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Full text of "The probate records of Essex County, Massachusetts"

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The original of this book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

There are no known copyright restrictions in 
the United States on the use of the text. 












NEWCOMB & GAUSS, Pbintbrs 






Abbott, George, Rowley (1647) 84 

Thomas, Rowley (1659) 301 

Adams, William, Ipswich (1662) 366 

William, Jr., Ipswich (1659) 278 

Ager, William, Salem (1654) 184 

Alderman, John, Salem (1667) jJT) \1 '■■. 256 

Anard. John (1662) ^'^. jt^ ... 362 

Anderson, Arzbell, Lynn (1661) 353 

Andrews, John, Corp., Ipswich (1662) 378 

Robert, Ipswich (1644) 27 

Annable, John, Ipswich (1664) 454 

Anirnfii. Thomas, Salem (1663) 413 

Averill, Abigail, Mrs., Ipswich (1655) 201 

William, Ipswich (1653) 161 

Avery, Joseph, Rev., Newbnry (1635) 3 

Babson, Isabel, Mrs., Gloucester (1661) 343 

Bacon, Rebecca, Mrs., Salem (1655) 227 

William, Salem (1653) 161 

Badger, Giles, Newbury (1647) 78 

Bailey, John, Newbnry (1652) 145 

Richard, Rowley (1648) 92 

Baker, Robert, Salem (1640-41) 13 

Sarah, Ipswich (1651) 138 

Balch, Agnes, Salem (1667) 263 

John, Salem (1648) 96 

John, Salem (1662) 365 

Ballard, William, Lynn (1643) 24 

Barker, Thomas, Rowley (1651) 128 

Barnes, Thomas, Salem (1664) 432 

Barrett, Richard, Lynn(?), (1661) 136 

Bartholomew, Richard, Salem (1646) 51 




Bartlett, Richard, Newbury (1647) 
Bartoll, John, Marblehead (1664) 
Batchelder, Joseph, Wenham (1657) 
Beadle, Samuel, Salem (1664) . 
Beard, William (1664) 
Beokes, Tobiah (1662) 
Belflower, Benjamin, Salem (1661) 
Belknap, Abraham, Lynn (1643) 
Bellingham, William, Rowley (1650) 
Bennet, John, Marblehead (1663) 
Birdsall, Henry, Salem (1651) . 
Blaisdell, Ralph, Salisbury (1651) 
Blumfleld, John, Newbury (1639-40) 
Boovey, Joseph, Lynn (1655) . 
Bowtwell, James, Lynn (1651) 
Brabrooke, John, Newbury (1662) 
Bradley, John, Salem (1642) 
Bradstreet, Humphrey, Ipswich (1655) 

John, Marblehead (1660) . 

Rebecca, Ipswich (guardianship, 1657) 
Bridgman, John, Salem (1655) 
Browne, Edward, Ipswich (1660) 

George, Newbury (1643) 

Richard, Newbury (1661) . 

William, Gloucester (1662) 
Bullock, Henry, Salem (1664) . 

Henry, Jr., Salem(?), (1657) 
Bunker, George, Topsfleld (1658) 
Burrill, George, Sr., Lynn (1654) 
Burt, Hugh, Lynn (1661) . 

Hugh, Jr., Lynn (1650) 
Butcher, Walter (1660) 
Buxton, Thomas, Salem (1654) 
Byley, Henry, Salisbury (1649) 

Calie, John, Newbury (1663) . 
Call, Philip, Ipswich (1662) 








Candall, Edward, Salem (1646) 58 

Cantlebury, William, Salem (1663) 420 

Carthrlck, Michael, Ipswich (1647) 62 

Cartwright, Bethiah, Salem (1640) 12 

Chamberlin, , Mrs., Ipswich(?), (1647) .... 62 

Samuel, Ipswich(?), (1649) 103 

Chandler, Abiel, Newbury (guardianship, 1652) ... 150 

Chaplin, Hugh, Rowley (1657) 250 

Chin, George, Marblehead (1653-4) 162 

Churchman, Hugh, Lynn (1644) 32 

Chute, Lionel, Ipswich (1645) 46 

Clarke, William, Salem (1647) 65 

Clements, John, Haverhill (1659) 290 

Kobert, Haverhill (1658) 272 

Cock, SifEorye (1662) 862 

Cockerell, Elizabeth, Mrs., Salem (1664) .... 444 

William, Salem (1661) 357 

Codner, Christopher, Marblehead(?), (1660) .... 325 
Cogswell, John, Jr., Ipswich (1653) .... 156, 458 

Colby, Anthony, Salisbury (1661) 407 

Cole, George, Lynn (1653) 154 

Conant, Joshua, Salem (1659) 303 

Cooke, Henry, Salem (1662) 383 

Thomas, Ipswich(?), (1650) 119 

Cooley, John, Ipswich (1654) 173 

Cooper, Timothy, Lynn (1659) 276 

Corwithy, Samnel, Marblehead (?), (1659) .... 276 

Creeke, Andrew, Topsfleld (1658) 271 

Crimp, William, Isle qt Shoals(?), (1653) .... 152 

Cromwell, Thomas, Newbury (1646) 53 

Cross, John, Ipswich (1651) 125 

Cummings, Joanna, Salem (1644) 34 

John, Salem (1663) 419 

Cutting, John, Newbury (1660) 308 

Davis, Jenkin, Lynn (1662) 857 

Deale, William, Haverhill (1664) 442 


Dent, Francis, Lynn (1638-9) 11 

Dickinson, Thomas, Bowley (1662) 372 

Dillingham, Sarah, Mrs., Ipswich (1636) .... 3 

Dorman, John, Topsfleld (1662) 367 

Dow, Thomas, Haverhill (1656) 239 

Eaborne, Thomas, Salem (1643) 24 

Elie, John, Marblehead(?), (1653-4) 162 

Elithorp, Thomas, Kowley (1654) 174 

Elliott, Richard (1662) 364 

William, Salem (?), (1660) 326 

Ellitt, Richard (1664) 449 

Eyers, John, Sr., Haverhill (1657) 260 

Fairfield, Benjamin, et al. (guardianship, 1660) . . . 325 

John, Wenham (1647) 73 

Farr, George, Lynn (1662) 402 

Fay, Henry, Newbury (1655) 214 

Firman, Thomas, Ipswich (1648) j- 95 

Flske, William, Wenham (1654) 188 

Flint, Thomas, Salem (1663) 416 

Fowler, Philip, Ipswich (adoption, 1651) .... 132 

Fraile, George, Lynn (1664) 434 

French, Susan, Ipswich (1658) 272 

Friend, John, Salem (1656) 238 

Frlthy, Richard, Salem(?), (1659) 289 

Fuller, Anne, Mrs., Salem(?), (1662 389 

Gaines, Jane, Mrs., Lynn (1645) 44 

Gardner, William (1663) 423 

Garven, John (1662) 364 

Gilbert, Humphrey, Ipswich (1658) 264 

GofEe, John, Newbury (1641) 13 

Golt, William, Salem (1660) 316 

Goodale, Elizabeth, Mrs., Newbury (1647) .... 65 

Goodridge, William, Watertown (1656) 230 

Goog, William, Lynn (1646) 50 

Goose, William, Salem (1664) 435 


Goyte, John, Marblehead (1662) 358 

Gray, Robert, Salem (1662) 384 

Griffin, Humphrey, Ipswich (1661) 353 

Haffleld, Richard, Ipswich (1652) 144 

Hardy, Elizabeth, Mrs., Salem (1654) 200 

John, Salem (1652) 146 

Harker, William, Lynn (1662) 368 

Hart, John, Marblehead (1656) 243 

John (1662) 362 

Harwood, Henry, Salem (1664) 446 

Hauxworth, Thomas, Salisbury (1651) 140 

Hawes, Frances, Mrs., Salem (1645) 46 

Heard, Lnke, Ipswich (1647) 81 

Hersome, Mary, Mrs., Wenham (1646) 57 

Hobson, William, Rowley (1659) 294 

Hollingsworth, Richard, Salem (1654) 171 

Holman, Richard (1662) 362 

Holyoke, Edward, Lynn (1660) 312 

Homan, William (1662) 361 

Hooke, William, Salisbury (1653) 158 

Hopkinson, Jonathan, Rowley (guardianship, 1662) . . 390 

Michael, Rowley (1657) 253 

How, Joseph, Lynn (1651) 130 

Howe, Edward, Lynn (1639) 12 

Huckstable, Macklin, Marblehead (1666) .... 245 

Humphries, John (1661) 345 

Hunter, Robert, Rowley (1647) 80 

Ingalls, Edmund, Lynn (1648) 99 

IngersoU, Richard, Salem (1644-5) 43, 458 

Ivory, William, Lynn (1653) 162 

Jackson, John, Ipswich (1648) 97 

John, Sr., Salem (1656) 240 

James, Erasmus, Marblehead (1660) 314 

Jarrat, John, Rowley (1648) ...'.... 98 

Jewett, Ann, Mrs., Rowley (1661) 338 


Jewett, Joseph, Kowley (1661) 

Nehemiah, Eowley {guardianship, 1661) 
Patience, Eowley (gaaidianship, 1661) 

Jiggles, William, Salem (1659) 

Johnson, Caleb, Andover (1656) 
Kobert, Bowley (1650) 

Keniston, Allen, Salem (1648) . 
Kenning, Jane, Ipswich (1654) 
Kent, Kichard, Sr., Newbury (1654) 
King, Richard, Salem(?), (1635) 

William, Salem (1650) 
Kirtland, Philip, Lynn (1661) 
Knight, Alexander, Ipswich (1664) 

William, Lynn (1655) 
Knowlton, John, Ipswich (1654) 

Margery, Mrs., Ipswich (1654) 

William, Ipswich(?), (1655) 

Lambert, Francis, Rowley (1648) 

Gershom, Rowley (1664) . 

Jane, Mrs., Rowley (1659) 

Jonathan, Rowley(?), (1664) 
Lamson, William, Ipswich (1659) 
Lane, Aniball (1662) . 
Laskin, Hugh, Salem (1659) 
Leach, John, Sr., Salem (1659) 

Lawrence, Salem (1662) 
Lee, Thomas, Ipswich (1662) . 
Lewis, David, Salem (1662) 

Edmund, Lynn (1650) 

Robert, Newbury (1644) 
Lightfoot, Francis, Lynn (1646) 
Littlehale, Richard, Haverhill (1663-4) 
Lookman, John (1662) 

Nicholas (1662) . 
Lowell, Elizabeth, Mrs., Newbury (1661) 

John, Newbury (1647) 









Lume, Ann, Mrs., Rowley (1662) 
Lumpkyn, Bichard, Ipswich (1645) 
Lunt, Henry, Newbury (1662) 

Mason, Emme, Mrs., Salem (1646) 
Mattox, John, Salem (1644) 
Merrill, Nathaniel, Newbury (1655) 
Mighill, Thomas, Rowley (1655) 
Millard, Thomas, Newbury (1653) 
Miller, Mary, Mrs., Newbury (1664) 
Mitchell, William, Newbury (1654) 
Moores, James, Lynn (1659) 
Morrill, Abraham, Salisbury (1662) 
Morse, Joseph, Ipswich (1646) 
Moulton, Robert, Sr., Salem (1655) 
Mountjoy, Benjamin, Salem (1659) 
Muddle, Henry, Gloucester(?), (1662) 
Mudge, James (1662) 
Mnzzey, Robert, Ipswich (1644) 

Nelson, Thomas, Rowley (1649) 

Thomas, Rowley (guardianship, 1657) 
Nevill, William, Ipswich (1643) 
Newhall, Anthony, Lynn (1657) 
Nicholson, Edmund, Marblehead (1660) 
Norington, Robert, Salem(?), (1650) 
Norris, Edward, Rev., Salem (1660) 
Norton, George, Salem (1659) . 
Noyes, James, Rev., Newbury (1656) 

Odry, William (1661) .... 
Oliver, John, Newbury (1642) . 
Osgood, Christopher, Ipswich (1650) 
John, Andover (1651) . 

Park, George, Marblehead(?) ,(1653-4) 
Parrot, Francis, Rowley (1656) 
Partridge, John, Olney, Eng. (1652) 
Sarah (guardianship, 1663) 
















'artrldge, William, Salisbury (1654) 
'atch, James, Salem (1658) 
'ayne, Thomas, Salem (1644) . 
'ease, Margaret, Mrs., Salem (1644) 

Robert, Salem (1644) . 
?easley, Joseph, Salisbury (1661) 
Perkins, John, Jr., Ipswich (1659) . 

John, Sr., Ipswich (1654) . 

William, et al., Topsfield (guardianship, 1660) 
'hilbrick, Robert, Ipswich(?), (1654) 
Pickering, John, Salem (1657) . 
Pickworth, John, Manchester (1663) 
'ike, John, Sr., Salisbury (1654) 
Pitford, Feter, Marblehead (1669) . 
'ittice, John, Ipswich(?), (1653) 
'lasse, William, Salem (1646) . 
Pollard, George, Marblehead (1646) 
Pomeroy, John, Grloucester(?), (1662) 
Porter, Samuel, Wenham (1659) 
Pride, John, Salem (1647) 
Priest, James, Salem (1664) 

i^nilter, Mark, Ipswich (1654) . 

lea., Daniel, Salem (1662) . 
Sead, Thomas, Col., Salem(?), (1663) 
^edverne, Isabel, Mrs., Ipswich (1650) 
aeyner, Humphrey, Rowley (1660) . 
Richardson, William, Xewbury (1657) 
Ring, Daniel, Ipswich (1662) . 
Roberts, Robert, Ipswich (1663) 
Robinson, Abraham, Grloucester (1648) 

John, Salem (1653) 

John, Ipswich (1658) . 
Rogers, Ezekiel, Rev., Rowley (1661) 

Nathaniel, Rev., Ipswich (1655) 

Robert, Newbury (1664) . 
Rolfe, Daniel, Ipswich (1654) . 

























Eolfe, Ezra, Ipswich (1662) 149 

Henry, Newbury (1643) ....... 21 

Honor, Newbury (1651) 137 

John, Newbury (1664) 438 

Thomas, Ipswich (1657) 258 

Booten, Richard, Lynn (1663) 429 

Row, John, Gloucester (1662) 380 

Eowell, Thomas, Andover (1662) 395 

Valentine, Salisbury (1662) 401 

Sadler, Anthony, Salisbury (1650) 121 

Sallows, Grace, Mrs., Salem(?), (1664) 444 

Michael, Salem (1646) 58 

Robert, Salem (1663) 418 

Thomas, Salem (1663) 418 

Sanders, John, Salem (1643) 26 

Sandie, John, Marblehead (1654) 176 

Scarlet, Anne, Mrs., Salem (1643) 24 

Scott, Thomas, Ipswich (1664) 168 

Thomas, Ipswich (1657) 268 

Scruggs, Thomas, Salem (1654) 185 

Scndder, Thomas, Salem (1658) 268 

Scnllard, Samuel, Newbury (1647) 82 

Seers, Thomas, Newbury (1661) 342 

Sewall. Henry, Sr., Rowley (1656) 232 

Shatswell, John, Ipswich (1647) 60 

Theophilus, Haverhill (1663) 424 

Sherman, Samuel, Ipswich (1662) 375 

Sibly, John, Manchester (1661) 347 

Skelton, Samuel, Rev., Salem (1638) 10 

Smith, Edith (1647) 78 

George, Salem (1662) 364 

Hannah, Rowley (guardianship, 1664) .... 453 

Henry, Rowley (1665) 202 

Hugh, Rowley (1656) 233 

James, Marblehead (1661) 348 

John, Rowley (1661) 351 


lith, Martha, Rowley(?), (guardianship, 1664) . . . 44S 

Mary, Mrs., Marblehead (1663) 410 

Nathaniel (1651) . 133 

Samuel, Wenham (1642) 18 

Sarah, Kowley(?), (guardianship, 1664) .... 435 

Thomas (1660) 323 

Thomas, Salem (1662) 363 

nerby, Henry, Newbury (1652) 150 

ithmead, William, Gloucester (1648) 101 

ithwick, Lawrence, Salem (1660) 318 

sneer, John, Newbury 1649) 107 

Michael, Lynn (1653) 159 

}oner, Thomas, Salem (1664) 455 

ivens, John, Andover (1662) 377 

William, Newbury (1653) 153 

leman, Elias, Salem (1662) 390 

lart, William, Lynn (1664) 449 

nonds, Mark, Ipswich (1659) 285 

Samuel, Jr., Ipswich (1654) 170 

Ibey, John, Salem (1644) 39 

orne, John, Salem (1646) 50 

ibott, Walter, Gloucester (1651) 132 

ton. Daniel, Lynn (guardianship, 1662) .... 370 

William, Lynn (1653) 155 

ivers, Henry, Newbury (1659) 292 

isler, Elinor, Mrs., Salem (1655) 211 

le, Henry, Salisbury (1660) 311 

imble, John, Rowley (1657) 259 

Joseph, Rowley (1664) 432 

Judah, et al., Rowley (guardianship, 1660) . . . 312 

isler, Thomas, Salem (1654) 183 

cker, Nicholas, Marblehead (1664) 454 

Roger, Salem (1660) 323 

rner, Charles, Salem (1643) 26 

ttle, John, Ipswich (1659) 277 


Varnam, George, Ipswich (1649) 108 

Varney, William, Ipswich (1654) 173 

Verin, Philip, Salem (1650) 123 

Wake, William, Salem (1654) 181 

Waklye, Isaac, Gloucester (1662) 359 

Waloott, William, Salem (1643) 25 

Waldridge, William, Salem(?), (1658) 273 

War, Abraham, Ipswich (1654) 175 

Ward, Alice, Mrs., Ipswich (1655) 203 

John, Ipswich (1656) 234 

Miles, Salem (1650) 118 

Waters, Stephen, Marblehead(?), (1657) 254 

Wathen, Margery, Mrs., Salem (1644) 38 

Thomas, Gloucester (1652) 148 

Thomas, Gloucester (1657) 263 

Watkins, John, Salem (1641) 13 

Webster, Israel, et al., Ipswich (guardianship, 1662) . . 402 

John, Ipswich (1646) 52 

West, Isabel, Salem (1644) 41 

Whipple, Matthew, Ipswich (1647) 87 

Matthew, Ipswich (1658) 274 

Matthew, Ipswich (1663) 417 

White, William, Salem (1658) 268 

Whittingham, John, Ipswich 1649) 103 

Wickam, Richard, Rowley (1664) 441 

Wickes, Thomas, Salem (1656) 241 

Wild, William, Ipswich (1662) 397 

Wilkes, Thomas, Salem (1662) 381 

Williams, George, Salem (1654) 195 

Mary, Mrs., Salem (1654) 199 

Willix, Belshazzar^ Salisbury (1631) 130 

Mary, Mrs., Salisbury (guardianship, 1664) . . . 442 

Winsley, Samuel, Salisbury (1663) 424 

Wise, Humphrey, Ipswich (1638-9) 11 

Witter, William, Lynn (1661) 350 

Wood, Daniel, Ipswich (1649) 106 


Woodbury, John, Salem (1642) 21 

Woodis, John, Salem (1659) 289 

Woodman, Eiohard, Lynn (1647) ^^ 

Worcester, Moses, Salisbury (guardianship, 1663) . . 410 

William, Rev., Salisbury (1662) 403 

Wright, John, Newbury (1658) 275 

Toe, Samuel, Salem(?), (1657) 263 

Tongs, Christopher, Wenham (1647) '^6 


The charter of " The Governor and Company of Massa- 
chusetts Bay in New England," granted March 4, 1628-9, 
provided that a " Greate and Generall Court " should be held 
four times each year. This court, sitting in Boston, exer- 
cised the entire judicial powers of the Colony until March 3, 
1635-6, when quarterly courts were ordered to be kept in 
several of the larger towns, and Salem and Ipswich were the 
towns selected within what is now the county of Essex. 
These courts also exercised probate jurisdiction and proved 
wills and granted administrations, although probate business 
for a long time after was brought before the Great and Gen- 
eral Court, from time to time, seemingly as a matter of per- 
sonal convenience. The colony was divided into shires or 
counties in 1643, and each county had its own courts. Ha- 
verhill, Amesbury and Salisbury, lying north of the Merrimac 
river and which now are included within the limits of Essex 
County, were then placed in old Norfolk County and so 
remained until Eeb. 4, 1679-80, when new boundary lines 
were established. The probate records of the southern juris- 
diction of old Norfolk County which relate to these three 
towns are therefore here included. Essex County probate 
business sometimes was taken to Suffolk County. This was 
especially the case during the administration of Governor 
Andros, when, for the centralization of business for the ob- 
taining of fees, all save a few unimportant estates were pro- 
bated in Boston. Under the new charter probate courts were 
established in each county by an order in council adopted 
June 18, 1692, and Bartholomew Gedney was appointed the 
first judge in this county. This court has had a continuous 
existence to the present day. 

After the Quarterly courts were instituted the probate 
records were entered by the clerk in the same books of record 
which contained the civil and criminal business. This con- 
tinued until 1671, when the probate matter was first recorded 
in separate volumes. The original papers accompanying 
the records of the Quarterly courts of Essex County contain 
many of the early probate papers, but many early wills are 
preserved in the custody of the Probate court, where they 



ire docketed in an alphabetical order first arranged about 
L885, each estate having its separate docket number. 
Dopies of all the wills in the Quarterly courts files are also 
jreserved in three volumes in the probate registry. 

In assembling the material for the following pages an 
sfEort has been made to include probate records from every 
ivailable original source, viz : — 

Eecords of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (Shurtleff), 
Boston, 1864, 6 vols. 

Massachusetts Archives. 

Records and files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County 
md old Norfolk County. 

Old Norfolk County Deeds. 

Ipswich Deeds. 

Ipswich Town Eecords. 

Suffolk County Probate Eecords. 

Eecords and Docket of the Probate Court of Essex County. 

It must not be assumed that all estates were administered 
)y the courts in the early days. From the records of the 
ifassaohusetts Bay Colony for the session of October 18, 
.649, it appears that " whereas itt is found by often experi- 
nce that some men dying and making wills, the said wills 
.re concealed, and not prooved and recorded, and others 
lying intestate, no administration is sought for nor granted 

. . it is ordered ... if any nominated executors, knowing 
hereof . . . shall not within thirty days after the decease 
if the partye, . . . make probate of any will . . . they 
hall be liable to be sued, and shall be bound to pay all such 
Lebts as the deceased partye owed . . . and shall forfeite to 
he common weale so many somes of five pounds as shall 
lappen to be moneths betweene the next Courte . . . after 
he death of the deceased partye and the prooving of such 

The wills are printed in full, with the exception only of 
hat part of the preamble which states no material fact. Such 
missions are indicated by an ellipsis. Each will is followed 
a chronological order by abstracts of all documents relating 
a the settlement of the estate, in which every essential par- 
icular is retained, so that the lawyer, genealogist and sociol- 
gist may be assured that nothing of value has been omitted. 
fames are spelled exactly as they appear in the original 

Geokgb Fbancis Dow, 



Estate of Eiohabd King of (Salem?). 

" There is administration granted [June 2, 1635] to Rich- 
ard Bishopp (in the behalf of his wife) of the goods & 
chattells of Richard King, desceased." Mass. Bay Colony 
Records, vol. 1, page 151. 

Estate of Rev. Joseph Aveby of Newbury. 

" There is administration granted [Sept. 1, 1635] to M"^ 
Anthony Thacher of the goods & chattells of M'' Joseph 
Avery, disceased, w"* hee is to inventory, & returne the same 
into the nexte Court j & the said goods are to remaine in his 
hands till further order be taken therein. 

" An Inventory of the Goods and chattells of Joseph Avery, 

li B d 

Due to him from John Emery, carpenter, 07 00 00 

It : from Eobte Andrewes, of Ipswich, w"" he 

confesseth to be due, & to be p* f o^thw*^ 02 00 00 
It : from M' Willm Hilton, 02 16 00 

or a sowe & piggs to that valewe. Testis, Rich : Kent. 
From Rich : Kent, of Ipsw"", ten bushels of Indian come, 

which hee acknowledgeth. 
« John Emery denyes his debt ; but Richard Knight, Nicho- 
las Holte, & John Knight, all three of Newberry, can & will 
testify & prove it to be due, onely hee was, by condition, 
to pay the 7" in his worke, w"" he was to doe so soon as 
M"^ Auery did call vpon him for it ; out of w"" said 7" there 
is something paide in lab' already, as hee can make to 
appear e. 

"p me, Anthony Thacher." 
Mass, Bay Colony Records, vol. 1, page 154. 

Estate of Sabah Dillingham of Ipswich. 

" This is the last will and testament of mee Sarah Dilling- 
ham of Ipswich widowe ffor my soule I commend it into ye 



mds of God in ye mediacon of Jesus Crist : ffor my tempo- 
ill estate : I give to my onely child Sarah Dillingham my 
hole estate in lands and goods (except such pticular lega- 
res as heerafter are named) : and if my child Dye before it 
lall be marryed or attain to ye age of one and twenty years, 
len my will is that the same shalbe devyded equally between 
;y mother Thomasine Caly, my brothers Abraham Caly and 
acob Caly, my sister Bull and my sister Bast, the wyves of 
ohn Bull and John Bast, and my sisters Rebecca Caly and 
mme Caly, or such of them as shalbe lyving at ye tyme of 
e death of such child, all w*"" my mother brethren & sisters 
ce now lyving in England : also I give to m"^ ward Pastor of 
8 Church at Ipswich ffyve pounds and to Richard Salton- 
tall esqr ten pounds and to m=^* Saltonstall his wife a silver 
owle, To m'' Samuell Appleton ffyve pounds and to his wife 
silver porringer : and of this my will I make executors ye 
lid m"^ Saltonstall and m' Appleton, committing ye educa- 
ion and government of my said child and ye estate I leave 
er unto their faithf ull ordering intreating them in the bonds 
f Christian love to see this my will fulfilled my due debts 
aid, my body decently buyried and my child religiously 
iucated if God give it life, and that they will order the es- 
ite as they would doe their owne. In wytnes that this is my 
:ue will made in my pfect memory though my body be 
^eake & sick I publish it after it had been read unto me in 
bie presenc of those whose names are under wrytten this 
iiijth Day of July 1636." Sarah Dillingham 

Witness : Tho : Dudley, Robert Lord, Phillip P his 
lark ffowler. Mass. Archives, vol. 15B, leaf 59. 

Inventory taken by John Tuttell, John Perkines, John 
Irosse, Thomas Howlett and Robert Mottley : Towe steers 
; tow hefEers, 471i. ; One mare, 251i. ; One Cowe calfe of a 
loneth olde, 61i. ; Towe piggs, 16s. ; Towe piggs, 8s. ; fEower 
.ores of Come, 1611. ; The house wth thapurtenances viz. 
snceinge aple trees wth other fruits in the gardens wth 30 
cres of Uplands, 60 acres of mead owe & 6 acres of planting 
round neare the house, ISOli. ; Towe bull Calves & one 
!owe Calfe weaned all verye power, lOli. ; Three Cowes, 
71i. ; Towe bedsteds in the parlour, lli. 6s. 8d. ; a large neste 
£ boxes, 21i. ; a Smale neste of boxes, 3s. ; a Cubert, 10s. ; a 
ea chest, 10s. ; towe Joynd Chaires, 6s. ; a rounde table, 7s. ; 
deske, 4s.; a band boxe, 2s. [The child hath it : in margin.^ ; 
Coverlet, lli. ; a f ether bed a boulster & 2 pillows , lli. 6s. ; 
fether bed boulster & one pillow, lli. 5s. ; a rug, a coverlet 
; a blanket, lli. ; a bed sted, 3s. ; Sundrye pcells of wear- 


inge lynine, 41i. 5s. 6d. ; pcells of wearing clothes, 51i. 8s. 4d. ; 
6 paire of flaxen Sheets, 61i. ; 6 paire of Course sheets, 21i. 
12s. ; Table clothes, 14s. ; napkins, 7s. ; a yd. of Canvis, Is. ; 
yarne, 4s. ; 2 paire of bodyes, Gs. 8d. ; 2 Cushions, 6s. ; a 
Eemnnte of woollen Cloth, ls.6d. ; a towell & table cloth, Is. 
6d. ; a bag & wallet, Is. 6d. ; 1 Eend of cloth, 4s. ; kniues, 
5s. ; 10 : paire of stockings. Hi. ; 10 : Ells 1-4 of Canvis att 
15d. p ell, 12s. ; 6 yds. of blew linine, 6s. ; 8 yds. of Lynsi- 
wollsi, 10s. ; poynts & showstrings, 3s. ; 2 steels & Cinamon, 
2s. ; a carde of lace. Is. ; 2 ells of Holland, 8s. ; a peece of 
tufted Holland, 6s. ; 6 yds. of Loomworke, 5s. ; in a box : in 
money, 21i. 5s. 4d. ; in another box, Hi. 12s. 6d. ; in her 
purse, Hi. 2s. 2d. ; in wampompege, 4d. ; in a boxe, 10s. 4d. ; 
a case of bottles, 2s. 6d. ; 3 hatts, Hi. ; 2 boxes. Is. 6d. ; a 
broken warmeige pan, 2s. 6d. ; 2 firkins & halfe of butter, 31i. 
15s. ; 6 chesemots 2 Jugs 3 pans one tray, 15s. ; 21 cheeses 
new, 21i. 16s. ; halfe a bnshell of malte, 3s. 6d. ; 2 basketts. 
Is. 2d .; Taps and smale things, Is. ; 1 paire of stireipe hose 
leather, Is. ; 25 Sawcers, 5s. ; 6 porringers, 6s. ; 2 chamber 
potts, Is. 6d. ; 401i. & a halfe of pewter, 21i. 14s. ; 7 spoones, 
Is. 9d, ; a treavett a fier shovell & tongs gredlron potthookes, 
13s. 4d. ; a paire [Goodma Perkings : in margin.'] of bellowes 
& one old darke lanthorne, 2s. ; a biase pott, 18s. ; a morter, 
5s. ; an Iron pott & a frying pan both haue holes in them , 
3s. 4d. ; [2 ketls : in margin.] 2 kettles 2 skelletts & an Iron 
ladle, Hi. 6s. 8d. ; bulletts hinges & other smale things, 6s. 
8d. ; a box, 3s. 4d. ; a ehiste, 8s. ; a paire of stockings, 2s. ; 1 
paire of stockings, 2s. 6d. ; 1 paire of stockings, 2s. 6d ; a 
coate, 6s. ; a old suite & cloake, Hi. 2s. ; a paire of drawers, 
Is. 8d. ; a Coate w*'' silver buttons, Hi. ; [Jo. Andr. in mar- 
gin.] a suite of searge, 12s. ; a blacke suite of searge Unmaide, 
10s. ; a Jackett of cloth, 3s. 4d, ; a graite. Is. 6d. ; a pcell of 
nailes. Is. 4d. ; 61i. of Eaisins, 2s. ; 7 bushells of Eye, 21i. 
16s. ; towe beare Vessells, 5s. j 3 cushions, 9s. ; some spice, 
2s. ; a read waistecoote, 3s. 4d. ; a bedd pan, 6s. ; 2 o]d hooes : 
1 old hatchett : 1 old sythe, 5s. ; 2 wayne bodys, 16s. ; 1 olde 
paire of wheeles, 12s. ; 2 horded Canow, Hi. ; John Andrews 
tyme, 161i. ; a lader, 3s. 4d. ; total, 38511. 14s. 6d. 

" When we Valued John Andrewes tyme at 161i we heard 
not of these demands that now he makes after his time is 
expired, but in Case you bringe him to the Courte, we desier 
they would heare his demands and value his time as they 
thinke meete, els the former Eate muste stand till further 

Mass. Archives, vol. 15B, leaf 61. 


Ordered, 6:7: 1636, that Mr. Dudley, Mr. Eadecot and 
Mr. Bradstreete, or any two of them, should examine the 
accounts between Mr. Eichard Saltonstall and Edward Dil- 
lingam, and report on the estate of John Dillingam and his 
wife, deceased. Mass. Bay Colony Records, vol. 1, page 177. 

Eich'd Saltonstall is debtor to ye estate of Jno. Dilling- 
ham, deceased : for land, 2301i., oxen, lOOli., a bull, lOli., 
corne, 241i., 3641i. ; 2 steeres & 2 heifers valued in the inven- 
tory at 471i., to me at 631i.; one cowe calfe valued in the in- 
ventory at 61i., to me at 91i. 10s. ; one mare 241i ; allowed 
upon several accounts, 131i. 8s., lOli. 2s., 131i. 10s. 8d., 611i. 
8d. ; for Levies, 41i. 18s., for severall disbursmts concerning 
cattle, 81i., 21i., Hi., 31i., 21i., 10s., 211i. 8s. ; Bord of Mr. 
Bracy, Hi. 15s., of Mr. Gardner, Hi. 6s. 6d., Hoggs, 81i. 10s., 
llli. lis. 6d. ; abated out of Thorn. Wells account, 51i. 5s. 
7d. ; note yt Wm. Giles of Salem oweth ye estate of Jno. 
Dillingham 31i. in pt. Kcd of his wifes passage unless he 
pve it hath bene pd Mr Appletones selfe, 31i. ; reed in an 
inventory (saving to my selfe ye liberty of some exceptions 
in respect of some pticulers), 38511. 14s. 5d.; for halfe ye 
ship Kettle not mentioned in ye Inventory, Hi. 10s.; a cradle, 

12s., bord of goodman Binder, 61i., 61i. 12s. ; 2 Cowes of 

ther increase for 3 years now past & one yong cowe & a cow, 
1— ; total 93211. 12s. 9d. Eichard Saltonstall is Creditor : 
due to mee & alowed by certeine Comissioners apptd by ye 
court, 42411. 13s. 2d. ; alowed by ye said comissionrs, 12011. 
13s. 8d., more llli. 2s. 6d., rates 51i. 15s., 1371i. 1— s. 2d.; 
alowed mee by ye comissioners in respect of servants, 241i. 
2s. ; pd. Jno. Andrews, 12s. 6d. for ye ship at Graves End, 
Hi. 10s. ; for ye Calves, 12s., 21i. 143. 6d. ; alowed mee wn 
ye Cowes were pted. Hi., for Keeping of ye Corne, 12s. ; Tho. 
Sherman, 12s., 21i. 4s. ; pd at sevrall times about ye Cowes, 
Hi. 4s., for beefe, 21i. lis. 3d., for Caske, 3s. 3d., 31i. 18s. 6d. ; 
for bisket, 81i., for Eobrt Crane, 10s., Eecd for frait of goods, 
31i., llli. 10s. ; pd. Tho. Downes, wch was due to him, 211., 
Mr. Bachiler, 10s., Mrs. Dillingham lent 31i., 61i. 10s. ; pd 
Ann ffowle, servant, 2Ii. 8s., for Ann ffowles passage, 51i., to 
Satchell in bea'. Hi. 9s., 81i. 17s. ; pd Edwa. Dillingham 3 
bis. rye at 8s. p bl. at Saugust, gn. Brazor jorny to Sand- 
wich, Hi. 17s. ; for Proctor looking to a sicke calfe, 3s. lOd., 
to Kent of Newberry, 21i. 16s. 8d., due Mr. Dillingham, 31i. 
6d. ; note for 21i. 16s. 8d. was paid as aforesaid by Mr. Now- 
ells direction (being one of ye commissioners) upon a letter 
he reed from ye said Kent wch gave him satisfaction con- 


ceming his demand ; to Mr. Cartwright due from Mr. Dil- 
lingham, 20s. ; Hi. pd. Edwa. Dillingham, 231i. lis. 8d. in pt. 
of wt. was given, 241i. lis. 8d. ; by order of ye commission- 
ers Ed. Dillingham reed out of ye Inventory aforesaid ye 
peels weh he challenged as his owne pp goods, a featherbed, 
boulster & 2 pillowes, Hi. 5s.; 2 coverlets. Hi. 10s., 6 pr 
flaxen sheets, 61i., 6 pr corse sheets, 21i. 12s., 5 table cloaths, 
lOli. 2s. ; napkins, 7s., 2 quishions, 6s., 13s. ; pd. Mr. Satch- 
well for 8 years boarding of Sara Dillingham, 691i. 18s. 2d. ; 
note yt was pd by order of an arbitration, 34d. p weeke in ye 
sume aforesaid Wm. Satehwell hath reed lis. 6d. more yn 
his due for weh he is countable ; pd Jno. Andrewes for Sara 
Dillingnam as an addition to his wages. Hi. ; pd. for Mrs. 
Dillingham to Mr. ffirman due to him from Mr. Parker of 
Roxbry & for Comodities, 21i. 19s. 2d. ; pd. for Sara Dilling- 
ham to Mr. Ward weh was given to him by her mothers wUl, 
51i. ; pd. for Sara Dillingham to my Cousen Apleton, 31i. 2s. 
8d. ; pd. in Cattle out of ye Inventory according to ye order 
of ye Commissioners as may app by ption, 14911. ; abated in 
ye sale of ye house & land (wth Edwa. Dillinghams consent) 
being over prized, 201i. ; abated Wm. Cartwright in ye price 
of Jno. Andrews time, 41i. ; to be abated out of ye inventory 
for pigs killed by ye wolves at Plum Hand, Hi. 4s. ; pd. Sara 
Dillingham out of ye inventory sundry peels of wearing lin- 
nen weh shee hath & are reserved for her, 41i. 5s. 6d. ; pd. 
for a pr of bodies, 2s. 6d., for her schooling to good. Sy- 
monds. Hi., Hi." 2s. 6d. ; one stuffe petticoat & waskote, 4 
shifts wth shewes dd to good. Satehwell for Sara Dilling- 
ham ; for Sara Dillingham daughter of Jno. Dillingham, 2 
Cowes & 2-3 of thir increase for 3y more, one heifer & a low- 
anee for her peculiar for milk, 41i. ; Mr. Saltonstall gave back 
wt. her mother gave him, 131i.; for a bible, 4s. ; for a goune, 
21i. 10s. ; to be abated out of this for wintering cattle, 41i. ; 
& rest in Mr. Saltonstalls hand, 81i. 10s. Id. ; a heifer in 
Mr. Saltonstalls hand, 2 cowes & 2-3 of ther increase, Per- 
kins works. Mass. Archives, vol. 16B, page 66. 

Upon the 9:4: 1637 the Commissioners found due to me 
from the estate of John Dillingham, 671i. 13s. 9|d., and be- 
sides they allowed me 51i. 15s. for rates paid by me for Mr. 
Dillingham, also 71i. 16s. 8d. and I have a bill under Edward 
Dillingham's hand, dated June 29, 1637 that whenever the 
commissioners should see cause to allow the said sum it 
should be paid in goods. In satisfaction of the aforesaid 
debts I received 2 stears, 301i. ; a brown hefer, 161i. ; a 


branded heffer, 171i. ; a white faced yearling, 91i., wth a very 
pore cow Calfe, 61i. [so prized by Mr. Appleton and not 
worth so much as I conceive.] This cow-calfe being paid to 
myself. Sarah Dillingham hath not received so much in 
cattle for her part as Edward Dillingham did for his by 61i. 
10s. Paid out of her cattle to satisfy Mr. Downing whereof 
Edward Dillingham is to repay his proportion, 81i. 6s. 8d. 
Sarah Dillingham hath received [besides her part in cattle] 
money paide Mrs. Dillingham, 31i. ; pd. for a sick calfe, 3s. 
lOd. ; her boarding at Gm. Satchells, 691i. 18s. 2d. ; John 
Andrews, Hi.; To Parker of Eoxbury, 21i. 19s. 2d.; Mr. 
Ward [by will], 51i. ; Mr. Apleton, 31i. 2s. 8d. ; out of the 
inventory, 41i. 5s. 6d. ; bodyes, 2s. 6d. ; To Goody Symonds, 
Hi. ; she hath in my hand, which I will make good with ad- 
vantage, Sli. 10s. Id. Richard Saltonstall. 

If Edward Dillingham deny that he received the courser 
sheets mentioned in the inventory & will take his oath before 
the present commissioners I shall rest satisfied therewith. 

Mass. Archives, vol, 15B,paff6 67. 

" To the honrd Generall Court Having thought [if God 
will] of going for England by the next passage ; & beeing 
desirous [in the meanetime] that all accompts concerning 
myselfe may bee concluded & especially those that fall vpon 
mee as Executor to the estate of John Dillingham deceased ; 
in respect of which estate ; for the ordering & issuing of all 
accompts or differences concerning the same ; M' Nowell & 
M' Mahur by order of the Quarter Court were made Comis- 
sioners : 

" My humble request is that in the roome of M'' Mahur 
[who is now absent & not of like respect & creditt in the 
country as when he was first joyned with M"^ Nowell in this 
Comission] : This Court would bee pleased to appoynt an 
an other ; who may joyne with M'' Nowell to examine such 
accompts as I am ready to tender : & that these Comissioners 
may have power to end & determine the same unless there bee 
some other course that may seeme more meete unto the Court 
which I shall bee willing to attend according to your order. 

If in all christian observance 
" Dat 15"^ 8*'' 1646 Richard Saltonstall 

" The peticon is graunted & M'' Hibbins is by the magis- 
trate appoynted Commissioner in stead of M' Mahew 

Tho : Dudley Gov' 
Consented to by y* Deputy 

Edward Rawson." 

Mass. Archives, vol. 16B, j)age 60. 


"Worthily honrd for my accompt presented to yourselves 
there is an article wherin I make Goodman Satchwell debtor 

to Sarah Dillingham , lis. 6d. as I remember wherunto 

I was ledd by my booke ; & that very rightly as I yet con- 
ceive. But because Goodman Satchell doth afflrme the con- 
trary ; & I would not differ with a neighbour but had much 
rather buy my peace then contend in such a case ; I will take 
the debt upon myself e & soe much I thought meete to certify. 

" Yrs unfaynedly to love & serve you 
« 12*" Dec' 1645. Kichard Saltonstall." 

" Sarah Dillingham hath these books in my hands and M' 
Nath: Rogers : viz. Perkins works in 3 vollums, Seaven Trea- 
tises [2 severall bookes], the Spowse Royall the bruised 
reade, A little new testiment." 

Mass. Archives, vol. 15B, page 63. 

" A note of whate Edward Dillingham have received of 
Mr. Saltonstall of the third pt. of my brother John Dilling- 
ham's estate, which he gave to my wife and children, ap- 
pointed to me by the commissioners : on mare, 181i. ; on 
Cowe, 221i. ; in my account, 41i. 2s. Id. ; paid for me to Wil- 
liam Spawforth, 31i. ; Jhon Bell his time, 51i. ; John Butler 
his time, 51i. ; on sewte of old Clothes, Hi. ; on hat & other 
small thinges. Hi. 5s.; rec'd of Mr. Wade, 5s. ; rec'd of Mr. 
Paine, 51i. ; rec'd of Mr. Paine, 51i. ; received of Mr. Paine 
more, 31i. 6s. 8d. ; the remainder of my brothers inventory, 
81i. ; rec'd of Mr. Borman, 51i. ; total, 821i. 12s. Id. Also 
received of goodman Pinder 31i. in discharge of 61i. of our 
third pt. of that det in his hand. Eec'd as by my booke : in 
rye at Saugus 3" at 8s. which was then the prise currant. Hi. 
4s. Jorney to Sadwieh concerning Mr. Downing, 0." 

On reverse. " Mr. Saltonstall hath one cow which he hath 
had for years for which he will allow, and Mr. Apletou hath 
one Cowe, two Oxen & one heifer. 

" The Commissioners to consider that John Bells and But- 
lers time are much under prised, whereby Sarah Dillingham 
is damnifyed in her proportion." 

Mass. Archives, vol. 15B, page 63. 

" The particulars formerly questioned by Edward Dilling- 
ham are these : 1st, for fraight of goods, 31i., which is ut- 
terly denied, therefore in reason to be recharged to the es- 
tate. 2d, the 21i. paid Tho. Downes, he hath been a good 
servant and his master hath not kept covenant with him, in 
which respect, we the executors saw fit to discharge him and 
pay him the 21i. for satisfaction. 3d, for the 51i. paid to An 


Powle, she hatli been a faithful servant and though she was 
discharged by her mistress a little before her time was out, 
yet it may be borne by the estate, considering her diligence. 
4th, for the cow calfe [contained in the inventory] which I 
received at 61i., no executor can be liable for the worst goods 
expressed in an inventory, if the best goods be taken out of 
his hands and 2dly the calf was then very pore and as I con- 
ceive not worth the money. 3dly, I took the calf at 61i. with 
Mr. Appletons consent who being executor might Justly dis- 
pose of it as he then did. Mem. Edward Dillingham hath 
received 61i. of goodman Pindar, without the knowledge or 
consent of the executors,he covenanted with him to abate the 
said Pinder 61i. in lieu of that which he received in ready 
money and this he did when he could not but know that he 
had already received beyond his proportion. 

" Richard Saltonstall." 
Mass. Archives, vol. lSB,page 61. 

Eichard Saltonstall, of Ipswich, Esq., executor to the estate 
of John Dillingham, having tendered his account concerning 
sd estate unto Increase Nowell and William Hibbins, being 
by order of the General Ct. appointed commissioners to set- 
tle the same, do find that the said Richard hath received of 
the estate of John Dillingham to the value of 93211. 12s. 2d. 
Also we find said estate doth owe the said Richard 92411. 2s. 
Id. He was allowed for his disbursement and adventure in 
the ship Seaflower, upon a forrfier commission granted by the 
Quarterly Court, the sum of 60411. 3s. lid. The rest of the 
92411. 2s. Id. is demanded for several sums paid put by said 
Richard as executor. The court ordered him to be allowed 
the full sum of 92411. 2s. Id. out of the estate. Mass. Bay 
Colony Records, vol. 2, page 144. 

"Wills of John and Sarah Dillingham with the inventory 
shall be kept by Mr. Nowell and Hibbins and Richard Salton- 
stall discharged. Mass. Bay Colony Records, vol. 2, page 145. 

Estate of Rev. Samuel Skelton of Salem. 

The Court of Assistants held at Cambridge, 5 : 4: 1638, 
being a quarterly court, ordered, with the consent of Mrs. 
Baggerly, that the increase of Mr. Skelton's cattle should be 
divided according to his will, and that the goods and house- 
hold stuff which belongs to the 3 eldest children should be 
divided by some of the church in Salem and committed to the 
church of Salem. Mass. Bay Colony Records, vol. 1, page 232. 

the probate ebooeds op essex county. 11 

Estate of Feancis Dent of Lynn. 

The Quarterly Court held at Boston 5:1: 1638-9, granted 
to Edmond Audeley administration on the goods of Francis 
Dent, deceased, upon the testimony of John Winge and Ser- 
geant Davies. Mass. Bay Colony Records, vol. 1, page 249. 

Estate op Humfet Wise of Ipswich. 

The General Court held at Boston, 13 : 1 : 1638-9, ordered 
the court at Ipswich to examine and settle all things belong- 
ing to the estate of Humfrey Wisse, including the land, sold 
and unsold. Mass. Bay Colony Records, vol. 1, page 254. 

Humfry Wise of Ipswich, died intestate, and Samuel 
Greenfeild late of Salem married his widow and took into his 
possession the lands and goods of the said Humfry, without 
legal order. The Court held at Ipswich 26 : 1 : 1639, caused 
them to deliver an inventory of the estate which amounted to 
about 14011. Wise left a wife and five children, Beniamyn, 
Joseph, Em., Sarah and Ann, besides some that were married 
and had received their portions. Samuel Greenfeild was ap- 
pointed administrator, and with his consent the Court sold 
the house, and house lot of an acre & a planting lot of six 
acres with the appurtenances to William ffellowes for 201i., 
also the farm of about 120 acres to Thomas Emerson for four 
score pounds, and such other sales of cattle & goods that the 
said Samuel had made the Court allowed. The money was 
given to Samuel Greenfeild, he , giving bond for 120 li., to 
bring up the five children, until the sons were twenty one 
years, and the daughters eighteen, at which time each to 
receive a certain portion of the estate. If any die before 
such time the said portions to be equally devided among the 
survivors. George Gittings and Eichard Lumpkyn were 
chosen overseers for the children. As there was yet 30Ii., 
being part of the money for which the farm was sold, remain- 
ing in the hands of Thomas Emerson, at his request and with 
the consent of Samuel, it was ordered that it should remain 
in his hands until 1:3: 1640, then he to pay the money to 
the overseers and to give such recompence to Samuel Green- 
feild as he shall think equal. It was further agreed that 
with the consent of Samuel Greenfield and Susan his wife 
that Benjamin Wise, eldest son of Humfry Wise, should be 
with Abraham Perkins of Hampton as an apprentice to him 
for seven years from Sept. 29 last past. Ipswich Deeds, Vol. 
1, leafl. 


Estate oe' Edwaed Howb of Lynn. 

The General Court held at Boston May 22, 1639, granted 
administration on the estate of Mr. Edward Howe (of Linn, 
deceased), to his wife Elisabeth. Mass. Bay Colony Records, 
vol. 1, page 259. 

Estate or John Blumfield of Newbuey. 

The Court of Assistants, held at Boston, a quarter court, 
3:1: 162940, appointed Thorn, Blumfeild administrator to 
his father, John Blumfeild, deceased, and to have the house 
and ground ; the lame daughter to have the overplus of the 
goods not disposed of. Mass. Bay Colony Records, vol. 1, 
page 286. 

Estate of Bbthia Caetweight op Salem. 

" I Bethia Cortwrite of Salem being in pfect memory doe 
make and ordaine this my last will and testament, Erst I 
give and bequeath my bed, my bolster and two pillow-beres 
with a blancet and a coverlet unto Elizabeth Capon my sister 
in walderswick in SufE item I give unto Mary Norton the 
wife of Georg Norton in Salem my best coat, item I giue 
unto my sister above said thre peuter platters and a double 
saltseller, item I giue vnto John Jackson the son of John 
Jackson half a dozen spoones and a porrenger, item I give 
unto Margret Jackson the wife of John Jackson of Salem my 
box of linning, with a payre of shetes, item I will that fower 
pajer of sheets be sold to pay pt of my debts, item I give unto 
Elizabeth Kellem a surg wascot, Item I give unto John Jack- 
son aforesaid my bible, item I will that my two best cloath 
wascotes to be sold as my shets aforesaid. Item I give unto 
Elezabeth Nicksone my payer of Anderens, item I will that my 
napkins and bord cloaths to be sold as my wascots aforesaid. 
In witnes whereof I have hereunto set my hand this second 

day of May Anno Dom : 1640." ^,. ,H'',"'^Hn, , . 

Elizabeth E Cartwrit 

Witness : Elizabeth Niekson, Thomas Warren. 

Salem Quarterlg Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 5. 

Proved June 30, 1640. No executor being named, John 
Jackson is appointed administrator. Georg Norton had ex- 
pended about 51i. under the deacons' hands during her sick- 
ness, which is to be paid him, the coat mentioned in the will 
to be made a part of it. Norton's man attended her. Salem 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 39. 

the probate eeoobds of essex county. 13 

Estate of Egbert Bakbb op Salem. 

The court held at Boston, 2:1: 1640-41, fined Eichard 
lollingworth, lOli., to be paid to the wife and children of 
lobert Baker, his negligence being the occasion of the said 
lobert's death. Mass. Bay Colony Beeords, vol. 1, page 314. 

Accounts of widow Baker and Nathaniel Pittman, and 
[epositions relating to them, examined 30 : 1 : 1641. Salmi 
}uarterly Court Beeords, vol. 1, page 50. 

Estate of John Watkins op Salem. 

Mr. Walter Price brought in an invoice of clothing, 
9:4: 1641, that was left by his servant John Watkins, who 
led within six or seven weeks after landing. Mr. Price was 
rdered to keep the goods as he had been at charge for Watkins' 
lassage, and had no service of him of value. Salem Quarterly 
7ourt Beeords, vol. 1, page 53. 

Price brought Watkins with him from England and had 
laid 51i. for his passage. His clothing was appraised by 
Tames Cary and Abell Kelly, as follows : Piece of leather, 
Is. 8d. ; pair of gloves, 6d. ; an old suit, 8s. ; a suit of clothes, 
li. 5s. ; 2 pair drawers, 4s. ; 6 pair stockings, 7s. 6d. ; 2 cots, 
li. 28. ; 3 pair new shoes and 2 old, 12s. 4d. ; l-21i. thread 
nd a little hemp, 2s. ; 3 shirts, 10s. and 3 ragged ones, 2s. 
id., 12s. 6d. ; a chest and a few nails, 2s. 6d. ; an old hat, 
Od. ; 3 old bands ; total, 51i. 4s. lOd. Salem Quarterly Court 
lecords, vol. 2, page 90. 

Estate op John Gofpe op Newbury. 

" The last will & testament of John Goffe of Newbury, 
>eing weake in body but in perfect senses and knowledge 
)ec. 4, 1641. 

My will is that whatsoever lands and housing and cattel 
,nd moveables shall appear that my estate consisteth of that 
t shall be divided into two parts equally and the one halfe I 
loe give to my wife Amy Goffe and the other halfe I doe 
;ive unto my two children Susan Goffe and Hanna Goffe in 
iquall portions betwixt them as it shall amount, my debts 
i other charges being paid and for performance of this my 
fill I have desired and doe give power to these parties 
lamed, Edward Woodman, Henry Short, Eichard Kent junior 
nd John Cheney all of Newbury to see my estate divided 
letween my wife & children and to take care of my chil- 
iren's portions that they may be improved to their main- 


tenance and best advantage & I have desired these brethren 
to advise and counsell my wife for her good according as God 
shall direct them, & if either^of these my children decease 
this life, my will is that the other shall injoye her portions. 
Also my will is that if the children should both decease this 
life that my wife shall injoye their portions. Also my will 
is that if my children shall live to marriage or to the age of 
18 years that then they shall have power to dispose of their 
portions according to their own pleasures." 


Jno. I Goffe. 


Witness : Thomas Browne, William White. 
Proved [Dec] 28, 1641. 

Ipswich Town Records. 

Inventory of estate of John Goffe, late of Newbury, de- 
ceased, Dec. 4, 1641, taken by Edward Raw , Richard 

, Tho. H and John , Dec. 16, 1641 :— Wear- 
ing apparel, 1 purple cloth sute, dublett and 2 hose. Hi. 4s. ; 
1 short cote, 9s. ; 1 longe blew coat, 14s. ; 1 longe white coat, 
4s. ; 1 pr. lead Coll. breeches, lis. ; another same, 3s. 4d. ; 1 
pr. drawers, Is. 6d. ; 1 greene dublet, 4s. ; 1 cloth dublet, 7s. ; 

1 leather dublet, 8s. 6d. ; 1 pr. shoes, 3s. 8d. ; 1 pr. leather 
stockins, 2s. ; 1 pr. cloth stockins. Is. 2d. ; 1 pr. woUen 
stockins. Is. 6d. ; 2 hatts, 2s. 6d. ; 1 cloth capp, Is. ; total, 
51i. 5s. In the hall, 3 bedsteeds, Hi.; 1 pr. curtens, 3 rodds, 
18s. ; one greene rugg, Hi. 6s. ; 2 blanketts, 15s. ; 1 bed, bol. 
ster, 4 pillows, 41i. 10s. ; 1 Coverlet, 10s. ; 1 bed matt, 2s. ; 
5 wedges and 2 rings waighing 271i., lis. 3d. ; 3 peck axes, 
3s. 6d. ; 1 gouge, 4 chissels, one pr. gimboles and 2 wimble 
trees, 6s. ; old Iron waighing 231i., 7s. 8d. ; same waighing 

181i., 3s. ; one hand bill, ; 1 chafing dish, ; 2 old 

axes, ; 241i. of waights, ; one trevet, a tramell 

chayne, 5s.; one pitch fork, heaving bill, ; 1 spade, 3s. ; 

2 musketts, 1 sword, bandeleers and rest, 21i. ; one spitt and 
slice, 3s. ; 1 pr. bellows, Is. ; longe sawe, 43. ; 1 shovell and 
1 pick ax, 3s. ; 2 pitchforks & a sith, 4s. ; 1-2 of the boat, 
12s. ; 1 wheele barrow, 5s. ; 1 wimshete, 6s. ; 1 peece of 
leather, 4s. ; 1 Chest, 5s. ; a trunke, 6s. ; 4 hogsheads, 8s. ; 2 
old boxes, 2s. ; 2 sackes and one bagg, 6s. 8d. ; 1 old cloth, 

5s.; total, . In provitions, 160 waight of pork, 21i. ; 7 

bushells Indian come, ; 1 bushell of english wheat, 4s. ; 

1 bushell mault, 4s. ; 1 bushell meale, 2s. ; 121i. butter, 6s. ; 
carretts and cabbidges, 12s. ; total, 41i. 8s. Cattle, 2 cowes, 
llli. ; 1 steere, 41i. 10s. ; 2 cow calves, 31i. ; 1 steere, 31i. ; 4 
piggs. Hi. ; total, 221i. 16s. 3d. ; house and land, a farme of 


80 acres, 91i. ; a house with 6 acres upland and 6 acres marsh, 

; a hooke, hatchet and old kettle, ; a peece of wooden 

; tubbs, platters, spoo . Ipswich Town Records. 

Estate or John Olliver of Newbury. 

Mr. on Olliver, late of Newberry, died intestate, and 

29 : 1 : 1642, John is appointed administrator. Mr. 

John Woodbridg mentioned. Ipswich Town Records. 

John Oliver, Newbury, dyed intestate, leaving a wife and 
one only daughter, aged about two years, and an estate of 
about 42011., and upon petition of Joane Oliver his wife, the 
court held June 14, 1642, ordered that she possess the entire 
estate and to bring up the child. To give her lOOli. at her 
mariage or when she is eighteen years and lOOli. when she is 
twenty-one years, and to give bond to the next Ipswich 
court for security. She also hath power to free her servant for 
the year desired. Mass. Bay Colony Records, vol. 2, page 11. 

Copy of power of attorney from Walter Stephens of Bris- 
toU, mercer, to my " Cosen Christopher Olliver of the said 
citty Merchant " to recover of the executors or administra- 
tors of John Olliver, heretofore of the city of Bristol!, mer- 
cer and late of New England, deceased, all demands whatso- 
ever which are due or owing to me by the said John Olliver ; 
signed Jan. 10, 1642[-3], by Walter Stephens, and witnessed 
by ffrancis Brewster, Richard Stephens, Walter Stephens, jr. 
and Abell Kelly. 

Certificate that this power of attorney was a true copy of 
the original ; signed by Jno. Lowle and Christopher Olliver. 
Acknowledged in court held at Ipswich, 24 : 7 : 1644, by 
Christopher Olliver. 

By virtue of above described power of attorney Christopher 
Olliver of BristoU, merchant, received of Mrs. Johan Olliver 
certain cattell in full of all accounts betwixt the above Wal- 
ter Stephens and John Olliver, and acquitted "ye said 
Johan Olliver from all debts duties or demands of the said 
waiter Stephens pvided that the sume of nineteene pounds 
ten shillings be paid in Bristoll according vnto the above 
Johan Olliver her order vnto the said Walter Stephens or 
assignes otherwise the said Johan Olliver to stand indebted 
vnto the above "Walter Stephens or assignes for the sume of 
nineteene pounds ten shillings." Signed Sept. 3, 1644, by 
Christopher Olliver, and witnessed by Jno. Lowle. Acknowl- 
edged to be a true copy in court held at Ipswich, 24 : 7 : 1644. 

Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 17. 


Copy of a power of attorney from George Batherne of 
Bristoll, sopemaker, to my " brother ia lawe Christopher 
OUiver of the said Citty m'chant," to receive of the executors 
or administrators of John OUiver, heretofore of Bristol, mercer, 
and late of New England, deceased, what may be due to me from 
said estate; dated Jan. 10, 1642 [-3] ; signed by George Bath- 
erne and witnessed by Kichard Newman and James Birkin. 

Certificate as to this power of attorney being a true copy 
of the original, by Christopher Olliver and Jno. Lowle ; and 
acknowledged in Court holden at Ipswich, 24 : 7 : 1644, by 
Christopher Olliver. 

By virtue of above described power of attorney, Christo- 
pher Olliver of Bristol, merchant, received of Mrs. Johan 
Olliver, executrix of Mr. John Olliver, late of Kewbury in 
New England, deceased, 191i., and acquits " the aforesaid 
Johan Olliver from the said George Batherne his debts or 
demands from the begining of the world to this day." 
Signed Nov. 4, 1644, by Christopher Olliver and witnessed 
by Eoger Daniel and John Lowle. 

John Lowle testified 30 : 7 : 1646,that the abovesaid writing 
was the act of the abovesaid Christopher Olliver, before John 
Endicot and Richard Saltonstall. 

Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leafH. 

Upon consideration of the petition of Mr. Gerish the Gen- 
eral Court held at-Boston 7:8: 1646, judge it equall that 
the lOOli. debt and overprizall should be taken out of the 
whole estate of John Oliver, intestate, and the daughter 
shall have an equall moyety of the remainder at the time 
appointed in the former order. Mass. Bay Colony Records, 
vol. 2, page 164. 

Inventory taken 3m : 1649, by Edmond Grenlefe, John 
Saunders and Richard Knight: one Dwelling Howse & 
barne, 16Ii. ; one orchard, 151i. ; 4 Acers of Land, 71i. ; 20 
Acers of fresh medow, 171i. 10s. ; 12 Acers of Salt marsh, 
71i. 10s. ; 7 Acers of land sould, 31i. Ss. ; 40 rod of ffence. Hi. 
10s. ; total, 671i. 13s. ; more in ffence aboute the meddow & 
Land, lOli. ; in bookes, 71i. 15s. ; two little Howses, Hi. 10s. ; 
losses in debts & catle allowed '^ the Generall Court, 141i. 
10s. ; loss in the Howse & lands, 451i. Ts., one halfe allowed 
f the Generall Court being 221i. 13s. 6d. ; 2 Oxen, 161i.,- 2 
Cowes, 9Ii. 18s. 6d. ; total, 15011. Mass. Archives, vol. 15B, 
page 143. 

Upon the petition of Mr. Wm. Gerish the Court, May 2, 
1649, grants the following : 1, that 141i. lOs. be abated out 


of the 15011. due to the child ; 2, that the remainder of the 
15011. be paid for the use of the child, in the house that 
John Oliver dwelt in at Newbury, together with the lands 
belonging thereunto, if this is not sufBcient to discharge the 
sum, then to be supplied out of the estate of Mr. Gerish, and 
that an apprizall be made, to include a dwelling house, barn 
and cow house purchased by Mr. Gerish of Mr. Lowle ; 3, that 
the child should stand to the advance or loss of the value of 
the estate ; 4, that the Court may authorize Mr. Gerish, John 
Saundrs and Mr. Edward Woodman, or such of them as they 
think meet, to be intrusted with the estate, for the benefit of 
the child, giving an account of their proceedings ; that Mr. 
Gerish should have competent allowance from the profits, 
for her education and maintenance, to be determined by the 
* John Sanders, Richard Knight and Mr. Greenleife author- 
ized to apprize the estate of John Oliver and to make return 
to the next sessions of the General Court, and then to deter- 
mine what allowance to be made for the child's education and 

Mass. Bay Colony Records, vol. 2, page 2T5. 

In answer to the petition of Mr. Wm. Gerrish, the Court, 
May 16, 1649, grants the following : that 3 41i. 10s. be abated 
out of the 15011. due to the child, and the remainder be paid 
for the child's use, in the house that John Oliver lately dwelt 
in, at Newbury, together with the lands appertaining there- 
unto. If this be not sufficient then to be supplied out of the 
estate of Mr. Gerish ; that the child should stand to the ad- 
vance or loss of the value of the estate ; that the Court may 
authorize Mr. Gerrish, John Saunders and Mr. Edward 
Woodman, or such of them as they think meet, to be in- 
trusted with the estate of the child for the benefit of the 
child ; that Mr. Gerrish shall have competent allowance from 
the profits of the estate of the child, for his education and 

John Saunders, Eichard Knight and Mr. Greenleafe or- 
dered to apprize the houses and lands, which was the estate 
of John Oliver, and what other shall be tendered for the 
daughter's portion, and return made to the next session of 
the General Court, and then to determine what allowance to 
be made for the child's education and maintenance and if the 
houses and lands shall be sold who shall keep the portion 
and when to be paid the child. 

Mass. Bay Colony Records, vol. 3, page 165. 


Upon the petition of Lt. Willi. Gerrish to the Generall 
Court held at Boston, 17 : 8 : 1649, ordered that he should 
have the portion of Mary Oliver, the daughter of John 
Oliver, deceased, in his own hands to his own use, he to give 
sufficient security to pay her at the age of fourteen years, 
13511. 10s. in corn or cattle, at current price, as the late order 
of this Court provides for. Mass. Bay Colony Records, vol. 2, 
page 282. 

Petition of Lt. Wm. Gerrish of Newbury, that he may 
have the estate of Mary Oliver as it is valued. Granted by 
the Court, Oct. 19, 1649, he to give security to pay her 13511. 
10s., in corn or cattle, at fourteen years of age, and in the 
meantime to maintain and educate her. 

Mass. Bay Colony Records, vol. 3, page 176. 

Estate of John Bbadlet of Salem. 

" The last [will] & Testament of John Bradley of Salem 
deceased the fourth month 1642 as he related to us while he 
was of pfect memory. Ursly Greenoway deposed saith, that 
John Bradley of Salem deceased being asked in the time of 
his sicknes what was his will, & perswaded to make a will, 
did asks why he should make his will, he had nobody to give 
his estate but his wife, only some of his cloths & tooles he 
gave to his brother in lawe william Allen." 29 (5) 1642. 
Testifyed before the Governo"^ & Court. Suffolk Co. Probate 
Records, vol. 1, page 21(16). 

Inventory taken 21 : 4 : 1642, by Will Hathorne and 
Thomas Putman : A ten acre lot on Capt An side, 4 acres 
therof broken & 6 unbroken, 71i. ; 2 acres of Come upon the 
same, 31i. ; 25 acres at Jaffrys Creeke, 61i. 5s. ; an acre of 
Corne at Towne, Hi. 3s. 6d. ; for 3 goats & 3 kids, Hi. 15s. ; 
for 3 Swine, Hi. 6s. ; 7 bushills of Indian Corne, Hi. 3s. 4d. ; 
2 Iron Pots, a paire of pothooks, on old frying pan. Hi. ; a 

musket, handlers and rest, Hi. ; axes, 2 hows and som 

old Iron, 10s. 6d. ; Chaires and a Tub, 4s. 6d.; a 

halfe headed bedstead, 8s. ; old bed a bolster 2 

bears, Hi. 10s. ; ests, 12s. ; 1 a kit , Hi. ; 

nes ; of Pen ; owbea ; in 

Lan ; ; total, oweing by him to others. 

Suffolk Co. Probate Files, docket 24. 

Estate of Samuel Smith of Wenham. 

" This 5th of ocktober : 1642 : This my last will and tes- 
tament of Samewell Smith of Enon being in perfect memorey 


first I will and bequeath vnto my wife Sarsfli Smith my 
farme in Enon with all the housen vpon it as allsoe all the 
frutes vpon it as come hemp and the like : for har owne 
proper vse for the tearme of har life vpon consideration that 
she shall discharg me of that promise vpon maridge ; which 
is vnto my sunn : william Browne fiftie pounds : as allsoe 
that she shall giue vnto his two children william and || by || 
Browne || 20' between y™ || : all which shall be paid John 
my exequetors hearafter named : my will further is to giue 
vnto Sarah my wii all my Cattell nowe vpon the farme 
young and owld as neat bests horse bests and swine in full 
consideration of that hundred pounds that I stand bound 
vnto har by A bond obligatore in lue of A. former Joynter 
payabell after my dissease which shall be parformed by my 
Exsequetors as allsoe further my will is that my farme with 
all the medowe and upland belongine thearvnto my sunn 
Thomas Smith shall haue it to himself and his heairs for 
euer vpon this consideration that he shall pay vnto his sister 
Mare if then lining fiftie pownds in thre years after the 
entrie of it that is to say sixtene pounds and A mark A 
yeare and for the parformance hearof he is to lay in good 
securitye vnto the Exsequetors if the lord take har away by 
death this payment is to be made vnto the Children of the 
aforesaid william Browne and Thomas Smith that then shall 
be lining Equally deuided among them further my will is 
that if my sunn : Thomas shall die without issue that my 
land and housen vpon it shall com to my daughter mare and 
har heaires foreuer : and after har to william Browne and his 
haaires for ever all wich debts and legasies and || other || 
parformances are to be parformed by my two Exsequetors 
which I haue Apointed which is my Louing wife and my 
trustie sun william Browne : & my will further is that if 
Sarah my wif shall marey that then the first gift of my 
farme shall stand voyd and my will is that she shall then 
resigne it vp into my other exequetors hand with A Just 
accounte of all those goods and whatsoever belong to the 
manadgine of the farme || and proffitt || except that hundred 
pounds which bar due which is to be paide har in Cattell by 
the Judgment of men : and all my houshould stufe within 
dores whatsoeuer it be I give to my wife : and my will is 
that my excequetor william Browne and my sunn Thomas 
Smith to Joyne with him to leat the farme : or improue it to 
the best advantage for the good of my daughter mare and to 
be accounted with and prouided for by my excequetor william 
Browne in that particquler : Item with || this || consideration 


that if my wif marey that then the farme is to be leat as 
aboue said untill thear be gathered for || my \ A portion || of || 
A hundred and fiftie pounds to be paid vnto the excequetor 
william Browne and he to pay that hundred & fiftie pounds 
at har day of maredg & if bar mother leave bar then the 
excequetor william Browne to se ye bringing of har vp. 
allsoe my sunn Thomas Smith is to be Aquitted of that fiftie 
pounds he stand ingadged to pay vnto har : and all the ouer- 
plush of A hundred and fiftie pounds if the lord give longer 
life vnto my wif Arising out of ye farme is to be left in my 
sun browns hand and improved to the best vse and after har 
dissease to be equally parted betwixt my daughter mare and 
all the grand children I shall haue then living further my 
will is that my sunn Thomas Smith whome I fear not : will 
be truly faithfuU to me shall be thearfore my Suprevisor of 
this my last will : 

Samwell Smyth", [seal] 
Witness : Richard S Pettingall, William Sawyer. 


Salem Qtiarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 12. 

Proved 27 : 10 : 1642. Wit : Jno. Thorndike, who deposed 
that he had his senses ; Georg Emerey. that " he had a fifct of 
a feaver y" day before and the vapors in his stomake caused 
paine in his head, and did cause sleep troubld sleep & y* Last 
day till toward 2 of the Clock was very sensible." Mr. Jno. 
Fiske, Mrs. Fisk, and the two witnesses to the will, Richard 
Pettingell and William Sawyer, also deposed. Salem, Quar- 
terly Court Records, vol. 2, page 127. 

Inventory taken 18 : 9 : 1642, by Lawrence Leach, JefEerie 
Massey and Will. Howard : Dwelling house, barn, etc., 401i. ; 
farm of 234 acres, 33 broken up, 177 in common and 24 
meadow, 991i. 8s.; 6 calves, 71i.'; 3 heffers, lOli. 10s.; 4 oxen, 
241i. ; mear and coult, 201i. 10s. ; 2 young stears, 91i. ; 7 
cowes, 361i. 10s. ; 9 swine, 141i. ; Inglish and Indian Come, 
281i. ; hempe, 21i. 10s. ; hay, etc., 121i. 6s. ; carte, plow, har- 
row, etc., 31i. 15s. ; silver beacker, and 2 spounes, 21i. 15s. ; 
peauter, brasse. Iron potts, 81i. 5s. ; 2 muskitts, 1 birding 
pese & 1 pr. bandelerers, Hi. 10s. ; sword and belt, 12s. ; in 
cellar, 31i. 10s. ; come & hemp sed, 31i. 10s. ; severall towles, 
Hi. 16s. ; bed, bouister & blanckits, 21i. ; bed & bedstead, 41i. 
2s. ; bed in chamber, 12s. ; bed, blanckits & Ceverlet, 71i. 8s. ; 
another, 91i. 3s. 6d.; bed teek, 21i.; bed, bedstead & furniture, 
41i. 14s. ; wearing aparell of his, 71i. 6s. ; A 11 Cushings, 21i. 
15s. ; one carpitt, 15s. ; Cobbard Clothes, Hi. ; 3 Chists & A 


whele, Hi. ; napkins & bord lining, 41i. 18s. ; pillow bears, 
31i. ; sheets, 71i. 16s. ; bookes, 15s. ; wood works, viz., 1 tabell 
& standard, warming pann & stooles, 31i. 3s. ; 1 grinstone, a 
brake, tuter & Iron Kake. Total, 39511. 9s. 2d. Goods not 
seen by appraisers but reported to them: Hand carte, 5s. ; 
2 towe comes, 5s. ; a small cowe hide, 8s. ; total, 18s. " the 
boyes time Prised at three pownds intending the boyes Cove- 
nant to be performed as it is in the indenter," 31i. Salem 
Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 12. 

Estate of John Woodbubt of Salem. 

Court ordered 27 : 10 : 1642, that widow Woodbury bring 
in her husband's will and inventory of his estate. 

Will of John Woodbury, deceased, proved 27 : 4, 1643. 
His widow Ann Woodbury, executrix, ordered to bring in 

Inventory of estate of John Woodbury, deceased, sworn to 
by his widow, 20 : 12 : 1643. 

Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 2, pp. 128, 142, 150. 

Estate of Henbt Koffe of Newbtjbx. 

"The 15*'' 12*'' month 1642 I desire to comend my 
sonle into the hands of the lord Jesus Christ. I desire my 
goods may be equally divided to my wife & all my children, 
only my sonne John Roffe must have the howse & land more 
then all the rest of my children and that their porcons shalbe 
divided when they be 21 yeares of age if they marry not be- 
fore In case my wife dye or marry then the goods shalbe 
divided ; otherwise not till my eldest childe come to be 21 
yeares of age But still to remayne in their mothers hands 
with the rest till that either of them are 21 yeares of age or 
marry If any of my children dye then that porcon shalbe 
equally divided betweene my wife & the rest of my children. 
I doe give vnto my wife one great brasse pott and one great 
brasse pann, and a great brasse posnett and a chafing dish 
and five pewter platters I doe give vnto my Kinsman Thom- 
as whittear a swarme of bees. I desire my brother John 
Eoffe and my Cosen John Saunders of Sallisbery and william 
Mondy of Newberry to oversee my will & order it to my de- 
sire & accordinge to my will." 

Henry Eoffe. 

Witness : Thomas Hale, Thomas Cowllman, william Mose. 

Proved 28 : 1 : 1643. 

Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 2. 


Inventory taken 1:1: 1642, by John Woodbridg, Henry 
Short and Ricliard Knight : howse & land, 301i. ; Six kowes, 
30Ii. ; fours oxen, 241i. ; one bull & one steere, 3 yeare old, 
71i. 10s. ; three beasts, two years old, 81i. ; two beasts, one 
yeare old, 21i. 10s. ; three Calves, Hi. 4s. ; three hoggs. Hi. 
4s. ; Bees, 71i. 10s. ; haye, 41i. ; Soyle, Hi. ; Cart, Slead & 3 
Yoaks, Hi. 6s. ; within the howse : one fetherbed c& floekbed, 
31i. 10s. ; Six father pillowes, 18s. ; 4 Coverleds, 21i. ; 5 
blanketts, Hi. 10s. ; 3 paier of Sheets, Hi. 8s. ; 21i. and a 
halfe of bee wax, 2s. 6d. ; bowlsber Case & pillow & napkins, 
10s. ; porke, 21i. 7s. ; butter & Cheese, 12s. ; barrells & but- 
te[r] Cherne & other lumb., 18s. ; Pewter, Hi. 7s. 6d. ; 
Brasse, 31i. 13s. ; a Brasse pott. Hi. ; iron potts, Hi. 6s. ; A 
chafing dish & a posnet, 5s. ; 12 bushells of Indian come, 21i. 
2s.; 9 bushells of wheate, 21i. 6d. ; 2 bushells of pease, 9s.; 
hogsheads & howes & other lumber, 16s. ; in apparrell, stock- 
ins & shoes, 31i. ; muskett & fowling peeces & 2 Swords & 
bandileers. Hi. 19s. ; working Tooles & lanthorne, 15s. ; 
bookes. Hi. ; spining wheeles, 10s. ; a chest & chaiers & other 
lumb., 16s. ; harrow tines, 10s. ; total, 15311. 8s. 6d. Ipswich 
Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 3. 

Estate of George Browne of Newbury. 

" The last will & Testament of George Browne May 26th 
1642 In the name of God amen I George Browne being 
sick & weake in body but pfect in minde &c doe make my 
last will & Testament in mann & forme as foUoweth Impr 
I bequeath my soule into the hands of god and my body to 
the earth to be buried It I give to my beloved wife my 
howse & land with all my howsehold goods except my mus- 
kett & sword my wearing clothes «& Tooles. Item I give 
unto her my kow It I give to my brother Richard 
Browne my wearing clothes & Tooles It I give vnto 
Richard Littleale Twenty shillings to be paid out of the rent 
of the Mill Item : I give vnto my father & to my brother 
Michael Twenty shillings a peece to be paid out of the Mill, 
but if god by his pvidenee bring them into this land then 
my will is to give them six pounds a peece or if but one of 
them II come over|| then he shall receive twelve pounds & if 
afterward the other come then he shall repay to him six 
pounds Item I give to all my brethren & sisters besides 
Twelve pence a peece my will is that all this shalbe paid out 
of my MiU after all my debts are discharged It I give 
unto Joseph Browne Sonne of my brother Richard Browne 


my share in the Mill ||at|| Salisbury with the land belonging 
to it, to be assigned vnto him when he come to be eighteene 
yeai-es of age & in the meane tyme the revenew of it to be 
imployed for his use & at the Terme aforesaid Provided that 
my delts be first paid out of it & then those legacies before 
mentioned before any of the revenew goe to him It I make 
my brother Eichard Browne executor of this my will & Tes- 
tament And I desire my two f rends Eichard Knight & Thom- 
as Maeye to se that this my will be pformed according to my 
plaine intent and meaning pvided that they shalbe sattisfied 
for whatsoever trouble or charge may come to them about the , 
same ffurthermore my will is that if my wife be with child 
that then my former will shalbe voyde. I then give vnto my 
wife my howse & lande & all the rest of my estate to my 
child to be deliued to it when it come to be eighteene yeares 
old and that my wife in the meane tyme shall have the vse of 
it toward the bringing vp of the child and all charges that 
doe or shall arise whatsoever to be paid out of the child's 
porcon This alsoe I desire my two frends aforenamed to 
oversee Item I give vnto my wife the swyne and my shirts 
except one and my bands except three & a hatt & a paire of 
shoes and my will is that my wife shall pay these debts that 
which I owe to Eichard Littleale & John Bishopp & to Henry 
ffay & to John Lowle & m"^ Goodale & m'^' Olliver Item I 
give to my wife my bible Item my will is that if my father 
& my brother michael come not then my two Nephews Mar- 
gery & Josua shall have that which my father & brother 
should have." 

George Browne. 

Witness : Eichard Knight, Thomas Macy. 

Proved by Eichard Knight, Mar. 28, 1643. 

Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1., leaf 4. 

Inventory of estate of George Browne, Newbury, deceased 
Aug. 1, 1642, taken by Thomas Blanchar, Thomas 
Hale, Tho. Macie and Eichard Knight : A howse 
& four acres of ground with an acre & halfe 
of corne on it, 121i. ; A Kowe, 51i. 10s. ; a yearling 
heifer, 21i. 6s. 8d. ; 2 Swyne, Hi. 4s.; goat, 10s.; a Table & 
frame & forme, 7s. ; 2 Cushens, 3s. 4d. ; Halfe a mault mill, 
13s. 4d.; Tooles, 5s.; frying pan, a paire potthooks & a 
skillet, 3s. 6d. ; pewter & other goods, 17s. ; A Bedstead, 2 
Chests & a Box, 15s. ; a Bed & bedinge, 2s. ; his wearing 
clothes, 41i. ; his share in a mill at Salisbury, 201i. a muskett, 
12s. ; a Bible, 5s. ; a paire of Bootes, 6s. : total, 521i. 6s. lOd. 

Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 5. 


Estate of Thomas Eaboenb of Salem. 

Will of Thomas Eaborne proved 27 : 4 : 1643, and inven- 
tory presented. Amount, 211i. 16s. 5d. Salem Quarterly/ 
Court Records, vol. 2, page 142. 

Estate of William Ballakd of Lynn. 

Inventory of William Ballard of Lynn, deceased, filed 27 : 
4 : 1643. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 2, page 142. 

Timothie Tomlins and Thomas Erington were appointed 
guardians of the children of William Ballard, deceased ; and 
Timothie Tomlins having since deceased, Nicolas Batty of 
Lin was appointed in his place 28 : 10 : 1647. Thomas Put- 
num of Lin and Thomas Laughton were appointed to divide 
the lands between the mother and children according to the 
will. Salem, Quarterly Court Records, vol. 2, page 224. 

Estate of Anne Scarlet of Salem. 

Will of Anne Scarlet, who died " the last day of the 12*'* 
month," dated 2:1: 1639. " I doe Desire to have some 
order taken for the payinge my brother Samuell ... in old 
England the some of Tenne pownds w* he layd out for mee. 
And also my brother Dfavid's] Children twelve shillings a 
peece to buy them a [w*''all.] And for the rest of my goods 
& moveables, & lynnen & woUin I desire they shall be equal- 
lie Devided to my three children, Mary Margaret & Joseph 
equally alike to them : Also I Doe give unto my sister 
Dennis my blew gowne further I give to my brother James 
Hindes tenne shillings. And alsoe my three Children to be 
wholy executo" & my brother Browning & his wiefe advisers. 
And also my brother Joseph Grafton I desire him to advise 
in the ordering of my goods & my things as are abovewritten. 
And that my children may equallie devide such of my goods 
as shall remayne aftere these things be discharged that are 
abovenamed equallie amonge them." 

Anne Scarlet. 
Witness : James Hinds, James Moulton. 
Mr. Endecott, Dep. Gov., delivered the will to Court 11m : 
1642; proved 30 : 4 : 1643. 

Salem Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 16. 

the probate records of essex oottntt. 25 

Estate of William Nevill op Ipswich. 

" I William Nevill of Ipswich singleman being weake of 
body but of pfect memory & vnderstanding doe make this 
my last will & Testament as followeth I comit my soule to 
god that gave it & my body to the eaith when I shall depart 
bhis life and for my worldly goods I thus dispose of them 
Brst that Phisitian & other debts that I owe shalbe paid 
A.lsoe I give Mary Whipple my bible and I give to her & to 
bhe rest of my m' children that which my master oweth me 
ilsoe I give that which my dame oweth me j and 18* which 
Philip ffowler oweth me to william Robinson alsoe I give to 
William Gooderson my interest in the Teame hired of m' 
Bradstreet and in the ground hired of m' Garner being ptner 
with william Eobinson as alsoe in an other bargaine and 
agreement wherein william Eobinson & I are ptners and my 
will is that william Gooderson shall have halfe the profitt 
past & to come & to beare halfe the charges that are past & 
ire yet to pay for & that shalbe hereafter to be done Alsoe 
t give to Goody Langton the feed wheat alsoe I give to Mary 
Langton that which goodman Horton oweth me alsoe I 
jive to Joseph Langton my fowling peece also I give to 
Sarah Langton my barly Alsoe I give John wooddam oile 
jushell of Barly as is at Goodman Quilters & a little debt 
vhich John doth owe me And lastly I make Roger Langton 
ny only executor & overseer of this last will & Testament 
^.Isoe I give Ann Whipple my chest wittnes my hand the 2 
nonth the IS^^ day 1643." 

william Nevell 

Witness: Joseph Morse, Thomas Dorman. 

Proved 7m: 1643. 

Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 5. 

Estate of William Walcott of Salem. 

Willia Walcott's wife, children and estate committed to 
aichard Inkersell, his father-in-law, 27 : 10 : 1643, to be dis- 
josed of " according to God ; and the said Wm. Walcott to 
)ee & Eemaine as his servant." Salem Quarterly Court Bec- 
vrds, vol. 2, page 146. 


Estate of Chaeles Turner of Salem. 
Creditors of widow of Charles Turner, deceased, ordered 
27 : 10 : 1643, to prove claims. Inventory of his estate to be 
brought in, " for y" more peacable & comfortable subsistance 
of the widdow." Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 2, 
page 149. 

Widow Eaehell Turner brought in inventory ult : 12m : 1643 
of estate, of her husband, Charles Turner. Estate to be paid 
to creditors by Ralph Fogg, for the court. Salem Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 2, page 158. 

Estate of John Sanders of Salem. 

" The Last wil & testament of John Sanders, inhabytaut 
of the Towne of Salem, I bequeath unto my sonn John 
Sandars my Tenn Aker lot with my hous new built on the 
Commons side right over a gainst it when he Come to the age 
of one & twentie yeers or at the death of his mother with 
the Aker And halfe of middow ground adioyning to it and I 
do be trust my father Joseph Graften & goodman Hardie to 
see this my wil & ded performed mad in the yeere 1643 y® 
28 of October." [no signature.] 

Witness : Nathaniell Porter, Henrye Birdsall. 

" Testified upon oaths in Court & also y* the sd Jn" Sand's 
Left all the Eest of his Estate to his wyfe." 

Proved 28 : 10 : 1643. 

Salem Quarterly Court Files, vol. I, leaf 18. 

Estate of Abraham Belknap of Lynn. 

Will of Abram Belknap sworn to, 20: 12: 1643. Salem 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 2, page 150. 

Inventory of estate of Abraham Belknap of Lynn, who 
deceased the beginning of the 7 mo. 1643, taken by William 
(his mark) Tilton and Edward Tomlins, 16 : 12 : 1643 : 
Sheep, 4 yewes, 51i. ; 2 wethers, Hi. 6s. 8d. ; 7 yerlinge 
oalfes, 31i. lOd. ; 2 cowes and calfes, 81i. 10s. ; 2 yerlinge 


jalfes, 31i. 15s. ; 4 yow gotes, Hi. 63. 8d. ; 1 kidd, 4s. ; 1 sow 
md piggs, Hi. ; 4 shottes, Hi. 10s. ; the houses and 5 akres 
)f land, 71i. ; 2 akers of planting Land, Hi. 10s. ; 2 akers salt 
narsh. Hi. ; 6 akers salt marsh at fox hill, 21i. ; 30 akers at 
;he village, 21i. ; 1 braspitt, 10s. ; 1 iron cettle, 6s. 8d. ; 1 
jrascettle, 3s. 4d. ; 3 ould skillets, 3s. ; 1 friing pan. Is. j pot 
lookes and pot hangers, 2s. 6d. ; 1 spitt, Is. 6d. ; 7 pewtor 
ilatters, 14s. ; 1 bras pestill & morter, 2s. 6d. ; 1 candle stick 
ind dripping pan, 2s.; 1 ould warming pan, 3s. 4d. ; 1 payre 
)f tongs. Is. ; 1 payre andirons, 2s. ; 1 table, 3s. ; 1 Chyer, 
Js. 6d.; 1 chest, 1 box, 4s. ; 1 chest, Is.; 2 flock beds, 1 
wulster, 13s. 4d.; 1 f ether bed & boulster. Hi.; 3 coverlettes, 
Lli. 6s. 8d. ; 4 blankits, 13s. 4d. ; 3 pillowes, 6a. ; 3 prs. 
iheetes, lli. ; 1 sheete, 2s. 6d. ; 2 payre pillow beres, 6s. ; 2 
iable clothes, 4s. ; 1 doos. of napkins, 3s. ; ould iron, 4 
vedges, 4s. ; 1 ould ax, Is. ; 1 ould hatchett, Sd. ; 1 mattock, 
Ls. 6d. ; total, 531i. 10s. 3d. Signed by Mary (her mark) 
Belknapp. The estate owed Joseph Armytage, Francis In- 
;alls, Goodman Phillipes, Rich. Eowton, Tho. Laighton, Ed. 
J'arington, Jerard Spencer, Mr. Kinge and John Person, 
Lmounting to 51i. 13s. 3d. Salem Quarterly Court Files, vol. 
I, leaf 18. 

Estate of Eobekt Andkbws of Ipswich. 

'' the first of March 1643. In the name of god amen I 
Robert Andrewes of Ipsw"" in New England being of pfect 
'■nderstanding & memory doe make this my last will & Tes- 
;ament Imprimis I comend my soule into the hands of my 
nercifuU Creator & redeemer & I doe comitt my body after 
ny departure out of this world to be buried in seemly man- 
ler by my frends &c concerning my estate Imprimis I doe 
nake my eldest sonne John Andrewes my executor Item I 
five vnto my wife Elizabeth Andrews forty pounds and to 
Fohn GriflSn the sonne of Humfry Griffin sixteene pounds to 
)e paid vnto him when he shalbe Twenty one yeares of age, 
h if he shall dye before he comes to that age it shall returne 
my two sonnes John & Thomas Andrewes Item concern- 
ng my sonne Thomas Andrews my will is that he shall live 
vith his brother John Andrews three yeares two of which 
le shalbe helpfull to his brother John Andrewes in his husr 
)andry and the last of the three yeares he shall goe to schoole 
o recover his learning and if he shall goe to the vniversity 
ir shall set himselfe vpon some other way of living his 
irother John shall allow him ten pounds by the yeare for 
oure yeares & then fifteene pounds by the yeare for two 


yeares succeeding after. Item concerning the fourescore 
pounds which is to be paid vnto my sonne in lawe 
ffrancklins daughter Elizabeth ffrancklin my grand- 
child my will is that if she die before the debt is due 
it shalbe thus disposed ten pounds of it shall goe to my 
Sonne Daniell Hovies Child Daniell Hdvey my grand child 
and the other seav[en]ty pounds shalbe divided betweene 
my Two sonnes John & Thomas Andrews and if those my 
Two sonnes should dye then thirty pounds should be divided 
betweene my kinsmen John Thomas & Robert Burnum by 
equall porcons. & Twenty more should goe to Humphry 
Gryfflns Two other sonnes & the other Twenty shall goe to 
Daniell Hovey. And because my sonne John Andrewes is 
yet vnder age I doe comend him vnto Thomas Howlet as hia 
Guardian vntill he shall come of age." 

Robert Andrews. 

Witness : William Knight, John Whipple, Thomas Scot 
and Joseph Metcalfe. 

Proved 26 : 1 : 1644. 

Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 6. 

Estate of Robebt Muzzey of Ipswich. 

" Januarij 5° AD 1642 I Robert Mussy of the Towne of 
Ipswich in New England expecting my change approaching 
though at p'^sent of firme memory & vnderstanding And de- 
siring seasonably to sett in order my estate of earthly goods 
that the lord hath gratiously given me doe thus dispose 
thereof in particulars as follow : ffirst I give & bequeath 
vnto Bridgett my wife the howse & howslott that lyes in the 
west street of the Towne neare ioyning to the howse of John 
Dane the elder w*'' the out howsen ptainyng vnto it during 
her life, and she to keepe it in sufficient repayring But the 
commonage ptayning to my howse & land I leave to be di- 
vided betwixt my wife & children according to the discretion 
of my overseers Alsoe the free vse of a peece of land that I 
bought latly of John Newman which of the quantity of six 
acres whether more or lesse ioyning to my farme on the south 
side of it at Egipt River and this for the terme of her wid- 
dowes estate. Likewise I give vnto her one of the bedds 
that I lye vpon (which she shall like best) the rugg one paire 
of blanketts and one paire of sheets one pillow & bowlster 
& two pillowbeeres to inioye them for the tyme of her wid- 
dowhood. I likewise give vnto my wife a morter bell mettle 
skillett an iron pott & pott hangers a Coltrell or tramell & a 
brasse kettle during her widdowhood moreover I give her 


two Ewe goates only willing if they prosp she give two Ewe- 
goates to my daughter Mary I alsoe give her the biggest 
chest but not to be carried out of my howse alsoe the table 
but both to be standing in the howse for my daughter Mary 
afterward : And as for such things as she brought with her 
I leave them wholly w'^'out any intermeddling therewith. 
Item I bequeath to Joseph my eldest sonne my farme w*** all 
the app'tuncs belonging vnto it lying on the other side of 
Egipt river only reserving a peece of land called the Cowleas 
and a peece of meadow adioyning to it called the rocky 
meadowes all which may containe Twenty acres Alsoe I give 
to him my muskett and what belongs to it Alsoe I give to 
him foure pewter platters And a felling axe two dubble 
hookes and my biggest fowling peece alsoe a firepan & tongs. 
And one bed & a paire of sheets a couerlett & a blankett the 
second biggest chest alsoe a paire of cobirons and a plow 
chaine & a spitt & three wedges & a warming pan two nar- 
row howes & one silver spoone Alsoe I give vnto him my 
dun mare, one diap napkin & two hoUan napkins one of the 
best hollan pillowbeeres all which I give to him & his heires 
for ever Item I give vnto my sonne Beniamin the Cowleas 
& the Eocky meadowe both adioyning to my farme alsoe a 
peece of land which was foremenconed to be my wives dur- 
ing the tyme of her widdowes estate & noe longer that I 
bought of John Newman containyng the quantity of six 
acres whether more or lesse that I give to my sonne Benia- 
min after her widdowhood likewise two silu spoones alsoe a 
Cowple of young steeres and one flockbed a paire of sheets a 
coverlett alsoe two hollan napkins & one hollan pillowbeere 
four pewters platters & a felling axe. Item I give to my 
daughter Mary the howse & howlott that lyes in the west 
street of the Towne neare adioyning to the house of John 
Dane the elder with the out howsen ptaining vnto it after the 
death of my wife. Alsoe I give vnto her foure cowes p'^sently 
after my decease alsoe a bull & a Cow calfe & foure ewe 
goates all these p'sently after my decease to be imployed for 
her best benefit I give her alsoe my best bible a great brasse 
pan to be reserved for her till she comes to yeares also a 
silver spoone alsoe a paire of the best sheets & two diap 
napkins foure peuter platters the broad box with all her 
mothers wearing linen. Item I give to my daughter Ellen a 
dripping pan a brasse candlestick a brasse skillet & a apitt. 
Alsoe I give vnto my daughter Ellen one yoak of oxen Item 
I give to the vse of the poore one Ewe goate to be disposed 
of by the overseers of my will to such as are godly onely the 


first yeares vse I appoynt to my brother Dane the elder if she 
brings kidds or else longer and when the goat growes old I 
will that one of the yonge ones be reserved for such a vse. I 
likewise intreete & appoynt m"' Bradstreet m' Dumer m' 
Rogers & m"^ Norton to be overseers of this my will to see 
the same faithfully pformed & leave what is doubtfuU & 
defective by them to be ordered & disposed moreover I de- 
sire m' Dumer to take Joseph m' Norton to take Beniamine 
& my daughter Mary if it pleaseth him when the overseers 
shall ioyntly see meet to take them from my wife my will 
likewise & meaning is that the stock which I give to my 
children seually shalbe in the hands & vse of each of those 
freinds that take them into their governm* giving assurance 
for the payment thereof vnto my children when they shall 
come to convenient age as to my two sonnes when they come 
to the age of one & twenty yeares & my daughter Mary at 
the age of eighteene yeares and for any aiddieon to be made 
to the p'^sent stock I leave it to the good will of those my 
frends on whom I repose the trust of their educacon. ffineally 
I appoynt Bridgett my wife the sole executrix of this my last 
will & testament And after all this what ever my overseers 
shall see remaining meet to be diuided I will that they dis- 
pose thereof equally amonge my three least children 

"In wittnes hereof I sett my hands & seale the day & yeare 
above written." (his mark) 

Eobert Muzzall 

Witness : John Daine, Humphry Bradstreet, William 
Norton and ffrancis Dane. 

" Item I give & bequeath vnto Joseph my eldest sonne 
one yoake of two yearling steers with my best yoake & a 
ehaine with my cart & plough Alsoe I give vnto him my 
dun mare Alsoe I give vnto him my grug axe alsoe I give 
to my Sonne Joseph one spade & shovell Alsoe I give vnto 
him three bills alsoe I give vnto him one yoake & a chayne 
alsoe I give vnto him my hand sawe a long saw alsoe I give 
vnto him the practice of piety alsoe I give vnto him my 
little hamer Alsoe I give vnto him my pisterill shot tmould 
alsoe a pitchforke alsoe a draught shave and a hatchett alsoe 
a sword & a fowling peece. Alsoe I give vnto my sonne 
Joseph m' Prestons works I alsoe give to him my best 
hammer alsoe I give vnto my sonne Joseph 2 S bullett 
moulds Alsoe 1 give to him my horse booke alsoe a pitch- 
forke alsoe I give to him my phizike booke alsoe I give to 
him my broad axe & frow alsoe I give to him a sword & a 
fowling peece alsoe I give to my daughter Mary m' Down- 


hams works & m' Dods works Alsoe I give to her my great 
butter churne alsoe I give vnto her the second best gowne & 
a green wastcote with all her owne mothers wearing linen 
And I give to my daughter Mary foure of the best ewe goats 
& a ram. Alsoe I give to my wife Bridget one of my form' 
wives best gownes and two of the best petticotes. 

" And I give vnto my two sonnes Joseph & Beniamin all my 
wearing cloathes & my bootes & stockins and shoes. 

« IS*"" of this first month 1643. My will is that whereas I 
gave vnto my wife two ewe goates that now she shall have 
in the lieu of them one milch cowe vntill the tyme of her 
death and after her decease to return e to my daughter Mary 
Item my will is that whereas I gave to my two sonnes Joseph 
& Beniamin either of them a pillow-beere now my will is that 
my daughter Mary should have them Item whereas I gave to 
my daughter Ellen a yoke oxen now my will is that my eldest 
Sonne Joseph should have them & that he in consideracon 
of them after the terme of seaven yeares after my decease 
shall pay vnto my daughter Ellen sixteene pounds in Cuntry 
paye Item whereas I gave vnto my daughter Mary foure 
Cowes & a Bull now my will is that she shall have two cowes 
one bull & three yearling hefEers and one two yearling heffer. 

" These alteracons vnder the date of the 18*" of y* first 
month 1643 were made & written by the appoyntment of 
Robert Mussy being of pfect memory." 

Witness : Robert Payne, John Whipple. 

"Proved by Robert Payne and John Whipple, May 16, 
1644, except that clause concerning the ewe goat given to the 
poore & the vse to John Dane for the first yeare ; otherwise 
by word of mouth disposed of viz : to the widdow Vernham 
for that yeare." 

Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 40. 

Inventory taken 2:2: 1644, by Robert Payne and John 
Whipple : in the hall : one small ioynd table, 6s. ; one ioyned 
chest, 5s. ; 2 small fowling peeces, 16s. ; 12 pewter dishes, 
one chamb. pott with some other small peeces of pewter, Hi. 
10s. ; 3 kettles, one old caldron, one brasse pan, 2 skilletts, 
one warming pan, 21i. 5s. ; one iron pott, one brasse pott, 6s. ; 
3 payles, one Cowle, one firkin, two charnes, one beere ves- 
sell, 10s. ; 4 silu. spoones, Hi. 6s. 8d. ; 3 bibles with other 
bookes. Hi. ; one paire cobirons, one paire tongs, one fire pan, 
6s. 8d. ; 2 spitts, one paire tramells & one gridiron, 5s. ; 2 
swords, 6s. 8d. ; 2 fether bedds, 2 fether boulsters & 2 pil- 
lowes, 31i. 10s. ; one paire blanketts, one rugg, 10s. ; one 


flockbed, one other featherbed, 2 paire blanketts & 2 cover- 
letts, Hi. J one great chest, one small chest, one box, one 
trunk, 16s. ; one table cloth, 5 napkins, 3 diap. napkins, 3 
paire pillowbeeres, 18s. ; 5 paire sheets, 2 towells, Hi. 5s. ; 
all his wearing apparrell, 51i. ; 2 candlesticks, one pestle & 
morter with other implements, 5s. ; 3 axes, 2 howes, 2 sawes 
with other working tooles, 15s. ; 2 plow chaynes, one cowlter, 
one share, one wayne, 2 yoaks, lli. 5s. ; 3 Cowes, 121i. , 2 
oxen, 121i. ; 2 steers, 61i. ; one hefEer, 31i. ; one bull, 31i. ; 3 
yearlings, 41i. 10s. ; one mare, 71i. ; 7 gotes, 7 kidds, 31i. 7s. ; 
3 calves, lli. 16s.; 3 piggs, one sowe. Hi.; one cow hide, 
12s. ; 2 calves skins, 4 goat skins, 4s. ; in mony, 13s. ; a debt 
due from Joseph Jewett, 21i. 15s. ; total, 821i. 19s. 4d. 

Inventory taken May 16, 1644, by Tho. Scott, Thomas 
Hewlett and John (his mark) Gage : one silu. whissell & a 
Corall, 2s. 6d. ; come upon the ground, 31i. ; come upon the 
chamb., 18s. ; 4 hogsheads & some old trayes & a peece of an 
old heire, 7s. 6d. ; some other small things, 2s. memord. one 
blankett was sett downe on the other side more then was. 

This addition together with the rest of the inventory 
sworn to by Brigitt, wife of Thomas Eowlison, late wife of 
Kobert Mussey, 17 : 2 : 1648. She had been instructed by 
the Court to go to such members of the Court as should be 
together in the meeting house of Ipswich on April 17th and 
perfect the first inventory, 

Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 42. 

27 : 1 : 1649, Joseph Mussye judged to be twenty-one 
years old, and his portion to be paid him. Ipswich Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 2, leaf 16. 

Mary Muzye, " being of age," according to her father's 
will, on 26 : 1 : 1651, chose Mr. John Norton for her guardian 
and gave him power to dispose of her in marriage. Ipswich 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 2, leaf 23. 

Estate of Hugh Churchman of Lynn. 

" I heugh Churchman of Len do macke this my last will as 
foloeth : first, I give my howse and Lot ||in Len|| w*" ale 
my march and ale other the apurtenances tharevnto belong- 
ing to wilyam wenter tel his son Josias shale atayen the age 
of twenty one yeares and then to his son Josias and his 
Ayeres for ever : w*"' this Condicon that he shale paye to his 
sister hanna winter ten poundes w**' in one hole year after the 
aforsayed Josias winter shale atayen the age of twenty one 
yeares and if he shale Eef euse to paye to his sister hana win- 


ter ten poundes of Corant money then my will is that hanna 
winter shale have the howse and lot w*** ale and singeler the 
apurtenances to her and her ayeres for ever and she shall 
paye to her brother Josias ten poundes : and my will is that 
if the aforesaid Josias shale dy before he shale atayen the 
age of twenty & one yeares that then the aforsayed hanna 
shale have it w*''out paying aney thing out of it : and my will 
is further that if the aforsayed Josias and hanna shale booth 
dy before that theye shale atayen the age of twenty one 
yeres that then wilyam winter or his now wif or the longer 
liver of them shale have it to them and thar Ayeres for 
ever : I do give to the widow Androes that thre shilinges 
that she oethe me and further I do giv her one buchel of 
Ingen Coren to be payed w'Mn one moneth after my 
death : I do give gorge far one buchel ale so to be payed 
at the same tyem : I do ale so give to edward burt ten shil- 
inges to be payed w*''in one hole yer after after my death : 

1 ale so give to m"^ whiten and m' Cobet : five shilinges apece 
to be payed w*Mn one hole year after my death : ale the Rest 
of my goodes or Chateles vnbequeaved I give to wilyam win- 
ter whom I do macke sole exeter to this my will in witnese 
whar of I have her vnto put my hand the fourth daye of the 
fourth mounth in the sixtenth year of the Eayen of ower 
soveran lord Charles by the grace of god Kyng of Ingland 
Scotland ffrance and Irland &c 1640." 

hegh Churchman. 
Salem Quarterly Court Files, vol, 1, leaf 20. 

Witness : Zacheus Gould. 

Proved 9:5: 1644, by Zacheus Gould. Salem Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 2, page 154. 

Inventory taken 4 : 6 mo : 1644, by Nathaniel Tiler, Hugh 
Burtt and Robert Driver: Wearing aparrill, 21i. ; straw 
bed, two blankits, tow pillows, three shetes, Hi. ; little iron 
pot, little bras cettle & a friing pan, 10s. ; puter pint pot & 2 
sponns, 2s. ; grediron, pot hookes and bellowes, 2s. ; one trofe 
with a cover and a little kneding trof, one tra, and other 
woden dishes & trenchers, 6s. 8d. ; 2 emti cask, a pale, a peck 
and a haUe peck, 4s. 6d. ; 2 chestes, 4s. ; shers and presing 
iron and yard & a qushing. Is. 6d. ; betle and wedgis, 2 axis, 

2 sawes, 2 hows and other working towls, 16s. ; a flich of ba- 
con, 6s. ; puter Chamber pot, Is. ; a bed cradle,with other lum- 
ber,3s. ; 20 bushels wheat,41i. : 4 bushils Indian,12s. ; 2 bushils 
barly veri cors & musti, 4s. 6d. ; 3 bags. Is. 6d. ; a bible with 
another booke, 4s. ; come one the ground, 211. 10s. ; debts 
due, Hi. ; 4 scins, 68. ; total, 141i. 14s. 8d. Atendance in his 


siknes & chargis at his buriall, Hi. 15s. 6d. Debts owing by 
him, 26s. 3d. House, lot and marsh appraised at 61i. Salem 
Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 20. 

Estate of Eobbet Lewis of Newbubt. 

Inventory of estate of Eobert Lewis, deceased, brought in 
10 : 6 : 1644, and referred to the Governor to take oath. John 
Croxen swore that the deceased made Goody Jackson, wife of 
John, his executrix to pay his debts and give the remainder 
to his wife and child. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 2, 
page 157. 

Liventory of estate of Eobert Lewis, deceased May 4, 1643, 
taken 6: 5: 1644, by Goodman Edwards and Goodman 
Prince : Mr. Fowles bill, 71i. ; bill of John Bond, 31i. 20s. ; 
Eichard HoUingsworths bill, Hi. 7s. : his best clothes, 16s. ; 
2 yards 1/2 ell of kersie, 9s. ; ould hat, 7s. ; ould stufEe dub- 
lett, 3s. ; a cotten wasecoate, 3s. ; cotten paire of breeches and 
wasecoate, and a paire of Cotten stockeings, 3s. ; paire stock- 
ings, 2s. ; 2 shertts, 7s. ; cotten sheete, 5s. ; 10 yards of lock- 
rum, lis. 8d. ; 4 bands, 2s. 6d. ; a chist, 5s. ; a bible, 8s. ; 
hatte, 7s.; paire shewes, 4s. ; one pillow, 2s. ; total, 261i. 12s. 
8d. Salem Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 21. 

Estate op Joanna Cummings of Salem. 

" I Jone Comins : dow give vnto my sonn John affter my 
death my house & ground & my gote : & my sow & he shall 
give vnto gooman Cornish a hog pig of tow months ould : 
m'' :es noris shall have my mufe. I dow give my Cow to m[y] 
gran Child mary Bourne : [I dow give ||all|| my best Apparil 
& Beding & bed to my Gran Child Johanah to by a heafer of 
tow yere ould to bee put forth for hir good & that wich ken a 
parte of that to my sonn John to Buery mee with all.*] 

" I will have my debtes to bee payed out of the pipe staves 
& that wich Eemaynes to bee giuen the one halfe to my 
granchild mary borne & the other halfe to Johanah borne my 
gran Child. 

" I will haue all my best Apparel bed & bedding & all my 
houso^Jd goods sould : & out of that a heafer of tow yere 
ould to bee bought for Johanah Bourne & \\erefr to burie 
mee II I give to m' Noris Twenty shilings & to the Church 
twenty shilings : desiring y" to Exsept so smal a gift I giue 
to goody Cotta my Blew pettioote & a wast Cote. My trunck 
& Cloth vpon it Goodye wathin shall haue it for tenn shilings 
& the feet to bare it vp with & Goody || wathin n shall bee 
*The words enclosed in brackets are crossed out in the original. 


payed what I owe hir & the Eest to the deacons for them to 
giue wher Is appoynted Goody ffeld shall haue my lom pot 
at 4* a pound to bee payed that I owe hir & that w""» Eemaines 
to the dacuns I giue to goody Beacham a petticot with 3 
laces about & a green savegard & an ould wast Cote & an 
ould linin Change I giue to Ann shiply Tow linin Changes. 
I give goodman boyce an ould blanckit we [is] vp in the 
Chamber & a pilow wich he hath a Eedie what so euer is 
vnder my bed 1 giue to goody Corning & goody wathin to bee 
Equally deuided I giue John brownes wife a whit Cutworke 
Coyfe : I giue goody wathin a black Coyfe w*" a lace : a 
grograne Coyfe : I giue my whit Has wast Cot & ould hat to 
Deborah wathin I giue goody fEeld one of my lase han car- 
chefes wi"" is at good bornes 

" I desire That ||thel| Tow deacons m' Got: & goodman 
home : that they shall haue the ordring & desposing of these 
things in my will to Improve for the Childrens good : y* it 
may not bee bangled away The 11 of the : 3d : month Caled 
may beeing the last day of the week." 

Jone Comins 
her mark her mark 

"Witness : Mary 8 Beacham, Elizabeth VI Corning, 
her mark 
Elnor M Wathin. 

Proved 10 : 5 : 1644. 

On the same paper upon which the will is written the tes- 
tatrix gives a list of her debts, viz : " I owe to John Matt- 
stone, 25s., upon his covenant concerning my house ; M'is. 
Goose for a pound of sugar ; Goody Feld, 3s. 6d. ; Mr. Cocall, 
Is. «5d. ; Good Masse, 6d. ; ould Knight, 3s. 6d. ; yong Goody 
Lech, 8d. ; something to Goodman Salace, let him tell it, and 
the deacon will pay it ; Goodman Salace, 5s ; and Goody 
Sharman in the Bay, 6d." 

Inventory taken 17 : 3 : 1644, by Gervase Garford, JefEerie 
Massey and Georg Emery ; House and quarter acre of 
ground, with the corn upon it, 31i; ewe goat, 7s.; spotted 
sowe, 18s. ; milch cowe, 5Ii. 10s. ; fether bed and flocke boul- 
ster. Hi. 15s. ; 1 green rugge, 10s. ; 1 litle fether pillow, Is. 
6d. ; 3 blankits whitt, 14s. ; one littell Darnix curtayn. 3s. ; 
2200 pipe stavs of whitt oake, 81i. 16s. ; one sad coUored 
Carsy gowen and hud sutable, lli. ; 1 stamill Carsy peetty 
coot mitered about the scirts with vellvit, lli. 6s. 8d. ; 1 green 
Carsy petticot, 3 laces, 10s. ; 1 blew petticote, 7s. ; 1 stufe 
petticoot, 7s.; 1 blacke wastcoot. Is. ; 1 red cotton shage wast- 
cot, 3s. ; 1 whit shagg wastcoot, 5s. ; 1 blacke cloake, Is. ; 1 


blacke grogerane Goune, Hi. 6s. ; 1 wastcoot and pettiooote, 
12s. ; 1 tauny seay appron, 2s. ; 1 green say appron, Is. ; 5 
Corse sheets, Hi. ; 1 blacke hatt, 4s. ; 2 callico approns lased 
about, 58.; 9 Crostcloths, last and playn, 4s. 6d. ; 2 Coyfes, 
one Cutworke, one blacke worke, 2s. 6d. ; 4 hancherifs, more 
playn, Is. ; 2 payer stockins, 28.; 1 brass morter & pestell, 
3s. 4d. ; shifs ould, 7s. ; 1 lining pillabear, 2s. ; looking glass, 
3s. ; blew apron, 6d. ; payer of sboos, Is. 6d. ; trunke with 
a foot, 14s. 6d. ; littell Box with locke & key. Is. 6d. ; carpitt 
and tabell, 7s. 8d. ; one muf e, 2s. ; Chamber pott, 6d. ; 2 syves, 
2s. ; tubs and paylls, 8s. ; littel barrill, Is. ; pare bellows. Is. ; 
Iron pott and hanger, 8s. ; bras kettell and scellit, 6s. ; whell, 
4s. J Candell sticke, 4d. ; total. 331i. 

Salem Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 22. 

Inventory taken "divers years agoe " by Henry Skerry and 
Georg Emery, but received 14 : 11 : 1646 ; The house & lot 
at home & the tenn Aker lot & the come upon them both, 
221i. ; halfe an aker of salte marsh. Hi. 10s. ,• 1 heafer of 2 
yeares old & vantage, 31i. 10s. ; 2 swine, Hi. 10s. ; 1-2 a 
canowe, 6s. ; 2 fethar bedes, 4 bolsters, 3 pillowes, 31i. ; 5 
blankets, 1 ruge & one covering, 10s. ; 6 dieper napkines & 2 
tow towaJles, 78, ; 3 par of sheetes, lli. 4s. ; 1 warminge pan, 
6s. 8d. ; 1 trunke & 2 chaistes, 15s. ; 9 peeces of putor, 15s. ; 
3 boxes for lining, 4s. ; 1 bedstead, 4s. ; 1 brase kettell & a 
skellet & 2 skimmers, 63. 8d. ; 2 chayers & a forme, 4s. ; 1 
Iron pott, 6s. ; 1 payer of sheetes more, 10s. ; glasses, trayes 
& earth weare & other old lumber, 68. ; total, 391i. 3s. 4d. 
Salem Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 66. 

Estate of John Mattox of Salem. 
Will of John Mattox proved 10 : 5 : 1644, by Thomas 
Pickton and inventory brought in. Salem Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 2, page 157. 

Inventory of estate of John Mattackes, deceased Apr. 22, 
1643, taken 6 : 5 mo : 1644, by Goodman Edwards and Good- 
man Prince : bill of Mr. Powles, 51i. ; John Buds bill, 21i, 
7s. ; bill of John Bonds, 21i. 16s. 9d. ; best shute, lli. 10s. ; 
ould shnte of truokinge Clothe, 4s.; cotten shute, 6s. 6d.; 
ould Cloth shute, 10s. ; ould graye shorte Coate, 28. ; paire 
of knitt stockings, 2s.; 4 bands, 6s.; paire of Cloth stock- 
ings, 2s.; paire of Eussitt bootes, lis.; paire of Canvis 
sheetes, 208. ; 2 shertes, 78. ; Chistle, 4s. ; ould blanckitt, 28. ; 
paire of shewes, 4s. ; ould hatt, 4s. ; 4 Eaile hoockes, 4s. ; an 
old pillow, 2s. 6d, ; paire of shewes, 4s. Total, 141i. 13s. 9d. 
Salem Quarterly Cmtrt Files, vol. 1, leaf 21. 

the probate records op essex cottnty. 37 

Estate of Thomas Payne of Salem. 

" Touching the outward estate & goods of this life god 
liath ben pleased to lend me, I Thomas Payne doe in this 
my last will & testam* thus bequeath them as foUoweth : 
ffirst unto my wife I give my house I now live in, gardens & 
houcefitting with my two acre lotte with the pfitts accrewing 
therefrom during her life ; commending unto my Son Thom- 
as the care of his mother, & the diligent iraprovem* of the 
sayd ground, to his mothers use ; during her life, in consid- 
eration whereof, he to have his dwelling with his mother, & 
II the II forth pte of the pfitts of the lott, & the third pte of 
the pfitts of the garden so improued by him during the sayd 
terme of time. It, I give unto my wife the bedstead Beding 
& there appurtenances as they now stand in the hall. Item 
I bequeath my pte of the Ship Mary-Anne of Salem, to be 
sold, & my debts to be payd. And the residue of the monies 
with the rest of my goods to be devided as foUoweth. Item 
I giue Thomas my Son my Loomes & Sluices with there ap- 
purtenances concerning his trade of a weaver. Item I give 
the s** Thomas one Coifer wch was his grandfathers. Item I 
give unto my three Sons my ten Acre lott & my one Acre of 
meddow to be equally shared amongst them. Item concern- 
ing the residue of the monies arising from my pte in the 
Ship, & the rest of ray goods I bequeath them to be valued 
reasonably, & equaley devided to my wife & my Children, 
my wife to haue the choise of the first pte excepted : & my 
Children to share in the rest as their ptes fall, pvided alwaies 
& reserved out of the sayd goods one fetherbed lying on the 
trundle bed with coverlett & blankett, one bolster & pillow, 
w"'' I give & bequeath unto mary my daughter. Item I giue 
my house wherein my wife should live, with the goods re- 
maining of hers, to be sold after her decease, & the monies 
to be equally divided amongst my children. It my mill left 
in the hands of Henery Blomfeild my kinsman, I bequeath 
to be sold, & the monies thereof returned into my execute's 
handf, & so to be equally divided to my wife & children. Item 
I Constitute & appoyn* Thomas my Son execute' to this my 
will & m' John fiske of Salem Suprevisor. in witnes wherof 
I have heereunto sett my hand & scale the 10*'^ of this p'sent 
2* month in the yeere 1638." 

Thomas Payne. 
Witness : John ffiske, John Thurston, 

her mark 

Mary X Beechum 


Will brought into court 10m : 1642 ; proved 10 : 5 : 1644, 
by John Thurston. 

Salem Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 23. 

Estate of Mabgebt Wathin of Salem. 

Inventory of estate of widow Wathen brought into court 
27 : 6 : 1644, The two deacons of Salem, Mr. Charles Gott 
and John Home, appointed executors. Nathaniel Porter took 
oath in court. Salem Quarterly Court Seeords, vol. 2, page 163. 

Inventory taken 20 : 5 : 1645, by Peeter Palfray, William 
Alford and Nathaniel Porter : One greene mgge, 15s. ; white 
blanket, 6s. 6d. ; one white blanket, 2s. 6d. ; 1 white course 
ould rugge. Is. ; 1 mixt color Coverlett, 7s. ; 1 pare of grene 
say curtaines & vallences, 12s. ; 1 stripte carpet & cubberd 
cloth, 12s. ; 1 red bearing blanket with 2 gr : Laces, 10s. ; 1 
flock bed, 2 flock boulsters & one feather pillow & one boul- 
ster tike, Hi. 5s. 6d. ; one ould stockbed & Cradlebed, 5s. ; 1 
purple goune of cloth lined with gr : say, Hi. 4s. ; one purple 
wastcloth laced, 7s. ; 1 red petecote & wastcloath, 18s. ; 1 
tawny cloake cloth, 5s. 6d. ; one ould mixt color cloth gowne, 
5s.; one russet gowne of cloth ript open, 16s.; one pr. petu- 
ana hoods, 3s. ; one ould purple petecoate & wastcloth cloth, 
6s. ; 1 pr. of white blankets, 1 being litle, 8s. ; 1 tawny dublet 
& portingal cap, 5s. ; 1 ruset pr. aprons, 4s. 6d. ; 2 pr. aprons 
1 say & 1 linsy wolsey, 5s. 2d. ; 1 hoUand white wastcloth, 
6s. ; 1 hoUand aprone, 6s. 8d. ; apron of fleecy hoUand, 3s.; 
4 necke handkerchiefes laced, 5s. 4d. ; 1 neck handcherchief , 
8d; 3 plaine neck handkerchefes, 3s. ; 3 pocket handkerchiefs, 
Is. ; 3 pocket handkerchiefes & 1 long neckcloth, 6d. ; 3 laced 
neckclothes at 18d. pr. & 2 at 6d. pr., 5s. 6d. ; 2 plaine cros- 
clothes at 3d. pr., 6d. ; 1 white wrought eoife. Is. 6d. ; 4 
white stuff ooyfes, 6d. pr., 2s. ; 3 ould coyfes, 2d. pr., 6d. ; 2 
hoUand coyfes and an ould one, 2s. 6d. ; 3 white stuff 
stomachers, 6d. ; 3 white wrought stomachers, 2s. 2d. ; 1 pr. 
white knit thrid gloves. Is. 4d. ; 1 pr. handcuffs & 1 yd. 
seaming lace, 5d. ; white & colored thrid, 3d. ; 1 silke girdle, 
Is. 8d. ; 1 yd. of stript callico. Is. ; 1 bundle of smal linen 
in a corse cloth, 6s. ; 1 hoUand sheet with a seaming lace, 

; 1 pr. ould flaxen sheets, ; 10 sheetes, 1 course 

one, 21i. ; 2 flaxen tablecloathes, 3s. 6d. ; 1 wrought towell, 
ould fushion, 2s. 4d. ; 2 boulster cases, 5s. ; 1 pr. pillowbeares, 
8s. ; 1 pr. Scotch cloth pillowbeares, 4s. ; 1 pillowbeare with 
tossells, 2s. 6d. ; 1 pr. flaxen pillowbeares, 4s. 6d. ; 1 fringed 
& 1 diap. napkin. Is. 4d. ; 4 short napkins , 3s. ; 6 flaxen 
napkins, 6s. ; 4 napkins, 2 towells, 3s. 4d. ; 5 childs beds, 9d. j 


woomen's sMftes, 16s. 6d. ; 1 pr. cotten gloves & 1 straddle 
md, la. 6d. ; 1 rema* painted 1 imbroyderd girdle, Is. 8d. ; 
pr. ould shooes, 2s. 6d. ; .1 white apron, 3d. ; 1 blew apron, 
necke handkerchief, 16d. delivred to Deborah for Mrs. 
raske to pay for, 8s. 2d.; 1 bed cord, Is. 8d.; 1 pr. ould 
'osted stockings, lOd. ; 1 flannel neckcloth, 9d. ; 6 bags, 4s. 
d. ; 2 hatts, 4s. ; bible & one testament, 9s. ; 24 ould books, 
s. ; 4 chests, a settle & a box, Hi. ; 1 pr. whalebone bodyes, 
cotton wastooate & 2 cloake buttons, 7s. ; 341i. pewter at 
d.. Hi. 5s. 6d.; 121i. kettle brass at 12d., 12s. ; 2 skimmers, 
s. ; ould iron & tooles. Hi. ; 2 brass candlesticks, 2s. 4d. ; 1 
ox, smothing iron, Is. 4d. ; 1 whipsaw, 1 ould gun, 1 spit, 
ailes, etc., 12s. ; 2 brass potts. Hi. 15s. ; 1 case with 5 bot- 
sUs, 2s. ; 1 glew pott. Is. & 1 looking glass. Is., 2s. ; 2 
arthern potts & yarne, 2s. ; chaires, woodden dishes, 10s. ; 
rood & timber, 6s. 8d. ; come, 6s. 6d. ; 6 barrells, 4s. ; 1 
LOUse, 71i. 10s. ; halfe a heifer at Goodman Southwickes, 15s. ; 
ne heifer at Mr. Batters farme, 31i. 6s. ; total, 391i. 43s. 5d. 
)rder of court, 3 : 11 : 1644, for disposal of goods for settle- 
dent of estate signed by Jo. Endecott, Govr. Salem Quar- 
erly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 25. 

Court ordered (signed by Jo. Endecott, govr.), 3 : 11 mo : 
L644, that the estate of Widow Margery Wathen to be dis- 
)0sed of according to her will by the two deacons of Salem, 
Wj. Charles Gott and John Home. p. curia, Eaph Fogg. 
Salem Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 25. 

Ezekiell Wathen, a boy of about eight years and a half, 
jommitted to Tho. Abre, 27 : 6 : 1644, as an apprentice until 
le is twenty years old, if his master live so long. Salem 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 2, page 163. 

Court ordered, 30 : 10 : 1647, that Thomas Abree of Salem 
iave one quarter of that house, sometime of the widow 
Wathen, deceased, and one quarter of one year's rent of the 
same for the use of Ezekiell Wathen, who is committed to 
bim. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 2, page 226. 

Estate of John Talbet of Salem. 

Inventory of estate of John Talbey, taken 11m : 1644, by 
Peter Palfrey and William Lord : 20 bushels Indian Come, 
21i. 13s. 4d. ; 3 pekes oates, 78. ; apparrell and beding, 10s. ; 
a Cannoe, Hi. : a Ten acre lott, 31i. ; brasse kettels, 14s. ; one 
Barrel & one Tub, 5s. ; one old axe, etc., 3s. 6d.; one axe 
more, 4s. ; spookshave, Is. ; one wheele to spin with, 4s. ; 
rakes and rake hedds, 73. 8d. ; 2 Chares, Is. Debts due unto 


him : from William Bayley, Hi. 15s. ; Richard Singeltarie 

of Salesberie, Hi. 6s. ; Richard Edwards, 8s. ; Mr. man, 

3s. lid. Anne, Stephen and their elder brother John Talby 
to have certain parts of the estate. Salem Qviurterly Court 
Files, vol. 1, leaf 26. 

Estate of Margaret Pease of Salem. 

" the first day : T : munth 1644. This is the last will off 
margit pease. That is that her grane childe John pease the 
Sonne off Robert pease shall with the rest of her goods be 
put oner to Thomas : wadsson off sallme to be as her true 
fefEeye ofE trust to despoes off her estate as she dereckteth : 
at this tyme beinge in parfite memory fist yt as before Tht 
the sed John pease shall be give frely to the sed Thomas 
wadsson that he shall desposse off him as his one child and : 
seconly : yt the housse she liff in & with the ground belon- 
inge ther to shall be give to the sed John pease all soe haffe 
an acker off Indon come all soe he is to have my heffer all 
soe y* John shell have my bede and all yt belonges to it all 
soe that her grane childern the childern off Robert peasse 
her Sonne she givth to the rest off them the tow gottes & kids 
to be equally despossed a monge them and all her mouffeabell 
goods are to be at thomas wadsho despoes for the good off 
John, all soe her grane childe Robert pease shell have : her 
lesser chist and y* if yt the sed John pease die then his 
brother Robert pease must have the rest off the estatte and~ 
all yt doughter pease the wiffe off Robert pease is to have 
my best cloth gowne and all partiqlers are not set dun the 
same mst Thomas wadson is to desposse off it for the good 
off John her grane childe." [No signature.] 

Witness : John Barbor, Obadiah (his mark) Huellme. 

Proved 1 : 11 : 1644, by the witnesses. 

Petition of Robert Pease, son of Robert Pease, who had 
been allowed 61i. out of his father's estate by the court ; he 
now desires to know how the money shall be paid, and hav- 
ing remained twelve months with his mother, now wishes to 
be free to choose a master and to have sufB.oient clothing to 
fit him out. Ann, wife of Robert Isbell, testified that after 
widow Margaret Pease had made a written will, she gave to 
Faith Barber her best red petticoat ; also that Susan, wife of 
Henry Bullock, deceased, was present when bequest was made. 
Salem Qiiarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 35. 

Inventory taken by John Alderman and John Bulfinche : 
1 fether bed, 2 Bolsters, 4 pillowes, 2 blanketts, one coverlid, 


21i. ; 4 courtaynes & 4 rods of Iron, lis. ; one Payr of fine 
sheets, 12s. ; two Pilcovrs and two Payer of course sheets, 
10s. ; one cloth gowne, 10s. ; one stuffe gowne, 12s. ; one red 
Petticote, 13s. 4d.; two old Puttieoats, 6s.; two old wascoats, 
4s. ; one red wastcoat, 6s. ; two hoods, 5s. ; one Cloake, 5s. ; 
one greene apron an a hatt, 4s. ; 14 peeces of Small and 
great Pewter, 10s. ; one small brasse morter and Pestle, Is. 
6s. ; tow Cettles and an old Cettle, 12s. ; one brasse Pott, 7s. ; 
one frying pan and an old warming Pan with a paire of tongs 
and an old fire shovell, 3s. 4d. ; on pair of bellows and a 
payr of doges and a pott hanger and a skillett, 5s. ; one whele, 
2s. 5d. ; two chests, 5s. 5d. ; tow old chayres and a old Bar- 
rel and a Payle with all other things that are not seene, 2s. ; 
tow bushells of come and tow busshels of Indian come, 13s. 
4d. ; half acre of Indian come, 16s. ; som rye that is betwine 
Goodman Suthweeks and Goodwiffe Pease, 4s. ; one earlinge 
heifer, 21i. 10s. ; for Pte of a sowe and one Pig, 12s. 3d. ; the 
howse and 3 quarters of an acre of ground. Hi. 10s. ; two 
goats and a kid, 18s. ; Marie Pease oweth her mother Pease, 
lli. ; Mr. Bacon owth Megerett Pease, lOs. ; Goodman Bar- 
bour oweth me a bushell of come, 2s. 8d. Total, 191i. 2s. 8d. 
Note of charges layed out by Thomas Wattson for wid. Mar- 
garet Pease : To Mr. Eucke for bread and beere and wyne, 
16s. 8d. ; to Goodwife Bullocke for fyve days attendance in 
sickness, 7s. 6d. ; to Goodman Burcham for her Cofiftne, 6s. ; 
for making her grave, Is. ; to William Woodbery for keeping 
a heifer and for some part of wyntering her, 7s. 6d. ; to the 
ferryman to bring her over the water, lOd. ; for writinge. Is. ; 
total, 21i. 6d. Salem Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 36. 

Inventory was brought in 1 : 11 : 1644, and sworn to by 
Obadiah Holme and Jno. Barber. Upon request of An, wife 
of Kobt. Isbell, Goodwife Watson must allow her for her 
pains, or else the court will. Salem Quarterly Court Records, 
vol. 2, page 171. 

On 30 : 4 : 1652, Eobert Pease and his brother John 
Pease, both of Salem, acknowledged a bill, dated 6 : 11 : 
1651, to Tho. Watson, in regard to the estate of their grand- 
mother, Margaret Pease, of whom said Watson was a feoffee. 
Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 3, leaf 40. 

Estate op Isabel West or Salem. 

Inventory of estate of Isabel West, taken 30 : 10 : 1644, 
by Henr. Skerry, Eobert Cotta and George Eopes, brought 
into court 2 : 11 : 1644 : House and tow acres of ground, 


41i.; 10 acre lot in North Feld, 71i.; 10 acre lot on dabyfort 
side, 21i. 10s. ; foure gofces, Hi. 8s. ; one sowe, Hi. 6s. ; sawes, 
10s. ; playnes, Ackes & sawes & other smale toules, Hi. 14s. ; 
an lorne persters & 6 bites belonging to it, 5s. ; 16 bushels 
of Indian corne, 21i. 8s. ; 5 bushels pease, Hi. ; a grinding 
stone & the iron of it, 14s. ; Three ould howes, 2s. 6d. ; an 
ould spad & a matock, 2s. 6d. ; one Joynt Chest, lOs. -, one 
sea chest, 5s. ; one fether bed & tow boulsters, 21i. ; one ould 
f ether bed & two boulsters, Hi. ; one rugge & 2 ould blanketts. 
Hi. 10s.; pare of sheetes & a bedsted, Hi. 5s. ; old pare of 
sheetes, table cloth & a pilabere, 5s. ; 2 ould Jerkines, 10s. ; 
one hat, 10s. ; a whele, 8s. ; one iorne pot, 10s. ; ould iron 
pot & an Iron skelet, 13s. ; puter plates & dishes, 16s. ; bras 
Cetel & a bras skelet & 2 brase Candelsticks, 16s. ; tow 
Cheares & tow Cushenes, 6s. ; fringpan pot hokes & pot hang- 
ers, pare of trays, 10s. ; chest, 3s. ; pales, trayes, dishes & 
spoones, 10s. ; 2 peeces of bacon, 10s. ; debts due from Nath^ 
aniel Vering, 31i. ; John Thore, 21i. ; John Whitlook, 31i. ; 
Thomas Smith, 30s., and James Smith, 20s., 21i. lOs. ; Philip 
Udale, Hi. ; other small debts. Hi. 7s. ; a spit & a sawe, lOs. ; 
other debts, 21i. 8s.; total, 541i. 12s. — Salem Quarterly Court 
Files, vol. 1, leaf 24. 

Estate of Eobeet Pease op Salem. 

Robt. Peas died intestate, and his son Eobt. Pease was 
committed to his mother, Marie Pease, who was appointed 
administratrix of the estate. Inventory brought in 3 : llmo : 
1644. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 2, page 172. 

Inventory of estate of Robert Pease of Salem, late de- 
ceased, taken 3 : 11 mo : 1644, by Jo. Alderman and Myhill 
Shaiiinge (also Michaell Shaflen) : ffyve ewe goats and three 
lambs, 31i. 6s. ; iron pott and iron kettle, a posnett and tow 
Pewter dishes, with other small things of pewter, Hi. ; one 
Conell, tube, three trays and one paile, 7s. ; one flockbede, a 
teike, one Cowhide and a little ruge. Hi. 10s. ; one sheet, one 
Pilowbere, 3s. 4d. ; one stone hammer, two trowells, one lath- 
ing hammer & axe, 6s. ; one Barrall and a Pecke, 2s. 6d. ; 
one Chest and a little table board, 5s. ; an acre of wheat, one 
of Barly, an acre of Pease, 21i. ; 2 acres Indian Corne, lOli. ; 
one muskett with Bandileers and the sword, 16s. ; one house 
and a Barne and 11 acres of ground, 141i. ; 2 shuts of aparell 
and a Coate, 31i. lOs. ; one hatte, one Payr of stockins, one 
payre of shoos, two shirts, 2 bands, 10s. ; a sack. Is. ; swyne. 
Hi. 6s. 8d.; a Cannew, 10s. ; total, 391i. 12s. 6d. Indebted to 
several persons, 6Ii. Widow Marie Pease appointed admin- 


istratrix 3 : 11 mo : 1644. Eobert Pease was the eldest son 
of the deceased, and John Pease the second son. There were 
other young children. The deceased's mother is mentioned. 
" Abraham " is also mentioned. Salem Quarterly Court Files, 
vol. 1, leaf 24. 

Estate op Eichaed Ingebsoll of Salem. 

" July 21, 1644. I Eichard IngersoU of Salem in the 
County, of Essex in New England being weak in body, but 
through God's mercy in perfect memory, doe make this my 
last will and testament as followeth viz. I give to Ann my 
wife all my estate of land, goods & chattels whatsoever ex- 
cept as followeth viz. I give to George IngersoU my son six 
acres of meadow lying-in the great meadow. Item I give 
to Nathaniel IngersoU, my youngest son a parcell of ground 
with a little frame thereon, which I bought of John '2\_ease?'] 
but if the said Nathaniel dy without issue of his body law- 
fully begotten then the land aforesaid to be equally shared 
between John IngersoU my son, & Eichard Pettingell & Wil- 
liam Haines my sons in law. I give to Bathsheba my young- 
est daughter two cowes. I give to my youngest daughter 
Alice Walcott my house at town with 10 acres of upland & 
meadow after my wife's decease." E (his mark V) I. 

" I read this will to Eichard IngersoU & he acknowledged 
it to be his will. Jo. Endecott." 

Witness : Townsend Bishop. 

Proved Jan. 2, 1644-5. Inventory taken Oct. 4, 1644. 
Probate papers in the Quarterly Court Beoords copied by 
Joshua Coffin and now in the Probate Registry, vol. 1, page 29. 

Estate of Eichard Lumpktn of Ipswich. 

Inventory of estate of Eichard Lumpkyn, late deceased, 
taken 23 : 9 : 1642, by Eobert Payne and John Whipple : in 
the hall : one longe Table, one stoole, two formes, 16s. ; three 
chaiers & six cushins, 4s. ; Bookes, 21i. 10s. ; one paire Cob- 
irons, one fire pan, one gridiron & two paire of tramells & 
one paire of bellowes, 10s. ; one muskett, one fowling peece. 
Hi. 10s. In the Parlor : one table with six ioyned stooles, 
Hi. 5s. ; 3 chaiers & 8 cushins, 14s. ; one bedstead, one trun- 
dlebed with curtins. Hi. 10s. ; one paier cobirons, 1 fire pan, 
4s. 6d. ; one chest, 4s. ; one fetherbed, two bowlsters, two 
pillowes, two flock beds, 5 blanketts, one rugg, one coverlett, 
811. ; one warming pan wth other implements, 6s. In the 
chamber over the Parlor : one bedstead, one Trundlebedd, 
10s. ; 2 flockbedds, one featherbed, one feather bolster, 4 


blanketts, 2 pillowes, 2 coverletts, 41i. ; 4 chests, 2 boxes, Hi. 
5s.; one table, 3s. ; one corslett. Hi.- 10s. ; one feather bed 
tike, Hi. 10s. In the leanto': 7 brasse kettles, one iron 
kettle, 41i. 10s. ; one small copper. Hi. ; one iron pott, 4 pos- 
netts wth other implem[en]ts. Hi.; 10 pewter dishes, 2 
chamb. potts, 21i. ; Butter & Cheese, 21i. ; 30 bushells corne, 
41i. 10s. ; plate, 41i. ; 5 Cowes, 2 steers, 3 heffers, 4 yearlings, 
361i. ; his wearing apparell, lOli. ; linen, 51i. ; debts, 20011. ; 
total, 29611. 19s. 6d. Eeceived and allowed 26 : 1 : 1645. 
Ipswieh Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 7. 

Estate ov Jane Gaines of Lynn. 

Thomas Laighton brought in a nuncupative will of Jane 
Gaines, deceased, 9 : 5 : 1646. Court appointed Thomas 
Layghton and Nathaneell Hanforth overseers to see the will 
fulfilled for the good of the children. Salem Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 2, page 178. 

Jane Gaines, widow, who deceased at Lin, and whose nun- 
cupative will was proved 10 : 5 : 1645, left three children, 
viz : John, Danyell and Samuell, and an estate of 371i. lis. 
lOd. Ordered 2m: 1649, that John, the eldest, aged about 
thirteen years, have 191i. 12s. 8d. in possession of Mr. Thom- 
as Leighton and Nathaniell Handf orth , who are to improve 
it for him ; and to be apprenticed to Fransis Dowse of Bos- 
ton, shoemaker, for seven years, to learn the shoemaker's 
trade. Danyell, the second son, aged about eleven years, to 
have 91i. 16s. 4d. in the hands of said Leighton and Hand- 
forth, who are to improve it for him ; and he is apprenticed 
to Luke Potter of Concord for eight years from 1 : 1 : last, 
to learn the " skill and mistery " of a tailor. Samuell, the 
youngest son, aged six or seven years, to have 91i. 16s. 4d. ; 
and he is apprenticed, unbil he is twenty-one years old, to 
Nathaniell Handforth, who is to educate him and give him 
lOli. as his portion. If any of the children die before 
reaching the age of twenty-one, the others are to have the 
share of the deceased one, except Samuel's, which, if he dies 
within four years, is to go to Mr. Handforth. Salem Quar- 
terly Court Records, vol. 3, leaf 8. 

Inventory taken by Nicholas Brown and Edmund Need- 
ham, 14 : 11 : 1644, and sworn to by Thomas Leighton and 
Nathaneell Hanforth, 10 : 5 mo : 1645 : One house and lote 
of upland containinge 6 acres with a smale parcel of salt 
marsh lyinge before the door & 2 acres of salt marsh lyinge 
in Eumley marsh, 81i. ; 30 bushill of Indian corn, 41i. ; one 
fetherbed and a feather bolster, 2s.; one flockebed & one 


flock bolster & 6 flock pillows, 16s. ; three feather pillows 
8s. 6d. ; curtains & valance, 17s. ; one bolster ticke, 2s. 6d. 
pne covering for a bed. Hi. 2s. ; one blankett for a bed, 10s. 
another, 6s. 6d. ; another, 4s. ; another, 3s. ; another, 6s. 6d. 
one covering for a bed, 3s, ; one trundell bed, 2s. 6d. ; one 
man's coat & breeches. Hi. 4s. ; one man's dublett, 12s. ; one 
weascoat for a man , 3s. ; one Gowen for a woman. Hi. 14s. ; 
one weascoat for a woman, 3s. ; one man's coat, 6s. ; two 
weascoats for a woman, 9s. 6d.; one cloake & hoode for a 
woman, 13s. ; one petycoat, lis. ; one petycoatt, 5s. ; too 
petycoats, 3s. 6d. ; one hatt for a woman, 2s. 6d. ; one blan- 
kett for a child, 3s. ; one paire sheets, lis. ; another, 8s. ; 
another, 4s. 6d. ; another, 4s. 6d. ; one sheet, 8s. ; another, 
6s. ; another, 4s. ; too pillowbears, 9s. ; too pillowbears, 5s. ; 
one bord cloath, is. 8d. ; three napkins, is. 6d. ; too Diaper 
Napkins & one linnen skirt for a shift, 2s. 4d. ; too shifts for 
a woman and too skirts for shifts, 6s. lOd. ; one old peece 
of linnen cloath & a whit apron, 6s. 6d. ; tenn Handkerchers, 
9s. 4d. ; twelve coyfes, 6s. ; twelve croscloaths, 3s. ; one par- 
cell of blackstuff, Is. 6d. ; too croscloaths, 3s. 6d. ; three 
headcloaths & 4 neck cloaths & too bands, 3s. lOd. ; a parcell 
of childbed linnen, 6s. ; too coshens & a ohaire, 3s. ; too sil- 
ver nippls, Is. lOd. ; bonelass & thread & a pinn coshen, Is. ; 
a sword, Ss. ; one trnnke, 2s. ; too boxes, 2s. 6d. ; too old 
weascoats, — ; straw hatt and brush, 2s. ; one brass pann, 
10s. ; one warming pann, 2s. ; one Kettell, Is. 7d. ; another, 
5s.; another, 4s. 6d. ; foure pewter dishes with other pewter, 
12s. ; one little skellett & one fryinge pann, 2s. Id. ; 3 wegges 
& 2 beetle ringes, 4s. 6d. ; one daubinge truell & a parcell of 
old Iron, 2s. 6d. ; one gouge & a chisle & a wimble, Is. ; one 
handsaw, Is. ; a paire of bellows, Is. ; one spade, 2s. ; one Iron 
pott, 6s. ; one drawinge knife & an old Hatchet, — ; three 
old & narrow axes, 4s. ; one spitt and a gridiron, Is. 4d. ; 
a stocking hooe, Is. 6d. ; too pott rackes,4s 8d. ; paire tonges 
& paire pott hooks. Is. 9d. ; a pitchfork and one gimlet. Is. ; 
three spoons, a ladel and an earthern pott. Is. 4d. ; one pair 
choos. Is. 6d. ; a tub «& chime, 6d. ; too leather Bottls, 4s. ; 
a flick of bakon, 8s. ; too piggs, Is. 6d. ; an old Chest & foure 
trayes, Is. ; an old barrel! & an old hogshead, 2s. ; a pair of 
glovs, Is. ; a Apron & a paire of stockinges, 4s. 8d. ; 3 pair 
of bodys, 10s. ; two bibles, 10s. 6d. ; a baskett & a sife, Is. 
4d, '; a parcell of books, 3s. 6d. ; a barrell & bedcord, Is. 4d. ; 
a parcell of Hay, 3s. ; a barrell with some oats in it & sife, 
4s. ; a parcell of white pease & beans & hempe & flax, 3s. ; a 
locke for a doore, 10s. 6d. ; a sieth & a sneath & a peece of 


sieth, 4e. ; two paire of hinges & too hookes & a oheafendish, 
2s. 2d. ; foure old hooes & a piece of old Iron, 4s. ; a little 
table, Is. 8d. ; too meal baggs, 2s. 6d. ; debt due from Will. 
Patridge, 9s. ; due from Samuell Bennett, Is. ; 1 pinte pott. 
Is. 4d. ; one paire pattens, Is. ; one paire sheers, lOd. ; one 
old sith, Is. ; total, 431i. 6s. 7d. Salem Quarterly Court Files, 
vol.1, leaf 30. 

