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Full text of "Catalogue of the London Library, St. James's Square, London : Supplement 1-8"

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«to»U mnivmit^ phtatg 


J ^^4fZ, 



The date shows when this volume was taken. 

To renew this book copy the call No. and give to 
^^ / the librarian. 


All Books subject to Rocall. 

Books not used for 
instruction or research 
are returnable within 
4 weeks. 

Volumes of periodi- 
cals and of pamphlets 
are held in the library 
as much as possible. 
For special purposes 
they are given out for 
a limited time. 

Borrowers should 
not use their, library 
privileges for the bene- 
fit of other persons. 

Books n^t needed 
during recess periods 
should be returned to 
the library, or arrange- 
ments made for their 
return during borrow- 
er's absence,if wanted. 

Books needed by 
more than one person 
are held on the reserve 

Books of special 
value and gift books, 
when the giver wishes 
it, are not allowed to 

Readers are asked 
to report all cases of 
books marked or muti- 

Do not deface books by marks and writing. 


924 092 490 790 

The original of this book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

There are no known copyright restrictions in 
the United States on the use of the text. 

^caisIadian archives \ 

CHRONIKEN D. DEUT. STADTE A *2. ^ i '^ ^ I . 










(JANUAEY 1, 1906, TO MARCH 1, 1906) 







Price 2s. unbound ; 3s. 6d. bound. A Case to contain 6 unbound Swpplements, Is. 6d, 

Non-numbers, 5s. 















(JANUABY 1, 1905, TO MAECH 1, 1906) 



















Eight Hon. LOED AVBBUEY, F.E.S. 


Eight Hon. Sir E. Blennbrhassbtt, Bart., j 

J, H. Beidges, Esq., M.D. 
HoEACE T. Beown, Esq., F.E.S. 
Professor Ingeam Bywatee, D.Litt. 
Professor Lewis Campbell, LL.D. 
Austin Dobson, Esq., LL.D. 
Sydney Gbdge, Esq. 
Sir A. Geikie, F.E.S. 
Sir E. Giffen, K.C.B., F.E.S. 
Edmund Gobse, Esq., LL.D. 
Mrs. J. E. Geeen. 
Rev. W. Hunt, M.A., D.Litt. 

Sir C. P. Ilbeet, K.C.S.I. 

Sir 0. M. Kennedy, K.C.M.G., C.B. 

Sidney Lee, Esq., Litt.D. 

W. S. Lilly, Esq. 

Sidney J. Low, Esq. 

Sir Fbank T. Maezials, C.B. 

Sir Febdbeick Pollock, Bart., LL.D. 

Eev. J. H. Eigg, D.D. 

H. E. Teddee, Esq., F.S.A. 

The Very Eev. H. Wage, D.D. 

Sir Spencee Walpolb, K.C.B. 

A. W. Waed, Esq., Litt.D., LL.D. 

SccretatB an& Xlbrarlan. 

BAECLAY & COMPANY, Limited, 1 Pall Mall East. 

London Libeaey, 

St. James's Square, S.W. 

The Library offers to its Members over 220,000 volumes selected from the literature 
of all countries, including a large proportion of old and valuable Works not supplied by 
ordinary Circulating Libraries. 

Additions are continually made, both of the standard Works of the day and of oldei: 
and rarer Books. 

Fifteen volumes at a time are allowed to Country Members ; Ten to residents in 
London. For every extra pound per annum, an additional number of Volumes may be 
had at the rate of five Volumes at one time of old Works, or the supply of any new 
Work (provided it is already in the Library) by the purchase of another copy. 

Fourteen days are allowed for the perusal of new BoOks (i.e. Books published within 
the last twelve months), and two months for Books of older date. 

The Beading Koom, which is open daily from Ten to Half-past Six, is furnished 
with Periodicals, English and Foreign, together with a selection of new Books for use in 
the room only. 

The Library is closed three days at Easter, three days at Christmas, and on Whit- 
Monday and August Bank Holiday, 

Subscribers are admitted on the recommendation of a Member, subject to the approval 

of the Committee. 


Secretary and Librarian. 


This Supplement contains all the books added from January 1, 1905, to March 1, 1906. 

Several large sets, The Canadian Archives ; Hakluyt, Navigations ; Scheible, Das 
Kloster ; Die Chroniken der deutschen Stadte ; the mere titles of which appeared in the 
Catalogue, have been re-catalogued in a detailed manner. 

A further list of more important mistakes and errata in the Catalogue of 1903 is 
also added to this Supplement. 

Several volumes vs^hich are described as " wanting " in the Catalogue have 
been purchased, and therefore it is essential to consult both the Catalogue and the 

It has not been thought necessary to repeat information about pseudonyms, 
anonymous books, &c., already given in the Catalogue of 1903 and Supplements 1 and 2. 

The price of this Supplement is 2s. unbound ; 3s. &d. bound, to Members. A case 
to contain 6 unbound Supplements, Is. 6d. 


FOB 1905 

A. (L. E.) *La cuisiniere de la oampagne, 28° di., 1847, see 

Cdisinieke (La). 
Abano (Petrus de), see Peteus, de Abano. 

Abas, Mar, called Katina. Hist. anc. de I'Arm^nie ; extr. de 
I'bist. des premiers anoetres. N. tr. par V. Langlois, see 
Langlois (V.) Coll. des hist', de FArm^nie, tl, 1867. 
Abbott (Edwin Abbott). How to write clearly. 

[4'" rev. ed.]. sB^. 1904 
Abbott (Frank Frost). The Toledo MS. of the Germania of Taci- 
tus, 1903, see Chicago. Univ. of C. Decennial publ". si, v6, 1903. 
Abelard (Pierre). Lettres d'A. & d'H61oise. Tr. nouv. Intr. 
par 0. Greard. 2' 6d. 8». 1875 

Abentofail, see Abu Bake ibn Al-Tufail (A. J.) 
Aberdare (Henry Austin Bruce, •/" baron). Letters, w. biog. 
intr". & notes [bij Sir JI. E. Grant Duff d o'.]. 

2v. f.p.c. s8». 0. 1902 
Aberdeenshire. Eecords of the Sheriff Court of A. Ed. D. 
Littlejohn. [New Spalding Club.] 

vl (prior to 1600). 4". Aberdeen. 1904 
Abney (Sir William de W.) A treatise on photography. 

10"' ed. rev. sS". 1901 
Abo, of Tiflis, see Sohultze (C.) Das Martyrium d. A., 1905. 
Abraham, a Sancta Clara. [U. Megeele]. Judas d. Ertz- 
Schelm, [1686], (Auswahl). Hrsg. v. F. Bobertag. s8». [1883] 
Abraham ("William Henry). Church & state in Eng. [Oxford 
Lib. ofPrac. Theol.]. s8<>. 1905 

Abrantes (Laure Junot, duchesse d'), see Beakne (C.) A leader 

of society at Napoleon's court, 1904. 
Abschatz (Hans Assmann Frhr. v.), see Bobeetag (P.) C. H. 

V. Hofmannswaldau, H. A. Frhr. v. A., etc., hrsg. B., n.d. 

Abu Bakr ibn Al-Tufail (Abu Ja'far), Al-Ishblli, [Abentofail]. 

El filosofo autodidacto. Tr. F. Pons Boigues ; con un pr61. de 

MenSndez y Pelayo. 88". Zaragoza. 1900 

Abulfeda, see Hakluyt (E.) Principal navigations, etc., v3, 

p412, 1903. 
Academia Romana. 
iee BiANU (J.) & N. Hodos. Bibliografia roman^soa veohe 

1508-1830, tl, ed. A. E., 1903. 
„ Maeiand (S. F.) Insectele in limba, credintele §i obiceiurile 
Bomanilor, ed. A. B., 1903. 

„ Legendele maicii Domnuliii, ed. A. E., 1904. 

Academie des Sciences Morales & Polit. Table alphabet. & 
bibliog., V131-54 (1889-1900) du Compte rendu. 8». 1901 

Academie Frangaise. Eecueil des discours, rapports et pieces 
diverses, 1900-4. pi. 4°. 1904 

IList below is only Discours de Exception.] 
Bazin (1904) Hervieu (1900) Vogiie, le marq. de 

Berthelot (1901) Masson (1904) (1902) 

Eaguet(1901) Rostand. (1903) 

Academie Imperiale des Sciences de St.-Petersbourg. 

see EuLEK (L.) Scientia navalis seu tractatus de construendis 
ac dirigendis navibus, 1749. 
Lemm (O. v.) Der Alexanderroman bei d. Kopten, 1903. 
Acadia, see Nova Scotia. 

Acland (Arthur Henry Dyke), aft. Troyte, see Acland (J. B.) 
A layman's life in the days of the Tractarian raovenlent : In 
memoriam A. [Acland] Troyte, 1904. 

Acland (John E.) A layman's life in the days of the Tractarian 
movement : In memoriam Arthur [Acland] Troyte, by his son. 

s8o. 0. 1904 

Acosta (Joseph d'), see Hakluyt (B.) Principal navigations, 
etc., vll, pl6, 1904. 


Acta Borussioa, see KoNie. Akademie d. Wissensohaften. 
Acta eruditorum. 1682-1731, [50v ; lettered 1-50]. 

840. L. 1682-[1731] 
Actorum eruditorum qusa Lipsise publicantur, supplementa. lOt, 
[letterrd 94-108]. 34". L. 1692-1734 

cant, an; 
Nova Acta eruditorum 1732-1776, [43v ; lettered 51-93]. 

s4". L. [1732]-82 

The Nova Acta for 176i d: 65, <t 1766 & 6? were eachpuh- 

lished toe/ether in one vol. 

Ad Nova Acta eruditorum quae Lipsi« publicantur, supplementa. 

8t, [lettered 104, i, ii 105, i, ii-109]. - 34". L. 1735-57 

Indices generates auctorum et rerum primi (-quinti) Actorum 

Eruditorum quae Lipsise publicantur decennii nee non 

suppl. tomi primi (-decimi), [5t; lettered 112-116]. 

340. L. 1693-1733 
Indices generales auctorum et rerum sexti Actorum Erudi- 
torum decennii quod est Novorum Actorum primum, nee 
non suppl. ad Nova Acta tomi primi, secundi, tertii, et 
quarti, [lettered 117]. s4o. L. 1745 

Acta martyrum selecta, 1902, see Gebhaedt (0. v.) ed. 

Actes. Actes et mem', des n^got. de la paix de Nimdgue, 3° ^d., 

1697, see Nimeguen. 
Acton (il barons Francesco). Giacomo III. Stuardo e la sua 

reale eonsorte Maria Sobieski a Lucca ed ai bagni di Lucca, 

1721-3. [P1090]. 8". Lucca. 1903 

Acworth ("William Mitchell). The elements of railway 

economics. s8''. 0. 1905 

Adam, von Bremen, see Adamus, Bremensis. 
Adam (Mme. Edmond). My literary life. s8<>. 1904 

Adam (Paul). Combats. i' &d. s8». 1905 

Adamnan, Saint, abbot of Hy. C4in Adamnan : an Old-Irish 

treatise on the law of A. Ed. & tr. by K. Meyer. [Anecdota 

Oxoniensia, IV, 12]. s4<>. 0. 1905 

Adams (Brooks). The law of civilisation & decay. 88°. 1903 
Adams (Clement), see Hakluyt (E.) Principal navigations, 

etc., v2, p239, 1903. 
Adams (Grsorge Burton). Hist, of Eng. f. Norman Conquest to 

death of John (1066-1216). [Polit. Hist, of Eng., v2]. 8". 1905 
Adams (Oscar Fay). A diet, of American authors. 

5'" ed. rev. & enW 88°. Boston. 1905 
Adams ("Walter Sydney), see Feost (E. B.) & W. S. A. Eadial 

velocities of 20 stars having spectra of the Orion type, 1903. 
Adamson (John "William). Pioneers of mod. educ, 1600-1700. 

s8». 0. 1905 
Adamson (Patrick), abp. of St. Andrews. Genethliacvm 

Jacobi YI, see Johnston (A.) Delitise poet. Scot., pi, 1637. 
Poemata sacra, cum aliis opusculis. Studio T. "Voluseni recog. 

[Sev.pagin''., & sev. tp\ w. date 1618]. si". Londini. 1619 
Adamus, Bremensis. Hamburg. Kirchengesch. Nach d. A. d. 

Monumenta Germ., iibers. v. J. C. M. Laurent. Mit e. 

"Vorworte v. J. M. Lappenberg. 

2« A. Neu bearbt. v. W. Wattenbach. 88°. L. [1893 





Addison (Julia de Wolf). Classic myths in art : Greek myths 

as iUust. by g'. artists. sS". [1904] 

Addy (Sidney Oldall). Household tales, w. o. trad, remains 

coll. in the co". of York, Lincoln, Derby, & Nottingham. 

8'. 1895 
Adelardus, Bathensis, see Hakluyt (R.) Principal navigations, 

etc., v4, p306, 1904. 
Adershach (Andreas). [Poems'], see Osteeley (H.) S. Dach, 

s. Freunde [A. etc.], u. J. P.Gling, hrsg. v. 0., n.d. 
Adler (Guido). K. Wagner : Vorlesungen gehalten an d. Univ. 

z. Wien. 8°. L. 1904 

Adrian IV, pope, see Thatcher (0. J.) Studies cone. A. IV, 1903. 

*Adventures (The) of a post captain. By a naval oSicer. [Illust. 

Pocket Lib.] sS". [1904] 

.ailfric Society, see Eemele (J. M.) Codex Vercellensis, 

.^schylus. Eumenides. Intr. &notes byA. Sidgwick. 3"'-ed. 

pi, Intr. & text. s8». 0. 1902 

The Supplices. A rev. text w. intr. orit. notes eomm. & tr. 

by T. G. Tucker. 8". 1889 


Agamemnon. Tr. into Eng. verse byE. Thring. [Intr. In/ 
G. H. Thring]. s8». 1904 

Prometheus bound. Tr. into verse by E. D. A. Morshead. 

sS". 1899 

see QuAE.iNTA (B.) Opere, [I Persiani], 1828-74. 
.ffitna, see Coepus poet. Latin. ; ed. J. P. Postgate, t2, 1905. 
Aflalo (Frederick G.) ed. Sea-fish. s8<'. n.d. 

Afrahat, sumamed the Persian sage, [Apheaates]. Homilien. 

Aus d. Syr. iibers. etc. v. G. Bert. Die Akten d. Karpus, d. 

Papylus, u. d. Agathonike unters. v. A. Harnaok. [Texte u. 

Unters. z. Gesch. d. altchr. Lit., 3 iii, iv]. 8». L. 1888 

Agathangelus. Hist, du r^gne de Tiridate etc., tr. par V. 

Langlois, see Langlois (V.) Coll. des hist', de I'Arm^nie, tl, 

Ag'athonice, see Afeahat. Homilien, iibers. etc. G. Bert. Die 

Alcten d. Karpus, d. Papylus u. d. A. unters. A. Harnaek, 

Agricola (Cnseus Jnlius), see Hendkiokson (G. L.) The pro- 
consulate of A., 1903. 
Agricola (Johann). 750 Deutsche Sprichworter, ernewert u. 

gebessert, durch A., 1548, see Bobeetag (F.) Volksbiicher d. 

le.Jhdts., hrsg. v. B.,ra.ri. 
Aguesseau (Henri C. J. B. de Fresnes, marquis d') [tPBESNEs, 

H. 0. J. B. DE, m. d'A.] Hist, de la campagne de Cond6, en 

Flandre en 1674 ; pr6o. d'un tableau hist, de la guerre de 

HoUande jusqu'i cette 6poque : plans etc., par Beaurain. 

[w. a 2™* engraved tp.]. fol. 1774 

Aguilera (M. de Foronda y), see Foeonda y Aguileea (M. de). 
Aicard (Jean). Le p&re Lebonnard : com^die. [inverse]. 

s8°. [1904] 

Ainger (Alfred). The gospel & human life : sermons. sS". 1904 

Leot». & essays. 2v. s8". 1905 

Ainsworth (Kohert). Thesaurus linguas Latinte compen- 

diarius : A.'s Latin diet. repr. f. the fol. ed. of 1752 w. add'. 

etc. by B. W. Beatson. Eev. & oorr. by W. EUis. Ia8". 1829 

The Latin-Eng. is in 2 p. w. sep. pagin. ; there is also an ; 

Index geog. etc. w. sep. pag. j 

Akers (Charles Edmond). Hist, of S. America. 8°. 1904 [ 

Alarchon (Fernando), navigator-, see Hakluyt (E.) Principal i 

navigations, etc., v9, p279, 1904. i 

Alb ps., see Whiteing (R.) 

Albanesi {Mme. E. Maria). Capricious Caroline. S8". [1904] 

Albert, called Alcibiades, Margrave of Brandenburg-Culmbach. 

A. in Mainz, 1552, see Cheoniken (Die) d. deut. Stadte : 

Mainz, B2, 1882. 
Albert (Heinrich),^oe< of Eonigsberg. [Poems], see Osteeley 

(H.) S. Dach, s. Freunde [A. etc.], u. J. Eoling, hrsg. v. Q., 

Albertinus (^gidius). Lueifers Konigreich u. Seelengejaidt. 

Hrsg. V. E. Frhr. v. Liliencron. sS". n.d. 

Albertus, Magnus, bp. of Batisbon, see Schneidee (A.) Die 

Psychologie A.'s, Tl, 1903. 
Albornoz (Gil Alvarez Carrillo), card. abp. of Toledo, see 


Albornotius (.aigidius), card. abp. of Toledo. [Gil Alvaeez 
CabbuiLO Alboenoz], see Wdem (H. J.) Card. A., d. 2' Be- 
griinder d. Kirchenstaates, 1892. 

Albrecht, von Bardowik. Aufzeichnungen vom 1298, see 
Cheoniken (Die) d. deut. Stadte : Liibeck, B2, 1899. 

Albuquerque (Jeronymo de). Doc. sobre a exped. de A. 

ao Maranhao, 1614-15, see Rio de Janeibo : Bibl. Nac, 

Annaes, v26, 1905. 
Alcala Galiano (Antonio), Recuerdosde unanciano. s8°. 1890 
*Alchemist (The), 1818, see Robson (Maey). 
Alciphron. Epist. lib. iv. Ed. M. A. Schepers. 

s8°. L., Teubner. 1905 
Alcock (Thomas), see Hakluyt (R.) Principal navigations, 

etc., 1903-5. 
Alday (James), see Hakluyt (B.) Principal navigations, etc., 

Alder (Joshua) & A. Hancock. Brit. Tunicata. Ed. J. Hop- 

kinson, w. a hist, of the work by A. M. Norman, vl, [Ray 

Soc.]. 8". 1905 

Aldersey (Laurence), see Hakluyt (R.) Principal navigations, 

etc., 1903-5. 
Alderson (Bernard). A. J. Balfour: the man & h. work. 

8». 1903 
Aldis (Harry G.) List of books pr. in Scotland before 1700, 

inch those pr. furth of the realm for Scottish booksellers ; 

w. notes on the printers & stationers. [Edin. Bibliog. Soc] 

40. [E.]. 1904 
Aldrich (Thomas Bailey). Judith of Bethulia : a tragedy. 

s8». 1904 
Aldworth (Thomas), see Hakluyt (E.) Principal navigations, 

etc., v8, pl33, 1904. 
Aleppo, see Hakluyt (R.) Principal navigations, etc., vo, 

p290, 1904. 
Alexander VI, pope [E. L. Boegia], see Maeicouht (R. de). 

Le proems des Borgia, 1882. 
Alexander, the Great, king of Macedon. 

see Beenoulli (,T. J.) Die erhalt. Darstellungen A.'s, 1905. 

„ Lemm (O. V.) Der Alexanderroman bei d. Kopten, 1903. 

„ Mahaffy (J. p.) The progress of Hellenism in A.'s em- 
pire, 1903. 
Alexander (James), Some ace. of the rebellion in Kildare & 

King's Co., w. narr. of the rebellion in Wexford, & the battle 

fought in [Ross], 1798. [P1089]. 8". D. 1800 

Alexandria, see Hakluyt (R.) Principal navigations, etc., 

Alexis (Guillaume). (Euvres po^t. Publ. par A. Piaget & 

E. Picot. 2t. [S.d.a.t.f.]. 8<>. 1896-9 

*Blason des fausses amours, see La Sale (A. de). *Les quinze 

joyes de mariage ; Blason d. f. a., etc., 1726. 
Alexius I [CoMNENUs],emp. of Constantinople, see CaAijk-svON (F.) 

Essai sur le r^gne d'A., 1900. 
Alfred, the Great, king of England, 
see Orosius (P.) A.'s Anglo-Saxon version of 0. ; tr. by J. 
Bosworth, 1859. 

„ Pauli (R.) Life of A., tr. ; app*., A.'s Orosius, w. tr. etc. 
by B. Thorpe, 1893. 
Alger (John Goldworth). Napoleon's Brit, visitors & captives, 

1801-15. 8». 1904 

Algeria, see Hakluyt (E.) Principal navigations, etc., 1903-5. 
Alien, ps. Another woman's territory. sS". 1901 

Alison {Sir Archibald), '/" bart. Hist, of Europe, 1789-1815. 

vl, 2. 4"- ed. 8°. E. 1842 

*A11 about assurance. Eepr. f. The Statist w. add'. s8". 1904 

AUemagne (Henry Rene d'). Sports-et-jeux-d'adresse. 4°. n.d. 

Allen (Grant). Anglo-Saxon Brit. [Early Brit.]. s8". 1904 

Strange stories. n. ed. s8<>. 1899 

Allen (Philip Schuyler). Studies in pop. poetry, 1903, see 

Chicago. Univ. of C. Decennial publ". sl, v7, 1903. 
AUgemeine deutsche Biographie. Hrsg. durch d. histor. 

Comm. bei d. K. Akad. d. Wissensohaft. [Miluchen]. [Excludes 

living persons]. B50, (Nachtrage bis 1899: Harkort- 

V. Kalchberg). g". L. 1905 

AUgemeine Staatengeschichte. Eor Abthlg. l, see Gesch. 

EUEOPA. Staaten, foT Abthlg. S, see Gesch. d. auszeeeueopa.!- 

BCHEN Staaten, d for Abthlg. 3, see Deutsche Landesgesch. 
Allison (Thomas Moflfat). Health in infancy. 

[P1086]. B". Newcastle-ou-Tyne. 1904 
Allotte de la Puye (Frangois Maurice), see DiLiiiGATioN en 

Peese, t8, Eecherches .aroh^olog., sB, par A. de La F., etc., 

Almeida de Souza (Baltazer), see Hakluyt (E.) Principal 

navigations, etc., v6, p468, 1904. 
Almquist (Carl Jonas Ludwig), see Key (E.) Menschen A 

etc., 3" A., 1905. ' " 

Alone among the Zulus, n.d., see Baekee {Lady C.) 


A-lsop (George). Character of the Province of Maryland, 1666, 
With ratr. & notes by N. D. Mereness. 8". Cleveland. 1902 
Alte Orient (Der), Hrsg. v. d. vorderasiat. Gesellschaft. 
Jhrg. 6, [4H. w. sep.pagin.]. 8". L. 1904-5 

Miiller (W. Max). Athiopien. [6.] 
"Weber (O.) Sanherib Konig v. Assyrien, 705-681. [6.] 
Wiedemann (A.) Magie u. Zauberei im alten igypten. [6.] 
Wiuclder (H.) Gesoh. d. Stadt Babylon. [6.] 

Altenberg (Peter). Was d. Tag mir zutragt : 65 n. Stadien. 

2» verm. A. s8». 1902 
Wie ich es sehe. 4= j^ g8„_ j^ggi 

Alured, bishop of Worcester, see Hakluyt (B.) Principal navi- 
gations, etc., v4, p287, 1904. 
Alxinger (Johann Baptist v.) Doolin v. Mainz, e. Bitter- 
gedicht, 1786, see Prohle (H.) A., Musaus. Miiller v. Itzehoe, 
hrsg. V. P., 1888. 
Amadas (Philip), see Hakluyt (B.) Principal navigations, etc., 

v8, p297, 1904. 
Amadeus, king of Spain, see WHiiEHonsE (H. R.) The sacriiioe 

of a throne : life of A., 1897. 
Amador de Los Eios (Jose), see Babet (E.) Obs. sur I'hist. de 

la litt. espagnole de M. A. de Los B., 1875. 
Ambrose (Isaac). Comp. works. 4°. Aberdeen. 1769 

Ambrosiaster [Pseuds-Ambrosics], see Texts & studies, v7, 

A study of A. ; by A. Souter, 1905. 
Amelineau (E.) De Hist. Lausiaoa [of Palladius] quEenam sit 
hujus ad monachorum ^Egyptiorum hist, soribeudam utilitas. 

8». Parisiis. 1887 
Les nouv. fouilles d'Abydos, 1897-8, p2. [Mission Amflineau]. 

4°. 1905 
America, see Hakldyt (E.) Principal navigations, etc., 1903-5. 
American Academy of Political & Social Science, Annals. 
v24, no. 3, & v25, no. 1, 2, 3. 8°. Philadelphia. 1904-5 

v24, no. 3. Insurance & commercial organization. 
v25, no. 1. BusineBS management & finance. 
v25, no. 2. City life & progress. 
v2S, no. 3. Child labour. 

American Library Association, see United States : Lib. of 

Cong. A. L. A. Catalog, 1904. 
Amherst of Hackney (Margaret Susan Tyssen-Amherst, 

baroness), toife of i'' baron. A sketch ot Egyptian hist., to 

present day. 8". 1904 

Amhurst (N.), see Bolinisbeoke (H. St.-J., visct.) *Disserta- 

tion upon Parties, letters to Caleb D'Anvers, 3"" ed. 1735 ; 

S"- ed. 1739. 
Amicis (Edmondo de). L' idioma gentile. 38°. Milano. 1905 
Amurath III, sultan of Turkey, see Hakluyt (B.) Principal 

navigations, etc., 1903-5. 
Anacreon. Odes. Tr. w. notes by T. Moore. s8». D. 1803 

see Quakanta (B.) Opere, 1828-74. 
Analecta hymnica medii sevi. [Hrsg. v. C. Blume u. G. M. 

Dreves]. 46-8. [in prog.}. 8". L. 1905 

Hynmographi Latini : Laiein. Hymnendichter d. Mittelalters. 

Polge 1. [48.] 
Pia dictamina : Beimgebete u. Leselieder. Folge 7. [46.] 
Tropi Graduales. Tropen d. Missale im Mittelalter. 1, Tropen z. 

Ordin. Missas. [47.] 

Ananda Eanga, Pildl. Private diary of A. B., dubash to J. E. 
Dupleix, gov. of Pondiohery: ree. of matters, 1736-61. Tr. j 
Sir J. P. Price, ass. by K. Baagachari. vl. 8». Madras. 1904 
Ancestor (The), a quarterly review of co. & family hist., etc. | 
No. 1-12, (April 1902Jan. '05). 12v. 80. 1902-5 j 

Index, vl-4, (1902-3). 8». w.d 

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B 2 



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ev TTjSe rf ^l^h-if Trepiex"!^^'""' ofoixara koX rd^is. Eorum quffi 
hoc uolumine continentur nomina & ordo. Aristotelis uita ex 
laertio. Eiusdem uita per ioannem philoponum. Theophrasti 
uita ex laertio. Galeni de phil. hist. Aristotelis de physioo 
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Meteorologicorum, 4. De mundo ad alexandrum, 1. Philonis 
iudei de mundo, 1. Theophrasti de igne, 1. Eiusdem de 
Ventis, 1. De signis aquarum & uentorum, inoerti auct. 
Theophrasti de lapidibus, 1. 

s.fol. Venetiis, domo Aldi manutii. 1497 

This is the 2'"' of the S vol. of the ivorks of A., Theo- 

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Nov. H95 & June -I49S. 

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11' 6d. 2p. sBo. 1905 



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NATioNAi Museum. 
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,. 1, „ Planches. 4°. 1904 

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Each vol, has several Beilagen not included below. 
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Chronik von d. Grlindung b. 1469, [B4, 1865]. 
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Sender (C.) Chronik, z. 1536, [B23, 1894]. 
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Brandkrossa thtittr. 
Droplaugarsona saga. 
Gunnars saga ThilSrandabana. 
Hrafnkels saga Freysgo^a. 
Thorsteins saga hvlta. 

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The garden that I love. [4"> ed.]. sS". 1896 

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[P1077]. 8". n.d. 

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*Autocracy (An) at work, 1905, see Nicholas II, emp. of 

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Mem', of the Clayton family. With unpubl. corr. of the ctss. 
of Huntingdon, Lady Glenorchy, J. Newton, A. Toplady, etc. 

8°. 1867 
Avellaneda (Bernaldino Delgadillo de), see Delgadillo de 


Avencebrol [Ibn Gebirol etc.'], see Wittmann (M.) Zur Stel- 

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Avogadro (Amedeo), see Guabesohi (I.) A. u. d. Molekular- 

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(A.) Delitiffl poet. Scot., pi, 1637. 
Azores, see Hakluyt (E.) Principal navigations, etc., 1903-5. 

Thorsteins saga SitSu-Halls- 

sonar, [&] Draumr. 
Thorsteins saga stangarhoggs. 
VipnfirSinga saga. 

B. (E.) 



B. (E.), see Benlo^ves (E.) 

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Ed. H. & J. Groves. sS". 1904 

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& prose tr. by Sir E. C. Jebb. 8". C. 1905 

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see FiscHEB (K.) Gesoh. d. n. Phil., B9, B. u. s. Sohule, 1904. 
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(J., Lady). 
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Thaten Bungye u. Vandermast, see Faust {Dr. J.), B4ii, 1849. 
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Coll. of early prose romances, vl, 1828. 
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Nelson at Naples : a journal for June 10-30, 1799, refuting 
recent misstatements of Capt. Mahan & J. K. Laughton. 

8". 1900 
BSdische Historische Commission. 
see GoTHEiN (E.) Wirtschaftsgesoh. d. Sehwarzwaldes, Bl, 

„ Eegesta episeoporum Constantiensium, B2, 1905. 
Badminton (The) library of Sports & Pastimes. Ed. by the 
Duke of Beaufort, assisted by A. B. T. Watson. 
Motors & motor-driving. By Sir A. C. Harmsworth, etc. 

3'« ed. 1904 
Yachting. By Sir E. Sullivan, Lord Brassey, etc. 

vl. 3"< ed. 1904 

Baecker (Paul). 

Die Kampfe um d. akad. Freiheit. 

80. Prenzlau. 1905 
With a 2""^ tp. Deutsches WoUen 1 Ein nat. Biicherei ; 
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^ 2« 6d. sS". 1905 

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Baillie (Lady Grisell), see Mueeay (G.), Lady Mitrray. Mem». 

of G. BaiUie & Lady G. B., 1822. 
Baillie (Robert), of Jerviswood, see Scotland. A true & piam 
aec. of the disc', made in S. of the conspiracies agst. H.M. & 
the gov*, w. extr. of the crim. process & sentence agst. B., 

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6"' impr. sS". 1905 
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In the great God's hair. Tr. f. the MS. by B 80. 1904 

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Baldwin, emperor of Constantinople, see Hakluyt (E.) Principal 

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B6 has 2 Abthlg. d a H'"' tp. " Das amerikan. Staaten- 
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n. (Sd. s8o. 1905 
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Some distinguished victims of the scaiJold. Ia8°. 1905 

Tales of the stumps. s8". [1901] 

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tl (500-1414). [Soc. des antiq'. de la Morinie]. 

4". Saint-Omer. 1904 
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laS". Mainz. 1908 

*Blizzard (The) in the West : a record of the storm of March 9"", 

1891. s8°. [1891] 

Blocli (Moritz) [i^s. M. Ballagi]. Neues voUstand. deutsches u. 

ungar. "Worterbuch. 2T. [Tl, 5«, T2, 6" A.]. 

8°. Budapest. 1882-90 

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O. G. Houtrouw. Bl,2. 1, bis 1300. 2, bis 1659. [inprog.]. 

8°. Gotha. 1902-5 
This is also issued with a diff. tp. in the Gesch. d. europ. 
Staaten Hrsg. v. Heeren & Ulsert. For the copy issued in 
that ser. see Gesch. etc. 

Blomberg (Anton). Marskalk Bernadotte och bans tid 1763- 

1810. 2d. 2" omarb. uppl. 8". [1899] 

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The intriguers' way. 88". n.d. 

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e. Trauerspiel, 1828 — Schenk (E. v.) BeUsar, romant. Trauer- 


C. H. V. Hofmannswaldau — D. C. v. Lohenstein — H. A. v. 
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Frhr. v. Abschatz— C. Gryphius— A. A. v. Haugwitz — J. 0. 
Hallmann. Hrsg. F. B. s8<>. n.d. 

Bobertag (Felix) {continued']. 

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erlautert v. B. s8». [1886] 

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G. C. Lichtenberg, T. G. v. Hippel u. A. Blumauer. Hrsg.- 

V. B. s8o. n.d. 

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biirger. (Mit Beil. aus Sprichwortersamml. u. Chroniken). 

Hrsg. u. erkl. v. B. s8». n.d. 

see ZiEGLEK u. Kliphausen (H. A. v.) Asiat. Bauise ; nebst 

Probenaus d. Romanprosa d. 17. u. 18. Jhdts.,hrsg. P. B., 


Boccaccio (G-iOTanni). Contes de B. ; tr. A. Sabatier de Castres. 

n. 6d. revue et corr. sS". 1891 
see SoLEETi (A.) Le vite di Dante, Petraroa e B., n.d. 
Bocquet (Leon). A. Samain, s. vie, s. ceuvre. Pr6f. de F. 

Jammes. sS". 1905 

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sen's work on the German univ. system. 8°. 1905 
Bodenham (Roger), see Hakluyt (R.) Principal navigations, 

etc., 1903-5. 
Bodius (Marcus Alexander). Bpist. Heroidvm — Hymni, see 

Johnston (A.) Delitise poet. Scot., pi, 1637. 
Bodley (John Edward Courtenay),see Bohtmy (E.) The Eng. 

people, tr. E. English ; intr. by J. E. C. B., 1904. 
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parodirte Cato, 1765, [a parody on J. G, Gottsched's C] ; 

Eache d. Sohwester, 1" nhd. Umarbeitung d. Nibelungen, 

[Gesang 1-4] ; Absohnitt aus B.'s Homeriibers., see CEtJQEB (J.) 

J. C. Gottsched, u. d. Sohweizer J. J. B. u. J. J. Breitinger, 

hrsg. V. C, 1882. 
Boerhaave (Herman). Academical leot. on the theory of 

physic. A tr. of h. Institutes. 6v. [vl 2"'' ed.]. s8°. 1743-51 
BcBuf (Frangois). Resume de repetitions ^crites sur le droit 

admin. 19« 6d. revue et corr. 88". 1906 

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This vol. contK Le christianisme d6voil6, & has been 

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S80. 1905 




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Heimliohe Eeohenschaft, 14U6, [B6, 1868]. 
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see Haklutt (B.) Principal navigations, etc., 1903-5. 
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rapport etc. s8". 1905 

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[B'19 cont. life of B.]. 
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d. K. Akad. d. Wiss. zu Miincheu. B7. 8". Miinchen. 1905 
7, Von d. Abreise Brzherzog Leopolds nach Jiilioh bis zu 
d. Werbungen Herzog MaximUians v. Bayern im Marz 
1610 ; V. F. Stieve, bearbt. v. K. Mayr. 
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British Academy. 

see Fitzmaurioe-Kelly (J.) Cervantes in Eng., 1905. 
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For cont., see British & Foreign MEDico-CHiBnKGicAL 
British & Foreign Medico-Chirurgical Review, etc. [cont. of 
2 per. : " Medico-Chir'. E." & " Brit. & Foreign Med'. B."]. 

vl-30. 8". 1848-62 
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Brit. Fisheries, 1750. 
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Coins & medals. 
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2v in 1. [the text to eachillust. has sep. pagin.~\. fol. 1828-9 
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8<>. 1889 
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8<>. C. 1905 

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_, , , ^ 3s. n. ed. sS". E. 1882 

Each s. has a 2"" tp. : 1, Locke & Sydenham, & o. papers, 
n. ed. 2, Bab & h. friends, & o. papers. 11"' ed. 3, John 
Leech & o. papers. 4"' ed. 

si has app.,w. sep.pagin. . Plain words on health to working 

" » n. ed. s8°. 1897-1900 

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Ed. & partly by B. la8o. E. 1905 

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4v. S". 1846 
see GossE (E.) Sir T. B., 1905. 
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the works of B., 6"" ed. 
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of B., 1878. ' 

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Entwickelung, 1850, see Noaok (L.) 
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a rel. of divers passages of things (whereof the Soots are con- 
cerned) from the 1" begin, of these unhappy troubles to this 
clay- s8o. 1645 

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crafty statesman : descr. in the character of Mr. Maitland of 
Lethington, sec. of Scotland, 1710, see Miscellanea Seotica 
etc., 1710. 
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The costlie whore. [4.] 
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The distracted emperor. [3.] 
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The martyr'd souldier. {Shir- 
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This vol. consists of two narratives printed previously, w. 
add". The narr'. are 

Narr. of the campaign in north HoUand, 1799. 
Military transactions in the Mediterranean, 1805-10. 




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C. (L.) 




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see Close Rolls. Calendar of 
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Heniy III, [2], 1231-4. 
Edward in, 8, 1846-9. 
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Papers rel. to I., v4, 1660-2, 

,, Calendar of State 

Papers rel. to I., r. of Eliz., 
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of the P. R'., in prog. 
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preponderance, their relations. 8". E. 1905 

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of] letters & papers, 
foreign & domestic, of r. 
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„ Colonial Ser., vl6 

(Amer. & W. Indies, 
1697-8), 1905. 

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Books. [Ed.] W. A. Shaw, 
v2 (1667-8),mj7ro5'.,1905. 

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Papers & MSS. rel. to Bng. 
affairs, in the Archives & 
coll**, of v., & in o. libraries 
of N. Italy, vl2 (1610-3), 

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s8<>. 1905 
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4"' ed., rev. to June 30, 1905. s8°. C. 1905 
Pembroke College. 
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w. a hand list of the pr. bks. to 1500 ; by E. H. Minns. 

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navigations, etc., 1903-5. 
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1, Passage du Grand-Saint-Bernard; par le capt. de Cugnao. 

2, Marengo ; par le capt. de Cugnac. 

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2"'! ed. 2v. 80. 1843 
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the Presbyterians of Ireland, addressed to bp. of Cloyne, in 
answer to The present state of the Ch. of Ireland. 

4'i' ed. [P1080]. 8». Belfast. 1787 
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Patiiio y C, 1882. 
Campion (Jasper), see Hakluyt (E.) Principal navigations, 

etc., v5, pill, 1904. 
Campo (E. del), see Del Campo (E.) 

*The bubbles of C, 1839, see Halibueton (T. C.) 
see Hakluyt (R.) Principal navigations, etc., 1903-5. 
Govt, eubl"., Aqeicultuee. 
Eeport on Canadian archives. (App. to rep. of the Minister 
of A.). 1885-1904. 8". 1886-1905 

■tSSS-'t90'l by D. Brymner, 1902 by Q. F. O'Hallaran ; 
1S99 has a supplement. 

Acadia, see Nova Scotia. 

Actes de Poy & Hommage. (1667- 
74 & 1781-1854). [1885.] 

Admin, of justice, [1769-70]. 

Archives, see Canadian archives. 

Berey (P. de). Reply to calum- 
nies of P. du Calvet agst. Ee- 
oollets of Quebec [1784]. 

Bigot, Vergor & Villeray, docs, 
rel. to; [1709-64]. [1904.] 

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1756-64. [1889.] 

Breton, Gape. Calendar of 
papers, [1764-1801]. [1895.] 

Cabot (S.) Memorandum upon 
the C. map, [1544, w. photo- 
lithograph] ; by S. B. Dawson, 
followed by the legend on the 
map, & the tr. into Bng. 

Canadian archives in 1787, w 
index. [1904.] 

Canal f. Lake Champlain to the 
St. Lawrence. [1889.] 

Canals, see Internal communica- 

Gape Breton, see Breton, Cape. 

Carleton {Sir G.) C. to Lord 
G. Germaine, 1777. [Letter']. 

C. to Lord Shelbume, 

Western trade, 1768. [1886.] 

Catalogue of M ser. (MSS. & 
printed docs.). [1904.] 

Cat. of MSS. [1904.] 

[Gat.] of maps & charts. [1904. 

Civil & 0. estabHshments, see 
Upper 0. 

Clergy reserves, [1820-31]. 

see Eccles. 




Canada [continued]. 
Govt, pdbl'., Agkicultubb [continued]. 
Eeport on Canadian archives [contmvsd]. 

Colonial Office Records, see 

Instructions to governors. 
Constitutional Act of 1791. 

Courts of Justice for the Indian 

Country, [1802]. [1892.] 
Delisle (D. C.) Eeg. of parish of 

Montreal, 1766-87. [1885.] 
Dudouyt (J. D.) D. k Mgr. Laval, 

1677. [Letter. French & 

Bng.]. [1885.] 
Eocles. affairs in L. C. [1892.] 

see Clergy reserves. 

Edge HUl. Before & after the 

battle of B. H. [1889.] 
Education in the Canadas, 

[1821-31 ; 1832-5]. [1899, 

Emigration, [1832-5]. [1900.] 
Enys [capt.) Visit to Niagarti, 

1787. [1886.] 
Explorations, see North-W. 
Fealty Rolls, see Actes de Poy 

& Hommage. 
Fishery & Fur Company, [1802]. 

Fort McKay. Capture of F. M., 

Prairie duChien, 1814. [1887.J 
France. Min. de la Marine, see 

French archives. 
. Min. des Colonies, see 

French archives. 

, war, see War w. F. 

Franciscans, see Berey (F. de). 
French archives, report, by J. 

Marmette. [c. 1575-1760; On 

doc'', in Min. de la Marine, 

Prance]. [1885-7.] 

report, by E. Richard. 

[c. 1530-1780. On doc", in 
Min. des Colonies, France]. 
[1899 suppl.] 

^' — Summary of doc', in Paris, 

made by E. Richard w. index, 

[1712-42]. [1904.] 
French noblesse in C. after 

1760 : mem. of Chev. de Lery, 

[1767], etc. [1888.] 
French republican designs on 

C, [1793-1801]. [1891.] 
French royalists in Upper C, 

[1798-9]. [1888.] 
Germaine [Lord G.) G. to Sir 

G. Carleton, 1777. [Letter], 

Governors, see Instructions to g. 
Grand River, see Indian lands. 
Haldimand (Sir F.) H. coll. 

calendar, 3v. [1885-9. 1884 

cont. pl-136 wanting.] 
Hanington (C. F.) Journal of 

H. ; f . Qnesnelle through the 

Rocky Mts., 1874-5. [1887.] 
Hudson's Bay. Calendar of 

papers, [1673-1759]. [1895.] 
Ignatius, father. Letter re 

Acadia. [Fr. S Bng.] [1904.] 
Indian country, see Courts of 

Indian lands on the Grand River, 

[1784-1821]. [1896.] 
Indian lands. Reservation of 

1. 1., [1760-3]. [1889.] 
Instructions to governors, pi. 

Internal communication, [1783- 

1828 ; 1818-22]. [1890, 1897.] 

see Canal. 

Justice, see Admin, of J. 

„ Courts of J. 

Lajid companies of C, [1825-8J. 

Le Gardeur de St. Pierre (J. R.) 

Journal of h. exped. for the 

discovery of the W. Sea, 

1750-2. [1886.] 

Ldry (Chev. de), see French 

List of officers & men killed & 

wounded in 1837-8. [1904.] 
Lists of ships, regiments etc. 

rel. to F. regime in C, Quebec, 

1759, & Montreal, 1760. [1886.] 
Louisbourg, see Waldo (S.) 
Lower Canada in 1800. [1892.] 

see Eccles. 

Macdonald (M.) Selkirk Settle- 
ment : letter book of M., 
[1811-2]. [1886.] 

Mann (G.) Obs. on the bounda- 
ries w. the U.S., 1802. [1885.] 

Manuscripts, see Cat. 

Maps, see Cat. 

Marmette (J.), see French 

Marriage law in Upper C, [1792]. 

Montreal, see Delisle (D. C.) ; 
Lists of ships etc. 

Murray (Gen, the Hon. J.) Gen. 
M.'s recall. [1^^ Stages miss- 
ing ; 1888.] 

Naturahzation question, [1824- 
7]. [1898.] 

New Brunswick. Calendar of 
papers, [1784-1801]. [1895.] 

Niagara, see Enys (capt.) 

North-West disputes, [1819]. 

North-West explorations, [1784- 
5]. [1890.] 

[1738-90]: journal of La- 

verendrye etc. [1889.] 

North-West trade, [1780-4]. 

Nova Scotia. Descr. & state 
. of the new settlements in N.S. 

in 1761. [1904.] 

Calendar of papers, [1603- 

1801]. [1894.] 

see Ignatius, /ai/ser. 

„ Waldo (S.) 

Ottawa. List of books in the 
Dominion Archives at O., 1902. 

Prairie du Chien, see Fort 

Prince Edward Island. Calen- 
dar of papers, [1763-1801]. 

Quebec. Siege of Q., [1759]. 

see Lists of ships etc. 

Radisson (P. E.) Relations des 

voyages, 1682-4, (w. tr.). 

RebeUion of 1837-8, see List. 

RecoUets, see Berey (F. de). 

Richard (E.), see French ar- 

Rocky Mts., see Hanuigton (C. F.) 

Roman Catholic Church in 
Upper C, [1784-1817]. [1896.] 

Roubaud (P.) Sketch of R.'s 
petition. [1885.] 

Sable Island. Papers, [1800- 
1801]. [1895.] 

Sackville (Lord G.), see Ger- 
maine (Lord G.) 

Selkirk Settlement, see Mac- 
donald (M.) 

Settlements & surveys, [1782-4]. 

[1788-90]. [1892.] 

State Papers, [1761-91 Deals w. 

Upper & Lower C.]. [1890.] 
, Lower C. 

Canada [contimied]. 
Govt, ptjbl'., Agkiouliure [continued]. 
Eeport on Canadian archives [continued]. 

State Papers, Lower C. [co^tt.] 






, Upper C. 















United Slates, see Mann (G.) 
Obs. on the boundaries. 

Upper C. Division of, [1798]. 

Political State in 1806-7. 


Civil & o. establishments, 

[1831]. [1899.] 

see French royalists. 

,, Marriage law. 

„ Roman Catholic Church, 

"Vergor, see Bigot, V. & ViUeray. 
"Vermont negotiations, (1791-94), 

Villeray, see Bigot, "Vergor & V. 
Voyages, see Radisson (P. E.) 
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Nova Scotia. [1886.] 

Proposal for reduction of 

Louisbourg in 1758. [1886.] 

Walker (T.) The W. outrage, 

1764. [1888.] 
War of 1775-6. [1904.] 
War of 1812, [1804-13]. [1896.] 

Claims for losses, 1812-5, 


War w. France, 1793, [1891.] 
Western Sea, see Le Gardeur de 
St.. Pierre (J. R.) 

Principal navigations, etc., 
1842-5, see Saint-Quentin 







Statistics. Relig., educational 

& 0. statistics. [1889.] 
Trade, see North-West t. 

„ Carleton (Sir G.) 

Tremblay ( — ). Letter to di- 
rectors of Seminary of Quebec, 
1695. [1887.] 
Union betw. Upper & Lower C, 

[1822-3]. [1897.] 
United States. Relations w. 
U.S. after the Peace of 1783, 
[1787-91]. [1890.] 

Canary Islands, see Hakluyi (R.) 
*Cancan e. deutschen Edelmanns, 
(C. A. GrafB, v.) 
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verbes, sobriquets et dictons. 2t in 1. 8". Rouen. 1839 

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March 18, 1820. [b.w. Philips (P.) Exposure, 4" ed., n.d.]. 

8». 1820 
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at Somerset House, [vl], Eeg. Soame, 1620. Ed. J. H. Lea. 

8". Boston. 1904 
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n.d., see Seevice. 
Canute, the Great, k. of Eng. <& Denmark, see Hakluyt (R.) 

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Cape Breton, see Bbeton, Cape. 

Cape Colony, & Cape of Good Hope. Eeeords of the Cape 
Colony [/. Feb. ^793 onwards]. Copied f. MS. doC. in the 
P. Record Office, London, by G. M. Theal. 

V25-36. [improg.]. 8°. 190-5 

25, Jan.-e"" Feb., 1826, [r£- index 
to v31-gS]. 

26, Feb.-June, 1826. 

27, June-Sept., 1826. 

28, Sept.-Dec, 1826. 

