some of their Predecessors, now very 
poor, are standing Monuments of what httle Service the Misap- 

1 This differs very slightly from the statement printed in Vol. II., p. 300. 
* " Pension paid for the soul of John Marshall, bishop, 61," i.e., for a stipend to a 


plication of the Church Revenues were to them ; for 'tis a general 
Observation in this Neighbourhood, that the Posterity of most of 
the Prebendaries of this Church are in low or unhappy Circumstances 
&c., which is looked on as a Judgment for their Sacriledge. And 
I doubt not Things will always continue in this State here, till we 
have either a Royal or Metropolitical Visitation, to sett Things 
to Rights &c. ; for the Clergy in these Days, especially those of 
this Place, seem to me to pursue the Things of this World with 
more Eagerness, & a greater Intenseness than the Laity, & will 
give up Nothing that they can keep, tho' they know & are satisfied, 
that it belongs & was appropriated to other Uses than what 'tis 

now applyed to I have layd out for a Cardiffe Trader's 

Farthing, but can't as yet meet with any. If I find one it shall 
be sent you." 

Note by Willis or Cole. 

" Being at M"" Horace Walpole's at Strawberry Hill in the 
Parish of Twickenham in Middlesex, on a Visit, he shewed me a 
curious old gold Ring, July 8, 1769, enameled with Leaves on it, & 
had a large & dull Amethyst, which had lost its Colour in a great 
Measure, in the Shape of an Heart. He told me that it was given 
to him by the Hon: and rev: D"" Frederic Keppel, B? of Exeter, to 
whom it had been presented by D"" John Ewer, then Bp of Landaff, 
who told him at the same Time, that it had been formerly the Ring 
of the 2^ Bp of LandafF. But as S' Teleiau was the 2<J Bp in 512, 
it is hardly probable that this Ring should have belonged to him. 
Indeed Gold & precious Stones will last for Ever; but Enamel & 
Fashion have Dates, & would rather refer it to a more middle Qira. 
I was not informed from whence Bp Ewer fixed his Authority for 
so early a Date. If it was found in a Tomb of the Church, I much 
question whether any so ancient is to be met with."' 

Walpole himself described the ring, which was found in 1764, 
as "A large Amethyst set coarsely in Gold." 

[A pen-and-ink drawing of the ring is appended to the original 
MS., and shews an egg-shaped or heart-shaped convex stone held 

1 More likely this was a late mediaeval ring used by the Bishops of Llandaff and 
figuring in the inventory of 1558. (Vol. I., p. 379.) 


in a narrow setting by claw-shaped fastenings. The ring itself is 
slender, and the ends next to the setting widen out into an ornament 
resembling two leaves, end to end, on each side, terminating on 
each side with a cap, which is joined to the back of the setting, 
at its outer edge.] 

Fonmon Muniments. 


■ — -^y^^ ULES & orders made to be kept & observed by the 

I — <^^ Members of the Sociable Society of Ladies, &c. 

^__^B ■ First. To meet every Tuesday at four of the 

^^^ V_^ clock in the evening at the house of the Person 
chose by Lot to treat for that day, and to wait upon that person 
to the place appointed in the Country for our reception, there to 
drink Tea and Coffee, when that is over to choose a President for 
the next day by Lot, and when chose to name the place where she 
intends entertaining the company at next. 

2nd Any Member who shall be absent upon any account (Sick- 
ness excepted) is to forfeit the Sum of one Shilling. 

y^ Every Member admitted into this Society after this Meeting 
to pay the sum of one shilling into the hands of the Treasurer for 
his or her admittance. 

4"^ All money arising from either of the above accounts to be 
left in the hands of the Treasurer 'till each Subscriber has treated, 
then to be disposed of with the consent & approbation of the 
Subscribers or the majority of them in whatever charity shall be 
thought most deserving. 

S"" No Money to be received by the Treasurer upon any 
account, but at one of the Meetings. No affronts to be taken at this 

6"> We do nominate & appoint M" Woods Treasurer to this 
Society, she to enter in this book a regular account of what forfeits & 
Entrance money she receives from any of the underwritten members, 
and to be accountable for the same to them when called upon. 

1 7° 


As witness our hands, this 27'^ of May 1755. Signed at foot 

S. Lloyd, President. 

I. A. Wood, June 3 at Gludy. 


John Bullock, at Miss Williams. 

A. Lloyd, at Miss Lloyds. 

M. Wynter, at Frontwillim. 

H. WiUiaras, at M"" Onslow. 

M. Tanner, at her sisters. 

C. Davies. 

M. Williams, at her sisters. 

A. Williams, in her own house. 

M. Wilkins, at her Fathers. 

M. Ball. 

Tho^ Williams, at his own house. 

M. Scourfield. 

Jno. Phillips, at his house. 

J. Jeffreys, at the Pryory. 

M" Bullock. 

[The figures denote how many fines were paid by the Members.] 

Cardiff Museum. 

Copy Bill of Costs. 

The Calvinistic Methodist Connexion D'' to E. Bassett Sol"" 1825. 
Cardiff Chapel. 

Nov. I. Journey to Cardiff to see premises proposed to be 
purchased for the use of the connexion, & converse 

with M"" Flight thereon 

Paid expences for self & horse 3s. 2>d. 
Drawing & engrossing Release in fee & appointment 
of premises to trustees 40 f" 4/. 
T828 May 1. Drawing & engrossing mortgage of dwelling 
houses to Rev. H. Howells 27 f° 2/. 145. 



Sep'' 26. Journey to Cardiff to attend sale of house at Crock- 
herbtown [the old meeting-house on the Tunnel. 

Paid for Liquor in sale room & my own expences 2 days 14s. 

[The above are charges in connection with the purchase of 
premises by Little Troy, adjoining Saint John's churchyard, as a site 
for a new chapel.] 

Local Bank Note. 

Cardiff Bank, Glamorganshire. Note for £1. For Wood, Wood 
& C° 

Engraved with view of Cardiff Castle. 
Endorsed: "Exhibited Nov. 17, 1821." 


Bristol. 1828. J. & M. Pride's Sloop, the Amity, a constant 
trader, David Rogers, master. Clears out on Saturday. Takes in 
goods for Cardiff, Merthyr-Tidvil, Lantrissant, Cowbridge, and all 
Places adjacent. For freight or passage apply to the Master on board, 
or to T. Phillips, S' John's Porter-House, Quay-Head. [Engraving 
of a ship.] 






" ■ '-""-■••- -J'^i^^ifejtiJ^if-r-.- 



Ejrttacts from fTDinutes of Council^ Sic, 


AREFUL search on the part of the 
Archivist has failed to bring to 
light any earlier Minutes of the 
Cardiff Town Council than those 
dealt with in the present Chapter. 
We cannot doubt that earlier 
records of the proceedings of this 
body have existed ; and, indeed, 
we have documentary evidence 
that there were such records dating back to the time in 
which King James II. left England. Writing in 1824, Town 
Clerk Wood said : " The oldest book in the Corporation 
coffers begins in the year 1688";' and, from one of his quotations 
therefrom,^ it is clear that this was a Minute Book of the Town 
Council, with entries extending from 1688 to 17 10 — perhaps a 
little later. 

In March 1894, this book was not to be found among the 
muniments in the custody of the Town Clerk. 

1 Vol. II., p. 121. 
^ ib., sub dat. 1707. 








































EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 173 

Town Clerk Wood's Memoranda contain various extracts from 
records of Corporation business, namely, a Presentment dated 8 
February 1656^ ; the proceedings in the election of a Burgess, on 5 
March 1688^; the election of a Capital Burgess, 10 August 1692^; 
appointment of the Constable of the Castle, 23 March 1692/3*, and 
election of Capital Burgesses on 15 December 1707.* The Present- 
ment, however, was by the Grand Jury of the old Borough County 
Court; the elections of 1688 and 1692 were at a sitting of the old 
fortnightly Town Court ; and the Constable's appointment took place 
at a meeting of the old Borough Court Leet (or Quarter Sessions.) 
Only the election of 1707 was the official act of the Town Council 
and was recorded on the Minutes. 

This last record suffices to prove the existence of a Minute Book 
for that date; but M"" O. H. Jones of Fonmon has kindly placed at 
the Archivist's service [inter alia) an old copy of a Council Minute 
dated 22 March 1708, with which our consecutive series of these 
documents begins. And if further proof were needed of the existence, 
formerly, of earlier Minute Books, it would be found in the fact that 
the oldest book now in the Town Clerk's custody bears, on the out- 
side of the cover, the mark " N° 5. F." 

As I have already remarked (Vol. III., pp. 405, 406, 443) the 
Corporation Accounts, prior to 1725, are mixed up with those of the 
Churchwardens and Overseers. For this reason the early pages of 
" Cardiff Town Book N° 5 " must be read as leading up to the 
Churchwardens' and Overseers' Accounts set out in Vol. III., which 
commence with a Churchwardens' Account for the year 1726, at page 
463 of that volume. The earliest Bailiffs' Account is for 12 May 

The convenience of the general reader will require many expla- 
natory notes on this and the following chapter, and will be best met 
by the insertion of such explanations in small type. 

1 Vol. II., p. 127. 
^ ib., p. 128. 
^ ib., p. 121. 
■* ib., p. 124. 
* ib., p. 121. 


Extracts from Corporation Books. 


Official Oaths to be revised. Out-Burgesses claiming exemption from tolls must 
pay rates. Regulations for the sale of corn. Prohibition of public sale by foreign 
traders after fair-day. Regulations for the sale of cattle. Duties of the Clerk of the 

"TT a Comon Councill held in the Guildhall this 
2 2"'* of March 1708. 

Ordered That the Towne Clerk doe lay 
before M"" Steward Coppyes of all Oathes taken 
by Bayliffs Aldermen & Burgesses or any other Officers of 
the said Towne and M"" Steward is desired to propose any 
Amendm' or Alter'ons that he thinks ought to be made in those 
respective Oaths & then to be further consid'd of. 

And Whereas sev'all persons have been & may be hereafter 
admitted Burgesses of the said Towne who are not nor shall not be 
resident in the same Towne and may hereafter p'tend to be exempt 
from paym' of Toll with in the s"* Towne to the great p'judice of the 
Inhabitants paying Scott & Lott for preventing whereof It is Ordered 
That all such out Burgesses or Honorary Burgesses who by them- 
selves or their Servants shall insist upon the Imunityes & priviledges 
of Burgesses shall be 13'able & charged with bearing & paying towards 
the Reliefe of the Poore & other Charges incident to the .said Towne. 

That the Burgesses & poore Inhabitants of this Towne may have 
a reasonable time of buying & provideing for their respective familyes 
It is Ordered that noe Corne shall be sold w'^^in the said Towne 
before the Publick Towne Hall Bell shall have rung which Bell shall 
every Markett Day ring att Twelve a Clock and from that time till 
two a Clock noe p'son whatso'r but the Burgesses & Inhabitants of 
the said Towne not Exercizeing the Trades of Bakers or Badgers 
shall buy any Corne exposed there to Sale till two of the Clock Att 
which time the said Bell shall be rung a 2<* time and from and after 
that hour all Higlers Badgers & Bakers and all fforeig" shall have the 
liberty of buying any Corne or Grain there and not till that hour and 
that the said Bell is to be duely rung by the Hallkeeper for the time 
being twice in each Markett day att the hours aforesaid and shall 
continue ringing a reasonable time for the giving Notice to all p'sons 


concerned And this Order is to be fixed on the Markett house and 
other Public Places of this Towne and in case any shall Offend 
contrary to this Order the Clerk of the Markett shall give the Names 
of the Persons offending to the Towne Clerk who is hereby required 
att the publick Expence of this Towne to prosecute the Offenders 
w'** the utmost rigour. 

Whereas the Severall ffairs of this Towne ought by the Sev'all 
Charters granted to the same to be kept for one Day only yett 
notwithstanding sev'all Pedlars Scotchmen & other Traders doe 
p'tend to Expose to Sale Sev'all Goods & Wares in the open Streets 
of the said Towne after the Day appointed for the holding such ffair 
is expired for prevenc'on whereof tis Ordered that noe person what- 
soever but what is a legall Burgess of the said Town doe expose to 
Sale within the same any Goods Wares or Merchandizes att any time 
but on the ffair Day only & in case any person offends the Gierke of 
the Markett shall give the Names of the Offenders to the Towne 
Clerk who is to p'secute the Offend''s at the Towne Charge as afore- 
said Publick Notice is to be given of this Order as aforesaid. 

It is Ordered alsoe that to the End ffuture ffairs as well for 
Selling Cattle as other things within the Towne may be kept within 
y^ Towne & not without It is by Unanimous Consent Ord<^ that 
Publick Notice be given that the sev'all ffairs for buying & selling 
Cattle shall be kept within the Towne and that all p'sons as well 
buyers as sellers as shall buy or sell Cattle w^^in the Walls of the 
said Towne shall be Toll free in comeing & goeing out for the Space 
of Seven Years and that in Case any Acc'on sho<^ be commenced 
ags' this Corporac'on or ag^' any p'son who acts under this Order 
shall be defended att the Towne Charge. 

That there be appointed & Sworne a Clerke of the Markett 
who shall measure between buyer & Seller all Corne that is brought 
under the Markett House in case the buyer will not admit the seller 
to strike as the Statute requires and that such Corne shall be 
measured under the Markett House & not Elsewhere and that the 
Clerke of the Markett doe upon opening the Bag take out of the 
same the accustom'd Toll due to the Poore.^. of the said Towne 
whether tis Sold or not. 

1 Probably this was the charitable impost known as " Our Lady's Toll," of half 
a bushel, referred to iu ancient accounts. 


Extracts from the Cardiff Town Book. No. 5. 

1711— 1777. 

This is a quarto paper volume, well bound in stamped vellum. It is the oldest 
book in the possession of the Corporation ; but that preceding volumes have been lost, 
appears from the fact that the present one is marked on the outside of the cover 
" N° 5 F," in writing of apparently the commencement of the 19th century. The 
contents are Minutes of Council, Churchwardens' Accounts, Terriers, Admissions of 
Freemen, and Miscellanea. The first few pages are in the neat, clerkly handwriting 
of Town Clerk Michael Richards. 

Overseers' Accounts for St. Mary's. 

ARDIFF| The Ace' of John New & Christopher Hugh 

Vill: j Overseers of y^ Poor of the Parish of 

S. Marys in the Towne of Cardiff afores<* 

for part of the year 171 1 & part of 171 2 as 

foil"' Viz' 

Charge. The Toll of the Rate amounts to - - 35. 9. ii| 

Discharge. Paid the Poor as foil''' 

Paid y"" 48 Weeks att 1 2s. p' Week 
pd ym ^ Weeks att 13s. p' Week - 

Vacancys & Uncollecc' ons 

W W™ Richards a house - 

Gab" Lewis Esq''^ the Like 

W" Paterick for a house - 

M"- W™ Richards for a house 

Ch"" Mathews Aid" for a house 

M"" ffennell for a house - _ . 

Geo. Stephens Esq'"^ for a Garden 

Mary Sweet or Ten's for a house - 

Tho^ Powell for a house & Gard" 

W" Harry for a Barne & Orchard 

Charles Davies for a Garden 

Thos Phillips for a house 

Mary Sweet for 2 houses - - - 












































EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., t 708-1 740. 177 

Tho^ W™s for a house - - . - o. i 2 

Geo. Stephens for a house -002 

Kate Mayo for y« New Markett house - - o. o. 10 

J°° Kill for a house - - -006 

Rob' Lewis one Acr. of up'^^ - - -01 

J"° Price 18 Acr, of upd - . . ^ 5 

M"- Smith 8 upd - - . - o. 9 

M-- W™ Richards or Ten* for y^ Domball - - o, 

Mary Murton for a Garden - - - o. 

Charles Davies for y^ Like - - - o. 

Jane Lewis the Like - - - - o. o. 2 

W™ Jones ye Like - - - - o. o. 2 

J"° Jones for a house & Garden - - - o. o. 3 

Jenkin Evans for y^ hand Mill - - o 


2. o 
o. 2 

O. 2 



pd for Makeing the Rate - - - o. 6. 8 

p<^ for Edw'' Jones's Ind'res - - o. 5. o 

p"* for Makeing this Ace* - - o. 2. o 

Tot' Charge - 35. 9. ii| 

Tot' Discharge 35. 2. 2 

Due to y« s'^ Parish - 00. 7. 9^ 

Cardiff ) The Ace* of William Richards Gen. & Rob' Keer Over- 
Vill. ) seers of the Poor of the Parish of S' Mary's in y*^ said 
Towne of Cardiff for part of the year 17 12 & part of 
the year 17 13 as foil'*" 

Charge. The Tot' of the Rate 38. 4 4 

Discharge, p^ the Poor 53 Weeks att 13s. 
p** for burying Maud Thomas al^ Vaier 

Vacancys &• Non Culleccons 
jno Price for his Poor's Rate 
W" Evans the Like _ - - 

^ upland. 












Gabriell Lewis Esq'' for a house 

M""^ Kemeys for a Stable - 

jyjr Wm Richards for a house 

Tho® Powell for a house 

Ch*^ Hugh Overcharged 

Cath. ffox y"= Like 

Oliver Evans 

Jane Lewis for a stable 

Tho^ Williams for a store house 

Late Mary Sweet for 2 houses 

ffran. Jones overcharged 

Jno. Howell for y*= Holms - 

Makeing the Rate 













































Tot' Discharge 
Due to y* s<^ Parish 


That the above-named M"" William Richards paid to Evan Jones 
& Christopher Hugh the Churchwardens of the aforesaid Parish 
the sume of Eighteen shillings. o. 18. o 

Soe there is due from y« Parish to the said Mr. 
Richards 00. 00. 06 

Bailiffs' Accounts. 

The Accompt of William Jones jun'" Alderman Late Bailiff of 
This Towne of Cardiff of ail such monys as came to his Hands for 
& on the Ace' of the s^ Towne dureing the Time of his office Viz' 

Rece'd of the severall Persons hereund"" named 
for Towne Rents 
May ye 12 

Rece'd of M"- Sheeres 
of James Thomas 
of John James - 






&c., 1 708-1 






of W™ Williams 


- 01. 



of M-- Alex-- Purcell Jun"- 


- 00. 



of Joseph East - - . 


- 00. 



of IVf Mich" Richards - 


- 00. 



of John Howell - - - 


- 00. 



of John Thomas 


- 00. 



of M'- W" Richards 


- 00. 



of M--^ Nowell - 


- 00, 



of M"" Eman" Miles 


- 00. 



of M-- Tho« Williams 


- 00. 



of W" Thomas - - - 


- 00. 



of John Brewer - - - 


- 01. 



of Mary Brewer 


- 01. 



of Griffith Popkin 


- 00. 



ber ye -jd of j^e ma'' of the Cordwain' 


- 00. 



of Tho« Williams Esq--' - 


- 00. 



^'^ of M"" Sheeres - 


- 00. 



of M"" Hamonds - - - 


- 00. 



of M"- Alex-" Purcell Jun"" 


- 00. 



of John Brewer - - - 


- 01. 



of W™ Thomas - 


- 00. 



of Mary Brewer 


- 01. 



of M""^ Rowbotam 


- 00. 



of John James - - - 


- 00. 



of Griffith Popkin 


- 00. 



of M"- W™ Richards 


- 00. 



of M-- Alex'- Purcell sen"" 


- 00. 



of M'' Lambert - 





of M'- Mich" Richards - 

- 00. 



of M" Nowell - 


- 00. 



of Sibill Poughnell 

- 00. 






1 The Master of the Cordwainers' Company. 

















An Accompt of such sumes of mony as was rece'd by the 
s*^ M"" Jones on Ace' of Towne CoUecc'ons 

Rece'd on Ace' of the small Rate 

Rece'd of Evan Deer 
of Edmond Jenkins 
of Jenkin Evan - 

Rece'd of M"^ Christopher Mathews Late Bailiff 07. 07. 8^ 

Towne CoUecc'ons 

of M"" George Stephens Late Bailiff - 

of the Coinon Attornys 

for makeing Two ffreemen^ 

for makeing Nich^ Price Jun'' ffree 

Rece'd of John Brewer Jun"" for a Lease 

for makeing M"" Richard Jenkins ffree - 

An Accompt of such sumes of mony as was rece'd by the s^ 
W"" Jones to the use of the poor of y^ s<^ Towne 

29* May 17 1 2. Rece'd of John Duke for Rent due 

to the Poor - - 00. 15. 00 

4'h June. . Rece'd of Antony Mathews for Rent due 

to y« Poor - - - 01. 

2ith gber Rece'd of John Duke - - - 00. 

12'** of Dec"" Rece'd of the Poor's Interest mony - 02. 

To this point the Town Book has been copied in full, verbatim et literalim. 
Henceforward extracts must not be taken to be necessarily consecutive, as items 
devoid of interest will be omitted. No particulars will therefore be given of the next 
matter, which is headed An Account of mony Rece'd of John Brewer 
for Toll of Corne to the use of the Poor. 

' ;is. 4d. was the customary fee on admission of a townsman to the freedom of 
the Borough ; but the sum paid for admitting a non-resiant was at the Bailiffs' option. 


1 1. 









































on the other side M"" Jones Stands Debtor viz' 
On Account of Towne Rents Rece'd 
On Ace' of the Small Rate 
On Ace' of Towne Collecc'ons 
On Ace' of mony rece'd to y^ use of y= Poor 

Soe the whole Charge on M"" Jones is - 

W":*" He Discharges in this manner. 

By Disburs™'^ on the Towne Ace' as follows 
Paid the Steward i. o. 

Paid Morgan the Tyler £1. 15s. 
Paid James the Tylor £\. 12s. ^d. 
Paid M"- Preist £1. ys. 6d. 
Paid M"" ffran. Jones i ys. 6d. 
Paid Tho« Powell 105. 
Paid M'- Alex"- Purcell lun"" ^3. 3s. gd. 
Paid for mending the Pump^ 2s. 2d. 
Paid Tho^ Powell 4s. 
Paid for painting the Pump 3s. 8d. 
Paid for Ringing the 30"' of Jani-y 5s.' 
Paid Evan Deer £1. 4s. 8d. 
Paid Thos Bembrick 4s. 51^. 
Paid the Steward £1.^ 
Paid the Judges Porter for 2 Sessions 55. 
Paid James King 2s. 8d. 
Paid for mending the Pump 6s. yd. 
Paid Tho* Powell is. $d. 

Paid My Lord Windsor's Auditor £5. 13. 7^-* 
Paid the Gierke 6d.' 
Paid M-- Alex"- Purcell sen"- £2. 8s. 
Paid M-" Mich" Richards' for a Bond 2s. 2d. 
Paid for Ringing the 30"" of Jan'-y 5s. 

1 The pump (formerly a well) in High Street. 

^ Anniversary of the beheading of King Charles I., 1649. 

' i.e., the Recorder. 

* The Fee Farm Rent to the Lord of the Borough. 

* i.e., Lord Windsor's clerk. 
® He was the Town Clerk. 


Paid for mending yf.Pump 5s. 6d. 

Paid the Steward £1. 

Paid the Judges Porter 2s. 6d. 

Paid for 6 Bottles of Brandy 12s. 

Paid for 2 Bottles of Lime Juice 4s. 

Paid for a Loafe of D^ refin'^ Sug"" 65. 6d. 

Paid the Judges Porter 2s. 6d. 

Paid the Steward £1. 

Paid the Messeng"" to Carry y« Mandates^ 55. 

Paid the U Windsor's Audif £11. 7. 3. 

Paid the Gierke 6d. 

^38- o- 9¥- 

The above account is copied in full. 

By Disburs"'® on Account of the Repairs 
of the Highway & other Charges incident 

Aprill 1 71 2. Paid the Gierke of Peace ^i. 19. 2. [recurs] 

Paid Roger Pendry for [blank] 14s. 3<^. 

Paid the Sherrifif's Bailiff 2s. 6d. [recurs] 

Paid the Muster Ma"" lis. M.'^ 

Paid M"" Michel Richards what he p^ att the Qua"" Sessions to the 
C of the Peace & for his fFees ^i. 13s. 

Paid Morgan John for repairing the highway to Landaff £1. los. 

Paid W™ Jenkins y^ Attorny ab' the highways 2)S' 

By Disburs"'^ on Ace' of the Poor of the 
said Towne. 

Aprill 1 71 2. Lent the Overseers of the Poor £2. los. 
Paid the Poor of the Alms House i6s. 
Three more similar entries, of various amounts. 
Laid out by him' in severall Charitable uses ^5. 9. j^d, 
Laid out by M"" Sheeres* to the same purpose 9s. 

> Double 

^ The mandates to Cowbridge and Llantrisant, outlying members of the Borough, 
for the election of a Parliamentary representative. 

"* The Muster Master was the officer who summoned the Trained Baud, or militia, 
for the annual drill. 

^ i.e., by the accountant, Mr. William Jones, late senior Bailiff. 

" Pethuel Sheeres was the other Bailiff. 

6;. 1 7- 


67- 5- 


— II. 


EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL. &c., 1 708-1 740. 183 

£ s. d. 

M"- Jones's Disburs"'ts on the Towne Ace' is - - 38. o. 9I 

His Disburs™'^ on Ace' of the High Ways is - 14. 9. 5I 

His Disburs^'s on Ace' of the Poor is - - - 15. 6. lo^ 

Tot' of his Disburs'"'^ are - 

Tot' of Receipts are 

The Ballanee due to M'' Jones is 

Paid the Towneclerk for entring this Ace' 6s. Sd. 
Paid for this Booke 85. 8^^. 

Due to the Accountant £\ ys. 

Dec S"! 1 71 3. 

This Ace' in Comon Councill was read perused & approved of 
by Comon Consent & the Ballanee being one pound seven shillings 
was then paid to the said M"" W"" Jones by us 

Alex"- Purcell 
Will. Richd' 

On the opposite page follows a short reckoning headed Observac'ons on 
M"" Jones's Ace' before it was passed & allowed. This is followed over- 
leaf by a long account under the words The Account of Charles Gibbon &. 
Morgan William, Comon Attornys of this Towne of Cardiff of what 
they have Collected as follow"' for part of the year 171 2 & the year 
1 71 3- N° particulars save the word collected are prefixed to any of the sums 
entered; but at the end is the item Rece'd of those made ffree of the S^ 

Towne £i. 

The Disbursem'^ of them the said Charles Gibbon & Morgan 
Williams dureing the time of their Office are as follows. Viz' 

p'' as p' Note I 5s. [This item frequently recurs.] 

p'^for a Bull Rope^ 6s. 

p'' for makeing of the Bull's Coller 6s. 

1 In connection with the sport of bull-baiting, which was officially supported by 
the Corporation. 

1 84 


pd the slippkeeper' 2s. 6d. 

p<^ Henry Williams 75. 6d. [recurs] 

p"i the Ringers 1 55. [recurs] 

pd W" Richards Esq""^ 15s. 

p<* John Brewer & Sampson Stone 8s. [recurs] 

pd for Ringing 12s. 

p<i Lewis Jones £1. 15. 9. 

pd the Gierke of the Corne Markett 4s. [recurs] 

pd the Slippkeeper 25. 6d. [recurs] 2 

pd Gascott & Evan Deer 4s. 

pd M"" W"" Jones ^i. ys. 

pd Jno. Phillips los. 

pd Henry Williams & James Thomas 65. 

pd Morgan Jones 2s. 6d. 

pd Jno. Morgan & Evan Deer 1 7s. 

pd Thos Powell ;^2. 

pd towards the Bull 19s. yd. 

pd for a Head Rope is. 

pd for another 3s. 6d. 

pd for a Bull Rope Lent 2s. 

pd James Jones is. 

Their' Sallary for 16 Months am'^ to £1. 15. 6|. 

Paid the Towne Clerk for Entring this Ace' 6s. 8d. 

Soe falls due from the Towne to the sd Comon 

Attornys 17s. 3^1?. 

Aprill 9''> 1 714. 

Agreed to a poors rate for the parish of S' Johns att 2s. a pound 
for this Curr' year. 

Agreed to a small rate for the same parish att 6d. a pound. 

The parish of S' Marys is to raise 2d. a pound by way of a 
small rate or otherwise as they shall think proper. 
Witness Mich: Richards. 

^ This was the man who had the custody of the bull. 

2 In this account the slipkeeper receives four payments of half-a-crown each. 

' i.e., the Common Attorneys' 


Overseers' Account for St. John's. 

The Ace' of John Morgan & Edmond Thomas Overseers of the 
Poor of the Parish of S' Johns w^'in the Towne of Cardiff for the 
year 171 3 as foil"" Viz' 

Charge as p' Rate 64. 15. 11. 


Paid the poor att 24 severall paym'^ as by Acco' appears 

^65. 14. 6. 
Vacancys & uncoUecc'ons ;^4. 4. si- 
p'^ in Charitable uses as foUoweth 
for John Morgan gen: 8s. td. 
p"^ fflorence Evans & Cath: Jenkins for Cureing Phillip Tanner's 

Legg 1 6s. td. 
p'* for John Pellys Buriall 17s. <,d. 
p'^ Tho^ Powell Carpenter for makeing the seat in Church for the 

Overseers 3s. dd. 
p'* the Tov^rne Clerk for makeing the Rate & Entring this 

Acco' 13s. 40?. 
p<^ his Clerk for makeing this Acco' & examineing the same 2s. 

Octob"" 7"' 1 7 14. 

This Ace' was pi'used pass'd & allowed by us His Maj''«« Justices 

of the Peace of the s"* Towne 

Alex"" Purcell. 
Will. Richds 

Election of Steward. 

Cardiff vili. Att a Court of Ald'"men duely Sumoned & held 
this 14'h of January 17 14 W™ Phillips of Brecon Esq"" was proposed 
to be ellected steward for this Towne & we the persons subscribeing 
Ald'-men of the s^ Towne have ellected the said M"" PhiUips our 
Steward (W™ Jones sen-- Christopher Matthews & Pethuell Sheers 
Ald'"men Dissenting & giveing their vote for George Howell Esq'') 
Mich: Richards Alex-" Purcell [jun-"] 

Towne Clerke Will. Rich'^'' 

Alex'' Pursell [sen''] 
Nath: Wells 
W" Jones. 


Common Attorneys' Account. 

The Account of William Foord & Evan Deer Comon Attornys of 
tiie said Towne for part of the years 1713 & 171 4. 

The Account of moneys collected, and of those received for Town rent, have 
nothing of interest. 

The Disbursem's by the said 
Coinon Attornys by y= Baihffs 
Order are as foil'*' 
paid the Ringers their 4 Quarterly paym'^ att 155. each 

Quarter £2>- 
paid the Clerks of the Markett their 4 Quarterly payments att 

8s. each Quarter £1. 12s. 
March 15'^ p<^ 2 poor Soldiers is. 
22"* paid a poor Man & his family is. 
29"^ p<^ Henry Williams his Quarter's paym' for keeping y* 

Clock & Chimes' "js. 6d. [recurs] 
p<^ for painting the Constables seat* 12s, 
p'^ four poor persons 2s. 
Aprill 5"" gave a poor Man 6d. 
May iS"' p** 3 soldiers & their Wifes 2s. 
p** 2 poor seamen is. 
June 5"i p<^ 3 Castaway seamen is. 
24"^ p<^ a seaman is. 
July ii'h pd a poor Captain 5s. 

22<i paid W" Jones for White Limeing y^ Counc. chamber 6d. 
31"' p'd a poor soldier 6d. [recurs] 
Aug' 6"^ p** The Ringers 1 2s. 
>j\h pd 2 poor soldiers is. 
Sepf 19. p'^ y'^ Ringers for Ringing att y^ Kings Comeing 

over I2S.' 
26"^ p<^ Rob' Priest for Lime for the Pump 4s. id. 
Ocf 4"' p<^ Samuell Jones for keeping the slipp a Q"" 2s. 6d. 

1 This was the Town Hall clock and bell. 

' The pew of the Constables, in St. John's church. 

^ The Elector of Hanover began his reign as King George the First of England 
I August 1714. 


9'h p<i the Ringers for ringing on the Crownac'on day 12s. 

p'J Tho^ Powell for Worke done ab' the Pump ^"i. 3. 7. 

paid a poor Man 15. [recurs] 

JanT 15"^ p^ the Towne Clerk ^i. 

30"^ pd ye Ringers for Towling K: Charles's Martyrdomday 5s. 

pd a poor Wooman is. 

p^ John Brewer for his Troble ab' the Pump 85. 6d. 

p^ Thomas Powell Carpenter for his Work on y« Pump £2. 35. 

p"^ 3 poor persons 2s. 

p'^ the slipp keeper 25. 6d. 

p<* for washing the Bull Rope is. 8d. 

paper & purse is. yd. 

Acct^Sallary x;"i. 6. 8. 

p^ for a Loafe 6d. 

p^ for drawing this Account 2s. 

p<* for cleansing ab' y^ Pump 6d. 

paid the Towne Clerk for entring this Ace' 6s. Sd. 

The Account concludes with the usual elaborate sumtniug up, and certificate 
of payment. The following is written in a round hand. 

Account of St. John's Churchwardens. 

Cardiff ) The Account of Alex"" Purcell Jun"" of Mony Disburst for 

Vill: j y« Repair & Beautifying of S' Johns Church w^^in the said 
Towne for part of the years 17 14 & 171 5 as foil"' 
July y= lo"' Paid Thomas David for Carrying y^ Rubbell out of 

y^ Ch. yard 5s. 6d. 
i6'h Paid Carrying y^ Powles to y^ Church & Sawpitt gd. 
23'h Paid for Sawing 2 Powles is. 
Augst 7th Paid for 24'^ of boyld Alabaster 3s. 
Paid M-" fifrancis Jones for Tyle £6. 
Paid for Sacrament Bread 3^. for Cutting y^ Nettles in the 

Churchyard gd. 
Paid for Hair to M^^ Nowell is. 40?. 
Paid John James 4s. 
Paid for boyld Alabaster 14s. 
Paid Preist for y= Use of a Great Line 2s. 6d. 
Paid for Sacrament Bread ^d. 


Paid Lewis Wade for White Lime 2s. 6d. 

Paid y'^ ffees at y^ Generalls^ & Expences there gs. lod. 

Paid y^ Gierke for Drawing y«= Presentment is. 

Paid Nicholas Gye & Henry Williams for Carrying y* Rubbell 

out & Cleaning y"^ Church 3s. lod. 
Paid for a Chime Roape 8s. 6d. 
Paid for Worke done to y^ Bells 25. 
» Paid for Killing two full Birds' M. 

Paid for Carrying 2 Blocks of ffreestone 15. 6d. 

Paid for Mending & Washing y« Linnen^ att severall times 13s. 

Paid for Candles 6s. 

Paid for Raiseing y'^ stones att Larnock for paveing y= 

Church ^i. 
Paid att y'^ Generalls ffees and Books los. lod. 
Expences there £1. los. 
Paid for Drawing Transcript & p^sentm' 3s. for Carving y"= 

Diall 3s. lod. 
Paid himselfe for 1500 Tyle for y« Church 14s. 
Paid for Elms Juie & Rafter is. 6d. 
Paid Young James for 3 Days & halfes Work 2s. iid. 
Paid Yokes D° 2 Days is. 2>d. 
Paid Killing 10 Hedghocks 2S. ^d. 
Paid y^ Glasier los. qd. 

Paid John Phillips for 5 Large Powles £1. 5s. 
Paid for a Blok & Wier to y^ Chimes 8s. 8rf. 
Paid for ffreestone for y= Vestree £1. 2. 11. 
Paid Howell Roger & W">s for Tyleing & sealing* y« Church 

^24. 15. II. 
Paid Roger for 3 potts & Hugh Lewis Hailing Tyle sand & 

Water 12s. 
Paid Cooke for Painting y« Church ^38. 17 5. 

1 The Consistory Court at Llandaff. 

2 i.e., fulberts, a West Country term for what in ordinary language are called 
polecats. The Churchwardens customarily paid so much per head for vermin or 
supposed noxious animals destroyed in the parish. 

•5 i.e., the parson's surplice, and the white linen cloth spread upon the communion 
table at the administration of the Sacrament. 
' ceiling. 


Paid Giles for iiis Work on y^ Ciiurcli _;^"8. 14. 3. 

Paid y^ Labourers ;^3. 65. 

Paid M-- Wells for Wine for y^ Sacram' £1. 15s. 

Paid M^^ Powell Carpenter ;^8. 5. 6. 

Paid M'' W*" Ward of Possett £c,. 5. 6, 

Paid Evan Deer ;!^5. i. 6. 

Paid John Davies for Rope & Blocks to y' Church 5s. 

Paid James Morgan & Morgan William by Rate i8s. 6d. 

Paid M-- W™ Williams of Bristoll for Lathnailes £1. 18. gi 

The above account has been copied in full. 

Cardiff vill : The Account of Richard Jones & George Stephens 
Churchwardens of y'= Parish Church of S' John the 
Baptist within the said Towne for y= year 171 1, as 

Aprill ig"" Paid for their Dinners att y'= Generalls i8s. 

Paid M-" Purcell & M"" Lamberts ffees 12s. 

Paid for a Book for M"- Purcell & M"" Lambert is. 

Paid for a Book for y^selves 15. 

May 20'*' Paid for 3 q"= of Wine for y^ Sacram' 7s. 6d. 

Paid for Bread y^ same time 2d. 

June 2 7"» Paid for Washing y* Surplice 2s. 6d. 

Paid for a Rope & Weights for y« Chimes £1. 14s. 

Paid Edwd. News Man for Killing a Polcatt ^d. 

Paid for a New Key & Mending y^ Lock of y« Chime Loft is. 

Paid for Killing a Hedgeock 4^. 

gber ye j jth Paid for Makeing a Rate 6s. M. 

Paid for their Dinners att y= Generalls 5s. gd. 

Paid y^ Court ffees 3s. lod. 

Paid for makeing y^ Presentment is. 

Paid for makeing y^ Bell Loft 2s. lod. 

Paid John Abbiess for Latt Nails 3s. ^d. 

Paid for a Spade for the Church 2s. 6d, 

Paid John Clement for Killing a Hedgeock /^d. 

Paid Robert Watkin for Killing a Polcatt 4<i. 

Paid Tho« Rosser for mending y« Church-windows £'^. 8s. 

Paid for 2 sacks of Lime there yd. 


Paid for 3 quarts of Wine for y^ Sacram' Js. 6d. 

Paid for Bread T^d. 

Paid for Washing y= Surplice 25. 6d. 

Paid John Smith for Killing a Poll Catt 4^. 

Paid Tho^ Maurice for Killing a nother 4^. 

Paid James y^ Tyler for Work on y^ Church 14s. 

Paid for 2 Bundle of Latts there 5s. 

Paid for Rafter there is. 

Paid for Tyle Pins & Oviss Board 25. 6d. 

Paid Cheltenham for Nailes is. 2>d, 

Paid M"" Priest for Lime 5s. /{d. 

Paid for Crests for y*' Church Porch Sd. 

Paid W W"" Powell for 12 Cusheens _^i. 12s. 

Paid James y^ Clarke for Killing a Poll Catt /^d. 

gave John Pedwardin to goe about w* y"" is. 6d. 

Paid for looo of Tyle & Carriage 8s. 2id. 

Paid for hair^ to y^ Church /^d. 

Paid M"- Ch"" Mathews as p' Note 8s. 41^. 

Paid him for M"" Purcell & M"" Lambert i6s. 6d. 

Paid W Archer's Note for Ropes 4s. 6d. 

Paid for 3 quarts of Wine & Bread for y^ Sacram' js. ()d. 

Paid Mf Andrews^ y' he p'^ for M"" Purcell los. 

Paid Washing y^ Linen & Cleaning y^ Plate 5s. 

Paid Thomas Cox Mending y^ Bells £1. 

Paid M"" Richard Jones's Note £6. 3. 5. 

Paid M''^ Cheltenham p'te of her Note £/!^.. los. 

The above account has been copied in full. 

Cardiff Vill : The Account of Nathaniell Wells & George Stephens 
Churchwardens of y" Parish Church of S' Johns y= 
Baptist in y^ s'l Towne for y« year 17 12 as foil'*' 

Aprill 30"' Paid for their Dinner at y« Generalls £1. 6s. 
Paid y^ Court ffees then 3s. \od. 
Paid for y^ Prayer Book is. 

1 To make lime, or for stuffing cushions. 
^ The vicar, 


Paid Makeing y<^ p'^sentm' is. 

Paid Makeing y^ Transcript 2s. 6d. 

May 16. Paid for 3000 of Tile at js. 6d. & telling' £1. 3s. 

Paid Carrying them 3s. 

June 6"* Paid Washing y« Surplice 2s. 6d. 

Paid Mending y« Churchyard Wall 9s. 

Paid a Labourer for one Days Work lod. 

Paid for Lime there 8s. ^d. 

Paid John Thomas for Whitelimeing y« Church £1. 

S''' Paid for 3 q^'^ of Wine & Bread for Sacram' 7s. ()d. 

Paid Hugh Lewis Carrying Earth is. 2d. 

Paid Thomas Rosser Mending Churchwindows 5s. 6d. 

gber 2d Paid att Generalls for their Diners 9s. 

Paid Court fFees 3s. lod. 

Paid Makeing Pr'sentm' is. 

g***"" 18. Paid James Morgan for Work on y^ Church £1. 13. 4. 

Paid for 1000 Latts los. 

Paid for Lime 6s. 50^. 

Paid for Pile Pins there 2s. 

Paid for Latt Nails 3s. 

Paid John Morgan for mending 3'^ Vestry 4s. 6d. 

Dec"" lo"" Paid for Washing y^ Surplice 2s. 6d. 

24'*' Paid for 3 quarts of Wine & Bread for y« Sacram' 7s. gd. 

28"' Paid for 3 Pints of Wine & Bread for y« Sacram' 3s. iid. 

Paid John Jones mending y« Clapper of y^ Great Bell ys. 6d. 

Paid M*" Bradford for mending y<= Vestry 15s. 6d. 

Paid Evan Deer for mending y^ Clapper of y^ Great Bell los. 

Paid M"" Priest for Lyme 2s. iid. 

Paid Ralfe Morgan for Killing a Pollcatt ^d. 

March 30'^ Paid for 2 Quarts of Wine & Bread for y= Sacram' 

5s. 2d. 
Aprill 3"! Paid for Washing y^ Linnen & Cleaning y« Plate 5s. 
6* Paid for 3 quarts of Wine & Bread for y« Sacram' 7s. 90'. 
20"' Paid M"" Madocks his ffees 3s. lod. 
Paid Makeing y« Presentm' is. 
Paid Makeing y^ Transcript 2s. 6d. 

^ counting them. 


Paid James Morgan y^ Tyler One Days Work \s. 8d. 

Paid M""** Priest for Lime is. gd. 

Paid John Abbiess for Nails & One Bundle of Latts 75. yd. 

Paid Thomas Rosser Mending y^ Churchwindows 9s. yd. 

Paid M-- Ch'- Mathews Note los. Sd. 

Paid Ml" Archer for Parchm' 2s. 8d. 

The above account has been copied in full. 

The Account of Mony Rece'd by the said M"" Stephens as 
Churchwarden for y^ Buriall of y^ Dead in y^ s<* Parish Church of S' 
John for y^ years 1711 & 1712 is as foll"^ 

Lewis Cox Aid" above y^ Speeks^ 65. Sd. 
Mary y*^ Dau"" of W'" Lambert above y^ Speeks 6s. Sd. 
W™ y= Son of W"' Williams below y^ 5peeks 3s. /[d. 
Edward News Wife below y^ Speeks 2)S- 4-d. 

So the list continues, the charge being uniformly 6s. 8d. for burying above, and 
■?s. 4d. below the Speeks. For convenience, these remaining entries may be 
classitied thus : 

Buried above the Speeks. 

Elizabeth daughter of William Lambert (bis.) 

M''s Jones of the " Blew Anchor." 

John Langton. 

M"^ Stone's daughter. 

Nicholas Edwards. 

Mary Wells. 

Rees Tanner. 

Buried below the Speeks. 

Mary daughter of Robert Kerr. 

Thomas Lewis's wife. 

A daughter of Phillip Stephens. 

Morgan Rees mason. 

A son of William Williams. 

A son of Arthur Yeomans. 

William Meredith. 

1 See Vol. III., p. 407. 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 193 

Mary Yeoman. 

Robert Kerr. 

George son of George Stephens alderman. 

Ralfe Morgan. 

Rachaell Richards. 

Nov g^^ 1715- 

Ordered y* Priscilla the Wife of W™ Thomas & their child Ann 
of the Age of 4 Months be removed to S' Nicholas in the County of 

Court of Ald'"men. Nov g"' 171 5. 

Ordered y' all Persons who are in Arrear for Towne rents y' 
have not paid the same be sued by the Towne Gierke he giveing 
them first notice. 

Ordered y' all Persons who stand indebted by Bond to the 
Poor of this Towne be desired to pay in their mony w'in three 
Months in order to be placed out upon one securely. 

Ordered y' all Persons (who are not flfreemen) be sumoned to 
appear before the Bailiffs to show Cause why they execute their 
trades not being ffree. 

Election of Alderman. 
July 9'h 17 1 5. 

Court of Aldermen I Att a Court of Ald'"men duely sumoned It was 

Duely Sumoned / proposed to nominate an Alderman in the 

Roome of Emanuel Miles Alderman dece'd And 

William Lambert one of the Assistants was proposed to succeed & 

the said W" Lambert was vnanimously elected Alderman by vs the 

only persons p'"sent. 

Geo. Stephens. 

Nath. Wells. 

Alex"" Pursell. 

Chr. Mathew. 

Alex'' Purcell. 

W™ Jones. 

Peth. Sheeres. 



St. Mary's Overseers' Account 

Cardiff Vill.| The Account of Henry Williams & his Partner 
S' Marys j Overseers of the Poor of the said Parish Comenceing 
the 30''' of Aprill & Ending the ay"" of January 
(171 5) following. 

Paymen'^ to Poor. 

Paid John Griffith 40 Weeks 8c 4s. Due the former year £2. 4s. 

Pd John Russell ;^3. o. 8. 

P^ Katherine Hopkin £1. 

P<i Anne Hopkin £2. gs. 

F^ ffrancis Jones £4.. 6s. 

Pd Tho« Phillip £2. IS. 

P^ Jno. Thomas £2. 4s. 

P<i Joan Phillip ^i. 13s. 

P'^ Marg" Morgan £2. 15s. 

P'^ fflorence Thomas £2. 4s. 

Pd Mary Morgan ^i. 13. gd. 

P'^ John Bembrick £2,. 7s. 

pd W" Miles £4. 

P^ Dorothy Guy 16s. 6d. 

pd Kath. Pope £2. 

pd Mary My rick £1. 13s. gd. 

pd Oliver Evans 3^'. 

£^y. IPS. Sd. 


Mending John Bembricks shoos 6d. &. for a New pare is. 8d. 

A New Gown & stays for the same Ss. 6d. 

To the present Bayliffs what they had advanc'd the year 

before i os. 
To M^- W™ Richards D° 5s. 
To M-- Mich" Richards for D" £2. 
To the Late Overseers what they Laid out more y° their 

Rate £1. 14. 9. 
Att May Generalls i6s. yd. 
Cleansing the Churchyard is. 6d. 
att Mich'as Generalls 8s. lod. 


Mending the Churchyard Rails 9s. 6d. 

A Lock for y' Gate 40^. 

A ffitchog^ 4«/. a Hedgehog 2d. 

A Warr' is. a Presentm' is. 

To a Woeman L5'ing in is. 

/44. IIS. ^d. 

W™ Morgans house is. 
Rob' Lewis's stable ()d. 
Nich^ Thomas's house 9^. 
Henry Williams 2s. 6d. 
James Jones is. 
Ch>- Hugh 6d. 
Gab" Lewis Esq"" <^d. 
Edwd. New 6d. 
Jonath° Lambert 6d. 
W" Miles 3s. 
M-- Mich. Richards is. 6d. 
M"- Lambert 40?. 
John Phillip is. 2d. 
M'' Robins 12s. 

Tot' of Vacancys ;^ i. 6. 3 
Tot' of Paym's to Poor & Disbursm'^ 

In all 
Tot' of the Rate 

P"^ for Makeing Ace' & paper 

Expence ab' Distreyning on Jonath" Lambert 

Soe due to the s^ Henry William to Ballance 
this Ace' 
















' polecat (See Vol. III., p. 446, note.) 


Common Attorneys' Account. 

Next follows The Account of William Powell & Richard Jenkins 
Comon Attornys of the said Towne for part of the years 171 5 & 
1 7 16; but only dates and amounts are given in the first part, headed Debtors 
by Mony Collected, and only names and amounts in the second, under the 
heading Mony Rece'd for Towne Rents. The third part runs thus :— 

Disbursments by the Comon Attornys Disburst & Laid out by 
the Bailiflfs Orders as foll"^ 

1715 ffeb'^y 2i"> Paid Poor Persons p' Order is. ()d. 
March 29"^ P'^ for a Purse 2d. 
Aprill 13'h P-i Bailiff Stephens ^i} 
Aug' 20"^ P'^ the Ringers 125. 
Ocf 13"^ P"^ for washing the Bulls CoUer 4^. 
22th pd the Ringers 12s. 
Nov"" 4* P'^ for washing the Coller a^d. 
Dec 24"' P<^ the Ringers 1 55. 
ffebry 7th pd Henry William for tolling the Bell the 31"^ of 

Jan^y 55. 
To the Accountants their sallery for a year & two 

months £1 10. 6. 
P"^ for Makeing this Account 25. 
P"^ Towne Clerke for Entring this Account 6s. "^d. 
pd for Paper id. 

Besides the above, this account contains a number of sums Paid to poor 

St. Jolin's Overseers' Account. 

Cardiff Vill. The Account of William Hieley & John Morgan 
Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of S' John's in 
the said Towne as follow"^ 

1 714. May y« ii'^ Paid M"" Richards for an Order of Removeing 
the family of the Kings Castle 3s. 6rf. 
To M"" Sheeres Cloth for Badges' is. ^d. 

^ George Stephens and Nathaniel Wells were the Bailiffs. 
•^ Badges to be worn by paupers. 


* To the Taylor for Sewing y™ on is. 
ffor our Dinners att the Longcross 3s. 
28''' To Sarah Hodge \s. 
ffor Ale & Bread for putting her Out is. 
ifor 3 hours Ringing is. 6a?. 
ffor Cutting the Grave (yd. 
ffor the Little Bell 4^. 
\ a yard of Crape dd. 
ffor the Coffin 8s. 

If the above items refer, as they seem to do, to the obsequies of Sarah Hodge, 
the ale and bread must have been consumed by the women engaged in laying her out 
for burial. The ringing of a "little bell" about the streets was a survival of a very 
ancient custom, and was originally intended to remind the people to pray for the soul 
of the deceased. 

June y^ lo*'' for Phillip Tanner's son for shooes & Stockings 
3s. id. 

23"* ffor Makeing Cloaths for the Gloucester maid^ 2s. dd. 

ffor Thread 3^0?. 

A pair of stockings ']d. 

ffor a Pair of shooes 2s. 50?. 

ffor Linnen ffor the same Maid 12s. \\\d. 

ffor makeing her Ind'res & the stamps 8s. 6rf. 

ffor 12 y'^s of Cloth for Kate Jenkin 12s. 

ffor 3 y^s & J of ffrize for Phillip Tanners son 6s. \\d. 

ffor Threed & Buttons & 8 y^^ of fflannen^ 5s. ()\d. 

ffor Makeing the 2 Suites of Cloaths 6s. 
• ffor Kate's Coffin 8s. 

Charge att her Watch Night' is. 
■ ffor Cutting the Grave Ringing & y= Little Bell 2s. lod. 

ffor Jane Jeroms Coffin 8s. 

1 She was a parish apprentice. 

2 The above is an older form of the word now rendered "flannel," and comes 
nearer to its Welsh original gwlanen. 

^ Watching a corpse during the night previous to its burial was another ancient 
religious custom, which it is interesting to see, in this instance, used out of respect to 
the body of a pauper. The charge was for bread, ale and candles to two women 
watchers, as appears by other entries. 


her ffunerall Expence 4s. 6d, 

Expences to S' Nicholas w"^ Evan Walter & ffamily 5s. 

Expences to S' Andrews w* Edward New's maid 45. 

My Expences & Weeks Loss w"> John Broads Children £1. los. 

p<^ Elinor Lewis ffor Tending Kate Jenkin is. 

p"! Edw<^ Jenkins for John Pellys Child ^i. 3s. 

Allow-^ M"' Purcell Jun"" what he Disburs'd 2,s- (>d. 

pd M"" Richards for Coppying 7 Orders £1. is. 

More for another 3s. 6d. 

More for Makeing 2 pair of Ind'res 17s. 

More for makeing a Rate & Entring the same 15s. ^d. 

p<* M^" Jones p' Cureing Phillip Tanners son's Legg 135. i id. 

ffor 2 Sacks of Lime for the Alms House "jd. 

ffor Goeing to Landaff w"^ the People of the Kings Castle is. 

ffor warning the Intruders w"' a Constable 9.3?.^ 

ffor Mary Mathews when sick \s. 

The above account has been copied in full. It is followed by anotlier, the only 
explicit items of which are as follows : — 

Paid Edward Jones Hattmaker as p' Note £1. i6s. 
Paid Ourselves towards Expences as allow'd los. 

Then follows the usual list of Vacancies, including : — 

W" Watkin Ks^ Castle 45. 
W™ Evan of the Heath 6d. 
M''^ Mayo for the Tan House 4s. 

St. John's Churchwardens' Account. 
Cardiff Vill: \ The Acco' of William Jones & Edward 


S' John's Parish.) Jenkins Churchwardens A° 171 5. 


Laid out att Landaff ^j/"!. 45. 

p** for 5000 Tyle att 75. 6d. £1. 17. 6. 

^ This appears to refer to some disputed occupancy. The King's Castle was a 
substantial building on the north side of the Cowbridge Road, Canton, just west of 
what is now the Workhouse. 


for Bringing y™ to the Church 5s. 

for telling^ the Tyle lOo?. 

for a q""' of Oyl 2s. 

for Cleaning y« Arch over y^ Organ^ 35. 

for mending the Virgins^ 6d. 

to M"" Berrow £6. 17, 6. 

to Jno. Morgan /,i. 5. 10. 

for mending the Keys of the Chymes 60I. 

for making the Curtain 5s. 

to the Porters for Lifting the 2 Beams to the Top of the 

Tower 8s. 
to Evan Deer 165. 
for Bringing the New Lead ys. 
to John Davis for 4 Spars los. 6ei. 
for Charcoal is. 

for Bringing the Old Lead to the Boate 6s. 
to the Masons ;^5. 8. 6. 
to the Labourers ;^2. 6. 6. 
to Hugh Lewis 4s. 2d. 
to M"" Nowell IS. 
ffor Cleaning the Tower 3s. 
ffor a Lanthorn is. 6d. 
for 6 Ropes £1. 12s. 
for Bringing y™ to Cardiff 2s. 
for Killing a Fulbert /\.d. 
p"^ the Glazier 5s. 6d. 
Laid out att Landaff 8s. lod. 
for Makeing the p'sentm' is. 
for Makeing the Rate lod. 
for Killing a ffulbert 4.d. 
for a Q' of Oyl 2s. 
to Dick the Painter 19s. 6d. 
to Clean the Plate is. 

^ To tale, or tell, means to count ; whence the nouns tale, toll and tally. 
2 The organ at this time, and long after, stood in a west or tower gallery ; so that 
the arch referred to is the tower arch. 
'^ The keys of the organ. 


for looo Laths los. 

to the Tylers £i. 17. 6. 

to M'' Cornish is. 

to M-- Wells ;^i. 17. 6. 

P"^ att Landaff Court 3s. lOa^. 

for the 6 Articles is. lod. 

p'^ Jno. Davies of Landaff 19s. 

for the p''sentm' is. 

for y^ Transcript 2s. 6d. 

for Parch ra' is. 2d. 

Then comes a list of Vacancys under the respective headings of High 
Street Ward, East Ward and West Ward. 

Election of Capital Burgess. 
January ii"' 17 16. 

Cardiff vill: 

Att a Coinon Councell duely Sumoned for the EUecc'on of an 

Assistant in the Room of W™ Lambert lately ellected & sworne an 

Ald''man Cradock Nowell Tanner was vnanimously ellected a Capitall 

Burgess & Assistant for the s"^ Towne by vs. 

W™ Jones. 
Will. Lambert 
Will. Jones 
Mich: Richards Alex"" Purcell 

Towne Clerke. Alex"" Purcell Jnr. 

Will. Richds: 
Ar. Yeomans. 
ffran. Jones. 
John Jones. 
Edw*^ Jenkins 
John Sweet 
Will. Mathew 
Ar. Williams. 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 201 

February 9"^ 17 16. 

Att a Court of Ald^'men duely sumoned Arthur Yeomans one of 
the Capital! Burgesses of the s<^ Towne was Elected Ald'"man instead 
of M"" Mich" Richards the pi'sent Towne Clerke. 
Wittness our hands. 

W™ Jones 
Will. Lambert 
Will. Jones 
Geo. Stephens 
Alex"' Purcell 
Nath. Wells. 

Common Attorney's Account. 

Cardiff Vilh) The Account of Phillip Stephens & Tho' Rosser 
S' Johns. J Coiiion Attornys of the said Towne for the year 
1 7 16 Comencing the 21"' of Aprill as foU'^ 

Debtors by Collecc'ojts. 

Aprill the 21''' Rece'd 75. id. 

so on for other dates. 

Mony Rece'd for Towne Rent 

Rece'd of W^ Mayo £/^. 8s. 8^. 

&c., to the amount of ;Qi^. 3. 2. 


Ap. 22"' Paid for a Purse 6d. 

for paper 6^d. [recurs] 

for Washing the Bull Rope twice 2>d. 

for makeing the Rent Roll 6s. %d. 

2ith pd for a Purse & paper 2^d. 

28. p^ for paper & Ink 2\d. 

p"^ Hen. W" for Keeping the Clock & Chimes is. 6d. 

June 2^ p<* W" Lewellin for Ringing 12s. 

9'^* p"^ the same for Ringing 12s. 

13'h pd W™ Phillips Coaler £1. los. 


p"^ to a Poor Woeman 15. [recurs] 

p"^ to a Poor Soldier 6d. 

aa** p<^ to a Poor Man 2s. 

p<^ a Poor Man 15. [recurs] 

July 7'*' p"! W™ Lewellin p' Ringing 155. 

14. p<^ Hen. W" for Keeping the Clock & Chimes 75. 6a?. 

Aug' II* p"! Ja: Thomas Cl:^ for Ringing 12s. 

p'l for a Large Purse 6d. 

22* to 3 Saylors is. 6d. 

cl°^'' 14. pd 2 poor Men 6d. 

pd w/^m Lewellin for Ringing the Coronac'on Day 12s. 

pd Mrs Nowell for a Coller los. 

p** for makeing this Acco' 2s. 

p'^ the Towne CI: to Enter this Acco' 65. 8rf. 

Churchwardens' Account. 

The Acco' of Alexander Purcell Churchwarden for y« years 
1715 & 1716. 

Oct^'' I 715. Paid at y« visitation & expences 9s. 2d. 

presents is. 

ffeby 29. To W™ Williams for ropes £1. 14s. 

fFeby 17. To M"" Wells for wine for y« sacram* i6s. 

march 1 2'^ To M"" Mathews for a quart of oil 2s. 

To M"" Powell y= Carpenter ^4. los. 6|a'. 

Apr" i7"» 1716. To Will. Thomas for stones to pave y' 

church 1 6s. 
Paid at the Generalls £1. 45. 
Paid at the Court 3s. lod. 

Paid James y*^ Clerck for Draweing TransP'^ & pr*' 3s. 6d. 
Paid for parchment "js. 6d. 
Paid for a lanthorne is. 6d. 
Paid My^ Sheers for making a new surplice & washing y= 

Linnen £1. ys. 
Paid for sacram' bread 4 times is. 
Paid Tho* Rosser for Glassing £2. los. 

1 Clerk 

•^ Transcript and presentment 


Paid Rees Parry for cutting y nettles twice: & cleansing y^ 

church yard ys. ^.d. 
Paid m"" morice morgan for killing 5 fitch hogs i.j. 8^. 
Paid Robert King for Killing a hedghog 4^. 
Paid Rees Thomas for killing 10 fitch hogs is. 
Oc''='' 1716. Paid att y^ visitation 6s. lOf/. 
Presentment is. 
Paid for mending y= chimes is. 

Paid y« organist of S' Nicholas that came here to serve us los. 
Nober 17th Paid Morgan Williams for Tyling 5s. 
Paid for 2 hundred of tyle 2s. 
Paid for J a hundred of laths 6d. 
Paid for 3 sackes of lime lo^d. 

Paid Henry Will™s for cleaning y^ church severall times is. lod. 
Paid Anne mouse for scouring y^ Branch' twice 2s. 
Jan"? ist Paid M^s Sheers for washing ye surplice 2s. 6d. 
Apr" 16. Paid John Price for Candles 2s. gd. [recurs] 
20. Paid m""^ sheers for washing and mending the church 

linnen 3s. 6d. 
Paid m"" Turner for worke done in putting up ye dial ^3. 5s. 
Paid M''s Stephens two notes for mending & washing y^ linnen of 

ye church i8s. 6d. 
Paid James ye Tyler 8s. ^.d. 
Paid W™ Hedges by rate 5s. 
Paid m"" Claro for a set of ropes £1. 2s. 6d. 
Paid Hugh Lewis for carying of stones to pave ye church & 

sand IIS. 6d. 
Paid for drink att ye setting up ye dial 2s. 
Paid m"" Bailiff Jones & m'' Jenkins y* Apoth: 125. 
Paid Tho^ Morice for killing a hedghog & 3 fitchhogs is. 

Rece'd for burying ^2. 13. 4. 
Rece'd of Bailiff Jones _£i. 3. 6. 
Rece'd for a rope 8s. 

Debts due from y" Church. 

To Jn° Phillips for Carrying ye stones to ye Church £1. 6s. 
To M"- W" Jones Aid" for Oyl & Col°""^ £2,. 5s. 

^ The brass chandelier is meant. This item recurs 


Minutes of Council. The Town Archives. 

1° Sepf's 1 718. 

Cardiff ViU: 

It is ordered by the Comon Councill whose Names are hereund"" 
named y' the Charters & other Papers & Great Seale^ belonging 
to this Towne shall be brought to the Towne Hall of the said Towne 
y' they May be Perused & Kept in the Chest of the said Towne Hall 
according to Antient Custome att or before the Eleventh of this 

To M"" Michaell Richards Ar. Yeomans 

Towne Clerk of Cardiff. ffran. Jones 

Will. Jones 
Geo. Stephens 
Alex'' Purcell [junior] 
Nath. Wells 
W™ Jones 
Cradock Nowell 
Will. Mathew 
John Jones 
Will. Powell 
David Owen 
Henry Meredith. 

2o'h of July 1 7 19. 

Cardiff ViU: 

Att a Court of Aldi'men duely Sumoned Thomas Nowell a 
Capitall Burgess of this Towne was duely elected an Aldi'man in the 
roome of W™ Jones Jun"" Ald^'man dece'd Wittness our hands. 

9 signatures. 

St. John's Overseers' Account. 

The Account of W^" Morgan & Thomas Rosser, Overseers of the 
Poor of the parish of S' John's from the 28'*" of Aprill 17 18 to the 
20'*' of March 17 18 as follows. 

1 This must have been the seal figured in the " Duke of Beaufort's Progress," 1684. 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 205 


Accountable by the Rate for - 73. 16. o 

Deducc'ons by reason of severall Vacancys & poor 

Inhabitants - - - - 6. 12. i 

soe they are accountable for clear mony to 67. 

Then comes a list of sums received of various persons therein named, towards 
their next rate. This is followed by Disbursm'* of the said Overseers of 
the Poor, commencing with the Names of the Poor & their Seu'all 
Allowances. The following is a selection of these : — 

3. Cate Jenkins is. 6d. 

6. Em" Grandfeild is. 6d. 

8. Widow Green 35. 

9. Lewis & Jane 3s. 

10. Joseph Phillips as. (>d. Dead. 

13. Mary Mullins 2s. 

14. Nath. Tanner 2s. 

16. Jenkin Evans 2 Children 4s. one child goes off. 
24. Cissil Howell is. gone to the Almes house. 

p<^ for W™ Wades Ind'res by the Bailiffs orders 8s. 40?. 

p<* for Purse & paper i id. 

p'^ for nurseing John Peleys Son los. 

p'^ for nurseing Anne Aylworths son 17s. 6d. 

June 14. p"^ for hireing two horses and our trouble to look after 
the father and mother which left a Child upon the Towne 
and likewise to put them out of the parish 5s. 

July 25. p"! for 3 yards of Dowlas^ att \od. p' yard for Natt 
Tanner 2s. 6d. 

p<i for makeing and thread 6d. 

august 10. Cecile Howell dyed 

yber 8 pd for a pare of Breetches for Natt Tanner 2s. 6d. 

pd for 3 yards of Cloth at is. lod. p' yard for Natt Tanner 5s. 6d. 

p'^ for Making the Coat 2s. 6d. 

p^ for buttons and Thread y^d. 

1 Welsh cloth, originally made at Dowlais. 


p<^ for moorehair' 6d. 

p*^ for a q"" of shaloon^ 40'. 

for staitape'' id. 

18. orders to pay from the Bailiffs iid. more in the fortnight to 
Eliz. Nowell 

19. p'^ relief to Anne the widdow of Nicholas Thomas 15. 

p"^ for tending & watching her when she was sick day & night is. 

21. p<^ more for tending & watching day & night when she was 
in her death bed 

22. p^ more reliefe 15. 

p<^ for Tending and watching day and night \s. 
p"^ for Candles 6d. 

23. p'J for washing of her when she was dead and put her out 
to three women is. 6d. 

24. p"! for drink is. 

p<^ for 4 yards of Crape 4s. 

p"^ for Cadess* 2d. 

p<^ for the Coffin & making the shroud 9s. 

p'^ for ringing the bell & Cutting the Grave 2s. 

p«* for going with the BelP about ^d. 

gber 2d orders to Lewis & Jane more in the fortnight 6d. 

3 Wenllian Wood dyed 

lo''*'' 8. p<* for nursing Anne Aylworth's son 15s. 
taken from Natt Tanner to give to Edw<i Tho^ every fortnight 6d. 
13. Eliz. Nowell went to the almshouse took fro' her a fort- 
night 6d. 
ffeb. 21. p<^ Jo. Phillips 4^?. 
when he was sick 4^. 
p** for tending him 6d. 

23. p<^ for washing him when he was dead is. 
p*^ for 2 yards of Crape 2s. 

^ mohair ; cloth made of the hair of the Angora goat, or in imitation of it. 

^ shalloon is a woollen stuff, originally made at Chalons. 

^ stay-lace 

* A kind of tape or ribbon lint for dressing wounds ; doubtless originally made 
at Cadiz. 

' i.e., for ringing the "little bell" in the streets, to give notice of the death. 


for Cadess id. 

for a Coffin 8s. 

pd for 5 quarts of drink 15. 30?. 

p** for making the shroud 6d. 

pd for ringing & Cutting the Grave 2s. 

pd to John Brewer for going with the little bell ab' 4^. 

March S'*" Jo° Bevan was pd his Q'' for Nurseing Aylworths 

Child due y' day 13s, 
pd for makeing the Ace' 25. 
pd for Entring it 6s. Sd. 

The following is in the handwriting apparently of Mr. Michael Richards, Town 

St. John's Churchwardens' Account. 

Cardiff Vill. The Acc» of Arthur Yeomans & William Matthews 
Church Wardens of the parish Church of S' John Baptist in Cardiff 
for the yeare 1717. 

Mem'dum that the said Church Wardens had noe rate for y' 

Their Disbursm'^ for y* year are as follows. 

Spent & laid out att the Generalls £1. 14s. 

pd for a Coppy of their Oaths is. 

Oyle for the Clock & bells 3s. 

for cleansing the Church Yard 8rf. 

for Washing the Surplice 2s. 6d. 

for bread 2d. 

Oyyle 2S. [recurs] 

to Severall people to raise the Great bell out of the fframe 4s. M 

more is. bd. 

p<^ the Reg"" & Apparitor att the Generalls 3s. td. 

for drawing the p'sentm' is. 

laid out then 5s. dd. 

for bread to the Comunion 2d. 

Candles -^d. 

for soap for the Rope of the Chimes 30^ 


Oyle & Marlin 25. id. 

for scouring the Branch twice 2s. 

for Washing the Surplice 2s. 6d. 

for bread 2d. 

paid the Tyler for tile lime & ^ a days Work on Church is. 4^0^. 

p<^ the Towne Clerk for makeing the rate 65. Sd. 

p^ Mason for mending the Walls of the Churchyard 3s. gd. 

for Lime then 2s. y^d. 

Candles to ring the Judges to Towne 3^. w' lime then 6d. 

for matts for the Comunion table 2s. 6a?. 

Washing the Surplice & Linnen 3s. 6d. 

for Bread 2d. 

Paid for Candles for the Church att Christmas 65. 6d. 

for parchm' for a transcript is. 4.d. 

for drawing the transcript 2s. 6d. 

for drawing a pi^sentm' is. 

p"^ Reg'' att the Generalls 3s. lod. 

p<^ Tho. Matthews for the Chimes lis. 2d. 

to Evan Deer for Work £1. 14. 9. 

to Tho. Rosser for Glazeing Work 6s. lod. 

for makeing this ace' 2S. 

for entring the rate 6s. Sd. 

Rec'd for Buryalls ^3. 14. 4. 

The Ace' of Nathaniell Wells Ald^man & David Owen Church 
Wardens of the parish Church of S' Johns in Cardiff for the Yeare 


P"^ for a Book is. 

Expence at Llandaflf £2. 2s. 

Pd the Procto'" 2s. 6d. 

also other Expence 2s. 6d. 

for cleaning the Church yard is. 

for a Sequestrac'on 2s. 6d. 

for 2000 tyle & telling y"" 16s. /[d. 

p<* Mashman & Patrick for Work ab' the Church 6s. 2d. 





















p^ for p'"sentm' is. 

p^ att the Gen"s in Octob"" i is. ^d. 

to the Apparito"" 6d. 

for a long staff to clean the Church ^d. 

for Bread 8d. to Jo° Price for Candles 5s. gd. 

for cleaning Sconce 25. Catching fuUbird ^d. 

pd for secureing the Pinnacle of the Tower 6s. lorf. 

p^ for wyer for the Chymes los. 2,d. 

for Washing the Surplice 3s. 6d. 

for p''sentm'* 2>^. 6d. 

p^ Rosser the Glazier for glazeing the Church iSs. gd. 

for a treat to the Singing Women 45-. 

p'^ for painting the Iron Barr £i. 12. 6. 

for carriage of the Sconce 12a?. 

p<* towards the Sconce £1. 13s. 

pd Mr W™ Matthews 1 5s. 90?. 

p<^ for washing the Church Linnen 9s. 6d. 

p^ M^ Lee for cleaning the organ £1. is. 

pd ]v[r Preist for a Debt due on the Church for Lime £2. 17. 6. 

p"^ for Catching 5 fullbirds lod. 

p^ for wine for the vse of the Church ;^4. ys. 

p^ Elias Wrentmore for the steps in the Church & Chancell 

^18.2. II. 
p^ Towne Clerk for makeing the Ace' 2s. 
p^ for entring it 6s. 8d. 


Cardiff Poor School. Appointment of Schoolmaster. 

Cardiff vill : Whereas Cradock Wells Alderman Dece'd Did 
by his last Will & Testam'^ devise to the Aldermen of this Towne & 
their Successors severall Messuages lands & tenem'^ in the County 
of Glamorgan in trust for the Educatting & bringing vp of Poor 
Boys & Girls to read write & Cypher We the Aldermen whose Names 
are herevnder Subscribed in pursuance of the said Will have 
constituted & appointed & by these p'sents doe Constitute & appoint 

1 See Vol. III., p. 150. 


Nathaniell Wells of Cardiff Clerk to teach & instruct such poor Boys 
& Girls as we shall from time to time direct to be instructed & taught 
Hereby Giveing & Granting vnto the said Nathan" Wells the Issues 
rents & profitts of the said Devised p'misses for & dureing such time 
as he shall behave himselfe well in his teaching & instrucc'on of such 
Boys & Girls as aforesaid In Wittness whereof we have herevnto 
Sett our hands & Seales this 26"' day of Nov"" 17 19. 

Nath. Wells 
Ar. Yeomans Crad. Nowell 

fFran. Jones Will. Jones 

Will. Mathew Alex. Pursell 

Geo. Stephens 
Alex. Purcel 
Will. Richds. 

Cardiff vill : 8"^ of January 1719. 

Att a Court of Aldermen duely Sumoned Henry Meredith a 
Capitall Burgess of this Towne was duely elected an Alderman in 
the Room of Arthur Yeomans Alderman dece'd Witness our hands. 

Nath. Wells 
Crad. Nowell 
Geo. Stephens 
Will. Richds. 
Will. Mathew. 

Cardiff vill : 8'*" of January 17 19. 

Att a Comon Councell duely sumoned for the elecc'on of an 

Assistant in the Room of Thomas Nowell lately ellected & Sworne 

an Alderman, William Hiley was ellected a Capitall Burgess and 

Assistant for the said Towne by us. 

Nath. Wells 

Crad. Nowell 

Geo. Stephens 

Will. Richds. 

Will. Mathew 

Henry Meredith 

Mich. Richards 

David Owen 

J. Thomas. 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 211 

1 7 19. January 14, 

Election of Thomas Matthew as an Assistant and Capital Burgess, in the room 
of Henry Meredith. In addition to the signatures last given, appear those of Thomas 
Nowell, John Sweet, Henry Llewellin, Arthur Williams and Richard Jones, being 
Councillors. The following is written in a fair, clerkly hand. 

St. John's Churchwardens' Account. 

An Acc' of Money Disburs'd Goods deliver'd &c for y« Use of 
the Parish Church of S' John's in Cardiff by W™ Mathew & David 
Owen Church- Wardens for the Year 1719 viz. 

Apr. lo"' Laid out & Disurst at y« Gener" y° ^ ;^i. 8s. 

D° Paid for a Book y° w*'' y= Copy of our Oaths 15. 

June S"* 30 y^* White Rope for y« Bells 5s. y^d. 

D° Paid for Cleansing y^ Church Yard y" is. 

July iq"* Paid John Richards Mason for mending y^ North 

Porch IS. 
Aug' 1 7* For Cleansing y"* Church after y* Stone Cutter 2s. 
Oct. g"" Paid at y« Gene"y° gs. id. 

1 4*'^ Paid James y^ Clark y° for drawing y^ Presentm' is. 
D° To y«= Apparritor y° 6d. 
D° A Lanthorne y° is. 6d. 
20''' A q'e of Oyl for y= Clock & Chimes 2s. 
22'^ For killing a Feghock 4d. 
24"' Paid J" Griffith & Nich. W™^ for help to raise y^ Great 

Bell IS. gd. 
Qber J jth Paid M^" Richards for making the Rate 6s. 8d. 

D° Candles y" 6d. 

I4"> Paid J" Brewer for 1000 Bricks & Freight as p' Recpt: 

£6. 13. 10. 
Xber. I' 30 Yards large white Rope for y« ws'^ of y^ Chimes 

qte 291b at 6d. — 14s. 6d. 
D° Paid W™ Williams for Freight 6d. 
D° For setting s<* Rope to y« Chimes gd. 
1 6th Paid Hugh Lewis y° for Hailing y^ Brick & Sand as p' 

Recp' js. 2d. 

1 then 
- weight 


D° Paid y" for Carriage of s^ Brick to y^ Chancell ^d 

23d For Scouring y^ Branches ag^' Xmas 25. 6d. 

D° For Washing y^ Surples & Linnen as p' Reap* [is. 

Paid Geo. Voaks for Tending y^ Mason ab' y"^ Window 15s. 

For Cleansing y^ Church-yard y° is. 6a'. 

Jay Paid Geo. Voaks y" for 2 days work ab' y^ Gutter is. %d. 

For Lime y° ab' s"^ Gutter in M"" Cordericks^ Court 2s. i \d. 

Paid Arth. Price for 7 days work tending y^ Masons ab' stopping 

y^ Chancell Window & Cleansing y^ Church-yard 5s. \od. 
Paid Thomas M''^ Jones's old Serv' for 3 days 2s. 
More to Arth. Price i day's Work \od. 
Paid Rowland Lewis for helping y= Organist in Cleansing the 

Organ 2s. 
Ja. 13* Paid Tho® Rosser Glazier for a New Window as p' 

Note £\. 8. 7. 
Paid for 2 Mawns^ & Marlins for y^ Masons Work is. 
Feb. 26"" Paid for mending & Cleansing y^ Clock & Chimes p' 

RecP' £\. 
Paid Ja. King for leveling y^ Wall for y^ Alter-piece and 

pitching^ ab' y^ young Trees in y^ North Church-yard 

IS. \d. 

There are now no trees in the north part of the churchyard. A small tree which 
grew close to the railing by the north wall of the tower disappeared in 1895. Those 
growing south of the church were all, it is believed, planted about 1865 by Sexton 

Paid Evan Harry for Cleansing y^ s*^ Yard ^d. 
1720. Mar. 25"^ Paid J a. Morgan for Plaistering y^ New Window 2s, 
For Lime as p. Note 5s. T^d. 
Hair for y= Morter 40?, 
Apr. 16"' For washing & mending y^ Surples & Linnen p' 

Note 4s. 
Paid Ja. Morgan for Tyleing as p' Note i8s. 'i\d. 
Paid the Apparritor y° 6rf. 
Paid for Scouring y^ Branches ag^' Easter 2s. 6d. 

1 Mr. Coldrick, the vicar. The Vicarage adjoined the church on the north-east. 

2 Mawn or maund, a shallow round basket. 
^ laying stones 


20"^ Paid Rich'J Hopkin for Painting y« Chancell Window 4s. 
22^ Paid Mr Wells for Wine p' Note & RecP' ;^i. 75. 
D° Paid for Candles for y^ Church Xmas Eve p' RecP' 6s. 
28''' Paid for 7 days work in Cleansing in & ab' y'= Church & 

removing & Carrying y= 2000 Tyle & Free Stones to y= 

Vestry 5s. lod. 
D° Paid for Bread for y^ Comunion as p' Note 2s. gd. 
D° 18 y'^= Rope to lengthen one of y^ Bell Ropes 3s. 6cl. 
29"^ for a q"= of Oyle for y^ Bells & Clock 2s. 
D° Paid for a skin of Parchm' for drawing y^ Transcript is. 4a'. 
To Ja. y^ Clark for drawing y^ Transcript & Presentm' 35. 6d. 
Paid y^ Register y° at y^ Gener"^ 3s. lod. 
p"* m"" Beavor for sodering the new window 4s. 2d. 
p^ Evan Deer for a spade 3s. 

Vacancies in y' Church Rate Anno 1719. 

Widd. Morgan for y= Bear i Q'^ is. 

W Henry Meredith \ year for Mault house is. 

M"^ Glascott for Brew-house \d. 

W Alex. Pursell for Kingshead^ \ a Year is. Zd. 

D° for a stable there \ a Year \\d. 

M"" Mackworth for house & Garden ']d. 

W Sweet charg'd for 12 Acres Land att Orchard street^ whereas 

but 2 Acres los. 
S"" Geo. Howells little Swan \ a Year is. 
W™ Jones's Widd. for y^ Crow 2s. 
J° Price \ a Year for y^ Plough bd. 
Mr Cook or Ten"^ for 5 Acres Heathl-^ 3s. \d. 

Rece'd for Persons seated in the Church 2s. 

1720 August nth. 
Election of William Hieley as Alderman, in the room of Henry Meredith 


1 The old King's Head inn in High Street, on the site of the late Post Office. 

2 Orchard Street disappeared on the construction of the Glamorganshire Canal 
between Crockherbtown lock and North Street, at the end of the i8th century. 


An Acct of Money laid out for y^ use of y= Parish Church of S' 
Johns in Cardiff for y^ year 1720 p' William Mathew & Fran. 

Apr. 29th Laid out & Disburs'd at y^ Gen"^ y° ^i- 25. 

D° For a Book w'^ y^ Copy of our Oaths y° is. 

May S**" To Treat M"" Harris y^ Organ Builder y° 3s. 

16. For Hire of two Horses & our Expences in going to S' 

Doiietts to get a Subscription for y« New Organ los. 
18. For Hire of two Horses &c. to Kevenmable on y' Ace' 

23. For a New Curtain & making for y^ Chancel window 

IIS. id. 
for white-washing y« said Window 6d. 
Paid for Paving stones for y^ Chancell & Carriage ys. 6d. 
For Bread for y^ Comunion at Whitesuntide 2>d. 
25. Paid a Labourer for 3 days work w'h Elias 2s. 6d. 
June 4. Paid W^ Shears for washing & mending y^ Surples 4s. 
For Holland & Thread to D° is. /^d. 
For Carrying Rubbell out of y« Chancell 6d. 
July 9. Paid Rees Parry for Cleansing y^ Church-yard is. 
Paid for 4 New Bell-ropes i6s. /^d. 