Estate of Frances Hawbs of Salem. 

« We whose names are vnderwriten were present w**" the 
wife of Eobt Hawes when she lay vpon her deth bed on the 
12*'' of June who did will to be given to pticuler people as 

« Itim to the little Child w* she had by Eobt Hawes she 
bequethed twentie pownd and to her two sons Eobert Edwards 
& mathew Edwards. & her young Child Thomas Hawes to 
bring them vp in lerning her sayd Husband Eobert Hawes is 
to pay into the Hands of sume honest man tea pownds to see 
them brought vp in lerninge & to his daughter she did will 
to be given (Alls Haws) her worst plilp & Cheny gown & 
two petticoat & a wast coat & two Aporns w*** all smale lin- 
nin sutable to it & a siluer bodkine & a payre of pillowbeers 
& to Eobert & mathew Hawes she Did will to be giuen to 
Each of them a payre of sheets & each of them a payre of 
pilowbears & each of them half a duson of napkins & two 
siluer spoons & a gould ring to thomas Hawes & to Elin 
Hilles her sister in owld England she wiled to be sent two 
yerde of lawn & a bible. Alsoe to the tow mayds that kept 
her in her sicknes. she did will to be giuen to them namly 
Kathrin Dorlow & Sarah bartlett each of them a new hand- 
kerehor a Coyf & Croscloth & to Katurne Dorlow half an 
ell of lase : morouer in the presens of Katrin Dorlow & Sarah 
Bartlett she Did will fowre pound w"" her husband pmised to 
send to owld England to a Child ther & a pewter dish : this 
is a trew testimony as near as we are able to remember vnto 
wch we have sett ower hands this 24 of July 1641." 

Witness : Wm. Goose, Katerine (her mark C) Dorlow, Sarah 

Sworne to 10 : 7 : 1645, by Mr. Wm. Goose. 

Salem Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 32. 

Estate of Liokbll Chute of Ipswich. 

" The fourth day of the seaventh month Anno Dm 1644 
I Lionell Chute of the Towne of Ipsw* in New England 
Schoolmaster doe make & ordayne this my last will & Testa- 


ment revoking all form"" wills by me made. Item I give 
vnto Eose my wife for terme of Her naturall life all this my 
dwelling bowse witb the Barne & all the edifices : the two 
chambers over the bowse & entry only excepted which I will 
that James my sonne shall have to his only yse for the Terme 
of one yeare next after my decease with free ingresse, 
egresse, & regresse & w'"" the yards, gardens, the bome-lott 
& planting lott purchassed of m' Bartlemew with the Comon- 
age and appurtenances therevnto belonging. And after my 
wives decease : I give the said bowse, l^rne, lotts & premisses 
witb all thappurtnances vnto James Chute my sonne & to bis 
beires. Item I give vnto my said sonne James Chute & to 
bis beires for ever all & singular my other lands, lotts, mead- 
ow grounds marishes, witb all & singuler their appurtnances 
& pfitts whatsoever ymdiatly after «iy decease. And I giue 
more vnto James Chute my sonne (over & above all things 
before given him) my befEer that is now at goodman whites 
farme, & my yonge steere. Item I give bim all my books, 
witb all things in my chest and white boa; my deepe box 
witb the lock & key ; one chaire : f oure hogsheads : two 
Coombsacks two flockbedds two flock bolsters two feather 
pillows : one rugg two Coverlets : two blanketts : my casting 
nett : my silver spoone : all my owne wearing apparrell, and 
that which was bis brother Natbaniells : and three paire of 
sheets, three pillow beeres two table clothes : foure towells : 
six table napkins : and the one balfe of the brasse & pewter, 
& working tooles : & five bushells of englisb wheat. Item I 
give vnto my frend Joseph Mosse five shillings Item I give 
vnto the poore of the Church of Ipswich Twenty shillings to 
be distributed by the Deacons Item my meaning is that my 
wife shall haue my chest after that James bath empted it. 
Item all the rest of my goods howshold stuff, Cattell, & chat- 
tells whatsoever vnbequeatbed (my debts & legacies being 
discharged & paid) I will that Bose my wife shall have the 
free vse of them for terme of her life: but the remainder of 
them at the tyme of her decease over & above the valewe of 
five pounds sterling I giue vnto James Chute my sonne & to 
bis beires & assignes Item I make Rose my wife executrix 
of this my last will & Testament. And in witnesse that this 
is my deed I have berevnto sett my band and scale in the 
p'sence of these witnesses herevnder written." 

Lionell Chute 

Witness : Marke Simonds, Joseph Morse. 

Proved 7:9: 1646, by the witnesses. 

Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 16. 


Inventory taken 25 : 4 : 1645, by Marke Symonds and Eob- 
ert Lord : one Cowe, 51i. ; one yearling heffer, Hi. 10s. ; one 
two yearling heffer, 31i. ; one yearling steere, Hi. 10s. ; one 
calfe, 15s. ; 5 gotes, 21i. 5s. ; 3 hoggs & piggs, 31i. 16s. ; 40 
bushells of wheat, 71i. 6s. 8d. ; 8 bushells of Eie, Hi. 6s. ; 
40 bushells of Indian come, 51i. 15s. ; one casting nett, 13s. 
4d. ; 3 paire of bootes & 4 paire of shoes, Hi. 10s. ; hempe 
drest & undrest. Hi. 4s. ; 2 bushells of mault, 8s. ; 12 sacks 
& baggs, Hi. 10s. ; 8 yards of linsy woolsy, 16s. 8d. ; a hel- 
bert, 6s. 8d. ; two haire lines & 3 sives, 4s. 6d. ; 6 hogsheads, 
8s. ; one rope, 5s. ; 3 chests & 3 boxes, Hi. 2s. ; f ether bed & 
bolster, 31i. 10s. ; 6 fether pillows, Hi. 5s.; one flockbed & 
one flock pillow, 13s. 4d. ; one paire blanketts, 9s. ; 2 cover- 
letts & an old rugg, 21i. ; one old paire of Curtains & rodds, 
10s. ; bedstead matt & cord, 14s. ; 2 flockbedds & 2 flock 
boulsters, Hi. ; fether pillow, 5s. ; one paire of blanketts & 
one Coverlett, Hi. ; bedstead & line, 4s. ; 4 yards of yard 
wide tyking, 16s. ; 12 paire of sheets, lOli.; 6 pillow beers, 
Hi. ; 4 table clothes. Hi. 10s. ; one dozen of napkins, 12s.; 
5 towells & one yard kerchife, 10s. ; one short Course Table 
cloth, Is. 6d. ; shirts, 10s.; his wearing apparell, 121i. ; 
books, parchment & other things in a chest, 21i. ; 3 yards of 
holland, Ts. ; one old danakell Coverlett, 5s. ; pewter dishes 
small & great, 14, salts, sausers, poringers 11, chamber potts 
2, one ele pot, 21i. ; dozen alcamy spoones, 3s. 4d. ; 2 great 
kettells, 2 smaller kettells & one brasse pan, 31i, ; 4 skilletts, 
one scumer & a ladle, 6s. ; two iron potts old ons, 8s. ; frying 
panns, 4s. ; one trevitt, 2 paire of cobirons, tongs & firepan, 
2 tramells, 2 paire of pott hooka, one spit. Hi. 12s. ; one 
Silver Spoone, 6s. ; 2 broad howes & 2 narrow howes, 8s. ; 
one broad ax, three narrow axes, one hatchett& 2 froos, 13s. ; 
2 augars, one gowge, 2 chissells, one shave, one sickle, 5s. ; 
one betle & six wedges, 10s. ; one spade, one morter & pestle, 
9s. ; 2 paire of bellows, 2s. 6d. ; one bible & other books in 
the hall. Hi. ; one great boarded chest, 10s. ; 3 chaires & other 
lumber. 6s. ; two pewter candlesticks, one pewter bottle, 8s. ; 
one powdering tubb, 2 beere vessells, one Cowle, 8s. ; one 
flockbed, 3 flockbolsters. Hi. ; one rugg, 2 blanketts, 2 cover- 
letts, Hi. 10s. ; one bedstead matt & cord, lOs. ; 3 ladders & 
pitchforke, 5s. Owing to several persons out of the estate, 
lOli.; Taking out the debts, total, 841i. lis. 4d. Ipswich 
Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 15. 


Estate of William Plasse of Salem. 
Inventory of estate of William Plasse, deceased, at the 
house of Thomas Weekes (also Wickes and Wikes), 16: 2: 
1646 (perhaps date of death), brought in 20 : 2 : 1646 : One 
fetherbedd, twoe fether bolsters, one great Bible, one psalrae 
booke, one ould Chest, tooles that Eichard Walters hath that 
he must give accompt of. « And whereas ffyve pownds was 
given to the sd Plasse by the Towne which I gathered up in 
Come for him, I did thus Discharge it, viz. : Imprimis By 
so [much] unto my self for dyett & elce yt I had Laid out 
befor y« Towne granted him 51i. y® some of 21i. & out of the 
31i. Left I pd fo'' 1 pr shoes, 6s. ; cloth to make him a Capp, 
3s. 6d.; a pair of stockings, 2s. 4d. ; for Steele Iron & Cole. 
4s. ; total, 21i. 16s. lOd. ; spent in dyett, 21i. 4s. 2d. ; total, 
51i." In hands of Richard Walters : One chere & stoole, 
one anvile, 2 vices, one smale beakhorne, 2 hamers, one smale 
and one great ; one old pair of Bellows, 18 files, 1 pr. vice 
Tongs, 1 pr. snuffers with a bras chayne & 3 kegs, 2 storne 
plates, 2 pr. & 1-2 of forging tongs, 2 match Locks, 2 stock 
nail tooles, 2 brok Iron bolsters & a drill boxe, 7 forging hott 
punches, 2 Iron wrenches, 1 brass Lampe, 1 litle hack-hamer, 
2 pan bores & galloes, 26 smale Could punches, 1 burnishyng 
Steele & a harth staff, 3 hartopps prt. brok, 1 old pr. mittins, 
1 turne vice, 6 fil hafts & a flatt bord, lOli. ; 8 oz. of old 
bushell Iron, Hi., 8 oz. of Lead, one wrench for breech pi. 
Charges of Thomas Weekes for William Plass in his sick- 
ness : For Veale & Fowle, 5s. 2d. ; sugar, 4s. 9d. ; Bread, 
Is. 2d. ; beare, Is. 7d. ; more for egges, 6d. ; spices, 6d. ; 2 
weekes board before he fell sick, 9s. ; for a debt that I am 
ingaged to Goodman Rumball before he fell sick, 3s. 6d. ; 
eof&n, 6s. ; bread and beare att his buryinge, 6s. ; for Good- 
wife Ager, Is. ; for the Grave makinge, Is. ; for wood & 
aleven dayes tendance as you maye thinke meete,21i. 10s. 2d. 
more the towne is willing to allowe him for buriall & atend- 
ance of him, 9s. lOd. ; total, 31i. Salem Quarterly Court 
Files, vol. I, leaf 45. 


Estate of William Gooa of Lynn. 

Inventory of William Goog brought in 30 : 4 : 1646, and 
his widow Ann Goog (also Gouge) appointed administratrix. 
Court gave her the goods for the bringing up of her three 
small children. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 2, page 

Inventory taken 28 : 8 : 1645, by Nathaniell Handforth, 
Francis Lightfoote and Erancs Ingols : His purse and ap- 
parrill, Hi. 4s. ; 1 house & lott & 2 ackers of medow and one 
ten acker lott, 81i. ; 4 hoges, 21i. 10s. ; 5 bushels of wheate 
Hi. ; ten bushels of Indian Coren, Hi. 10s. ; the beddinge, 11, 
IBs. 8d. ; Flax in the bun[dle] , 14s. ; one cheste & a chaier 
13s. 4d. ; 3 wheles, 7s. 6d. ; one handsaw & one wharte saw, 
5s. ; one sword & a belte, 5s. ; one muskett & bandeleares, 
lli. ; one warming pan, 3s. ; one payer of bellis, Is. ; one 
Friinge pan, 4s. ; one gridiron & recke hookes, 3s. 6d. ; one 
peice of Steele, 8d. ; soume ould leren, 2s. ; too ould howes, 
2s. ; one reappinge hooke & a sith, 4s. ; gunpouder, 2s. 6d. ; 
hay, 10s. ; a pece of wolen Cloth, 5s. ; a pece of lininge 
Cloth, 14s. ; aleven pott hookes, 7s. ; one scellitt & posnitt, 
3s. 6d. ; earthen pott. Is. 8d. ; 6 spoones, Is. ; 3 wood trayes 
& 3 wood boales & 3 wood dishes, Is. 9d. ; one runlitt. Is. ; 
paieles & tube, 3s. ; 2 bages, 2s. ; one ould chaier & stoole & 
trunke, 2s. 6d. ; one old axe & other small thinges, 2s. 6d. ; 
one Cow, 41i. 10s. Debts to be paid out of this, 41i. 9s. 7d. ; 
total, 281i. lis. 7d. Salem Quarterly Court Files, vol. I, leaf 

Estate of John Thoenb of Salem. 

" Salem the 27 of July : 1646 : wee whouse names are 
heaie vnderwritten being present with John Thome in the 
time of his Sieknes and at that time when the sayd John 
was in his perfect memory doe testifie that wee heard him 
^ay thease woards vinsit that hee did giue unto Ann : Pall- 
graue all his Estate of mony. goods, aparell. & debtts out of 
which sayd aparell it was the will of the sayd John that John 
Jackson Junio': should haue his best Hatt and further 
moure it was bis will tha,t James Thomas should haue som- 


thinge out of his Estate if the said Ann Paulgraue so pleas- 

her mark her mark 

Witness : Elisabeth H Harwod, Margaret V Jackson, 
her mark 
Elisabeth E Estioke. 

Sworn to 4 : 6 : 1646, by the witnesses. 

Inventory taken Aug. 1, 1646, by JefEorie Massey, George 
Emery and John Harbert, and sworn to before Jo. Endecott : 
201i. of Xndico at 3s. 6d. per li., 31i. 10s. ; 1 Eoule of Tobac- 
co, containing 731i., at 4d. per li., Hi. 4s. 4d. ; 1 Eoule of to- 
bacco containing 791i. at 4d. per li., Hi. 6s. 4d. ; 81i. of tobac- 
co in a Runlet at 4d. per li., 2s. 8d. ; 1 Greate Coate, Hi.; 1 
Cloth Shute, 12s. ; 1 Stufe Shute, Hi. 2s. ; 1 Cloth Shute, Hi.; 
2 Hatts, 128. ; 2 shurts, 3 bands, 2 HandCarshers, 10s. ; 1 pr. 
of milte stockings, 4s. ; 1 pare of yarne Stockings, 2s. ; 2 
pare of Shaes, Ss. ; 1 wast coate. Is. 6d. ; Carpenters tooules, 
16s. ; in monny, 31i. 17s. 6d. ; 1 Sea bed and pillo, 7s. 6d. ; 1 
bible and 1 Cap, 4s. ; 1 Musket, Bandileas, soard & rest, lli. 
6s. ; one aker and 3 quarters of Land, lli. ; debts owitig, 81i. 
38. 4d.; total, 271i. 16s. 2d. 

Salem Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 53. 

Estate of Eichard Bartholomew or Salem. 

Will of Eichard Bartholomew, in the form of a letter, and 
addressed " To my Louinge Brother Henry Bartholomew " ; — 

"Boston the 6** : ll""": 45 

Brother Henry heaue in Clossed is anotte of whatt estatte 
I have shippt w*'' mee & whatt is here oweinge to mee : w**" 
whatt estatte I have shippt w*.*' mee & whatt is here oweinge to 
mee : w* what I owe in Engiand w**" is all I owe in the world as 
I know off : these things only the bills of ex" I have Consigned 
to m^ Edward Shrimpton in London bee is y* brassiers bro 
at Boston : to him I haue wrighte y* in Case g'od should not 
bringe mee to London y* hee would vs these goods [to] pay 
my debts & returne y^ Eemaynder to you : I should have 
bine glad to have scene you before I went, butt if god should 
BOt returne mee agaiae but take me away by death : my de- 
s-ier is if the returns of these goods Come to yC^ hand : that 
they may be thus disposaed of: viz To yo' two children 40" 
apeece to my bro willms 3 Children 20" apeece to my mother 
if liveinge 10" to my m' Gearringe beinge very poote : 10" 
& the remaynder of my estatte bee it whatt will more or 
lesse all that is mine I dessier jnay be equally Aevided be- 


tween o"^ bro Thomas : Abraham & Sister Sara, only what 
Jacob Barney owes to mee I giue it to him, butt for any other 
debts house ground &c devide as before, this is my desier & 
that I would haue done if god shall please to take mee away: 
I desier to Cast my self only uppo him & to rest myself only 
in the armes of his mercy in Christ Jesus intreatinge of him 
to stay my soule there in the worst howers even in death it- 
self, vnto him I leaue you with yo's to gather w*'' myself & 
all his and rest : yo' faythf uU and Lovinge Brother : 

Eichard Bartholmew." 
Proved 4:6: 1646. 

Inventory taken 27 : 5 : 1646, by William Hathorne and 
Jefferie Massey : Parsell linen cloth, 501i. 12s. lid, ; parsell 
wollon cloth and stockins, 301i. 9s. 6d. ; parsell of hatts, lOli. 
12s.; parsell of boddis, 31i. 17s. 9d. ; parsell of shott, 31i. 
12s. 7d. ; lead, 91i. 9s. lOd. ; parsell of stufEes and yearne, 
301i. 6s. ; parsell of heaire bottoms, 311. 4s. ; 4 chests of glass, 
71i. ; 8 ferkins of sope, 41i. 8s. ; advance upon these goods, 
the executor bearing the charge, 221i. 10s. ; 100 bushels of 
malt, 141i. 16s.; 2 trunkes, 6s.; 3 ould sheetes with some 
ould linen and other smale thinges in the ould tiunke. Hi. 33. 
4d. ; an old flockbedd, 10s. ; 2 feather pillowes, 10s. ; 2 old 
blanketts, 28. 6d. ; one old hatchett. Is. ; a paire of bootes 
and a paire of shooes, 14s. ; a house and one acre and halfe 
of lande, 51i. ; ten acre lott, 61i. ; a Carbine, 18s. ; brass ketle 
and scillett, 9s. ; a fire shouell and pott hangers, 3s. ; a howe, 
a frow, 4 wedges, a hammer and shoe home, 5s. ; total, 20611. 
19s. 5d. Debts owing to him, 791i. Is. 9d. Total, 28611. 9s. Id. 
Salem Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 54. 

Estate of John Websteb op Ipswich. 

Inventory of John Webster's lands and goods sworn to 
29 : 7 : 1646, by his widow, Mary Webster, who is appointed 
administratrix. Ipsunch Quarterly Court Becords, vol. 2, 
leaf 5. 

Petition of Mary, widow of John Webster, that her eldest 
son, John, should have the land called the farm, of about 32 
acres, which lyeth between Mr. Rogers oxe pasture and Thom. 
Bishop's farm, when he is twenty-one years, he to pay Nathan, 
the youngest child, 51i. at fourteen years, or if he refuse, 
then the 1-4 part of that land in kind or worth ; that Mary, 
Stephen and Hannah may have the island bought of the widow 
Andrews, in equal portions, when they shall be twenty-one ; 


hat Elisabeth, Abigail and Israeli have 20 nobles each, when 
wenty-one ; the dwelling house and 6 acres of land tied to 
oake it good. The Court, Nov. 4, 1646, granted that the 
istate be ordered as the widow desired and appointed her ad- 
ninistratrix, to give bond for security in such sum as the 
lext Ipswich court shall approve and receive of her the in- 
'entory amounting to 14711. 5s. Mass. Bay Colony Records, 
lol. 2, page 184. 

John Emery of Newbury married Mary, widow of John 
^Vebster, late of Ipswich, and she had power from the Court 
administer and dispose of his goods to his children. Some 
•f the children now grown, almost ready to receive their 
)ortions, John Emery petitions for liberty to sell the Island 
fhich is devided to three of the children, and also the house 
tnd 6 acres of land which was bound to make good the 2011. 
o the other three, and upon grant of this, binds himself to 
)ay the children the full price he shall sell it at, and to the 
)ther three children, who are to have 20 nobles, to make 
;ood to them the 81i. apiece and to pay the daughters their 
)ortions at eighteen and the sons at twenty-one years. 
Mass. Archives, vol. 16B, page 147. 

The above petition was granted Oct. 14, 1 651. Mass. Bay 
Oolony Recm'ds, vol. 3, page 254. 

Estate of Thomas Cbomwell of Newbuet. 

Will of Thomas Croomwell brought in 29 : 7 : 1646 to be 
proved, Gyles Croomwell objecting to it, court ordered Mr. 
John Lowell and Mr. Edward Woodman to take an inventory 
)f the estate. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 2, 
'saf 6. 

The court held 6:5: 1647, addressed Mr. Woodman, say- 
.ng that the Ipswich court ordered Mr. John Louie and him- 
ielf to take into custody the goods of Thomas Cromlom of 
tTewbury, deceased, that were in the hands of Samuel Scul- 
ard, deceased. Not having done so, they are now ordered 
;o answer next court, and this order to be published next 
ecture day. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 2, page 

Estate of Joseph Morse of Ipswich. 

« The f oure & twentith day of the second month Anno 
Dm 1646 I Joseph Morse of Ipswich in New Engl : Planter 
ioe make & ordayne this my last will & Testament revoking 


all other form wills by me made : Item I give vnto Dorothy 
my loving wife my howse & lott & out howses bought of 
Thomas Dorman. alsoe || my howse | & lott of about six 
acres bought of the widdow Perkins, one Cow, and alsoe the 
whoU bed & bedding that I lye vpon standing in the hall. 
Item I give vnto my sonne Joseph Morse my best cloake 
Item I give to my daughter Hannah my great bible which I 
vse. Item I give to my wife Docter Prestons works and m' 
Dykes besides her owne bibles the one greater and the other 
smaller & one felling axe & one broad howe. Item I give 
vnto my sonne John Morse my other howse & out bowsing 
with the lott containing about two acres, and alsoe to John 
my sonne a lott of six acres butting vpon an end of the fore 
named lott of two acres toward toward the North west and 
to my Sonne John my lott of ten acres neare Egipt Kiver & 
to John one yearling heifEer. Item I give vnto John Morse 
all my apparrell vngiven & one yard of musk coloured broad 
cloth Item I give to John Morse the ||wholl|| bed and all 
the bedding he lyeth on standing in the parlour and one paire 
of sheets & a pillow beere Item I give all my Tooles vn- 
given to my Sonne John Morse. Item I give to my sonne 
John my barne with the ground thereto belonging bought of 
ffrancis Jordan. Item I give to my sonne John all my marsh 
containyng about five acres onely allowing vnto my wife the 
one half e of the grasse growing vpon it from yeare to yeare 
during her life My will is alsoe that John shall have halfe 
of the grasse from yeare to yeare that may be mowen vpon 
the lott given to my wife onely pviding that this shall not 
hinder her either from felling or breaking it vp Alsoe my 
will is likewise that the Cropp that shall arise of all my 
ground planted or sowen this year shalbe equally divided 
betweene my wife & my sonne John the charges of the same 
equally borne by them Item I give to my wife the two first 
payments for keeping the herd Item I give to my sonne 
John the last pay for the herd keeping I appoint Dorothy 
my wife to be sole executrix to this my last will And in 
witnesse that this is my deed I have herevnto set my hand & 
seale in the p'sence of these witnesses here vnder written." 

Joseph Morse 

Witness : Roger Lanckton, william (his mark) Gudder- 
son, James Chute. 

Proved 29 : 7 : 1646. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 18. 

Inventory taken 28 : 7: 1646, by Robert Lord and Thomas 
Dorman : a howse, 221i. ; in the hall : one table and a short 


'ofme, 4 Ghaires, 6s. ; 5 bibles & some other bookea, 21i. ; 2 
rettles, one brasse pot, Hi. ; 2 iron potts, lOs. ; 2 little pos- 
letts, 3s. ; 9 peeees of pewter, Hi. ; one skim[mer], one 
ihafing dish, 2s. 6d. ; old frying pane & 1 gridiron, 5s. ; one 
shime, one barrell & keeler, 6s. ; one powdering tubb, 2 bar- 
■ells & earthen pans, 10s. ; in the chamb. : 20 bushell of In- 
lian corne, 21i. 10s. ; 2 bushells mault, 8s. ; halfe bushell of 
lemp seed, 2s. ; 6 small cheeses, 2s. ; 201i. butter, 10s. ; 
lempe drest & undrest, 10s. ; an old bedstead, a flock bed, 
soverlett & blanketts, 21i. 10s. ; in the little roome : one 
jedsteed, a fetherbed, a rugg, one coverlett & 3 blanketts, 
51i. ; a warming pan, 4s. ; 7 paire of sheets, 31i. ; 7 pillow 
)eers, 2 short table clothes, 2 table napkins, lli. ; 2 chests & 
me old trunke, Hi. ; one small table & 3 chaiers, 12s.; 4 
Dushens, 6s. ; one yard brodcloth, 10s. ; his wearing appar- 
•ell, 41i. ; one sowe & two piggs, lli. 13s. 4d. ; one Cowe & a 
leiffer, 61i. 10s. ; 4 load of haye, 21i. ; about 6 bushells of 
yheat not thresht, 18s. ; a howse & ground bought of wid- 
low Perkins, 91i. ; one other old howse & 8 acres of ground 
fc a barne, 81i. 10s. ; 10 acre of upland & 5 of marsh, lOli. ; 
lis axes & tooles, 21i. ; a muskett, bandaleers & rest, lli. 4s. ; 
;otal, 831i. Is. lOd. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 19. 

Estate of Francis Lightpoot of Ltnn. 

"Dat: Linn Decemb : 10 : 1646 The last will & testi- 
none off ffrancis Lightfoote in pfect memory though weake 
n bodye. I Doe bequeathe vnto my Brother John Light- 
oote, off London, in case hee bee Livinge, or his children 
LawfiEullye begotten off his bodye, y® sum off one pounde 
irhen ever it shall bee Demanded, & I Desyre yt all good 
neanes maye be vsed to giue them Know Lidge off it. 21ye : 
'. Bequeath to my sister Isebell Lightffoote Lining in Linck- 
lornshire in ffrestone neare ouLde Bostone, one pounde, & 
Doe Desyer shee maye haue notis off it, as scone as con- 
veniently maye bee. 31ye : I Bequeath to mye Brother Pell, 
me pounde. 41ye : I Bequeath to Samuell Cocket ffiue shil- 
ings. 51ye : I Bequeath to Hannah Pell : ffiue shillings. 
>]ye : I Bequeath to Darytye whiting, one Lambe. 71ye : I 
bequeath to ELisabeth whiting, one Lambe. 8lye : I Be- 
[ueath to Samuell Cobit, one Lambe. My will is to make 
ay wife Execute"^ off all my Lands, & goods vndespoaed off 
'. Owe to James Axe ffor tending mye sheepe y" Sumer tyme : 
rith y* month Octob, & one weeke : in November, onelye in 
)te off payment I haue payed vnto him nineteen groats : & 


eLeven pence, T owe him alsoe ffor y® winter Beffore Ite : 
To M"^ George Burrell, 00—09—06. Ite : To Goodm : Mans- 
feilde when hee hath Careyed three Loades ofE wood more 
ffor mee 00—10—00. Ite : To Allinn Bread I owe : 0—05— 
2. Dew to mee ffrom Samuell Bennit — 19 — 4 Ite : fErom 
Hugh Alley — 2 — , one peck off indian come. Ite : ffrom 
Edward Iresonn — 3 — 0. It : ffrom John -witt Dew to mee 
in p'sent monye — — 4 — 0." 

francis lightfoote. 

Witness ; Nathaniel Handforth, Francis Borrell, Andrew 

" I Likewise Doe Depute my Brother Handforth and my 
Brother Pell as overseers. 

Andrew Mansfeild." 

Proved Dec. 29, 1646, by Nathaniell Handforth and Fran- 
cis Borrell. 

The Court confirmed Anne Lightfoot to be executrix of 
her deceased husband's will. 

Salem, Quarterly Couri Files, vol. 1, leaf 51. 

Inventory taken 21 : 10 : 1646, by Edward Burcham, Fran- 
cis (his mark) Ingalles and Wm. (his mark) Tilton : His 
purse and apparell, 21i. 12s. ; his house & 2 ackers of ground 
it stands on, with 3 ackers of medow, 61i. 13s. 4d. ; too 
kowes with Calfe, 91i. ; two yearlinge steares, 31i. 13s. 4d. ; 
to this yeare Calves, 21i. ; 5 Sheepe, 51i. Ss. ; 2 lorn potes 
and kettell, one war[m]ingpan, Hi. Is. ; one kettell & a lit- 
tellpan, 6s. ; pewter prised at 18s.; one spitt & a smooth- 
inge leron, 2s. ; one hogesheade, 2 tubes, 7s. 6d. ; one lan- 
thoren, Is. 4d. ; one tube & one ould Chiste, 3s. 6d. ; one 
loyne box & a littel trunke, 5s. ; one Joynt Chiste & a 
Chayer, 14s. ; one trundell bed & a Foot path, 3s. 4d. ; one 
payell & 4 trayes, 4s. ; 2 barrells, 2s. ; one axe, 2 howes & 
one spaide, 5s. 6d. ; one wascote, 4s. ; too hoges, 31i. ; in 
butter & Eages, 12s. ; one Ghana, 2s. 6d. ; in earthern ware, 
5s. 4d. ; one hand saw, one trauell, one pr. of tonges & frying 
pan, & a broylinge leren, 6s. 4d. ; in Corn, English & indian, 
21j. lOs.; flax in the bund[le], 10s. ; in bever, 5s. ; a weuers 
loame & furniture belonging to it, Hi. 13s. ; 3 ould sithes & 
2 leren wedges & a Kinge, 4s. ; linse yarn & Gotten yarn & 
tow, 12s. ; flax seed & a bage & flax & yarn, 6s. 4d. ; hay, 211.; 
one littell gune, Ss. ; one bed & furniture, 31i. ; one box & one 
Chayer, 2s. ; linse. Hi. 2s. 6d. ; one payer of stockings, 3s. 4d. ; 
total, 511i. 2d. Debts due to estate, Hi. 8s. 4d. Money 
owing wife. Hi. Salem Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 58. 

the pkobate becokds of essex county. 57 

Estate of Mart Heesomb of Wenham. 

Inventory of esbate of widow Mary Hersome of Wenham, 
3eceased, taken 2:7: 1646, by Esdrae Eeade, John Faire- 
Blde, William Eiske and George Norton, presented 29 : 10 : 
1646 : A house and three Acres of ground Joyning to it. 
Two Acres and halfe of it broken up or theree abouts, 41i. 
5s. ; Halfe of the Come growinge upon that two Acres an 
halfe, with the other fruits, 21i. 10s. ; Ten Acres of upland 
more with two Acres of middow lyinge Remotte, Hi. 5s. ; a 
Dowe, 41i. ; A Swine, 18s. ; Three sheets & a halfe, iSs. ; one 
Bedsack, with two Boulsters, one Pillow, 10s. ; one old Cov- 
erlett and one Old Blankett, 6s. 8d. ; two shifts, two Aporns, 
a, litle box with other small lininge. Hi. 2s. ; three Peticots, 
16s. ; three old doublits, witJi one old shortt Cote, 5s. ; 2 
wheles & a reele, 6s. ; a Brass Candlestick, Is. 4d. ; payre of 
Cards, Is. ; a parsell of tow, 23. ; two hatts, 6s. ; t'ower Bush- 
sis of Endian corne, 10s. 8d. ; three pecks of wheat, 2s. 9d. ; 
three Baggs, 28. 6d.; one peuter Plater, two spons, 2s. ; an 
old Brass Pott and a skillett, 5s. ; two bibles and two small 
books with an Inkhorn, 10s. ; one fryinge pan, 3s.; one old 
Chest with a hammer with other old Iron, 2s. 6d. ; a matcuke 
md two old Howes, 3s. ; a Muskitt and a barrel of a litle 
burden peece, 16s. ; three pots with butter and one Earthing 
Pott, lis. ; two trayes, two Panns with a litle suit. Is. 8d. ; 
two payre of shoos and Stockings, 5s. 4d. ; one Eundlitt, 
lOd. ; a parsell of small Cheeses, Is. 8d. ; one Bundell of 
Lyning yarne, 5s. ; ladder, a forme, a Cooke & hine & a payre 
of bodyes, 4s. 6d. Salem Qun,rterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 

Estate of Emme Mason of Salem. 

Inventory of estate of widow Emme Mazon. deceased, 26 : 
3 : 1646, taken by Georg Corwin and Walter Price. Sworn 
in court, 30 : 10 : 1646 : All the lyning smalle & great, 21i. ; 
I boulster & 1 pillow, 13s. 8d. ; 1 fether bed, 31i. 5d. ; 1 bed- 
steed matt, and Cord, 7s.; 1 Ked Rugg, 8s. & blanket, 4s. 6d., 
L2s. 6d. ; 1 blankett, 133. ; 3 ould Curtens, 18d., 14s. 6d.; 1 
settle, 4s. 6d. ; a Chest, 6s., 1 box, 18d., lis.; a table boord, 
ts., 2 payles, 2s. 4d., 63. 4d. ; one trunk, 8d., a linsy woolsy 
mtte, 10s., 10s. 8d. ; one carsy waskott, 12s., one pettycott, 
I2s., Hi. 4s. ; one sarfe, 16s. ; 2 ould wascots, ISd., 7s. 6d. ; 
I ould bodes, 8d., 1 stnfE wascott, 2s. 6d., 3s. 2d. j a Carsy 
ivhood, 2s. 6d., a hatt, lis., 13s. 6d. ; in pewter, 9s. 7d.. more 


in pewter, 4s., 13s. 7d. ; one brass caflsteeke, 4s., a pestle & 
morter, 3s., 7s. ; one ould warming pann, 3s. 6d., 1 fiatcheli, 
2s. 6d., 6s.; 1 odd chafing dish, lOd., ladle, &d., Is. 4d.; a 
sift, 16d., one skimer, 6d., Is. 9d.; one hake, 3s. 6d. ; tongs, 
4d. ; gtd. iron, 18d., 5s. 4d. ; one baking Iron, 2s. 6d., one 
brass kytle, 16s., 18s. 6d. ; one Iron kytle, 10s. lOd., an Iron 
pott, 2s., 12s. lOd. ; one brass skillett, 4s. 6d., another skil- 
lett, 8d., 53. 2d. ; one Iron Dogg., 23. , 9 books, 13s. , 15s. ; 2 
books, 4s., one byble, 9s., 13s. j one salme booke, 16d., & a 

sermon booke, 6d., Is. lOd. J one lining wheele, ; one 

Gotten wheele, 2s., a halfe pek, 6d., 2s. 6d. ; 6 boules, 2s., and 
2 payles, 14d., 3s. 2d. ; 2 trayes, 6d., 3 platters, 2 wooden 
dishes, 16d., Is. lOd. ; one erthen pann, 6d., 1 pot, 4d., a 
brush, 8d., Is. 6d. ; in yaron, 16s. 8d., 16s. 8d. ; 2 cushings, 
16d., Is. 4d. ; one house and an Acre of ground, 21i. lOs. ; 
one smalle kow, 31i. 15s. ; in new fensing stuff, 12s. ; total, 
251i. 16s. Court disposed of these goods according to law, 
to the elder brother a double portion and the remainder to be 
equally divided among the rest of the children. Salem 
Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 59. 

Estate of Edward Candall of Salbm. 

Inventory of goods of Edward Candall, deceased Nov. 15, 
1646, taken by John Bourne, William Ager and Peter Pal- 
frey : 19 Bushell of Indian Corne which I bought of him 
before his Departure at 2s. per bushel. Hi. 183. ; his close 
being prised at 13s. ; total, 21i. lis. Payd to severall men 
for him before & after his Departure : to Mr. Price for 
Shugr for him, 2s. 4d. ; Mr. Feald & Phillip Cromwell, 6s. 
6d. ; William Willemore, 7s. 6d. ; Henry True, 3s. ; myself 
for Logein and Diet, Hi. 8s. 2d. ; Buriall and Cofllng, 13s. 
6d. ; total, 31i. Is. Due to Mr. Emry for him, 3s. ; due to 
me for him, 10s. Salem Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 60. 

Estate op Michael Sallowes of Salem. 

" The last will and testam* of michall Sallowes of Salem 
bearing date the 14*'' day of the nienth month Anno : 1646 
I michall Sallowes sicke in bodie but in pfect memorie do 
make this my last will and testam* in manner and form fol- 
lowing viz. my debts paid and my f unerall expences dis- 
charged doe out of those goods w"" god hath gyuen vnto 
[me?'] dispose of them after this manner fist I gyue vnto 
micha Sallowes my youngest sonne the sume of eight pounds 
for & towards the education of the said micha and doe de- 


yve that Georg Emerie John Jacksonne and JefEerie Massey 
'ill dispose of the said micha and of the some afEorsaid for 
he welfarr of the aforesaid micha Sallowes. Itm I gyue and 
equeath vnto Martha Sallowes my daughter the some of six 
lounds twoo pillow beeres a morter & a Jug pott w*'' my 
rnest desyer that the said John Jacksonne shall bring vp 
he said martha and improue the said six pounds for my said 
aughters best advantage. Itm for the remainder of my 
state my will is it be equallie divided amongst the rest of 
ay Children viz. Thomas Sallowes , Robert Sallowes & John 
lallowes & Samuell Sallowes my sonnes and to Edward wil- 
one my sonne in law, by equall porcons . And for the better 
iformance of this my will & testam* I doe apoint for my 
xecuto"^ Edward wilson my said sonne in law & Eobt Sal- 
Dwes my sonne & for ouerseers of this my will I doe desyre 
he aboue said Georg Emerie John Jackson & Jefferie massey 
Q witnes whereof I haue herevnto put my hand the day & 
'eare aboue writen." his mark 

his mark michaell T Sallowes 

Witness : Georg T Williams, John Tucker, Jefferie 
uassey, Georg Emery. 

Proved 31 : 10 : 1646, by Georg Emery, JefEery Massie, 
Tno. Tucker. Salem Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 61. 

The executors declined to serve, and Jeffery Massey, John 
Tackson and George Emerie were appointed in their place. 
18 : 10 : 1647, Mr. George Emorie and Jefferie Massie were 
lischarged upon request, and their account, under the hands 
if Capt. Hathorne and Mr. Curwin, approved by the court. 
Tohn Jackson, the other executor, was continued, two of the 
ihildren being with him. Salem Quarterly Court Records 
'ol. 2, page 225. 

Estate of George Pollabd of Marblehead. 

" 3 month 13^y 1646. I George Pollard of Marblehead 
yeake in body yet in perfect memory doe make this my last 
srill & testament first I bequeath my soule to God y* gaue it 
k my body to be interred according to ye discretion of my 
rends and for my temporal estate I dispose of it as foUow- 
ith Imprimis I giue to Goodman Tiler of linne the summe 
if tenne pounds Also to John Hart y® younger the summe 
if fiue pounds & to Christopher Nicolson the sonne of 
Sdmund Nicolson, the summe of fiue pounds, lastly 
o see this my will performed I doe appoint Wm Wal- 
lOn of Marblehead my executor to see my debts payd the 


remainder of my whole estate I give vnto j^ sayd execu- 
tor & also I doe intreat m' Mauerick & William Charles to 
be assisting & helpefuU to my sayd executor for ye recover- 
ing of my debts In witnes heerof I haue heervnto set my 
hand ye day & yeere aboue written." his mark 

George § Pollard 
bis mark hi s mark 

Witness : Moses Maverieke, John I Hart, william W 

Proved 31 : 10 : 1646, by Moses Maverik. Salem Quarterly 
Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 64. 

Inventory, all credits : Due from Willm. Walton, Moses 
Mauerick, John Deuereux, Wm. Charles, David Car within, 
Nicholas Merit, Ephm. Keene, Ralph Parker, George Vicary, 
John Coit, Abraham Whitehear, George Chin, Eichard Nor- 
man, Richard Curtis, Edmund Nicholson, John Peach, sr., 
John Peach, jr., John Bartol, Thomas Pitman, John Hart, 
Samuel Gatchel, John Gatchel, Thomas Sams, Arthur Sandin, 
John Legg, Mary Hill, Nicolas Lisson, John Lyon, Wm. 
Chichester, John Northy, Richard Cooke, Samuel Delabar ; 
total, 601i. 4s. 3d. Due to John Deuereux for diet for two 
years and a quarter, 171i. 12s. ; and to John Bartol for his 
boy, 61i. Salem Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 65. 

Estate op John Satghwell of Ipswich. 

" fEebruary ii**" 1646. The last will & Testament of me 
John Satchwell of Ipswich though weake in body yet in 
pfect sence & memory doe comend my soule to god who 
gave it & my body to the dust whence it was at first till the 
resurreccon which 1 doe expect. And for my estate I give 
to my Sonne Richard all my howses and land w*** their 
app't*n*ncs except that pt of the 26 acre lott from the Tper 
end of the plowd land & soe downward to the sea, & six- 
teene acres of pasture beyond muddy river pt of the ox pas- 
ture towards Rowley which pcells of land I give to Johan 
my wife during her naturall life and to her Issue if she have 
any and for want of such yssue then to returne to Richard 
my Sonne his heires & Assigues : further it is hereby pvided 
& my will is that Johan my wife shall have the vse of my 
howses bame Cowhowse orchard halfe of my particular dur- 
ing her naturall life, or vntill she can conveniently pvid 
otherwise for her selfe. And my will is that if Richard shall 
not marry w*** Rebecca Tuttle which is now intended then 
my wife shall have her being in the howse as is before men- 
tioned during her life vnlesse she see good to dispose of her 


selfe otherwise. But in case my sonne Richard should de- 
cease w^^out issue lawfully begotten of his body then my 
will is that all that estate that is not given to his wife by 
ioynture shall returne to Johan my wife if then living and 
if both dept this life without issue then my will is that such 
estate of land as remayne should be equally divided betweene 
my brother & sisters' children that are here in New England. 
I doe hereby give to my brother Theophilus Satchwell my 
best cloth sute & coate To my brother Curwin my stuff sute 
To my sister webster about seaven yards of stuff to make her 
a sute and alsoe a yonge heiffer thought to be w*" calfe ffur- 
ther I doe hereby make my wife sole executrix & to receive 
what is due to me & alsoe to pay if I doe owe any thinge to 
any that is iustly due In wittnesse of this my last will & 
Testament I doe hereto sett my hand the daye & yeare first 
above written. Those words (of land as remaynes) were in- 
terlined before the subacripcon hereof." 

John Satchwell. 

Witness : Jonathan wade, James Howe. 

Proved Mar. 30, 1647, by the witnesses. 

Inventory taken by Jonathan Wade and Thomas Howlett : 
one dwelling howse & home stall, with barne, cowhowse, 
orchard yard wth the apprtnancs, lOOli. ; several pcells of 
land, meadow & upland, 2071i. ; 6 oxen, 361i. ; 5 cowes, 251i. ; 
one yearling, Hi. 10s. ; 3 calves. Hi. 10s. ; one heiffer, 21i. 
15s. ; come, not threshed, 51i. ; several pcells of corne, lOli. ; 
sithes, 12s. ; carts & wheeles & irons belonging to them, 41i. 
lOs. ; plowes & plow irons, 21i. ; yoaks & chaines, 21i. 5s. ; 
guns & swords, 51i. 123. ; a swarme of bees. Hi. ; several bed 
steeds, 21i. 6s. ; a sett of curtaines, Hi. ; a fetherbed & bol- 
ster, 21i. 10s. ; a Coverlit, Hi. 16s. 8d. ; several blauketts.lli. 
10s. ; a fether bed & pillowes, Hi. 12s. ; a Coverlit, Hi. 58. ; 
a Coverlit, Hi. 5b. ; In stuff, 21i. 8s. ; Two blanketts, 18s. ; A 
fether bed & bolster. Hi. 9s. ; Curtaines, valance & carpit, 
21i. 5s. ; matts & cords, 15s. ; sheets, pillowbeeres & several 
lynen, 81i. ; Cushens, 12s.; a Chest, 14s.; a Chest, 8s. ; a 
case of bottles, 6s. 8d. ; a Table, 10s.; several chaires, 8s.; 
a Table & stoole, 13s. ; In brasse & iron potts, 81i. ; pewter 
& brasse. Hi. 15s.; a frying pan, 7s. ; In England upon band, 
I81i. ; swyne, 61i. ; dunge, 21i. ; powder, 8s. ; fire shovell, 
tongs, spit, 6s. ; silver spoones, 15s. ; sawes, lOs. ; 4 bibles. 
Hi. ; several bookes, 15s. ; hatts, Hi. ; Tramell & pott hooks, 
6s.; flaxseed & flax. Hi. 4s.; ropes, 16s.; Tubbs, churne, 
barren, Hi. ; other caske, 7s. ; a pistoll, 8s. ; In debts, 51i. 

Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 22. 

62 the pkobate becobds of essex coxtnty. 

Estate of Mes. Chamberlinb of (Ipswich?). 

Mrs. Chamberline dying intestate, an inventory of her es- 
tate, amounting to 321i. 4s. 5d. was filed 30 : 1 : 1647. Or- 
dered to be divided, two parts to the son and one part to the 
daughter. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 7. 

Mr. Whitingham and Joseph Medcalfe to be administra- 
tors. Marke Symonds and Edward Browne to help divide 
the goods. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 2, leaf 7. 

Estate op Michael Carthrick of Ipswich. 

*' I Michael Carthrick of Ipswich in New England Carpen- 
ter being weake in body but of good memory thanks be to 
the lord doe make & ordaine this my last will & Testament 
in mann & forme following first I comitt my body vnto the 
earth there to be interred decently according to the discre- 
tion of myne executrix and my soule into the hands of god 
that gave it and as for my outward estate as foUoweth 
Imprimis I leave my wholl estate of which I am now 
possessed in the hands of my wife to be improved by her 
for her owne & my childrens good vntill my Sonne John shall 
accomplish the age of 21 years alsoe I give vnto my sonne 
John my howse wherein I now dwell with the barne out 
bowses fences & howslott w*'' all thapp'ten*ncs to them be- 
longing and alsoe all other my lands & meadow of which I 
am now possessed to him & his heires for ever when he shall 
accomplish the age of one & Twenty yeares to be deliv^'ed 
vnto him in good eondicon & repaire fitt for habitacon & vse 
alsoe my minde & will is That my two childen John & Mil- 
dred shalbe brought vp by my wife vntill the tyme of the 
putting forth of my sonne or at his full age & vntill the 
tyme of marriage or full age of my daughter Alsoe my will 
is that my sonne John shalbe by my wife kept at schoole 
pvided there be a schoole in the Towne where she liveth vn- 
till the age of 14 or 15 yeares yet foe as that at tymes his 
mother shall have power as the eondicon of the family & her 
necesseties shall require to take him off to be helpfull to her 
in her businesse as the overseers & his mother shall see cause 
further my will is that my sonne John at the age of 14 or 15 
yeares as the overseers shall thinke good shalbe put out to 
some trade and that his mother shall then furnish Mm with 
dubble apparrell & pay vnto the overseers six" to be imployed 
for his best advantage either for his putting forth or other- 
wise according to the discretion of the overseers further I 


giue vnto my daughter Mildred ten pounds to be paid vnto 
her out of the movable goods according to the appoyntm* of 
the overseers when she shall have accomplished the full age 
of 21 yeares or at the day of her marriage she marrying 
with the consent of the overseers & her mother : further in 
case my wife shall marry whilst my children or either of 
them be vnder age my will is that my wife & her husband 
shall both stand bound to fulfill my will vnto my children 
according to the true intent thereof and that her husband 
shall agree with my overseers for the fulfilling of the same 
in defect whereof or of the due vsage of my children or 
either of them my overseers shall have power to dispose of 
them by removing of them or otherwise soe as they may see 
them supplied & educated according to the true intent of this 
my last will & Testam* he or she paying according to the 
pporcon of the charge that shall soe arise about the children 
And further my will is that my wife shall not remove both 
or either of my children out of this Jurisdiecon without the 
consent of my overseers fBLneally I doe make Sarah my lov- 
ing wife sole executrix of this my last will & Testam' desir- 
ing her to see all things therein to be pformed according to 
my Intent & meaning therein specified as alsoe I doe appoynt 
our reverend & faithfuU Teacher m' John Norton & Robert 
Payne oversers of this my last will & Testam' and in case of 
the decease or departure of either or both of them I give 
either or both of them power to appoynt an othes or others 
in his or their place or places In wittnesse to this my last 
will & Testam' I have herevnto sett my hand & scale the IS'* 
day of the eleventh month 1646." 

Michael Carthrick, 

Witness : Robert Lord, Edward Browne. Ipswich Deeds, 
vol. 1, leaf 30. 

Proved 30 : 1 : 1647, by the witnesses. Ipswieh Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 1, page 7. 

Inventory taken 25 : 11 : 1646, by Marke Symonds, Edward 
Browne and Robert Lord : one great cubberd, Hi. ; an old 
little table & 3 chaires, 4s. 6d, ; two wheeles, 6s. ; one paire 
of tongs, one firepan, one andiron, 2 tramells, 1 spitt & one 
gridiron & one paire of bellowes, 13s. ; a fowling peece, one 
muskett, 2 swords, 2 paire of bandeleeres & 21i & halfe of 
powder, 31i. 3s. ; 10 pewter dishes, 2 quart potts, one pint 
pott, one beaker, a little pewter cupp, one chamb. pott, lli. 
88.; a pewter salt, a brasse candlestick, a brasse pana, a 
morter & pesftle, Vi%. 6d. ; a little kettle & two posnetts, 13s. ; 


a great bible, psalme booke & an other booke, 10s. ; 3 gaily 
dishes, an iron candlestick, 2 old lamps, 2s. ; 3 iron potts, 1 
iron kettle & two paire of pott hooks, 21i. 4s. ; one powdering 
tubb, 2 keelers, a kneading trough & other lumber, Hi. 3s. ; 
one bushell of mault & 20 bushells of Indian come, 31i. 4s. ; 
one flock bedd & bolster, 2 blanketts, matt & bedsteed. Hi. 
16s. ; hempseed, hopps & flax seed & leather, 8s. ; lOli. of 
hempe undrest, 4s. 2d. ; 12 li. of linen yarne. Hi. ; two old 
hogsheads, 2s. ; one bedsted in the parlor, Hi. 4s. ; one fether 
bed waying 58 li. at 14d. & 3 pound of fethers, 31i. 10s. ; one 
fetherbed and two boulsters weying 641i. at 12d., 31i. 4s. ; 
one paire of blankets and two coverlets, 21i. ; curtaines, 
valents and hangings, 21i. ; 5 payer of sheettes, Hi. 15s. ; 4 
tablecloaths, 8s. ; one cupboard cloth, 5s. ; 1 short diaper 
table cloth, 6s. 8d., lis. 8d. ; two paire of pillow beeres, 9s. ; 
6 old napkins and one towell, 7s. ; 3 shirts, lOs. ; his weare- 
ing apparell, shooes, stockings & hatt, 41i. 10s. ; a warmeing 
pan and a payer of tongs, lis. ; one chaire & 3 joyned stooles, 
10s. ; 2 chests & 3 boxes, Hi. ; a hatchett, 12s. ; a looking 
glasse & halfe houre glasse, 2s. 6d. ; 2000 of nailes, lOs. ; a 
lanthorne, 2 beere vessells & beerestall, Os. ; 200 of clap- 
boards, 7s. ; 3 pitchforks & 2 rakes, 4s. ; one spade & shovell, 
3s. ; several tooles sold to Jo : Catcham, 17s. ; one large 
handsaw, 6s., 7 axes, 22s., Hi. 8s.; one twibill, 5s., one long 
saw, 5s., one hand saw, 3s., 13s. ; 5 augers, 3s. 4d., 4 augers, 
6s., 9s. 4d. ; 2 ham[mer]s & a holdfast & 16 planes. Hi. Is. ; 
9 chissells, 7s., several small chissells, 3s., 10s. ; a shave, a 
little square, a little sawe & a hatchett, 4s. ; an auger & a 
frame sawe & hand saw, 4s. 4d. ; a frow, a mattock & a 
square, 6s. 6d. ; a beetle ring & 4 wedges, 5s. ; Tooles laid 
by for willm Addams, 4s. ; two cowes, 91i. ; one steere, 21i., 
one calf e, 20s., 121i. ; 6 piggs, 71i. 10s.; 12 acres of land, 
within the fence, 1211. ; 26 acres of land, 41i. ; a grindstone, 
winch & trough, 5s. ; the howse, barne, yards, garden & the 
apprtences, 201i. ; total, 991i. 2s. 6d. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, 
leaf 31. 

Michaell Carthricke by his will gave his son John all his 
houses and land, and the said John dying after he was 
twenty years, Thomas Brigden, in right of Mildred, his wife, 
only sister of John, and by whom Brigden hath children, 
petitioned the court for due aud just relief. May 28, 1659, 
ordered that Mildred, the only daughter of Michael Carth- 
rick, and sister and heir to John, should have the estate 
given to her brother, and to pay the widow of Carthricke 
lOli. Mass. Bay Colony Records, vol. 4, page 377. 


Estate of Mks. Elizabeth Goodale of Newbury. 

Mr. Edward Eawson, Eichard Kent and Henry Short of 
Tewbury appointed 6:5: 1647, administrators of the estate 
f Mrs. Goodale until the General. Court takes further order. 
alem Quarterly Court Meoords, vol. 2, page 217. 

Petition of Abraham Toppan, in right of Susan, his wife, 
ad Thomas Milward and Eichard Lowle, overseers to the 
ill of Elizabeth Lowle, and on her behalf, that as this 
Durt, on their petition in 1647, granted unto Abraham Top- 
an, in right of Susan, his wife, and to Elizabeth Louie, ex- 
3utrix to the estate of her husband, John Louie, power of 
iministration to the estate of Elizabeth Goodale, their 
lother, amounting to 19111. in money and about 3011. in 
oods, and reserved liberty to John Goodall anytime within 
iree years to make challenge thereunto, now the time being 
spired, and no record found of the court's grant, desire that 
; may be entered on the records. Ordered May 27, 1662, 
lat the former grant be recorded. Mass. Bay Colony Bee- 
•ds, vol. 4, page 92. 

Estate of William Clarke of Salem. 

Cp. Wm. Hathorne, Mr. Georg Corwin and his widow 
Catherine Clerk, all of Salem, appointed 6:5: 1647, admin- 
itrators of estate of William Clerk, late of Salem, deceased. 
alem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 2, page 219. 

Inventory taken 25 : 4 : 1647, by William Hathorne and 
irora to by Mrs. Katherin Clerk, 9:5: 1647 : An eight pte 
I a barke in Eobert Lemmon his hands, lOli. 10s. ; an eight 
be of a barke in Mr. Gooses hand, 201i.; twoo thirds of a 
lallop att marblehead in the hands of John Keagle, 71i. ; a 
ouse & land neere Mr. Johnsons & 200 acres of land neere 
[r. Humfryes farme, 201i. ; a third of 9 acres of corne upon 
le ground, 31i. ; the houses & an acre of land neere Mr. 
rownes, 281i. ; three Cowes, 131i. 10s. ; 12 small swine, 61i. ; 
te of a bagg of Cotten, containing 1-j- hundred weight, 61i. 
5s. ; 401i. of ginger at 9d. per li., Hi. 10s. ; 500 waight of 
bbacco in Mr. Peeters seller at 4d. per li. , 81i. 6s. 8d. ; in 
IT. Downing's seller, lOOOli. of Tobacco at 4d. per li., 161i. 
3s. 4d. ; one hogshead & pt. of 2 hogsheads of suger, being 
30ut 7001i. waight, 261i. 5s. In the Hall : One long table 

frame, 4 Joynt stooles & a bench, Hi. 13s. ; 1 Court cub- 
jrd & old cloth, 14s. ; 3 red Leather chaires, 13s. 4d. ; 1 
lort forme, 2s. In the Parlor: 1 Table, 3 formes & a stoole, 


14s. rid. ; 1 halfe headed bedstead, 7s. ; 1 curtaine & vallance, 
5s.; 1 feather bed & bolster, 21i. ; 1 straw bed & flocke bol- 
ster, 7s. ; 1 white blanckett, 3s. ; 1 pr. of sheetes, 7s. ; 1 
greene rugg, 14s. ; 1 other bedstead & mat, 7s. ; 1 Curtaine 
& valance, 2s. ; 1 canvas flocke bed, 10s. ; 1 Feather bolster, 
14s. ; 1 pr. of old sheetes, 4s. ; 2 old blaacketts, 4s. ; 1 Red 
Rugg, 8s. In the great Chamber : In a Deske in silver, 41i. 
lis. 3d. ; in Wampon about 31i. worth, 31i. ; his deske, Hi. ; 

3 Joynt stooles, 5s. ; 3 Leather stooles, 5s. ; 1 old Turky 
carpet, 8s. ; in the Closett in Endico, 51i. ; trenchers & other 
small things, 14s. In the hall Chamber : 1 table & forme, 
10s. ; one old carpett, 3s. ; one Joyned bedstead, 14d. ; Car- 
tines & vallances, 16s. ; 1 feather bed, 31i. ; 1 feather boul- 
ster, 15s. ; four feather pillowes, Hi. ; 1 matt, 2s. 6d., 1 Ta- 
pestry covering, Hi. 10s., Hi. 12s. 6d. ; 1 Round Table, 7s. ; 
1 Cubberd cuishion, 2s. ; 1 greate blaeke Truncke with locke 
& key, 10s.; 1 great cuishion wrought with wosted with a 
chaire covering, Hi. ; one sempiternum cubbord cloth with 
silke frenge, Hi. ; 2 Cubberd cuishions of dammaske & one 
needle worke one. Hi. ; 1 phylaselle cloake lined with plush, 
31i. ; for Hi. of silke frenge, 10s. ; 3 say curtaines & a peece 
of vallance, 15s. ; 3 red capps, 3s. ; 6 silver spoones & 2 small 
peeces of plate, 31i. ; one small Truncke, 6s. ; one dussen of 
diaper napkins & a table cloth. Hi. 4s. ; 1 dussen of 
lockrum napkins & a table cloth. Hi. ; 1 dussen & ^ of Hol- 
land napkins wrought & a table cloth. Hi. 14s. ; a paire of 
hoUand sheetes wth seaming lace. Hi. ; a dussen of towells, 
23. ; 1 close stoole, 6s. In the Chamber over the kitchin : 1 
great truncke, 2s. ; 10 pr. of sheetes, 61i. ; 2 dussen of flaxen 
napkins & 2 table cloths, Hi. 4s. ; 3 dussen of old napkins, 
10s. ; 3 old Table clothes, 10s. ; 1 great chest, 14s. ; 1 Tur- 
key Carpitt, Hi. ; 1 old Carpitt, 8s. ; 1 great truncke with 
some small things in the same, 12s. ; 1 bedstead, 6s. ; cur- 
taines & vallance, 7s., 12s. ; a feather bed and boulster, 41i. ; 
a covering & a blanckett, 8s. ; a flre shovell, tongs & a pr. of 
andirons, 10s. ; in a low bedstead, 1 feather bed & boulster, 
21i. ; a blanckett Rugg & a curtaine, 6s. ; a Cutlas & a leath- 
er belt, 14s. 4d. ; 1 old quilt, 3s. 4d. ; a warming pan, 4s. 
In the Garrett : 2 flocke beds & a boulster, 14s. ; a quilt & 
a Rugg, 4s. ; some old tubs & Lumber, Hi. ; 3 bushells of 
Indian come, 8s. ; 15 bushells of wheat at 8d. per li., 21i. 15s.; 
35 bushells of mault at 4s. per bush ell, 71i. In the kitchin : 
20 pewter platters, 21i. 10s. ; 2 great plates & 10 little ones, 
12s. ; 1 great pewter pott, 1 flagon, 1 pottle, 1 quart, 3 pints, 

4 ale qrts., 1 pint, 6 beare cups, 4 wine cups, 4 Candlestickes, 


i Chamber potts, 2 pewter lamps, 1 tunnill, 6 sawcers & old 
)ewter, 31i. 18s.; China dishes, 12s. ; 1 great brasse Copper, 
. small Copper kittle, a great kettle, 1 brasse pan, 1 brasse 
)ott, 1 little kettle, 61i. 19s. j Iron, 1 great pott, 3 hangers, 2 
pitts, 1 treevett, a paire of tongs, 1 fire shovell, 1 peele, 1 
Facke with some old Iron & tubs in the kitchin, 31i. 2s. 6d. ; 
n the seller, hogsheads & old lumber, Hi.; a bible & Pur- 
ihas Pilgrimage, Hi. ; his wearing apparell, 61i. ; owing to 
lim per book, SlOli. 13s. 5d., but what debts he oweth doth 
lot to us appeare ; total, 58611. 2s. 2d. Salem Quarterly 
Jourt Files, vol. 1, leaf 81. 

Mrs. Katherine Clarke of Salem, widow, petitioned the 
jreneral Court about the settlement of her husband's estate 
md it was referred to this court. Ordered 30 ; 10 : 1647, 
;hat the widow have 15011. and the four younger children 
lave llOli., 401i. to be allowed toward their education, and 
;he remainder to be paid when of age or upon marriage. 
' The elder son to have a double pchon and his eldest son by 
lis former wife to have 20Ii., the oth' lOli. and shee that was 
narried in his life time, 51i." Salem Quarterly Court Bee- 
irds, vol. 2, page 226. 

Estate or John Lowell of Newbukt. 

Mr. Willia Gerish, Richard Lowle, Nicholas Noyse, John 
Saunders and Eichard Knight appointed 6:5: 1647, admin- 
strators of the estate of Mr. John Lowle, late of Newbury, 
ieceased, untU the General Court takes further order. Salem 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 2, page 217. 

" The Last will & Testament of John Lowle Late of New- 
aerry deceased made this nine & twentieth of the fowrth 
nounth 1647 

" That I John Lowle of Newberry beeing in Pfect vnder- 
itanding knowing my ffrailty doe declare this to bee my last 
»?ill & Testa [mjent : stedfastly believeing that when I goe 
lence I shall rest in Glory through my Saviour the Lord 
lesus Ch*. As for the Estate the Lord hath given me heare 
[ thus dispose of it : I give vnto my wife Elizabeth Lowle 
me halfe of my Estate whether it Consists in Goods within 
jr without Land Howses Cattell Howshowld stuffe med- 
ioes land brocken or vnbrockne or what else Alsoe my said 
wiie to Chuse Twenty pownds out of the residewe of that 
Estate w* Came by her mother fformerly or latter. The rest 
>f my Estate to be devided Equally betweene my Sonn John 
Lowle Mary Lowle Peter Lowle James Lowle Joseph Lowle 


Beniamine Lowle & Elizabeth Lowle. Alsoe I doe Humbly 
intreate these fiue my Christian deare Loving ffreinds & 
bretherne my brother william Gerrish Richard Lowle John 
Sanders Eichard Knight & Nicholas Noice to be my Exec 
and Adm of this my last will & testament as alsoe to be the 
ouerseers of my wife and Children in A ffreindly Christian 
way towards them and that yo" five showld take the advise 
of our Elders ; in Cace any one of my first wifes Children 
dye before theie have their portion in their hands that it be 
equally devided amongst the rest that are Living the same 
I say Concerning my second wifes Children Beniamine & 
Elizabeth these portions for my Children to be paid them 
when the Court Judge them wise, and able to manage an 
Estate as theie shall receive information from sixe 
of the wise Godly men of the Towne with the Elders. 
Alsoe I will that before the Goods be devided that 
my daughter Elizabeth shall take tenn pownds worth of her 
owne mothers Clothers for her vse ; Alsoe that my daughter 
mary take Twenty pownds worth of her owne mothers Cloth- 
ers, Alsoe if my wife marry I will that my daughter mary 
then shall Live with my Sister Johan Gerrish if my Sister 
please ; if my daughter mary Chuse to Live with my sister 
before my wife ; And that my two daughters shall have their 
Thirty pownds worth of Clothers taken out before the Estate 
be devided dated as above writne. In witnes wherevnto I 
have put my hand this day and yeare above writne." 

Jn" Lowle. 

Witness : Edmond Grenleife, Will : Gerrish, Ebbert Long. 

Proved 27 : 8 : 1647, by Edm. Greenleife and Willi. Gerish. 

Inventory taken the last of June, 1647, by Edward Eaw- 
son, Thomas Miller (signed Milward) and Abraham Toppan : 
his Wearing Apparell : 1 bl. wat grogrin Suite, Hi. ; a leather 
Suite, Hi. 6s. 8d. ; a leather Jackett, 4s. ; a bl. cloth Coate, 
18s. ; an old bl. Cloake & suite. Hi. Is. 4d. ; a freeze Jackett, 
4s. ; a lin coll Cloth Cloake, 18s. ; a lin coll Coate old, 7s. ; a 
Eed wasooate & old dublet, 6s. 8d. ; a lin coll Jackett & hose, 
15s. ; 2 hatts, 12s. ; a pr. of bootes, 10s. ; 4 pr. of shooes, 10s.; 
4 p old stockings, 1 new pr., 12s. 6d. ; 4 shirts worne, 15s. ; 5 
night Capps, 3s. 6d. ; 11 day Capps, lli. 3s. ; 6 bands, 1 pr. of 
bootstopp, 7s. 6d. ; 6 old handcherkess, 2s. ; 2 Swords, 1 pr. 
of bandaleeres, 1 muskett, 1 pistoll, 1 feather^ 1 ponyard, 21i. 
4s. 6d. ; total, lOli. 19s. 8d. In a little chamber : 1 pr. of 
greene Curtaines & valiants wrought, 21i. 15s. ; a f aire Cupp- 
board Cloth, lli. ; 2 wrought Cushions, 1 chaire, 1 Case for 


a ohaire, Hi. 10s. ; 1 Carpett, Hi. ; 1 peece of greene searge, 
8s. ; another pr of green Curtains & valiants, 13s. 4d. ; a 
pcell of bookes, 31i. 7s. ; total, lOli. 13s. 4d. Lynnen : a 
tufted holland wascoatt, 4s. ; an old hoUand shift, 2s. 6d. ; 
2 old Linn. wascoatSj 3s. 6d. ; a lardge diapr table Cloth, 10s.; 
on doz: of diapr napkins, 12s. ; one pr. of fyne canvas sheets, 
12s. ; 3 pr. of Canvas sheets, 18s.; 3 odd sheets old, 5s. 4d. ; 
2 pr. of old sheetes, 4s. ; 2 Course towells. Is. 4d. ; 1 Callico 
pillowby, 3s. 4d. ; on pr. of pillowbyes, 6s. ; a pr. of doulas 
pillowbyes, 4s. ; 9 course napkins, 4s. ; 14 Course napkins, 
7s. ; 6 other napkins, 3s. ; 17 quoifes, 1 ruffe, lis. 6d. ; 8 
forehead clothes, 10s. ; a pcell of child bed linnen, biggins, 
head bands, &c, 91i. ; one odd sheete. Is. lOd. ; 4 napkins, 1 
Towel), Table cloth, 7s. 4d. ; a Table cloth & 3 broken peeces 
2s. ; an old od sheet & 2 chese clouts, Is.; a pillowby, 2s.; an 
old tablcloth & 2 napkins. Is. ; 2 old bands, 6d. ; 9 pis of 
yarne & a seive, 9s. 6d. ; 2 old Carpetts, 6d. ; 6 drink- 
ing napkins, 2s. ; 1 pr. of holland sheets. Hi. 2s. ; of 

; of Cou ; fine old od she[et], 8s. — ; a 

pr. of fine litle sheets, 13s. 4d. ; 2 p. of sheets. Hi. 12s. ; 

a Table cloth & 12 napkins. Hi.; a diap Table cloth, 7 nap- 
kins & one damask. Hi. ; a Table cloth, 2s. ; 18 napkins, 15s. ; 
6 napkins, 3s.; 12 napkins, 4s. ; pr. of Scotches pillowb., 4s. ; 
2 pr of holl pillowbyes, 16s. ; 5 smale pillowbyes, 10s. ; 1 
pr. of cours pillowbyes, 4s. ; one half sheete, 48. ; 2 Towells, 
33. ; a fine Cuppboard cloth, 8s. ; a fine plane Cupboard cloth, 

6s. 8d. ; a long Towell, 2s. ; a pr. of [pilljowbyes, 4s. ; a 

[s]heete, 6d. ; eolld Cloake, 5s. ; 2 pinn cushions, 

2s.; 3 sie of bl. woorsteed, 2s.; a flaring waskoate, 3s.; 
a pr. of course sheets, 6s. ; a pr. of pillowbyes, 
3s. 4d. ; a pr. of pillowbyes, 6s. ; an od sheete, 4s. ; 
an od old sheete. Is. 6d. ; a pcell of old linnen, 2s. ; an old 
table cloth. Is. ; 3 peeces of Cloth, Is. ; an old wasooate. Is. 
6d. ; total, 231i. 9s. 8d. Bedding : a featherbed, 41i. ; a greene 

Eugge, Hi. 10s.; a flocke bed, 18s. ; 2 feather bolsters & 

one pillow, Hi. 10s. ; 2 pillowes & a bolster. Hi. ; a bolster 
Case, 6s. ; a pr. of blancketts, 14s. ; a pr. of fine blan., Hi. 
2s. ; a pr. of blancketts, 10s. ; an od blanokett, 4s. ; 6 Cush- 
ions, Hi. ; a blew Eugge, 6s. 8d. ; a feather bed & two pil- 
lowes, 41i. ; a pillow & pillowby, 2s. ; a flocke bed & 

boulster & 3 old Coverleeds, Hi. ; one grene Coverleed 

& 2 old Coverleed & 2 blankts, 168. ; a Eed Eugge, 13s. 4d.; 
a feather bed, 31i. ; a flocke bed, 13s. 4d. ; 2 som^s*' mantles, 
6s. 8d. ; total, 241i. 3s. Other Apparrell : on grogd kertle & 
goune, 31i. ; payer goune kertle, 21i.; a stamell bear : whitle, 


18s.; a Eed p[a]yer peticoat, Hi. ; a Red Cloth pefcicoat, Hi. ; 
a Eed mantle, 8s. ; 2 Swathing bands, 2s. ; a Coate & hoode, 
12s. ; total, 91i. In pewter & brasse wth other necessary 
[ut]ensills, &c : 21 peuter platters, 3 butter dishes, 7 por- 
ringrs, 12 sasers, 1 flagon, 1 peuter Cupp, one salt celler, 2 

Ganstickes, 31i. 7s. ; 1 grt pott, 1 p po — & 1 -innger, 5s. ; 

3 brasse candsticks & one chamber pott, 6s. 6d. ; 2 brasse 
scales & beames & on pr of sheres, 4s. lOd. ; 1 p of brasse 
Snuffers, Is. 2d.; 2 iron candsticks, chafing dish, 2 skimers, 
6s.; 2 steeling irons, a woodpress & brush, 6s.; one boule, 2 

latt kiver. Is. 6d. ; one pr of bellowes, 2s. ; one Case of 

boxes, 8s. ; one file, one draft shave, 2 hand Sawes, one 
Augure, one plaine, 2 hamers, 2 chessell, one gouge, 3 aulas, 
a gimblett & 2 Rings, 13s. ; one pr. of Iron Andirns, one 
fender, one Iron pott, pr of hangers & Hookes, tonnes & fire- 
panne, a litle Crooke, Hi. 10s. ; on brasse ketle, 2 brasse 
skilletts, 6s. ; 2 sithes & a Cutting knife, 3s. ; a Carte Eoape, 
5s. ; a brasse Copper, 21i. 10s. ; one Iron pott, 3 brasse potts, 
one bellmetle skillett, on litle bell skillet, 31i. 4s. ; one grt 
pr. of Iron doggs, 4 Spitts, 3 p of pott hangers, one grt 
grid Iron, 2 frying panns & one dripping pann. Hi. 13s. 4d. ; 
one pessell & morter, one pr. of bellowes, pott hookes, 2 
brasse ketles, one Iron with stake & yarmo knife, Hi. 17s. ; a 
boxe wth several poells of smale things, 5s. ; Indian baskett 
& some Smale things in it, 2s. ; a long brush & 2 other brush- 
es, 2s. 6d. ; a deske. Is. ; 3 trunkes, 18s. ; a haire line. Is. ; a 
Canne & powder & 61i. of bulletts & 51i. of shott, 6s. ; 3 
lockes & a key, 3s. ; a boxe, 6d. ; a barrell & 51i. of brimston. 
Is. ; a boxe — 4 papers of needles, 4s. ; a litle trunke, 2s. ; a 
Lampe & Iron Candsticke, Is. ; a sell drink Cupp & a glasse, 
Is. ; a chest, 15s. ; a pr of doggs, 5s. ; a brasse chaser, 5s. ; a 
warming panne, 3s. 4d. ; several peeces of leather, 3s. 4d. ; 
Several peeces of Iron & a hooke, 10s. ; 13 bushells of malte, 
21i. 12s. ; a pcell of flaxe & hemp, 7s. ; 120011. of nailes , 6s. ; 
a bedsteed & 2 Joynt stooles, 5s.-; a search & a boxe. Is. 6d. ; 
a flaskett. Is. ; a Casement Iron fendr, hookes, staples, old 
Iron, nailes, boxes, 15s. ; 4 hogsheads & 3 barells, lis. ; a 
seve, 8d. ; a Calves skin, Is. ; 2 old sithes, nibs & Eings, 3s. 
6d.; a bedsteed & 1 doz. half last, 6s. 8d. ; a pcell of orang & 
yellow silk, 8s. ; 9 pr. of childrs gloves, 3s. ; a bundle of 
lists, 3d.; a looking glasse, 3s. 4d. ; 9 doz. of bl : button, a 
swath, a pcell of cruell, threed & Silke, 8s. ; a tunell, grater 
& 3 Juggs, 3s. ; one Iron hooke, one grater, one — ■. — , one do 
f orke, 6d. ; a liske chaine, 2 old Eings, a gar- 
den rake, 2 peuter one muskett, 31i. 2s. ; one 

-noi^iifad eqij M.on pnB 'o'ye'^Ba^m paip ox{m. 'pasBaoap 'aiBpooQ 
qqaq'Bzijg; o'^ la^nSnep 'uBddox ■Buu'Bsng puB 'Aiopm 'a^Morj 
q^aq^ziia: 0!j u8AiS s'BA ^inoo siq; jfq qoiqJi 'saq^op 8,.Taq:joni 
-paBJg jeq jo !jno XouSa^ aq? aABq o^ .laiqSn'Bp siq papag^at 
jaq!jBj aqi %vt{% si ^T* ^^^ JO uoiij'E^aidja^ni auranaS aq^ ^nq 
'Mopm aq^ JO ni-*^ 9^^ ^T ^^ 'AvopiM. aq^ o^ .Ta^qSnBp 'aiMorj 
qqaq'BZi][a; o:) i;^m aqi ui naAiS ajaAi. qoiqAi saq^op jo q:)iOA\. 
'TIOT -^T^o 'naip^iqo aq; puB Mopm aq:j uaaM^aq 'MopiM 'aiMOi 
q^aqBzi^a; pnB inaq:^ iq papiAip sbas. 'pas'eaoap 'a^M.oi uqop jo 
au'E^jsa aq^ ij'Bq^ SaiAaqs sajfo^ SB^oot^ pn^ !}qSiu3; pjBqox^ 
'sjapnn'Bg uqop 'axAi-OT; pj^qoi-g; 'qeuia^ -01^4^ jo noi^T:;aj: 

•\\Q 0% araoo xtJAi. a^ SaiAOjd 2j aifois 
-^qd 2j xx^sunoQ 'asiAp'B '^j'G.ianiTj aiC joj sasaadxa ^ aSpj^qo 

JO Iliq V 'WSVZ 'mo* ™nS 'STT '1188 'mo* • 'SOT "HI '^o 
-praui JO SJOB f. i -pg 'sx "Tig 'qsTi'Btn jo sjob gx i "Pt' 'sgT '112 
'qsiBui JO siOB 8 i -SOT 'lU 'sA^op'eani jo s.iob 9 i -sgx "UT 'pa'^I 
JO sio'E 6 • "119 '*! o:j aonaj i -iis '"jo-b d 'sox *'b sio'b gx • '^t 
•1X2 'qi JO ddoiQ sqi • "egT "nZ ''sgs *« panojS jo loy 9 f -tiox 
'ddoiQ ai 2j JO'S u'B ajx'eq q:}Ai auj^q ^ i -sox "Tig '*T JO ddoiQ 
al i nxi, 'pn'BX jo sjob oal:; 25 asjiioq laq^ou'E i -sox IIS 'sjob 
f. eiC Tio anjOQ aiC i -itgg 'puBT; jo job ^ 2j asAoq SnjxxaMp 
siq : spm?i sj asnoH "SOT 'IlSg '\^'^0'^ • "SOT "HZ 'aniCAis ^ 
f -1X2 'saAx'BO xinq z ' s(j\ -iw 'ajaa^s aiaa/C b i -sox '\\Z 'a-i88*s 
aiaa^S g ■b '. '1X6 'saia:;s sja^g g i -ixxx 'naxo g i -iiox 'saAtoQ 
Z '^W&O "PIT '^T 'not '\'^%<i% ''SST 'aAi-oa-req uo -"SOX 'ai'eqs 

auo 'ajioxd ano i "pg "s^x aui'Bjj 'b 2J sjapp^x S 'aSpaii. 

auo 'saAv.oq g i -pg 'sg 'auo^spuiif) ■b i -pg 'sx 'aSS'Bq ax^ix '^ 
'. -p^ '89 'sSS^q jaq^'Bax c i -sg 'sajfOBg ^ i "pg -sgx 'jas'sg (^ jaS 
-uixTod XXXI^S 'B i "s^ 'ax'Bp araos 25 aq.aaqs auniM. b f 'sg *!i!;nq e 

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spn^q :^ said aouix 'sunid Sntrpa; 'saxaaqA ^ a^iBQ ano 'aajfBqo 
■B 'ajii.'Bs pg^ pnBq g ano 'sasx'BOiC g 1% appxxs ano i 'sg 'japp^i 
■B sp ax'B auo 'qSnoxd napooii auo i -sox 'iaAt3[ auo 'sajC'Biij g 
'aXP'BiQ ano 'paa^spaq ano i "sx 'sjaqona.i:j jo jx^q 'B 1^ zop ano 
f "SOX 'iP-^oqg ano 1^ ap^dg ano '^[lojqo^Td ano 'sai[Ooqd'Ba'a; 
Z 'aiiooqSpaq auo ! 'sx 'axoq %\Q'& auo i -sg 'ajjoBaq 'b 'qSno.n 
Suip^ansx auo '. 'Si 'jaqc>aSo!j aji^qo &xq'B^ auo 'p'Bax jo aoaad 
■B 'ao.Tj X i'sg "TIX 'asjoad ejx'Bq ■e ig a^oad x 'ddng poo^ ano 
's^^'BA esaqo g 'xP^nunx auo 'sij^od uaq^j^a g 'aitvoq uapooM 
'sqqrn pio aaq:^o 25 sauinqo g 'iaAT5[ sj qnij SnijpMod auo 'Ji^q 

pn^q no 'sxxawBq aiaaq z • "sgX 'nojj jo saoaad 29 sajaqs 

JO jd 'juSny 'qraoo aox ano 'i^!^a3[S'Bg uo 'axq'B^ b jo aniBij no 
'pae^spaq auo 'ei^qo auo f 'sg 'j[j:oj ajg uoji auo 'xx'Bqs'sd 

XI •iiKnoo xassa dO saaooaa aivaoaa ani 


era wish to know to which the court inclines and their order 
shall be observed. Further that the two sons may be called 
to know whom they will choose for guardians. 

The court [May 13, 1648] decided that the clothes men- 
tioned as given to Elizabeth Lowle (of her mother's clothes, 
now living), is to be understood as the clothes of her grand- 
mother, Elizabeth Goodale, and out of them she should be 
satisfied. Kichard Lowle appointed gijardian to the children 
and the petitioners at their request discharged. Mass. 
Archives, vol. 15B, page 68. 

Petition of Edmond Mores requesting the court that on 
condition of the payment of the sum agreed upon to the 
executors and overseers of John Lowle, deceased, as guardi- 
ans to the children, the inheritance of the lands sold him 
with the liberties mentioned in the sale, be confirmed to him. 
Oct. 18, 1648, the petition was granted. Mass. Bay Colony 
Records, vol. 2, page 254. 

Mary Lowle, about seventeen years of age, daughter of 
John Lowle, of Newbury, deceased, desiring to go to England 
to some near friends of hers, from whom she received her 
education, petitioned the court that a legacy of lOli. due unto 
her from Eichard Lowle, her uncle, either at the age of 
twenty one or as this court shall determine, be paid unto her. 
Oct. 16, 1650, the petition was granted. Mass. Bay Colony 
Records, vol. 3, page 213. 

Upon a motion made by Richard Lowle of Newbury, 
brother to John, deceased, the court, 1:4: 1653, gave full 
power to either of the county courts, to appoint some person 
to be guardian of James and Joseph Lowle, sons of John 
Lowle, the said Eichard by reason of sickness being incapa- 
ble of looking after them further. Mass. Archives, vol. 15B. 
■page 24. 

Acquittance of Phillip Nellson of Eowley, to Eichard 
Lowle and others, overseers of the will of John Lowle, de- 
ceased, and Elizabeth Lowle, of all demands. Dated Feb. 
20, 1666. Wit: Ezekiell Northend, John Pickard. Sworn 
to Sept. 30, 1673, by John Pickard, and Sept. 29, 1674, by 
Ezekiel Northend. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 3, page 326. 

a>hb probate eboords of essex county. 773 

Estate of John Fairfield of Wenham. 

" The !!'•' day of the lO"" December 1646 : To god be 
the prayse, I John ffayrefeild beinge in perfect memory 
though weake in Boddy doe make this my last will and Tes- 
tament in manner & forme as foUoweth. ... I doe Give 
and Bequeath to Elizabeth my beloued wife my pte of house 
& ground which I haue in Coptnershipe with Joseph [Bat]ch- 
elder to her & to her Heires foreuer Item : I doe giue vnto 
my wife all my moueables within dores and without as 
namely my Cowes Cattle Swine Come Housall Imply ments 
and vtensels Bed bedinge Lininge Woollinge Brass Peuter 
mony Debts and whatsoeuer is mine either in Possession or 
accruinge or belonginge to me for her the said Elizabeth to 
'haue and inioy the same as her owne fee Simple to disposs 
of at her pleasure without Interruption or molestation from 
any other, and also my will is that my said wife shall haue 
the vse and occupation of the house I now line in and the 
ground Appertayninge thereunto and of my fear me had 
from Salem ; vntill such time as Beniamen my yongest Sonne 
shall Come to twenty yeeres of Age ; And then my minde 
and will is that this house &'Land & my moueable Goods |{ 
then remaininge || shall all be equally in the proportion de- 
vided, betwine my wife, and three Children || soe many of 
them as shall then survive \\ . And further this is my will 
that my wife shall see the bringinge vp of my Children 
Christian Like and Honestly and alsoe the due disposall of 
them vnto such honest occupations or lawefull Callings or 
Conditions of life as she in her wisedom with the advice of 
the supervisors of this my will shall esteem most meete, this her 
said Care of them to extend towards my said Children vntill 
my yongest son Beniamine Comes to twenty yeeres of age And 
Likewise my will and pleasure is my sonne Walter shallrset 
himself satisfyed with what I heere haue done as Concern- 
inge him and to take it as my minde and advice that he 
would approue himselfe dutif ull vnto his Mother vpon whose 
Curtisy he shall depend for ought elce he might expect ; Al- 


soe my minde is my said wife shall make no estripp or 
wast of Timber fensinge, and shall keepe my said houses in 
good & sufficient Eeperrations and my ground sutably fenced 
and inclosed accordinge as she finds the same duringe the 
same space of Tearme, and in Cause she shall disposs her 
selfe in marryage that then she shall before the solemnisinge 
of the same enter into sufficyent bond & security for the 
fulfillment of this my will vnto the Supervisors, further my 
minde and will is that for my gunes and swordes : my Chril- 
drne shall haue the vse of them as need require Item I 
giue vnto Mathew Edwards my Cossen Twenty Acres of vp- 
land lyinge within my fearme had from Salem with two acres 
of middow to be laid out most indifferently by my supvisors 
to injoy it at one and twenty yeeres of Age. Item I Con- 
stitute And ordayne Elizabeth my wife sole Executrix And 
my Louinge and well approued freinds Mr. Henery Barthol- 
omew of Salem and Kobertt Hawes of Salem these two 
Supvisars to this my last will and Testament. In witnes 

where of I haue set to my hand and Scale." 

his mark 
John i3i Fairefild. 
Witness : Jo. Fiske, William Fiske, Robert Hawes. 
Proved 7:5: 1647, by William Eiske and Robert Hawes, 
and 8:5: 1647, by Jo. Fiske. Essex County Quarterly Court 
Files, vol. 1, leaf 77. 

Inventory taken 23: 10: 1646, and sworn to by widow Eliz- 
abeth Fairfield, 7:5: 1647 : One dwelling house, 71i. 10s. ; 
seven tie five Acres of upland and seven acres of meddow, 2 Hi. 
16s. ; fearme of Eightie Acres of upland and eight acres of 
meddow, 61i. ; a Joynte purchase with Joseph Bachelder, 
containing fortie eight Acres of upland and three Acres of 
meddow & a dwelling house and a Cowhouse & Come sowed 
upon it, lOli. ; wheat unthrashed, Hi. ; Rye unthrashed, Hi. ; 
Indian come, 81i. 16s. ; five loads of hay, 21i. 10s. ; three 
cowes, 131i. 10s.; three yeereling Calves, 41i. 16s.; one suck- 
ing calfe, 8s. ; one fatt Hogge, 21i. 10s. ; one sow , Hi. 15s. ; 
one hogg. Hi, 8s. ; two shotts. Hi. 4s. ; three piggs. Hi. 4s. ; 
one feather bed & Bolster & five feather pillowes, 31i. ; under 
bed, one greene rugge and one blankett. Hi. 12s. 6d. ; one 
feather bed, one feather boulster and one flock boulster, 211, 


5s. ; two coverlits, one pillow and two under Blankets, 16s. 
6d. ; Greene lineye woolsie curtaynes and a darnick Vallience, 
Hi. ; one Bedstead and cord, 6s. 6d. ; fowre payre of old 
sheets, Hi. 4s. ; two sheets and a halfe of fine flax, Hi. 8s. ; 
fowre pillowbeeres, 8s. ; two diaper boord clothes and one 
little playne boord clothes, 10s. ; two diaper napkins and 
three playne napkins, 4s. ; two hand towells & one old boord 
Cloth, 48. ; one great brass Kettle, 18s. ; one middle brass 
kittle, 12s. ; one lesser brass kittle, 7s. ; one brass bakinge 
pann with a Cover to it, 7s. ; three brass skillitts and a brass 
scommer, 6s. ; one small iron pott, 2s. ; five peuter dishes, 
9s. ; two f ruitt dishes and two sawcers, 3s. 6d. ; fowre peuter 
porringers, 2s. 4d. ; one pinte pott of peuter, 2s. ; one double 
salt of pewter. Is. 6d. ; one peuter Candlestick, Is. 8d. ; six 
pewter spoones, 6d. ; a chamber pott of pewter, 2s. ; two 
chests, 10s. ; three boxes, 3s. ; one cubbortt, 6s. 6d. ; two 
payles, 2s. ; one beere barrell, 6s. ; one spitt, 2s. ; a payre of 
andyrons, 3s. ; a gridiron, Is. 6d. ; a frying pan, Is. ; a payre 
of tongs & fyre shovell. Is. 6d. ; a warming pan, 2s. 6d. ; 
a muskett with a fyrelock, 14s. ; an old Towlinge peece, 148. ; 
a pistoll dag, 6s. ; a sword and bandlears, 8s. ; a beetle & 
fowre wedges, 4s. ; two old axes, 3s. ; a crosscutt saw, 8s. ; a 
hand saw & two old shovells and payre of pinsons, 4s. ; twen- 
ty-three harrow tines, 4s. 9d. ; three hanginge locks, 2s. ; an 
iron foot. Is. ; two payre of hookes & eyes for a gatte, 2s. ; 
a browne bill, 2s. ; an iron spade, 4s. ; twenty pounds of lead- 
inge weights, 6s. ; old iron, 6s. ; three sickles, 28. ; a Bible 
with Bezes notes, 10s. ; a smoothing iron, 2s. ; a black stuff 
sute, Hi. ; an old jerkin and bretches of silke russet cloth, 
12s. ; an old full coate and whood, Hi. ; an old Black hatt, 
2s. ; a payre of boots, Is. 6d. ; a wicker fan, 4s. ; a halfe bush- 
ell and halfe peck measure, 2s. 6d. ; two old hoggs heads, 4s. ; 
a barrell with a cover, 3s. ; hempe, 5s. ; two baggs, 2s. ; fower 
trayes, 3s. ; a trundle bed, 5s. ; a broad box, 6d. ; a wheele 
barrow. Is. 6d. ; fower old howes and an old garden rake, 3s. ; 
a pitchfork and a dung forke, 2s. ; a wooUinge wheele and a 
lingeinge wheele, 6s. 8d. ; a brason morter & pestell, 38. ; 
eighten pound of drest hempe, 12s. ; three old chayres, 3s. ; 
two pott racks & a payre of bellowes, 6s. ; a lether sack and 
an iron peele & some other old iron, 3s. ; a mattocke, 2s. 6d.; 
total, 11311. 3s. 7d. Ussex County Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, 

2 cowes, 91i. ; 3 steers and heighfers of 2 years old, 71i. 
10s. ; 1 calfe under one yeere, 10s.; 1 hogge, 21i. ; a sowe and 
a smale pigge. Hi. 4s. ; a bush, of Indian Come, 3 bush, of 


wheate ; total, 201i. 4s. ; for the keeping of the two Childreny 
the one 2 years & 5 months & the other 2 yeare, lOli. ; the 
rent of the Farme & stock, per yeare, 81i. ; the wife's pte., 
4U. ; 1 child 6 moneths, lli. ; the estate being devided into- 
4 pts is to each, 91i. 12s. lOd. Essex County Quarterly Court 
Files, vol. 1, leaf 79. 

Estate of Christopheh Yonqs op Wbnham. 

" 9*^ of 4*"" 1647. I Christopher yongs of wenham in the 
County of Essex in New England being at the day of the 
date hereof in good & pfect memory (although weak in body) 
blessing Almighty God therefore, doe make this my last will 
& Testam* in manner as foUoweth Imprimis I committ my- 
selfe & mine into the hand of my gracious God & father in. 
Jesus Christ, to be disposed according to his good pleasure, 
beseeching him for pdon of my sins, & relying on the merits 
of Christ my Savior for a glorious resurection at the last, 
day. It. as concerning the outward goods of this life I 
bequeath them as foUoweth as first of all that there be made 
out of my Cloath, linin &c. two suits ||of Appel|| a peece for 
each of my three Children ||to be sent into England w"' them|| 
& then the rest of my Estate moveable and Immoveable to be 
sold or disposed of according to the discretion of my execus- 
tors, in pte towards the pviding for my Children whitest 
heere remayning in this land, & the seasonable transporta- 
tion of them oner Sea into o"^ Native County vnto Greate 
yarmouth in Norfk in old England, & the Eesidue that shall 
remayne to be sent over vnto my feofEoes of Trust there, to 
be imployed by them to the vse of my sd Children. It. my 
will & mind is to bequeath my two daughters vnto my deere- 
mother in Law m"* Elvin in Greate yarmouth entreating her,, 
& my Zoning father in law m' Elvin her Husband, to take 
care of them, at what time the providence of god shall bring 
them ouer, when I due also hearby constitute my feofes of. 
trust together with m'' John Philips of wenham or any one. 
of these at that time surviving to see to the dispose of theses 
my s* Children, & of what estate shall remaine to be dis- 
tributed betwene them. And I doe bequeath my Son in- 
Special vnto the care of the sd m' John Philips if he shalL 
then liue to be disposed of by him as his owne : these my 
children to be sent ouer vnto yarmouth aforesd. to be- dis- 
posed of as specif yed. It. my will & desire is, that my chil- 
dren during the time of there abode in this County shall 
remayne with my two Sisters, the wife of Joseph Yongs', & 


the wife of Thomas Moore of Salem, they to be allowed for 
the time by my executors what may be convenient. It. I 
giue my greate Bible to my daughter Sarah, and my lesser 
bible to my daughter mary& a booke entitled Of Gods alsuffl- 
ciency vnto Christopher my Son, to be carefully p'served for 
them & to there use, to enjoy as a remembrance of my affec- 
tion & welwishing towards them. & I giue my booke entitled 
the Deceitfulness of mans Heart to my deere freind Ezdras 
Eead as a testimony of my love towards him. lastly I doe 
heereby constitute & ordeyne my trusty & welbeloued freind 
m' William Browne of Salem, Ezdras Eead of Wenham, & 
the wife of Joseph yongs of Salem executors to this my last 
will to see to the dispose & transportation of my children, 
II towards my bury all & paym* of my debts || & to the Sale & 
dispose of my estate as heerein is specifyed. & for ther 
payhes & expenees thereabouts my will & mind is, they 
should haue reasonable satisfaction out of my s* goods, 
giueing an accompt heereof vnto my Supvisor & finally I doe 
heereby make my beloved freind M' Hennery Bartholmew 
Supvisor of this my will." 

Christopher Yongs [seal] 

Witness : John ffiske, Edward spouldyng. 

Proved 7:6: 1647, by Edward Spouldyng, and 8:5: 1647 
by John flske. Essex County Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, 
leaf 82. 

Inventory taken July 5, 1647, by Phinehas Fiske, William 
Eiske and Edward Spolding. Sworn to 7 : 5 : 1647, by Esdras 
Eead, executor : A dwelling House wth five acres of ground 
Joyning to it & ten acres more Eemote, 81i. 10s. ; one acre & 
Quarter of Corne on the ground, Hi. 10s. ; Two Cowes, 91i. 
10s. ; One Swine, 10s. ; One Lome wth ye Gares belonging to 
it & seven Eeeds, fowre beinge Hernest & two brassen Eeeds 
hernest, 31i. 10s. ; One Bedstead & Cords, 12s. ; Curtains & 
Valliants, 5s. ; One f etherbed & Boulster & three f ether Pil- 
lows, 31i. 10s. ; One old Eugg, 9s. ; Two old Chests, 48. ; 
Three Iron Potts & two payre of pothooks & a brass Skillett^ 
Hi. ; One Postiron, a hale & a how, 5s.; Two old axes wth 
some old Iron, 28. ; One Muskett & Eest, 16s. ; One Pewter 
basen, a drinkinge pott, three platters, three old saucers, a 
salt & an old Porringer, 10s. ; One Bakinge Pan, 6d. ; Two 
Lamps, 2s. ; Spoons, Trenchers & Dishes & pipking, Is. 6d. ;, 
a Box with some Salt, 6d. ; Two Chayrea, Is. 6d. ; a Settle,, 
3s. 4d.j a Spade, 3s. 4d.; Three trayes, two payles & a 
boulej 3s. 2d.; a Table & Minginge trough, 3s. 4d. ; a Look- 
ing Glass, 6d. ; a Smoothing Iron & three knives, 3s. ; two 


bibles & some other old bookes, 13s. 4d. ; one Hogshead wth 
Certaine hempe & flax, 5s. ; two Boxes with some other old 
things, 5s. 9d. ; Corne, 43. ; a hammer, 6s. ; a pichforke, Is. ; 
two payer of sheets wth other Lininge, 19s. ; five yards & 
halfe of serge & lace, Hi. ; a payer of gloves & some hoss 
yarne, 5s. 4d. ; line sowinge thrid & a Euff, 2s. ; Fower 
bredthes of old stuff, 5s. ; one payer of upper bodyes, Is. ; 
Cartine Tape, Is. 6d. ; a bearinge Cloth, 10s. ; Three Peticots, 
fowre wescots, a whood & an Apren, 21i. 13s. ; Three black 
wrought Coifes, three Cut worke Coifes, a silke Cap, seven 
Cross Clothes, two handkerchiefe, three Aperns, a stuff Cap, 
Hi. 5s. ; a Diaper Boordcloth & halfe a dozen diaper napkins, 
Hi. ; two yards of Holland & five other psels of new lininge, 
12s. ; Certaine Lininge for a Child, 16s. ; Three Sheets & a 
peece of new cloth, Hi. 5s.; Certaine other Lininge, 2s. ; Black 
thrid & Gray, Is. 6d. ; a weskott, Is. 6d. ; Two hatts, 10s. ; 
Fowre yards of Carsy, Hi. ; a yard & halfe of Carsy, 7s. 6d. ; 
a payre of stuff Briches and a peece of Stuff of the same. 
Hi. ; Silke & Buttons, Is. ; a Growne, 15s. ; a Doublett, 
Briches & Cott and two payre of Lynings and some other old 
Clothes, 14s. ; a payre of Stockings, Is. ; an old Straw bed 
and Creadle Kugg with an old Bed Eugg, 6s. ; a Shurtt, 2s. 
6d. ; a Butter Pott, Is. ; a persell of Goods sent over this 
yeere from Ingland, 28. 5d. ; a Einge of a beetle, Is. j an old 
Coat, Is. ; Poultry, 3s. ; total, 611i. lis. Sssex County Quar- 
terly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 83. 

The petition of the executors of Christopher Yonge, late 
deceased, to have liberty to place the children in this country 
and not to send them to old England as expressed in the 
will, was granted 26 : 10 : 1648. Salem Quarterly Court Rec- 
ords, vol. 3, leaf 3. 

Estate of Edith Smith. 

Will of Edith Smith, made 3 : 12mo : 1642, proved 9 : 
5mo : 1647, by oath of John Eobinson. Salrni Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 2, page 218. 

Estate of Giles Badger of Newbuet. 

" The 29*" day of June in the yeare of our Lord 1647 I 
Giles Badger of Newbury being sick in body but of pfeot 
memory thankes be given to god And I doe ordaine & make 
my last will & Testam* in mann & forme as foUoweth first I 
give & bequeath my soule to god & my body to the earth to 


be buried in hope to be raised againe in the resurrection by 
Jesus Christ my saviour secondly I give & bequeath to my 
wife two parts of my estate if she remaine vnmarried & my 
will is that my child should have one part the which part my 
will is should be paid to my sonne when he is 18 yeares of 
age the benefitt of it to be improved for bringing vp vntill 
he be 18 yeares of age Likewise my will is that if my wife 
doe marry againe that then my wife shall have the one halfe 
& my Sonne the other halfe to be paid to him when he is 18 
yeares of age and soe likewise the benefit of it to be im- 
proved for his maintenance. Likwise I doe desire my chris- 
tian frends my father Greenleff Daniel Perce & Henry Short 
& E.ichard Knight to diuide my estate betweene my wife & 
child." Giles Badger 

Witness : Eichard Knight, william Ilesley, Henry Somerbe. 

Proved 28 : 7 : 1647, by Eichard Knight. Ipswich Deeds, 
vol. 1, lea/ 33. 

On 27 : 1 : 1649, Mr. Symonds ordered to take the oath of 
the other witness. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol, 1, 
page 16. 

Inventory taken Sept. 12, 1647, by Lt. Edmund Greenleff, 
Henry Short, Daniel Pearce and Eichard Knight : Two 
Coates, Hi. ; one short coat, 10s. ; one cloth sute, Hi. 4s. ; 
one stuff sute, Hi. ; one paire of cloth hose, 13s. ; one leather 
sute, Hi. 10s. ; one leather jackett. Hi. ; one blew wastcote, 
10s. ; a paire of drawers, 3s. ; 2 paire of bootes, one paire 
of shoes, 18s. ; 4 paire of stockins, 10s. ; 2 sutes, 2 hatts, 
one cap. Hi. ; a muskett, sword, bandaleeres, Hi. 8s. In the 
Chamb : one bed, one bowlster, 2 pillowes, a paire of blank- 
etts, a paire of sheets, one coverlet & curtins, 71i. 6s. ; one 
paire of sheets, Hi. ; one sheet, 5s. ; 2 chests. Hi. 4s. ; a 
warming pan, 7d. ; a Cubberd, 2 boxes, Hi. ; a little wheele, 
48. ; 2 pillow beeres, 10s.; the board cloth, 3 napkins, 10s. ; 
a diap. board cloth, 8s. ; in linen yarne 121i., Hi. 4s. In the 
loff : 121i. of cotten wooll, 12s. ; a Pcell of hempe & flax 
undrest, 6s. ; apeeceof sole leather, 9s.; a churne, halfe 
bushell & a peck, 6s. ; 3 barrells, 2 firkins, 7s. ; 3 little ves- 
sells, 5s. ; 2 sives, a chest & other lumb., 5s. ; 81i. shott, 2s. 
8d. ; 5 sacks, 12s. ; a great bagg, 6s. ; a bushell of mault, 
4s. In the fire roome : a table, 4 chaires, 9s. ; a cushen 
stoole, 3s. ; two stooles, 2s. ; two kettles, Hi. 16s. ; two 
skilletts, 5s. ; an iron pott & pott irons, 10s. ; a glasse bowle, 
beaker, Jugg, 3s. ; Three silu. spoones. Hi. ; a morter & pes- 
tle, a scum., 5s. ; 6 porringers, 3 saucers, 7s.; 3 platters, a 


bason, 9s. ; a chamb. pott, 2 candlesticks, 6s. ; 2 beakers & 
a bowle, 5s. ; a quart pott & a pint pott, 7s. ; 3 little dishes, 
6 spoones, 3s. ; a salt seller, a tunell, a great dowrubb. Is. ; 
6 wooden dishes, 2 ladles, 43. ; 2 wooden platters, a peele, 
4 earthen panns, a frying pan, 2 bellowes, other lumb., a 
fire pan & tongs, 7s. ; 31i. of powder, 6s. ; 4 axes & other 
tooles & 4 sawes, 31i. ; a spade & a shovell, 4s. ; 3 pitchforks, 
3 rakes, 4s. ; 3 yoaks, a chayne, 2 plowes, 19s. ; a cart & 
iwheeles, 16s. ; 2 Sithes, 5s. ; 2 oxen, 151i. ; a Cowe, 2 year- 
lings, a calfe, 191i. ; 3 piggs. Hi. 15s. ; In powltry, 5s. ; Come 
in the barne, 161i. 10s. ; In land & bowsing, 601i. ; 5 caske, 
17s. ; one mattock, one holdfast, 4s. ; a tow combe & pessell, 
5s. ; 3 sives, 3s. ; hay, 51i. ; In the seller in barrells & other 
lumb.. Hi. ; dung, lOs. ; 2 wedges & a betle ringed, '6s. ; 
bookes & gloves, lis. ; total, 1531i. 9s. 8d. Soe that all reck- 
nings on his books being cleare remaines owing 241i. 9s. '8d., 
which being taken out of the 1531i. 9s. 8d., there remaines in 
estate to be divided 1291i. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 33. 

Eichard Browne's bond, dated Mar. 27, 1655, to pay his 
wife's son, John Eager, 341i. at eighteen years of age, 'besides 
the half of the land left by the latter's father. Ipswich 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 49. 

Estate of Eobert Hunter op Rowley. 

" this 5*" of the 6"" month 1647. I Eobert Hunter weaike 
of body but of pfect memory praysed be god doe make & 
ordayne this to be my last will & Testament, first all my 
debts being paid I leave my howse & lott to my wife Mary 
Hunter for Terme of her life. Item all my goods within -the 
howse I give to my wife Item I give vnto Thomas Birkby 
one little browne heffer that corns two yeares and my shop 
geare. Item I give vnto some poore in the Church of Rowley 
ten pounds to be paid out of two mares of which ten pounds 
ten shillings I give to Richard Clarke Ite ten shillings to 
John Dresser Item to John Burbant 10^ Item to willm 
Jackson 10'. Item to Jane Grant I give 10'. Item to SiSly 
wood 10*. Item to Margaret Crosse 10'. Item I give to 
william Stickne 20". & all my workiday clothes Item to 
Thomas Elethorp 10'. Item I give to m^' Shove 40'. whicli 
I desire may be for helping her sonne when he is to ligoe|| 
[to] Cambridg Item I give to John Trumbell 20'. Item to 
Edward Sawier 10'. Ite to Thomas Tenny I give 10'. and 
the remainyng 20' of the 10' I give to m''^ Shove Item as 


for all the rest of my goods & Chattells I leave vnto my wife 
Mary Hunter whom I make sole executrix of this my last 
will & Testament." Eobert Hunter. 

Witness : Humfry Eayner, Maximilian (his mark) Jawet. 

" Memorand f or the Inheritance of my howse & lott In 
case Abell Langley settle here & carry well towards his Dame 
my minde is that he shall have the Inheritance of them, but 
if not then I leave it to be disposed of by the Church for the 
vse of the poore of Eowley Item it is the will of the said 
testator that if the abovesaid Abell Langley have a call to 
goe for England to settle any estate he hath there that then 
he shall have libty to goe and returne but in case he goe & 
doe not returne to live here in such convenient tyme as may 
be thought fitt by the Church then the said Abell Langley 
shall not have power to sell or dispose of the Lott or howse 
but they shall fall into the hands of the Church at Eowley 
to be disposed of as abovesaid." 

Proved 28 : 7 : 1647. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 25. 

Estate of Luke Heaed ob" Ipswich. 

" The last will of Luke Herd Latly deceased about the 
Imprimis I give vnto my eldest sonne John Herd ten 
pounds to be paid him at the age of 21 yeares Item I doe 
give vnto my sonne Edmund five pounds to be paid him at 
the Age of 21 yeares Item I give my bookes vnto my two 
sonnes to be equally parted betweene them Alsoe this is my 
will y* my two sonnes be brought vp to writing & to reading 
& then when they shalbe fitt to be putt forth to such trades 
as they shall Choose. Alsoe I make my loving wife Sarah 
Herd my sole executrix. Thus much as abovesaid was ex- 
prest by the above named Luke Herd in the p'sence of vs." 

[no signature.] 

Witness : John (his mark) Wyatt, Simon Tompson. 

Proved 28 : 7 : 1647, by the witnesses. Ussex County 
Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 94. 

Inventory taken by James How, Thomas Howlett and 
John Wyatt : shopp Tooles, 61i. ; all kinde of iron tooles, 
41i. 14s. 6d. ; iron potts, a posnett & a kettle. Hi. 2s. ; a 
brasse kettle, 15s. ; 12 pewter dishes & other pewter, 21i. 
lis. 6d. ; wooden ware, 6s. ; fether bedds & bolsters, 61i. 
10s. ; a rugg, coverlett & curtins, Hi. 14s. j apparrell, 61i. 
16s. ; bookes, 41i. 10s. ; linen, 21i. 9s. ; cotten wooll, 6s. ; a 
great chest, 2 boxes & chaires, Hi. Is. ; a muskett & pistolett, 


sword, bandaleers & powder, Hi. 16s. 8d. ; scales & waites, 
Hi. ; saokes a half bushell & a peck, 10s. ; three Cowes & 
three steeres of 3 yeare old & two steeres of 2 yeare old & 
a heffer, 361i. 15s. ; swine, Hi. ; come, wheate & Indian, 51i. 
Is. ; total, 841i. 17s. 8d. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 33. 

Bond of Joseph Bexby (also Bigsby) of Ipswich, husband- 
man, and Sarah (her mark) Heard (also Herde), widow, to 
Ipswich court, for 301i., dated 15 : 10 : 1647. Wit : Margaret 
Kogers and John Rogers. Condition : Parties intend to 
marry each other ; the two children (sons) of said Sarah and 
her late husband Luke Heard of Ipswich, linen weaver, to 
be well brought up, be taught to read and write, at the age 
of thirteen at the furthest to be apprenticed to such trades 
as Mr. Nathaneel Eogers, their grandfather Wyat and En- 
signe Howlet ordain, and that they be paid at the age of 
twenty-one the 151i. given to them by the will of their father, 
viz : lOli. to the elder and 51i. to the younger, and the books 
bequeathed them by their father ; that 51i. be paid to the 
children of said Sarah if living, she to divide it according to 
her discretion, equally, or to give the whole to the younger, 
if the elder be better provided for ; and that the land in 
Asington, in Suffolk, England, which was to be Sarah's after 
the decease of her mother, the tenure of which was not cer- 
tainly known by them, if the land was not entailed, to be 
Sarah's solely, the said Joseph Bigsby to have no right in it 
on account of marriage. Essex County Quarterly Court Files, 
vol. 1, leaf 95. 

Petition of Nathaniel Eogers and John Wiatt, under the 
will of Luke Heard and above bond, requesting General 
■Court to fulfil will of deceased, Joseph Bigsby being gone 
out of the country without giving notice of his return. 
Ordered, attachment of estate of Joseph Bigsby to the 
amount of the children's legacies, his estate being so weak- 
ened that the petitioners fear for the security of the chil- 
dren's property. Essex County Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, 
leaf 96. 

Estate of Samuel Soullaed of Newbury. 

" In the name of god amen In the Twenty seaventh day 
of March in the yeare of our lord 1647 I Samuell Scullard 
being sick in body but of pfect memory thanks be given to 
god ; And I doe ordaine & make my last will & Testament 
as foUoweth first I bequeath my soule to god & my body to 


the earth in hope to be raised againe in the resurreccon by 
Jesus Christ my saviour Secondly I give & bequeath all my 
estate to my wife & children that is to say one halfe to my 
wife & the other half to my two Children Mary & Sarah by 
equall porcons and my will is y' if my wife be now with 
child & bring forth a sonne then my will is that my estate 
be diuided into three parts and my sonne to have one part my 
wife one part & my two daughters one part to be equally 
divided betweene them But if my wife bring forth a daugh- 
ter then my will is that my estate yet should be diuided into 
three pts my wife to have one part & my two daughters to 
have two parts to be equally diuided betweene bhem Now 
my will is that my childrens porcons should be improved for 
the bringing vp of my children vntill they be twelve yeares 
of age and after the Twelve yeares to be improved to their 
advantage vntill they be eighteene yeares of age the two 
daughters or three before, if they be married and the sonne 
at one & Twenty and then to be paid to they themselves. 
And for that forty pounds which I am to have of my wives 
father Richard Kent at his decease of my wives porcon my 
will is that my wife should have Thirty pounds of it her self e 
besides. And I doe not account yt w*" my other estate and 
for the other ten pounds of it to be equally diuided betweene 
the Children. Likwise my will is that if any one of my 
children die that then that porcon is to be diuided equally 
betweene my wife & children. Likewise I doe desire my 
three trends Henry Short Richard Kent Jun & Richard 
Knight to see that this my will & Testament be pformed." 

[No signature.] 

Witness : John Sweett, w™ Moneday. 

Proved 28 : 7 : 1647, by Henry Short and Richard Knight. 

Inventory taken Apr. 7, 1647, by Stephen Kent, John 
Merrell and John Emery : 5 oxen at 61i. 10s., 321i. 10s. ; 2 
cowes at 41i. 10s., 91i. ; 1 steere, 31i. 15s. ; a bull & heffer, 41i. 
10s. ; 4 yearlings, 61i. lOs. ; 2 calves, Hi. 16s. ; 14 bushells of 
come at 3s. 6d., 21i. 9s. lOd. ; a cart & irons, lli. 10s. ; a plow 
& cart Irons, Hi. ; 2 sithes, 2s.; 15 acres of land at the 
New Towne, lOli. ; 6 acres of salt marsh, 31i. ; debts due to 
him, 21i. 8s. ; 2 Cowes at 41i. lOs., 91i. ; 3 hoggs, 51i. ; 5 
shotes with five piggs, 51i. ; a hogg of bacon, 21i. 10s. ; a 
f ether bed & two boulsters, 21i. 10s. ; a rugg & hangings, lli. ; 
3 sheets & 2 pillowties, lli. ; a Iron kettle, lli. 5s. ; a brasse 
pott & potsnet & hookes, 14s. ; 4 pewter dishes & 3 small 
ones, 12s. ; a frying pan, 2s.; a muskett, sword & bande- 
leers, 18s. ; wooden vessells, 12s. j leather, lli. 6s. ; a howse 


& barne & orchard, 91i. ; 12 acres of ground with the fenc- 
ing, 161i. ; 9 acres of ground, 41i. 10s. ; 13 acres of ground, 
91i. 10s. ; 6 acres of meadow at the little river, 81i. ; 20 acres 
of salt marsh, 51i. ; total, 991i. 19s. ; due unto her from her 
father at his decease whereof lOli. is due unto the children, 
401i. ; total, 13911. 19s. ; debts that are owing from him, lOli. 
18s. 4d. 

Ipswieh Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 27. 

Administration granted 28 : 7 : 1647, to John (his mark) 
Bishop and Rebecca (her mark) Bishop, his wife. The houses 
and lands to be divided between said John and his wife and 
the two children. The cattle and the rest of the stock for 
John and his wife to take as they were appraised. Henrye 
, Short, Eich. Knight and Eich. Kent were ordered to dispose 
of half of the houses and lands of Samuel ScuUard for the 
good of the children. Ipswieh Quarterly Court Records, vol. 
1, page 11. 

Samuell Denise of Woodbridge in the province of New 
Jersey acknowledged the receipt from John Bishop, sr., 
sometime of the Island of Nantucket, of " fortie od pounds," 
in behalf of his wife Sarah Dennis, formerly Sarah ScuUard, 
it being her share given unto her by her father Samuel Scul- 
lar. The 61i. given her by her grandfather Eichard Kent 
included in the value. Dated Sept. 19, 1670. Witness : 
Eichard Dole, Wm. Chandler. 

Jno. Eoffe of the Island of Nantucket acknowledged the 
receipt from Jno. Bishop, sr., sometime of the Island of Nan- 
tucket, of " forty od pounds," in behalf of his wife Mary 
Eolfe, formerly Mary Sculler, it being her share given unto 
her by her father, Samuell Sculler. The 51i. given her by 
her grandfather Eichard Kent included in the value. Dated 
Sept. 19, 1670. Witness : Wm. Chandler, Nathaniell Clark, 
Eichard Dole. 

Ipswich Deeds, vol. 3, page 162. 

Estate of Geokge Abbot of Eowley. 

Marke Symonds appointed 28 : 7 : 1647, administrator of 
the estate of George Abott, late of Eowley. The will re- 
ferred to General Court. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, 
vol. 1, page 10. 

Nuncupative will of George Abbott of Eowley sent here 
from General Court, 28 : 10 : 1647, ordered that it shall 


stand ; and after paying legacies to the children, the remain- 
der shall remain in hands of Marke Simons of Ipswich, ac- 
cording to the will, to be disposed of to the children, who 
are to choose their guardians, etc. Marke Simons to have 
4d. and the wintering of two cows. Salem Quarterli/ CouH 
Records, vol. 2, page 224. 

Inventory taken Aug. 30, 1647, by Sebastan Brigham, 
Thomas Barker, Mathew Boyes and James (his mark C) 
Barker : all his aparell, Hi. 10s. ; in silver. Hi. 3s. ; one 
Gold Ringe, 10s. ; two greene Coverings, 16s. ; one featherbed 
& two pillows & one Bolster, Hi. 9s. ; three flock bolsters, 
one Coverlett & one Blankett, lis.; two flocke beds, 
6s. ; seaven Sheets, two tablecloths, Seven pillowbers, nine 
napkins, two Aprons, 4 handkerchifes with other small 
linen, 41i. 6s. ; fower Course Sheetes, 7s. ; one Trunke, 5s. ; 
two hogsheads & one Barrell, 5s.; one keUer, Is.; one 
kilne haire, 4s. ; one whip saw & one Croscutt saw, 8s. ; 
two black Gownes, 12s. ; one Satten Capp & white thred, 4s. ; 
one pillowbeere & other lininge, 6s. ; one Steele mill. Hi. 10s.; 
one Steele Trape, 10s. ; three brand Irons, fower wedges, one 
fire shovell & other Iron, Hi.; two tramels, one bar of Iron & 
one Gridiron , 8s. ; thirty eight pound of pewter, Hi. 128. ; 
one silver ringe & spoone, 6s. ; two friing pans, 4s. ; one 
brasse pott & one Iron pott, 15s. ; three kettles, Hi. 2s. ; one 
Skillet & two Chafing dishes, 3s. ; one warming pan, 3s. ; 
three paire of Scales & weights, 9s. ; one brasse morter & 
pestle, 58.; one Skimer, Is.; one paire of horse bits with 
buckles & furrells, 3s. 6d. ; one nest of boxes with things in 
them, 5s. ; one Little Gun with bandelers, 5s. ; one Spitt & 
one brush bill, 3s. ; one head peice & one axe with some other 
things, 5s. ; one bushell & half of oatemeale and one Tub, 
7s. ; one Chest & one Churne, 3s. 6d. ; one bowle, fowre 
trayes & one tunnell, 4s. ; one flockbed, two Curtains & one 
pillow, lOs. ; one drinking pott & one Jugg, 3s. ; three Leath- 
er bottles, 5s. ; thirty bookes, Hi. lOs. ; the dwelling house & 
land with the Apurtenances, 301i. ; two black Steeres, 91i. ; 
two younger Steeres, 61i. ; one yearling Steere, 21i. ; one 
Calfe, Hi. ; two Cowes, 91i. ; all the Come & hay, 81i. ; one 
Sow & three piggs, Hi. 10s. ; Some Land at Newbery, 21i. ; one 
yoake & chaine, 4s. ; one brasse Ladle, 8d. ; all the ffowle 
aboute the house, Is. ; all the hops & flaxe, 7s. 6d. ; one 
Chaire & two Cushions, 3s. ; one Short Sithe & old Iron, 2s. 
6d.; total, 961i. 2s. 8d. Debt owing to the deceased, of 
Steven Kent of Newbery, 7s. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 61. 


Humphry Eayner (also Eeiner) and Thomas Mighill were 
chosen guardians by the children of Georg Abott, late of 
Eowly, 28 : 1 : 1648. The overplus of G-eorg Abbot's chil- 
dren's estate is left in the hands of Marke Symonds, execu- 
tor of Georg Abott. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 
1, page 13. 

Guardians, Humfrey Eeyner and Thomas Mighell, con- 
firmed by Salem and this court. They acknowledged the 
receipt of 63Ii., the children's portions, divided as follows : 
George, 161i., Nehemyah, 211i., Thomas, jr., 161i. Ipswich 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 2, leaf 12. 

On Mar. 28, 1654, Mr. Eeyner presented Nehemiah Abbott 
and Thomas Abbott, jr., who acknowledged that they had 
received satisfaction from Mr. Humphry Eeyner and Thomas 
Mighill, guardians to the children of Georg Abbott, for their 
portions. Thomas Abbott, sr., and Nehemiah Abbott testified 
that their brother, George Abbott, had satisfaction also. The 
guardians were discharged. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, 
vol. 1, page 45. 

Estate op Eichard Bartlett of Newbury. 

" The testimony of william Titcombe & Anthony Somers- 
by concerning the last will & testament of Eichard Bartlett 
sen of Newbury deceased the 20**' of May 1647 About a 
month before he deceased we being with him & two of his 
sonnes being p'sent he being very ill & had bene weake all 
the spring finding in himselfe that he was not like to con- 
tinew he desired vs to take notice what his mind was con- 
cerning that small estate he had how he would dispose of it. 
As for his sonne John Bartlett he had done for him more 
then for the rest of his children & at that tyme did not dis- 
pose any to him. To his sonne Christofer Bartlett he did 
bequeath the debt which latly he had borrowed of him which 
was five bushells of wheat if soe be it should please the lord 
to take him away at this sicknesse or ells if he should lye 
longe vizitted his necessity would require that he should pay 
it againe. To his daughter Johan wife of william Titcombe 
he bequeathed one paire of new shoes for herselfe & her foure 
daughters each one a paire of shoes And all the rest of his 
goods & chattells that were not disposed of he bequeathed 
wholly to his sonne Eichard Bartlett whom he made his sole 
heire & executor. I Anthony Somersby the next day Pswaded 
him to give somthing to his sonne John Bartlett his answers 


was that he had bene with his sonne Eichard Batlet this 
twelve month & all that he had was to little for to give him 
seing he had bene weake & ill & could doe little but lay vpon 
bis sonnes charges ; besides said he if I should lye longe 
sick I shalbe chargable to Richard & not to any of the rest 
and for John I have done more form'ly yet I will give him 
the warming pan and vpon his sonnes request he gaue him 
a great bible : this he spake being in pfect memory & soe 
continewed to the last breath. 

"I Edward Eawson wittnes to the last pt of the will that I 
often heard the said Richard Bartlett sen (the tyme of his 
sieknesse) say he would & did give all to his sonne Richard 
Bartlett 29*" Septemb 1647. This was before the witness 

Edward Rawson." 

The first part of this will proved 28 : 7 : 1647, by Mr. 
Rawson, the whole by Anthony Somersby. Ipswich Deeds, 
vol. 1, leaf 2b. 

Inventory of estate of Richard Bartlett of Newbury, shoe- 
maker, deceased May 21, 1647, taken by William (his mark) 
Titcombe, John Batlett & Anthony Somersby : in leather, 
21i. 15s. ; his wearing apparrell , Hi. 4s. ; 2 paire of canvas 
sheets. Hi. Is. ; one old shirt & a napkin, 2s. Id. ; one old 
coverlet & a blanket. Hi. ; one old flock bed & a bolster, Hi.; 
one old great kettle, 12s. ; one paire of pott hangers. Is. 4d. ; 
one brasse pott, 10s. ; two little kettles, 5s. ; one small brasse 
morter, 7s. 6d. ; one warming pan, 6s. ; one great bible, 12s. ; 
some other small books, 7s. ; one Cow, 41i. 5s. ; one heifEer, 
Hi. 15s. ; his working geare and lasts, 4s. ; old pewter plat- 
ters and an old pint pott, 2s. ; one spit & frying pan, 3s. 6d. ; 
one small muskett, 9s. ; one paire of bellowes, Is. ; bushell 
bagg, 2 old chests, a stone bottle & a halfe bushell bagg, 5s. ; 
his debts, 41i. 19s. ; in silv., 21i. 5s. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, 
leaf 26. 

Estate op Matthew Whipple of Ipswich. 

" Month 3 : day 7 : 1645. In the name of god amen. I 
Mathew Whipple of Ipswich in New England being by reason 
of p'sent sieknesse much increasing vpon me seriously ad- 
monished of my mortality yet through the mercy of god 
inioying pfect memory & good vnderstanding after humble 
acknowledgm* of the great pacience & rich mercy of god to 
me a most vnworthy siner all my life longe and the Com end- 
ing of my spirit to his grace in Jesus Christ my body after 
my decease to Comly buriall in the earth out of which it was 


taken in hope of resurrecoon vnto eternall life and my deare 
children to the everlasting blessing of their heavenly father 
I doe hereby dispose of that estate which the lord hath gra- 
tiously given vnto me as foUowebh vnto my eldest sonne 
John Thre score pounds to my sonne Mathew forty pounds 
To my sonne Joseph forty pounds vnto my daughter Mary 
Twenty pounds vnto my daughter Anna Twenty pounds 
vnto my daughter Elizabeth Twenty pounds vnto our rev 
Elders m"" Nathaniel Eogers and m' John Norton to either of 
them forty shillings To the poore of Ipsw®" forty shillings. 
In ease my estate be found to exceed these sumes the one 
halfe thereof I give to my eldest sonne John the other halfe 
to my two yonger sonnes. In case my estate fall short of the 
aforesaid sumes the decwc^ shalbe out of the porcons of all my 
children equally my will is that none of my children shalbe 
disposed of in marriage or service but by the approbacon & 
consent of the p'sent Elders & my deare brother John whip- 
pie I leave the disposing of my three sonnes to the care of 
my executors whom I name & desire to be m"^ Nathan: Rogers 
m"^ Norton m'' Robert Payne & my brother John Whipple. 
In wittnes hereof I have set to my hande the day & yeare 
above written." Mathew Whipple 

Witness : John Norton, John Whipple. 

" Month the 9*'' IS**" day 1646 I having by the pvidence 
of god changed my estate by marriage since the making of 
the writing above I doe give vnto my wife Rose the sume of 
ten pounds to be paid her p''sently after my decease leaving 
vnto her all the goods or estate that she had before marriage 
And this being done I will that the writing above should 
stand in full force & vertue as my last will & Testament ; 
further declaring my meaning to be that the porcons of my 
sonnes be paid at the age of one & Twenty yeares and my 
daughters at the age of Twenty : and the mann"^ of the dis- 
posing my estate for the best accomplishment of the intent 
of my will I comitt vnto my above-named execute" or any 
other matter that may be forgotten to be by them ordered 
and because they may be removed or diminished by death or 
any other departure I hereby give them power that the re- 
mayning numb shall choose a supply in that case to fill vp 
the numb except he that is removed shall appoynt an other 
in his roome. And this whole writing to wit that part that 
was write the 7*'' day of the 3 month 1645 and this addicon 
I make & declare to be my last will & Testament being of 


good vndei'standing & memory setting herevnto my hand." 

his mark 
Mathew Whipple 
Witness : Theophilus wilson, Thomas Knowlton. 
Proved 28 : 7 : 1647, by Theophilus Wilson and Thomas 

Inventory taken the 24 : 9 : 1646, by Robert Payne and 
John Whipple : In the hall : three musketts, three paire of 
bandaleeres, three swords, two rests, 31i. ; one fowling peece, 
Hi. ; a costlett, pike & sword, Hi. ; one rapier, 5s. ; one hal- 
berd and one bill, 4s. ; thre brasse potts waying 681i. at 9d., 
21i. lis. ; one old brasse pott, 2s. 6d. ; 6 kettels and a potlid, 
waying 581i. at 16d., 31i. 17s. 4d. ; one copper waying 401i., 
21i. ; 5 posnetts, 12s. ; 85 peeces of pewter waying 14711. at 
16d., 911. 16s. ; 4 pewter candlesticks, 10s. ; 2 pewter salts, 
5s. ; 2 pewter potts, one cupp and a bottle, 4s. 6d. ; one pew- 
ter flagon, 7s. ; 21 brasse alchimic spoones att 2d. ob [43. 4d. 
ob. in margin] the spoone, 41i. 4s. of. ; 9 pewter spoones at 18d. 
p dosen, Is. Id. ; one pestel & morter, 5s. ; 5 chafEeing dishes 
and a skimmer, 14s. ; 7 peeces of latten, 7s. ; 2 paire of cob- 
irons, one fire pan, 2 paire of tongs, one fire forke & one fire 
iron, wayeing 58 at 4d., 19s. 4d. ; 4 spitts waying 2011. at 
6d., 10s. ; 2 warming panns, 14s. ; 2 iron dripping panns, 6s. ; 
one silv. bowle & 2 silv. spoones, 31i. 3s. ; one paire cobirons 
with brasses, 6s. ; 7111. of ne w iron at 5d. a li., Hi. 12s. 6d. ; 
3811. in wedges & one hare at 4d. a li., 14s. 3d. ; 4 hoops 2411. 
at 5d. 10s. ; 55 li. of old iron at 3d., 13s. 9d. ; 7 howes & 2 
spades, 10s. ; 29 bookes, 41i. 8s. 6d. ; 6 dozen of trenchers, 
3s. ; 4 trayes & a platter, 5s. ; 3 Juggs, 3s. 6d. ; one earthen 
salt & 1 pan & potts, 3s. ; 3 cheese mootes & two cheese 
breads, 3s.; one Cowle, one paile, two bowles, 4 dishes, 5s. 6d.; 
one halfe bushell, peck & halfe peck, 4s. 6d. ; one bowle & 3 
sives, 4s. 6d. ; 3 barrells, 78. ; 2 firkins, one chirne, 4s. ; 2 
frying panns & one trevitt, lis. 8d. ; 2 bottles & 2 jacks, 4s. ; 
2 spades, 8s. ; 2 brode axes & 4 narrow axes, 18s. ; 2 mat- 
tocks, one spitt & a spoone, 10s. ; 4 brode hatchetts, 2 bills 
& a beetle & a masons ham., 13s. ; 2 iron dibbles, a trowel 
and shovel tippe, 2s. 6d. ; 3 payer of tramels, one iron 
barre, 128. ; one paire of bellowes, one grediron, one paire of 
sheers & one smoothing iron wth one heater, 6s. ; 2 paire of 
pott hooks, 1 brasse ladill, 3s. 4d. ; 2 keilers, 4s. ; 2 formes, 
one dresser, 2 chaires, one long boarded chest, lis. 6d. ; one 
crow, one andiron, one mathook, one fireforke waying 2411. at 
4d,, 8s. In the parlor : one joyned table, 3 chests, lli. 123. ; 


one chest with glasse, 21i. ; one paire of cobirons wth fire 
pann & tongs, 12s. ; one clock, Hi. ; 4 chest locks & 4 box 
locks & 6 paire of joints, 7s. 6d. ; one stamell bearing cloth, 
Hi. ; one baies bearing cloth, 8s. ; two cloakes, 31i. ; one old 
coate, 10s. ; one sute, Hi. ; one dublett & jackett, Hi. 4s. ; one 
leather sute, Hi. 6s. 8d. ; one leather dublett, 14s. ; 2 hatts, 
7s. ; 2 paire of gloves, 2s. 4d. ; 2 p of stockins, 4s. ; 3 paire 
of sheetes, 31i. 10s. ; 2 paire of sheetes, Hi. 4s. ; 3 paire of 
sheetes, Hi. 2s. ; one diap. table cloth & 2 dozen diap. nap- 
kins, 21i. 6s. 8d. ; 2 table clothes, Hi. ; one little table cloth, 
7s. 6d. ; two old table clothes, 4s. ; 21 napkins at 9s. p doz., 
15s. 9d. ; one paire pillow beeres, 6s. 8d. ; 2 paire of pillow 
beeres, 8s. ; one laced cubbord cloth & one fringed, 8s. : one 
laced cubbord cloth, 6s. ; 4 towells, 6s. ; 3 shirts, Hi. ; 4 rem- 
nants of hoUand & sackcloth, 12s. 6d. ; one silke girdle, 2s. 
6d. ; one feather bedd, one bolster, 9 pillows, waying 1061i. 
at 22d., 61i. 6s. ; one paire blanketts, one coverlett, 21i. 10s. ; 

3 flockbedds & 3 flock bolsters, 51i. 8s. ; one flockbedd & 
bedstead and one bolster, Hi. ; one paire of sheets & one pe. 
pillow beeres, 6s. In the chamb. over the parlor : 3 flock 
bedds & 3 bolsters, 41i. 6s. ; 6 blanketts, Hi. ; 4 old coverletts. 
Hi. 10s. ; one rugg, Hi. ; one paire of curtins & vallence. Hi. 
5s. J one cupboard cloth, 4s. ; 4 cushens, 3s. ; one paire of 
curtins, 12s. ; 7 Childrens blanketts, 7s. ; one pillion cloth 
& foot stoole, 6s. 8d ; 6 sithes, 6s. ; 5 crosse cutt sawes, 18s. ; 

4 stock locks, 6s. 8d. ; 3 garden rakes, 48. ; 2 adds, 2 hand 
sawes, a mattock, one ax & a spade, 18s. ; 4 howes, 5s. 4d. ; 
one vise, 10s. ; one frow, one bill & a joyners saw, 6s. ; 6 
iron candlesticks, 12 chissells, 6 sickles & one dozen of 
augurrs & 3 shaves, Hi. 5s. 6d. ; 3 old axes, 6 pitchforks, one 
iron peele wth other implements, Hi. ; 2 bedsteeds & 2 bed 
lines, 14s. ; 20 empty hoggsheads, 21i. ; 2 linen wheeles & 
one cotton wheele & a baskett, 9s.; one bed line, one haire 
line & one cart rope, 6s. ; one paire of great scales & 15 lead- 
en waites. Hi. 4s. ; 6 window curtaines, Hi. ; 2 stooles & thre 
cushens, one paire of bellowes, cradle rugg, 16s. ; one seller 
with glasses, 5s. ; one trunk and 2 boxes, 8s. ; 2 grindstones, 
10s. ; one plow, one cart, 1 slead, Hi. 12s. ; 3 chaines, 2 
shares, one coulter. Hi. 7s.; 3 yoakes, 9s.; six bullocks, 361i.; 
3 cowes, 141i. lOs. ; 4 hefEers, 121i. 10s. ; in come, llli. 7s.. 
6d, ; his dwelling howse wth 4 acres of ground with a barne 
& other out howses, 361i. ; a six acre lott, one 4 acre lott and 
six acres of marsh, 171i. ; his farme contayning 160 acres of 
upland with meadow belonging to the same, contayning about 


30 acres with a frame upon it, 361i. 10s. ; six acres of marsh, 
■with other wast ground adjoining thereunto, in all about 20 
acres, 21i.; a harrow, 6s. 8d.; total, 28711. 2s. Id. 

Ipswich Deeds, vol- 1, leaf 28. 

Estate of Eichaed Woodman of Lynn. 

" The will of Eichard woodman of the Towne of Lynn 
deseced as followeth Being spoken to by Nicholas || Potter || 
to make his will [he] said that hee would make his will and 
being asked by John Gillow too whome hee would giue his 
goods said that hee would giue fower pounds to the Elders of 
lynn fortie shilings apeece, and ||all|| the rest of his goods 
hee would giue to Joseph Eedknap Eichard moore and ||to|| 
his master John Gillowe, equally to either of them alike and 
y* Joseph Eedknap he did make his exequtor. Witnesses to 
this will John Gillow & Eichard moore witness that Joseph 
Eedknap is the executor. John Gillow." 

Order of court, allowing the will, signed by Henry Bar- 
tholomew. Essex County Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 89. 

Proved 30 : 10 : 1647, by John Gillo and Eich. Moore. 
Joseph Eedknap swore to the inventory. Salem Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 2, page 226. 

Estate of John Pkide of Salem. 

John Pride of Salem died intestate, and his widow brought 
in an inventory of his estate, the last, 12m: 1647. 

Court ordered distribution to his son, under twenty-one 
years, 81i., and two daughters, under eighteen years, 41i. 
each. The mother was to bring them up. House and land 
bought of Mr. Holgrave security. Salem Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 2, page 226. 

Inventory : One dwellinge house, one barne and worke 
house with foure Akers of land adjoyninge to it, 1611. ; maish 
and uplande grounde uppon the necke beinge the one half e of 
that sometime belonginge to Mr. Holgraue, Sli. 15s. ; one 
halfe aker of marsh and halfe an aker of upland, Hi. 10s. ; 
two Cowes and one heighfer of two yeares old, 1311. ; three 
Calves of this yeare, 31i. ; one hogge and two shotts, 21i. 17s. 
6d. ; foure ewe gotes and 2 lambes, 211. ; one fether bed, one 
bolster, foure pillowes, one Eugge, one pr. blanketts, 51i. ; 
two old Eugges, two course beds, one blanket and one bol- 
ster, 12s.; three pr. of sheetes. Hi. iSa. 4d. ; for other smale 
lenen in the same chest, Hi. 10s. ; bands and capps, 10s. ; 


wearinge apparrell, 61i. ; one brass kettle, 1 lettle brass pott 
and one Iron pott, Hi. 4s. ; thirtie and seaven dozzen of earth- 
en ware, 41i. 128. 6d. ; warminge pann and three pewter cupps, 
6s. 8d. ; leade and other earthen ware, Hi. 7s. ; a bible and 
other books and a glass, 12s. ; two fryinge panns, 7s. ; one 
Fowlinge peece, one muskett rest and sword, 21i. 10s. ; a pr. 
of pot hookes and hangers, 7s.; foure Axes, a spade and a 
picke Axe, 14s. ; two table boords, two chests, two boxes with 
chaires and stoole. Hi. 18d. ; one bed steed and a trundle bed- 
steed, 10s. ; fifteene Akers of Lande on Cape An side, 9Ii. ; 
for wheate, barly. Pease and Indian Come, 31i, ; total, 881i. 
16s. Essex County Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 88. 

Estate of Eichard Bailbt of Eowlbt. 

" Eowley 15 of the last 1647. I Eichard Baly sick in 
body but of perfect memory praysed be God doe ordeine and 
make this my last will and Testament first I comende my 
soule into the hands of God in faith of a ioyfuU resurrec- 
tion throw our Lord Jesus Christ And as concerning my 
outward estate ffrst my minde and || will is that all my | 
lawfull debts be paid and discharged. Ite my will is that 
fforty and tow pounds I giue vnto my sonn Joseph Baly but 
in case my wife should be with Child then my will is that 
the said sum of tow and forty pounds be deuided, and one 
third part thereof my other child shall haue it Item my will 
is that my Child shall haue a fether bedd in part of the saide 
portion also one Great Bible and Practical! Catachisme Ite 
my will and minde is that if my wife Edna Baly marry 
againe and hir husbande proue vnlouing to the Child or 
Children or wastefull then 1 giue power to my Brother James 
Baly and Micael Hobkinson with my wife hir Consent to 
take the Child with his portion from him and so to dispose 
of it for the Best behoofe of the children with my wifes 
consent Ite I giue my house and lott vnto my son Joseph 
Baly after my wife hir dissease Ite I giue to my Son tow 
stuffe Sutes of Cloaths and my best Coate, and a Cloath sute 
and my best hatt, and I giue to my Brother James Baly a 
great Coate one paire of buck lether Breches and a paire of 
Bootes one little Booke I giue to my nephew John Baly I 
giue vnto Thomas Palmer one Gray hatt one Cloath dublit 
and an old Jackit and a paire of Gray Breeches Ite I make 
my wife Edna Baly executrix of this my last will and Testa- 
ment Memoradad and.I giue eleuen shillings which is owing 


to me from M"^ Rogers Ipswich and m' Johnson vnto the 
poore of the Towne." Eich baly. 

"Witness : Hnmf rey Eeyner, willem Cavis. 

Proved 28 : 1 : 1648, by Humphry Reynor, and 29 : 1 : 
1648, by Jeames Bayley. 

Inventory taken 23 : 6 : 1648, by Joseph Jewitt, Maxemil- 
lean Jewett and Mathew Boyes, allowed 27 : 7 ; 1648 : In 
monyes, 21i. 12s. ; one Box and small things in it. Hi. ; two 
stufEe sutes of Cloathes, Hi. 10s. ; one Gray hatt, 10s. ; one 
Cloath Suite, Hi. 10s. ; one peece of fustian, 6s. ; onelZJloath 
Coate, Hi. 6s. ; two Childes Mantles, 15s. ; ticking for two 
boulsters, 10s. ; one paire of Brasse Scales and weights, 6s. 
6d. ; two Couerletts & two Ruggs, 21i. 15s. ; fiue Blanketts, 
Hi. lis. ; fiue Pillowes, lis. ; one feather bed tick, 7s. ; one 
Brasse Pott & a Still, lli. 19s. ; a Parcell of old Cloathes, 
Hi. ; a Bagg wt some Gotten woole, 12s. ; a Bagg wt. Inke 
StufEe, 7s. ; foure Cushings & a leather girdle, 5s. ; an old 
Coate, 3s. ; two Basketts wth six pounds of Cotton yarne, 
15s. ; in little stone potts, 4s. ; two Bed Coords, 2s. ; one Bar- 
rell. Is. ; one trough wt. Leather satchels & baggs, 14s. ; one 
sword, 5s. ; one Muskett wt. bandiliers, lli. ; one Brasse Mor- 
ter & Pestill, 3s. 4d. ; one Lanterne, Is. ; in Brasse, 31i. 12s. ; 
one Iron Pott, 12s. ; one Fouleing peece, 15s. ; in Puter, lli. 
18s. ; one Case of Bottles, 5s. ; a Parcell of Bookes, 21i. 128. 
6d. ; two Chests, lis. ; fiue Cushings, 7s. ; in Iron tooles, lli. 
14s. ; in milke vessell, 9s. 6d. ; a paire of Belle wes, 6d. ; a 
stoole, a Box and a Dreaping Pan, 10s. ; one dwelling house, 
lOli. ; one Barne, 51i. ; broken up land, meadows & Comons, 
141i. ; in Come and hay, 81i. ; in Cattle, 221i. 10s. ; in Swine, 
lli. 10s. ; in Linen, 31i. 15s. ; three Temses, 3s. ; one feather 
bed wt. boulsters & other bedding, 41i. 5s. ; a Churne and 
Iron Pott wt. some Puter, and two wheeles, 17s. ; total, 10611. 
8s. lOd. 

Essex County Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 98. 

For explanation, of the order given by the court Oct. 27, 
1648, in answer to a petition received of Edney Bayly, widow, 
of Rowley, and final determination of the case, it is ordered 
May 3, 1649, that the 461i. given by Wm. Halsteed to her 
son, Joseph Bayly, by Richard Bayly, deceased, remain in 
the hands of Ezekiell Northin, her present husband, until 
he shall be twenty one, and then so much be paid him as the 
will of Wm. Halsteed appoints ; that Joseph's portion out of 
his father's estate shall be 411i., which is two thirds of the 

94 The probate records op essex county. 

estate, and shall also remaiu in the hands of Ezekiel Northin 
until he is fourteen years. Ezekiel Northin to give security 
to the next Ipswich court. Mass. Bay Colony Records, vol. 3, 
page 148. 

Joseph Bayly of Eowley acknowledges the receipt from 
Ezekiell Northend of Rowley, his father-in-law, of " all my 
whdle portion given me by the will of my ffather Eichard 
Bayly which portion was ordered by the Generall Court & 
apoynted to be forty one pound or there abouts which was 
two thirds of the estate, and alsoe of a legasie of nyne 
pounds foure shillings, given by my unckle william Halsted, 
also all rents of my whole portion and of the aforesayd lega- 
sie since I was of the age of forteene years." Dated Nov. 
14, 1667. Witness: Phillip Nellson, Elizabeth Nellson, 
ffrancis Tildisleg. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 3, page 78. 

Estate of Fkancis Lambekt of Eowjdbt. 

" The last will of ffranciss Lambertt of Eowley made upon 
the 20*'^ day of September : 1647 : Ip^ I giue my soule and 
bodye to the allmightye god : tt I giue vnto my wife my 
house ; and land ioyneinge therevnto with six acers of land 
lately bought of Joseph Juitt : as alsoe all the meadowes 
and gates which doth belonge vnto the sayd house ; all which 
I giue vnto hir dureing Mr naturall life tt I giue vnto my 
eldest Sonne all the aforesayd house and land with gates and 
meadowes after the death of Jane my wife : provided that 
my eldest sonn John doe pay vnto Ann Lambert Jonathan 
and Gersome Lambert (all beinge my Childeren) fiue pounds 
to bee equally devided amongest them tt : It is my will 
that Jane my wife and Thomas Barker shalbe the executers 
of the rest of my estate as alsoe to haue the ordering and 
disposeinge of my childeren : except my sonne Thomas which 
I freely giue vnto my Brother Thomas Barker to order and 
dispose of tt I giue vnto my daughter Ann fortye shillings 
to be payed by my executers ether att marriage or when 
shee is att eighteene yeeres of age : tt : In Case my sonne 
John should dye before the time come wherein he should be 
possessed of my house and land then it is my will : that my 
sonne Jonathan shall haue it ; but if by providence it be soe 
ordered that my sonne Jonathan be brought vp att schoole and 
soe poeed to be a scholler then my house and land with gates 
and meadowes shall be my sonne Gersomes." 