29, Dec, 1826. 

30, Jan.-Peb., 1827, [S index to 

Capefigue (Jean Bapt. H. R.) 

trice de Eussie. 

31, Feb.-June, 1827. 

32, June-Aug., 1827. 

33, Aug.-Oct., 1827. 

34, Oct.-Dec, 1827. 

35, Dec, 1827-Apr., 1831. 

36, Register of contents, vl-35. 

La grande Catherine, imp^ra- 
sS". 1862 

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Please. s8°. 1904 

2°''ed. s8°. [1904] 

A jay of Italy. s8». [1905] 

Capo-d'Istria (count John), see Kapodisteias (J. Antony). 

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the city Dionysia, 1903, see Chicago. Univ. of C. Decennial 

publ'. sl, v6, 1903. 

♦Captain Underwit, c. 1642, [attr. to 3. Shirley, hut by the Duke of 

Newcastle], see Bullen (A. H.) Coll. of old Eng. plays v2 

1883. ' 




Capns CAlfred). 

La chSltelaiBe. Com. b8». 1904 
Monsieur Pi^gois. GomSdie. 

b8». 1905 
Monsieur veut rire. 

4« ^a. aS". 1901 

La petite fonctiounaire. Com. 

s8». 1904 
Petites folles. Com. 

2" 6a. 88°. 1898 
Eosiae. Com. 2" ed. b8». 1901 

Carbery (Ethna) vs. [i.e. Mrs. A. J. MacM.4.nub1, see MacManus 

{Mrs. A. J.) 

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Bouchaud]. Les destinies rivales. sS". [1905] 

Cardiff Eecords : materials for a hist, of the county borough. 

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Prose, 1859-1903. s8". Bologna. 1905 

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Carleill (Christopher), see Caelile (C.) 

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G. Germaine, 1777, [a letter'], see Canada, Govt, publ'., Cana- 
dian archives, 1885. 
C. to Lord Shelburne, Western trade, 1768, see Canada, Govt, 
publ'., Canadian archives, 1886. 
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Principal navigations, etc., 1903-5. 
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(W. W. F., 4"' earl). A letter to C, 1795. 
Carlyle (Edvrard Irving). W. Cobbett : a study of h. life as 
shown in h. writings. 8". 1904 

Carlyle (Thomas). 

S. Johnson. 

s8<>. 1853 

see NiCHOL (J.) C, 1902. 

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b8°. Chapman S Hall. 

vl, 2, n.d. ; v4, 1865 

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on the old road through France to Florence by M. accom- 
panied by H. W. Nevinson & C, 1904. 

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ment : a rep. to the C. D. T., 1904. 

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Carnegies, 1867. 

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see Bebdeow (W.) Bueh beriihmter Kaufleute, 1905. 

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de la E6v. et de NapoMon : M.-C, 1905. 

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Cambridge. Civilisation : its cause & cure, & o. essays. 

[T" ed.]. S80. 1903 

England's ideal, & o. papers. [4'" ed.]. sS". 1902 

Prisons, police <fe punishment : inquiry into causes & treatment 

of crime. sS". 1905 

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a study of h. life & thought. 8°. 1905 

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Die Aiten d. K., d. Papylus u. d. Agathonike unters. A. Har- 
naok, 1888. 

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tions (Yorke Prize Essay, 1902). 88°. C. 1905 

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1577, see Scheiele (J.) Das Kloster, BlOii, 1848. 

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Pref. by Dr. Brownrigg. 4v. laS". D. 1905 

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found there. [People's ed.]. s8». 1908 

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Papineau — C, 1905. 

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etc., 1903-5. 

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Carvalho (Feliciano Cieza de), see Cieza de Caevalho (F.) 

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tl. n. M. sS". n.d. 

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Canada]. 8». 1905 

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By C. assisted by J. Hopkinson. vl (Ehizopoda, pi). [Eay 

Soc] 8". 1905 

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beleuchtet v. psychol. u. krit. Gesichtspunkte. B2. 8». 1879 

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Iv. 6. in 2. [pagin. cant.]. 8". n.d. 

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f. the L. G. Chron., 1903-4. Ed. & arr. by C. 8". 1905 

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Castello Beanco (P.) 

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Castle (Mrs. Agnes) & E. Castle. French Nan. sS". 1905 

Eose of the world. 2°" imp. sS". 1905 

Castle (Egerton). For novels in conjunction with M'^ A. Castle, 

see Castle {M". A.) & E, C. 
Castlereagh (Robert Stewart, visct.), see Londondeeey 

(T. S. H. V.-T.-S., march, of). C, 1904. 
Castro ( Adolf de), see Gallaedo- (B. J.) El Buscapi6 del 

Busoaruido de C, 1851. 
Catalogo gen. della libreria italiana, 1847 a 1899 ; comp. dal 
A. Pagliaini. [v3], P-Z. Ia8». Milano. 1905 

C. of a val. coll. of bks. by or re Shakespeare, h. works, times & 
influence on subsequent writers, inch early ed'. of h. plays, 
etc. sold by Messrs. Sotheby, 25'i'[27"'] May, 1905. 

[P1082]. 8°. 1905 

C. of books for free circulation among subscribers to " The 

Times," 1905, see Times (The). 

C. of early-printed & o. interesting books, MSS. & fine bindings 

for sale by J. & J. Leighton, 1905, see Leighton (J.) & 

J. Leiohton. 

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' t9 (1586-8). Publ. par le cte. Baguenault de Puchesse. 

[Doc-. in6d.]. 4°. 1905 

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Catherine II, empress of Bussia. 
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by a legislative union, 1800, see Protestant. 
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vers, of the Disticha Catonis, 1903. 
Catullus (Caius Valerius). 
see COBPUS. Corpus poet. lat. ; ed. J. P. Postgate, tl, 1894. 

„ Ellis (E.) C. in the U'" c, 1905. 

' c 2 




Cavalier & courtier lyrists, 1891, see Bikoks (W. H.) ed. 
*Cavalry in action in the wars of the future : studies in applied 

tactics. By P. S. Tr. f. the French by J. rormby, w. pref. 

by Sir J. D. P. French. 8". 1905 

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results & lit. 2"i ed. rewi-itten. 8". E. 1896 

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shire Eegiment, 1859-89, w. app. 1890-1903. 4». 1905 
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Intr. by Abp. Tait. 2'"' ed. added, Medieval life among the 

old palaces of the Primacy. 8°. 1883 

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navigations, etc., 1903-5. 
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diverges, etc.]. s8". n.d. 

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ceuvres. 2« ^d. rev. et abr^g^e. 8". Toulouse. 1874 

Ceallachan, of Cashel, h. of Munster, d. 933. Caithreim 

Cellachain Caisil: the victorious career of C. of C, or the 

wars betw. the Irishmen & Norsemen in the middle of the 

ID"" c. Orig. Irish text, ed. w. tr. & notes by A. Bugge. 

[Norske Hist. KildeskriftfondJ. S". Christiania. 1905 

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[ster. repr.] s8''. Bohn. 1901 
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Centralblatt fiir Bibliothekswesen. Beihefte, see Hobtz- 

soHANSKY (A.) Bibliographie d. Bibliotheks- u. Buchwesens ; 

bearbt. v. H., Jhrg. : 1904, 1905. [29.] 
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Humaine de Balzac. Ia8<'. 1893 

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Brzahiende Dichtungen, 1886. 

Aniversario cclx de la muerte de 
C. ; album lit. publ. la re- 
daceion de la revista lit. Cer- 
vantes. [P1076]. sSo. 1876 
Don Qnijote. Ed. oonforme -a 
la liltima corr. por la Acad. 
Espanola, con la vida del autor 
y notas. sS". Paris. 1886 

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D.J. E.HartzenbuBch. it. 
sS". Argamaailla de Alba. 1863 
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4v. a8o. 1821 
Don Quichotte. n. 6d., tr. & 
annot. par L. Viardot. 2t. 
\tp. o/tl wanting]. s8". 1875 
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agndezas de Sancho. 

[P1075]. S8". 1863 

Der sinnreiche Junker Don 

Quijote V. d. Mancha. tlbers., 

eingeleitet u. mit Brlauterun- 

gen versehen v. L. Braunfels. 

4B. s8". St. [1883] 

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& Brit, art, 1900. 

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speeches to J. Bowie about 

h. ed. of Don Quixote, 


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geografica de C, demo- 

strada con la hist, de D. 

Quijote, 1840. 
see Caldekon (J.) C. vindi- 

cado en pasajes d. D. 

Quijote, 1854. 
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of C, 1905. 
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franes del Quijote, 1874. 
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marine, 1869. 
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C. in Eng., 1905. 


de). C, viajero, 1880. 
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pericia de C, 1870. 
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critioos, 1870. 
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Discurso acerca de C. y el 

" Quijote," 1905. 
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de C, 2" ed., 1837. 
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spirador de C. : J. Huarte 

y 8U Examen de ingeuios, 

„ Sbabei (J. M.) C. tedlogo, 


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s8<>. 1904 
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„,. , ™, 88". 1905 

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s8<|. n.d. 
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Ceylan bouddhique — Le matin k Benarfes — La eagesse d'un 
Brahme — La mort h Benarfes — Le Bouddha birman. 

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ch. 1, 4, have sep. pagin"., S ch. 2, 3, have cont. pagin. b.w. 
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etc., v3, p40, 1903. 
Chicago. Univeesitt or C. 

Annual register, 1904-5. 4". Chicago. [1905] 

Decennial publ'. si, lOv. [v3 has 2p. in Iv]. i". Chicago. 1903 

1. The President's rep. : administration. 2. Rep. of the Pree. : 
publ». of the members of the Univ. 3, pl. Systematic theol. 
—Church hist.— Practical theol. S, p2. Philosophy— Educa- 
tion. 4. Polit. econ. — Polit. acienoe — ^Hist. — Sociology — 
Anthropology. 5. Semitic languages & lit*. — Biblical & 
patristic Greek. 6. Greek — Latin — Comparative philology — j 
Classical archceology. 7. Romance languages & lit*. — ' 
Germanic langnages & lit*. — Eng. 8. Astronomy — Astro- 
physics. 9. Physics — Chemistry — Geology — Mathematics. 
10. Zoology — Anatomy — Physiology — Neurology — Botany — 
Pathology — Bacteriology. I 


Chicago. University of C. [contimted]. 
Decennial publ'. [continued]. 

Abbott (F. F.) The Toledo MS. of the Germania of Tacitus 

[si, v6]. 
Allen (P. S.) Studies in pop. poetry, [si, vl]. 
Anderson (G.) Chrysostom's power as a preacher, [si, v3 pl]. 
Angell (J. R.) Study of the aignifloanoe o£ partial tones in the 

localization of sound, [si, v3 p2]. 
Rels. of structural & functional psychology to phil. [si, 

v3 p2]. 
Barker (L. F.) Desor. of the brains & spinal cord of 2 brothers 

dead of hereditary ataxia ; w. introd. by S. Brown, [si, VlO]. 
Barnard (B. E.) Miorometrioal obs. of Eros, 1900-1. [si, v8]. 
Bensley (R. R.) Structure of the glands of Brunner. [si, vlO]. 
Bolza (O.) Cone, the geodesic curvature & the isoperimetric 

problem, [si, v9]. 
Proof of the sufficiency of Jacobi's cond. for a permanent 

sign of the 2"'l variation in the so-called isoperimetric problems. 

[si, v9]. 
Breasted (J. H.) The battle of Kadesh. [si, v5]. 
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Burton (E. de W.) Some principles of lit. crit'. [si, v5]. 
Capps (E.) Introd. of comedy into Dionysia. [si, v6]. 
Chamberlain (C. J.) Mitosis in Pellia. [si, vlO]. 
Chamberlin (T. C.) Contrib. to the theory of glacial motion 

[si, v9]. 
Coulter (J. M.) The phylogeny of Angiosperms. [si, vlO]. 
Cutting (S. W.) Cone. " Das " & " Was " in causes [sic] dependent 

upon substantivized adjectives, [si, v7]. 
Davenport (C. B.) Animal ecology of the Cold Spring sand spit. 

[si, vlO]. 
Davis (B. M.) Oogenesis in Saprolegnia. [si, vlO]. 
Dewey (J.) Logical conds. of a scientific treatment of morality. 

[si, v3 p2]. 
Dickson (L. E.) Groups defined for a gen. field by the rotation 

groups, [si, v9]. 

Ternary orthogonal group in a gen. field, [si, v9]. 

Donaldson (H. H.) Formula for determining the weight of the 

central nervous system of the frog, [si, vlO]. 
Eycleshymer (A. C.) Lepidosteus Osseus. [si, vlO]. 
Fliokinger (R. C.) The meaning of i-rri ttjs OKrivris in writers of 

the i* 0. [si, v6]. 
Frank (T.) A stiohometrio scholium to the Medea of Euripides, 

w. remarks on the text of Didymus. [si, v6]. 
Freund (E.) Empire & sovereignty, [si, v4]. 
Frost (B. B.) & W. S. Adams. Radial velocities of 20 stars 

having spectra of the Orion type, [si, v8]. 
Goodspeed (E. J.) Greek papyri f. the Cairo Mus. [si, v5]. 
Greeley (A. W.) Artificial production of spores in Monas. 

[si, vlO]. * 

Hale (G. E.), F. EUerman & J. A. Parkhurst. Spectra of stars of 

Seochi's 4"> type, [si, v8]. 
Hammond (E. P.) Chaucer's Parlement of foules. [si, v7]. 
Harper (W. R.) The President's [i.e. H.] rep. [si, vl, 2]. 

Structure of the Book of Amos, [si, v5]. 

Hatai (S.) The finer structure of the neurones in the nervous 

system of thfe white rat. [si, vlO]. 
Henderson (C. R.) Practical sociology, [si, v3 pl]. 
Hendrickson (G. L.) The Commentariolum Petitionis attr. to 

Quintus Cicero, [si, v6]. 

The proconsulate of Agricola. [si, v6]. 

Jenkins (T. A.) The Espurgatoire St. Patriz of Marie de France, 
[si, v7]. 

Johnson (F.) Have we the likeness of Xt. ? [si, v3 pl]. 

Jordan (E. 0.) The self-purification of streams, [si, vlO]. 

Judson (H. P.) Essential elements of a wr. constitution, [si, v4]. 

Kinsley (C.) Method of calculating the dimensions of direct- 
current dynamo-electric machines, [al, v9]. 

Klenze(C. V.) Treatment of nature in works of N. Lenau. [si, v7]. 

Koch (W.) The lecithans ; their function, [si, vlO]. 

Laughlin (J. L.) Credit, [si, v4]. 

Laves (K.) Orbit of the minor planet (334). [si, v8]. 

Loeb (J.) The production & suppression of muscular twitchings 
etc. by electrolytes, [si, vlO]. 

MaoClintock (W. D.) Eng. romantic movement of the 18*'' c. 
[si, v7]. 

McCoy (H. N.) Equilibrium in the system comp. of sodium car- 
bonate, etc. [si, v9]. 

Maschke (H.) Invariants Sc covariants of quadratic differential 
quantics of n variables, [si, v9]. 

Mead (G. H.) Definition of the psychical, [si, v3 p2]. 

Meyer (J. J.) Two twice-told tales, [si, v6j. 

Michelson (A. A.) The velocity of light, [si, v9]. 

Millikan (R. A.) New instruments of precision f. the Eyerson 
Laboratory, [si, v9]. 

Moore (A. W.) Existence, meaning, & reality in Locke's essay & 
in pres. epistemology. [si, v3 p2]. 




Chicago. Univebsity of C. Icontinued]. 
Decennial publ'. [continued]. 

Moore (E. H.) Subgroups of the generalized finite modular group, 
[si, v9]. 

Moulton (F. B.) Methods o£ treating problems in celestial mecha- 
nics, [si, v9]. 

Pietsch (K.) Notes on 2 old Spanish ver", ol the Diatioha Catonis. 
[si, t7]. 

Price (I. M.) Some lit. remains of Eim-Sin (Ariocli), 22S5 B.C. 
[si, t5]. 

Publications of the members of the Univ. [si, v2]. 

Report of the Pres. publ". of the members of the tJniv. [si, y2]. 

Reports of the Deans, Directors, f. the laboratories, of o. officers, 
[si, vl]. 

Ritchey (G. W.) Astron. photography, [si, v8]. 

Shambaugh (G. E.) Distrib. of blood-vessels in the labyrinth of 
the ear of sus scrofa domesticus. [si, vlO]. 

Shorey (P.) The unity of Plato's thought, [si, v6]. 

Small (A. W.) Significance of sociology for ethics, [si, v4]. 

Smith (A.) & W. B. Holmes. On amorphous sulphur, [si, v9]. 

Smith (G. B.) Practical theol. [si, v3 pi]. 

Starr (F.) Physical characters of the Indians of S.Mexico, [si, v4]. 

Stieglitz (J.) On the " Beckmann rearrangement." [si, v9]. 

Tarbell (P. B.) A cantharus f. the factory of Brygos. [si, v6]. 

A Greek hand-mirror, [si, v6]. 

Thatcher (O. J.) Studies cone. Adrian IV. [si, vf\. 

Thomas (W. I.) Rel. of the medicine-man to the origin of the pro- 
fessional occupations, [si, v4]. 

Thompson (J. "W.) Decline of the missi dominici in Frankish Gaul. 
[si, v4]. 

Tolman (A. H.) Shakespeare's play " Love's labour 's won." 
[si, v7]. 

Tower (W. L.) Development of the colors &■ color patterns of 
Goleoptera. [si, vlO]. 

Tufts (J. H.) On the genesis of the ffiSthetic categories, [si, v3 p2]. 

Veblen (T. B.) The use of loan credit in mod. business, [si, y4]. 

Webster (R. W.) Contr. to the physical analysis of the phenomena 
of absorption of liquids by animal tissues, [si, vlO]. 

"Wells (H. G.) Studies in fat necrosis, [si, vlO]. 

Young (E. F.) Scientific method in education, [si, v3 p2]. 

„ sll, vll. 80. Chicago. 1903 

see Dewey (J.) Studies in logical theory, 1903. [II, 11]. 
Child (Francis James). Eng. & Scottish pop. ballads. Ed. t. 
the coll. of 0. by H. C. Sargent & G. L. Kittredge. 

8». Boston. 1904 
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tions, etc., v9, p360, 1904. 
China, see HAKiiUYT (E.) Principal navigations, etc., 1903-5. 
Chinese Collection, St. George's Place, Hyde Park Corner. 
Descr. cat. of the G. C. ; by W. B. Langdon. 8°. 1844 

ChiO; see Scio. 
Chirikov (Eugenie). [Works']. tl_3, PaacKasti. t4, ntecM. 

[tl, 5°', 2*3, 4*' ii3fl.] 8°. 1903-4 
Chivalry, see also Chevalry. 

Chtgdowski (Kazimierz). Siena. . 2B. 8". 1905 

Choderlos de La CIos (P. A. F.) Les liaisons dangereuses. 6d. 

ooU. sur le ms. orig., suivie de variantes et de lettres in^dita. 

s8». 1903 
see Dap.d (E.) Un aoteur cache du drame revolut., C, 1905. 
Choiseul (E. F., due de), see Maecds (W.) C. u. d. Katastrophe 

am Kourouflusse, 1905. 
Cholmondeley (Miss Mary). *Sir Charles Danvers. 

[repr.] sS". 1902 
Chopin (Frederic F.) 
see Hdnekee (J. G.) C, 1901, 1903. 
„ JoNSON (G. C. A.) A hdbk. to C.'s works, 1905. 
Chopin (Jean Marie). Eussie. [L'Univers pittoresque]. tl ; 
for t2 see below]. 8". 1838 

Eussie, suite de la Bussie d'Europe par C. — Crim6e, Cireassie 
et G^orgie, par C. Famin — Arm^nie, par M. Bor^. 8". 1857 
The pagin. of Eussie is cont. f. ti. Crim^e, Cireassie et 
G6orgie, d Armtoie have each a se2). pagin. 
Christian, *The last C, by a successor of man, [1884?], see 

Flynn (J. A.) 
Christnacht. C.-Tragodie, see *Wahre Eroffnung der Jena. 

C.-T., 1716. 
Christophe (Jules), see Cekfbeke (A.) & J. C. Repertoire de la 

Com. Humaine de Balzac, 1893. 
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Gebet, see Faust (Dr. J.), B2 i, 1846. 
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1905, se« India : Govt, publ'., Scientific Mem'., N.S., no. 18, 

Christ's Hospital, see Howes (J.) J. H.' MS. 1582, note of order 

& proo. in erection of Christ, Bridewell & S'. Thomas, 1904. 

Chronica [Ceonica]. Cronioa van d. hilliger Stat v. CoeUen, 

1499, see Koln. 

*Chronicon Hierosolymitanum, [for some extr. f. this loorjc], see 

Hakluyt (R.) Principal navigations, etc., 1903-4. 

Chronicon Moguntinum, 1347-1406, et cont. a 1440-78, see 

Chkoniken (Die) d. deut. Stiidte ; Mainz, B2, 1882. 
Chronik. *C. aus Sigmunds Zeit, 1126-1434, mit Fortsetz. 
1441, see Chroniken d. deut. Stadte ; Niirnberg, Bl, 1862. 
C. d. Stadt Augsburg, 1368-1406, etc., see Aogsbukg. 
C. v. alien Dingen d. Stadt Mainz, 1332-1452, see Mainz. 
see Weltcheonik. 

Chroniken (Die) der deutsohen Stadte v. 14. bis in's 16. Jhdt. 

Hrsg. duroh d. histor. Commission bei d. K. Akad. d. "Wissen- 

sohaften. Bl-29 [in prog.]. 8°. L. 1862-1906 

The pagin. of Ktiln BS, 3 ; NUrnberg B4, S ; Strassbmg 

Bl, 2 is cont'. Mainz B'2 has 2 Abthlg. For detailed 

contents of vol', see under the towns. 

Augsburg. Bl-6. (991-1565). Mainz. Bl, 2. (1332-1552) 

[4, 5, 22, 23, 25, 29.] [17, 18.] 

Braunschweig. Bl, 2. (1279- Miihldorf. (1813-1428). 

1514). [6, 16.] ^ 

Dortmund. (750-1550). [20.] 
Duisburg. (1474-1517). [24.] 
Koln. Bl-3. (1277-1499). 

Landshut. (1439-1504). [15.] 
Lubeok. Bl-3. (1105-1438). 

[19, 26, 28.] 
Magdeburg. Bl, 2. (b.c. 47- 
a.d. 1556), [7, 27.] 

Chronique (La) de France, 


Mtinohen. (1897-1403). 
Neuss. (1474). [20.] 
Numberg. Bl-5. (730-1516). 

[1-3, 10, 11.] 
Eegensburg. (1511-55). [15.] 
Soest. (1417-59). [21, 24.] 
Strassburg. Bl, 2. (1362- 
1415). [8, 9.] 
Publ. sous la dir. de P. de Coubertin. 
5« ann6e. s8<>. 1904 
Chroniqueuse.^s., see Sikes (0. L.) 
Chrysostom, Saint. 
see Andeeson (G.) C.'s power as a preacher, 1903. 
„ NicENE. *Sel.lib.ofN.&Post-N.fathers,, 9-14,1888-90. 
Chuquet (Arthur). Un prince jacobin : Charles de Hesse ou 
le gen. Marat. 8°. 1906 

Church (Alfred John). The crown of pine : a story of Corinth 


dean of St. 


sS". 1889 

4"" ed. s8o. 1904 

3"-'" ed. b8». 1903 

Paul's. Spenser. 

88°. 1902 

& the Isthmian games. 
Henry V. 
Story of the Iliad. 
Story of the Odyssey. 
Church (Richard William), 
[Eng. men of letters]. 
see Lathbuey (D. C.) C, 1905. 
Cicero (Marcus Tullius). 
see Becher (F.) tJber d. Spraohgebrauch d. M. C. Eufus in 

den bei C. ad f am. VIII enthaltenen Brielen, 1888. 
„ Sander (J.) Bemerkungen zu d. C.-Briefen, 1901. 
Cicero (Quintus Tullius), the elder, see Hendeickson (G. L.) 

The Commentafiolum Petitionis attr. to C, 1903. 
Cieza de Carvalho (Feliciano), see Hakluyt (E.) Principal 

navigations, etc., vll, p64, 1905. 
Cigala (S.), afterwards Sinan, pasha, see Hakluyt (E.) Prin- 
cipal navigations, etc., v6, p69, 1904. 
Cima da Conegliano, see Conesli-ano (G. B. da). 
Cinque Ports, see HAiiLUYT (R.) Principal navigations, etc., vl, 

p293, 1903. 
Cirot ((Jeorges). Etudes sur I'hist. esp. : Mariana. 

ho. Bordeaux. 1905 
Citizen (A) ps., see *Bristol (The) riots, their causes, progress 

& consequences, by a. c, 1832. 
Clabon (John M.) Solicitors : their duties & rights. 

[P1077]. 8». 1880 
Clairambault (Pierre de), see Demay (G.) Inventaire des sceaux 

de la Coll. C. k la Bibliothfeque Nationale, 1885-6. 
Clam (A. A. C. F, M. M, du Paty de), see Meecieb du Paty 

DE Clam (A. A. C. F. M.) 
Clans (The) of Scotland illust., n.d., see Eaqle (W.) 
Clara, Abraham, a Sancta, see Abraham, a S. C. 
Claretie (Jules), Le prince Zilah. 6d. d4fin. 88". 1905 

La vie k Paris. 1904. sS". 1905 

Claretie (Leo). Hist, de la litt. franp. (900-1900). tl, 2. 8". 1905 

1, Des orig. au 17'' s. 2, Le 17" s. 
Clarke (James Langton). The eternal saviour-judge. 8°. 1904 
Clarke (James Stanier). Life of James II. Publ. f. the orig, 
Stuart MSS, by J. S. C. 2v. 4°. 1816 




Clarke (Eichard), captain, see Haklhyt (E.) Principal navi- 
gations, etc., v8, p85, 1904. 
Clarke (Richard P.), S.J. Logic. n. impr. bS". 1901 

Clarke {capt. William), U.S. navy, 
see liAUT (A. C.) Pathfinders o£ the West : adv. of C. etc., 1904. 
„ Thwaites (E. G.) a brief hist, of Eooky Mt. explor, ; w. 
ref. to exped. of Lewis & C, 1904. 
Clausen (George), ^.-B.4. Six lect". on painting. 2»'' ed. sS". 1904 
Clausse (Gustave), architecte. Les mons. du ohristianisme au 
moyen Age : Basiliques & mosaiques chr., Italie-Sicile. 

t2. laS". 1893 

Claverhouse [tGKAHAM (John), viset. of Dundee'], see Terky 

(C. S.) C, 1905. 

*Clavicula3 Salomonis et Theosophia pneumatioa, 1686, see 

Fadst {Dr. J.), B2 i, 1846. 

Clayton, The family of, see Aveling (T. W.) Mem", of the 

Clayton family, etc., 1867. 
Clemencet (Charles), see Art (L') de verifier les dates Iby C. & o'.], 

■1818-20; 1818-42. 
Clemens, Alexandrinus. C. et I'Egypte, 1904 ; par A. Deiber. 
see Inst. i'ean9. d'aech. orient, du Caire, tlO, 1904. 
C. Hrsg. V. 0. Stahlin. Bl. [Die grieoh. ohristl. Schriftsteller 
d. ersten 3 Jhdte.]. 8<>. L. 1905 

1, Protreplicus u. Psedagogus. 

seeTLAYB (J.), hp. Works, v2, Writings etc. of C, 1888. 

Clemens, Eomanus. Duse epistolse, ex cod. N.T. syr., oum 

vers, lat., ed. J. J. Wetstenius. [b.w. Bible : New Text., Wet- 

stenius (J. J.) N.T. Gr., t2, 1752]. fol. Lugd. Bat. 1752 

Clement. Father C, 13"' ed., 1861, see Kennedy (G.) 

Clementi (Cecil). Cantonese love-songs [by Chili Tsz-yung]. 

Tr. w. intr. & notes by C. Ia8°. 0. 1904 

Clergy-man. *Letter writ by a e. to h. neighbour, 1689, see 

Gierke {Miss Agnes Mary). The system of the stars. 

2'"> ed. 8". 1905 
Clerk-Maxwell (James), see Poincare (H.) & F. K. Vreeland. 

M.'s theory & wireless telegraphy, 1904. 
Cliffe (Edward), see Haklutt (E.) Principal navigations, etc., 

vll, pl48, 1905. 
Clifford (Arthur), see Tixall letters : corr. of the Aston fam. 

dur. 17"" c. w. intr. notes etc., by C, 1815. 
Clifford (Hugh), C.M.G. A free lance of to-day. sS". 1903 
Further India : exploration f. the earliest times. 8°. 1904 

Sally : a study, & o. t'. of the outskirts. s8". B. 1904 

Clifford (Mrs. W. K.) The getting well of Dorothy. 

2-' ed. s8». [1905] 
Closener (Fritsche). Chronik, 1362, see Chroniken (Die) d. 

deut. Stadte : Strassburg, Bl, 1870. 
Close Rolls. Calendar of the Close Eolls. [Calendar of State 
Papers, in prog.']. Ia8<>. 1905 

Edward ni, 8, 1346-9. Henry III, [2], 1231-4. 
Clough (Arthur Hugh). Poems. n. & rev. ed. s8». 1888 

Cluny, The Abbey of. Eeoueil des ohartres de I'abbaye de C. 
form6 par A. Bernard, compl.'etc. pafA. Bruel. 

t6 (1211-1300). [Doc". inM.]- *"• 1903 
Cluny, Order of, see Besse {dom J. M.) L'ordre de C. et son 

gouvernement, 1905. 
Cobb (Sanford H.) The rise of relig. liberty in Amer. 

8". N.Y. 1902 
Cobb (Thomas). A change of face. s8°. 1904 

Cobbett (William), M.P. A French grammar. 

13'" ed. rev. by J. P. Cobbett. sS". 1869 
see Cablyle (E. I.) C. : a study, 1904. 
Cobbold (George Augustus). Eel. in Japan : Shintoism — 
Buddhism— Xty. sS". 1905 

Cobden Club, see *Bueden (The) of armaments, 1905. 
Cobden-Sanderson (T. J.) The arts & crafts movement. 

s8°. 1905 

Coblentz (H. E.) Eime-index to the "Parent cycle " of the 

York Mystery Plays cfe of a portion of the Woodkirk Con- 

spiracio et Capito, see Modern Languaoe Assoc, or Ameb. 

Publ'., vlO, 1895. 

Cochlseus (Joannes) [fDosNECK (J.), CocMcbus]. Hist. Hussi- 

tarum libri xii. Adj. sunt duo De septem sacramentis 

Eccles. traotatus J. Eokyzanse & J. Przibram : cum Philippica 

septima J. C, De publioa Caroli V ordinatione, qufe vulgo 

Interim dicitur etc. Commentaria de aotis etc. M. Lutheri, 

{1517-1546 ; S Epistola C. Bruni]. fol. prope Mogimtiam. 1549 

The Commentaria hus a sep. tp. S sep. pagin. 

Cochran (Sir Robert). *A detection of the falshood, etc., in 
a libel, intitled. The life of Sir E. C. etc. Ib.w. *The life of 
Sir E. C, 2"'i ed., 1734]. s8». 1735 

*The life of Sir E. C, prime-minister to James III of Scotland. 

2""' ed. s8°. 1734 
Cockburn {Sir John A.) The evolution of empire, see Com- 
patriots' Club. Lect"., si, 1905. 
Cockersand Abbey. The ohartulary of C. A. of the Premon- 
stratensian Order. Ed. W. Farrer. v3i, ii, [the Sp have 
1 pag. wh. is cant. f. v2ii. Chetham Soo., N.S., 56, 57.] 

s4». [M'ter]. 1905 
Code Civil [known as CodeNapoWon], Livre du centenaire 1904, 

see France : Laws, etc. 
Codera y Zaidin (Francisco). Decadencia y desaparioi6n de 
los Almoravides en Espana. sS". Zaragoza. 1899 

Estudios crit. de hist. 4rabe espaiiola. 88". Zaragoza. 1903 

Coghlan (T. A,), see Australia. Statist, ace. of A. & N. Zea- 
land, 1903/4 ; by C, 1904. 
Coigny (Aimee de). M^m". Intr. et notes par E. Lamy. 

s8o. [1906] 

Cokayne (George Edward). Complete baronetage, ed. by' 

G. E. C. v4 (1665-1707). \inprog.]. 8°. Exeter. 1904 

Coke {Hon. Henry John), S''' son of 1^'- earl of Leicester. 

Tracks of a rolling stone. 8°. 1905 

Colasanti (Arduino). Gubbio. [Italia artist. 13]. 

laS". Bergamo. 1905 
Coleccion de doeumentos para la hist, de Aragon. 

tl. 8°. [Zaragoza. 1904] 
1, Doo*. corresp. al reinado de Eamiro 1, 1034-63 ; trauscripoion 
prologo y notas de E. Ibarra y Bodriguez. 
Coleman (John), comedian. 50 yrs. of an actor's life. 

2v, [pagin. cont.]. S". 1904 

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T'he contents of these 2v are identical w. those of v2, 3, 
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E. C], 1798. 

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„*Strictures on „ „ „ „ 1798. 

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see Foster (J.) 
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i, Gediohte ; hrsg. v. A. Stern. 

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1, Enni fragmenta — Lucretius — Catullus — VergUius — Horatius 
— TibuUus — Propertius — Ovidiue. 
~ 2, Grattius — iEtna — Valerius Placcua — Silius Italicus — Juve- 
nalis — Manilius — Persius — Calpurnius Sioulus — Statins — 
Phsedrus — Lucanus — Columellse lib. x — Martialis — Neme- 

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Ia8». Bergamo. 1905 
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ordre du ministre des Finances par A. M. de Boislisle & 

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Geology of S. Africa, 1905. 
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principado de Cataluna. Publ. por la E. Acad, de la Hist. 

t9. linprog.']. i". 1905 

9, Cortes de Cataluna, [t] 9 : Parlamento general de Montblanoh, 
Barcelona y Tortosa de 1410-12 hasta 1412. 

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[repr.^, see Coetate (T.) C.'s crudities, 1905. 
Coryate (Thomas). Coryat's crudities, [repr. f. 1611 ed.] 

2v. 8". Glasgow. 1905 
y2 contains Posthuma fragmenta poematum G'. Coryati, 
1611, w Sep. tp. 
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pens^e et la vie sociale pr^hist. Intr. de M. Kovalewsky. 

80. 1905 
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plays, v4, 1885. 

For an anon, work in German, see Kostum. 
Cottage. How to build or buy a country cottage <$; fit it up, 
2°'' imp., 1905, see Home Counties, ps. 

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mass & purgatory are found ; w. Bp. Kidder's reflections. 
[b.w.h. Typograph. gaz. sl, 1831]. S". 1827 

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(J. C.) 
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v5. \inprog.'\ H". 1905 

5, Constit. compromise of the IS"" c. — Effects of the classical 
Eenaissauoe ; the early romantic Eenaissance. 

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[Eochefort] cont. ce qui s'est pass6 soAs le ministere de 
Eichelieu et du Card. Mazarin. 5" ^d. revue, corr. et augm. 

s8o. La Haye. 1707 
Vie de Turenne. n. 6d. s8o. La Haye. 1695 

see Feesne (marg^. de). Mem'. [By C. de S. ?], 1753. 
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of bibliog. bks. & articles printed in o. countries. 2v. 8°. 1905 

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points du Mus6e Nat. d'A. ; par M. CoUignon & L. C, 1902-4. 

Coventry plays. Two Coventry Corpus Christi plays : 1, The 

shearmen & taylors' pageant, re-ed. f. the ed. of T. Sharp, 

1825 ; 2, The weavers' pageant, re-ed. f. the MS. of E. Croo, 

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Pindarique odes, Davideis, Verses wr. on sev. occasions. 

Text ed. by A. E. Waller. s8o. C. 1905 

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tr'. ; w. life by the ed., E. Southey. [vl]. s8o. 1835 

Poet, works, w. mem. by C. Whitehead. sBo. 1847 

Poet, works. With notes & mem. by J. Bruce. [Aldine ed.] 

3v. s8°. n.d. 
see PoTTEK (J. P.) *Essays on the lives of C, Newton, etc., 
Cox (John Charles). The royal forests of Eng. [The Anti- 
quary's Books]. 80. [1905] 
Tourist's guide to Derbyshire. 2"« ed. sSo. 1884 
Craig (Hardin), see Coventey plays. Two Coventry Corpus 
Christi plays : 1, The shearmen & taylors' pageant ; 2, The 
weavers' pageant ; ed. by H. C, 1902. 
Craig (Sir Thomas). Scotland's soveraignty asserted. Being 
a dispute cone, homage. Tr. fr. the Latin, w. aco. of the a. 
etc. by G. Eidpatb. s8o. 1695 
see Johnston (A.) Delitise poet. Scot., pi, 1637. 
Craig (William Marshall). Lecf. on drawing, painting, & 
engraving. 8°. 1821 
Craig-Brown (Thomas), see Beown (T. C.) 
Craigie (Mrs. Pearl Mary Teresa). The flute of Pan. 

2"'' imp. s8o. 1905 

Letters f. a silent study. 68o. 1904 

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First publ. w. t. Thirty years, poems new & old. 
Craik (George Lillie) & C. Macfarlane. Pictorial hist, of Eng. 
6v. [d2, 4, S S 6 wanting']. la8o. 1841 

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animals : a guide to the mammals of N. Amer., 1903. 

Cramer (Johann Andreas), chancellor of the Univ. of Kiel. 

Ausgewahlte Gediohte, see Munckee (F.) Bremer Beitrager : 

C, etc., hrsg. v. M., T2, 1889. 

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churches of Shropshire, vl. 4o. WeUington, Shropshire. 1901 

Cranmer (Thomas), abp. of Canterbury, see Pollaed (A. F.) 

C. & the Eng. Eeformation, 1489-1556, 1904. 
Crawford (F. Marion). Southern Italy & Sicily, & The rulers 
of the South. [2v in 1]. sS". 1905 

Whosoever shall offend . . . s8o. 1904 




Crawhall (Joseph). *01de tayles newlye relayted. 

15p. in Iv. 4°. [1883] 

This is an edition of Chap-book chaplets & Olde ffrendes 

with newe faces. Two tales (I know what I know, £ 

John Cunningham) are omitted. 

Crebillon, yiZs. Le hasarddu coin du feu— [LeSylphe]. s8». n.d. 

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of M. Creighton. 2v. 8». 1904 

Creighton (Mandell), hp. of (i) Peterborough (2) London. 

Hist. leot". & addresses. Ed. L. Creighton. 

2"'' impr. s8°. 1904 
Q. Elizabeth. n. imp. s8». 1901 

see Cbeighton (L.) Life of C, 1904. 
Cresson (Andre). Le malaise de la pens^e philosophique.^ 

s8'>. 1905 

Cresswell (Beatrix F.) The Quantook Hills, their oombes & 

villages. With ch". upon Stag-hunting on the Quantooks, by 

P. Evered, & The folk of the Quantocks, by C. W. Whistler. 

[Homeland hdbk'., 35]. 58°. Bristol. 1904 

CrevecoBur (M. Cr. J. de), calling himself Saint John de Crive- 

cceur. Letters f. an American farmer. n. ed. sS". 1783 

Crichton (James) [The Admirable C], see Johnston (A.) 

DelitiiB poet. Scot., pi, 1637. 

Crichton -Browne {Sir James). The prevention of senility & 

a sanitary outlook. sS". 1905 

*Crise (La) constit. en Russie. Par ***. 8». 1905 

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poet. Scot., pi, 1637. 
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compl. ed. s8». Chichester. 1860 

Crockett (Samuel Eutherford). The cherry ribband. s8°. 1905 

The loves of Miss Anne. s8". 1904 

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of Manchester. Incl. sketches of Newton, w. Kirkmanshulme, 

Pailsworth, & Bradford. With not', of local families etc. 

[Chetham Soc, N.S., 54, 55]. v2ii, 3. s4». [M'ter]. 1905 

These 2v. have •/ pag. wh. is cont. f. _v2i. The above is 

t. of v/, the words f. Incl. to families etc. are omitted f. 

the later' tp''. 

Croke {Sir John), of Chilton, see Hawkins (E.) The perjur'd 

phanatick : conspiracy of C. etc. agst. H., 1685. 

Croker {Mrs. B. M.), wife of Lt.-Col. John Croker. The happy 

valley. sS". [1904] 

A nine days' wonder. sS". [1905] 

Cromwell (Oliver), see Pikth (C. H.) C. & the rule of the 

Puritans, 1905. 
Cronica van d. hilliger Stat v. Coellen, 1499, see Koln. 
Cronthal (Martin). Die Stadt Wiirzburg im Bauernkriege. 
Nebst Anhang: Gesch. d. Kitzinger Bauernkriegs v. H. 
Hammer. Hrsg. -i. M. Wieland. 8". Wiirzburg. 1887 

Crosby (Oscar Terry). Tibet & Turkestan : a journey. 

8°. N.Y. 1905 
Crowdy (E. Percy), see Lodee-Symonds (P. C.) & C. Hist, of 

the Old Berks Hunt, 1760-1904, 1905. 
Crowe (H. S. Wheatly). In defence of a king [i.e. Charles I]. 

s8". L'pool. 1904 

Criiger (Johannes), philologist. J. C. Gottsched, u. d. Schweizer 

J. J. Bodmer u. J. J. Breitinger. Hrsg. v. C. 38". [1882] 

Gottsched (J. C.) \_Extr. f.h.'\ Discourse d. Mahlem; Cato, e. 
Trauerspiel. — Bodmer (J. J.) Gottsched, e. Trauerspiel, od. d. 
parodirte Cato, 1765 ; Rache d. Schwester ; Homeriibers. — 
Breitinger (J. J.) Krit. Dichtkunst — Gottsched (L. A. V.) 
Das Testament, e. Lustspiel. 

Cruz (Alvaro de Bagan, marqnis of Santa), see Ba9an (A. de). 

Crystal Palace. The Fine Arts' Courts. 2s. sS". 1854 

si, N.-w. side. 1. Egyptian Court. 2. Greek C. S. Apology tor 
colouring the Greek C. 4. Bomau C. 5. Alhambra C. 
6. Nineveh C. 
s2, N.-e. side. 1. Italian Court. 2. Eenaissance C. 3. Mediseval 
C. 4. Byzantine C. 6. Cat. of mod. sculpture. 
Each of these ji. has sep. tp. & pagin. 
The Palace & Park : its nat. hist., & Portrait Gallery, w. desor. 
of the Pompeian Court. s8». 1854 

1. Palace & Park. 2. Portrait Gallery. 3. Ethnology & nat. hist. 
4. Extinct animals. 5. Pompeian Court. 
Each of these p. has sep. tp. & pagin. 

Cuchullin. Die altir. Heldensage Tiin B6 Ciialnge naoh d. 
Buch V. Leinster in Text u. "Ubersetz. mit einer Einleitung. 
Hrsg. v. E. Windisch. [Kgl. Siich. Gesell. d. Wissen]. 

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reserve en 1800, pi, 2, par C, 1900-1. 
*Cuisiniere (La) de la campagne, et de la vUle. Par L. E. A. 

28= ^d. s8". 1847 
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8". E. 1904 
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[1], Our Lord's miracles. [2], Our Lord's parables. 

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sS". Kingston. 1904 
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the Boer war, to the occupation of Bloemfontein. 

v2. laS". [1904] 

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With pref. by Sir H. Johnston. Ia8<>. 1905 

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Western civilization in its economic aspects. 

2v. [vl ster. ed. repr.]. s8». C. 1900-2 
[1], Anc. times. [2], Mediieval & modern times. 

Growth of Eng. industry & commerce (1, Dur. the early & 
middle ages). [2"« ed.] 8°. C. 1890 

The rise and decline of the free trade movement. 

2"i ed. 38". C. 1905 
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si, 1905. 
see SwETE (H. B.) ed. Essays, 1905. 
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et souv". 2'> 6d. 8". 1895 





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v2, i. 8°. Pola. 1905 
2, i, Nautical teeh. diet, for the navy. Eng., French, 
German & Ital., French, Eng., German & Ital. 1st & 
suppl. V. compiled by E. v. Normann-Friedenfels; com- 
pleted by J. Heinz. A-K. 
There is a S'"* tp. : Diet, technique et nautique etc.^ 
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J. Eoling, hrsg. v. O., n.d. 

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Su^de, red. par D. 40. Stockholm. 1905 

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Be.iHKopyccKaro hsurh. 3° h3j. hoat. peAaKales) H. A. BoAvaHa- 

Ae-KypTeH9. tl, 2. laS". 1903-5 

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4, Miscellaneen u. Lasciana, u Folge. 

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Antilles Franpaises (1492-1664). [Ecole des Ghartes. Mem'. 

et doc, 6]. laS". 1904 

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de Valois. M6m'. etc., 1718. 
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nipoti della marchesa Laura : romanzo. s8°. 1904 

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Dansk biografisk Lexikon, tillige omfattende Norge for Tids- 

rummet 1537-1814. Udg. af C. F. Bricka. B18, 19. 

[B i9 cont. biog. of C. F. Bricka. Includes living perscms.] 

8". 1904-5 
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poet. Soot, pi, 1637. 
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cordanza d. opere ital. di D. pubbl. per la Soc. Dantesca di C. 

etc., 1905. 
Dante (Alighieri). 

D.'s Pilgrim's progress ; w. notes 

by E. R. Gumey. 

2"<'ea. sS". 1897 
La " Qusestio de aqua et terra " 

di D. Ed. princ. d. 1508 ripr. 

in facsimile. Intr. stor. e 

trascr. crit, d. testo latino di 

G. Boffito oon Intr. scientific. 

deir Ing. O. Zanotti-Bianoo, 

e Proem, del Dott. Prompt. 

S versioni : ital. (G. Boffito), 

franc, e spagnuola (Dotfc. 
Prompt), inglese (S. P. Thomp- 
son) e tedesca (A. Miiller). 

Ia8°. Firenze. 1905 
The facsimile is not paged — 
cC- the pagi/n. begins at the 
tr^. which follow. 
La vita nuova. 

2" ed. s8". Firenze. 1856 
The Oonvivio. [Tr. P. H. Wick- 
steed]. sS". 1903 

Dante (Alighieri) [continued]. 

Divina Commedia. Tr. into 
prose by H. F. Tozer. 

88". 0. 1904 

see Del Lungo (I.) La figara- 

zione storica del medio evo 

italiano nel poema di D., 

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dans I'ceuvre de D., 1902. 
„ Gabdnee (E. G.) D., 8"''' 

ed., 1903. 
„ HoEPLi (U.) Dai tempi 
anticbi ai tempi modemi : 
da D. al Leopardi : race, 
di Boritti critici etc., 1904. 
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Mazzi. Un decennio di 

bibliog. dantesca, 1891- 

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ee KossETTi(D. G.) The early 

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d. opere ital. in prosa e d. 

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etc., n.d. 
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„ An emendation in D.'a 

" Oonvivio," 1905. 

„ " SoUenare," 1904. 

„ " Tisrin primo," n.d. 

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s8». 1905 
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A coll. of schemes & instances in 19"' 0. 4"" ed. enl. 8". 1904 
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Fremont jeune & Risler ainS. 

s8». 1905 
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ed. definit. s8o. 1900 
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see Bbivois (J.) Essai de bibliog. 

des ceuvres de D., avec 

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8». [1905] 
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I giuoohi della vita. 

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The above is the t. of Abthlgl 1, the t. of Abthlg. S is 

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A new edition of the Anglo-Norman poem above. 


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the same. — Kep. upon the grants etc. of land to the W. of the 
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see Beaddon (L.) Tryal of B. & H. Speke upon spreading false 

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Methodiis inveniendi lineas curvas maximi minimive propiietate 

gaudentes, sive solutio problematia isoperimetrici latissimo sensu 


4°. Lausannss. 1744 

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t2 has tp. Conjectura physica circa propagationem soni ao 

tS has tp. E. opuao. t. 8 cont. novam theoriam magnetia. 
Soientia navalia aeu tractatua de conatruendis ao dirigendis navibua. 
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A no. of these pieces are extracts f. books, in wh. cases no 
ref. have been made vn the body of the cat. A repr. is in- 
dicated by t. There is a tp. for each v. but the pag. is 
cont., the tp'. vary and are [1], Doctor J. Faust, F. u. s. 
Vorganger, G. E. Widman's Hauptwerk uber F., etc. 
2, Wagner (C.) F.'s Famulus ; Don Juan Tenorio v. 
Sevilla, etc., auch B2 v. Dr. J. F. 3, Die Sage v. F. bis z. 
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[A tr. f. the Eng. which is cont. in Thorns {W. J.) Coll. of 

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Christnaoht, see Wahre BrofEnung. 