P'i Edw"! Thomas for ffishing y^ Blocks ab' y« new wall is, 6d. 
pd ^^m Miles for New binding y^ Church Bible 8s. 6d. 
P'l Sam" Jones for going w* a Lettr to Penarth is. 3^/. 
Aug* 2. pd for Killing a Hedghock 2d. 
For a long hair Broom for dusting y« Alter-piece 2s. 
27 pd M^^ Shears for washing y^ Surples 2s. 6d. 
30. pd for Killing a flfetchock 2d. 
7'^^'- 3. A New Lanthorn for y^ Church is. 6d. 

21. pd for Carrying Deal & Dutch Oak to y^ Church for y* 
Gallery is. 

22. For 2 Mawns Marlin & Rope ab' y= New wall 2s. 2d. 

pd ye Sexton & other Labourers att Severall times ab' digging a 

Foundac'on for y^ Pillars of y^ New gallery &c. 13J. ()d. 
Gave y™ in Ale & Brandy when ab' y' work 3.?. 
gber 7 pd ye Register & laid out at y^ Gen''^ y° 155. lod. 
Pd y-' Clark for Drawing y^ Presentm' is. 
pd Nich. Williams for 2 days work is. 6d. 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 215 

P<J Nich. Price for 2 Bushells of Hair 2s. 8d. 

Gave in Drink to y« Workmen ab* y^ New wall is. 6d. 

pd jn White for a day's work under y^ New Fillers is. 6d. 

P'^ J° James Mason for 2 days work there 3^. 

25. For 3 Bundles of Laths 6s. 

P'* Hugh Lewis for Hawling Sand to y« Church 2s. 6d. 

P^ for Candles ^d. 

gber J J pd ye Sextou for Cleansing y^ Church & Drink to 

Workmen 35. 
For 74 foot of Rafter to Lengthen y^ New Gallery 9^. 3^. 
25. In drink to Treat M"" Harris's Workmen ah' y^ Organ 

2s. 6d. 
In Bread to y« Comunion at Xmas 2,d- 
To ye Sextons Wife for Scouring y^ Branches 35. 
pd Oliver for Carrying out Rubbell gd. 

In Ale to ye Tylers mending over ye Organ on a Storm is. 6d. 
Feby. P^ James y« Sawyer for Work 2s. 6d. 
pd Sev" Labourers Assisting M"" Seabrook ab' y' New Gallery 

35. 2d. 
pd for help for for Edmd to hang y= Cradles &c. is. 6d. 
pd Fran. James Carpenter for a Jobb gd. 
James King Mason for a Jobb is. 
pd Hen. Jones 6 days work in Plaistering 6s. 
April I St. pd for Cleansing y« Chancell &c. 35. 
Pd for Carrying Boards from y« Boat to y-^ Church 35. 
pd w™ Williams for Boards & Freight 8.y. 
pd for a Tubb & Pail ab'. Whiteliming y= Church 3^. 
For 2 Mawns y° is. 
For Cleansing ye Church Plate is. 
A Bottle of Oyl for y^ Chimes 2s. 
pd Edmd ye Taylor for a Jobb 6d. 
pd Edmond for Hanging y^ New Branch is. 
To Fran. James y^ Carpender for fitting up y« Same is. 

Candles y° id. 

Apr. 1 72. 1 For a skin of Parchm' for drawihg y« Transcript 

is. 4d. 
pd for 2 Ffast Books 2s. 
P^ for making our Rate 6^^. 8d. 
pd ye Porters y° i^. 6d. 


More for Freight & Portridge ys. 

F^ M-- Alex. Pursell Jun-" for Building y« New wall in y" Bellfrey 

p"" Agreement ^.li. 
P<i ye Register at y« Gen'' then ^s. lod. 

P<^ Ja. y« Clark for drawing ye Transcript & Presentm' 35. 6d. 
Pd M"" Pursell for Timber as p"" Recp' 5/2. 14s. ^d. 
V^ Edm<i Jones for W'« liming y^ Church p"" Recp' lit. 2s. 
P<J D° for Plaistering p'' Recp' i6s. 

pd Mrs Shears for washing y^ Church Linnen p"" Note %s. td. 
P<^ David Jacob for Looping y^ Treese ab' y^ church 2s. ']\d. 
pd jn Price Chandler for Candles 65. 
pd M'" Wells for Wine for y^ Church 15s. 
P'l for 6 New Bell-ropes & Carriage from Glo""' \li. 2s. y^d. 
F^ Evan Deer 11 It. Js. 8d. 
pd Tho= RoSser Glazier i is. 1 id. 
F^ the Towne Gierke for Entring this Ace' 6s. Sd. 

Rec'^ by the Church Rate 57/?. 12s. 2d. 
for Burialls 13s. 4d. 
for Seating is. 

Vacant in y' High Street Ward A° 1720. 

Joyce Jenkins House \od. 
W"i Morgan D° lod. 
Charles Gibbon a Stable ']\d. 
Morris Morgan a Shop is. 

In the East Ward. 
The original has, by error, "West Ward," 
M"" Glascott a Brew-house bd. 
Geo. Williams a house p"" y^ North Gate 3.^. d^d. 
W Alex. Pursell Sen"- for y^ Kings-head 4s. 2d. 
John Morgan Esq"" 2 Houses \od. 
Rich<^ Jones for a house late Scotts is. 30'. 
Miles Thomas for Green Dragon 2s. id. 
In P' for M"" Edw'^ Morgan's 2 Houses is. \d. 
Late VV™ Jones ^ a year for y^ Crow is. ^d. 
John Price Glover a Stable '&d. 

' Rudhall of Gloucester was a noted bell-founder at this period. 


In the West Ward. 
Jonah. Lambert a Stable Zd. 

W Crad. Nowell 2 Houses & Tanny^* \ a Year is. 3fif. 
M"" Cook 5 Acres of Heathl'^ 4s. id. 

Bailiffs' Account. 

Cardiff vill : The Account of George Stephens & W"" Matthews, 
Bailiffs for the yeare 1720. 

1720 Aug' 30''' Rec** of Gab" Lewis Comon Attorny 85. 
October \^^'°- Rec"^ of Morgan Jenkins Coinon Attorny los. 
Dec"" 23«* Rec«* of Antony Matthews poors mony \lt. 

1 72 1 Apr. 18. Rec^ of Comon Attornys 125. 2\d. 

July \cfi^ ReC^ of Jo" Price Comon Attorny \li. iij. 11^^. 

jber 28* Rec^ of Edward Roberts being made fFree 3^. 4a'. 

of M"- Okey 

of John King 

of James King 

of Mich" Brewer 

of David Brewer 

of John Meredith 

of John George Ui. \os. od. 

of Joseph Howell 

of W"" Phillips Jun"- 

of John Dukes 

p^ Contra. 

1720 Aug' 30"" Gave the Steward his ffee ili. \s. od. 
Octob"" is"" p<* the CV^ of the Peace ili. ys. o|rf. 
Nov 3<J pd L^ Windso''« rent' 5/1. 13J. 7^d. 

pd M"" Pursells interest of poors mony 4/2. 

p"^ Lord Windso''^ Gierke for receipts 35. 6d. 

Dec 23'!' p<* the poor their Quarteridge lit. 155, [recurs] 

Ja. 1 2'i» p'^ the CI'' of the Peace 9s. 6|rf. [recurs] 

1 72 1 Aprill lo"* p'^ the Steward i/t. is. [recurs] 
Sepf 8"> p<J M"" Anstance Wells for Wine 2ti. 2s. 
p<* the Towne Gierke for Entring the Account 6s. Sd. 

Soe the Accountants are indebted to the Towne 17s. lod. 

1 The chief rent due from the Borough to the Lord. 

35. 4.d. Each 
for being 
made ffreemen 


July I2"> 1722. 

Examined then the ace' abovewritten & the same was allowd & 
approved of by me in the p'sence of the Towneclerk & others &: the 
ballance was rec'd (being Seventeen shillings & ten pence) was rec'd 
by me. 

Da. Owen 

Mich. Richards. W" Hiley. 

St. John's Churchwai dens' Account. 

Cardiff vill: The Account of ffrancis Jones & John Thomas late 
Church-Wardens of S' John for the yeare 1721. 

Tot. of the Rate - 

Rec<i for Burialls 

Rec^ for Seating 

ReC^ of Bailiff Owen 

Rec<^ of Jo° James for the Rent of a Garden 

Rec** for a Pear tree 
























Pd M"- ffrancis Jones & M-- W™ Matthews^ igli. lis. i^d. 

Aprill. P<^ for Dinner &c att Landaff lit. 6s. 

P<> for Presentm'= & transcripts 35. 6d. 

P^ for Parchm' & paper is. 6d. 

P<* for cleansing the Sconces 3s. 

P'^ M"" Leighs Charges to Bristoll 2li. 

P^ for his horse hire los. 

P^ for killing a ffitchock 40^. 

P'^ att the Red House^ for Preist & others 125. 

P"^ M"" Davies of Wore"" gli. 

P<* M"" Leigh for inspecting the Organ 2ii. 2s. 

P^ for Bread ^d- 

1 They were the late Churchwardens. 

2 The Red House, or Ty Coch, was the old name for what at the end of the 
century became known as the Cardiff Arms inn. 


Pd Edm<i the Tyler for Work 4s. 4^. 

Pd Jo° Griffiths & Nich. W™^ for rectifyeing a bell is. Sd. 

F^ for Comon Prayer Books lit. 16s. 

P"^ for help in putting the Beam in the Tower is. 

P<^ for cleaning the Aldi'mens Isle is. 

P'^ for Wyre for the Chymes is. gd. 

P'^ att Landaff for a Dinner ^s. lod. 

P^ more for a Book is. 

Laid out by ffra. Jones in^ 8s. Sd 

P<i for Drawing p'^sentm^^ is. 

P^ for Cleaning the Church yard gd. 

P<^ M"" Harries for Boards not in the last ace' i6s. 2d. 

pd Walter W™ Evan for mending the S*^ bell 55. 

P<^ for cleaning the Sconces 3s. 

F^ in treating M"" Harries 3s. ^ 

pd for cleansing the Chancell 6d. 

p<* for drawing p^'sentm'^ ^s. 6d. 

p^ for parchm* is. ^.d. 

p<^ for Lime jd. 

pd for Worke att the vestry gd. 

p^ for tyleing 2s. 2d. 

p"^ for cleansing the poors Garden is. 6d. 

p^ Rich: Hopkin for painting the Branch 2lt. 6s. 

p^ Evan Deer for makeing it 5/2. 3s. 6d. 

Monys vncollected & vacancys 
late Jonathan Greenfeild 4s. 2d. 
S"" Geo. Howells 2s. 6d. 
W Purcell for the K^ Head 4s. 2d. 
the Crow 2S. 60?. 
more Jo° Goyder for 1 1 Acres of land los. 

P"^ the Towne clerke for entring the Ace' 6s. 8rf. 

F^ the Ballance to M"" Jo° Sweet on Ace' of the Church js. 6d. 

1 The article is left blank, but some such word as " liquor" may safely bo 


May 19th 1724. 
Soe the Accountant has paid the Ballance & his Ace' is allowd 
& passed by vs 

Will. Lambert 
Will. Richds. 
Tho. Colerick vie"" 
Mich. Richards 
Richd. Jenkins 
Tho. Meredith 
Jo" Morgan. 

Octob'^ g*'^ 1722. 

Att a Comon Councill duely assembled It was vnaiminously 
agreed to Elect Thomas Meredith Cordwainer to be a Capitall Burgess 
of the said Towne in the Roome of George Lewis Wittness our 

The Marke of 
David X Owen, 

Geo. Stephens 
Will. Lambert 
Will. Mathews 
W" Hiley 
Ed™ Morgan 
George Lewis 
John Jones 
Richard Jones 
J. Thomas 
Thomas Glascott 
Edward Kemeys. 

Cardiff vill: Nov'' 5'^ 1722. 

Att a Court of Aldi'men duely sumoned Walter Churchey Esq'^ 
was elected Steward of the said Towne by vs the Aldermen here- 
vnder Subscribed Wittness our hands 

Signatures as the first seven to the preceding Minute; but Bailiff David Owen's 
purports to be his autograph, and the name of Alexr. Pursell comes second. Old 


Mr. Pursell wrote his baptismal name in a very trembling hand, and his surname 
was then written for him. This is the last signature of Alexander Pursell senior. 
Bailiff Owen appears to have been illiterate, as his name has evidently been signed 
to all the Minutes by the hands of other writers. See Vol. II., p. 122, footnote 2 ; 
where, however. Bailiff Owen's baptismal name is erroneously given as James. 

Aprill ii"> 1723. 

Whereas a Suite in Chancery is now carried on ag' W"" 
Lambert Esq"" & Edward Morgan Church Wardens of the parish 
of S' Johns in Cardiff & ag' Michael Richards Gent, touching an 
Agreem' w"» one Renatus Harries ab' the Organ in Cardiff We whos 
Names are herevnder Subscribed doe Severally promise that the 
aforesaid M"" Lambert, M"" Morgan & their Successor's & M"" Richards 
shall be indempnified out of the Corporac'on Stock in the just defence 
of this Suite. Wittness our hands 

Dauid Owen Will. Lambert 

Edw. Morgan W™ Hiley 

George Lewis Geo. Stephens 

Hen. Llewellin Alex"" Purcel. 

Richard Jones 
Thomas Meredith 

March 23'^ 1723/4. 

Att a Court of Coriion Councell duely Sumoned John Morgan 

Joyner was duely Elected Councell Man in the Roome of Edward 

Kemeys Gent, dece'd Wittness our hands. 

10 signatures. 

1723/4 March 23. Thomas Meredith, cordwaiuer, elected Alderman vice 
William Hiely deceased. Form as above. The following is written in a large 
sprawling hand. 

The Account of Alex^- Pursell Jun^ as Bailiff in the Yeare 17 14. 
Reed of Sampson Stone Jun'' for his ffreedom 3s. ^d. 
Reed of William Morgan of the White Horse D° i/. 

Then follows an account of Poors Money Rec^ from various persons. 


per Contra 

Gave severall Poor Travell""^ several) times 6d. 

Paid for a pair of Stockings for Bambricks Child 40?. 

Paid for Nursing of the s"^ Child to Margarett Mullins 2li. \s. 

Paid for Ale to y« Ringers on his Maiestyes proclamac'on day 2s. 

Paid y« M-" Richards for a Coppy of M^ Nich^^ Kemys Will 

\l. IS. dd. 
Paid M"" Seward my Lords Rent wli. 145. \\d. 
Paid John Richard when he^ on the Stone Br*^ 8s. 6c/. 

p<^ Hugh Lewis for Carrying Stones & sand for y^ pump is. 2d. 
^^ y^ Towne Gierke for one Bailiffs Ace' & three Church wardens 

Ace's 1/ 6s. M. 

Paid jv* poor. 

17 1 3 Dec'' II "^ To Elianor Stone, Ann Hugh, W^ Deacon, Jane 

Jerom, Mary Browne, Kate Jenkins, Sarah Hodges & Mary 

Mathew 2li. 
Aug' 27"' Paid ys Same persons ditto i/. 
Apr. 14'^ P^ M"" Bailiff Stephens to pay the poor i/. 2s. (id. 

ReC^ of Brewer at Severall times, w* was given to poor house 
Keepers by Brother Bailife & my Selfe \li. gs. lod. 

By M"" Pursells Ace' on the other Side as Bailiff in the year 

1 7 14 It appears y' he reC^ on the Towne Ace' 27/?. 19s. 2d. That he 
Disbursed that year as Bailiff lylt. le.f. ^d. Soe y' there remains in 
his hands 10//. 2s. iid. That the Sumes rec<^ on the poor Ace' was 
paid as tis entred on the other side. 

Aprill 30"^ 1724. 

Rec<* of M'' Pursell the abovesaid Ballance of ten pounds two 
Shillings & Eleven pence & this Ace' was allowd & passed in 
Gouncell I say rec"^ the said Ballance by me 

Will. Mathew Will. Lambert 

Da. Owen Will. Riches 

^ It is impossible to supply the blank in this entry. Posterity must be content to 
remain in ignorance of what John Richards did on the Stone Bridge to earn the above 
sum — as of so many other interesting facts of history. 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 223 

Mem'dum that att the same time M"" Lambert paid M"" Pursell 
three pounds three shillings & gd^ w'^'^ was due to M'' Pursell on a 
Ballance of an Ace' in March 171^ Soe y' M"" Lambert had in Neat 
Mony but Six pounds Nineteen shilling & a penny three farthings. 

9 signatures. 

St. John's Churchwardens' Account. The following is written in a crabbed 

Cardiff Vill: The Ace' of John Cornish &: Richard Jenkins 
Church Wardens for the p'ish of S' Johns the Babt^' in Cardiff 
afores<^ 1724. 

Apr. ly^^ Att the Gen'^' att Landaff 26s. Courtffees 3s. lod. 

for a Book of Articles &c one Shilling il. los. lod. 
To Rees Parry for Weeding y'= Church Yard 2s. 
To M""** Marg" Sheers for Washing, and Mending y"^ Church 

Linnen i8.y. 6d. 

1 of holl'i & thr^i 2s. 6d. 

Octo"" 8"* To Roger Jones for Weeding the Walls of the 

Church i.y. 
Att the Gen"s at Landaff gs. 6d. Court ffees 6s. for Drawing the 

pi'sentm' one Shilling i6.y. 6d. 
To James Morgan Tiler for Work and Materialls done by him on 

the Church Ss. gd. 
for putting A new Rope to the Chimes &c ^s. 6d. 
To M"" John Abbies p'' Note 16s. lod. 
To John Price Chand""" for 2 doz. and 9 pounds of Candles at 5^. 

to ye use of the Church p'' y= Years 1723/4. 13.?. gd. 
To M--^ Wells for four Qu^-'s of tent^ 12s. 
Bred for y^ Sacram' one Shilling is. 
To the Sexton for Cleaning the Sconches ys. 6d. 
To Tho^ Rosser Glazier p"" Note 32/6//. il. 2s. 6d. 
Apr. 9"^ 1725. Att the Gen" Court ffees 6s. 
to the pariter is. 
to M*- W-" Lambert for 3 Qu--'^ of tent he had p-^ M"" John Sweet 

att Whitesontide 1723. gs. 

* holland and thread 

2 Tent was another name for sack. 


to M'- Mich. Richards for the Church Rate 6s. ^d 
D° for Entering the Ace' 65. 8rf. 
to M""^ Marg" Greenfield for parsm'' is. 6d. 
the transcript and p''sentm' 4s. 

At foot is a note of zli. 15s. 8rf. received for parson W"'^' Garden. 

This Ace* was Allowed & Approved by us 

Edw. Morgan 
Will. Richds. Crad. Nowelh Church 

Mich. Richards W" Cornish j Wardens. 

Alex'' Purcel 
David Owen 
Will. Mathew 
J. Thomas 

St Joiin's Vestry. 

The following is apparently the handwriting of Alexr. Purcel. 

Att a Vestry held for the parish of S' Johns in Cardiff this 26"' 

of Aprill 1725 It was Agreed y' a Church Rate of 2 shill. a pound 

be raised for the vse of the said parish Church for the said year. 

Wittness our hands 

8 signatures. 

The following is written in a large, sprawling hand. 

The Account of William Lambert Esq'' & Edw<^ Morgan Church 
wardens of S' Johns in Cardiff for y^ year 1722. 

The Total of y^ Rate 57/?. 5s. 3|rf. 
ReC^ for 2 burialls 6 8 

Charge 57 11 ii:i 


Expence att Landaflf i/. 12s. 

p<^ for a book is. 

pd Walter Harte for Glaseing 4s. -^d. 

p'^ Tho^ Rosser for Glaseing 9s. id. [recurs] 

' " parsment," for parchment. 


pd Mrs Wells for Wine 15s. 

Paid John Griffith, for ale for the men about y" Gudgeings of the 

bells 4s. 6d. 
Paid John Price for 3 pound of Candles is. 30?. 
Paid Evan Deer 8s. 2ci. 
F^ for the p'"sentm' of the tower 3s. ion'. 
Expence att y' time 4s. 2d. 
p<^ James the Clerk for a pi'sentm' is. 
Paid the paritter^ for his trouble 3s. 
Paid for Cleansing the Sconses 8s. 
Paid M""^ Eliz. Stephens for Washing y^ Surplis &; Cleaning y^ 

plate 4 times i ys. 6d. 
Paid for giveing in y^ prsentm' ys. 
Paid for parchm' is. 40?. 
Paid for bread att Severall times is. 3^. 
Paid John Morgan for a kowler' for y^ Chimes 6d. 

Moneys uncollected & Vacancies in the High Street Ward. 

Reese Watkin 2s. 6d. 

Joyce Watkins vacant 10^. 

John Jones a Stable behind the Haies is. 

David Jones gd. 

In the east Ward. 

M"" Pursell for y« Kings head vac' 4^-. 40'. 
George Williams house &: Land 2s. 6d. 
John Morgan Esq"" or ten' vac' lod. 
y^ Green Dragon 2s. id. 
John Thomas Goyder^ yd. 
John Goyder 3^ of upl"^ lod. 

In the West Ward. 
W Nowell 2 Houses & tan yard vac' 2s. dd. 
W™ Morgan Esq"" vac' 2s. id. 

^ the apparitor 

^ collar 

* (Welsh)=weaver. 


Aprill 30"' 1724. 

Edward Herbert Gent° was Elected a Capitall Burgess of this 
Towne in the Roome of M'' Thomas Meredith by vs 

Will. Lambert 
Will. Mathew 
David Owen 
George Lewis 
The. Meredith 
John Jones 
Rich<^ Jones 
Tho. Glascott 
John Morgan. 

April 30'h 1724 

The above named Edward Herbert was elected an Ald^'man by vs 

Will. Lambert 
Will. Mathew 
Da. Owen 
Edw. Morgan 
George Lewis 
Tho. Meredith. 

St. Mary's Overseers' Accounts. 

The Account of y^ weekly payments to the poor in Saint Mary's 
Parish for y^ year of our Lord 1722, William Llewellin & [blank] 
being overseers of the poor 

Dates and amounts only : — 

paid att Landaff 155. 

p^ for mowing and Cleaning y^ Churchyard is. 6d. 

May y^ 6"* Gave Arthur Williams wife by M"" Owens orders 

IS. 6d. 
p'^ att Mich. Generalls expences lis. 
for Clearing the Cost 6s. 
for a Book is. 
p'^ for a bag for y^ Communion Cup Sd, 


p'^ for Looking after loan Blont and of her [blank] i8s. 

p"J M"" David Owen towards y^ Bridge^ i8s. Sd. 

pd W" Miles for a order for removeing of a woman and Expence 

4s. 6d. 
p^ ye Clerk of Peace los. 8^d. 
D° for ye p'"sentmt is. 
D° for ye p^sentment and ye transcript 2s. 

St. John's Churchwardens' Account. 

The acco" of Rich^ Jenkins & Thomas Meredith, Church 
Wardens for S' Jo''^ parish in Cardiff 1723. 

Imps to William Paul for Worke done by him & others on y^ 

tower 36/j'. 
p"" two Bushell of tarris^ for the said work & fraight 145. 
p"" three days & a halfe^ work in pointing & fastning the Loose 

stones on ye Great pinacle' 165. 6d. 
?■■ a new stone added to ye worke after the first Agreem' 5s. 
^ber i2'h pd m"- Greenfield p-" a Span 3s. 
20. to Natt Guy 6d. 
for one J Ladle* is. 6d. 

for Coale to the said Worke 2s. i id. 
gber ^o tQ Mr LlewelHn for drawing of Articles between us & 

Paul 13s. 
to John Grififith for ale 8s. 
to Edw^ Lewis for a pail 8d. 

to Nich^ Brewer p' 200"^ of lead & fraight i/. ys. 4d. 
to the porters is. 

xber 270 Mr Priest for deale boords poles & fraight ^li igs. 
Jan. 1° Evan Deer for a Mawna* at ^d. p"" pound 6s. gd. 
for a Seeve to the use of the Church gd. 

' i.e., towards the rate for repairing Cardiff bridge. 
^ Tarrace ; a volcanic earth resembling puzzolana, used as cement. 
^ The great pinnacle is the one surmounting the stair turret, at the north-east 
angle of the tower. 

* Presumably a ladle for melted pitch. 
''' Qucere : Ammonia ? 


to Daniel Rees for a fortnights work 14s. 

March 18° to Nicholas Brewer for brick 5s. 

to Edm'' Thomas for lime il. 4s. 

due p"" Note to M-" W™ Mathews 2li. 1 is. id. 

to M"" Abbis 3/?. ys. "jd. 

to the Plum'" for two hind of Ledd at \d. p"^ Pound il. 8s. 

to W™ Williams for the fraight 6d. 

to Anthony Mathews for fagotts lod. 

Pd M-" Lee Sallary 24/2. 

In Landaflf att Easter 1723. 185. 

for two pound of Leather for the bells 25. 

to Rees parry for weeding the Church yard & throwing a trench 

the out Side of the wall 25. 
Octob"" 21. to James for Drawing the p''sentm' is. 
for halfe a po** of flick ^ ^d. 
a hand binch to the Church use is. 
for Bread for the Sacram' 8d. 
Jan. ye 9. to M"^ Wells for Wine 9s. 
10. at the Court of defaults 2s. 2d. 
to y= Pariter is. 

to Christopher Price for Ale is. 

to Tho. James for mending y^ Churchyard wall 2s. 6d. 
to M''^ Marg' Greenfield p"" parsm' is. 
to M"" Richards p-" the Rate 6s. 8d. 
to James Thomas p"" the Presentm' 4s. 
for washing the Church Linen los. 
for Cleaning the Sconches at xmas los. 
to Tho® Rosser Glazier i/. 17s. ^d. 
to M"" Alexander Pursell 17s. 2,^d. 
M"- Sweet for Wine i8s. 
M"- Cradock Nowell p'' tile &c 8s. 

to M"" Mich. Richards for Entering the Account 6s. 8^'. 
for Hedge hoggs &c 3s. 

' " flick is that part of the fat of a pig which is boiled down for grease, without 
being salted. 

















The Tot. of the Rate is yoH. los. od. 
Burial Money reC^ 2. 16. 8 

Town Rent of W Williams 
for his Garden 

Vacancies deducted 

tot. Rec<^ 

Due to the Accountants 

But there are a few Vacancies to the value of ab' 55. w^^ the 
Churchwardens are desired to endeavo'' to gett in. 

May 19'h 1724 

This Ace' was allowd & approved by vs 

Will. Lambert 
Will. Richds. 
Tho. Colerick vie 
M. Richards 
J. Thomas 
John Morgan. 

St. John's Overseers' Account. 
The following is written in a cramped, old-fashioned hand. 

A true Ace' made by Henry Lewis & Thomas Estonce Overseers 
of the poor of S' Johns for the year 1725. 

Dates and amounts only. 

The Acd of Casuall Charitable paym'^ 
May 6th j^ps jfor the Rate 6s. %d. 
It. for the Warr' 6d. 

18. Item Roger Jones for repairing the Alms house is. 
Item ffor A Nurse /^d. 


June 4"' Item p<^ Thos Evan for keeping Jennet Evans Child 2h. 

Item ffor The Bond 3s. 6d. 

10. It. A q"" flfor Ann Aylworths Child 135. [recurs] 

12. It. p<^ ffor two Shirts ffor Ann Aylworths Son 4s. lod. 

It. A pair of Shoes for Ann Aylworths Son 2s. ^d. 

Aug' 4"^ ffor Mending a Cock to the Alms house 30?. 

It. ffor helping James to remove into the Alms-house 6d. 

Oct. 29. pi^ the ffunerall expences of James Thomas i6s. 

Nov ri* p"* ffor Makeing & setting on the patches 12s. 6d. 

Dec"" 4"^ It. Phillip Tanner 2s. 6d. 

January 11"' p"^ Eliz. Meredith ffor Watching with Eliz. 

Roberts 2s. 
ifeb'^y 6^^ p«i the ffunerall expences of Marg. Roberts i 'js. 
March 17. It. ffelix Howell 2s. 6d. 
Item Jane Brown is. 
23. Item ffor her Lodging M. 
26. A pair of Shoes ffor Ann Aylworths Son 3s. 
Apr. s'^' It. Elizabeth Meredith for Looking after Jane 

Brown 15. 6a?. 
p<* for A Lock to the Alms house is. \od. 
P^ Henry Parry is. \od. 

St. John's Churchwardens' Account. 

The Ace' of the Expences & vacancys of Cradock Nowell & 
William Cornish Church Wardens for the p'ish of S' Johns in Cardiff 
for the year 1725 


Att the Gen"s att Landaffe 27s. 

Court ffees 6s. 

for A book of Articles one shilling. 

ffor Vermine 2>d. 

ffor Mooting & Cleansing the Church Yard to Dan" Kill 2s. 31^. 

ffor 2000 of Tyle telling & Carriage 1 8s. ^.d. 

p'^ To A Man y' Suffered by ffire in this County is. 

ffor a Purse to Collect the Rate 40?. 

ffor the Carriage of the freestone fro' y*^ Key to y« Church 4s. 


for hoising it up to the Tower 2s. dd. 

P'J by W Cornish att Landaffe Gen''^ 5s. 

To M"- Davies y' M-- Cornish left unp<i att the same time 55. 

To M"" Charles Jones for Court flfees 5s. 6d 

To John Griffith & others for putting y^ 5111 Bell in y« Gudgeon 

15. dd. 
ffor 1000 of Denny Boul Tyle 13s. 

for I quarf of A thousand of Hart Laths 3s. 6c/. 

To Edm<^ Thomas for Lime to the use of the Church i is. i\d. 

To Roger Jones for Tyleing work 175. \od. 

To Edm"J Jones John Price & their Tenders^ 145. 2d. 

To the Widdow Thomas for Creest^ is. \d. 

To Hen. Jones for pointing over the Organ 5s.' 

p'^ by M"" for Cornish for Carrying 100^^' of lead to y= Church ^d. 

More by him for Cleaning the Sconches ']s. 6d. 

To Roger Jones for Mending the Church yard Wall 3s. 6d. 

pd W" Williams for the ffreight of Stone "js. 6d. 

p"^ M'' Lee his years sallary 2/\.li. 

pd vV'-m Crew free Mason as p"" Article 2i/z. is. 

To John Abbis for Iron Work il. 6s. 6d. 

p^ M"" Rich<J Jenkins an overplus due to him of the old 

Rate 6s. 2d. 
To Thomas Rosser Glazier i/. 4s. lod. 
To M'^^ Marg' Sheers for Mending & Washing the Church 

Linnen 14s. 6d. 
To M"" Hen. Llewellin for Drawing An Article 13s. ^d. 
To John George Pariter* for his Assistance to collect the Rate 2s. 
Landaff Court fFees when wee were Discharged 3s. lod. 
To M"" Attwood for A Doz. pound of Candles 5s. 
To Tho« Powell for A Plank & work ab' the Scaffelling 13s. 6d. 
ffor the transcript parchm' & p''sentm' 5s. 

1 The journeymen who worked under them. 

^ Crests, ridge-tiles. 

^ i.e., for replasteriug the joints in the stone of the wall above the organ. 

* John George the Apparitor. 


To EdvV^ Herbert Esq^ for the Advice of D"" Andrews 

2li. 1 8s. 
W™ Mathews Alderman 4s. 
To M"" John Sweet for Vine had 2li. 5s. 
To M-- Rich<*^ for entering the Ace' 6s. 8rf. 
Bread for the Sacram' is. 
Cicely Claudy for Cleaning the Church plate 4s. 

8'h ffeb. 1729. 

Att a Court of CoiSon Councell Duely Summon'd It is Ordr<i 
by the Bailiffs &c that the Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of 
S' Johns in Cardiff shall give timely notice to the Severall Persons 
herein after named or their Assignes to pay their severall Debts Due 
fro' them by their severall bonds to the use of the Poor of the Alms 
house w'^in the s'* Town on or before the iS"' of Aug' next or else 
to be sued & proceeded ag' as the law Directs 

The list is composed of 1 7 names of some of the most considerable burgesses. 

St. Mary's Churchwardens' & Overseers' Account. 

Cardiff vill : W'" Llewellin & George Evans Church-Wardens 
& Overseers of the Poor in the Parish of S' Marys in the s<^ Town 
Debtors vizt : 

Imps. To the Tot. of the Rate for 1726. 22/j. 14s. 

p'' Contra Creditors 

Imps. To the Weekly Paym'= to the Established Poor as p"" 

p'ticulers 18/2. i8s. 
It. By Vacancys returned \l. 5s. '^\d. 
It. By other disbursm''^ & Expences to Casuall Poor as Appears 

p"" p'ticulers 3/2. 5s. \\d. 

23- 9- 4i 

The Tot. of Rate 22. 14. o. 

Ballance due to ofificers 15. 4j. 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 433 
St. John's Overseers' Account. 
The following is written in an old-fashioned clerkly hand. 

The accounts of Jo° Greenfeild & Jo" Minitt Over seers of the 
poor for the parish of S' Jo° Baptist in Cardiff for the year 1729. 

The ffortnights pay 

Impris. May 2^ P^ then to the poor i/. 185. 6a?. 
Other similar entries follow. 

Disbursemf"^ for y' s'^ year 1729. 
May 17th To Sampson Stone Jun-- by ord-- from the BayhflFs 5^. 
23"^ To Sampson Stone Senior 4s. 54/. 
To Elizabeth Lewis being in a sick & poor Condition is. 
more to a Woman for being one night with y^ same 6d. 
To Edw<i Morgan Cordwainer for the being with & looking after 

W" Jenkins in his Illness at seval times 65. 30?. 
P"* more for haveing a Warr' to have y'= people of the White 

house ^ before W™ Richards Esq"" 15. 
More for paper at several times 8d. 
June 4"> Pd for looking after Emanuel Grandfeild 7 Weeks 

during his Ilness 3s. 6d. 
more for Washing his Bed Cloaths 2,d. 
more to y^ Wido' Bembrick she laying out mony to y= use of y= 

s"! Granf<^ 3 a?. 
Paid funeral Expences for W™ Jenkins, Emanuel Grandfeild, Rees 

Parry & his Wife 2li. 15s. yd. 
July i"» Pd to Hugh Rees for 12 y^^^ | of Cloth thread & 

Coloured Linnen to make a Gown for Ann Aylwood 

IIS. iiaf. 
To David Owen Esq"" for making the same 2s. 6d. 
To Sampson Stone Jun"" being poor 2s. 6d. 
gber Yq Phillip Jones being Sick & poor is. 6d. 
Sepf 19. To Tho^ Mathews esq'' for his apprentice 2/1. 10s. 
ye 27th More paid to old Phillip Jones being sick and poor is. 

^ The Whitehouse, or Ty Gwyn, was a farmhouse which stood at what is now the 
north-west corner of Lower Cathedral Road, off the Cowbridge Road. 


Ocf 3d To M'^ Wilson for a Shroud had for Rees Stratford's 

Child 25. 
Oct"" 6*^ To old Robert Watkin being poor is. 
31^' To fflorence Green being sick & poor 2 several 

times 4s. (yd. 
To Marg' Edwards looking after the same is. 6d. 
Feb: 23d To M"" Waters the Constable 2s. 6d. 
more to M'' W™ Lewis for makeing an Ind're^ 8s. \d. 
24"^ To Thomas Meredith alderman being moneys laid out by 

him towards the support of W'" Jenkins dece'd in his life 

time 4s. 
March y''' To W™ Brewer Marriner for Lime had to the use of 

the almshouse in the year 1728. 6s. Zd. 
Aprill 23"^ 1730. Paid to M"" Herbert is. 

Vaccancyes Gfc in High Street Ward 
Impris Jo" Abbis being poor left unpaid 7s. bd. 

Shops & Facultyes in the s'^ Ward 
Benjamine Stephens a Shop he being poor y^d. 
Lewis David unpaid ^ for his Faculty 2s. 2\d. 

East Ward 

W™ Lambert ald° or Tenn' a house ^ vacant is. io\d. 

Tho^ Morgan Esq'' a house The tenn' poor is. 3^. 

S"" George Howells a house vacant 3s. id. 

George Lewis aid" a house vacant 3s. 

Tho^ Rees a house his Wife poor unpaid 'j^d. 

Jo" Price Bookbinder a house \ vaccant is. 2)d. 

late Jo" Howells house now M"" Fox vacant lid. 

the house called Step aside vacant 6d. 

late W™ Evan aid. Biskedar's house vacant 6d. 

West Ward 

M"" Wi" Mathews Alderman, 2 stables overcharged 3^^. 

M'' Mich' Richards or Tennt Henry Watts a house ^ vacant i \^d. 

W"i Richards Esq' a Malthouse ^ vacant 3s. gd. 

^ An Indenture of apprenticeship for a young pauper — probably the one sent to 
Thomas Mathews. 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 235 

Occupiers of Land in the s^ Parish 
late Jo° Thomas Painter | Q" of uplands is. e^^d. 

The Account of Tho^ Williams & W™ Thomas Overseers of the 
poor of the parish of S' Jo° the Baptist in Cardiff for the year 1730. 

Dates and amounts only. 

Disbursements for the s'^ year 1 730. 
P'' for I yd of Bazes to Badge the poor is} 
P"* for Badging 19 poor at ^d. each 65. 4^. 
Y^ for thread & Buckram is. ^d. 
Pd M'' Herbert il. 4s. 10a?. 

Pd Miles Jones y«= Rent of a house to Eliz. Morgan 95. 
gave Edw"^ Morgan by the Bayliffes orders 2s. 6d. 
P<i Evan Howell for a Coffin for Jo° Lewis 8s. 6d. 
Pd Harry Parry for Digging the grave & ringing y^ Bell 2s. 6d. 
p** Evan Howell for 2 Crab Locks & Nails for Jukes's house 35. 2>d. 
pd ]y[rs Thomas the Midwife for being with Eliz. Morgan 5s. 
p<i for tending her in her Sickness 7s. 
p<^ the parson for Christening the Child is. 6d. 
p'J for Cole for her 2,d. 
piJ for ale at y^ Christening is. 
gave Ann Jukes several times in her Sickness ys. 
gave for the Watching of Ann Jukes in her Sickness 2s. 
gave Sampson Stone by the Bayliffes order 5s. 
gave Ann Lewis in her Sickness is. 
p"i for a Warr' to bring the body of Jo° Evan is. 
p<^ for paper at Several times lod. 
To the Clerk for makeing the account 5s. 
Paid to a poor man by the Bayliffs order is. 
Paid for Coal for Ann Jukes is. ^d. 
gave her in her Sickness 6d. 


Highsireet Ward 
Alex"" Purcell a house io\d. 

1 i.t., to make badges for them to wear. 


East Ward 
Cath Morgan a Poor Woman 25. 
M.^^ Herbert a house half vacant 2s. 
the house called Step aside 5^^. 

Jo° Powell or Tenn' for y^ late Griffith Popkins house 6\d. 
late Jo" Coyder 3 Q" upland called Cutt throats Lands is. 2\d. 
Jane Mathew a house is. 
late W™ Evan ald° Biskedor's house ^d. 

West Ward 
Sampson Stone a poor man a house 15. jd. 

An Account of the money p'^ for the Removal of David Morgan 
is as foUoweth 

Impris. P'' for 3 horses to Carry him & his Children to Neath 

i/. 85. 
p<^ for a man to go with me los. 
p^ at Bonvilstone for a Pint of ale 2d. 
p"^ at Cowbridge /\.d. 

p<i at New Inn for Meat Drink Horses & Lodging 5s. 
p'' at Margam 2d. 
p^ at Neath for meat 5s. 
p"* for Drink 45. 
p<^ for Horses 2s. 
for my own trouble 105. 

pd for meal drink & Horses coming home 3s. 
p'^ at y^ Quarter Sessions to the attorney 5s. 
p<^ for a horses hire & meat & Drink for my Self 15s. 
p<^ for a Bottle of Wine 2s. 
for my own trouble lOs. 

The following is written in a round Court-hand. 
Cardiff ) The acct= of Joseph Howells and Wil" Jones Overseers 
Vill. ss. ) of the Poor for the P^'' of S' John Baptist in the &^ Towne, 
in the year 1731. 

Disbursentenis made in the s'^ year. 
Paid for Edward Williams at Several time as p"" accompt 
£A- 5- 6. 


P"^ Mary the wife of John Price for makeing y<^ shroud for 

Walter Halls wife and Child 3s. 
P"^ Anne Grandfeild for maintaining Waf Halls son is. 
June 19. Pd for ale at y^ funeral of y<= Above 2s. 
D° for the daughters funeral 2s. 
P'^ the Sexton for Ringing & two graves 5s. 
to y^ Bellman for two funerals 8d. 
To candles and pins at y« funeral 4.d. 
To four yards of Crape at i2d. pence p"" yard 45. 
To Crape and cadis for the childes funeral 3s. 
To Reece Watkin for two Coffins 12s. 
June 28' Pd Eliz. Gibbon of Wenvoe that keept Anne Ailworth 

and John Veer son by M"" Bailiff Williams Order 95. 
July 12' P^ George Pendrys wife she being dehverd of two 

children at a Birth 25. 6cl. 
17. To ditto 25. more by Bayliff Williams Ord'^ 45. 6d.^ 
31. To Anne Grandfeild arre" for keeping Waif Halls son & 

daughter 2s, 
Towards Her Childs funeral buried at Landaff 45. 
To the Bellman for ditto 4d. 
Aug^' 28. To Jane Griffiths for tending George Pendrys Wife 

in childbed by M"" Bayliff Williams order 55. 

Turn Over 

Brought Over 7. 5. 10. 
Sept. 18. Pd for ale at the funeral of Geo. Thomas Child is. 
To Phillip Hurd by m"" Bayliff Tanners Order as. 
16'*' To the Sexton for Ringing and for makeing two Graves 

5s. 6d. 
To the Bellman for the above funer'^ 4.d. 
Nov'" 13* To Gwenllion David sick in y^ Alms hous is. 
To Morgan Reece & John Anthony two constables for assisting 

and proveing an order of delivering John Thomas and Anne 

Joseph to the Churchwardens of Lannedern 5s. ^ 
15'h Xo Edward Thomas weaver to buy medecines for Edw^ 

William he being under his care 5s. 
To ale at Ehz^^^ ffishers funeral is. 

* A curious method ol addition ! 

^ Presumably because one or both of them were natives of that parish. 


20.' To Gwenlion David sick in y^ Almshous is. 

27. F^ for fflax for Edw^ Williams Leg is. 

Jan"" 18. P<* Edward Evans carpenter for Eliz. fifishers Coffin 8s. 

To another coffin for Geo. Thomas child 3s. 

26. To M"" Jenkins for crape & cadis for Eliz'"^ ffishers Shroud 

4s. 5^. 
To ditto for George Pendrys childe 3s. 2d. 

March iS"' To Evan Watkins wife for makeing two Shrouds 3s. 
To ale at George Pendrys childs funeral 2s. 
To Joseph Howell for goeing w*'' two persons to Lanedern 

2s. 6d.' 
To M'' Colrick for Burying G. Pendrys Child 2s. 
AUowd Joseph Howell for pen Ink & paper 2s. 6cl. 
jod pd Maud Morgan for a coffin for Eliz. Morgan's child 

buryed at Landaff 3s. 
P<i Anne Grandfields for Watt Halls son 2s. 
Due to m"" Humphrey Jones for flannen for Rolers for Edw"^ 

Williams Leg 2s. 
To Marg' Reece y^ Pedler for ditto is. 

The parish deb' in all 9s. iid. 

The following is in the handwriting of John Thomas junior, the Deputy Town 

Cardiff Town. 21^' of aug' 1736. 

Att a Common Councill held & duly Summoned for the Elecc'on 

of an assistant in the Room of Roger Morgan dece'd Edmond Lloyd 

Gent, was duely elected a Capital! Burgess of the said Town by us 

(being the Majority then & there present) 

Arth. Williams 
William Lambert 
David Owen 
George Lewis 
Tho. Meredith 
Rich<^ Jones 
Morg° Jenkins 
Hen. Cornish 
John Oakey 
Phillip Stephens. 

' Presumably John Thomas and Anne Joseph. (See preceding page.) 

•t'id <y 


Then follows, under the same date, a precisely similar record of the election of 
George Watkins, gent., as an Assistant or Capital Burgess in the room of John 
Greenfield, deceased. Edmund Lloyd also signs. 


Cardiff Town. 21st of august 1736. 

Att a Court of Common Councill duly summoned assembled & 
held in the said Town Wee whose Names are hereunto subscribed 
being the Majority then And there present Do disfranchise Oust and 
remove Edward Herbert alderman and Burgess of this Town of and 
from his said office of alderman and Office of Burgess of the said 
Town and do hereby make Null and Void his Title and Claim to the 
s'^ offices and to each & every of them. 

Signatures as above, with the addition of George Watkins. 

Next come similar entries of the disfranchisement of John Davies, gent. ; Edward 
Mashman senior, butcher ; John Abbis, ironmonger ; Edward Edwards, cordwainer ; 
Christopher Walter, yeoman ; Thomas Webb, yeoman ; William Deer, yeoman ; 
Watkin Mangell, yeoman ; John Rees, yeoman ; John Hicks, yeoman ; Christopher 
Wilkin, yeoman ; Anthony Ford, carpenter. Burgesses, and Edmond Lloyd, Capital 
Burgess. The twelve capital burgesses sign all the above Minutes except the 
last, which has appended to it only the names of Arthur Williams, William Lambert, 
David Owen, George Lewis and Thomas Meredith. There is nothing in this volume 
to show the reason of the disfranchisement. 

The Twenty Seventh Day of August one thousand seven 
hundred and Thirty Seven Watkin Morgan Gentleman was Sworn 
a Burgess of this Town before 

Arthur Williams and 
William Lambert Esquires 
Bayliffes of the Said Town. 

Appointment of Constable of the Castle. 

On the Same Day the Abovenamed Watkin Morgan produced 
an Instrument under the hand and seal of the Right Honourable 
Thomas Lord Viscount Windsor appointing the said Watkin 


Morgan Esq>- Constable of his Castle at Cardiffe During his Lord- 
shipps pleasure, and he was accordingly Sworn Constable of the 
said Castle before 

Arthur Williams \ 

and i- Esq's 

William Lambert ' 
Bayliffes of the Said Town. 

Alderman sworn by the Constable of the Castle. 

On the Same Day Edmund Lloyd Gentleman was Sworn an 
Alderman of the Town of Cardiffe in the room of Edward Herbert 
Gentleman before Watkin Morgan Esquire Constable of the Castle 
of Cardiflfe in the said Castle. 

The twenty ninth of September 1737 Edward Rushworth of 
London Gentleman was Admitted a Burgess or fifreeman of this 
Corporation before Arthur Williams and William Lambert Esquires 
the Then Bayliffes of the Said Town. 

The same day Henry Aylward of Lantwitt Magor, was admitted 
and Sworn a Burgess or fifreeman of the said Corporation before 
Arthur Williams and William Lambert Esq" Bailiffs of the said 

Swearing of the Bailiffs and- Serjeants at Mace. 

Cardifife Town. Thursday the Seventeenth of November 1737 
David Owen and Edmund Lloyd Esquires were Sworn BaylifiFes of 
the Said Town of Cardiffe b}' Watkin Morgan Esquire Constable of 
ths Castle of Cardiffe and James Owen and William Jones were 
Sworn Serjeants at Mace of the said Town. 

Swearing of the Ward Constables. 

ffriday the 18*'' of November 1737 the tollowing persons were 
Sworn Constables for the said Town before David Owen and Edmund 













cn o 
W g 










Lloyd Esq""* Bayliffes of the said Town in the severall Wards as 
under mentioned. 

George Williams ) 

Isaac Rosser | ^""^ ^'^^ Street Ward. 

John Howell ) 

u \TiT ** r for South Ward. 

Henry Watts j 

David Thomas ) 

TUT- f for East Ward. 

John Lewis ) 

Ralph Bowen 

Thomas Deere 

i for West Ward. 

Swearing the Aletasters. 

Ale Tasters Sworn the Same Day before the same Bayliffes 
(that is to say) 

Robert Watkin and 
William Waters. 

Cardiffe Town to witt. Thursday the Twenty third of ffebruar}'- 
one thousand Seven hundred and Thirty Seven. 

Att a Court of Common Councell Duely Summoned Thomas 
Seabrook Joyner was Elected to be a Capitall Burgess of the said 
Town in the room of Morgan Jenkins Deceased b}' us the Majority 
of the Corporation now present as Wittness our hands. 

8 signatures. 

Cardiffe Town to witt. Thursday the Twenty third of ffebruary 

one Thousand Seven hundred and Thirty Seven Att a Court of 

Common Councell Duely Summoned Henry Yeomans Glover was 

Elected and Sworn to be a Capitall Burgess of the said Town (in the 

Room of Edmund Lloyd Elected and Sworn an Alderman of this 

Corporation) by us the Majority of the Corporation now present as 

wittness our hands. 

10 signatures. 

Cardiff Town. Thursday the Twenty Third of ffebruary one 
thousand seven hundred and Thirty Seven. 

Att a Councell Duely Summoned and held We the Majority 
whose names are hereunto Subscribed do Elect George Watkins 



Gentleman to be an Alderman of this Town in the room of Thomas 

Meredith Deceased as Wittness our hands. 

David Owen 
Edmund Lloyd 
Will. Mathew 
George Lewis 
Arth. Williams 
Will. Lambert. 

ffriday the twenty fourth day of ffebruary one thousand seven- 
hundred and Thirty Seven the abovenamed George Watkins 
Gentleman was Sworn an Alderman of the Town of Cardiffe in 
the room of "Jhomas Meredith Deceased before Watkin Morgan 
Esquire Constable of the Castle of Cardiffe. 
Jo" Thomas J"" 

Deputy Town Clerk. 

Town Property. 

Cardiffe Town. Friday the fourth of August 1738 at a Common 
Councell then held and duely Summoned We the Majority then 
present whose names are hereunder written do Agree and Consent 
to take up a Lease granted by the Town to John Griffiths Cord- 
wayner the said John Griffiths being Since Dead and his Widow in 
very poor Circumstance and not able to pay the rent of the said 
Lease being Numbered in the Town Book 3 and now Cancelled 
by Consent. 

6 signatures. 

ffriday the Twenty ninth of September 1738 the following people 
were Sworn and Admitted ffreemen or Burgesses of this Corporation 
David Owen and Edmund Lloyd Esq""^ being Bayliffes of the said 

Charles Kemeys Tynte Esq''* 

William Savourse of S' Donats Clk. 

Rich<^ Hyett of the same Gentleman. 

Christopher Richard of the same Yeoman. 

Nicholas Lamphey of the same Yeoman. 

David Evan of the same Yeoman. 


Edward Hancorn of Lanharry Gentleman. 
Thomas Morgan of Landough Gentleman. 
Lott Seabrook of Cardiffe Joyner. 
Henry Thomas of Monknash Yeoman. 
Thomas Williams of the same Yeoman. 
Edw^ Deer of Lantwitt Major Yeoman. 

Cardiffe Town, ffriday the Sixth of April in the Year of our 
Lord one thousand Seven hundred and Thirty nine at a Common 
Councell then held and Duly Summoned We the Majority of the 
Corporation of the said Town of Cardiffe then present and whose 
names are hereunder Written do Elect John Thomas Deputy Town 
Clerk to be an assistant or Capitall Burgess for the said Town in the 
Room of George Watkins Gentleman now one of the Aldermen of 
the Said Town as Wittness our hands. 
Sworn the Same Day 

David Owen 
Edmund Lloyd 
Arth. Williams 
Tho. Mathews 
J°° Tanner 
William Lambert 
Geo. Watkins 
J. Thomas 
Jn° Oakey 
Phillip Stephens 
John Philhps 
Tho^ Seabrook 
Hen. Yeomans. 

Next comes a similar entry, of the same date, recording the election of James 
Owen to be an Assistant or Capital Burgess in the room of Richard Jones deceased. 
The signatures are the same as the last entry, with the addition of Jo° Thomas J"" 
D. Town Clerk. 

Cardiffe Town. The Same Day at a Common Councell then 
held and Duly Summoned We the Majority of the Aldermen of the 
said Town then present do Elect and Choose M^ John Oakey of the 


said Town Mercer to be an Alderman of the Said Town in the Room 

of M"" George Lewis Alderman Deceased. 

David Owen 

Edmund Lloyd 

Arth'' Williams 

Jn° Tanner 

William Lambert 

Geo. Watkins. 

What follows is in a handwriting somewhat inferior to that above. 

The twenty third day of may one thousand seven hundred and 

thirty nine Thomas Morgan Gentleman produced an instrument 

under the hand and seal of the Right Honourable Herbert Lord 

Viscount Windsor bearing date the 22<^ Jan'T' 1738 appointing the 

said Thomas Morgan Esq''^ Constable of his Castle at Cardiffe During 

his Lordships pleasure and he was accordingly sworn Constable of 

the said Castle before 

David Owen and 

Edmund Lloyd Esq""^ 

Bayliffes of y^ s'^ town. 

On the same Day m"" John Oakey mercer was sworn an Alderman 
of the town of Cardiffe in the room of m"" George Lewis deceased 
before Thomas Morgan Esq''^ Constable of the Castle of Cardiffe in 
the Said Castle. 

With the next entry the Town Clerk's handwriting is resumed. 

Cardiff Town to Witt. The Third of July 1739 

Phillip Howell of the said Town of Cardiffe Cooper was Admitted 
a ffreeman or Burgess of the Said Town by David Owen and Edmund 
Lloyd Esq''^ Baihffs and paid for his ffreedom 20s. 

Inspected 7"^ Sep' 1739 

W™ Longman. 

Then come admissions of the following persons as Freemen or Burgesses, 29 
September 1739: — 

Richard Prichard of Collunna in the County of Glamorgan, 

Jonathan Lambert, of the City of BristoU, Gentleman. 
WiUiam Howard, of the Town of Cowbridge, Gentleman. 

Moses Morgan of CardifT, gentleman, chosen Assistant or Capital Burgess. 

Cardiffe Town. Thursday the Thirteenth of December 1739 
George Watkins and John Oakey Esquires Were Sworn Bailiffs of the 
Said Town of Cardiffe by Thomas Morgan Esq^ Constable of the 
Castle of Cardiffe. 

At the same time John Brewer Joyner and Thomas Stephens 
Tobacconist Were Sworn Serjeants at Mace of the Said Town. 

ffriday the Twenty first of December 1739 the following persons 
Were Sworn Constables (in the Severall Wards) for the said Town 
before George Watkins and John Oakey Esq" Bailiffs of the said 
Town that is to Say 

ffor High Street Ward : Thomas Pendry Victualler 

Cradock Glascott Sadler 
ffor High Street Ward : Edward Thomas {fisherman 

Phillip Howell Cooper 
ffor South Ward : Thomas Lewis Victualler 

Thomas Maslip Victualler 
ffor the West Ward : John Williams ffarrier 

Edward Evans Carpenter. 

Thomas Deer, of Cardiff, perukemaker, admitted Burgess. Fee 20s. 
Swearing the Clerks of the Market. 

Thursday the 27"^ March 1740 Sampson Stone of the Said 
town Barber was Sworn one of the Clerks of the Markett in the 
room of John Harry Dece'd before George Watkins Esq"" Sen"" Bailiff 
of the Said Town. 

The following persons were admitted Freemen up to 29 September 1740 : — 
Thomas Van, of Cardiff, farrier. 
Richard Harris, of Worcester, haberdasher. 
The Rever^ Mr. Cha= Carne, Rector of Saint Athans. 
Nicholas Hopkins, of Sully, yeoman. 
David John, of Lantwitt, yeoman. 
John Reed, of Wicke, yeoman. 
George Westly, of Lantwitt, yeoman. 
Morgan John, of Saint Athans, yeoman. 
George Williams, of Penllyne, yeoman. 


Town Property. 

Cardiffe Town, ffriday the 26"> of December 1740 at a Common 
Councell duly Summoned and held for the Said Town We the 
Majority then present do Agree and Consent in Manner and form 
ffollowing (That is to Say) 

Whereas William Richards of the Said Town Gentleman [and 
All other the Tenants]^ Stands indebted to this Corporation in a 
Large Sume of Money for rent and Arrears of rent it is therefore 
Ordered that the Town Clerk do draw up a Case Concerning the 
Same to be laid before some Councell such as the Bailiffs of this Town 
shall appoint in Order for Opinion thereupon and that the Town 
Clerk after such opinion given thereon do follow the directions of the 
Same for the Speedy recovery of the Said rent and Arrears rent and 
for his so doing this Shall be his Sufficient Warrant. 

And it is likewise Order'd that the Same Measures be taken and 
pursued against all Other the Tenants being in Arrear to the Said 
Town and that the Expences thereof be allowed out of the Town 

Geo. Watkins 
John Okey 
Will. Mathevv 
David Owen 
Arth. Williams 
Jn° Tanner 
Edmund Lloyd 
J. Thomas 
Gab. Lewis 
John Phillips 
Ja= Owen. 

Inspected by 
B. Bromhead. 

Cardiffe Town to Witt. The Twenty fifth of August 1741. 
The Right Honobie Tho^ Lord Mansell Baron of Margam in the 
County of Glamorgan was admitted a ffreeman or Burgess of the 
said Town by Geo. Watkins and John Okey Esquires Bailiffs of 
the said Town. 

1 The words in brackets were struck out. 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 247 
Resignation of the Schoolmaster. 1 

Jan. 4'h 1 741/2. 

I am obliged to you for y good wishes, and in Return 
sincerely wish you and yr Family Many a happy New year, tho' if we 
have the happyness to be renewd Our selves it is of no very great 
Moment to us how few or many they are. 

I thought it Sufficient to acquaint you and M-" Lloyd of my 
Removing; however as it is judgd necessary to have it under my 

This is to give Notice to all whom it may Concern that I have 
and do quit & resign the School founded by the Late Cradock 
Wells Alderman Witness my hand this 4"> day of Jan'"y 1 741/2. 

Nath. Wells. 

Herbert Lambert of Cardiff, gentleman, admitted Freeman 29 September 1741. 

Proposed new Town Hall. 

Cardiffe Town to witt. At a Court of Common Councell duly 
held for the said Town on Thursday the 4"» day of March in the year 
of our Lord 1741 John Brewer One of the Serjeants at Mace for the 
said Town having Made Oath that he had duly Summoned the 
Members of the Corporation to attend there : 

Whereas the Guildhall of the Said Town together with the 
Councell Room Shops and prison underneath the same are become 
very ruinous and much out of repair and upon Mature Consideration 
of the same by us the Majority of the- Corporation Duly Summoned 
we Conceive that the Same is so very ruinous that it Cannot be 
repaired but at a very Great Expence We have therefore thought 
it most Convenient to have the same Entirely pulled down, and 
as Severall Lords and Gentlemen have promised their Contributions 
towards the Erecting of a New One We the Members of the said 
Corporation who are here present and whose hands are hereunto 
Subscribed being the Majority Do Nominate and appoint Roger 
Powell the Younger, of the Town of Cardiffe in the County of 
Glamorgan Esquire and Edmund Lloyd of the same Esquire or one 

1 A letter, stuck in on page 177 of the volume. 


of them to receive the Contributions of said Lords and Gentlemen 
who have been pleased to promise their Contributions or shall 
hereafter Contribute towards the Same and all such Sumes as they 
or either of them shall receive towards the Said Building shall be 
disposed of and Laid out to such uses as the Majority of this 
Corporation shall from time to time appoint And it is further Agreed 
upon, that the Corporation shall every Week Meet to Consider how 
the Same shall be Carried On and also to receive the Amounts of 
the said Roger Powell and Edmund Lloyd or either of them And 
it is also Agreed that the said Corporation shall Meet in the Said 
Hall on Thursday next the Eleventh of this Instant Month at two 
of the Clock in the afternoon to receive proposalls for pulling down 
the said Hall and farther to Consult Concerning the Said Building 
on Thursday in every Week during the time that the said Building 
shall be Carried on and Compleatly finished And whereas it appears 
most Convenient and less Expensive towards Carying on the Said 
Building to hire a Limekiln for that purpose and burn the Lime We 
direct the said Edmund Lloyd Esquire to rent a Lime Kiln for that 
purpose and to pay for the Same the Sume of One & Thirty Shillings 
and Six pence from this Day till the first day of May One Thousand 
Seven hundred and fforty Three. 

13 signatures. 

The following document, written on a long strip of parchment, was restored to 
the Corporation by the kindness of Mr. O. H. Jones of Fonmon. 

Cardiffe \ 

Town j Whereas in pursuance of an Order of Councell made 
at the Guildhall in Cardiffe on Thursday the fourth of 
March 1741 by the Majority of the Corporation then present it was 
amongst other things Ordered that Roger Powell the Younger and 
Edmund Lloyd Esquires or either of them, Were appointed and 
Constituted to receive Contributions towards the Building of a New 
Town Hall for the said Town and afterwards to pay and account 
for y* same as y^ majority of this Corporac'on shall direct By Vertue 
of which said Order We Do hereby Appoint and Constitute them the 
said Roger Powell and Edmund Lloyd or either of them to receive 
such Contributions and Sumes of Money as have already been 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 249 

Contributed or shall hereafter be Subscribed or Contributed towards 
the Building or Carrying on the said building Designed for a Town 
and County Hall In Witness whereof We have hereunto Sett our 
hands and Caused our Common Corporation Seal to be hereunto 
affixed this 4"* day of March in the year of our Lord 1741. 


Geo, Watkins R. Jenkins 

John Okey Tho^ Seabrook 

Will. Mathew Ja^ Owen 

David Owen Moses Morgan 

Jn° Tanner Jo° Thomas J'^ 

Cardiffe Town to Witt. At a Court of Common Councell duly 
Summoned and held for the Said Towne on Munday the thirtieth 
day of August One Thousand Seven hundred and fforty two it was 
unanimously Agreed by the Majority of the Corporation then present 
in manner following That where as the Corporation of the said Town 
have begun by the generous Subscription of Severall Gentlemen 
of the County of Glamorgan and others who have interest therein 
to Carry on and Erect a new Town Hall for the Service of the said 
Town and having been Defecient of a Competent Sume to Carry on 
Compleat and finish the Building they have therefore thought proper 
to Apply to the Justices of the Said County of Glamorgan aforesaid 
for their Aid and assistance to Carry on the Same out of the Publick 
Stock of the Said County of Glamorgan which the Said Justices on 
the behalf of the Said County of Glamorgan have been pleased to 
promise the Sume of one hundred pounds upon Condition that they 
shall have the use of the Same when finished for the holding of as 
well the Great Sessions as the Quarter Sessions and also for a room 
in the Said Building for the Keeping of the Records of the said 
County In pursuance whereof we whose names are hereunto 
Subscribed do authorize Constitute nominate and appoint in the 
Name of the Bailiffs Aldermen and Burgesses of the Corporation of 
Cardiffe in the County of Glamorgan George Watkins and John Okey 
Esquires to Contract on behalf of the said Corporation with the said 
Justices of the Said County or any others whom they shall for that 
purpose appoint in Order to Sign any Contract with the said County 



for the purposes aforesaid as to them shall seem meet and best for the 
advantage and Good of the said Town 

David Owen 

Jn° Tanner 

Edmund Lloyd 

J. Thomas 

R. Jenkins 

John Phillips 

Tho^ Seabrook 

Ja^ Owen 

Jn° Thomas Town Clerk. 

N.B. The above Order was Agreed upon by the Councell who 
were appointed to meet at the dwelling house of M"" David Owen 
where the Same was then Signed in the presence of Geo. Watkins 
and John Okey Esquires the then Bailiffs 

Geo. Watkins 
John Okey 
Bailiffs of the Town of Cardiffe. 

Cardiffe Town To witt. Ordered by the Majority of the 
Councell of this Town duly held and Summoned to Meet at the 
Dwellinghouse of David Owen on Thursday the 30* of August 1742 
that the Sume of Sixty three Shillings be remitted and paid to 
Edward Herbert Gentleman late Town Clerk of this Town by Geo. 
Watkins and John Okey Esquires the Bailiffs of this Town and the 
Same be allowed them in their Accounts. 
Signed in the presence of 

Geo. Watkins and Jo" Okey 

Esquires the present Bailiffs 

of this Corporation 

Jo° Thomas }°^ 
Town Clerk 

David Owen 
Jn° Tanner 
Edmund Lloyd 
J. Thomas 
R. Jenkins 
John Phillips 
Tho=^ Seabrook 
Ja^ Owen 
Jo° Thomas J"" 

Town Clerk. 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 251 

Cardiflfe Town To Witt. The Ninth day of September One 
Thousand Seven hundred and fforty two Herbert Mackworth of 
Gnoll in the County of Glamorgan Esquire having produced an 
Instrument under the hand and seal of the right Honourable the Lord 
Viscount Windsor bearing Date the Twentieth day of April 1 741 
appointing the said Herb' Mackworth Esquire Constable of the Castle 
of Cardiffe during his Lordships will and pleasure Only and he was 
Accordingly Sworn in Constable of the Castle of Cardiffe aforesaid 
before us 

Geo. Watkins 
John Okey 

Phillip Stephens, of Cardiif, tobacconist, elected an Alderman 8 September 1 743, 
in the room of William Mathews deceased. 

John Laurence of Saint Donat's in the county of Glamorgan, gentleman, and 
Charles Gibbon, of the same place, yeoman, sworn Freemen 29 September 1743. 

Town Property. 

Cardiffe Town to Wit. ffriday the 17th of December 1743 at a 
Court of common Councell duly Sumoned and held for the said Town 
we the Majority of the Corporation then present do Order Agree and 
Consent as followeth that is to Say 

Whereas William Richards of the Said Town of Cardiffe 

Gentleman Stands indebted to the Bailiffs Aldermen and Burgesses 

of this Corporation by bond in the penall Sume of Eighty pounds 

Conditioned for y« payment of fforty pounds with interest for the 

Same which said Bond is long since due and unpaid and also the 

Interest for y^ same we do upon mature Consideration of the 

premisses Order the Town Clerk of the said Town to putt the said 

Bond in Execution and Sue the said William Richards So as to obtain 

a Judgement against him or otherwise to recover the said Money which 

when recovered we do likewise Order to be applied towards the 

Expence of Carrying on the building of the New Guild hall in this 

Corporation And We Do likewise Confirm all orders heretofore by 

us made for the Sueing and prosecuting all such persons or tenants 

that are in Arrears of rent to the Said Corporation. 

9 signatures. 


Cardiffe Town To Witt. Thursday the 5'** of January 1743 
Jno. Phillip of the said Town Tobacconist was Sworn an Alderman 
of the said Town in the Room of M"" William Matthews Gentleman 
one of the Aldermen of the said Town lately Deceased before 
Herbert Mackworth Esquire Constable of the Castle of Cardiffe 
[in the said Castle]^ 

John Jenkin, of Cardiff, glazier, admitted to the freedom i January 1 743, before 
the Bailiffs, and paid for his admission £^\. 

James Nooth, organist, and David Prichard, joiner, both of Cardiff, admitted 
Freemen 29 March and i April 1744, respectively. 

Cardiffe Town To Witt. Saturday the 31^' of March 1744 
Arthur Williams and Edmund Lloyd Esquires Were Sworn Bailiffs of 
the Said Town of Cardiffe by Herbert Mackworth Esquire Constable 
of the Castle of Cardiffe at the Said Castle. 

At the same time Walter Rosser Malster was Sworn One of the 
Serjeants at Mace of the said Town, 

Thursday the 5* of April 1744 the following persons were 

Sworn into the Office of Constables for the Severall Wards within 

this Town before Arthur Williams and Edmund Lloyd Esqi's Bailiffs 

of the said Town That is to Say 

Thomas Thomas ffarrier ) ^ , , .. , tt- . r. ttt 1 

-^. , , ^ . ,,. „ \ Constables of the High Street Ward. 
Nicholas Price Victualler ) 

John Evan Victualler ) „ , , r , t- ttt j 

,,-,.„,. > Constables of the Last Ward. 

John jenkin Glazier ) 

John Martin Labourer ) r , it7 ttt j 

„,.,,. _. , , ^,. ,, > Constables of the West Ward. 
William Richard Victualler) 

John Watkin Joyner & ) r- ,Tr , 

cr ■ T. r., , )■ Constables of the South Ward, 

itrancis Bowen Shoemaker ) 

Saturday the Ninth of April 1744 

Llewellin David] 

, I Were Sworn Clks. of Shambles 

and \ 

John How j -^ 

Arthur Williams and 

Edmund Lloyd Esq'"^ 

then Bailiffs of the Said Town. 

^ The words in brackets struck out. 


Freemen or Burgesses admitted as follows : — 

John Scott, of St. John's parish, Cardiff, barber, 1744 June 28 ; fee 3s. ^d. 

Robert Watkins, of Cardiff, mariner, August 27 ; fee 20s. 

Richard Priest, of Cardiff, mariner, Sept. 4 ; fee ^s. 4^. 

George Williams, of Cardiff, baker, same day ; fee 20s, 

John Priest, of Cardiff, maltster, Sept. 5 ; fee 3s. 4d. 

Richard Driver, of Cardiff, mason, same day ; fee 20s. 

Thomas Farmer, of Bristol, ship carpenter, Sept. 14; fee 20s. 

Edward Read, of Wick in the county of Glamorgan, yeoman, Sept. 29 ; fee 

not named. 
Edward Lambert of Cardiff, gentleman, March 4 ; fee not named. 

Cardiffe Town To Witt. Munday the fourth of March One 
Thousand Seven hundred and ffourty four at a Court of Common 
Councell Duly Summoned and then held for the Said Town by the 
Majority of the Corporation then present an Assistant being wanted 
in the said Corporation in the room of M"" John Thomas Deceased 
M"" Edward Lambert of the said Town Gentleman was Duly Elected 
and Sworn an Assistant or Capital! Burgess in his stead as witness 
our hands 

Arth. WiUiams 
Edmund Lloyd 
David Owen 
Jn° Tanner 
Thos Mathews 
William Lambert 
Geo. Watkins 
Phillip Stephens 
Gabriell Lewis 
John Phillips 
Tho^ Seabrook 
Henry Yeomans 
Ja^ Owen 
Moses Morgan 
Jo° Thomas Jn"" 

Town Clerk. 

On the same occasion John Whiteing the younger, of Cardiff, shopkeeper, was 
chosen an Assistant or Capital Burgess, in the room of Phillip Stephens lately elected 
an Alderman. The same signatures are appended as before, with the addition of 
Edward Lambert. 


Admitted to the freedom : — 
1745 August 29. William Thomas, of Cardiff, apothecary ; fee ^s. ^d. 

Sept. 17. John Thomas, of Cardiff, millwright; fee 20s. 

27th. Francis Durbrow, of Cefn Mabley. 

Edmund Thomas Rees, of Llanfedw. 

Edward Thomas, of Llanedern, yeoman. 

William David Llewelliu, of Llanedern. 

Thomas David, of Llanedern, yeoman. 

Thomas Evan, of Llanedern, yeoman. 

Thomas Humberstone, of Llanfedw. 

28th. Cadogan Evan, of Llantrisant, yeoman. 

Evan Thomas, of Llantrisant, yeoman. 

William David, of Llanharan, carpenter. 

Edward Howell, of Llantrisant, yeoman. 

David Richard, of Marcross. 

William Wathan, of Llantwit, yeoman. 

Edward William, of Nash, yeoman. 

William Thomas, of Sully, mariner. 

James Thomas, of Llanharry, yeoman. 

John Lewis, of Leckwith, yeoman. 

Edmund Morgan, of Cardiff, millwright. 

Thomas Griffith, of Cardiff, tobacconist. 

Arthur Williams junior, of Cardiif, glover. 

John Tomb, of Saint Donat's, yeoman. 

Richard Howell, of St. Donat's, yeoman. 

Richard William Owen, of Aberdare, yeoman. 
1745 November 4 Monday. At a Court of Aldermen, John Phillip, Capital 
Burgess, was elected an Alderman in the room of William Lambert, deceased. 

8 signatures. 

1745 January 13 Monday. Watkin Morgan of Cardiff, shoemaker, was sworn a 
Burgess or Freeman ; fee ^s. ^d. 

January 15. John Okey and Philip Stephens were sworn Bailiffs; David 
Prichard, joiner, and John Jenkin, glasier, were sworn Serjeants at Mace ; and John 
Phillips, Capital Burgess, was sworn an Alderman ; all in the Castle of Cardiff, 
before Herbert Mackworth, esq.. Constable of the said Castle. 

Constables sworn 23 January 1745. 

East Ward. Henry Dunne, victualler. 

Thomas Watkin, shoemaker. 
High Street Ward. John Thomas, millwright. 

Michael Brewer junior, peruke-inaker. 
West Ward. Nicholas Jones, tiler. 

Joseph Jones, baker. 
South Ward. Jacob Rosser, shoemaker. 

Thomas Price, tailor. 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 255 

1746 June 27. Griffith Griffiths, of Cardiff, apothecary and surgeon, admitted to 
the freedom ; fee 4 guineas. 

1746 July 21 Monday. Thomas Seabrook, Capital Burgess, elected Alderman 
in the room of John Phillips deceased. 

1746 Sept. 3 Wednesday. Francis Bowen, of Cardiff, shoemaker, admitted 
Freeman ; fee 3s. 44/. Also William Dolben of the City of Oxford, esquire ; fee not 

1746 Sept. 29 Monday. Jacob Rosser, of Cardiff, shoemaker; Edward James, 
of the parish of Llanfair Discoed in the county of Monmouth, yeoman ; and 
William Alexander, of the parish of Sully, mariner, admitted Freemen. 

Weights and Measures. 

Cardiife Town to Witt. At a Court of Common CouncellDuly 
Summoned and held for the said Town on Munday the 20'^ of 
October 1746 David Prichard one of the Serjeants at Mace of the 
said Town having made Oath that he legally Summoned the Members 
of the said Corporation who at present reside within the said Town 
or the precincts thereof 

Whereas it appears to the Members of the Corporation of the 
said Town in Councell assembled that there is by severall publicans 
and others resideing near or in the Markett of the said Town kept 
Severall Beams Scales and Weights for the Weighing of all Goods 
Merchandizes Victualls provisions and other Commodities and it 
appearing that such Beams Scales and Weights are not lust and 
lawfull and Agreeable to the Standard which is a Great prejudice 
as well to the sellers of such Goods merchandizes victualls provisions 
and other Commodities as Buyers and we duly considering the same 
to be a very great Oppresion, do Hereby Orc^er and Consentt, that 
the Bailiffs of this Town for the time ,being do immediately as soon 
as convenient time will allow and permitt fitt up the room under the 
Hall, designed for A Weighouse and procure and buy two Beams 
two pair of Scales and all proper Weights for the Weighing of all 
such Goods wares Merchandizes provisions and Victualls, and also 
appoint a proper person to take Care of Such Weighhouse Beams 
Scales and Weights and iustly and truly weigh all such Commodities 
as shall be brought to y= said Town on Markett days or other days 
for Sale and also to appoint a proper person as a Cooper to Assist 


in the Weight of all Butter or other Commodities as shall require 
y^ attendance of Such a person which Said room is hereby Ordered 
and Appointed to be the publick and Common Weighhouse of the 
said Town and no other And the profitts thereof to be apply'd to 
y^ Use of the Bailiffs Ald'men and Burgesses of the said Town. 

1 1 signatures. 

Swearing Clerks of the Shambles. 

1746 November 15 Saturday. John Hewin, of Cardiff, and Thomas John, of 
Saint Nicholas, butchers, were sworn Clerks of the Shambles, by Bailiff John Okej'. 

1746 January 17 Saturday. Thomas Seabrooke, joiner, was sworn Alderman 
in the stead of John Phillips deceased, before Herbert Mackworth, esquire. Constable 
of the Castle, 

The Cardiff Quakers. 

Cardiffe Town To Witt. At a Court of Common Councell duly 
Summoned and held for the said Town on Thursday the 5* day of 
ffebruary 1746 David Prichard One of the Serjeants at Mace of the 
said Town having first made Oath that he had legally Summoned the 
Members of the Corporation who at present reside within the Limits 
of the said Town. 

Whereas the Bailiffs of this Corporation has been applied to for 
and on Behalf of the people called Quakers desiring that the said 
Quakers may have the use of this Town hall for their Generall Yearly 
meeting for the Exercise of their Religion According to their Custom 
this next Ensuing Spring in pursuance of which request We the 
Bailiffs Aldermen & Burgesses, of the said Corporation being now in 
Councell assembled for that purpose and taking the said request into 
Consideration do hereby unanimously consent and Agree to permitt 
and Suffer them the said Quakers to hold such their General and 
yearly meeting for the Exercise of their said religion in the said Town 
Hall for any reasonable time provided such meeting be not kept 
during the time that the Great Sessions for the County of Glamorgan 
be held and also that they the said Quakers, shall be Bound and 
obliged to make good any damages, that shall be done or Committed 
in the said Hall during their meeting therein, And We do hereby 













l-H < 

O g 

U [I) 



EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 257 

Order our Town Clerk to make out Such Admission, under our 

Common Seal. Witness our hands 

Jn" Tanner John Okey 

Geo. Watkins Phillip Stephens 

Ja« Owen David Owen 

Tho« Mathews. 

Admissions of Freemen or Burgesses : — 

1747 June 20. Charles Edwin of Llanfihangel in the county of Glamorgan, 
July 6. Francis Pinkuey, of Neath, clerk. 
Thomas Lewis of Llanishen, esquire. 

Swearing the Public Weighman. 

Cardiffe Town to Witt. Saturday the 25"' of July 1747 John 
Abbis of the said Town Ironmonger was Sworn publick Weigher of 
all Wares Goods and Merchandizes weighed in the publick Weigh- 
house in the said Town and Also to render a just Account to the 
Magistrates of the same of all Sumes of money by him had and 
received for y^ weighing of Such Goods According to y^ Usual 
Custom of payment for Weighing any goods before John Okey 
Esquire Sen"" Bailiff of the said Town 

Admissions of Freemen or Burgesses : — 
1747 Aug. 20. John Martin, of Cardiff, labourer. 
Joseph Thomas, of Cardiff', sadler ; fee 3s. 40'. 
Sept. 29. Daniel Jones, of Llantwit Major, yeoman. 
Edward Wilkin, of Llantwit Major, yeoman. 
David Thomas, of Llantwit Major, yeoman. 
Charles Morgan, of Saint Douat's, yeoman. 
Rowland Carey, of Cardiff, victualler. 
Richard Thomas, of Lisvane, yeoman. 
William Thomas, of Llanishen, yeoman. 
Morgan Rees, of Llanishen, yeoman. 
Llewellin Powell, of Llanfihangel-y-fedw, yeoman. 
William David, of Saint Donat's, yeoman. 
Oct. 29. John Estons, of Cardiff, shoemaker ; fee 3s. 4^. 

Then follow entries of the binding of Town Apprentices. The first only is here 
transcribed in full : — 


Parish Apprentices bound. 

Cardiff Town| The Seventeenth of November 1747 John 

To Witt j PhilHps Son of John Phillips late of the said 
Town Alderman was bound An Apprentice to Griffith Griffiths of the 
said Town Apothecary for the term of Seven Years. 

1747 Jan. 23. Thomas son of William Lacy, of Saint George's, clerk, bound 
Apprentice to David Prichard, of Cardiff, joiner. 

Feb. 15. William son of William Purcell, of Cardiff, shoemaker, bound 
Apprentice to his said father. 

John son of the said William Purcell, bound Apprentice to his said father. 

March 16. Thomas Waters, son of Mary Waters, widow, bound Apprentice to 
William Jenkins, of Cardiff, tallow chandler. 

Thursday the 17 March 1747 John Jenkin of the said Town 
Victuall"" was duly Sworn publick weigher in the said Town & to 
render a just Account of what Money he receives for the Weighing 
of all Such Goods (to be allowed half for his trouble) when called 
upon there was at the same time delivered into the Custody of the 
said John Jenkin a large Beam & Scales 2 half hundreds 2 quarters 
of a hundred two fourteen pound Weights two Seven pounds two 
four pounds all Iron one Brass two pound one Brass one pound 

1748 April 8. William son of William Thomas, late of Cardiff, fisherman, 
deceased, was bound Apprentice to Emanuel Jones, of Cardiff, shoemaker. 

May 25. George son of William Evans, late of Cardiff, victualler, deceased, was 
bound Apprentice to Thomas Morgan, of Cardiff, joiner. 