[No signature.] 

Witness : Edwarde Carlton, Thomas Barker. 

Proved 28 : 1 : 1648,by Edward Carlton and Thomas Barker. 
Essex County Probate Files, Docket 16,178. 


Estate of Thomas Firman of Ipswich. 

Inventory of Mr. Thomas Firman, deceased, received 
April 13, 1648, and his widow Sarah Firman appointed ad- 
ministratrix. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. l,page 13. 

Inventory taken 10 : 2 : 1648, by Edward Browne, Thomas 
Byshop and Eob[er]t Lord : In the Chamber : one Bedsted, 
curtaynes & Vallans, Hi. 10s. ; A small fetherbed & boulster 
& one pillowe, 21i. ; a Coverlett & Kugg & Matt, Hi. 10s. ; A 
Trundlebed fflockbed & boulster, 2 blankets & an ould rugg. 
Hi. 10s. ; a payre of darnicle Curtaines & Vallens, 12s. ; A 
small Trunke, 4s. ; A Baskett, Is. ; one ould Trunke & 2 ould 
boxes,4s ; one half headed Beadsteed & Coarde, 6s. ; one ffether- 
bed & Coverlett, 41i. ; one Trunke, 12s. ; one Chest of boxes 
& an ould box, 12s. ; hookes and Eyes, 3s. In the Parlor : 
A Table & 3 Joyne stooles, 9s. ; 6 Cushions, 12s. ; 2 Chayres, 
4s. ; A paire of Brasse Scales & Brasse wayghts & 141i. Lead 
waight, 17s. ; 6 Pewter platters, one bason & other pewter, in 
all aboute 381i., 21i. 4s. ; eleven bookes, Hi. 15s. ; A paire of 
Andirons, 10s. ; 2 greate Chests, Hi. ; A remnant of stuffe, 6 
boxes & 8 thred lases & some small things, 8s. ; 7 silver 
Spoones & 2 broken ones, 21i. 5s. ; Seven fflaxen Sheetes at 
15s. p paire, 21i. 12s. 6d. ; one paire of Sheetes, Hi. ; 2 paire 
ould Sheetes, 14s. ; 2 paire Pillowbeeres, 15s. ; one Course 
Pillowbeere, 2s. ; 3 Table Clothes , Hi. 2s. ; 2 dozen & twoe 
napkins, Hi. 48. ; 3 dozen of Trenchers, Is. 8d. In the 
kitchinge : A Copper bakeing pan & a fish plate, 16s. ; 2 fry- 
inge pans, 5s. ; A dripping pan, 5s. ; 5 Brasse Panns, Hi. 13s. 
4d. ; A Brasse Pott & 3 kettles, 31i. ; one Iron Pott & 2 p 
pothookes & 2 Tramells, Hi. ; An ould warmeing pan, 4s. ; A 
Brasse Skimer & Ladle, 2s. j 3 Posnetts, 10s. j A Morter & 
Pestle, 4s. ; 2 Iron Candlesticks, Is. ; A paire Andyrons, fire 
pan & tonges, 15s. ; Earthen ware & wooden dishes, 78. ; one 
Iron peele & Iron spade, 4s. ; Powder blew, 3s. ; one Spitt & 
Oridiron, 3s. 6d. ; 2 barrells, a Powdering Tub & other Lum- 
ber, 168. ; A wheele & 5 ould Chaires, 7s. ; 2 Smoothing Irons, 
2s. ; 2 haire Sy ves & a tiffeny sive, 3s. ; an Axe & an Iron 
Beame & wooden Scales, 10s. ; An ould Sawe, Is. 6d. ; A 
Blacke Cowe, 41i. 5s. The Dwelling House, 151i. The howse 
yt was Goodman Procter's, 181i. 10s. ; one Hogge, 13s. 4d. ; 2 
Pyllows & a cradle Kugg, 68. 8d. In Debts to be gathered 
up aboute 91i.; total, 891i. 15s. 6d. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, 
leaf 46. 

yb the peobatb ebcoeds of essex cottnty. 

Estate of John Balch of Salem. 

" The last will & tesem* of John Balch of salem bearing 
date the 15*'' day of may 1648 I John Balch sicke in bodie 
but in pfect memorie doe make this my last will & testam* 
in manner & forme following my debts paid & funeral ex- 
pences discharged those goods w"" god hath gyven me it is 
my will to dispose of them as followeth : Imprimis I gyve 
vnto Annis Balch my loveing wife the Eoome newly built 
w*** twentie Akrs of land of w"" 4 akres to be in till and also 
4 Akres of meadowe w*"" some pt of the barne to lay in her 
fruits and halfe of the great fruit trees for & during the life 
of the said Annis Itm I gyve vnto my said wife my best 
bed w*'' all Conuenienc furniture there vnto belonging & one 
fourth pt of all my houshould goods except the rest of my 
beding & alsoe 2 Cowes by name Keddie & Cherie & one 
yearling heaffer fEurther my will is that soe long as my said 
wife shall liue my said sonnes shall sowe or plant 2 akres of 
the afiEoresaid 4 akers for my said wife for the term of 7 
years and after thatt my sonne Beniamin shall doe all him- 
selfe Item I gyue & bequeth to benimin Balch my oldest 
Sonne one halfe of my farme to him & his heires for euer as 
also twoe yoake of oxen 1 Cowe one third of my yong Cat- 
tall & of the mare Coalt w*'' one fourth pt of my houshould 
goods & halfe the great fruit trees & after the decease of my 
said wyfe my will is that the said Beniamin shall haue them 
all w*"" all those he hath planted himselfe. 

Item my will is thatt all my Come growing vpon the 
ground shall be equallie deuided into 4 equally pts amongst 
my wife & Children Itm I gyve vnto John Balch my second 
Sonne one fourth pt of my farme and one yoake of oxen one 
third of my yong Cattell & mare Coalt one fourth of my 
houshould goods & halfe of all the yong aple trees vndis- 
post of and one Cowe I gyve to Ereeborne Balch my yong- 
est Sonne one fourth pt of my ifarme one youke of oxen & 
one Cow I bred vp for him one third of the yong Cattell || 
& one third of the mare || & one fourth of my houshould 
goods & halfe the yong Aple trees betwixt him & his brother 
John equallie to be diuided & further my will is that Annis 
my wife & Beniamin my sonne shall be execute'* to this my 
last will & testamt & my loveing frends John Portor & wil- 
liam woodberle shall be ouerseers of the same in wittnes 
herof I haue herevnto put my hand the day and year aboue 
written." Jo. Balch. 

Witness : Peter Palfrey, Nicholas Patch and Jefferie Massey. 


Proved 38: 4: 1648 by Peter Palfree and Jefferie Massey. 
Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 99. 

Inventory taken by John Porter, Peter Palfrey, Jefferie 
Massey and Nicholas Patch: [Apjparell, 511i. 10s.; duelling 
house & barne, 161i. ; one farme of medow & upland containege 
210 Ackers, 561i. ; 9 Ackers of whete, 91i. ; 6 Ackers of Indian, 

61i. ; one Acker of , Hi. ; 2 Ackers of barley, 2li. ; 5 yoaks 

of oxen at 10, 11 & 12 each yoke, 331i. ; a yoke of Steares, 8li. 
10s.; 3 cowes & 2 heffers, 22li.; 2 yearelinge heifers, 4li.; a 
yearlinge mare fole, 51i. ; wheles, chaines & yokes wth othet 
implements of husbantry, 3li.; Prate trees in the Orchad, 
lOli. ; 5 yeards & l^ of broadcloth, 3li. 6s. ; 11 yeards of sarge, 
3li. 15s. ; 22 yeards of linin. Hi. 2s. ; 13 yeards of cotten cloth, 
Hi. 14s. 8d. ; 3 f ether beads, 2 bolsters & 3 pUloes, 5li. 5s. ; 1 
paire of sheats, 8s.; 3 bead couerings, 16s.; one Eugg, 10s.; 
one bead & bolster, lli. 10s.; one blankett & coveringe, 8s.; one 
paire of shees, 5s. ; 4 shetes & %, lli. 10s. ; 3 pillobeares, 4s. ; 
6 napkins, 6s. ; 3 beadsteads, 12s. ; 3 tables, 7s. ; 2 tronks, 6s. ; 
one chest, 5s. ; one warmeinge pan, 6s. ; yeame, flakes & hempe, 
lli. 4s. ; chares & stoles, 3s. ; 13 bnshells of Indian corne, lli. 
16s.; 4 bushells of malte, 16s.; one winopett & 3 bages, 14s.; 
tubes & 6 barells & other wooden ware. Hi.; 3 hides, 15s.; 
3 old chestes, 3s. ; tooles & old ireron, lli. ; one bras pan & 3 
bras cettles. Hi.; a littell bras pott, 3 ireron pottes. Hi.; 
peuter, 10s. ; 3 muskets, one fowUinge peace with other armes, 

3li. ; 3 , 4s.; one , 10s.; , 10s.; , 5s.; one 

eannoe, 10s. ; ehease & chease pres, lli. ; one hog, lli. 6s. 8d. ; 
several! books, 13s.; one calfe, lli.; total, 32011. 13s. 4d. 
Benjamin Baleh, executor, 23: 3: 1679, added five acres of 
meddow to the inventory. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, 
vol. 1, leaf 100. 

Estate or John Jackson of Ipswich. 

Administration on the estate of John Jackson granted 36 : 
7: 1648, to his widow, Kathren Jackson. To pay her son, 
John Jackson, 14li. at the age of twenty-one, and to the five 
daughters 6li. each at the age of twenty years or at marriage. 
The widow to have the remainder for the education of the 
children, and "hir husband to be posesed of the whole estate 
presently to bring up the children," giving security for pay- 
ment of the children's portions in corn or cattle. Ipswich 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, leaf 14. 

Copy of inventory taken 18 : 7 : 1648, by Theophilus Wilson 


and John Knowlton : A liowee & bame & the ground neare 
about it, 25li. ; a planting lott all broke up contayning 6 acres,- 
lOU. ; 26 acres of upland at Egipt Eiver, 6li. 10s. ; 6 acres of 
meadow at west meadowes, 2li. ; 6 or 8 acres of meadow by 
Chebaccoe, Hi. ; 3 Cowes, 121i. 10s. ; one yearling heiffer, 2li. ; 
one hogg, IH. ; 2 flockbeds wth 2 bowlsters, 2li. ; 3 fether pil- 
lowes, 12s. ; one flockbed & bowlster, 12s. ; 3 old blanketts & 
an old dornix eoverlett, 16s. ; 2 old greene ruggs, Hi. 5s. ; one 
bedsteed and Cord, 16s.; 3 curtens & valence, 10s.; 2 paire of 
of fine sheets, 21i. 18s.; 3 paire of course sheets, Hi. 8s.; 4 
pillowbeers, lli. ; one table cloth & eleven napkins, Hi. 8s. ; 2 
pillowbeers, 3s. ; one halfe headed bedstead, 6s. ; 4 chests, lli. ; 
7s.; 2 boxes, one glasse ease, 8s.; one cubbard, 8s.; one side 
bed for a child, 2s.; one table, 5s.; 5 chaires & a stoole, 7s.; 
301i. of pewter, lli. 10s. ; one brasse pott, 10s. ; one warming 
pan, a skillet, chafiBng dish & scum., 9s. ; a kettle, 7s. ; a frying 
pan & morter, 4s. ; an iron pott & kettle, lli. ; 2 pott hangers, 
one paire pott hooks, 4s. ; one paire of andirons, one paire of 
tongs, one fire shovell, spitt, dripping pan, lis. ; 3 keelers, 5 
trayes, 13s.; a bucking tubb, a powdering tubb & a buckett, 
7s.; one longe saw, a hand saw, a drawing knife, 6s. 6d. ; 2 
axes, 2 augers, one paire sheers, a pressing iron, 78. 6d. ; a 
copper pott, 2s. ; one trevett, one wedge, 3s. ; total, 83li. 6s. 6d. 
Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 43. 

Estate of John Jakeat of Eowlet. 

"Eowley 11* 1647 I John Jarrat sicke in body but of 
perfect memory (praysed be God) doe ordaine and make this 
my last will and Testament : ffirst I comit my soule vnto God 
through Jesus Christ: As concerning my outward estate my 
will and minde is that ffirst all my debts being discharged and 
paide I giue vnto my Daugter Elisabeth Ten pounds out of 
my Goods and Lande and in Case my wife marry againe, I giue 
my Daughter three pounds six shillings eight pence more Ite 
if my wife Susanna Jarrat be now with Child I giue vnto my 
Child ten pounds but in case my wife marry againe three 
pounds six shillings eight pence more Ite all the rest of my 
Lande Goods and Cattel I giue vnto my wife Susanna Jarrat 
whom I make executrix of this my last will and Testament 
dated the eleuenth day of the ii month 1647." 

hia band 

John John Jarrat 
Witness : Humfrey Eeyner, Thomas mighell. 
Proved in Ipswich court 27: 7: 1648 by the witnesses. 
Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 14,789. 


Inventory taken 12mo: 1647, by Edward Carlton, Hum- 
frey Eeyner and Thomas Mighill: His apparill, 5li.; Corne 
of the Grounde, Hi. 10s. ; one paire of oxen, 121i. ; two Cowes, 
8li. 10s.; one stare, 4li.; two heffers, 'Mi.; one hog, 16s.; 
pewther, 36 peices, 2li. 10s.; 2 brass pots. Hi. 6s. 8d.; 3 brasse 
ketles, 21i.; 3 brasse skellits, 6s.; one Iron ketle, 6s.; one 
warming pan, 6s.; brasse Candelstieks, one morter, 8s.; 2 
f ether Beds, 3 boulsters, 61i.; five pillows. Hi.; a bed, two 
boulsters, 13s. 4d.; 3 bed Coverings, one Bug, 3li. 10s.; two 
paire blankits. Hi. 6s. 8d. ; one paire Curtaines, 14s. ; 10 paire 
of sheets, 51i. ; 12 table napkins, 12s.; 4 pillow beares, 2 
Towels, one Table Cloath, 13s. 4d.; tow Chists, 16s. 6d.; one 
trunke, 3s. 4d.; one table, 13s. 4d.; two Beds ticks, 10s.; 4 
Chares, 5s.; one paire Hande Irons, 5s.; one paire tongs & 
fire shovels, 5s.; the Eecken hooks & some small things, 4s.; 
4 silver spoones, one Jug tipt with silver and one pott, 6s.; 
total, 691i. 16s. 2d. Essex Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, 
leaf 102. 

Estate of Edmund Ingalls of Lynn. 

"Angnst 28. Anno Dom: 1648. I Edmund Ingalls of 
Linne beiug of perfect memory comit my soule to God, my 
body to the grave, and dispose of my Earthly goods in this 
wise, ffirstly I make my wife Ann Ingalls sole Exectrix: 
leaning my house & houslot together with ye Stock of Cattle 
& Corne w**" her. Likewise I leaue Kathrine Skipper w*" my 
wife. Item. I bequeath to Eobert my sonne & heire, foure 
pound to be payd in two yeers time by my wife either in Cat- 
tle, or Come; likewise I bequeath to him || or his heires || my 
house & houslot after the decease of my wife. Likewise I be- 
queath to Elizabeth my daughter twenty shillings to be payd 
by my wife in a heifer calf in two yeers time after my decease. 
Likewise to my daughter Faith wife to Andrew Allin I be- 
queath two yeerling calues, and injoyne my wife to pay to him 
forty shillings debt in a yeers time after my decease. Like- 
wise to my Sonne John I bequeath the house & ground that 
was Jerimy fitts lying by the Meeting house only out of it the 
sd John is to pay w'''in foure yeers foure pound to my sonne 
Samuel and the ground to be his security: further I leaue 
w* the sd John that three Acres land he hath in England 
fully to possesse & Enjoy. Likewise I giue to Sarah my 
daughter, wife to william Bitnar my two Ewes. Likewise to 
Henry my sonne I giue the house that I bought of Goodman 


west, & Six acres of ground lying to it, & three acres of marsh 
II ground ll lying at Eumly Marsh, and this the sd Henry 
shall possesse in two yeers after my decease, Only out of this 
the sd Henry Shall pay to Samuel my Sonne foure pound 
w*''in two yeers after he Enters upon it. Likewise I bequeath 
to Samuel my Sonne Eight pound w"" is to be discharged as 
above in the proomisses. Lastly I leaue w*'' mary the heifer 
Calfe that formerly she enjoyed and leaue her to my wife for 
future dowry. Finally I appoint Francis IngaUs my brother, 
& Francis Dane my sonne in Law overseers of my will, and 
order that those things that haue no particular Exemption in 
the will mentioned be taken away presently after my decease : 
I intreat my overseers to be helpful to my wife for ordering 
these matters." 

his taark 
Edmund X IngaUs. 
his mark 

"Witness : William Morton, Francis Dane, Francis 6 Ingols. 

Proved 14 : 9 : 1648 by Francis IngaUs, and 27 : 4 : 1649 by 
Wniiam Morton. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, 
leaf 103. 

Inventory taken by Edward Burchum, Henry CoUins and 
Francis (his mark) IngUs: One payer of oxen, 121i.; too 
Steares, 8U.; one oxe, 51i.; thre Cowes, llli.; fouer yearlings 
& advantage, 51i. 10s.; one calfe, Hi.; one mare, lOli.; too 
ewe Sheepe, 31i. ; too hoges & too piges, 31i. ; hay, 4li. ; Coren, 
61i. ; plow yoke & cheanes, lU.; hempe & flax in the bune. 
Hi. ; one bede with the f umituer, 41i. ; one bed with the fumi- 
tuer. Hi.; one trundeU bed, 3s. 4d.; one bed in the chamber. 
Hi. 10s.; thre payer of Shetes, Hi. 4s.; a tabele cloth & too 
napkines, 4s.; one chiste, 6s.; thre lininge wheles, 5s.; one 
tube, Is.; one carpette, 10s.; purse & apareU, Hi. 10s.; pote 
hooks & keckines, 10s.; thre brase kettels, 10s.; puter, 16s.; 
wooden ware, 48.; two gunes. Hi.; spite, tonges & dripinge 
pan, 5s.; table, chare & stooles, 10s.; a broylinge leren, 6d.; 
an ax & ould leron & a too hand saw, 15s.; thre bibels, 10s.; 
one beare bariU & other hushellments, 5s.; house & lands, 
50li. ; total, 13511. 8s. lOd. Debts and legacies to be paid out 
of the estate: To Mr. Leader, Hi. 16s.; to Mr. Sauage, IIL 
ISs ; to the kow keeper. Hi. 5s. ; to Kather Skeper, 501i. ; to 
John Hud, 10s. ; to marks graues, 8s. ; to Eobert Driuer, 58. ; 
to Mr. Emery, 15s.; to Mr. Whightinge, 8s.; att Ipswiteh, 
lis. ; to Joseph Armatage, 14s. 4d. ; a Shoomaker, 12s. ; to Mr. 
JoUtt, Hi. 2s.; to Mr, Kinge, lU.; total, 601i. 18s. 4d. Lega- 


eies: To Eoborte Ingols, his sonne, 4li. ; to Elizabeth, his 
daughter, Hi.; to Faith, his daughter, 3li. ; to John Ingols, 
his sons, 131i. 10s.; to Sarah, his daughter, 31i.; to Henry 
Ingols, 8li. ; to Samwell Ingols, 81i. ; Mary Ingols lefte to her 
mother the executrix for her porchon ; total, 401i, 10s. Essex 
Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 104. 

Estate of Allen Keniston of Salem. 

"The 10*" 9. 1648 I Alin Keniston of Salem, being weake 
in body, but of sound mind, doe make and ordaine this my 
last will & Testament in manner and forme following, that is 
to saye, fBrst I bequeath my soule into the hands of Almighty 
God trusting for saluation alone throught Jesus Christ, And 
my body to Christian BuriaU. Item I giue vnto Cap* Hathom 
fine pounds. Item I giue vnto Cap* Dauenport three pounds. 
Item I giue vnto John Bayley either, a heifer or a Cow, Item 
I giue vnto m' Curwin, & m' Price twenty Shillings apeece 
in money, Item all the rest of my estate not here bequeathed 
I giue vnto Dorathy my wife whome I make and ordayne 
sole Executrix of this my last will and Testament Witness 
my hand the day & yeare aboue Written." 

Witness : W" Hathorne, Anna Hathome. 

"Item I giue vnto m' Norris fifty shillings to m' Sharpe 
forty Shining, & to mr Bartholmew 40 Shilling these three 
guifts were exprest before the signing hereof." 

his mark 

Alin A Keniston 
Witness: Wm. Hathome, Anna Hathorne. 
Proved 27 : 10 : 1648 by Capt. Hathorne. Essex Co. Quar- 
terly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 105. 

Mrs. Dorothie Keniston presented the will of her husband, 
Mr. AUin Keniston, 26 : 10 : 1648, also an inventory of his 
estate. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 3, leaf 3. 

Estate of William Southmbad of Gloucester. 

MiUissent Southmate, presented for not returning inven- 
tory of the estate of her deceased husband, Will. Southmate. 
Mr. Addis brought one in for her, 22 : 12 : 1648, and she was 
appointed administratrix and discharged from the present- 
ment. She was ordered to bring up the children. Salem 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 3, leaf 7. 

Inventory of estate of William Southmead of Gloster, de- 


ceased, taken 16 : 12 : 1648, by William Addiss (also Adies) 
and Christofer Averye: His apparreU, 2li.; his Bedsteed & 
feather bed & the apptenc, 8li. ; one flockbedd & piUers, Hi. 
10s.; one dussen of napkins & one table cloth & two towells 
& one pare of sheits, 31i. ; one pare pillibeers, 10s. ; in pewter 
& tining vessells, Hi. 10s. ; two Brass kittles, one brass pott, 
two skilletts, 31i.; his chests. Hi.; two swords & a pare of 
Bandolers, one fowling piece, 21i.; one pare augers & tooles, 
with other Instrumts, 2li. ; his timber vessels, 10s. ; five Gots, 
21i.; three piggs, 31i.; his house & land, Sli.; debts due to 
him, 4li. ; a part in a boat, Hi. 10s. ; in desperate debts, 25li. 
16s. 4d.; total, 431i. 10s. His debts which he owed we found 
but 61i. More forgoten and some remembred in gUoues & 
other thinges, 10s. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, 
leaf lOr. 

Estate of Abraham Eobinson of Gloucester. 

William Vinson brought in inventory of estate of Abraham 
Eobinson of Gloster, 23 : 12 : 1648. Amount, 18li. lis. Wil- 
liam Browne, who married the widow, was appointed executor. 
Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 3, leaf 7. 

Estate of Henry Byley op Salisbury. 

Eebeekah Hall, widow, of Salisbury was possessed of a 
house and lands in Salisbury by the death of her former hus- 
band, Mr. Henry Bylye, which at the time of her marriage 
with Mr. John Hall she made sure to her two children Henry 
and Eebekah and hath lately sold to Henry Ambross, the 
and Eebekah Bylye as part of their portion, and hath 
lately sold to Henry Ambross, the house, situated be- 
tween the houses of John Sanders on the north, and 
Andrew Greely on the south, with 10 acres of land ad- 
joining, and 10 acres of planting ground lying within 
Mr. Hookes fence, also a — acre lot of meadow lying be- 
tween the meadows of Mr. William Worcester on the west, 
and Eichard Wells on the east, with 6 acres of salt marsh 
lying at the north end of Willi Worcester's farther meadow, 
together with his commons and all town privilidges thereto 
belonging, the deed bearing date 18 Kov., 1647. This sale 
having been made for the future good of the children and 
present help to her for their education, she petitioned the 
General Court to confirm the sale and to appoint some [per- 
son ?] to take care of this part of the children's portion which 
amounted to 401i. that it might be improved to the best ad- 


vantage until they be of age. In answer the court gave power 
to the Norfolk County court, held at Hampton, 1648, both to 
confirm the sale and provide for the children's good. This 
power was not made use of at the time and upon the renew- 
ing of the petition they gave the same power to the court held 
at Salisbury. The court 24 : 2 : 1649, confirmed the sale to 
Henry Ambross and ordered that Mrs. Hall should, if she 
pleased, upon bond keep one half of the 401i. in her own 
hands, during the time of her widowhood. Mr. Cri[8to]pher 
Batt and Lt. Eobert Pike made overseers, to see that the said 
sum is paid to the two children when they are of age, Henry 
Bylie's part when he is twenty one years and Eebekah Bylie 
when she is seventeen years, or at the time of marriage ; also 
to see to the disposing of the other 201i. in a safe way upon 
good security, which security they shall present to ye next 
county court held at Salisbury. The court reserves power to 
themselves to supply other overseers if these should die, or to 
change them if they see reason for it. Norfolk Deeds, vol. 1, 
leaf 1. 

On 24 : 2 : 1649, Willi. Partridge acknowledged that he had 
12li. 14s., Mr. Sam Dudley, 7li. 6s., and Mrs. Hall, 201i. of 
Mrs. Hall's children's portions, and they petitioned the court 
as to the disposal of the money. Mrs. Hall bound in thirty 
pounds. Salisbury Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, leaf 11. 

The court 1:8: 1650 ordered Mr. Worcester to give bond to 
the country for 201i. of his wife's children's portion, and to 
give satisfactory security for the other 201i. to Mr. Batt and 
Mr. Bradbury until next Salisbury court. Hampton Quar- 
terly Court Records, vol. 1, leaf 23. 

Estate op Samuel Chambeelin of (Ipswich?). 

Richard Betts, who married Joana Chamberlin, allowed 
27 : 1 : 1649, as administrator of the estate of Samuell Cham- 
berlin, brother to said Joana, who was heir to the estate. Ips- 
wich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 15. 

Estate op John Whittingham of Ipswich. 

"Anno 48. In the Fame of God Amen. I John Whit- 
tingham of Ipswich in New England Sick in body but of per- 
fect understanding & memory, haveing Comended my Spirit 
unto God & my body to decent buriall in hope of Eesurrection 
unto etemall Life. I say I doe in Case of death dispose of 


y* outward Estate which y^ Lord hath Graciously giuen me 
as foUoweth. I Giue vnto Martha my dearly beloued wife, 
the House wherein I now dwell, w* the Land belonging unto 
it, & the moueables: After her Death my sone John to haue 
the house & Land, the moueables to be equally diuided 
amongst aU my Children. Also I giue unto her fEorty pownds 
by the yeare dureing her Life out of my Lands in England. 
I giue to my twoe youngest Sonnes Eichard, and William, to 
them & to tiieir heyres for euer, all y'Land together with the 
howses, messages, tenements, and other Appertinences now in 
the occupation of George Beckwell and John Eandall, their 
heires Executors or Assignes Lieiag in the parish of South- 
erton neere Boston in Lynkolnshire to be equally diuided be- 
tweene them, if eyther of them die before the Age of one & 
Twentie, the suruiuer shalbe heire vnto the deceased. My 
minde & wiU is that my twoe sonnes Eichard & wUliam shall 
enjoy their seuerall portions of howses & Lands at the Age of 
one & twentie. I giue all the rest of my Lands Lyinge in 
the Parish of Southerton with the howses, messages. Tene- 
ments, & other Appertinances thereunto belonging unto John 
my eldest Sonne, to him & to his heires for euer, to enter 
upon the same at the Age of one & Twentie. I giue unto my 
Three Daughters Martha, Elizabeth & Judith y' hundred & 
fifty pounds dewe unto me from M' Pendleton for my ffarme 
Lately sould unto him as also all y* I haue in the tradinge 
stock of the Company of Ipswich the arrearages of all my 
rents in England & all the reuenues of my Lands their untiU 
my Sonnes shalbe of Age that is accomplish their SeueraU 
Ages of one & Twenty yeares. all necessary Charges for the 
Conuenient education of my Children being deducted out of 
the same, my Daughters shall haue their portions payed 
unto them at twenty yeares of Age or the time of their Law- 
full Marriage, my miude & will is that the portions of my 
daughters shalbe equall & if any of them die before the time 
whereat they are to enjoye their portions the suruiuers to 
be heires to the deceased. In Case of my Wifes marriage 
my wiU is y* her husband shall put in suflBtient Securyty to 
keepe the house iu repayre & to make good the moueables 
accordinge as they are bequeathed to my Children. I or- 
daine & make my fEather in Law M' William Hubbard & my 
brother M"" Samuell Haugh & Martha my wife Executors, 
and Executrixe of this my Last will & Testament. I Ap- 
poynt the present Elders of Ipswich, M"" Nathaniell Eogera 
and m' John Norton ouerseers of this my will. 


"M' whittingham also at the same time gaue in Legacies 
vnto the executors twenty Pounds apiece unto the ouerseers 
ten pounds apiece, to M™ Smith twenty Shillings, to Han- 
niell Bosworth Twenty Shillings, testifyed by William Hub- 
bard, John Norton. 

"Subscribed by me the day and yeare aboue written." 

John Whittingham. 

Witness: John Norton, William Hubbard, Junior, James 
How, Haniell Bosworth. Copy of will, Ipswich Deeds, vol. 
1, leaf 48. 

Proved 27: 1: 1649, and upon petition, time given until 
7 : 1650, to bring iu an inventory. Ipswich Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 2, leaf 16. 

On 24 : 7 : 1650, Mr. Hubard given more time on Mr. John 
Whitingham's inventory. 

Mr. Willm. Hubard perfected the inventory 30: 7: 1651. 
Amount, 9811i. 168. Id. 

Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, pp. 21, 26. 

Copy of inventory taken Dec. 25, 1648, by William Payne, 
Eobert Payne and John Whipple: In the Parlour: one 
Joyne Table with five Chaires & one ould Carpet, 10s.; one 
fetherbed, one flockbed, two boulsters, one pillow, one p 
blankets, one Eugge, Curtaines & valients and bedsted, 
121i. ; one cupbord and Cloth, 10s.; two paire Cobirons, 15s.; 
two window Curtaines and Curtaine rods, 6s.; one case of 
Bottles, 5s.; Bookes, 6li. 5s.; Eleven Cushions, Hi. 10s.; 
one StiU, 5s. In the Kitchin: one Copper, 3li. 10s.; one 
Brasse Pott, 15s.; one Brasse Pan, Hi. 5s.; fowre kettles, 
3li.; fowre Brasse Skillets & one Chafeing dish, 12s.; 117Ii. 
of Pewter at 12d. p. U., 5li. 17s.; one Pewter fflaggon & 3 
candlesticks, 12s.; 3 Iron potts, 18s.; 2 Iron kettles, 8s.; 
Brasse potts, 16s.; 4 Brasse candlesticks, 4s.; one frying 
pan & one warming pan, 7s.; two Musketts, 2 ffowling 
peeces, 21i. 10s.; one table, one Dresser, 3 tubs & 2 formes, 
Hi. Is.; 2 payre of Cobirons, one fire pan & Tonges, one 
driping pan & spitt, 2 trameUs, Hi. 4s.; one pestle and 
Morter, 10s. In the Chamber over ye Parlour: one Bed- 
steed, 2 fetherbeds, one p of blankets, one Rugge, 2 pillows 
& Curtaines & valients, 2 Boulsters, 131i.; one ffetherbed, 
one boulster, 2 Quilts, two p blanketts, one coverlett & Trun- 
dlebed, 6li. ; 4 Trunkes, one Chest, one boxe, 2 Chaires, 4 
stooles, two Small Trunks, 3li. 5s.; 9 peeces of Plate & 11 
spoones, 25li.; Tenn paire of Sheetes, 8li. & tenn other 


paire, 41i., 131i.; 3 paire pillowbeers at 8s. p paire, lli. 4s.; 
3 paire pillowbeers at 5s. p paire, 15s. ; 4 Table Clothes, 21i. 
10s.; 1 Duz: Diap. & 3 duz: fflaxen napkins, lli. 10s.; twoe 
Duzen of napkins, 12s.; the Hangings in the Chamber, 21i. 
10s.; Three hoUand Cnpbord Cloathes, lli. 4s.; Twoe half 
Sheets, lli. 10s.; 1 Diap. & 1 Damaske Cnpbord Cloth, lli.; 
one Screene, 10s.; Twoe paire of Cobirons, 1 p tongs, 15s.; 
one Carpett, 3li. 10s.; 61i. of Hose yame, Hi.; 1 paire Cur- 
tains & vallents, 5li. ; 1 blew Coverlett, lli. In the Chamber 
over the Kitchin: Bedsted, 2 ffeatherbeds, 2 boulsters, one 
pillow, 5 blanketts, 2 Coverlets, one Trundlebed, 8li.; one 
Saddle, Hi.; 3 Chests, lli. 13s.; 7 yds. Canvas at 12d. & 
ells at 2s. p, lli. Is.; 16 yds. Canvas at 20d. p yd., lli. 6s. 
8d. ; 16 yds. Canvas at 18d., Hi. 4s. ; 10 yds. flrench Serge, 
31i.; 6 yds. Carpeting, lli. 4s.; one ffeatherbed, 4 blanketts, 
1 bonlster, 4li.; Eemants of HoUand, lli. 10s.; his weareing 
Apparrell, 321i.; in Mony, 25s., lli. 5s.; 6 oxen, 2 Bulls, one 
yeare ould Heifer, 48li. ; 8 Cowes, 32li.; 2 Mares, one Geld- 
inge, 301i. ; in Eent, 141i. ; The Come in the Bame, 61i. ; in 
Debts ffrom Mr. Pendleton, 15011.; in Debts, 601i.; Im- 
ployed in way of Trade, — ; for arears of rent in England 

as by his accounts appears, ; A Debt for part of the 

Shipp Sarah in Portue or not knowne, ; in Cartes, 

Plowes & Chaines, together with other Implements for hus- 
bandry, 3li. ; A House & Bame & Cowehouse & 44 Acres of 
Lande, lOOli. ; 3 Hogges, 31i.; A rem [n] ant of Holland, 
Hi.; one Stock of Bees, lli. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 49. 

Estate of Daniel Wood of Ipswich. 

Inventory of the estate of Daniell Wood of Ipswich, de- 
ceased, amounting to 371i. 16s., filed, and his widow Marye 
Wood appointed administratrix 27: 1: 1649. She was to 
bring up the two children, the whole estate being left to her 
for that purpose. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, 
page 15. 

Copy of inventory taken Mar. 23, 1648, by Kobert Lord 
and Thomas Wells: House and the Ground about it with 6 
Acres at Hart breake hiU & 10 Acres beyond Chebacco river, 
Slli.; 40 bushells of Indian Come, 6li.; A Sute & Coate, 
lli. 16s.; one fflockbed & f ether Boulster & 2 PiUows, lli. 
6s. 8d. ; one Eugg and one Coverlet, lli. ; 2 payer of Sheetes, 
Hi.; 1 Table Cloth & 2 IliTapkins, 7s.; 2 payer of Pillow- 
beeres, 16s.; 1 payre of ould Sheetes, 3s.; Child bed Linen 


& 3 Tovells, Hi.; 2 Chests & 2 Boxes, 10s.; 5 Pewter Dishes 
& one Plate, 15s.; A piat pott & 1 dozen of Spoones & other 
Small porringers, 10s. ; A Hogshead with ffethers in it, ISs. 
An ould Bedsted, 2 kneading Troughs & other Lumbar, 8s. 
one Bedsted & a Little Table, 3 Chaires & a fforme, 15s. 
A Powdering Tub & A Chame & other Lumbar, 8s.; 3 
Axes, 1 Howe & 1 handsawe with other Tooles, 15s.; one 
iron Pott, A fiErying pan, tongs & fire Shovell, 13s. ; 4 boards 
& 3 working Benches, 8s. ; 3 kettles, 1 Postnet & one warme- 
ing pan, 3li. ; one Cowe & one Heifer, 7li. ; 3 Piggs, Hi. 4s. ; 
A Linen wheele, 3s. 6d.; 4li. & % of Cotton yame & 4li. & 
% of fBaxen yame, 16s.; 71i. of Hempe, 5s. 6d.; About 14 
Gallons of oyle, Hi. 3s. 4d.; total, 53li. 16s. Owing out of 
this estate to Mr. Webb, Mr. Will. Payne & others, 15li. 
Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 46. 

Estate of John Spencer of Newbury. 

"Know all men by these p'sents that If God be pleased to 
Call me out of this life in this single Condition It is my 
full purpose & wiU that John Spenser shall inherit all my 
Lands and Goods which God hath giuen unto me in this 
Country of Newengland, to pay out of the same within 
three years after my discease to his reuerent instrueter in 
Christ m' Cotton, ten pounds to euery househould Seruant 
which is so at the time of my discease fine pounds a peece, 
to the Children of my Cosen Ann Knight of Newbery flue 
pounds a peece,' and to her self fiue pound. And vnto euery 
Child of my brother Thomas Spenser Twenty poxmds a peece, 
To Thomas Theacher fiue pounds. And to mine honoured 
freind m' Vane, m' Eichard Dumer, m' Nicholas Eston. 
m' ffoster of Ipswich and Goodman Motte, of Hingham, doe 
I comitte the ouersight & execution of this my wOl & Testa- 
ment, and dp Comend the said John Spenser my nephew 
together with his estate hereby giuen him, to be Managed & 
ordered for his good, & him self e for his education to be by 
their Care in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and 
that if mony be not in their hands to defraye the seueraU 
Legacies heere bequeathed that then they take as many 
Cowes or heyfors out of the Stocke & Share them betweene 
them at Twenty pounds the Beast till euery portion be 
satisfyed. And my will is y* mine honoured and louinge 
ffreinds should in their accompt unto myne heire make 
abatement for all their paines and Charges in the follow- 


ing any busynes theirin Contayued, whome I desire the Lord 
to blesse, that the worke may prosper in thire hands. Dated 
this first of the sixt month 1637, and signed with mine 
owne hand." 

?"■ Jo: Spenser. 

"My will & intent is that if John Spencer my Nephew 
should die with out heires of his body Lawfully begotten that 
then my brother Thomas Spencer & his Children shall share 
the same, A Sonne to haue three times as a Daughter: & if 
they should faile by death That then the Children of my 
brother Nicholas Eadwel & the Children of my Sister EacheU. 
Kidwel to them halfe theirof, & the next of my blood & 
whole Kindred that shall first come ouer to reside in this 
Country to haue thother halfe : More ouer I giue to my Cosen 
Gardnars Children twenty Shillings the peece." 

Jo: Spenser. 

Witness: Eobert Jeoffreys, Thomas Thatcher. Copy of 
will, Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 55. 

Will brought into court Mar. 29, 1649, and Mr. Eich. 
Dumer swore that it was delivered into his hands before 
Mr. Spencer's going to England. Ipswich Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 1, page 15. 

Left at Newbury 11 Cowes, 3 Heyfors, 4 oxen, 1 Steere, 
4 Cowe Calves, 1 Bull, 7 Steer Calves, 1 Mare, 3 Mare 
Colts, besides Swine and Powltry, Come, Cloaths, Cloathes 
Apparell, Howshould stuffe. In land granted by the Town 
of Newbury in 1635: one house lot of about 4 acres, in 
breadth eight rods, in length four score rods, bounded south 
by the street next the great river, north by a lot of WiUiani 
Pranckling's, east by a lot of William Sergeant's and west 
by Merrimack Street; a farm lot of about 400 acres of up- 
land and meadow, bounded north by Mr. Woodbridge, south 
by Mr. Parker, west by the street of eight rods in breadth, 
next Merrimack Eiver on the east and the common on the 
west end; about 150 acres on the left hand of Merrimack 
ridge the same in breadth as that on the right hand of the 
ridge and in length six score rods; 30 acres of salt marsh 
beyond Pyne Island and about 3 acres of upland on the 
Neck over the Great Eiver. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaves 
55, 56. 

Estate of George Vaenam or Ipswich. 
"The SI"" of the 2*" mounth, 1649 I George Varnam of 


Ipswich being in pfect memorye, doe ordayne this my last 
will and testament as foUoweth. first I Giue my house and 
bame & lands and goods and chattells to my wife for hir 
life, And after hir decease Two pts of all my estate to my 
Sonne Samuell Varnam and the third pt to my daughter 
Hannah to be equally deuided. And my meaneing is if my 
sonn dye without Isue, my whole estate is to returne to my 
daughter Hannah, and further soe long as she remayne 
Tnmaried is to enioye a chamber in my house; and I doe 
apoynte Thomas Scott and my sonn Samuell to be my 
Executors." [no signature] 

Inventory taken 12 : 8 : 1649 : Halfe the dwelling howse 
and bame and aU the ground, 521i. 15s.; Three Cowes, 141i.; 
Two oxen and a shott, ISli. 15s.; Half a Cart, a Chene and 
a yook, half a share, 12s.; fouer puter Dishes and a friing 
pan and the trammels, 16s.; for Beding and som of his 
clothes and other things. Hi. 6s.; for Iron and Chayres and 
other things, Hi. 16s. ; for a mortor and Churne and wedges 
and other things. Hi. 6s.; total, 851i. 16s. Things that was 
forgot: A matock, meale and salt and some things alse 
wich all come to 8s.; in seed come, 13s. 6d. Debts oweing 
to severaU men to the value of 7li. lis. Essex Go. Quarterly 
Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 110. 

Estate op Thomas Nelson of Eowlbt.* 

"I Thomas Nelson of Eowley in the Countie of Essex (in 
New England) beeiag by pudence Called now to make a 
uoyage into old England, not knowing what may be fall 
me tiiere in (vpon seuerall Considerations) dispose of & 
settle the estate which god hathgiuen mee (by way of will) 
in manner and forme following. Inprimis I giue vnto my 
beloued wife Joane for her naturall life, my Mill, mill house 
with the appurtenances scituate & being within the limits 
of Rowley: & all that ground (neere unto the said miU) 
which was lately in the occupation of Joseph wormehill, & 
all that my vpland & meadow (or other ground) which 
lyeth betweene Eowley Oxe-Pasture on one pte, the Comon 
on another pte, & the mill river, & the brooke that goeth 

*For additional matter, see Records and Files of the Quarter- 
ly Courts of Essex Co. Mass., vol. I (1911), p. 424; vol. II (1912), 
pp. 12-21, 42, 44-46, 233, 234; Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaves 221, 
222; vol. 4, p. 190; vol. 5, pp. 148, 257, 484; Mass. Archives, vol. 
15B, p. 216. 


from the towne on the other pte thereof, all which land or 
ground Conteineth by estimation fiftie acres be it more or 
lesse. puided she make no other Claime to any other parte 
of my howses, lands, tenements, heriditaments and appur- 
tinances. Item I giue her two acres of ground during her 
naturall life in the pond feild next m' Eogers leaueiag out 
the pond to build her an house on. The remainder or reuer- 
sion of which miU land and premises & all other my houses, 
lands, tenements, and heriditaments I giue amongst my 
Children & to their heires as well that Child which my wife 
is with all, as the reft. Item I giue & bequeath to my 
eldest Sonne Phillip Nelson a double portion, & to my sonne 
Thomas NeUson, & my Daughter mercie nelson & the Child 
or Children she is withall there equall pts. puided if any of 
them die before they Come to the age of twentie & one 
yeers, or marriage, then there pts to be equally deuided 
amongst the suruiueing Children. Item my will is that 
Eichard Bellingham Esquire, & my honored Vncle Kichard 
Dumer Gent. ehaU haue the education of my sonne Phillip 
nelson & Thomas nelson & the proportion of their estates 
both of lands & goods for their education & maintenance till 
they Come to Twentie one yeers, & then they to receiue 
their estates, & the ouerplus aboue their maintenance glueing 
a sufficient discharge. Item that my will is that my wife & 
my vncle Richard Dumer shall haue the education of my 
daughter Mercie Nelson, & the other child my wife is withall, 
& the proportion of their estates both of lands & goods for 
their education & maintenance till they marry & then they 
to receiue their estates & the ouerplusse aboue their main- 
tenance glueing a sufficient discharge. Item I giue & be- 
queath to my wife (Joane) foure Choise Cowes, one Choise 
mare, & ten pounds to build her a house, Item I giue to my 
sone Phillip Nelson ten pownds which was giuen him by 
my aunt Katherin Withars, & is in my hands, & his plate 
marked with his owne name P. N". & to my second sone 
Thomas Nelson a wine bowle, & one spoone, aU the rest of 
my psonall estate my debts being paid I giue vnto my Chil- 
dren to be deuided as aboue onely my eldest sone Phillip to 
haue a double portion. Item I make m' Eichard Bellingham 
& my vncle Eichard Dumer my executors of this my last 
will & testament. & my desire is, & I wold intreate m' 
Ezekiell Eogers of Eowley, & m' John Norton of Ipswich 
to be my ouerseers, & my mind further is if any differances 
arise Concerning this my last will & testament my ouerseers 


shall haue the heareing & deciding of the same. Item I 
glue unto my wife all her apparrell, her Chest, boxe, A Bed 
and ffurniture, & a Siluer Beaker. December 24: 1645. 
Sealed Signed & deliuered" 

Tho : Nelson 

Witness : Jeremy Howchin, EzekieU Northene. 

Proved 26: 10: 1649 by Jerymy Howchin and 26: 1: 
1650 by EzekieU Northen before the court. 

"A Schedule to be Annexed to the will of T. Nelson. 

"These are to Certify all whom it anyways may Conceme, 
that I Thomas Nelson, about to retume to Rowland in 
New England, being at present sick in body but enjoying 
vnder&tanding & memory, as formerly, doe by these presents 
testify my confiring of my last wiU & testament which I 
made & left in Newengland with my wiues vncle m' Rich- 
ard Dumer; onely with addition of these puiso's. first that 
my yongest child Samuell Nelson, being borne since that 
will was made, & if my wife be now with Child, & shall bring 
forth a ChUd: that Samuell, & this then, (my will is,) 
may enjoy A Childs portion pportionable to the rest of my 
Children, my eldest enioying a double portion as is men- 
tioned in that will; or if there can be more done for her. 

"Also I emestly desire of o"" reuerend Pastor, & Elder m' 
Rogers, & of that whole Church of Rowley, that they may 
not mistake themselues Concerning the Eleuen pounds, & the 
Seuenteene pownds which I paid to Goodman Seathcwell, 
for his farme; & I did not giue these in with other monies 
that I laid out for the Plantation: Least this being a wrong 
to mee, be to their greefe at the Day of Jesus Christ, as 
also fifteene pownd paid to m' Carletons hundred pound 
which I ought not to pay. This I entreate them seriously 
to lay to hart, & righting me in all these ptieulars. witnes 
my hand, the sixt Day of psextilis here Caled August, 1648." 

Tho: Nelson 
his mark 

Witness: Henry Jacie alias Jesse, Daniell D EUy and 
her mark 
Sarah N Appleyard. Copy of will, Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, 
leaf 72. 

Copy of inventory taken Feb. 23, 1648, by Edward Carl- 
ton, Sebastian Brigham, Thomas Barker and Joseph Jewett : 
his Apparell, 3li. lis. 6d.; his silver plate, 12li. 13s.; the 
Pewter, 31i. lOs.; one Carpett, Hi.; one Long CushiQg, 6s.; 
one Carpett, 17s. 6d.; one bed teaster & vallance, 17s. 6d.; 


one peice of stufEe, 10s.; one peice of stuffe, 5s.; three pil- 
lowbers, ^s. 6d.; one vallance for a Cupbord, 6s.; two petti- 
coats, 2li. 10s.; one old black Gowne, 10s.; one peice of 
stuffe, 3li. 10s.; three Sheets, lli.; three towells, 10s.; one 
Diap. table Cloth, 6s. 8d.; one bed & bonlster, 31i.; six bed- 
steeds, lli. 10s.; one Presse, 10s.; one Chest & two trunkes. 
Hi.; one Corslett, Hi.; one Chest & old Iron, 8s.; eight 
Casements of Iron, lli. 14s.; one Jack of Iron, 8s.; three 
marking Irons, Is. 6d.; one Clock, 21i.; one Table & one 
buffett, 3s.; two hay spades, one hay crooke, one horse 
Combe, 3s.; one great copp, lOli.; fower Sawes, Hi.; two 
Saddles, 6s. 8d.; three old Sickles, Is.; one Steele miU, Hi.; 
one grinding stone, two old ropes, 2s.; one timber Chaia^ 
17s.; tow Coulters, two shares & other old Iron, lli. 138. 
3d.; five Chaines & one paire of hooks, Hi.; two wainehead 
yoakes, 5s. ; two sling yoakes, 3s. 4d. ; one spitt, 3s. 4d. ; two 
brass potts, lli. 13s. 4d.; one Driping pan, 2s.; two old 
ketles, 8s.; one paire of stilyards, 3s. 4d.; one Beckor baike, 
two hayles & two p of tongs, lOs.; one frying pan. Is. 4d.; 
one brass Candlestick, 8d.; three waights of lead, lis. 8d.; 
one table & two formes, 3s.; one matteris, one pillow & 
other beding, Hi.; one Chaine, 3s.; one payre of Eacks, 
14s.; thre fowling peices, one Corbyne & two swords, 41i.; 
all the bookes, 91i.; one Cart & two plowes, lli. 3s. 4d.; two 
harrows, 16s.; one ladder & som saw timbr, 2s. 6d.; three 
Iron forkes, 4s.; five yong Cattell, 2 yere old, 151i.; one 
black Cowe, 5li.; one black heiffer, x; two steeres, 4 yere old, 
lOli.; two steers, 3 yere old, 8li.; one black heifer, 31i. 138. 
4d. ; one browne oxe, 91i. ; 6 oxen, 42li. ; fower Cowes, 17li. ; 
one bay mare, 131i. ; one sorrild mare & Colt, 121i. ; one Dun 
mare & Colt, 13li.; one Gray mare, 61i. ISs. 4d.; one sor- 
rild mare, 81i.; one water mill & other implements belong- 
ing to her & 10 acres of land, 1201i. ; one dwelling howse 
& bame with other howses & one orchard, 501i.; all the 
broken & unbroken up land & meadow lying over against 
the howse, 551i.; aU the broken upland lying in the ware 
howse field, 481i.; all the upland lying at Sachells meadow. 
Hi.; all the upland lying at sandy bridge. Hi.; all the up- 
land lying by the oxe pasture, 81i.; all the upland lying at 
Mr. Dumers ffarme, lOli. ; all the meadow lying in Satch- 
wells medow, 15li.; all the meadow on the south side of 
Sandy bridg, 91i.; aU the salt marsh lying at Mr Dumers 
ffarme, 16li.; all the rough marsh pt. lying at Mr. Dumers 
ffarme & pt. at Sandy bridge & pt. Joyning upon the oxe 


pasture & pt. at the ends of the Salt marsh, lOli.; all the 
meadow lying in the straits meadow, Hi. 5s.; all the comon 
Pasture & comons upon the oxe Pasture, 351i.; all the up- 
land at the mill, 21i. 10s.; all the land at the warehouse, 
lOli.; one brasse morter & an Iron pestle, Hi. 6s.; one old 
bed & other beding. Hi. 13s. 4d.; one brasse ladle, Is.; 2 
Acres of upland in manings fEarme, Hi. 6s. 8d.; one pitch- 
forke, Is; one brass Candle sticke, Is. 4d. ; one planke & a 
stoole, 5s. 6d.; total, 52711. 12s. 'J'd. Swome to 36: 1: 1650. 
Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 73. 

Contract of marriage between Thomas Nelson of Eowley 
and Joane Dumer, dated 15 : 12 : 1641. 

"Know all men by these p'sents, that whereas there is a 
Contract of marriage betwixt Thomas Nelson of Eowley in 
New-England Gent: & Joane Dumer Spint' y^ daughter of 
Thomas Dumer of Badgeth in old England Gent: and 
whereas alsoe Richard Dumer of Newbery in New-England 
Gent hath engaged & bound himselfe for y" payment of two 
hundred pownds for or towards y* marriage portion of the 
said Joane, as by his bond bearing euen date w*" these 
p'sents appeareth, Now the said Thomas Nelson (In Con- 
sideracion of his marriage w* the said Joane) doth hereby 
bind himselfe his heires Execu'^: Administrators & assignes 
& euery of them vnto y* said Richard Dumer his exeeuto" 
admin's & assignes & to euery of them, in y* summe of f ower 
hundred pownds, to be paid vnto them or some one of them, 
in case therebe a faileing to pforme the Condicons Follow- 
ing: Viz*. That if after the Compleating of the marriage 
Contract above mentioned, the said Joane doe survive the 
said Thomas Nelson then (Imediately upon the death of 
the said Thomas) the summe or uallue of two hundred 
pownds & Likewise soe much more as the said Thomas 
Dimier shall ad unto the said porcon of two hundred pownds 
(together alsoe w* what else the said Thomas Nelson shall 
thinke fitt) shall be allowed payed or deliuered unto y^ said 
Joane for her owne use behoofe & benefiBt, And further that 
as y* Eldest sonn of the said Thomas Nelson shall have a 
double porcon out of his estate, soe the remainder of his 
estate shalbe equally deuided amongst ye rest of the children, 
as well those as shall be ye Joynt issue of them y^ s* thomas 
& Joane (if any such be) as y® other: w"" condicons being 
performed according to y* true intent & meaning of these 
p'sents. Then the bond in these p'sents conteined shalbe 


utterly void or els it shall stand remaine & be in full force & 
vertue; Dated y« fifteenth day of j* Twelfth month 1641" 

Tho Nelson 

Witness: Eichard SaltenstaU, Ez: Eogers, Wm: Wake- 

"M* : that bef or y* ensealing & deliuery of y* p'sent Writ- 
ing, it was agreed that the whole porcon that shalbe Eece* 
by the aboue named Thomas Nelson shall (upon y® Ee- 
quirey & according to y® aduise of y* Friends of his p'sent 
Contracted wife) be disposed & assured for the maintenance 
of his s* wife during her life (in case she suruive the said 
Thomas) & afterward to be equally devided amongst there 
Children, but while they both Live it is to be for there 
Joynt maintenance, Alsoe it is agreed that y* s* porcon shalbe 
Eeeeiued & disposed of from time to time by the aduise of 
y® friends indifferently of the said Thomas & his said wife; 
ec." Salem Qtmrterly Court Records, vol. 3, leaf 67. 

TJpon the petition of Eichard Bellingham and Eich. 
Dimier to the General Court, May 2, 1649, ordered that Mr. 
Eichard Dumer shall give an accounting to Mr. Eich. Sal- 
tonstaU and Mr. Sam. Symonds, that he may have his dis- 
charge as attorney, and with the other executor may enter 
upon the estate of Mr. Nelson and dispose of the same in 
behalf of Mrs. Nelson, widow, and her children, and the 
children of Mr. Nelson by a former wife. Mass. Bay Colony 
Records, vol. 2, page 373. 

Mr. Eichard Saltonstall intending to go to England, Capt. 
Eobert Bridges was chosen 18: 8: 1649 to join with Mr. 
Simonds to receive the account of Mr. Nelson's estate. Mass. 
Bay Colony Records, vol. 3, page 171. 

Petition to the Court at Boston, 14: 3: 1656, of Eichard 
Dumer, executor, for power to sell some ©f the land, in 
order to pay several legacies to the wife and children some 
of the children being in England; and also for direction for 
the dividing of the whole estate as one of the children was 
of age to receive his portion, and the executor wished to be 
freed from the care of the estate. Mass. Archives, vol. 15B, 
page 155. 

In answer to the petition the court May 30, 1656 impow- 
ered the executor to sell so much of the estate as of right 
belonged to the two youngest children now in England, pro- 
vided the two oldest sons that are in this country have such 


a part of the estate as doth fulfil the will of their father; if 
the sons dislike the distribution then the overseers named 
in the will to settle the difference, but if they refuse, then 
the difference to be determined by law. Mass. Archives, vol. 
15B, page 156. 

Letter from Mr. Bzekiel Eogers dated Eowley 26: 3: 
1656, to the "Secretary and my deare Cousin," in which he 
answers questions propounded to him by order of the court: 
1st, whether he had allowed the sale of Mr. Nelson's lands 
and 2d whether he now allows the sale, and the answer to 
both is in the negative. Mass. Archives, vol. 15B, page 157. 

Philip Nelson's reasons why Mr. Dummer should not sell 
the lands of the children of Mr. Thomas Nelson: 

1st, he can make no good assurance to them the inheri- 
tance being settled on the four children and the eldest hav- 
ing a double portion is of age to dispose of his own. The 
second son being near twenty years of age, Mr. Dimier ought 
not to have power to disinherit the children of that which 
is given them by their father; 2d. it is the only way of sub- 
sistence for the two oldest sons; 3d, they will be able to 
improve all of most of the lands and houses and be able to 
pay 2-5 to their youngest sister who is about eleven or twelve 
years and to their youngest brother who is about eight or niae 
years, both being in England ; 4th, the estate is not indebted 
but large, neither hath Mr. Dummer been at much charge 
for the children; 5th, the land is more valuable now than 
it was ten years ago and no better thing could be returned 
to the children than their own land; 6th, what Mr. Dummer 
calls legacies should be called portions, as both goods and 
lands are to be divided equally into five parts, which your 
petitioner hopes the next Salem court will expedite; 7th, 
Mr. Dummer hath agreed to sell half the mill which is the 
best estate and I hope this court will make no alteration of 
my father's will; 8th, if he finds it so much trouble to keep 
the estate of these four children the petitioner hopes to 
find friends enough to take it out of his hands. Mass. Ar- 
chives, vol. 15B, page 158. 

Kichard Dummer's answer to Philip Nelson : 1st, it is 
not only the executor's power by will but the faithful dis- 
charge of his trust to sell the lands that each child may 
have their full due; 2d, it is not their only means of sub- 
sistence, one of them being a student at the College and 
they are not to expect to have the command of that which 


belongs to the other children; 3d, they are not fit trustees 
to take the power out of the executor's hands; 4th, this ob- 
jection is needless as I have rendered an account from time 
to time and the second son is with me and receives wages. 
There was no estate in England left with the widow to edu- 
cate the children for he had not enough to pay his debts 
and the education of the children has been at my charge; 
6th, if the land is worth so much more there ought to be a 
new valuation or sale that each may have just right; 6th, 
there were legacies remaiuing in Mr. Nelson's hands which 
were gifts of others and therefore debts from Mr. Nelson; 
7th, the sale of the mill is not an alteration of the wiU, but 
produces a double advantage to the estate. The objection 
that I cannot seU the mill because it is given to the widow 
I grant, if I have not liberty from her and therefore I de- 
sire the sale to be confirmed by the next court at Salem if I 
make it clear that I have legal power from her to do for 
her as I see good. Mass. Archives, vol. 15B, page 159. 

Eichard Dummer of Newbury, executor, having had miich 
trouble from the estate, inasmuch as a considerable part 
belongs to Mercie Nellson, daughter of Thomas Nellson, 
whose abode is in England, and as she has not taken any 
effectual course for the payment of her portion remaining in 
his hands, though she hath been of age about two years 
since, and that he may not be any longer exposed to damage 
by keeping the same, hath set apart for her use certain cat- 
tle as by schedule hereto annexed, which tender of payment 
he desires to be recorded. The valuation of certain cattle 
for the use of Mercie Nelson, made by Eichard Kent and 
Henry Short: two great Eed oxen, 171i.; fower black steers, 
foure years old, 201i.; three black cowes, two about 7 years, 
one 4 years ould, 141i. 5s.; one heifer, three year old, black, 
3li. 10s.; 5 steeres of three years old come next winter, 
211i. 5s.; 3 cowes, one of them haveing a white foote, 141i. 
10s. ; A bay mare & colt comg two years old, llli. 

Witnessed June 14, 1667 by Joseph HiUs, Daniell Lunt. 

The Ipswich court Sept. 24, 1667 ordered the above to 
be recorded. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 3, page 44. 

Estate of Eobeet Johnson of Eowlet. 

"The last wUl & Testament of Eobert Johnson Sick & 
weake of Body But of perfect memory (praysed be God) 

"Imp my will and minde is that all my Debts be paide, & 
all my lawfull debts being paid my will is that out of the 


remaynder of my goods something be distributed vnto the 
pore of Eowley according vnto the Discression of my Cosen 
Thomas Barker & Humfrey Keyner. Ite that which || may || 
remayne of my Goods after the aforesaid things be done I 
doe Assigne it to be returned unto my ffather Kobert John- 
son at the new hauen. Item I make Thomas Barker & 
Humfrey Eeyner my Executors of this my last will & Testa- 
ment. In witnesse whereof I the said Eobert Johnson Ju- 
nior haue subscribed my hand this 13. of the 7*'* mo : 1649." 

Eobert Johnson. 

Witness: John Brocke, Thomas Barker, Hiimfrey Eey- 

Proved 26: 1: 1650. 

Inventory taken Dec. 14, 1649, by Sebastian Brigham and 
Thomas Mighell: his Apparell, 91i. 12s.; thre blacke hatts. 
Hi. 2s.; one silver Scale, 5s.; two paire of Gloves, 3s.; 
fower payre of stockins, 10s.; one payre of bootes, 
two p shooes 12s.; one Shirt, fower Caps, 78. 4d.; six bands, 
fower handkerchefs with some other small things, 6s.; one 
Claspe, one Inkhome, one knife. Is. 8d. ; one houre glasse, 
one lampe, 2s. ; one Covering, one blankett with some peeces 
of stuff e, 14s. ; thre Chests, one Combe, 16s. 8d. ; his Bookes, 
121i. 13s. 3d. ; total, 2711. 4s. lid. 

Copy of will and inventory, Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 85. 

Estate of Eobekt N'oeington' of (Salem?). 

Administration on the estate of Eobert Norington, who 
was drowned near Marblehead, granted 26: 1: 1650, to 
Henry Bartholomew of Salem. Ipswich Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 1, page 18. 

Estate of Mrs. Isabel Eedverne of Ipswich. 

The will of Mrs. Isable Eedverne of Ipswich brought in 
25: 4: 1650. Proved by Eobert Lord and Thomas Lovell. 
Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 3, leaf 24. 

Estate of William King of Salem. 

Dorathie Kinge, widow, brought in inventory of estate of 
William Kinge, her late husband, 27: 4: 1650. Amount 
14111. 18s. Pour cows were adjudged to be her own estate. 

William Kinge dying intestate, his widow Dorothie Kinge 
and his eldest son William (to whom is given 14li. for two 


oxen to teach Ms brothers his father's trade) were ordered 
by the court held last 3d day: 13: 1650, to dispose of the 
estate, which amounted to 112li. 10s., as follows: To Wil- 
liam Kinge, eldest son, double portion, 301i. ; Samuell, sec- 
ond son, aged eighteen years, lOli.; John, third son, aged 
thirteen, lOli.; Mary, his daughter, wife of John Scuddr, 
5li.; Katherine, wife of John Swaysy, his second daughter, 
51i. ; Hannah, his third daughter lOli. ; Mehitabell, his fourth 
daughter, aged fifteen, lOli. ; and Deliverance, his fifth daugh- 
ter, aged nine, lOli. John is to serve his brother William 
seven years and to have 161i. at the end of his time; Sam. 
to serve him three years and to have 12li. ; and William 
to allow his mother, Dorathie Kinge, two shillings per week 
for her son John's service, beginning 1 : 1 : 1653. The two 
younger daughters, Mehitabell and Deliverance, are to re- 
main with their mother. Mr. Battar and Sergiant Palfree 
to divide the estate. 

William Kinge agreed with his mother, Dorothie Kinge, 
to be relieved from his brother John Kinge, and that said 
John be apprenticed to his mother. The court 28 : 9 : 1651, 
consented to the agreement. 

Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 3, leaves 24, 30, 38. 

Estate of Miles Ward of Salem.* 

Margret Rix, sometime wife of Miles Ward, deceased, 
brought in 17: 7: 1650, a writing of his subscribed by Jo. 
Browne and Joseph Grafton; and also an inventory of 10811. 
3s. 6d., subscribed by Edmund Battar and Jeffery Massy. 
She was appointed administratrix. The estate was to be di- 
vided as follows : To the eldest son, lOli., to the eldest daugh- 
ter, lOli., and lOli. each to the two younger, the parents to 
have the use of that of the two youngest for their bringing 
up until they are of age. Salem Quarterly Court Records, 
vol. 3, leaf 25. 

Inventory of the estate of Miles Ward of Salem, with 
debts receivable and payable, related by himself in Virgima, 
3:1: 1650 : — to Joseph Grafton and John Browne. 

Debtors in Virginia to Mils Ward. 

Thomas Tenny, tob. 0100 

Goody Hamond, tob. 0200 

John ton, tob. wt. Cask 0300 

* See also Eecords and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex 
Co., Mass., vol. 3 (1913), p. 458. 















[Deb] tors at y^ mauadus g. st. 

Bich, to pay in pound beavor 68 15 

ditto is debtor in pound beavor 53 00 

ditto is dr 4 light beavors or 3 heavy ones 

ditto is dr to a lock & p' of shoos 04 00 

ditto is dr to a bible beaver 1 li. 14 

good Steevens is dr 46 00 

at New Haven s. 

John Bishop is dr in peage 

at Boston 
John Wilks is dr 

Mils Ward is Dr. at Boston 
To goo Clark y» Smith 
To goo Shrimpton 

of which goo Becket to pay 4s. 6d. 
To Mr. Butten as ^ aces. 
To Mr. SheafEe according to his book 
To Mr. Walker acording to his booke 
To goo ButtaU about 
To Mr. Usher 

At Charlton 
To Mr. Burt for shooes 
To James Browne 

at Salem 
To Mr. Curwin according to his book 
To Mr. Price according to his book 
To Mr. Browne for sope 

In England, 401i. given by his father as a 
paid to said Miles Ward by his brother, which he bequeathed 
to his four children. The proceeds of two hds. of tob. 
shipped aboard Mr. Fenn's vessel, to return to his wife at 
Salem, and three hds. of tob. shipped by John Browne and 
Eich. More to New England for his wife to dispose of; also 
three bags of tob. and two sides of pork, four sides and five 
roles of tob. from Goo Hamond and Tho. Tally, all to his 
wife, to whose care he committed all things. Essex Co. 
Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 115. 

Estate of Thomas Cooke or (Ipswich ?) . 

Eaehell, wife of Thomas Cooke, deceased," sometime "in- 
habiting" at Ipswich, brought in 17: 7: 1650 an inventory 
of the estate of her late husband. He left no will and she 
was appointed administratrix. Salem Quarterly Court Rec- 
ords, vol. 3, leaf 36. 







03 00 00 
legacy to be 


Inventory taken by William BartholmeW and William 
Varny. Debt from Mr. Batter of Boston, 20li.; a cow, 51i.; 
in goods, 5li.; total, SOli.j debt of John Gorames at the Iron 
Works, 51i. 8s.; more found since in goods, 5li. Essex Co. 
Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 116. 

Estate op William Bellingham of Eowlbt.* 

"I william Bellingham being at this time very weake in 
body, but of perfect memory doe thus make my last will & 
Testament, ffirst I doe Comitt my soule into the hands of 
God through the alone merritts of Jesus Christ Item for 
my outward estate, I doe will that my Debts be paide, as I 
haue formerly ordered, that is to say that John Smith haue 
tbe little heifer at merimaeke; & the rest in Come; for John 
Aslet, if it appeare vpon reckoning that I doe owe him any 
thing I will that it be paid in Come according to o' agree- 
ment, ffor Hugh Smith that he be paid partly by the hire 
of his Cowe, & the rest in Corne accordinge as we agreed, 
Mychaell Hopkinson in beading & Corne. Richard Holmes 
for Merimaeke ffence, is to be paid in Come, for fencing the 
vpper lott he is to be paid in Come & beading. M' 
Broughtons father in law Demandeth three pounds of me, 
but he must make it appeare to my Executor before it be 
paid, fEor M' Eogers he hath my filly & her fole for Seuen 
pounds which I ought him, & nine pounds more which I owe 
him, he is to be paid out of my Cattle. Item I will that 
whatsoeuer is due to me from the Towne shalbe remitted, & 
is giuen by me, Toward a Comon Stock for the Towne. Item 
I doe freely giue to my Seruant Jeremy Northende fowre 
pounds whatsoeuer other Small debts doe reaUy appeare 
to be due from me to any man, I will to be paide out of the 
rest of my goods. Item whatsoeuer time my man Jerimy 
is to seme I will that he shall Serue that time wholly to m' 
Eogers, to whom I doe giue him ouer, & his Care, Item I doe 
giue to my loueing ffreinde m' Thomas Nelson my Smallest 
byble which was my wiues. Item I doe giue to m' Rogers my 
golde ringe which was my wiues, Item I doe giue to Jeremy 
my man two Cloth Suites, a white one & a browne, Item I 
giue to Marget Crosse my ould w* Cloth Coate. Item I giue 
Eliz: Jackson m' Rogers maide twenty Shillings. Item to 
William Hobson fine shillings & as much to Hannah Grant. 

* See also Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex 
Co., Mass., vol. 2 (1912), pp. 360-362, 367, 395-401. 


Item I will that after all my Debts be paide the whole re- 
mainder of my goods, Lands & whole estate be giuen, & I 
doe giue it to my loueing Kephew m' Samuell BeUingham, 
& this my last will & Testament I doe Confirme with my 
owne hand & Seale." 

William Bellingham. 

"Witness: Ez: Eogers( who writt this), Tho: Nulson. 
Copy of will, Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 83. 

Proved 24: 7: 1650. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, 
vol. 1, page 21. 

Estate op Anthony Sadler oe Salisbury.* 

Administration on the estate of Anthony Sadler granted 
1:8: 1650 to his wife Martha Sadler. Ordered that ten 
pounds be reserved out of the estate for the use of the 
child she was with, she to use it for the bringing up of said 
child. John Cheiney, sr., surety. Hampton Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 1, leaf 22. 

Inventory of estate of Anthonie Sadler, Sallisburi, taken 
20: 4: 1650, by Edward ffreneh, John Cheney and Sam. 
Winsley: his wearing apparrell, 4li. 10s.; a musket, band- 
elers and sword. Hi. 10s.; a great and a small bible, 15s.; 1 
bed bowlster, 1 pillow, 1 rugg, 1 eoverlett, 3 sheets, 1 blan- 
kett, 4li. 5s. ; 1 small table, 6s. ; 2 chests, 8s. ; 1 bedstead, 8s. ; 
1 Iron pott, 6s. ; 1 frying pann, 3s. 8d. ; 1 brass skillett, 4s. ; 
4 peces of pewter, lOs.; 4 trayes, 2 payles, 1 seive, 5s.; 1 
axe, 1 how and other Lumber, 6s.; 2 cowes, lOli.; 2 twoe 
yerelings, 51i. ; 1 ealfe, 16s. ; 1 sowe, 8b. ; 1 pcell of land, 51i. ; 
debts due 211i. 10s.; towe and cotten wooles and 2 yards 
l[i]ninge. Hi.; total, 57li. 9s. 8d. Essex Co. Probate Files, 
Docket 24,489. 

Estate of Christopher Osgood of Ipswich. 

"I Christopher Osgood of Ipswich beinge weake in body 
but of perfect vnderstandinge & memory doe Comitt my soule 
into the hands of my redeemer, & Concerning that little Es- 
tate the Lord hath lent mee this is my last will & testament, 
first I give unto my eldest Daughter Mary Osgood ten pounds 
to be paid her or her assignes at her day of marriage, and 
to my other three Daughters Abigail Elisabeth & Deborah, 

* See also Eecords and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex 
Co., Mass., vol. 1 (1911), p. 279. 


five pounds to each of them to be paid to them and euery of 
them at or upon their respectiue dayes of marriage. And to 
my Sonne Christopher Osgood I doe give my house and 
lands to haue & enioy the same at the age of two & twentie 
yeares, And my will is that my beloued wife Margery Os- 
good shalbe the sole executrix of this my will & to enioy the 
pffit & benefitt of my estate duringe the minority of my 
Children as abouesaid. And lastly I doe request and desire 
M' John Korton, and my ffather Phillip fEowler to be ouer- 
seers that this my will be performed according to the true 
intent thereof, in witness heereof I haue subscribed my hand 
the nineteenth day of Aprill 1650." Christopher Osgood. 

"I doe also desire our respected Major to a Joyne with M"^ 
Norton & my ffather." 

Witness: Nathaneel Mather, Joseph Eowlandson, Daniell 

"memorandum which was forgotten my will is that my 
eldest Daughter marry not without the aduice of my wife 
& the Consent of my ouerseers, & that my younger Daugh- 
ters marry not without the Consent of their mother & the 
advice of the ouerseers if it may be had, and that their seuer- 
all portions be paid unto them when they shall attaine the 
age of twenty yeares if they be not marryed before that age." 

Christopher Osgood. 

Proved 10: 8: 1650, by Daniell Eolfe. Copy of will, 
Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 76. 

Petition of Margery Osgood, widow, of Ipswich for a 
greater portion of the estate of her husband, than by will is 
given to her. Oct. 16, 1650, ordered that the business con- 
cerning the estate be referred to Mr. Samuel Symonds, Maj. 
Denison and Mr. John Norton, and to put an issue there- 
unto, keeping as near to the will as may be. Mass. Bay 
Colony Records, vol.. 3, page 217. 

Samuel Symonds, John Norton and Daniel Denison hav- 
ing considered the case, make the following alterations in the 
will: the eldest daughter instead of lOli. mentioned in the 
will, to have 81i.; the second daughter instead of 5li., to 
have 41i.; the eldest son to have the house and land and pay 
the two younger children when they shall be eighteen years, 
4li. each. Dated Dec. 15, 1650. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 

Estate op Hugh Burt, Je. of Lynn. 
"Memar Eandom I Hew Bort doe freeley make my wife 


full exseckter. and I giue vnto hear my hoUe estat and I 
giue all soe my my House and land to my wife During hear 
life and after hear Deseese the house and land to faUe to 
hear 2 Chilldren and all soe I freely lefe my tow Chilldren to 
my wifes Disposing acording to hear Discresion all soe if 
my wife be with Chilld y* Chilld to haue a BquU porsion 
with the other tow all soe I giue to my 3 Chilldren the hoUe 
estat that is left mee by my vnkeU in Eingland after my 
ants deseese and for the seeing to hit to be parformed I haue 
mayd Choise of 4 to ouer see hit for the youse of my Chill- 
dren my father Bort and Nathanell Hanfort and John Dea- 
kin and Edward Bort theese 4 I haue mayd Choise of to 
ouer see this estat wich is in Eingland for the youse of my 2 
Chilldren." [No signature.] 

Proved 31: 10: IGoO, by Hugh Burt, sr. and John Dea- 
con. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 118. 

Inventory of estate of Hugh Burtt, jr., of Liae, taken 8: 
8 : 1650, by Nathaniell Handforth and Eobert Pepper : House 
and land belonging, 221i. ; one hefar & to yearlinges year & 
vantag, 5li. ; one Cowe, 51i. ; to hoges & to pidges, 3li. 8s.; 
his heeding, blanketes belonging thereunto, 3li. 8s. 6d. ; in 
whearing aparell, 61i. 8s.; in lienin, 21i. 16s.; in putar & 
pontes, 21i. 4s. 9d. ; muskete, sword, cerbine & other armes, 
3li.; powdar, boulates & snapsake, 3s. 6d. ; 2 Chestes, to 
bokes & tabell, Hi. lis. 8d. ; Cheares & stoulles, 4s.; trayes, 
tubes, akes, spade & other toules, Hi. Ss. 2d.; one ladar, 3s. 
4d.; old ireren, 6d. ; in fleekes, 5s.; 8 load of hay, 4li. ; in 
Come, wheat & other Englesh grane. Hi. Is.; 30 bushelles 
of ingen Come, 4li. 10s. ; oeing to hem the sume of 18s. 6d. ; 
to bibeUes, 10s.; total, 651i. 15s. Debts owed, 20li. 8s. 
Laid out for his burying. Hi. lOs. 9d. Essex Co. Quarterly 
Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 119. 

Estate of Philip Vekut op Salem. 

The will of Phillip Veriu of Salem, deceased, not proved 
by witnesses, but with consent of all legatees in the country 
whose names were subscribed to it, it was allowed 2 : 11 : 
1650. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 3, leaf 29. 

Estate of Edmund Lewis of Link. 

"Line the 13*" of the ll"" 1650 memorandum that Ed- 
mund Lewis beinge sicke & weake but of perfecte remem- 
brance doe make & Confirme this my laste will and testy- 


mente as folowetli firste my will Is that my land att water- 
towen shall be sould & thatt my eldeste sone John Lewis 
shall have A double portyon & yt the reste of my Children 
namly the fine youngeste to haue euery one of them A licke 
portyon of my estate. Secondly my deare & Louinge wife 
to have the thirds of All my whole estate 3 I desier that 
my wife may have A cow over & aboue towards the bringine 
vpe of my youngeste Children 4 my desires Is my wife to be 
my whole Executor to dispose of my body & goods ackordinge 
to my will 5 my requeste to my sone John Is to giue his 
mother a Cow to heUpe her towards the bringine vpe of my 
youngeste Children 6 my requeste to my sone Thomas 
Lewis Is to giue his mother halfe of his sheepe to helpe her 
as Aforesaide 7 my desire & meninge is that the Cow I aske 
of John & the sheepe I aske of Thomas Is of them that they 
now have in theare possesion. Allso my requeste is to Thomas 
Austines to be my supervisor to assiste my Lovinge wife." 

Edmund Lewes. 

Witness: John Deakin, Edward Burchum. 

Proved 25: 12: 1650, by Edward Bureham and ordered 
that the children shall have their portions paid them at the 
age of twenty one years. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, 
vol. 1, leaf 120. 

Inventory taken 12: 12: 1650, by John Deakin, James 
Axey, Edward Burchum and William (his | X | mark) Til- 
ton: One payer of oxen, 131i. ; one payer of oxen, 141i.; fouer 
workinge Steares, 241i. ; one too year ould heffer, 31i. ; six 
shots, 3li. ; one heffer, 2li. ; too milch kine & a Calfe, 91i.; 
thre yearlings, 51i. ; fouer wether sheepe, 21i. 16s. ; fouer ewe 
sheepe, 6li.; thre lames of this yeare. Hi. 6s.; hay, 2li. 10s.; 
too littell harrowes, 10s. ; one plow wth coulter & share, 6s. ; 
one cheane, 2s. 6d. ; one payer of ould wheles, 10s.; A carte 
& draughts, Hi.; the waine. Hi. 10s.; an ould plow, 2s. 6d. ; 
too yoekes, 6s. ; one bede with the Eumiter, 31i. 3s. ; one bed 
with the Pumituer, Hi. Is. ; purse and apareU, 21i. ; five pil- 
ow coverings & five napkins, 18s. 6d.; a table cloth, 2s.; a 
bedsteade, 5s.; a chiste, 3s. 4d. ; thre wheles & too liteU 
Chayers, 10s.; In yaren, flax & wooU, Hi. 17s.; In wheate, 
10 bushels, 2li.; In Oats, Hi. 7s.; a fan, 3s. 4d.; too sithes 
& fouer hooks, 9s.; thre score bushels of Indyan Coren, 91i.; 
a sword, belte & bandelears, 12s.; too muskets & too rests. 
Hi. 168. ; A foulinge pece. Hi. 6s. ; too small gunes, 16s. ; A 
CetteU & too lern pots, 14s. 8d.; A grid leren & a lem 
kettell & a ould postnett, 6s.; peuter, 10s.; a frying pan & 


a hooke, ^s.; too trayes & a meale sive & other lumber, lis.; 
thre axes, too ■wedges & a drawinge knife, augers & a hand- 
saw, lis. 8d.; too drinke barells, 3s.; a bibell, 8s.; A churen, 
a bottell & a littell tube, 5s.; A pece of Lether, 6s.; too 
tubes, a brake & a craekell, 7s.; total, 12311. 7s. 6d. Debts 
to be payd that is owiage, 7li. 6s. Id. Essex Co. Quarterly 
Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 131. 

Estate of John Cross of Ipswich. 

"To AU vnto whom these p'sents may Com: Know yee 
That I John Crose of Ipswich Being in pfect memory dot 
make this my last wUl & bequest: first I bequeath my bod] 
vnto the earth vnto Christian buriall, & my soule vnto God 
by & through the Lord Jesus Christ: in whom I doe Confi 
dently expect saluation: Secondly I doe bequeath of m] 
estate as ffoUoweth: As first I bequeath vnto Anne my loue 
ing wife my gray meare, & one horse of twoe yeare old <S 
vpwards of a ronesh Culler with a whitesh face & wall-eyes 
And also one brind Collered Cowe of three yeare old, & als( 
an other Cowe that Marke Symens shall leaue : (hee haueirij 
taken his two Cowes out) & also two black steeres of a ye^r 
old & vpwards: & also two bull Calfes of this yeare: An( 
Also I giue vnto my said wife all my household stufEe (ex 
cepting onely the second best bed, with what doe belong vnt 
it) & also I giue vnto my said wife the Income & benifitt o 
one hundred pounds for time & terme of her life : Second! 
I giue vnto my Daughter Hanna my second-best bed wit] 
what doe belong unto it (excepted as abousaid) And also 
giue unto my said Daughter one horse of a sanded gray 
Coller of two yeare old & vpwards: & also one meare Cou] 
of this yeare : & one black horse Coult of this yeare : & Als 
two Cowes now in the hands of m'^ Coffen : & Also two heifei 
of a yeare old & vpwards in my owne hands: And also 
giue unto my saide Daughter my feirme with all my othe 
ground & nine Cattle now in the hands of Thomas EUethro 
as Appeareth by an Indenture beareing date the one & thirti 
day of the eight m" one thousand six hundred & fifty, (ej 
cepting onely for what is to be paid for building & repatioE 
of the said feirme) And also I giue unto my said Daughte 
after my wifes Decease one hundred pounds (the which m 
said wife is to haue the benefitte of for terme of her life s 
is aboue said) But in Case my said Daughter doth depai 
this life with out Issue leaueing behind her, then my wi 


is to giue the saide hundred pounds to the Towne of Ipswich 
to be & remaine towards the maintenance of a free schoole 
for euer: the which is to be ordered & dissposed by the 
officers of the Church of Ipswich for the saide worke as is 
aforesaid. And my will further is to make my loueing wife, 
& my l6ueing frend william Inglish my executors: moreouer 
my will is Concemeinge the farme & stock now in the hands 
of Thomas EUethrop: bequested to my said Daughter as 
aforesaid: that if my said Daughter should Depart this life 
before she be married, Then my will is that my said wife 
shall haue the benifitt of the said farme & stock for terme 
of her life : & then my said wife shall haue powre to giue & 
bequeath the one half e of the said farme & stock, & the other 
Imlfe I then giue to the Towne of Ipswich towards the main- 
tenance of a free Schoole, Answerable as is the hndred 
pounds aforesaid: & my will further is to make my loueing 
& trustie ffreinds m' william Paine & william Howard my 
superuisers & feflFees in trust to this my last will & Testa- 
ment whom I doe inuest with powre for the dissposeinge of 
my estate Answerable to this my said will : And I doe hereby 
intreate my welbeloued & much honered ffrend m' John 
Norton to aford his aduice & Counsell in the dissposall of 
my said Daughter in a way of marryage: unto this my last 
will & testament I doe heereunto sett my hand & seale the 
first Day of Nouemb-- 1650." 

John Cross 

Witness: Beniamin Muzzie, Elisabeth (her mark) How. 

"memorand that I John Crosse of Ipswich Doe by these 
presents Confirme this my last wOl & bequest, as it is on the 
other side expressed; onely with this addition or Alteration: 
as foUoweth (first) that when the lord shall please iu mercie 
to take me vnto him self e, I doe bequeath my said Daughter 
Hanna Crosse vnto the Care & trust of my said executors & 
superuisers to be disposed of as the Lord shall direct them 
or the mager p* of them: for her well-being. And also for 
the disposeing of her said estate, to her nessesary use An- 
swerable to her degree: & not otherwise That soe the saide 
estate with the income thereof may be kept together for the 
further benifitt of my said Daughter, to be deliuered vp 
unto her, & her husband at her day of marriage. (Second- 
ly) I doe hereby request my said executors & supuisers that 
they will aforde their aduice & Ceare vnto my said Daughter 
in her dissposall in a way of marriage : & that my said Daugh- 
ter shall not Joyne her selfe in a way of marriage without 


the Councell & Consent of the said m' John Norton of Ips- 
wich Aforesaid whose faithfullnes I doe not in any measure 
question: vnto which, as an addision vnto my said Will I 
do heere unto sett my hand: Dated the SO*" Day 9* m°: 

John Cross 

Witness: Robert Lord, Marke Simonds. 

"memorand that wheras I John Crosse of Ipswich haue 
made this my last will & Testament and disposed of my 
estate as is therein expressed: & least that my said estate 
should Come short in respect of Charges & expence growing 
And some small debts which I was not priuie vnto, my will 
therefore is that when the seuerall legacies be taken out of 
my said estate, & what there will be then wanting to pay 
such Debts as shall be Justly Due: the same shall be taken 
out of the Cattle giuen & bequeathed to my said wife & 
daughter (an equall proportion) to pay such debt as shaU 
be then due as is aforesaid, witnesse my hand Dated IS*** 
Day 10*": m" 1650." 

Ms mark 
John Cross. 

Witness: Robert Lord. 

Proved 25: 1: 1651, by Benjamin Muzye, Elisabeth How, 
Robert Lord. Copy of will, Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 113. 

Inventory taken Dec. 10, 1650, by. Richard (his mark) 
Kemball, sr., and Robert Lord: Wearing apparell, 41i.; a 
featherbed & boulster & an ould coverlet, 5li. ; a flockbed. 
Hi.; a bed floks & feathers together, a f ether bolster and a 
tike, 21i. 14s.; 2 prs. of Red blanketts, 2li. 14s.; 1 large 
yame couerlett, Hi. 8s.; 3 feather pillows, 12s. 9d. ; 3 Cur- 
taynes. Hi. 4s.; 3 Chests, an ould trunke & ould bordcloth. 
Hi. 8s. ; in pewter, 2li. 10s. ; in Gaily potts & drinking pots, 
and holand juggs, 10s.; 3 silluer spoones, Hi.; 3 dozen & 
one silver butons, at 5s. per oz., 6s.; 31 yards of cotton & 
lenen at 16d., 21i. Is. 4d. ; a Cubord cushen, 6s. 8d. ; musket, 
sword & bandeleors. Hi. 2s.; 5 ould axes, a wedg & other 
ould Iron, Hi. ; a pr. of Andirons, 12s. ; 2 pr. of tonges, 3s. ; 
a tosting Iron, 2s.; a paniell and bridle, 7s.; an ould Joyne 
chayre with a couer, 4s. ; 2 hoggsheds, a bucking tub, 2 keel- 
ars, too ould poudering tubs & 1 ould tub, 16s.; a saw, a spit, 
a garden rake & an ager, 6s. 8d.; a chime, a payle & 3 
lether bottells, 7s.; 2 kettells, 2 candell sticks & a chafen- 
dish, a skimer & a basting ladell, 3 spoones, Hi. 15s. ; 2 little 


brase potts, 2 posnetts, Hi.; a diping pan, 2 sives, 4 boot- 
hauches & 1 lanthorne, a glas case, 12s.; 2 spades, a pillion, 
a basket, 6s. 8d.; 3 cushens, 6s.; 3 pitchforkes, 411.; lead- 
wayte, a grinston, 3s. 6d.; 5 pr. of sheets, 2li. 5s.; a diap. 
short board cloth, 3s. 4d.; a pr. of ould holand pillowbeers, 
5b.; 3 corse pillowbeeres, 4s. 6d.; 6 onld corse napkins, 4s.; 
Corse board cloth, 4s. ; a bedsted & a trundle bed & bedlyne, 
16s.; 2 trayes & a stocklock & a battelor, a runlet & dressor 
kneding trough, 10s.; a linen wheele, a flasket & a paile, 
woole & hempe, 8s.; a pr. of shoes & a pr. of bootes, 12s.; 
7 cheeses about 401i., 3 quarters of a firkin of buttar. Hi. 
18s. 6d.; a warming pan, 6s.; a sad'ell, 10s.; a syd & halfe 
of porke, 10s.; 1 graye mare & a colt of almost 3 y: of a 
ronkh coular, 261i. ; 2 cowes, lOli., 2 steeres, 1 year & van- 
tag, 151i.; 1 horse sanded graye of 2 yea., 2 colts, 24li.; 2 
cowes & 2 heifers, yea. & vantage, 15li.; 7 cowes & 2 steers 
of 3 & vantage, 45li.; the farme, lOOli. ; in debts, lllli.; 2 
small hogs. Hi. 12s.; total, 382li. 5s. 2d. Severall debts 
oweing wch. yet appeares not. Essex Co. Quarterly Court 
Files, vol. 2, leaf 41. 

The court 28: 7: 1652, interprets words in John Grose's 
will, about paying debts between mother and daughter, to 
mean that they shall be shared equally. Ipswich Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 1, page 31. 

Estate of Thomas Baekee of Eowlet. 

"I Thomas Barker of Eowley, in Newenglande though at 
p'sent weake of body, yet of good vnderstanding, doe or- 
daine & make this my Last will & Testament, ffirst I doe 
Comfortably giue up my Soule into the hands of God through 
Jesus Christ in whom I doe trust that I shall haue a Joy- 
full resurrection. And I doe abhorre all the errors & Blas- 
phemies that doe abounde in these dayes, against the said 
resurrection & the holy Scriptures. Inpiimis for the bless- 
ings of this life which God hath giuen me I doe giue to o' 
reuerend Pastor, m' Ezekiel Eogers, my young mare, he 
paying out of it A Cowe to the Stock of the Towne of Eow- 
ley to be disposed of by the Elders & Deacons. Item I giue 
to my Deare Sister Jane Lambert one Ewe Sheepe. Item I 
giue to Thomas Leaner & his wife one Ewe sheepe. Item I 
giue to John Johnson two pounds: To Elizabeth Johnson 
one pounde. Item I giue to Thomas Lambert Sixty pounds 
or the one halfe of my Lande, w* ten pounds: whether of 


these my wife seeth meets: And my meaning is that if 
he haue the halfe of the Lande, that the dwellinge howse & 
Barnes & other housing are excepted, with all the yards & 
lands betweene the Streete & the Brooke. Item I doe giue 
to my wellbeloued wife Mary Barker my Dwellinge house, 
Barnes all the rest of the housinge & yards as before excepted. 
Item I doe giue to my saide wife, Mary All my Lands & 
priuiledges therto belonging in Eowley. Item I giue to 
mary my saide wife all my Goods, houshold Stuffe, Cattell, 
money or whatsoeuer is mine my Legacies & debts being 
discharged. Item for the time when Thomas Lambert his 
aforesaide portion is to be paid, my meaning is, that it be 
paide him at the Age of one & Twenty yeeres. but if he the 
saide Thomas Die before the Age of one & twenty yeeres, 
my wUl is that the portion to him bequeathed shallbe diuided 
among all his brothers & sisters, Jonathan haueing a double 
share, & the rest equaU. Item I doe giue to my beloued 
Brethren Thomas Mighill, & mathewe Boyes, each of them 
forty shillings. I doe make my Deare wife mary my sole 
Executrix of this my last will & testament. And o"^ Loueing 
Pastor, Thomas MighiU our Deacon, & mathew Boyes ouer- 
seers of the same. In witnesse wherof I doe here sett 
to my hande & scale." 

Thomas Barker. 

Witness : Ezekiel Eogers, Thomas MigheU, Mathew Boyes. 

Proved 25 : 1 : 1651 by Thomas Mighill and Mathew Boyce. 
Copy of will, Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 130. 

Copy of inventory taken 11 : 10 : 1650, by Humfrey Eey- 
ner, Thomas Mighel, Maximilian Jawet and Joseph Jawet: 
in his purse, 5li. 5s. ; his Apparrell, 9li. 15s. 8d. ; one Chest 
of Linin, 91i. 6s. 8d. ; in Bookes, 3li. 6s. 8d. ; more Linin, 
2li. 6s.; one Bed & the furniture about it, llli. ; three Bed 
Coverings, 3li.; one Bed & the furniture, 131i.; Cushens 13, 
31i. 3s. 4d.; A Bed & Cloathes about it, Sli.; A Bed & the 
ffumiture aboute it, 31i. 5s. ; A Table & fforme, 13s. 4d. ; one 
Chest, 5s.; two Boxes, 3s.; fowre Chaires, 6s.; A Table & 
Table Cloth, 6s. 8d. ; some woollen yame, 2s. 5d. ; hemp and 
fflax, 4li. 10s. ; hemp seeds and fQax seed, 15s. ; A Chest and 
A Trunke, 10s. ; in pewter, Sli. lis. ; two silver spoones, 8s. ; 
in Brasse, 511. 4s.; three Iron potts, IH.; A paire of And- 
irons, fire shovell, tongs & a Oable Bauke, 2LL. 5s. ; wood ves- 
sells, 2li. lOs.; Butter & Porke, 4li. 5s.; in Armes, 51i. 10s.; 
Baggs & Hopes, 2li.; A Bed stock and measures with such 


like huselments. Hi. 6s. 8d.; one hive Beese, 15s. j one mare 
& two Colts, 401i.; six oxen, 43li.; eight Cowes & heifers, 
34li.; two Bulls, 6li. 10s.; two steeres & five heifers, 231i.; 
three Calves, 4li. ; 24 sheepe, 24li. ; 36 ACres of Come, 501i. ; 
in hay, 121i.; house & Lande, 15011.; A Cart, lli. 6s. 8d.; 
two plows, lli. 5s.; yoakes & Cheynes, boults & shakels, lli. 
5s.; Iron Tooles, lli. 5s.; seaven Hoggs, llli.; in Debts 
Coming to him, 91i. 6s. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 121. 

Estate of Belshazzar Willix of Salisbuet.* 

Administration on the estate of BeUshasar Willix, of 
Salisbury, granted 8:2: 1651 to his wife Mary WUlix. To 
bring in inventory at next Hampton court. Salisbury Quar- 
terly Court Records, vol. 1, leaf 25. 

Inventory taken 22: 11: 1650 by Joseph (his X mark) 
Moyce, Wm. Barnes and Sam Winsley: one feather bedd 
and bowUster and 2 pUlowes and 2 blanketts, lli. 15s.; 
14li. Gotten wooll, 8s.; working tooles, one how, owld hatch- 
ets, Hi.; 1 throw, 1 plane, 1 briske, 3s.; his wearing ap- 
parrell, 21i. 10s. ; a grindstoun, 9s. 6d. ; limimber, 5s. ; 1 pr. 
stockings, buttons, a band and a bagg, 10s. ; total, 71i. Is. 6d. 
Essex Go. Prolate Files, Docket 29,974. 

Estate of Ealph Blasdell of Salisbuey. 

Administration on the estate of Ealfe BlasdeU, intestate, 
granted 24: 4: 1651 to his widow, Elizabeth Blasdell, and 
ordered to bring in an inventory at the next court. Salem 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 3, leaf 34. 

Estate of Joseph How of Lynn. 

"This is my will & desire to take me out of this 

world shall haue all the mouables in & as allso 

the 2 Coues which I aUso the pide haifer & 3 haifors 

boloks I leue with my wife to make of to pay all 

my deats every on that demands anything let them be payd : 
& what is left my wife to hau it: the house & land I leue to 
my wifEe vntell the Child Elizebeth how of my on body be 
18 yeres of Age & then that shee shall haue if god despose 
of hur in marag but in case the child should die then my 

* See also Eecords and Files of the Quarterly Courts of 
Essex Co., Mass., vol. 1 (1911), p. 253. 


■wife to haue it for euer; if god should so order it that my 
wife should remaine my widdou & mary no othr man then 
I leue the land to my wife & hir desposing: the tow cows 
which we cal mouse & spek to he att my mother hows despos- 
ing I mene shee shall haue them to hir self & all so so much 
of the march as shall find them hay if it be Eequired vntell 
my mother be &e desesed ||for hir Yse|| allso that those which 
uses the land shall yerly let my mothe[r] haue land bring 
forth Indian & som english & this during her life or else 
that she shall haue so much of the land att hir desposing 

during hir life as may produse it in quantaty is six 

Aker of up eaite Akers of march liing in ^wne 

march & six Akers of march by march now Acording 

as I haue t is my my full will & desr & hereto hath set 

my hand this tenth of febiwary 1650." 

Joseph how: 

"And for the oursight of what is wrighten I leue to my 
fathre needom & goodman bread" 

"This is my wlLI that my mother If god Take me a way 
shall haue 2 Acers of Land at the ferder End of y* Lot next 
goodman breads: Lot that: he bout of goodman poole: I 
«,lso Leue to my mother 3 Coues: namly moucy and speck: 
and them to be her one for Euer and att her desposing: also 
yt she shall haue as much hay as will sufisantly kepe 2 cous : 
of y® hether pece of marsh : Liing next goodman brad one y* 
one side and m' soth one y* Eather sid: but when god shall 
Take my mother a way It shall then Eetorn to y* house 
again I mene y* marsh olnely: this is my Last will and: 
desier: toching: my mother: in presents of 

Ephraim How." 

Proved 24: 4: 1651, by Elizabeth Breade and William 
Meriam. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 15. 

Inventory taken 8:1: 1650-51, by Aline (his -\- mark) 
Braide, Edward Burchum and Phillip Kyrtland: too milch 
kine, lOli. ; a too yeare ould heffer, 3li. ; thre yearlinge Calves, 
5li. ; too milch kine, lOli.; too oxen, 181i. ; too hogs & too 
liteil pigs, 2li. 4s.; the house, lande and medow, 36li.; a 
Carte & yocke, 15s. ; an Ax & too wedges, 5s. 6d. ; a loade of 
hay, 10s. ; a eraddell, 5s. ; thre pounde of powder, 5s. ; twenty 
pounde of shote, 5s.; a Case & seauen glasses, 5s.; his purse 
& Aparell, 41i. 10s.; a box, chiste & other lumber, 5s.; ia 
Coren, Hi. 10s.; thre payer of sheets. Hi. 10s.; too pilow 
Couerings, 5s.; a fether bed & boulster, 2li. 15s.; 4 yards & 


a half of cloth, Hi. 13s. 6d.; a ruge & a blanckett, 8s.; six 
napkines & a table Cloth, 9s.; a bedsteade, IH.; a Chayer, 
5s.; in yaren, 48.; in puter. Hi. 10s.; a table & too stools, 
6s.; a hangine Candellstieke, 3s. 6d.; a gime. Hi.; a Chayer, 
2s.; a Copper ketteU, Hi.; a tube & soume luinber, 10s.; a 
spite & fryinge pan & a pece of Iren, 5s.; one Iren ketteU, 
4s. ; a brase potte, 8s. ; hooks & hangers, 3s. ; a gird lem, Is. ; 
trayes & dishes, 3s.; an lem postnett, 2s. 6d.; a chiste, 3s.; 
in bookes, 8s. ; a diall Case, 8d. ; in backer, 5s. Total, 1071i. 
10s. 8d. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 16. 

Adoption of Philip Fowlbh of Ipswich. 

Phillip fEowler the elder, of Ipswich, in the presence of 
Joseph his son and Martha his wife, and with their fidl con- 
sent, adopted as his own son, Phillip, the son of the said 
Joseph and Martha, 18: 6: 1651. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, 
leaf 94. 

Estate of Waltee Tibbott of Gloucestee. 

"1651 the 5 of 4 month. In The nam of god aman I 
waiter Tibbott being in sound and parfete Memberie blessed 
be god. I Doe make my last will and Tistment I be quieth 
my bodie To the earthe and my sp[i]rite to god That gaue 
it In sartaine ||hope|| of The reserecsion of the bodie when 
The soule and The bodie shall mete Together to rescue Thate 
Blessed sentanse of Com ye blessed rescue The King prepared 
for you be for the foundation of the world Itim I make 
my wif my exseketor and giue To heare my housen together 
with the land belong belongiag to it with t[h]e medowe be 
long to it the land I boght of sabelond hiU and the medowe 
I boght of Tommas smeth and This I giue to heare during 
heare lif and after heare Desese I giue This to richard dicke 
my grandchild who is the right aire I giue to my Dafter 
mari hasskol The wif of william hasskole fiftene pound ia 
good pay I giue To Josef hasskol sonn to willam my farme 
at chebake I giue to william hasskoll other Thre sonnes 
Twenti shelenes a pece to be pote to som good implimont 
f ortheMore I giue my sonn in lawe edward clarke Sue pound 
mor I giue to John dark and Josefe dark twenti shellenes 
apece to pot to some good impliments to ras them a stock. 
Mor I giue elisaberth dick four pound mor I giue to elnor 


bapsene The wife o[f] James bapsene forti shellens I 
g[i]iie to sabelone hill Ten shellenes Mor to John hill ten 
shelnes Mor I giue to -william haskoU my elocke The reste 
of my wearing aparell To my sonn dark I giue Lastly I 
appoint these Legacies to bee paid that day twelve month 
after my decease, in witnesse whereof I haue set to my 
hand & seele. Dated y« 5' of y« 4, 1651." 

Walter Tibbot [Seal] 
Witness: W" Perkins, Eobert Tucker. 

Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 26. 

The will of Walter Tibbot of Gloucester, deceased 14 : 6 : 
1651, was delivered into this court by Eobert Tucker, but 
cannot now be found; a copy whereof is now presented, Mr. 
Wm. Perkins and Eobert Tucker, testifying to the truth of 
it, upon whose testimony the court, Oct. 19, 1653 doth 
aJlow the same. Mass. Bay Colony Records, vol. 3, page 290. 

Copy of inventory of estate of Walter Tibbot, lately de- 
ceased in Gloucester ye 1: 7: 1651, by William Perkins 
and Eobert Tucker : his Dwelling house, Barne & Cowhouse 
with six Acres of broken up land, twelve Acres unbroken, 
lying at the lower neck, ten more at the little river & 38 
Acres of meadow, 601i. ; A fEarme at Chebacco containing 
fforty Acres of upland & ten of wast medo, lOli. ; one yoake 
of Oxen, 161i.; one yoake of steeres, 9li.; three Cowes, 15li.; 
one heifer of 3 yeare old, with one yeareling & two Calves, 
81i. ; nine goates, 4li. 10s. ; foure Kidds, 16s. ; Ten swine, 91i. 
15s.; Come, 151i.; of howshold goods, pewter, 31i.; one great 
brasse Kettle, 31i.; 3 Iron potts & one frying pan, Hi. 3s.; 
one ffether bed, two flock beds with the Coveringe thereunto 
belonging, 13li. ; his wearing Apparell, 71i. ; table linen. Hi. ; 
some Tubs, Tramels, tonges, pales, borrds & such small 
things valued at Hi. 10s.; one Cart, plowe, plowe Chaine, 
two wedges & one Axe, Hi.; three Cannooes, 31i. 16s.; one 
bible & some other bookes. Hi. 10s.; total, ISlli. Ipswich 
Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 115, 

Estate of Fathaniel Smith. 

"I Nathaniel Smith being in sound Mind and perfect 
Memory, doe dispose of My Monie and goods that is now 
in 'New England and elsewhere in wise and Manner follow- 
ing. The sixty three pounds that is in M' George Corwins 
hands due by bond Twenty Pounds of it My will is that it 


shall bee disposed of to My kinsman Thomas Edwards, 
Bighteene Povnds to My sister Euth Halford Tenne Pounds 
to M' John Nieolls fiaxman and five Pounds to My couzin 
Nathaniel Edwards. And ten Pounds to My Uncle John 
Smith. Also My will is that the Monie in James Browns 
hands and that w"" is in M' Makepeaces hand Brownes being 
eight or Ten Povnds and M' Makepeaces fower Povnds Ten 
shillings My will is my sister Hannah MeUowes shall have. 
And I freely give it to her. Moreover the Linnen that I have 
I doe giue the Napkins and Towels and Table Clothes, and 
one Halfe of the sheetes to My kinsman Thomas Edwards, 
and the other halfe of the sheetes to my Sister Hannah Mel- 
lowes in New England Moreover that Linnen of mine in My 
Brother M' Samvel Wandleys hands, I doe freely bestow it 
vpon him. Moreover also if their showld be any allowance 
for the Plundered Estate one halfe whereof is due to mee, I 
doe giue one halfe of it to My Brother M' Samuel fiisher, 
and the other halfe to be distributed betweene My sister 
Malford and my Sister Wandley, ffor the performance of 
this according to my true intent and Meaning I doe appoynt 
and constitute My Kinseman Thomas Edwards and my 
Couzin Nathaniel Edwards My admiaistrators and Assignes 
this 19* February 1650. Witnesse My hand and Scale." 

Nathaniel Smith 

Witness: Samuel Brinsmead, Samuel Oliver. 

Certificate of proof printed in Latin. Test. Nathaniel 
Brent. Michael Oldisworth, Henry Parker, Eeg. Jeremia 
Savage, Jo. Donaldson, Not. Pub. Copy of Will, Essex Co. 
Prolate Files, Docket 35,701. 

On Sept. 30, 1651, Nath. Edwards and his brother Thomas 
Edwards, the latter now in England, were appointed adminis- 
trators of the estate of Nathaniell Smith, deceased, in New 
England, being nominated in his will, as per certificate of 
Michaell Oldsworth and Henry Parker, registers. Jeremia 
Savage and Jo. Donoldson, nota publiqus. Copy of will 
granted by the prorogative court of London presented to this 
court to be recorded. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 
1, page 35. 

The deputies having considered the case respecting the 
wUl of Nathaniel Smyth exhibited in the General Court by 
Nath, Edwards, declared the said will to be the last will 
of Nathaniel Smyth and it was allowed 6:8: 1651 with the 
consent of the magistrates. Mass. Archives, vol. 15B, page 73. 


Petition of Nathaniel Edwards that whereas he has lately 
come over as administrator of the will of Nathaniel Smith, 
deceased, and proved the wiU in the last Ipswich Court, and 
notwithstanding all which, having lately met with some in- 
terruption concerning the wiU by Mr. Joseph HiU of Mai- 
den, he now requests that the probation of the wiU may be 
confirmed, or if there be just cause of objection by Mr. 
Joseph Hill agaiast the will, that he may be admitted to 
plead his cause before the court, having urgent reasons to 
hasten his return for England. The petitioner's request 
granted Oct. 15, 1651, the clerk to secure the 10s. due to 
the country. Mass. Archives, vol. 15B, page 71. 

Whereas Nathaniell Edwards presented to this court a 
will made by Nathaniell Smyth and several testimonies to 
prove that the said will was confirmed and allowed by the 
prerogative court in England, which upon perusal this court 
doth also declare to be legal and ordered that Nathaniel 
Edwards should put in a caution to the next County court at 
Boston, to be responsall for all the estate of the said Smyth 
being within this jurisdiction in case the will should be 
reversed, this done with the magistrates consent, 24 : 8 : 1651. 
Mass. Archives, vol. 15B, page 74. 

A copy of the last will of Nathaniell Smith which Mr. 
Joseph Hill of Maiden presented to the General Court 16: 
8 : 1651 : 

"Goods brought with me out of England which amounted 
to 18011. odd, 38li. 7s. 6d. was Mr. John Wads, of the re- 
mainder my brother Halford hath two thirds and myself 
one, and likewise I was by agreement to have a third part of 
the gains that was made. Of that part which comes to my 
share my will is that it be disposed as follows : "two parts of 
it to my brother mellowes : one parte to william Halford my 
brother || Andrew || Halfords Sonne, in Case of his death to 
Euth Halford and the other parte to my Cozen NathanieU 
wandley, my will is that the Linnen, Bookes and other things 
I left in New-England, my Couzen Hanna mellowes should 
have the Linnen, and Abraham mellowes my bookes for the 
Linnen I left in England my will is that my Sister mellowes 
should have one parte, and the other parte to be devided Be- 
tweene my Sister fiBsher and my Sister walford. for the bookes 
I left ia England my will is that Nathaniell Wandley shall 
have, and if it please god to restore any thing of the plundered 
estate my will is that my parte which is halfe, shall be 


equally devided, betweene all my sisters, and for the Seing 
of this perfourmed I Constitute and Appointe my brother 
Edward Mellowes, and my brother Samuell wandley my 
executors, whereunto I have Sett my hand this first of 
January 1648." 
George Buncker Nathaniell Smith 

George Buncker deposed that the above was at the date 
thereof the declared last will and testament of Nathaniell 
Smith. Mass. Archives, vol. 15B, page 72. 

Estate of Eichard Bahhett of (Lynn ?) . 

"The last will & Testament of Eichard Barrett this 10. 
7 m" 1651 flBrst I will that my estate shall remaine with my 
wife for her maintynance & my Childrens. & then at the 
yeares end or at the day of- her marryage my estate to be 
deuided, my wife to haue one halfe, & my Children the 
other halfe, & my sonne out of that halfe shall haue a double 
portion. And further I giue to my sonne my ffowleing peice 
It to be kept for him & the ppty of it not Changed, And this 
is my last will & testament witnes my hand tiie day & 
yeare aboue written." 

his mark 
Eichard Barick 

Witness: Joseph Armitage, Jane Armytage. 

"Nicholas Potter Joseph Armitage to be ouerseers." 

Proved 7m : 1651 by Joseph Armitage, sr. and 29 : 7: 
1651 by Joseph Armitage, jr. Copy of will, Ipswich Deeds, 
vol 1, leaf 119. 

Copy of inventory taken 7m : 1651, by Eichard (his mark) 
Johnson and John Mansfelde : 3 Cowes, 13li. 15s. ; one Calfe 
of a yeare old this winter, lli.; two piggs, 14s.; Indian 
Come & wheate & hay & garden stuffe, 91i. 15s. ; househould 
goods, 9li. 16s.; one fowling peice, lli. 10s.; two hatts, 10s.; 
ffenceing stuffe in the woods. Hi.; total, 38li. Debts Dewe 
to the estate: from Mr. Bennit, 15s.; from Geloo, 121i.; 
goodman Coock of Saleni, 15s. The Debts yt Eichard Bar- 
ret oweth at his Death: To Mr. Kinge, lli. 10s.; Joseph 
Armytage, lli. IBs. lOd. ; Eobert Borges for eight bushells 
of come, lli. 6s. 8d. ; Goodwife Elis, 13s. 6d. ; Goodwife 
Bowtell, 5s. ; Mr. Jencks, 2s. 6d. ; Mr. Savidg, lli. 10s. ; Wil- 
liam Edmonds, 6s.; Goodman Coats, 13s.; Mr. Corbit, 158.; 
Mr. South, 10s.; Thomas Beall, 2s. 6d. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 
1, leaf 120. 


Administration on the estate of Eich. Barick granted 30 : 
7: 1651 to his widow Elizabeth Barick. Ipswich Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 1, page 26. 

Estate of Honoe Eolfe of Newbury. 

"Henry Largin of Charlstowne house of Thomas 

Blanchard on n where widdow Honour Eolfe lay 

berry lay sick. Shee did declare h be; that her sonne 

Beniam Eolfe should haue the substance of her estate, which 
was her owne pp estate, & that he should be her sole Execu- 
tor. Only she gaue these pticulers as followeth, her bedding 
& Clothes linnen and woollen she gaue to be equally deuided 
betwixt her two daughters. Also shee gaue twenty shillings 
a piece to her foure grandchildren to be giuen them five 
yeares after her death. Also one little Cowe she gaue to her 
Daughter y* lines at Newberry. Also of foure peeces of 
Brasse shee gaue two to her sonne Beniamin, which he should 
Choose, & to each of her daughters one. The rest shee gaue 
to her Sonne Beniamine, saucing two pewter platters which 
she gaue to each of her daughters one. & further shee ex- 
prest her mind about a Bame that is built vpon p* of her 
sonne Beniamins ground, she gaue to her sonne John Eolfe 
all her interest in the ground that the Barne stood vpon. 
this is the substance of her expression as farr as he can re- 

"memorandum that p* of the 32 the whole 23. 24 & p* of y« 
25 lines were blotted out Ei. BeUingham. 

"Taken vpon oath by the said Henry Largin this 20 — 12 — 
1650. who further saith that the said Honor Eolfe was of a 
disposeing memory, before me Ei. Bellingham. 

"The Testymoney of George Vaghan Aged abought 23 
yeares Concerning the last wiU of Hono' Eolfe widdow de- 
ceased: 19*^ of 10** m° 1650. This Deponent saith that 
himselfe being in p'fence together with Henry Largin some 
two daies before the death of the aboue said testator, he 
heard her make this her last will in maner following. In- 
primis She bequeathed all her estate in general! to her 
yongest Sonne Beniamine Eolfe onely excepted these pticu- 
lers which follow: Item to her foure Grand Children she 
gaue twenty shillings a peec, to be paid them foure or fiue 
yeare after that time. Item all her Eight in halfe an acre 
of Ground on which the Barne stands and a yonge sowe she 
gaue to her sonne John Eolfe : Item a little Cowe that she 


had she gaue to her daughter Hanah Dole. Item all her 
weareing Cloathes & bedding she gaue to be equally deuided 
betweene her two Daughters Anna and Hanah: these pticu- 
lers abouesaid this deponent tooke spetiall notice of; & fur- 
ther he saith not : only a day after her sonne in lawe Eichard 
Dole comeing to her desired this Deponent to Aske her what 
she would doe with the three pounds ten shillings in Eng- 
land, & shee Answered that she would that her sonne Benia- 
mine should haue a sute of Cloathes out of it, & the rest he 
should haue meaning her said sonne in Lawe Eichard Dole. 
The word Beniamine enterlined. Taken upon oath this 30*'' 
of the 12* m" 1650 before me William Hibbins" 

"The Court vpon the Testimoneys of George Vaughan & 
Henry Largin of Charlestowne as fare as there Testimonys 
doe agree is the will & Testa"* of Honour Eofe." Copy of 
will, Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 123. 

Proved 30: 7: 1651 by Henry Lurgen and George 
Vaughan. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 26. 

Estate op Sakah Bakek of Ipswich. 

Administration on the estate of Sarah Baker granted 30: 
7 : 1651, to her kinswoman, Sarah Lumpkin, and inventory 
received. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 26. 

Copy of inventory of estate of Sarah Baker, Ipswich, 
taken the last of the 7m: 1651, by John Whipple and 
Thomas ffrench: A black stuffe gowne, Hi.; A stuffe petty- 
coate, 6s.; A Cloth wastcoate, 8s.; A mohaire pettycoate. 
Hi.; two red pettycoates & two wastcoates. Hi.; one sheete 
& one bord Cloth, 8s.; small wareing linnen, Hi. 13s. 8d. ; 
total, 5li. 15s. 8d. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 115. 

Estate of Mrs. Elizabeth Lowle of Nbwbuet.* 

"The will of Elizabeth Lowle late wife to Jn": Lowle De- 
ceased made the 17* first m" : 1650. That I Elizabeth Lowle 
Considering my fraile condition doe Comitt my soule vnto 
the Lord Jesus my redemer who hath bought me with his 
blood not Doubting of my resurrection together with all 
Saints. I doe therefore while I inioy my sences Dispose of 
that estate Grod hath Lent me as ffolloweth; I giue to my 
Sister Tappine one suite of ||my|| weareing lining as one 

* See also Eecords and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Es- 
sex Co., Mass., vol. IV (1914), pp. 378-381. 


forward Cloth one quoife one handkerchif e ; I giue to my 
three sonns in Law Jn": Lowle James & Joseph tenn shillings 
A peece I giue to my sonne Beniamine one siluer Cupp & 
three siluer Spoones with one third p* of the howshold stufiEe. 
I giue to my Daughter Elizabeth all the remainder of my 
Howsehold stufEe Childbed linning & else weareing Appar- 
rell 1 siluer Tunn 1 siluer tipt Jugg 3 siluer spoones one 
gold ring, 1 siluer bodkine, 2 deskes ; & the rest of my Estate 
Equally deuided betweene my somie Beniamine & my Daugh- 
ter Elizabeth after my Debts be sattisfyed with aU f unerall 
charges, & else ; I will that my brother Thomas Millerd keepe 
my sonne Beniamine & his estate vntill he goe forth to be an 
Apprentice & then to be plaet forth as my ouerseers thinke 
fitt; I desire my foure bretheme to be my ouerseers namely 
bro: tho: millerd Eic°: Lowle Abr: Tappine & Will: Ger- 
rish desireing them to see my Daughter Elizabeth be brought 
vp to her nedle & what else they Judge meete & to disspose 
of her as I desire to such as are Godly and meete to instruct 
my Child in the feare of God In witnes hereof I haue put 
my hand this lO*"" first m": 1650. I wiU. that if my sonne & 
daughter die ere they Come to Age that then their portions 
be deuided between my Husbands Children, Jn°: Lowle & 
James & Ben: mary & Peter Lowle." Elizabeth Lowle. 

Witness: George Emery, Peter Tappan, Will: Gerrish. 

Proved 30 : 7 : 1651, by WUliam Gerish, and 2 : 8 : 1651 by 
Peeter Tappan. Copy of will, Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 

Copy of inventory taken 6m: 1651: in plate 91i. 15s., 4 
rings, 24s., lOli. 19s.; a laune Cubbord Cloth & an cros- 
cloths, Hi. 2s.; a Table Cloth & 18 handkerchifs, 21i. 5s.; 
1 Cubbord Cloth, 4 hoUand pUlowberes, Hi. 17s.; 12 pil- 
lowbeers, 1 shift, napkins & table cloth, 31i. 4s. ; 7 Aprons, 
6 napkins, 1 table cloth. Hi. 8s.; 8 towels, 2 pillowbeers, 3 
waskoats, 2 napkins. Hi. 12s. 8d. ; 3 pillowbeers, 6 diap. 
napkins. Hi. 6s.; 2 napkins, 2s. 6d.; 1-2 a table cloth & 
1-2 a towell. Hi. 5s.; 1 Cubbord Cloth, 20s.; 1 napkin, 1 
p sheetes. Hi. 16s. ; 1 Cewshen & 1 Cubbord Cloth, Hi. 12s. 
6d. ; 2 greene Aprons & 1 mufEe, Hi. 10s.; 4 Gownes, 1 p 
blanckets & 1 pann, 7li. 16s.; small things in Iron, 13s. 8d., 
1 beareing cloth. Hi. 3s. 8d.; 1 wt. Cloake, 6s. 8d., 1 red 
blanckett, 4s., 10s. 8d. ; 1 p of wrought Vallents, 2li. 10s. ; 1 
wrought Cubbord Cloth, Hi. 10s.; 2 greene Curtines, 1 
riding Suite, 2li. 15s.; in small things, 2li. 10s.; in Debts, 
98li. 7d. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 119. 


In answer to the petition of Capt. William Gerrish, one 
of the overseers of the will of Elizabeth Lowle, desiring that 
there might be an order by this court made for the increase 
and preservation of the estate for the benefit of the children, 
it was granted Oct. 19, 1658, that the estate may be let out 
to the brother of the children of the said Elizabeth Lowle, 
or to others, as they see best, and to give security. Mass. 
Bay Colony Records, vol. 4, page 348. 

The elders and six of the inhabitants of Newbury pre- 
sented a certificate to the court Sept. 25, 1666, that Benjamin 
Lowell and Elizabeth Lowell were of age to receive the por- 
tions left them by their father and mother, and the court 
allowed it. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 

Acquittance of Phillip Nellson of Eowley to Eichard 
Lowle and others, overseers of the will of John Lowle, de- 
ceased, and Elizabeth Lowle, of all demands. Dated Feb. 
20, 1666. 

Witness: Ezekiell Northend, John Pickard. 

Swome to Sept. 30, 1673 by John Pickard and Sept. 29, 
1674 by Ezekiell Northend. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 3, page 326. 

Estate op Thomas Hadxworth op Salisbury. 

The court held at Hampton, 8:8: 1651, appointed Mary 
WiUix administratrix of estate of Tho. Hauxworth, her 
former husband, who died about nine years ago, intestate. 

Inventory of estate of Tho. Hauxworth of Salisbury, taken 
by Henry Monde and Kobart fiitts : one house & house Lott, 
conteining two acres, more or less, 31i.; one great Lott, 20 
acres more or less. Hi.; a planting Lott, conteiniag fower 
acres more or lesse. Hi. 10s. ; an addicon of lande towards ye 
ferric, 3s. 4d.; two meddow Lotts conteining 4 acres more 
or lesse, 3li. ; 4 Goates & two Kids, 2li. 10s. ; two shotes, Hi. ; 
13 bushel of Indian come & six of wheat, 3li. 3s.; two Iron 
Potts, 16s.; one frijng pann, 2s.; one Gridiron & one warm- 
ing pann, 5s.; 3 peuter dishes & 12 trenchers, 6s.; 1 sieve, 
five spoones & one woodden dish. Is. 4d. ; 3 knives, 3 scythes, 
2 howes, 2 Axes, 1 hatchett, 1 Steele & Steele iron, 10s.; 2 
hogsheads, 3 keelars, 1 firkin, 6s.; 1 bedstead, 2 Cheasts, 1 
box, 16s.; 1 stoole, 1 Chaier, 2s.; 1 course bed teeke, 1 boul- 
ster, 2 pilloes, 10s.; a paier of sheets, 2 shirts, 6s. 8d.; 3 


coates, 2 paier of breches, 1 dublett, 1 jaekett, 1 hatt, 1 paier 
of shoes, 1 paier of stockins, 3 bands, 41i. 5s. ; total, 231i. 12s. 

Essex Co. Prolate Files, Docket 12,289. 

Estate of John Osgood of Andovee. 

"The 12 of Aprill 1650 : in the ag of the testator 54 bom 
in 1595 July 23 In the name ofE God Amen I John ossgood 
off Andever va. the County of Essex in new England Being 
Sick of Body But in Pfect memory do institut and mak my 
last will and Testament in maner and fforme as ffoUoweth 
Inprins I bequeath ||and|| Giue my Soule in to the hand of 
God my heauenly ffather through the medyation of Jesus 
Christ my Blessad Saviour and Eedeemer my Body to the 
earth ffrom whenc it was taken my Goods and chatells as 
ffoUoweth Inprinis I do Giue Vnto my Sonn John Ossgood 
my hous and hous lot with all acomedationes thervnto Be- 
longing Brooken vp and Vnbroken Vp and with all the 
medow thervnto belonging fforeuer with this proviso y* my 
wif Sarah ossgood shall haue the moyety or the on half of 
the hous and land and medowes during her naturall life. I 
do Giue and Bequeath to my Sonn Steven Ossgood 25 pound 
to be payd at 21 yeares of age in Contry pay It I doe Giue 
to my daughter Mary Ossgood 25 pound to be payd at 18 
years off age in Contry pay It I do Giue to my dater 
Elizabeth Ossgood 25 pound to be payd at 18 yeares off age 
in Contry pay It I do giue and Bequeath Vnto my daugh- 
ter hannah Ossgood 25 pound to be payd at 18 years of age 
in Contry pay It I do Giue to my daughter ssarah Clem- 
ent 20s It I do Giue to her daughter BaTcah 20 sshiUings to 
Be payd when she is 7 yeres of age But if she dy before y' 
tim it to be nuU It I do Giue to my Seruant Caleb John- 
son one Cow calf to Be payd 3 years Befor his time is out 
and to be kept at the Cost of my executor tiU his tim is out 
It I do Giue to the meeting hous off newbery 18 shillings to 
Buie A Chushion for the minister to lay his Boole Vpon : aU 
the Eest of my Goods and Chateal Vnbequeathed I do giue 
Vnto my sone John Ossgood and to Sarah my wife whom I 
do mak Joynt executorrs of my last wUl and testament in 
wittness thereof [I] set my hand an Seale." John Ossgood. 

"I do intreat John Clement of Hauerell and Niehalas 
hoult of Andever to be ouerseers of this my last will and tes- 

John Ossgood. 


Witness: Joseph Parker, Eichard Barker, 
"debt owing to me 

m' Edword Woodman eyght shillings." 
Proved 25: 9: 1651, by the witnesses. Salem Qvarterly 
Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 22. 

Presented by Joseph Parker and Eobert Barker, proved 
by Eobert Barker. Salem Qvarterly Court Records, vol. 3, 
leaf 35. 

Inventory taken by John Clements and Nicholas (his H 
mark) Honlt, and signed by Sarah (her mark) Osgood: 
His purse & apparell, lOli.; fowre oxen, 301i. ; two steeres, 
lOli. ; six Cowes, 291i.; eeaven young cattle, 14li.; eighteen 
swine, 25li. ; 120 Bushels of wheat, 24li. ; 30 Bushels of Ey, 
51i.; 120 Bushels of Indian, 15li.; house, lands & meadowes, 
son.; for Eie sowed, 12li. ; due upon bond, 201i.; sixty 
Bushels of Barley, 131i.; fifty Bushels of Pease, 8li. 15s.; a 
feather bed & furniture, 41i. 10s.; a floekbed being half 
feathers & furniture, 31i. 16s.; a flock bed & furniture, 21i.; 
a flock bed & furniture, 2li.; five payre of sheets & an odd 
one, 2li. 8s.; table linnen. Hi.; fowre payre of pillowbeers, 
18s. ; nineteene yards of Carsai, 5li. ; sixe yards of Sarge, Hi. 
4s.; ten yards of Canvace, 15s.; a remnant of Serge, 9s.; 
penistone ten yards. Hi. 10s.; ten payre of stockins, 18e. ; 
three yards of stuffe, 10s.; twenty two peeces of peauter, 
21i. ; for ye Copper & brasse, 41i. 14s.; an iron pot, tongs, 
cottrel & pothookes. Hi.; two muskets & a fowling peece, 
21i. 10s. ; sword, cutlace & bandaleeres, Hi. 5s. ; yame & cot- 
tonwool, 15s.; barrels, tubbs, trayes, cheesemoates & payles. 
Hi. 10s.; a slead, 5s.; bedsteds, cords & chayers, 14s.; 
cheasts and wheeles, 16s.; a warming pan, 5s.; fowre Axes, 
8s.; three hoes, 8s.; three wedges, 3s.; fowre augers, 5s.; a 
gouge, two hammers & a broad chisel, 2s. 6d. ; for Hay, 8li. ; 
cart & wheeles, 2li. ; a dung cart & wheeles. Hi. ; a cart roape, 
3s.; fine yoake & the hookes, 15s.; three chaynes, 15s.; 
ploughs & iron. Hi. 5s.; a Harrow, Hi.; fine sives, 5s.; a 
Spade & Crow, 7s.; three Sithes, fiue Sickles, one mathook, 
pitchforks & a grindstone, Hi.; nayles, 5s.; fower Sacks, 
8s. ; a hayre cloth, 5s. ; bridle & Saddle, 5s. ; for Sawes, 10s. ; 
mault, 16s.; a ferkin of Butter, Hi. 8s.; bacon, 3s.; cheese, 
21i. ; a yard of hoUand, 4s. ; a yard & half of Callico, 2fi. 6d. ; 
houshold implements. Hi.; total, 37311. 7s. Essex Go. Qvar- 
terly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 23. 

the probate eecokds of essex counir. 143 

Estate of James Bowtwell of Lynn. 

"The will of James Bowtwell Inprimis ; I giue to my sonne 
James Bowtwell one bull Calfe; with, the increase, to be 
payed; when the aforesaid calf is 3 yeare old; And I giue to 
my daugter sara; one cow calfe at the 29 day of y* ||sauenth|| 
month next ensuing the date hereof And I apointe my wife 
allice Bowtell sole excecutrix of all my estate ; & to bring up 
my Children; & to dispose of them as she in her wisdome 
shall haue occassion; And further I giue to my sonne John 
BowteU tenne shillings to bee payed at the nine & twenty day 
of seauen month next ensuing date hereof. 

"Lyn the 22* 6 mo. 1651" 

Ms mark 
James J. B. Bowtell 

Witness: John Deakin, WiUiam Longley. 

"I apoint these two frends nicolas potter & william Long- 
ley to see to the performances herof according to my will, & 
to assest my wife in what she may haue occassion to mak use 
of them." 

Proved 26 : 9 : 1651 by the witnesses. Essex Co. Quarterly 
Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 24. 

Inventory of the estate of Widow Boutell taken by John 
Dakin and Eichard Blood : One kow and two calves, 81i. 10s. ; 
fore swyne, 12s. ; bedding, 7li. 14s. ; whearing lining, 31i. 8s. ; 
for her husbands aparaU, 5li. 10s. 6d.; brase and puter, 31i. 
8s. ; bookes. Hi. 2s. ; chests. Hi. ; in Iren ware and other lum- 
ber, 5li. 17s. 6d. ; Received of a dett, 21i. Is.; come. Hi. 
Debts, 4li. 19s. Total, 43li. 3s. Endorsed: "Inventory of 
estate of James Bowtell, deceased." Essex Go. Quarterly 
Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 24. 

Estate of Henry Bibdsall of Salem. 

WOl of Henry Birdsall proved 28 : 9 : 1651, and inventory 
brought in. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 3, leaf 39. 

Inventory taken Nov. 17, 1651 by Tho. Trusler and Edmo. 
Batter : One dwelling house, outhouses & 1 acre & quar. land, 
lOli. ; 5 acres of upland in the Korthfield & half acre of salt 
marsh in the southfield, 4li. lOs. ; two Cowes & hay, lOli. 10s. ; 
1 feather bed, 1 boulster & 2 pillows, 3li. 5s. ; 1 high bedsteed 
& 1 trundell bedsteed. Hi. 2s. ; 1 Covled, 3 blankets & 3 cur- 
tayns, 2li.; 1 setle, 5s.; 1 chest, 6s. 8d. & 2 Cubbords, .15s., 
Hi. 6s. 8d. ; 1 small table bord & 2 Joyne stools, 5s. ; 2 chaires 


& cushines, 3s. and 3 payles, 4s., a meal tubb, 4s., lis.; 2 
Iron pots & 1 kitle, 13s.; 2 brasse kitles, 7s. & 2 brass skil- 
lets, 3s., 1 brass morter, lis.; 3 great pewter platter, 10s. & 
3 smale platters, 3s., 13s.; halfe dossen sancers, 1 pewter 
plate. Is. 4d., 1 pewter bason, Is., 2 sancers. Is., 2 bekers & 
1 wine tap, 2s., 4s. 6d. ; 1 saltseller. Is., trencher, 6d., earthen 
dishes & wooden dishes & bowles, 5s. 6d., 7s.; 1 old sword, 
musket & halberd, 9s.; books, 5s.; 1 paire Andirons, 3s.; 
tongs & fore shovels, 2 paire pott hooks, Is., 2 pair hangers, 
5s., 17s. ; tubbs & barrells, 3s. & 1 brasse pane, 18d., 4s. 6d. ; 
wearing aparrell, 3 Coats, breeches, dublet, stockings, shooes 
& 3 shirts, 21i. 17s. 6d. ; 4 napkins, 2s., 4 pUlow bers, 4s. ; 3 
pair of sheets, 18s. 4d., Hi. 4s. 4d. ; 1 pewter pott. Is. 6d. ; 3 
hundred of boards, 18s. ; timber, 5s. ; tooles for his trade, 21i., 
2li. 5s. ; 2 swine, 40s. & a remnant of cloath, 13s., 21i. 13s. ; 
1 bedstead, 15s.; total, 471i. 19s. lOd. Essex Go. Quarterly 
Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 25. 

Estate of Eichaed Haffieid of Ipswich. 

Eachell and Euth Halfield daughters of Eichard and Mar- 
tha Halfield of Ipswich, had by the will of their father, SOli. 
each, for their portions, to be paid by their mother Martha 
Halfield, executrix, and have chosen their brother Eichard 
Coy to be their guardian to receive and improve their legacy. 
The acqidttance of Martha Halfield by Eichard Coy, he 
having received the 601i. in house, land, cattle and other goods. 
Dated Apr. 8, 1652. 

Witness: Daniell Hovey. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 3, page 27. 

"Vpon the 17* daye of y« 12* month in ye yeare 1638. I 
Eichard Hafeeld of Ipswich in New England, being of body 
weake & feeble, but of mind & memory pfectly able to make 
this my last will & testament — as followeth — 1. To my two 
oldest daus. mary & Sara £30 apeece — ^viz. that £30 w'" I am 
to rec. of Tho*. fferman for a house sold to Eob*. waUis his 
man w*" is to be paid at three paiments, £10 at a time, ac- 
cording to y* tenour of a bill, this £30 as it is rec* to be de- 
vided eqly betxt y™, also 20 acres vpland & meadow at Eeedy 
marsh valued at 30£ to be deuided betxt y" prsently after 
my decease: alsoe 10£ in money or my Cow Calfe to be de- 
vided betxt y™ & in case either of y™ dye before theye are 
posest w* y* my guift then my will is y* y* longer liuer to 
haue y® whole £60 Alsoe I give to my 3 younger daus. Mar- 
tha, Eachell & Euth, to each of y" 30£ apeece, to be p* jr" as 


y" shall com to ye age of 16 yeares old. And my wiU is alsoe, 
y* y' any one of y" dy before y* attaine to y* age of 16, y* 
y° y* whole £90 to fale to y* longer liners or longer liuer, y' 
6* 90£ to be p^ y™ as afores*. I doe enjoyne my wife to y° 
true & justpaiment of it whome I make my executrix of y^ 
my last wiU & testmt." [No signature] 
his mark 

Eobert ||= Andrews, George Giddings. 

"Wee whose names are vnder written do witness y* y^ testa- 
tor at y* same time did giue vnto his 2 daus. Sara & Mary 
eertaine debts owing to him by these men Goodman Poster 
3£ 5s Eichard Waters 2 10 William Avery 1 [£] Tho». 
Dorman 1 [£]." 

Witness: Geo. Giddings, John Browne. 

Geo. Giddings and John Browne came into Ipswich court 
Sept. 39, 1668 and owned that their names hereunto were 
their own handwriting. Eobt. Lord. Cleric. 

This is a true copie compared with the original on file in 
Salem Court Eecd. Attest. 

New England Historical & Oenealogical Register, vol. 3, 
page 156. 

Estate op John Bayly op Newbdey. 

"The 28*^ of y« 8*" m" (1651) This is y« last will : of John 
Bayly sen: being on his sick bed hee being yett in his right 
minde & senses, flarst I giue vnto my Sonne John Bayly my 
house & land lijng & being in y* Towne of Salisbury during 
his life; & after my sonnes death his second Sonne Josepth 
Bayly is to enioy it & if Josephth doth not live to enioy it, then 
his younger brother is to enioy it. And when Josephth Bayly 
or his yonger brother cometh to enioy this land he is to pay 
to his eldest brother John Bayly the some of forty pounds as 
his Grandfathers guift. And I do likewise make my sonne 
John Bayly sole Bxecuto' of all that ever I have only my 
Bxecuto'' is to pay to my wyfe his mother y® some of six 
pounds a yeare duering hir life pvided she cometh over hither 
to New-england, likewise my Bxecuto' is to pay to my sonne 
Eobert fiueteene pounds pvided also he come over hither to 
ITew-england likewise my Execute' is to pay to my Daugh- 
ters his sisters y® some of Tenn poimds a peece pvided they 
come over hither to new-england butt in case they doe not 
come over hither butt doe sende by any messenger for their 
portions, they are to haue fine shillings a peece for their por- 


tions whither sonne or daughte[r]s & all these somes are to 
bee payed according as it can bee raised out of my land & 
stocke & likewise it is to bee pay'd to every one of them ac- 
cording as y® Executo"' & the overseers shall see cause, And 
farther my Executo' is to pay for y" passages of those y* doe 
come over hither, of them whither it bee wyfe or children, 
or any of them And farther I doe giue to my Sonne John 
Baylys Childeren either of them a young beast as soone as 
maybee w*" conveniency, & my Sonne their father is to breed 
these beasts for eve[r]y of his Childeren till these beasts 
groeth to cowes or Oxen, & then the childeren are to haue 
the proflStt of them And I doe make my brother John Emery 
sen of Kubery & M"^ Thomas Bradbury of Salisbury overseers 
to see as this to bee performed In wittness herof I doe sett 
to my hand y* day, & yeare aboue written." 

his mark 
Jn" Jb. Bayly Senior. 

Witness: william Ilsley, John Emry Jun. 

"likewise I doe giue to ||willi|| Huntingtons wyfe & chil- 
deren y* house & land y* I bought of vallentine Kowell & do 
desier my overseers to see it made good to hir & hir childeren." 

Proved in Salisbury court 13: 2: 1652 by the witnesses. 
Copy of will, Norfolk Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 15. 

Inventory taken Kov. 12, 1651, by Mr. Edward Woodman 
and Thomas Macy: seveniy fowre acres of upland fifteene 
of it broke up, 55li. ; Houses, 251i. ; 12 Cows, 60li. ; Two oxen, 
14li. ; Two steeres age 3 yeers & vantage, lOli. ; ffive Calves, 
71i. 10s. ; one Bull, 2li. 15s. ; one Swine, 18s. ; Twenty Acres 
more or lesse of Meadow, 501i. ; household goods & tooles, 
131i. 12s. 4d,; Clothes & Bedding, lOli. 128. 2d.; come & 
pvisions, 9li. 13s. 8d.; Two Steeres more, 1211.; total, 27111. 
Is. 2d. Essex Co. Prolate Files, Docket 1,334. 

Estate of John Haedt op Salem. 

"30th ith m"> 1652 The last will and testament of John 
Hardie of Salem is as flolloweth Imprimis I giue vnto Eoger 
Hoscall my son in lawe all my lande lyinge neare bass Eiuer 
(beinge the lande was given me by the towne of Salem) to 
houlde and inioy aU the sd lande to himself and his heires 
for ever It: I giue vnto my sd son in law Eoger Hoscall a 
steere and a Cowe now in his owne keepinge and one oxx in 
the hande of William fflint the which oxx my wife shaU chuse 
and apoynt to my son in law out of my three oxen in william 


fflints hande It : I giue vnto my sd son in lawe all my right 
and interest in Thomas Varney my apprentice vnless his 
parents buie his time by payinge the som of seauen pownd 
that I pd for his time which if they shall doe I give the sd 
som of seauen pownds to my sd eon in law It: I giue vnto 
my sd son in law his 4 Children : vidz : John WiUiam Marke 
and Elizabeth 4 ewe sheepe of my yongr sheepe to each of 
them one It I giue \Tito Elizabeth the daught' of my son 
Joseph Hardy my best ewe sheepe and my best ewe lambe of 
this yeare. It: I giue vnto my daughter Elizabeth Hoscall 
one heighfer of two yeare old : It I giue vnto my son Joseph 
Hardy one quarter pt of the old catch caled the returne : and 
one quarter pt of the new Catch caled the gift: and one 
eight pt of the Catch caled the ilower It : I giue vnto my sd 
son Joseph Hardy one ak' of marsh yt I bought of Jacob 
Barny and halfe one ak' that I bought of WiUiam Lord lyinge 
togeath' neare the cold springe at the head of the south Kiuer. 
also I giue unto my sd son my pt of the house beinge one 
halfe in which we lay fish beinge on winter Hand 

"It : ffor all that remaineth of my estate my debts and leg- 
aeys being pd. I giue and bequeath vnto by beloued wife Eliza- 
beth Hardy whom I apoynt to be sole executrix of this my 
last will and testament to order and dispose of all thinges as 
I haue aboue expressed 

"and I doe make Choyce of m' Charles Gott and Henry 
Bartholomew whom I doe request to be overseers of this my 
last win and testament: and in witnis of the truth hereof I 
have here vnto set my hande and seale the day and yeare first 
aboue wrighten." John Hardy. 

Witness : Charles Gott, Henry Bartholomew. 

Proved 30 : 4 : 1652 by the witnesses. 

Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 39. 

Inventory taken 8:4: 1653, by Edmond Batter and Walter 
Price : One dwelHng house & 3 Acres of land, 401i. ; 15 acres 
planting land in southfield, 71i. ; 6 acres & 3-4 of salt marsh, 
34li. ; one farm of 80 acres upland or thereabout & 13 acres 
medowe, 301i.; halfe a fishe house at winter Hand, 31i.; one 
fourth part of the Alegatter Catch, 30li. ; three fourths of the 
Catch called Guift, 601i. ; one halfe of the Catch called the Ee- 
tume, 301i.; one boat & Cannow, Hi.; 6 Cowes, 301i. & 4 
oxen, 371i. , 57li.; 4 yearlings, 8li. & one 3 yeare hiefer, 3li. 
10s., IIU. 10s. ; 3 weanlinge calves & 1 sucking calf, 31i. 3s. ; 
1 swine, 30s. & 1 Eamme, 16s., 3li. 6s.; 8 yewes, 131i. & 5 


lambes, 3li., 15li.; Mariners Instnunents, 3li. & 2 chestes, 
16s., 2M. 16s.; 1 bedstead, table & forme, 3li.; -waring Apar- 
rell, 131i. 19s.; 25 yds. 1-2 sayle cloath, 28s., 10 yd Stuffe, 
35s., 31i. 3s. ; five yds. 1-2 broad cloath, 211. 18s. ; 8 yd. Hamp- 
ton Sarge, 41i. & 4s. & 5 yds. 1-2 cotton, 18s., 51i. 2s.; 1 
feather bed & boulster & pillow, 3li. 10s.; 1 Eugge & 1 pr. 
blankets. Hi. 10s.; 1 paire Cartaynes, carpet & Talents, Hi. 
5s. ; 4 Cushons, 13s. ; a Coverled & a Engge, 20s., 111. 13s. ; 9 
Sheetts, 45s. & 5 pillows, 14s., tableeloathes, 2s. 6d., 31i. Is. 
6d.; 1 warming pane, 5s. & 1 brush, 13d., 6s., 3 mnsketts & 

3 swords & bandeler rests, 1 Carbine & a fonlinge peece, 41i. 
6s.; bulletts & nails, 14s., cases & botles, 4s., 18s.; 15011. 
shotte, 30s., yame, 20s., 2li. 10s.; bookes, 20s. & old Irone, 
5s. & 1 bell, 13d., Hi. 6s.; 1 lookinge glasse, 2s. & 2 coffers 
& trunke, 6s., 8s. ; 3 feather beds, Engge, boulster & blankets, 
4li. IDs.; 1 bed & beddinge & 3 bedsteeds. Hi. 10s.; netts, 
linnes & leads, 10s. & 1 woolen loom, 3s., 13s.; Coren upon 
the ground, 4]i., 41i. ; corne & malte, 15s. ; caske, 5s., 5s. ; 2 
brass kitles, 15s., Iron potts & brasse. Hi. 15s., pick forks & 
spads, 5s. & 1 mattocke & tubbs, 3s., 8s.; mortor & pestle, 
2s. 6d., scamr, & Andirons, 4s. 6d., 7s. ; hakes & pott hookes & 
tongue, 5s. 6d. ; f riing pane, gridirone & belowes, 4s. ; wooden 
ware, 5s.; tubbs, form & setle, lis., 16s.; 3 Chairs, 10s. & 2 
hammers & 1 drawing knife, 3s., 13s.; 11 platters & bason & 
other pewter, 31i. Is. 6d. ; 3 Iron wedges & 3 Iron rings, 6s. ; 
1 axe & 3 howes, 4s. 6d. & 1 ladder, 18d., 6s. ; Cheese presse, 
4s., milkpanes, 3s. 6d., ^s. 6d. ; 3 runlets & 1 grindston, 7a. ; 

4 yeares tyme iq EUsha Sharpe sold to Mr. Jno. Browne 41i. ; 
Duncan Macall, the scot, has 6 years & 3-4 tyme to serve, 
16li.; total, 39311. 4s. 6d. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, 
vol. 2, leaf 30. 