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fPanst als Ballet (in Wien), O.1730. 

Pliegendes Blatt aus Coin. [Extr. f. Arnim & Brentano. 

Des Knaben Wunderhorn.'] [1 i." 

in Erfurt. [Extr.'] 

in Leipzig. [Extr.] 

in Maulbronn. [Extr.] 

t od. d. grosse Negromantist. (Das Geisselbreoht'sohe Puppen- 

spiel). [3 ii.] 

t od. d. gefoppte Dr. Ein Lustspiel, (vom Augsburger Puppen- 

theater). [3 ii.] 

t Sohauspiel in 2 T., (vom Ulmer Puppentheater). [3 ii.] 

t Ein Trauerspiel, (vom Augsburger Puppentheater). [3 ii.] 

t Der weltberiihmte Dr. P., Schauspiel, (vom Strassburger 

Puppentheater). [3 ii.] 

Gorres (J. V.) Uber P. u.verwandte Zauberer, (1807). [Extr.f.h. 

Die Teutschen Volksbiicher.] [1 i.] 

Die Zaubersage etc., (1840). [Extr. f. h. Ghristl. Mystik.] 

Grandier (U.), (1826). [Extr. f. Plancy {G. de). Diet, infernal] 

[2 ii.] 

see Pitaval (P. G. de). 

Hagen (P.H.v. d.) Das alte u. neue Spiel v.Dr. P.,(1841). [Extr. 
f. Germania, B4.] [3 ii.] 

P., (1846). [Extr. f. Germania, B7.] [3 i.] 

tJber d. St. Darstellungen d. Paustsage, (1844). [Extr.f. 

Germania, B6.] [1 i.] 

Von Virgil d. Zauberer, (1838). [Extr.f.h.Erzahlungen 

u. Mdrchen!] [1 i.] 

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Heumann (0. A.) Glaubwiird. Nachricht v. P., (1741). [Extr. f. 

Hauber (E.) Bibliotheca, acta etc. ma'gica.] [1 i.] 

fHist. V. P., 1587. [1 ii-] 

tHbllenzwang. Beschworungen d. hoU. Geister besonders d. Aziels. 

[1 ii.] 

\ Eberhard {Pater). Wahrhafter Jesuiten-HoUenzwang, 

Generalzwang aller Geister, etc. 

f Paust dreifacher Hollenzwang. 

\ Paust grosser u. gewalt. Meergeist, 1692. 


[3 ii.] 






Faust {Dr. Johann) [continued]. 
Dr. J. Paust [continued]. 

fHoUenzwang [cont.]. Paust's Miraoul-Kunat- u. "Wnnder-Buch, od. 
die schwarze Babe auoh d. Dreifaohe HijUen Zwang genannt, 


[1 ii. 

t Paustens dreyfaoher HoUenzwang, 1407. 

t Paii8tidreyfaolierHbllen-zwangu.Mag.(Gei9ter-Commando), 

nebst d. Bohwarzen Baaben, 1501. [3 ii.] 

t PauBti Hiillen-Zwang, od. Miraltul-Kunst u. "Wunder-Bucli, 

1540. [3 ii.1 

t Pausti schwarzer Babe. [3 ii.] 

t Paustus vierfaoher Hollen-Zwang, od. all i Elementen, etc., 

1680. [3 ii.] 

t Praxis mag. P., od. d. v. Dr. J. P. praotioirte u. besohworne 

HoUen Zwang, 1527. [3 ii.] 

t — — Schlussel zu P.'s dreifaohem Hollenzwang (Gedruckt 1575. 

Extrahiert 17S8) 

' Tabellaa rabellinEe Geister-commando, 1501. 

see Kohler (J. P.) ; Wahre Eroffnung etc. 

Hondorff (A.) Exempel v. Zauberie, etc., (1572), 

Fromtuariwm exemplorwm.] 
tHonorius III. Das sogenannte Grimorium, od. d. 

Horn (P. C.) P. e. Gemiilde n. d. Altdeutschen, (1820). 

Preundl. Schriften etc.] 

[1 ii.] 
[3 ii.] 

[Extr. f. h. 

Grrimoir d. H., 

[2 ii.] 

[Extr. f. h. 

[3 ii.] 

Uber Volksscbauspiele, d. v. P. insbesondere, etc., (1823). 

[Extr.f. h. Poesie u. Beredsamkeit d. Deiitschen.] [S ii.] 

Jesuitarum libellus, see Verus. 

fjuan [de Tenorio]. Don Juan, od. d. steinerne Gast, (Vom Puppen- 
theater in Strassburg). [2 ii.] 

f Don Juan u. Don Pietro, od. d. Steinerne-Todten-Gastmahl, 

(Vom Puppentheater in Augsburg). [2 ii.~ 

t Don Juan, (Vom Puppentheater in Ulm). [2 ii, 

Zur Gesch. d. Don J., (1837). [Extr. f. Eiiropa.] [2 ii. 

see Kablert (A. J.) 

„ M&imSe (P.) 

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hafen.] [2 ii.] 

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Sist.-krit. Untersuchung etc. Br. J. F.] [1 i.] 

Legenden(Einigeinfern.). [Extr.f.Planey( Diet.infern., 

184,5:] [4 ii.] 

Leitner (P. v.) tJber d. P. v. Marlow, etc., (1837). [Extr. f. E. 

Willkomm,u. A. Fischer. JaJiriiicher fur BraTna etc.] [3 ii.] 

Lercheimer (A.) ps., see Witekind (H.) 

Leutbecher (J.) Die alt. dramat. Bearbtg. d. Paustsage, (1838). 

[Extr. f. h. Tiber d. F. v. Gethe.] [3 ii.] 

tLow (BabU). Der hohe E. L. [4 ii.] 

•{■Luxembourg (^e mar^chal de). Gesprache im Beiche derer Todten 

zw. d. P. H. V. L. u. P., 1733. [8 i.] 

t Des Welt berufienen H. v. L. Pacten od. Verbiindniss mit 

d. Satan. [2 ii.] 

fMagia divina, od. Unterricht v. denen Oabbal. Kunststiicken etc., 

1745. [2 ii.] 

fMarlowe (C.) P. Mit Anmerk. v. P. Notter. Ubers. v. W. Miiller, 

mit e. Vorrede v. L. A. v. Arnim. [3 ii.] 

see Leitner (P. v.) 

Maesmann (H. P.), see Mone (P. J.) & H. P. M. 
MSrim^e (P.) Die Seelen d. Pegfeuers, od. d. beiden Don Juan, 
(1837). [Extr.f. Bodekaton.] [2 ii.] 

Mohsen (J. C. W.) Verzeiohniss e. Samml. v. Bildniasen, (1771). 
[Extr.f. VerzeichM-iss e. Samml. v. Bildnissen, theils Aerate.] 


Mone (P. J.) & H. P. Massmann. Zur Sage v. Theophilus, Gerbert, 

P., (1817-34). [Extr. f. Anzeiger fiir Kunde d. deutschen 

Mittelalters.] [1 i.] 

fNeumann (J. G.) Betracht. d. D. P., iibers. v. M. M., 1702. [8 i.] 

fPetruff, de Abano. Das Heptameron, od. Elemente d. Magie. 

[2 ii.] 

■fPiotoriuB (G.) Von d. Gattungen d. Ceremonial-Magie. [2 ii.] 

Pitaval (P. G. de). Gesch. d. U. Grandier, (1747). [Extr.f. a tr. 

of h. Erzdhlimg sonderbarer Bechtshdndel.] [2 ii.] 

Beiche (P.) J. Tritheim, (1835). [Extr.f. Freussens Vorseit.] 


fEeichlin-Meldegg (C. A. Frhr. v.) Die deutschen Volksbiicher v. 

P. u. Wagner. [4 i, ii.] 

f Romanus-Biichlein, od. v. Gott d. Herr bewahre meine Seele. [2 ii.] 

Rosenkranz (J. C. P.) P. als Volkabuch— Zur Lit. d. Pauatdicht- 

nng, (1880-6). [Extr. f. h. Gesch. d. deutschen Poesie im 

Mittelalter, & Gesch. d. d. Lit.] „ [1 i.] 

Zur P. Pabel, (1836). [Extr. f. h. Uber Galderons TragUdie.] 

tEush (friar). Von B. B., 1835. [4 ii.J 

■fSchotus Tolet (P.) C. Wagner's Leben u. Thaten, etc., 1714. [2 i.] 
fSemiphoras u. Schemhamphoras Salomonis, 1689. [2 i.] 

Sommer (B.) P. als Volkssohauspiel, (1845). [Extr. f, Ersch- 
Gruber'sche Encyklopddie.] [3 ii.] 

fSpeoimen magiae albse, od. Euffnng d. Engels Gabrielis. [2 i.] 

[Extr. f. Cansler u. Meissner. 
[2 ii.] 


Faust (Dr. Johann) [continued]. 
Dr. J. Faust [continited]. 

Stieglitz (C. L.) P. als Schauspiel aui d. deutschen Biihne, (1884). 
[Extr.f. Baumer {F. v.) Mist. Taschenhuch.]- [8 ii.] 

Die Sage V. P. [Extr. f. Baumer (F. v.) Hist. Taschenhuch, 

1884.] [1 '•! 

Tenorio (Juan de), see Juan [de Tenorio]. 
Tolet (P. S.), see Sohotus Tolet (P.) 
Tritheim (J.) Leben d. T., 1784. 
Alt. Lit. u. neuere Lectiire.] 

see Eeiche (P.) 

fVerus Jesuitarum libellus, 1508. 

Virgilius Maro (P.) 

see Dobeneck (P. L. P. v.) 

„ Hagen (P. H. v. d.) 

Wagner (C.) 

see Schotus Tolet (P.) 

„ Beichlin-Meldegg (0. A. Frhr. v.) 

„ Zweite (Der) Bericht. 

fWahre Erbfinung d. Jena. Christnaoht3-Trag.,,etc., 1716. ,[3 ii.] 
fWarhaffte (Ein) u. erschrockl. Gesch. v. P., in reymen verfasset, 

1587. [* i-] 

tWidmann (G. E.) Warhafft. Hist. v. d. Siinden u. Lastern P., 

1599. [1 i, "■] 

Wier (J.) Von Schwartzkiinstlern, (1586). [Extr. f. a tr. of h. 

Be prcegistiis dcemonum.] [1 i.] 

fWinters (G.) P. Eiue Gesch. d. Vorzeit (fiir d. Puppentheater in 

Coin). . [3 ii.] 

fWitekind (H.), [ps. A. Lercheimer]. Christlich bedenoken etc v. 

Zauberey, 1585. , [3 i.] 

Von Zauberei, (1586). [Extr.f. h. Christl. Bedenchen etc. 

vor Z.] [1 i.] 

Zauberer (Ein grosser). [Extr. f. Planoy [G. de). Bid. in- 
fernal.] [i ii.] 
Zauberern (Von d.) Jannes u. Jambres, u.t. Bileam u. Salomo. 

[* «■] 
Zoroaster. Mag. Orakel Z.'s etc. [2 i.] 

Z.'s Telescop. [2 i.] 

fZweite (Der) Bericht v. P., s. Erso^einungeu u. d. Thaten Wagners, 

1594. [3 i.] 

[A tr. of The 2'^ rep. of Br. J. F. etc. cont. in Thorns (W. J.) 
Coll. of early prose romances, v3, 1828.] 

Zyto. Der Zauberer Z., (1575). [Extr. f. Bubravii Hist. 

Bohemica.] [4 ii.] 

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8". n.d. 
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see FoWLEB (E. T.) & A. L. F. Kate of Kate Hall, 1904. 
Fell (John), bp. of Oxford, see Burnet (G.), bp. Life of Hale, 

w. life of Hammond, by F., n. ed., 1806. 
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„ RiOHAED (R.) Coups d'etat de Richelieu et Mazarin, aveo 
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2v. s8». 1878 
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Ferdinand, infant of Portugal, " the Constant," son of John I, 

see Oliveika Mabtins (J. P.) Os filhos de D. Joao I, 1901. 
Ferdinand II, king of the Two Sicilies, see Quabania (B.) 

Opere, 1828-74. 




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easy. Ib.w. Vinci (L. da). Treatise on painting, 1796]. 

n. ed. E. 1803 
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P., see GiEAED (A.) 
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Anon, works etc. 

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France [continued']. 
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dea batimeuta da roi aous 

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I'ofaoiaUtS de B., 1265- 
1500; par U. Robert, tl, 

„ Catherine [de' Medici]. 
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tl-8, 1897. 

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TIONALE. ProoSa-verbaux 
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AaaembMea rSunia aous 
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convocation des E. G. de 
1789, par A. Brette, t3 & 
Atlas, 1904, 

le r^gne de Louis XIY, 

see Lababte (J.) ed. Inventaire 

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d'Arta de seoonde rh^to- 

rique, 1902. 
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sarcophages ohr. d'Arlea, 

„ Nouv. recueil des in- 

script». chr6t. de la Gaule 

ant. au 8» s., 1892. 
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de la Gaule, 1886. 
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oomtS de Champagne et 

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dailleura fr. du xv s. au 

xvii, t3, 1904. 
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oona ; tl, Suppl. ; t2, 3 ; 

trauaorits et publ. par C. 

Be'mont, 1896-1906. 
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Parlement de P. au 18" a., 

tS, 1898. 
„ Statiatique monumen- 

tale de P,, 1867. 
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diplSmes milit.; publ. par 

R., 1" livr., 1876. 
„ ViABD (J.) Lesjournauxdu 

trSsor de Philippe VI de 

Valois, suivis de I'Ordina- 

rium Thesauri de 1338-9, 


„ GuiPFBE (J. J.) Comptes 

State Bepartmeuts & Publications. 

Convention Nationale [1792-5]. 

Proc^s-verbaux du Comity d'Instruetion Publ. de la C. N. 

Aunot. etc. par J. Guillaume. t4, 5, [21 mars 1794-20 mars 

1795. Inprog. Doc". in6d.] 4°. 1901-4 

Eeoueil des Actes du Comity de Salut Public, aveo oorr. offic. 

des repr^sentants en mission etc. Publ. par P. A. Aulard. 

tl3, 14, 15, 16, [23 avrU-7 juil. 1794. Inprog. DoC. in^d.] 

Ia8». 1900-4 
Etats GEN^EAnx. 
Kecueil de doC. rel. k la eonvooation des E. G. de 1789. Par 

A. Brette. ' t3. [DoC. in^d.] laS". 1904 

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Doc", rel. aux Etats G^n^raux et Assemblies r^nnis sous 

Philippe le Bel. Publ. par G. Picot. [DoC. in^d.] 4o. 1901 
Laws, etc. 
Code Civil (Le), 1804-1904 : livre du Centenaire publ. par 

la Soci^t^ d'Etudes legislatives. 2t. Ia8<>. 1904 

1, Gfo&alit^s — £!tudes speoiales. 

2, Le Code civil k I'Btranger — La question de la revision — 

Ministee de l'Insteuotion Publiqub. 

see Catalogue g^n. des MSS. des biblioth^ques publiques de 
France. DSpartements, tl Bouen ; par H. Omont, 1886. 
MiNiSTfiEE DES Aeeaiees EteangJ:ees. 

Doc. diplomat. Affaires du Maroc, 1901-5. fol. 1905 

France (Anatole) ps. Le crime de Sylvestre Bonnard. 

s8». [1904] 
see Anthologie des pontes franp., 1905. 
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panions. Tr. E. G. Salter. sS". 1902 
The seraphic keepsake : a talisman agst. temptation wr. for 
Brother Leo, also words of counsel and praise of God. Pr. in 
faos. & set forth in Eng. by R. Balfour. s8o. 1905 
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Hen. VIII en 1532, 1898. 
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two emperors. Will. II of Germany and P. J., 1904. 
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sS". 1905 

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KEN (Die) d. deut. Stadte : Braunschweig, Bl, 1868. 
Reply by Berey to calumnies of P. du Calvet agst. Eecollets of 
Quebec, 1784, see Canada, Govt, publ'., Canad. archives, 1888. 
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hist, de I'Etat-Major de I'Arm^e]. 

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Doc'., Atlas], [inprog.]. 8". 1905 

Les premi&res operations en Alsace et en Lorraine. tlO. 8°. 1905 

see also Keiegsoesohiohtliche Einzelsoheipten. 
Frangois, see Pean^ais. 

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lande 1904 bis 1905. s8". 1905 

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Les obs^dds. s8». [1904] 

[6«ed.]. 88°. [1905] 

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graphy in the Par East. s8<'. [1905] 
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Fraser (Mrs. Hugh). The slaking of the sword— [The story of 
Chagra Barghat — The reclaiming of Kokichi — The giver of 
honour— Him^]. s8<>. 1904 
Fraser (James), minister of Wardlaw (or Kirkhill), Inverness. 
Chron'. of the Frasers ; the Wardlaw MS. entitled " Poli- 
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G. (A.) 




G. (A.), see Geodakd (A.) 

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The gilded clique, [b.w.h. Other 
people's money, 1886]. 

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lies cotillons c^lfebres. 

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2, Lia d'Argelfes. 

In peril of his life. 

3M ed. s8». 1884 
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&, Capt. Coutaneeau. 

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Other people's money. 

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w. sep. tp'. & pagin". ; the tp. of p2 is Institutio principis, 
etc.] — Deirdri ; [w.] tr. notes etc. ; annexed, the old hist. ace. 
on wh. the story is founded ; by T. O'P., [£ 2 poems of 
Ossian w. Bng. versification iy W. Leahy]. [With sep. tp, 
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s8°. Valencia. 1851 
ZapatazQ a Zapatilla, i a su falso Buscapie un puntillazo. [ 
Calderon (J.) Cervantes vindicado, 1851.] s8<'. 1851 

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the realm of the Czar. 

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6" A. s8<'. St. 1899 

behind the scenes in 

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see also WAiunANins. 
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tl. 88". 1905 
Gaystlichen, see Geistliohen. 

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Martyreracten u. andere Urkunden aus d. Verlolgungszeit d. 

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& culture-institutes: a rep. to the Carnegie Dunfermline 
Trust. Ia8''. E. 1904 




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Roman, tjbers. v. F. Maro. 4= A. sS". 1905 

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nebst Abhdlg. iiber G.'s Leben u. Schrifteu v. P. de Lorenzi. 

4B. 8". Trier. 1881-3 
The tp\ of B3 d- 4 differ slightly frmn the above. 

1, G-.'a Leben 11. eobte Schrifteu — Das Buoh vom guten Tode — Die 
12 Priichte d. li. Geistes. 

2, Das Narrenschiff — Der Mensch em Baum — Der Baum d. lieili- 
gen Kreiizes. 

S, Der Christ. Pilger — Neuu Priichte u. Vorziige d. Ordensleben — 

Sieben Schwerter u. sieben Scheiden. 
4, Das SohifE d. Heils — Zwei Register. 

Ijts plus aneiens Merits de G. : Todtenbiiohlein — Beichtspiegel — 

Seelenheil — Sendtbrieii — Bilger [sic] ; pr^o^d^s d'une it. bib- 

liog. par L. Dacheux. 8°. Colmar. 1882 

see Brandt (S.) Welt Spiegel, od. Narren Schiff. Mit anderu 

Christl. Lehren, etc., J. Gr., 1574. 
Geistlichen, [Gatstlichen], see Dialoous etc. betr. iibel Stand 

d. g., n.d. 
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explicative des phenomfenes obscnrs de psychologie normale 
et anormale. 2° kd., rev. s8". 1905 

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geu, see Munokek (F.) Bremer Beitrager : G., etc., hrsg. v. M., 
T2, 1889. 
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agst. T. Murner, 1S22 ?], see Novella. 
Die Totenfresser, see Pkoning (E.) Das Drama d. Eeforma- 
tionszeit, hrsg. P., 1894. 
Genlis (Ifme. de). *Th^4tre de soo. 2t. s8». Maestricht. 1781 
Gennep (Arnold van). Tabou et tottoisme a Madagascar. 
[H.B : Soi. Eelig., 17]. 8». 1904 

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Ia8<'. Bielefeld. 1905 
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80. 1905 
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Gentsch (Wilhelm). Steam turbines, then- development, 
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Hist. & proceedings of the Lords & Commons in P. w. reg. to 
the Eegency, etc., 1789. 
George William Frederick Charles, a""* duke of Cambridge. 
Cat. of the lib. of the Duke of Cambridge, sold by Sotheby 
& Co., 2"" Dec, 1904. [P1077]. 8°. 1904 

Georget (Alphonse). Bmancipees. s8°. 1905 

The series-title for all his works : Pages de la vie eontemp. 
has been neglected, 
Georgevitch (Vladan). Das Ende d. Obrenovitch : Beitr. z. 
Gesch. Serbiens, 1897-1900. 8». L. 1905 

Georgius, monachus. Chronicon. Ed. C. de Boor. 

2v. [pagin. cont.]. s8°. L., Teubner. 1904 
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The three essentials. sS". 1905 

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newest answer. 2°'' ed. s8''. 1904 

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Germany. Anon, works, see KKiEasGESCHiCHTLicHE Einzel- 

SCHEIETEN, 1885-95. 

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Joanne — Guides-diamant]. s8°. 1894 

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et I'artiste, etc., 1906. 

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1613, tr. B. H. Soulsby, see Conway (Sir W. M.) ed., Early- 
Dutch & Eng. voyages to Spitsbergen in 17"" c, 1904. 
Gervais-Courtellemont (Jules Claudin). Voyage au Tunnan. 

8°. 1904 

Geschichte, [see also Histoeie]. *Geschichte v. Baiern, 1785,. 

see Westenbiedek (L. v.) 

Zur Geschichte d. Kostiime, n.d., see Eostum. 

Geschichte der europaischen Staaten. Hrsg. v. A. H. L.. 

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Niederlande; v. P. J. Blok.. 

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1, Bis z. Mitte d. IB.Jhdts. 

2, Bis z. Gegenwart. 
Venedig; v. H. Kretsohmayr. 

Bl, Bis zum Tode Enrico 
Dandolos. 1905. 

Bolnneu : von 
B2, bis 1526. 

A. Baohraann. 

Griecheuland seit d. Absterben 

d. antiken Lebens ; v. G. P. 

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Kirchenstaat (Der) ; r. M. 

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„ Tr. etc. C. Swan. Pref. by E. A. Baker. 8o. 1905- 
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v4 is by W. A. Ellis S he has omitted Olasenapp's name 
fr. tp. 
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Annals, or day & year 
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[CoiHHeHia]. tl-5 PaacKasii, 

6 niecH. [t5, 6 n8/i.]. 

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L'angoisse (une page de la vie 

d'un meunier) et autres nou- 

velles. [Le raauvais farceur — ■ 

La sortie — Par ennui — Boles 

— Vaska le Rouge — Le lee- 

teur.] Tr. S.Kikina et P.-G. La 

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Creatures that once were men. 

Tr. J. K. M. Shirazi, w. intr. 

by G. K. Chesterton. 

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s8°. [1905] 

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s8°. 1892 
This vol. has E. Gourdon de Genouillac on its tp. ; this 
seems to be a misprint. 
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gations, etc., v9, plOO, 1904. 

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[Les e^l^britfe d'aujourd'hui]. sS". 1905' 

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s3, 1902-4. 2» ^d. sS". 1905 

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8°. 1905- 
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(Hon. E. F.) 
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des poSmes de G., 1905. 

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spiraoie by J. earl of G. & his brother, agst. his M.'s person,- 

S"- of Aug. 1600. [Ed. Lord Hailes]. s8». [E. 1757J 

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„ „ „ Index ; v. H. F. Massmann. [b.w.h. Sprach- 
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" Lui " [William II emp.] s8">. [1905] 
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tributors & their works, 1769-1904. vl-4. [in prog.]. 4". 1905-6- 

1, Abbayne-Oarrington. 2, Carroll-Dyer. 3, Badie-Harraden.- 
4, Harral-Lawranson. 

Gray (— ). Mem-, of the great Mr. Law & h. brother at Paris. 
To 1721. s8o. 1721 

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binders & the first Cambridge printer. [Bibliograph. Soc.,. 
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see Dalling & Bulwee (baron H. L.) An autumn in Greece, 

see Hakluyt (R.) Principal navigations, etc., 1903.-4. 


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by a reduction of the temperature, 1903, see Chicaoo. Univ. 

of C. Decennial publ'. si, vlO, 1903. 
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The poet Vaughan, 1862, see 

Dkuid (The), No. 1, 1862. 
Short hist, of the Eng. people. 
88°. 1876 
>, „ 68°. 1880 

Hist, of the Eng. people. 

4v. [y8 wmiting]. S". 1881-6 
I, „ vl. [Eversley ed.] 
s8o. 1895 
The making of England. 

[4th ed. repr.] 2 v. sS". 1904 

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„ „ [P1082]. 8». Worcester, Mass. 1904 

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books : a subject-list of the Brit. & American works in print. 

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Gregory XIII, pope. The holy bull and Crusado of Eome : 

1" publ. by G. & afterwards renewed & ratified by Sixtus V ; 

w. a declaration, founde in the 'Armado of Spaine, of the 

prowde presumption of the Spaniard which through the 

instigation of the buUe, hath taken in hand the setting 

forth of the invincible Army towards Eng. 88". 1588 

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Gregory (Augusta, Lady), wife of Rt. Hon. Sir W. H. Gregory. 

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„ . , , ,„ 2B. 88". n.d. 

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Ia8». St. 1887 




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Each play has sep. tp., date, d pagin. 

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hecho los relig. de la Compafiia de lesvs, para predicar el 

sancto Euangelio en la India Oriental, y en los reynos de la 

China y lapon. 2p. 4". Aloala. 1601 

The tp. of p2 varies slightly, 

Gwynn (Stephen), T.Moore. [Eng. men of letters]. sS", 1905 

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Journal d'un casserole. sS". [1905] 

Journal d'une qui s'en fiche. sS". [1900] 

Petit bleu. 8". 1896 





J, see Hague (The). 
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2, Human stem-hist. or phylogeny. 

The hist, of creation. Tr. rev. by E. Bay Lankester. 

2v. 2""' imp. 4"' ed. s8». 1899 
Der Kampf um d. Entwickelungs-Gedanken : 3 Vortrage. 

8". 1905 
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8». 1906 
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see Lodge (Sir 0. J.) Life & matter: crit. of H.'s "Eiddle of 
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B2 has ST., but only 1 gem,, tp. ; besides the gen. tp. each 

T. has a special tp. . Der Helden Buch in d. XJrsprache. 

Hrsg. von v. d. H. u. A. Primisser. B2, Tl, is b.w. Bl. 

Each B. has sev. paginK 

see Faust (Dr. J.), 4B, 1846-9. 

Hagen (Meister Gotfrid). Dit is dat boioh van Colne [Eeim- 
ohronik] 1277-87, see Chboniken (Die) d. deut. Stadte : Coin, 
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A gardener's year, 8". 1905 

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3'" ed. 8». 1884 

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in Pari, by passing of bills ; w. oat. of the Speakers names. 

s8o. 1641 

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& Extra Ser. 8°. 1904-5 

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of Bengal, 1669-79 ; ed. Sir E. Temple, 1905. [Ser. II, 12.] 

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Spitsbergen in IT^ c, 1904. [Ser. II, 11.] 
,, Febnandes de Queikos (P.) Voyages, 1595-1606 ; tr. cSS; ed. 

by Sir G. Markham, 1904. [Ser. II, 14, 15.] 
„ Hakluyt (E.) The principal navigations, voyages, etc., of the 

Eng. nation, 1903-5. [Ex. Ser.]. 
„ Pukohas (S.) Hakluytus Posthumus, or P. his pilgrimes, 
vl-10, 1905. [Ex. Ser.]. 
Hakluyt (Richard). Principal navigations, etc., of the Eng. 
nation. [Hakluyt Soc, Ex. Ser.]. 12v. 8°. Glasgow. 1903-5 
A repr. of the 1398-1600 ed. The ed. of iSog-IS, 5v. 4". 
(loh. is in the Library), has t. Coll. of early voyages, etc. 
n. ed. ; The Suppl. in v4 S oS are not contained in this 
1'2v. repr. The contents in this Suppl, are indicated 
below by *, d the contents of vS by f. v/S cont". a gen. 
index & an index to ship. 
The 1'2v. ed. corresponds w. the lS09-i2 ed. as follows. 
v-!-4 p'/96 = v^ ; v4 p-197-v7, p6i = v2 ; v7 p62-vl0 
p74 = 'v3 ; v/0 pTS-vll = v4. When " Extr." is in sq. 
brackets below it means that the extract is out of Matthew 
Paris, HoUnshed, or Camden. 
The explanatory additions in brackets are taken from the 
table of contents. 

Abulfeda. Note by J. B. Eamusio out of A., [oonc. the Northeast 
passage], 1588. [Ital d- Eng.'] ' [3, p412.] 

Acapulco, see Gualle (F. de). 

Acosta (J. d'). Testimonies cone, the river Amazones, or Orellana, 
& Guiana, 1590. [.Bicir. /. Hist, of W. Indies]. [I],pl6.] 

Adams (C.) Navigation & discoverie of Moacovia, 1553, by E. 
Chancelor ; wr. in Lat. by G. A. [Eng^ [2, p23^.] 

Adelardus, Bathensis. Travailes of A., [of Bathe to Egypt & 
Arabia], 1130. \Lat. d- Eng. Extr.f.BaXe}. [4, p306.] 

Africa, see Petoney (M.) ; Waterman (W.) 

Alarohon (F.) Eel. of the navigation [of] A., [to the gulf of Cali- 
fornia, & up the river of Buena Guia], 1540. [9, p279.] 

see Eamusio (G. B.) 

Albion, New, see New Albion. 

Aloook (T.) Letter of A. to E. Gray & H. Lane, agents in Mosoovia, 
f. Tirwill in Polonia, 1558. [2, p3g6.] 

G. Wrenne & E. Cheyney. Voyage into Persia by A., W. 

and C, 1563, wr. by E. C. [3, p40.; 

Alday (J.) Letter of A., trade in Lappia, 1575. [3, pl97. 

Voyage into Marocoo in Barbarie, 1551. [6, pl36.^ 

Aldersey (L.) Voyage by A. to Jerusalem, & Tripolis, 1581. [5, p202." 

Voyage of A. to Alexandria & Cayro in Mgj^i, 1586. 

[6, p39.] 
Aldworth (T.) Letter f. A. cone, a voyage for the disc, of the coast 

of America, Southwest of Cape Briton, 1583. [8, pl83.] 

— — ■ see Walsingham (Sir F.) 
Aleppo. Commaundement for A., [cone, the goods of W. Barret 

deceased], 1584. [5, p290.] 

see Goa. 

Alexandria. Commaundement to the cadie of A. [for the restoring 
of an Bnglishmans goods taken by the French consul], 1584. 

[5, p288.] 
• Notes cone, the trade in A., 1584. [5, p272.] 

see Aldersey (L.) 

Algeria. Letter to W. Hareborne f. Alger, 1583. [5, p263.] 

Notes cone, the trade of Alger, 1584. [5, p270.] 

Series vel registrum valoris navium etc., [Cat. of Eng. sliips, 

etc., taken & delivered to Hassan the Beglerbeg of Alger] &o. 
1584. [5, p280.] 

see Chaloner (Sir T.) ; Harborne (W.) ; Shingleton (T.) 

Almaine, see Germany. 

Almeida de Souza (B.) Advertisement, f. Angola, touching the 
state of the countrey, 1591. [6, p468. 





Haklnyt (Bichard), The principal navigations, etc. [cont.']. 

Alured, bp. of Worcester. Voyage of A., unto Jerusalem, 1058. 
[Lat. dj Eng.] [4, p287.] 

Amadas (P.) & A. Barlow. Voyage (l^"') made to the coasts of 
America [i.e. Virginia], by A., & B., 158i. [8, p297.] 

Amazon, see Acosta (J. d') ; Fernandez de Bnciso (M.) 

America, see Aldworth (T.) ; Carlile (C); Gilbert (Sir H.); Vir- 
ginia; Walsingham {Sir F.) 

Amurath III, sultan of Turkey. Extract specifying paiments, by 
the Grand Signior, to the officers of h. seraglio [& other states 
expenses], 1588. [6, p61.] 

Letters of Sinan counsellour to Murad, to Elizabeth, peace 

unto Poland, 1590. [Lat. & Eng.'] [6, p69.] 

see Levant ; Levant Co. ; Wrag (&.) 

Angelsea, see Bede. 

Angola, see Almeida de Souza (B.) 

Anticosti, see "Wyet (S.) 

Antonio (J. B.) Eel. of ports, & cities in W. Indies, 1587. [10, pl35.] 

Arabia, see Adelardns, Bathensis ; Varthema (L.) 

Armad V, sultan of Morocco, see Hogan (E.) ; Eoberts (H.) 

Armada, sec Meteren (E. van). 

Arthur, k. of Brit., see Monmouth (G., of). 

Asia, see Constantino I ; Edward I ; Ketene (R. de) ; Longespfe 

(W. de) ; Waterman (W.) 
Assumption, Isle of, see Anticosti. 
Athens, see Scotus (J.) 
AuBtel (H.) Voyage of A. by Venice to Eagusa overland & to 

Constantinople: & f. thence by Moldavia, Polonia, Silesia, & 

Germanie to Hamburg, 15S5. [5, p320.] 

Azores, see Evesham (J.) ; Flioke (R.) ; Linsohoten (J. H. v.) ; 

Ealeigh {Sir W.) ; Wright (B.) 
Babylon, see Barret (W.) ; Eldred (J.) 
Bafan (A. de), marq. of Santa Cruz. Opinion of B. touching the 

armie of sir F. Drake lying at the Isles of Bayona, Galicia, 1585. 

[Span, d- Eng.] [10, p88.] 

Bactria, see JenMnson (A.) 
Balak (J.) Epistle unto G. Mercator,' cone. Northeast passage. 

[Lat. £ Eng.] [3, p450.] 

Balduinus, ahp. of Canterbury. Life & travailes of B., [unto Syria 

and Patestina], 1190. [Lat. & Eng.] [i, pB39.] 

Baldwin, emp. of Constantinople. Comming of B., into Eng., 

1247. [Extr.] [4, p353.] 

Bale (E.) Life etc. of William archbishop of Tyre, [voyage to 

Jerusalem & Tyre], 1180. [Lat. S Eng.] [4, p307.] 

Travailes of Athelard [of Bathe to Egypt & Arabia], 1180. 

[4, p306.] 
Baliabadram. Commandement for B. [on behalf of Eng. merchants], 

1584. [Lat.] [5, p287.] 

Banister (T.) & G. Ducket. Voyage of B. & D., into Persia, 1568-74. 

[3, pl50.] 
Barbary, see Alday (J.) ; Preigius (J. T.) ; Henry IV ; Thomas (J.) ; 

Vergilius (P.) 
Barbary Company. Letters patents gr. by her M. [Elizabeth] to 

marchants of London, for a trade to Barbarie, 1585. [6, p419.] 
Barker (A.) Voyage of B. to W. Indies, 1576, coll. by E. Hakluyt. 

[10, p82.] 
Barlow (A.) & P. Amadas. Voyage (1'') made to the coasts of 

America [i.e. Virginia] by A. & B., 1584. [8, p297.] 

Barret (W.) Money & measures of Babylon, Balsara, & the Indies, 

1584. [6, plO.] 

see Aleppo. 

Barton (E.), see Wrag (E.) 

Bassendine (J.) Commission given by T. Randolfe, 

disc, to the Eastwards, 1588. 
Bassorah, see Barret (W.) ; Eldred (J.) 
Bayao, see Pudsey ( — ). 
Beauehamp, The family of. Family of B., w. E. 

Jerusalem, 1096. [Extr.] 
Bede. Conq. of Anglesey & Man by Edwin k. of Northumberland, 

to B. etc., 
[3, pll9.] 

Curtoys, to 

624. [Lat. d- Eng.] [1, p8.] 

Test, out of B., prooving London to have bene a Citie of 

great traffike. [Lat. & Eng.] [1, p309.] 

Voyage of Bertus into Ireland, 684. [1, plO.] 

Bek (A.) A. B. elected patriarch of Hierusalem, 1305. [Extr.f. 

Leland ; Lat. & Eng.] [4, p370.] 

Bengal, see Bruton (W.) 

Benin, see Ingram (A.) ; Welsh (J.) ; Windham (T.) 
Bergen, see Krantz (A.) 

Bermuda Islands, see Dudley {Sir R.) ; Jourdan (S.) ; May (H.) 
Bertus, see Bede. 
Best (G.) Disc, of the 3 voyages of disc, for a passage to Cathaya, 

by the Northwest, under M. Frobisher ; pref . a disc. cont. reasons 

to prove all partes of the world habitable, 1578. [7, p250.] 

Bird (J.), see Ingram (A.) 
Bodenham (E.) Voyage by B. to S. John de Uliua in the bay of 

Mexico [& to Mexico], 1564. [9, p359.] 

Voyage of B., to Caudia & Ohio, 1550. [5, p71.] 

Bokhara, see Jenkinson (A.) ; Eussia Co. 

Hakluyt (Richard). The principal navigations, etc. [cont.]. 
Borey (T.) & E. Reniger. Voyage of R. & B. to Brasil, 1540. 

[11, p25.] 
Boris Fedorovich, emp. of Mussia. Letter to the Queenes M., 1592. 

[3, p4S4.] 

Letter[s] to W. Burghley Lord high Treasurer of Eng., 

1590,92. [3, p419, 436." 

Borough (C.) Voyage into Persia by B., 1579-81. [S, p214.' 

Borough (S.) Navigation & disc, of Ob by B., 1556. [2, p322.; 

Voyage of B. f. Colmogro in Eussia to Wardhouse, 1557. 

[2, p863.] 

Borough (W.) Deposition of B. to interrogatories cone, the Narve, 

Kegor, etc., 1576. [3, p208.] 

Epistle [on travels & necessity of knowledge of science] by 

B., 1598. [3, p209.] 

Instructions in voyage for disc, of Cathay by A. Pet & 

C. Jackman, 1580. [3, p259.] 

Opinion of B., fittest time of the departure of our ships 

towards S. Nicolas in Russia, 1582. [3, pS06.] 

. Reasons to disswade the use of a trade to the Narve, by way 

through Sweden, 1676. [8,p207.] 

. ■ & C. Hodsdon. Letter to emp. of Moscovie by H. & B. [voyage 

to Narve in Liefland], 1570. [8, pl67.] 

Bowes {Sir J.) Ambassage of B. to emp. of Moscovie, 1588. 

[8, p463.] 

Commission to B., authorizing him ambassadour unto the 

emp. of Eussia, 1583. [Lat. £ Eng.] [3, p308.] 

Voyage of B. to Ivan [IV] emp. of Musoovia, 1583. [8, p315.] 

Brazil. Note cone, currents of the sea betw. Cape of Buena 

Esperanza, and Brasilia. [11, p72.] 

Remembrances of intended voyage to Brasill, & the river of 

Plate by the Edward Cotton, 1583. [6, p408.] 

. ■ Ruttier of the coast of Brasil f. the Isle of Santa Catelina 

unto the mouth of the river of Plata, etc., n.d. [11, p96.] 

Euttier to be kept f. Cabo Verde to Brasil, unto the river of 

Plate. [11, p78.] 

see Cieza de Carvalho (F.) ; Grigs (T.) ; Hawkins (W.) ; Pert 

{SirT.) & S. Cabot; Pudsey (— ) ; Eeniger (E.) & T. Borey; 
Suarez (F.) ; Ward (L.) ; Whithall (J.) 

Breton, Cape, see Hore ( — ) ; Leigh (C.) ; Strong (E.) 

Bristol, see Malmesbury (W., of). 

Brixiano (0.) Testimony of Coray, warres of Japan agst. C, 1594. 

[^ictr./. Epistles]. [11, p438.i 

fBruton (W.) Newes f. E. Indies : or a voyage to Bengalla, their 

rel., ceremonies, etc., c. 1632. 
Burghley (W. C, baron). To Boris Pheodorowich, [letter on trade], 

1591. [8, p430.] 

see Boris Fedorovich, emp. of Siissia, 

Burgoignon (N.) Eel. of B., aliis Holy, whom sir F. Drake brought 
f. S. Augustine in Florida, 1586. [9, pllS.] 

Barrough, see also Borough. 

Burrough {Sir J.) Rep. of service by B. wherein the Santa Clara 
was taken, & the Santa Cruz & Madre de Dies were forced, 1592. 

[7, plOS.] 

Cabot (J.) Extr. taken out of the map of S. C. cone. disc, of W. 
Indies 1497. [Lat. d Eng.] [7^ pl45.] 

Letters patents of Henry VTI gr. unto C, & h. 3. sonnes, 

Lewis, Sebastian, and Sancius, for the disc, of new lands, 1495, 
[&Bill. Lat. d Eng.] [7, pl41.] 

Cabot (S.) Disc, of S. C. touching disc, of W. Indies [& other docs. 
Sicir./. Ramusio (G. B.) etc.], 1497. , [7, pl47.] 

Ordinances, etc. for voyage for Cathay, 1553. [2^ pl95!] 

Pension gr. by Edward VI to C, constituting him grand 

pilot of Bug., 1549. [Lat. d Eng.] 

[7, pl56.] 

— - & Sir T. Pert. Voyage of P. & S., 1516, to Brasil, Santo 

[10, p2.] 
[4, p236.] 

[1, p299.] 

Domingo & S. Juan de Puerto rioo. 
Cadiz. Voyage unto C, 1596. 

see Drake {Sir F.) 

Cairo, see Aldersey (L.) 

Calais. Summe of expenses in siege of Calioe, 1845. 

see Edward III. 

California, see Alarchon (F.) ; Drake {Sir F.) ; Eamusio (G. B.) 
Camden (W.) Chron. of the kings of Man. [1 p25 ] 

That the Brittons were in ItaUe & Greece, before the 'incar- 
nation of Xt. [Lat. d Eng.] n p269 1 

Campeaohy, see Parker (W.) 

Campion (J.) Disc, of the trade to Ohio; & Letter, 1569 [5 pill] 
Canada, see Cartier (J.); La Eoque (J. F. de); Noel (J.); Xauo- 
toigne (J. A., of). 
tCanary Islands. Conquest of the Grand Canaries, 1599. 

Note cone, trade to the C, 1526. Tfi nion 

see Niools (T.) L", Pi-i^-J 

Candia, see Bodenham (E.) ; Williamson (J ) 

*^*<?°T^?-' j^?Tff' °^P- '• l^exico, 1590, oonc. the building of forts in 
S. John de UUua, & Vera Cruz, as also the disc, of Cibola or New 
Mexico. rg p204-| 

Canute, J. of Eng. & Denmark. Test, of privileges for Eng- & 
Danish marchants by C, 1027. [Lat. d Eng.] [1 pfis 1 

Cape Verde, see Brazil ; Fenner (G.) ; Silva (N. da) 


Hakluyt (Richard). The principal navigations, etc. [cont.]. 
Cajtey (GO, ^"^ baron Sunsdon. Fight agst. Spanish ships in W. 
Indies by S ships, [the Content, etc.] of C, now lord Hunsdon, 

riO pl78 1 

Oarlile (C.) Articles by the oomm. appt. in the behalfe of Mosco- 

vian marehants, to confer w. C. upon h. intended disc, of the 

hithermost parts of America, 1583. [8 pli7 1 

Disc, upon voyage to America, 1583. [s' plSi'l 

Cartier (J.) Letter by J. Noel touching the disc, [of Canada by C ] 

^^®'^' [8 p272'i 

Eel. of C, of New Prance ; etc., 1534, 5, 40, [8 voyages]. 

Cataya, see China. 

Gates (T.) Disc, of Sir F. Drake's W. Indian voyage, 1585, 6, publ. 

n^J r,v,- [l(',p97.] 

Cathay, see China. l t r j 

Cavendish (T.) Letter of C, touching the auocesse of h. voyage 
about the world, 1588. [& Notes out of map of China, 1588]. 

XT i , , . [11> P376.] 

Notes belongmg to the voyage of C, cone, the heights, 

soundings etc., wr. by T. Fuller. [H 5343 ] 

Voyage of C. for the South sea, the Phihppinas & China, 

wr. by J. Jane, 1591. [11_ pggg j 

Voyage of C. into the South sea, & round the earth, 1586-8. 

^ I ■ , ■ X,. , [11> P290-] 

Centunou, ship, see Fight. 

Ceuta. Note cone, the winning of C. in Barbaric, 1415. [Lat. £ 
Bng. S«r!r./. T. Walsingham]. r6pl211 

Cevola, see Zuni. 

'Chaloner (Sir T.) Voyage of C. to Alger, 1541. [Lat. <& Enq. 
-Bxtr./. C.'a Derepublioa.] [5 p70 ] 

Chancellor (R.) The booke of the emp. of Eussia, 1553. [2, p224.] 

see Adams (C.) 

Chapman (L.) ,& others. Voyage into Persia by L. C, C. Faucet, 

E. Pingle, A. Edwards & J. Sparke, 1568, wr. by L. C, 1569. 
_,, , [3, pl86.] 

Charlemagne. League betw. C. & 0£ta k. of Mercia, cone, trade 

of Bng. marehants, 795. [Lat. S Bng.] [1, p310.] 

Charles V, emp. of German,}/, see Mendoza (A. de). 
Chancer (G.) Verses [Knights prologue], 1402. [1, p807.] 

Cheyney (R.), T. Alopck & G. Wrenne. Voyage into Persia by C, 

A. & W., 1588, wr. by E. C. [3, p40.] 

Chidley (J.), see Magoths (W.) 

Chilton (J.) Disc, of C. touching New Spaine, etc., 1568. [9, p860.] 
China. Kingdome of C, & of the estate & government thereof. 

[Tr.f.Laf] [6, p348.] 

see Borough (W.) ; Cabot (S.) ; Cavendish (T.) ; Edward VI ; 

^Elizabeth, q. of Eng.; Fenton (E.) ; Frees (L.); Gnalle (P. de); 
(Gilbert (A.) ; Gilbert (Sir H.) ; Jane (J.) ; Johnson (E.) ; Parera 
'(G.) ; Eussia Co. 

Chio, see Scio. 

Chronicon Hierosolymitanum, see Fleete ; Godericus ; Hardiue. 
Cibola, see Zuiai. 

Cicala (S.), afterwards, Sinan, pasha. Letters of S. oounsellour 
to Murad, to Elizabeth, peace unto Poland, 1590. [Lat. S Eng.'] 

[6, p69.] 

Cieza de Carvalho (P.) Letter from C. governour of Parajua in 

Brasil 1597, touching conquest of Eio Grande, &c. [11, p64.] 

•Cinque Ports. Part of Charter gr. by Edward I, to barons of C. p., 

1278. [1, p293.] 

see Lambard (W.) 

Clarke (E.) Eel. of C, disc, of Norembega, 1583. [8, p85.] 

ClifEe (E.) Voyage of J. "Winter into the South sea by the Streight 
of Magellan w. P. Drake, 1577, & return, 1579. ' [11, pl4S.] 
■Cola, see Eussia Co. 
•Colmogro, see Kholmogory. 

■Cologne. Charter for the marehants of Colen, c. 1236. [Lat. <& 

Eng.] [1, p323.] 

•Columbus (C.) Offer of the disc, of the West Indies by C, to 

Henry VII Feb. 13, 1488 ; w. the kings acceptation. [An offer 

by B. C. Ital. & Eng. Extr. f. P. C.'a Life etc. of C. C] 

[7, pl85.] 
■Constantine I, emp. of Home, the Gt. Life & travels of C. the Gt., 
[to Greece, .^gypt, Persia, & Asia], 300. [Lat. & Eng.] 

[4, p272.] 
-Constantinople. English men the guard of emperours of C, 1177. 

see Harborne (W.); Malmesbury (W., of) 

Wrag (E.) 
Consuls, see Porster (R.) ; Millers (H.) ; Tipton (J.) 
Content, ship, see Carey (G.) 
Corea, see Brixiano (0.) ; Proes (L.) 
■Corrigidor, ship, see Primrose, ship. 
Culiacan, see Vasquez de Coronado (P.) 
Cumberland "(G. C, Si-" earl of). Voiage of G, o. 

Azores, 1589, wr. by B. Wright. 
Cnrson (E.) Travailes of C, [to iEgypt], 1218, 

■Cyprus, see MaUm (W.) 


Hakluyt (Ricliard). The principal navigations, etc. [emit.]. 
Dalmatia, see Ketone (E. de). 
Darien, Gulf of, see Oxenham (J.) 
Darien, Province of, see Vaz (L.) 