Sept. 2 1 Wednesday. At Cardiff Castle, before Herbert Mackworth, esquire, 
Constable of the Castle, Arthur Williams and George Watkins, Aldermen, were sworn 
Bailiffs ; and Edward Noble, victualler, and Jacob Rosser, were sworn Serjeants at 

26th. The following were sworn Constables : — 
High Street Ward. Richard Driver 

Thomas Williams. 
East Ward. Christopher Price 

Emanuel Jones. 
West Ward. Joseph Thomas 

William Portrey. 
South Ward. William Robert 

William Thomas. 

zgth. The following were made free : — 

John Portrey, of Llantwit Major, yeoman. 

William Morgan, of Cardiff, tobacconist. 

Rees Charles, of Monknash, yeoman. 

David Prichard of Wick, gentleman. 

Thomas Williams, of Llanishen, Yeoman. 

Edward Waters, of Uske in the county of Monmouth, apothecary. 

Oct. 13. Christopher Phillips, of Penarth, tailor; fee 3s. 4^. 

28th. Henry Yeomans, Capital Burgess, chosen Alderman vice Alexander 

Purcell senior deceased. 
Edward Lambert, Capital Burgess, chosen Alderman vice Thomas Morgan 


Nov. 2. John Bird, son of Margaret Bird, of Cardiff, widow, was bound 
Apprentice to Jacob Rosser, of the parish of Saint Mary in the said 
town, shoemaker. 

Jan. 23. Cradock Nowell, of Cardiff, tanner, admitted to the freedom ; fee 
3s- Ad. 

Cardiffe Town To Witt. At a Court of Aldermen duly Summoned 
and held for the said Town on Thursday the g"' of February 1 748 it 
appearing unto us the Aldermen then Assembled according to such 
Summons and whose hands are hereunto subscribed that Llewellin 
Williams of Duffryn Esq"" Steward of this Town is lately deceased 
So that the Office of Steward of the said Town is now Vacant We 
do therefore in pursuance of the power granted to us by the Charters 
of the said Town as also according to the Antient Customs of the 
said Town Elect William Powell of the Inner Temple London Esq"" 
Barrister at Law to be and act in the Office of Steward of the said 
Town in the Stead and place of the said Llewellin Williams Dece'd 
as Wittness our hands the day and year aforesaid 

Arth. Williams Phillip Stephens 

Geo. Watkins Tho= Seabrook, 

David Owen 

Tho^ Mathews 

Jn° Tanner 

Edmund Lloyd 

Cardiffe Town To Witt. Saturday the 25'^ March 1749 William 
Powell of the Middle Temple Esq-" was Admitted and Sworn a 


Burgess or ffreemand of the said Town by Arth"" Williams and 
George Watkins Esq^'^ Bailiffs of the said Town 

Cardiffe Town To Witt the same Day the said William Powell 
was Sworn into the Office of Steward of the said Town by Arth"" 
Williams and George Watkins Esq*"^ Bailiffs of the said Town 

Cardiffe Town To Witt. Att a Court of Common Councell 
duely Summoned and held on Wednesday The Twenty third day 
of August 1749 Four assistants or Capital Burgesses Being Wanted 
In the room of M"" John Phillips and M"" Thomas Seabrook who were 
both Sworn Aldermen and In the place and Stead of M"" Richard 
Jenkins and M"" Gabriel Lewis Late Assistants deceased We whose 
hands are hereunto Subscribed Do Elect and Choose by a Majority of 
The Corporation then present M"" Cradock Nowel Tanner M'' Arthur 
Williams the Younger M"" Edward Watters and M"" William Brewer 
Marriner As Witness our hands 

12 signatures. 

Cardiffe Town To Witt. Wednesday 23"^ of August 1749 
M'' Cradock Nowell Tanner, M"" Arthur Williams The Younger and 
M"" Edward Walters apothecary were sworn assistants of this Town 
pursuant to the preceeding Election 

At the same Time It appearing That Severall persons stand 
Indebted for Rent Due to this Corporation It is hereby Ordered That 
The present Townclerck May & do forthwith Take all proper and Due 
measures to Compel! them to pay the same and that The Expence 
thereof be Allowed out of the Town Stock 

Arth. Williams 

Geo. Watkins 

David Owen 

J°° Tanner 

Edmund Lloyd 

John Okey 

Phillip Stephens 

Tho^ Seabrook 

Ja^ Owen 

Crad"^ Nowell 

Arthur Williams 

Edward Waters. 


29*1^ September 1749 Lloyd Lamphey of S* Donats Yeoman 
William Portray of Cardiffe Sadler and Edward Prichard Jun'' of Wick 
yeoman were admitted and Sworn Burgesses or ffreemen of y= s^ 
Town of Cardiffe before George Watkins Esq"" one of the Bailiffs of 
y^ said Town. 

Cardiffe Town To Witt. Thursday the 5"> of September 1749 
Henry Yeomans of the said Town Glover was Sworn an Alderman 
of the said Town in the room and stead of Alexander Purcell Esq'' 
alderman lately deceased before Herbert Mackworth Esq"" Constable 
of the Castle of Cardiffe. 

Edward Lambert, maltster, was sworn an Alderman in the room of Thomas 
Morgan deceased, as above. 

Cardiffe Town the Nineteenth Day of January 1749 Edmund 
Lloyd and John Okey Esq^^ were sworn Bailiffs of the Town of 
Cardiffe before Herbert Mackworth Esq"" Constable of the Castle 
of Cardiffe. 

At the same time John Jenkin Taylor and Richard Driver 
Victualler were Sworn into the office of Serjeants at Mace for the 
said Town. 

Their Constables are sworn as under. 

Easi Ward. Henry Jones Joyner 

Howel Harry Victualler 
High Street Ward. John Estance 

Thomas Lewis Tyler 
South Ward. John Hussey 

Isaac Rosser 
West Ward. Arth"" ffreeman. 

Cardiffe Town To Wit. Wednesday the 18 April 1750 Rees 
David of Cardiffe Shoemaker was admitted & Sworn a Burgess or 
ffreeman of the said Town by Edm^ Lloyd and John Okey Esq""^ the 
then Bailiffs and paid for such his admission the sume of 3s. 40?. 

1750 August 13. Richard Mollsop, of Cardiff, shoemaker, admitted a Burgess ; 

30th. Gabriel Lewis, of Cardiff, feltmaker, admitted a Burgess ; fee ^s. ^d. 
Septr. 29. The following were admitted Burgesses : — 
William Morgan, of Llantrisant, tiler. 
William Llewellin, of Llanharau, yeoman. 


John George, of Lavernock, yeoman. 
William Thomas of Dyffryn Ffrwd, gentleman. 
Thomas Howells, of Caerphilly, currier. 
Jany. 3. The following : — 

Charles Halfpenny of the town of Monmouth, gentleman. 
William Parry, of Cardiif, Doctor of Physic. 
William Parry junior of Salisbury, gentleman. 

The Serjeant Sworn to the Due Summons of the Corporation. 

CardifFe Town to Wit. At a Court of Common Councell duly 
Summoned and held for the said Town on Wednesday the 9* of 
January one thousand Seven hundred and ffifty three Common 
Councell Men or Assistants being wanting in the Corporation to fill 
up the Same According to the Antient and accustomed Method of 
Choosing and electing the same, Arthur Tanner Currier David 
Prichard Joyner and Ralph Bowen Innkeeper were this day duly 
elected admitted and sworn Common Councell Men or assistants of 
the said Corporation for that purpose duly assembled and met 
together as Witness our hands the day and year aforesaid. 

1750 Jany. 9. Cradock Nowell, John Whiteing and John Thomas, Assistants, 
were elected Aldermen. 

1 6th. William Brewer, of Cardiff, mariner, was admitted a Burgess; fee 3s. ^d. 

24th. George Watkins and Henry Yeomans, Aldermen, were sworn Bailiffs, at 
the Castle, by Herbert Mackworth, Esqr., the Constable ; and William Portrey and 
Watkin Morgan were on the same occasion sworn Serjeants at Mace by the said 

The Constables sworn by the said Bailiffs were :— 

High Street Ward. William Stone, perukemaker 

Rees David, shoemaker. 
East Ward. Hopkiu Jenkin, victualler 

Lewis William, victualler. 
West Ward. Arthur Freeman, gunsmith 

John Lewis, labourer. 
South Ward. John Martin, labourer 

Thomas Edward, labourer. 

Further admissions of Burgesses :- - 
1751 Augt. 20. John Carey, of Cardiff, cooper and victualler; fee 3s. 40'. 

Septr. 5. Roger Powell of Enau'r-glyn in the county of Glamorgan, esquire. 
No fee. 
Edward Saunders, of Cardifi', surgeon ; fee t,s. 40'. 


29th. Thomas Price, rector of Merthyr Tydfil. 
Joshua Powell, of Llantwit Major, clerk. 
William Lacy, rector of Saint George's. 
Thomas Moslip, of Cardiff, victualler. 
Lewis William, of CardiiF, victualler. 
Edward Kemeys, of Cardiff, carpenter 
David Howells, of Cardiff, ironmaster, 
Thomas Lewis, of Cardiff, tiler. 
Thomas Price of Cardiff, gentleman. 

1753 May 17. Thomas Llewellin, of Cardiff, potter; fee ^s. 4^. 
Septr. 29. Robert Savourse, of Cardiff, mercer. 

Edward Waters of Pilcott, gentleman. 

Edward Thomas, of Llanishen, yeoman. 

William Richard, of Llanishen, yeoman. 

Thomas William, of Cardiff, wheelwright. 

James John, of Llanfihangel-y-fedw, yeoman. 

Thomas Flay, of Llanfihangel-y-fedw, yeoman. 

Miles Meredith, of Roath, yeoman. 

(blank) Williams of Titton in the county of Somerset, gentleman. 

Novr. 9. At Cardiff Castle, before Herbert Mackworth, esquire, Constable of the 
same, Edmond Lloyd and Cradock Nowell, Aldermen, were sworn Bailiffs ; Richard 
Mulsop, shoemaker, and Thomas Deer, perukemaker, were sworn Serjeants at Mace; and 
at the Same time and place before the said Constable of the Castle 
of Cardiffe Phillip Jones was sworn into the office of Ale Taster of 
the said Town of Cardiffe. 

Constables sworn for 1753 : — 

High Street Ward. Lett Lewis and William Wade. 
East Ward. Gabriel Lewis and John William. 

West Ward. Thomas Williams and William Prichard. 

South Ward. John Prichard and Thomas Llewellin. 

Further admissions of Burgesses : — 

1754 Deer. 23. Bloom Williams, of Cardiff, apothecary. No fee. 

Henry Durbrow, of Cardiff, innkeeper. 

Joseph Phillips, of Cardiff, shipwright; fee 3s. 4^. 

John Jones, of Bristol, ironmonger. 

1755 Septr. I. Henry Llewellin of Cardiff, gentleman. 

George Evans, of Cardiff, baker. 

George Watkins of Cardiff, gentleman. 

Thomas Seabrooke, of Cardiff, joiner. 

Henry Williams, of Cardiff, tallow chandler. 

Henry Yeomans, of Cardiff, glover. 

Cradock Glascott, of Cardiff, sadler. 

Robert Watkin, of Cardiff, mariner. 

John Thomas, gentleman, Town Clerk of Cardiff. 


1755 August 21. A number of persons were disfranchised and amoved from 
their office of Burgess, at a Court of Common Council composed of Cradock Nowell, 
David Owen, Henry Yeomans, James Owen, Arthur Williams, Edward Waters, 
Ralph Bowen, Arthur Tanner and David Prichard, the form being the same as that 
used on 21 August 1736. The Burgesses amoved on the present occasion are 
precisely the nine above mentioned as having been elected on September i. The 
misplacement of the respective entries in the MS. is owing to the re-elections being 
inserted with others in one separate consecutive list, while the disfranchisements 
follow on in the ordinary way as Minutes of Council. The amoved Burgesses, 
therefore, were reinstated ten days after being ousted. 

From two of the records of disfranchisement it appears that, the Council Room 
being wanted by the Grand Jury of the County, the Councilmen adjourned till nine 
o'clock on the following morning, when they met in the Town Clerk's office. 

1755 September 2. Henry Llewellin, George Watkins, Henry Yeomaus and 
Thomas Seabrook, Burgesses, were elected Assistants or Capital Burgesses ; and 
Arthur Williams, Arthur Tanner and Robert Savourse, Capital Burgesses, were 
chosen to be Aldermen. 

September 29. The Aldermen so elected were sworn at Cardiff Castle, 
Herbert Mackworth Esq"" being Deputy Constable of the said 

It is interesting to note that Mr. Mackworth is in the above entry correctly 
styled Deputy Constable. (See Vol. II., p. 113.) 

'755 Septr. 29. The Revd. Gervase Powell, rector of Lanvigan in the county 
of Brecon, and the Revd. Thomas Nowell, Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, were 
admitted to the freedom. 

1757 Jany. i. Phillip Stephens and Robert Savours were sworn Bailiffs ; and 
John Gary, cooper, and Thomas Williams, carpenter, were sworn Serjeants at Mace, 
before Herbert Mackworth, Esqr., Dep' Con^'le of the Castle. This entry is in 
an angular handwriting, which does not occur elsewhere in the book. Those which 
follow are still in the writing of Mr. John Thomas, the Town Clerk. 

The Constables Sworn by the said Bailiffs the 7 Jan'"y 1757 are 
as under : — 

High Street Ward. Griffith William & Lewis Evan 

East Ward. Morgan George & Henry Jones 

West Ward. William Bowen & William Thomas 

South Ward. Lewis Phil pot & Thomas Mathews. 

Thursday the 29th of September 1757 the under named Seven 
persons were admitted and sworn Burgesses or ffreemen of the Town 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 265 

of Cardiff by Phillip Stephens & Robert Savours Esquires then 
Bailiffs of the said Town of Cardiff that is to Say 

William Lewis of Cardiff ffeltmaker 

Hezekiah Hopkin of the same Yeoman 

Thomas Evan of Lantwit Vardre Yeoman 

Thomas Evan of MaesUech Yeoman 

Phillip Thomas of Cayre Yeoman 

James Thomas the Younger of Llanharry Yeoman 

Thomas Stibbs of Cardiff Shoemaker. 

1758 July 7. Thomas Edwards, gentleman; John Thomas, Town Clerk; John 
Brewer, joiner ; Francis Minnet, gardener ; Alexander Purcell, goldsmith ; Henry 
Williams, tallow chandler ; Watkin Morgan, shoemaker, and George Williams, baker, 
were chosen Capital Burgesses, and were sworn before the Bailiffs. 

The same day, Thomas Edwards, an Assistant, was elected Alderman to supply 
the place of David Owen deceased ; and David Prichard, Assistant, was elected 
Alderman vice Edmund Lloyd deceased. 

yth July 1758. 

Cardiff Town To Wit. At the Castle of Cardiff in the said 
Town of Cardiff before Herbert Mackworth Esquire Constable of 
the said Castle of Cardiff According to the Antient Custom of the 
said Town M"" Thomas Edwards Assistant and David Prichard 
Assistant were Sworn Aldermen of the said Town. 

Cardiff Town To Wit. Thursday the e"* of July 1758 the 
following Persons were admitted and Sworn Burgesses or ffreemen 
of the Town of Cardiff by Phillip Stephens and Robert Savours 
Esquires then Bailiffs of the same that is to say 

Thomas Edwards Gentleman 

Phillip Lewis Gentleman 

ffrancis Minnett Gardner 

ffrancis David Shopkeeper 

William Evans Innkeeper \ all of Cardiff 

Edward Lewis ffeltmaker 

Henry Lewis Apothecary 

Michael Brewer Shopkeeper & 

Thomas Morgan Gentleman 
and on ffriday the 7 of July 1758 by the same Bailiffs M"" Richard 
Jenkins of Cardiff was admitted and Sworn a Burgess or ffreeman of 
the said Town of Cardiff. 


Town Property. Arrears of rent are to be recovered. Market Tolls are to be 
once more enforced as in former years. Corn and Grain are to be sold only in the 
proper Corn Market. No shops are to be kept for the sale of goods (except victuals) 
by any but the Freemen of the Borough. Pigs are not to be allowed to roam the 

Cardiff Town 

At a Court of Common Councel held for the Town of Cardiff 
aforesaid in the Council Chamber of the said Town the twenty third 
Day of August in the Year of our Lord 1758 to Consider of sundry 
and diverse Matters of and Concerning the said Town and for the 
well-Government thereof We the Bayliffs and the several Aldermen 
and Capital Burgesses duly Summoned and assembled in Council as 
aforesaid being the major part of the s'^ Comon Council Do hereby 
unanimously Order Constitute direct and ordain in Manner and form 
following That is to say 

First. We do hereby order and direct that The Town Clerk of 
the said Town do as soon as Conveniently may be make out a 
Regular Rent Roll of the several Messuages Lands and Cottages 
belonging to the said Town and the several Arrears due thereon 
and do for and on the Behalf of the Bayliffs Aldermen and Burgesses 
of the said Town ask demand and receive from the several persons 
or Tenants Indebted to the Bayliffs Aldermen and Burgesses of the 
said Town Such Sum or Sums of Money as are now due and in 
arrear from them for the said several Messuages Lands & Cottages 
Hereby Impowering and authorizing the said Town Clerk to take 
all lawfull ways and means to enforce The payment thereof be the 
same by Distress or Suit or action at Law. 

Also Whereas a Certain Toll hath from the Time whereof the 
Memory of Man is not to the Contrary been due and accustomed 
to be payd for all Cattle Horses Sheep and Piggs sold in the said 
Town That is to say one penny for every Bull Cow Ox or Heifer 
four pence for every Horse Halfpenny for every Pigg and ten pence 
for every Score of Sheep and so in Proportion for a greater or lesser 
Quantity of Sheep 

And Whereas at a Court of Common Council heretofore held for 
the said Town it was ordered that the fairs and Marketts kept 
in the said Town sho<i from thenceforth for a certain Number of 
Years be free and Exempt from Toll And Whereas the said Term 

d J 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 267 

of Years is now Expired and it manifestly appears to us That the 
said former Order of Council had not the Desired Effect but on the 
Contrary created many manifest Inconveniences and Disadvantages 
to the said Fairs & Marketts and the several Persons frequenting the 

We do therefore hereby order direct & ordain That the said 
Toll shall from and after the 19'^ day of September next ensuing 
be demanded and received as the same M^as heretofore antiently used 
and accustomed And We do hereby likewise further Order and 
direct that proper persons be as soon as Conveniently may be 
Appointed to Demand receive and Collect the said Toll and that 
such Collectors or Toll Gatherers be provided with proper Toll 
Books for the Registering of all Cattle Horses Sheep and Piggs 
sold in the said Fairs and Marketts agreeable to the Laws and 
Statutes in that Case made and provided hereby giving and granting 
to such Toll Gatherers and Collectors full Power and Authority 
to levy and Collect the said antient Toll And we do hereby direct 
the Town Clerk of the said Town to cause this our Order to be 
Incerted in the Gloucester Journal and Copyes thereof fixed in the 
most publick places of the said Town That the same may be fully 
known to all persons frequenting or using the said fairs or Marketts. 

Also Whereas There now is and hath been from the Time 
whereof the Memory of Man is not to the Contrary an Antient toll 
received for all Manner of Corn and Grain Sold in the said Town 
that is to say a Quart for every Welsh Bushel sold there and so in 
Proportion for a greater or lesser Quantity And whereas the Bayliffs 
Aldermen and Burgesses of the said Town have in Consideration 
thereof at their own Expence constantly repaired the Markett House 
Erected and appointed by them as a proper place for the Sale of 
Corn and Grain And whereas diverse persons have privately and 
in a Clandestine Manner bought diverse great Quantitys of Corn 
and Grain at their respective Houses to the Great Prejudice of the 
Poor Inhabitants of the said Town by Inhancing of the Price of 
all Corn & Grain sold there and to the defrauding and Secreating 
of the said Toll 

We do therefore hereby order direct and ordain That from 
henceforth no person whatsoever Shall sell or buy any Corn or Grain 
whatsoever but in the said Corn Markett House in publick Corn 


Markett that is to say from and after the Hour of twelve of the 
Clock on every Wednesday and Saturday throughout the Year at 
which Time the Markett Bell is hereby directed to be rung that 
publick Notice may be taken at what Time and Hour the Corn 
Markett do begin from which Hour till the Hour of one no person 
whatsoever but the Burgesses and Inhabitants of the said Town not 
Exercising the Trade of Bakers or Badgers shall buy any Corn or 
Grain Exposed to sale And that at the said Hour of One the Bell of 
the s^ Town shall ring a Second Time and from & after that Time all 
the Badgers and Bakers and others shall have full Liberty of buying 
any Corn & Grain sold there And we do hereby ordain Constitute 
and declare that the said Markett House or place comonly called the 
Cross' is the only Corn Markett Place in the said Town And we do 
hereby direct and order that proper Officers be appointed as Clerks 
or Keepers of the said Corn Markett in manner as have been 
heretofore antiently used and accustomed to super intend the said 
Corn Markett and Collect and receive the said Toll And we 
do hereby also further order and direct that if any person or 
persons shall presume to buy any Corn or Grain in any other 
place or at any other Time or in any other Manner than as aforesaid 
that the said Officers Keepers or Clerks of the said Corn Markett shall 
deliver in the Names of such persons so offending to the Town Clerk 
of the said Town who is hereby Impowered and directed at our 
Expence to prosecute such Offender to the utmost Rigour of the 
Law And it is hereby directed that publick Notice be given thereof 
in the three next Markett Days by y^ publick Cryer and that Copyes 
of this order be fixed upon the said Corn Markett House & other 
publick places in the said Town. 

Also Whereas the Town of Cardiff Is and from the Time whereof 
the Memory of Man is not to the Contrary hath been an antient 
Burrough Town The Bayliffs Aldermen and Burgesses whereof have 
sundry and diverse prescriptive Liberties and immunities Confirmed 
to them by diverse Kings and Queens of England and sundry Lords 
and Ladies of Glamorgan And more particularly that it hath been 
an Antient Custom and Usage within the said Town from the Time 

1 Also called the High Cross. An actual cross stood here in Elizabeth's reign 
and probably some fifty years longer. It stood in the middle of High Street, just 
north of the ends of Church Street and Quay Street. 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 269 

whereof the Memory of Man is not to the Contrary that no person or 
persons whatsoever should keep any open Shop or Expose to Sale 
any Merchandizes whatsoever within the said Town or Borough 
Excepting Victuals only but such person and persons as were 
Burgesses or freemen of the same^ And Whereas several persons 
Not being freemen or Burgesses of the s"^ Town have of late 
Contrary to the Said antient usage and Custom presumed to keep 
open Shops and expose to Sale diverse Merchandizes in the said 
Town (not being Victuals) to the Great Prejudice of the Trade 

Now We Therefore do hereby for the Good Government of the 
said Town and for the better Enforcing & preserving the said antient 
usage and Custom order ordain Constitute and direct that if any 
person or persons not being a Burgess or freeman of the said Town 
shall at any Time hereafter presume to keep open shop or Expose to 
Sale any Merchandize whatsoever (not being Victuals) within the said 
Town That every such person or persons so Offending shall forfeit 
the sum of 3s. 40?. for every Day that Such person or persons shall 
henceforth presume to keep open Shop or Expose to Sale any 
Merchandize (not being Victuals) as aforesaid And we do hereby 
ordain order and Constitute that the said 3s. 4.d. so to be forfeited as 
a fine for every such Offence shall &: may be levied by Distress and 
Sale of the Offenders Goods and Chatties or by action of Debt And 
we do hereby direct that publick Notice be given of this order as 
soon as conveniently may be. 

Also Whereas diverse persons keep within the said Town diverse 
Sows Boars and Piggs and permitt the same to ramble and go about 
the Streets to the great Nusance of the Inhabitants of the said Town 
We do hereby direct and order that if any person or persons shall 
hereafter permitt or Suffer any Boar Sow or Pigg of his her or their 
Property to go about or ramble in the Streets of the said Town That 
such person or persons who shall be the owner of such Boar 
Sow or Pigg shall forfeit for every Boar Sow or Pigg they shall so 
permitt and suffer to ramble and go about the Streets of the said 
Town the sum of one Shilling for every time he she or they shall so 
offend and w<:^ said one shilling shall and may be levied by Distress 

1 See the Charter of 1340, (Vol. I., p. 25.) 



and Sale of the Goods and Chatties of every person so offending or 
by action of Debt And we do hereby also direct that publick Notice 
be given of this order as soon as conveniently may be. 

Phillip Stephens 
Rob' Savours 
Tho« Mathews 
Tho^ Seabrook 
Geo. Watkins 
Hen. Yeomans 
Arth. Williams 
Arthur Tanner 
Tho^ Edwards 
David Prichard 
Ja^ Owen 
Edw<i Waters 
Henry Williams 
George Williams 
Wat. Morgan 
Francis Minnitt 
John Brewer. 

Bayliffs of 
the said Town. 


of the said Town. 

of the same. 

Cardiff Town To Wit. Thursday the 14"^ of December 1758 
Robert Watkin of the said Town of Cardiff Marriner was admitted 
and Sworn a Burgess of the said Town of Cardiff by Robert Savours 
Esq"" one of the Bailiffs of the said Town. 

Cardiff Town To Wit. Wednesday the 24'ii of January 1759 
Henry Yeomans and Thomas Edwards two of the Aldermen of 
the said Town were Sworn into the Office of Bailiffs of the said 
Town by Herbert Mackworth Esq'' Deputy Constable of the Castle 
of Cardiff. 

At the same time and before the said Deputy Constable William 
Lewis ffeltmaker and Hezekiah Hopkin Yeoman were Sworn into the 
Office of Serjeants at Mace for the said Town. 

At the same time and before the said Deputy Constable Thomas 
Estons and William Jones were Sworn into the Office of Ale Tasters 
in the said Town. 

The same Day Herbert Mackworth the Younger of Gnoll in the 
County of Glamorgan Gentleman was admitted and Sworn a Burgess 


or ffreeman of the said Town of Cardiff by Henry Yeomans and 
Thomas Edwards Esq''® Bailiffs of the said Town. 

Cardiff Town To Wit. Thursday the i^' of ffebruary 1759 the 
following persons were Sworn Constables of the said Town for the 
respective Wards as under that is to say 

High Street Ward. Edward Lewis Hatter & 

John Waters Sadler. 
East Ward. John Rowland Labourer & 

Thomas Young Carpenter. 
West Ward. John David Smith & 

Edward Young Carpenter. 
South Ward. Evan Richard fifisherman & 

Morgan John Shoemaker. 
The same day before the Above Bailiffs Llewellin Traherne Esq'' 
was admitted and sworn a Burgess or ffreeman of the said Town. 

Cardiff Town To Wit. i^' ffebruary 1759. John Jenkin 
Victualler and Thomas Deere were Sworn into the Office of Common 
Attorneys for the said Town. 

Wednesday 16 May. Thomas Waters, tallow chandler, and John Waters, sadler, 
both of Cardiff, were admitted to the freedom and paid a fee of 6s. 8rf. each. 

Town Property. Public buildings to be repaired. The Water Bailiffs. The 
Toll of Corn. 

Cardiff Town. 

At a Court of Comon Council held for the said town of 
Cardiff in the Council Chamber of the said Town the 19''' day 
of June in the year of our Lord 1759 to Consider of sundry 
& divers matters of and concerning the said Town and for the well 
Government thereof We the Bayliffs and the several Aldermen and 
Capital Burgesses duly Sumoned and assembled in Councel as afore- 
said being the major part of the said Comon Council Do hereby 
unanimously order Constitute direct and ordain in manner and form 
following that is to say 

Whereas M"- John Thomas the Town Cl^ of the said Town did 
pursuant to an Order of Council of the said Town bearing date the 
23d day of Aug' 1758 make out a Regular Rental of the several 
Mess'es Lands and Cottages belonging to the said Town and the 


several Arrears due thereon And Whereas application have been 
made by the Comon Attorneys of the s"^ Town to all and every the 
Tenants of the same to pay their Several and respective rent and 
arrears of rents but several of the Tenants notwithstanding such 
application have refused or neglected to pay their several and respec- 
tive rents and arrears of rents Now we do hereby direct and order 
that the said Town CI'' do iraediately sue and prosecute and take 
such proper ways and means ag* all & every the persons so in arrear 
for the recovery of all & every the rents and arrearages of Rents from 
them respectively due as he shall think proper and necessary and 
That Henry Yeomans and Thomas Edwards Esqi's BaylifFs of the 
said Town do for that purpose Sett the Comon Seal of the said Town 
to a proper instrument or power of Attorney to enable the said Town 
Clerk to make any distress or sue out any process to oblige the 
tenants to pay the same in the name of the Bayliffs Aldermen & 
Burgesses of the said Town And that the said Town CI'' do on receipt 
of all & every sum and sums of money pay the same into the hands 
of the Comon Attorneys of the said Town for the use of the Bayliffs 
Aldermen & Burgesses of the same Hereby recommending and 
directing the said Town Clerk to write a Letter to each and every of 
the said Tenants before he shall sue any or either of them to demand 
from them & each of them their respective arrears and if they or 
either of them do not think proper to pay into the hands of the said 
M'' John Thomas their respective arrears within one month after the 
receipt of such Letter and the Costs of writeing the same That then 
the said M"" John Thomas do imediately prosecute such person or 
persons so neglecting to pay their said rents & proceed ag' them with 
the utmost dispatch. 

Also Whereas the Guildhall Eastgate and Quay of the said 
Town is greatly injured and damaged in the walls and otherwise 
for want of necessary repairs to the great nusance of the several 
Inhabitants of the s'l Town and others and the Quay is in such an 
ill state of repair that the dutyes arising from the same have for 
several years last past been neglected to have been raised Now It 
is hereby ordered and directed that the Comon Attorneys of the 
said Town do from and out of such sum and sums of money as are 
now in their hands or w^"^ they shall hereafter receive for the use 
of the Bayliffs Aldermen and Burgesses of the said Town pay all 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 273 

such sum & sums towards the rebuilding & repairing thereof as shall 
be directed by the Bayliffs of the said Town or either of them And 
that proper officers be appointed by them as well for the raising 
of the dutyes antiently due from the said Quay as also for the 
preserving the Navigation of the River Taff leading to and from 
the said Quay. 

Also Whereas divers persons Sell divers & Great Quantityes 
of Corn & Grain within the said Town without producing or 
measuring the same under the Markett house of the said Town 
by reason it is inconvenient to measure all the Corn so sold by 
them under the Markett house of the said Town And Whereas 
several persons are willing and desirous to Compound for the Toll 
of Corn so brought by them and delivered at their respective Store- 
houses to prevent the trouble and inconvenience that would attend 
the measuring of the said Corn & Grain under the s<* Markett house 
and carrying the same afterwards to their respective Store houses 
Now we do hereby will desire & Consent That the Bayliffs of the 
said Town do Compound & agree to and with such person & persons 
as they shall think proper for the Toll of such Corn and Grain as 
shall be bought by them and brought to their Houses in lieu and 
Satisfaction of such Toll as the Bayliffs Aldermen and Burgesses 
of the said Town shall be intituled unto if sold & measured under 
the said Markett house and that the several persons so Compounded 
with shall & do pay their respective Composition money into the 
hands of the Comon Attorneys of the said Town for the use and 
benefitt of the Bayliffs Aldermen & Burgesses of the same. 
Edw'' Waters Hen. Yeomans 

Alex"" Purcel Tho« Edwards 

Watt. Morgan Edw. Morgan 

Henry Williams Tho^ Mathews 

Phillip Stephens 
Tho^ Seabrook 
Arth. WiUiams 
Arthur Tanner 
Rob' Savours 
David Prichard. 


The following is in the handwriting of Mr. John Thomas, the Town Clerk, 
as previously : — 

Amoval of the Steward, and appointment of his successor. 

Cardiff Town To Wit. At a Court of Common Councell held for 
the said Town of Cardiff in the Councel Chamber of the said Town 
on the lO'*" day of September in the year of our Lord 1759 by the 
Aldermen of the said Town only according to the Antient and usual 
custom of the said Town Whereas it appears unto us the Majority 
of the said Aldermen whose hands are hereunto sett and in Councel 
assembled that William Powell of Lanharran in the County of 
Glamorgan Esquire Barrister at Law the present Steward of this 
Corporac'on has for several years last past neglected his Duty in 
attending as a Steward of this Corporation notwithstanding notice 
sent to him to attend to the great delay of Justice and Detriment to 
the Burgesses of this Corporation We do therefore by virtue of the 
power vested in us by our Charters oust and remove the said William 
Powell from his said office of Steward of this Corporation and his 
said office of Steward is hereby declared Vacant. 

And we the said Aldermen in Councel assembled as aforesaid in 
pursuance of the power granted us by the Charters of the said Town 
do Elect and Choose Herbert Mackworth the Younger of GnoU in 
the County of Glamorgan Esq"" Barrister at Law to be and Act in the 
Office of Steward of the said Town in the Stead and Place of the 
said William Powell Esq"" 

10 signatures. 

1759 September 27 Thursday. The following persons were admitted and 
sworn Burgesses of Cardiff: — 

Henry Webber Chilcott, organist ; iee ^5. 5s. 

James Williams, labourer ; ^i, 

Thomas Young, carpenter; ^i. 

John Watkin, carpenter ; 3s. 40?. 

William Bowen, baker; 13s. ^d. 

Edward James, cooper ; ^s. ^d. 

William Lewis, mariner ; ;^s. ^d. 

John Lewis, barber ; ^s. ^d. 

Edward Young, shoemaker; ^i. 

Herbert Brewer, barber ; 3s. 40'. 

John Lewis, smith ; 3s. ^d. 

John Bird, shoemaker ; ^s. ^d. 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 275 

Henry Williams junior, tallow chandler ; 3s. 40'. 
John Stone, victualler ; 3s. ^d. 
John Price, chapman ; ^s- 4ci. 
Edmund Perkins, currier ; 3s. ^ci. 
Charles Price, tallow chandler ; 3s. ^d. 

£10 . 18 

Cardiff Town. 29 September 1760 before the abovenamed 
Bailiffs the following persons as under Written were Sworn 
Burgesses or ffreemen of the said Town That is to say 

Jacob Thomas of Cardiff Tyler and paid for his admission 35. /s^d. 
Morgan Jenkin of the same shoemaker and paid for his 

Admission 3s. /^d. 
Morgan Jenkin of the same shoemaker and paid for his 

Admission 3s. /^d. 
William Lewis of Pencisly in the parish of Landaff Yeoman and 
paid for his Admission [nil] 

Further admissions : — 

1760 October 13, John Campbell, of Bristol, merchant ; fee t,s. ^d. 

1 76 1 March 25. Arthur Price, tallow chandler. 

James Waters, baker. 

Edward Jones, customhouse officer. 

Alexander Willson, watchmaker. 
26th. Abraham Williams, gentleman. 

William Rees, mariner. 
August 3. Hector M'c Neal, of Bristol, merchant. 

William James, of Cardiff, merchant. 

1762 April 21. Lancellott Cowper, of Bristol, merchant; fee 3s. /^d. 
Septr. 29. Jenkin Williams, of Cardiff", gentleman. 

Thomas Evan, of Leek with, yeoman. 
William Glascott, of Cardiff^ currier ; 3s. ^d. 

The Port of Cardiff. The Water Bailiffs are to exact the proper tolls, and 
these are to be applied in the repair of the Quay. The Port Tariff. The 
Common Seal is not to be afRxed without consent of the Council. Town Property. 
No Freemen shall be admitted except by the two Bailiffs in open Court. 

Cardiff Town To Wit. At a Court of Common Councell held for 
the Town of Cardiff aforesaid in the Councel Chamber of the said 
Town the 22'"i day of December in the Year of our Lord 1762 to 
Consider of divers and Sundry matters of and concerning the said 


Town and for the Well Government We the Bailiffs and the Several 
Aldermen and Capital Burgesses duly Summoned and Assembled in 
Councell as aforesaid being the major Part of the said Common 
Councell Do hereby unanimously Agree that Whereas there is a 
Vacancy of four Capital Burgesses in the Corporation of the said 
Town and it being expedient and necessary to fill up Such Vacancies 
for the better governing of the said Town We do elect Choose and 
nominate Abraham Williams Esq"" Richard Jenkins Mercer PhiUip 
Lewis Gentleman and Jenkin Williams to be four Capital Burgesses 
and Assistants of the Corporation of the said Town of Cardiff. 

Whereas the Town of Cardiff hath been time immemorial an 
Antient Port Town having had a proper Antient Quay for the Loading 
and unloading of Boats & Vessells trading to the said Town in 
Considerac'on whereof divers Antient ffees & Dues have from time 
to time been immemorialy paid as Kaiage and rece'd by the Water 
Bailiff for the time being to the use of the Bailiffs Aldermen & 
Burgesses of the said Town that is to Say the sum of one shilling for 
every Boat or Vessell belonging to any Burgess or ffreeman of the 
said Town loading or unloading at the said Quay the sum of two 
shillings and Six Pence from every boat or Vessell belonging to any 
fforeigner not being free of the said Town if under the burthen of 
Sixty Tons, and five shillings if above Sixty Ton and the sum of 
three shillings and four pence for every MillStone landed on the said 
Quay and other Antient and customary ffees. And Whereas the 
Quay has for Some years been permitted to be very ruinous and in 
decay by reason whereof the Antient dues and ffees have been 
neglected to be raised And Whereas great part of the said Quay 
hath been lately rebuilt and convenient landing places made for boats 
or Vessells to load and unload at the said Quay and the whole being 
intended shortly to be repaired compleatly It is therefore hereby 
unanimously ordered & ordained by the Common Councell of the said 
Town in Councell Assembled that the Bailiffs of the said Town for the 
time being do nominate proper persons to be Water Bailiffs' as well to 
Collect the several dues and Duties arising from the said Kayage 

^ It would seem, from this, that the appointment of a Water Bailiff had been for 
some time neglected, though earlier Water Bailiffs are referred to above. There is a 
consecutive list of Water Bailiffs from 1820 to the present day, but their names do 
not appear in records of earlier date. 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 277 

according to the Antient Customs of the said Town as also to 
preserve the said Quay and Navigation of the said River according to 
the laws and statutes made for the preservation of Navigable Rivers 
and for the due and more proper preventing all manner of Nusances 
on the said Quay by laying and leaving any heavy goods or Merchan- 
dizes on the same to the prejudice and hinderance of any other persons 
in their loading or unloading their boats or Vessells It is hereby 
further Ordered and Ordained by the said Common Councel in 
Councel Assembled that no Pig Iron Cast Iron Wrought Iron Mill- 
stones or other Stones or Alabaster or any other goods or merchan- 
dizes whatsoever shall be permitted to be ar remain on the said Quay 
for the Space of twenty four hours, under the Pain and penalty of 
one shilling or for the space of Six days under the pain and penalty 
of Six shillings and eight pence which said pains and penalties we do 
hereby ordain and order to be raised and levied by distress and Sale 
of the offenders Goods and Chattels or by Seizure and Sale of the 
goods and Merchandize or part of the same so continueing as a 
Nusuance on the said Quay as shall amount to y^ said sum of 6s, and 
Sd. and costs of such distress by Warrant under the hands and Seals of 
the Bailiffs of the said Town for the time being Oath being first duly 
made of such nusuance and offence and that this By Law and ordinance 
may have its due effect it is ordered Sc directed that the Town Clerk 
do Cause fair Coppys of this ordinance and by Law to be affixed and 
sett up at the said Quay as also at the most Publick Places in this 
Town that due notice may be taken hereof. 

Whereas it has been usual and Customary of late years for the 
Bailiffs of this Town to order the Common Seal of this Town to be 
affixed to Such Leases as they have approved off without first 
previously consulting the Common Councel of this Town by which 
means great prejudizes have arose to the revenue and Estate of the 
said Town it is hereby unanimously ordered and ordained by the 
Common Councell of the said Town in Councel assembled that from 
henceforth no Lease or Leases be granted hereafter by the Bailiffs 
Aldermen and Burgesses of this Town nor the Common Seal of this 
Town affixed thereto without the Consent and approbation of the 
Common Councel of this Town in Councel Assembled or the Major 
Part of them present at two Several Councel days that is to Say one 
Councel day for the makeing proper proposals for Such intended 


Leases or grants & the next Councel day for Confirming and giving 
their approbation to the granting thereof that every Member of the said 
Councel may be duly apprised thereof hereby confirming and giving 
our Assent and Consent to all such former Leases and grants as have 
been heretofore granted by the Bailiffs Aldermen and Burgesses of 
the said Town and to which the Common Seal of the said Town have 
been already affixed. 

Whereas the Bailiffs Aldermen and Burgesses of this Town have 
by Indenture bearing date the 10* day of October 1750 granted unto 
Abraham Williams Gentleman a certain Parcell of Waste and un- 
inclosed Land adjoyning to the highway leading from the said Town 
of Cardiff to the Black Weares^ and Whereas the said Abraham 
Williams hath Caused a Wall to be built upon part of the said 
premisses for which Mich' Richards Esq"" hath thought proper to 
Indict the said Abraham Williams and his Workmen in the Great 
Sessions for the County of Glamorgan We the Common Councel of 
the said Town in Councel Assembled do for the protecting of the 
rights and property of the said Town and their tenants order and 
agree that the said Abraham Williams and his Workmen be 
indempnified out of the revenue of the said Town for all Costs 
and damages they may suffer by reason of the said Indictment. 

Whereas it hath been usual and Customary for one of the 
Bailiffs of the said Town to swear such persons ffreemen or 
Burgesses of the said Town at Such times or places as he thought 
proper^ and Whereas the original intention of all Guilds or Com- 
munitys were that the Burgesses or ffreemen sho"^ be admitted 
and Sworn into the said Guild in an open and publick manner It 
is therefore hereby unanimously ordered & ordained by the Common 
Councel in Councel Assembled that from hence forth no person 
or persons shall be admitted or Sworn a Burgess or ffreemen of 
the said Town but such as shall be approved of by the two Bailiffs 
of the said Town and by them Sworn as such in the Town Hall 
of the said Town at Some Publick Court of Record of the said 
Town held for the said Town hereby ordaining that this Ordinance 

1 Blackweir, on the river Taff, just north of the town of Cardifi'. The highway 
referred to is the North Road, ou which stands the hamlet of Blackweir. 
3 See Vol. II., p. 127. 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 279 

shall no ways impeach the right or Validity of any Burgess or 
ffreeman already sworn as such but hereby fully confirming the 

Hen. Yeomans 
Tho^ Edwards 
Tho^ Mathews 
Phillip Stephens 
Arth. Williams 
Arthur Tanner 
Rob' Savours 
David Prichard 
Edw<J Waters 
Alex"" Purcel 
Francis Minnitt 
George Williams 
Jo° Thomas. 

Cardiff Town To Wit. At the Guildhall in this Town on 
Thursday the twenty third of December in the Year of our Lord 
One thousand Seven hundred and Sixty two Abraham Williams 
of the said Town of Cardiff Esq"" was Sworn An Assistant or Capital 
Burgess of the said Town of Cardiff before Henry Yeomans and 
Thomas Edwards Esqi's then Bailiffs of the said Town of Cardiff. 

1762 Deer. 30. Jenkin Williams, gentleman, and Thomas Lewis, feltmaker, 
both of Cardiff, received the freedom. The latter paid a fee of ^s. ^d. 

Cardiff Town To Wit. ffriday the 31^' of December 1763 
Phillip Stephens Esq"" and Arthur Williams Esq"" were both Sworn 
(in the Castle of Cardiff) into the Office of Bailiffs of the said Town 
of Cardiff by Herbert Mackworth Esq"" Deputy Constable of the 
Castle of Cardiff. 

The Same day and the same place Thomas Price Taylor and 
William James Master of the Workhouse were Sworn into the Office 
of Serjeants at Mace of the said Town by Herbert Mackworth Esq^^ 
Deputy Constable of the Castle of Cardiff. 

Cardiff Town To Wit. Thursday the 6^^ of January 1763 the 
underm'ned persons were Sworn into the Office of Constables of this 


Town before Phillip Stephens and Arthur Williams Esq''^ then Bailiffs 
of the said Town that is to Say 

for the East Ward. Shadrach Williams Malster & 

Thomas Stibbs shoemaker. 
for High Street Ward. William James Victualler & 

Morgan Jenkins Shoemaker. 
for West Ward. Phillip James Victualler & 

William Evans Shoemaker. 
for South Ward. William Morgan Labourer & 

William Purcell Shoemaker. 

Cardiff Town To Wit. Thursday the Seventeenth of January in 
the year of Lord 1765 at the Guildhall in the said Town Charles 
Seaton of Bristol Merchant was Sworn and admitted a Burgess or 
ffreeman of the said Town by and before Arthur Williams Esq"" one of 
the Bailiffs of the said Town. 

Cardiff Town To Wit ffriday the 2 2"<^ of ffebruary 1765 Henry 
Yeomans and Arthur Tanner Esquires were both Sworn (in the 
Castle of Cardiff) into the Office of Bailiffs of the said Town of 
Cardiff by Herbert Mackworth Esquire Deputy Constable of the 
Castle of Cardiff 

The Same day and the Same place ffrancis Davies Chapman 
and William Glascott Currier were sworn into the office of Serjeants 
at Mace of the said Town of Cardiff by Herbert Mackworth Esquire 
Deputy Constable of the Castle of Cardiff. 

1765 March 7 Thursday. Constables sworn :— 

East Ward. Samuel Williams, victualler 

Robert Jones, shopkeeper. 
High Street Ward. William George, fisherman 

Edward Thomas, tiler. 
West Ward. John David, victualler 

William Scandrett, butcher. 
South Ward. John Jenkins, glazier 

James Howell, cooper. 

Further admissions of Burgesses : — 
1765 March 21. James Strahan, of Bristol, merchant. 

Octr. 2. William Durbrow, of Cefn Mably, gentleman. 

John David, of the parish of Saint Mellon's in the county of Monmouth, 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 281 

Swearing the Common Attorneys. 

Same date. William James and Henry Williams, tallow chandler, sworn as 
Common Attorneys by the Bailiffs. 

The following admissions of Burgesses are couched in a new form, in consequence 
of the Order of 22 December 1762, q. v. ante. 

Cardiff Town To Witt Thursday the 6'^ day of March 1766 in 
open Court at the Court of our Sovereign Lord the King held for the 
said Town John Williams of Coedygoras in the County of Glamorgan 
Gentleman was admitted and sworn a Burgess or ffreeman of the 
said Town by Henry Yeomans Esq"" Senior Bailiff of the said Town, 
and paid for his admission the sum of twenty shillings. 

Further admissions to the freedom : — 
1766 May I. Thomas Jones, of Cardiff, gentleman ; fee 12s. iid. 

May 15. Shadrach Williams, of Cardiff, maltster ; fee 12s. iid. 

June 26. Thomas Stephens, of Cardiff, shopkeeper; fee 12s. iid. All the last- 
named were admitted by Henry Yeomans, the Senior Bailiff. The last three 
admissions are recorded in a new handwriting, as is also the following matter ; — 

Town Property. 

Cardiff Town to witt. At a Court of Comon Council held for 
the Town of Cardiff aforesaid in the Council Chamber of the said 
Town the Twenty Sixth day of June One Thousand Seven Hundred 
and Sixty Six to Consider of divers and Sundry Matters of and 
Concerning the said Town and for the well Government thereof We 
the Bayliff and the Several Aldermen and Capital Burgesses duly 
summoned and Assembled in Council as aforesaid being the Major 
Part of the said Comon Council do hereby Unanimously Agree in 
Manner following (That is to Say) 

Whereas there is a Vacancy of Two Capital Burgesses in the 
Corporation of the said Town and it being Expedient and Necessary 
to fill up such Vacancys for the better Governing of the said Town 
We do Elect and Nominate Thomas Stephens and William James to 
be two Capital Burgesses and Assistants of the Corporation of the 
said Town of Cardiff. 

Whereas a certain Lease bearing Date the Second Day of 
October One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty five was Granted 
by the Bayliffs Aldermen and Burgesses of the Said Town to Samuel 


Williams of a Parcel of Wast Ground adjoining to the Fryars Green ^ 
for Twenty One Years at the Rent of Ten Shillings We the said 
Bayliff Aldermen and Burgesses in Councel Assembled Do hereby 
unanimously Agree Approve of and Consent to the Same. 

Whereas Thomas Williams of Cardiff Millwright hath Applyed to 
the Bayliffs Aldermen and Burgesses for a Lease on a certain Wast 
or parcel of Land adjoining to the Tan River^ Extending in length 
One hundred and Thirty six Feet and Six Inches (that is to Say) from 
M"" John Priest's Brewhouse on the North to M'' Richard Priest 
Storehouse on the South to the Park on the West and to the Lands 
of S*" Edmund Thomas Bar' and William Richards Esquire on the 
East for the Term of Forty Years at the Rent of One Pound, Eleven 
Shillings and six pence, We the Bayliff Aldermen and Capital 
Burgesses in Councel Assembled Do hereby unanimously Agree to 
approve of and Consent to the Same. The said Thomas Williams 
Causing no Prejudice to the Mill or Forges Erected on the Said Tan 
River or Stoping any Antient Way. 

lo signatures. 

1766 June 26. Alexander Purcel, goldsmith, and Francis Minnit, gardener, 
are appointed Aldermen. 

Burgesses admitted : — 

Richard Priest junior, of Cardiff, mariner; fee 12s. iid. 
Nicholas Priest, of Cardiff, mariner; 12s. iirf. 

Cardiff Town to witt Tuesday the 12"' day of August 1766. 
Herbert Mackworth of Knoll in the County of Glamorgan Esquire 
having produced an Instrument under the Hand and Seal of the 
Right Hon'ble Alice Lady Viscountess Dowager Windsor bearing 
Date the [blank] day of [blank] Appointing the said Herbert Mackworth 
Esquire Constable of the Castle of Cardiff during her Ladyships Will 
and Pleasure only And he was accordingly Sworn in Constable of 
the Castle of Cardiff aforesaid Before Me 

Hen. Yeomans. 

' Near the Black Friars' Convent. 

2 1 his was a stream which ran into the Tafl' below the Quay. West Street 
crossed it by a small stone bridge, just west of the Cardiff Arms. 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740, 283 

Swearing the new Town Clerk. 

Cardiff Town to witt Tuesday the 12'^ day of August 1766. 
Tho^ Thomas of the Town of Cardiff in the County Glamorgan 
Gentleman having produced an Instrument under the Hand and 
Seal of the Right Hont''« Lady Viscountess Dowager Windsor 
bearing Date the S^^ Day of May 1766 Appointing the said Tho-^ 
Thomas Gent. Town Clerk of the said Town of Cardiff for and 
during such Time as he shall behave himself well in the said 
Office And he was Accordingly sworn in Town Clerk of the Town 
of Cardiff afores<* Before Me 

Hen. Yeomans. 

Cardiff Town to witt. Tuesday the 12'*' day of August 1766. 
M"" Alexander Purcell and M"" Francis Minnitt Assistants Were 
Sworn Aldermen of the said Town Before Herbert Mackworth 
Esquire Constable of the said Castle of Cardiff According to the 
Antient Customs of the said Town. 

Burgesses admitted : — 

1766 August 21. William Richards, of Cardiff, esquire ; fee 12s. 1 irf. 

Octr. 30. William Richards, of Cardiff, gentleman ; 12s. lie/. 

Novr. 13. Henry Toye Bridgeman, of Cardiff, esquire ; 12s. i id. 

Bartholemew Greenwood, of Cardiff, gentleman; 12s. iit/. 

Edward Morgan, of Rumney in the county of Monmouth, gentleman ; 12s. no?. 

1767 Jany. 22. John Evans of Cadoxton-juxta-Barry, in the county of Glamorgan, 

yeoman ; 12s. iid. 
1767 Jany. 23. Thomas Edwards and Alexander Purcel were sworn Bailiffs, 
by the Constable at the Castle ; and Shadrack Williams, maltster, and Thomas 
Waters, tallow chandler, were on the same occasion sworn Serjeants at Mace. 

26th. Constables sworn by the Bailiffs : — 

East Ward. Thomas Richard and Thomas Watkin. 

High Street Ward. Isaac Rosser and James Barrel. 
West Ward. Joseph Jones and John Stibbs. 

South Ward. Evan Evans and James James. 

1767 Feby. 19 Thursday. Burgesses admitted: — 
William Richards Powell, of Cardiff, esquire. 
Revd. George Richards, of Cardiff, clerk. 
March 19. Thomas Stephens, of Cardiff, shopkeeper. (These each paid 

I 2S. II (/.) 

Same day : Richard Jenkins, esquire, Thomas Stephens, shopkeeper, and 
William James, Master of the Workhouse, all of Cardiff, were sworn Assistants or 
Capital Burgesses. 


April 1 6. Burgesses admitted : — 

Revd. Wyndham Lewis, of Cefn Carnau, clerk. 

Heiiry Toye Bridgeman, of Cardiff, esquire. (His admission had been 

previously recorded under date 13 Novr. 1766). 
Shadrack Williams, of Cardiff, " Malster." 
Samuel Williams, of Cardiff, innkeeper. 
Joseph Jones, of Cardiff, nailer. 
Isaac Rosser, of Cardiff, glazier. 
James Barrel, of Cardiff, baker. 
John Ovens, of Cardifi, tanner. 
Samuel Sabine, of Cardiff, gentleman. 
Richard David, of Roath, yeoman. 
William Morgan, "of the same," yeoman. 
David Lewis, of Whitchurch, mason. 
Richard Mollineux, of Llandaff, carpenter. 
Thomas Cradock, of Llandaff, thatcher. 
Francis Evans, of Llantwit Vaerdre, yeoman, 
Morgan Thomas, of the same, yeoman. 
Edward Evans, of the same, gentleman. 
Thomas Jenkins, of the same, yeoman. 
John William, of the same, yeoman. 
Thomas William, of the same, yeoman. 
Rowland Joseph, of the same, yeoman. 
Rees Morgan, of the same, yeoman. 
Thomas Edmund, of the same, yeoman. 
Edmund Thomas, of the same, yeoman. 
Thomas Hopkin, of Llantrisant, yeoman. 
Rowland Thomas, of Llantrisant, yeoman. 
Walter David, of Gelligaer, yeoman. 
Edward Morgan, of Rumney, gentleman. 
John Hopkins, of Lavernock, gentleman. 
Nicholas Hopkins, of Lavernock, yeoman. 
David Hopkins, of Lavernock, yeoman. 
Abraham Webb, of Sully, yeoman. 
Morgan William, of Pentyrch, yeoman. 
Humphrey Denbury, of Llantwit Major, yeoman. 
Thomas George, of Lavernock, yeoman. 
Thomas Bassett, of Lavernock, yeoman. 
John Bassett, of Lavernock, yeoman. 
Richard Bassett, of the same, yeoman. 
Thomas John, of the same, yeoman. 
John John, of the same, yeoman. 
Christopher John, of the same, yeoman. 
Joshua Williams, of Eglwysilan, yeoman. 
William Jenkin, of the same, yeoman. 
William Morgan, of the same, yeoman. 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 285 

Thomas Thomas, of the same, yeoman. 
John James, of Rudry, yeoman. 

Next follow Minutes of Council dated 4 June 1767, written in the peculiar 
indistinct hand of John Richards. 

The first provides that Publick Notice be sett up of such Lands & 
tenements as are fallen into the town. 

The next follows former resolutions in providing for the recovery of arrears of 
rent. Then come these : — 

Public buildings to be repaired. Capt. Price's Charity. 

Whereas the Quay Guildhall Markett House and the Road lead- 
ing from the West Gate to the Bull ring in the town of Cardiff is out 
of repair We do hereby unanimously consent and agree that the Bayliffs 
for the time being do employ proper persons to repair & amend the 
same and that a proper person be appointed Water Bayliff by the 
said Bayliffs as soon as the said Quay shall be properly repaired and 
amended, pursuant to a former Order made in respect thereto. 

Whereas Capt° Price did heretofore give & devise to Sundry 

persons as trustees for Apprenticing of poor persons the sum of 

looli w'='^ was heretofore deposited in the hands of W™ Richards Esq"" 

And Whereas six years Interest remains due on the said ioolt from 

W™ Richards Esq*" his Grandson We do hereby unanimously Consent 

& agree that Edward Evan aged 14 years John Hamond aged 12 

years Ann Prichard aged 10 years Ann William aged 10 years & 

Jane Hamond aged 10 years be pursuant to the directions of the 

Act of parliament made in the Seventh Year of King James the 

first placed out apprentices with the said money in such manner and 

to such persons as the Bayliffs for the time being shall approve of. 

Tho*^ Edwards ) „ ,.„ 
i Bavliifs 
Alex"" Purcel j 

Tho^ Mathews 

Hen. Yeomans 

Rob' Savours 

David Prichard 

Francis Minnitt 

Ja^ Owen 

Edw<^ Waters 

Watkin Morgan 

Tho^ Stephens 

Will. James. 


Burgesses admitted 6 August 1767 : — 

Powell Edwards, of Cardiff, gentleman. 
John Thomas junior, of Cardiff, gentleman. 
William Eadoe, of Cardiff, gentleman. 
Henry Lewis, of Cardiff, mariner. 
Sept. 3. William Hart, of Cardiff, gentleman. 

1768 January 15. Henry Yeomans and Arthur Williams, esquires, were sworn 
Bailiffs, and John Bird, shoemaker, and Samuel Williams, victualler, were sworn 
Serjeants at Mace, in the same form as previously. 

2 1 St. Constables sworn : — 

East Ward. William Kemp and John Brewer. 

High Street Ward. Thomas Cotton and Hugh Whiting. 
West Ward. Charles Gedrich and Edward Stone. 

South Ward. John Purcel and William Jones. 

March 3. John Williams of Coed-y-gores, gentleman, was sworn a Burgess. 
April 14. John Rowand, of Bristol, linen draper, and 
Septr. 29. William Thomas, of Cardiff, labourer, the like. 

1769 January 12. Thomas Edwards and Alexander Purcell, esquires, were sworn 
Bailiffs ; and Alexander Willson, watchmaker, and Isaac Rosser, glazier, were sworn 
Seijeants at Mace, by the Constable at the Castle. 

Constables sworn on the 14th : — 

East Ward. Thomas Lewis and Lewis Leyson. 

High Street Ward. James Stuart and Lionel Stibbs. 
West Ward. Aquilla Jones and Edward Gedrick. 

South Ward. John Hussey and Abraham Lewis. 

Burgesses admitted : — 

1769 Jany. 19. Emanuel White, of Cardiff, hatmaker. 

William Evans, of Cardiff, cordwainer. 

Miles Thomas, of Cardiff, labourer. 

William Attwood, of Cardiff, tallow chandler. 

John Hussey, of Cardiff, cordwainer. 

Augt. 16. George Ewbank, of Bristol, haberdasher. 

31. William Price of Watford in the county of Glamorgan, gentleman. 

Novr. 9. Lewis Edward, of the parish of Michaelston super-Eley, yeoman. 

23. William Lewis, of Bristol, gentleman. 

1770 Augt. 2. Thomas Thomas, gentleman. Town Clerk of Cardiff. 

1770 December 6. Minutes of Council, in the handwriting of John Richards :— 

Town Property. Charities. 

It is agreed by the unanimous Consent of the Bayliffs Aldermen 
and Capital Burgesses of this Town that the House at the Blunch 


Gate late fallen in be repaired under the directions of the Bayliffs of 
the said town for the time being and converted into proper Store 
houses and that proposals be rece'd by them from such persons as are 
willing to rent the same and reported by them to the Common 
Council and that the Town CI'' do call on M"" W'"= for such repairs as 
are now wanting and for such arrears as are now due on the same. 

M-" Henry Lewis proposes to renew his Lease at the dobbin pitts 
& to give twenty shillings a year for the same for three lives. 

M"" Minnit proposes to renew his Lease of the town ditch paying 
twenty shillings a year for three lives. 

M"" Howell proposes to renew his Lease of Fishers Bridge for 
three lives at two shilling. 

It is agreed that proper Means be taken to Inforce the due 
Execution of the trust created by the will of M""^ Jane Herbert and 
the decree made in pursuance thereof as the Bayliffs for the time 
being shall think adviseable. 

It is agreed that Capt. Prices money be applyed by the Bayliffs 
of the town for the time being in Apprenticing the Children in the 
Workhouse or such as they think properest there. 

It is unanimously agreed to nominate and appoint Bartholomew 
Greenwood of Cardiff Esq. Henry Lewis of the same Mercer the 
Rev<^ Powell Edwards of the Same Cl'=^ and Tho-"' Thomas Town CI'' 
of the Said Town assistants and Capital Burgesses of said town in 
the Room of several Capital Burgesses either deceased or nominated 

Aldermen of said Town. 

Tho^ Edwards ) ^^ ,.„ 
_ , y Bayliffs 
Alex"" Purcel ) 

Thos Mathews 

Crad'' Nowell 

Hen. Yeomans 

Arth. Williams 

Rob' Savours 

David Prichard 

Francis Minnitt 

Ja^ Owen 

Watk. Morgan 

Phil. Lewis. 

The abovenamed persons were accordingly sworn Capital Burgesses by the 
Bailiffs on the same day, together with Robert Priest, of Bristol, apothecary. 


1773 August 28. Henry Yeomans and David Prichard, esquires, were sworn 
Bailiffs ; and Lionel Stibbs, innkeeper, and John Hussey, cordwainer, were sworn 
Serjeants at Mace, at Cardiff Castle, by the Constable, Mr. Mackworth. And on the 
i6th of September the following Constables were sworn by the Bailiffs: — 

East Ward. Edward Thomas and John Richard. 

High Street Ward. William Atwood and William Watkins. 

South Ward. William Thomas and William Scurfield. 

West Ward. Thomas Leyson and Arthur Tanner Kyrle. 

On the 30th of December Bartholomew Greenwood, esquire, the Revd. Powell 
Edwards, clerk, and Henry Lewis, mercer, were made Aldermen in the room of George 
Watkins, Arthur Tanner and Thomas Mathews, deceased. They were sworn before 
the Constable of the Castle, as appears from the following record : — 

Cardiff Town to Witt. Tuesday the ii'^ Day of January 1774. 
Bartholomew Greenwood Esq"" The Reverend Powell Edwards Clerk 
and Henry Lewis Mercer Assistants and Capital Burgesses of the 
Said Town were Sworn Aldermen of the Said Town Before Herbert 
Mackworth Esq'' Constable of the Castle of Cardiff According to the 
Antient Custom of the said Town. 

1773 Deer. 30. Minutes of Council : — 

Town Property. 

Whereas a Lease lately held by M"" Minnitt of the Town Ditch 
from Crockerbtown Gate or East-Gate to the South Gate whereon 
were lately Built two Stables and a Court are fallen into the Bayliffs 
Aldermen & Burgesses of the said Town Now we do hereby 
unanimousl}^ Consent and agree that a Lease for twenty one years be 
granted thereon to Bartholomew Greenwood Esq"" at the yearly rent 
of forty shillings payable at Mich'as yearly and that M"" Greenwood 
do appropriate part of the prem'es to M'' Minnit for the laying of 
Dung he having offered at the last Council to take a Lease of the 

Whereas a Lease lately held by M"" Henry Lewis and formerly 
granted to John James on a field at the Dobbin Pitts and certain trees 
there planted is expired Now We do hereby consent and agree to 
Grant a Lease unto the said Henry Lewis for twenty one years on 
All the Wast lands there as well those w=^ were inclosed by the 
said John James or any assignee of his as also the Inclosure granted 
heretofore to Griffith Popkins and lately held by John Powell and 
























































) — 1 


1 — 1 


1 — 1 















also the wast lands there adjoining to Catt hay fields with Liberty of 
Inclosing the same Yielding & paying yearly the sum of thirty 
shillings at Mich'as yearly with a Covenant therein that the said 
Henry Lewis and his ExP''^ & Adm°'-s may Cutt fall & take away any 
of the trees there standing or growing he & they planting for every 
tree he shall Cutt a good Young Elm tree and leaving on the preme's 
the same Number of trees as are now standing there. 

Whereas a Lease lately held by M'' Robert Davies on two 
Cottages and land at the Dobbin Pitts is expired Now we do hereby 
Consent and agree to grant a Lease for twenty one years on the same 
to M"" Francis Minnit at the rent of three pounds payable at Mich'as 

Proposed by M"" Minnit to take a Lease on A House in Barry 
Lane and the Hays for 21 years at the rent of fifteen shillings w'^'' is 
agreed to. 

Whereas M"" Jenkin WiUiams one of the Assistants and Capital 
Burgesses of this town do reside in North America and therefore 
incapable of being any ways Assistant to the good Government of the 
said Town We do therefore disfranchise the said Jenkin Williams 
from being Capital Burgess of the said Town. 

10 siguatures. 

1774 March 24. William Edwards, of Cardiff, gentleman, was admitted a 

October 4. Thomas Edwards and Francis Minnitt, esquires, were sworn Bailiffs ; 
and John Lewis and Edward James were sworn Serjeants at Mace, in like manner as 

Deer. 6. Constables sworn by the Bailiffs : — 

£asi Ward. William Thomas, mason 

Edmund Rowland. 

High Street Ward. John Whiteing 

Andrew Powell. 

South Ward. David John, tiler 

Thomas Robert. 

West Ward. Edward Monger 

Lewis Lewis, breeches maker. 

Deer 6. Minutes of Council, in a new hand. 

William Edwards, of Llandaff, esquire, and Hezekiah Hopkin, of Cardiff, were 
nominated Assistants and Capital Burgesses, in the room of Bartholomew Greenwood 
and Powell Edwards, sworn Aldermen. 


Town Property. 

It is Ordered By the Council Assembled That the Leases Agreed 
upon at the last Common Council be Granted and Confirmed, And 
That Power be given to M"" Francis Minnitt to Cutt down any Tree 
or Trees growing on the prem'es demised to him, provided the same 
be Applyed for the Use and Benefitt of the premisses. 

Also, It is Ordered That in Case the Several and respective 
Tenants now in poss'ion of the Several premisses Agreed upon at the 
last Council to be demised to the Tenants therein named Do not quitt 
the premisses and Deliver up poss'ion of their respective Tenures at 
Candlemas next to the persons to whom the Same are demised and 
ordered at this Common Council to be Confirmed, That the Town 
Clerk of the said Town Do immediately prosecute Ejectments against 
such Tenants who shall so refuse in order to gain possession thereof 
for the Several Tenants to whom the same are agreed to be 

9 signatures. 

1774 Deer. 6. William Edwards, of Llandaff, esquire, sworn Capital Burgess 
by the BailiiTs. 

At a Court of the Bailiffs and Aldermen, held at the Guildhall on this day, 
William Edwards, gentleman, was elected an Alderman ; and the following Minute 
occurs : — 

We the said BaylifTs and Aldermen of the said Town taking into 
consideration that Cradock Nowell Gentt. one of the Aldermen of the 
said Town hath quitted and left the said Town and now lives at some 
place distant therefrom and therefore cannot be aiding and assisting to 
the BaylifTs and Aldermen of the said Town in such manner as 
Aldermen of the said Town ought &: time immemorial hath done Do 
hereby disfranchise the said Cradock Nowell from the said office & 
place of Alderman and do hereby in his room and place Elect and 
appoint Richard Jenkins Esq"" assistant & Capital Burgess to be one 
of the Aldermen of the said Town. 

7 signatures. 

1775 June 29. William Llewellin, of Cefn Mably, gentleman, was sworn 

1776 Deer. 17. Henry Yeomans, esquire, and the Revd. Powell Edwards, clerk, 
were sworn Bailiffs ; and John Waters and Thomas Stibbs were sworn Serjeants at 
Mace, in like manner as before. 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 291 

26th. Constables sworn : — 

East Ward. John Evan 

Edward Evans. 
High Street Ward. Charles Lewis 

Edward Thomas. 
South Ward. Evan Gedrich 

Thomas Evan. 
West Ward. Nicholas Gwynn 

Thomas Lewis. 

James Howells, of Cardiff, cooper, was sworn Burgess or Freeman, by the 

1777 April 17. William Olds, of Cardiff, grocer, the like. 
May I. Nicholas Price of Pontypandy, esquire, the like. 
John Richards senior, of Cardiff, esquire, the like. 
The Honourable Frederick Archibald Stuart, esquire, the like. 

Cardiff School. 

Cardiff Town To Wit. 

At a Court of Bailiffs and Aldermen held for the Town of 
Cardiff aforesaid in the Guildhall of the said Town on Thursday 
the Nineteenth day of June one Thousand seven hundred and 
seventy-seven, duly summoned and assembled it was orderd agreed 
upon & ordained in manner following that is to say 

Whereas at a Court of Common Council held for the Town of 
Cardiff in the Council Chamber of the said Town the sixth day 
of December one Thousand seven hundred and seventy it was 
orderd and agreed that proper means should be taken by the Bailiffs 
of the said Town of Cardiff for the time being to enforce the due 
execution of the Trust directed by the Will of M>"s Jane Herbert for 
the endowment of a school for the education of poor Children in 
the said Town of Cardiff as also a decree made in pursuance thereof, 
and whereas Thomas Edwards & Alexander Purcel Esq""^ late Bailiffs 
of the said Town did pursuant to the said order Cause an Information 
to be fyled in his Majestys High Court of Chancery, in the name of 
his Majestys Atfy General, ag«' W" Llewellin Cl"^ and others, for the 
due establishment of said Charity. And Whereas the said Alexander 
Purcel is since dead, and Powell Edwards Cl"^ one of the Present 
Bailiffs of the said Town was Nominated a relator in the said 
Information, in the Room and stead of the said Alexander Purcel, & 


Whereas a Commission for Examination of Witnesses hatli Issued 
out in the said Cause, and the same is expected to come on soon to 
a Hearing. And Whereas Cradock Wells late one of the Aldermen 
of the said Town of Cardiff did by his last Will & Testament Give 
and devise to the Aldermen of Cardiff and Their successors Certain 
Tenements and Lands in the Parish of S' John the Baptist in the 
Town of Cardiff amounting to ab' the yearly Value of Thirty Pounds, 
for the Education of Poor Boys & Girls of the said Town : We the 
Bailiffs and Aldermen of the said Town have taken the same into 
due Consideration and it appears to us that it would be verry 
Beneficial and advantageous to the poor of the said Town, that the 
said two free Charity schools should if possible be united and 
Consolidated so that the salary of the Master might be encreased 
and that one proper school House might be errected or appointed 
for said Charity. And Whereas a part of the Building called the 
Workhouse, situate in the Town of Cardiff aforesaid, given by the 
late Right Hon''''^ Lord Viscount Windsor to the use of the poor 
of the said Town, might at a small expence be appropriated for that 
purpose : We the said Bailiffs and Aldermen of the said Town, The 
Trustees of the Charity of the said Cradock Wells do hereby 
unanimously Consent agree and Impower the said Thomas Edwards 
& Powell Edwards, the Relators in the said Information, to propose, 
and for and on our part to consent & Consolidate the said two free 
Charity Schools under such orders rules and Regulations as shall 
be made and approved of by his Majestys Court of Chancery 
convenient and agreeable to the Intention of the said several Donors 
hereby declaring our Readiness, to Confirm the same by any future 
Act which shall be thought proper or necessary to be done or 
executed for that Purpose. 

Also we do hereby Nominate Constitute and appoint Thomas 
Thomas Gentl" one of the Capital Burgesses of the said Town to 
be Alderman of the said Town in the Room of Alexander Purcel 

Aid" Deceased. 

8 signatures. 

1777 June 19 Thursday. Minutes of Common Council. 

Francis Davies and William Olds, of Cardiff, were elected Assistants or Capital 
Burgesses in the room of William Edwards and Richard Jenkins, lately chosen 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 293 

Recites the beforementioned facts concerniug the Herbert free Charity School, 
the death of Alexander Purcel, esquire, and the nomination of the Revd. Powell 
Edwards, one of the then present Bailiffs, as a Relator in the said Information, in his 
stead ; and empowers the said Thomas Edwards and Powell Edwards, the late and 
present Bailiffs, to demand and receive all arrears of rent from the tenants of the 

Town Property. Market House. 

Also Whereas Peter Birt Esq"" hath Apply'd :o the Baihffs 
Aldermen and Capital Burgesses of the said Town for a Lease of the 
Lands and Buildings situate and adjoining to a House lately 
purchased by him of S"" Edmund Thomas Bar' Call^' the Red House 
and lately held by Lease by the said S"" Edmund Thomas for 99 
Years at the Rent of 3s. 4.d. now we the said Bailiffs Aldermen and 
Burgesses in Consideration of the said Peter Birts having erected 
Certain Buildings on the said Premises do consent and agree to Grant 
a Lease to the said Peter Birt on the same for the Term of 21 years 
to Commence at Candl'as last at the Rent of Three Pound three 
Shillings payable Mich'as Day yearly, & do hereby Impower and 
direct the Bailiffs of the said Town to put our Common seal to a 
a Lease for that purpose. 

After a short resolution to extend Mr. Francis Minitt's Lease, 

It is ordered and agreed that five feet of the Markett House on 
the North End be pulled down and diminished so as to widen the 
Highway there and that the said Markett house be new paved & 

It is ordered and agreed that M" Elizabeth Purcel shall have a 
Lease on the House and garden called Little Troy for the term of 21 
years at the rent of two shillings & six pence. 

Whereas Sundry persons have refused to deliver up poss'ion of 
their lands 8c tenements to the Lessees pursuant to the former order 
of Council We do hereby order M-- Thomas Thomas our Town Clerk 
to bring an Ejectment ag' such persons as shall refuse from henceforth 
to deliver up such lands & tenements and we do desire and impower 
the Bayliffs of the said Town to putt our Corporation Seal to such 
power or warrant of attorney as may be necessary to impower him 
the said Thomas Thomas to sue or prosecute such person or persons 


so refusing or to any Lease necessary to be executed on prem'es for 
bringing suchi Ejectment. 

Hen. Yeomans 
Powell Edwards 
Rob' Savours 
Tho® Edwards 
Francis Minnitt 
Barth. Greenwood 
Hen. Lewis 
W™ Edwards 
Tho" Thomas 
Hen. Hopkins 

Burgesses admitted : — 
1777 June 26. William Prichard, of Cardiff, joiner. 
Hugh Whiteing, of Cardiff, tallow chandler. 

Cardiff Town to wit. Thursday the 26* of June 1777. In Open 
Court at the Court of our Lord the King held for the said Town 
William George of the said Town of Cardiff Glazier was Admitted 
and Sworn Burgess Freeman of the said Town by Henry Yeomans 
Esq"" and Powell Edwards Clerk Bailiffs of the said Town. 

Cardiff Town to Wit. Thursday the 26th of June 1777. In 
Open Court at the Court of our Lord the King held for the said Town 
Hezekiah Hopkins of the Said Town Yeoman and Francis Davies of 
the said Town Shopkeeper were Sworn Assistants or Capital 
Burgesses of the said Town by Henry Yeomans Esq"" and Powell 
Edwards CI'' Bailiffs of the said Town. 

Cardiff Town to Wit. Thursday the 26'h of June 1777. In 
Open Court at the Court of our Lord the King held for the said 
Town William Olds of the said Town Grocer was Sworn Assistant or 
Capital Burgess of the said Town by Henry Yeomans Esq"" and 
Powell Edwards Clerk Bailiffs of the said Town. 

Cardiff Town to Wit. Thursday the ae"' of June 1777. In 
Open Court at the Court of our Lord the King held for the said 
Town William Prichard of the said Town of Cardiff Joiner was 
Sworn one of the Commons Attorneys of the said Town by Henry 
Yeomans Esq>^ and Powell Edwards Clerk Bailiffs of the said Town. 


Cardiff Town to Wit. Thursday the 26'h of June 1777. 
Thomas Thomas Gentleman Assistant and Capital Burgess of the 
said Town was Sworn Alderman of the said Town before Sir 
Herbert Mackworth Baronet Constable of the Castle of Cardiff 
according to the Antient Custom of the said Town. 

A number of blank pages follow. At the end of the volume are some pages 
of writing as follows. On the flyleaf are these memoranda :— 

1766. Jo. Thos To. Clk 

Town Book. 1742. 

The New hall was Begun to be built in the Month of May 1700 
and flforty two George Watkins and John Okey Esquires then Bailiffs 
of the said Town. 

To this memorandum is added the signature Edmund Lloyd Esq"" then 

the words Town Clerk having apparently been erased at a 

subsequent date. Beneath is added, in a recent hand : — 

The following pages run from A to R. 

Query whether there should not be 4 earlier Books in the 
possession of the Corporation ? (See " N° 5 " marked on cover. 
J. H. M.) 

Then comes a Rent Roll of Corporation properties, in columns under the headings 
Tennants Names, present Rent, Date of Leases, The premisses Lett, 
and Terme of years. It appears to have been drawn up about the year 1715, 
and is headed An Account of the Towne Rents. The following are the 
particulars : — 

Rent Roll. 

1. Catherine Mayo, 15 acres of heathland, for 21 years from 1704, at 3/;. 6s. 8d. 

2. Late Mary Sweet, a cottage and garden in Worton Street, for 99 years from 

1698. (Now Mr. Wm. Richards) at is. 

3. Late William Thomas, now Thomas Edwards, two cottages with i^a. of 

laud near the Dawpiu pitts, for 94 years from 1675, at us. 8d. and a 
heriot of 5s.' 

4. Late William Thomas, now Thomas Edwards, a house in Barry Lane, for 

99 years (or lives) from 1700, at is. 

' The payment of a heriot to the Corporation is curious. 


5. Late Cradock Wells, esq., "A Shopp and Shooemakrs Hall," for 99 years 

from 1662, at 6d. 

6. Late Cradock Wells, esq., waste ground by the church, for 99 years from 

1674, at 6d. 

7. Late Cradock Wells, esq., a cottage and garden hi Worton Street, 99 years 

from 1679, at ^d. 

8. Joan Jones, late William Jones grocer, an incroachment by his house, for 2 1 

years from 1699, at dd. 

9. Joan Jones, now Alexander Purcell, an incroachment by his salt-house, 99 

years (or 3 lives) from 1690, at 6d. 
10. John Robotham. a house by the North Gate, for 99 years (or 3 lives) from 

1701, at 6d. 
I \ . John Sheers, now Pethuel Sheers, waste ground by the Council Chamber, 

for 99 years from 1701, at 6d. 

12. Late Thomas Hart, waste ground by the tan river, for 21 years from 1698, 

at 6d. 

13. Late William Williams, waste ground by the tan river, for 21 years from 

1698, at 6d. 

14. Nicholas Scudamore, now William Lambert, a house by Blunch Gate, for 99 

years from 1670, at 6s. 8d. 

15. John Sweet, late Henry Draper, " Part of ye New Angell," for 99 years (or 

3 lives), from 1669, at 6d. 

16. Edward Henson, now John Hammonds, " The Towne Ditch," for 99 years 

from 1671, at ^s. 4d. 

17. Mr. William Richards, a stable and garden in "Home & by," for the life 

of Thomasin Davies, from 1673, at 12s. 

18. Mr. William Richards, a curtilage near the Blunch Gate, for 99 years from 

1708, at 6s. 8d. 

19. Michael Richards, |a. by the George, for 21 years from 17 10, at 2S. 

20. John Dukes, a house in West Street, for 21 years from 1709, at los. 

21. John Jones, a shop house and "Gentry house," for 2i years from 1704, at 

6s. 8d. 

22. John Jones, a stable by East Gate, for 2 i years from 1704, at 6d. 

23. Thomas Jenkin, a '' Gentry house " over North Gate, at 4s. (No term or date 

is mentioned, and the tenure is said to be " expired.") 

24. Griffith Popkin, a house, garden and |a of land, for 99 years from 1701, 

at IS. 

25. Morgan Price, now Alexander Purcell, the houses by Stone Bridge, for 99 

years from 1671, at 3s. 

26. Late Sarah Hodges, " Gentry house " by West Gate, for 99 years from 1653, 

at 5s. 

27. Wenlian Stradford, "A Cott by Black Wears," for 2 lives from 1670, 

at IS. 

28. Late Joseph Cheltenham, now John Hamonds, a curtilage in East Street, for 

2 1 years from 1 7 1 2 , at 6d. 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 297 

29. Joan Edward, "A Cott & Gard° out of West Gate,'' for 21 years from 1704, 

at IS. 

30. Edward Deacon, now Emanuell Miles, one acre on the Heath, for 21 years 

from 1699, at 8s. 

31. Late Phillip Denuis, a cot and garden in Barry Lane ; expired. 

32. Thomas Nowell, a house and ^a. of land, for 21 years from 1669, at los. 
S3. John James, the Dobbin pitts land, for 99 years from 1674, at 2s. 6d. 

34. John Thomas, a cot and garden in Catt Hays, for 21 years from 1699, at is. 

35. John Thomas, waste ground by his house, for 21 years from 1699, at is. 

36. John Thomas, late Lewis John, a cottage and garden near the Tucking Mill 

in Cardiff, for 99 years (or 3 lives) from 1669, at is. 