Estate of Thomas Wathbn of Gloucester. 

Administration on the estate of Thomas Wathing granted 
28: 7: 1652 to William Sargent. Surety: John Holgrave. 
Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 31. 

Zeblon HiU, formerly living in BristaU, in Ould England, 
being here, deposed that Thomas Wathing, son to Edman 
Wathin, was cousin to William Seargant, said William being 
his father's sister's son; and that Thomas Wathing went with 
Eobart Gray in Captain Wal's service. Sworn before Wil- 
liam Stevens, Eobert Tucke and Eobert ElweU, commissioners 
of Gloster, 27: 7: 1653. Debora Joy, aged twenty-seven 


years, wife of Walter Joy, deposed that Thomas Warren, who 
died with Prince Eupert, was cousin germane to William 
Sergent of Glocester and that there was none nearer of kin 
in this country, and she, being alike related, desired William 
Sergent to be the administrator of the estate. Sworn to be- 
fore Increase Nowell, 17 : 7 : 1652. Essex Go. Quarterly Court 
Files, vol. 2, leaf 41. 

Inventory taken 4m: 1653, by Zebulen Hill and Steven 
Glover, both of Gloster: A cote and a pare of briches and a 
doblet. Hi. 15s. His tools were appraised at 20s. by Good- 
man Felten of Salem Towne. Essex Co. Quarterly Court 
Files, vol. 2, leaf 56. 

Estate of Ezra- Eolfb of Ipswich, 

Administration on the estate of Ezra Eofe granted 28: 7: 
1652, to his widow, Hester Eofe. She presented an inventory, 
which amounted to 731i. 5s. There were two children, the 
elder to have 131i. 13s. 4d., and the younger, 61i. 6s. 8d., at 
the age of twenty-one. The house and land were bound for 
its payment. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 31. 

Inventory taken by Edward Browne: one howse, bame & 

outhowse, ; 10 acres of land, ; 2 steares & 2 cowes, 

2011. — ; 1 payer beUowes, AnveU, vyce & 2 hammors, 51i. — ; 
1 grinstone & charcoale, 128. — ; 1 ould spade & shoveU, Is. 
— ; 2 ould chests, — ; 1 vyce, 10s. — ; an ould sawe. Is.; 3 
Iron wedges, 3s.; in steele, 2s.; 20 chapes for swords, 5s.; 
— duzen kniife sheaths, 2s.; — fyles, 4s.; 1 sawe, 5s.; 3 
smale hammors, 4 payer moulds & other smale tooles wth 
hanrought Iron, Hi.; 2 boxes 3s. — ; 1 f ether bed & 1 boul- 
ster & 1 pillowe, 21i. 10s.; 1 flock bed & boulster & 2 ould 
Keverlids, 15s. ; 2 payer sheetes & 4 pUlowebeeres, lli. 7s. ; in 
other lyninge, lis.; 2 suites of Apparrell & a coate, 31i.; 2 
hats & other weariage apparreU, 16s.; 1 smoothiage Iron, 
2s. 6d.; 1 musket, bandelleers, belt, sword & other ammuni- 
tion, lli. 10s.; pewter, spoones & other smale thinges, lli. 
16s.; 1 brasse kettle & 4 skellits, lU. 48.; 2 Iron potts & 1 
fryinge pan, lli. 5s.; tubs, trayes & other lumber, lli. 5s.; 

1 sowe & 2 pigs, lli. 15s.; A hanger, Ss.; in monie, ; 

total, 741i. 16s. — . [de]bpt8 dewe in the booke, 8li. 14s. lOd,, 
making total, 83li. lOs. lOd, ; dabpts dewe to be payd to others, 
lOli. 5s. — , leaving 73Li. 5s. — . 


Sworn to in Ipswich court 38 : 7 : 1653, by the widow of 
Ezra Eofe. Essex Go. Probate Files, Docket 34,109. 

Guardianship of Abiell Chandler of Newbuet. 

5:8: 1653, Jno. Cheiney, sr., of Kubery was chosen guard- 
ian to his grandchild, Abiell Chandler, aged about two years. 
Hampton Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, leaf 34. 

Estate of John Partridge of Olnet, England. 

The court 5:8: 1653, bound Willi. Partridg of Salisbury 
in 861i. to the Governor and Company of Massachusetts to pay 
a legacy of 431i., which was given by Jno. Partridg of Olney 
in Buckinghamshire, to the children of said William Par- 
tridg then living, the eldest child to have a double portion. 
Hampton Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, leaf 34. 

WiU. Partridg of Salisbury informed the court that there 
yet remained five pounds in the hands of Willi Geynes, 
Eichard Kent and Eodger Tayre of Olney iu Buckingham- 
shire, iu old England, being part of the estate of Jno. Par- 
tridg of Olney, deceased, and bequeathed to the children of 
said WiUi. Partridg, namely, John, Hannah, Elizabeth, 
Nehemiah and Sarah. The court 4:8: 1653, ordered that 
said Willi, be bound in ten pounds for the distribution of the 
five pounds. Bond acknowledged in court, 7:8: 1653, before 
Tho. Bradbury, Eec. Hampton Quarterly Court Records, 
vol. 1, leaf 43. 

Estate of Henry Somerbt of Newbury. 

Judith, widow and administratrix of the estate of Henry 
Somersby, deceased, brought in inventory of his estate 30 : 9 : 
1653. She petitioned the court that her son Danyell might 
have the six acres of land in the little field and half the 
marsh and meadow, and 5li. at the age of eighteen, and that 
her two daughters Sarah and Elizabeth might have 131i. and 
a noble each at the age of sixteen years. If any of the chil- 
dren die, their portion to be equally divided. Salem Quar- 
terly Court Records, vol. 3, leaf 46. 

Inventory of the estate of Henry Somerby of Newbury 
taken Nov. 6, 1653, by Edmond Grenlefe, Eichard Browne 
and Anthony Somerby : An house and an aker of land that it 
stands upon, 451i.; 14 Akers of land, 30li.; 11 akers of 


marsli & meadow, 9li. ; 2 steers and a cow & two calues, 181i. ; 
a copper and brewing vessells, 61i. 10s. ; 9 swine, 811. In the 
parlor : one bedsted and a trundle bedsted with a flockbed and 
boulster, a nigge and blankett and couerlett and curtaine, 
41i. 10s.; one cuberd and cuberd cloth, a table and fonrme 
and chayre and cushion. Hi. 10s. In the kitchen: 4 Iron 
potts, 21i.; 10 peices of pewter, 3 porringers, one bason & 
other small peices, one quart pot, 3 drinking cupps, 21i. 10s. 
In the cellar chamber : one bedsted with featherbed and boul- 
ster, blancket, couerlet & curtaines, 51i. ; 7 paire of sheets, 
41i. 4s.; 3 table cloths, a dozen of Napkins, 5 pillowbears & 
towells, 21i. ; 3 pillowes, one napkin presse, one wooden plat- 
ter, an earthem platter, 15s.; 2 kettles and a skillet, a fry- 
ing pan, a spitt, 2 puddin pannes and a warming pan, one 
pewter chamber pott, a pestle and morter, 31i. ; 2 meale seiues, 
1 dozen of trenchers, 6 milke vessells, a dozen of pewter 
spoones, 2 small chayres, 2 cushins, a small table, a case of 
bottles, a bras small ladle, a trammeU & other lumber. Hi. 
10s. In the parlor chamber: one bedsted with a feather bed 
and bolster & rugge, 3li; one chest & foure dry caske, 10s.; 
one sword & musket & bandeleers, Hi. ; one small flockbed in 
the kitchen chamber and a couerlett & 2 chests and 2 small 
boxes and two baskets. Hi. 10s. ; his weareing apparrell, 21i. ; 
debts due upon booke and bUl, 361i. 9s. ; total, 16411. 4s. ; we 
finde him to be indebted about 6311. Essex Co. Quarterly 
Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 49. 

Estate of Willi-PI Aveeill of Ipswich. 

"I William Averill of Ipswich being weake in bodye but of 
perfect memorye doe make this my last will & testament 
first I doe bequeath my body to the earth to be deasently 
buryed in the Burying place of Ipswich, my sperit into the 
hands of my Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ. And for my out- 
ward estate being but small, I doe give unto my children each 
of them, being seaven in number the some of fine shllHnga 
apeece & the rest of my estate my debts being discharged I 
give unto Abegal my wife, whom I make sole exeeotrix of 
this my last wUl. In witnes heerof I have heerunto sett my 
hand & seale the 3* of the 4*'» mo. 1652." Will. Averell. 

Witness: Andrew Hodges, Eenold Poster. 
■ Proved 29 : 1 : 1653, by the witnesses. 

Inventory taken by Eeglnold Fostr and Andrew Hodgs: 
One hous Lott & house, lOli.; 10 acres of upland ground & 


6 Ac, of meddo, lOli. ; 3 kine & 3 two yer old, 161i. ; 3 shoats. 
Hi. ; 1 Iron pott, 1 brass pott, 1 frying pan, 4 pewtr plattrs, 
1 flagon, 1 Iron ketle, 1 brass ketle, 3 copp., 1 brass pan & 
some othr smal things, 3li. 176. ; 2 chests, 1 fethr bed, 1 othr 
bed, 2 payre of sheets, 3 bolstrs, 3 pillows, 2 blanketts, 1 
Covrlid, 1 bedstead & othr smal linnen, 51i. 10s.; 3 coats & 
wearing appel, 31i. ; 1 warming pan, 3s. ; a tub, 3 pails, a few 
books, 10s.; a Corslett, Hi.; what shee oweth, 131i. 

Essex Go, Quarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 54. 

Estate of William Ceimp of (Isle op Shoals?). 

Administration on the estate of Willm. Crimp, granted 
39: 1: 1653 to Thomas Macye. Ipswich Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 1, page 33. 

Estate of William Ivoht of Lynn. 

Inventory of estate of William Ivory of Lin, deceased, 
filed 39 : 1 : 1653. Amount, 135li. 9s. lOd. Also a writing 
filed by Ann Ivory, relict of said William Ivory, as his last 
wiU. Declared invalid, for want of an executor. Adminis- 
tration granted to the widow. Deceased's son, Thomas Ivory, 
was ordered to have twenty pounds of the estate when twenty- 
one years of age, and Lois and Sarah, two of the daughters, 
ten pounds apiece when they are eighteen or married. Euth 
Baly, a married daughter, to have forty shillings after the 
death of her mother. Remainder of the estate to go to the 
widow. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, leaf 33. 

Copy of inventory taken 36: 1: 1653, by Edward Bur- 
chum (his mark) and Eichard Eooton : his purse & aparreU, 
llli. 13s.; 3 Kane, 15li.; 3 young CatteU, 91i. 5s.; one Asse, 
3li.; 3 Swine, 3li. ; Land at Boston, 13li.; Land bought of 
Mr. Laughton, 131i.; House & Lande, 30li.; Broad Cloth, 
5 yards, 4li. 5s. ; Cotton Cloth, 13s. 6d. ; Linen Cloth, Hi. 13s. ; 
Table linen & Sheets & other things, 6li. ; Bedinge in the 
Chamber, Eug, bed, Boulster & pillows. Hi. 15s. ; foure Boxes, 
13s. ; wheate, 13 bushells, 3li. ; A Table & Chest, 15s. ; A Mus- 
ket, Sword & bandeleres & powder. Hi. 17s.; in the Parlor, 
ffether bed, ruge, pillowes & boulsters, 6li. ; in Pewter, Hi. 8s. ; 
A warmeing pan & a Kettle, 14s.; An Iron Pott & a brasse 
pott, 13s. 6d.; Carpenter Tooles & a grindstone, 3li. 10s.; 
Bookes, Hi. 6s. 8d,; A Cupbord, Chaire & little Table, Hi. 
3s.; two ould Chests & other Lumber, 6s. 8d.; bord Irons & 


hookes & some other Small things, Hi.; A Bottle & Lether 
Jack & some small things, Ys. ; Dishes & Milke vessells, 9s, 
6d.; water pailes, Beere Barrells & other small things, 10s.; 
Sives & other Limiher, 5s. ; A wheele & ShoveU & forke, 6s. ; 
in fiBax, 6s.; in flesh, namely Bacon, 31i.; Debts Owing, 31i. 
Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 126. 

Estate of William Stevens of Newbuey. 

"Witnesse by these presents that I william Stevens of New- 
bury in the County of Essex in ITewengland yeoman, being 
sicke and weake of body but through gods mercy of perfect 
memory, do make my last will and testament first I bequeath 
my soule into the hands of my blessed Eedeemer with an 
assured hope of a blessed resurrection, and when it shall 
please the lord to take me out of this world I bequeath my 
body to bee buryed in the burying place of Newbury, and for 
my worldly Goods I bequeath my house and two parts of my 
land both vpland and meadow to my eldest Son when hee 
shall be of the age of one and twenty yers and twenty pounds 
to my son Samuell Steuens when he shalbe at the like age of 
twenty one yeares, and I appoint Elizabeth my wife my Sole 
executrix of this my last will and testament and all the rest 
of my worldly goods vndisposed of I giue to my wife to bring 
vp my children in the feare of god till they shalbe at the 
aforesaid age only the third parte of my land after my wiues 
decease giuen to my Son John Steuens, and in case either of 
my children shold dye before they shall come to the age of 
twenty one yeares then the twenty pounds shall retume to 
my wife In witnesse whereof I the said wiUiam Steuens 
have set my hand and seale may 19*'' 1653." 

William Steuenes 

Witness: Anthony Somerby, Eich. Lowle, Eobertt Long, 
Anthony Morse and Benieman Swett. 

Eobert Long, aged about thirty-two years, made oath be- 
fore Wm. Gerrish, commissioner, 27: 4: 1653, that this will 
was the last wiU of William Stevens, as did also Anthony 
Somerby, in court at Salem, 28 : 4 : 1653, before Henry Bar- 
tholmew, clerk. Essex Co. Qvarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 

Inventory of the estate of William Stevens of Newbury, 
yeoman, who died May 19, 1653, taken June 13, 1653, by 
Samuell Bidfeild, George (his mark) Little, Anthony Somer- 
by, Francis Plumer and Nicholas Noyes : The house and bame 


and eleven akers and halfe of land which joynes to the house, 
eight akers being broken up, 481i. ; sixteene akers of exchange 
and divident land, 6li.; ten akers of meadow and upland 
neere the mill, 71i. 10s.; ten akers of meadow neere Mch. 
Noyes neck, 71i. 10s. ; two akers of salt marsh, Hi. ; two akers 
of meadow at the little river. Hi.; one oxe, 71i. TOs. ; two 
steers, 3 yere old, 10s.; two cowes, 9 li. ; one heifer, 3 yere 
old, 3li. los. ; two yeerlings, 41i.; two calves, 3li.; five swine, 
31i.; foure akers of Eye and wheat and barly growing, 8li.; 
an old cart and wheels, a yoake chayne and plough & plough 
Irons, Hi. lOs. ; sithes, axes, spad, shovel & other utinsells 
belonging to husbandry, Hi. 4s. ; a sledd and whelbarrow, 4s. ; 
one bedsted in the parlour with a fetherbed, bolster, 3 blan- 
kets and a coverlet and a pillow, 6li.; one chest and a cofEer 
and 2 boxes, 12s.; foure chayres & 2 cushions, 8s.; twenty 
pound of cotten wooll, Hi. In the little roome: a bedsted 
and a flock bed and bolster with 2 pillows & blanket and a 
little flocke bed & other lumber things, 4li. ; three paire of 
sheets, 31i.; his weareing apparell, lOli.; eight yards of cot- 
ton cloth. Hi. 4s.; an old coverlet, 7s. 6d.; two table clothes, 
a dozen of napkins and two pillowbeares, 2li. 10s.; 2 guns 
and a sword with the rest of his armes, 3li. 10s. In the 
kitchen: 3 brasse kettles, one brasse pott, 3 brasse skilletts, a 
brasse candlestick & a skimmer, 3 brass posnets, and a warme- 
ing pan, a brass morter & a pestle, 4li. 10s.; 3 Iron potts, 
firepan, tongs, pott hooks, andirons, spitt, gridiron, a cleaver 
and a ehafeing dish & other small things, Hi. 10s. ; 3 chumes, 
3 keelers, 3 small drinke vessells, 4 spining wheels and 5 
trayes & other small lumber. Hi. 10s.; eleven peices of pew- 
ter, 3 candlesticks, a quart pott, a pinte pott, 3 nips, 3 small 
salt sellers & 2 porringers, 6 spoones & some small tining 
things, 3li. 10s. ; his books, Hi. ; total, 16611. 14s. 6d. 

Sworn to by Elizabeth (her mark) Stevens, late wife of the 
deceased, and Samuell Bidfield, one of the appraisers, 37 : 4 : 
1653, before Wm. Gerrish, commissioner. Essex Co. Quar- 
terly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 58. 

Estate of Geoege Cole of Lynn. 

Widow Mary Coales of Lin brought into court 38:4: 1653, 
an inventory of the estate of her late husband, George Coales, 
and was appointed administratrix. Salem Quarterly Court 
BecordSj vol. 3, leaf 54. 

Inventory taken 23: 4: 1653, by Edward Burchum and 


Nathaniell Handforth: A house & too ackers & a halfe of 
Land, 12li. ; too swien & a pige, Hi. ; a kow, 4li. 10s. ; fouer 
pillowes, 18s.; a Chale bed ruga & sheets, 2li. 14s.; a bed- 
sted, 4s. ; his aparill, Hi. 19s. ; a wanninge pan, 10s. ; in pu- 
ter & a Smothinge lern, Hi. 7s. ; too leren pots, on brase pot 
& pot hooks. Hi. 15s. ; a grid lem & a scellitt, 4s. 6d. ; a Crad- 
dell & too Cussions, 4s. ; wooden ware, 10s. ; bookes, 8s. ; too 
wheles & a meale tube, 8s. ; in Coren, Hi. 3s. 6d. ; Cubard & 
lumbar, 7s. lOd. ; a bed & a mantell, lis. 4d. ; flax, woole & 
Cards, 6s. 6d.; Chiste, barill, table & trunks, lis. 6d.; thre 
meale bags & a fryng pan & thre earthen potts, lOs. 6d. ; 
total, 321i. 10s. 8d. ; debts Owinge by her, 13s. ; debts dew to 
her, 13s. 6d. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 56, 

Estate op William Tilton of Lynn. 

The will and inventory of William Tilton of Lynn, de- 
ceased, brought in by his widow, 1:5: 1653. Proved by Ed- 
ward Burcham and John Hurd. Salem Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 3, leaf 58. 

Inventory taken 16:2: 1653, by Edward Burchum, Henry 
Collins and Francis (his mark) Ingols: 2 oxen & five kine, 
401i. ; six younge Cattell, 14li. 10s.; 3 Calves & five swien, 
5li.; in putter, leren pots & ould brase, 2li. 7s. 4d. ; frynge 
pan & hooks, 5s.; his purse & aparill & cloth, 7li. 18s.; 2 
hogheades, 3 payles & a bottell with other Lumber, Hi. 6s.; 
too bibles & a hammer, 9s. 6d. ; 3 sheepe & 5 lambes, 61i. 13s. 
4d.; plow & lerens & yoeks, 15s.; in Lininge, 2li. ; in bed- 
dinge, bolsters & Coveringe, 61i.; a wanninge pan, Chiste & 
churen, 12s.; in coren, backen & porke, 6li. 10s.; in wheles, 
sith & yaren grinestone & barley, 2li. 8s. 8d. ; house & Lande, 
30li. ; sword, muskett & bandeleres, Hi. 10s. ; total, 1281i. 4s. 
lOd. JEssex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 57. 

Estate of John Pittice of (Ipswich?). 

Inventory of the estate of John Pittice brought in by Mar- 
gret Pittis, his widow, 27: 7: 1653. Amount, 88li. 17s. 2d. 
She was appointed administratrix of his estate, and ordered 
to pay to the five children, being all daughters, five pounds 
each at the age of eighteen. She was to bring up the chil- 
dren. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 36. 

Proved by Eiehard Kemball, sr., and Eichard Kemball, jr. 
Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 2, page 31. 

156 the pbobate beoords of essex county. 

Estate of John Cogswell, Je. of Ipswich,* 

Cogswell of Ipswitch beinge boxmd for England 

considerations movinge me to it have made & 

my Brother WiUiam Cogswell & my Brother Execu- 
tors in trust & M' NathanieU Eojers order & dispose 

of my children & estate as h all see it to be for my good 

to pay my debts w** my estate for my use & if it 

should to order it by his pvidence that I Come 

take y* Care of my children & breede y" of God & to 

leaminge, & if any one of y™ be beinge a Good scoler 

y" I would have him brought y® other to be boimd 

prentiss at 10 years ould to a man where he may be 

wel brought vp handry affairs, & y* vy y* should 

h to be ^ut to encrea — daughter Elisabeth 

so is left to b en y* lad to 2 -parts 

to Samuell & my daughter Wizaieth of mon- 

ye — di y* to her pportion viz in 4 less y" to my sonn sam- 
uell if my daughter should be maryed before 21 

old y* she should haue her portion as neer as 

be Cast vp to be pd to her at her maridge & also my sons to 
haue theyre portions deliuered at 21 yeres ould whereto I set 

my hand 3 of december 3 

John Cogswell, Jun' 

" testifie that ove — John Coggswell Jun 

— ^ting into England tould me he had or would make — ill 
& had made his father his Brother william & Brother Arman- 

tage his Executors & further I doe be — Sen be his 

owne hand wrighting Eobert Lord 

"I Francis waldo testifi the same." Essex Co. Prolate Files, 
Docket 5,829. 

Proved 27 : 7 : 1653. Inventory received. Mr. John Cogs- 
well and WiUiam Cogswell, executors. Ipswich Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 1, page 43. 

Inventory of estate of John Cogswell, jr., taken 25: 7: 
1653, by John Prockter and Wm. Vamye; one Eed Eudge, 
lli. 13s. 4d. ; 5 Cussings, Culler red, 10s. ; Curtens and Val- 
lens, 41i. ; one ffeather bed and bolster and two piUowes, 4li. ; 
a litle flock bed, two old blankets, and an old Coueringe, 
14s. ; two window Curtens, 8s. ; one Carpitt, 10s. ; two payer 
of sheets, lli. 6s. 8d. ; one payer of sheets, 15s. ; two payer of 
pillowbers, 13s. 4d.; a dyaper table Cloth, 16s.; 6 napkings, 

* See also Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 25, leaves S-2S. 


Hi.; dyaper duble Clutes, 10s.; 7 neek clothes, 16s.; 
3 payer of hand cufEes, 6s.; 4 head dressinges, 8s.; 2 
lace crossclothes, 5s.; 3 forehead Clothes, 6s.; a shift 
and a bidgen, and one old bed and stomeger and 3 other 
Clontes, 6s.; [A Swathe & a pinquishion, 48. copy'] a brush, 
— ; a waskote and nyght houd. Is.; a payer of white gloufEes, 
Is.; a payer of stockings, 4s. 4d. ; a Childe barriage Cloth, 
2li. 4s. 8d. ; one stufe gowne. Hi. 10s. ; one black gowne, 31i. ; 
a black gowne, 15s.; one petticote. Hi. 10s.; a waseote, 10s.; 
a petticote. Hi. 6s. 8d.; a white shute, 13s. 4d. ; 4 aperens, 
Hi.; a hatband and Hatte brush, 3s.; a houd, 3s.; a dublet 
and payer of hose. Hi. 3s. 4d.; a Cloake, Hi.; lethers for 
stoules, 9s.; Course twolels, 3s.; [6 Course Napkins, copy], 
4s. ; 5 pewter platters [10s. copy] ; a pewter flaggon [5s. 
copy.] ; 3 old pewter pottes, 3 potte gengers [pottingers. 
copy], 3s.; a bassen and spone, 3s.; 3 skingmers, and bastinge 
laddie, 3s.; one brasse skillet, 3s.; a brase candlestick, 3s.; 
two tynn Candle sticks. Is. 6d.; one pestle and Morter, 3s.; 
one warminge pann, 7s. 6d. ; one old dublet, a payer of 
stockinge, 6s. ; a Chamber pott, 3s. ; a payer of billowes. Is. ; 
two payer of Andines, 5s.; a trunke, 10s.; a Chest, 10s.; a 
litle trunk, 4s.; a pillen, 5s.; 3 scakes 10s.; a tumbrill, 13s.; 
Blundiviles book, 3s. ; more Goods praysed by John Prockter 

and George Gi [Gittans. copy], the 36 : 7 : 1653 : swayne, 

6li.; one bridle, Sadie, stirips and girtes, 10s.; one Eudge, 
Hi. 10s. ; two trayes, Is. 4d. ; one stocke of bees, 13s. ; halfe a 
sworme, 8s.; a payer potthook [3 Chaines. copy], 8s. 8d.; 
[Lamp, 2 stools, one basket, copy.], 2 brushes, one bas[ket]. 
Cheese vate, 3s. 6d.; one lether Jack, 3s.; one botle, a salt 
siller, an houre glase, 5fi. 3d.; one spitt, one axe, 5s. lOd.; 
one brasse kittle. Hi. 13s. 4d.; one brasse kittle, 15s.; one 
book, Mr. John Collens works, 4s. ; one sucken bottle, 6d. ; 
one bedsteed and cord, 15s.; one Eoudge, one bed boulster, 3 
blankits, 3li. 10s. ; one Iron pott and Iron hangers, 8s. ; one 
payer of poot trameles, 3s.; one spad and 7 trayes, 8s. 6d.; 
one Cheese press, 3 spones and drippen pann, 7s.; one 
Chame, 3 seves, 4s. 6d. ; one beer barrell, one powdering tub, 
4s.; one hogshead and virkinge, 3s. 6d.; two barrell, one 
forke, 3s. lOd.; two betle Eings, a strangen dish, payle, 3s. 
lOd.; 3 wegges, 4 dishes, 3s. 3d.; Chaynes, one plow sheer, 
Hi. 6s. 6d. ; one table, 68. 8d. ; 5 cowes, 35li. ; one bull yeare 
and Vantag, 3li. 10s.; two hayfers, lOli.; one bull 3 yeare 
and Vantage, 31i. ; one bull, 61i.; one bull stagg, 71i. ; one 
bolster, one dublet. Hi. 4d.; 4 henns, 4s.; one cart and 


wheels and all the Irons belongen, 21i. 10s.; one Chayne, 3 

youckes wth Irons, 15b.; [One Cart Eope. copy], 5s.; 

, [One pair of Sheetes. copy'], 8s.; [One pott hanger, 1 

Brass skillet. Hi. 4s. 8d. copy], 4s. 8d.; [A Cannow, 8s. 
copy] ; in Lace, 51i. ; 17 yeards of lickren. Hi. 2s. ; 2 payer of 
showes, 8s.; his apperell, 51i.; 2 payer old bootts, 128.; hay 
seed, 10s. ; a Curriers knyfe, 4s. ; 2li. of threed, 6s. ; one book. 
Is. 6d. ; one Chest, 6s. ; one skiUit, one chamb poot, one poren- 
ger, two spones, 5s. 6d. ; two payer of crose gamer & a payer 
of esses for doores, 6s. 6d. ; a piUen cloth, 6s.; musket and 
bandelers, 15s.; a saddle, 6s.; 3 hundred of bord, 15s.; a 
gridian. Is. ; two howses, 14li. ; the lease of his farme, lOOli. ; 
total, 24711. 5s. 8d. 

Eeceived in Ipswich court Sept. 27, 1653. Essex Co. Pro- 
late Files, Doclcet 5,829. 

On copy of inventory the following: What is owing him: 
Goodwife winbrough of Boston, Hi.; Mr. Genit, 41i. Is.; 
Mark hamms, 361i. ; Mr. Webb, Hi.; Hennry Muddle, 381i. ; 
In desperate debts on his book, 281i. 3s. 4d. ; total, 941i. 48. 4d. 
There is 191i. to be paid out of this Estate to Mr. John Cogs- 
well, Sr. for a child committed to him. Mass. Archives, vol. 
39, leaf 495. 

Mr. John Coggswell and WUlm. CoggsweU of Ipswich 
brought in 27 : 7 : 1664, an account of disbursements for the 
bringing up of the children of John CoggsweU, jr., deceased, 
unto whom they were executors, and also by the discharge of 
several debts due from the said John Coggswell to the full 
value of the estate they received, except the land, which they 
return to the use of the children, and are discharged of their 
executorship, they yet to take care of the children until they 
choose guardians. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, 
page 137. 

Estate op William Hooke of Salisbubt. 

Administration on the estate of Mr. WUli. Hooke granted 
4: 8: 1653, to his widow, Mrs. Elinor Hooke. Ordered to 
bring in an inventory to next Salisbury court. Hampton 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 42. 

Inventory taken by Tho. Bradbury E — (his 4> mark)' 
Goodale, sr. : 6 Cowes, 301i. ; 2 fower yere old steers, 121i. ; 3 
heiffers & one bull, 141i. ; 1 yearlin, lli. lOs. ; 3 sowes, 3li.; 


certaine Lumber wch was sould for 5li., 5li. ; 3 oxen, 30li. ; one 
f anne, 25011. ; 3 spotts of meddow, 511. ; total, 34011. 

Sworn to in Salisbury court 11 : 3 : 1654, by Mrs. Hooke, 
administratrix. The disposing of the estate is referred to 
the next Hampton court, until when the estate is not to be 
altered. Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 18,806. 

In answer to the petition of Mrs. Elinor Hooke for the 
disposing of the estate of her late husband, Mr. Wm. Hooke, 
the court May 33, 1655, gave her power to improve the estate 
and to have the profits thereof for herself and youngest son, 
but not to make sale until the court take further order therein. 
She also was granted liberty to sell certain lands at the east- 
ward, belonging to her first husband, Capt. Norton. Mass. 
Bay Colony Records, vol. 3, page 385. 

Estate of Michael Spenobe of Lynn. 

Administration on the estate of Mihill Spencer granted 39 : 
9 : 1653 to Garrod Spencer of Linn. 

Garrard Spencer brought in an inventory of the estate of 
his brother, Michaell Spencer, 6:1: 1653-4. Amount, 2311. 
4s. lOd. Garrard Spencer and Capt. Willm. Ttask of Salem 
were ordered to dispose of the estate for the bringing up of 
Michael's children. 

Thomas Kobins of Salem had some of the estate of Mi- 
chaell Spencer, deceased, a bill of 53s. 6d., 3 cowes with rent 
of same for one year & a rugg of 18s. Court 30 : 9 : 1654, 
ordered, with consent of Garrud Spencer, administrator, that 
Eobins was to have it as he had a child of the deceased to 
bring up. The child's name was Michaell Spencer, and he 
was six years old. 

Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 3, leaves 66, 69, 81. 

Estate of John Eobinson of Salem. 

Will of John Eobinson of Salem proved 29: 9: 1653 by 
Eich. Prince. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 3, leaf 67. 

Inventory taken 38 : 9 : 1653, by Ellas Stileman and Eich- 
ard Prince: 1 house & acre of Land, 13li.; 5 acres planting 
Land, 311. ; 1 3-4 acres of meadowing, 411. ; a peece of meadow 
at bog pond, Hi.; 5 Cowes, 3011.; 1 heifer, 311.; 3 Calves, 
311. 10s. ; 1 bed & boulster. Hi. 10s. ; Couerletts, blanketts & 
sheets. 111. ; 3 Sutes of Clothes, 3li. ; 3 pr. Stockings, Is. 6d. ; 
bands & Capps, 2s. ; 3 pr. shoes, 6s. ; 1 warming pan & brass 


kettle, Hi, 14s.; puter, 6s.; 1 Iron pott & Skillett, 4s.; 2 
sheets & a Truak, Hi.; 1 hhd., 3s.; money, 12s.; Beverall 
Lumber goods to the Valine of Hi. ; 40 acres of Land by Geo. 
Shafling, 31i.; total, 641i. 8s. 6d. Essex Go. Quarterly Court 
Files, vol. 2, leaf 102. 

Estate as Thomas Millaed of I^ewbuet. 

"M' Thomas Millard of Newbury being sick and weake of 
Body but of sound memory and good vnderstanding did 
nuncupatively thus declare his last wUl and testament to be 
as foUoweth in the p'sence of wUlm Cotton & Ann his wyfe 
and John Butler namely That he bestowed his estate vpon 
his wyfe Ann and his two children Eebecca and Elizabeth 
to be devided amongst them his wyfe to haue one third part 
thereof and his two children thother two third pts one third 
part a peece and to haue it payd them on the day of their 
marriag and his wyfe not hinder them when they are eighteene 
yeares of age. And his wyfe Anne to haue the ymprouement 
of it in the meane tyme. And thus hee exprest hitnself the 
Thirtyeth day of August Anno dm one thousand six hundred 
ffifty and three." 

Proved 29 : 9 : 1653, by William Cotton and John Butler 
before Mr. Jon. Glover. 

Inventory of estate of Mr. Thomas Millward, who deceased 
this life Sept. 2, 1653, taken by Percivall Lowle, Eichard 
Lowle and Anthony Somerby: The house, bam and about 20 
akers of upland, about five akers of it being broken up, 451i. 
twelve akers of salt marsh, lOli. ; five akers of salt marsh, 21i. 
three akers of meadow, 31i. ; five cowes, 2in. ; three oxen, 221i. 
three calves, 3li. lOs. ; half e of two yearlings, 2li. 10s. ; half e 
a mare, 6li. 10s. ; halfe a horse, 7li. 10s. ; the halfe of seaven 
ewes and a ram, 31i. 10s. ; sixe swine, 5li. ; 8 pewter dishes, 2 
basons, 3 poringers, 1 saltseUer, 3 butter dishes, one dozen of 
spoones, 1 pint pot, 3 tining pudding pans, 2li.; 3 silver 
spoones, 1 Silver cup, 1 Silver salt seller, 3li. 5s. ; his weare- 
ing apparreU, 12li. 10s.; one brasse kettle & 2 small brasse 
kettles, IH. 12s.; 2 brasse skiUetts, a brasse skiomier and 
ladle, a brasen chafin dish & pewter candlesticke. Hi. ; a lattin 
lanthome & lamp & a pare of And Irons, 15s.; nine sheets, 
91i. ; 4 table cloths, a dozen and halfe of napkins. Hi. ; 8 pil- 
low beares, 3 toweUs, 21i. ; 2 featherbeds, 2 ruggs, 1 coverlett 
and 3 blankets, llli. ; a wainscot cubbard and a table, chaires 
and stooles and some other lumber. Hi.; one truncke and 


three chests, Sid. 6d. ; one bedsted, 13s. ; one warmeing pan, 1 
small brasen morter and 3 small f riing pans, 13s. 4d. ; 3 Iron 
potts and pothookes, 3 prs. of potthangers and a paire of 
tongs. Hi.; one Iron kettle & spitt, 16s.; one small caske of 
nailes, lli. ; two small drinke tubs, one chume and two keUers 
& some other lumber, 8s. 6d.; a cart & 3 plowes and a sled, 
3li. ; 3 axes or hatchetts, 4 wedgs & hamer and other small 
Implements, 13s. ; a fowleing peice & sword, lli. 10s. ; 3 prs. 
of bandeleers, 4s.; a gold scale, Hi.; total, 18511. 13s. lOd. 
Debts due to deceased in England, 85li. ; due in this country, 
91i. 9s. 6d.; a desperate debt in Virginea, 631i.; total, 15711. 
9s. 6d. WTiole amount, 3431i. 3s. 4d. Ann Millerd made 
oath to the truth of this statement, 34: 9: 1653, before Wm. 
Gerrish, commissioner. 

Essex Go. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 103. 

Estate of William Bacon op Salem. 

"The Last will and Testament of m'' William Bacon of 
Salem, diseased Whereby he gaue to his sonn Isaack his 
dwelling house and ground and Meddow except some certaine 

parcells of which afterward he shall otherwise see cause ; 

he is to haue it att the age of one and Twentie years. If he dye 
before one and twentie his wyfe is to haue it. And if his 
wife keeps hir selfe a widdow his sonn is to liue with hir And 
shee is to take care of the whole Estate. Item he giues to An 
Potter one Cowe. Item to his two seruants fEortie shillings 
apeece Item all his household goods, and all his Chattell and 
aU other moueabls whatsoever to his wyfe m's Eebeca Bacon 
And two hundred Acres of Land which is not yet Laid out 
to his wyfe m^'s Eebeca Bacon and Three acers of Land in 
the tenem* 

"As ffor ouerseers Joseph Boyse and Lawrenc Southweeke." 

[No signature] 
her mark 

Witness: George Emery, Elizabeth E. Boy[se]. 

Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 105. 

Eebecka Bacon brought ia an imperfect will of her de- 
ceased husband. Will. Bacon, 39 : 9 : 1653. The estate to be 
divided equally between her and her son Isaac, who is to have 
the dwellmg house, land and meadow, at the age of twenty- 
one. If the widow marry again, she is to give security, and 
bring up her son in a manner suitable to the heir of such an 
estate. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 3, leaf 67. 


Inventory taken 26 : 7 : 1653, by Thorns. Gardner, sr. and 
Josif (his I mark) Boys, and sworn before Elias Stileman, 
clerk: House and Land, 501i.; one mare, lOli.; 2 Oxen, 1411. 
5 Cowes, 2311. ; 2 Steeres, 911. ; one heifer, 211. ; 3 Calves, 311. 
9 Sheepe, 15111. ; 7 Swine, 511. ; 4 akers of Indian Come, 411. 
Ten bushels of wheate, 211.. 10s. ; 12 bushels of Eie, 2li. 8s. 

5 bushels of Pease, Hi. ; 3 Feather Beads, 611. ; 2 Bugs, 211. ; 3 
blanckets. Hi.; Curtaines & Valens for two beads, 211.; one 
Flock bead & Covering, lli. 10s.; 8 payre of Sheetes, 811.; 
pUlibes, 16s. ; Table Lining, 2li. ; Carpets & qushens, lli. 10s. ; 
His wearing aparell, 5li.; Trunks & Chests, Hi.; Beadsteads, 
Hi.; Chayres & Stooles, 10s.; Brasse & liren Vessels, 411.; 
Pewter Vessels, 211. ; Plate, 511. ; Books, 211. ; Tooles belonging 
to his Trade, 211. ; 2 Tables, 16s. ; Backs & Tongs, 6s. ; Maps 

6 Pictures, lU. ; one Musket & other Armer, 211. ; one Cart & 
Plow & plowgeere, 2li. ; Axes, wedges & other Tooles, lli. 10s. ; 
total, 18411. 16s. Debts & Legasles, 3811. Essex Co. Quar- 
terly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 105. 

Estate of Geoegb Park of (Maeblehead?). 

Administration on the estate of George Parke, "feared to 
be naiscaried in a Late Storme" granted Jan. 25, 1653-4 to 
Mr. Edmond Batter, in behalf of creditors. Signed by Edw. 
Eawson, secretary. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 3, 
leaf 69. 

Estate of Geoege Chin of Maeblehead. 

Administration on the estate of George Chin granted 6: 
1 : 1653-4, to his widow, Elizabeth Chin of Marblehead. In- 
ventory, 34Li. 4s. Debts, 3311. 7d. Salem Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 3, leaf 69. 

Court 28 : 4 : 1664, ordered that the estate of houses, lands, 
etc., of George Chin, deceased, in the hands of John Codner, 
eaid Chin's successor, be given to said Codner, in considera- 
tion of bringing up the children of the deceased, and paying 
his debts. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 133. 

Estate of John Elie of (Maeblehead?). 

John Codner was bound 6:1: 1653-4, to account for what 
had been received and paid for the use of Jon. Elie, being ad- 
ministrator of his estate. Salem Quarterly Court Records, 
vol. 3, leaf 69. 


John Codner had previously brought in an inventory of the 
estate of John Elie. Amount, 251i. 6s. He stated to the 
court 27: 4: 1654, that other outstanding bills had been 
found, so that the amount of the estate was but 20li. 98., and 
debts, 191i. 16s. 11 l-3d, Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 
3, leaf 73. 

Estate of John Knowlton of Ipsvfioh. 

"This 29*'> : of the g^m*" : 1653 : I the said John Knowl- 
ton being att this p'sent time in perfect memory I make my 
wife my Executrix & I doe giue vnto margery my wife my 
house & land & Cattell with other estate for her use & the 
bringing of my Children up so long as she lines & after her 
death ^e remainder to be deuided half of it to my eldest 
Sonne John & the other halfe of it to be deuided betweene my 
Sonne Abraham & my daughter Elisabeth, & if it please God 
any of my Children do Chang ther Condition it is my desire 
with the aduice of m' Symonds & our pastor and the ouer- 
seers and my wife Consenting therto that they should impt 
something unto them according as god shall guide yon and I 
giue to Margery my wife all my household goods to be at her 
owne disposing onely my shop tooles I giue to my eldest sonne 
John and some of my wearing clothes to my brother wUliam 
I make m' Tredwell by brother Wilson & my [brother?] 
Thomas Knoulton my ouerseers. Theophilus Wilson & 
Thomas Kjioulton sworne testified that John Knoulton was 
redy to haue subscribed this to be his last wiU if his wife did 
accept to be executrix within two dayes which she did & so 
this is proued to be his will in the Court held at Ipswich the 
SS*"* of march 1654." Copy of will, Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, 
leaf 137. 

Proved Mar. 28, 1654. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, 
vol. 1, page 44. 

Estate of Mrs. Margery Knowlton of Ipswich. 

"ffebmary the 20"' : 1653. This is to Certify that I Mar- 
gery Knoulton widdow do make my brother Thomas Knoul- 
ton Executor to me & Assigne in my stead to fulfill my hus- 
bands will in my Eoome & also for my selfe to giue to my 
Children according to our wills, for my household goods which 
are at my disposeing I doe giue equally to be deuided to my 3 
Children John Elisabeth & Abraham, onely I giue my great 
Byble to John, & all my weareing parreU to Elisabeth & a 


Iron pott with a bed tike that is hers & 20' that is John and 2 
Candlesticks that are Abraham's. And I make m'' Tredwell 
& my brother Wilson my ouerseers. Also Abraham is to haue 
the yearne & Cloth to make him two shifts & to haue a new 
hatt. these 3 interlines were made before she set her hand." 

her mark 
Margery EJioiilton 

[In the margin of the record, midway, is written: "These 
are beside the Diuision."] 

Proved 28 : 1 : 1654, by Theophilus Wilson, Elisabeth Wil- 
son and Mary Tredwell. Copy of will, Ipswich Deeds, vol. 
1, leaf 138. 

Copy of inventory of estate of John Knoulton and Margery, 
his wife, of Ipswich, both deceased, taken Mar. 3, 1653, by 
Eobert Payne and Eobert Lord: in the Hall: a little table, 
4s. ; 3 Chaires & 3 old Cnshins, 6s. 6d. ; one great Byble, 10s. ; 
a broad booke of Mr. Bifields workes, 4s.; 9 other bookes & 
bibles, 15s.; a Muskett, bandalers, sword, rest. Knapsack 
with rest moulds & scourer. Hi, 2s.; A Chest with a drawer. 
Hi. ; 6 paire of sheets at 12s. a paire, 31i. 12s. ; 3 finer sheets. 
Hi. 6s.; 3 Course sheets, 14s.; one fine table Cloth, 9s.; 3 
other table Cloths, 10s. 6d. ; one halfe sheete, 5s. 4d. ; 2 paire 
fine pillow beeres, IBs. ; 1 ' paire of pillow beeres, 5s. ; 3 
Course old pillow beeres, 28. 6d. ; 10 napkins at 8d., 6s. 8d. ; 
3 old table clothes & 2 towels, 5s. 6d. ; 5 remnants of Canvas 
& loekrum, 14s.; one shirt, 4s.; Child bed lenen, 36s. 8d., 2 
rufEes, 5s., Hi. lis. 8d. ; white thred & a remnant of new 
cloth, 5s. 4d. ; 4 yards & a halfe of pagon at 4s. 6d., Hi. 3d. ; 
almost 4 yards of french serge. Hi. 4s.; one yard of broad 
Cloth, 12s.; a mantle, 10s.; 4 yards 1-4 of loekrum at 16d., 
5s. 8d. ; one remnant of red bayes & one of greene, 7s. 4d. ; 
her weareing Clothes, 9li. ; her wearing Lennen, Hi. 16s. In 
the little Parlour: his weareing apparell, 4li.; 2 ould Chests, 
10s.; 2 little boxes & a deske with some small things, 5s.; 
1yd. blew lennen, 2s. 6d. ; a feather bed, a boulster & a straw 
bed, 31i.; Curtaines & valients. Hi.; one paire of blankets. 
Hi. 5s. ; one rugge. Hi. 6s. 8d. ; bedsted & Cord, 8s. ; an old 
trundle bed cord & old strawbed, 5s. ; a little flockbed & boul- 
ster, 10s.; 5 piUows & 3 blankets, lli. 10s.; 4 Curtaine rods, 
4s. In the shop Etching & buttery : the shop tooles, lli. 10s. ; 
leather, 31i. 10s. ; in wooden & earthen vessells, IT'S. 6d. ; a pot 
of suet, 3s., butter & tub, 9s. ; in porke. Hi. 10s. ; 2 quarts of 
oyle & a bottle, 2s.; 43li. of pewter at 16d., 21i. 17s. 4d.; a 
morter & pestel & timie ware, 8s. lOd.; 3 postnets, 6s.; one 


kettle, 12s., 2 old pots, 12s. 3d., Hi. 4s. 3d. ; a scimer & fry- 
ing pan, 58.; one kettle, 14s. & a little kettle, 3s., 17s.; 2 
tramels, 1 grediron, 2 p potthookes, one paire of tongs, cob- 
irons, spitt, sUce & tosting iron, Hi. ; an ould wanneing pan, 
3s. 6d. ; a p of bellows & 2 lamps, 2s. 6d. ; 2 vineger bottels & 
2 payles, 3s. 4d. ; 2 ould wheeles & a paire of scales, 4s. 6d. ; 
in -waites, 1 kneading trough, a little table, 2 formes, 2 old 
Cliaires & 3 old Cushens, 8s. lOd.; one iiasket & 2 other 
baskets, 3s. 6d. ; 4 wedges & 2 pitchf orkes, 10s. ; one shovell, 
one spade, one mattock, one howe & one axe, 9s. In the 
Chambers: 121i. of Gotten wooll, 12s.; 2 pillow tikes & a 
boulster tike, 15s. ; 3 yards of lensywooUsey, 4s. 6d. ; 4 bush- 
ells of Indian Corne, 12s.; a flockbed, boulBter & straw bed. 
Hi. 10s.; one rugge & blankett, 2li. 5s.; one bedstead & a 
Coard, 8s.; one tmndlebed, flockbed & boulster. Hi. 15s.; an 
old blanket & ould Coverlet, 5s. ; 2 bushell & halfe of barly, 
12s. 6d. ; a bill, ads, 2 wry bitts & other lumber, 4s. ; a bushell 
of Indian beanes, 5s. ; 4 yards of lennen & Cotton Cloth, 8s. ; 
131i. of wooll at 14d., 15s. 2d.; 4li. 1-4 of flax & 5li. of towe, 
78. lOd.; 2li. 1-4 of yarne at 2s. 4d., 5s. 3d.; lennen yame. 
Is. 2d.; in rye meale, malt, wheate & hops, 14s.; a Cellar 
Case, firken, forme & halfe tub, 5s. ; 2 sacks & a leather bage, 
4s.; a sithe, 2 sickles, hand saw & a half bushell, 10s.; the 
howse, barne & ground about it, 301i.; 3 acres in the north 
f eUd, 51i. ; 6 Acres at the pequit feild, 6li. ; 3 Acres of meadow 
at west meadows, Hi. 10s.; 5 acres of marsh. Hi. 5s.; 3 
Cowes & one heifer 2 yeare ould, 16li.; one hogg, 14s.; in 
Debts, 201i. 9s. ; A ladder Is. 4d. ; A hyde of leather, 18s. 6d. ; 
more in leather & rosen. Hi. 16s. 6d. ; a lookeing glasse, mat- 
tock & a wheelebarrow, 5s.; total, 15811. 15s. 3d. Debts owing 
from the estate, 301i. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 138. 

Estate op Jane Kenning op Ipswich. 

"The 14**' of 12* m*" 1653 This is to Certify that I 
Jane Kenning being in pf ect memory do make my two sisters 
Elisabeth Wilson and Margery Knowlton to be my Execu- 
trixes & they to chuse whom they see fitt to Asist them in the 
disposing of that which I haue giuen which is as foUoweth, 
To John Knowlton I giue Twenty pounde & to the rest of my 
sisters Children ten pound a peece Elisabeth Knowlton Elisa- 
beth Wilson Seaborne Wilson, & Abraham Knowlton, And to 
my brother Wilsons sone Thomas three pounds, & the rest for 
my mothers vse during her life & for that that remaines 


equally to be deuided in Case there be not enougb of that 
which is left then there is to be a deduction pportionable out 
of the former gift." [No signature]. 

Witness: Mary Tredwell, Thomas Knowlton. 

Proved Mar. 28, 1654 by Thomas Knowlton and Mary, 
wife of Thomas Tredwell. Copy of will, Ipswich Deeds, vol. 
1, leaf 140. 

Copy of inventory taken Mar. 3, 1653, by Eobert Payne 
and Eobert Lord: one Joyned bedsted. Hi. 6s.; A fetherbed 
& boulster, eurtaines & valents, one piUow & a straw bed, 7li. ; 
one payre of blanketts. Hi. 10s. ; a blue Kugge, Hi. 10s. ; an 
oidd Kugge, 16s.; a flockbed & boulster, Hi.; A trundle bed, 
5s.; 3 payre of sheets, 31i.; 2 payre of sheets. Hi. IDs.; 2 
payre sheets. Hi.; one table cloth & one duz: of napkins & 
one, 18s. 6d.; one pillow beare & 1 paire of old pUlowbeers, 
6s. 4d.; 3 Towels & a short table cloth, 3s.; A Table, lOs. & 
a little table, 3s. 6d. ; 13s. 6d. ; hir weareing lennen, 2li. Is. ; 
hir red peticoate, 22s., a serge petieoate & wastcoate, 2li. 28. ; 
hir paragon, peticoate, 16s.; a yard & halfe of serge, 9s.; A 
Cloath wastcoate, 10s.; hir searge Gowne, 21i.; hir Cloth 
Gowne, 2li. 5s.; hir red peticoate with 2 laces. Hi.; 3 old 
peticoats. Hi. 2s.; a lensy wooUsy Apron, 2s. 6d.; an ould 
stuffe peticoate & wastcoate of cloth, 10s.; 7 yards of Carsy 
at 6s. 8d., 2li. 6s. 8d. ; 4 yards of blue bayes. Hi. ; 2 yards & 
1-2 of broad Cloth at 15s. p. yd.. Hi. 17s. 6d.; 4 yards of 
Curtaine stuff. Hi. ; a kersy Covering, Hi. 2s. ; 2 pillows & a 
flock boulster, 19s. ; 40H. of pewter at 16d., 2li. 138. 4d. ; one 
postnet, brasse ladle & a spoone, 4s. 6d. ; a brasse pott, 12s. 
4d.; pins, 3s. 6d., a morter & 2 pestells, 6s. 8d., 10s. 3d.; a 
paire of Andirons, 6s. 8d.; a great Iron pott & pot hookes, 
16s.; an old kettle, 8s. 6d.; a little kettle & 2 pudding pans, 
48. 4d. ; a tramell, spitt & firepan, 5s. 9d. ; a keeler & 3 trayes, 
6s. 8d. ; a trundle bed, 4s. 6d. ; 6 busheUs of wheate. Hi. 10s.; 
2 bushell & one peck of Indian, 6s. 9d. ; 3 baggs & 3 tubbs & 
other lumber, 7s. 6d.; 3 Chaires & 3 old Cushins, 4s.; 6 
Cushins, 15s.; A Chest & fforme, lis.; a tub of Porke, 18s.; 
a paire of bellows & other lumber, 6s. 6d. ; one Cowe, 4li. 128. ; 
the howse & ground aboute it, 35li. ; one Sowe, Hi. Is. ; 600 
of nayles at 12d., 600 of nailes at lOd., lis. ; 400 of nailes at 
7d. & a narrow axe, 2s. 2d., 4s. 6d. ; one smoothing Iron, is. 
6d.; in debts, 711i. 4s. 7d.; total 16611. 7s. Id. a flock bolster 
twise prised. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 141. 

the pbobatb becobds op essex countt. 167 

Estate of Mark Quiltee op Ipswich. 

"february the t*^: 1653: I Marke Quilter of Ipswich in 
Essex in new England doe make my last will and Testament 
in manner and forme as foUoweth. first I doe giue and be- 
queath nnto my wife : during her life my house and the land 
adioyning thereto And I doe giue to my wife a six acre lott 
during her life which was giuen mee by the towne Joyning 
to a lott of goodman wamers. which house and lands I doe 
giue to my son Joseph when my wife shall die, And I doe 
giue vnto my wife all my meadow ground during her life and 
after her death to be equally diuided betweene my sonne Marke 
& my son Joseph, and if it shaU please god to take away my 
son Joseph before my wife then I doe giue his portion to be 
deuided among the rest of my children my son Marke to haue 
a double share thereof, I doe alsoe giue my moueable goods 
vnto my wife to bee at her owne disposing : and I doe giue to 
my sonne Marke a Six acre lott which I bought of goodnian 
Johnson and ten pounds more when my wife shall die. and 
if my wife shall die before my son Joseph is of age the vse of 
my house & the land shall goe to the rest of my Children till 
Joseph be of age. And I doe giue to my daughter mary & to 
my Daughter Eebecca & to my daughter Sarah five poimds 
a peice to be paid when my wife shall thinke meete howeuer 
to be paid at the death of my wife moreouer I doe giue to my 
daughter Sarah at present a yeerelinge Cow Calfe which wee 
call grissles Calfe & the rest of my Cattle to my wife to be at 
her owne disposing. And I doe make my wife Executor of 
this my last wiU and Testament." [No signature.] 

Witness: Edward (his mark) Lumis, Danyell wamer. 
Will: Adams, Jun'. 

Proved Mar. 38, 1654 by the witnesses. 

Copy of inventory taken 33 : IS : 1653, by Robert Lord and 
Daniell Wamer; one fiockbed, 13s. 4d. ; an ould Coverlet 
& a paire of ould blanketts. Hi. 13s.; one fiock Boulster & 3 
pillows, 10s.; A little ould fiockbed & boulster & strawbed 
with 2 other straw things, 13s.; one ould Trundle bed, 3s.; 
3 paire of sheetes & 3 pillow cases. Hi.; 3 Curtaynes, lli.; 
his weareing Cloths, 2li. ; 3 ould Chaires & 3 ould Cushings, 
4s. ; 1 yard & halfe of Cloth, 15s. ; A warmeing pan, 10s. ; one 
kettell, one Iron pott, a postnet, trameU & pothookes, lli. 
13s. 4d.; 3 ould lennen wheeles & a Cotton wheele, 5s.; S 
ould axes, 3 wedges, a paire of beetle rings, a biU & som 
other things, 10s.; 3 sithes, 10s.; 10 bushells of Indian 


Come & 3 bushells of wheate, 21i, 5s.; 2 ould hogsheads & 
other lumbar, ISs. ; 4 bushells of barley & an ould ffunn, Hi. 
6s.; an ould table & forme, 5s.; a muskett, bandaleers & 
sword, Hi. ; in pewter, 10s. ; A hand saw & other small things, 
6s. 8d. ; ia Cotton & Cotton yarne, 13s.; lennen yame & 
hempe. Hi. ; A Cart & plough wth what belong to them, 21i. 
10s.; 4 steeres & Oxen, 34li.; 5 Cowes, 1 3 yeareling, 3 2 
yearelings, 2 yearelings & 2 Calves, 40U.; 3 ehoates. Hi.; the 
house & ground about it, 251i. ; 13 Acres of Land & about 13 
Acres of meadow fresh & salt, 33li.; in barly at the kill, 13 
bushells, 31i. 5s. ; total, 13711. 9s. 4d. Debts owing to severaE 
men to the vallew of 14li. lis. Debts being deducted the 
estate is 12311. 18s. 4d. 

Copy of will and inventory, Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 163. 

Estate of Thomas Scott of Ipswich.* 

"This 8*" of march 1653-54 I Thomas Scott of Ipswich in 
Essex in Newengland doe appoint this my last will and Tes- 
tament as foUoweth. Inpr I doe giue to my Daughter Eliz- 
abeth Twenty & five pounds to her & her heires to be paid the 
one halfe with in halfe a yeare after by deceaee the other 
halfe with in a yeare after my decease to her & her heires. 
Item I doe giue to my daughter Abigaille Twenty & flue 
pounds to be paid to her & her heires. the one halfe to be 
paid with in one yeare after my decease the other halfe to be 
paid with iu a yeare & halfe after my decease. Item I doe 
giue to my daughter Hannah Twenty & flue pounds to her & 
her heires to be paid when she is Twenty & one yeares of 
age, & if shee doe marry before shee be of the age of Twenty 
& one yeares, The one halfe of it shall be paid at the day of 
marriage. & the other halfe at the age of twenty and one 
yeares. Item I doe giue to my daughter Sarah Twenty & 
fine pounds, to be paid to her & her heires when she is Twenty 
& one yeares of age. & if shee doe marry before shee bee of the 
age of Twenty & one yeares, one halfe shall be paid at the day 
of her marryage and the other halfe at her age of Twenty and 
one yeares. Item I doe giue to my daughter Mary Twenty 
and fine pounds. To be paid to her & her heires, when shee ia 
of the age of Twenty & one yeares. & if shee doe marry be- 
fore shee bee Twenty and one yeares of Age. the one halfe 
shall be payd at the day of her marryage & the other halfe at 

* See also Eecords and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Es- 
sex Co., vol. 3 (1913), page 96. 


her Age of Twenty & one yeares. And I intend that my 
daughter mary shall bee maintained out of my estate soe as 
the executors shall see meete with her labour. Item I doe 
giue to my son Thomas Scot all my Estate ungiuen : and doe 
appoint my Brother Eichard KembeU and Thomas Eowlin- 
son sen' and Edmund Bridges executors of this my last will & 
testament and doe appoint them to be paid whatsoeuer charges 
they shall be at out of my estate and hereunto I doe set my 

Tho. Scott 

Witness: Daniel Warner, Will Adams, Jun''. 

Proved 38 : 1 : 1654. Copy of will, Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, 
leaf 163. 

Inventory taken Mar. Vt, 1653-4, by John Whipple and 
TheophUus Wilson: in the parlor, one bedsted wth a feather 
bed, two feather bolsters, two pillowes with a flock bed, two 
blankets, a rug, five curtaines and valants, 8li. 15s. 4d.; two 
chests, one broad box, one Chaire with one old chest with two 
locks and a warming pan, 15s. lOd. ; a Coverled, 12s. ; 4 
yards quarter and halfe of Canvis at 33d. p yard, 8s. ; 2 peeces 
of Gotten Cloth containing 4 yards and a halfe at 3s. p yard, 
13s. 6d.; 4 yards of Gotten Cloth at 2s. 6d. p yard, 10s.; 3 
yards of white Cloth, 5s. ; 3 yards halfe a quarter of Garsy at 
3s. 6d. p yard, 16. ; 3 yards quarter and halfe of red Cotton 
at 2s. 6d. p yard, 5s. lOd. ; a yard and halfe of Carsy, 6s. ; a 
yard and halfe and halfe quarter of serge, 6s. 6d.; a table 
Cloth, 7s.; 3 small table clothes, 3s. 4d.; a peice of locram, 

3 yards, 4s. 6d. ; 3 paire of eheetes, 18s. ; 5 napkins, 3s. 4d. ; 

4 pillow beers, 6s. ; 3 shirts, 10s. ; 3 towells. Is. ; a locke with 
3 paire of Joynts, 2s.; 36li. of pewter in the hall at one shil- 
ling p li., lU. 16s.; one kettle weighing 17li., 78. 8d. ; a 
kettle, 2 posnits & a Scumer weighing llli. 3q, 10s.; a kettle 
weighing 161i., 10s. ; a brasse morter weighing 4li. Iq., 2s. ; a 
chamber pot. Is. 6d. ; an Iron skillet, 4s. ; an Iron kettle, 5s. ; 
3 Iron potts weighing 531i. and a halfe, 15s.; a trevet 181i., 
6s.; a smoothing Iron, Is.; 311i. of Iron things, 8s. 9d.; a 
frying pan, 3s. 6d. ; a paire of bellowes, a brush with other 
implements, 6s. 8d. ; 6 oeamy spoones, 2s. 4d. ; old Iron, 9s. ; 
2 plowshares, 2s. 6d. ; wedges, 2s. ; 3 pailes, an old kettle and 
a spade, 5s. ; 3 bookes, 13s. 2d. ; a hamer, a paire of pincers 
and an ax, 4s. ; Two muskets, a sword and a paire of bande- 
leers with a long fowling peece. Hi. 10s.; 500 & a halfe of 
nailes, 4s.; 3 bells, a hacksaw, a framing saw, a handsaw & 


a paire of sheeres, 14s.; 9 old tubs, 10s.; porke, lli. lis.; a 
halfe headed bedsted, a pillow with a paire of blankets and 
a small bed, lli. 3s. ; 13 Caskes, 6s. ; a fan, 3 sickles, 2 sithes 
with other implements, 7s. ; ia wearing Clothes, 8li. 3s. lOd. ; 
in money, 3li. 15s. 6d. ; 14 yards and a halfe of Gotten Cloth, 
21i. 3s. 6d. ; girt webb, Is. 4d.; foure skins with a peece of 
match, 9s. ; lead, 71i., Is. 2d. ; a flitch of bacon weighing 261i. 
and a halfe, 10s. lOd. ; a gowne, 15s. ; caps and bands with a 
paire of stockings, 8s.; wheate, 36 bushels and a pecke, 91L 
Is. 3d.; 55 bushels, 3 peckes of malt, 131i. 18s. 9d.; a brasse 
frying pan, 3s. 6d. ; Indian Come, 34 bushels, 5li. 3s. ; Cattle 
in the hands of John West with tackling for plow and Cart, 
621i. ; in the hands of John davis, 51i. ; Cattle in the hand of 
Eobert Roberts, 151i.; Cattle at home and swine, 331i. 5s.; a 
beast in the hand of John Spofford, 6li. ; in debts, 4li. 18s. ; a 
house, a bame and land, 12911. ; a grinstone, 5s. ; total, 31811. 
19s. lid. 

Allowed in Ipswich court 38 : 1 : 1654. Essex Co. Probate 
Files, Docket 24,971. 

Bichard (his P mark) Kimball and Edman Bridges, on 
May 10, 1661, acknowledged the receipt from Mr. Ezekell 
Eogers of 251i. the legacy given to Sarah Scott by her father. 
Wit: Tho. Lovell and WUliam Goodhue. Essex Co. Qita/r- 
terly Court Files, vol. 9, leaf 48. 

Acquittances brought in Sept. 29, 1663, by Richard Kim- 
ball and Edmond Bridges, executors of the will of Thomas 
Scott, imder the hands of the legatees, that is, the children of 
said Scott, of the receipts of their several legacies. Said ex- 
ecutors were discharged. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, 
vol. 1, page 123. 

Haniell Bosworth certified, Oct. 1, 1663, that he received 
251i. from Richard Kimball and Edmond Bridges, which was 
a legacy given to his wife Abbigaile by her father, Thomas 
Scott. Wit: Thomas Lovell, sr., and Thomas Lovell, jr. 

Mary (her X mark) Scot certified, Apr. 33, 1663, to the 
receipt of 35li. from Ezek. Eogers, of Ipswich, which was the 
legacy left her by her father. Wit : Richard Jacob and Dan- 
iel Hovey. 

Essex Go. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 9, leaves 49, 50. 

Estate of Samuell Stmonds, Jr. of Ipswich. 
"I Samuell Symonds Jun', being very weake in body & of 


good memory, doe make this my last will & Testament in 
mann"' & forme following viz: Imprimis haueing (I blesse 
God) rest in my heart concerning my enerlasting Condicon, 
through Jesus Christ my p'tious Sanio"", I doe giue unto my 
brother Harlakinden Symonds all my lande in wenham, & 
f oure of my best bands. Item I giue to my brother John Sy- 
monds three pounds & ten shillings, to be paide next Michael- 
tide come three yeare, or within one month after his demand 
of it, in Case he cometh to Newengland in the meane time. 
Item I giue unto my brother Samuell Symonds, to my sifiters 
Martha, Euth, & Priscilla, & to my nephew Samuell Epps, 
Twenty shillings a peece, to be paide, within one yeare after 
my deeeace. Item I giue to my sister Mary Epps, the little 
peece of new hoUand cloth. Item I giue vnto KUligresse 
Eosse my Chest with the lock & key to it. Item I giue to my 
brother Samuell all my bookes. Item I giue vnto Eebecca 
warde fine shillings. Item I giue unto my brother william 
Symonds (whom I appoynt & desire to be my executo' of this 
my will) all my lande at Chebacco, in Ipsw"" : & all the rest of 
my goods vndisposed of, haueing paid, & discharged all my 
debts, & duties. In wittness whereof I haue heereunto sett my 
hand, & scale, Dat SS* day of the nineth month Anno Dom 

Samuell Symonds. 

Witness: James Chewte, Elizabeth Chewte, Samuel Sy- 

Proved 28 : 1 : 1654 by testimony of James Chute and 
affirmed by Mr. Samuell Symonds, 

Copy of inventory presented 30 : 1 : 1654 : in Lande about 
sixteene acers lying in Wenham late purchassed of Samuell 
Kent, 61i.; in lande at Chebacco falls about seaven Acres, 
51i. ; halfe a Mare & halfe a Colt, 30li.; in bookes & other 
goods, lOli. ; total, 411i. 

Copy of will and inventory, Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 161. 

Estate of Eichaed Hollingsworth of Salem.* 

Administration on the estate of Eichard Holingworth, 
granted Mar. 28, 1654, to the widow Holingworth, Capt. 
William Hathome, Mr. Henry Bartholomew and Thomas 
Wilks, all of Salem. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 
1, page 45. 

* See also Eecorda and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Es- 
sex Co., Mass., vol. 1 (1911), pp. 349, 350, 359. 


Mr. Henry Bartholmew brought in an inventory of the 
estate of Eic. Hollingworth, sr., 27: 4: 1654. Salem Quar- 
terly Court Records, vol. 3, leaf 72. 

Inventory of Eichard Hollingworth of Salem, taken 26 : 3 : 
1654, by Walter Price and Samuell Archard: One dwelling 
house, an outhouse, and one aker of Lande, 24li.; 4 ten aker 
lotts on darbie fort side, 121i.; one aker and half of land 
on the neck neare unto Tho. Piektons, 15s. ; 2 akers of lande 
bought of Mr. Steevens, 21i. ; a Cowe, 4li. ; 20 akers of lande 
given by the towne. Hi. ; a greate ketch on the stocks, 13011. ; 
a lighter on the stocks, 181i. ; a lesser ketch on the stocks, 71i. ; 
7 loode of timber on the keye at 8s. p loode, 2li. 16s. ; 6 loode 
of sawne timber at 10s. p loode, 31i. ; 35 C. of oake planeke 
at 12s. p C, 211i. ; 585 foote of pine planeke at 10s. p C, 21i. 
18s. 9d.; trunneUs, Hi. 4s.; 400 of inch boords. Hi. 2s.; 966 
foote of oake boords at 7s. 6d., 3li. 12s. 4d. ; 487 foote of inch 
and half at 9s., 3li. 3s. lOd.; 3 barrells of Tarr, 31i.; more 
536 foote of oake planeke at 13s., 31i. 4s. 4d.; 784 foote of 
pine at lOs., 3li. 18s. 6d.; a Eudder and keele stem and 
steme post for a boate. Hi.; in kettles, potts and a scQlett, 
21i.; tubbs, 13s.; a frying pan, 2s. 6d.; trenchers, 3s. 3d.; 
eartben potts, 18d.; a .pitch pott, 14s., paUs, 12d., 16s. 6d. ; 
peAvter, a bras Candlestick, a mortr and spitt. Hi. 16s.; 13 
tubbs, a Joyned stool and a forme. Hi. 4s.; 6 Chaires, 12s., 
andirons, 3s., 15s.; hakes, tongs, grediron and fire shoveU, 
10s. ; 2 Chests and a settle. Hi. ; one side Cubberd and box, 
18s. ; one bed, 3 blanketts and 2 pillowes, 5li. ; 3 pr. of Sheets, 
40s., a trundle bedsteed, 3s., 21i. 3s. ; 3 pr. pillow beares, 13s., 
a warmeinge pan, 6s., 18s. ; one bed steed and Curtaines, 20s., 
a looking glass and brush, 2s., wearinge apparrell, 41i. 10s., 
5li. 12s.; 2 wheeles and a cheese presse, 6s.; 6 napkins, 2 
table clothes, 10s., a bed, 2 pr. blankets and bedsted, 2li. 10s. ; 
tooles. Iron Einge bolts and gin Eopes, 2LL. 10s.; a whipsaw, 
2 gins and a Eope, Hi. ; old Iron, 20s., a drippin pan, 13d., 
Hi. Is. ; Thomas Warner of Cape Porpus, Hi. 5s. ; Jo. Deale 
of desperatt debt, 5li.; Majr. Sedgwick, 71i. ; John Hudson, 
20li.; Francis Hudson, 5s.; more 1,000 of oake planeke in 
the woods, 31i. 15s. ; for hewen timbr lyinge on the deputie's 
farme, 3li. 15s. 

Ussex Go. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 131. 

Depositions made in Salem court 30 : 4 : 1654, concerning 
the estate of Eichard Hollingworth. William HoUingworth 
deposed that he heard his father, Eieh. HoUingworth, often 


say that the house in which he dwelt was his son Richard's, 
and that he had given it to him in consideration of work. 

Susanna Hollingworth deposed that her husband, Richard 
Hollingworth said, "I will build another for my wife and 
myselfe to dwell in." 

NathU. Pickman deposed that Rich. Hollingworth, de- 
ceased, said to him that the house on the south end of the 
lot that was by Mr. Corwethin's house in Salem he had given 
to his son William Hollingworth, and the house he lived in 
to his son Rich. Hollingworth, and a parcel of land at Darbie 
fort side near Mr. Trend's lot, whether 10 or 30 acres, he 
could not tell. The deceased wished him to build him another 
house that summer. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 3, 
leaf 76. 

Estate of William Varney of Ipswich. 

Administration on the estate of William Varney, intestate, 
granted Mar. 28, 1654, to his widow, Bridgett Varney. He 
left three sons and one daughter. Ordered that the eldest 
son have 8li. within three months, and the other children 4li. 
each at the age of twenty-one. Ipswich Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 1, page 45. 

Inventory of the estate of William Varney of Ipswich, 
taken 1:1: 1653, by George Gidding and John Cogswell: 2 
flock beds and flock boulster and 3 pillows, 21i. 10s. ; 2 blan- 
kets, one sheet & other beding. Hi. 12s. ; his weareing aparell, 
31i.; bushells of wheat, 15s.; 2 bushells 1-2 of Indian corne, 
8s.; in lumborments, 5s.; in axes and tooles, 15s.; a brase pot 
& frieing pan, lis. ; houses & land, 251i. ; in cattell, 32li. ; in 
bookes, 6s. 8d.; total, 57li. 2s. 8d. Debts owing from the 
estate, 6li. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 132. 

Estate of John Coolet of Ipswich. 

Administration on the estate of John Cooley, intestate, 
granted Mar. 28, 1654, to the widow, Elizabeth Cooley. The 
children were three daughters, who were to receive 61i. 13s. 
4d. each within three months after demand. Ipswich Quar- 
terly Court Records, vol. 1, page 45. 

Inventory of the estate of John Coolye of Ipswich, de- 
ceased, taken Mar. 14, 1653, by Edward Browne and Robert 
Lord: House & groimd about it, lOli.; 6 acres of planting 
land, 8li.; 2 cowes, 2 heifers, 1 too year ould & one yeare 


ould, 311i. ; 2 shotes, Hi. ; one Fetherbed & boulster & floke 
boulster, 3li.; 2 pillows & one ould flock pillow, 10s.; pr. of 
ould blanketts & ould rugg & one better Kugg, Hi. 10s.; 1 
paire of ould curtayne & valiants, 15s.; one ould bedsted & 
straw bed, 4s. ; a trundle bed, 5s. ; 2 pr. of ould sheets, 15s. ; 
pillow beeres, 12s. ; 1 table cloth, 4 napkins & a towell, 10s. ; 

2 ya : hempen cloth, 3s. ; all his weareing aparrell, 81i. ; 2 ould 
chests, 6s. ; in pewter, Hi. ; 2 settells, 3 Skilletts, 1 morter & 
pestle, 1 brase chafen dish & skimer, lli. 6s. 8d. ; a warmeing 
pan, 6s. 8d. ; one Iron pole & frying pan, dripen pan & a pr. 
of pot hookes & a tramell, a greediron & spitt, lli. ; a musket, 
sword & other things belonging to the armes, lli. 28. ; 5 bush- 
ells of come, 15s. ; beetles & wedges, 2 axes, 2 howes, 13s. 4d. ; 
1 matock spad & shovell & other small toolles, 12s.; a lenen 
wheele & 2 pr. of cards, 6s.; a pondering tubb, keelor, 2 
chaires and other lumbar, IBs. ; hempen yame & hemp & tow, 
12s. ; one bible & other bookes, 15s. ; a payre of bellears, 2s. ; 

3 skins, 2 bushells of mault, 16s. ; total, 661i. 14s. 8d. Essex 
Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 133. 

Estate of Thomas Elithoep op Eowlet. 

In answer to the petitions of Widow Ethethrop, Hugh 
Smith and John Pickerd, the court May 14, 1654, granted 
the probate of the will of Thomas Ellethrope unto the per- 
sons named in the will, they to give security. The eldest 
son to have 28li., and the three youngest children 201i. each, 
there being so much clear estate remaining after the widow's 
30li. and all debts deducted; but if the estate is more or 
fall short of 12011. clear, then it to be divided equally among 
the four children. Mass. Bay Colony Records, vol. 4, page 193. 

The complaint of Abigaile Elithropp that some estate left 
her by her husband was unjustly detained from her, and upon 
her request Oct. 19, 1654, it is referred to the next County 
court at Ipswich. Mass. Bay Colony Records, vol. 3, page 363. 

Case of widow Elitrop referred to the General Court; or- 
dered Mar. 27, 1655, with consent of the overseers, Hugh 
Smith, John Pickard and John Trumble, that they pay her 
twenty shillings for the year past and 40s. per year in the 
future, which is for the produce of the two younger chil- 
dren's portions, the stock to be preserved entire. Ipswich 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 50. 

The two younger children of widow Elitrop to be paid their 


portions into the hands of John Wyldes. 34: 2: 1656, John 
Pickard, executor of Thomas Blitrop, brought the receipt 
from John Wyldes and the widow, and the two elder children 
therefor, and the court discharged him. Ipswich Qiiarterly 
Court Records, vol. 1, page 56. 

Estate of Abeaham War of Ipswich. 

"1 Abraham war of Ipswich maryed man being weake of 
body but of parfeckt memorye and vnderstanding doe make 
this my last will and testament as foUoweth I comitt my sole 
to god that gaue it and my body to the earth when I shall de- 
parte this life and for my worldly goods I thus dispose of 
them, my wiU is that the phissision and other depts that I 
owe shall bee payde and I giue my daughter to my wife to 
bring up and I desire her to bring her vp in the feare of god 
and to haue a care of her as If e shee war her owne. and I 
give fiue pounde to my daughter sarah when shee shall come 
to age. and lastly I make my wife my onely exsecutor and 
ouerseer of this my laste wiU and testament, witnes my 
hand this 22 day of the 3. moneth : 1654." 

his mark 
Abraham O War 
his mark 

Witness : Eoger Lanckton, William /^ Simonds, John war- 

Inventory : House & house lott, 251i. ; flock bed, 21i. 5s. ; 2 
pillowes of feathers, 8s. ; 2 pillows, 6s. ; a hayer bed, 16s. ; bed- 
sted and trundle bed, 17s.; boulster and feathers. Hi. 8s.; 
coverlid and blanket, 15s.; a ruge, 15s.; two payre breches 
& Jacket, Hi. 5s. ; hatt, 14s. ; 3 shirts, 18s. ; 3 sherts, 18s. ; 3 
pillow bears, 10s. ; a payre shooes, 7s. ; 4 bands, 7s. 6d. ; chest 
and boxes, 16s.; 3 Iron potts, 18s.; skellet of bras, 3s.; erthen 
ware, 6s. 6d. ; 3 barels, 8s.; sartaine tubs, 4s.; frying pane, 

3s. 6d. ; 2 bottles and a cane, 2s. ; 5s. ; a bras laidele, 2s. 

8d.; tine pane, Is. 5d. ; spoones, 2s. 4d. ; two blew dishes. Is. 

8d. ; the smoothing iron, 6s. ; a 2s. ; dishes and baskets. 

Is. 8d. ; hower glase, Is. ; tramell and slice, 4s. ; butter, 3s. 6d. ; 
chayers, 4s.; table and two stools, 2s.; two hoes & axe, a 
wedge, 8s.; 3 sivs, 3 bags, 3s.; a booke, Is. 6d. ; meale. Is.; 

trenchers, 9d. ; a meale tube, 5s. ; 21i. 4s. ; two hogsheds, 

4s.; a reale, 2s.; a hoge, 15s.; total, 471i. 7s. 4d. Essex Co. 
Quarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 149. 

176 the probate records of essex county. 

Estate of John Sandie of Maeblehbad. 

Administration on the estate of John Sandie of Marble- 
head, intestate, granted 27: 4: 1654, to his widow, Mary 
Sandy. Inventory, 801i.; the eldest son to have lOli. at 
twenfy-one years of age and the other two children to have 
5li. apiece. The widow was enjoined to bring up the chil- 
dren to read and write. Salem Quarterly Court Becords, vol. 
3, leaf 71. 

Estate of Daniel Eolfe of Ipswich. 

Administration on the estate of Daniell EofE of Eowley, 
intestate, granted ZT: 4: 1654, to his widow, Hannah Eoff. 
Salem Quarterly Court Becords, vol. 3, leaf 73. 

Inventory of the estate of Daniell Eofe of Ipswich, de- 
ceased taken June 24, 1654, by Daniel (his D mark) Thurs- 
ton, John (his I mark) Gage and Eobert Lord: One bed- 
sted & cord, lli. ; a little flock-bed & boulster, an ould Eugge 
& blanket, 2 paire of sheetes, 16s. ; His weareing appareU, 3li. 
10s.; a little table and 2 chaires, 2 little stooles, 12s.; one 
Cradle, 4s. ; a warmeing pan, 4s. 6d. ; 1 skillet & brase ladle, 
3s. 6d., 8s. ; one Iren pot, 8s., 1 dozzon of trenchers, 12d., 9s. ; 
one square, 3 agures, a broad axe & a pr. compasses, 12s.; 
felling axes & one howe, 5s.; other Tooles & an ould sithe & 
one hinge, 12s., another ould sithe & snath, 2a. 6d. ; a hat- 
brish axe, a pr. of sisers and an ould tubb, 2s.; a fowling 
peece, lli. 13s. 4d.; one box, 4s., 1 houre glass. Is., 5s.; 1 
beetle, 20d., one Iron pot, 10s., lis. 8d. ; an ould bible & one 
other booke, 6s. ; one little kettell & a little skiUet, 6s. ; 2 sives, 
2s. ; one earthen pot, 4 spoones, 20d., 3s. 8d. ; 4 little keelars, 
7s., one little pondering tub, 3s., 10s.; 1 ould chime, one 
runlet bucking tub & firkin, 9s.; one bottle & other wooden 
ware, 5s. 6d. ; one earthen pot & 20 li. of butter, lOs.; 5 
cheeses, 4s.; a pr. of woodin scales & earthen weres, 6s.; an 
acre of Eye on the ground, lli. ; 4 acres of Indian come slit 
come, 31i. ; about 9 acres of wheat & barlye, 161i.; a paire 
of oxen, 16li. 5s., 1 cart & plough, 32s., 171i. 17s. ; a cowe & 
a calfe, 6li. ; one asse, 51i., lUi. ; one small sow & 2 piggs, 
lli. 10s. ; a raper, 22s., belt, 2s., lli. 4s. ; powder & shot, 18d. ; 
a drum & sticks, 21i. ; a little f owleing peece, lli. ; a chaire, 
18d., Is. 6d. ; ovidng to the estate, 3li. ; the grass that is to be 
mowne, lli. 12s.; 31i. of yame, 5s.; total, 741i. 17s. 8d. Debts 
due : To Mr. Jewet, llli., & he requires 9li. more for damages, 


201i. ; to my father, Humphry Broadstreet, llli. ; to Goodman 
Weekes of Salem, 61i.; to John Woodam, 61i. lOs.; to Good- 
man Thurston, Hi. 19s.; to John Gage, 31i.; to Mr. Baker, 
10s.; to ITath. Stow, 408., 2li. 10s.; to Goodwife Elitrip & 
Marke Quilter, 21i.; to Lieft. Remington, 12s., to Goodman 
Kemball, 12s., Hi. 4s.; to Mr. Payne, 4s. 6d., to John Tod, 
24s., Hi. 8s. 6d. ; to Goodwife Lumkin, 3s. ; to William Beale, 
4li.; to Major Denison, 10s. 6d.; total, 601i. 5s. Essex Co. 
Quarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 134. 

Estate op George Bueeill, Se. op Lynn. 

"The wille of George Burxill senior || yt after my deathe || 
my house wherin I dwell I Giue to my sonn francis with all 
the land and meadow lying near adioyning to it with all 
farms outhouses &c : and || ye 1| bam I giu to him yt is neare 
to ye land of Thomas ChadweU, || Land || formerly william 
Edward with all the vpland and meadow adioyniag vnto it 
and belonging thervnto This I giue vnto him & his heirs jrt is 
lawfully begotten of his body for ever I giue vnto my sonn 
John that house wch. formerly was ffraneis his with all the 
land belonging vnto it and yt pece of land near Rich moors 
and alsoe I giu him fourteen aers of salt marsh in Rumley 
marsh yt is to say six and flue and three alsoe 8 eight more 
acres in the last division I giue to my sonn John and his 
heirs lawfully begotten of his body but in case John should 
not quietly possess this in regard it was formerly given vnto 
ffraneis then & my will is that John shall haue my dwelMng 
house and al yt is aboue mentioned to be given to ffraneis alsoe 
my sonn Georg to haue his now dwelling house w**" all the 
Apurtenances belonging thereto alsoe I giue a cow to my 
sonn George w*"" a calf and for the rest of my cattle I giue 
foure cowes and too oxen || to my sonn John || and all the rest 
of the cattle to ffraneis also I giue twenty pound a peece to 
my soon Georg and John and tenn pounds to my sonn francis 
his child if it liveth if not to the rest of his childeren if he 
hath any being lawfully begotten of his body alsoe I giue al 
my movables about the house with linnen and woUin to be 
equally devided to my three sonns yt is George francis and 
John and if any moer money shalbe aboue this aboue men- 
tioned i|yt|! to be given vnto francis and my Biggest selver 
cup I giu to Georg with too silver spoons and the lesser silver 
cup with too silver spoons to John and four silver spoons to 
francis if ther be eight of them Alsoe that goods which is 


to com from England my •will is if it com safe to be equally 
devided to my three sonns alsoe my will is that m' whiting 
and m' cobbet and Tho. Langhton with my sonn fErancis 
should see this my will fnlfiled alsoe my will is that m*" 
whiting and m' cobbett shall haue fourty shillings a peeea 
out of my estate and Tho. Laughton twenty shillings all to- 
be paid within one half yeare after my death. Dated 18th 
October 1653." 

George Burill 

Witness; Tho. Laughton. 

Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 135. 

Will of George Burrill of Lynn was found to be imperfect 
in respect to executors, and 27 : 4 : 1654, his three sons were 
appointed administrators. Salem Quarterly Court Records, 
vol. 3, leaf 73. 

Inventory taken 21: 4: 1654, by IVancis (his P mark) 
Ingals and Edward Bnrchum : One cloath dublett & a paire 
of Breeches & cotten Drawers, 2li. 10s.; one stuffe dublett & 
a paire of Breeches, 21i. ; one cloath eloake, 3li. 10s.; one 
cloath dublet & Breeches, Hi.; one stufE dublet & Breeches, 
wth silver Buttens, Hi. 6s.; one cloath Jurkin & a paire of 
breeches, 16s. ; one fustion dublet, 6s. 8d. ; one cloath coat & 
drawers, 18s.; Tow cloath coats. Hi. 10s.; a short coat & 
westcoat & breeches, 10s.; one cloath Gowne, 31i. 5s.; one 
stufEe Gowne, 2li. 10s. ; one more stufEe Gowne, Hi. 13s. 4d. ;. 
one more stuff Gown, 2li. 5s. ; one stuff peticoat. Hi. 6s. Bd. ; 
one more stuff peticoat. Hi. ; one kearsy peticoat, Hi. 5s. ; one 
pennystone peticoat, 14s. ; one stuff kirtle, 15s. ; tow Eideinge 
hats, 41i. 5s. ; one kersy peticoat. Hi. 13s. 4d. ; one serge peti- 
coat. Hi.; one kersy weascoat, 10s.; one stuff wescoat, one 
shagg wescoat & 3 cloath wescoats, 16s.; one cotten wescoat 
& flannell wescoat & kersy wescoat, lis. 4d. ; one stuff Gowne,. 
Hi.; one cotten wescoat & peticoat, 8s.; one cloath peticoat, 
16s.; tow white wescoats, 9s.; one chOds peticoat, 3s.; one 
childs Blankett, Hi. 10s. ; two sea Aprons, lis. ; one sea cub- 
herd cloath, 7s.; one stuff wescoat, 6s. 8d. ; one sett of cur- 
taines & vallance, 3li. 10s. ; one cubberd cloath rought with 
needleworke, Hi. 4s.; two carpetts, 18s.; one cubberd cloath 
with fringe, 3s.; three cushens & a peece of stuff. Hi.; 12 
yerd & 1-2 kersy, 51i.; 14 yerds of kersy, 5li. 12s.; 8 yerds 
1-2 of cotten. Hi. Is. 3d. ; 4 yerd of kersy. Hi. 4s. ; 5 yerd 1-2 
of stuff, 18s. ; one paire of cloath meetings, 2s. 6d. ; 13 paire 
stockings, Hi. 7s. 6d. ; a paire of gloves & too maskes, 5s. ; 


one silke hood scarff and handchetcher, 4s. 6d. ; too caps & old 
stuff, 5s.; peeees of cloath, 3s.; wosted fringe, 3s.; 4 pair 
stockings, 5s.; cruell & fringe, 3s.; pincushen & a remant 
stuff, 2s. 6d. ; velvett & ribbin, 3s. ; a paire bodys. Is. 6d. ; too 
cloath Hudds, 4s.; a peeee stuff and 5 hatts, Hi. 15s. 6d.; 6 
cushens, Hi. Is.; a pcell of shoos. Hi. 14s.; a swath for the 
backe. Is.; too paire of course sheets, 16s.; too paire of sheets, 
Hi. 7s. 7d. ; too paire of sheets. Hi. 10s. ; too paire of sheets. 
Hi. 16s. ; too pair of sheets, 3li. ; three sheets, 31i. 3s. 4d. ; one 
paire sheets, 15s.; one dyapare table cloath, Hi. 4s.; one dia- 
per table cloath, 16s.; too towells. Is.; one shift, 10s.; 5 old 
shifts, 4s. ; too shift skirts, 6s. ; too halfe skirts, 2s. ; 14 shirts 
& shifts, 3li. 18s. ; a table towell, 3s. 6d. ; a pcell of lace, 2s. ; 
one old sheet, Is.; one peece of new cloath, 17s. 6d.; one 
peeee of new cloth, 5s. lOd.; one peece new cloath, Hi. 13s. 
4d. ; one peece new cloath, 5s. ; one peece new cloath, 8s. 6d. ; 
six remants of cloath, 7s.; three caps, 7s.; childbed linnen, 
2li. ; Aprone, 4li. ; neck handcatchers & bands, 41i. 7s.; a 
pockett handcatchers. Hi. lis.; cubberd cloaths, 3li. 14s.; 
caps and coyfes. Hi. 2s. ; Napkins & towells, 4li. 2s. 6d. ; pil- 
low bears, 31i. ; double clouts, 9s. ; too pcells of old linnen. Hi. 
10s. ; a paire of bodys & wescoats, 2s. 6d. ; a matt for a bed, 
3s.; a hatt band & flap. Hi. 5s.; one fetherbed & Bollster, 
41i. 15s. ; one feather bed & Bolster, 5li. 10s. ; one feather bed 
& Bolster, 4li. 10s. ; one Bedstead, curtaines, 2 curtaiue rods, 
matt & coards, 21i. 5s.; one featherbed & too bolsters, 4li. ; 
one fether bed & too old bolsters, 2li. 5s. ; five pillows & one 
bolster ticke. Hi. 10s. ; one rugg. Hi. 13s. 4d. ; too coTerings, 
Hi. 10s. ; 4 blancketts, 3li. 12s. ; 4 blancketts, 31i. ; 4 blancketts. 
Hi. ; 1 pillian cloath, 3s. ; one cloake bagg, 2s. 6d. ; curtaine 
and curtaiue rods, 9s. ; three spitts, 2s. 6d. ; one fowling peece, 
one curbinne and too musketts, 3li. Is. ; one muskett more, 8s. ; 
too paire of Bandowlerows and a flaske & belt, 8s. 6d.; three 
swords. Hi. 6s. 8d. ; three rest, 3s. ; a lead erean for a coop & 
hallberd, 6s.; 31i. of pewter, Hi. 10s.; 28 l-21i. pewter. Hi. 
3s. 3d. ; 4 l-2li. pewter & a band pott, 10s. 8d. ; a morter & 
pestle, 5s.; a pcell of cettles, skillets & other brass. Hi. 6s.; 
a warmingepann, 5s.; a fryinge pann, 3s.; three brass potts, 
Hi. 16s.; a smoathing Iron with too heaters, 28. 6d. ; for a 
pcell of Iron warre. Hi. 9s.; one gold ringe, 14s.; six silver 
spoons, 21i. 3s. 6d.; silver bodkin, thimble, 2 silver buttens, 
6s. ; too silver bowls, 21i. 10s. ; too glasses, Is. ; trenchers, too 
boxes & too paire of bodys, 3s. 8d. ; a pcell of linnen, yeame 
& winding blads, 4s. 6d. ; three chests & f oure truncks, 2li. 


8s,; a pcell of boxes, Hi. 6s.; foure bibls & a pcell of other 
bookes. Hi. 13s. 4d.; too linnen wheeles, too chirmes & other 
lumber, Hi. 4s.; too siffs & a little box with spice, 3s.; too 
heifers, too years old & a cow, 121i. ; one bull stagg, 711. ; three 
cowes, 13li. 10s.; one steere & one oxe, 12li. lOs.; three 
coults, 2li. 10s. ; foure oxen, 32li. ; three cowes, 131i. 3s. 4d. ; 
three ewes, three lambes & one weather, 81i. 8s.; one table, 
six stools & a cheare, Hi. 1.3s. ; one bedstead, one trundlebed 
with valance and curtains and too coards. Hi. ISs.; one pcell 
of nayles small & great, 15s. 4d.; pcell of porke, 21i. 10s.; 
pcell of wooden ware in the seller, IT'S. ; pcell of mault, 121i. ; 
pcell of linnes, hookes & other old things, 18s. 6d. ; tann 
leather & whit leather, lis. 4d. ; flax & cloath it is in, lli. 2s. ; 
pcell of old hoggsheads & other wooden ware in the chamber, 
lli. 8s. ; peeU of sheeps wool & a Bedstead and coard, 8s. 2d. ; 
pceU of oats & pease, 6s. 4d. ; feathers, 4s.; bulletts, shot & 
powder, 12s. 9d.; too skins and a sife bottom, 2s.; cotton 
Eibben bindeing, poynts & laces, 4s.; pinns, needles & but- 
tens, 28. 6d.; black and brown thread. Is. 6d. ; smal bones, 
gloves & Brimston, 3s.; twine, whipcoard and bowstrings. Is. 
6d.; fishhookes, pinns and old tools, 2s. 6d.; a little box with 
too sivett boxes, finne thread, smale Inckle and Eibbin in it, 
3s.; too snapsackes mach a markinge Iron & a box, 48. 4d.; 
spicketts, fossetts, fishhookes, too bookes, little barrell & a 
pott, 5s. ; remnant of cloath, 7s. ; hinges for doors and catches 
for doors. Is.; Juggs, 4s. 8d.; sisers, spures, knife and 
Brasse wyer, 38.; knifes, Bitts for Bridls and too padlocks & 
small things, 3s. ; gaily potts, glasses and dager witli a knife, 
38. ; one cubberd & chest & hower glasse, 18s. ; chears, bellows, 
iables and old tubbs in the house, 7s. 8d. ; 7 siths beinge old, 
5s.; box of old Iron & steel, 6s.; more old Iron, 14s. 6d.; 
Iron bills and frows, 12s.; coopers axe, 6s.; coopers crowses, 
2s. 6d. ; peckaxe, clouts for cart wheels & doore laches of 
Iron, 4s. ; saws, 12s. ; axes, 148. 6d. ; adses, 9s. ; pirser bits & 
traces, 5s. ; fouer paire of compasses and one file, 3s. ; hinges 
for doors & hammers, 3s.; Augers, 7s.; drawinge knifes, 
augers, pinncers & truells, 8s.; fouer sickls, 3s.; cleevis fet- 
ters & a locke, 4s. ; a saddle & brydle, 13s. 4d. ; 3 forkes, 3s. 
6d. ; drawinge knifes & chissels, 3s. 4d.; wedges of Iron, 3s. 
lOd.; coleters & shares, 15s.; chaines & cleeves, lli. Is. 3d.; 
lead & a little axe, 2s. ; salt, naked oats & a trevett, 4s. ; cart 
roops & a siffe, 8s. ; dry casks, 8s. ; hoops & Barrell heads, lOs. ; 
spads and hooes, 8s. 6d.; Joynters, 9s.; smale caskes, more 
caskes, 128. ; Barrells, lli. 2s. ; tubbs, 14s. ; baggs & sacks, 5s. ; 


copper furnace & ehirme, Hi. 12s. ; old chaine & a buckett att 
well, 2s. ; lead wayts, 19s. 2d. ; too paire of skailes, 7s. ; wood & 
cooper ware, 8s. ; a cheese press, ladder & old wood, 10s. ; one 
plough, cart & wheels, Hi. 10s. 8d.; one dungcart, 10s.; one 
coller traces & ladder, 3s. ; too butts and seaven hoggsheads, 
12s.; foure yoakes with Irons, 10s.; a paire of Harrows & 
old wood, 7s. 6d.; part of a house in Boston, 55li.; upland 
and meadow and houseinge, 28911. 10s. ; debts and Bills, 491i. 
18s. lOd. ; owing in come, 3s. 8d.; oweinge in old England, 
401i.; in money, 821i. 4s. lOd.; total, 84811, 10s, Essex Co. 
Quarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 136. 

Estate of William Wake op Salem. 

"The last Will of William Wake : whoe is at this Instant in 
pffect memory made this 17: 2*" 1654. ffirst it is my will 
and my desire that all due debts and Ingagments wch I doe 
owe everye man : be discharged owt of my estate : as allsoe all 
other nessessury Chargis whatsoever in and about my sikness 
or buryaU or about paying and getting vpp my debts as allsoe 
if there happen any occation about sut or suts of law or any 
other occations: in and about my prop[er] bisnes and occa- 
tions: that all chargis about the premisis be Aloude owt of 
my estate 2'^ After all due debts and chargis be sattisfied 
and payd it is my will that the one halfe of what shall re- 
mayne be returned or sent to Ingland to my daughter Katterin 
Wake if shee be leving: if nott then to be sent to my Bro: 
John Wake 

"3'' it is my will that the other halfe remayning shalbe 
left in the hands of the overseers : vnto whome I doe giue full 
power and order to disposse of it according to my priuat direc- 
tions and Instructions Comitted to them: who wiU I doupt 
not f aythffully pf orme it 

"Lastly it is my will: that Hilliard Veren: and Walter 
Price : shalbe and are Intrusted Joyntly to be my overseers to 
see the trew pformance of this my last will and testament 
and In wittnes hearoff I haue sett my hand the daye & yeare 
aboue written." William Wake, 

his mark his mark 

Witness : Tho. I N Smith, Jonathan P Porter. 

Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 137. 

Proved 27 : 4: 1654. Mr. Walter Price and Hilliard Vear- 
in appointed administrators. Salem Quarterly Court Records, 
vol. 3, leaf 73. 


Inventory taken 33: 4: 1654, by Edmond Batter and 
Elias Stileman : 1 house & orchard & a peece of Lande at ye 
house, lOli.; 1 halfe headed bedsteed, 8s.; 3 chests, 15s.; 1 
Cubberd, 4s. 6d.; 3 Cases & 8 glasses, 4s.; 3 Chaires, 5s.; 1 
frying pann, Is. 6d. ; 1 brass Kettle, Hi. 10s. ; 1 Iron pott & 
hookes, 6s. ; 1 Gunn, 6s. 8d. ; 1 Lampe & 3 old Candle stick. 
Is. 6d. ; 1 pr. tongs, a spade & handsaw & hatchett, 4s.; 1 
Sword & belt, 8s.; 3 Empte Caske, Is.; English and Cotten 
■wooU, Is. ; 1 square, Is. ; 1 old hatt. Is. ; 3 dos. buttons, 3s. ; 
bookes, 5s.; 3 pewter dishes, 7s. 6d.; a puding pan & erthen 
things. Is.; 1 funnell, 3d., a bible, 5s., 5s. 3d.; 3 pr. of 
blanketts. Hi. 4s. ; 1 feather boulster, lli. ; a bedtick of Can- 
vas & a hopp sack boulster, 10s. ; 1 greene Eugg, lli. 5s. ; 3 
sutes, 1 cloake, 3 pr. of drawers, Sli. 10s.; 3 pr. Stockings, 
Ys. 6d. ; 1 hatt, 6s.; 1 pr. shoes, 3s.; 1 skillitt & small bras 
kittle, 8s. ; 1 qt. pott. Is. ; a 1-3 B : measure & tubb, 3s. ; Lat- 
ten ware. Is. 6d. ; 1 hammer, 13d., earthware & skiming dish, 
3s.; 1 chaire. Is. 6d. ; 3 shirts, 13s.; 1 pr. pillowbers, 3s.; 3 
napkins. Is.; 3 sheets, 8s.; 5 towells Course & old, 3s.; 3 
Capps & 3 handkercheifes, 3s. ; 3 bands, 3s. ; 1 Inkhome and 
an old silk neckcloth. Is.; 1 box. Is. 6d. ; 1 pr. billowes, Is. 
6d. ; 1 porringer, 4d. ; 6 Brlls. salt, lli. ; 1 wooden bottle & an 
old drawing knife. Is. 3d. ; debts, 33li. 13s. ; total, 60li. 8s. 6d. 
Debtor to severaU persons, 601i. 3s. 9d. Essex Co. Quarterly 
Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 138. 

Estate of Thomas Buxton of Salem. 

Administration on the estate of Thomas Buxton of Salem 
granted 37": 4: 1654, to his brother Anthony Buxston. Sa- 
lem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 3, leaf 74. 

Inventory taken 5:4: 1654, by Thomas Gardner sr. and 
Michaell Shaflen : Aleven akers of Land with A little howse 
on it hinge in the North Feck, 81i.; six Aeares of Com In- 
dean and English, 4s.; One steare, 61i.; too Cows, 91i. ; one 
heifer, 4li. ; too heifers, 6li. ; one callfe, lis. ; five swine, 3li. 
5s.; one cartt with what belonges to it, Hi.; in mony, lis.; 
pewtter and brasse, lli. 10s. ; beding, lli. 10s. ; a musket and 
furniture to it, lli. 5s. ; his wering Aparell, 41i. ; a pres and 
other lumber, 16s. ; total, 53li. 8s. Essex Co. Quarterly Court 
Files, vol. 3, leaf 140. 

The court 38: 9: 1654, ordered Anthony Buckston, ad- 
ministrator of the estate of his deceased brother, Tho. Buxs- 


ton, to pay to the three children of the said Thomas in Eng- 
land, 311i., and Anthony to have the remainder to be divided 
between himself and his children. Salem Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 3, leaf 79. 

Estate of Thomas Trublee oe Salem. 

The will of Thomas Trusler of Salem proved 27: 4: 1654, 
by Mr. Thomas Gardner and Eobt. Moulton, sr. Inventory 
brought in. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 3, leaf 74. 

Inventory taken 5:1: 1653-4, by Thomas Spooner and 
Hobt. Moulton, sr. : His Mansion or dweling house Barne or 
■outhousing And Three Acres of land thereto Also one Acre 
of Land more wth Another house near John Kitchens, 40li. ; 
Three Acres of Land being prt. Marsh & prt. upland wher 
■the Brickill is wth appurtenances, lOli.; Two Tenn Acre 
Lotts one Near John Smith's Another neare Mrs. Bacon's in 
l^orthfield, lOli. ; One farme near fathr Moltons Contayning 
116 Acres, viz., 100 Upland & 16 of Medow Cost 131i. by 
purchas, 121i. ; 4 bushell of Indean meale, 12s.; 20li. hempe, 
10s.; 2li. Gotten wooll, 2s.; Lumber & Tubbs, old Irne & 
barrell with an ould Cart & 1 bush Come, Hi. 14s. ; 1 grinde 
stone & 1 Long Ladder, 58.; Irons belonging to the Cart & 
plowe as Chaines, Hi. 10s.; 2 Axes, 1 hachet and a wood- 
book, 6s.; Old Tools, viz. 3 Sawes, hamr., pincrs., siths, 
augers, 2 wedgs. Iron, bill Eing & elce, 6s. ; 2 bushells of seed 
Barlee, 10s.; 3 bushell of seed Pease, 8s.; one Iron or Steele 
Trapp, 5s.; one Queme or Malt MUl, Hi.; About 241i. of 
Leaden waights, 6s.; 6 oxen, viz. 4 old one & 2 yonge ons, 
361i.; 5 Cowes at 51i., 2511.; 3 heiflers about 3 yrs. old at 
41i., 12li.; 2 yearling Calves at 30s., 31i.; a Sheep or one 
ewe, 2li. ; by 2 swine at 20s., 21i. ; one fether Bed, Boulster & 
pillows at Mr. Edm : Batters, 2 fether beds at home, 61i. ; one 
greene Eugg, Hi. 5s., one Cotten Eugg, 18s., one weaved 
Covrlet, 5s., -2 Blanketts, 12s., 2 Boulsters, 8s., 3 pillows, 8s., 
31i. 16s. ; one Carpet, 10s. ; Twoe Curtains & Eodds, 10s. ; one 
bower glass. Is. ; one faire gret Looking glass, 6s. ; one warm- 
ing pann, 5s. ; one paire of Bellows, 2s. Hous linnen : 3 pr. 
& one odd Sheete or 7, 21i. 12s.; 2 pr. of pillow beers, 12s., 
2 Table cloths, 9s. and 1 Course one, 2s. 6d. ; 6 fine Napkins 
at 12s., 2 one whes of diap. at 4s. 6d., 4 Couesons, 3s., in all, 
4li. 15s. Brass: One broad plat Candlestick of Brass, to 
hang on a wall, 3s., 2 Brass Candlesticks, 5s., 3 Brass potts. 
Hi., 2 Bell metle skelets, 58., 1 smale bras skelet, Is., 1 bras 


chafing dish, Is. 6d., 1 bras Ladle & 1 skimer, Is., 4 bras 
ketles old, 12s., 2 bras panns. Hi., in all, 3li. 8s. 6d. Iron: 
3 spitts & 2 pr. pothooks, 7s., 2 Iron potts, 18s., 1 greediron 
& fleshal, 2s. 6d., 2 Eacks Coterells or haky, with 1 pr. of 
Andirons, 9s., 1 fire shovell & firfalk. Is., 1 wire Candlestick 
& 2 tia, 6d., in all, Hi. 18s. Woolen wearing appareU: 3 
Cloks, 51i., 2 short Coats, Hi., 1 pr. breeches, 15s., 1 dublett, 
10s., 1 hatt, 8s., 1 Cloth Capp, 2s., 4 pr. of shoes, 14s., 2 pr. 
Stoekins, 5s., 2 hoods, 5s., in all, 81i. 198. Linnen wearing- 
apparell: 2 Shirts & 6 faling Bands, 2 wt. Capps, 3 wt. 
Neckclothes, 2 handkerchers, 12s. Armes: 2 fowling peecs,. 
1 Muskett & 1 pr. of Bandoleers, Moulds & Eest, 21i. ; 1 sword 
& Curtle, 10s.; 2li. powdr & 40 bullets, 5s.; about 241i. of 
Leaden waights, 2 Bibles & one psalme book, 58.; one Chest 
in the parler, 20s.; another chest or Cofer, 4s.; in N. E. sil- 
ver, 10s.; and Spanish money, 9 pc. of 8, Hi. Pewter: 12 
pewter platers. Hi. 8s.; on salt dish. Is. 6d.; 3 Sawsers, 2 
peuter Salts, Is. 6d.; 3 peuter Basons, 4s. 6d.; 6 peuter por- 
ringers, 4s., 1 peutr flagon, 3s. ; 1 quart pott, 2fi. ; 1 pint pott. 
Is. ; 1 bear boule. Is. ; one wine Cupp, 6d. ; one old Chambr, 
pott & 4 peutr. spoons & 3 alt, Is.; total, 19811. 18s. 6d. 
Debts due from estate : To the contry, 2li. 15s. lOd. ; to Mr. 
Wm. Browne, 2li. 10s.; to Mr. Phil. Crumwell, 51i. Net 
estate, 1881i. 12s. 8d. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, voL 
2, leaf 139. 

Estate dv William Agee of Salem. 

"The last Will & testament of Will" : Ager of salem made 
the 3* day of y* first moneth 1653-54 William Ager being 
Sick & Weake of bodie but in pfict memory did in the pres- 
ence of us whose Names are vnder written ordaine this as his 
Last will whereby he did giue & bequeath unto Joseph Ager 
if he be liueing his now dwelling house & the garden whereon 
it Stands, but if in case he be not lining then his sonn Ben- 
iamin Ager is to haue it. 2 he gaue unto his sonn Jonathan 
Ager his tenn acre lott & meadow & Cowe, & if Joseph Ager 
Came home againe then Beniamin & Jonathan Ager are to 
deuide the Land & Cow equally betweene them. 3 he gaue 
unto Abigail Kibben his daughter his feather bed & all that 
belongs unto the same alsoe he gaue unto her a spitt. 4 he 
gaue unto Beniamin & Jonathan his sonns & Abigail his 
daughter all his houshold Stuff to be equally deuided among- 
them. 5 he gaue imto AUice his wife the use of the house 


garden tenn acre Lott meadow Cowe & all the household StufE 
bed & beding during her life or her widow hood estate & in 
Case she maried againe then to haue her thirds of the whole 
Estate, & forthe pformance of this my will I apoynt & or- 
daine Allice my wife my sole executrix." [No signature] 

her mark 

Witness: Ifathaniell Pickman, Tabitha T P Pickman, 
Elias Stileman, jr. 

Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 141. 

Proved 29 : 4 : 1654, by Elias Stileman and Nath Pick- 
man. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 3, leaf 74. 

Inventory taken 30 : 4 : 1654, by Edmond Batter and Elias 
Stileman : One house and garden plott, 161i. ; 8 acres upland, 
51i.; 1 acre marsh, 3li.; 1 Cow, 5li.; 1 pigg, 10s.; 1 feather 
bed, Hi. 10s. ; 2 pr. Sheetes, lU. ; 1 Cott Eugg & 3 blanketts, 
lli. 10s.; 1 boulster & pillow, 10s.; 1 bedsteed, 13s.; 1 pr. 
Curtanes and vallance, 10s.; 3 Iron potts & 1 Iron kettle, lU.; 
1 brass kettle & small skillett, 3s. ; 1 spade, 3s. ; 3 pr. shears 
& a pressing Iron & reape hooke, 5s.; in pewter, 10s.; 1 
warming pan & a Scumer, 7s.; 1 spitt, 3s. 6d.; 1 pistle & 
morter, 6s. 8d.; 1 pr. tongs & an old fring pann, 3s. 6d.; 
1 pr. bellows. Is. 6d. ; 5 chaires, 38. ; 3 axes & 1 hatchett, 3s. ; 
1 table & 1 chest & Cubburd, 158. ; trayes & dishes & a payle, 
3s. 6d.; 1 runlett & sive, 38.; Lining yeame and waring 
clothes, 38.; Lisbourn waire & other erthen vessells, 5s.; a 
pott hanger, 2s. ; bookes, 10s. ; 4 B. Indian Corne, 13s. ; old 
beding, 10s. ; Lumber waire, 5s. ; total, 43li. 14s. 8d. Essex 
Co. Quarterly Court Piles, vol. 2, leaf 143. 

Estate op Thomas Scruggs of Salem. 

Administration on the estate of William* Scruggs of Sa- 
lem, intestate, granted 29 : 4: 1654, to his widow. Inventory 
brought in. An agreement between her and her son-in-law, 
John Eament, was approved. Salem Quarterly Court Rec- 
ords, vol. 3, leaf 74. 

Inventory of the estate of Thomas Scruggs, taken 34: 4: 
1654, by Eoger Conant, Nicholas Patch and William Dodg: 
Six cows at 5li., 301i. ; 3 steers, lOli. ; 3 yong heifers & a calf, 
lOli.; 3 oxen, 181i.; 11 akers of corn on the ground, English 
& Indian, 221i. ; the farm & housing, lOOli. ; 2 potts, one of 
brasse & on of Iron, 2li. ; 3 ketles, 31i. 10s. ; a silver boule, 41i. ; 

* Evidently a mistake for Thomas. 


a brass ■warming pann, lOs. ; puter, 10 platters & dishes, 31i. 

6s. 8d. ; 3 candlesticks, a quart & a pint , a salt, aU puter, 

10s. ; 2 brasse acndlesticks, king pan and a smale kittell, 

7s.; an iron pott, a kettell & a posnet, 15s.; a sheer Cutter, 

• , a plow with ould iron, 2U.; a great cleaver, a brasse 

skimer, 10s.; a ladder, 3s. 6d.; a great chest. Hi.; a cupbord 

& table , Hi. 10s. ; a bedsteed, father niture, lOli. ; 

3 other fetherbeds, 7li. lOs.; a cloth sute with silver , 

31i. ; 3 coats of cloth and , 3Li. ; Tubbs, barrells and , 

Hi.; a wastcoat, 4s.; a dublett and 5 dozen silver buttens, 
15s.; 3 bookes, IIL; total, 34411, 10s. 3d. 

Margery (her I mark) Scruggs of Salem, widow, 34: 4: 
1654, conveyed to her son-in-law, John Eaymont, her land 
and goods, in consideration of 51i. in hand to be given to her 
directly and 5li. at the hour of her death to be freely at her 
disposal; she was to have 30li. a year, paid quarterly as long 
as she lived and to have the use of necessary household effects. 

Witness: Eoger Conant, Nicholas Patch, William Dodg. 
The last two witnesses made oath before Elias Stileman, 
clerk. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 143. 

Estate of Eichaed Kent, Sk. of Newbury. 

"May the 23*" 1654. I Eichard Kent senior of Newberry 
in the County of Essex in New England being verry weake 
in body but of perfect sence and memory, doe make this my 
last will and testam* : Imp^'mis : I giue my soule into y® hands 
of god my maker, and my body to the earth; In the next 
place I giue and bequeath vnto my sonne Jo" Kent my house 
and lands to him and his heires for euer, and if my aforesaid 
Sonne John Kent die without any heire, then the afore said 
house and lands is to be desposed of Jo" Bishopp Jxmior and 
his heires for euer : fEurther I giue unto my daughter Sarah or 
her Children the sume of twenty pounds if they Come ouer 
to be paid when my Executor comes to be twenty one yeare 
old, ffurther I giue vnto my louing wife Em Kent tenn pounds 
per annum to be annually paid her soe Long as she liueth, 
and the fruit of her apple tree yearly, or thirty poimds to be 
suddenly paid her w*" she pleaseth : Item I giue vnto Mary 
Kent my Brother Stephens daughter which he had by his 
first wife, one yearlin heifer calfe, to be paid to her thre 
yeares after my decease, further I giue vnto my sonne Jo" 
Bishopp 100 trees out of my nurcery to be taken upp when 
hee pleaseth: likewise I giue vnto my sonne John Bishop, 


my Sonne John Kent in manner as an apprentice till he is 
compleat nineteen yeares of age, and the said Jo" Bishopp is 
to have my sonne John Kent kept at schoole to leame to Eeade 
Write & sipher one whole yeare at my charge, and at the age 
of nineteene my sonne Jo° Kent is to enjoy the land, only to 
be guided by my Onerseers tUl he come to the age of one and 
twenty : and I doe ffurther Order that my sonne John Bishopp 
William Tittcum and Eichard Bartlett be my Onerseers to 
pay and receine all my debts & to lett & sett Order and man- 
nage my buisenes, till my sonne is att nineteene yeares of 
age: and for euerry day that my Onerseers meete about this 
buisenes, I allow they should be paid each man two shillings 
six pence for their paines; and I doe further order that if 
either of my Ouerseers afore mentioned, decease before my 
sonne John Kent Comes to be of age || of ninteene || that 
then Christopher Bartlett brother to Eichard Bartlett shall 
haue the same power to act with the other Ouerseers in his 
stead: Alsoe I giue the first Samon that is caught in my 
wire, yearly to m' Noice & the second to m'' Eoggers of Eow- 
lee till my sonne be of the "age of nineteene and then I leaue 
it to my sonne to doe what hee sees good." 

Eichard Kent 
Witness: WiUiam Chandler, John trim man. 
"Know all men by these presents that I Eichard Kent 
senior of the towne of Newberry ia the County of Essex in 
New England, being weake in boddy but of perfect sence and 
memory : wheras I lately Orderred Jo" Bishopp my sonne in 
law William Tittcum & Eichard Bartlett ; each of them of the 
said towne and County, to be my Ouerseers to Order and 
mannage the buisnes they are intrusted with all after my de- 
cease: I doe by these p'sents Authorrize allow & giue full 
power vnto my said Ouerseers aboue mentioned to Eeceiue de- 
mand or gather in any debts as shall be due to the aforesaid 
Eichard Kent, either uppon booke, or by bill or bond, and ffur- 
ther I doe allow that if any deny to pay to the aforesaid Ouer- 
seers, that then the ouerseers shall haue power to taeh accord- 
ing to law, & to requier damages for want of paymt according 
to kind In witnesse here of I haue here unto sett my hand 
this 32*" of May in the yeare of our Lord 1654." 

Eichard Kent 
Witness : William Chandler, John trimman. 
Proved in Ipswich court 26:7: 1654 by the witnesses. 

Inventory taken June 29, 1654, by John Sanders and John 


Bartlett: one dwelling house, 5li.; one bame, 31i.; 4 Acrees 
of Eie, 5li.; 4 Acrees of Bailee, 4li. ; one Aeree and 1-2 of 
Wheate, Hi.; 3-4 of an Acree of pease, 16s.; 4 Acrees of In- 
dean Corne, 4li. ; One Orchard about the house to the VaUue 
of 3 Acrees of Land containing 82 bearing trees and a nur- 
seerey, 401i. ; 23 Acrees of Land in tillage about the house, 
46li.; 34 Acrees of pasture Land, 121i. ; A parcell of Land 
bought of Mr. Eaw — containing about — Acrees, lOli.; 17 
Acrees of Meddow ground, IT'li.; Two Oxen, 14li.; 4 Cows, 
soli.; one two Yearling steare, 31i.; 3 Yearlings, 61i.; 3 
Calves, 2li. 10s. ; Sixe Swine, 4li. ; One Bedd & Boulster & a 
pare of blanketts & a Eugg, 21i. 10s. ; One fEumice, 7li. 10s. ; 
One drie fatt, 10s.; One muskett, a fowHng peice & birding 
peice. Hi. 5s.; One Sword, 3s. 4d.; 4 Iron potts, Hi.; An 
ould Copper, 3s. 6d.; ffowre stockes of Bees, 31i. ; 3 Iron 
Wedges, 7s. ; three beetle rings. Is. 6d. ; three Axes, 5s. ; three 
hoes, 5s. ; one ffro, 2s. ; two pair of pott hookes, 2s. ; a gridge 
Iron, 2s.; ould Iron, 2s. 6d. ; a crosse bowe, 2s. 6d.; a spaid, 
4s. ; one plow & Irons, 8s. ; one Saw, 2s. 6d. ; A Coller and a 
pair of trases, 6s. 6d. ; A f rien pann, 2s. ; A spitt, Is. 6d. ; A 
Joynd Cheare, 5s.; two grubbin hoes, 4s.; A pair of scales, 
Is.; two Nettes, 10s.; The Lumber about the house, 16s.; 
debts due to him uppon the Booke, 13li. ; poscript more due 
uppon Booke, 31i. 6s. 6d.; total, 33311. 3s. 4d. 

Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 15,378. 

Estate of William Fiske of Wenham. 

Administration on the estate of William Fiske of Wennam, 
intestate, granted 36 : 7 : 1654, to his widow, Bridgett Fiske. 
Her house and land are boimd to pay the shares of the five 
children viz : to the eldest son, lOli., to Samuel, the next, 51i., 
and to the other three, 3li., when they come of age. Inventory 
brought in. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 

Inventory taken 16:7: 1654, by Phinehas (his xx mark) 
Fiske, Austin (his E mark) Killam and Edward Kempe. In 
the parlor: One bedstead as it stands furnished, viz., with 
one fetherbed, one fether bolster, 2 fether piUows, one downy 
piUow, one blanket, one coverlett, vaUance, Curtaynes, matt 

& , lOli. ; a table, Chaire and a forme, 7s. ; two Cushions, 

88. In the Parlor chamber: Table, 4s. 6d. ; old chaire, 8d.; 
Bedstead with certayne Bords, 5s.; a signe with the signe 
post, 15s. ; peell of hempe, 10s. In the Bed chamber : A bed- 


stead as it stands furnished, 7li. ; trundle bedstead furnished, 
31i. ; Cubbard, 12s.; joyned Chest, 10s.; a danth chest, 8s.; 
two old Trunkes & one Box, 7s.; a warming Pan, 10s. In 
the kitchen : A smale Table, two smale chaires & a stoole, 5s. 
8d. ; a brewing stoole, Is. 6d. ; paire of Cob irons, 10s. ; two 
hales, a fire pan & a paire of tonges, 12s. ; a spitt & dripping 
pan, 5s.; a pashell. Is. In the kitchen Chamber: Certayne 
old Barrells & other Lumber, 2s. ; smale peel of lethers, 2s. ; 
a, hay knife, 4s. ; two sives, 2s. 6d. ; a peel of Hopps with a 
Bag, 6s. ; some Indian Come, Hi. 10s. In the Lentoo : Cer- 
tayne old Hilars, Tubbs, a Barrell & Chame, 10s.; Certayne 
Trayes, Cupps, dishes & other smale wooden things, 10s. 6d. ; 
Certayne Earthen Potts, Is. 6d. ; an iron Pott & Posnet, 17s. ; 
a frying Pan, 2s. 8d. ; spade, Is.; a greate paire of Pincers, 
Is.; axe, wedges, Eostiron, Trevett & other old iron, 12s.; 
lanthome, lether bottle & 3 Payles, 9s. 6d. In the Cellar: 
Certayne Casks & the Ale stools, 128.; a salting Trough & 
Cover, 10s. Brasse : A Greate kettle & a lesser kettle. Hi. 10s. ; 
a brasse Pott, with two paire pothookes, 14s. ; Two skUlets in 
there frames, a basteing Ladle, a Skummer & Lamp, 10s. 
Peuter & Plate: Sixe Silver spoones, 18s.; seaven Platters, 
14s.; one Bason & a Collander, 6s. 6d.; Power porringers & 
8 Peuter spoones, 3s. 8d. ; nine Saucers & 4 Salt Sellers, 7s. 
6d.; three wine cups, 2 drinking Cupps & a Beker, 5s.; one 
■wine quart, one here qrt. & a wine halfe Pint, 48.; two Can- 
dlesticks, an old chamber pott & some other broken peuter, 
78.; two lattin panns & a Tunnel, Is. 6d. Linnen: Seaven 
paire of sheetes, 7li. 12s. ; three paire Pillow beeres. Hi. 4s. ; 
one bord cloth & a dozen Napkins, Hi. 5s. ; a suite of Diaper, 
51i. ; bands & Capps, lOs. ; his apparrell, hat & a paire shooes, 
Sli. 18s. 4d. ; his bookes. Hi. 8s. ; two swords, a short musket 
& a Fowling peece, 21i.; his houses & land in Wenham, with 
their appurtenances, 261i. ; CattaUe, 181i.; swine & Pigs, 61i. 
13s. 4d.; an old Cart & wheeles, 8s.; aU other things not be- 
iore named, 6s. 8d.; debts due to him by booke, 28li.; total, 
14111. 13s. 6d. Essex Go. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 

Estate of William Mitchell oe Newbuey. 

Administration on the estate of William Michell of New- 
hery, intestate, granted 26: 7: 1654 to his widow Mary. 
Inventory presented. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 
1, page 47. 


Inventory taken by Nicholas Noyes and John Allen: 4 

acres of Land, 16li. ; el and an halfe of Indian come, 41i. ; 

Cow, 4li.; — ne Hogge, Hi. 5s.; two pigges, 13s.; 

Wearing Apparell, 31i. ; One fiocke bedde, a payre of sheetes 
and two pillowes and a coverleet, 4li.; two Iron potts, Hi, 
2b. ; Three skillets and a Kittel, lli. ; Sixe milke pannes, 5s. ; 
f ower Earthen pottes, 4s. ; In earthen weare, 2s. ; One peuter 
platter, 2s. ; Three porringers, 2s. 6d. ; A Sawse pan. Is. 6d. ; 
Another platter, 4d. ; Two great tubbes, 5s.; A great bonle 
and a peeke, 2s. 6d. ; Two tubbes more, 3s. ; firkin and payle,. 
3s. 6d.; Two beere barrells, 3s. 6d. ; Three boxes, 5s. — ; A 
Craddel, 4s.; A Spade, 5s.; An Axe, 2s. 6d.; A how, 3s.; 
Bittell Einges and Saw, 14s. ; A rappier, bandeleires & belt, 
16s. ; A Latin pan, 3s. ; total, 35li. 5s. 4d. In debts dewe to 
be pd. 181i. 

Mary Mitchell deposed to the truth of this inventory the 
26 : 7 : 1654, and that it was the whole estate of her deceased 
husband. Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 18,531. 

Estate of John PEEKiiirs, Se. op Ipswich. 

"28th of first m" called March 1654 I John Perkines the 
Elder of Ipswich being at this tyme sick and weake in body 
yet through the mercy and goodnes of the Lord retaining my 
vnderstanding and memory : Do thus Dispose of and bequeath, 
my Temporale estate as ffoUoweth first I Doe giue and be- 
queath vnto my Eldest sonn John Perkines a foale of my 
young mare being new with foale if it please the Lord shee 
foale it well also I give and bequeath to my sonn Johns two 
sonnes John and Abraham to each of them one of my year- 
leing heyfers: also I give and bequeath to my sonn Thomas 
Perkines one cow and one heyfer also I giue & bequeath to 
his sonn John Perkines one ewe to be delivered for his vse 
at the next shearing tyne also I doe give and bequeath to my 
Daughter Elizabeth Sarieant one cow and an heyfer to be to 
her and her children after her Decease as it may please ye 
Lord they may increase the proffits or increase to be equelly 
Devided amongst the sayde children also I Doe give to my 
Daughter mary Bradbery one cow and one heyfer or a young^ 
steere to remaine to her & to her children in theyr increase or 
•proffits as it shall please the Lord to bless them and to be 
•equaly Devided to the children : also I Doe give and bequeath 
to my Daughter Lidia Bennitt one cow and one heyfer or 
steere to be equaly Devided to her children in theyr increase 


or proffits after her Decease : I Doe also give vnto my Grand- 
childe Thomas Bradbery one ewe to be sett apart for his vse 
at ye next shearing tyne : also I Doe give and bequeath vnto 
my sonn Jacob Perkines my Dwelling howse together with all 
the outhowseing, and all my landes of one kinde and other 
together with all improvements therevpon to be his in full 
posession & according to a former covenant, after the decease 
of my wyfe and nott before and so to remaine to him and to 
his heires forever : all the rest of my estate of one kinde and 
other I Doe wholy leave to my Deare wife Judeth Perkiaes 
apointing and ordainiag my sayde wyfe the sole Executrix of 
this my Last will and Testament Desiring my sayde wife to 
Dispose of the cattell aboue mentioned according to her dis- 
cresion as they shall pros^Jer steeres or heyfers as also to Dis- 
pose of some of the increase or some of the increase of the 
sheep to || the || children of my sonn Thomas and of my three 
Daughters at the Discresion of my sayde wife and this I Doe 
ordaine as my Last will and Testament subscribed with mine 
owne hand this twenty eighth Day of y* first month 1654" 

his mark 
John Y Perkines 

Witness: william Bartholomew, Thomas Harris. 

Proved in Ipswich court 36 : 7 : 1654 by the witnesses. 

Inventory taken by William Bartholomew and John An- 
nabl: the dwelling howse and bame wth out howseing, 401i. 
60s.; Land about the howse about eight acres, 121i. ; more 
Land unbroake up about fourteen acres, Slli.; a pcell of 
marsh about six acres at 40s. p acre, 131i.; a pcell of vpland 
and marsh being much broken about xx acres at 20s. p acre, 
201i. ; 12 acres of improved Land at 50s. p acre, 241i.; one 
mare with a mare f oale, 251i. ; six milch cowes, 301i. ; four year- 
liag heyfers & a steere, llli. lOs. ; six ewes at 35s. p, lOli. 10s. ; 
5 yewe Lambes, 51i.; one yearling weather and two weather 
Lambs, 21i. ; one young calfe, 15s. ; one cow at the pasture, a 
sow & 3 piggs, aU, 81i. ; one feather bed with bedsteed & furni- 
ture, 4li.; one coverlid with other small thinges being Linen 
most, 21i. 10s.; Left ia mony at his decease, lOli. ; a cart, 
plowes, a harow with severall goodes of Lumber as caske, 
inibbes, cheares, axes, hoes, etc., 51i. ; severall ketles, pottes & 
dishes in the kitchen, 21i. ; his wearing aparell, 51i.; total, 
25011. 5s. 

Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 21,337. 

192 the probate becobds of essex cotjntt. 

Estate of Eobebt Philbeiok of (Ipswich?). 

26 : 7 : 1654 paid out of Eobert Filbrike's estate to Eobert 
Dutch, 711.; Jerimy Belchar, Hi. 10s.; Mr. John Apleton, 9s.; 
Eobert Wallis, 6s. 9d.; John Johnson, lis. 6d.; and Thomas 
Miller, 3s. 4d. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 

Estate of William Pabteidge of Salisbury. 

Administration on the estate of Willi. Partridg of Salis- 
bury, granted 3:8: 1654 to his widow Ann Partridg. Hamp- 
ton Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, leaf 50. 

Inventory taken Sept. 5, 1654, by Samuell Hall, Edward 
fErench, Eobert Pike and John Ensley (Hsly) : ffower Ackers 
of Errable land wth an orchard planted upon itt wth the 
dwellinge howse & other out howses belonginge to itt, 401i.; 
fiEorty Ackers of upland, six ackers impved for come, 301i.; 
Twenty Ackers of upland vpon meremack river not impved, 
lli. 10s.; a plantinge lott in the Neck cont. Eight acfars, 5 
ackers broake upp, lli. 10s.; ffower Ackers of Medow, 41i. ; 
Seaven Ackrs in ye Barbarie Medows, 31i. 10s.; Eight 
Ackers of Salt march in ye first devision, 41i.; the last de- 
vision of medow pt the sweepage of ye Beach & ptly mere- 
mack river about two ackrs, lli.; Howsehold goods in the 
howse, one table, 10s. ; one bedstead as itt stands Corded, 18s. ; 
one Chist, 8s. ; another old bedstead, 3s. ; one hide of leather, 
lli. ; 1 Case of bottles, 8s. ; 1 Case of pint bottles, 6s. ; one doz. 
of trenchers, 8d. ; a beame & lead weights, 4s. ; two Sives, 3s. ; 
an loron oven peale, 3s.; a fire shovell, toungs, tramell & 
girdiron, 7s. ; one handsaw. Is. 6d. ; two swords & belts, 18s. ; 
two musketts & one kirbine, 3li. 15s.; one pistoU, 10s.; a 
Chaire, 5s.; another Chaire & stoole, 38.; a Crosste cutt saw, 
lOfi. ; a tenant saw, 2s. ; three broad Howes, 7s. ; an old spade, 
Is.; a sword & Bandeleres, 5s.; a fEryinge pan, 3s. 6d.; two 
Sithes, 7s.; 3 Hodgheads & other tubs in ye chambr, 5s.; a 
spitt, 2s. 6d. ; a pcell of Hopps, lOs. ; a little table, 4s.; 3 
Hatchetts, 2 augurs & other old Iron, 8s.; a Chume, 1 
firkin, a cheese presse & 3 old tubbs, 8s.; flower dozen of 
Lasts, 6s.; three stone bottles, 3s. 6d. ; a powderinge tubb, 1 
barrell, one runlett & a pale, 8s. ; AuUs, pinsers & other shop 
tooles, 8s. ; An axe, 3s. 6d. ; a Grindleston, 13s. ; a Cart wheeles 
& Iron hoopes, lli. lOs.; two forkes, 2s.; a Saddle & furni- 
ture, lOs.; a plowe & Irons, 8s.; 2 yoaks, 2 chaines, 1 paire 


of hookes & staple, 18s. ; a Slead, 6s. ; his Wearing Aparrell, 
41i. ; a brasse Kettle, 6s. ; two Iron potts, 13s. ; a great brasse 
Kettle, 21i. ; six trayes, dishes & other lumber, 6s. 6d. ; 3 
pewter dishes, 1 plate, one pint pott, porringer & spoones, 
10s.; one ffether bed, bolster, six pillowes & all things be- 
longinge to itt, 21i. 10s.; a fflock bed & appurtenancs, Hi.; 
Six paire of sheets, 3li. ; 4 boxes & a chaire, 8s.; a match 
lock muskett, 13s. ; Cattle : two oxen, 16 li. ; ffive milch Cowes, 
351i.; ffower steares, 33li.; a mare & Colt, 33li. ; a younge 
horse, 9s. ; a Cow & Calfe, 5li. 10s. ; 3 weanlinge Calves, 31i. ; 
two Eywes, 3li. 10s.; 5 Earn lambs, 2li. 10s.; two swine. Hi. 
10s. ; ffive hives of Bees, 51i. ; a yoimge Colt, 71i. ; one horse, 
lOli.; Indian Come, 61i.; English Come, 61i.; Haye, 61i.; 
total, 2491i. 5s. 8d. 

Ann Partridg testified in the Hampton court 3:8: 1654, 
that this is a true inventory. 

of the estate that are Certaine: To Eichard 

Forth, soli. ; to Mr. Wooster, 131i. 13s. ; to goodman fEowle, 
8li. ; to Nathanell Williams, 4li.; to the Currier, 16s.; total, 
45li. 9s. ; due to be payd out of ye estate to ye ChUderen for 
so much recpt in England, 501i.; payd in debts appeareing 
since ye Inventory was presented to the Court, over & aboue 
■wch she hath received, lOli. 

Essex Co. Prolate Files, Docket 20,681. 

Estate of John Pike, Se. of Salisbuet. 

"In the name of god Amen The last will & testament of 
John Pike senior being sick and Weake in body but of pfcct 
memory, maye 34. 1654. first. I will & bequeath my soule 
vnto god In the lord Jesus Christ & my body to be buried in 
Convenient burieinge place & my worldly goods to be be- 
stowed as foUoweth. first I giue my howse & lande at the 
old towne at Kewbery boath vplande & meddow with my 
privellidge of Comon || at Newbery || vnto my gran Child 
John Pike the son of my eldest son John Pike w*" that parceU 
of my lande at the little Eiver. & In Case the saide John 
Pike doe die without Issue & before he is twenty one yeare old 
then the saide lande shall pass to his Brother & sisters by 
equaU portions & If they f aile then it shall pass to the next 
of kinn. Allsoe I giue that portion of my lande at the new 
towne Caled by the name of the pitt boath vplande & meddow 
vnto my grand Child John Pike the son of my son Eobert 
Pike & In case the saide John Pike die without Issue || or be- 


fore the age of twenty one || the said lande shall pass to his 
sisters & if they faile then it shall pass to the next of kimi 
Allsoe I giue vnto my Daughter Dorothy twenty pounde to 
be equally devided betwixt her & her Children by equall por- 
tions Allsoe I giue to my daughter ann twenty pounde to 
be devided betwixt her & her Children by equall portions. 
Allsoe I giue to my daughter Israeli twenty pounde to be de- 
vided betwixt her & her Chilldren by equall portions Allsoe 
I give to my daughter in law mary the wife of my son John 
f owrty shillings & I giue to her Children Joseph hanna mary 
& ruth each of ||them|| f owrty shillings Allsoe I give vnto 
my daughter in law sara the wife of my son Robert fowrty 
shillings & I giue to her €hilldren sara Dorathye mary & 
Elizabeth || each of them || fowrty shillings, allsoe I giue 
vnto my tenant samuell more the bedsteed that he hath of 

"Allsoe I doe. appoynte my two sons John & Robert to bee 
my executors to see my will pformed & my debts & all Charges 
paide || soe farr as my estate will reach || & the remainder of 
my estate within doare & without doare shall be devided be- 
twixt my two said executors my sons John Pike & Robert Pike 
by equall portions all debts & Charges beinge first discharged 
& paide furthermore my will is that in Case my sons John 
Pike & Robert Pike should Remoue out of the Cuntry with 
theire famillyes after my decease before my saide grande 
Chilldren are of the age of twenty one yeare that tiien it 
shall be in the power of my saide sons John & Robert to dis- 
pose in the waye of sale or otherwise of the saide lande for 
the benefitt of my saide grand Children respectiuely that is 
to saye my son w*'' is the father shall dispose of that lande w"' 
is by me given to his owne Child & soe boath respectiuely" 

John Pike 
his mark 
Witness: Henry Mondey, John R Raffe. 
Proved in Hampton court 3:8: 1654 by Mr. Henry Mon- 
dey and Jno. Ral[f]e. 

Inventory of estate of John Pike sr., deceased May 36, 
1654, taken May 29, 1654, by Mr. Henry Mondy (Mondey), 
JohnRoff (Rolf) and George (his o mark) Goldwire (Gould- 
wire) : His howse & Lande at the old Towne of Newbery, 601i. ; 
his Lande at the new Towne, 601i. ; one yonge horse & one 
mare, a bridle & saddle, 371i. ; 7 Cows & 2 yonge Cattell of 2 
yeare & vantage, 39li. ; one bed & appurtenances, 71i. ; on new 


broad Cloth suite, 3li. 3s. 4d. ; one stuff sute & waseot, 3li. 2s. ; 
one Cloth sute, Hi. 4s.; one Cloth Coate,,21i. 10s.; shirts, 
hankerchers & bands & other linen, 21i. 15s. ; 4 paire of stock- 
inges & 2 hats, Hi. 14s. ; a paire of boots & 2 paire of shooes, 
Hi. 2s. ; 2 paire of gloves & a paire of mittins, 4s. ; one brass 
pan, one warminge pan, one frieinge pan, Hi. 10s. ; one brass 
pott, one brass possnett'. Hi. Is. ; one brand Iron, one and Iron 
6s.; a hatchet, a Cuttinge knife to Cut haye & other smale 
things, 6s. 6d. ; a Chest, a box & other lumber, 16s. ; In Books, 
Hi.; in debts, 71i. ; a Cheese press & som other lumber, 13s.; 
total, 23011. 6s. lOd. 

Jno. Pike and Eobert Pike, executors to John Pike, sr., tes- 
tified in Hampton court 3:8: 1654, that the above is a true 

Essex Co. Prolate Files, Docket 21,893. 

Daniel Henrick of Haverhill with Dorathy his wife, daugh- 
ter of John Pike, acknowledged the receipt of her legacy of 
20li. from her brothers John and Eobert Pike, executors of 
the vrill of her father, John Pike. Signed June 10, 1654. 
Witness : Eobert Clements, Henry Palmer. 

Henry True of Salem with Israeli his wife, daughter of 
John Pike, acknowledged the receipt of her legacy of 201i. 
from her brothers John and Eobert Pike, executors of the will 
of her father, John Pike. Signed May 1, 1655. Acknowl- 
edged May 1, 1655 by Israeli True and 15 : 9 : 1655 by Henry 
True before Tho. Bradbury, commissioner of Salisbury. 

Norfolk Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 36. 

Daniell Hendrick of Haverhill granted to his brother John 
Pike of Kewbury and Eobert Pike of Salisbury, executors of 
the will of his father-in-law, John Pike, all his vpland and 
meadow which belonged to him according to the order of the 
town of Haverhill in the 4th division to be improved for the 
use and benefit of his children, Daniell, John, Jotham, 
Jabez, Israeli, Hannah and Dorathie, and that in considera- 
tion, the legacy of 201i. to be divided between his wife and 
children, according to the will of his father-in-law, John Pike. 
Signed and sealed Mar. 27, 1662. Witness : John Cheney, sr., 
Nathanell Boulter. Norfolk Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 139. 

Estate of Geoege Williams of Salem. 

"The last will and testam* of Georg Williams of salem 
bearing date the 23*" of 7*'' mo anno 1654 I Georg wiUiams 


sick in bodie but of sound memorie blessed be the lord doe 
make this my last will and testam* and dispose of those goods 
god hath giuen me in manner & forme following Item I giue 
and bequeath to marie williams my loving wife my now 
dwelling house w*'' all the land there vnto belonging being 
about foure Acres and three quarters for and during the natu- 
rall life of my said wife and after the decease of my said wife 
my will is that John wiUiams my eldest sonne shall haue 
and enioy the said house and land to him and his heires for- 
euer Item I giue and bequeath to my said wife one third part 
of my estate viz pt land debts honshould goods and OatteU w*"* 
timber and whatsoeuer I now stand possessed in. Item I giue 
and bequeath vnto marie Bishop my daughter the sume of five 
pounds and to her 2 Children five pounds to be divided be- 
twixt them. Item ffor the remain [d]er of my estate vndis- 
posed of I giue and bequeath vnto John Samuell Joseph & 
Georg williams my sonnes and sara & Bethia williams my 
daughter [s] to be diuided to them by equall portions saue 
onlie my daughter sara to haue a double portion in respect 
of her infirmitie aU w"" portions shall be paid at seuerall 
tymes as hereafter exprest viz : to my sonne John williams his 
said portion at the end and expiration of three full yeares 
from the date of these presents and to samueU williams my 
sonne his portion at the end of fife yeares and to Joseph wil- 
liams my sonne his portion to be paid to him at the end of 
seaven yeares and to Georg wiUiams my sonne the portion to 
be paid at the end of ten yeares and for a double portion I 
.giue to my daughter Sara my will is shall be paid present and 
Bethia my daughter her portion it shall be paid when she shall 
aeomplish the age of eighteene Item my will is that marie 
williams my loving wife and John williams my sonne shall 
be my executo" of this my last wiU and testam* and for the 
better pformance herof my will is that my said sonne John 
wiUiams & his mother shall endeuor to bring vp and provide 
for the rest of my Children instructing and teaching tiiem in 
ihe trade I now profess vntill they shaU come to the age of 
twentie and one yeare severaUie and what advance or loss 
shall come to the estate before the tymes of paym* shall ex- 
pire to belong to aU according to their pticular portions and 
further I doe entreate my loving ffrends Thomas watson & 
henerie Skerrie the elder and JefEerie massey to be ouer seers 
of this my said will in witnes of the premises I haue hervnto 
put to my hand the day and yeare aboue written." 

georg williams 


Witness: John Home, Elias Stileman, jr., Thomas Crom- 
well. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 146. 

Proved 29 : 9 : 1654, by the witnesses. Salem Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 3, leaf 81. 

Inventory taken 18: 8: 1654, by Elias Stileman, jr., and 
Eiehard Bishop: One house & out buildiags wth 4 acres of 
land at the house, halfe an acre of it in orchard, 401i. ; 10 
acres of planting Land, 51i. ; 3 acres & Quarter of meadow, 
12li.j 3 Steeres, 3 yeers & vantage, llli.; 3 Cowes, 121i.; 3 
yeerlings, 6li. ; 1 Geilding, 121i. ; halfe a Mare & halfe a maire 
fole, lllL; 3 Ewe Sheepe, 61i.; 5 Ewe Lambes, 61i. 5s.; 1 
wether & 2 Lambes, Hi. 15s. ; 2 hoggs, 3li. ; 10 Bush, ould In- 
dian Come, lli. 10s. ; 2 Bush, of Wheate, 9s. ; 1 1-2 Bush. 
Mault, 7s. 6d. ; 1 1-2 Bush, pease, 6s. ; 40 Bush. New Indian 
Come, 5li.; 14li. of white suger, 14s.; 3 yd. 1-4 brodcloth, 
21i. 12s. 6d. ; 1 yd. 1-2 brodcloth, lli. 7s. ; 2 yds. 3-4 of double 
shagg, 19s. 3d.; 3 yds. 3-4 of yellow Cotton, lis. 3d.; 6 yds. 

of , 21i. 2s.; 6 yds. 3-4 of Shagg, lli. 2s. 9d.; 12 yds. 3-4 

of Cotten cloth, lli. 18s. 3d.; 20 yds. of Sayle Canvas, 2li.J 
3 1-2 yds. Linsie Woolsie, 12s. 3d. ; 2 3-4 yds. of Wt. Cotten, 
5s. lid.; 1 yd. 1-2 of penneston, 5s.; 4 pr. New shoes, 16s.; 
1 sute of clothes Cersey, 21i.; 1 sute & cloke of Searge, 21i. 
10s.; 1 Stuff Coate, 15s.; 4 yds. 1-2 pennestone, 18s.; 1 pr. 
of breeches, 12s.; 4 yds. Lockrum, 8s.; 1 cloth cloake, lU. 
10s. ; 1 wastcote, 2s. 6d. ; 2 Jaeketts & a pr. of drawers, 10s. ; 

1 hatt, 12s.; 3 pr. Stockings, 8s.; 2 pr. Shoes, 7s.; 2 chests 
& 1 tnmke, lli. 2s.; 1 chest & box, 8s.; In money, 5li. ; 1 
feather bed & boulster & 2 pillowes, 141i. ; 1 matt. Is.; 3 
blanketts, lli. 12s. ; 1 Greene Eugg, lli. 10s. ; 1 bedsted, lli. ; 
3 Curtains, 6s. ; 1 feather bed, boulster & 4 pillowes, 31i. 5s. ; 

2 ould blanketts & rugg, lli. ; 1 trundle bed matt & Cord, 3s. ; 
1 fioekbed, 12s. ; 1 feather boulster, 10s. ; 1 boulster of wooll, 
15s.; 3 blanketts, one Coverlett, 2li. 5s.; 1 Cotten blankett, 
12s. ; 1 pr. Cotten drawers, 4s. ; 1 halfe heded bedsted & matt, 
10s. ; 1 bedtick & boulster, 12s. ; 2 blanketts & 2 ould Cover- 
letts, lli. 5s. ; 1 ould bedsteed, 2s. ; 1 yd. 3-4 of Linsiwoolsie, 
6s. ; 1 yd. 3-4 barbers stuff, 5s. ; 1 dieper bourd cloth, 16s. ; 1 
holland tablecloth, 8s. ; 3 dieper napkins, 4s. 6d. ; 4 napkins, 
3s.; 1 pr. holland sheetes, 2li.; 6 pillowbears, 18s.; 1 pr. 
sheetes very ould, 4s.; 1 pr. sheetes, 10s.; 1 pr. Cotten 
sheetes, lli. 4s. ; 3 halfe sheetes ould, 4s. ; 2 small bord clothes 
& 8 towells, lis.; 2 pr. ould sheetes, 12s.; 1 pr. sheetes. Hi.; 
5 shirts, lli. 10s.; 1 Court Cubberd, 16s.; 1 table & forme. 