Dasaell (T.) & E. Eainolds. Voyage of E. & D. to the rivers of 

Senega & Gambra, 1591. p pgo ] 

Davie (E.) Voyage of A. Preston & G. Sommers to W. India' 1595. 

T, ■ ,^^ -r. [10, p213.] 

Uavis (J.) Report of D. of h. 3 voyages for the disc, of the North- 
west passage, out of h. The worlds hydrographicall desc, 1687. 

[7, p440.] 

Traverse-booke of D. in h. 3"^ voyage for disc, of the North- 
west passage, 1587. [7 p424 ] 

Voyage [1", 2"«, 3'-<>] of D. for the disc, of Northwest passage, 

1585, 6, 7, wr. by J. Janes. [7, p381, 393, 414.] 

The worldea hydrographioal desor., 1595. 

see Morgan (H.) 

Dee (J.) Advises by D. to A. Pet & C. Jackman in Northeasteme 

disc, 1580. [3, p262.] 

Garlands commission unto T. Simkinson for bringing of D. 

to the emp. of Russia etc., 1586. [3, p445.] 

Test, of J. D., touching the voyage of N. de Linna, 1360. 

[1, p303.] 

DelgadUlo de Avellaneda (B.) Libell of Spanish hes, cone. last 
voyage of sir F. Drake : w. a confutation by H. Savile, cfec. 

[10, p246.] 

Denmark & Sound, of Denmark, see Henry VI ; Oii!e,Vestfoldi7igr ; 

Dias (P.) Exam, of the masters & pilots wh. saile in the fleetea 
of Spaine to the W. Indies, 1585. [Span. & Bng.] [11, p448.] 

Domingo, Saint, see Hayti. 

Dominica, see Sherley (Sir A.) 

Dominus Vobisoum, ship. Voyage of the D. V., 1627, for the disc, 
of the N. partes. [8, pi.] 

Dounton (N.) Firing & sinking of the Las Cinque Llaguas, or 
The five wounds, 1594. [7, pll8.] 

Drake (Sir F.) Course which D. held f. Guatuloo, to the North- 
west of California as far as 48 degrees & back to 38 degrees, 
where he lauded & named it Nova Albion. [9, p319.] 

Disc, of D.'a "W. Indian voyage, 1585, 6. [10, p97.] 

Relation of service by D., upon Spanish fleets in the road of 

Cadiz, 1687. [6, p438.] 

& Sir J. Hawkins. Voyage of D. & H., pretended for W. 

Indies, 1595. In which voyage both died. [10, p226.] 

Voyage of D. into the South sea, & about the globe, 1677. 

[11, plOl.] 

see Baijan (A. de) ; Clifte (E.) ; Delgadillo de Avellaneda (B.) : 

Silva (N. da) ; Vaz (L.) 

Drake (G.) Voyage of D. to Isle of Eamea, 1693. [8, pl61.] 

Drogeo, see Zeno (N.) &: A. Z. 

Ducket (G.) & T. Banister. Voyage of D. & B. into Persia, 1568-74. 

[3, pl50.] 
Dudley (Sir E.) Voyage of D. to Trinidad & coast of Paria ; w. h. 

retume home by Granata, etc., & Bermuda, 1594, 5. [10, p203.] 
East Indies. Declaration of all the places f. whence the goods 

subscribed do come. [6, p24.] 

- see Barret (W.) ; Bruton (W.) ; Fenton (E.) ; Pitch (E.) ; 
Frederick (C.) ; Hakluyt (E.) ; Langenes (B.) ; Malmesbury (W., 
of) ; May (H.) ; Monsoons ; Newbery (J.) & E. Fitch ; Thome 
(E.) ; Varthema (L.) 

East Sea, see Denmark & Sound, of D. 

Edgar, king, see Florence, of Worcester. 

Edgar, AtheUng, 1066-1106. Voyage of E., unto Jerusalem, 1102. 

[Lat. i& Eng. Extr. f. Malmesbury (W., of)]. [4, p295.] 

Edward Cotton, ship, see Brazil. 
Edward I. Charter unto forreine marehants by E. I, 1308. [Lat. 

<t Eng.] [1, p827.] 

Mandate of E. I, cone, outlandish marehants, 1303. [Lat. & 

Eng.] [1, p327.] 

Voyage into Asia, 1270. [4, p359.] 

see Cinque Ports. 

Edward II. Letters of E. II, couo. Bng. marehants arrested in 

Norway, 1318. [Lat. S Eng.] [1, p339-49.] 

Edward III. EoU of the fleete of B. Ill, bef. Calice, c. 1845. 

[1, p297.] 

see Calais ; Walsinghara (T.) 

Edward IV. Charter gr. by B., to marehants of Eng. in the 

Netherland, 1462. [2, pl47.] 

see Eesende (G. de). 

Edward VI. Letters of E. to kings etc. inhabit, the Northeast, 

tow. Cathay, 1653. [Lat. £ Eng.] r2, p206.] 

Edwards (A.) Letter[s] A. E. f. Media, [& Persia] 1566, 1567. 

[8, p54.] 

E. Johnson & A. Kitchin. Voyage into Persia, of E., J. & 

to the K., 1665. [3, p44.] 

[7, pl.j sceWiUes(E.) 

[Lat S Eng.] Edwards (A.) S others. Voyage into Persia by E., J. Sparke, 

[4, p347.] L. Chapman, G. Faucet, & E. Pingle, 1568, wr. by L. C, 1569. 

[3, pl36.] 
E 2 

[4, p310.] 
Procopius ; 

of C. 




Hakluyt (Richard). The principal navigations, etc. [cont.]. 

Egypt. Conimamidement for Egypt [on behalf of Bng. merchants], 
1584. [5, p288.] 

see Adelardus, Bathensis ; Aldersey {L.) ; Constantine I ; 

Curson (E.) ; Evesham (J.) ; LongespSe (W. de) ; Pelagius ; 
Varthema (L.) 

Eldred (J.) Voyage of E. to Trypolis in Syria & to Babylon, & 

Balsara, 1583. [6, pi.] 

Elizabeth, q. of Eng. Letter of B. to emj). of Bussia, 1568. [Lat.} 

[3, plOl.] 

Letter to Theodore Ivanovich, emp. of Eussia, 1591. 

[8, p422.] 

Letters, 1596, to the emp. of China. [Lat. £• Eng.} 

[11, p417.] 

Letters of the Q., unto the emp. of Bethiopia, 1597. [7, j)129.] 

Letters to Shaugh Thamas, Sophi of Persia, 1579. [3, p212.] 

Letters to the emp. of Eussia, safe-conduct for A. jeukin- 

sou, to passe into Persia, 1561. [Lat. (& Eng.'] [8, pi.] 

Letters to the Sophy of Persia, sent by A. Jenkinson, 1561. 

[Lat. <£■ Eng.] [3, p6.] 

Letter wr. by the empresse & wife of Murad to her 

Majesty, 1594. [Ital. £ Eng.] [6, pll4.] 

see Barbary Co. ; Boris Pedorovich, emjj. of Russia ; 

Peodor Ivanovich, einp. of Btissia; Lane (H.) ; Levant; Levant 
Co. ; Mustafa Chaus ; Eandolfe (T.) ; Enssia Co. ; Wrag (E.) 

BUis (T.) Third voyage unto Meta Incognita, by M. Probisher, 
1578. [7, p231.] 

England, see Baldwin, emp. of Gonstantinoxile; Jungingen (C.v.); 
Lambard (W.) 

English. Libel of E. policie exhorting E. to keepe the sea; 
namely the narrowe sea : [Libellus de politia conservativa maris], 
c. 1437. [2, pll4.] 

English merchants. Privilege gr. by Peter prince of Moldavia to 
the Eng. marohants, 1688. [Lat. & Eng.] [6, p59.] 

see Guinea Co. ; Levant Co. ; Eussia Go. 

Ephesus, see Malmesbury ("W., of). 

Espejo (A. de), see Gonzalez de Mendoza (J.) 
fEssex (Eobert Devereux, .?"'' earl of). Omissions of Cales voyage, 
Estotiland, see Zeno (N.) & A. Z. 

Esturmy (W.) & J. Kington. A rel. of W. E. & J. E. 
ambassages into Prussia & the Hans-townes, 1403-7. 

see Tettingen (W. v.) 

Ethiopia, see Elizabeth, q. of Eng. ; Varthema (L.) 
Evesham (J.) Voyage of E. by sea into JEgyyt, 1586. 

Voyage to the Azores, 1586. 

Exeter merchants. Patent gr. to marchants of E., & other of the 

W. parts, & of London, for a trade to the river of Senega & 

Gambra in Guinea, 1588. [6, p443.] 

Famagusta, see Malim (W.) 
Faucet (C.) S others. Voyage into Persia by C. F., E. Pingle, 

A. Edwards, J. Sparke & L. Chapman, 1568, wr. by L. C, 1569. 

[3, pl36.] 
Penner (G.) Voyage of F. to Guinie & the Islands of Capo 

Verde, 1566, wr. by "W. Wren. [6, p266.] 

Fenton (E.) Instructions given by the Lordes of the Counsell, to 

P. to be observed in the voyage for the B. Indies & Cathay, 1582. 

[11, pl63.] 

Voyage towards China. F. generall, [but performed only to 

Brasa], wr. by L. Ward, 1582. [11, pl72.] 

Peodor Ivanovich, em^. o/i?ttSsm. Letter[s] to the Queenes M., 
1592. [3, p432.] 

see Elizabeth, q. of Eng. ; Fletcher (G.) ; Horsey {Sir J.) ; 

Merick (J.) ; Eussia Co. 

Ferdinand I, e?np. Ambassage f. F. unto Henry VIII, desiring 

ayde agst. Solyman, 1527. [Extr.] [5, p61.] 

Fernambuck, see Pernambuco. 
Fernandez de Enciso (M.) Descr. of river Marannon or Amazones, 

& countries thereabout, 1518. [Extr. f. Disc, of W. Indies]. 

[11, pl9.] 
Fight in the Straight of Gibraltar by the Centurion of London, 

agst. 5 Spanish galUes, 1591. [7, p35,] 

Fight performed by 10 merchants ships of London agst. 12 Spanish 

gallies, in the Straights of Gibraltar, 1590. [7, p31.] 

Finland, see Henry VI. 
Fitch (R.) Voyage of P., to Ormus, to Goa in the E. India, to 

Gambaia, to the river of Ganges, etc., 1583^1691. [5, p465.] 

& J. Newbery. Letters cone, the voyage of N. & P. to Syria 

& overland to Balsare & thence into the E. Indies, 1583. [5, p450.] 

see Linschoten (J, H. van). 

Five Wounds, shi2:i, see Dounton'(N.) 

Pleete of Englishmen, Danes, etc., arrived in the Holy land, 1107. 
[Eng. .Ba:<r. /r. Ghron. HierosoL] [4, p301.] 

Fletcher (Gr.) Ambassage of P., to Theodor emp. of Russia, 1588. 

[3, p353.] 

Descr. of Eussia, 1588. [S, p357.] 

Plicke (E.) Eep. cone, supplies sent to the Azores, 1591. [7, p56.] 
Florence, of Worcester. Navigation of Edgar [round h. 

monarchie], 973. [1, pl6.] 

cone, their 
[2, p27.] 

6, p35.] 
[6, p434.] 

Hakluyt (Richard), The principal navigations, etc. [cont.].- 

Florence, of Worcester [cont.]. Voyage of Edmund & Edward 
sonnes of k. Edmund Ironside, into Hungarie, 1017. [Lat. 'H Eng.] 

[1, p24.] 

Florida, see Burgoignon (N.) ; Gourgues (D. de) ; Laudonnifere 
(E. de) ; Morales (P.) ; Soto (F. de) ; Verrazzano (G. da). 

Porster (E.) Commission by W. Harebome to F., authorising him 
consul, in the parts of Alepo, Damasco, Aman, Tripolis, Jeru- 
salem, etc., 1583. [5, p260.] 

Forster (T.) Passeport of the earle of Leicester, for P. travailing 
to Constantinople, 1586. [Lat.] [5, p829.] 

Pox (J.), the martyrologist. Voiage of Richard I, for recoverie of 
Jerusalem, 1190. \Extr. f. Acts etc.]. [4, p319.] 

Pox (J.), of Woodbridge. Enterprise of P. in delivering 266 
Christiana at Alexandria, 1577. [5, pl53.] 

Prance, New, see Canada. 

Frederick I, see Eadevicus. 

Frederick (C.) Voyage of P. into the East India, & beyond the 
Indies, tr. by T. Hickocke, 1563-81. [5, p865.]| 

Preigius (J. T.) Voyage of T. Stukeley into Barbary, 1578. [Lat. 
d Eng. Extr. f. Historia de crede Sebastiani.] [6, p293.]| 

Priesland, see Zeno (N.) & A. Z. 

Probisher {Sir M.) Voyage [l*' by Hall (C), 2""i by Settle (D.),. 
8™ by BUis (T.)] of P., to the Northwest for the search of the- 
straight to China, 1576, 7, 8. [7, p204.J 

see Best {capt. G.) 

Frees (L.) Note cone, province of Japan, Zuegara, [&] nation of" 
Tartars, called Jeza, inhabiting N. of China. [11, p441.]i 

- — ■ Testimonies cone. Coray, etc. [& wars of Qnabaoondono- 
monarch of Japan], 1590-2. [.Ea;<r./. Epistles]. [11, p422.]i 

Froissart (J.) Coming of Lyon k. of Armenia into Eng., 1886,, 
peace betw. k. [Eichard II] & the French k. [4, p446.] 

Voyage of Lord J. of Holland to Jerusalem & St. Katherins. 

mount, 1394. [4, p453.] 

Fuller (T.) Notes belonging to voyage of T. Candish, cone, the 
heights, soundings, etc., wr. by P., 1588. [11, p848.] 

Gago, see Madoo (L.) 
*Galvano (A.) The discoveries of the world unto 1555, wr. by G,. 
Gorr., & publ. in Eng. by E. Hakluyt. 

Voyage of Macham, 1'' disc. Madera, 1344. [Extr. f. G.] 

Gambia, Biver, see Exeter merchants ; Rainolds (E.) 
Garland (B.), see Dee (J.) 
Gates {Sir T.), see Jourdan (S.) 
Germany, see Merchants. 
Gibraltar, Straits of^ see Fight; Jones (P.) 
Gilbert (A.) Letters patents gr. to G. & others for the search"& 

disc, of Northwest passage to China, 1583. [7, p875.]| 

Gilbert {Sir H.) Disc, by G., to prove a passage by the Northwest 

to Cathaia, & the B. Indies, 1576. [7, pl58.] : 

Letters patents gr. to G. for the planting in America, 1578. 

[8, pl7.]' 

De navigatione G., [poem in Latin hexameters by S.|Par- 

menius, cone, voyage of G. to Newfound-land], 1588. [8, p23.] 

Eep. of the disc, of Newfound Lands by G., wr. by Sir G. 

Peckham, 1583. [8, p89.i,l 

Voyage of G. to [Newfoundland, & orders to fleet etc.X wr. 

by E. Haie, 1583. [8, p34.]-| 

Glanville (R. de). Voyage of R., e. of Chester, etc., to Holy land, 

etc., 1218. [Lat. d- Eng. Extr.]. [4, p349.]j 

Globe, see World. 

Gloucester, d. of, see Walsuigbam (T.) 

Goa. Charges [of a journey, by land & river] f , Aleppo to Goa, 1584. 

[6, p23.] 1 

■ see Stevens (T.) 

Godericus. Voyage unto the Holy land, 1102. [Lat. it- Eng. 

Extr.f. Chron. Hierosol.] [4^ 

Gonzalez de Mendoza (J.) Eel. of 2 voyages, the 1»' by frier A. 

Euyz, 1581 ; the 21" by A. de Espejo, 1588 [to] a land wh. they- 

named New Mexico. [Span. £ Bng. Ba;<r./. Hist, of China]. 

[9, pl69.] 
Gourgues (D. de). Voyage of G. into Florida, 1567. [9, plOO.Ji 

Gourney {Sir M.) Voyage of G., agst. the Moores of Algier in 

Barbaric & Spaine. [Lat. & Eng. Extr.] [4, p444.] , 

Granata, Island, see Grenada, Island. 
Grand Bay, see Gartier (J.) 
Gray (E.) Letter of G., agent of Moscovie Co. to H. Lane at 

Mosco, 1558. [2, p394.]i 

Greece, see Camden (W.) ; Constantine I ; Ketene (R. de) ; Sootus 

Greenland, see ThorMksson (G.) ; Zeno (N.) & A. Z. 
Gregory (T.) Extr. of a patent gr. to G., etc., for traffique, on the - 

coast of Guinea, 1592. [7^ pl02.] 1 

Grenada, Island, see Dudley {Sir E.) 
Grenville {Sir E.) Pight about the A(;ores, betw. the Revenge & 

an Armada of the k. of Spaine, penned by Sir W. Ralegh, 1591. 

[7, p38.] I 

Voiage (2°0) by G. to Virginia, 1585. [8, pSlO.I . 

Grigs (T.) Voyage to Brasill, [B. Hare capt.], 1580. [11, p34,] j 




Hakluyt (Eichard). The principal navigations, etc. [cont.]. 
■Gualle (P. de). Voyage of G. f. Aoapulco, to the Luyones or 

Philippinas, unto Manilla, & to Macao, & half back againe to 

Acapuloo, 1584. [9, p326.] 

Gnatulco, see Drake (Sir P.) ; Silva (N. da). 
Guiana, see Aoosta (J. d') ; Fernandez de Enciso (M.) ; Keymis 

(L.) ; Masham (T.); Ealeigh {Sir W.) 
<Juinea. Meeting at Sir W. Gerards house for the setting foorth 

of a voyage to G., w. the Minion etc., 1564. [6, p262.] 

see Exeter merchants ; Penner (G.) ; Gregory (T.) ; 

Hawkins (Sir J.); Look (J.); Eainolds (K); Eutter (W.); 
Towrson (W.) ; "Windham (T.) 

"Guinea Company, see Look (J.) 

•Gutwere. Voyage of G., toward Jerusalem, 1097. [4, p293.] 

JHaco IV, k. of Norway. Mandate for the k. of N. h. ship, the Cog, 

1229. [Lat. & Bng1\ [1, pS22.] 

see Henry IH. 

Hague, see Henry IV ; Jungingen (U. v.) 

Hakluyt (R.) Directions by H., to M. Hubblethorne sent into 
Persia, 1579. [8, p249.] 

Letter of Sir P. Walsingham to H. incouraging him in the 

study of oosmographie, 1582. [8, pl31.] 

Notes by H. to A. Pet & C. Jackmau for disc, of Northeast 

straight, 1580. . [3, p284.] 

Eemembrance of things to be indevoured at Constantinople, 

etc., touching our clothing & dying, & the ample vent of our 
natural! commodities, 1582. [& Eemembranoes for a factor]. 

[5, p229.] 

Voyage of A. Barker to W. Indies, 1576, coll. etc. by H. 

[10, p82.] 

Voyage of J. Lancaster to the B. Indies, 1591. [6, p387.] 

HaU (C.) First voyage of M. Probisher to ' the Northwest for the 

search of the straight to China, 1576. [7, p204.] 

Hanseatic League. Grievances & offences whereat the marchants 
of the Hans in Eng. doe finde themselves aggrieved, [1407]. 

[2, p72.] 

see Esturmy ("W.) & J. Kington ; Henry IV. 

Harbome (W.) Commaundement obt. of the Grand Signior by H., 
for quiet passing of her subjects to & f . h. dominions, sent to the 
Viceroyes of Algier, Tunis, & Tripolis in Barbary, 1584. [5, p275.] 

Letter [of H.] to E. Barton, 1584 [on trade priveleges]. 

[5, p274.] 

Letter of H. to Mustapha challenging him for h. dishonest 

dealing in translating of 3 of the Grand Signior h. commande- 
ments, 1583. [i«i.] [5, p265.] 

[Letter] to Assan Aga, eunuch & treasurer unto Hassan k. of 

Alger, 1586. [E, p282.] 

Queenes commission to H., to be ambassadour or agent in 

Turkie, 1582 etc. \hat. & Eng:] [5, p221.] 

Eetume of H. f. Constantinople over land to London, 1588. 


Voyage of the Susan to Constantinople, wherein H. was 

sent IS' ambassadour unto Sultan Mnrad, 1582-3. [5, p243.] 

see Porster (E.) ; Millers (H.) ; Tipton (J.) 

Hardine (— ). [Voyage] of H., landed at Joppa, 1102. [Lat. <& 
Mng. JSicir./. Chron. Hierosol.] [4, p298.] 

Hare (S.), see Grigs (T.) 

Harriot (T.) Eep. [on S"'"' voyage] of Virginia, 1587. [8, p348.] 

Hasse f J.) Goines, weights & measures used in Eussia, 1554. 


Hawkins (Sear-Adm. Sir J.) Successe of this voiage [i.e. of ship 
Minion to Guinea] extr. out of the 2"'' voyage of H., to W. 
Indies, 1564. [6> P268.] 

Voyage [1"'] of H. to W. Indies, 1562. . [10, p7.] 

Voyage [2'"'^] by H. to Guinea, & the Indies of Nova 

Hispania, 1664. . [10. P9-] 

Voyage [S""] to Guinea, & W. Indies, by H., 1567, 8. 

& Sir P. Drake. Voyage of D. & H., intended for W. Indies, 

1595. In wh. voyage both died. [10, p226. 

Hawlrins (W.) Voyages of H., [to Brasil], 1530, 2. [11, p23., 

Hawks (H.) Eel. of Nova Hispania, wr. by H. 1572. [9, p378.] 

Hawkwood (Sir 3.) Victories of H. in Italie, 1390. [Extr^, 

"■ [4, p452.] 

Hawtrey (T.) Letter of H. to H. Lane, agent [of Moscovie Co.] at 

Colmogro, 1557. , , , [2,pS92.] 

Hay (E.) Voyage of sir H. Gilbert to [Newfoundland, & orders to 

fleet etc.], 1583. [8. PS^O 

Hayti, see Pert (Sir T.) & S. Cabot. 

Helena, Plavia JuUa, St. & emp. Travaile of H., [to Jerusalem], 
' fc. 274. \IJat.&Bng^, . [4> P270.] 

' Henry II, see Manuel, em.'p. of Constantinople ; Eadevicus. 
" Henry III. Letters of H. Ill, unto Haquinus k. of Norway, cone, 
peace & traffique, 1216. [Lat. d- Eng.] [1, p320.] 

' Henrv IV. Agreement betw. H. IV, & marchants of the Hans, 
-■ ■ 1405. P, p55.] 

, Charter gr. to Eng. marchants resident in Prussia, etc., 1404. 

[Lat. <& Eng] ^ .. ,^„, [?.Pl9?J 

, A letter of H. unto C. de Jungmgen, 1407. 

[2, p83.] 

Hakluyt (Bichard), The principal navigations, etc. [cont.]. 

Henry IV lco>it.]. Letters of H. unto C. de Jungingen, for traffique, 
1404. [2, p41.] 

Letters of H. unto U. de Jungingen, 1408, agreement made 

at Hage. [2, p87.] 

Letters of H. unto U. [de Jungingen], conference at Hage, 

1408. [2, p95.] 

A new concord betw. H., & U. de Jungingen, 1409. [2, p98.] 

Voyage [intended] by H., agst. the infidels, 1418. [Bxtr.] 

[4, p455.] 

Voyage to Tunis in Barbarie, 1389. ILai. S Eng. Extr. f. 

P. Vergilius, etc.] [4, p460.] 

see Jungingen (C. v.) ; Walsingham (T.) 

Henry V. Note touching the ships of H. V, taken out of a chron. 

in Trinitie Church of Winchester, 1415-16. [2, pill.] 

Henry VI. Branch of a statute, H. VI, for the trade to Norwey, 

Sweveland, Denmarke and Fynmarke, etc., 1430-32. [2, pill.] 

see Ivan IV. 

Henry VIII. Letter to John k. of Portugale, for a Portingale ship, 

w. the goods of J. Gresham, & others, unladen in Portugale, 1531. 

[Lat. S Eng.] [5, p63.] 

Herberstein (S., Frhr. v.) Descr. of the regions etc. lying N. & E. 

f. Moscovia, taken out of H., 1588. [3, p405.] 

Hochelaga, see La Eoque (J. P. de). 
Hodsdon (C.) & W. Borough. Letter to emp. of Moscovie by 

H. & B., [voyage in Liefland], 1570. [3, pl67.] 

Hogan (E.) Ambassage of H. to the emp. of Marocco, 1577. 

[6, p285.] 
Holland, see Langenes (B.) 
Holland (J., of), d. of Exeter, (P e. of Huntington. Voyage to 

Jerusalem, & S. Katherins mount, 1394. [Extr. f. Proissart]. 

[4, p453.] 
Honduras, Gulf of , see Sherley (Sir A.) 
Hore { — ), navigator. Voyage of H., etc. to Newfoundland, & 

Cape Briton, 1586. [8, p3.] 

Horsey (Si/r J.) Coronation of Pheodor Ivanowich emp. of Eussia, 

etc., 1584. [3, p336.] 

see Eussia Co. 

Hortop (J.) Travailes of H. wh. Sir J. Hawkins set on land within 
the Bay of Mexico, [N. of Panuco], 1568. [9, p445.] 

Hoveden (E., of). Letter f. Manuel, emp. of Constantinople unto 
Henrie II, battell agst. the Soldan of loonium. [ia<. & Eng.] 

[4, p312.] 

Vovaee of Alured be. of Worcester unto Jerusalem, 1058. 

Hubblethorne (M.), see Hakluyt (R.) 
Hubert Walter, abj>. of Ganterhury. Travailes of H. W., [unto Syria, 

1190]. [Lat. £ Eng.] [4, p346.] 

Hungary, see Florence, of Worcester ; Paris (M.) 
Icaria, see Zeno (N.) & A. Z. 
Iceland. Act agst. the exaction of money by any officer for licence 

to traffique into Iseland & Newfoundland, 1648. [8, p7.] 

see Jdnsson (A.) ; Thorl^ksson (G.) ; Zeno (N.) & A. Z. 

India, see East Indies. 

Indian Fleet. Note of the I. f . expected to have come into Spaine, 

1591, with the number of shippes that perished. [7, p54.] 

Ingram (A.) Voiage by J. Newton, & J. Bird, marchants of 

London, to Benin, 1588. [6, p458.] 

Ingulphus, abbot of Croyland. Voyage of I., unto Jerusalem, 

1064. [Lat. d- Eng.] [4, p288.] 

beland, see Bede. 
Isle of Man, see Man, Isle of. 
Italy, see Camden (W.) ; Hawkwood (Sir J.) 
Ivan IV, emp. of Bussia. Disc, of the receiving into Eng. of the 

1« ambassadour [Osep Napeo], f. the emp. of Russia, 1556. 


Emperour of R. h. letters to Edward VI, 1554. [2, p271.] 

Privileges gr., to the Eng. marchants, 1555. [2, p297.] 

see Bowes (Sir J.) ; Elizabeth, g. of Eng. ; Jenkinson (A.) ; 

Lane (H.) ; Mary I; Eandolfe (T.) ; Russia Co. 

Jackman (C), see Borough (W.) ; Dee (J.) ; Hakluyt (R.) ; Mercator 

(G.); Smith (H.) 
Jaffa, see Hardine ( — ). 
Jamaica, see Parker (W.) ; Sherley (Sir A.) 
James (T.) Letter cono. the disc, of the Isle of Ramea, 1591, 

Jane (J.) Voyage[s] [l^', 2"'i, 3'-^] of J. Davis for the disc, of 

Northwest passage, 1585, 6; 7. [7, p381, 893, 414 ] 

Voyage of T. Candish for the South sea, the Philippmas, &, 

China, 1591. [11> P^S^O 

Japan, see Proea (L.) ; Willes (E.) 
t Java. Eep. of voiage to laua in B. Indies by a fleete of Amsterdam, 

1598. . „ . ,^„ 

Jenkinson (A.) Entring of Soliman into Aleppo m Syria, 155S. 

[5, pl05.J 

Journey of J. into Persia, 1561. [3, pl5-] 

Letter of J. upon returne f. Boghar [Bokhara] to H. Lane, 

1559. P' P""-] 




Hakluyt (Bichard). The principal navigations, etc. [cont.]. 

Jenldnson (A.) [cont.]. Note of the proceeding of J. arabassadour 
to emp. of Eussia, 1571-72. [3, pl70.] 

Remembrance given by Moscovie Co., to A. J., at departure 

to Persia, 1561. [3, p9.] 

Safe conduct given by Solyman to J. at Aleppo in Syria, 1553. 

[5, pl09.7 

Voyage of J. f. Mosco to Bogliar in Bactria, 1558. [2, p449. 

Voyage of J. into Russia tlie S'''' time, 1666. [S, p92.; 

• Voyage of J. tow. Russia, 1557. [2, p413.' 

see Elizabeth, q. of Eng. ; Eussia Co. 

Jerusalem, see Aldersey (L.) ; Alured, hp. of Worcester ; Beauohamp, 
The family of; Chronicon Hierosol. ; Edgar, Atheling ; Pox (J.) ; 
Gutwere ; Helena, Plavia Julia ; Holland (J., of), d. of Exeter, & 
e. of Suntington ; Ingulphus, abbot of Groyland ; La Brocquijre 
(B.) ; Lane (J.) ; Lock (J.) ; Mandeville (W. de), S'-'' e. of Essex ; 
Mowbray (T.), 2.8"' b. M., d- P' d. of Norfolk ; Palestine ; Peter, 
des Boches ; Sweyn ; Walsingham (T.) ; William, ahp. of Tyre. 

Jesus, ship, see Sanders (T.) 

John, 4. of Eng. Safe conduct to forreine marchants, by J., 1199. 
iLat. cC- Eng.] [1, p819.] 

John II, A', of Portugal, see Eesende (G-. de). 

Johnson (R.) Notes by J., disc, of Vaigatz & Nova Zembla Sz 
among the Samoeds, 1556. [2, p345.] 

Notes of several wayes of Eussia to Cathaya, 1559. [2, p480.] 

A. Kitohin & A. Edwards. Voyage into Persia, of J., K., & 

E., 1565. [3, p44.] 

Jones (P.) Fight by 5 ships of London agst. 11 gallies at Pantalarea 

within the Streights [of Gibraltar], 1586. [6, p46.] 

Jdnsson (A.) Briefe comm. of Island, 1593. [Lat. & Eng.] [4, pi.] 

f Jourdan (S.) Disc, of the Barravdas, otherwise called He of 

Divels, by Sir T. Gates, Sir G. Sommers, & Capt. Newport w. 

others, [1609]. 
Jungingen (C. v.) Compositions & ordinances betw. C. de J. & 

Eng., 1403. [2, pB6.] 

Letters of C. de J., unto Eich. II, 1898. [2, p25.] 

Letters of the Chancelor etc. of Eng. unto C. de J., 1408. 


To Henrie [IV, letters etc.], 1404. [2, p44.] 

see Henry IV. 

Jungmgen (U. v.) Letters of U. de J., unto [Henry IV], agree- 
ments at Hage, 1408. [2, p91.] 

see Henry IV. 

Ketene (E. de). Travailes of R., [to Dalmatia, Greece, & Asia], 

1143. [Lat. £• Eng.] [4, p308.] 

Keymis (L.) Voyage [2] of K. to Guiana. [With De Guiana 

carmen], 1596. [10, p441.] 

Kholmogory, see Borough (S.) ; Sparke (J.) 

Killingworth (G.) Letter of K., the companies 1^^ agent in Eussia. 

[2, p291.] 
King (W.) Voyage to the bay of Mexico [& W. Indies] of K., 1592. 

[10, pl90.] 
Kington (J.), see Eatunny (W.) & J. K. 
Kitchin (A.), A. Edwards & R. Johnson. Voyage into Persia, of 

K., E. & J., 1565. [3, p44.] 

Krantz (A.) Cone, this surprise [of Bergen in Norway, wherein 21 

houses of the Eng. merchants were burnt], 1405. [2, p68.] 

*La Brocquiere (B.) Voyage d'outremer & retour de Jerusalem en 

France par la voie deterre, 1432, 3. Extr. d'un MS. & publ. par 

Legrand d'Aussy. 
Lacy (J.) Voyage of L., to Jerusalem, 1173. [Lat.&Bng.] [4,p310.] 
Lambard (W.) State of the shipping of the Cinque ports, 1070. 

[1, p42.] 

Test, of the right etc. of the crowne of Brit, out of Apx^^op'o^ta. 

\Lat. d-Eng.'\ [1, p5.] 

Test. tr. out of Saxon lawes, cent, the advancement of 

marchants, for thrise crossing the wide seas. [1, p312.] 

Lancaster {Sir J.) Voyage of L. for Fernambuck in Brasil, 1594. 

[11, p48.] 

Voyage of L. to the East Indies, 1591, wr. by E. Hakluyt. 

[6, p387.] 

Lane (H.) Letter of L. cone, the ambassage to Elizabeth f. 

Russian emp., 1567. [3, p98.] 

Letter of L., Northeast disc, for SB yeres, 1583. [3, p330.] 

see Russia. 

Lane (E.) L.'s letter f. Virginia, 1585, [w. aoc. of employment of 
English men left in V.], 1586. [8, p819.] 

fLangenes (B.) Voyage by ships of Holland into E. Indies, w. desor., 
1595-1597. Tr. by W. P[hillip]. 

Lapland, see Alday (J.) ; Willoughby (Sir H.) 

La Plata, Miver, see Brazil; Magellan, Straits of; Thorne (E.) 

La Eoque (J. P. de). Voyage of la Roche, lord of Eoberval, to 
Canada, Sagueuai & Hochelaga, 1542. [8, p283.] 

Voyage of Eoberval f. h. fort in Canada unto Sagnenay, 1543. 

[8, p288.] 

Laudonniere (R. de). Hist. cont. 4 voyages made into Plorida, tr. 

by R. Hakluyt. [With Epistle dedicatory by H.], 1587. [8, p489.] 

Voyage of L. to Plorida, 1564. [9, pi.] 

Hakluyt (Richard). The principal navigations, etc. [cont.]. 

Leigh (C.) Voyage of L. to Cape Briton & the Isle of Eamea, 1597. 

[8, pl66.1 
Leland (J.) A. Beck elected patriarch of Hierusalem, 1305. [Lat, 

& Eng.] [i, p870.] 

Leo VI [Leon de Lusignan], Te., of Armenia. Coming of L. into 

Eng., 1386, peace betw. [Richard II] & the Prench k. [Extr.f. 

Proissart]. [4, p445.] 

Lettowe, see Lithuania. 
Levant. Antiquitie of the trade into the L,, 1511-84. [5, p62.] 

Letter to the Turke [Amurath III], redresse of disorders of 

P. Baker of Eatcliffe, committed in the L., 1581. [5, pl89.] 

Eenuing of an anc. trade in the L. seas, & to the Turk* 

dominions, 1575-8. [5, pl67.] 

Levant Company. Answere of [Elizabeth] to letters of [Amurath 
III], 1579. [Lat. d- Eng.] [5, pl71.] 

Charter of privileges gr. to the Eng., & the league of the 

Turke [Amurath III] w. the Queene [Elizabeth] in resp. of 
trafBque, 1580. [Lat. & Eng.] [5, pl78.1 

Letters of Zuldan Murad to Elizabeth, 1579, cont. grant of 

1st priveleges. [5, pl69.] 

Letters patents gr. by [Elizabeth] to marchants of London, 

for their trade, 1581. [5, pI92.i 

Passeport made by the gt. Maister of Malta unto the English- 
men in the barke Raynolds, 1582. [Lat. S Eng.] [5, p215.] 

Second letters patents gr. by [Elizabeth] to co. of Eng. 

marchants for the L., 1592. [6, p73.1 

Libel, see English. 

Linna (N. de). Voyage to the North pole, 1360. [Lat. S Eng.] 

[1, p301.} 

see Dee (J.) 

Linschoten (J. H. van). Report of L. cone. Newberies & Fitches 
imprisonment in Goa, 1584. [5, p505.} 

Test, of L. cone, the exploits atohieved by the e. of Cumber- 
land, Sir M. Probisher, Sir R. Greenvile, about the Azores, & 
Spaine & Portugall, 1589, 90, 91. [Extr.f. L.'s West Indies]. 

[7, p62.] 
Lister (C), see Sarracoll (J.) 
Lithuania, see Walsingham (T.) 

Livonia, see Borough (W.) ; Borough (W.) & C. Hodsdon. 
Lock (J.) Articles [of remembrance] touching a voyage to Guinea, 
1561. [6, p253.] 

Letter to company of marchants for Guinie 1561, reasons for 

h. not proceeding in a voyage. [6, p255.. 

Voyage of L. to Guinea, 1554. [6, pl54.^ 

Voyage of L. to Jerusalem, 1553. [5, p76. 

Loudon, see Bede ; Malmesbury (W., of) ; Tacitus (P. G.) 
Longespge (W. de), 1212 .'-50. Voyage into Asia [i.e. iEgypt], 1248. 

[4, p358.] 
L(5pez de Gdmara (F.) [Testimony of Gomara, cone] the strange 

crooke-baoked oxen, the sheepe, & the dogs [of Guivara]. [9, pl67.1 
Liibeck. Charter of L, for 7 yeeres, c. 1257. [Lai. fO Eng.] 

[1, p324.1 
Lui;ones, see Philippine Islands. 
Macao, see Gualle (P. de). 
Mace (W.) & W. Michelson. Voyage by M. & M. to the Bay of 

Mexico, 1589. [10, pl56.1 

Machin (R.) Voyage of M. 1" disc. Madera, 1844, wr. by A. Gal- 

vano. [6, pll9.] 

Madeira, see Galvano (A.) 
Madoo, ab Owen Gwynedd. Disc, of the W. Indies by M., 1170. 

[Extr.f.Vovie\(T>.) Hist.] [7, pl33.1 

Madoc (L.) Relations [2] cone. Tombuto & Gago, 1594. [7, p99.I 
Madre de Dies, s/wip, see Burrough (Sir J.) 
Magellan, Straits of. Euttier f. the river of Plate to the Streight 

of M. [11, p85.] 

see Cliffe (E.); Magoths (W.) ; Silva (N. da). 

Magoths (W.) Voyage of J. Chidley etc., unto the Straight of 
Magellan, 1589. [& Petition]. [11, p881.J 

Malgo, h. of Eng., see Monmouth (G., of). 

Mahm (W.) Siege of Pamagusta in Cyprus [tr.], [w. a descr. of 
Cyprus], 1571. [5, pllS.} 

Malmesbury (W., of). State of marchandise in London, c. 1142. 
[Lat. & Eng.] [1, p314.]. 

Test, of the sending of Sighelmus bp. of Shirburne unto 

S. Thomas of India, 883. [Lat. d Eng. Extr. f. De gestia 
regum Angl.] [4, p279.] 

TrafBke to Bristowe, c. 1140. [Lat. & Eng.] [1, p315.] 

Voyage of Swanus unto Jerusalem, 1052. [Lat. d Eng.] 

[4, p28S.] 

Voyage of 8 ambassadours unto Constantinople, & Ephesus, 

1056. [Lat. d Eng. Extr. f. De gestis regum Angl.] [4, p284.1 

Man, Isle of, see Bede ; Camden (W.) 

MandeviUe (W. de), 3'''' e. of Essex. Voyage of M., to Jerusalem, 

1177. [Extr.] [4, pSlO.l 

Manilla, see Gualle (P. de). 
Manuel I [Cotrmenus], emp. Letter unto Henrie II, 1177 ; battell 

agst. the Soldan of Iconinm. [Lat. d Eng. Extr. f. Hovedenl. 

[4, p312?i 


Hakluyt (Richard). The principal navigations, etc. [cont.'\- 

MMiuel II lPala!olog^ls]. Comming of emp. of Constantinople into 

i-ng., to desu-e aide of Henry agst. Turkes, 1400. fLat. & 

Eng Extr.f.^B.UmghB.m.] ^ [4, p454.] 

Marco, da Nizm. Eel. of N., tonohing li. disc, of Cevola or Oibola, 

„ [9, pl25.] 

see Eamuaio (G. B.) >. > r j 

Margarita, see Parker (W.) ; Sherley [Sir A.) 
tMartyr (P.), 1459-1525. Hist, of the W. Indies, [8 decades], cont. 

actes of the Spaniards, w. rel. of manners, lawes etc. of the 

Indians. Publ. in Latin by [R.] Hakluyt, & tr. by M. Lok, 

[w. preambles gathered by R. Eden], n.d. 
Mary I. Letters of k. Philip & q. Marie to Ivan Vasilivich emp. of 

Russia, 1555. ra p278 ] 

Masham (T.) Voyage [8''<i] by sir W. Ralegh to Guiana, 1596. 

May (H.) Voyage to B. Indies. Wr. by M. who suffred ship- 

wracke upon Bermuda whereof is annexed a desor., 1591-4. 

[10, pl94.] 
Mecca. Descr. of the yeerely voyage or pilgrimage of the Mahu- 

mitans, Turkes & Moores unto Mecca in Arabia. [5, p329.] 

Mendoza (A. de). Letter by M. vice-roy of Nueva Espanna fto emn. 

Charles V], 1539. [9, piaij 

Mercator (G.) Letter of M., disc, of Northeast passage, 1580. 

ILat. (S: Mng.] [3, p275.] 

Test, touching disc, of the Eng. Northeast' [passage], 1581. 

[.Lat. £■ Bng.] [S, pieo.] 

Merchants. Charter for them', of Almaine [or the Stilyardmerchantsl, 
C.1260. [Lai. d' Eng.-] [1, p826.] 

see Canute ; Edward I ; Edward II ; English m. ; Exeter m. ; 

Lambard (W.) 

Merick (J.) Letter from M. 1597, death of Pheodor Ivanowich. 

„«■ . T [3, P448.] 

Meta Incognita, see Ellis (T.) ; North-West Passage. 

Metelin. Gommaundement to M. & Rhodes etc., [for courteous & 

just usage of the Eng. merchants], 1584. [5, p290.] 

Meteren (E. van). Victory. Upon the Spanish A., 1588. [Extr. f. 

Hist, of low Countreys]. [4, pl97.] 

Mexico, see Bodenham (R.) ; Cano (B.) j Chilton (J.) ; Hawks (H.) ; 

Mendoza (A. de) ; New Mexico ; Philips (M.) ; Ramusio (G. B.) ; 

Spanish letters ; Tomson (R.) ; West Indies, Ruttier. 

see also Acapnlco ; Guatuloo ; Tehuantepeo. 

Mexico, Gulf of, see Bodenham (R.) ; Hortop (J.) ; Michelson (W.) 

& W. Mace. 
Michelson (W.) & W. Mace. Voyage by M. & M. to the Bay of 
Mexico, 1589. [10, pl56.] 

MiUers (H.) Letter [of W. Hareborne] to M., appt. him consull in 
Egypt, 1583. [5, p259.] 

Minion, ship, see Guinea ; Hawkins {Sir J.) 
Moldavia (Peter, prince of), see English merchants. 
Monmouth (G., of). Test., cone. Arthur, & h. conquests of the N. 
regions by G. M. [Lat. £■ Eng.] _ [1, p3.] 

Test. cone, the conquests of Malgo'k. of Eng., 580. [Lai. it- 

-EMS'.]. _ [1, p7.] 

Monsoons. Times or seasonable windes called monsons, wherein 
the ships depart f. place to place in the E. Indies. [6, p28.] 

Moors, see Gourney {Sir M.) 

Morales (P.) Relation of M. which sir F. Drake brought f. S. 
Augustines in Florida, touching the state of those partes, 1586. 

[9, pll2.] 
Morea. Commandement [of the Grand Signer] to Patrasso in 
Morea [on behalf of Eng. merchants], 1584. [5, p285.] 
Petition to the Viceroy [of the Turkish empire] for reforma- 
tion of injuries offered our nation in M., as also for demaundes 
for traffike, 1584. [5, p283.] 
Morgan (H.) Course wh. the Sunshine, & Northstarre, vessels of 
the fleete of J. Davis, held, after hee had sent them f. him to disc. 
■■ the passage betw. Greenland and Island, 1586. [7, p408.] 
Morocco, see Alday (J.) ; Hogan (E.) ; Roberts (H.) 
Morsse, see Walrus. 

Moscovie Company, see Russia Company. 
Moscow, see Usoombe (R.) 

Mustafa Chans. Letter to [Elizabeth], 1583. [5, p258.] 

Napea (0.) Voyage, wherein N. returned home, & descr. of Russia, 
1557-8. [2, p425.] 

— ^ — see Ivan IV. 
Narva, see Livonia. 
Natiscoteo, see Anticosti. 

Navy, see Cadiz; Edward III; Walsingham (T.) 
Netherlands, see Henry IV. 
New Albion, see Drake {Sir P.) 
Newbery (J.), see Linschoten (J. H. van). 

Newbery (J.) & R. Fitch. Letters cone, the voyage of N. & F. to 
Syria & overland to Balsara & thence into the E. Indies, 1583. 

[5, p450.] 

N'ewbury (W., of). Voyage of Eng. men unto the Holy land, 1147. 

[Lat. &• Eng.] . [i, p309.] 

Newfoundland. Act agst. the exaction of money by any officer for 

licence to traffike into Iseland & N., 1548. [8, p7.] 


Hakluyt (Eichard). The principal navigations, etc. [cont.']. 
Newfoundland [cant.]. Extr. cone. disc, of N., 1497. [6, pl55.] 

see Cartier (J.) ; Clarke (R.) ; Hay (E.) ; Here (— ) ; Park- 
hurst (A.) ; Parmenius (S.) ; Peckham {Sir 6.) ; Sherley {Sir A.) : 
Wy6t{S.)i Xanctoigne(J. F.,o/). 

New France, see Canada. 

New Mexico, see Cano (B.) ; Gonzalez de Mendoza (J.) 
Newport (C.) Voyage for W. Indies by N., 1591, wr. by J. Twitt. 

[10, pl84.] 

see Jourdan (S.) 

New Spain, see Mexico. 
Newton (J.), see Ingram (A.) 

Nicaragua, see Tehuantepec. Rel. of T., near N. 

Niools (T.) Descr. of the Hands of Canaria, 1550. [6, pl25.] 

Noel (J.) Letter by N. touching the disc, [of Canada by J. Cartier], 

1587. [8, p272.] 

Nombre de Dies, see Vaz (L.) 
Norfolk (T. Mowbray, i«"' baron M., <& P' d. of N.), 1806-99. 

Voiage to Jerusalem, 1399. [Extr.] [i, p453.] 

North-East Passage, see Balak (J.) ; Bassendine (J.) ; Borough 

(S.); Borough (W.); Dee (J.); Hakluyt (R.); Herberstein (S., 

Frhr. v.) ; Lane (H.) ; Mercator (G.) ; Ramusio (G. B.) ; Russia 

Co. ; Sequanus (J. M.) ; Smith (H.) 
North Pole, see Linna (N. de). 
North- West Passage. Desor. of the countrey & condition of the 

people, in Meta Incognita. [7, p367.] 

see Best {capt. G.) ; Cabot (J.); Davis (J.); Dominus 

Vobiscum, sAi;) ; Frobisher {Sir M.) ; Gilbert (A.) ; Gilbert {Sir H.) 

Norway, see Edward II ; Henry VI ; Krantz (A.) ; Oddr, Vest- 

Nova Hispania, see Mexico. 
Nova Zembla, see Johnson (R.) 
Novogorod, see Sparke (J.) 
Nueva Galicia, see Vasquez de Coronado (F.) 
Ob, Biver, see Borough (S.) 
Oddr, Vesifoldingr. Voyage into Sound of Denmarke, o. 890. [1, pl4." 

Voyage to Norway, 890. [1, pll.' 

OioiicuB[Matthiiissi]. Journall of 0. cone. Tartars. [Lat. d-Eng^' 

[4, p371.: 
Osborne {Sir E.) Letter wr. in Spanish by 0., to the k. of Alger, 

in the behalfe of Eng. captives, 1584. ' [5, p268.] 

Oxenham (J.) Voyage of 0. to W. India, & over the straight of 

Dariene into the South sea, 1575, wr. by L. Vaz. [10, p77.] 

Paciho Ocean, see Drake {Sir F.); Jane (J.); Pretty (F.); 

SarracoU (J.) ;' Vaz (L.) 
Palestine. Contribution to the succour of the Holy land made by 

John k. of Eng., 1201. [Extr.] [4, pS45.] 

Supply of money [sent] to the Holy land, by Henry II, 1177. 

[Extr.] [4, p311.] 