37. Mr. Edward Thomas, two shops under the Hall, at 153. 

38. John Jones, "The Hays," for 21 years from 1708, at 4s. 

39. Emanuell Miles, alderman, " the Lime Kill," at 2S. Expired. 

40. John Goyder alias Thomas, a house by the Gallhouse, at 3s. i^d. 

41. Mary Mathew, a house on the Heath, at 3s. i^d. 

42. Late Thomasin Davies, a shop under the Town Hall, for 21 years from 

1703, at \li. Ss. 

43. William Williams, a shop under the Town Hall, for 21 years from 1710, 

at \l. 15s. 

44. William Mathews, waste ground near Lastelab' for 60 years from 1713, 

at (>d. 

45. Sir Edmund Thomas, waste ground behind the Red-house, for 61 years 

from 1 7 10, at 3s. i^d. 

46. Sibill Poughnell, waste ground in Broad Street, for 21 years from 1709, 

at 6rf. 

47. Mary Lewis, a shop under the Town Hall, for 21 years from 171 2, at 12s. 

48. Thomas Mathews, a shop under the Town Hall, for 21 yeiis from 17 14, 

at [/. 

49. Felix Howell, a house att Catt Hays, for 21 years from 1713, at i/. 

50. John Brewer, a house by Castle Wall, for 99 years (or 3 lives) from 1713, 
at il. 

51. William Phillips, 3 shops under the Hall, for 21 years from 1713, at \l. 5s. 

52. Maurice Morgan, a shop under the Hall, for 21 years from 1714, at 15s. 

53. Mr. James Williams, waste ground by Castle Gate, for 21 years from 1715, 

at 6d. 

54. Mrs. Mayo, the New Market House, for 21 years from 1715, at \l. 

55. Mrs. Mayo, a "Lime Kill," for 21 years from 17 15, at 6s. 8rf. (This kiln 

appears to be the same as No. 39.) 

56. William Phillip, a cottage and garden leading from Mitchell Heath to Long 

Cross, for 3 lives from 1694, at 2S. 

57. Mr. Colerick, the waste ground by his house, for his own life only, from 

172 I, at 6d. 
(58. William Thomas, for waste ground by Mill Pond, for 21 years from 1699, 
at IS. This is struck out.) 


Next comes a record of the places of origin of certain paupers, as follows : — 


17th of Feb. 1718. Catharine Dunn vpon her Oath is settled to 
be a parishion'' in the parish of S' Johns, her Husband haveing p"^ 
rates & taxes there. 

Catharine Thomas a parishion"" in S' Marys & acknowledged soe 
by a Certificatt. 

Wenlian Lewellin adjudged a p'tshion"" in S' Marys. 

A Rentall of the Lands belonging To the Twon of Cardiffe made 
the 18"^ Day of May 1738 by Order of a Common Councell duly 
Summoned and held on Thursday the 18"^ of May 1738 David Owen 
and Edmund Lloyd Esquires Then BaylifTes of the Said Town. 

This is a similar Rent Roll to the former; but there is a column for remarks, 
filled in by a somewhat later hand. 

1. John James, mason, a ruined limekiln at Golate, for 99 years from 1726, 

at (,d. 

2. Thomas Mathews, alderman, a tenement in St. Johns and a garden by the 

Hays, for 99 years from 1730, at 2/. " For the use of the Alms ho:" 

3. John Griffiths, 3 shops under the Hall, for 21 years from 1729, at il. 5^. 

Now Richard ap Evan, successor to Elenor Griffiths, the widow. Given 

4. William Richards, esq., a curtilage and store house, for 99 years from 1731, 

at 6s. %d. 

5. William Richards, esq., a house in Womauby Street, for 99 years from 

1731, at I2S. 

6. William Richards, esq., a " sloap house" in High Street, for 99 years from 

1 7 31, at (>d. Given up. 

7. Thomas Meredith, two shops under the Hall, for 21 years from 1722, at 15s. 

Now his widow Joan. Given up. 

8. Mr. Trehariie & Jones in Trust for John Corry's wife ; now John Kerry ; a 

house by the North Gate, for 99 years (or 3 lives) from 1734, at 7s. Q. 
What is become of this Lease. 

9. John David, a cot and garden at Cathays, for 99 years (or 3 lives) from 

1725 at IS. This Lease is surrendered for No. 26. 
10. Gabriel Lewis, an acre of ground, " Kaebuddur," for 21 years from 1721, at 

8s. Expired. Mr. Savours. 
n. John Oakey, two acres, " Cutthroats & pul halock," for 99 years from 1737, 

at Ss. dd. Mr. Savours. 
12. John Whiteiug, a shop in Broad Street, for 99 years from 1737, at is. 


13. Edward Thomas, 2 shops under the Council Room, for 21 years from 1737, 

at 2/. 5s. Expired. 

14. Nicholas Brewer, now his widow Dorothy, a piece of ground, for 21 years 

from 1721, at 6rf. Expired. Mr. John Priest. 

15. Margaret Rees, a shop under the Hall, for 21 years from 1728, at il. 55. 

i6. William Richards, officer, some Heath lands, for 61 years from 1731, at 
3/. 6s. 8rf. 

17. Evan Watkius, a messuage and shop in Broad Street, for 99 years from 

1734 (if Evan Watkiu, Catherine his wife and William their son shall 
so long live) at il. "Mem'dum Evan Watkins lease belongs to the 
poor of the Alms house and must be deducted out of the Town rents." 
The later hand adds :— " John Kerry has this Lease and belongs to 
the poor." 

18. Margaret Thomas, a house and orchard, for 21 years from 1728, at 2s. 6rf. 

"Expired; now Thos. Mathews Carpenter, 15s., No. 40." 

19. Cradock Nowell, a piece of ground, " lyslabont," for 41 years from 1721, at 

6rf. Now Mr. George Watkins. 

20. Thomas Colerick, clerk, " 39 foot of Ground length & 10 broad," during his 

life, from 1721, at 6d. 

21. John Thomas, a curtilage and stable, for 26 years from 1728, at 6rf. 

Expired. Mr. Minnitt, ^s. 4c/. 

22. Anne Nowell, widow, now Mr. George Watkins, a curtilage and garden on 

the Heath, for 99 years from 1721, at is. This has been altered to 21 
years from 1 740 at 1 2s. 

23. Jane Mathew, a house and garden, for 21 years from 1721 (altered to 1742) 

at 3s. 4d. Mary David. 

24. Catherine Mayo, a house by the Market House, for 30 years from 1701, at 

i/. Expired ; vide No. 49. 

25. Mary Farmer, a house by the Mill Pond, for 99 years from 1729 (if Dorothy 

and Florence Brewer, daughters of Nicholas Brewer, so long live) 
at 7s. 

26. John David, a cot and garden at Cathays, for 99 years from 1734 (if John 

David, Mary his now wife and John Thomas, eldest son of William 
Thomas, maltster, so long live) at 2S. Fallen into hand and now 
rented to George Lewis at 15s. 

27. Sir Edmund Thomas, a piece of ground by Redhouse, for 61 years from 

1 7 10, at ^s. 4d. 

28. Morgan Price, now Mr. Lewis, late widow Brewer, a messuage or decayed 

house, for 99 years from 167 1, at ^s. Thomas Williams, millwright. 

29. John Brewer, now his widow Florence Brewer, a house in West Street, for 

99 years from 17 13, at i/. (if the said John and Florence and Mary their 
daughter shall so long live.) Expired. 

30. Cradock Wells, now Mr. Purcell, a shop under Shoemakers' Hall, for 99 

years from 1664, at 6d. Mr. William Powell. 


31. William Thomas, now Robert Davies, two cottages and laud at Dawbin 

pitts, for 94 years from 1675, at iis. M. "A Harriott of 5s. for every 
Tent. Dying in possession." 

32, James Williams, esq., some ground before his house, for 21 years from 

1 7 15, at 6d. Expired. 
Z5- Edward Heuson, Town Ditch from East to South Gate, for 99 years from 
1 67 1, at ^s. 4d. Afterwards John Thomas, maltster, and Mr. Minnitt. 

34. Nicholas Kidnor, now Mr. & Mrs. Lambert, a house by Blunch Gate, for 99 

years from 1671, at 6s. 8a?. 

35. Cradock Wells, a house and 3 gardens in Waste Street, for 99 years from 

1681, at IS. 3^/. Now Mr. Purcell ; Little Troy. 

36. Cradock Wells, a piece of ground, for 99 years from 1674, at 6d. Mr. 

Purcell's little store-house. 
36^ No. 14. Ground by the house, 6d. Mr. William Powell. 
36^ John Jones, a stable without East Gate, for 21 years from 1725, at 6d. 

36* Letice Thomas, now Phillip William, a cottage and garden at Cathays, for 

21 years from 1728, at IS. Expired. Richard Mullineux. FiV/g No. 38. 

37. Mary Waters, now Mr. Seabrook, "Gentry Ho:," for 99 years from 1752, 

at ss. 
Lewis David, a shop under the Hall, at 12s. Expired. 
Thomas Mathews, a shop under the Hall, at i/. Expired. 
Mr. George Watkins, the Park, at 2s. Included in the Lease 22. 
Widow Sweet, a cot and garden in Warton Street, at is. Lease expired. 

The property is now in possession of Francis Morris. 
John Jones, a "Gentry ho: & shop," at 6s. Q. What is become of this 

John Powell, house and garden at Daubin Pitts, at is. Entered 48. 
Gabriel Lewis, esq,, Grace's house, is. Q. What is become of this Lease. 
Late Edward Thomas, esq., a house in Barry Lane, is. Q. What is 

become of this Lease. Now Aldn. Mathews. 
42. Hugh Jones, now George Williams, an encroachment by his house, for 41 

years from 1742, at 6d. 
John James, now Elizabeth James, part of Daubin pitts, for 99 years from 

1674, at 2s. 6d., payable at Michaelmas. No Counterpart to be found. 

Mr. Thomas, the Town Clerk, mistakes. Tell him to look at No. 47. 
William Mathews, alderman, a waste ground by Little Bridewell, at 6d. Q. 

Where is this Lease. Now Mr. Llewellin, clerk. 
Widow Fox, a house at Cathays, i/. Lease found ; but Mr. Williams has a 

Mrs. Mayo, a lime kiln, at 6s, Q. Where is this Lease. 
Mr. Thomas Mathews, Hayes, at 4s. 
Henry Draper, now Joseph Sweet, the New Angel, from 1669, at 6d 


EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 301 

" Mem'duin all the Leases from Number one to forty were putt up in a bundle 
together in the Chest the fourth of August one thousand Seven hundred and Thirty 

Overleaf a continuation of the Rental is added in the later handwriting of the 
above annotations : — 

38. Richard MuUineux, 1750. Cot and garden by "the Kate Hays," 155. For 


39. Howell Davies, 1751. A piece of waste ground near the North Gate, for 71 

years, at 2S. 

40. Thomas Mathews, carpenter, a house and orchard near " the Black Wears," 

for 99 years, or lives (from 1750), at 15s. 

41. John Bowen, 1740. A house in West Street, for the lives of Cradock 

Nowel, Thomas Nowel, and Henry son of Hugh Lewis. Rent i/. 

42. This number does not occur in the original. 

43. Ann and Mary Okay. " Kae Puddwr,'' for 99 years from 1750, at 8s. 

44. Lord Windsor. 500 yards of waste ground outside the West Gate. 1751. 

Rent IS. 

45. Ann Thomas. Two rooms under the Hall, for lives, from 1743; at 6d. 

46. Richard Jenkins, now Arthur Tanner. House and Lands out of West Gate ; 

for lives, from 1752, at 2S. 

47. John James, now Henry Lewis senior. Land and trees at the Dobbin Pitts ; 

99 years from 1674, at 2S. 6rf. 

48. Alice Thomas, now John Powell. Land at Dobbin Pits ; 99 years from 167 1, 

at IS. 

49. John Minnitt, now Mary Jones. " End of Markett Ho:'' 99 years from 

1754, at one guinea. 

Certificates Brought into the Town of Cardtffe. 

I. John David of Lantrissent Mason & his family. 

2 John Evan of Egglwsiland and his family. 

3. Henry Williams of Lanwono and his family. 

4. William Thomas of Lanedern Labourer. 

5. John Joseph of Ewenny. 

6. William Jenkin and his family of Welch S' Donats. 

7. John Thomas of Carmarthen and his family. 

8. Jenkin Davies of Swansey and his family. 

9. William Thomas of Landaffe and his family. 

10. Marvin Cooke of Saint Phillip and Jacobs Bristol! 

11. Joseph Farmer of Burrington in Herefordsh: & his family. 

12. Daniel Rees of Ranthogsaint in Carm'^thensh. & his family. 

13. James Thomas of Peterstone Sup"" Ely. 


14. David Jones of Newport Com. Monmouth & his family. 

15. Evan Henry of Lantwitt Vaerdre & his family. 

16. Anne Joseph of Lanederne & her Children. 

17. John Thomas of S' Brides Sup"" Ely and his family. 

18. Edmund Thomas of S' Andrews Taylor & his family. 

19. William Edwards of Bedwes in Com. Monmouth & his 


20. David Jenkin of S' ffagans & his family. 

21. John Edward of Llanelly in Carmarthenshire. 

22. Mary Abraham of the Castle Precincts in the City of 


23. William Williams Weaver of Landough near Penarth. 

24. George Reason of Stokeunderham. 

25. William Morgan of Rumney in Com. Monmouth. 

26. William John of S' Nicholas Cordwayner. 

27. Rees Edward of Landevodock labourer. 

28. Evan Gibbon of Bedwas. 

29. John Thomas Ewenny Staymaker. 

30. Edward John of Roath Labourer. 

31. Lewis William of Merthir BlackSmith. 

32. John William of Roath Labourer. 

33. Daniel Price Egglwsylan Labourer. 

34. William Thomas of Coity Shoemaker. 

May the fourth 1738 John Owen was Examined before David 
Owen and Edmund Lloyd Esq^s Two of the Justices of the Said 
Town and was found to be a legall parishoner of Saint Johns the 
Baptist in the Town of Cardiffe. 

Tlie fourth of May 1739 Ralph Bowen and Walter Rosser two 
Substantiall householders of the parish of Saint Johns in Cardiffe 
were Appointed Overseers of the Poor of the Said parish for the 
Ensueing Year by David Owen and Edmund Lloyd Esq""^ the Bailiffs 
and Two of his Majesties Justices of the Peace for the Said Town. 

And John Howell and William Brewer for the Parish of Saint 
Marys in the Said Town. 

Bailiffs' Account. 
The Account of Edmund Lloyd Esq^ one of the Bailiffs of the 
Town of Cardiffe of all the Rents rece'd for the use of the Bailiffs 


Aldermen and Burgesses of the Said Town from the ly"" of 
November 1737 being the Day M"" David Owen and he were Sworn 
into the Office of Bailiffs of the Said Town till the Thirteenth Day of 
December 1739. 

The Rentall of Lands belonging to the Said Town, 

This list shews the tenants' names, and the sums owing and received. It is 
divided into Wards, and agrees with the Rent Roll of the same year. There is a 
similar list for the year 1 739. Note that all the remaining entries are in the hand- 
writing of Mr. John Thomas. 

The Account of Richard Price and Joan Meredith' Common 
Attorneys and Collectors of the Town Pitching Accountants to the 
Said Bailiffs to one years Rent due the twenty Second day of January 
1737 at 18/. p"" ann. for the use of the Bailiffs Aldermen and 
Burgesses of the Said Town 18/. 

To A years rent due the Twenty Second of January 

1738 - - - - 18 

To three quar""^ of a Year's rent due the 2 2"<i of 

October 1739 - - - - i3- lo^- 

Totall to be Accounted for by the Said Attorneys 49 . 10 . 

E Contra Cred'' 
R.P. By Cash paid M"" Owen in part of his Bill N° 31. i6s. 

No. I. Paid Joseph Sweet as by Order from M'" Arthur 
Williams i/. 8s. 

2. Allowed by M"" Arthur Williams for Towling the Bell 

30"^ NoV" 1736 65. 

3. by Postage of a Letter Sd. 

4. By Cash paid a Person that was robbed 6d. 

5. Paid the Steward i/. 15. 

6. D° M"" Arthur Williams il. is. 
10. D° to Seven ffrench Men 15. 

13. By D° for Washing the Bull rope 4^. 

15, D° to the C\^ of the Markett a quarf^ Sallary due at 

March 1737 85. 

16. D°at Mid Sumer 1737 8s. 

lit is curious to note that one of the Common Attorneys was a lady. 


17. D° to Mich'as 1737 8s. [recurs] 

18. D° to Will" Thomas who rece'd a Loss by ffire is. 

19. D° to two ffrench Men that Were Cast away is. 

20. D° to William Jones Gardiner 2/. 

23. D° for Ringing for the Judges 6s. 

24. D° for ringing at xmas. 1/. 

25. D° to John Hugh 3^. 

26. D° for Towling the Bell 30''^ Jani'y 1737 6s. 

27. D° to two Distressed Sailors is. 

29. D° to the Ringers for the Judges 6s. 

32. Paid M'' Bird the Painter ys. 

35. D° to Poor People 5s. 

40. D° to M"" Thomas Town Cl^ 1 3s. 4.d. 

41. D° to poor Sailors is. 

44. D° p"" Order for Whiping two Vagrants 3s. gd. 

R.P. 45. D° M-- William Williams for a Bull Rope 5s. 

46. D° to John King 3s. 

47. D° for Ringing the Bells at Christmas 1738 1/. 

48. D° for Towling the Bell 30* January 1738 6s. 

50. D° to Poor Swedes Shipwrecked 2s. 6d. 

J. M. 52. D° to Llewellin Williams Esq"" Steward i/. is. 

52. paid the Judges Porter 2s. 6d. 

53. D° for Leather for the Pump 4s. id. 
53. Gave poor ffrench Men is. 

R.P. 56. Paid Ja= Owen Serj' for Serving precepts on the Out 
Burroughs^ ag' the Town Election i/. los. 

58. Paid for Ringing the Bells y^ 7* of April 1739 being 

the Day the Judges came 6s. 

59. Paid to Severall Sailors is. 6d. 

D° to one Sampson Lloyd as p"" order 5s. 6d. 

R.P. 61. D° as p"" Accounts for the Two last quarters 9s. 6d. 

62. D° to the Ringers Sept"" 13"^ when the Judges Came 
in 6s. 

64. Paid for Ringing the 5"^ of November 1 739 3s. 

J.M. D° to Poor people by M"" Ball. Owens Order 2s. 

D° to D° by M"" Ball. Lloyds Order is. 

Disbursed as p'' particulars 49. 10 . 6 

1 The out-boroughs are Cowbridge and Llantrisant. 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 305 
Bailiffs' Account. 

David Owen Esq' late Bailiff of the Town from the 17th 
November 1737 till the 13'h December 1739 to the Said Town D E 
To Cash rece'd of Richard Price as by his first Article in the 
foregoing Account i6s. 

So on for otlier articles in the account. 
To Cash rece'd of Phillip Howell for takeing up his ffreedom i/. 

On the other side are particulars of bills from the Bailiffs to the Town, for small 

This Account was past and allowed the 24 day of April 1740 
by us the Majority of the Corporation (duely Summoned) then 

9 signatures. 

Edmund Lloyd Esq'' D"" to the Said Town during the Time of 
bis Bailiffe Ship with David Owen Esq"" from the 17"' of November 
1737 to the thirteenth of Dec"" 1739 

To Cash rece'd of Richard Price one of the Common Attorneys 

as by Article between 48 and 49 of y^ Common attorneys 

Account I IS. 
To a Note of hand rece'd of M''^ Meredith the other Common 

attorney as by the 51^' Ar'cle i/. 14s. 6d. 
To Cash rece'd of M"" Robert Priest and John Phillips for 

6c. 3qr. 27I. Lead 4/. 45. 
To Cash rece'd of Severall persons for Cleaning the pump well 

as by the list of their Names appears 17s. iid. 
To Arrears of Town rents Due before the Year 1738 Rece'd as 

by the rentall appears 15/. 3s. lod. 

To rent rece'd for the Year 1738 9/. 13s. id. 

To rent rece'd for the Year 1739 8/. 95. jd. 

44. 2. o. 

E Contra Cred*^ 

N° receipts 

I. To Cash paid John Brewer for Work Stuff and Nails to the 
use of the Said Town as p-" Bill and receipt 3/. 25. 6d. 


2. Paid Henry Jones Tyler for Working upon y^ Town hall as 

p"" receipt 2/. 5s. lod. 

3. Paid M"" George Watkins for Tile as p"" receipt il. i8s. 6d: 

4. for Lime delivered to y^ use of the Town hall & pump as by 

my own receipt i/. 12s. /\.d. 

5. Paid M"" Robert Priest for y^ Carriage of Lead to Bristoll as 

p"" receipt is. 6d. 

After this the items are not numbered. 

Paid for 73 y<*^ & i fflanning for the Poor of the Alms house 

2/. 6s. 
Paid M''^ Smith for makeing Shifts for y^ s<^ poor as p'' receipt 6s. 
Paid L<i Windsor a years rent as p"" receipt dated 8* Dec 

1738 5/. 13s. y^d 

Paid by allowance to M"" John Thomas Malster for Laths when 

M"" Arthur Williams was Bailiff lOs. 6d. 
Paid William Morgan Esq"" for timber towards makeing the 

Pump 2/. 1 2s. 6d. 
Paid M'" Tho^ Morgan Killoynidd^ for a peice of Timber for the 

Same use 2/. los. 
Paid John William Millwright for Makeing the Pump as p'' 

receipt 4/. 15s. 6d. 
Paid John William Smith as p"" receipt to his Bill annexed 

1 1. 14s. 6d. 
Paid M'' John Phillips for a Chamber & washer for y^ Pump as 

p"" receipt 13s. gd. 
Paid John Brewer for Nails to the Pump ys. 
Paid Marma: Watkin for Carrying Tyle to the Hall and Carrying 

away y^ rubbell from the Pump 4s. 
Paid M"" Bird for painting the Pump 6s. 6d. 
Paid Eliz: James for a peice of Elm being 23 feet lis. 6d. 
Paid Evan [blank] for hailing the Said peice to y^ Castle is. 6d. 
Paid John James for a Sack of Lime to the Stocks 6d. 
Paid L<^ Windsors Stewart a years rent 5/. 13s. y^d. 
Paid Hezekiah Hopkin & others for drawing out the Water and 

pumps out of y« Well and for Ale for them 12s. 

' Cilfynydd, near Pontypridd. 

EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF COUNCIL, &c., 1 708-1 740. 307 

Paid the poor of the alms house being with the Money I paid 

for fflannen as by N° 7 & 8 two years Interest of 40/. left by 

M"" Thomas formerly Town Cl^ i/. 8s. 
Paid the Thatcher y^ remaind-- Due to him for Thatching at Bess 

y^ Brenins^ ho: 25. 
for an Act of Parliam' for laying a Duty on Spirituous 

Liquors dd. 
for D° Intituled an Act for relief of Insolvent Debtors dd 
paid John King for repairing the Stocks is. 2d. 
Paid William Morgan for 500/. & ^ of Thatching Straw and 

Carring the Same to Eliz: Thomas's House i/. los. 30?. 
Paid William Stephens for 300/. & ^ D° 19s. 2>d- 

Rece'd for the use of the Said Town by the Said M"" Lloyd as 
appears by the foregoing Account 44/. 2s. 

Expended by the Said M"" Lloyd to the use of the Said Town as 
appears above the Sume of 43/. 2s. bd. 

Due to the use of the Said Town from the Said M'' Lloyd as 
appears by the Said Accounts 19s. dd. 

Memorandum that this Account was allowed And past the 24"^ 
day of April 1740 by the Majority of the Corporation in Councell 
then held and the Ballance thereof paid by the said M'' Lloyd that is 
to Say the Sume of Six Shillings and Eight pence to the Town Clerk 
for Entering this Account and the remainder being twelve and Ten- 
pence to George Watkins Esq"' Sen"" Bailiff for this present year 1740 
to ye use of the Ball: Aldermen and Burgesses of the Said Town. 

Geo. Watkins 

John Okey 

Will. Mathew 

David Owen 

Arth. Williams 

Gabriel Lewis 

Ja^ Owen 

Jo" Thomas Jn"" 

D. E. C. 

1 The fourth letter in "Brenins" appears to be h or k altered to n. 

• * 


Council fUMnutes, X740=1835, 

OME crossing and overlapping of dates 
notwithstanding, the earliest known 
volume of Council Minutes etc., 
transcribed in the preceding chapter, 
represents roughly the business 
transacted down to the year 1740. 
The present chapter comprises the 
succeeding volume 6 (2), and the 
subsequent one, and then carries on 
the records of Council Meetings to 
1835, the year of Municipal Reform. Here also, how- 
nv^^. ever, there is some overlapping in the original manu- 

J V_y scripts ; but the only practicable plan for the Archivist 

to work upon in preparing these documents for publication was to 
follow the order (or rather, disorder) in which the original entries 
were made. 

The legal antiquary will be interested in the Table of Fees 
payable to the Town Clerk in the Town Court, about the year i740» 
and the form in which the Town Clerk certified the fitness of 
aspirants to the freedom of the Borough, at the same period. 

Under date 1729 occurs what is the earliest record known to me 
of the appointment of the Town Clerk, who on this occasion was 
Edward Herbert, gentleman, a kinsman of the Lord. He was 















COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 309 

appointed by deed under the hand and seal of Viscount Windsor, 
like other members of the municipal executive ; a procedure which 
was followed until the Borough was "thrown open" in 1835. 

Interesting also are the examples (of which only the few I give are 
necessary) of actions in the Town Court. This was the old Borough 
Court Leet, or Curia Domini Regis, having jurisdiction in actions for 
debt and trespass up to the amount of forty shillings. It was one of 
the old Courts of Record abolished by modern enactments. The 
Court met regularly every fortnight, but frequently opened and closed 
without having any business to transact. 

The Freeman's Oath is differently worded when it is to be taken 
by [a) a tradesman or (6) a gentleman. The phraseology is quaint, 
and was evidently composed in ancient times. The Freeman is not to 
"encourage foreigners," by which was meant that he should not deal 
with non-burgesses who illegally attempted to trade within the 
Borough. The form for gentlemen is much shorter, and couched in 
general terms only. Then follow the Oaths of the Mayor, Justice, 
Aldermen, Steward (or Recorder), Town Clerk, Assistants (or Capital 
Burgesses), Common Attorneys, Serjeants-at-Mace, Constables, Clerk 
of the Cross (or Clerk of the Market), Bailiffs, and Aletaster. 

The Aldermen are to see the King's peace duly kept, and to 
observe the articles comprised in the municipal Charters. The 
Assistants (afterwards called Capital Burgesses, and, later. Councillors) 
are to assist the Baihffs and Aldermen. The Common Attorneys are 
to collect the Town dues payable as well to the Lord as to the 
Bailiffs. The Serjeants (as representing the executive) are to execute 
warrants, preserve the King's peace, and apprehend offenders. They 
are not to accept of any Alderman as bail or surety. The Constables 
are to execute all processes, in the absence of the Serjeants, search 
for rogues, and, with their "defensible weapons," attend the 
magistrates upon all occasions. 

Entered in 1756 is a schedule of Fees for the Admission of 
Burgesses, as settled by the Bailiffs. One of the charges is a pound 
for a foreigner who marries a Freeman's daughter. This is one of 
the payments which Counsel in 1805 held to be probably illegal, as 
being in restraint of marriage. Four shillings is due to the Bailiffs 
for a "pottle" of wine. 



At the close of the i8th century there was much demolition of 
old buildings in the town, including the Town Gates ; and early in 
the 19th the Great and Little Heaths were enclosed — full particulars 
of which changes are recorded in the Minutes. In 1803 there was a 
great exchange of lands between the Corporation and the Marquess 
of Bute; at which time West Street was taken into the grounds of 
Cardiff Castle, and the houses were pulled down. The formation of 
the Glamorganshire Canal led to much improvement in the commercial 
status of Cardiff at about the same period. 

With the opening of the 19th century we begin to meet with 
records of the public reception of important personages on their 
arrival at Cardiff, as well as with addresses presented to Royalty on 
behalf of the Corporation. 

The latest Minutes for the year 1835 comprise formal thanks to 
the Bailiff and Senior Alderman who last held those offices previous 
to the radical changes in municipal government introduced by the 
Municipal Reform Act. 



COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 311 

Cardiff Town Book No. VI. (2). 

A quarto paper book bound in boards. It was evidently intended to contain 
a record of proceedings in the Borough Court, but was afterwards used for recording 
admissions of Burgesses and Corporation officials, Orders of Council, &c. 

Inside the cover is stuck: Cardiff Vill. ss. A Table of the Town 
Clerk's ffees in the Town Court exclusive of Stamps. The date of this 

is circa 1740. 

ffor making out every Process under 40s. — bd. Copy id. — %d. 

Above 40s. — IS. 

Takeing & ffileing Affid'= is. 

Entring Acc'ons under 40s. — dd. 

Above 40s. — IS. 

fileing Returns of Process 6d. 

Entring Appearances dd. ffileing Appearances Zd. — is. id. 

fileing Decl^ under 40s. — bd. Above 40s. — is. 

Entring Pleas dd. ffileing Pleas %d. — is. 2d. 

Rules for Decl° or Plea under 40s. — 2d. Above 40s. — i,d. 

Sp'ial Rules & Rules by Consent 6d. 

fileing Demurrers Joynders Rejoynders & Sp'ial Pleadings is. 

Coppyes of all Pleadings p"" Sheet 31^. 

Spnas. pro Test. is. 

Venire fac. is. 

Annexing Pannel 4^. fileing Return dd. — \od. 

Dockett 6d. 

Swearing Jury & Calling Cause is. 6d. 

Swearing Wittnesses each side \d. 

Verdict or Nonsuit is. 

Taxing Costs 2s. 

Entring up final Judgments is. 

Every Execuc'on is. 

Sci.fas. 2s. 

On the allowance of every Certiorari or Writt of Error 6s. 8</. 

ffor the Return of such Writts 6s. M. 

Certifying any Cause thereon 6s. 2>d. 

for fileing every fforeign Plea 4s. 


Form of Certificate of Freedom. 

I do hereby Certify that J. S. of W. is a Burgess of the said 
Town of Cardiffe and That he is intitled to & ought to receive & 
enjoy all the lib*'^^ priviledges Immunities & Exemp'cons in or by 
the said Charters or any or either of them Granted or confirmed 
to the Burgesses thereof In Wittness Whereof I have hereunto 
affixed The Common Seal used for the said Town 23"^ June 1740. 

T. C. 

The above certificate is written in a stiff Court hand, lightly penned. The 
initials subscribed to it stand for John Thomas, Town Clerk. Halfway down 
the page is written John Martin Labourer 20 Aug' 1747. us. lod.; 
this being a memorandum of his admission to the freedom, and of the fee paid 
therefor. Then begin the Records of the Borough Court, or Town Court, partly in 
Latin and partly in English, but all in the same running Court hand. The earliest 
runs thus : — 

Cardiff" vill.| 

ss. ) Cur. Dni. Rs. de Record. Tent, apud Guildhall ibm. 

die Jovis scilt. Quarto die Decembris anno rni. Dni. 

Nri. Georgij Scdi. Dei gra. Magn. Brittan. ffranc. & Hibnie. Rs. 

ffidei Defensor, etc. Tertio annoqu. Dni. 1729 Coram David Owen 

& Thoma Mathews Ar. Ball, ejusdm. Vill. vizi. 

[Cardiff Town, to Wit. The Court of Record of our lord the 
King, held at the Guildhall there, on Thursday, to wit, the fourth day 
of December in the third year of the reign of our lord George the 
Second, by the grace of God of Great Britain, France and Ireland 
King, Defender of the Faith, and so forth, and in the year of our 
Lord 1729; before David Owen and Thomas Mathews, esquires, 
Bailiffs of the said Town, to wit.] 

The only record under this heading is the words No Business done — 
an entry which is very characteristic of the state of local public affairs at that period, 
and contrasts forcibly with our municipal proceedings today, when formality is at 
zero, and business at fever heat. 

On the two following Court days precisely the same amount of business was 
transacted, but the fourth entry is as follows :— 

Cardiff" Vill. ss. Cur. Dni. Rs. ibm. Tent, ut Supra die Jovis 
scilt. Decimo Quinto die Januarij anno supradict. Cora. Ball, 
supradict. (vizi.) 

COUNCIL MINUTES, 1 740-1835. 3,3 

Edward Herbert Gent, was admitted Town Clerk of this 
Burrough by Vertue of a Deputation under the hand & sea! of The 
Right Hon'ble Thomas Lord Viscount Windsor Constable of the 
Castle which being produced & Read in Open Court the s^ Edward 
Herbert was sworn into that office accordingly. 

At the next Court a suit was at length entered, but only one. The record runs 
thus : — 

Johes. Powell Victualler \ Acc'on entred & 

ad^ [■ J'ned 

I Ir 

Georgij Lewis I In Debo. pro 37s. 6d. 

[John Powell, victualler, at the suit of George Lewis. Action 
entered and joined, in Debt, for 37s. 6d.] 

In the next action, on Thursday 12 February 1729, Process was served by W. L. 
attorney, on behalf of John Oaky, against Edward Lewis, cooper, for ^i. o. 3. 

On Thursday 26 February, occurs this entry : — Oaky v. Lewis. Unless 
Def* Pleads Judgm' ag' him next Court. 

On the same date an action was entered thus : — Phus. Meredith q. u. 
Jenkin Cattock in Debo. pro 17s. 6d. W™ Lewis pro q"" W" Miles 
pro Def. Comp. 

[Philip Meredith complains against Jenkin Cattock in debt 
for 175. 6d. William Lewis for Complainant, William Miles for 
Defendant. Appearance.] 

The latter names are those of the attorneys. 

At the three subsequent Courts no business was done. 

Thursday, 23 April 1730. John Rowell v. Mary Farmer, widow, in debt for 
3/. 14s. Ordered that a Comon appearance be taken in this Cause 
upon the Def'^ aff' ntst Causa next Court. 

Cardiff Vill. ss. Cur, Dni. Rs. de Record, ibm. Tent, ut supra 
21° Maij 1730. 

T. Morgan pro q"" Maria Lambert vid. q. v. Willum. Thomas 
Prisonar. pro 3/. pro Reddito narr. in Script. 8c affid. de 
Seisin, affil. 

Nisi Def. Plit. Judic. in prox. intretur. 
[Thomas Morgan (attorney) for the Plaintiff Mary Lambert, 
widow, complains against William Thomas, a prisoner, for ^3 for 
rent under written agreement, and affidavit of seisin is filed. Unless 
the Defendant plead, let judgment be entered at the next Court.] 


W™ Glascoign one of the Constables ordered to be Comitted for 
misbehaveing himself in Court. 

CardiflF Vill. ss. Cur. Dni. Rs. de Record, ibm Tent, ut Supra 4'° 
die Junij 1730. 

W. Lewis Lambert v. | Judgment Confessed 

pro. Def. Thomas Prisonar, / by Default & Rule 

made absolute. 

Ordered that Execuc'on be forthwith made out & delivered the 
Serj' as soon as Costs can be taxed. 

At six subsequent Courts no business was done; but on Thursday, lo September 
1730, there were five actions entered for debts, viz. : — 

Thomas Coldrick, clerk, v. Cecill Thomas, widow, in Debt for 39s. iirf. 
Henry Parry v. John Sweet, innholder, in a Plea of Debt for 39s. 1 id. 
Alexander Purcell, esquire, v. Robert Watkin, cordwainer, in a Plea of Debt for 

39s. I id. 
Philip Jenkin v. Mary Smith, widow, in Costs 39s. i\d. 
J. Griffiths v. Mary Hart, in Debt for 39s. iid. 

From this date the Courts are fairly busy, the amount in dispute being usually 
39s. I id., and the proceedings devoid of interest. The pleadings are generally 
recorded in such simple words as Def. plit. Nil Debet infra Sex Annos 
(Defendant pleads that he owes nothing within six years) ; Def. plit. 
Non Assumpsit (Defendant pleads that he did not assume the 
contract). Occasionally a case is set down for trial by jury, and the verdict is 

Thursday 3 December 1730. David Owen against Margaret Lewis, widow. 
Judgment for Plaintiff for damages 32s. and costs id. 

William Morgan, who claimed 396-. iid. of William Gibbon, for Debt, recovered 
4s. ^d. damages and 2d. costs. 

Thursday 17 December 1730. Ordered that No Country attorneys be 
admitted to practice in this Court or any but these hereafter named 
till further order viz. Henry Lewellin, Henry Morgan, Tho^ Morgan 
& W" Lewis Gentl" 

Thursday 31 December 1730. Margaret Shears, spinster, sued Henry Lewis, 
surgeon, in Debt for 39s. iid. 

Ordered upon Oaths of The Serj'^ at Mace that Henry Lewis 

Chyrurgeon Do shew Cause next Court why an Attachm' shal not 

Issue ag' him for his Contempt in Slighting & tearing the Process 

COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 315 

of this Court & at y^ same time giveing the Serj'^ abusive language 
in the Execuc'on of their Duty in Derision & Contempt of their 
authority & of the authority of this Court. 

Thursday ii March 1730. Thomas Morgan, gentleman, sued Morgan David, 
victualler, in trans, sup. Cas. (a plea of trespass on the case) for 39s. urf. 

In John Griffiths v. William Hart, shoemaker, the Defendant had delivered 
against him Judgm' for want of a Plea. 

Thursday 25 March 1731. John Mayo sues Mary Smith, widow, for 5/. 

The parties' Attorneys are throughout indicated by their initials, in each case. 

Thursday 6 May 1731. Ordered that in all Causes for y* future six 
days notice of Tryal be given (the day of Notice & the day of Tryal 
to be inclusive) Notice to DeP or his attorney shall be suflficient but 
to be in Writing. 

The case of William Phillips v. Edward Jones was removed by Certiorari 
(probably to the next Court of Grand Sessions.) 

Thursday 20 May 1731. Christopher Price sues Lionel Stibbs, " periwigmaker," 
in Debt for 39s. xid. Defendant pleads that he owes nothing. 

Thursday 15 July 1731. The book was inspected and signed by John Calthorp. 

William Evans v. Edward Jones, in Debt for 39s. \id. Def. Cogn. Judic. 
in Person, in Cur. (Defendant confesses judgment in person in 

Ordered upon the petition of the Def^ that he be bro' before y^ 
Judges of his Maj'y^^ Court of Grand Sessions in order for his Dis- 
charge in pursuance of the act of parliam' for Releif of Debtors in 
respect to y^ Imprisonm' of their persons If the s** Court of Grand 
Sessions shal think fitt to order him to appear accordingly. 

Thursday 29 July 1731. Richard Hopkiu sues John Bird, painter, in Debt for 
39s. wd. 

Thursday 12 August 1731. Thomas Brady sues William Gascoign in Debt for 
39s. lid The Defendant pleads Nil Debet per Legem (that he owes 
nothing by Law). At the next Court he was required to give particulars of the 
Law referred to in his defence. He did so, and seems to have established his 

Thursday 26 August 1731. John Jones, hatmaker, sues George Jones, chemist, 
in a Plea of Debt for 39s. i id. Defendant pleaded Tender. 

10 August 1732. Robert Preist, "Navigator," sues Florence Morgan, widow, in 
Debt for 39s. i id. 


22 March 1732. Moses Morgan against James Williams. 
Ordered (upon the oath of W™ Purcel one of the Serj'^ that the Def 
being arrested upon a Sp'ial Process rel. this Court made his Escape) 
that an attachm' Issue ag' y^ s'^ Ja^ Williams. 

This year the headings are in Latin for the last time. The following is the first 
English heading in this volume : — 

Cardiff Town. The Court of Record of our Sovereign Lord the 
King there held at the Guild Hall of the said Town on Thursday the 
twenty sixth day of July in the Seventh year of the Reign of our 
Sovereign Lord George the Second by the Grace of God King of 
Great Brittain and soforth and in the Year of Our Lord one thousand 
seven hundred and thirty three Before George Lewis and William 
Lambert Esq''^ Bailiffs of the said Town (as follows) 

Morgan David Complains agt. William Williams, currier, in a plea of Trespass & 
assault to his Damage 39s. iid. Judgment was entered by default, but on 9 August 
Williams sued David for debt to the same amount. 

The last record is dated 23 August and signed Inspected hitherto 

W™ Longman. 

After an interval of some blank pages, the writing continues with a record of 
Town Officials duly sworn ; thus : — 

Cardiff Town. Saturday 29"^ Sepf" 1733. Thomas Stradling 
Esq""*^ was Sworn Constable of the Castle. 

Tuesday the 2"^ of Ocf following. Llewellin Williams Esq^^^ 
was Sworn Steward of the s<^ Town. 

The same day David Owen & Tho^ Meredith Esq''^^ ^gre Sworn 
Bayliffes and Tho^ Williams Innkeeper & Henry Wilhams Chandler 
were Sworn Serjeants at Mace for y« s"^ Town. 

Thursday y'^ 4"! Sworn Constables 

W™ Hart ) 

„ ^ V for High Street Ward. 

i revor Jones j 

John Thomas | 

- , „ , } South Ward. 

Joseph Robert) 

Tho3 Morgan| ^^^^ ^^^^ 

W" Ford ) 

Edward Mashman) ,,^ 

„ .,, , . > West Ward. 

Evan Watkin I 

Ale Tasters are 

Phillip Jones 

Arth"" Williams 

COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 317 

Cardiff. Thursday the [blank] day of September in the year of our 
Lord 1734 The Hon*"'^ Herbert Windsor was Sworn Constible of 
the Castle. 

Monday the 30*'^ of September 1734. 

Arthur WiUiams & William Lambert Esq''^ were Sworn Bayliffs 
of the said Town and John Griffiths & John Whiteing were Sworn 
Serjeants at Mace. 

We now turn to the other end of the volume. The flyleaves are covered with 
memoranda and scribblings, and seem to have been largely used by the Town 
Clerk or his assistant to test his texting-pen on — as appears by the words 
"This Indenture," "Ad opus & usum," "D'ni Manerij," "Caret Debet," 
&c., neatly texted with a fine quill. Here also are a number of entries, presumably 
of persons admitted to the freedom of the Borough, namely : — 

29 Sepf 1748. 

John Portrey Lantwit Major 
W"" Morgan of Cardiffe Tobacconist 
Rees Charles Monknash 
David Prich'^ of Wick 
Thomas William of Lanishen 
Edward Waters of Uske Apoth'"y 
October 13. 

Christopher Phillips Taylor 
and, in another hand, on the opposite page : 
John Laurence of S' Donats Gent. 
Cha= Gibbon of D° 
Joseph Thomas Sadler 

These signatures also appear : 
John Thomas. 
George Wittington 1746. 
J. Richards. 
And the names of Thomas Jones, Nicholas Jones, Edmund Harry and 
Barbara his Wid° The entries in this portion of the book then commence 
with the Minutes of two Council Meetings :— 

Cardiff Vill. 5* January 1729. 

At a Councell duly Summoned & this day held it was agreed by 
the Majority present whose names are hereto subscribed as follows 


Impris: An assistant being Wanted to Supply the place of M"" 
Michael Richards dece'd M"" John Oaky was duly elected. 

Dav: Owen 
Tho: Mathews 
George Lewis 
Tho^ Meredith 
Arth. Williams 
}°° Tanner 
Rich. Jones 
J. Thomas 
Will. Lambert 
Hen. Cornish 
Edw"^ Herbert 

es: vill: pre: 

The abbreviations under the last name stand for " eiusdem villa prepositus " 
(Mayor of the said Town.) These entries seem to be his writing. 

Item. Agreed that the present Bayliffes be at Lib'ty to Lett the 
Town Pitching with the appurtenances thereto belonging for any 
Term not exceeding Seven yeares at y^ yearly rent of Eighteen 
pounds payable Quarterly to Comence from Christmas last the 
Lessees to Collect the Town Rent 

The signatures as before, with the addition of Will. Mathewe, Tho. 
Glascott and Jn° Okey. 

Eodem die. Item. An Alderman being Wanted in the Room 
of M'' Cradock Nowell dece'd William Lambert Gent, is elected in 
his Stead. 

8 signatures. 

Councell held g^^ March 1729 duly Sumoned & by us the 
Majority Resolved that Publick Notice be given for keeping an 
open free Great Markett for all Sorts of Cattle in this Town on 
the Second Wednesday in March instant & in every Month to the 
Second Wednesday in October yearly. 

10 signatures. 

Next come the formulae of the oaths required to be taken by various officials of 
the Borough. They are written in a good brown ink, in the same hand as the fore- 
going Minutes — apparently that of Edward Herbert. 

COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 319 

Cardiff vill: ss. 

Freemen's Oaths. 
(for Tradesmen &c.) 
You shall be true & faithfull to our Sovereign L<^ the King & 
his Successes, and to the Constable of the Castle Deputy Constable, 
Bayliffes, & Aldermen of this Town, & shall assist them in all 
reasonable Causes. You shall keep the ffranchises & Customes 
of this Town, & also the King's Peace. You shall pay obedience 
to all Summons from the Bayliffes for the time being, and demean 
& behave yo''self Civilly towards them. You shall not encourage 
fforeigners or deal with them in prejudice of this Town, & whereby 
the Libertyes thereof may be abused & prejudiced. You shall not 
take any Apprentice for a less Term then Seven Yeares, & to be 
Bound by Indenture in a legall manner, and to be made by the Town 
Clerk of this Town, for the time being, who shall at the end of his 
Term, if he has faithfully served you, be made a Burgess of this 
Town. You shall not be without a defencible Weapon in yo"" house, 
wherewith to assist & Stand by the Bayliffs & Aldermen, for 
Preservation of the Peace, upon all occasions. These Things & 
all & every other Thing & Things, belonging to the Duty & Charge 
of a ffreeman of this Town, You shall of yo"" part Well & truly 

Observe & Execute to the utmost of yo"" Power. So help you 


(for Gentlemen &'c.) 
You Shall be true & faithfull to our Sovereign Lord the King, 
and his Successors. You shall behave yo''self well towards the 
Magistrates of this Town, & shall keep the ffranchises & good 
Customs thereof to the utmost of yo"" Power. These &: all other 
Things belonging to, & becomeing the Duty of a ffreeman of this 

Town, you shall truly & faithfully Observe & keep. So help 

you God. 

Oath of Mayor and Justices of Peace. 

You as Justice of the Peace [Constable of y^ Castle, Mayor &c.] 
for this Town Shall do Equall Right to Poor & Rich, to the Utmost 
of yo"" Understanding Witt & Power according to the Laws of the 


Realm & Customs of this Town, the Libertyes & ffranchises thereof 
you shall Endeavo'' to Preserve & Keep. You shall not be Councell 
with any persons in matters of dispute or Quarrells depending or 
brought before you But shall Impartially execute the Office of a 
Justice of the Peace within this Town without any Reward or 
Gratuity save only the accustomed ffees. You shall direct yo"" 
Precepts & Warrants to none but the Serjeant's at Mace & Constables 
or some Propper Officers in the s<^ Town. These Things and what- 
soever else appertaineth to the Office of a Justice of the Peace of 
this Town you shall well & truly execute & perform to the Utmost 
of yo"" Power. So help you God. 

Aldermans Oath. 

fforasmuch as You are elected & Chosen an Alderman by means 
whereof this Town may be the better governed, Yo*" Oath Is that you 
shall See his Maj'y^= Peace kept to the Utmost of yo"" Power. You 
shall Study & endeavo"" to Preserve the Welfare Liberty's & ffran- 
chises of this Town. You shall Observe & keep the articles 
Comprized in the Charters of the same together with the Good 
Customes & Ordinances therein contained. You shall come at the 
Coinand of the Bayliffs & their Successors to aid & asist them with yC 
best advice & Councell as often as you shall be thereto required as 
well for the administrac'on of Justice as to Confer with them for the 
Establishing the lawfull ordinances & Comon good of this Town You 
shall not be Perswaded by any Gentlemen or others to act Contrary 
to the Interest & advantage of this Corporation. The Bayliffs, 
Aldermen, & yo"" own Councell You Shall not disclose And all & 
every other good & lawfull Thing & Things requisite, appertaining to 
the office of an alderman within this Town you shall well & truly 
Observe Perform & keep. So help you God. 

Stewards Oath. 

You shall duely & faithfully execute the Office of Steward within 
this Town, according to the Tenno"" of the Charters & Lres. Patent 
in that behalf granted. You shall to the utmost of yo*" Skill Power & 
Knowledge Advise & asist the Bayliffs with yo'' Councell upon all 

COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 321 

Occasions & Direct them in the best manner you are able for the 
Preservation of the Lib'tyes & CoSon Good of this Town and do 
every other Thing & Things appertaining to the Office of Recorder or 
Steward of this Town. So help you God. 

Town Clerk's Oath. 

You shall duely & faithfully Respect & Obey the Magistrates of 
this Town & advise & direct them upon all lawfuU Occasions to the 
Utmost of yof Skill & Knowledge And Shall in every Respect demean 
yCself towards the Bayliffs & Aldermen of this Corporation as a 
Town Clerk ought to do and shall do & perform all other Thing & 

Things Becomeing & Propper to be Done by Such an Officer. So 

Help You God. 

Asistants Oath. 

Whereas you have been Chosen an Assistant or Capitall Burgess 
yo"" Oath is, that you shall be Asistant with the Bayliffs & Aldermen 
in Electing Bayliffs Serjeants Coiiion Attorneys & all other Inferior 
Officers and to do & execute all other Things that by Comon Assent 
or Voices ought within this Town to be done (the Election of Alder- 
men only excepted) And you shall assist the Bayliffs & Aldermen in 
their Good Government of this Town. And shall upon all Summons 
& Warning by the s<* Bayliffs & Aldermen to you in that behalf given 
Resort accordingly to the place & at the time Limitted by any such 
Summons. You shall not Absent yo'"self without Some lawfull 
occasion. You Shall not Disclose any such Thing or Things as by 
the s<^ Bayliffs or Aldermen may or shall be menc'oned and Between 
them & you from time to time Conferred upon untill the same shall 
be by them or their generall Consent Published. These & all other 
Thinges requisite for an asistant to do you shall well & truly on yo"" 
Behalf observe & execute. So help you God. 

Comon Attorney's Oath. 

You shall diligently faithfully & truly Exercise & execute the 

Office of a Comon attorney in this Town and shall justly & honestly 



Collect Levy & gather all & every Such Suine & Sumes of money as 
are due & usually Collected for the Lord of the Soil as also all such 
other Rents Dutyes Profitts & Comodityes w'soever which shall be 
due & payable while you are in Office & as the same haue been here- 
tofore Collected Gathered & Leavyed And shall make just Payment & 
give a true Account at the end of the s<* Terra to the Bayliffs & 
Aldermen And also you shall be ready to make Payments of any 
part or parcell thereof as often as you shall be thereto required by 
the Bayliffs for the time being for & towards any Necessary occasion 
by them to be thought Propper for the use & Benefitt of the s"* Town 
as has been usually accustomed. These & all other Things Apper- 
taining to the Office of a Comon Attorney in this Town you shall to 
the utmost of yo"" Power Observe & perform So help you God. 

Serjeants Oath. 

You shall Carefully & diligently Exercise & Execute the Office of 
Serjeants at Mace in this Town & the Libertyes of the same during 
Such Time as you shall Continue therein. You shall be Submissive 
& Obed' to the Constable of the Castle the Deputy Constable Bayliffs 
& Aldermen their lawfull & reasonable Comands you shall Observe & 
keep. You shall faithfully execute all Processes Precepts & Warrants 
to you directed & make true Returns thereof. You shall preserve the 
King's Peace to the utmost of yo"" Power & apprehend the Offenders 
therein. You shall not accept of any Alderman for Bail or Surety for 
any person. You shall Leavy all ffines as shall become due which 
shall be incerted in any Extract to you delivered or in any Warr' or 
Precept to you directed & make true Return & Payment thereof to 
whom the same shall appertaine and render a just account of all 
moneys by you rece'd on acco' of y^ s'^ Town. These & all other 
matters & Things belonging to the office of Serjeant at Mace in 
the s<^ Town You & each of you Shall well & truly observe & 
perform. So help you God. 

Constable's Oath. 

You shall Carefully diligently & truly Exercise & Execute the 
Office of Constable within this Town & the Libertyes of the Same 

COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. ^^^ 

during such time as you Shall Continue therein, and shall with all 
expedition & to the Utmost of yo-" Power Execute all Processes in the 
absence of the Serj'^ & all Precepts & Warrants to you directed & 
make true Return thereof. You shall be Submissive & Obedient to 
the Constable & deputy Constable of the Castle Bayliflfs & Aldermen 
of the s<J Town & obey their lawfull Coinands upon all Occasions. 
You shall endeavo"- to the Utmost yo-" Power to Preserve the King's 
Peace & apprehend & bring before the Bayliffs the Transgressors & 
Offendors therein. You shall make diligent Search by day & Night 
for Rogues Vagabonds Sturdy Beggars & other Idle & disorderly 
persons & bring such Offenders before the BaylifTs and shall Search 
all Houses & places which you shall suspect to entertain any 
Lewd & disorderly men and Women. You Shall be ready with 
yo"" Defensible Weapon to attend & asist the magistrates of the 
s'l Town upon all occasions & shall Demean & behave yo^self 
towards them as a Constable ought to do. These & all other things 
Appertaining to the Office of a Constable in the s^ Town you shall 
faithfully Observe & Perform. So help you God. 

Cl"^ ot ye Cross & Cl^ of the Markett's Oath, 

You shall honestly & duely execute the Office of a Clerk ot the 
Markett of this Town & shall Resort every market day to the Cross, 
Highstreet & elsewhere to make thorough Scrutiny & Survey of the 
s'' Markett and Shal take Care that no Corn be bought or Sold before 
twelve of the Clock in the flForenoon and that Notice of the time be 
given by Ringing the Hall Bell for all persons (excepting Bakers 
Brewers & Badgers whom you shall not permit to buy, till Two 
[altered in a later hand to One] of the Clock in the afternoon) and 
any persons offending herein you shall present to the end they may 
be proceeded ag' according to Law. You shall justly & truely 
Measure & Strike all such Corn as shall be Imported for Sale into 
this Town. You shall likewise examine & see that no Meat or 
Victuals unwholesome or under Weight be sold or exposed to Sale 
in the sf^ Markett & shall seize the same according to the antient 
& Laudable Customes of this Town. These & all other Things 
app'rtaining to the Office of Clerk of the Markett you shall duely 
& justly observe & perform. So help you God. 


Bayliffe's Oath. 

You shall truly justly & Uprightly Use Exercise & execute the 
Office of Bayliffs within this Town and keep the ffranchises thereof 
during all Such time as you shall Continue therein. You shall sett 
apart all prejudice & partiality & hear all partyes & determine all 
matters & Causes brought before you with Candour & uprightness 
according to the utmost of your Skill & knowledge without favo'' 
& affection or Hatred & Malice. You shall pay Obedience to his 
Maj'y^s Writts & make due return thereof & also of the Sheriffs 
Mandates which shall be to you directed. You shall to the Utmost 
of your Power preserve and maintain the King's Peace in this Town 
& the Libertyes thereof and punish the Transgressors & offenders 
therein upon due Proof thereof made before you. You shall take 
due Care that fair & honest Weights & Measures be Used in the 
s<i Town during yo"" Bayliffship And that the Bakers & Brewers do 
keep & maintaine a true & reasonable Assize of Bread Beer & Ale 
and that the same as also all kind of Victualls be good & Wholesome 
for Mens' body. All Laudable Customs ffranchises & Ordinances 
heretofore used in this Town and not abrogated by any Law or 
Statute, You shall to the utmost of your Power endeavo'" to preserve 
& maintain. These & every other Thing & Things belonging to 
the Office of Bayliff of this Town you shall well & truly observe & 
keep. So help you God. 

Aletasters Oath. 

You shall well & truely & without Partiallity execute the Office 
of Ale Taster in this Town & shall take diligent Care that all 
Brewers & Victuallers in the 5"^ Town shall brew & expose to sale 
Good & wholsome ale & Beer for man's Body and that the same be 
not sold before it be Tasted & approved by you and afterwards to be 
sold agreable to the Prices appointed by the Bayliffs & all defaults 
herein you shall present & make known to the Bayliffs whereby due 
Punishment may be inflicted upon the Offenders accordingly. These 
& all other Things appertaining to such an office you shal faithfully 
observe & execute. So help you God. 

COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 325 

The Eighth of April 1738 Edward Mashman and Thomas John 
Were Duly Sworn Clerks of the Shambles to Examine therein before 
David Owen Esq^ one of the BaylifTes of the said Town. 

i8"> June 1 73 1. 

Cardiff Vill: ss. In Councell. 

An Asistant or Comon Councill man being wanted to supply the 

place of William Lambert Gent, who is made an Alderman Wee the 

Majority whose names are hereunto Subscribed Do Elect Gabriel 

Lewis Hatmaker. 

Arth. Williams 

Alex'' Purcel 

Will. Richds. 

Will. Mathew 

David Owen 

Thos Meredith 

Tho. Mathews 

Will. Lambert 

Hen. Llewellin jnr 

Rich. Jones 

J. Thomas 

Tho. Glascott Jn"" 

John Greenefield 

John Oakey 

Edw'^ Herbert 

e^ Vill. pre. 

Eodem die 

M"- Edward Morgan one of the Aldermen of this Town haveing 

lived retired & remote from this Corporac'on & not haveing appeared 

among us for Several years last past Wee do therefore Esteem him 

to be an useless Member & Do hereby Disfranchise him and Do 

Elect M-" Henry Lewellin to be an alderman in his Room. 

9 signatures. 

1 731 June 25. Richard Jenkins, mercer, elected Assistant or Connnou 

Councilman in the room of John Jones, farrier, deceased. 

Philip Stephens, tobacconist, elected Assistant in the room of William Lewis, 

hatmaker, deceased. 

17 signatures. 


Cardiff Vill: ss. 4* Nov 1731. 

Ordered at a Councell duely Suinoned that the money due by 
Bonds from Several persons to the poor of this Town be Called in & 
that the several persons who owe the same have Notice to pay in the 
same next Monday at the Guildhall of this Town and that the several 
persons who owe Rent to this Town be sued by the Town Clerk after 
giving them Notice once more. 

7 signatures. 

1 731 March 7. Thomas Morgan, gentleman, elected Assistant or Common 
Councilman in the room of Nicholas Brewer, mariner, deceased. 

19 signatures. 

Thomas Morgan, gentleman, elected Alderman in the room of William Richards, 
esquire, deceased. 

9 signatures. 

28'fi April 1732. 

Ordered that the poor's Rate for S' Mary's Parish for this year 
be 2s. 6d. p'' pound as also for S' John's parish. 

Cardiff Town. 31^* July 1733. 

At a Hall or Council Duely Summoned Wee the Majority then & 
there present whose names are hereunto Subscribed Do Elect Henry 
Morgan Gentleman To be an asistant Comon Council man or Capital 
Burgess of this Town in the Room of Thomas Glascot sadler Dece'd. 
(10 signatures, concluding, for the last time, with Edw*^ Herbert e^ Vill: pre.) 

2^ October 1733. 

Cardiff Town. At a Councel Duely Summoned Wee the 
Bayliffes and Aldermen whose names are hereunto Subscribed Do 
Displace and Remove Walter Churchey Esquire from his Office of 
Steward of this Town and in his Stead Do Elect Llewellin Williams 
of Dyffrin Esq"" Barrister at Law to be Steward of the said Town. 

George Lewis 
Will. Lambert 
David Owen 
Tho^ Meredith 
Arth. Williams 
Edw<* Herbert 
Tho= Morgan 

COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 


1733 October 13. John Phillips, mariner, elected an Assistant or Capital 
Burgess in the room of Thomas Morgan, made an Alderman. 

Roger Morgan, carpenter, elected an Assistant or Capital Burgess in the room 
of Henry Morgan, gentleman, " who hath Resigned.'' 

Overleaf follows, in a different handwriting: — 

December 31^' 1756. 

ffees due for the Admission of Burgesses of the Town of Cardiff 
as s'telled by the Bailiffs. 


for a mans marrying the Daughter of a ffreeman 
and no ffreeman himself . _ - 

To the Baihffs a pottle of Wine - - - 

To the Town Clerk for In rolling 
for an Admission Stamp - - - 

The like ffees for any person takeing up his 
ffreedom in the said Town by virtue of 
Serving an Apprenticeship for Seven years - 

for the Admission of a ffreemans Son 

To the Bailiffs a pottle of Wine 

To the Town Clerk for recording freedom 

for the Admission Stamp _ . _ 


I. 0. 

0. 4- 

0. 3. 


0. 2. 


^i- 9. 


I- 9 


0. 3 
0. 4 

o- 3 
0. 2 



^0. 12 


In a different hand : — 

Cardiff Town ) 

to wit. j Be it Remembered That on Friday the 11"' Day of 
December 1778 Robert Savours and Bartholomew 
Greenwood Two of The Aldermen ot the Said Town were then 
Sworn into the Office of Bailiffs of the Said Town for the year 
ensuing, Before Sir Herbert Mackworth Baronet Constable of the 
Castle, in the Room of Henry Yeomans Esq-" and Powell Edwards 
Clerk the late Bailiffs. 


At the Same Time and Place William Prichard and John Ovens 
were Sworn into the Ofifice of Serjeants at Mace for the Said Town, 
for the year ensuing. 

Cardiff Town ^ 

to wit. f On Friday the ii'h Day of December 1778 In Open 
Court at the Court of Our Lord The King held, By 
Adjournment, for the Said Town, Robert Stephenson Esquire was 
admitted and Sworn Burgess or Freeman of the Said Town, by 
Robert Savours and Bartholomew Greenwood Esq""^ Bailiffs of the 
Said Town. 


Town Clerk. 

Cardiff Town | 

to wit. j Be it Remembered That on Monday the Fourteenth 
Day of December 1778, the following persons were 
Sworn into the Ofifice of the Constables for the ensuing Year. 

For the East Ward. William Robert, the Younger, and 

Edward Lewis. 
For the High Street Ward. Henry Eades and 

Richard Jenkin. 
For the South Ward. William Watkin and 

William Mathew. 
For the West Ward. David Richard and 

Tho^ Thomas. 

Cardiff Town y 

to wit. j Be it Remembered That on Saturday the Ninth Day 
of January 1779 Edward Whiting of the Said Town 
Taylor and Thomas Waters of the Same Tallow Chandler were 
Sworn into the Ofifice of Commons Attorneys of the Said Town in 
the Room of Michael Brewer and William Prichard for the year 

Cardiff Town, to wit. 

At a Court of Common Council duly Summoned and held for 
the Said Town on Friday the 28"^ Day of May 1779 for taking the 

















COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 329 

Affairs of this Corporation into Consideration It is Unanimously 
Ordered as follows, Viz' 

Ordered That proper Persons be employed By The Bailiffs to 
take Care of and Secure the Materials of The house By the Quay 
late in the possession of Henry Williams, Gent. And that Notice be 
given By The Town Clerk that the same house is to be Let, to 
the best Bidder, and the Town Cl'^ is to receive proposals for 
renting It out, and to deliver the same at the next Common Council 

Ordered That the Bailiffs do employ proper persons to pull down 
fifteen feet or thereabouts of The Markett house at The North End 
thereof, and build an Arch of about 12 feet and a pine End Between 
the Second Pillars at the North End of the s'^ Market house for the 
Entrance of The Markett people, and That no Horses be Suffered to 
enter into the Markett house hereafter. 

Ordered That in Consideration of the sum of ;^25 to be paid to 
M"" Tho^ Thomas Town Clerk in Consideration of his Conveying All 
his right and Title at his own Expence To the Bailiffs Aldermen and 
Burgesses and their Successors To All that house lately in the 
poss'ion of John Jones in the Middle Row, And also to All that 
Ruin purchased by him of Alex"" Willson and of his Delivering up 
his poss'ion of the peice of Ground or Court Bet° the s^ house & 
Ruin, & w^'i is said to be Subject to a Chauntry rent. 

Ordered That the Bayliffs, as Soon as they have received Such 
Conveyance from the s<^ Tho^ Thomas have full Power and Authority 
to pull down the said house and Court and gett the Ground whereon 
the Same Stands properly pitched. 

Ordered That the Said Bailiffs have also full Power and Authority 
to pull down All That Stable and Pigsty belonging to the Corporation 
Situate in The Middle Row late in the poss'ion of Edmund Rowland. 

Ordered That all Leases heretofore agreed to at former Meetings 
be Confirmed and Executed, and notice be given to any persons who 
shall prevent the Delivery of poss'ion of the Prem'es to the Lessees, 
and That on Refusal of Delivery of possession, proper proceeds^ be 
prosecuted and Carryed on to gett poss'ion of the Same by Eject- 
ment or Otherwise, which the Town Clerk is hereby Authorised 
to prosecute having The Town Seal to his Warrant for that 


Tho^ Thomas Gentleman Town Clerk, proposes to take a Lease 
of The Cocks Tower at 6d. p"" annum. 

Rob' Savours 
Barth. Greenwood 
Tho^ Edwards 
Francis Minnitt 
Hen. Lewis 
Powell Edwards 
William Edwards 
Tho^ Thomas 
Watt. Morgan 
Will"" Olds. 

Admissions of Burgesses or Freemen : — 
1779 Sept. 30 Thursday. Robert Savours junior, gentleman. 

Edward Thomas of " Eglwysnunyd" in the parish of Margam, gentleman. 
Oct. 14 Thursday. Thomas Sweet, of Roath, gentleman. 
William Williams, of Cardiif, currier. 
James James, of Cardiff, baker. 
William Sweet, of Cardiff, mariner. 
Thomas David, of Cardiff, shopkeeper. 
Thomas Lewis, of Cardiff, victualler. 
28th. William Williams, of the General Post Office, London, gentleman. 
William Thomas, of Cardiff, mason. 
Thomas Thomas, of Cardiff, tiler. 
Jacob Thomas, of Cardiff, tiler. 
1779 October 25. Thomas Edwards and Francis Minnitt, aldermen, were sworn 
Bailiffs before Sir Herbert Mackworth, bart., Constable of the Castle. (Place not 

" At the same time and Place " Hugh Whiteing and William Attwood were sworn 
Serjeants at Mace. 

Constables sworn then and there : — 

East Ward. Jacob Thomas junior and 

James Whiteing. 
High Street Ward. Richard Jenkin and 

Thomas Cotton junior 
South Ward. William Brewer and 

William Stone. 
West Ward. William Westmecute and 

George Harrington. 

Cardiff Town to wit. On Monday the 25* Day of October in 
the Year of our Lord 1779 Phillip Lewis of Lanrumney Esq"" was 

COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 331 

Sworn Alderman of the said Town before S"" Herbert Mackworth 
Bar' Constable of the Castle of Cardiff. 

Admitted Burgesses or Freemen, 25 Novr. Revd. George Richards, of Cardiff, 
Clerk. William Watkins, of Cardiff, carpenter. 

1780 Septr. 21. William, joiner ; John Wood, gentleman ; William Williams, 
currier ; James James, baker ; William Sweet, mariner ; William Glascott, currier, 
and Alexander Wilson, watchmaker, all of Cardiff, were appointed Assistants or 
Capital Burgesses. 

At the same Meeting of Council, William Prichard, assistant, was appointed 
Alderman, in the room of Arthur Williams, deceased. 

Ordered that the Bayliffs for the Time being do Approbiate ;^i6 
per ann. from the rents due from William Jones & Dorothy Meredith, 
to William Prichard Joiner towards discharge of his Bill for the 
repairs of the houses belongs to the Charity School in poss'ion of s"* 
Dorothy George & John Jones and the s^ W™ Prichard be in the 
Mean Time Allowed Interest from this Day for Such Sums as Shall 
remain due to him for his Said Bill and that the rems sum of 
£>]. 4. o be paid to the s^ John Jones y^ Schoolmaster, together 
with the Use of the house he now lives in. 

Cardiff Town 
to wit. 

j Wednesday the 21^' of September 1780. At the 
Guildhall of the Said Town William Prichard of 
the Said Town Joiner was Sworn Assistant or Capital Burgess 
of the Said Town, By Thomas Edwards and Francis Minnitt Esq^« 
Bayliflfs of y= Said Town of Cardiff. 

Tho^ Edwards 
Francis Minnitt. 

Enrolments of Burgesses or Freemen : — 
1780 September 28 Thursday. Morris Morris, ot Cardiff, carpenter. 
Evan John, of Whitchurch parish, yeoman. 
David Morgan, of Llantrisant, yeoman. 
John David, of Llantrisant, yeoman. 
William Howells, of Saint Fagan's parish, yeoman. 
Wilfryd CoUey, of Cardiff, shopkeeper. 
William Purcell, of Cardiff, shoemaker. 
Morgan Bates, of Cardiff, mariner. 


Cardiff Town ) 

to wit j On Friday the 29'^ Day of September in the year of 

our Lord One thousand Seven hundred and Eighty 

William Prichard of the said Town Joiner was Sworn Alderman of 

the said Town before Sir Herbert Mackworth Baronet Constable 

of the Castle of Cardiff. 

Assistants or Capital Burgesses sworn 2 October 1780, before the Bailiffs:— 
William Williams, of Cardiff, currier. 
James James, of Cardiff, baker. 
William Glascott, of Cardiif, currier. 
Alexander Willson, of Cardiff, watchmaker. 

1780 October 3, Robert Savours and Bartholomew Greenwood, esquires, 
aldermen, were sworn Bailiffs before Sir Herbert Mackworth ; and William Evans 
and Wilfrid Colley were sworn Serjeants at Mace. 

Constables sworn : — 

East Ward. Thomas Morgan, glazier, and 

William Lewis. 
High Street Ward. Edward Thomas, tiler, and 

Roger Powell. 
South Ward. William Stone, victualler, and 

Henry Charles. 
West Ward. Thomas Scandrett, butcher, and 

Richard Jenkin. 

Admitted Burgesses or Freemen : — 

1780 October 12 Thursday. John Allen, of Clement's Inn in the county of 
Middlesex, gentleman. 

1 78 1 March i Thursday. John Jenkins, of Canton in the parish of Llandaff, 

Thomas Richard, of Cardiff, blacksmith. 

Sworn Assistants or Capital Burgesses : — 
I 781 March i Thursday. William Sweet, of Cardiff, mariner. 

John Wood, of Cardiff, gentleman. 
Septr. 20 Thursday. John Richards senior, of Cardiff, esquire. 

Robert Stephenson, of Cardiff, esquire. 

Alderman appointed on the same day : — 

John Richards senior, of Cardiff, esquire. 

Minutes of Council, 20 September 1781 : — 
Ordered That an Inquiry be made by the Bayliffs, whether a 
Lease heretofore Granted By the Bayliffs Aldermen & Burgesses 

COUNCIL MINUTES, 1 740-1835. 333 

of a Spot of Ground near the East Gate whereon a Stable & Court 
is erected now in the possession of M"" Tho: French is expired, and 
if Such Lease is expired, that an Inquiry be made into the Title of 
the Corporation to the s<* prem'es, and the Bayliffs are requested 
to report the Consequence of their Inquiry at the next Court x)f 
Common Council. 

Ordered that a Lease be Granted To M"" Tho^ Thomas Town 
Clerk of the Cocks Tower for 2 1 Years at the rent of Six pence p'' 
ann: To hold from Mich'as next, and That the Town Seal be 
Affixed to such Lease. 

Ordered That the West Gate of the said Town, be pulled down, 
with due Convenience, and that the Bayliffs have the Direction 

Ordered That the East Gate of the said Town be pulled down 
and the Walls thereunto adjoining so as to lay the same open to the 
Street there, M'' Henry Lewis giving up his right & Title to the 
Court or yard thereunto adjoining, which is also ordered to be laid 
open into the said Street. 

Further admissions of Burgesses or Freemen : — 

1781 Septr. 27 Thursday. Edward Whiteing, of Cardiff, tailor. 

James Whiteing, of Cardiff, tallow chandler. 

Henry Fades, of Cardiff, barber. 

Thomas Williams, of Penmark parish, yeoman. 

Thomas Harry, of Whitchurch parish, yeoman. 

Evan David, of " Fair Water," in the parish of Llandaff, yeoman. 

1782 January 21 Monday. Aldermen Francis Minnitt and William Prichard were 

sworn Bailiffs before Sir Herbert Mackworth. 
31st Thursday. Constables sworn : — 

East Ward. William Jenkin, baker. 

Thomas David, blacksmith. 
South Ward. William David, shoemaker. 

Thomas Charles. 
High Street Ward. Edward Thomas, tiler. 

Thomas Stibbs. 
West Ward. William Tanner, hatter. 

John Bird junior. 

Sworn Burgesses or Freemen : — 
1782 Jany. 31 Thursday. William Richards, of the city of LlandaiT, esquire. 
Thomas Key, of Saint Fagan's, gentleman. 
John Howden, of Cardiff, gardener, 


March 28. William Scandrett, of Cardiff, butcher. 
June 6. Edward Jacob, of Eglwysilan parish, drover. 
December 5. Henry Williams, of Cardiff, gentleman. 

William Cobb, of Cardiff, yeoman. 

John Bird, of Cardiff, yeoman. 

1782 Jany. 21. John Richards senior, of Cardiff, esquire, was sworn Alderman 
before Sir Herbert Mackworth. 
March 28 Thursday. Thomas Robert, of Cardiff, was sworn Constable, in the 
room of William Jenkin, by the Bailiffs. 

1783. Elections and Appointments. 

Henry Yeomans and Samuel Sabin. 

Samuel Sabin, gentleman. 

Assistants or Capital Burgesses. 

Samuel Sabin of Cardiff, gentleman. 
Henry HoUier of Cardiff, gentleman. 
Rev. Francis Bathie, clerk. 

Burgesses or Freemen. 

Edward Savours of Llantrithyd, gentleman. 

Morgan John, of Cardiff, tailor. 

Henry Hollier, of Cardiff, gentleman. 

James Capper, of Margaret Street, Cavendish Square, London, esquire. 

Peter Birt of Wenvoe Castle, esquire. 

Henry Holland, of Hertford Street, Mayfair, Loudon, esquire. 

Rev. Francis Bathie, rector of Llanmaes. 

Philip Minuitt, of Saint Andrew's, yeoman. 

Rev. John Evans, of Llanedern, clerk. 

George Philpott of Roath Court, gentleman. 

John David junior, of Saint Mellon's parish, yeoman. 

Charles Jones, of Cardiff, mariner. 

Common Attorneys. 

John Waters, of Cardiff, sadler, and 
Thomas Stibbs, of Cardiff, cordwainer. 

Serjeants at Mace. 

William Scandrett and 
William Watkins. 

COUNCIL MINUTES, 1 740-1835. 335 

Constables of East Ward. 
Thomas Evan, gardener, and John Drew. 

Constables of South Ward. 
Edward Thomas, tucker, and William David. 

Constables of High Street Ward. 
John Morgan, labourer, and John Stibbs junior. ' 

Constables of West Ward. 
John Lewis, victualler, and Richard Lewis. 

The above appointments are the only business recorded for this year. As before, 
the Bailifts and Aldermen were sworn before Sir Herbert Mackworth, baronet, 
Constable of the Castle ; and the others before the Bailiffs. This must be understood 
to be the case until such time as an alteration in the practice will be indicated 

1784. Elections and Appointments. 

Francis Miunitt and William Prichard. 

Assistant or Capital Burgess. 
Bloom Williams, gentleman. 

Burgesses or Freemen. 

William Stone junior, of Cardiff, victualler, 

William Owen, of Cardiff) carpenter. 

Lionel Stibbs junior, of Cardiff", cooper. 

William Brewer, of Cardiff, carpenter. 

Richard Hill, of Merthyr Tydfil parish, gentleman. 

Arthur Tanner, of Cardiff", hatter. 

Serjeants at Mace. 
James Howell, and John Bird junior. 

1785. Elections and Appointments. 

Burgesses ot Freemen. 

Rickett Willett, of Cardiff", tailor. 

William Williams, of "Fair Oak" in the parish of Roath, yeoman, 

John Williams, of the same, yeoman. 

Isaac Thomas, of Lisvane parish, yeoman, 


Richard Morris, " of Adams Down in the parish of Roath in the County of 

Glamorgan," yeoman. 
Philip David, of Lavernock parish, yeoman. 
Henry Llewellyn, of the same, yeoman. 
Thomas John, of Llauishen parish, yeoman. 
Edward John, of Llanharan parish, yeoman. 
Edward William, of Llanishen parish, yeoman. 
Edmund William, of the same, yeoman. 

Constables of East Ward. 
Charles Williams, carpenter, and Morgan Thomas. 

Constables of South Ward. 
Lionel Stibbs junior, and William David. 

Constables of High Street Ward. 
Robert Jones, carpenter, and Henry Lewis. 

Constables of West Ward. 
Henry Bird junior, and John Whatley. 

Cardiff Town to wit. At a Court of Bailiffs, Aldermen and 
Assistants held for the Town of Cardiff aforesaid at the Guildhall 
for the said Town on Friday the 28"> day of January One Thousand 
Seven Hundred and Eighty Five duly Summoned and Assembled to 
proceed on the Public Business of the said Town. 

Whereas there is now Subsisting an Order of Council that 
the Bailiffs Aldermen and Burgesses of the said Town Cannot grant 
any Leases for a longer Term than Twenty One Years ; And It 
Appearing to this Court that Such Order is Attended with many 
Inconveniences and in many Instances to the Detriment of the 
Revenue of the Corporation, By reason of their not being able to 
grant Leases for the Encouragement of Building and Other Improve- 
ments ; It is therefore Ordered that the said recited Order be 
rescinded and made Null and Void to All Intents and purposes 
whatsoever, and the same is hereby rescinded Accordingly. 

M'' Henry HoUier proposes taking a Lease of that Cottage 
& Small Garden Situate near Cathays on the West Side of the 
Turnpike Road there, lately Occupyed by Rowland Thomas Fisher- 
man, at the Yearly Rent of Five Shillings for the Term of 42 years. 
And Also of All that piece of Ground lying to the East of the Garden 
at Cathays, running from East to West and Between the said Garden 

COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. ^^^ 

and the parish Road there, Containing in Length [blank] yards and in 
Breadth [blank] yards or thereabouts at the Yearly Rent of 25. 6d. for 
the like Term of 42 years. 

M-- William Prichard proposes taking a Building Lease of All 
that ruinous House lying near the Quay lately held By M^ Lambert 
By Lease, for the Term of 42 years at the Yearly Rent of One 
Pound, the said William Prichard having the Benefit of All the 
Materialls there for any Building to be Erected on the premisses. 

Ordered that the Gate near the Quay Called the Blunch or 
Blunt Gate be taken out, and that the Bailiffs give Order Accordingly. 

1786. Elections and Appointments. 

Feby. 22. Henry Yeomans, and John Richards senior. 
Septr. 29. Samuel Sabine and Henry Hollier. 

Henry Hollier of Cathays, esquire. 

Assistants or Capital Burgesses. 
Thomas Sweet, gentleman. 
Edward Thomas, innkeeper. 

Burgesses or Freemen. 
John Richards of the Corner House in the town of Cardiff, esquire. 
Philip Deare, esquire. 

Edward Thomas, of the Red House in the town of Cardiff, innkeeper. 
The Honourable John Stuart. 
Revd. Richard Littlehales. 

Serjeants at Mace. 
Feby. 22. William Rees, and William Stone junior. 
Septr. 29. William Brewer and Ricket Willet. 

Constables of High Street Ward. 
Feb. 23. William Jones, shopkeeper, and John Morgan, labourer. 
October. Thomas Morgan, chandler, and John Morgan, labourer. 

Constables of South Ward. 
Feby. 23. Lionel Stibbs junior, cooper, and William David, shoemaker. 
October. Rowland Jones, maltster, and Thomas Evan, victualler. 

Constables of East Ward. 
Feby. 23. Charles Williams, carpenter, and Robert Jones, carpenter. 
October. Philip Davy, baker, and William Rees, victualler. 


Constables of IVest Ward. 
Feby. 23. Henry Bird, shoemaker, and John Whatley, earthenware dealer. 
October. Henry Bird, shoemaker, and Roger Jones, victualler. 

Cardiff Town to wit. On Friday the 29* day of September 1786 
Henry HoUier of Cathays Esq""^ was sworn Town Clerk of the said 
Town before Sir Herbert Mackworth Bar' Constable of the Castle, in 
the Room of T[homas] Thomas deceased. 

1 786 May s Friday. Minute of Council. 

Ordered That the North Gate of the Said Town be pulled down 
with due Convenience & the Side Walls repaired and that the Bailiffs 
have the Direction thereof. 

1787. Elections and Appointments. 

I Novr. John Richards and Bloom Williams. 


Bloom Williams. 
Edward Thomas. 

Assistants or Capital Burgesses. 

Thomas Stibbs, cordwainer. 
Edward Whiteing, tailor. 

Burgesses or Freemen. 

John Blannin, of Cardiff, gentleman. 
William Wilson, of Cardiff, watchmaker. 

Serjeants at Mace. 
John Evan and Thomas Thomas. 