16s.; 1 chaire table, 8s.; 6 chaires, 8s.; Hi. powder, 3s.; 10 
pewter dishes, 2li. 5s.; 2 greater & 2 lesser basons, 10s.; in 
other pewter potts & old platters, 6s. ; Lisboume waire, 4s. ; 
In hay, 41i.; 2 pailes, 18s.; In Cooper's timber, 61i. 10s.; 1 
Copper Kettle, 21i. 10s. ; 1 Copper Cettle, 16s. ; 1 Brass Cettle, 
4s. ; 1 Warming pan, Ts. 6d. ; 1 Iron pott, 6s. ; 1 Iron pott, 
3s. ; 1 Skillett, 2s. 6d. ; 1 frying pann. Is. 6d. ; 1 pr. Andirons, 
5s.; 1 Gridiron, 3s.; fire pan & tongs, 3s.; 1 pitt, 2s.; pott 
hanger & pot hookes, 5s.; a Ladle, 6d. ; hourglass, 12d.; 2 
sieves, 2s., 3s. 6d. ; 1 pr. biUowes, 2s. 6d. ; 1 bible, 4s. ; psahn 
book, 12d., 5s.; 1 muskett, bandeliers & Sword, Hi.; 1 doz. 
trenchers, 8d. ; 2 yds. of searge. Hi. 10s. ; buttons & Silk, 16s. ; 
a Eemnant of Staff, 2s. ; 1 pr. Stockings, 2s. ; 1 wastcote, 4s. 
6d. ; 1 doz. bands, 6s. ; Silk Gotten ribind, 2s. ; thrid, 4s. ; Lace 
& FUletten, 2s.; a peece of Leather, 3s.; 3 axes, 6s., & 3 
Cooper's axes, 12s. ; 3 f rowes, 5s., a hattchett & bill, 2s., 7s. ; 
2 Spaids, 3s., 4 addses, 15s. ; 8 Drawing Knives, 10s. ; 2 aug- 
ers & bung borer, 2s. ; 3 pr. Compasses, 3s. ; 2 Bound shaves 
& an old adds, 3s.; 1 handsaw, 12d., 2 thwart Sawes, 10s., 
lis. ; 3 howells, 3s., a sithe, 18d., 4s. ; 6 ould howes, 4s. ; percer 
bitts. Is. 6d. ; 2 Joynters, 4s. ; Trussing hoopes, 2s. ; 2 Cresses, 
2s. 6d.; 2 Cressetts, 5s.; a grindstone, 2s.; 100 hewed staves, 
5s.; a skiff, 3li. 10s.; severall wood & earth vessells & other 
Lumber or utensells, 2li. 10s. ; In bords & wheate that should 
have been for the Kaite, Hi. 18s.; debts owing to the estate 
if good & not desperat, 871i. 8s. ; total, 326li. lis. The estate 
debtor to severall men, 511i. 10s. ^d. Essex Co. Quarterly 
Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 146. 

Joseph Williams and Georg Williams, sons of George Wil- 
liams, late of Salem, deceased, ordered 1 : 10 : 1654, to dwell 
with their brother, John Williams, after the manner of ap- 
prentices, until they are twenty-one, and be taught the trade 
of a cooper according to their father's will. Bethiah, the 
daughter of the deceased, to be given into the hands of some 
good service or family where she would be well educated. 
Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 3, leaf 83. 

Isaacke Estye's servant, Joseph Williams, ran away from 
him, and thereby damaged him. The court 2: 10: 1658, 
ordered that the portion of said Williams' estate in the hands 
of Jeffrey Masseye, Tho. Wattson or Henry Skerry, trustees, 
be kept by them until the court take further order. Salem 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 28. 

the pkobatb eeooeds of essex ooxtnty. 199 

Estate op Maey Williams of Salem. 

"The last will and testam* of Marie williams of Salem 
widow bearing date the first day of the 8^ month Anno 1654 
I marie williams sick in bodie but of sound memorie praised 
be the lord doe make this my last will and testam* ia manner 
and forme following viz : Impr that wheras my late husband 
Georg wiUiams deceased by his last will and testam* did giue 
and bequeath vnto me besyds his dwelling housse & a Cer- 
taine portain of land during my naturall life & one one 
third pt of all the rest of his estate he died possessed in & 
out of w* third part I giue to Sara williams my daughter 
one halfe of the afEorsaid third pt to be unproved by the 
ouersyght of Thomas watson henerie skerrie and Jefferie 
massey or any twoo of them for the vse and behove of the 
said Sara. Itm I giue and bequeath to marie Bishop my 
daughter the sume of five pounds. 

"Itm I giue vnto Samuell williams my sonne five pound 
Itm. I giue and bequeath to Joseph wiUiams and Georg 
wUliams my sonnes and to bethia williams my daughter the 
remainder of my estate to be improued for the vse and behove 
of the said Joseph Georg & Bethia by the ifaithfullness and 
discretion of the aforesaid watson Skerie & masey vntill 
Joseph & Georg shall acomplish the ag of twentie and one 
yeares seuerallie and vntiU the said Bethia shall acomplish 
the age of eighteene or be otherwise disposed of in marriag. 
Itm for my wearing apareU it is my will that for all my 
wooUen Clothes the shalbe equallie diuided betwixt marie 
Bishop and sara williams my twoo daughters and for my 
linens they to be diuided betwixt the said marie & sara wil-! 
liams and Bethia williams my daughters by equall portions 
in witnes of this my present will I haue hervnto put my 
hand the day and yeare aboue written." 

her mark 
marie (|) williams 

Witness : Eichard Bishop, Thomas Eobins. 

Essex Co. Qtiarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 148. 

Proved 29 : 9 : 1654 by the witnesses. 

The executors were Jeffery Massy, Henry Skerry, sr., and 
Thomas Watson, though named overseers. Salem Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 3, leaf 81. 

Inventory of the estate of Mary Williams, widow of George 
Williams, taken 17 : 9 : 1654, by Elias Stileman, jr., and Eich- 
ard Bishop : One Cloth goune, 31i. 10s. ; 1 Searge Goune, 21i. 


lOs. ; 1 red pettecote & wastcote doub. baise, 2li. ; 1 red searge 
pettecote, 21i. 15s.; 1 doub. Shagg pettecote, 16s.; 1 Linsie- 
woolsie pettecote, 10s.; 1 Searge pettecote, 7s.; 1 cloake, Hi. 
4s.; 1 hood, 3s. 6d.; 1 tafetie Scarfe, 6s.; 1 demycaster. Hi. 
2s.; 1 felt hatt, 13s.; 1 pr. stockings, 3s.; 1 pr. Stockings, 
13d., 4s.; 1 Searge Apron, 5s.; 1 Say Apron, 10s.; 1 Say 
Apron, 6s.; 3 blu aprons, 6s., 1 Apron, 13d., ^s.; 1 white 
demytie wastcote, 9s. ; 1 Sleasie Apron, 8s. ; 1 dowlass Apron, 
5s.; 1 Silk Hood, 5s.; 3 fine hoUand hancherchers, 10s.; 2 
hankerchers, 6s.; 1 Lawne hankercher, 5s.; 3 hanJkerchers, 
3s. ; 3 wt. hoods, 7s. ; 5 forhead clothes, 7s. ; 3 pr. hand cufEs, 
Is.; 3 pr. gloves, 7s.; 1 wt. Gotten Wastcote, 4s.; 3 Shifts, 
13s., 1 shift, 3s., 15s.; 1 pr. shoes, 3s. 6d.; 6 neckclothes, 6s. j 
the 1-3 of goods giuen by wiU of her husband Georg Williams, 
791i. 14s. 7 l-4d. ; the 1-3 of debts owing to her sd. husband's 
estate, 391i. 3s. l-4d.; total, 13111. 3s. 3 l-3d. One third of 
debts to be payed out of the estate, 17 li. 3s. 6 l-4d. Essex 
Co. Quarterly Court Piles, vol. 3, leaf 148. 

Estate of Mrs. Elizabeth Hakdt of Salem. 

Will of widow Elizabeth Hardy proved 1 : 10 : 1654 by Mr. 
Bdm. Batter and Nathaniell Pickman; but the will was de- 
fective for want of executors. Court appointed her son, 
Joseph Hardy, and Eoger Haskall, administrators. Inven- 
tory brought in. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 3, 
leaf 83. 

Inventory of the estate of widow Elizabeth Hardie of Sa- 
lem, deceased, taken 11 : 9 : 1654, by William Dodge and Wil- 
liam : A certain purchase of house and land late in 

the possession of Mr. Garva:se Gafford, 40li. ; a dwelling house 
in the towne with 3 acres of land thereunto belonging, 401i. ; 
a ten acre lott in the south field, lOli. ; a Joynd bedsteed, Hi. 
10s. ; a wenescot Chest & a sea chest, lli. ; table wth frame & a 
forme, lli. 6s. ; 4 pewter platters, 1 drinking bole & 1 Candle- 
stick, 13s. ; 1 ould warming pan, 5s. ; 3 Iron pots & 2 payr of 
pot hookes, lli. 5s. ; 1 Cheyney bason, Is. 8d. ; 4 pewter dishes, 
a salt and a bole, 13s.; 1 brass malter, 5s.; 1 musket & 3 
swords, all rustic, 12s. ; 3 Cuissons, 6s. ; 1 Carpett Cloth, 8s. ; 
3 Cheares, 10s. ; 1 pillow beere, 3s. ; 1 Cheese press, 3s. ; 2 hakes 
and 2 hookes, 5s.; 3 hand Irons, 1 spitt & 1 ould gridiron, 
10s.; 3 litle tables, 1 form and a setle, 10s.; 1 grindlestone, 
4s. ; 12 bushells of Indian Come, lli. 12s. ; 3 Iron spads, 38. ; 


1 Come sive, Is. ; 1 ould bed CoTerin, 1 blanket and 1 winow- 
ing sheete, 12s.; 1 litle brass pot, 2 skellets, lis.; 2 bushells 
of wheate, 10s.; 8 Ewe sheepe, 121i.; 1 Earn lamb, 1 weder 
lambe. Hi. ; 1 Calfe, Hi. ; 4 Cowes, 1 steere, Slli. 13s. 4d. ; 1 
Feather bed, 1 pillow, 2 blankets, 1 Eugg, 41i. 10s.; 2 yards 
1-3 Coten & wooU mixt Cloth & 3 Cuissons, IBs.; 1 sett of 
Cortaines & vallanee, lli.; 1 Cloke, 1 peticote, 1 wascote & 1 
hood, 31i. 10s.; 3 sheets, 18s.; 3 pillow beeres, 10s.; 1 table 
Cloth, 1 Napkin, 4 handkerch, 13s. 6d.; 2 Cappes, 1 Cros- 
cloth, 1 linen apron, lis.; total, 15111. 9s. 3d.; debts, lOli. 
9s. 2d. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 2, leaf 149. 

Estate of Mrs. Abigail Aveeill of Ipswich. 

Administration on the estate of AbigaiLl Averill, intestate, 
granted Mar. 37, 1655, to her son, William Averill. Eldest 
son to have a double portion, and the rest of the children a 
single portion. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, 
page 49. 

Inventory of estate of Abigial Averell, widow and execu- 
trix of William Averell, now deceased, taken by Andrew 
Hodges and Eeienold Poster : the house lott and house, 131i. ; 
the six acer lot att muddy Eiver, 4li. ; the pequett lott 7 acers, 
6li. ; six acers of meddow, 5li. ; a steer 4 yeer ould, 5li. 10s. ; a 
cow and a haifer, 81i. 10s. ; a yeer ould steer an vantage, 3li. ; 
a yeer ould haifer an vantage, 21i.; a calfe, lli. 4s.; swine, 
lli. 15s.; aleven fowles, 8s.; an Iron pott, Hi.; an Iron ket- 
tle, 3s. 6d.; frying pan, 3s.; brase skillitt, 3s. 6d.; brase 
fumes, lli. ; brase kettle, 5s. ; warming pan, 3s. 6d. ; smooth- 
ing Iron, 8d.; brase pan, Ys.; meaU trofe, 2s.; two ould 
paills, 2s.; a ould halfe bushell, 6d. ; bar of iron, 2s.; pair 
of tonges. Is. ; drawing shave. Is. ; fier slice, 4d. ; gridiron. Is. 
6d. ; pair of pott hooks, 8d. ; lampe, 2s. and two tramilles, 2s., 
4s. ; hour glase, Is. ; cosslett, 14s. ; bar of Iron, Is. 6d. ; spitt, 
3s. ; brasse kettle, 2s. ; a pair of nippers and a reaping hook. 
Is. ; pair of scales and a pound waight, 2s. ; hough. Is. 6d. ; 
four pewter platters, 10s. ; two sives, Is. 6d. ; flagon, 2s. 6d. ; 
Sum ould pewter, Is. 6d. ; four earthen vessells, Is. ; bible, 5s. ; 
an ould bible and two other bookes, 5s.; linin wheel, 3s.; 
mortising axe," 2s, a pair of tow cards. Is.; hatt bruish, 6d.; 
a few ould tubbes, 2s. ; pine cheast, 6s. ; an oke Cheast, 3s. 6d. ; 
a box. Is. 6d. ; bouster filled wth flockes, 3s. ; another bouster, 
2s.; 3 pillowes, 12s.; f ether boulster, 6s.; the f ethers of an- 


other, 4s.; one pair of sheets, 10s.; one sheet, 58.; a father 
bed, Hi. 10s. ; two blankets, 9s. ; a cotten blanket, 5s. ; a cov- 
erlid, 10s.; two OTild pillows, 2s.; 3 eurtens and valens, lli.; 
a cuishens. Is. 6d. ; a pair of shooes. Is. 8d. ; a pair of stock- 
ings. Is. ; a table doth, 2s. 6d. ; Eed cote, lU. ; an ould stufe 
cote, 4s. ; another cloth cote, 10s. ; a gound, lli. 10s. ; a wast- 
cote, 10s.; sum other onld cloths, 5s.; a say apron, Ss. 6d.; 
a cloeke, 8s.; a whood, 5s.; dublet, 9s.; caster hatt. Hi.; an 
onld hatt, 2s. ; white apron, 4s. ; two holand handcarchifs, 4s. ; 
an ould holand hancarchife. Is.; two calico handcarchifs. 
Is. 6d.; 5 croscloths and a mufler, 5s.; 4 cowes. Is. 4d.; a 
baig, Is.; cote, 4s. 6d.; hatt, 2s. 6d.; pewtter pott. Is. 6d.; 
cheafeing dish. Is. ; an ould tunill with a spindle and a peece 
of ould linin, 6d.; eighteen bushells and a halfe and halfe a 
pecke of wheat at 4s. 6d. the bushell, 4Ii. 3s. 9d.; 80 foote 
of boerd, 4s. 6d.; a hammer, 6d.; 90 foot of ould plainks, 
4s. 6d.; 22 bush, and halfe of indian corn att 2s. 8d. the 
bushell, 3li.; a hogshead, a wedg an a beetle Ring, 4s.; 9 
pound of butter, 4s. 6d.; total, 771i. 48. lid. What shee 
ougheth, 131i. A frame raysed & something done to it to 
be consd. whether it be the estate of the widdows or otherwise. 
WiUiam Averill testified in Ipswich court, 27: 1: 1655, 
that the above is a true inventory. Essex Co. Prolate Files, 
Docket 1,025. 

Estate of Heney Smith of Eowley. 

Administration on the estate of Henry Smith granted Mar. 
27, 1655 to Maxemillion Jewett and Prances Parrett, and 
they to dispose of the children for the present. Ipswich 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 49. 

The deacons of Rowley, administrators of the estate brought 
in an inventory of 8li., Mar. 25, 1656. It was apportioned to 
the two children, who were to be disposed of and cared for by 
them. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 54. 

Inventory of the goods of Henry Smith of Eowley, deceased, 
taken 1: 16: 1654-5, by Richard Swan and John Smith: 
One sow. Hi.; one muskett wth worme & scourer, lis.; one 
sith wth nibs & hoope, 3s. 6d. ; one little Chest, 3s. 6d. ; one 
grate, 2d.; one paire of shooes, 4s. 4d.; one Chest, 3s.; one 
kettle, 9s.; one bagge, 2s. 6d.; ten yards & a quarter" of Course 
Cloath, 15s. 4d.; one reddish Coverlett, 3s. 6d.; one blueish 
Coverlett, 3s.; in wearing Cloathes, 15s. 6d. ; thre Pillowes 


and a short Cloake, 15s.; one dublett, 7s. 6d.; one pott, 3s.; 
one feather bed and Pillows, 3li. 5s.; one grid Iron, 2b.; one 
forme, 8d. ; eight pounds & an halfe of bacon, 4s. 3d. ; f oure 
pounds and an halfe of puter, 4s. 6d. ; one skellet, 6s. ; a paire 
of pepper quames. Is. ; one sieve and a bottle, 3s. ; one Chume, 
2s.; a paire of bandiliere, Is. 3d.; a sword & belt, 4s.; one 
spade, 2s.; a salt, 3d.; hempe seed, 8d. ; one hatt, 5s.; one 
paire of forke tines, 4d. ; one fire pan, 6d. ; one fire pan, Is. ; 
one dragge, lOd. ; one paire of old bootes, Is. 8d.; one how, 
Is. 4d.; one How, Is.; one wast Coate, Is, 6d. ; one paire of 
sissars, 2d.; for a tramell & other things, 2s. 8d. ; for sith 
Hoopes, 8d. ; for Gunpowder, Is. 6d. ; for a peeee of an old 
Trunke, 6d. ; for a heifer, 31i. ; for Barly, Is. 6d. ; one knife, 
4d. ; one Axe, 2s. 6d. ; one Lock, lOd. ; thre Chickins, 2s.; a 
paire of bullett moulds. Is. 6d. ; one Harrow tooth, 3d. ; total, 
14li. 3s. Debts owing: To Joseph Jewet, 2li. 3s. 3d.; Eich- 
ard Swan, 7s. 6d. ; Edward Hassen, 5s. ; Thomas Burkby, 3s. 
4d. ; John Smith, 2s. 6d. ; Mr. Ezekiell Sogers, 4s.; John 
Dresser, 4s. 6d.; John Bointon, 4s. 4d.; Thomas Dickinson, 
3s. 8d. ; Daniell Eoffe, 4s. 3d. ; John Pearson, 2s. 6d. ; William 
Acy, 3s.; Maximilian Jewet, 12s. 6d. ; Nicholas Jackson, 6s. 
8d. ; Benjamin Scott, Hi. 4s, ; total, 5li. lis. Essex Co. Quar- 
terly Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 48. 

Estate op Mrs. Alice Waed op Ipswich. 

"Joanah Smith the wife Thomas Smith Elizabeth Perkins 
wife of Jacob Perkins & Jane Jordon wife to ffrances Jordon 
Testifie that Alice Ward widdow vpon hir death bed being of 
pfect memory did commit Sarah Ward hir daughter ia Law 
vnto John Baker & Elizabeth his wife the sayd Sarah ward & 
hir estate to bring vp the sayd child in the f eare of god and 
gaue vnto the sd Elizabeth Baker hir keyes & desired hir to 
take of all & to discharge hir debts." 

Proved in Ipswich court 27 : 1 : 1655. Essex Co. Quarterly 
Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 9. 

Inventory of the estate of widow Alice Ward of Ipswich 
taken 23 : 11 : 1654, by Kobert Lord and John Warner: The 
house & groimd about one acre, 16li. ; one flocbed, Hi, 68.; 
one fether boulster & 4 pillows, lli. 12s. ; one haire bed, 10s. ; 
an ould rug, an ould coverlet & a blanket, lli. ; a halfe headed 
bed, trundle bed, mat & cord, 14s. ; a peack of hempeseed & 
the bag, Is. 8d. ; a little bras candellstick & 6 spoones, 2s. 8d. ; 


ould pewter, 4s. ; 2 gaily dishes & a lattin puding pan, 3s. ; a 
morter & pestle, 4s. 6d. ; a smotheing Iron & 2 heats, 4s. ; 1 
doozen of trenchers, 8d. ; in earthen ware, 4s. ; greene ginger, 
6d.; 3 Iron pots, 1 frieing pan & a skillet, IH.; a tramell, 
pothookes & slice, 4s.; 3 runlets, 5s.; a pondering tub with 
porke in it, 10s. ; a botle & other lumber, 4s. 6d. ; a pote with 
butter in it, 3s. 6d. ; a watter paile. Is. ; 3 chaires, a litle table, 
a forme & 2 stooles, 5s.; two spoones, 4 dishes, a ladell & 3 
sives, 2s.; 2 hogsheads, 4s.; 8 bushells of come. Hi. Is. 4d.; 
wheate & a bag, 5s. & 2 baggs. Is., 6s. ; a meale trough & meale 
in it, 78. 6d.; an axe & a broad how, 5s. 6d.; a wedge and a 
psell of hempe & flax, 3s, 3d. ; a stufe gowne, red petecote & 
cloth wastcoat, 21i. 10s.; an ould stufe wastcoat & red pety- 
coat, 16s.; 3 blanketts, 4s. 6d.; 3 old greene aprins, 6s.; 2 
hatts, 16s. ; a chest & 3 boxes, lOe. ; 4 old aprins, 6s. ; 2 sheetes, 
8s.; 3 shifts, 4s. 6d.; tape blading, 3s.; pins & needles & 
thred, 2s.; hir weareing lenen. Hi.; childbed lenen. Hi. 2s.; 
suger 41i., 3s. ; sope, 41i., 2s. ; 3 glases. Is. 6d. ; 1 houre glass. 
Is. ; 2 blankets, 5s. 6d. ; suet & talow, 3li., Is. ; pr. stockings, Is. 
6d. ; ould lenen, 3s. 4d. ; Cokes & henes, 3s. 6d. ; wood and a 
troft and pales, 3s. ; a standing stole, 3s. Id. ; total, 37li. 14s. 
lid. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 9. 

Estate of Nathaniel Meeeill of Newbtjey. 

"Witnes by these psents that I Nathaniell MerriU of 
Newbiiry in the Countie of Essex being sicke of body but 
through gods mercy of perfect memory I do here make my 
last will and testament, I first bequeath my soule into the 
hands of my blessed Eedeemer with an assured hope of a joy- 
full resurection, and my body when it shall please the lord to 
take me out of this fraile life to bee buryed in the burying 
place of Newbury, and for my worldly goods I giue and dis- 
pose of as foUoweth Imp' I giue and bequeath vnto susanna 
my wife fine akers of plowable land lying next my brother 
Johns land and halfe the marsh dureing her naturall life and 
a cow and three heifers and all my household goods. And out 
of this estat so giuen to my wife I giue and bequeath vnto my 
daughter Susanna flue pounds when she shalbe at the age of 
twenty yeares then I giue and bequeath vnto my Son NaSian- 
ieU (whom I appoint as my true and lawfuU heire) aU my 
land and freehold after my wiues decease, and all the working 
tooles & Implements of husbandry and all the cattell and 
stocke besids And out of this stocke I appoint that my Son 


Nathaniell shall pay theise legacyes as foUoweth, that is I 
giue vnto my son John when he shalbee of the age of two and 
twenty yeers the summe of fine pounds, And also I giue and 
bequeath vnto my Son Abraham at the age of two and twenty 
years fine pounds, And I giue and bequeath vnto my sonne 
DanieU also at the age of one and twenty years fiue pound 
and I giue and bequeath to my Son'Abell fiue pounds also at 
the age of one and twenty years, And I appoint my Son Na- 
thaniell to be my sole executor and all my debts & funerall 
rites being discharged I appoint him to haue all the rest of 
my goods & chattels vndisposed and I desire my brother John 
merill and Anthony somerby to be the ouerseers of this my 
last will & testament In witnesse whereof I haue set my 
hand march the eight in the yeare one thousand six hundred 
fifty foure but if gods puidence should by losses & crosses 
||vpon y^ estate! more than ordinary: then proportionobly to 
be abated in the legacyes" 

his mark 
Nathaniell n n mernll. 

Witness: Eichard Knight, Anthony Somerby, John mer- 

Proved Mar. 27, 1655 by John Merrill and Anthony Som- 

Inventory of the estate of Kathaniell MerrUl of Newbury, 
who deceased Mar. 16, 1654-5, taken Mar. 23, 1654-5, by 
Daniel! (his D mark) Thurston, Eichard Knight and Arch- 
elans Woodman : Ten akers of upland and thre akers of marsh 
with the previledge of a frehold or commonage, 30li. ; one 
cow and a calfe, 4li. 15s.; three heifers of three yeare old & 

2 calves, 121i. 10s. ; two. steers of two yeare old & two heifers, 
llli. ; three yeareUngs, 41i. ; one old cart & wheeles and sled and 
an old harow. Hi. ; 2 spades, a mattock, a beetle, 4 wedges, a 
crosscut & a handsaw & 4 axes and 4 hooes, 21L. ; 3 old tubs, 
a fanne, an Iron staple & ring & 2 prongs & shoveU, 10s. ; his 
weareing apparell, 2li. ; ten busheUs of malt & barly, 5 busheUs 
of wheate & nine bushels of rye & about 35 busheUs of In- 
dian come, lOH. 16s. ; two muskets and 2 swords with match 
& powder, 2li.; oats & pease, 10s.; sixe small swyne, 31i.; 2 
flock beds & bolsters & 2 paire of sheets old, 4li. ; 2 old ketles, 

3 skillets & a smal braspot & Iron pot. Hi. 10s. ; an old warm- 
ing pan, fire shovell, grid Iron, tongs, & other small Iron 
things & a spitt, 12s.; 4 small pewter dishes & a skimmer, 
dishes & spoones, 12s. ; a truckle bedsted, 2 buckets and a pr. 


of cottrells, 10s. ; a small cart rope & halfe bushell & a peeke, 
5s.; a small cubberd & 3 chests, 16s.; one drinke vessel, 2 
wheels, one powdring tub, ten milke trayes & 3 cheesfats, 21i. ; 
total, 841i. 6s.; his debts for Eent due to Mr. Cutting, 5li.; 
in small debts, 3li. 

Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 10. 

Estate op Thomas Mighill of Eowley. 

"The last Will & Testament of Thomas Mighill of Eowley 
I Thomas Mighill being sicke in body but of pfect memory 
(blessed be God) doe constitute & appoint this my last Will 
& testament in maner & forme as fEoUoweth. Imp' I giue 
& bequeath my soule to God that gaue it in comfortable 
assurance of a gloryous resurrection at that day, & my body 
to be interred in the Comon burying place of Eowley afore- 
said. Ite my will is that all debts be first discharged & all 
necessary expences for my decent & Comely buryalL Ite I 
giue to my loueing wife Ann Mighill one hundred and ten 
pounds. Ite I giue to my Son Samuell Mighill seauenty 
pounds to be paid vnto him w*''in one halfe yeare after the 
date hereof. Ite I giue to John Mighill eighteene pounds 
part whereof my Will is shall be paid vnto him out of my in- 
heritance at the place Comonly called the Village, the rest of 
it w^in one yeare, & seauenteene pounds more three yeares 
after the day of the date hereof: Prouided his Cariage be 
such dureing that whole time as giue sattisfaction to the 
Eev* Elders of this Church of Eowley m' Bzekiell Eogers m' 
Samuell Philips m"^ Humfrey Eeyner mathew Boyes max- 
milian Jewet & ffrancis Parrot or the suruiueing of them. 
Ite I giue to my Son Thomas mighill thirty pounds & a young 
black mare that comes three yeares old to be paid into my Son 
Samuells hand w^in two yeares after my death & my will is 
that it be expended on him towards his bringing up in learn- 
ing, or otherwise if the abouesaid Elders & brethren Judge 
meete. And my Will fEurther is concer[n]ing my abousaid 
Son John mighill that if his Course & caryage be such at the 
end of the aforesaid three yeares that the aforesaid Elders & 
Brethren doe not Judge meete that he should haue the said 
seauenteene pounds abouesaid that then it shall be equally 
diuided betwixt my two Sons Samuell & Thomas mighill & 
my wUl further concerning the Legacy bequeathed to my Son 
Thomas mighill is that vpon payment of it into my Son Sam- 
uells hand as abouesaid his acquittance shall be a full dis- 


charge to my Executour & in case my said son Thomas dy 
before he haue fully compleated the age of twenty one yearea 
his portio shall faU half e of it to my Son Samuell & the other 
half e of it to my Son Samuell or John as the aforesaid Eeuer- 
end Elders & Brethren or the suruiueing of them shall Judge 
meete. Ite I giue to my Son Ezekiell mighill thirty flue 
pounds. Ite I giue & bequeath to my Son Nathaniell mighill 
thirty fiue pounds. Ite I giue to my Son Stephen mighill 
thirty fiue pounds w"'' three said last Legacyes my will is 
shall be paid vnto my three said last sons when they shall be 
twenty one yeares of age. Ite I giue to my daughter 
mary mighill thirty fiue pounds to be paid to her at the age 
of twenty one yeares or at the day of her maryage w^'' of 
them shall first be. & in case my wife be w*"* Child I bequeath 
thirty fiue pounds to it And in case any of the last mentioned 
foure or fiue Children dy before the age of twenty one yeares 
my will is that their portion or portions shall be equally diu- 
ided amongst the rest of them; saue only that in Case my 
said daughter Mary shall mary & after dy before the age of 
twenty one yeares my will is not that it be repaid againe. 
And in case my wife desire it my WUl is that these last 
Legacyes bequeathed to my younger Children w"** I had by 
her be set out for them & shee my said wife to haue the bene- 
fitt of them for their education tiU the age of twenty one 
yeares. Ite I giue to my sister Ann Tenny one pound. Ite 
to ffaith Parrot Senior one pound. Ite to the use of the 
Church of Eowley one pound ten shillings. & in case my 
estate doe amoimt to || more || then the discharge of the afore- 
said debts expences & Legacyes upon Just apprizall my will 
is that the ouer plus shall be proportionably diuided amongst 
my wife and all my Children according to their seuerall dis- 
proportions. & lastly I Constitute & appoint my deare & 
loueing wife Ann mighill as my sole executrix of this my 
last wiU & Testament. Hand I|| desire & appoint my trusiy 
& beloued ffriends & Brethren m' Humfrey Eeyner Mathew 
Boyes maximilian Jewet & ffrancis Parrat as ouerseers their 
unto. In witnes here of I haue here unto set my hand this 
ll** of June 1654. 

"Before the signing of this my last will & testament I the 
said Thomas mighill haue and doe by these presents further 
giue to my wife Ann mighill one ewe to my son Samuell one 
third pt of my Come growing at my ffarme at the Pen and 
one third pt of my Come at my lott in the northeast fBeld 


containeing about six Acres I also giue to my daughter mary 
mighill one Ewe." 

Thomas Mighill 

Witness : Humfrey Eeyner, Mathew Boyes, fErancis Parrat, 
Maxi: Jewet, John Harris. 

Proved in Ipswich court 27 : 1 : 1655 by MaxemiUian Jew- 
itt and ffrances Parret. 

Inventory taken June 24, 1654, by Maximilian (his I 
mark) Jewet, Mathew Boyes and SamueU Brockelbanke : 
his purse and apparell, 71i. 5s. 6d.; foure paire of sheets, 
2li. ; 5 pillow beares, 13 napkins, one table cloath, lli. 
8s. 6d.; one Carpett, 10s.; two Curtans, 3s.; bookes, 
18s.; two Childs mantles, lli. 5s.; Puter, lli. 10s.; one 
bedstead & bedding, 51i. 5 s.; bedding in one Chamber, 
31i. 13s.; woole and spining, 3li. 10s. 8d.; Corne, meale 
& mault, 3li. 4s.; baggs, 13s.; haire sieves and other 
sieves, 5s. 8d. ; Corne measures & old tubs, 6s. ; Iron tooles 
in the Chamber, lli. 12s.; bacon, 5s.; Iron Potts, kettles, a 
warming pan wth other VtinsiUs, 21i. 10s. ; Tubbs, trayes & 
other wooden ware, lli. 12s.; Sawes, Gallow balke & other 
Vtinsells, lli. 2s.; a Table & forme, lli.; a Boxe, Trunke, 
Wheele & other things, 18s.; 6 Cushins, 9s.; a Cupboard & 
a Cushin, 5s.; 5 Chaires, 4s.; one muskett, sword & Bandi- 
liers, 2li. 3s. ; one breaking up plow wth her Irons, lU. 28. ; 
3 other Plowes & their Irons, lli. Is.; 3 Chaines, 2 bolts & 
shackells, 16s.; 3 yoakes & tyre for another, 10s. 6d.; axes, 
spade, dung forkes & other VtinsiUs, 17s. ; a Cart rope, 2s. ; a 
dung Cart & wheeles & a slead, lli. 10s.; 6 oxen, 421i.; 5 
Cowes, 231i. 5s. ; the third pt of a mare, 6li. ; one Gray mare, 
161i.; Swine, 81i. 10s.; one bedstead & bedding, lli. 10s.; 
sheepe, 191i. 10s.; one bull & a steare, lOli.; 4 two yearing 
Cattle & one 3 yeare old, 14li. 10s.; 2 yearing Calves, 3li. 
lOs. ; the dwelling house, bame & oarchard, 591i. ; the kilne 
wth the Utinsills their to belonging, the kilne yard & Crop 
their on, 40li.; Arrable Groimd at home, 7 Acres and an 
halfe, 371i. 10s. ; 4 Acres & an half e in the Lott on the right 
hand Ipswish way, 201i. 5s.; 3 Acres in the Lott on the left 
hand Ipswish way, 131i. 10s.; 12 Acres in the Northeast 
ffield, 39li. ; 3 Acres of meadow in Satchells, 9li. ; 18 Acres of 
Eongh & Salt meadow at the Cowbridge, 381i. ; 2 Acres of 
upland at the ffarme. Hi.; 6 Acres of salt marsh and foure 
of upland at the ffarme, 191i. ; 6 Acres of salt marsh at Mr. 
Nelsons hand, 71i. 10s.; the ffarme in the Country at the 


pen, 391i. ; 7 Acres & an halfe of wheate & barly at the home 
Lott, 8li. 5s.; 4 Acres & an halfe of Come in the ffield on 
the right hand of the way to Ipswish, 51i. 8s. ; 3 Acres of In- 
dian Corne in the other ffield on the left hand the way to 
Ipswish, 3li. 13s.; in the northeast ffield 4 Acres of wheate 
and Indian Come, 4li.; Come at the pen, Sli.; dung, 21i. ; 
land at the Village, ISli.; 13 gates & an halfe, lOli. Ss.; a 
buffe Coate, 15s.; an Iron morter, 3s. 6d.; 3 mnsketts, 3 
rapiers & bandiliers, 111. 16s.; oweing by John Mighill, Hi. 
lis. 8d.; total, 5711i. 14s. lid. The debts of the deceased 
Thomas Mighill, 7011. 10s. 9d.; deducted from the total 
leaves 5011i. 4s. 3d. Out of which said sume all the severall 
Legacyes mentioned in the Will of the deceased Thomas be- 
ing discharged their remaines over plus to be divided amongst 
the partyes specifyed in the Wni aforesaid, 811i. Is. Sd. 

Petition of Ezekiell Mighell to the Ipswich court Mar. 25, 
1690, as the estate left by our father Thomas Mighill "be- 
longing to yo' seruant & his Br° Steuen deceased was not 
wholy divided betwext us in his life time Brother leaueing 
three Children, which will haue Eight when they Come to 
Age," that the lands given to us may be devided and the 
parcells which fall to the children may be improved or kept 
as their parents think best, and the part belonging to himself 
may be disposed of according to his discretion; and if the 
court pleases, to leave the care in the devision to their 
father, Mr. Eobert Greenough, or other guardian. 

Mr. Eobert Greenough and his wife the mother of said 
children request that the above petition may be granted. 

Petition granted Apr. 23, 1691. 

Petition of Samuel Mighell of Eowley, dated Mar. 4, 
1694-5, that there may be a settlement of the estate, showing 
"as his Father Thomas Mighell Formerly of Eowly dec*, 
made his will & amongst other things therin Contained: had 
a clause in it That if any of the Children of my first wife 
died under age they Should inherit one for another; and 
soe of the ChUdren of his Second wife ; but none died under 
age (except one which the Second wife was then with 
child with) but all y^ Eest of the Second womans children 
ariued at full age & are Since all dead, & Ezekiel Mighell 
the Eldest Son of the Second wife my half Brother dec*, 
without Issue who died possesed of A Considerable part of 
my Father Thomas Mighell's Estate & I being the Eldest 


Son by y'' first wife do think I ought of right to Enjoy my 
S* Brother Ezekil's Estate or the greatest part thereof." 

Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 18,438. 

Estate of Egbert Moulton, Sk. of Salem. 

"Salem dated 20*" febry; 1654-5. By theise p'sents be it 
knowne, that I Eobert Monlton Senio' being by Gods hand 
one my sicke bed of pfect memory Doe ordaine & Appoint 
my Sonne Robert Monlton, whole Executor of this my Last 
will & Testament. I Giue my Daughter Dorothy Edwards 
twenty marke, AUsoe Two pillow bers marked with E d M. 
Item My farme I Leaue with my sonne, till my Grandsonne 
Eobert Moulton be twenty one yeares old & then he to Enjoy 
the one halfe with the Apple trees, & After his father & 
mothers death to Enjoy the farme wholly, & in Case my 
Grandsonne Eobert dye first that it fall in like manner to 
his next Elder brother ||& soe|| successively if he That En- 
joyes it haue no issue; To Goodwife Buffum I give twenty 
shillings. To Joshua Buffum ten shiLLings. The Rest of my 
Goods & Cattell I leave with my sonne Eobert and he to pay 
my debts." 

Robt moulton. Sen. 

Witness: George gardner, Henry Phelps, Nich. Phelpes. 

Proved 26: 4: 1655 by George Gardner, Henry Phelpes. 
Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 14. 

Inventory taken by Jo. Alderman and Eobert (his E mark) 
Buffum: One farme with all the housing on it, 351i. ; the 
howses and ground in the towne, lOU.; 8 Cowes, 281i. ; 5 
yonge Cattell of two yeares old a peec, llli. 10s.; one steer 
of foure yeares old, 4li.; two yearlings, 2li. 10s.; seaven 
wether lambs, 3li. 10s. ; one fetherbed and a bolster, a pillow 
and a coverlid, 141i.; nynne peeces of pewter and a candle- 
stick and a little morter. Hi.; two paire of sheets and two 
piQowbers and a ruffe and a peace of demetey, 2li. 10s. ; one 
fowling peece and two old muskett bariell and one muskett. 
Hi. 10s.; one Desk, 3s.; two old Casks, 3s.; for tooles and 
old Iron, 2li. 12s.; one Iron pott and an old brasse Cettle, 
15s. ; seven Books, 16s. ; other small books, 14s. ; halfe a hun- 
dred pound of brand, 6s.; halfe an hower Glasse and three 
old Candlesticks and two lamps, 4s.; two spitts and a old 
driping pan, 48. ; one chest and an old Trunk and a Case of 
Bottles wth Glasses, 13s. ; an old table and chairs and 2 Jars 
wth all other things forgotten, 6s,; total, 10611. 5s. Goods at 


his faruihouse, appraised by Henry Phelps and John Hill, 
15: 3: 1655: One irne kittle, 10s.; 2 irne pots & a 
skiUet, lis. ; a brasse kittle & skillet, 5s. ; 1 copper kittle, 12s. ; 
3 pairs of pot hooks, a griddirne, a paire of tongs, a chopping 
knife & a cleaver, a flesh hooke, a skimmer & a warming pan, 
8s.; 3 spitts, 5s.; a whipsaw, 8s.; 4 axes, 12s.; 2 adses, 5s.; 
halfe a dozen augurs, 6s.; a handsaw & 3 chissels, 4s.; 1 
erowe of irne, 4s.; 1 fro. Is.; 3 hammers. Is.; woollen cloth 
& 2 hats, 6li. ; linnen cloths," Hi. ; a looking glasse & a paire of 
gloves, 3s. ; a chest and a box, 7s. ; in bedding, Hi. ; pales & 
tubbs & wooden ware, 10s.; Indian come. Hi. 16s.; a bible, 
5s.; total, 151i. 3s. Whole value of the estate, 12111. 8s.; 
debts, 81i.; total, 11311. 8s. Essex Co. Qtiarterly Court Files^ 
vol. 3, leaf 15. 

Estate of Elinoe Teeslee of Salem. 

"Salem dated 15*'' february. 1654. By these p'sents bee it 
knowne that I Elino"^ Tresler, being by gods will vpon my 
sicke bed, but of perfect memory thankes bee to the Lord, doe 
Appoint my sonne Henry & Nicholas, to bee Joynt Executo" 
of this my Last will & testament. That is to say || I Be- 
queath II My ffarme To || my sonnes i| Henry And Nicholas 
with the houseing, my ten Acre Lott in the North feild to 
Henry, My house & ground at the Town to my sonne Ed- 
ward, My Houshold stuffe I bequeath in this manner one 
bead to Henry & the Other to Nicholas & the sad coloured 
cloake to Edward & the Other Cloake to Henry, the old Brass 
Pott & the Least of the Brass Pans, & Two Deepe pewter 
platte™ & one Broad one & A Couerled & a Blanklett || with || 
one Paire of sheetes to my sonne Edward, My wascoate 
Safegard & Goune to goe together, & my Best Petticoate 
II with the rest of my wearing clothes || to goe together & my 
Daughte" to haue them; the Eest of my wearing Linnen to 
my two Daughte™ & my other Linnen to the Executo". To 
John Phelps my Gran-child two oxen & Cheine, with one 
yew, Item To my Grand Draughte' Elizabeth one yew. The 
other two || yewes || to Nicholas his two children. To my 
Grand-Children Samuell & Edward I giue Either of them a 
yeareling Calfe. The Eest of my Goods & Cattell to be left 
with my Executo" to Pay my Debts & the Legacy bequeathed 
by my Late husband to his Daughter in England, To witt 
the summe of Ten Pounds." 

her mark 
Bllinor E Treslor. 


Witness: Eobt. Moulton, sr., George Gardner, Eobert 
Moulton, jr.. 

Proved 26: 4: 1655. JEJssex Co. Quarterly Court Files, 
vol. 3, leaf 16. 

Inventory taken Mar. 13, 1654-5, by Eobert Moulton and 
George Gardner: One farme, with the housing, 301i. : three 
Cowes, 12li. ; three oxen, 181i. ; two beasts, two yeare old 
apeice, 4li.; Foure yearHngs, 4li. ; foure yewes, 61i. ; two 
hogges. Hi. 5s.; two feather beds, 2 Bolsters, two feather 
Pniowes, three blankets, two Coverlids, One Eugg, foure 
paire of sheetes & two paire of pillowbers, 13li. 15s.; three 
table Clothes, seven napkins, two Course towells, foure hand- 
kerchefs, four Coiques, three dressings, two shifts, one white 
Apron & other small linnen. Hi. 10s.; A Gowne & safegard, 
a wascoate & a red Petieoate & two old Coates & two was- 
coates, with a white Gotten wascoate & a short Coate, 31i. 
10s. ; two Paire of Gloves, 3s. ; a Hatt & two Cloath Houdes, 
10s.; two Paire of stockings & two pare of shoes, 10s.; two 
Cloockes & two Carpets, 3 Curtains, 5li.; two Aprons, 8s.; a 
Greate Chest, a box & two Gofers, 10s.; a Warming pan, a 
Looking glass & three Candlesticks, one Chafing dish, 16s.; 
two bras pans & three Brass pots, 3li. ; three skiUets & two 
iron pots, 178.; three Brass kittells, 15s.; ten Pewter plat- 
ters. Hi. ; three pewter pots, 15s. ; a Charger with other small 
Pewter, 10s.; Bookes, 10s.; three spits, two And Irons, two 
Eaekes, a paire of Tongs, a fire shovell & a brass Ladle, 13s. ; 
two fowling peices & A muskett, a sword & a Gutless, Hi. 
15s.; three Chaines & a Cart rope, 15s.; a Harrow, 6s.; a 
Ten Acre lot, 41i. ; the house & Barne & foure Acres of 
ground in the Towne, 301i.; plow yrons with old iron, 10s.; 
A Steele Trapp, 5s. ; one Grindstone, 6s. ; a paire of Bellowes, 
Is. 6d. ; weights & scales & measures, 4s. ; two Bedsteds, 5s. ; 
3 spinning wheels, 5s.; an houre Glass, Is.; two Barrells 
-with Tubs & Pales, 15s.; three Chaires, 3s.; trayes, 3s.; one 
whipsaw, 5s.; one Crosscut saw, 3s.; three wedges, Ss.^; two 
Beetle Eings, Is. ; small miUstones & Irons, 10s. ; a Grid Iron 
toster, 2s.; in Come, 31i.; total, 13111. 3s. 6d. Debts due: 
To her brother Edward Phelpes, lOli.; left by her father 
Tresler's wUl to his daughter, lOli.; to Mr. Gidney, 51i.; to 
Mr. Crumwell, 19s.; to Goodman Felton, Hi.; total, 261i. 
19s. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 17. 

the peobatb eecobds of essex county. 213 

Estate of William Knight of Lynn-. 

"I William knight in this my last wiU and testyment do 
giue my wife Elizebeth the thirds of all my Estate and fur- 
ther that she shall Injoy my dweUiag hows So long as she 
liueth likwys I giu to my Son John knight forety shillings 
to be payd tow years after my deceas Itte I giu to my dafter 
Ane won shilling and to her children fin shillings a pease to 
be payd tow years After my deceas. Itt I giue to || my sone |1 
francis knight fiue shillings when he shall laivfully demand 
it. Itt I giue to my dafter hanna forty shillings won year 
after my deceas Itt I giue to John ballard forty shillings tow 
years After deceas or when my wif pleases Itt I giu to na- 
thanyell ballard forty shillings tow years After my deceas: 
All and Euery of theas leggacys to be truly payd The rest of 
my Estat I wUl to be Equily diuided amonkst my fowr chil- 
dren wich I had by my last wife Elizabeth 

"only I giue to my Eldest Son Jacob a dubbell parcion to be 
payd in my hows and homelott Adjoyning to my dwelling 
hows and medow in Eumly march If this amounts to more 
then his dubbell portion then it to be payd back to my last 
childre Equilly diuided likwys If the Sayd hows and land 
due not amount to a dubbell porttion the[n] it is to be made 
oup : I further will if any of theas my last children dye be- 
fore thay come to age: then ther porttions to return to thos 
that shall suruiue Equaly to be deuided amonkst them This 
I will that If my wife maryes then my childrens porttions to 
be taken from hurs and to be at the ouerseers disposing : I 
make my wife Elizabeth my lawfuU Excekter to Administer 
on this my last will [and] Testyment I likwys make our 
brother nicklis potter and Georg keasur and John witt : to be 
the ouersears of this my last will. To wich I Sett my hand 
dat the 3 of december 1653." 

Ms mark 
William C Knight 

Witness: John Puller and Nicholas Potter, both of Lynn. 

Potter made oath before Eob. Bridges 27: 4: 1655, and 
Puller on 38: 4: 1655, before Elias Stillman, clerk. Essex 
Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 13. 

Inventory taken 32 : 1 : 1654-5, by John Puller and Phil- 
lip Kyrtland: Dwelling house, bam and fivten Ackrs of 
plow land, 461i. ; six akers of medow in Eumly march, lOli. ; 
five akers of medow in the town marche, 15li. ; two working 
oxen, 141i.; thre Cows, 13li. ; one heafEor in calf, 4li. Is.; 3 


year ould Stear, 31i., one yerling, Hi. 15s., 81i. 15s.; one 
weaning Calfe, 15s.; 2 Ewes with 2 Ewe Lambs, 4li. 10s.; 3 
Ewes with 2 Eame lambs, 4li.; 2 Ewes, 3li. 10s.; 1 wether 
Shep, 2 years ould. Hi. ; three 3 year ould wetthers, 2li. 5s. ; 
one Eame, 15s.; two swyn, 2li.; one f ether bede and pillows 
and bolster and coverlids, 41i. ; two flock beds with other 
furnyture belonging to them, 2li. 10s.; five pare of sheets, 
41i. ; 8 napkins and a tabell cloth, 13s. ; one pillow beare, 2s. ; 
4 kuchins, 8s. ; 2 bede steeds, 18s. ; ould chests and a truncke, 
10s.; thre brase potts, Hi. 9s.; thre bras kettells, 17s.; one 
warming pane, 5s.; 4 pewttor dishes, Hi.; 3 wine measurs, 
6s. 6d. ; 2 wine cups, 2 dram cups, two beare cups, 5s.; sev- 
erall peases of small pewttor, 5s. 6d. ; one Iron pott, one 
Iron mortter and pestill, 9s.; 2 pare of andyrons, fier shovell 
and tongs, 8s. 6d. ; 2 pare of pott hangers, 3s. ; 1 fryinge pane 
and Iron candeUstick, 2s. 6d. ; stoUs, ehears and a tabell, lis. ; 
beare barrils, tubes, chum, coberd dewtraft, 18s.; thre spin- 
inge whealls, a pare of woll cards, 8s.; 2 muskitts and kur- 
byn, Hi. 10s. ; two swords, 5s. ; two crosscut saws, one narrow 
axe, a f row and a lathing hamer, a littell hammer, 8s. 6d. ; 2 
spitts, 2s.; thre sifes, 3s.; the man's wearing apparrell, 31i. 
8s. 6d. ; carts, plows, yoks and Iron works belonging to them, 
21i. 12s. ; in mony, 2s. 6d. ; a ladder and ould Iron, 5s. ; total, 
15411. 15s. Due from brother Deken, 6s.; look, lis.; heed, 
9s.; Mikell cambell, Is.; Joseph Armitag, 5s.; Hugh Aley, 
68. ; town, Is. 6d. ; diman, 4s. ; Pharrer, Is. ; William Curtis, 

6s.; a scote man, 6s.; brother kesar, 2s. 4d. ; & his 

Sonn, 12s.; another seotman, 12s. 4d.; total, 9li. 3s. Essex 
Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 13. 

Estate of Heney Fat oe Newbury. 

"Witnese by theise p^'sents that Henry Pay of Newbury 
in the County of Essex weauer did in his life time, giue and 
bequeath vnto his brothers children his whole estate his 
debts being discharged, and that he did desire his friends 
Eobert Long and James Jaekman that they would looke to 
it for said he I will leaue it in your hands vntill they come, 
this he said often times." Witness: Richard fitts, Eobert 
Long, James Jaekman, Joane Jaekman. "The Court In- 
dynes to ap'hend by the testimonyes this to be the will of 
Henry fay yet suspend the full determination of it till Ips- 
wich court next but leave the estate in there hands & give 


them power in the mean tyme to pay iust debts & to reeeiue 
what is due to the estate p me Eobert Lord cleric : 

"The deposition of Eichard fits of Newbery the said De- 
ponent Testifieth that Henry fay said to him that if hee 
Died a Singll man then his brothers Children shal haue his 
estatt this he said often: 

his mark 
Eichard U fits 

"Taken vpon oth befor me william Titcom commissioner 
for newbery September 34 1655." Essex Co. Quarterly 
Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 36. 

Eobert Long testified that Henry Fay said, two days be- 
fore he died, when he thought he was going to die, that he 
would leave the estate in his hands and desired him to come 
& look to it. Sworn in Ipswich court 35 : 7 : 1655. 

Thomas Noyes of Sudbury, yeoman, appointed, under 
seal, his friends, Mr. Nicolas Noyes of Newbery, gent., and 
Eobert Long of Newberry, weaver, his attorneys to let his 
house and lands in Newbery, sometime the house and land 
of Henry Fay, etc. Dated Sept. 20, 1656. Witness: Eich. 
Lowle, Joseph Mors. 

Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 35. 

"The testimonye of James Jackman of Nubery witneseth 
that Henrye Faye have att several times & plases tould me 
that he would leave his whole estate when he dyed with 
Eobert Longe and my selfe for his brother's children, if they 
doe come for itt & that Eobert Lounge & myselfe should 
paye his dettes out of the estate." James Jackman. 

Sworn in Ipsvideh court court, 25 : 7 : 1655. 

The deposition of Joane Jackman of Newbury. "This 
deponent testified that Henry Faye tould her that his broth- 
er's children should have what estate he had, but he said he 
would leave his estate with my husband & Eobert Longe un- 

till the said children doe com." 

her mark 
Joan X Jackman. 
Taken upon oath before me John Pike, Commissioner for 
Newbery Sept. 22, 1655'. 

Probate papers in the Quarterly Court Records copied by 
Joshua Coffin and now in the Probate Registry, vol. 1, page 

Eobert Long and James Jackman appointed administra- 
tors of the estate of Henry Faye Mar. 25, 1656. The estate 


was to be given to his brothers in England. Ipswich Quar- 
terly Court Records, vol. 1, page 55. 

Inventory of the estate of Henry Fay of NewbTiry, weaver, 
who deceased June 30, 1655, taken by Thomas Hale, Thomas- 
Browne and Abraham Toppan: His house and about seaven 
akers and an halfe of land lyeing adjoyning, a barne, or- 
chard and garden, and in the little feild foure akers and an 
halfe, 351i. ; about 3 1-3 akers of wheat upon the land, 31i. 
15s.; 3-4 aker of Indian come, 16s.; a loame and warping 
beame, a spooleing wheele, sleyes and harnesses and other 
appurtenances, 3li. 10s.; a rugge of cotten, Hi. 8s.; an old 
piUow, 2s.; his wearing apparell, a cotten paire of breeches- 
and an old coat and Jacket, 16s.; a paire of shooes and stock- 
ings & another pair of stockings, 6s. ; a musket, 14s. ; a brass 
pott and an Iron kettle and an old frying pan, Hi.; a paire 
of tongs & an Iron crooke, 2s. 2d. ; an old spade and grubaxe 
& 3 old axes, 4s. ; 3 peekaxes and an old hooe, 7s. ; 3 wedges 
of Iron and 3 beetle rings, 3s. 6d.; an handsaw, an ads, 3 
gougs, 2 boriers and a gimblet, a draught shave & brest 
wimble, 8s.; a handhooke, 3 rings & an old troweU, 3 nibs, 
3s. ; a tennent saw, 2s. ; 3 old sithes, 3s. ; an old hooe. Is. 6d. ; 
a hamer & an old skillet, 3s. 6d.; a shirt, 6s. 6d.; a joyned 
chaire, 3s. 6d. ; a peck & halfe peck & a basket. Is. lOd. ; a 
beare vessell. Is. 6d. ; a pondering tub, 4s. 6d. ; a joyned chest, 
7s. ; a halfe-headed bedsted with a small rod, 9s. ; a bible, 4s. j 
an Inkhorne, 6d. ; a wooden bottle, 2s. ; 3 bookes, 1 at Is. 6d.,. 
1 at Is. and 1 at 6d., 3s.; a wheele and Iron spindle, 3s.; 3 
glass vialls. Is.; a chest and a boxe, 5s.; 3 dozen of buttons 
of pewter, and a pr. of glasses for the eyes. Is. 8d. ; 2 sieves, 
2s.; one small truncke, 2s. 6d.; about six bushells of Indian 
come, 15s.; a forme & ladder & wheelbarrow & other lum- 
ber, 6s. ; 2 hens & 8 chickins, 2s. 6d. ; a cow and a calfe, 5li. ; 
a pound weight of lead & halfe pd. & qter, a brass skimer, an 
Iron foot, a salt box & a small grid Iron, 6s.; twyne & cot- 
ten yarne, Is. 6d. ; a new sarge sute, 21i. 12s. ; a sith & snede, 
a tramell, pothooks & wooden platter, 9s. 8d. His debts : To 
Mr. Woodman, 2li. 9s. 3d.; Steven Greenleafe, 9s.; Eobert 
Coker for plowing, 7s.; Thomas Smith, Hi. 6s. 6d.; Will. 
Bolton, 3s. 3d.; Will. Eichardson for 6 dayes work, 6s.; 
Goodman Hutchins for the CoflSn & a peck of come, 9s. 8d. ; 
Eobert Long, 4s. 6d. ; John Bishop, 7s. 6d. ; John Bartlet, Is. 
2d.; Anth. Somerby, 2s. 8d.; Steven Swett for the charges 
at his funeral, 10s.; for rates. Hi. 2s. lid.; Daniell Peiree, 


31i. 8s.; John Bishop, 12s. 6d.; Mr. Burner, Hi. 10s.; Peter 
Godfry, Is. lOd. ; Nicholas Noyes, 10s. ; Mr. Jewet, 2li. 19s. ; 
Steven Swett, 19s. 5d. ; Steven Kent, Is. 3d. ; John Davis, 2s. 
2d.; Richard Fits and James Ordway, 6s.; total, 181i. Its. 
Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 35. 

Estate of Humphrey Bradstreet of Ipswich. 

"The last will and testament of Vmphrah Brodsbreate of 
Ipswich, July 21 1655 being weake in boddy doe therfore 
ordaine this my last will, in manner as followeth: I giue 
my soule to God that gaue it me, and my boddy to be buried 
in the burling place of Eowley, and doe beleue the cum- 
fortable resurrection of the same; as for my outward estate, 
my wUl is my farme on which I now dwell, with halfe the 
commons belonging to me from Ipswich, and all the com- 
mons to me from Eowley, shall be my beloued wifes, for the 
terme of her life, in case she doe not marry, but if she marry, 
then the one halfe of the farme shall be for the bringing up 
of my sonn Moses, and in ease she dy, before my sonn Moses 
attain the age of 21, then the one halfe shall be my sonn 
Mosesis, and the other halfe Hthat is the benefit of it|| shall 
be equally diuided among my fiue daughters, or so many of 
them as shall be then Lining, and my will is that when my 
sonn Moses attains the age of 21: he shall haue and inioy 
the whole said farm except my wife be then lining, who 
shall then enioy halfe the said farme, with all the dwelling 
house for the terme of her life, and after her death it shall 
all be my sonn Mosesis. Item I doe giue jmto my wife 
Bridget one brown cow, one ew sheepe, one horse colt. Item 
I doe giue unto my sonn John all my farme at Mudde riuer, 
now in the occupation of Eichard Camball of Ipswich, with 
one halfe of my commons from Ipswich soe long as he keeps 
the farme unsold, but in case he sell it, the commons are 
to returne !|and belong || to the farm giuen to my wife. Item 
I doe giue to my daughter Hannah Eofe 20 |!twenty|| pound. 
Item I doe giue to my daughter Martha Beale one pound and 
more. I doe leeue fiftene pounds in the hand of her mother, 
to be giuen to her or to her child at her discretion. Item I 
doe 1 1 giue II to my daughter Mary Brodstreete forty pound. 
Item I doe giue to my daughter Sarah Brodstreete thirty 
pound. Item I doe giue to my daughter Eebeccah Brodstreet 
forty pound : Item I doe giue to my two grand children Dan- 
niell, and Hannah Eofe each of them fiue pound to be paid 


out of the farme by my sonne Moses when they attain the 
age of 31 years. Item I doe giue to Sammuell Beale ||fiue 
pound II to be paid as aboue as the said Daniell and Hannah 
Eofes is. Item I doe giue to the pore of Ipswich one pound. 
Item I doe giue to the pore of Eowley one pound: and my 
will is that if my estate doe fall short of the full discharge 
of aU my debts and Legacies then there shall be an equaU 
abatement out of the seuerall Legacies giuen aeordiag to 
proportion, and I doe intreat my beloued "friends M' Samm- 
uell Phillips, Matthew Boyes, and John Harris, to ioine with 
my wife, for the disposing of my children in mariage, or 
otherwise as need may require, and I doe make my wife 
Bridget Brodstreete Sole exequiteris of this my last wiU, and 
I haue hereunto set my hand July 21: 1655:" 

Humphri Bradstreet. 

Witness : Mathew Boyes, John harris. 

Proved 25 : 7 : 1655 by the witnesses. 

Inventory taken Sept. 6, 1655, by Danall thirston and 
William Lawe : one hat, one cloak and the rest of his cloths, 
21i. 10s.; a pair of sheets, two pilowbears, one tabl cloth, 
Hi.; seven sheets and foure napkins. Hi. 10s.; four cotton 
blankits, Hi. 4s.; one flock bed, one rugg and one boulster. 
Hi. ; one flock bed, one rug, one boulster, 21i. ; one flock bed, 
one rug, 2 boulsters, one pilow, 31i. ; a parsil of sheeps wool, 
15s.; a parsil of wheat and a parsil of rie, 21i. 10s.; thre 
culd cbists, one box, 14s.; one bed stead and cortan, 10s.; 
Indian corne, Hi. 10s.; two sieves, 2s.; ould lyron and two 
sickls, 5s. ; a parsill of barley malt, 10s. ; a cros cut saw, 8s. ; 
sertane carpin for tools, 17s.; one kettel, thre iyron pots, 
one posnit, pot hooks, 2li.; one waring pane, one frying, 
4s.; some peuter and a bras candlstick. Hi.; thre bushill of 
rie malt, lis.; two bibles and another book, 15s.; two glas 
bottels, one chear, one smal box, 7s. 6d.; twenty pound of 
butter, 10s.; tubs and beare vesils. Hi. Is.; one cubard, two 
earthin pots, 3s. ; four wegs, two beetl rings, 8s. ; one spade, 
one how, 2s.; one grinding stone, 3s.; one cart, one plow 
with chains and yoaks, 31i. ; four oxen, 301i.; nine cowes, 
381i. 5s.; one bull, 41i.; two stears, 91i.; two yearlings and 
one calf, 71i. ; two hefers, 61i. ; one maire, 16li. ; one hors 
coult, 81i.; thre yewes, thre lambs, 9li.; swine, lOli.; wheat 
and rie, 61i. ; Indian corn, 51i. ; barley. Hi.; hay, 51i.; a 
home lot att Ipsig, 81i. ; a cannow, 15s.; a muskit, 10s.; 
hemp, 5s.; in debts that was oweing him, 50li. ; in debts he 


did owe, 301i. ; total, 146li. 10s. The farme where he lived, 
16011. ; The farme at muddy Elver, 70li. 

Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 3,081. 

Bridgett Brodstreet bound 25 : 7 : 1655, to discharge lega- 
cies given in her husband's will. She signed with a mark. 
Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 53. 

Thomas Eawlison acknowledged the receipt from John 
Palmer of Eowley in the behalf of Bridget Broadstreete, 
widow, of 51i. in full satisfaction of all agreements between 
the husband of the said Bridget, and Thomas Eawlison, sr., 
concerning themselves and their children according to agree- 
ment between Eobert Lord and Thomas Eawlison, jr. at Salis- 
bury court. Witness: Joseph Jewett, Edward Browne. 

Will. Beale's order to "Mother Bradstrete" "to pay my 
wife that twenty shillings left mee by my father in his last 
will." Dated 26 : 7 : 1655. Eeeeipt of the 20s. by Mr. Jew- 
itt, signed by Martha Beale. 

Eeeeipt of Hanah (her mark) Eofe, of Ipswich, of 201i. 
given by legacy in her father's will, and acquittance of my 
"Mother Bridget Broadstret." Witness : Mathew Boyes, Sara 
(her mark) Bradstret. 

Eeeeipt of Mary Bradstret of 40li. given her by her 
father's will and acquittance of her mother Bridget Brad- 
stret. Signed ITov. 7, 1655. Witness: John Grant, Thomas 
Wood. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 208. 

Eeeeipt of Joseph Jewett of lOli. from Bridget Bradstret 
on the account of WiUiam Beale "for rent with a great some 
more for the use of Marble head mill." Witness : Nehemiah 
Jewett, Abraham Jewett. 

Acquittance of "my mother Bradstreet from all debts & 
demands given or left for us vpon my fathers wUl," by Wil- 
liam Beale and Martha his wife. Signed Aug. 23, 1657. 
Witness: Eebecka (her mark) Bradstre and Elizabeth Boys. 

Acquittance of "my mother Bradstrett," having received 
"in Cattle the som of Thirty pound which is the fuU of my 
wiues portion." Signed 20: 2: 1657 by Nicholas Wallis. 
Witness: Joseph Jewett, John Harris, Leonard Harriman. 

Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 209. 

Estate op William Knowlton of (Ipswich?). 

Administration on the estate of William Knowlton, in- 
testate, granted 25 : 7 : 1655 to his brother, Thomas Knowl- 


ton, to whom was committed the care of the widow and chil- 

Inventory taken July 17, 1655, by Theophilus Willson 
and Thomas Knowlton: house and ground, medow and Up- 
land, 201i. ; 3 pewter disshes and tin candlestick, 10s.; brass 
kettle, 13s.; little bras pot with holes. Is. 6d.; little brass 
kettle old, 2s.; 2 paire of pott hooks. Is. 8d. ; pr. of tongs. 
Is. 6d.; broken brass sciUet, Is. 6d.; broken brass ladle, 6d.; 
4 Woodden trayes, 2s. 6d. ; straning dish, a tunnle, 2 wooden 
platers and a old traye. Is. 8d. ; lumber, 5s., f riing pan, 18d., 
6s. 6d.; 2 boxes and a old chest, 5s.; 2 old narrow axes. Is.; 
A sive, 12d., tin tunnle, 9 trenchers. Is. 9d. ; A kow, 4li. 5s. ; 
2 yerlings, vantage, 31i. lis., 81i.; 3 Calves, 21i. 10s.; 4 
shoats, 21i. 10s.; 2 siekles. Is.; A broad how, 4s.; gun and 
sword, 14s.; fflock bed and boulster, ffiiock bed tick and 
blanket. Hi.; total, 371i. 8s. Id. Debts that are owing to 
others for hilling of the ground, 34s., Hi. 14s. ; debts besids, 
7li. ; mor owing, 12s.; mor owing to others, 12s. 

Eeeeived in Ipswich court, 25: 7: 1655. 

A copy of this taken out of the records of the Ipswich 
court Mar. 11, 1655, received into court Mar. 31, 1691. 

Debts oweing from the estate of William Knowlton: To 
my selfe Tho. Knowlton wch I lent him, 71i.; payd to men 
for hilling his come. Hi. 16s.; payd to Jer. Belcher, 3s.; 
John Browne, 16s. 9d. ; Mr. Willm Norton, 5s.; Henry 
Muddle, 15s.; payd to by cloths for the children. Hi. 16s. 
6d. ; payd for makeing them & a wastcot for her, 14s. 2d.; 
to the widdow Vamey, lis.; for a peece of marsh, 12s.; for 
bringing the goods to the Towne, 10s.; to WiUm Coggswell 
7s., Goodman ffowler, 6s., 13s.; for 4 hatts. Hi. Is. 8d. ; for 
shirts for the boyes, 10s. ; for Scooling for the boyes, 14s. 6d. ; 
to Goodman Kinsman, lis. lOd., to Isaack Coussins, 20d., 
13s. 6d. ; for the CofBn & Grave, 6s. 6d. ; to goodman Lomas, 
6s. 8d. ; to John Emerson, 2s. ; 6 paire of shoes for the boyes 
& a paire for the girle, 14s. 6d.; for a paire of Indenters 
administration and Inventory & coppes, 3s.; oweing in my 
booke before his death for come & shoes, 21i. ; The widdow 
hath of the houshold stufe, 31i. 98. Id.; A peteeoat, wast- 
coat, hatt & a paire of shoes, 21i. 8s. lOd. ; a pound of Cot- 
ton woole, Is. 8d.; total, 271i. 14s. 4d. 

Thomas Knowlton received of the estate of his brother 
William Knowlton, deceased, 371i. 8s. Id. An account of 


what he has paid out of the said estate : to Eobert Kuismaii, 
lis. lOd. ; John Browne, 16s. 9d. ; Isaac Cuzens, 2s. 5d. ; his 
CofiBn, 5s. ; making Cloathes, 14s. 2d. ; shoes, 18s. 6d. ; Skins 
for the Boyes, 8s.; to Edward Lumax, 6s. 8d.; Mr. John 
Emerson, 2s. 8d.; Good. Lord, 2s. 3d.; more paid in June, 
71i. ; for ye burial of him to mr. Willson, Is. 6d. ; cotten wool 
and ye Eate then due, 2s. Id.; for Bringing my Brother to 
Town when Buried, 12s. ; for hilling of his Come, Hi. 16s. ; 
bringing their Goods to Towne, 10s.; paid to mr. Cogswell, 
Is. ; Goodwife Fuller, 6s. ; Skins for the boyes, 9s. 6d. ; four 
hatts. Hi. Is. 8d.; one Hatt, 13s. 6d.; A Coat, Hi.; in Shifts, 
10s.; to Henry Muddle, 15s.; A coat, 16s.; more in Shoes, 
5s. id.; to Goodwife Vamy, lis.; Eobert Cross, Is. 8d.; A 
Coat for William Knowlton, 13s. 6d. ; two yards of Cloath, 
14s. lid.; to Eichard Jacob, 6s.; my Sister had of me in 
Houshold Goods and a Cow, 8li. 7s. lid.; total, 311i. 12s. 
lOd. And two boyes I kept from their age of five years till 
they were Eight years old and Cloathed and keept them to 
Scool, 361i. And I keept a Girle from her age of one year 
and halfe old till shee Maried. 

Eeeeived by the court Sept. 24, 1678. 

Deacon Thomas Knowlton testified to the truth of a copy 
of the above account and also that he hath disbursed much 
more than what is written. 

June 19, 1690, before Mr. Sam". Appleton Assist. 

Eeeeived in Ipswich Court Mar. 31, 1691. 

The request of Thomas Knowlton, sr. of Ipswich, dated 
Mar. 31, 1691, to the Ipswich court shewing that many years 
since, he was appointed admiaistrator of the estate of his 
hrother WiUiam Knowlton, who died in 1655, leaving a 
widow and seven children, the youngest about one and one 
half years old, and he was forced to take care especially of 
the youngest of them. The estate amounted to about 371i. 
8s. Id. and was iusuflQcient to pay the debts with and bring 
Tip the children; he gave in to the court in 1678, two accounts 
•of disbursements," one for 3 Hi. and one for 361i., and as by the 
accounts it appeared he had paid 50li. more than was in- 
ventoried he thought he had been cleared and that his dis- 
posal of the estate was for the benefit of the family, espe- 
cially when they received it and by his sister's importunity 
consented to the sale of the land, which was valued at about 
^Oli., but now having done that for the widow and children, 
wUl this court take such cognizance of the cause as to ex- 


amine whether the entry of the clearing of said estate be 
sufficient, if not will they see just cause to do it yet. 

Ipswich court, Jan. 2, 1715, granted administration (D. 
B. N.) on the estate of William Knowlton, Ipswich, to his 
grandson Capt. Jn". Knowlton of Ipswich, he giving bond 
for SOOli., Eice Knowlten and Isaac Giddings, sureties. Wit- 
ness: Samuel Daland, Danl. Eogers. 

Mary Mitchell formerly Mary Knowlton, daughter to Wil- 
liam Knowlton of Ipswich, deceased, desires that "my Cusen 
John Knowlton" of Ipswich, late of Manchester, may have 
admiuistration of any estate that may be thought to be her 
father's. Dated Winddum, ISTov. 10, 1715. 

Thomas Knowlton of Norwich, New London Co., desires 
that "my Cusen John Knowlton" of Ipswich, late of Man- 
chester, may have administration of any estate that may 
have been his father's, WiUiam Knowlton. Dated, Norwich, 
Nov. 13, 1715. 

William Knowlton desires that "my Cusen John Knowl- 
ton" of Ipswich may have administration of any estate that 
may have been his father's William Knowlton. Dated Wen- 
ham, Dec. 5, 1715. 

Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 16,099. 

Estate of Eev. Nathaniel Eogees of Ipsvfioh. 

"The last wUl and testament of M"^ Nathaniel Eogers Pas- 
tour of the Church of Christ at Ipswich, as was taken from 
his owne mouth July 3. Anno Dom: 1655. Concerning my 
outward estate. To one of the brethren I have left a peculiar 
charge, which he shall have power in himselfe to doe, and not 
to suspend. The summe of my estate both in Old England, 
and New, seemes to amount to about y® value of twelve hun- 
dred pound; of which sume, foure hundred pound is ex- 
pected from my father M"" Eobert Crane in England. To 
my Sonne John, to prevent expectation of a double portion, 
I have not so bequeathed ; he hath never beene by any labour 
serviceable to to his brethren, but hath beene upheld by their 
labour, & paine, while he hath beene determining his way. 
Therefore I giue and bequeath to him an equall portion with 
his other brethren, viz, y® sume of one hundred pound of my 
estate in Old England, and one hundred pound of my estate 
in New England. To my sonne Nathaniel I give & bequeath 
y* sume of one hundred pound out of my estate in Old Eng- 


land; & one hundred pound out of my estate in New Eng- 
land. To my Sonne Samuel I giue & bequeath y^ sume of 
one hundred pound out of my estate in Old England; & one 
hundred pound out of my estate in New England. To my 
Sonne Timothy I give & bequeath y® sume of one hundred 
pound out of my estate in Old England; & one hundred 
pound out of my estate in New England. To my sonne Eze- 
kiel I give & bequeath the sume of twenty pound, which he 
shall have liberty to take in my bookes, if he please. 

"To my daughter I have already given her at least two 
hundred pound. The time of y® childrens receiving their 
portions either in part, or whole, shall be according to y* 
mutuaU advice of my Executours, with these godly friends 
named, viz, my Cousin M' Ezekiel Eogers, Mathew Boyes, 
Ezekiel Cheever, who are entreated to advise & counsell in 
this, & any other case as need shall require. To my three 
grandchildren, John, Nathaniel, Margaret Hubbard, I give 
& bequeath to each of them y* sume of fourtie shillings. To 
my Cousin John Eogers I give & bequeath the sume of five 
pound, which is in y^ hands of Bnsigne Hewlett. To the 
children of my Cousin John Harris of Eowley, viz, Eliza- 
beth, Nathaniel, John, Mary, I give & bequeath to each y^ 
sume of twenty shillings. 

"To Mary Quilter my maidservant I give y^ sum of three 
pound. To Sarah ffillybrowne my other maidservant I give 
y* sume of ten shillings. To Harbert CoUedge in Cambridge 
I give & bequeath y* sume of five pounds. To y« poore I 
give the sume of three pound. The remaining part of my 
estate not yet disposed of, I give & bequeath to my deare 
trife M" Margaret Eogers during her life, & after her de- 
cease to be equally distributed among my children, by y* 
advice of the friends above named. I do ordaine & consti- 
tute my deare & beloved wife M" Margaret Eogers, and my 
trusty & welbeloved friends M' Eobert Paine, and John 
Whipple to be Executours of this my last wiU, & testament." 

Proved in Ipswich court 35 : 7 : 1655 by M. EzekeU Che- 
ver and Dea. John Whipple. 

Inventory taken Aug. 16, 1655, by Eobert Lord and Moses 
Pengry; in the Hall: a round table with five joine stooles, 
16s.; six chaires & five cushions, Hi.; a trunke, chest & 
hanging cupboard, Hi. Is.; 2 Spanish platters, 5s.; a small 
cisteme with other implemts, 17s.; a corslet, musket & 
fowling peace, 3li.; a p of cobirons & tounges, 7s. In the 


Parlour: a short table & a forme, 19s.; 6 cushion stooles & 
2 chaires, 2li.; a livery cuphoard, 15s.; a featherbed, boul- 
ster, 2 downe pillowes, coverlet, blanket & canopy bedstead, 
6li. 18s.; a great chaire, 6s.; 2 pictures, 3li. ; a clocke & 
other implemts, 3li. ; a p of Endirons, firepan & toungs, 13s. ; 
2 mndow Curtaines & rods, 10s.; a carpet, cuphoard cloth 
& round table, Hi. 5s. ; a treble vioU, 10s. In the kitchin : 5 
Iron pots & 1 old brasse pot, Sli.; a copper kettell & 2 other 
old ketteUs, 4li. 10s. ; 3 spitts, p of cobirons, firepan & toungs, 
forke, trameUs & Irons, Hi. 16s. 8d. ; a copper & five skillets, 
21i. 15s.; 4 brasse candlesticks & a chafcig dish, 15s.; a 
baking pan & a small old ketteU, 6s. ; 2 pudding-pans, stew- 
ing pan & dripping pan, 58. ; a warming pan, mortar & ladle, 
10s.; pewter, 15311. 1-2 at 16d. ^ li., lOli. 48. 8d.; a Jacke, 
pothookes & other implemts, Hi.; a kneading trough, tubs 
& other lumber, lOs. ; a trevet [fryeing. copy."] pan, 6s. ; gal- 
ly-basine, [glasses, copyl & other implemts, 16s.; chafing 
dish, bedpan & other implemts, 14s. Cellar: [6 beere bar- 
rells. copy'], powdering tubs, 2 leads, [4 trayes a cheese 
copy] presse, beere stalls & some lumber, 4li. 4s. In the 
Chamber: [a bedsted, curtaines, valencs. copy], fetherbed, 
boulster [mattriss, blanketts, Eugg, flock, copy] bolster, 2 
downe pillows, 141i. lOs. ; [a chest of drawers, copy] 21i. 10s. ; 
[a trunke, 3 cushon. copy], chaires, 2 stooles, 2li. 14s.; [a 
sute of greene. copy], curtaines & vallence, Hi. Is.; [3 car- 
pets. copy],^3]i.; a cuphoard cloth, Hi. lOs.; 2 wiadow cush- 
ions, Hi.; a perpetuany coverlet. Hi. 5s.; a carpet, 2 win- 
dow curtaines & rods, 16s.; a gilt looking-glasse, 6s. 8d.; a 
chiddiug wicker basket, 3s.; a table-basket, 2s.; a p of End- 
irons & toungs, 68. 8d.; a suit of diaper table linnen, 4li. ; 
another suite of diaper linnen, 2li. 15s.; a diaper cupboard 
cloth. Hi. 5s. ; 2 p of hoUand sheets, 3li. lOs. ; 5 fine pillow- 
bers. Hi. 15s.; p of piUowbers, 12s.; 2 cuphoard cloths & 
a p of sheets. Hi. 13s.; 23 napkins, Hi. 6s. lOd. ; a diaper 
cuphoard cloth, lOs.; a hoUand cuphoard cloth, 8s.; 3 hol- 
land table cloths. Hi. 5s.; 4'p sheets, 41i. lOs. ; 3 towells & 
a short table cloth, lOs. ; a p of piUowbers, 78. ; goods out of 
England, 211i. 68. 8d. ; 3 p stockins. Hi. Is. 8d. In ye Hall 
Chamber: one bedstead & cord, 168.; curtaines & vallance. 
Hi. 58. ; a fetherbed & boulster, 4li. lOs. ; a flocke bolster & 
2 downe pillows. Hi. 2s.; a yellow rugge, 21i.; in English 
goods, 161i.; 1 p sheets, 158.; 6 cushions, lli. 10s.; a couch & 
an old coverlet, Ys. ; in plate, 35li. ISs.; a watch, 4li.; one 
chest with a drawer, 16s.; 6 cushions, 24s., a curtain & 2 


rods, 5s., Hi. 9s. ; 6 yds. of Satteniscoe, Hi. ; 7 p of old sheets, 
3li. 3s. ; 3 p course pillowbers, 10s. ; 2 small tmnkes with old 
boxes, 10s.; a chaire, trundle bed & litle flockbed, 16s. 6d.; 
a bedsted, flockbed, coverlet & blanket old. Hi. 17s. In ye 
Garret over ye Parlour: one bedsted & cord, bed & bolster, 
2 old rugs, 4li. 2s. ; one chaire, Is. 2d. In ye Study : his Li- 
brary, lOOli. ; a cabinet deske & 2 chaires. Hi. 5s. ; a p of 
creepers & p of toungs, 2s. 6d. In ye chamber over ye 
Kitchin : 2 flockbeds, blanket, old coverlet, father boulster & 
flocke bolster, 3li. [10s. copy] ; 2 bedsteds & old rug [13s. 
copy], wearing apparrell, [161i. copy], wheat & barley in ye 
barne 30 [200 bushels, ioli. copy] ; Indian come 160 bush, 
at [3s. 6d., 201i. copy] ; malt 4 bush., 18s. ; 2 bush & 1-2 of 
rj^e, 10s. ; wooU & old caske, [8s. copy] ; 2 horses, 2 mares, 
one very old, 2 colts, 6 — li. [641i. copy] ; 7 oxen, 6 cowes, [661i. 
13s. 4d. copy], 2 yearlings & 2 calves [61i. copy]; 3 ewes, 3 
lambs, one wether, 91i. ; swine, Sli. ; 6 acres of Indian corne on 
ye ground, 91i. ; 14 acres of upland & meadow at Mr. Epses, 
14li.; ye farme where Good. Cumins is, 130li. ; 15 acres 
on ye Comon, lOli. ; ye house & land in Edw. Chapmans 
hand with ye pasture adjoyning, 120li. ; Carts, ploughs & 
furniture, 41i. ; Marsh in ye hundreds, Sli. ; ye Dwelling 
house, Barnes & Orchard & 24 acres of land in comon feild, 
30011.; in good debts, 501i.; In old England in Mr. Eobert 
Crane, senior's hand, 40011.; total, 149711. 12s. 4d. 

Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 24,043. 

Nathaniell Eogers of Ipswich bequeathed to his son Tim- 
othy Eogers of Boston lOOli. to be paid out of his estate at 
Ipswich and he sold his legacy to Mr. William Hubbard of 
Ipswich and acquits the executors from the payment of the 
same to any save Mr. Wm. Hubbard. Dated Feb. 5, 1667. 
Witness: Will. Pateeson, Thomas Dewer. Ipswich Deeds, 
vol. 3, page 88. 

Estate of Joseph Boovet oe Lynn. 

Administration on the estate of Joseph Boovey granted 
27: 9: 1655 to Daniell Salmon. Salem Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 4, leaf 2. 

Ordered 24: 4: 1656 that Mr. Holliock be paid for funeral 
charges of Joseph Boovey by Danll. Sallmon, administrator, 
in merchantable wheat. Salem Quarterly Court Records, 
vol. 4, leaf 6. 

226 the peobate eecokds op essex county. 

Estate of John Bridgman of Salem. 

"The will of John bridgman is this that his whole estate 
shal bee deliuered into m"" curwins hand and when hee hath 
satisfied him selfe to giu the rest to his daughter." 

his mark his mark her mark 

Witness: Joseph S boice, Tomes T Averi, Josia X 
Suthick. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 31. 

The imperfect will of John Bridgman presented 39: 9: 
1655 and Mr. George Corwine appointed administrator. Ba- 
lem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 2. 

Mr. George Corwine brought in inventory of estate of 
John Bridgman 34: 4: 1656. Amount, 441i. 14s. 9 3-4d. 
The estate to go to said Bridgman's child. Salem Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 7. 

Inventory taken 8:8: 1655, by Walter Price and PhiUip 
Cromwell: One petticott and wascott, 3li. 5s.; one pr. of 
brichis and a pr. stokins, 6s.; in woollen and Cot1;en yaren, 
8s.; a Chest, 10s.; 3 blak hatts and a straw hatt, 18s.; a 
looking glas, a hand baskett and a pot with starch, 3s.; a 
warming pan, ^s. ; one pr. sheets and 3 ould sheets. Hi.; in 
smale lining. Hi. ; a greene ould aprne, a box & a Chest, 10s. ; 
a settle, 5s., an ell canvas, 3s., hops, 8d., 7s. 8d. ; a flok bed 
boulster, 3 pillos, a pr. blankets & 3 Ruggs, 51i.; 5 yds. nar- 
row teek, 13s.; a Curtten and Eod, 5s.; a muskett, sword, 
bandylers & Best, Hi. lis.; in wooden wares in his seller, 
13s.; a bible, a psalme booke, 4s.; a pr. dogs, hangers, shov- 
ells & tongs & gridiron, 15s.; a friing pann, 16d. ; a pr. bel- 
lows, 8s. 3d.; a pr. ould boots, 5s.; in severall Iron tooles, 
30s.; ould Iron and Iron lumber, 10s.; a smoothing Iron, 
30d., 3 pichforks, 3s., 4s. 8d. ; 3 bras kittls, 38s., and a spitt, 
13d., Hi. 9s.; 3 skilletts, an Iron pott & kittle, 15b.; ould 
pevrter and 3 pewter dishes, 6s. 8d.; 4 ould Chayers, 4s., 
erthen wares, 7s., lis. ; trayes, seeves, payles & other wodden 
lumber, 14s. ; rayles and ould knives, 3s., an ould Chest, 13d., 
3s.; hemp and hurds, 10s., canvas, 3s., 13s.; Cask and a 
wheele and a Chest, 7s.; come in the house, 8b.; an ould 
trundle bedsteed, 5s.; 3 sneads, 3s.; haye and Come uppon 
the ground, 4li. ; beefe, 45s., garden roots, 5s., 31i. 10s.; a 
kow and Calfe, 51i. ; one house and 15 acres ground and 
marsh, 35li. ; a yeong best, 31i. ; Fowles, 5s. ; Hi. of powder, 
3s.; 3 swine, 31i.; 3 yeong shoats, Hi. Is.; severall depts 


dew to him, 2li. 10s. 7(1. ; total, 691i. 7s. 7d. Debtor to Mr. 
Cur-wen for several Accts., 221i. 10s. 5 l-4d.; remayning, 
461i. 17s. 1 3-4d. Debts due Mr. Will. Browne, Is.; Tho. 
CnttUer, 2s. 4d.; Samuell CuttUer, 7s. 6d.; Mr. Stillman, Is. 
6d.; for Indian corne, Hi. 10s.; total, 2li. 2s. 4d. John 
Bridgman, creditor by John Neale, 7 dayes work, 14s. ; Good- 
man Lawes for 2 dayes, 4s.; Goodman Browne, 9 dayes 
worke, 18s.; Mr. Carwythy, 4s.; Ann Potter, 1 bush. 1-3 
Indyan, 3s. 9d. ; Josyas Sutheke, 6s. lOd. ; total, 2li. lOs. 7d. 
The debts and what is coming to John Bridgman : "Owing 
to Goodman Scuder and befe, 2s. 3d., for a pound of salt 
and he hath paid six pigeons and he hath wrought 7 or 8 
days for John Neile and too days work for goodman Laws 
owing to Blias Stileman, 3s., to frances colins hee hath don 
nine days work of goodman Browne and is to be payd there, 
owing to Goodman Eumbal, 3s.; Mr. Carwithe oweth him, 
4s., owing to farmer porter, 4s., ana poter oweth a bushel and 
half of indian corn, Josiah Suthick oweth him 68. lOd." 
Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 31. 

Estate of Eebecca Bacon op Salem. 

"The last wiU and Testyment of Eebekah Bacon wido 
writen the 33 of the i mon 1655 Enow all men by thes pres- 
ants that I make and Constetut my sonn Isaac Bacon my 
sole Aer and Exsequtor of my whole estat paying all my 
Detts and leguses that I shall giue Joyning with him Robert 
BufEam for to be his asistans That hee may haue noo power 
to lett or sell any thing with out his Consent imtell hee Come 
to age Im: I giue unto my Cossen Anne potter and my 
Cossen Richard Cherlcraft the 3 Acers of ground at the 
towne: And the mash ground in the south feeld: And: 3 
Cowes: And to Richerd to sheep: And the || second || Coltt 
that the young mare doth bring for his partickqulor bene- 
fit And to Cossen anne: and Richerd: the Bead and Bead 
steed and all the things belongin to it as I Comenly ley upon 
it exsepting the sheets And I giue unto them ; on pare of the 
best sheets And halfe a dusen of napkins strekt with blue and 
the table Cloth belongin unto the Round table And to fine 
touells : on pillobere : 

"And: a thurd part of all the bras exsepting the great 
Coper Cettell : And a thurd part of all the puter and widden 
houshold stuff : And ech of them a sUuer spune And the are 
to haue halfe the profit that the house and land doth produse 


toward manetaning of them untell my sonn Come to age: 
for my desier is that Eieherd shall be at my Cossen Anne 
disposing And if my sonn shuld dey Befoer hee Come to 
Age then the whole estat is to Eeturn to my to Cossens ex- 
septing 10" : that shall be giuen in sheep for the good of the 
poer of salem to be disposed by the 7 men a Cording as my 
desier is that 5" to a man for 7 years And then to pay the 
5" Backe to the 7 : men to be giuen to : other to poer men for 
7 yere moer and so to be giuen from 7 yer to seuen yer to 

"And if my Cossen Anne dey befoer shee marry then all 
that I giue hur is to Eeturn to Eichard: And if 
Eichard dey that all that I gaue him is to Eeturn to Anne 
if the both shuld dey with out Ishue then aU is to return to 
my sonn: And if it please the lord to take them all a way 
before the ar marred and with out Ishue that then the whol 
estat is to Eeturn to the towne to be dissposed of aeording to 
the former 10" exsepting: 5": a pees that the exsequtor and 
ouer serers ar to haue out of it Im: I giue to my man 
Comelus all his time freely and ayerling to by him a shutt 
of Clothes 

"I giue to my sister Buffam : my black scarfe And to sister 
boys my green gown and Eed pety cott and to sister sught- 
wike the black goune and on pety Cote and to sister Auery 
and homis each of them a neck haneercho : And all the Eest 
of my weareing aparell I leue at the dissposing of my Cossen 
Anne to giue to Abegall what shee see fit: my desier is that 
my Brother Eoberd Buffam shuld Com and dwell in the 
howse if hee see good and in proue the land and estate left my 
sonn and a lowe for it what hee shall Judg it worth: And 
my sonn to liue with him if hee haue a mind to folio hus- 
bandry or els to plase him a prentis to some onist seayman 
I freely dispose of an acker of land w""" Joynes to Captain 
Trasks meedow, for ye vse of Ann Potter teU such time 
Isack comes to age I giue unto Brother Buffam the first 
Colt that the maer shall bring. I make and ordane my 
Brother Jouise Boys and Brother Thomas Auery and Brother 
nathanell feltonn my ouer seers: And giue unto them: 40' 
a pees: The greatest Beat is 3" to be retumd to old Eng- 
land to my sister Judeth that I desier may be donn with 
speed I giue to my Cossen Jorg Bedell one of the swords 
llwhich my sonn will|| and one of Doctor eebes works and 
•on of Docter prestons. This is my last act and will wittnes 
my hand and scale." 

Eebekah Bacon. 


"The mayre being Sould where of goodman buffam should 
haue y^ 1 Coult y' came of her I freely dispose of a Steere 
called lustick at 3 yeares end, In lue of y^ Coult." 
Ms mark 

Witness : Henry H Trask, Geor. Beadle. Essex Co. Quar- 
terly Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 37. 

Proved 29 : 9 : 1655 by the witnesses. Salem Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 2. 

Inventory taken July 10, 1655, by Thomas Gardner, sr., 
and Joseph (his mark) Boyce, and sworn to by Kobt. 
BufEum: The house, lands, 501i.; 2 oxen, 13li.; 4 Cowes, 
17li.; a steere, 5li. 12s.; 2 yearelings, 4li.; 1 Calfe, Hi.; 
12 ewe sheepe, 201i. ; 2 wetheres, 1 ram, 2li. 5s. ; 4 ewe lambes, 
1 wether lamb, 4li. ; 6 Swine, 31i. ; 2 1-2 acres of wheat grow- 
inge, 41i.; 5 acres of Indian Come, 71i. 10s.; Cart & plow & 
plow geare. Hi. 10s. ; 2 sawes, 10s. ; 2 Andirons, 4s. ; 2 axes, 
1 mattocke, 1 crow, 8s.; 2 smothinge Irons, 3s.; 3 payre of 
pothooks, 1 gridiron & a fryinge pan, 5s.; 4 ould hous, 2 
spits, 7s.; 4 plowes, 4 chissels, 1 gouge & 2 hammers, 6s.; 
1 hand saw, 2 bitlerings, 1 vice, 1 iron sole, 2 smal wedges, 1 
hay knife, 8s. ; old Iron, 4s. ; an Iron pestle & morter, 7s. ; 1 
payre of Andirons, 1 payre of tongs & a hake, 5s.; 1 Iron 
Pot, 5s. ; 2 brasse Pots, 12s. ; 4 brasse skillets, 7s. ; 1 Copper 
Ketle, 21i. 10s.; 4 brasse candlesticks, a brasse skimmer, a 
payre of skales & a pot lid, a litle brasse pan & an old warm- 
inge Pan, 10s.; 1 Musket wth a fire locke, 2 swords, a payre 
of bandeliers, 2 bolts, 1 pocket pistol, 2 pike heads & a 
halfe pike, 21i. 10s. ; 3 f ether beds, 61i. ; 2 Bugs, 21i. ; 3 old 
blankets, 15s.; Curtaynes & vallons for 2 beds, 21i. 10s.; 1 
flock bed & coveringe. Hi. 5s.; 9 payre of sheetes, 81i. ; 8 
Pillow beares, 16s.; 4 table clothes, 23 napkins streked wth 
blue, 6 fine Napkins, 8 fine towels, 3 Cubbard Cloathes, 6 
course towels & 1 shirt, 41i. 8s.; 4 silke Cushions, 2 made, 2 
unmade, 3 old cushions, 4 Carpets, 21i. ; 1 duble salt silver, 
6 silver spones, 1 wine cup & a dram cup of silver, both, 61i. ; 
3 large peuter platters, 3 a size lesse, 3 more a size lesse, 3 
more a size lesse, Hi. 16s. ; 1 peuter bason, 5s. ; 6 large peuter 
plates & 6 lesser, 9s.; 19 Peuter saucers & 2 fruite dishes, 
lis. 6d. ; 1 old Peuter bason & a great plate, 3s.; 2 peuter 
candlesticks, 4s.; 1 large peuter salt & a smal one, 2 peuter 
porringers, 3s. 6d. ; 1 great peuter flagon, 1 lesser, 1 quart, 2 
pints & a halfe pinte, 13s. ; 2 old chamber pots & an old 
porringer, 3s. ; 2 great truncks, 1 smal truncke, Hi. ; 1 great 
chest & 4 lesser. Hi. 2s.; A Cabinet, 5s.; 3 Bibles, a Con- 


cordanee, Calvins Institutions, Luther upon the Galathians, 
Mr. Shepards Morality of the Sabath, Nicolas Gibbins Dis- 
putations, Joshua Symonds bookes, 2 of Dr. Sibs & 1 of Mr. 
Preston, Markam & 10 smal bookes, 2li.; 4 framed Chaires, 
2 wyned Stooles, 14s.; 2 high bedsteds & 2 lower ones, Hi.; 

1 longe table, 1 round table & a litle table, 16s. ; 1 Cubbord, 

2 smal barrels, 2 botles, 2 payles, 10s. ; 1 looking glasse, a 
sun dyal & a ease of botles with 5 glasses, a table basket, 5s. ; 
4 dry caske, 4s.; her wearinge apparrel, 5li.; an old sadle 
& pillyan cloth, 10s. ; ISlb. of wool & 5 lb. of yarne. Hi. 13s. ; 
toal, 195li. 8s. 6d. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, 
leaf 38. 

Estate of William Goodeidge op Wateetown. 

Bond of Joseph Jewett of Eowley, merchant, for SOOli. to 
pay to John Hull of Newbury, yeoman, 301i. 12s. 6d. yearly 
during his life in one beast, three firkins of butter, and the 
remainder in half wheat and half mault. If John HuU shall 
depart this life before Margarett his wife then he to pay 
Margarett or her assigns, 81i. yearly during her life, in one 
firkin of butter and the rest in half wheat and half mault. 
If the said Margarett after the decease of her husband shall 
require the thirds of the farm then the engagement of Jo- 
seph Jewett to pay 81i. yearly during her life to be void. If 
she should die before her husband then the said John to 
have but 121i. 12s. 6d. yearly during his life. Signed and 
sealed 6:1: 1656, by Joseph Jewett. Witness : John Bond, 
Henry Lunt. 

Acknowledged by Joseph Jewett before the Commissioners 
for Newbury, Mar. 6, 1656. John Pike, Nicholas Noyes. 
Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 199. 

Bond of Edward Woodman, jr. of Newbury, yeoman, for 
20011. to Henry Shortt of Newbury, yeoman, (for the use 
of John Hull of Newbury), to maintain the "like stock" 
upon the farm which he bought of John Hull, during the 
life of the said John Hull, and also to pay all debts and 
legacies expressed as follows: To Jerimy Goodridge five 
pounds, which is his portion at twenty one years of age, and 
five pounds more as a gift from his father-in-law, John Hull 
one year after his youngest brother's portion is due; and 
Joseph Goodridge ten pounds at twenty one as above, after 
the decease of his father and mother fifteen pounds more; 


and to Benjamine Goodridge at twenty one, three cows, two 
steers and after tlie death of his father and mother five 
pounds more (provided he acquits Edward Woodman of a 
cow & her increase which is upon the farm), which if he 
refuses to do he is to have but ten pounds in all, and to keep 
the housing & fences belonging to the farme in repair. Signed 
Apr. 15, 1656 by Edward Woodman. Witness : James Chute, 
Edward Woodman, sr. 

Acknowledged by Edward Woodman Apr. 15, 1656 before 
Daniel Denison. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 173. 

Bond of Joseph Jewett of Eowley to John HuU of New- 
bury, to pay five poimds, which is the portion of Jerimy 
Goodridge at twenty-one years of age, and five pounds more 
to said Jerimy as a gift one year after his youngest brother's 
portion was due; and unto Joseph Goodridge, ten pounds 
at twenty-one as above, from his father-in-law, John Hull; 
and to Benjamin Goodridge, at twenty-one, three cows, two 
steers and five pounds in money. Dated, Apr. 1, 1658. Wit : 
Robert Lord, Thomas Lord and Thomas Wood. Acknowl- 
edged in Ipswich court. Mar. 30, 1658. Ipswich Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 11, page 43. 

Bond of Edmond Moores of Newbury, husbandman, for 
SOOli. to John Hull of Newbury, yeoman, to pay him 301i. 
12s. 6d. yearly, during life, in one beast, three firkins of 
butter and the remainder in half wheat and half mault. If 
he die before his wife, Margarett, to pay her yearly, Bli. dur- 
ing her life, in one firkin of butter and the rest in half wheat 
and half mault. But if she should require the thirds of the 
farm then this to be void. Signed and sealed July 1, 1661. 
Witness: Eobbert (his mark) Adams, James Chute and 
Eichard Dole. Acknowledged July 3, 1661 before Daniel 
Denison. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 2, page 31. 

Bond of Edmond Mores of Newbury, husbandman, for 
soon, to John Hull of Newbury, to pay to him 5li. in cattle, 
which is the portion of Jerimy Goodridge at twenty-one years 
of age, and 5li. more in like pay as a gift from his father-in- 
law, John Hull one year after his youngest brother's portion 
is due; and to Joseph Goodridge lOli. in like pay at twenty- 
one as above, and after the death of his father and mother 
15li. more; and to Benjamyn Goodridge at twenty-one, three 
cows, two steers and after the death of his father and mother 
5li. more. Signed and sealed July 1, 1661. Witness: Rob- 
ert (his mark) Addams, James Chute, Eichard Dole. 


John (his mark) Hull, acknowledged July 2, 1661 the re- 
ceipt of the first 5li. of the portion of Jerimy Goodridge, 
and Joseph Goodridge the receipt of lOli., the first pay of 
his portion. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 2, page 29. 

Petition to the Ipswich court Apr. 10, 1683, of Jeremiah 
Goodridge and Joseph Goodridge of Newbury shewing that 
William Goodridge, their father, deceased, intestate, leaviag 
four children and a competent estate which came into the 
hands of their mother Margarett Goodridge (though having 
searched the records we cannot find either will or adminis- 
tration granted) and their mother afterwards married John 
Hull and the whole estate was conveyed to him: the said 
John Hull dying left a competent estate to their mother 
Margarett Hull, who lately dying left (as we understand) 
all the estate to their brother Benjamin Goodridge: now we 
ask for your consideration of our just claim to adjust and 
allot to us what you think may be right of the estate and 
if there appear any will to the contrary to consider whether 
it may not be rejected when it seems to carry such injury to 
your petitioners. Signed Jeramiah Goodridg, Joseph Good- 
ridg. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 39, leaf 88. 

Estate of Henkt Sewall^ Se. of Eowlet. 

Mr. Henry Sewall, sr., late of Eowley, died intestate, 
leaving an estate of about 3001i., and his son and heir, Mr. 
Henry Sewall, was in England, the latter having made Henry 
Short of Newbury his attorney. Administration granted 
Mar. 35, 1656, to Mr. Short, who was ordered to lease or 
use the house and land. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, 
vol. 1, page 54. 

inventory taken by Joseph Jewett, Mathew Boyes and 
John Tod: Wearing clothes with sum stufe and cloth, 91i.; 
Pots and kettles, peutar and bras, 121i. 2s. 6d.; A standig, 
a case and botles, 6s. ; two beds and beding, 121i. 15s. ; lining 
with som cotan blankits and shirts, 151i. 3s. 7d.; a stuing 
pan, a crow and a saw, 14s.; A Jack and old Iran, 2li. 5s.; 
thre knives, twine, stele, butons, 5s. 6d. ; A sadle and two 
bridles, storaps and lethers. Hi. 13s. 6d. ; four spits, an 
apron and A drom, 2li. Is. 6d. ; Cortens and vallans and 
thre quishings, 18s.; a grater and a case with Botles, ^s. ; a 
sword, a belt and bandeleres, Hi.; slings, hookes and eys, 
58. 6d. ; a gridg Iron, a clock, bag and old lining, 8s. ; a port- 


mantle, two sives, 6s. ; poudar and 2 brushes, 6s. ; two dozen 
of fish hookes, 4s. ; thre loekes, a box, two cords, 4s. ; a Eeape 
Hoke, Is.; a box, a dosan of spoones, 8s. 6d.; a stomacher, 
bookes, sceales, a beame and weights, 17s.; a cock, buUits 
and files, 5s. 8d. ; sisers, a bodkin and small things, 2s. 6d. ; 
a salt box, a table, forme and a Cubert, lis. ; a cup, a spoone 
and a friing pan, 3s. ; an axe and trenchers, 3s. lOd. ; chairs 
and a bible. Hi. 3s. ; shovells, tonges and poyte, 8s. 6d. ; Mace 
and Eibing, starch and poudarblu, 3s. 8d. ; a chist and thre 
caps, four yards of Cambrick, Hi. lis. ; a lether case, a eoyfe 
and butons. Is. lOd. ; a tronk, a westcote and other things, 
4s. ; shears, a dagar, an axe, 4s. 6d. ; a bag and pepar and a 
knapsack, 4s. ; an iron fork, a rest and five gunes, 31i. Is. 2d. ; 
bellas, one pair, two testing Irons, 3s. 6d. ; an Iron bar and 
two tramills, 4s. ; a pot of butter, 3s. ; a Jug and Shoo Horn 
and a chist. Is. 7d. ; a tunill and a basket. Is. ; a ladle, a spade, 
pinsors and a how, 4s.; a sickell, a hamar and a bell, 3s.; a 
peutar pot, a cloth and a male pillion, a racke, 2s. 4d. ; two 
bands and a cup, a chair, a spit, a trouh, 13s. 6d. ; two firkins, 
a scimar, a pott, a paire of Racks, 13s. 6d. ; a booke and a 
hellar, a map, a spade, a scimar, 12s. 6d. ; an axe, two candle- 
sticks, a mattack, an axe. Hi. 8d. ; a litle old lining and new, 
a tinder box, a bell, a clenzer, a scimar, with som old clothes. 
Hi. 5s. 6d. ; four kows, 16li. ; twenty thre shepe and a kalfe, 
26li. ; eight Acors of upland and nine gates, 141i. ; the house 
bam, orchard, and the home lott, 601i.; the farme that Tho. 
pery dwells on, 70li. ; the land at nubery neck, 701i. ; total, 
33011. 16s. 4d. Debts owing: To Goody Eradstreete for 
twelve wekes sorgary And taking payns in changing lining, 
he not being able to heelp himself in his bed, lOli. ; to Mr. 
Carlton, 41i. 18s.; to Joseph Jowett, 7s. 4d. ; to Mathew 
Boyse, 13s. 6d. ; to Richard Swan for twelve weekes tendans 
and wood, washing and provision, 16li. 14s.; for writing, 
hellping to make up accounts and prizing goods, 9s. 6d. ; to 
Lt. Reminton, 14s.; total, 331i. 10s. 5d. ; to John Tod for 
cost at his buriall and Expences before his death and paying 
of sum small debts, llli. 9s. Essex Co. Quarterly Court 
Files, vol 3, leaf 49. 

Ordered Mar. 30, 1658, that Henry Short, administrator 
of Mr. Henry Sewall's estate, pay witnesses in Mr. Sewall's 
presentment. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 

234 the peobatb becobds of essex county. 

Estate of John Waed of Ipswich. 

"In y^ name of god amen: I John Ward: sumtimes resi- 
dent at Ipswich in new England doe make and ordaine this 
my Last will and testament for manner and forme as fol- 
loweth, viz: for that temporall estate of monie goods or 
chattells: that It hath pleased god to Indow me with I dis- 
pose of as fEolloweth: Imprimis: vnto my Cousine m' Na- 
thaniell: Ward the sun of my vnele Nathaniell ward I doe 
gine that house and Land giuen me by my father in his will 
and that Lies in east mersy in the County of essex in old 
england: Item to my vncle aflores^ I doe giue the rent and 
profits that haue Com of that tenement Since: I made 
Edmund Sharman of Deadham Last my atturney for the re- 
ceiuing of it: they being in his or the tenants hands still: 
being next March two yy^ and a half e rent : Item I doe giue 
unto my Cousine wards of wethersfeild two yongest Suns 
twentie pounds p peice: to be payd to them when they shall 
be of age : or one & twentie yeers Item : I doe giue vnto my 
Cousine John Barkers eldest daughter: Anne Barker twenty 
pounds II It is to be vnderstood John Barker of Boxted in 
Essex: II Item I doe giue vnto Samuell Barker: My Cousine 
John Barkers Son ten pounds: both as sone as it may Con- 
veniently be payd: aUsoe I doe Giue ten pounds to my 
Mothers poore kindred: which I doe desier my Cousin John 
Barker to distribut as he shall thinke meete Item I doe Giue 
vnto my Cousine Samuell Sharmans two yongest suns ten 
pounds p peice: this is to be under stood of my Cousin: 
Sharman that died sum yeers since in Boston in new england : 
to be payd to them when they shall be on & twentie yeers by 
my executor or elce to be payd to them that haue now Care 
of them (they being Suffitient men) and Giidng bond for the 
payment of it to the children when they shall be of the age 
& p phipt 

"Item I doe Giue ten pounds to my Cousin philip : Shar- 
man of rood Hand: 

"Item My bookes I doe Giue to Thomas Andrews of Ips- 
wich and allsoe my Chirurgem chest and all y* is now in it 

"Item It is my mind that my Linnen my Cousine Nathan- 
iell ward should haue when he shall Com of age 

"It to M' Robert Payne I doe Giue twentie pounds desir- 
ing him that he would take uppon him my executor shipe to 
receiue all my depts and Goods what euer and to pay or 
Cause to be payd the fore recited Leagusies: And there 


mainner of my Estate he would Lay out in a standing anuity 
which would haue bestowed uppon Haruard CoUidg in Cam- 
bridg : and would haue it Improued to the Conuenient bring- 
ing up II and maintenance II of one or more ScoUers in the s" 
Collidg and only such to haue binifet whose estate or frinds 
cannot other wise maintaine 

"It is my desier that the anuity Giuen before to the Collidg 
should be bought : in such a place and towne where it may be 
judged most sertaine But If: it: should please God to take 
me away out of this Naturall ||life|| in such a place wher I 
shall stand need of buriell (as uppon the Land) wher this 
my Will may be knowen: that then I would haue: fortie 
pounds bestowed uppon my funerall be fore and then the 
remainnder to bestowed in an annuety as afEoresayd: and 
In wittnes here of I haue set to my hand and seale this SS"" 
of December 1653." 

John Ward, 
his mark 

Witness: Eichard Shearman, Thomas + Spule. 

Proved Mar. 25, 1656 by Mr. Eobert Payne. 

Inventory taken by Eobert Lord and Mathew Boyes and 
sworn to in the court at Ipswich by Mr. Eobert Payne, 25 : 
1: 1656: Debt due from Mr. Chute, 2li. 5s.; debt due from 
Mr. Epps, 6li. ; from John Davis, 31i. 14s. 6d. ; from Hum- 
fry Grifin, 131i. 15s.; by a wharf e morgaged to him by 
Thomas Lowe of Boston, 191i. 4s.; debt dewe from Thomas 
Spaule of Boston, 31i. 19s.; from Mr. Phillips of Boston, 
36li. 15s. 6d.; from Thomas Haukins of Boston, 221i. 10s.; 
from Simon Tomson of Ipswich, 251i. 15s.; from John An- 
nibaU of Ipswich, 4li. 10s. ; from John Johnson of Ipswich, 
611. 12s. 6d. ; from Joseph Medcalfe of Ipswich, 12li. 7s. 6d. ; 

from Eobert Gutch of Salem, ; from Samuell Podd of 

Ipswich, 23li. ; from Mr. Powell of Boston, 171i. ; small debts, 
llli. 10s. 3d.; one old Baye mare with a fole, 171i.; one 
young mare with a fole, 181i.; two two yeares old mares, 
22Li. ; one yeare old colt, 71i. ; the Bald horse, 12li. 10s. ; the 
Baye horse, 141i. ; 2 cowes, 91i. ; total, 30811. 7s. 3d. 

Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 46. 

Estate of Hugh Smith of Eowlet. 

"The nienth moneth the nienteenth day in — 1655 Bee 
it knowne vnto all men by these presents that I Hugh smith 
being sick in body but yet of perfect memorie doe make this 


my last will and Testament as in forme foUoweth Imp my 
will is that my wellbeloned wyfe Mary shall haue my estate 
all of it at her dispose for to prouyde for her self withall and 
to bring vp my Children while that she remayneth vnmaryed 
and in Case she see Cause to and haue an ofer of mariadge 
which shee shall accept then my will is that she shall haue 
her thirds of my estate : allso that she shall haue allowed her 
flue pounds out of my estate towards the bringing vp of my 
youngest sonn: also my will is tha-t my Children shall haiie 
equall portions out of the resedue of my estate saue onely 
that my will is that my Eldest sonn sammuell smith shall 
haue half soe much more in portion as any other of my 
Children : and in witnes hereof I set to my hand the day and 

yeare aboue written :" 

his mark 
Hugh \ smith 
Ms mark 
Witness: Thomas Dickanson, William W Jacson, John 
Trumble and John Piekard. 

Proved in Ipswich court 85 : 1 : 1656. 

Inventory taken 14: 10: 1655 by Joseph Jewett and 
Thomas Dickanson: one mare, 15li. ; one ass, 41i. 10s.; foure 
sheep, 3li. 15s.; two oxen, 14li. ; five Cowes, 19li.; one cow 
and a bull, 7li. ; two heifers, Tli. ; six calves, 91i. ; one steer, 
4li. ; eight swyne, 61i. 10s.; house and barne and six acres 
of land and orchards, 401i. ; seven acres of land and one 
half in batcheler plaine, 221i. 10s.; two acre and a quarter of 
land in the new plaine, 4li. 10s.; eleven acres of meadow, 
201i. ; foure gates for cattell, 4li. ; one gate more. Hi.; wheat 
and Eye, 8li. 10s.; indian come, 4li. ; eleven score ajid four- 
teen pound of wooU, 14li. 12s. ; thirtie pound of sheep wooll, 
2li. 5s.; one payre of looms with tacklings thereto, lli. 10s.; 
one musket and two swords and one pouch, lli. lOs.; one 
great Coat, lli. 10s. ; one short coat, 6s. 8d. ; one dublet, 12s. ; 
one payre of Cloth brecthes, 8s. ; one Jerkin, 12s. ; one fustin 
dublet, 5s.; one short coat and a paire of brecthes of white 
Cloth, 10s.; one payre of boots, 178. ; one sute of leather, 18s.; 
one hat, 6s. ; one fether bed and bed Clothes and a bed stead, 
6li. 10s.; a trundell bed and clothes, 2li. ; one rugg in the 
bay, Hi.; one warming pan, 8s.; a nother bed and clothes, 
lli. 10s.; one cart and on plow and chayn, 31i. ; hay, 41i. ; 
kettells, pots, tubs, one churne and puter, 5li. 10s.; wheels, 
chayns and Cushins, 10s.; total, 234li. lis. 8d. 

Debts owing by Hugh Smith: to the children of goodie 


Eletrop, 12li. 17s.; Mr. Jewit, llli.; Elder Eaynor, llli.; 
John Tod for wooll, lOli.; John Tod for bear and cakes, 
Hi. 10s.; Thomas Wood for a cofin, 9s.; James Barker his 
apprentise, 51i. ; total, 511i. 16s. 

Mary the widow of Hugh Smith deposed 25 : 1 : 1656 to 
the truth of this inventory. 

Essex Co. Prolate Files, Docket 25,549. 

Jeremiah Elsworth stated that upon his marriage with 
Mary Smith, he bound himself to Thomas Dickanson, John 
Pickard and Deacken Jewett, in the sum of two hundred 
pounds; bond, dated 26: 9: 1657. Wit: Joseph Jewett, 
Thomas Dickanson and John Tod; conditioned to pay their 
portions to Hugh Smith's children: viz: Samwell, Mary, 
Sara, Hannah, Marthay and Edward Smith. Essex Co. 
Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 127. 

Hugh Smith's estate not being yet divided by any who 
had power, the court, Mar. 36, 1667, appointed Maxemillian 
Jewett and Leift. Samuell Brocklebanke to divide the lands 
into three equal parts, that the said parties concerned in the 
will might have their proportions, the mother one-third and 
the children two-thirds. If they could not agree, the court 
was to determine. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 
5, page 39. 

Maximilian Jewett, Leift. Samuell Brocklebanke and Eze- 
kiell Northend, appointed at the first session of this court 
to make equal division of the lands that were Hugh Smith's, 
made return Apr. 30, 1667. But the parties concerned came 
into court and presented an agreement that may be as good 
for the children of said Smith, and court accepted it and 
confirmed the rest of the land to Jerimiah Elsworth. Ips- 
wich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 5, page 11. 

The agreement between Jerimiah Elsworth, Daniell Wick- 
am and Leonard Hariman guardians to some of the children 
of Hugh Smith: Jerymiah Elsworth is willing that the two 
sons of Hugh Smith shall have their whole portions out of 
the lands of Hugh Smith according to the quantity in in- 
ventory, and proportions according to their father's will, 
and also all the houses and lands at home, and four acres of 
land at the Bachelour field and two cow gates, and all that 
division of marsh and upland at the end of it in the marsh 
feild to the path way, and one acre in the new plain at the 
•east end of the land that was Hugh Smith's ; also that what 


lands the said Hugh Smith was possessed of and not inven- 
toried, and what hath been or is to be in any way added to 
his right, shall be devided among Hugh Smith's children, 
the mother having her thirds and the two thirds to be de- 
vided among the children according to their proportions in 
the will. 

The Court Apr. 30, 1667, accepted of this agreement and 
the rest of the land confirmed to Jeremiah Elsworth. Ips- 
wich Deeds, vol. 3, page 36. 

Daniell Wicome of Eowley, carpenter, acknowledges the 
receipt from Jerimiah Elsworth of Eowley, his father-in- 
law, of 22li. 2s. 6d., which is the whole portion given to 
Mary his wife by her own father Hugh Smith. Signed and 
sealed Feb. 9, 1659, by Daniell Wickam. Witness. Eichard 
Clarke, Nickolas Jackson. 

Acknowledged by the witnesses Feb. 14, 1666. Ipswich 
Deeds, vol. 3, page 23. 

Estate of John Friend of Salem. 

"The Last will & Testament of John ffreind made -f 4°: 
of y® ii m°: 1655 I John fEriend being weake & Sick of 
Bodie but of pfict Memory doe ordaine this as my Last will 
& testament Imp™ I giue & bequeath unto my Sonn Sam- 
uell ffreinds a double portion out of my whole esate per- 
sonall & Eeall: Item I giue unto my daughter Elizabeth 
pecker: besides that tenn pownds I haue in my hands w*" 
her granfather gaue her, twente shillings Item I giue & be- 
queath unto my other thre children Bethiah Hester & James, 
Equall portions one as much as y^ other: & for y^ better 
pformance of this my will I appoynt my Sonn Samuell to be 
my Executo', & desire & appoynt my Louing ilriends wil- 
liam Dodg & william King to be my ouerseers in witness 
whereof I haue hereunto set my hand y* day & yeer first 
above written." [No signature] 

Witness: George Emery, Edmond grouer, Henry Hericke. 

Proved 26: 1: 1656 by the witnesses. AUowed 27: 1: 
1656. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 47. 

Inventory taken 6: 13: 1655, by Eoger Conant, John 
Eaiment and Henry Hericke: the miU wth what belongs 
thereto as also the dwelling house & orchard & ground in all 
2 akers, 12011. ; 100 akers of ground being most of it rockie, 
at Manchester, 5li. ; at Manchester 30 akers bought of Georg 


WiUiams and 35 akers bought of Samuell Archer and a 
parsell of land at Kettel Hand cove, lOli.; at Manchester 2 
akers salt marsh, 3li.; 20 akers of land bought of Nath. 
Holton living neere to John Bachelors dwelling, 41i.; 10 
akers of land lying on darby fort side neer Forrest river, 31i. ; 
half an aker land neer the burling place at Salem, 31i.; 3 
cows & a heifer, 18li. ; a yew, a yew lamb & a wether, 4li. 10s. ; 
4 swine, 4li. 15s.; a feather bedd & 2 feather bolsters & 2 
feather pilloes and a blew & a red rugg, 71i. 10s. ; a flockbed 
& bolster & two blankets the on woollen the other cotten, wth 
an old rugg & blanket, Hi. 10s.; a bedd of flock & feathers, 
a fether bolster & 2 blankets, 3li. ; 2 paire of sheets the finer 
at 25s. the courser at 12s., lli. 17s.; a peece of nu tiking 3 
yards & 1-2, lis. 8d. ; 4 pillobies of fine hoUan, lli. 6s.; 2 
yards diap. & 3 diap. napkins, 10s.; a cloth sute of kersie, 
21i. 10s.; a womans gown of kersie, 2li. ; another gown of 

mild sea, 2li. 10s. ; nans hood, 7s. ; a doubbell cussh- 

ion, 28. 6d. ; 6 great puter platters, lli. 16s.; 2 old broken 
puter platters, 3s. ; 6 Saucers of wch 2 bigger & 2 middeU & 
2 least, 5s.; 2 puter cand[l]esticks & a salt, 6s.; a broken 
quart & pint & littel cup & funnell, a lattin quart & 3 paint 
dishes, 4s.; a smoothing Iron, 2s.; 3 brasse potts & a brass 
skillet, 21i. ; 3 brasse kittels being old, Hi.; a brasse posnet, 
10s.; a chafing dish, a pestell and morter and a littel brasse 
ladeU, 6s. ; a warming pan, 3s. ; a clock, 21i. 10s. ; pothoocks, 
croocks, hoocks, & hangers, a fier shovel & tongs, a friing 
pan & spitt, 14s.; a fowling peec and a pistoU, lli. 10s.; a 
sword and belt, 10s.; working tooles, lli. 3s.; chests, bed- 
steeds, tubs & barrels, tabels and chairs. Hi.; Indian corne 
80 busshels, lOli.; 3 saws of wch 2 whipsaws & on crosscut, 
lli. 4s.; 2 akers of fresh meado at Topsfeild, 51i. ; total, 
22711. 10s. 2d. In mony, 2s. 

Samuell Prend, executor, testified in Ipswich court 25 : 1 : 
1656 that the above was a true inventory, Essex Go. Pro- 
late Files, Docket 10,208. 

Estate of Thomas Dowb of Haverhill. 

"The last will and Testament of Thomas dowe as it was 
deleuerd or expresed by him on the 29*'' day of may being in 
y^ yeare 1654 I Thomas dowe although weake in body yet 
of perfect memory I doe desire to submit my will to gods 
wiU and to dispose of my estate to my wife and children as 
foUoweth leaueing my wife to be the sole excecutor at pres- 


ent of all my vesable and personall estate first I do giue 
vnto my louing wiffe Pheby my tow oxen that are now hers 
and mine and three young beastes beinge now one yeare and vp 
wards ould and on cow: and tow swine and al my housould 
goods to be at her disposinge for euer. Also my will is that 
my eldest son named John dowe at the age ofe twenty and 
on yeare ould shal in ioy as his inherytanc al the land and 
housinge that I haue bought in hauerhill ||and to|| pay in 
to his other bro Thomas and Steuen and to his 2 sisters 
mary and martha as I shall a poynt The house and land 
being thought to be worth threescore pounds : my second son 
Thomas shal reseaue at his age of 21 ten pounds or 5 pounds 
at his age and 5 pounds when he is 22 years and for my 
son Steeuen he shal haue ten pounds payd him at his age of 
21 : or 5 pounds at 21 and 5 pound at 22 : as lo my will is 
that John my son shal pay his sister mary and his sister 
martha at theyre age of 21 ||ten pound || or 5 pounds a peace 
at 21 and 5 pounds a peee at ther age of 22 : as there brothers 
reseaue theres Also I Pheaby latly wife to thomas dow doe 
ioyne ||my|| consent to this wil of my husband in each per- 
teeular and for my son John dow I doe fully and freely re- 
signe vp all my wright in the house and land when my son 
shal com to the age of 21 yeares ould wittnes my hand pro- 
uided he shal pay to his brothers and sisters as his fathers 
will is." 

her mark 
phebya P dowe 

Witness: John Eaton, Theo shatswell. 

Proved in Salisbury court 8:2: 1656 by the witnesses. 

Inventory taken by John (his F mark) Eaton, James (his 
V mark) Davis, sr. and Theo. Shatswell: within his house: in 
brase, Hi. 13s. 4d. ; pewter, 3s. 6d. ; beddinge, 5li. ; linon, 10s. ; 
bedsteeds, Gs. 8d. ; in cowpery ware, 16s. ; Spining Wholes, 5s. ; 
earthern ware, Is. 6d.; Iron wares, 2li. 4s.; stooles and things 
of use, 5s. ; his own wearing a parell, 31i. ; bookes, 15s. ; a gun, 
9s. And of his estate abroade: In land the whole fee simple 
being five acors of acomadashon and 2 such persele of medow, 
62li. 10s. ; tow oxen, 161i. ; on cow, 51i. ; 3 eayrling catell, 5li. ; 
2 Swine, 2li. Total, 95li. 19s. 

Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 8,235. 

Estate of John Jackson, Sb. op Salem. 
"The Last will and Testament of In° lackson sen beeinge 


in pfect memory make 31 — 11: 1655. Imp": I bequeath 
to my wife Mary lackson fiue pounds sterlinge. Ite I be- 
queath to margarett Keue thirty shillings. Ite I Constitute 
& apoynte my Dea[r]ly beloued son |lln"|| lackson my sole 
Executor Ite I apoynte M' Willm Browne and Bdmo : Bat- 
ter: my Ouseers." 

his mark 
Ino. X lackson. 
his mark 
Witness: William IN Browne, Thomas Smith and Ed- 
mond Batter. 

Proved — : 4m: 1656. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, 
vol, 3, leaf 53. 

The executor refused to serve, and administration was 
granted to said William Browne and Edmond Batter. Sa- 
lem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 7. 

Inventory taken 10:1: 1655-6, by. James (his I N" mark) 
Inderwood and Thomas Smith : One small feather bed, 16s. ; 
1 Coppr. Kitle, Hi. lOs. ; 2 Acres of Salt Marsh, 9li. ; 1 Cowe, 
4li.; 1 yewe sheepe, 3li. 10s.; 1 Greene Eugge, Hi. lOs.; 
total, 201i. 6s. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 

Estate of Thomas Wickes of Salem. 

"The Last will & Testament of Thomas Wickes of Salem 
made y* 9: ^m": 1655 I Thomas wickes beinge weake of 
Bodie but of pfect memory doe ordaine this as my Last will 
& testament Imp' I giue & bequeath vnto Alice my wife y* 
one third of all my estate Eeall & personall. Ite. I giue & 
bequeath unto My two daughters Bethiah & Hannah the re- 
mainder of my estate to be equally Deuided betweene them 
the whole estate to remaine in y* posession of my wife untell 
my daughters be of y* age of eighteene yeers || either of them|| 
or shalbe otherwise disposed ||of || before ia mariage, whereby 
my said wife may y* better be inabled to bring up my two 
daughters afores"' & if in Case my wife should mary before 
my daughters should accomplish y® age of eighteen yeers 
either of them or be otherwise disposed of ||in|| mariage then 
the two thirds of my estate giuen & bequeathed to my two 
daughters Bethiah & hannah to be disposed see of by my 
ouerseers that it may be secured for y* use of my daughters 
afores*: untell they accomplish y^ age of 18 yeers or shalbe 
otherwise disposed of before in mariage, & for y* better 


pformance of this my will I make Alice my wife my sole 
executrix, & desire and apoynt my Louing Cousen & fEriends 
Eobert Gray m' Edmond Batter & Elias Stileman Jun': to 
be my ouerseers. in witness where of I haue here imto put my 
hand the day & yeere first aboue written." 

Thomas Wiekes. 

Witness: Thomas Cromwell, John Bacheler and Anna 
her mark 

A Cromwell. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, 
leaf 53. 

Proved in Salem court 24 : 4 : 1656 by The. Cromwell and 
Anna Cromwell. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, 
leaf 7. 

Inventory taken by Hilliard Veren and Thomas Cromwell : 
One dwelliQg house with a shopp & bame & ground, 35li. ; 
12 acres of upland with 3-4 of an acre of salt & 1-2 of fresh 
medow, llli. ; 30 acres of land at the head of Bass Kiver, 51i. ; 

2 acres of land in the towne, 6li.; one mare Colt, 8li.; one 
Cow & one heifer of a yeare old, 5li. 10s. ; one Fatt hogg, Hi. 
15s.; in flagges, 2li. IDs.; in working timber. Hi. 10s. j In- 
dian & English Come, Hi. ; in made ware as greene Chayres, 
wheeles & Eeemes, 5li.; 2 cloakes, one great coate, one cloth 
sute, one stuffe sute, 2 wascoates & 2 pr. of drawers, lOli.; 2 
hatts, stoekens, showes & boots, 2li. ; shirts, capps, hanker- 
cheef s & bands, 2li. ; 2 Flock beads, 2 bolsters, a pr. of blank- 
ets, 2 Coverings & bedsteed, 51i. ; 2 musketts, one fowlinge 
peece, 2 swords, one pr. of bandleers, 31i. ; a standing cub- 
bert, one table, 4 Joyne stooles, 4 chayres, 4 chests, 21i. lis.; 

3 chests & 4 boxes, Hi. 10s.; one feather bead, 2 f ether bol- 
sters, one under bead with Curtaynes & vallence, 6li.; one 
Rugg, one Coverlead, one pr. of Carsy blanketts, one pr. Cot- 
ten blanketts, 71i.; a hare's skin, 2 bedsteeds with bedcords. 
Hi. 10s.; 4 fether pUlowes, one cubbert Cushing, Hi. 8s.; 2 
pr. of fine sheetes, 2li. 10s.; 4 pr. & one sheete, 31i. 5s.; ia 
cash, 2li. ; in fine linnen, Hi.; 3 pr. of hollan pillow beers. 
Hi. 7s.; a larg diaper table cloth & 1 dozen of diaper nap- 
kins, 21i. ; 20 course napkins. Hi. ; in new locrum & hoUand, 
3li. 4s. ; 3 doz. pewter, smale & greate, 31i. ; one great Copper 
& Trivett, 3li.; one brass kettle & bras skiUett, 10s.; 3 Iron 
potts, 1 kettle & 1 SkiUett, Hi. 15s.; a brasse morter & 
chafin dish, 2 brass candle stickes, 16s.; one warming pan, 
8s. ; 2 spitts, 2 pr. of Andirons, 2 haukes, Hi. 12s. ; one fire 
pan, tonges & griderne, 8s. ; white earth ware & Voyder, Hi. 


lOs. ; one great chest & one table, 16s.; red earthware & 
other vtilses, 6s.; 1 looking glass & 1 grater, 6s.; 2 trunkes, 
Hi.; 2 barrells of beefe, 4li. 14b.; 1-3 C. of Snger, Hi, 58.; 
tubbs & barrells & other lumber, 16b. ; in plank & boards, Hi. ; 
3 pigges, Hi. ; waites & scales & measures, 10s. ; a silver dram 
cup & silver spoones, 10s.; in tooles, 6li. ; a box Smothing 
Iron, 2s. ; in debts upon the book, 301i. 16s. ; total, 19211. 10s. ; 
debts, 421i. 10s. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, 
leaf 53. 

Estate of Johk Hart of Maeblehead. 

Administration on the estate of John Hart granted 34: 
4: 1656 to his widow, Florance Hart of Marblehead. Elias 
Stileman to apportion claims against the estate, etc. Salem 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 8. 

Inventory of the estate of John Hart of Marblehead, taken 
14: 1 : 1655-6, by Moses Mavericke and Johanne Bartoll: One 
house wth aboute an acre of ground whereone ye house Stand- 
eth & an old Cow house together wth Commonidg for 3 
Cowes & 5 acres upland, 36li.; A part in ye farme that was 
Mr. Humphrey's, 71i. 10s. ; 1 acre of meadow at Salem, 31i. ; 
3 Cowes, 8li.; 1 Calfe ten weekes ould, 15s.; 2 small swine. 
Hi. ; 1 flock beed in ye parlour, 1 Cotten Eugg, 1 boulster & 
2 piUowes, feathers, 2 old Curtaines, 3li. lOs. ; 1 table, 4 
Joynstooles, 15s.; 1 ehaire, 2s. 8d.; 2 chests & 1 box, 12fi 
1 pr. of great Andirons, tongs & shovell, 10s.; 2 window 
Cussions, 5s.; 1 woolia wheele, 3s.; 1 Looking glass, 3s. 
6 pewter dishes, 3 baisons. Hi.; 3 quart potts, 1 candlestick, 
beaker & wine cup, brass snuffers & small cupp, Ys.; 1 pr, 
wooU Cards, 3s. ; 3 Iron potts. Hi. 5s. ; 3 brass Kettles, 1 cop 
per kettle & skillett. Hi. ; 1 brass furnace, Hi. ; 1 feather bed, 
boulster & 3 pillowes, 3li. 10s.; 1 pr. Curtaines & VaJlance, 

Hi. 10s.; 1 white Eugg & Coverlett, Hi.; elt, 3s. 6d, 

[bed] stead & Cord, 5s.; [ta]ble very ould & little. Is. 6d.; 1 
Lanthorne, Is. 6d.; 3 pr. sheetes, 3 pr. pillowbeers. Hi. 10s. 
1 tablecloth, 1 dos. napkins, 138.; 1 table in ye Kitehin, Is, 
6d. ; 3 tubbs & 2 payles, 5s. ; som earthenwaier & other Lum^ 
ber, 6s.; 1 spitt & hanger for ye chimney, 5s.; total, 741i, 
10s. 6d. The estate is debtor to Mr. Corwin, 301i.; Mr, 
Browne, 81i. 6s. ; a bill at Boston, 5li. ; Sam. Archard, 21i, 
Mr. Elzey, ISli.; total, 63li. 68. Essex Co. Quarterly Court 
"Files, vol. 3, lea,f 54. 

244 the peobatb eecoeds of essex county. 

Estate of Caleb Johnson of Andovee. 

Administration on the estate of Caleb Johnson of Andover, 
intestate, granted Sept. 30, 1656 to Henry Ingalls. Amount 
of the inventory of the estate, 301i. 8s. Ipswich Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 1, page 58. 

Estate of Francis Pakeot of Eowlbt. 

"I fErancis Parrat of Eowley intending to take a Journey 
to England desire as sensible of the frailty of this mortall 
life to set my house in order & doe therfore constitute and 
appoin this as my last will and testament in maner & forme 
as foUoweth. Impf I giue & bequeath my soule to God that 
gaue it & my body to be interred as the wise hand of God sees 
meete whether by sea or land in comfortable hopes of a 
happy resurrectio at that day. Ite my will is that my debts 
be first payd Ite I giue to my Loueing wife Elizabeth Parrat 
one hundred pounds to take it wher shee pleases in land goods 
& Cattle I also giue to her my house and house lott for her 
life and after her death my will is that it shall be equally 
diuided amonge my Children. Ite the rest of my lands 
goods & Chatties I giue to my Six daughters to be equally 
diuided amongst them and each of them to haue their equall 
share paid vnto them at the age of twenty one yeares or the 
daj/ of their mariage w** shall first be And I constitute 
my wife as my sole executrix of this my last will and Testa- 
ment And I appoint my Loueing brethren Maxmilian Jewet 
& EzekieU Northend as ouerseers of this my last will and 
testament in witnes hereof I haue herevnto set my hand this 
IS** day of Nouember 1655." 

ffrancis Parrot 

Witness : Ezekiel northend, John palmer. 

Proved in Ipswich court Sept. 30, 1656 by the witnesses. 
Essex Co. Prolate Files, Docket 20,578. 

inventory taken 15: 7: 1656, by Mr. Joseph Jawet, Max. 
Jawet, Ezekiel Northene and Johri Smith: House, orchard 
and home lott, 701i.; 10 Acres in the northeast feild, 401i.; 
two Ackers of Bastard marsh, 41i. ; two Acres of salt marsh, 
5li. ; Sawier's Ilande, 351i.; marsh and Broken uplande, 
35li. ; at the great plaine, 16 Akers of lande, 201i. ; ten Akers 
of medow at the Crayne, lOli. ; 13 Gates, 131i. ; one Mare, 
1311.; two oxen, llli.; three Cows, llli.; two steares, 51i.; 
two yearling Calves, 31i. 6s. 8d.; sheepe, 9li. lOs.; eighteene 


hogs, 15li.; one Asse, 4li.; due from Andrew Hadon, 61i. 
10s.; some Linin, 31i. 13s. 4d.; A bed with Beding, 5li.; 
another Bed with Beding, 3li.; one Bed, 3li. ; malt, 6s.; 
hemp and flax. Hi.; sheep woll and Gotten woU, 21i.; a 
sword, 10s.; two tubs and a trough, 2s. 6d.; a payre of 
scales and weights, 5s.; one Chest, 5s. 6d.; hemp yeame. 
Hi. ; Books, 6s. 8d. ; pots, ketles, hooks and a back Iron, 41i. ; 
peuder, 2li. ; two Jugs and a frying pan, Is.; wooden and 
earthen vessells, Hi.; foure Cushins, 10s.; one Cuberd, 5s.; 
one Cart, one plow with other Iron Geares, 3li. 10s.; Selves, 
3s.; twelve Ackres of Ry, 13li,; thirteene Ackers of Come, 
201i.; Hay, lOli.; fowre hides, 3li.; for hides Taning, 5li. 
13s. Id. ; one Musket, 12fi. ; a brake, 31i. 6s. ; total, 35711. 58. 
There were a few things of uncertain value, as a hogshead of 
sugar, his wearing clothes, something in England and 33s. 
forgotten, for which there was as much debt forgotten. 
His debts amounted to 63li. 9s. 5d. Essex Co, Quarterly 
Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 55. 

Estate of Maoklin Huokstable of Maeblehead. 

Macklin Huckstable of Marblehead, dying intestate about 
five months since, administration was granted 25: 9: 1656, 
to Mr. Edm. Batter and Mr. Fran. Johnson, Inventory, 
291i. 98. 6d. Insolvent. Salem Quarterly Court Records, 
vol. 4c, leaf 10. 

Estate of Eev. James Notes of Newbury. 

"The Last will and Teastament of James Noies my will is 
that my wife shall have the rule and ordering w* the dis- 
posing of all my substance I haue; while she keepeth hir 
selfe in an vnmaryed Condition, And That she wiU Take 
counsayle of my Loving fEreinds Cozen Thomas Parker my 
brother Nicholas Noys & w" Gerrish; But if she disposeth 
hir selfe in way of marryage then my will is; That my 
fEreinds A[b]ove mentioned shall have the disposing of all 
for the portions of my wife And Children as they shall see 
meete; in witnes heareof I have put my hand this 17th 
ocktob: 1656." 

James Noies 

Witness: W" Gerrish, Eichard Browne, Eobert Long. 

Proved in Salem court Nov. 21, 1656 by Eobert Long and 
Nov. 26, 1656 by Capt. Wm. Gerrish and Nicholass Noies. 


Inventory of the estate of Mr. James Noyes, teacher of 
Newbury, who deceased Oct. 31, 1656, taken by Eichard 
Knight, Anthony Somerby and Benjeman Swett, and sworn 
to by Sara Noyes, widow of the deceased, Nov. 31, 1656: 
The house and seaven akers of land adjoyneing with the 
orchard, lOOli.; foiare akers of upland and four akers of 
meadow, 301i. ; twelve akers of marsh or meadow, 301i. ; two 
akers of arable land, lOli.; seauenty-five akers of upland 
and meadow, 150li.; foure oxen, 321i.; eight Cowes, 371i. ; 
a two yere old steere and two calves, 3li. 10s.; six swyne, 
81i.; ten small swyne & 3 shoots, 6li.; two mares and colts, 
361i.; his weareing apparrell, ISli. 6s. 4d. In the parlour: 
one bedsted with two featherbeds, 2 bolsters, 3 pillows, 3 
blankets and one rugg, with Curtaines & vaUons, 15li.; one 
presse and a little table and a chest with 3 chayres & 3 
Joyned stooles, 31i. 10s.; a little carpet and eight turkey 
worke cushions, 21i. 15s. In the closset: A case of bottles 
and some earthern potts and gaily potts, 10s. In the hall: 
One table with a joynd forme and a childs chayre and a 
livery cubbard and benches. Hi.; a carpet and Cubbard 
cloth, 10s.; 3 cushions & apaire of And Irons & tongs & fire 
pan. Hi. In the kitchin: Foure Iron potts with 2 pr. of 
pott hookes, with 2 pr. of Cottrells & a trevet, 3li. ; one Jacke, 
one spitt, an Iron drippiapan with a fire pan, a pr. of and 
Irons & other small Iron Implements with 3 frying pans, 
3li. ; one furnace, a brasse kettle & a small brass pot with 
two warmiQg pans, a brass morter and pestle and foure brasse 
skillets and two brass candlesticks with some other old 
brasen Instruments, 31i. ; on one shelfe, one Charger, 5 pew- 
ter platters and a bason and a salt seller. Hi. 10s. ; on another 
shelfe, 9 pewter platters, small and great, 13s.; one old flag- 
on and 4 pewter drinking pots, 10s. ; one safe, 3 chayrs, one 
churne and a cheespress with tubs and bucketts and keellers, 
3li.; 4 barrells in the seller and 3 powdering tubs & a halfe 
bushell & other lomber. Hi. In the kitchin Chamber: One 
bedsted and a featherbed, 2 bolsters, 3 pillowes, one blancket 
and 3 ruggs, 9li. ; a truckle bed and bolster and rug. Hi. 10s. ; 
2 dozen and halfe of napkins & towels, IH. ; 9 pr. of sheets 
& 3 table cloths, 5li. ; one damask cubbard cloth & towell, 
10s.; one fetherbed at the Colledg with a bolster and 2 pr. 
of Sheets and 2 ruggs, 5li. ; 4 hoUand pillow bears and other 
pillowbeares. Hi. 5s. ; six other table clothes, great and small, 
& a bolster case. Hi.; one trunck, one chest, 3 boxes & a 
cabinet and 3 chamber pots. Hi.; one silver bowle & 3 sil- 


ver spoones & other small peices of silver, 3li. 10s. In the 
parlor chamber : Two boxes, 4 hogsheds, a musket and a gun 
and two swords, 2li.; a bolster and a quilt & two blanckets 
and a parsell of Gotten wooU, 31i. 10s. In the Hall chamber : 
In Indian come, a meale trough, a spining wheele & sacks & 
other lumber, 3li.; 4 trayes, 8 spoones, 2 haire sieves & a 
tiflBny seive, 12s. ; come in the bame, lOli. ; in the study, in 
books, 301i.; total, 597li. lis. 4d. Debts due to be paid ia 
England, 16li. lOs. ; and to be paid at Boston & in our owne 
towne about 40li.; total, 561i. 10s. Debts due the deceased, 
601i. Sara Noyes, the widow, made oath before Edward 
Woodman and Nicholas Noyes. 

Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, leaves 56, 57. 

Estate op William Eichaedson of Newbury. 

Inventory of the estate of William Eichardson, deceased 
Mar. 25, 1657, taken by Gyles (his G mark) Croinlone, Ed- 
ward (his S mark) Eichardson: a house and foure akers of 
land, 231i. ; two cowes, 8li. 5s. ; one heifer 2 yere old, 2li. 10s. ; 
one calf e, 7s. ; one sow & 3 pigs and a yereling shoot, 3Li. ; one 
ewe and foure weather sheepe, 6li.; his weareing apparreU, 
Hi. 6s. ; a bed, one pr of sheets, 2 old rugs & 3 pillows, 4li. 4s. ; 
one Iron kettle & 2 Iron potts. Hi. 12s. ; one frying pan and a 
few earthen potts & dishes, 5s.; one tub & 2 drink vessells, 
3 buckets & a hogshead, lis.; one chest & a box & a spining 
wheele, 9s.; one sword & bandeleers, lis.; 2 axes, 1 hatchet, 
2 boriers, 1 draughtshave & hand saw and an old hooe, 12s.; 
a sith & sickle & hooke and 2 prongs & a spade, 10s. ; a lad- 
der & other limiber, 5s. ; one bible, 8s. ; 2 peices of leather to 

mend shooes, 5s. 2d. ; total 52li. . Debts due about Hi. 

6s. He oweth to Henry Short about 4li. 12s. ; to Mr. Jewet, 
31i. 15s.; Mr. Macy, Hi. 5s.; Capt. Gerrish, Hi. 4s.; Mr. 
Woodman, 17s.; other small debts about Hi. 4s.; total, llli. 