■ Voyage of English men, unto the Holy land, 1147. [Lat. £■ 

Eng. Extr. f. Newbury (W. of)]. [4, p309.] 

see Balduinus, ahp. of Oanteriury ; Edward I ; Eldred (J.) ; 

ITleete; Glanville (E. de) ; Goderious; Hardine; Hubert Walter, 
abp. of Canterbury; Jenkinson (A.) ; Jerusalem; Newbery (J.) 
& R. Pitch ; Richard, canon ; Richard, emp. of Germany ; 
Syria ; Turnham (E. de) ; Whiteman (A.) ; William, the pilgrim. 

Panuco, see Hortop (J.) ; Philips (M.) 

Parera (G.) Certaine reports of China learned through the 

Portugals there imprisoned, done into Eng. by E. Willes, 1565. 

[6, p295.] 
Paria, see Dudley {Sir R.) 
Paris (M.) An epistle, [voyage into Tartaria, Poland & Hungary], 

1243. [1, p50.] 

Parker (W.) Voyage of P. to Margarita, Jamaica, Truxillo, Puerto 

de Cavallos, etc., w. h. enterprize upon Campeche, Yucatan, 1596, 

1597. [10, p277.] 

Parkhurst (A.) Letter, cont. a rep. ot Newfoundland, 1578. [8, p9.] 
Parmenius (S.) De navigatione H. Gilberti, [to Newfound-land. 

Poem in Latin hexameters], 1583. [8, p23.] 

E. Hakluyto, [Letter f . Newfoundland. Lat, iB Eng.], 1583. 

■[8, p78.] 
Patrasso, see Morea. 
Peckham {Sir G.) Rep. of the disc. 

Sir H. Gilbert, 1583. 
Pegu, see Peter, friar. 
Pelagius, the heresiarch. 

Syria], 390. [Lat. £ Eng.} 
Pernambuco, see Lancaster {Sir J.) 
Persia, see Banister (T.) & G. Ducket ; Borough (0.) ; Cheyney (R.) ; 

Constantino I; Edwards (A.) ; Elizabeth, q. of Eng.; Hakluyt 

(E.); Jenkinson (A.) ; Varthema (L.) ; Willes (E.) 
Pert {Sir T.) & S. Cabot. Voyage of P., & C, 1516, to Brasil, 

Santo Domingo & S. Juan de Puerto rieo. [10, p2.] 

Peru, see Spanish letters ; Suarez (F.) 
Pet (A.), see Borough (W.) ; Dee (J.) ; Hakluyt (E.) ; Mercator (G.); 

Russia Co. ; Smith (H.) 
'Beter, friar, of Lisbon. Eel. of the kingdome of Pegu, beyond 

the E. India. [6, p386.] 

Peter, des Boches. Voyage to Jerusalem, 1231. [4, p851;] 

of the Newfound Lands by 
[8, p89.] 

Life & travaUes of P. [into jEgypt & 




Hakluyt (Richard), The principal navigations, etc. [co)i<.]. 

Petoney (M.) Eel. cone, the trade f . Africa, 1591. [7, p88.] 

Philip II, k. of Spain. Commission tor the generall imbargment 

or arrest of the Eng. etc., 15S5. [6, p417.] 

Philippine Islands, see Gualle (P. de) ; Jane (J.) ; Spanish letters. 
Philips (M.) Disc, by P. put on shoare northward of Panuco, 

"W. Indies by J. Hawkins, 1568, cont. things of that countrey. 

[9, p398.] 
Plan de Carpine (J., of). Libellus hist. J. de Piano 0. legatus ad 

Tartaros, 1246. [1, p55.] 

Voyage, 1246, to Can of Tartaria. [Lai. d Eng.'] [1, p94.] 

Pingle (R.) <£■ others. Voyage into Persia by K. P., A. Edwards, 

J. Sparke, L. Chapman & C. Faucet, 1568, wr. by L. C, 1569. 

[3, pl86.] 
Plate, Miver, see La Plata. 

Poland, see Alcook (T.) ; Amurath III, sultan of Turkey ; Paris (M.) 
Porto Rico, see Pert {Sir T.) & S. Cabot. 

fPortngal. Disc. wr. by a gentleman employed in the voyage of 
Spaine & P., 1589. 

see Henry VIII ; Linschoten (J. H. vaJi) ; Resende {G. de) ; 

Winkfield (A.) 

Powel (D.) Disc, of the W. Indies by Madoc Sonne of Owen G-uy- 

neth, 1170. [7, pllS.] 

Preston (Sir A. de), see Davie (R.) 
Pretty (P.) Voyage of T. Candish into the South sea, & round 

the earth, 1586, 8. [11, p290.] 

Primrose, ship. Escape of the P., f. Bilbao in Biscay, & the Corri- 

gidor, brought prisoner into Eng., 1585. [6, p413.] 

ProoopiuB, of Gcesarea. Bnghshmen sent to Constantinople, 500. 

[Lat. 4 Eng. Extr. f. De beUo Gothico]. [4, p278.] 

Prussia, see Bsturmy (W.) & J. Kington ; Henry IV ; Jungingen 

(G. v.) ; Walsingham (T.) 
Pudsey ( — ). Voyage of P. to Baya in Brasil, 1542. [11, p25.J 

Puerto Cabello, see Parker (W.) 
Puerto Rico, see Porto Rico. 
Quivira, see Lopez de G<5mara (P.) 
Radevious. League betw. Henry II, & Predericke Barbarossa, 

traSake etc., 1157. [Lat. £ Eng.] [1, p316.] 

Rainolds (B.) & T. Dassell. Voyage of E. & D. to the rivers of 

Senega & Gambra, Guinea, 1591. [7, p90.] 

Raleigh (W.), M.A. Eng. voyages of the 16"^ cent, [am essay]. 

[12, pi.] 
Raleigh (Sir W.) Disc, of the empire of Guiana, 1595. [With 

sev. short reports]. [10, p3B8.] 

Fight about the Azores, betw. the Revenge & an Armada 

of the k. of Spaine, 1691. [7, p38.] 

Letter patents gr. to R. for disc, & planting of new lands & 

countries, 1584. [8, p289.] 

Voyage [3] by E. to Guiana, 1596, wr. by T. Masham. 

[11, pi.] 

Voyage (3™) made by a ship, 1586, to the reliefe of the colony 

planted in Virginia, at the sole charge of R. [8, p346.] 

Ramea. Disc, of the I. E. by for de La court Pre Ravillon, 

1591. [8, pl50.] 

see Drake (G.) ; James (T.) ; Leigh (C.) 

Ramusio (G. B.) Disc, of S. Cabot touching disc, of W. India, 
[& other doc». etc.], 1497. [7, pl47.] 

Disc, of R., cone, the voyages of frier M. de Nica, F. Vasquez 

de Coronado, & F. Alarchon, 1539. [9, pll5.] 

Note out of AbUfada Ismael by R., [cone, the Northeast 

passage], 1588. [Ital. S Eng.] [3, p412.] 

Test, of Northeasterne disc, by the Eng., 1557. [Ital. c£- 

Eng.] [3, p458.] 

[Voyage] of capt. F. de UUoa, [into the gulf of CaUfomia], 

1539. [Extr.f. E.'s Voyages.] [9, p206.] 

Randolf e (T.) Ambassage of R., to emp. of Russia, 1568. [3, pl02.] 

see Bassendine (J.) 

Eavillon (La Court PrS). Disc, of the Isle Ramea, by for R., 

1591. [8, pl50.] 

Read (P.) Epitaph of R., knighted at winning of Tunis, 1538. 

[5, p69.] 
Reniger (E.) & T. Borey. Voyage of R, & B. to Brasil, 1540. 

[11, p25.] 

Eesende (G. de). Ambassage wh. John II, k. of Portugall sent to 

Edward IV, to stay J. Tintam, & W. Fabian f. proceeding in a 

voyage for Guinea, 1481. [Fort. £■ Eng.] 
Revenge, ship, see Raleigh {Sir W.) 
Rhodes. Siege & taking of R., by sultan 

French, 1522. 

see Meteh'n. 

Richard I. Voiage of R. I, for recoverie of 

[Extr. f. Fox, Acts etc.] 
Richard II. Oration of the ambassadours f. C. de Zolner, unto R, 
1388, [&] Agreement, 1390. [2, pl2, 18.] 

see Jungingen (C. v.) 

Richard, emp. of Germany. Voyage into Syria, 1240. [Extr.] 

[4, p352.] 

Richard, canon of the Soly Trtmty of London. Travailes of R., 

[into Syria, & Palsestina], 1190. [Lat. & Eng.] [4, p348.] 

[6, pl22.] 

Soliman, tr, out of 
[5, pi.] 

Jerusalem, 1190. 
[4, p319.] 

Hakluyt (Bichard). The principal navigations, etc. [corei.]. 

Roberts (H.) Ambassage of R. to MuUy Hamet emp. of Marocco, 
[with Edict etc. of emp. of M., in favour of Eng. trade. Spanish 
S Eng.], 1585-9. [6, p426.] 

Rubruquis (G. de). Journal unto B. p. of the worlde, 1253. [Lat. 
<& Eng.] [1, Pl79.] 

Russia. Maner of justice by lots in R., wr. by H. Lane, 1560. 

[2, p411.] 

Maner of preferring of sutes in E., 1583. [3, p329.] 

A treatise of the d. of Moscovia, h. genealogie. [2, pl82.3 

see Adams (C.) ; Boris Pedorovich, emp. of Bussia ; Borough 

(S.) ; Borough (W.) ; Borough (W.) & C. Hodsdon ; Bowes {Sir 
J.); Chancellor (R.) ; Edwards (A.) ; Fletcher (G.); Haase (J.); 
Herberstein (S., Frhr. v.); Ivan IV, emp. of B. ; Jenkinson (A.); 
Johnson (R.); Lane (H.) ; Mary I; Napea (0.); Southam (T.); 
Turberville (G.) ; Uscombe (R.) 

Russia Company. Act for the corporation of merchants adventurers 
for disc, of new trades, 1566. [3, p83.] 

Articles by the oommitties appt. in the behalfe of Mosoovian 

marchants, to conferre w. Carlile upon h. intended disc, [of] the 
hithermost parts of America, 1583. [8, pl47.} 

• — - Articles for commission of the merchants of this company 
in R., 1555. [2, p281.] 

Charter of the marchants of Russia gr. by Philipe & Marie, 

1555. [2, p304.] 

Commission by sir R. Hayward etc., of the Mosoovie Co., to 

A. Pet & C. Jackman, for disc. Cathay, 1580. [3, p251.] 

Instructions by Co. for disc, of new trades etc., unto R. Gibs, 

etc., 1582. [3, pSOS.] 

Instructions deliv. in 3''* voyage, 1556, for Russia, to every 

purser. [2,'p317.] 

Instructions -to masters etc., [of the Mosoovie Co.] passing 

toward Bay of S. Nicolas, 1657. [2, p375.] 

Letter of A. Jenkinson upon returne f. Boghar [Bokhara] to 

H. Lane, 1559. [2, p400.] 

Letter [of privileges] to the Eng. merchants by Theodore 

Ivanowich, 1596. [3, p439.] 

Letter of R. Gray, agent of Moscovie Co. to H. Lane at 

Mosco, 1558. [2, p394.] 

Letter of T. Alcock to R. Gray & H. Lane, agents in Mos- 
covia f. Tirwill in Polonia, 1558. [2, p396.] 

Letter of T. Hawtrey to H. Lane, agent [of Moscovie Co.] at 

Colmogro, 1657. [2, p392.] 

Letter of the Co. unto their agents in E., 1557. [2, p379.] 

Letter of the Moscovie Co. to their agents in Eussia, H. Lane, 

C. Hudson, & T. GlOver, 1560, [2, p401, 407.] 

Privileges by the emp., to Eng. merchants, obt. by J. Horsey, 

1586. [S, p347.] 

Privileges given by Obdolowcan k. of Hircania to the Co., 

ob. by A. Jenkinson, 1663. [3, pB9.] 

Privileges gr. by emp. of Russia to Eng. merchants, obt. by 

A. Jenkinson, 1567. [3, p92.] 

Priviledges gr. to the Eng. merchants, 1569. [3, pl08.] 

Remembrance of advise given to the [Mosoovie] merchants, 

voyage for Cola, 1578. [3, p208.] 

see Borough (W.) ; Cheyney (R.) ; Edwards (A.) ; Ivan IV, 

emp. of B.; Jenkinson (A.); Johnson (E.) ; Killingworth (G.) ; 

Butter (W.) Eel. of E. voyage to Guinea, 1562. [6, p258.] 

Euyz (A.), see Gonzalez de Mendoza (J.) 

Saguenay, see La Eoque (J. F. de). 

Saint Augustine, see Burgoignon (N.) ; Morales (P.) 

Saint Catherine, Mount, see Holland (J., of). 

Saint Domingo, see Hayti. 

Saint Lawrence, Gulf of, see "Wyet (S.) 

Saint Lawrence, Biver, see Cartier (J.) 

Saint Nicholas, Bay of, see Borough (S.) ; Bussia Co 

Samoyedes, see Johnson (R.) 

Sanders (T.) Voyage to Tripohs w. a ship called the Jesus, 1583, 

etc., [& other doo'. recapture & release]. [5, p292.] 

San Juan de Puerto Rico, see Porto Rico. 
San Juan de UUoa, see Bodenham (R.) ; Cano (B.) 
Santa Clara, ship, see Burrough {Sir J.) 
Santa Cruz, ship, see Burrough {Sir J.) 
Santos, see Whithall (J.) 
SarracoU (J.) Voyage [of R. Withrington, & C. Lister], intended 

for the South sea, 1586. [11, p202.] 

Savile (H.), see Delgadillo de Avellaneda (B.) 
Saxo, Granvmatieus. Mariage of daughter of Harald unto Jeruslaus, 

d. of Russia, 1067. [Lat. & Eng.] [1, p42.] 

Scio [Chio]. Commandement for C, [on behalf of the Eng. 

merchants], 1584. [Lat.] [5, p286.] 

see Bodenham (R.) ; Campion (J.) ; Williamson (J.) 

Scotus (J.), "Erigena." Life & travailes of E., [to Athens], 885. 

[Lat. S Eng.] [4, p280.] 

Senegal, Biver, see Eainolds (R.) 
Sequanus (J. M.) Test., [cone. disc, of Eng., Northeast passage], 

1574, [Lat. & Eng.] [8, p461.] 


-Hakluyt (Richard). The principal navigations, etc. [conf]. 

Settle (D.) Second voyage of M. Frobisher to the W. & N.-W. 

regions, 1577. ry ^,211 1 

«herley_(Sir A.) Voyage by S. to S. lago, Dominica, Margarita, to 

Jamaica, Honduras, & homeward by Newfoundland, 1596. 

Shmgleton (T.) Pasport gr. to S. by the k. of Algier, 1583°' Wal. 
SEng.-] [5,p266.] 

Ships, see Algeria. 
Siam, see Pitch (E.) 
■Sigismnnd II, of Poland. Letter of S. [to Elizabeth], 1559. 

Silva (N. da). Voyage of S. wherein is set downe the voyage of sir 
P. Drake, 1679, Cabo Verde through Streights of Magellan, to 
Guatulco. rj^j^ -,;^Qo 1 

Simkinson (T.), see Dee (J.) 

^'?i*ii '^'^ ^'^''- "^y ■*■• ^®' * ^- Jaokman, of Northeast parts, 

[3 p282 1 
Sommers {Sir G.), see Davie (R.) ; Jourdan (S.) ' 

fSoto (P. de). Virginia richly valued, by descr. of Florida, h. neigh- 
bour : out of the trauell & disc, of S., wr. by a gentleman of 
Eluas & tr. by E. Hakluyt, c. 1539. 

This is another copy of Disc. etc. of Terra Florida by S. 
Sound, of Denmark, see Denmark. 

Southam (T.) & J. Sparke. Way disc, by S. & S. f. Colmogro to 
Novogrod, 1566. rg pyg n 

■South Sea, see Pacific Ocean. 

tSpain. Disc. wr. by a gentleman employed in the vovaae of S. & 
Portingale, 1589. 

see Indian fleet ; Liuschoten (J. H. van) ; Winkfield (A.) 

Spain, New, see Mexico. 

Spanish letters [12] f. Nueva Espanna, Tierra Firma & Peril, oont. 
secrets touching aforesaid countreys, & S. Sea, & trade to the 
Philippinas, 1590. [10, piss.] . 

Spanish ships. Advertisements touching the shippes that goe f. 
SivU to the Indies of Spaine w. notes of the Oontraotation house 
in SivU. [& Orders of the Garena], (c. 1586). fll. p442 1 

see Dias (P.) j White (T.) 

Sparke (J.) & T. Southam. Way disc, by J. S. & T. S. f. Colmogro 
to Novogrod, 1566. [3_ pys.] 

(£■ others. Voyage into Persia, by A. Edwards, J. S., L. 

Chapman, C. Faucet, & E. Pingle, 1568, wr. by L. C, 1569. 

[3, pl36.] 
Spartel, Cape, see Tobie, ship. 

Staple. Ordinance for the S. to bee holden at one oertaine place, 
1820. [Lat.c&Sng.-] [1, p350.] 

Stevens (T.) Letter wr. f. Goa, 1579. [6, p377.1 

Strong (E.) Voyage unto Cape Briton & beyond, 1593. [8, pl57.J 
Stuoley (T.) Voyage of S. ioto Barbary, 1578. [Lat. & Mng. Extr. 
f. FreigiuB(J. T.), Hist, de crade Sebastiani.] [6, p293.] 

Sturmy (Sir W.), see Tettingen (W. v.) 

Suarez (F.) Letter of S. f. Brasill, 1596, cone, trade betw. that 

place & Peru. [11, psg.] 

Snlaim^ I, sultan of the Turks, see Ferdinand I, emp. ; Jenkin- 

son (A.) ; Ehodes. 
Swanus, see Sweyn. 
Sweden, see Henry VT. 

Sweyn \Swanv^'\. Voyage of S., unto Jerusalem, 1052. [Lat. & 
Eng. Sair./. Malmesbnry, De gestis regum Angl.] [4, p283.] 
Syria, see Balduinus, ahp. of Canterbury ; Hubert Walter, abp. of 
Ganterhwry; Palestine; Pelagius; Eichard, canon; Eichard, 
emp. of Germany ; Turnham (E. de) ; Varthema (L.) ; Wrag (E.) 
Tacitus (P. C.) Test, out of T., proving London to have bene a 
mart towne in r. of Nero. \Lat. <& Eng.] [1, pSOS.] 

Tartars, see Odoricus \_Matthiussi'\ ; Pian de Carpine (J., of). 
Tartary, see Paris (M.) ; Pian de Carpine (J., of). 
Tehuantepec [TecuanapaJ]. Eel. of the haven of, T., a place for 
building of ships, situate not farre f. Nicaragua. [9, p466.] 

Terra Firma, see Spanish letters ; West Indies. Euttier. 
Tettingen (W. v.) To Sir W. Sturmy ambassadour, [letter], 1407. 

[2, p85.] 
Teutonic Order. Cat. of the, Masters of Dutch knights, 1239-1525. 

see Jungmgen (C. v.) 

Thomas (J.) Voyage to Barbary, 1552. [6, pl38.] 

ThorMksson (G.) Letter by T., cone. Island & Gronland, 1595. 
[Lat. d- Eng.'] [4, pl97.] 

Thome (E.) The booke by E. T. to Dr. Ley ambassadour, informa- 
tion of the parts of world disc, 1527. [2, pl64.] 

A declaration of the Indies, 1527. [2, pl59.] 

Voyage of 2 Englishmen to the river of Plate, 1527. [Extr. 

i. information of T. to Dr. Ley.] [11, p91,] 

Tierra Firma, see Terra Firma. 

Tilney {Sir P.) Note touching T. knighted at Aeon in the Holy 

land by Eichard I. [Lat. <& Eng.] [4, p342.] 
Timbuctoo, see Madoc (L.) 

Tipton (J.) Letter of W. Harebome, to T. appt. him consul in 

Algier, Tunis, & Tripolis, 1585. [5, p276.] 

Tison (T.) Voyage of T. to W. Indies, 1526. [10, p6.] 



[9, pl45.] 

[11, p227.] 
rep. of J. 
[11, p92.] 

Hakluyt (Eichard). The principal navigations, etc. [cont.]. 
Tobie, «/ii^. Casting away of the T. [a ship of London], neere 
Cape Bspartel on the coast of Barbary, 1598. [7, pl24.] 

Tomson (R.) Voyage of T. into Nova Hispania, 1655. [9, p388.] 
Towrson (W.) Voyage[s, 1", 2»<l, 3'-°] to Guinea, 1565, 6, 7. 

„, . . , [6, Pl77.] 

Trinidad, see Dudley {Sir R.) 

Tripoli, see Aldersey (L.) ; Harborne (W.) ; Sanders (T.) 

Truxillo, see Parker (W.) 

Tunis, see Harborne (W.) ; Henry IV ; Eead (P.) 

TurberviUe (G.) Letters in verse, wr. out of Moscovia, by T., 1568. 

[3, pl24.] 

Turkey, see Amurath III, saltan of Turkey ; Pox (J.) : Harborne 
(W.); Levant. 

Turkey Company, see Levant Co. 

Turnham (B. de). Travaile of T., [into Syria], 1270. [Lat. & E7ig.] 

[4, p366.] 

Twitt (J.) Voyage for W. Indies by C. Newport, 1591. [10, pl84.] 

Tyre, see William, ahp. of Tyre. 

UUoa (P. de). [Voyage] of capt. F. de U., [into the gulf of Cali- 
fornia], 1589. [Extr. f.n&mximo {d. '&.)] [9, pll5.] 

Uscombe (E.) Letter of U., burning of Mosco, 1571. [3, pl69.] 

Vaigatz, see Johnson (E.) 
•Varthema (L.) The nauigation & vyages of V. to Arabia, Bgypte, 
Persia, Syria, Ethiopia, & B. India, 1503. Tr. out of Latine by 
E. Bdeu, 1576. 

Vasquez de Coronado (F.) Bxtr. of a letter of V. de C, Cuhaoan, 
1589. [9, pii6.] 

Letter of V. de C. governour of Nueva Galicia, Cuhaoan, 1539. 

[9, pll8.] 

Eel. of V. de C. sent to Cibola, etc., 1540. 

see Eamusio (G. B.) 

Vaz (L.) Disc, of the W. Indies & South sea, 1587. 

Disc, of V. touching fight w. Spanish ships, 

Drake, to river of Plate, 1582. 

Voyage of J. Oxnam to W. India, & over the straight of 

Dariene into the S. sea, 1575. [10, p77.] 

Voyage [1"] by P. Drake, to Nombre de Dies & Dariene, 

1572. [10, p75.] 

Vera Cruz, see Cano (B.) 

Vergilius (P.) Voyage of Henry IV, to Tunis in Barbaric, 1889. 

[Lat. d: Eng.] [4, p460.] 

Verrazzano (G. da). Eel. of V., [voyage to Florida], 1524. [8, p423.] 
Virginia, see Amadas (P.) & A. Barlow; Grenville {Sir E.) ; 

Harriot (T.) ; Lane (R.) ; Raleigh {Sir W.) ; Soto (P. de) ; White (J.) 
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The tps. differ slightly. 

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arrest its depredations. 
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3, Industrie, commerce, travaux publics. It. 


The tp^. of i'2-9 differ slightly from that of ti. On t1 
tliere is no sub- title Guerre et marine. 
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(A. M.) 
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TJie book coiit. six sections, each has sep. pagin. 

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This has a half-t. " The a. of b., by W. H. ; & rules for 

caricaturas etc., by F. Grose." The " Eules for c'." has 

Sep. tp. c& pagin. 

Works of H., in a ser. of engravings, w. desor. etc. by J. Trusler. 

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ip». wanting to v'2 ct 3 ; v3 is also incomplete, consisting- 
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Lettered on orig. covers Drawing room portrait gallery etc 

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Brey, 1823]. 
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Leqislative Dept. 
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, [III], Public Works Dept. 
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India [continued]. 

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The tp. of 3''' V. reads " A suppl. to H. illust. ; f . MSS. in 

the poss. of J. I." Each v. has a 2'"' tp. 

Ireland (William W.) Life of Sir H. Vane the younger, w. 

hist, of the events of h. time. 8o. 1905 

Irish literary gazette [& National reformer]. 

2v in 1. 40. D. 1857-[8] 
vi. Aug. ■/, iSSJ-Dec. 26. vS. Jan. 2, iSsS-May 29. No 
tp., 4 p. are called " The national reformer ". 





Irmer (Georg). Die Verb aiidlungen Schwedensu. s. Verbiinde- 

ten mit Wallenstein u. d. Kaiser, 1631-4. 3T. [K. Preuss. 

Staatsarohiven, 35, 39, 46]. 8". L. 1888-91 

Irving CWashington). Braoebridge Hall. 2 v. 8°. 1822 

Sketoli book, & Braoebridge Hall. [B. H. has sep. pagin.] 

s8<>. 1850 
Isabella II, qjteen of Spain, see Molloy (J. F.) The romance 

of royalty, 1904. 
Isambert (G-aston). Les id^es soeialistes en Prance, 1815-48 ; 
le soeialisme fond6 sur la fraternity et I'union des classes. 

80. 1905 
Islandske Annaler, see Stokm (G.) I. A. indtil 1578, 1888. 
fslendinga sbgur. [Ed. V. Asmundan-scm & Th. Jdnsson]. 
J6usson (p.) Xslendinga-psettir. s8<>. 1904 

Islenzka Bokmentafelag. Safn til sogu Islands og fslenzkra 
bokmenta atS foruu og nyju, gefiB lit af hinu I. B. 

Bl, 2, [in prog. j. 8°. Kaupmannahofn. 1853-1886 
vl has 110 index or table of contents, 
see BiSKUPA sbauK, 1858-78. 
„ Thokkelsson (.J.) Islenzkar irtitSaskrar, 1893-96. 

Isocrates, see Pkehss (S.) Index Isoerateus, 1904. 

Italia artistica. no. 12-19. [in prog.']. 4°. Bergamo. 1905 

see Belteamelli (A.) Da i see Pettina (G.) Vioenza, 1905. 

Comaoehio ad Argenta ; le 

lagune e le bocohe del Po, 

1905. [14.] 
CoiiASANTi (A.) Gubbio, 

1905. [13.] 
CoRRADiNi (E.) Prato e euo 

dintomi, 1905. [12.] 
Gallenga Stuabt (E. A.) 

Perugia, 1905. [15.] 

Eioci (C.) Volten-a, 1905. 

SupiNO (I. B.) Pisa, 1905, 

Testi (L.) Parma, 1905. 



Government Publications. 


Statistioa della emigrazione ital. per 1' Estero, 1902-8, e notizie 
suU' emigrazione da aleuni altri stati. Ia8''. 1904 

Ivan IV, emp. of Russia, 
see HAKLnTT (B.) Principal navigations, etc., 1903-5. 
„ Waliszewski (K.) I. the Terrible ; tr. Lady M. Loyd, 1904.. 




Principal navigations, 

Jackman (Charles), see HAKLuyi (E.) 

etc., 1903-5. 
Jackson (Andrew), ^es. of the U.S., see Buell (A. C.) Hist, of 

J., 1904. 
Jackson (Charles James), Eng. goldsmiths & their marks. 

4». 1905 
Jackson (Thomas (Jraham). Libraries of the middle ages. 

[no tp. : part of Journal of Eoyal lust, of Brit. Architects, s3, 
T '^l* ■„. . 40. [1898] 

Jacob (Edward), F.S.A. Hist, of the town & port of Faversham 

in the oo. of Kent. 8". 1774 

Jacob! (Charles T.) Some notes on books & printing. 
., ^ ^ [S'l ed.] 8°. 1903 

Jacobs (William Wymark). Dialstone Lane. s8o. 1904 

Jacoby (Paul). Et». sur la selection chez I'homme. Avant- 

propos par G. Tarde. 2» id., rev. et augm. 8°. 1904 

Jaell (Marie). La musique et la psyohophysiologie. s8». 1896 
Jager (Hendrik de). Het geslaeht Tromp. [Nederlands Pami- 

lie-Arohief d. J. H. Seheffer]. s8». Eotterdam. 1883 

Jagic CVatroslav). For an essay see Kaisebl. Akad. d. Wis- 

SENSOH. Denksohr. 
Jahn (Albert). Die Gesoh. d. Burgundionen u. Burgundiens bis 

z. Bade d. 1. Dynastle. 2B. 8«. Halle. 1874 

Jahrbucher (Niirnberger) des IS.Jhdts. : (a) Jahrbiioher von 

730-1469; (b) Jahrbucher— 1487 ; (c) Die Chronik H. 

Deiehslers bis 1487, see Chkonikbn (Die) d. deut. Stadte: 

Niii-nberg, B4, 1872. 
Jakobsen (Jakob), Feeroske folkesagn og seventyr. Udg. ved 

J. J. [Samfund t. u. a. g. n. 1. 27]. 8°. 1898-1901 

James I, king of Great Britain <& Ireland. The lawes & 

acts of Parliament [at Edinburgh] made be J., [1600-1609], 

1611, see Skene (Sir J.) 

The xxi Parliament of J. Halden at Edinburgh 1612. [b.w. 
Skene (Sir J.) Lawes, 1597]. . fol. E. 1612 

„ „ [a.c, b.w. a.c. of Skene's Lawes]. fol. E. 1612 

The acts made in the xxii Parliament, halden be J. at Edin- 
burgh, 1617. Ib.w. Skene (Sir J.) Lawes, 1597]. fol. E. 1617 
„ „ [a.c, without tp., b.w. a.c. of Skene's Lawes]. 

fol. E. 1617 

The xxiii Parliament of J. Halden at Edinburgh, 1621. Extr. 

by Sir G. Hay. [b.w. Skene (Sir J.) Lawes, 1597]. fol. E. 1621 

„ „ [a.c, b.w. a.c. of Skene's Lawes]. fol. E. 1621 

see DisKAELi (I.) *Misoellanies of lit. : Character of J. I, n. ed., 


„ Henderson (T, F.) J. I <fc VI, 1904. 

James II, king of Ot. Brit, d Ireland. Ace. of a writ of 

inquiry of damages betw. James, d. of York & T. Otes, executed 

ig"- June, 1684. [P1081]. fol. 1684 

James I, king of Scotland. The lawes & actes of Parliament 

maid be J. I etc., [1424-1597], 1597, see Skene (Sir J.) 
James V, king of Scotland. *Life & death of J., f . the French, 

1612, see Miscellanea Scotica, 1710. 

*Navigation of J. round Scotland, f . the Fr., 1583, see Miscel- 
lanea SOOTICA, 1710. 
James Edward [Stuart], ^otc«, the [old] Pretender. Letters to 
admiral Gordon etc., 1716-30, see Feaseb (Sir W.) The red 
book of Grandtully, 1868. 
see Acton (P.) Giacomo III. Stuardo e Maria Sobieski a 

Lucca ed ai bagni di Lucca, 1721-3, 1903. 
James (Greorge Payne Eainsford). Hist, of the life of Eichard 
Cceur-de-lion. 4v. \v4 wanting']. Q". 1842-9 

James (Henry), novelist. The American. 2v. s8°. 1883 

. The golden bowl. s8». 1905 

James (Montague Rhodes). Ghost-stories of an antiquary. 

sS". 1904 

„ „ 2»'> imp. s8". 1905 

see Cambbidge : Pembeoke Coll. Desor. oat. of the MSS. in 

the lib., by J., 1905. 
James (Thomas), captain, see Hakluyt (E.) Principal naviga- 
tions, etc., v8, pl65, 1904. 

Jameson (Mrs. Anna). Commonplace book of thoughts etc., 
orig. & sel. 2°" ed. s8<'. 1855 

The communion of labour : a 2°* lect. on the social employ- 
ments of women. sS". 1856 
Legends of the monastic orders. [2'"* ser. of " Sacred <& leg'-', 
art "]. 2'^ ed. s4». 1852 
Jane [Seymour], q. c. of Henry VIII, king of England, see B.ume 

(M. A. S.) The wives of Henry VIII, 1905. 
Jane (Fred. T.) The torpedo in peace & war. 

2»'> ed. obi. fol. 1904 (John) [Janes], see Hakluyt (B.) Principal navigations, 

etc., 1903-5. 
Janer (Florencio). Condioion social de los Moriscos de Espana : 
causas de su expulsion. [56 jjp. of Col. diplomat, wanting]. 
Ia8». Imprenta de la B. Acad, de la Hist. 1857 
Janes (John), see Jane (J.) 

* Japan in the beginning of the 20"' c. 80. [Tokyo]. 1904 

Japp (Alex. Hay). E. L. Stevenson, a record, estimate, & a 
mem. 8°. 1905 

Jasinski (Max). Hist, du sonnet en France. 8". Douai. 1903 
Jatakas. The Jataka or stories of the Buddha's former births ; 
tr. f. Pali by var. hands ; ed. E. B. Cowell. 

v5, tr. H. T. Francis, [in prog.]. Ia8'>. C. 1905 
see Meter (J. J.) Two twice-told tales, 1903. 
Jauris (Jean). Hist, sooialiste (1789-1900) ; sous la direction 
de J. t5, 6. [in prog.]. 138". n.d. 

5. Deville (G.) Thermidor & Direotoire (1794-9). 

6. Brouase (P.) & H. Turot. Consulat & Empire (1799-1815). 

Java, see Hakluyt (E.) Principal navigations, etc., 1903-5. 
Jean-Bernard ^s. [i.e. J. B. Passekieu]. La vie de Paris, 1904. 

s8°. 1905 
Jeanne, queen of Navarre [d'Albret], d. 1572. 
see Fawoett (Mrs. M. G.) Five famous French women, 1905. 
„ Feeee (M. W.) Life of J., n.d. 
Jebb (Bichard), Esq. Eeply to a pamphlet [by B. Cooke], 
Arguments for & agst. an Union. [P1089]. sS". D. 1798 

Jebb (S^r Bichard Claverhouse). Bacchylides. [Brit. Acad., yl. 
P1077]. 8". [1904] 

see Bacchylides ; ed. J., 1905. 
Jefferies (Bichard). Nature near London. n. ed. s8°. 1901 
Jekyll (John), Sen\, see PrLKiNoioN (SirT.) Tryal of T. Pil- 

kington, J. etc., for riot, 1683-. 
Jellinek (Georg). AUgemeiue Staatslehre. 2» A. 8». 1905 

TMs has a 2"^ tp. : Das Eecht d. mod. Staates. Bl. 
Jena, see *Wahee Eroffnung d. J. Christnaehts-Tragodie, 1716. 
Jenkins (Thomas Atkinson). The Espurgatoire St. Patriz [by 
Henry of Saltrey] of Marie de France, 1903, see Chicago. 
Univ. of C. Decennial publ'. sl, v7, 1903. 
Jenkinson (Anthony), see Hakluyt (E.) Principal naviga- 
tions, etc., 1903-5. 
Jenkinson (Henry Irwin). Tourist's guide to Bug. Lake Dis- 
trict. S'l'ed. S8''. 1884 
Jenks (Albert Ernest). The Bontoo Igorot. [Ethnol. Survey 
publ"., 1]. Ia8". Manila. 1905 
Jenks (Francis), Conivion Goiincll-Man of the city of London, 
see Pilkinoton (Sir T.) Tryal of T. Pilkington, J., etc., for 
riot, 1683. 
Jennet ( — ), minister at Utrecht. *Hist. de la r^pub. des Pro- 
vinces-Unies des Pais-Bas, depuis s. ^tablissement jusques 
4 la mort de Guillaume III. 4t. s8<>. La Haye. 1704 
Jensen (Peter). Assyr.-babylon. Mythen u. Epen. S". 1900 
■There is another t. : Sammlung v. assyr. u. babylon. Texteu. 
Hrsg. V. E. Sehrader, B6, i. 
Jequier (Grustave), see D^l6gation en Peese, t7, Eecherches 
arch^olog. s2, 3, par J. etc. 1905. 
see BouBiANT (U.), G. Legeain& G. J. Monuments pour servir 
k Vk%. d'Atonou en Egypte, tl, 1903. 
Jerome (Jerome K.) Tommy & Co. sS". 1904 





Jerusalem. *Chronioon Hierosolymitanum, see Chbonioon H. 

see Hakluyt (E.) Principal navigations, etc., 1903-5. 
Jespersen (Otto). Growth & structure of the Bng. language. 

sS". L., Teubner. 1905 
Jessen (Jarno). Bossetti. [Knackfuss, 77]. Ia8». Bielefeld. 1905 
*Jest (The) book, 1879, see Lemon (M.) ed. 
Jesuits. *Verus Jesuitarum libellus, 1508, see Faust {Dr. J.), 

Bl ii, 1846. 
Jesus, Christ. 

see Clabke (J. G.) The eternal 
saviour-judge, 1904. 
„ Pabbar (F. W.) Life of Xt., 

gt' ed., n.d. 
„ Johnson (P.) Have we the 

hkeness of Xt. ? 1908. 
„ Pfleldebeb (0.) The early 
Xtn. conception of Xt., 1905. 

see Eosadi (G.) The trial of J. ; 
tr. f. Sr"! Ital. ed. ; ed. w. 
pref. by B. Reich, 190S. 

„ Sanday (W.) Outlines of 
the life of Xt., 1905. 

„ Stuees (C. W.) The Xt. of 
Bng. poetry, 1906. 

Jesus, the son of Sirach. The wisdom of J., see Eoolesiastious. 

Jeu, Book of, see Schmidt (C.) Kopt.-gnost. Schriften ; hrsg. 

V. C. S. Bi, Die Pistis Sophia, Die beiden Biicher des JeA, 

(Codex Brueianus) 1905. 

Jevons ("William Stanley). The principles of economics : 

frag, of a treatise on the industrial mechanism of society & o. 

papers. Pref. by H. Higgs. 8". 1905 

The principles of science : on logic & scient. method. 

[2"'" ed. repr. w. corr".] sS". 1900 

Jewish encyclopedia (The). vlO-12. laS". N.Y. 1905-6 

Jewish Historical Society of England, see Eigg (J. M.) ed. 

Calendar of the Plea Eolls of the Exchequer of the Jews, vl, 

(Henry III, 1218-72), 1905. 

Jeyes (S. H.) M'. Chamberlain, h. life & public career. 

2v. Ia8''. 1904 
Jeze (Craston), see Ann^ie (L') admin., par M. Hauriou, J., & C. 

Eabany, ann6e 1904, 1905. 
Jimenez (Augnisto). Voeab. del dialecto Jitano, eon una rel. 
del car&eter, usos, etc., de esta jente. 

2* ed. [P1075]. 580. Sevilla. 1853 
Jiricek (Constantin). For an essay see Kaisekl. Akad. d. 

WissENSOH. Denkschr. 
Jiriczek (Otto Luitpold). Northern hero legends. Tr. M. B. 
Smith. s8°. 1902 

Joannes, de Alta Silva. Johannis de Alta Silva Dolopathos 
sive de Eege et septem sapientibus. Hrsg. v. H. Oesterley. 

80. Strassburg. 1873 

Johannesburg Public Library. Cat. of books by J. P. Caden- 

head. 8". Johannesburg. 1905 

John, king of England, see Hakluyt (E.) Principal navigations, 

etc., vl, p319, 1903. 
John, of Holland, d. of Exeter, S e. of Huntingdon, see 

Holland (J., of). 
John, of Mamihon. Hist, de Daron (oont.), tr. par J. E. 
Bmine, see Langloib (V.) Coll. des. hist', de I'Arm^nie, tl, 
John I, king of Portugal, see Oliveira Maetihs (J. P.) Os 

filhos de J., 2" ed., 1901. 
John, infant of Portugal, son of John I, see Oliveiba Maetins 

(J.) Os filhos de D. Joao I, 1901. 
John Alphonse, of Xanctoigite, see Xanotoigne (J. A., of). 
John Godfrey I [von Aschhausen], (1) bp. of Bamberg (2) of 
Wil/rzburg, <& duke of Franconia, see Weber (H.) J. G. v. A., 
John Bylands Library, Manchester. Cat. of MSS. & printed 
books exhib. on the occ. of the visit of the Nat. Council of the 
Evang. Free Churches. [P1082]. 8". M'ter. 1905 

Johns Hopkins University. Studies in hist. & polit. science. 
v22, Soc. & industrial hist. 8°. Baltimore. 1904 

Barnett (G. E.) Trial bibhog. of American trade-union publ'. 

Prepared by Boon. Seminary of J. H. U., ed. B. [22 i, ii]. 
Bekenrode (H. J.) Polit. hist, of Virginia dur. the reconstruc- 
tion. [22 vi-viii]. 
Hattori (Y.) Foreign commerce of Japan since the restoration, 

1869-1900. [22 ix, x]. 
MoCormac (B. I.) White servitude in Maryland, 1684-1820. 

[22 iii, iv]. 
Steiner (B. C.) Desert of Maryland. [A bibliog. contribution]. 

[22 xi, xii]. 
Vincent (J. M.) Switzerland at beginning of le"" cent. [22 v]. 
Warner (A. G.) Lay sermons ; w. biog. sketch by G. B. 
Howard. [22, pp. 415-84J. 

see SoLLis (J. P.) The early period of reconstruction in S. 
Carolina, 1905. 

Johnson (Arthur Henry). Europe in the 16'" c, 1494-1598. 

[Periods of European hist., 4]. 4*'' ed. aS". 1903 

Johnson (Catherine B.) W. B. Donne & h. friends. Ed. J. 

8°. [1905] 
Johnson (Franklin), prof, of church hist. Have we the likeness 

of Xt. ? 1903, see Chicago. Univ. of C. Decennial publ'. si, 

v3 pi, 1903. 
Johnson (Richard), agent in Persia of the Co. of Muscovy 

Merchants, see Hakluyt (E.) Principal navigations, etc., 

Johnson (Samuel), LL.D. 

Works. 12v. n. ed., w. essay hj 
A. Murphy. 

8<>. 1824 
sS". 0. 1816 
Life of J.', 

S. J., 1858. 

[mi. Sep. pagin.]. 

8». 1801-10 

Works, w. Murphy's essay. Ed. 

by R. Lynam. 6v. 8°. 1825 

Lives of the poets. Ed. G. B. 

Hill, w. mem. of H. by h. 

nephew H. S. Soott. 

3v. 8». O. 1905 

1, Cowley — Dryden. 

2, Smith — Savage. 
B, Swift— Lyttelton. 

Johnston (Arthur), M.D. Delitise poetarvm Scotorvm hujus 
£evi illvstrivm. [Ed. A. J.]. [pi]. s8». Amsterdami. 1637 

The Rambler. 

see BoswELL (J.) 
n. ed., 1851. 
„ Oablyle (T.) 

„ Lyon (G.) L'idealisme en 
Angleterre au 18* s., 1888, 

„ VoLTAiBE. Candide ; & 
Rasselas, by J., 1884. 

Adamsonus (P.) 
Andersouus (H.) 
Aytonas (R.) 
Barclaius (G.) 
Barclaius (J.) 
Bodius (M. A.) 

Bodius (R.) 
Craigius (T.) 
Crittoniua (G.) 
Crittonius (J.) 
Danskiuus (H.) 
Dempsterus (T.) 

Bchlinus (D.) 
Goldmannus (P.) 
Hacarstouius (J.) 
Humius (P.) 
Jonstonus (A.) 
Jonstonus (J.) 

Parerga — Epigrammata — Mvsse avlicsa, see h. DelitiSB poet. 

Scot., pi, 1637, above. 
Johnston {Sir Harry Hamilton). The Nile quest : a record 

of the exploration of the Nile & its basin. 8°. 1903 

Johnston (John Ootavius). Life & letters of H. P. Liddon ; w. 

a concl. oh. by the bp. of Oxford. 80. 1904 

Johnston ("William Dawson). Hist, of the Lib. of Congress. 

vl (1800-64). 138°. W. 1904 
Johnstone (Arthur). EeooU", of E. L. Stevenson in the Pacific. 

S8''. 1905 
Johnstonus (Joannes). Inscriptiones hist, regum Soot. — 

Heroes [Scoti], see Johnston (A.) Delitise poet. Scot., pi, 1637. 
Jokai (M6r). Halil the pedlar. Tr. E. N. Bain [/. A feh& 

r6zsa]. S'" ed. s8o. 1901 

Joly (Charles Jasper). Manual of quaternions. 8". 1905 

Jonas (Arngrimus), see J6nsson (A.) 

Jones (Henry Arthur). M". Dane's defence. sS". N.Y. 1905 
Jones (Mrs. Herbert). The princess Charlotte of Wales. 4". 1885 
Jones (Philip), rev., of Cirencester, see Hakluyt (E.) Principal 

navigations, etc., v6, p46, 1904. 
Jones (Spencer John). 'The clergy & the catechism. With 

pref. by G. Body. 7"' ed. b8». 1898 

Jonson (Ben). The devil is an ass. Ed. w. intr., notes & 

gloss, by W. S. Johnson. 8". N.Y. 1905 

Eastward Hoe; by J., Chapman & Marston, &, J.'s The 

alchemist. Ed. F. E. Sohelliug. 38". Boston. U.S.A. [1903] 
Epiooene, iibers. L. Tieck, see Tieok (J. L.) Schriften, B12, 

Jonson (Gr. C. Ashton). Hdbk. to Chopin's works. s8<>. 1905 
Jonsson (Arngrimr), see Hakluyt (E.) Principal- navigations, 

etc., v4, pi, 1904. 
Jonsson (Finnur). De bevarede brudstykker af skindbegerne 

Kringla og Jofraskinna i fototypisk geugivelse udg. ved F. J. 

[Samfund t. u. a. g. n. 1. 24], fol. Keibenhavn. 1895 

Det norsk-islandske skjaldesprog omtr. 800-1300. [Samfund 

t. a. a. g. n. 1. 28]. 8". 1901 

HSndskriftet N' 748 i den A.-m. samling (Aeldre Edda) i foto- 
typisk gengivelse. Udg. ved F. J. [Samfund t. u. a. g. n. 1. 2-5]. 

40. Kabenhavn. 1896 
Jonsson (Thorleifr). Pjoratiu Islendinga-thsettir. 

s8<>. Eeykjavik. 1904 
Jordaens (Jacob), see Buschmann (P.) J. et s. oeuvre ; tr. par . 

G. Eekhoud, 1905. 
Jordan (Edwin Oakes). The self -purification of streams, 1903, 

see Chicago. Univ. of C. Decennial publ'. si, vlO, 1903. 
Jordan (Max). Das Werk A. Menzels, 1815-1905. Mit einer 

Biog. d. Kiinstlers. laS". Miinchen. 1905 

Joteyko (J.) Entrainement et fatigue au point de vue militaire. 

Pr6f . de C. Eichet. 8". Brux. 1905 




Jouannm (A.), see D^li^qation en Peese, t8, Becherohes 

aroMolog., s3, par J. etc., 1905. 
Jonbert (Carl) ps. [i.e. A. W. C. Geoiiey]. The fall of Tsardom. 

8". 1905 

Eussia as it really is. 6"" ed. 8". 1905 

The truth about the Tsar & pres. state of Eussia. 2°^ ed. sS". 1905 

Jourdan (Silvester), see Hakluyt (E.) Principal 'navigations, 

etc., 1903-5. 
Journal des economistes. Table g6n. des mati^res, a6v. 3, vl-12, 
1866-8. [mo i!^.]. 8°. 1868 

Jousselin (Fernand), see Hombbeq (0.) & F. J. La femme du 

grand Cond6, 1905. 
Juan [de Tenorio], 
see Padsi (Dr. J.), B2 ii, [cont. plays founded on the tale of 

Don Juan], 1846. 
„ Eahlert (A. J.) Die Sage v. Don Juan, 1841. 
Juan y Santacilla (Jorge) & A. de Ulloa. Notioias seoretas 
de America etc. gobierno de los Espanoles en la America 
Meridional, por D. Barry. 

2p in 1. Ipagin. cont.J. 4". Londres. 1826 
Judson (Harry Pratt). Essential elements of a wr. con- 
stitution, 1903, see Chicago. Univ. of C. Decennial pubK si, 
v4, 1903. 

Jukes-Browne (Alfred Joseph). The student's hdbk. of 
stratigraph. geology. s8o. 1902 

Jungingen (Conrad v.) [Conead III, of Teutonie Order], see 

Hakluyt (E.) Principal navigations, etc., 1903-5. 
Jungingen (XJlrich v.), see HAKiiUYi (E.) Principal naviga- 
tions, etc., v2, p91, 1903. 
Junius, ps., a. of the " Letters.'" Junius. 

2v. [engr. tp. has 1797]. 8°. 1799 
Junius : incl. letters by the same under o. signatures ; 
added h. oorr. w. Wilkes, & letters to H. S. Woodfall. With 
notes etc. [Ed. J. M. Oood]. 