Constables of East Ward. 
Thomas Leyson and William Rowland. 

Constables of South Ward. 
Thomas Lewis and Jenkin Morgan. 

Constables of High Street Ward. 
John Morgan and Thomas Rees, 

COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 339 

Constables of West Ward. 
Roger Jones and Robert Thomas. 

These entries were inspected in 1788 by A. Emerson. 

1 787 February 6 Monday. Minute of Council. 
Thomas Williams, carpenter, received a lease of a Spot of Ground on the 
East Side of the Northgate adjoining the House called the Cock on 
the south side and the Rose & Crown on the North, for 40 years at 55. 
per annum. 

Cardiff Town to wit. On Wednesday the 14"' day of May 
1788, Henry Yeomans Esq""^ was Sworn in as Senior Alderman of 
this Town and as such Justice of the Peace' within the said Town 
before Sir Herbert Mackworth Bar' Constable of the Castle of 
Cardiff. H. Mackworth, 

Constable of y^ Castle. 

The above is in a somewhat feminine handwriting which appears to be that of 
Henry Hollier, but the signature is the Constable's autograph. 

Cardiff Town to wit. At a Court of Bailiffs and Aldermen of 
the said Town, holden for the Town of Cardiff aforesaid in the 
Guildhall of the said Town on Tuesday the Eighth day of July one 
thousand, seven hundred and Eighty Eight, duly Summoned and 
Assembled to proceed on the public Business of the said Town. 

It being dubious whether M"- Henry Hollier One of the Aldermen 
of this Corporation, has Not by his Acceptance of the Office of Town 
Clerk, affected his Office of Alderman ; hath proposed to the Alder- 
men now met a Resignation of his said Office of Alderman. Which 

Resignation is accepted accordingly. 

J. Richards. 

B. Williams. 
Francis Minnitt. 
Will. Prichard. 
Sam' Sabine. 
Ordered that the Assize of Bread be sett at 25. 6d. with the 
usual Allowance for Baking, to continue 30 days from this day. 
The last two Minutes are in the hand of John Richards. 

1 There is an appearance of illegality about this phrase. The appointment and 
swearing of a magistrate belongs solely to the Crown. 


1788. Elections and Appointments. 

Novr. 15. Samuel Sabine and Henry Hollier. 

Henry Hollier (re-elected after resignation.) 

Assistartls or Capital Burgesses. 

Serjeants at Mace. 
Arthur Tanner and Hugh Whiteing. 

Constables of East Ward. 
Thomas Lyshon and John Evan. 

Constables of West Ward. 
William Westmacutt and Thomas Bennett. 

Constables of High Street Ward. 
Moses Lamb and Henry Lewis. 

Constables of South Ward. 
Thomas Richard, and Robert Jones junior. 

Minutes of Council. 
1788 July 31 Thursday: — 

Whereas there is a Vacancy of Alderman occasioned by the 
Resignation of M"" Henry Hollier, who has also resigned the Office of 
Town Clerk. We the Bailifs and Aldermen of the said Town Do 
nominate re-elect and appoint the same Henry Hollier to be again 
one of the Aldermen of the said Town. 

J. Richards 
B. Williams 
H. Yeomans 
Francis Minnitt 
Will. Prichard 
Sam' Sabine 
Edward Thomas. 

COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 341 

M"" John Bird Water-Bailif of this Corporation, and as such 
Collector of Quayage Dues and Fees for the Use of the Corporation, 
which he has for several Years last past receiv'd and not accounted 
for, to the great Loss and Inconvenience of this Corporation. It is 
therefore by this Court determined that the said John Bird be con- 
tinued in the said Office as long only as he shall duly account with 
and pay Unto the Common Attorneys of this Town for the Time 
being all such Fees and Dues as he shall and may collect and which 
are particularly specified in an Order of Council for this Corporation 
held the 22"^ day of December 1762.^ And during such Time as he 
shall be so employed, that he be allowed and paid a Salary after the 
Rate of Seven Pounds Seven Shillings p"" Annum. And it is also 
ordered that the said John Bird forthwith give Bond with Sufficient 
Sureties so to pay and account as aforesaid, whenever call'd upon for 
that Purpose by the Bailifs for the Time being, by Order in writing 
under their hands. 

Signed by "J. Richards" and lo others. Mr. Richards signs first, and the 
Minute is in his handwriting. The headings to the Minutes at this time seem to 
have been written by Mr. Hollier. 

Cardiff Town to wit. Be it remembered that on Saturday the 
fifteenth day of November 1788 Henry Hollier was sworn Alderman 
of the said Town before Sir Herbert Mackworth B' Constable of the 


On the same day William Evans, victualler, and John Evan, cordwainer, both of 
Cardiff, were sworn Commons Attorneys before the Bailiffs, in the room of John 
Waters and Thomas Stibbs. 

1788 December 5 Friday. Thomas Williams having, on 7 
July 1766, taken a lease of "the Ground on which the Boring Mill is 
erected," for 40 years at £1. 11. 6, which he afterwards assigned to 
Jones and others, who now propose to resign the same: Resolved 
that the same be accepted, on payment of rent and arrears only, 
claiming nothing for dilapidations. 

Alderman Bloom Williams proposes taking a Lease of the Town 
Ditch for 21 Years at ^i. i. o. 

Ordered that the Seats in Church which are called the Seats of 
Assistants and Freemen's Sons, be immediately put in Repair and 

^ Vide ante, p. 276. 


Locks put upon them to be occupied by those only who have a right 
as such. One for the Assistants and the other for Freemen's Sons. 

lo signatures. 

1789. Elections and Appointments. 

Novr. 24. John Richards and Bloom Williams. 

Thomas Sweet. 

Assistants or Capital Burgesses. 

Hugh Whiting. 
John Hussey. 
Paul Price. 

Burgesses or Freemen. 

William Bew, of Cardiff, yeoman. 

Archibald Sinclair, of Cardiff, shopkeeper. 

Joseph Field, of Cardiff, weaver. 

John Alexander, of Cardiff, weaver. 

John Anderson, of Cardiff, cordwainer. 

Herbert Rees, of Cardiff, cordwainer. 

Edward Williams, of Cardiff, tailor. 

Lewis Thomas, of Cardiff, cordwainer. 

William Lewis, of Cardiff, tailor. 

William Westmacutt, of Cardiff, victualler. 

Thomas Morgan, of Cardiff, glasier. 

William Jones, of Cardiff, yeoman. 

Thomas Charles, of Cardiff, yeoman. 

William Jenkins, of Cardiff, baker. 

Edmund Rowland, of Cardiff, mason. 

Richard Davies, of Aberdar, shopkeeper. 

Thomas Roberts, of Cardiff, yeomau. 

John Robert, of Cardiff, yeoman. 

Arthur Whiteiug, of Cardiff, yeoman. 

John Whiteing, of Cardiff, yeoman. 

Thomas Richards junior, of Cardiff, yeoman. 

Thomas David, of Cardiff, blacksmith. 

Richard Price, of Cardiff, yeoman. 

John Evan junior, of Cardiff, yeoman. 

Thomas Graves senior, of Rumford in the county of Essex, gentleman. 

COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 343 

The Honourable Thomas Windsor, esquire. 

The Honourable Herbert Stuart, esquire. 

Richard Tollman, of Cardiff, tinman. 

Charles Williams, of Cardiff, currier. 

Morgan John, of Cardiff, cordwainer. 

Thomas Rees, of Cardiff, carpenter. 

John Purcell, of Cardiff, cordwainer. 

William David Richard, of Aberdar, yeoman. 

John Thomas, of Aberdar, yeoman. 

Lodwick John, of Aberdar, yeoman. 

John Davies, of Aberdar, yeoman. 

William Richard, of Aberdar, yeoman. 

David Richard, of Aberdar, yeoman. 

Thomas Evan, of Bwlch-y-cwm in the parish of Eglwysilan, yeoman. 

Lewis Watkin, of Caerphilly Common, yeoman. 

Richard William, of the same, yeoman. 

Joseph Llewellin, of Heol Rhiwbina, yeoman. 

Thomas William, of Craig-yr-allt, yeoman. 

David Edward, of Eglwysilan, mason. 

Thomas Richard, of Caerphilly, yeoman. 

David Gwynn, of Lavernock, labourer. 

Thomas Jenkins, of Lavernock, labourer. 

Thomas Rosser, of Whitchurch, labourer. 

William John, of Eglwysilan, labourer. 

Isaac John Isaac, of Eglwysilan, labourer. 

William John, of Eglwysilan, labourer. 

Rowland Lewis, of Bwlch-y-cwm in the parish of Eglwysilan, labourer. 

John George, of Cardiff, mason. 

Thomas Lewis Mathew, of Whitchurch, labourer. 

John Jones, of Whitchurch, mason. 

Lewis Edward, of Cwm Nofydd, yeoman. 

William Morgan, of Caerphilly Furnace, victualler. 

Christopher Wilkius of Llantwit Major, gentleman. 

Theophilus Herbert, of Llanmaes, farmer. 

Llywelyn James, of Llanmaes, farmer. 

John Price of Llaudaff Court, esquire. 

Thomas Thomas, of Lavernock, farmer. 

Rowland Richard, of Rudry, victualler. 

Thomas Thomas, of Saint Pagan's, carpenter. 

William Robert, of Rudry, yeoman. 

Richard Rowland, of Rudry, yeoman. 

James Cox, of Castell Coch, yeoman. 

John Evan, of Pant Gwaunlais, yeoman. 

Lewis Jenkins of Cae Cady, esquire. 

William Vaughan, of Cardiff, gentleman. 


John Morgan, of Cardiff, mason. 
Edward Thomas, of Cardiff, tiler. 
Thomas Morgan, of CardiflF, gaoler. 
Thomas Jones, of Cardiff, tailor. 
George Harrington, of Cardiff, perukemaker. 
James Walters, of Cardiff, mariner. 
Lewis David, of Cardiff, shopkeeper. 
Lewis Morgan, of Llystalybont, yeoman. 
John Thomas, of Llantrisant, yeoman. 
James Lloyd, of Llantrisant, yeoman. 
Evan Rees, of Llantrisant, yeoman. 
Thomas Jenkins, of Llantrisant, yeoman. 
William Miles, of Llantrisant, yeoman. 

Thomas Holland, of Llanharan, yeoman. 

David Evan, of Llanwono, farmer. 

William David, of Aberdar, yeoman. 

William Morgan, of Aberdar, yeoman. 

Thomas Morgan, of Aberdar, yeoman. 

Morgan Watkin, of Aberdar, yeoman. 

Evan John, of Aberdar, yeoman. 

Thomas Llewellin, of Hirwaun, yeoman. 

Thomas John, of Hirwaun, yeoman. 

Lewis Edward, of Gelligaer, yeoman. 

Watkin Thomas, of Eglwysilan, yeoman. 

William Williams, of Cardiff. 

William Jenkins, of Cardiff, glasier. 

John Morgan, of Cardiff, mason. 

William Tanner, of Cardiff, hatter. 

John Stibbs senior, of Cardiff, perukemaker. 

John Stibbs junior, of Cardiff, perukemaker. 

Thomas Stibbs junior, of Cardiff, cordwainer. 

William Evans, of Cardiff, cordwainer. 

Evan Richards, of Cardiff, fisherman. 

John Lewis, of Cardiff, gardener. 

Edward Evans, of Cardiff, fisherman. 

Philip Lewis, of Cardiff, cordwainer. 

Nathaniel Fox, of Cardiff, labourer. 

William Williams, of Cardiff, mariner. 

Thomas Newton, of Cardiff, yeoman. 

William Jones, of Cardiff, yeoman. 

Edward Jones, of Cardiff, cordwainer. 

Serjeants at Mace. 
John Whiteing and Emanuel White. 

COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 345 

Cardiff Town, to wit. Thursday the i2"> Day of November 1789. 

John Wood of the Town of Cardiff in the County of Glamorgan 
Gentleman having produced an Instrument under the Hands and 
Seals of The Right Honorable John Lord Cardiff commonly called 
Lord Viscount Mountstuart and Charlotte Jane his Wife bearing 
date the 6"> Day of March 1789 appointing the said John Wood 
Gentleman Town Clerk of the said Town of Cardiff during their 
will and pleasure He was accordingly sworn in Town Clerk of the 
said Town of Cardiff Before me 


1789. Minutes of Council. 

Cardiff Town ) 

to wit j At a Court of Common Council held by the Bayliffs 

Aldermen and Capital Burgesses for the Town of 

Cardiff aforesaid in the Council Chamber of the said Town on 

Wednesday the 2 2<^ day of July One Thousand seven Hundred 

and Eighty Nine. 

Whereas at a Court of Common Council held for the said Town 
on Thursday the Nineteenth day of June One thousand seven 
Hundred and seventy seven [recites the Minutes then passed relative 
to the Charity of the late M" Jane Herbert.^] And Whereas it appears 
to Us in Common Council duly Assembled that the said Thomas 
Edwards hath Expended divers large Sums of Money in Obtaining 
a Decree for the Establishment of the said Charity. And Whereas 
upon an Account this day made stated and produced to us It appears 
that the sum of ^452. 13s. <^d. remains due to him as the Balance of 
his said Account. And Whereas the Right Honble. Lord Viscount 
Mountstuart at the request and by the desire of the said Bayliffs 
Aldermen and Capital Burgesses is ready and willing and hath 
agreed to lend and advance to the said Bayliffs Aldermen and Capital 
Burgesses the said sum of ^452. 13. 9 and to pay the same to the 
said Thomas Edwards in full of his said Demand. Now we the 
said Bayliffs Aldermen and Capital Burgesses in Council Assembled 

^ See ante, p. 291. 


in Consideration of such payment do iiereby Charge the Several 
Messuages Tenements Lands and Tolls belonging to us in our 
Corporate Capacity with the repaying of the said £aS'^- ^3- 9 ^"d 
we do for the further and better repayment thereof to the said 
Lord Viscount Mountstuart and his Executors and Administrators 
Impower and Authorize the said Lord Viscount Mountstuart his 
Executors Administrators and his and their Steward or Agent to 
receive from the Several Persons Tenants of the said Town and all 
others Indebted to the said Town all such arrears and Sums of 
Money as are now due or owing to us or shall hereafter arise acrue 
or become due to us from the same and to receive the Rents and 
profitts of our said Estates till the repayment shall be made of the 
said ;i^452. 13. 9 and on Neglect of Payment by any of the Tenants 
of the said Estates we do Impower and Authorize them to make 
such distresses for the same or to bring such Actions or Suits for 
the recovery thereof as they shall think proper being accountable 
to us for the same. And we do hereby direct and desire the present 
and future Bayliffs to put our Common Seal to such Power of 
Attorney Act or Deed as shall be necessary to Enable him them 
or either of them as he or they shall Employ to demand sue for or 
receive the same hereby Agreeing to Indemnify the said Thomas 
Edwards and Powell Edwards from all Costs Charges or Damages 
that they or either of them shall or may suffer for or on Account 
of their being Relators in any Suits brought by them or either of 
them in behalf of any Charity relating to the said Town as also 
so long as their Name shall be made use of or Continued as Relators 
in any future proceeding to be had relative to the said Charity's 
And we do hereby further direct that such future proceedings may be 
had and taken as shall be deemed Necessary and Expedient for the 
Establishing such Charity's and that the Costs and Expences thereof 
as shall hereafter be paid by the said Right Hon^ie Lord Viscount 
Mountstuart shall be repaid him by and out of the said Messuages 
Tenements Lands and Tolls and we do hereby charge the same 
with the payment as well of the said sum of ^452. 13. 9 as of 
such further sums as he shall pay and Expend in the Prosecution 
of such Suit, and for the further Conventing and Prosecuting 
thereof we do hereby retain and Employ as our Soil'' & Attorney 

COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 347 

John Wood of Cardiff Gentleman the present Town Clerk of the 
said Town. 

13 signatures. 

October 21. Whereas Thomas Edwards Esq-" one of the Alder- 
men of the said Town having this Day been paid by the said Bailiffs 
Aldermen and Burgesses of the said Town the Sum of Four Hundred 
and fifty two pounds thirteen shillings and nine pence in full of 
Principal and Interest of an Account settled between him and the 
Bayliffs Aldermen and Capital Burgesses of the said Town the 22^ 
Day of July last at a Court of CoiiTon Councel then duly Suinoned and 
held for the said Town Did this Day deliver up to Us in Council 
Assembled as aforesaid the Deeds Books Papers Evidences Muniments 
and Writings belonging to the said Town of Cardiff or to the Bailiffs 
Aldermen and Burgesses thereof, and mentioned and comprized in a 
Schedule annexed to an Affidavit sworn this Day before John Wood 
Gentleman a Master Extraordinary in Chancery, being all the Books 
Deeds Papers Evidences Muniments and Writings belonging to the 
said Town in his Custody possession or power, Now We the said 
Bayliffs Aldermen and Capital Burgesses in Council duly assembled 
Do Order and Ordain and for ourselves and our Successors Covenant 
promise and agree to and with the said Thomas Edwards That We 
and our Successors shall and will Indemnify and save harmless the 
said Thomas Edwards and his Son the Reverend Powel Edwards 
Clerk one other of the Aldermen of the said Town of Cardiff from 
all Costs Charges damages and Expences that he or they or either of 
them can or may suffer or be put unto for or by reason of them or 
either of them being Relator or Relators in any Suit or Suits brought 
in His Majesty's High Court of Chancery in the Name of the 
Attorney General against the Reverend William Llewellin Clerk 
deceased and others as also against William Richards Esq"" deceased 
and others for or on account of any Gift or Donation for the Endow- 
ment of any School in the said Town of Cardiff or for the use and 
benefit of the Poor of the said Town or for or by reason of any 
future proceedings that shall or may be hereafter had in the said Suits 
or by Means of the Changing or altering the Name or Names of any 
Relator or Relators hereafter in the said Causes or any Costs paid or 
to be paid on account thereof or for or upon Account of any other or 


further proceedings to be had or prosecuted in the said Court Relative 

to the said Causes or either of them. 

Sam' Sabine ) „ .,.„ 

Henry Hollier . 
Francis Minnitt 
John Richards 
R. Williams 
Edw"^ Thomas 
Alex'' Wilson 
Edw'^ Whiting 
Tho= Stibbs 
Hugh Whiting 
John Hussey 
J. Wood 

Town Clerk. 

Inspected 1790. Tho^ London. 

1790. Elections and Appointments. 

Burgesses or Freemen. 

John Bradley, of Cardiff, innholder. 
Richard Reynolds, of Cardiff, maltster. 

I 791. Elections and Appointments. 
Burgess or Freeman. 
John Kent, of Market Street, Saint James's, esquire. 

Council Minute (the only one in 1791). 
It is Ordered that the Town Clerk pursue such Steps as he may 
think necessary to remove the present obstruction near the Great 
Bridge adjoining the Park, which prevents the Inhabitants of the s"^ 
Town from going with their Cattle & Horses to Water, as usual & 

1792. Elections and Appointments. 

29 Septr. 1792. Bailiffs. 

John Richards and Bloom Williams (sworn before John Richards, esquire, 
Constable of the Castle.) 

Burgesses or Freemen. 

Robert Jenner senior, of Lincoln's Inn Fields in the county of Middlesex, 

William Taitt, of Cardiff, esquire. 

COUNCIL MINUTES, 1 740-1835.' 349 

Serjeants at Mace 
William Bew and William Jenkins (sworn before the Constable, as above.) 

Cardiff Town | 

to wit J At a Court of Aldermen duly summoned and held 
for the said Town on Monday the Thirtieth day of 
January 1792 it appearing unto us the Aldermen then assembled 
according to such summons and whose hands are hereunto subscribed 
that Sir Herbert Mackworth of Gnoll Castle in the County of 
Glamorgan Baronet is lately deceased so that the Office of Steward 
of the said Town is now vacant we do therefore in pursuance of 
the power granted to us by the Charters of the said Town as also 
according to the ancient custom of the said Town Elect William 
Nicholl of Ham in the said County of Glamorgan Esquire Barrister 
at Law to be and Act in the Office of Steward of the said Town in 
the stead and place of the said S^" Herbert Mackworth Bar' Deceased 
to Hold during our Will and pleasure As Witness our Hands the 
Day and year aforesaid. 

7 signatures. 

Cardiff Town \ 

to wit ) The Second Day of ffebruary One thousand seven 

hundred and Ninety two, John Richards of the 

Corner House in the Town of Cardiff in the County of Glamorgan 

Esq"" having produced an Instrument under the Hands and Seals 

of the Right Honourable John Lord Viscount Mountstuart Baron 

Cardiff of Cardiff Castle in the County of Glamorgan &c. &c. &c. 

and Charlotte Jane Lady Viscountess Mountstuart Baroness Cardiff 

Lord and Lady of the Castle of Cardiff with its rights members and 

appurtenances bearing date the thirtieth Day of November One 

thousand, seven hundred and Ninety one appointing the said John 

Richards Esq'' Constable of the Castle of Cardiff aforesaid during 

their Will and pleasure only he was Accordingly sworn in Constable 

of Cardiff aforesaid before us. 

Sam' Sabine. 

Cardiff Town ] 

to wit j At a Court of Bailiffs, Aldermen and Assistants 

holden for the town of Cardiff aforesaid at the 

Guildhall of the said Town on Thursday the lO''' Day of May 1792 


duly summoned and assembled to proceed on the public business of 
the said Town. 

Whereas the Lease held by John Richards Esq"" of Lands 
adjoining the Heath expired on the io"i Day of August last, and 
there is a considerable quantity of Oak and other Timber fit for 
cutting thereon It is ordered that the same be sold (for the best 
price that can be got) by the Commons Attornies, 

It is Ordered that the Town Clerk Advertise the s"^ Lands to be 
let to the Best Bidder, on Thursday the 26' Day of July next for the 
Term of 21 years, under the usual Covenants and reservations. 

M"" William Wilson proposes taking a Lease of the House and 
garden called little Troy for the term of 42 years from the first Day 
of May next at the rent of five shillings p"" annum. 

1792 June II. The said Bailiffs Aldermen & Burgesses conceiving 
it to be their duty in the present moment to lay before the Throne 
their Sentiments of loyalty and Attachment to his Majesty have 
agreed upon an address which being read and approved of It is 
Ordered to be imediately ingrossed for signature and the Town Clerk 
is directed to write to the Bailiffs and Portreeves of the contributory 
Boroughs requesting their concurrence. 

The Right Honourable Lord Mountstuart Member for the 
Borough being now out of the Kingdom It is Ordered that the Right 
Hon'^^^ the Earl of Bute be requested to present the Address. 

John Richards 
Sam' Sabine 
B. Williams 
Alex"" Wilson 
Edw'^ Whiting 
Hugh Whiteing 
Paul Price 
John Hussey. 

1793. Elections and Appointments. 


April 8. Francis Minnitt, vice John Richards senior, deceased (before John 

Richards, esquire, Constable of the Castle). 
Septr. 30. Henry Hollier and John Hussey. 

COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 351 

John Hussey. (No record of his swearing in.) 

Assistants or Capital Burgesses. 
James Capper, esquire. 
Thomas Thomas, gentleman. 
William Wilson, gentleman. 

Serjeants at Mace. 
Thomas Morgan, glasier, and Thomas Morgan, chandler. 

Burgesses or Freemen. 
Francis Minnitt, junior, of Cardiff, gentleman. 
Thomas Davies of Maesmawr in the parish of Pentyrch, gentleman. 

1793. Minutes of Council. 

An Agreement bearing date the 26* of March 1793 made 
between the Company of Proprietors of the Glamorganshire Canal 
Navigation and Bloom Williams Esqr as Surviving Bailiff, on behalf of 
the Corporation of the Town of Cardiff for the sale of Two Cottages 
& part of the Gardens thereunto belonging It is Ordered that the said 
Agreement be confirmed so far as is absolutely necessary for making 
the said Canal reserving to themselves all the adjoining Land. 

Henry HoUier Esq'' applying for a Lease of the Waste Ground 
before the Cathays where the Fir Trees are now planted at the 
Yearly Rent of five shiUings for the Term of forty two years Ordered 
that a Lease be granted thereof Agreeable to following description 
and dimensions : [these were never filled in.] 

Francis Minnitt 
R. Wilhams 
Will. Prichard 
Sam' Sabine 
Henry Hollier 
Edw"^ Thomas 
Tho® Sweet 
Alex'' Wilson 
Edw<' Whiteing 
Hugh Whiteing 
John Hussey 
Paul Price. 


Minutes of Council (continued). 1794—1817. 

Thick folio volume bound in rough calf, only quarter filled. 

Cardiff Town ) 

to wit. j At a Court of Bailiffs Aldermen and Assistants 

holden for the Town of Cardiff aforesaid at the 

Guildhall of the said Town on Monday the 5"> Day of May 1794 

duly summoned and Assembled to proceed on the Public business of 

the said Town. 

Whereas at a Meeting of the Bailiffs Aldermen and Capital 
Burgesses held at the Guildhall of the said Town on the 28"^ Day of 
January 1785 M"" William Prichard proposed taking a building Lease 
of all that ruinous House lying near the Quay lately held by M^ 
Lambert by Lease for the term of Forty two years at the yearly rent 
of One pound, he the said William Prichard having the benefit of all 
the materials there, for any building that might be erected thereon 
And Whereas the said William Prichard having had the assent of 
the said Bailiffs Aldermen and Burgesses did in conjunction with 
John Blannin of Cardiff Gentleman lay out a considerable Sum of 
Money in rebuilding the said House and hath since become Bankrupt 
And his Estate and effects Assigned over to the said John Blannin, 
Thomas Wigan of Bristol and Henry Charles of Cardiff aforesaid 
And Whereas the said John Blannin hath purchased of the said 
Assignees the interest of the said William Prichard in the said 
premises and hath this Day applied to the Bailiffs Aldermen and 
Assistants to grant to him a Lease of the said premises in conformity 
to the said proposal of the said William Prichard of the 28' Janv 
1785 It is Ordered that a Lease thereof be granted the said John 
Blannin accordingly and that the Bailiffs cause the Town Seal to be 
affixed thereto. 

[Henry Hollier, esq., to be granted a Lease of " the Waste Ground 
before Cathays."] 

M"" Hollier proposes on behalf of the Earl of Bute taking a Lease 
of that Spot piece or parcel of Ground adjoining the new turnpike 
road on the North, the Water running from the old copper Mills on 
the West, the Walls belonging to the Cardiff Arms Inn on the East, 
& the Waste Ground of the s^ Bailiffs Aldermen and Burgesses on 

1794] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 353 

the South extending from North to South about Thirty Yards and 
from East to West about Twenty Yards at the Yearly rent of five 
shillings for the term of Ninety Nine years. [Granted 17 December 
1 794-] 

Henry Hollier") 

T , TT r Bailiffs 

John Hussey j 

Francis Minnitt 

Sami Sabine 

B. Williams 

Edw'^ Thomas 

Tho^ Sweet 

Alex"" Wilson 

Edw<i Whiteing 

Hugh Whiteing 

Paul Price 

J. Capper 

Tho. Thomas 

W. Willson. 

Cardiff Town | 

to wit ) Monday the 29*'' day of September 1794. 

Francis Minnitt and Bloom Williams Esq''^ were 
both sworn (in the Castle of Cardiff) into the Office of Bailiffs of the 
said Town of Cardiff by John Richards Esquire Constable of the 
Castle of Cardiff. 

The same Day and at the same place Thomas Lewis and 
Thomas Stibbs were sworn into the Office of Serjeants at Mace 
of the said Town by John Richards Esq'' Constable of the 

1794 Dec 17 Wednesday. Hugh Whiteing, gent", and James 
Capper, esq% were elected Aldermen vice Francis Minnitt and 
Thomas Edwards, deceased, and sworn before the Constable of the 

On the same day, before the said Constable, the said James 
Capper was sworn Bailiff in the room of Francis Minnitt 



1795 August 27 Thursday. William NichoUs, of the Middle 
Temple, esq''% was admitted and sworn a Burgess or Freeman ; and 
was afterwards sworn into the office of Steward, in the room of Sir 
Herbert Mackworth, bar', deceased, by Bloom Williams and James 
Capper, esq''^^ Bailiffs. 

September 24 Thursday. Edward Bird, of Cardiff, tinman, was 
admitted and sworn a Burgess or Freeman, by the Bailiffs, " In Open 
Court at the Court of our Lord the King." 

1795 September 29 Tuesday. Samuel Sabine and Henry 
Hollier were both sworn (in the Castle of Cardiff) into the office 
of Bailiffs of the said Town, by John Richards, esq^, Constable 
of the Castle. And William Bew and William Evans were sworn 
Serjeants at Mace by the said Constable. 

1796 February 25 Thursday. William Priest and Richard 
Priest, of Cardiff, gentlemen, were severally admitted and sworn 
Burgesses or Freemen. 

July 14. James Williams, of Cardiff, gent", the like. 

Sepf 8. David Edwards, of Cardiff, surgeon, the like. 

29. Bloom Williams and James Capper sworn Bailiffs in the 
same manner as before ; and Thomas Charles and William Westmacut, 
Serjeants at Mace. 

1797 August 15 Tuesday. At a Court of Bailiffs Aldermen 
and Assistants holden for the Town of Cardiff aforesaid at the 
Guildhall of the said Town, duly summoned and assembled to 
proceed on the public business of the said Town. 

Ordered that the Town Clerk be requested to write to M"" 
Hill of Bristol, for [blank] feet of Lead for the purpose of covering 
the Roof of the Guild hall of the said Town to be sent p'' return of 
Boat and that he inform M'' Hill that the Old Lead will be sent to him 
which he is expected to take at the Market price. 

21. Ordered that the Commons Attornies contract with M'' 
Edward Bird, plumber, to cover the roof of the Guildhall, provided 
he compleat the whole before Session. 

1797-98] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1 740-1835. 


1797 Augt 24. Richard Williams, of Maendy in the parish of 
Llantrisant, farmer, admitted Burgess or Freeman. 

Sepf 22 Friday. Ordered that Notice be given to the several 
Persons hereunder named to quit their respective holdings at the 
expiration of the present Year : — 

Thomas Jones, house in High Street. 

Henry Lewis, clerk, fields near the Dobbin Pits. 

Jacob Jenkin, house on the Little Heath. 

John Evans, the tolls. 

Edward Rowland, the Rose and Crown. 

Lionel Stibbs, the Weigh House. 

Ricket Willet, shop under the Hall steps. 
" John Richards Esq'' Constable of the Castle having proposed to 
remove the present Market House the same being very inconvenient 
& in a ruinous state, & towards the expence of such removal hath 
agreed to give a certain Messuage or Tenement in the possession of 
Thomas Leyson situate in the Middle Row near the East Gate to be 
sold & the Money arising by such Sale to be laid out in building 
a New Market House in such place as shall hereafter be determined 
upon It is Ordered that such proposal be accepted of" 

Thomas Morgan, glazier, and Thomas Stibbs, cordwainer, both 
of Cardiff, sworn Assistants or Capital Burgesses, by the Bailiffs. 

29. Henry Hollier and John Hussey were sworn Bailiffs in 
the Castle by the Constable, and Richard Price and Edward Bird 
Serjeants at Mace. 

1797 October 31 Tuesday. "Ordered that the Commons 
Attornies pay the Town Clerk the Sum of Sixty four pounds being 
the Ballance of his Bill for Attending Parliament on the Glamorgan- 
shire Canal Bill on behalf of the Corporation." 

1798 September 28 Friday. Charles Williams, of Cardiff, 
currier, sworn Assistant or Capital Burgess ; Thomas Thomas was 
elected an Alderman vice Thomas Sweet, deceased ; and Richard Price 
Assistant or Capital Burgess. 

" Henry Hollier Esquire this Day, on behalf of The Marquess of 
Bute, proposes taking a Lease of the Messuage or Dwelling House 

3S6 CARDIFF RECORDS. [i 798-1800 

with its appurtenances in the Occupation of Arthur Tanner, the 
Ditch & old Town Wall extending from the North Gate to the 
East Gate, the Waste by the side of the Pound to the Canal 
Bridge on both sides the Road, the Cottage and Field now in the 
Occupation of M"'^ Minnitt her Undertenants or Assigns, the Cottage 
& Field in the occupation of Jacob Jenkins, and the Field & Waste 
occupied by Henry Lewis Clerk his Undertenants or Assigns, at 
the Rent hereafter to be fixed by a Surveyor on behalf of the 

29. Bloom Williams and James Capper sworn Bailiffs by the 
Constable in the Castle. Lionel Stibbs and John Owen sworn 
Serjeants at Mace. 

The Minutes about this time are extremely meagre, there being generally but one 
or two Council Meetings a year, at which only a couple of Minutes were passed. 

1799 Sept"" 29. William Prichard and Henry Hollier sworn 
Bailiffs before the Constable in the Castle. Edward Thomas and 
William Jenkins, Serjeants at Mace. 

"Inspected. Ja^ Jones. 14"' Ocf" 1799." 

These appointments are the only entries for the current year. 

1800 Sepf 29. Bloom Williams and John Hussey sworn 
Bailiffs before the Constable in the Castle. William Stibbs and 
William John, Serjeants at Mace. 

Nov'' 5. " This Court having taken into Consideration the 
proposed inclosure of the Great and Little Heaths and conceiving it 
will be for the benefit of the Corporation that the same should be 
carried into Execution do hereby appoint John Richards Esq'' Con- 
stable of the Castle Bloom Williams and John Hussey Esq""^ Bailiffs 
and John Wood Gent° Town Clerk to be a Committee for the pur- 
poses aforesaid and to treat with such persons as shall be necessary 
and to do all such Acts as shall be useful for obtaining a proper 
proportion of the said Heaths for the Use of the said Corporation 
and do hereby Authorize the said Town Clerk to take such steps as 
he shall deem necessary for obtaining an Act for the purposes afore- 
said And we do hereby agree to approve of and ratify such Terms 

i8oo-2] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 357 

or Agreements as they shall obtain or agree to on behalf of the said 
Corporation and do hereby direct the said Town Clerk to affix our 
Common Seal hereto. 

John Richards 
Alex-- Wilson B. Williams 

Tho. Morgan John Hussey 

Thos Stibbs Powell Edwards 

Cha^ Williams Will. Prichard 

R"^ Price." Edwd Thomas 

Hugh Whiteing 
Tho= Thomas 

1801 February 14 Saturday. "The Town Clerk having 
produced a Petition to the Honorable the House of Commons for 
leave to bring in a Bill to inclose the Great and little Heaths and 
the same being approved of, Ordered that the Common Seal be 
affixed thereto, and that the Right Honorable Lord Evelyn Stuart 
our Member be requested to present the same." 

Sepf 3. Thursday. John Wood junior, gentleman, and Thomas 
Jones, cordwainer, both of Cardiff, sworn Burgesses or Freemen. 

29"^ Tuesday. Henry HoUier and Hugh Whiting sworn Bailiffs 
in like manner as before ; and Thomas Jones and John Evans 
Serjeants at Mace. 

The Constables for the East Ward sworn on this occasion were 
John Turberville and William Rugg. 

N.B. — From this point on not every admission of a Burgess will be noted here. 

1802 September i. "At a Court of Common Council duly 
summoned assembled and held for the said Town in the Council 
Chamber of the said Town We whose Names are hereunto subscribed 
being the Majority then and there present Do Disfranchise oust and 
remove John Wood the Elder an Assistant or Capital Burgess of 
this Town of and from his said Office of Assistant or Capital 
Burgess and Burgess of the said Town and do hereby make null 
and void his title and Claim to the said Offices and to each and 
every of them, the said John Wood also consenting thereto." 

[11 signatures, including J. Wood.] 


Next follow similar forms of disfranchisement of William 
Prichard, Alderman and Burgess; John Bird senior, Burgess; 
William Evans, victualler. Burgess; William Morgan, Burgess; 
John Purcel, Burgess. 

2gth Wednesday. Bloom Williams and Thomas Thomas sworn 
Bailiffs, and John Purcel and Thomas John, Serjeants at Mace, in 
like manner as before. 

"Cardiff Town to wit. On Thursday the 30* day of September 
1802 In Open Court at the Court of our Sovereign Lord the King 
held for the said Town William Morgan of the said Town Porter 
of the Castle of Cardiff, John Purcell of the said Town Cordwainer 
John Wood the Elder of the said Town Gentleman John Bird the 
Elder of the said Town Cordwainer William Evans of the said Town 
Victualler and John Davies of the said Town Carpenter were 
severally admitted and sworn Burgesses of the said Town before 
Bloom Williams and Thomas Thomas Esquires Bailiffs of the said 

November 11. William Prichard senior, of Cardiff, gentleman, 
admitted and sworn a Burgess. 

"Cardiff Town to wit. At a Court of Bailiffs Aldermen and 
Assistants of the said Town held at the Guildhall of the said Town 
on Saturday the 2o"» Day of November 1802 duly summoned and 
Assembled to proceed on the Public business of the said Town. 

"The Inhabitants of the Parish of Saint Marys having applied for 
leave, at their own expence to take down the South Gate, and part of 
the Town Wall for the purpose of making a New and convenient 
Road thro' the same, and they undertaking to build a Quoin on the 
East side, and to make good the end of the old Wall from whence the 
Gate is taken, for the benefit of the Corporation : Ordered that they 
be permitted so to do." 

William Prichard senior is re-elected Assistant or Capital 
Burgess, in the vacancy created by his own resignation. 

" Cardiff Town to wit. On Tuesday the 28* day of December 
One Thousand Eight Hundred and two. Powell Edwards Clerk the 
Elder Alderman of the said Town was sworn in a Justice of the Peace 

i8o2-3] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 359 

for the said Town before John Richards Esq. Constable of the Castle 
of Cardiff. 

On the same day and year Henry Hollier Esq"^ was Sworn in 
Bailiff of the said Town in the room of Bloom Williams Esq: dece'd 
by the same John Richards Esq"- Constable of the Castle of Cardiff." 

1803 March 12. "Resolved that the Town Clerk do prepare 
an Address to his Majesty from the said Town and its Contributory 
Boroughs on the timely discovery of the Wicked & traitorous designs 
against his Majestys Person and forthwith proceed to get the same 
signed by the sev^ Bailiffs Portreeves and Burgesses of the said 
Boroughs and request our Member to present the same." 

[5 signatures.] 

May 18. William Richards, of Cardiff, gentleman, sworn Assis- 
tant or Capital Burgess. 

"Whereas the Most Honorable the Marquess of Bute hath 
applied to the Bailiffs Aldermen and Capital Burgesses to repay him 
the Sum of Four Hundred and fifty two pounds thirteen shillings and 
Nine pence advanced and lent by him on the 22^ Day of July 1789 
together with Interest thereon amounting in the whole to the Sum of 
Seven hundred and fifty pounds and upwards which the said Bailiffs 
Aldermen and Capital Burgesses are unable to do without a sale of 
part of their Estates It is proposed that M*" Brown Surveyor mark 
out such part of the Great Heath as hath lately been allotted to the 
s^ Bailiffs Aldermen and Burgesses under an Act of Parliament for 
enclosing the Great and Little Heaths as he shall think most advisable 
and shall be sufficient for the payment thereof, and It is Ordered that 
the same be forthwith sold either by private contract or public auction 
as the said Baihffs Aldermen and Capital Burgesses shall think proper 
and that as soon as the Money arising by the sale of such Lands shall 
be received that the said Sum of £tso & upwards be forthwith paid 
the said Marquess of Bute. 

" M"" Wood the Town Clerk having been instrumental and inde- 
fatigable in procuring the said Inclosure Act and the Allotments made 
the said Bailiffs Aldermen and Capital Burgesses thereunder and 
having applied and proposed the purchase of a Cottage and two small 
ffields called Cae-pwdur and Cuthroat now held by him by Lease under 
the said Bailiffs Aldermen and Burgesses and also Twelve acres and 


thirty Perches of Land part of such allotment and now in the 
Occupation of the said John Wood situate on the little Heath and 
M"" Brown the Surveyor having valued the same on behalf of the said 
Bailiffs Aldermen and Burgesses at the sum of One Hundred and 
Ninety eight pounds which the said John Wood hath agreed to give 
for the same : Ordered that a Conveyance be made to the said 
John Wood on payment of the said Sum of ;^I98, in ffee, and that 
the Corporation Seal be affixed thereto." 

John Wood senior elected Assistant or Capital Burgess, on his 
own resignation of that office. 

The Lease which on 5 May 1794 was to have been granted 
William Prichard, and which was ordered to be granted to John 
Blannin, is now granted to William Taitt, of Cardiff, esquire. 

" Ordered that M"" Brown take an Actual Survey and Map and 
Value the Lands on both Heaths allotted the Corporation under the 
Inclosure Act and that when the same is so compleated that the 
Town Clerk advertise and sell the same by Auction together or 
seperate and that the Monies arising by such Sale be invested on 
Government Securities for the benefit of the said Bailiffs Aldermen 
and Capital Burgesses in their Corporate Capacity. 

"A Plan and Estimate for making a Market House under 
the Town Hall having been produced by John Davies Carpenter 
(Elevation) It is approved of and the Estimate of ^210: Ordered 
that the Bailiffs contract with the said John Davies for making the 
same and that the Town Clerk prepare a contract accordingly. 

"Ordered that the Old Market House be sold by Auction by 
the Bailiffs when they shall think proper." 

William Prichard senior is re-elected an Alderman, after his 
resignation and disfranchisement. 

Sepf 15. Thursday. Nathaniel French, tailor, John Thackwell, 
watchmaker, and Stephen Todd, mariner, all of Cardiff, were 
severally admitted and sworn Burgesses. 

1803 September 23. The Most Honorable the Marquess of 
Bute, on his own behalf and also on behalf of the Right Honorable the 
Earl of Dumfries, having applied to the Corporation to exchange 
certain Houses and Lands as herein after particularly mentioned, 
previous to their sale, and the same having been viewed and appraised 

i8o3] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 361 

by Thomas Brown of Luton Esq''^ on behalf of the Marquess of Bute, 
and by M"" Thomas Morgan on behalf of the Corporation : Ordered 
that the said Marquess of Bute and Earl of Dumfries be accordingly 
accommodated, and that the Town Clerk prepare the necessary Deeds 
of Exchange and affix the Corporation Seal thereto. 

Proposed Exchange. 

Corporation agree to give Lord Bute 

Waste near Cardiff Arms, valued at 

2 Houses in North Gate, 13 & 112. 

Coal Yard _ _ _ . 

Waste before Cathays &c. 

Stepaside Cot - - 

2 ffields near Cathays 

Waste behind Cathays &c. 

Lands at Cross Buchan &c. 

Waste by Mile Stone &c. 

Town Ditch in White ffryars 

809. 8. o 

Lord Bute agrees to give the Corporation 

Spring Garden & field - - - - 147. 15. o 

Spital House & field - - - 200. o. o 

2 Houses in Middle Row - - 128. o. o 
AUottment on Little Heath - - 275. o. o 
Old Ruins in Smith Street - - - 28. 5. o 

779. o. o 

Corporation agree to give Lord Bute and Lord 
Saunders House - - 96- 15 

Waste near Old Mill - - " i- 12 

3 Houses out of West Gate - 69. o 
Kays House - - - 205. 4 
Waste near the Castle Mount - -36-5 
Centry House 























22. o 

430. 16 



362 CARDIFF RECORDS. [1803-6 

Lord Bute and Lord Dumfries agree to give the 

2 fifields let to Bradley - - - - 335. 8. o 

Allotment Gallows Field- - - - 125. 16. o 

461. 4. 

The Corporation agreed to exchange with M"" Wood, receiving 
from him certain lands he had purchased on the Great Heath under 
the Inclosure Act, and conveying to him lands on the Little Heath 
called their first allotment. The lands so received in exchange from 
M'' Wood were ordered to be sold by the Corporation to Colonel 

1803 September 28. M"" HoUier received a conveyance of 
" Spring Garden & Field, Spital House and ffield and the Old Ruin 
in Smith Street." 

1803 Sepf 29. John Wood the elder, Thomas Morgan, glazier, 
and Henry Williams, mercer, were severally sworn Aldermen before 
John Richards, esquire. Constable of the Castle. 

On the same day James Capper and William Prichard were both 
sworn Bailiffs in the Castle by the said Constable. 

1804 Sepf 29. Henry HoUier and Thomas Morgan sworn 
Bailiffs as above. 

1805 March 14 Thursday. In Open Court, &c. Thomas 
Dalton, victualler, was admitted and sworn a Freeman. 

Inspected by W™ Ody. 

1805 Sepf" 30 Monday (Michaelmas Day being on Sunday). 
James Capper and Thomas Thomas were sworn Bailiffs, and John 
Purcel and William Owen Serjeants at Mace, as above. 

1806 April 22 Thursday. Thomas Morgan alderman was sworn 
in Bailiff by the Constable in the Castle, in the room of Thomas 
Thomas deceased. 

June 19. Thursday. Frederick Wood, of Cardiff, Lieutenant, 
1 1"' Light Dragoons, and the Rev'^ Cradock Nowell, of Lanvigan in 
the county of Brecon, were admitted and sworn Freemen. 

i8o6-io] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. ^63 

1806 Sepf 25 Thursday. Thomas New, esquire, Captain in his 
Majesty's Royal Navy, and William Morgan, of Cardiff, gentleman, 
were admitted and sworn Freemen, 

29'h Henry Hollier and Henry Williams were sworn Bailiffs. 

1807 Sepf 24 Thursday. Robert Savours, of Cowbridge, 
gentleman, was admitted and sworn a Freeman. 

29"^ James Capper and Thomas Morgan were sworn Bailiffs. 

1808 January 14 Thursday. Nicholl Wood, of Cardiff, gentle- 
man, admitted and sworn a Freeman. 

Sepf" 29 Thursday. Henry Hollier and William Prichard were 
sworn Bailiffs. 

1809 July I Saturday. The Church Yard belonging to the 
Parish Church of Saint Johns being too small for the use of the 
Parish, & the Parishioners having applied to the Corporation to grant 
the small piece of Land adjoining the Church Yard, containing about 
193 yards : Ordered that the Town Clerk prepare a Conveyance 
thereof to the said Parish for the consid" of is. & annex the 
Corporation Seal thereto. 

Sepf 29 Friday. James Capper and Thomas Morgan sworn 

1810 Aug' 27 Monday. Whereas for the safety of the 
Navigation of the Port of Cardiff it is deemed necessary to lay 
two Buoys in the River Taff to the Westward of the Sea Lock : 
Ordered that such Buoys be immediately procured as M"". Alderman 
Prichard shall direct and that the expence thereof be paid by the 
Commons Attornies. 

M"" J. Wood took a conveyance of "the remainder of the Heath 
Lands" at ^12 per acre, reserving thereout the Race Ground. 

James Evans, of Landaff, M.A., is appointed Teacher of the Wells 
Charity School, by a Court of Aldermen this day held. 

Sepf 20. Evan David, of Fairwater, farmer, and Thomas 
Watkins, of Cardiff, maltster, admitted and sworn Freemen. 

364 CARDIFF RECORDS. [1810-11 

Sepf 29 Saturday. Henry Hollier and Hugh Whiteing sworn 

Nov"" I Thursday. Richard Evans, of Tynypark, Whitchurch, 
farmer, admitted and sworn a Freeman. 

181 1 June 10 Monday. M'" HolHer took a Conveyance of a 
part of the Heath Lands near Rhydlydan. 

The purchase money of M^ Wood's lands is to be invested in 
the purchase of Rumney Bridge and Cardiff Turnpike Deed Polls. 

M"" Wood and M'' Hollier took a conveyance of the Race Ground, 
subject to the conditions that the same shall be thrown open for three 
successive weeks in each year, so long as the races shall continue to 
be held, on their having fourteen days notice from the Steward or 
Clerk of the Course ; and not to plough or break up the same into 

Sepf 30 Monday. James Capper and Thomas Morgan sworn 

Freemen admitted this year : — 

Pethuel Whiteing, chandler. 

John Winstone, tailor. 

Philip Lewis, cordwainer. 

Richard Neave Parris, of Longcross House, esq^ 

Howell Harris, of Treraig in the parish of Llantrissent, farmer. 

William Glascott, sadler. 

John Jones, clerk. 

James Cowper, of Cathays, clerk. 

Thomas Bourne, esq^ 

Edward Windsor Richards, of LandafF, esq^ 

John Davies, Comptroller. 

William Bowen, yeoman. 

Samuel Dimond, baker. 

Philip Woolcott, innkeeper. 

Evan Leyshon, shoemaker. 

Edward David, of Fairwater, farmer. 

Edward Lewis, of Cayra, farmer. 

iSii-h] council minutes, 1740-1835. 365 

181 1 Nov'' 28 Thursday. On consideration of the following 
letter received : — 

" To the Worshipful the Bailiffs and Corporation of the Borough 
of Cardiff. 

The Marquess of Bute having no convenient seat in S' John's 
Church Cardiff is desirous of obtaining the Isle called the Aldermans 
Isle for this purpose, and begs leave to apply to the Corporation for 
the indulgence of converting it into such. Should the Corporation 
therefore kindly listen to the request, it may remain as heretofore the 
place of interment for the Aldermen ; whilst the Marquess of Bute 
will engage at his own expence to keep up and support in good repair 
the above Isle, 

Cardiff. 26 November 181 1." 

The above being read by the Town Clerk : Ordered that he wait 
upon the Noble Marquess and inform him the Corporation will affix 
their Seal to any licence or demise the Marquess may require. 

M"" Thomas Morgan took a lease of " the Cocks Tower & the 
Town Walls in the Hayes" for the term of 42 years at 5s. per annum 

181 2. Freemen admitted: — 

Frederick Jones, of Bristol, Attorney at Law. 
Richard Jenkins, mercer. 
Robert Thomas, yeoman. 
John David, smith. 

181 2 Sepf 29. Henry HoUier and William Prichard sworn 

1 81 3 Sepf" 29. James Capper and Thomas Morgan sworn 

1814 Sepf 29. Henry Hollier and Thomas Morgan sworn 
Bailiffs, in the Castle of Cardiff, by John Culbert, Deputy Constable to 
John Richards, esquire. Constable of the Castle ; who at the same 
time and place swore in Evan Leyshon and John Winstone as 
Serjeants at Mace. 

The form for recording the swearing in of the Ward Constables has no names 
filled in. 

366 CARDIFF RECORDS. [1814-15 

Ocf 13. Edward Priest Richards, gentleman, admitted and 
sworn a Freeman. 

Nov'' 16. The Commons Attorneys were ordered to purchase a 
pump of M'' Bramall's construction and erect the same opposite the 
County Gaol at the pine end of the houses belonging to the Corpora- 
tion, held by M'^^ Mary Jones ; the present pump under the Town 
Hall being found inconvenient to the inhabitants. 

Ordered that Old Pump now under the Town Hall be presented 
by the Corporation to the parishes of S' Johns and S' Marys to be 
by them erected in such part of the Town as they shall think proper. 

Whereas some person or persons have enclosed or taken in part 
of the Whitmore Lane being the Old Road to the Town of Cardiff, 
Ordered that the Commons Attorneys remove such enclosure the same 
being also a Nuisance. 

18 1 5 January 5 Thursday. Henry Hollier the younger, of 
Adams Down, esquire, and John Harris, of Tyclyd, gentleman, were 
severally admitted and sworn Freemen. 

Inspected by W™ Ody. 

June 30 Friday. " The Bailiffs, Aldermen and Burgesses waited 
upon the Most Honorable the Marquess of Bute and Dumfries Lord 
of the Borough and by their Recorder William Nicholl Esquire 
congratulated him on his arrival and first appearance in this Borough 
as Lord thereof and were by him most graciously received." 

July 20 Thursday. There being a Charity School established 
for the Education of the poor Children of this Town and others, and 
the Most Noble the Marquess of Bute being appointed the President 
and the Bailiffs of this Town for the time being Vice Presidents 
thereof; and for the purposes of estabhshing and supporting the 
same and erecting School rooms for that purpose a Subscription has 
been entered into, the Corporation taking the same into consideration 
have agreed to demise a certain spot or Ruin belonging to the said 
Corporation situate in the Town of Cardiff being on the South side 
of a lane called Porridge Lane and bounded on the East by a certain 
lane leading to the Hayes and on the West by a garden formerly 
belonging to Mary Williams spinster and now to M-" Bentley; and 

i8is] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 367 

on the North by a certain lane called Hewl y cawl, and on the South 

by Knockers Hole and Baker's Row and containing about for 

the term of 42 years at the yearly rent of (^d. ; the same to be granted 
the President and Vice Presidents for the time being for the use of 
the said School. And for aiding and assisting the said subscription 
the said Bailiffs Aldermen and Burgesses have agreed to subscribe 
the sum of ;^300 towards the building of the said School rooms, 
and the further sum of £20 per annum toward supporting the said 
School ; to be paid by the Commons Attorneys to such persons and 
in the same manner as other subscriptions are paid for the purposes 

Henry HoUier 
Tho: Morgan 
J. Wood 
J. Bird 
Alex'' Wilson 
Tho® Morgan 
Thomas Jones 
Nath. French 
Jn° Bradley 
William Morgan 
Samuel Dimond 
PhiHp Woolcott. 

Aug' 31. Nathaniel French the younger, linen draper, admitted 
and sworn a Freeman. 

Cardiff" Town to wit. County of Glamorgan. 

On Thursday the 17th Day of August 181 5. Nicholl Wood of 
the Town of Cardiff in the County of Glamorgan Esquire having 
produced an instrument under the hand and Seal of the Most Noble 
John Marquess of Bute Lord of the Borough bearing date the 
eighteenth day of May One thousand eight hundred and fifteen 
appointing the said Nicholl Wood Town Clerk of the said Town 
of Cardiff so long as he shall well justly and honestly demean 
himself in his said Office. He was accordingly Sworn in Town 
Clerk of the said Town of Cardiff before Thomas Morgan Esquire 
Bailiff of the said Town. 

368 CARDIFF RECORDS. [1815-16 

Sepf 28 Thursday. Thomas Morgan the younger, gentleman, 
and Henry Morgan, scrivener, severally admitted and sworn 

2gth "John Wood the elder and Thomas Morgan esquires 
were [in the Castle of Cardiff'] both nominated elected and Chosen 
according to annual Custom Baihffs of the said Town of Cardiff. 

"The same day and at the same place Nathaniel French the 
younger and Henry Morgan were nominated elected and chosen 
Serjeants at Mace of the said Town." 

This year four Constables were elected to each of the four 

Cardiff Town, to wit. On Wednesday the 25* day of October 
18 1 5, John Wood the Elder and Thomas Morgan Esquire having 
been previously nominated elected and Chosen according to annual 
Custom were this day both Sworn (in the Castle of Cardiff) into the 
Office of Bailiffs of the said Town of Cardiff by John Richards 
Esquire Constable of the Castle. 

"The same day and at the same place Nathaniel French the 
younger and Henry Morgan having been previously nominated elected 
and Chosen were Sworn into the Office of Serjeants at Mace of the 
said Town by the said John Richards Esquire Constable of the Castle 
of the said Town of Cardiff." 

Next follows the usual record of two Constables appointed and 
sworn to each Ward, the names being in each case two of the four 
chosen as above mentioned. 

1816 Feby. i Thursday. Joseph Wheeler, architect, and 
William Barrett, innkeeper, were admitted and sworn Freemen. 

May 10 Friday. "The old Quay in Saint Mary's Parish" was 
let to M"" Joseph Davies, for 42 years at five guineas per annum, he 
having "laid out a considerable sum of money in making very con- 
siderable buildings thereon." 

M"" James Parry having incroached on the Town Wall in Saint 
Mary's parish by erecting a Chimney on the same : Ordered that the 
Town Clerk apply to M"" Parry for a nominal annual rent of is. by 

1 Words in brackets struck out. 

i8i6] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 369 

way of acknowledgment for such incroachment and in Case of M"" 
Parrys refusal that the Town Clerk report the same to this Court. 

There being many nuisances committed by persons laying down 
various articles on the land belonging to the Corporation on the east 
side of the Glamorganshire Canal : Ordered that the Common 
Attornies do immediately give notice to the several persons tres- 
passing to remove the several nuisances and that they do erect a 
Wall of the height of four feet on the boundary between the lands 
belonging to the Corporation and the Canal. 

Ml" Thomas Charles was granted a lease of " that part of the 
Corporation land which is between his field &. the Canal & the piece 
up to the Old Lime Kiln," for 42 years at two guineas per annum. 

Ordered that the ancient [Pump^] Well in Crockherbtown be 
opened and that the Commons Attorneys be directed to erect a 
suitable Pump there forthwith. 

Ordered that the Town Clerk apply to Colonel Capper for 
payment of the purchase money & interest for the land he was to 
have had of the Corporation or that he give up possession of the 
Land to the Corporation forthwith. 

The Parishioners having applied to this Meeting thro' the 
medium of the Town Clerk to reopen the ancient Well near the 
Town Hall : Ordered that the Commons Attorneys be directed 
to open the same under the Town Hall Eastern Stair Case. 

1816 June 6 Thursday. 

The Town Clerk having reported to this Court that the address 
ordered at the last Court to be presented to His Royal Highness the 
Prince Regent upon the late Marriage of the Princess Charlotte had 
been drawn up and approved of and signed by the several members 
of the Contributory Boroughs and that the Member for the Borough 
was out of the Kingdom for the benefit of his health and was prevented 
attending to present the same : Resolved that the Honorable M"" 
Stuart be requested to present the same in the absence of the 

It appearing to this Court that the address to her Majesty & 
congratulations to the Princess Charlotte & Prince Leopold were in 
the Opinion of our Steward William Nicholl Esq"" unnecessary the 

^ Struck out. 


object being contained in the above-mentioned address : Ordered that 
the Order of the last Court so far as related to the same be 

Sepf 26 Thursday. William Jenkins, scrivener, was admitted 
and sworn a Freeman. 

Sepf 29, Sunday. Edward Thomas and John Wood junior were 
nominated, elected and chosen Bailiffs "according to Annual Custom." 
Serjeants at Mace the like. 

Four Constables were again chosen for each Ward. 

Next day Bailiff Wood and the Serjeants were sworn in before 
the Constable at the Castle, as also were an Alderman and a Capital 

"The same day Thomas Charles Gentleman was sworn in 
Alderman of the said Town before John Richards Esquire Constable 
of the Castle of the said Town. 

" Nicholl Wood Gentleman was also Sworn in an Assistant or 
Capital Burgess of the said Town before John Richards Esquire 
Constable of the Castle of the said Town." 

BaiHff Thomas was similarly sworn on i October, on which day 
two Constables were sworn for each Ward. 

Further Admissions of Freemen or Burgesses. 

Nicholas Hook, mariner. October 10 Thursday. 

William Prichard, maltster. Nov. 21 Thursday. 

Peter Taylor Walker, of Great Portland Street in the county of 
Middlesex, esq. Next day he was made an Assistant or 
Capital Burgess (12 Dec"") in the room of Philip Woolcott 
who was then disfranchised by consent ; and Alderman in 
the room of James Capper, esq., who had removed to some 
place unknown and was therefore disfranchised. M"" Walker 
was sworn, both as Assistant and Alderman, before the 
Constable of Cardiff Castle. 

Afterwards, on the same day, M"" Woolcott was again elected an 
Assistant or Capital Burgess, and sworn before the Constable of the 

1816-17] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 371 

At the same time Ordered that the Town Clerk take the 
necessary Steps to recover the possession of the Corporation lands 
late in the Occupation of James Capper, esquire. 

Resolved that the Corporation subscribe the sum of Twenty- 
Guineas to the Society for the relief of the labouring Classes of 
the Poor within this Town. 

181 7 Feby. 20 Thursday. The Town Clerk having received a 
letter from M"" Bailiff Wood (who is in attendance for the Corporation 
on the Sworn exemption Bill) recommending the Corporation to 
Subscribe the Sum of One Hundred Pounds towards the fund for 
promoting the objects of the Bill now before Parliament which if 
obtained will materially benefit this Town : Resolved that the 
Corporation Subscribe ;^ioo accordingly. 

Cardiff Town ) 

to wit / At a Court of Bailiffs Aldermen and Assistants of 
the said Town holden at the Guildhall of the said 
Town on Wednesday the 18'^ day of June 181 7 duly summoned and 
assembled to proceed upon the business of the said Town 

Having received an instrument bearing date the ii'*' day of 
June 1817 under the Hand and Seal of the Most Honorable John 
Chrichton Stuart Marquis of Bute and Earl of Dumfries, Lord of 
the Borough of Cardiff in the County of Glamorgan appointing Peter 
Taylor Walker of Great Portland Street in the County of Middlesex 
Esq= Constable of the Castle of Cardiff, the said Peter Taylor Walker 
was accordingly sworn into the said office on this day before us 

Edw<i Thomas 
John Wood. 

"Ordered that a piece of plate of the value of One Hundred 
Guineas with a suitable inscription be presented to John Richards 
Esq'"^ the late Constable as a mark of the very high esteem and 
respect in which he is held by the Marquess of Bute and by this 
Corporation and of the sense they have of his constant attention to 
the interests of the Corporation during a period of twenty five years 
in which he has filled the Situation of Constable of the Castle One 
Half of the amount thereof being defrayed by his Lordship & the 
other Half by the Corporation & that the present Constable of the 
Castle be requested to procure the same." 


The Corporation with great trouble regained possession of the 
house formerly in the occupation of M^^^ Jones of the Longcross. 
It was ordered to be pulled down. 

June 18. M"" John Richards, late Constable of the Castle, was 
elected Alderman in the room of Peter Taylor Walker, lately 
appointed such Constable. (Mr. Richards appears to have declined, 
and Thomas Morgan was elected instead.) 

July 2 Wednesday. Several Aldermen elected at a previous 
Meeting now resigned, on it appearing that, owing to there not having 
been a majority of the then Aldermen present at such previous 
Meeting, the elections were invalid. They were therefore re-elected 
and appointed in due form. 

Ordered that Messrs. French & Jones be directed by the Common 
Attorney to provide gowns for the Several Members of the Corpora- 
tion suitable to their respective ranks. 

M"" Bailiff Wood having desired that the accounts of his late 
father and his own should be settled by the Corporation, after being 
inspected by professional accountants, it was ordered that the sum 
found to be due to him should be paid out of the first moneys that 
should come to the hands of the Common Attorney. 

181 7 Sepf 22 Monday. Messrs. French having produced their 
Bills for the Corporation Gowns agreeably to Order amounting to the 
Sum of Two Hundred and fifty Six pounds twelve shillings: Ordered 
that the Common Attorney pay M"" French the same by assigning to 
him Rumney Deed Polls to the amount of Two Hundred and fifty 
Pounds and the remaining Sum in Cash. 

Ordered that the Town Clerk procure translations of the Several 
Charters of this Town & also a Copy & translation of the Charter of 
King James the Second and that the Town Clerk have the Several 
translations copied in a book for the inspection & use of the Common 
Counsel & that the Common Attorney be directed to pay the Town 
Clerk for the Same. 

The Subscribers of the Charity School having abandoned their 
original rules and institutions and removed the Bailiffs as Vice 
Presidents : Ordered that the Subscription of the Corporation be 
withdrawn and that the donation be also withheld. 

i8i7-i8] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. ^y^ 

Ordered that the Corporation Subscribe the additional Sum of 
ten Guineas for a Town Plate at the ensuing Cardiff Races. 

Sepf 29 Monday. William Prichard and Thomas Charles were 
sworn Bailiffs at the Castle by the Constable, together with the two 
Serjeants at Mace. 

Octr 4. Edward Priest Richards chosen Assistant or Capital 
Burgess, in the room of Thomas Stibbs resigned. 

g'l' Thursday. The two Constables selected for each Ward 
were sworn in Open Court. (This circumstance had not been 
mentioned in previous records.) 

Minutes of Council. Book No. VII. (3). 1818—1833. 

A thin quarto, bound in rough calf. 

Cardiff Town | 

to Wit ) At a Court of Aldermen holden in the Council 

Chamber of the said Town on Monday the second day of February 

in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighteen. 

Present — William Prichard ) ^ . t> •, rr 

.^ Esquires, Bailiffs. 
Thomas Charles ) 

John Bird 

Henry Williams 

Edward Thomas 

Thomas Jones 

John Thackwell 

Thomas Morgan 

Resolved : That an Alderman be elected in the room of Thomas 

Morgan Senior he having accepted the office of Common Attorney. 

Resolved : That John Bradley Gentleman Capital Burgess be 

elected Alderman in the room of the said Thomas Morgan. 

M"" Thomas Morgan refused to leave the Council Chamber at a 

Court of Aldermen when requested by the Bailiffs to withdraw and 

persisted in remaining unless turned out by main force and then and 

there appeared to take minutes of the proceedings entered into. 



Same date. Court of Common Council. 

John Bradley Gentleman having been this day elected an Alderman 
in the room of Thomas Morgan Senior Common Attorney : Resolved 
That the Reverend John Jones Vicar of Cardiff be elected a Capital 
Burgess in the room of the said John Bradley. 

The Oath of Office and the Oaths of Supremacy and Allegiance 
vi^ere administered to the said John Jones, Clerk. 

Resolved : That the plan of the intended alterations to the Town 
Hall now produced, and which has been submitted to and approved 
of by the Honourable M"" Chief Justice Wingfield be adopted and that 
the Bailiffs of the Town be requested to carry the same into effect 
and to sell and dispose of as many Rumney Bridge Deed Polls, 
Mortgages or Assignments as shall be requisite to defray the 
necessary expences. 

A Letter having been received from Richard Reece Esquire 
Secretary to the Cardiff School Building Committee requesting pay- 
ment of the sum of Three Hundred Pounds the Corporation 
Subscription towards the erection of a School Room : Resolved That 
three Rumney Bridge Deed Polls Mortgages or Assignments for 
securing the sum of One Hundred Pounds each be transferred or 
Assigned by the Bailiffs Aldermen and Burgesses or the Common 
Attorneys of the Town for the time being to Thomas Bates Rous 
Esquire one of the building Committee of the Cardiff School for the 
use of the said Building Committee. 

Ordered, That the Common Seal now used by the Bailiffs Alder- 
men and Burgesses of this Town be changed and that in lieu thereof 
a new Common Seal be made under the direction of the Bailiffs of 
this Town and that they be empowered to expend any sum not 
exceeding Ten Pounds towards procuring such new Common Seal.^ 

Ordered : That the Bailiffs of this Town be empowered to 
advance any sum not exceeding One Hundred Pounds towards 
contributing to the expences of the Severn Exemption Bill. 

1 The new seal here alluded to is the one numbered 3 in the illustrations facing 
page 261 of Volume I. It was used for a few years only, and the old one is still 
employed. The latter figures second among the illustrations facing page 43 of 
Volume II. See also Vol. II., p. 346. 

i8i8] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 375 

Cardiff J any 30. 18 18. 

Understanding from tiie Town Clerk M"" William Bird, that 
you have thought fit to decline giving him the Corporation papers, 
we have to request you will forward to us at the Town Hall at 
12 o'clock in the forenoon on Monday next (on which day we have 
summoned a Common Council Meeting) all accounts between the 
Common Attorneys and the Bailiffs of the Town from the year 1796 
to Michaelmas last, as well as the Rentals during that period, and an 
abstract of all Corporation Leases now in force. We are Sir, Your 
Obedient Servants. 

William Prichard 1 Baihffs 

Thomas Charles j Cardiff 
To Nicholl Wood Esq^ 

A Letter having been transmitted by Evan Lewis, Serjeant at 
Mace, to M'" Nicholl Wood as above, and the papers applied for not 
having been produced : Resolved that a letter be addressed by the 
Bailiffs to the Most Honourable the Marquess of Bute, Lord of the 
Borough, respectfully soliciting his interference to compel the produc- 
tion of the accounts and rentals referred to in such letter, and an 
investigation of the same, and to take such legal steps as may be 
deemed adviseable for that purpose, at the expence of the Corpora- 

Feby. 5. Resolved that Henry Hollier, Esquire, Alderman, be 
removed from his Office for bad Government in not having attended a 
Corporation Meeting for the space of Two Years last past and for 
other reasonable causes, and that another Alderman be elected in his 

Resolved that Edward Priest Richards, Capital Burgess, be elected 
Alderman in the room of the said Henry Hollier ; who then took the 
oaths of office, supremacy and allegiance. 

Resolved that WiUiam Ray, Esquire, be elected a Capital Burgess 
in the room of the said Edward Priest Richards. 

Thomas Bourne, esquire, was elected a Capital Burgess, in the 
room of Thomas Stephen Todd, resigned. 

Ordered that the Water Bailiffs Salary be Ten Pounds per 


Ordered that the Town Pump be removed from its present 
situation and placed under the Hall Steps. 

The Constable of the Castle having informed the Court that it 
was the wish of The Lord of the Borough that a moiety of the 
expence of the Piece of Plate voted to John Richards Esquire late 
Constable of the. Castle should be defrayed by his Lordship : Resolved 
that the Order made in June last be rescinded and that a Piece of 
Plate with an appropriate inscription of the value of One Hundred 
Pounds be immediately procured at the joint expence of the Lord of 
the Borough and the Corporation and presented to M"" Richards forth- 

May 4 Monday. Thomas Morgan senior, gent", was sworn 
Alderman in the Castle by William Owen, gent", Deputy Constable of 
the Castle, who signs the record. 

y^^ Thursday. The following were sworn in Burgesses or 
Freemen, before the Bailiffs in open Court : — 

Robert Richard Roberts, of Cardiff, esquire. 

William Bradley, gentleman. 

James Jacob, of Llantrissent, gentleman. 

William Williams, of Llanmaes, gentleman. 

William Price, of Llantwit Major, gentleman. 

David Evans, mercer. 

William John Vine, gentleman. 

Thomas Hopkins, grocer. 

William Wheeler, gentleman. 

Edward Edmunds, of Penyrhos, gentleman. 

Sepf 22 Tuesday. Court of Aldermen. John Bradley resigned 
his office of Alderman. 

Resolved that the Constable of the Castle for the time being has 
a right to be present at any Court of Aldermen to be held for this 

Same date. Common Council. William Lewis of Spring Garden 
having Replevied his Goods taken in distress for rent due to the 
Corporation: Ordered that the Town Clerk do proceed therein. 

Miss Mary Priest proposes taking a Lease of the Brewhouse 
at the back of Womanby Street, which she now holds as Tenant 

i8i8] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 


under the Corporation, together with a piece of Land adjoining 
thereto, for 42 years. 

Ordered that in future no Lease be granted of any property 
belonging to the Corporation, without a Map of the demised premises 
being drawn in the Lease. 

Ordered that the Town Cleric make out and Transmit to the 
Bailiffs a statement of all fees and sums of money received by him 
on account of the admission of Freemen or Burgesses since his 
appointment as Town Clerk. 

Ordered that appHcation be made by the Town Clerk to the 
Executors of the late Town Clerk for an account of the monies by 
him received on the like account. 

Ordered that in future the following fees (this day approved 
by the Bailiffs) be paid on the Admission or Swearing of a Burgess. 

To the Corporation : 

If entitled as the Son of a Burgess 6s. 8^. . 

If otherwise entitled the sum to be fixed by the Bailiffs but not 
under [figure illegible]. 
To the Bailiffs ^5. 5s. 
To the Town Clerk for Oath enrolling and entering 65. 8d. To be 

paid on admission or swearing in. 
Stamp and Parchment as out of Pocket, 
To the Town Clerk for Copy of Admission and Certificate 65. 8a?. To 

be paid on delivery of Certificate. 
To the Serjeants at Mace 2s. 
To the Hallkeeper is. 

1818 Sepf 29 Tuesday. William Prichard and Thomas 
Charles were elected Bailiffs and sworn in the Castle by the 
Constable, together with the Serjeants at Mace. 

The same day and place William Llewellin and Edward Jones 
were sworn into the office of Ale Tasters of the said Town. 

The same day and place Charles Jones was Sworn into the 
OiBce of Water Bailiff of the said Town. 

The same day and place Phillip Woolcott and Joseph Wheeler 
were both Sworn into the Office of Common Attorneys of the said 

[Only two persons were this year elected to be Constables to 
each Ward.] 


1 8 19 January 4 Monday. At a Court of Bailiffs, Aldermen 
and Capital Burgesses of the said Town, held at the Guildhall of 
the said Town, to consider the propriety of presenting an Address 
of Condolence to His Royal Highness the Prince Regent on the 
Decease of the Queen ; it was resolved that an address should 
be adopted, prepared, signed and sent from Cardiff and the 
Contributory Boroughs. 

18 19 August 2 Monday. The ;^452. 14. 9 lent to the Cor- 
poration by Lord Bute in 1790, having now been swelled by the 
accumulated interest to ;^io6o. 3. 3, the Marquess consents to 
postpone repayment at the Corporation's convenience. 

3"''^ Tuesday. Ordered that Application be made by the Bailiffs 
to the Executors of the late John Wood Esquire to hand over to the 
Town Clerk all and every papers deeds or writings in their possession 
belonging to the Corporation. 

It appearing that several parts of the Hayes have been enclosed 
and part of the Town Wall taken down : Ordered that the Bailiffs 
peruse the Leases and take Counsel's opinion hereon. 

Ordered that the thanks of the Corporation are due to the 
Bailiffs of this town for the Prosecution of Thomas Thomas the 
younger at the last Quarter Sessions for an aggravated Assault on 
M'' William Wynn one of the Constables of the said town. 

M"" William Wynn and Richard Jones two of the Constables of 
this town having been indicted by the said Thomas Thomas the 
younger : Ordered, That the Bailiffs be requested to take such steps 
as they may deem necessary for their Defence at the Expence of the 

M"" Nathaniel French senior having failed to pay over to his 
partner, M'" Thomas Jones, the latter's share of the money paid by the 
Corporation to him for the Councilmens' gowns, it was ordered that 
the Corporation should pay any expence incurred by M"^ Jones in 
suing M"" French for his said share. 

Ordered that the sum of ;^30 be paid by the Common Attorneys 
to the Treasurer of the Cardiff School, being three years Subscription 
^t £^° per annum due to the said School up to the 24'^ day of June 

i8i9-2o] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 


Ordered that the sum of £2. 2s. od. be paid M"' John Bird the 
Treasurer of the Society for the Suppression of the Profanation of 
the Lord's Day. 

A Meeting being called by the Bailiffs pursuant to a Requisition 
to them for the purpose of establishing an Auxiliary Bible Society for 
this town and neighbourhood: Ordered that the sum of £\q. 10. o 
be annually subscribed by the Corporation and paid by the Common 
Attorneys for the time being to the Treasurer of the said Society. 

M"" Walker on behalf of the Marquess of Bute, having signified 
his Lordship's wish that some Acknowledgment should be paid by 
The Marquess of Bute to the Corporation for the Aisle called the 
Alderman's Aisle in S' John's Church Cardiff, converted by his 
Lordship into a Seat by permission of the Corporation as appears 
by an Order of Common Council bearing Date the 28"^ day of 
November 1811: Ordered that a Lease be granted to the said 
Marquess of the said Aisle for the term of 42 years at the Annual 
Rent of £^1. is. The said Marquess to keep and support the same 
in Good Repair and to allow the Aldermen of Cardiff to be buried 
within the Aisle, and that the Town Clerk affix the Corporation Seal 
to such Lease on the same being tendered to him for that purpose 
at a Corporation Meeting. 

Ordered that the Corporation Seal be not affixed to any Deed 
or Document whatsoever by the Town Clerk or by the Bailiffs for 
the time being unless at a Court of Common Council legally 

Sepf 29 Wednesday. William Prichard and John Bird were 
both sworn (in the Castle of Cardiff) into the Office of Bailiffs 
of the said Town of Cardiff by Thomas Collingdon, gentleman. 
Deputy Constable of the Castle of Cardiff. 

The like of the Serjeants at Mace. 

Four Constables nominated, and two of them sworn, to each 

1820 January 10 Monday. Ordered that William Prichard 
& Thos Charles Esquires be requested to apply to Messrs. Wood 
for information relating to the Gurnos property, the Rev. M-" 
Edwards having referred them to Messrs. Wood for that purpose ; 


& that Messrs. Wood be desired to prepare their Bill in the 

Gurnos Cause in order to be examined. 

Will. Prichard 
J. Bird 
John Wood 
John Thackwell 
Thomas Charles 
E. P. Richards 
Edwd Bird 
Philip Woolcott 
Joseph Wheeler 
William Ray. 

Feby. 25. Ordered that the Order or Resolution heretofore 
made for Leasing Corporation Property for the term of 42 years 
only be rescinded. 

M"" Joseph Davies was granted a lease of part of Spring Garden, 
for 99 years at ;^I5, he engaging to lay out ^^1500 in suitable 

Ordered that the Lessee of the Golate [or Gollygate*] Quay 
be called upon to fulfill the Covenants of the Lease. 

Ordered that the Protection of the Bulwarks against the River 
in the parish of S' Mary's be taken into consideration by the Bailiffs 
& Corporation with the least possible delay, and that the Bailiffs 
report the same at the next Meeting. 

May 23. Special Council Meeting "for the purpose of consider- 
ing the propriety of disposing of part of the Corporation Lands." 

The following properties were leased : — 

Several closes of land in the parish of S' John Baptist, 
containing 49a. or. i6p., and another piece of land near the Black 
Weir; to the Marquess of Bute, rent ^^94. 

Cottage, garden and piece of land at Black Weir; to Joseph 
Davies, rent ^'j. 

Piece of land in Barry Lane ; to Edward Thomas, rent ^5. 

Part of the Spittle ; to Thomas Edwards, rent £2^. 

Other part of the Spittle ; to Joseph Davies, rent ^6. 65. 

* Struck out. 

i82o] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 381 

Ruin in Smith Street ; to Edward Bird, rent, ;^io. 10. o. 

Tlie term of years of the 2°'^, y^ and 6* lots was extended 
to 99. 

The Corporation purchased Elizabeth Richards' lease of part 
of the Town Wall. 

They also purchased "a ruin near the Old Post House and 
a Garden in the Hayes," for the purpose of taking down the ruin 
to improve the town ; it being understood that M"" David Stewart, 
on behalf of the Marquess of Bute, intended to purchase the 
remainder of the buildings for the same purpose. 

The Corporation recovered possession of " the lands on the 
Great Heath agreed to be sold M'' Hollier and now in the possession 
of M'' Carpenter and Llewellin Prosser, which at the last Autumn 
Great Sessions was recovered by Ejectment from M"" Moggridge." 

The sum of ;^io6o. 3. 3 with Interest from the 21^' day of 
Ocf last being due to The Marquess of Bute from the BaiHffs 
Aldermen and Burgesses, and several other demands having also 
been made on them, and it appearing that if part of the Land on 
the Great Heath were Sold and the said several debts discharged 
the funds of the Corporation would be thereby improved : Ordered 
that the Bailiffs be requested and they are hereby empowered to 
sell or dispose of, either by Public Auction or private contract 
under and subject to such Conditions of Sale and at such time as 
to them shall seem meet. All that Messuage or Tenement and several 
Closes pieces or parcels of Land called Merry Hill (heretofore agreed 
to be sold Colonel Capper but since recovered by Ejectment) con- 
taining by admeasurement 47a. ir. yp. or thereabouts, being part 
and paTcel of the Great Heath situate in the parish of Landaff, And 
also All that piece or parcel of Land containing 14a. ir. I2p. (here- 
tofore agreed to be sold the said Colonel Capper and exchanged by 
him with the Marquess of Bute) situate in the several parishes of 
Landaff and Lanishen, for the purpose of liquidating and discharging 
the said several debts. 

Ordered that immediate steps be taken to prevent further 
Encroachments of the river in Saint Mary's, And that the Bailiffs 
and Messrs. Thomas Morgan, John Wood, Thomas Charles, Thomas 
Morgan the Elder, Captain Morgan, Joseph Wheeler and Captain 
Ray be empowered to carry the same into effect. 

382 CARDIFF RECORDS. [1820-21 

Ordered that D"" Griffiths be called on to pay 6d. per Annum 
as an Acknowledgment for building a Quay on the Corporation 
Property near the Black Weir. 

Sepf 29 Friday. Thomas Charles and John Thackwell sworn 
Bailiffs in the Castle by Peter Taylor Walker, Esquire, Constable 
of the Castle ; as also were the Serjeants at Mace ; the Ale Taster, 
William Llewellyn ; the Common Attorneys, Joseph Wheeler and 
Philip Woolcott ; and two Water Bailiffs, Charles Jones and Edward 

The same day two Constables were elected and nominated to 
each Ward. The same were sworn by the Bailiffs 5* October. 

182 1 Sepf 29 Saturday. William Prichard and John Bird 
elected Bailiffs and sworn as before by the Deputy Constable, 
William Bird. So also were the Serjeants at Mace, the Common 
Attorneys, Samuel Dimond and William Ray ; the Water Bailiffs, 
Charles Jones and Edward Thomas, and the following : — 

2 Toll Gatherers, Keepers of the Cross, and Clerks of the 

2 Clerks of the Shambles Markets. 

2 Toll Gatherers and Keepers of the Cattle Markets and Fairs. 

Four Constables were elected to each Ward. 