Sworn to by Elizabeth Eichardson, wife of William Eich- 
ardson Mar. 30, 1657, before John Pike commissioner for 
Newbury. Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 23,661. 

Estate of Anthony Newhall of Lynn. 

"The Last will and Testyment of Anthony Newhall 1 I 
will that my grand child Eichard hood shall hau on Ewe 
lamb att the next Encreast 3 I will that my grand chilld 


Elizabeth hood shall haue one Ewe lamb at the next Bncreas 
3 I doe giue my dafftter mary the third part of the Bncress 
of my orchard for Seuen years afftter the datt hearof 4 I 
doe giue my dafEter mary that peall of ground that lys one 
the other Syde the brook at the north End of my hows 
lott uppon Condittyon that her husiband doe build a dweUing 
hows oppon it 5 I wiU that my dafftter mary shall hau my 
f ether ||bed|| aftter my deceas with all things bellonging to 
it only that my Son John shall hau a boulster ffilled with 
f ethers Theas affowrsayd legasys I giu my daffter mary for 
her carffuU attendanc of me and great payns she hes bin at 
with me : 

"6 of the remayning part of my wholl Esttat I doe giue 
my Son John newhall tow parts and to my daffter mary I 
giue one part deuided to Ech of them accourding to my will 
as followeth 1 I will that my Son John newhaU shall haue 
my hows and land that I now Hue in boimded form the 
brook att the north End vpp to the land of gorg fErayU at 
the South End 2 I will that my daffter mary shall hau that 
lott lying betwixt the land of John hawthorns and John 
Eamsdell 3 I will that my Son John Shall hau 4 akers of 
that land that lys by Jonathan hudsons and my dafftter mary 
tow akers of that land that lys by Jonathan hudsons 4 I 
will that my Son John shall hau twenty akers of oupland 
lying oup in the Country 

"5 I will that my daffter mary shall hau ten akers of oup- 
land lying in the Country 6 I will that my Son John shall 
hau 4 akers of that medow that lys oup in the Country and 
I will that my daffter mary shall hau tow akers of that 
medow that lys oupp in the Country 7 I will that my Son 
John shall hau tow akers of Sallt march lying in the town 
march att the tow tres and 3 akers att m' neadums and on 
aker Eichard mors and on aker lying in the frech march 8 I 
will that my daffter mary shall ||hau|| 4 akers of SaUt march 
lying towards goodman Edmonds in Eumlly in the first deuis- 
ion and tow akers of Sallt march in the last diuydent 

"I will that my Son John newhall shall haue Tow Cows and 
one oxe I will that my daffter mary shall hau on cow and 
on stear I giu my Son John 2 Iron potts and a great bras 

"I giu to my daffter mary on bras pan I giu to John tow ' 
pewttur platters and to my dafter mary on platter I giu 
to my Son on boulster on ould Couerlid and to my daffter 
mary on piUow I giu to my Son John tow par of potthooks 


and on pott hanger and one frying pan I giu to my daffter 
mary on warminge pan I giu my Son |lJohn|| on new 
Couerlide and a brase pott I glue my daffter mary flocks for 
a littell bed I giu to my Son John i heckell and to my 
daffter mary the dubuU heckell I giu to my Son John and 
my daffter mary the grinston betwixt them So long as it 
last I will that what So Euer of my Estat y* is not yet 
giuen or yett deuyded shall be giuen tow parts to my Son 
John and on part to my daffter mary 

"ffurther I will That my Son John newhall and my dafftter 
mary shall Eche of them hau the produce of Eche others 
proporttions of my Estat whils I liue and aceourding to ther 
Seuerall proportions to mayntayn me whils I liue I will that 
theas Seuerall gifts of my Estat to be ffully Eattyfied and 
Conffermd affter my dissceas and not beffore to Eche of them 

"I will : That if my Son John newhall should dye and hau 
noe Chilldren That then my hows and lands shall return 
to my daffter mary and her heirs I will that nathanell 
Kertland and mathew ffarrington and John ffuller be ouer- 
sears of this my last will & Testyment To wich I wittnes 
with my hand to be my true and lawffuU will. This 14 day 

of January 1656" 

his mark 
Anttony A Newhall 
his mark 

Witness: John ffuller, Thomas 1 Couldum, Mathew 

ffarington, Nathanill kirtland and Jonathan Hudson. 

Proved in Ipswich court Mar. 31, 1657 by John Fuller 
and Mathew Farington. 

Proved 30: 1: 1657 by Thomas Couldom and Nathaniel! 

Inventory taken 6 : 13 : 1656, sworn to by Eichard Hood, 
Mar. 31, 1656 : Whearring apparrill, he lying long bedride 
but small, 2li. ; one great brase kettell, 5s. ; one brasse pane, 
15s.; one littell brass kettell, 5s.; one brase pott, 10s.; one 
warming pan, 4s. ; one skimmor and brass laddell with other 
ould peasses of brass, 3s.; thre pewttor platters, 10s. 8d.; 
one pewtter Candellstick, Is. 6d. ; ould peases of pewtor, 3s. 
4d. ; tow Iron potts, one Iron skillett. Tow par of pott hoks, 
18s. 6d. ; tow pare of Iron Backs, on Spit with Sertin peases 
of ould Iron, 9s. ; two handsaws, one ould wip saw, one squar, 
tow ould augurs, one ould handsaw, lis. 6d. ; one Iron punch 
and one Iron laddell, one Claboad frow, 4s. 6d. ; one Carbyn, 
one ould Sword, 15s. ; one singull heckell and one dubell 


heckeil, 8s. ; one -wyer sife, one ould wyer sife, one hare sife, 
6s.; wouden trays and diches, 3s. 6d.; one buttur tub, one 
bear barrill and a kneading trofE with other ould Cask, 8s.; 
a pare of ould andirons and a frying pane, 6s.; thre ould 
bybells and thre other ould books, IT'S.; seven pans of glas, 
10s. ; one brase pisteU, 8s. ; an ould ilaskit, one ould box. Is. 
4d. ; in lead, 3s. ; an ould f ether bed and boolster, one pillow 
and pillow bear. Hi. 18s.; one ould ruge, one ould blankit, 
9s. ; one ould flock bed, an ould boolster, 10s. ; one ould Cove- 
lid and tow ould blankit, one fether boolster, one ould fether 
pellow, one shett) 12s.; one Joyn bedsted and bed cord and 

matt. Hi. 8s.; one Grenston with an Iron , 12s.; one 

Ewe sheap. Hi. 15s. ; one oxe, 51i. ; thre Cows, lOli. 10s. ; one 
stear, 21i. 10s.; fowr Iron hops for wheals and one Ex, pins, 
one Eing, 10s.; one Coverled, Hi. 10s.; one dwelling hows 
and bame and fiv ackers of land and an orchard att horn, 
fowr akers of upland by John hawthorns hows, six ackers 
of upland lying by Jonathan hudssons, eight akers of upland 
lying by the fresh marsh, therty akers of upland lying oup 
in the Country, six akers of Salt marsh lying in the town 
march, six akers in Kumly march, one ackers of fresh march 
in the town, six akers of fresh march in the Country, due 
from Edward Eichards twenty-five shillings; whe forbare 
to put any prise oupon the land or howses and cattell be- 
caus the deceased in his will hath divided them to his tow 
Chilldren ech one ther partt. 

Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 105. 

Administration on the estate granted Mar. 31, 1657, to 
Eichard Hud, to settle it according to the will. Administra- 
tion bond. Overseers appointed by the court : Matthew Far- 
ington, John Pullar and Nathaniell Kertland. Ipswich 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 61. 


Thomas Nelson chose, in court Mar. 31, 1657, Mr. Joseph 
Jewett to be his guardian. Ipswich Quarterly Court Rec- 
ords, vol. 1, page 60. 

Estate of Hugh Chaplin of Eowley. 

"This 15 day of the firste month 1654 The laste will 
and Testemente of Hew Chaplin of Eowlay in the Countie of 
Esexs being sicke in bodie yet perfite in memorie I commite 


my soule to God thorowgh Jesus Christe And for my out 
word estaite as followeth Imprimis for my whole estate is 
at the dessposeng of my beloued wife Blesabeth Chaplin 
Duringe the time she dus contenew a widdow provided she 
dowe nothing in dessposing of my estaite with out the Con- 
sente ||of|| Thomas MigheU Maxsiemillian Jewite Thomas 
Diconson Hew Smith John Pickard But if my wife marrie 
then my estaite to be dessposed of by thes fiue men afore 
mensoned as after foUoweth if my esstaite be fourscore 
ponnds then my wife shaU haue Thirtie ponnda And the 
riste of my estaite to be devided equalie amongst aU my Chill- 
dren Onely my BUdeste sonne John Chaplin shall have thre 
pond more than anie one of my chilldren And my will is 
that my wife haue thirtie ponndes oute of fourscore ponndes 
and this preporsion to be cepte whether my estaite be more 
or lesse." [No signature] 

Witness: Joseph Jewett, John Pickard. 

Proved in Ipswich court Mar. 31, 1657 by the witnesses. 
Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 104. 

Inventory of the estate of Hugh Chaplin of Eowley, hus- 
bandman, taken Dec. 3, 1656, by Maxemilion Jewit and 
Thomas Dickanson : house, barn, land and orchard bought of 
John Dresser, 34li.; one acre of land that is between the 
house lots of John Burbaneke and Peter Cooper on the 
under side of the way, 41i. ; foure acres above street pur- 
chased of Thomas Miller, 16li.; foure acres in the field Called 
batcheler playn together with villadge land, 14li. ; five acres 
of meadow and upland at the farm, 14li. ; Comonadge for two 
Cows, 21i. ; two heifers, 51i. 10s. ; two Cows, 7li. ; one yearing 
heifer, Sli.; one Spring Calf, Hi.; foure piggs, 31i. 
wheat, 5li.; Eye, 3li.; Indian Com, 21i.j hay. Hi. 10s. 
three [pots, duplicate inv.] one kettell and putor, 31i. 
beding and linen, lOli. 10s.; one frying pan, one warming 
pann and tongs and one scellet. Hi. ; one wheell, one Smooth- 
ing Iron and Sives, 6s. 8d. ; milke vessell, bear vessell and 
tubs. Hi. ; f ethers, 4s. ; hows and Siekels, 4s. ; Iron tools, 10s. ; 
wooU, Hi. 10s.; a Sword, 6s. 8d.; hemp and flax, 17s.; one 
wheell and Cards, 5s. ; Chayrs and Cushions and baggs, 18s. ; 
total, 12311. lis. 4d. Debt owing to Mr. Joseph Jewit, 81i. 

Sworn to Mar. 31, 1657 by the wife of Hugh Chapline 
and John Pickard. 

A duplicate inventory sworn to 39: 7: 1657 by Elizabeth 
Jackson formerly wife of Hugh Chaplin. 


The devision of the estate of Hugh Chaplin according to 
the true latent of his will, hy the overseers, MaiemiUon 
Jewit, Thomas Dickanson and John Pickard Dec. 3, 1656: 
to his wife, 431i. 18s. 4d.; to the eldest son John Chaplin, 
201i.; to each of the other three children [the other three 
sons. dup. tiiv.] 1711. 

Essex Go. Prolate Files, Docket 4,997. 

The wUl of Hugh Chapline not heing proved within twenty 
months, ordered Mar. 31, 1657, that the widow forfeit one 
hundred pounds by the law. Ipswich Qvarterly Court Rec- 
ords, vol. 1, page 60. 

Petition of Elizabeth Jackson to the General Court 6:2: 
1657 for the remitment of a fine of lOOli. for neglecting to 
present her former husband, Hugh Chaplin's will to be pro- 
bated. It was referred to the next County court at Ipswich. 
Mass. Archives, vol. 15B, page 11. 

The General Court 39: 7: 1657, moderated the fine of 
Mcolas Jackson for not proving the will of his wife's for- 
mer husband, Hugh Chaplin. Ipswich Quarterly Court Rec- 
ords, vol. 1, page 64. 

Estate of Joseph Batcheldbr op Wenham. 

Administration granted Mar. 31, 1657, to Marke Bache- 
lour on the estate of his father. Referred to Salem court for 
further orders. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, 
page 60. 

Mark Bachelour brought in to the court 1:5: 1657 an in- 
ventory of his father's and mother's estate, amounting to 
841i. 10s. 4d. To be paid to his brother John, under twenty 
one years, and to his sisters, Elizabeth and Hannah, each 
under eighteen years. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 
4, leaf 15. 

Inventory of estate of Joseph Batchelder, deceased about 
ten years ago, taken Mar. 30, 1656-7 by James Moulton, 
Eobert Gowing and Tho. Fiske : The Dweling house with 70 
Akres of Land Lyeing to it wherof there is 6 Akres of it 
broken up: with an oarchard: & 7 Akres 1-3 of middow & 
thirtie Akers of Land more, 701i. ; one fether bed & two bol- 
sters & one pillow, 4li. ; one bedstead, 8s.; one Rugg, 14s.; 
one Blanket, 8s.; Curtaines & Curtaine Rods, 10s.; one 
payre of Sheets, 8s.; one flock Bed, 10s.; one flocke Bed 


more with a flock Bolster, 8s. ; an Iron pott & pott hooks, 9s. ; 
one hake, 3s. 4d.; one Kittell, 16s.; one Brass pann, 5s.; one 
warmeing Pann, 2s.; one Iron Eattill, 6s.; one Iron Skilit, 
5s.; one frieing pann, 2s.; Three Table cloathes & two 
Nappkines, Hi.; three pillowbeers, 12s.; one pewter platter, 
5s.; one pewter Chamber pott, 2s.; other old pewter vessels, 
6s. ; earthahg ware, Is. 6d. ; one Cubboard & Cubboard Cloath, 
10s. ; one Chist, 8s. ; one Cheese press & Cheese f att, 3s. 6d. ; 
one Sword & belt & Bandilers, 17s.; two Tables, 7s.; one 
Chayer, 6d. ; 4 Trayes, 2s. ; one Beetle Einge & three wedges, 
2s. 6d. ; Chafeing Dish & Candlestick, 28. ; Books, 15s. ; one 
Cowe & one heifer, 5li. 15s. ; total, 901i. 13s. 4d. The Widdow 
Batehelder is Debt' to be paid out of the estate 711. 10s. 

Eeceived in Ipswich court 31 : 1 : 1657 and administration 
granted. Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 2,089. 

Estate of Michael Hopkinson of Eowley.- 

Petition of John Trumble of Eowley to the General Court 
7:3: 1657 for the remitment of his wife's fine for neg- 
lecting to administer on the estate of her former husband, 
Michaell Hopkinson, deceased in 1648, as there was an in- 
ventory taken and the estate had in no way been alienated. 

The request was granted provided the petitioner give in an 
inventory to the next County Court and the said Court to 
dispose of the estate to the woman and her children. Mass. 
Archives, vol. 15B, yage 204. 

Inventory of the estate of Mighill Hobkinson taken 10: 
1: 1648, by Joseph Jewett and Thomas Dickanson: The 
house and bame, garden, orchard, yards and swamp below 
and aU of the lower side of the house, 181i.; two acres and a 
half of broke up land with the seed lying in batcheler plaine, 
5li. 10s.; five acres of land broke & unbroke up lying in 
bradforth lots, 61i. 10s.; eight acres of medow and one of 
upland at the farme, 2li. ; three gates and a quarter, Hi. 10s. ; 
one steer, 2li. 10s.; one steer, lOli. ; two heifers of three 
yeares old, 91i. ; three Cowes, 14li. ; one yearing, lU. 68. 8d. ; 
thre sucking Calves, Hi.; one payre of loomes, Hi.; one 
fihutel 3sh, one tenipel, 1 warping woof, one rings and one 
payre of heels, 78., one ridel, lli. 12s.; three slayes, 9s.; 
three wheels, 2s. 8d.; twenty bushells of indion Come, 31i.; 
Six bushels of wheat, lli. 7s.; rye two bushels and a halfe, 
9s.; baken, lli. 10s.; one rug. Hi.; Cotton wooU and yame, 
51i. 10s.; five slayds, 12s. 6d.; red Corsay three yards, 15s.; 


one hatt, five sh, one payre of shapt breeth, 3d., IT'S. ; 3 payre 
of Jerkings, 5s.; one coat, Hi.; one coat, ten six. one short 
coat and a jerkin, lli. 16s. 8d.; one payr of boots, ten sh., 
one payre breech., lOd., Hi.; one sute, 16s.; breches 6 sh 
8 pence and a dublet ten sh., 16s. 8d. one payr of lether 
breches, 8sh. & lether dublet, 3s. 4d., lis. id.; one bed and 
bolster, los.; shoes 2 payre, 4s.; one cotton blanket, 6s.; 
one woolen blanket, 4s.; one rugg, Hi.; two blankets and 
sheets, Hi.; 3s.; three sheets, 6s.; one rugg, Hi.; one sheet, 
5s. ; one bolster, 2s. ; one bed tiking and a blancket, 5s. ; two 
beds, 8s.; Silver, lli. 14s.; two sives and one payre of cords, 
4s. 6d. ; one kettell, lli. 10s. ; one kettell 6s., one pot 7s., 13s. ; 
one kettel, two skelets, 2s., 4s.; one warming pan, 8s.; put- 
ter lis., a lanthon 2s., two juggs Is., 14s. ; wood vesell, 10s., 
pothooks and bellous, 6s. 9d., 16s. 8d.; books. Hi.; armor 
and powder, 2li. ; Sithes 5s., axes, Sawes and Iron tong 208., 
lli. 5s. ; one frying pan, 2s. ; part of the boat, lOli. 9s. ; total 
11611. 19s. 8d. Debtor to Joseph Jewit, 61i.; witnes my 
hand Joseph Jewett 10 : 1 : 1649, To Mr. Eobart, Payn lli, ; 
to William Wild, lli. 8s. 

Testified to be a true inventory in court 29: 7: 1657 by 
Ann Trumble. Essex Co. Prolate Files, Docket 13,917. 

Estate of Stephen Waters of (Maeblehead ?) . 

Administration on the estate of Stephen Waters granted 
30: 4: 1657 to his son, Wm. Waters of Marblehead 30: 4: 
1657. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 12, 

Estate op John Pickeeing op Salem. 

"In the name of god Amen I Jn° Pickeringe of Salera 
beeing of pfect mind and memory doe make and Ordayne 
this last will and Testament in man and forme foUowinge 
first I bequeath my soule to my lord god and sauiour: and 
my body to the earth from whence it came. Imp' I Deuid 
my estate into fiue pts : vidz : lands houses Cattell houshould 
goods &c. : Ite I bequeath to my son Jn° Pickeringe two parts 
out of my estate as aboue mencianed: at the age of one and 
twenty years Ite I bequeath to my son Jnthan one part 
and halfe out of the estate of mine as aboue said at the age of 
twenty one years. Ite I bequeath the other pt & halfe to my 
wife Elizabeth for her mayntenance for her life: puided 
shee Hue vnmaried, & if her part of my estate wiU not 


mayntaine her comfortably: that ther shall be an alowance 
made to her out of my sons peons accordinge to the pporcon 
of their legacies But if my said wif Elizabeth shall mary 
againe her next husband to be bound to returns to my two sons 
their heirs or admnstro" or assignes ||to be equaly deuided|| 
the same pporcon or value of goods or estate, that he : shall 
haue: with my said wif when he doth mary her: if she die 
before ||him||. 

"Ite I giue to my son Jn° my musket and Armes com- 
pleate and the choise of my foulinge peeces. Ite I giue to 
my son Jn'athan my other foulinge gune and my Carbine 
Lastly my will is y* when my ChiQ^'en comes to age to inioye 
their peons: y*: the iacrease or losse y* then shall be found 
to be in my estate more or less then was at my death shall 
be borne by them, vidz: my wif & Children It I make my 
beloued wif Elizabeth & my sons John and Jonathan my 
Bxecutris & Executors It I apoynte & Desire John Home 
and Edmond Batter my ouerseers: to see the fEulfiUing of 
this my Last will and I giue to each of them twenty shillings 
Dated 30* 5°" 1655" 

John Pickering 

Witness : Edmond Batter, John Home, ffrancis Lawes and 
John Kitching. 

Proved 1 : 5 : 1657 by Mr. Batter, John Home and John 
Kittchen. Essex Co, Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 138. 

The inventory, amounting to 13711. 3s. 2d. sworn to 1 : 5 : 
1657, by the Widow Pickrin and allowed. Salem Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 14. 

Estate of Henet Bullock, Jr. of (Salem?). 

Administration on the estate of Hen. Bullock, granted 1: 
5: 1657, to his widow, Alice Bullock. The estate given to 
the son who was under twenty-one years, to the daughter, 
under eighteen years, and to the widow for the bringing 
up of the children. The feather bed mentioned in the invent- 
tory to be the property of the son after his mother's decease. 
Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 15. 

Inventory of the estate of Henry BuUocke, jr., taken 10: 
10: 1656, by Mr. Thomas Gardiner and Ifathaniel Pelton: 
The house and outhouses thereto belonging wth. 20 acres of 
land thereto belonginge joyninge unto it and 20 acres in 
the north feild and 6 acres of meadow bought of Mr. Ende- 


codt lyinge in the broad meadow against the fanne given to 
Mr. Bishop and a lease of 8 acres for 6 yeares lyinge in the 
meadow called wiUeses meadow, £50 ; 2 stieres, £8 ; Cowes, £6 ; 

1 heifer, £3. 10s. ; 7 loads of hay, £7 ; 2 sheepe & 2 ewe lambes, 
£5; 5 yoimge swine, £1. 16s.; 15 bushels of Indian corne, £1. 
IT'S. 6d. ; 1 feather bed and boulster, £3 ; 1 Eug and 2 blankets, 
£2 ; 2 feather piUows, lOs. ; 1 flocke bed and bed and boulster, 
£1 ; 1 Coverlet & 2 blankets, £1. 10s. ; 2 bedsteads, 15s. ; Cur- 
taynes & vaUons, £1, 10s.; 2 payre of Sheets, 2 pillowbeares 
& 2 napkins, £1. 10s.; his wearinge apparel, £6; 2 chests, 
15s.; 4 chayres, 8s.; a warminge pan, 5s.; 2 muskets, 1 
sword, 2 payre of bandeliers, £1. 15s.; 1 brasse ketle, 10s.; 

2 Iron pots, 10s. ; 2 frying pans, 58. ; Peuter, 10s. ; 1 hake, a 
payre of tongs & a frye pan, a payre of andirons, a spit & 2 
skillets, 13s. ; Axes and other workinge tooles, £1 ; 20 yards of 
linnen cloth, £1. 10s. ; a cradle, 5s. ; a pestle and morter, 2s. ; 
planks, 10s. ; hemp and flax, f 1 ; flesh, Butter and cheese, £1 ; 
old barrels, tubs and payles, 12s.; old lumber, 10s.; a mare 
colt, £8 ; total, £119. 18s. 6d. Estate debtor to Mr. Corwine, 
£2. 8s. ; Mr. Willyam Browne, £1. 15s. ; Mr. Cromwell, £1. 8s. ; 
Thomas Bootes, 10s.; the Cow keeper, 10s.; Sam Ebume, 
8s. ; Ealph Tompkins, 7s. ; Willyam Eobinson, 4s. 2d. ; Eichd. 
Leach, Is. 4d. ; Edward Wharton, 12s.; Adam Westgate, 4s.; 
Widd. Giles, 7s.; Mr. Gardiner, 4s.; total, £8. 18s. 6d. Estate 
creditor, due from Anthony Nedham, £6; Goodman Herod, 
12s.; John Concklinge, £1; John Scot, £2. 10s.; total, 
£10. 2s.; whole estate, £121. 2s. Essex Co. Quarterly Court 
Files, vol. 3, leaf 129. 

Estate of John Aldehman of Salem. 

"Dated the 3*^ of 5** m" 1657 The last will & testament 
of John Alderman he being weake in body but well in mind 
disposeth of his estate as foUoweth Imp' I giue to m' Forice 
the best Cowe I haue : Item to m' Eliot one Cow. And one 
Cowe to the Indians that m' Eliot doth preach unto to be dis- 
posed of to them by him: Item I giue one Cowe to m' 
Thatcher Item I giue one Cowe to m'^ whiting of Linn Item 
I giue one Cowe to m' waltom of marbeU head. Item I giue 
one Cowe to m' Cobat Item to John Home of Salem I giue 
one heifer Item my house & land which I ualew at 40" my 
wiU is that Bzera Clape the sone of Edward Clape : and Na- 
thaniell Clape the sone of Mcholas Clape shall haue it at 
that price: & pay for it as foUoweth, viz, to Israeli Mason 


daughter of maior mason tenn pounds, to be paid two years 
after my decease : the rest to be paid at 3 yeares end by 3" a 
yeare to m'' Noriee so long as he liues to Inioy it Item I 
giue to John Pickiring, one table 2 stools my Cloke a paire 
of Cloth briches a paier of worsted stockens & 3 bb barly: 
Item to Elizibeth Pickirin one greene Cloth suitt Item to 
Jonathan Pickirin my Armes & aU my Nursery of Apple 
trees at my ten acre lott Item I giue to goodwife Bufam 
30* to Josuah Bufam 10^ & to the rest of her Children 5» 
a peece. Item I giue to Edward Clape one stufe sute. Item 
I giue to Prudence Clape her two daughters to Barbara 
Stoder her two daughters & to Nicholas Clape his two daugh- 
ters aU the houshould stufEe I haue Beding & lining: Item 

1 giue to brother Marshall all my old Aparill Item I giue 
to m'*' ffellton 10' to widow Denis 10" to Goody Curtice 10" 
Item I apoynt Edward Clape & John Home to be ouerseers 
Edward Clape to be executor, my ouerseers to haue 13' 
a peece for ther labor:" 

John Alderman 
Witness: Edward Clap, John Home, Henery (his mark) 
Keny, Jeylls Corye. 

Proved Sept. 3, 1657 by Edward Clapp. Copy of will, Ips- 
wich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 196. 

Copy of inventory of estate of Mr. John Alderman, Sa- 
lem, lately deceased, taken 23 : 5 : 1657, by Hillyard Veren, 
Eobert (his mark) BufPom: one dwelling house with two 
acres of ground adioyning & ten Acres of land lying in 
the north neck & an out lott Containeing about fiuiy Acres 
more or lesse with the meadow belonging to it, 401i. ; 7 Cowes, 
34li. 10s.; 2 oxen at llli., 2 heifers & one steere 7li., 181i. ; 
in Come uppon the ground. Hi. 10s.; 4 busheUs of barly & 

2 busheUs of wheat, Hi. 4s.; in weareing woollen Cloathes, 
5li.; in linnen, 2li.; 6 yd. of Searg & som other Cloathing, 
3li.; 2 feather beds, 4li.; one piUow & 2 bolsters with 3 old 
curtins. Hi.; one Coverlett & 2 blanketts, 16s.; one bedsteed, 
2 little tables, 2 Joinstools, Hi. 5s. ; 2 Chayrs, 2 Chests, one 
trunk. Hi.; 2 potts, one brasse pan, 2 old Kettles, Hi.; in 
pewter, 12s., one spitt & 1 warminpan, 1 frying pan with 
som other utensills, Hi.; plow Irons & Chayne & 2 old 
howes, 12s.; total, 10511. 17s. The Estate debtr., 41i. 10s.; 
remainder, lOlli. 7s. 

Edward Clapp delivered this as a true inventory Sept. 3, 
1657 before Samuell Symonds and Daniel Denison. Ipswich 
Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 197. 


Eebeacha Brodstreet chose Joseph Jewett to be her giiar- 
iian, and he acknowledged 29: 7: 1657, that he had re- 
ceived her portion of the estate of her father, Humphry 
Bradstreet, given to her in his will, from her mother Bridgett 
Broadstreet, executrix of the wUl. Ipswich Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 1, page 64. 

Estate of Thomas Rofe of Ipswich. 

"I Thomas Eofe being at p'sent full of payne and not 
Knowing what the Lords pleasure is towards me doe make 
this my last will as foUoweth I commit my soul into the 
liands of my saviour the Lord Jesus Christ my body to the 
sarth to be desently buried & for that little outward estate 
the Lord hath giuen me I leave vnto my deare wife coneeiue- 
ing it little enough & two little to maynetayne her in the 
condition she is In & doe apoynt her sole execotrix of this 
my last will in wittnes whereof I haue heervnto sett my hand 
this 12* of agust 1657" 

Thomas Eoof 
her mark 

Witness: Eobert Lord, Hanah H Day. 

Proved in the Ipswich court Sept. 29, 1657 by the wit- 
nesses. Essex Co. Prohate Files, Bochet 24,128. 

Estate of Thomas Scott of Ipswich. 

Administration on the estate of Thomas Scott granted 29 : 
7 : 1657, to his wife Margret Scott. Ipswich Quarterly Court 
Becords, vol. 1, page 64. 

Inventory of estate of Thomas Scott, Ipswich, taken Sept. 
20, 1657 by John Appleton and William Geed—: his wear- 
ing cloths, 3li.; 3 payers of cors sheets. Hi.; in bed and bed 
cloths & old curta, 31i. 10s.; in peutter, Hi.; 3 old Kettels, 
Hi. 4s. 6d.; a lettel Kettel, a scummer, a warming pan, litt. 
Bcilli, 10s.; too smal Iron potts, 12s. 4d. ; Iron things and 
belows, 12s. 4d. ; and old bras frying pan, 2s. 6d. ; a payer of 
larg stilards, 2li. ; too old chest and a trunk, 8s. 6d. ; a cast 
with 6 bottel, 5s.; Some books and brasses other implymet, 
12s. ; 5 old cast, 3s. ; hous and bam land, 801i. ; in Goodman 
West hands, 62li. ; in wampome, 2s. 6d. ; in debts, 271i. ; a 
bed stead, som lumber, 10s.; total, 1831i. 12s. 8d. depts yt 
were owing 18411. 


Proved to be a true inventory in Court held at Ipswich, 
Sept. 29, 1674, by the administratrix. 

A letter to Col. Gidnye, Judge of the Probate of wills, 
dated Jan. 14, 1694, with "the Humble Eequest of wUliam 
Eodgers Humbly sheweth that Thomas Scott my Grandfather 
dyed in Ipswich about thirty and eight yers agoe and made 
noe will he left my Grandmother with onely two Children 
viz margerett Scott: my mother and thomas Scott: my sd 
Grandmother was made an Administratrix to my sd Grand- 
fathers estate but ther was noe settlement made of the sd 
estat by the Court at all ; and my sd uncle thomas Scott went 
into old England and dyed ther. and when I was about fowr 
yers old my mother dyed and in a short time after my 
Grandmother dyed: about sixten yers agoe, my sd Grand- 
father dyes seazed of agood Considerable estat in land in 
Ipswich; I am the onely suruiuing person descended from 
my sd Grandfather and now I am come to the Age of twenty 
one yers doe humly Craue that your Honnour will Grant 
Administration to me of the estat of my sd Grandfather that 
hath not bien leagally disposed of." Signed William Eogers. 

A caution, dated Newbury, Feb. 15, 1694-5 to prevent Wil- 
liam Eogers being appointed administrator of estate of 

Thomas Scott, for "I a legal admiuistration (and 

quiet possession) twelve years sin — from a county 

court held at Boston." [Signature faded.] 

Essex Go. Probate Files, Docket 24,971. 

Estate of John Teumble of Eowlet. 

An Trumble was appointed 29: 7: 1657 administratrix of 
the estate of her late husband, John Trumble. There were 
eleven children of three marriages. The estate was ordered 
to be divided, to four of Mighill Hobkinson's, five of John 
Trumble's before he married her, and two of his and hers, 
viz. : To Jonathan Hobkinson, 25li. ; Jeremiah Hobkinson, 
18li.; John Hobkinson, 181i. ; Caleb Hobkinson, 181i.; to 
John Trumble, 15li. ; Hannah Trumble, Sli. ; Judah Trumble, 
81i. ; Euth Trumble, Sli. ; Joseph Trumble, 8li. ; and to Abi- 
gaill Trumble and Mary Trumble, children of John and An, 
201i. each. The rest of the estate, 55li., was allowed to the 
widow. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 65. 

Inventory of estate of John Trumble of Eowley, deceased, 
taken by Joseph Jewit, Maximilall Jewit, Thomas Dickin- 


son and John Pickerd : Hous and barne, gardings, orchards, 
swamps belowe and all below the house and streett, 3611.; 
in Bradforth street lots, five acres and a half, 1811.; in 
Batehelers feild, two acres and a half, 61i.; in the marsh 
feild comanly called Mr. Dmners farme, meadows & upland. 
Eight acres, 121i.; Three cowe Gattes and a quarter, 311. 3s. 
4d.; his land in the northeast feUd, 4 acre and a half, 511.; 
Bought land in batchelders feild, three acre, 911. ; in land at 
the new plaine, 811. ; in meadowes, 4 acre, 911. ; in 4 gates more 
upon the Commans, 311. 13s. 4d.; in come upon the ground 
and grass upon the meadows, 14li. 16s.; one mare and one 
yearing colt, 30li.; Three oxen and one stere, 191i.; Six 
cowes, 1811.; one hefer of two yere old, 311. 10s.; Two catle 
that is one yere old, 311. ; Two calves, lli. ; in swine, 71i. ; his 
apparill, 611.; in Books, lli. 6s. 8d.; in a bearing finer linen 
and Three course sheets, 2li. 10s. ; one Bed and bed cloathes 
thereon, 511.; one Bug and one Covering, lli. 4s.; in cotten 
woole, 71i.; Chists & one trunke, Two hogsheads and kush- 
ings, lli. lis. ; one halbird, one sword, one pair of Bandelers, 
15s.; more in Beding, one ruge more, 2li.; one sword more, 
one fouling peice, with kettls, pots & other small matters, 
511. 6s. ; In pewter, 111. ; in wooden vessell, 111. ; in Tools be- 
longin to his traid, lli. 10s.; a saddl. Bridle, apannell, with 
some other small matters, 14s.; in cart, plow and other In- 
struments of husbandry, 311. 10s.; in cowper wood, 10s.; in 
wheat, malt, Indian, with Bags and other implements, 31i. ; 
in brick, 4s.; total, 32511. irs. lOd. Debts owing: To John Tod, 
311. 16s. 3d.; to Mr. Joseph Jewit, Hi.; total, 4li. 16s. 3d. 

Sworn to in Ipswich court 29 : 7 : 1657, by his widow Ann 
Tromble. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 140. 

Estate of John Etebs, Se. of Haverhill. 

"The last will and Testament of John Eyers -f Elder of 
Haverhill made y* twelfe of March one thousand six hundred 
fifty six : fifty seaven : 1*' ffirst I giue vnto my Sonne John 
Eyers my dwelling house and house Lott, butt my viryf e to 
haue the ||my|| house and Orchyard & the pasture of English 
grass by the barne, and the leantoo att the South end of y* 
barne and to haue libertie in y* Same Kue barne to lay in 
such hay or come as shee shall haue occasion to make vse 
of duering the tyme of hir Naturall life and att hir death to 
returne to my Sonne Jn" Eyers, and duering the tyme of my 
wiues life my Sonne is to haue the vse of my house Lott 


and barne, and to pay vnto my wife tenn shillings an acre for 
every acre of broken vpp land in this my house Lott, and after 
the end of my wyues life when this falls into my Sonne John 
Eyers hand then hee shall pay as foUowes, fiue pound the 
first yeare after my wyfes death to my Sonne Nathaniell. The 
second yeare fiue pound to my daughter Hanah the Third 
yeare fower pound to my daughter Eebecka the fourth yeare 
fower pound to my daughter Mary: if either my daughters 
Eebecka or Mary die before this pay bee due vnto them, then 
it shall remains vnto their childeren, butt if Nathaniell or 
Hanah die before it bee due & haue no childe then his or 
hirs to bee pay'd vnto my Sonne Obediah as is aboue specified 
to bee pay'd vnto them 2 I giue vnto my Sonne Kathaniell 
the house & house lott w"" I bought of my Sonn John Eyers 
and two Cow comons withall the privilidges belonging vnto 
two cow comons and to haue this when his apprentiship is out 
with his master ffrench and in the meane tyme my wyfe to 
haue the disposeing & benefitt of it, and if Nathaniell dies 
before the expiracon of y^ said time of Nathaniells the said 
guift to Nathaniell to remaine to my daughter hanah I doe 
likewise giue to my Sonne Nathaniell my meadow in Haukes 
meadow, & my north meadow butt nott to haue itt till after 
the death of my wyfe butt she to haue the vse and benefitt of 
itt duering hir natural life I doe likewise enjoyne these my 
two Sonnes John & Nathaniell not to sell these bowses or 
house Lotts or any part of it to any except they first proffer 
it to all their other brothers and they to haue the refuseing of 
it att an other mans price which if either of them shall doe 
then this my guift shalbe voy'd in Law and his house or land 
which hee or they shall so sell shall bee forfeited to my other 
Sonnes : 

"I giue my land in y* vpper and lower playnes to bee equally 
divided between my Sonnes Robert Thomas & Obediah Eyers 
and for as much of itt as is broken vpp to pay yearly to my 
wife for every acre tenn shillings an acre in such come as 
shall growe on the say'd land att such price as y* Contrey rate 
shalbe pay'd att & if they shall nott impue it for corne then 
to pay in such pay as shalbee equivalent to corne att contrey 
price likewise my Sonnes John; Nathaniell; Robert; Thomas; 
& obediah shall maintaine all ffences aboute this land & to 
pay all rates which shalbee due vppon y^ same after the yeare 
one thousand six hundred fifty seven; butt this yeare fifty 
seaven my wyfe to haue the vse & benefitt of all my land 
and meadow, and after to bee my Sonnes as is before Speci- 


"I farther enjoyne these my Sonnes not to sell any part 
or parcell of this land without the consent of the other two 
brothers which if any doe then this my guift to bee voy'd in 
Law and the land so sonld to bee forfeited vnto my other 
Sonnes provided that my other Sonnes will take it att an 
other mans price and if either of my Sonnes shall refuse to 
take my land vppon these termes which are here sett downe 
then that which any of them shall so refuse provided he 
haue all or else none of his said land by mee thus giuen 
shalbee my wifes to dispose of as shee please I likewise giue 
to my Sonne Obediah two oxe comons in the comon oxe pas- 
ture & two II cow II eowcomons with all the privilidges belong- 
ing to fower commons; and halfe my second division of 
meadow & vpland and a young calfe of this yeare when it 
shalbee weanable it shalbe which my wyfe please, and that 
young Sowe, whose eare hangs downe and all my flaggy 
meadow I giue to my Sonne Peter the other halfe of my 
second division of meadow & vpland, & two Oxe comons with 
all privilidges belonging to two Oxe commons and three 
acres of land in y^ vpper playne which hee hath aUreadie in 
his possession: I giue my third division of land which is 
agreed on by the towne to bee lay'd out, I giue vnto my Sonne 
John Eyers & Peter Eyers to bee equally divided betweene 
them I giue to my wife my best Cowe, and to my daughter 
Hannah my second best cowe, & my other Cowe and three 
yeare old heifer to my daughters Eebeeka & Mary: And all 
my other goods and CatteU and Swine and house hold stuff 
vndisposed of I giue vnto my wyfe Hanah Eyers whom I 
make my Sole Executrix and whom I appoint to discharge 
all my debts & to take care for my buriall :" 

[No signature.] 

Proved in Hampton court 6:8: 1657 by Henry Palmer. 
Copy of will. Norfolk Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 58. 

Inventory taken 10: 3: 1657, by Robert Clements, James 
Davise, Sr. and Henry Palmer: 4 oxen, 25li.; 4 cowes, 8 
steeres and a calfe, 201i. ; 20 swine and 4 piges, 181i.; one 
plough, 2 paire of plouing Irons, one harro, one yoke and 
chaine and a cart rope, 41i.; 2 hoes, 2 axes, 2 shoveles, one 
spade, Hi.; 2 wedges, 2 bettle ringes, 2 sickels and a reape 
hook, hangers in the Chimny, tonges and pot hookes, 13s. ; 2 
potes, 3 kettels, one skillet, a frying pan, a warming pane, 
8li. 3s.; in peuter, Hi.; 3 flocke beds and bed Cloathes be- 
longing to them and bedsteeds, 181i.; 12 yards of Cotton 


Cloth and Cotton woole and hemp and flax, 41i.; wooden 
Btnf belonging to the house, Hi. 16s. 6d.; 2 wheeles, 3 Chests 
and a Cubber, Hi. 3s.; 3 muskets and al that belongs to 
them, 31i. 10s.; bookes, 15s.; in flesh meat, 15s.; about 40 
bushell of corne, 71i.; his -wearing aparill, 8li.; about 6 or 
7 akers of graine in and upon the ground, 91i. ; the dweling 
house and barne and land broken and unbroken with all 
apurtenances belonging unto it, 120li. ; forkes, rakes and 
other smale imployments about the house and bame, Hi, ; In 
debts oweing to him. Hi. Some things forgoten: betwen 
2 or 3 bushels of salt, some nayles, 10s. Total, 24811. 5s. 6d. 
This inventory brought into the Hampton court Oct. 6, 
1657 by Hanah Eyer executrix to the will of John Byer, Sr. 
Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 1,088, 

Estate op Thomas "Wathbn of Glodoesteh. 

Administration on the estate of Thomas Wathen granted 
24: 9: 1657 to Ezekiell Wathen, and he to bring in an in- 
ventory. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 17. 

Inventory, taken 30 : 4 : 1658 : In the hands of Capt. Tho. 
Clerk, 7li. 14s. 2d. Signed by Ezekiel Wathen who swore in 
court, June 30, 1658, that this was all the estate of his kins- 
man, Thomas Wathen. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, 
vol. 4, leaf 59. 

Estate of Samuel Yoe (of Saiem?). 

Administration on the estate of Samuel Yoe granted 34: 
9 : 1657, to his wife, Eebecca Yoe. Inventory, 121i. 10s. Sa- 
lem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 18. 

Estate of Agnes Balch of Salem, 

An illegal will of Agnis Baulch of Salem, deceased, pre- 
sented 24: 9: 1657. Benjamin Balch appointed administra- 
tor. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 18. 

Widow Anis Woodbery, Nicholas Patch, her brother and 
his wife, John HiU and his wife, Abigail Hill, Eaehill Eay- 
ment, Hanah Woodbery and John Grover testified that they 
knew Anes Ballch more than two years before her death, dur- 
ing her long sickness, and judged that all her estate would 


not pay Bengeman Ballch and his wife for their trouble, 
labor and charge. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, 
leaf 146. 

Inventory of estate of Anes Balsh taken Nov. 25, 1657, by 
John Eayment and Henery Hericke : One bed and bolster and 
pilo, £3 ; two Bugs, £1 ; one payer of shets, 6s. ; one Cot and 
blancett, £1 ; 3 Cotes, £1 ; one waskot and two aprons, 10s. ; 
two shiftes and an aperen and A poeetket hanshercher, 10s. ; 
one pot, a Cettell, one Scelet and payll, 8s. ; one hat, 8s. ; one 
bibell, one payer stockings, 10s.; one trunck and Chest, 5s.; 
one warmen pan, 3s., one Carpet and plater, 88., lis.; one 
Chayer, one Crock, one payer beloes, £9. lis. Benjamin 
Balch brought in his bill of charges: Attendance for two 
years, £15. 12s.; for coming to town to Mr. Curwin, £1; at 
hir buriall for Cofen and Casks and drink, £3 ; total, £18. 12s. 
Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 3, leaf 147. 

Ordered Jmie 29, 1658, that Benjamyn Balch have the 
estate of Agnis Balch, in order to pay her debts. Salem Quar- 
terly Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 20. 

Estate of Humphrey Gilbert of Ipswich. 

"The 14 of the 13 m"* 1657 The last will & Testamente 
of Hiunf rey Gilbard haneing his perfect memory dwelling in 
the boundes of Ipswich after my debts being payde I giue 
vnto my son John all The middow & Vpland w"h is my f arme 
one himdred Akers more or less & That this farme be let out 
or Improued acording To my wif es discretian for The bring- 
ing of my Child vpp till he com to age or be able to Improve 
it him selfe and it is my will that twentie pounds be payde 
oute of The Incom of my farme To my four daughters when 
They are seaventene yeares of age & in case god Take any of 
them a way by death be fore the age specied That her pro- 
portion shall be equally deuided To the Best of the sisters or 
if a second or a Third still it com to she That doe seuiue 
moreouer it is my will That tow oxen and tow Cows that I 
haue now In possesion be let oute with the farme I doe also 
giue vnto my daughter abbigal one heffer of four yeares olde 
I doe giue vnto my Loueing and deare wiffe Elissabeth Gil- 
bard tw'elue ackers of vpland with my dwelling Howse I doe 
likwise giue vnto my wiffe my.ffetherbed wth the furniture 
Therevnto belonging It is my will In Case my son should 


die in his nonage That what I haue giuen to my son should 
be equially deuided a mongst my daughters." 

his mark 
Humfre H Gilbard 
Witness : Charles Gott, Thomas Hobes, Eichard Hutton 
Proved in Ipswich court Mar. 30, 1658 and administration 
granted to Elizabeth Gilbard wife of Humphry Gilbert. 

Inventory taken 10 : 1 : 1658, by Charles Gott, Edward Co- 
bome and Eichard Hutton : one payre of Oxen, 121i. ; one Eed 
Cow, 4li. ; one Cow white faced, 4li. 5s. ; one Black Cow, 4li. ; 
one 3 yeare old steare, 2li.; one yearelin Heffer, Hi. 5s.; 3 
swine, 2li. ; one stuff sute, 13s. ; one payre of Hose & one old 
Cote and wastecote, 14s. ; one Hatt, 4s. ; 4 payre of shetes. Hi. 
10s.; one napkin, 2 old pillebeares, 2s. 6d.; tow bolester 
Casses, 6b.; one sherte, 4s.; five bandes, 3s. 4d.; one fetherbed 
& bolster, tow fether piUowes & one bolster case, tow blan- 
kits, one Eugg, 71i. 10s.; one bras ketle. Hi. 10s.; one bras 
skiUit, 3s. 6d. ; one warmeing pan, 6s.; one pewter dish & 
fowre spownes, one poringer, tow sawser, one lattin pan, 9s.; 
tow Iron pots & one Iron skellit, 17s. 6d.; one ax, one han- 
saw, one shave, Ss. ; one payre of Tonges, 3s.; one muskit & 
sword, 8s. ; one plow & Tacklin, 10s. ; one smothing Iron, 2s. ; 
earthen ware, 2s. 6d. ; Tow Chistes & tow boxes, 16s. ; wooddin 
ware, ISs. ; 3 sives, 2s.; Bookes, 8s.; one shepe. Hi. 5s.; one 
flock bedd, 6s.; one friing pan, 3s.; Tow baskets, 4d. ; one 
payre of shows, Is. 6d. ; one Glass, 6d. ; one payre of stockins, 
Is. ; halfe a ferkin, 8d. ; one spade. Is. 2d. ; small Towles, 5s. ; 
one payre of Cardes, Is. 3d. ; one Cros Cut saw, 4s. ; Halfe a 
whip saw, 5s ; Howses and Lande, 1301i. ; total, 16911. 13s. 6d. 

Attested to in Ipswich court Mar. 30, 1658 by the widow 
of Humphry Gilbert. 

Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 10,889. 

William Eayner, husband of Elizabeth, late wife and ad- 
ministratrix of Humfry Gilbert, deceased, was ordered 36: 
4: 1666, to deliver to Hanna Gilbert, daughter of the said 
Humfry, a great kettle, a box and a pewter platter, which 
were mentioned in the inventory of the said estate. Salem 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 162. 

The wife of William Geare deposed that she heard Good- 
man Gilbert say when he made his will that the bed, kettle and 
some other things were to be Hanna's. 

Ellen Ha,selton, aged about twenty-five years, deposed that 


Goodwife Gelbord gave her daughter, upon her death bed, a 
great brass kettle, a pewter platter and a black box. 

Elisabeth Hotten deposed that Gilberd said that there were 
several things his other wife had given his daughters and he 
would not alter it. Sworn, 27: 4: 1666, before Wm. Ha- 

Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 11, leaf 133. 

"The humbell petisyon of the foure dafteres & there hus- 
bands of Humphrey GiUburd desesid January the 30: 57," 
to appoint the four husbands, the petitioners, administrators 
on said Gilbert's estate that was not given away by will, and 
six acres of fresh meadow never inventoried by the adminis- 
trator. Signed by the petitioners, Peter harvi, Eieherd 
Palmer, Eieherd Comer, Mosis Ebem. Administration 
granted to the petitioners. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, 
vol. 3, leaf 148. 

Inventory of estate of Humphrey Gilbert, that had not 
been willed away before, taken by Phillip Fowler, and Capt. 
Gidney, attorney: One paire of oxen, 121i.; cow, 4li.; cow, 
4li. 5s. ; 2 year old steers and 1 yearlin, 3li. 5s. ; 3 swin, 21i. ; 
2 pair of shetes, 15s.; 2 napkins, 2 ould Pilloberes, 17s.; 2 
bolster casis, 6s.; bras skillits and warming pan, 8s. 6d.; 
spounes, poreng sases, Latin pan, 3s. ; 2 iron potes, 1 iron skil- 
lit, 17s. 6d.; one paire of tonges, 3s., one musket & sord, 
prized at 8s., lis.; Plou & tacklin, 10s.; smuthing iron & 
erthin ware, 4s. 6d.; 2 chestes & 2 bockes, wooden ware. Hi. 
10s. ; Boockes, 8s. ; sheep, 25s., flockbead, 6s., frying pan, 6s., 
2li. 2s.; 2 baskites, 4d., 1 glas, 6d., lOd.; 1-3 ferkin, 8d., 1 
spad, 14d., small toules, 5s., 8s. lOd.; one coos cut sau, 4s., 
half a whipsa, 5s., 9s.; 6 acres of meado yet not inuentarid, 
18li. ; total, 53li. lid. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 4, 
leaf 19. 

Deposition of Eichard Hutten, aged about sixty years, 
concerning the will of Humphery Gilbert, he being present 
when it was made, and upon reading the copy finds tiie fol- 
fowing difEerences between it and his words: 1st, the oxen 
and cows that were to let out with the farm, in the copy is 
omitted that when his son came to age or able to improve it 
he should have them; 3d, the gift to his daughter Abigail 
was expressed by him towards their bringing up ; 3d, the house 
and twelve acres of land he gave as a jointure. And further 
testified that notwithstanding the expressions of said Gilbert 


he saw him sign the will and declare his wife to be his 
executrix. Thomas Hobbs, aged about sixty four years, testi- 
fied to the above. Sworn to Mar. 31, 1685 by both parties. 
Ipswich Deeds, vol. 5, page 75. 

Estate of John Eobinson of Ipswich. 

"This is the last will and testement of me John Eobinson 
of Ipswich whellright being in perfect Ynderstanding and 
memmery doth Bequeth and giue as in maner following I 
giue to AUes howlett the wife of thomas howlett Ten pounds 
I doe likewise giue to thomas howlett Junner my Cheast and 
all my tools and all the Eest of my Estate I doe giue vnto 
thomas howlett seaner whome I make my sole Exsecketr wit- 
nes my hand" 

"The 27 of february 1657." 

his mark 
_ John T Eobinson 

Witness: James How, John How. 

Proved in Ipswich court Mar. 30, 1658 by the witnesses. 
Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 4, leaf 30. 

Inventory allowed Mar. 30, 1658: Debt of 201i.; debt of 
1611.; one oxe, 6li. 10s.; his Tools, 6li. 7s.; his cloathes, 611. 
2s. 6d. ; total, 54li. 19s. 4d. Signed by James How. Due to 
Ensign Howlett for diet, clothes, attendance and physic, 221i. 
16s. 3d. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 4, leaf 21. 

Estate op George Bunker op Topsfield. 

Administration on the estate of George Buncker granted 
June 29, 1658 to the widow, Jane Buncker ; and the estate to 
be divided among said widow, son William Buncker, Eliza- 
beth Buncker, Mary Buncker, Ann Buncker and Martha 
Buncker, all under twenty-one years of age. Salem Quar- 
terly Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 21. 

Inventory dated 29: 3: 1658, taken by Thomas Howlett, 
Frances Pabody, Eichod (his E H mark) Huten and Abra- 
ham Eedington: For working Catil, 36li.; Cowes hefors and 
Caves, 161i. ; One Ewe and two Lambs, 211. ; a Cart and plowes 
and tackling, 3li. ; swine, 21i. ; gune and sword, 2li. ; bras and 
pouter, 3li. ; tabul and Chares and trayes, tubes and barils, 
2li. 3s. ; Cowes pelt skines and wheeles, a Eop and bandalers, 
2K.; beding and linan and wolan and thirteen pound Coten 
wol, 8li. ; waring Clothing, 3li. 6s. ; the Crop of Come upon 


the ground, 9li. ; dets due to him upon bil, 4li. lis. ; housin 
and land as namli medo and uplande, the farme Consisting 
of thre hondered and twelve acres more or les, there be more 
driblin detes that do not yet apere what tha are; By John 
Andros, 4li. ; by Frances Vsselton, 31i. 14s. ; total, 3001i. 148. 
The estate is debt to severall peons following : To Mr. Tuttle 
as by biU & otherwise, 9li. 18s. 2d. ; Mr. Joseph Juit, 21i. 8d. ; 
Capt. Pendleton, SOli.; Willm. Howard, by bill, 241i.; to the 
worshipfull Mr. Bradstreet, 23 bushils wheat, 4li. 15s.; Mr. 
Robert Payne, 2li. 2s. 7d.; Goodman Moulton, 30s. 9d. & 
Robt. Andrew, 14s. 4d., 21i. 5s. 4d.; Mr. Curwin, 12li. lis.; 
Eobt. Stiles, 6li., Eobt. Pearse, 10s., 6li. 10s.; Mr. Purkings, 
50s. and Groodman Gouldsmyth, IBs., 31i. 8s.; Mr. Willm. 
Payne, 41i.; Thomas Eootes, 2li. 14s. lOd. ; Richard Ray- 
mend, 20s. & Goody Graften, 24s., 44s. ; total, 1581i. 13s. 4d. 

Elizabeth Bunker was twelve years old; Will., ten years 
old; Mary, six; An, four; and Martha, one year and a half. 
Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 4, leaf 60. 

Estate of William White of Salem. 

Administration on the estate of William White of Salem, 
deceased sometime since at Vnkaway, granted June 29, 1658, 
to Mr. William Browne of Salem. Salem Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 4, leaf 21. 

Estate of Thomas Scuddeh of Salem. 

"By the will of God Amen, I Thomas Scudder inhabitant of 
Salem in Newengland, beinge sick, & weake in bodye, but of 
perfect strength of memorye, & vnderstandiuge, doe appoint, 
ordeine, & make this my last will & testament. I doe there- 
fore by these presents appoint, & give vnto my welbeloved 
wiffe Elizabeth Scudder, dureinge her life, all my worldly 
goodes, & estate whatsoever, of houses, landes. Cattle, & all 
moveable goodes, & vsentles of what kind soever, & all per- 
Bonall estate whatsoever & I doe allso ordeine, & make, & 
appoint her my said Wiffe, my full, & sole Execatrixe after 
my death onely my desire is that after her death, what shee 
shall leave, of any of my foresaid personall estate, it shalbe 
devided amongst my Children, John Scudder, & Thomas 
Scudder, & Hennry Scudder, & Elizabeth Barthehnew, And 
Thomas Scudder my Grandchilde, the sonne of my sonne 
William Scudder desesed, & my mynde & will is, that all 
such estate, as my said wiffe Elizabeth Scudder shall leave 


after her death, shallbe valewed, & equally devided to my 
said Children, & Grandchild, & my said Grandchild to have 
as much as any one of them. Neverthelesse, one Cowe, which 
I f ormerlye gave my said wiffe, I doe in noe wise dispose of, 
butt leaue itt wholly to my said wiffe to dispose of itt, as 
shee shall thinke good. And that this is my last Will, & tes- 
tament I have herevnto sett my hand, and seale, this thirtyeth 
daye of September, one thousand sixe hundred fiftye & 
seaven :" 

Ms mark 
Thomas C Scudder 
his mark 

Witness : Eichard Waters, Wilom Traske, Joseph F Boyse 
and Thomas Deutch. 

Proved in Salem court June 29, 1658, by Eichard Waters 
and Capt. William Traske. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, 
vol. 4, leaf 63. 

Inventory of estate of Thomas Scudder, deceased, 1657, 
taken by Thorns Gardner and Joseph (his X mark) Boys, 
and sworn to by his widow, Elizabeth (her X mark) Scudder : 
His house & orchyard, 201i.; three Oxen, 13li.; three Cowes, 
91i.; foure sheepe & a lambe, 711.; two swine. Hi.; Axes & 
other tooles. Hi. ; hempe, 5s. 4d. ; two Iron Potts, 10s. ; foure 
brasse kettles, 31i. 10s.; two brasse panns & foure skillets, 
IH. 2s.; two spitts, one pott hanger, fire pan, & tonges, one 
gridiron, one drippinge pan, 14s.; Pewter, 21i. 3s.; one 
feather bed & bolster & 2 pillowes, 41i. ; one bed Coveringe & 
two blancketts. Hi. 8s. ; two paire of sheetes, one piUowe, six 
napkins, 2li. ; one bedd & bolster, Hi. ; three sheetes, 10s. ; his 
wearinge apparrell, 31i. ; two Cushins & three Curteins, 12s. ; 
two Chests & two boxes, 17s.; one barrell with tallowe, 17s.; 
Tubbe & pales, 10s.; other Lumber, lOs.; total, 731i. 8s. 4d. 
Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 4, leaf 64. 

Administration upon the estate of Tho. Scudder, which was 
left in the hands of his wife who lately deceased, was granted' 
28 : 9 : 1665, to Mr. Henry Bartholomew and Hillyard Veren, 
■who were ordered to bring in an inventory. Salem Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 4, page 152. 

Estate of James Patch of Salem. 

Wni of James Patch, brought in 8 : 7 : 1658, and his wife, 
Hannah, appointed executrix. Salem Quarterly Court Rec- 
ords, vol. 4, leaf 25. 


"The Last Will and testament of James Patcli: Sheweth, 
that I resigne my soule into the hands of the Lord who hath 
Given me this spirit, and my body vnto the grave ; to be raysed 
vp by his mighty power at the Resurrect" my Goods I dispose 
of by this my Last will as foUoweth. Imp' I give and be- 
queath vnto my beloved wife Hannah Patch, my house and 
lands, orchard, and all the appertaynances of it, belonging to 
my home gronndes, together with that parcel! of meadow. 
Laying near Rich. Dodges, as allso two Cowes, together with 
ten acres of Rockey land layiag on the east side of the home 
lott, fEor wood: as also all the household stuffe, in the house 
for the competent bringing up of the children. I give and 
bequeath unto my Son James Patch, all my part of the ffarme 
(called Knights farme) both vpland & meadow, all my right 
there be it more or lesse: together with the two youngest 
Oxen, and the horse. I doe nextly Give and bequeath vnto 
my Daughter Mary Patch y* two oxen that are oldest; to- 
geth' with one Cow, and allso ten acres of vpland, Laying 
neare Sawyers Playne. 

"Vnto my Daughter Elizabeth Patch I give and bequeath 
by will, my two midde Oxen, as alsoe one Cow, together with 
twenty acres of vpland laying by the Land, called Eastyes 
land, and Joyneing next vnto the sayd land. I doe also by 
my will appoiat my Beloved wife Hanna Patch to be my law- 
full exsequitrix, to administer vpon my estate to Receive my 
dues, to discharge all debts, of mine; with the remainder of 
my estate, Corne CatteU or other goods, whare belongeing 
vnto me. fEarther more I doe by will Constitute and ordayne 
& appoint my two Brothers, viz. Nicholas Woodberry, & John 
Patch, to be overseers of this my Last will; and to act and 
Doe in reference vnto my Estate, wife & children, as over- 
seers & fleofeyes of trust accord, to Law & reason vse to doe : 
Vnto this my Last will & testament I have Sett my hand 
vpon the seaventh Day of August. In the year 1658." 

James Patch. 
Witness : Tho Lowthropp, John hill. 
Proved in Salem court 1:9: 1658. Essex Co. Quarterly 
Court Files, vol. 4, leaf 65. 

Proved by Lt. Thos. Lothrop and Jon. HiU. Salem Quar- 
terly Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 27. 

Inventory taken 37: 6: 1658, by Richard (his X mark) 
Brackenbury, John Thorndike, Zabulon Hill and John Hill: 
One dwelling house & bame, one orchyard & 5 akers of land 


improued, 50li.j 4 akers of Indyan Come, 81i.; 10 akers of 
land Eockey, 3li. ; 3 akers of meadow, 91i. ; 10 akers of land 
nere Sawyers plain, lOli. ; 20 akers of land nere Eastyes lot, 
lOli. ; one third part of knights his f arme, 201i. ; 6 oxen, one 
payr, 131i,, the next, 13li., the worst, llli., 361i.; one horse, 
121i.; one yonng Colte, 4li.; 4 Cowes, 131i.; one yearing & 3 
Calf es, 3li. ; one ewe, one weather, one Eame, one Lambe, 31i. ; 
8 hogges & 4 smal pigges, 31i. ; one third part of a shalop, lOli. ; 

7 barrills & better of mackeril, 9li.; one waggon, 1 pr. of 
wheels, 2 plowes & plowtaekle, 5li. ; axes & workeiag tooles. 
Hi. ; 3 musketts & bandeliers, 1 fowleing piece & sword, 31i. 
2 bedds, bedclothes, sheets, Curtaia & aperteinanses, 141i. 
wearing aparaile, llli.; 1 yard of broad Cloth & 2 yds of 
peniston. Hi. ; 3 Iron potts, 1 kettle, potthookes, Eackes & 3 
Iron wedges. Hi. 13s.; 3 brasse kettles, 3 skellitts, warming 
pan & Skimer, 3li. ; 1 lanthorne besides pewter, lattin ware, 
smoothing Iron, hourglasse, portingale ware, morter & pestill. 
Hi.; 3 Chests, 3 boxes, 1 wheele & woodden ware, Sli.; 13 
pound of Gotten wooU, 13 pound of flax, 13 pound Linen & 

8 pound of Cotten yame, 4li. 4s.; 1 Doung forke, howes, 1 
payr of Cardes & frying pan, Hi. ; English come & flax un- 
drest, 3li. ; total, 35011. 16s. JEssex Co. Quarterly Court Files, 
vol. 4, leaf 66. 

Estate of Andrew Ckeeke oe Topsfield. 

Administration on the estate of Andrew Creeke granted 
28: 7: 1658 to Daniell Clarke. The amount of inventory 
was insuf&cient to pay bills, by 40s. Ipswich Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 1, page 70. 

Inventory taken Sept. 17, 1658, by Frances Pabody and 
Eobert Andrews of Topsfield: Old clothes. Hi. 3s. 6d.; his 
sute of better cloths, 2li. 6s. ; bannds, bandstrings & hanker- 
chers, 13s. 6d.; a hatt, 13s. 6d.; a bottle, two knives & a 
spoone. Is. lOd. ; an ax, 2s. ; a shirt, 3s. ; a pott & pothookes, 
10s. ; a baskett & a paile. Is. ; a rapier & a belt, 16s. ; a cowe 
in Mathy Stanlyes hands, with a yeares rent almost due, 4li. 
8s.; dew to him of his wages, -611.; a heifers Hyde at the 
taners, 7s. 6d. ; received of Mr. Apleton, 12s. ; total, 17U. 17s. 
4d. The debts wch. the sayd Andrew owed when he dyed 
wch. doth allreadye appeare: Oweing to his master Daniell 
Clarke when they reckoned for his last yeares wages, lis.; 
payd to Mr. Wade for a sute of cloths for him, with makeing 


of them & a paire of stockings, 3li. lOs.; a paire of kait 
stockings & a shirt, 12s. 6d.; for shoes & leather, 6s. 6d.; 
payd John Newmarsh his wife for making bands, 2s. 4d.; 
payd to Goodman Wooddam for him, 2s.; payd to Mr. Will- 
son, Is. & to Deacon Knowlto, 3s., 4s.; oweing to John Tod, 
■wch. Dan. Clarke is engaged for, 2li. 16s. 9d. ; oweing to Mr. 
WiUiam Payne, 4li. 12s. ; oweing to Mr. Baker, Hi. 18s. ; owe- 
ing to Tho. Lovell, Hi. 3s.; oweing to Mr. William Norton, 
Hi. ; oweing to Eobert Lord, Is. 6d. ; cofiBn & wynding sheet & 
other charges for his buryall. Hi. 8s.; oweing to John An- 
drews, 12s. 7d.; oweing to Humphry GrifEen, ^s. ; for tyme 
Daniell Clarke spent to bring ia an Inventory & for entering 
the order of administration & other fees, 9s.; total, 191i. 16s. 
2d. Sworn by Daniell Clarke, 29: 7: 1658, before Eobert 
Lord, cleric. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 4, leaf 87. 

Estate of Susan Febnch of Ipswich. 

Admiaistration on the estate of Susan French, deceased, 
granted 28: 7: 1658, to her son John French. Ipswich 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 71. 

Inventory of the estate of Susan French, widow, of Ips- 
wich taken Mar. 10, 1658 by Eobert Lord and Phillip (his 
(I) mark) fEowler: a fetherbed old and small, 2 f ether pil- 
lows, one old couerlet & blankett, 21i. 10s. ; her weareing ap- 
pareU, 4li.; one old chest & box without a lid, an old Hogs- 
head, 8s. ; a linen wheele & 2 chaires, 5s. ; an old brase pot & 
a little ould skillet & little Iron pot, 10s.; 2 pewter dishes 
poringer & skimer, 8s. 6d.; 2 paire of old shires, ould brase 
& other small things, 6s. 6d. ; a spitt, tongs, grediron & other 
small things, 12s.; an old warmeing pan & frying, 6s.; 2 
small trayes, earthen ware & other lumbar, 5s. 6d.; a eowe 
old, 3li. ; total, 121i. lis. 6d. 

Eeceived in Ipswich court Mar. 29, 1659. Essex Co. Pro- 
late Files, Dochet 10,189. 

Estate- of Egbert Clements of Haverhill. 

"Sept: 6*'' (58) I Eobertt Clements of Haverhill being 
of perfitt memory blessed be God for itt, doe ordaiae & make 
this my last will, in manner & forme following ffirst I Com- 
mitt my soule into the hands of God my Creator & maker, 
beleeving thorough the mirritts Eightousnesse & obedience of 
Jesus Christ my redemer to haue & enjoy life & Salvation 


Everlastingly by him. ffor my goods I giue first vnto my 
wife my house & house lott & all the acomadato' that belonged 
to itt which shee is to haue during her life, & after her de- 
cease to returne to my chUdorns childorne that are in new 
england each his pportio to be delivered into ye hands of 
their parents for their childorns vse. I giue alsoe to my wife 
my best yoake of oxen I haue, & three of my best cowes, & my 
mare which brought the mule & alsoe my swine & two of my 
best beds with theire furniture to them & six of my best peau- 
ter dishes six spoones, my best brasse pott, & three of my best 
iittles, & two spining 1>— mes, & all bangles on the fire, with 

fire shoules & tonges & two of ye best coushens, one & 

a cupp, with aU my wooden & Earthen vessells & all manner 
of clothing that belong to her, as also my byble candlstick & 
chamber pott, my will is that if there be any goods of mine 
come out of England this yere or the next my wife shall haue 
fine pounds of itt according to ye bill of lading, alsoe I giue 
my wife aU ye Lining in my house || excepting two paire of 
.■sheetes yt are for my bed|| & all the Corne in my house bame & 
growing on the land, & also a debt of seaven pounds & sum 
•odd mony in the hands of John Hutchias for the repaireing 
the house & fenceing ye home lott. I giue to my wife alsoe 
what is due to mee ||or will bee|| from m' Dumer by bills or 
€ovinants, & alsoe the Cloth that is att the weavers with what 
woolen yearne & fflaxe is in the house, & alsoe three pounds 
which is in the hands of m' Cooke of boston I giue her two 
sMllitts, two stoekes off the best beese & two chests with 
locke & caie to them. I giue to my wife the boards I bought 
at Salisbury to repaire the house. It is my will that one 
"halfe of the goods which I giue my wife that if shee spend 
not, at her decease it shall returne to my executors to be 
-equally devided among them 

"I giue to my sonne Job Clement one fellee which will be 
"two yer old next may. allsoe I give him my best suit of ap- 
parell & my best cloake & best hatt, my best paire of shewes 
.& stockens. I giue to my sonne Eobertt twenty pound due to 
mee out of my rentt in England, & which rentt is due to mee 
more I giue to my three sonnes John, Abraham & Dannell. 
All the rest of my estate in new england due to mee vpon 
"bonds or biUs or any accounts land or goods whatsoever I 
giue to my sonnes Moses Pengrow, & Abraham Morrill & 
John Osgood whom I make my executors to see this my will 
performed & my debts paid & my body laid in ye graue. 
That which is struck out in the other side at the lower end be- 


tweene the 4* & 5* line it was done before it was seald to, & 
her vnto I sett my hand & seale. I giue to m"" ward o' mines- 
ter fiue pounds." 

Eobert Clements [seal] 
his mark 
Witness : Bartell : B H Heath and wiUiam white. 
Proved in Hampton coui't 11 : 8 : 1658 by the witnesses. 

Inventory of estate of Eobert Clemens, deceased Sept. 29, 
1658, accepting sum smale debts wch cannott be accounted, 
taken by Tristram Coffyn, Sr. and William White, one of the 
executors : his wearing apparell, 161i. 18s. ; his purse mony & 
silver seale, & ring, Hi. 7s.; one bill oweing him, 551i.; one 
paire of steares, lOli. ; twenty bushels of rie, 3li. 6s. 8d. ; one 
cow & thirty bushels of rie, 5li.j in bills, 81i. 15s.; 131i. 15s.; 
56li.; 51i.; 6li. 6s.; 141i.; 2li. 3s. 6d.; 4li.; 71i. 12s.; one 
ingagemt for rent for land, 51i.; foure cows, two steares, one 
heifer, 221i. ; three mares, one f ellee, one horse, one colt, 691i. ; 
three cowes, lOli. 10s.; in swine, calves & sheep, lOU. 15s.; 
bediQg 25li., 25li. IBs. ; a pseU of Cotton woole & Cotton yerne 
Sheeps woole Canmas & f ethers, 3li. Is.; ia wheat & Indyan 
Corne, 21i. 10s. ; for chests, turns & cards, potts & kittles, 41i. 
17s. ; Severall things as viz : fire shovl & tongs, Andiens, spitt, 
plow chaines & such like Iron things, 51i. 17s. 6d. ; in books, 
fowling pece, tablcloth, napkins, 3li. 18s.; carpett, & warm- 
ing pan & cotton cloth. Hi. 10s. ; his dwelling house & acoma- 
dacions, 551i. ; Eight loads of hay, 4li. & a psell lining cloth, 
51i. ; the grist mill, 301i. ; one paire of oxen, 131i. ; a psell of 
boards & two stocks of beese, 2li. 13s.; wooden vessels & 
earthen vessels & one spade, lli. 16s. 6d. ; cotton & lining 
yeame, 2li. 10s. ; a debt of 31i. ; a debtt of ten pounds, lOli. ; 
total, 49411. 14s. 2d. 

Attested by Moses Pingrie and John Osgood. 

Presented the 10 : 8m : 1658 and attested by Moses Pingrin 
and John Osgood before Eobert Pike. 

Attested by Abraham Morrill before Tho. Bradbury, rec*. 
Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 5,604. 

Estate of Mathew Whipple of Ipswich. 

Administration on the estate of Mathew Whiple, intestate, 
granted Nov. 30, 1658 to his widow Mary Whipple, by Simon 
Bradstreet and Major-General Denison. Ipswich Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 1, page 71. 


Administration having been granted formerly on the estate 
to the widow Mary, an inventory was presented Mar. 29, 
1659. The land to remain for the children and widow. Ips- 
wich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 75. 

Inventory of the estate of Mathew Whipple of Ipswich 
taken Feb. 4, 1658, by Eobert Lord and Edward Browne: a 
barne nott neere finished with some timber drawne together 
& some of it Hewen, 7Li. ; 30 acres of land upland & meddow 
12 of it in tilt & withia fence & 56 acres out of fence, 11611.; 
a horse, 121i.; two oxen, llli.; one Cow & 2 heifers, lOli.; 
one sow & 4 small shotes, 2li. 3s. 4d. ; In Indian Come, 3li. 
15s. ; sadle, bridle, pistoUs & furniture, 21i. 10s. ; a pillion & 
pillion cloth, Hi. 15s. ; his weareiag apparrell & lennen, lOli. 
10s.; a bedstead cord & bedding, 6li. 16s.; sheets, pillow 
beeres & table lennen, 6li.; two siUver spoones, 16s.; In Pew- 
ter, Hi. 8s. ; a box Iron & heatters, 5s. ; one trunke, one chest 
& boxes, IH. 4s.; a little table & chaires, 58. 6d. ; on Iron 
pott, skillett & two sives, 15b. ; a mare colt a yeare & vantage, 
8li.; a cradle, 10s.; 18 1-2 busheUs of wheat, 4li. 3s.; In 
debts oweing to the estate, 331i. ; total, 23811. 168. Id. Debts 
oweing from the estate to be deducted out, 441i. 148. 4d.; 
cleare estate, 19411. Is. 9d. 

Eeceived in Ipswich court Mar. 29, 1659. Essex Go. Pro- 
late Files, Docket 29,514. 

Estate of William Waldeidge of (Salem ?). 

Will. Waldridg had gone out of the country and was prob- 
ably cast away, and leaving no known attorney, Sam. Archer, 
marshal, and Tho. Kobbias were appointed 30 : 10 : 1658, to 
take charge of his estate. Salem Quarterly Court Records, 
vol. 4, leaf 28. 

Estate op John Weight of Newbtjet. 

John Wright, late of Newbury, was possessed of or had 
a right to goods and chattels in New England, and there 
beiag no will, SamueU Symonds and Daniell Denison 
granted administration of the estate, 30: 10: 1658, to 
Edward Bragg, and the court ordered it entered. Ipswich 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 74. 

Inventory taken by Thomas Bishop and Robert Kinsman: 
"In two ||bills|| both of one date, & ||its|| said (in -f writing) 
to be of the same tenor, in y^ one ; the party is bound in y« 


sume of xl" for y* payment of 20" In the other the debter 
is bound in y^ sume of Thirty pounds for y* payment of 18'' 
and seven shillings. Its also exprest in y® writings the one 
being pformed the other to stand voyde." Essex Co. Quar- 
terly Court Files, vol. 5, leaf 2. 

Estate of Samuel Coewitht of (Maeblehead?). 

Administration on the estate of SamueU Corwithy, intes- 
tate, granted Mar. 29, 1659, to John Gedney. Ipswich Quar- 
terly Court Records, vol. 1, page 74. 

Inventory taken Mar. 28, 1659, by Hen. Skery and John 
Marston: a house and foure ackers of ground laying in ye 
neck, 201i. ; a feather beed and on boulster on pillow, 4li. 5s. ; 
two Euggs & two blankitts, 21i. 15s.; a broad cloch child 
blankit Couler Eeed, 15s.; a hoUand sheett & a paier of 
corser sheets besids. Hi. 10s.; beed stead & cord and beed 
matte, 8s.; three Curttens and Vallance, 12s.; two pilobears, 
4s., a diaper tablecloth, 10s.; a chest, 7s., a small trunnk, 
4s., lis.; a bed settle, 4s., two kuisens, 4s. 6d., 8s. 6d. ; a 
small cheest, 3s., a hanging Coberd, 6s., a desk, 2s., lis.; an 
Iron, 10s., potthooks. Is., on hake, 2s. 6d., 12s. ; a brase pann, 
16s. ; a beell mettle morter & pestell, 8s., Hi. 4s. ; a warming 
pann, 4s., a brase kettle, 5s., 98.; a basson & Ur, 10s., other 
old pewter, 5s. 6d., 15s. 6d.; two dogg Irons, 4s., a fire Iron, 
2s., 6s.; fire pann & toungs & bellows & speett, 4s. 6d. ; 4 
chaires, 7s., a brush, Is. 6d., 8s. 6d. ; a Eappertt & bandelers 
& belt, 9s., friing pann & an axe, 4s., 13s.; a looking glase 
and 1-2 bowers glase, 2s. 6d. ; a ine baskitt & other lumber, 
3s. 6d. ; total, 371i. 4s. 

Mr. Geedney and Mary Carwethy wife of Samuell Car- 
wethy, deceased, testified the 28: 1: 1659 that this was a 
true inventory. 

Eeceived in the Ipswich court Mar. 29, 1659. Essex Co. 
Probate Files, Docket 6,390. 

Mr. John Gedny, administrator of the estate of Samuell 
Curwithy, was discharged Mar. 26, 1661, having settled the 
estate according to the inventory. Ipswich Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 1, page 93. 

Estate of Timothy Cooper of Lynn. 

Administration on the estate of Timothy Cooper of Lynn, 
granted Mar. 29, 1659, to his widow, Elizabeth Cooper. In- 


ventory of his estate amounted to 16711. lis. Widow to 
have all the estate, including the house and land, except that 
she should pay certain portions to the six children, as they 
came of age, namely, John, the eldest son and Mary, Han- 
nah, Timothy, Dorcas and Rebecah, Ipswich Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 1, page 74. 

Inventory taken Mar. 8, 1659, by Francis Burrill and 
John (his [] mark) Wit: his weareing cloths, 41i.; the 
beding I meane all manner of beding and bed steads, 151i. 
lOs.; yarne, flax and hemp, Sli.; woling yam and wolle and 
eoten, 10s. ; puter and bras and eiorn vessels and pothangers, 
4li. 8s. ; tabels and chistes and cobbord and chares and whels 
and cardes, 2li.; saws and axses and hows and other touls 
and eiorn trad, 31i. 10s.; A musket, sorde and bandeleres 
and belt. Hi. 10s.; A cart and cart rop and plows and eiorn 
traid belonging to them, 3li. 3s. ; tubes and buckets and such 
eusfull vessels, Hi. ; corn enlish and indein come; 21i. 10s. ; 
A bibel and other smaU thinges, 10s. ; the dweling hous and 
housing and upland, 50li. ; the meddow, 301i. ; oxen and coues 
and Yonge cattell, 341i.; A mare and swine, 181i.; the shep, 
4li.; total, 177li. Is.; credit 5li. 10s.; Indeted ISla.; leaving 
total, 1671i. lis. 

Mary Cooper aged eighteen, Hanah, sixteen, Timothy, 
eight, Dorcas, five and Eebeca, three years, to have 15li. each ; 
Jno. Cooper aged twelve years 25li. ; the widow the remainder 
of the estate. Essex Go. Prolate Files, Docket 6,327. 

Estate of John Tdttlb of Ipswich.* 

Administration on the estate of John Tuttle granted Mar. 
29, 1659, to George Giddinge and Mr. Joseph Jewett, for- 
merly attorneys of the estate. Ipswich Quarterly Court Rec- 
ords, vol. 1, page 74. 

Whereas Mr. John Tuttle died in Ireland about two or 
three years ago, and there being no will or administration 
and the heir appearing and desiring to have the house and 
land which was his father's, the court ordered Sept. 27, 1659, 
that if the heir, Symon Tuttle, gave security to repay the 
rent he shall receive and keep the house in repair, he might 
take the estate into his possession until the court takes fur- 
ther order, the widow's thirds being reserved during her life. 

* See also Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex 
Co., Mass., vol. II (1913), pp. 363-366. 


Thomas Bishop was the surety. Ipswich Quarterly Court 
Becords, vol. 1, page 81. 

Mr. Symond Tuttle, bringing in a letter of attorney from 
Mrs. Joanna, executrix of Mr. John Tuttle, the will of the 
latter having been approved and allowed in Ireland to the 
satisfaction of this court, it was ordered 10: 10: 1661, that 
said Symond Tuttle be allowed as attorney, according to 
the letter bearing date, Jan. 29, 1660. Salem Quarterly 
Court Becords, vol. 4, page 81. 

Petition to the court 15:3: 1661 of Simon Tuttell as at- 
torney to Johanna Tuttell executrix of the will of her hus- 
band, John Tuttell shevidng that the petitioner's father and 
her husband was indebted to Mr. Jacob WiUet, in London, 
merchant, about 501i., which not being paid amounted to 
lllli. here in 'New England and for satisfaction of the same 
Mr. Antipas Boyse was made her attorney for the payment 
of the same out of the stock but instead he had sold of the 
land in Ipswich; and now we ask for your consideration in 
the case that we may have release from the same. 

The petition having been considered and having seen the 
discharge given to Mr. Boyse by Mr. WUlet it is judged in- 
expedient to grant any further hearing. Consented to by 
the magistrates 15: 3: 1663. Mass. Archives, vol. 15B, 
page 246. 

Estate of William Adams, Jr. of Ipswich. 

Administration on the estate of William Addams, jr. of 
Ipswich, granted Mar. 29, 1659, to William Addams, his 
father, and John Addams, his brother. The inventory 
amounted to 21811. The estate was distributed to eldest son 
William, one half, and one fourth to each of the other two 
children, when they were of the age of twenty-one years. 
Elder John Whipple and Thomas Stace, overseers. Ipswich 
Quarterly Court Becords, vol. 1, page 74. 

Inventory taken 24: 11: 1658, by John Appleton and 
Eobert Lord : the dwelling house, Barne & orchyard together 
with six or 7 acres of marsh neare to Mr. William Paynes, 
701i. ; sixty acres or thereabouts of Land on the south syde 
the Eiver by John Addams, 80li. ; one mare, 121i. & a f oale, 
41i., 16li.; Two oxen, lOli.; three Cowes, 9li.; two ewes & 
one weather sheepe, 2li. 10s.; Two hoggs & five shotes, 5li. 
IDs. ; one handsaw, 48. ; one broad & narow chesseU & goudge. 


4s. ; two Addes, 4s. 6d. ; one croscut saw, 58. ; fowre Augeers, 

Ys.; five cheesells & goudges for tumeing, 5s. 6d. ; a percer 

stock & bitts, 4s.; a hollow shave, Is.; 4 planes, 5s. 6d.; a 

sqare, 2s. 6d. ; a payre of pinsers, 5d.; one beetle & 3 small 

wedges, 4s.; 4 axes, broad & narrow, 16s.; a span shakle 

Eing & staple, 5s.; a chayne & draught yoke, 9s.; an old 

sled. Is. 6d. ; an old broad How, 3s. 6d. ; an old sithe & other 

old Iron, 3s.; In nayles, dovetailes & other small things, 

13s. ; a small hande vice, 5s. ; a plane, alls & gimlett, Is. 3d. ; 

two musketts, swords & furniture, 3li. 10s.; one bedsted & 

cord, 10s. ; one father bed & boulster, one paire of blanketts, 

a coverlett strawbed & curtaynes, 5li. 10s.; one trundle bed 

boulster, 2 piUows one blankett and coverlett, 3li. 10s.; one 

bedsted, bed & boulster, two blanketts, a Eug & a cradle 

cloth, 31i. ; 9 yards of sackcloth, 15s.; 6 yards & a halfe of 

white cotton, 19s. 6d. ; flax, hempe and woole, 161i.; a chest 

and box without a lid, 5s. ; 2 spring locks, 3 cubbard locks, 

one box lock, one stock lock & 3 paire of dovetailes, 9s. ; one 

box Iron, 4s. ; a joyne chest, 6s. 8d. ; one pine chest & 3 boxes 

& leaden diall, 16s.; nyne chaires, 13s.; saddle, piUion & 

bridle, Hi. 18s. ; stufe for 3 joyne tables & 15 foote of board. 

Hi. 6s. ; 6 cushens & 2 old cushens, 13s. ; his weareing Appar- 

reU, lOli. 18s.; 8 yards of french searge at 6s. p yard, 21i. 

8s. ; a yard & halfe of cotten & woole cloth at 3s. 8d., 5s, 6d. ; 

5 yards 3-4 of canuis, 3 ya: 1-4 lockrom 1 ya: 1-3 of lock: 
19s. 6d.; 3 yards cheescloth, 2s. 4d.; gloues, neckcloth & 
other smaU things, 5s.; ould stockings, 2s.; his wifes weare- 
ing AppareU, 41i. IDs. ; in bookes, lU. 2s. ; 11 yards of tike- 
ing at 4s. p ya., 3s. 4d. ; in Eebeen & manchestor, 3s. ; cotten 

6 lennen yarne, 16s.; 1 paire of fine sheets. Hi. 10s.; 3 pil- 
low beeres, 15s.; one old diaper table cloth & 5 napkings. 
Hi.; 5 aprins & other lenen of his wifes, 3li. 10s.; childbed 
lennen. Hi.; bands, caps & pockett handcherchers, 13s.; 7 
sheetes & a halfe, 3li.; 3 shifts, 10s.; a long canvas table- 
cloth, 6s. 8d. ; 3 short table cloths, 7 napkings & 2 toweUs, 
12s.; one beareing cloth, 6s., 3 old course pillowbeeres, 4s., 
10b. ; a paire of gloves, 2s. & money in his purse, 5s. 6d., 7s. 
€d.; a grinstone, 8s., 4 silver spoones, 26s. 8d., Hi. 14s. 8d.; 
in pewter, 30s., 1 pestle & morter, 4s., Hi. 14s. ; a skimmer 
& trenchers, 3s. ; a warmeing pan, 7s. & 2 skilletts & a brase 
pan, 10s., 17s.; two kettells & a brase pot, 31i.; 3 sives, a 
paile & old tub, 5s.; a fryeing pan, chees pres & two little 
motes, 8s.; 200 of bricks, 4s.; 3 Iron potts, pothookes & a 
greediron, 16s.; a kneading trough & other lumber, 5s.; 5 


trayes, dishes & earthen ware, 6s. 6d.; Andirons, spitt, fire 
pan & tonges, 12s. ; In beere vessells, pondering tubs, keelers 
&c., Hi. 58.; In debts, 25li. 10s.; total 2921i. 13s. Yd.; debts 
to be deducted, 7411; The cleare estate, 2181i. 13s. 7d. 

Eeceived in Ipswich court 29 : 1 : 1659. 

At the Ipswich court Mar. 27, 1660 added in debts due to 
the estate, 48K. ; debts due from the estate, 15li. ; total dear 
estate, 2511i. 13s. 7d. Essex Co. Probate Piles, Docket 338. 

William Addams one of the administrators of the estate 
of his son, William Addams, being now deceased, Ifathaniell 
Addams, one of his executors, by his own consent in the place 
of his father, deceased, acknowledged Mar. 25, 1662, himself 
boimd for the payment of the portions to the children of his 
brother, William Addams, jr. Ipswich Quarterly Court Rec- 
ords, vol. 1, page 104. 

Division of the estate of Wm. Addams made by John 
Addams, administrator, and Elder John Whipple and 
Thomas Stace, overseers: to the eldest son, 801i. with 451i. 
in moveable estate; to the other two sons, the other half of 
the house, barn and six acres of marsh valued at 70li., and 
551i. in moveable estate. Allowed in court Nov. 14, 1667. 
Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 5, page 56. 

Estate of Hugh Laskin of Salem.* 

Administration on the estate of Hugh Laskine of Salem, 
granted Mar. 29, 1659 to Henry Herrick. Ipswich Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 1, page 75. 

Inventory taken Mar. 21, 1658-9, by John Marston and 
Samuel Pickman: A black dimicaster, 8s.; 3 1-4 yerds of 
mixt Lincie woolsey, 6s. 8d. ; 4 yerds of mixt kersie at 6s. ^ 
yerd. Hi. 4s.; a wainscott chest, 5s.; a red shagg cotton pet- 
ticoate, 5s.; a mixt Woollen Whittle, 6s. 6d. ; 6 ordinarie 
shifts & 6 ould shifts, 15s. ; 2 sives. Is. 6d. ; 9 pecks of Wheat 
eaten with Weevells, 2s. 3d.; 3 Bushells of Mault, 12s.; 3 
Bushells of Indian Come eaten with Weevells, 5s.; a paire 
of Boddies & a paire of drawers, 3s. ; 3 small wedges & a beetle 
ring, 2s. 6d. ; a brass pann, 10s. 6d. ; a pott of suger of about 
9 lb., 6s.; 3 brass kettles, 9s.; 3 Iron potts, 15s.; a brass 
Cullender, a brass Candlestick, & a pewter porringer, 2s.; 3 
pewter dishes & 1 small dish & a small bason & a boale, 8s. ; 

* See also Eecords and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex 
Co., Mass., vol. II (1912), pp. 157, 160. 


a Wanniiig pann & a bell mettle morter, 8s. ; a fryeing pann, 
11 bands, 2 capps, & 6 handkerchers, 3s. 6d. ; a pewter brimm 
bason, 2s. ; 2 pillow beares, 3 crosscloathes & a neck-cloth, 3s. ; 
a small box, Is. ; 2 spades & a dung fork, 2s. 6d. ; 3 Bushells 
& 3 pecks of Mault, 15s.; 4 pc. of porke, 2s. 6d.; 3 pc. of 
bonie beoffe. Is. 6d., 4 pc. nought, 4s.; 3 ould wastcoates, 2 
ould blanckets & an ould Coate, 4s.; 1 ould petticoate & 2 
paire of breeches. Is.; a small pott of butter & a gallon of 
oyle, 3s. ; a table & forme, a bedstead & 3 ould chaires, 17s. 
6d.; 2 mens Coates, 10s. 6d. ; & a Cotton cloth apron. Is. 6d., 
13s. ; 3 white woollen blanckets, 14s. & a white cotton sheete, 
6s., Hi. ; fether bed & a flock bed, 31i. 10s. ; a fether boalster 
& a fether pUlowe, 15s.; a Canooe, 14s., 3 ould Cushions, 3s., 

2 axes & a hatchet, 3s., 18s. ; 1 ould crosscutt sawe. Is. 6d., a 
black brush & a towell. Is., 3s. 6d. ; 3 Cowles & a peck, 3s., & 
a loade of wood, 3s., 6s.; a blewe Trucking cloth blanckett, 
68. ; 2 pitch forks. Is., 2 small cobb Irons, Is. 6d., 3s. 6d. ; 3 

paire of pott hookes, Is. 3d. & 2 hake, 3s., 3s. ; 3 furrs, 

a testing fork & a paire of tongs, ; a smoothing Iron, 

4d. ; 2 paire of ould shooes & a paire of boots, 3s., 3s. ; cloth 
suite & a wastcoate, 18s.; a mault mill, 21i.; 2 Cowes, 6li. 
15s. ; a paile & a Mawle, Is. ; a stone Jugg, blewe & white, 38.; 
a Tenn Acre Lott, 61i.; 3 quarters of an Acre of Marsh in 

3 pi., Hi. 16s.; money in his Pocketts, 91i. lis.; A debt due 
from Mr. Edmond Batter, 6li. ; a debt due from Mr. Henry 
Bartholmewe, 9s. ; A debt due from Tho. Hayle of Salem, 3s. ; 
total, 52li. 4s. lOd. Debts due from Willm. Hascal, 51i. 8s. ; 
a house plott in Salem, 10s. ; debt due from Eoger Hascall, 5 
Bushels of Indian corne, 15s. ; total, 581i. 2s. lOd. Essex Co. 
Quarterly Court Files, vol. 5, leaf 15. 

Petition of Damaris (her D S mark) Mansfeild. Her 
former husband, Tymothie Laskin, died, leaving two small 
children; and the charges for the burial of her father-in-law 
amounted to 61i. 10s. The court was asked to settle the mat- 
ter of the estate. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 5, 
leaf 16. 

The court June 28, 1659, ordered two-thirds of the estate 
to be paid to Damoris Mansfield, who was the wife of Timo- 
thy Laskin, son of Hugh Laskin, deceased, and the rest to 
the wife of Henry Herricke, daughter of Hugh Laskin, de- 
ceased; Paule Mansfeild, husband of Damoris, to pay 51i. 
each to Timothy Laskin's two sons, John and Timothy, who 


were under the age of twenty-one years. Salem Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 31. 

Estate of William Lampsok of Ipswioh. 

Administration on the estate of William Lampson of 
Ipswich, granted Mar. 39, 1659, to widow Sarah. Ipswich 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 75. 

Inventory taken Feb. 11, 1658, by WiUiam Goodhue and 
Eobert Lord: the house & ground aboute it, 401i.; two acres 
of marsh, 41i.; two steeres, 811. 10s. 2d.; a cow & heifer of 
2y., 611.; 6 Goates, 311.; a sow & 5 shotes, 311.; two kettles, 
311.; 3 Iron pott & 1 Iron skUlett, 311. 5s.; 3 brase skilletts, 
9s.; a brase morter, 5s. 6d. ; a warmeing pan, 9s.; 7 pewter 
dishes, Hi. 7s.; a chamber pot, 3 poringers & a pint pot, 5s.; 
a candlestick, 3 s.; 1 dozen ocumy spoones & 1 dozen of pew- 
ter, 8s. ; a lamp, smootheing Iron & other small things, 13s. ; 
1 keeler, poudering tub, bucking tub, paile & some other 
lumber, 14s.; sithes, beatle & wedges & sickles. Hi. 7s.; axes 
& other tooles, Hi. 13s. ; a spad, shovell & howes, 7s. ; wheeles 
& cards, 15s.; 3 old chests & a box, 10s.; wheat threst & im- 
thresht, 33 bushells, 71i. 4s.; Indian Come, 511.; tumbrUl, 
wheels, plow & what belongs to them, 311. 5s.; nayles. Hi.; 
in bookes. Hi.; one old bedsted & trundlebed, lOs.; 3 old 
chairs & formes, 4s.; his weareing aparell, 611.; a sword 
& belt, 6s. 8d.; sives & earthen ware & other Lumber, 8s.; a 
f etherbed & 3 bolsters, 311. lOs. ; one bed & other beding, 3li. 
10s.; 3 paire of sheets, 3 little pillows & pillowbeares, 311. 
13s. ; cotten woole & Hi. of sheeps woole, 8s. 6d. ; new cloth, 
21i. lOs.; a sack & bag, 5s, 6d. ; tobaco, 5s.; bacone, 10s.; 
hempt and flaxe towe 10s. ; total, 1171i. 17s. 3d. ; debts owe- 
ing to him, 711.; debts that he owed too others, 1311. 7b.; 
total, 13411. 17s. 3d.; debts to be deducted 1311. 7a.; clear 
estate, lllli. 10s. 3d. 

He left eight children, four sons and four daughters. The 
eldest son sixteen years last November, the eldest daughter 
fourteen years, the second son nine and three quarter years, 
the second daughter seven, third daughter five and one half, 
fourth daughter four, third son two years last November 
and youngest son twenty four weeks old. 

Administration granted to the widow and ordered that 
she pay or cause to be paid to the children as they came to 
age or marriage with her consent, the eldest son 131i. the 


rest 61i. each and that the house and land stand engaged to 

make good the legacies. If any of the children die before 

they come to age then to be divided equally to the survivors. 

Essex Co. Prolate Files, Docket 16,264. 

Whereas there was security taken of a house and land at 
Ipswich, for the payment of several portions to the children 
of Wm. Lampson, deceased, according to Ipswich court record 
of Mar. 39, 1659, until other security be given, and Thomas 
Hartshorne of Eedding, coming into court and tendering the 
house in Redding where he now dwells, with fifteen acres of 
land adjoining, and seven acres of meadow in two several 
parcels, bounded as is expressed in a writing given in to 
cotirt, and now on file, in the Salem court records, the court 
10: 10: 1661 accepts the latter security and releases the 
former. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 81. 

Petition of John Ayres and William Fellows, Nov., 1661 : 
"Wheras o"^ Brother william Lampson late of Ipswich dyed 
intestate and Administration granted by the Honered Court 
at Ipswich to his widdow our sister Sarah Lampson and de- 
vided the estate about halfe to her & halfe to the children 
being eight in number and whereas shee being about to 
change her estate to one Thomas Harteshorne of Redding It 
was agreed that before mariage he should signe and scale 
a wrighting to give our sayd sister power & liberty to dispose 
of the one halfe of the estate she brought to him by way of 
will (of w*h there is sufisient wittness besydes our selues) but 
by pvidence that wrighting being neglected to be finished 
before mariage (though then pmised it should be done after) 
but it is now refused and thereby the children of o' Brother 
william Lampson like to suifer And wheras the estate in the 
Inventory delivered into court was underprised espeshally 
the Land w'h now appeareth to be worth eightye pound w°h 
was then prised but forty foure pound 

"Our Humble request to this Honered Court is that the 
children of our brother may Inioy a pt of the advance of 
there fathers estate and doe humbly intreat (if this Honered 
Court shall thinke fitt) that the Land may be to pay the 
childrens portions, it being prised in the Inventory as before 
exprest & there portions fiftye foure poimds & soe there por- 
tions will be advanced twentye six pound & the vidddow still 
haue about halfe the estate and that it would please the court 
that those children that are put out may haue there portions 
improved for there use & benifitt |Ithat|| when they come to 


age to reciue the same, that being all (as the case now stands) 
that they are like to haue of there Fathers estate." 

Thomas Hartshorne of Redding tendered as security, in- 
stead of the land at Ipswich, his house in which he dwells, 
and fifteen acres of land in Eedding, bo\inded on the north 
by land of James Pike, on the south by land of Walter Faire- 
field, on the east and west by the common; also three acres 
of meadow at Eeeva in the same town, bounded on the north 
by the meadow of Henry Felch and by the common on the 
other three sides; also four acres of meadow in the great 
meadow in the bounds of Lynn, bounded on the north by 
the meadow of Edward Hutcheson, on the south by the 
meadow of Isaack Harte, on the west by the common, and on 
the east by Isaack Hart's farm. Accepted 11 : 10 : 1661. 

Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 7, leaves 33, 33. 

Estate of John Perkins, Jr. op Ipswich. 

Administration on the estate of John Perkins, jr., of Ips- 
wich, granted Mar. 39, 1659, to widow Lidia. Amount of 
the inventory of the estate, 731i. 10s. Id. He left one young 
child, new born. The widow to hold the estate until the 
child was eighteen years old, and then pay the child 141i., or 
at the day of her marriage, with her mother's consent. Ips- 
wich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 75. 

Inventory taken 35: 1: 1659, by William Groodhue and 
John Dane: Cloth that came from the wevers 56 yard, 
8Li. 10s. ; 14 pound of cotten wooU, 18s. 6d. ; on hog, 3li. 4s. ; 
in butter and chese. Hi. 10s.; 3 poringers and 6 pound of 
suger, 8s. 6d. ; in small liain, 3li. ; wheatt 33 bushells & a 
halfe, 3li. Is. — d.; seventy bushells of barly, 14li.; Inden 
come, IH. ; A chest, a tob, a barrell, a halfe barrell, 14s. ; the 
weriage apparell, 41i. ; some lumber in severall things, 13s.; 
A f ether bed, a rug, a boulster, 3 blankts, 71i. ; A muskett, a 
sword rest & poutch, Hi. 10s. 5d. ; 4 weges, 3 betteU rings, 3 
forks, 3 old axes, 3 sithes. Hi. ; a plow and lornes, a yoke & 
ringe & span shakell, 10s.; in shepe, 3 ewes, 3 yere old 
wethers, 3li. ; a mare colt a yere old, 6li. 10s. ; in swine, lOli. ; 
3 Cowes, 3 steres 5 yere olds, 361i. ; a lorn pott, a skUlitt, a 
fringe pan, 3 dishes peuter, a paell, 3 spoons. Hi. 4s.; a 
end of ye house at the farme as it cost, 51i. 16s. ; total, 10311. 
8s. 3d. ; debts, 391i. 18s. 3d. ; leaving 73li. 10s. Id. 

Received in Ipswich court Mar. 38, 1659. Essex Co. Pro- 
hate Files, Docket 31,338. 

the probate records of essex county. 285 

Estate of Mark Symmons op Ipswich. 

"The last will & testam* of Marke Symons who beinge 
"Weake in bodie yet of good & pfect memory doe comit my 
soule into y^ hand of y^ lord my god as my faithfull creator 
& my bodie decently to be interred in y® earth By this my 
last will I doe appoynt my beloved wieffe Zoanah Symons to 
be sole executrix of this my last will & testam* & my estate 
"to be disposed of as foUoweth viz tt I beqneth to my daugh- 
ter Susannah Ayres a fetherbed & boulster w"'' was her 
mothers w*" y® worst rugg tt I bequeathe to Abigaill Pierce 
a fetherbed & y® best rugg tt I bequeathe to John walner 
iunior one ewe lambe of this yeare 

"Allsoe my wiU is my debyts beinge payde & funerall ex- 
pences discharged my said wiefEe shall inioye all my goods 
& chattells viz my howse & barne & ground about & belong- 
inge to y® same w* all y* pviledges & appurtenances belong- 
inge to y* same : together w* all my vpland & meadowe w^ 
all my cattell of one kiade & another : I saye to inioy all my 
reaU & psonall estate for y® full terme of her lieffe : And my 
will is y* after y* decease of my said wieffe my estate to be 
equally devided amongst our three daughters & y" children 
of my daughter |imary|| Chapman deceased pvided y* y* 
estate w^^ anie of them haue reeeaved alredie shall be val- 
lewed & y* y* haue had y® most y® y* haue had least maye all of 
them after y® decease of my wieffe haue an equall pportion of 
all my estate Provided y* if my said wieffe shall by anie hand of 
pvidence shall neede more then y* estate will pduce for her 
comfortable mayntenance then to haue convaynient supplie 
out of y* estate & y* rest to be devided as aforesaid Also I 
apoynt my lo* bretheren Moses Pengrie & Edward Browne 
to be oversseers of this my last will & testament dated 25 (2) 

mark symmons 

Witness: George Smith, Aaron Pengry, 

Proved in Ipswich court Apr. 28, 1659 by the witnesses. 

Inventory of estate of Marke Symonds of Ipswich taken 
May 16, 1659, by Eobert Lord and Eobert Day: his dwelling 
house & barne with the ground about it, 801i. ; two oxen, llli. ; 
two steeres & one heifer, 9li.; a mare & foale, 20li. ; three 
•cowes, lOU.; 7 ewes & 4 Lambes, 81i.; two shotes, lU. 16s.; 
in bookes, 31i. 4s.; his weareing apparell, 5li.; a bedsted & 
cord, curtaynes & valiants, Hi. 7s.; ye best feather bed & 
boulster & green Eugg, 61i.; a fetherbed & boulster & red 


rugg, 4li. 15s.; a bedsted, flockbed & flock boulster & 4 old 
blarJietts, 21i.; a flockbed & 2 blanketts, Hi. 15s.; 3 father 
pillows & one old little one, Hi.; 4 paire & an od sheet, 3li. 
15s. ; 4 pillow beeres, 14s. 6d. ; 2 table cloths & one litle one 

6 seaven napkiags and old shirt, IH. 5s. ; 2 chests & 3 boxes, 
lU. 4s.; a little table, 6s. 8d.; one great chaire i& 4 small & 
too cushons, 8s.; a looking glase, 3s.; 2 glase bottles & 3 
earthen poringers, 2s.; 2 brishes, Is. 8d.; 301i. of pewter at 
14d. ^ li.. Hi. 15s. ; one chamber pot, 2s. ; one great kettell, 
one midle kettell, 3 small ould ones, 2 old sMUetts & a 
scimer, 4li. ; 2 morters & one pestle, 12s.; a warmeing pan, 
4s.; a fryeing pan, 4s. 6d. ; 2 little Iron potts & paire pot- 
hooks, 12s.; a spitt, greed Iron & chafen dish, 5s.; 2 paire 
Lamo Andirons fire pan and a paire of toimgs, 10s. ; a pew- 
ter candlestick, 2s. 6d.; a Tramell, 2s. 6d.; 2 plankes, 3 
tressells, forme, cubbord, kneading trough & other lumbar, 
168.; a muskett, coliver & 2 old swords. Hi. 12s.; 2 beere 
vessells, poudering tub, chime, cheese press & other lumbar, 
Hi. ; sives; earthen ware, shires, pressing Iron, chees motts & 
other small things, 8s. ; scales & waytes, a half e busheU, 7s. ; 

7 bushell Indian corne, 18s. 8d.; wheat about 2 busheU & 
1-2, lis. 3d. ; in woole, 5s. ; a fann & ould tubs, ould chest & 
nayles, 18s.; halfe a bush, of rye, 28.; tooles & old Iron in 
the bumby. Hi.; a beeteU & 4 wedges, a saw & fro, 14s.; 2 
old sithes, an old croscutt saw, shoyell & some other small 
thiags, lis.; an arrow, axe, hatchet, 3 pitchfork, 6s. 6d.; 2 
broad hows, 4s.; a saddell & bridle, 168.; 18 acres of Land, 
361i. ; 2 acres of meddow at Mr. Wintrips farme & 1 acre of 
salt marsh, 51i. 10s.; cart, tumbrill, plow chaynes & yokes, 
wheeles & Irons & sled, 31i. 5s.; a grindstone, 68.; In debts 
oweing to the estate, 361i. ; debts oweiag from the estate, 
13li. 10s. ; total clear estate, 25711. 6s. 9d. 

Delivered in Ipswich court June 2, 1659 by Joanah Sy- 
monds widow of Marke Symonds. 

Essex Co. Prolate Files, Docket 27,116. 

Edward Chapman, having received the part of the estate 
given by Marke Symonds to his children, bound to the county 
treasurer 24 : 9 : 1659, his house, which was late Mark Sy- 
monds, and twelve acres of land in common on north side 
of the river for payment of the children as they come of 
age, in all sixty pounds. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, 
vol. 1, page 83. 

the pkobate bec0kd8 of essex countt. 287 

Estate of Benjamin Mountjot of Salem. 

Administration on the estate of Beniamia Monjoye 
granted June 38, 1659 to his widow. Salem Qvarterly 
Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 30. 

Inventory of the estate of Mr. Benjamin Mountjoy, taken 
by William Charles and Joseph Dallever: One Cloake & a 
suite, 3li. 10s.; one Great copper kettle, Hi. 3s.; one lesser 
kettle, 7s. 3d. ; stewing pan, 6s. ; one Skillet, 3s. ; one warm- 
ing pan, 5s.; one scummer. Is.; Bed & bolster ticking, Hi.; 
one dozen of pewter dishes, 31i. 10s.; 4 pewter porringers, 
611. 38.; 4 pewter plates, 2s.; one chamber pot, 4s.; one pew- 
ter tankard, 3s.; 6 saucers, 3s.; one little Bason, Is.; one 
pewter pint, Is. 6d.; one little pewter cup, 9d.; one brasse 
candlesticke & morter, 3s. ; two stone jugges, 2s. ; one earthen 
pott, 6d.; two glasse bottles, 8d.; 3 payre of sheetes, 21i. 8s.; 
3 payre of pillow bears, Hi.; one table cloth, 9s.; 5 Diaper 
Napkins, 7s. 6d.; 6 lockram Napkins, 6s.; one hanging can- 
dlestick, 38. 6d. ; one lampe. Is. ; one Trunke, 3s. ; one chest, 
8s.; one fire shovel & tongs, 4s.; one pothanger, 3s.; one 
old brasse bucket, 2s. 6d. ; one smoothing Iron, 2s. ; a payre of 
blankets, 168.; one Bedsteed, Hi.; one little Table, 8s.; one 
wooden trey, 8s.; total, 19li. 2s. 5d. Essex Co. Quarterly 
Court Files, vol. 5, leaf 10. 

Estate of William Jigles of Salem. 

William Jegles died intestate. Amount of inventory, 
14811., ordered June 28, 1659, that the widow shall keep it 
in her hands for her use. Salem Quarterly Court Records, 
vol. 4, leaf 31. 

Inventory of estate of William Jigles taken 26 : 3 : 1659, 
by John Browne, John Gardner and Edm. Batter: One 
dwellinge house & house Lott, 35li. ; ten Acres of upland, 3-4 
salt marsh & of meadow a small pceU about the upland, 91i. 
10s. ; 1 Cow, 4li. ; 5 yewes, 5li., 1 pige, 4s., 91i. 4s. ; 1 Table- 
board & 3 formes. Hi.; 1 Chest, 18s.; 1 Cubburd, 138., 1 
bedpane, 12s., 21i. 3s. ; p And Irens, 10s. ; 1 f riing pane, 5s. ; 
1 earthen basvm, 16s. ; Basen & Ewer, 2 Candlsticks & Salt, 
16s., 7 Cushings, 30s., lU. 168.; 1 Eemnant of Carsy, 328.; 
1 Carpet & brush, 9s., 21i. Is.; Aparell, 4li., 1 feather bed, 
3 bolsters, 1 Eugg, Curtayns, bedsteed & hangings, lOli.; 
gune & sword, 5s., brasse, 33s., pewter, 30b., 31i. 8s.; silver 


beker, 3li., fire shovel, tonges, spit, &c., 4s., 3li. 4s. ; 4 Chaires, 
1 small Table, 10s., earthen ware, &e., 13s.; bookes, 10s., car- 
penters tooles, 35s., Iron potts & hangers, 30s., oekum, 3s., 
31i. 18s. ; sheets & table Linnen, 711. ; new linen, 30s., and an 
old bed & Kugg, 30s., 3li. 10s. ; cash, 31i; 16s., 3 old Chesit, 
table & forme, 15s., 4Ji. lis.; flax & yarne, 6s., 1 bushel In- 
dian Come & bag, 4s., 10s.; 1 Grindston, 3s., 1 kitle, 10s., 
13s. ; a Katch named William with her apurten., 501i. ; total, 
145li. 15s.; a small pcell woole, 5s.; a old boate, 31i. ; total, 

The children, or three of them, were married in town long 
since, the other abroad at sea. The eldest son was in Eng- 
land and the master of a ship. On 38 : 4 : 1659, it was or- 
dered that the estate be left in the hands of the widow Eliza- 
beth, for her necessities while she lived, and be disposed of 
by the court at her decease. Essex Go. Quarterly Court Files, 
vol. 5, leaf 14. 

Estate of John Leach, Sr. of Salem. 

"That w*"" John Leach senior spake about the Disposinge 
of his estate. We whose names ar vnderwritten, beinge both 
in one roome, about halfe a yeare before the decease of s* 
John Leach senior the sayd John Leach comminge in from 
worke he sayd vnto vs he was so sicke he thought he' should 
haue f alln downe dead at his worke : & he did f eare that he 
might at one tyme or other dye suddenly: therefore he did 
desire of vs both (that if in case it should so faU out) to be 
witnesses that aU that he had he gaue vnto John Leach: and 
at another tyme hauinge farther conference about the dis- 
posinge of his estate vnto the sayd John Leach, we told him 
there were seueral John Leaches he should doe wel to ex- 
presse w"" of them, he sayd to John Leach the son of Eichd 
Leach : sayinge further that he had was but litle. if he should 
deuide it it would come but to litle." 

her mark her mark 

Elisabeth N Buxton, Mary o ffelton. 
Essex Go. Quarterly Gourt Files, vol. 5, leaf 13. 

Proved June 38, 1659 by Eliza. Buxton and Mary Felton: 
Eichard Leach, executor. Amount of inventory, 331i. 13s. 
lOd. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 30. 

Inventory taken 80 : 10 : 1658, by Daniel (his D E mark) 
Eea and Henery (his h ( ( mark) Cooke : House, orchard 


& 6 acres of land, 13li. ; 20 acres of land & 2 acres of meadow, 
3li.; 1 ox, 51i.; 1 Cow, 21i. 10s.; 1 calfe, 18s.; 1 sheep, 16s.; 
in Come, 2li. 16s. 6d. ; his wearinge apparel, 2li.; his bed- 
dinge, 2li. ; 1 Cart, Hi. ; 1 smal pot & ketle, 10s. ; 1 chest, 2 
axes & other old Lumber, Hi. ; in hay, Hi. ; total, 351i. 2s. 6d. 
In yame. Hi. Is.; an old table and a gun and sword. Hi.; 
total, 371i.-3s. 6d. Debts: To Philip Veren, 6s.; Adam Wes- 
gate, 4s. 6d.; John Ingersol, 3s.; Willyam Curtis, 5s.; Ed. 
Beecham, 2s. 6d.; Tho. Eicks, Is. 4d. ; the Cow keeper, 4s.; 
John Burton, 3s.; John Grover, Is. 4d.; the charges of his 
burial, Hi. 10s.; rates for 2 yeare, 10s.; total, 31i, 10s. 8d. 
Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 5, leaf 12. 

Estate of Peter Pitfoed of Maeblehead.* 

Administration on the estate of Peeter Pitford granted 
June 28, 1659 to Robert Pattashall. Salem Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 4, leaf 31. 

Estate op Eichard Fritht of (Salem?). 

Eichard Stackhouse possessed a ten-acre lot, which was 
the land of Eichard Frithy, deceased, divers years since, and 
none to claim it. Eichard Lambert, deceased, was formerly 
paid for it June 28, 1659. Mr. Stackhouse ordered to keep 
it. Salem Quarterly Court Becords, vol. 4, leaf 31. 

Estate of John Woodis of Salem. 

"The last will and testam* of Jn" Woodis being weak of 
body but ia pfett memory: 24 (3) 59. Imp"^ he gavef vnto 
Sam" Very sen 3 oxen and his wearing cloaths Ite he gaue 
vnto Alice his Daughter : the wife of Sam' Very 2 Cowes Ite he 
gaue vnto Thomas and Jn° Very the Children of Sam* very 1 : 
mare Ite he gaue vnto Sam' son to Sam' Very 1: younge 
horse yeare old and the vantage It he gaue vnto Elizabeth: 
the Daughter of Sam' Very 1: cowe & 1 heifer of 2 years 
old and 1 Iron pott It he gaue vnto Sarah the Daughter of 
Sam' Verey one Cowe one heifer of three years old and all 
my beding one Chest and that that is in it and one Iron Kitle 
my peweter & sixe pounds ten shillings in the hands of Tho : 

* See also Eecords and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Es- 
sex Co., Mass., vol. 3 (1913), page 283. 

t This was written throughout in the first person, and then 
changed to the third. 


fSint Ite he gaue vnto Emme Muse one Cowe He apoynted 
& Constituted Sam' Verey his son in law his Executor." 

[N"o signature] 
his mark his mark 

Witness: Tho: T Antrum, Thomas T fflint. 
Proved in Salem court 29 : 4 : 1659 by the witnesses. 

Inventory of estate of John Wooddes, taken by Thomas 
James, Thomas (his T mark) Eliut and Thomas (his T 
mark) Antrum: Two oxen, 13li.; 4 cowes, 15li. 10s.; 3 
heifers, 91i. 10s. ; one maire, 131i. ; one horse colt, 6li. ; a bed 
rugge and blanket. Hi. 10s.; a chest and a sheett, 13s.; a 3 
pint pot, a pewter bottle and a porringer, 5s.; an Iron pot 
and pothookes, 10s.; an Iron kettle, 12s.; in Thomas Flints 
hand, 61i. 10s. ; his wearing clothes, 3li. ; in mony, 6s. ; total, 
69li. 5s. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 5, leaf 11. 

Estate of John Clements oe Haverhill. 

Admiaistration on the estate of John Clements, late of 
Haverhill, "being by God's providence cast awaye," granted 
July 21, 1659, to Eobt. Clements, by Mr. Samuell Symonds 
and Major Generall Denison. Ipswich Quarterly Court Rec- 
ords, vol. 1, page 78. 

Court Sept. 27, 1659 confirmed administration granted by 
Hon. Samuel Symonds and Major-General Denison to Eob- 
ert Clements upon estate of his brother, John Clements. 
Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 80. 

Inventory of estate of John Cleman at the time y' Koberd 
Cleman takes to that estate taken by James Davis, Bartel 
Heath and Theo. Shatswell: his accomodations. Three acres 
& a halfe of houselott more or lesse, bounded on ye east by 
Isack Cousens & on ye west by a high way; nineteene acres 
in ye plaine, thirteene acres of it is bounded on ye east by 
Mr. Eobert Clement, Sr., ||5 of it soxild out before I enter 
opon it II & on ye west by Daniell Hendricks, ye other six 
acres is bounded on ye east by Mr. Ward, & on ye 
west by Hugh Sherratt: ffowre acres of land lying on ye 
west side of ye litle river att ye east end of ye towne, as is 
expressed in ye towne book to lye rate free for ever; one 
acre & three qters of meadow in ye east meadow by on ye 
north of Thomas Lilford, on ye south by meadow held by 
Theophilus Shatswell & widow Dow, five acres of land in 
ye plaine bought of Tho. Davis bounded on ye east by Mr. 


Jewett & on ye west by Mrs. Clement; one acre & halfe of 
meadow in ye east meadow, weh was formerly Sam. Gilds, 
bounded on ye east by Eichard Littlehale, on ye west by ye 
upland, 2 acres of* meadow layd out at present ; The 2 di- 
vision of upland being thirty two acres more or lesse, lying 
over agst Andover cornfield from ye greate river by Sowes 
brooke to a pine marked wth an I & from thence south to a 
litle white oake marked with an I; & from thence to a 
blacke oake upon ye greate river banck marked wth an I & 

from thence upon ye greate river banck to . 

John clemans acomodashon in tow oxen, the halfe 

of a white or whitesh mare and the halfe of a gray coult at 2 
eayer and vantage, and the halfe of a gray mare coult at 
one yeare and advantage; on plow, on quarter part of a har- 
row, linspins, axpins, washers, a ox chayne; and in rent 14 
pounds for on peace of lands unlay d out at present, 96 acors 
which is to be a 3d deveshon of upland, a 3d deveshon of 
meadow not yet layd out amounting to 4 acors; besides ye 
right and tytell of all undevided lands yt may be in time 
layd out and comonage of 8 acors acomodashon throwout. 
Amount six score and ten pounds. 

Eeceived in Ipswich court S? : ^ : 1659. Essex Co. Prolate 
Files, Docket 5,587. 

Court May 10, 1660 confirmed administration of the estate 
of John Clements, upon request of his brother Job and sis- 
ters, to his brother Eobert Clements. The latter brought in 
an account of his charges for his voyage to Englaiid and 
Ireland in taking over his brother, John Clements' wife and 
children. Ipswich Qtiarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 87. 

Petition to the Ipswich court Sept. — , 1659 of Moses 
Pengry and John Ossgood "that wheras our Nere and deare 
Brother John Clements By the all disposeing hand of gods 
providence wth his ffamily was Drovmed [as we undoubtedly 
Beleive] and uppon our cleare Knowlidge by his divers 
Leters he did very Brnestly soUicit his yonger Brother Eob- 
ert Clements to Come over with and as a guid to his Wife 
& children to Irland promising that if he would sell & 
Bring his family allsoe. Both hee and the rest of his Breth- 
ren would doe well for him in Irland, but Seeing soe Diss- 
appoynted on the way and Ther allsoe, we thought it our 
duty to advise & Ineourrage our Brother Eobbert, to desire 
Leters of administration uppon all the Estate of the said 
John Clements in this Country and are willing it should Be 


Confirmed to him if this honoured Court see Cause, judging 
it short of his dammage & Troubles he mett withall; Ther 
Seeing in England we Doubt Not in Lands and other Estate 
suffitient to provide for That one child [if yet alive], in 
Acknowledged 37 : 7 : 1659 by the petitioners. 

An account given in by Eobert Clements to the Ipswich 
court, Mar. 30, 1660 of the charges and losses which "hee 
sustaned by undertackinge a voige to Ingland and so to ler- 
land for his brother John Clements beeinge desired by him 
for the aideing and asistinge his wife and childeren which 
otherweses Could not have undertaeken the voige To goe to 
him": sum Considerabell loses in puting of- my estate to 
great loss beinge in greate lust upon the undertackinge the 
voige which I aphernde could not bee less then lOli.; for 
charges goinge to Pascatawair and for nececaryes for the 
veoige, 6li..; for The pienge pasage for myselfe wife and 3 
Chillderen, 171i. ; the losses I sustained the shipe beinge 
tackine by the spanyard was all I had, 20li. ; when I gotte to 
london in charge there and pasage to lerland, 191i, 10s. j ex- 
pences in lerland whill I staid there, lOli. ; for my pasage 
backe from Irland to London, 8li. ; for pasage from london 
to New Ingland, 15li.; total, 10511. 10s. AUso besides this 
there is the loss of my time which was a wholle yeare, as 
allso vearry great hardshipe beeinge I and my Chillderen 
beeinge Carried capteiv to Spaine and with great hardshipps 
gotte to Ingland. Signed, Eoberd Clements. 

Essex Co. Prolate Files, Docket 5,587. 

Job Clements assented to the deduction of the expenses of 
his brother, Eobert Clements' trip to Ireland, from the estate 
of John Clement, deceased. Dated, 26 : 1 : 1660. Essex Co. 
Quarterly Court Files, vol. 5, leaf 84. 

Estate of Henry Travees op Newbury. 

"This 26«' of July 1648 I Henrie Travers of Newbry 
hauing ocasion to go to sea and know not whether I shall line 
to Com againe I do By this present [writing] deelar my last 
will and Testament as foUoweth fijst I Giue vnto my sonn 
James my Housse and halfe acre lot and my 4 acre lot at 
new towne and my devision Land and my Eight acres of 
salt marrish and a Copper Kittel and on Iron pott and on 
Iron skilat and two Goones and two saws and on ox of 4 yer 


ould and on ||yoiin|| steere of 2 yer ould. 2 Item I Giue vnto 
my Daughter sara on Cow and a hefer ||of 3 yer|| and two 
brasse potts and ||m^|| Littel kittel and a fring pan and a 
tabl bord. Itm I giue vnto my wife my bed and Conerlid and 
a kittel and a scillet and my wheat and barly and my swine 
and my debts that is owing to me and all my other goods 
which is not dispose of which ||in all|| I ludg mil be as good 
a porcion as on of the Children and mor and my debts being 
paid. Likewis my will is that my wife shall haue the Increse 
and Incom of my Estat of both the Childrens vntill they be 
twelue yers ould tourds ther maintainanc but my will is 
that my wif should not alter the properti of anie of my goods 
II or lands II without thes my ouersears Consent Likwis I do 
desier my two ffrends Eichard Knight and Henri short to se 
that this my will be performed" 

Henrie Travers 

Witness: Wileam Ilesly. 

Eichard Knight testified that this was the act and deed of 
Henry Travers and William Ilsly testified that he was called 
to be a witness to such a disposal of his estate and believed it 
to be his hand. 

Inventoi-y taken July 15, 1659, by James (his I M mark) 
Miricke and Anthony Somerby: a bed bolster & 2 pillowes, 
3li. ; two paire of sheets, 2 table clothes, 6 napkins, 4 towells, 
21i. 10s. ; one Eugge and a bed matt, lli. 14s. ; one Iron pott 
and a small brass pott, lli. 4s.; A pr of And Irons, a fire 
shoveU & pr of tonges, 9s.; a Tramell, a gridiron, a frying 
pan & spitt, lis.; two pewter platters, one bason, 2 spoones, 
two dram cups, one pint pot, one pewter candlesticke and a 
tin puddin pan, lli. 3s.; one chaffing dish, a smal brass 
kettle & the cover of a warmeing pan, 3s.; A brewing tub, 
2 keelers & a bucket, 12s.; 2 spining wheels & a Eeele & 2 
p of cards, 10s. ; 2 Eip hookes, a smoothing Iron & a buckets 
bale, 5s.; 3 Eineing boxes, 8 dishes, 9 trenchers & boules, 
10s.; 2 tables, a forme, 2 chayres, 2 boxes and a seive, 17s. 

6d. ; In fine Earthen porringers, 4s.; one sack and 

hoo[d], 5s.; A house and foure akers of land with the or- 
chard and eight akers of Marsh land & 8 akers of divident 
land with priveledg of comonage, 80li. Total, 921i. 178. 6d. 
His debts which his wife paid for him after he went away 
was about 51i. 

Eeceived in Ipswich court Sept. 27, 1659. 

Essex Co. Prolate Files, Doehet 28.078. 


Will of Henry Travers presented, not proved; administra- 
tion was granted to his widow, Bridgett, now wife of Richard 
Window. Nicolas Walington, who married his daughter, 
Sarah Traverse, had already received three pounds, and the 
court Sept. 37, 1659 ordered the administratrix to pay them 
twelve pounds more, and to the son, James Traverse, thirty 
pounds when he comes of age, and the rest of the estate, 
which amounted to 92li., to the widow, the land to stand 
hound for the children's portion. Ipswich Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 1, page 81. 

Petition in 1661, of Bridgett Travers of Newbury, wife 
of Henry Travers, shewing that seven years ago, when her 
husband went to England, he left two children, a daughter 
of 10 years, and a son not fuU three years old. He then 
made his will and gave "my daughter a cow and an heifer 
to be paid to her at twelve years of age, and the son at the 
same age of twelue years to have two steers and foure akers 
of upland & eight akers of marsh and all the houshold stuffe 
we had, onely he gaue mee a bed & a couerlet which was 
very meane, and also I and my children was very mean in 
apparell: and this was the whole estate of my husband, I 
had not so much as an house to dwell in and left me also 
fiue potmds in debt and since he went I have not heard of 
him but once which is fiue yeares since." Also having paid 
the fine of 5li. and laid out about 201i. more on the land 
and building, and her daughter being now married had paid 
to her two heifers, now desires that she may enjoy the house 
and land until her son shall be twenty one years, and after to 
have the thirds during her life. Essex Co. Proiate Files, 
Docket 28,078. 

James Travers and his mother having petitioned to the 
General Court to have the action transferred to this court, 
the court Sept. 25, 1666, saw no cause to alter the order made 
in Sept., 1659 for disposing of the estate. Ipswich Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 1, page 156. 

Estate of William Hobson of Eowlet. 

Administration on the estate of William Hobson of Eow- 
ley, intestate, granted Sept. 27, 1659 to his widow. An Hob- 
son. Amount of inventory, 44611., clear estate. Three chil- 
dren. Division : To eldest son Humphry, 15011. ; and the two 
younger sons, 731i. each, when of age; rest of estate to the 


widow, who was to retain the whole in her hands until the 
children are of age. Elder Eeiner and Maximilion Jewett, 
overseers. If An should change her estate, she was to give 
security for payment of the children's portion. Ipswich 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 83. 

Inventory taken 20 : 6 : 1659, by Joseph Jawet, Maximilian 
Jawet and William Boynton: one dwelling house, a Barne 
and home Lott, 4 Akers more or less, 751i. ; 14 Akers of Land 
lying on the sunn side of the house, 51i. the Aker, 70li.; a 
swamp Joyning unto the said Lande, 3li. ; Gates upon the 
Comon, ; in Batchlers medow thre Akers, 16li. ; three Aker of 
medow at the stratis, 51i. ; ten Akers of medow in the east 
f eild with a pereel of upland Joyning upon it, 33li. ; in farme 
or marsh feild ten Akers of medow more or lesse and 10 
Aker of uplande, 501i. ; 200 Akers of Lande lyiag between 
Meremak Eiver and Johnsons ponde, lOli. ; one meare, lOli. ; 
f owre Cowes, 141i. ; two stears, 5li. ; one heffer and one Calfe, 
141i. 12s. ; three yong Calves, 21i. ; one horse, lOli. ; thirteene 

Akers of , 131i. ; 12 Loads of hay, 6li. ; his wearing 

Cloaths, 201i.; shooes and Bootes, 2li. 6s.; hats and a hatt 
Case, 31i. 6s. 8d. ; stockins, shifts, bands, handkerehifs, 2li. 
10s. ; one paire of stockins and a Eaper, lli. ; a paire of pis- 
toles, 2li.; one Coverlet, fowre Blankits, 3li. ; one Bed and 
Beding Cloths, lOli. ; one Bed and Beding, 2li.; two Euggs, ; 
ten yeards of Carsey, 4li. ; one peice of Broad Cloth, 9li. ; A 
Chushins and two Carpits, lli. 13s. 4d. ; a Eugg and thre 
pillows, 2li 10s.; a peece of playne Gotten, Hi.; 7 bushels 
of wheate, lli. lis. 6d.; some Bacan, 12s.; Brass, Iron Potts 
and pewder, Sli. ; wood vesseU and Cushins, 3li. ; a Chist and 
a Trunke, lli.; a bible and other Books, 16s.; trenchers and 
a brush, 6s. ; tooles, 20s., a sadle 25, a Cradle, 6s., 21i. lis. ; 
swin, 711.; one ell of Eed Cloth, Hi.; certaine Plate, 31i.; two 
Glasse Cases, 10s.; a Line[n] wheele, 10s. 6d. ; some Beare 
Caske, 10s.; 3 pare of Gloves, 5s.; total, 45611. Is. lOd. 
Debts, lOli. 

Delivered in Ipswich court 27: 7: 1659 by An Hobson 
widow of William Hobson. 

Bond of John Hobson of Eowley, he having received more 
of the estate of his mother Ann Hobson than was allowed 
him by the Ipswich court, to pay his mother yearly 50s. in 
bread, corn and pork and also to supply her with one half of 
the firewood she should need, his brother William to supply 
the other half. Signed and sealed Feb. 28, 1682. 


Witness : Nehemiah Jewet and Jane (her I S mark) Sim- 

Acknowledged in court Sept. 28, 1683 by the witnesses. 

This was delivered June 10, 1685, by Mrs. Ann Hobson to 
her daughter as satisfied. Witness : Daniell Wicome, Nehem- 
iah Jewett. 

Division of the lands of William and Ann Hobson, de- 
ceased intestate, among their children or their heirs, by 
Daniell Wicom, Nehemiah Jewet, Ezekiel Northend, Samuell 
Platts and Moses Platts as follows: "William Hobson ye 
only Surviveing child of sd WiUiam & Ann Hobson, de- 
ceased & Mr. Thomas Gage who Married ye Eelict of Hum- 
phry Hobson deceased & PhiUip Nelson who married ye 
Eelict of John Hobson deceased: sd Gage his wife being 
Guardian for her son Humphry Hobson & sd Nelson being 
Guardian for John Hobson ye Grandchildren of sd William 
& Ann Hobson." 

The Land or dividend in ye west end Oxe pasture is 
setled & stated as f oUoweth : to Mr. Gage & his wife in behalf 
of her son Humphry Hobson : Bounded the westerly end upon 
Land yt belonged to Mr. Ezekiel Mighel ye so-west side by 
an Elm tree in a swamp: from the sd tree markt on a 
streight line no-easterly to a Ked Oak tree markt (which 
line parts sd Land from the other division now setled upon 
William Hobson) & thence bounded by the way yt parts sd 
Land & sd Williams pt. the other side bounded by a high- 
way yt parts sayd Land & Capt. Wicoms & ye Land Lately 
Leiut. Lamberts till sd way Comes to ye sd Land of Ezek' 
Mighels formerly The next pt of sd Oxe pasture Land setled 
upon William Hobsen son of sd William & Ann. Bounded 
by sd Land Layd out to Humphry Hobson son of sd Hum- 
phry deed by sd Markt Elm tree in ye swamp, & the Ked 
Oak & ye way on yt side: the west end bounded by sayd 
Land formerly Ezk'. Mighils extending so-west about thirty 
& three Eods to a white Oak tree Markt & then easterly to a 
stump Markt by Samuell Pickards Land : & then bounded 
Nor by sd Samls Land to a stump & stones in the highway. 
The next pt of sd Oxe pasture Land setled upon John Hob- 
son Son of John Hobson Late of Eowley deceased sd Nelson 
who married his mother being his Guardian. Bounded by 
sd Land layd out to William Hobson by sd white Oak tree 
Markt In ye swamp, & sd stump Markt neer sayd Pickards 
Line, he ye sd John being to have all the Eemaynder of sd 


dividend extending to ye place Called ye highway as the 
Land is bounded. 

The far divission of upland & Meadow & Marsh ground 
divided as foUowes: To Humphry Hobson son of sd Hum- 
phry deceased bounded by a stake & stone at ye south end 
from thence on a streight Line to a stake & heap of stones 
upon a Little hill, thence on a strait line to a stake & heap 
of stones by the upland side at ye North End of ye upland 
& thenc on a straight line to a stake in ye marsh by a Little 
pond & thenc on a straight Line to a stake at ye Great 
Creek side which great Creek parts Newberry & Eowly 
Marshes being ye so-east part of yt divission. The other 
half of sd divission upland & Marsh divided thorow from a 
Eock & stake in ye Marsh by ye Eiver & to a Eock & 
stake on ye upland at ye west side of a Cove, & soe 
to the line Exmning ia ye first division to a stake & heap of 
stones: WiUiam to have the Lower end & John to have the 
upper end. 

The neer divission of upland & Marsh ground divided as 
followeth: To Humphry ye upper half next ye Eoadway 
downe the Creek to a stake & stone fixed by ye Creek side & 
thenc on a streight line Cross ye marsh to the upland to a 
Bed Oak tree Markt & thenc on a streight line over ye hill 
to a black Oak tree markt & thenc on a line to a walnut tree 
markt & thenc on a streight line to ye outside of ye Land next 
Ens. Andrew Stickney in his Improvemt. To John Hobson 
next to sd Humphrys Eunning downe by the Creek as ye 
Creek Euns to a stake & stone by the Creek side : & from sd 
stake cross ye marsh northerly to a poynt of a great Eock: 
he being to have ye poynt of upland on the southerly side of 
ye Cove of meadow till it Comes to sd Humphries line al- 
lowing a way through it for ye bringing ye Lower part or 
divission crops of to sayd poynt & along ye way yt leads up 
ye hill William to have ye Lower part from stake & poynt of 
Eocks (sd John's bounds) along downe ward to ye Lower 
end of sayd Marsh Lott: & the upland upon the north side 
of the Cove yt lies in sd Johns division up to ye former line 
mentioned yt divideth betwixt Humphrys part & theirs. 

The division of ye six Acres of Marsh at ye place called 
Elders Island as foUoweth: To John Hobson upon ye so 
west side bounded by a Creek yt parts widow Johnsons marsh 
to a sta,ke by ye Edg of ye meadow neer ye great Creek, from 
thenc on a streight line so-east to a stake by a smale Creek 
& then as ye Creek Euns till it comes about three Eods of a 


stake betwext Mr. Philleps marsh & sd marsh haveing a 
little peice at yt end next Mr. Philleps bounded by a creek 
till it comes to ye Line. To Humphry Hobson: ye outside 
divission or no-east side from a stake fixt at ye head of ye 
creek: yt parts ye twelve Acres & sd Marsh bounded as ye 
Creek runs to a stake & stone at yt end neer a smale Isleand 
& from sd stake on a streight line to a stake by the Great 
Creek yt parts ye other marsh & sd six Acres. To William 
Hobson ye midle peice divided by ye other forementioned 
peices on both sides & one end by ye great Creek the other 
end by Mr. Philleps Marsh. 

The outward division of twelve Acres salt marsh divided 
as foUowes : To John Hobson ye Lower part next to Joseph 
Jewets to a white Oak tree upon ye upland & from sd tree 
cross ye marsh on a streight Line southerly to a stake by a 
Creek & then as the Creek Euns to the Great Creek. To 
WiUiam Hobson the upper pt of sd divission next Mr. 
Eogers Marsh to sd white Oak tree & stake before mentioned. 
And the Lower part of ye midle divission next to James 
Dickensons & Joseph Jewets: easterly corner by a stake, 
thenc Eunniug southerly to a stake by a pond end & from yt 
stake, to a stake at ye head of a little Creek: & thenc as the 
little Creek Euns until it come to the great Creek & then 
bounded by the great Creek till it comes to a smale Creek yt 
parts Ezekiel Mighels Divission of ye six Acres at ye Elders 
Isleand. To John Hobson: ye upper part of ye midle divis- 
sion bounded by a creek, next Mr. Eogers his marsh & by a 
smale creek betwext ye outward divission till it comes to a 
stake by Joseph Jewets marsh by a pond & then by sd pond 
to a stake at ye other end & then from sd stake by the pond 
lineing southerly to a stake by a little Creek: & yn by sd 
little Creek till it comes into the great Creek againe : 3rt parts 
Ezekiel Mighels Divission or third pt at ye Elders Isleand. 

The pasture Land divided betwext William Hobson & John 
Hobson is as followeth: William to have all the pasture 
Land Lying next to his plowing Land extending against ye 
Comon to a stake & stone in a hollow: & thenc extending 
ye length of sd pasture easterly on a streight line to a comer 
next ye land belonging to Leiut. Lamberts heirs where there 
is a white oak tree markt with W. H. on one side & I. H. 
on ye other. John to have all ye rest of sd pasture southerly 
side of sd two bounds ye stake next ye comon & ye tree at 
Lamberts corner: Lying betwext sd line & ye feild caUd 
Hurley Feild. 


The Land Layd out neer Hunsley hill belonging to their 
Fathers Right divided as follows: To Humphry Hobson 
Joyneing upon Capt. Wicoms Land at a Eed Oak Tree markt 
that end next Ipswich Line extending from sd tree northerly 
to an Elm tree markt with H & I & from sd tree cross ye 
Lott Northerly to a stake & stone & from sd stake & stone 
extending southerly to an old tree falen with stones at ye 
Boot & from sd stones bounded by Capt. Wicoms Land to ye 
first bounds. To John Hobson boimded by ye sd Humphrys 
on ye southerly side at ye Corner next Ipswich line by ye 
Elm markt with I H. extending northerly to a white oak 
tree markt with I H. W. from thence extending westerly to 
a stake & stones, from thence extending southerly to a stake 
& stones & thenc extending easterly to ye first markt Elm. 
To William Hobson bounded at ye south Corner next to sd 
Johns by a white oak tree markt with W. H. I. on ye side 
next Ipswich extending northerly to a white Oak tree markt 
with L. H. from thenc extending westerly by Lambert & 
Boynton to a white oak tree markt with H. thenc extending 
southerly to a' stake & stones a boundary betwext sd Johns 
Land & it & thenc easterly to ye 1st Oak. 

The divission of Land eald ye Elders plaine or ye pen 
Land is as follows: William Hobson to have ye Land & 
meadow Lying next to Samuell Brocklebanks bounded & set 
of from ye rest of sayd Land at ye southerly comer by a 
white oak tree markt & thenc extending norwesterly to a 
stake & stone fifteene Eods Northeast of the first bounds of 
ye whole tract & sd William to have ye meadow ground up- 
wards as far as ye foot of the great hiU eomon Land at a 
stake & stone neer ye brook. 

Humphry Hobson to have ye Land next to Williams 
bounded by a stake & stone Nineteene Rods Easterly of sd 
WUliams bounds from sd stake ye Line extends southerly to 
a white oak tree Markt next ye comon. John Hobson to 
[have the rest of. copy.'] sd Land cald ye Eldrs division of sd 
upland upon ye easterly side of sd Humphries & bounded by sd 
Humphries bounds being a stake & stone at one end & ye 
white Oak on ye other side or end next ye Comon sd Dividend 
being bounded by Comon Land in pt & by John Hopkinsons 
Land in pt. The rest of ye meadow yt belonged to sd Eldrs 
divission upward of sd William Hobsens bounds is one half 
to the sd Humphry Hobson & the other half to Jno. Hobson 
son of sd John Hobson deceased. 

The Third of each divissions belonging to Humphry & 


John Hobson sons of Humphry & John Hobson deceased 
which appertaines to the Eespeetive Edicts of Humphry & 
John Hobson, deceased is not yet set out to sd Eelicts: but 
remaines in their parts yet to be divided to ye sd widows 
when order for it. 

Signed and sealed Sept. 14, 1698. 

Essex Co. Prolate Files, Docket 13,455. 

Estate of Jane Lambert of Eowlet. 

"The last will and Testament of Jaine Lambert widow 
may the 24: 1659 I Jaine lambert beeing sick in body but of 
perfect Memory doe make this my last will and Testament 
in form folowing Imprimous I giue all my land madowes 
comans and whatsoeuer belongeth to my hous and \oit by any 
right with the said house barnes and what pertaines therto I 
say all my lands excepting the land in the vilege vnto my 
eldest son John lambert It I giue vnto him one feather bed 
with all that belongeth vnto it. It I giue vnto my sonn Jona- 
than Lambertt forty pounds It I giue vnto my sonn Gershom 
Lambert forty pounds It I giue vnto him one fether bed 
with aU that belongeth ther vnto It I giue vnto my sonn 
Thomas Lambert one pewther plater and one linen sheet and 
one siluer spoone It I giue vnto my Daughter Anne Lam- 
bert one great Chist and all that is in it and one trunke and 
all that is in it one litl box and all that is in it the fether 
beding which I ly one with all ther belonges vnto it and all 
my pewther with all my brass and potts and ketls and when 
thes things is prised, I will that they shall be made vp to the 
value of sixty pounds provided that if all this estat : the land 
giuen to John excepted Doe not Amoneitt to thes sumes thus 
giuen out as aboue-mentioned I will that they shall all abatte 
proportionably It I make ordaine and Constitute my eldest 
Sonn John Lambert to be executor of This my will and tes- 
tament and doe desier and intreat M' Ezekill Eogers and M' 
Joseph Jewit to be ouerseers of this my will and Testament 
in wittnes that this is my owne free deliberat act and deed I 
haue setto my hand the day and yere iirst aboue written." 

her mark 
Jaine IL Lambert 

Witness: Joseph Jewett, Thomas Leaner. 

Proved in Ipswich court 27: 7: 1659 by the witnesses. 

Inventory taken 22 : 6 : 1659, by Joseph Jewett and John 
Tod : one hous, a barn, the orchard and Thre accres of land 


Joyning therunto more or les, 801i. ; six aecres of land in a 
place Called Saehels ground, 361i. ; Two acres of land in the 
east feild, lOli. ; Thre aecres more of land in the same feild, 
lOli. ; Eight aecres and a half in a place Called the great plaine, 
lOli. ; nine gates and a half, 91i. 10s. ; Twenty two Aecres of 
meddows, 801i. ; Two aecres in the Marsh feild, 2li. ; one hun- 
dred Acres joyning on Merrimak, 4li. ; foure oxen, 33li., and 
seven Cowes, 881i., 501i. ; Eleven young Cattle, 33li. ; Swine, 
81i. 10s.; Debts owing to the Estat, 781i. ; in Corn, 361i.; 
fif tene load of hay, 8li. ; in bras and Puther, 4li. ; a warmeing 
pan, a frieing pan, an Iron Pott, 16s.; in wood vessel and 
Spouns, Hi.'; a raper, 10s., Iron, 31i., yoaks and Chaine, 21i., 
4li. 10s.; a bible. Is., four Chaires, 4s., four quishins, 16s., 
Hi. Is.; a Bed, thre boulsters, curtaines and other things,, 
8li. ; in Linen, 3li., a tabl, box, Chist, Trunk, Hi. 5s. 4d., 3li. 
5s. 4d. ; whelles and Cards, 4s., a bed and beding, 5li., 5li. 4s. ; 
Cotten wool, yearn and hemp, 10s.-; a bed and Beding, 71i. 
5s. ; A hid of lether. Hi. ; wearing Cloathes with a peece of 
cotton and linen Cloath, 9li. ; A saddl, bridle and pistil. Hi. 
5s. ; one mare, 161i., Two horses, 241i., 401i. ; total, 53911. 16s, 

Testified to in Ipswich court 27 : 7 : 1659 by John Lambert. 
Essex Co. Prolate Files, Docket 16,181. 

Estate op Thomas Abbott of Eowlet. 