3v. [vl hasSpag.} 8°. G. Woodfall. 1812 
Junius, inel. letters by same a. under o. signatures ; added corr. 
w. Wilkes, & letters to H. S. Woodfall. 

n. ed., by J. Wade. 2v. s8>'. Bohm. 1865 

*Jus regium : or the king's right to grant forfeitures, etc., 1701, 

see William III, king of Eng. 

Jusserand (Jules J.) Eng. wayfaring life in Middle Ages 

(14t'> cent.). Tr. L. T. Smith. [n. ed.] sS". [1891] 

Le roman angl. ; orig. et formation des gr. dcoles de romanoiers 

du 18» s. sS". 1886 

Justin, Martyr, Saint, see Kaye (J.), bp. Works, v3, Writings 

etc. of J., 1888. 
Justinian I, see Holmes (W. G.) The age of J. & Theodora, 

vl, 1905. 
Juvenal. A new tr. of J. & Persius w. notes [(& the text], by 
M. Madan. n. ed. 2v in 1. 8°. 0. 1813 

see CoEPus poet. Latin.; ed. J. P. Postgate, t2, 1905. 






Xahlbaum (Georg "W. A.) Monographieen aiis d. Gesch. d. 
Chemie. Hrsg. v. K. Hfte. 1-8. 8°. L. 1897-1904 

1, D. Einf iihrung d. lavoisier'sohen Theorie in Deutsohland, etc. 
V. G. A. KaMbaum u. A. HoSmann. 

2, D. Entstehvmg d. dalton'aoh. Atomtheorie in n. Beleuchtung 
verofEentlioht v. H. B. Eosooe u. A. Harden. 

8, Berzelius' Werden u. Wachsen, 1779-1821, v. H. G. 

4, 6, C. F. Sohoubein 1799-1868, v. G. W. A. K. u. E. Sohaer. 

5, J. V. Liebig n. C. P. Schonbein Briefweohsel 1853-68 ; brsg. 
V. G. W. A. K. u. B. Thon. 

7, J. Berzelius ; hrsg. v. H. G. Soderbaum. A. Avogadro u. d. 
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The progress of civil soc, 1796]. 4°. 1794 

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[n. ^d.] s8<>. n.d. 
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[n. 6d.] s8°. n.d. 
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For anon, works in English:, see Cologne. 
Die Ohroniken d. deutschen Stadte, B12-14 (Bl-3), \_2-3 pag. 
cont.]. 8°. 1875-7 

Each vol. has sevei-al Beilagen not included below. 

G. Jahrbiicher d. 14 n. IS.Jhdts., 

Hagen (M. G.) Dit is dat boioh 
van C, 1277-87, [B12, 1875.] 

Memoriale d. 15.Jhdts., [B12, 

Weverslaicht (Die), 1369-71, 
[B12, 1875.] 

[B13, 1876.] 
Cronica van d. MUiger atat van 

0., 1499, [BIS, 14, 1876-7.] 
Dat nuwe boich (c. 1860-96), 

[B12, 1875.] 

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letztes Hauptproblem d. Babel-Bibel-Debatte. 8". 1905 

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Hrsg. V. durch d. histor. Comm. bei d. K. A., 1862-1906. 
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see ScHULZE (W.) Zur Gesch. latein. Eigennamen, 1904. 
Kbniglich-Freussische Akademie der Wissenschaften zu 
see Fkedeeiok William I. Acta Borussica : Denkmaler d. 
Preuss. Staatsverwaltung im 18. Jhdt. Hrsg. v. d. K. P. A. 
d. W. Erganzungsband, Briefe Konig F. W. I u. d. 
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see Iemee (G.) Die Verhandlungen Schwedens u. s. Verbiindeten 
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Leipzig, see Cuchullin. Die altir. Heldensage Tiin Bd 
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Kbnigsberg University, see Kant (I.) Z. Erinnerung an K. ; 
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tarianism etc. in China, v2, 1904. 
Koninklijke Bibliothek, ['s Gravenhage]. Catalogus van de 
pamfletten-verzameling berustende in de K. B. Door W. P. C. 
Knuttel. d5 (1776-95). s4o. 's Gravenhage. 1905 

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4°. Marburg. 1905 




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alt. Gesoh. lirsg. v. C. P. Lehmann, 1«» Beiheft.] laS". L. 1903 
Die neue Livius-Epitome aus Oxyrhynohua. [Beitrage z. alt. 

Gesoh. hrsg. v. G. F. Lelimann, 2" Beiheft.] laS". L. 1904 
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B4, hrsg. V. C. F. L. & E. K., 1904. 
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2"* tp. : Suomalais-ranskalainen sanakirja], 8". Helsinki. 1900 
Eostiim. Zur Gesoh. d. Kostiime. Nach Zeiohnungen v. W. 

Diez, C. Frohlioh, C. Haberlin, M. Heil, A. Miiller, F. Eothbart, 

I. Watter. [no tp.'] fol. Miinchen. n.d. 

Koukline (G. A.) UiorH peDo.iioqioiinaro ^BHiKeHia m, PocciH 

(1862-1902), COoiiHHKT> nporpaMMi etc. s8<>. HteneBa. 1903 

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S. Nidvine et P. Yalb. sS". [1905] 

EovaleTsky (Maksim M.) Le regime ^oon. de la Russie. 8". 1898 
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Friedriohs HI. 8». St. 1905 

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ungen. sS". 1904 

Erauss (Friedrich S.) Sitte u. Brauoh d. Siidslaven. Im 

Auftrage d. Anthropolog. Gesellsohaft in Wien. 8°. Wien. 1885 
Eretschman (Hans v.) Kriegsbriefe, 1870/1. Hrsg. v. L. Braun. 

3« A. 8°. St. 1904 
Eretschmayr (Heinrich), see Gesohiohte d. europa. Staaten : 

Venedig, v. K., Bl, 1905. 
Eriegsgeschichtliche Einzelschriften. Hrsg. v. Grosaen Gene- 

ralstabe. Hft. 1-36, (Bl-6). 8". (1883) 1885-1905 

I. 1, Die preusa. KriegsTorbereitungen von 1805 — Die Unter- 
nehmung d. Detachementa v. Boltenstem im Loii- 
Thale, Dez. 1870. 

2, Aus d. kriegsgesoh. Naohlasse S. K. H. August v. 

Der Ueberfall bei Fontenoy sur Moselle, 22. Jan. 1871. 

3, Ein brandenburg. Mobilmaohungsplan, 1477. 
Gesoh. d. zweiten sohles. Krieges. 

Der Zug d. 6. Kavallerle-Division durch die Sologne, 
6-15 Dez. 1870. 

4, Die Belagerungs-Artillerie vor Paris, 1870/1. 

5, 6, brandenburg.-poln. Tiirkenziige, 1671-88. 
Das Tagebuoh d. Grafen v. Nostitz. 2. Th. 
Brandenburg-Preussen anf d. Westkiiste v. Afrika, 

II. 7, Der Antheil d. sachs. Truppen an d. Brstiirmung v. 
Prag, 25/6. Nov. 1741. 
Die Thatigkeit d. deut. Artillerie bei Loigny-Poupry, 
2 Dez. 1870. 

8, Gesch. d. poln. Thronfolgekrieges. (Feldzug am Ober- 

rhein, 17S4). 
Die Einzelkiimpfe um Pailly, Servigny u. Noisseville 
am 31. Aug. 1870. 

9, Antheil d. churpfalzbayer. Kavallerie an d. Feldziigen, 

Die Starkeverhaltnisse im deutsoh-tranzos. Kriege 
1870/1 bis z. Sturze d. Kaiserreiches. 

10, V. Glausewitz. Naohrichten iiber Preussen in s. grossen 

Katastrophe (1806). 

11, Infanteriedienst bei Kavallerie-Divisionen, Sept., Okt. 

u. Nov, 1870. 
Der Vorpostendienst bei dem I. Bayer. Armee-Korps u. 

den preuss. Truppentlieilen, 12. Okt.-8 Nov. 1870. 
Die Starkeverhaltnisse im deutsch-franzoa. Kriege 

1870/1 bis z. Sturze d. Kaiserreiches. Fortaetznrig. 

12, Der PaU v. Soiasons am 8. Marz 1814. 

Das Naohtgefeoht bei Laon am 9. Marz 1814. 
Die Stiirkeverhaltniase im deutsch-franzos. Kriege 
1870/1 bis z. Sturze d. Kaiserreiches. Schluss. 

Eriegsgeschichtliche Einzelschriften [continued]. 

III. 18, TJeber Strategic. Der Antheil d. sohles. Heeres an d. 

Sohlaoht V. Paris, 80. Miirz 1814 etc. 

14, Der Reohtsabmarsoh d. I. Armee auf St. Quentin, Jan. 

Die Verfolgung naoh d. Sohlacht bei Le Mans durch 
Gen. V. Schmidt, 13-17 Jan. 1871. 

15, Die Pestung Langres, 1870/1. 

16, Pirmaeens u. Kaiserslautern. 1798. 

17, Truppeniahr^euge, Kolonnen u. Trains bei d. Beweg- 

ungen d. I. u. II. Deut. Armee bis z. d. Sohlachten 
westlich Metz. 

18, Das Generalkommando d. III. Armeekorps bei Spiche- 

ren u. Vionville. 

IV, 19, Konig Wilhelm auf s. Kriegszuge in Prankreich, 1870. 

Von Mainz bis Sedan. 
20, 21, Die Operationen gegen Vinoy, Sept. 1870. 
22, 23, Der Antheil d, hess. Armee-Division, 1866. 
24, Die Theilnalime d. preuss. Hiilfskorps an d. Peldzuge 

gegen Bussland, 1812. 
V. 25, Der Kampf d.38.Infanterie-Brigade bei Vionville-Mara 

la Cour, 16. Aug. 1870. 

26, Der Kampf um Candia, 1667-9.! 

27, Priedrich d. Grossen Anschauungen vom Kriege in 

ihrer Entwickelung, 1745-56. 

28, 29, 80, Die takt. Sohulung d. preuss. Armee durch 

Priedrich d. Grossen wahrend d. Priedenzeit 1745-56, 
VI. 31, Kriegsbrauch im Landkriege. 

32-35, Erfahrungen aussereuropa. Kriege 1, Aus d. siid- 

afrikau. Kriege, 1899-1902, 
36, Moltke in d, Vorbereitung u, Durohfiihrung d, Opera- 

Eriegstagehuch d. Soester Fehde [Historia v. d. Soistsohen 

vede], 1417-47, see Soest. 
Erilov (I. A.) CoOpaHie coinHBHiii. s8°. C.-n. 1894 

UoJHoe coCpaHie coiHHeHiii ; [w. biogr. sketch], tl. 

sS". C.-n. 1904 
Kristeller (Paul). Kupferstich u. Holzschnitt in 4 Jhdten. 

Ia8°. 1905 

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literature. 8". 1905 

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Camposampiero della Maroa 

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Lando di Venezia. [7]. 

Lannoy di Napoli. [4]. 

Lodovisi di Bologna. [8]. 

Lupi marches] di Soragna. [10]. 
see also Meli-Lupi (maroheai) 
principi di Soragna. 

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Madruzzo di Trento. [6]. 

Malaspina. [8]. 

Malatesta di Eimini. [10]. 

Manfredi di Faenza. [9]. 

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Massimo di Eoma. [4]. 

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Meli-Lupi principi di Soragna, 
see Meli-Lupi p. di S. 

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Soragna. [10]. 

Mocenigo di Venezia. [10]. 

Monferrato, see Paleologo, mar- 
chesi di M. 

Monte (Del) di Montesansavino. 


Monte S. Maria nell' Umbria 
(Del), detti Bourbon del 
Monte. [6]. 

Montefeltro, conti di, duchi 
d'Urbino. [8]. 

Napoli, re di N. della oasa di 
Svevia, see Svevia. 

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Normanni, re di SiciUa. [6]. 

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Orseolo di Venezia. [2]. 

Orsini di Eoma. [7]. 

Ottoboni di Venezia. [3]. 

Ottonidi Matelica. [10]. 

Paleologo, marchesi di Mon- 
ferrato. [7]. 

Pallavioino. [4]. 

Panciatiohi di Pistoia. [9], 

Pazzi di Firenze. [8]. 

Peretti di Montalto. [1]. 

Siena. [2], 
Pico della Mirandola. 
Pio di Carpi; [1]. 
Polenta di Eavenna. [9], 
Pucoi di Firenze. [10]. 
Puglia, conti e duchi di, 

Normanni, re di Sicilia. 
Pusterla (Della) di Milano. 
Eangoni di Modena. [8], 
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d' Urbino. [9]. 
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Savoja. [5]. 
iri di " 

i Verona. [1]. 
Sforza. [1]. 

Sicilia, see Normanni, re di S. 
Simonetta di Calabria. [1]. 
Sinibuldi di Pistoja. [6]. 
Smeducci di Sanseverino. [10]. 
Smeducci di Sanseverino detti 

Cima della Scala. [10]. 
Soderini di Firenze. [9]. 


Steno di Venezia. [9]. 

Strozzi di Firenze. [4]. 

Svevia, re di Napoli d. casa di 

Tiepolo di Venezia. [3]. 

Todeschini di Siena, see 

Torelli di Ferrara. [6], 

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Torriani di Valsasaina. [8] 

Trinci di Foliguo. [1]. 

Trivulzio di Milano. [1]. 

Urbino, duchi d', see Monte- 
feltro, conti di. 

Urbino, duchi d', see Rovere di 

Valori di Firenze. [1]. 

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Verme (Dal) di Verona. [2]. 

Vettori di Pirenze. [8]. 

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[v7, in prog.]. Ia8». 1905 

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despatches & enclosures f. the Gen. Commanding-in-Chief in 
S. Africa ; repr. f . the L.G. 5p. fol. [1900] 

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gencer. [The t. of the vols, for 1736, 7 is, L. m. & monthly 
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Louis XIV, king of France, 
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de la minority de L., 1690. 
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8". 1905 

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Richardson's novel]. s8°. 1741 

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8°. N.Y. 1905 
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de I'admirable Dom Inigo de Guipuscoa, [i.e. I. L.], 1736. 
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The origin of civilisation & the primitive condition of man. 

6"' ed. 8». 1902 
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B19, 26, 28 (Bl-3). 8». L. 1884^-1902 
Each vol. has several Beilagen not included below. 

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Aufzeichnungen eines Unbekannten vom 1320, [B26, 1899.] 
Bericht iiber d. Knoohenhauer-Aufstand im 1384, [B26, 1899.] 
Berioht iiber den Verlust MciUns, 1409-1410, [B26, 1899.] 
Beriohte u. Aktenstiicke iiber d. Ereignisse in L., 1403-8, [626, 

1899.] ' '■- 

Detmar-Chronik, 1101-1438, [B19, 26, 28, 1884-1902.] 
Gesoh. d. Streitigkeiten d. Stadt u. d. Monohskloster mit d 

Weltgeistlichkeit, 1276-1319, [B26, 1899.] 
Meklenburg. Parteiaohrift, 1394, [B26, 1899.] 
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see Hakluyt (R.) Principal navigations, etc., vl, p324, 1903. 




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s8». 1905 
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4v. sS". 0. 1905 
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Coutures. Derniere ed. aveo I'orig. latin et vie de L. 

2t. sS". 1692 
see CoKPUs, Corpus poetarum latinorum ; ed. J. P. Postgate, 
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Eng. writings. 8». 1887 

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V. E. 

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ausg. Ia8». Weimar. 1904-5 

see Balke (G.) T. Murner ; die Diohtungen d. U. v. Hutten, 

hrsg. V. B., [cont. pieces w. ref. to L. by M. & H.], n.d. 
„ CooHL^us (J.) Hist. Hussitarum etc. ; commentaria de 

actis etc. M. L., 1549. 
„ Denifle (H. S.) L. u. Luthertum in d. ersten Entwickelung, 

Blii, 1905. 
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Bohemia : Ilchester Lect». for 1904. s8°. 1905 

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Todten zw. d. P. H. v. L. u. Dr. J. Fausten, 1733, see Faust 
(Dr. J.), B3i, 1847. 
*Des Welt beruffenen Hertzogs v. L. Paeten od. Verbiindnias 

mit d. Satan, see Faust (Dr. J.),B2ii, 1846. 
see Beaukain (J. de). Hist, milit. de i?landre, etc., 1755. 
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vl. n. ed. s8'>. 1899 
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geog. of the Balkan Peninsula. s8°. 1905 

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about 1477. [Foes.]. Ia8". C. 1905 

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[attr. to L., & Day], see Bullen (A. H.) Coll. of old Eng.- 
plays, vl, 1882. 
Lyne (Bobert Nunez). Zanzibar in oontemp. times. 8". 1905 
Lyon (Georges). L'id^alisme en Angleterre au 18» s. 8". 1888 
Descartes — Hobbes— Locke— Malebranche— Taylor— J. Norris 
—A. Collier — Berkeley — Johnaon- J. Edwards— Hume. 

Lyra Germanica, u. ed., 1859, see Winkwoeth (C.) 

Lysippus, the sculptor, see Collignon (M.) L., 1904. 

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iS03-7S. The last of the barons. s8''. n.d. 

Zanoni. 38". n.d. 

Lytton (Edward Robert Bulwer-Lytton, ^"earl of), 2"^ baron 

Lyttmi; 1§3'l-91. Luoile. [3'" ed.]. sS". 1876 







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MacBrody (Thaddy), see MacDaike (T.) 

MacCall (Hardy Bertram). Story of the family of Wandesforde. 

40. 1904 
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4v, [t!2, 3, 4 wanting']. 3'« ed. 8». 1879-80 

4v, [v3, 4 wamting]. ll" ed. 8°. 1879-80 

„ „ 4v, lv3, 4 wa7iting]. 12'" ed. 8". 1879-80 

Hist, of our own times, f . Diamond Jubilee 1897 to accession of 

Edw. Vn. 2v. 8°. 1905 

Sometimes called v6, 7, of " Hist. o. 0. t." 
The story of an Irishman. 8". 1904 

MacCarthy (Justin Huntly). The lady of Loyalty House. 

s8o. [1904] 

The proud prince. s8". 1903 

MacCarthy (Michael J. F.) The coming power ; a, contemp. 

hist, of the Far East, 1898-1905. s8». 1905 

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Japanese War Office. 88". 1904 

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romance of the Restoration. s8<>. 1905 

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the 18"" c, 1903, see Chicago. Univ. of C. Decennial publ'. 

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Chantrey bequest : articles rep^ f. " The Saturday Eeview." 

sS". 1904 
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1634-1820. [J. H. Univ. St. in hist. & polit. sc, s22 iii, iv]. 

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sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, carbon dioxide, <fr water, 

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tales & primitive thought. 8°. 1905 

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Mary Stuart. 8°. [1905] 

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1811-2, see Canada, Govt, publ'., Canadian archives, 1886. 
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Eng., 1841. 
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MachiaTelli (Niccolo). M. ; w. intr. by H. Cust. [Tudor Transl'.]. 

2v. 8». 1905 

1, The art of war. Tr. P. Whitehome, 1560. The Prince. Tr. 
B. Daores, 1640. 

2, Florentine hist. Tr. T. Bedingfeld, 1595. 

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Madeira, see Hakluyt (E.) Principal navigations, etc., v6, 

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^Machinatio fratrum minorum, 1279, see Fbancisoans. 

Jlacllwraitli (Jean Newton) [Jean Fobsyth]. Sir Frederick 

Haldimaud. S". 1905 

Iffackail (John William), Homer : an address delivered on 

behalf of the Independent Labour Party. 58°. 1905 

The 100 best poems (lyrical) in Latin. Selected by M. s8''. 1905 

The parting of the ways. sS". 1903 

Socialism & politics : an address & a programme. s8°. 1903 

MacKechnie (William Sharp). Magna Carta: a comm. on 

the great charter of K. John, w. an hist. intr. 8". Glasgow. 1905 
Mackenna (Theobald). A memoire on some questions resp. 

the projected Union of Gt. Brit. & Ireland. 

[P1089]. s8". D. 1799 
Mackenzie (Frederick Arthur). From Tokyo to Tiflis, uncen- 

sored letters f. the war. 8". 1905 

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91. Institutions of the law of Scotland. 4* ed., rev. & augm. 

With notes. s8<>. E. 1706 

Observations on the Acts of Parliament made by Jas. I, II, III, 

IV, V, Mary, Jas. VI, Ch. I, H. fol. B. 1687 

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children : a text-bk. for medical officers, etc. By W. L. M. 

assisted by E. Matthew. 8°. E. 1904 

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of the U.S., 1812-96. 8°. N.Y. 1904 

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state of public opinion. 8°. 1828 

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the Constitution, 1783-9. [The Amer. Nation. Ed. A. B. Hart, 

vlO]. s8». N.Y. 1905 

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stories of M., w. add. tales. 3v. 88". 1903 

1, Barbaric tales. 2, Spii-itual tales. 3, Tragic romances. 

The winged destiny : studies in the spiritual bist. of the Gael. 

b8o. 1904 
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tical physiology, 2'"' ed., 1905. 
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[ps. Bthna Caebebt]. The four winds of Birinn : poems. 
Ed. S. MacManus. g"" ed. s8». D. 1902 

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Donegal fairy stories. Collected & told by S. M. S8". 1902 
Macmillan (Michael). In wild Maratha battle : a tale of the 
days of Shivaji. s8°. 1905 

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A village chronicle. 38". 1905 

Macquoid (Percy). A hist, of Eng. furniture: the age of oak. 

fol. 1904 

Macro (Cox). The Macro plays: Mankind (ab. 1475) — Wisdom 

(ab. 1460)— The Castle of Perseverance (ab. 1425). Ed. by 

F. J. Furnivall & A. W. PoUard. [pr. f. MS. at one time in 

pass, of C. M.}. [E.E.T.S., E.S. 91]. 8". 1904 

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80. 1906 

Macy (Jesse). Party organization & machinery. s8". N.Y. 1904 

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J. Lechner v. d. Lech, mit Vorwort v. M. J6kai. s8". L. [1888] 

„ „ Ubers. v. L. Doczi. 3« A. s8°. St. 1893 

„ „ tJbers. V. Andor v. Spouer. 2" A. 38°. L. 1899 

,, „ Ubers. V. J. Siebenlist. s8<>. Pressburg. 1886 

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Bodleian copy of the 1" fol. of Shakespeare (The Turbutt S.). 

fol. 0. 1905 
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Madoc (Laurence), see Hakluyt (E.) Principal navigations, 

etc., v7, p99, 1904. 

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sib^rien. [This vol. has sev. pagin'.]. s8". 1904 

Chine du sud et de I'est. [This vol. has sev. pagimf.]. s8». 1904 

Mael (Pierre) ps. Femme d'officier. Eoman. 6" 6d. sS". 1905 

Partage de coeur. [Seqtiel to Le crime et I'amour]. s8°. n.d. 





Maeterlinck (Maurice). Aglavaine & Selysette. Tr. A. Sutro, 
w. intr. by J. W. Mackail. [repr.] sS". 1904 

Magdeburg. Die Chroniken d. deutschen Stadte. 

B7, 27. 8». L. 1869-99 
B7 has Nachtrage, & B2y two Beilagm not incl. belotv. 

Butze (G.) M. Chronik, 1467-1551, [B27, 1899.] 
Langhans (S.) D. Hist. d. S. L., 1524-5, [B27, 1899.] 
Sohoppenohronik, B.C. 47-a.d. 1516; Fortsetzung, 1517-65; 

Nachtrage, 1483-1566, [B7, 27, 1869-99.] 
Von d. Kriege vor M., 1550-1, [B27, 1899.] 

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etc., 1903-5. 

*Magia divina, od. Unterrieht v. denen Cabbal. Kunststiicken 
etc., 1745, see Faust {Dr. J.), B2ii, 1846. 
Magne (Emile). Scarron et son milieu. s8°. 1905 

Magnier (Jean). Mme. Barbe-bleue. s8». [1905] 

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delle cose settentrionali. n. tr. in Tosoana. fol. Vinegia. 1565 
Magoths ("William), see Haklu-st (E.) Principal navigations, 

etc., vl],p381, 1905. 
Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia. Magyar Jogtort^neti Eml^kek 
(Mon». Hungarise Juridioo-hist.) : A magyar t6rT6nyhat6sd,gok 
jogszabalyainak gyfljtem^nye (Corpus Statutorum). 

k5 ii. 8». 1904 

see SzENDEEi (J.) A magyar viselet tortdneti fejlodese, 1905. 

Mahaffy (Jokn Pentland). The progress of Hellenism in 

Alexander's empire. 380. Chicago. 1905 

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hist., 16G0-1783. sSo. [I89O] 

The life of Nelson : the embodiment of the sea power of Gt. 

Brit. g-"" ed., rev. 8". 1899 

Sea power in its rel. to the War of 1812. 2v. 8". 1905 

see Badham (F. P.) Nelson at Naples : a journal for June 10-30, 

1799, refuting recent misstatements of M. etc., 1900. 
Maides, sec Matdes. 
Maid's, see Maydes. 

Maimonides. The guide for the perplexed. Tr. M. Priedlander. 

2°ded. 80. 1904 
see MiJNZ (J.) Eahbi Moses ben Maimon : s. Leben u. s. Werke 
Maindron (Gr. E. Maurice). Blanoador I'avantageux. Eoman. 

s8». 1901 
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Each vol. has several Beilagen not included below. 

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Aufruhr (Der) zu M. im Bauemkrieg, 1525, [B18, 1882.] 
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Chronik von alten Dingen d. Stadt M., 1332-1452, [B17, 1881 ] 
Mainzer Chronik, 1459-84, [B18, 1882.] 

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n. kA. 8°. 1887 
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polit. ideals. 8°. 1905 

Mallet (Sir Louis), see Mallet (B.) Sir L. M., 1905. 

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du r^publicanisme fr. s8°. Hambourg. 1796 

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8". 1903 

The veil of the temple, or from night to twilight, [repr.]. s8". 1904 

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J. A. GUes. [stereotype repr.]. sS". Bohn. 1904 

see Hakluyt (E.) Principal navigations, etc., 1903-5. 

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w. intr. by Sir E. Strachey. [Globe ed.] s8o. 1904 

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This was orig. publ. in St, under the title of Les batailles 

du mariage. 

Seduction. s8<>. n.d. 

Malta. Proclamations, minutes etc., publ. by the Govt, of Malta. 

3vinl. [Each V. has a S"''tp. in Italian.] 4°. Malta. 1821-4 

1. Oct. 1813-Dec. 1820. 
3. Jan. 182B-June 1824. 

2. Jan. 1821-Dec. 1822. 

8". 1870 

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Mamigoneitz (John), see John, of MamiJcon. 

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Bedford agst. Birley & o'., 1822, see Eedfobd (T.) 
*Notes & obs. on papers rel. to internal state of the country, 
pres. to pari., etc., by A member of the M'ter Comm., 1820, 
see Notes. 
*Peterloo massacre, eont. narr. of events, W"^ Aug., 1819, M'ter., 

4"" ed., 1819, see Peteeloo. 
*Peterloo (The) massacre. Eeform meeting in 1819, M., n.d., 

see Peteeloo. 
*Eeport of the Metropolitan & Central Comm. apptd. for relief of 
the Manchester sufferers ; w. the names, etc. [b.w. Philips (E.) 
Exposure, 4"' ed., n.d.}. 8°. 1820 

see also Peteeloo. 
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v3, 7. 8°. M'ter. 1877-81 

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1425, etc., 1904. 
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Canada, Govt, publ"., Canadian archives, 1885. 

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♦Manners & customs of the French. Fac-simile of the 1815 ed. 

[i.e.Lettersf. Prance. Pref. by H. Sotheran.] 8°. 1893 

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oiliorum nova et amplissima coUectio, oujus J. D. Mansi et 

post ipsius mortem Florentinus et Venetus editores 1758-98 

priores 31 tomos ed., nunc autem continuata et absoluta our. 

J. B. Martin & L. Petit. 

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M. etc., 1723. 

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[Bibl. de I'enseignement des beaux-arts]. 8". 1897 

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Tr. L. V. Cossel. v4, Moli^re & h. times— The theatre in France 

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A. Cahen. gS". 1905 

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Spraohe (Burensprache). sS". Wien. n.d. 

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Janeieo : Bibl. Nac, Annaes, v26, 1905. 




Marburg. Univeksity. Indices leotionum, quse Apr.-Sep. 1865 

habendsB propon. Prsemissa est F. Dietrich disp. de cruce 

Buthwellensi. [b.w. Marburg : Univ., Indices lect., quae Oct. 

1859-Mart 1860 habendsa propon., 1859. The disp. has sep. 

pagm.]. 4". Marburgi. [1865] 

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8". Breslau. 1905 
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king of Navarre, see Fawcett (Mrs. M. G.) Five famous 

French women, 1905. 
Margaret [de Valois'], ISSS-ld-IS; queen consort of Henry IV, 

king of France. Mems., s. Eloge, celuy de M. de Bussy & La 

fortune de la oour, [by P. de Dampmartin]. s8». Liege. 1713 
see Merki (C.) La reine Margot et la fin des Valois, 1905. 
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[Heroes of the Nations]. s8°. N.Y. 1905 

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& v. Margueritte. Le prisme. sS". n.d. 

Quelques id^es : Le mariage libre — [Enquetes diverses] — Autour 

du mariage — P^lerinsde Metz— L'oubli & I'hist. — Les charges 

de Sedan — L'officier dans la nation arm^e — L'Alsace-Lorraine. 

s8<>. [1905] 

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A mother of czars, 1905. 
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Marian (Simeonii Florea), see Maeianu (S. F.) 
Mariana (Juan de), see Cikot (G.) Et'. sur I'hist. esp. : M., 1905. 
MarianH (Simeonu Florea). Insectele in limba, credintele fi 

obiceiurile Eom^nilor. Studiii folkloristio. Ed. Acad. Bom. 

8". 1903 
Legendele maicii Domnului. Studiu folkloristio. Ed. Acad. 

Bom. 8". 1904 

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38°. 1882 
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Patriz of M. de F., 1903. 
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France, see Lenotee (G.) Le drame de Varennes, 1791, 1905. 
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Spain; iCSS-IJH, see Maey Louisa, qu^en consort etc. 
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see Lavisse (E.) Hist, de France, jusqu'A la E^voL, t6ii, 1905. 
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appliqu^e. 2= 6d. 8o. 1883 

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pr^cMie d'une notice par J. Janin. sS". 1904 

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2 Hft. in 1. 8°. Gottingen [&] L. 1896-1905 
Eft. 4 is Sonderabdrmk. aus d. Philologus, B54, 55. 
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federacy. sS". C. 1905 
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in the districts of Maidstone 

etc. 2v. 8». 1798 

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2t. 8". 1796 

Rural eoon. of Yorks. 

2v. a""" ed. 8". 1796 

Management of landed estates: 
an abstract of Treatise on 
landed property^ 8". 1806 

Minutes, obs. etc. on agric. in 
the S. Counties. 2v. n. ed. 
Pref . a sketch of the Vale of 
London. 8°. 1799 

Planting & rural ornament. 
2'=* ed. w..add. of Planting & 
ornamental gardening. 

2v. 1796 

*A review of the Landscape, [by 
B. P. Knight] ; also of, Essay 
on the picturesque, [by Sir XJ. 
Price] ; w. rem. on rural orna- 
ment. 8°. 1795 
Rural econ. of Gloucestershire ; 
incl. its dairy: w. the dairy 
management of N. Wilts ; & 
the management of orchards 
& fruit liquor, in Hereford- 
shire. 2v. 2"^ ed. 80. 1796 

Marshall CWilliam), agric. writer [contmueS\. 

Rural eoon. of the Midland 

Counties. 2v. 2"* ed. So. 1796 
Rural eoon. of Norfolk. 

2v. 2'"> ed. 80. 1795 
Rural econ. of the S. Counties ; 

incl. the culture etc. of hops 

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Soc] 4". 1905 

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Feats on the fiord — Thfe settlers at home — The peasant — The 

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of the tryals of that queen, & of the Duke [of Norfolk] also of 

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Mary, the Virgin, 
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prince of Wales, " the Old Pretender," see Acton (F.) 

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k. of Spain, see 
l. L., 1905. 

[Bell's Miniature 

s8o. 1905 

duque de). Sub- 




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— En voyage — La m^re Sauvage]. 88''. 1901 

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Tlure is no fp.J 8". 1904 

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modeleurs en cire — Bagard, de Nancy — Bonzanigo et s. Scole 
— Les jarretiferes — Les boutons d'habit — Les boltes k mouolies 
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year, 1S64 p2 is incomplete. 

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The list below includes only such articles as contain 

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Catherine, of Alexandria, Saint. La vie de S. C, as cont. in 

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George, Saint, see Matzke (J. E.) 

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F. G. G. Schmidt}. [11.] 
Holme (The) riddles, [ed., w. intr., by F. Tupper}. [18.} 
Matzke (J. E.) Contrib'. to the hist, of the legend of St. George, 

w. special ref. to the sources of the French, German & Anglo- 
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HatfieM}. [13.] 
Mumer (T.), b. 1475. Antwurt u. Klag mit Bntschuldigung 

M.'s wider M. Stifel. [11.] 
Nioodemus (Gospel of). The OH Eng. version of the G. of N., 

[ed., w. intr., etc., by W. H. HuVme}. [13.] 
Perez de Guzman (P.) Some unpubl. poems of P, de G., [ed. 

H. A. Bennert}. [12.] 




Modern Language Association of America. Publications [cont] 
PontuB, king. Ponthus & Sidone, [f. MS. Digby 185 in Bodleian 

Lib. ; ed., w. inir., by F. J. Mather]. [12.] 
Soott (M. A.) Elizabethan tr'. f. Italian;' titles ooU. & arr., w. 

annof*. [ip]. [10, 11, IS, 14.] 
Sealsfieia (C.) ps. Unpubl. letters, [ed. A. B. Famf]. [9.] 
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repr. f. 2"4 imp. 1661]. [15.] 
Towneley plays [WoodMrk plays], see Coblentz (H. B.) 
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2' ^d. S8". 1901 
Molbech (Christian), Dansk Ordbog. 

2D in 1. 2" foregede Udgave. Ia8». 1859 
Molesworth. {Mrs. Mary Louisa), wife of R. Molesworth. The 
ruby ring. s8o. 1904 

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3v. [vS wanting]. sS". 1875 
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2v, Ipag. cont.]. 8°. 1904 

The Bussian court in the 18"" c. 2v, [pag. cont.]. 8°. 1905 

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(2) A. W. Momerie. Dr. Momerie, h. life & work. S". E. 1905 
Mommsen (Theodor). Gesammelte Sehriften. Jurist. Schrif- 
ten. Bl, 2. 8°. 1905 

Zum alt. Strafrecht d. Kulturvolker. Fragen z. Eeohtsver- 
gleichnng, gestellt v. T. M., beantwortet v. H. Brunner, 
B. Freudenthal, J. Goldziher, H. F. Hitzig, Th. Noeldeke, 
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The vol. cont. u, Beilage not mentioned below. 

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see Murray (A. H. H.) Sketches on the old road through 
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Oxford (The) Eng. diet. 

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see Aberdeenshire. Eecords of the Sheriff Court of A. Ed. 

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(A. E.), Lady N. The Cheverels of Cheverel Manor, 1898. 

Newdigate-Newdegate (Anne Emily), Lady Newdigate- 
Newdegate ; wife of Sir E. N.-N. The Cheverels of Cheverel 
Manor [i.e. the Newdigates of Arbury]. 8<>. 1898 




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88°. N.Y. [1902] 
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3'« ed. So. 1904 
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2v. n. imp. s8». 1901 
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T. A. Cog:hlan. Ia8<>. Sydney. 1905 

New Spalding Club, see New etc. 
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of N. & Leibnitz, 1747. 
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2[t]. [tl, 2»M.]. 8». 1903-4 

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2, Les budgets, 1872-1903. 

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the orig. by G. H. Needier. s8». N.Y. 1904 

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N., etc., 1888. 

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work, 1886. 

2. „ City of God, & Christian doct., 1887. 

3. „ On the Holy Trinity. Doctrinal treatises. Moral 

treatises, 1887. 

4. „ Writings agst. the Maniohseans, & the Donatists, 1887. 

5. ,, Anti-Pelagian writings, 1887. 

6. „ Sermon on the Mt. Harmony of the Gospels. 

Homilies on the Gospels, 1888. 

7. „ Homilies on Gospel of John. Homilies on 1"' Epistle 

of John. Soliloquies, 1888. 

8. „ Expositions on the Psalms, 1888. 

9. Chrysostom {St.) On the priesthood. Ascetic treatises. Sel. 

homilies & letters. Homilies on the Statues, 1889. 

10. „ Homilies on St. Matthew, 1888. 

11. ,, Homilies on the Acts of the Apostles, & the Bomans, 


12. „ Homilies on Epistles to the Corinthians, 1889. 

13. „ Homilies on Galatians, Bphesians, Philippians, Colos- 

sians, Thessalonians, Timothy, Titus, & Philemon, 

14. „ Homilies on the Gospel of St. John, & the Epistle to 

the Hebrews, 1890. 

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Treves, d sometimes with Nicetas, bp. of Aguileia'], see Bubn 
(A. E.) N. of E., h. life & works, 1905. 
Nicetas, Saint, bp. of Aguileia, see Buen (A. E.) N. of Beme- 
siana, h. life & works, 1905. 
Nicetius, Saint, bp. of Treves, see Buen (A. E.) Niceta of 

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[Eng. Men of Letters]. s8o. 1902 

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f. The National Review, Feb., 1905]. 8<>. 1905 

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autocracy at work]. 8°. 1904 

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state of Eussia, 2"'"' ed., 1905. 
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Xtn. letter wr. in S. Britain ; tr. & aunot. by N. 

[P1077]. 8°. 1904 
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s8". 1905 
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N., [ed., w. imtr., etc., by W. H. Hulme'], see Modern Lanquage 
Assoc. OF Ajiee. Publ'., vl3, 1898. 

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Ali Mohammed dit Le Bab. [1], Hist. sS". 1905 

-Nicolas (Sir Nicolas Harris). A letter intended for the 

Gentleman's Magazine in defence of statement rel. to the 

Barony of Chandos. [b.w. Brydges (Sir S. E.) Desultoria]. 

Thirty copies printed. s8<>. [1826] 
Nicols (Thomas), commercial agent at the Canaries, see 

Hakluyt (E.) Principal navigations, etc., v6, pl25, 1904. 
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Cashel. The Scottish hist, library : the writers, records, 
registers, law-books etc. down to the Union. sS". 1702 

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(Dee), Jhrg. 1, 1900. 
„ „ The Tell el Amarna period ; tr. J. Hutchinson, 1901, see 
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2T in 1, [pagin. cont.']. 20 A. 8°. Gotha. 1880 

1, Pius VII. 2, Bis z. Ausgang d. Vaticanums. 

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kunde. [Miiller (I. v.) H. d. k. A., HI, v]. 

3« A. Ia8''. Miinchen. 1906 

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contra Wagner — The twilight of the idols — The Antichrist. 

Tr. C. Common. Ia8". 1899 

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3 ii, F. N.'s Briefweehsel mit H. v. Biilow, H. v. Senger, M. v. 
Meysenbug ; hrsg. v. E. Piirster-Nietzsohe u. P. Gast. 

see Gaultiee (J. db). N. et la r^forme phUosophique, 1904. 
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ou Dionysos : 6t. sur N., 1905. 
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Eomanorum ad 727. 2t. s8°. Trajecti ad Ehenum. 1723 

Eituum, qui olim apud Romanes obtinuerunt, explicatio. 

3'^ ed. s8<>. Trajecti ad Rhenum. 1723 
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Nimegue. 4t. 3" id. revue corr. et augm. sS". La Haye. 1697 
Nisbet (John), D.CEc, of the Indian Forest Service. The 
forester : treatise on Brit, forestry & arboriculture f. land- 
owners, agents etc. 2v. 8°. B. 1905 
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Carlaverock, 1873. 

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W. E. Griffis. 10'" rev. & enl. ed. s8o. N.Y. 1905 

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[Miineh. Volkswirtsch. St., 72]. 8°. St. 1905 

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Menschheit in s. Bntwickelung. 2T in 1. 8». L. 1850 

Noailles (ctsse. Mathieu de). La domination. [Boman]. 

S8". [1905] 
Nobili-Vitelleschi (Hon. Amy A, F. A., mavchesa). The 
romance of Savoy : Victor Amadeus II & h. Stuart bride. 

2v, [pagin. conf]. 8°. 1905 
*Noble (The) souldier, 1634, [ascr. to S. Eowley], see Bullen 

(A. H.) CoU. of old Eng. plays, vl, 1882. 
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gations, etc., v8, p272, 1904. 
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3, Dep. la E^v. franc?, jusqu'tt 1870-1. 
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table of characters by J. Euting. Tr. f. 2°'' & improved 
German ed. by J. A. Criohton. 8°. 1904 

see MoMMSEN (T.) Zum alt. Strafreoht d. Kulturvolker, gestellt 
V. M., beantwortet v. N., etc., 1905. 
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■ 8». 1892 
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I, 8 : Griech. Lit. u. Sprache ; v. N. etc., 19. 

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22, 32. s8<>. 1852-70 

see Geaoas, 1852-70, [11, 17, 21, 22, 32]. 

Nordmann (Richard) ps. [i.e. Frau Maeqaeete Laugkammeb]. 

Ewig das Weibliche : Novellen. s8». 1904 




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norweg. Gramm. unter Beriicksiohtigung d. Urnord. 

2" A. 8°. Halle. 1892 

Norfolk, *A gen. hist, of the County of N., w. biog. notices. 

[By J. Chambers]. 2v, Ipagin. cont.l. s8». Norwich. 1829 

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1366-99, see Haklxjyt (E.) Principal navigations, etc., v4, 

p453, 1904. 

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zeichen, d. Entstehungs- u. Umbildungagesoh. v. Naturfesten 

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B7 i, ii, 1847. 

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(J.) Das Kloster, B9 i, ii, 1848. 
Die Sitten u. Gebrauohe d. Deutsehen u. i. Naohbarvolker, etc., 

1849, see Soheible (J.) Das Kloster, B12 i, ii, 1849. 
Vollstandiges hebraisch-chaldaisoh-rabbiniscbes Wbch. fiber d. 
alte Test. etc. 4<|. Grimma. 1842 

Normann-Friedenfels (Edward v.), see Dabovich (P. E.) 

Nautisch-teohn. Wbch. d. Marine, v2i, by B. v. N.-P., 1905. 
Norris (Frank). A man's woman. s8». 1900 

Norris (H. L.) Bice papers. s8<>. 1905 

Norris (John), rector of Bemerton, see Lyon (G.) L'id^alisme 

en Angleterre au 18' s., 1888. 
Norris CWilliam Edward). Barham of Beltana. s8». [1905] 
Norske Hlstoriske Eildeskriftfond, see Ceallaohan. Caithreim 

Cellaohain Caisil ; ed. w. tr. & notes by A. Bugge, 1905. 
North-East Passage, see Hakluyt (R.) Principal navigations, 

etc., 1903-5. 
North-West Passage, see Hakloyt (E.) Principal navigations, 

etc., 1903-5. 
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see Pagkskinna. Noregs kononga tal, 1902-3. 
„ Hakluyt (E.) Principal navigations, etc., 1903-5. 
Noses, Notes on, 1852, see Warwick (E.) 

Notes. *Notes & obs. on the papers rel. to internal state of 

the country pres. to pari. ; app. reply to F. Philips's Exposure 

of the calumnies, etc. By A Member of the Manchester 

Comm. [b.w. Philips (F.) Exposure, 4"' ed., w.d.]. 8<>. 1820 

*Notes on noses, 1852, see Warwick (E.) 

Notling (Fritz), see Futterer (K.) Durch Asien, v. F. ; fort- 

gesetzt V. N., B2 i, 1905. 
Nottinghamshire. Nottinghamshire Parish Eegisters. Mar- 
riages. Ed. W. P. W. Phillimore [d: others]. v7, 8. 80. 1905 

7, EushoUfEe Wapentake : p2. 

8, Broxtowe Wapentake : p2. 

Ed. W. P. W.P. & T. M. Blagg. 
Ed. W. P. W. P. & T. M. Blagg. 

Nouveau. *Le n. Gulliver, 1730, see Guyot Desfontainbs (P. F.) 
Nouvion (Georges de). Monopole et liberty : F. Bastiat, s. vie — 
s. oeuvres— s. doctrines. 8". 1905 

Nova Scotia, see Canada, Govt. Publ'., C. archives, 1885-1904. 
Novella. *Nouella. War jemandtz d. new mar begart, etc., 
[A satvr. poem agst. T. Murner by P. Oengenbach?, 15'22l'\, see 
Soheible (J.) Das Kloster, B8ii, 1847. 
Novella d' un barone di Faraona, 1853, see Fabaona. 
Novicov (J.) La justice et I'expansion de la vie: essai sur le 
bonheur des Soci^t^s humaines. 8". 1905 

see Russia. The case of Russia : a composite view by N. etc., 
Noyes (Alfred). The forest of wild thyme : a tale [in verse] for 
children under 90. s8°. E. 1905 

Poems. 8°. E. 1904 

Numismatic (The) Chronicle, & Journal of the Numismatic 
Society. Ser. 3, vl-20. Ser. 4, vl-4. \in prog.]. 8". 1881-1904 
The index to Ser. 3, vl-10 is cont. in Ser. 3, vlO ; to Ser. 3, 

vll-20 in Ser. 3, v20, each has a sep. pagim. 
Every v. cont". a list of Fellows also the Proc. of the N. Soc, 
wh. have sep. pagin". 
Numismatic Society, see Numismatic Chronicle, & Journal of 

Niirnberg. Die Chroniken d. deut. Stadte. 

Bl-3, 10, 11. (Bl-5), [pagin. of B/,, 3 cmt.]. 8°. L. 1862-80 
Each vol. has several Beilagen not included below. 

Chronik aua Sigmunds Zeit bis 1434, mit Fortsetzung bis 14il, 

[Bl, 1862.] 
Deiohsler (H.) Chronik bis 1487; Porteetzung, 1488-1506, 

[BIO, 11, 1872-4.] 
Binzug Konig Siegmund'su. d. K.Barbara in N., 1414, [BS, 1864.] 
Btliohe Gesch. : Chronik, ld88-91, [Bll, 1874.] 
Priedrich III u. N., 1440-44, [B3, 1864.] 
Jahrbiicher d. 15.Jhdts., [BIO, 1872.] 
Meiaterlin (S.) Chronik, 1488, [B3, 1864.] 
Mufiel (N.) Gedenkbuoh, 1468, [Bll, 1874.] 
N.3 Kiieg gegen Albrecht v. Brandenburg, 1449-50, zusammen- 

gebr. v. E. Schiirstab, [B2, 1864.] 
Soheurl (G.) Epistel iiber d. Verfassung d. N., 1516, [Bll, 1874.] 
Stromer (U.) Piichel von meim geslechet u. v. abentewr', 1349- 

1407, [Bl, 1862.] 
Tucher (E.) Memorial, 1421-40, [B2, 1864.] 
Tuoher'sche Mem. Buoh 1386-1454— Portaetzung d. Jahrbiicher 

bis 1469. 1395 (1469)-1499, [BIO, 1872 ; Bll, 1874.] 
*Ziig nach Lichtenburg, 1444, [B2, 1864.] 
Zug niirnberg. Kreuzfahrer naoh Ungarn, 1456 [B3, 1864.] 

Nystrbm-Hamilton (Louise). E. Key : ein Lebensbild. 

8°. L. [1904] 





0, see *Yellow (The) war ; by " 0," 1905. 

Oakley (E. Sherman). Holy Himalaya : rel., trad". & scenery 

of a Himalayan province, (Kumaon & Garhwal). sS". E. 1905 

Gates (Titus), see James II, k. of OK Brit. S Ireland. Aoc. of a 

writ of inquiry of damages betw. J., & T. 0., ig" June, 1684, 


Oberlin (Jean Frederic), see S:ms (T.) Mem", of 0., & Baron 

de Stael-Holstein, 1830. 

O'Brien (E. Barry). England's title in Ireland. A letter to the 

Lord Lt. of Ireland. [P1084]. s8<>. 1905 

Irish memories. sS". 1904 

Observations, *Obs. on Arguments [by E.iCooke] for & agst. an 

Union betw. Gt. Brit. & Ireland. [P1089]. sS". D. 1799 

*Obs. sur Manuel diplomatique de M. le baron C. de Martens, 

1825, see Pikheiko Feeeeiba (S.) 

*Observator (The) \i.e. Si/r B. L'Estrange'] prov'd a trimmer : or, 

truth vindicated in the murther of Sir E. Godfrey, & the 

Popish shams about it : answ. to late pamphlets, intit. 