October 4 Thursday. Three Constables were sworn to each 
of the four Wards. 

Nov 29. The Improvement of the Town in the Hayes being 
taken into consideration, It is proposed that M'' Wood should 
surrender his Lease of the Hayes as also his Interest in the Lease 
of the Town Wall, including and from the Cocks Tower to the 
Milkmaids Bridge, as also to convey the freehold of a certain part 
of his Garden as marked in line with a new street now forming 
there, in lieu of or Exchange for the freehold of a small piece ; Also 
in lieu of the same road part of the Hayes and the freehold of the 
Town Wall of the said Town, from the Southern end of Cocks 
Tower to the Milk Maid's Bridge. Ordered that such Exchange be 
made and that the Bailiffs direct the necessary reconveyances. 

Ordered that a Schedule be made by the Town Clerk of all 
Charters, Deeds and Books in his custody belonging to the Corpora- 

i8zi-23] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 383 

tion, and that such Schedule be by him delivered to the Bailiflfs on 
or before the 2$^^ day of December next. 

Ordered that the Bailiffs be requested to apply to the Marquess 
of Bute, the Lord of the Borough, for a Schedule of all Charters, 
Deeds and Books in his Custody or power belonging to the 

An application having been made by M"" Joseph Davis for leave 
to Exchange part of the Spittle with M"" Lewis for a piece of Land 
adjoining : Ordered that he be allowed to do so at his own expence 
and on receiving an equal quantity of Land. 

Ordered that the Bailiffs & M'' Wheeler be requested to obtain 
an Estimate of the Expence of repairing the Cocks Tower for the 
general use of the public. 

1822 Sepf 29 Sunday. Thomas Charles and John Thackwell 
elected Bailiffs and sworn at the Castle by the Deputy Constable, 
William Bird ; as also were the Serjeants at Mace ; the Common 
Attorneys, Joseph Wheeler and Edward Bird ; the Water Bailiffs, 
Charles Jones & Edward Thomas ; the Keepers of the Cross ; the 
Clerks of the shambles, and the Keepers of the Cattle Markets and 

Six persons were elected Constables for each of the four Wards. 
Three of them were sworn to each Ward 3'''^ October. 

1823 March 17. Merry Hill was sold to Lord Bute for 

It was discovered that the garden at the Black Weir, demised to 
M"" Joseph Davies, was not the property of the Corporation but 
belonged to the Marquis of Bute. 

Application having been made by the Trustees of Wells's Charity 
for an Account of money received by the Corporation on account of 
the Charity from the death of M^" John Jones in December 1792 to 
1817 and it appearing impossible from the loss of accounts and the 
death of parties to ascertain the exact amount received : Ordered that 
;^ioo be paid over by the Common Attorneys to the Treasurer of the 
Charity in lieu and satisfaction of all monies received. 

Ordered that the Bailiffs be requested to present the ReV* 
Thomas Stacey with the sum of ;^io. 10/- as a well deserved com- 


pliment from the Corporation for his having voluntarily given eveni 
Lectures during the past Winter. 

Committee appointed to select site for a proposed new Mark 

Cardiff Town| 

to Wit ) -^t the Castle of Cardiff on Monday the Twen 
eighth day of April 1823. Having received 
Instrument bearing date the [blank] day of [blank] 182 [blan 
under the hand and seal of the Most Honorable John Chrichton Stua: 
Marquess of Bute and Earl of Dumfries, Lord of the Borough 
Cardiff in the County of Glamorgan, appointing Patrick James Herbe 
Chrichton Stuart, commonly called Lord James Stuart, Constable 
the Castle of Cardiff, the said Patrick James Herbert Chrichton Stus 
was accordingly sworn into the said office on this day before us. 

Thomas Charles 
John Thackwell. 

Sepf 29 Monday. William Prichard and John Bird elected ai 
sworn Bailiffs at the Castle by John Homfray, Esq., Deputy Constabl 
as also were the Serjeants at Mace, the Common Attorneys, the Wat 
Bailiffs (same persons as before), the Keepers of the Cross, the Cler 
of the Shambles, and the Toll Gatherers of the Cattle Markets ai 

Six Constables elected, to the East, High Street, and We 
Wards. On 2 October, three were sworn to each of the fo 

October 24. A letter having been received from M"" Stuart 
which the following is a Copy : 

"Cardiff 14* Ocf 1823. 

I beg leave on behalf of the Marquis of Bute to st: 
that I am anxious to purchase the rights of the Corporation of Care 
(whatever those rights may be) in and to the Slip of La 
between the High Street and the river Taff, called the Bulwarks, 
the Town of Cardiff. Should the Corporation agree to sell the 
rights to his Lordship he will undertake to defend for ever the adjo: 
ing part of the Town from the river Taff, and engage not to enclc 












I— ( 













1823-24] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 385 

or erect any kind of building on that Slip of Land, under the penalty 
of any sum the Corporation may please to name. Lord Bute will also 
engage that the above Slip of Land shall be for ever open to the 
public and shall not be converted to any purpose which shall in any 
way injure or annoy the Inhabitants of the Town ; his Lordships sole 
object being to open a road at the back of the Town, between it and 
the river, which road shall be open to the Inhabitants and public in 
common with his Lordship for ever. I have the honor to be, Sirs, 

Your very Obed' Hble. Serv' 

D. Stuart. 
W" Prichard and John Bird Esq'"^^ 

The Worshipful Bailiffs of Cardiff." 

Ordered that the above letter be taken into consideration at a 
future Meeting. 

1824 Feby. 19 Thursday. John Bradley, Assistant and Capital 
Burgess, having been elected Alderman, was this day sworn accord- 
ingly "within the Castle of the said Town before John Homfray 
Esquire Deputy Constable of the Castle & also took the Oaths of 
Allegiance and Supremacy." 

John Homfray, esquire, who was elected a Capital Burgess of 
this Town, was this day Sworn in a Capital Burgess of this Town 
and also took the Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy. 

" Ordered that three Locks and three Keys be provided for an 
Iron Chest which is also to be provided to be placed in the Justice 
Room & that on the 25'^ Day of March next & that the Town Clerk 
deposit all Charters Deeds Books admissions & papers in his Custody 
in such Chest & that in future they be kept there for the inspection 
of the Corporation One Key being in the Custody of the Town Clerk 
& the other Keys in the Custody of the Bailiffs for the time being. 

"Ordered that application be made to the Marquess of Bute to 
deliver up any Charters Deeds Books Admissions or papers in his 
Custody belonging to the Corporation for the purpose of placing them 
with the other Documents to be deposited by the Town Clerk in the 

Sepf I Tuesday. Francis Minnitt was elected and sworn an 
Assistant or Capital Burgess. 

I A 

386 CARDIFF RECORDS. [1824-25 

"Ordered That the Town Clerk do furnish the Bailiffs with a 
Statement of the Proceedings under the Gurnos Charity. 

" Ordered That the Records Charters and Deeds belonging to this 
Corporation as well as all Books in which the Resolutions or Orders 
of the Aldermen or Court of Common Council are entered be kept in 
the Cupboard in the Justice Room in the Guildhall That the present 
Bailiffs be requested Immediately to provide three Locks and keys 
for such Cupboard and that the Town Clerk or his Deputy on the 
Twenty Eighth day of September Instant deliver over to the Bailiffs 
for the time being such records Charters Deeds and Books for the 
purpose of being deposited in such Cupboard and that the keys 
thereof be kept by the Bailiffs for the time being and the Town 

Another gift of ten guineas to the Rev. Thomas Stacey for 
winter evening lectures. 

" Ordered That the Thanks of the Bailiffs and Corporation be 
given to Sir Digby Mackworth Bar' for the Handsome Picture of 
his late father now hung up in the Guildhall of the said Town and 
that the Bailiffs transmit a Copy of this Order to Sir D. Mackworth." 

Twenty sovereigns subscribed to Cardiff Races. 

" Ordered that the Bailiffs be requested to Present the Freedom 
of this Corporation to Sir Digby Mackworth Bar' should an 
Opportunity Occur." 

Sepf 29 Wednesday. Thomas Charles and John Bradley 
elected Bailiffs and sworn at the Castle by the Right Honourable 
James Patrick Crichton Stuart, Constable of the Castle ; as also 
were the Serjeants at Mace ; Common Attorneys ; Water Bailiffs, 
Edward Thomas and Alexander Wilson ; Ale Taster, Edward 
Phillpott; Keepers of the Cross; Clerks of the Shambles; and 
Toll Gatherers of the Cattle Markets and Fairs. 

Sepf 30. Three Constables sworn to each of the four Wards. 

William Towgood was one of the Constables sworn to the 
High Street Ward, but a substitute was sworn in his place the 
same day. 

1825 May 6 Friday. The Bill of Costs of M-" Nicholl Wood 
Town Clerk, amounting to ^164. i. 8, for legal work done on 

i82S] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 387 

behalf of the Corporation, is to be paid "on the Town Clerk's 
delivering up to the Corporation all papers in his possession 
belonging to the said Corporation to be deposited in the Town 

M'' French's offer for the erection of suitable Lodgings for the 
Judges having been submitted to this Meeting : Ordered That the 
same be accepted and that the Bailiffs be empowered to enter into 
an agreement with M'" French for a lease thereof for 42 years at 
^30; twenty pounds only to be paid in case the Sessions are 
removed from Cardiff once in the year, and the lease to be at an 
end in case the Sessions are entirely removed. 

The Bailiffs are authorised to treat with Sir Digby 
Mackworth, bart., for the purchase of a house in Church Street 
adjoining the church, at a sum not exceeding ;i^300, in order that 
part of the same may be taken down and a road opened into Trinity 

July I Friday. John Homfray, capital burgess, elected 
Alderman vice Thomas Morgan deceased. He was sworn at the 
Castle by the Constable on the 20"^ 

Sepf 20 Tuesday. Whitlock Nicholl, esq., is elected Assistant 
or Capital Burgess. 

"Whereas a Petition of the Ship Owners and others concerned in 
the Navigation of the River Taff from the Sea Lock Gates to the said 
Rivers Mouth having been Presented to this Meeting for the want of 
Perches being planted and Mooring Buoys laid down in proper situa- 
tions in the said River : Ordered That the Bailiffs for the time being 
do give directions to Erect the necessary Mooring Buoys required. 

" It appearing to this Meeting that it is requisite to employ a Chief 
Constable for the purpose of preserving the peace &c of the said 
Town : Ordered That the Bailiffs for the time being be requested to 
employ such person as they approve of and that he be allowed a 
Salary of Thirty Pounds per Annum. 

" It being considered advantageous to the Interests of the Town 
that the Tolls hitherto collected by the Serjeants at Mace be discon- 
tinued : Ordered That from the 29'^ day of September Instant no Tolls 
be Collected by or on behalf of the Serjeants at Mace and that in lieu 


of such Tolls the Serjeants be allowed a Salary of Seven Pounds and 
Ten Shillings per Annum each. 

"Ordered that the Bailiffs be requested to ascertain what Tolls 
have heretofore been Collected for the Corporation that some regula- 
tions in this respect may be made for the guidance of the renter. 

"It being expedient to promote the Interests of this Town by 
furthering the Subscription to the Racing fund : Resolved That next 
year the sum of Twenty Pounds be Allowed towards a Plate of Fifty 
Pounds to be called a Town Plate ; Provided there be a Subscription 
of Thirty Pounds made by the Inhabitants of the said Towri towards 
the said Plate. And also that a sum of Ten Guineas be allowed by 
the Corporation towards the said racing fund." 

Resolved that the annual Dinner of the Corporation be held on 
the fifth day of November. 

Ordered that the Town Clerk deliver up to M"" Richards, the 
Solicitor of the Marquess of Bute, the Counterpart of the Lease 
of the piece of Ground adjoining the Tan Yard, the same having 
been given in Exchange by the Corporation to the Marquis. 

Ordered That One Hundred Pounds be allowed to the Treasurer 
of the Cardiff School Building Fund, for the purpose of erecting a 
School House for the Master and Mistress. 

Ordered that Reversionary Leases for 999 years be granted to 
the Marquis of Bute and Capt. Ray of the several pieces of ground 
in Little Troy behind their respective premises, at the rent of One 
Pound per annum from each. 

Ordered That the Corporation do subscribe two shares of fifty 
pounds each towards the building of a Theatre in this town. 

Sepf 29 Thursday. William Prichard and John Bird were 
elected Bailiffs and sworn at the Castle by the Constable ; so also were 
the other officials, as mentioned under the former entry. But this 
year two Aletasters were sworn. Edward Thomas and Alexander 
Wilson were the Water Bailiffs. 

Ocf 13 Thursday. Three Constables sworn to each of the four 
Wards, before the Bailiffs. 

" At the same time and place John Llewellyn of the said Town 
Yeoman was sworn into the office of Deputy Constable of the said 

I82S-26] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1 740-1835. 389 

Town in the Room of David Rees Constable of High Street Ward in 
the said Town before William Prichard Esquire Bailiff of the said 

Similarly Edward Charles, yeoman, was sworn Deputy Constable 
of the Town in the room of Morgan Fairclough, Constable of High 
Street Ward, 

Thomas Rees, yeoman, was sworn Deputy Constable of the 
Town in the room of Joseph Brown, one of the Constables of 
the South Ward. 

Robert Griffiths, yeoman, was sworn Deputy Constable of the 
Town in the room of James Petherick, one of the Constables of 
the South Ward. 

Nov'' 10 Thursday. Thomas Stroud, gardener, was this day 
"sworn into the Office of Constable of the said Town," before the 
said Senior Bailiff. 

Evan William, yeoman, was sworn a Deputy Constable of the 
Town in the room of the said Thomas Stroud, late one of the Con- 
stables of the East Ward. 

Dec"" 7 Wedn. Ordered that the Marquess of Bute be requested 
to furnish the Corporation with a Copy of the Grant under which his 
Lordship claims the reserved Rent of ;^5. 13. 7^ from the Corpora- 

Whitlock NichoU, gentleman, was sworn Capital Burgess in the 
room of John Homfray, esquire, chosen Alderman, and took the Oaths 
of allegiance and supremacy, as such Capital Burgess. 

8"* Thursday. David Evans, yeoman, sworn into the office of 
Deputy Constable of the said Town in the room of Thomas Rees, 
before the Senior Bailiff. 

1826 Feby 15. Wedn. (The Agenda for the Council Meeting 
have lately been announced in the heading to each set of Minutes.) 

Reciting the previously recorded Minutes relative to the Gurnos 
Charity, namely the Free School founded by M-"^ Jane Herbert, and 
that since a Decree was obtained in 18 13 no further proceedings 
appeared to have been taken, " and this Corporation having expended 
several Hundred Pounds in prosecuting the suits and a period of fifty 


three years having elapsed since the suits were first instituted : 
Ordered, That Messrs. William Prichard, Thomas Charles, Thomas 
Morgan, John Bradley and Edward Priest Richards be and they are 
hereby Authorized and Empowered to adopt such proceedings take 
such steps and employ such Solicitor" as they may think fit for 
establishing the Charity or enforcing the Decree ; costs to be borne 
by the Corporation. 

The Executors of the late M'' Wood are to be called upon to 
hand over all documents in their custody respecting such suits. 

"An action having been commenced against M'' Thomas Watkins 
(the Lessee of the Tolls) by M"" Stanley for distraining for Toll due 
for a standing in the Market : Ordered, That the Bailiffs be requested 
to inquire into and ascertain the Custom respecting such Tolls " and 
to take such further action as they may deem fit. ^ 

Sir Digby Mackworth to be paid ^320 for the house in Church 
Street, the Bailiffs to let the same for 99 years, "reserving a sufficient 
Carriage Road into Trinity Street." 

Ordered That M"" Richards be authorised to give M"" Cross, the 
Barrister, a general retainer on behalf of the Corporation. 

Corporation tenants are to be sued for arrears of rent. 

The Town Clerk, M"" Nicholl Wood, is to be paid ^160. 13. 10 
for his Bill of Costs, and no more ; and if he sues the Corporation 
for a balance, the Bailiffs are to take such measures as they think fit 
on behalf of the Corporation. 

Aug' 7 Monday. Edward Bird and Whitlock Nicholl, capital 
burgesses, chosen Aldermen vice Rev. Powell Edwards and Edward 
Thomas, who are both lately deceased. 

12'h His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester being 
expected this evening at the Castle : Resolved, That a dutiful and 
loyal Address be presented to him. 

13'h Sunday, 2 p.m. The following Address was agreed 
upon : — 

" To His Royal Highness William Frederick Duke of Gloucester 
&c &c &c, The Humble Address of the Constable of the Castle, 
Bailiffs, Aldermen and Burgesses of Cardiff. 

"^ See ante, Vol. II., p. 139. 

i826] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 391 

May it please your Royal Highness : 

We the Constable of the Castle, Bailiffs, Aldermen and 
Burgesses of the Ancient and Loyal Borough of Cardiff respectfully 
embrace the permission given us to approach your Royal Highness 
to express the gratification we feel in the honour done us by the visit 
of your Royal Highness to this Town." [The Address contains 
formal expressions of loyalty to the Throne and respect for the Royal 
Family. It was signed by the Constable of the Castle and sealed 
with the Common Seal.j 

Lord James Stuart, accompanied by the Bailiffs, six Aldermen 
and four Capital Burgesses, with M"" William Jenkins, Deputy Town 
Clerk, went to the Castle and were introduced to his Royal Highness, 
with whom were Major Forster and the Marquess of Bute. 

Lord James Stuart having congratulated his Royal Highness on 
his arrival in this Town, the Address was read by the Deputy Town 
Clerk, and was most graciously received. His Royal Highness 
expressed his pleasure to be enrolled a Burgess of the Town. 

igth Friday. Edward Bird and Whitlock Nicholl were sworn 
Aldermen by the Constable at the Castle. 

" William Prichard Esq''^ was this day Sworn in as Senior Alder- 
man of the said Town and as such Justice of the Peace within the said 
Town Before The Right Honourable James Patrick Crichton Stuart 
Constable of the Castle (and John Bird Esq'"'= one of the Bailiffs of the 
said Town) and the said William Prichard took the Oaths of Alle- 
giance and Supremacy on his qualification to the said Office of Sen'' 
Alderman and Justice of the Peace." 

24"> Thursday. John Wick Bennett and Charles Crofts Williams, 
gentlemen, elected Capital Burgesses. 

The Common Attorneys to be directed to pay a donation of ;^io 
to the widow of the late Alderman John Hussey, she being considered 
a fit object for the charity of the Corporation. 

Sepf 29. Thomas Charles and John Bradley elected Bailiffs and 
sworn by the Constable at the Castle ; as also were the Serjeants at 
Mace; Common Attorneys; Water Bailiffs, John Lucas and John 
Morgan ; Clerks of the Market ; and Keepers of the Cattle Markets 
and Fairs. 

392 CARDIFF RECORDS. [1826-27 

Ocf 12 Thursday. Three Constables sworn to each of the four 

Wards. Among them were : — 

WiUiam Day, Canal Asrent ) ^ , ,tt , 
„ . , _, > South Ward. 

David Rees, Sea Lock ) 

William Vachell 
Robert Kirkpatrick 

I West Ward. 

26"^ Thursday. For one Constable of each of the Wards, a 
Deputy Constable was sworn, the deputies being apparently men of a 
humbler station in life than the Ward Constables above appointed. 
This system is continued for some years hence. 

1827 Sepf" 29 Saturday. John Bird and Whitlock NichoU 
elected Bailiffs and sworn by the Constable at the Castle ; as also 
were John Morgan, Water Bailiff; two Aletasters ; and the other 
officials, as before. 

Ocf II Thursday. Twelve Ward Constables and six Deputy 
Constables appointed as before. 

Nov 23 Friday. Rev. Edward Windsor Richards and William 
Bradley chosen Assistants or Capital Burgesses, vice Samuel Dimond 
and William Ray, deceased. 

" Resolved That in future the Vegetable Market and all Standings 
for Merchandize and other Articles in all the Streets within this Town 
(Except High Street) be removed to S' Mary Parish and that in future 
all Vegetable and other Merchandize shall be pitched in Saint Mary 
Parish on each side the Road leading from the Town Hall to the 
South Gate and at no other place. And that the place to be occupied 
for such purpose extend on the East side from the South end of the 
Corner House, and on the West side from the North end of the 
Griffin Public House ; and that a thoroughfare of sixteen feet be 
preserved through High Street for the free passage of Travellers and 
others and that no Commodity whatever be allowed to be exposed to 
Sale on any of the Pavements within the said Town And that a fine 
of five Shillings for each Offence be Imposed upon every Person who 
shall act Contrary to the directions of this Resolution. 

" Ordered that the thanks of this Meeting be given to M'' Alderman 
Richards for his handsome conduct in Securing, on behalf of this 
Corporation, the Lease of the Town Wall in the said Town extending 

i8i7-28] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835, 


from the Cocks Tower in the said Town to the East Gate of the said 
Town (Excepting a certain part adjoining premises belonging to 
M-- Frederick Wood.)" 

In future 20 guineas, instead of 10, is to be subscribed to the 
Cardiff Dispensary. 

Ordered that the Bailiffs, Aldermen, Capital Burgesses, Serjeants 
at Mace and Deputy Town Clerk dine together on the 26* of 
December, and that _jf20 be allowed for the expense. William 
Nicholl, esquire. Steward, is to be invited to the dinner. 

1828 Sepf 29 Monday. Thomas Charles and John Bradley 
elected Bailiffs, and sworn by John Homfray, esquire, Deputy 
Constable, at the Castle ; as also were the other officials. John Lucas 
was Water Bailiff; John Thomas and William Llewellyn, Ale 

Ward Constables and their Deputies sworn as before; i.e., three 
Constables to each Ward, and three Deputy Constables. 

Ocf 4 Friday. Special Meeting. " Ordered that the Bailiffs be 
requested to Build a Wall Eight feet in height extending from the 
Arch Way near the Church to a House belonging to M"" Lambert 

Nov 7 Friday. John Wick Bennett elected Alderman, vice 
Thomas Morgan deceased. 

John Langley, esquire, elected Assistant and Capital Burgess. 

"Ordered that a Poundage of five pounds per cent, be allowed 
only on the actual receipts of Rent and such receipts not to include 
the Sums received by M'' Edward Thomas for Harbour Dues &c or 
Balances from preceding Common Attorneys. 

"Ordered that the Bailiffs be requested to let the ground 
extending from the Milk Maid's Bridge to the Steam Mill for Wharfs 
or Gardens either by Auction or private Contract for Forty two years 
if adviseable. 

"There appearing to be a Balance of four hundred Pounds and 
upwards in the hands of the Common Attorneys : Ordered, That the 
Baihffs be requested to purchase 400/. Stock in the four per Cents in 
the names of Thomas Charles and John Bradley Esquires for the use 
of the Corporation. 


" Cardiff Town ) 

to Wit ' At a Court of Bailiffs and Aldermen of the said 

Town duly Summoned and held at the Council 

Chamber of the said Town on Thursday the fifteenth day of 

January 1829, for the purpose of Electing a Steward for the said 

Town in the Room of the late William NichoU Esquire Deceased 

" Whereas the Office of Seneschal or Steward of the said Town 
is now vacant by the decease of William Nicholl Esquire We the 
Undersigned Bailiffs and Aldermen in Pursuance of the Power 
Granted to us by the Charters of the said Town as [also] according to 
the Ancient Custom of the said Town Choose Elect and name 
Onesiphorus Tyndall Bruce Esquire Barrister at Law to be and 
Act in the Office of Seneschal or Steward of the said Town in the 
stead, and place of the said William Nicholl To Hold during our Will 
and Pleasure." 

Resolution of respect was passed to the memory of the late 
Steward, who had held the office for 36 years. 

Same date. Common Council. 

M'' Richards purchased, for ;^I50, of Messrs. Savery & Co., 
a warehouse and garden near the Old Quay, and disposed of the 
premises to the Corporation for the same price, to be used as a Pig 

Ordered That the thanks of this Meeting be given to M"" 
Richards for the handsome manner in which he has accommodated 
the Corporation with the above premises. 

March 5 Thursday. John Wick Bennett was sworn Alderman, 
at the Castle, by the Deputy Constable, M'' Homfray, and took the 
Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy. 

27'*^ Friday. Onesiphorus Tyndall Bruce, esquire, was sworn 
in as Seneschal or Steward of the Town of Cardiff, before the 
Bailiffs, and took the above Oaths. 

May 12 Tuesday, M"" Richard Williams surrendered his term 
of three years in M"" William Vachell's house in Saint Mary Street, 
and the same was purchased by the Corporation for the Judges' 
Lodgings, together with part of the furniture. 

1829-30] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1 740-1835. 395 

Alderman Edward Bird took a lease of a piece of ground near 
Little Troy, extending 40 feet in front and adjoining the Chapel to 
the South, for 99 years at £1 ; power reserved to the Corporation 
at any time to resume possession on paying _;^40 for such buildings 
as shall be erected thereon. 

June 19 Friday. M-" Thomas Watkins is to live at the Judges' 
Lodgings and have charge of the premises at all times. 

Sepf" 29 Tuesday. Thomas Minnitt, gentleman, chosen Assistant 
and Capital Burgess. 

"John Langley, Esquire, this day took and subscribed the 
Declaration required to be taken on his Qualification to the Office 
of Deputy Constable of the Castle of Cardiff, under the 9* George 4. 
c. 17." 

John Bird and John Wick Bennett were elected Bailiffs, and 
sworn by the Deputy Constable at the Castle, with the other officers. 
James Lucas, Water Bailiff. Same Aletasters as last year. Thomas 
Watkins and William Bird senior were sworn into the offices of 
(i) Toll Gatherers and Clerks of the Markets, and (2) Clerks of the 
Shambles Markets, Toll Gatherers and Keepers of the Cattle Markets 
and Fairs. 

Twelve Ward Constables and eight Deputy Ward Constables 
were sworn this year. 

1830 July 20 Tuesday. Address of Condolence voted : — 
"To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty. 

The Humble Address of the Bailiffs Aldermen and 
Burgesses of the Town of Cardiff in the County of Glamorgan We 
Your Majestys dutiful and Loyal Subjects The Bailiffs Aldermen 
and Burgesses of the Town of Cardiff in Common Council 
Assembled beg leave to tender to your Majesty our deep feelings 
of regret and Sincere Condolence on the death of our late Most 
Gracious Sovereign King George the fourth We also most respect- 
fully offer to your Majesty our hearty and Cordial Congratlations 
upon your Majestys Accession to the Throne of these realms 
And we pray that your Majesty may long Reign over us being 
well assured that Your Majesty will Continue to be Governed by 
the same Constitutional Principles which have heretofore ever 
distinguished The Royal and Illustrious House of Brunswick." 


Ordered, that this Address be forwarded to Lord James 
Stuart, M.P., the Constable of the Castle, with a request that His 
Lordship Virill be pleased either to present the same or forward it 
to the Secretary of State for the Home Department. 

That a Copy of the above Resolutions and of the address be 
inserted in the next Cambrian Newspaper. 

The Common Attorneys are to pay £^4-. 6. 7, amount of 
the Bill of Costs of M"" Williams Jenkins, the Deputy Town 

" Ordered, That steps be taken to enforce the payment of the 
Several Tolls in the Market Erected by M"" William Vachell and in 
Case of refusal that an Opinion of Counsel be taken as to the most 
effectual Measures to be adopted for recovery of the Tolls and that 
the Bailiffs be authorized to proceed accordingly. 

" Resolved, That the Common Attorneys Accounts be Settled 
Annually on the Twenty Eighth day of September and that they be 
handed over on the following day to the new Bailiffs. 

J. Bird Bailiff. 

Wf" Prichard \ 

Thomas Charles | 

Jno. Bradley \ Aldermen. 

E. P. Richards I 

Edw<^ Bird / 

Tho^ Morgan 

Fr. Minnitt 

Cha^ C. Williams ) Capital Burgesses." 

W" Bradley 

Tho^ Minnitt 

Sepf 29 Wednesday. Thomas Charles and John Bradley 

elected Bailiffs, and sworn at the Castle by the Constable, the 

Honourable Patrick James Herbert Crichton Stuart. Officers sworn 
as before. 

Ocf 6 Wedn. " Resolved, That for the future the sum of Ten 
Pounds only be Annually Subscribed to the Races and that the 
Bailiffs be requested to communicate this Resolution to the Clerk 
of the Course. 

1830-31] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1 740-1835. 397 

" Resolved, That in future no Money be Paid by the Corpora- 
tion to the Cardiff Bell Ringers for ringing on the fifth day of 

Town Clerk to proceed against Thomas Edwards for arrears 
of rent of the Spittle. 

The Storehouse and House at the Blunch Gate, the premises 
lately held by M"" Homfray, and the premises purchased of M'' 
Richards, are to be let by auction. 

The Bailiffs to purchase ^250 of 3 J per cent. Stock, out of the 
balance now in hand. 

The Bailiffs are to apply to M'' William Vachell for payment 
of a reasonable weekly sum for toll on goods sold in his new market 

The Bailiflfs are to let the Tolls &c. under the Market House, 
and the Corn Tolls. 

7"^ Thurs. Two Constables each were elected to the East and 
South Wards, and three each to the High Street and West Wards ; 
and four Deputy Ward Constables. Charles M<= Carthey was one 
of the Constables of the High Street Ward, and David Evans 
was a Deputy Constable. 

1831 Aug' 4 Thursday. "Ordered, That the Sum of Ten 
Pounds and Ten Shillings be paid to the Rev<* Daniel Jones, Curate 
of Cardiff Church, for the Evening Lectures preached in Cardiff 
Church during last Winter." 

The Bailiffs having informed the Water Bailiff, M"" Edward 
Thomas, of their intention to reduce the rate of poundage hitherto 
allowed him for collecting the harbour dues, M"" Thomas wrote them, 
pointing out that he had served the Corporation over 25 years; that, 
previous to 1805, the Corporation received no more than ;^20 from 
his predecessor, Charles Jones, "the payment of these dues being 
then much disputed & frequently evaded," and that he himself has 
been "instrumental in bringing it into the present train of willing 
payments." He therefore begs the Bailiffs not to take off more than 
7l per cent from his present allowance. 

Ordered, that M"" Thomas's proposal be acceded to. 

"Messrs. Prichard & Bradley having Committed Ellen Barnett 
an Unmarried Woman and with Child to Gaol for Contempt in not 


answering questions put to her touching her Settlement and it 
appearing that on her delivery in Gaol she was not discharged and 
doubts being entertained whether they were justified in detaining her 
in Prison," they took Counsel's Opinion and paid Ten Pounds to her 
Solicitor. Ordered, that the Bailiffs be reimbursed the ten pounds 
and M"" Richards' charge for obtaining M"" Talfourd's Opinion. 

Ordered, that the Bailiffs for the time being be authorised to 
concur in any arrangement with the proprietors of the Cardiff 
Theatre, for the disposal of the Corporation shares in the said 

Sept"^ 29 Thursday. John Bird and Whitlock Nicholl were 
elected Bailiffs, and sworn in the Castle before the Deputy Constable; 
as also were the Water Bailiff, John Lucas, and the other officers. 
William Jenkins (Deputy Town Clerk) was for the second time 
sworn one of the Common Attorneys. The Aletasters were the 
same as for the two preceding years. Thomas Watkins was one 
of the Toll Gatherers, he having held that office several years in 
succession. William Bird was usually appointed with him. 

Constables sworn as before. Among them is Solomon Marks. 

Ocf 28 Friday. The Bailiffs reported a balance of ;^300 in the 
hands of the Common Attorneys. 

An application having been made by five Debtors confined in 
the Town Prison for an enlargement of the prison, and the same 
having been taken into consideration : Ordered, that the Bailiffs 
be empowered to make such enlargement as they deem necessary, 
at the most reasonable expence the same may be done. 

Ordered, that the Bailiffs be requested to make enquiry into the 
Tolls of this Town and make their report thereon to an adjournment 
of this Meeting. 

Ordered, that the sum of twenty pounds be allowed David Evans 
for extra services as Keeper of the Town Prison and the loss by him 
of rent due from M''^ Manning, late tenant of the Corporation. 

Messrs. Noble resign their tenancy of the tolls at the Steam Mill 
in this Town. 

Ordered, that Evan Evans be appointed to collect the Tolls 
belonging to the Corporation, for the term of three months. He is 

1831-33] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 


to be paid los. per week and £ie, per cent., and is expected to act as 
an Assistant Constable. 

Ordered, that David Evans, constable, be appointed Hallkeeper 
of this Town (instead of Sarah Llewellyn). 

1832 April 19 Thursday. Ordered, that the Town Seal be 
affixed to a Lease to the Marquess of Bute of a piece of land, part of 
little Troy, for 999 years at ;^i per annum, pursuant to an Order 
made 20 September 1825. 

July 23 Monday. The County Gaol is to be purchased of the 
County Magistrates, and (except the Governor's House and part of 
the Debtors' Yard behind the same) is to be converted into 

1833 March 25 Monday. "M-" Vivian, M.P. for Swansea, having 
given Notice of his intention to apply for leave to bring into Parlia- 
ment a Bill for removing the Summer Assizes from Cardiff to Swansea, 
and a Petition against such Bill having been prepared and signed by 
the Principal Inhabitants of this Town and Neighbourhood and 
forwarded to M"" Nicholl, M.P. for Cardiff, for presentation to the 
House of Commons : Ordered, That the Bailiffs be empowered at the 
expence of the Corporation to adopt such measures as to them may 
seem most expedient to oppose such Bill." 

The Old Gaol and premises having been offered to Sale by 
Auction, and no bidder having appeared, the Corporation agreed to 
purchase the same for ^2000. 

It was resolved that the Old Bake House premises, near the 
Gaol, should also be purchased. 

Sepf" 29 Saturday. 

"Thomas Charles and John Homfray Esquires were Nominated 
Elected and Chosen According to the usual Custom Baihffs of the 
said Town of Cardiff and Sworn in the Castle of Cardiff into the said 
Office Before Jonathan Howells Deputy Constable of the said Castle 
of Cardiff." The like of the following officers : 

Serjeants at Mace, John Lloyd and James Jacob. 

Common Attorneys, William Jenkins and William Bird the elder. 

Water Bailiff, John Lucas, 


Ale Tasters, William Llewellyn and John Thomas. 

Toll Gatherers and Clerks of the Market, Thomas Watkins and 
Thomas Stephen Todd. 

Clerks of the Shambles Markets, Toll Gatherers and Keepers 
of the Cattle Markets and Fairs, Thomas Watkins and Thomas 
Stephen Todd. (Only Thomas Watkins was actually sworn in both 
these cases.) 

Three Constables sworn to each of the four Wards, with three 
Deputy Ward Constables ; and two Assistant Constables for the 
Town, viz., Evan Evans and Daniel M'=Donald. 

July 22 Monday. At a Court of Bailiffs Aldermen and Capital 
Burgesses of the said Town held in the Council Chamber of the 
said Town duly summoned and assembled. 

The Corporation will purchase of M"" Homfray the land and 
stable near the New Market House, for ^545 ; M"" Homfray under- 
taking not to let any of his ground opposite the north side of the 
Market, nor to build any houses thereon for the sale of butchers' 
meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, butter, cheese or any other articles 
usually sold in Markets. 

The present Town Gaol being wholly unfit for the purposes 
of the Town and for the reception of Debtors and other prisoners : 
Ordered, That the Gaol formerly used as the County Gaol be from 
henceforth considered and used as the Town Gaol, and that the 
Bailiffs be requested to take immediate steps for the removal of the 
present Town Gaol and the Prisoners in his custody accordingly. 

Thomas Charles, Bailiff 

W™ Prichard 

J. Bird 

E. P. Richards } Aldermen. 

Jn° Bradley 

Edward Bird 

Will™ Morgan 

Tho= Morgan 

Cha^ C. Williams } Capital Burgesses. 

W" Bradley 

Tho= Minnitt 

■ 833] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 401 

Cardiff Corporation Minute Book. 1833—1835. 

1833 Sepf 27 Friday. To fill vacancies caused by the deaths 
of Joseph Wheeler, Thomas Bourne and Francis Minnitt, the following 
were made Assistants and Capital Burgesses, namely, John Mathews 
Richards of Plas Newydd, enquire; Thomas Revell Guest, esquire; 
and John James Watkins, esquire. 

M"" Edward Thomas, Collector of Harbour Dues, having 
reported to this Meeting that M"" William Pritchard, the owner of 
several vessels trading to this Port, had refused the payment of 
harbour dues on two of his vessels, and that Timothy Thomas had 
also refused payment of harbour dues for a vessel belonging to him : 
Ordered, that M*" Edward Thomas be directed to take such steps as 
he shall be advised by M'' Richards, the Solicitor of this Corporation, 
who is authorized by the Corporation for the recovery of such 
harbour dues. 

An application having been made for a subscription to the 
Eisteddfod or Musical Festival proposed to be holden in this Town in 
the Autumn of 1834: Ordered, that £2^ be allowed for such 

Vote of thanks to M"" Kemeys-Tynte for taking down the front 
of his house in Church Street to improve the thoroughfare. 

Vote of thanks to Lord Bute for allowing the north-east corner of 
Duke Street to be widened. 

The Bailiffs stated to this Meeting that a letter had been 
received from James Booth and Charles Austin, esquires, two of the 
Commissioners for inquiring into the state of Municipal Corporations, 
stating that they would attend at Cardiff on Saturday next for the 
purpose of inquiring into the state of the Corporation of this 

Cardiff Town j 

to Wit j At the Guildhall of the said Town on Saturday the 

28"" day of September, being the day next before the 

Feast day of Saint Michael the Archangel in the year of our Lord 

one thousand eight hundred and thirty three, Whitlock Nicholl, 

John Bird, Edward Bird and John Bradley, esquires, were nominated, 

I B 


elected and chosen according to the custom of the said Town by 
the BaiHfFs, Aldermen and Burgesses of the said Town or the major 
part of them, in order that the Constable of the Castle of the said 
Town of Cardiff or his sufficient Deputy might swear any two into 
the place or office of Bailiffs of the said Town for the ensuing 

At the same time and place the several persons hereunder named 
were likewise nominated, elected and chosen for the several offices 
hereunder mentioned, that is to say : 

[Serjeants at Mace 4. 

Ale Tasters 2. 

Common Attorneys 4. 

Water Bailiffs 2. 

Ward Constables 24, 6 to each Ward. 

Toll Gatherers, Keepers of the Cross, and Clerks of the 

Markets 4. 
Clerks of the Shambles Markets 4. 

Toll Gatherers, and Keepers of the Cattle Markets and Fairs 4.] 
(The persons nominated in the three last cases are the same 

To the Constable of the Castle of Cardiff or his Deputy. 

We Thomas Charles and John Homfray, esquires. Bailiffs of the 
said Town of Cardiff, do hereby Certify that the several persons above 
named were this day nominated, elected and chosen for the respec- 
tive offices above mentioned ; and we do make this Return to you 
accordingly. Witness our hands this twenty eighth day of 
September 1833. 

Cardiff Town^ 

to Wit I At the Castle [of] Cardiff, the thirtieth day of Sep- 
tember 1833. 
Richard Morgan of Landough Castle in the county of Glamorgan, 
esquire, (having produced an Instrument under the hand and seal of 
the Most Honorable John Crichton Stuart, Marquis of Bute and Earl 
of Dumfries, Baron Cardiff of Cardiff Castle, Lord of the Borough of 
Cardiff, bearing date the twenty first day of September instant, 

I Bailiffs. 

1833-34] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 403 

appointing the said Richard Morgan Constable of the Castle of 
Cardiff aforesaid) this day took and subscribed the Declaration 
required to be taken under the Act of 9 George 3., c. 17. on his 
qualification to the said office of Constable of the Castle of Cardiff 
aforesaid, and the oaths of office and allegiance and supremacy were 
also administered to him by the Bailiffs of the said Town. 

Thomas Charles 

John Homfray 

Cardiff Town| 

to Wit j Be it remembered that on Monday the thirtieth day of 
September 1833, at the Castle [of] Cardiff, John Bird 
and Whitlock Nicholl, esquires, two of the Aldermen of the said town, 
were then sworn into the office of Bailiffs of the said town for the 
ensuing year, before Richard Morgan, esquire, Constable of the Castle, 
in the room of Thomas Charles and John Homfray, esquires, late 
Bailiffs of the said Town ; and the said John Bird and Whitlock Nicholl 
also took and subscribed the Declaration required to be taken under 
the 9* George 4., c. 17. 

At the same time and place Nicholas Hook and John Williams 
were sworn into the office of Serjeants at Mace, and subscribed the 
said Declaration. 

October 3 Thursday. Three Constables sworn to each of the 
four Wards, and four Deputy Constables. 

Dec"" 16 Monday. M"" Thomas Revel Guest having applied to 
this Meeting to purchase the freehold piece of ground in Little Troy 
(held by him under the Corporation at the yearly rent of twenty 
shillings): Ordered, that the same be sold to him for ^25. 

An Action in the Court of Exchequer having been brought by 
M"" Christopher Williams against Evan Evans and David Evans for 
taking toll on corn : Ordered, that M"" Richards be directed to 
defend such Action and to obtain Counsel's Opinion as to the legallity 
of the seizure. 

1834 March 10 Monday. Ten guineas paid to the Rev. Elliot 
Graham, Curate of Cardiff, for the winter evening lectures preached 
in Cardiff church. 


Ordered, that the Bailiffs be authorized to allow the sum ( 
twenty pounds towards the repair of the organ in the church ( 
this Town. 

The Bailiffs laid before this Meeting a letter received by thei 
from I[lltyd] Nicholl, esq., M.P., respecting the proposed removal t 
the Assizes and enclosing a letter received by him from the Lor 
Lieutenant on the subject : Ordered, that the Bailiffs and Messn 
Charles, Guest and Williams be appointed a Committee to tak 
measures to prevent such removal, at the expence of the Corporatior 
if on consideration it appear expedient for them to do so. 

M"" Richards read to this Meeting the Opinion of Serjear 
Talfourd respecting the right of the Corporation to the tolls c 
corn, and stated that in consequence of such Opinion no Plea ha 
been filed to the Action, it being expedient that the Corporatio: 
should try their right as Plaintiffs and not as Defendants : Orderec 
that the Bailiffs adopt such proceedings and bring such Action o 
Actions against any person or persons refusing payment of toll 
as they may deem adviseable to bring the question to issue as earl; 
as practicable. 

Sepf 29 Monday. Thomas Charles and John Homfray war 
sworn Bailiffs by the Constable at the Castle, together with th 
Serjeants at Mace. Memorandum as last year. 

[All the other officials were chosen, and the Constable of th 
Castle was notified of the elections, as last year ; but there is n 
record of the appointments and swearing of the minor ofificen 
N.B. — The entries of this date are misplaced in the origins 

Octr. 16 Thursday. Three Constables sworn to each of th 
four Wards. 

30 Thursday. Major Mackworth, on behalf of his father, Si 
Digby Mackworth, conveyed to the Corporation (for the purpose 
of the new Market) a house and garden in Saint Mary's Stree 
in exchange for two houses and yards and certain cottages — situatio 
not mentioned. Sir Digby received a vote of thanks "for the ver 
handsome and liberal manner in which he has met the wishes ( 
the Corporation in respect to the exchange." 

1834] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 405 

Ordered, that the undermentioned hereditaments be sold at the 
Town Hall by public auction, to meet the expence of the erection 
of the new Market : — 

Land on the Little Heath, in tenure of the Marquess of 
Bute at £gi. 

Piece of land at Black Weir, in tenure of Lord Bute at £2)- 

Lands on the Great Heath, in tenure of Lord Bute at 
;^52. II. 7 (including proportion of Race Course.) 

Lands on the Great Heath, in tenure of Lord Bute at ^16 
(including those in occupation of L. Rosser and pro- 
portion of Race Course.) 

4 cottages and garden at Black Weir, in tenure of Lord 
Bute at £4. 

Land at Golate, in tenure of J. M. Richards, esq., at 2s. 6d. 

Piece of land and a bakehouse near the Boring Mill, in 
tenure of E. P. Richards, esq., at los. 6d. 

2 houses and 2 gardens in Barry Lane, in tenure of Thomas 

Charles, esq., at 4s. 
House, barn &c. at Black Weir, in tenure of Catherine 

Butler at £1 1. 5s. 
Old Boring Mill, in tenure of Anthony Alsop at £4. 
Piece of land at the Spittle, in tenure of George Bourne, esq., 

at 6 guineas. 

3 lots at Spring Gardens, in tenure of George Bourne, esq., 

at /i5- 

1 lot at Spring Gardens, in tenure of Abigail Dimond at ;^5. 
Spittle House &c., in tenure of David Lewis at ^^28. 

2 wharves on the Town Wall, in tenure of Thomas Powell 

I wharf on the Town Wall, in tenure of Walter Coffin, esq., 

at £4- 
Part of the Town Wall, in tenure of C. C. Williams, esq., 

at 2s. 6d. ' 

Other part of the Town Wall, in tenure of the same 

at j^i. 15s. 
Several cottages near the Old Quay, in tenure of David 

Evans at ^40. 
The Town Wall, in lots. 

4o6 CARDIFF RECORDS. [1834-35 

Ordered, that a donation of ;^ioo be given towards the erection 
of the Glamorgan and Monmouthshire Infirmary. 

Common Attorneys to pay _;^40 to M'' William Jenkins, Deputy 
Town Clerk, on account of his Bill of Costs; and ;^ii3. 8. 5 to 
M-- Richards, in full of his Bill of Costs. 

Robert Dew, esq., appointed Collector of Harbour Dues in the 
room of Edward Thomas deceased. He is to be allowed £10 per 
cent, on the receipts. 

Nov 13 Thursday. David Evans, John Thomas, Evan Evans, 
John Salvidge, John Richards, Thomas Francis and William Fivefoot, 
yeoman, were sworn Deputy Constables, each in the room of one of 
the Ward Constables elected. 

Dec 22 Monday. Thomas Revel Guest, esq., advanced to the 
Corporation ;^700 towards the new Market. 

1835 May 21 Thursday. Corporation Seal ordered to be 
affixed to the settled Copy of the "Bill for Removing the Markets 
held in the Town of Cardiff in the County of Glamorgan and for 
Providing other Market Places in lieu thereof." 

Aug' 31 Monday. M"" Brindley, tenant of the house and land 
in Saint Mary Street purchased of Sir Digby Mackworth, took over 
from M"" Edward Bird a lease (under the Honorable Robert Clive) of 
the adjoining house and garden. 

Thomas Steele, tenant of the Blue Anchor public house in Saint 
Mary Street, adjoining the new Market, was paid ^20 in compensa- 
tion for the building up of three windows which opened onto the 
premises lately obtained from Sir Digby Mackworth. 

A gutter was made between the Cross Bakehouse and the 
entrance to the new Market. 

M'' Dalton was allowed to purchase of the Corporation, for ;^20, 
a strip of ground between his garden and the Canal, being part of the 
Town Wall. 

It being considered as a very great improvement to the Town 
that the premises called Little Troy should be added to the church- 
yard : Ordered, that the same be given the Churchwardens for such 
purpose, on their making such entrances into the churchyard as may 
be agreed upon between them and the Corporation. 

i83S] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1 740-1835. 407 

The Trustees of Wells' Charity advanced to the Corporation ^300 
at 5 per cent., on bond. And the Sympathetic Society advanced to 
them ^4000 on Mortgage at 4^ per cent., for the erection of gas pipes 
in the Market, and other kindred purposes. 

Sepf 28 Monday. John and William Rowe took a lease of part 
of the Town Wall adjoining their premises in the Hayes, for 99 years, 
at the rate of one shilling per foot. 

New scales and weights were purchased for the Market. 

M"" E. P. Richards purchased from the Corporation a piece of 
land near the Old Boring Mill for ^^13. 2. 6. 

Ocf 26 Monday. The Cross Bakehouse was purchased of 
William Higgon for ;^2 20. 

Philip Thomas agreed to light the Market with gas, for ;^2 20. 

Ordered, that part of the Corporation property be sold, instead 
of borrowing money on Mortgage, for the completion of the new 

M"" Charles Crofts Williams took a Lease of the Cock's Tower 
and part of the Town Wall adjoining his property in the Hayes, for 
999 years, at 15. per foot. 

Nov"" 9 Monday. M"" E. P. Richards purchased from the Cor- 
poration, for ;^ii88. 2. 6, the following properties : — 

Brewhouse and yard in occupation of M"" Alsop. 

House, stable, cottage, coachhouse and garden [at Crockherb- 
town] in the occupation of M*"^ Vaughan. 

Cottage, outbuildings and piece of land in the occupation of 
M" Vaughan. 

3 houses and gardens in Crockherbtown, in the occupation 
of M""* Dimond and two others. 

12 cottages, wheelwright's shop and garden in Crockherb- 
town, in the occupation of Thomas Edwards and 

M-" C. C. Williams purchased for ;^40 two cottages and gardens 
in Barry Lane in the occupation of William Thomas and another. 

Nov 13 Friday. ^100 to be given by the Corporation towards 
erecting, on the north side of the churchyard, from the tower to 


the Vicarage House, iron railings with stone plinths, and a gateway 
to correspond with that to be erected by the Parish on the east side ; 
which latter is to have iron pillars, and a lamp over it.^ 

Dec'' I Tuesday. M"" C. C. Williams is to procure a proper bell 
for the purposes of the New Market. 

Ordered, that the New Market be opened on Saturday the 
19''' instant, and from thenceforth be held and kept on every day 
throughout the year (except Sunday, Good Friday, Christmas Day, 
or any other day set apart for a public fast or thanksgiving) for the 
sale of meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, garden seeds, fruit, cheese, 
butter and all other marketable provisions and commodities, goods 
wares and merchandize (except corn, grain, flour, malt, seeds for 
agricultural purposes, hops and wool) ; and that the present Market 
situate under the Guildhall (to be thenceforth called the Corn Market) 
shall be kept and appropriated from thenceforth on Wednesday and 
Saturday in every week for the sale of corn, grain, flour, malt, seeds 
for agricultural purposes, hops and wool. 

Dec^ 8 Tuesday. The following further properties were sold :— 
Half an acre of land at the Black Weir, to the Marquess of 

Bute for ^55. 
4 cottages and gardens at the Black Weir, to Lord Bute for 

12 pieces of pasture and arable land containing 49a. or. i6p., 

to C. C. Williams for ^1845. 
Cottage and coal-yard 225 f long, adjoining the Canal near 

Milkmaid's Bridge, to C. C. Williams for ^190. 
78 feet of the Town Wall, adjoining the garden purchased 

by the Marquess of Bute from M"" Reece, to Lord Bute 

at the rate of ts. per foot. 
Piece of land in Working Street, in the occupation of the 

Trustees of the Welsh Calvinistic Chapel, to M"" Guest 

for ;^20. 

William Head Deacon, esq., on behalf of his father, took a Lease 
of part of the waste adjoining Longcross ; bounded north by the 

1 These railings were removed at the renovation of Saint John's church in 1897, 
when lighter and more artistic ironwork was substituted for them. 

i83S] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 409 

turnpike road; east by Longcross House, cottage, garden and pig- 
stye; west by a road leading to Adamsdown Farm; and south by 
other part of the waste; for 21 years at 2 guineas. A road of 12 ft, 
from the road to Adamsdown to Brinder Lane, was reserved. 

Dec"" 10 Thursday. Arrangements are to be made with M""^ 
Rees for pulling down part of her house called the New Market 
Tavern in Church Street. 

The workmen employed on the New Market are to have £s 
given them to drink, before the 19'^ instant. 

22 Tuesday. The Corporation Seal was affixed to the Deed of 
Gift of Little Troy to the Vicar and Churchwardens of Cardiff. 

The Marquis of Bute took a Lease of a messuage and land in 
Lanishen for 21 years at ;^68. 11. 7 rent. 

The wine belonging to the Corporation is to be given to the 

To the Worshipful the Bailiffs, Aldermen and Capital Burgesses oj 
the Borough of Cardiff. The Memorial of William Vachell humbly 
sheweth : — 

That the Meat Market of Cardiff was formerly held in the 
open street where temporary shambles were erected ; and that so 
ineffectually, that they often fell down, laying the meat in the dirt. 
That in the year 1822 your Memorialist built at a great expence 
the present convenient shambles, where business has been carried 
on satisfactorily to both sellers and buyers up to the present 

That by the removal of the said Market your Memorialist will 
suffer a loss of great importance to him and his family, amounting 
to above £100 annually above the incumbrances. 

That the said Market has uniformly been conducted on just and 
equitable principles, your Memorialist having never taken the 
slightest advantage of the monopoly he possessed ; this is amply and 
honorably [acknowledged to be] the fact by all the master butchers 
in Cardiff, [who] have petitioned for the appointment of your 
Memorialist as Clerk of your Market. 

Your Memorialist begs further to state that six years ago he 
became tenant of the Corporation tolls, at a time when the butchers 


had refused to pay them and the Corporation had ceased to collect 
them for some months, and by this step he was mainly instrumental 
in restoring the customary payments ; the consequence was that your 
Memorialist has paid the Corporation about ^120 which would other- 
wise in all probability have been withheld. 

From the above reasons, and from a persuation that a general 
kind feeling exists towards an unfortunate old townsman, your 
Memorialist respectfully submits his case to your favorable 

Cardiff. iS'^ Dec^ 1835. 

The sum of ^70 was allowed to their Memorialist. 

24* Thursday. The bills to be paid by the Corporation are 
now for the first time set out in the form of a schedule. 

Resolved, that the thanks of the Corporation are due and are 
hereby tendered to Charles Crofts Williams, esq., for the constant 
attention given by him during the erection of the Market House. 

Resolved unanimously, that the best and cordial thanks of the 
Corporation be given to M'' Homfray for having fulfilled the arduous 
duties of the office of Bailiff for the last fifteen months ; and which 
have been performed not only with great credit to himself, but has 
conferred great benefit to the Town and honor to the Corporation. 

[N.B. — Thomas Charles and John Homfray were sworn Bailiffs 
at Michaelmas 1834. Mr. Charles alone was present at the Council 
Meetings up to 22 December. On i May and subsequently, Mr. 
Homfray alone attended. Neither Bailiff attended the Meeting of 
28 Sept. 1835, nor is there any record of a Bailiff elected then for 
the ensuing year. On 26 Oct. 1835 "^ Bailiff attended; but on 
9 Nov. 1835 John Homfray, Bailiff, was present. He continued 
to attend the Meetings as sole Bailiff up to 28 Dec. 1835. With 
the old year, his office ceased in consequence of the Municipal 
Reform Act.j 

Resolved unanimously : That the very cordial thanks of the 
Corporation be also given to the Senior Alderman, William Prichard, 
esquire, for his unwearied attention on all occasions to the multifarious 
duties imposed upon him. 

1835] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 411 

Cardiff [Town^] Borough) 

to Wit j Guildhall, Cardiff 

26"* of December 1835. 
John Homfray, esq., Bailiff, attended at the Guildhall [in the 
s"!, Borough^] at 9 o'clock a.m., to receive the Poll for the Election 
of Councillors for the North Ward, pursuant to the directions of the 
Municipal Corporation Act, and remained there till 4 o'clock when 
the Poll closed. 

Thomas Dalton, gentleman, having been appointed Deputy by 
John Homfray, esq.. Bailiff, attended at the Workhouse [in the s'* 
Borough^] at g o'clock a.m. to receive the Poll for the South Ward 
pursuant to the directions of the Municipal Corporation Act, and 
remained there till 4 o'clock when the Poll closed. 

W" Jenkins 

Deputy Town Clerk. 

Cardiff Town \ 

to Wit j At the Guildhall, Cardiff, on Monday the 28''^ of 
December 1835 at twelve o'clock at noon. 
John Homfray, esq., Bailiff, published and proclaimed the names 
of the following persons as having been duly elected Councillors for 
the Borough of Cardiff. 

For the North Ward. 

1. Richard Reece, High Street, surgeon. 72. 

2. Richard Wyndham Williams, Crockherbtown, attorney at 

law. 71. 

3. William Bird, Duke Street, bookseller. 71. 

4. David Evans, High Street, draper. 70. 

5. John James Watkins, Crockherbtown, gentleman. 69. 

6. James Lewis, Crockherbtown, surgeon. 69. 

7. William Jonas Watson, near Black Weir, timber merchant. 


8. Thomas Minnitt, Crockherbtown, gentleman. 68. 

9. Charles Vachell, Duke Street, apothecary. 68. 

^ Struck out. 
^ Inserted. 
' Inserted. 




For the South Ward. 

1. Henry Morgan, S' Mary Street, attorney at law. 52. 

2. Walter Coffin, Llandaff, esquire. 51. 

3. Thomas Morgan, S' Mary Street, gentleman. 51. 

4. Richard Tredwen, Dry Dock, ship builder. 51. 

5. William Williams, Saint Mary Street, brewer. 51. 

6. William Jones, Crockherbtown, timber merchant. 47. 

7. Robert Thomas, S' Mary Street, farmer. 46. 

8. Thomas Watkins, S' Mary Street, auctioneer. 45. 

9. Morgan Fairclough, Hayes, ship agent. 43. 
















Council niMnutes, 1835*1880. 

NTERING upon the period of modern 
municipal government, we pass 
through an interesting series of 
Minutes which record the inaugura- 
tion of a new epoch in urban affairs. 
The last remnants of feudalism were 
abolished by one Parliamentary 
enactment; and, from a borough of 
the mediaeval type, Cardiff suddenly 
became a municipality in the modern 
sense — with an extended franchise, a freely-elected Council and 
an enlarged executive. Henceforth the Lord's dominium over 
the Borough as a whole was little more than a legal fiction, con- 
sisting for the most part in his scarcely tangible ownership of the 
soil, or in a few shadowy and rarely-exercised manorial rights. 
From this time onwards, the influence exercised by the Castle over 
the Town lay no longer in a Constableship, or in a Mayor as repre- 
senting the Lord, but in the genuine interest constantly taken 
by the Crichton Stuarts in the progress and welfare of a place so 
long and so intimately associated with the fortunes of their house. 
It is to elected representatives, in the first place, that the Burgesses 
now look for the protection of their liberties and for the advancement 
of the public weal ; but the antiquary may be pardoned for looking 


fondly back to the quaint, poetic town life which vanished at the 
dawning of Municipal Reform. 

On the last day of 1835 the old Council hold their final Meeting. 
They elect a Chairman in the person of Walter Coffin, and choose six 
Aldermen for the new Chamber. After a vote of thanks to their 
Chairman, they adjourn. 

On the first day of January 1836 the Municipal Corporations 
Act comes into force, and the new Council assemble at the Guildhall. 
They appoint Richard Wyndham Williams as Chairman, and desig- 
nate Thomas Revel Guest to be the first civil and elective Mayor^ of 
Cardiff; who thereupon takes the Chair in place of Mr. Williams. 
Next it is resolved that the Mayor be the Judge of the Borough 
Court of Record, and then that the Council shall meet quarterly to 
transact the public business of the town. They also appoint 
temporary Committees to consider the questions of the Police and 
of the conservancy of the River Taff. 

A fortnight later, the Council meet again and appoint a Finance 
and Property Committee, a Watch Committee, and two Common 
Attorneys. They also order payment of the Lord's yearly fee farm 
rent of ^5. 13. 7! 

On I February 1836, they appoint a Water Bailiff; and, on 
I March (Town Clerk NichoU Wood having died), they nominate 
Edward Priest Richards his successor — a notable appointment of a 
remarkable man, as may be gathered from the history of his tenure of 
that office. Another important nomination was that of Jeremiah Box 
Stockdale, the organiser of the Cardiff Police force which, none too 
soon, supplanted the old watchmen. In the following month a 
Borough Treasurer was for the first time added to the permanent 
municipal staff. 

A token that the old state of things had not been rudely 
broken off is to be seen in the Resolution of June 23, that the 
Corporation are to attend Saint John's church in state one Sunday 
in each month. 

In 1837 some steps were taken to assert the rights of the 
Burgesses in and to the waste ground on the Canal banks in the 

1 The earlier Mayors were military governors of the Borough, holding office 
during the pleasure of the Lord, who appointed them. 

COUNCIL MINUTES, 1740-1835. 415 

parish of Saint Mary. It does not seem that the claim was ever 
enforced, though it has several times been raised since then. 

In 1838 the Corporation very properly required a knowledge of 
the Welsh language in the person who was to be appointed Clerk of 
the Markets. At that date Welsh was still spoken by a large propor- 
tion of the natives of Cardiff, though the time was at hand when the 
sudden and, at first, purely material and utilitarian development of 
this town was to swamp the old nationality and obliterate all the 
native picturesqueness of the place. The next generation was to 
begin to readjust matters in this respect. 

In 1839 the Town Clerk was directed to recover possession of 
those parts of the ancient Town Wall which were in danger of 
becoming by prescription the private property of lessees. This was, 
however, the prelude to the destruction of the Wall ; which soon 
shared the fate of the Town Gates and disappeared. 

That Welsh interests, even now, were not totally neglected, 
appears from the meetings of a Cymreigyddion Society which took 
place at the Town Hall. 

This year there were great apprehensions of a Chartist rising, 
and much calling out and swearing in of Special Constables. Other 
apprehensions soon followed — of the Chartists' persons — and Cardiff 
voted thanks to Newport for the manner in which the rebels had been 
suppressed in the latter borough when they rose in open revolt. 

The formation of the Bute Docks, and the consequent develop- 
ment of the Port of Cardiff, necessitated the emancipation of Cardiff 
pilots from the control of the Bristol authorities, who had the 
appointment and governance of them. It was not long before the 
efforts of the Cardiff Council succeeded in securing to itself the 
management of the local pilotage. 

The continuation of the Great Western Railway from Cirencester 
to Gloucester, and the formation of the South Wales Railway, from 
Gloucester through Chepstow, Newport and Cardiff to the west, 
completed the revolution which was now being effected in the 
commerce of this town and neighbourhood, by placing Cardiff in 
direct and rapid communication with London. 

Another important event which took place at the middle of the 
19th century was the diversion of the Taff from Canton bridge to 
the river's mouth. Then it was that the old-world epoch in the 



local history, when salmon were caught at Cardiff by fishermen in 
ancient British coracles, finally gave place to the present era of 
a straightened river, whose muddy waves plash around the iron 
piers of a railway-bridge. 

It would be both impracticable and unnecessary for the Editor to 
call attention, in a dissertation, to the very numerous points of 
historical interest which occur in the course of these Minutes. The 
reader will find that the task of looking through the following pages 
will be well repaid. 

This section of the records of Council Meetings brings us down 
to 1879, from which year onwards the Minutes have been printed and 
published by the Corporation. 

RED cow. 

1835-36] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 4,7 

Cardiff Council Minutes 1885—1843. 

/ December 

Cardiff Borough ) 

*° ^'^ ' ^^ -^'^ a Meeting of the Councillors of 

the said Borough, held at the 
Guildhall in the said Borough 
on Thursday the 31st day of 
1835, for the purpose of electing 
Aldermen for the said Borough pursuant to 
the directions of the Municipal Corporation Act. 

All the Councillors were present, and Mr. Walter Coffin was 
elected to the Chair. 

The following were elected Aldermen : — 
William Prichard 
John Bird 
William Towgood 
Thomas Revel Guest 
Walter Coffin 
Charles Crofts Williams. 

(Signed) Walter Coffin, Chairman. 

The Chairman having left the Chair, it was proposed by Mr. 
Henry Morgan, and seconded by Mr, James Lewis, that the thanks of 
this Meeting be given him for his conduct in the Chair. 

Cardiif Borough 1 

to Wit j At a Meeting of the Council of the said Borough, 

held at the Guildhall within the said Borough on 
Friday the first day of January 1836. Richard Wyndham Williams in 
the Chair. 

It was Resolved that Thomas Revel Guest, esq,, be elected 
Mayor of the said Borough for the ensuing year. 

It was also Ordered that the Mayor be requested to take the 

Thomas Revel Guest, esq., the Mayor Elect, having taken the 
Chair, it was Resolved unanimously that the Mayor for the time being 
be the Judge of the Court of Record for the Borough. 

It was also Resolved that Quarterly Meetings be held by the 

Mayor, Aldermen and Councillors for the transaction of business 

I c 


under the Municipal Corporation Act, viz., the ist day of March, the 
first Monday in June, and the first Monday in September 1836, at eleven 
o'clock in the forenoon. 

Six gentlemen were appointed a Committee for taking into con- 
sideration the Police of the Borough, preparatory to the appointment 
of a Watch Committee. 

The same gentlemen, in conjunction with Mr. Richard Tredwen, 
were appointed " a Committee to report on the duties of Water Baihflf 
and Conservation of the River Taff, particularly with reference to the 
necessary buoys to be placed or preserved outside the Sea Lock." 

1836 Jan. 15 Friday. Committee of six appointed "to inves- 
tigate the funds and Estates of the Corporation and to prepare such a 
Record of the Property as may be placed in the Minute Book for 
future reference." 

Watch Committee of four appointed to consider the propriety of 
engaging the services of " a London Police Man." 

(The Rental of 1835 was entered accordingly. It was also 
printed for circulation among the members of the Corporation.) 

Messrs. William Jenkins and Nathaniel French the elder, 
Common Attorneys, have their accounts set out in a schedule. 

Present apparent Income. Jan. 1836. 

Rental as per Roll - - - - 142. 15. 7 
Harbour Dues produced last year, clear of 

deductions ----- 501. i. 6 

Tolls on Slates - - - - - 7- 5- 2 

Supposed produce of Market Stallage - - 450. o. 

^iioo. 2. 3 

This year the Corporation paid the " Marquess of Bute for 
Tolls /5. 13. y\d." 

1836 Feb. I Friday. William Pettigrew appointed Water 
Bailiff at 20s. per week, the office to be held from week to week. 

March i. A letter having been laid before this Meeting by 
Mr. William Jenkins, Deputy Town Clerk, informing him of the 
death of Mr. Nicholl Wood, late Town Clerk of Cardiff, at Calais: 

1836] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 


Ordered, that Mr. Edward Priest Richards be appointed Town Clerk, 
with the accustomed fees. 

Ordered, that John Hussey be appointed Town Crier for this 
Borough, and that he be directed to wear such badge as the Mayor 
may appoint. 

£2. los. to be given Alexander Wilson, late Water Bailiff, in full 
discharge for his services. 

£2. 6. o paid J. Stockdale, Officer of Police, for his expenses 
in coming from London to be appointed Superintendent of Police 
of this Borough. 

5s. paid Ann David, her quarter's salary for locking up Crock- 
herbtown pump. 

6s. dd. paid William Llewellyn, his quarter's salary for locking 
up the pump near the Town Hall. 

Joseph Davies, Bute Street, agent, and Thomas Heme, High 
Street, painter, appointed Auditors for the Borough. 

Two Assessors were appointed for the North and South Wards. 

April 4 Monday. (Entries are now in the handwriting of 
Mr. E. P. Richards.) 

Ordered, that Mr. William Jenkins be appointed Treasurer and 
Collector of the Rents of the Corporation, until the 9th day of 
November next, on the same terms heretofore paid the Common 

June 6 Monday. Ordered, that the Town Clerk prepare a table 
of the fees taken by him as Registrar and by the officers of the Court 
of Record for this Borough, that a Table of Fees may be made and 
settled by the Council of the Borough, to be submitted to one of the 
Secretaries of State pursuant to 5 & 6 W. 4, c. 76, s. 124. 

Mr. Whiting having proposed to this Meeting to sell his house 
in Angel Street : Ordered, that Messrs. C. C. Williams, R. Reece and 
W. Bird be a Committee to value the same and to report thereon to 
the next Meeting. 

23 Thursday. Messrs. Williams, Reece and Bird having reported 
to this Meeting that Mr. Whiteing's house in Angel Street is worth 
;^25o and that it would be a very desirable purchase for the improve- 
ment of the Town, and Mr. Whiteing having attended this Meeting 


and offered to sell the premises for such sum, the same to remain on 
Mortgage for three years at 4 per cent, from the 24th day of June 
instant when possession is to be given. ^ 

Arthur Whiteing. 
Witness, Jno. Lloyd. 

Ordered : That such offer be accepted and that the Town Clerk 
prepare the necessary Conveyance. 

;^50 is to be spent in repairing the Corporation's cottage and 
buildings on the Great Heath. 

Ordered, that the Corporation attend Divine Service at Cardiff 
Church on the last Sunday in each month, and that the Serjeants at 
Mace attend and give notice to the Members of the Council as hereto- 

Septr. 5 Monday. Mr. William Bird purchased of the Corpora- 
tion, for ;^I20, that part of Mr. Whiteing's late premises not required 
for the widening of the corner of Angel Street. 

No Assessors for the Borough having been appointed on i 
March last, and doubts being entertained by whom the List of Bur- 
gesses should be revised : Ordered, that a Case be prepared by the 
Town Clerk and Counsel's Opinion taken thereon. 

October 3 Monday. The Corporation petitioned the Lord 
Chancellor for the appointment of Trustees to Wells' Charity. 

Annual sum of j^S^- ^°- ^ i^ ^° be allowed the Mayor for the 
time being, to enable him to continue the charitable benefactions ; such 
as ;^2i to the Cardiff Dispensary, ;i^io to the Cardiff School, and ten 
guineas towards the evening lectures in Cardiff church. 

Committee appointed to treat for purchase of the gateway leading 
into the Workhouse Garden and yard adjoining the King's Head 
public house and houses and premises adjoining, with Hooper's 

31 Monday. Committee appointed to repair the buoys in the 
river, and to place new buoys where required. 

1 This was really Corporation property leased to the Whiteing family in i737' 
In 1839 Arthur "Whiteing conveyed the freehold to William Bird. In 1876 the 
Corporation bought the very same property at the price of ;£420, for street improve- 

1836-37] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 421 

November 9 Wednesday. Alderman Charles Crofts Williams 
elected Mayor and appointed Judge of the Court of Record. 

(Henceforward it is the custom for a vote of thanks to be 
accorded to the outgoing Mayor.) 

William Jenkins appointed Collector of Rents, at 5 per cent, 

Nathaniel French, shopkeeper, and William Williams, accountant, 
elected Serjeants at Mace. Salary ^^7. los. 

The duties of Serjeants at Mace are to act as Criers of the 
Court of Record and to serve Process of such Court and to summon 
Juries. Also to deliver notices and letters to the Aldermen and 
Councillors, when required by the Town Clerk. To attend the Mayor 
when required, and also the Council on all public occasions. 
(The above formula is henceforth annually repeated.) 
An Alderman appointed to the North and South Wards respec- 
tively, to preside at elections of Councillors and Assessors, and for 
other purposes within such Wards during the ensuing year. 

Committee appointed to examine all bills or claims on the 

John Hussey appointed Town Crier for the ensuing year; the 
Mayor is requested to provide for him a similar dress to that worn by 
him at present. (This provision recurs annually henceforth.) 

Committee henceforth annually appointed to repair damage done 
to the buoys or the navigation of the river. 

The King's Head and other property in Saint Mary Street is to 
be purchased of Mr. Griffith Lloyd for £2 1 50. 

The Mayor is to be ex officio a Member of all Committees. 
Committee appointed to prepare a Memorial to the Bristol 
authorities to allow this Council the appointment of pilots to vessels 
trading from foreign parts to this Port. 

The free tickets for the Theatre are this season to be at the 
disposal of the Mayor, but in future they are to be sold. 

December 5 Monday. William Pettigrew appointed Water 
Bailiff for the ensuing year; salary £\ per week. 

1837 March i Wednesday. John French appointed Serjeant 
at Mace, in the room of Nathaniel French deceased. 



The Treasurer is directed to take possession of the piece of 
waste occupied by Mr. William Jones opposite his timber-yard, and 
also of the strip of ground leading from the Canal Bridge to the 
lime-kiln on the eastern side of the Canal. 

May I Monday. Committee appointed to examine the old 
Rentals of the Corporation, to ascertain if they have any claim to 
the land on the east side of the Canal, south of the Custom House 
Bridge, as shewn on the Corporation Map of 1829. 

The piece of open ground in Saint Mary Street, near the Httle 
Steam Mill, on which Mr. William Jones is in the habit of depositing 
timber &c., is to be thrown open and kept clear for the use and 
accommodation of the public by improving and widening the 
thoroughfare. Mr. Richards is to take immediate steps to enforce 
this Resolution, by requesting all persons depositing timber or other 
materials on the ground to remove the same. 

29"> Monday. Mayor's Salary £2(>. 5. o, to allow his subscribing 
towards the Cardiff Races, and for ringing the bells on the King and 
Queen's Birth Day and on public occasions. 

The Town Clerk is to be allowed £^0 per annum for performing 
the following duties : — 

Attending Council Meetings, taking down and entering 

Minutes, and giving Notices on the Town Hall door. 
Attending Committee Meetings, and making Minutes of 

the proceedings. 
Assisting at Ward Elections. 

Attending the Mayor and Council on public occasions. 
Attending Courts of Record as Registrar every alternate 

August 28 Monday. The Committee appointed on i May to 
enquire into the rights of the land on the east side of the Wharf, 
have made every enquiry respecting it and are of opinion that the 
Corporation have not parted with their right since it was first put 
down on the map produced to the Committee at a previous Meeting. 

Mr. Thos. Dalton is to be requested professionally to enquire 
into the Corporation's title to the land opposite the ironmaster's 
field below the Custom House, and to report what steps can be 
taken for the recovery of the same. 

1837-38] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 423 

Committee appointed to report generally on the present state 
of the Corporation Property, to examine all Deeds &c. in the Town 
Clerk's Office, prior to a correct Rental being prepared. 

October 9. Moved by James Lewis and seconded by Thomas 
Dalton : That every Motion and Amendment put by any Member 
be always inserted in the Minute Book of the Meeting, with the 
names of the Members who have voted on either side. 

November 9 Thursday. Alderman Henry Morgan elected 
Mayor and appointed Judge of the Court of Record. 

Mr. Thomas Dalton verbally reported that from the inquiries 
made by him he considered the Corporation could not make out 
any title to the land opposite the ironmaster's field below the 

An arrangement was about this time made with Mr. Robert Daw 
for collection of the Harbour Dues at 5 per cent, 

1838 February 5. Memorandum to be presented to Her 
Majesty's Principal Secretary of State, and Petitions to the Houses 
of Parliament, praying that Borough Justices may be invested with 
the same authority and powers at the Court of Quarter Sessions 
as the County Magistrates, notwithstanding the Municipal Corporation 

The Marquess of Bute to be requested to present the Petition 
to the Lords. 

May 7. Ordered that a Clerk and Inspector of Markets be 
appointed at a salary of £1^ per annum, and that the person so 
appointed understand the Welsh and English languages, and that 
notice be given of such appointment. 

14. David Gregory received the above appointment. 

November 9 Friday. Charles Crofts Williams, alderman, elected 
Mayor and appointed Judge of the Court of Record. 

The thanks of the Meeting are given to the late Mayor, Henry 
Morgan, esq., for his kind invitation to dinner on this day. The 
Councillors, however, decline to accept such invitation, that it may not 
be drawn into a precedent that the Mayor is expected to invite the 
Council annually to dinner with him. 

424 CARDIFF RECORDS. [1838-39 

Resolved, that on this day and every 9th of November annually, 
it is expected the Council will dine together at their own individual 
expence at 5 o'clock, and that the Mayor (if present) be requested to 
take the Chair. 

December 10. A plan is to be made of the Town Wall adjoining 
to the Mason's Arms in Crockherbtown ; of which part of the Wall 
the Town Clerk is, if necessary, to recover possession by ejectment. 

The Finance Committee are to let the houses at the Old Quay 
and the rooms under the Town Hall not used as Prison rooms. 

1839 February 4. William Edmunds, of the Mason's Arms, 
having encroached on the Town Wall near the Crockherbtown Lock, 
by building part of a cottage thereon : Ordered, that he be required 
to pay a guinea per annum as tenant for such encroachment. 

John Rees, of the Unicorn public house, Crockherbtown, having 
taken down part of the Town Wall between his premises and the 
Canal : Ordered, that he be required to pay one guinea per annum as 
tenant at will of the opening and thoroughfare so made. 

John Nicholl, esq., of Coedriglan writes, on behalf of the Court 
of Quarter Sessions for the County, asking the Corporation to allow 
the County to construct cells under the Town Hall, for prisoners 
awaiting trial at Assizes and Sessions. 

His request is to be complied with, subject to the Corporation's 
being allowed the joint use of the cells. 

May 6. Jeremiah Stockdale appointed Keeper of the Borough 
Prison, in the room of David Evans deceased, without any additional 
salary to that now paid him as Superintendent of Police. 

John Evans is appointed Hall Keeper in the room of David 
Evans deceased. 

(The Cymreigyddion Society at this time met at the Town Hall.) 

June 3. Leave granted the Cardiff Streets Commissioners to 
house the fire engines under the Town Hall, at an annual rent of 
2s. 6d. 

August 5. Resolved, that on the day when the Bute Ship Canal 
is to be opened, the Members of this Corporation do meet as a body 
corporate, with the Serjeants at Mace, and offer their services to 

i839] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880, 425 

attend the Marquess of Bute to witness the entrance of the first 
ship into the Bason. 

Ordered, that the old cottages now standing on the west side of 
Womanby Street be pulled down, and slaughter houses erected on 
the site. 

November 9 Saturday. Alderman Richard Reece elected Mayor 
and appointed Judge of the Court of Record. 

Ordered, that the sum of twenty pounds be allowed the late 
Mayor and Mr. Henry Morgan towards the expences attendant on 
calling out Special Constables, pensioners &c. during the late 
expected attack by the Chartists from the neighbourhood of 

The following Members of Council attended : — 

Charles Crofts Williams, Mayor. 

Henry Morgan 

John Bird 
Richard Reece 

David Evans 

William Jones James Lewis 

Richard Tredwen William Prichard 

Joseph Davis Thomas Morgan 

Daniel W. Davis William Vachell 

Anthony Alsop William Bird 

John James Watkins William Williams 

William Head Deacon George Bird 

William J. Watson Richard J. Todd. 

John Moore (E. P. Richards, Town Clerk.) 

December 9. Mr. Todd having promised to have the door of the 
New Market Tavern altered from Trinity Street to Church Street, 
which he has not done : Ordered, that a wall be built to enclose 
the Corporation property in Trinity Street. 

Resolved unanimously, that the sincere and cordial thanks 
of this Council are due to Thomas Phillips, esquire, late Mayor of 
Newport, for the communications made by him to the Town Clerk 
of this Borough on the 3rd day of November last, in anticipation 
of the rising of the Chartists, and for the judicious and determined 
conduct displayed by him on occasion of the unprovoked and 

426 CARDIFF RECORDS. ['839-40 

traiterous attack of the Chartists on the following day, and that a 
Copy of this Resolution be transmitted by the Town Clerk to Mr, 

1840 March 9. Petition to be presented to the House of 
Commons, that power be given for appointing pilots for the Port 
of Cardiff. 

Resolved that all goods purchased in Cardiff Market be weighed 
without any charge either to vendor or purchaser. 

June 15. Addresses of Congratulation to Her Majesty the Queen 
and to His Royal Highness Prince Albert, on their providential escape 
from the traiterous attempts made on their lives by an assassin. 

July 6. Resolved, that permission be granted to the Marquis 
of Bute to place a tablet to the memory of the late Mr. Alderman 
Bird in the Aldermens' Aisle, Saint John's church, Cardiff, as requested 
by his Lordship. 

Nov 9 Monday. David Evans, alderman, is elected Mayor and 
appointed Judge of the Court of Record. 

Ordered, that the Town Clerk take the necessary steps for pro- 
curing an Act of Parliament for appointing and regulating the pilots 
and others connected with the Port of Cardiff, and for the general 
regulation of the Port and conservating the river. 

Ordered, that the contract for keeping the Town Hall clock in 
repair or regulating the same be suspended, and that it be referred to 
a Committee (named) to take into consideration the state of the clock 
and to make such Orders as they may think necessary until they can 
make a Report. 

30. Town Clerk to take Counsel's opinion as to the Council's 
right to make a Borough or Watch Rate. 

£1 reward to be offered to any person who shall procure the 
conviction of any butcher for slaughtering on his own premises within 
the Borough. 

December 21. Watch Rate to be made, pursuant to the Opinion 
of Counsel M'' E. V. Williams. 

i84i] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 427 

1 84 1 February i. John Owen, blockmaker, appointed Water 
Bailiff vice William Pettigrew deceased. 

[From this date, for several years onward, the Minutes, besides 
being signed by the Mayor and Town Clerk as heretofore, are sealed 
with the small Tudor Rose seal, on a wafer, with paper stuck 
over it.J 

May 3. Jeremiah Box Stockdale appointed Hall Keeper vice 
John Evans. 

Ordered, that the roof and the steps in front of the Town Hall be 
repaired, and that the iron gates at the foot of the steps be so 
removed as to allow the fire engines to be taken in/ 

Ordered, that permission be given to Mrs. Ward to place the 
shutters of her shop against that part of the Town Hall which forms 
a nook at the pine end of the Hall near the gas pipe, she paying one 
penny per annum for the same. 