"I Ezeakell Northen Being desired By Richard Swan 
father in Law to Thomas Abbott Lately deceased, to goe to 
the Said Thomas his House to desire him to make his will 
which is as foUoweth Inprimis I Giue vnto my Brother 
Gorge Abbott Ten Pounds, and vnto my Brother Nehemiah 
Abbott Ten Pounds, and my devission of land at meremacke : 
also I Giue vnto my Brother Thomas Abbott fiue pounds: 
The Eest of my Estate I Giue vnto my wife This was the wiU 
of the abouesaid Thomas Abbott vpon the last day of the 
sixt mounth in the yeare 1659" 

Witness: Ezeakell Northen, Gemima Burbanke. 

"We whose Names ar vnder written Being with Thomas 
Abbott -^rpon the fift day of the seuenth mounth in the yeare 
1659 Before seuen a clocke in the morneing he being then in 
his Eight vnderstanding and memory he said vnto vs that 
he had bene perswaded to make his will and he was in such 
extreme pane when he did it soe as he did not consider the 
thing as he should haue done, and therfor vpon further con- 


sideration ther was something in his former will he desired 
to alter which was this that haueing giuen his wife his wholle 
estat, the debts and legacyes being paid, as being his Nearest 
f reind : Now considering that my Bretheren ar next vnto Mr : 
doe therfor Giue my lands vnto my brethren in case that my 
wife die childless : to those Bretheren that haue childeren or 
may haue childeren furthermore I Giue Ynto widdow Brockle- 
banke and hir Sons forty shillings." 

Witness: maxemiUion Jewett, John Tod, James Barker. 

Proved in Ipswich court 27 : 7 : 1659 by the witnesses. 

Inventory : One Mare and one Mare fole, 24li. ; One Cowe, 
3li. 10s.; One oxe, 5li. 15s.; Two Hefers & one steare Calfe, 
71i. 5s.; One Sowe & 4 pigs, Hi. 5s.; One Slede and one 
plow, 10s. ; One Sith, 4s. ; Two Yookes and one cheane, 10s. ; 
One cart with boult & shakle and cart Koope, 21i. 10s. ; One 
Eaper with belt, 15s.; Three Yowes and three wethers, 21i. 
10s.; Two litle Tubs and 3 trese, 4s.; Two pales, 2s.; Two 
bras kettles, 2 litle sclets of bras, one Irne sclett, one Irne 
poote, one candlstick, Hi. 8s.; earthen poots, 3s.; peuter 
and Tine things, Hi.; cheares and stooles, 8s.; Bibles, 10s.; 
Aparel and Cloth for an apareU, 6li. lis. 6d.; Two Chists 
and 2 pounds of woole, 16s.; One warming pane and Heales 
20s.; Quisings and one Irne huke, 3s. 6d. ; One Lamp, Is.; 
More wood vesell, 14s.; Bridlebeets and lining Yern with 
other small things, 10s.; Coton and Sheepp woole, 6s.; One 
line wheele, 4s. ; Two Sickles and one sith, 2s. 6d. ; One trea. 
Is.; One sheet and one blankit, 7s.; One Tand Calfe skine, 
2s. 6d. ; Bags and hemp and a head peece, 4s. ; Two axes and 
two beetle hups and Irne weg, 4s. ; flax and one sith, 6s. 6d. ; 
Pincers and ould Irne, 2s. 6d.; The Crope of 8 ackers of 
land, 25li. ; Heay, 61i. 10s. ; House and horn lot, 301i. ; Three 
Ackers o salt marsh with a poynt of upland and three ackers 
of fresh medow, 12li. ; Thirteen Ackers of upland and medow, 
lOOli. ; gats, 2, 2li.; cours yearn for bags 15 pound, 8s.; In 
bedding & a gun & other things, 71i. 10s. ; total, 2341i. 15s. 

Dorithy Abbott widow of Thomas Abbott testified that 
this was a true inventory of the estate of her late husband, in 
the Ipswich court Nov. 24, 1659. 

The debts of Thomas Abott : to Elder Wheeples, 21i. 12s. ; 
Mr. Pane, Hi. 4s.; William Law, 2li. 15s. 6d.; Thomas Wood, 
8s.; John Grant, 6s.; Heiery Eyly, 5s.; James Barker, 9s.; 
John Jonson, Is. 6d. ; Goodman Porter, 15s. ; Samuell Platts, 
6s.; John Trumball, 2s. 8d.; John Borbanke, 6s.; Richard 


humbs, Is.; Doeter ffuler, Hi.; Goodman Kinsman, 2s. Sd. ; 
Samuell Plumer, 8s.; Ezesekell N"orthen, 3s.; Wiliam Tene, 
Is. 4d.; John Todd, 31i. 8s. 5d.; Mr. Crosby, Hi. 13s.; Jo- 
seph Trumball, Hi. 14s. ; Samuell Stickaah, 6s. ; Mr. Eogers, 
5s.; Wiliam Boynton, 2s.; Mr. Jewet, 51i. 14s.; Thomas 
Abot brother to the deseased, 51i.; total, 291i. 17s. T'd. 

Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 137. 

Administration on the estate granted 24 : 9 : 1659, to his 
widow Dorothy, his will naming no executor. Ipswich Quar- 
terly Court Records, vol. 1, page 83. 

Estate of Joshua Conant of Salem. 

Administration on the estate of Joshua Connant, who died 
intestate in England, granted 29 : 9 : 1659 to Mr. Thomas 
Gardner. Amount of inventory of his estate in New Eng- 
land, 321i. 6s. Salem Quarter^ Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 35. 

Inventory of Seethe, widow of Joshuah Connant, taken by 
John Browne and Eichard Prince: One bed, one Bolster, a 
suit of Curtayns and valiants, one Eug and a Blankett and 
matt, 81i. ; five p of shetts and a half shett, 5li. ; Eleven nap- 
kins, 3 table Cloths, Hi. 7s.; fowr pilow bears. Hi. 4s.; 
twelve towels, 9s.; for pewter pans and spons. Hi. 6s.; one 
Cloake, 18s.; one Trunk and on owld Chest, 10s.; one spitt, 
one payr of Andyrns, 3s.; to Sivs, two Trays, 3s.; one payr 
of seals and to wayts, 2s. 6d. ; one trundl Bedsted and one 
blankett, 6s. j for wooll, 4s.; 5 stools, 9s.; 9 Chayrs, 13s.; 3 
tabls, Hi.; for divers howshowld implements, 8s. 6d.; for 
bras and Iron, Hi. 10s.; one chest, one box. Hi.; one Car- 
pett, two Coshens, 5s.; one looking glas and two small boxes, 
10s.; mony and platt. Hi. 4s.; for 6 shep, 5li. ; one kradle, 
4s.; one bedsted, 10s.; total, 321i. 6s. Essex Co. Quarterly 
Court Files, vol. 5, leaf 62. 

Mr. Thomas Gardner, appointed by the last court as ad- 
ministrator of the estate of Joshua Connant, deceased, 
brought in an acount of the said estate June 26, 1660, and was 
discharged. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 39. 

Mr. Thomas Gardner's account: a note of what was dewe 
to mee from Josuah Connant: Wintering of 8 sheepe at 6s. 
^ sheepe, 2li. 8s. ; 32 lode of wood at 4s. ^ lode, 61i. 8s. ; for 
a busheU of wheate, 5s. ; 3 bushels of Indian Corne, 9s. ; payde 
for him to Jone Cotta, lis.; dew to Joseph Gardner for 3 


yeares rent for his house at 31i. ^ yere, 91i. ; payd for him 
to Eichard Prince, 13s.; payd to Mr. Browne, lOli. ; payd to 
Mr. CrommeU, 61i. 13s. lld.j total, 351i. 7s. lid. 

Hugh Jones testified that while he lived with his master 
Gardner, the latter wintered eight sheep for Joshua Connant, 
and deponent carried in wood to his wife, "I gesse" upward 
of thirty loads, also corn and wheat, etc. 

Jone (her F mark) Cotta, wife of Eobert, testified, 20: 
4: 1660, that she received of Thomas Gardner of Salem, 
eleven shillings for the keeping of Josuah Connant's sheep 
one summer. Phillip Cromwell's receipt dated, June 10, 
1659, from "ould m' Gardner" for a debt of 51i. 13s. lid. 
Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 5, leaves 116, 117. 

Estate of George Norton of Salem. 

Administration on the estate of George Norton granted 
29 : 9 : 1659 to his wife, Mary Norton. Salem Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 35. 

Inventory of the estate of George Norton, taken 22: 7: 
1659, by John Porter and Jacob Barney: His wearing ap- 
parel, 8li.; a bead with bolsters blankets & rug, 31i.; 3 flock 
beads with other beading, Hi. Is. ; 6 paire of sheats & 1 table- 
cloth, 11 napkins, 3 paire of pillibers, 41i. 10s. ; Beadstead, 5s. ; 
1 tronke, 2 Chists, Hi. 10s. ; 1 tabell-bord, 1 forme, 3 Chaiers, 
6s. ; 3 Iron pots, 2 f riinge pans, 1 dripinge pan, 1 spitt. Hi. 
5s.; 1 Bras kettell, 1 bras pan, skellett & warminge pan, Hi. 
5s.; in peutter, 8s.; 4 musskets & a small peace, 2li.; sawes, 
boarers, axes with other tooles, 21i. IBs. 6d.; flaks, Hi.; 6 
akers of Indian Corne, 51i. ; in wheate, 5li. ; Barley, 16s. ; in 
haye, 6li. ; Aples, Hi.-; a mare & colt, 15li.; a colt of a year 
old, 3li.; in hogs & small pegs, lOli. 7s.; 6 oxen, 331i.; 4 
Cowes, 141i. ; 2 heffers, 5li. ; 4 younge Cattell, 71i. ; 2 Calfes, 
Hi. 10s.; total, 13411. lis. 6d. 

Petition of Freegrace Norton and John Norton, children 
of George, for division of the estate. Mother Mary Norton 
mentioned. Children: Freegrace, aged twenty-four years; 
John, aged twenty-two; Nathanyell, aged twenty; George, 
aged eighteen; Mary, aged sixteen; Mehittabell, aged four- 
teen; Sarah, aged twelve; Hannah, aged ten; Abigaill, aged 
eight ; Ellizabeth, aged five years. 

Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 5, leaf 63. 

the peobate kecoeds op essex county. 305 

Estate of James Mooees of Hammeesmith (Lynn). 

"The fift day of the fift Moneth one thousand six hundred 
fEfty & nine: was made this last will: of James Moores: at 
Hammersmith: as followeth I James Moores being now 
visitted by the hand of god with great sicknes & weaknes : but 
of perfect memory & hauing my vnderstanding : do Committ 
my body to y* Graue & my spirrit to god y* gaue it: As for 
my outward Estate that the lord hath bestowed on mee by my 
labors I dispose of on this wise, One Cow y* is now feeding I 
giue to my little daughter: Dorothy: to be sold & Improued 
to y* best aduantage as y* lord shall please to blesse it for y® 
good of my said child, as for the rest of my estate : aU Just 
debts being honestly paid: in y* first place whatsoeuer is 
Eemayning I doe giue & bequeath to my beloued wife Euth 
Moores : both of what is myne within doores & also else where 
in any mans hand or otherwise: to be at her disposal! for 
her good & Comfort & for y* accomplishment of this my last 
will I doe appoynt Oliver Purchis & John Clarke : my Louing 
freinds to be my ouerseers to whose loueing Care & trust I 
Committ this my last will & the ouersight of my estate to see 
it pformed & done according to my will heerein & doe heere- 
vnto eigne with my hand." 

Signum. of 
James IIII Moores 

Witness : Joseph Jenckes, senr, Joseph Jenckes, Juner. 

Proved in the Salem court 9m: 1659 by Joseph Jenkes, 
Sr. Essex Go. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 5, leaf 66. • 

Euth Moore brought in the will of her husband, James 
Moore, 29: 9: 1659. No witnesses appeared, and she was 
appointed administratrix of the estate. Salem Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 35. 

Euth, widow of deceased, brought in an inventory of the 
estate. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 39. 

Inventory taken by Joseph Jenckes and John Hathorne: 
Swine, pewter, two brass skillets, Iron potts & kettles, a fire- 
pan, slice & potthooks, 4 wedges, 2 beetle rings, wearing ap- 
parrell, sheets, shirts, a table Cloth, 3 hatts, a flockbed, 3 
Father pillows, a Cubbart & Cubbart Cloth, a Chest, one 

Chaire, barr of Iron, Linnen wheele, 3 pr. of shooes, ; a 

payre of men's stockings, 4s.; other old Lumbar in ye 
Kitchen, 138. ; butter & Cheese, Hi. 4s. ; tools p Colliers use. 


31i. 4s. 6d.; total, 561i. 8s. 6d. Essex Co. Quarterly Coi 
Files, vol. 5, leaf 67. 

Estate of Samuel Porter op Wenham. 

John Porter, William Dodge and Mr. Edmond Bati 
were appointed 39 : 9 : 1659, administrators of the estate 
Samuell Porter, deceased. Salem Quarterly Court Becon 
vol. 4, leaf 35. 

"The Last Will and Testament of Sam" Porter made 1 
12: 1658 being Bound to the Berbadus Itp' I giue to i 
dearly beloued wife Hannah Porter the one halfe of my fan 
during her life Ite I giue to my son Jn° Porter the oth 
halfe of my f arme at wenham : & after the death of my wi 
the other halfe to Eeturne vnto him, & one mare to my so: 
& the Eemaynd' (to my wife) of my estate more or lesse : 
desere my fEather Porter & my father in law W™ Dodge 
Edmo : Batter to be my Ou'seers." 

Samuell Port 

Witness: Edmo: Batter, Sara Batter. 

Proved in Salem court 38: 4: 1660. Essex Co. Quartet 
Court Files, vol. 5, leaf 68. 

Inventory taken 32: 4: 1660, by Roger Conant and Jol 
Eayment : One house and land at Wenham & other land th 
was bought of Jno. Denham, 350li.; 3 oxen, lOli., 1 Co^ 
4li., 141i.; 15 yewes & lambs at 6s. 8d., 5li.; mare & Co' 
161i. ; a cloath suet. Hi. 15s.; another suet of cloath, 30; 
31i. 5s.; 3 other suet of cloathes. Hi. 14s.; other wearinj 
aparell, 61i. IT'S. 7d. ; 2 psahne bookes, 18d., 1 sUvr dram Cu 
4s., 5s. 6d. ; 3 Chests & 3 boxes, 18s. 6d. ; suger & Cotton h 
pt. at Boston, 301i. ; due to him from William Mcoles, Hi 
total, 33111. 19s. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 
leaf 69. 

Estate of Edward Browne of Ipswich. 

"I Edward Browne of Ipswich in the county of Essex b 
ing att this tyme sick and weake of body but through mer( 
haueing and Inioying my vnderstanding and memory di 
make and ordayne this my last will and testament as fc 
loweth Imprimas I committ my Soule into the hands 
Jesus Christ my Eedeemer my Body to be desently buried ] 
the burieing place at Ipswich And for my outward esta 
that the Lord hath Giuen me I doe dispose as foUoweth vi 


whereas || there was|| a gift giuen vnto my sonn Thomas by 
his Aunt wattson ia ould England he being dead I accompt 
my sonn Joseph Browne to be his heire and therfore that 
gift being thirteene pound to belong vnto him at the age of 
twenty one yeares and it being in my hands my will is that 
my sayd sonn Joseph shall haue my eight acres of Land within 
the common field w'^h I bought of my Brother Bartholmew as 
alsoe that psell of meddow at the west meddows lyeing be- 
yond the brooke on the west syde of the sayd brooke In leiw 
of the sayd gift before mentioned And the rest of my estate 
I leaue vnto my beloued wife fEaith Browne for the tearme of 
her naturall life and then to be disposed of vnto my children 
And my vrill is that after my sayd wifEes decease my sonn 
Joseph shall haue and Inioy my dwelling house & aptenanees 
& p''veledges belonging there vnto || together with all the rest 
of my land & meddow || pvided he yeald vp the formar Land 
and meddow which my will is my Sonn John Browne shall 
haue posses and Inioy And if my Sonn Joseph dye without 
heires ||then my Son John Browne to haue & Inioy it and if 
he the sayd John shall dye without heires ||then to be vnto 
my daughters or the surviveing of them And my will is 
that my sayd wife at her decease shall dispose of my estate 
among my children And in case my wife shall chang her 
estat that then she shall giue security that my estat may be 
desposed off among my children after her decease as afore- 
sayd And doe make my sayd wife sole executrix of this my 
last will and testament In wittnes of this to be my last will 
& testament I haue heervnto sett my hand & seale- the 9th of 
february 1659." 

Edward Browne [seal] 

Witness: Eobert Lord, Thomas Lord. 

Proved in Ipswich court 27 : 1 : 1660 by the witnesses. 
Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 5, leaf 77. 

Inventory taken Feb. 20, 1659, by Moses Pengry and Eob- 
ert Lord: DweUiag house and aptananses, 501i. ; six acres 
of Land most of it in tilt, 181i. ; nyne acres of salt marsh, 
161i. ; 2 psells of meddow at the west meddows, 141i. ; 8 acres 
of Land, about 6 of it iu tilt, SOU.; one fether bed, 2 bouls- 
ters, 2 downe pillows, blankett & Eug, 61i. ; one bedsted cord, 
curtaynes, valiants & strabed, Hi. 10s. ; eight chaires, 14s. ; Ht- 
tle boxes, 4s.; a paire of fine sheets, old, Hi.; foure paire of 
sheets & one od one, 3li. ; one paire of pUlow beers, 10s. ; foure 
paire of pillow beeres, 2 of ym small, 8s. ; 2 table cloths, eleven 


napkins, 13s. ; one course table cloth & 14 course napkins ai 
ToweUs with some other small lennen, 14s. ; His weareing a 
pareU, 71i. 10s.; a muskett, bandeleour, sword & belt & pik 
Hi. 10s.; three little tables, 3 chaires & 4 cushens, 15s.; 
chests and a trunke, 13s. 4d. ; lOli. eotten wools, 41i. ; shei 
woole, 16s.; in eotten yarne, 711. 14s.; In lennen yame. Hi 
earthen ware, 7s. 6d. ; one warmeiug pan, 10s.; one kette 
3 skilletts, one brase morter, skimer and a little brase lad< 
and lampe, Hi. 10s.; 2 Iron potts, one iron kettell and mo 
ter, Hi.; a frying pan, tramell, potthookes and grediron, lis 
spitt, firepan, tongs, fireforke, hookes, 8s.; In pewter, lat 
ware & 2 box Irons, Hi. 10s.; ould pewter, 2s.; a smg 
father bed, boulster, pillow & other beding, 3li. 10s.; a floi 
bed, bouJster & other beding, 21i. 10s.; ginger & hops, 10s 
15 bushells & half of wheat, 3li. ISs. 6d. ; mault, 6s. ; Indif 
corne, 2li. 8s.; 3 wheeles, finished lennen, 13s. 6d.; wheel 
woolen & linnen not finisht, Hi. 16s. ; work done towa: 

chaires, 3s. & 15 ■ ills, 6s. 9d.; shops toolss, 3li. 6s.; o 

casks, 13s.; naylss & other small things, 10s.; two cow be] 

& eares for , 3s. ; one barrell, firkin & powdering tul 

13s.; a pairs of scales, 3s.; beere vssseUs, keelers & oth 
lumber, 14s.; 6 trayes, dishes, trenchers, & payles, 13s.; 
woolen & linnen wheele & cards, 13s.; kneading trough 
fine sivss, 8s.; a cartrop & bedline & hand baskett, 136 
beefe, pourke & suett & tallow, 2li.; halfs a firkin of soj 
10s. ; In bookes. Hi. ; old baggs, 3s. ; one bullock, 6li. 10s. ; 
Cowes, 811.; 3 cattell about 3 yr. old, 8li., 161i.; 1 buU, 3 j 
old & 1 yr. old, 3li. 10s.; six ewes & a ram, 311. 15s.; fi 
swins, 21i. 10s.; cart plow & sled, yokes & caynes, 31i. ; 
hay and peace, 7li. ; sythes, 12 axes & hows, beetell & weedg( 
forks. Hi. 10s.; owing to the estate. Hi. 13s.; total, 235! 
5s. 7d. Debts owing from the estate, 2411. 8s. Id. Cle 
estate, 3001i. 17s. 6d. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vi 
5, leaf 78. 

Estate of Johit Cutting of Newbury. 

"Bss it knowns vnto aU men by theiss p'ssnts that I Jol 
Cutting of Nswbury in ths County of Essex in Newenglai 
being through gods mercy in health of body and of perfe 
memory, Considering seriously mins owns frailty and mc 
tality, endeauoring to leaue mine estate to my relations 
may continue loue & peace amongst them, I do hereby ma 
my last will and Testamsnt first I comend my Souls into t 


hands of my blessed Eedeemer Jesus Christ, and my body 
when I shall decease this life, if I dy in Newbury to be 
buryed in the burying place in Newbury in hope of a happy 
resurrection. And for my worldly goods I dispose of as fol- 
loweth, first I giue and bequeath vnto mary my wife dureing 
her widdowhood, all my Lands goods and Chattells, And do 
will and appoint her my sole executrix of this my last will 
and testament. But if my said wife shall change her Con- 
dition and marry againe, then I order and appoiat that she 
my said wife shall pay yearely afterwards dureing her nat- 
urall life out of my lands fifteene pounds a yeare. That is to 
say, To my Daughter Mary the wife of Nicholas Noyes fine 
pounds a yeare, And to my Daughter Sara Browne of Charles- 
towne, the wife of James Browne, fiue pounds a yeare. And 
to my Grand child Mary the wife of SamueU Moody fiue 
pounds a yeere, and also out of my stocke to euery one of my 
Grandchildren and great grandchildren thirty shillings a 
peice. And at the death of the said Mary my wife, I giue & 
bequeath vnto my said Daughter Mary Noyes, all that house 
and land now in the possession of Thomas Bloomfeild that 
lyeth on the east side of the high way conteineing about fifty 
or fiue and fifty acres bee it more or lesse both vpland pasture 
land & meadow and after my said Daughter Mary Noyes her 
decease to remaine and abide to the proper vse of her Son 
Cutting Noyes his heires & assignes foreuer 2dly I giue and 
bequeath vnto my Daughter Sara the wife of James Browne 
abousaid |!& her heires || all the house I now dwell in, with the 
twelue acres of vpland that the house stands vpon, and three 
quarters of that twenty acres of Salt marsh land lately pur- 
chased of m' Steuen Dummer bee it more or lesse. 3dly I giue 
and bequeath vnto my Grandchild Mary moody the wife of 
Samuel Moody aboiiesaid, all the house and Land that is in 
the possession of John Dauis with the six akers of meadow 
in the Birchen meadows, and the quarter part of the twenty 
acres of the salt marsh Land bee it more or lesse as is aboue- 
specifyed, further I giue vnto her my said Granchild Mary 
Moody, all that parsell of arable land lately purchased of 
the said m"^ Dumer, lyeing vpon the southwest of the high- 
way betweene the land of Henry shorte on the southeast and 
John Knights land on the northwest conteineing about 
twenty or fiue [and?] twenty acres more or lesse. And the 
first yeare the said SamueU Moody his heirs &c shall possesse 
the abouesaid parsell of Land, which shalbe after my wiues 
decease, then the said samuell Moody or his heirs shall pay 


to my Daughter sara the wife of James Browne aforesaid 
the summe of forty pounds, But if my Grandchild Mary 
moody abousaid shall dye without Issue of her owne body, 
tl;en all the land abouespecifyed that is hereby giuen vnto 
her, shall after her decease, Remaine equally to bee diuided 
vnto my abouesaid two daughters Mary Noyes & sara 
Browne and their Children for euer. And the forty pound 
that is here mentioned to be paid by Samuell moody vnto my 
Daughter Sara Browne abouesaid, if paid before, shall be 
paid backe againe vnto the abouesaid Samuell Moody my 
Debts and funerall rites being discharged by my said execu- 
trix. In witnesse whereof I the aboue mentioned John Cut- 
ting hatie sett my hand and scale October the two & twenty- 
eth In the yeare of our Lord one thousand sixe hundred 
fifty nine." 

John [sealJ Cutting 
his mark 

Witness: Anthony Somerby, John Browne, Nicholas 

Proved in Ipswich court Mar. 37, 1660 by Anthony Sum- 
erby and John Browne. 

Inventory of estate of John Cutting of Newbury de- 
ceased Nov. 20, 1659, taken Dec. 16, 1659, by Wm. Ger- 
rish and Edward Woodman: the house which he dwelt in 
& 13 acres of land with 30 acres of salt marsh, lOOli. ; the 
house that John Davis dwells in with 35 acres of pasture & 
plowland & 6 acres of meadow, lOOli. ; the farme that 
Thomas Blomfeild rents of about 70 or 75 acres of upland 
& meadow & pasture land, 3001i. ; For plate, a cup & a 
spoone & his wearing apparell, 161i.; 3 mares and a Colt, 
50li.; 4 oxen, 7 cowes & 7 swyne, 591i. ; 47 sheep, 331i. In 
the parlour: one bed & boulster, 3 pillows, a paire of blank- 
ets, a rugg and bedstead with Curtaines & vallons, lOli.; 
one Cubbard & a drawer, 31i. ; Eight chayres, 21i. ; one draw 
table, Sli. 5s.; one small table, 5s.; one paire of Andirons, 
tongs, slice, warming pan, Hi. 5s.; Some small things in 
yarne & settle &c., Sli. 14s.; spice boxes, &c., 15s.; five 
cushions. Hi. 6s.; two baskets, 6s.; a glass case beset with 
earthen ware and a looking glass. Hi. IDs.; a great bible & 
small & other bookes, Hi. 5s. ; three Joyne stooles, 6s. In the 
kitchin : a great brass kettle, a small copper & smal kettle, a 
brass skellet & 3 small skellets, a skimmer & 3 brasse candle- 
sticks & morter & pessell, 61i. 10s.; two tramells, a paire of 
And Irons, spit, tongs, frying pan, 2 small Iron pots & some 


other small things, 2li. ; nine platters, a pottle flagon, a 
quart pot & pint pot, 2 basons, 2 chamberpotts & other 
small peiees, 5li. 10s. ; In earthen ware, 10s. ; A brewing tub 
& 3 driak vessells, a table & forme & 3 buckets & 2 pales, 4 
trayes & 2 keelers, a churne, 2 powdring tubs, & a cubberd 
& other things, wth a wheele, 3li. ; a Long saw & hand saw 
with beetle rings, 6 wedges, a broad axe & small axe. Hi. 
10s. ; A sadle, bridle & pillion. Hi. 10s. ; A Cart & wheels & 
plow & chaynes & yoaks with some small things, 31i. 10s. 
In the chambers : 4 chests & a box, 2li. In Linnen : 1 paire 
of Holland sheets, 2 pr. of flaxen sheets, 4 pr. of other sheets, 
6 tablecloths, 1 dosen & 1-2 of napkins, 8 pillow bears, 6 
towells, &c. 201i.; A bedsted with a fetherbed, boulster, 2 
pillowes, one blanket & a rugg with curtaines and a trundle 
bed & beding to it, lOli. In the other chamber, a bed with 
beding or furniture to it, 3li. 10s.; Lumber, 21i. ; about 18 
busheUs of come & wooll, 3li. 10s.; total, 737li. ; debts due: 
from wUliam Sawyer, 3li.; Peter Godfrey, 261i. ; Tho. Blom- 
feild, 201i.; John Bartlet, Hi.; Mr. Woodman, 3li. 2s.; Sam. 
Moody, 31i. ; total, 561i. 2s.; debts owed to Henry Short, 
40li. ; Goodman NichoUs, 41i. 10s.; Leift. Sprage, 31i. 10s.; 
Mr. Broughton, Hi. 12s.; John Lewis, Hi.; Goodman Lynes, 
71i. ; Joseph Noyes, 6li. 10s.; total, 64li. 2s. 
Eeceived in Ipswich court Mar. 27, 1660. 

Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 6,984. 

James Brown acknowledged 15: 8: 1664, the receipt from 
Samuell Moodey of 201i. being part of the 401i. given him 
by Mr. Cutting's will; and acknowledged the receipt of the 
remaining 201i., Nov. 11, 1667. Sworn to June 24, 1675 by 
Nicolas Noyes. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 4, page 7. 

Estate of Henry True of Salisbury. 

Inventory of the estate of Henry True of Salisbury taken 
Mar. 9, 1660, by Eobert Pike and Eichard (his A mark) 
Goodall: a debt from one of Salem, Hi. 17s.; a hous and 
Land att Salem, 501i. ; a hous and Land att Salsbury, 45li.; 
3 cows, 121i. ; a 3 year old stear, 141i. ; 2 yearling calves, 2li. ; 
2 suking calvs, 12s.; 6 sheep, 21i. 10s.; 9 swine, 6li. 10s.; 
a musket, fowling peec and sword, 21i. ; a barell, 2 kelers and 
other Lumber, 10s.; a spad and ax, 2s.; a bed & bedsteed 
and appurtainances, 5li. 6s.; a bed & the appurtainances, 
91i. 9s.; a cuberd. Hi. 6s.; a chest, 14s.; a box and water 
cases, 12s.; Table Linen, Hi. 28.; 3 pillobys, 10s.; a table. 


lOs.; 2 joynstools, 4s.; 4 chairs, 8s.; a chest, 5s., 3 Iin 
potts, 16s., Hi. Is. ; a ketle bell metl, Hi. ; 2 skelets, 3s., and 
a warming pan, 10s., 13s.; a skarlett jaket. Hi. 10s.; a hatt 
band, 7s.; 4 pear of sheetts, 21i. 8s.; 3 bibls, 12s.; an agar, 
reap hook and other Lumber, lis.; puter dishes & a bason, 
17s.; drinking vesells, 5s.; a smoothing Iron, 5s.; a frying 
pann and spitt, 6s. ; fire tongs & 2 tramell, 5s. 6d. ; a debt du 

from Eichard Curier, 16s.; from William , Hi.; from 

Mr. Fetter Oliver, Hi. 10s.; total, 17411. 15s. 6d. The house 
& Land at Salisbury with the accomadasion, aprised at 4511. 
by Eichard (his A mark) GoodaU and John Hsly. Debts 
which the estate do owe: To Eichard North, 4011.; du for 
the vesell about 91i.; To John Lewes, Hi. 2s. Uneertaine 
debts: To Prances Skerry, Mr. Woster and Mr. Carr. 

Attested to in Salisbury court 10: 2: 1660, by the admin- 
istratrix. Essex Co. Prolate Files, Docket 28,178. 


Judah Trumble and Euth Trumble chose John Tod as 
guardian. May 10, 1660. Tod was bound in thirty pounds. 
Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 87. 

Estate of Edwabd Holyoke of Lynn. 

"The will of mee Edward Holyoke made the xxv. of De- 
cember 1658. As for the holy faith of the holy one GroA. in 
Trinitie : & of the holy faith of our glorious Lord the son of 
God the Lord Jesus Christ the Second Adam I haue com- 
posed a booke and do bestowe vpon each of my sonns in Law 
a booke as their best legacy beeseeching the heauenly father 
to instruct them & my daughters chiefly in the holy scrip- 
tures & vsing that help as a means fro the Lord to vnder- 
stand the scriptures, & the Lord God by his good Spirit 
blesse the holy scriptures, & this helpe of their ffather & 
the publique ministery & any sound bookes of instructio 
II and I doubt not soe that my booke wiU glue them an hint of 
aU sound doctrine: and an hint of aU false & vnworthy doc- 
trine.! & it is my hearty desire jj & prayer to God|| that 
my children & childrens children may delight in the publiq 
assemblies of the saints & religiously observe the B. Lords 
day the ch[r]istian Sabbath: & loue priuate and publique 
prayer yea and secret prayer euery day & loue godly ch[r]is- 
tians & delight only in them & that they be not drawen aside 
by the pleesures or pfits & the vaine & ivoths company of 


this evill ■world w'ch lyes in all wickednesse. And I intreat 
my children that they bring vp their children wch they haue 
borne to God in the knowledg of God & of our Lord Jesus 
Christ The Lord Grant these things to his poore vnworthy 
servant that I may haue comfort that although I must be 
taken out of this warld & go to the ganeration of the godly 
Patriarcks pphetts Apossles & all the godly yet that I haue 
left among my children & childrens children the holy faith 
of the son of God for the hope of the life wch is etemall. 

"As touching my worldly estate thus I dispose: a yoke of 
Oxen & my mare I bequeath to my sonn in Law Georg Key- 
sar: my mare foale & a kow to my Son Pickman: 2 a kow 
to my son Andrewes: a kow to my daughter martyn. These 
oxen & kine are in the hands of goodman Wilkins of Lynn: 
the mare & foale is att Komney Marsh: I giue to my son 
Tuttell that 14'^ that yearly he should haue giuen mee since 
I putt ouer the howse at Boston to him : I never yet had peny 
of it: 40' I gaue him of it: so there is 6'* yet behinde: & 
there is fine pounds mentioned in goodman wilkins lease 
that he owes me : 50' of it I giue to my daughter martyn : & 
Twenty shillings to my kinswoman Mary Mansfield. & x" 
of it to John Dolittle and x' of it to my kinsman Thomas 
Morris of new haven. & x' of it to Hannah Keysar. As 
touchiug my Apparell: I giue my best Cloake of that cloth 
that came fro England to my sonne Holyoke: as also my 
Coate of the same cloth. I giue my other cloke to my sonn 
Keysor: my best doublet and breeches to my son Tuttell: 
my stufE doublet ||and my best Hatt|| to my son Holyoke: & 
all the rest of my wearing appareU to my son keysar. 

"As touching the whoU yeeres rent of this yeere 1658. 
that is due to me from goodman Wilkins of Lyn. I owe 
Theodore Atkins 49' pay him in wheat: I ow John Hull 
about 33' pay him in wheate pay m' Eussell treasurer 3 
bushell of wheate for John Andreues : viii bushell of wheate 
to m' Wilson Pastor at Boston: & 8 bushell of Indian, as 
for my linnen let all my daughters pt alike : The xx' good- 
man Page oweth mee as my son TutteU can witnesse I giue 
my Daughter Martyn: There is about xv' Captaine Sauige 
oweth mee: intreat him to satisfie my Cousin Davis & the 
rest giue to my Daughter martyn As for my bookes & 
writings: I giue my son Holyoke all the bookes that are at 
Lynn : as also the yron chest. And the bookes I haue in my 
study that are m' Broughtons works I giue him: he only 
can make vse of them : & like wise I giue him all my manu- 


scripts whatsoever: & I ||gme|| him that large new Testam* 
in folio w*"* wast pap betweene eiiery leafe that I give him. 
As also mr Ainsworth on the 5. bookes of Moses & the 
psalms : & my Dictionary & Tremollins Bible in latia : & my 
Latin coment[ary on] Daniel bound together: these I gine 
to my son Holyoke. & a pt of the N" Testam*: in folio w* 
wast pap betwene euery leafe : & the great mapps of genealogy 
& that old manuscript called a synassigJit. the rest for a 
musket I gaue of old to my son Holyoke. All my land in 
Lyn & that land & meadow in the contrey neere Eeading all 
was giuen to my son Holyoke when he marryed m' Pynchons 

Edward Holyoke 

Proved June 25, 1660. 

M"' Elizur Holioke only son of Edward Holyoke appointed 
June 25, 1660, administrator to his father's imperfect wiU. 

Inventory of estate of Edward Holyoke of Lynn, who 
died at Eumney marsh, 4 May, 1660, taken June 19, 1660, 
by John Tuttell, John Dowlettell: a farme at Lyn, 4001i. ; 
oxen, 121i., 4 Cowes, 161i., 3 young cattell, 8li. 10s., 36li. 
10s.; 1 Old mare lOli. ; 1 two yeere old mare, 81i.; 1 colt, 
71i., 25li. Vtensills belonging to ye farme, lOli. ; a pareell 
of land at Ifahant about 3 acres, 61i.; A farme at Bever 
Damme neere Readinge, 1501i.; Bookes at lynne & Eumney 
Marsh, 20li. ; Wearinge cloths, lOli., a deske 5s. lOli. 5s.; 
An iron chest & other chests, 40s., 2 bedsteads, 20s., 31i. ; a 
rest for a muskett, 5s., a little lynnen, 30s., Hi. 5s.; Debts 
about 191i. ; total, 68111. According to our apprehensions of 
the Estate we judge these to be indiffrent prizes thereof. 

Some bookes excepted lent out & not Gott in & the two 
farmes formerly on marriage Cuven* to ye sd. Elizur Hol- 

Elizur Holioke deposed June 25, 1660, this to be a true 
inventory of his late father's Estate to y^ best of his knowl- 
edge & y* when he knew more he will discover it. 

Suffolh Co. Prolate Files, Docket 242. 

Estate of Erasmus James of Marblehead. 

Erasmus James, dying intestate, an inventory of his estate 
was brought in by his widow, Jane James, June 26, 1660, 
and she was appointed administratrix. She was to have the 
estate as long as she remained a widow, and if she died, it 


was to be equally divided between her son Erasmus and 
daughter Hester. The debts amounted to 191i. lis. lOd. 
Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 38. 

"An inventory of the Estate of Jane James, widdow of 
Erosmus James deceased," taken by Francis Johnson and 
Moses Maverick: A Cowe, 4li. 15s., heafer, 31i. 5s., 81i. ; a 
new bedtiek & boulster, 21i. ; a new green Rugg, Hi. 15s. ; a 
bed & boulster, 2 pillows & 2 pillow beers, a rugg, 2 blankets 
& sheets, 5li. 15s. ; a cheste & a box. Hi. ; 6 pewter dishes. Hi. ; 
9 poringers, 4 Candlsticks, 2 salts, 7 sacers, a pewter beer 
cupe & small Cupp & 5 earthen cups & Juggs, Hi. 9s. 2d. ; A 
warminge pann, a smothing iron, a spitt, pott hooks, tongs, 
gridiren and friing pann, 19s.; 3 Iron potts & 2 small Iron 
kittells, 21i. ; Latten ware, pailes, tubs. Chares, boules, 
trenchers, sives, Cann, table and forme. Hi. ; an earthen pott, 
5 wedges, an Iron Crow, 2 howes, 15s.; more wooden ware as 
barrUls, hogsheads and other lumber, lis. 6d.; 10 bushels 
of Indian corne. Hi. 10s. ; other Lumber, 4s. ; wareing Cloths 
of the deceased, 5li. ; 5 swine, 3li. ; a house and tenn Ackre 
lott, soli. ; total, 861i. Is. 8d. "The land in Marblehead w*" 
the house in w'^'' the deceased liued and died in, beinge in 
controversie between Erosmus James Junio"^ & Eichard Reed 
w"" we knowe not whose it is, but beinge desired by the 
said Erosmus James Junio'" to be prised we vallew at the 
some of fortie pounds." Wit: John (his T mark) Legd. 
Debts of the said Erosmus James at his death: To Arthur 
Sanden, 13s. 5d. ; Mr. John Phillips of Boston, 41i.; Mr. 
Philipe Crumwell, 41i. 14s. Id.; Mr. Mauericke, 31i. Ts. 4d.; 
Era. Johnson, 31i.; Eichard Read, 2li. 10s.; Mr. Corwine, 
Hi. 10s.; total, 191i. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 
5, leaf 111. 

Court 28 : 9 : 1665, ordered that all differences between 
Jane James, widow, and her son Erassmus James, they con- 
senting, be left to the WorshipfuU Major Wm. Hathorne and 
Mr. Moses Maverick to be determined within one month. Also 
that said Jane should not sell any of the estate except by 
court order. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 154. 

Court 26: 4: 1666, ordered Jane James, widow, liberty 
to sell the land mentioned in an inventory on file of the 
estate of her deceased husband, and of the effects to buUd 
her a house upon part of the said land or elsewhere in Mar- 
blehead. The overplus was to be delivered into the custody 
of the Worshipful Maj. Wm. Hathom and Mr. Moses Maver- 


ike, to be used for necessities during her life, the two latter 
having charge of selling the land and building the house, 
and to order where the house should be built. Salem Quar- 
terly Court Records, vol. 4, page 166. 

Estate of Wiluam Golt of Salem. 

Administration on the estate of William Golt, intestate, 
granted June 26, 1660, to his widow, Mary. Salem Quar- 
terly Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 39. 

Inventory taken Apr. 31, 1660, by Jefferie Massey and 
John Kitchin: A dwelling house wth. 16 pole of land 
aptayniag thereunto, 20li.; a feather bed, a feather boulster 
and an ould pillow, 31i. ; one ould Eugg & one ould Cover- 
ing, Hi. ; Curtens and valence, 15s. ; 2 beedsteeds wth. 2 bed 
Cords, 15s.; 1 ould bed, 1 ould boulster, 2 blankets and 1 
ould Covering, Hi. 4s. ; 3 payre of sheets & 1 odd sheete, 31i. ; 
3 ould Course napkins. Is. ; 2 Chests, 16s. ; 2 Trunkes, 12s. ; 
a Cheare table, 7s.; a Cobbord, 8s.; 2 pewter dishes, 98.; 3 
small ould pewter dishes, 4s. 6d. ; 1 pint pot, 1 pewter botle, 
a pewter candlestick and 2 dram cups, 8s.; a latin puding 
pan, a latin lamp and a sawce pan, 2s. ; 1 brass ketle, 1 ould 
warming pan and a skellet. Hi. 3d.; 2 Iron ketles, 1 Iron 
skellet and 1 Frying pan, 16s.; fyre shoveU, tongs, hake and 
hookes, 7s.; 5 Cheares, 5s.; bareUs, tooles and trayse wth. 
other wooden Implements, Hi. Is.; 1 Smoothing Iron wth. 
heating Irons, 3s. ; 91i. of linen yame. Hi. ; Coton wooU and 
Coton yame, 8s. ; 1 axe, 2 Iron wedges, a shave, a black bill 
wth. other small Iron tooles, lis.; shoomakers tooles, 98.; a 
bible wth. other small bookes, lis.; ledder unwrought, 51i.; 
1 hamer, 2 ould hatchets wth. ould Iron, Ss.; shoomaker's 
last wth. stoole trees, 13s.; wearing aparell, 4li. 8s.; a stone 
Jar wth. other Implemts., 5s. Debts due out of the estate: 
To Mr. William Browne, 31i. 12s.; Mr. Georg Corwin, 2li. 
10s.; Mr. Gedney, 15s.; Mr. Phillip Cromwell, Hi. 16s.; 
John Porter, jr., 6li. 5s.; Bridgham of Boston, 5li. 2s.; Mr. 
Batter, Hi. 2s.; the balance of the estat, Eest Cleare, 271i. 
2s. 6d. Children of William Goult, deceased: Rebecca, aged 
nineteen years; Debora, aged about fifteen years; Sara, aged 
about thirteen years. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 
5, leaf 112. 

Inventory of the estate was brought into court by the 
widow. Amount, 231i., clear, besides the debts. The court 


27 : 9 : 1660, allowed the children, Eebeeka, Deborah and 
Sara, 41i. each, to be paid in such goods as were inven^toried, 
when they became of age or were married. Salem Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 4, page 60. 

Estate of John Bradsteeet of Maeblehead.* 

Administration on the estate of John Bradstreet granted 
June 26, 1660, to his wife, Hana Bradstreet. Salem Quar- 
terly Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 39. 

Inventory of the estate of John Broadstreet of Marvell- 
head, lately deceased, taken 14 : 4 : 1660 by John Bartoll and 
Joseph Dalliver: One Bible wth. 3 small seabookes, Hi. 6s.; 
sea instruments, Hi. 5s.; one feather bed, one pillow, one 
flocke bed, one Cotton Eugg wth. the Bedlinnon, 81i. 17s.; 
one peece of HoUan, 4li. ; eight yds. of CanTas, 24 yds. of 
Ossembrike, one halfe peece of Blulinnon wth. som Taken, 
4li. 5s. ; Three Pewter platters, 1 pott, 2 dishes, 2 Iron potts, 
3 hangers wth. one Postnett, 2li. 8s.; Beaver, 2li. 5s.; one 
suit of Waring Apparrell, one Cloke, wth. Sea Cloathes, 33 
Chayres, Sli. 3s.; one payre of Curtanes and Vallance, Hi.; 
Two Cowes, 81i.; one mare, 12li. ; howse, 201i. ; Fower ten 
Acre lotts, 30li.; total, 1031i. 9s. Essex Co. Quarterly Court 
Files, vol. 5, leaf 114. 

Upon petition of Mosses Bradstreet and his sisters about 
ordering the estate of their brother John Bradstreet, de- 
ceased, his widow, now the wife of William Watters, having 
been appointed administratrix at Salem court, June 26, 1660, 
the court 27: 7: 1664, ordered the estate as follows: There 
being an inventory brought into that court, amounting to 
1031i. 9s., and other estate to the value of 201i. more now 
being presented, court ordered the four ten acre lots in the 
inventory appraised at 30li., free from thirds, to be given to 
Moses and his sisters, in case the said wife of William Watters 
made claim to her thirds, then ten pounds more out of the 
other estate, and the rest of the estate to the said Hanah 
Watters, wife of William. Moses was to have a double por- 
tion and the sisters to have the rest, both land and estate, to 
be equally divided among them. Ipswich Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 1, page 134. 

* See also Eecords and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex 
Co., Mass., vol. 3 (1913), p. 183. 


A petition having been presented to court by Hana Waters 
administratrix of the estate of John Bradstreete, deceased 
concerning a portion of the estate disposed of by the lasi 
Ipswich court, the court 28 : 9 : 1665, ordered that a summon! 
be sent to all concerned to appear at the next Ipswich court 
Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 153. 

Estate of Lawrestce Southwick of Salem. 

Will and inventory of the estate of Laurence Sothwick 
deceased, brought into court June 26, 1660, by John anc 
Danyell Sothwick, had not been legally proved nor inventory 
perfected. They were given until the next Salem court tc 
perfect them, and were bound in 400 pounds. Salem Quar- 
terly Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 39. 

"I Lawrence Sethwick late of Salem in new England no\^ 
being at the house of Nathaniell Silvester on Shelter Islanc 
being weake in body but of sound mind and memory do< 
make and Ordayne this my last will & Testament The Tentl 
day of the Sm**" 1659 : First I giue and bequeath vnto mj 
Sonne DanieU Sethwick my dwelling house at Salem w* al 
the houses Orchards gardens & appurtenances. And Gylei 
Lott, Provided that John Burnell shall haue a house lott oi 
the ground at the further end of the Orchard newly fenc't in 
Item my will is That the lott w""* I had of Josiah Sethicl 
shall returne to him againe Item I giue vnto my Daughtei 
Provided fifty pounds sterl to be payd out of y* stock o: 
Cattle & horses &c Item I giue vnto John Sethick the lot 
next adioyniag to his owne. Item my will is That the grea 
meadow w*** lyes at Ipswich river fenc't in shalbe divided be 
tweene Daniell Setheck and John Burnell equally. Itm '. 
giue vnto Samuell Burton forty shillings Item I giue vnt( 
John Burnell if he stand faythfuU in the Truth 2 younj 
steeres & y® first mare foale Item I giue vnto Henry Trasb 
Marshalls lott ioyning to his Orchard, Provided that Daniel 
may haue liberty to mow a load of Hay euery yeare thereii 
Item I giue vnto Mary Trask my daughter wife to Henr 
Traske Tenne pounds sterling I giue vnto Deborah Setch 
wick and young Josiah each of them fifty shillings sterling 
Item I giue vnto Ann Potter forty shillings in what shei 
thinks is beneficiall for her I give vnto Mary Trask daugh 
ter to Henry Traske one good serge suyt of clothes and vnt( 
Sarah and Hannah Trask, each of them a suit of clothes '. 


giue and bequeath vnto Samuell and Sarah John Sethicks 
children to each of them thirty shillings sterling Further- 
more my will is That Daniell, my sonne and Provided my 
daughter shall possesse and enioy all that w"*" remaynes of 
my estate after debts and legacies payd, and my will above 
mentioned fulfilled equally to be diuided betweene them, So 
that Daniell may haue that part w"" belongs to husbandry. 
Lastly my wiU ||is|| that in case my wife surviue me she 
shalbe my executrix, and keep all in possession during her 
life, and after her decease my will to be performed according 
as is aboue expressed; And I doe ordayne William Robin- 
son and Tho: Gardiner to be overseers of this my last wiU 
and Testament signed & Sealed by me the day and yeare 
above-written, with my hand and scale following." 

his mark 
Lawrence L Sethick [seal] 

Witness: Nathaniell Sylvester, Thomas Harris, Willm 

Proved in Salem court 29 : 9 : 1660. Essex Co. Quarterly 
Court Files, vol. 6, leaf 53. 

Inventory of the estate of Lawrence Southick, taken by 
William Eobbinson and Thomas Gardner: House and land 
adjoining, 361i.; 25 akers of Land in the north N'eck, 201i.; 
4 Akers of medoe lying by Ipsige river, 121i.; the Lott lying 
by John Southick's, 61i. ; 4 Oxen, 261i. ; 3 Cowes, 141i. ; 3 yoimg 
Cattle, lOli. 10s. ; 2 Calves, Hi. 10s. ; a mare and horse, 281i. ; 
one horse, 91i. ; 19 Swine, 201i. ; 8 Sheepe, 3li. 14s. ; one Cart 
and other Plowgeere, 21i. 10s.; 3 beds, 2li.; 3 blankets. Hi. 
16s.; 3 sheets, IH.; 1 ketle. Hi. 8s.; 1 Iron pott, 10s.; Armes, 
Hi. ; a Table & Coberd, Hi. ; 1 barel, 2s. ; other Lumber, 10s. ; 
total, 196li. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 6, leaf 54. 

William Eobinson and Thomas Gardner testified to the 
court June 36, 1660 that John Southick and Daniell Southick 
"haue made a verie fayre agreement about the deviding of 
their fathers estate." Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 5, 
leaf 116. 

John and Danyell Sothwick brought in a wiU and an in- 
ventory of the estate of their father, Lawrence Sothwicke, 
37 : 9 : 1660, with a certificate of the children's consent to 
the division, according to said will, all of which were allowed. 
Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 61. 

320 the peobate becobds op essex county. 

Estate of Eev. Edward Norice of Salem. 

"I Edward Norice of Salem In the Countie of Essex in 
New-England Minister of the Gosple of Jesus christ & 
Teacher to the Church of christ In Salem aforesaid, for 
diuers good and Considerable Eeasons thereunto me moue- 
ing, but more especially hauing Infirmytie upon me W^ may 
proue uery dangerous, & Mortall, & being In good & perfict 
memory, doe In the p'sents of these Witnesses ordaine & 
make this as my Last Will and Testam* : hereby Eeuoking all 
former Will or Wills Legacies & bequeasts by me before this 
time Named Willed & bequeathed: Imp" I giue & be- 
queath my Soule into the hands of Jesus Christ my deare 
Eedeemer, in whose fEaith I haue Liued preached, & now By 
his Grace hope to dye in, As alsoe my Bodie to the earth 
from whence it was taken. Item I Giue & bequeath imto my 
Sonn Edward Norice (my debts being paid) & to his heires 
foreuer my dwelling house (I now Line in), W* all the out- 
houses, gardens, orchards, & arable Land, thereto belonging, 
& appertaining, together with all my hous holds Stuff, 
Bookes, goods & chatties moueables and vnmoueables, W* 
all my debts bills & bonds, & it is my Will that my S* Sonn 
Edward Norice be my Sole Execute' to this my Last WiU & 
Testamen* desireing & intreating my Louing Friends Jn° 
Home & Eichard Prince decons of the church of Salem 
afores* to assist my Sonn & be In place & Steed of ouerseers 
of this my Last Will & Testam* as Need Eequireth, unto 
W* in these prsts I haue hereunto sett my hand & Scale the 9» 
day of the 10" m° Called decemb : one Thousand six hundred 
fifte seaun 1657" 

Edw: Norice [seal] 

Witness: Walter Price, Elias Stjleman. 

Proved in Salem court 27: 4,: 1660 by Mr. Price. Essex 
Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 5, leaf 113. 

Mr. Edward Norice brought in the last will and testament 
of his father, and it was proved, 37 : 4 : 1660. Salem Quar- 
terly Court Records, vol. 4, leaf 39. 

Estate of Humpheet Eetnee of Eowlet. 

"September the 10* Anno Dom 1660. I Vmphrey Eey- 
nor, of Eowley, weak in body, yet of perfect memory, doe 
make and ordaine this my last wUl and testament, ffib-st I 


Committ my soule into the hands of God, through Jesus 
Christ and my body to be interred in Eowley buriall place; 
according to the discretion of my Exequetors: hopeing fEor 
a joyfull and blessed Eesurrection. And for the outward 
Estate that God has giuen me I thus dispose of it: fSrst I 
giue vnto my Son Wigglesworth, for the vse of my grand- 
child Mercy Wigglesworth one hundred pounds in consider- 
ation of a ehilds portion, and this to be payd, within one 
half year after my discease, out of certayne goods that are 
in the hands of m' John Whipple Senior, & my son John 
Whipple Junior of Ipswich. Alsoe I giue to m' Ezekiel 
Eogers pastor of the church of Eowley ten pounds, to be 
payd to him within one year after my decease Alsoe I giue 
to m"^ Samuel Philips ten pounds, to be payd within one year 
after my discease ffurther I giue to my grandchildren 
Vmphrey Hobson, John Hobson, and William Hobson ten 
pounds apeece, all to be payd or satisfied within one year 
after my discease As for all my other estate, both of goods 
and lands, I leaue it to my beloued wife Mary Eeynor, soe 
long as she continues my wife and at my wifes discease I 
will that the whole Estate be equally divided between my 
daughter Whipple, and my daughter Hobson. Item I make 
my dear wife Mary Eeynor Sole exequetrix of this my last 
will and testament memorandum I haue a bill of three 
hundred pounds ffrom m' John Whipple Senior & my son 
John Whipple Junior, which is deu, and to be payd the be- 
gining of next October, in this present year 1660 memo- 
randum that I request my dear brother m' John Eeynor 
pastor of Dover; and Deacon Jewett of Eowley to be over- 
seers of this my last will and testament : and doe giue to each 
of them twenty Shillings." 

p me Humfrey Eeyner [seal] 

Witness: Ez: Eogers, Samuell Phillips. 

Proved in Ipswich court Sept. 27, 1660 by Mr. Ezechiell 

Inventory taken Sept. 15, 1660, by Maximillian Juett 
and Joseph Juett: mony and plate, 4li. 12s. 6d. ; a cloth 
cloke, 21i. 10s.; a stufEe cloke, 6s. 8d.; two hoodes, 4s.; a 
serg cloke, 15s.; a stone grey sute, Hi.; a sadd grey sute 
with a stufe dublitt, 2li. ; a stufle cloke, 15s. ; a dublit, 5s. ; 
a payer of botes & shoes, 10s.; a grene sute wth jacket & 
drawers, Hi.; two hatts, 13s. 4d. ; six payer of stockings. 
Hi. 5s.; bands, handcercher with shirts. Hi.; a payer of 


shoes, 3s.; silke, lace, butten, Eibbin & poynts, lli. 2s.; 3 
payer of childrens stocking, 3s.; a pace of grene sey, 10s.; 
a pece of stufEe, lli. 10s. ; brasse nayles, 4s. ; a pece of halfe 
thick kercy, 3li. ; a pece of grene sey, 6s. 6d. ; a pece of 
brode cloth, 9li.; ten payer of stockings, lli. 17s.; 7 yeards 
of shag bayes, lli. Is.; 6 redd scians, lU.; thred tape & 
sycers, lli. 5s. 6d.; 5 yeards of red cotton, 10s. curtins and 
valants, lli. 10s.; carpettiag, 3 yeards, 15s.; 5 blanketts, 
2li. ; a coverlet, lU. 8s. ; two ruggs, 3li. ; a coverlet, lli. 6s. 8d. ; 
one bedsteade wth ye beding on it, 91i. ; a cote, 10s. ; another 
bedstede wth beding, 9li.; one rugg, lli. 15s.; old carpetts, 
12s.; bedding, 3li. ; 15 coushens, 2li.; a pece of Gotten & 
lionen wth 7 pound of flax, 14s.; sheetes & pillowbers. Hi.; 
table clothes & one dussen napkins, lli. 5s. lOd. ; peuter, 
4li.; brasse potts and kettles, 3li. ; a crane, tongs, hakes, 
spitt & andryons, 31i.; a smotheing Iron, morter pestle & 
Iron plate, 13s. 4d.; payles, treyes, tubbs & barrells. Hi.; 
truncks, chests, tables, cubbards, 6li.; chayers, lU.; whele & 
cards, 5s.; leather and barke, 301i.; pitts & tooles, 21i.; a 
mare hors & yeareling colt, 301i. ; two oxen, 141i. ; two young 
oxen, 121i. ; 7 cowes, 381i. ; two heffers, 2 calves, 71i. ; 16 
swine & one ship, 121i. ; houseing, barnes wth land about 
them, 901i.; 7 acres of broken up land, 401i. ; 7 acres & a 
halfe towards Ipswich, 301i. ; 8 acres of land in ye comon 
fence or feilde, 34li. ; 6 acres of paster ground, 131i. ; 33 
acres of meadow, 64li.; 8 acres of upland at ye farme, 81i. ; 
18 cow commons, ISli.; at merymack 300 acres, 301i.; land 
at ye pend, 401i.; cart wheles sleedes, plowes, axes, sickles, 
4li. 14s. ; debts due by bills, 30011. ; due for rent, 4li. ; bookes, 
5li. ; 4 acres of indyan come, 6li. ; 3 acres of broken up land 
toward Ipswich, lOli.; 4 acres of pease, wheat, rye, 61i.; 
30 loades of hay and apples, llli. ; a case of knives, 5s.; a 
saddle, side saddle & bedsteade, lli. 10s.; bees, 31i.; har- 
row teth, 12s.; 3 musketts, two swords, 4 rings for wheles, 
3li. 10s.; one crosscutt Saw, wimbles, chissells & shreding 
knife, 12s. ; shingleing nayles, 31i. ; 4 acres of meadow, 81i. ; 
in ye hand of marmaduk Eeyner in old ingland, 401i. ; total, 
865li. Is. 2d. 

Mrs. Mary Reyner testified in Ipswich court Sept. 27, 
1660, this to be a true inventory of her husband's estate 
and it was allowed. 

Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 23,289. 


Estate of Roger Tookbe of Salem. 

Administration on the estate of Eoger Tucker granted 

37 : 9 : 1660 to Mr. George Corwin and he to bring in an 

inventory to the next Salem court. Salem Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 4, page 58. 

Mr. Georg Corwin, administrator, brought in an inventory, 
and it was allowed 25: 4: 1661. Salem Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 4, page 70. 

Inventory taken June 25, 16 — , by Francis Johnson and 

Moses Mavericke : ards & halfe of Capp Cloth, £1. 6d. ; 

[w]ascoat & drawers, 128.-; — acket & breches grene Cloth, 

£1; — ew Jackett, 5s.; re of but breches, 9s.; 4 yard 

Canvas, Is.; ould things, a Jacket, 3s.; a Jackett & breches, 
4s.; canvas drawers, 3s. 6d.; a hat, 3s. 6d., a Capp, 6d., a 
bead Eugg, 3s. 6d., a leather Jacket, 4s., 3 pare ould stockins, 
3s., Hi. 2s. ; a pare of woosted stockins, 5s. ; a pare of greene 
stockius, 4s.; a swash, 3s. 6d., 3 shirts, 13s., 14s. 6d.; 3 
sUke neckcloths, 4s.; 1 pare linen drawers. Is.; 3 pare hul- 
linge hands & a pare gloves, 3s. ; 2 pr. gloves more & 2 pare 
mitiens, 5s. ; 9 newfoundland lines, 13s. 6d. ; a barrill meek- 
rill, lli. 5s. ; a Coat his man had, 15s. ; a hancherker, a capp, 
2 ould neckcloths, & a capp. Is. 6d. ; a peare of boots, 6s. ; a 
kittell, 2s. 6d., a bead sacke, 3s., 5s. 6d.; a cheste, Is. 6d.; 
total, £9. 14s. This attested by Mr. George Corwin in 
Salem court 38: 4: 1661. Essex Co, Quarterly Court Files, 
vol. 6, leaf 136. 

Estate of Walter Butohee. 

Administration on the estate of Walter Butcher granted 
37 : 9 : 1660 to Mr. George Corvdn and to bring in an in- 
ventory to the next Salem court. Salem Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 4, page 58. 

Estate of Thomas Smith. 

Administration on the estate of Thomas Smith granted 
27: 9: 1660, to Mr. George Corwin and to bring in an in- 
ventory to the next Salem court. Salem Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 4, page 58. 

'24 the probate kecoeds of essex county. 

Guardianship os William Peekins oj Topsfield. 

William Perkins, aged between nineteen and twenty years, 
^obias Perkins, aged about fourteen years, and Elizabeth Per- 
ins, aged about seventeen years, all children of Mr. William 
"erkins of TopsfeUd, chose their father to be their guardian, 
nd it was allowed by the court 37 : 9 : 1660. Salem Quar- 
irly Court Records, vol. 4, page 59. 

Estate of Edmund Nicholson of Maeblehead. 

Administration on the estate of Edmond Nicholson 
ranted 27: 9: 1660 to his wife, Elizabeth Nicholson. An 
iventory was brought in, amounting to 1501i., and debts, 
411. 4s., which were allowed. Court ordered the estate to 
e divided as follows: To Christopher, Joseph, Samuell, 
ohn, Thomas and Elizabeth, all of the children, ten pounds 
ach, when they reach the age of twenty-one years or are 
larried with their mother's consent; if more debts were 
rought in, such debts were to be paid before these portions 
'•ere divided, and if any of the children died, his portion 
ras to be divided among the surviving children. Sa- 
?m Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 59. 

Inventory of estate of Edmond Nicolson of Marblehead, 
iken 22: 9: 1660, by Moses Mavericke, William Nicke and 
ohn Legg : Dwelling house, with outhouses and land, 551i. ; 

Boat fit to goe to Sea with her moreing and Cannoe and 
ther Coardage, 661i. 15s. ; One Cow with the Hay, 5li. ; one 
led with Bolster, Pillowes, Bug and Blanketts, 3li.; 9 yards 
f Ticking, Hi. 10s.; sheetts and pillobers, Hi. 3s. 6d.; a 
eice of white kersie. Hi. 2s.; wearing apparell, 31i. 17s.; 

Euggs, 3li. 5s.; 2 pr. of Blanketts, 2li. 10s.; one Bolster 
nd 2 Pillowes, Hi. 18s. ; one chest and Box, 10s. ; one fowl- 
ig piece and 3 axes, Hi. 7s.; one sword, 5s.; one Iron pott. 

Iron kettles, Hi. 5s. ; 3 Brasse Kettles and 2 ScUletts, 21i. 
8s.; pewter, Hi. 2s.; earthem ware, wooden and Lattin 
rare. Hi. 9s.; 3 wheeles, 10s.; Lome, sleies, wheele, with 
Jarrle and other Lumber, 3li. 19s.; an old Road with two 
Jedsteeds, Hi. 15s.; total, 15011. Sworn to by Elizabeth 
Ticolson, the widow, 28 : 9 : 1660, before Hilliard Veren, cler- 
G. There were debts to several persons, amounting to 541i. 4s. 
?he children were Christopher, aged twenty-two years, Jo- 
eph, aged twenty years, Samuell, aged sixteen years, John, 
ged fourteen years, Elizabeth, aged eleven years, and Tho- 


mas, aged seven years. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 
6, leaf 47. 

Guardianship of Benjamin Fairfield. 

Peeter Palfery formerly married Eliza, the wife of John 
Fayrefeild, deceased, who was then possessed of that estate that 
her husband Fairefeild left. When she married said Pal- 
fery, she did not give bond for security of the children's por- 
tions, according to the will of her deceased husband, by 
which the children were not to have their several portions 
untU Benjamin, the youngest, reached the age of twenty 
years. Said Palfry desired to be released from the charge 
of said estate. The court 27 : 9 : 1660 ordered. Palfrey and 
the children, Walter, John and Benjamin being present, 
that, notwithstanding there were some things in the will 
difficult to be understood, all housing and land of said Faire- 
feild mentioned in the will should be equally divided among 
the children, all parties having consented. Palfery was fur- 
ther ordered to pay out of the goods that he had with his wife, 
Eliza Fairefeild, to the value of 40s. to Walter, the eldest 
son, which was to be understood to be more than about 31i. 
which he formerly received of said Palfery. John Faire- 
feild, the second son, being under age, chose his brother, 
Walter, to be his guardian, and Benjamin, being about four- 
teen years of age, chose his father-in-law, said Palfery, as 
guardian, and agreed to live with him until he reached the 
age of twenty years, Palfery teaching him to read and write. 
Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 63. 

Whereas Benjamin Fairfeild, by consent of Salem county 
court, 29: 9: 1660, made choice of Peeter Palfery for his 
guardian, until said Benjamin was twenty years of age, or at 
said Palfries death, the latter having lately deceased, he 
chose Mathew Edwards as his guardian, and the court 34: 
9 : 1663 confirmed it. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 
4, page 123. 

Estate of Christopher Codner of (Marblehead?). 

Christopher Codner, dying intestate, an inventory was 
brought in and sworn to by Mary, the widow, and allowed 
37: 9: 1660. Amount, 152li. Mary Codner, the widow, 
appointed administratrix, and the court ordered to be paid 
to Christopher, son of said Christopher, deceased, 601i., and 


the daughter, 301i., when each reached the age of twenty- 
me years, or were married; when the said widow married, 
he was to give security for her said children's portions. 8a- 
em Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 60. 

Inventory taken by John Devorick and William Mcke: 
louse and land, 60li. ; a Coubourtt & boxe and beadstead, 
ili. 5s.; table & frame & 4 gine stooUs, Hi. 2s. 4d.i; arthen 
rare, as potts & panes & such licke, 15s.; 2 barrells, 4s. 6d., 
ne Cheast, 4s., 8s. 6d. ; one skillett, one warmming pane, 
usen of treshners, one ladell & one lantom, 2li. 6d. ; wood- 
Qg ware, as tubbs & trayes, 28s. 3d.; 3 potts & 4 yiorn 
Lookes, 2li.; hoges & axksesse and a sawe, 8s.; 4 Charges 
nd pease of lathour, 13s.; one kittell, one floske bead & 
oulster. Hi. 14s.; putter, 31i. 20s.; 2 ruggs, 31i. 5s.; one 
lare of holland sheats, one table Cloth, 21i. 5s.; 7 pillobrs, 
[rayers. Hi. 8s.; 5 sheattes, 2li. 5s.; one bead & boulster, 
li. 16s.; Curttaings & vallings & Cobbartt Cloth and Cush- 
nghs, 2li. 5s. ; 3 pare of blancketts, 4li. 5s. ; a bead, 2 pil- 
3wes and boulster, 3li. 3s. 6d. ; one Cheast, a wheall, pare 
f tongs, 2 basketts, Hi. 2s.; pease of sargh, 4 yd. of hol- 
md, 8 yd. moheare, 4li. 6s. 8d. ; 8 yards of ttamme. Hi. 8s. ; 
is waring Cloaths, 91i. 17s.; 15 swings, 15li.; 2 Cowes and 

heffer, llli. 10s.; in detts which is due to me, lOli. 17s.; 
otal, 15111. 9d. A daught. 5 yeares old, her name Mary, 
Oli.; Christ., 3 yeares old, 60li. Essex Co. Quarterly Court 
Hies, vol. 6, leaf 51. 

Joshua Codner of Marblehead, tailor, having possession 
f a house and land that was part of the estate of Cristo- 
her Codner, deceased, and whereas Mary, wife of deceased, 
t the time of her marriage, was to give security for the 
hildren's portions, which had not been done, court 28 : 9 : 
665 ordered, with the free consent of Joshua Codner, that 
lie house be given for security for the payment of 601i. to 
be children of said Cristopher Codner, to be paid as the 
hildren come to age. John Devorix and Cristopher Latta- 
lore, feofees in trust, were discharged, and Richard Down- 
ig and Mary, his wife, agreed to bring up the two children 
ree. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 155. 

Estate of William Eliot of (Salem?). 

William EUett, dying intestate, an inventory of his estate 
as brought in by the widow, and the court 27: 9: 1660, 


allowed it. Amount, 55li. 8s. 6d., clear estate, besides debts. 
Court ordered that Sarah, daughter of said Ellett, have one- 
half the estate, when she became of age or at time of mar- 
riage, and the house and land mentioned in the inventory 
was boimd for the child's portion. Sara, the widow of said 
Ellett, and James Bedde, her now husband, were granted 
power of administration on the estate. Salem Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 4, page 61. 

Estate of Joseph Jewett of Eowley.* 

"I Joseph Jewett of Eowley, being weake of boddy bat 
-perfect in understandinge and memory doe make this my 
last will and test — in manner and forme as foUoweth, In 
primis after my debts be payed, I desire the rest of my goods 
may bee equally diuided among my seaven children, as well 
those two that I haue by my last wife as the fine that I had 
before Allwayes prouided that my eldest sonne Jeremiah 
Jewett must haue a dubbell portion, of all Estate I haue 
both in Few England, and Olde, whether Personall or Eeall, 

fur prouided that one hundred pounds I haue allredy 

'payed to my sonne Phillip Nellson, that shall be counted as 
part of what I doe now giue him. Item I doe giue unto my 
sonne Jeremiah Jewett the farm I bought of Joseph Muzzy 
I meane all such Lands bought of him or any other, that are 
on the Forwest side of the Eiver called Egipt Eiver, with aU 
the meadow I bought of Nathaniell Stow, and Eobert Lord 
Senior, prouided he accept of it at fine hundred ponnds and 
wheras in the fourth Line it is saide I desire the rest of my 
goods to be equally diuided amongst my seauen children, I 
meane Lands as well as goods, and if any of these my aboue 
saide seauen children, should depart this life, before the age of 
twenty one years, or day of Marriage, then there portions, 
shall bee equally diuided Amongst the rest, allwayes prou- 
ided my Eldest son Jerremiah shall haue a doubbell portion, 
and as for my two yongest Children, and there portion, I 
leaue to the disposinge of my brother Maximillian Jewett, 
and who he shall apoint when he departeth this life, and I 
make Exequetors of this my last will and Testament, my 
Brother Maximillian Jewett, and my sonne Phillip Nellson, 

* See also Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex 
Co., Mass., vol 2 (1913), pp. 298, 317, 318, 325, 434; vol. 3 (1913), 
p. 241 ; Essex Quarterly Court Files, vol. 33, leaf 35 ; vol. 34, 
leaves 12-18. 


my Sonne John Carlton, and my sonne Jeremiah Jewett 
allwayes free and willinge, that they shall be satisfied out of — 
estate, for all such pains and labour, that they shall be at 
conceminge the aboue premisses 

"Dated the 15 : of feburary ia the yeare 1660." 

Joseph Jewett [seal] 

Witness: Ezekiel Northend, Mark Prime. 

"At the signinge and sealinge hereof I doe giue my Bxequi- 

tars full power to mahe deeds, and to confirme any Land 

haue sold to any." 

Ezekiel Norfftenti, Mark Prime. 

Proved in Ipswich court Mar. 36, 1661 by the witnesses. 

Inventory of estate of Joseph Jewett, deceased Feb. 34, 
1660, taken by Ezekiel Northend, Maximillian Jewett and 
John Pickard: in moneys, 31i. ; apparrell, 35li. ; house hold 
stuffe, 13li. 10s.; Beddinge, 381i. 3s.; Linninge, 91i. 8s.; 
pewter, Bli. 3s.; Brasse, Sli. 10s.; Iron ware, 41i. 18s.; 
weights and scales, Sli. 4s.; beefe and porke, 301i. 10s.; a 
cart and furniture for plow, 6Ii. 3s.; for severall parcells of 
goods, 18811. 168.; corne, 611i. 13s.; cattell, 155li. 10s.; horses 
and mares, 681i.; a Servant, 171i.; wamponpeage, Hi. 5s.; 
Books, 6li. 17s.; Muzzy farme formerly so called, 5001i.; 
the new house and bame, all the land within Ipswitch fence 
and without Ipswitch fence and meddows, 60411. 10s.; the 
house in Eowly with upland and medows, and all out 
houses and four Commonages, 169li.; The farme at the neck 
that Corporall Gage doth live upon Contaninge seven him- 
dred and twenty Acres, 333li. ; The fEarme that Henry Kings- 
bury liveth upon contaninge four hundred and twenty 
Acres, 15311. 10s. ; Two hundred and Eighty Acres liinge in 
Common buttinge upon Merrimack river, 3li. ; A house and 
orchard and all the upland and meddow liinge in the bounds 

of Haverhill, 17811.; total, 360711. . Due upon Books 

and Bills, 349111. 5s.; in Debts and other goods, 55li. 10s.; 
a pare of stears, llli. 5s.; total, 255811. Is.; Debts due from 
the Estate, 187611. 12s. 9d. 

This inventory attested by Philip Nellson, John Carleton 
and Jeremiah Jewett. 

Eeceived in Ipswich court Mar. 26, 1661. 

Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 14,931. 

On Mar. 26, 1661 Maximillian Jewett renounced his ex- 
ecutorship to the will of Mr. Joseph Jewett. Ipswich Quar- 
terly Court Records, vol. 1, page 93. 


Upon a motion made by Mr. Carlton, guardian to Patience 
Jewett, that the court would be pleased to choose some men 
to make a division of some land between himself and said 
Patience, which now lay together, Ezekiell Northend and 
John Tod were named, and the court approved Sept. 39, 
1663. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 131. 

Jerimiah Jewett accepted for his share of land, "the 
farme that was formarly mussie's farme with all the Land 
joyneing to it on this syd Egipt Kiver and on the other syde 
all the meddow land ye upland that lyes betweene this med- 
dow as it is broken up in with the common fence." Acknow- 
ledged Apr. 3, 1664. 

Maximilyan Jewett, overseer of the two youngest chil- 
dren of Joseph Jewett, deceased, Joseph and Faith, accepted 
for their portion the house that is upon the field, that .was 
formerly Goodman Gages and Goodman Shatswells, with the 
bam and the land; the land betwixt the house and Egypt 
Eiver, with sixteen acres of land within the common fence 
bought of Goodman Lord and Goodman Kingsbury; the 
farm that was John Bradstreets containing about four score 
acres, bounded southeast with Muddye River; six acres 
bought of Hiunphry Griffen and three acres bought of John 
Pinder; four acres of salt meadow bought of Mark Quilter 
and six acres in the west meadows formerly Goodman Gage's, 
with as much upland as comes to 64li. 10s. lying between 
WiUson hill and Egypt Eiver. Acknowledged Apr. 3, 1664, 

Philip Kelson of Rowley accepted as his share, the farm 
that was let to Goodman Kingsbury containing four hun- 
dred twenty acres, also two hundred eighty acres of up- 
land joining the same farm. Acknowledged Apr. 3, 1664. 

Ipswich Deeds, vol. 3, page 187. 


Nehemyah Jewett, son of Joseph Jewett, chose John Pick- 
ard for his guardian, and it was allowed by the court Mar. 36, 
1661. Said Pickard was bound in 3001i. Ipswich Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 1, page 94. 

John Pickard guardian of Nehemiah Jewett accepted for 
his portion the dwelling house in Rowley formerly Mr. Bel- 
lingham's with all out houses and orchard and yards with 
five acres of "Ruffe marsh" in the common field; ten acres 


I salt marsh west of Mr. Nelson's, and five acres of up- 
,nd joining thereunto; four cow gates with four acres of 
larsh in Ipswich common field, bought of Marke Quilter, 
iven acres of meadow in the west meadows formerly Good- 
lan Gages and Goodman Kingsburyes, and the rest of the 
pland between Willson Hill and Egypt Eiver being the re- 
lainder of that land Maximilian Jewett had for the two 
sung children, Joseph and Faith. Acknowledged Apr. 2, 
664. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 8, page 187. 

Acquittance of John Piekard as guardian of Nehemiah 
ewett by Thomas Wood of Eowley. Dated 7:2: 1664. 
7'itness: Richard Oliver, John Grant. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 
, page 190. 

Guardianship of Patience Jewett of Rowley. 

Patience Jewett chose Mr. John Carlton as her guardian, 
; was allowed by the court Mar. 26, 1661. Said Carlton 
ound himself for a true account of his sister Patience Jew- 
tt's portion. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 


John Carlton guardian of Patience Jewett accepted for 
er share the farm let to Goodman Gage, also the house in 
[averhill with orchard and lands within the bounds of 
[averhill. Acknowledged Apr. 2, 1664. Ipswich Deeds, 
ol. 2, page 187. 

Estate of William Odet. 

Administration on the estate of William Odry granted 
lar. 26, 1661 to Mr. George Corwin and Mr. Edmund Bat- 
2r, who were ordered to bring in an inventory. Ipswich 
}uarterly Court Records, vol. 2, leaf 62. 

Inventory of the estate of Wilhn. Oaderie, deceased, taken 
hie last of December, 1660, by Walter Price and Elias Mason: 
L cloake and sute, 4li. 15s.; 1 snugg Coate, Hi. 10s.; 1 
arge sute. Hi. 10s. ; 1 gray Coat, 12s. 6d. ; 1 Red sute, lis. ; 

ginting shurtts, at 9s., 18s.; 2 locrum shurts, at 6s. 6d. 
er, 13s.; 2 ould shurts, 3s. 6d. ; 1 canvas Jackett & locrum 
'rawers, 7s. 6d. ; 2 pr. ould wosted stokins, 3s. per, 6s.; 1 
r. wedmoU stokins, 16d., Is. 4d. ; 2 pr. of ould wosted 
tokins, 3s.; 1 pr. yaron stokins, 3s.; 1 cource gray coate 


and canvas breeches, 14s.; 1 greene cotten sute, 8s.; 1 blak 
hatt, 10s., 1 coll. hate, 5s., 15s. ; 1 mountere Cap, 5s. ; 1 neck- 
cloth, 13d., a silk neckcloth, 4s., 5s. ; 1 pr. shews, 3s. 4d. ; 2 
pr. onld shews, 4s. 6d. ; 1 psalme book & an Income & bible, 
7s. ; a bedsack & Eugg, 5s. 6d. ; 2 pr. mittins. Is. 6d. ; 2 ould 
lynes wth. Hooks & leads & reels, 5s. ; 3 codd lynes, 8s. ; 4 Pish- 
ing leads, 12d. per, 4s.; 8 Hooks at 12d., Is.; 1 pr. boots, 
14s., 1 od boot, 6s., Hi. ; a Chest, 4s., a glas, 12d., 5s. ; 1 pr. 
wosted gloves, 2s. 6d. ; his pt. of 15 hundred of fish, about, 
30s., Hi. 10s.; a quart pt. of a Cach, 15li. ; dew from Eobert 
Starr, Is. 6d. ; dew to him from John Gurvand, 6s. Id. ; dew 
from Richard EUyott, 31i. 12s. 2d.; 2 barells makreU, 21i. 
10s.; his pt. of three frawghts, his victualls to be deducted, 
7s.; total, 411i. 5s. lid. Sworn in court, 12: 10: 1661, by 
Mr. George Corwin and Mr. Edmond Batters. Essex Co. 
Quarterly Court Files, vol. 7, leaf 46. 

Estate of Eev. Ezekiel Rogebs of Rowley.* 

"I Ezekiell Rogers Borne at wethersfield in Esex in old 
England now of Rowley in Essex in new England beiug at 
this time of Good memory and Competent health through 
Gods mercy, yett not knowing when the lord may be pleased 
to put an end to this Pillgramage doe Ordaine and make 
This my last will and Testament And first I will and desire 
that Everlasting praises be Giuen to the one holy God ia 
Jesus Christ as for all his mercies to me which are innumer- 
able soe for these three Spetiall Blesings: first for my Nur- 
ture and Education vnder such a father m' Richard Rogers, 
in Catachisme and knowledge of the holy scriptures the 
want whereof I see to be the maine Cause of the Errors of 
the times. Secondly that whereas till I was aboue twenty 
yeares of Age I made but ill vse of my knowlidge but lined 
in a formall profession of Relligion, the lord pleased by occa- 
tion of a Sore sicknes which was like to be death to make me 
to see the worth and Neede of Christ and to take such houlde 
of him as that I Coulde never let him Goe to this houre 
whereby I am now encouraged to bequeath and Committe 
my Soulle into his hands who hath Redeemed it, and my 
Body to the Earth since he will Giue me with these very 
eyes to see my Redeemer Thirdly to my Calling even to be 
a minester of the Gospell the most Glorious Calling in the 

* See also Eecords and Files of the Quarterly Courts ol Essex 
Co., Mass., vol. 3 (1913), pp. 229-235, 263, 275, 313. 


worlde which the lord brought into, not without difficulty 
for my calling in the time of the hottest Persecution of that 
Bloody Hirachy and being inlightened Concerning the euill 
and snare of subscription and Cerrimonies I was advised to 
giue ouer the thought of the ministry and to betake myself e 
to the study and practise of phisick But the lord mercyfuUy 
prevented it; for though it be a Good and Nessecary Call- 
ing; I haue observed that the most through there owne cor- 
uption haue made it to themselues the very Temptation to 
Couetousnes or lust or both, I therfor Chose Bather to lye 
hide about a dozen yeares in an honerable famelly exercising 
my selfe in minestiriall dutyes for about a dozen yeares 
after my leaning the vnerversity. Then the lord Gaue me a 
Call to a Publique Charge att Eowley in yorkeshire whereby 
the Gentlenesse of — by mathewe I was fauored both for 
subscription and Cerimonies and injoyed my liberty in the 
miaestry about seaventeene years in Comforthable sort Till 
for Refusing to Eeade that accursed Booke that allowed 
sports on Gods holy Sabbath or lords day I was suspended 
and by it and other sad signes of the times Driuen with 
many of my hearars into New England where I haue lined in 

my Pastorall Office about years with much Best and 

comforth Belieueing the way — ^he Churches here to be ac- 
cording to the present light that God hath Giuen the purest 
in the wholle world 

"Now Age and In&imiti&s Calling vpon me to looke daly 
for my Change I profese myself e to haue lined and to dye an 
vnfeigned Hater of all the Base opinnions of the Anabap- 
tists and Antinomians, and all other phrentiche dotages of 
the times that springe from them which God will ere longe 
cause to he as doung on the earth I doe also protest against 
all the evell ffashions and practises of this Agee Both in 
Aparrt7e and that Generall Disguisement of longe Euffianlike 
haire A Custome most ComonZly taken vp at that time when — 
Graue and modest weareing of heaire was a part of the Ee- 
proch of Christ as appeared by the tearme of Bound heads 
and was carryed on with a high hand not with standing the 
knowne Offence of soe Ta&ny Godly persons, and without 
publique expression of there Eeasons for any such libertie 
taken As for my Estate I will and dispose as foUoweth ffirst 
I doe Bequeath and Giue to my welbeloued wife mary Eogers, 
my dwelling house Barne and all the outhouses also my Or- 
chard, Gardens, and the yeards belonging, and pasturage ad- 
ioyning to the — eed on both sides of the Broofc also the 


hempyearde also the vpper house lott on the other side of 
the Highway with all the land and horse pasture adJoyneing 
to the same land I Giue hir also sixe Acres of Aurable land 
By the House of ezekiell Northen and my part of the ware- 
house pasture also I Giue hir hay Grounde salt and fresh soe 
much as my Ouerseers shall Judge sufficient to aflourd one 
yeare with another thirty loads of hay and where shee will 
chuse it and all this only for hir Natureall life also I Giue 
to my saide wife all my Goods, Household stufe, Cattell, 
Come, and all my stocke whatsoeuer, I Giue to my loueiag 
Nephew m' /Samuell Stone of conecticot thirty pounds, I 
Giue to my Cousen his son John ten pounds, to my deere 
Brother and ffellow officer m' phillips fine pounds and aquinas 
his lam — ^ia folio, to my Sumtimes servant Elizabeth Tenney 
ells parratt — en pounds to my loueing N'eece m''" mary 
matosins of malldon in esex in ouldengland I Giue ten pounds 
to my loueing Keeee m"' Elizebeth C — ton wife of the 
preacher of Eoterdam in hoUande I Giue ten pounds to the 
wife of my Cousin Eogers of Billrecay I Giue fiue pounds I 
Giue to my ||two|| present maid servants each of them an ewe 
lambe all and euery of these seuerall legacyes I will to be 
paide within one yeare after my death, except Th — into 
England and Holland which Shalbe redy to be paide as soune 
as they shall apoint and I tmpoure any from themsellues or 
any marchant or marchants here that may receaue it in there 
behalfe and for There vse and Giue full acquittance as im- 
poured from them that soe my execcutrix or ouerseers may 
be fully discharged therof I Giue all my latine ftookes to 
harverd Coledge in Cambridge and sume English Bookes as 
apeares in the Catalogue. 

"Item the Best of my estate in lands that ar not Giuen 
vnto my wife dureing hir NatureaU life that is the land at 
planting hill the land called Satchwell g^round and all the rest 
be it meadow fresh or salt or other vpland what euer and one 
third part of Gats or Commonage I Giue to the Church and 
towne of Kowley vpon Condission that they pay or cause to 
be paid, or legally tender, vnto ezeakiell Eogers the son of 
m' Nathaniel Eogers late pastor of the Church of Ipswich, 
Deceased, the full Some of eightscore poundes in Country 
pay the one halfe, that is to say foure score pounds within 
one yeare after my Death, the other foure score pounds to be 
paid the next yeare after that is within two years after my 
death ; and I intreat and appoint m' John whiple of Ipswich 
the Bulling Elder to be Gardion for ezekiell Eogers to Be- 


ceaue or Cause to be Eeceaued this abousaid eight score 
pounds, and to Give vnto the Church or towne of Eowley a full 
discharge and acquittance vpon the Eeceaueing therof, and 
in Case the Church or towne of Eowley pay not the aboue- 
said eight score pounds my will is that thes abouesaid lands 
that are not GTiuen vnto my wife, shalbe assigned and set ouer 
by my ouerseers vnto Ezeakiell for the abouesaid payment, 
prouided also that it shall not be in the liberty of the church 
or towne of Eowley to Giue sell or allien these landes or any 
part therof or appropriate them or any part of them to any 
other end or vse then for this, the Better inableing them to 
carry on the minestry for euer : also all my houses barne and 
orchard and all my landes pastures and commonages and 
meadows which I haue Giuen vnto my wife mary Eogers 
Dureing her Naturall life after hir Decease, I Doe Bequeath 
and Giue vnto the Church and towne of Eowley to inable 
them the Better to maintaine two teaching elders in the 
church, for euer, and vpon that condision I Doe Giue them, 
the time which I allow them for the setleing of an elder shalbe 
foure yeares: and soe from time' to time as God makes any 
changes either By Death or Eemoueall any other way, and 
in case that the church or towne of Eowley faille of the condi- 
sion of providing themsellues of two teaching elders accord- 
ing to the time perflxed that is within foure years after 
they haue this to inable them the beter and soe from time to 
time within the said time of foure years after God by his 
prouidence haue maide any Chainge, my will is that the 
abouesaid houseing and landes shalbe to the vse of Harvard 
Colledge at Cambridge in New England I Giue also to the 
church my Silluer Bowles which they vse for the Communion 
to be soe vsed still after my wiues Decease and I make and 
appoint my said welbeloued wife the SoUe executrix of this 
my will and Testament and I appoint maxemillion Jewett 
and Samuell Brocklebanke to be ouerseers of this my will and 
Testament, made and signed the 17 of Aprill 1660." 

Bzekiel Eogers. 

Witness : Samuell Brocklebanke, maxemillion Jewett, John 

Proved in Ipswich court Mar. 26, 1661 by the witnesses. 

Inventory taken Mar. 5, 1660-61 by Deacon Maxemillion 
Jewett, Ensign Samuel Brocklebanke and John Lambert: a 
gold ring and a silver Inkhorne and silver, 2li. ; all sorts of 
apparill, 1711. 17s.; silver plate, 201i. ; one Dwelling house 


and bame and out houses with orchard and land lying on the 
south sid of the street and the Pasturs on both sidds the 
Brooke, 2001i. ; Areable land at home fifteene acre, 7511.; 
more Areabl land in the field, 511i. ; in meadowes, 150li.; 
unbroken upland and pasturing, 7011. ; in Commonages, SOli. ; 
three mares, two horses and f oure of younger age, 901i. ; oxen, 
401i. ; ten cowes, 401i. ; four stears, 181i. ; five younge Catle 
and five calves, 17li. ; sheep old and younge, 181i. ; swine, 81i.; 
come and hay in the bame, lOli.; the best bedd furnished, 
301i.; another bedd furnished, 131i. 6s. 8d. ; a presse and a 
litle Table with ther carpits. Hi. 10s. ; a trunke and linen in 
it and one chist, 6li. ; another bed and beding, lOli.; another 
bed and bedding, 5li.; another chist and what is in it, 51i.; 
another trunke with what was in it, 5li. ; cloath of woolen 
and linen and hempe, 2li. ; more Cloath, 31i.; in coten 
yearne. Hi.; hempe and yearne and flax, 2li. ; a litle cobert, 
one litle table, 10s.; one great presser and round table, 31i.; 
ten quishings and chares, 31i. 6s. 8d.; more quishings, lli, 
10s.; buffit, stools and formes, Hi.; one elocke, Hi.; mault 
and barley below & 30 bush, of Indian, 61i. 10s.; in Armors 
and other Ammunition, 51i.; more wheat & mault, 60 bush. 
& 20 of Indian, 18li. ; flitches of bacon, 3li. ; two bedds more 
with ther bedding, Sli. ; sheep woole, 2li. ; more hemp, yearne 
and flax, 4li.; Twentie two peeces of pewther with some 
smaller, 5li.; brasen vessels, 81i. 10s.; Iron potts. Hi.; spits 
and frying panes, fixe shovls, tongs & other things, 2li. ; The 
Jack, Hi.; Chairs, table, Cobert and stools in the kitching, 
Hi.; wooden vessels, 311. ; wheels. Linen and woolen, 10s.; 
axes, hows, sythes, sickls and other edg tools, 21i. ; Temses, 
sives and measurs, 10s.; Carts, plows, chains and yoaks with 
forks and a cart rop, Sli. 10s.; tumerils, sled, beetle and 
wedges, 10s.; stocks of bees, 31i.; saddls, Bridle and pilion 
seat, lli. ; lattin Books in folio, 43li, 10s. 8d. ; Lating Books 
in quarto and other smaller books, 5li.; English Books in 
folio, lOli. 3s.; English Books in quarto, 13li. ; bibls, Hi.; 
smaller English books, 21i.; debts oweing to the Dead, 531i. 
16s. 5d. ; in lands that were Thomas Barkers, 40011.; total, 
1535U. 19s. 9d. 

Testified to in Ipswich court Mar. 26, 1661 by Mary Eogers 
wife of Ezekiell Eogers. 

Essex Co. Prolate Files, Docket 23,987. 

EzekieU Eogers of Ipswich acknowledged the receipt from 
the Town and church of Eowley of 160li. bequeathed to him 


y Mr. Ezekiell Eogers of Eowley. Signed and sealed Jan. 6, 
663. Witness: Symon Tuttle, John Whipple. 

Sworn in Ipswich court Mar. 31, 1663, by the witnesses. 
pswich Deeds, vol. 2, page 139. 

Deposition of Samuell Brocklebanke in Ipswich court, 
lar. 29, 1670 : being with Mr. Ezekiell Eogers pastor of the 
Jhurch of Eowley when he made his last will, he told him 
hat he would not dispose of any of the land that was his 
fife's by her former husband, Thomas Barker, only the one 
alf of the warehouse pasture, which he had paid for after 
hieir marriage, for all the rest she had it to dispose of, which 
rould be enough to give to her relations. Ipswich Deeds, 
61. 3, page 145. 

Estate of Joseph Peaslet of Salisbury.* 

"The 1 1 last II wiU and testament of Josef Pesly is that my 
eats shall bee paid out of my estate and the remainner of 
ly estat wich is left my deats being paid I doe give and dooe 
eequeaf the on have vnto mery my wifE during her life and I 
00 giue to my dafter Sera all my hous and lands that I have 
t Salsbery and I doo give vnto Josef my Sonne aU my land 
dat I have upon the plain at Haverell and doo all so giue 
nto Josef my Sonn ||all|| medo ling in the East medo at 
[averell and doo give vnto Josef my Sonn aU my right in the 
xespaster at HavereU and doo giue vnto Josef my Sonn 
ve of the common rites that doo be long to the plain I doo 
ive vnto my dafter Elesebeth my forty fouer eakers of vp- 
md lying west word of Haverell and doo giue vnto my 
after Elesebeth fouer Eakers and a have of medo liing in 
[le west medo at Haverell and doo all so give to my dafter 
Uesebeth fouer of the common rits that doo belong to the 
lain and doo give vnto my dafifter Jean tenn shillen and to 
ly dafter mary tenn Shellens I doo give vnto Sarea Saier 
ly granchild my ||vp||land and medo liing at Speaket reuer 
nd I doo give vnto my Sunn Josef all the re mainer of my 
md at Haverell wich is not heare disposed of this is my 
ist will and testement being in my righ[t] mind and memere 
'ittnes my hand the 11 of nouember 1660." 

Josef pesle 

Witness: Phill: Challis, Thomas Barnard, Eiehard Cour- 

* See also Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex 
o., Mass., vol. 3 (1913), p. 146. 


"I doo all so make mary my wiffe my Soull exseceter and 
doo allso leave Jo^ef my Sunn and the esteat that I haue 
giueen him to my wifEes desposen tell Josef my Sonn be 
twenty yeares of aige" 

Proved in Salisbury court 9« 3: 1661 by Phillip Challis 
and Tho. Bamett. 

Inventory taken by Eiehard Currier, Thomas Barnard and 
William Barence : 1 gruidiag stone and crink & bittell rings, 
12s.; 1 smothing Iron, 5 wedges and on Iron bar. Hi. 5s.; 
one pare of and Irons and 2 spits, 4 axes & 2 saws, 21i. 6s. ; 
on crane, 2 tramels, gred Iron & brand Iron and fire slice, on 
par of cob Irons & tongs. Hi. 14s. ; on tow Combe parsel, 10s. ; 
on Iron pot and skelet, pot hokes and flesh hoke and friing 
pan, Hi. 4s.; 5 howes, 1 Chaine & other Iron work, ILL.; 
puter and bras, 5li. ; 2 guns and on sword, 3li. ; all his 
wariag apperell woling and lining, 81i. ; Cloth & sarge and 
tamie, 711. 13s.; beds and beding, lOli. 18s.; yarn, woU, flax 
and hempe, 5li. 10s.; Chests, barells, spining wheles and 
other lumber, 3li. ; forty bushels of wheat, lOli.; sixty 
bushels of Indian Corn, 91i. ; three Cows, two heffers & on 
calfe, 19li. ; swine, 3li.; hous and land and meddow, 501i.; 
2 bibels and other bukes, Hi. 15s.; total, 1431i. 5s. 

Inventory taken by James Davice, Sr. and Theophiles 
SacheU: 13 acors more or les within the playne fenced as it 
is bounded in the records and so for the rest in record for 
this 13 acors, 501i. ; 18 acors without the fence, 401i.; 44 
acors of the 3 deuision over the litel rever westward is 
bounded, 351i. ; 4 scor and 4 of the 3 devision on spicet hiU 
as it is bound, 351i. ; a 4th devision of upland yet not perfeted 
all though granted by the towne, 5li. ; 6 acars of meddow at 
the east meddow as bound, 30li. ; 4 acars & a halfe of med- 
dow at the west meddow bounded, 8li. ; 6 acars of 3 devision 
of meddow at Spicket, 9li. ; 4 acors of 3 devision of medow 
bounded in the new found medow, 5li. ; 4 ox commends & 
others cow commends, 16li. ; total, 33311. 

Testified to by Mary Peasly, executrix. 

Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 21,069. 

Court 14 : 3 : 1663, ordered that Capt. Eob. Pike, Lt. Phil- 
lip Challis and Mr. Tho. Bradbury be impowered to divide 
the estate of Joseph Peasly, according to his will, all his 
debts being first paid and to make return thereof to the next 
Hampton court. Salisbury Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, 
leaf 13. 


Court Apr. 13, 1664, ordered that Capt. Pike, Mr. Tho. 
Jradbury and Leift. Phillip Challis make a division of lands 
letween widow Peasly and Sarah Peasly, now wife of Tho. 
iarnard, jr., and the housing, according to the will of Jo- 
eph Peasly, as soon as they can conveniently. Salisbury 
^varterly Court Records, vol. 1, leaf 30. 

Court Oct. 11, 1664 ordered that the widow Peasly should 
lave libery to make a division of the house and land between 
ler and Tho. Barnett, in behalf of his wife, according to 
he will of Joseph Peasly, and said Barnett to take his choice, 
T else the said Barnett to make the division of the land and 
he widow Peasly to take her choice. If they could not agree, 
hen Willi. Osgood, Eiehard Currier and Sam. Foot were to 
lake the division. Hampton Quarterly Court Records, vol. 
, leaf 24. 

Estate of Mrs. Ann Jewett of Eowi^t. 

"I m" Ann Jewett of Eowley In the County of esei Being 
^eake of Body But of perfect vnderstanding and memory 
ot knowing how Soone God may be pleased to Call me away 
y death doe make and ordaine this my last will and Testa- 
lent It Being that I haue in my owen dispose one hundred 
ounds I will and dispose of it as followeth Item I will 
lat this one hundred pounds shalbe equally devided a — 
les foure of my Children to witt John Alien Ann AUen 
saac Allen and Bossom Allen : only I will and Giue vnto my 
aughter Ann alien tenn pounds more then the Eest which 
lalbe that is the ten pounds Giuen Befor the Eest of the 
ondred be devided: and as for those seueraU pertickulors 
lat ar at my dispose in that Couenant betwene m' Joseph 
ewet and me I will that those things that I haue not alredy 
iuen to my daughter Prissilla that my sone John alien shaU 
me a Gould Eing — the sillver wine Cup and the Eest I will 
id Giue vnto my daughter Ann Allen this I acknowledge 
I be my last -will made the fist of f ebruary one thousand six 
mdred and sixty in wittnes wherof I set to my hand and I 
jpoint m' Edward Eawson and m' Jeremiah Houchin to 
e the performeance hereof." 

her mark 
Ann A Jewett 

Witness : Samuell Brocklebanke, John harris. 

Testified to in Ipswich court Mar. 26, 1661 by Samuell 


Brocklebanke and Apr. 29, 1661 by John Harris, and proved 
May 2, 1661. Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 14,874. 

Estate of Eichaed Beowne of Newbury. 

"Bee it knowne vnto all men by theise p''sents that I Eich- 
ard Browne of Newbury in the County of Essex in Neweng- 
land being sicke of body but of perfect memory do here make 
my Last will and testament first I Comend my soule to god 
in Jesus Christ and my body when it shall decease this life 
to be buryed in the burying place iu Newbury in hope of a 
ioyfull resurrection, And for my worldly goods I dispose as 
foUoweth. first I giue to my Son Joshua Browne when he 
shallbe of the age of one and twenty yeares, all that parsell 
of my vpland and meadow that lyeth neere the little Eiuer 
as it is now inclosed, and my flue acres of vpland adioyneing 
to Goodm Smiths land, and my share of meadow, which I 
haue equally with Georg Little, vpon the little Eiuer, and 
a mare colt and two calues and an ewe and my owne freehold 
for encouragment to liue with his mother vntni he be of the 
aforesaid age. Secondly I giue to my Son Eichard Browne 
the house and Lott I now dwell vpon with the Lott adioyne- 
ing to Eobert Longs Land and that parsell of land adioyneing 
to Eichard Pettingalls land ||on bothe sides of the ware|| 
with my eight acres of salt marsh lying in the great marsh 
betweene m" Cuttings marsh and Thomas Bloomfeilds 
marsh, and my parsell of meadow adioyneing to the Land 
that Beniamin Eoafe hath now in possession and the freehold 
which was Gyles Badgers which belongs to mee, and he my 
Son Eichard shall pay out of his share ten pounds to each 
of his three sisters within three years after he shall have the 
said premisses in prossession 3dly I giue vnto my Son Ed- 
mund Browne all my share of Land that belongs to mee which 
was formerly Joseph Carters that is to say half e the plow land 
pasture and meadow with the house and bame that hath beene 
built by mee and halfe the preuiledg of freehold, both Eich- 
ard and Edmund shall haue their Legacyes at their mothers 
decease, but if their mother shall chang her Condition and 
marry againe then they shall haue their portions at the age 
of one & twenty years. Also to my three daughters Elizabeth 
Sara and Mary I giue to each of them the summe of ten 
pounds to be paid out of my stock at the day of their marryage, 
and if my wife shall marry againe then the stock that I leaue 
in her hands shall be diuided among my three daughters afore- 


said, according to the discretion of my ouerseers, and my wife 
shall haue the vse of the said stock vntill my daughters shalbe 
of age for the bringing of them vp, And whereas I am bound 
to leaue my wife worth threescore pounds, In leiu of it I 
giue vnto her the thirds of my lands dureing her naturall 
life, and appoint her to bee the sole executrix of this my last 
will and testament also I appoint her to pay John Badger 
his portion out of my estate and that my debts and funeraU 
be- discharged. Also the portion abouementioned to my Son 
Josua I appoint it to be in full of what he shall haue out of 
my estate so that he shall neuer desire any more in relation 
•of any thing giuen to his brother Joseph deceased by his 
vnckle Georg Browne deceased If ether of my sons doe die 
befor he comes to, age then his land shal fale vnto the other 
two and if ether of my dauters shal die before her marrage 
then her portion shal fale vnto my other two dauters and if 
my wife chaiag her condition by marrag then she shal give 
security to my ouersers for the paiment of my childrens por- 
tions. And I doe appownt my louing frinds Eichard Kente 
and Nicolas Noyes and Eobert Long my ouerseers to put in 
exicution this my wille and testament. Signd and seled 
with myne owne hands in the presens of vs" 

Eichard Browne [seal] 

Witness : Tristram CoflBn, Joseph Noyes. 

"Farther it is my will & desier that my louing frind Josef 
Noyce be one of my ouerseers aded to the other three before 

Wittness & to this will: James Noyes, Moses Noyes." 

Proved June 24, 1661 by Moses Noyes before Daniel Den- 
ison and Tristram Coffin. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, 
vol. 6, leaf 139. 

Inventory of the estate of Eichard Browne of Newbury, 
who deceased Apr. 26,. 1661, taken, June 5, 1661, by Eichard 
Knight, Anthony Somerby and Steven GrenlefE, and proved 
in Ipswich court. Mar. 25, 1662, by Elizabeth Browne, the 
widow and executrix: Six and twenty acres of upland & 
meadow with house & barne and eight and twenty acres of 
upland and meadow and a house, 1-2 a barne & sixe and 
twenty acres of upland & meadow, 40011. ; a mare and a horse 
and two yeareling Colts, 461i. ; a yoak of oxen and six cowes, 
401i. ; thre yearling steere & a two yerling heifer, one yerling 
& 4 calues, 121i. ; three ewes, three weathers, 2 lambs, 41i. ; 
A sow, twelue shoots, three pigs, 91i.; Come upon the 


grownd, 16li. ; his weareing apparrell, 131i. 6s. In the Hall, 
a bedstead & a trueklbedsted, with a fetherbed, a bolster, 4 
feather pillowes, 3 blankets, a coverled & a Euge with cur- 
taines, a vallons with a flockbed and bolster, a rug and 
blanket, 151i. ; two chests, a trunck, 2 boxes and a case of 
bottles, 31i.; A Cubbard and Cubbard cloth, a table, a settle, 
a forme, 2 chayres, one stoole, 4 Cushions and a Cradle, 41i. ; 
two Carpets, lli. 10s.; A Bason and ewer, 4 silver spoones, a 
Cupp, a little basen, 6 chiny dishes & a warmeing pan, 31i. 
10s. ; A paire of Holland sheets & 4 pillow bears, 2li. ; Nine 
sheets & 2 pillow bears, 2li. ; one diaper & 2 network cubbard 
cloths, lli. ; one diaper table cloth & 2 diaper napkins, a Hol- 
land tablecloth & 16 napkins, 31i. 5s. ; A box, a desck, 2 little 
pillows & a basket, 10s. In the seller, 4 beare vessells, 6 trayes 
& a bowle, a keeler, 5 chesefatts, a churne, a pondering tub 
& butter tub, a koowle & other lumber, lli. 10s. In 
the kitchin, two brass potts, a great bras kettle, a little 
bras kettle, 4 brass pans, 2 brass candlesticks, 2 Skil- 
lets, 51i. ; A morter and pessill, a chafing dish, a skim- 
mer, a brass Ladle, lli. 16s.; An Iron pot, 2 tramells, 
a paire of Andirons, a pr. of tongs & fire shovells, a spitt, 2 pr. 
of pott hooks, 2 smoothing Irons, a flesh-hooke, a pr. of sheers 
& a pr. of Snuffers, frying pan & an Iron peele & a pressing 
Iron & passell, Hi.; two guns and a musket barrell, a sword 
& amunition & a watchbill & a chopping knife, a Clever & 
a shreding knife, 2 lamps, 31i. 6s. 8d. ; Eleven platters, 2 
basins, 5 fruit dishes, 7 porringers, 4 sawcers, 2 salt sellers, 
a flaggon, 2 quart potts, 2 pint potts, a halfe pint pott, a cup 
& a beaker, a halfe pint bottle, 3 pewter chamberpots, 6 Al- 
cumy spoones, 61i. ; Books & an houre glass, lli. 10s.; A 
little table & Cubbard & foormes, a pr. of bellowes & chayres 
& a cheespresse, a linnen wheele & a woollen wheele & other 
Lumber, 2 dozen of trenchers, 2 pr. of cards & 2 bucketts, lli. 
15s.; A bedstead In the Chamber over the Hall with a 
fetherbed, a blanket, a coverled and a Bug & boolster, a matt, 
71i. ; 2 Chests, 2 boxes, lli. 10s. ; A dozen of Hogsheds & 11 
Smal tubs & baggs and sacks and 2 seives & lumber, 2li. ; four 
augers, 2 hedgbiUs, 2 crosscut saws, a handsaw, 5 hooes, an 
ads, a hamer, 2 axes, 2 hatchets, a spade and a shovell & other 
utensells for husbandry & some old Iron, 41i. In the kitchin 
Chamber, 9 bushels of wheat & about 15 bush, of Indian 
come and a halfe bushell, 4li. 10s.; A hors harness, a sadle 
& a pillion, lli. 15s.; A cart & dungpot and wheeles, 2 
ploughs, 2 yoaks & chayne & 1-2 & other small utensils, 31i. ; 


scithes, 2 riphookes, 2 Sickles, 4 prongs, 15s. ; 6 stalls of 
es, 61i.; 5 wedges & a pr. of Beetle Eings, 10s.; wooU & 
me, 21i. ; ten pounds of Gotten wooU, 10s. ; two flitches of 
.con, Hi. 4s.; total, 634li. 3s. Debts due from the de- 
ised: To Nathaniell Badger ia England, 251i. 5s.; to Peter 
ippan, Hi. 6s. ; to Henry Jaques, 31i. 14s. ; to John Badger, 
:. 10s.; total, 311i. 15s. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, 
I. t, leaf 95. 

Estate of Thomas Seeks of Newbury. 

Administration on the estate of Tho. Seeres granted 25: 
; 1661 to Mary, his widow. Inventory amounting to 791i. 
>s. 8d., clear estate, was allowed. Salem Quarterly Court 
ecords, vol. 4, fage 69. 

Inventory of the estate of Thomas Seers of Newbury, who 
jceased May 16, 1661, taken by William (his W M mark) 
[oody, Eobert Coker and Anthony Somerby: The house & 
ime & two acres and three quarters of land, 481i. ; a cow 
ad a Calf e, 5li. 6s. ; three swyne & three pigs, 21i. 8s. ; His 
eareiag apparrell, 61i. 14s.; A bedsted, a feather Bed, a 
;ugg and a blancket, bolster & pillowes, 61i. 10s.; A chest, 

forme, table, a cubbard, two spining wheels & two chayres, 
li. 3s. ; A tub, a tray, two bowles, two bucketts, & other uten- 
els & lumber, a hayr seive, 15s. ; A great brass kettle & little 
Id kittle, 3 little Iron potts &■ a pr. of pothooks, a bras skil- 
3t & a pr. of CottriUs & tongs & warming pan & frying pan 

1 lamp, 2li. 12s.; two pewter platters, a pint pot, a pewter 
lottle & a porringer, 2 tin sawce pans, 13s.; foer wedges, 2 
leetle rings, a spade, a shave, a handsaw, 2 hooes, an axe & a 
)are of wooU cards, 18s. ; a bible, a brush, a smoothing Iron, 
I flesh hooke, a brass ladle, 10s. In the Chamber: An ould 
)ed & blanket and Eug, lli. 10s.; A Chest, a box, a meale 
;rough, lli. ; A hogshed, 2 tubs, a bedsted & 2 halfe butts & 
)ther Luumber, 17s.; three baggs, 10s.; eight bushells of In- 
iian corne, lli. 4s. ; thre sheets, lli. 5s. ; A coverlet, lli. 10s. 
[n the seller: A case of bottles, 4s. 6d. ; three hogsheads of 
srineger, 3li.; ten old hogsheads, Hi.; 3 small beare tubs, 2 
balf e butts, a Coule & other lumber, lli. ; In come upon the 
ground, 31i. ; A cannoo, 2 tunnels, a harping Iron, lli. ; total, 

931i. Debts: To Henry Jaques, ; Abrah. Tappan, 31i. 

5s. ; Mr. Grenleafe, 31i. 3s. ; Goodm. Drinker, lli. ; Mr. Wood- 
man, 12s. ; Ben. Swett, IDs. ; John Bartlet, 6s. ; Capt. White, 


9s. 4d. ; Eich. Fitts, 5s. ; John Knight, 3s. ; Henry Lunt, 4s. ; 
Peter Morse, 6s. ; Robert Coker, 2li. 7s. ; total, 131i. 4d. The 
appraisers made oath, 26 : 9 : 1661, before Hilliard Veren, 
cleric. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 6, leaf 125. 

Estate of Mrs. Isabel Babson of Gloucester. 

Administration on the estate of Isabell Babson, widow, 
granted 25: 4: 1661, to her son, James Babson. Inventory- 
brought in and allowed. Salem Quarterly Court Records, 
vol. 4, page 70. 

Inventory of the estate of Isable Babson of Glositer, taken 
Apr. 9, 1661, by Samuel Delaber and Phillip Stainwood and 
sworn to in court by James Babson, before Hilliard Veren, 
cleric: "The valine of those lands and goods com to twenty 
seven pounds & six shillings." Essex Co. Quarterly Court 
Files, vol. 6, leaf 127. 

Estate of Philip Kietland of Lynn. 

Administration on the estate of Phillip Kertland granted 
25: 4: 1661, to his wife Alee, now wife of Eavan Thomas, 
and Mr. Will. Bartholmew and Mr. Oliver Purchas, the two 
feofees of trust. Court allowed an indenture or mortgage, 
together with a schedule annexed, dated 12: 2: 1661, which 
instrument was made from said Thomas to said Alee, pro- 
vided the estate be reserved in order that the court may make 
further proportions to the children out of the said estate. 
Also, the said widow, not bringing ia an inventory of the 
estate of her husband Kirtland, deceased, according to law, 
was liable to a fine of 5li. for every month's neglect, which 
the court respitted till the next General Court. Salem 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 70. 

William Harker of Lyn, aged about sixty five years, testi- 
fied that when Phillip Kartland of Lynn was going to sea, 
he told him that he had left an estate in the hands of his 
wife, Alice Kartland, etc. Sworn in court. 

"Inventory of the moveable estate which Evan Thomas 
hath and doth enjoy with and by Alice his now wife ; Taken 
before marriage:" Four Cowes, 41i. pr. peece, 161i.; 2 
steers of 2 year and vantage at 3li., 6li.; 2 mare colts of a 
year and vantage, 161i.; 2 smale swine, 16s.; 11 wethers and 
ewes at 14s., 7li. 14s.; Lambs at 8s. p. pc, 21i.; 57 yds. of 


Cloth of Cotton and sheeps wool at 3s. 6d., 91i. 19s. 6d,; 19 yds. 
1-2, at 33d. p. yd., Hi. 15s. lOd. ; 2 yds. 1-2 of Cotton and lyn- 
ing cloth at 3s. p. yd., 7s. 6d. ; 18 yds. of Searg at 6s. 6d. p. yd., 
5li. 17s.; one peece of Penistone, lis.; 6 yds. of penistone 
at 4s. 6d. p. yd., Hi. 7s.; 2 yds. of stuff at 4s. p. yd., 12s.; 
2 peeces of stuff at 21i. 4s., 2li. 4s. ; peece of stuff and a peece 

of tammie, 14s. 6d.; yds. 1-2 of Satinesco at 6s. p. yd., 

Hi. 13s.; one mantle at 26s., 8 yds. of dimity at 2s. 6d. p. 
yd., 21i. 6s. ; Cards of Lace, 8s. 6d., 13 oz. of silke,- 2 — 0—6 
maks, 21i. 9s. Fine sheets, 35s.; one paier of sheets, 20s. 
maks, 21i. 15s.; table clothes and one hand towel, 19s.; 

yds. of narrow hoUond, 9s., one yd. of Lawne, 12s., Hi. 

Is. ; yds. of Carpetting, lis. ; for fine white threed, 12s., 

Hi. 3s.; smale deskes, 6s., 2 paier of scales and wights, 

16s., 2 pillow-beers, 30s., one paier of sheets, 30s., 31i. ; 

yds. of Cloth, 8s., 8 towels and a boardcloth, 12s., Hi.; nap- 
kins, 6s., 2 pillowbeirs, 8s.; one fether bed & pillow, 31i. 6s., 
41i.; fether bolster, 10s., a paier of old sheets, 6s., 16s.; a pil- 
low and bolster, 7s. 6d., a green rug, 30s., a blanket, 10s., 
21i. 7s. 6d. ; one old covled, 20s., Curtaines and vallence, 30s., 
21i. 10s.; a blue rug and a blanket, 12s., a paire of Corse 
sheets, 8s., Hi.; an old flock bed, 12s., a chest, 12s., a press, 
25s., 2li. 9s.; a bedstead, 10s., Indean matts, 6s., 16s.; Cotton 
yarne, 6s., 401i. of wool and lether, 31i. 6s.; an old rug, 5s., 
ginger, 25s., Coppris, 20s., milsacks, lis., 3li., Is. ; pewter flag- 
ons, platters, & other pewter, 5li. 10s. ; a brass kettle and other 
implments of brass, 41i. ; Iron potts and kettls and other 
things, 5li. ; Sword and bandalears, 13s. 6d., a bridle bitt and 
pannel, 7s., Hi. 6d. ; several wodden things, 28s., 2 Chamber- 
potts & a cass of Bottles, 10s., Hi. 18s. ; Chaiers, 8s. ; 300 1-2 
of board and a spade, 17s. 6d., Hi. 5s. 6d. ; ladder & a hoe, 
8s. 6d., a wheelbarrow wheele, 2s., and other things. Hi. 8s. 
6d. ; load of hay, lOli. ; one peece of Cotton Cloth, 19s. 3d.; 
one bill on Samuel Bennet, 2li. 45s. ; due in Iron potts from 
John Diryn, 2li. 5s.; 5 wedges, 2 beetle rings, one spit, a 
drippin pan, a dung fork, a Iron barr, a blanket and other 
things. Hi.; in money, lOli. ; on bill on Ambrose Cowley, 
Hi.; total, 16011. 14s. Id. The following was annexed and 
entered and recorded, Apr. 29, 1661, by Edw. Eawson, re- 
corder : The house and farm with the apurtnances, 161i. ; in 
wheat, 5li. ; four dussen off napkins, 61i. 5s.; to a bill by 
John Prances, Hi.; to severall debts owinge to ye estat not 
pd., . Sworn in court June 26, 1661 by Alee Thomas, 


late wife of Phillip Kertland, deceased, before HUlyard Ver- 
en, cleric. 

Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 6, leaves 127-138. 

Estate of John Humphries, Esq.* 

Administration upon all the estate in New England of 
John Humphries, Esq., granted 25: 4: 1661, to Mr. Joseph 
Humphries, his son, and Mr. Edmond Batter, who gave 
bonds for lOOli. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, 
page 71. 

Inventory of the estate of Jno. Humphreys, Esq., taken 
13: 10: 1661, by Edmond Batter and Joseph Humfrey: 
Jincken Davis of Lyne fined by the General Court to pay 
Mr. Humphries, 401i.; Jno. Hudson, now of New Haven, 
fined by the same authority to pay Mr. Humphrey, 201i. ; Mr. 
Jno. Dunster, deceased, sold a windmill from Mr. Humph- 
rey's land, 60li. ; the farme at Lyne, now in the Occupation 

of Edward Ingles, ; sixe Acres of salt marsh in Bum- 

ney Marsh in the Occupation of Eichard Jnoson. Court 10 : 
10 : 1661 allowed the inventory and continued Mr. Ed. Bat- 
ters and Mr. Joseph Humphries as administrators. Essex 
Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol.' 7, leaf 39. 

Court 10: 10: 1661 gave Mr. Joseph Humphries, admin- 
istrator, liberty to make use of 301i. of the estate for his 
necessary expenses. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, 
page 84. 

Mr. Edmond Batter, who, with Mr. Joseph Humfries, was 
admiaistrator of the estate, presented an inventory which 
was allowed. 30 : 4 : 1663 said Batter was allowed full power 
of administration in the absence of Joseph Humfries. Sa- 
lem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 119. 

Inventory of the estate of Jno. Humphreys, Esqr., deceased, 
taken July 3, 1663, by Henry (his mark) Collince and Thomas 
(his mark) Farrar, and allowed July 3, 1663, in Salem court, 
as presented by Edmond Batter and Mr. Joseph Humphreys : 
One farme contayninge one dwellinge house, upland and nine 
Acres of Salt Marsh in ye hands of Robert Ingles of Lyne, 
38011.; six Acres salt Marsh in Eumney Marsh late in the 
possession of Eichard Jnoson of Lyne, 301i.; total, 3101i. Ee- 

*See also Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Es- 
sex Co., Mass., vol. a (1912), pp. 330, 331, 389, 393-395; vol. 3 
(1913), pp. 8-11, 106, 107. 


eeived of the widow Davis of Lyne for Jenken Davis fine and 
so a ^ull discharge, 20li. ; of Jno. Hudson, for fine to Mr. 
Humphreys, 201i. ; ia the hands of Eobt. Ingles in considera- 
tion of a barn to make good, 27li. ; total, 377li. Essex Co. 
Quarterly Court Files, vol. 20, leaf 122. 

Court 24 : 9 : 1663 allowed Mr. Edmond Batter, adminis- 
trator, to pay himself his just dues from the estate of Mr. 
Joseph Humfries, for all his charges in the management of 
the busiaess, taking it from the rent of the farm of Mr. 
Humfries at Windmill hUl in Lynn. Ten pounds was al- 
lowed said Batter of an account presented to court, besides 
another account owned by Mr. Joseph Humphries. Salem 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 123. 

Mr. Edmond Batter, administrator, having paid Edw. 
Richards 5li. for his pains about the estate, the court allowed 
it 27: 9: 1666. Salem Quarterly Court Becords, vol. 4, 
page 172. 

Court June 25, 1667, advised Mr. Edmond Batter, admin- 
istrator, to pay a debt due from Joseph Humfryes to John 
Lake of Boston. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 5, 
leaf 4. 

Jno. Davis, aged about thirty years, deposed that whereas 
there was by agreement of the executors of the estate of John 
Humphryes, Esq., "that my mother the relict of Jenckin 
Davis, that as the full of what he was to pay to m' Humphryes, 
which was twenty poimds, eighteen pounds of it was paid to 
m' Edmond Batter & noe more, & the other forty shillings M' 
Joseph Humfryes did dispose thirty shillings to m' Samuell 
Whiting seny' of Lynn & ten shillings to my selfe." Sworn 
25 : 9 : 1668, before William Hathome, assistant. Salem 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 5, leaf 14. 

Court Nov. 30, 1669, approved a bill of Mr. Tho. Euckes, 
charged upon John Humfryes, Esq.'s estate, or so much of it 
as Mr. Edmond Batter, administrator, should judge justly 
due. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 5, leaf 29. 

Whereas the court for several years past impowered Mr. 
Joseph Humfryes and Mr. Edmond Batter as joint adminis- 
trators to find what estate Jno. Humfreyes, Esq., deceased, 
left in the country and to bring in an inventory, Mr. Jo- 
seph Humfryes going out of the country, court continued 
said Batter, making him sole executor. He brought in an 


iiiTentory in 1663, and now presenting an account of charge 
and disbursements for said Joseph, also what he had laid out 
on building and repairing of houses and fences, and the re- 
ceipts of the profit of the farm, which was allowed 38 : 9 : 
1671. Mr. Batter desired to renounce and be released of 
his administratorship. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 
5, leaf 54. 

Account of Jno. Humphry's estate, presented to the Sa- 
lem court, 28: 9: 1671, and allowed upon oath of Edmund 
Batter: Dr. to what he disbursed to Mr. Joseph Humphreys 
before he went to England, 351i. 16s. 8d. ; to Jno. Floyd for 
fencing salt marsh, 7s. ; to Andrew Mansfield for labor about 
viewing the fences, 6s. 8d. ; to Edward Eichards for his 
paynes & Charges for helping to Inquere out the estate, 5li. ; to 
Mr. Jno. Lake of Boston, 17li. 9d.; to old Mrs. Eucke for 
old expences. Hi. 14s. Id.; to Eobt. Eane for buildiage of 
Barne and abatement of Bent, 30li. ; to Eich. Hude for Ee- 
pareing of dwellinge house, 611i. 6s. lOd. ; to Mr. Helliard 
Veren for drawing 2 leases, 5s. ; to interest of money to the 
value near of 601i. for seaven years past, 151i. ; to his care and 
paynes the 7 years past, lOli. ; total, 14611. 17s. Cr. ^ what 
has been received from Eobt. Eane for 4 years Eent, 401i.; 
what has been received from Eichard Hude fo' three years 
Eent, 311i. ; total, 711i. 

Account of what Mr. Joseph Humphrys received out of the 
estate while ia New England: By Mr. Jno. Hudson of New 
Haven, 321i. ; what he Eecd of the Eelict of Jenken Davis, 
20li. ; Erancis Ingles pd. to Mr. Jno. Hathom, 5li. ; to Mr. 
Whiteige of Lyne, lOli. ; to Edmund Batter, lOli. ; reed of 
Edmund Batter, 351i. 16s. 8d.; per Jno. Lake of Boston pd. 
by Ed. Batter, 171i. 9d.; wt. he Eeceived of Mr. Jno. Gedney 
for a small psell of land sold him in Salem, 3li. 10s.; total, 
123li. 7s. 5d. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 20, leaf 

Estate of John Siblt of Manchester. 

Eachell Sibly, wife of John Sibly, deceased, brought in an 
inventory of her husband's estate 25:4: 1661 and was sworn. 
Said Eachell was appointed administratrix, the widow to have 
the property for the bringing up of the children. Salem 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 73. 

Inventory taken June 24, 1661, by Willm. Allen, Pasco 


Foot and Eob. Leach: One dwelling house with fifty Acres 
land, 151i. ; 4 Cowes & 1 heifer, 181i. ; 3 oxen & 1 Bull, 181i. ; 
1 heifer & Calfe, 41i. ; 5 peggs or swine, Hi. 10s. ; pewter, Hi. 
15s.; Brass & Iron Potts, Hi. 10s.; Bed & Bedinge, 5li. 
Chest, bedsteed & Table, Hi. 10s.; one thousand five hun- 
dred boards, 31i. 15s. ; total, 69li. 10s. Debts : To Mr. Willm, 
Brown, about lOli. ; Mr. Emory, 35s. ; Goodman Joanes, 15s 
Bd. Batter, 4li. 15s.; other small debts, besides what we do 
not yet understand, 12s.; total, 161i. 17s.; clear estate, 521i. 
13s. "he left behind him a Widow & 9 fatherless Children 
4 Boyes & 5 girles: the Eldest daughter 19 years old, the 
next daughter about 17 years: the therd daughter about 15 
years : fourth is a son of 13 years." Sworn in court by Ea- 
chell Sibly, the widow. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, 
vol. 6, leaf 138. 

Estate of James Smith of Maeblehead. 

"I James Smith of marblehead, being weake in body but 
(through the mercie of God) of sound mind & memorie, doe 
make this my last will will, in maner & forme following, 
ffirst I bequeath my soul into the hands of Almighty God, 
trusting in Jesus Christ alone for Life, & for saluation: 
Item I giue & bequeth vnto mary Smith my wife, all that 
my farme called Castle hill, w**" ten acres in the South field 
bought of Joseph Grafton, & now in the hands of Samuell 
Cutler, during her Life if shee remayne So Long a widdow, 
& at the day of her death, or marriag w'^'' shall first happen, 
then I giue it to my son James Smith : but it is to be vnder- 
stood Eichard Eowland my son in Law hath ten pound & in 
the first purchase of Castlehill; Item I giue vnto my wife 
my house & land in marblehead bought of Erasmus James & 
aU my share on the farme bought by marblehead of maj' wm 
hathorne dureing her life or widdowhood & after her death 
or marriag w* shall first happen to my son James Smith, & 
my will is that after the Death of my son James that this 
shall Desend to James his Eldest son: Item I giue vnto my 
wife all my household goods, w*''in Doors, to her, & her 
heires for euer, & also 4 of my Cowes. Item I giue vnto 
Kathren Eburne my Daughter my six Oxen in the hand of 
Samuell Cutler, Item I giue vnto mary Eburne, my Grand- 
child Twenty pounds, w* I order her father to Dispose of & 
improue for her good, vntill her Day of marriag, or Twenty 
one yeares: Item I giue to the other fine Children of my 


Daughter Eburne fiue pounds apeece to be improued by the 
father as abousaid; Item, I giue unto my Daughter mary 
Eouland the oxe w*^" I now yoak w* one of her husbands; 
Item I giue vnto my Grandchild Samuell Eowland ten pounds 
if he be liueing at the Day of my Death, or else the ten pounds 
to be Devided in equall shares betweene his Brothers, & sisters. 
Item I giue vnto my Daughter Eowlands other three Chil- 
dren fiue pounds apeece to be improued for their good vntill 
they come to Twenty one yeares, or marriag, by the ouer- 
sight of the ouerseers of this my Last will; Item I apoint 
mary Smith my wife my sole Executrix & I apoint my trusty 
fEriend maj"' wm Hathorne, & my Son Samuell Eburne Ouer- 
seeres of this my last will & doe giue vnto maj'' wm Hathorne 
for his paynes ten pounds to be payed him out of a debt in 
John Deverix hands : And in wittnes that this is my last will 
I haue here vnto sett my hand, & seale the 9: d^'^: 1660." 

his mark 
James J S Smith [seal] 
his mark 

Witness: Wm Hathorne, Samuell X Eburne. 

Proved in Salem court 27 : 4 : 1661 by Maj. Will. Hathorne 
and Samuell Ebbome. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 
6, leaf 130. 

Will of James Smith was brought into court by his wife, 
and was allowed 37: 4: 1661, as was also an inventory 
amounting to 59211. Is. Salem Quarterly Court Records, 
vol. 4, page 71. 

Inventory taken June 25, 1661, by Francis Johnson and 
Moses Mavericke: Fine milch Cowes, 451i.; 1 steer, three 
years ould, 5li. ; 1 bull & 2 heaf ers, two year ould, 7li. ; 5 year- 
lins, 71i. 10s. ; 7 ould sheep & 3 lams, 4li. 5s. ; an oxe, 81i. ; 6 
oxen, 36li.; a mare & Coult, 171i. ; 4 swine, 41i. ; His house & 
land at Casteel hill, wth. 10 Akers more purchessed of Mr. 
Gott ajoyninge, 12011. ; 1 Aker of marshe at Poresst river, his 
pte in the farme purchessed by the men of Marblehead, 361i.; 
his dwelinge house & land in Marblehead, llOli. In the par- 
lor: A bedd with all its furniture, lOH. ; a Cubbard, 2li. ; a 
table & 4 Joynt stules, Hi. 5s. ; 3 Chares, 15s. ; a cheste, 10s. ; 
a warminge pann, 5s. ; one sute as breches & Coat, 21i. 5s. ; 4 
yds. kersey at 7s. p. yd.. Hi. 8s. ; 8 yds. sarge at 6s. p. yd., 21i. 
8s. ; 4 yds. kearsey at 6s. p. yd., Hi. 4s. ; 15 yds. water parigan 
at 3s., 31i. 6s. ; a stuff Coat of his, lOs. A brass kittill pott & 
skillet, 21i. 10s. ; an Iron Kittell, 12s., a friing pann, 2s., 14s. ; 


an Iron pott & skillett, lis. ; pewter, Hi. 4s. ; tubs, milke ves- 
sell & other Lumber, 2li. ; a bedd, bedsted, Rugg, blanketts & 
pillows, 5li. ; Lisbum ware, 10s. ; a settell & Chare table, 9s. ; 
a table, a bine, 3 pailes, 8s. ; a dripinge pann, smothinge Iron 
& gridiron, 8s. ; tongs, fire shoveU & tramells & spitt, 8s. In 
the Chamber : A. bead, 2 Eugs, 2 blanketts, 31i. 10s. ; 2 blank- 
etts, 20s., new cloth, 15s., Hi. 15s. ; 8 peare of sheets, 6K. ; 1 
peare of piUobeers, 2 tablecloths, 14s.; 10 busheUs Indian, 
come. Hi. 10s. ; a smith's vise wth. other tules. Hi. 10s. ; total, 
45711. Is.; more in debts one ackeer Accompt as the widdow 
Apprehends, 381i.; total, 4931i. Is. Essex Co. Quarterltf 
Court Files, vol. 6, leaf 131. 

Estate of William Witter of Lynn. 

"1659 5 6° The last will and testament of wiUiam witter 
being in perfit memory and first I commit my soule to god 
who gaue it and my body to the earth from whenc it was taken. 
I giue to my wife Annis halfe my lands, housing and chat- 
tels: but in case she chang her name, I bequeath to her but 
the thirds and to my sonn Josia I giue the other halfe of my 
lands, housing, and chattels : but in case my wife mary, then 
I bequeth a duble portion to my sonn Josia and his mother 
my wife shall haue but the thirds, as aforesaid, prouided 
that my sonn shall not sell this his inheritanc, but in case 
bee die w**" out isseu: then I will that this inheritanc shall 
bee instated upon Eobert Burdin and my dafter Hanna, for 
there posteritis I wiU my dafter Hanna Burdin shall have 
a ew, and lamb this time twelfe mounts and I will that my 
wife Annis bee my sole executor in witnes here of I haue 
caused my hand to bee set." 

wUliam witter 

Witness: Eobert Driver, wiUiam Harker 

Proved in Salem* court June — , 1661 by the witnesses.. 
Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 6, leaf 142. 

Inventory taken 15 : 9 : 1659, by Eobert Driver, William 
Harker and Francis (his ? mark) Ingols: His aparrill,. 
Hi. ; in ye hall, one bed and that which belongs to it, 21i. ; in 
ye parler, one bed & that which belongs to it, 5li. ; a peec of 
carsie of f oure yards. Hi. 6s. ; a chest, 4s. ; three pare of shets 
with other linins, 3li. 10s. ; a warming pan, 5s. ; in puter, 15s. ; 
in bras, 10s.; an Iron cettle, tow pots and a sceUet, 21i.; a 
friing pan, spit & pothooks, 10s. ; tow hoogs, barrils & a salt- 
ing trough, 6s.; three trays, thre poles and a cimmitt, 6s.; 


tow whels & tow pare of cards, 10s. ; churn, dishes, spoims & 
trenchers, 6s. ; in wool & flax, 10s. ; wheat, inde corne & pese, 
3li. 10s.; in hay, 41i.; cart & whels & plough & chains, wth. 
things belonging, 31i. ; a pare of oxen, 13li. ; thre cous, 141i. ; 
a mare, 61i. 10s. ; swine, 2li. 12s. ; housing & land, 661i. : total, 
13211. lis. 

Sworn in Salem court 23: 4: 1661 by Anis Witter. Essex 
Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 6, leaf 143. 

Estate op Benjamin Belflower op Salem. 

Inventory of the estate of Benjamin Belflower, who de- 
ceased Feb. 24, 1660, taken Mar. 16, 1661, by Eobt. Moul- 
ton and Henry Phelps : Nineteene Acres of Land, 91i. 10s. ; 
houshold stuffe, 4li. 10s.; By Bill, 4li.; serge, 18s.; cotten 
wooU, 'J's. Debts: To my father, lOli.; to Goodman Martin, 
31i. Piled with papers of the June term, 1661. Essex Co. 
Quarterly Court FUes, vol. 6, leaf 144. 

Estate of John Smith op Eowlet. 

"This will was made and ssigned the 13 of July 1661 I 
John smith weake in body but of perfit understanding at 
this present blessed be god doe make and apoynt this my last 
will and testament as ||in|| forme foUoweth ||my debts being 
paid II Item for my outward estate I thus deuide it the one 
halfe to my wife & the other halfe to my child sarah smith 
I wiU alsoe that my wife have my hole estate till she jjmy 
child II come to one and twenty yeres ould or day of her mar- 
yage, and my wife shall inioy the other halfe during her 
naturaU life, and ||at|| my wife desese I giue my hole estate 
in land to my daughter smith at my wife desese with my 
house & bame and out houses & fences to be kept in sufitient 
repare, excepting tow acres of land I bought of John Tod 
and 3 acres of medow beyond the ox pastor and 5 acres of 
medow at the farme liing betwene elder Kaners medow & m' 
Crosbys and 2 cowes gates of the common, which I giue to 
my wife to despose of for euer as she says goods and if my 
wife shod be vrith child if a daughter all then to be alike 
during ther naturall [life] and after my wife desese my 
daughters to diuide w* estate in land onely 3 acres of medow 
and 2 acres of arable land aboue mentioned & 2 cow gates, 
prouided it be a son then I giue him my lands after my wife 
desese and he is to enter of 2 parts of it one & twenty and 


my wife and daughter is to deuide my estate ia goods be- 
twene them and my wife is to haue her thirds during her 
naturall life and then the hole goes to my son, excepting 
these perticulers aboue mentioned which I gaue to my wife 
for euer, I make my wife hole excecutor." 

John Smith 

Witness: Thomas Tenny, Maxemillyan Jewit, John John- 

Proved in Ipswich court Nov. 14, 1661 by Maximilian 
Jewett and Thomas Tenny before Mr. Samuell Symonds and 
Maj. Daniell Denison. 

Inventory taken July 29, 1661 by Maxemillion Jewett, 
Ezekiell Northen, John Pallmer and Samuell Brocklebanke : 
in Apparell and Bookes, lOli. 10s.; In house, Barne, out 
houses, houselot, orchard and swampe, 601i. ; more in Aurable 
land in the comon feild ten acres, 541i. ; in medowes twenty 
thre acres, 70li.; in commonage, 4li. 10s.; in land at mer- 
rimacke, lOli.; foure oxen, 301i.; foure cowes, 201i.; one 
Bull, 3li. 10s.; thre cattell coming thre yeare ould, lOli.; 
thre yearlings, 61i. ; thre callves, 41i. 10s.; one horse, 131i. ; 
tow mares and one foalle, 321i.; tow yerelinge horses, 151i. ; 
elleven swine, 91i.; wheat on the ground, 71i. ; Indian on the 
Ground, 5li.; Grase on the Ground, 2li.; cart, yokes, chaine, 
plough, sled, shaekells, boults, Axes, sithes, bettell Eings, 
wedge, cart rope, forkes, whell, Eings, 51i. 15s.; sadell, 
sword, pistolles, halsters and such fumeture for a horse, 31i. 
10s.; one Bed with the fumeture Belonging unto it, lOli.; 
one bed more with the fumeture belonging to it, 91i. ; more 
bed linen, table linen and other new cloth, 4li. 5s.; putter 
and tinne and spouns, Hi. 14s.; Brass vessells and Iron, 21i. 
15s.; tramell, tongs and such like, 10s.; milke vesell, a beare 
vesell and earthen ware. Hi.; Corne and mealle, 41i. 5s.; 
Bacon, Hi.; Bages, ould Euge, 15s.; horse fetters and other 
ould Iron things and a peece of leather, 7s. 6d. ; whelle, 
cards, mesures, sives, 12s.; wooUe and hempe & yarne, 8s.; 
Butter and chese, lli.; table chaires, cushins, Hi. Is.; one 
Coubbard and one leather skin and the things in the coub- 
bard, 13s. ; in debts due to the deceased, 191i. 17s. 4d. ; debts 
to be paid out of the estate, 191i. ; total, 43411. 12s. lOd. 

Division of Eeal Estate in this docket put with estate of 
John Pickard of Eowley, Mar. 28, 1699, Docket 21,788. 

Essex Go. Probate Files, Docket 25,590. 

the pbobate becobds of essex county. 353 

Estate of Humphry Geiffen of Ipswich.* 

Administration on the estate of Humphry GrifEen, granted 
Wov. 19, 1661, to his widow, Elizabeth, by Mr. Samuell Sy- 
monds and Major Genii. Denison. It was ordered that an 
inventory be brought into the next Ipswich court. Ipswich 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 97. 

Administration having been formerly granted to Elizabeth 
Griffen on the estate of her late husband, Humphry GrifEen, 
by the Honered Mr. Samuell Symonds and Major Genrll. 
Denison, the clerk being present, and now an inventory, 
amounting to 711i., clear estate, being presented to court 
Mar. 25, 1662, the estate was ordered to be divided as fol- 
lows: To John Griffen, the eldest son, 20li.; to the two 
younger sons, lOli. each; and the rest of the estate to the 
widow. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 104. 

Inventory of the estate of Humphry Griffin, late deceased, 
appraised by James Davis and Theophilus Shatswell, al- 
lowed Mar. 25, 1662, in Ipswich court: Wearing apparell, 
71i. ; beding, boulster, sheets, hanging or curtaines, 91i. ; 
brass, Iron pot, pewter, tinn & leaden waites, 21i. 10s.; gun, 
pistoll & powder, a rapier & belt, 21i. 10s.; 2 corsletts & 
another raper and houlsters, 3li. 5s.; a bible, 13s.; axes, 
beetle rings, wedges & sides & Irons for fire. Hi. 10s. ; chests, 
payles, bowles, trayes, dishes, beer barrells, chaires, 21i. 15s. ; 
beefe, 3 f att swine & 3 leane swine, lOli. 10s. ; In corne Eng- 
lish & Indian in the straw, 401i. 6s. ; cart plows, plow Irons, 
yokes, chaines & timbrell, 4li. 10s.; hows, forks, a spade, 
shovells, 18s.; a fan, a halfe busheU, 14s.; a yoak of oxen, 
15li. ; 2 cowes & 2 calves, llli. ; 2 horses, 241i.; in land, up- 
land & meddow, lOOli. ; debts dew by bill or promise, 52li. 7s. ; 
in cotton woole & a horse coller, 10s.; an ox hyde & a cow 
hyde. Hi. 3s.; total, 29011. 6d. Debts dew from Griffen to 
severaU men when he dyed was 19011. Copy made, Apr. 1, 
1669, by Eobert Lord, cleric. Essex Co. Quarterly Court 
Files, vol. 14, leaf 149. 

Estate of Aesbell Anderson of Lynn. 

Mr. Oliver Purchase was impowered by the court 26:9: 
1661 to look after and take into his hands the estate of 
Arsbell Anderson, deceased, and to take an inventory of the 

* See also Eecords and Piles of the Quarterly Courts of Essex 
Co., Mass., vol. 2 (1912), p. 368; vol. 3 (1913), p. 307. 


said estate and bring it into the next court. Salem Qua/rterly 
Court Records, vol. 4, page 79. 

John Cleark and AUester Greine were appointed 10: 10: 
1661, administrators of the estate of Arzbell Anderson, de- 
ceased, and to be accountable to the court held at Salem in 
November, 1663. An iaventory was also brought in and al- 
lowed. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, -page 83. 

Inventory of the estate of Arzbell Anderson, Scotsman, who 
deceased at the Iron works at Lyn, 13: 6: 1661, taken 15: 
6 : 1661, by Edward Baker, Jno. Divan and Oliver Purchis, 
all of Lyn: Two Bed Blanketts, 14s.; 3 Coarse Shirts, 8s.; 
his wearing apparreU with 3 hatts, 61i. 5s. ; A looking glass, 
3s.; 1 yrd. of blew Callico, Is. lOd.; 1 pr. of Worne Shooes, 
3s. ; A Easor, Is. ; 4 Axes, lOs. ; A small playne chest, 3s. 6d. ; 
In money, 5s. 10 l-3d.; A small mare & 3 Colts, 181i. ; A 
Small Cow, 41i. ; 2 steeres yt. were in my Custody but after 
his deceased challenged by Corporall Jno. Andrewes to be 
his upon hire tiU May next, hee to pay then 30 shillings, wch. 
I desired to release upon Terms & hee promised mee if he 
could gett a payre of Oxen I should have them, but after- 
ward he sent & fecht them away early in a morning & as I am 
Informed by Severall psons, he hath killed one & sold ye 
other, they were well worth, 131i.; so much as is due to him 
upon Accots., 13li. 4s. 3 l-4d. ; total, 54li. 18s. 5 l-4d. "This 
is a true Inventory of this estate at y® decease: as is testi- 
fied by Oliver purchis, a Commissioner in Lyn. Only this to 
be excepted at p'sent one of y® Colts is Strayed & Cannot be 
found, & Certayne debts are demaunded which I know some 
to be due." Total inventory, 54li. 15s. 5 l-4d. ; debts paid 
out of the estate, llli. 3s. 9d. ; more for John Clarkes paines, 
3li. 14s. 8 l-4d. ; 40s. abated upon ye Aprisement of 3 
Steers, 21i. ; to be paid to AUester Greine by ye Courts order, 
381i. "which by y* Courts order is to be pd to Allister Greime 
upon the old clearks warrant to John Gierke as atteste, 27 : 
9 : 1663, HUlyard Veren, cleric." Essex Co. Quarterly Court 
Files, vol. 7, leaf 37. 

Allister Mackmallens, aged about thirty years, deposed 
that for many years, whilst he dwelt in his own native coun- 
try, in Scotland, he knew Allister Greime and his father and 
mother, who lived next neighbors to his, the said Mackmallens 
father's house, and he also knew Arsbell Anderson and his 
mother, who lived about a mile and a half from them, and 


the said Arsbell Anderson's mother and Greime's mother 
were near of kin. This was taken for granted by all the 
neighbors, and deponent always understood it so and there 
was never any question about it in Scotland that ever he 
heard of. Moreover deponent's father and mother had said 
in his hearing that they were near of kin. Sworn in court, 
12 : 10 : 1661, before Hilliard Veren, cleric. Essex Co. Quar- 
terly Court Files, vol. 7, leaf 38. 