Observators. [PlOSl]. fol. 1685 

O'Byrne (Daniel). Hist, of the Queen's Co. : incl. orig. of round 

towers in general. laS". D. 1856 

O'Connor (Thomas Power). Lord Beaconsfield. T"" ed. sS". 1896 

O'Connor ("William Douglas), Heroes of the storm. [Selected 

by C. W. Eldridge']. Intr. by S. I. Kimball. s8». Boston. 1904 

Oddr, Vestfoldingr, see Hakluyt (E.) Principal navigations, etc., 

Odeon, -Theatre Nat. de V. Conf&ences faites aux matinees 
olassiques du Theatre Nat. de I'O. [t]ll, 12. s8°. 1899-1900 
Odium (George M.) The culture of tobacco. [Brit. S. Africa 
Co.]. 80. 1905 

Odoricus [Matthiussi], a Minorite monk, see Haklutt (E.) Prin- 
cipal navigations, etc., v4, p371, 1904. 
O'Flanagan (Theophilus), see Gaelic Soo. of Dublin. Tran'., 

vl, led. etc. T. O'P.], 1808. 
Ogilby (John), misc. writer. The traveller's guide, or, a descr. 
of the roads of Eng. [& Wales], added tables. [The tables have 
a sep. tp.J. s8°. [1712] 

O'Grrady (Standish). In the gates of the north. 

S8". Kilkenny. 1901 
Ohnet (Georges). La conqu^rante. 5" 6d. sS". 1905 

34»M. s8». 1905 

Le maitre de forges. 375" ^d. s8<>. 1905 

Ojetti (UgO). Le vie del peccato. s8». Milano. 1902 

Okaknra (Toshisaburo). The Japanese spirit. Intr. by Geo. 

Meredith, s8°. 1905 

O'Eeeffe (Adelaide D.), see Gilbert {Mrs. A.), J. Tayloe & 

A. D. O'K. The " Original poems," & others ; ed. B. V. Lucas, 


O'Kelly (Dennis) [count O'Kellt]. Genuine mem", of D. O'K. 

s8<>. 1788 
Okey (Thomas). The story of Venice. [Med. Town Ser.]. 

88°. 1905 

Venice & its story. Ia8°. 1903 

*01de tayles newlye relayted, 1883, see Ceawhall (J.) 

Oldenberg (Hermann). Vedaforschung. s8<>. St. 1905 

see MoMMSBN (T.) Zum alt. Strafrecht d. Kulturvolker, gestellt 

V. M., beantwortet v. 0., etc., 1903. 

Oldershaw (Lucian). England : a nation ; being the papers of 

the Patriots' Club. [The patriotic idea ; by G. K. Chesterton— 

The Eng. city ; by C. F. G. Masterman — The Eng. countryside ; 

by E. C. K. Ensor— The ease of Ireland ; by H. Law—The 

case of Macedonia ; by H. W. Nevinson — The case of S. Africa; 

by J. L. Hammond — Patriotism & educ. ; by E. A. Bray — 

Patriotism & the Xtn. faith; by C. Noel— The fact of the 

matter ; by the editor]. Ed. L. 0. sS". 1904 

Olearius (Adam), see Ostebley (H.) P. Fleming, A. 0., etc., n.d. 

O'Leary (Arthur). Mr. O'L.'s defence ; a vindication of h. 

conduct & writings dur. late disturbances in Munster, in answ. 

to Theophilus [i.e. Et. Hon. P. Duigenan] & Dr. Woodward. 

[P1080]. 8». D. 1787 

Oliphant (Philip Laurence). The river of vengeance. s8o. 1903 
Oliveira Martins (Joaquim Pedro). Os filhos de D. Joao I. 

2«ed. 2v. sS". 1901 

Olivier, de Castille. *The hist, of 0. of C. Ed. E. E. Graves. 

[Eoxburghe Club]. 4". 1898 

Ollivant (Alfred), grandson of A. OUvuant, bp. of Llandaff. 

Owd Bob, the grey dog of Kenmuir. 4*'' ed. s8". 1901 

OUivier (0. Emile). L'empire liberal. [tlO]. S". 1905 

[10], L'agonie de Tempire autoritaire — Mentaua — La loi mili- 
taire — Loi sur la presse et les reunions publiqnes. 

Oman (Charles William Chadwick). Europe in the 19"" c. 

3'" imp. 38". 1905 

Hist, of Eng. [in prog:]. 8°. 1905 

see Davis (H. W. C.) Eng. under the Normans & Angevins 

1066-1272, 1905. 
„ Innes (A. D.) Eng. under the Tudors, 1905. 
Omond (T. S.) English metrists. s8o. Tunbridge Wells. 1903 
Omont (Henri), see Catalogue gto. des MSS. des biblioth^ques 

publiques de Prance: D^partements, tl Eouen ; par 0., 1886. 
Ompteda (Georg, Frhr. v.) Drohnen : Eoman. 6» A. s8». 1903 
Lust u. Leid : Novellen. s8". 1900 

*0n the rise, progress etc. of public opinion, 1828, see Maokinnon 

(W. A.) 
O'Neill (Hugh), Skelton's etchings of antiq. of Bristol, f. 
sketches by O'N. [d others']. 4°. n.d. 

Ongania (Ferdinando). L' arte della stampa nel Einascimento 
ital. : Venezia. [2p, in portfolio], laS". Venezia. [1895] 

Opitz (Martin). Weltliche u. geistliohe Dichtung. Hrsg. v. H. 
Osterley. [With Beilagen cont. poems by sev. a'.]. s8<'. n.d. 
Oppenheim (B. Phillips). Anna the adventuress. s8<>. 1904 
The betrayal. sS". 1904 

Orangeman, ps. *Union or not ?, 1799, see Union. 
Orczy (ba/roness Emmuska) [i.e. Mrs. Montague Baestow]. The 
scarlet pimpernel. 4"" imp. s8<>. 1905 

Ordentliche [Oedenliche]. *Ordenliohe Beschreibung d. Biind- 
nuss etc. Zurich, Bern, Strassburg, 1588, 1588, [by J. Fis- 
chart], see Soheible (J.) Das Kloster, BlOii, 1848. 
Ordinarium Thesauri, 1338-9, see Viabd (J.) ed. 
Ordo Bomanus primus, ed. E. G. C. F. Atchley, 1905, see Libeaet 

(The) of liturg. & ecclesiol. for Eng. readers, v6, 1905. 
O'Eeilly (Edward). Chronolog. ace. of Irish writers, to 1750 ; 
w. descr. eat. of works. [Iberno-Celtic Soo., Trans., 1 i]. 

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H 2 




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The tp". vary slightly. 
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vll, p25, 1905. 




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& has no pagin.] 4". E. 1904 

1, Gold & silver ornament designs. 

2, Iron & brass work designs. 
4, Details of aiic. timber roofs. 

3, Gothic furniture. 

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'Quaranta (Bernardo, barone di Fusaro e San Severiuo). 

[Opere]. 4». [Napoli. 1828-74] 

This V. is a coll. of pamphlets smne of wh. are repr'. w. sep. 

tp^. (tpagin. b. m i v. d lettered Opere. Presented by 

Baron San Severino. The contents omitting minor 

pieces are as follows. 

12, lutoruo al rito per la elezioue 
de' segretari d. Soo. Beale 
Borbonica. 1860. 

13, Intorno ad un' osca ieonzione. 

14, De' lavori d. E. Acoad. Broo- 
lanese, 1849 e 1850. 1851. 

15, Per 1' inaugur. del baoino da 
raddobbo Napoli. 1852. 

16, L' orologio a sole di Beroso. 

. 17, De' misteri di Archemoro. 

18, La Ooutopectria di Cuma, 
sopra un vaso. 1856. 

19, Sopra un licnuco pensile di 
bronzo. 1856. 

20, Anaoreon. La cetra e le rose, 
con altre odi in yersi ital. 

21, L' iserizione gr. trov. in Taor- 
mina, 1861 

1, ScheriUo (&.) Delle opere e 
del merito lett. di Q. 1874. 

2, Di un vaso greco dipinto. 

3, Sopra un vaso greco di creta 

4, Del nuoTO porto d' Isohia. n.d, 

5, Pel giomo onomastico di 
march. D. G. EufEo. Ode. 1828. 

6, In lode del dottore Forlenza. 
Ode. 1828. 

7, Su la figura e 1' iscriz. egizia 
incise in uno smeraldo ant. 

S, Di una pittura Pompeiana, 

r agricoltura ohe ai fa guidare 

d. Inna. 1847. 
fl, Osservaz. int. ad una mem. 

del B. Vulpes :' Illust. di un 

forcipe. [1847]. 

10, Illust. di una ostagra. [1848]. 

11, Not. sopra nn ant. forcipe 
ohirurgioo. [1849]. 

Quaranta (Bernardo, barone di Fusaro e San Severino) [cont.'] 
[Opere] [contimiedj. 

22, Di un Sileno in bronzo. 

23, La carit^ greca, sopra un in- 

24, Uno specchio etrusco, ed una 
tazza di creta dipinta. 

25, Heliodorus. Cinque framm. 
greci di E., tr. 1867. 

26, Del viaggio di [Ferdinand II] 
per le Calabrie e la Sicilia 

27, Orazione per la incolimiita 
di Perdinando XI, 1856. 1857. 

28, .Slsohylus. I Persiani. Tr. 
Quarterly review (The), v201, [vSO-t is : Gen. index to vl82- 

200]., 80. 1905 

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Govt, publ'., Canadian archives, 1886. 

Siege of Q., 1759, see Canada, Govt, publ"., Canadian archives, 
Querlon (Anne Gfahriel Meusnier de), see Meusnieb de Queblon 

(A.G.) . 
Querton (Louis). Assurance & assistance mutuelles au point 
de vue medical. sS". Brux. 1905 

L'augmentation du rendement de la machine humaine. 

sS". Brux. 1905 
Quiller-Couch (Arthur Thomas) [ps. Q]. Shining ferry. 

s8". 1905 

Quillet (Claude). Callipsediee ; or, an art how to have handsome 

chUdren : added, Psedotrophia ; or, the art of nursing & 

breeding up children : by M. St. Marthe. Done into Eng. 

verse [by N. Bowe]. 88". 1710 

Quintilian. Declamationes xix maiores. Ed. G. Lehnert. 

88°. L., Teubner. 1905 
*Qninze (Les) joyes de mariage, etc., 1726, see La Sale (A. de). 






E. (L. C. D.), see EocHEroBi (Ze de. C. C. de). 

Eabany (Charles), see Ann^e (L') admin., par M. Hauriou, 

G. J^ze & E., ann^e 1904, 1905. 
Eabaad (Camille). Sirven : &i. hist, sur I'av^nement de la 

tolerance. 2« kA. sS". 1891 

Eabelais (Frangois). Affentheurl., Naupengeheurl. Gesohieht- 

klitterung : v. Thaten d. Grandgosohier, Gorgellantua etc. 

Etwan V. B. In e. Teutsohen Model vergossen etc. duroh 

H. Elloposoleron, 1617, see Scheible (J.) Das Kloster, B8i, 

Eabener (Gottlieb "Wilhelm). Versuoh e. deutsoben Worter- 

buohes; Aus d. Beit. z. d. W., see Munckeb (F.) Bremer 

Beitrager : E., etc., hrsg. v. M., T2, 1889. 
Eabnsson (Henry). Les colonnes d'Hercule. s8<=. [1905] 

Eacine (Jean), see Teollope (H. M.) Corneille et E., 1898. 
Eadevicus, caium of Freisingin, see Haklutt (E.) Principal 

navigations, etc., vl, p316, 1903. 
Eadisson (Peter Esprit). Belations des voyages de E., 1682-4 ; 

w. tr., see Canada, Govt, publ'., Canadian archives, 1895. 
see Lattt (A. C.) Pathfinders of the "West : adv'. of E. etc., 
EafFalovich (Arthur). Ann^e 6oonom. & financi^re 1904-5. 

Le maroh^ financier. laS". 1905 

Eageot (Gaston), Le succ^s, auteurs et public : essai de crit. 

sooiologique. 8°. 1906 

M. Barrfes. 

E. Bazin, 
T. Bernard. 
P. Bourget. 
A. Capus. 
M. Donnay. 

F. Gregh. 
A. Hermant. 

P. Hervieu. 

P. Loti. 

M™". de Noailles. 

G. de Porto-Eiohe. 

M. Prdvost. 

A. Rivoire. 

E. Eostand. 

J. Vontade. 

Eaikes (Roheit), philanthropist, see GEEGony (A.) E. E., 1880. 
Eaimond (C. E.) ps. The dark lantern. s8<'. 1905 

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Kaine (Allen) ps. Hearts of Wales. sS". 1905 

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etc., v7, p90, 1904. 
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poet by Sten Konow & tr. by C. E. Lanman. [Harvard Or. 

Ser., 4]. 8». Cambridge, Mass. 1901 

. Eakoczjr (Ferencz) II, prince of Transylvania, see Hoen (E.) 

P. E., 1906. 
Ealeigh {Sir Walter), see Hakluyt (E.) Principal navigations, 

etc., 1903-5. 
Ealeigh (Walter), M.A. Early Bng. voyages of the le'" c. 

{This is (t re-issue of h. article in vl2 of Hakluyt]. 

s8°. Glasgow. 1906 
see Hakluyt (E.) Principal navigations, etc., vl2, pi, 1905. 
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posite view by E., etc., 1905. 
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la hist, de Aragon, tl, Doc", icorresp. al reinado de E. I, 

1034-63, 1904. 
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Avignon. s8». 1719 

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etc. based on E., tr. ; ed. B. G. Bourne, 1904. 

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tablets of the Hammurabi Dynasty (b.c. 2000). [Univ. of 
Pennsylvania : Babylonian Exped. Ser. D, v4]. 

8". Philadelphia. 1905 

Eanke (Leopold von). Englische Gesch. vornehmlich im 
17.Jhdt. 9B. [Bl, 2, 4» A. ; B3-9 3» A.]. S". L. 1877-9 

Eannie (David Watson). A student's hist, of Scotland. 

88". [1904] 

Eaonl, de Houdenc. Samtliche Werke, hrsg. v. M. Friedwaguer. 
Bl, Meraugis v. Portlesguez. [in prog.]. 8". Halle. 1897 

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famille, sa vie et ses oeuvres, 2" 6d., 1874. 

Eashdall (Hastings). Christus in Ecclesia: sermons on the 
Church & its instit'. sS". E. 1904 

Easiel de Selva (Hercule) ps. [i.e. Pierre Quesnel? or — 
Quesnel, of Dieppe ? or Charles Gabriel Porie ?]. Hist, de 
I'admirable Dom Inigo de Guipuscoa, chevalier de la Vierge, 
et fondateur de la monarchie des Inighistes [i.e. St. Ignatius 
de Loyola]. 2t in 1. s8». La Haye. 1736 

Eathbone (Eleanor P.) W. Eathbone : a mem. 8°. 1905 

Eathbone (William), tlie younger, M.P. for N. Carnarvon- 
shire, see Eathbone (E. F.) W. E. : a mem., 1905. 

Eathgen (Friedrich). The preservation of antiquities : hdbk. 
for curators. Tr. G. A. Auden & H. A. Auden. s8». C. 1905 

Eathschronik, Landshuter, see Landshut. 

Eauschen (Bruoder), see Bush (friar). 

Eavaisson (Fran9ois). [Eavaisson-Mollien]. Archives de la 
Bastille : doc. in6d. rec. par E. Bt publics par L. Eavaisson- 
Mollien. tl8. laS". 1903 

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tions, etc., v8, pl50, 1904. 

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Eay Society. 
see Aldeb (J.) & A. Hancock. Brit. Tunicata, vl, 1905. 
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QuAKANTA (B.) Opere, etc. 1828-74. 
Eeal-Encyklopadie, Eealencyklopadie fiir protestant. Theo- 

logie u. Kirche. Begriindet v. J. J. Herzog. 3" A., hrsg. v. 

A. Hauck. B16. Ia8°. Bielefeld. 1905 

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d. Eeformationszeit, hrsg. F., 1894. 
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sprache. 2" Abd. 8°. Kiel. 1883 

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[Roman]. sS". [1904] 

" Vient de paraltre " : notes de crit. lit. s8°. 1906 

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Mdme. E. et ses amis, 1904. 
*Eecherche modeste des causes de la presente guerre, 1703, see 

DuMONT (J.), baron de Garlscroon. 
Eecke (Elisabeth Charlotte Constantia v. d.), see Schwaez 

(A. S.) Vor hundert Jahren, E.'s Beisen d. Deutschland, 1884. 




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L. by B. & others, 1842. 
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of trial, R. agst. Birley & oK sS". M'ter. 1822 

Bedlich (Joseph). Eecht u. Technik d. engl.Parlamentarismus. 

8°. L. 1905 
*Beflections upon Coll. Sidney's Arcadia, 1684, see Sidney (A.) 
*Eeformation (The) cS: Anti-Reformation in Bohemia, 1845, see 

Pesoheck (C. a.) 
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1615, see Rio de Janeiko : Bibl. Nac, Annaes, v26, 1905. 
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8« dd. s8». 1903 

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Le pass6 vivant. Roman. 5' kA. s8<>. 1905 

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Bible. 8». 1905 

Imperialism : its prices ; its vocation. 88°. 1905 

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v6rit6. 38". 1898 
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Sidney (A.) 

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sS". Halle a.S. 1905 
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2' A. s8». 1905 
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H. Savile, Sir G. Etheridge, & letters by sev. eminent 


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No tp.] sB°. 1904 

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cover of the book. No tp.] sS". [1903] 

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pi, 2, Hn vrog. The maps [-IS] to p2 are in a sep. S" case]. 

pi, To the opening of the campaigns of 1862. pa. Campaigns 
of 1862. 

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(1791-7). 8". 1904 

Rougeville (A. D. J. Gouzze de), see Gonzze de Eougeville 
(A. D. J.) 




Bouse (Jolin), one of the Bye House conspirators, 
see EcssELL (W. E., Lord). Last speech & behaviour of Lord E., 

also of J. E. before execution, 1683. 
„ Shaftesbury (A. A. C, •/*' earl of). Aco. of prooeedings at 

Old-Bayly, re S. & E. indicted of high treason, 1681. 

„ Waloot (T.) The tryals of T. Waloot, E., etc. for high 

treason, 1683. 

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[3'a ed.]. s8o. 1902 

see Soci^ii^ Jean-Jaoqdes Eocssbau. 

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Ed. by B. S. E. s8o. 1905 

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Unions & strikes, Roman inundations. How the rich spend 
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Men of Letters]. 
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speech & confession of R. 

{no tp. P1081]. fol. [1683] 

*Animadversion3 upon a paper 

entituled The speech of R. etc. 

\no tp. P1081]. fol. [1683] 

A different work from the 


s8». 1905 

Stanley Eussell, a'"* earl). Lay 

s8». 1902 

80. 1891 

s8». [1905] 

the patriot "J. 

An antidote agst. poison : re- 
marks upon the paper de- 
livered by Lord R. to the 
sheriffs at the execution. 

[no tp. P1081]. fol. [1683] 

The last speech & behaviour o£ 
R. before h. execution on 
July 21. 1683, also of Capt. 




Knssell ("William Russell, Lord) [continued]. 

T. Waloot, J. Eonae, & W. 
Hone. [w. sep.pagin'. P1081]. 
fol. 1683 
*Some succinct remarks on the 
speech of E. to the sheriiJs ; 
together w. the paper delivered 
to them at the execution, 
July 21. 1863. 

[no tp. P1081]. fol. [1683] 

Speech to the sheriffs, w. the 

paper deliver'd to them at 

the execution, July 21. 1683. 

[no tp. P1081]. fol. [1683] 

*A vindication of E.'s Speech & 
paper etc. f. the foul imputa- 
tions of falshood. 

[no tp. P1081]. fol. [1683] 
see *DissENTEB (The) unmaskt, 
w. respect to two plots, 
„ TiLLOTSON (J.) Letter 
written to E. in Newgate, 
„ Walcot (T.) Thetryalsof 
W., E., etc. for high trea- 
son, 1683. 

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see *DissENTER (The) unmaskt, w. respect to two plots, 1683. 
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Eoyal Highness, 1683. 
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4t. 2= ed. rev. oorr. & aug. s8°. La Haye. 170T 
,, „ Contin. cont. le proems d'arbitrage entre S. A. Elec- 
torale Palatine & S. A. Mme. la d. d'Orleans. 

38°. La Haye. 1707 
see DuMONi (J.) Mem', polit". de la Paix de E., 1699. 

S. (P.) 




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8». 1905 
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The app. has a 2"^ i/p. Index in oomm. de •CatiUna etc. & 
is vS, v3 is wanting. 
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80. 1905 




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Eacli Ahtlilg. has a sep. tp. hut the pag. is cont. A no. of 
these pieces are extracts f. hooks. A repr. is indicated 
by t ; for a list of cont". of B2, 3, 5, 11 see Faust (Dr. J.) 
Each V. has a j?""* tp. 1, Volksprediger, Moralisten u. 
frommer Unsinu ; Brandt's NarrenschifE, etc. 2, Faust 
(Dr. J.), [Bl]. 3, Wagner (C.) Faust's Famulus, etc., 
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Murner's Sobriften, etc. S, Die Sage v. Faust bis z. 
Ersoheinen d. l"-'" Volkesbuohes, etc., auch B3 v. Dr. J. F. 
6, Gie gute alte Zeit gescbildert in hist. Beitragen, etc., 
aus W. v. Reinohl's Samm. hrsg. 7, Nork (F.) Der Fest- 
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Wagner, etc., auoh B4 v. Dr. J. P. 12, Nork (P.) Dia 

Sitten u. Gebrauohe d. Deutschen u. i. Nachbarvolker. 

Abraham, a Sancta Clara. [Extr. f. Abraliamische Lauber- 

hiitt.] [1 i-] 

Alrunen (Von) od. Heckmannchen, etc. [6 i,] 

Antwort d. Murnar VjEE s. frag, Ob d. kiinig v. Engellant e. 

lugner sey, etc., 1523?, see Murner (T.) 
Armbrustscliiesaen (Das grosse) z. Niirnberg, 1579. [6 i.] 

tBamberg. Predigt e. B. Weibbischoffs am Palmsonntage, 1555. 

Biograpb. Misoellen. [6 ii.], 

Biscbofs-Spiel. [6 i.J 

Blanckenburg im SOjiibrigen Krieg. [6 ii.] 

Bock (H.) Von Pancketieren u. Schlaffdriinken, etc., (1550). 

[Extr. f. h. Deutscher SpeissJcammer.] [6 i.J 

Bodin (J.), see Fischart (J.) Zueignung, etc. 

fBrandt (S.) Welt Spiegel, od. Narren Schiff. Mit anderu Cbristl.. 

Lehren, etc. [v.] J. Geyler, 1574. [1 i, ii.], 

Briiuchen (Von d. gemeinen) u. Sitten jetziger teutscber Viilker. 

Briefe v. Gott u. Gbristus. [1 i.], 

Carrara (G. M. A.) & B. Pirckheimer. fPodagraminisch 
Trostbiicblein, etc., publ. durch H. EUoposoleron, 1577. [10 ii.], 
Clara (A. k Sancta), see Abraham, a Sancta Clara. 
Concilium, 1525?, see Eckstein (U.) 

Conlin (A. J.) [Extr. f. h. Christl. Weltweise, die Thorheit d, 

Narrenwelt.] [1 i.]. 

Corson (R. v.) Das Paternoster d. Wucherers. [1 i.] 

Crusius (M.) Priester-Mablzeit auf d. WurmUnger Berg, 1271— 

1530. [6 i.]. 

fDialogus. Ain sohoner d. und gesprecb zw. aim Pfarrer u. aim 

Scbulthayss betr. iibel Stand d. gaystlioben etc., (c. 1525). 

[10 i; 

Dreieinigkeit (Die) wird z. e. Hoclizeit gebeten. [1 i.^ 

Dreissigjabriger Krieg. Scenen d. Verwiistung aus d. d. K. [6 i." 

•fBckstein (U.) Concilium. Hie in d. buch wirt disputiert, etc., 

■ [1525?]. [8 ii.], 

t Ryohsstag, Der Edlen u. Pauren bricht u. klag etc., 

[1526?]. [8 ii.], 

Binweihungs-FeierlicUceiten (Die) d. Kirohen, etc. [6 ii.], 

EUoposoleron (H.) pis., see Piaobart (J.) 
Erasmus (D.), see Plutarch. 

fPastnachtspredigt aus d. IS^" Jhdt. [1 i.] 

Faust {Dr. J.) Var. plays, comm'., etc., see Paust {Dr. J.) 
Fischart (J.), [pf. S. EUoposoleron ; J. F. G. M. ; E. MSre- 

wiiider; J. Pickart]. 
t— - AUer Practiok Grossmutter, 1623. [8 ii.J 

Ein Artliches lob d. Lauten, (1572). [This poem serves 

as intr. to Newerlessner Lautenstiick, v, artl. Fantaseyen.] 

[10 ii.]l 

Bescbreibung d. kunstreicben Ulirwerkes im Strassburger 

Miinster, (1617). [Extr. f.Sehaddus {0.) Swmmuin Argen- 
toratensivm templum.] [10 ii.], 

Erklarung v. Spottfiguren wider d. Pabstthum, im Strass- 
burger Munster, (1617). [Extr. f. Schadcius (0.) Summum 
Argentoratensivm templum..] [10 ii.] 

t Plob-Haz, Weiber Traz, etc. Duroh H. E., 1594. [10 ii.] 

f Ganz gedenckwurdige Verzeichnuss, wie d. SpaniscbC' 

Armada, 1588, umb bezwingung d. Niderlanden, u. einnem- 
mung d. Konigreioha Eng. abgefahren, etc., 1588. [10 ii.]i 

t Die Legend u. Bescbreibung des Abgefuhrten, Quartirteu, 

Gevierten etc. Hutleins, 1591. [10 ii.] 

Lob d. Landlustes, (1598). [Extr. f. Stephana (C.) i& 

J. Libalto. 15 Bucher v. d. Feldbaw,] [10 ii.] 

Lobspriicbe auf Ziiricb, Bern u. Strassburg. [10 ii.]i 

t Ordenliobe Bescbreibung, etc. d. Biindnuss u. Verain 

Zurich, Bern u. Strassburg, 1588. etc., 1588. [10 ii.]j 

■ ■ Vorbericht v. Ursprung, Namen, etc. d. Emblematen, 

(1581). [Extr.f. HoUswart{M.) Emblematvm. Tyrocimia.], 

[10 ii.], 

Vorwort u. Reime zu T. Stimmer's bibl. Figuren, 1576. 

[From Stimmer {T .) Figuren bibl. Hist^ [10 ii.], 

Zueignung u. Einltg. v. s. tjbers. v. J. Bodin's Damono- 

inania, (1591). [10 ii.], 

see Carrara (G. M. A.) Sc B. Pirckheimer. 

„ Nase(J.) 

„ Plutarch. 

„ Rabelais (F.) 

Prank (S.) [Bxtr.f. h. Von d. grewlichen laster d. trunhen- 
heit, 1S31.] [1 i.; 

Pranenhauser (Die), u. d. fahrenden Prauen, etc. [6 i, ii.' 

Priedricb (M.) [Extr.f. h. Wider d. Saufteuffel, 1562.] [1 i.' 
fFrundsberg (G. v.) Sohlacbt v. Pavia, 1525. [6 i.]i 

Geiler (J.), v. Kaisersberg, see Brandt (S.) 





Scheible (J.) ed. Das Kloster [continiied]. 
Gengenbaoli (P.), see Novella. 
G-eyler (Johan), see Geiler (J.), v. Eaisersberg. 
G-Kioltshaven,' G-liiokstbpfe auf Sohiitzenliofeii u. a. w 
Griiuel (Der) d. Veiwiistung. 
Hauser (Die) u. Hausgerathe. 
Heilthums-Weiaungen (Die), u. d. Pilgertahrten, 
tHerz (Das) d. Mensohen, 1815. 
Herzog (B.) Aus H.'s Elsasser-Chromk, 1592. [Extr.f. h. B.-C 

Hiitten (U. v.), see Karathaiia. 
Jeau, see Titulatnr. 
Kaisersbeig (J. G-. v.), see Brandt (S.) 
fKaratliana, [a dialogue by K., Murner, etc., by U. v. Hiitten? 

1520?]. [10 i.; 

Kjnderspiele u. Kindevfeste d. Vorzeit. [6 i.' 

Kirohengehen. Bittschrift wegen d. K., 1663. [6 i.^^ 

Kitach (C.) Guatav Adolpli, Konig v. Sohweden, in Prantfurt 

a.M., 16S1-2, (1624-84). [6 ii.] 

Kleider-Trachten d. Vorzeit. [6 i.] 

Kom (P. A.), see Nork (P.) ps. 

£urioaitaten aus Predigten. [1 i.] 

Latwergen (Ton), Confeeten, gewiirzten u. Kriiuterweinen, etc. 

d. Alten, (1540). [6 i.] 

Leichen-Feierlichkeiten u. Trauer-Gebrauche d. Vorzeit. [6 ii.] 
Leaaing (G. E.) Tjber T. Murner. IBxir. f. h. SammtUche 

Schriften, B13, 1886.] [4 ii.] 

Loncin (A. J.) j)S., see Conlin (A. J.) 
tt/uther (M.) AufE d. kouigs zuBngelland lesterachrift : M. L.'a 

Antwort, 1527. [10 i.] 

see Murner (T.) 

^■Manuel (N.) Sendbrieff, von d. Messzkrankheit. [10 i.] 

Maria, Abrahama Bruder Tochter, e. Legende. [6 ii.] 

Medniansky (Frhr. v.) Beschreibung d. Eaisa naoh Offen, 1604. 

[6 ii.] 
Megerle (U.), see Abraham, a S. Clara. 

Meyer (M.) Naohriohten aua Eom, (1659). [Extr.f.h.F.J. 

Elisii Diario Europceo, od. tagl, Oesch.-Briscihlung.] [6 i.] 

Michel, Sant. Die Legend v. d. St. M., (1480). [6 ii.] 

Mbrewinder (E.) ps., see Fisohart (J.) 

fMurner (T.) Antwort d. M. vff a. frag. Oh d. kiinig v. Engel- 

laut e. lugner sey, od. d. M. Luter, [1523?]. [10 i.] 

f Die Geuohmatt z. straff alien wybachen mannen, 1519. 

[8 ii.] 

f Mumarus Leuiathan valgo dictua Geltnar, od. Genss- 

Prediger. M., qui et Sohiinhenaelin, od. Schmutzkolb, de ae 
ipso. [10 i.] 

f Die Narrenbeschwerung, 1558. [4 ii.] 

t Ain new Lied v. d. undergang d. Christl. glaubena. Ain 

ander Lied Darwider [by M. StifeV] v. auffgang d. Chriateu- 
hait, [1522?]. [8 ii.] 

t Ob d. Kiinig uaz engelland e. liigner sey od. d. Luther, 

1522. [4 ii.] 

See also Antwort d. M., above, & Luther (M.) Auff d. 
k. zu E. 

+ Die Schelmen Zunfft, 1567. [1 ii.] 

f Von d. grossen Luther. Narren. Der luter. evangel. 

Kirohendieb- u. Ketzerkalender, 1522. [10 i.] 

see Karsthana. 

„ Lessing (G. E.) 

„ Novella. 

„ Strobel (A. W.) 

„ Waldau (G. E.) 

MuBCulua (A.) [Bxtr. f. h. Spielteuffel.'] [1 i.] 

fNase (J.) Erklarung d. Spottfiguren im Strasaburger Munster, 

im Gegensetz zu Pisoharta Besohreibungen, 1588. [10 ii.] 

fNork (P.) ps. Der Pestkalender, Die Sinndeute d. Monats- 

zeichen, d. Entateliunga- u. TJmbildungsgesoh. v. Naturfeaten 

in Kirehenfeaten, etc., 1847. [7 i, ii.] 

f Mythologie d. Volksaagen u. Volkamarchen, 1848. 

[9 i, ii.] 

•j- Die Sitten u. Gebrauche d. Deutachen u. i. Nachbar- 

volker ; mit Mythen u. Volkasagen, 1849. [12 i, ii.] 

fNovella. War jemandtz d. new mar begart, etc., [a satir.poem 

agst. T. Murner by P. Gengenbach?, 1522?]. [8 ii.] 

Ordenliohe Beschreibung etc., see Piachart (J.) 

Parfiimerien (Die) d. Alten, u. d. Kranze-Traoht. [6 i.] 

Pest-Zeiten. [6 ijO 

fPfiutzing (M.) Der Theuerdank, naoh d. Ausg. 1519. [4 i.] 

see Schultea (M.) 

Piokart (3.)ps., see Piachart (J.) 

Pirckheimer (B.), see Carrara (G. M. A.) & B. P. 

f Plutarch. Das Phil. Ehzuohtbiichlin ; sammt Kinderzuoht. 
Darzu noch eyn Geapriich, v. Klag d. Ehestands, [aua den 
Colloquijs Braami]. Aua Griech. u. Latein. verwendet 
J. P. G. M. ii.e. 3. Piachart], 1578. [10 i.] 

Podagrammisch Troatbiiohlein, see Carrara (G. M. A.) & 
B. Pirckheimer. . 

Puppen-Spiel (Daa). [6 !•] 

Scheible (J.) ed. Das Kloster [cmitmvsd']. 

tEabelaia (P.) Aftentheurl., Naupengeheurl. Geaohichtklit- 

terung : v. d. Grandgoaohier, Gorgellantua etc. Etwan v. E. 

In e. Teutsohen Model vergoaaen etc. duroli H. Ellopoacleron, 

1617. [8 i.] 

Ead (Daa)d. ewigenHbllenqual. [Extr.f. Cunositaten,6^ [1 i.] 
Saoha (H.) Gedichte [2], 1544, 54. [6 ii.] 

Saltzburg. Die Eecht d. Statt S., 1420. [Aus e. gleiehzeitigen 

Handschrift.'] [6 i.] 

Sancta Clara (A. i), see Abraham, d Sancta Glara. 

tSchultes (M.) Schliissel z. Theuerdank, 1679. [4 i.] 

fSohwarm (Dr.) FaStnachtapredigt. [1 i.] 

f Schweitzer [Schweytzer]. Das hond zwen a. bauren gemacht, 

etc., 1521. [10 i.] 

Spangenberg (C.) Begharden u. Beguinen. [Extr. f. h. Adel- 

spiegel.] [6 i.] 

Spiesa-Eecht (Das), wis ea d. Laudaknecht fiihren mit d. langen 

Spieaaen. [6 i.] 

Spbrer (J. P.) [Sermons']. [1 i.] 

Stifel (M.), see Murner (T.) Ain new Lied, etc. 
Stimmer (T.),see Piachart (J.) Vorwort etc. zu S.'s bibl. Piguren, 
Strobel (A. W.) Corr. d. T. Murner, 1524-6,(1827). [Extr.f. h. 

Beitrdge a. d. Lit. u. Literd/rgesch., 1827.] [4 ii.] 

Stumpffen (J.) Daa Concilium z. Constanz, 1414, (1541). 

[Extr.f. h. Des grossen gemeinen ConciUums.] [6 i.] 

Tanz-Preuden (Die). [6 i.] 

Theuerdank (Der), see Pfintzing (M.) 

Titulatnr d. Herrn Jeau. [1 i.] 

TJrkunden (Etliolie), Briefe, Gewohnheitea, Pehde-Briefe, etc. 

14., 15., le.Jhdt. [6 i.; 

Volksaagen u. Lieder, hist. Gedichte. " [6 i.' 

tWaldau (G. E.) Nachrichten v. T. Murner, 1775. [4 ii.; 

Werfzeuge (Die), Blyden u. s. w. [6 i.; 

Wunderzeichen d. schbnen Maria z. Eegenspurg, 1521-2. [6 ii. 

Scheil (Vincent). Textes 61ainites-s6mitiques, s3, see Delega- 
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Nurnberg, 1516,- see Chroniken (Die) d. deut. Stadte ; Nfirn- 

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*Schiclltbuch (Das). [Erzahlungd.Aufstande in Braunschweig], 

1514, see Chkoniken (Die) d. deut. Stadte : Braunschweig, B2, 

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aina — Tr. E. D. Boylan, J. 
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Zu Schiilers Gedachtnis; e. 
Piihrer durch. d. n. Schiller- 
Lit. [P1082]. b4». [1905] 
see Bekgeb (K.) S., s. Leben 

u. a. Werke. Bl, 1° u. 2° 

A., 1905. 
see Bulthaupt (H.) Drama- 

turgie d. Schauspiels, Bl, 

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„ Habnack (O.) S., 3'' A., 

„ Konneoke (G.) S.,eineBiog. 

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„ MiJLLEB (E.) S., Intimes 

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The v2 of ■/*' ed. tvas called Formation & tending of woods ; 
a 2"^ ed. of v3 has not been published. 
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„ [a.c, b.w. a.c. of Skene's Lawes]. fol. B. 1612 
The acts made in the xxii Parliament, halden be James at 
Edinburgh, 1617.' [b.w. Skene (Sir J.) Lawes, 1597]. 

fol. E. 1617 
„ [a.c, without tp., b.w. a.c. of Skene's Lawes]. 

fol. E. 1617 
The xxui Parliament of James. Halden at Edinburgh, 1621. 
Extr. by Sir G. Hay. [b.w. Skene (Sir J.) Lawes, 1597]. 

fol. B. 1621 

» „ [a.c, b.w. a.c. of Skene's Lawes]. fol. E. 1621 

The acts made in the first Parliament of Charles. Holden at 

Edinburgh, 1633. sfol. E. 1633 




Scotland [continued]. 

Parliament [contimied]. 

Acts & orders of the meeting of the estates of the Kingdom of 

S., holden at Edln. 14 March, 1689. [P1083]. fol. B. 1690 

Laws & acts made in the 1>* Pari, of Will. & Mary, holden at 

Edin. June 5, 1689. [P1083]. fol. E. 1690 

Laws & acts made in the 2"'' session of the 1" Pari, of Will. & 

Mary, holden at Edin. April 25, 1690. [P1083]. fol. E. 1690 

Laws & acts made in the 3'" session of the 1" Pari, of Will. & 

Mary, holden at Edin. 3'< of Sept., 1690. [P1083]. fol. E. 1690 

Laws & acts made in the 4"' session of the 1" Pari, of Will. & 

Mary, holden at Edin. April 18, 1693. [P1083]. fol. E. 1693 

Laws & acts made in the S" session of the 1"' Pari, of William, 

holden at Edin. May 9, 1695. [P1083]. fol. E. 1695 

Laws & acts made in the 6"' session of the l'« Pari, of Will., 

holden at Edin., Sept. 8, 1696. [P1083]. fol. E. 1696 

Laws & acts made in the 7"" session of the 1" Pari, of Will., 

holden at Edin. July 19, 1698. [P1083]. fol. E. 1698 

Laws & acts made in the 8"" & 9"' sessions of the 1" Pari, of 

Will, holden at Edin. 21 of May, 1700. [P1083]. fol. E. 1701 

Laws & acts of Pari, of Anne, holden at Edin. 9"' of June 1702. 

[P10S3]. fol. E. 1702 
An index or abridgement of the acts of Parliament & Con- 
vention f. r. of Jas. I, to S"" session of the current Parliament. 
By Sir J. Stewart of Gutters. s8». E. 1702 

Privy Council. 
Reg. of the P.O. of S. Ed. & abr. Ser. II, v6, 1685-7, ed. &o. 
P. Hume Brown, [in prog.. Soot. Eec.Publ.]. 188". E. 1905 
Keoords (Public) of Scotland. 

A guide to the Public Becords of Scotland in Eegister House, 

Edinb. ; by M. Livingstone. 8". E. 1905 

Scots. *Memoirs cone, the ano. alliance betw. the French & 

Scots, etc., 1751, see Memoies. 
*Scots (The) nation & Union vindicated, 1714, see Eidpath (G.) 

The Soots etc. 
Scotsman (An honest) ps., see *FAiTHFnL advice from England, 


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fam. Ed. w. iutr. etc. by the Warden of Wadham Coll., 

Oxford. b8o. 1905 

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Seotts of B., 1878. 
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s8'>. 1898 

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1646-54. 8°. 1905 

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Upper Burma & the Shan States. 5v. 4°. Rangoon. 1900-1 

Scott (John), of Halkshill, Largs. Cat. of the val. lib. of J. S. 

sold by Sotheby, 1905. 8». 1905 

„ „ List of the prices & purchasers' names, [b.w. Cat.]. 

8°. 1905 
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& arr., w. annot'., [4p], see Modern Language Assoc, of 
Amee. • PubK, vlO, 11, 13, 14, 1895-9. 
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2v. Ia8". 1905 

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by W. R. S. [Scot. Hist. Soc, 46]. 8". E. 1905 

Scott (Sir Walter). Waverley. With intr. essay & notes by 

A. Lang. s8'>. 1901 

see Scott, family of. Letters wr. by members of S.'s fam., 


Scottish antiguary (The), see Scoitish (The) hisiobical eeview : 

a n. series of the S.A., 1904. 

Scottish (The) historical review : being a new series of the 

Scottish antiquary established 1886. vl. 8". Glasgow. 1904 

Scottish History Society. [PubP.] [v46-50.] 8". E. 1905 

see Feaseb (J.), minister of Wa/r&law. Chron'. of the Erasers : 

the " Polichronioon seu policratica temporum, or, the true 

genealogy of the Fs," 916-1674 ; ed., w. notes & intr,, by 

W. Mackay, 1905. [47.] 

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at New Mills, Haddingtonshire, 1681-1703, 1905. [46.] 
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, the Justiciary Court, Edinburgh, 1661-78, 1905. [48, 49.] 
„ Stitchill. Eec". of the Baron Court of S., 1655-1807. 
Transcribed G. Gunn ; ed. C. B. Gunn, 1905. [50.] 

Scottish Record Publications. 

see Scotland : Anon, works. Calendar of State Papers rel. to 

S. & Mary, Q. of Scots, (1547-1608), in P. Record Off., 

Brit. Mus. & elsewhere in Eng. ; ed. W. K. Boyd, v4, 1905. 

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regum Soot., v6, 1905. 
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,, LivY. Hist, of Rome, tr. into Scots by J. Bellenden, ed. 
W. A. Craigie, v2, 1903. [51.] 
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Court, Edinburgh, 1661-78. Ed. w. intr. & notes by S.-M., 
& w. add. notes by [J. W. Weston]. [Scot. Hist. Soc, 48, 49.] 

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navigations, etc., v4, p280, 1904. 
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n^o-criticisme. 8". 1905 

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(Hdbks. of Eng. lit.). repr. sS". 1902 

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1830, Elvire et les " Meditations " (doC. in^d.). 8°. 1905 

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Law (J.), of Lauriston. 
Sedgwick (Adam), Fell, of Trin. Coll. Cambridge ; b. I8S4. 
Text-book of zoology. \2, [in prog.]. 8". 1905 

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mark. 2B, (1, Tyrol. 2, Steiermark.) 8». L. n.d. 

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tion des partis et des formes polit., 1814-96. 4' 6d. Ia8». 1905 

& A. Metin. Hist, mod., 1715-1815. 2" dd. s8». 1906 

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tl, 2. laS". 1908-5 

1, Le comte de Gobineau et I'aryanisme hist. 

2, ApollSn ou Dionysos ; 6t. crit. sur Nietzsche et rutilitarisme 

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d'Eorivains suisses sous la dir. de P. S. 

3t. laS". Lausanne. 1899-1901 

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f. the best Eng. hymn writers. 8". 1864 

[n. ed.]. sS". 1880 

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40. 1905 [20.] 

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Mexican <& Maya subjects], see Bowditch (C. P.) ed. Mexican 

& Central American antiq'., etc., 1904. 
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Selous (Edmund). Bird life glimpses. s8<>. 1905 

Selva (Hercule Basiel de) ps., see Easiel de Selva (H.) ps. 
Semevsky (V. I.) [CeMeBCititt] . KpecisHHe b-i. qapcTBonaHie 

EKaTepBHM II. 2t. [tl, mn. 2-]. 80. 1901-8 

KpecTbaHCKiii Bonpoci. Bt PoccIh bi. xvin h nepBOfi ndOBiint xix 

BtKa. . 2t. 80. 1888 

♦Semiphoras u. Schemhamphoras Salomonis, 1689, see Faust 

{Dr. J.), B2i, 1846. 
Sender (Clemens). Ohronik, bis z. 1536, see Cheoniken (Die) 

d. deut. Stadte : Augsburg, B4, 1894. 




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vl i, ii, 3. s8". L., Teuhner. 1898-1905 

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ii, De beneficiis lib. vii — De dementia lib. ii. Ed. C. Hosius. 
S, Ad Lucilium Epist. moralium quce supersunt. Ed. 0. Hense. 

see SwEDENBOKG (E.) L. A. SenecsB et Pub. Syri Mimi forsan 

et aliorum selectte sententise ; quas notis illustratas ed. 

E. S., 1841. 

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s8». 1905 
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[2°'i printing]. 8°. 1905 
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sS". Torino. 1898 
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Espafiolas, desde 1401-1838. 2t. l&S". 1903-5 

Service [Seevices]. 
Services sanctioned for use in the diocese of Bipon. [and forty- 
four other forms of service for various occasions m use in 
several dioceses not separately catalogued, are also in PiOSS.] 

[P1088]. s8». Leeds, n.d. 

Special forms of service sanctioned for use in the diocese of 

Canterbury. s8°. n.d. 

Special forms of service sanctioned for use in the diocese of 

Winchester. sS". 1902 

Special forms of service sanctioned for use in the diocese of 

Worcester. s8». 1904 

Servieres ((Jeorges). L'Allemagne franij. sous Napoleon 1". 

8". 1904 
Session (Lord of the), see *Letter (A) to a L — d of the S-ss-n, 

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sophy : comparison of Scottish & German answers to Hume. 

3'" ed. s8». E. 1899 
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v7, p211, 1904. 

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livre 2, pr^c. de proUgom^nes sur Maxime, Priscillien etc., 

par A. Lavertujon. s4o. 1899 

Seville, see Peise (La) de Cordres et de Sebille ; publ. par 0. Den- 

susianu, 1896. 
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Knt. designate], see Dumont (P. E. L.) The great Frenchman 
& the little Genevese ; tr. by Lady S., 1904. 
Seyyed Ali Mohammed, see Nicholas (A. L. M.) Les religions 

des peuples civilises, S. A. M., 1905. 

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industrial lite in Eng., Germany & America. 2v. 8°. 1906 

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Aoc. of proceedings at the Old-Bayly, 17 & 18 Oct. re S. & 

others, & M'. Rouse, indicted of high treason. [P1081]. fol. 1681 

The proceedings at Old-Bayly, 24"' Nov., 1681, upon the bill of 

indictment for high-treason agst. S. [P1081]. fol. 1681 

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fragments. s8<>. N.Y. 1904 

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aristocrat, etc., imit^es : Chasses dans I'lnde [by S.], 1866. 
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s8". N.Y. 1899 
see Deveomon (W. C.) Xn re Shakespeare's legal acquirements, 
Shakespeare (William). 

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Plays of S. Printed f. the text w. notes, life etc. by A. Chal- 

of the corrected copies, left mers. n. ed. 8v. 8°. 1823 



Dramat. Werke. tjbers. v. A. 

W. V. Scblegel u. L. Tieok. 

[Durchgesehen v. M. Bemaya. 

2'='- Abd.]. 12B in 6. s8». 1891 


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speare-Biihne nach d. alt. 
Biihnenanweisungen, 1904. 

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of S., 1905. 

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turgic d. Sohauapiels, , B2, 
8= A., 1903. 

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bks. by or rel. S., h, works, 
times & infl. on subsequent 
writers, 1905. 

,, Deveomon (W. C.) In re 
S.'s legal acquirements, 

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shrine : a poet, antholqigy ; 
w. " Plays partly wr. by S." 
by R. Garnett, 1904. ' ' 

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h. departure f: Stratford, 
& o. incidents, 1905. 

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butt & S. Gibson. The 
orig. Bodleian copy of the 
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monied in his own bring- 
ings-forth," 1905. 

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cus " ?, 1905. 

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Kaufmann v. Venedig, 
iibers. v. W. Henckel, 1905. 

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impartial study of the S. 
title, 1904. 

„ Stbatfobd-on-Avon (The) 
Birthplace Trustees & the 
Hornebye Cottages, 1904. 

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ter, od. Suppl. z. S., iibers. 
u. hrsg. T., 1811. 

„ ToLMAN (A. H.) S.'s Love's 
labour's won, 1903. 