June 7. Ordered, that the Mayor be requested to call on 
Messrs. Hill & Co. and Mr. Wm. Jones and represent to them the 
dangerous state of the foot ways opposite their respective wharfs. 

A Coroner's Inquest having been holden on Alexander 
Robertson, and a verdict of " Found drowned with marks of 
violence on his person" having been returned by the Jury: Ordered, 
that a reward of £e^o be offered by the Mayor to any person (except 
an accomphce) who shall give such evidence as shall lead to the 
discovery and conviction of the person or persons who inflicted the 

August 2. Ordered, that Mr. Strawson be ordered to map and 
survey the whole of the wastes from Longcross and Adamsdown to 
the Custom House. 

Land in the Hayes purchased of David Lewis for £2>^6, for 
street improvements, 

November 9 Tuesday. James Lewis elected Mayor and appointed 
Judge of the Court of Record. 

Mr. William Bird, ship agent, and Mr. James Lucas elected 
Serjeants at Mace, at a salary of £s each, 

^ See the illustration facing p. 112 of Vol. II. 

428 CARDIFF RECORDS. [1841-43 

Ordered, that Edward David be appointed Town Crier, and that 
the Mayor be requested to provide him a cocked hat and suitable 
dress similar to that worn by him at present. 

1842 February 7. A letter from Mr. Napier, the Chief Constable 
of the Rural Police force, addressed to Alderman Richard Reece upon 
the subject of placing the Constabulary force of this Town under his 
control, having been placed before this Meeting : Resolved, that it is 
the opinion of this Meeting that it is unadvisable to do so, but that it 
is our incumbent duty to watch over the interests of the Town our- 
selves as heretofore. 

Richard Lewis Reece, solicitor, elected Councillor for the North 
Ward, vice William Head Deacon deceased. 

May 2. William Alexander Bradley elected Councillor for the 
North Ward, vice John James Watkins deceased. 

May 30. ;^ioo voted towards erecting a new bridge over the 
Canal in the Hayes leading towards Upper Bute Street. 

July 18. Committee appointed to consider the erecting of a new 
Police Station for the more effectual watching of the Borough. 

September 19. A watch box to be erected near the Wharf, for 
the convenience of the Police. 

Ordered, that the Corporation dine together on the 9th of 
November; that the Auditors and Assessors be allowed to dine, 
and that the Marquess of Bute, Lord James Stuart and any of the 
Marquess' family who may then be resident in the Town be invited 
to dine with the Corporation. 

November 9 Wednesday. Charles Crofts WiUiams, alderman, 
elected Mayor and appointed Judge of the Court of Record. 

1843 J^n- 12. Ordered, that possession be taken of the 
premises adjoining the Old Quay, leased of Mr. E. P. Richards for 
999 years at ;^i5 per annum; and that the Mayor be authorized 
to pull down the premises and to dispose of the materials, except 
the stones. 

1843] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 429 

Cardiff Council Minutes. 1843—1855. 

'^"^ HIS volume contains beautiful samples of penmanship. 

^V I Each year's Minutes are prefaced by an orna- 

^^^^^fl mental page, surmounted by the Borough Arms 

— -~ tricked in lines and dots, with fine texting and 

ornamental Latin letters. 

1843 April 10. Ordered, that Mr. Strawson be directed to 
ascertain in whose possession the Town Wall is, from the New Inn 
to the Cock's Tower. 

May I. Ordered, that the Town Clerk take steps to protect 
the property of the Corporation on the whole of the Town Wall, and 
particularly that part of it in the occupation of Robert Thomas, who 
has lately removed the Town Wall opposite the land leased to him 
by Mr. Frederick Wood. 

June 12. New Bylaws. 

1. At all Meetings of the Council every Member who has any 
Motion or observation to make shall rise and address the Mayor 
or other presiding Chairman, and shall not be interrupted unless he 
be called to order. And in that case the Member calling him to 
order shall be heard in preference to all others ; and the question 
of order shall first be disposed of, before the subject be resumed or 
any other subject entered into. 

2. No person shall speak more than once on the same subject, 
unless it be in reply or in explanation ; and every Member who 
moves a Resolution shall be entitled to a reply. 

3. Penalty not exceeding £<), for ringing bells or knocking at 
the doors of houses without lawful business or excuse ; or for taking 
off knockers, bell-pulls, door-knobs, latches or scrapers ; or for 
creating a false alarm of fire. 

Also for defacing public Notices. 

Using insulting behaviour with intent to provoke a breach of the 

Fighting, or assisting others to fight. 

Prostitutes loitering or soliciting in public streets. 

430 CARDIFF RECORDS. [1843-44 

Playing at ball, football, pitch-and-toss, quoits or any other game, 
to the annoyance of the inhabitants ; or sliding upon ice or snow to 
the common danger of passengers. 

The foregoing Bylaws are to be engrossed on parchment, and 
the Seal of the Borough affixed thereto. 

August 14. The Committee of the Cardiff Infants'^ School are to 
be allowed to pull down the Town Wall adjoining their playground, 
on payment of an acknowledgment of is. per annum. 

Robert Thomas is to pay £1. is. per annum for the portion of the 
Town Wall pulled down by him. 

Longcross house and land have been purchased by the Ordnance 
Department for the purpose of erecting barracks.* 

The Mayor is to ascertain the sentiments and wishes of the 
Marquis of Bute with respect to the Corporation's proposed purchase 
of the old Workhouse, with a view to the erection of a new Town or 
Shire Hall on the site. 

November 9 Thursday. Henry Morgan, alderman, elected 
Mayor and appointed Judge of the Court of Record. 

1844 March i. Samuel Jones, of Long Dyke, Cardiff, elected 
an Assessor for the South Ward. 

May 6, Ordered, that it be referred to the Watch Committee 
to report to the Council the best means of preventing vagrants and 
bad characters from remaining in the lodging-houses in Whitmore 

September 8. The Corporation presented to General Nott an 
Address of congratulation on the occasion of his return to Wales. 
The Mayor and Council were received by General Nott at the Cardiff 

23. Counsel Mr. Archibold has given his Opinion that the 
Corporation is not liable to be assessed to the harbour dues and 
the tolls taken at fairs. The Town Clerk is therefore to prepare 
an Appeal against such assessment. 

^ Saint John's Schools, Crockherbtown. 
2 The old Militia Barracks, Roath Road. 

.J ,J J J 

i844-4S] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 431 

Notice having been given that a pubhc meeting for the purpose 
of promoting a line of railway from Stonehouse, through Chepstow, 
Newport, Cardiff, the agricultural districts of Lantrissent, Cowbridge, 
Bridgend, Forth Cawl and Pyle, thence to Neath, Swansea, Pembroke 
and Fishguard will be held at the Town Hall : Resolved, that this 
Meeting is of opinion that such railway will be a great national 
benefit and of considerable advantage to the localities through which 
it is proposed to pass. 

November 9 Saturday. Councillor William Jonas Watson 
elected Mayor and appointed Judge of the Court of Record. 

Edmund Jones, shoemaker, and James Richards, trumpeter, 
Serjeants at Mace. 

A Navigation and Harbour Committee appointed. 

Allowance of £6^. 15. o to the late Mayor for the past year. 

1845 February 3. At the instance of the Right Honorable 
John Nicholl, M.P. for this Borough, the Mayor was requested to 
convene a public meeting to consider the expediency of memorializing 
the Post Master General that the London mail should be forwarded 
to Cardiff as soon as the railroad from Cirencester to Gloucester 
should be opened. 

March 17. The Mayor is to request Mr. Nicholl to suggest to the 
Government the expediency of adding Glamorganshire to the Oxford 
Circuit, and to state that, in the event of the Glamorganshire Assizes 
being held at Cardiff, the Council were ready to erect a new Hall 
with two Courts and accommodation for the Judges. 

Ordered, that the fairs and cattle-markets be removed from 
Crockherbtown to Frederick Street^ and streets adjoining. 

Committee appointed to watch the proceedings of the South 
Wales Railway Bill, and to adopt such measures as may be necessary 
in respect to diversion of the river Taff at Cardiff. 

June 23. Ordered, that the Harbour Master make a written 
report of the state of the river and buoys quarterly, and that he attend 
with such Report at each Quarterly Meeting of the Council. 

Ordered, that the tolls on the sale of horses and cattle at fairs be 
discontinued until further notice. 

* Frederick Street runs off the south side of Crockherbtown. 

432 CARDIFF RECORDS. [184S-46 

The Town Clerk is to apply again to Mr. William Jenkins for 
payment of _;^6o rent due from him, and to take proceedings in 

The old Workhouse premises purchased for ;if 1000. 

September 22. Ordered, that Mr. Richard Tredwen and Mr. 
William Bird purchase a buoy for the Old River, to be fixed as early 
as possible. 

William Jonas Watson, esquire, Mayor, being incapable of 
executing his mayoral duties through ill health : Ordered, that Alder- 
man Henry Morgan perform them in his stead, and he is hereby 
appointed and elected accordingly. 

Councillor William Prichard died this month. 

William Jonas Watson, esquire, the Mayor, died at Saint Nicholas, 
in October. 

October 27. Resolved, that no Mayor be appointed for the 
remainder of the current municipal year.^ 

November 10 Monday. Alderman Richard Reece elected Mayor 
and appointed Judge of the Court of Record. 
John Ballard, Town Crier. 

1846 August 3. Sir Charles Morgan having applied for 
permission to enclose part of the waste in Whitmore Lane 
adjoining his field: Ordered, that a final arrangement be made with 
Sir Charles. 

The Treasurer is to take possession of the Cross Bakehouse 
premises, the Lease whereof has expired, and to appropriate the 
same for the purpose of the Markets. 

September 21. The Town Clerk is to take steps to sell the 
Heath Farm and other parts of the Corporation property on the 
Heath, for discharging the Corporation's Mortgage and other 

Ordered, that Sir Charles Morgan be allowed to erect a dwarf 
wall with an iron railing in Whitmore Lane on the property of the 

1 Probably this Resolution was illegal. 

1846-47] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 433 

November 9 Monday. Councillor James Lewis elected Mayor 
and appointed Judge of the Court of Record. 

December 14. House near Canal Bridge taken for Police 

South Wales Railway require the ship and timber yard and 
premises in Saint Mary Street. 

Fairs and cattle-markets are to be held in Saint Mary Street, 
instead of Frederick Street. 

1847 August 2. Application is to be made to the Treasury for 
their sanction to the sale of the following Corporation properties : — 

1. House, garden and closes containing 17a. or. 30/., 
formerly in occupation of Llewelyn Prosser, in 
Llanishen parish. 

2. Closes of land containing ii6a. ^r. i^p., formerly in 

occupation of John Davies, in Llanishen parish. 

3. House, barn, stable and garden at the Black Weir in the 
parish of St. John Baptist in Cardiff, in occupation of 
Joseph Butler. 

4. Several parcels of land at or near Longcross in the said 

parish of St. John, containing 3^. i^p., in occupation of 
the Ordnance Department of the War Office. 

5. Messuage called the Old Boring Mill, on the Old Quay 
in St. Mary's parish in Cardiff, in occupation of Joseph 
William Hall. 

6. Stable and court at the Golate in the parish of St. Mary, 
in occupation of the Penydarran Iron C°- (subject to a 
Lease for 99 years from 8 Sept. 1750.) 

According to a prior list there were included properties on the 
eastern Town Wall, and part of Little Troy, 

August 30. Public subscriptions towards the proposed Courts 
of Justice amount to £i^?>7. 

Ordered, that the Committee apply to those noblemen and 
gentlemen who are interested in the prosperity of the town and 
neighbourhood, for subscriptions towards the same object. 

I D 

434 CARDIFF RECORDS. [1847-49 

November 9 Monday. Councillor Richard Lewis Reece elected 
Mayor and appointed Judge of the Court of Record. 
Mayor's allowance to be ^80. 

December 22. There being only three Members present, no 
business was done. 

1848 February 22. The Lords of the Treasury consented to 
the sale of the scheduled properties, except the land near Longcross 
held by the Board of Ordnance. 

Town Clerk to enquire into the Corporation's title to the land on 
the Heath, in respect of the property agreed to be purchased of Mr. 
Griffith Lloyd. 

March 15. The plans of Mr. Horace Jones, architect, for the 
new Courts, is accepted. 

May 3. Edward Hyde appointed Water Bailiff, vice John Owen 

Resolved unanimously : That this Council deeply regrets the 
death of the Most Honorable the Marquis of Bute — an event that has 
deprived this town of its most powerful and munificent friend, whose 
purse was always open to every call for its improvement and for the 
promotion of every charity. A Copy of this Resolution is to be 
forwarded to the Marchioness. (Her acknowledgment was entered on 
the next Minutes.) 

November 9 Thursday. Alderman Walter Coffin elected Mayor 
and appointed Judge of the Court of Record. 

Richard Dauberry Hyde appointed Water Bailiff, at a salary of 
;^20 per annum. 

1849 March. Notwithstanding an Amendment by Mr. Charles 
Vachell, seconded by Mr. Richard Lewis Reece, it was resolved that 
lot 4 of the Corporation's freehold property on the Heath, in the 
parish of Llanishen, be sold to Wyndhara William Lewis, esq., for 
;^3ioo. The Amendment reads: "That it is undesirable to part 
with the lands of the Corporation, as future advantage may accrue 
to the Inhabitants of the Town from holding them." 

1849-51] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880, 435 

November 9 Friday. Charles Vachell elected Mayor and 
appointed Judge of the Court of Record within the said Borough. 

1850 March 18. The King's Head inn and other houses in 
front of the new Courts are to be pulled down. 

William Llewellyn appointed Town Crier vice Edward David, 

May 6. The Corporation property at the Black Weir was sold 
to Mr. Richard Tredwen. 

June 14. William Peake, Collector of Customs, is appointed 
Collector and Receiver of Harbour Dues, vice Robert Daw. 

September 16. Benjamin Bowen appointed Collector of Rates. 

Meetings and proceedings of the Council as Board of Health are 
to be held and kept distinct from the other Meetings and proceedings 
of the Council. 

November 9 Saturday. Alderman William Bird elected Mayor 
and appointed Judge of the Court of Record. 

1 85 1 February 3. Councillor George Bird, draper, disqualified 
for non-residence, and his office declared vacant. 

March 17. An application having been made by the Committee 
of the Cardiff Athenaeum for the inspection of the public records and 
documents of the Corporation by such persons as might be desirous 
of consulting them for elucidating the history of the town (a prize 
for such history having been offered by them) : Resolved, that the 
Town Clerk allow the inspection of the Charters or such of the 
records of the Corporation as will assist in writing the history of 
Cardiff, to any person who will produce a letter from the Secretaries 
of the Athen^um stating that he is likely to be a candidate for the 
prize ; such inspection to be made between the hours of 10 and 4 
o'clock between the 20th day of March instant and ist day of May 
next ; and that a Copy of this Resolution be transmitted by the Town 
Clerk to such Secretaries. 

May 5. The "property on the Goo-late and the Old Skin House" 
are to be sold by auction. 

436 CARDIFF RECORDS. [1851-52 

16. The Mayor is to write to the last Judge of Assize at 
Cardiff, requesting him to ascertain from the Judges whether they 
would prefer lodgings near the Hall or in Crockherbtown. 

September 15. It having been intimated that possession of the 
Aldermen's Aisle in Saint John's church might be given up before 
the termination of the Lease to the late Marquis of Bute : Ordered, 
that a Committee (named) consider what steps may be necessary 
to be taken consequent thereon in reference to the present alterations 
in the church. 

November 10 Monday. Griffith Phillips elected Mayor and 
appointed Judge of the Court of Record. 

The subscribers to the weighing machine are accorded a vote 
of thanks for having placed the same at the disposal of the Council. 

The Corporation advertisements are in future to be inserted in 
the two Cardiff newspapers. 

December 22. The Town clock is to be kept according to 
Greenwich time. 

The Old Workhouse is to be pulled down. 

1852 March 15. A communication from the Marchioness of 
Bute was made by the Town Clerk, stating that so soon as her 
Ladyship should restore the Herbert Aisle, the Aldermen's Aisle 
would be given up to the Corporation ; but before doing so her 
Ladyship was anxious to put in the latter two new windows, one 
having the Bute arms, and the other the Town arms, in consideration 
of the seat having been so long occupied by the family.^ 

The thanks of the Corporation were conveyed to her Ladyship. 

May 3. Ordered, that the coins &c. found in the ruins of the Old 
Workhouse be sent to the Cardiff Museum. 

That the Mayor be requested to make enquiry whether Mr. 
Corbett obtained any permission of the Corporation for making the 
bridge below the South Wales Railway bridge over the river Taff. 

June 14. "There was no business transacted at this Meeting." 

1 See Vol. III., p. 514. 

i8S2-53] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 437 

September 20. Resolved, that some mark of respect be paid by 
the Council to the memory of the late Duke of Wellington on the day 
of his funeral ; which was left to the Mayor to carry out in the best 
manner he should think fit. 

November 9 Tuesday. William Williams elected Mayor, by the 
casting vote of the outgoing Mayor ; an equal number having voted 
for David Lewis. He was also appointed Judge of the Court of 

Corporation property in Smith Street to be pulled down for 
street improvements. 

Town Clerk to apply to Parliament for the appointment of a 
Stipendiary Magistrate for the Borough. 

December 20. John Hurry Riches appointed Water Bailiff, at a 
salary of ;^30. 

Town Clerk to take Counsel's Opinion as to the legality of the 
payment of the Justices' Clerk by salary, and the appropriation of 
the Justices' fees to the Borough fund. 

1853 February 7. Part of the Old Town Hall is to be allowed 
the County for the deposit of the arms, accoutrements and clothing of 
the Glamorgan Militia. 

March 29 Evan Leyshon appointed Clerk of the Market. 

May 2. The Water Bailiff is to get a new chain for the Red 

August 9. Ordered, that a boat be purchased not exceeding in 
value ;^ioo, and that two men and a boy be constantly employed 
therein to sail between the Glamorganshire Canal, the Bute Dock sea 
gates and the limits of the Port of Cardiff, for the sole purpose of 
watching and detecting persons throwing out ballast or other rubbish 
into the sea ; and that the men and boy reside at Penarth. 

That the Water Bailiff purchase a boat and fix the wages to be 
paid the men and boy subject to the approval of the Mayor and 

October 3. " Mr. John Batchelor having informed this Meeting 
that Frank Howard Esq. have [sic] offered to present to the Corporation 
a Picture of the Surprize of Cardiff Castle by Ivor Bach on condition of 

438 CARDIFF RECORDS. [1853-54 

its being framed by the Corporation and hung in the New Town Hall 
at their expence : Ordered, that such offer be thankfully accepted and 
that a Copy of this Resolution be transmitted to Mr. Howard."^ 

November 9 Wednesday. Councillor John Batchelor elected 
Mayor and appointed Judge of the Court of Record. 

John Richards appointed to take care of the scales and weights. 

A Memorial from the Churchwardens of the Parish of Saint John 
praying the consideration of the Council in granting a portion of the 
Alderman's Aisle for the use of the parishioners and others having 
been read: It was resolved, that a Committee (named) be appointed to 
carry out the wishes of the Churchwardens ; and that ;^50 be allowed 
towards the necessary improvements to be made in the aisle. 

Committee appointed to examine into the nature of the duties of 
the Water Bailiff, and clearly to define them and to report thereon at 
the next Meeting. 

Resolved, that a Memorial be presented to the Lord Lieutenant, 
Col. Tynte and Sir Charles Morgan, baronet, in order to have Cardiff 
continued the headquarters of the Glamorganshire Militia. 

December 19. Ordered that the boat purchased by the Water 
Baihff for _;^30 be paid for by the Treasurer, and that the same be 

1854 February 6. Male and female prisoners to be in future 
separated at the Police Court. 

Petition to be presented in favour of the decimal coinage, and 
signed by the Mayor on behalf of the Corporation. 

The Water Bailiff to attend at the next Meeting, in order to 
explain why certain duties supposed to belong to the Water Bailiff 
are not efficiently performed. 

March 20. The room in the basement of the Hall is to be 
devoted to the use of the public and entitled the Exchange News 
Room ; to be managed by a Committee of 7, the majority of whom 
are to be Members of Council. The room is to be held by them rent 
free, and the Members of the Corporation are to be honorary members 
of the News Room.^ 

1 This cartoon still hangs in the Assembly Room of the Town Hall. 

^ About 1895 this was turned into the Members' Room of the Corporation. 

i8s4] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 439 

An iron gate is to be erected at the entrance of the corridor, to 
prevent strangers from entering the Town Hall. 

Permission granted to the executors of the late Mrs. Mary- 
Charles to put up a monument in the Alderman's Aisle, in memory 
of the late Mrs. Mary Evans and Mrs. Margaret Bowen. 

The cordial thanks of the Council are respectfully tendered to 
the Most Honorable the Marchioness of Bute, for her Ladyship's 
munificent donation of the two windows in the Alderman's Aisle ; 
the tracer}' and stained glass of which have been most beautifully 
executed and form a characteristic and ornamental addition to the 
recent restoration of Saint John's church. 

May I. Letter received from the Marchioness, dated Mount- 
stuart, Rothesay, 30 March 1854. Lady Bute acknowledges receipt 
of the Corporation's vote of thanks. 

The New Town Hall is to be opened Thursday i June. There 
is to be a public ball on the occasion, the profits to go to the 

November 9 Thursday. David Lewis elected Mayor and 
appointed Judge of the Court of Record. 

Francis May appointed to take care of the scales and weights. 

Aldermen : William Bird, Charles Crofts Williams, James Lewis, 
Walter Coffin, John Moore, Thomas Morgan. 

Councillors: Wm. Alexr. Bradley, Charles Vachell, Wm. Thos. 
Edwards, Edward Evans, junior, Benjamin Matthews, John Williams, 
Richd. Lewis Reece, Montague Grover, Griffith Phillips, David 
Lewis, William Prichard, John Owen, Wm. Bradley Watkins, John 
Batchelor, William Alexander, William Williams, William Vachell, 
Joseph Elliott. 

Town Clerk, Edward Priest Richards. 

Other officials as last named. 

December 18. It having been intimated that the Queen and 
Prince Albert would pass through Cardiff on their way to visit the 
Royal Dock Yard at Pembroke ; and this Meeting being desirous, in 
such case, that every respect should be paid Her Majesty and her 
Royal Consort on their arrival at Cardiff, by the Municipal authorities 
and the nobility, clergy, gentry and inhabitants of the neighbour- 


hood : Ordered, that the Town Clerk apply to the Home Secretary to 
ascertain Her Majesty's gracious pleasure, that arrangements may be 
made by the Council accordingly. 

Resolved, that the unanimous thanks of this Council be given to 
the Glamorganshire and Monmouthshire officers, non-commissioned 
officers and privates forming part of the Army in the Crimea, for the 
great ability and courage displayed by them in their contests with the 
enemy ; and that this resolution be communicated to as many of their 
friends as may be known. 

Letter received : — 

"St. John's Vicarage, 

Deer, i6th, 1854. 

I beg very respectfully to lay before you the following 

representation of circumstances, in which I feel, as I am sure you will 

believe, other and more than a personal interest. 

On my accession to the Curacy of Cardiff in 1822 the Services 
of the Church were limited on Sundays to one morning service with 
sermon and one in the afternoon without a sermon. At the request 
of many of the Parishioners an Evening Service with a Sermon was 
substituted for that of the afternoon as soon as the consents of the 
Bishop and Vicar were obtained, and this additional Sermon has 
uninterruptedly been preached by me and other Curates from that 
time to the present. 

In the following year the Bailiffs and Corporation of Cardiff were 
pleased to mark their approval of this alteration and additional service 
by sending me a Gratuity of Ten Guineas ; and this amount I con- 
tinued to receive, as other Curates have likewise done, annually until 
this time. 

I need not disclaim an eagerness for the mere money to a 

generous mind in laying this statement before you, but I think it due 

to those who may come after me to the labours of this large and ill 

paid Cure, to inform you that on application for the amount this year 

to the Treasurer of the Borough I am advised that he has received no 

instruction from the Mayor to make such payment. 

I have the honour to be, Sir, 

Your faithful Servant, 

T. Stacey. 
The Mayor of Cardiff." 

i8S4-S6] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 44, 

The allowance is ordered to be continued. 

Proceedings are to be taken to obtain an Order of Council for 
closing the old burial grounds of one or both parishes within the 
Borough, and for opening a Cemetery. ' 

December 26. A motion for a Petition for extending the limits 
of the Borough was negatived in Council, by 6 to 4. 

1855 Jan. 9. James Pride, of Charles Street, ship owner, 
elected Councillor vice Charles Vachell elected Alderman. 

March 19. The Classical Harmonist Society are to be allowed 
the use of the Assembly Room for their annual meeting. 

September 17. "There not being a sufficient number of the 
Council present, no proceedings took place." 

Cardiff Borough Council Minutes. 1855—1862. 

1855 November 9. Alderman Charles Vachell elected Mayor. 
Thomas Rees appointed Water Bailiff, at a salary of ^10. 
Edward Jenkins, Inspector of Weights and Measures. 

"The Mayor named Alderman David Lewis as his Deputy to 
act in his absence pursuant to the Act." 

Deer. 17. A letter from the Water Bailiff respecting damage 
to the river by deposit of mud near the entrance of the river. 
Committee to make such arrangements as they may deem best. 

1856 Febry. 4. Ordered that all articles required by the 
Corporation be obtained from the different tradesmen in the town, 
and not confined to one person, in order that the distribution may 
be more general. 

That permission be given to Colonel Wheatley to erect a 
temporary Guard House for the Militia in the yard behind the 
engine house. 

March 17. Committee to watch the Local Dues on Shipping 

^ The Old Cemetery at Adamsdown. 


August 4. That the Town Clerk enquire into the rights of the 
Corporation to the piece of land on the east side of the Glamorgan- 
shire Canal, between the Custom House and the site of the old 
lime kiln. 

Also into the rights of the Corporation to the waste land in 
Whitmore Lane near the new erection for the County Gaol. 

Septr. 5. Town Clerk reports that, with regard to the land 
on the Canal, it appears on an old Corporation map to be 2r. 10/., 
and to be the property of the Corporation. He cannot find the 
entry of any payment made for such land by the Glamorganshire 
Canal Co. or the Merthyr Ironmasters. He apprehends, therefore, 
that the Canal Co. either possessed the land by purchase from the 
Corporation or by adverse possession, and he considers that the 
Corporation cannot now establish any claim to it. 

The Council recommend the names of ten persons to be 
appointed Borough Justices, and a Petition to Her Majesty is to 
be prepared accordingly. 

The Town Clerk is to call the attention of the Glamorganshire 
Canal Co. to the dangerous state of the Canal Bridge near the 
Custom House. 

November 10 Monday. Councillor Sydney Dan Jenkins elected 

Charles Vachell Deputy Mayor. 

May 5. Mr. Edward Priest Richards resigns the office of Town 

Mr. John Lloyd the Treasurer does likewise. 

15. Councillor Benjamin Matthews resigns and is appointed 
Town Clerk. 

The Corporation oppose the TafF Vale Railway Bill. 

Ordered, that a new buoy be placed on the spot referred to by 
the Harbour Master, the former one having been recently carried 
away by a vessel, and that the Town Clerk take proceedings to 
recover the cost from the master of such vessel. 

The vestibule of the New Town Hall is to be appropriated as a 
Corn Exchange.^ 

1 The Com Exchange is still held there, on Saturday afternoon. 

i8s6-S7] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 443 

Piece of land and court on the south side of the Town Hall to be 
sold to the West of England Banking Co. for ^133.' 
William Davies appointed Borough Treasurer. 

1857 August 4. The Surveyor to open the well in Crockherb- 

^105 subscribed towards the Bath and West of England Agricul- 
tural Society, which is to meet at Cardiff next year. 

Mr. Gaius Augustine Stone to be permitted to open through the 
Town Wall on the Tunnel, and to pay _;^i per annum therefor. 

Mr. John Lloyd receives the like permission for the Wall in the 
Hayes, on premises near the Wesleyan Schoolroom. 

Septr. 15. Old Town Hall to be insured for ^"500, and also to 
be sold and removed. 

The well in Crockherbtown to be cleaned out. 

A letter from Lord Panmure promises a Russian gun, and ofTers 
to have a gun carriage made if the Council will pay for it. The Town 
Clerk is to apply for two guns, other towns of less importance having 
had that number. 

9 Novr. 1857. Charles Crofts Williams elected Mayor. 

Maj'or's allowance ;^i50. 

Lord Panmure writes that he cannot supply two Russian guns. 

Advertizements in future to be inserted in the "Cardiff Times." 

The Water Bailiff writes that, having been informed by Edward 
Stelfox,^ fisherman, that Mr. Mitchell's mud boats had deposited mud 
about 100 yards to the westward of the Long Dyke, he went over the 
mud in the slide and found the report correct. It should have been 
deposited half a mile east of the Long Dyke. He cautioned Mitchell, 
who promised the offence should not be repeated. The mud was 
discharged in the night time. 

Resolved, that Mr. Mitchell be summoned by the Harbour Master 
before the Magistrates. 

1 Here now stands the London & Provincial Bank. 

^ This man was murdered in 1876. He was shot in the Shrimp House, on the 
shore near the Docks, The crime figures as the central incident in a novel entitled 
" Stelfox the Fisherman." 


1858 Feby. 2. Resolved, that a salaried Police Magistrate be 
appointed for the Borough, at a salary of ;!^6oo. 

Nisi Prius Court to be erected forthwith by Mr. Horace Jones, 

" That no resolution passed at a Meeting of the Council be 
rescinded without a month's previous notice having been given, and 
there being a greater number of Members present at the subsequent 
Meeting " 

3. Robert Oliver Jones, esquire,^ was appointed Stipendiary 
Magistrate for the Borough. 

March 16. Town Clerk to take steps for procuring advance of 
_j^8,ooo on security of the harbour dues and other Corporation 

Petition presented by the Corporation against the Llandaff and 
Canton Markets Bill. 

The Town Clerk to call upon the West of England Bank to close 
their windows which open on the Corporation property. 

20. House of Commons petitioned to make Cardiff a harbour 
of refuge. 


Augt. 3. Town Clerk to enquire into the payment of ;^5. 13. 7^ 
made to Lord Bute's Trustees, and report to the next Meeting. 

Mr. Stockdale is to terminate his engagement as Superintendent 
of the Fire Engines. 

The Treasurer is to call in a public accountant to analyse and 
arrange the accounts of the Corporation. 

Septr. 14. "The question of tolls claimed by Lord Bute's 
Trustees (_;^5. 13. 7I) was left in the hands of the Town Clerk." 

November 9. Charles Crofts Wilhams re-elected Mayor. 
The Town Crier, William Llewellyn, is henceforth appointed 
" during the pleasure of the Mayor." 
Treasurer's salary to be £S'^- 

1 This gentleman had built the Town Hall. 

2 Of Fonmon Castle, Glamorgan. 

1858-59] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 445 

Trustees of the English Baptist Chapel apply for a piece of 
ground in St. Mary Street, near the Stogumber Hotel. ^ 

1859 Jany. 28. Edward Priest Richards elected Alderman, 
vice Charles Vachell deceased. 

Council to co-operate with Newport and Swansea to obtain a 
down day mail. 

Mr. E. P. Richards declined the Aldermancy. 

May 10. Notice received of the opening of the Canton Cattle 

Colonel J. F. D. C. Stuart returned to Parliament for the 

New pews in Saint John's church provided for the Corporation. 

Iron gates to be erected between the vestibule and lobby of the 
Town Hall. 

June 28. Leave granted to Captain Bennett, of the Militia, to 
use the cells at the new Town Hall and mount guard there. 

Augt. 9. Town Clerk to take the necessary precautions for 
preserving intact the rights of the Corporation to their own freehold 
sittings called the Alderman's Aisle, adjoining the chancel of Saint 
John's church. 

Council are to be entertained to dinner at the Heath tomorrow, 
on the occasion of W. W. Lewis, esq., entering into possession of 
his property. 

Paid the Trustees of Lord Bute four years' Town tolls 
£22. 14. 6. 

Septr. 5. Committee appointed to take necessary steps to ascer- 
tain and enforce the rights of the Corporation to dues payable by 
vessels frequenting the Ely harbour. 

Septr. 20. Vote of sympathy accorded to Lady Jane Stuart on 
the death of her husband. Lord James Stuart. 

The waste paper belonging to the Corporation is to be sold. 
Spare buoy to be replaced by the Harbour Master. 

^ Now the Queen's Hotel. 

446 CARDIFF RECORDS. [1859-60 

Novr. 9. William Alexander elected Mayor. 

Water Bailiff's salary raised to ;^30. 

Town Clerk reported sale of old Registers of Voters, waste 
papers, for £^. 8s. 

Town Clerk to take steps to enforce the payment of the balance 
of the Borough rate by the Overseers. 

Deer. 19. Colonel Stuart, M.P., writes offering to the Corpora- 
tion a portrait of his uncle, the late Marquess of Bute. The offer is 
thankfully accepted.-' 

i860 Feby. 13. Waterloo Buildings in the Hayes, being dilapi- 
dated and unsafe, are to be pulled down. 

Committee appointed to enquire into and report upon the condi 
tion of the harbour. 

March 26. Committee appointed to enquire into the regulations 
under which the pilots of the Port of Cardiff are governed. 

William Peake, having been superannuated from his late office of 
Collector of Customs, writes that he must resign that of Collector of 
Town Dues. 

His successor as Collector of Customs, D. Williams, applies for 
the post of Collector of Town Dues. 

May 14. Committee appointed to confer with the Newport, 
Abergavenny & Hereford Railway and other companies, lately 
amalgamated, relative to making Cardiff the place of import and 

Mr. Councillor George Smart gave notice of motion that the 
Mayor convene a meeting of the Burgesses to consider the propriety 
of establishing a Free Library and Reading Room under the powers 
of the Public Libraries Act, 1855. 

Septr. 24. The Council decline to establish baths and wash- 
houses in the Borough. 

Octr. 9. Report of Pilotage Committee considered. 
The limits of the Cardiff pilotage are those of the Port of Cardiff 
declared by Order in Council of 20 December 1847, to commence at 

1 This portrait hangs in the Assembly Room at the Town Hall. 

i86o] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 447 

the river Rhymney and continue along the coast of the County of 
Glamorgan to Nash Point (with the exception of Swansea.) 

Except Swansea and Penarth, the channel pilotage is under the 
exclusive direction of the Bristol Town Council. Each port has also 
a local pilotage authority, under the Trinity House of Deptford. 

Cardiff, however, stands in the exceptional position of having no 
local pilotage authority, being in this respect entirely within the juris- 
diction of the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the City of Bristol, 
by whom CardiflF pilots are appointed. The sole local representative 
of the Bristol Corporation is the Dock Master for the time being of 
the Bute Docks. A sum amounting to several hundreds a year is 
paid to Bristol as Haven Master's dues, by vessels entering the Port 
of Cardiff. 

Foreign-going vessels frequenting the Port of Cardiff in 1859 
numbered 4434, those frequenting the Port of Bristol only 984. 

The Bristol Act was obtained in 1807, when the coasting trade of 
Cardiff was altogether insignificant and its foreign trade had no 

Mr. John Boyle, Agent to the Bute Trustees, writes approving 
the above Report and suggesting it would be fair that Lord Bute 
should have the power of regulating the Cardiff pilotage. 

Town Clerk to issue advertisements for the sale and removal of 
the old Town Hall (excepting the Town clock.) 

The new Collector, Mr. T. S. Miller, is appointed to collect the 
Town dues. 

Novr. 9. Alderman Charles Williams David elected Mayor. 

Jenkin Jones appointed Water Bailiff. 

Mayor and ex-Mayor to be ex officio Members of all Committees. 

Materials of the old Town Hall sold for ^100. 

Reported that the Meeting of Burgesses had decided not to adopt 
the Public Libraries Act, 1855. 

Board of Trade waive certain rights connected with the anchors 
which should be raised in Cardiff roadstead with the sanction of the 

Portion of the site of the Bulwarks granted to Aldn. Alexander 
for the use of the Artillery Corps for 6 months. 

Mayor gave notice of motion to divide the Borough into Wards 
under a new scheme. 

448 CARDIFF RECORDS. [1860-61 

Deer. 17. Letter from Town Clerk of Birmingham relative to 
the legal right of the Mayor to precedence " in all places," and inviting 
co-operation to vindicate same. 

John Bird, Deputy Mayor. 

1 86 1 Feby. 11. Council accept Stelfox's tender to raise anchors 
and chains in Penarth Roads at £6 per ton, to the satisfaction of the 
Harbour Master. 

Harbour Master to remove the tree on the Black Bench off 
Penarth Point, also the deposit of mud and stones. 

Resolved, that the attention of the Trustees of Lord Bute be 
called to the loss of one of the buoys placed as a mark for deposit of 
mud, with a view to another being put there. 

Edward David appointed Town Crier during the pleasure of the 

Property Committee to select a suitable site for the erection of 
the fountain presented by Alderman Alexander. 

19. Council to petition against the Penarth Harbour Dock and 
Railway Company's Bill, and the Rhymney Railway Leasing Powers 

May 13. A much larger buoy is to be substituted for the present 
red buoy in the river Taff. 

Barrel buoys are to be substituted for the present buoys. 

Mr. E. P. Richards, on behalf of the Bute Trustees, consents to 
the raised anchors being deposited on a certain piece of land at the 

Augt. 12. Cardiff Pilotage Bill has passed. 

Harbour Master to procure a bell buoy and have the other buoys 

Borough to be divided into North, Middle and South Wards. 

Mr. Waring appointed Architect and Surveyor to the Council, at 
a salary of ^90. 

Novr. 9. Aldn. Charles Williams David elected Mayor. 
Edward Jenkins appointed Weigher at the Market. 
John Bird, Deputy Mayor. 

1861-62] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 


The Serjeants at Mace are to receive ;^5 each and a suit of 
clothes. (They are no longer stated to be officers of the Courts of 
Record. ) 

On behalf of the Volunteer Force of Cardiff, Aldn. William 
Alexander applies for a piece of land in Saint Mary Street for the 
purpose of erecting an armoury and forming a drill ground, adjoining 
the Stogumber Hotel. 

Deer. 30. Vote of condolence with Her Majesty the Queen on 
the death of the Prince Consort. 

Aldn. Alexander's fountain to be placed in front of the Town 

Letter from Messrs. Hill and Sons : — 

" Permit us, as persons largely interested in the well-being of the 
Port, to call your attention to its present totally defenceless condition. 
In the event of war we are liable to be attacked at any moment, and 
our property destroyed in a few hours, without even the means of 
returning a shot." Suggests a strong application to Government for 
the construction of a Battery and the sending of some gunboats, as 
has already been done for Liverpool. 

. Resolved, that the Town Clerk call the attention of the Govern- 
ment to the defenceless state of the Bristol Channel. 

The "Havannah" ship has been appropriated as an industrial 

Property Committee to enquire when the encroachment was 
made on the Town Wall on the site proposed for a Weighing 
Office. 1 

The Electric Telegraph Co. are to be asked to erect a time-ball 
on the summit of the Town Hall. 

1862 March 24. Site of the cottages in Mill Lane to be let. 

Admiralty applied to, to raise three sunken wrecks ; they reply 
they have no such power, but refer the matter to the Board of Trade. 
They also have not the power. 

New weighing-machine for Crockherbtown ; the old one to be 
taken down. 

' On the south side of Queen Street. 

I E 


Minutes of Council. 1862—1868. 

1862 September 22. 


Charles Williams David 
William Bradley Watkins 
William Alexander 
Thomas Morgan 
Richard Lewis Reece 
James Pride. 


Edward Whiffen 

Henry Bowen 

Charles Redwood Vachell 

Montague Grover 

Archer Langley 

Hugh Bird 

Thomas Evans 

John Bird 

William Nell 

Thomas Hodge 

Henry Clements 

George Smart 

George Watson 

Daniel Jones 

Richard Henry Michell 

John Owen 

Edward Mason 

John Winstone. 

Town Clerk, Benjamin Matthews. 

Treasurer's salary raised to £100 per annum. 

Novr. 10 Monday. John Bird elected Mayor. 
Hugh Bird, Deputy Mayor. 
Jenkin Jones, Water Bailiff. 
Amended Bylaws passed and entered. 

1862-63] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 451 

Address of congratulation to be presented to Her Majesty the 
Queen and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, on the latter 
having attained his majority. 

The Report of the Committee under the Public Libraries Act, 
1855, with an estimate of expense for the ensuing year having been 
read : Resolved, that the Report as read be adopted, and that the 
sum of ;^450 be paid by the Treasurer of the Corporation to the 
Committee of the Free Library. 

That the Town Clerk be requested to apply to the Lords 
Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury under the said Act, for 
permission to rent the existing Reading Room and house adjoining 
in Saint Mary's Street as yearly tenants at the rent of £40. 

Piece of 'land near Longcross Barracks demised to the Board 
of Ordnance in 1844; now confirmed by the Corporate Seal being 
affixed to the Lease. 

Deer. 22. Cardiff to co-operate with Newport in endeavouring 
to obtain the dispatch of the mails for Gloucester and South Wales 
by the direct route from Swindon to Gloucester. 

1863 March 9 Monday. Special Meeting. £2,00 voted to the 
Mayor for defraying the expenses attending the festivities on the 
occasion of the marriage of His Royal Highness the Prince of 
Wales with the Princess Alexandra. 

March 23. Address of congratulation to be presented to Her 
Majesty the Queen on the occasion of the marriage of the Prince and 
Princess of Wales. Also to Their Royal Highnesses. 

May II. Resolution of Free Library Committee, that in con- 
sequence of the overcrowded condition of the rooms now temporarily 
occupied as a Free Library, the Committee ask the attention of the 
Council to the necessity pf speedily providing a permanent building, 
and respectfully suggest as a suitable site the unoccupied ground 
on the Bulwarks— the Waterloo site appearing to be, in consequence 
of the recent alteration, too small for the erection of a suitable 


The Harbour Master reported that vessels frequently anchored 
in the channel of the river Taff and by doing so caused collisions, 


and suggested that buoys should be placed to shew where the river 

Resolved, that buoys be placed in the river, and that proceedings 
be taken against the Canal Co. in the event of their continuing to 
deposit refuse in the river. 

June 22. Corporate Seal set to a Lease to Dr. Wallace of a 
piece of land having a frontage of 37 feet to Saint Mary Street, for 75 
years at £1'] per annum. 

Land in the Hayes to be let to Mr. Smart for a Gospel Hall.' 

Augt. 10. Resolved, that rewards be offered to persons giving 
information, on conviction of parties discharging ballast in the road- 

Clock to be placed above the door of the Police Station^ in Saint 
Mary Street. 

Mr. Winstone gave notice that at the next Meeting he should 
call the attention of the Council to the desirability of extending the 
Borough so as to include Roath, Canton, Leckwith and Penarth. 

Septr. 21. Committee appointed to enquire as to the expediency 
of amalgamating the districts of Roath, Canton, Lequith and 

Proceedings to be taken against the Glamorganshire Canal Co. 
for depositing ballast on the banks of the Taff in such a situation as 
to wash into and obstruct the navigation of the river. 

Town Clerk to apply to the Commissioners of the Treasury for 
permission to rent of the Trustees of the Young Men's Christian 
Association and Literary Institute the building belonging to them in 
Saint Mary Street, for 10 years at ^100 per annum. 

November 9 Monday. John Bird re-elected Mayor. 
Mayor's salary to be ^200. 
Hugh Bird, Deputy Mayor. 

Deer. 21. The Mayor reported that proceedings had been taken 
against persons for depositing ballast in the Taff, and a fine inflicted. 

1 Now the Salvation Army Hall. 
^ Opposite the Town Hall. 

i863-6s] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 453 

The cottage in Mill Lane, now in lease to Messrs. Vachell, is to 
be purchased and pulled down. 

Deer. 31. Resolved, that the offices of Town Clerk and Clerk 
to the Local Board of Health be henceforth amalgamated. 

1864 Jany. 7. Mr. Town Clerk Benjamin Matthews resigned 
that office. Mr. Montague Grover resigned his Councillorship and 
was elected Town Clerk. 

Resolved, that of the ^250 salary as Town Clerk and Clerk to 
the Burial Board, the portion applicable to the office of Town Clerk 
and Adviser to the Board of Health be ^175 per annum. 

Feby. 8. Addresses of congratulation to be presented to Their 
Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales upon, the birth of 
a Prince. 

May 9. ;^25 voted to the Churchwardens for the purpose of 
illuminating the face of the clock in the tower of Saint John's 

Augt. 8. Ten guineas voted to the Glamorganshire Horticultural 

Septr. 19. Town Clerk to apply to the Trustees of the Library 
and Museum in Crockherbtown that the custody of their books and 
collections be entrusted to the Council and be removed to the Free 

Novr. 9 Wednesday. Alderman James Pride elected Mayor. 
John Bird, Deputy Mayor. 

1865 Augt. 14. Vote of thanks to G. T. Clark, esq., for his 
gift of the portrait of John Bruce Pryce, esq., the Senior Magistrate 
of this County. The Council will with peculiar satisfaction place it 
in their Council Chamber. 

Septr. 25. The Ivy Bush inn, Saint Mary Street, leased to 
W. Mitchelmore, who is to pull down the premises within 2 years. 

Messrs. Luard & Shirley, Lord Bute's Solicitors, write that, 
under the Bute Dock Act 1830, the Marquess is entitled to lay 
down all buoys in and near the channel of the river, and that the 


Corporation therefore need not go to the expense of preparing new 
buoys as he understands they proposed to do. 

Resolved, that the Water BaiUff report as to the effect upon the 
navigation, of the buoys placed in the Taff by the Bute Trustees ; 
and that a Special Committee be called to consider whether they 
interfere with any of the rights and privileges of the Corporation. 

Ordered, that the tender for new buoys stand over for the Special 

Octr. 2. Special Meeting. The Water Bailiff reported that the 
buoys lately laid down by the Bute Trustees greatly impede the 
navigation of the river Taff. 

Resolved, that the Trustees be respectfully requested to remove 

Octr. 16. Special Meeting, 

Resolved, that the Council cannot agree that the Bute Trustees 
have the rights and powers to lay down buoys, which they claim to 
exercise under the Bute Dock Acts. 

That the Corporation of Cardiff having from time immemorial 
and at their own costs buoyed the river Taff, and kept the channel 
well defined and the approaches thereto clear and open to all vessels 
frequenting the Port, and inasmuch as the buoys from time to time 
laid down by the Corporation have been found sufficient, it was 
unnecessary for the Trustees to lay down buoys outside their mud 
cut, and their doing so was an uncalled for interference with the 
duties and privileges of the Corporation of Cardiff. 

The Trustees are requested to have the buoys immediately 

Novr. 9. Alderman William Bradley Watkins elected Mayor. 

James Pride, Deputy Mayor. 

Report of the Committee to consider the expediency of taking 
proceedings to recover the old bed of the river^ near Saint Mary 
Street read and adopted. 

20th. Special Meeting. Resolved, that in as much as the buoys 
recently placed at the mouth of the river Taff by the Trustees of 

^ After its diversion into the new channel. 

I86S-66] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 4.5 

Lord Bute are an obstruction to the navigation, the Water Bailiff- 
be directed forthwith to remove the same and deposit them in a 
place of safety. 

Resolved, that the Surveyor be directed to deposit rubbish in the 
old bed of the river Taff", and that the boundaries of the property 
claimed by the Corporation be staked out, and that Counsel's Opinion 
be taken to ascertain what right either the Corporation or the Board 
of Health have to the same. 

Deer. 18. The Mayor reported that the buoys put down by 
Lord Bute's Trustees had been removed, and that the Trustees had 
brought an action against the Corporation and all parties engaged 
in the removal. 

Colonel E. R. Wood writes from Stouthall, Swansea, that he 
is prepared to bear his moiety of the expense incurred in obtaining 
the Opinion of Counsel relative to the old bed of the Taff". 

1866 Feby. 12. Memorial to be presented to the County 
Roads Board, praying that the west, north and Crwys Bychan 
turnpike gates be removed beyond the Borough of Cardiff", and 
that the Pengam turnpike gate be abolished. 

Thomas Mathews to receive a monetary reward for the informa- 
tion upon which Mr. Elliott was convicted for throwing rubbish into 
the harbour. 

£2. los. to be paid for towing back the six buoys when they 
broke adrift during the gale on 25 November last. 

April 4. Committee appointed to manage the interests of the 
Corporation in the Cardiff Theatre. 

May 14. Edward Stelfox is to be paid for any anchors, cables 
&c. he may raise until the next contract is taken, at the same rate as 
he was paid for the same work under the last contract. 

That the Water Bailiff" procure the spare buoy suggested in his 

June 25. The Surveyor of the Post Office writes that he is 
taking steps to fix a site for a new Post Office at Cardiff", as 

4S6 CARDIFF RECORDS. [1866-67 

Augt. 13. Corporation contributed ^250 towards the 
" Hamadryad " Seamen's Hospital, Cardiff. 

Septr. 5. Corporation is to sell to the Post Office authorities 
the piece of land part of the Town Hall Yard, as shewn upon the 
plan produced, required for a new Post Office.^ 

Novr. 9. Alderman Charles Williams David elected Mayor. 
John Bird, Deputy Mayor. 

Deer. 17. Water Bailiff reported the Bute Trustees had taken 
possession of the buoys. 

1867 April 26. Mr. Town Clerk Montague Grover resigned. 

June 24, Town Clerk is to be also Clerk to the Board of Health, 
Clerk to the Burial Board and Clerk under the Cardiff Markets Act ; 
and the salary for all the appointments shall be ^^450. He shall 
perform all the duties in any way appertaining to those several 
appointments, and be the Attorney and Solicitor and general Law 
Clerk to the Council and to each Board ; and shall provide all clerks, 
accountants and other assistants that may be necessary for the 
performance of his several duties. 

The Town Clerk shall also be paid a guinea a day whenever 
necessarily absent from Cardiff upon business of the Council, and 
shall also be paid all expenses out of pocket. 

He shall be allowed to continue private practice. 

He shall have custody of all charters, muniments, deeds, books 
and documents belonging to the Corporation. 

Suitable offices and all stationery shall be provided for the Town 
Clerk and his assistants, and the offices shall be open daily from 
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Augt. 12. George Salmon elected Town Clerk. 

Ordered, that the Schedule of Documents handed over by Mr. 
Montague Grover to Mr. George Salmon be entered upon the Minute 
Book of the Council ; and that the Town Clerk make a return or 
schedule of the several documents in his possession, to each Mayor as 
soon after his election as conveniently may be. 

1 The Post Office stood here until, in 1897, the present one was built iu the old 
river bed, in Westgate Street. 

1867-68] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 457 

Septr. 23 F. C. Webber, Post Master of Cardiff. 
Boundary Commissioners will meet on 10 October at the Town 
Hall, to consider the extension of the Borough. 

Novr. 9 Saturday. Alderman Richard Lewis Reece elected 

James Pride, Deputy Mayor. 

Rate of id. in the £ made by way of grant to the Free Library.' 

Deer. 16. There being no Alderman present. Councillor Henry 
Bowen took the Chair. 

1868 March 23. By a majority of one, the Council refused to 
sign a petition in favour of the Sunday closing of public houses. 

Cardiff Council Minutes. 1868—1872. 

1868 May II Monday, ii a.m. 

Mayor's salary to be increased £2^, by way of subscription to 
special prizes at the Glamorganshire Agricultural Society's show. 

Town Clerk to purchase a print view of Cardiff, offered for sale 
by Mr. Hibbert at 155. 

May 21. The Lords of the Committee of Council on Education 
inform the Mayor that Mr. Whitworth desired one of his sixty 
scholarships of £2^ should be placed at the absolute disposition 
of the Corporations of Cardiff and Swansea, as they might agree. 
Richard Aubrey Essery, esq., Town Clerk of Swansea, writes that his 
Town Council had appointed a committee to confer with Cardiff 
thereon. The Corporation now appoints a Committee to make 
arrangements with Swansea. 

June 22. Edward Stelfox is to raise the wreck of the "Edmond" 
before August the ist, in accordance with agreement, 

The Special Committee recommend that the question of dividing 
the Wards remain in abeyance. 

Address to Her Majesty on the late attempt on the life of His 
Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh. 


Cardiff and Swansea agree that the abovementioned Whitworth 
exhibition shall be offered to the person who should obtain the 
highest number of marks at the Science and Art examination. 

Mr. D. Rees, Clerk to the Borough Magistrates, writes that 
their Worships have resolved to order the payment to the County 
Treasurer of the fines held by him as their Clerk. 

August 4 Tuesday. Special Meeting. 

The Ball, to be given to the Marquess of Bute on attaining his 

majority, is to take place at the Drill Hall. 

A sum not exceeding ;^ 1,500 shall be spent on the occasion, to 

be divided thus : — 

Prize at Regatta - - - - 

Triumphal arches . _ - - 

Illumination of Town Hall _ - - 

Gas for do. & triumphal arches 

Illumination of St. John's tower, & statue of Marquis 
of Bute - - - - - 

Ball ------ 

Contingencies - - - - - 

This sum is accordingly to be added to the Mayor's salary. 

August 10. Committee appointed to provide a proper supply of 
water in case of fires. 

Stelfox having failed to raise the wreck " Edmond " lying in the 
fairway, his contract is rescinded. Tenders for that purpose are to 
be invited from other persons. 

The Water Bailiff is to furnish the Collector of Customs, Mr. T. 
S. Miller, with monthly returns of anchors and cables raised. 

Resolved, that the Mayor accept the invitation of Mr. G. T. 
Clark, the High Sheriff, for the Corporation to be guests at the 
County Dinner at the Drill Hall, in celebration of the attainment by 
the Marquis of Bute of his majority. 

Resolved, that an Address be presented by the Council to the 
Marquis of Bute, to congratulate him on his coming of age, on the 
1 2th September. Committee appointed to frame the Address. 

















i868] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 455, 

Resolved, that the Mayor, on the part of the Council, send an 
invitation to the Marquis of Bute to a Ball to be given at the Drill 
Hall on Friday 18 September next, in honour of the above event. 

Resolved, that a gold chain and badge be purchased for the use 
of the Mayor for the time being. 

Resolved, that a sum not exceeding /250 be apphed for the 
purpose, and that the same be taken out of the ;^i500 voted to the 
Mayor to meet the expenses of the rejoicings on the occasion of the 
Marquis of Bute coming of age. 

September 7 Monday. Special Meeting. 

Resolved, that the Members of Council be invited to sign a 
Memorandum consenting to pay for any tickets that may be used by 
them at the Ball on the i8th September. 

Resolved, that the Ball Committee issue tickets to the Corpora- 
tion Ball, at their discretion, to the inhabitants of the Town and 
neighbourhood, at one guinea per ticket. 

The following Address was approved of : — 

" To the Most Honorable The Marquess of Bute, Earl of Windsor, 
Baron Cardiff of Cardiff Castle, &c., &c. 

" We the Mayor, Alderman and [Capital] Burgesses of the 
Borough of Cardiff desire, as well on our own behalf as on that 
of the Town we represent, to offer to your Lordship our most 
sincere and hearty congratulations upon the arrival of that period 
in your Lordship's life when you have to undertake the responsi- 
bilities of your vast inheritance and participate in the legislation of 
this great country. 

" It is superfluous for us to acknowledge how largely this Town 
is indebted for its high commercial position, for its many charitable 
and public institutions, and for all that tends to the prosperity and 
happiness of the people, to the forethought, enterprise, benevolence 
and sympathy of the lamented nobleman whose name you bear. 
From the day which closed his valued life, those to whom the 
management of his extensive and important properties was entrusted 
have most ably carried out the great designs of his distinguished 
mind and, while duly protecting the estate confided to their care, 


have materially benefitted this Town in which his Lordship took so 
much interest. 

"We repeat our warm congratulations upon your Lordship's 
accession to your noble inheritance ; and we pray that, under the 
blessing of Divine Providence, you may be long spared to continue in 
its enjoyment ; and that, following in the steps of your honoured 
father, it may be so administered as to promote your Lordship's own 
happiness and conduce to the welfare of this important Town and 

"Given under our Common Seal this [15th] day of September, 

September 15 Tuesday. Special. 

John Bird elected Alderman, in the place of Thomas Morgan 

September 21 Monday. Adjourned. 

Votes of thanks to the Mayor, to the Chief Constable of the 
County Police (Colonel Lindsay), and to Mr. Jeremiah Box Stockdale, 
Superintendent of the Borough Police, for their services during the 
festivities in celebration of Lord Bute's attainment of his majority. 
The last is thus worded : — 

" Resolved unanimously, that the thanks of the Council be given 
to Superintendent Stockdale for the very efficient manner in which 
he conducted the procession on the entry of the Marquis of Bute into 
the Town on Wednesday last." 

October 5 Monday. Adjourned. 

Town Clerk to request the Bute Trustees to lend appliances for 
raising the wrecks " Edmond " and " Saint Leon " in the roadstead, 
the Council bearing all expenses. 

The Council being the Local Authority for that purpose con- 
stituted by the Representation of the People Act, 1867; it was 
ordered, that the several Polling Districts for the Borough of 
Cardiff be at the places hereinafter named. 

Polling Districts. 
St. John's, Cardiff; for the parish of St. John Baptist, Cardiff, 

and for the Freemen of the Municipal 
Borough of Cardiff. 

i868] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 461 

St. Mary's, Cardiff; for the parish of St. Mary. 

Roath - - - for such part of the parish of Roath as lies 

within the Borough of Cardiff. 
Canton - - - for such parts of the several parishes of 

Llandaff and Leckwith as lie within 
the Borough. 
Cowbridge - - for the Borough of Cowbridge. 
Llantrisant - - for the Borough of Llantrisant. 
And that notice thereof be given by advertisement in the Cardiff 
and Merthyr Guardian and the Cardiff Times newspapers, and by 
affixing printed notices on the outer door or walls of the churches 
and public chapels within the Borough of Cardiff. 

October 30 Friday. Special. 

Common Seal affixed to the Corporation's Conveyance to the 
Postmaster General of the piece of land (on the site of the old 
workhouse) agreed to be sold for the purpose of erecting a new Post 
Office, and also Agreement as to access to letter boxes. 

1 858 November 9 Monday noon. 

Councillor Thomas Evans elected Mayor. 

Charles Williams David, William Alexander and William Bradley 
Watkins elected Aldermen. 

Mayor's salary ;^200. 

Alderman C. W. David appointed Deputy Mayor. 

Jenkin Jones appointed Water Bailiff. 

Richard Robertson and William Morgan appointed Sergeants at 
Mace, at a salary of ^5 each and a suit of clothes. They are to 
deliver Notices and letters to the Aldermen and Councillors when 
required by the Town Clerk, and to attend the Mayor and Council 
on all public occasions. 

Edward David appointed Town Crier during the Mayor's 


Thomas Jenkins appointed Inspector and Collector of the Tolls 

at the Markets &c. 

Edward Jenkins appointed Weigher at the Market Scales. 

Resolved, that ;^500 (including rent and repairs) be paid by the 
Borough Treasurer to the Committee of the Public Library for the 
ensuing year. 

462 CARDIFF RECORDS. [1868-69 

;^i8. 8, 6. was paid to the Water Bailiff for anchors and repairs 
of buoys &c., and £•] . 10. o his salary. 

;^5. 10. 9 was paid^to Lord Bute's Trustees for one year's Town 

1869 February 8 Monday, 11 

Petition to Parliament to abolish the present system of nomi- 
nating candidates to represent any place in Parliament, and to adopt 
in lieu thereof the plan now used in the nomination of Town 
Councillors and Guardians or some other suitable plan. 

Resolved, that the declaration of the poll be made in writing 
under the hand and seal of the Returning Officer. 

Ordered, that the Water Bailiffs make soundings round the 
wrecks in channel and report to the Council thereon. 

That such of the anchors and chains in Stuart Street yard as are 
of any service be removed to the yard on West Bute Dock, and the 
the remainder to be sold for the best price that can be obtained and 
the Stuart Street yard given up. 

May 10. 

The Report of the Committee appointed to confer as to fines 
inflicted by Borough Magistrates was read as follows : — 

That a sum of about ^150 is annually paid by the Clerk to the 
Borough Magistrates, to the Treasurer of the County, in respect of 
fines inflicted for offences committed and dealt with by the Borough 

That, in order to secure such fees for the benefit of the Town, 
as well as exemption from the payment of a considerable portion of 
the Borough contribution towards County expenditure (such contri- 
bution being in the gross near ;^3,300 a year), it will be necessary 
that a separate Court of Quarter Sessions should be formed, a 
Recorder and Coroner appointed, separate prisons constructed and 
other charges incurred, which would entail a cost upon the Borough 
much in excess of the present charges. 

That your Committee are impressed with the injustice of fines 
arising in respect of offences committed within the Borough and 
exclusively dealt with by the Borough authorities being diverted to 
County purposes, and recommend that a Memorial be presented 

1869] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 463 

to the Secretary of State praying the insertion of a clause in some 
general measure, by which the evil complained of may be remedied. 

Resolved, that the Report be adopted, and that a Memorial be 
presented in accordance therewith. 

Resolved, that Morgan John be appointed Town Crier, during 
the Mayor's pleasure, in place of Edward David, deceased. 

The Mayor reported that a Petition had been presented to the 
House of Commons, on behalf of the Town Council, praying that 
the granting of licenses for the sale of beer may be transferred 
from the Inland Revenue Office to the Magistrates. 

Resolved, that Mr. David Roberts be appointed Auditor of the 
Accounts of the Council, at a salary of ^5 per annum. 

Resolved, that this Meeting, having read the evidence given by 
Colonel E. S. Hill before the Parliamentary Committee of Enquiry as 
to the mode of conducting Elections (in reference to the disturbances 
at the late contested Election for the Borough), believes it to be a 
true and temperate statement of the occurrences at Cardiff as 
witnessed by him. 

June 21. Adjourned. 

Ordered, that the room late Town Clerk's Office be papered and 
put in order for the use of the Sheriff. 

Letter from Superintendent Stockdale : — 

"Cardiff, June 21st, 1869. 
Dear Sir, 

Adverting to the conversation you had with me on 
Tuesday last, in which you told me it was the wish of the Sub- 
Committee that I should resign my office of Superintendent of Police, 
I desire to say that, whilst I should not wish to continue that office in 
opposition to the views of the Council, I am not conscious of any 
inability to fulfil the duties I have discharged so many years ; and 
that to exchange a life of honorable activity for one of no employment 
would be entirely repugnant to my feelings. I have now served the 
Corporation upwards of 34 years, and during the whole of that 
prolonged period I have devoted the whole of my time and abilities 
to the duties of my office ; and I believe that the manner in which 
those duties have been performed has equally commanded the approval 


of the Council, the Magistrates and the public. So far as I am aware, 
nothing whatever has been alleged against me ; nor is it even inti- 
mated that my conduct has not been actuated by entire conscien- 
tiousness. Under these circumstances, having spent the best years of 
my life in the service of the Corporation, and knowing how unfitted I 
am for other occupation, I am naturally most reluctant to consent to 
an enforced resignation ; and notwithstanding the recommendation of 
the Sub-Committee I can hardly think that the Corporation will wish 
to terminate the connection which has so long subsisted between them 
and an old and tried Servant, under circumstances so opposed to his 
wishes and so painful to his feelings. Should, however, it be the 
opinion of the Council that the efficiency of the Public Service would 
be promoted by my tendering a resignation of my office, I beg 
respectfully to place the same in your hands. I am. Dear Sir, 

Yours very faithfully, 

J. Box Stockdale. 
To Thomas Evans, Esqre., 

Mayor of Cardiff." 

As an Amendment to the Motion that the Report of the Watch 
Sub-Committee be adopted, it was moved, and eventually resolved by 
a majority of one, that Superintendent Stockdale be requested to 
withdraw his resignation. 

Resolved, that a Deputy Superintendent of Police be appointed 
in place of Inspector Rollings (to retire on superannuation allowance), 
at a salary of £2 per week, the appointment to be advertised. 

August 9. 

Resolved, that Edward Jenkins be removed from his situation as 
Weigher at Markets. 

That the Clerk and Collector at the Markets wear a distinguishing 

The question of payment of expenses by the Candidates at the 
late Parliamentary Election was considered, together with the objection 
on the part of Mr. Giflfard to pay his proportion; and the Town Clerk 
was instructed to make a further application for the same. [The 
matter in dispute was eventually referred to the decision of Robert 
Oliver Jones, esq.j 


^ I 

Plan showing position of Coal Staiths on the River Taff, erected circa 1S35. 
From the Ordnance Survey of 1851. 

W. HarPUK, M.I.C.E., Bom' Eiisinrer. 

»869] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. ^gg 

1869 November 9 Tuesday noon. 

Councillor Edward Whiffen elected Mayor. 

Mayor's salary to be ;i^200. 

Jenkin Jones appointed Water Bailiff for the ensuing year. 

William Evans and John Christopher, Sergeants at Mace, salary 
£S each. 

Morgan John to be Town Crier during the Mayor's pleasure. 

^500 voted to the Public Library. 

Resolved, that the Mayor's salary be increased by ^100, for a 
contribution towards rent of the Drill Hall for use of the Volunteers. 

Committee appointed to inquire into the alteration in the course 
of the channel of the river Taff by the construction of a bridge near 
the Old Sea Lock. 

December 13. Adjourned. 

Alderman William Alexander appointed Deputy Mayor. 

Councillor John Pybus Ingledew laid before the Council the 
following Memorial : — 

"To the Worshipful the Mayor, Aldermen and Town Councillors 
of the Corporation of the Borough of Cardiff. 

We the Ratepayers of the Borough of Cardiff, in a Public Town 

Meeting (convened by the Mayor to take into consideration the recent 

vote of your Hono,urable Corporation) assembled at the Stuart Hall 

on Wednesday the 8th day of December 1869, by adjournment from 

the Town Hall on Tuesday the 7th day of December 1869, have by 

Resolution unanimously passed, recorded our entire disapproval of the 

appropriation of any portion of the Poor's Rate for a purpose so foreign 

to that for which it was levied as the payment (in the form of an 

addition to the Mayor's salary) of a sum of One Hundred Pounds as 

rent for the Drill Hall; and we hereby respectfully, but most urgently, 

request you will, at the earliest possible opportunity, rescind such 


Signed on behalf of the Town's Meeting. 

John Cory." 

Resolved (by a majority of 10 to 5), that the Minutes of the last 
Council Meeting be confirmed without alteration. 

Resolved, that no addition be made in future to the Mayor's 
salary, without 2 weeks' previous Notice being given to each Member 
of the Council. 

I F 

466 CARDIFF RECORDS. 1 1870 

1870 February 14 Monday, 11 a.m. 

Ordered, that the Water Baihff keep the Council advised as to 
the removal of wrecks in the fairway of the channel. 

Among the Police Bills occurs this item: "Witnesses expenses 
in connection with the murder on board the ship 'Nordage,' ;£i. 4s." 

March 28. Adjourned. 

The Borough Architect's plan, shewing the laying out of the 
ground behind the Town Hall, with a footway, was referred to the 
Property and Markets Committee. 

Captain J. E. Bedford, R.N., and Professor Gagliardi were 
appointed Members of the Free Library Committee. 

May 9 Monday. 

Committee appointed to consider the affairs of the Wells 
Charity, and to act therein as they may deem requisite for its 
general benefit. 

June 20. Adjourned. 

Resolved, that the Town Clerk write to the Trustees of the 
Marquis of Bute, enquiring as to the probable date of the opening of 
the new low-water pier and if it would be agreeable to them that a 
public demonstration take place on the occasion. 

Mr. R. W. Williams, Solicitor for the Canton Market Company, 
writes complaining that the Corporation illegally permit the skins of 
beasts to be sold in the Pig Market, and hold a Corn Market in the 
vestibule of the Town Hall. 

Resolved, that the matter be referred to the Property and Markets 

The Council approve the Surveyor's plan for the completion of 
the new roadway at the north side of the Town Hall, which suggests 
the removal of the pillars and gates back to the palisading of the 

Letter received from Mr. E. Payne, Hon. Secretary to the Cardiff 
Fine Arts and Industrial Exhibition, asking the Council to concur in 
making the inauguration of the Exhibition appropriate to the 

Resolved, that the Town Clerk reply stating the willingness of 
the Council to do as required. 

i87o] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 467 

August 29. Special. 

Resolved, that the Royal Archaeological Institute be invited to 
hold their annual Meeting for the year 1871 within this Borough. 

Resolved, that a Superintendent of Police be appointed in the 
place of Mr. Jeremiah Box Stockdale deceased; and that the salary 
be ;^200 per annum, with an allowance of ;^io per annum for 
uniform, and residence at the Police Station, coals and gas free. The 
age of applicants is not to exceed 40 years, and the person appointed 
must devote his whole time to his duties, including the supervision of 
the Fire Brigade. 

September 19. Adjourned. 

Committee appointed to assist the Town Clerk in preparing the 
returns, required by the Privy Council, of the population of the town, 
rateable value, and number of elementary schools. 

1870 November 9 Wednesday noon. 

Alderman Charles Williams David elected Mayor. 

Mayor's salary to be ;^300. 

Alderman John Bird appointed Deputy Mayor. 

Jenkin Jones resigned the office of Water Bailiff. 

William Evans and Robert Thomas appointed Serjeants at Mace. 

William Rollins, Market Inspector. 

John Meredith, Market Weighman. 

;^550 voted to the Public Library. 

£1. 10. 6 was allowed to the Water Bailiff, for replacing buoys. 

Resolved, that all the unclaimed property now at the Police 
Station be sold, and the proceeds paid to the superannuation fund; 
and that in future all unclaimed property be deposited at the Gaol, 

December 9. Special. 

A Deputation from a Meeting of the inhabitants of the Borough, 
held on the 6th day of December instant, and a Deputation from a 
Meeting of working men of the Borough, held on the 8th day of 
December instant, to present Resolutions from the several Meetings, 
requesting the Council to consider the expediency of taking immediate 
steps for the formation of a School Board for the district, under the 
Elementary Education Act, attended the Council. 

Resolved, that a Special Meeting to consider the question be 
convened on the 19th day of December instant. 




December 19. Adjourned. 

Resolved; that the Meetings of the Watch Committee be private 
in future. 

The Town Clerk is to invite the Royal Agricultural Society to 
hold their Meeting for 1872 at Cardiff. 

A Deputation from a Meeting of ratepayers and others, to 
memorialize the Council to refrain from making an application for 
an immediate appointment of a School Board, attended the Council. 

The Council then formed itself into a Special Meeting to 
consider the question of an application for the appointment of a 
School Board. 

Moved and seconded, that the Council apply for the formation 
of a School Board for the district. 

For the Motion : — J. P. Ingledew. 

P. Bird. 

S. D. Jenkins. 

D. Lewis. 

J. Elliott. 

L. Davis. 

W. Vachell. 

D. Jones. 8 

Against: — J. Pride. 

H. Bowen. 

J. N. Flint. 

H. North. 

R. L. Reece. 

C. Thompson. 

R. E. Spencer. 

W. Taylor, M.D. 

J. McConnochie. 

T. J. Waller. 

E. WhiflFen. 

J. Bird. 

W. B. Watkins. 

The Mayor. i^ 

The Motion was declared lost. 

1871] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 469 

1 87 1 February 7 Tuesday. Special. 

To consider the proposed Cardiff Improvement Bill. 

Resolved, on division, that the Borough be divided into six 

Committee appointed for further consideration of the Bill. 

February 13. 

Captain Henry Fraser appointed Water Bailiff, for the current 

6s. 2>d. was paid to the Cardiff Water Company, in respect of the 
Cross Bakehouse. 

To E. Jenks, for painting done at the Whitmore Lane Cottages 6s. 

To G. Roberts, for cleaning and repairing the portrait of Lord 
Bute 1 6s. 

To C. J. Jackson, for rebuilding pillar-gates, altering Hall 
Keeper's house, and constructing palisade in Westgate Street 
£12. 8. 6. 

A Deputation from the Roath Local Board of Health, upon the 
subject of the proposed removal of all turnpike gates within two 
miles of the Borough, attended the Council. 

Resolved unanimously, that an Address of congratulation from 
the Council be presented to Her Majesty upon the approaching 
marriage of Her Royal Highness the Princess Louise with the 
Marquis of Lome. 

February 16. Adjourned. 

Moved by Alderman W. B. Watkins, seconded by Dr. W. 
Taylor : — 

That, if at any time it may be deemed desirable to include in 
the Borough of Cardiff any part of one or more of the Parishes 
adjoining the said Borough, it shall be competent for such portions to 
be included by mutual arrangement of the Borough with such places 
as are proposed to be included, upon the assent in writing of three- 
fourths in value of the occupiers of such portions or the whole of 
adjoining Parishes as are proposed to be included in the Borough ; 
and, upon such arrangement being carried out, the newly included 
portions shall for all purposes of taxation, local government, and all 
other purposes, be deemed an integral part of the Borough of 



The motion was lost by a majority of 11 votes to 5. 

Resolved, that the compulsory clauses in the Cardiff Improvement 
Bill, relative to the removal of the turnpikes two miles beyond the 
boundary of the Borough, and relative to the Llandafif and Canton 
Markets, be withdrawn, and the Bill proceeded with. 

March i. Special. 

Resolved, that the Resolution of 7 February 187 1, with respect 
to the division of the Borough into six Wards, be rescinded. 

Resolved (after the defeat of two Amendments), that the Borough 
be divided into four Wards : The South Ward, the district lying 
south of the South Wales Railway ; the Central Ward, the district 
between the Glamorganshire Canal, the Taff Vale Railway and South 
Wales Railway ; the West Ward, the district lying west of the 
Glamorganshire Canal ; and the East Ward, the district lying east of 
the Taff Vale Railway. And that the number of the Council be 
increased to eight Aldermen and twenty four Councillors. 

The Council guarantee ;^2,ooo in the event of the 1872 Meeting 
of the Royal Agricultural Society being held at Cardiff. 

March 17. Special. 

Resolved, that the Resolution of i March 1871, relative to the 
division of the Borough into four Wards, and the increase in the 
number of the Council, be rescinded. 

Resolved (on a division), that the Borough be divided into three 
Wards, without any increase in the number of Members of the 
Council ; and that it be referred to the Committee appointed to assist 
the Mayor, to consider as to the best mode of division. 

March 27. Adjourned. 

A report from the Water Bailiff as to the wreck of the " Fonmon 
Castle " in the roadstead (the result of a collision) was read, to the 
effect that the attempt to raise the vessel was about to be repeated. 

The Mayor laid before the Meeting a Memorial to the executors 
of the Will of the late Dr. Rowland Williams, relative to the library 
bequeathed by him for the benefit of some town in Wales or Mon- 
mouthshire, with priority to Swansea and Carnarvon, and urging the 
claims of this Borough to the said library, upon the ground of 
Swansea having tacitly declined the bequest and that Carnarvon had 

iSyi] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 47, 

taken no steps in the matter; to which Memorial the Free Library 
Committee requested the Council to affix their Common Seal. 
Resolved, that the Common Seal be affixed accordingly. 

April 5. Special. 

The Mayor laid before the Meeting a letter dated 28 March 
1871, from the Town Clerk of Swansea, in reference to the above 
Memorial, and stating that the Corporation of Swansea had accepted 
the bequest of the library and were Defendants in a suit for the 
Administration of the testator's estate; and the Mayor also laid 
before the Council some correspondence between the Free Library 
Committee's Secretary and Mrs. Williams, on the subject. 

Resolved, that the Memorial be withdrawn, and that tlie Town 
Clerk be instructed to write to Dr. Williams' trustees and inform them 
that the Corporation of Cardiff was prepared to accept the library on 
the terms of the Will, in the event of Swansea and Carnarvon failing 
to do so. 

April 14. Special. 

Resolved (after the defeat of an Amendment proposing an 
alternative scheme), that the West and East Wards be as follows: — 

West Ward. 

The district lying west of a line following the course of the 
Glamorganshire Canal, from a point where it intersects the northern 
boundary of the Borough and including the said canal to the Hayes 
Bridge ; thence southward of an imaginary line through the centre of 
Bridge Street, Nelson Terrace and Wellington Terrace to the Feeder, 
and west of the Feeder from that point to the Great Western Railway ; 
and thence following the course of the same railway, on the northern 
side thereof, to the western boundary of the Borough. 

East Ward. 

The district lying east of the above line and north of the Great 
Western Railway, and bounded by the eastern and northern boundary 
of the Borough. 

May 8. Monday. 

The Report of the Water Bailiff was read. 

Ordered, that the buoys and chains be repaired and repainted, 
subject to the directions of the Pilotage Board. 


That the Town Clerk report at the next Meeting of the Council, 
as to the power to remove the wreck of the " Fonmon Castle." 

June 29 Special. 

Petition to Parliament in favour of a Bill giving power to 
Municipal Corporations to promote and oppose Bills in Parhament, 

July 25. Special. 

Address to the President and Members of the Royal Archaeo- 
logical Institute of Great Britain and Ireland : — 

" We the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough of 
Cardiff beg to offer you our sincere and hearty welcome. 

"Surrounded as this Borough is with the evidences of the various 
races which have held sway within the district, and with remains most 
interesting to the archaeologist, we earnestly hope that the Members 
of the Institute will feel that their visit will not have been without 
profit and gratification. 

" In welcoming amongst us the Members of the Institute, we 
cannot forbear expressing the additional pleasure that has been 
afforded to us by the Institute having selected as the President of this 
Meeting one towards whom this ancient Borough feels a deep debt of 
gratitude as the representative of a long and distinguished line of 

" We also beg to express our sense of the honour conferred on 
this Borough in being selected as the place of holding the first Meeting 
of the Institute within the Principality; and our earnest desire is that, 
when the time of separation shall arrive, the Members of the Institute 
may carry away with them the recollection of a successful and agree- 
able Meeting. 

Given under our Common Seal this 25th day of July 1871." 

The above Address was ordered to be sealed and presented to the 
opening Meeting of the Archaeological Institute, by the Mayor and 
Members of Council. 

August 2. Special. 

The Mayor laid before the Council an Agreement relative to the 
Meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society at the Cathays Park, 
which contained various stipulations in reference to works to be done 

1871] COUNCIL MINUTES. 1835-1880. 473 

within the Park, and to the opening of the North Road turnpike free 
of toll during the holding of the Meeting (with regard to which 
the Town Clerk had written to the Agent of the Marquis of Bute, and 
also to Major General Wortham as having the superintendence of the 
County roads.) No replies had been received. 

Resolved, that the matter be considered at the next Quarterly 
Meeting of Council. 

August 14 Monday. 

The last-mentioned matter was again deferred. 

The Report of the Water Bailiff was read ; as also a letter from 
Captain Evans, of the Trinity Wharf, Neyland, advising that the 
wreck of the " Fonmon Castle " be blown up. 

Ordered, that the Water Bailiff report as to the position of the 
wreck, and that a Special Meeting of Council be convened to consider 
the same. 

September 25. Adjourned. 

Water Bailiff reported that he had failed to find the wreck, and 
that there was no danger to navigation. 

The Mayor informed the Meeting that Mr. Corbett, Lord Bute's 
Agent, assented to the proposed works in the Cathays Park, in 
connection with the visit of the Royal Agricultural Society. 

The question of a scheme for the better regulation of the Wells 
Charity was brought before the Meeting, and it was referred to the 
Aldermen to consider the same. 

A letter from Captain Bedford, R.N., was read, on the subject of 
the anomalous state of the Borough arms, which were displayed in 
two different forms in the Town Hall.^ 

Resolved, that the matter be referred to the Mayor and Aldermen 
Reece and Pride to report thereon. 

187 1 November 9 Thursday noon. 

Alderman David re-elected Mayor. 

Richard Lewis Reece, James Pride and John Bird were elected 

1 This refers to the mistaken practice, which at this time prevailed to some 
extent, of painting the De Clare arms with the tinctures reversed, as the arms of 
Cardiff. See next page. 


Mayor's salary ;^700. 

Alderman Bird, Deputy Mayor. 

Henry Fraser, Water Bailiff. 

William Evans and Richard Robertson, "Sergeants of Mace." 

A Deputation from the Library Committee presented a Memorial 
praying for the grant of a penny in the pound rate for more efficiently 
carrying out the Public Libraries Acts. 

^700 was voted to the Free Library. 

The following Report of the Committee appointed to consider 
the question of the Borough arms was read and adopted : — 

" We have to report that, in pursuance of the resolution of the 
Council Meeting of the 25th September last, we have considered 
the question as to the Arms belonging to the Borough. Upon 
referring to Berry's ' Encyclopaedia of Heraldry ' (an authority 
upon the subject), we find the Borough arms described as : Gules, 
3 cheverons [stc] or ; but in a note appended to a copy of the work, 
in the possession of Alderman Reece, it is stated that the arms should 
be described : Or, 3 cheverons gules ; and that he had probably 
mislead [sic] Berry. The arms : Or, 3 cheverons gules, are the arms 
of the Clare family, the ancient Lords of the Marches ; and their 
connexion with the Borough raises a presumption in favour of 
the Borough arms being similar to [those of] the feudal Lord.* 
We therefore recommend that the Borough arms be borne : Or, 
3 cheverons gules ; and the present anomaly of the arms appearing 
in different forms in the Town Hall be corrected." 