Whereas there was administration granted to John Clearke 
and AUister Greine, upon the estate of Arzbell Anderson, de- 
ceased, who gave bond at Salem court, 10: 10: 1662, and 
returned an inventory, the court 25 : 9 : 1662 ordered that 
upon the clerk's warrant to said John Clerk, the latter was 
to deliver the estate, which was 38li., into the hands of AUis- 
ter Greime, and his receipt was to be his discharge. Salem 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 106. 

Account of debts, dated 25 : 9 : 1663, paid out of Arzbell 
Anderson's estate, since his decease, by Oliver Purchis: 
Charges of his Buriall, 21i. 9s. 3d.; keeping his cow In ye 
Herd yt. summer yt. he dyed, 6s.; debt to Wm. Gibson of 
Boston, Hi. 9s. 6d. ; to Captayne Savage of Boston, 2li. 14s. ; 
to Eowland Mackfashon's order, 5s.; keeping of his cow fro 
ye end of ye Herd tyme untill ye Court tyme in December 
past, 7s.; to keeping his mare and colt and keeping them in 
pasture & Winter meat until ye Court determined in De- 
cember, 10s.; to Macam Downing, Hi. 17s.; to John Ha- 
thorne. Hi. Id.; to clerk of ye Court for Copies, etc., 5s.; 
total, llli. 3s. 9d. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 7, 
leaf 38. 

Estate of Hugh Burt of Lynn. 

"The Last will & testimonye of Hugh Burtt being verye 
weeke of body though of pfect memorye 7 octobe': 1661. 
Imp' I bequeath my bodye to the dust, & my Spiritt to him 
that gaue: it: It: to my sonn will: Bassitt 2 accors of Salt 
marsh in the Last devision in Eumny marsh which I bought 
of Timothye Cooper : which Lyeth next to his (viz) after my 
wifes desease: then to him & his heires forever: It: to my 
son Bassett to him, & his heires for ever : fiue acors of vpland 
Lyeing amongst Henrye CoUins Land which I bought of 
Eobt: Mansfeild which is yet vndevided It: I bequeath to 
my sonn will : Basset all my weareing Apparrell. It : I 
bequeath to my two granddaughters ||marye, & Sarah || the 


daughters of my soma Hugh Birt deseased each of them, a 
cow when they Come to the age of twentye ||one|| years which 
are to bee paid by my sonn Edward Burtt because I giue hii* 
halfe my Land at my deseas. It: I bequeath to my sonn 
Edward Burt Halfe my houseing Land & medow vndisposed 
of ia this will: at my desease It: I bequeath to my Sonn 
Edward Burtt all my Houseing Land, & medowes vndesposed 
of (viz) at my wifes desease It : I bequeath to my wife one 
Halfe of my Houseing Lands & medowes vndesposed of in 
this my will (viz) at my desease dureing her Lifetyme It : 
I bequeath to my sonn Edw-ard Burt Halfe my chatles sheep 
& swiae at my Desease: & some Come ||not halfe || & some 
haye It: It: I bequeath to my wife all my goods within 
dores to bee at her dispose : It : I make my wife my execu- 
trixt It: my desyre is that m' Nathaniell, Handforde & 
Andrew Mansfeild || should || [bee?] overseers of this my will 
&c : & bequeath Each of them a noble for their paines Memo- 
randum I acquitt my sonn Edward Burt of all the monyes 
that ||hee|| receiued of mine in England ||of all debts what- 
euer|| & alsoe I giue vnto my son Edward Burt all my right 
& interest ia any houseing, or Land in London that came to 
mee by my brother John Burtt, deseased. In witt* where of 
I haue sett my hand the Daye, yeare & aboue ritten this 
my will being interlyned in the memorandum: & two words 
in my sonn Edward Legasye." 

Hug:h Burtt. 

Witness: Fathaniell Handforth, Andrew Mansfeild, Wil- 
his mark 
liam bartrum and Eichard P Johnson. 

Proved in Salem court 26 : 9 : 1661 by Andrew Mansfield 
and Eichd. Johnson. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 
7, leaf 24. 

Will of Hugh Burt, deceased, was brought into court by the 
widow, proved and allowed 26: 9: 1661. Salem Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 4, page 80. 

Inventory of the estate of Hugh Burtt of Lynn, who de- 
ceased Nov. 2, 1661, taken Nov. 13, 1661, by Nathanell 
Handforth, John Deakin and Andrew Mansfeild : Apparrell, 
5li.; Beds, boulsters & pillows, 81i. 15s.; Euggs & Blanckitts! 
4li. 4s. ; Sheets, pillowbeers, napkins & other Lining, 61i. 19s. 
Iron, Brass & puter, 41i. Is.; Armes & Amunition, Hi. 10s. 
Chests & boxes. Hi. 5s.; Tables, forme & Carpett, Hi. 3s., 
Lining & woollen yarne, Hi. 5s.; Bybles, 14s.; Apples, Hi'. 


2s. 6d. ; Lumber, 31i. 7s. ; wheat & Indion Come, as haveing 
Eeceived dalmage, 3li. 13s. ; seaven sheepe, 31i. ; Thiee Cowes 
& one Calfe, 131i. 10s.; Swine, 31i. 17s.; Houseing & Lands, 
751i. 10s. ; Haye, 2li. 10s. ; moneyes. Hi. 10s. All debts that 
doth apeare being pd., ther remains more dew to the estate, 
3s. 3d.; total, 1431i. 4s. 9d. Memorandum which was for- 
gotten, Haye, Hi. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, 
leaf 25. 

Estate of William Cockerell op Salem. 

Inventory of the estate allowed 10: 10: 1661. Court or- 
dered that the estate remain in the hands of the widow dur- 
ing her life and that, at her death, it be divided among the 
children. If she married again, the court was to order the 
estate as it should see cause. Salem Quar-terly Court Records, 
vol. 4, page 80. 

Inventory of the estate of Willm. Cockrell, deceased, taken 
Dec. 6, 1661, by John Browne and Edmond Batter: One 
dwellinge house, out house and 1-4 Acre land, 301i. ; one 
Acre land neer to Franc. Collince, 81i.; 1 Cowe, 41i. 10s., 1 
swine, 10s., 5li.; Kugge, Covrled, 2 pr. blankets, 2 feather- 
beds & bolsters & 2 Curtaynes, 121i. ; pewter, 2li. 10s. ; brasse 
& Iron ware, 40s., 4li. 10s. ; 1 Table, Chaires, Chests & other 
lumber goods, 31i. 8s.; 1 peec & 1 Remnant Ossenbriggs, 3li.; 
sheets & other linnen, 71i.; 1 suet of Cloaths, 21i. ; 3 Eera- 
nants Carsy, 2 Eemnants Serdge & 1 Eemnant broadcloath, 
61i. ; 1 silver spoone, 5s., & 4 Bushells In Come, 17s.; total, 
811i. 15s. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 7, leaf 30. 

Estate of Jenkin Davis of Lynn. 

"The tenth of the tenth m" on thousand six hundred sixtie 
and one In the name of god amen I Jenkin Dauis being 
weake in body yet of pfit memory doe make this my last will 
and Testament wherein I doe first commit my soul into the 
hands of my mercyfuU sauiour and redeemer, and my body 
vnto Cristian buriall. for the portion of goods that god hath 
bine plesed to giue vnto me I do giue ||them|| vnto Mary my 
wife, and, to be att her dispose except my Joyners tooles 
which I do bestow vppon my son John when he has wrought 
with and for his mother till my debts be paid I doe likwise 
make my wife my sole executres both to receaue what is due 
to me from any : and likwise to pay my debts out of that por- 


tion of goods I leaue' vnto her : and fEarther it is my will that 
the goods that my wife leaues at her decease shalbe diuided 
into three parts, two parts to my son John: and the other 
part to my daughter mary my Joyners tooles my wiU is that 
they shall not be in the devidable goods between my son John 
and my daughter mary but I giue them vnto him, (the form- 
[er] Condison being pformed) ouer and aboue his two parts : 
the ouer-seeres of this my will is =" 

[ITo signature] 

"signed in the psents of vs:" ffranees Ingoles, Nathaniell 
Hanford, George Dauies, ffrancis Burrill. 

Proved in Ipswich court Mar. 25, 1663 by the witnesses. 

Inventory of the estate of Jeankine Davis of Lynn taken 
27 : 11 : 1661 by Nathaniell Handforth : his weareinge cloaths, 
41i. ; Linnen, 5li. 5s. 6d. ; new cloath, 2li. 17s. ; more in Lin- 
nen, 31i. 7s. ; three home made ruggs, 5li. ; blanketts, 2li. 5s. ; 
Bedinge, 2Li. 6s.; Tow bedsteads, 2li. 10s.; Tow cubberds, 
2li. 18s. ; Tow glass casses, 12s. ; Tow tables & a forme. Hi. 
15s.; chests & chairs, 2li. 5s.; Three Gunns & a pistle, 21i. 
10s.; In Pewter, Hi. 6s.; Iron ware & axes, 21i.; one bible, 
8s. ; Lumber & Apples, 2li. 5s. ; wheate & other Lumber, 21i. 
10s. ; flax, 15s. ; Timber, 61i. ; Joyners Tooles, 81i. ; one horse, 
131i. ; one heifer & Tow yearling calves, 61i. 10s. ; swinne, 31i. 
5s.; houseinge & Land, lOlli. ; total, 184li. 9s. 6d. To be 
paid out of this for debts, 701i. 

Petition of Thomas Ivorye of Lynn to the Ipswich court 
Mar. 28, 1682, concerning the condition of Mary Davis, 
widow of Jenkin Davis of Lynn. She being about ninety 
years of her age and her reason not being good for about 
four years she is not able to make any bargain with her son 
John Davis for her care; and she being my mother-in-law 
has been with me for four years and we now ask for 4s. a 
week for the care of her. 

The court impowers Thomas Laughton, Sr. and Francis 
Burrill, Sr., to sell so much of the widow's estate as to 
enable them to pay the 4s. per week for the past and for the 
future as long as she may live. 

Essex Co. Prolate Files, Docket 7,274. 

Estate of John Gotte of Maeblehead. 

Administration on the estate of John Goyte, intestate, 
granted Mar. 25, 1662 to Mary Goyt, his widow, and Mr. 


William Steevens, her father. Ipswich Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 1, page 103. 

An inventory was presented Mar. 25, 1662, of the estate, 
amounting to 341i. 6s. Court Mar. 31, 1663 found that 
there were six pounds put into the inventory in land that was 
not his estate, so the inventory should be 281i. 6s. Ipswich 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 116. 

Inventory of John Coite : Three cowes, 12li. ; 6 swine, 31i. ; 
one Cowe, 5li. ; to bedsteds, 10s.; one stere, 5li.; one Chest, 
5s.; one sute of Carsie, Hi. 15s.; one chest, 8s.; upland and 
marsh, 61i. ; to hundred of bords, 8s. ; total, 341i. 6s. Essex 
Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 9, leaf 9. 

Estate of Isaac Waelte of Gloucester. 

Isaack Waklye with Henry Muddle and John Pomary 
having been cast away at sea, and none appearing to desire 
administration of his estate, and William Browne, constable 
of Gloster, presenting papers of the estate amounting to 
61i. Is., he was given charge Mar. 25, 1662 until further 
order. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 103. 

Administration on the estate granted June 24, 1662 to 
Thomas Very, the inventory having been brought into the 
last Ipswich court, and he was to dispose of the estate for 
the discharging of all just debts. Salem Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 4, page 93. 

Estate of Heney Muddle of (Gloucester?). 

Henry Muddle with Isaack Waklye and John Pomary 
having been cast away at sea, and none appearing to desire 
administration of his estate, and William Browne, constable 
of Gloster, presenting papers of the estate amounting to 141i. 
16s. lOd., he was given charge Mar. 25, 1662 until further 
order. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 103. 

Administration on the estate of Henry Muddle, intestate, 
granted Apr. 17, 1662 to Mr. Peeter Duncan, he was ordered 
to bring in an inventory to Salem court. Ipswich Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 1, page 106. 

Inventory presented to the court 30 : 4: 1663 by Mr. Peeter 
Duncan. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 119. 

"Whereas there was a writtinge delivered unto Ipswich 


Courte in March anno 1663 By the Selectmen of Gloucester 
w'^ they Called an Inventary, in these words :" Two Barrells 
mackrell, Eichard Beefard indebted unto the sd Muddle, 
8s.; one old Coate, 5s.; one new wascoate, 15s.; one suite 
of Kersey, 2li. ; one Coate, 14s. 6d. ; one pare of French heele 
shooes, 5s. ; two pare stockings, 10s. ; one sharte, 7s. ; one hatt, 
14s. ; one Lockram Sharte, 9s. ; one sharte, 10s. ; one loekram 
sharte, 10s.; one halfe silcke neekcloath, 6s.; one Linen 
necke Cloath, Is. 6d. ; 1 handcharchife, 6d. ; 1 pr. yarn 
Gloves, Is. 6d.; 1 pr. Leather Gloves, Is. 6d. ; 1 Codline, 3s.; 
1 dozen & 1-2 hookes, 4s. 6d. ; 1 pue, 6d. ; a Chest, 2s. 6d.; 
Cape, 5s.; 4 3-4 yds Cape Cloath, 16s. 7d. ; one heyfor wee 
find in Henry Walker's hands, 21i. 10s. ; wee find in Osman 
Duch's hands, 31i. ; total, 14li. 16s. lOd.; since which time 
received in June, 1663, of Eobert EUwell, 2 quintalls mer- 
chantable fish. Hi. 12s.; making total 161i. 8s. lOd. Charges 
for wintering a hyfer wch. I payd Hen. Walker for, 12s. ; in 
Osman Duches Debt paid Before his Death, 21i. ; To the 
Clarke of Ipswich for writtinges, 2s.; for my Journey to 
Salem aboute this Buisnesse, 5s.; total, 2li. 19s. Sworn in 
court by Peter Duncan. 

Another account, dated Gloucester, Aug. 6, 1661, was also 
presented by Peter Duncan: Henry Mudle, Debitor, Aug. 6, 
to balance of former acctt., lOs. Id., to sugar, 7d. ; Aug. 9, 
to John French, the Tayler, 5s. 6d., wine and Eume at sev- 
erall tymes. Hi. 16s. 5d. ; Oct. 28, to Caske for 2 tun barrells, 
28s. p. tun, 2li. 16s., to marchandise for 7 1-2 yds. Canvas, 
14s., for tiireed, 3d.; Aug. 29, to sugar, 6d. ; Aug. 30, to 
marchandise for thread, 6d., to rum, 1 gallon, 6s., wine 4 
gallons, 3 qtrs. delivered to Jno. Gent p. his order & 22 1-2 
li. sugar, Hi. 5s. Id.; Nov. 20, brandy 1 quart, 2s., wine & 
rum, Hi. 9s., poorke 38611. at 4d. p. li., 61i. 8s. 8d., bisquits 
for 2-1-0 at 21s. p., 21i. 7s. 3d., marchandise for 2 holland 
neck-cloathes, 8s.; Nov. 28, to Thomas Millett, sr., for 2 
bushells Indian Come, 6s.; total, 181i. 15s. lOd. Henry 
Muddle, Creditor, Oct. 12, 1661: Oct. 20, By fish 4 quentalls 
refuse att lis. p. qntl., 2li. 4s.; Mar. 1, By 1591i. porke wch. 
the selectmen of Gloucster Delivered as they said to mee 
Beinge a parte of ye 38611. of porke wch. I Charge one 
the other side wch. the selectmen delivered mee at 5d. p., 
3li. 6s. 8d. ; Oct. 20, 1662, by the acctt. of his Estate wch. is 
Due to mee upon Ballanee of this acctt. 131i. 5s. 7d.; total, 
181i. 15s. lOd. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 9, 
leaf 20. 

the pbobatb records of essex county. 361 

Estate of John Pomart of (Gloucester?). 

John Pomary with Isaack Waklye and Henry Muddle hav- 
ing been cast away at sea, and none appearing to desire ad- 
ministration of his estate, and William Browne, constable of 
Gloster, presenting papers of the estate amounting to 41i. 
lis. lid., he was given charge Mar. 25, 1663 until further or- 
der. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 103. 

There being some estate of John Pomery, late deceased, 
in the hands of the widow Browne of Gloster, the marshal of 
this court June 24, 1662, was ordered to dispose of it accord- 
ing to the court's order. Salem Quarterly Court Records, 
vol. 4, page 96. 

Estate of James Mudge. 

James Mudg, with Aniball Lane and William Homan, 
having been by God's providence cast away, and no will ap- 
pearing, the court Mar. 25, 1662, granted administration 
upon his estate to Walter Sussex, a partner with them, and 
ordered him to bring in an inventory to the next Salem 
court. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 103. 

Estate of Aniball Lane. 

Aniball Lane, with James Mudg and William Homan, 
having been by God's providence cast away, and no will ap- 
pearing, the court Mar. 25, 1662, granted administration 
upon his estate to Walter Sussex, a partner with them, and 
ordered him to bring in an inventory to the next Salem 
court. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 103. 

Estate of William Homan. 

William Homan, with James Mudg and Aniball Lane, 
having been by God's providence cast away, and no will ap- 
pearing, the court Mar. 25, 16G2, granted administration 
upon his estate to Walter Sussex, a partner with them, and 
ordered him to bring in an inventory to the next Salem 
court. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 103. 

Estate of John Lookeman. 

John Lookeman, with Nicolas Lookman, John Hart and 
Eichard Holeman, having been cast away, and no wiU ap- 


pearing, the court Mar. 25, 1663, granted administration 
upon his estate to Mr. George Corwin and Mr. Moses Maver- 
ick, and ordered them to bring in an inventory to the next 
Salem court. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, 
page 103. 

Estate of Nicholas Lookman. 

Nicholas Lookman, with John Lookeman, John Hart and 
Eichard Holeman, having been cast away, and no wiU ap- 
pearing, the court Mar. 25, 1662, granted administration 
upon his estate to Mr. George Corwin and Mr. Moses Maver- 
ick, and ordered them to bring in an inventory to the next 
Salem court. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, 
page 103. 

Estate of John Haet. 

John Hart, with John and Nicolas Lookman and Eichard 
Holeman, having been cast away, and no will appearing, 
the court Mar. 25, 1662, granted administration upon his 
estate to Mr. George Corwin and Mr. Moses Maverick, and 
ordered them to bring in an inventory to the next Salem 
court. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 103. 

Estate of Eichard Holman. 

Eichard Holeman, with John and Nicolas Lookman and 
John Hart, having been cast away, and no wiU appearing, 
the court Mar. 25, 1662, granted administration upon his 
estate to Mr. George Corwin and Mr. Moses Maverick, and 
ordered them to bring in an inventory to the next Salem 
court. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 103. 

Estate op Siffoeye Cock. 

Sifforye Cock, with John Anard and Tobiah Beckes, hav- 
ing been cast away, and no will appearing, the court Mar. 
25, 1662, granted administration upon his estate to Mr. Ed- 
ward Ting and Mr. James Brading, and ordered them to 
bring in an inventory to the next Salem court. Ipswich 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 103. 

Estate of John Anaed. 

John Anard, with Sifforye Cock and Tobiah Beckes, hav- 
ing been cast away, and no will appearing, the court Mar. 25, 


1662, granted administration upon his estate to Mr. Ed- 
ward Ting and Mr. James Brading, and ordered them to 
bring in an inventory to the next Salem court. Ipswich 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 103. 

Estate of Tobiah Beckes. 

Tobiah Beckes, with SifEorye Cock and John Anard, having 
been cast away, and no will appearing, the court Mar. 25, 
1662, granted administration upon his estate to Mr. Edward 
Ting and Mr. James Brading, and ordered them to bring 
in an inventory to the next Salem court. Ipswich Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 1, page 103. 

Estate of Thomas Smith of Salem. 

Administration on the estate of Thomas Smith, intestate, 
granted Mar. 25, 1662, to Mary Smith, relict of Thomas 
Smith and ordered her to bring in an inventory to the next 
Salem court. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 

Inventory of the estate of Thomas Smith, late of Salem, 
taken 17: 4: 1662, by Jefferie Massey and Tho. Eootes: A. 
dwelling house and quarter of an acre of land, 181i. ; one 
Cowe, 4li. ; 3 sheepe & 3 lambes, 21i. 10s. ; 1 sowe, swyne & 
2 shuits, 21i. 8s. ; 1 feather bed, 3 feather boulsters & 4 
feather pillows, 8li. ; 2 beds fild wth. Flockes & otherwise, 
2li. ; 1 halfe head bedstead & 2 other bedsteeds, Hi. 4s.; 1 
Greene Pott Rug, Hi. 8s.; 2 white blankets. Hi. 5s.; 2 bed 
Coverings, Hi. 10s.; 5 payre of Canvas sheets, 21i. 10s.; 5 
payre of pillow beeres, 18s. ; 5 table napkins, 12s. ; 2 pewter 
dishes, 5s. ; 1 pewter quart & 1 pewter piut, 7s. ; 5 sawsers of 
pewter, 2s.; 1 beaker, 1 Cupp, 3 potenshees, 1 Candlesticke 
& 1 salt, 12s.; 2 basons, 1 Chamber pott, 1 brass candlestick 
& 2 bras cups, 15s.; 2 brass ketles, 21i. 15s.; a little brass 
ketle & a brass skellit, 6s. ; 2 Iron pots & one Iron possnett, 
18s.; 1 truncke, 1 Chest, 13s.; 2 Frying pans and a warming 
pan, 12s.; 2 spits, 2 hakes, a gridiron and five shovells & 
tongs, 168.; over sea dishes of severall sorts. Hi.; 6 Cheares 
& 2 litle tables, 12s. 5d. ; 2 hogshed barrells and other treene 
ware. Hi. ; sword, musket & bandalires. Hi. 6s. ; 31i. wool, 4s. ; 
a shuete of apell, viz., Coate & breeches, 2li. 10s.; Coate, 
briches & wascote. Hi. 15s.; 1 hatt, 8s.; 1 payre of shag, 1 
pare of stockens, 10s.; 2 shirts, 12s.; 2 shirts, 10s.; total, 


631i. 15s. Debts out of the estate, 34li. 9s. 5d. The widow 
was not able to come to court, but the inventory was allowed 
at Salem court, 26 : 9 : 1662, and the estate given into the 
hands of the widow for the bringing up of the children. Es- 
sex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 8, leaf 95. 

Estate of Geoege Smith oe Salem. 

Administration on the estate of George Smith, intestate, 
granted Mar. 25, 1662 to his mother, Mary Smith, and 
ordered her to bring in an inventory to the next Salem court. 
Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 104. 

Administration on the estate of George Smith, granted 
25 : 9 : 1662, to Jeffery Marsy and Thomas Eootes, who were 
ordered to bring in an inventory. Salem Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 4, page 104. 

Inventory of the estate of George Smith, deceased, was al- 
lowed 30: 4: 1663, and his mcther, the widow Smith, was 
appointed administratrix. Salem Quarterly Court Records, 
vol. 4, page 119. 

Inventory of the estate of Georg Smith, late of Salem, 
taken Mar. 9, 1662-3, by Jefferie Massey and Tho. Eootes: 
One Cloth Cloke, 21i. 5s. ; a short Coate, a wastcote, a payre 
of stuff breeches and an ould Coate, 3li. 8s.; 2 ould shirts, 
7s. ; 1 hatt, 7s. ; 1 hatt, 3s. ; 4 bands, 4s. ; 8 handkerchif s, 8s. ; 
2 payre of stockings, 6s. ; debts due. Hi. 6s. ; total, 91i. ; debts 
owing the estate, 2li. lis. 3d. Essex Co. Quarterly Court 
Files, vol. 9, leaf 20. 

Estate of Richahd Eliott. 

Eichard Eliott with John Garven, having been cast away, 
and no will appearing, the court Mar. 25, 1662, granted ad- 
ministration upon his estate to Mr. George Corwiu, and or- 
dered him to bring in an inventory to the next Salem court. 
Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 104. 

Estate op John Gaeven. 

John Garven with Eichard Eliott, having been cast away, 
and no will appearing, the court Mar. 25, 1662, granted ad- 
ministration on his estate to Mr. George Corwin, and ordered 
him to bring in an inventory to the next Salem court. Ips- 
wich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 104. 

the pkobatb records of essex county. 365 

Estate of John Balch of Salem. 

Administration on the estate of John Balch, intestate, 
granted Mar. 25, 1662, to Mary Balch, the widow, and or- 
dered her to bring in an inventory to the next Salem court. 
Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 104. 

Inventory of the estate of John Balch of Salem, taken 
19: 1: 1662, by Eoger Conant and Samuell Corniag: His 
house with 5 akers of land adjoyning, 351i. ; the quarter part 
of his father's farm, about 50 akers, 501i.; two akers & half 
of meadoe ia the old planters' salt marsh, 12li. ; a mare and 
colt, 15li. ; a Cow, 4li. lOs.-j a fetherbed & bolster, a rugg, 
blankets & purtinances & bedsted, lOli. 10s.; another bed & 
bedsteed wth the purtinances, 61i. 10s.; some other smale 
beddiug, 21i.; peuter platters & porringers, 51i.; a kettel, 2 
skellets, a warming pan & skimer, Hi. 12s.; a smale iron 
pott & smale kettel & od iron, 8s.; 2 chests, a cubbord, and 
boxes, 2li.; a littel table and 4 chairs, 16s.; his waring appar- 
rell, lOli. ; 2 cusshions & some sea garments. Hi. 3s.; pillo- 
biers, sheets and napkins, 6li. 10s.; a fring pan, a bellose & 
smoothing iron, 8s.; 2 hatts. Hi.; an eighth part of a ketch 
prised at 261i., but this is still owing for, and more also; 
total, 189li. IT'S. There is owing to Lott Conant of Marble- 
head, 26li. ; more in other debts 4li. ; total, 301i. Debts to be 
added to John Balch's debts : Due to Captin Price, 91i. 16s. 
3d. ; his funeral expences, 21i. Is. 6d. ; for keeping a sick and 
weakly child, viz., Mary Balch, six months, 10s. ; to the doc- 
tor, 10s. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 8, leaf 23. 

Inventory amounting to 1591i. 17s., was allowed June 24, 
1662. Th^ whole estate was to be divided between the widow 
Mary and the child Mary, and was to remain in the hands of 
the widow until the child became of age or married. Salem 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 97. 

Whereas administration was granted to Mary Balch on 
the estate of her late husband Jo. Balch, and the Salem 
court in the fourth month, 1662, divided the estate between 
said Mary Balch and Mary, the daughter of John Balch, de- 
ceased, and now said daughter being deceased, it was ordered 
Mar. 31, 1663, that Benjamine Balch, after the end of seven 
years, should enjoy all the lands that belonged to said John 
Balch, 50 acres more or less, the said Mary to enjoy all the 
improved land, upland and meadow, during the term of 


seven years. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 

William Dodge acknowledged judgment Sept. 26, 1665, to 
Capt. Walter Price for a debt of John Balch, deceased, said 
Dodge's wife being executrix of the estate of said Baleh. 
Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 146. 

The agreement of Benjamin Balch and William Dodge 
that the first settlement at Salem court should stand, the 
land and moveables to be divided equally, and the debts due 
when John Balch died to be paid by them equally, provided 
that all later settlements be made void and that each shall 
hold that part which is now in his possession. The three 
acres of meadow expressed by deed of gift to William Dodge, 
also the 2 1-3 acres of marsh at Salem shall be accounted 
as part of Benjamin Balch's estate and there shall be 161i. 
allowed for the debts. Signed 1:2: 1683. 

Sworn to in Ipswich court Mar. 28, 1683 by Benjamin 
Balch and William Dodge, and allowed. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 
4, page 438. 

Estate of William Adams of Ipswich. 

The will of William Addams proved Mar. 25, 1662, and 
inventory received. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 
1, page 104. 

An agreement made Apr. 24, 1668, between Kathaniell 
Addams of Ipswich and Samuell Addams his brother; that 
all the lands and goods which William Addams their father 
had bequeathed to them should be equally divided between 
them according to the true meaning of the will, allowing 
convenient maintenance unto his wife during her life, and 
paying such portions as their father had bequeathed unto 
his daughters. The house and barn and all the land about 
the house wherein the said Nathaniell now dwelleth con- 
taining about 16 acres, also another division of land lying 
between the land of Samuell Addams, brother to Nathaniell 
and the land of Thomas Stace, boimded by a long hill run- 
ning down from the thick woods to a piece of meadow ap- 
pertaining to John Addams, our brother, that he bought of 
Anthony Potter, also another piece of meadow being upon 
the Black brooke, bounded northwest by a point of upland 
running down to the brook & southeast by the land of Sy- 
mon Stacy, shall belong unto ISTathaniell and his heirs for- 


ever. All the land that is now in the occupation of SamueU 
Adams, being an entire parcell of land joining to Mr. Sal- 
tonstall's farm shall belong to him and his heirs forever. 
And all the goods and chattells that are at present in the 
possession of either of them shall so continue to them and 
their heirs. Signed and sealed Apr. 24, 1668 by Samuell 
Addams. "Witness: William White, Thomas Waite. 

Acknowledged June 30, 1668 by Samuell Addams. Ipswich 
Deeds, vol. 3, page 79. 

Estate of John Doeman of Topsfield. 

Administration on the estate of John Dorman, intestate, 
granted Mar. 25, 1662 to Mary Dorman, the widow, and the 
inventory was allowed. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, 
vol. 1, page 104. 

Inventory taken Feb. 12, 1661, by Francis Pebody and 
Samuell Brocklebanke : One booke and Aperell, one cloke, 
2li. 5s. 6d.; one jackit and briches, 21i.; one wascoate, Ys. ; 
one dublit and a paire of briches. Hi. Is.; three paire of 
stockins, 8s. ; Gloves, 6s. ; one Inkhorne, 4d. ; one neckcloath, 
8d. ; one hate, 10s. ; another wascoate jackit and two paire 
of briches, lU. 15s.; one paire of boots, spurs and 2 paire of 
shooes. 111. Is.; in sheets, shirt and other linen, 2li. 15s.; 4 
cushins, 12s.; 4 bands and 3 handkercheifers, 9s. 6d.; one 
bedstead and beding on it, 711. 8s. ; musket, sword and amuni- 
tion, Hi. 15s.; puter and spounes, 12s. 6d. ; one drinkeing 

and brase skellitt, 4s. ; in earthen and wooden dishes and 

trayes, 6s. 4d.; in chest and boxe, 9s.; in one Iron pot and 
pothookes, 12s.; wheat, 31i. ; one meaU trough and one sith, 
3s. ; in flaxe and hempe, 16s. ; in two swine, 2li. 13s. ; in two 
cows, one stere ealfe, lOli. 6s. 8d. ; in Indian come im- 
thrashed, by estimation about therty bushell, 31i. ; more in 
wheat unwinowed, about 4 bushell. Hi.; total, 461i. Is.; in 
debts dew to the deceased from Thomas Baker, 4 bushels of 
wheat. Hi.; debt due from Peter Cowper as part of portion, 
211i. ; debt due by bond from Thomas Dorman, 501i. ; debts 
to be paid out of the estate, 81i. 6s. 6d. '^Be this knowne 
unto all men that Thomas Dorman of the towne of Tops- 
f eild Hath and doth freely exprese himselfe that for a quiete 
and loueing Agreement betwene peter couper and him in 
differanee about that estate that the said peter couper did 
expect that his daughter should haue bene estated in, he 


would Giue unto the said Mary donnan." Essex Co. Quar- 
terly Court Files, vol. 7, leaf 94. 

Estate of William Haekee of Lynn. 

Inventory of the estate of Willylam Harker taken Dec. 36, 
1661, by Thomas Marshall, Franceis (his P mark) IngoUes 
and Henry Collins : Howsingj upland and meadow, 601i. ; one 
yoke of oxen and thre cows and fowr load of hay,, 271i. ; tow 
mars and on Coult, 361i. ; thre yearling calfs, 3li. 16s.; six 
sheap, 31i. 2s.; thirten Swyn, 51i.; forty tow buchils of 
English and Indyan Corn, TH. 3s. 6d. ; The man and woman 
wearing Aparell, 71i. 10s.; one fether bed, tow Eugs, tow 
pare of Blankits, 7li. 13s.; seven pillows, 1 piUow bear, one 
bolster, 31i. 15s.; fowr pare of sheets, 21i. 2s.; seven yards of 

Cloth, thre yards Cotton Cloth, 2li. ; nyn yards 

, six yards of serge, 4li. 12s. ; Eight yards alf 

of red Shag, Hi. 9s. ; ten pound en wooll, 10 pound of 

hony, 17s. 4d. ; one ould , 3li. 5s. ; 2 brace iron 

pott, and on , 2li. 14s.; two Sp , tongs and 

13s. 6d. ; Twenty , 17s. ; one axe, knife, 

3s. ; presing Iron 6s. ; warming , 3s. ; one Cros- 

eut ells. Hi. 3s. ; thre Ches and other , lli. ; 

one Chum, one Brthen pot and other things, 5s. 6d. ; six 
pound of wool, one Stak of bees, lli. 6s. ; one panneU, Cask 
and other lumber, 17s.; one brydell, one spad, one plow, 3s. 
Proved in Ipswich court. Mar. 25, -1662 before Eobert Lord, 
cleric. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 7, leaf 98. 

Estate of Daniel Einge of Ipswich. 

"The last will and Testament of DanieU Einge of Ipsw<* 
this 3* day of ffebruary 1661. In the name of God Amen 
I DanieU Einge being of pfect memory and understanding 
do dispose of that outward estate that God hath giuen mee 
in manner as followeth In the first place I comit my soule 
to AUmighty God and my body to decent buryall I giue unto 
Mary my beloued wife one third part of my fEarme now in 
the hands of DanieU Davison during the terme of her natur- 
all Ufe, and after her decease to be deuided amongst my 
three Sonnes the Eldest to haue a double share thereof I 
giue and bequeath unto my three Sonnes DanieU Eoger and 
Isaack my farme aboues^ to bee deuided amongst them the 
Eldest to haue a double part therof the two youngest to be 


equall, and they to take possession therof at the age of one 
and twenty my wiues third part being reserued for her dur- 
ing her life and then her thirds part to bee deuided accord- 
ing to y"" proportion abouesayd. I giue and bequeath unto my 
three daughters Mary Susanna and Sarah Thirty pounds to 
each of them and they to haue possessio therof at ye age of 
sixteen or at the time of their marriage I leaue my house 
and lands now in y^ possessio of Thomas wayt unto my Wife 
to emproue till my youngest two Daughters shall bee of age 
that if they desire it they may haue the same for their por- 
tions allowing the ouerplus of their portions to my other 
Daughter as part of her portion or if they Desire it not, to 
bee left to y® Executo" to dispose of for y^ discharge of my 
Daughters portions. 

"My mind and wUl is that if my Eldest Son shall dye 
without children that his portion shall be left to the two 
yonger Brothers the Elder of them two to haue a double 
share therof, puided that he allow to each of his Sisters fine 
pounds, and if both -the Eldest dy childlesse the youngest to 
inherit their portions allowing to each of my Daughters ten 
pounds, or if the youngest leaue no children the two Eldest to 
inherit his portion the Eldest hauing a double share and if 
the two youngest leaue no children the Eldest to inherit their 
portions paying to Each of my Daughters ten poimds. If 
my wife marryeth my mind is her husband shall giue suffi- 
cient security for what estate he is possessed of by my wife, 
for the discharge of my childrens portions The remainder of 
my Estate I leaue to my wife to Dispose of at her decease 
Equally amongst all my children My mind is that if my 
wife marryeth my children shall haue liberty if they desire it 
to bee disposed of to good seruices as they shall think meet 
to whom they are betrusted Which to Confirme I haue her- 
unto set my hand this third of february one thousand, sig; 
hundred sixty and one I Constitute and appoint my louing 
friends Deacon William Goodhue and Daniell Houey sen"^ 
of Ips'''' And my wife Execute" and Executrix of this my 
Last wiU and Testam* and Eich" Hubberd and John Dane 
sen' ouerseers." 

his mark 
Daniel C Binge 

Witness : Eobort Kinsman, Jimier, Eichard Jacob. 

Proved in Ipswich court Mar. 35, 1663 by Eobert Kins- 
man and John Dane. 

Inventory taken by John Whipple, 3d and John Whipple, 


Jr.: The Goods in the house and first in ye Parlor: One 
chest with Apparell, 7li. 10s. ; Two chests, 10s. ; A Bedstead 
and bedding, 61i. 10s. ; Three chayres and Cushions, 5s. 6d. ; 
One warming Pan, A brush & looking glasse, lis.; a Piece 
of Taffaty, Hi. 10s. ; A case with 7 Glasses, 3s. 6d. ; A chest 
and 3 Boxes, 13s.; A carpet, 15s.; One dozen of Napkins, 
Hi. 10s.; A dozen of Napkins, 12s.; A Table cloath & Two 
PiUowbeers, 10s.; Sheets & other linnen, 4Li. 4s.; A Table, 
Hi. 10s.; Saddles, bridles & furniture for traipiag, 31i. In 
the Hall: In Peuter, 31i. ; skillets and dishes. Hi.; An iron 
kettle and pot, lOs. ; firepan, tongs & spitt, 14s. ; A musquet, 
Hi. ; A pot & kettle, 1-s. ; A morter, 5s. ; chesmotes, trayes & 
other lumber, Hi. 2s.; Carpenters tooles, Ys. ; Other tooles & 
two bottles, 2s.; Two Axes, 5s.; An iron Pot, a Kneading 
trough, — s. ; cheespresse, barrells & firkins, Hi. 3s.; 
a Piece of beeswax, 4s. In the chamber: In bedding, 31i.] 

for an ordinary, Hi. ; Indian come, seaventy bushells, 

lOli. 10s.; Wheat twenty five busheUs, 61i. 5s.; Gates, Eye 
and peas, 2li.; Bed and bedstead, 2li.; More wheat & barly, 
2li. 10s. ; In flesh meat, 2li. ; In mony, 21i. 12s. Without the 
house: A cart & wheels, yokes, chaynes, 31i. 10s.; hay, 21i. 
In Cattle : one horse, lOli. ; Two oxen, 12li. ; Niue Cowes, 401i. 
10s.; foure Yearlings, 51i.; A BuU, 31i.; A three yeer old 
steer, 41i.; Three heyfers, 711. 10s.; foure Calves, Hi.; 
Twenty-five swiae, 14li.; five acres of Eye upon ye ground, 
5li. In Land : A f arme ia the hands of Daniel Davison Gon- 
teyning by estimation an hundred and ten acres, 18211.; A 
house and land in ye towne in ye hands of Thomas Wayt, 
twelve acres, 701i. Debts: By Daniell Davison, 191i.; Wil- 
liam Eayner, 5li. ; Eichard Walker, 31i. : John Adams, 41i. 
Sum total, 46311. lis. Debts out of ye estate : To Mr. Wil- 
liam Hubbard, 701i.; John Whipple, Jr., 81L; Mr. John 
Payne, 61i.; In other debts about 301i. 
Proved in Ipswich court Mar. 25, 1662. 

Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 23,714. 

Guardianship of Daniel Tilton of Lynn. 

Daniell Tilton chose Samuell Tilton as his guardian, and 
the court allowed it Apr. 8, 1662. 

Court Apr. 8, 1662 ordered that Joseph Shaw pay to 
Daniel Tilton 40s. iu consideration of what service he had 
done for him since he was fourteen years old. 


Court Apr. 8, 1662 ordered Sam. Tilton to put in security 
to Daniel's portion in binding over land. 

Salisbury Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, leaf 3. 

Estate of Ann Lumb of Eowlet. 

Administration on the estate of Ann Lume, intestate, 
granted Apr. 17, 1662, to Judith Lume and Susanah Lume, 
her daughters. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, 
page 106. 

Inventory taken Apr. 16, 1662, by Maxemillion Jewett and 
Samuell Broeklebanke : Aparell, 4li. ; one bed, with furni- 
ture on it, 41i. 10s.; puter and Tin, lli. ; brase and Iron 
vessels, lli. 3s. 6d'. ; wooden vessell, 10s.; table, chaires and 
cushiags, 16s.; whelle and cards, 4s.; house and land, 301i.; 
three cowes, one calfe and one 2 yeareing, 171i.; total, 491i. 3s. 
6d. Allowed Apr. 17, 1663. Essex Co. Quarterly Court 
Files, vol. 7, leaf 98. 

The Ipswich court Mar. 18, 1664 ordered an equal divis- 
ion of the estate of Ann Lumbe between her two daughters, 
Judith and Susannah Lumbe, the house and lot to Susanna 
and the moveables to Judith Lumbe. 

Acknowledged by Joshua Bradley to be the agreement be- 
tween his wife Judith and his sister Susanna, which he ap- 
proveth before me Daniell Denison. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 2, 
page 225. 

Deposition of Samuell Broeklebanke, aged about 36 years, 
being in court when an inventory of the estate of Ann 
Lum was presented, and before administration was granted 
to the two daughters of the said Ann, that he heard John 
Piekard son of the aforesaid Ann say he did not desire to 
have the administration but desired that it might be granted 
to his sisters, and also that he did not expect any of the 
estate. When administration was granted to the two sisters 
equally, he was desired to be helpful to them in the division. 
Sworne in Ipswich court Mar. 29, 1664. 

WiUiam Stickney deposed that John Piekard did own to 
him in way of discourse what is expressed by Lt. Broekle- 
banke in the testimony above written. Sworn in Ipswich 
court Mar. 39, 1664. 

Ipswich Deeds, vol. 3, page 197. 



Estate of Thomas Dickinson of Eowlet. 

"I Thomas Dickinson of The Towne of Kowley in The 
County of esex being weake of Body but of perfect vnder- 
standing And memmory doe make And ordaine This my last 
will and Testament In primis my will is That my welbe- 
loued wife Jennett Dickinson shalbe my Solle excequtrise 
for To pay all my debts and to pay my ehilderen Those por- 
tions That I by will doe Giue vnto Them; And also To de- 
mand and Eecouer all debts that are or may be due vnto 
me by bills bonds or otherwise and To doe any Thinge be- 
longing To such an exeequtorise. Item I wiU and Giue vnto 
This my welbeloued wife halfe of ||my|| Dwelling house halfe 
of my bame halfe of my orchard and halfe of my swampe 
below my orchard and all my land aboue The bame about 
Twellue Acres be it more or lese And Three Acres of mead- 
ow one acre of it in batchelor meadow and Two Acres in 
the northeast feild as also one acre more of salt marsh in the 
m^rsh feild bounded by deacon Jewets marsh on the west 
and by marsh of John pickards on the north and also i doe 
Giue vnto hir Two Gates on the Towne common al this I doe 
Giue hir dureing hir natnrall life Item I will And Giue 
vnto my son James dickinson The other halfe of my house- 
ing bame orchard and swampe below the orchard and all 
other my lands meadowes and Commons that belonge vnto 
me with The Towne of Eowley (excepting my village land 
and Two Acres of meadow in The great meadow be it more 
or lese.) Item I doe Giue vnto my son James dickinson 
foure score Acres of land more or lese being my deuission of 
land in that land Commonly called merrimack land buting 
against merrimacke Eiuer with the priueledges belonging 
vnto the said fourscore acres of land and likewise I doe Giue 
vnto my son James my houseing bame orchard and swampe 
and lands aboue the barne and meadow and commons That 
I haue giuen vnto my welbeloued wife for her naturall life 
to be his vnto his proper use and behoufe after his mothers 
decease. Item I doe further Giue vnto my son James my 
cart and plough and fumeture belonging There To also I 
giue vnto him my loumes and furneture belonging There To 

"Item out of The Best of my estate That is in my village 
land and Two Acres of meadow in the Great meadow that 
was before excepted and in my stocke moueables bills bonds 
or any other estat that is or may be due vnto me out of This 
Eemaneing part of my estat I will and Giue vnto my foure 


daughters each of Them one hundred pounds and my will 
is that that fifty pounds That I haue giuen vnto my daugh- 
ter Sarah alredy shalbe acounted as part of that which I doe 
now glue And if any of my childeren die before thejs at- 
taine to the age of Twenty one yeares or day of marriage 
Then There portions to be devided equally among the rest 
and if my Son James depart This life haueing noe child Then 
the one halfe of those lands I giue him to Eetume to be 
equally devided among The Rest of my daughters or Theire 
heires The other halfe I giue vnto his wife if then liueing to 
be for hir use dureing hir nattural life and then to returne 
after hir decease to be equally devided among my other 
daughters or there childeren if ther be any then liueing Item 
I will and Giue (the Three hundered and fifty pounds being 
paid out of this estat that I here apoint for the payment of 
my daughters portions) all the Remaineing part of that 
estat vnto my welbeloued wife To be vnto hir owne proper 
use and To despose of as she shall Thinke meete; And my 
will is that my wife shall haue hir liberty to chuse which 
halfe of my dwelling house she will for to liue in dureing 
hir life ; And I appoint John piekard and Samuell Brockle- 
banke To be ouersseers of This my last will and Testament 
which I Confirme with my owne hand this eighth of march 
one Thoussand Six hundred and sixty one or sixty two" 

Thomas Dickanson 

Witness : Samuell Brocklebanke, John trumble. 

Proved in Ipswich court Apr. 17, 1662 by the witnesses. 
Essex Co. Prolate Files, Docket 7,678. 

An inventory of the estate received in court Apr. 17, 1663. 
Ipswich Qvarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 106. 

Estate of Thomas Lee of Ipswich. 

"The last Will and Testament of Thomas Lee of Ipsw*^ 
In the name of God amen I Thomas Lee of Ipswich being 
at this present time of perfect memory and understanding 
doe dispose of that outward estate that God hath giuen mee 
in manner as foUoweth: In the first place I comit my soule 
to God and my body to decent buryall. My mind and will is 
that Alice my beloued wife shall haue the sole disposing of 
my farme and the rest of my estate upon these Considerations 
that is to say. That my Grandson Richard Lee shall liue 
and abide with her untill he shall bee two and twenty yearea 
of age then my whole estate to be Deuided and Richard shall 


haue an equall share with my wife only my wife shall haue 
the use of my now Dwelling house during the terme of her 
life unlesse she shall bee willing that they both may liue to- 
gether but if my wife should marry my mind is that shee 
shall haue fiue poimds euery years out of my estate during 
the terme of her life, and the abouenamed Eichard to haue 
my estate at y® age of two and twenty. My mind allso is that 
if my wife shall continue a Widow and enjoy such a share of 
my estate as is aforesaid that after her decease my foresayd 
Granchild shall inherit all that estate shee shall leaue, TVenty 
pounds being excepted which I giue and bequeath to my 
Daughter Susanna now in England or her children if any 
of them shall bee here to demand the same within y* space of 
seauen yeares from this present time My will is that Rich- 
ard my Grandchild shall not haue liberty to Alien sell or bar- 
gaine my farme or any part therof but that it bee reserued 
entire to him and his heires. If my wife shall not think meet 
that Eich* my Grandchild shoidd abide with her for the 
p'sent shee shall haue liberty to dispose of him to some Good 
seruice tiU he shall come to bee at the age of two and twenty 
In witnesse of this my Will and testament I haue hereunto 
set my hand and seal this nineteenth of March one thousand 
six hundred sixty one I constitute and appoint Allice my 
wife onely Executrix of this my last will and Testament." 

his mark 
Thomas T Lee (seal) 

Witness : Eichad Brabrook, James gregory. 

Proved in Ipswich court Apr. 17, 1662 by Eichard Hub- 
bard and Eichard Brabrooke. 

Inventory of estate of Thomas Lee, deceased Mar. 23 last 
past, taken Apr. 10, 1662 by George Giddinge and Daniel 
Hovey: the wearing Close, 2li. 5s.; a payer of buUoks, 121i.; 
seven Cows & their Cafs, 311i. ; 2 buls, 51i. ; one heifor, 21i. ; 
4 yockes, 4li. ; a sow & 7 shoats, 31i. 3s. ; beding, 41i. 10s. ; 2 
chests, on box, a tabl, old tubs wth other lumber, 21i.; an 
old bibl wth other trad, 6s. 8d. ; bras & pewter, 21i. 8s. ; an 
old musket, 10s.; 2 axses, betl & wedges & hows, a Clever, a 
bill, a smal saw & such like, Hi.; siths & sikles, 10s.; 3 
saks, 6s.; a tumbril, on plow, 15s.; 2 Chayns, a shar & col- 
ter wth expins. Hi.; sadl, pillion & bridl. Hi. 10s.; seed 
Com, 2li. 5s.; iron hoops for vesels, 8s.; a shovel, 1 spad & 
hamer, 2s. 6d. ; a fan, 10s. ; a payr of feters & irpe &c, 4s. ; 
house & bam wth the homsted wth ye upland withing ye 


fence & 2 parsels of salt marsh, ye one in ye great marsh 
next hog iland ye other next chebaco river, 1201i.; total, 
19811. 3s. 2d. Debts amounting to about 401i. 

Testified to in Ipswich court Apr. 17, 1663 by Alice wife 
of Thomas Leigh. 

Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 16,659. 

Estate of Samuel Sherman of Ipswich. 

In answer to the petition of Samuell and NathanieU 
Sherman and Mary Clarke children of Samuell Shearman, 
long since deceased, the committee of the court having con- 
sidered the petition and answer of Mr, Colebron, one of 
the administrators to that estate, returned that the peti- 
tioners had no such cause of complaint therein, which the 
court May 7, 1662- allowed and confirmed. Mass, Bay Colony 
Records, vol. 4, page 47. 

Estate of Daniel Eea of Salem. 

"Whereas there hath been a Will begun to be made by 
Daniell Eea of Salem, lately deceased, but he not being able 
to finish it, whereby great inconvenience is like to arise to 
his Children, if it be left as it is. Wee therefore whose names 
are vnderwritten, takeing it into our Consideration, haue 
made this our Joynt Conclusion & Agreement, (if the Hon- 
ored Court II now Assembled || please to Accept of, & Confirme 
the same) in Manner as followeth. ffirst, that his sonne 
Joshua Eea shall haue y® Improuement of the whole farme, 
where he lives, & when his sonne Daniel is growne vp to y* 
Age of Twenty one yeares, he shall have halfe y® farme, & 
his father to have y^ other halfe, dureing y* t«rme of his 
owne life, & also of his wives widdowhood, in Case she should 
outlive him, & then that halfe also to be his sonne Daniels, 
& so y* said Daniel then to haue y^ whole farme, which is y* 
proper Will of y® Testator. Secondly, that y* said Joshua 
Eea shall haue the vse & improvement of the seventeene 
Acres of land, lying on Salem North Eiver, vntUl his two 
daughters, Eebecca & Sarah, exprest in y* will, shall attaine 
to y® age of sixteene yeares, & then they to haue y" land with 
y^ improvement of y' same equally divided betwixt them. 
Thirdly that y^ said Joshua Eea, shall have also the one Acre 
& halfe on the South Eivers side in Salem, as his proper right, 
to dispose of as he shall see cause. fEourthly, that his sonne 


Thomas Lothrop, & his wife, shall haue the ffarme, Comonly 
Called Captaine Damports farme, as their proper right, to 
dispose of, as they please, provided that the five pound, paid 
already by me to Capt. Damport, in a Cowe, be allowed me 
out of y* other estate. fiBfthly that our Mother shall have y* 
Thirds, of all of this Estate, dureing her life. Lastly, for the 
rest of y* Estate, we leave it to the wisedome of the Honoured 
Court, to dispose of the same, as they shall thinke best, ac- 
cording to lawe." 

"This aboue writing or agreement is by the Court alowed 
of & is to be as the Courts determination & ordering of the 
estate of Danyell Eay deceased being consented ||there|| to 
by y« children of y« deceased in Court at Salem: 4 "'' 1663 
atteste, Hillyard Verin Cleric :" 

Proved in Salem court 24: 4: 1662. Essex Co. Quarterly 
Court Files, vol. 8, leaf 16. 

Inventory of the estate of Daniell Eay, taken by John 
Porter and Jacob Barney: His apparell, 711. lis. lOd.; a 
feather bed, 2 bolsters and 3 pillowes, 4li. ; 2 Coverletts, Hi. ; 
2 blanketts, Hi. 10s. ; 2 pillow beares, five sheets, lli. 10s. ; a 
kettle with other small things, 21i. ; 2 dishes and a pinte pot, 
8s.; 2 Iron skiUetts and a frying pan, 12s.; a paire of pot 
hangings & a paire of Tongs, 10s. ; a paire of fetters, an axe, 
& a hatchet, with other tlungs, 12s. 6d. ; a pecke, 3 traies & 
a platter, 4s.; a paire of traisses & a halter, 2s.; a winowing 
sheet & 4 sackes, 10s.; 61i. of wooU, 6s.; a saddle & pillion, 
lli. ; a chest & a bedsted, 18s. ; a Chaire & 2 Joynt stooles, 4s. ; 
a paile with 2 stooles, with other things, 2s.; 3 yards & a 
halfe of Cloth, lli. 15s.; a mare & a Colt, 14ii.; a Cow & a 
Calfe, 51i. 16s.; 6 sheepe, 2li. 8s.; 17 acres of land in the 
north field, 251i.; an acre & a halfe of salt marsh upon the 
South river, 51i.; a farme of 160 acres of upland & 10 acres 
of meadow, 15011.; debts due to the deceased, 141i. ; total, 
2391i. 19s. 4d. Proved 26: 4: 1662. Essex Co. Quarterly 
Court Files, vol. 8, leaf 17. 

Joshua Eay was appointed June 24, 1662, administrator 
of the estate of Danyell Eay, deceased, who died intestate, 
but his mind being understood and his children agreeing 
thereto, they drew up a writing about the division of part 
of the estate, as land, etc., leaving the other part to the 
court's ordering. The court approved the writing, and 
concerning the other part of the estate, Joshua Eay, son of 


the deceased, was to have 25li. and Capt. Tho. Lothrop, said 
Daniel's son-in-law, was to have all the rest of the estate, 
provided he keep and maintain his mother, the widow, dur- 
ing her life. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 94. 

Estate of John Stevens of Andovee. 

Administration on the estate of John Steevens, intestate, 
granted June 34, 1663 to his widow, Eliza Steevens. An in- 
ventory amounting to 46311. 4s., was also allowed. Court 
ordered that John Steevens, son of the deceased, should 
have 74li. paid at demand, and Timothy, Nathan, Ephraim, 
Joseph, Benjamin and Mary, the other children, should 
have 3711. each, paid at age or time of marriage, and the 
remainder of the estate to be at the disposal of the widow. 
Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 94. 

Inventory of the estate of John Steevens of Andover, 
taken Apr. 28, 1663, by Nicholas Noyes, George Abboott, sr., 
Eichard Barker and Nathan Parker: His wearing Aparrell, 
lOli. ; In the hall, two beds with there furniture, 151i. ; One 
Chest & foure boxes. Hi. ; Eight payre of sheets, foure Bolster 
cases and three payre of Pillow beeres, 71i. 10s. ; Three table 
cloaths, one dozen of Napkins, with other sleight things, 3li. 
5s. ; in ye kitchin, one Brasse Pott, foure small Kettles, one 
Skillett, a Scummer & Warming pan, 3li. ; one Iron Pott, an 
iron posnett, two payre of potthookes, two trammells, a spitt, 
a payre of tonges & firepan, a payre of cob irons with a 
smoothing iron & a trivett, lli. 10s.; six peuter platters, two 
basens, two porrengers, foure drinken cupps, a salt sellar, a 
chamber pott, a dozen & halfe of spoones and a latten pan, 
2li. 5s.; A tableboard & forme, foure chayres, two cushens, 
two dozen of trenchers and halfe a dozen of dishes, 14s.; a 
muskett, corslett & headpeece, a sword & cutlass & holbert, 
21i. 5s.; bible, with other books, Hi.; In the Leanetoo, Bar- 
rells, wheeles, treyes, with other lumber, 2li. ; In the chamber. 
Bedding, 5li. ; whpate, twenty Bushells, Indian come, ten 
Bushells, 6li. 10s.; A bridlt & sadle & pannell. Hi.; two 
flitches of Bacon, 31i. ; Baggs, Hi.; Flax & yarne, 51i. ; Old 
tubbs & other lumber, lOe. ; Sawes, axes, pronges, with other 
working tooles, 31i. ; Eight oxen, 5111.; Six cowes, 341i. ; a 
heifer & two yearlings, 6li. ; three calves. Hi.; swine, 121i.; 
A colt and an Asse, 4li. ; horse, lOli. ; three sheep. Hi.; one 
stocke of bees, 10s.; Carts, sleads, yoakes, chaines, plowes 4; 


plow irons, ropes and tackling to it, 61i. 3s.; house, barnes, 
upland & meadow and come upon ye ground, SOOli. ; debts, 
211. The sequell of this inventory was given by the deceased 
to his eldest sonn John Steevens: A house, orchard and 
land, 501i.; one cow, two steers of two yeare old & a year- 
ling, two swine and two sheepe, 15li.; All ye rights & priv- 
ilidges that is to be granted by ye towne by virtue of twenty- 
five Acres of ground granted to mee, John Steevens; three 
acres of home meadow, 91i. "These testyfye yt I John Stee- 
vens doe accept of the above specifyed estate appointed mee 
of my father before his death in full satisfaction for my 
portion amounts to seaventy foure pound prouided the hon- 
oured Court at Psalem shall see good to confirme it Witt- 
nesse my hand John Steevens." Total, 4631i. 4s. Elizabeth 
Steevens, widow, made oath in court before Hillyard Veren, 
cleric. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 8, leaf 18. 

Estate of Corp. John Andrews of Ipswich.* 

Administration on the estate of John Andrews granted 
June 24, 1662 to Mr. Tho. Andrewes. An inventory was also 
allowed, excepting the farm and the crop upon the ground, 
w;hich latter were referred to the next Ipswich court, partly 
because the farm was mortgaged and partly because of the 
failure of the crop by reason of the drought, and he was to 
provide for the widow and children until the court take 
further order. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 

Inventory of the estate of CorpU. John Andrews, taken 
;May 23, 1662, by John Dowlettell, John Hathorne and An- 
drew Mansfeild: One dwelling house, 15011.; tow- barnes, 
.9011. ; a bake house, 2li. 10s. ; an orchard, lOOli. ; an hundred 
acres of upland and medow belonging to the farme, 59011.; 
.one horse, 12li. ; tow Cowes & tow caulfes, 121i. ; one three 
yeare ould steere, 5li. ; six sheepe & three lambs, 51i. 5s. ; to 
forty acres of come upon the ground, 401i. ; one grinstone, 
16s.; a tumbrill & a paire of Iron bound wheeles, 41i. ; a lad- 
der, 10s. ; five swine, 61i. !5s. : tow stocks of bees & tow 
swarmes, 21i. 10s. ; an Iron furnis, 31i. ; an Iron trumill, 7s. ; 
tow horse coUers & trases, &e., 12s. ; five axes & a mathooke, 
-Hi. Is.; tow howes & a spad, an ads & a frow, ISs.; tow 

* See also Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex 
Co., Mass., vol. 3 (1913), pp. 46, 47, 163-166. 


plowes with irons & a colter & sheare, Hi. 14s. ; three chaines, 
yoaks, chains & bolts, Hi. lis. 6d. ; a stone cart & sleid & 
a ould cart body & a dubble brake, Hi. 15s.; three forks & 
a paire of fetters, 9s. In the kichin : Tenn ould pueter plat- 
ters, quart potts & other ould pewter, 3li. 4s. ; half a dussen 
of ould spoones, tow old brass kittles & oidd pott and a 
warmeing pan & a candle stick, 21i. 7s. 6d. ; Iron potts, one 
Iron kitle, one Iron skillett & other ould things, Hi. 15s.; 
severall ould wooden things, 8s.; severall augers, chissells & 
other ould Iron things, 21i. 5s.; tow cross cut sawes, a paire 
of andirones & paire of tongs & slice, Hi. 9s. 6d. ; tow tram- 
ills, a gridiron, a spitt, a smoothing iron & a paire of sheirs, 
15s.; tow muscutts, a fouling peece & 2 paire of skeals & 
waites, 3li. 14s. 6d.; a pike, tow chairs, & tow ould tubbs 
& 3 dussen of trenchers, 15s. ; a woolen wheele, 2 cans, glases 
& gaily potts, 8s.; a sadle, bridle, pistoUs, holsters, belt & 
Cutlis & pillion, 51i. 5s. In the Parlor: Tow bedsteds, one 
f ether bed, bolster, 2 pillows, a rug & curtaiaes, 61i. 10s.; a 
trunke, 2 boxes, 2 chairs, one cubburd & cloath, 21i. 2s.; 
table, 5 cushins & 5 chanye dishes, Hi. ; his wearing apparill, 
5li. 10s. In the chamber over the chichin: 5 paire of sheets, 
2 table cloaths, 12 napkins, 4 pillow beers & a chest, 61i. 7s. ; 
a bedsted, 2 flock beds, three pillos, one rug, one blankett, 
3li. 10s. ; one table, tow wheels & other ould lumber, Hi. In 
the garret: Tow Cosletts & other ould lumber, 2li. ; on flock 
bed, bolster & 2 coverlids, 16s. ; a gun, 5s. ; in the seller, 2 
barriUs, 10s.; beetle & wedges, 5s.; total, 10831i. 19s. 6d. To 
halfe a barn at Ipswich, 6li. ; bed, 4li. 15s. ; 6 pewter dishes. 
Hi. 5s. 6d.; flax, 41i.; debts recoverable, 161i. 18s. lOd. Es- 
tate is debtor: To funeral charges, 21i. ; houshold expenses, 
2li. lis. ; to ye honoured Mr. Simon Bradstreet, about 40011. ; 
other debt demanders, 314li. ; to an assurance, 401i. Sworn 
by Mr. Thomas Andrewes in Salem court. 

The Cattle and moveables conteined in ye Inventory of ye 
Estate of Corporal John Andreus, which was presented to 
ye County Court held at Salem 26: 4: 1662, 12711. 9s. 6d.; 
debts due to deceased, 401i. lis.; the Come upon ye farme 
and other pduce, 301i. 19s.; total, 19811. 19s. 6d. Out of 
which is to be deducted: Funeral Charges and expences be- 
fore Salem court, 41i. 17s. 6d. ; family expences since, 151i. 
16s. lid.; Charges about ye Come, 6li. ; ye administrators 
own labor, time, charges, &c., lOli. Debts demanded and 
presented to Salem court and since examined, as opportu- 
nity would serve, 31211. 14s. 9d. The foregoing account was 


presented to court at Ipswich in Sept. last, and then omitted 
to be left on file. The court sitting in Salem, 3:5: 1663, 
ordered it to be safely kept in the court records. Essex Co. 
Quarterly Court Files, vol. 8, leaf 20. 

Court Mar. 31, 1663 appointed Capt. Thomas Marshall, 
Mr. Oliver Purchase and Sergt. John Porter a committee to 
set ofE to Sarah, relict of CorpU. John Andrews, deceased, 
her third part of her late husband's farm, not meddling with 
the forty acres purchased of Mr. Price. Ipswich Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 1, page 117. 

Estate of John Eow of Gloucester. 

"In the name of god Amen: I John Row in my will 
and Testament; being iu my perfect sences doe giue and Ee- 
siae my soule to god that gaue it : and my Body to the earth 
to be Buried ; and my goods : I despose of ; As f oUoweth : I 
giue all my whoUe estat which god hath bestowed upon me; 
to my wife and my to sonns; That is to say to my wife; and 
my Sonne John; and my Sonn huah; to be equally deuided 
Betweene them and to eueiy one a like : and as for my wife : 
if her third part of goods will not maintaine her; it is my 
will y' my too sonns shall maintaine her all her dais; if in 
case shee liue unmaried; And if she doe mary, what goods 
she haue at her decease shall be equaly deuided to my to 
sonns: That is to say what estate she haue; at her day of 
mariage; and if either of these to sonns dye unmaried his 
estat shalbe his Brothers that doe Remaine a liue: and in 
wittnes hereof I set my hand; Dated y*: IS*"*: of y* 8: m": 
1661 :" 

his mark 
John Eow senier: 
his mark 

Witness: John I I CoUens senier, Steuen Glouer, John 
CoUens Junier. 

Proved iu Salem court 24: 4: 1662 and the widow and 
her sons John and Hugh appointed administrators to di- 
vide the estate according to the miad of the testator. 

Inventory taken Apr. 2, 1662, by Samuel Delaber, John 
(his I mark) Collings and William Browne: Two Cowes, 
lOli.; 1 Cowe, 41i.; 2 dry Cowes, 91i.; 1 old Cowe, 41i. 10s.; 

1 yocke of oxen, 16li. ; 1 yocke of oxen, 15li. 10s. ; 3 Cattle of 

2 years, 6li.; Cart & wheles, 2li. ; plow shears, ehaines & 


harnes, lli. 13s.; 2 hamers, 4 weges, 9s.; 2 sawes, 3s.; old 
axces, 10s.; 2 pecaxces, 5s.; 1 hoe, 2s.; spad & shuvels, 7s.; 
pickes forke, 6d. ; shot mowels, Is. ; pot huckes, 5s. ; tongs & 
crucks. Iron pots, 18s.; 2 Cittles, 12s.; peuter, 5s.; sheves, 
5s. ; 1 ass, 2li. ; seves, 3s. ; 3 Eakes & old sithe, 2s. ; a wheel- 
bara, 2s.; Swine, 21i.; 4 bushells of wheat, lli.; peaes, 14 
bushels, 21i. 9s.; tember vessels, 10s.; one gun, 12s.; bed & 
bed Clothes, 8li.; Clothing, 41i.; Chest & nails, trunk & 
books, 14s.; Friing pan, warming pan, 5s.; 1 grining stoo.. 
Is. 6d. ; a bars skin, 5s. ; Twenty busshelle of Indian, 531i. ; 
Baken, 21i.; Eopes & bags, 10s.; rep hoackes, 4s.; augers, 
chest and ades, Ss. 9d. ; Lanhorne & skales, 5s. ; Gotten stock- 
ens, 8s. 4d. ; rye, 3 bushels, 10s. 6d. ; salt & salt meat, Ys. 6d. ; 
Thre pounds, ten shillings Due det to John Eoe; Lands, 
lOOli.; total, 205li. 16s. lOd. John Eoe indetted Fourty 
shillings. Sworn by Brigitt Eow, the widow, and John Eow, 
her son, June 9, 1662, before Samuel Symonds. 

Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 8, leaf 26. 

Estate of David Lewis of Salem. 

An inventory of the estate of David Lewis was allowed 
June 24, 1662 and Samll. Areherd was appointed to admin- 
ister in behalf of the country, and to be accountable to this 
court. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 98. 

Inventory taken June 22, 1662 : In Mr. Corwin's hand, in 
fish, 17li. 16s.; a sea bead and covering & old cloathes, 21i. ; 
wearing cloathes & Linnen, 21i. 10s.; total, 22li. 6s. The 
estate is Dr. to Mr. Corwin, 5li. 6s.; for ye CoflBne & other 
things at his buriall, 12s. ; for exspences & time of one about 
his busines, 10s.; total, 16li. 8s. The rest of the estate the 
debts beiag discounted, 5li. 18s. Essex Co. Quarterly Court 
Files, vol. 8, leaf 27. 

Estate op Thomas Wilkes of Salem. 

Administration on the estate of Tho. Wilkes, that he had 
in this country, granted June 24, 1662 to Mr. Edmond Bat- 
ter, An inventory, amounting to lOOli. 6s. 11 l-2d., was 
presented to this court. Salem Quarterly Court Records, 
iiol. 4, page 98. 

Inventory of the estate of Thomas Wilks, deceased, that 
was foimd in Boston in November, 1661, by John Wiswall 


and John Lake: Aparell and small things, 711.; 1 small 
pcell of goods as p. Invoys, 2li.; 10 p. small stockings, 6s. 
8d. ; 6 1-4 lianen & woolen, 12s. ; 5 yds. 1-3 Eed cloath, lU. 
2s.; 9 yd. 1-3 gray Carsy, 2li. 7s. 6d.; gloves, laces & silke, 
7s. 6d. ; 3 grosse & 9 doz. buttons, Coat, 138. 9d. ; 2 grosse, 8 
doz. brest buttons, 9s. ; 3 yds. Coifing stuffe, 3s. 4d. ; 13 yds. 
1-4 shage at 3s. 4d. p., 31i. 4s. 2d.; 14 yds. Course woolen 
cloath at 3s. p., 21i. 2s. ; 38 p. gloves. Hi. ; 1 great Bible, 6s. ; 
3 peeces Sardge at 4li. 5s. p., 12li. 15s. ; 16 yds. 1-3 duble Beys, 
41i. 3s. 6d. ; 34 yds. Browne Lynen, 5li. 4s. ; 1 Coverled, 18s. & 
old Carpet, 3s. 6d., Hi. Is. ; 1 old Satinnisco gowne, lli. 6s. ; 
Incle mancster & some ode things, 2s. 6d.; packing cloath & 
Cord, 2s.; 19 yds. Carsy at 5s. 4d. p., 51i. Is. 4d.; 14 yd. 
flaninge, lli. 16s. ; hatte and Case, 8s. ; 1 Child Blanket, silv. 
lace, lli. 10s.; Chest, boxe, &c., 2 stone Juggs, lis.; 3 hhds. 
Suger, Neate, 15 C. 3qt. Hi., 151i. 15s. 3d.; 14 Gallon Eum 
at 3s. p., 21i. 2s.; total, 701i. Inventory of goods in Salem, 
taken ia December, 1661, by Walter Price and Hillyaid 
Veren : One pcell goods of small wares, 31i. Is. 3d. ; 1 pceU 
Ironmonger's wares, &c., 31i. 10s. lid.; 1 pcell small wares, 
lli. 4s. Id.; 1 pceU small wares, 3li. lOd.; 1 friiag pane, 2s.; 
35 yds. Course Carsy at 4s. p., 5li.; 14 yds. tickiage at 3s. 
p., 3li. 9s. ; 71i. old Iron & kitle, llii 7s. lid. ; 141i. peper, 28s., 
2 grosse, 5 doz. hooks & eyes, 5d., lli. 13s.; thimbles & 
nails, 3s. 7 l-2d. ; 15011. Cotton, 3li. 15s. ; 27011. Buckets, 3li. 
7s. 6d.; 1 pcell small wares, 31i. lis. lOd.; total, 301i. 6s. 
11 l-2d. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 8, leaf 38. 

Court 35: 9: 1662 ordered Mr. Edmond Batter, adminis- 
trator to send only 401i. of the estate to England to the 
widow, and to keep the remainder until the court takes 
further order. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 

The request of Robert, son of Tho. Wilkes, deceased, made 
36: 4: 1666, that he might have the estate of said Wilkes, 
which amounted to about SOU., in the hands of Mr. Edmund 
Batter, admiaistrator, who held it for said Eobert imtil he 
became of age, delivered to him for his own use. Court un- 
derstanding that he was now of age and able to improve it, 
ordered that it be delivered to him. Salem Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 4, page 165. 

Robert Wilkes' receipt to Mr. Edmond Batter, dated 18: 
10: 1666, for 361i., in full of what was due him from his 


father's estate. Witness: Hillyard Veren, jr., and Hillyard 
Veren, sr. Entered in the court records by Hillyard Veren, 
cleric. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 178. 

Estate of Heney 'Cooke of Salem. 

Administration on the estate of Henry Cooke, intestate, 
granted June 24, 1663 to Judeth, his wife, and Isaack, his 
eldest son, and an inventory was allowed. It was ordered 
that the whole estate remain in the hands of the widow until 
the children become of age, except that Isaack was to have 
51i. in hand, and, after his mother's decease, to have the 
house and land adjoining valued in the inventory at 601i. 
The other children were to have lOli. each at age or time of 
marriage. "Ye ordering of this estate is null and refers to 
what y* court have further ordered as apeers in y^ records of 
y^ second session of this court." Salem Quarterly Court 
Records, vol. 4, page 98. 

Inventory of the estate of Henery Cooke, late deceased, 14:: 
11, 1661, taken by Nathaniel Felton and Henry Barthohnew : 
His dwelling house and the land adjoining, 601i. ; the Cow- 
pen lot, beinge 5 acres, SOli. ; 9 acres of land at the great 
coave, commonly called Towne's lot, lOli. ; the house, orchard 
and land, about 21 acres that was formerly bought of Willm. 
Nichols, 401i.; a farme lot of 40 acres, neare Mr. Downing's 
f arme, 61i. ; 6 acres of meadow lyinge by Bishop's farme, 5li. ; 
8 acres of meadow lyinge nfeare the land of Hen. Phelps, 81i. ; 
an acre of land ia the towne next to Mr. Norriee & the 
housiage upon it, 301i. ; 2 oxen, 121i. ; 1 Cow, 51i. ; 4 two 
yeare old heifers, ISU.j 2 yearlings, 3li. ; a horse, 121i. ; In 
beddinge wth. 2 payre of sheets, blankets and a rug, 51i.; 
hempe & flax, 2li. ; a bed teecke & boulster, 21i. 10s. ; a brass 
ketle, an iron pot & ketle, a skillet, 2 platters, a table & a 
Cupboord, 3li.; a sadle & bridle, a payre of skales, a payre 
of stilyards & a Steele, 2li. ; Barly and pease, 4li.; In bed- 
dinge. Hi. 10s. ; a polaxe, 2 cleivers, 3 axes, 3 wedges, a ham- 
mer, beetle rings, a thwart saw, 2 muskets, a rapier, a sword 
& bandeliers, a fryinge pan, an old warminge pan & a mor- 
ter, 2li. 10s. ; some old bookes, a fire shovel & tongs & other 
smal utensils. Hi. ; a Cart and plow wth. tacklinge thereunto 
belonginge, a slyd, 2 sytes, 31i. 10s.; his wearing apparrel, 
5li.; total, 255li. Sworn in court June 24, 1662 by the 
widow, before HUliard Veren, cleric. 


Henery Cooke debter: To Mr. Corwinne, 161i. 17s. 4 3-4d.; 
\1t. John Browne, 81i. .2s. lid.; Mr. Bartholomew, 8li. 13s. 
LOd.; Mr. Gidney, 41i. 15s.; Henery Bullocke, 4li. 7s.; 
("Tillm. Plint, 35li. 10s.; John Pickeringe, 15s.; Nathaniel 
iTorton, 1411.; Francis Lawes,.lli.; Mr. Cromwel, 2li. 2s. 9d.; 
Mr. Gardiner, 21i. Is. lOd.; Richard Bishop, Hi. 10s.; Eze- 
reil Wathen, 2li. 10s.; total, 92li. 5s. 8 3-4d. Inventory, 
!551i.; debts, 921i. 5s. 8 3-4d.; rest, 16211. 14s. 4 3-4d. Henery 
Hooke's children were Isacke, aged twenty-two years, Sam- 
lel, twenty, John, fourteen, Henery, eight, Judith, eighteen, 
ilachel, sixteen, Mary and Martha, twelve, and Hanna, four 
rears. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 8, leaf 24. 

John Burton and Samuel (his mark) Ebume certified. 
Fan. 10, 1661, that "beinge w*"" Henery Cooke about 3 or 4 
louers before his decease perceiuinge he was in perfect mem- 
)ry spake to him about the settinge of his house in order, for 
;he peace of his f amely after his dieease : and that if he had 
lone it when he had had more strenght, It would haue ben 
nore comfortable for himselfe, his answer was, that he had 
!ome reason for it and that he would leaue al to his wiues 
iisposinge, then after some tyme of respite he sayd that his 
yil was that his son Isacke should haue his DwelUnge house 
yith the land thereunto belonginge, then beinge demanded 
ivhen, he sayd after the decease of his wife, & then he sayd 
;hat his daughter Judith should haue the Cowpen land and 
nore he would haue spoken conceminge the rest of his clul- 
Iren but was not able." Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, 
ml. 8, leaf 25. 

Upon further consideration about ordering the estate of 
Elenry Cooke, deceased, it was ordered July 7, 1662, that 
[saack, the eldest son, have 241i., and the other children, 
John, Henry, Judith, Eachell, Mary and Hanna, 12li. each, 
payable at age or time of marriage, and the widow was ap- 
pointed administratrix. Salem Quarterly Court Becords, vol. 
t, page 100. 

Estate of Eobeet Gray of Salem. 

"The last will and testament of Rob : Gray of Salem being 
licke in bodie but of pfect vnderstandinge is as foUoweth 
[mpmis I giue vnto my daught' Elizabeth Gray that peece 
Df grounde runninge alonge by the side of m' Endicotts and 
mttinge against Thomas oliuers It: I giue vnto my son 


Joseph my barne and one quarter of an aker of groimde to 
it to be laid out for him at the discretion of my ouerseer It : 
to my son Eobert I giue my kitchin with som grounde vnto 
it reserving a convenyent passage for my wife into the 
orchard and to the well which I also veserv to be 
laid out at the discretion of my ouerseers It: I giue 
vnto my other three children Bethiah Hannah and Mary my 
third pt of the Ketch to be soulde and equallie diuided 
amonge them It: I giue vnto my seruant Elizabeth Wicks: 
three pownds provided shee dwell with my wife to the end 
of the next somer It: I: giue to George Hodgis a quad- 
rant a fore staffe a gunters scale and a p of Compassis And 
for the rest of my estate what soeuer I giue and bequeathe it 
vnto my beloued wife Elizabeth Gray whom I make execu- 
trix of this my last will and testament and doe apoynt my 
beloued friends m' John Brown and Henry Bartholmew the 
overseers of this my last will and testament 

"in witnes here^Tito I haue set my hand the first of the 
iith m" 1661." 

Eobert Gray 

Witness: John Browne, Henry Barthobnew. 

Proved ia Salem court 25: 4: 1663 by the witnesses. Es- 
sex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 8, leaf 39. 

Inventory taken 5: 12: 1661, by John Browne, Eichard 
Prince and Henry Bartholmew: One dwelliuge house with a 
kitchin and barne and the land belonging to it, 30011.; one 
third pt. of a Ketch, 14011. ; one Cowe, 51i. ; two yonge horses, 
15li. ; one swine, 14s. In the parlor: One fetherbed, two bol- 
sters, a pillow, a Eugge and blankett, curtaines and vallence 
with the bedsteed, 14li. ; one trundle bedsteed, one fether 
bed, a pillow. Coverlid and matt, 4li. ; one table, a case of 
drawers, two chaires, 6 stooles, a setle, 3 less chaires, two 
trunkes and 3 casis of botles, Yli. ; one large lookinge glass 
with som earthen dishis and pictures, 311.; a tin lanthorne, 
4 basketts and som glassis, 10s.; 3 silver booles with som 
other plate, 4li. ; 7 p. of sheetes, 71i. ; Table linen and pillow 
beares, 91i. 10s.; Childbed linen, hollon and other linin, 61i. 
10s. ; woolin yearne. Cupboard clothes with othr small things, 
21i. 5s. In the litle Chamber: One feather bed and bolster, 
Eugge/blankett and bedsteed, 911. ; a chest with linin, wooltn 
and .<5ther goods, lOli. ; 4 old blanketts and 3 pillowes, Hi. 
18s.; a table, 3 casis, a forme, a setle and chaire, 311. 5s.,; a 
lookinge glass and 3 pictures. Hi. In the Kitchin: One 


f ether bed, a bolster, 2 pillowes, a Eugge and blankett, 61i. ; 
a trundle bed, with the furniture, 2li. 5s. ; brass, pewter and 
earthware in 2 butteries, 61i. ; brass and pewter in the kitchin 
and 2 p. of stilliards, 71i. 10s. ; 2 potts, 2 chests, a table, with 
other lumber, 6li. ; in the chamber, a bed and beddinge with 
the bedsteed, 3li.; a cradle, 3 chests and other lumber. Hi. 
10s.; old Iron, Eopes, blockes, 5 guns and a sword, 61i.; 6 
sackes and a pcell of Eossen and brimston. Hi. IDs.; in the 
Cellar, a firkin of sope, a Jarr of oyle and a grindstone, Hi. 
14s. ; his wearing apparrell, 241i. ; total, 58811. Is. Essex Co. 
Quarterly Court Files, vol. 8, leaf 30. 

Estate of William Browne of Gloucester. 

"I William Browne of Glocester in the County of Essex 
in !N'ew-England being by Gods providence Cast upon my 
Bed of Sicfaiesse and not knowing how neare my departure 
out of this world may be at hand doe therefore declare and 
make knowne this my last will and Testament in manner 
following and first I Committ and Commend my Soule unto 
God the Father of Spirits and my body to the Grave to be 
decently buried by my good freinds Surviving And in the 
next Place I give and bequeath unto my Sonne in Law Abra- 
ham Eobinson Two Acres of Meadow beiag Situate & lying 
on the liTorth Side of little good Harbour as also two Acres of 
vpland being Situate and lying next the burying place on the 
South West Side thereof in Glocester aforesayd as also three 
Acres ||of meadow || be it more or lesse Situate and lying at 
Annasequam So Comonly Called next to the Meadow of John 
Collins Sen on the North-East & butting upon the mayne 
Creeke or Eiver as also halfe that my Parcill of vpland be- 
ing Situate & lying in the Fishermans Feild between the 
Land of Jeffrey Parsons also halfe that my ParceU of vp- 
land Lying at the Eastern Poynt and adioyning to the Land 
of Eobert Elwell also I giue and bequeath unto my Sayd 
Sonne in Law one Cow and two Ewes also a Bed and a Bol- 
ster together with a Eugge & one Blanckett these Lands 
Goods & Chattells aforesayd to be Delivered to the Sayd 
Abraham my Sonne in Law together with one Iron Pot when 
hee Shall attayne the Age of twenty one years to have and 
to hold the Sayd Goods Lands & Chattells to him & his Heires 
for evar that is in Case hee Shall accept of what I have here 
given & bequeathed unto him in this my last will & Testa- 
ment But if hee Shall not accept of what is here bequeathed 
& given unto him then it is my wHl that all the aforesayd 


Lands Goods Chattells Shall fall to my Executresse anything 
herein contayned to the Contrary in any wise notwithstand- 
ing. Furthermore it is my will and I doe by these Psnts 
assigne & appoynt my Daughter Mary Browne to be my 
Heire & Exeeutresse of all the rest of my estate onely it is 
my will that my wife Mary Browne Shall injoy the benefit 
vse & profit of all this my estate now last expressed imto 
which my Daughter Mary is Heire I Say it is my will & I 
doe hereby appoynt & determine that my Sayd wife Shall 
injoy all the benefitt vse & profit of this my estate now last 
expressed untill my Daughter Mary doth marry or attayne 
the age of Eighteene yeares and then when Shee Shall at- 
tayne the age of' eighteene yeares or otherwise if Shee doth 
marry before Shee doth attayne the Sayd terne of yeares 
then It is my will and I doe hereby appoynt and determine 
that my Daughter Mary Shall presently injoy halfe the 
benefitt & Profitt of this my estate last expressed to her 
owne proper vse & behoofe any thing herein Contayned to 
the Contrary in any wise notwithstanding and after the death 
of her Mother Shee Shall injoy the other halfe which her 
Mother was to injoy while Shee lived that is to say Shee my 
Sayd Daughter after the Decease of her Sayd Mother Shall 
have an injoy all that my estate last expressed to which I 
have appoynted her Exeeutresse to Her & her Heires for Ever 
But if my Sayd Daughter Should dye before Shee doth 
marry or before Shee doth attayne the age of Eighteene 
yeares then it ||is|| my will & I doe hereby appoynt and de- 
termine that her Mother Surviving Shall have full power to 
injoy & dispose of all this my estate last expressed But if 
my Sayd Daughter doe Survive or out-live her Mother and 
dye before Shee attayne the age of Eighteene yeares or be- 
fore shee doth marry then it is my will & I doe hereby ap- 
poynt & determine that my Sonne in law Abraham Eobin- 
son above expressed Shall have & injoy that estate abovesayd 
unto which I have Constituted & appoynted her to be Heire 
to him & his Heires for ever Any thing herein Contayned to 
the Contrary in any wise notwithstanding In witnesse where- 
of I the Sayd William have hereunto Set my hand the 
twenty & ninth day of Aprill Anno Dom one thousand Six 
hundred and Sixty two." 

WiUiam Browne 
his mark 
Witness: John Emerson, John I Collins Sen, Philip 


Proved in Salem court 25:4: 1663 by the witnesses. Es- 
sex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 8, leaf 31. 

Inventory taken at Glositer, May 13, 1662, by John Emer- 
son, Samuel Delaber, John CoUings and Philip Staynwood: 
Two oxen, 17li. ; 3 Cowes & calves, 161i. ; 7 ewes and 4 lambs, 
41i. 2s. ; 1 rame, 6s. ; 2 oxen, 121i. 10s. ; 3 yere old bull, 4li. ; 
2 to yers old, 5li. ; 6 swine, 3li. 10s.; one yerling. Hi. 10s.; 
Cart and whele. Hi. 15s.; plowe harnis. Hi.; one pair of new 
wheles, 2li. ; One Cannow, 10s.; Axcel, 7s.; houes, 4s.; to 
shivels. Is. 6d. ; pieh forkes, 2s.; Angers, 3s.; Draing knife, 
3s.; Truell & huck, 2s.; one hamer. Is.; fire pan & toimgs, 
3s.; A gredion & friing pan, 6s.; pothncks and crucks, 13s.; 
smuthing eirns, 2s.; Billowes, Is.; 4 seves, 5s.; 4 Bages, 4s.; 
spitt, 4s.; Stillerds, 14s.; fouling peace. Hi.; 5 pots and a 
Iron Skillet, 31i. 10s. ; 4 peuter Dishes & one Bason, 21i. Is. 
6d. ; 1 quart, 2 pints, half pint, 13s.; 2 wine boUes & dram 
Cup, 2s. 6d.; 1 Candellstiek, 3s.; one puter Cuck, a Salter 
and a saser, 4s. 6d. ; Spoones, 2s. ; A warming pan, lis.; A 
dripping pan, 2s. 2d.; Snuffers, 2s; Paynted Dishes, 2s.; 
Timber Vessells, 31i. 2s. ; Chests, Hi. 6s. ; wheeles for spinn- 
ing, 8s.; Scales & weights, 4s.; Two Tables & a Stoole, Hi. 
14s. ; Trenchers & a Grater, Is. ; Bands, handkerchiefs, Neck- 
cloths, 10s.; A knife & a sheath. Is.; Shirts, Hi. 10s.; Three 
payre of Sheets, also one old sheete, 3li. ; Table Napkins, 15s.; 
Board cloths, Hi. 5s.; Table cloaths, 14s.; old Linnen, 6s.; 
wearing Apparell, 91i. 10s.; Shooes, 10s.; Red karsey, 18 
yards, 61i. 7s.; Trucking cloth, 10s.; Red Cotton, 8s.; Nar- 
row karsey. Hi. 3d. ; Cotton cloth, 6s. ; Leads & Lines, 12s. ; 
An Houre Glasse, Is. ; wool, 12s. ; woollen yarne, Hi. 8s. ; An 
Iron Lampe, Is.; Cotton wool, 6s.; cotton yarne, 4s. 8d. ; 
salt, 6s.; Bedding, 15li. ; wheat. Hi. 12s. 6d.; Indian Corne, 
9s. ; malt, 6s. 6d. ; one Hide, 8s. 6d. ; a Bible, 10s. ; House & 
Lands, 901i.; total, 2231i. 7s. Sworn by Mary Browne, the 
widow, June 9, 1662, before Samuel Symonds. Essex Co. 
Quarterly Court Files, vol. 8, leaf 32. 

Estate of Lawrence Leach of Salem. 

"Larance Leach Aged 85 years or thereabouts beinge 
parfitt in memory neer a yeare before his death expressed 
himselfe vnto vs whose names are heervnder written in the 
disposing of that w* hee had, we beinge vrgente w**" him to 
make his will his expressions to vs was this first he said that 


lie did owe thirtie ||poimds|| for the mill & his will was that 
his wife should pay his debts and when his debts ware paid 
that shee should take all hee had." John Porter, John 

Proved in Salem court 25: 4: 1663 by the witnesses and 
Elizabeth wife of the deceased appointed administratrix. 
Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 8, leaf 33. 

Inventory of the estate of Lawrence Leach of Salem, de- 
ceased, taken by John Porter and Jacob Barney: His wear- 
ing apparell, 31i. ; 2 feather bolsters, Hi. ; 3 feather- pillowes, 
13s.; 1 Coverlet & 3 Ruggs, Hi. 10s.; 3 blanketts. Hi. 5s.; a 
Fether bed & 3 iiocke beds, 31i. ; 3 paire of sheetes. Hi. 10s. ; 
3 pillow beares, 6s. ; 3 small table clothes, 10s. ; 1 single sheet, 
4s.; a bedsted and a Chest, Hi. 10s.; 5 Chaires, 15s.; 3 bar- 
iUs, a tub & 8 trays. Hi. 5s. ; a table, a forme & 3 dishes, 6s. ; 
3 old brasse kettles & a skillet, a Chafindish & 1 Candlestick, 
3 Iron pots & a skillet, Hi. 68. 8d. ; 1 Iron kitle & a morter, 
3li. 10s.; a spit & a dripping pan & a frying pan, 10s.; 6 
pewter dishes. Hi. 5s.; a Baskett with other Lumber, 5s.; 2 
Cowes, a heyfer & a Calfe, 121i. ; 5 small swine, 4li. ; the howse, 
with 3 acres of- land with the orchard, being parte of the 
said 3 acres, 301i.; a mill, 401i. ; 20 acres of land not im- 
proved on Eyall side neare John Bacheler, lOli. ; 15 acres of 
meadow neare John Porters farme bought of Mr. Downing, 
201i. ; a Bible with another Booke, 5s.; total, 1381i. 14s. 8d. 
Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 8, leaf 34. 

Estate of Anne Fuller of (Salem?). 

"Anne ffuUer widdow aged 79 yeares being very sicke and 
weake, beinge in perfect memory and 2 or 3 dayes before 
her decease desired vs [whose] names ar vnderwritten to be 
witnesses to this her disposinge of what she had, & first she 
sd her wil was that her son Richard Leach should have her 

5 acre lot for the charge of her burial, & her red wastcote she 
gave vnto Bethiah Farrow, and her that John Leach 

6 Sara Leach haue on of her Cowes betweene them & what 
she had more she gaue unto her son Richard Leach." 

his mark 
Jonathan Willcott, John E Rowdon, 
Proved in Salem court 25 : 4: 1663. 

Richard Leach was appointed administrator of the estate 


of Ann Fuller, having brought into court a will and inven- 
tory of the said Ann Fuller, which were allowed 35:4: 1662. 

Inventory taken by Nathaniel Felton and Anthony Buxton : 
Five acres of Land, 71i. ; two Cowes, 81i. ; a Coverlet, Hi. ; 2 
blankets. Hi. ; a bed' teeke & a bolster, pillowes & 3 sheetes, 

Hi. — ; her wearing apparell, ; st, 5s.; a bible, 

2s.; total, 231i. 17s. 6d. 

Ussex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 8, leaf 35. 

Guardianship of Jonathan Hopkinson or Eowlet. 

Jonathan Hopkinson made choice of his father, Eichard 
Swan, as his guardian, Sept. 30, 1662. Ipswich Quarterly 
Court Records, vol. 1, page 109. 

Estate of Elias Stileman of Salem.* 

Admiaistration on the estate of Elias Stileman of Salem, 
intestate, granted Sept. 30, 1662, to Elias Stileman of Ports- 
mouth, son of the deceased, who was ordered to bring in an 
inventory. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 109. 

Elyas Stileman, administrator of the estate of Elyas Stile- 
man, sr., deceased, was given liberty 25 : 9 : 1662, to perfect 
the inventory and bring it in to the next Ipswich court. 
Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 108. 

Mr. Elias Stileman presented an inventory of his deceased 
father's estate, which was allowed 24: 9: 1663. Salem 
Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 125. 

Inventory taken 7:9: 1662, by Edmond Batter and HOl- 
yard Veren : A dwelling house, 50li. ; one Acre of salt marsh, 
6li. ; 3 1-2 acres of pasture land, 141i. ; about 2 acres & half 
of ground in ye south feild, 31i. ; 6 swine, 31i. Goods in the 
parler: a bed with the bedsted & all ye furniture belonging, 
lOli. ; a table & forme & two Carpitts, Hi. 5s. ; 8 ehayers, IH. 
10s. ; a Cubbord cloath & 3 Cushens, 21i. ; 8 cushens, 8s. ; one 
old Bible, 3s. 6d. ; 4 pr. hollan sheets, 8li. ; 5 Couxee hoUan 
sheets, 31i. ; 1 pr. Calico sheets, Hi. ; 2 pr. Cource sheets, 31i. ; 
table cloathe, 2li. ; 5 pr. pillow beers, Hi. 10s. ; 15 towells, fine 
& cource, 14s.; 1-3 doz. fine napkins, 15s.; 2 doz. 1-2 nap- 
kins. Hi. 16s.; 12 Cource napkins & a cource table cloath, 

* See also Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex 
Co., Mass., vol. 3 (1913), p. 108. 


9s. ; a -warming pan, 10s. ; 1 pr. And Irons & tongue, lli. In 
the hall : a table, 2 formes, lli. 5s. ; a Cubbard cushing, 3s. 
In pewter : new wine qrt., pt. & 1-2 pt. potts, lli. 13s. ; a flag- 
gon, 3 qrt. potts & pt. potts & cupps, 31i. ; wome pewter, 31i. ; 
pewter platters, sasers & bassons. Hi.; new pewter: 9 plat- 
ters, 21i. 10s. ; latten ware, lOs. In ye Hall chamber : a bead, 
3 coverings, bolster, pillow & a blankett, 31i. 10s.; chares, 
table & form, old ones, 6s. In ye parler chamber : one bead, 
one bolster, to pillowes, a rugg, 3 blanketts, curtins, vallenc 
& bedsteed, 711. ; an old table & forme, 2s. In the kitchiag : 
one muscott, 10s.; 3 spitts, 1 pr. rackes, gridiron, 2 pr. 
hauckes, tongues, fire pan, beefe pricker, lli. 13s.; 3 Iron 
potts & on kettle, 3li. ; on Iron thripin pan, frying pan & 
one pestle & morter, an old Jack, Hi.; bras scales & waites, 
5s.; 3 brass Kittles, Hi.; a brass scumer & ladle, 5s.; old 
Iron, 3s. 6d. & a spade, 30d., 5s.; trenchers, & wooden plat- 
ters & bottle, 10s. ; earthen ware, 3s. ; 4 baggs, 13s. ; 3 seeves, 
2s.; a copper, 31i. ; a bellowes, funnell & other lumber tubbs, 
canns & shovell, 13s. In the Kitchin chamber : on» bead & 
3 bolsters, 3 white blanketts & 2 red blanketts, 5li. ; 3 Cover- 
leads, lli. 8s. ; 3 chests, lli. ; wearing apparrell, lOli. ; 3 hatts, 
15s. In the seller: wine viniger, Hi.; ould caske, 10s.; 1 pr. 
malt Milstones, 5s.; a hamaker, 10s.; aprentice boye, 91i. ; 
total, 17611. 13s. 6d. The estate owes to severall men that is 
known, 379li. 13s. 4d. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, 
vol. 9, leaf 74. 

Estate of John Beabeooke oe Newbuet. 

"This 27* of June 1662 I John brabrooke of newberie 
beiag sieke in body butt of good memorie do here make my 
last will and testament as foloweth first I Comit my soule 
to god to Inioy him and secondly for my outward Estat I 
giue vnto my mother on Cow and all my wering Clothes that 
Cow I mene which is in my vnkl shorts hands 3''ly I giue 
vnto my mother and my brother samuell and my brother Jo- 
sep and my sister Elizabeth and my sister sarah and my sis- 
ter Eebeca and my sister Eachell all that Estate which is 
mine in England to be Equally devided between them 
4thiy J gj^g yjj^ jjjy brother Thomas and my brother Josep 
my mare and Coult to be devided between them. Likwis I 
giue vnto my brother Josep on yew and lamb Likwis I giue 
vnto my frend Cormack nue shillings Likwis I giue vnto 
my mother mor fifteen shillings Lastly I giue vnto my 


brother Thomas all my Interest in the house and Land at 
watter toune after my mother desese allso I giue vnto my 
sister Elizabeth on Cow which is at samuell Moodys Likwis 
I desier my vnkell short as my frend to se this my will to be 

[Ko signature] 

Witness: Eichard Knight, James Jackman. 

Proved in Ipswich court Sept. 30, 1663 by Henry Short 
and Eichard Knight. 

Inventory of the estate of John Bradbrook of Newbury, 
deceased June 28, 1662, taken by Nicholas Noyes and Sam- 
uel Moody: his weareing apparrell, 41i. ; A bible, 3s.; in 
mony, 4s. 3d. ; a paire of Gloves, 2s.; a box with small things 
iu it, 6s.; House & Land after his mothers deceas, 60li. ; In 
England, 301i. ; A mare and colt, 12li. ; Two cowes, .91i. 10s. ; 
In Samuell moodyes hands, 18s.; total, 11711. 3s. 3d. His 
debts due to the phisician & the charge of his funerall. Hi. 

Attested to in Ipswich court Sept. 30, 1662 by Henry 

Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 2,980. 

John Brabrooke of Newbury made a nuncupative will, 
which was proved in court, but named no executor. Court 
Nov. 13, 1662, appointed Henry Short, yeoman, of Newbury, 
administrator of the estate. Ipswich Quarterly Court Rec- 
ords, vol. 1, page 110. 

Estate of Philip Call of Ipswich. 

"I Philip Call of Ipswich in New England in the county 
of Essex being sicke of body but Inioying my memorye and 
vnderstanding doe make this my last will and testament, for 
my outward estate w'^h God hath Given me I thus dispose 
after my debts are discharged I giue unto my wife mary 
CaU all my land in old England dureing her naturall Life 
and after her decease my will is that my sonn Phillip Call 
shall haue and inioy the same to him and to his heires for 
euer and Alsoe I doe giue vnto my sayd wife mary CaU my 
House and Land about it in Ipswich in New england afore- 
sayd for the terme of her naturall Life and after her death 
my will is my daughter mary call shall have and Inioye the 
same and my will is that if any of my children departe this 
"life before they come to age or the sayd lands come into 


there possesion then the surviveing shall haue and Inioy the 
whole and my will is that my sonn Philip call shall haue a 
cow and my daughter mary a calfe to be impued for there 
vse & benifitt and for the rest of my estate I giue vnto my 
wife for to helpe bring vp my children and after her death 
what is left my will is shall be devyded amongst my chil- 
dren acording to her discression Item I make my ||wife|| 
sole executrix of this my last will and testament In wittnes 
that this is my last will & and testament I haue heervnto sett 
my hand the sixth day of may 1663 In wittnes that this is 
my will." 

Php Call 

Witness: John Caldwell, Eichard smith, Eobert Lord. 

Proved in Ipswich court Sept. 30, 1662 by the witnesses. 

Inventory taken June 14, 1662, by Eobert Lord and John 
Caldwell: The house & aboute an acre of Land, 401i. ; 2 
cowes and year old heifer, llli. ; 4 swine, 31i. ; his weareing 
apparell, 3li. 10s.; a bed & bedsted & furniture, 81i. ; linery 
cubbert, 15s.; 2 chests, 10s.; 3 paire of sheets & one od 
sheete, 31i. 10s.; 4 pillowbeeres & a cubber cloth. Hi. 5s.; 2 
short table cloths, 6 napkins & 3 towells, 15s.; a trunke, 
hatt case & table baskett, 10s. ; a little table and 3 chaires & 
one cushen, 12s.; a glass case, tipt jugg, gaily dishes & a 
broken silver spoone, 12s.; a cubbard, old little table & 4 
chaires, 8s.; 2 keelers, a chirine & other wooden ware. Hi. 
10s.; bras kettles & skilletts. Hi. 10s.; an Iron pott & pott- 
hookes, 12s.; a warmeing pan & fryeing pan, 8s.; a paire of 
Andiorns, fire pan & lampe, 14s.; an axe and smotheing 
Iron, 6s.; in pewter dishes, potts, candlestick & poringers, 
21i. 10s. ; tinn ware & gaily dishes & other small things, 5s. ; 
in girtweb & other things about his trade, 31i. 10s.; a paire 
of bellows, old bible & other small things, 5s.; 8 bushells of 
Indian Corne, Hi. 4s.; bacon. Hi.; in Land England, 2501i.; 
debts oweing to the estates, about 26li. 10s.; Turkye Hill 
lott & Scotts Hill lott, 4li. ; a muskett, 12s. ; total, 36711. 13s. 
Debts oweing from the estate about 261i. 

Allowed in Ipswich court Sept. 30, 1662. 

Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 4,528. 

Estate of Henry Ltjnt of N^ewbuet. 

"Witness by theese p'sents, that I Henry lunt of Newbery 
in the County of Essex in New england, being but weake in 


body, but of sound & pfect memory, for diuerse Causes & 
considerations me therevnto moueing, doe make my last will 
& testament, & doe dispose of my landes goods & Chattels as 
followeth; first I bequeath my soule whensoeue'^ it shall de- 
part out of my body into the handes of my redeemer Jesus 
Christ, with an assured hope of a blessed resurrection, & my 
body to be buried, wheare it shall please the lord at death to 
cast me. Then next to Ann my wife I giue & bequeath 
dureing her natureall life my dwelling house barne Archard 
w*"* the pasture ground the houses stands in, with my ground 
ioyneiug to the pasture as allso Eight Ackers be it more or 
less in the litle feild, as allso my meddow in the mashes on 
this side plum Hand riu', Allso I giue vnto my sonn Daniell 
all the Corne ground & pasture ground, w*^'' was formerly 
Thomas Dowes as aUso all my mash ground at plum Hand, 
And my will is that my son Daniell shall giue to my Daugh- 
ter Presilla Twenty poundes to be paide her at the age of 
Twenty one years, and if she vaarry before, then to pay her 
within halfe a yeare after her marriag, Allso I giue vnto my 
Daughters Sarah Mary & Ellezabeth to eeh of them Twenty 
pounds, to be paide out of my goods & Chattells, when they 
attaine to the age of Twenty one yeares, AUso I giue vnto my 
son John Twenty pounds & to my son Henry ffiue pounds, to 
be payde out of my goods & Chattells at the age of Twenty 
one years, & till then my will is that my son John & my son 
Henry shall be at my wifes disposeing, Allso my will is that 
after my wiles decease I giue vnto my son John & to my son 

Henry my dwelling house barne Archard the land it 

stands in wth my ground ioyneing to the pasture, as aUso 
Eight Ackers be it moore or lesse in the litle feild as allso 
my meddow in the mashes on this side plum Hand riu'; 
Ijexept that at Jerreco as they call it|| to ech of them an 
equall portion And my will is that my son John & my son 
Henry after my wifes decease shall pay vnto my daughters 
Sarah presilla Mary & Ellezabeth to ech of them Ten pounds 
to be payde by them equally that is to say by my two sones 
John & Henry within one whole yeare after my wifes decease 
Allso I giue unto my sonn Daniell after my wifes decease the 
meddow or mash ground at Jerreco as they Call it w"" is 
exepted aboue from John & Henry & interlined And I appoynt 
Ann my wife the sole executrix of this my last will and Tes- 
tament And I Apoynt Anthony Mo .senior & Abraham 

Toppan senior to be the ou'^seers of this my last will and 
Testament In witness whereof I the saide Henry Lunt haue 


set my hand and seale this eight of July one Thousand Six 
hundred Sixty & Two 

"my will is that my debts & funarall rites be discharged & 
if my daghter p^'silla dy before the age of Twenty one years or 
of marriage that then the Twenty pounds be deuided amongst 
her brothers & sisters equally. And my wUl is allso that my 
wife Ann shall haue liberty of Three Cowes pastureing in. my 
son Daniells pasture as long as she liueth." 

"Signed sealed & Aeiivered as my act & deede after the 
words interlineed exept that at Jerroco as they Call it." 

"The mk of" 
Henry lunt [seal] 

Witness : Willam Mooudy & Abraham Toppan. 

Proved in Ipswich court Sept. 30, 1663 by the witnesses. 

Inventory taken Aug. 5, 1662 by Wm. Gerrish, Hen. Short 
and Robert Long: weareing apparrel, 161i. ; Books, 13s. 
Armes, 50s., 31i. 3s.; Land & Howsing, 35411.; 4 oxen & 4 
steers, 5211. 10s.; 4 Cowes & other Catle, 3211.; Come, 4111. 
17s. ; Cart, yokes, chaines sithes, axes, plowes, dragg prongs, 
sawes, wedges, 1011. 5s. ; Lumber, 311. ; Bedding in the Loiter 
roome, 811. 10s.; Boxes, chest & bedsteed, 111. 10s.; Lining, 
1511. 15s.; woodden wares, 311. 14s.; table bord, stooles. Hi. 
14s.; pewter, 411. 18s.; Brass, 311.; Iron potts, spitts & other 
Iron, 211. 5s. ; Earthen wareSj^ 111. ; Chest & spialng wheeles, 
bacan. Hi. 18s.; Lining yarne, IH. 10s.; wooU & Come, 311. 
4s.; Bedding in the Chambers, 911. 2s.; blankets & Curtins, 
Hi. ; Cloth, 511. 13s. ; debts, 311. — s. ; debts, 341i. ; debts owing 
to be payd 3811. 17s. ; total, 57511. 

Allowed in Ipswich court Sept. 30, 1662. 

Essex Co. Prolate Files, Docket 17,382. 

Estate of Thomas Eovtell of Andovee. 

Administration on the estate of Thomas Eowell, intestate, 
granted Sept. 30, 1662, to Marjery Eowell, his widow, and 
an Inventory amounting to 12311. 3s. was brought in. Ac- 
cording to a contract before marriage, the widow was to have 
half the estate, and the court ordered 2911. 10s. to be paid to 
Jacob Eowell, his son; to his grandchildren, the children of 
his son Valentine Eowell, 71i., that is, 40s. to the eldest son 
and 20s. each to the other five children. Jacob Eowell was to 
receive his portion at the age of twenty-one years and the 
widow was to have liberty to pay the 711. to the grand- 
children. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 109. 


Inventory taken June 16, 1663 by John Ossgood, Richard 
Barker and John (his I mark) louioy: the house and baren 
and shoope, 34li.; a parsell of land by the house fence and 
sowed, 40li. ; 3 Akers of land neare the hous unf enced, 31i. ; 
[a parsell of land forther in the woods unfenced and all sould 
butt five akers to cristever ossgood but not yet asuered unto 
him all which valed at, 121i. 10s. This crossed out.] ; med- 
ow ground, 121i.; 2 Oxen, 14li., 2 Cowes, lOli., 241i.; a 
marre, 81i., 2 Calves, Hi., i sheepe, 3 lambs, 21i. Is., 
llli. 16s. ; 7 swine, 5li. 10s., 3 stookes of bees. Hi. 10s., 71i. ; 
6 bush, wheat, 4 bush. Indean coren, 2li. 2s.; 1 f ether heed 
and boulster and 2 pillowes and Eooge, 6li. ; 1 flookbeed and 
boulster and Eooge, 2 blancetes, 31i.; 3 payer of sheets, Hi. 
10s.; 3 payer of pillowbears, 10s., 21i. ; waring Aparell, 21i. 
10s.; 1 Cubbord, 10s., 3 Cheests Hi.; 1 box, 5s., Hi. 15b.; 3 
Iron pottes, I posnat, 1 skellet, Hi. 4s.; 1 brass keetell, 1 
skemer, 1 bras morter. Hi.; pewter, 2 platers, 1 bason, 1 
Chamber pott, 6s.; 2 beer bouUs, 2 saceers, 1 poringer, 1 
Candellstik, 3s. ; 1 smoothing Irone, 1 lampe, 5s. ; 1 warme- 
ing panne, 1 fryeng pan, 1 speet, 5s.; fier panne, tonges, 
tramell and Chafin dish, 6s.; Carpenders toUes, Hi. 6s.; 3 
goonnes. Hi. 10s., 1 sworde and beelt, 7s., Hi. 17s.; 1 matte 
hook, 1 pek, 2 exess, 3 wegges, 4 beetl Eings, 14s. ; 1 Chaine, 
1 Coulter, 1 yooke, 1 plow, 1 sleed, 15s. ; 2 speening wheeles, 
4 Chayers, 4 Cquishinges, 10s.; wooden vesells, 2 barells, 1 
keller, 2 pondering tubs, 8s.; 1 tubb with trayes, pailes, 
seefes and other ould vesells, 10s.; earthen vesells, 2 payer 
Cards, 2 sikells, 6s. ; debts dew to him, Mr. dane, 31i. 17s. 6d. ; 
John lovioy owes, 31i. 2d.; Steeven Ossgood, 7s. 6d. ; George 
Abbet, Senior, 2s. 6d. ; Eobert CoUince of Ipswich, 5s. ; Wil- 
leam Avery, Ipswich, lis.; Eobert Kensman, Ipswich, 2s. 
6d. ; total, 1561i. 10s. 2d. ; debtes hee owes : Mr. Horen, 19li. 
12s. 3d.; Mr. John Geedney, lis.; Phillep Whorten, Boston, 
3li. ; Sameuell Willeams, Salem, Hi. ; Mr. Eobert Payne, Hi. 
10s.; Mr. John Appleton, Hi.; John Whipell, Hi.; Will 
bukly, 14s. ; total, 281i. 7s. 3d. 

Allowed in Ipswich court Sept. 30, 1662. 

Since this inventory was made there is lost thre swine and 
a shepe ; in dets aperes aboute twenty shillings. 

On reverse of paper: Income, 15611. 10s. 2d.; debts, 281i. 
7s. 3d. ; cattle dead, 5li. ; take out her estate, 501i. ; remaine, 
731i. ; her halfe, 361i. 10s. ; remaine, 361i. 10s. ; to her child, 
25li. 10s.; to his 6 grandchild, the eldest 21i. ye rest Hi. 7s. 


Anti nuptial agreement of Thomas Eowell of Salisbury 
with Margere Ossgood widow of Christopher Ossgood of Ips- 
wich: to take her children, two sons and two daughters as 
his own and to give her one half of his estate at his decease 
besides the portion which he shall have with her, paying to 
the children their several portions mentioned in their father's 
will Signed Feb. 24, 1650. 

^ bis mark 
Thomas P RoweU. 
his mark 
Witness: Phillip P fEowler, Bdman bridges, William 

Allowed in Ipswich court Sept. 30, 1663. 

Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 24,324. 

Additional inventory of the estate of The. Eowell brought 
in June 28, 1681 by his son Jacob Eowell and to whom ad- 
ministration is granted for that', taken by Dudley Bradstreet 
and Tho. Chandler: one hundred acres of upland being the 
great devission in Andever, lOOli. ; 25 acres of upland on the 
Indian plaine being the third devission, 301i.; meddow on 
the west side of Shawsheen Eiver ia 4 pcells, 301i.; 5 acres 
of meddow which was ye last devission of meddow, 151i. ; 7 
acres & 1-2 of upland, which was the swamp devission, 71i. ; 
total, 18211. 

As there is 121i. mentioned in the former inventory for 
meddow, I have left out 5-1-2 acres of meddow as it was laid 
out by the lot layers which is worth more than 12li. Jacob 

The above omitted by his mother, Margery when she gave 
in the former inventory. Sworn to in Salem court by Jacob 

Essex Go. Probate Records, vol. 302, page 5. 

Estate of William Wild of Ipswich. 

"I William wild of Ipswich in the county of Essex in New 
England being at present Sicke and weake of body but 
through Gods mercye Inioyeiag my vnderstanding and mem- 
ory doe make & ordaine this my last will and Testament first 
I giue my soule into the hands of Jesus christ my Eedeemer 
my Body to be desently buried And for my outward estate 
which the Lord hath beene pleased to giue I dispose of as fol- 
loweth After my debts & funerall expences are discharged I 
doe giue and bequeath vnto ||my|| beloued wife Elizabeth 


wild my dwelling house and all my land for the toorme of 
her naturall Life, and after her decease I giue all my sayd 
house and Land I doe giue vnto John wild the sonn of John 
wild of Topsfield my Kinsman Item I doe giue and be- 
queath vnto my Kinsman John wild Senior of Topsfield 
tenn pounds w'^h he the sayd John wild hath in his hands of 
myne & doe order the bond I haue of him for it to be ren- 
dered vp vnto him after my decease Item I doe giue vnto 
Eobert Amis the sum of five pounds to be payd by my execu- 
trix within one yeare after my death Alsoe I giue vnto 
marke warner the Summ of five pound Alsoe I giue vnto 
Hanah Lampson the summ of ten pounds to be payd by my 
executrix as my Overseers shall apoy* and the rest of my 
estate I leave vnto my beloued wife Elizabeth wild whom I 
make sole executrix of this my last will and testament And 

I doe desire my loueing freiuds Theophilus wDlson william 
white & Eobert Lord senior to be my overseers to see that 
this my last will be pformed acording to the true intent & 
meaneing therof And it is my will and mynd that If my 
Kiusman John wild Junior depart this life before he come 

II to II age or before the sayd house & Land comes into his 
possesion that then it be devided among the children of 
John wild senior vnless the Sayd John leaue heires then to 
be vnto them In wittnes that this is my last will & testa- 
ment I haue heervnto sett my hand the Sixt day of may in 
the yeare one thousand Six hundred sixty two 1662" 

Wmiam Wild 
Witness: TheophUus wilson, William White, Eobert Lord. 
Proved in Ipswich court Sept. 30, 1662 by Theophilus 
Willson and Eobert Lord. 

Inventory taken June 26, 1662 by Theophilus Wilson and 
Eobert Lord, jr. : the dwelling house, orchyard, & ground 
about it & 6 acre planting lott, 461i. ; a mare and three colts, 
311i. ; two cowes & 2 yearlings, llli. three oxen, 181i. ; 6 
hoggs & 3 piggs, 4li. 10s.; in the hall, 2 little tables, 6s.; 3 
chaires, 2 formes & a stoole, 7s. 6d. ; a cubberd, 2 chests & a 
box, Hi. 4s.; a kneading trough, one tub, two Keelers, 5 
trayes, 2 beere vessells & paUe, 12s. ; one pondering tub & od 
wooden things, 6s.; earthen ware, 5s.; one chamber pott & 
other pewter, 13s. ; a bras kettell, skillet & warming pan. Hi. 
4s. ; 2 Iron potts & other Iron things, lli. 4s. ; 6 old axes, 3 
old sickles, 3 wedges, one broad how, 2 beetell riugs & a ham- 
mer, lli. 2s.; In weareing apparrell, one cloake, jackett. 


Breeches & hatt, 6li. 14s.; a searge sute, Hi. 10s.; a cloth 
coat & sute & other old apparrell, Hi. 10s.; 2 pairs of shoes 
& 4 paire of stockens, Hi. ; one yard & halfe of woollen cloath, 

4s. 6d. ; 7 yards of co wooleing cloath, Hi. Is. ; 

paire of sheets, table cloaths, , 5li. ; '■ — a 

dozen napkins, 9s. ; 7 shirts, Hi. 15s. ; three cushons, 

5s. ; one bedsted, Hi. ; eurtaiaes & valence, Hi. 15s. ; a fether 
bed, boTilster & 3 pillows, 4li. 10s.; a blankett, coverlet & 
Eugg, 31i. ; one bedsted, strawbed, flock boulster, blankett & 
coverlett. Hi. 15s. ; drest hempe, 10s. ; barke tubs, 5s. ; sheepe 
woole, 5s.; coslett, pike and sword, Hi. 4s.; a tub with 4 
bushells of wheate. Hi. Is.; one ewe & lamb, 4s.; a fowling 
peece, 18s.; a crosecut saw, 5s.; debts owing to the estate, 7111. 
10s. 6d. ; total, 225li. 14s. 6d. debts owing from the estate, 

Eeceived and allowed Sept. 30, 1662. 

Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 39,837. 

Estate of Abeaham Mokeill of Salisbury. 

"I being weake in body, yet hauing the perfect use of my 
memory doe make this as my last will & testament ; Im : my 
wiU is that what euer debts I owe to any man be first payd 
out of my estate. And the ressidue of my estate I doe dispose 
of as foUoweth, I giue unto my Deare & louing wife the one 
halfe of my whole estate whether in Housing lands cattle 
debts due to me from any or moueables or what euer els is 
mine; & this to be hers to dispose of as she shall see cause 
either iu her life time or* at her death, 3'^ I giue to my eldest 
Sonne Isaack Morrill a double portion of* the othur halfe of 
my estate to be payd to him at the age of one & twenty yeares 
or day of marriage; 3'^ The rest of the sayd halfe of my 
estate I giue unto my other* five children Abraham Jacob 
sarah Moses & Lidda MorriU to be equally deuided betweene 
them, & to be enioyed by them as they come to the age of one 
& twenty yeares; or at the day of marriage; 4'^ My will 
is if any of my foresayd six children die before the come of 
age to inioy there portion that then there portion be deuided 
betweene the seruiuing children equally. 5'^ My will is my 
whole estate be kept, & improued together & noe deuission 
made untill my eldest sonne Isaack come to age to receiue his 

* Worn off ; words supplied from the record. 


portion; & afterwards as much as may be with any conuen- 
iency ; 6'^ My will is that my deare & louing wife & my eld- 
est Sonne Isaack Morrill shall be the executors of this my will 
^ly My request is that my louing friend M"" Thomas Brad- 
burry & my louing brother Job Clement be the ouerseers of 
this my last will & testament. June the 18th 62." 

his mark 
Abraham CE & Morrill 

Witness: John stebines, Tobias Daves, Rhoda Eemington, 
Mary wise. 

Proved in Hampton court Oct. 14, 1663 by Tobias Daves 
and Ms. Eohda Eemington and the widow Morrill accepted 
the executorship. 

Inventory taken by Tho. Barnard, John Weed and Wil- 
liam (his V mark) Barns: 3 horse kind, a mare & a fole, 
461i.; 5 Oxen, 35li. ; 4 cowes & one heiffer, 301i.; 2 two years 
old, 2 yearlins & 3 calves, llli.; 8 sheep, 4li. ; 11 Swine kinde, 
ISli. ; the now dwelling house, 56 acres of land, oarchyard & 
out howsen, 90li.; 19 acres of land uppon ye neck att ye old 
towne, 221i. ; a grant of tenn acres of land, 5li.; a right in 
Mr. Halls farme, 31i. ; 10 acres of meadow in ye new mead- 
ows, 151i. ; 9 acres of meadow in the great meadows, 20li. ; 
two higle pigledee Lotts, 181i.; 10 acres of meadow in ye 
bareberri meadows, 20li. ; 2 Sweepages & 2 acres in Mr. 
Halls farme, lOli. ; the house at ye towne & ye house Lott, 
40li. ; a 3d pt of ye corne mill at Haverhill, 20li. ; part of a 
vessell, 26li. ; due from Henry Sawer, 5li. ; from Eichard 
Currier, 31i. ; iu corne, 12li. ; a plough sled, yoaks & chaynes. 
Hi. 10s. ; ye shop tooles & Iron tooles & steel, 14li. ; 4 gunns, 
3 potts, houshold goods & other Iron, 61i. ; brass & peuter, 
31i. 10s.; beds & bedsteds & beding belonging to them, 221i.; 
his weareing cloathes & a peeee of cloath, 12li. ; for chests, 
barrell tools & other wooden vessells, 41i. ; hay, 71i. Total, 
507li. Wt may bee either debtor or creditor ^ book, by 
reason of ye obscuritie wee cannot yett finde out. Attested 
Oct. 14, 1662 by the widow Sarah Morrill, executrix. 

Petition of Sarah Mudget alias Morell concerning the di- 
vision of the estate of her former husband, Abraham Morell for 
consideration to be made of the charge she had been at 
about the estate and the bringing up of their children. The 
youngest, a daughter named Ipsabe bom about six months 
after her husband's death, and the other young children 
were Lide not two years old, Moses about five, Abraham be- 


tween seven and eight, Sarah about ten; and she lived a 
widow about three vears. 

Dated Salisbury," Apr. S, 1694. 

Whereas Abraham Morrell late of Salisbury bequeathed to 
his widow Sarah one half of his whole estate and unto his 
children viz., Isaack, Jacob, Abraham, Moses, Sarah Eowell 

alias Morell and Severance alias Morrell the other 

half, and no division being yet made they have chosen Col. 
Daniel Pierce, Dea. Tristram CofiBn, Capt. Peter CoflBn, 
Capt. Stephen Greenleafe and Mr. Thomas Currier of Ames- 
bury to make a division according to the wiU, and have en- 
tered into a bond of 20011. to abide by their decision. Dated 
May 16, 1694. 

Jacob Morrill, Moses Morill, Onesephrus Page, and Sarah 
(her V mark) Page acknowledged the receipt from their 
brother Isaac Morrel, executor with their mother Sarah, 
widow of Abraham Morrel, of their legacies given us in 
the will of their father, Abraham Morrel. Signed and 
Sealed Apr. 12, 1697. Witness : Thomas Wells, John Hart- 

Sarah Morrell as administratrix signed this instrument in 
the presence of Henry True, William Carr. 

Isaac Morrell accepted the executorship of his father, Abra- 
ham Morrell's will and it was allowed Jan. 31, 1703-4. 

An additional inventory taken by Tho. Currier and John 
Kimball: a Lot of Land in a devition above the mill of 
ninty acres, 221i. ; a lot of twenty five acres in a devition 
next Hampton line, lOli. ; a lot in a devition in the great 
neck of two acres and half, 3li. ; a lot in the Cow Common 
of ten acres, lOli. ; about 3 quarters of an acre of medow 
and the Commonage, 12li. 

Sworn to by the executor Jan. 31, 1703-4. 

Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 18,787. 

Estate of Valentine Eowell of Salisbuet. 

Administration on the estate of Vallentine Eowell, late 
of Salisbury, deceased, granted Oct. 14, 1662 to his relict, 
Joane. Hampton Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, leaf 4. 

Ordered Oct. 14, 1662 that L. Challis and Eich. Currier 
were to make distribution of Vail. EoweU's estate to the 
widow and cljildren, she to have one half. Hampton Quar- 
terly Court Records, vol. 1, leaf 6. 

402 the peobate becoeds of essex cottnir. 

Guardianship of Iseael Webstee of Ipswich. 

Israeli and Nathan Webster, sons of Jon. Webster, de- 
ceased, presenting their desires in writing, together with 
their mother's consent, with Jon. Cheny, sr., Eobt. Long and 
Wm. Elsly as witnesses, and said Israeli Webster being 
present in court and manifestiag his desire also, that his 
father-in-law Jon. Emory and brother-in-law Jon. Emory, 
jr., might be appointed guardians, the court 35 : 9 : 1663 
appoiuted them guardians, and also ordered that the bond 
given into Ipswich court for security for the children's por- 
tions remain in full force. Salem Quarterly Court Records, 
vol. 4, page 105. 

Petition of Israel Webster, aged eighteen years, and Na- 
than Webster, aged sixteen years, for appointment of John 
Emery, sr., and John Emery, jr., as their guardians, signed 
also by Mary (her mark) Emery. Witness: John Cheney, 
sr., Robert Long and William Elsly. Essex Co. Quarterly 
Court Files, vol. 8, leaf 88. 

Estate of George Pare of Lynn. 

"The will of goodman far my will is that my sonne John 
should haue the lot of ground that lieth betwen the ground 
of Captan martialls ^nd the ground of goodman winters 
allso I giue tow acers of salt march which is in Eoumly 
march to my sonne John to him and his ares for euer Also 
it is my will that my sons lazerous and Bengamin should 
haue my hous and all the land About it and the lot that 
lyeth near the land of Captan ||martiall|| and iohn lueces 
to them and to thare ares for euer and if onny of them die 
before he be at age then thare porshon shall goe to my sones 
that doth life ether iohn lazerous or Bengamin Also it is 
my will that my wife shall haue hare thirds of all my estat 
so long as she doth reman a widdow but in Cas shee should 
marry then hare thirdes should sease and shee shall haue 
that which shee and hare sones shall Agree for and after 
bar desease hare thirdes shall goe to my three sones namely 
iohn lazerous and Bengemin Also it is my will that my 
sone ioseph shall haue fifty shillings when he Comes to age 
Also it is my will that my four douter[s] namly mary mar- 
thr: iElizebeth and sarah shall haue fifti shilins apese and 
mary and martha should haue it paed to them tow yeare 
after my desease and that Elisabeth and sarah shall haue 


thares paed to them fouer yeare after my deseas Also it ||i8|| 
my will that ||my|| mare and Cattel and my houshould goods 
shall be for the euse of my famely It is my will m' laton 
and ffrancis Burrill and allin Brad inner shall be the ouer- 
seers of my wif and Children." 

his mark 
George G far 

Witness: Henery Sillsbey, ffraneis Burrill. 

"dated the first of July 1662." 

Proved in Salem court 26 : 9 : 1662 by Henry Silsby. Es- 
sex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 8, leaf 92. 

Inventory taken 24: 9: 1662, by Henry Collins, sr., and 
Henery SiUsbey: Beding, Hi. 10s.; baggs, sifes and roopes. 
Hi. 2s.; a table and forme, 12s.; pcell of barrells, wheels, 
chairs and forme, 13s. 6d. ; pceU of milkuig vessells and bar- 
rells, a churne, IT'S. ; one pottage pot, one kettle, a smothing 
Iron, one fryinge pann & a paire of tongs, 17s. ; five old Axes 
& one spade, lis. 6d.; one cart roope, 8s.; tow siths, tow 
forkes and a handsaw, 7s.; one muskett and a sword, 15s.; 
one pcell of old bookes and tow pots & old pecke and a paire 
of spininge cards, 6s. ; one bettle & wedges, 4s. ; thirty Bush, 
of Indian corne, 41i. 10s.; one weavers lume wth the tack- 
lings, 21i. ; one cart and whels and one plough with the tack- 
lings, Hi. 10s.; one paire of oxen, 121i. ; tow cows, 81i. ; one 
heifer, Hi. 15s.; one calfe. Hi.; three hoggs, 41i. 10s.; tow 
piggs, 10s.; one mare, Sli. 10s.; one dwellinge house and 
some outhousinge wth. the lote it stands upon, 201i.; eight 
acres of upland, 161i. ; eight acres more of upland, 16li.; tow 
acres of salt marsh in Eumley march, 5li.; total, 10911. 8s. 

Attested 26 : 9 : 1662 by the widow. Essex Co. Quarterly 
Court Files, vol. 8, leaf 93. 

Estate of Eev. William Woecestee of Salisbuey. 

"I wiUi: Worcester being ||Sick &|| weake of body but of 
sound & pfect memorie doe make & ordeiae this my last wUl 
& Testam* as foUoweth: Imp my will is that my beloued 
wyfe: shall haue that bonde of fiftie pound w*"* is due vnto 
me from Thomas dark of Boston Iron munger: she secuer- 
ing my daughter in Law Kebecka Bilie of w* remaynes due 
to hir out of y* bonde Also my will is that my wyfe shall 
haue the vse & benefit of my dwelling house oarchyard & 
house lott duering the time of hir widohood; & three cowes 
comonage: duering y^ sd term Also that my wyfe shall 


haue w* moneys soever ar due in England: for rent: for w' 
lands & houseing belongs vnto her: or may otherwayes be 
given vnto her, or any other wayes due Itt: I doe giue & 
bequeath vnto my Sonn Samuell Worcester my last higledee 
pigledee lott of Salt marsh lyng towards Merimack Rivers 
mouth: & also a silver wine bole that hath y' letters of his 
name ingraven vppon it & a thousand of pine board towards 
the finishing of his house : as also all my wareing Apparrell ; 
my minde is y* my grandchilde willia : Worcester Sam- 
uels ehUde shall haue y* Sylver wine boule named Itt : I 

doe giue & bequeath to my daughter Susana my pide 

mare Colt:: It: I doe giue vnto my grand ehilde Eebeeka 
stacy five pound in houshould stuff : such as her grandmother 
shal thiake meet It : I doe giue & bequeathe to my Sonne Wil- 
liam Worcester all my vpland w*''in y® bounds of the new 
towne of Salisbury: w*" all rights & privilidges thervnto be- 
longing as also my first Higgle pigledee lott of Salt Marsh: 
& all my lott of Sweepage at the beache: by my land at y* 
newtown : my meaning is : my twenty acre lott butting vpon 
merimack Eiver & the sevnty acres granted vnto mee by the 
towne of Salisbury lying next: to the land of Cap' Pike: n 
esterly : Itt : I doe give & bequeath vnto my Sone Timothie 
Worcester & to my Sonn Moses woster all the remaynder of 
my lands both vpland Marsh & meadow, lyng & being w*in 
the bounds of the old towne of Salisbury w*"" all rights, Com- 
onages & privilidges thervnto belonging (Except before Ex- 
epted) to bee equally divided between them: p'^sently after 
my decease Also I doe give vnto my said Sonns 
Timothe & Moses: my dwelling house, orchyard & 
house Lott : after their mothers death or day of mar- 
iage w"'" first happens: to bee equally divided between 
them & to haue the barne p^'sently after my decease w**" free 
egress & regress vnto y" sd barne : to cary hay or corne or y* 
like: Always pvided that the marsh Lott: w*"" was formerly 
my wyf es by hir former husband m'' John Hall : remayne to 
the vse of my Said wyf e hir heires & assignes for ever. It : 
I doe giue & bequeath vnto my Sonne william: my pide 
mare : & a cowe that is cald short & fine povnd in houshold 
goods : : all other guifts by any to my said sonne being Com- 
p'hended in y" abouesd estate giuen !|by me|| vnto him It 
I doe giue & bequeath vnto my Sonne Timothy my old horse 
& a cowe cald: Cherry & fine pound in houshold goods. It 
I doe giue & bequeath vnto my Sonne Moses my young mare 
between two & three yeare old & also the young heifer & fiue 


pound in household goods : It : I doe giue vnto my grand- 
child willia Worcester: my Cow cald the Barbar. It: I do 
giue vnto my Daughter stacy: y* cowe which is cald the 
young cowe: & also my two yearling steers It: I doe giue 
vnto my grand Childe Eebecka stacy: my two yeare old 
steere It: my will is that all the Cattle: before named in 
this my wiU : be wintered w*"* the hay pvided for them if y* 
owners please I doe giue vnto my Daughter Eebecka: 
Bylie: my brass Chafendish; & also I giue vnto her a booke 
of m' Anthony Burgases concerning the tryalls of grace, as 
a small token of my Specyall loue vnto hir It: I doe giue 
vnto my servant mayde Hannah Hendrick: tenn shillings. 
It: I doe appoint my loueing freinds Cap* Robert Pike my 
brother Edward fErench: Eichard wells & m' Tho: Brad- 
bury to bee overseers of this my will & testam* & for the 
care & paynes theirin I doe bequeath vnto each of them 
twenty shillings to bee payd vnto them: out of my library 
in some good || English || autho", as they shall like off 
Lastly my wUl is that my dearly & welbeeloved wyfe: Ee- 
becka Worcester to bee my sole Executrix vnto this my last 
will & testament It: my will is that after my wyfe hath 
taken hir owne books out of my library & w' others she think 

meet for hir vse ; & y* ond x ryd — books to my 

overseers as afore books shalbe sold 

s willia : Timothie portion : It : my will is that 

all discharged & pay'd the remayne 

& bee to y" tutrix afore named." 

Witness: Tho: Bradbury, Robert Pyke, Edward ffreneh, 
Eichard WeUs. 

"wheras it is be remainder of 

giuen to my Sonne to each an equall p 

that my books shalbe yte: to dispose of a 

I haue given to my this 18* day 

of Octobr" ' 

Witness: Tho: Bradbury, John Severance. 

Proved Dec. 2, 1662 by Capt. Eobert Pike and Capt. 
Thomas Bradbury; and the addition by Capt. Thomas Brad- 
bury and John Severance before Samuell Symonds and 
Daniel Denison and the will delivered to the clerk of the 
county court of Norfolk to be by him communicated to said 
Court according to law. 



Inventory of estate of Eev. Mr. William Worcester of 
Salisbury taken 6 : 9 : 1662 by Edward French, Kichard Wells, 
Nicholas Noyes: money & plate, 301i.; wareiag Apparrell, 
251i.; the beddiag & furniture in ye parlor, 151i. 7s.; the 
beding, table & Chayer ia ye studdie, 31i.; the bedsted & 
bedding iu ye parlor Chamber, 41i. ; a small Chest wth house- 
hold liunen, 41i. ; a little box wth linnen, Hi. lis. ; a Trunke, 
10s.; bedding, bedsted & furniture in ye Mtching Chamber, 
121i.; a trundle bed wth ye furniture, 5li.; a great Cheast 
Wth pilloes, Eugg, blankets & Cushius, 71i.; a great trunk 
wth furniture in it, 151i. ; a small trunke of linen, 91i. 10s.; 
a cheast of Hnen in ye passage, 91i. ; goods in ye Clossett, 
71i. ; Yarn & other linen, 3li. ; in peuter, lOli. ; in Brass, 81i. ; 
Iron & tinn, 7li. In ye Hall: Chayers, forme, table, Cub- 
ard, etc. 21i. ; severall small things in ye lower Clossett, 10s. ; 
Tubbs & milk vesseU & other lumber in ye seller, 31i. 10s.; 
working tooles, 3li. ; in ye garrett in Indian Come & other 
lumber, 81i. ; The dwelling house, barne & hen house, house 
Lott & planting Lott, lOOli.; tenn acres of fresh meadow, 
401i. ; ye comonage, 12li. ; the last division of upland, 51i.; 
about 9 acres of upland att ye newtown, 45li. ; the Sweepage 
at ye beach & the first Higledee pigledee lott of Salt marsh, 
soli.; the last Higledee pigledee lott of Salt marsh, 31i. ; 
the 6 acre lott of Salt marsh yt was Mr. Jno. Halls, lOli. 
In Cattle: the lame mare, 5li. ; ye pide Mare Colt, 81i. ; ye 
old pide mare, 141i. ; the bald facet Horse, lOli. ; the young 
Mare given to Moses, 91i. ; two Oxen, 14li.; a Cow cald 
Cherrie, 5li. ; Cow cald barbar, 4li. 5s.; Cow cald Golding, 
4li. 10s.; cow cald short, 4li. 15s.; cow cald Madkitt, 41i. 5s.; 
cow cald brown, 41L 5s. ; a heifEer at Kimbals, 4li. ; a brown 
heifEer, 31i. 10s.; a fBnch steere, 31i. 10s.; 2 yearling steers, 
4li. 10s.; 8 Ewes & 4 lambs, 51i. 10s.; 2 Swine & 4 piggs, 
61i. ; 70 acres att ye Newtown wch was Mr Biles, 201i. ; in 
goods, 51i. 9s. ; a bill of fifty pound due from Mr. Clarke of 
Boston Iron munger, 501i. ; a bill from Ben Kimball, Hi. 
10s.; in bookes, 301i. 

Presented to the Salisbury court 14: 2: 166 [2-3]. 

Essex Co. Prolate Files, Docket 30,679. 

Court 14: 2: 1663 ordered that the WorshipfuU Major 
Eliezar Lusher take Mrs. Worcester's oath to the inventory 
of Mr. Worcester's estate presented by her as executrix. 
Salisiury Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, leaf 11. 

the probate records op essex county. 407 

Guardianship of Saeah Paeteidge. 

Sarah Partridg chose Capt. Eobert Pike as her guardian 
and the court confirmed it 14 : 3 : 1663. 

Ordered that Capt. Eobert Pike demand of Anthony Stan- 
ian and his wife, administratrix to Will. Peaslee, the amount 
which Will. Partridg received in old England as the legacies 
given to the children of said Partridg. This was to be de- 
livered at the next county court at Hampton, according to 
said Partridg's bond. 

Salisbury Qtiarterly Court Records, vol. 1, leaf 18. 

Court 13: 8: 1663 ordered that Mr. Stanian deliver to 
Joseph Shaw his wife's portion, 131i., before the next Salis- 
bury court, and to have the remainder of the children's por- 
tions ready, also to give said Shaw's interest for five pounds 
of said portion for what time he keeps it after it is due. 
Hampton Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, leaf 17. 

Estate of Anthony Colby of Salisbuey. 

Inventory of the estate of Anthony Collby, late of Salis- 
bury, deceased, taken Mar. 9, 1660, by Sam. Hall, Tho. 
Bradbury and Tho. Barnett: His waring Apparrell, 2li. 
10s. ; 1 feather bed & bolster & old Cotten Eugg, a payer of 
course sheets & a course bed case, 41i. 15s.; one old warm- 
ing pan, 3s. 4d. ; an other feather bed, feather pillow, feather 
bolster & a payer of sheets & Cotten Eugg, 41i. 10s.; about 
81i. of sheeps wooU, 10s. 8d. ; five pound of cotton wooll, 5s.; 
lOli. of Hopps, 6s. 8d. ; a bed case, feather pillow & bolster 
case, a payer of sheets & old cotten Eugg, Hi. ; an Iron pott, 
pott hooks & Iron skUlett, 6s. 8d. ; a copp. kettle & a payer 
of tramells. Hi.; a little old brass skillett & old morter & 
pestle, 3s. 4d. ; trayes & other dary ware, 15s.; a landiron, 
gridiron, frying pan, old cob iron, 5s. ; in old peuter, 3s. 4d. ; 

4 scythes, 8s.; 2 pillow beers, 3s.; table, two joynstooles, 
2 chayres. Hi.; old swords & 2 old muskets, Hi.; one chest 
& one box, 10s. ; an old saddle & a pillion, 10s. ; old lumber, 
10s. ; a grindle stone with an Iron handle, 3s. 4d. ; a new mill- 
saw & 1-2 an old one, Hi. ; a croscutt saw & half a one, Hi. ; a 
broad how, 3 forkes, a rake, 2 axes & an Iron Spade, 12s.; 

5 yoakes, 10s.; '2 Iron cheynes, 10s.; halfe a tymber cheine 

6 a new draft eheyne, Hi. 15s.; an old tumbrill with an old 
payer of wheeles. Hi.; 2 sleades. Hi.; a long cart & wheels 
& Spanshakle & pin & 4th pt. of an other cart, 2li. ; a plough 


& plough Irons, 10s.; 3 Canoas & 1-2 a canoa, 31i. 15s.; 6 
oxen, 4:211; 6 Cowes, 2711.; 2 3 yeare old steers, 71i.; 2 
Yearlins, 31i.; 2 calves, 111.; 7 swine, 5li. 5s.; 8 sheep, 41i.; 
1 mare & colt, 20li.; 1 horse, 10s.; a dwelling house & 
barne & 14 acres of upland in tillage, 70li. ; a pasture of about 
30 acres, 201i.; 2 lotts att yt wch is cald Mr. Hall's Farme, 
6li. 10s.; about eighteen acres of fresh meadow, 401i.; ye 
accoodacon bought of Mr. Groome, 6li. ; 2 lots of sweepage 
& one higgledee piggildee lott, 4li. ; 60 acres of upland 
towards pentucett bounds with meadow to be laid out, lOli. ; 
ye 8th pt. of ye old saw mill, 301i. ; 40 bushells of wheat, 91i. ; 
10 bushels of barley & 6 of rie, 31i. 4s.; about 60 bushels of 
Indian corne, 9li.; total, 359li. 19s. 4d. Copied from the 
files of the Norfolk county court records, and sworn to by 
the widow Colby, Tho. Bradbury, rec. 

Anthony Colby, debtor : To Sam. Worcester, Hi. 7s. ; WiUi. 
Osgood, 2li. 9d. ; Goodman Tappin, Hi. 2s. 6d. ; Abram Mor- 
rill, 2li. 10s. lOd.; John Tod, 10s.; Tho. Clarke, 9s.; Mr. 
Eussell of Charlstown, lOli.; Mr. Gerish, 5li. 8s. 6d.; Mr. 
Woodman, 2li. 14s. ; Jno. Bartlett, 2li. 2s. Id. ; Steven Sweat, 
21i. 5s. 5d.; John Webster, 13s.; Steven Greenleif, 13s.; 
Goodman Peirce, lOs.; Goodman Cillick, 3li.; Jno. Lewis, 
Hi. 10s.; Orlando Bagly, 5li. 19s.; Jno. Blower, 6s.; Mr. 
Worcester, Hi. 13s. 6d. ; Mr. Bradbury, 16s. 9d. ; to the wid- 
dow Colby, lOli. ; Henry Jaques, 2li. 10s.; Willi. Hunting- 
ton, lis. ; John Severans, Hi. 13s. 8d. ; Jno. Clough for grass, 
6s. ; for 9 weeks worke, 8li. 2s. ; total, 681i. 14s. 7d. Debtor 
p Contra: Rodger Eastman, 10s.; Eobert Clements, Hi. 5s.; 
from ye town, 9s.; Jno. Maxfield, 2li. ; Leonard Hatherlee, 
Hi.; Sam. Worcester, 14s. 6d.; Goodman Morrill, Hi. 10s.; 
Steven Flanders, 6s.; Goodman Eandall, 6s.; boards at ye 
saw mill, 3li. 7s. 6d. ; loggs to make 2000 of bord, 2li. 5s.; 
for work done to ye estate. Hi. 2s. 6d. ; total, 141i. 15s., 6d. 
Norfolk Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 33. 

The division of the estate of Anthony Colby of Salisbury, 
late deceased, made by Tho. Bradbury and Eobert Pike, 
Apr. 9, 1661, by order of the county court held at Salisbury. 
To ye widdow for hir part & the two youngest children: ye 
dwelling house, barne and 14 acres of upland in tillage, 
701i. ; ye ferrie meadow, 301i.; ye household goods, 191i. 19s. 
4d. ; a yoake of Oxen, 14li. ; 3 Cowes, 131i. 10s. ; 7 Swine, 5li. 
6s. ; in sheep, 2H. 10s. ; in Corne, 211i. 4s. ; the boggie meadow, 
lOli. To John Colby: an acre of land aded to his halfe acre 


at his house, 2li. 16s.; two eheyns, 10s.; a yoake of oxen, 
15li. 10s.; Mr. Groom's accomodacons, 6li. ; in sheep, Hi. 
10s.; a cart & wheels, span, shackle & pin & ye 4th pt. of 
another cart, 2li. To Sarah, ye wife of Orlando Bagly: one 
Cowe & one 3 yeere old steere, 81i. ; a young horse, lOli. ; 
another Cowe, 4li. 10s.; p. Isaac Colby, 51i. 16s. More payd 
by Isaac Colby to Orlando Bagly for ye which the estate 
was debtor, 5li. 19s. 8d. To Samuell Colby: one yoake of 
oxen, 13li.; the pasture, 201i. To Isaac Colby: the eleven 
lotts of marshe at Mr. Hal's farme, 2 lotts of sweepage & one 
higledee pigeledee lot, 91i. 10s.; 2 yearlins, 31i.; ye part of 
ye saw mill, 30li. To Kebecka Colby: a Cowe, one 3 year 
old steere & ye mare colt, 14li. ; two Calves, Hi.; a bed & 
bolster, 4li. 10s.; p. Isaac Colby, 2li. lis.; p. Sam. Colby, 
5li. 4s.; in come, lis. This division was consented to by 
the widow Colby and all the children who were of capacity. 
Confirmed by the Norfolk county court at Salisbury, 14: 
2: 1663, and recorded by Tho. Bradbury, rec. Norfolk Co. 
Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 34. 

Upon the petition of Susanna Whittredge formerly Colbie 
the Ipswich court Mar. 28, 1682 granted her