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V. Y. ; hrsg. v, R, Visoher, 
Reihe II, S.— Vortrage, B6, 

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Shand (Alex. Innes). 
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MACLEOD (Fiona) ps. 
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This is the 2'"' ed. of h. Bregantforda & the Hanweal. 
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[repr.] s8». [1904] 
Three plays for puritans: The devil's disciple— Ctesar & 
Cleopatra — Captain Brassbound's conversion. 

[2«'i ed.]. sS". [1904] 

Shakespeare ("William) [contin 
"Works [continued]. 
Works. Rev. & oorr. [by Sir T. 
Hanmer]. 6v. 8». 1745 

The winter's tale, w. sep. 
pagim,. is cont. in v2, ac- 
cording to signatures it 
is p. of v3 but the pagin. 
of vS starts at 1. 
Works. Ed. W. G. Clark & 
W. A. Wright. Globe ed. [cont. 
The passionate pilgrim]. 

[repr.] s8°. 1904 
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speare] : 
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inillan. n. issue. 

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Measure for measure. Ed. 
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Merchant of "yenice. Ed. 
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medies, histories, & tragedies ; 
reproduced in facsimile f. the 
ed. of 1664. [3 pagin'. Me- 
thuen's repr.]. fol. 1905 

Lucreoe ; facs. of 1" ed., 1694. 
Intr. & bibliog. by S. Lee. 

s4". O. 1905 
Passionate pilgrim ; [attrib. to 
S.) facs. of 1" ed., 1599. Intr. 
& bibliog. by S. Lee. 

84°. 0, 1905 
Pericles; facs. of !•■* ed., 1609. 
Intr. & bibliog. by S. Lee. 

s4». O. 1905 
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Intr. & bibhog. by S. Lee. 

84''. O. 1905 

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1593. Intr. & bibliog. by S. 

Lee. 84°. 0. 1905 




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on shooting the duck & the goose by W. H. Pope ; Cookery by 

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s8o. 1905 
■" Lost angel of a ruined paradise " : a drama of modern life. 

b8°. 1904 
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Under the cedars & the stars. . sS". D. 1903 

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n. ed. 8°. 1847 

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. Shirley (James). *Capt. Underwit, 0. 1642, [asor. to S.], see 
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& letters. Ed. by h. wife. [This has a half-tp. Life, letters & 

literary remains, vl]. s8". 1905 

Literary remains. Ed. by his wife. [This has a half-tp. Life, 

letters etc., v2]. , sS". 1906 

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kiugton, S., etc. for riot, 1683. 

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formation. 8". 1905 

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(0. G.) An artist's love story, told in letters of Sir T. Lawrence, 

Mrs. S. & her daughters, 1904. 

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essays. [Ed. by J. Ward]. 8". 1905 

Misc. essays & addresses. 8°. 1904 

Sidley (Sir C), bart, see Sedley (Sir C.) 

Sidney (Algernon), 2"'' surviving son of f"* earl of Leicester. 

Arraignment, tryal & condemnation of S. for high-treason, 

Nov., 1688. [P1081]. fol. 1684 

Copy of a paper delivered to the sheriffs, Dec. 7, 1683, before 

his execution. [no tp. P1081]. fol. [1683] 

*Eefleotions upon CoU. Sidney's Arcadia ; the old cause, observ'. 

upon h. last paper given to the sheriffs at h. execution. 

[P1081J. fol. 1684 
*Bemarks on S.'s paper delivered to the sherriffs at h. execution. 

I [too tp. P1081]. fol. 1683 
see BoHUN (B.) *A defence of Sir E. Filmer agst. mistakes of 
S., 1684. 
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sS". 1904 

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logical Soo.] 

With intr. address by J. Bryce. [Sooio- 

8°. 1905 

On the origin & use of the word sociology ; by V. V. Branford— 
Eugenics ; its definition, scope & aims ; by F. Galton— 
Civics : as applied to sociology ; by P. Geddes— On the position 
of women in early civilisation ; by B. Westermarck — Life in 
an agricultural village in Eng.; by H. H. Mann— On the 
relation of sociology to the social sciences & to philosophy ; 
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3 ii, (A), Die Eomer v. 265 bis 30 v. Chr. (B), Von 30 v. Chr. 
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ment betw. the works of the Roman poets & the remains of 
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[Traotatus etc.] ed. 2». s8o. Lugd. Bat. 1673 

The ordinary tp. Tractatus theologicopoliticus (publ. orig. 
in 1670) is wanting in this ed. d: tJie above has been 
substituted. For coll. 2 see Meyer (L.) 
see Beasch (M.) S.'s system d. Philosophic, mit einer Biog. 
. S.'s, 1870. 
Spiritualism : is communication w. the spirit world an esta- 
blished fact ? Pro— E. W. Cook ; Con— F. Podmore. [With 
a bibliog.]. sS<>. 1903 

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2B. [B-2 has Samt e. Naohlese vergessener Worter.] 

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Each vol. has several Beilagen not mcluded below. 

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Xtu. Btandpoint ; by "W. Cunningham— Being of God ; by F. E. 
Tennant & A. Caldecott — Man's origin ; by W. L. H. Duck- 
worth—Sin; by E. H.Askwith — Revelation; by J. W. Wilson 
—Prayer; by A. W. Robinson— Miraclea ; by J. O.P. Murray 
—Old Test. ; by W. E. Barnes— Gospels ; by P. H. Chase— 
Xt. in the N.T.; by A. J. Mason— Xt. m the Ch.; by 
P. J. Foakes-Jackson — Xtn. doctrines; by J. P. Bethune- 
Baker— Xtn. ideal ; by H. M. Butler. 

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1, The Queen-mother — Rosamond. 

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3, Bothwell ; acts 3-5 

Swinburne (Algernon Charles) [continued']. 
Tragedies [contimied]. 

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This V. has no tp., the t. is taken f. L.T.S. Annual rep. 

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The last 3 plays were publ. anon., a^. unknown, Tieck attr. 
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L. — Lustapiel. 
M.— Marohen. 

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Abendgesprache. [25.] 
Abschied (Der), T. [2.] 
Abnenprobe (Die). [22.] 
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AlmaiiBur, Idyll. [8.] 
Alte (Das) Buch u. d. Beise ins 

Blaue lunein. [24.] 
Alte (Der) vom Barge. [24.] 
Arabesken. [9.] 
Aufruhr (Der) in d. Cevennen. 

Autor (Der), Fastnaclitspiel. 

Bruder (Die), B. [8.] 
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Denkwiirdige Gescbichtsohronik 

d. Schildbiirger, e. Familien- 

gesch. [9.] 
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Donauweib. [13.] 
Dramatische Gedichte. [13.] 
Bigensinn u. Laune, [24.] 
Erzablungen u. Novellen. [14, 

Perraer, d. Geuiale. [15.] 
Pest (Das) zu Kenelworth. [18.] 
Portunat, in 2T., e. M. in 6 A. 

Pragmente. [13.] 
Pranz Stembald's Wanderun- 

gen, e. altdeut. Gesch. [16.] 
Premde (Der). [14,] 
Preunde (Die). [14.] 
Punfzebnte (Der) November. 

GeheimnissvoUe (Der). [14.] 
Gelehrte (Der). [22.] 
Gelehrte (Die) Gesellsobaft. 

Gemalde (Die). [17.] 
Gesellschaft (Die) anf d. Lande. 


S. — Schauspiel. 
T. — Trauerspiel, 
Trag, — Tragodie. 

Glocke (Die) v. Aragon. [25.J 
GlUok giebt Verstand. [19.] 
Griine (Das) Band, B. [8.] 
Herr v. Pucba, L, [12.] 
Hexen-Sabbath (Der). [20.] 
HeymonsMnder, M. [13.] 
Jalirmartt (Der). [20.] 
Jonson (B.) Bpicoene, L. tJbers. 

T. [12.] 
Junge (Der) Tisohlermeister. 

Jiingate (Das) Gericht, Vision.. 

Kaiser Octavianus, in 2T, L. [1.]. 
Klausenburg (Die). [25.] 
Konig Bother. Fragment ; Hel- 

dengedioht, [13,] 
Leben d. Kaisers Abralian» 

Tonelli, [9,] 
Leben u. Tod d. heil. Genoveva, . 

T. [2.] 
Leben u. Tod d. kleinen Both- 

kappcliens, Trag. [2.] 
Lebens (Des) tJberfluBS. [26.] 
Liebeswerben. [26.] 
Magelone. Prolog. [13.] 
Mannliche (Die) Mutter. [14.] 
Marohen. [13.] 
Melusine, M. [18.] 
Mondsiichtige (Der). [21.] 
Musikalische Leiden n. Preuden- 

Naturfreund (Der). 
Novellen. [17-28.] 
Peter Lebreoht, Tl. 
Peter Lebrecht, T2. 
Phantasus. [4, 5.] 
Pietro V. Abano. [23.] 
Prinz Zerbino, L. [10.] 
Prolog (Ein), dramat. Gedicht- 

Psycholog (Der). [15.] 
Beohtsgelehrten (Die), [14,] 




Tieck (J. Ludwig) [continiied] 
Sohriften [contimied]. 
Beiaenden (Die). [17.] 
Roman (Der) in Briefen. " [16.1 
Sohicksal. [14.] 
Sohutzgeist (Der). [25.] 
Sieben (Die) "Weiber d. Blau- 

bart, e. Familiengesch. [9.] 
SJegmunds merkwiirdigste Tage. 

bommerreise (Eine). [23.] 
Tagebuoh (Ein). [15.] 
Theegesellschaft (Die), L. [12.] 
Tod d. Dichters. [19.] 
Ubereilung. [21.] 
Ulrich, d. Empfindsame. [15.] 

Tikhomirov (L. A.) 



Ungebeuer (Das) u. d. verzau- 
berte Wald, musikal. M. [11,] 
Verlobung (Die). [17.] 
Versohuiilig (Die). [14.] 
Vogelsoheuohe (Die). [27.] 
'Waldfeinsamkeit. [26.] 
Wassermensob (Der). [21.] 
■Weibnaoht-Abend. [21.] 
Wiederkehrende (Der) grieoh. 

Kaiaer. [22.] 
William Lovell. [6, 7.] 
Wunderliohkeiten. [25.] 
"Wundersiicbtigen (Die). [23.] 
Zauberaohloss (Das). [21.] 

.MonapxHiecKafl rocy^apTBeiiiiocTt. 

_.„. ,., ^ ^ , 4v. [m 3d.]. 8". MocKM. 1905 

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Eaehfasc. has sep.pagm.,inprog. 





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This poem is compl. in 9 nights, or p., but this ed. only 
cont\ t!ie i'' 4. 
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Med. Journal "]. [P1086]. 8". 1900 

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7, Der erste Brief d. Panlus an d. Korinther; ausgelegt v. 

F. Baohmanu. 
10, Die Briefe d. Paulu3 an die Bpheser, Kolosser u. Philemon ; 
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Nebst Proben aus d. Eomanprosa d. 17 u. 18 Jhdts. Hrsg. 

F. Bobertag. s8". [1883] 

see BoBEBTAG (F.) C. H. v. Hofmannswaldau, H. A. v. Z. u. K., 

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s8». [1905] 
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*Zug niirnberg, Kreuzfahrer naoh Ungarn, 1456, see Cheonikbn 
(Die) d. deut. Stadte : Niirnberg, B3, 1864. 

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2t. s8». Firenze. 1902-4 

Zwingli (Ulrich), see Morikofbe (J. C.) Z. i>. d, Quellen, 1867-9 






The names of books of reference consulted have been placed in brackets 

1) The names of the authors of the following anonymouB and 

pseudonymous books have been asceitained. 

•Allgememes hydrograph. Lexicon aller Strome u. Flusse in Ober- u. 

Nieder-Deutaohland. Von e. Naohforscher in hiat. Dingen, 1743. 

By Johann Hermann Dielhelm. {Holzmann). 

*Anna Hammer, 1850. By Jodoous Deodat Hubert Temme. (Allgem. 

deut. Biog.) 
*The annals of Bng. : epitome of Eng. hist., 1855-7. Bj/W.B. Flaherty. 

•Another world ; or, fragments from the star city of Montalluyah. By 

Hermes, 1873. By Benjamin Lumley. (D.N.B.) 
'Aus Galizien, 1851. By August Wilhelm v. Zerboni di Sposetti. 

*Die Beschwerden u. Klagen d. Slaven in Ungarn. Vorgetragen v. 

e. ungar. Slaven, 1843. By Ludw. Stflr. (HoUmann). 
*Betraohtungen iiber d. Universum, 1806. By Carl Theodor Anton 

Maria, Frhr. v. Dahlberg. (JOrdens. Lex. deut. Dichter). 
*Camp & barrack-room. By a late Staff Sergeant of the 13"" Light 
Inf., 1846. By John MacMuUen, a. of The hist, of Canada. {B.M.) 
*Coal & our coal-pits, etc. By a traveller underground, 1858. By 

John E. Leifchild. (AlUbone). 
'Cornwall its mines & miners, etc. By a. of " Our coal & our coal- 
pita " etc., 1857. By John E. Leifchild. (Allibone). 
•Experiences of a gaol chaplain, 1849. By Erskine Neale. {D.N.B.) 
•Geschiohte d. Urohristenthums, 1807-9. By Carl Heinrioh Georg 

Venturini. (Allgem. deut. Biog.) 
•Holiday excursions of a naturalist, 1867. By Eobert Garner. 

•The land of Ararat; or, up the roof of the world. By a special 
correspondent, 1893. By Alexander Macdonald, war correspondent. 
Life & scenery in Missouri. Eeminisc. of a missionary priest, 1890. 
By John O'Hanlon. (B.M.) 
•Lord Byron vindicated; or, Eome & her pilgrim. By "Manfred," 

1876. By Elliot W. Preston. {Allibone). 
•Noten z. Beleuchtung d. angeblichen " Thatsachen " in d. Memoir of 
the constit. rights of Schleswig, etc. presented by Bunsen, 1848. 
By Ludwig Nio. Scheele. {Holzmann). 
•On the deity of Jesus. By the wife of a beneficed clergyman. Ed. 
C. Voysey, 1873. By Mrs. Annie Besant. ( Wheeler. Biog. did. of 
•Osterreioh u. dessen Zukunft, 1843. By Victor, Frhr. v. Andrian- 

Wergburg. ( Wurzbach. Biog. Lex.) 
•The perils of the nation, is not by Eobert Benton Seeiey, but by 
Charlotte Elizabeth, ps. [i.e. C. E. Phelan, aft. Tonna]. (Notes 
& Queries, s7, v2,p86; & Personal recoil", of C. B.). 
•Philosophical survey of the S. of Ireland in a series of letters to 

Watkinson, 1778. By Thomas Campbell, 1733-95. (D.N.B.) 
•Eepentance of Paul Wentworth, 1889. By Constance Smith. (B.M.) 
•The right to bear arms. By " X " of the " Saturday Eeview," 1899. 

By A. C. Pox-Davis. (B.M:.) 
•Eiickbliche auf d. polit. Bewegung in Oaterreioh, 1848-9, 1849. Von 

F. V. P. By Franz Xavier, Frhr. v. Pillersdorf. (Bolzmann). 
•Russland u. Deutschland, 1847. By Eduard Kolbe. (Broclchaus. 

Verzeichniss, 1872-5). 
The upper ten thousand : sketchea of American soc. by a New 
Yorker, 1852. By Charles Astor Bristed. (Allibone). 
•Das veranderte Eusaland. In e. bis 1720 gehenden Journal, 1721. 

By Priedrich Christian Weber. (Holzmann). 
•View of Sir C. Metcalfe's govt, of Canada. By a Member of the Pro- 
vincial Pari., 1844. By Edward Gibbon Wakefield. (D.N.B.) 
•The weakness & inefficiency of the govt, of the U.S. by a late Amer. 
statesman. Ed. by a member of the Middle Temple, 1863j By 
Charles Penton Mercer. (Allibone). 

2) Names which have been found to be pseudonyms, 
Beresford (Max) ps. [i.e. A. S. Holdsworth]. (Miho's Who). 
Boyer d'Agen (A. J.) ps. [i.e. Jean Auguste Boyer]. (Bethleem. 

Bomans a lire). 
Ghampol, ps. [i.e. le cte. de Lagrfeze]. (Bethleem). 
Chantepleure (Guy) ps. [i.e. Mile. Jeanne VioUet]. (Bethleem). 
Christian (Sydney) ps. [i.e. M. L. Lord]. (B.M.) 
Clare (Austin) ps. [i.e. Miss W. M. James]. ( Who's Who). 
Conrad (Joseph) ps. [i.e. Joseph Conrad Korzeniowaki]. (N. Amer. 

Bev., June 1904), 
Deslys (Charles) _ys. [i.e. Charles Collinet]. (Bethleem). 
Donnelly (Ignatius) ps. [i.e. Edmund Boisgilbert]. (Who's Who). 
Dourliac (Arthur) ^s. [i.e. Arthur Couillard]. (Bethleem). 
Eugenius, ps. [i.e. John HaU-Stevenson]. (D.N.B.) 
Fausto, ps. [i.e. Ein De Sterlioh]. (Pagliaini). 
Perval (Claude) ps. [i.e. Mme. la baronne de Pierrebourg]. 

Field (Michael) ps. [i.e. Miss Bradley & Miss Cooper]. (Who's 

Gerrare (Wirt)^s. [i.e. W. Greener]. (Who's Who). 
Glyn (Herbert) ps. [i.e. Henry Alford Pettitt]. (D.N.B.) 
Hamilton (Cosmo) ^s. [i.e. — Gibbs]. (Who's Who). 
Henry (Camille)^s. [i.e. comiesse Irene Delia Eooca]. (Says.Women 

of the Day). 
Hope (Andree)i;s. [i.e. Mrs. H. Pearl]. (Who's Who). 
Hope (Graham) ^s. [i.e. Miss JeaaieHope]. (Who's Who). 
Jacob (Violet) ps. [i.e. Lady Helena Carnegie]. ( Who's Who). 
Joubert (Carl) ps. [i.e. Adolphua Waldorf Carl Grottey]. 
Keese (Oline) ps. [i.e. Miss Caroline W. Leakey]. (Boase). 
Lachfese (Marthe) ps. [i.e. Camille de G6ramb]. (Bethleem). 
larwood (Jacob) ps. [i.e. L. E. Sadler]. (Johannesburg Library 

Lewis (Caroline) ps. [i.e. M. H. Temple, Stafford Eanaome & Harold 

Begbie]. (Who's Who). 
Lindsay (Harry) ps. [i.e. H. Lindaay Hudaon]. (Nield's Guide). 
Loyson-Bridet, ps. [i.e. Marcel Sohwob]. (Bethleem). 
McAulay (Allan), jjs. of Miss Stewart. (Nield's Guide). 

Mael (Pierre)ys 
Maryan (M.) ps. 
Mauclair (Camil] 

i.e. Charlea Causse & CharlesVincent]. (Bethleem). 
. i.e. Mme. Deschard]. (Bethleem). 

- -_--_— , lle)^s. [i.e. M. Faust]. (BethleeTn). 

Memini, ps. [i.e. Inea Benaglio Caatellani]. (Pagliaini). 
Mortimer (Gilbert) ^s. [i.e. Montgomery Gibbaj. (Allibone). 
Navery (Eaoul de) ps [i.e. Mile. Marie de Saffron, aft. Mme. David]. 

Oddy (J. Jepson) ps. [i.e. William Playfair]. (Gents. Mag., 1823, pi). 
Ohnet (Georges) ps. [i.e. Georgea H6not]. (Bethleem). 
Fatten (J. Blythe)^s. [i.e. Edmund White]. (Who's Who). 
Presbyter, Anglicanus, ps.[i.e. Joaeph Hemington Harris]. (D.N.B.) 
Frovins (Michel) ps. [i.e. Gabriel Lagroa de Langeron]. (Curinier). 
Rebell (HugueB)^s. [i.e. A. Grassal]. (Bethleem). 
Beboux (Faul) ps. [i.e. Paul Amillet]. (Curinier). 
Hoe (KrVjps. [i.e. M. Mahon]. (Bethleem). 
Sara, ps. [i.e. Signora Laura Tardy]. (Pagliaini). 
Sinjohn (John) ps. [i.e. John Galaworthy]. (Who's Who). 
Talmeyr (Maurice) ps. [i.e. Marie Juatin Coate]. (Curinier). 
Theta, ps. Travellera' tales retold by T. [i.e. Julia Hyde]. (Allibone). 
Thormanby, ^s. [i.e. W. W. Dixon]. (Who's Who). 
Warden (Gertrude) ps. [i.e. Mrs. Wilton Jones]. (Who's Who). 
Wylde (Katharine) ps. [i.e. Helen Hester Colvill]. 
VTynman (Margaret) ps. [i.e. Ella Hepworth Dixon]. (Who's 

Xanrof (L€on) ps. [i.e. L^on Fourneau]. (Lorenz). 


3) Mistakes of identification. 
Aim (Eichard v. d.) ps., page 29, & GMUany (Friedrich Wilhelm), 

page 556, are one & the same person. {Weller's Maskirie Lit.) 
Armytage (George John) should read Armytage {Sir George 3ohn). 
Beck (Baroness vl , •7.), the assumed name of Wilhebnina Bacidula. 

Brooks (J. Tyrwhitt) ps., page 203. S Vizetelly (Heniy), page 1649, 

are one d the same person. (V.'s Glances through 70 years). 
Chailli^-Long-Bey (le col.), page 266, £ long (Col. C. Chaillie), 

Egyptian Army, page 885, are one i the same person. 
Crowe (Sir Joseph) & Crowe (Joseph Archer), page 351, are one S 

the same person. 
Doyle (James), hp. of Kildare S Leighlin, & Doyle (James Warren), 

hp. of Kildare & LeighUn, page 410, are one d the sarrie person.' 
Duras (Claire L. E., duchesse de). Journal dea prisons de mon 

p6re, de ma mfere et des miennes, 2= ed. s8". 1889. should be 

3) Histakes of identification {continued], 
catalogued under Duras (Louise Henriette Charlotte Philippine, 

duchesse de . 

Lothaire II, emp. of Germany, [Lothab v. Supplinbubo] d 
Lothaire III, emp. of Germany, [Lothab deb Saohse], page 888, 
are one S the same person. 

Uusgrave (Philip) is not a real person. The book is a story by 
Bev. Joseph Abbott ; his " Emigrant to N. America " in an ex- 
panded form. 

Plumptre (Charles E ) should read Plumptre (Constance E.) 

Smith (Edward), F.S.S., S Smith (Edward) of Walthamstow, page 
1363, are one cC the same person. 

Zacharias rhetor d Zacharias, bp. of Mitylene, wre one d the 
same'person, hei^ig also identical with the Zacharias Scholastunts 
Bishop of Mitylene of B.M. (Gf. Ency. Brit. v22, p835 d E. 
Krumbacher's Gesch. d. hyzant. Litt.p403.) 




Pi ■'2.-i.^^y.\ 

sooietX siciliana per la STORIA PATRIA. 






(MARCH 1, 1906, TO MARCH 1, 1907) 







Price 2s. unbound ; 3s. 6d. hound. Non-members 6s. A Case to contain 4 nnhomuJ Supplements, Is. Gd. 













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Eight Hon. Sir E. Blennbehassett, Bart., | 

Professor A. C. Beadlby, LL.D. 
HoEACE T. Beown, Esq., LL.D., F.E.S. 
Professor Ingeam Bywatee, D.Litt. 
Professor Lewis Campbell, LL.D. 
Austin Dobson, Esq., LL.D. 
The Hon. Aeth ii T. Eiliot, D.C.L. 
J. Fitzmaueioe-Kelly, Esq. 
Sydney Gedgb, Esq. 
Sir A. Geikib, F.E.S. 
Sir E. GiFFEN, K.C.B., F.E.S. 
Edmund Gosse, Esq., LL.D. 

Mrs. J. E. Geebn. 

Eev. W. Hunt, D.Litt. 

Sir C. P. Ilbeet, K.C.S.I. 

Sir C. M. Kennedy, K.C.M.G., C.B. 

Sidney Lee, Esq., Litt.D. 

W. S. Lilly, Esq. 

Sidney J. Low, Esq. 

Sir Frank T. Maezials, C.B. 

Sir Febdeeick Pollock, Bart., LL.D. 

Eev. J. H. EiGG, D.D. 

H. E. Teddee, Esq., F.S.A. 

A. W. Waed, Esq., Litt.D., LL.D. 


Secretats anD Xlbrarian. 

BAECLAY & COMPANY, Limited, 1 Pall Mall Bast. 

London Libeaey, 

St. James's Squabe, S.W. 

The Libbaey offers to its Members over 220,000 volumes selected from the literature 
of all countries, including a large proportion of old and valuable Works not supplied by- 
ordinary Circulating Libraries. 

Additions are continually made, both of the standard Works of the day and of older 
and rarer Books. 

Fifteen volumes at a time are allowed to Country Members; Ten to residents in 
London. For every extra pound per annum, an additional number of Volumes may be 
had at the rate of five Volumes at one time of old Works, or the supply of any nev? 
Work (provided it is already in the Library) by the purchase of another copy. 

Fourteen days are allov^ed for the perusal of new Books (i.e. Books published within 
the last twelve months), and two months for Books of older date. 

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Monday and August Bank Holiday, 

Subscribers are admitted on the recommendation of a Member, subject to the approval 

of the Committee. 


Secretary and Librarian. 


This Supplement contains all the books added from March 1, 1906, to March 1, 1907. 

Several sets, Hindley (C), Old Book Collector's Miscellany; Johns Hopkins 
University, Studies in History and Political Science ; Nichols (J.), Bibliotheca Topo- 
graphica Britannica ; Society Siciliana per la Storia Patria, Atti e Memorie, the mere 
titles of which appeared in the Catalogue, have been re-catalogued in a detailed manner. 

An asterisk indicates that the book was published anonymously. A few cross- 
references accidentally omitted in the Catalogue and Supplements have been inserted 
in this Supplement ; a f has been printed against these. 

Several volumes which are described as "wanting" in the Catalogue have 
been purchased, and therefore it is essential to consult both the Catalogue and the 

It has not been thought necessary to repeat information about pseudonyms, 
anonymous books, &c., already given in the Catalogue of 1903 and Supplements 1-3. 

The price of this Supplement is 2s. unbound ; 3s. 6d. bound, to Members. A case 
to contain 4 unbound Supplements, Is. 6d. 


POE 1906 

A. (H.), see Venus. *The scourge of V., by H. A. , 2"'' imp., 1614. 
Abbott (Edwin Abbott). Clue: a guide through Greek to 
Hebrew Scripture. [Diatessarica, pi]. 8". 1900 

The corrections of Mark adopted by Matthew & Luke. [Diates- 
sarica, p2.] 8°. 1901 
Johannine grammar. [Diatessarica, p6]. 8°. 1906 
Johannine vocabulary : a comparison of the words of the 4"' 
gospel w. those of the 3. [Diatessarica, p5]. 8". 1905 
The pagin. of the 6 p. of Diatessarica is cent. 
Silanus \imagmary character], the Xtn. 8°. 1906 

Abbott (J. H. M.) An outlander in Eng. : imp", of an Australian 

abroad. s8». [1905] 

Abbott (Lyman). The industrial problem. W. L. Bull Lect"., 

1905. sS". [1905] 

Abbott (Thomas Kingsmill), see Dublin UNiyEEsiiY : Tbinity 

CoLLE&E. Cat. of 15"' 0. bks. in the lib. of T. C. & in 

Marsh's Lib., etc., by A., 1905. 
'Abd. Al Malik ibn Hisham ibn Ayyub (Abii Muhammad). 

Das Leben Mohammed's nach Mohammed Ibn Ishak bearbt. 

V. A. el-M. I. H. tJbers. v. G. Weil. 2B. St. 1864 

Abdel Khalek, see Saeoit (A. K.) 
Abeille (Leonce). Marine f ran?, et marines ^trang^res: polit. 

navale des gr. puissances. s8". ,1906 

Abel (Sigurd). Jahrbiioher d. frank. Eeiohes unter Karl d. 

Gr. Bl, 768-88. 2° A., bearbt. v. B. Simson. 8". L. 1888 

Has a 2nd tp. Jahrbiicher d. deut. Gesch. Hrsg. duroh 
K. A. d. W. 
Grammar School. 
Bon Becord. Eeoords & reminisc. of A. G. S., by many writers ; 

ed. H. P. M. Simpson. Ia8°. E. 1906 

University of A. 
Aberdeen Univ. studies. No. 19, 20. laS". Aberdeen. 1906 

Studies in the hist. & art of the Eastern provinces of the 
Roman Empire ; ed. W. M. Bamsay, 1906. [20.] 

Studies in the hist. & development of the Univ. of A. ; ed. P. J. 
Anderson, 1906. [19.] 

Aberdeenshire. Eecords of the Sheriff Court of A. Ed. D. 
Littlejohn. [New Spalding Club]. v2, 1598-1649. 

4». Aberdeen. 1906 
Abert (Hermann). .E. Schumann. [Beriihmte Musiker]. 

80. 1903 

Abhandlungen zur Gesch. d. Mathematik. Hft. 22. [In 
prog.-]. 8». L. 1907 

Jacobi (C. G. J.) Briefwechsel zw. G. G. J. J. u. M. H. Jaoobi. 
Hrsg. V. W. Ahrens, 1907. [22.] 

About (Edmond). Les mariages de province. 8' id. s8». 1894 
Abraham (May E.) {Mrs. H. J. Tennant] & A. L. Davies. The 
law rel. to factories and workshops, 5"" ed. 8". 1905 

Abrahams (Israel). Short hist, of Jewish lit. (70-1786). 

88°. 1906 

Academia Real da Historia Portugueza. Collecpam dos doc. e 
mem. da A. E. da H. P., 1725, 7-9. fol. 1725-9 

BarboBa (J.) Mem. do Coll. Eeal de S. Paulo da Univ. de Coim- 

bra, etc., 1727. 
Caetano de Sousa (M.) Cat. hist, dos summos pontiflces, oar- 

deaes, etc. port. ; con a not. topograf. das Gidades, per G. de S., 

Contador de Argote (J.) De antiq. conventus Bracaraugustani, 

LeitaS Ferreira (F.) Noticias chron. da Univ. de Coimbra, 1288- 

1537, 1729. 
Pereira de Silva Leal (M.) Disourso apologetico, crit., jurid., 

e hist., 1733. 

Academia Romana. 

see AsLAN (T. G.) Pinantele 

Bomlniei, etc., 1905. 
„ Studiu asupra mono- 

polurilor in Romania, 

„ BiAHU (J. G.) Despre intr. 

limbii romanesti in bise- 

rioa EomS,nilor, 1904. 
„ BoGDAN (I.) Istoriografia 

romana ^i problemele ei 

actuale, 1905. 
„ Dalametra (I.)' Dioij. 

macedo-roman, 1906. 
„ Dan (D.) M3,nastirea si 

comuna Putna, 1905. 
„ DOBRBSCU (N.) Istoria 

bisericii romane din Olte- 

nia, 1906. 
FiLTPEScn (T.) Coloniile 

romane din Bosnia, 1906. 
Maeinesod (G.) Progre- 

sele si tendin^ele medi- 

cinei mod., 1906. 
Onciul (D.) Epocele isto- 

riei romane, 1906. 
Papahagi-Vurduna (P. N.) 

Basme aromane, 1905. 
Sturdza (D. A.) L'activit^ 

de rAcad6mie Roumaine 

de 1884 a 1905, 1905. 
L'A. R., 1905-6; 2, 

rapports de S., 1906. 

Academie des Beaux-Arts, see Soueies (A.) Les membres de 
I'A. des b.-a. depuis la fondation de I'lnstitut, 2" ser., 1816-52, 
Academie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres. M^m. de I'ln- 
stitut. t37. 2p. in Iv. 4". 1904-6 
see Recueil des historiens de la France, Obituaires, t2, 1906. 
Academie Imperiale des Sciences de St.-Petersbourg. 
seeEuLER (L.) Comm. arithmetioae, 1849. 
„ LiNEFF (E.) Peasant songs of Great Russia, coll. etc., 
by L., si, 1905. 
Academie Royale de Belgigue. 
see Biographie nationale, tl8, 1905. 
„ Commission Eoyale d'Hi^t. de Belgique. 
■* Acajou & Zirphile, 1744, see DnOLos (C. P.) 
*Acoount of the Gentlemen's Soc. at Spalding, 1784, see Gentle- 
men's Soc. AT S. 
Acker (Paul). La petite Mme. de Thianges. s8°. 1906 
Acland (Bight Bon. Arthur Herbert Dyke) & C. Ransome. 
Haudbk. of polit. hist, of Eng. to 1906. 9'" ed. s8°. 1906 
Acton (John E. E. Dalberg-Acton, 1^' baron). Lectures on 
mod. hist. Ed., w. intr., by J. N. Figgis & E. V. Laurence. 

8°. 1906 

Lord A. and his circle. [Letters, w. intr., S] ed. by Abbot 

Gasquet. 8°. [1906] 

*Actors (The) remonstrance : for the silencing of their profession, 

1643, see Hindlby (C.) The old book coU.'s misc., v3, 1873. 




Adam {Mme. Edmond). Mes illusions et nos souffrances 

pendant le si^ge de Paris. s8». 1906 

Adam (Paul). Ir^ne & les eunuques. 6» 6d. s8". 1907 

Vues d'Amtoique. 3« ^d. sS". 1906 

Adamnan, Saint, abbot of Hy. Life of St. Columba. Newly 

tr., w. notes, by W. Huyshe. sS". n.d. 

Adams (C. L.) Castles of Ireland. Some fortress hist. & 

legends. 8°. 1904 

Adams (Henry Carter). Taxation in the U.S., 1789-1816. 

[J. H. Univ., St. in hist. & polit. so., s2 v, vi]. 

8°. Baltimore. 1884 
Adams (Herbert Baxter). The church & pop. education. 
[J. H. Univ., St. in hist, and polit. sc, sl8 viii, ix]. 

8°. Baltimore. 1900 

The Germanic origin of New Eng. towns. Bead before the 

Harvard Hist. Soc, 1881. [J. H. Univ., St. in hist. & polit. 

sc, si ii. a.c. in P1093]. 8°. Baltimore. 3882 

H. B. A. Tributes of friends, w. a bibliog. 1876-1901. [J. H. 

Univ., St. in hist. & polit. sc, v20, ex. num. a.c. in P1107]. 

8°. Baltimore. 1902 
Vincent (J. M.) H. B. A., 1901. 

Ely {R. T.) Sketch of the life & Bervices of H. B. A., 1902. 
Gilman (D. C.) H. B. A., 1901. 
Eamage (B. J.) Prof. H. B. A., 1901. 

J. Sparks & A. de Tocqueville. [J. H. Univ., St. in hist. & polit. 

sc, sl6 xii. a.c. in P1104]. 8". Baltimore. 1898 

Maryland's influence upon land cessions to U.S. With papers 

on G. Washington's interest in W. Lands, etc. [J. H. Univ., 

St. in hist, and polit. sc, s3 i. a.c. in P1096]. 

First publ. w. t. M.'s influence in founding a national com- 
Methods of hist, study. [J. H. Univ., St. in hist. & polit. sc, 
s2 i, ii]. 8". Baltimore. 1884 

Norman Constables in Amer. Bead before the New Eng. Hist., 
Geneal. Soc, 1882. [J. H. Univ., St. in hist. & polit. sc, si 
viii]. 8°. Baltimore. 1883 

Notes on the lit. of charities. [J. H. Univ., St. in hist. & polit. 
sc, s5 viii. a.c. in P1095]. 8». Baltimore. 1887 

Public educational work in Baltimore. [J. H. Univ., St. in 
hist. & polit. sc, sl7 xii. a.c. in P1104]. 8°. Baltimore. 1899 
Saxon Tithing-men in America. Bead before the Amer. Antiq. 
Soc, 1881. [J. H. Univ., St. in hist. & polit. sc, si iv]. 

8". Baltimore. 1883 

Seminary libraries & univ. extension. [J. H. Univ., St. in hist. 

& polit. sc, s5 xi. a.c. in P1095]. 8». Baltimore. 1887 

Village communities of Cape Anne & Salem. Froni the Hist. 

Coll. of the Essex Instit. [J. H. Univ., St. in hist. & polit. 

BC, si ix, x]. 8". Baltimore. 1883 

see Latane (J. H.) Early rels betw. Maryland & Virginia ; Is 

hist, past polities ? by A., 1895. 

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xii. a.c. in P1097]. 8°. Baltimore. 1890 

& H. "Wood. Columbus & h. disc, of Amer. [Bibl. of the 

disc, of Amer. ; & public memorials to Columbus, by C. W. 
Bump]. [J. H. Univ., St. in hist. & polit. sc, slO x, xi. a.c. in 
P1098]. 8°. Baltimore. 1892 

Adams (Maurice B.) Modern cottage architecture. lUust. f. 
works of well-known architects. Ed., w. intr. essay by A. 

4°. 1904 

Adams (Samuel), gov. of Massachusetts, etc. Writings. Coll. 

& ed. by H. A. Gushing. v2, (1770-3). 8". N.Y. 1906 

see HosMEB (J. K.) S. A. : the man of the town-meeting, 1884. 

Adams (Thomas Sewall), see Hollander (J. H.) Studies in 

State taxation ; ed. H., 1900. 

Adamson CWilliam Agar). *Salmon-fishing in Canada. By 

a Eesident. Ed. Col. Sir J. E. Alexander. s8°. 1860 

Addis (William E.) Hebrew relig. to establ. of Judaism under 

Ezra. b8°. 1906 

Addison (Christopher), see Jennings (J. W.) & C. A. With the 

Abyssinians in Somaliland, 1905. 
Addison (Julia de "Wolf), The art of the National Gallery. 
A survey of the schools etc. represented. s8". 1905 

♦Address to the Members of the Brit. Legislature on subject of 
80 mOlions of fellow creatures [in India'] dependant on their 
determinations. By an East-India Proprietor. [P89]. 

n.p. n.d. 
Adeler (Max) ps. The quakeress. s8<'. 1905 

Ademarus, see Laie (J.) Et". crit*. sur divers textes des 10" 
et W s'., t2, Hist. d'A, de Chabannes, 1899. 

Adorer (Adolphe). Une graude dame aima 
Adrian VI, pope, see Aketino (P.) 

s8". n.d. 
Pasquinate, ed. anon, per il 
conclave e 1' elezione di A. VI ; pubbl. da V. Eossi, 1891. 
Adventures. "'A. of an attorney in search of practice, 2"'' ed., 

1840, see Stephen (Sir G.) 
Adye (Stephen Payne), Treatise on courts martial; also 
essay on military punishments and rewards. 8"» ed. sS". 1810 
Aerien. *Les aventures du voyageur a., 1788, see Le Gkand 

(M. A.) 
^schylus. M. in Eng. verse by A. S. Way. pi. The 7 agst. 
Thebes— The Persians. s8". 1906 

M'. tragoediffi. [Ed. «te.] L. Campbell. [Parnassus Lib.l. 

s8«. 1898 
MK tragoedia;, cum fabularum deperditarum fragmentis, poeta 
vita et operum catalogo. Rec. A. Sidgwick. sS". 0. [1899] 
Choephoren. Erklarende A., v. E. Blass. 

8°. Halle a.d.S. 1906 
Affichard (Thomas 1'), see L'Affiohaed (T.) 
Affo (Ireneo). Vita di Luigi Gonzaga, detto Rodomonte. 

8°. Parma. 1780 
Afrahat, surnamed the Persian sage, see Nicene. Sel. lib. of N. 

& Post-N. fathers, tr., s2, vl3. A., 1898. 
Agas (Kalph). Plan of London (c. 1560-70). \no tp. S sheets. 
London Topograph. Soc] fol. 1905 

Agathias, Hist, de I'empereur Justinien, [tr. L. Cousin\, see 

Cousin (L.) Hist, de Constantinople, t2, 1671 ; 1685. 
Aggregator. Aggregatorio-pratico de simplici. Herbolario 
volgare. s8°. [Venetia ? 1539?] 

Imperfect, wanting all before sign. A d the last leaf. Is 
sometimes mistaken for the Aggregator de medicinis , 
simplicibus of J. de Dondis. 
Agrarni vopros [ArpapntiH Bonpoci], see Dolgokoukov (P. D.) 

& I. I. Petkunkevioh). edd. ArpapHbiii Bonpoci), 1906. 
Aicard (Jean). Benjamine. Roman. s8". [1906] 

Aigueperse (Mathilde). A dix-huit ans. s8°. [1906] 

Ainger (Alfred), Master of the Temple, see Sichel (Miss E.) 

Life & letters of A. A., 1906. 
Akbar, emperor of Hindoostan, see Noee (F. C. C. A., Oraf v.) 

Kaiser A., 1880-5. 
Alamanni (Luigi), the elder, 1^95-1556. Versi e prose. Ed. 
ordinata e raffront. sui codici, per cura di P. Raffaelli, con un 
discorso intorno all' A. e al suo sec 2v. Firenze. 1859 

see Hauvette (H.) Un exil6 florentin a la cour de France au 
XVI" s. : L. A., 1903. 
Alanic (Mathilde). Le devoir d'un fils. s8''. [1906] 

Alarcon (Pedro Antonio de). El escdndalo. 17' ed. 88°. 1906 
Albane (Claire). L'Age de raison. [BoOTaw]. sS". 1906 

Albanes (I'abbi Joseph. Hyacinthe). Actea anc. & doc». con- 
cernant le bienheureux Urbain V, pape, sa famille, etc. 

tl. [cover t.] 8". 1897 
Albanesi {Mme. E. Maria). The brown eyes of Mary. s8''. 1905 

I know a maiden. sB". 1906 
Albanicus, ps. *Remarks on prog, of the Roman army in Scot., 

etc, 1786, see Buchan (D. S. E., ^-Z"' e. of). 
Alberioh-Chabrol, ps. [i.e. Mme. Mabie Aubeey], see Aubeky 

(Mme. M.) 
Albertanus, Index. Traotatus de arte loquendi et tacendi, rec. 

T. Sundby, see Sundby (T.) Delia vita e d. opere di Brunetto 

Latini, App. 3, 1884. 
Albert! (Francesco). Le nouvel diet, encyolop. franQ.-ital., etc. 

4°. Milan. 1855 

II nuovo dizion. enciclop. ital.-fr., ec. 4". Milano. 1859 
Albert! (leon Battista), see Mancini (G.) Vita di A., 1882. 
Albertus, Magnus, bp. of Batisbon, see Schneidek (A.) Die 

Psychologic A. d. G., 2T., 1903-6. 
*Alb!on, knight, [a fragment of a moral play], see Faemee (J. S.) 

Early Eng. dramatists : 6 anon, plays, s2, ed. P., 1906. 
Alhrizz! ((riovann! Battista). *I1 forestiere illuminato int. le 

cose d. Venezia, e dell' isole. s8". Venezia. 1740 

Alden (Edmund K.) The world's representative assemblies of 

to-day ; a study in comparative legislation. [J. H. Univ., St. 

inhist. (fepolit. sc,sllii. a.c. ireP1099]. 8". Baltimore 1893 
Alden (Percy). The unemployed : a national question ; [w. 

bibliog.'] Pref. by Sir J. Gorst. 2"<i ed. s8». 1905 

Alder (Joshua) & A. Hancock. Brit. Tunicata. Ed. J. Hopkin- 

son, w. lives of the authors by A. M. Norman & D. Embletou. 

[Ray Soc] g". 1907 



Aldgate [Algate]. *A three-fold disc. betw. A., Bishopsgate, & 
3. Heyden ; added a rel. of a fire at Oxford, 1642, sec Hindley 
(C.) The old book ooll.'s misc., v3, 1873. 
Aldis (Janet). Mme. Geoffrin, h. salon & h. times, 1750-77. 

8°. 1905 
Aldroandi (Ulisse), see Aldeovandi (U.) 
Aldrovandi (Ulisse) [Aldeoandi]. Le statue ant. in Boma, see 

Maubo (L.) Le ant. d. eittA di Eoma, etc, 1562. 
Alexander, tlie Great, king of Macedon, see Kampees (F.) 

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BEEEY (P. B.) 

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_, Prelim, notice of a land tortoise f. the Upper Eocene 

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B 2 



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88°. 1774 
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anzaig d. verdeckten unteut. naohtheil. consilien, welche d. 

corr. Union Haupter u. Directores, in d. Bohaim. Unruhe, 

zu derselben Cron, auch d. H. Bom. Eeichs hoehster gefahr 

gefiihrt, u., durch die den 8. Nov. jiingst fiirgangne ernstl. 

nambhaflte Bohaim. Niderlag vor Prag, in d. Anhalt. ge- 

haimen Cantzley in originali gefunden u. d. Welt kundtbar 

worden. [2 pagin. b.iv. Hercynianus (F.) ps. Bolradt's v. 

Plessen Eittersprunck, 1625]. s4». 1622 

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king of Sardinia, see Sabedo (L.) La regina Anna di Savoia, 

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*A. from the electors of Bristol to the letter of E. Burke, 1777, 

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Aquillo (Pedro) [Aquilio], see Boyle (E.) Voyages & av". du 

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no. for Easter Term, 1711 : a contemp. bibliog. of Eng. lit. in 
r». of Chas. II, Jas. II, WilHam & Mary, & Anne. v3, 1697- 
1709, & Easter Term, 1711. 4". pp. 1906 

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in less fulness Lords than the temporal, etc., 1641, see Moegan 
(J.) Phosnix Brit., p523, 1732. 
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christl. Schriftsteller d. 1» 3 Jhdte.]. Hrsg. v. C. H. Beeson. 

80. L. 1906 

„ „ a.c. lo.t. Acta disputationis S. A. cum 

Manete hseresiarcha, in Migne (J. P.) ed. Patrologise 
GriEca, tlO, 1857. 

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Chalcedon, <& Photius say by Hegemonius. Grig. wr. 

in Syriac. An Eng. tr. is cont. in the Ante-Nicene Xtn. 

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tions]. 8°. 1906 
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trascr., annot. ed ill. da C. d' A., see Miiller (J.) Eaccolta 
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8". D. 1905 
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44. [In prog.]. gg". 1906 

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*^i i> J. 8, Sud, Gatinais fr. & Haute-Beauce. 

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Pubbl. ed illust. da V. Rossi. gS". Palermo. 1891 



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Stofflet, Puisayo, D'Autiohamp, Frottfi, Cormatiu, Botherel, 
de I'abbS Bernier, etc., pour servir k I'hist. de la guerre civile 
de 1793-6. 8". 1824 

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graphy & mem'. Ed. by the Dowager Duohess of Argyll. 

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see Gakdnek (B. G.) The king of court poets ; a study of L. A., 


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text rev,, w. tr. into [Eng. verse}, intr. etc., by B. B. Kogera. 

8". 1906 
" This play when the ser. is comp., will form the 2"'' p. of 
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G. E. T. Boss. 8°. 0. 1906 

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prince de). 
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2, Hist, of 2 maids of More-olacke : 1609. 3, The Italian 
taylor & h. boy : 1609, see Gbosaet (A. B.) Choice rarities, 
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of the Brit. Nat. Antarctic Exped. 8». 1905 

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Council 33" of the Ancient & Accepted Rite, comp. by A. 

8". 1900 
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s8». 1906 
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Savage fam. in Ulster. A rev. & enl. of " The Savages of the 
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begun 1663, finished 1668 [by Sir E. Bysshe]. Ed. by A. 
[Harleian Soc, 54]. laS". 1906 

Arnaud (Eugene). Suppl. aux Synodes du desert de E. Hugues, 
renfermant 21 synodes ou coUoques du desert de Dauphin^, 
par A., 1892, see Hugues (E.) 
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soden aus s. Leben, 1835, 1848-9. 8°. Prag. 1895 

Aus meinem Leben. 2B. [1, 1819-49 ; 2, 1850-90], 8o. St. 1893 
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8». 1882 
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19'«" Jhdhts. 1773-1858. 2B. 8". Wien. 1898-9 

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8». 1898 
*Prinoess Priscilla's fortnight. sS". 1905 

2°" imp. 38". 1905 

*The solitary summer. 88°. 1899 

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Kinde, [B. v. A.], 1906. 
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1860-94. ^°- Baltimore. 1897 

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& polit. science, sl5 i, ii ; & in P1102. 
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'- ■' s8<>. [1853] 

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s8». 1857 
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nel risorgimento ital., pi, 1906. 
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dalgarbe [pr. 1902], 1499. 
♦Arundel [a novel], by the a. of The observer, 1789, see Cumbek- 
LAND (E.) 
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Arms, 1829, see College of Arms. 
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. (N. de). 

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B. (J. A.) 



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