Mr. William Davies resigned his appointment as Borough 

Letter from Mr. T. Waring, Borough Surveyor. He is desirous 
of obtaining a portion of the ground in the rear of the Post Office, 
for the purpose of building a private office. " The permanency 
of the foot-path into Westgate Street is now probably established ; 
but, if it were desired at any time to close it, the road^ between the 
Post Office Yard and the Town Hall would give sufficient access 

^ This presumption was well founded, and the Committee were well advised. 

2 This road was afterwards blocked by a building erected uniting the Town Hall 
and the Post Office. The Post Office is now occupied by the Offices of the Borough 
Engineer and Surveyor. 

i87i-72] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 475 

to a set of offices," and would leave ample space for the backlets 
of any premises to be built in Westgate Street front. 

November 18. Special. 

Unanimous vote of sympathy with the relatives of the late Mr. 
Alderman Bird recently deceased. 

December 18. Adjourned. 

Resolved unanimously, that a humble Address be presented to 
Her Majesty, expressive of the congratulation of this Council at Her 
Majesty's restoration to health, and also of deep sympathy in the 
sore affliction caused by the dangerous illness of His Royal Highness 
the Prince of Wales. ^ 

An Inspector of Weights and Measures is to be advertised for. 

Councillor Daniel Jones had a Notice of Motion to rescind the 
Resolution that Meetings of the Watch Committee be private in future; 
but the numbers present being insufficient by Standing Orders, the 
matter could not be entertained. 

Memorial from a Committee of legal gentlemen, praying the 
Council to assist the establishment of a Law Library in the Borough. 
It is one of the proposed rules that all Judges and other persons 
exercising judicial functions in Cardiff shall have free use of the 
Library, which should be located in the Town Hall. (Referred to the 
Property and Markets Committee.) 

Committee report that they have considered the offer made by 
the Cardiff Baths Co., Ltd., for the sale thereof to the Corporation. 
They are unanimously of opinion that the Baths are not of sufficient 
capacity for the requirements of the Borough, and that the space does 
not allow of further extension or for providing Wash-houses. 

Committee to arrange for granting a lease to Mr. John Williams, 
ironmonger, of a portion of the Town Wall in the rear of premises 
about to be rebuilt by him in Queen Street. 

1872 February 12 Monday. 

Mr. F. R. Greenhill appointed Financial Clerk. 

Mr. W. Luke Evans appointed Inspector of Weights and 
Measures, and Inspector of Explosives under the Petroleum Act. 

1 His present Majesty had contracted typhoid fever, and lay for several days 
hovering between life and death. The anxiety of the nation during that time of 
suspense was very acute, and the rejoicing on the Prince's recovery prodigious. 


Address to be presented to His Royal Highness the Prince of 
Wales, and Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, congratulating 
them on the Prince's recovery from his late dangerous illness. 

Letter from the Mayor of Chicago, thanking the citizens of 
Cardiff for their donation of ;^555. 18. 9 to the victims of the great 
fire of Chicago. 

March 13. Special. 

Resolved, that public rejoicings be held in the Borough on the 
occasion of the approaching marriage of the Marquis of Bute on the 
6th of April next, and that the expenses attending the same be 
raised by public subscription. Committee appointed to make 

May 13. Monday. 

Letter from Miss Mauleverer, of Armagh, requesting the favour 
of an impression of the Corporate Seal. Her request was complied 

Cardiff Council Minutes. 1872—1876. 

1872 July I Monday. 

Letter of thanks from the Royal Agricultural Society, for the 
reception accorded them at Cardiff. 

Unanimous vote of thanks to the Marquess of Bute, for his 
kindness in granting the use of Cathays Park and for his contribution 
to the fund for the local expenses in connection with the recent 
Meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society at Cardiff. 

Resolved, that a Memorial be presented to the Home Secretary, 
requesting the attendance of two of Her Majesty's Judges at the 
Assizes for the County of Glamorgan. 

Copy Resolution of the Free Library Committee laid before the 
Council : — That the time has now arrived when it is imperatively 
necessary that steps should be taken to provide a new home for the 
Free Library, Science and Art Schools, and Museum ; and that the 
Secretary request the Mayor and Corporation to grant facilities for 
the acquisition of a suitable site, by gift or exchange, and otherwise 

1872-73] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 477 

to further an undertaking which is so essential to the welfare of the 

Referred to a Committee to report. 

November 9 Saturday noon. 

Councillor Henry Bowen elected Mayor. Salary ;^200. 

The ex-Mayor to be Deputy Mayor. 

Henry Fraser, Water Bailiff. 

William David and William Hopkins, Serjeants at Mace. 

George Stocks, Market Inspector. 

John Meredith, Market Weighman. 

On accepting the resignation of Mr. Peter Price as Honorary 
Secretary to the Free Library Committee, the Council resolve that 
their best thanks be given him for his services in that capacity during 
the past ten years. 

;!^700 voted to the Free Library. 

Committee report that, as the Corporation have no land available 
as a site for the proposed new Public Library, nor any land which 
they might give in exchange for such a site, the Free Library 
Committee should arrange terms for a renewal of the lease of the 
present Free Library premises. 

December 16. Adjourned. 

Magistrates' Clerk's salary raised to ^400. 

1873 February 10. 

The following letter was read : — 

" Cardiff Chamber of Commerce, 

22 January 1873. 
George Salmon, Esq., 

Town Clerk, Cardiff. 

At a Meeting of the Cardiff Chamber of Commerce held 

today, it was reported by a Committee specially appointed for the 
consideration of the subject, that owing to the depth of water on 
the Wrach, and the corner of the East Mud being considerably less 
than the East Dock sill at high water, the navigation from and to 
the said Dock is greatly retarded, and that a mud bank outside 
Penarth Dock also retards the navigation, there being as much as 
5 feet 6 inches less water on the bank than on the Dock sill. 


I was directed to call your attention to the subject, in the hope 
that you would take such steps as you might consider desirable to 
improve the navigation. 

I am, Sir, 

Your Obedient Servant, 

Alexr. Dalziel, 


Ordered, that the Water Bailiff report thereon to the Town 

Resolved, that the Mayor and Deputy Mayor go to London to 
represent the Corporation at a Meeting of Representatives of Municipal 
Corporations, in connection with the unduly restrictive provisions of 
the recent Municipal Corporations Borough Funds Act. 

Resolved, that the several Acts relating to Public Baths and 
Wash-houses be adopted within the Borough. 

Resolved, that the Cardiff Baths Co.'s offer to sell their premises 
for p^2,200 be accepted. 

March 24. Adjourned. 

Resolved, that this Council become a Member of the Association 
of Muncipal and Corporate Bodies, about to be formed. 

Water Bailiff's Report read : — 

" I have to report that, in accordance with your instructions, I 
have ascertained the depth of the water in the channel leading to the 
East and West Bute Docks; and I find that, in the channel to the 
west, recently dredged by the Trustees of the Marquis of Bute 
through the Wrach, there is a depth of water about 3 feet 6 inches 
exceeding that at the sill of the East Bute Dock; and there is also a 
like increased depth of water in the channel to the east, made two or 
three years ago between the East Mud and the Marl Bank. With 
regard to the West Bute Dock, the increased depth of water is of 
course greater by 18 inches. I do not find that there has been any 
accumulation of deposit on the Wrach." 

Second letter read from Mr. Dalziel : — The channels to the East 
and West Bute Docks were deepened a few months ago, just before 
the ss. " Glamorgan" commenced running to this port. The depth of 
water on the sill of Penarth Dock is several feet greater than at the 
East Dock, and yet ships cannot go in and out with a greater depth of 

1873] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 


water ; in fact, owing to obstructions outside, no ship is allowed to go 
in and out of Penarth Dock unless there be 6ft. 6in. more water in 
the sill of the dock than the ship draws. There is no doubt a deep 
channel down the river Ely ; but the Water Bailiff, who is also Pilot 
Master, told one of the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce that 
no pilot would dare to navigate it, on account of the great current 
and sharp bend in the river. The greater depth of Penarth Dock is 
thus of no benefit ; and, as ships are daily increasing in size, the 
matter is of great importance to the trade of the Port. 

Resolved, that the Town Clerk be instructed to reply to the 
letter of Carrington Francis, esq., the Lord Chancellor's Principal 
Secretary, that the Council had no observations to make on the 
proposed appointment to the Bench of Borough Magistrates of Messrs. 
John Cory, merchant, William Vachell, merchant, Thomas Evans, 
surgeon, and Daniel Jones, surveyor. 

Resolved unanimously, that the Council, through the Town 
Clerk, submit to the Lord Chancellor the name of Mr. Alderman 
Richard Lewis Reece, as in every way qualified to be a Borough 

The tender of Mr. Charles James Jackson, architect, for the 
alteration to the entrance to the Market House, for ^265, was 

Resolved, that the Mayor and Aldermen of the Borough be a 
Committee to take the necessary steps in relation to a scheme for the 
better management of Wells' Charity. 

Swansea and Neath are to be invited to co-operate with Cardiff 
in obtaining the attendance of two Judges at the Glamorganshire 

April 22. Special. 

Mr. Peter Mannion^ and his wife are appointed to manage the 
Corporation Baths, with John Hare as male attendant. 

June 30. Adjourned. 

The Mayor informed the Meeting that the Deputation appointed 
by the Council, with the Mayors of Swansea, Neath and Aberavon, 

' Peter Mannion, a native of County Mayo, was a veteran of the Army, and a 
fluent speaker and writer of the Irish language. He died at Cardiff about 1900. 

48o CARDIFF RECORDS. [1873-74 

and the Town Clerks, accompanied by the Members for the County 
and for the Boroughs of Cardiff and Swansea, had attended the Home 
Secretary to urge the necessity of the attendance of two Judges at 
the Glamorganshire Assizes ; that the Home Secretary concurred, 
and promised to confer with the Lord Chancellor thereon. 

Committee appointed to arrange about the forthcoming visit of 
the Associated Chambers of Commerce. 

November 10 Monday noon. 

Councillor William Vachell elected Mayor. Salary ^200. 

Alderman David, Deputy Mayor. 

Henry Fraser, Water Bailiff. 

William Thomas and Thomas Thomas, Serjeants at Mace. 

Committee appointed to consider a Memorial from the PoHce, 
asking for increased pay. 

1874 January 13. Special. 

Address of congratulation to the Queen, on the occasion of the 
marriage of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh with the 
Grand Duchess Marie Alexandrovna of Russia. 

The Town Hall is to be illuminated on the 23rd instant, in 
honour of the occasion. 

February 9 Monday. 

A letter was read dated 19 December last, from the Under 
Sheriff, Mr. L. V. Sherley, as to Mr. Justice Archbald having com- 
plained of the insufficient accommodation at the Judge's Lodgings, and 
nuisances thereat. 

Ordered, that the same be referred to the Property and Markets 

A letter from Mr. Edgar Stockdale, son of the late Superintendent 
of Police, applying for pecuniary assistance from the Corporation, was 
referred to the Finance Committee. [The representatives of Jeremiah 
Box Stockdale deceased had been plaintiffs in an action against the 

An address is to be presented to congratulate Their Royal 
Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh on their marriage. 

i874] ' COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 481 

March 16. Special. 

This Meeting considered the provisions of the new Bute Docks 
Bill. It was resolved to present a Petition in favour of the Bill, but 
that the Bute Trustees ought to insert a clause enabling the Town 
Clerk to obtain such information respecting their annual accounts as 
might be necessary for the purpose of rating the Docks. [The 
Trustees declined.] 

March 23. Adjourned. 

Resolved, that this Council are of opinion that the municipal 
boundaries of this Borough should be extended so as to include the 
parishes of Roath, Llandaff and part of Leckwith. [From the Rhymney 
to the Ely.] 

Committee formed to consult thereon with the Local Boards of 
Canton and Roath. 

May II Monday. 

Resolved, that the Borough Engineer report to the Council as to 
the damage done by the recent fire at the Police Station ; and that the 
Mayor be empowered to engage a house for the use of the Superin- 
tendent of Police, for a term of six months. 

Ordered, that a new anchor and chain be procured by the Water 

Ordered, that a Petition be presented to Parliament, in favour of 
the continuance of the present exemption of the Members of the 
Council from serving on Juries. 

May 29. Adjourned. 

The Mayor laid before the Council a Memorial received from 
Mr. Solomon Marks on the subject of a public demonstration in 
honour of the approaching opening of the Bute Dock New Basin, and 
an invitation to Their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of 

June 29. Adjourned. 

A letter dated the 20th day of June instant from the Church- 
wardens of the parish of Saint John, Cardiff, asking the Corporation 
to pay the sum of £^. 3. o for ringing the bells on the occasion of 
Her Majesty's Birthday, was read. 

Resolved, that the amount be paid accordingly. 

I G 


July 15. Special. 

Address approved : — 

" To the Most Honourable The Marquess of Bute, Earl of 
Windsor, Baron Cardiff of Cardiff Castle, &c. &c. 

We the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough of 
Cardiff desire to offer to your Lordship our sincere and earnest 
congratulations on the successful completion of the New Basin at the 
East Bute Dock, and the inauguration this day of so important 
an addition to the extensive dock accommodation already existing. 

We hail the presence of your Lordship on this occasion as a 
token of the deep interest felt in the commercial prosperity of this 
Port ; and, having regard to the largely extended works for which 
the requisite Parliamentary powers have been obtained, we cannot 
forbear expressing our admiration of the spirit of public enterprise 
which prompts your Lordship to undertake works of such incalculable 
value to the district in general, and also our hearty appreciation of 
the desire of your Lordship to follow in your late noble father's steps, 
in carrying out the designs conceived by him with such great 

That your Lordship may long live to see the success of the 
projected works, is our fervent and humble hope. 

Given under our Common Seal this fifteenth day of July 1874. 

William Vachell, Mayor." 

August 10 Monday. 

Resolved, that the Surveyor prepare Plans for a new Police 
Station on the Corporation property in Whitmore Lane. 

A Tender from C. Lucas 8c Son for a new buoy at the price of 
;^2i was accepted. 

The Rev. Mr. Norton and other gentlemen, as a Deputation from 
the Free Church of England attended the Meeting, and requested that 
the use of the Crown Court might be continued for the purposes of 
divine service. 

Resolved, that the same be granted for a period of three months. 

Committee formed to confer with R. O. Jones, esq.. Chairman of 
Quarter Sessions, respecting lodgings for the two Judges of the 
Glamorganshire Assizes. 

Major Bond, Superintendent of Police. 

i874] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 483 

September 28. Adjourned. 

Resolved, that a Memorial be presented to the Directors of the 
Great Western Railway Co., calling attention to the defective station 
accommodation of the Borough. 

That the Town Clerk be authorised to allow ratepayers to 
inspect the Minute Books of the Council and Committees, for the 
purpose of ascertaining attendances of Members. 

Letter read from the Secretary of the Institute of Mechanical 
Engineers, thanking the Corporation for their hospitable reception at 

1874 November 9 Monday noon. 

Councillor Daniel Jones elected Mayor. Salary ^300. 

Alderman Charles Williams David appointed Deputy Mayor. 

Henry Eraser, Water Bailiff. 

George Robertson and Joseph Monk, Serjeants at Mace. 

Market Inspector and Market Weighman as before. 

;^700 voted to the Public Library. 

Resolved, that in the Notices to Members of Council Meetings, 
all special business be specified. 

November 12. Special. 

Resolved, by an absolute majority of all the Members of the 
Council, that it is expedient for the said Council, as the Municipal 
Corporation and as the Urban Sanitary Authority, to promote a Bill 
in the ensuing session of Parliament, for the extension of the 
boundaries of the Borough and Urban Sanitary District, to include 
the Parliamentary District of the Borough of Cardiff, and the portion 
of the Parish of Roath not within the Parhamentary District ; and 
that there shall be inserted in the proposed Bill provisions for making 
the Borough and Sanitary District coextensive and coterminous. 

That there shall also be contained in the said Bill provisions for 
the following purposes : — 

As to Markets, &c. 

For authorizing the Town Council to purchase lands for 
enlarging the present Cemetery, and purchasing a new 
one, and for constituting the Town Council the Burial 
Board for the extended Borough. 


For the widening and improving Working Street, Wharton 
Street, Trinity Street, Victoria Place, Golate, Angel 
Street and Castle Street ; and for a bridge across the 
Glamorganshire Canal, opposite Hill's Terrace. 

For forming a new street between Saint Mary Street and 
Bute Street, with a bridge over the canal. 

For acquiring the rights of the Right Hon. Baron Windsor 
and his Trustees, in the Grangetown sewer. 

For the removal of the existing turnpike gates, and pro- 
hibiting the taking of turnpike tolls within the limits 
of the extended Borough. 

For the improvement and construction of bridges over and 
under the Great Western Railway. 

For the purchase of the Cardiff Gas Light and Coke Co. and 
the Cardiff Water Works Co. 

For the purchase of lands for the purpose of public parks 
and recreation grounds. 

November 17. Special. 

Mr. Rees Jones laid before the Meeting a Memorial from the 
inhabitants of Pen-y-lan, requesting that the portion of the Parish 
of Roath outside the Parliamentary limits be excluded from the 
proposed extension of the Borough boundary ; but the Council did 
not deem it advisable to comply therewith. 

Resolved, that a further portion of the Parish of Llandaff, lying 
north of the District of the Canton Local Board of Health, bounded 
by the river Ely on the east and the river TafF on the west and the 
parish boundary and Fairwater brook on the north-west, be also 
included within the limits of the extended Borough. 

1875 February 8 Monday. 

Letter to the High Sheriff was read as follows : — 

"Whitehall, 22 January 1875. 

Mr. Secretary Cross having had under consideration the subject 
of the Assizes for Glamorganshire, with reference to the attendance 
of a second Judge, I am directed to acquaint you that it has been 
settled among the Judges that henceforward the Judge going the 
North Wales Circuit shall join the South Wales Judge at Cardiff 

i874] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 485 

or Swansea, according as the Assizes are held at the one place or 
the other, and attend the Assizes as second Judge. Before, however, 
this arrangement can be carried out, I am directed to inquire whether 
a second Court, and proper accommodation for a second Judge, can 
be provided at CardiflF and Swansea. I am to request to be favored 
with a reply to this communication at your early convenience. 

I am, Sir, 

Your Obedient Servant. 

A. F. O. Liddell. 
To the High Sheriff, 

County of Glamorgan." 

Resolved, that it be referred to the Property and Markets 

Resolved, that a Public Analyst be appointed for a limited 

February 16. Special. 

Moved by Councillor John Winstone, seconded by Councillor 
Richard Cory : That public Meetings of the Wards be called for 
the purpose of getting the public opinion as to the right of the 
Corporation to the site of the Circus.^ 

The Cases and Opinions thereon of Messieurs Mellish, Kingdon 
and Rogers, taken when the subject had been before the Council some 
years before, were read ; and such Opinions being against any such 
right of the Corporation, the Motion was withdrawn. 

March 10. Special. 

Resolved, that the Mayor ascertain the terms of sale of 
Plasnewydd^ for recreation purposes. 

March 17. Special. 

The Meeting was attended by Messrs. R. I. Yorath, S. A. Tilke 
and William Saunders, Members of the Canton Board of Health ; and 
Messrs, Rees Enoch and Thomas Evans, from the Roath Board. 

1 In Westgate Street, on the site of the present Post Office, in the old river bed. 

2 In or about 1892 this property was made into recreation rooms and grounds for 
his tenants, by The Mackintosh of Mackintosh. 


A proposal made on behalf of the County Roads Board as to 
removal of the turnpike gates from and after the 31st December next, 
on payment of ;/^i50 for expenses, was agreed to. 

The County Justices objected to lowering the archway of the 
Taff Bridge, but agreed to the widening of the bridge. 

March 29. Adjourned. 

;^350 to be paid to the School Board. 

Joseph William Thomas to be appointed Public Analyst. 

Memorial to be prepared praying for the formation of a Harbour 
of Refuge at Lundy Island. 

August 9 Monday. 

^500 paid to the School Board. 

Septr. 27. Adjourned. 

Council's attention was called to the position of Wells' Charity, 
and four Members of Council were added to the list of Aldermen for 
the purpose of submitting to the Corporation the names of Trustees 
to carry out the Charity. 

November 9 Tuesday noon. 

Daniel Jones re-elected Mayor. Salary ;^300. 

Henry Fraser, Water Bailiff. 

Richard Robertson and William David, Serjeants at Mace. 

^900 voted to the Public Library. 

Roath County Police Station to be purchased. 

November 17. Adjourned. 

Resolved, that the Meetings of the Council as a Local Board of 
Health, heretofore held, be discontinued ; and in lieu thereof that 
Special Meetings of the Council, to receive and adopt the Reports of 
the several Committees and for the transaction of such business of 
which due notice shall have been given, shall be held on the second 
Monday in the several months of the year, except when the same 
shall fall on one of the appointed quarterly days of meeting of the 
Council ; and that the Mayor be requested to call such Special 
Meetings accordingly. 

[Then follows the appointment of the Finance, Property and 
Markets, Public Works, Sanitary, Cabs, Contagious Diseases of 

i87S] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 487 

Animals, Fire Brigade, Lighting and Water, Cardiff Improvement, and 
Public Library Committees.] 

The question of Branch Libraries for Roath and Canton was 
referred to the Free Library Committee. 

December 13. Special. 

Resolved, that the Town Clerk be relieved of all duties in 
connection with the Burial Board, except as Legal Adviser ; and that 
Mr. F. R. Greenhill be appointed Clerk and Registrar to the Burial 

Mr. Greenhill's salary to be ^500. 

The salary of Mr. T L. Johnson, Borough Surveyor, to be also 

The salary of Major Bond to be ;^250. 

The recommendation of the Finance Committee, as to increasing 
the salary of the Town Clerk, is referred back to the Committee for 
further consideration. 

Mr. Heard's offer of Mr. Sillifant's premises in Wharton Street 
for ^2,450, was accepted, as also the offer of Mr. Wiltshire's premises 
in the same street ; and it was resolved that the cottages there be 
pulled down and the materials sold. 

Ordered, that the repair of the parish roads, lately under the 
Llandaff Highway Board, be carried out by the Surveyor. 

Street names and house-numbers to be put up at Roath. 

The question of removing the granite pitching in Duke Street is' 
referred to the Public Works Committee. 

Ordered, that the plans of the proposed weir across the river 
Taff be referred back to the promoters, for amendment. 

The terms of the Ordnance Department for making their Survey 
on an enlarged scale over an extended portion of the Borough, was 
accepted at ;^6oo. 

A Motion by Mr. George W. Armstrong, that the Corporation 
support Sir John Lubbock's Bill enabling Towns to increase the Free 
Libraries rate from id. to 2d. in the £, found no seconder. 

Resolved, that the banking account being overdrawn to the 
extent of ;^i 2,000, and large sums being required immediately, the 
Mayor and Alderman David be empowered to proceed to Town and 
negociate for a loan on the best terms. 

P^500 paid to the School Board. 


1876 January 3. Special. 

"To the Most Honorable The Marquess of Bute, Earl of 
Windsor, Baron Cardiff of Cardiff Castle, &c. 

We the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough of 
Cardiff, on behalf of ourselves and our fellow Burgesses, and in 
hearty attachment to your Noble house, desire to congratulate your 
Lordship and your Noble Lady the Marchioness of Bute, on the 
recent birth of a daughter,^ which we hail as another tie to those 
already existing between the noble house of Bute and this ancient 

We desire also to express our fervent hope that this auspicious 
event may ever be a joy and comfort to your Lordship and noble 
Lady, and that the life of your infant daughter may be full of all 
earthly happiness and be a blessing alike to herself and to all around 

That her Ladyship may speedily regain her usual health is also 
our most sincere desire. 

Given under our Common Seal this 3rd day of January 1876." 

The Mayor informed the Meeting that negociations were still 
pending with regard to the proposed new [railway] bridge across the 
Penarth Road. 

January 10. Special. 

The offer of Mr. R. W. Williams to sell his house in Saint Mary 
Street, together with the cottage in the rear belonging to the estate 
of the late W. Wyndham Lewis, esq., was accepted. 

Sir Mark Wood will widen the road on the south side of the 
Cowbridge Road, near the old Toll House. 

Resolved, that a lamp be placed opposite the old Toll House in 
North Road. 

Alderman John Winstone moved, that the Council recommend 
to the Free Library Committee that the present Reading Room be 
closed, and that the Free Library be a library of reference only, and 
be opened daily from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. ; and that scientific classes 
be formed in connection with the Library, for skilled workmen, 
artizans and professionals. 

The Motion was not seconded. 

1 The Lady Margaret Crichton Stuart. 

1876] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 489 

February 14 Monday. 

Resolved, that the salary of R. O. Jones, esq., Stipendiary 
Magistrate, be increased to £tso, consequent upon the extension of 
the Borough. 

That the salary of Dr. Paine, as Medical Officer of Health to 
the Urban Sanitary Authority, be increased to ;^28o. 

That the salary of the Town Clerk be fixed at ^500 per annum ; 
and that a Deputy be appointed at a salary of ^200, and a clerk at 
£100 a year, and, if required, an office boy from 6s. to 8s. per week. 

That an Assistant Surveyor be appointed at a salary of ;^I50. 

Joseph George Cover appointed Inspector of Nuisances, at a 
salary of £2 per week with uniform. 

The Council approved the Surveyor's plans for streets to be 
formed on the Little Heath estate belonging to C. H. Williams, esq. 

Committee appointed to act in concert with the Aldermen, under 
Sec. 39 of the Cardiff Improvement Act, 1871, for the purpose of 
devising a scheme for the better regulation of Wells' Charity, and for 
the better administration and management of the estates and money 
of that Charity. 

Plans of new Council Chamber and the Town Clerk's Offices, 
prepared by Mr. James Seward, were referred to the Public Works 

The following letter read : — 

" Mount Stuart, 

Rothesay, Isle of Bute. 

2 1 St January 1876. 


I am directed by Lord Bute to acknowledge the receipt of 

your letter of the 17th instant and also the address of congratulation 

from the Town Council of Cardiff, to Lord and Lady Bute on the 

birth of their daughter. 

Lord Bute requests me to thank the Council as an official body ; 
and to those members of it who have in the past, as well as in the 
present, acted towards him with fairness and uprightness, he desires 
to return his own and Lady Bute's sincere acknowledgments for the 
present manifestation of their kindness. 

I am, Sir, Your Obedient Servant. 

J. G. Godwin. 

The Town Clerk, Cardiff." 



February 21. Adjourned. 

Letter read : — 

"Clerk of Peace's Office, 


19th February 1876. 

Dear Sir, 

By an arrangement with the County Roads Board of 

this County, the roads over and at end of Cardiff Bridge and the 

Whitehouse Bridge were repaired by the Board, for the last thirty 

years, for an allowance of Five pounds each bridge. 

As the roads are now no longer Turnpike Roads, the Council 

will thank you to let me know by the 14th March next whether the 

Town Council will accept the like sum of ^10 yearly for the like 


I am, Dear Sir, 

Yours truly. 

Thos. Dalton. 

Clerk of Peace. 
George Salmon Esqre., 

Town Clerk, Cardiff." 

The letter was referred to the Public Works Committee. 

March 13. Special. 

The Town Clerk was instructed to write to the Rhymney Railway 
Co. requiring them to carry the footpath leading from Saint Andrew's 
Place to Roath, under the railway by a bridge similar to the adjacent 
bridge under the Taff Vale Railway. 

A letter dated 14 February 1876 from Messrs. Luard &; Sherley, 
declining, on the part of Lord Bute's Trustees, to light the Penarth 
Road from the bridge under the South Wales Railway to Clive Street, 
but suggesting that the road should be placed in the hands of the 

The Council declined acceding thereto. 

Arbitrator appointed in the dispute raised by Michael Spain 
O'Rourke^ concerning apportionment of charge for improvements 
in Green Lane, otherwise Broadway, and by Selig Brukewich for the 
like in Cyril Crescent. 

^ Sometime Surveyor to the Roath Local Board of Health. See his drawing of 
Cardiff, facing p. 240 of Vol. III. 

1876] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1S80. 491 

William Harpur appointed Assistant Borough Surveyor, at a 
salary of ^150. 

Town Clerk to prepare Case for the inclusion of Llandaff and 
Caerau within the Cardiff School Board District. 

/500 paid to the School Board. 

April 10. Special. 

Letter from Mr. Forrest,^ declining, on behalf of Lord Windsor, 
to light the Penarth Road. 

Letter from Miss Gertrude Jenner,^ asking the Council to petition 
Parliament in favour of the Women's Disabilities Bill ; but it did not 
seem expedient to the Council to accede thereto. 

Letter from Mr. J. K. CoUett, requesting permission to lay down 
a piece of improved wood-pavement, by way of experiment. 

The Council declined. 

May 8 Monday. 

Resolved, that a curb and channel be laid from Jenny's Cottage 
to the foot of Woodville Bridge, and the footpath re-formed and 

Footpath from Castle Road through the Plasnewydd grounds to 
the Merthyr Road,* to be re-formed. 

In view of the increased duties performed by Robert Oliver 
Jones, esq., in the office of Salaried Police Magistrate, his salary is to 
be raised to £tS'^- 

Gravel paths are to be constructed, and a few iron benches 
placed, from Longcross Barracks to Rumney Bridge, and from Roath 
Court along Merthyr Road as far as the New Cemetery, and from 
Crwys Gate to North Road. 

May 22. Special. 

Plans are to be furnished for the construction of a bridge over the 
Glamorganshire Canal at Mill Lane. 

Plans are approved for the proposed wall and improvements at 
the Sophia Gardens. 

1 Robert Forrest, esq., J.P., C.C, Agent to the Lord Windsor. 

2 The philanthropic Miss Jenner, of Wenvoe, is still a familiar figure to the eyes 
of " the man in the street.'' 

3 Now Albany Road. 


June I. Adjourned. 

Special Committee Report as to the fraudulent sale of old paving 
materials from Bute Street ; they recommend that an officer be 
appointed to check all old materials removed, and to see that the same 
are duly deposited in the Corporation Yard. 

June 12. Special. 

The Borough Surveyor, Mr. T. L. Johnson, in consequence of his 
repeated absentation from the Meetings of the Corporation, is called 
upon to resign. 

Mr. S. I. Thorp, of Salford, was elected to the post of Deputy 
Town Clerk, by 15 votes, as against 13 votes for Mr. Edward Grogan, 
of Cardiff. 

Mr. Benjamin Bryant, of Cardiff, was appointed Assistant Clerk. 

A Motion for a Petition in favour of the Sunday closing of public 
houses was negatived on a Division. 

July 10. Special. 

The claims of Patrick Welton and Andrew Parlato, for compensa- 
tion for cows ordered to be destroyed on account of pleuro-pneumonia, 
were referred to the Contagious Diseases of Animals Act Committee. 

^500 paid to the School Board. 

August 14 Monday. 

Local Government Board renew the Order temporarily con- 
stituting the Town Council the Port Sanitary Authority for part of 
the Customs Port of Cardiff. 

Steam locomotives may only be driven on highways within the 
Borough between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., and at no greater 
speed than two miles an hour. ^ 

The question of closing a house in Westgate Street as unfit for 
human habitation, is referred to the Sanitary Committee. 

Claims of Timothy Hayes,^ C. Hurley and James Keohane, for 
diseased cattle slaughtered, are referred to the Special Committee. 

1 The first swift horseless road-vehicle seen at Cardiff under the present 
permissive law was a motor-van which entered the town, on a journey from London, 
on Saturday 2 January 1897. 

2 Timothy Hayes, a native of County Cork, died at Cardiff aged 109 years, and 
was buried 21 March 1900. 

1876] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 


Mr. J. A. B. Williams, of Cardiff, was appointed Borough 

Mr. David Thomas appointed Rate Collector for the Parish of 
Saint Mary. 

Cardiff Council Minutes 1876—1879. 

1876 August 28 Monday. Special Meeting. 

Councillor William Taylor, M.D., elected Alderman, in the place 
of Alderman R. Lewis Reece deceased. 

September II. Special. 

Tenders are to be invited for raising the wreck of the " Charles 
Hanbury," which has been abandoned by her owner. 

October 9. Special. 

Resolved, that the numbers of houses commence with the end of 
the street nearest the Town Hall, and be alternate on each side of the 

Resolved, that Lord Bute's Trustees be asked to sell a piece of 
land in Cathedral Road, for the erection of Judge's Lodgings. 

The Council approved a design for the alteration of the bridge 
over the Taff. 

Dr. Paine re-elected Medical Officer of Health, his salary to be 

John James, Inspector of Nuisances. 

David Davies appointed Collector of Market Tolls. 

October 13. Adjourned Special. 

The plans of Messrs. James Seward & Thomas, for additions 
to the Town Hall, are accepted. 

Resolved, that in future the Reports of the various Committees, 
and of the Surveyor and Medical Officer, be printed and forwarded 
to the Members of the Council, together with the Notice of the 
Meeting at which they are to be presented. 

1 A different system still prevails in some of the older thoroughfares, such as 
Wordsworth Avenue. 




November 9 Thursday noon. 

Present : — Daniel Jones, Mayor. 


James Pride. 
Thomas Evans. 
Joseph Elliott. 

Daniel Lewis. 
John McConnochie. 
John Sloper. 
John Cory. 
Rees Jones. 
John W. Vachell. 
Richard Cory, junr. 
David Duncan. 
John Rowlands. 
John Evans. 
G. A. Stone. 
Alfred Thomas. 
G. W. Armstrong. 
Thomas Rees. 
Robert Bird. 


Henry Bowen. 
John Winstone. 
William Taylor. 

Thomas V. Yorath. 
Thomas Williams. 
George Boddington. 
William Sanders. 
Samuel A. Tylke. 
William Treseder. 
Thomas Cross. 
Andrew Fulton. 
Thomas W. Jacobs. 
David E. Jones. 
Robert Davies. 
David Jones. 
Richard Lougher. 
W. D. Blessley. 

Salary ;^300. 

Alderman Joseph Elliott elected Mayor. 
Alderman Alexander, Deputy Mayor. 
Henry Eraser, Water Bailiff. 

William Davis and Joseph Monk, Serjeants at Mace. 
David Davies, Collector of Market Tolls. 
John Meredith, Market Weighman. 

The number of Members on any Committee is to be in future 
limited to 13, instead of 9. 

The following constituted the Public Library Committee : — 

The Mayor. 
Alderman Alexander. 

,, Evans. 

,, Bowen. 

„ Taylor. 

Rees Jones. 
David Duncan. 
Robert Bird. 
William Sanders. 


COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 


Councillor Armstrong. 

„ Fulton. 

,, Lougher. 

F. J. Beavan. 
J. Le Boulanger. 
Peter Davies. 

E. C. Downing. 
Robert Drane. 

F. G. Evans. 
John Jenkins. 
Rev. C. Jones. 
Rev. G. A. Jones. 
William Jones. 
Clement Lucas. 

J. W. Lukis. 
W. H. Martin. 
Dr. James Milward. 
Edvi^in Seward. 
W. H. Southern. 
W. H. Thomas. 
Rev. C. J. Thompson. 
Rev. Alfred Tilley. 

S. A. Tylke. 

Thomas Rees. 

W. Adams. 

J. Evans. 

W. J. Gaskell. 

H. C. Harris. 

Rev. John Hayde. 

Henry Heywood. 

Rev. W. James. 

Peter Price. 

Rev. F. W. Puller. 

J. H. Riches. 

George Robinson. 

W. Ronnfeldt. 

J. Sankey. 

Rev. Vincent Saulez. 

P. H. Scott. 

Dr. C. T. Vachell. 

Rev. J. Waite. 

J. Williams. 

Rev. E. W. Winks. 

^900 voted to the Public Library. 

Resolved, that an abstract of the several Borough Accounts for 
the past year be published in the usual weekly papers. 

General District Rate of 15. 6d. in the £ levied on houses, and 
/\.\d. on land. 

November 15. Adjourned. 

Ordered, that all ballot papers above a year old be destroyed in 
the presence of the Mayor and Ex-Mayor. 

December 11. Special. 

The Town Clerk laid before the Council Case with Opinion of 
Mr. Joseph Brown, Q.C., and Mr. C. Bowen, to the effect that there 
existed a power for the Education Department to include within a 
School District for the Parish of Llandaff any portion of that parish 
now within the Borough of Cardiff. 

496 CARDIFF RECORDS. [1876-77 

Tender accepted for a new heating-apparatus for the Turkish 

Wells ordered to be closed at Devonshire Place, Canton, and at 
Elm Street, Roath. 

A Motion that Canton Horse Fair be let for athletic sports, when 
not required for Market or Fair purposes, found no seconder. 

1877 January 8. Special. 

Attention was called to the fact of the Town Crier on Market 
days announcing public sales, and the same was forbidden for the 

The question of a ship named the "Argosy" having been 
permitted to enter the Port without first putting to the Captain the 
questions under the Quarantine Regulations was referred to the 
Sanitary Committee. 

The Medical Officer of Health called attention to the prevalence 
of hydrophobia in the neighbourhood. 

Ordered, that no dog shall be allowed to be at large within the 
Borough from now until ist March; penalty, twenty shillings, and 
such dog to be destroyed. 

Moved and seconded, that a Schedule be prepared of the property 
belonging to the Corporation, with the rental thereof, and for what 
purpose used ; and also a statement of all moneys borrowed, with the 
amounts due. 

February 12 Monday. 

Letter from the Town Crier asking that his salary be ;^20, or in 
lieu thereof that his resignation be accepted. (The latter course was 
adopted, and it was left to the Mayor to appoint his successor). 

March 12. Special. 

" Borough of Birmingham, 
Police Office. 

2nd March 1877. 

In reply to your letter of yesterday's date regarding a 
statement made by Serjeant Tamblyn to the Watch Committee of 
Cardiff, that he had been prevented by me from taking proceedings 
against the house kept by Mrs. Watts, I have to give it a complete and 

i877] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 497 

unequivocal denial. Not only so, but that, whilst in the course of his 
duty he visited this house, although unable to bring such evidence as 
would carry a conviction, on one or more of these occasions he seized 
a quantity of wine, which was sequestrated. Moreover, that other 
officers of the Force were also directed to visit the house, and did so 
frequently. That during these constant visits, in our endeavours to 
get sufficient evidence, Mrs. Watts herself came to the Police Office 
and promised that the house should not be carried on as a brothel in 
any way ; and that, on a subsequent enquiry, the only persons residing 
in the house were Mrs. Watts and a servant. The imputation 
emanating from the assertion of Sergeant Tamblyn in the witness- 
box, and of his statements now made before the Watch Committee, 
is that I screened these people because of the character of persons 
visiting the house. In answer to this, I can with confidence point to 
my successful exertions in your Town in prosecuting this infamous 
trade, that during the time I had the honour of being your Chief 
Constable I brought nearly ^300 into the coffers of the Corporation, 
from suchlike prosecutions ; and that, however short my failings may 
have been, they were duly appreciated by the Mayors of Cardiff with 
whom I served, and by the Stipendiary Magistrate, in eulogistic terms, 
pointing markedly to this as a prominent fact of how much the Town 
was indebted to me for my work in this direction. I must be 
pardoned for writing thus egotisticall}'^, but when my character as a 
Chief of Police is brought into question I have perforce to refer to the 
satisfactory work I have done, as a refutation of the reckless 
statement made by Sergeant Tamblyn in the endeavour to screen 
himself from the consequence of a hasty reply elicited from him under 
sharp cross-examination. — I am, Sir, 

Yours faithfully. 

E. Bond (Major), 

Chief of Police. 

Geo. Salmon, Esqre., 

Town Clerk, Cardiff." 

Committee appointed to investigate this matter. 

Letter relating to the sale of vegetables in the street without 
payment of tolls, referred to the Property and Markets Committee. 

I H 


;^500 paid to the School Board. 

Cardiff Slaughterhouse "^ discontinued. 

Committee appointed to select site for new Free Library, 
Museum &c. 

Town Clerk to take immediate steps to remove the wreck of the 
barque " Freres" from the fairway to the Cardiff Roads. 

Joseph William Thomas appointed Public Analyst. 

April 9. Special. 

Proposed and seconded, that steps be taken to obtain an Order of 
the Privy Council for the closing of the Old Cemetery belonging to 
the Parishes of Saint John the Baptist and Saint Mary, Cardiff, situate 
near Moira Terrace.^ 

Resolved, by way of Amendment, that the Inspector of Nuisances 
be instructed to take steps to cause the Vestries of Saint Mary's and 
Saint John's to abate the nuisance which exists at the Old Cemetery. 

Five wells are to be closed at Spring Gardens. 

Lamps to be fixed in Newport Road, between Roath Court and 
Pengam bridge ; and two seats by the footpath, between the above 

May 14 Monday. 

The Mayor stated that the wreck " Freres " had been blown up, 
and that the " Charles Hanbury " was also removed. 

In compliance with the request of a Deputation from the Cardiff 
Chamber of Commerce, a Committee is appointed to consider the 
subject of the removal of the shoal called Cefn-y-wrach, which is a 
great impediment to the trade of the Port. 

Notices to quit are to be served on the tenants of the property 
in Angel Street, purchased by the Corporation. 

A Memorial praying that the lane^ leading from Newport Road 
to Broadway and Clifton Street be widened into a carriage way, was 
referred to the Public Works Committee. 

Common Seal ordered to be affixed to the Agreement for the 
purchase of premises in Wharton Street, late the property of the 
Rev. William Price Lewis. 

1 At the bottom of Quay Street. 
^ Adamsdown. 
^ Four Elms Lane. 

i877] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 499 

Town Clerk laid before the Meeting copy of a proposed Memorial 
about to be presented to Her Majesty's Government by the Council of 
the University College of Wales, praying for a grant of ;^2,5oo a 
year towards the maintenance of the College, and of a sum of ;^5,ooo 
towards the completion of the College buildings, in which the Council 
of the College were desirous of receiving the support of the 

Resolved unanimously, that the College is of great advantage to 
Wales by affording to the youth of the Principality higher education 
at moderate cost ; and that this Council would express the hope that 
the Government will accede to the prayer of the Memorial. 

Sanitary Committee are to suppress the carrying through the 
streets of swill, wash, vegetable matter, gas-water and other offensive 

June 8. Special. 

Daniel Lewis, cabinet maker, was elected Alderman in the place 
of James Pride deceased. 

June II. Special. 

Common Seal ordered to be affixed to an Agreement for purchase 
of property in Wharton Street, from Mrs. Hester Vachell. 

July 9. Special. 

Walter Hemingway, Chief Superintendent of Police. 

Resolved, that application be made to the Cardiff Tramway Co. 
to extend their lines eastward to the top of Oakfield Street, and 
westward to Clive Road. 

August 4. Special. 

"To the Right Honourable Sir Thomas White, Lord Mayor of 


We the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough of 
Cardiff beg to offer to your Lordship a hearty welcome on this your 
visit to our ancient Borough. Ever foremost in all that relates to the 
principle of local self-government, the Corporation of London has 
been the consistent champion of corporate rights; and to your Lord- 
ship, as the head of that Corporation, we tender our cordial thanks 
for the services thus rendered to the community at large. In the 


more immediate occasion of your visit to South Wales, to distribute 
rewards to those who so nobly risked their lives in the rescue of 
fellow workmen overwhelmed in the late Tynewydd inundation, and 
to afford relief to the widows and others who have suffered thereby, 
we see that your Lordship follows in the honoured footsteps of your 
predecessors, by whom the recognition of the claims of those who 
have benefitted their fellow men, and the cry of the distressed, have 
never passed unheeded. Passing to a subject more intimately con- 
cerning your Lordship, we, the Corporation of Cardiff, would beg to 
present through you to the Lady Mayoress, your daughter, our 
congratulations upon her approaching marriage, and to express 
our sincere wishes that a life of long and unalloyed happiness may 
be her lot ; and trust that, in the marriage of a beloved daughter 
during your Lordship's Mayoralty, the remembrance of its well- 
sustained dignity will receive an additional pleasure. 

Given under our Common Seal at Cardiff this fourth day of 
August 1877. 

Joseph Elliott, 

Mayor." (l.s.) 

His Lordship afterwards attended at the Town Hall, when the 
Address was presented to him. 

August 13 Monday. 

Town Clerk laid before the Council Certificate and Order of the 
Treasury for payment of £191. 10. o expenses in the trial of the 
Municipal Election Petition, Owen Davies v. Richard Lougher and 
Walter Douglas Blessley. 

;^500 paid to the School Board. 

G. B. Raggett, who has succeeded T. S. Miller as Collector of 
Customs, is appointed Collector of Harbour Town Dues. Mr. Miller 
had received the appointment of Collector at the Port of Glasgow. 

Mr. J. A. B. Williams, Borough Surveyor, reports on the Cefn- 
y-wrach shoal. 

Special Committee report that they found the Old Cemetery in 
a very neglected state as to tombstones, paths and general condition, 
and describe it as a "positive disgrace." 

i877] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 501 

October 8. Special. 

Attention was called to the death of a child through falling into 
the sewer at the Tunnel, Crockherbtown, which had been opened for 
the purpose of running off the water from the Canal into the sewer. 
The Town Clerk was directed to write the Secretary of the Canal Co., 
suggesting that the gates to the Tunnel be shut when the communica- 
tion between the Canal and the sewer is open, and at other times 
when the Canal is not in use. 

Special Committee approve Mr. Peter Price's Plans for new Free 
Library, Museum, and Science and Art Schools. 

Policemen in uniform are not to enter public houses except in 
discharge of their duty. 

Alderman Watkins moved that in future the Corporation invite 
the Mayor and twelve guests to a banquet on g November, but it was 
resolved that the matter should be left to the Mayor's discretion as 

November 9 Friday noon. 

Alderman William Taylor elected Mayor. Salary ;i^300. 

Alderman C. W. David, Deputy Mayor. 

Richard Scudamore is appointed Water Bailiff. Salary ^30. 

Thomas Davis and Joseph Monk, Serjeants at Mace. 

David Davies, Collector of Market Tolls. 

John Meredith, Market Weighman. 

Rate of id. in the £ granted to the Free Library. 

November 14. Adjourned. 

The wreck of the "Freres" in Penarth Roads not having been 
completely removed, the contractors are to be paid ;^ioo on account 
and called upon to fulfil their contract. 

Resolved, that a General Purposes Committee be formed, to 
which any subject not strictly applicable to existing Committees shall 
be referred. 

December 10. Special. 

Application from the Cardiff Tramway Company for permission 
to run the cars on Christmas Day was granted, subject to the better 
conduct of working generally and to the removal of the noxious and 
offensive smell arising from the bad oil used in lighting the cars. 


1878 January 14. Special. 

Resolved, that the houses purchased by the Corporation in Angel 
Street be taken down.^ 

Resolved, that this Meeting, viewing with alarm the probability of 
England taking part in the war now raging between Russia and 
Turkey, resolves that a humble Petition be presented to Parliament 
praying it not to sanction any measures tending to a breach of the 
neutrality hitherto maintained. 

The Petition is to be forwarded to Colonel Stuart, M.P., for 

Resolved, that the appointment of a General Purposes Committee 
be rescinded. 

That a Parliamentary Committee be appointed, to carefully 
examine and report upon the various local parliamentary schemes to 
be submitted to Parhament. 

An application by the Tramways Co. for permission to run cars 
on Sundays was read, but not assented to. 

The Secretary to the Cardiff Infirmary writes expressing the 
disappointment of his Committee at not receiving the usual donation 
of 50 guineas from the late Mayor, and begs the matter may be 
brought before the Council. 

January 23. Special. 

" To His Excellency Wooyeno Kagenori, Minister Plenipotentiary 
of His Imperial Majesty the Mikado of Japan. 

We the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough of 
Cardiff, in Council assembled, desire, on behalf of our fellow 
burgesses to bid you a hearty welcome to this ancient Borough 
and chief Port in South Wales. We hail with unalloyed pleasure 
your presence amongst us as the representative of His Imperial 
Majesty the Mikado of Japan, and view it as a pledge of amity 
between the subjects of His Imperial Majesty and those of our 
Sovereign Lady the Queen, which we trust will long continue and 
that we shall ever cordially co-operate in the peaceful arts of 
commerce and all other civilizing influences of the age. In this the 
first visit of a Japanese vessel to our Port, we would see in it [sic] 

' This demolition of a row of old houses between the two thoroughfares meant 
the merging of Angel Street into Castle Street as it now exists. 

1878] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 503 

the forerunner of the coming of many other vessels of your nation, 
and we would express our fervent hope that in our mercantile 
relations we may ever learn to esteem each other and cultivate that 
mutual good-will and respect, without which no lasting concord can 
be maintained." 

Resolved, that the Address be engrossed on vellum and illumined 
[sic], and that the same be presented at the Town Hall on the 25th 
day of January instant, to which day and place the Meeting was 

February nth Monday. 

The ex-Mayor (Mr. Alderman EUiott) stated that it was his 
intention to give ;^25 to the Infirmary, ;^io to the "Hamadryad" 
Hospital, ;^io to the Deaf and Dumb School, and ;^io to the Blind 
Asylum, instead of giving the usual 50 guineas to the Infirmary. 

March 11. Special. 

Town Clerk is to communicate with the lessee of the Old 
Theatre in Crockherbtown (recently destroyed by fire) with a view 
to preventing persons from gaining admittance to the ruins of the 

April 8. Special. 

The level crossing over the Rhymney Railway, from Saint 
Andrew's Place to Castle Road, otherwise Plucca Lane, within the 
Parish of Saint John, is to be stopped up and diverted.^ 

Letter from Miss Lydia Becker, asking the Council to petition 
Parhament in favour of the Women's Disabilities Removal Bill. The 
request was not complied with. 

May 13 Monday. 

The Aldermen's Report and recommendation with regard to 
Wells' Charity was read. Its concluding paragraph runs thus :— 

"That as the appointment of new Trustees and the obtaining the 
above powers is the most pressing want of the Charity, the Aldermen 
recommend that the same should be at once proceeded with. From 
the greatly increased income of the Charity that will arise from the 
consequent development of the property by building operations, 

1 I believe the position of this crossing is indicated by the lane leading from 
Richmond Crescent into Richmond Road. 


there will arise the necessity of an enlarged scheme for the application 
of the income ; and as the making of such a scheme will probably 
take some time, the Aldermen have to lay before the Council the 
suggestion made by the Charity Commissioners that the preparing 
of a scheme should at once be considered." 

The salary of Dr. Paine, Medical Officer of Health, to be ^280. 

Letter from W. P. Stephenson, Clerk to the Cardiff Union Rural 
Sanitary Authority, enclosing Reports as to the pollution of the rivers 
Taff and Ely, was referred to the Sanitary Committee. 

June 17. Adjourned Special. 

Mrs. Jane Aubrey resigns her position as Hall Keeper. 

Memorial to be presented to the Lords of the Privy Council, in 
favour of the Port of Cardiff being restored as a place for the 
importation of cattle from North America and Canada. (This was 
complied with.) 

The Corporation having had their attention called to the fact that 
two of the Cardiff pilots have been suspended for refusing to take out 
certain vessels, request the Pilotage Board to reinstate the men. The 
Council deem the fact of its being found necessary to engage in 
dredging operations on the Cefn-y-wrach shoal sufficient evidence that 
caution was needed by the said pilots. (The Pilotage Board declined 
to comply.) 

July 8. Special. 

Four months after the making of a new Rate, the Collectors are 
to summon defaulters without further reference to the Finance 

Steps are to be taken to purchase the Canton, Ely and Leckwith 
Commons. (A contrary proposition by Councillor Robert Bird and 
Alderman Winstone was unsuccessful.) 

;^iooo paid to the School Board. 

Police Inspector James and his wife are appointed Hall Keepers. 

Motion by Councillor G. W. Armstrong : — That the public having 
a right of way through the fields over Pen-y-lan, also by the Roath 
Brook, from the Mill to Pen-y-lan Road, and in other parts of Roath 
parish, the Surveyor be instructed to report upon all these rural 
walks, with a view to making them more attractive, and preparing 
them for the greater comfort and convenience of the public, by 

1878] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 


substituting gates in lieu of stiles at the entrances thereto, making 
gravel paths, and placing iron garden-seats at suitable distances. 
(Referred to the Public Works Committee.) 

August 12 Monday. 

The question of the removal of the late Lord Bute's statue from 
High Street to the Great Western Approach was deferred. 

September 9. Special. 

Schedule of Corporation Property to be prepared. 

Deputation re houses damaged by an overflow of the drains at 

Deputation requesting that wood blocks may be laid down in 
Duke Street, instead of the present granite blocks, which are the 
cause of great noise from passing vehicles. (Complied with.) 

Petition calling attention to a wooden structure erected at the 
corner of Elm Street and Newport Road, for the accommodation of 
Mr. Solomon Andrews' omnibuses. (The Mayor stated he would see 
Mr. Andrews as to keeping back the building to the line of the 
houses in the road.) 

Committee appointed to select a site for the new Free Library. 

September 24. Special. 

Resolved, that the Reporters be requested to withdraw. 

Resolved, that the Council form themselves into a Committee to 
consider the question of the purchase of the Water Works under- 

October i. Special. 

Sub-Committee Report on the Cardiff Reservoirs and Water 
Works at Lisvane, Llanishen, Ely, Penhill, Cogan and Llandough. 

October 10. Special. 

Special Committee recommend the Council to purchase the 
Water Works. Their recommendation is adopted; Alderman John 
Winstone alone voting against it, and Alderman Henry Bowen 
abstaining from voting. 

October 14. Special. 

Deputation from Cardiff Shipowners' Association, requesting the 
Corporation to appoint their Chairman to be one of the Members of 




the Pilotage Board prescribed by tlie Bristol Channel Pilotage Act, 
1 86 1. (The Deputation were informed that the matter should receive 
the consideration of the Council.) 

Special Committee recommend that the new Free Library be 
erected on the site fronting to Trinity Street and Wharton Street, 
adjoining Saint John's churchyard ; part of said site being occupied by 
Zion Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel. (Rejected proposals were 
for building the Library in Saint Mary Street, or Golden Lion Court, 
off Wharton Street.) 

1878 November 9 Saturday noon. 

Present: — The Mayor, in the Chair. 

Wm. B. Watkins. 
Wm. Alexander. 
Thomas Evans. 

William Taylor. 

John Sloper. 
J. W. Vachell. 
David Duncan. 
Rich. Cory, junr. 
John Rowlands. 
John Evans. 
G. A. Stone. 
T. V. Yorath. 
Robert Bird. 
William Sanders. 

D. L. Lougher. 

E. W. Shackell. 

W. J. Trounce. 

Daniel Jones. 
Joseph EUiott. 
Henry Bowen. 

William Treseder. 
Andrew Fulton. 
D. E. Jones. 
T. W. Jacobs. 
Robert Davies. 
David Jones. 
Thomas Rees. 
Rees Enoch. 
Daniel Lewis. 
John G. Proger. 
W. E. Vaughan. 
Thomas Evans. 

Salary ^300. 

Alderman Daniel Lewis elected Mayor 
Alderman Daniel Jones appointed Deputy Mayor. 
Richard Scudamore is appointed Water Bailiff, at a yearly salary 
of .^30. 

Thomas Davies and Joseph Monk, Serjeants at Mace. 
David Davies, Inspector and Collector of Market Tolls. 
John Meredith, Market Weighman. 

1878] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 507 

Grant of id. in the £ to the Free Library. 

General District Rate is. 2d. in the £. 

Resolved, that the Bill of Mr. Samuel Shepton of ;^26. 15. 10, 
for work done in relation to the Stockdale Memorial erected in 1871 
and referred to in the Report of the Public Works Committee, be not 

_;^i,ooo paid to the School Board. 

Resolved, that the letter of the Town Clerk, tendering his resig- 
nation, be referred to the Finance Committee, 

November 11. Special. 

Vote of thanks to Alderman David for useful information supplied 
to the Council, in relation to the Charities of the Borough of Cardiff. 

November 25. Special. 

Resolved, that the subject of the removal of bodies from all the 
vaults attached to the Zion Chapel, Working Street, and the removing 
and replacing all the monuments at the Cardiff Cemetery, be left in 
the hands of the Improvement Committee. 

Committee of Inquiry into matters connected with the Town 
Clerk's Department is appointed. 

December 2. Special. 

"Town Clerk's Office, 
2nd Deer, 1878. 
To the Town Council 

of the Borough of Cardiff. 


The occurrences of the past week preclude my 
continuing to hold office under the Corporation, and I therefore 
adhere to the resignation contained in my Letter of the i6th October 
last ; and I must beg you to take immediate steps for the appointment 
of my successor, self-respect forbidding a longer continuance in office 
than absolutely necessary, I remain, Gentlemen, 

Your Obedient Servant, 

Geo. Salmon, 

Town Clerk." 


Moved by Alderman Alexander, seconded by Mr. G. A. Stone, 
that the resignation of the Town Clerk be accepted. 

Special Meeting convened to consider the appointment of a new 
Town Clerk. 

December 9. Special. 

The illegal practice of hawking petroleum in the streets is to be 

Resolved, that a sample of water be procured from the fountain 
in front of the Town Hall, and forwarded to the Public Analyst for 
analysis, and the result laid before the next Meeting. 

The narrowing of the footpath on the north side of Longcross 
is to be continued from Wordsworth Street to Oakfield Street. 

Alderman David referred to the stoppage of the West of 
England & South Wales District Bank, the Bankers to the Urban 

Resolved, that the Finance Committee be instructed to make 
arrangements for drawing cheques for current expenses. 

December 13. Special. 

Resolved, that a qualified Solicitor be appointed Town Clerk, 
and Clerk to the Urban Sanitary Authority for the Borough, whose 
services shall be devoted exclusively to the business of the Borough. 

Resolved, upon division, that the whole of the Staff in the Town 
Clerk's Office be engaged by the Town Clerk, and that the power of 
engaging and discharging the Staff be vested in the Town Clerk. 

(The lost Amendment proposed that the Town Clerk be paid 
^1,000 per annum, to cover all duties of every kind for the Municipal 
and Sanitary Authorities ; he to find his own clerks, who shall be 
engaged and discharged subject to the approval of the Corporation; 
the Corporation to provide Offices free of charge.) 

Resolved, upon division, that the salary of the Town Clerk be 
;^i,ooo per annum ; he providing all clerks and assistance required 
for carrying on the legal business of the Corporation, Sanitary 
Authority and Burial Board, also the necessary clerks for attendance 
on the various Committees, and all general business. 

(The lost Amendments proposed that the Town Clerk's salary 
be ^800, to include all salaries of his Staff; also that the Town 
Clerk's salary be ;^900, to include the payment of a Minute and 

1878-79] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 509 

Engrossing Clerk, and for the other duties of the Town Clerk's 

Resolved, that steps be taken to advertise for a Town Clerk; 
candidates' age not to exceed 40 years, and canvassing to be i 

December 16. Adjourned Special. 

Resolved unanimously, that an Address from the Council to Her 
Majesty the Queen, of condolence and sympathy in the great bereave- 
ment she has sustained by the death of her daughter, Princess Alice, 
Grand Duchess of Hesse-Darmstadt, be prepared and forwarded to 
Her Majesty. 

1879 January 13. Special. 

A Letter from William Davis, the Weigher at the Crockherb- 
town machine, was read, asking for a monkey jacket, and the request 
was acceded to. 

Public Analyst's Report : — 

" The Laboratory, 

West Wharf, Cardiff. 

3 January 1879. 
Report on a sample of Water (Cardiff Waterworks, taken in Parish 
of St. John's), with regard to its adaptability for drinking and domestic 

This Water consists, for the most part if not entirely, of that 
obtained from the Ely Beds. The amount of organic matter present 
is not unfavourable, and the general condition of the Water is good ; 
but it is very hard, and slightly contaminated, in consequence of 
being derived from a somewhat highly cultivated gathering-ground. 
It is not nearly as well adapted for drinking and domestic purposes as 
that supplied from Lisvane. 

J. W. Thomas, 

Mem: Inst: Chem:" 

The Manchester National Society for Women's Suffrage wrote 
requesting the Corporation to petition in favour of removing the 
disabilities of women in regard to Parliamentary Elections, but no 
Order was made thereon. 


January 21. Special. 

The candidates selected at the last Meeting to attend before the 
Council in respect to the appointment of Town Clerk &c. attended 
accordingly. Their names were — 

J. A. Corbett 

C. A. Wain 

B. H. Watts 

J. L. Wheatley. 
The only candidates who received votes were Mr. Corbett (13), 
and Mr. Wheatley (20). 

The Mayor declared Mr. Joseph Larke Wheatley duly elected 
Town Clerk, and Clerk to the Urban Authority, and legal adviser to 
the Burial Board ; who is to devote his whole time and services to 
the duties of the office, at a salary of ;^iooo per annum, to include 
clerks and all requisite assistance for the due performance of the 
required duties; the Council providing Offices and stationery; and 
the appointment to be determinable by either party giving to the 
other three months' previous notice in writing. The salary to be 
apportioned as follows: — Corporation a/c ;^500; Urban Authority 
a/c ^500. 

Resolved, that Henry Jones Evans, esq., Manager of the Brecon 
Old Bank, be appointed Treasurer to the Urban Sanitary Authority, 
in the place of Clement Lucas, esq. 

January 27. Special Statutory. 

The Meeting generally confirms previous Resolutions authorising 
the promotion of a Bill for the purpose of effecting an arrangement 
with the Cardiff Water Works Company, &c. 

February 10 Monday. 

[The Minutes are henceforth engrossed in a different hand.] 
Resolved, that this Council desires to express its high apprecia- 
tion of the professional ability, tact and zeal displayed by Mr. George 
Salmon in the discharge of the duties of his late Town Clerkship 
of this Borough for upwards of 1 1 years, and to record the high 
estimation in which he is held by the Members of the Council, for 
his uniform courtesy during his official connection with the Borough. 
Resolved, that the above Resolution be engrossed upon vellum 
and presented by the Mayor to Mr, Salmon, 

i879] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 511 

The Council will not entertain the request of Messrs. Luard 
and Shirley, that an annual acknowledgment be paid in respect of some 
lights from the market &c. overlooking the premises of the Marquess 
of Bute, with a view to preserve his Lordship's rights. 

March 10. Special. 

Town Clerk reported the election of William John Newbery, of 
"The Cedars," Llandaff Road, Canton, as a Councillor for Canton 
Ward, in the place of George Boddington, resigned. 

Letter from the Water Bailiff as to the wreck of the schooner 
"Dundrennin," of Cork, Capt. Jeffres, which was run into and sunk 
by the steamer " Somorrostro," of Cardiff, Capt. Powley, of the firm 
of Messrs. Wilson & Co. She is lying in the fairway of the Penarth 
Roads. The Trinity House have laid a buoy by her. 

Committee appointed to take steps to have the wreck removed. 

Thomas John, of Cardiff, is appointed Rate Collector, at a salary 

of ;^IIO. 

The Burial Board having acquired 23 acres of land adjoining the 
Cemetery, a large portion whereof will not be required for a long 
period, and the ground allotted to the Roman CathoHcs in the 
Cemetery being nearly all occupied, so that additional land must be 
set apart for them : Cemetery Committee is to arrange these matters, 
and others connected therewith. 

April 14. Special. 

;^i,ooo paid to the School Board. 

Councillor Henry Bowen is appointed Mayor's Auditor, 

All dairies and cowsheds in the occupation of cow-keepers or 
dairymen, and all milk-stores and milk-shops, are to be cleaned every 
day to the satisfaction of the Sanitary Inspectors; and the walls of 
such dairies and cowsheds shall be limewashed inside twice a year, in 
June and November. All vessels used for containing milk for sale 
shall be thoroughly cleansed by boiling water or steam. 

Conveyance and Assignment from Mrs. Ellen Vachell to the 
Corporation, of houses in Charlotte Street and Custom House Street. 

The pebble pitching in Herbert Street is to be removed, and 
macadam substituted. 

Footpath to be made along the Newport Road, from Pengam 
bridge to Rumney bridge. 


May 12 Monday. 

Council accept the offer of Messrs. John Williams & Sons, of 
Queen Street, to pay £^ per annum for a portion of the Old Town 
Wall adjoining their premises, on a Lease for 99 years. (Altered by 
a subsequent Resolution to 75 years.) 

Committee to arrange as to removing the wreck of the ship 
"Amazonas," sunk midway between Lavernock buoy and the shore. 

A letter dated 7 May 1879 from Mr. Geo. E. Robinson, of the 
Cambrian Archaeological Association, was read, asking to be allowed 
to have access to and copy one of the Charters in the possession of 
the Corporation. 

Resolved, that permission be granted accordingly. 

June 9. Special. 

The Head Constable is to see that the Menagerie Show now 
being held on the Canal Bank be removed forthwith. 

A Motion that the Philharmonic Union be allowed to occupy the 
Zion Chapel in Working Street, for practice, at 55. per week, was 
not carried. 

Alfred Brownett is to be summoned to attend before the next 
Meeting of the Public Works Committee, to explain his conduct in 
breaking into and interfering with the main sewer in Wyndham 

Rate of IS. ^d. in the £ levied. 

David Morse is appointed Water Bailiff, in the place of Richard 
Scudamore deceased ; salary £2,0. 

Letter dated 27 May 1879 from Mr. G. E. Robinson was read, 
stating that Mr. Alcwyn C. Evans had no desire to part with the 
manuscript book containing a copy of the Charters of the Borough,^ 
but that Mr. Evans might perhaps be willing to do so after the 
publication of the Charters. The matter was left in the hands of 
the Mayor and Deputy Mayor. 

Town Clerk is to give notice to the Cardiff Water Works Co. 
that the Corporation require the Company to sell and transfer the 
Water Undertaking to the Corporation, 

1 See Vol. II., p. 141. 

1879] COUNCIL MINUTES, 1835-1880. 513 

June 25. Special. 

By a majority of 20 to 2 (Alderman John Winstone and 
Councillor Daniel Lewis) the Corporation resolved to support a 
Petition in favour of closing public houses on Sundays. Councillors 
John Evans and T. W. Jacobs remained neutral. 

;^i,ooo paid to the School Board. 

Conveyance of seven houses in Wharton Street and Golden Lion 
Court, from William Ayres and John Roberts to the Corporation. 

The question of placing an electric clock in the Town Hall was 
deferred in order to ascertain the cost. 

1879 August II Monday. 

Memorial from the inhabitants of the lower end of Richmond 
Road, complaining of the state of the road and urging that immediate 
steps should be taken for making the roadway and lighting the same.^ 

Resolved accordingly. 

A Motion to adopt the old Police Station in Saint Mary Street 
as a site for the new Free Library and Museum was lost, and an 
Amendment in favour of the Zion Chapel site, between Trinity Street 
and Working Street, was carried. 

Committee appointed to arrange for the new building on the 
approved site. 

Minutes of Council. 1879—1880. 

1879 September 8. Special. 

The Provincial Tramways Co., Ltd., are to be compelled, by the 
Board of Trade if necessary, to run two workmen's cars each way, 
morning and evening. 

The Town Clerk stated that the Corporation had no power to 
exempt from private improvement expenses the School for Deaf and 
Dumb at Romilly Crescent, Canton. 

September 23. Special. 

Memorial from Burgesses requesting the Mayor to call a Council 
Meeting to consider the Charity Commissioners' scheme for the 

1 At this time there was an open field, with big stumps of trees in it, between 
Richmond Road and Saint Peter's church. ^ ^ 




government of Howell's Charity/ with the view of obtaining as amend- 
ments thereto that one half the governing body shall be gentlemen 
other than members of the Church of England, and that the power of 
appointing the Governors shall be vested partly in the Corporations 
and School Boards of the districts interested. 

The request contained in the Memorial is to be communicated to 
the Commissioners by the Corporation. 

October 13. Special. 

Pig Market in Westgate Street is to be discontinued. 

Owners of houses in Richmond Road undertake to pay the cost 
of street improvements there when completed. 

N.B. We have now brought down our digest of the Minutes of 
Council to 10 November 1879, from which date they have been 
printed and published. The first few volumes of this publication are 
very scarce, but the later ones common enough. 

^ Llandaff College for Ladies. 











riDlnutes of the Carbiff Street (Tommission 
anb the Catbitf Xocal Boarb of Ibealtb. 


EFORE drawing this Volume to a 
close, it seems well to give a 
summary of the proceedings of 
two important bodies in whom 
was vested, by Acts of Parlia- 
ment, the management of such 
departments of municipal business 
as are now controlled by the 
Public Works and Health Committees. Those bodies were the 
Cardiff Street Commission, established by a private Act of 1774, and 
the Cardiff Local Board of Health, formed in 1850 under the Public 
Health Acts, 1848 and 1850. The Commissioners, and subsequently 
the Members of the Board, were for the most part Members also of 
the Cardiff Town Council ; but their Meetings and Minutes were kept 
distinct from those of the municipality. 

To begin with the Minutes of the Commission ; although that 
new broom swept the streets very clean during the earlier years 
of its existence, it was beginning to show signs of wear at the 
close of the i8th century. From 1796 the attendance was very 


poor, and the business transacted but slight. Only one Meeting 
assembled in each of the years 1800, :8oi and 1802, and all the 
business done by the two last was the ordering of a shilling rate. 
This closes the Commission's first Minute Book; and I can find no 
further proceedings until 181 5, when they are resumed in Town Book 
IV. Twenty one Meetings were called that year, but no Commis- 
sioners attended the first twenty of them. The Clerk, Mr. Stibbs, 
nothing discouraged by the apathy of his employers, conscientiously 
kept formal records of the calling and adjournment of these unattended 
" Meetings." 

On their twenty first Meeting-day, six Commissioners summoned 
up sufficient energy to attend, ordered a rate and appointed a 

This unwonted activity so exhausted the powers of the gentle- 
men concerned, that thirteen more Meeting-days passed unheeded. 
By this time these public servants had so far recruited that, on 24 
December 18 16, they ordered the repair of two streets. 

At the end of 181 7 the Cardiff Street Commissioners finally woke 
up. They held a Meeting on Christmas Eve, the Orders of which 
they not only signed, but sealed and delivered ; and from that date 
onwards, business was fairly brisk. It may be remarked that subse- 
quent Meetings were held not, as formerly, at an hotel, but in the 
more businesslike atmosphere of the Town Hall. 

In 1819 such trouble arose from the breaking of street lamps, 
that five persons were specially sworn as Constables to protect them. 
That the sport of "boxing the Charlies" was not confined to the 
Toms and Jerrys of the Metropolis, appears from the destruction of 
a watchman's box in December 1819. 

The beginnings of our scavenging system may be seen in 1820. 
Cardiff, we learn, was first lighted with gas in 1821. The streets 
were macadamised in 1828. 

Readers who appreciate the quiet humour of formal records 
must not miss the history of Mr. French's bow window. It gave 
the Commissioners something to do for fifteen months on end. 

Lovers of the " Ingoldsby Legends " will be interested to find 
Mr. Green and his " Monstre Balloon" at Cardiff, in 1828. 

In 1 83 1 complaints were made to the Commissioners about the 
dirty state of the streets. In 1835 they took the scavenging out of 



the hands of their contractor, in order to do the work themselves 
through the medium of "able-bodied paupers" with "besoms." 
Cardiff, however, seems to have had enough of her Street Com- 
mission; which met for the last time on 8 May 1837. 

The Cardiff Local Board of Health held their first Meeting on 
16 September 1850. Any points calling for special comment shall 
be noticed in footnotes to the text. 




First Minute Book of the Cardiff Street Commissioners. 


Fonmon Muniments. 
1774 May 2.^ 

T the first Meeting of the Commissioners of an Act 
made in the fourteenth year of the Reign of his 
Majesty King George the Third intitled "An 
Act for better Paving Cleansing and Lighting 
the Streets Lanes and pubHc Passages in the Town of Cardiff 
and Liberties thereof in the County of Glamorgan and for 
removing and preventing Nuisances and Annoyances therein " held 
in the Guildhall of the said Town of Cardiff on Monday the second 
day of May in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred 
and seventy four, between the Hours of ten and twelve of the Clock 
in the forenoon of the same day in pursuance of the said Act the 
following Persons duly qualify'd themselves to Act as Commissioners 
in the Execution of the same. 
Michael Richards Esq'' 
Thomas Edwards Esq"" 
John Richards Esq"" 
William Edwards Esq"" 
Henry Yeomans Esq"" 
Thomas Thomas Gent. 
William Richards Gent. 
John Richards Esq"" 
William Richards Powell Esq*" 
John Thomas Jun"" Gent. 
Henry Williams Gent. 
William Llewellin Clerk. 
Bloom Williams Apothecary. 
John Priest Gent. 
Henry Lewis Gent. 
William Richards Esq'' 

1 The first Minutes are here given in extenso. Subsequent extracts are printed 
verbatim et liUraiim, while mere notes are enclosed within square brackets. 

STREET COMMISSION, &c., MINUTES, 1 774-1865. 519 

Robert Savours Gent. 

Bartholomew Greenwood Esq' 

William Hurst Esq"" 

Francis Minnitt Gent. 

Herb' Mackworth Esq"" 

Thomas Mathews Esq"" 

The Rev"! Powell Edwards Clk. 

Edmund Traherne Esq"" 

Tho^ French Esq"" 

The Commissioners Present do in pursuance and for the due 
Execution of the said Act Unanimously nominate and appoint Thomas 
Edwards of the Town of Cardiff aforesaid Esquire to be Treasurer 
for the year ensuing and until the next Meeting after the second of 
May next. 

Also the said Commissioners do nominate and appoint M"" James 
Owen to be Clerk as also Collector of the Rates or Assessment to be 
raised in pursuance of this Act at the yearly Sallary of Ten Pounds 
to be paid Quarterly. 

Also the said Commissioners do impower and Authorize William 
Cobb and the said James Owen immediately to make a due and just 
Admeasurement of the Street leading from the West or Mill Gate 
through Castle Street to the High Corner, Also from the West 
or Mill Gate to Homanby Street in the said Town of Cardiff speci- 
fying the several and respective Square Yards opposite and adjoyning 
to every respective House Building Yard Court Garden Land 
Tenements and Hereditaments situate in the said several Streets 
according to the whole Front or Fronts side or sides of the said 
Houses Buildings Yards Courts Gardens Lands Tenements and 
Hereditaments & to distinguish as far as possible the Number of 
Square Yards necessary for the Foot Ways from the Public Horse 
and Carriage way opposite to each respective House Building Yard 
Court Garden Lands Tenements and Hereditaments and to deliver 
the same to the Commissioners at their next Meeting for their 
further Consideration. 

Also It is Ordered That Advertisements be incerted by the Clerk 
in the Glocester and Bristol Papers of the Commissioners intention to 
new Pave the Streets of the said Town in order that all persons 
inclined to become Contractors for the Paving the said Streets may 


deliver in to the Commissioners at their next Meeting proposals in 
Writing of the Mode and Price they are willing and ready to pave the 
said Streets Distinguishing the Price of Foot Ways from the Price of 
Horse and Carriage Way. 

Also Ordered for the better Execution of the said Act That the 
sum of Three Hundred pounds be raised on the Credit and for the 
purposes of the same. 

Also It is Ordered That the next Meeting for the Execution of 
this Act be adjourned to Monday the thirteenth day of June next at 
the Guildhall of the said Town of Cardiff at ten of the Clock in the 
forenoon of the same day. [Signed by the Clerk and 8 Commis- 

[June 13. Ordered, that the carriage ways be paved and pitched 
with pebble stones.' 

Ordered, that the "girdlers," edgings or curbstones of the foot- 
ways be made of Lavernock stones. 

Ordered, that the footways be paved with washers from Laver- 
nock (or Penarth.)^ 

Ordered, that public notice be given in the Bristol, Gloucester 
and Hereford papers of the above Resolutions.] 

July 4. Ordered that the Clerk do write a Letter to W™ Watts 
at Ludlow, to Come Down to Cardiff and that in Case the Commis- 
sioners and he Can't agree he will be allowed one Guinea for his 
Journey to be here on Monday the 18"^ Inst. 

Sept"" 27. Ordered that Notice be given by any five or more of 
the Commissioners to the Several Occupiers or Owners of the Several 
Houses within the s'^ Town, that unless they remove their signs, sign 
Irons and sign posts within Ten Days after such Notice in writing, 
That the same shall be Done by the said Commissioners, at the Costs 
and Charges of such Owner or Occupier. 

Ocf II. Ordered that the Penthouses belonging to the several 
Houses in Castle street be removed by the Owners or Occupiers 
thereof within Ten Days after notice in writing shall be Given to 

^ These pitchings still remain in a few secluded thoroughfares of the old town. 
2 Struck out. 

STREET COMMISSION, &c., MINUTES, 1774-1865. 521 

them and also that the Cellar windows or Doors Going into Cellars 
be shut up or otherwise removed. 

Oct-- 25. Ordered that the Clerk Do purchase a pair of scales 
and other Necessaries for weighing the stones, and that all stones be 
weighed by the same. 

Ordered that the paver and Mason do go Down to Lavernock 
and raise the stones for paving and the Binders to make the footways 
at IS. 6d. p*- Ton, and is. for Loading Every Vessel. 

Nov 8. Ordered that as soon as the Broad Street is finished, 
then the Masons and paviours,are to begin to pave the street Leading 
from the s^ Broad street by Capt" John Richards house^ to the Crock- 
herbtown Gate On the north side of the old post house^' and by m-"^ 
James's House at m"" Richards House. 

Ordered that the Clerk do send to m"- Edward Stone for six 
Lamps as a pattern and that five of them be set up (viz) one at mi-^ 
Nooth's house by the west Gate, one by the w'^ Lyon Inn, one by 
Capt° Richards Corner, one by Thomas David's house and one by 
William Stone's House. 

Ordered that Notice be Given to the sev' Inhabitants in Angel 
street to remove all posts penthouses and other Encroachments & 

Nov"- 29. Ordered that the proprietors of the several Houses in 
that part of the Broad street Leading from the red house Gateway 
Down to the West Gate, Do Carry away the Earth and Rubbish 
which is Dugg up before their respective Houses at the Expence 
of the respective proprietors thereof. 

It is ordered to give notice that if any person has a mind to take 
upon him to light the Lamps and to find the oil that they Do Bring 
in their proposals to the Commissioners at the next Meeting and that 
the s<^ notices be put up. And also that notice be given to the 
proprietors of the houses Leading from the red house Gateway Down 
to the west Gate, that they Do take Down their penthouses and 

1 Corner House, before-mentioned. 

' Afterwards the General Nott public house, at the west end of the Middle Row 
in Smith Street. 


remove their Encroachments and other nusances and that notice be 
given thereof and in other parts of Broad street. 

Dec 6. Ordered that proposals be received for the making of 
Irons for Hanging the Lamps, at the next Meeting, and that notice 
be Given to the sev^ Smiths by the Clerk. 

20*'' Ordered that at the next Meeting of the s<^ Commissioners 
that notice be given to the sev' Inhabitants and Occupiers of Houses 
In the s<^ Town of Cardiff that they do appear at the s<i Meeting in 
order to give in an Estimate of the rent of their respective Houses ; 
and that notice be given to the several Inhabitants in Castle street 
and Broad street that they Do Sweep and Clean the footways before 
their respective Houses Every Day pursuant to the Directions In the 
act of parliament for that purpose and also that notice be given to the 
s"! Inhabitants to take down their spouts and put up their shoots in 
the s^ streets, and also that notice be given to the sev' Inhabitants 
in shoemaker's street to remove their Encroachments and remove the 
spouts and to put up shoots by their respective Houses. 

1775 Jany 7. Ordered that the Clerk do immediately give 
Notice to Herb' Mackworth Esq"" to remove the penthouse and all 
nusances belonging to his House in angell street. 

Likewise to M"" Henry Williams Attorney at Law to remove the 
penthouse porch and Railing in angel street. 

Likewise to M'" Tho* Glascott to remove the Penthouse of his 
house in Broad Street. 

Likewis to M"" William Cary to remove his penthouse and 
Window under neth of his house in Broad Street. 

Likewise to M"" William Richards to remove his Penthouse or 
Incroachment before his House Together With the Celler Door and 
Window part whereof is situate in angel street and part in Castle 

17"' Ordered that the Men now Employed in raising Stones at 
Sylly^ be Continued in that Employment. 

Ordered that the Usual Rate of payment be Allowed for Hailing 
the Stones to the Water Side where the Vessell lyes for taking them 

I Sully. 

STREET COMMISSION, &c., MINUTES, 1 774-1865. 523 

Ordered that regular Notice be given to the Proprietors of the 
New Angel to remove the Rubbage and Other Nusances before that 

Feby 28. Ordered that the Clerk Do affix notices on the Church 
Door of the parish church of S*- John the Baptists in Cardiff afo